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File: 1578543435546.jpeg (985.16 KB, 3128x2952, D946B0D6-324A-4AF7-BFC6-69891B…)

No. 915439

Current -
Instagram: @puppygrl, @warmmilkies
Twitter: @pwurrs
Tumblr: @warmmilky
Soundcloud: @warmmilky

Past -
Instagram: @pwurring, @purinpet, @puppygrl, @pocketsizee, @piglwet, @angrwy, @littolest, @prwotect, @kittyggrl, @pupgrrl, @kttiey, @churchgrl, @69angelonline, @scarlctt, @irlbby, @barbiedreamcoffin, @kittiey, @bladegrl, @girlfromthegrave, @scarlettsblade
Twitter: @shypurr, @pwurrs, @maidpurr, @ekittyprwincess
Tumblr: @strawpurries

> 19 year old agere/petre NEET, self proclaimed "legal loli"
> serial photoshopper, copycat, and liar
> doxes people, steals/copies pics and art
> skinwalks every agere/“nymphet” girl even when they beg her to stop, threatens suicide on her ig story if anyone calls her out
> rich mummy and daddy pay for everything
> “don’t talk about my rape or trauma” but mentions it at least once a week
> claims that her entire bone structure, height has changed so much in 3 years that she looks like completely different person
> claims to be anti-ddlg/pet play/kink yet posts that exact content on her nsfw accounts
> calls people out for doing the exact same shit she does
> regularly cusses people out for defending the person she's currently skinwalking despite her ~uwuwu i'm so sweet~ persona
> public sperg posts on the daily
> flirts with other girl's boyfriends on twitter, doesn't understand why nobody wants to be friends with her
> makes alt accounts to harass people who have blocked her
> "i'm sooo shy, insecure, & inexperienced compared to the rest of you~”; goes on to talk about her obscure fetishes, has been posting underaged lewds for years, whines if it doesn't get enough likes/rts
> uses manipulation and passive aggression get away with being a scumbag and seen like a “widdle babie”
> wannarexic; posts aggressively angled / shooped photos that make her look underweight along with captions about how she's starting a "weight loss journey”, bodychecks with captions about how her “bones are starting stick out”

> deactivating, changing and moving her accounts between twitter and Instagram
> skinwalks other agree/petre thots
> buys exact outfits, copies watermarks and poses in photos
> starts getting called out by twitter thots
> master thread made about Erin
> chased off NSFW twitter with torches and pitchforks !!
> strange influx of newfags to the thread because of cowtipping
> “RIP ERIN PAINTER” account
> posts “unedited” “no makeup” pics but is clearly wearing a wig, makeup, eyeliner/lashes and her nose is heavily edited with 70000 snow filters on top
> “I’m ewins fweind and her vwoice sounds the same unwess she gets mad at video game or somethin” - SELF POST
> Cinawoll chronicles!!! Erin Painter self posting in both her own and nymphet soft girls thread! banned by mods. uses a cheap VPN to come back. mods tag all her selfposts, she shits herself and deactivates all social media for a “break”
> “break” lasts not even 12 hours and is back to baiting
> literally useless at FFXIV but is such a uwu gamer gurrrrrlll
> “I don’t look at the thread” but has to prove the meanies wrong within an hour of anything being posted
> given up separating her NSFW and SFW accounts
> “I can’t handle college” but “I’m moving to the city in my own apartment and mummy is gonna pay for me eeeee!”
> rich parents paid for lasik eye surgery, now asking for a nosejob
> “I have a learning disability”
> posts the most unedited photos to date. looks like a complete different person and lives up to her goblina title!

> instagram story sperging never ends
> instantly responds to lolcow posts publicly to prove the big meanies wrong
> self post conspiracies
> “I have a spare room to use for my own space” stores her 100s of plushies on the bed
> “fake” @pocketsizee account sperg
> no cursing rule is suddenly revoked
> constant twitter diary sperging
> forever claims she never mentioned “daddy” or posted anything “ddlg”
> continues to follow and interact with ddlg accounts
> “stop mentioning my rape or trauma” but continues to talk about it every chance she gets
> considers her online discord daddy relationship as part of her trauma. dedicated and spent “every waking minute with him” but it was an online relationship?
> seems to have literally no friends
> didn’t know what “knotting” (beastiality) was but says it was one of her kinks. a followers come forward and lets her know how stupid she is. cue another sperg.
> someone posts her before/after photoshops on reddit, gets thousands of upvotes
> apparently is going to a “state college” but never mentions it again
> apparently is going to “therapy” but never mentions it again
> starts making “music” on garage band, all are covers but never says so to make it seem like they’re her own songs
> “I’m German”
> song no.2, somehow worse than the first
> tried to make clay food, failed and has a breakdown ??
> defends some twitter daddy pedophile, receives hate then backpedals as usual
> dramatically starts to change her aesthetic
> next skinwalking victim, Maja (@mjolktander/@childoflamb) and possibly Nicole Dollanganger
> styles changes from pink princess loli to hazy cottagecore creepy cute in less than a month
> constantly wealth bragging without even realizing
> “I have to deep clean all my rooms then I get new furniture”
> publicly talks about her trauma as a child on her twitter in almost direct response to the thread followed by a suicide bait
> “peepeepoopoo widdle babi dance puppets dance” manic-sperg on twitter
> publicly talks about her lolcow ban on her story, uploads a screenshot and everything (thanks erin)
> links her followers the thread
> replies to her own posts using one of her 500 accounts because no one cares
> manic replying to the thread on her story instantly after comments being posted
> anons start to get inpatient for the mods revealing erin selfposts
> another terrible song to defer attention
> extreme maja skinwalking, posts almost identical pictures
> another day, another face
> hates children, but age regresses?
> most recent song, attempts “kulning”, fails miserably
> “I have a little bit of Swedish in me!”
> wants to make heavy mental music with soft vocals all of a sudden
> MERRY CHRISTMAS! mods mark all erin painter & “friend” self posts
> multiple posts are revealed in her own threads and the loli soft girls thread
> turns out to be the only comments trying to WK
> uses edgy twitch lingo to try fit in, makes her stand out more
> many posts anons suspected are erin self posts, including the so called male dorm “friend”
> no breakdowns as of yet
> completely changes her art style within a day, artist calls her out saying that she’s improved/changed her style too quickly to be real
> “I post a total of 1% of my life online”

Previous threads -
soft girls thread >>>/snow/879341

No. 915472

File: 1578551235969.jpeg (924.53 KB, 3464x3464, 1FEFC55C-487F-4066-B585-B1A0D8…)

I think she could have potentially copied/traced the left drawing? Same-ish hairstyle, same EXACT face, same pale pink blush on cheeks, the dress is nearly the exact same as well (look at the sleeves and overall shape) same pink on the knees, even the right arm (our right) is literally traced, the more I look at it the more identical they seem….thoughts? The artist on the left is pale-marionette on tumblr

No. 915473

copied/ripped off sure but definitely not traced.

No. 915476

bitches opening images in paint tool sai and alternate between viewing it and a new canvas and have the audacity to call it art

No. 915477

bless you for this thread btw op, good job on the milk rundown

No. 915489

File: 1578555938352.png (13.92 KB, 614x299, erin.png)

lol erin is back, guys. she deleted it right after posting it. do you really have to check if you're banned in your own thread every time, miss "peepee poopoo?"

No. 915492

erin checking to see if her vpn is banned or not kek

No. 915498

sorry LMAO i got banned earlier, i guess someone used my ip and i was checking if i was unbanned

No. 915500

kek. fucking what

No. 915502

isn't it strange how it's always erin threads getting mysteriously bumped with either random single letters or "peepee poopoo"

No. 915514

File: 1578568686260.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 20649E37-24C0-488F-AF84-B58FF5…)

Since when was she this open about her eating disorder?

No. 915520

>"uwu I ate a fruity fruit and a big bowl of sugar cereal with next to no nutritional value give me ass pats pweeease"

Erin wants to pretend she has an eating disorder because girls on the internet who are desperate for attention think that it makes them seem small, weak and helpless.If Erin does have an eating disorder, it's probably more likely she's overeating than undereating.

No. 915538

probably hanging out in the anachan thread kek

No. 915544

most likely, she has been re-branding and I think she'd rather be known for being a proana scumbag rather than a gross baby fetishist.

No. 915551

inb4 tube saga

No. 915556

the wannarexia is strong in erin. it's always the wananrexics who post publicly about this, and of course are always normal weight to fat

No. 915566

File: 1578587493685.jpeg (464.75 KB, 750x955, E03522DE-E61A-4BC1-A1F3-812204…)

No. 915576

No. 915579


She’s also using HoneyLamb’s photo that she tried saying was hers as the songs cover. It’s pretty hypocritical of her to get upset when others repost her artwork/photos without giving her credit when here she is literally doing the exact same. Using someone elses artwork as a cover and reposted it without giving full credit. Erin sweetie, stop being a hypocrite like always.

No. 915587

File: 1578589807725.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 29D1459D-0ADC-40E5-BC91-C3F067…)

>people are commenting mad about me using honeylambs pic

Nobody has even commented anything remotely close to that. She’s stalking the thread yet again.

No. 915594

Does somebody know the name of original track? I really like the music

No. 915596

how deep is your love by calvin harris i think

No. 915619

oh god this is probably the worst one I’ve heard yet. intense mumbling, accidental tempo changes (singing more quickly than the accompaniment sometimes), sounds like she’s gargling her vowels, and then a hundred filters to try to make it sound…aesthetic? or something? please let this dollanganger phase die it’s so painful

No. 915621

I think the thing that makes Erin such a frustrating and cringey cow is that she has all of these resources to put into the hobbies that she attempts (art, music), but because she has husk of a personality and is also afraid of hard work, they’re never going to get better. I don’t think she’s outright tracing most of her art, but just like her music, she fixates on the stylizations of other people instead of actually improving the techniques necessary to make it good. Style over substance, always. She could use her limitless time to practice figure drawing and anatomy, or do vocal exercises/learn music theory, but no. It’s much easier to imitate someone else or slap some reverb on something bad and try to pass it off as an intentional artistic choice.

sage for useless sperging but she’s just such a disappointing individual lol

No. 915642

File: 1578600213978.png (7.11 MB, 1125x2436, CEDA56EF-1ED7-4583-A16D-4DAABA…)

Think that maybe your content isn’t that great? Not everyone is there to lurk on you. I don’t go through an like every photo of everyone im following. Maybe if you had better content, that you didn’t steal or edit to unattractive unnatural ugly, people would like more.

No. 915649

Erin and Nika should collaborate for the mumble high pitch screech soundcloud track of the year

No. 915651

Who is Nika?

No. 915653

dollarama dollanganger strikes again

No. 915669

Sorry, I might have missed it, but where did she say honeylamb's bears were hers? I did see her post them a bit ago, but she said they were from honeylamb somewhere. Not trying to defend a cow, just curious. I know she deletes things (and I miss things because I can't focus on a random cow 24/7), so I probably missed it.

No. 915673


She didn’t say it was hers but she never credited the artists or that the photos belonged to HoneyLambs. She only posted 4 of Honey’s teddy bears and someone commented saying “did you get/buy these from honeylamb” and she replied yes. She never stated in the caption the photos weren’t hers, she also added smart blurr filter to those photos.

No. 915676


Nika is another spam girl that has an annoying high pitch voice, she used to mock Erin for faking her voice and the uwu life. Not sure if she has her own thread but she should since she’s a pro ana drug addiction person that scams her followers constantly.

No. 915692

this thread is so dull lately tbh…pull-tier nitpicking about soap or a picture of a bear. yawn
sage for no contribute

No. 915714

File: 1578608317087.jpeg (173.68 KB, 750x1334, 296E545F-E6CA-41E0-9689-8CA115…)

Was deleting old screenshots and this one still makes me laugh, this was during august and it’s still true till this day.

No. 915725

ehh, I think it might have to do with have shitty Instagrams algorithm and engagement has gotten. Instagram has shot themselves in the foot and really messed w/ the site to the point where your feed is fucked up and you don't see a majority of content people post. saged for slight ot

No. 915728

File: 1578610697145.jpeg (10.03 KB, 168x300, download.jpeg)

I wish someone would. She is a cow that always has fresh milk. Like even today saying she wants shock therapy. If a mod or someone can make a nika petrova that thread it be great.(offtopic)

No. 915730

can someone make one so yall stop posting about her in here.

No. 915751

Not erin but would you guys rather erin go on editing/skin walking because its milkier or rather her fully stop everything shes doing. Imo i like her doing stupid stuff because its entertaining, honestly bugs me that she found out about the thread because of the white knighting and her spamming it. But what do u guys think?

No. 915757

for her mental health, she should delete all social media and just live normally. also get a therapist, a job, go to school… but that’s too much to expect from her.

for my entertainment, though…. i hope she continues being milky

No. 915829

File: 1578623122434.jpeg (61.52 KB, 750x506, F7D17D74-192A-469B-9F47-010837…)

I notice she’s starting to do the “oh yes it was intentional/ :o oh yeah her! I’ve heard of her before years ago” bullshit act again where she just plays innocent about everything or pretends she’s perfect and has never made one mistake before ever lol.

Yeah Erin you were totally off beat on purpose

No. 915869

File: 1578631669682.jpg (84.52 KB, 1080x1263, Screenshot_20200110-153245__01…)

Idk if she's romanticising cranial deformities as apart of her new ~oh so mysterious~ cottagecore aesthetic, or she's genuinely not a very good artist?

Kek. Inb4 she claims to know someone with frontal bossing and is "just spreading awareness" with her artwork uwu

No. 915880

yeah, I literally called this in an earlier post. her singing is way off tempo but iT’s InTEnTiOnAL!! bc she can’t be assed to put any effort into becoming a better musician lmao. oh well, it’s her shooting herself in her own foot but i’m sure she’ll complain about this thread when she doesn’t like the feedback she gets. Or is she still pretending it doesn’t exist so people don’t find out about her selfposting? kek

No. 915888

She’s absolutely refusing to acknowledge the selfposting she was outed for because she knows her followers will come here and read every truth that’s been revealed about her lol

No. 915897

File: 1578640692948.jpeg (214.31 KB, 1125x1621, 20D21DE2-E5A4-4FE0-B45D-8CBEDE…)

She apparently knows how to play guitar now too? I remember her saying piano before. For someone with learning disabilities it’s interesting that she can retain all that info but get easily scared by learning real life skills. I guess it could be like those with autism who pick up on things.

No. 915906


Okay Erin we get it you want all the attention(hi cow)

No. 915930

File: 1578649995147.png (875.2 KB, 750x1334, 9B606086-246C-4B14-A489-FAC09D…)

apparently she’s into slipknot now? since when lmao

No. 916025

sage since i’m just whining but jesus man why is her instagram so blurry?

got brain damage scrolling through it, already lost too many brain cells reading her threads now my eyes are in pain. it’s not even aesthetic it looks like she has her finger clouding her phone camera on each picture like a headass

No. 916049

she uses the soft blur tool on picsart in an attempt to give her pics a ~~soft~~ aesthetic but it’s just ugly.

No. 916064

Her refusal to acknowledge her being exposed for the self-posting is a gift in itself, imo. She's a coward and she knows we won, too scared to acknowledge us again because she knows she lost.

No. 916123

sage for tinfoil but i dont think its a coincidence that the thread got dull as soon as erin was outed as a selfposter

No. 916153

honestly there's no way at this point that she wasn't self posting, like you're telling me all the "anons" who supposedly were posting about her before suddenly left lolcow right after mods marked all of her self posts lol? no way. either she stopped posting here because she knows she was genuinely exposed and mods marked the correct posts this time so she's scared or she only had one or two vpns and they're now both banned and she's too lazy (or dumb) to find a new one.

No. 916162

i think she just hasn’t been as milky lately. she didn’t have a public breakdown this time, so there isn’t really anything to talk about except her instagram stories lmao

No. 916559


I think most of those posts weren’t even her, especially the milky ones. If you think about it why the hell would she keep screenshots of her own posts that are from a year ago? She’s been hated for a long while so it makes sense for her old followers to keep those saved to expose her one day. She hasn’t been posting anything milk worthy because she knows we’re gonna just screenshot and instantly talk about it. Plus she’s obsessed reading whats being said about her so it’s expected she goes silent and then boom drops a milk bomb on her story. I’ve noticed a pattern with her now.

No. 916626

yeah she hasn't been milky so that adds up with how the thread has slowed down. but also, i'm just curious why you think the mods are still wrong about what posts are erins? to me quite a few of them are blatantly typed by her. i think we can all agree 100% that the "guy hanging out with erin at a dorm" who "had to pull her skirt down all the time" was erin trying to push the narrative that she TOTALLY looks like her photoshopped selfies and totally is an irl loli with a "high pitched voice" etc.

No. 916694


Only reason i believe for wrong marking is because some of my posts got marked as erin self posting, but i agree that the male friend bullshit was fake and obviously her. Even if that was true she would’ve mentioned it on her spam during that time but she never did.

No. 916759

File: 1578802730626.jpeg (637.98 KB, 909x1730, 5F0AEED2-6A8A-4F89-92D5-589C9D…)

Gotta love how her followers still aren’t having her epic trolling.

No. 916934


He’s not just a follower, he’s been white knighting her hard. In the last thread he made a tweet about the thread and how childish it was. He’s probably one of her ffxiv boyfriends since he’s dick riding her for awhile.

No. 917061

File: 1578865897197.png (1.56 MB, 2048x2048, 73C379F3-A6DF-4136-9476-C829B3…)

so cringe. back on the prowl to find some twitter daddy dick and he’s hardly acknowledging her.

No. 917062

File: 1578865936417.jpeg (46.59 KB, 747x368, 52B412BB-823F-49A2-8974-AC0F7A…)

“im special uwu”

No. 917085

HAHA fucking erin. huddled up in her ~big~ bedroom, doing nothing all day besides this and eating while she plays children's video games + stalking the local animal shelter playing with cats for free. what other 19 year old lives like this.

also, i feel like she's sort of going back to her old ways. she cooled it for the last few weeks but now the thread is much slower and she's getting less interaction on her accounts so she's lettin the cringy personality back through

No. 917108

File: 1578872968714.png (456.3 KB, 750x1334, F209089F-A096-4E3B-9B30-3AF483…)

by studying does she mean begging twitter daddys to give her attention?(nitpick)

No. 917130

File: 1578874501144.jpeg (244.17 KB, 555x727, 1701EE47-7F0F-4F23-8991-8D9BC2…)

This is just fucking sad, how desperate do you have to be to thirst this publicly with no shame?

I love how she tries to make herself be seen as a tiny little girl, she will LARP as a male friend on a gossip site about her, ”she is sickly thin and has a high pitched voice when she plays games y’all are wrong” shoop herself half her size, pretend to be anorexic or have an ED despite blatantly saying she didn’t have one, contradicting it , “ I only eat a happy meal a day uwu!!! :o”

Bitch why don’t you stop pretending to be a child and go start eating healthy and working out? I know your rich ass can afford healthy meals and a gym plan. You’ll lose some weight, sure but drop this legal loli facade, we all get secondhand embarrassment watching you fake your voice, size and face and lie about your ethnicity and don’t use your bullshit trauma as an excuse for it. We all saw you tease a classmate about her “rape baby” in 2015 which is after your alleged twauma you insensitive ass cunt, using subjects like (fabricated) csa to excuse your shitty pedo ways because you know it’s a cop out and people are too scared to accuse you of lying over something so serious

But LOL at how desperate you are for dick I guess ugly girls gotta go the extra mile, for such bottom of the barrel degenerate twitter daddy doms
-sage for sperg but honestly fuck this bitch

No. 917138

is she even in actual classes for anything because she sure as hell is not suddenly enrolled in college courses lol

No. 917152

If she still has to take her SAT test does that mean she isn’t in college yet? She never enrolled like she said she was going to a while back?

No. 917171

File: 1578877827766.jpeg (807.62 KB, 3000x4000, DDB5D224-2C7C-4D1A-B6C5-D56058…)

Thoughts on her newest ~uwu am just smol delicate loli who bruises easily~ post?

No. 917172

the filters she put over this make her look dead. not a cute photoset

No. 917173

File: 1578878064190.jpeg (965.7 KB, 3000x4000, A76B0AE4-5A5C-4ECE-B8C2-8D36F0…)

I think one of these days she’ll grow out of her animu ways and fake “cottagecore”/maja skinwalking aesthetic and she’s going to change to the ~sick sad pale~ aes from 2014 pro ana girls

No. 917193

the red on her knees isn't even from bruises kek she stood on her knees in the bath to make them bright red for a quick pic

No. 917196

File: 1578880723197.jpg (156.01 KB, 1080x1160, Screenshot_20200113-125453__01…)

Yep, red marks are her new aeStHeTiC kek, so deep

Although her boo-boos aren't going down as well as she'd hoped with the other kids lmao

No. 917197

File: 1578880751749.jpg (219.79 KB, 1080x1546, Screenshot_20200113-125444__01…)

No. 917222

couldnt pics of her bruised veins from the dr’s office be ~triggering~ to past addicts? not that I’M triggered, but since shes a snowflake you’d think that she’d care more about potentially triggering people. she censors the word rape, for fuck’s sake.

No. 917236

File: 1578884073057.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, 596B01D1-98B1-46D7-9632-A3DA43…)

marvelous backtracking! posts pic of arm wound and leg bruises up close this is actually about being healthy. bruises are healthy. im not fat im HEALTHY

No. 917238

those hairy legs tho..

No. 917244

File: 1578886040192.jpg (Spoiler Image,262.38 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_20200112-210534_Ins…)

I'm so tiny. I have to bend my legs that high to lay in the tub. I'm 5'10" I relate so hard. And no you're not just weirdly sitting halfway down the tub, you got long hairy legs, accept it.

No. 917250

>I thought my legs looked healthy

What an odd thing to say.

No. 917253

jumping on the wannabe ana-chan bandwagon maybe? or going for the uwu woe is me i'm so delicate and smol thing still.

No. 917259

yeah she's pretty obviously trying to seem anorexic even though she's not underweight at all. the food post the other day and now posting her legs in a specific position where almost everyone would have a gap lol. it's not a thigh gap erin!

No. 917261

File: 1578888079038.jpg (309.2 KB, 1080x1473, Screenshot_20200112-222053_Ins…)

Omg I'm high. I meant "I'm so tiny" and YET she has to bend her legs to lay in the tub. I have that problem at 5"10. If she was really so smol shed be showing us how huge the tub is with her in it. This looks like an average height and weight girl in a tub. Poor girl is prob bored of her lame self

No. 917271

File: 1578889830633.jpeg (301.56 KB, 750x1095, D21BC773-D820-4CF1-8842-5C678E…)

She's a NEET. All she does is stay in bed. She has no reason to get out. Of course it's fine for her to do this. Most people have jobs or school, Erin. How's that school application going by the way?

