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No. 678440

A thread to discuss problematic attention-whoring autist/bpd/bdd cam girls.

Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/Morgan Hoffman
> Started her camming career catering to pedophiles.
> Installed bolt-ons and claimed anorexia recovery.
> Covers herself in ugly tattoos and gets tired of them in two months.
> Retarded dyslexic.
> Hoards exotic animals and kills them shortly afterwards.
> Notable for being the most boring cam girl ever, complains about how bored she is and yawns 90% of the time on cam. Too tired to care for her skin and hair.
> Has an affection for trashy men, gets dumped, finds another one soon. Currently dates a midget and supports him with her own money.
> Needs money to get bigger boobs.


Receipts of old Pumpy drama: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmvD0oGcqhTiH3tOCjVFXQQ/videos

Megan Marie/megvnmvrie:
> Fat vegan Zoidberg girl.
> Wears clothes that never fit.
> Actually too busy for camming.
> Begs for money selling clips nobody wants.
> Needs cock and falls for online scammers who promise her love, pays them to realise later she got scammed.


> Doesn’t know how to spend her money thus blows it on questionable bodymods.
> Left camming to fake autism. After several attempts got the disability and now is very happy to have free money from the tax payers.


Thread about Lana_Rain drama:

Previous Threads:

No. 678452

Wow, Charms looks to be losing weight (slash had a lot of lipo?) these days. Good for her if she can maintain it. Also looks like she's back with Mike, which is less good for her.

No. 678819

File: 1535923091612.png (616.04 KB, 588x581, Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 4.17…)

She does look way smaller in this photo. But it will look terrible if she ever gains the weight back.

No. 679956

does Nightcoregirl do webcam stuff? or her friend Bianca? (pwrsystm)

No. 680064

She’s already gained weight since she got it done, she hasn’t been posting any body photos because of it but you can tel in her face and upper body.

No. 680104


I was gonna say isn't this an old photo when she first got it done?

No. 680322

She always only posts photos of her stomach laying down…

No. 680409

can someone tell me why camwhores, who do their work on their own terms in the comfort of their own home, always speak for all women in the sex industry? stormy/pumpy/whatever always does this

No. 683537

Fucking hell, where the fuck does Charms get the money for lipo and all frivolous shit she gets for herself since she barely cams anymore?

They're entitled brats who only see things by their own perspective and take it as matter of fact. You see some FSSWers hate it when some camgirl talks about the "dangers of the sex industry" for a reason, they're just posting naked pics on the internet and are not under most dangers actual hookers go through.

No. 684866

File: 1536537955234.png (81.77 KB, 578x822, hfjvjvhj.png)

Pumpy is going on a rant about a gossip forum from two years ago. She is also bitching at a troll account that hasn't been active recently. She is really trying to get sympathy from her followers. I would love to see what she did if she found this website, She is too much of a pussy to do anything.

No. 684874

Charms' parents bankroll her poor decisions and always has. She owns up to that in her more lucid moments.

No. 684877

Hasn't she already found lolcow like, years ago?

No. 685997

File: 1536691017666.jpeg (661.4 KB, 2448x3264, 070A2660-DB19-46AF-9A0E-45A38C…)

randomly encountered a heavily filtered Charms on reddit. she’s getting tons of ass pats on MUA atm. no milk besides the fact that she’s dropped a ton of cash on brand name makeup and is looking to get her lips botched again. she seems to be fairly active on reddit and has posted to the plastic surgery sub and makeup subs in the past week.



No. 687084

File: 1536817179915.png (1.58 MB, 954x1100, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 07.1…)

Today I saw Sammy got a whole new sleeve and a bunch of other tats. Therefore I got questions: does anybody know why she refuses to fix her crooked teeth? It creeps me out every time she opens her mouth, can almost smell her rotten breath, how can they jerk off to that?

Also she said in the past the batman tattoo is matching with a friend of hers, does it mean that person and she are not friends anymore?

No. 687209


The cat hairs on her hoodie are a nice touch.

No. 687868

Charms has gone fulll Brittany, I repeat Charms has gone full Brittany. Honestly, I wouldn't have even known this was her if anon wouldn't have said who it was.

No. 691529

Why were the screencaps of Charms' (ex?) gf calling her an animal abuser and a narcissistic bipolar bitch deleted?

No. 691536

the friend i thought cams with her

regardless that tat is gotta be 1k she could have put into teeth

No. 691585

Her teeth are crooked, not rotten? Crooked teeth doesn't cause bad breath, nitpick anon.

No. 691643

Maybe she just doesn't want to get them fixed? They're kinda ugly but not bad enough that it would be affecting her health in any way.

Getting your teeth fixed isn't just costly it's also a huge time commitment, especially if you get braces. Even after you get them off you have to wear a retainer for the rest of your life or risk them migrating back to how they were. It's not worth it for most people.

No. 691763

Yeah could someone repost?? I’ve been waiting for that “””relationship”””” to blow up this whole time
It’s never subtle endings with charms, always a meltdown
Zoella and her other ex gf with the bad goth hair all over again

No. 691765

They were posted in her old thread


No. 691767

File: 1537354959992.png (1.77 MB, 1125x2436, 2BE19D14-BFB0-4D5B-8E69-C5236D…)

OOF 1/2

No. 691768

File: 1537355022778.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x2436, 5D111C9D-9635-4FDA-AD5D-57C579…)

2/2 and just like Britney Spears, aside from the psycho head shaving,
oops, charms has done it again

No. 691803

biglotte did shave her head tho, kek.

I guess I'm not surprised all her animals wound up at the shelter. sad but they're better off with literally anyone else. I wish she'd stop fucking getting animals but every person in her life is an enabler. don't know how her mom even sleeps at night.

No. 694674

File: 1537672924476.png (76.83 KB, 1174x380, Insyndratumblr1.png)

Darcy posted some more about the situation with Charlotte on her tumblr as well

No. 694675

File: 1537672961278.png (82.18 KB, 1076x404, Insyndratumblr2.png)

No. 694677

File: 1537673143445.jpeg (269.3 KB, 1242x1473, Charlottetweet.jpeg)

+ Charlotte tweeted and deleted this

No. 694689

Well to be fair, Charms did get some school or training in cosmetology and she does it well when she's lucid. At least in my opinion. Most women posting in reddit have terrible looks and applications techniques and get ass pats.

No. 694697

File: 1537674598278.png (95.42 KB, 1178x262, Darcyevicted.png)

Apparently Lotte evicted Darcy right before the whole fight about the cat.

Darcy is doing a fundraiser on MFC for her moving expenses…looks like her regs have helped out with the U-haul and the deposit on her new apartment

No. 694702

File: 1537674739692.png (81.21 KB, 1188x268, Darcyevicted2.png)

No. 694703

File: 1537674762552.png (83.34 KB, 1170x266, Darcyevicted3.png)

No. 694708

File: 1537675219966.png (207.07 KB, 1654x460, lottemakeup.png)

…while Darcy was begging for money online after being evicted, Lotte was buying a $125 eyeshadow palette.

Lol. Classy.

No. 694713

Wonder what the back-breaking straw was in this situation. Darcy is a longtime fan who knew what Charms was like but still pursued things, even posting here a few years ago to defend her.

No. 694841

Charms must be lucid since she is making plans. She wants to do YouTube and do beauty stuff hence the makeup interest again. She also wants to do twitch. Not sure if she will actually do either but those are the things she says she is going for.

I think her regs pay for her still, she may be doing porn on the dl because she made a twitter about it as lotteplays_ but I am not sure if it if active.

