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No. 1347741

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Previous thread:

No. 1347745

File: 1663867421201.png (545.83 KB, 1170x2532, 87D036BF-982D-4517-B851-B5BF8D…)

In honor of the deletion of my decade-old Reddit account, here’s a hilarious post I saved awhile back by a closeted, fully masculine-presenting mtf documenting his interactions with his “sexist” coworker who is totally picking up on the mtf’s true and honest secret inner womanhood lol

No. 1347751

I thought we were getting spammed again

No. 1347756

kek same, but I actually prefer seeing this hideous reddit goblin over the the official one

No. 1347783

i definitely don't, it looks very disturbing but i understand why it's drawn that way obviously

No. 1347806

KEK is this serious? Yes slayqueen he is totally picking up on your womanly soul and being transmisogynistandrogynophobic, he's not just flirting with you because he thinks you're a limp-wristed faggot

No. 1347880

>No one should have their personal space violated.
I fucking hate troons so much it's unreal lmfao

No. 1347950

>account shows that he's married with children

just as expected

No. 1348194

File: 1663894930613.jpeg (3.61 MB, 945x14133, 8960F1F0-D62A-4F62-B2DE-D0E6B4…)

No. 1348199

Please God tell me the replies were reassuring this girl that she's not a predator

No. 1348213

File: 1663895921648.jpeg (462.43 KB, 945x2239, 79DCA1DB-9963-4DF9-A5E0-6BF03B…)

Most top voted comments agree she didn’t do anything wrong but the way they focus on consent is so weird. Also this, I feel so bad for her (second comment is her/op.) Jesus christ

No. 1348220

moids playing the victim will never not make me angry

No. 1348252

Imagining a moid receiving multiple blowjobs over the course of a relationship while a single, silent tear rolls down his face because he secretly doesn't consent is honestly making me laugh

No. 1348449

What a load of bullshit. If a man is uncomfortable with sex (they are not, they fuck corpses) he can literally just push a woman away very easily. This fucker told her to give him a blowjob and then went crying to his friends about it saying that it was assault? It's so ridiculous.

No. 1348452

This reads like a gender reversal "gotcha", which has plenty of precedence on reddit.

No. 1348466

Reddit is the worst site, I hate when moids pretend the rate of female on male sexual assault and rape is anywhere near or even as plausible as male on female rape.

No. 1348551

He sounds like he's on antidepressants that's the only explanation for this way of thinking

No. 1348612

I think this is fake because the sex descriptions sound like fap material and are unnecessary.
If real I'm glad I'm not a zoomer because jesus christ those whiny woke zoomer males who wanna play victims using feminist lingo while being little scrote shits are the worst.

No. 1348883

So he wanted to break up and instead of dealing with it like a normal human being he decided to convince his girlfriend that she raped him? I hate men so much

No. 1350123

I'll explode if I have to look this shit up myself. Please tell me that somebody told her there was no fucking cop, he didn't run crying to a friend. He's just playing mind games to destroy her mentally. This why teenage scrotes should not have sex. High school girls should not be on birth control to please a scrote. Just kill teenage scrotes the instant they step out of line, TBH.

No. 1350295

I came across a Reddit user and her profile came across as … interesting, so I went through her post history and it's a bit pathetic. Posting the same brick of text on different subreddits for her relationship issues over and over again. Kind of pathetic so I feel bad for even laughing at her because she seems to have a "nice life": she's apparently rich and, from the looks of it, good looking, though her face is hidden. Just pathetic.

No. 1350401

Post caps then retard.

No. 1350407

If this is real then I hope he ends up getting violently assraped and forced at knifepoint to suck some other scrotes cock until he vomits. Wouldn’t that be poetic justice?

No. 1350570

I tried to find a thread I came across while browsing on the bus about how "why are women's toilets so much more disgusting than men's" on r/tooafraidtoask. I probably remember some of the wording wrong as I can't find it.

I feel like this whole topic is an urban myth or some kind of societal gaslighting attempt, as I've never entered into a public toilet that just outright stank or had blood and shit on the wall like redditor's claimed, while the men's toilet is apparently so pleasant. Also something sensible like "because management doesn't have the bins emptied often enough" was right at the bottom, and the top answer was "they have 3 holes" which is just ????

No. 1350580

i've heard people say this shit and it's so untrue. i've been in numerous male bathrooms and it's extremely untrue. ours are much cleaner.

No. 1350584

Moids projecting their failures upon women, part #7980935654. The only dirty women's public toilets I've seen have been ones frequented by drug addicts, otherwise women's toilets are usually ok. The mixed sex ones are way more likely to be disgusting, and I don't wanna even imagine what men's toilets look like.

No. 1350606

I've had to clean male and female restrooms and the male restrooms are always the ones with the more frequent non-flushers. Every time I'd clean the male restroom there was always some guy who thought flushing was a waste of his time, juxtapose that with the women's restroom which had maybe two or three instances of not flushing. That's just my experience but male restrooms tend to be more disgusting, absolutely.

No. 1350615

I’ve always questioned this claim. Worst toilets I’ve visited were at concerts. One was really bad because there were were TONS of people there so yes of course the trash is overflowing, but the women’s trash can naturally would fill faster, because we actually wash our hands (so paper towels) and to be hygienic we have to change out pads/liners/tampons. Bigger trash cans would remedy that.
The other was at a small bar venue that had a reputation for being gross in general, bathrooms included. They had one mens toilet and one womens toilet, and at the busier shows there’d be a line. Since the music I’m into often has a male dominated fan base, the men’s was more frequently occupied, so I’d see guys just use the women’s instead. For all I know, it’s gross because men are going in and pissing on the floor.

No. 1350627

The both sex bathroom at my job smells so disgusting, like stale piss constantly. Compared to the womens bathroom, it’d just be what you expect a public restroom should be like, kinda gross but not awful. Of course there’s incidents here and there with poop somehow ending up on the floor or wall kek

No. 1350634

The grossest shit (heh) that I've seen in women toilets has pretty much always been right after some mom had her son using the stall before me. Barely trained kids use the ladies more often, some loudly announce that they're pooping for everyone to hear and moms aren't always great about checking the state of the stall before letting the next person in. That's pretty much my one gripe but that's how it is. I don't know what age women start to feel ok with letting their sons use the mens.

No. 1350706

File: 1664030346355.jpg (133.04 KB, 1000x1000, 1eDH9Ro.jpg)

Some Disney actor pulled an attempted Adam Lanza and murdered his mom, then planned to commit a mass shooting or assassinate the PM but turned himself in first. Unsurprisingly, Reddit feels he deserves sympathy

No. 1350714

To men, women are just side characters that don't really count.

No. 1350743

>but id does sound like the realization of what killing actually is like woke him up a bit.
Yeah, sure, him killing the woman who birthed and raised him is nothing but a character arc, why not.

No. 1350746

"Male mental illness" is pissing me of so bad. I wish they would just kill themselves and be done with it like everyone else. But no their "depression" has to be degenerate and aggressive to the people around them.
With them it's always gotta be "depressed and pedo" or "depressed and misogynist" or "depressed and murderer".

This is why men are so quick to defend other men, especially libfem mental health "muh male sucide rates" advocates. They KNOW what it is like to have these fantasies.

To them, a male murderer just was too sad to fight off his thoughts

No. 1350770

>Sounds like you want to see him punished
A murderer… I mean yeah lol. God I hate how males will pull this turbo level of empathy out of their asses… exclusively for killers and pedos and rapists.

No. 1350857

There's a worldwide gap between 'admitting you have intrusive thoughts' and shooting your mother from behind in cold blood. I really don't want anyone who compares the two to be outside walking in the streets.

No. 1350985

What's the stupidest reason any of you ever been down voted/pissed off reddit scrotes and pickmes? My two notable ones are when moids we're complaining about how women have high standards but men aren't allowed to not like fat girls without "feminists screaming about body shaming", I pointed out that it's usually men who sexualize and date fat girls and I'd actually appreciate it if they'd stop sexualizing unhealthy body types and moids deleted my comment and said I was jealous they're getting picked over me, they didn't stop and think for a second how absolutely stupid they sound

Another time moids started shitting themselves because I said some women fake squirting by peeing instead in order to end a bad sexual experience because some moids are so brain fried from porn they literally won't stop until "squirting" happens they asked for sources and all kinds of stuff kek

No. 1350994

tbh i remember when this happened there were some anons in the celebricows thread defending him too.

No. 1351002

Moids with mommy issues, braindead libfems, and hybristophiles I assume

No. 1351013

Imagine growing a baby inside of you, letting it siphon off your bones and tissue, you raise that baby and clothe it and feed it, teach it how to walk and speak, love it and protect it from harm, and always put it first, and then it fucking shoots you in cold blood. And Redditors piss on your grave by acting like you weren't even a person, just a prop in a precious moid's mental breakdown. Unbelievable.

No. 1351018

I said it was a bad thing that another commenter and their friends fucked band members at Warped Tour when they were 15. I was mass downvoted and called a judgemental slut shamer when my entire point was that adult men should not be knowingly sleeping with their underaged fans and that it didn't matter if the girls "started it". Reddit moids imo are pedophiles by default they just agree with this shit

No. 1351023

I used to clean and the floor of the male bathrooms were always covered in piss because they don't sit to pee like people. It was dark stinky piss too because men don't drink water.

No. 1351026

>it's most certainly tragic
holy fuck I hate the way redditors phrase their inane bullshit sentences so fucking much

No. 1351028

I remember when they had to hang up cameras outside of the boys bathroom in high school, because they kept smearing shit on the walls and they were trying to catch the culprits. They also managed to flood it several times, making the entire floor smell like sewage.

No. 1351030

Oh boo fucking hoo. I hope he gets punished hard and suffers horribly. Fucker.

No. 1351039

I wish I could defend women here, but I've seen shit smeared walls in the middle of the day. I've seen used maxi pads floating across a lake of overflowed piss water. One of my cutest purses died because it fell in a puddle of piss. I'm still mad about that purse years later.
Idiots like this are so "compassionate" that they have no actual compassion for anyone except criminals who hurt other people. What a fucking joke the modern left has become.

No. 1351085

I always get downvoted in the defaults for asking (rhetorical), completely non-offensive questions. A cheap hotel starter pack included "Unpeelable oranges" and I asked who in the world peels oranges, bam, downvoted, another starter pack was something about Americans learning a second language and I asked something along the lines of "Americans can't pronounce G?" because it said so, which got me about 10 downvotes I think. This made me look up my most controversial comments on reddit, and of course we had (a) me pointing out reddits hypocrisy with always talking about male child sexual abuse not being taken seriously while making penis inspection day in school on the daily, (b) me asking why lesbians should be calld non-men loving non-men even though being lesbian isn't about men at all and (c) "coomers gotta coom" when agreeing with (another to hell downvoted comment) someone saying it's obvious the game series that sub is about is really going downhill with the constant sexualization of the protagonist kek.

No. 1351089

They did the same at my school too, did we go to the same one lmao

No. 1351217

i think it was mostly retard tinfoilers that have to assume every kid who got a tiny role in hollywood was molested by an exec and his mom and others unrelated deserved to die because of this assumption etc etc. just retarded. evil pos young man too spoiled for his own good #2342342342354

No. 1351227

You're exactly right. They were saying the mom probably exploited him to pedowood and had him raped so it doesn't matter that she died.

No. 1351308

The point isn't whether women are more disgusting than men it's that men have to make any asinine point to feel superior. That whole belief was made by men, for men to jerk their egos to.
Heaven forbid a woman leaves a mess in the bathroom, while men can admit to sleeping in jizz stained sheets for years and fapping to their own ball stink. Yet somehow it's always those icky women that are the most unhygienic.

No. 1351331

The grossest shit I see in the women's bathroom is people not making sure they flushed which is just carelessness or the sanitary towel bin being overfilled which is 100% the cleaners fault.

No. 1351332

Us raising kids and being killed off by them is being talked about like its some natural cycle of life. I've noticed it in a few similar cases now. Every time a mom gets killed scrotes rush to figure out if she was post menopausal or not. Menopause cancels out murder!

No. 1351439

It feels like men normalize the killing of mothers by their sons, or wives by their husbands, etc., because they legitimately see us as their property. The son decides what is best for his mom, which he believes to be death. The wife is no longer pleasing to her husband, so he disposes of her. Normal! Society functioning just as it should be! It was so nice of that boy to spare his mother the emotions that he decided she was going to have, after a crime he wanted to commit. "Somehow very thoughtful and thoughtless at the same time".

No. 1351519

No. 1351557

I used to go on the masskillers sub just to look at news about recent events and many people would automatically tinfoil that a shooter was probably mentally ill and was sexually abused as a child as if that’s a normal response to trauma is murdering random people at a public event or gathering. “Poor wittle man had a rough past that’s why he killed all those innocent people aw poor guy I mean if you really think about it I get where he was coming from because the community wasn’t there for him” etc. and it’s like why are redditors so quick to excuse perpetrators of violent crime by projecting some sort of trauma onto psychopaths. Males don’t have to go through trauma to be evil, they’re the ones causing trauma 99.9999% of the time. Why don’t we ever see women committing such acts despite sexual abuse being so much more common for girls? It’s like they view male violence as a byproduct of society, so normalized and they’re never called out for it as a group.

No. 1351619

Ok then shut tf up.

No. 1351686

I mean, that's probably not wrong. They do rape all the child actors.

No. 1351898

I wonder why actresses like Amanda Bynes and the Olsen Twins haven't gone on shooting sprees? So many female child actresses are abused, but I don't think I've seen a single one murder her family. Or anyone. Really makes you think don't it

Also dismantle Hollywood, it's a hive of pedophilia

No. 1352099

Why do males have to take other people with them when they decide to die? Are they so egotistical that they can't cope with quietly exiting life without bothering anyone else? What will it take to get males to understand that they are not the main character and that no one is obligated to give a shit about them?

No. 1352208

I think it's a "If I'm going to commit suicide I might as well act out my murder fantasies" mentally ill moid bucket list type thing

No. 1352261

Some retards will bring their mini moids with pubestaches along to the women's room and then try to guilt trip me when I ask her to take him out. Your teenager isn't going to get molested in the room he belongs, I promise. HE is the real threat. What about the safety of little girls? The world doesn't revolve around your son, boymom.

No. 1352561

File: 1664151737018.jpg (219.03 KB, 805x872, 59646846.jpg)

i read someones comment saying they want to do this when their wife dies. i hate these i hired a prostitute and didnt have sex with her stories i dunno why lol

No. 1352565

>from sad to wholesome
what is wholesome about this tho. at absolute best it's bittersweet

No. 1352567

volunteer at a soup kitchen or something wtf

No. 1352568

I think its because it pushes the idea that most guys who see a prostitute do it because they are single and lonely when most of the time they have a wife/gf and still go to see prostitutes.

No. 1352574

if he's such a wholesome moid why doesn't he have any friends or family to cook for? fucker murdered his wife.

No. 1352673

People just make up stories like this to legitimize or normalize their own degeneracy. The same with all the morons who write stories about how they "sugar" all the time and never get pressured for sex.

No. 1353155

Because men externalize and project and women internalize and self-harm.

No. 1355570

File: 1664373291781.jpeg (287.71 KB, 750x1057, FFAE25E6-A4DA-4766-9B61-E1C223…)

This post got removed by Reddit admins. Why are males so pathetic?

No. 1355574

Lmao. I would have placed two bells on each of their desks. Level the playing field.

No. 1355577

Wtf, why was this removed??

No. 1355588

>Because men are retarted apes and women aren't

No. 1355593

You hate these because they're nothing but moral grandstanding and the men still aren't good people.
If he wanted to cook for anyone, then why not donate his time to cook at a soup kitchen, or invite over coworkers or family or friends?

No, he pays the conveniently attractive, vulnerable, single women to come over to his house and perform emotional labor for him just so his ego can get off upon hearing the praise that he is good because he made the kingly decision to not use their bodies as a fleshlight for the evening.
It almost sounds like a fake story because I thought sex workers had a policy of not visiting their trick's houses alone because that's dangerous?

Also of course the "saddest" experience they'll tell about is some reconstruction to try to make what they do sound wholesome lmao. Were any of them brave enough to admit the times when they were raped, didn't even receive their pay, verbally degraded, and then left with some nasty STI or unwanted pregnancy? Methinks not, cause then people would ask why they'd want to continue being whores.

No. 1355597

>No, he pays the conveniently attractive, vulnerable, single women to come over to his house and perform emotional labor for him just so his ego can get off upon hearing the praise that he is good because he made the kingly decision to not use their bodies as a fleshlight for the evening.
This is it. At it's core it's the exact same reasoning as viewing women as an object

No. 1355609

Correct. if you see through the bullshit caveman level social engineering "me a good person. me COOK for PROSTITUTE. You clap now." you can only ask whats so compelling for redditors, a story about cooking for her and not someone in need. And its because men dont even register any women who arent fuckible on their radar as human and they certainly wont perform empathy for them if they're not fuckible (men perform empathy, not posses it).

These stories strikes a chord to redditors as its a "manly man cries silently in the rain stone faced" type of masculinity circlejerk but the "suffering" is always self inflicted. Stories of a man "sitting alone in an empty apartment after a divorce" makes them coo and cry but they never ask why he is in that situation in the first place (most women initiate divorce as a last resort)

No. 1355615

God I hope he gets dahmer’d. All men have an aids-ridden streetwalker in them waiting to come out. He wants to have his ass raped and found dead next to a highway. I hope her pimp cuts open his prostate.

No. 1355640

I've read stories like this and the common theme is that men will hire a prostitute and talk about their dead loved ones to a stranger before they'll go and get fucking grief therapy. Its not wholesome to treat prostitutes like a grief service. Plenty of women in those circumstances are surrounded by death too and would probably rather you just fuck them than treat them like a therapist.

No. 1355753

>Stories of a man "sitting alone in an empty apartment after a divorce" makes them coo and cry but they never ask why he is in that situation in the first place (most women initiate divorce as a last resort)
Slightly OT for the thread but I watched an episode of Undercover boss and the one scrote worker was bitching about never being able to see his kid as his wife kept fighting him in court and she kept winning. That's pretty huge considering men will get the custody they ask for, so he must be a huge shitstain bastard for a judge to keep saying no. Of course, the scrote boss gives him money to help him out.
Any time a man says "Baby mama won't let me see mah kids" and the courts are ruling in her favor, he is never telling the whole truth about the situation.

When this scrote asked a woman for her sources that Men will get custody if they ask but most don't even fight for it and if they do fight, again they will get it (unless he's like scrote above) So I gave him multiple links and sure enough, he and a few others disagreed, and my sources were 'shit' Men ask for the truth, then when you deliver, stomp their feet when it's not what they'd thought it'd be.

No. 1355775

They’re mad because children belong to their mothers by word of God.

No. 1355813

>Stories of a man "sitting alone in an empty apartment after a divorce" makes them coo and cry but they never ask why he is in that situation in the first place
My mom died a decade ago and I knew after her death that my dad would never meet someone again. He has no social skills, is incredibly difficult to live with or even take a trip with and he had it good when he locked my mom down and she was willing to put up with his shit. I'm not even saying this from a place of anger but he sometimes does the whole 'lonely widow' thing and just… dude you could've changed years ago. You could've learnt how to be a normal person who interacts with others in a way thats tolerable and worthwhile but you didn't. Any time I start feeling bad that he's a lonely old widow now I rememeber that he neglects and shits on anyone who loves him.

I suspect that its the same way for alot of divorced/widowed men that never really date again with any sucess. They maybe hit the jackpot with one very tolerant wife but they have little to offer anyone so there's no second jackpot in sight and they're left alone. Not worth sobbing over

No. 1355828

Slightly ot but you’re right. Got into a tranny debate with a moid I know. He quoted studies… that the original researchers have disproved a decade later. Refused to admit shit when cornered with the fact his own sources betrayed him.
>But…but-but… but wahhhh!!

No. 1355830

Men are most likely to cheat, abuse, get arrested, rape, etc. Even if "she initiated the divorce" it was most likely his fault anyway.

As for women who get sick, the amount of stress I've seen men put on women they're in relationships with is ridiculous. Ive watched women who were healthy as horses slowly become brittle, weak and sick from mysterious health issues after being with their "totally not toxic" boyfriend/husband for over a year or so. We need to start holding men accountable for the health issues they cause their girlfriends and wives from stress

No. 1355889

100%, women internalize our issues to an extreme degree and that often manifests as chronic illness.

No. 1355910

I’m so fucking sick of moids who act like they are somehow completely helpless when it comes to their actions. They whine and bitch and moan for YEARS about how miserable they are but never reflect enough to change. They can’t seem to reckon the fact that healthy choices can feel wrong if you’re so used to constantly fucking your life up. But you have to do them or you will never get better in any regard.

No. 1356160

File: 1664399966668.jpg (210.12 KB, 828x942, tumblr_a9c07594c72b06d6579b79d…)


No. 1356164

File: 1664400041268.jpg (286.96 KB, 828x1070, tumblr_60e3bf2dfa20155be0eed50…)

Reads like a fetish I have a hard time believing any of this happened.

No. 1356206

Women need to be so careful with what they say to/do with men, they are the most easily influenced creatures on earth
>tries on wig once
>gf makes jokey compliment
>troons out

No. 1356214

I can totally see a brainwashed libfem "helping" her moid in this way, some well meaning but misinformed idiot humoring this shit is the main reason any of them transition.
Cut forward a few months and he's crying because he saw a pretty girl in the street who gave him dysphoria, demanding poly pegging sessions etc. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

No. 1356217

File: 1664401536568.jpg (38.71 KB, 639x476, 1661423955134.jpg)

I used to try and help men like this before I realized they're absolute black holes. They will get too attached to you and feel entitled to your attention, then the big problems start. If you feel sorry for these creatures it's only because you've been socialized to give up your well-being for their sake. Parasites

No. 1356973

I could swear I read this story with a few minor changes before. It's just fapfiction, they all wish they had a dommy mommy gf to do all the work for them and dress them in their clothes. This never happened.

No. 1357075

I skipped over his age on my first read.. he's 33 and having this gender epiphany because of a wig. Are we really living in a time where people in their thirties still view womanhood as nothing more than a wig and a stuffed bra?

No. 1357505

Other than everything being wrong about this, it's hilarious being in full face makeup is "how he was supposed to be born".

No. 1357508

Man struggles with aging. Must be a hot teen girl. Classic scrote logic

No. 1357542

but then on the other end of it, you get moids that get addicted to ''self-improvement'' and suddenly they're god's gift to earth. conclusion all and any moids suck and are to be avoided

No. 1358102

Male "self-improvement" is also always something that still leeches off women. Now that young marriage isn't that common, you just get 30 year old "self-made businessmen" whose mother deepcleans every week and fills up his fridge and does his accounting for no compensation.
Careerguidance subreddits are full of dudes like this and I know this type IRL. They won't talk about all the help they get because it'd ruin their "magical epic journey to 6 figures", especially if there's some nepotism in the story too.

No. 1358112

File: 1664517603685.png (698.81 KB, 1080x1701, 376745DF-FCB7-4282-9FA7-553DDE…)

I checked his profile and it’s legit.

No. 1358136

Could you imagine if masculinity hinged upon getting a short haircut and trying on your boyfriends t-shirt just Winnie the poohing it and saying this is how I am supposed to be randomly after like 25+ years of like without any actual misery or dysphoria

No. 1358202

This is such an inspiring coming out story; a balding, self-loathing man decides on a whim that he's a woman after putting on a wig. Do NOT question his identity; he fucking is a woman because he said so, and it's NOT him coping with being bald, aging, and feeling inadequate as a man. Absolutely not; you'd have to be sick in the head to even come up with a theory like that. His true identity is Lily Luna Rose the 33 year-old gamer girl, that's who he's ALWAYS been on the inside and THAT'S why he's so useless as a man.

No. 1358337

File: 1664541828614.png (72.98 KB, 1022x812, awtj.png)

Fake fetish account

No. 1358411

lmao retarded tranny forgot to switch accounts

No. 1358672

File: 1664562592977.png (176.34 KB, 768x1132, WHACK.png)

Dude is in meltdown mode because people pointed out the obvious red flags in his advertisement. Yes go to a stranger's house during a hurricane and take psychedelics that have a chance of making you horny. There's no way anything bad will happen.

No. 1358702

The "hurricane" is a nothingburger for inlanders out in Charlotte anyway. It'll be an iffy storm at worst. He's actually putting people more at risk by asking them to drive to his drug hovel than the storm itself.

It says something that he has no friends to ask and resorts to craigslist style reddit posting, and then acts super pressed when people have reservations and reasonable suspicions. If he's got nothing to hide, then acting unhinged and desperate for any kind of connection doesn't speak for it.

No. 1358950

Lmao this actually made me laugh, it's so unhinged
>if I'm being honest, I'm a fucking sexy man and I'm also extremely successful & EDUCATED
>I'd love to see any of these average detective redditors go through what I've done and turn their life around like I did, to push through autism, ptsd, trauma, life long bullying
well that explains the meltdown, he's a literal autist

No. 1358997

File: 1664579746345.jpeg (83.39 KB, 1280x720, 2EC17360-4CCA-48A9-8CD5-BF1438…)

Yup he’s a narc who’s gaslighting and deflecting. I looked back in his post history and his job is being a sugarbaby. He’s very manic right now and keeps replying to people as well. Makes you wonder what he’s trying to hide?

No. 1359030

ayart, he's a sugarbaby? LOL. All I saw were a bunch of different posts on drug subreddits, talking about how he used to be a teacher and quit, being a drug addict (also says he's overdosed 4 times…), and various spiritual shit. Who would even want a sugarbaby who's an unhinged druggie? Or who has a small cock, if his username is to be believed kek.

No. 1359051

File: 1664585757302.png (55.72 KB, 665x362, 158CF896-3B69-41C4-B6C1-AEFE3D…)

He mentions it right here

No. 1359062

File: 1664586447940.jpg (328.45 KB, 1077x609, Screenshot_20221001-030332.jpg)

>I'm genuinely high with my friend

Imagine hanging out with this clown, trying to just smoke a joint and relax and he just keeps seething and typing away angrily into reddit FOR HOURS trying to proof how much of a chill normal and educated innocent guy he is

No. 1359070

Bisexual scrotes are the plague and karma will get him soon enough.

No. 1359110

File: 1664591868312.png (57.39 KB, 950x663, reddit admins hate women.PNG)

lol fuck reddit

No. 1359117


fuck no I have one of the same posters

No. 1359119

Constantly thinking about this janitor woman on tiktok who said that the soap in the women's restrooms would run out faster than the men's even if more men were there because men never wash their fucking hands. Also agreeing with most people here, the worst bathrooms I've seen are like, outdoor ones near a public park where its clear no one gives a shit and there's always dubious liquid all over the floor. Almost every bathroom I've ever been in has been decently clean.

No. 1359242

There was a janitor lady at my office who made a male coworker clean the men’s bathroom because he had projectile diarrhea. Mad respect for her.

No. 1359559

File: 1664633608111.jpg (567.31 KB, 1312x1172, didmom.jpg)

I usually find illness fakers/malingerers/munchies funny in general but the idea of this kook having a bunch of kids being impacted by it makes me so upset. Imagine you need to talk to your mom but you can't because her alter is fronting. United States of Tara lookin ass

No. 1359667

File: 1664641209898.png (349.84 KB, 1080x1251, hisnamewillbeyurisoon.png)

Sort of related to >>1356214 , either there are troons constantly posting their weird feminization fantasies or Reddit women are really just this retarded, I don't know which is worse

No. 1359762

Do we have a DID fakers snow thread? I always have found it funny that DIDfags “alters” are so overly woke/politically correct online. Where’s the racist old boomer alter? Or the middle aged Republican momma for Trump? Or even just an alter who doesn’t care or know about pronoun and gender shit? If you interact with actually severely mentally ill people you know that they’re prone to schizo ramblings that are not polite in any way. One example is Shmorky’s girlfriend in vidrel who is sperging out about the “Jewish question” and the Jews after Shmorky deliberately hid her medicine from her so she’d have a non-politically-correct episode which he could use to cancel her. The Mickey Mouse voice is the tranny Shmorky, the other voice is the schizo gf who is off her meds and on an episode.

No. 1360073

File: 1664655969649.jpeg (88.34 KB, 1480x366, 13ECF1AE-7D8A-4B9A-91FC-A951A3…)

No. 1360082

This is giving that one reddit post
>My hubby hired a topless maid for my bday gift! I'm so totally bi by the way…what do you mean he did this for himself only? Pfft, whatever, I'm going to enjoy some titties
Shit is either written by a pervert, so
a man, or a naive woman.

>Be r/fakedisordercringe
>Has a rule of no Trans shaming
>No misuse of pronouns
>Sub full of videos with teen trannys
>He/she/they, a lot of 'they' 'thems' being posted
>Most if not all vids have the trans flag in said teen tranny bedrooms
>Sub continually wonders what could be wrong with these teens to fake having DID

No. 1360089

Lol I never realized this. Applies to Tourettes also I guess, fake until proven when they start saying nigger nigger nigger

No. 1360101

Yeah I'm sure all my fellow thirty-something year old women can relate to how insanely exciting it is to have an excuse to buy thongs..

No. 1360225

File: 1664661887040.png (141.89 KB, 720x886, Screenshot_20221001-170016.png)

Don't most strip clubs have entry fees? Are men legitimately PAYING just because they get off on rejecting women?

No. 1360236

lmao men

No. 1360243

Aside from the men insulting women, I want to believe that men who are disinterested or uncomfortable in strip clubs are aware that conceptually what they’re doing is fucked up and wrong. I’m more concerned about men who go and are active participants and don’t see any issue with buying women in the circus that is your average strip club.

No. 1360268

You give too much credit to men. They don't act disinterested because they know what they're doing is wrong they act disinterested because they get off on rejecting women. I'd agree with you if I didn't know that men will also lead on women and then reject them/act creeped out if said woman showed interest back. Men even admit that women showing interest is unattractive. I also believe this is why men run around screaming how "women need to make the first move more" and then praise men for being chads if they reject women

No. 1360274

I used to watch a tiny youtube channel that had strippers vlogging at their club's dressing room and just talking about their experience that night. and that was a common occurrence, is men showing up to be stingy and then get mad no one is up on them dancing their heart out the entire time hes there for 2 dollars, and the ones just sitting, drinking and insulting them. Ironically the most pleasant men mentioned were very generous.