No. 917291

You bring up a good point, as if it wasn't already obvious she's "PC" for clout. Girl doesn't even try kek

No. 917374

i think she also may be sitting like that to make her legs look skinnier because of the fat distribution

No. 917470

definitely, notice how the photo starts like 6 inches away from her crotch, that’s to hide where all the fat fell from gravity downward and left the top of her legs looking thinner. classic anachan 101, she probably browses those threads kek

No. 917486

Why did she have to get her blood drawn? Did she even mention it in any posts - feels like she posted it so she could say ‘look the doctors are so worried about how smol i’m getting so I need bloodwork doing’

No. 917494

File: 1578940632137.jpeg (176.02 KB, 750x787, 49293B8A-A917-441F-8F28-82F93A…)

lol (1/2)

No. 917496

File: 1578940669584.jpeg (229.15 KB, 750x904, 06145D01-BDDD-462A-A464-BC7822…)

(2/2) people only hate her becos shes littol ol ewin

No. 917499

classic erin back to denying everything and acting clueless. I guess she decided to drop her “uwu I’m so sowwy I’m changing myself” act

No. 917508

File: 1578942161821.jpg (1.11 MB, 1070x1902, 20200113_140233.jpg)


No. 917509

File: 1578942259282.jpg (1023.83 KB, 1080x1852, 20200113_140252.jpg)

No. 917512

>i'm not copying her! i don't copy ANYONE! hate is a disease get well soon! you only booly me because you're sad and bored, not because i do anything wrong ever
>i can't help that i do things wrong. i'm mentally ill. you're revolting for calling me out. i'm mentally ill

No. 917516

File: 1578942726035.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

If you know that people are only starting shit because it's funny to see you react then… stop fucking reacting. If the "bullying" really bothered her that much, then she would deactivate her public accounts or at least go private and only interact with close friends but she's a chronic attention seeker and lives for anything that revolves around her pudgy ass.

No. 917519

No one messages her directly or comments anything on her posts, if it's exhausting don't read the thread Erin. For the millionth time we will keep posting no matter how much it "exhausts" you. You could just not read here and not post about what we discuss.

No. 917527

File: 1578943475129.jpeg (25.3 KB, 275x275, 1578164892942.jpeg)

She can't genuinely believe what she's saying

No. 917584

god you are so mentally fucked and manipulativre erin. there is solid proof of you copying at least 3 different girls photos, maja aka "that girl" who you totally never heard of is only your latest victim. why does this crazy bitch lie and play victim when there is solid PROOF??

No. 917586

yeah she pretended to have changed but now she's back to calling peole names and twisting it so everyone who sees her blatant obvious copying is "insane" and she is flawless and has never done anything wrong, ever.

No. 917609

File: 1578948912574.jpeg (1.69 MB, 3464x3464, 1577292917791.jpeg)

How can she lie through her teeth. Holy fuck. What's this then Erin?

No. 917650

File: 1578951369243.jpg (515.28 KB, 1080x1857, 20200113_163626.jpg)

No. 917667

“I don’t cuss uwu”
Fuck off erin you’re trying so hard to be seen as this fairy loli innocent cottage maid and you can’t even do it right. You always contradict yourself, mental illness doesn’t excuse nasty behavior.

No. 917674

She always does this. Goes to her victims. Make them feel like they have to tell her its okay then go on about " dOnT dRaG them inTo tHiS so sORry"

No. 917701

im sure shes just trying to be nice and hasn't seen this thread lol

No. 917776

File: 1578962903700.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, EA006A71-AA9D-4B1A-9AB4-DC7DD8…)

Apparently our resident shapeshifter is on a date listening to Rammstein. A new era of pump and dumps?

No. 917841

Lmfao Rammstein. You can't be apart of ever subculture Erin. If you were a better person everything you do wouldn't be so laughably contrived.

No. 917859

File: 1578971760742.jpeg (124.67 KB, 1124x1135, 2674EC2C-9B7B-4C4E-A681-A13A8E…)

hangs out with a guy for probably less then a week or two.

No. 917872

of course she has to post her listening to rammstein, the most generic metal band ever AND it’s their most popular song. everyone listens to du hast erin, you’re not some edgy rock princess born and raised on metal. anything to go with the dark hazy creepy cute soft airy voice over metal narrative she’s trying to live out right now.

sage for music sperg but wish she wouldn’t make a mockery of every subculture she tries to jump on.

No. 917876

File: 1578975024849.jpeg (99.89 KB, 750x618, A38CC118-6AD6-460C-B83B-0EA717…)

claims her last song had “kind of a rock vibe” …bitch where? she honestly has no idea

No. 917884

Remember this tard’s spotify in the other thread? It was filled with shit like grimes and Nicole dollanger. Now she’s a ~metal fairy rocker angel goddess~ lmfao Erin is so annoying I bet you that’s why none of the agere ddlg fags liked her, cause she larped as them so retarded and try hard, it’s so grating to see.

Ok Erin are you gonna cook for him while he plays video games and be his tiny catgirl lmfao this poor man probably has no idea about her online presence and pedo pandering, suicide baiting, skinwalking and lying. If any of you anons are feeling inadequate just remember that if Erin Pedo Painter can get a date, so can you.

No. 917948

>rammstein, the most generic metal band ever

How so? Wouldn't shit like Metallica be more qualifying? I don't disagree with the rest of your post, though.

No. 917972

they’re both generic bands, why does it matter which one is more so? same with slipknot as shes posted before. im more leaning towards she’ll never post about any bands that aren’t hugely famous worldwide because she doesn’t really listen to metal/rock. but yes definitely metallica would be more qualifying. she posted a selfie in a rolling stones hoodie the other day. this new “aesthetic” is just laughable.

No. 917989

>>917972 who the fuck cares

No. 917993

Maja is just too kind and doesn't want to be a part of this. Also, erin is a great manipulator.

No. 917998

Going to watch Frozen 2 with your dad again isn't a "date night" Erin

No. 918001

It's funny how suddenly she has a persona switch during the same time as getting a new "date"
Tinfoiling here but cause I believe Erin lacks having a personality so she's pretending to have these sudden new interests such as listening to metal to be a "cool girl" and trying to change her interests to fit into what ever this guy likes

No. 918037


It’s funny how she only included Maja’s response, she didn’t bother showing her first dm to Maja which was probably a begging one asking her to respond because she’s having a ~mental breakdown~

No. 918076

Funny how she suddenly has a 'date' after getting comments about how she never leaves her room

No. 918088

she’s making it sound like she’s defending maja but no one’s coming for maja at all? she probably doesn’t even care.
she’s trying so hard to make it a uwu >w< pls don’t drag other ppl into this every time, pretty sure she’s done this before?

sage because no new milk

No. 918128

File: 1579025362664.png (3.62 MB, 750x1334, BE378F53-B7E8-408C-B142-F4A5F4…)

Also funny how literally no one would be angry at her for not responding for an hour and how these story posts are trying to prove something to lolcow more than her precious followers

No. 918137

Kek, but this reminds me.
Apparently Frozen 2 has a scene with kulning - I imagine that's where she got the idea to do that horrendous screeching.

No. 918172

tbh when I used to be a follower of hers when I didn't know any better, I messaged her at least three times a week commenting on something that she posted and she never answered anything to me. Then I once saw her complaining about how her followers don't interact with her (the one story where she also complained that no-one draws pictures of her) and on the same damn day I notice her thread on here.
I told her that I think it's unreasonable to wait for people to draw pictures of you. She never replied to that either.

No. 918218

not surprised she doesn't reply to messages, she doesn't actually care about meaningfully engaging with people. but also if you mean you dmed her 3 times a week i wouldn't be surprised no one replied to you cus that kinda seems obsessive lol.

No. 918221

Yeah no offence but for what reason would you repeatedly contact this tard? Regardless of whether you saw this thread, she literally exudes crazy kek. Unless you're a bleeding heart, and fell for her manipulations, your existence is quite baffling to me lmao

No. 918223

>date night
>hanging out with friends
Which is it Erin lmao
Did your newest daddy friend-zone you

No. 918269


You tried contacting her? Oh lord have you not realized she only responds to dm’s that associate with hate. Anything positive and you’re just gonna get ignored.

No. 918540

File: 1579104143267.jpeg (403.77 KB, 828x1414, 8D174CB0-9B84-4F58-ACF4-AA5F9D…)

post had been deleted now

No. 918542

She already has victimitis and she hasn't even gone to school for a branch of job slightly related to police officers….

No. 918543

the image is ridiculous in calling the police "terrorists", but her reaction is also really dumb, not only would she not be in any more danger because these people are all talk, she would help more people by being a good cop.

No. 918544

how is she getting upset about something that doesn’t even apply to her yet? like surely she should understand that any jobs to do with the police divid opinion before she trains to become one. if you can’t handle people shouting a few ACABs i doubt you could handle being in criminal justice

No. 918551

Becoming a police officer is a lot of physical training and most criminal justice jobs require you to be a police officer first before you can be a detective/ other type of investigator. for someone who wants a job in this field so bad, she’s done very little research. if shes already scared when she hasn’t even taken a single step in the right direction.. good luck Charlie

No. 918564

Is she really so desperate to be a victim she's getting offended by something that MIGHT be a tiny bit relevant to her in the future?? She's not even concerned for actual real cops, just "someone might hypothetically be mean to me someday TTnTT"
Plus the image isn't even a threat, just "if you're a cop you're a shitty person and you deserve bad karma". No one's going to come into your house and shoot you for thinking about studying criminal justice, Erin. that's what the police do, not sjws

No. 918565

Literally triggered af at something that has absolutely nothing to do with her lmao erin I thought you were brown in 2016 when you were putagirlerin the police could use some diversity

No. 918574

… she really doesn't understand that this is about racism, does she? literally has nothing to do with her
I'm also amazed that this girl is 19 and this stupid. She's one of the few people who actually need to attend college to learn how to critically think and not grow up a useless dumbass

No. 918598

Wow. This is insanely selfish. Way to make suffering at the hands of police about you, Erin. "I-Im so scared uwu I don't want these poor brown kids 2 hate me so if people really feel this way I'll take mommy's money elsewhere.."

No. 918619

damn the doxx lmao

No. 918633

yeah, I noticed that she eagerly answers to anything negative though. I tried to message with her because I felt pity for her, I thought she's lonely, very much bullied online and probably self-destructive. I never though that she's the nicest person ever, but I still felt bad for her.
Idk I've kind of been in the place where I thought she is: copying others because own insecurities, bullied for that and being miserable. Turns out she's pretty much the reason for her own misery. But yeah.. I guess I kind of fell for her games then.

No. 918651

File: 1579119716586.jpg (926.89 KB, 1080x1880, 20200115_152213.jpg)

No. 918655

File: 1579120606243.png (3.96 MB, 828x1792, 3D94AA2B-D942-4C98-AA1E-3B4F07…)

No. 918656

File: 1579120679433.png (4.02 MB, 828x1792, 3845F1E7-E606-4160-BA08-DEA1C6…)

can she be any less subtle about the fact that she lurks?

No. 918661

what the fuck is she even blabbing on about now?

also oh okay erin, so your mom was a hired actor, the bedrooms of yours you showed are not yours, your cats? fake. that's what this retard is claiming to try to desperately avoid judgement for the utterly stupid things she types out with her big sausage fingers and chooses to post lmao. erin, quit being so goddamn dumb it's cringy.

No. 918662

>I am not real
You're not that special erin
Is that rocking chair your mother gift not real?
Is your trwama not real?
Is your embarrassing kulning singing not real?

This dumb white bitch needs to get a clue, no wonder Erin doesn't actually have any friends it must be embarrassing to be around her all the time

No. 918663

crazy how all the “selected things” she shows online make her sound stupid and entitled. for someone who claims their online presence is a persona you’d think she would’ve chosen one that isn’t so damn embarrassing

No. 918679

it's actually pretty amazing, she posts endlessly about her ~trauma~, insists over and over how real and authentic it is, talks about her super valid emotional feelings all the time, posts her house, posts her (albeit edited and photoshopped) NAKED BODY and now when people are posting in the thread again about how idiotic she is, she dismisses it with "hey ur all sheep and i am not real, nothing i've ever posted is real! got u all!"

No. 918713

File: 1579128361526.jpeg (287.39 KB, 750x1204, C343BA91-09A9-499F-BC75-2164E4…)

She just posted this and you can not tell me this doesn’t look like Maja photo in this example. >>917527

No. 918716

is that a wig?

No. 918718

it’s genuinely creepy. why even deny it?? she went so far as to dm maja and most likely make her so uncomfortable that she went along with it so erin wouldn’t go nuts and suicide bait.

No. 918719

watch out maja, crazy erin is literally single white female-ing you

No. 918729

Yes. She never wears her real hair because it’s so dead and fried looking

No. 918730

How does she expect to be in a field of forensic when she’s so easily triggered by certain images or even topics of discussion? If her trauma is real, she’ll be reliving it quite often with a job like this. She’s so clueless

No. 918739

File: 1579129971455.jpg (695.76 KB, 1280x1275, Nicole_Dollanganger_-_2016.jpg)


No. 918742

File: 1579130015933.jpeg (920.48 KB, 3464x3464, DCE742EE-3D66-4948-B6B9-07AD91…)

sorry for reposting pictures, but is she just really gonna edit her photos like that and pretend that she hasn’t just previously shown everyone whats virtually an unedited photo of her? There’s videos of what’s close to her real face still posted on her insta, who does she think she’s kidding?

No. 918761

she took the photo on the right down. i feel bad for any of her followers who still believe her blatant lies

No. 918766

"hand over your teeth now please"
what does this even mean though?

and i was thinking, is it also a coincidence that
> maja makes jewellery using teeth charms
> also in her bio it has "gargle blood swallow teeth"
not saying that maja owns the rights to teeth but erin really is the epitome of skinwalking

No. 918767

File: 1579131391183.jpeg (161.52 KB, 750x1108, 2E33135B-342B-41E4-A519-99C1A0…)

Erin stalking the thread again.

No. 918769

File: 1579131538199.jpeg (36.2 KB, 750x360, 31525FCE-297A-4E88-BF5A-43010A…)

How many times has erin claimed to be getting a nose job now? She’s been saying this for what, a year or two?

No. 918771

Erin just uses the app snow for her “unedited videos” because it automatically slims down your face lol

No. 918778

She doesn't need plastic surgery because nothing will be enough to make her into the anime child she wants to be. She needs therapy and to get off social media and stop having this weird pedo internet presence.

No. 918796

File: 1579136011641.jpeg (921.19 KB, 1867x4094, 8EE4B467-DB91-46E8-B701-AD3FDB…)

Erin’s personality changes as often as she changes her dusty ass anime loli underwear. I can only wonder what the next one will be after her musician phase

No. 918800

Samefag but anybody notice how she hasn’t tried larping as a little girl lately? No mention of age regression or childish shit? And she’s been cussing lol erin sheds skin and puts a new one on p quickly

No. 918805

Bless you anon, you're actually too sweet for your own good

No. 918807

anon….. i love you

No. 918809

>hides face
"look see i never edit anymore im so comfy in my own skin!"

No. 918812

true artistry bringing us together

No. 918814

samefag but kek at the fact that she wiped her tumblr of the kawaii loli japanese ddlg shit. now it's all tumblr nymphet cottagecore stuff.

No. 918821

Anon you are a fucking legend

No. 918823

i hate to feed ewin, but arent those nymphet cunts not all generic cc oh wow i'm the most original lolicon types? maja's pics aren't original is what i'm trying to say.

No. 918825

Neither of them are original at all. But there is a huge difference between following trends and skinwalking.

Erin strategically copies people because she wants to feel like a real and unique person, but since she’s a hollow void of a human she has to outsource traits and idiosyncrasies most people already have. I don’t even think she’s completely conscious of it when she’s doing it. She’s just going through the motions, sad.

No. 918869

this made my stomach hurt laughing holy fuck

No. 918872

the issue is that erin is literally looking at her photos, buying identical clothing items and then posing identical to her same hair same editing, everything identical.

No. 918917

next thread pic for sure!!! thank you anon

No. 918970

I'm a little surprised she's never had a sort of phase involving any type of talent (until recently with "music" and "art") or hobby beyond sexting and collecting plushies. She really has nothing but what she buys. These ever- shifting aesthetics are an obvious attempt at making up for no identity since she's never had to fight for anything, or do anything.
None of this involves personality. Changing typing styles and daydreams and aesthetics might seem like she changed who she was inside but she's been consistently the same: nothing. It's like she has no actual morals or convictions or taste.
No edgy atheist Erin, no young adult literature Erin, no French film Erin, no hipster music Erin.
She's like the embodiment of commodity fetishism. No substance whatsoever. She buys things and she absorbs things. A leech. Sad as fuck.

No. 918977

she had a mental breakdown and sobbed for hours after her clay food didn't turn out lol, she has no patience or brain cells therefore she has zero talents or abilities whatsoever.

No. 918982

It's tragic. But it's her own fault. It's just so sad that there are people with even worse identity issues than her, severe BPDfags, that are at least smart or have worked hard on art their whole lives. Erin is just.. nothing. Her most recent "art" piece was of a girl whose face was a void. Wondered if it was self-aware. Probably not, she probably just thought it looked cool.
If you're gonna be unstable and original you could at least be a little clever. She's genuinely stupid.

No. 919023

This is perfect anon. bless you

No. 919024

I thought about exactly the same. You are right. Before starting skinwalking Maja, erin never mentioned something like that. Gross

No. 919025

I love you

No. 919061

File: 1579180169195.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200116_072224820.jpg)

Lurk harder

No. 919081

fuck you're a treasure anon don't ever leave us

No. 919083

File: 1579183160992.png (462.92 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Found this amusing. Another entirely different face and delusional thoughts

No. 919084

File: 1579183404009.jpg (27.71 KB, 720x450, 02404656.jpg)

She looks like Bubbles from the trailer park boys

No. 919089

File: 1579184121182.jpg (67.05 KB, 768x1024, CDZh4VpUIAAtN4v.jpg)

found erin's old twitter showing off her fridge body, being hypersexual and bullying her classmates.


No. 919091

File: 1579184530762.png (78.37 KB, 631x721, Untitled.png)

"i'm a pure shy virgin uwu my only time was non-consensual, don't talk about my traumaaa"

No. 919093

Wow that's probably the most juvenile tweet I've ever seen kek. Muh ~ecstacy~

No. 919097

File: 1579185842216.jpg (298.19 KB, 1080x895, 20200116_094359.jpg)



No. 919100


These are old milk, stop reposting.

No. 919101

That’s because she was literally a juvenile. Not trying to wk but I’d like to see how mature and eloquent you were at age 14 kek

No. 919102

File: 1579186749095.jpg (202.69 KB, 1080x920, 20200116_095946.jpg)

Repost cuz it had her hometown and didnt know if that was doxxing

No. 919116

File: 1579189174404.png (281.59 KB, 605x637, Untitled.png)

sorry anon! i've followed the threads from the beginning and even used the search function and didn't ever see her old twitter link posted.

here's a different one with more proof of her lying about being a virgin and her trauma


No. 919135

File: 1579193610932.jpg (683.58 KB, 1080x1846, 20200116_115359.jpg)

No. 919137

File: 1579193940722.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 01CE6443-24C3-4376-A583-DBE070…)

Erin asking herself questions to prove how “metal” she is lol

No. 919138

>would you ever consider going GOTH
>i had an EMO phase

also she's lying but ok

No. 919143

File: 1579195287909.jpeg (74.2 KB, 275x258, 4EB91402-2E48-4E4F-9CD5-31D89E…)

Yeah erin you’re so emo in this picture of you at 14
you retard stfu we can all see how much of a normal ass basic bitch you were in schoo and not to mention how insensitive and stupid you were you’re just a boring white girl btfo

No. 919144

File: 1579195397477.jpg (443.85 KB, 1062x1887, 20200116_122346.jpg)

No. 919145

this is definitely a farmer lmao, nice self post anon

No. 919146

Nice fake nose

No. 919147

File: 1579195751391.png (2.99 MB, 828x1792, 1700F7D1-34CE-4B09-BF7B-4C38EE…)

back to pretending she doesn’t eat enough. you’re fat, erin. you’ve always been.

No. 919154

It's impressive how her rich mom can sponsor all her phases. Seems like, each time erin wants to change her persona, she can just borrow mommy's money and buy whatever she wants to fit in her current aesthetic.
Also, it's so obvious how different her online presence is, depend on a girl she skinwalks. Where is your uwu gamer girl set, tiny healer uwu? Oh sorry, you are a soft and misty metal girl who into teeths now.
People can naturally change the way they present themselves aesthetically, but it's a path. You bring things that you used to enjoy and turn them into something different yet recognizable. You can always tell when it's just something new about the person, because it's suits their past intesents or character.
But erin is just trying to look natural in other girl's skin. You could never be Maja or usedpet because you can only take and pretend.

No. 919155

She literally asks herself these questions, I don't think anyone on this website cares enough to send her Insta questions

No. 919158

Didn’t know Erin was a redhead lol is that why she wears shitty wigs?

No. 919164

it’s an ugly wiry brown? it’s horrible, i’ll try find a pic

No. 919182

She's obviously sending herself mean asks so it looks like she's being bullied for totally not copying someone

No. 919188

why wouldnt she just block or call out the person who sends her hate questions… you can see the username of who sent the questions

No. 919190

File: 1579202747962.jpg (872.88 KB, 1920x1920, 20200116_133651.jpg)

Lurk harder pt. 2

No. 919193

she left out the screenshot of who sent her hate tho mh

No. 919224

Also nitpicky and autistic as shit but who's fucking favourite animal crossing game is pocket camp

No. 919225

I'm pretty sure he's saying that to Erin??
She's lurking. No one was wking autist.

No. 919229

you still havent deleted the old post bro…

No. 919242

what in the hell does this prove lmao.
also the anons are probably right, i forgot she was the cow who was really active in her own threads lol.

No. 919249

You can check your own times when they're posted. The time difference not the actual time is the important part.
But it proves she saw what we said and addressed it

No. 919255

perfect. this and erin larping as her friend itt are the best things about those threads.

No. 919258

oh my god if she starts saying she’s a pagan i’ll throw up

No. 919265

>claims to be into metal
>now will start larping as a pagan
varg!erin phase soon

No. 919269

Newfag, I finally figured out how to use this site. But I wanted to test something because i’ve been following her since 2018. Sent her a pointless question that she answered right away, then sent one asking about her editing her pictures. Ofc she didn’t answer that one, she’s so fucking brain dead I swear. Why didn’t she answer it? “My wittle self will get stwessed out UnU”(newfaggotry)

No. 919271

Well Newfag, you should have read the rules closer since that's cowtipping and frowned upon here.