No. 694880

File: 1537703194911.png (5.59 MB, 1125x2436, 92C8588A-4748-451A-AB87-0A03E3…)

Darcy posted this on IG earlier and I died
I’m really happy she’s out of there but at the same time I kind of feel like she just stuck around to use Charlotte, anyway
“Girlfriends” for a year or so and never being intimate? Weirddd
Obviously Darcy was the one who was resistant, and I can almost guarantee the reason she kicked Darcy out was because she got a new bf and went Gaga with him and spent a lot of time with him
If you’re not solely under charlottes thumb, she won’t have you at all. (But she can fuck that gross old nerd Alex from mfc for 600$ a month) (and anyone on tinder) (and mi(cuck)chael

No. 694883

Are there any pictures of what Alex looks like?

No. 694893

File: 1537706758831.jpeg (465.86 KB, 1056x2048, 596511C3-2F8A-4D1D-9E60-BBF83E…)

There are also vids of her sucking his tiny chode out there somewhere bleckgh
This is actually a nice photo believe it or not

No. 694896

i haven’t followed up on charms in forever because she depressed me so bad, last i remember of her she still had her own thread

when did she decide to go bald? i mean she was starting to bald naturally, but…

No. 694902

I know so weird! didnt even pay attention to this thread until >>694893 and realized who she was. last time i saw her threads it was the camming with her penis-pumped cuck of a boyfriend and we where all so sure she'd never pull out of that dark spiral…

good to see she's alive and kinda cute still even bald

No. 694932

File: 1537710689775.jpg (326.09 KB, 1040x2048, IMG_20180923_145025.jpg)

Honestly who would want stickers of a camgirl full stop but that one where she looks like a bug with that disturbing thigh gap and her feet chopped off…. Just why?

No. 694936

porn stars sell calenders and posters of themselves, doesn't surprise me a camgirl would do the same actually.
And horny men, horny men buy these things

No. 695112

Damn, where’d you find this? I’ve been combing through her twitter but it seems he’s deleted or private his account. There are tons of mentions towards him but now connected account. I’m dying to see more photos of this dude

No. 695170

Why doesn't Charms have her own thread anymore? It sounds like she's still a trainwreck and her threads were strangely comfy.

No. 695192

Her milk just sorta dried up, pretty sure she wasn’t doing anything too interesting outside the usual cam shit, so she probably got moved into a general thread because she’s dry milk now

Those old threads where the times tho, real good times

No. 695257

To me, Charms living off her mom while supporting Mike and making herself uglier and fatter are the milk. Granted, she doesn't do much of anything that is mikworthy like scamming (aside from the way she uses ppl) but I think watching such a privileged, beautiful girl throw her own life away is milk itself. Charms is way more fun to watch than the 1000 pointless onion/shay/june threads

No. 695751

same, i used to get excited at all the milky posts we got to read if you left the thread alone for a day and a new thread was started and already 100 posts in, she had so much to live for, naturally beautiful, supportive mother, money, hot bod, all down the gutter to cam for incels and farmers, and pander to her weird gay bf

we had so much fun then, those cam streams where hilarious, now the newfag invasion happened and you have to really search for milk like that again.

No. 696158

I really hope Darcy spills the tea here and sheds some light on how Charlotte treats the people in her life and how she mooches off her parents. I really hope Darcy is okay. That girl actually had a rough upbringing unlike Big Lotts and seems like a sweet person.

No. 696202

If you saw my insta story you know I said I'd be coming here. I'm ready to answer anything from the past year or more. I'm just mad the bitch stole my cat. I wouldnt have cared if that didnt happen. Anyways. Ask me anything. Might need another thread.

No. 696203

Same. Her close friends come forwards about her every few years or so because she cannot maintain good relationships with people in her life whatsoever. The same thing happened with Ashe Marie, she split on Dakota and shit talked her on /cgl/ after they met, iirc she and Spoony had a falling out, before that all of the lolita comms she was involved in. She's one of my fav cows just purely because she's so embedded in cow history. Rivalled only by kiki and spoony in terms of just never being able to change and get their shit together imo.

What amazes me is she's supposedly had a therapist for years and years, what the fuck are they doing, seriously? And if they're actually doing their job one can only imagine how much of a mess charlotte would be otherwise - Actually dead from suicide or homeless on a street corner yelling at nothing are my bets.

I'm so fucking angry about the cats though. Everyone told her she was a hoarder and she didn't fucking listen. She should be blacklisted from shelters and adoption agencies and within breeders clubs.

No. 696210

Oh holy shit it's milkmas

Does she actually still have your cat? Can you detail what happened to the others she had - Did she voluntarily surrender them or did they have to be taken away by authorities?

Why was she constantly begging for money for her animals care and simultaneously spending shit tons on cosmetic surgeries?

No. 696217

Rafiki, the oldest cat she had which was dying. Oogie and boogie tyr brothers ahead for from Petco. Which by the way she tells everyone she found them abandon outside with pneumonia lol. All went to the shelter. They were getting in the way of the house renovations. So yet stepmom kept on telling her please take them they're covered in dust and are gonna get sick. She didn't care. So finally the stepmom took them to the shelter. I spent alot of time with Kelly. Eceb she thinks Charlotte is entitled rude and thinks of no one but herself. I had to sit and talk to her ar night because I was so alone. She told me to run as fast as I could and please just leave. I should have listened to her sooner. So anyways Lucy and gwen belonged to Charlotte but she gave them to her brother. Now that hes in Japan they are also in the shelter. She would NOT let me keep Lucy even though I wanted her so bad. I kept bringing it up and she would tell me no continuously. Now they're gone. That happened right before I moved. The only reason omen which was my cat didnt end up there was because I took him. Hes the one she stole from me. The other 2 girls ended up with a nice old lady. And goben the sphinx I had to convince her along with Mike to please give him away. All his teeth were rotten and she never gave him a bath SERIOUSLY never. Her own elementary bestfriend had a falling out over him. Xharlotte just would not give him the care he needed but wouldnt just give him to lilith. Lilith loved him. Then there's the dogs . Btw Charlotte's mom pays for ALL the animals medical bills every single one

No. 696222

Alex gave her 10000 and age spent every penny plus a few hundred on Lipo. Shes failed back half the weight bow by the way and its escalating. Then he face her 6k and that was blown through within 2 months. Alex gives her a few hundred every week or two. Otherwise Mike pays for everything. Her mom even Pays 80% of the Bill's. And all pet emergencies

No. 696223

Also excuse my typos I just ripped all my fake nails off and its hard to type again 😅

No. 696224

Oh yeah And she admitted to me that all the money she raised for sable she spent like all of it on tattoos and I think the same for jekyll or which ever dog it was that she raised a bunch of money for she told me that she did spend all of that on tattoos.

No. 696228

She does still have omen. She had Mike take him out of the uhaul and locked him in the room upstairs with her after talking shit to my boyfriend about me because she is a pussy and will never say shit to my face lmfao. Yall I was so fuckinf done I did just leave. I was going to grab him again but he is micro chipped and in her name If she called the law on me he would have been taken from me again. Even though my name and number was on his tags

No. 696232

What did she say to your boyfriend?

And what’s the deal with Alex? Cause she must have him seriously wrapped around her finger…

No. 696236

I'm asking connor to recount it to me.
But okay alex.
Ge use to be just her reg. Then she some how convinced him to meet up with her. He only likes like 3 hours away even though hes in Canada. And the first week they met Charlotte said she would sleep with him for 800$ cash and take his VIRGINITY. that is why. And ecwet weekend he would spend 400$ or more on random shit she wanted. Now he just gives her everything. Ge gets mad when she doesn't do sexual favors but recently said pictures and nudes were better then having sex with her anyways lol

No. 696239

File: 1537834062756.jpg (443.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180924-200441_Ins…)

Right so when I moved in with her the house was gross as fuck. Dust and led paint asbestos and old shit. Within 2 months BOTH my bunnies died of a respiratory infection .that isn't a fucking coincidence. After I straight got an air purifier for the rooms I was in rye filters looked AWFUL . And I put omen up front. I figured he could sit in my lap or up in the windshield on my side hea extremely chill and uhual are big. In no way will I put him in a box are u shitting me

No. 696243

How old is he?! Why did she suddenly kick you out? Did she steal anything else from you?