So it seems not only were those broke men mad they knew they were undesirable, but they were also seething that they had empty wallets and so it ruined their own illusion of what the strip club experience should be.

No. 1360278

>men going to strip clubs to ignore the strippers and neg them

This is so funny and pathetic

No. 1360283

They probably have mgtow blogs or something and then bragged about how a hot young girl totally beg for their attention and leave out the strip club part. Do these men have no sense of embarrassment?

No. 1360285

>men run around screaming how "women need to make the first move more"

that's because they're in conflict with their dick, which wants pussy to materialize and hover over to them, And their ape brains that get off on the chase, perpetually lusting after women out of their league who they don't have.

They want you to make the first move and fawn over them because its easy as hell, flattering, and he doesn't have to risk rejection and his fragile ego. As well as put in any sort of effort or money courting you.

They want you to make the first move, exalt him, sleep with him…. and make no mistake if he got what he asked for and you do this, he will get bored call you easy and dismiss you after.

No. 1360615

File: 1664680786477.png (354.4 KB, 639x621, Screenshot (40).png)


No. 1360627

This is disappointing but not surprising coming from men. It reminds me of this text post on Twitter of a man asking advice from a friend on how to court a woman, his friend tells him to threaten to cut her off and he did just that and she replied with something like "yes, please go, thank you". I wonder how many men missed out on chances to get with women they have a crush on just because they got so caught up and playing into their fetish for rejecting women

No. 1360741

aren't those abs fake from what i remember? her body looks like a freakshow now.

No. 1360748

Those abs make her look like a Ken doll and not in a good way

No. 1360818

Made moids rage because someone posted that empty apartment with a chair and tv with the caption of some shit like "women hate how little it takes for men to be happy" or something like that, I just said personally it looks soulless and boring and I'd like someone who's entire personality didn't revolve around vidya or TV. Moids we're MAD, literally called themselves victims and told me to stop victim blaming, called me insecure, attention whoring, etc. Nothing moids hate more than hearing the truth I guess

No. 1360820

men that live like that arent happy, they are one month away from either filling the floor with stinky programmer socks and anime skirts or rests of their brain

No. 1360821

>women hate how little it takes for men to be happy
This always reeks of cope lmao, they'd buy all kinds of worthless shit if they could only afford it. They like to call women vapid – even goldfish need more environmental stimulus than what these men claim to be content with.

No. 1360823

Yep. Imagine if a woman just had an ipad, chair and coffee maker in her home, moids would just say she needs to stop living on Facebook and find a hobby, I don't see why they think this magically doesn't apply to video games

No. 1360824

This is actually so funny and sad at the same time. Imagine being so in denial, so psychologically underdeveloped and possessing such a fragile ego that you cannot even accept that maybe your interior design is severely lacking and that you don't particularly care for your environment; no, it must be that, as a man, you don't need much in order to stay happy, thus making your inferior state of living into something that actually makes you much more resilient than and superior to women.

No. 1360835

>psychologically underdeveloped and possessing such a fragile ego that you cannot even accept that maybe your interior design is severely lacking
It's not just criticism of their shitty design skills it's the fact that many of these moids do have no personality outside of video games and pointing that out to them triggers them since they all fantasize about being the main character who's totally super interesting, a playboy and everything else, making it known they're just another video game and porn addicted NPC hurts their feelings and they can't handle it. Interior design isn't even that hard of a skill to learn but if they can't be asked to do that can't they just be like any other young bachelor and put up movie and band posters, maybe a guitar, a coffee table and big enough couch for the bros or are they that bad now?

No. 1360909

File: 1664705635671.jpeg (33.43 KB, 423x726, images (8).jpeg)

Sorry, trying to push tranny raid to page 3.

No. 1360991

File: 1664714561732.jpg (41.41 KB, 678x852, VJ1ZuAf.jpg)

Looks like it but I can’t find her admitting it. She’s trying to pretend T gave her instant abs lol

No. 1361056

File: 1664719454474.jpg (185.97 KB, 720x1154, 20221002_095359.jpg)

>so sad what happened to her anyway links?
It's not that radical for the site but something here really got to me. It's bad enough women are being attacked and killed in public spaces more here but they will always make a spectacle of it, and entirely without shame.

No. 1361077

I've struggled after first moving out of home and lived in a bare ass apartment for a while but those pics where you have a one room apt and its one single chair pointed at a tv on the floor.. that's isolation and brokeness. That's never having company round because theres nowhere for them to sit. The sheer mental gymnastics needed to turn that into a sign of happiness.

No. 1361078

was this about the horrible video from Brazil of the woman who was having sex with her Boyfriend and her Ex-Husband who I think she had a restraining order against broke in and stabbed her to death whilst the bf ran away? because if it was another layer to this post is that the amount of incel scrotes in the comments of the video that were justifying it since she "broke his heart" or wrongly assuming she cheated and saying she deserved it was fucking unhinged

No. 1361081

File: 1664721662457.jpg (9.18 KB, 300x169, th_458904587_EllenPage_Super.a…)

She already had abs before.

No. 1361260

Please stop necrophilia is a crime

No. 1361302

In "Hard Candy" she has very visible abs and quite a fridge bod too. Not going to post pics cause she was very young and the entire movie is super creepy pedo bait.

No. 1361321

File: 1664731482733.jpg (406.91 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20221002-202250_Red…)

Boo fucking hoo so terrifying that an older woman has aged hands. 8k upvotes on this. These people are legitimately handicapped.
(Sorrie for the quick post 'n delete, my hand slipped)

No. 1361336

Madonna Kikomi era, now THAT'S groundbreaking!

No. 1361337

Yeah the photo I posted is from a 2010 film, so she was already an adult and that is also already a decade ago. To me it seems like her abs have gotten more defined over a longer period of time, it really wasn't all that sudden. Never mind that she's literally taking steroids. The implant theory is pretty retarded.

No. 1361342

Pretty sure it’s just because of the juxtaposition between her hands and face

No. 1361347

Not having an hourglass figure didn’t make her a fridge kek she was just androgynous. I don’t really buy the fake ab thing because I think it’s completely plausible to be that thin and get really harsh looking ab lines, my little brother used to do like 100 push ups a day and he had the same sort of weirdly defined stomach as a pasty little kid.

No. 1361369

I wouldn’t say it’s anything to brag about, no, nobody thinks that. It’s just silly to me that people think they’re silicone or something like they aren’t super easy to achieve at that weight and height.

No. 1361387

Yeah I think that’s more stupidity than anything. I had someone tell me I don’t know how bodies work and must have never seen a skinny person before for thinking they’re real—when clearly it’s the inverse

No. 1361431

I have a bit of a personal lolcow who made his own subreddit which is full of bots. The bots also have comments on other subreddits which I found really interesting. I know this guy paid for the bots but what about the other subreddits? Do they pay for it or is do the bots just pick random posts to comment on to make the accounts look more 'legit'? I swear I saw one that commented on a manosphere subreddit but I can't find it now.
This is his subreddit if you want to see what I am talking about:

No. 1361460

They literally would, in fact even if women have other hobbies but post a lot on Instagram or something they still bitch about how "she lives online constantly" yet they see no problem with most of their week consisting of working and playing video games and MAYBE going and getting drunk with friends but noooo it's women who need to be responsible to be the most interesting person in the world apparently

No. 1361485

>women who need to be responsible to be the most interesting person in the world apparently
You described my ex perfectly, that was literally his life and of course it was up to me to keep conversations going or he would've probably ghosted me ages ago then had to nerve to claim I'm suspicious if I ever did anything interesting. The kicker? He would pay attention to other women because "she's more interesting" after not even lifting a pinky to have an interesting conversation with me and backfooting me out of all my hobbies.

No. 1361527

>That's never having company round because theres nowhere for them to sit. The sheer mental gymnastics needed to turn that into a sign of happiness.
I didn't even think about that. Men kept saying "don't judge them, what if they travel a lot, what if they do this and that" but like, ones apartment is the biggest way to judge them, even more than their appearance. They LOVE judging women by what they wear and their living space. They have no pictures of family or friends, not even signs of pets, no board or card games, cooking supplies, sports supplies, etc no signs that people even come over. Actual prisons and hospitals are more lively. Why can't they just say they're depressed and cba to decorate and go?

No. 1361546

I mentioned how libfem doesn't explore systemic issues in BDSM enough and I think I got downvoted for sounding terfy kek.

No. 1361617

I broke up with my ex because of this. I was always the one who had to keep the conversation going, but I had to choose my topics wisely. He didn't want to talk about things we disagreed on, because debating with me was "annoying". He didn't want to talk about political issues we did agree on, because "why should we make a fuzz about having the same opinion". Our talks were never actual conversations. Either he was the one having a monolouge about things that excited him while I listened and asked questions, or he gracefully allowed me to talk about something I enjoyed while he replied with the occasional "mhm". He even told me that I shouldn't be upset when he was obviously not listening because "why do you care as long as you get to talk". I feel like this is an universal moid thing. They can't keep a conversation for the life of them.

No. 1361683

File: 1664754977117.jpeg (532.81 KB, 945x2478, 76166A3E-4E64-4CF4-AFFB-CF28C9…)

this whole thread was gross..

No. 1361714

kaczynski had a point

No. 1361740

I meeeeean, it doesn't even really make sense because in the next second they claim there's some loneliness and despair epidemic among men. It's like they're saying whatever at the time will win them the most martyr/victim or dunk-on-women points.

No. 1361999

Grim is the soy world vision if all of humanity turned into the average redditor

No. 1362121

File: 1664797783561.png (743.3 KB, 1526x1264, bullyrevenge.png)

ofc the only skeptical comment is concerned with how he's self harming by paying for women's bodies. poor victim. but also epic ownage, he totally humiliated those bullies!

No. 1362133

someone should tell him by how things are going sperm will be gone by 2045 not 2300s

No. 1362144

Kek the fanfic of the guy that says who worked at the jail where the idiot got sent to is hilarious because he still got bullied in the end.
Seriously, the moid probably got teased at best by his coworkers and so he decided that it was a direct attack to his person, so he fucked up the company. The fact that such moids can vote, drive, travel and have bank accounts is so idiotic, I hope he never gets released from prison.

No. 1362149

This whole attitude of 'well if a bad thing happens to you then you're entitled to seek out ott revenge' is only ever afforded to men. I see the same thing all the time where men even turn to violent revenge against inoccent people to work through their anger at once being bullied or called a name.. You'll never see people cheer on a woman for the same shit.

No. 1362164

Men see themselves as a self righteous anti hero and project onto other men. Men see women as crazy “bitches” attacking innocent men because they project themselves onto the abusers getting their karma.

No. 1362330

It's so weird how women could be raped, kidnapped, abused, etc but moids won't excuse her for seeking revenge, men will get teased and then spend of the rest of their lives pushing their wrath on humanity and it's okay because someone hurt their feefees. I swear I'd give anything to be a man

No. 1362394

From what I gather, 90% or redditors already have erectile dysfunction due to pornsickness, kek. They really do live in the future!

No. 1362563

> I swear I'd give anything to be a man

That's akin to wishing you were born mentally disabled, nonnie. Most men are miserable beings who live meaningless pathetic lives.

No. 1362854

>Don't most strip clubs have entry fees?
They do and strip club drinks tend to be expensive. The "ugly" stripper cliche is because strip clubs, at least ones with good marketing, will often keep a variety of girls and that way if one isn't your preference you can always choose the other. I feel like men don't understand that just because they do and don't prefer one thing that doesn't mean that's how the rest of the male population rolls. Boob size and race critics are the worst since they'll swear on their life that men exclusively have eyes for the boob size/race they prefer and nothing else about it, if you tell them that plenty of people prefer things they don't they flip out

No. 1362917

Kek, you're right.

No. 1363211

File: 1664873913852.png (59.67 KB, 676x702, cancer1.png)

>"girl-attracted people"

No. 1363214

File: 1664874362521.png (27.69 KB, 676x404, cancer2.png)

That was from the visualnovel subreddit, it's not that bad, just newfags. These are worse, from the otomegames one. Notice how a straight scrote saying he's a straight male gets him downvoted and shat on in the comments (as he should) but a snowflake requesting """gender inclusivity""" in a genre that is explicitly for straight women gets them treated nicely and a bunch of recommendations. I like how those comments indirectly acknowledge that "non-binary" women and trans "men" are still women, though.

No. 1363221

>Mentally disabled women are better than men
many people have been saying

No. 1363227

File: 1664876191754.png (26.64 KB, 605x215, cancer3.png)

my "favorite" comment
>Guys, I'm a man who plays otome games, and I don't see anything wrong with that. I'm not even the only guy who does that.
Moids should keep their filthy coombrained hands off our games imo. You're fine though since you're a woman.
>So please, stop saying they are just for women, just say that the main character is always a woman
Yes, and that's because they literally are made for women, marketed at women, and have stuff only women find appealing (gay males have bara shit). That's the reason why the protagonist is always female.
>I'm confident enough in my gender that I can play female characters.
Yet you keep playing games for girls and have to say "please stop saying they're for women…" kek

No. 1363229

There's like 8000000000 visual novels where the protag is a male and the romance comes from the point of view of males, some of them like clannad dont even have 18+ scenes in them. There's no fucking excuse to invade a female only space like this, men always have to shout "BUT WHAT ABOUT MEEEEE"

No. 1363241

File: 1664878854159.jpeg (502.98 KB, 1381x1152, 11A18C88-02CC-4B3F-82A0-49CBDA…)

Ofc all the comments were telling her how she should just be a verbal punching bag/OP has made posts with the same partner. Can guarantee her ‘they/them’ is a Twittertard and will say misogynistic shit but adds ‘white’ to make it okay.

(Plz don’t start race sperging that’s not why I posted)

No. 1363284

File: 1664884225876.png (133.63 KB, 720x683, Screenshot_20221004-064719.png)


Men truly want to live consequence free. It's always funny how if women cheat it's the most unforgivable thing a woman could do, if men cheat it's all about "well maybe you should have stayed fit and fucked him more teehee" knowing damn well that's not the situation for 99% of cases of men cheating. You'd never ever catch them defending a woman cheating if the boyfriend was avoiding sex

No. 1363286

File: 1664884422943.jpeg (146.02 KB, 640x617, 35647149-21A3-4527-A81C-3067D8…)

I hope they all die

No. 1363290

Anyone saying otherwise is down voted into oblivion lmaoo. Someone pointed out that if the sex life dies it's usually because men don't bother putting in enough effort to save it and wanted to cheat anyway and got down voted and one of the most upvoted replies was telling her she should've took care of herself more "because he shouldn't have to lie otherwise"

No. 1363295

File: 1664884953099.png (213.26 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_20221004-070156.png)

You know someone made a good point when it's being down voted. Men will do anything to defend their bullshit

No. 1363296

They admit time and time again that men are incapable of love and are just slaves to their dicks, yet we are supposed to respect and trust them. Men will probably think feminists get black pilled because they are brainwashing each other but the truth is I get blackpilled every time a scrote opens his fucking mouth about himself.

No. 1363298

File: 1664885106127.jpeg (64.26 KB, 691x691, 0079AA8A-6558-4771-AE14-9B42F8…)

>men are not owed sex by woman!
>21 people disagree

No. 1363300

>he HEAPS attention on her
By what? Dry humping her while she does all of the household labour, smacking her ass, asking to suck her boobies like a fucking child, whining and whinging for blowjobs?

No. 1363302

File: 1664885467020.jpeg (365.19 KB, 640x916, 341895FB-09D6-4DCF-9A43-5C6948…)


No. 1363303

love how he didn’t give any details on “sex as a weapon”

No. 1363305

File: 1664885562694.jpeg (162.95 KB, 640x777, 88CF30DC-B001-4688-8729-9B43BD…)

No. 1363306

Men think not busting it open the second they demand it after treating you like shit repeatedly is “using sex as a weapon” and therefore manipulation and abuse akin to cheating.

No. 1363307

Something that bothers me a lot is how pickmes think that just because they snatch a moid in a relationship, that means they won. Like girl, he will cheat on you the moment you stop looking like how his dick thought you looked like, he will cheat on you when you stop licking his asshole and jerking his dick like a bop it, he will cheat on you when you start talking about moving in together, or when you start calling him your boyfriend.
Cheating moids will stay cheating on anyone because they're bpd narc freaks that just want to feel alive since their useless brains can't produce them the right chemicals, so they think with their dicks.
And it's just so retarded in the end, I honestly can only blame the moid, because if he wasn't in a relationship he wouldn't be "tied up" and he could be the STD spreading machine he wants to be.
And I find it hilarious when moids say that they changed or that they're serious while trying to cheat on their girlfriends/fiancées/wives, like oh yeah, he will definitely change, totally.

No. 1363308

File: 1664885715896.jpeg (219.7 KB, 640x899, 6EB21DF8-A72F-4871-83F3-4F8C69…)

No. 1363316

File: 1664886274963.png (134.02 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_20221004-072301.png)

"just try harder ladies"
I love how he says this in the midst of a cheating scandal involving a Victoria's secret model

No. 1363318

amazing, her artificial mouth is going to be what his is crafted like once he troons out and "corrects" that shit

No. 1363325

I think idiot males like these retards >>1363211 only know about visual novels on mobile so they're unaware of the literal thousands of galge that exist for PC (or if they are aware, they wonder why almost every galge is porn. Surely it has nothing to do with scrotes being degenerates) and since a lot of the popular romance mobage are otome games they end up getting lost in female spaces asking about "otome but for guys".
The one in this screencap >>1363227 is a TIF saying that otome is not just for women because she plays it too and she's totes a man.

No. 1363330

>I love how he says this in the midst of a cheating scandal involving a Victoria's secret model
"oh but you see she could've had a sHiT pErSoNaLiTy, it's never the man's fault"

No. 1363335

File: 1664887759691.jpeg (449.06 KB, 640x916, 1FEC15BC-977A-4452-818E-F66889…)

No. 1363340

File: 1664888088113.jpeg (81.76 KB, 640x299, 10A3C6CE-5FF6-4C5E-A228-87F92A…)

Samefag, we can’t have sentient scrotal sacks like this having any sort of confidence. It puts women in danger. Here they are trying to tell him he only needs to hit the gym. To be a 7 or 8.

No. 1363341

If a hot guy gets cheated on he's showered with sympathy. No one cries about his looks, his personality or his efforts

No. 1363345

File: 1664888340537.jpeg (128.02 KB, 640x539, EBCD0152-54B3-487A-B57E-2232DC…)

Of course he’s a disgusting coomer as well.

No. 1363347

File: 1664888422505.jpeg (364.35 KB, 640x1008, DA1ED4DA-3FF9-4B27-B9EE-A11F8B…)

No. 1363348

File: 1664888451732.png (43.4 KB, 720x324, Screenshot_20221004-075930.png)

>woman chimes in saying her husband kept ignoring her to show attention to other women
>Comments make up hypothetical situation where she simply just didn't put in enough effort to her appearance
>>>8+ upvotes

No. 1363350

Even if he isn't hot, he gets babied and the woman gets demonized.
>hot guy gets cheated on
>wow that bitch cheated on that hunk, what a fucking idiot, I would let him choke me and do whatever he wants.
>ugly fucker gets cheated on
>wow that bitch is so shallow for cheating on this poor innocent man with a hotter guy, and he's not even that ugly, he's actually a hot guy.
>ugly balding fat bastard body becomes a trend.
We never win

No. 1363353

Well why didn't the ugly guy stay fit? Obviously men need to be held accountable

No. 1363355

Oh, silly nonny, men can't look hot because they're hot even when they're ugly as fuck, that's what men wants us to believe.

No. 1363356

how hard is it to admit fault

No. 1363361

Not just admitting fault, why is it automatically assumed something is wrong with the woman if she's cheated on? Why couldn't men just be loyal?

No. 1363365

File: 1664889262057.png (2.64 KB, 172x62, Untitled.png)

Talked about my experience with gender dysphoria and how I'm glad I didn't get transgender surgery and how I worry about the future generations receiving very risky, dangerous surgical procedures for something that isn't even true for them.

Suspended for 2 days and comment removed by Reddit admins themselves.

No. 1363366

Because men are slaves to their dicks. They lack the responsibility that comes with being a proper, fully fledged human being. They expect women to use sex in order to wrangle them like tards instead of behaving like normal human beings.

No. 1363369

Yeah sounds like a real prize lmfao

No. 1363371

The saddest part is I've definitely seen men even uglier with gfs.
So it stands to reason that this guy is either a piece of shit and/or isn't willing to bat within his league. Someone should tell him to lower his expectations lmao.

No. 1363373

> "we will always uplift trans voices!"

No. 1363375

He prefers women in the 19 - 21 despite being 27 and looking like a rough 40. Also wants to “fuck her like daddy’s little slut”. Has zero respect for women, devoid of personality and a massively inflated view of his appearance >>1363347
He’s straight up fat but calls himself “muscular and healthy” and says his dick is “above average” which is clearly a lie because no fat ginger white guy has anything more than a sticky little chode. Why there are people on his posts calling him “handsome”. Disgusting men like this cannot be allowed to have such views on themselves so I encourage you ladies to go tell him the truth, for the safety of women kind.

No. 1363376

File: 1664889948356.jpg (484.27 KB, 1080x1242, Screenshot_20221004_142501.jpg)

PickMes are absolutely psychotic.

No. 1363381

File: 1664890349051.png (208.65 KB, 1431x604, Screenshot.png)

obesseded with trash reality TV and judging other women's appearance

No. 1363384

I’m not even trans, but I thought I was for a long while. I don’t hate trans people or promote transphobia. None of my comments did either. It feels bizarre that the actual site took action against me before the subreddit mods did.

No. 1363386

And that's how normal, decent women who have their empathy weaponised against them turn into rabid TERFs like us. I used to not have problems with them either until I got dogpiled on by my "friends" for daring to question the notion of non-binary bullshit. Now, several years later, I have frequented the likes of the MTF General and r/itsafetish and now I know that the vast majority are degenerate, porn sick pedos that need to be completely shunned from society.

No. 1363423

They like to blame women for cheating, not just so they don't have to be held accountable but because if women realize cheating isn't their fault they can't use it against them to hold women to unrealistic expectations

No. 1363458

If she were hideous inside and out like these guys want to imagine she is.. then he could still just leave and not be a dog

No. 1363467

File: 1664896688483.gif (1015.61 KB, 498x371, 478b31b82.gif)

reddit posts on aita and r/relationships are kinda like roleplay in that we mostly know they’re fictional but we debate and enjoy them as if they’re not, in that sense it’s very similar to discussion of mainstream media

No. 1363470

>detransitioners talk honestly about their very real experiences and even acknowledge troonery as valid, not being disrespectful of trannies
>seething tranny jannies censor them
>more people peak as a result
thanks losers
>comment removed by Reddit admins themselves
In case you weren't aware there's plenty of Reddit staff who are actual troons. They're completely free to censor what they don't like which is why anything that gets posted on Reddit that's about transgenderism but doesn't suck tranny dick gets censored much, much sooner than violent misogynistic sex fantasy/porn, creepshot, or pedophile CP sharing subreddits. Because as we all know, TIMs are AGPs who became like that due to porn and their own misogyny, they fantasize about becoming the women they jack off to and being abused like it happens in the porn they consume non-stop, so they'd rather protect fellow misogynistic/pedophile/degenerate males and defend their fetishes as "free speech" than allow a woman to hurt their ego by choosing not to participate in their trans fetish. Detransitioners are also seen as an inherently "transphobic" group that can be used as an argument against transgenderism so your comment obviously hurts their "cause" according to them.
>I’m not even trans, but I thought I was for a long while.
Yes, all trans people also "think" they are trans. There's literally no clear definition of what "trans" is supposed to feel like or how it's supposed to manifest. Even though there used to be stronger criteria for how to determine if you're transgender or not, now everybody says that trans is just a feeling that only you can attest to (ironic considering your deleted comment), or if you're a woman who likes blue and doesn't wear skirts then you're a trans man. Not to mention, men can now get into women's prisons or be accepted in other female-only spaces (designed to protect us) if they claim to identify as women.
I recommend this documentary, Dysphoric. This is part 1. At 8:20 you can see that the DSM diagnostic criteria for "gender dysphoria" in children is not based on actual physical evidence (being about gender roles instead) except, I guess, hating one's genitals and wanting the secondary sex characteristics of the other sex, which can have other more obvious causes such as having a porn addiction (unfortunately not unheard of in children in this day and age), external influence or simply internalized hatred for one's sex which itself has often social causes or is a consequence of trauma, etc. That whole part of the video goes over the conflicting and changing definitions of transsexualism/transgenderism over time.

In short, "trans" isn't a thing, the problem isn't having been born with the wrong brain in the wrong body, there is nothing inherently wrong or different about you, the problem is the society you live in.

No. 1363486

Tbh nonnies on here sometimes shit too heavily on detrans women too. Or anyone who had a moment of confusion. There's no side that wants to listen. You're either seen as the enemy to trans people who want to access 'treatment' immediately or on here some anons think there's no such thing as truly leaving that phase behind. I really think theres value in listening to these stories but its pretty much shut down by everyone.

No. 1363488

Why are so many moderators on reddit, twich and discord trans? They're everywhere and they're all powertripping hard, which I guess is why they flock to those positions and take such immense pride in them, kek.

No. 1363524

It’s because they’re terminally online and take their anger of being called “sir” onto the reddits they moderate.

No. 1363526

I haven't seen that kind of post here but maybe it's just that they're not in the threads/boards I frequent. Personally, I really like detrans women since they're often gender critical or radfem (at least the ones I've seen), or even if they aren't, like you said, we should listen to them. And I have a lot of sympathy for most TIFs too, it's not their fault they hate being female.
Some say it's because they are autistic men, it takes a lot of dedication to be a mod online and autistic men definitely have it, and they have nothing to do all day than be on those sites.

No. 1363545

Autism and social contagion.

No. 1363547

They live with their parents so free food and rent while possibly just going to college. That or they got a tech job which allows remote work for more sitting on pc. Also they want to control every little place they can to continue pushing their insane beliefs so becoming a moderator would mean they can now control the narrative. Someone posts an actual article of how violent trannies are and women are killed on a much larger scale than "transwomen"? They just delete it and perma or temp ban the user. Wash repeat until you end up like reddit where the only actual gay space left is askgaybros with tons of "twansphobia" except because its directed at women (TIF) it's fine it gets to stay. Women denying men as women and ruining their agenda to rape lesbians, now that's gotta go.

No. 1363608

>obsessed with judging other women's appearance
nonna plz

No. 1363644

I hope he puts them in the laundry afterward or (she) will be getting lots of UTI's

No. 1363807

I wish reddit would show like to dislike ratio more. Knowing at least 8 people agree with this makes me wanna kms

No. 1363875

She doesn’t even have to stop looking good. Men cheat on beautiful women just because their ape brains want more. Literal animals.

No. 1363907

They used to iirc, wonder when that changed.

No. 1363969

They want to make people with "unfavorable" feel more isolated

No. 1363976

Married men are the biggest creeps of them all in my experience. -USUALLY- single men try to play "hard to get" which thankfully involves leaving us the fuck alone unless they go out of their way to basically say "heellloooo can't you see I'm ignoring you??" or they don't want to come on too strong, married men really think everyone and their moms wants their shriveled used up dick and push boundaries thinking any girl they get in contact with will agree to their sexual harassment

No. 1363982

I havent been on reddit desktop for a while but I think Reddit Enhancement Suite had the option to show you that

No. 1364055

This, they just get off to the idea that they can get away with cheating and playing with women's feelings and get any woman they want. It's male sociopathy.

No. 1364137

And the more they're able to convince women it's usually their fault men cheated the better. It's straight up selfishness, that's why they try so hard to claim it was personality since regardless of how perfect a woman's personality could be they'll simply be able to claim "it's just not …. right" since it's one of those things that you can't really prove is good or bad

No. 1364217

File: 1664941229159.png (303.7 KB, 750x1334, 70204651-DE75-4DDA-B446-0E0E30…)

I found this guy who commented on his post and he’s even worse than the one you posted. Tl;Dr: Autistic moid who shouldn’t be reproducing anyways has no social skills but also complains about ”resenting” having to take the lead and ask women out. If autistic moids just went for equally socially retarded women then they wouldn’t have a problem, I know plenty of guys who are married to other weirdos and have families together. But these autistic moids are ruined by porn and media and believe themselves to be above and entitled to a woman with social skills who is at least a 7/10. Go for the horse girls, the anime convention girls! How fucking hard can it be? Literal retards (and they shouldn’t be reproducing anyways).

No. 1364226

File: 1664942208741.png (146.19 KB, 880x952, pedo.png)


comments exactly as you would expect, "everyone watches step family porn it's normal"

No. 1364228

File: 1664942325323.png (75.08 KB, 1034x532, retard.png)

also saw this absolute retard in the comments and decided to check her profile, she posts nudes of herself and other interesting things…

No. 1364234

>Go for the horse girls, the anime convention girls!
No, please. Those poor girls don't deserve such a cruel fate. The less autistic men that have contact with women, the better.
This is so fucking depressing to read, I hope this woman at least finds a place online where she can vent and not be judged for her natural, and reasonable reaction to what is essentially a danger to her daughter, a place where she can get sympathy and rational advice and not disgusting porn addiction apologia.}
Of course it's a tradtard. I can't help but feel bad for her tough, because she was very obviously groomed into being one and forced to have a baby at 14.
>I was 14 so it's not pedo. If I had been 2 years younger that's different
kek. Classic "ephebophile" rethoric.

No. 1364235

File: 1664942899573.jpeg (282.77 KB, 828x585, 7E11D000-BB31-420B-833F-C1EA78…)

what the fuck redditors are beyond saving

No. 1364236

Anon read the post again, her fiancé was 14 and she was 21 not the other way around.

No. 1364238

>men fantasizing about raping their step-children
>not judging them for it
The fact that it has 44 upvotes…
kek you're right. So she's a right-wing predator, you rarely see a woman like that.

No. 1364239

They are likely to be dads/stepdads themselves who are obviously paedophiles flocking to the post to gaslight everyone in the thread (as well as OP herself) that it is "nothing serious" when it is clearly glaring. Paedos (men) will always back one another. I'm also gonna throw in a tinfoil that the Big Porn TM sites have bots or even employ people to defend pornography like other evil corporations have done with astroturf movements.