No. 919273

Shit! sorry! I’m gonna read them again lmao, saw someone do the same thing in an old thread, didn’t even click that I shouldn’t do it

No. 919274

Not that anon, but I don't think that'd even be considered cowtipping when even her "friends" have been asking her about editing in comments.

No. 919277

anon, I share in your autism. pocket camp is just a micro-transaction mobile shitfest, dunno how anyone would favor that lmao

No. 919282

A lot of Wiccan and paganism has to do with energy and spirituality and she’s so devoid of these things. She is quite possibly the most boring person with no substance. negative energy if anything. I don’t think she could connect with the spirituality of a religion like that even if she tried.

No. 919283

if you asked her if she used snow, she answered it like 20 minutes ago after lurking KEK

No. 919315

Lmfao your standards are too low anon. Just because you and Erin were broadcasting your sex life at 14, doesn't mean the rest of society does kek

No. 919321

To be fair, Erins “sex life” that she broadcasts consists of role playing sex online. she just pretends it’s real lol

No. 919325

I see where you're coming from, but it's still mad demented for a 14 year old to be doing imo

No. 919418

File: 1579229279771.jpg (801.32 KB, 1080x1801, 20200116_214813.jpg)

No. 919430

>a lot more sexual for him than i was comfortable
didn’t she literally have a nsfw twitter and posted her pussy for the world to see

No. 919443

maybe he wanted even more? like fisting or scat? i have no idea but Erin's internet sexuality IS JUST bland tumblr ugu kinky

No. 919450

>kids' shampoo

No. 919487

File: 1579238404371.jpg (69.7 KB, 1080x292, Screenshot_20200117-001926_Sam…)

Sure, jan.

No. 919506

i feel so bad for all her boyfriends. abusive my ass

No. 919509

“I think he was into ddlg”
Really? Ya think? You only called him daddy and larped as a loli with him tard

No. 919569

I wasn’t, but you can keep making assumptions if you want. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s completely normal for 14 year olds to act stupid online and brag about having sex and doing drugs - even if they don’t actually do those things. You sound sheltered as fuck if you genuinely believe otherwise. There is so much actual milk on this womanchild and you’re nitpicking at some edgy tweets she made as a literal child. Stale.

No. 919616

calm down anon, you can find something retarded whilst simultaneously acknowledging that it exists.

>you can keep making assumptions if you want

>You sound sheltered as fuck

No. 919653

File: 1579268020982.png (600.43 KB, 472x834, Screenshot_1.png)

>"you can find something retarded whilst simultaneously acknowledging that it exists"

Nice backtrack. You were acting like it's socially abnormal, I just pointed out that it's regular teenage behavior and being immature when you're 14 isn't milk.

Anyways for some actual milk, here's Erin being a complete tard and insisting there's no correlation between ddlg and agere. Nice to have this screenshot on hand for the next time she uses "daddy" in a sexual context on twitter lol

No. 919654

teeth ARE maja's thing though… mjolktander means baby teeth

No. 919656

File: 1579268232674.jpg (475.98 KB, 1080x1645, 20200117_082850.jpg)

Isnt this her twitter? I'm confused

No. 919658

does she even know what the acronym means? maybe she is thinking that only the really hardcore roleplay stuff counts, but just calling your partner daddy in bed counts too. but i guess she is just covering her ass for her idiotic underage audience who believes everything she says.

No. 919659

yes its her twitter why are you confused

No. 919661

Her pinned tweet and bio say ddlg right in it. That's only 2 months old is she against ddlg now?

No. 919662

dni = do not interact.. as in dont interact with her if youre ddlg

No. 919664

anon it says right there that "dni" means "do not interact", she is saying she is against it. learn to read.

No. 919666

File: 1579268883161.jpg (650.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200117-084420_Ins…)

Ooooh! Thanks for clarifying.
I did read it. I didnt understand. I clarified. Chill.

Yeah she def thinks of the word as sexual. It's another word for "guy your internet fucking" soooo…pic related

No. 919685

Honestly how can you even be “abused” By guys you’ve never met. Do you mean cyber bullied Erin?

No. 919686

I guess ddlg really doesn't own the "daddy" word. I mean, you can use it as a nickname for your partner, right? But the way she always put it sounds kinky. Instead of saying "I haven't had a boyfriend", she said "daddy" as if it is a clarification. I don't think erin would like to date someone who wouldn't want to be her "daddy".

No. 919692

Exactly. All bfs to her are daddies. Does she have an example of her having a daddy that is strictly a cg?
Otherwise erin has only ever used daddy in a sexual way herself and needs to stfu about shit she doesnt understand

No. 919694

>Nice backtrack. You were acting like it's socially abnormal, I just pointed out that it's regular teenage behavior and being immature when you're 14 isn't milk.

Are we even reading the same thing because I fail to see where I backtracked, like at all? I was actually acting like it's retarded to sexualise yourself at such a young age (and in literally the cringeiest wording possible). I made one comment and I never stated it was milk, it was my saged opinion kek. Naturally your strangely personal response led me to believe you must share at least some similarities with the cow. Or at the very least this thread is where you take out your frustrations lmao

And I'm sorry but how many times have we seen Erin deny the term "daddy" being ddlg. I wouldn't exactly call that milk, it's borderline her catch phrase by now

No. 919727


I like how she censored Dawsons name and only talked about Slip. I’ve personally talked to Slip after they broke up and he’s stated himself that Erin was the one talking shit about him to his friends. She refuses to talk about Dawson because that anon threads ago exposed her lie.

No. 919733

Dawson is the one she accused of fucking a minor, lmfaoo why even be surprised if someone in this pedo agere community were an actual pedo and not just making pwetend with Erin

No. 919737

I think Erin said things like that because she was mad the dude didn’t want her. He got a real girlfriend and she was mad about it. the girl looked 17 at the least which is in most states, age of consent if it’s not 16.

No. 919740

What did she lie about in the thread? Sorry never saw it

No. 919743

Samefag but it was probably also a lie. Imagine dating a pretend pedophile and larping as a little girl to please them only to find out they get off on real little girls >>919737
Is this erin? Gtfo.
When all your self posts were outed it was shit like this,
“proof?” And then not saging it
Lurk on her other threads if you’re some newfag

No. 919750

No it’s not Erin. Okay I’ll go lurk lol. I believe them, just wanted to know what they were talking about

No. 919812

erin is definitely in denial about being ddlg, but it really doesn’t own the word daddy. you can call your partner that sexually without all the little girl shit involved. it’s gross either way though

No. 919815

File: 1579295805406.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1835, 20200117_161709.jpg)

Sage cuz not erin but omg this chick

No. 919816

Samefag sorry.
She was saying this before and after of erin was just makeup. Why do people think makeup is this kinda miracle?

No. 919820

that does look like makeup though and maybe a bit of facetune
defiantly edits her face to be unrecognizable now tho

No. 919855

That's the cover she was inspired by in case you're still wondering

No. 919870

inspired by? more like copied. has the same drumming and everything. who is she kidding

No. 919879

thanks for the link, since we knew she had to have copied it 100% from someone, and fyi it's all a cover of this calvin harris track (not embedding since it's starting to get a bit ot) https://youtu.be/EgqUJOudrcM?t=61

No. 919916

ofc she stole the idea, does she hav an original thought in her mind

No. 919978

File: 1579316155912.png (428.28 KB, 750x1334, E8B2A7ED-1965-4D1D-B051-1ABD3B…)

people hate others they see themselves in the most. sad!

No. 920010

File: 1579326244167.jpeg (343.49 KB, 750x1087, AEC9044F-310F-46CC-A7C9-9D4EA6…)

Didn’t she have her followers buy her premium snapchat a while ago and only posted for a day? You literally stole peoples money and now you wanna do it again lol.

No. 920012

i hope erin goes down the shayna route, that would be fucking hilarious

No. 920030

File: 1579332328404.jpg (447.09 KB, 717x1275, 20200118_102601.jpg)

No. 920031

File: 1579332470066.jpg (132.62 KB, 720x782, 20200118_102540.jpg)

No. 920034

atrocious taste in men

No. 920046

Why doesn't she just go get a retail job like a normal teenager…

No. 920048

Don’t flatter her, anon.

No. 920049

He looks good wtf damn Erin he looks too good for your big fat ass

No. 920053

he’s actually very handsome. not sure how erin managed to snag him. he must either have very low standards or is very gullible and fell for her manipulation.

No. 920064

I highly doubt the guy is actually into her too. Unless he’s never seen what she really looks like but he probably lives halfway across the world from Erin

No. 920068

Umm are we looking at the same guy? What is that sorry excuse for a mustache lol.

No. 920076

farmers getting horny for the most average dude again lmao, y'all really happy with saying you have similar tastes to erin?

No. 920077

Kek. This happens all the time in the Usagi Kou thread too. There's something about "just worked my first shift at maccas" chic that seems to hold a special place in many farmers hearts

No. 920078

He looks like 16. I think Erin forgets she’s old enough to be a predator now

No. 920088


I bet he's her age or slightly older, dating someone younger wouldn't fit her aesthetic (considering she'd call him "daddy")

No. 920089

these types will legit date younger men and still call them daddy

No. 920090


No. 920091

He looks like your typical HS soyboy with mustache. I am sure shes not even dating him and he is just friendzoning her without knowing that she is in love w him.


Proves shes talkin about him.

No. 920094

File: 1579360689953.png (3.88 MB, 828x1792, 5115E40D-0993-4E69-9B38-725320…)

why is this so cringe to me?

No. 920096

He looks like he screams into a CS:GO chat at 3AM in the morning because mom made the mistake of bringing home Monster energy again.
The fuck is y'alls taste in men?

No. 920099

Imagine being one of the Matts though, I'd be so confused at this

No. 920101

who wants to bet the Matt she posted is definitely not the Matt that took her to see the dogs. She posted about someone named “Sam” who took her to see dogs too so i don’t buy any of it. Erin is an incel who makes up confusing lies and weirdly posts about unsuspecting guys to make it seem like she has a life

No. 920108

File: 1579367695657.jpeg (451.51 KB, 828x1523, 7BF2F63A-F351-420B-B3AE-448A6A…)

Anyone knows the context behind this? She had a dog and got rid of it?

No. 920110

she’s saying the dog lives at her dad’s house since her parents divorced, not that it was given away

No. 920113

Implying her mother is not going to have any money soon, but saying her mom went 6 times to frozen 2 cause she's "obsessed" with it… Is her mom autistic or what? >>920010

No. 920116

yes, she had a husky around a year ago named Near i think? her and her mom got rid of it because they were too lazy to train it to not shit in the house.

No. 920119


Just look at old thread, it was already talked about. Incase you can’t find it, in the past year or two they’ve gotten two husky’s and because they’re puppies and aren’t house trained yet, Erins mom got rid of them because she was ~annoyed~ with the dogs peeing in the house. Her mom acts as if puppys can magically learn to not pee in the house in only a few days. They’ve only had Near and that other puppy they got before him for 1 week or not even a week and gave them back. Erin’s mom clearly is autistic.

No. 920120

she actually had a couple dogs that she got and then quickly got rid of. At least two, a small dog and a husky. for someone who loves dogs so much she wants to be one, it’s actually really fucked up and emotionally damaging to give a dog a home and then get rid of it. They are living beings and she treats them like a pair of pants that didn’t fit. It infuriates me.

No. 920126

File: 1579371724892.jpeg (164.32 KB, 1125x1536, D31113F1-37BD-47AA-9DFA-54F6F5…)

But you want to work in the forensics field? Okay, Erin.

No. 920127

Is this really milk? I feel like the thread has been reduced to nitpicking.

No. 920131

how tf is that nitpicking?

No. 920134

i dont see how its milk, i think even people who work in forensics probably hate the sight of a crime scene/accident at first, they just get used to it quick. imo if its milk its extremely low fat

No. 920154

no that’s hardly how it works. people who want to work in forensics don’t get “sick” over the sight of a car crash. they simply tell people like that to not get into the field because it’ll be too much. she’ll never be able to handle it.

No. 920168

Don’t encourage Erin. She’ll make her parents pay for her college just so she can be too scared and grossed out by what the job entails. people who cant handle it in the first place won’t learn to deal with blood, guts, vomit, shit, and death

No. 920179

it’s cringe because her nasty ass loves to try make herself sound like a little girl. she’s clearly trying for ‘h-he goes to the awcade wiv me and shows me pwuppies uwu’ while she tweets about making porn on twitter. she’s so gross

No. 920182

I assume her “porn” would be fully photoshopped too and I would love to see that.

No. 920195

Not defending Erin and she's probably lying about being abused, but you can be abused by people online too imo. Abusive online relationships exist, just not physically.

No. 920197

fuck out of here if you are that pathetic and/or weak minded to consider an online daddy not messaging you back as ~abuse~.. you deserve it.

No. 920199

Ot but you can be abused online.
Online abusive relationships exist, (e.g. grooming) or online communication can be a facet of real life bullying.

No. 920204

Funny how Erin herself used to cyberbully her classmates on her old twitter and is now playing the victim

No. 920206

I just don’t believe Erin. She’s an angry soul that cannot handle rejection. she reminds me of girls who say they were raped when the guy they fucked stops talking to them. her teenage years were spent harassing people and I think she had no other way to get out of it but to play the victim card constantly. she’s emotionally abusive to the guys she online dates and I wouldn’t doubt that she over exaggerates everything to project. A lot of women have gone through sexual assault and i don’t doubt she has, most have. But I don’t believe she’s ever suffered real physical abuse beyond that. and her online boyfriend calling her autistic or dumping her for another girl doesn’t count as abuse

No. 920207

it would probably be the same cringe she’s posted before with the blurry filter she loves to use over a poorly angled picture of her uwu timy wittle cute innie vagwina. if she even does it she’ll post like two pics and then never post anything again (out of sheer laziness ofc)

No. 920304

File: 1579401337120.jpeg (190.97 KB, 750x1294, 40E169E8-2CD7-41F1-84EE-7ACC43…)

Not really milk worthy but just want to point out one of Erin’s best friends is literally into DDLG and it’s all over her account including in the screenshot yet Erin is anti-ddlg. Another point of Erin being a hypocrite and supporting ddlg. Clearly her ~dni ddlg its gross~ was another lie.

No. 920403

File: 1579441405467.jpeg (234.51 KB, 750x933, FA589B5B-B830-4FFC-B774-BB87AF…)

have we seriously stooped to the level of cowtipping to people who aren’t even relevant to the thread

No. 920424

erin has mentioned a few times she isn’t against ddlg as she has ddlg friends, i remember seeing it on one of her highlights

No. 920440

Obviously an online daddy not messaging you back isn't abuse and no one here said it was, only autists like Erin actually think it. That doesn't change the fact that ACTUAL abusive things can still happen online.
The fuck kind of stupid ass logic is this lmao. You're almost as dumb as Erin if that's really what you took from that statement.

No. 920515


Then she’s obviously being a hypocrite or lying. She’s only mentioned she didn’t want to be associated with that community and will block anyone in it. You really can’t say do not interact if ddlg but yet have ddlg friends. Yet again Erin supporting pedophiles because she is one herself.

No. 920527

Sure they can happen but I don’t believe anything remotely close to abuse has happened to her. Especially not online. you must’ve been cyber bullied

No. 920677

jfc the comment was in response to someone saying that people in general can't be abused online, they were saying yes people can be abused online.
Of course Erin is likely lying about HER supposed online abuse because she's pathologically full of shit but the comment in question being replied to was just saying you can be abused online in general. Not that Erin specifically was abused online. In fact they said they were NOT defending Erin.
Work on your reading comprehension before you patronize people ffs.

No. 920791

Can you drop it? No one cares wow. Erin wasn’t abused online and that’s it. This is Erin’s thread so we are talking about what happened to her.

No. 920829

Seriously… Cowtipping will bring more newfags into this thread and they will cowtip some more. Either newfags need to read the rules, lurk more before posting, or just gtfo.

No. 920857

Erin’s retweeting the tweets about her “abusive” ex daddy again.
For someone who wants people to stop bringing up their traumas and is oh so triggered by it, she sure keeps insisting on people knowing about it. Not everything belongs on the internet, Erin.

No. 920872

File: 1579535882595.jpeg (167.57 KB, 750x902, 24C32045-F45E-4859-9380-A82925…)

if Erins online boyfriend was playing games with a girl that looks like this, Erin would probably threaten to kill herself if he didn’t stop. She’s so insecure but pretends to be like an advocate for women but I’ve only seen her being a woman hater. No wonder her only friends are fat neckbeards from FFXIV

No. 920874

File: 1579536170425.jpeg (132.53 KB, 750x659, 62F7FE4A-7AD9-4CA6-BB75-B29160…)

How can you spend “every waking minute” with someone you’ve never met outside of the internet. Imagine being so closed off from society and desperate for attention that talking to someone through the internet means “spending time together” for you lmfao

No. 920910


Clearly we know everything if you decided to make it public on your spam lmao. Every ig story you posted was you both face timing and you’d hide him from viewing your story just so you can say ~daddy is following me again pls be nice~ or ~i know i should leave him but i dont want to~ and when you posted about the situation with him loving a girl he met in REAL LIFE, you literally forced him to cheat and be your daddy still. You told us about his girlfriend and you didn’t want to stop sending him nudes or being his side bitch. You literally told the girl he was seeing because he cut you off. Erin stop lying when og followers will continue to debunk your lies.

No. 920959

I don't wanna defend Erin, but you can't "force" someone to cheat… He's a scumbag just like her

No. 920969

lmao i had no idea she was talking about the guy she KNEW was cheating on his gf for her. she’s probably only so obsessed with him because he picked the girl he actually knew irl who knows how to act like an adult over her, and we all know how much erin loves to support other women that she can’t steal intellectual property from!

No. 920973

I’m sure u were being sarcastic but god I hate how much Erin pretends she “loves” women but all she does is hate on them. no matter what they do, no matter how much she’s done the same god damn thing. Dawson picked his real life girlfriend over her and all she could do was say the girl looked like a raccoon. When she probably didn’t even know Erin existed. She such a pick me ass bitch and wonders why all she can get is losers halfway across the world

No. 921137

Her verbiage has really changed since she began prowling the farms. Still seem just as disingenuous though kek

No. 921138

File: 1579574143842.jpeg (195.69 KB, 749x1171, A6A34CC8-D3E1-4A31-9143-DA13FD…)

No. 921139

File: 1579574203179.jpeg (276.83 KB, 737x1204, E5C37F20-D29A-4167-9D7D-0D9206…)

she’s rly delusional if she thinks people will subscribe to her onlyfans for art

No. 921140

She's really delusional if anyone believes she's timid at this point. She was advertising the account containing pics of her shopped flaps on her personal accounts lmfao

No. 921143

>>getting a job is out of the question
She won't disclose a specific reason because she has none. She's just a lazy fuck who totally wants to help her mom but not actually lift a finger to do anything. What an asshole, even to her own mother. Who, btw, I doubt needs any help, she's noticeably well off in a large home. If her family was struggling, they'd give up their luxuries.

No. 921148

getting a job isn’t out of the question Erin you’re just lazy. Why do you and your mom go see frozen 2 over and over again if y’all are struggling so bad? That’s a good $100 you could’ve used for your “struggles”

No. 921187

>Shopped flaps
Lmfaooo I’m choking this made me laugh so hard,

yo but who tf would pay to see Erin’s musty fat girl poon in some anime panties?

No. 921193

I can’t put it past men. They’re willing to give Luna Slater money, and Shayna, they’d definitely give Erin money.

No. 921196

Glad to have been of service kek. And I think this anon's right unfortunately >>921193 as long as her face/flaps are unrecognisable she might even do even better than Shayna (not that it's an achievement or anything).

No. 921202

Shayna has an okay face at least. Not calling her pretty but her face isn’t like Erins. Erin is a monster(derailing)

No. 921210

That's where the shop comes in and why she has to be unrecognisable

No. 921212

Also I don’t think she understands that onlyfans is more than just uploading completely edited faceless nudes. (I doubt she’d actually post her face)
People want CONTENT, Erin.

No. 921217

Na they're in the same league, objectively 4/10

No. 921224

File: 1579588352614.jpg (737.9 KB, 1080x1787, 20200121_013146.jpg)

No. 921254

after the unfiltered, in broad daylight pic that was just posted in the shay thread.. that face is certainly no longer okay lol. i think her and erin are about even, but at least erin has youthful skin.

No. 921262

Using a website designed specifically for monetizing homeporn for "art"… If she thinks she's gonna make more than 20$ a month she's delusional

No. 921265

So instead of finding a workplace I will sell my tiny babby pussy uwu. As a maja skinwalker you should try to sell your own jewellery.
Also, there are all kinds of work. You can find the one that doesn't include interactions.

No. 921279

This would be solid advice if her objective was more than just showing her twat kek

No. 921310

Id give Shayna 4 and Erin a solid 2. Shayna has at least typically attractive features, (big eyes, small nose) she just looks like shit because she doesn’t take care of herself. Erin has small eyes, paper cut lips, big ass nose, big ass chin Which are all just conventionally unattractive features. but shaynas personality and trashiness put them on a similar level(off-topic)

No. 921431

>two times
yeah, sure

No. 921433

>cute pics of my body
….. that isn’t what onlyfans is, erin

No. 921449

>small nose, big eyes

i know erin is more facially unfortunate but shayna's eyes are slits and her nose is on the bigger side especially now lol

No. 921467

can’t disagree Erin just has a potato for a nose and shaynas looks more sloped

No. 921528

Oh anon, come on. Shayna would be cute enough if she could get on top of her shit diet and substance abuse. Poor Erin would need a whole new head.

No. 921537

I would wager that her mom is fine financially and she just needs an excuse to post her uwu innie. Surely she doesn't actually think she is going to be able to rustle up ANY money selling headless, facetuned bodyshots when literally any camwhore on the market is better looking and less annoying. But on the off chance her mom did get laid off or something, why not rent out one of your giant empty bedrooms, Erin? Or sell the clothes from your previous phases?