No. 696245

Man I'm so sorry she stole your cat. She's a fucking psychopath. Seems she'd rather her animals die than swallow her pride and admit she can't handle them.

What's the deal with her and Mike? Does he get off on ruining someone like this or something? He's no looker but he could definitely get someone not fat and not crazy like charlotte is.

No. 696247


Which creature is omen?

No. 696249

File: 1537834696292.gif (694.17 KB, 450x327, giphy.gif)

thank you milkgods for rewarding my patience with sweet sweet lotte milk again omggg

i can't believe she hoarded all those animals and just stopped caring, never stop being a sociopath girl

No. 696250

Alright give me a minute gonna have to use voice text on this one there's a lot with mike

No. 696251

Omen was my cat

No. 696253

If you check my Tumblr I got an ask from someone that was friends with Mike and they said the same thing that Charlotte drags him down and that hes a decent person and a decent friend but no one will come around him because of Charlotte and I witnessed them talk about this Mike would bring up that no friends would come over because of charlotte's behavior and I witnessed multiple occasions where Mike would have a friend over like a new friend and Charlotte would be extremely rude to them and cause drama or a scene like clock work. Just no one would ever last Charlotte has absolutely no friends outside of Alex and she doesn't even like him like that she uses him and verbally says it. So the truth speaks for itself. Every guy that we would meet would later speak to me in private and say that Charlotte is crazy and too much and that would always happen the guy that we live with I just posted on my Instagram story what he was saying about her just no one likes or no one can handle her or deal with her and it kind of is what it is whenever that many people are saying it

No. 696257

I talked to Mike before I left and we talked about how he wasn't attracted to her anymore or previously when she had a lot of weight I think that was something that drove her to get the lipo was he didn't want to touch her or be around her and he has a type and she just wasn't fitting it and every time Charlotte has broken up with him Mike has been perfectly fine he leaves he'll move States he'll get as far away as possible from her and she always reels him back in because a she has a free place for him to stay he doesn't have to pay very many bills if any at all and B they don't have sex they really don't do anything or really spend that much time together besides maybe at night when they watch movies that's about it you know he doesn't have to be around her that much and I feel like it's just easy for him at this point like he was homeless whenever Charlotte 1st got with him she did a lot for him and started up his business and funded a lot for him and I think hes just been enjoying it I guess like every time they go somewhere to a convention or til Florida are to California Charlotte makes her mom pay for it Mike doesn't pay for anything that they do like hes always just tagged along Plus their polygamous so mike can talk with other girls and guys but the only issue is Charlotte gets so mad whenever he does and chases off all the girls and guys he tries to get with so he is pretty much miserable doesn't have friends can't screw anyone can't have guys because we all know his pre damn gay like I don't really know either besides what I already said. They haven't had sex in years when I was there for my 1st couple of months I watch Charlotte go out every single night to a new house or a new hotel to meet random guys off tinder to have sex continuously and I'd be stuck there at home with Mike and we be worried about her like where she was and just like all of that so it's a lot

No. 696266

Damn whenever I read about her tinder sexcapades I didn’t think about anything other than it being gross of her… it didn’t click to me how wreckless and irresponsible it is to go off and do that especially when you’re leaving people at home to worry about you.
Honestly I’ve followed you for a long time and it was pretty obvious you were unhappy there, nothing is worth dealing with her antics.
I’m sure you guys had good times and similar interests but sometimes people are stuck how she is.
Tbh I thought she changed though, she talks the talk VERY well on twitter and seems very self-aware, which makes it worse that she acted out like this.

Did you two ever have arguments about anything? Also why was she so insistent that you were her girlfriend? And said you guys would be doing strap on videos and stuff?
It really didn’t seem like you’d be into her physically so I figured it was BS, but wanted to ask for sure.

Also I KNEW she’d balloon back up after lipo, posting cookies and shit every damn day, never working out. Ridiculous.

No. 696282

you know legally a microchip doesn't actually prove ownership. if it went to a civil court and you said ok she hoards animals and doesn't care for them properly they'd probs rule in your favor

No. 696289

Any milk about Lotte applying for disability? Did she really apply?

Normally, I’d agree with you. But with Lotte having a lawyer in the family..

I’m also dying to know if she was ever investigated for animal cruelity?

No. 696358

Darcy I have the same question as >>696266, why was she so insistent you were her girlfriend? To me it always just seemed like you were good friends but didn't really have chemistry like girlfriends…were you ever attracted to her? Also wondering was she ever weird to you about your weight? You were crazy skinny while she was trying to lose weight and I know she gets super jealous easily…

Also not to seem like I'm sucking up, but legit you have cool style and I hope you feel less depressed and shit soon.

No. 696359

Didn’t she get Omen with her previous girlfriend Chloe too?? And then just gave him to you? She should never have animals Jesus Christ

What happened to Goben then? She gave him to a shelter instead of to her elementary friend?!

No. 696360

File: 1537847099867.gif (2.75 MB, 498x278, thx4thetea.gif)

bless u darcy. hope things turn around for you soon.

No. 696364

Lotte claimes she has BPD. (borderline personality disorder) which is clearly not managed. Darcy was very much a victim of BPD splitting. Meaning they either love you or they hate your guts. BPD see in only black and white there are no grey areas. Lotte made darcy one of her favorite people and when darcy found a boyfriend lotte in order to avoid the feeling of rejection and abandonment of darcy no longer needing lotte as much turned to not liking her as much…causing…well all of this!

Darcy i really hope you rebound from all of this.

No. 696373

Darcy, did Charlotte ever talk about her previous falling outs she’s had? How did she explain those situations to you? And how often did she and Mike fight?

No. 696389

Charlotte claims to have a million disorders but I really think she has BPD. The eating disorders, the splitting, and all her selfish insanity are very BPD. But Darcy you keep saying Bipolar? Does she claim bipolar is why she does what she does? Do you believe she is bipolar?

Did you guys fight much? Like you and Charlotte or Charlotte and Mike?

Why does she get all this surgery, make up and tattoos but lives in a dirty house eating crap?

Most of all is she aware she's insane? Or does she justify her behaviour?
I hope you get Omen back Darcy and that you can get settled asap.

No. 696412

Why do Charlotte's parents keep throwing money at her? Does she ask for it and they just provide? I'm curious to know if any of her parents/step parents have ever had an honest conversation with her about her downward spiral. Do they just give her a house and other things because they are scared she'll suicide if they don't? Or have they accepted she has no hope and are just keeping her comfortable so she can do nothing? Even if they are both lawyers surely they aren't that rich that they can 100% support their out of home adult daughter.

I have so many questions about her parents. I just want to understand why they are enabling her. They must realize she is a shitty person and their money is just allowing her to trap Mike with her and spend money on body modifications and the immense amount of food she must eat.

No. 696421

Not Darcy but I think Charlotte has claimed to have both bipolar and borderline at different times. As well as autism sometimes? Idk, I feel like she's constantly changing her story.

No. 696423


Darcy I am so glad you are out of that toxic relationship. Can you explain more about her lipo. Are you saying she is gaining all the weight back? It was all a waste?

No. 696522

Darcy, did she ever tell you what happened with her fights with other camgirls like Ashe, and the girl before you, and Chloe?

No. 696525

File: 1537882818623.jpg (518.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180925-143900_Ins…)

Pumpys ugly bf moved in with her and doesn't even have sex with her anymore.

How long does this shit relationship have left? She's clearly not happy.