No. 1364259

Now imagine if a creepy old step mom wrote erotic stories of step parent stuff oh wait that's creepy now

No. 1364261

Got to met while celebrating my daughter's 10th birthday and married a year later and already knew he was a pedo
>10 hours a day to 2
a-log resisttingggg imagine birthing a child and he grows up to be a pedophile who spends 10 hours a day jerkin' it and and watching videos imagining raping his wife's teenage daughter must nottt aaloogggggg

No. 1364269

File: 1664946144483.jpeg (137.85 KB, 600x802, EB65B7EF-65F0-44CA-B2EE-8DA000…)

The way she writes is such obvious white trash. I’m from the south and I know this type exactly. “Proud Republican” more like openly racist, chain smoking, meth addicted mother of three with a face piercing and cursive script tattoos of her kids weird names on her arms.

No. 1364272

This is some serious black pill shit, I don't understand how anybody can still be attracted to men aside from pick-mes. I feel so stressed out reading this.

No. 1364311

It seriously is. Why even bother getting with men if it's so fucking high maintenance to not get them to cheat?"yeah, just stay fit, go to the therapist, be rich and work but don't spend too much time and always be available for him, adjust your body to whatever he decides he likes at the time, be social but also not really, be submissive, cook, clean, work, agree with him on everything, don't fight him no matter how he treats you, be good in bed etc and MAYBE you'll get some sour dick faithfulness in return" even just asking them to not watch porn for hours on end every day seems like too much to ask for. But if they even suspect you're cheating you're burned at the stake, you're in hot water if you even have a close male friend too. It's even more mind boggling the lengths moids are willing to go defend other moids cheating, especially of moids they don't know or have even seen. It's funny how they're able to grasp that some people are just shitty partners when it's women but if a man is a shitty partner it's always something the woman did and the man is a poor victim

No. 1364316

kekk true

No. 1364318

File: 1664949994348.png (340.26 KB, 899x545, Screenshot (5).png)

lol thats not even the worst of it

No. 1364319

File: 1664950024058.png (328.38 KB, 871x465, screenshotlolcow.png)

No. 1364326

File: 1664950362593.png (108.13 KB, 1002x464, capture.png)

Jesus fuck, imagine having a drug addicted redditor and groomer as your mother


No. 1364343

>Are my tits too big
Not compared to the rest of your lard ass body Tammy. It's so funny when white trash uggos pride themselves on having big tits when in reality if they had the same proportions and were 100 lbs lighter they'd be flat chested

No. 1364344

this could be suburban Queensland kek

No. 1364357

>Yeah hehe, cheat on your wife without even bothering to ask why she doesn't want sex. Also can I have her sc when she dumps you btw
It's always so funny seeing men fall for other men's manipulation to end their relationship. Men need to understand other men are NOT your friend, and if it means to steal your wife or whatever they will tell you anything, or even just clearing up the dating field so they can swoop in with some "he's an ass let's go get coffee" hero complex shit
Sex between your 30s-60s is the best since men who date older women if you're not in a long term relationship already put in way more effort to connect with you, please you and will even pay for dinner without bitching. When you're younger you attract selfish, manipulative and distant men so it gives off the impression they're not actually interested and sex sucks. The amount of men you attract is often the same or sometimes even more since as I mentioned men who go for younger women tend to ghost a lot more or just straight up act disinterested as soon as they recieve attention and sex

No. 1364361

her boobs are so flat what the fuck

No. 1364363

samefag, meant to reply to >>1364326

No. 1364364

File: 1664952990606.png (134.61 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_20221005-015448.png)

Can we talk about r/nbe? It's full of men with poor understandings of how hormones work but forcing their gfs to take extreme hormonal changing medication, admitting there's a huge risk but then, and I quote "results are results". They are also obsessed with trying to get macromastia and hoping their wife has it and stuff. These people are dying for stupidly large break backing tits

No. 1364366

God damn it. This woman was probably only 13 when she had her daughter. She works at a restaurant, her shitty ass pedo husband was or is obviously unemployed. Who knows how much money she wasted on a therapist while he was unemployed and jerking off ten fucking hours a day. Her whole life directly after puberty has been miserable consequences of penis.
Shit like this makes me completely at peace with the fact I'll never have children, because having a son is truly a curse most of the time. As soon as their nuts drop their humanity is just burned out of them.

No. 1364369

don't worry nona, none of these coomers have girlfriends, they're just schizophrenes larping

No. 1364371

I wish but they actually would post pictures of their girlfriends and "progress". As much as I would love to believe it's just larping this doesn't shock me when it comes to the lengths pickmes and moids will go to in order to damage women's bodies for their pleasure

No. 1364373

Imagine fucking your boyfriend a lot for him to say "hmmm you obviously have high testosterone that's why your tits are triple Z's"

No. 1364377

There should be a subreddit of women making their man take penis enhancement pills, roids and using penis pumps then complaining about how "low t, high estrogen" if he doesn't want to have sex or pump iron or something

No. 1364378

luckily none of this does lasting damage because it's not absorbed by the endocrine system, but who the fuck would take this (or believe it)?

No. 1364382

File: 1664954673960.jpg (15.52 KB, 695x161, why.jpg)

What the actual fuck. Also I thought Bumble was for women?

No. 1364384

Women broke their ribs and fainted just to have a small waist, I heavily believe women would risk loading their bodies up with hormones to get big tits

As per everything else, I really hope you're right. I know long term hormone therapy can be deteremental and cause a variety of long term effects. Although this does defeat the purpose of coomers repeating "it's a fantasy" when you point out their stupid hentai shit being unrealistic. I feel like it would probably be safer to get implants if you want big tits that bad instead of loading yourself up with mystery pills? But these coombrains probably want "natural" big tits

No. 1364395

well nothing listed there is actually hormones. it's just phytoestrogens which don't actually work in the human body, and ground up cow ovaries which don't contain active hormones at all. it's all asian snake oil products. the creams usually have ginger and other tingly ingredients to make you think something is happening. as far as i know only phytoestrogens found in cannabis actually get absorbed by the body. nothing else, not even soy, actually does anything. i hope they don't buy real hormones off the black market or something though,that would be bad. men are so stupid, and women who accept that behavior need to get an intervention. i would drop that fucker in a second.

No. 1364401

This is true but still pretty risky to take handfuls of pills of unregulated ingredients

No. 1364403

I don't get how these people think getting cowtits is realistic when even their best "results" on that subreddit is literally just women gaining weight lol.

No. 1364414


>Sure you may get diabetes and die of a heart attack at 35 but BIG BOOBA

What's their excuse for liking this now? Are they going to keep attempting to pedal the fertility excuse by making women morbidly obese and pumped with random shit which is undeniably way less fertile then say, a healthy fit woman with C cups?

No. 1364427

I doubt they bother with excuses, they literally just want anime tiddies IRL for no reason but coom. He even says his wife's tits and back are in pain from the pills he forces on her now, and thinks her breast growth is from "daily hour-long nipple stimulation". These are the same type that think first time sex or taking dick in general changes a woman's anatomy and it's not just… her body changing with age.

No. 1364470

The more unwanted and undesirable a man is, the more he thinks women should work for his attention. He is terminally addicted to women such that he would pay for one to give him company, but that's isn't enough. He's not even seething he can't find a woman through his own efforts, he's seething that women aren't chasing him.

This sounds like the ramblings of a parasitic worm upset that its host has found out a way to avoid it. Detestable creatures these males.

No. 1364474

God I hope these porn addicted reddit moids don't gaslight this woman into getting back into a relationship with this perverted creep. She's much more respectable than most of these porn widows, she actually stood up for herself and her daughter when shit went too far. Most porn widows would just cry and pay for more therapy and let their man molest their daughters while sobbing about not being pretty enough and attracting the scrote's attention.

No. 1364477

File: 1664963755386.jpeg (278.69 KB, 1320x1200, 67870D1F-DE36-474C-B5EE-8B0780…)

>what is the goddamn logic in finding a host to attach to and why is it something that us ticks shouldn’t be resentful of?!

No. 1364488

someone draw the tick with five o clock shadow and a hat

No. 1364506

They literally are parasites and resent the fact that they need women, they want desperately for women to need them. The more ignored and alone they are the more resentful they get, the more they mald and fantasize about a universe where they are pursued instead of the other way around. Screeching about 'injustice' for men is what they do now, hoping they can get oppression points for their grievances, since grievance culture is now the fastest access to power and control. In another time this moid would participate in the enslavement of women with no moral compunction. He is selfish, parasitic, unscrupulous, but has no capitol to enact his will over women, so he seethes on reddit.

Moid psychology and their relationships with women all stem from their envy and self hatred. They hate so much that they need us, but they won't let us go. They can never be free and actualized individuals separate from women because they literally can't be. Their egos won't allow it, and even if the could manage it would all be for naught since the parasite will die without a host. Monks dedicate their entire lives freeing themselves from their male obsession they have towards women, and for their efforts they will die alone without any progeny. That's why misogyny always manifests as women being controlled and enslaved, never simply absconded or abandoned (like misandrist are towards men). They need us and they hate that they need us. Deep in the most ancient and primal part of their brain stem is the need for us. They want us to pay for how much they need us, because it's just not fair. It's just not fair that the tick has to rely on other creatures. They should just lay down and give ticks full access to their blood. The tick will however feel resentful no matter how much the animal submits because it knows that its existence relies on the animal, and no matter how advantageous the current situation is for the tick, it knows it is never truly in control. If the animal were to ever decide to walk away, it's game over for the tick. That's moids and that's misogyny. That's the root of women's oppression. That's the root of incel rage and their self-pitying ramblings paired alongside their entitlement and violence.

Sorry for the pinkpill rant these reddit incels are just such a flagrant example of uniquely male sexual neuroticism.

No. 1364526

The funniest shit for me is how men are still under the impression that they're competing with each other for women. They think if they just set the bar low enough, women will have to accept fucking anything go get a man, but now that women can equally participate in society, the alternative to "getting a good man" is a staying single, not picking the other, shit tier men. If some type of universal basic income was in place, 90% men would truly be damned for eternity, as the dual income model is the basis of soooo many relationships.

No. 1364548

Based rant, screenshotted

No. 1364567

In an environment where animals aren't free to avoid ticks, the biggest and fastest tick wins. In an environment where animals are free to avoid ticks, no tick wins.

These men are still of the mindset where they have to become gigachad to get the most access to women. Now you just have gymcels and angry misogynists keeping their defunct grift alive. Why? No other reason than that they're stupid as fuck and can't wrap their chimp minds around any other system. Doing so. Would make them confront the reality of what they actually are, neurotic parasites with no future, and the male mind simply isn't evolved enough to come to terms with that level of existential thought.
They'll never confront their own hangups about women, in fact they'll never even develop a winning strategy to get women in the first place, even if it's all an act. Moids will endlessly toil and spiral into depression and entitlement until they die in irrelevancy.

I just want these redditors to die off already. I'm sick of hearing them complain autistically about no pussy. Just accept you're a product of incel affirmative action programs by your tick ancestors who had the cows enslaved in a pen, and you won't be getting a drop of supply in any system that isn't catered to your failing ass.

At least if you die alone as a monk there is some honor is breaking the conditioning of your failing chromosome. At least you get to taste a morsel of human freedom. To die as a butthurt incel whining that it's next meal won't plate itself is beyond pathetic. Males in general are pathetic but these are the worst, and reddit just to happens to have an extremely dense population of them.

No. 1364579

I love when communist failsons beg for UBI with the fantasy they can smoke pot in free community housing with hot young people, have sex with endless women, and eat cheetos all day.

The only thing that happens when women get resources and freedom is the start distancing themselves from men. Please, give every woman the freedom to not live with men for food and shelter and watch how quick those community houses turn into incel gamer dens with holes punched in every wall and cum on every carpet.

No. 1364619

>Just accept you're a product of incel affirmation programs by your tick ancestors
KEK, accurate

No. 1364636

> in fact they'll never even develop a winning strategy to get women in the first place, even if it's all an act
The winning strategy would be so easy to imagine too. To "be wanted" all men would have to do is be a better option than being single (for hetero women), which they can accomplish either by making male companionship more alluring or by making singledom worse. And they continue to go all-in on the latter, mass-producing internet content about how "feminism is a trap for women" and calling women catladies, thinking shaming will do its job, but don't do anything to raise the "value" of men-stocks.

No. 1364664

The latter is still a losing strategy because women aren't so stupid as to not notice where this propaganda and hatred is coming from. The most blackpilling thing a woman could do is read the opinions of men. With all of their talk about cat ladies, the wall, no eggs, female incompetence, the need for men and the need to have a husband. While women women may fall for their scare tactics, more and more are just seeing misogynistic, bitter failsons who wouldn't make loving partners anyways.

Even the young ones who are roped into male servitude are promptly shat up on and turned out. That's another thing about these parasite males, they are self loathing. They hate any woman dumb enough to love them and take them seriously. Their chimplike urge to destroy and defile is only exacerbated when they see an easy (and to them, deserving) target. There is simply no appeasing a creature that fundamentally hates you for what you are. You can offer the tick your bare skin but it will still resent you for having the audacity to exist as a separate entity with your own thoughts and free will (and even female dolls, created solely for the pleasure of men are routinely brutalized and destroyed simply for reminding men of what they aren't and what they don't have). Fundamentally, primordially, men hate women and hate being reminded of what they are. It's inextricably linked to their sexuality and virtually everything they do.

There's no woman that escapes misogyny, no woman who doesn't find a way to mitigate its effects. More and more their solution is just to avoid men, and yes, that includes avoiding the men who cry day and night about the woes of being a woman who avoids men.

No. 1364682

So what will ever make moids happy? They’re not happy with the women who don’t openly approach them and they’re also not happy with the ones who are interested in them. They lament about women who put up a defense but then call the ones who don’t “whores” and mock/blame them when things go wrong because they “should have known”. I swear it’s like men know their true nature is to leech off the women around them but they gaslight everyone around them into the false image of them being protectors, providers, and so on. I just don’t understand why they think we should agree with them “not all men” when we have the internet and lived experience to tell show us who all men really are. Sure maybe not rapists but definitely rapist and murderer empathizers who would definitely harm a woman for their own ego if they had nothing to lose. I always say that homeless men are the true face of male nature/instinct because of how uninhibited they are as they have nothing to lose.

No. 1364687

Please rant more Ily pinkpilledchan.

No. 1364690

Based take.

>the male mind simply isn't evolved enough to come to terms with that level of existential thought

It's actually evolved specifically for that. It is well known that men tend to be more narcissistic and more likely to overestimate their chances when it comes to virtually anything (at least initially, before the incel depression sets in). This is an adaptation stemming from male worthlessness - it was simply of no evolutionary benefit for the "cheaper" sex to practice self doubt or self preservation. Men are significantly more likely to harbor Dunning-Kruger delusions because of this - dying trying to shoot his shot and failing to reproduce are entirely equivalent outcomes to a male, so might as well shoot his shot. Conceptions lean male to compensate for the fact that men are pretty much designed to die by 30, but modern medicine is tampering with this process, thus promoting excessive and unnatural male survival (especially among geriatrics). Dysgenic, decayed perspectives that shouldn't exist thus become dominant narratives in society.

Nearly every facet of their warped psychology stems from two things: cuck anxiety and what inceloids call "male disposability". This is the reason why they'll delude themselves endlessly and externalize faults (example: ineffectual paypigging for male gurus, incel movements, terrorism) instead of genuine self improvement or therapy. You cannot fix a fault you are designed to be unable to confront in the first place. The delusion must keep going to fulfill a male's ultimate purpose (reproduction), and a man stops trying to reproduce, he might as well die or enter a "blackpilled" depressed state equivalent to death.

No. 1364708

Love the line break at stepchild porn. How can you type this and not wish for everyone who watches it to face the wall?

No. 1364712

That's a great question. The answer is nothing.

A male, by his very biological purpose as a cum peddler, is not designed to be happy and content. They need an eternally unreachable carrot on a stick. The Madonna-Whore complex (a pervasive aspect of male psychology that persists regardless of culture) is entirely biological in nature. A male is adapted to respond to two inherently contradictory markers simultaneously: sexual availability and sexual fidelity. A male knows deep down that he's inherently worthless and not significantly different from other males. It follows that if a woman wants sex with him, she will want sex with other males also. Cuck anxiety tells him to resent that woman while simultaneously desiring her. You have your "whore".

A woman who lacks all interest in males will of course trigger the other side of cuck anxiety - she's unavailable, therefore she's extra pure, valuable and obviously uppity. This, once again, triggers resentment and sexual interest simultaneously. Of course if or when this woman becomes sexually available, she becomes a "whore" - because all males know they're inherently worthless, the thought process shifts towards "if she tainted herself with me, she'll taint herself with others too". You have your "Madonna" (until she becomes a "whore" of course).

The pursuit of this physical impossibility, a woman who's simultaneously a "safe" non-cucking virgin and also a mommy but also a mega desirable hottie that will be a whore but for one specific male only is a male neurosis so ubiquitous there are religions built around it. Needless to say, even if such a quantum Madonna Whore somehow became real, the male would grow to look down on her too, simply because she deigned to entertain him. A male knows he's dirty and expendable, therefore by settling for him you become dirty and expendable too.

No. 1364729

PLEASE write a book I’m begging you. Same goes to any anons who have similar insights into male psyche. We need to have a feminist revolution and circulate the truth of male parasitic behavior.

No. 1364784

One of the most repulsive aspects of men is how utterly dependent on women they are for everything. Their whole existence revolves around getting sex or not getting sex or getting sex with the wrong person. They can't fucking leave us alone and exist on their own for one fucking second.

No. 1364811

That tends to happen when you're missing more than half of an entire chromosome. They're not fully human in the most primordial sense. They're more like a human-adjacent unit designed for a narrow purpose, a natural beta orbiter.

Really gives a new flavor to the whole Abrahamic male-as-a-woman's-mommy mythos.

No. 1364823

Understand that the male mode of existence is one of endless wants and demands. It's the byproduct of being born an incomplete organism. They are compelled the fill the bottomless hole in their "souls" by consuming women. Consuming in every sense of the word. Conquering, enslaving, killing, raping, wedding, owning, hell they even take it so far as to turn themselves into an approximation of women in an attempt to sate their sexual appetite.
Being neurotic and obsessed with owning women is how the sperm peddlers are motivated to pedal their sperm. A sexually depraved, possessive monkey is more likely to pedal his sperm and pass down more of his genetic material. This applies to most males in the animal kingdom.
However as humans we have evolved some intelligence and the ability to think past ourselves. Moids are stuck with primitive mindset and can't seem to break past it.

Most of them self soothe by watching copious amounts of porn and dehumanizing women in the company of other men. Most would be rapists if they knew they could get away with it, as we've witnessed countless times before. Modern men are semi-successfully domesticated animals. Their compliance to social norms is strictly transactional. A woman looking for deep love and a romantic connection with one is quickly going to lose her sanity. They pretend to be human while barely managing to compartmentalize their absurd levels of degeneracy and mask their soulless behavior. For most women, prolonged interaction with one is draining and unfulfilling.

No. 1364831

The problem is now most men are now too cowardly to shoot their shot and die. They'd rather whine like children on Reddit and cryfap to their role reversal fantasies.
Coddling men with modern amenities has made their maladaptive behavior a bit more subtle overall. They won't outright rape women and die fighting, though some still do, they just become a societal burden and worsen the lives of women they interact with, as well as indoctrinate the next generation of young men with their "redpills on female nature" (projection)

Again, I'm just waiting until they all die off and take their vestigial monkey genes with them.

No. 1364849

i’ve never seen a more accurate description of modern (first world country) men than “semi domesticated animals”. this is what i find so funny about men bitching about how “ungrateful western women” are because women in islamic countries are treated 100x worse. but we all know, even they fucking know, western men would do the exact same shit to women if they got a chance. all men would. look at the way men have behaved towards women and children in recently conquered territories during war for centuries. The second they are ungoverned, they are wild fucking animals. In the mean time, they learn to hide their animalistic urges behind a screen, either typing their obsessive, unprovoked hatred over every single aspect of women away on reddit, or fapping it away to porn of women being beaten and strangled, until opportunity to actually do horrible fucking things to women in real life without consequences arises.

No. 1364867

One of the creepiest facets of male nature is how their reproductive instinct inherently overlaps with retained infantilism. The jealous and wrathful need for female presence is both horny and baby-like.

No. 1364870

If men resent that role then why is there also so much raging any time 'a woman wears the pants in the relationship'

I have family members where it's pretty clear the woman is more so the leader. They're married to men where that dynamic works. The husbands arent the ones bitching about it.. but other men sure love to insert themselves into other peoples relationships and make bitchy comments about it.

No. 1364875

This is why racism and "tribe" in general is a male mystification. Apart from being a cuck-anxious construct to ensure paternity, it also permits for the attribution of male deficiencies to race and ethnicity instead of maleness. Not only does it pacify "your" women and reassures them that what they're seeing is actually the domain of differently colored males, it also makes them seek you out for "protection".

No. 1364884

I disagree, most men with a Madonna whore complex do that because they're obsessed with trying to impress other men or live a life that they believe a successful Chad does, even if it's not reality.

No. 1364887

The amount of poltards online who bitch about how criminal and misogynistic black/non-white men are while posting their fantasies of enslaving women and raping female children. The irony is absolutely lost on them. Men are so fucking dumb it's unreal. They literally think the lack of courage to commit crimes because you're afraid of losing social status (and nothing to do with actually finding them morally reprehensible) makes you're so much more superior to a more impulsive man with less status to lose.
Such a fulfilling, compelling, and loving relationship a woman can build with a white man who only wishes he had the courage to rape and enslave women and girls. Thank God he hasn't actually done it yet.
Moids tend to think I'm black and white like autists where you're either a "bad guy" or a "good guy". Nevermind the "good guy" is just a "bad guy" who hasn't come across the right opportunity yet.

No. 1364911

A banal example is incels who endlessly seethe about how women shouldn't choose a bad boy chad, all while idolizing bad boy chad and wishing they were him. The male wants you to read his failure at being bad as him being good.

No. 1364921

This is the consequence of the "father figure" product women are told to consoom now that there is no actual material need for it. This moid likely isn't paying. His "value" is his presence, which is somehow supposed to offset the fact that he finds the idea of diddling his stepdaughter exciting.

No. 1364936

Male socialization is fundamentally built around male ideals and, well, male brains. Men don't enforce their hierarchy obsessed culture on each other just for fun. They all think like that. Yes they want to impress other men but the fact they compete so hard in the first place is a product of their reproductive strategy.
A moid would laugh in your face if you tried to convince him he wanted to have sex with beautiful women and take advantage of women's kindness and naivety because he was tricked into it by other men.

No. 1364943

Watch those same incels say women can't be trusted to choose their partners since they idealize "dark triad" traits and need to be chaperoned by men constantly, meanwhile they idolize Adolph Hitler and call women "faggots" for drawing anime pretty boys crying.
So dumb, it's beyond belief sometimes.

No. 1364959

Experience tells me that this will be a controversial take here, but this is why partaking in male "she cheated! GET HER!" vendettas is quite possibly the most cucked thing a woman can do, even purely as a concept. I unironically do not condemn female cheaters on principle and do not believe in "homewreckers" and any of that other becky-ass shit.

Fun fact: males cheat when their relationship satisfaction is high, while the reverse is true for women. This is likely a reflection of the carrot on the stick mentality - they're faithful while there's still something for them to "conquer" about you. It's that sweet spot of dread, uncertainty and possibility of losing you to another male - assuming it's an organic dynamic, not a manufactured one. Most cringey "how to keep your husband smitten" old lady guides refer to that in some capacity, but they all fall short because you need to be pretty committed to wonder how to keep a moid in the first place.

Most women don't orgasm from sex at all - if anyone should be allowed to cheat due to lack of coom, it's women. Of course it's not "fair" for you to reason this way, since you're actually likely to succeed in upgrading while most men only want to. Another example of "being unable to be bad is just like being good" moid-logic.

No. 1364987

>women idealize dark triad features

If they didn't, every male would be either dead or a virgin. It's exactly the same for all the other things males simultaneously want you to like and dislike in them (for example, money).

They truly resent women for actually liking them, and can you really blame them? If I was a reprehensible dark triad shitbeast, I'd probably despise anyone dumb enough to love me too - even more than I despise myself.

No. 1364988

Carrot dangling indeed. They keep teasing women with the idea that if the woman basically dedicates every second of her life to whatever her boyfriend wants then maybe the man will perform the bare minimum of what's expected in a relationship. They get so hurt at women in the comment section basically saying men won't cheat when they decide they don't want to cheat and no matter how hard you try for him, if he wants to cheat then he will. It just feels like an exhausting trade off and at that point why even bother if it's so much trouble to not get a man to cheat?

No. 1364997

>Another example of "being unable to be bad is just like being good" moid-logic
I'd like to hear more.of your thoughts on this nonnie

No. 1365012

I don't get this, the "west" i.e what was Christendom was 400 years ago was better for women then Islamic world, its an objective fact, listen I get all moids are bastards but is is really hard to acknowledge that some cultures are worse then others, like I get hating many of the modern culture in the west but without there would be no concept of feminism or any sort of idea human rights
I feel so many radfems are focused too much on generalizing men as a global class that they don't have any sort of idea how state misogyny actually can function like and what the world really is like, cause again all your ideas come from very very stupid people who sniffed their own farts and didn't realize how idiotic they were

this is just like when the Taliban conquered Afghanistan and many of you were saying that this would happen in America as well and your proof was this, was screnshorts from 4hcna and it just pissed me off, cause you idiots don't fucking understand that state intuitions, history and centuries of beliefs that allowed groups like Taliban to form, instead you viewed from the lense of stupid idiots from the 1970's who were morons who sniffed their own farts, I hope to god you don't ever experience what I have but please just try to be smarter and not be retarded, you can hate men but you don't have to use retard logic to justify hating men

No. 1365015

Indeed a dubious trade for something the male himself needs more, but you need to remember that the male is rapidly running out of bargaining chips. The artificial niches he carved to manufacture the appearance of giving you something of equal-ish value in exchange for your resources are largely gone. You can have your own money, and the protection racket function is largely assumed by the state. What can he give you that you can't get yourself? A male is now similar to a tulip bulb at the end of tulip mania. Its value is still there somewhere, but it's mostly sentimental. Some people will cling to it if it doesn't germinate, but most will just chuck it and get a new one.

The male pivot towards desperate shilling and memeing of immaterial concepts like "father figure" or "happiness", "wall", "empty egg carton" isn't coincidental. The moid of the past didn't really have to ceaselessly blabber about how old maids will die alone and destitute that much - it was a certainty due to economic conditions of that time. It was also an effortless way for male genetic dregs to whale their way into pussy out of their league. But times have changed, and their fugly male progeny is paying the price now that women don't need them as wallets or meat shields. The market has eliminated their niche.

I find it endlessly entertaining that past "alpha males" have doomed their male offspring to being genetic dead ends by trying to cheat selection with resource coercion and niche-carving. Every lookism incel needs to remember that he has no one but his daddy to thank for this.

No. 1365017

I beg you, please go outside touch some grass, majority of people date and get married, yes they get divorced but they don't become celibate after that, whiny people online don't represent the majority

No. 1365021

A simple example - sexual opportunism is evil in women, and based in men. Why, you ask? 9 times out of 10 it will be something along the lines of "but women can get men easily while the opposite isn't true, therefore it's UNFAIR". It's bad for you to engage in noncommittal dick shopping, because men throw themselves at women. It's bad for you to be a gold digger, because nobody pays for dick. It's bad to "lead men on", because they'll do anything for pussy. There is no argument other than "but I don't get to do this easily, therefore it's EXTRA EVIL when you do it". If something naturally favors them, the optics of acting on that opportunity immediately change to "might is right" followed by a deluge of Chad reaction images. "I want to and I can, therefore I will and it's cool" is the only morality needed. With you, cue immediate moralfaggotry and shaming.

Come to think of it, males have been appealing to woke equality arguments since the dawn of humanity - but only for themselves, of course.

No. 1365031

What's hard to understand that white men developed a social contract which upheld marginally better treatment of women? They still formulate their philosophies and religions around their misogyny and have raped and pillaged nearly the entire globe. Just because they're not as flagrantly misogynistic as arab now men doesn't mean they are at all our friends.

No. 1365044

Radfems are social and cultural constructionists whose core tenet is "socialization". You disparage their "retard ideas from the 70s" when your own argument about Taliban being a product of centuries of cultural context is textbook radical feminist narrative.

I'm not sure you understand what the anons you're arguing with are referring to.

No. 1365050

I never said they were and I don't live in the west but even I can understand that even western society isn't homogenous and there has never agreed thought process, like even shitty south asian and middle eastern philosophies and concepts were diverse and they did massively disagree with each other
also regarding religion, I hate religion more then you can even comprehend, it is something that has cause med so much pain as well as hundreds of millions of people, but I despise the way so many of you talk about religion, you just reduce it too "an evil council of collective men just decided made up religion and made it specifically to oppress women" and that's stupid, even Islam has changed in its various forms(its never reached anything decent but is has changed) that's religion, it evolves and produces people who genuinely believe in it, I'm not saying you should believe in it(that is not at all what I am saying) but the people who genuinely are more powerful then you can imagine and they are unbeatable in will, they aren't like you or me, every aspect of their life and every question they've had is already answered by either the Quran or the works in the Hadiths and unlike "mortal" philosophies which you can choose to believe in, they have to believe in their works cause it is divinely ordained, do you know how powerful that is, to not have to think, to not have to fear and that makes them dangerous, to reduce that that as a bunch if whiny men who want to guard power vastly underestimates them and ends up causing harm to us in the global south

No. 1365064

That's why no one here hates religion. Religion is a human construct, which is ultimately a product of human thoughts.

Males have been in the position to force their thoughts on others. Religion, even if we assume that it was "warped" by men in some way, will be "warped" according to their innate mentality. The innate mentality of men, like everyone else's, is a product of evolution and biology.

There is no doubt that women in the global south have it significantly worse than western women. The argument is over whether this is because brown men are biologically different from white men. Racists say yes, biology says no.

No. 1365065

File: 1665000117997.png (520.97 KB, 921x573, Neo-Nazi Marine Plotted Mass M…)

the "tolerant" west that was burning "witches" alive 300 years ago lmao

>this is just like when the Taliban conquered Afghanistan and many of you were saying that this would happen in America as well

Abortion is illegal in half the country, scrote

>and your proof was this, was screnshorts from 4hcna

Are you really such a stupid boomer that you don't know 4chan is a proxy for pop culture as a whole?