No. 921548

idk if this comes off as a wk but erin actually does have a depop

No. 921569

of course her mother is financially fine. erin just needs a 'legit' reason to post her cunt online

No. 921626

File: 1579662779292.jpg (414.35 KB, 1172x2037, 20200121_221310.jpg)

No. 921648

Ntayrt but shayna is objectively ugly as all fuck and the retarded expressions she makes don't help. Are you blind

No. 921656

They’re both ugly as fuck but in different ways

No. 921675

Old pictures of her she looked relatively pretty. she looks like shit now because she doesn’t take care of herself. It’s not hard to recognize when someone COULD be pretty and it’s also not bad to admit that someone isn’t ugly as fuck just because they’re annoying

No. 921690

wish you guys would stop discussing shayna cause no one gives a fuck this is erin’s thread

anyways erin went private on ig again

No. 921692

how low do you have to get to start using onlyfans like every other girl ever? no personality erin strikes again. she could make a shop with her art or something, but she chooses the typical e-thot route

No. 921695

File: 1579669954714.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, F249B43B-7755-40CC-9BD3-F8FBEF…)


This is why she’s private lol

No. 921698

Lmao before reading your pic I thought she went private because she didn't like people discussing Shayna instead of her

No. 921699

File: 1579670353087.png (3.12 MB, 828x1792, 6B95B338-56DC-4555-B025-8B1953…)

No. 921700

Why is she suddenly so hellbent on exploiting help i'm poor send me money image? Erin, sell all your hello kitty plushies. That alone is a fortune right there.

No. 921701

How do mean people = money? Um, maybe one or 2 people from here would pay for her onlyfans and only to share it here. She's really delusional.

Erin, sell your extra shit and/or get a real job. If you can't handle a regular job, there are plenty of videos/articles about side hustles you can do from home and you'd make more than onlyfans.

No. 921709

Imo if she does it only for money it's not a tragedy. If she enjoyed it would've been cringe.

No. 921710

It could be worse Erin you could actually be forced into prostitution and actually understand what real struggle is.
Erin is so white and privileged it's so gross that she wants free money without having to work or take basic nudes that no one wants to see.

Imagine being completely useless at everything that you can't even get a basic job, have friends or have any skills

No. 921730

File: 1579679117608.jpeg (49.02 KB, 750x248, 84D2305E-1426-43D7-8735-0BA057…)

perfect example of how she doesn’t have an original thought in her mind.
the constant “i’m doing this because everyone else is”….it’s sad

No. 921735

erin is that one cow who literally makes me facepalm. she is a literal retard. everyone else has a fucking regular retail/restaurant job to prevent being broke and or homeless erin! you were not fucking forced to make an onlyfans and we all see how well off both your parents are and we see how nice and large your modern houses are! this fake victim point earning act is so. fucking. stupid. go sell trendy items on depop, sumbit the best resume you can, try to dogwalk/dogsit, do the whole selling on craigslist or whatever other local selling site thing that some people make a full time living doing, use your half a brain cell please.

No. 921736

Wants to help mommy with money yet constantly leeches off of her mother for plushies, ddlg shit and a rocking chair. Go walk some fucking dogs for 5 bucks or something ffs

No. 921738

if I remember correctly, didn’t someone ask her on insta if she moved houses and but she said she didn’t?
but she’s saying here that she moved? which one is it?

No. 921744

I understand someone who is legitimately mentally ill having a problem with those "regular" retail/restaurant jobs because of how much you have to interact with other people but if you really need the money like Erin claims to, there are soooo many jobs available. She could clean, wash dishes, deliver, work at a call centre, work on a factory line, even a damn farm depending on where she lives; jobs like these are always hiring and don't usually require much experience. It is pathetic seeing someone so coddled in life that they would make instagram posts about crying in the fucking bathtub over not having money instead of getting out of that bathtub and actually putting in the effort to earn it.

No. 921750

too bad she's just crying for attention knowing damn well she can just do whatever. she's not even trying to pretend to try to get a job. this onlyfans thing is just going to turn into another excuse to share more naked/lewd shoops that she said she'd never do again.

No. 921832

File: 1579707308781.png (3.18 MB, 828x1792, 231F5E56-5BF2-458E-837E-84A1A8…)

she’s always lurking

No. 921840

god these weak ass lies, she constantly goes on about her ~trauma~ she says she doesn't wanna mention, but when it becomes convenient she can't talk about ~behind the scenes~ stuff.

No. 921843

For gods sake then why did she even mention the “my mom is out of a job and we need money :(“ thing. She’s so retarded, she could’ve just said “I’m starting an onlyfans” and never disclosed a reason. If your mom won’t let you get a job, I’m sure she wouldn’t like you selling shooped ass pics online to neckbeards either lmao

No. 921854

If she isn't allowed to get a job then what excuse is she going to tell her mom when she pays her money from OnlyFans?

No. 921864

Samefag but wouldn’t doing sexual shit on onlyfans worsen her “trauma” imagine getting off to this retard, in a way it is pedophillic.Erin is such a birdbrain.
Just say you want male attention

No. 921869

Ye. It's not like you are an adult and you can decide for yourself lmao.
"My mom doesn't want me to get a job so I will post my pussy and buy some bdsm gears"
Also, what happend to your expensive pro-gamer set that your mommy bought to you? Shame

No. 921872

Erin comes from a well-off family. Their financial situation might have changed, but I highly doubt it is as drastic as she claims and her having to work to support her mother and her is just bs. And even if she had to work to support them, why on earth would she choose becoming an e-thot? She has no idea about the market, is too sensitive for it and doesn’t have interesting content, anyway. She is so sheltered and her lack of independence is baffling. This is a 19 year old woman that is not even able to get a part time job. Crazy.

No. 921873

Yeah sure, she shares everything about her life and is always making herself a victim but she can't tell why her mother doesn't let her get a job lmao.

No. 921875

Tbh I wouldn't put it past Erin to have sent that herself. She personally drags everyone into her messes (IE Maja) in hopes they'd defend her.

No. 921877

What the fuck? Even if Erin wasn't blatantly lying what mom would refuse their 19 year old, who currently isn't studying, to get a job when they're supposedly in such a difficult financial situation. Only explanation I can think of is Erin being severly autistic Kek but even then there is work available.

No. 921904

How dare you, she's not like all those other sluts that do nudes because they enjoy it, she's a shy and insecure lil bbygrill who has no other option!!1 She's going to end up in the streets if she doesn't comply!!!

It's pretty pathetic that she needs people to think that she's this innocent and pure little anime angel who is forced to do sex work although hating attention and showing her body. I bet she fantasizes about fifty shades of gray type of situations and wants some rich, hot man to find her onlyfans and take her under his wing. Absolutely haram.

No. 921905

File: 1579717302932.jpeg (459.68 KB, 750x1248, B3D9ED94-34DC-485B-AC8B-23BA49…)

school? what school?

No. 921913

I don’t understand why her mom won’t get her a job??!? Why tf would she start an only fans if she’s ~uwu innocent ~ like id respect her more if she admitted she’s not as innocent as she claims ~I’m just a babey uwu ~ then mentions piss kinks and shows her underwear wtf

No. 921940

damn it took this long for her to come up with this shitty excuse?

No. 921947

For fucks sake Erin, just say you don't really want a job

No. 921961

idk if anyone noticed this but erins real face looks just like pixyteri's.

No. 921966

File: 1579727688354.jpeg (55.43 KB, 680x1024, 64F80271-D267-4848-AB50-EFC813…)

how I imagine Erins onlyfans

No. 921972

oh god, spoiler this shit anon

No. 921982

Isn’t Erin like 20? Your mom can’t stop you from getting a job, not even school can since you’re over 18 and not in high school. What is she talking about her mother saying she can’t like she’s 10 and wants to go to a birthday party?? You’re a grown ass adult Erin no ones stopping you from acting like one.

No. 921983

she probably went and checked out the shay threads after she was mentioned here and now she's stealing the ~uwu big spooky abusive mom~ storyline lmao

No. 921986

LMAO imagine that. Erin pls go skinwalk Shayna, you'll be best friends.

No. 921991

IF this is true (unlikely but w/e) that means Erin’s mom is an enabler and just as shitty possibly more than Erin. This woman is responsible for creating one of the worst womanchild ever , congrats Erin you just made your uwu beautiful mom look really bad

No. 922016

if anything this is coddling, not abuse. Erin is just so pathetic and so is her mom for enabling her 20 year old daughter to be a lazy recluse. she pre-rewards Erin for shit that she ends up never doing

No. 922026

yeah, but the part where erin says "i cannot get a job or my mom will KILL me guys she said no" to me says she's trying to really make herself the hapless victim and her mom domineering

No. 922079

I’ve known people with psycho moms that basically Rapunzel their daughters

Don’t let them leave the house or learn to drive and monitor their every move etc. It’s odd that if her mother was being abusive in such a way that she wouldn’t just talk about it, but maybe she is having a change of heart about posting so much about herself online…?

She could still get some online work doing boring tasks while working remotely, or from home. It’s definitely possible. She has enough stupid shit to sell, too

No. 922090

erin was given her own vehicle at age 15 and has her full license lol, this whole thing is just her using her enabler mom as an excuse for more pity points online. she's just trying to paint her mother as being the sole reason she cannot be employed in any way, but also i think we all agree her mom is a huge enabler and is screwing up her already retarded stunted daughter

No. 922095

I don’t think Erins mom stops her from doing anything but rather enables Erin to not do anything with her life. she doesn’t make her do the things she says she will do and she rewards her before she even does it, which leads to Erin never going through with anything. Don’t help Erin believe that her moms coddling counts as abuse. that’s just another victim card for her to pull.

No. 922101

File: 1579742108002.png (3.72 MB, 828x1792, 7BEA6DCF-7A5F-4563-8A37-EC650E…)

she can’t even keep up with her own excuses lol
first she couldn’t get a job because of something she wasn’t ready to talk about but now it’s because she gets ~uwu overwhelmed~ and her mum wants her to focus on only one thing?

erin, stop fucking lurking and try to keep up with your own lies, stupid cow.

No. 922104

samefag but it also baffles me how much she talks about herself and her family, saying “you guys know nothing about me” “i don’t wanna talk about this” then ends up saying so much about it, proceeds to complain about people not minding their business… so many “semi relevant” instagram egirls keep their lives privates, but erin constantly cries and whines about people talking about the personal life she’s constantly exposing to the internet.

erin, stop talking about your life and blogging about personal stuff, traumas and whatever. no one cares. you’ll see that no one will gossip about your life anymore when you stop over sharing.

No. 922105

Exactly what we’re saying, not everyone has the option to only focus on one thing, even people with mental illness or trauma. It seriously doesn’t excuse being this retarded and lazy, she’s so privileged and coddled it’s annoying.

Here are some of the things you could do to make money without exposing your musty fat girl puss (it might awaken your twauma)
-Sell your anime shit, Erin you could accumulate a lot from sanrio merch your animu stuff doesn’t even fit your new fairy cottage loli swede aesthetic, so very convenient.
-drawing commissions
-under the table jobs, pulling weeds, walking dogs, (on second thought I don’t think anyone wants you around their dog or child with your pet play agere ddlg shit. How terrifying)

This is why people don’t like sex workers or ethots. Nobody cares about the girls who are trafficked into prostitution while underage or forced into a life of risky circumstances because of actual poverty, because there are too many suburban white bitches who refuse to get real jobs and just decide to make money off of titty pics. No honor in that, these girls should be ashamed. You’re not an uwu innocent loli, you’re a nasty hoe who can’t get enough attention from pedos.
Sage for OT sperg

No. 922115

something i thought was odd, was how she's always 'uwu innocent agere sfw loli' who doesnt want to see any nsfw things. yet she exposes all her followers to this whole onlyfans thing? like she makes thing whole sfw agere thing and posts this? whats the story on the rocking chair?

No. 922148

File: 1579748961749.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, A904F274-7242-4613-8B7D-15C302…)

It's straight-up traced.

No. 922151

File: 1579749017393.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, ECC29DEE-0FF8-49CB-B65B-FD41BB…)


No. 922164

‘you’re only 19 with mental health complications’ this dumb bitch is a fucking joke. erin is gonna get such a shock when she has to join the real world - or is she gonna keep sending herself these dumbass anons until she’s middle aged? uwu pwoor bwabwy youw only 35!!! they just don’t understand how hard it is!!!!!

No. 922202

File: 1579755761906.png (687.62 KB, 1194x902, collar.png)



Some colleges don't require SAT scores. Even then, most applicants still send them. It's also possible that she did poorly on her SATs and is retaking them. One thing's for sure: there's no reason to take the SATs if she's planning to attend a school she's already been accepted into.


Nah, the majority of people who use "daddy" or "mami" in bed don't do it as part of an elaborate roleplay. Both things are gross IMHO, but that doesn't make them equivalent. Erin does basically LARP as a little girl; she just isn't technically wrong on this one. Using "daddy" in a sexual context way precedes DDLG.


X. Appearances can be deceiving, but Erin's mom appears to have the kind of income stream that can facilitate an emergency fund. A lot of moms would die before accepting money from their daughter's porn hustle. IMHO, Erin would definitely become a camgirl purely for the attention. Implying that her family is in dire need is a way for her to justify going from faux-prudish to camgirl. How milky would her streams be, though?!


Sometimes people will get broken by one vic/patient/etc. that was too tragic for them, or all the death will eventually wear them down, but Erin should reconsider starting a career in forensics if car crashes already make her nauseous.


She knows she won't just use it for sfw art. She knows what Patreon is.

>body count


There are definitely moms like this, who do go to extremes to make sure any job offers won't work out. But then her mom wouldn't accept her money, so Erin lied herself into a corner on this one.

No. 922238

jesus christ the fake loli laugh is especially excruciating in this one

No. 922241

She isn't even going to collage right now? Collage doesn't start until 6-7 months so what is she supposed to focus on????

It's normal to start working at 15, when schools out. If she gets this coddled how is she going to deal with a high stress job such as forensic?

No. 922244

there’s a huge difference between being a camgirl and creating an onlyfans.
camming requires you to actually have a consistent schedule, interact with lots of people PLUS you can’t edit/photoshop live streams. she may eventually upload on onlyfans, but she’d never be a camgirl.

No. 922246

>a thousand and a half views
toppest of keks

No. 922258

You can actually hear the size of her nose in that vid despite her attempts to sound like an actual toddler. That's one big nasally toddler kek

No. 922281

Watch her cry about how it ~flopped~ like the poor widdle baby that she is

No. 922296

File: 1579773877436.jpeg (307.16 KB, 828x809, 08943EF4-5159-41C7-B124-AA5134…)

erin retweeting this tweet cause she’s a ~uwu victim~ of the internet and did nothing wrong made me chuckle

the loli laugh made me gag. holy fuck.

didn’t she say before she’d never post anything nsfw on her instagram because it’s an agere account? but now she says her instagram isn’t agere? she went private again but i saw someone in her story ask her to put a tw on her stories and she said she shouldn’t have to since her account isn’t agere. if it’s not an agere account why is she constantly posting kids shampoos and panties that she doesn’t fit in? what a freak

No. 922306

How bout when you create a false narrative of yourself and try to make yourself look like an uwu loli on lolcow, pretending to be some college guy and acting like an innocent frail agere child or whatever tf and contradicting yourself all the time
>“I never had an eating disorder”
>“uwu I used to have an ed this makes me uncomfy!!:((“
My favorite post of hers in the selfposts that were exposed was the one that said “you don’t have to be abused to be considered a victim, dumbass” what an insufferable awful bitch.

No. 922307

my tinfoil is that erin can't job because her socials and threads would pop up as soon as you put 'erin mae painter' in google, and all the ddlg, pet play, puss pics, nipple pics, and general embarrassments would just come tumbling out. granted i have never googled that though!

No. 922347

erin mae painter doesn’t bring up much but her old twitter. erin painter, on the other hand, brings up every single one of her lolcow threads from the first result onwards, so she would def be fucked

No. 922445

>implying any place that she's qualified for checks this shit
target or mcdonalds doesn't do bg checks for shit like this.

No. 922447

File: 1579800295026.jpeg (462.12 KB, 2029x1652, BAE76387-E70A-47DB-8667-FB2717…)

from her most recent twitter post. so terribly shooped. kek at her hiding her big ass arms

No. 922449

Holy fuck her body looks so long

No. 922450

File: 1579800593742.png (64.81 KB, 798x390, 2020-01-23_202908.png)

it becomes self-aware

No. 922455

she already deleted this

No. 922456

File: 1579801591120.jpeg (115.85 KB, 750x575, 3D910052-65A2-43F4-A3DC-A03FB3…)

holy shit erin you are so pathetic …….. go outside. are you really saying you didn’t look at the pic before you posted it? why did it give you a breakdown AFTER you publicly posted it (and edited it)? get help. immediately.

No. 922460

File: 1579802133121.jpeg (316.3 KB, 750x1102, 9714AD7D-329A-45C8-BC74-19CD21…)

She also had to make sure to post about it on Instagram for validation and asspats.

No. 922467

File: 1579802629863.jpg (155.24 KB, 720x812, 20200123_190314.jpg)

You never had bdd Erin

No. 922469

File: 1579803568562.jpg (403.62 KB, 1080x1919, 20200123_131929.jpg)

No. 922470

Yeah that's not BDD, that's realizing you're a potato nosed hag and trying to hide it.

No. 922471

She lurkssssss

No. 922472

i love how “every1” only refers to us kek she can’t stop reading her own thread and she claims WE are her puppets

No. 922473

if anything she sees herself as much thinner than she is.

No. 922475

Seems like she is still at her "loli metal girl" phase.

No. 922476

Not even that
she's an online wannarexic at best who's just fine with her body irl, whatever fits her ugly ass aesthetic

No. 922490

if she chooses The Rolling Stones to look metal then it shows how little she knows about metal lmfao she’s so embarrassing

No. 922494

Erin you will feel so much better about your body and mental health if you get away from pedophile loli shit. Of course you feel like shit when you're constantly trying to be a child to appease people who find children appealing. Just drop all of it and find your actual personality.

No. 922496

Why don’t you do something about your gross goblin body instead of eating happy meals and over processed kid foods like danimals and shit and sitting inside all day, faking body dysmorphia and an ed is just gross and if you’re ginna shoop yourself into a whole ass other person and make up a fake story about how sickly thin you are, then go lose some w8 kek. Start working out and eating right l

No. 922501

Honestly this is so true. Erin spends so much time wanting to be smol and uwu when it’s just not who she is. She’s always had a bigger frame and she’s above average height. She’s just not smal. I don’t think she stops to think for a second that her supposed “body image” issues come from the fact that she’s trying to be something she’s not. her “body dysmorphia” is her seeing herself smaller than she is and getting upset that others notice she’s not a small 4’8 uwu loli.

No. 922506

Exactly, but wanting to be a loli in the first place is so disgusting and she should try to figure out why she has this problem that makes her desperate to turn on pedos

No. 922507

>she should try to figure out why she has this problem that makes her desperate to turn on pedos
she's craving male attention, how can you possibly NOT become lonely and desperate when you sit inside your room all day and don't get out to meet actual men?

No. 922508

This. Trying to look like a loli is not only gross but also impossible for most grown women and is only contributing harder to her obvious self-hatred. She should really try to grow up a bit.

No. 922519

File: 1579811418319.jpg (166.17 KB, 720x1001, 20200123_212955.jpg)

She didn't really just post her ribs to prove us how small she is, didn't she?

No. 922522

does she just lurk and then respond on her instagram/twitter all day.. yikes. also Erin you can be big framed and still suck in until your ribs show. it shows in the shape and size of your bones not your body fat

No. 922523

. soft as lamb
. posts her fucking bones


No. 922524

She wants to be anachan so bad huh

No. 922528

File: 1579812387348.png (3.15 MB, 1125x2436, 506D7511-A77D-44AA-A0A0-9C9D17…)

just all the casual body checks today.

No. 922532

imagine having so little self-esteem

No. 922533

oh i am laffin >>922528 looks nothing like >>922447 this reeks of insecure fattie wannarexic.

No. 922534

Because these are the same legs lol ok Georgia, somebody gets this girl a tube stat!

No. 922536

>no personality
>dumb as a stump
>shit eyebrows
>disgusting hair
>goblin nose
>fattie wannarexic body

Yeah I'd hate myself too if I was you Erin

No. 922537

I wonder if we’ll ever get a good idea of what she actually looks like. I can’t even cobble together an image in my mind because everything is photoshopped and so mismatched. Like that face from the red scarf picture on the rolling stone body but with the tiny legs? Doesn’t go together man.

No. 922546

File: 1579814157134.jpg (254.08 KB, 1243x826, the lies.jpg)

There are so many things wrong with her
If you noticed she skewed the selfie, pulled the sweater tight to accentuate how 'smol' she is
also the Korilakkuma seams have magically disappeared, my guess to make her waist look smaller

No. 922548

File: 1579814200545.png (2.47 MB, 828x1792, 1BEB9302-3F43-450F-9079-F540EB…)

I love how in this story she makes it all shaky so it seems like she’s “uwu ima sick wittle anowexic”

No. 922550

Kek Erin should just make a ‘secret ana account’ at this point. Everyone in the ED community loves feeding off of each others asspats, she’ll fit right in with the wannarexic crowd

No. 922554

This bitch just scrunched up her shirt to create the illusion of ribs, does she think we won’t notice how anatomically incorrect and goofy it looks? This is a new low to pretend she’s “so soft and smol”

No. 922555

File: 1579815593611.png (2 MB, 1125x2436, D5FF70EC-CCE6-4127-80E0-04CF77…)

Nitpicking, but it’s not a challenge. You’re literally just copying a picture, because you lack any original ideas.

No. 922556

boo fucking hoo nobody cares, we know you're posting these stories for lolcow

No. 922560

File: 1579816319699.jpg (483.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200123-225059.jpg)

you asked, you shall receive

No. 922562

File: 1579816648063.png (3.53 MB, 1242x2208, 2165F5DB-FA5D-4444-8916-ABF92B…)

She looks like she’s actually starving herself

No. 922564

Kek no she doesn't anon, she's a big girl with a bulky frame, her ribcage will show even at the higher end of a normal weight. And you know she's sucking in as hard as possible.

No. 922565

Nah, she’s just sucking in while laying down, classic ana pic. What confuses me more than anything about the pic is the placement of her boob? It looks like she’s laying on her back but her boob looks like it’s growing out of her side, just above her ribcage

No. 922566

am i being autistic because i literally cannot figure out what way she’s angling/stretching her body. she looks like a henry moore sculpture

No. 922567

Her tits are just saggy and loose skin like the rest of her body so they don’t sit normally

No. 922568

She's on her back, pulling her arms and shoulder blades as far back as possible, sticking out her upper body while twisting it + pressing her ass down
common ana bodycheck pose

No. 922569

God. The wannarexia stuff is so annoying. It's not subtle at all. Her story for the past week has had a post every couple of nights asking if she's allowed to eat or if she should go to bed like a "bad dog" instead of eating.
Hating your body and wanting to lose weight doesn't mean you have anorexia or an ED Erin, and no one sees you as more vulnerable or fragile because you pretend to hate food. Pro tip: No one truly developing anorexia makes it public or tries showing off their ribs. The late stage ana chans do this, but most anorexics try desperately to hide their disordered eating.
You are just an attention whore.
You're a privileged and pampered adult who's never had to suffer truly in her life beyond situations she got herself in. Because of this, you never feel valid or special so you act out.