No. 696740

I can totally believe Charms is borderline. As far as autism or bipolar…it could just be that she’s constantly attaching traits including illnesses to herself due to the flimsy sense of self.
Most people with bpd do get dx’d as bipolar first cuz symptoms overlap but they can be comorbid though, makes both 1000x worse. If she’s Also autistic then …just give up lol there’s no hope she’ll ruin everyone’s life and die alone
Even if the person isn’t actually bipolar they can benefit from antipsychotics. It helps with the emotional dysregulation of bpd and I think Charms was on them for awhile? They make it easy to get fat so who knows if she’ll take them again. The bitch believes she has bpd but instead of investing in therapy she got lipo so honestly she should be quarantined from human contacts until she hits rock bottom.

No. 696750

>until she hits rock bottom

If she hasn't already, I can't imagine what rock bottom would be for her. I doubt her mom is ever gonna cut her off, so she'll probably be a fat, lazy sponge who used to be gprgeous for the rest of her life- or until she does something to ruin her face even more.

No. 696910

I want to add something that Charlotte does have a pyschartist but hes more of a med check doctor not like a talking doctor her actual therapist actually let her go for a while because Charlotte knows all the coping tools and everything that she needs to do to be better but the problem is she just won't do it she just refuses to her therapist told her to her face because she had like a breakdown over this that she no longer needed therapy she was a functioning person but she just wouldn't do what she was telling her just something interesting to add

No. 696914

When she told her mom that she is gonna be put on disability her mom told her to her face that she felt like a complete failure and that she was a failure of a mother and that's just it point blank like that was the last straw for her mom her mom will always support her now because of her multiple suicide attempts too there's nothing else her mother can do in her mind. And I'd like to say sometime around January Charlotte was upset over Mike and threatened to kill herself to him and he had to call the cops in her mom came over and it was this big thing like and her recent impatient stay her moms just..

No. 696918

She takes a med called trileptal. Trazodone, which is essentially a horse tranquilizer for sleep. Adderal, Because get this her reasoning was I just can't do the dishes I can't change the litter boxes I just can't function that's why she gets that lol. And the newest is buspar. She hasn't taken an antipyschotic since I lived with her. But one day I gave her 1 of mine and it knocked her out for like 12 hours and it was awesome lol
Charlotte is diagnosed bipolar and she claims about the BPD which is what her therapist told her I'm assuming.
I don't really know about the autism stuff I mean I didn't really believe it the only thing that she does have is really really badd badd hygiene never cleans never showers never brushes her teeth really any of that stuff I mean I could see that but could also equipped that to laziness as well. Her brother definitely something's wrong with him even though don't get me wrong hes really intelligent there is definitely something wrong with them I asked her stepmom and her stepmom does believe it but who knows. She has never been diagnosed. She did do that a lot though she would claim that she has diseases that she doesn't like the disease that I have, endometriosis. And I told her like listen if you actually had that you would be in most immense pain you'd be in the emergency room you'd be screaming you'd be crying like how I was as a kid when it was the worst for me and she would get so defensive and so angry so fast like get over yourself she barely ever had cramps

No. 696920

Absolutely she said explain nearly every altercation she ever had with any other girl and Chloe actually messaged me yesterday and I'm gonna post that screenshot

No. 696921

File: 1537922378065.jpg (450.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180925-004631_Ins…)


No. 696922

File: 1537922405598.jpg (464.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180925-004636_Ins…)


No. 696925

I won't lie she looked pretty dam good after the lipo like it was pretty crazy her portions but all she eats is papa John's pizza every 2 days to every day and she'll sit and eat a whole pizza to herself or a finish it that morning and shell order cookies or cinnamon twists she'd go to Krispy kreme a lot. The last week I was there I watch her eat 5 donuts in one sitting when I could barely eat 1 and I was pretty grossed out. she would always get little Debbie cakes and she almost quit her addiction with Coke near the end of the time I was there but normally that's all she would drink and bagle bites she was obsessed with those she had certain safe foods that really were not safe at all and some days I would see her eat maybe once A-day if that she would drink pop instead of eating a lot she would go from binge eating to starving herself and I watched this for a long time her ED habits are still full fledge 100% there but the starving didn't mean anything whenever all she did was eat so many saturated calories on days she did eat

No. 696929

She did really apply and she's been denied 5 different times I believe like she's not disabled there is no reason for her to be on it that's my opinion along with the government's apparently.
And to my knowledge there is never anything about the animals like no one was ever notified or came out there

No. 696938

She was extremely opinionated about the dumbest things and would shut anyone down like any guy any girl anyone would be in public with she would shut it down immediately if she felt like she is in the right in of stuff like that like one thing I remember is her trying to compare adderall to meth and that like adderall users are meth users their drug users and like I come from a drug background where my parents were drug dealers and drug addicts and I grew up seeing that my entire life and for her to sit there in compare people who use adderall for ADD to like people that are actual hard drug users like fucking made me so angry.
It was normally stuff like that that she was just extremely opinionated about and there is stuff like near the end we got into this argument over XXxtenacious whenever he died there is proof that he never like bash someone for being gay and I tried to like pull up receipts to her and just completely shut it down like she's freaking crazy. So yes stuff like that would happen pretty frequently.
So the thing is she has no idea what an actual normal relationship is what it should be like what it entails and the screenshots from Chloe proves that and so does any other girl she's ever worked with she doesn't understand outside of like work and doing it for show or money she just doesn't it just does not click with her. I let Charlotte do and say whatever she wanted to do to not cause problems but I never did more than maybe get on top of her and kissed her when I was drunk like sure I made her have feelings at some point because I did try in the beginning but it just never evolved past that i tried to explain this to her multiple times I am like a deep passionate sort of person like I need like spiritual type of love like obsessive crazy love like that's what I need from someone I need full loyalty and she'd say that she was going to leave Mike for me and we could just run away and start a new life and oh my gosh in the beginning it was crazy she told me that she loved me and just crazy stuff man

No. 696941

I think shes self aware and knows what to do and how to change in how to be better but she just refuses to has complete and utter refusal like I said earlier I don't know if that's just because laziness or she's given up or what but like.
And it's just like her lifestyle she may be showers once a week and eats whatever she wants whenever she wants it and never really leaves the room other to come in the dining room to watch endless make up youtuber videos and occasionly or go to ulta to buy make up will maybe go to the store with Mike if he begs her to go and then goes right backup to her room maybe does make up to keep it on for a couple of hours maybe would play a board game with me or Mike if we begged her to and then she just go right backup in bed and sleep for 12 hours or more that's all she did on a day-to-day basis that's it

No. 696943

I feel so bad for her parents. Did her parents ever talk to you about her issues?
I cannot believe her laziness. Well I can believe it but holy shit. I think her inability to do any hard work is her biggest issue. Too lazy to cam. Too lazy to loose weight. Too lazy to shower. Too lazy to clean. Like ewwwww. How long would she go without showering? No wonder her skin is breaking out all the time since its dirty and shes full of Krispy Kreme.

Is Mike an alright person outside of being completely controlled by Fatlotte?

No. 696944

Was she less lazy when she was regularly seeing guys on Tinder?
Do you even think she has any sexual attraction to females? Did you call her your girlfriend despite it being a weird situation where you basically were just her female pet?

