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File: 1633621843032.jpg (211.06 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

No. 1343109

Indigo White is a 25 year-old porn actress ("model") who lives in the United States

-Hates on feminists (only to admit she did it to gain more male followers)
-Complains that Belle Delphine does pedobaiting but makes porn videos cosplaying 12-15 year old characters
-Used to be a SJW and now it's a trad thot
-Wants to be a meme,apparently
-White nationalist
-Covered up p3dos several times
-Sell lousy content at a premium prices just because it comes from her
-Try to look super traditional and soft to attract more misogynistic guys

Social media:


No. 1343112

She also complained on twitter that a man asked her for a video of acting like a little girl since she constantly sexualizes the "little sister" thing and openly supports Shadman.(learn2sage)

No. 1343114

post caps

No. 1343123

File: 1633622743391.jpg (2.86 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_10-07-01.03.45.jpg)

Some of her PH titles

No. 1343128

Also (again) Indigo along with others did a p3doph1li4 investigation to Ethan Ralph and Andy Warski, who literally transmitted and contacted Indigo But then the p3dos dispersed because Andy's mess from a stream tipped them off,and Indigo repeatedly denied knowing about it.

No. 1343134

You won’t get 84nn3d for talking about pedophiles being pedos and trying to make stories about raping children, anon. Type like a normal person.

No. 1343143

I remember seeing on Twitter of her saying that she wants to be an SJW again

No. 1343152


No. 1343157

She made a "Valentine's Shop" selling a set of panties,a card and chocolate for over 100 dollars,later she changed it to 74 and then she deleted the item and shop xd

No. 1343178

Doesn't Indigo have an old thread already? Or was she only posted about in the old tradthot threads when she was doing the right wing thing?

No. 1343182

I did this bc i didnt find an Indigowhite thread

No. 1343186

she used to do cosplays of his loli characters right? what a creepy weirdo

No. 1343189

She cosplayed Louise Belcher,isnt she like 10 yo?
But then she is like "DDLG is for pedos"

No. 1343197

File: 1633631109947.jpeg (46.07 KB, 500x889, image-asset.jpeg)

And then does a porn video in a platelet cosplay. Makes sense to me
(I know she is trying to be a meme)

No. 1343198

It's quite ironic that she sends hate towards other SWs but complains when they hate her for it.
Its also ironic that she is "conservative" and anti-feminism, but she does porn.

No. 1343203

Put “sage” in the email field if you’re not posting milk for christ sake maybe real the rules before making a thread newfag

No. 1343216

Indigo more than once had to put her twitter account in private for saying racist things and hiding that "it's dark humor" And doesn't she gets along with Dolly Mattel?
She also insulted sex workers missgender them. She shields herself with "I'm gay" "I'm bi". For some reason she put her twitter in private so many times and deleted so many tweets.(back2twitter)

No. 1343239

I remember her having a massive vendetta against belle delphine, is she still on that?

No. 1343330

Oh I remember her. Her voice is annoying.

No. 1343357

I know she was discussed in tradthots several threads ago. Is there any new milk?

No. 1343391

Also mentioned in the Nick The Oreo Thread (Indigo is brought up fairly briefly). Indigo was on the stream with Ralph and Andy. They edited and then showed pictures of several of the girls in the CP Megafolder as examples. The Pedo's started deleting their accounts/links to files etc while the stream was going much to their amusement. Null later pointed out on AugieRFC's "Twoon's Response" stream that the group may have broken up a FBI "honeypot" to lure in predators in an effort to go find and go after the people actually making the CP. Indigo disappeared after the Andy/Ralph stream back to making porn.

Tin-foil: Given what we know about Indigo from her Trad Thot Threads, YT Stuff and her own work it is possible that she may have seen these girls as competition given a lot of her porn videos have themes like DDLG, "Little Sister", cosplays as underage characters, Shadman Fan stuff, etc. She might have been using the YTers to get rid of what she saw as competition, which she probably sees as unfair since pedos would probably be more into actual underage girls then an of age woman playing as one.


She also if I recall correct had a massive hate-on for Bell Delphine at the time of her Trad Thot threads. At the time Bell had yet to get into actual sex work and between that and the fact that Bell appealed to a lot of the same sort of audience Indigo was trying for only without (at the time) taking her clothes off of having sex that used to drive Indigo into all sorts of raging spurg outs some of which are documented in the trad thot threads.


You have to remember that at the time Conservatives were less outspoken anti-porn then now. There are several posts in her trad thot threads of her promoting Trump for example back before the anti-porn thing really blew up to how it is now.

No idea what she's been up to recently but she hasn't been mentioned in the trad thot threads for a minute now. Judging from the OP it sounds like she's still doing the same SW and so on she did before.

No. 1343392

thought I saged apologies if this bumped the thread at all.