I don't think she realizes women like her are a dime a dozen.

No. 922571

Samefag but she uses all the average weight wannarexic poses, it's so funny. Legs apart, wearing a loose skirt, knees inward. You don't have a thigh gap, Erin. That's okay.
>inb4 she'll post something on the eating account along the lines of "I'll show them…"
Just Google the word anorexia + "I'll show them" in quotes. All the fat or average weight girls who become wannarexic do the same shit.

No. 922572

I feel like it’s divided in those who think she is underweight and being gross posting body checks. Then saying she needs to lose weight but then post ribs and thigh gaps. Others think she is shopping and is a normal, or plus sized, and is asking for attention. Either way the bodychecks and food monitoring are disgusting regardless when she knows people struggle.

No. 922575

Nah. No one has EVER called Erin underweight. Literally no one.

No. 922580

you forgot about that single solitary time when she was self posting pretending to be a guy. ‘yeah she has an uhhhhh tiny little nose and she wore short skirts and she was soooo tiny and petite and skinny. just like a loli haha no i’m not erin i don’t know what you mean but she’s really skinny and perfect irl i’m just some random guy tho haha’

No. 922589

File: 1579819469353.jpeg (395.37 KB, 735x617, 86EBEF10-CAD9-4AA4-8A37-E6D0EF…)

How stupid and deranged do you have to be to post the photo on the left, and think people will genuinely think you're the fragile loli you try to make yourself seem to be?
We all know as soon a she actually put her ankles or knees together in the left photo, her thick thighs would squeeze together, and they're already touching under the skirt. There's literally nothing wrong with that but lmao, not the uwu frail tiny gurl thing she's trying to aim for with angles

She's spamming her big boned girl ribcage because she knows by posting the pic on the left earlier she showed herself as she truly is, except even the pic on the left is still shooped.

No. 922590

No one ever said she's underweight. She's definitely average weight/maybe a little on the chub side and pretending to be small with shops and angles for internet soft girl DDLG points.

No. 922595

she’s made a “”weight loss”” account @purrling

No. 922596

I’m actually surprised she posted this considering how tall and chubby she looks. It doesn’t fit the asthetic she desperately wants to portray.

No. 922597

File: 1579820339197.jpeg (456.41 KB, 742x1114, 69AC4475-5890-41D0-BF63-ED34E1…)

No. 922598

Lmao she posted a pic with different angles edited to be skinnier, it's different than >>922546
Truly "embracing" yourself huh

No. 922600

she literally fucking called herself thick in the putaerin phase. erin mae painter you’re such a clown it hurts

No. 922601

File: 1579820564827.jpeg (326.43 KB, 828x878, FE6955B5-2503-46FA-AABE-F32B5D…)

I love how she goes from the sweatshirt picture where she looks curvy, to this shit kek

No. 922602

God her desire to fight so hard to be an uwu tiny fragile baby its so pathetic

No. 922603

How tall is Erin?
She looks at least 5.7ft in the mirror selfie

No. 922605

she says she’s like 5’3 or something?? lmao bitch ain’t even close to 5’5

No. 922606

Didn't she say like few hours ago that she is so triggered and still traumatized lmao. >>922460

No. 922607

Erins the type that would do better of her access to internet was blocked. Not even saying this to be mean she genuinely just needs to get offline for her own mental health. She cant get a job because of mental health reasons but shes allowed to continue embarrassing herself online?

No. 922609

she said she’s 5’6, but she looks taller imo

No. 922610

This is edited to hell and back KEK. Look at how wobbly!

No. 922614

I mean I don’t like this girl at all.. but sometimes it’s fucking sad to see how low someone’ll go for just a speck of attention on the internet.

No. 922616

she's allowed to embarrass herself online because her mom doesn't see it, if only she knew

No. 922617

Of course she posts shit like this. Another "bodyposi" account created only for getting attention from the neckbeards.

And she fucking bullies herself from her twin account for pity points. So gross.

No. 922618

Wow, it’s been a hell of a day for her. She’s been posting bodycheck pics all day since people on here have been sassing her posts. She can’t possibly be posting all of this shit because of lolcow, right?

No. 922620

I never even looked really closely at the new accs post.. that’s really fucking wobbly

No. 922622

It appears to be a screencap from a video. She’s jiggling all over so that accounts for that, but otherwise the posts (6 or so seem to have been made in the past half hour) don’t look supremely edited. I don’t know, is this thread perhaps full of anachans? She certainly doesn’t look obese in any of these.

No. 922623

Of course she is. We laughed at the obviously thick pic she posted and she’s been spiraling since.

No. 922625

File: 1579821402500.jpg (280.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200124-001430.jpg)

If it's not an "ed account", then why post shit like this >>922601 ?

No. 922626

My bad, it’s the shit quality of the vid and her being..genuinely pudgy. holy shit. It looked so wobbly I could’ve sworn it was a bad shoop but she has back rolls.
Anyway, she’s not obese obviously but she’s sucking in insanely hard and lifting her legs and poking her back out to look skinnier than she is. We know what she looks like when not posing. And it’s not how she looks in this video.

No. 922627

I don't get how she can post all this knowing it's gonna be posted here and attached to her IRL name. Is she okay with random future employers seeing all her nudes and crazy shit?

No. 922629

She doesn't think she will have to work at any point in her life apparently, so that doesn't trouble her. And with kind of content she posts there (let's be honest, real weight losing accounts post mirror selfies in sport bras, and not butt wiggling and crotch flashing videos) she probably wants to gain audience that would donate to her onlyfans

No. 922630

samefag, but for real is she now gonna pretend to be ana on the pics but deny it in the caption like it's yet another ~aesthetic~ and not a literal illness?
it's getting out of hand

No. 922631

Won't her non anachan followers call her out for posting anachan-tier pics?

No. 922632

File: 1579821843106.png (2.25 MB, 1242x2208, 9A9FF234-354B-4558-93D2-A666AE…)

I’m not pro Ed :( that makes me super uncomfy uwu

No. 922633

File: 1579821923168.png (4.89 MB, 1242x2208, 49D7D6F2-5C30-4114-83F1-B096A3…)

She’s lurking so hard we all know you edit your pics and use angles to try to be a 4’11 loli

No. 922634

Knockoff Burberry skirt from Hong Kong she bought in Chinese XL/L. Lol

No. 922635

File: 1579822033026.png (2.51 KB, 234x42, 8888.png)

yes, finally

No. 922636

File: 1579822075237.png (3.41 MB, 1242x2208, A97CDEE2-19B9-4DBC-A0E7-E9D515…)

Idk how I’d feel to have my 20 year old daughter who doesn’t go to school or have a job be naked and suck in her stomach to try and look fragile. This is so disgusting. She needs to keep this to herself. Nobody wants to see your fishy pussy. At least when you were in your “baddie” phase you looked less retarded

No. 922637

back in her baddie phase she also called herself thicc all the time, where's the frickin trauma

No. 922638

File: 1579822178816.png (4.77 MB, 1242x2208, 10D18F1A-2B08-44E7-B16C-40440F…)

do her parents not care about all her kink gear? like I would be concerned if my daughter legit thought she was a puppy

No. 922639

File: 1579822181814.jpeg (272.5 KB, 750x1294, 96917001-3B9E-4290-AC44-C3A925…)

So now she’s back to hating her thighs being called thicc? Not too long ago you were liking people calling them thicc and now you’re back to your ~uwu pwease dunt bwully me~ phase.

No. 922642

that's a belt anon

No. 922643

Sweet fucking Jesus she’s lurking so hard. “Contact me if you’re suspicious of editing?” Who says this?

No. 922644

File: 1579822325860.jpeg (258.41 KB, 750x1074, BF13DE93-9170-4D0A-9BAD-0C96B1…)

This is so funny to me, she expects everyone thats following @/purrlng to be from her main. Erin your blocking spree clearly is making you look like a clown.

No. 922646

File: 1579822338582.png (2.58 MB, 1242x2208, F739ED72-6D57-4BBA-B23E-9CB9C7…)

if she was so self conscious about her body she wouldn’t be posting it and deleting it and reposting. she is such an attention seeker it’s pathetic. this thread has given her some good advice, she needs to get a job and get off social media. Develop an original personality, and stop faking her voice

No. 922648

but okay, if she had common sense she could've just posted these on her onlyfans???
I really don't understand why the hell she made a big deal about it on her story if she's posting herself naked on her insta
why is Erin so retarded

No. 922649

she shopped her vagina out

No. 922652

She’s obviously is fishing for comments like these lol. Why else would she suck in her stomach as much as she can?

No. 922653

File: 1579822504525.png (268.25 KB, 1242x2208, 88968C62-392F-4EAC-8969-F1DE77…)

“this was suppose to be a positive place :(“
You are literally just fishing for compliments trying to be anorexic when you’re obese and eat McDonald’s kids meals all day.

No. 922654

File: 1579822513371.jpg (7.4 KB, 259x194, stop.jpg)

She spent all day defending herself but when will she start actually doing things?

No. 922659

she didn’t just make this account. she’s had it for ages, i was following it and forgot all about it. why does she lie about the stupidest details

No. 922660

File: 1579822647881.jpeg (60.75 KB, 749x1007, 3890A66D-5C95-4DAB-9071-7A9856…)

No. 922662

At this point she really should just log off for a while - take a walk, sing to some cows, whatever

No. 922664

KEK. suicide threat when???

No. 922666

Christ, this really escalated. I feel awful. I almost feel like I’m watching a little sister or something. Erin, block lolcow from your phone and computer, delete your shit, remake, work on yourself, make some real friends and never look back.

No. 922667

File: 1579822936292.png (7.94 MB, 1242x2208, 295A22BD-3E00-489D-823F-506166…)

She’ll come back in less than an hour god she’s so annoying. if you’re going to leave just fucking leave nobody cares except your neck beards

No. 922669

For some reason when Erins telling a truthful statement, she gotta lie about being 7'0 huh.

It's wild with the sudden increase of Erin posts on this thread today, I think Erin misses us giving her attention I wonder if she's been selfposting again

No. 922670

Erin, you are a fucking pro ed. Your weight isn't unhealthy, stop playing dumb. You aren't even fat. Your weight and bodyshape are absolutely fine, not super skinny tho.

No. 922672

'guys i want NOTHING to do with pro-ed accounts!!!!! it's for HEALTHY weight loss uwu anyway im so FAT and UGLY and DISGUSTING look at how FAT i am in this picture where im pulling the most anachan pose i could manage uwu the word thicc TRIGGERS me!!!! you don't understand my trauma and i tell you .1% of my life!!!!'

good god miss erin mae painter get a grip girl

No. 922673

she thinks not eating and having trauma is a personality trait

No. 922676

>Erin: I'm never posting body pics again!!
> Also Erin: Look at my ribs and loli thighs and me posing naked in my dad's house uguu

Even in that "flattering" curvy pic you can tell her body is the shape of a box. She's too fat to fit into anything slim fitting and flattering for her tits/ass because her stomach and arms are chunky.

Cows never think of the future, they're all obsessed with getting attention here and now. This thread + her antics on nsfw twitter + her being a bitch to her old classmates are documented on the internet forever, she's fucked her future self over here.

No. 922678

eating disorder account has been deleted. well that was a fun half hour, i guess.

No. 922679

this is so funny like she literally has conversations with people on here through her Instagram. and then comes on here and has weird conversations anonymously about herself. she wonders why she’s so miserable. poor girl has no life

No. 922682

she's not "too fat to fit into anything slim fitting". She did look sort of decent in her previous phases when she used to wear fitted clothes that accentuated her body in a good way, wearing oversized sweaters and sack dresses on the other hand is unflattering if you already have a large build like Erin does

No. 922683

she suicide-baits on her main

No. 922684

she does this every single time where she has a meltdown over being 'attacked' after her rude ass comes for random people trying to be nice in her comments, announces a 'break' against a backdrop of baby lotion bottles. then it lasts for literally 6 hours max before she's back online sending herself anons or coming on here to bump the thread with peepee poopoo.

perhaps these 2 day breaks would be more useful if she actually did anything during them? such as getting a job or a therapist???

No. 922685

File: 1579823460932.jpeg (228.82 KB, 1242x1823, 12C052C8-3F5F-4C8E-84D6-7A6E6C…)

Attention seeking just disable your account Erin

No. 922686

File: 1579823539999.png (254.76 KB, 500x304, 4DA502A7-E4E3-4380-84FB-7F3A63…)

Jesus, kid, you’re 19. You’ll be okay, just log off

No. 922690

File: 1579823672894.jpg (41.59 KB, 596x628, kek.jpg)

The fact that nobody who follows her on Instagram has a single clue what she's freaking out over

No. 922693

Did she even post body pics back then? All I recall are her shooped face selfies and her in hoodies and leggings.

Also I think >>922669 is onto something. Erin's thread was dead as fuck when she got outed for being 1/3 of the posts in these threads. She's definitely on here. Hi Erin!

No. 922694

exactly. she’ll deactivate her social medias to make her feel like she’s improving, but won’t actually change anything about her life, so the desperation for attention begins again and she goes back to social media to get it. she has a roof over her head, a bed, food, etc. AND she gets to do nothing all day and be taken care of — why WOULD she change? she needs some incentive. her parents need to stop coddling her and tell her to get out there, maybe even threaten to take some of her commodities away somehow (turn off her phone for example), or she’ll end up a jobless 30 year old woman still living at home.

No. 922695

Don't give her ideas anon. Her mom basically spents all their money on her plushies and ddlg kink gear, her "school", and if Erin's going to decide she's in urgent need for therapy to treat her ~bdd~ then her mom is going to be fucked with the medical bills. I actually feel sorry for her mom.

No. 922698

yes Erin, you spent your teenage years sitting in your room, online harassing people from your school and finding happiness through attention from neck beards in discord chat rooms instead of going out and meeting real life people. now you’re almost 20 years old with no life, no friends, all you do is try to get attention from pedos and make no effort to have an ACTUAL life. there are many girls like you who wasted their teen years being cunts on the internet and they are just as miserable as you are. Do something about it or stop complaining about it. Maybe delete your social media for longer than 2 hours and go make some real friends. get a job. Go to school. Make your parents proud for once instead of worrying about what ugly guys on the internet think

No. 922699

Nobody posting actual 'body prog' pictures posts shit like this. Actual people concerned about health post full body pics in sports bras or something not in random bizarre angles with school girl shit and borderline DDLG nudes holding a fucking teddy bear.

No. 922702

I’d be so embarrassed if I was her. Everyone in her town probably knows the cringe she posts and she probably wears a leash and puppy ears in public to go watch Frozen 2. People either think she’s a retard or a Furry.

No. 922711

File: 1579824625227.webm (186.83 KB, 640x640, 83086162_172422644117134_54240…)

Omg anon you are actually so mean. How people are supposed to know what it looks like when I ride my stuffies at a ~healthy weight~? I just want to feel good ab myself pls i wish ppl could stop being like that :(((((

No. 922712

File: 1579824946527.webm (154.76 KB, 638x360, 83714853_209614213405871_82229…)

You know it's gonna stay on the internet forever. Good fucking job Erin hope you're proud of your 30 minutes of being insta-famous

No. 922714

File: 1579825150768.webm (212.9 KB, 480x480, 83374891_2849806975111507_2608…)

Also why is the sticker so fucking big? Thought your lil pink innie puwussy so small there's nothing to censor

No. 922716

File: 1579825232658.jpeg (202.46 KB, 1242x961, 6A3C1CA2-B07A-4BDC-9329-671F71…)

No. 922719

censoring her panties because it's absolutely about weightloss and nothing lewd AT ALL

No. 922720

File: 1579825544066.webm (92.48 KB, 640x640, 83886242_191948788623994_90512…)

daddy (pls pls PLS remember ddlg DOES NOT own the word daddy!!! it's completely ok to call ur cg like that dont feel bad about it EVER) where r u? Ur lil tiny legal loli puppy girl on a leash wants to cockwarm n knot w u so bad :(((

No. 922723

File: 1579825661323.webm (111.42 KB, 638x360, 83343786_165119094767259_83224…)

dsjksahjkdhskjadk love my THICC thighs

No. 922725

Hi Erin(hi cow)

No. 922727

File: 1579825997196.jpeg (255.76 KB, 1242x1392, F24CF6B4-3D43-408D-A767-47B71A…)

is Erin lurking on here rn

No. 922728

it's just absurd. in a way i get it - she MUST have some mental health issues since the way she acts online is so telling. but at the same time, i don't feel bad for her. tons of people with the odds fully against them deal with shit harder than her but still TRY at the very least. she's just some spoiled ass little rich white girl living off her parents money with no drive to make herself into something. like i said, she's rich!! she could get therapy, she could go to school, she could do all sorts of shit, but she refuses. instead she lays around all day posting on insta and taking shitty thirst pics. it's a joke.

No. 922733

She posted a self-harm image, saying she's not "clean" anymore after 2 years of being clean because fuck her followers with actual mental health problems right

No. 922735

File: 1579826466783.jpg (17.35 KB, 413x395, 1529615543212.jpg)

that's what makes her freakouts so hilarious anon. she has tons of resources and privelege right at her fingertips but she's too much of a dumb cunt failure to do anything other than constantly refresh her lolcow thread.

No. 922736

this is an imageboard. post caps or gtfo

No. 922737


so you're right back to blatantly editing and manipulating your weight erin, real nice. erin could never be real and honest a day in her life.

No. 922739

I don’t even think she’s insecure she seems like a narcissist because she’s always posting pictures for validation and she wants attention all the time

No. 922740


No. 922742

File: 1579826746941.jpg (46.91 KB, 750x1069, unnamed.jpg)

nta but here

No. 922744

File: 1579826777400.png (844.97 KB, 1038x975, animegirlsaren'treal.png)


Seeing how cutesy she tries to act makes me want to throw up. Nauseating. I wonder if she knows that anime girls aren't real.

No. 922745

it's already gone now …

No. 922746

File: 1579826813234.jpg (157.62 KB, 720x1197, IRCkvU8HHXQ.jpg)

She also said she's gonna kill herself and something else but can't provide a caps since she deleted it straight away

No. 922748

File: 1579826900292.png (162.87 KB, 500x753, A07C35D8-43E6-48D9-ABF2-2955D4…)

I’ve self harmed before and I would NEVER show my cuts when they’re bleeding and I always try and cover my scars. She’s disgusting and makes people with actual depression look bad. She makes me sick.

No. 922749

Legit pixyteri tier scratches close up and blurred. This attention seeking is unreal.

No. 922751

File: 1579826954663.gif (2.88 MB, 400x334, source.gif)

Erin Painter is such a classic cow, I missed threads like these.

No. 922752

she must of made a big enough paper cut and zoom it in on her camera. the lengths she will go for attention is embarrassing

No. 922753

has she ever gone so far as posting stuff like this before??

spoiler this shit

No. 922754

File: 1579827108582.jpeg (215.63 KB, 750x947, D244010E-FD65-4502-A7DD-18447E…)

No. 922755

all of this because of one pic of her in a sweatshirt kek she’s the cow that never stops giving

No. 922756

File: 1579827148029.jpeg (Spoiler Image,252.42 KB, 750x1124, 2835EA7E-9E11-4704-8795-B97EF0…)

another photo she uploaded

No. 922757

This thread is really fucking freaking me out.

No. 922758

lmao this is so '13 year old on tumblr having a meltdown for attention' i cant

No. 922763

Second this. She's build like an upside-down triangle and her ribs no matter what she does aren't fooling anyone. She should stick to shopping her legs, at least then she has a small chance

No. 922764

I tried to be nice to her because I thought she was bullied but she constantly lies about her photoshop and makes up trauma. They should put her in a psych ward. She needs to get help. I honestly hope she can get off the internet she is a train wreck

No. 922766

I hope she didn't actually hurt herself and just finally puts her goddamn phone aside, take a nap Erin

No. 922768

i mean. my instinct is to worry about her, but i also know her cutting and posting pics is a cry for help. she wants to go to the hospital for the attention and she feels lost. wait until she realizes it's just uncomfortable and expensive and once she's out her life will be exactly the same again.
she's acting like a BPDfag, this is her way of "getting better." by acting out and hoping someone or something saves her. obviously someone trying to genuinely hurt themselves or die wouldn't tell anyone and would hide it and try to avoid the hospital, but like i said, huge cry for help and she'll be fine and back to the normal erin posting about cummies again soon.
but watch her blame everything on lolcow boolying when she talks to a psychiatrist

No. 922769

lmao are those cat scratches

No. 922770

omg the second one really does look like that lol. with how blurry the first one is they are probably some scratches she got some time ago on accident and is passing them up as self harm scars.

No. 922771

samefag but i do hope she's okay despite my participating in this thread, i don't wanna break any cows

No. 922773

stop reading then, damn. not that hard.

No. 922778

It’s not a cry for help it’s a cry for ATTENTION

No. 922779


This is some prime suicide baiting/manipulation bullshit tactics and y'all are falling for it.

No. 922780

this shit reminds me of Phoebe Tickner with the butter knife

No. 922781

WAS THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING y’all are just as bad as her followers

No. 922782

Why is this one like watery? Is it meant to be her tears on her cuts or what?

No. 922783

I hate that I feel bad because I’ve been a cutter but I lowkey know she’s just making it up. She’s a sick individual. Erin if you’re reading this change your name and move, delete all social media, stop being a pathetic weeb leach and get off the internet

No. 922785

File: 1579827660248.jpeg (164.38 KB, 828x1559, 26ED2A4F-F8A1-4368-A3CA-9717C6…)

she wants attention so bad

No. 922786

probably red acrylic paint mixed w water or some shit

No. 922788


hold up…is she really…in a bath tub…hannah baker is that you? LOL

No. 922789

yeah sorry lol to be fair im really fucking susceptible to being manipulated because i don't want people to hurt but i gotta remember this is the same chick who talked about rape babies and harassed her peers

No. 922791

yeah i hope she doesn’t actually do anything terrible but this IS her own fault. she chose to post those things? she chose to turn the account into one about her eating disorder but somehow expected no backlash. she’s acting like this is everyone else’s fault but it was her decision.

No. 922792

File: 1579827733826.png (2.22 MB, 1242x2208, 84DDF51B-2C41-41AF-9E34-C40088…)

No. 922796

she's going nuts now this is SO WEIRD

No. 922797

water mixed with blood maybe? “hospital” but has a spare 5 minutes to take some hazy pics and upload them.