No. 696945

Her mom has given up and will give her or Henry any money that they want or do anything that they want to because she doesn't know what else to do as her stepmother told me her mom has no idea how to be a mother all she knows is her work and that's it she's a really intelligent woman but she doesn't have much empathy she doesn't understand have feelings or emotions never cried never you know hugs Charlotte or tells her that she loves heard nothing like a normal mother would do you know. And her stepmom and her dad don't ever say anything I think they're a little bit afraid of her to be honest every time her step mom would do anything or say anything Charlotte would immediately call her mother and make her mother yell at her so it was always a lose lose in that scenario her stepmom does think she's a selfish entitled brat that thinks of nothing but herself and she just has the most animosity for Mike for good reason like they are very aware of her but her mother her biggest influence takes absolutely no action so her stepmom and her dad just stay away. Literally everyone just stays away from Charlotte in her entire family like no one speaks to her outside of her brother and her mother whenever she has too. Her mom is in thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands dollars worth of debt and credit card debt from enabling her children but she just settled some multimillion dollar settlement so she has a bunch of money again and she also has a million dollar life insurance plan which will go to Charlotte

No. 696946

Dude it would kill me she'd post make up pics and like fully done up photos on the app and then shed go see these guys no make up hair hasnt been washed in 3 weeks up in a bun wearing sweats and crap like that it literally killed me she still did not care and I dont think these guys did either they were all really gross.
I feel like she is attracted to girls maybe more than guys however she is obsessed with dick and sex and all of that she tried to justify what she is doing by saying she could not have sex with Mike and she couldn't even touch herself because she is too grossed out by it that she would seek it from the guys and she has no feelings for anyone ever absolutely nothing for any of those guys but seems to have feelings for girls and able to have it for them so there's that. I don't know maybe in the beginning I went along with it for a little bit but after the 1st couple of months there was just nothing

No. 696951

The only person I ever had a relationship with was her stepmom that was about it um no one else really talked about her issues it was just something that was never brought up really. She would go up to 2- 3 weeks at a time without showering and would absolutely never brush her teeth. She doesn't shave either like literally anything there is that too. Everyone thinks that Mike is a decent person outside of her besides her being an influence on him and influencing him to do
really badd things other than that literally everyone I know thinks hes great my boyfriend thought he was really cool to hang out with and that we would be friends with him outside of Charlotte like he had a lot of friends Mike had so many friends but Charlotte is rude to them all and makes him cut people off whenever she feels like he gets too close to people….. I did hate Mike in the beginning but that's because Charlotte wanted it that way she wanted me to Validate her ill feelings towards him but him and I started talking more near the end and got pretty close and I realized he wasn't a total sociopath hes actually just a normal person. He would randomly come into my room at night and just hang out with me and talk to me about common interests that we had we play so many games together we'd hang out during the day we would just talk a lot like more so then him in Charlotte really would

No. 696955

Her and mike would fight a lot but it's more so her being really upset and him just taking it in being like OK understand I'm sorry like it was like clockwork he was like programmed or something and he never got upset he never retaliated back he would just take what ever she would throw at him a matter how vicious it was nuts. And you could name a girl and I'll tell you what she told me about them

No. 696961

So in other words, Charlotte is just a lazy, spoiled drug addicted cunt and she's living off her mom while conning meds from her doc. Honestly this is partislly her mom and Mike's fault, he needs to get a restraining order and leave her ass alone and her mom needs to put her in a facility where she doesn't hve access to the internet. I think if her mom took her off the internet, let her detox and gave her an ultimatum of getting her shit together or being cut off, she'd either straighten out or end up like Gutterface. It sounds like her mom knows she's at fault here for enabling Charlotte to be such a lazy cunt, although that doesn't mean at all that she has to continue supporting her just because Charlotte's playing chicken by threatening suicide/showing her ass.

No. 696968

I feel for Charlotte because her mother didnt show her love or how to love and she probably doesn't realise how selfish she is. There is no excuse for her laziness she can easily work on that one step at a time to get herself independent, then she can work her her emotional issues from her childhood. Does Charlotte say much about her childhood or that it was good or bad? It does sound like her mother just threw money at her kids whenever they got difficult and have no ability to take care of themselves because of that. What I dont understand is that years ago when I first found Charlotte online I thought she was so cool. She was young and living out of home and had a cute gothic home and claimed she did it all herself as a hairdresser (could of been a lie I guess). She has proven she can actually DO something positive for herself. She used to have a job and an apartment she rented and seemed like maybe a bit bitchy but just… normal?

I'm not trying to justify her behaviour as she 100% needs to take responsibility. She seems self aware enough that surely she can see that her 'needs' and bahaviour hurt others and only she can change before she has no one but her mother's money.

No. 696969

What did she say about Dakota Rose (Kotakoti)?

No. 696971

How much weed does she smoke? Is she just stoned 24/7?
I cannot believe she thinks she needs adderall because she can't get off her fat ass to clean up. Does she think adderall will magically make her enjoy chores? No one likes chores bitch you just do them because they benefit your life and how you live.

No. 696975

I can't believe a doc will look at her, listen to her and still prescribe her Adderall but yeah.

No. 696977

If Charlotte received cash was she generous with it? Like would she buy you food, pay for your Bills or buy you gifts?

No. 696979

NTA but adding to this, there are suspicions that Charms occasionally goes in the Kota threads to stan for kooter, can you possibly confirm/deny?

No. 696981

When she kicked you out I think it was just a manipulative threat. She was 100% not expecting you to actually leave. You stood up for yourself and she was not anticipating that.

Was there a reason she wanted you to leave or was she just all jealous of your boyfriend and thought if she threatened you that you'd leave him?

Also you are a much more successful cam model was she ever jealous of that or did she try and sabotage you like preventing you from going online or trying to get you to quit? Her last suicide attempt she claimed was about how MFC has changed and she couldn't deal with being successful years ago and not anymore.

No. 696985

Is she still attempting to become a paid cosplayer? She said that her goal was to make a living of being a cosplayer in the next 2 years. Is that why she got lipo? We all just laughed at this cause we all know shes way too lazy to even pretend to achieve that dream

No. 696993

Forget being too lazy, can you imagine her spilling out of a bought cosplay with all her shitty, unfinished tattoos skulking around cons while acting like hot shit. And forget about taking concrit on her cosplays, woo boy, I can see her WKing herself on twitter already.

No. 697003

She looked pretty good as Samus however her extreme tattoos will limit any opportunity she would even get as a paid cosplayer. Plus she is way too lazy to make costumes and will just get fatter and dirtier.

I cannot believe she doesn't shower for 2-3 weeks. When I've had a depressive episode I've been there with the not bathing and mooching around my house not going to work in dirty food covered clothes but after about 4 days of not showering my hair is a greasy mess and I literally stink so bad I can smell myself in the house. How the fuck she must smell after 3 weeks would kill a man.

No. 697007

Does Lotte have self esteem issues?? Years ago she thought she was the most beautiful creature and said that despite her acne and crooked nose she loved staring at herself in the mirror for hours as she is just so stunning. I wonder if she is like that to cover self hatred of her looks or if sge really is that self absorbed and thinks she is gorgeous even though she is overweight with gross tattoos and doesn't shower.

No. 697027

This. Even if she lost the weight, kept it off and had great coslays the tats would ruin it. She would have have to buy makeup to cover them by the bucket full, and even then I doubt she would bother to cver them at all. She seems proud of her shitty goff aesthetic tats.

No. 697080

What did she say to you about Aoi, Chloe, and Pascal?

No. 697842

>>694932 that full body image looks slightly disturbing with the feet cropped out, why not just take an actual full body pic?

No. 698208

File: 1538029775248.png (217.99 KB, 466x296, 259718975897375189.png)

this isn't her BP's enclosure is it??????????

No. 698339

I presume so, I think the gecko one is smaller, lol it's a bit fucking underfurnished.

No. 698353



Pumpers hitting new lows by defending a rapist and suggesting a victim speaking out is just as bad as the rapist themselves…

No. 698357

holy shit what trash.

No. 698418


You'd think with the amount of shit she's gotten over the years she'd learn to keep her damn mouth shut. Does she have any positive traits at all?

No. 698560


Under furnished is an understatement. She doesn’t even have two hides and the one hide she does have is that awful log one that’s open on both sides.

No. 698629

I think that's her brain-dead boyfriends doing tbh, he bought the thing.

No. 698672

What happened to Darcy? All the Charms milk was flowing and then just stopped.