No. 1343582

The following is a series of links to Indigo White's first mention in the Trad Thot threads. I included a link to the thread as well as links to all of the posts just about her for those whom don't want to dig through everything.

First mention of Indigo in the "Tradthot General #2 Thread.
Link to thread: >>684719

Initial reaction by an anon
Photo/screenshots of Indigo

Anon reactions to the image dump of Indigo

Anon links a "why I'm no longer a feminist" Indigo video

Another anon reaction to the photo dump

And another with link from anon whom says Indigo told her discord she plans to make Nazi Porn.

More anon discussion of Indigo

anon links a Indigo White video where she spergs out on Belle Delphine

more thoughts in Indigo from anons

Indigo makes a "sub2poodz" video on Pornhub

Indigo does a shadman style Monika cos-play

More discussion Trump vs Alt-Right values and Belle vs Indigo

Anon links more screen shots of Indigo talking about Belle


More Indigo VS Belle anon talk/screenshots and Indigo's fans start to get fed up with Idigo's Belle posts

Anon links a video of Indigo talking about Belle.


More discussion on Indigo's Belle obsession by anons and also her "pedo pandering" vs her "tracking down internet pedos" with screen shots etc.

Belle finally blocks Indigo

Indigo makes a video telling people from her early life not to watch her porn videos

anons react plus the Belle/Indigo thing cont.

Indigo's twitter suspended again anons react

Indigo makes a new twitter lols are had by all

Video calling out Indigo

Anons discuss and compare Indigo's earlier years with now w/photos info etc.

anon posts pics/info on her connection to Shadbase

More anon discussion/photos of Indigo and her connections to Shad, Alt-Right, Belle, etc.


The insta Pedo hunt with links to the videos/dowloads and anon reactions

Indigo on Pewds plus anon reactions

No. 1343586

File: 1633676638169.gif (2.03 MB, 498x498, patpatpatpat.gif)

Wow! Thank you very much, nonnie!

No. 1343594


Your very welcome. I'll dig through the other trad thot threads but I believe #3 is the only one where she is mentioned in any detail I'll post the links to that too since the original farmers did all the work and always wanted to start a Indigo thread I thought they might be happy to be included.

No. 1343652

This is the second Tradthots thread in which Indigo White appeared, if rather briefly. I will double check but as far as I know this is the last time she's been mentioned until this thread.

Link to Tradthots #3 thread

anon mentions Idigo's two ban evasion twitter accounts

Link to the pedo hunting stream and another link with added context

Anon posts screen shot of Indigo liking Ethan Ralph's tweets about the pedo hunting stream

Indigo is spotted liking Shay's posts

Indigo fan makes a song about her and Belle

Screenshot of Indigo saying she doesn't want to incite further "hate mob" by edgy posts

Raven Sparks makes a post about Indigo

Indigo on the Shane Dawson cat thing and his black face videos


Indigo's take on "free the nipples" liberals.
and anon reactions

Indigo wants Shadbase to follow her again

Indigo on the "golden n word pass"


Indigo feels like it's 1984 at least for her plus anon reactions


Indigo retweets Kaya Jones' take on Hollywood
plus anon reactions and discussion of Jones

possible unrelated post but it does mention Shadman AKA Shadbase and as far as I can make out Indigo was the only tradthot with a shadbase thing so probably refers to her?


Indigo considers deleting her subreddit


anon posts a representation of Indigo White. plus anon reactions

No. 1343705

Link to tradthots #5 >>1065805

She has a brief mention in Tradthot Thread #5


anon posts Indigo White doing a cos-play plus anons react

No. 1796548

File: 1679964046912.png (428.92 KB, 839x571, 1679762714694.png)

No. 1796624

kek i got a good chuckle out of this. "i just woke up one day and my brain decided i was a man"… cosplay well must finally be running dry. it's much easier to just to shove a fake chub in your pants anyways i'm sure. get that bag tho. unrelated but every time i see edit-chan post in the belle delphine thread I assume it's this idiot.

No. 1798256

Sounds about right kek

Hope she ruins her body and "career" with hormones. Gross ass bandwagon bitch.

No. 1869342

Lol she still does porn
>often very fem still(necro)

No. 1869981

>"for the boy version keep watching, for the girl version go to this timestamp"
>reverse trap
>femboy hooters
>binder, boob tape, packer
her commitment to the grift is admirable. let's see her ruin her body like >>1798256 said

No. 1897730

>White nationalist

White supremacist*

No. 1898681

Wow, all that bump and no milk.

No. 1902727

I wonder why cam girls/porn stars are embracing pronouns another similar one Lana Bee has as well(sage your shit)

No. 1909172

A lot of moids have a kink for enbies and troons, their addictions causes them to constantly seek out novelty and weird things

No. 1909870

I feel like it's more that she equates her pornsickness to being male, probably fantasizes about being the guy to some extent, but doesn't sincerely want to transition. Definitely a grift though.

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