No. 922799

she’s not even in the hospital she’s in her bathtub with her baby soap picking at her blubber

No. 922800

Is she really showing us her not harmed leg?? Why?? Note, I don't want her to post self harm but this feels more and more like another of her fits for attention.

No. 922805


get your mop story off this thread lmao

No. 922806

lol for a second I thought she was pinching her nipple from the thumbnail

No. 922807

Yeah I see the bath now, guess she's still lurking! Stop giving yourself cat scratches in the bath and go see a real therapist, Erin.

No. 922810


It's funny because when this mental breakdown of the week is over she will claim she never suicide baits or does anything problematic uwu she's just playing Animal Crossing with her cat! Super cute agere blog that posts ambiguous self harm pictures and blood.

No. 922812

cumpotion idiot right there cowtipped and sent the thread link

No. 922814

i get you bc it is hard to see if you've got a history of self harm. but this genuinely is attention-seeking behaviour at its finest, even if it is like… a manic episode or something. this is all people like erin would do on tumblr back in the day, especially immediately after being 'called out' over some dumb shit that doesn't matter irl like she just was. all that's missing is the crytyping. hopefully she deletes all this really soon and goes on her allotted day off insta because this is wack tbh

No. 922816

Cumpotion stop cowtipping

No. 922818

“ddlg and ed accounts don’t interact”
> exposes her followers to multiple suicide bait posts, blood and ~uwu self harm~ with no warning
bit hypocritical erin

No. 922819

File: 1579828111298.jpeg (Spoiler Image,273.33 KB, 750x1056, FB667616-9D83-4DAA-93D5-97445B…)

No. 922824

just a matter of time until someone reports her account and it's gone for good

No. 922831

can you tards stop posting unsaged edgy 14 year old self harm memes straight from facebook

No. 922832

Thanks for the report? lol.

No. 922834

In a period of 72 hours Erin has:
>made an Onlyfans account
>Have a mental breakdown in her tub
>blocking people
>blames her mother that she cant work
>says shes in school
>traces dog art
>waddles around with her bell collar
>"sweater challenge" selfie
> takes 10+ wannarexic photos
>has 5 outfit changes in the same evening
>"self harm"
>another mental breakdown

Doing all this while continuously being on lolcow
Where's your excuse of "I only post 1% of my life" Erin?

No. 922839

File: 1579828401708.jpeg (503.07 KB, 1242x1394, 5DD84BA4-8A7F-4400-9E78-335A36…)

No. 922842

isn't she tired?

No. 922843

Oh shit anon. I caught this earlier today.

No. 922845

File: 1579828489035.jpeg (378.73 KB, 1242x989, 70B32D1D-A690-4863-AA11-27FCF1…)

It’s called get a diary or a therapist retard

No. 922846

am i the only one confused on why she would go to the hospital for self harm in the first place? her cuts aren’t even bad. put a bandaid on and go to bed.

No. 922849

File: 1579828526539.jpg (419.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200123-110159_Chr…)

Sorry forgot my pic lol.

No. 922852

lmao that meltdown was finished fast

No. 922853

This thread has been dead for days and suddenly I come back to 100+ new replies. And here I was thinking of deleting it from my bookmarks. Thanks, Erin!

No. 922854

She's probably talking about a mental hospital

No. 922855

File: 1579828565650.jpeg (188.23 KB, 582x582, 6A18B3E4-4454-4E08-800C-D18672…)

No. 922857

I was just about to post the exact same thing. She scratched herself and it doesn't sound like she's actively planning suicide either, there's no reason she would have to go to the hospital

No. 922859

no way lmao. how is she still managing to ban evade after being caught self posting like eighteen times in one month? anyway she peaked with 'peepee poopoo' try harder erin

No. 922860


No. 922861


No. 922862

that body pic she posted shows how chunky her waist is and how fat her thighs are that’s why she got so self conscious. you can see how fat her waist is compared to the other pictures she posts later where she sucks up her stomach and angles the pics so she looks small

if she wanted to kill herself she would have, cutting and posting it online is only for attention. if she wanted to “feel” so bad she wouldn’t feel the need to post it for other people to see and be concerned. another cry for attention, she’s so pathetic and i wish her parents would slap her off the internet with her constant over sharing and clear unhealthy obsession with the online girl. kids so obsessed she can’t even let go of social media for a few days… god erin stop crying for attention please

No. 922867

is it the same person making these edits every time? if so, i am so unbelievably in love with you, anon.

No. 922868

anon thank you for this

No. 922869

omg of course she is still posting here, some unsaged posts were pretty suspicious but didn't want to send false reports lol

No. 922870

File: 1579828816433.jpeg (126.13 KB, 828x1499, 2B6BC204-61A5-4775-94B2-F2BCCA…)

How long will that last

No. 922871

File: 1579828835352.jpeg (Spoiler Image,440.62 KB, 1242x1189, 2EBA52EC-1676-4AC3-8490-4F10A9…)

No. 922872

this is excellent anon thank you but next time you gotta add on the butterknife scratches all over her thighs

No. 922873

File: 1579828853049.jpeg (108.16 KB, 750x658, 7183B83D-EB7C-4487-9017-55F4B0…)


No. 922874

2 hours

No. 922877

bout five minutes

No. 922879

KEEEEEK omg my sides. if someone makes that it HAS to be the next thread pic

No. 922880

I'll give it 2.5 days
Erin will be back but probably with a new handle
just like when she stopped using twitter

No. 922881

god i hope her pedo followers finally cancel her ass for good

No. 922882

Tomorrow probably, it’s time for her to sleep and garner pity points from her cockroach brained followers

No. 922884

They got a point though, I bet most of Erin's followers are literal children too

No. 922885

oh anon please. it definitely won’t be that long. more like she’ll go to bed and be back in the morning.

No. 922887

*pedos and children

No. 922889

She's probably going to watch this thread until she falls asleep and then wake up and reply to all the dramatic ERIN ARE U OK UWU dms/comments but she's gonna be disappointed based on how many people are calling her out on potentially triggering all her followers.

No. 922890

she disabled it finally she never takes long breaks I think her longest was 2 days

No. 922892

if she actually does go to a psych ward she wouldn't even be kept overnight, probably. with people acting out for attention they usually just ask if they are gonna try to kill themselves and rec them a psych or meds because they get a ton of people who try to be admitted for no reason other than escapism

No. 922893

No. 922896

Ur really an attention whore, aren’t you. Delusional bitch. Posting self harm is NEVER okay. Doesn’t matter if you’re “venting” or “ranting”. You can literally do that WITHOUT posting your FRESH cuts and SCARS. Self harm is very triggering to those who do it and have been through it. Nobody wants to fucking see it. You need to go to a fucking psych ward and be put into a straight jacket. Like come on. You have nearly 9k fucking followers. Next time, think of them instead of your crazy and delusional ass.

No. 922897

you're an artist, queen

No. 922898

Don't worry she's still got her twitter in case she wants to "vent" again

No. 922902

her followers don’t even like her except the ones who are mentally 5 years old and can relate to her pedophilic ways. The other percentage is neckbeards.

No. 922910

File: 1579829795222.jpeg (108.91 KB, 760x1024, 9D726B38-2ABD-49D3-9D59-D65737…)

not even sure if this is milky but posting it JIC. this is from a few hours ago, before she changed the username to purrlng and made it an ED account. she probably didn’t even unblock anyone who commented on it. so not only did she subject unknowing followers to self harm, she also subjected them to potentially triggering images of her body. really nice job erin.

No. 922919

erin if you would just GENUINELY STOP obviously editing your body in 12 million different pics per day none of this shit would happen. you posted a picwhere you look very heavy set and very curvy with chunky thick ass legs, then post some bullshit with twig legs an hour later lmao.

No. 922922

she deleted

No. 922928

File: 1579830509477.jpeg (349.64 KB, 750x1031, F89F9FAB-35B0-4EB3-8C43-5905A2…)

most lamest apology i’ve ever seen, she posted that self harm shit on purpose lmao

No. 922942


If that’s the case then those milky old screenshots of her spam marked as “self posts” weren’t actually her? She’s been spamming pee pee poo poo or that random gibberish to bump her thread or make it clear she’s not banned at all. That screenshot she showed of her being perm banned was probably one of her white knights getting permanent banned and giving her a screenshot to use.

No. 922945

File: 1579831074939.jpeg (346.71 KB, 750x1007, E0F6C874-5831-4AC4-AFB8-87AA82…)

Keep lurking harder, your scratch marks will heal in an hour. Great job at faking your self harm, if you really wanted to ~die~ you would’ve cut deeper instead of taking photos for your instagram in your bathtub

No. 922946

File: 1579831084373.jpeg (136.71 KB, 750x989, C76233C2-93CC-481E-9EA6-138EE9…)

i mean she’s right in the first half but this ‘i wuv u’ stuff is so corny and transparent

No. 922950

Erin hun, go to a fucking psychologist already. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 922952

Like you honestly need to be put into a fucking mental ward and a straight jacket already

No. 922954

File: 1579831394756.jpeg (134.6 KB, 750x1062, F942C08A-53DD-4B16-82BA-E79F24…)

No. 922955

File: 1579831426683.jpeg (277.77 KB, 750x1032, A80B88A0-9E47-4501-AD1B-8E070F…)

she’s really trying to manipulate her followers lol.

did anyone ever get access to her private twitter account?

No. 922956

the shittiest most abusive people in this world will ALWAYS say “I’m so sorry this isn’t me” and promptly go back to being exactly the same as before. and that’s people who actually go get help, i can’t imagine the outcome of a socially inept narcissist that just sits in her bedroom on the internet all day

No. 922961

File: 1579831649865.jpeg (9.28 KB, 295x171, 9DD6B08D-CF67-47B3-805B-1C1D07…)

Erin: “I would never hurt my uwu precious bean bbys,,,,they mean so much to me”
Also Erin: send her massive occult following to do her work for her and blackmail people for her; abuses her followers; mentally abuses people
Also Erin again: “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it! uwu please forgive me”
Also Erin again and again: does it again
Erin’s stupid occult:

No. 922966

File: 1579831900171.png (588.45 KB, 942x852, uwu.png)

im sowwy

No. 922967

I vote next thread pic, you almost made her look cute anon

No. 922968

OMFG LMAOAOAOOA the fucking nose
This is actually a cute drawing anon, way cuter than goblina

No. 922971

Anon, you're a true artiste.
Love this its hilarious. Spot fucking on. Next thread pic dammit.

No. 922972

"pwease don't worry about me uwu" erin does it occur to you that you could have triggered some of your pwecious followers by posting that shit? They're not uwu worried about you, they're fucking pissed or having their own breakdowns now.
For fuck's sake, just give up on the whole internet personality thing you're trying to do, go to therapy, go to college or get a job, whatever, just stop doing this.

Thank you blessed art anon. The stretch mark details, incredible

No. 922976

holy fuck anon lmaoooooooo this is so good

No. 922978


This looks like Erin’s loli art style.

No. 922979

That's the point, it's genius

No. 922992

AHHHHHHHHAHAHA even in her art style
oh my god! FUCK!

No. 922993

File: 1579833500697.jpeg (526.06 KB, 1242x1192, A819E6C1-BACA-4904-B444-E84F94…)

No. 922995

File: 1579833534202.jpeg (267.63 KB, 1242x892, 38DB6F36-3083-44EB-99EA-2875CC…)

her personal account

No. 922998

such classic cow behavior today, even better than milkmas

No. 923012

>it is NOT an ed account and and i dnt want any pro ed accounts following it

lmao this is the same line she would use on her ddlg blogs.

No. 923016


since you’re following her, what has she posted on that account???

No. 923017

File: 1579835621900.jpeg (331.27 KB, 750x1013, 45633545-245C-4DAC-9BEA-BE1CD1…)

she’s reposting this photo set as if she didn’t just have a ~breakdown~ and ~self harmed~.

No. 923018

File: 1579835663010.jpeg (154.35 KB, 750x423, 1A3D3CC7-FA97-4564-A867-DEA875…)

looking through her likes out of boredom, some super funny stuff here like her of all people liking this tweet

No. 923020

File: 1579835811910.jpeg (328.43 KB, 1241x1358, 7D45DE8E-F998-433F-A48C-99E069…)

no new milk just ddlg stolen pictures will update if she does anything. she must of seen the thread because she removed followers

No. 923024


Yeah she’s lurking the feed, she’s removing a lot of people lol. Erin sweetie go cut yourself more you pedophile.

No. 923030

god even when she does leave social media, she doesn’t. she cannot fully get rid of it for the life of her. even her ‘personal account’ is filled with ddlg shit instead of normal things that a personal account would have. she has no personality at all.

No. 923033

File: 1579838074917.jpeg (392.92 KB, 750x1083, CA57E507-9DB3-417C-A2DB-653A7D…)

A mutual retweeted this and it instantly reminded me of Erin. Take some notes Erin because that thread is screaming ERIN MAE PAINTER all over it. You expect your followers to instantly give reactions like -uwu its okay ewin we are hewe for you pwease get better- after you posted your “self harm” pictures without a care in the world.

No. 923036

File: 1579838624316.jpeg (457 KB, 750x1284, 883137AF-5670-42CD-A9C2-256CD5…)


Hi Erin, you’re lurking again.

No. 923041

There's layers to this lmao. Not only is it incredibly hypocritical for her to retweet, that's also probably directed at her seeing as that's Aubry, her prior victim.

No. 923042

Hey ERIN this doesn’t just apply to your followers, this is true for your online boyfriends and any other “relationships” you may have in the future. You are very abusive and manipulative from what I’ve seen especially to the guys you’ve been involved with. You’re like those girls that claim they were raped because they regretting having sex with someone. Except for you, you regret obsessing over and talking constantly online to somebody you’ve never even met. It is abuse Erin. You are abusing your friends, “daddies”, and now your followers. Take notes.

No. 923051

File: 1579841455872.jpeg (339.44 KB, 1242x1763, 93C041B4-DD1D-46AA-BE3F-0D0CF8…)

No. 923053


I feel like she only posts stuff like that so “we” can give her some new ideas to figure out an apology lmao.

No. 923056

She is definitely lying, you can't have anorexia or BDD at the same time (DSM-V).

No. 923057

pro-ED is
>posting bodychecks
>glorifying anorexia as some aesthetic
>actually not having and ED and just being a fat fuck
If you aren't pro-ed then why are you actively making an account to brag about losing weight lmao
I guess she's better off being a chubby bpdette rather than someone who's actually dying

No. 923062

yes you can anon?

No. 923067

Fucking huh? Source?

No. 923076

I said DSM-V, no you cannot. This literally proves that she is larping and self diagnosing herself with nonsense.

No. 923078

Ntayrt but I get it's the most credible source we have, and not trying to derail, but the comorbidity in the DSM is off the charts e.g rate of dual diagnosis for supposedly seperate disorders. That's why there is a lot of debate about its validity in most academic circles… Not only that, it adheres to a categorical model which leads to rigidity (as shown in your case) in terms of mental illnesses and what can and can't occur simultaneously - we will probably veer to a dimensional model in order to counteract this affect. Point is - the DSM is fallible and that's why there have so far been FIVE revisions and many more will surely come… also p.s. I have never in my life heard anyone say or the DSM explicitly say BPD and ED cannot co-occur. Btw you are better off siting studies as there are legitimately disorders in the DSM that have legit only been confirmed based on COMMITTEE meetings… i.e. people without legitimate observation or research just deciding "yeah why not that's gotta be a disorder let's just put 'er and heck yeah we're very smart and knowledgeable and DON'T NEED ACTUAL RESEARCH".

Tdlr: The DSM-5 isn't a definitive OR infallible source - it has had FIVE revisions what does that tell you?(derailing)

No. 923084

Is BPD a typo there? Because the other anons were talking about BDD and ED, not BPD.

Anyway, this milk has been so delicious, I can't believe so much shit happened in so little time kek. She should have been cow of the year, tbh.

No. 923088

File: 1579858929136.jpg (359.91 KB, 1080x1559, 20200124_094111.jpg)

Woke up to these and didn't know if they had all been posted (1/2)

No. 923089

File: 1579858993054.jpg (274.79 KB, 1080x1512, 20200124_094133.jpg)

No. 923092

Literally scroll up, at least sage if youre going to post tweets that are already in the thread.

No. 923094

Yeah soz. I guess it technically applies to both lol, I was typing on my phone.

No. 923095

Imagine trying to convince a bunch of people that you’re going to the hospital by posting a blurry image of a lil blood on insta with the caption “hospital” oof erin

No. 923101

absolutely insane how blatant she’s becoming about lurking here now. this would be funny if it wasn’t just… incredibly tryhard and sad. also pretty much confirms that the screenshot the other anon posted of that big wall of gibberish text was definitely her bumping her own thread

No. 923103

Were any of her coombrain followers actually worried for her over those cat scratches? That shit is absolutely not hospital tier and I can not at the pearl clutching in this thread about what literally could have been her grazing against her moms beige 80s couch after contorting herself too far to get her pussy labias to roll back into her body or whatever she spends her time doing.

No. 923104

>her grazing against her moms beige 80s couch after contorting herself too far to get her pussy labias to roll back into her body

Kek you paint a vivid picture anon, don't think I want to see fanart of that one though

No. 923106

This is probably a weird thing to be offended by, but it pisses me off that Erin is masquerading as a cutter. It looks like she scratched herself with a safety pin, and drew out a couple specks of blood with water. Why does she want to be fucked up so badly? So she never has to take care of herself?

No. 923108

This must be your first "fragile waif with mental issues" rodeo. Welcome, anon. They are all like this.

No. 923113

not even just her followers anon, dumb ass farmers fell for it too lmao

No. 923129

I sense Erin has been posting on here.

No. 923145


Oh, I am absolutely sure of that. I hope farmhands or admin mark her posts again.

No. 923147

i wonder if she every gave up self posting, maybe she actually changed up her writing style and that's why she wasn't spotted before. she'll run out of free vpns she can sign up to eventually and all her ips will be banned.

No. 923184

Fucking this. She has a mom that would support her no matter what, she is so lucky and privileged.

No. 923185

File: 1579892269279.jpg (447.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200124-125659_Twi…)

"uwu look at my bandaid"

No. 923186

i can’t believe that instead of just reposting the old pic she took new ones to show the fucking bandaid… holy fuck what an attention whore

No. 923187


You’re telling me all those pictures of her self harming was just on her thigh? those little baby scratches lmao. She really made it seem like she did a full hannah baker on herself, yet again Erin great job at lying for pitty points.

No. 923188

File: 1579892661484.jpg (446.14 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200124-140432_Twi…)

No. 923189

Erin there are people dying please you don’t even need a bandaid

No. 923190

This jason account was made this month lol is this a farmer or erin talking to herself?

No. 923191


Probably another farmer, you know how Erin is she blocks any interaction that points stuff out.

No. 923193

File: 1579892942285.jpg (612.88 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200124-140903_Twi…)

I honestly think this is iust Erin talking to herself since this account only has three tweets replying to her

No. 923196

Not impossible considering what the weirdo does on here

No. 923197

you can't even see them!!! which is why i stuck my leg out so far so the bandaids are the first thing your eyes naturally move to!!!!

i can't believe how much blood she managed to squeeze out of those tiny little kitten scratches last night. she must've done it in the bath so the blood was easier to draw out. people cut themselves deeper shaving their legs, the massive attention seeking weirdo

No. 923200

I’m honestly just waiting for the day someone takes their time to ~hack~ into her accounts and drop a bomb of whatever good milk she has in her dm’s or archived posts

No. 923201

she has a literal fupa wtf how? loose saggy skin from weightloss?

No. 923202

Yesterday she was "so sorry" about the breakdown and suicide/selfharm mentions. But now she doesn't even care to hide it so no one would get triggered again. Erin at her best.

No. 923204

i know right. she’s so into herself already posting pics of herself right after posting all that. shes pathetic. it shows how obsessed she is with herself that she just cant stay away from social media

No. 923207

File: 1579894482800.jpeg (157.83 KB, 750x1131, C9390EFB-5E7C-4036-BEFA-01265A…)

sir you posted your bleeding cat scratches for the world to see. you’re just a big attention whore

No. 923211

i bet that account goes dead now she's blocked it since im sure it was literally just her on a second account anyway

No. 923217

File: 1579895718652.jpeg (119.05 KB, 750x730, 6230737E-CA7D-4C7C-8CAE-A04676…)

retweets just to tell her followers about the ~tiny mark~

No. 923219

File: 1579895946850.jpeg (198.84 KB, 750x1009, 55ADAC5A-E822-4BAC-BB83-C1D948…)

samefag but I think this is one of her followers? they’ve been commenting on a lot of her tweets

No. 923220

Erin never seems to take responsibility for her actions. It feels like all of her apologies start out with being sorry but then giving excuses?

No. 923222

Now your mind is clean as summer sky. But you still posting pics where the cuts can be seen. You always shoop yourself, why didn't you cover it? Your breakdown and ridiculous amount of apologies was just yesterday, yet you already don't give a shit about others. Your apologies meant absolutely nothing.

No. 923224

File: 1579897618375.jpeg (196.45 KB, 750x924, 359564C8-C861-47C5-8B59-19E756…)

Get off the internet like you said you would lmao, you take a ~break~ from one social media only to spam post on another. You can’t be taking a break but be active at the same time lmao thats not how it works but oh wait it’s Erin she has to fake her break for attention!

No. 923227

File: 1579897867545.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1696, 89C374A3-2A6E-4CB4-93EF-EFFF39…)

She even posted these on her private account. I thought she was “insecure”. Get off the internet

No. 923228

File: 1579897959940.png (38.65 KB, 594x379, Untitled.png)

No. 923229


She posted 2 more posts, send caps anon.

No. 923233

She looks pretty tall. Long legs and torso.

No. 923235

GOD damn she is really milking the shit out of some small cat scratches. I’m genuinely surprised she hasn’t blamed her “breakdown” on the thread lmao

No. 923236

File: 1579898258811.jpeg (299.17 KB, 750x932, 2D28EC9A-A62B-4E57-9E97-ACE623…)

okay attention seeker, you self harmed and posted it all on instagram and took the time to add a caption while sitting in your bathtub. Now you’re acting like you didn’t purposely trigger your followers with that shit lol

No. 923237

File: 1579898278218.png (7.95 KB, 591x288, 0005438.png)

she claims to be 5'6 seems to be around that if not a bit taller.

No. 923238

she probably does lol, she just doesn't wanna mention the thread cus her followers could easily find how many times she has lied and contradicted herself.

No. 923241

Probably doesn't want to call any more attention to it.

Well if you acknowledge you have this problem, then go fucking get help? You've been saying you need to go get help for days now. Don't do it only for pity points you loser. People get better if they want to and work for it with therapists or by themselves.