No. 698821

File: 1538085759386.jpg (703.59 KB, 2000x1331, jabba the lotte.jpg)

How I imagine Charms and Mike will look in a few years.

No. 698899

Holy shit I didnt even notice the eyes and lips were photoshopped. Bravo anon!

No. 699629

Sorry for being blunt, dunno how else to put it in a nicer way, but do girls on MFC have to be mentally challenged to qualify for being models? That's a question that haunts me for some time now and I would like to hear from people who have experience with this site.

This assumption comes from several things:
1. Every time I open a random cam there, the girl just shouts to her mic or listens to really loud music and sings to it. Apparently nobody ever made an attempt to record themselves and to listen to the quality of sound.
2. Even pretty girls have very low amount of people in their rooms. I saw once a pretty one dancing with a hula hoop for at least 30 mins, and she got maybe a tip of 15 tokens. Unless it's some dumb lovense shit, nobody tips.
3. The quality of video is so poor, like hello from 2000s.
4. Majority of the cows you discuss on this thread are coming from 5 years ago from MFC so it kind of proves there are batshit crazy ppl on the platform (?).
5. Every girl rants about camscore and they can go on about it forever. Everybody hates it but rarely they change the platform.

I'm not saying that Chaturbate doesn't have issues but in all aspects it's somehow more user-friendly.

I tried to find answers to my question reading blogs, but honestly it's very difficult, and I lack perspective on it, because camming became known to me 3 years ago.

Sorry for the blogpost, I'm just genuinely curious to hear from people and to understand why girls spend their time on it, if there is no money flow (or are there hidden gems and perks that are coming with it?)

No. 700464


I think a lot of girls stay on MFC over chaturbate because CB is a lot more sexual. On mfc models like kickazz and stuff can do non-nude shows and still make money. CB is all about nudity and sexual acts.

No. 700636

This post just gave me cancer

No. 700642

Yeah like I said in earlier posts Mike won't leave because hes in such a comfortable position and they still kind of do whatever they want even though hes more trapped but yeah I remember when Charlotte was getting so much hate within the cam community like literally so much every single person hated her and people were starting to hate me by association and I had to DM so many girls and talk to them 1 on 1 to like make them not hate me lol but she got off the Internet and like deleted all of her stuff but ended up reactivating but couldn't her Twitter lol and had to make a new one now she has like no followers But yeah she couldn't stay gone but a week like it was pathetic she literally thrives on it like you're saying

No. 700644

I was talking about this on Cam last night and it's like I couldn't stand that she hasn't had anything that badd ever have and her like it's because she doesn't have a reason to be the way that she is is why it aggravates me so much she talked a lot about all the trauma that she has ever went through and none of it is inherently that badd like it doesn't make much sense. And she's extremely self aware she knows what she's doing why when how should she be acting the ways that she should be coping she is perfectly aware but chooses not to base off of her own selfish needs. Nothing is an excuse for being a total cunt. No upbringing no mental illness none of that that's my opinion. I could list all the things she named as traumatic throughout her life and I'm sure you all would feel the same as I

No. 700647

All that I remember that she told me about Dakota was that she met her in like Florida or wherever and that she wouldn't admit that all of her stuff was fake that she got from all the different Asian taobao Websites and that she was really nice but really fake and really guarded about where she got her stuff and brand names and all of that lolita weeabo shit. Because like clearly Charlotte was the expert back then lol

No. 700754

What are her big traumas?

No. 700760

Did she say anything about Aoi or Lomeli?

No. 700814

Damn I’ve always wondered what she had to say about Aoi and Lomeli as well, that’s some very aged and guarded milk

No. 700862

File: 1538307008396.jpg (530.07 KB, 1080x1563, 20180930_122824.jpg)

Man her thigh tattoo looks like shit. It's so dark and the wolf that doesn't even look like a wolf has a fucked up face lol

No. 700864

File: 1538307103966.jpg (28.51 KB, 212x282, 20180930_123127.jpg)

Like wtf is this? Looks so off.

No. 700868

File: 1538307427374.jpg (602.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180930-123527_Ins…)

She already wants to laser off the cat tattoos.

They're dark as hell too, presumably impossible to cover up.

No. 701330

All she really said about lomeli Was that they were friends and then Charlotte found out that she was talking to Aoi Behind her back even after aoi did like horrible things to lomeli. And that it made her so mad and she felt betrayed. I don't really remember but there is something about someone hitting someone or some sort of abuse or something like that too

No. 701333

She's like really insecure about cosplaying Which is why like all of her cosplays are like fully covered or suits which by the way don't fit her anymore since she gained so much weight. The last convention she went to with Alex she wouldn't cosplay this new black cat that she tried to put together the last couple days before the convention and made me make a really good mask and like some good shit for it and then she never wore it because of the insecurities.

No. 701334

Multiple times A-day if not everyday the only time she does not is whenever she doesn't have enough money to buy it

No. 701335

Normally she says what she needs to to get what she wants

No. 701338

I have no idea but she didn't really talk about her very much

No. 701339

the name fagging is next level here

No. 701342

Oh I definitely agree with you like she had said that many of times and then would immediately love me again it was like a constant back-and-forth and ever since i started dating this 1st guy back in like may or whatever she totally started to lose her shit. If she didn't feel like she was in control of the relationship or could make something bad happen at any given moment she would like lose her mind. she would constantly even tell Connor that he doesn't mean much and hes not important or special and she really liked saying those things to these guys. And she was actually rather supportive whenever it came to Cam stuff but I feel like once I started to do well under her roof and I cammed way more than she did it started to affect Her badly actually

No. 701343

Suck my dick

No. 701346

Shes definitely still really self absorbed and narcissistic even whenever her acne was at its worst or she was at her biggest like she will always take photos of her face like all the time she was constantly taking Snapchat photos but really only would use the filters but at the same time she took a lot of unfiltered photos too idk. The only thing that she was ever insecure about was obviously her body she only ever took photos of her body right after the lipo and like i was saying earlier shes really insecure with cosplay

No. 701347

That would just literally never happen like sorry about it lol

No. 701370

>she talked a lot about all the trauma that she has ever went through and none of it is inherently that badd like it doesn't make much sense.

>I could list all the things she named as traumatic throughout her life and I'm sure you all would feel the same as I

Not to be a dick, but wasn't she raped as a teen? Charms is a piece of shit but I think that is legit traumatizing

No. 701374

File: 1538354246641.png (38.69 KB, 743x225, creditcard debt.PNG)

Lotte's reddit is a goldmine of BPD and delusions. Here is one post she wrote 3 days ago about her 10,000(?!!!) credit card debt.

It honestly shocks me how she can talk with authority on any subject…

No. 701377

File: 1538354451059.png (18.34 KB, 796x106, bpd.PNG)

In this one, she calls her "BPD/autism" high-functioning. I don't know much about BPD, but isn't being unable to work/support yourself a sign of not being really being as high-functioning as she claims? I know people with high-functioning BPD or autism that go to work and hold down some job and don't seem addicted to plastic surgery.

No. 701385

In this one she talks about recently cutting off Darcy and how she feels so much better.

No. 701387

File: 1538354829932.png (33.66 KB, 791x308, fake friend.PNG)

sorry, dropped the pic

No. 701390

File: 1538354902770.png (18.99 KB, 768x115, untreatable.PNG)

Here she talks about how BPD is untreatable. It isn't according to google, it's highly treatable with effort (not just pill popping like Lotte). It almost makes me wonder if she wants to hide behind "untreatable" so she can behave the way she does with impunity

No. 701392

File: 1538355098272.png (33.9 KB, 582x236, mike.PNG)

Last one that I found interesting. She talks about going to Mike's house at 14. How much older is he than her?

Another post I won't post here because I'm too lazy to cap it - she tells someone to go to /r/deaadbedrooms to discuss their relationship. I wonder if she's ever posted there on an alt.