No. 1365079

white moids use this logic all the time but only in favor of themselves, yea.
Like in arguments about colonialism, they always say "Well the Native Americans were killing/colonizing too, we just had greater opportunity to do it than everyone else, so we're not inherently bad"

But as soon as it comes to women that argument mysteriously disappears. Or really any group that isn't "them", be it Jews or rich people in general or "woke" (cringe so hard whenever anyone says that)

No. 1365082

radical feminists generalize men as a class, there is no difference between a man from Argentina then from a man from in London or Afghanistan and that is stupid, in reality(and not the world of theoryland) there's more difference in thought and religious practice between a pashtun in Kabul and a Hazara in Herat, and that difference matters, its the reason why and how the Taliban won, but you don't care about that do you, you literally said that "racism and tribe in general is a male mystification" and its all just males competing with each other, you don't fucking realize that an entire people are being genocided over this but again you don't care about that, I'm sure the works of gender university professors from the 1970's are more knowledge about what causes this that someone like me, whose actually seen it and spoken to people who have survived this genocide and whose had relatives who suffered ethnic cleansing

No. 1365097

File: 1665001030067.jpg (834.35 KB, 1200x600, Jamaat e islam rally.jpg)

can you please show me one(just one) global organized white or hindu or Buddhist or sikh or whatever religious group on par with the Taliban or ISIS(at its peak) one that isn't just a small cult, something more then a couple of morons getting together, not even a terror group just a rally that had this many people as Jamaat e islam(that wants to establish full taliban style shariah law in my country)
also I have explained to you multiple times times that there is misogyny in the west and you should work on it but by god I do get when you pretend that you live in the same situation as many as women in Iran or Pakistan too, the Islamist party that wanted to have a law veiling all women won the local elections, they won fairly and were voted in by the people and the only reason they were stopped was due to ciliation of wealthy feudal politicians and the army who were scared of losing political power, so you don't' have to deal with that either

No. 1365104

That flows perfectly into another observation - when men do bad things it's "people are awful", when women do bad things it's "women are awful". The formula is the exact opposite for good things.

No. 1365105

Whenever women/Jews/"woke democrats" do stuff like that, it's bad because reasons

>in reality(and not the world of theoryland) there's more difference in thought and religious practice between a pashtun in Kabul and a Hazara in Herat
Are you even able to keep your points straight? Your point was that the west is safer, but those are both people in Afghanistan.

"There's a big difference in thought between a White American 3%er>>1365065 and a white liberal"

You're undermining your own argument, which is good because your argument was retarded in the first place and all men everywhere are monsters or capable of being monsters, and the only reason more of them aren't like this is because many of them have it so good already and are so sated (western men) that there's no reason for them to become monsters. (Despite this the levels in the west are not really all that different lol)

Do you really think that if the US was colonized by say China, that there wouldn't be a militant ultra-nationalist ethnocentric misogynistic cult that blamed women for the event, and would go around trying to wrest back power while also killing minorities and raping (and killing) women?

>you don't fucking realize that an entire people are being genocided over this but again you don't care about that, I'm sure the works of gender university professors from the 1970's

Are you talking about the Hazara? Or are you a "white genocide" scrote?

If you're really from Afghanistan, then you're actually beyond moronic. I'm sorry that your people are being genocided, but to say that "white men are more compassionate" after our race genocided 1/3 of humanity (Native Americans), millions in Iraq Libya Afghanistan, hundreds of millions in India and Africa, as well as millions of our own race (WW1/2), and to say that simply because they're not genociding an incredibly specific group of people (Hazara) at this very moment, that they're more compassionate/progressive, is utterly retarded

No. 1365106

nta talking about the fucking taliban lmao but western women have enjoyed a much more elevated status than non-western women, since before the rise of xtianity and even more so after it became the dominant religion in that region. you might think medieval moids praising virgin nuns and saints is dumb misogyny but it's infinitely better than not giving a fuck at all. a small minority of reactionaries burning witches 300 years ago is not as bad as the general disinterest in women's wellbeing that is still everywhere in the non-western world.

No. 1365109

No sane Marxist will imply that there's absolutely no difference between the poor in India and the poor in America just because they both represent the class "poor". I think you fundamentally misunderstood class theory.

No. 1365110

>some cultures
It is fucking men. It is not majorly islamic women going around raping, killing and destroying, it is not christian women doing any of that, it is not western women doing any of that, it is not black women doing any of that. It is fucking men no matter what race or religion. Kill yourself

No. 1365112

Hazara genocide you moron and I'm not from Afghanistan, but we have Hazaras in my home country as well(colonialism fuck up) and we interact cause we are both shia, but they have shia basically written on their face because of the way they look and so sunni extremists attack them more often, and when I was talking about ethnic genocide, I was talking about my paternal relatives who were kicked of their ancestral homeland by some other tribe, it was very hard on both of them

No. 1365114

These religions you speak fondly of are originated to keep tabs on male depravity for the betterment of patriarchal society at large. fundamentally they are broken and you can see how frail and volatile they are. It's the foundation that's the issue. Male led societies are suited for high resource depletion and quantity>quality. Their shitty religions full of many nuggets of cope are a reflection of their flawed psyche and flawed civilizations.

No. 1365115

women in Islam belive in their faith, it is as genuine as men and it is frankly insulting to question it, muslim women raise muslim men, most Pashtun fighters were raised by their mothers, taught the Quran by their mothers, it is instilled by their community, they are all illiterates and so they only have their faith, even in isolation in the west a mother can and will raise her children in the Islamic faith, so they will end up true believes, like the Bostom bombers

No. 1365116

>men in the West aren't any different biologically, many groups of them just happened to realize that behaving semi-civilized among themselves would actually greatly benefit them. They wouldn't have if it hadn't made them rich.
please explain your logic, I almost want to hear how stupid it is, there really was no for financial benefit to grant women human rights, in every other nation you can just beat women into submission and that would be that, social rights evolves and changed, I swear there is some mental illness you have, you have a fanatical opposition to just the basic idea that your position is better then women in muslim countries

No. 1365118

Are they the ones going around killing, raping and destroying?

No. 1365121

>can you please show me one(just one) global organized white or hindu or Buddhist or sikh or whatever religious group on par with the Taliban or ISIS
Ok, now you're changing the subject from "western men are inherently good" to "non-muslim men are inherently good"
In doing so you unwittingly conceded our points

>western women have enjoyed a much more elevated status than non-western women, since before the rise of xtianity and even more so after it
source? Only a moid would make a claim like this, how many people actually KNOW ANYTHING fucking at all about life in Thailand 2000 years ago? Or Sri Lanka?

Can you name even one single fucking thing, without googling, about the cultures that lived in North America 2000 years ago? (No, you cannot and you will not convince anyone otherwise so don't even try)

I've literally only seen men talk like this, where they know absolutely fucking nothing about a topic but pretend to anyway. The moid false confidence gives you away.

>I think you fundamentally misunderstood class theory.
He didn't misunderstand anything, its on purpose

No. 1365122

NTA, nazism was pretty big at its peak and it's just a specific flavor of fascism. Not just in Germany, but also the Netherlands with NSB, the US had the American Nazi Party, in England Oswald Mosely did try, Croatia with the Ustaše, Brazil, Mexico etc. there were Christian clerical fascist groups popping up all over the place. They were all allied and agreed on most points, maybe not the details, but definitely on the insane amounts of oppressing and torturing women. A lot of those groups and political parties still exist, sometimes with still the exact same name, some have switched it up, but they still manage to get seats in chamber of deputies or parliament. This isn't just some annoying blip on the radar you can just ignore or say with certainty that it will never happen again, considering how fucking fast it suddenly popped up exactly about a century ago. And we're getting into a similar economic situation, the geopolitics are looking fucked exactly like a century ago, so yeah that is why women are afraid of a global round of that bullshit again. Especially since shit is actually happening, it's not just fearmongering, rights are already being set back in several countries.

No. 1365124

>please explain your logic, I almost want to hear how stupid it is, there really was no for financial benefit to grant women human rights

How can someone be THIS stupid? Full equality for women = 2x as many workers, it's literally so simple

No. 1365125

How quickly these non western feminists forget how brutal white moids are when they have the chance to reprimand western women for not having it as bad.
Yes it's silly when radfems here say moids are gonna veil us anytime soon. Simply because western society is so detached from international political instability. However white moids will go back to chimping and raping as soon as they get permission. It's not coming anytime soon, but like transactional, privileged white moids, they'll slowly bargain away our rights just like they have been for the past few decades of their libfem/tranny/conservatard bullshittery. They're meek but their motivations are the same.

No. 1365129

>How quickly these non western feminists
They're mostly western male anti-feminists. lol.

No. 1365132

>However white moids will go back to chimping and raping as soon as they get permission.
It's also like people suddenly have forgotten about how European scrotes jumped at the chance to traffic and prostitute Ukrainian women fleeing from the war.

No. 1365136

literally nothing changed during the colonization for my people. we went from Mughal rulers, to Afghan rulers to Sikh rulers, to British rulers, all things considered they left us alone for the most part(mostly cause we had nothing to offer)
admins can you tell where I'm from and how long I have been using lc(spoiler its been for 3 years)

No. 1365139

File: 1665003059138.jpg (7.04 KB, 179x282, 908230497820.jpg)

>literally nothing changed during the colonization for my people.

No. 1365140

Or European scrotes going on sex tourism adventures in south East Asia. Or American scrotes raping their female slaves. Or every single atrocity white men of various nationalities or political creeds have committed in wars.

No. 1365144

Christian men would have women in chains if they could; freedom of religion is what keeps western women free and elevated. Speaking just on modern burger xtianity, moids would subjugate their wives and daughters first the way Mormons did and every women around them after because they believe that’s their right and purpose. It hasn’t overrun the west due to the inalienable right to freedom of religion, which precedes whether women are considered human beings with their own rights to not be the property of their husbands or Catholic birth-slaves. Not to mention Amish and Mennonite societies, which are so insular that no one intervenes with the rampant sexual abuse, incest, and pedophilia. In the end it’s men. Men are the problem.

No. 1365149

it really didn't, my paternal family is from Gujrat(the Punjab one not the state one) literally no one cares about the region, plus we had our king sorta(its rather complicated that arrangement the state was in)

No. 1365151

>to Afghan rulers to Sikh rulers, to British rulers, all things considered they left us alone for the most part(mostly cause we had nothing to offer)

Okay, I will do the same thing that you're doing.

You haven't personally been affected by white scrotes (at least you don't perceive that you have, even though you definitely have, but whatever). Therefore you argue that they are less threatening than Middle Eastern/Muslim ones.

They still killed hundreds of millions of people, but it didn't personally affect YOUR PARTICULAR ethnicity. Therefore they're good.

I, on the other hand, haven't personally been affected by Muslim scrotes. So therefore Muslim scrotes are better and pose no threat. I'm Polish and Irish so actually white scrotes are far worse, because they're the ones who did things to my particular ethnicity.

Muslim scrotes still oppress women and have some of the worst laws on earth right now. However, they don't personally affect me, so they're good actually.

No. 1365152

why are you referring to christnaity is xianity, like what is this ?

No. 1365157

Derived from Greek letter Chi, x was a symbol to recognize other Christians when they were oppressed or persecuted or whatever. Same with the Jesus fish. Ever heard the term “Xmas”? Same principle

No. 1365161

If western men are good because they didn't destroy your personal little sliver of land in Pakistan or wherever,

then why should I care about Muslim men oppressing women in tiny countries like Afghanistan? Why should I care about literally anything outside my little sliver of Michigan?

You're so hyperfocused and I legitimately don't understand why. Like are you aware that if Afghanistan disappeared from the map that the rest of the world would still exist?

No. 1365162

alright, then why not just to refer it as Christianity, xianity sounds like a mistranslated chinese religion

No. 1365163

Oho we wanna go old school huh? Allow me to enter the ring, wanna know what the last culture was to have women as socially accepted leaders?
The Sycthians.
Know what else they had?
Horse Archers.

No. 1365167

Less letter

No. 1365171

Wrong, it was the Mongols.

No. 1365173

what ? is this some trolling or something, xianity sounds very unnatural and I'm rather sure that just christanity is not taking much time

No. 1365174

While they aren't my best studied group I think I have to disagree with the idea that they liked women at all. They liked women sure, to rape.

No. 1365181

I mean there’s historical context to it, I’m sorry it bothers you personally. Take it up with King Edward VI I guess

No. 1365186

So because white men don't personally victimize you so they're ok? No wonder you're so critical of western feminists.

No. 1365188

a lot of societies are like this, they treat their own women as human beings worthy of perfect but other women are just lesser form of beings, my people the(jatts) were like this, they did respect jatt women with respect and gave them legal rights and protections, but the jatts have done some horrible stuff here and there, on par with other barbarian groups

No. 1365192

Precisely my point, the Scythians haven't been around for ages. There were some good cultures sure but next to none are dominant nowadays so >>1365186 is correct in calling out the weird way the other anon made it somehow that one handmaideny society was better than another, they're both scrote run, they both suck lol

No. 1365206

Correction: they treat their own women as their personal property and abuse and oppress them in private while sequestering them from enemy tribes, while they treat foreign women as spoils to pillage and conquer.
This is basic monkey shit and all moids engage in it.

No. 1365208

File: 1665005104989.png (160.4 KB, 1983x1363, Map_of_Assyria.png)

I have a durantian view of it, I think human beings aren't good or evil, they just want to survive and care for their loved one's, what manages to survive and spread its self to the next generation is also neither good or evil
the most dominant power in the middle east(which was entirety of human civilization at that time) were the Assyrians, they were first recorded with institutionalized state misogyny, every ethnic Assyrian man was conscripted into their national army, Assyrian women were used for breeding stock, they were kept away in homes and their only purpose was to product more Assyrians, they relied solely on themselves and when their empire fell, it still left its mark on the civilized world
and Assyria is really the text book example of how institutionalized patriarchy spread, thought military conquest and cultural domination, more patriarchal advantages of more expandable male soldiers and a more advanced state that could wage total war

No. 1365209

They're all monkeys from the jungle. You can condition and train them to perform different monkey tricks for bananas but they're all the same on the inside. What about this are you not understanding?

No. 1365210

And look up who they ended up fighting the most, thank you for posting the map with it, really helps convey just how big some bronze age civilizations really were.
>the most dominant power in the middle east(which was entirety of human civilization at that time) were the Assyrians
Please clarify this a bit because like all empires they rose and fell and even at their height, the map you posted, they had powers that rivaled theirs though Egypt was no better, Persia was by a margin due to their sets of morals and beliefs but of course that does not get you too far when your enemies will throw everything away and burn themselves just to make you burn with them.

No. 1365211

I disagree, it is complicated, when Babur the conqueror came to subcontinent he noted how the jatt and gujjar let their women be unveiled and how they would honor widows and injured women, which he found perplexing cause he considered them a rather fierce people, but only 150 years prior the khokhar jatts ruled the northwest and they were raiding and pillaging everyone around and being general bastards hated by everyone

No. 1365213

Persia because like the Assyrians though, despite having a religion that preached equality and had a tenet to end slavery, the elite that had become Babylonian at that point found loop holes to keep those traditions

No. 1365216

File: 1665005538454.gif (3.78 MB, 320x241, 16215b0d68534384c4f0ff7be0c2e3…)

>Babur the conqueror
Probably not the best thread for us all to be dumping our actual historical knowledge but do know that I have enjoyed this a lot.
Well see you, yourself admit that they were Babylonian and not Persians who made it that way. Their values conflicted but yes I will not deny that the Persians downfall each time was their greatest strength, allowing other ethnicities to blend into their culture and not be held as third class.

No. 1365218

How you mean men will call a man under the thumb if he prioritises his partner? Men are just jealous wankers.

No. 1365221

It's almost as if there's some pushback from subjugated people sometimes, and they're occasionally successful.

No. 1365223

Why are you people fighting with paki-chan blogging about her life and ranting about muh western feminists again, she simps for varg vikernes for god's sake

No. 1365225

and why hasn't this pushback ever been successful in any other society or civilization outside the west, were white women are so superior or the more obvious explanation that there were various complicated cultural factors that can't be explained in a single paragraph

No. 1365228

You have to understand that men are majority useless and a liability for any society. Civilizations are formed around mitigating male violence and corralling useless, redundant men. Historically they have been pacified with access to women but that comes with the price of spreading their inferior genes. It's almost like a pyramid scheme at the expense of women. It's simply unsustainable and will eventually lead to a civilizational collapse.
Now with modern technological advancements, most excess males can be pacified into inaction with porn, videogames, and consoomerism. The role that women played of being the buffer between male serfs and their masters is becoming more irrelevant. Why continue to let failsons breed, overwhelm the world with their inferior offspring, and over consume resources with no discernable benefit? It's best to just let the problem solve itself by pacifying the moids while letting them die off. Sure they'll bitch and moan but when are moids ever happy with being anything but being a gigachad themselves?

The question isn't really so much as "why give women rights?" It's more like "why continue to give incels anything we don't have to?".

No. 1365229

have you read the Baburnama though ? its rather fascinating the way he talks about all the places he's been his commentary as well

No. 1365230

Lmfao I knew I wasn't the only one who knew this was paki-chan.

No. 1365232

And was revealed to be the racist (c)-rap chan by mods and seethed about american women losing abortion rights not meaning they are oppressed, and that shit about living with her cousin in LA in the west meaning she would somehow be enslaved.

No. 1365233

So long ago I may as well re-read it at this point.
Still was a decent discussion cap at the end.

No. 1365234

This has the spirit of the original Manifesto-chan who pinkpilled me on male sexual behavior and how much it affects their general choices, please keep it going nonny.

No. 1365235

was it an English translation, cause I only read the Urdu one

No. 1365238

Oh yeah, I mean I can read like spanish and german, a bit of latin and other junk but why bother unless I need to know the specific phrasing an original author intended?

No. 1365240

At this point the only logical explanation is autism.

No. 1365243

Autism, ADHD, BPD, Depression, Dark-Triad;
Pick one or more and apply it to every farmer ever and you're actually correct!

No. 1365245

People really need to get better at spotting her posts and ignoring them because it's not like her spergouts are especially hard to recognize. I just wanted to read some comfy reddit hate yet here she is racebaiting like her life depended on it once again.

No. 1365247

lmfao I'm dying at dark triad paki-chan

No. 1365248

Samefagg, she was also the anti-yaoi poster. Quick, someone spam yaoi kek.

No. 1365251

I've been trying the tactic of winding nonnas down when they start sperging since it's not like the farmhands are online all the time to deal with a de-rail and someone will respond always, nobody ever ignores what they should on this site lol.

No. 1365253

Omfg Paki-chan has been pulling our strings this whole time, shadow master of the shadow continent indeed.

No. 1365254

Oh no please don't trigger her antifujo rants once again, they'll attract all the scrotes to join her and we'll be in for days-long derailing.

No. 1365255

Whenever a post is super specific about the middle east we know. Sucks though because we have another middle eastern (pakistani?) poster who’s not packi-chan and has actually called out paki-chan because they’re rich and not aware of the struggles of those without the ability to secure a better position using money.

No. 1365258

WTF is dark triad ? I thought it was some incel/alpha male shit

No. 1365259

It is but used as a joke.

No. 1365262

File: 1665007210782.jpg (64.5 KB, 800x600, 213abf2c987ab6a7bbb45ced8fca8f…)

This might be bait but I will claim I am autistic.
Sometimes I just watch and ask leading questions to de-rail an anti or pro fujo sperg as I am on neither side.
It's hilarious imo
It is but also kind of correct.

No. 1365268

>middle east
you know this is really telling. let me guess that you also think Spain is in mexico or that Cambodia is next to China

No. 1365272

File: 1665007505359.jpg (174.29 KB, 1080x1080, 1659593570806.jpg)

This is hawt nonnie
Bringing this back to reddit I remember years ago looking up "femporn"/yumejoshi/fujoshi subreddits and then just being filled with pickmes and literal men/trannies posting male-gazey coomer crap.

No. 1365282

>t. Person who said medieval europe is better for women than modern day Pakistan because it was the west.
It’s near India, but I was implying you act like it’s the middle east, thiugh maybe hard to tell since esl, as you do the same thing you claim westerners do co-opting others oppression for your own kek. Same way you used that ‘asian hemisphere’ or whatever phrase you used to describe a slew of countries.

No. 1365318

That's basic evolutionary biology. Male animals (or the genes they carry) have no concept of evil, rape and infanticide are simply their reproductive strategies. I remember reading in some peer review a remark that mentioned men having separate regions in the brain dedicated entirely to processing sexual coercion. They're no more evil than nature is. You also do not need to consider men evil to pursue your own self preservation. If you extend this reasoning further, nothing is actually good or evil because it's all done in self interest.

But something tells me that your moral agnosticism doesn't cover all human behavior.

No. 1365320

Damn nonna, you, you destroyed her completely.

No. 1365323

I simply do not understand what you're even fighting everyone about. Yes, various conditions (in this case, Western enlightenment values and a generally more individualistic, guilt-based culture) did affect the way western men and women turned out. This is really basic shit. No, it doesn't mean that the underlying hardware running that cultural programming is different.

No. 1365343

>desperate shilling and memeing of immaterial concepts like "father figure" or "happiness", "wall", "empty egg carton" isn't coincidental.
It's easy to carrot dangle the bare minimum of what should be expected in a relationship if you convince women without men they're basically useless, while also trying to seem as disinterested in women as possible (constant body shaming, distancing as a dating tactic,negging, etc). Why do straight women even bother trying anymore since straight men will never be happy and will just treat you like shit anyway?

No. 1365353

Do you think men actually believe women need them or is it all wishful thinking and projection? Surely they are "logical" enough to understand that their rejection rates directly translate with women's lack of a need for men?

No. 1365358

>You need to have the body of a porn star, face of a doll, agree with us on everything, cook, clean, make lots of money and be educated and accept us for who we are before you can even THINK about being anything more than a one night stand to ME
>And the list is even longer if you expect us to be faithful to you during the relationship
>It's not that hard though just don't eat like a cow and do normal adult responsibilities! Doesn't apply for men though or else you're oppressing them
>Don't expect us to be interested either
>Don't age or we'll dump you and mock you for crying and asking where all the good men are
>This is all your fault for choosing bad men
>Life on easy mode though. Stop blaming men for everything like cheating on their wife!!!

No. 1365366

dont forget

>I don't want a relationship, I don't want labels or the responsibility that comes with it >but I want you to do emotional labor every time I talk at you, and to perform sexually for me without boundaries. If you refuse to have sex without a relationship I will gaslight you into believing you're the crazy and selfish one here

No. 1365369


On a video about a man supposedly being drugged by women
Why the fuck do they like making up hypothetical scenarios where men are oppressed? I haven't seen a single comment saying any of the things they claim people say. They also made up about cardi b raping men but false rape accusations only count if they're against men right? Maybe they should take their own advice and work on the problem instead of making it about gender and making shit up

No. 1365370

File: 1665014448593.png (140.7 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_20221005-185656.png)

No. 1365371

File: 1665014482671.png (302.27 KB, 540x408, 25D21F25-35CA-4DFE-A5F0-6003B7…)

I’m sorry for reading the earlier posts

No. 1365373

because it actually happens to women. are they this fucking dense

No. 1365374

>willing to do any porn acts
>always willing to support their retarded ideas and support them through it
>not allowed to own sex toys unless it benefits him
>he may want kids, will abandon them
>always be interesting like a pixie dream girl while they contribute nothing personality wise other than degeneracy

No. 1365375

No, they are not "logical" and they cannot permit themselves to accept this reality. The "you need us" is what they tell themselves to ward it off. Males in general have an incredible talent for self deception and delusion enforcement, as if they hate the real world itself. Most male spaces are echo chambers designed to create the most palatable interpretation of their failures. When reality becomes too obvious and cumswap affirmations with other losers are no longer enough, they typically engage in some variety of violent chimpout.

There are men who accepted it. They're suicidal and/or budding mass shooter blackpill incels. This outcome is consistent with their purpose - it really makes no sense for a man to continue living if he knows he can't reproduce or otherwise maintain proximity to women.

You will never, ever witness a man drawing logical conclusions from his rejection rates. This is one of those cognitive "walls" that don't come down until they're as good as dead. And the more they get rejected, the more they tell themselves they're actually spectacular kings and it's the women who are wrong - either due to Jews or whatever the male in question chooses to externalize his faults. Remember - men have not evolved to doubt themselves due to their expendability.

No. 1365380

>People don't laugh at women getting date raped
>There aren't actual memes about it

Least delusional redditor

No. 1365393

And blamed for it. "Should've realized that a free drink came with a price" or the famous "you probably cheated and just cried rape to cover up"

No. 1365414

File: 1665018437033.jpg (20.56 KB, 520x328, 1657681792245.jpg)

I try not to think too much about men in general but holy shit, I notice this too much and it is so creepy. You can tell there's all kinds of things he could just explain away, including victimizing someone. The only times I knew of a guy that seemed ok, they weren't the type to bleat out some weaponized one-liner to explain away complicated subjects and seemed capable of complex thought and challenging their preconceptions. So much of the rest come up with the most optimal strategy to defend/grow their chimp-egos then it spirals out of control when they get other men in on it in attempt to alter the fabric of reality itself.

it's what creeps me out about the recent men of men trying to frame themselves as victims over dumb shit. You can 100% imagine many of them will use it to justify being evil.

No. 1365436

A man's reaction to hearing a woman's perspective is to take on her trauma as his own and troon out. Us straight women have been begging to be loved and heard and appreciated but the best the left can do is either subjugate us under the pretense of sexual liberation or steal our identities entirely. Men hate women, I've been hated by strange men my whole life and for nothing. For merely existing.

No. 1365443

Imagination=reality is definitely one of the most terrifying aspects of maleness. Women think they can reason with them, but it couldn't be more false. Men fucking hate the real world the moment they exit the womb and then dedicate the rest of their lives to fighting it. Whatever a man wants to make up about you to justify some variety of selfish pursuit will immediately become a "fact" to him, and he'll genuinely believe every bit of it. There's some incredibly blackpilling research on how "civilized" men grow more accepting of rape myths during sexual arousal - this can be extended to virtually everything they do. Pedos and rapists employ various post hoc rationalizations of their actions, which is generally what a rape myth is - male rationalization, ego defense and externalization of fault. To a male, there's no "good" or "bad", there's only "can I get away with it" or "do I really want it". Reality is secondary.

I remember some average thread on Reddit with a woman complaining about being cheated on after finding definite proof, and an oddly self aware moid replying something along the lines of:

>Whatever you do, do not confront him. It doesn't matter that you caught him red handed or that you have evidence. When you tell a man he's wrong, all of our defense mechanisms go into overdrive. He will get angry and possibly violent. Explain nothing, just ghost him.

Honestly blew me away a bit. Based moid speaking facts.

No. 1365445

It honestly makes me so mad just how moids are pandered to for nearly everything. Being a fujoshi in my teens was a very frustrating experience. Sensitive, pretty boys don't exist irl and men don't care enough to even pretend. At least half of all yaoi was made by scrotes and it reflects their objectifying, banal sexualities. Hyper dicked muscle bara with 0 love or emotion implied whatsoever.

Women jump through hoops to be desired by crusty redditors who would honestly be just as happy sticking their dick between their couch cushions and watching two flesh colored orbs bounce around on a screen.
Where are the men who are motivated to please me? They don't exist cos they're too stupid to even understand what I want and they're too selfish to care even if they did understand.

I am literally oppressed.

No. 1365446

Trooning is the peak expression of men being unable to face who they are. There's a reason why it happens in spaces most exposed to feminist narratives.

When confronted with too much proof repeatedly, a man will literally chop his dick off and identify as not male before he allows himself to even briefly perceive the vulgarities of his nature. Then he will continue practicing them in their most flagrant form, thinking he's no longer doing those things because he's a man. It may work, briefly.

Similarly, male-abused male children do not grow to hate men, they either grow to hate women or become pseudohomosexual. Crushing waves of post-nut shame that immediately need to be mitigated with some sort of externalizing anger or distraction is probably one of the most mundane examples of men harboring innate sexual shame and self loathing. It's simply everywhere.

No. 1365449

The most infuriating thing to me about them is not just that they are a burden, it's that they'll never truly understand all the ways in which they're a burden.
I can only assume their neurosis over women is subconsciously driven. Because it obviously doesn't come from them actually realizing their genetic futility and planning to mitigate it accordingly. They are just animals acting out their instincts, and when confronted with the reality of their situation and what actually motivates them, they act like you're speaking another language (accusations of women being "confusing" and "irrational" and "stupid" ensue).
It's really like dealing with a narcissist. They are somewhat aware and ashamed of what they are but they lack the capacity to step back and look at themselves objectively. Or maybe it's like trying to explain to an animal how they're dumb for not being able to communicate with words. It's a paradox. Retards are to retarded to understand that they're retarded.

No. 1365450

I want men to be men. Men that never abused me are not the problem, I just want men in general to care about the women in their lives at least. At least in more socially conservative times porn was just nudes of women and men didn't have a billion sexual fetishes distracting them from a relationship. Men are angry at us for what they've done to us and themselves.

No. 1365457

If men didn't see themselves as reprobates there would be no stigma against women who engage with them. Men know that everytime women are exposed to them they are tainted. A man is dirty and women are dirtied by men. Somehow in moid logic this situation is more shameful for women, instead of a blatant admission of how terrible men are. They are self loathing but somehow can't ever admit it. It's always our fault.

No. 1365459

You sound like you post on r/loveafterporn.
You can't bargain with them or appeal to their empathy. Men only know punishments and rewards, they're transactional like dogs.
Just pray you landed a unicorn nigel who actually cares about you before you had to plead your case.

You'll never convince any man to develop emotions that aren't there in the first place. You can't persuade or appeal to something that doesn't exist.

No. 1365467

The fact that these thoughts and behaviors are executed with such uniformity suggests a subconscious origin, if anything. Humans cannot coordinate like this on any sort of "plan".

No. 1365471

>Men that never abused me are not the problem, I just want men in general to care about the women in their lives at least
The bar is so low it's actually embarrassing.

No. 1365473

By the way, your remark about narcissists is spot on because most narcissists are male, and some presence of subclinical narcissistic traits is considered the male psychological "norm". A bear isn't a psychopath because he will try to kill you - it's just what he is. Same concept.

Because a "disorder" is simply defined as "abnormal behavior", they technically don't have NPD, and yet they all do. Additionally, the very concept of masculinity meets the definition of false self almost entirely.