No. 923244

File: 1579898421600.jpeg (276.89 KB, 750x932, 1988EA2D-0894-4611-AB95-3D30DF…)

Or you could just admit yourself into a center? You’re literally counting on medication to stop you from self harming when really a center would do you well. But you don’t wanna do that because you need attention and want to keep eyes on your thread

No. 923245

File: 1579898442736.jpeg (641.98 KB, 1242x1215, 9E9DFDE5-6D24-425B-9244-DCB510…)

Lmao of course she had to mention what happened on Twitter to her brain dead followers

No. 923247

Erin's words worth absolutely nothing. I know that she never was really sorry about her actions, but acting like a victim again after everything she did yesterday? She posted her suicide baits and she didn't care that she could trigger someone include her minor followers.

No. 923248

Lmao you don't need meds for this shit you do, Erin. You literally don't. You might want it so you can post some edgy pill aesthetic ~hospital~ pictures, but the truth is you're aware of what you're doing and you know the first step to your recovery would be staying AT LEAST a fucking week clean of any type of social media. You know. At least twitter is not heroin.

You just don't _actually_ want to get better because you like feeling like a victim. It gives you that sweet serotonin and validation boost.

You will continue to get hate as long as you act like a little two-faced bitch because it's easy to see through.

No. 923253

Erin is just like a typical abuser. Apologizes, makes excuses, and continues doing the same thing. also often hypocrites which fits Erin to a T. maybe she plays victim constantly because of her guilty conscience

No. 923254

File: 1579898906110.jpeg (186.06 KB, 1242x541, 090C989D-FD1F-4812-B659-5C6FC4…)

why would we be jealous of a mentally ill teenager who wants to be a loli and spends all day in her room seeking attention

No. 923259

File: 1579899425021.png (57.37 KB, 1920x500, Screenshot_2020-01-24 Twitter …)

oh shit she really did. gonna keep this saged though cus she will probably bring this account back in like a hour or make another one, so it's not really milky.

No. 923260

File: 1579899531697.jpeg (272.42 KB, 1242x1751, 19DD9F9D-4E04-4DDA-B908-1A8F4C…)

LMAO she deactivated over this comment… that isn’t hate ppl are just tired of ur shit. How are u going to go crazy, post ur baby cuts , and ‘relapse’ , then post shit like this acting like nothing happened . U could have at least cropped ur bandages out lmao but noooo not me ewin uwu Im just babie I-I didn’t know what I was dwoing uwuuu

No. 923261

File: 1579899551459.jpeg (269.65 KB, 1242x1582, 4D46ADFD-E50A-4F47-8C93-00892A…)

She deleted all the pics on her private

No. 923266

File: 1579900145387.jpeg (72.75 KB, 1242x689, A3908551-FC6C-4E56-B2E8-085A1B…)

Erin take a serious break okay. The world doesn’t revolve around you. You shouldn’t care what random anons think of you. If you just stop seeking attention the thread would just die

No. 923271

the fact she posted about ~getting hate even aftew edwiting my mawks uwu~ on not just twitter but BOTH twitter and insta shows she only cares about attention and wants ~uwu pity points~. nice job you attention whore

No. 923274

erin is such a mega narcissist she can't even stop obsessively stalking her own lolcow thread. doubt she'll be able to stay off social media.

No. 923275

erin is such a condescending cunt. if the '''''hate''''' bothers you so much then delete your accounts and become a real adult, you dumb bitch.

like… imagine almost being 20 and still being this fucking braindead. though then again, i guess i get why she had her mental breakdown. it must suck almost being her big age and knowing that all your peers are in higher education getting degrees or working and generally thriving while the only thing you've got going for yourself is being an obnoxious, manipulative loser online. sad for her

No. 923280

Exactly, she is so full of herself she’s never actually dangerously harm herself or take her own life she doesn’t even actually have an ED. She just uses those things as bait, I can’t believe people itt are like “oh I hope she doesn’t do anything!!” Can you guys fuck off you’re enabling her just by you guys saying that, she’s probably thinking of how she’ll show us and she’s proving the meanies wrong she’s just attentionwhoring

No. 923282

>i need professional help
finally admitting she really wasn't in therapy, kek, miss "im being private dont make assumptions.."

No. 923286

lol smaller than papercuts, no wonder it was so blurry, she was zoomed all the way in to make them look bigger than they were. those are literally less than an inch long considering the actual bandage part of the bandaid is less than an inch

No. 923298

imagine being 19 and spending a literal full 2 days having breakdowns, "cutting" yourself, making a trillion posts, and just obsessing over… a stupid fucking SELFIE. all of this over a stupid fucking edited selfie. unbelievable.

No. 923300

>healing from light online criticism

get well soon erin so brave

No. 923302

its so funny how she keeps removing followers and shes not finding the right person

No. 923310

KEK i’ve noticed that too. no matter how many people she blocks she just can’t get rid of farmers! hi erin xoxo

No. 923311

because literally everyone feels pure contempt for her and all of her "friends" pretend to care/validate her so they can see the train wreck up close. she herself made the mistake of showing everyone the lolcow thread and now all of her "friends" are here laughing behind her back.

No. 923316

She could have worn leggings or literally anything covering her thighs and probably got more attention/sympathy since then people might think she actually cut instead of idk scraping a key on her leg or smth? But nah, gotta show all those daddies her uwu cweamy pale thighs.
>inb4 erin tries to justify herself with "b-but the challenge"
it's clearly about showing your waist, erin, not your fucking thighs. Besides, it's not a "challenge" if you're the only one doing it.

No. 923328

File: 1579911215470.jpg (194.33 KB, 768x930, elv_9883a.jpg)

got bored and found more various shooped erin pics to add to the archive. pardon as a couple in the links have been posted before, some new ones tho


No. 923330

File: 1579911290531.jpg (104.55 KB, 827x1038, EIaV2-AWwAA4R23.jpg)

also an unshooped body pic

No. 923334

lmaoooooo not the baby picture!!! why is she like this

No. 923337

I see she has 2 posts on purrln account and removed the healing from her bio

No. 923351

File: 1579913645470.jpeg (234.75 KB, 1242x1000, 04F65720-EE46-4FE3-B9B1-EEBB83…)

she posted again …

No. 923352

File: 1579913668901.jpeg (1013.5 KB, 1242x1318, CA77C10C-D90D-4E4F-97BB-429A1D…)


No. 923354

kind of sad how her break didn’t even last. she’s been lurking because she knows her followers are on this thread rn.

No. 923364

Erin please god stop lurking threads about yourself. You’re so miserable and pathetic and you do it to yourself

No. 923387

After Erin's incessant whining about finances and insistence that she can't ever get a job I was interested in learning just how poor she is.

She and her caregiver live in a home valued at $309k. Between two people they share 4 bedrooms & 3 baths and nearly 3,000 sqft of living space. Amenities include a fireplace, a library and a workshop. Rent is estimated at nearly $2,000 a month. They enjoy 4 parking spaces and a whopping 5.5 acres of land. All of this for only two people, one of whom is unemployed.

sage for the autism, pics can be found in the linked album for anyone curious


No. 923390

at this point i am absolutely certain that erin used family finances as an excuse to create an onlyfans and i know she wanted to pocket most of the money if not all of it. she couldn't just openly do it for fun and attention.

this is an obscenely wealthy family and she is ashamed, rightfully, but still wants all the benefits of a rich family–not having to work, being able to show off her commodities, etc.

No. 923392

Stupid question.No Erin, these creeps that follow you do not like you because you are not a lil anime wittle bby girl. They just want to pull their nasty meat to your pics unless your boner destroying face is in them. Anyone that pretends to is a copy of the same etrash lookin for attention too.

Get over this shit, log off, find out who you wanna be and dont waste your life pandering to the lowest element of society. Figure it the fuck out.

No. 923393

My tinfoil is that daddy stopped paying for child support when Erin became a "legal loli" so the mother can't afford niceties for Erin anymore and on top of that her mother pays for all of Erins "meds & hospital visits"

No. 923402

File: 1579919372328.jpeg (116.49 KB, 338x406, 78340C2A-DB97-4EF5-B5BC-C163FC…)

>boner destroying face
Anon, you’re wrong she’s a sexy loli animu lookalike
you be careful and watch your man before she humps him on a final fantasy server

No. 923404

File: 1579919636073.jpeg (356.62 KB, 1242x1849, 5706431E-4A52-4F72-9DBD-A4CF97…)


No. 923406

File: 1579919772942.png (315.26 KB, 1242x2208, A99AB218-1A96-48E2-9A91-56FC8A…)


No. 923411

If that is correct, then I'm truly sorry for her mom… Like of course, she's one of the reasons why Erin is so spoiled, but Erin is going to make them so broke at one point. She's not going to work a proper job for as long as possible, she's gonna do the pedo-pandering shit for cash instead. And it's not gonna be much either, given how many enemies she made in the sex-work community on twitter by acting like an innocent uwu victim and whoring herself out for free. And it's all about twitter nowadays. Nobody's gonna subscribe to her onlyfans for roum-tours and 1$ microphone singing. Her parents are probably divorced because of her.

Erin, you are a fucking mess. You're gonna ruin your "beautiful" mother's life if you don't do something about your life. Get off the fucking internet, 80% of what's ever been posted here YOU posted yourself.

No. 923412

erin let me say this right now: no one is going to hurt you. why would a group of women on the internet laughing at your crappy facetune skills want to hurt you? legit, we're here to laugh, no one wants to rape you or stalk you. it's kinda narcissistic for you to even think anyone would.
there are such easy ways that could make all of this stop, but you're too addicted to attention to take any of these steps. wiping your internet presence would be the first step. legal action the second, legal action that wouldn't even require a court or a lawyer btw.
but yeah, you won't do anything, you'll keep acting this way and we will keep getting milk.

No. 923416

kek erin you literally posted images of your mom and your house yourself on your own public social media

No. 923418

Why do you guys say that she’s wealthy or rich? I’ve seen a lot of anons post that, but I’m new to Erin so maybe I’ve missed some things. Her family seems very middle class to me, maybe even lower middle class.

No. 923419

Ikr she posted this shit herself,
“Uwu look at my little space the room where I regress and put all my sanrio plushies”
“Wtf they have pics of my room I am uncomfy!!:(“

No. 923421

no ones going to do anything to you in real life you stupid attention seeking whore. people are just exposing how stupid you are on a forum, none of this is gonna impact your irl life.

as for the thread coming up when someone googles your name, no one did this to you, you did it to yourself. how many times have you pretended to get the fuck off internet over the past 24 hours? 2 or 3 times? and you’re still fucking posting. get off internet and disappear for good and maybe it’ll all stop. this isn’t nitpicking. you’re genuinely sick, obsessed and addicted to social media and instead of leaving all this behind and living your irl life, you come online and whine about it. get the fuck. off. internet. erin.

No. 923422

File: 1579920259360.png (15.69 KB, 518x206, prop.png)

Yeah, I wonder why…

No. 923423

Do you see her fucking house? Have you seen her room?

No. 923429

I didn't post her house adress, and she mentioned the city herself before

No. 923432

Anon your pfp

No. 923433

she’s the one who keeps posting her house. we don’t want to hurt her we’ve even given her advice she doesn’t listen. she’s back on the internet whining again.

No. 923434

Oh so now you're not going to school?
Lies upon lies Erin
I thought mommy wouldn't let you do two things at once
Go get a job you dumb attention seeker

Also no one cares where you live

No. 923435

Erin please half the posts are you talking about yourself anonymously

No. 923436

File: 1579920867716.jpeg (106.21 KB, 1125x1775, 7856FF62-5F7C-490D-9E4D-FA2E4E…)

She deleted everything. Hopefully she actually took our advice and is taking a break. But then again, it’s Erin. And I’m sure she’s posting on her private twitter account.

No. 923437

Yeah maybe it’s the California in me haha. It just seems like a typical middle class suburban living. Even if she has to support her bum child as a single parent, if erin’s mom has a solid job and alimony/child support it wouldn’t be too hard to do so on an average income.

No. 923438

No money for school, since she feels so unsafe because of an imageboard she's gonna have to convince her mommy they need to move to a bigger house (Erin needs to store her stuffies and babby bottles somewhere right?) ASAP

No. 923439

She's upper middle class at most
I wouldn't say she's wealthy or rich either just spoilt and privileged
She's at the age where you should be working, traveling or studying but Erin chooses not to do any of that because her parents have given her a lifestyle where she sit at home do nothing all day and be a hikikomori without any adult responsibility

No. 923440

it’s hilarious watching her deactivate her accounts / make them blank for them to be back after less than a few hours…

she’s gonna come back soon, be a milky cow again then cry about how people on internet are >.< so mean uwu

No. 923441

She went on live and was crying

No. 923444

File: 1579921442913.png (2.97 MB, 1242x2208, AE406C95-C8B7-4CD0-80C0-635B3E…)

she went live for 5 minutes crying with her camera on the ground

No. 923445

Ayy lmfao post a video

No. 923446

I screenrecorded it. Not sure how to post it anon.

No. 923447

did she at least cry like a human person or it was uwu high pitched anime loli victim sobbing?

No. 923448

that’s exactly what it was

No. 923451


That’s why I was confused. When I look at her I don’t get “rich kids of instagram that don’t have to ever lift a finger” vibes, I just see failure to launch syndrome.

No. 923452

You must be as privileged and spoiled as Erin.

No. 923454

Dropbox link or
maybe post on YouTube then link here (?)

No. 923455

Her mom can be found in less than 10 minutes. Erin, you're the queen of oversharing

No. 923456

She shouldn't have use her real name at first place, to be honest. She used it in a places where she posted about very questionable things. Also, you could have googled her even before those threads.

No. 923457


Nope. I work and try to survive like most adults. I just see her as being enabled and a leech more than I do spoiled and privileged, though they do correlate.

No. 923458

You know how much the anime shit or link gear she wears costs? How about her car at age 15 as a birthday gift ? Remember that her mom promised her a nosejob jfc I agree with the other anon she is rich and spoiled you guys are probably privileged suburban white bitches yourself

No. 923459

I love this thread so much anons can we please not infight and enjoy the milk it’s fascinating erin is like a case study attention whore neet

No. 923460

File: 1579922356459.png (310.16 KB, 397x444, 38298239832.png)

So here's Fred and Milkies or whatever her name was. Erin get off of the internet already

No. 923461

Like we get the best artfag anons making is thread pics, other anons constantly documenting her social media meltdowns and even plenty of anons on the inside getting the super sekrit stuff for the most part this thread has been top quality

No. 923462

Exactly, Anon. Thank you. If they cannot see how wealthy and privileged her family is then they’ve obviously never struggled financially in their life.

No. 923463

No. 923466

File: 1579922682999.jpg (41.46 KB, 467x960, 5718.jpg)

Does your mom even know how many people you've hurt? And this is what she posts. Quite ironic.

No, Erin, the posters here are not the ones that's gonna come knocking on your door if you keep doing what you are doing. Your neckbeards you're trying to pander to are.

No. 923468

Why the fuck is she panting into the mic ?

No. 923469

That fake hyperventilating though.

No. 923470

Erin WHY did you do this? WHY?

No. 923471

Sounds like someone sandpapering wood, why stream and not talk?

No. 923477

where is that posted?

No. 923481

I still don’t see the point of posting pictures of her mom.

No. 923482

In this video, someone named @lolitawife appears, claiming they used to defend Erin untill they realized she shit talks them on twitter. Who's that?

No. 923492

File: 1579924802845.jpg (1.5 MB, 3300x2041, erin.jpg)

This how I imagine Erin is spending her evening tonight

feel free to add!

No. 923493

Did this bitch just now learn about consequences? If you just quit your SHIT the thread will DIE and you can go on with your life but you'd rather have attention than do something that requires effort. YOU DID THIS. YOU DID ALL OF THIS.

No. 923494

>the belt
This thread is really reminding me of Terryberry, if anyone remembers her. Hope Erin won't be stupid enough to do anything drastic and actually helps herself out for once, jesus.

No. 923496

Marry me, Anon. I will take you to Paris for our honeymoon.

No. 923497

Let us not forget that she participated in and bumped her own thread constantly and even told her thousands of followers about it, giving it even more visibility and participation. She baited with the whole “peepoopee lel epic trolled u guis this was plan all along idiots!” stuff and now she’s reaping the rewards.

No. 923499

File: 1579925305534.jpg (20.46 KB, 273x275, 1578368689210.jpg)

Cuz when you have a legit mental breakdown you unlock your phone, open insta, make sure the mic is close enough for your fake crying and fake high pitched voice. Ah yes. Genuine distress. Bonus points for other attention whores trying to console you.

No. 923504

Her dad's house has 5 bedrooms, 4 and a half baths, 4 fireplaces, 1 attached and 1 detached garage, and a pool, though.

No. 923505

we need a collage of all the amazing art posted in this thread for the next thread pic. the one with erin's phases + the pic of her drawn in "her" art style + this one for sure

No. 923508


At this point anon just go to her house and wave hello lmao

No. 923512

File: 1579928515384.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3464x3464, 760C2240-5482-48D7-A3F9-20330E…)

for the next thread

No. 923514

File: 1579928733354.jpeg (110.19 KB, 640x799, A4BB8246-E369-45A9-A749-ED6496…)

she even changed the bio on her old account to healing lmao this bitch is pathetic

No. 923516

I have no idea, could be someone mentioned on last thread? I’m not sure.


It’s so stupid how that ddlg crippled bitch is protecting Erin like hello?? you know about this thread yet you still protect her ass?? It’s also funny how she went live and just fake cried, just like she did on her old spam where she would only post pictures of her naked watery eyes and suicidal bait. Erin get help, oh wait i forgot didn’t you wanna be called scarlet? bella? or is it just Erin? Enjoy getting doxxed just like you doxxed your ex ~abuser~ Dawson.

No. 923517


No. 923518


It’s been like that for a month now, she never changed it Anon.

No. 923520

but erin has a bedroom full of plushies and shit at her dads too, she still visits there often if i'm not mistaken. since she lurks i'm sure she'll clear this up if i'm wrong. anyhow my point is that, her dad still supports her despite not owing child support money anymore.

No. 923521

idk but he needs to set her straight. Those Rilakkuma plushies cost up to $20-$50 each. They aren’t cheap and she has like 100 of them. And people still think she’s not spoiled

No. 923523

because she lives in new york, everything is more expensive there lol. and the photos of her house and especially the outside show her to be not rich but certainly upper middle class.

No. 923524


You can get those at an arcade by her, it’s like those japanese claw machines just sanrio character wise. She mentioned it when she went on a date or with some dude

No. 923527

she has a closet filled with teddy bears. like a whole room

No. 923529

that explains a single plush, not tons of them. winning those is really difficult for someone not obsessed with them. she bought them all, lmao. why is this so hard to believe?

No. 923530

Yeah i remember that, honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if she gets an entire name change and starts off on a new account after this. Her career is done for if she ever succeeds at something other than being a goblin catfisher

No. 923531

File: 1579929519601.jpeg (473.76 KB, 750x548, 964A36EF-33F5-4BBE-B688-1A891E…)

Saw that anon her dads house looks so gorgeous. I wonder why erin doesn’t live with her dad primarily, he seems to have more resources.

No. 923532

BAHAHAHA I'M DEAD THE FAKE HIGH PITCHED HYPERVENTILATING. even during her "breakdown" she has to put on the loli voice! cringe.

this belongs in a museum.

No. 923533


How the hell are you guys even finding their house? I’m missing out on the fun

No. 923536

i'm betting on another phase most likely a ~not like the other gurls!! i love rock music like slipknot n the rolling stones!! look at all the generic band t shirts mommy just bought for me!~ type of thing with some new face shooping.

No. 923538

File: 1579929886031.png (261.16 KB, 1682x1162, unbubbled search results.png)


Hey Erin, maybe LC comes up so high in search results for you because you're always on LC.

No. 923540

cause she probably dislikes and/or is jealous of daddy's gf
We all know Erin has weird daddy issues

No. 923541

A bunch of cheap stuffed animals and uwu China clothes does not mean her family is rolling in dough. The girl has no hobbies besides the internet and doesn’t go anywhere. Her parents are probably saving money by letting her stay a recluse and ordering collars from aliexpress.

No. 923543


Her dad is 50 and takes his almost 20 y.o daughter to Frozen and lets her use 2 bedrooms out of 5, I thought People develop daddy issues when they get no attention from their fathers??

No. 923548

No yeah I understand that. She’s definitely not close to poverty. I just don’t get all the claims of her being some wealthy kept daughter when we all probably know some young adults still living off their parents. They at least are in school or working though.

No. 923551

Her dad is blatantly wealthy though, her mom is just upper middle class. But tbh I think with the literal hundreds and hundreds of plushies, all her useless animu dresses and garb and her Knick knacks and games and cat ear shit her parents buy for her on a whim is quite a lot because she’s 19 and does not have her own money or debit card or anything and these hundreds of loli wannabe themed things have all been bought recently by her parents as in during the last 2 years only. And the rocking chair too that they just bought her lol. They’re not mega rich but like, they do spoil her a ton and they blow money on her all the time which adds up.

No. 923552

It's less about whether she's actually rich/upper middle class and more about the fact that she claimed she needed to start an onlyfans because money was tight when it's very clear that there is no shortage of money in her life. She just wants attention. Maybe don't spam pictures of your multiple bedrooms and new furniture and crazy amount of plushies if you're going to pretend to need money.

No. 923553

can the anon/s who keep bringing up “she’s not rich she’s upper middle class uwu,”
why does it matter?
> still privileged
> still spoiled rotten
> still went and saw frozen 5+ times when they are “struggling”
> still is 19 living at home no job all expenses paid
> still shows that you are also privileged miss california
this debate over class is old and boring when there’s so much milk.

No. 923554

I don’t think the issue is that Erin simply still lives at home, like 75% of 19 year olds I know still live with a parent. it’s the hilarity of how her parents buy her tons of childish Japanese shit and how she infantilizes herself 24/7 and can’t attempt to make clay food without having a meltdown and giving up and going back to doing nothing whatsoever besides crave attention online lol

No. 923555

She doesn’t go to school or have a job. She’s not contributing to her household. I don’t know why they don’t kick her out. Most 19 year olds have college classes or have a part time job. She’s doing nothing all day.

No. 923557

A bunch of stuffies that take a whole room, 20 to 80 dollars per each, handmade bdsm sets for 80 dollars, 100 to see Frozen 6 times, a gaming pc, 4.500 to 6000 dollars surgery NOT covered by insurance since it is considered cosmetic, a nose job coming up, prices vary, but it's not cheap either. Ah yes, a car. A car she only uses to drive to walmart to buy baby lotion. Given to her when she turned 15.