No. 701393

"Nothing crazy, just over 5 figures to pay back"

The fuck? When she was camming she had regs giving her thousands of dollars but she never paid off her old credit card debt?? She doesn't even pay rent! That is extremely stupid.

Also, if her mom gives her money for everything else, why doesn't her mom give her money for her credit card debt?

No. 701400

She was in a relationship and her mother knew and let him live with her when she was 14 and he was like 20. She refers that relationship as rape and all of that. Has she ever been forced down and actually raped? No. Has she by legal terms due to age gap, legally yes.

No. 701401

Mike is 29

No. 701402

Her mom has paid off the vast majority of her credit card debt already

No. 701405

She thinks she has expert knowledge about legitimately every subject. That's the narcissism

No. 701406

She gets off on everyone thinking theres something wrong with her. Ie her shaving her head. The faking autism. The faking most things. Bpd and bipolar are like anxiety in my book. That's what they want to diagnose every person who goes to therapy with. She reaches for almost anything to make her seem special. No matter how "bad" they are

No. 701428

she should do insex videos with shay

No. 701534

Darcy, I'm so stoked that you're here to give us some damn milk. Lotte was my absolute favourite thread and I couldn't believe big lotte actually stuck. I'm sorry about your cat as well thats pretty upsetting.

Did she ever speak about lolcow? Did you ever see her on here often? Does she actually think her tattoos look good?

No. 701589

Huh. I swear I thought I remembered on her tumblr forever ago she talked about being raped at a party at 15-16. Maybe I’m misremembering?

But also I’m hardcore judging her mom for letting a 20 year old guy randomly move in with her 14 year old daughter! Like what even? 14 year olds are dumb as fuck and her mom should have been looking out for her and actually being a parent, not enabling her.

No. 701609

Also she said she sold her virginity to some gross guy at the age of 17.
Also she used to say things like "I hate food. There's nothing I like. I only eat because I have to" lol

No. 701610

>>701534 she use to say that she would come on here whenever she was in like really low points but she does visit the thread and Mike comes in here an awful lot too. So have her ex friends

No. 701611

Well that's a total lie then because she lost it before 14 it must have been around 12 or 13 or something like that

No. 701613

And nah she was really weird though i guess the eating disorder habits rolled over because she would eat things like plain pasta noodles with nothing on them all the time just plain things it was really weird

No. 701680

…Twelve?! Man Darcy, you must have been through some fucked up shit to be so casual about this. I legitimately can’t really think of a situation where losing her virginity at TWELVE wouldn’t be rape-y and traumatizing.

Idk, I know she lies a lot in general but being sexually abused is super correlated with BPD.

No. 701764

She was gang raped at a party, she’s said that several times that she couldn’t move and can’t really remember but that she woke up with vaginal pain and bleeding

No. 701796

Please stop reporting D for namefagging. We're aware she's posting and as she's providing information we're allowing it.

No. 702889

You're not remembering wrong and there are caps of her talking about it, I think they're from her livejournal though, not her tumblr.

This. Well, what she actually said was that she said she passed out at a party and woke up with a sore vagina and assumed she was gangraped whilst passed out. She was pretty clear about not knowing whether it happened or not.

No. 702927

File: 1538529653518.jpg (637.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181003-022004_Ins…)

Who keeps letting pumpy get animals?

No. 704486

File: 1538704494389.png (1.33 MB, 1624x1198, Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 03.4…)

What is this? A sloth?

Can allergy chan confirm or not that cats cause pizza face? Also in the recent tweet she claims PTSD, why does Pumpy have PTSD?

No. 704506

It looks like a ferret.

No. 704882

I'm allergic to cats, not extremely but they make me sneeze a lot and makes my eyes red, itchy and weepy so I dunno how she has them walk all over her face and doesn't have bloodshot eyes.

I've never had a rash or pizza face from cats.

No. 705255

Bitch kept Oreos and Monster cans next to her bed for years and probably still does. Her diet of trash is what caused her pizza face, not allergies.

No. 705496

File: 1538849506903.png (1.65 MB, 1200x1200, Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 20.0…)

Must be a huge disappointment for the fans, girl who they gave money to turned into an autistic fat boy with bad hygiene. Oh well, for her it must be a compliment.

No. 705650

I've received a rash that flarred up really badly due to allergy to dogs (and hugging my brother's dog like an idiot)
I'm not white, but it was like mini pimples that came up for a few hours and went away, but I can tell she also has bad skin as it is.
Sage because idc

No. 705802

how the mighty have fallen.

No. 706062

File: 1538935093255.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.42 KB, 1080x608, Screenshot_20181007-185607_Twi…)

Megan's ham ass makes me laugh.

Also the fact she's blurred out her feet because it's a foot fetish clip.

No. 718715

File: 1540226263478.jpg (110.25 KB, 1024x768, IMG_20181022_173806.jpg)

Pumpy said on cam she's breaking up with that with sleepy Asian because she wants to fuck other people lol and they literally just moved house.

Apparently he's still gonna live with her, might as well still sponge off her eh!

It was doomed from the day she called him "average penis"

Rip in peace

No. 719133

I honestly can't believe I was ever jealous of her looks. When I was 15-16 Charms was my style inspo and I was so jealous of her money and her doormat mom, I was sure she was gonna end up moving to Japan or LA or somewhere to beclme another alt model. I couldn't believe it when she started camming, nobody comes back from that and ends up a stable, functional adult. I remember her saying she was groomed into camming as soon as she turned 18, is that true? Sage for blog.

No. 719894

Didn’t she have a friend who cammed who told Charlotte it was easy money or something and that’s how she got into cam?
If that’s all it takes to be “groomed” into cam pretty sure she’s done that to quite a few people who didn’t originally want to cam (Chloe, Mike)?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think she got into cam way after all the Aoi stuff if she’s implying that’s who groomed her into it?

No. 719897

File: 1540346377576.png (301.39 KB, 750x1334, 22846FFF-68C1-4523-A7E6-F17D15…)

Sooooo Charms and Mike are engaged now

No. 719898

Who has worse skin/tattoos/hair/hygiene/life choices - bloated Charms or skelly Pumpy?

No. 719899

File: 1540346411983.png (989.91 KB, 750x1334, F8E51AAC-6EA4-46F4-8B8F-1BC185…)

And this is the “baby”, lol

No. 719913

Did she pull a Taylor dean and get a monitor lizard?

No. 720268

Oh look, another poor creature for that psychopath to kill. Can't wait to hear was pathetic excuse she gives for this adventure in animal abuse.

No. 720569

“Engaged” lol I reaaally doubt they will ever end up getting actually married

No. 720743

Yeah I think they were also “engaged” before they split up for a bit not long ago.

No. 720773

File: 1540457251532.jpeg (1016.14 KB, 1125x1977, 0B5667F4-2C3D-417D-9BE6-9AF243…)

I like how Darcy disappeared as soon as people called her out about the fact that Charlotte was in fact traumatically raped as a teenager.
Darcy failed to mention that she’s an alcoholic and charms kicked her out because she did nothing but drink in her room all day and not contribute anything to the household for months.
As if you guys would let a freeloader live off of you…

No. 720774

File: 1540457348170.jpeg (677.73 KB, 1125x1921, 6D9F83A7-10A2-4388-B878-0883BB…)

Darcy was just using charms and mooching off of her
It’s fucked up that she took her cat but would YOU want someone who drinks their life away to be responsible for an animal?
Doubt it.
There are two sides to every story, charms only said she wished Darcy the best and just couldn’t take care of her anymore.

No. 720780

hi charms. we know you don't do anything all day either except eat and neglect your pets but nice try. both sides of the story are shit, with yours being shittier because at least darcy doesn't murder or abandon literally every pet she's come across.