No. 1365480

What are some subclinical traits can you elaborate on? Sorry I just like reading your thoughts nonnie.

No. 1365488

The problem is I like men. There are so many men I find funny or want to talk to but I can't because I'll never get normal treatment. There's always some seething resentment or hostility in interacting with them as a woman and I want to know why.

No. 1365492

You can read some of the manifestos posted on this thread for some insights

No. 1365494

underrated post, especially first paragraph. Never really realized it but you're right. Males fought so hard to keep us out of work and other life pursuits expressly so that they could artificially generate demand for themselves as the only way to access those resources. That is so psychotic, and you're right, must stem from a subconscious awareness that they are expendable and more of a liability than anything.

No. 1365497

yeah, that's the rub. We see them as humans but they are incapable of seeing us the same way. It's a universal trait of moidkind, in every culture and every time period. It is the way they are, and it's unfortunate, but not fixable. The problem is, the temptation to try to fix them is so incredibly strong. But we have to stop repeating the same useless mistakes of all of our ancestors. It has never worked, and it won't work now. We need to stop wasting our lives on the futile project of man-changing. It's the single biggest issue of all time, if you ask me.

No. 1365502

Posting anonymously is really the only way to be a woman online. Dumbest thing I ever did was let strange men know I was a woman on the internet. Not to mention how many men find me funnier, more interesting, and knowledgeable when I post as a man or anon.

No. 1365504

File: 1665025248615.jpeg (34.15 KB, 422x423, e2.jpeg)

You know you are allowed to hate men without being pseudo-intellectual retards, right, like there's no obligation to spout bullcrap and talk about it as fact, cause everywhere there are various morons who are making stuff up and then righting manifestos with various quarter truths in it but it is still stupid,
cause people are complex, they products of the culture they are brought up in, like I hate my mother and I cannot forgive her for all that she done to me, beat me, emotionally abused me, tried to marry me off at 15 and was only saved by my paternal family but I understand she is what she is cause of how she was brought up
>But we have to stop repeating the same useless mistakes of all of our ancestors. It has never worked,
what ancestors, like what power did your illiterate peasant farmer ancestors over to change society, and I'm sure just like my illiterate peasant farmer ancestors they would want you beaten for being a kafir or a heathen(stop derailing, pakichan)

No. 1365507

>it's what creeps me out about the recent men of men trying to frame themselves as victims over dumb shit.
Preach. They don't just use it to avoid their own responsibilities but it's so fucking hard to get them to open their eyes to their own bullshit. In the previous posts men who cheated literally couldn't understand how it was anyone else's fault other than the woman's, somehow they're convinced everyone thinks "ITS ALWAYS THE MANS FAULT" even when the entire world is jumping through hoops to avoid blaming them for literally anything. They don't care how much they contradict themselves or straight up lie since pickmes and other men playing victim will support it, even if you wrote the most logical sentence in the world, if it goes against their narrative then you're the bad guy

No. 1365512

for interested nonnies, there is a detrans discussion thread in /ot/

No. 1365515

sorry i used too many big words for you and sorry you refuse to see the expanse of women's history as any cohesive plight, instead electing to imagine it as just "random people who are products of their own personal circumstances", which coincidentally also negates any other type of societal analysis you could imagine. i know it's scary to consider and so you're having a strong knee-jerk reaction but I hope you get better soon

No. 1365518

File: 1665025875883.jpg (174.78 KB, 1015x866, swtbwZs15CUlJ.jpg)

you are lecturing me about not understanding history, you who didn't realize Pakistan was not in the middle east or that their are Hazaras in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but I'm sure you are more aware of my countries society and civilization then I do, cause I'm simply an undelighted savage who has not the glory of reading theories of western women studies professors from the late 20th century
what country ?

No. 1365521

>you who didn't realize Pakistan was not in the middle east or that their are Hazaras in Pakistan and Afghanistan
I….. what? Huh? pakichan i am concerned, do you smell burnt toast by any chance…?

No. 1365523

cool, I come from a minor ruling clan, my grandmother's people once ruled the whole of north west Indian subcontinent
you did now know that Pakistan was not located in the middle east

No. 1365524

literally what are you talking about, i said nothing about pakistan at all. this is my first interaction with you and I did not realize you were also schizo. my bad, but everything makes more sense now.

No. 1365525

maybe it was another anon then but still I think you are likely an fat ignorant American who applies their retarded ideology and worldview to the rest of the world

No. 1365526

Nobody cares pakianon please stfu

No. 1365527

Is pakichan okay.

No. 1365534

it's ok pakichan. I'm backing away slowly. thanks for sperging about pakistan and saving me the trouble of accidentally thinking you were a normal anon and engaging you in a drawn-out conversation.

No. 1365536

File: 1665026753220.jpeg (342.19 KB, 1086x904, 1639066242311.jpeg)

I think we all got on the wrong foot here, I have stated multiple times that there is misogyny in the west and it has to be worked on, I just believe for women in the west(and other parts of the world) the made up "takes" of a bunch very very very stupid morons well sniffing their own farts is not the best solution for any woman on this planet, I assure you the writings of the great fatass whom you worship has not helped single human being on the planet other then make rather stupid, like you can hate men(I hate men throughout the day as well) but don't be pseudo-intellectual retard about it

No. 1365540

what are you talking about, i'm speaking normally

No. 1365541

ntayrt but i see this in every single debate i see men use to defend male promiscuity, ive seen them use it in many other things as well, but its mainly that. Their "women are tanking society with all of their evil whoredoms and men are innocent" argument couldnt live without it. "well who is sleeping with them?"-"well uhm…men but only the chads and its different when men do it anyways!!1!"-"how is it different?"-"because any woman can sleep around, all men are willing to fuck anytime, it takes skill for a man to sleep around!"-"So most men would act even worse than these 'evil whores' without a second thought if given the opportunity?"-"Absolutely, but they cant, so men are still innocent uwu's".
We're so used to seeing this argument, we dont even realize how terminally retarded it is until you apply this logic to any other form of sexual degeneracy. "Yeah i want to fuck children. i would fuck as many children as i possibly could if i had the chance. the second i get an opportunity to bang a toddler im going in. BUT. I havent been able to yet. Therefore i deserve the same moral highground as someone who doesnt fuck kids and doesnt fantasize about it at all!! because i havent actually done it!!!see????"

No. 1365546

English is my third language and I'm not always aware of online lingo or expressions, some fuck me for not being a dumbass

No. 1365547

>we all got on the wrong foot here
pakichan i hate to break it to you but it was 100% you. You are a genuine sperg with anger issues and no problem making baseless assumptions about people who have only typed three sentences to you in order to a-log them like a psychopath. No one is going to engage with you seriously anymore.

No. 1365551

File: 1665027863392.png (384.49 KB, 828x1792, 8ADC7D99-4CE9-4828-BABD-5599BA…)


No. 1365553

the argument doesn't make sense because they don't actually see sex in itself as evil. most of the things they project onto us and go on to complain about aren't considered inherently evil by men - look at how often they tell each other to go to the gym, even as they decry the vapid hoores for being shallow or vain if we bother to put on eyeliner or whatever. sex isn't inherently wrong to them; it's wrong because women are the ones having it.
case in point:
>ugly woman? ewie! bad!
>pretty woman? ALSO BAD!

No. 1365554

File: 1665028007239.png (353.47 KB, 828x1792, 16FB8F8E-CD11-4BEB-8905-C6A892…)

ft. the top comment. i literally couldn’t scroll down further.

No. 1365555

Mens number one struggle is no one wanting to fuck them. Why should women take men seriously?

No. 1365557

Oh boy where do we even start? Almost every sentence is a blantant lie. Anyone care to unpack this word vomit?

No. 1365558

And if men didn't find a lot of women attractive they'd scream about how it's cause American women are fat and old or something

No. 1365559

>women don't care about men they don't want to fuck
nuclear levels of projection happening here. It's crazy how incapable of introspection moids are. The entire concept of "friendzone" that they moan about endlessly is due to the fact women do care about guys they aren't attracted to. But apparently that's evil too? Hm, seems like there's no way to not fuck them without being either a friendzoning bitch or a inconsiderate whore.

No. 1365561

maybe if men didn’t forcibly marry and rape women and girls throughout history the male gene pool would be stronger and unattractive men would be bred out

No. 1365563

>Paki you have wished death on me, many times, on many separate occasions lol
when I have ever done that, I never wish that on anyone

No. 1365564

>almost all men are unattractive
>unattractive men get no women
>a third of these guys have abusive ex wives anyway
even setting aside the fact that he's pulling these numbers from out of his ass, this makes no sense whatsoever

No. 1365569

File: 1665029060888.jpg (79.3 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-474291176-612x612.…)

has it ever occurred to them most men are uglier and fatter then previous generations, seriously you can see it IRL in my country, my country's inbred mountain peasants look better then 99% of the urban population, cause the males in the urban population are pudgy, can't grow full beards, wear polo shirts and have shit diets that make them smell awful, I'm sure to am extent it also happens in the west, men genuinely are uglier today then previous generation, it is an objective fact

No. 1365572

Why do men think it's a moral issue that women don't find them attractive? Hell even girls in this thread are begging just for a man who doesn't abuse them and is nice to his family. I can only assume this man has an unwashed ass has worn the same ugly fit since highschool on top of having a grating personality.

No. 1365580

Depp looks like a meth head good lord. If they think he's hot imagine how ghastly these basement ghouls are.

No. 1365584

these are troons, aren't they? both little reddit men are dressed like women

No. 1365585

File: 1665030326079.jpg (23.25 KB, 460x450, 67cd1d2ac8151601fc67a2d9a162ff…)

The average guy isn't even attractive. Idk why this surprises them when

1. Most of our evolutionary history most men didn't breed. We're reverse evolving for the sake of every man getting a large chance to breed yet they still complain.

2. Men aren't fit as they should be and waste their genetics.
Varying degrees of muscle definition is very attractive and most men are fat to skinny fat. It's like if most women decided to remove their breasts and hair, that's the level of sexually dimorphic trait loss we have to enjoy when we look at men nowadays.

3. We still give everything to ugly ass scrotes hoping they don't hate us, resent us after marriage/kids, hope they don't cheat and hope they won't be absolute shit fathers and husband's but most are mediocre and forget your birthday and call spending time with their kids "babysitting". Most women would overlook an ugly ass ogre as long as he was romantic, pleasant, and driven in his family life and personal relationship with you.

No. 1365593

If I hear one more man use mommy issues to justify abusing another innocent woman I'm gonna punch a hole in the wall. Had a bad mom? Boohoo I had a shitty father and I still treat men with at least some level of respect not to chimp out on them for no reason (not using the racist conotation here but men literally acting like apes and raging at you like a fucking animal). I don't owe you shit and your wine mom who went out for a few smokes or put you in front of the tv for a little longer than she should've has nothing on fathers who beat their kids and abandon them. Fuck you.

No. 1365603

File: 1665032763529.png (333.19 KB, 1080x756, Screenshot_20221005-215842.png)

Plus the "abusive men are victims of abusive parents" thing is just a straight up lie

No. 1365605

Ah yes, the fabled man logic:

>When I want hot fertile bitches it's my biological imperative

>Muh men are polygamous it's nature deal with it
>When women pick only the best donors among the expendable sex that only exists to be a pool of genes to select from in the first place, that's evil and wrong
>No, I haven't thought about being the son of a woman who pity fucked an ugly reddit incel retard and sentenced me to being the bald subhuman manlet I am, only MY INTERESTS MATTER!

Another case of "it's bad when you do it because you actually get to pick, while I get to window shop because no one cares about what I want anyway". Also happens to show that men's interests inherently contradict the interests of children kek

No. 1365606

File: 1665032987580.png (402.52 KB, 1080x913, Screenshot_20221005-220914.png)

Samefagging for another screenshot

No. 1365607

The comment is turbo delusional. Almost every woman who had a brother had a front row seat to watch how males are prioritized from birth. Parents pull out all the stops for their sons. My high school BF and I both needed free after school tutoring that our moms couldn't be bothered with, my brother got private music lessons, her brother went to a whole private school. And that was in a liberal part of the US. The sad thing is how we didn't even realize how fucked it was at the time. If women envy anything, it's just banal everyday shit, like getting to be a "kid" until at least high school, or not having to clean up your brother's messes. Or the way some parents won't let their daughters drive until they turn 18 and leave the house, but the scrotum child gets his own car at 16.

No. 1365611

Same anon, I have an older brother who is coddled to this day even though he's an alcoholic and throws tantrums where he breaks everyone's stuff (but conveniently not his) yet my whole family excuses his shit. He's 35. My sister and I are so sick of it.

No. 1365614

Reminds me of this article with boymom hags graciously acknowledging that they're burdening their daughters more than their sons, then defending doing that anyway:


No. 1365621

the poor excuses for being shit to the daughters and letting their sons do nothing…
>they'll do it properly unlike their feckless brother
why the fuck don't you parent the little asshole? unbelievable that this is the excuse to work the girls like unpaid servants while letting your useless son fuck around on the xbox. unironically this is why women being kind of messy and slovenly and not subscribing to the ideal of being unwarranted maids is based honestly. fuck this.

No. 1365628

unfortunately plenty of pick-mes proudly post there

No. 1365630

the language they're using is so deep down the redpill/retard/mra rabbithole shit that it's frightening. i don't want to believe pickmes are this adept at working with their retard terminology and thought patterns. this is so sad and pathetic if they're not troons. imagine shitting on women in general on reddit because you wanna get picked by literally the worst lardasses that badly.

No. 1365651

File: 1665036401752.jpg (236.93 KB, 547x1195, 1664332163781.jpg)

I came here to laugh at redditors, not read history or listen to discussions of the merits of second wave feminism. /2X/ is still open and you are allowed discuss politics there(you say this as you've derailed the thread, pakichan)

No. 1365655

this isn't even a good or funny cap

No. 1365661

/2x/ is dead and it's frustrating not being able to express man hate among a more popular crowd so it leads out constantly here. This problem would be solved if we brought the man hate thread back

No. 1365665

File: 1665037851622.jpg (48.29 KB, 600x337, 2304982350.jpg)

>The Scythians didn't rape women
holy shit, are you the biggest brown pick-me on the planet or what?

No. 1365672

be the change you want to see, anytime you wanna sperg about rad fem theory, just say your talking it to /2X/ and likely minded nonnas will follow you

No. 1365682

So many words when all you could've replied was "yes"

No. 1365689

How does one start pushing reddit moids into offing themselves? Asking for science.

No. 1365693

Tell them their weird conspiracies about how the world hates men/worships women are true and they should off themselves now or else they'll get divorce raped while getting falsely accused of rape as other women rape them and get away with it

No. 1365694

This has been tried and failed plus it's a hidden board. I don't see why we can't just bring back pinkpill threads

No. 1365695

has is though ? just say your gonna continue the discussion back on /2X/ and that will be that, though I do agree that /2X/ should stop being hidden at this point

No. 1365697

shit girls you guys be wilin

No. 1365699

>It attracts the nastiest of scrotes to shit up those threads
I remember that, that was the biggest issue with the man-hate thread, in fact they'd be the one's most targeted by trolls and raiders

No. 1365702

File: 1665042947526.jpg (272.61 KB, 1280x1068, 1648229191757.jpg)

No. 1365703

does anybody have the one where they named their account "Ifollowmen" and followed mtfs or something like that kek

No. 1365735

Why don’t you just go straight to Reddit then? Since every other post on there is fucking cringe, and then you can post non pink pill related things. >>1365672
Be the change you want to see!!!!!!!!! Retard.

No. 1365757

File: 1665047494740.png (341.49 KB, 1080x1004, menfollowerkek.png)

No. 1365765

No. 1365769

they always do this when the killer is white and male (as long as he doesn't spout open racism/trump stuff)
I still remember when redditors wigged out because of Ellen Pao. Anyone else?

No. 1365779

Man that person is so paranoid but I don't even feel bad for them. They deserve to live in misery and fear they clearly love it

No. 1365811

What a terrible act of violence against the twans community.

No. 1365866

nah, it's the only hidden board worth anything and it would be really annoying if troids/moids saw it on the directory. for now tho they're dumb enough to leave it alone

No. 1365887

This, my brother was the golden child that got to bend the rules, never had anything expected from him and relentlessly bullied me while I got punished for standing up for myself against him. Fuck men and fuck parents for favoring male children over girls, so many of my friends have had their brothers grow into absolute slackers because parents coddle them well into their adulthood while daughters are expected to become substitute mommies at 13 the latest.

>That's partly because they, my capable girls, unlike their feckless brother, will do things properly.
Good fucking god, imagine admitting to not raising your sons up to your standards and only disciplining your daughters. These parents better not complain when 15 years later their daughter never comes to visit and their son is still living at home playing video games and ranting about women living on easy mode on leddit.

No. 1365888

KEK, nta but I need to try this

No. 1365914

powerlevel sperg
My mom favoured my older brother. Sure, she kicked him out, BUT that was to scare him silly and have him rushing back into her arms. When he didn't take the bait, she would spend hours and DAYS calling up her sister (who he went to live with) and straight up accused her of kidnapping him kek She couldn't fathom why her son didn't want to come back. Despite being kicked out (which, again, was to scare him) he was always the favourite. I was sick? no medicine half the time and you are going to school. He was sick? She'd take days off work and give him everything he wanted. I had a bad day at school? Fuck you, you ruined my night, no dinner. He had a bad day? She takes the night off work to spend time with him.

The ultimate pickmes. We get it, your husband sucks and you are so desperate for male attention you'll latch onto your son. I can't recall if I read it here or another site. But basically, back in the day, boy mom's latched onto their sons so hard because the husbands died a lot sooner and because it was a man's world, they needed their son to basically 'take over' for them. Men would be less likely to fuck them over if another man was present.
Another angle is that their husbands are often emotionally unavailable so moms will commit emotional incest on their sons. which is probably the more modern take on boy moms. idk I'm open to hearing more opinions.

>my friends have had their brothers grow into absolute slackers because parents coddle them well into their adulthood
So true. Reminds me of historical figures, be they minor or large. One I know of was mommy's favourite and he begged her to get him a commission in the army. He gets it and wants to quit a year or so later. Mom gives him the highest allowance despite having no family to take care of while his sister and brother do have families and get significantly less. Went to Eton as a kid but dropped out when he got sick and never had to go back and finish because he probably didn't want to so he didn't have to. Spends his days playing polo and fox hunting. Basically has endless cash and no ambition because he never had to succeed as a kid. This was 100+ years ago and it happens all the same. Replace Polo with Xbox. Fox hunting with channel surfing.

No. 1366033

Okay pinkpillchan, is this why straight men fetishize lesbians so much? They see them as the ultimate pure virgin Madonna (in their minds relationships with women don't count) untouched by man and if they can find a way to conquer her and overcome her dastardly homosexuality, then she will be his, and only his because he won't be competing with other males, just other women (which don't count)

No. 1366060

NTA but it's pretty clear they do, that's why the incel to transbian pipeline exists. They fail at attracting a virginal madonna straight girl because they're repulsive to any self-respecting woman, so as they've been conditioned into believing that lesbians only exist for male consumption they choose to take the easy way out and force themselves in a dating pool full of women who have never been touched by another man or desire to be touched. Note how they never demand bisexual women to give them the time of their day but only talk about lesbians and muh cotton ceiling.

No. 1366167

Did they fall for the "Men age like wine" cope or something? Like boo hoo, bitches. A lot of men are fat, unkempt and old. If the pool is narrowed down to male Redditors, things can only get worse. Of course most women don't find that attractive. Why would they? How can these men be so delusional?

No. 1366175

File: 1665079367559.jpg (69.3 KB, 720x720, 7115267a6f54963491c8b893ae2fd1…)

On a askreddit question directed at women on why they don't buy a man flowers and plan the date and make the first move etc

"Because the bar for men is already on the ground and I'm not gonna get a shovel on their behalf."

Cue 100 effimate and insecure men outraged, plus their handmaidens which were worse because they were sperging about how SHEs eaten out man ass and served him tea afterwards and I'll never be lucky like her

No. 1366188

Instead of asking why women don't show men appreciation they should have just held men accountable for doing things such as humiliate women for doing such and treating women that love them like shit. I use to be a pickme that did this but men got off so much on rejection and the better you treat them the worse they'll treat you now I didn't even bother.

No. 1366209

Yes. It's the ultimate carrot on the ultimate stick. Male psychology does not permit them to not obsess over female rejection and unavailability. Not only do they reject men, they also CHOOSE WOMEN over them. There's literally nothing that fires up a male's innate inferiority complex more than this. It's many tiers above straight women who reject men - at least with them a man can seek perverse solace in the fact that they "probably suck dick anyway, heh". Men will never leave lesbians alone, a lesbian is the absolute peak "cold rejecting mommy" that lives in their heads. Unsurprisingly, most of male narratives about lesbians revolve around some sort of desperate self soothing affirmation/reassurance about how they surely are secretly into men.


When a woman's offspring is a male, her genetic interests instantly lie with males, even if she has female offspring. Most conceptions are male, but births are relatively equal due to high rate of malformations in male embryos (they self abort at high rates). Males are more damaging and expensive to gestate. Male babies are more needy, emotional and angry. It's an ultimate sunk cost. Mothers also instinctively understand that in order for her son to win, women must lose - even the most feminist mother in the world will shriek about the epidemic of false rape accusations the moment her semen demon assaults someone at school. Ironically, mothers and grandmothers of boys live shorter lives because they too become worthless and expendable in the eyes of natural selection.

If that didn't sound bad enough, boymom brains are literally colonized with male DNA containing cells. It's uncertain whether the presence of that DNA alters their behavior, but cellular level "warfare" isn't unheard of - the father's fetal DNA "fights" the mother for more resources during pregnancy, for example.

Fun fact: when the male fetus is about to be aborted (spontaneously or surgically), it immediately releases colossal quantities of male DNA into the woman's bloodstream, as a last ditch effort of sorts. Because most of them are aborted spontaneously due to fatal deformity, a question arises about the presence of genetically diseased male DNA in parous women.

No. 1366211

nta and ntoa, also
>they never demand bisexual women to give them the time of their day but only talk about lesbians and muh cotton ceiling
a lot of transbians actually talk shit about openly bisexual women for this reason, having the capability of being attracted to men already puts them in the "whore" category. they also often talk about how when they date openly bi women they're afraid that she might be attracted to their biological maleness rather than their womansonas

No. 1366238

>the father's fetal DNA "fights" the mother for more resources during pregnancy, for example
I learned about this in an epigenetics class. Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome is what happens when there is a defect in the imprinting of the mother’s DNA that makes it unable to cancel out the effect of the father’s DNA adequately. It is characterised by excessive growth of the fetus and an especially difficult pregnancy. Male DNA evolved to exploit women on a molecular level.

No. 1366239

File: 1665082826784.jpg (181.31 KB, 1334x750, tumblr_6d1d42f0684b23e7dd9afa0…)

Nayrt I researched and found that it helps fight against Alzheimer's so they are least do something useful, but they literally inject you with their DNA to have some form of living on. It's better than a man cooming and getting you pregnant when you can't abort before leaving I guess. Even women with no pregnancies/sisters can have it because brother passed it to mom, then mom passed it on to daughter. Sticking yourself in something and infecting it is so typically male.

No. 1366245

Male fetal DNA can supposedly repair heart muscle too, but it's also implicated in autoimmune diseases. I do hope there's more research on this in the future, particularly the negative impact of males on female longevity. In many species, males directly reduce female lifespan:


Speaking of, there's a lot of resistance to any research that may suggest a negative impact of pregnancy and males. When findings like this are published, the press coverage (on top of pure damage control from researchers themselves, who immediately proceeded to inject a "positive angle" in the paper itself) is nothing but hilarious.

No. 1366257

This motherfucker is too close for comfort

I hate how they always say they are going to get downvoted when they know they're preaching to the pervert choir and going to be awarded karma for this shit, it shows they're aware it's not normal but want to be validated by other redditors

No. 1366259

Pinkpilled-chan, with the evidence that male foetus DNA goes in our bodies, are we essentially admitting we are part male and thus giving the lowly scrotes some leverage?

Since len are beyond helping, what can we do to solve the male problem, considering we can't really purge them the easy way (murder) without them retaliating. If we push them to suicide they will inevitably take it on their peers instead of doing us a favor and pull the trigger. I'd advocate for eugenics if we had the access and means to do so as to eradicate these parasites. So what can be done?

No. 1366285

>I'm probably going to get downvoted for this
Why do they care about downvotes so much? Shits not putting money in their pocket. It's not gonna go an a resume.

No. 1366287

Any parasite will perish when deprived of hosts. The ideal strategy is withdrawal. The suboptimal one is tard wrangling.

No. 1366303

Wasn't there a study saying that the male sex was literally born as a form of parasitism?
Ew, that means that because of my older brother, I have some parasite DNA running around in my body ruining shit. Fucking hell.

No. 1366320

god forbid we discuss common themes of misogyny in history

No. 1366326

Ah yes, just ignore the growing movement of women who are swearing off men and remaining celibate out of choice.

No. 1366328

I kinda feel bad. Maybe just get a booster shot

No. 1366330

This is something I think about a lot. Whenever incels are having another tard rage fit about women not dating them they can't answer the simple question of what they have to offer to a woman in a relationship. Instead they try to construct this grand scheme of the universal balance being disturbed just because women have been given the freedom to live lives independently of them, along the lines of "I need a wife so that I can feel better and not direct my anger via violent acts". Literally asking for a personal wrangler and holding the public safety as leverage.

Every now and then my country's newspapers write pieces about lonely men in the countryside missing wives because all the women in their dying bumfuck town move away to the cities in search of a better life and more chances for themselves. The conclusion is always the same, women should sacrifice their future to stay in the crab bucket with the coddled men who have no dreams or desires past being able to stick their dicks in a vagina for a minute every now and then. No talk about what a woman would get out of this obviously net negative deal. Men can't cope with becoming obsolete to women but still desperately needing them themselves so they're just throwing their weight around trying to turn back the clock by meddling with abortion rights and other laws protecting female autonomy because their defective chromosome is ultimately incapable of self reflection. Men would rather scorch the entire earth than leave women alone.

No. 1366336

A moid I knew once tried to answer the "what can you offer" question with "a good, deep dicking once in a while". They don't even try, nonas. They don't even try.

No. 1366338

It always defaults to "fuck me, or else". Note how no other social dynamic follows this logic. We don't tell racial minorities to become second class citizens to curb WN terrorism. That's negotiating with terrorists, an obviously worthless strategy.

With women though? "Lonely and unhappy men are more violent, wink wink. Just so you know, YOU should be fixing this because mental illness in males will end very badly for you, haha".

>Men would rather scorch the entire earth than leave women alone.

A parasite will rather kill the host and itself than not spread. Eventually there is zero difference between death and inceldom to a male, because they are not autonomous beings. If he can't breed, he might as well not exist. Anons here have correctly noticed that many significant advancement in women's rights typically results in outsourcing male parasitic urges elsewhere (porn, consooming, mail order brides, onlyfans, parasocial internet daddies, etc), but that will never be enough. Nothing can ever be enough to a pathogen, really, and they never had anything to offer to begin with - only artificial "benefits" that wouldn't be needed if men didn't exist in the first place. Unchecked proliferation of males, predictably, is bad and unsustainable for males themselves.

Male reproductive strategy used to be akin to protection racket and extortion, now it's shilling and rhetoric. When you can't take what you want by force, you convince your mark that getting fleeced is actually in their interest. The monumental rhetorical shift from "motherhood as penance and duty" to "motherhood as ultimate Experience™ and Fulfillment™" is a great example of this idea on action.

No. 1366340

>Every now and then my country's newspapers write pieces about lonely men in the countryside missing wives

This happened in my home country to. Life in the villages is just bleak. The moids then imported wives from even more impoverished countries, all the while whining about how the domestic women failed them etc. In the end most of the imported wives moved the hell out as soon as they could get financial stability. Why would you raise 12 kids milking goats? Only a man would enjoy that prospect as he's the one doing fuck all besides getting drunk (the women were the ones traditionally getting water and even laying foundations of homes down. The men were largely lazy and useless). I'm sure if they tried at all to make life cozy for them, fewer women would have left, but I'd rather be a wageslave with an apartment, warm water, and girlfriends than be alone with a man out there.

No. 1366344

>once in a while
Top kek was this part earnest or in jest?

No. 1366349


No. 1366430

paki chan you cannt fix varg

No. 1366451

Yo leave pakianon alone.

No. 1366459

No sorry, her level of pickme is really ridiculous sometimes.

No. 1366469

Yeah kek. The whole "Ree stop saying scrote are retarded using historical and academic sources, that's fart huffing! You think you're better than me?" then pivoting to "cool, I come from a minor ruling clan, my grandmother's people once ruled the whole of north west Indian subcontinent" as sort of some embarrassing flex is pretty obtuse. Not to mention the whole post reveal stuff of being anti-fujo, (c)-rap chan posting about black women in insulting ways and seething about dark-skinned heritage, and saying american women had their abortion rights taken, along with the caping for men and simping for varg. Lost empathy awhile ago.

No. 1366476

the obsession with white skin has also done awful things for human appearances around the globe thanks to selective breeding. we're basically doing the same thing to ourselves that we did to pugs.

No. 1366502

honesty I'd rather have my bf cheat on me than troon out. if a guy I was dating trooned out, I would unironically murder him. they can put me in jail, I don't care.

No. 1366504

I feel like it's less genetic and has to do more with the fact that the only way to be accepted into society is by worshiping and babying men and shitting on women

No. 1366516

>Male babies are more needy, emotional and angry.
Finally somebody else said it, I thought I was crazy. Toddler boys have this incredibly disingenuous, manipulative, screaming cry-whine that I absolutely cannot tolerate. I used to think I just hated kids, but I just can't tolerate screeching scrotelets.

No. 1366518

>Post about baby being born early, had to be resurrected twice and had multiple brain bleeds
>Go to users profile
>IVF baby
Of course. Why the fuck isn't IVF more legally regulated? How is it ethical to constantly pump out babies that are constantly in pain and miserable?

No. 1366520

>women over 30 are disgusting, they look like grandmas, i would never date one! i'll just trade them in for a new 18 year old! even when I'm 70 I'll still be dating a 20 year old!
>why should I be repulsed by someone of old age when I too shall one day be old?