You forget she used to dress in brands. She only dresses in cheap chinese borderline cosplay shit ONLY because it fits her aesthetic, only because all the other little uwugirls are dressed like that, not because she can't afford it. She's not poor.

No. 923559

don't forget
>bought her a car 3 years before she even got her license

No. 923560

I get that. Thanks for your input guys, I was just trying to understand the rich claims and I see it in relation and conjunction with everything else about Erin now.

It doesn’t matter. I just wanted clarification on some things. You can keep projecting about this “privilege” I supposedly have, but at the end of the day I’m not the one getting mad about what somebody else has.

No. 923562

Just image search the picture anon

No. 923563

The lolcow thread comes up when you use Google

No. 923567


AYRT. Google bubbles search results by machine. You, Erin & I will see LC more prominently on Google than other people might. That was the whole point of my post. Besides, she's the one who posted everything in the first place.

No. 923568

lol stop derailing you petit bourgeois goon

seeing people argue over erin in the feed is the funniest part of this imo, if anyone has the info on the girl claiming to have defended erin just to get backstabbed please post

No. 923569

Anon you act like you can’t get knock off versions of those plushies for way less then they originally sell. Yeah she obviously bought 90% of those plushies with mommy and daddies money but you can easily get a korilakkuma plush for 12-15 bucks on depop, aliexpress it varies on size but still ends up being 25-45 bucks which is average price. Another thing to point out is she literally had her amazon wishlist on all her socials and BEGGED people to buy her shit for her.

Why is her plushies even a matter of topic when it’s been discussed before? She’s faking she’s struggling with money again just like she did the last two times. She was ~struggling~ but yet bought herself clothes and other useless garbage. She’s just another white privileged girl with parents that give her love, support, and a wealthy lifestyle yet she’s online being a pedo and changing her fake persona every 2 months to someone she’s obsessed with. She’s never gonna change and never will try to, only change she will do is change her entire wardrobe, look, etc to another person she crosses.

No. 923571

its because the newfags are wanting to be spoonfed

No. 923587

It sounds like she was recording an uwu masturbation vid for twitter kek

No. 923598

The big ones she has are 100% knockoffs.

No. 923632

I know it's cow tipping and I no we don't but do we all ever wonder if perhaps Erin's mother should be aware of the shit her daughters doing online.(cowtipping suggestion)

No. 923634

How can you tell? Curious because I haven't really seen many of her bigger ones + why buy knockoffs when she's got mommy's card on file for all her kawaii expensive bullshit lol

No. 923635

i collect rilakkuma and sanrio stuffed animals myself, hers are not knockoffs. the genuine SMALL ones are usually about $25 - $35. erin is spoiled and has too much expensive shit

No. 923636

i assume she already knows but believes erin when she says we're all boolies who are out to get her, even tho over half this thread is advice

No. 923640

im unsure if her mother should be aware or not. erin is 19 years old, itd be totally different if she were underage though.

No. 923641

i honestly do find it quite scary that people have found her address, shes done some horrible things but this is too far.

No. 923642

what are her current accounts on twitter, instagram and tumblr?

No. 923643

Not to mention she hasn’t even been in this DDLG phase for that long, yet she’s already amassed so much stuff for it.

No. 923644

1. no one posted it here
2. it's publicly available and anyone with erin's full name, which she has made public endless times, can find it with google
3. no one here that bothered googling her name and parents for her address is going to hurt her or stalk her, we are only here to laugh at her bad photoshopping skills and victim complex when called out for being abusive and lying

as other anons have already said, she did this to herself. sage your whiteknight posting newfag

No. 923646

im new to this site (clearly) how do i sage a post? what does newfag mean?(-_-)

No. 923654

No. 923657

someone did post it, but i think mods deleted it pretty quick

No. 923658

if you search her name in a private window (no cache/search history, ect for google to go off of) the lolcow thread is still one of the first results. it's just duckduckgo being shit.

No. 923660

yep also saw it. if someone really wanted to hurt her they probably wouldn't go for the lolcow thread though since the site bans doxxing. better luck on kiwifarms or wherever she made her address public.

No. 923662

Google the lingo anon. Are you new to the internet?? Because anyone with internet can find someone’s address if they have their full name. I can literally find my dad’s address on google. Doesn’t take hackers to do that. We don’t want to doxx her. We are here because her fake breakdowns are laughable.

No. 923665

what’s funny is through out this she’s crying lolcow ruined her life cause she won’t be able to get a job etc but she’s the one who’s done all those things

No. 923666

even funnier: farmers told he dozens upon dozens of times "if you don't stop, this will all be online forever when you google your name and future employers will see it."

No. 923667

Exactly. Who the fuck posts their tiny pink uwu legal loli pussy under their real name. She literally had "Erin's nsfw account" in her bio. She complained how her classmates leaked out her nudes but she posted it for everyone to see herself. Everybody has their kinks and shit but people usually aren't so open about it.

It's honestly just sad. This ddlg trend is gonna die out sooner or later, and she ruined her life for couple of pedo incels masturbating to her ageplay. With her own hands. Just for that. Who in their right mind would do that?

No. 923674

i don't see why she's so concerned anyway because it's not like she's ever even gonna try and get a job in the first place

No. 923678

Honestly she ruined her life being an abusive terrible cunt in high school, I think being a ddlg uwu freak was her only way to get social interaction after sabotaging her own sad life.

No. 923682

different anon but i also collect kumas, and the genuine more pricey kumas have two facial seams while the cheaper us manufactured ones have one facial seam down the middle, she doesnt even do research before entering a new phase LOL

No. 923686

"Tiny pink uwu legal loli pussy" made me gag

No. 923701

How was she abusive in high school? Sorry I’m new here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 923704


Literally read the thread, stop asking to be spoonfed the milk.

No. 923705

why do all newfags want info to be spoon fed to them? first of all learn to sage, and second of all just go back in the threads and read about it.

No. 923706

newfag go look at the other threads. stop trying to get spoonfed

No. 923721

these newfags are annoying as fuck. please read the rules and other threads before you post here.

No. 923750

what made you think that another reply copy and paste of what the 3 people above you said was a good idea

No. 923753

File: 1579986785401.jpeg (954.76 KB, 3464x3464, FAFD67CB-DDB0-48D1-AEE9-DC0374…)

another art piece to add to the thread

No. 923769


No. 923777

File: 1579991234074.jpeg (629.88 KB, 1125x1824, 8EB640DA-9686-4B17-96B4-81EA56…)

she’s still on this account. she’ll never fully delete social media, will she?

No. 923778

Perfect anon but you forgot her uwu tiny pink puss

No. 923787

i love that ratio kek. 'close friends only' … literally who erin nobody likes you

No. 923789

Didn't she tweet about starting fresh with all of her friends and saying how she wants new ones because she has none or something a while back? She sure found 'close friends' very fast then … yikes

No. 923834


Those close friends are literally the same people she had following her private instagram. The main close friend she has is that crippled ddlg lilkittengirlfriend chick on instagram who is following that private twitter on her nsfw account.

No. 923838

File: 1580001517941.png (161.25 KB, 997x688, 78381873hdh2.png)

Is this her driving more attention to her threat? jeez what a fucking mess

No. 923839

File: 1580001544043.png (82.08 KB, 1033x503, wyedw2123ww.png)

No. 923841

This is getting to be infighting, so I'll just address this one more time. Not sure why you're so into feeding Erin's catastrophization, or why you take offense to poking fun at Erin's self-posting, but fine.

if you search her name in a private window (no cache/search history, ect [sic] for google to go off of)

>Google bubbles search results by machine.
>by machine.

If you don't believe me, Google whether or not that's the case, kek.

No. 923849


Anon what are you trying to say?

No. 923863

As soon as loliwife mentions lolcow this puppysized person says that there's a thread about all the bad things erin has done.
I just thought that username is pretty close to all of her accounts and she has shown that she loves to throw herself into shit

No. 923872

nah i don’t think puppysized is her. all the ~uwu ddlg agere petplay~ bitches are clones of each other. you can’t tell any of them apart.

No. 923874

no idea what you are trying to say anon, her lolcow thread still comes very high up in her search results. that's not "catastrophization", if a future employer searches her name they are way less likely to hire her with all the shit on her.

No. 923875

She can just change name and move outa state, it's not that serious. Employers of entry-level gigs do very cursory bg check, they wanna know if you have a felony, they ain't gonna read 3+ threads about some bitch looking for a minimum wage job. She isn't running for office. At worst, her co-workers would laugh about her behind her back, that's it. She's absolutely catastrophizing the situation for maximum ass pats, that's it. Soon she'll have a gofundme because it's lolcow that made her completely unemployable.

No. 923889


You mean Lolitawife? I’m still confused as to who that is, they changed their name immediately and only result of LolitaWife is Lolitawifey. Before Erin even deactivated her twitter, i didn’t see anything trash talking this mysterious person.

For all we know that could’ve been Erin on an alt account on her other iphone trash talking on her own live. That could result in why she didn’t bother showing her face or even speaking except fake crying on the mic. Seems like something she’d do since all her other old phones are hoarding her other instagram accounts.

No. 923961

She probably doesn’t want to, ever since her selfposts were outed she stopped calling attention to it and saying “peeper poopoo you guys are muh puppets lolololol”
If anything lolitawifey is probably some agere follower of hers that discovered the thread and is calling attention to it bc they’re a newfag

No. 923995

not that it's that important but changing your name and moving out of state is kind of a big thing to do lol, plus that'd mean her mom would also have to sell the house and get a new job to move that far. anyway though no employers for shit entry level jobs even google unless she got lucky somehow and got an interview at a higher end clothing store or some bullshit. this is pointless hypotheticals though because erin will not get a job in the near future.

No. 924066

god, are you missing the point on purpose to drag this out? like the other anon said it's not that easy to change names and move out of state, and of course i don't mean entry level jobs where they wouldn't even look her up. call me naive if that's what you think, but i don't think she can stay a neet forever.

No. 924153

File: 1580065125684.jpeg (171.04 KB, 750x1147, 881903B8-8C70-4F48-9599-FA6D70…)

erin Is back of course

No. 924154

File: 1580065176344.jpeg (581.54 KB, 828x1231, 79FC7A2D-8164-411D-805D-1365FE…)

she’s back

No. 924159

File: 1580065556552.jpeg (90.22 KB, 750x1045, 10329A31-B829-48CE-B7AA-384573…)

her nose is sooo unfortunate

No. 924160

Erin took some time to come up with a new face.

No. 924161

did she really post this lmao

No. 924164

She went live for 2 minutes, no talking, just her trying out different filters

No. 924166

Why does she look so different in every single photo?! Like I have no idea what this shapeshifting bitch looks like irl do you guys?! What’s shooped and what’s not?

No. 924168

Those are the closest to her real appearance, I guess

No. 924174

File: 1580068019171.jpeg (113.38 KB, 750x873, 32045806-C206-41FB-A00C-36D686…)

Of course you are Erin Scarlett Arabella Bells Pedo girl Painter

No. 924175

who wants to guess what her new name is going to be kek

No. 924176


her live if anyone wants to watch. shes trying so hard to look like a sad widdle babie.

No. 924177

lol, she's gonna be posting all week and not deactivate again. instagram doesnt' let you deactivate for 7 days once you reactivate

No. 924178

BTW, name changes are easy to find on google once finalized.

No. 924180


Jesus christ.. her mouth is lopsided as fuck lmao

No. 924181

her face really is unfortunate.

No. 924183

I’m willing to bet she googled Italian first and last names and will choose one of those.

No. 924184

She looks like a bootleg Venus Angelic.

No. 924187

I would honestly be worrying about lip injections instead of anything else if I looked like that. Her lips are paper cuts. The nose is tragic though and she looks absolutely nothing like her pictures

No. 924189

File: 1580069535874.jpeg (658.96 KB, 1242x1185, FFB86676-A964-4AA1-9F29-625C22…)

Anything to avoid getting a job

No. 924190

she's actually pouting and pushing her lips out here kek

No. 924194

She looks constipated as fuck trying to contort her face since she can’t edit it lol

No. 924195

she’s mentioned wanting to change her name to bella before, but it probably won’t be something that she’s mentioned before bc she doesn’t want farmers to guess it kek

No. 924198

File: 1580070171843.png (2.93 MB, 828x1792, CD49C4EB-B6B1-4E59-B0CD-F91A07…)


Tinfoil probably true: she’s been stalking the threads and was referring to what anon said

No. 924199

more shitty dog teeth? who the fuck does she think the market is for these when all of her followers are other weirdo uwu daddy agere creeps. get a fucking job erin painter!!!!

No. 924201

she’s always stalking here. we’ll probably see another one of her unsaged peepee poopoo posts soon to get herself some more attention

No. 924203

File: 1580070591971.jpeg (333.26 KB, 750x847, EF79A08F-C350-4EA6-A90E-4FF33C…)

She's ripping off this artist she follows on Twitter. I was going to post this when I was looking at her likes the other day but forgot to.
As we already knew, she even skinwalks artists. The most unoriginal, empty woman I've ever seen.

No. 924205

Samefag, but she was also liking posts from pro ana accounts and liking tons of weight lost progress posts.

No. 924206

damn, i thought the shittily drawn dog teeth was at least original, but she is yet again ripping off someone more inspired.

No. 924209

I wanted to give this Goblin the benefit of the doubt, bruh she couldn't even last 24 hours without attention seeking on the internet.

But it's pretty fast since she had her 'breakdown' to change her name
Who am I to question it she only posts "1% of her life"

No. 924210

of course not. this ~doberman style~ has been done by so many artists, and BETTER. she's not original at all.

No. 924213

yep, knew she’d be tracing again. she doesn’t have a single bone of originality in her body, and it wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t trying to make people PAY for her shitty traced work

No. 924214

Probably an awful anime name or loli inspired and she's probably take her mothers maiden name as her last name

No. 924215

enjoy anons

No. 924216

File: 1580071271840.jpeg (136.31 KB, 1242x485, 488EC84B-1CD8-4A64-B0ED-006B92…)

she’s not planning on staying very long doubtful

No. 924217

She wants to sell her paintings but she doesn't have an art style. No one's gonna buy your traced drawings.

No. 924218

File: 1580071291390.jpg (33.79 KB, 640x480, hereforever.jpg)

Does she realize that changing her name won't be any use? Kind of naive to think she won't be mentioned here anymore when it's done,
there's no escape once you get posted on lolcow Erin
(unless you get a life and stop giving us milk)

No. 924220

"much to take care of" kek
more like much of mummys money to spend

No. 924221

lmao, thank you so much for this

No. 924223

Anons here done much more than erin in her entire live. Good job

No. 924225

but venus has lived the life you wanted erin.

No. 924227

For someone who was tight on money, she spends it on useless shit like a name change.

Poor Mother if it's not a new plushie or a rocking chair it has to be a ridiculous things like this

No. 924228

damn that anon gave her the idea and she's running with it! first it was "mommy is buying me a nose job asap!" and now her mom is also in full support of just up and legally changing her daughters complete name. the power of the upper middle class i suppose? kek. i know you don't need to be rich at all for a name change but like, all of this drastic shit she announces is happening on a whim is amusing.

No. 924229

File: 1580071680837.jpeg (128.45 KB, 823x1073, 693EAAC6-D69F-4381-9B19-D14ED7…)

No. 924230


No. 924231

She acts like she didn’t know she couldn’t disable it again. Stupid Erin. We know you wanted attention don’t act innocent. Give us more milk, cow

No. 924232

was she talking about venus though? there were 6 asterisks not 5 on the post

No. 924233

File: 1580071998202.png (3.45 MB, 1242x2208, F8AFD987-A860-4BA7-B3F8-0433CB…)

just go on google idiot….

No. 924234

File: 1580072262917.jpeg (677.5 KB, 1242x1085, E2F521B2-CB3F-4533-A2AD-A48D79…)

Don’t act stupid erin. You knew this. You’re the queen of deactivating and coming back.

No. 924237

she never deleted all of her socials in the 1st place, what about her private twitter? she probably has numerous side accounts for every site there is

No. 924242


True, this has really been used everywhere. Video related. The side angle reminds me of a postcard I had literally 10 years ago. Maybe she was even inspired by Nicole Dollanganger's "Dog Teeth," since it looks she didn't even use a reference, kek. And obviously this is not to say that she didn't get it from the specific artist mentioned above; just teasing Erin for being so cliché.


At first I thought you meant screenames, and came up with "pure-hyna." kek.

No. 924262

File: 1580076408525.jpeg (1.47 MB, 2500x2500, 97D927E2-B17F-4A53-B752-A7A744…)

Never an original bone in her body

No. 924265

She's probably using an insta filter

But I agree she lacks any originality or creativity

No. 924275

you should consider it a compliment you fucking hobgoblin hamplanet, and you are literally in no position to patronize or virtue signal “I don’t associate with racists uwu” stfu pedogirlerin you’re about 5 tiers below Venus and she is pretty low herself.
First of all
second of all she’s like the real life Augustus Gloop, does her mom ever even bother saying no to her like ever?
Erin just walks up and asks mommy for a nose job, namechange, etc. and receives it anyone normal asked their mom for it they’d say “get a fucking job and pay for it yourself” or at least “you don’t need all that” jfc what’s wrong with your mommy Erin why is she willing to let you change your name and get a nosejob but getting a part time job is absolutely out of question? Weren’t you gonna get an apartment paid for by your rich white mom to establish independence

No. 924276

>you fucking hobgoblin hamplanet
my SIDES anon

No. 924277

This is just shit she’s saying though, and we’ve established that she’s a liar. I won’t believe a nose job or name change is happening until it’s done.

No. 924279

i'd bet money she's lying about the name change. it's never gonna happen. she literally stole the idea from the thread after an anon mentioned it last night. or MAYBE it'll happen multiple years from now.

No. 924293

File: 1580081980017.png (5.18 MB, 1242x2208, 006D994E-C926-44D0-AC47-201391…)

No. 924294

File: 1580082181427.png (4.68 MB, 1242x2208, D9A5E4A1-DF92-45F3-BA95-5E28C7…)

No. 924296

I’m confused, is she planning to give out her new name? It seems like she’s implying she will when it gets finalized but I don’t see the point in doing that. Also not sure why she’d disclose that she’s changing her name when the sleuths on here could probably find out about it like >>924178 said.

No. 924297

You look like anything but yourself, Erin. That's one of the main reasons why we are here. You should finally decide how your face looks like and stop making a new person out of yourself every fucking day.

No. 924298

I BET that literally no one dm'ed her, nobody cares that much

No. 924299

erin a couple hours ago: deleting the app now guys, wsh i could deactivate again :((
erin now: send asks i need attention!!!

No. 924308

wasn’t she gonna fucking delete the app? god what an attention seeking whore

can’t believe she went live with that gigantic troll looking nose. if i were her i’d delete all the previous photoshopped selfies because she and her nose look nothing like those pictures… no wonder she photoshops her face she’s so ugly

No. 924309

File: 1580084968650.png (288.75 KB, 436x695, tragic.png)

god this fucking face, man.

No. 924312

y i k e s
>That NOSE
>Uneven eyes
>Thin lips
Even when Erin shows face on camera she NEEDS to wear her brown wig

No. 924316

Alll of her dumbass agere followers kissing her ass, I don’t get it for a community that LARPS as children they act way too fake sweet and nasty like the nosedive episode of black mirror, real life children are kinda mean to eachother. These ppl are such weirdos tho so idk what to expect

No. 924318

File: 1580086267807.jpg (92.8 KB, 1089x920, gross.jpg)

Every time I see Erins "real" face it gives me psycho cursed image vibes. It's very unsettling seeing the mental unstable look in her eyes

No. 924320

wait this big nose is a filter effect right? seriously asking.

No. 924322

Right after fellow skinwalker Stefany changes her name…

No. 924326

File: 1580086921192.jpg (638.02 KB, 891x1511, 20200126_200214.jpg)

No. 924328

She has mean eyes. Truly you'll look ugly on the outside if your thoughts are ugly.

No. 924336

no anon, that's her real face. I took a screenshot when the filter disappeared off her face for a split second.

No. 924342

i knew her nose was big and that her face is unfortunate but fuck that's a huge nose. she has a million different faces, i swear nobody online really knows what she looks like in full. she claims she doesn't "photoshop" anymore but she 10000% has been adding smoothing filters and shit to her recent selfies.

No. 924343

She's not changing her name. Outside of marriages and divorces, its a lengthy legal process that requires petitioning the court. You can't just rock up to the social security office with your latest name as easy as changing your name on social media. Beyond that, do you really think she means her legal name or is she just changing a social media name again?

No. 924344

File: 1580088800229.jpeg (Spoiler Image,684.51 KB, 1242x1730, D813A605-6262-4CC5-B573-50E6A1…)

Love the fact that she posted her live video for attention and for her weird followers to kiss her ass

No. 924353

God, what ps with the old thread still actively getting posts? Is Erin lost or is it the newfags?

I was thinking that too, regardless of whether she says its a real name change or not I doubt its anything more than just online.

No. 924359


It’s newfags being too lazy to read that the thread was moved. Thats why they keep posting or ask to be spoonfed the milk.

No. 924362

I never saw the new thread being posted anon

No. 924403

File: 1580094425617.png (853.52 KB, 750x1334, 5870D0EB-9E76-44DF-8AC7-2C9655…)

1/3 from one of Erins old spam com mutuals

No. 924404

File: 1580094562679.png (580.85 KB, 750x1334, EAB58126-F084-446D-BF75-65A64A…)


No. 924405

File: 1580094627961.png (746.65 KB, 750x1334, A3C6FD24-66C3-48A7-A3BD-77620E…)

3/3. Somewhat old milk but posted on the old mutuals story today

No. 924422

Isnt the cinawoll account Erin? Also Im laughing at how obvious it is that this person has read Erin's threads

No. 924423


Wait who is this mutual of hers? If they have all this so called evidence why haven’t they dropped the bomb of exposing Erin even more? Why wait lmao

Cinawoll wasn’t Erin, the white knights were Erin or her pedo twitter daddy’s.

No. 924425

erin please rename yourself aubrey/bella/maja or some scandi name. that will be max keks!

No. 924439

Old milk but you can see how much she’s changed her face

No. 924448

are the pics on the top edited? if not, she looks so much better without those god awful bangs. she's not hot by any means but her uwu kawaii wig certainly isn't doing her any favors

No. 924450

yeah everyone here was saying she looks better without bangs. she has a naturally mature looking face and bangs just make her look like an old lady. she could look so normal without bangs and if she dressed her age instead of trying to be a legal loli

No. 924483

curious to see her bedroom? how do i find her fathers house(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 924487

read. the. threads. there is only 3 in total. also sage, type sage in the email field.

No. 924532