No. 1366526

Not to mention, in spite of the aging shit being an insane standard that makes literally 0 sense unless they just want a fling, they, like snakes, pretend women are the ones with insane standards for how men should be. Women are less likely to not violently hate men in their natural forms and it's incredible to me that women still don't get credit over it.

No. 1366531

Not to mention that men universally age worse than women due to their refusal to eat a healthy diet, have a healthy sleep schedule, get regular exercise, use moisturizer and sun protection, and the Cain's mark on their accursed gender of male pattern baldness. Scrotes are now so trash that God is turning them bald in their 20s instead of their 60s.

Their own shit never stinks. A 30+ year old woman is "disgusting" but they expect women to throw away their 20s to date 50 year old porn addicts who will use abuse and toss them aside in a few years, and she's supposed to be grateful for the opportunity to sexually please a deathgrip malding pudge-pop. Just like how scrotes expect to roll out of bed and women to either find them attractive or else she's a "snobby bitch" but if a woman has a bit of underarm stubble or greasy hair it's the worst crime on earth and she's a disgusting slob.

Possibly in a bad mood, I had to watch a 50 year old scrote on the bus try to hit on a 20-something woman who clearly wanted nothing to do with him and he wouldn't leave her alone.

No. 1366542

I don't understand. What's the point of screaming your damn head off about evil women not dating you if you're just going to have a harem of 18 yr olds at 60 anyway? If they're so sure this is true then they can just wait or age themselves faster since women love old men so much right? Can't even get their own bullshit straight

No. 1366559

Not only that, since the 20 years old already had sex with the 60 years old man, she's already "used goods" and is "not worthy" of having a decent boyfriend or marrying at all because she's a slut or some shit.
Seriously, there's no winning, every stupid shit that scrotes say always has a contradiction that they also spout in the same breath.

No. 1366568

I feel like most of these contradicting beliefs were, once upon a time someone made a joke and then a whole bunch of people took it literally, agreed with it, and obsessed with it until it was dogmatic to the church of the terminally online scrote. now the scrotes initiate teeny-bopper scrotes into the church of toxic inceldom and the bad jokes have become someone's biblical truth. same way men took the joke of marriage being a "ball and chain" and now unironically believe wife bad because she won't allow them to wear the same dirty socks until they grow mushrooms between their toes.

men are so fucking dumb there is not even any solution except bashing their skulls in. Any moid expressing incel beliefs should be castrated on the spot.

No. 1366578

File: 1665116468518.jpeg (209.03 KB, 744x1007, file-01.jpeg)

I love it when some greedy, lazy scrote gets assblasted because women just won't tolerate his horseshit or his skinflint cheapness. Millennial women went through hell trying to naively create and uphold "50/50" while scrotes fucked up their lives in return.

No. 1366580

That's actually not true. Men plainly age faster because they're expendable. Yes, that's even if we count the fact that parity ages women. Faster onset of age related changes are evident even in male children. The magical, oddly specific number 30 is approximately when males begin to rapidly decompose.


Longevity research asserts that a longer living organism can't possibly age faster. What you're seeing is, you guessed it, epic levels of malding and projection as usual. The only way a creature with no self awareness by design knows how to cope.

The point is coping. Most women get married and have kids way past 30. It's "okay" for males to say this stuff because they don't really believe or follow it in any capacity, it's just to feel better about themselves through externalization of their own fear of mortality. Whereas your standards are always bad and evil because they're actually enforceable.

No. 1366581

^Also, I am convinced now that when scrotes say "codependent" or "manipulative" they are just butthurt that a woman had an expectation. AN EXPECTATION. That needy bitch.

No. 1366592

And then he's gonna whine on r/Tinder when you just choose an 8/10 Chad to do said "dicking".

Moids truly don't understand that if they don't add any value to your life, you might as well go for the hottest moid with the best genetics. Fugly reddit neckbeards out there thinking their "dicking" has any worth when even hot men struggle getting laid. They ceaselessly set themselves up for even more painful failure by narcissistically denying reality, then complain about their depression and suicide rates. Remarkable.

No. 1366593

What?? In a lot of media, from what i remember, the consensus seemed to always be the opposite. Im pretty sure in some cartoon they made the female bathrooms out to be well decorated and being picture perfect clean. Is this a bait post or was the person writing that living in a tranny swarmed city where this would make sense?

No. 1366598

>I got 20 other matches to choose from
>Sick of being ghosted

Amazing how a moid can delude himself about something he admits in the same post

No. 1366606

It’s both. Sons drain the life out of their mothers and male DNA causes autoimmune disorders in women.

No. 1366614

Yes. Usually how scrotes talk about women is one of the biggest indicators of who they are
>Women age so bad
Aka they stress tf out every woman in their life to premature aging and other health issues. Or they just expect women to look like teenagers until they're 80 yrs old
>They're so manipulative
Usually if women manipulate a man they're in a relationship with it's because asking for them to do the bare minimum isn't enough so you literally need to psychologically manipulate them in order to get a crumb of respect. I had to "manipulate" multiple ex boyfriends to stop cheating.
Usually just women expecting the bare minimum. I've seen multiple women get called clingy by their boyfriends when the boyfriends started treating them like side hoes and not actual girlfriends
>I have a lot of lays/lots of experience
Aka he's shit in bed/has a small dick/shitty person/a cheater and generally can't keep women interested so he has to fuck around since no one wants to be around him enough for a long term relationship
Other red flags are men who act like all women around them are sexual deviants who just beg for them, not only are they liars but if you dare show any sort of attention back at him then he'll probably tell every other woman he's talking to about how you totally begged for his cheese dick. Men who are ultra controlling and anti clubbing, those usually go hand and hand. If a man freaks out about you hanging out with friends at night and disguises it as "paranoia that you'll be raped" or something he 100% WILL victim blame you in the situation you get hurt and has probably already victim blamed other women as well as using it as an excuse to backfoot you into not going out and being his slave. Not to mention these men usually hate you getting attention from other men because then you'll realize your worth and that other men are willing to try lots harder for you and they just don't want to put in the effort or make you think there should be certain expectations from them and they'd prefer keeping you insecure and desperate. Guys who have a lot of female friends, they usually use them as potential lays if they're not already the community dick and they all aren't past lays already, this is especially true if all his hobbies and workplace is majority male.

No. 1366618

I feel like most women get married and have kids in general, in fact now that I think about it the only "lonely" women I've ever seen are usually actual grandma's who's husband died and kids are too busy with their own lives who are nearing towards deaths door anyway. The other ones are women who simply just choose to be alone and rather travel/write book or whatever but overall are happy. They seriously cannot fathom the idea that some women are just happy focusing on themselves and that families aren't for everyone. But nooo when a man is a single old artist with no kids he's a totally interesting artistic Chad that doesn't need hoes

No. 1366619

I think he's saying women have 20 other matches to choose from, it's much more, like hundreds for many women though. All I got from his post is he's ugly, I've never met a woman who expects gifts and dinners and shit, but every woman I've ever known prioritised attraction and love and such, so the only conclusion I can draw is he's ugly as shit and the only interest he gets is from people who want freebies

No. 1366626

File: 1665122628213.png (227.54 KB, 676x597, Screenshot (1205).png)

No. 1366627

No. 1366639

I’ve only ever seen women who demand gifts and dinners on tv and in books, usually ones written by men. Most real women don’t want to be seen as demanding and will go 50/50 on dates without complaint. I’ve met so many women who pride themselves on paying for everything and not expecting gifts and men who really make an effort are the exception, not the rule. A guy has to be exceptionally, insultingly cheap for multiple women to reject him on that basis. I’m trying to think of an example but I honestly can’t, like I know several married couples where the man proposed with a piece of candy or €1 toy instead of a ring and the women still tell this story years later like it’s cute and funny.

He also mentions romance and fun as these horrible unrealistic demands women make on him so I bet that, if not ugly (though he’s probably also ugly), he’s one of these guys who just texts “hey” a bunch of times and expects the woman to swoon in response.

No. 1366640

They can fathom the idea. They just really don't want it to be true.

Generally speaking, men want you to be everything they really are, and to be what you really are. They want to switch places, at the very least in terms of what they perceive as sexual power dynamics. They want to be choosers, not eternal beggars. The trauma of null sexual value coupled with needing the other sex to live is a core formative experience of male puberty. It's no coincidence that this is when they usually develop compensatory fantasies about not needing no hoes, or some variety of rapture mythology in which it's the wammins who will at one point be worthless undesirables begging for pity fucks (the wall, etc).

No. 1366643

>A parasite will rather kill the host and itself than not spread.
A description fitting most male behavior. A father would rather kill himself and his entire family than let the wife leave him and "take the kids" that he never emotionally cared about anyway, but will be driven to homicidal madness at the thought of them carrying someone else's name. I guess the parasitic tendencies are truly hardcoded in their DNA.

>"Lonely and unhappy men are more violent, wink wink. Just so you know, YOU should be fixing this because mental illness in males will end very badly for you, haha".

Which is why nobody gives a shit about lonely, unhappy women. They know these women will just poison their own lives and kill themselves if driven over the edge, problem taking care of itself. Recently in another thread there was an interesting discussion about mental illness only mattering if it causes direct physical harm to others, which is why male patients are much likely to be taken seriously than women. It's an open, mutually agreed secret in our society that men will be driven to violent chimpouts if all their needs haven't been met yet still they're considered the "rational sex" while women are painted as being weak-willed emotional disasters. Which, as most male finger pointing, is projection as we already know.

No. 1366651

The "I got dumped for not paying everything reee" is an excuse they come up with to make it easier to cope with being rejected for simply not being interesting or pleasant to be around. No woman dumps a man for not paying for her dinner unless he makes a huge dick scene about it, that's literal incel rhetoric. Most women ask for splitting the bill because they don't want the "gift" to be held against them later, I know I learned it the hard way when I accepted a moid buying me a $4 snack and he later threw a fucking tantrum about being used for it.

No. 1366663

I bet he's one of those awkward fucks who tries to drag women back to his apartment on the second date for a cheap "house date" aka manipulative sex, and they just block him immediately.

No. 1366665

I always find it so weird how men will cheerily pay or offer to pay for women's stuff, then guilt trip later about it. They could save everyone a lot of bother by simply not fake-offering in the first place.

No. 1366667

Because they do it purposefully. They have it planned in their heads, pay for a woman's meal or give her a gift she didn't even ask for and she's now indebted to rewarding you with sex and/or a relationship. Guilt tripping about it is just par for the course. They've internalized the incel rhetoric telling them that all women are vapid prostitutes operating on monetary gain.

No. 1366709

File: 1665133771297.png (985.88 KB, 655x4320, DEATH_to_all_of_them.png)

I know I shouldn't be surprised to find scrotal retardation on the redscare sub (I like to hatescroll there occasionally bc I'm a masochist apparently), but this whole interaction pissed me tf off and I see variations of it on reddit all the time.
The OP was a woman complaining about how the men in the subreddit are becoming increasingly hostile and saying more and more vile shit about women. Her example was a guy in a deleted post talking about how he prefers slapping women in bed because it's more viscerally violent than choking to him bc choking feels more like quietly trying to kill a woman. And so many of the replies are dumbass rebuttals like this. Mind you, this sub actually tends to be more critical of BDSM by reddit standards.

>Um…women actually ask to be choked in bed therefore it's totally morally fine for men to do so and clearly must be the result of some kind of intrinsic urge free from any outside influence

>Everybody needs to cool it a little
Funny how they never say this under the woman hating incel posts which are way more frequent and way more malicious
>Refusing to enable your loved one's self destructive tendencies is treating them a child apparently
>I've been manipulated into doing weird sex shit I didn't like and for some reason I need to make that your problem
Love how he literally uses the word "manipulated" and still holds her entirely responsible. It's a moral failing on her part but somehow not the his?
>She is simultaneously called repressed and judged as damaged for sex life
>She's screwed up for engaging in BDSM but the guy she's "haranguing" somehow isn't

Also gotta love…
>Are you implying I raped my girlfriends?
>You accused me of being a rapist!

The real cherry on top is him getting the most triggered by her telling him to shut up. They are truly so pathetic. Bless this girl for trying, however futile the attempt was. The post wasn't even meant to be about the ethics of choking your girlfriend. It was about how misogynistic the men there are and they only proved her point by malding so hard.
At least I can take some solace in knowing the types of guys who post there are miserable and always complaining about how lonely and depressed they are. Good. They deserve it.

No. 1366721

>I like to take advantage of my partners' unhealthy sexual behavior and act violent towards them because, um, they ASKED me to hurt them!! Why are you being so sexually repressed??
Terminal scrottery. It's the same shit as "well this 16-year old with daddy issues, mental illness and problems with self-destructive behavior came onto me sexually, what I was supposed to do, just not fuck her???". No matter how much your partner wanted you to choke them while they are in the most vulnerable position they could be, you agreeing to do so speaks more about you than them. Seeing how he had such a visceral, aggressive reaction to having this brought up is telling too, this guy clearly has a guilty conscience.

No. 1366738

Exactly. He knows it's wrong but desperately tries to justify it because he doesn't want to sacrifice his boner.
If his girlfriend was a recovering alcoholic and asked him to buy her booze, would he feel okay with doing that? If she was severely anorexic and asked him to hide food away from her, would he feel okay doing that?
Just because someone asks you to help them engage in harmful behavior, it doesn't magically make it okay or absolve you of responsibility to say no. It's your moral obligation to say no because you're supposed to care about their wellbeing. This girl did not explicitly call him a rapist, but I believe wholeheartedly that he is

No. 1366757

File: 1665141739476.jpeg (50.55 KB, 827x221, 1FB7427B-C2A9-4C73-A97E-914E17…)

sometimes r/twox isn’t so bad

No. 1366882

The average moid on reddit are worse than even the worse strawman baiters here. You can write out the most logical, welly written sentence in the world and they'll somehow, someway find a way to twist it into victimizing themselves. I once got like 20+ down votes for pointing out men usually fap to women with plastic surgery while claiming to hate it but most of the comments actually agreed with me, but then claimed some shit like "but it's just a fantasy", like you're still getting off to plastic surgery while claiming not to like it, which one is it? The more truth you tell these moids the more they'll down vote you

No. 1366892

>well this 16-year old with daddy issues, mental illness and problems with self-destructive behavior came onto me sexually, what I was supposed to do, just not fuck her??
Literally their logic. They come up with any excuse in the book to just fuck any woman (even if underage) but not understanding when they're responsible for saying no.
>men who act like all women around them are sexual deviants
This is oddly specific but true. I knew a guy from uk who claimed any conversation he tried to have with women around them was just super sexual and out of his control, he claimed that women "would just randomly start talking about how much they love eating man ass" and that women would "always brag about how they're wifey material" to him. That's just the tip of the iceberg though

No. 1366900

They’ve been more blatantly anti-moid and pointing out the misogyny of Reddit but of course you still have the libfem and tranny shit sometimes. Still nice to have it there though

No. 1366960

an acquaintance of mine’s scrote sibling is going bald at 16 kek the y chromosomes are a mistake

No. 1366984

Another example of moids shifting responsibility to cope with shame. "But they WANT ME TO DO IT" as if moids are motivated by what women want.

The moid knows that his wishes are morally unacceptable, so he seeks to present them as something he only does because his target wants it. So selfless and sexually servile!

Note how this logic will never work for you. Leading a willing moid on or "golddigging", even if he's throwing his money at you and obviously knows what he's doing, is morally unacceptable and "taking advantage".

No. 1367101

Genuinely wish she would stop camping in this thread and the twitter one.

No. 1367193

I dumped my ex at 22 and by 24 he began to go bald lmao. Current nigel has good hair genes. I saw a photo of his father, had sexy hair even at age 60. Screen your scrotes for trash genetics.
It's probably all the low quality shampoo moids buy from the dollar store that is making them bald by 19 honestly. scrotes do not know the difference between laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, or shampoo. They'll use any of them interchangeably unless you go out of your way to tell them not to. scrotes are so stupid they're borderline suicidal, like large, violent children, but with much more entitlement. they never bother to learn anything for themselves but emerge out of high school thinking they are unrecognized geniuses and if you try to teach him anything he'll say you're "a nagging bitch". most of the premature balding epidemic you see playing out is probably just consequences of their poor lifestyle choices and bad diets. Plus I'm sure staying up until 4am screaming at video games has an effect. the modern scrote is devolving into a goblin from his reprobacy. and troons being the most gobliny scrotes of all, they'll spend a million dollars trying to look like a woman only to lose their hair by 25 and get wrinkles by 28. just pathetic.

No. 1367215

File: 1665183887631.png (102.28 KB, 866x535, RedditFatty.PNG)

Even before I browsed his profile I knew he'd be an obese scrote. He's 5'6, and 270 pounds.
So be a fat ugly scrote. Whine about muh PTSD or something. Basically, nothing is his fault. Stinks so bad he keeps getting complaints to the point that he'll get fired. Blames his wife's cat. Yes, cats can stink but one cat isn't going to make you reek so bad you'll get fired.

Notice how he's probably leaving out so much more. His shitty diet more than likely contributed to the smell. Or probably that his whole house reeks because it's filthy.

No. 1367216

NTA but I think another reason for the baldness and dad bod “revolution” is that products using endocrine disruptors became mass produced following the Industrial Revolution and the waste in our environment is being ingested by scrotes everywhere. Endocrine disruptors fuck up the Y chromosome iirc in regards to Atrazine and are a cause of intersex conditions in frogs at least. Moids’ aging is definitely worse than ever, my dad who went bald at 30 was shocked by the number of college freshmen who are already balding and said that he never had seen guys that young with hairlines so bad.

No. 1367219

File: 1665184303612.gif (2.6 MB, 498x278, conspiracy-theory.gif)

>are a cause of intersex conditions in frogs at least
was he right all along?

No. 1367242

Kek the same thing happened to my ex nonna! Constantly cheated on me and would call me a psychotic bitch whenever confronted by it. Dumped him at 20 and by his mid 20s he had complete male pattern baldness. Now hes 32, still cant get a woman to settle for his lame ass, his own daughter hates him, and he tries to overcompensate by being a gym bro and driving a big ugly truck

No. 1367246

It's definitely that nona, but you also have to consider the dysgenic pattern of male driven selection.

When men with shit tier genes coerce hot women with resources, it's a full reversal of a normal natural selection pattern. It's immediately good for the moid, but pretty much a death sentence for his male offspring. If they ever find themselves in a society where they are unable to continue resource coercion, women will choose based on looks and other characteristics the beta-spawn male doesn't have thanks to his father.

No. 1367269

I have CPTSD and used to have really bad depression. Never in my life have I stopped showering or worn clothes so dirty they reek from 10 ft away. Scrotes are pathetic.

No. 1367270

oh no, i was only talking/joking about the gay frogs, i know he's a piece of shit

No. 1367273

So all the wealthy dysgenic dynasts and, in current times, the techbro soyboys who get a wife only on the basis of having a lot of money, have doomed subsequent generations of scrotes to horrible genetics and fugliness. Meanwhile women have always been judged on looks alone and only attractive women could get husbands with enough money to keep the family alive through famines. Now 3/4 of women are attractive and 80% of men are ugly as shit. lmao scrotes fucked themselves over. and no, the same genes don't make men attractive that make women attractive. hot wife + ugly husband = pretty daughter and incel son.

No. 1367302

File: 1665190831691.jpeg (144.76 KB, 828x590, 152DD439-C6E4-47BF-998B-42DC30…)

Nta. You’re right but I kinda disagree about the same genes not making men and women attractive. If you look at the hottest people, they often are a little androgynous. Their genes are so healthy and balanced (in other words, sexually selected for by generations of women) that you can tell that they would have looked good as either sex. If you look closer, many times that “pretty” daughter of the ugly husband just has a shitton of expensive cosmetics/hairstyling and an eating disorder.

No. 1367306

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 1367307

This + women are required to meet much higher physical standards. A routine, diet, and workout schedule are basically standard for women where as you'd be lucky to find a man who doesn't eat like a slob, the gym is a hobby and anything other than basic hygiene is crazy talking

No. 1367312

File: 1665191321179.jpg (110.59 KB, 736x736, 8dd7016f9a3205253e501f799aaf33…)

50/50 is NEVER 50/50 with men.

What it really means is you do everything you already would have done as a woman, whether alone or picking up after a man… AND doing 50% of his responsibilities.

Nonnies never fall for this. Men don't fucking know or care the real line of equality when it comes to relationships, they just use this buzzword to leverage more out of you and not even thank you for it.

No. 1367337

I remember they talked about some study on the news that showed that in chore sharing relationships, men think the workload balance is equal 50/50 but was actually women doing 70% and the man doing 30% or less, while the women accurately perceived the chore sharing rate. Moids just perceive what they do as more important/stressful, and end up thinking an unequal workload is equal.

No. 1367411

I do not understand people who smell. I really don't. All you have to do is take a shower once a day and wash your clothes… It honest to god makes no sense to be smelly, especially if you're aware of it and trying to fix it.

No. 1367428

Some people are broke. I stink because I can't afford to wash my clothes since my apartment doesn't have free washer and dryers and laundry here costs like 10+ for a single load

No. 1367445

I, too, am too cheap to pay the coin laundry in our building. I handwash my clothes instead and have a drying rack. Improve yourself and repent of your sins.

No. 1367454

my clothes don't smell dude. the washing machine is not literal fucking magic stuffed with laundry fairies. it's a drum that rotates. even a monkey can imitate the physical motions of a washing machine. you can stay angry because i have saved AT LEAST $20 doing this.

No. 1367459

I just started a new job so I'm just waiting on the first paycheck
its been so fucking bad I just simply shoplift new clothes until they get dirty/stink

No. 1367463


This woman is living in a storage container and asking how to decorate it to make it look less oppressing. She says "it heats up during the day but it's fine if you keep the a/c running." "okay it's a little dark…" "yeah the walls are bare metal" "b-but it's cheap for our area!"

storage containers are lined with carcinogens if you didn't know. the only way to use them is to make the space extremely well ventilated and cover up the walls, neither of which apply here. she is literally going to get the big cancer living in this depression box. and she's asking how to decorate it.

No. 1367475

Why would anyone live there unless the only alternative is homelessness? And that doesn't seem to be the case, she says she 'loves it'??

Anyway it's a lost cause, she would need to change the entire structure, the materials and all the furniture to make it even remotely cute or welcoming. I hate those big recliners with cup holders, they are irredeemably hideous.

No. 1367476

worse yet that they have a black leather recliner/couch. i fucking hate black leather couches, they scream porno casting couch. scuzziest piece of furniture possible to own. not saying it's her fault, probably her moid's choice

No. 1367482

Because it is the only alternative to homelessness anon. I know people use "cope" as a mocking thing but she's unironically coping with the fact this is probably the most stable living environment she's ever been in (US landlords can kick you out or quadruple rent just because they feel like it and owning a home is damn near impossible unless you're making 6 figs)

No. 1367486

She lives in rural northern Australia, and her reasoning for living there is because it's fully furnished and they're only staying temporarily. I don't know where you got the idea she's an impoverished american, the only mention of money is that it's 'pretty cheap'. Not every questionable decision about where to live can be explained away by american politics.

No. 1367488

she lives in northern fucking australia. it's entering summer there. they are living in a metal box with one window. if the power goes out they'll die in their sleep from heat stroke.
apparently it came "pre-furnished" but the owner will not allow them to remove the furniture, IE the owner wants to both use the space to store his own shit and rent it out to get dosh. it's fucking seedy, no legit rental agreement forces you to keep furniture you don't want. and it's out in the bush. they had space to build a real house, or at least a cottage or something. but they dumped storage containers there, threw a cheap couch in, and called it a day. i bet they're paying like $2000 a month AUD for it too. it's 50km from the closest city.

i mean i've lived in shitty housing too but even I had standards. it's a deathtrap and she's asking how to make it look prettier. its' fucking sketchy as shit and probably illegal but her priorites are farming upvotes and hanging a jank stoner tapestry on the bare corrugated metal walls. it's a rectangle and the one window is on the small wall, so the back is just a deep dark cave made out of carcinogen lined raw metal.

No. 1367490

Seriously. "50/50" is a great big scam on what the unabomber would have called "oversocialized", neurotic women. The whole point is to get women so fixated on proving themselves that they don't even notice when moids haven't done jack shit.

No. 1367491

I think that's a you problem for connecting it to a porn scenario

No. 1367496

Definitely. If you see a standard black leather couch and think "porn casting" that just sounds like you're too drowned in porn memes or just straight porn. It's as stupid as associating lemon trees with that one stupid porno

No. 1367499

not at all. i don't watch porn and never have. a lot of people think black leather couches are tacky and owned by creeps, especially men, and they are literally like quintessentially porno casting couches or sleeze couches.

No. 1367501

you sound deranged as fuck.

No. 1367502

i really don't, you're being dramatic as hell. i just don't like black leather couches and mostly find that creepy men tend to own them.

No. 1367507

not reading whatever you're arguing about but her comment caught my eye and she does not at all sound deranged… what's deranged about her saying black leather couches are known as porno casting couches ? its literally true and it's been memed since its inception to this day. she's right

No. 1367509

File: 1665209480967.jpg (163.03 KB, 1280x1280, Carnegie_Nolita_Reverse_Stitch…)

Leather is usually easy to clean and black is a nice standard color that goes with a wide variety of aesthetics. Coomer scrotes have memed it for sure but projection over a normal piece of furniture is stupid. Next we will be saying wooden tables are creepy and from pornos

No. 1367514

this is not the same style of couch at all and i don't even know why anyone is this upset that people don't black leather couches. for some people they just feel there's a sleazy vibe to certain furniture. i feel the same way about black toilets but that's not memed. there's a certain aesthetic that men tend to favor and it's ugly and tacky.

No. 1367521

File: 1665210659262.jpg (13.01 KB, 400x285, Eameslounch.jpg)

That's funny because I associate certain leather couches with moids, but it's more of a pretentious rich reddit NPC thing than a casting couch thing. Pic related.

Those ugly recliners I don't associate with casting couches either, obviously you can't fuck on a lounge that has a cup holder in the middle. They're just perfect evidence that money can't buy taste, they're pretty pricey but sooo tacky and would never contribute to a cohesively designed room.

No. 1367530

I think you have PTSD from dating coomers. Plenty of normies have black leather couches

No. 1367539

How the fuck is it even legal to charge someone to live in a storage container. Lease?? I can understand some cheapskates doing it themselves, people get one to use as a studio or whatever, but your storage container has a landlord?!
>It’s a 2 bedroom shipping container house. This area is between two containers, one is kitchen and bathroom(through the black door) and the other is bedroom (glass sliding doors). There’s another two containers, one is a bedroom and the other is a storage unit. It’s on a rural property (two acres) in Northern Australia
Literally containers with doors to adjoin them, this is so wrong. Just build a house ffs

No. 1367540

Honestly I associate black or brown leather couches as being creepy moid fashion, bachelor pads and all that. They're gross and uncomfortable to use too. But I didn't even notice the sofas in those photos because I was too distracted by the corrogated steel walls!;!; Literally rather live in a tent and have a nice view of scenery than look at corrogated steel all day

No. 1367542

>all this talk about women ageing worse/hitting the wall
IF they live in a shithole and are forced to pump out 10 babies. meaning if they're the poor, demure, trad wives that you like so much.

if you want somebody who's cute with nice skin and a fit body, you have to go for high maintainance, high standard, demanding western city girl roasties…
but that's of course too much logic for moids.

they really think in different times/places of the world they'd be a king with a teen model wife, when in reality she'd be toothless, with saggy skin, in stinky dirty rags, hating him to death and no time together because she's with the babies while he's working 18 hour days and it will never be enough money for his gigantic family and elderly parents who beat him his entire childhood.

No. 1367546

Refurbishing shipping containers into cheap housing and offices used to be a trend in my country, I don’t know if it still is. My old campus has a whole section of student housing that’s made of shipping containers. I used to work in an office building made out of them. It’s supposed to be thrifty and clever or something. The container buildings I’ve been in were a lot better than the one in that Reddit post because at least they had some kind of walls, a proper floor and more windows put in, but they were still awful compared to real buildings. They got very hot in summer and cold in winter with no climate control because they were always intended to be cheap, were very drafty and noisy and when it stormed outside you could feel the whole thing shake. Anyone who criticised them quickly got shut down with “nO they’re actually great and clever and totally comfortable really, educate yourself” always said by people who’ve never had to stay in them. Whichever company came up with this shit is laughing all the way to the bank.

No. 1367554

>if you want somebody who's cute with nice skin and a fit body, you have to go for high maintainance, high standard, demanding western city girl roasties
They hate these types of women because they're unable to neg them into desperation. They want women to think they're genuinely lucky to have them and a woman who frequently is social and actively gets hit on often understands she has a line of men around the corner willing to treat her better than main moid will any day. The idea that women are ugly when they age is either just them coping with the fact they're pedophiles, a sad attempt at negging women or as
>>1366614 said

No. 1367557

lol americans really are incapable of seeing/reading anything online and not automatically making it about themselves or their shitty country
yeah i'd be extremely surprised if this is legal. does the NT having a housing crisis like the rest of aus, i know even rural towns outside of perth struggle so could the NT be that much better with mining jobs in demand?
shit situation to put yourself in but at least she's got her comfy black leather couch to get stuck to once those 32-40c days hit and the metal stays too hot to touch all night long keeping the place nice and warm regardless of how hard they crank the AC

No. 1367673

File: 1665234335625.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2483x2406, 51B3DF21-E651-4F75-A9A5-37FB9C…)

>why are men with salt and pepper hair and crows feet considered handsome by society but showing signs of age is akin to losing attractiveness for a woman?


No. 1367682

>I quit
Fucking good, remove yourself from the gene pool and stop bothering us

No. 1367738

Delusional. The only people who genuinely think women have fewer dating options as they age are very young. Older men have zero prospects unless they are rich, and they know it, which is why they try to push this meme so hard to lower the standards of older women. It stopped working though kek

No. 1367765

There's nothing more that I hate than the "men like younger women because of muh biological attraction to fertility". Even if it was true, why aren't women the same? The quality of sperm plummets after 35 and the risk of your offspring being born with birth defects or self-aborting altogether rises exponentially, but you don't see older women dating 20-year olds.

No. 1367852

Honestly paying for a date is the minimum paid for the risk a woman takes for going out with a guy. Not even just the physical risk, but she gives up a peaceful evening on her own to listen to someone describe their boring ass job at an insurance firm.

No. 1367853

It's based on the modern male delusion that men actually get to choose. Pretty absurd if you think of it.

In the past, most men died as virgins or cuckold cleaners. The same occurs in primate populations. The idea that they would evolve an active "preference" when their strategy is "grab what you can whenever you can" is demented. It's less of a preference and more of a solution.

The only standards males biologically have is opportunity + cuckoldry prevention. That's literally it. Their behavior fully reflects that, as they frequently target "fertile" children and the disabled because they're unable to fight back or leave.

The "preference" for virgins undeniably exists in male heads somewhere, but it's fully stemming from beta male anxieties about not being picked. It doesn't mean they're not interested in adult sexually active women of course, quite the opposite - which is why self proclaimed virgin enjoyers seethe about them 24/7. But a non-naive female is harder to control and has an idea of where she stands on the sexual market, therefore she's less likely to be faithful. Curiously, the only primate model of this behavior is displayed by omega male chimps - occasionally, the lowest status male will abduct a low status young female and groom her into faithfulness away from the tribe, in something akin to human monogamous marriage. It's a good way to avoid competition, but not a "preference" in any capacity. The main tribe, however, has a pool of females monopolized by alpha males, and their actual (enforceable) preference is older females who already demonstrated fertility.

Overall it's a case of men trying to sell what they'd like to be true as what's actually true, mostly to themselves, to devalue the women they're attracted to, but are likely to be rejected by. Business as usual.

No. 1367866

>men are invisible for their first 40 years than they're only good for money to "seedy single mothers"
My man talks as if single moms are breaking down his door. Also so many red pill guys will be so unpleasantly surprised when they realize no one gives a shit about 40+ men, young women are attracted to pretty guys their own age.

No. 1367871

>no one gives a shit about 40+ men, young women are attracted to pretty guys their own age
yeah lmao even the pretty young women who marry rich ugly flabby old men still cheat with the fit handsome pool boys or bodyguards their age

No. 1367872

Speaking of women, the average redditor would probably bleat something along the lines of "women prefer a provider and he needs to be old", but that's a delusion of modernity. First of all, when most of our evolutionary history took place, there was barely such a thing as a man who survived into old age. You can't have a preference for something that doesn't exist. The idea that a man approaching decrepitude would somehow be the top player in male "contests" over mating opportunity is, once again, demented. The ideal option would have to be a male entering his 20s - no longer a teenager, possibly established against other males, peak physical condition, not decrepit and ridden with chronic injuries yet.

Second of all, the "provider" nonsense is not what women select by, as incels elegantly admit when they spout venom about the whole "beta provider" thing that their ugly pussy buying fathers inflicted upon themselves in the first place. Women want the best genes, aka "beauty". All that needs to be said here is that men actually decay on a genetic level as they age.

So why are current women not attracted to younger males? Well, actually, they are - increasingly so. Statistically, the "preference" (which in studies was reflected by something like 1970 marriages in rural India, top kek) for older males decreases as women gain economic opportunity and thus cannot be resource coerced. If women weren't the more inhibited, over-humanizing sex that's chronically compartmentalized from their own authentic sexuality via incessant male nagging and appeals to mommy instinct, I bet the age preference would be decreasing even more rapidly.


You actually reminded me of something that I can't quite put into words yet, but it's relevant to what I said above.

No. 1367981

>Second of all, the "provider" nonsense is not what women select by,
Also, in hunter gather tribes, it's the gathering, done by women, which provides the majority of the food. So men didn't even provide.

>Well, actually, they are - increasingly so

See also, sex tourism by women. When they have the money to 'provide' for a sexual partner, they pick young attractive males. Women don't sex tourist for 40 year old dudes.

No. 1367990

I love how they act so pressed, because most of these morons burned through their early relationships because they were convinced men would "age like wine" and could fuck around until 40, then pick up a teenage trophy bride. Now the occasional single mom is the only woman who will even give them a first date to fuck up. Even the boring ass 4/10 guys who didn't graduate on time had these delusions.

No. 1368083

Honestly even though it’s a popular saying that men age like wine because of their resources, how many young women your age do you know that date 40+ guys? I know none. I bet even if you do know some, it’s not more than like two. They’re pretty rare and the guy would have to be really rich to get a gold digger. Most men will just be average so it’s all just a fantasy for them.
I know a few guys my age who date older women who aren’t even rich though. It’s all just moid cope.

No. 1368096

Very well put and accurate. I was already aware that men push the fertility excuse to hide that they're only after young women because they're more impressionable and more likely to submit but the psychology behind it was an interesting bit. Scroteness really does go down to their genes and the provider meme is a cope from the time women were artificially kept from participating in the society just so men wouldn't lose their access to a woman. Men with genetically determined flaws being thrown out of the gene pool by not having the chance to reproduce is natural and healthy, even pets with severe behavioral issues and an asocial temperament get neutered and not bred.

No. 1368105

100%. I’ve had friends who would say “age doesnt matter” but if they dated an older guy it was never more than a 10-15 year difference and just that: a date and never serious. They ALWAYS went to hot guys their age for more serious prospects. Even more hilarious is were all “empty egg carton” 30+ and still have plenty of dating options.

No. 1368113

An example of maladaptive moid doublethink - they intentionally conflate being liked as a wallet with actual attractiveness to gas themselves up, then whine about golddiggers when they are treated as mere wallets by women who'd rather fuck someone young and hot.

No. 1368135

They WISH single moms were breaking down their door. Good single moms are usually picky about who they date since it's risky bringing new men around your kids, now they act like single moms would just date anyone

No. 1368136

>empty egg carton” 30+ and still have plenty of dating options.
I'll never forget when I was hanging out with friends and some dude completely blew off his chance to get with a cute girl like 2 years younger than him to flirt with her mom and even organize a date (and pay for the entire thing without being a little bitch about it). I also vaguely remember in high school other students would flirt with my mom all the time.

No. 1368173

I found my exes reddit account and am laffing at the fact like 80% of his posts are down voted to hell

No. 1368175

>all they bring to the table is literally nothing but having tits
literally just admitted that he only view women as fucktoys. He is aware that there is more to a relationship than dinners, funny texts and sex, right?

No. 1368177


What subreddits does he use??? pls spill

No. 1368184

what are his posts like if hes downvoted that much? does he just troll?

No. 1368260

Hes posting shit in subreddits like r/antiwork and a few others, hes super republican and had everything handed to him so when people are complaining about inflation, rent prices, etc he just says stuff like "buckle up and get like 20 roommates and 4 different jobs", he also rages in WoW subreddits for no apparent reason

No. 1368267

Is it a cleanliness issue or a possible genetic issue? There are some conditions that make people smell bad. If this person is showering daily (properly) and wearing fresh clothes like he claims, theres no reason for him to smell other than a medical condition.

No. 1368310

They say this because they can't be bothered to learn about women's interests and personality. I learned that the way women describe men are what they want to make it. If she's boring or unmotivated it's because they didn't bother having a good conversation with her, if she's too insecure it's because he probably insulted her and was shocked she didn't do what he wanted, if she's distant it's because he was distant and expected the woman to chase him, etc

No. 1368400

do men think women just naturally wake up with perfect smokey eyes and falsies

No. 1368409

File: 1665301273430.png (387.96 KB, 824x2872, astronomical_levels_of_project…)

TLDR: Doctor tells man he has a micropenis and he loses his shit and blames his wife being black for it

No. 1368410

holy shit

No. 1368413

> Wife has low sex drive
Waaa you’re a prude I need to cheat so I can coom
> Wife has high sex drive
Waaa you’re an animal it makes me feel emasculated

No. 1368419

Women are so cucked by ugly loser men in this society that they're allowing themselves to be mistreated and denigrated by lazy men with microdicks who don't take care of their own homes or children and expect them to pay on top of it. The state of het relationships is so depressing.

No. 1368423

Right? That poor woman, but how is she so whipped by a microdick in the first place??

No. 1368443

She makes 3 times what he makes.. of course he doesn't want to divorce and lose that life. He's in for the shock of his life though if he thinks approaching other women and offering them his literal microdick will go well. Dude has it made rn and doesn't even know it. Just divorce him and he'll be both broke and sexless in no time.

No. 1368445

Some of them really do.

No. 1368449

I don't do make up. I've had a few weird interactions with old creeps before where they'll randomly hit on me and mention how much they hate women who wear make up and who 'false advertise' with it. They'll be like..
>oh phew I know what you look like so you're not one of those women who traps men with fake advertising
First of all, leave me alone lol. Second, dude it's really not that hard to look at a woman with make up on and still get a general idea of what her bare face looks like. Nobody is pulling a fast one on you.

No. 1368458

Jesus this man has obliterated this womans self esteem to make her think treating her like this is even remotely ok. As soon as he compared her to an animal she should have picked up her child and left.

Sure open up the relationship, see how many women who “align with you” are lining up for microdick that cant make any of them come

No. 1368464

This has to be bait. It ticks off too many enraging categories. Her earning 3 times more and so on. It’s a rage bait.

No. 1368493

>Literal ape rage fits where he punches holes in the walls and yells "until the veins at his temples bulge" because a doctor told him he has a micropenis
Peak scrotoid moment. Imagine women acting like this when they have a flat chest.

No. 1368589

Is that you, Stacy?

No. 1368597

Women with flat chests are still valuable and beautiful. Men with small dicks are just depressing creatures.

No. 1368612

File: 1665323785332.jpeg (339.71 KB, 750x1007, CD19CE73-19FC-432C-BAD6-B3711F…)

The idea that he JUST found out he has a micropenis fucking KEK

No. 1368616

things like this make me believe god is a woman lmao

No. 1368632

I don't even know if this is a man who's justifying his tard rage over having a microdick or a pinkpill-chan explaining why men are emotionally instable animals. Men always admit to being just one step away from becoming spree killers but treat it as something we should accept and often even admire, truly the rational sex.

No. 1368633

So many white men are fucking deranged. All men, really, but this level of racism and projection is something else
>they have a child
>she pays all the bills
>her "friends" are defending him
Nope, this can't be real. I refuse, it's too horrible. Only thing missing is him being significantly older than her to top this off.

No. 1368637

Yeah this has to be bait, it’s a little too rage inducing.

No. 1368651

Males reading about women's issues for the first time be like

No. 1368694

No, I'm a woman. Ending up with a scrote who turns out to be a retarded, racist POS is one thing, but also earning 3x more than him, no supportive friends (if they can defend this, I doubt they're there for her on anything else), dealing with his dead sex drive, and covering all the bills without question? All that shit for 10 years, plus a baby, and he never even once made her cum?
If the guy had a micropenis, he must've already been aware of its small size. That's not something you just overlook unless you're on weapons-grade copium, and how did not a single doctor point it out up til that point? In some cases, men with micropenises supposedly can't even penetrate properly to impregnate women.
I'm somewhat biased because I don't even want it to be true for the woman's sake, but it also just sounds too fucked up. Almost every single bad thing smashed into one post

No. 1368699

NTA but now that I look at it again I agree with you, and this is coming from someone who makes up fake reddit stories sometimes when I'm bored. It even has a viral-bait snappy punchline: "I don't want an open marriage, I want my husband who didn't know he had a micropenis back"

No. 1368718

It's not hard to make 3x more than a man if he's working some dead-end minimum wage job or part time

No. 1368720

most guys with microdicks:
>waaah wahh i wish i had a loving wife who didn't care and still enjoyed sex with me anyway!
this guy:
>waaahhh i don't have a microdick the doctor is wrong, my wife's vagina is just too deep, i need another girl!

he cares more about his penis than his own child.

No. 1368796

Men with small dicks can rot. Size does matter and men can go die about it. During more primitive times, didn't women choose men with bigger dicks?

Reminds me of a Reddit post about this guy complaining how he isn't 8 inches like his GF's ex was.
A comment was like,
>She's LYING. 8 inches is super fucking rare, and 9 inches is nearly impossible. The majority of men are 5 inches and anything over that he's exaggerating.
Men are fucking retarded

No. 1368865

"Women chose" is not quite right. More like men with small dicks know they have small dicks and this rightfully affects them psychologically, making most of them cowardly and submissive. In extremely sexist societies they usually get their dicks removed so they are more useful to other males. Women have only been allowed to choose mates for like 2 generations so humans have been bred like pitbulls to be mindlessly aggressive and short-sighted. Hence why we are doomed to cook ourselves to death by global warming because the line has to go up forever and ever.

No. 1368884

I genuinely don't understand people who make up fake shit on leddit just to be an "epic troll". It's a waste of time and some genuinely teenage shit, not to mention how people won't see it's fake and will use that to justify whatever bullshit they'll be up to. Having a fake profile to fuck with people is one thing but writing fake stories to "get people riled up because it's funny lolololo" is retarded and sounds like some compulsive need for attention rather than "being bored".

No. 1368893

The only reason why it's "average" is because most of the population is older and dicks usually shrink as men get older, average young guys should have 6-9 inches on average

No. 1368908

do they actually shrink with age or do they just go limp?

No. 1368912

Got down voted for calling a guy who was 19 dating a 15 yr old embarrassing and gross and that he makes a fool of himself for picking his gf up from high school

No. 1368915

They'll tell you it's just blood flow but they legit shrink

No. 1368927

No it's really not. The average is around 5 inches. That's like saying average young women should have larger than average breast sizes just because they're young lmao

No. 1368929

Kek. is he rich or?

No. 1368931

>That's like saying average young women should have larger than average breast sizes just because they're young lmao
no it isn't. breasts are not at all similar to dicks, they're entirely different compositionally. if reduced blood flow results in a smaller dick, yeah it makes sense that their size would decrease with age.

No. 1368955

The dick size thread has an image that breaks down averages by country. 5 inches is only average in a couple countries. 6 to 6 1/2 is where its at for most.

No. 1368958

It's because I'm retarded and love seeing peoples reactions to whatever weird stories I come up with. Ive been doing it for years, before Reddit I did it on Yahoo Answers. Usually mine are just harmlessly absurd rather than outrage-inducing for example making up a fake family who has a member with a weird obsession with idk jenga or something, who is forcing everyone else to walk on eggshells around their massive jenga tower collection which has started to spread to the living room and kitchen. Then I'd see what kind of advice people give and it's funny to imagine having this conversation. Also, people are going to use literally anything to justify their dumb ass opinions anyways, my autistic little stories aren't causing moral corruption. I wouldnt even call it a waste of time either because you can make them as writing warmups and exercises in imagination

No. 1368983

Breasts are mostly fat and glands, if anything if you're trying to make it equivalent it would make more sense to say younger women should have perkier but smaller breasts and older women have saggier and larger breasts. No one is saying dick size is in men's control or anything but acting like average guys have small dicks is just lying and there is no equivalent for women, even with genitals nothing really changes with age, at the very most it will get dryer but nothing lube won't fix

No. 1369009

Nth but it’s shitty to make up fake stories and try to make people believe them. You do you but it’s deranged to have a hobby of lying.

No. 1369019

File: 1665338254581.png (186.71 KB, 475x300, 0_v7gmjOTELi-Oysz4.png)

Maybe we should all sharpen our bullshit detecting skills

No. 1369031

>You do you but it’s deranged to have a hobby of lying

No. 1369032

>Ive been doing it for years, before Reddit I did it on Yahoo Answers
I can't believe you went on sites well known for fake stories and made shit up.

No. 1369036

Did you fall for the Nigerian prince, nona? lmfao

No. 1369037

Daily reminder that moids are incapable of not externalizing. Their psychology does not permit them to acknowledge that anything is ever their fault, especially when it comes to women. A moid evolved to be perpetually in a state of "it's not me, it's them" to continue peddling cum without a shred of self doubt.

No. 1369039

No. 1369172

No but it’s shitty too to try to fool old people into believing it, idk if it seems fine to you

No. 1369208

Is she married to varg? The fuck?

No. 1369216


No. 1369227

File: 1665348447732.jpg (74.09 KB, 650x1102, yIeNlHO.jpg)

No. 1369242

I guess it's a justified if it's harmless and over the top absurd shit that doesn't make sense, that's sort of funny. It's just that usually the people who brag about writing fake stories and posts are doing it maliciously and to stir up shit causing real harm to genuine causes and that's really fucked up.

No. 1369259

u mad?

No. 1369287

NTA but I made a fake degenerate account to see if I could get other degenerates to call blatantly illegal behavior out among their own. It's like a social experiment of people's responses. I've been doing it since I was a tween and most of mine have been funny but a few more recent ones have been trying to expose certain groups. I've stopped now but I liked it because I would see how far I could take the story before people would become skeptical or expose me.
There's plenty of people who lie to others IRL. Most of the internet is smoke and mirrors anyways. Maybe get offline if you don't want to read fake stories because I guarantee the majority of content you engage with is manipulated or outright lies.

No. 1369290

NTAYRT but it does seem like something you'd write to see how racist and sexist Reddit is. Will they defend the fictional moid? Will they empathize with him for having a microdick? Will they say that having a microdick is a huge oppression point for moids and that she cannot understand the amount of trauma he has? I understand why someone would test these waters with this story because the Reddit userbase is largely sociopathic misogynistic, racist coomer scrotes who probably excuse horrid misogyny and racism if it comes from one of their own. That's probably what the troll OP was trying to see.

No. 1369384

File: 1665362039466.jpg (282.72 KB, 1080x1206, Findom.jpg)

Ex-coincel redditfag thinks beating people for a kink is safer than taking their money


No. 1369476

It's simple
People who usually are beat for a "fetish" are women
People who get "manipulated" into sending all their money to randos are usually men so that's why it matters more to them

No. 1369501

This is some serial killer logic.
>I’m not in the wrong for beating up that prostitute, she is in the wrong for taking my money!

You can always earn more money but traumatic brain injury from beatings and strangulation is for life (and much more common among women than most people think). I hope this guy gets catfished by a tranny who beats him back.

No. 1369507

It's not like enough women were dying in his "safe and sane" kinks that UK had to outlaw the degen defense. Redditors truly are the most concave brained creatures on the planet. If I could press a button that would kill every redditor, I would without hesitation.

No. 1369541

can these reddit "men" start killing themselves off already? They apparently have nothing to live for. They are not going to change for better. Their lives are so hard.

No. 1369629

File: 1665404894441.png (15.13 KB, 401x218, Untitled.png)

whole thread is an embarrassment, as if any of these pasty, prematurely-balding losers have seen any amount of vulvas to judge this outside of porn on their computer.

No. 1369632

did anon write all of that herself? the parasitism part particularly reminds me of a blackpill blog i used to read though i can't remember the name. i thought she was copypasting from it.

No. 1369793

>No carpet in 2022.
Love that he tries to make pubic hair seem like some outdated thing. It's def making a comeback, thank god. Like half of the women I've been with don't shave at all down there and neither do I. Never had any complaints, from men or women. He's just showing his age that he thinks completely bald pussy is the standard.
Men who make a big stink about hairy pussy are weak and they would've absolutely died before 25 and without passing on their weak genes in earlier time periods, as they should.

No. 1369802

Fortunately most of the replies were along the lines of “thank god pubes are back ‘in’” and “only teen boys care about this”.

No. 1369895

No. 1369945

This is exactly the case. A moid who has reached sexual maturity should have at least 6 inches, for the average 18 yr old it's 6.7 inches
[Textbook source linked on website]
Moids who pedal the idea that 5 is average are stupid and only understand how statistics work when it's in their favor, funny how they'll call out "but but the average is thrown out of wack for this and that reason" when you bring up things like women's wages "but women just take low paying jobs more!!" or non-white people going to jail longer "they just commit more crimes though!!" but they magically forget their own arguments when it comes to dick sizes, prison sentences by gender, dating website statistics, or anything else they either want to seem superior or oppressed for.

No. 1369954

>This is a relief
Do men not know how to read?

No. 1370003

No. 1370012

Without even clicking the link, men always say the exact same things. They can't be alone with children because others will think they're pedophiles despite being the great majority of offenders. They can't get attention like women do and they are truly lonely because nobody wants to use them for sex or as a free therapist. They're afraid of touching women because they think they'll be prosecuted for being a sex offender despite being extremely common and hardly ever punished. They're expected to work and have a personality outside of work even though all women have lives outside their work. Uh let me guess they can't show emotions despite always being painfully publicly loud about their mental illness everywhere they go. They can't have sex with all the tinder women they want attention from because they're ugly as fuck. I could go on about how men perceive all of these 1st world problems as oppression, but deny misogyny.

No. 1370025

Yeah top comment is about how much rejection they face because its presumed men should pursue. All harm to men but there are men that make me question myself who message me on dating apps. If you look like shrek fuck off.

No. 1370041

KEK, the one true reply

No. 1370048

Could you imagine going bald? That alone would be enough to send me over the edge I would not be a strong soldier.

No. 1370052

>They can't be alone with children because others will think they're pedophiles
That's not even what really happens. It attracts more positive attention than going out with a puppy. Men are praised in to high heavens just for watching their own kid for 5 minutes and it'll be called "babysitting" to boot.

No. 1370060

men think they look hot no matter what. were you male you wouldn't be able to possess the self awareness to know how shit you look. and they can just take finasteride but they refuse to because they have no self awareness, again

No. 1370069

Finasteride isn’t a cure-all.

No. 1370076

it definitely works if taken early enough

No. 1370083

Nah some men just lose it all by 20

No. 1370116

Should anti-balding medications and procedures really be encouraged? I think it’s mother nature’s way of signaling that his sperm are past sell-by date.

No. 1370140

This so much, they will do things that are expected of women and get praised for it, in fact simply just staying and not walking away is enough to get praise. I also believe if anything, if people rightfully accuse men of being pedophiles you get attacked. For years people have been accusing multiple musicians of being pedophiles and anyone who said so was attacked off the internet until hard evidence came upon. I have yet to see people accuse men of being pedophiles for no apparent reason and get praised for it

No. 1370191

Even if women don't stay "hot" forever, women generally tend to have more importance then most men as they age, especially in today's world when most men don't bother improving themselves. Most women have raised family, usually all by themselves, and since men tend to leave in massive numbers or just tend to mooch an lazy around what good are they? Do they think they're all just going to become rich business owners in their 40s simply just by being a man of an older age? Money doesn't come to you just because you're old lmao. How much do you want to bet all the moids crying about how they're going to have a harem of 18 yr olds at 40 are at least on their 30s with tons of debt and have never made more than $20/hour with zero land or property in their name

No. 1370201

Moids will complain about a loneliness crisis for men in one breath then talk about how they age like wine and will be fucking 20 year olds in middle aged in the next lmao.

There is no demographic more irrelevant than a middle aged man without a family (a present one, not divorced/estranged) or without enough money to pay sugarbabies. They radiate a depressing, desperate aura because they don't have a social life and women don't notice them at all. Middle aged women, even if they don't have kids or a husband, always have friends and tend to be approachable to younger people in the way older men are not. And if they take care of themselves, they'll still get plenty of male attention.

No. 1370219

If what they say was remotely true moids would be dying their hair gray, smoking packs a day, not going to the gym, pulling their hair out and lying about their age. Instead you have men claiming to be way younger than they actually are to get with teens, desperately trying not to lose hair, and shrinking their dicks taking roids. At least women are consistent with saying men like younger women and they use products and do things to look younger, nothing men say is consistent at all

No. 1370272

File: 1665445205313.jpg (30.17 KB, 800x450, pp.jpg)

KEKK, this is fucking hilarious

No. 1370273

>Toddler boys have this incredibly disingenuous, manipulative, screaming cry-whine that I absolutely cannot tolerate. I used to think I just hated kids, but I just can't tolerate screeching scrotelets

No. 1370274

Nona you completely misread that article. It says by 18 the average is 4.3 TO 6.7. Not just 6.7 inches kek. So the moids screeching about 5 inches being the average do fall into that range.

No. 1370278

They're also measuring when soft though, where as articles claiming 5 inches is average is exclusively talking about erect penises. men will often gain 2-3 inches when hard so even "small" sides of average would have been 6 or so inches when hard

No. 1370301

You can put redditmoid bitching into one of a few categories
>Bitching they don't have access to women (much no compliments from random hot women maymay, women won't approach me, I have to not be a drooling autist to get a woman to date me, "women gatekeep their reproduction too much", waaah I'm a virgin)
>Bitching about being compared to women by other men through their machismo culture (muh can't show emotion, no access to mental health resources, suicide rates)
>Bitching about being seen as threatening ("how dare women be afraid of me despite a history of dealing with male violence??")
>Bitching about having to uphold their end of the bargain to maintain patriarchal hegemony (have to go to war sometimes, have to have jobs, have to support themselves)
>Bitching about not living up to their own made up gigachad porn standards (dick too small if it's not 3 feet long, incorrectly believing women ignore them because they aren't a roided up rhinoceros)
>Bitching about their anti-feminist mra "facts" which are wholly untrue ("divorce rape", false rape accusations, underachieving moids blaming "diversity hires" for not getting into college)

All a bunch of nothing, entitlement, and wishing they could benefit from the patriarchy without having to put in even the smallest but if effort.

No. 1370310

The compliment thing is such trash and a lie. Men react to compliments in the most autistic ways, I say this as someone who use to be a pickme and go out of my way to compliment men. They either get mad (seriously), blow it off and say some shit like "yeah you do", ignore you or screenshot it and mock to their friends. If men weren't shitty about women coming onto them then less women would be afraid to make all the moves but this ain't the case

No. 1370326

Why tf would someone get mad for receiving a compliment??

No. 1370335

>hee hee you're so cute
>i'm CUTE? fucking CUTE? what, you think i'm a baby? do i look like a fucking puppy to you? CUTE? not handsome or hot or fuckable, but CUTE? kill your self you heinous bitch

No. 1370366

NTA and derail but your point is extremely true. Being in research myself in a highly quantitative social science field is great because you have obvious statistics supporting how women are victims of violence, discrimination, and other costs of being a female. We have numerous papers confirming this and yet our job board is full of incels whining about how much easier women have it, how all women want Chad, etc. My favorite is their obsession with women wanting "BBC" because the graphic obsession they have with it as white and asian men would probably lead you to think that they themselves want to touch "BBC". They are absolutely tormented by "BBC" and black men to such a weird extent that it must be secret love/lust to get fucked by one themselves. I suspect the obnoxious incel shit is a direct effect (or lashing out) as women become more prevalent in our field. It's quite funny how males lash out and become more testerical as we simply gain representation in male-dominated spaces.

No. 1370368

KEK, men get so fucking angry when they get called cute. That's honestly better than being called hot. Honestly, i think the only form of compliment men want from women is sex.

No. 1370379

>men get so fucking angry when they get called cute.
Cute, pretty, lovely, beautiful, adorable, precious, any compliment that is primarily used for women will piss men off.

No. 1370435

Men who are emotionally abusive or neglectful towards their SOs will get mad or just be an asshole/act like they "deserve" said compliments, and let's face it that's how most men are now. I called a guy I was hooking up with handsome and he distanced himself from me and said "constant compliments are too much", another just would call me annoying if I complimented them, and another would either act annoyed or just ignore me say some shit like "yeah you do". My taste in men was sub par because I made the stupid mistake of listening to incels by being too forgiving of their flaws as well as putting in most of the effort including trying to flatter them. Biggest fucking mistakes. My new man gets really happy when I compliment him and compliments me back

No. 1370441

>tranny posts on amiugly
>All the posts praise them except one where they say they pass but still are ugly and everyone flips on the person who said they're ugly
What do they want exactly? If you'd rather be a man than an ugly woman you're not trans you're a fetishist. Esp in a subreddit known for roasting people and they expected a free pass for being trans.

No. 1370477

tbh a lot of the "bbc" meme is also promoted by low value black moids who chase non-black women while being absolutely useless and men of all races just obsess over dicks

No. 1370482

It is but the instability moids have over black men is hilarious, they also hate women who date black men with a burning passion unless it's for a fetish they have, it seems like they will have a mental breakdown if women are attracted to anything other than them

No. 1370488

>Do they think they're all just going to become rich business owners in their 40s simply just by being a man of an older age? Money doesn't come to you just because you're old lmao.
They won't even give women credit for their here and now value, but every scrote thinks he's his own winning lotto ticket. A scrote ruined my self esteem for years, because he was the big important guy with super huge big plans that were just about to happen, he just had to choose which of many paths, then he was gonna be RICH, and I was the unambitious girl just holding him down. It's been many years since we broke up and he still hasn't done one mother fucking thing.

No. 1370505

true but black men also do this to black women who date non-black men, even and especially biracial women

No. 1370561

It's how it always is with men. My ex would make a song and dance about how everyone is going to work for him and im too stupid for medical school. He's single living with his parents crying on reddit about how he can't get a job and I'm married with kids making great money

No. 1370574

All "business-minded" moids think they're gonna be fucking Bill Gates, but dating a small/middle-sized business owner is a fucking nightmare in itself. Sure, I'd so like to live with a guy who's constantly on edge, works 24/7 and is also physically declining. They usually live up all of their wife's wealth too.

No. 1370626

Can we get back to reddit hate. Enough of this site is sperging about moids

No. 1370712

You have any content you want to offer or are you just here to piss and moan about your own hurt feelings?

No. 1370799

File: 1665507381910.png (146.15 KB, 902x692, lmfao.png)

She did nothing wrong lol

No. 1370803

>judged her for the "gut feeling" she had
she's probably right to suspect him for whatever tbqh

No. 1370804

That very last line is sus

No. 1370806

>Otherwise we would be having a whole lot bigger problem to deal with
he might as well just admit to hiding something lol

No. 1370807

Tbh I love her style. We have all been there dying to snoop and she showed ingenuity. Her only mistake was not leaving the room and going to the bathroom as they have locks with the phone. The only flaw.

No. 1370808

He wouldn't be bitching if he didn't.

No. 1370810

another fictional story, seriously who believes this crap

No. 1370817

Maybe the 2k people who replied are larping as believers

No. 1370876

Yeah men with clean history don't care or even brag about not being able to find anything, men who cheat get nervous, complain about snooping, etc. Did she even admit to snooping? If that was his first assumption it could have just been projection, if my so used my phone I usually assume it's to look something up or make a call

No. 1371396

File: 1665537699649.jpeg (198.91 KB, 750x1097, 60BF6F8D-4C42-49A7-95DD-4E3388…)

Not from reddit but most likely influenced just saw a news article about this guy. Fucker used to insult women in front of bars then pepper spray them


No. 1372079

Why do moids keep trying to convince young women onlyfans is some easy big money scheme? First of all they get pissed and I actually got blocked for pointing out most women don't make anything at all unless they actually know people who are also big on onlyfans, I also got mega down voted befause on a different post about a man telling an onlyfans girl she was worth $10 when she didn't owe sex if a guy paid for dinner that it was hypocritical of them to devalue women for having an onlyfans after jumping through hoops trying to convince them that onlyfans turns girls into billionaires overnight. They seriously just want to be able to cheaply see any woman naked and get off on the idea of women using their bodies to beg for scraps

No. 1372096

oh i remember this, the guy is a total incel weirdo who has a tranny voice.
I remember he used to have a thread about him on kiwifarms.

No. 1372099

thyere not trying to convince, moids are just delusional and many times they see only the most hottest 10% of bimbo women as women, so when they talk about women they are actually referring only to those types of women

No. 1372100

cause they want to see them naked. simple as that honestly. for some weirdos it's probably some sick game but most of them just see nudes of someone they know or can interact with as "personal" somehow. also, a big issue with OF and making money is pricing. most of these women will give out nudes for free and price really low, which actually makes less money for them because men are fucking stupid. not advocating OF, obviously, but women who price higher get more subs because men associate that with quality. anyway especially on reddit, arguing against sw will get you hate because of the libfems as well. you can't win.

No. 1372101

Not to mention the risk involved in making an account. Many, if not most girls are stalked, harrassed, and blackmailed. For the few millionaires I suppose they think it's worth it but most women don't even make over minimum wage. Now they have a ruined reputation and a target on their back for deranged, asocial coomers.

Moids have this idea in their head that women's bodies are super valuable (thinking all women on OF are rich, every woman has sex with only the highest quality man, and every women uses her sexuality to live life on "easy mode"). They get jealous and want to tear women down. All while lacking the reasoning skills to understand that being the target and obsession of men is a huge liability. Most women won't make millions selling naked pictures, but most women will be harrassed and assaulted by men who want them all the same. Moids don't quite seem to understand.

No. 1372127

I remember seeing videos of this posted on Facebook and all the incel moids would laugh about it, public shooter in the making.

No. 1372164

i saw his videos too, its sad it took this LONG for the popo to do something because people have been making complaints about him for a long time.

No. 1372232

hilarious. and the op was so obviously fake too yet this moid felt the need to type out this retarded heartfelt response. what an empath.
kek. men exaggerate about their size so much too, i've met so many insecure guys that insist they are 6-7 inches when they're not fooling anybody. they suck in their stomachs like anachans and stab themselves with the ruler to measure just to get a number they can cope with. it's one of the ways they try to self soothe by willingly deluding themselves. sometimes i've even come across insane reasoning like "well akshually when you're fucking the penis goes in way deeper than can be seen from the outside so you should measure from the scrotum akshually". moids obsessing over looks and raging at memes like "small dick energy" or "5'11 vs 6'0" because they feel slighted is the funniest thing ever, i just love it.

No. 1372238

It's not even about looks so much, I've seen Stacy's get barely a couple dollars and less than average women get hundreds of they Collab with someone

No. 1372299


They don't care about any of that. They only care about instant gratification. Aka a gi he knows and feels he can score with has a OF and other men pay to see her naked. It's a ego boost and usually they want to be your "manager" so they can have sex with you, flex about it and scrape money off the top. That being said, if a woman can make money off OF moids without getting naked and fuckin herself on camera she should do it.

No. 1372302

Most guys with micro dicks would feel the same as this moid. Once they're used to getting pussy the true colors show. So that's why whenever you come across a small dicked loser be sure to make fun of him.

No. 1372392

>I suspect the obnoxious incel shit is a direct effect (or lashing out) as women become more prevalent in our field. It's quite funny how males lash out and become more testerical as we simply gain representation in male-dominated spaces.
I remember reading ryona getting more popular as more women started working in offices in Japan, so you're onto something.

No. 1372613

It's so fucking weird. Usually women who have traditionally undesirable features go out of their way to try to make up for it, moids when small dicks don't even try and just complain about it while demanding women to change. It reminds me of those men who cheat because "she's too good for me" instead of just becoming a better bf. I can't imagine how someone can be so fucking stupid

No. 1372623

Moids externalize, women internalize. Ironically, moids invented the very "you should stop finding attractive features attractive because political correctness" approach they accuse "legbeard feminists" of. It's never their job to meet your standards, you should lower them to accommodate them because that's just the nice and "fair" thing to do.


Same was observed with improved position of women in society and progressively more violent porn. Men's core psychosexual desire is reassurance of reproductive and societal relevance. This is basically them telling themselves "women will not leave me behind" - the more evident it becomes that they will, the more testerical and compensatory male coping fantasies are.

No. 1372661

>I remember reading ryona getting more popular as more women started working in offices in Japan, so you're onto something.
Vile. Men who have this fetish can't be and never should be trusted, there's nothing you can rationalize about them having such a fetish other than vitriol and hatred towards women.

No. 1372690

I can’t tell if this post is serious or not, either way it’s so fucking funny
Get fucked micromoids KEK

No. 1372703

They literally did. Everything they accuse women of in terms of attractiveness is exclusively shit they do
>Muh you're asking me to change my standards
>Wimminz rage when we call other women hot!!
Men will try to destroy careers of other men just because women find him hot. Men could be obviously being creeping on other women and everyone is supposed to shut up or "she's supposed to control her man" no responsibility on the man
>Women will cheat at any given opportunity as soon as a hot guy gives them attention
Men do this all the time
>Women have such high standards!
>Women expected men to look roided up while being natural
Says men who can't distinguish the difference between fake and real tits, or if they're autistic enough they're fight like their life depends on it to "prove" their favorite porn star/e girl/whatever has real boobs even when they're bad bolt ons
>It's so wrong for women to loudly discuss preferences that don't meet the man around them
Men do this to their own gfs and if she says anything she's insecure or controlling

No. 1372880

>Same was observed with improved position of women in society and progressively more violent porn. >>1372392
>I remember reading ryona getting more popular as more women started working in offices in Japan, so you're onto something.
I once read a scrote make a similar statement. He said that the lolicon movement in Japan became big in the 70's, the same time that the feminist movement was big, because men preferred the idea of a young girl who wasn't independent and wasn't capable of thinking her own thoughts/standing up for herself. Men where intimidated by feminists so they turned to lolicon.
The scrote actually made this argument to defend lolicon. He even said that lolis where more appealing since they are easier to manipulate.
Imagine that you hate the idea of women having rights so much that you become a pedophile. Evil.

No. 1373034


More men know that women have it more unfair and less than men, they just don't let on that they know because it's fun to them, to keep the misogyny going and make sure women still get short end of stick, it secretly makes them feel smug despite getting no bitches at the end of the day, that's why they play dumb when women complain sometimes

No. 1373044

Ironically, women could feel sadistic towards their male partners and not have it be about hating men in general, but any man who wants to hurt a woman sexually inherently hates all women and wants to take out his failures on her by beating her. Men are so pathetic.

No. 1373152

tbh anon that's the reason for most pedophilia. also, most pedophiles are sadistic (pedophilia itself is sadistic, but im referring to cp often containing snuff themes)

No. 1373205

Extremely late but I think you're taking what people write here too literally. We don't think a council of men got together one day and just made up religion precisely to suppress women, rather, their beliefs about women (which come from their reproductive strategy), affected the way they saw the world and any mystical/religious interpretations of it. "Men created religion to oppress women" is a deconstruction that helps reveal the underlying nature of males. Religion serves to aid men in their reproductive strategy, but obviously they genuinely believe in it and don't see it that way themselves.

No. 1373216

people really think any prevailing belief in society is a result of everyone literally sitting down and voting on it lmfao

No. 1374083

Excuse the link, I'm on mobile, but this fucking disgusting piece of shit's wife died, and instead of comforting his daughter, he abandoned her for his new girlfriend.


No. 1374094

The daughters of men are nothing more to them than puppies they can use to get sympathy from women who simp for single dads. I get it's been 5 years, but not having a mother is fucking heavy, especially at Christmas. I also don't understand why there are so many women who are literally jealous of the daughters and hate them, even though the dad doesn't even treat them that well, so what the fuck is there to be jealous of? My father did this too for the first decade of my life, just dump me at my grandparents, unless to take to the park or swimmingpool again to try to find a new pickme.

No. 1374161

>For the first decade of my life
It's extremely common for fathers to completely ignore their daughters until they start hitting puberty, then the covert/emotional incest begins. They only pay attention to their daughters when they can fantasize about being seen as a "couple" by others, or just serving their fucked up moid pedosexualities.
I hate men so much.

No. 1374180

I have heard of too many stories where a mother dies and the father just leaves the daughter/s to fend for themselves, or just demands they completely take over domestic chores/cooking/planning. Even serving the father and cleaning up after him like a dutiful wife would.

The replies on this thread are critical of the dad but whenever the subject of op raising herself from 10 years old, they blame it on his "untreated depression and trauma". I'm just honestly tired of men using their mental health as an excuse to be lazy. The simple truth is that the majority of men, if left on their own, won't do jack shit when it comes to maintaining their home life. This moid went catatonic until he met his new girlfriend, then was reinspired, but only through his dick. Moids only care about getting serviced by women and if there's no woman there to serve them they basically go on standby mode and let themselves rot in filth and entitlement. I feel sad for any children who are caught up in their self pitying bullshit.

No. 1374813

I get the feeling that the trashy girlfriend must have been both a lot younger than the father, and extremely immature and stupid on top of that. If he had been dating a woman in his own age range, she probably would have understood tact and decorum. I wonder if that same situation is quite common, 40+ year old men dating grossly immature 30~ year old women who behave even worse than the actual stepchildren. Being a pickme is truly a hell of your own creation.

No. 1374814

It's almost as if primate males aren't actually meant to be a part of family units and this will happen every time they're near children. Humans are not birds lmfao

No. 1374893

>reddit spends weeks (rightfully) angry and outraged about the Iranian woman killed for her hijab not being correct
>Switzerland proposes to fine anyone wearing niquab to discourage the worst of these practices from taking root in Europe
>reddit (2x) is crying and calling it racist
I'm so angry nonnas. And if you disagree with these morons you get downvoted into oblivion. Islam is fundamentally anti-woman. It's what scrotes use to enslave women. It isn't "racism" when everyone from asians to blacks, whites, and MENA can be muslim. it's a religion, and a CHOICE–it actually IS okay to speak out against it. they certainly never hesitate to put Christianity on blast but when anyone criticizes islam, even when women are being murdered because of islam, reddit cries and goes into b&spam mode. I hate these retarded cowards. They beat on Christianity all day but piss their pants if someone says Islam is misogynistic. I might even get a ban here for saying this and I ask mods to spend a moment thinking before they do so, because once again, disliking the practices of a certain religion is NOT in any way racist.

If you actually read the koran, women in islam have fewer rights than dogs.

No. 1374897

i will never understand this, specially because Europe had a ton of terrorist attacks, does anyone remember that time a french(?) teacher got beheaded for saying something against Islam?. sometimes it trully feels like clownworld, i hope they pass the law and the moids that are against it can cope and seethe.

No. 1374905

Je suis Charlie.

No. 1374915

the cognitive dissonance of claiming that women should never be treated as inferior and then ignoring the fact that muslim women aren’t allowed to show basically any part of their body is astounding. it’s one of reddit’s favorite contradictions, right behind claiming that gender roles don’t exist yet believing trannies are trans because they don’t act like their gender.

No. 1375130

>nooo! You can’t make women wear niquabs you’re oppressing them!
>literally fines for the women wearing the niquab, male relatives who are enforcing this with violence and death threats sget off Scott free

It is fucking racist. That’s coming from a loud and proud islamaphobe. It does nothing to actually protect women and girls and just serves to persecute them even further.

No. 1375143

File: 1665825509107.jpeg (334.96 KB, 640x1008, C94F7700-6B7F-4A46-AA8B-30C928…)

Just found this gem on r/Antipornography. Apparently liking grey sweatpants is a fetish, induced by pornography that exploits men….

No. 1375144

File: 1665825555521.jpeg (212.4 KB, 640x654, 88B5E96C-8978-4F05-ADBE-FAB7A3…)

No. 1375145

File: 1665825759458.jpeg (290.89 KB, 640x838, AAFA9FEB-158F-459C-8987-C61DE3…)

No. 1375148

Yes it is flattering if it comes from a woman, because there's no creep factor and scrotes are privileged af for the attention they get

No. 1375150

sounds more like a humblebrag about having a big dick

No. 1375191


No. 1375199

Maybe he should've covered up. He basically had his dick out, maybe next time don't dress like a slut, idk.

No. 1375213

I agree. It creates a real conundrum for Muslim raised women in the West, either cover yourself in public and risk problems with the local law or go out uncovered and risk getting honor killed if some scrote in your family finds out. I hate that this conversation (among many others such as "sex work") is so centered around "women's choices" and conveniently avoiding to mention the whole patriarchal context.

No. 1375222

>''women never compliment me so i am going to shoot a campus to show those whores!!1''
>also men
>''nooo you can't sexualise me and tell me i am hot, that makes me uncomfy ''
Men complain about women being ''difficult to understand'' but they are way worse.

No. 1375232

>as a giant stereotypical chad with a monster dong that all the ladies want
Smells like a very pathetic larp, why even mention his height and body type?

No. 1375233

No. 1375265

Who even cares about dick? Like I could understand some woman who has a crush on him snapping a creepshot, but why the hell would it ever take off, dick is cheap and abundant and is incredibly uninteresting if you're not into the person. I have a hard time believing anyone would care.

No. 1375324

File: 1665841480897.png (31.08 KB, 445x311, 40FF4371-E3A1-4F7D-9AF2-FAA39A…)

no saving reddit

No. 1375326

If there is such a thing as "grey sweatpants porn" (doubt) it's definitely not because women are asking for it, it's made for gay men. Por isn't made for women.

No. 1375327

Reddit try not to be pedophiles (IMPOSSIBLE challenge edition!)

No. 1375439

Honestly the zoomette fashion of wearing a bra as a shirt is disgusting. I feel like a grandma for saying this, but modesty is a good thing. No one wants to see this shit. Please put some clothes on and stop walking around in your underwear. I think we can talk about covering up people's genitals for the sake of public decency without it being anti-woman. If men were running around in a speedo I would have the same feelings. It's not cool, it's fucking gross and trashy. I'm just thankful men's clothing generally covers everything. If I had to go outside and see some moid with as much body hair as a bear strutting around in a bra-shirt I would dry heave.

No. 1375552

Yeah I'm very much anti-purity bullshit but women getting progressively way more nude than men in the newer fashion doesn't sit well with me. Too much of anything isn't good, I wish women settled in the middle ground of not being overly-modest but not going out basically naked in usually pretty uncomfortable and wardrobe-malfunction-prone clothes when compared to men.

No. 1375575

>Creepshot of you spreading across campus
Not only is this a larp but someone who doesn't know how college works lmao. Usually cliques all stay together. No one outside of RAs will have the numbers of everyone and know them on a first name enough basis to send creepshots too. I wish someone would call his ass out

No. 1375577

On top of that it's usually for moids pleasure. They're basically turning the entire world into a free strip club for moids, moids have gotten to the point where seeing women nude is no longer a treat for them but they all think they're big time pumps who judge and tear apart women's bodies. These same women will wonder why they're being torn to shreds by men over their body after desensitizing them to it. The worse ones are the zoomers who fake extreme proportions as well

No. 1375582

File: 1665858671255.jpeg (912.73 KB, 828x1238, ED174E4A-6130-4096-9993-B90322…)

Everyone on Reddit is lying 100% of the time so there’s no use in taking anything they write at face value but I imagine he’s larping this post.

No. 1375584

yeah i hate it not bc of puritanical shit but bc its a fucking moid psyop. young boys and men do not get sold shirts to wear that expose their whole midriff or dip down below their hips.

No. 1375607

Manosphere men are very self-righteous and greedy cretin, they need to find Jesus to change habits,

because it is said only rich and successful ppl become that way because they made deal with Sat-n for their selfish instant gratification of their wants. Though its not good advice and they will lose because Jesus always wins.

Nasty moids who keep on working and still cannot start a business after their labours may fall for that unfortunately, that's why reformed Christian men tell their stories of meeting masons and those celebrities with connections to S—- and say go to Jesus instead.

No. 1375609

I made a deal with satan to get a girlfriend or become a witch and I got neither, will Jesus help me?

No. 1375610

File: 1665860229985.png (430.68 KB, 640x621, FC3140BE-AFFA-4E35-BAFA-D46940…)

You can say Satan here nonna

No. 1375613

nonna i'm so high i've read your post like three times now and i still haven't fully gotten it

No. 1375622

Some jeebus shit pay it no mind

No. 1375650

this post is hilarious

No. 1375675

I fear for the upcoming trends because I've seen both low rise pants and ultra mini skirts making a legit comeback while the crop top or straight up bra fashion is still sticking and at this point a swimsuit covers more

No. 1375684

Oh wow another post on the internet that pretends to care about men but is really just an excuse to shit on women. As if teen girls on tiktok have any power or pose any threat whatsoever. It's all so tiresome and transparent.

No. 1375689

So, he knowingly went out in grey sweatpants?

No. 1375697

it's so hard to find normal clothes that fit and cover the body

No. 1375700

it really is, any time I see a vaguely cute top it's cropped. And I've already been cursed with a long torso so it looks extra ass on me even outside of not having a flat stomach.

No. 1375703

Cropped or off-shoulder (or both). I really hate how the past 3 years all summer clothes were off-shoulder. Its a trend only for women who dont need a bra. Most fashion is made for flat women only.

No. 1375737

nta. i live in a cold environment. i need clothing to keep warm. crop tops are worse than nothing. i want practical clothing! i thought we were making progress with the return of high rise jeans but NOPE. Meanwhile the japanese are wearing full on victorian frilly outfits that are adorable and warm looking while westerners get sold a polyester bra-shirt covered in glitter for $50.

i'm also tired of seeing fatty-chans stuffing themselves into a crop top + yoga pants to highlight the fupa lump. these fashions look terrible on 90% of people who try to wear them. i'm traumatized.

No. 1375807

Cold environment here too. Basically all my clothes are from thrift stores, and unless I have to visit the office for work I wear hoodies, sweatpants or thermal leggings everywhere. Screw fashion. It's time to just be comfortable.

No. 1375817

I got small tits and I dont even like off shoulder because one side will fall way more or they scrunch back up to your neckline the moment you move your arms. They're uncomfortable, cold shoulder tops looks stupid imo too so it's better to just wear sleeves or very thin straps. No sleeve shirts dont stay on well unless it's a tube top but that's uncomfy to me.

No. 1375822

I live in a hot environment, like 110°F+ on a normal summer day, I've heard so many of them say stuff like "it's hot out this is just appropriate clothing" but like, no? If fatass moids can wear the same stupid spiderman shirt and cargo shorts then you aren't going to die of heat stroke because you wear something other than a bra and daisy dukes with half your ass hanging out. I couldn't even imagine living in a cold climate and still choosing to walk around half naked. Ofc there's that stereotype about Russian women walking around in a tight slutty dress in the snow but at least Russians tend to wear outfits that are put together and decent looking, Americans and Brits will dress slutty and it also looks like they robbed an AliExpress reject bin. And then they also use the "you're just jealous your SO is looking" and it's funny especially when they use it on lesbians or woman who are single. Even if it was true why would you pride yourself and being a pawn to another womans relationship problems? Especially since men will often use these women as tools to emotionally abuse their wives or girlfriend like "oh why don't you look like that? Why don't you dress like that?"

No. 1375827

>Cropped and off shoulder clothes are for flat women

No. 1375840

nta but how don't you see how those clothes could be an ill fit for an anon with big/saggier breasts vs a flatter anon

No. 1375856

File: 1665874248517.jpg (399.3 KB, 1200x1800, emily_ratajkowski_3296.jpg)

Why would it be? I have large breasts and had no problem wearing off shoulder and crop tops. Unless you're using large breasted as interchangeable with fat as I've seen a lot of people do when they say different things are unflattering on them

No. 1375879

>Americans and Brits will dress slutty and then they also use the "you're just jealous your SO is looking"
Why are you bothering random women about their outfits?

No. 1375883

Do you live under a rock? You don't have to bother them they'll just make up hypothetical situations and pride themselves on the idea that other women's husbands and boyfriends are gawking at them. You don't even have to say a single word before they start sperging about how "your boyfriend thinks I'm hot"

No. 1375891

it's good that women in the west can dress in whatever way they like instead of having to stick to adorable victorian frilly outfits (meaning loose and every cm covered. it's shocking how much japan regressed when it comes to that) or forcing themselves into dress + heels + makeup 24/7 (or get called uggo and manly otherwise)

No. 1375922

I have to agree. It sucks that it's hard to find clothes that cover everything without having to resort to wearing more matronly looking clothes. I just want shirt to be normal length, especially since not everyone looks good in high waist to compensate for the lack of fabric on top. I am also tired of seeing women with their guts hanging out of their shirts too, i don't understand why so many american women are so comfortable dressing like that, it's disgusting. Just wear a normal size shirt for fucks sake, crop tops don't look good on flabby/fat people.

No. 1375924

No, i agree too. Imo, all these rules about banning islamic imagery is ALWAYS centred around women, they don't do shit to protect them and help them be free from their religion. This along with the backlash against the "burkini" is just a psyop by moids just to make arab women get their tits out imo. Why else would they care?

No. 1375928

>men will often use these women as tools to emotionally abuse their wives or girlfriend like "oh why don't you look like that? Why don't you dress like that?"

And yet when their girlfriends and wives do dress like that for a girls night they berate her for dressing “slutty”

No. 1375954

Or when they do thing to look like that such as yoga, hair extension, false eyelashes, etc the moids just bitch about how fake/high maintenance she is. You can never win

No. 1375960

File: 1665885428029.png (1.58 MB, 1288x854, soyshed.png)

(image not made by me)
Imagine this is your husband.

No. 1375961

You're right nona its insane

No. 1376021

Good god this is giving me flashbacks to exes, moids today truly are the most pathetic out of all men

No. 1376023

i am going to throw up

No. 1376027

You just know he spends every waking (and maybe even sleeping) moment in there to avoid doing his share of parental duties

No. 1376029

Wow. Just wow. Unless he makes enough to hire people to help out or has an amazing support system his wife should leave his ass on the spot. He literally had to spend the vast majority of her time pregnant and postpartum to build a coom cave. This makes me grateful my husband took over vast majority of the duties the first few months postpartum even though I had it "easy" in comparison to other births but it will still extremely brutal on my body. I wanted to scream anytime I walked and I had first degree tearing ffs, I couldn't imagine being forced to get up and walk to change, feed, get food and water, bathe baby, basically 24/7 all because your husband wanted to play video games

No. 1376140

File: 1665902383283.jpg (119.23 KB, 600x757, 1971.jpg)

Look at the ceiling. He covered the walls and ceiling with sheets of soft vinyl flooring.
I went from loving fashion to fucking hating fashion. It's a chore to find anything affordable that isn't ironic ugly hipster shit, cheap spandex bodycon shit, or cheap oversized shapeless and cropped polyester shit, or both at the same time. I can make things, but that's too much work for ordinary everyday wear. And nobody sells decent pants or jeans anymore.

No. 1376146

you really think the average Japanese woman wears Lolita?

No. 1376172

>I can be as loud as I want
Headsets exist, so the only way you'd bother anyone is if you rage and punch the wall or scream the N-word during a match. I don't hear about women in gaming needing fucking rage cells.

No. 1376179

File: 1665905095922.jpg (124.13 KB, 1045x777, iykyk.jpg)

I have a solution for the wife, if you know, you know

No. 1376185

I hate how men think its cutesy that they have families and then go to lengths to spend as little time as possible with them

No. 1376187

idgi but I really want in on the joke

No. 1376203

I found the post, he said he spent 16k on this little project.

No. 1376213

JFC. $16k and the ceiling is sagging because he used the plastic sheets meant for the floor. And I bet the poor kid will have zero college fund in 18 years.

No. 1376252

based as fuck

you obvs aren't a COOL GIRL gone girl by gillian flynn monologue, almost based beyond reason

No. 1376454

Thanks for the free birth control. Holy fuck.

No. 1376496

How do you spend 16k on literally a shed with vinyl flooring as the walls. He didn't even build it himself, he contracted out all the labor so he wouldn't injure his soft pudding gamer hands, that's the only way to explain the cost. And the contractors took him to the cleaners. The dope doesn't even know the value of labor.
He really is doing it just to get out of childcare. 2x is right. Men are lazy worthless garbage with too many attached teeth and unbroken bones.

I've seen woman youtubers doing better quality builds for a low budget rental apartment restyle. These girls are slapping up shiplap and running cables. And a scrote pays a contractor to paste plastic flooring to the walls.

No. 1376511

It looks very flammable in there. Interesting.

No. 1376520

File: 1665937307233.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 791.3 KB, 2714x2061, 1F6C275E-2411-4410-B5A4-D09BDA…)

This is what scrotes look at online.

No. 1376521

File: 1665937380727.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 489.67 KB, 2267x1843, 7F64DC84-6F02-45CF-ABD8-C30056…)

moderated by 2 male troons obviously

No. 1376524

File: 1665937562338.png (421.33 KB, 1600x1600, h410-1735.png)

there is only one cure for the xy disorder

No. 1376531

Thanks for the daily blackpill

No. 1376537

You know what's funny? These sorts of things somehow make me want to live more, out of spite, I want to be successful and stay away from moids so all they can do is seethe and fap in their nasty holes.

No. 1376541

Same, kek.

It also convinces me that the whole "hurr don't carry a weapon on you because the attacker might use it against you" is just a conspiracy men use because they're afraid women will stab them to death if they try anything. Like fuck a man who's gonna attack you isn't likely to be armed himself.

No. 1376545

It never makes me feel suicidal, just homicidal. Well I guess more than usual. My grandiose fantasies of success have been shattered by the economy and geopolitical situation, so there is only one other direction my mind can go anymore.
They should be afraid.

No. 1376557

sister, they already cut off their own dicks.

No. 1376559

YES THANK YOU. FUCK any anon who says a woman shouldn't be armed and protect herself. God I absolutely despise the anons who spout that shit. Just because YOU have the motor skills of a box turtle doesn't mean the rest of us do, you fucking mouthbreather.

No. 1376560

I wasn't talking about that, because that's still not the cure. Gotta apply it to the neck.

No. 1376563

I did it, I reported the app to apple's AppStore, I just can't believe they let these moids stay there when they're giving tips to rape women. If they ask for screenshots I will send them, I don't care, Reddit isn't a funnee meme page, it's a porn website and it has been so since the very beginnings of the app.

No. 1376576

Same, nonny. If I got rock bottom I will start burning down rich neighborhoods. Killing myself doesn't cross my mind anymore. I'm just too angry.

No. 1376579

this is fucking embarrassing, anon. reddit is a shithole but you sound idiotic.

No. 1376587

Nta but she's based.

No. 1376593

thinking that apple gives a fuck about men on reddit being a danger to women isn't based, it's beyond naive.

No. 1376598

Ngl kind of an autistic reason to get uppity. Who gives a fuck, at least that anon did something. I'm gonna start calling everyone who recycles a retard because they'll never reverse global warming top kek.

No. 1376602

she's based and you're lazy. all scrotes should be reported to all applicable authorities whenever opportunity arises. they're scrotes, so you know they're up to something evil.

No. 1376613

i disagree, the illusion of doing something isn't the same as doing it, it just makes you feel better.

No. 1376619

If you really want to do something, see subreddit above. They have gotten some of the misogynistic subreddits banned.

FYI, going there will make you hate reddit more than you thought was possible.

No. 1376631

Oh wow, had no idea that sub was still around, cool. I had assumed they would've nuked it by now.

No. 1376661

Creating an account feels disgusting, but I will give it a try. I just don't want to support a pedo moid tranny with a pedo moid father that tortures children in his attic.

No. 1376787

File: 1665952860685.jpeg (286.01 KB, 750x1032, DB93024D-FBDD-42F8-BEC5-B8C7C6…)

Just saw this post in breakingmom and it made me rage. The absolute leniency shes giving this loser. Most of the comments are telling her to prepare for the worst in child support since so many deadbeats weasel out of it


No. 1376788

File: 1665952910687.jpeg (332.95 KB, 750x1030, 7EC55693-596C-45BE-AAEE-76B5CA…)

>What he needs is important to me. If he preferred I live closer, or if he wants to be involved, to let me know

Girl what

No. 1376789

File: 1665952932900.jpeg (258.54 KB, 750x1030, D4DDC6A5-18AA-4101-B5B6-832DEC…)

No. 1376799

Men don't give a shit about being in a better position. He probably just wanted to fuck around with crusty street thots and take no responsibility for it

No. 1376814

> telling her to prepare for the worst in child support
She’s less than 5 weeks pregnant, worry less about child support and start making an appointment to an abortion clinic. The male was showing his worth from before he even knew she was pregnant and now she’s going to raise a kid alone with 50% of those shitty genes.

No. 1376840

I didnt think about that anon but good point. She initially said she doesnt want an abortion but its so early she could change her mins or, though unfortunate, miscarry.

No. 1376841

Men like this are such fucking losers. Cowardly whining in a corner about how sad they are and not even doing the bare minimum for anyone else. They put on this self pitying act to deflect criticism but in reality everyone just keeps quit about the fact that no one likes them kek.

No. 1376843

This woman is giving him an insane amount of understanding and kindness that he doesn’t deserve and he can’t even be fucked to respond back to her.

No. 1376844

Why don't you kill yourself and find out whether 70 virgins will greet you in heaven, mudslime scrote?

No. 1376858

If anyone crosses your boundaries, never hesitate. I don’t regret injuring someone who tried to hurt me. He deserved worse. Turn off your empathy. American women, carry guns, because at least you can. Women have been assaulted in their own houses here and we couldn’t do shit, only men get illegal guns.

No. 1376865

No. 1376919

The MaleSuperiority one in the bottom left corner is so ridiculous
>most users are female
>includes sissy kink

No. 1377020

I remember a few years ago I found a network of subreddits revolving around banning shotacon/cancelling shotacon artists. It was full of anime porn (older women with boys exclusively)with replies and titles like “omg this is so disgusting”. Also trying to “see the signs” for shotacon women and “how to avoid them”. The overwhelming majority of users were underage boys.

Something about a bunch of porn addicted zoomer boys playing coy/hard to get for a fantasy hot pedophile gf is funny, honestly.

No. 1377049

Jesus you have the worst reading