No. 720992

File: 1540487169137.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1581x1007, sketch-1540082124278~01.png)


No. 721093


No. 721116

I think this is one of those situations where there’s some truth on both sides…

I do think that Darcy took advantage of Charms to some extent not paying for rent/groceries/etc and Charms definitely bought her a lot of stuff, but also Charms has a looooooong history of manipulating everyone into staying with her with bribes of money. I think Charms legit didn’t mind paying for her at all up until Darcy started dating that new guy. Then Charms went ballistic out of nowhere bc she was jealous and THEN the money became an issue.

Also I think an alcoholic with ONE cat is way more capable of taking care of the animal then someone who constantly gets 26253829274819 animals they can’t afford the vet care for…And Charms is constantly too high to function which isn’t really much better than binge drinking.

It was super fucked up for Darcy to have that attitude about Charms’ sexual abuse for sure though, that was gross.

No. 721169

Savannah monitors are largely advertised as a good first lizard but they do not thrive in captivity at all so I definitely see this poor lizard wasting away more than the norm.

No. 721257

>It was super fucked up for Darcy to have that attitude about Charms’ sexual abuse for sure though, that was gross.
What attitude? I just scrolled up and don't see anything gross. Charms' sexual abuse is by her own admission unconfirmed.

>I like how Darcy disappeared as soon as people called her out about the fact that Charlotte was in fact traumatically raped as a teenager.

It's extremely suspicious that any anon is willing to stan for her on this so hard when all Charms originally said was she fell asleep at a party and woke up with a sore vagina and assumed she was raped. She doesn't know whether she was even assaulted or not, that's a far cry from "Traumatic sexual assault" The use of "Called out" Here doesn't make any sense either.

and what does it have to do with her current behaviour anyway? You don't get to act like a massive cunt just because you have past traumas. Darcy being an alcoholic is kind of irrelevant, and tbh I'd probably drink and hide in my room if I had to live with someone as unstable as Charms.

She's been a shit ever since she stole that choker and only a newfag or charms herself would defend her. Or possibly spoony trying to get back in her good books.

No. 721276

Holy shit Savanna monitors are extremely time consumimg and difficult. This won't go well…

No. 721280

File: 1540510099133.gif (1.71 MB, 268x190, 2DEEFCD7-3D1F-4FC5-A5D2-B83BA8…)

No. 721312

I think it's less about defending Charms and more noticing that Darcy is a long-time Charms thread regular with motives of her own.

No. 721318

Darcy doesn't have to be a good person to magnify Charms' shitty qualities. Even if the situation with her had never happened, we have plenty of proof that Charms was, is, and continues to be, an objectively horrible person. She has abused, neglected, and killed almost every pet she's ever owned, but we're supposed to praise the cunt for 'saving' Darcy's cat from an alcoholic owner? LOL.

No. 722187

File: 1540636410828.jpg (34.84 KB, 694x464, IMG_20181027_113210.jpg)

Look what this bitch has put on the wall of her new place lol…

No. 722287

she looks so goofy, I can’t take her seriously at all

No. 722310

Wtf is she doing in this photo

No. 723321

File: 1540819516933.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.84 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20181029-132332_Twi…)

Such nerd, wow

No. 723480

File: 1540843055286.jpg (82.53 KB, 577x1024, IMG_20181029_195738.jpg)


No. 723960

As gross as her beta cuck is, her fucking fish mouth hanging in the back is disgusting.

No. 723961

how does she always smile upside down

No. 724159

i thought this was pumpy at first glance because they both have equally shitty skin

No. 726271

i can confirm all of this
i knew mike for a while and i saw the way charlotte treated him. i witnessed some of the things mentioned here first hand.
charlotte makes mike a worse person. she has him wrapped around her finger. myself and other friends of his tried convincing him to detach from her, that she's narcissistic and toxic and abusive and neglectful, but he insisted she has a good hearts. maybe he was trying to convince other people, maybe he's just that mislead. but he shuts down around her, can't be himself around her, and he becomes an ugly person when he's with her.

charlotte is your textbook narcissist. the reason she won't take advice, won't get better, is not CAPABLE of fixing her mental state and becoming a better person is because of this. narcissists will just not truly accept that they are doing wrong. Together they create a big catastrophe and frankly the only good thing that could happen is mike leaving her for good. a narcissist is not capable of having healthy relationships

No. 727749

File: 1541548218807.png (39.99 KB, 637x483, Pumpy-NewUsernameBabygirl-1811…)

Even better - she's changed her username because October is over.
And even though she rages at all of those who remember how she clearly catered to pedophiles and call her out for it - I think "Babygirl" as her new username speaks loud and clear to her intent, trying to draw in new big-tippers since all of her old ones realizes what a horrible person she is and left her.

No. 730239

are there no other lolcow cam girls? there seems to be drama everyday with someone or another

No. 732922

File: 1542331891366.jpeg (794.99 KB, 828x1375, 3E85DF27-C835-47F6-BFF3-9F9E2F…)

The lolcow special!

No. 732923

File: 1542331934955.jpeg (775.19 KB, 828x1378, E36E958C-E7F9-4F59-A5AA-21015E…)

No. 732924

File: 1542331958953.jpeg (617.31 KB, 828x1312, 33A03A62-84A0-4F99-B871-5BD2D5…)

No. 733209

She's getting super skelly again

No. 736853

She was online the night before last complaining that' she's going to quit camming (again)… listening to bhad bhabie and practically passing out on the floor from being exhausted.

No. 737257

Looks like Charms got a job selling makeup at Ulta? Good for her taking a step toward being an adult and not just sitting on her couch taking money from her mom all day. Hopefully getting out of the house to go to work will make her a better person.

No. 737312

Off subject but does anyone know what lenses she wears?

No. 737457

File: 1543094522754.jpeg (221.59 KB, 750x1119, 69068151-8F48-49D4-A8EA-310BA6…)

It seems like Charms is really getting into makeup, and it might be a good thing for her. She has a hobby that isn’t collecting animals and she has a job. Maybe she’s getting better.

No. 737461

File: 1543094912174.jpeg (256.01 KB, 750x983, 14FCD1B0-673F-4FA6-BFAB-074ACA…)

Charms still needs to drop Scraps (I can’t remember his name anymore,) because they are still together. Hopefully she is getting some therapy. I can’t gleam much from her updates, like if she is paying her own rent, or anything about her animals past the summer. But she does have a job, she’s really into makeup, and she seems happy with her lipo.

No. 737463

File: 1543094965535.jpeg (349.43 KB, 750x1105, 852DE3CA-6DFE-4CE8-8B86-CB3FBB…)

No. 737465

File: 1543095014301.jpeg (193.82 KB, 747x1126, E09328C5-C88F-44FF-8ECE-145E0E…)

She never said what medication she’s taking, but I’m guessing it might be accutane?

No. 737467

File: 1543095122234.jpeg (219.33 KB, 746x1059, D513C32A-541E-4A09-9539-B18773…)

This was her last animal update.

No. 737468

I'm really proud of her honestly. Her parents seem proud too. I like that she has a stable job now doing something she used to like. I hope she keeps it.

No. 737469

Charms and scraps are unfortunately getting married (they are engaged).

No. 737496

It could just be an antibiotic

No. 737501

File: 1543097990212.jpg (15.59 KB, 600x338, DE-8rk_UQAELVg7.jpg)

I really hope they don't go through with it.

I hope she can keep it, too. For all the shitty things Charms has done, I'd rather see her change for the better than to crash and burn.

No. 737616

File: 1543105825767.jpg (62.54 KB, 540x1047, lotte.jpg)

She genuinely looks a lot happier and I'm happy for her, and she seems to look healthier too. I wonder if she regrets some of her bodymods though.

No. 738400

File: 1543229309132.jpg (174.1 KB, 1080x1145, Screenshot_20181126-104347_Ins…)

This bitch honestly being like "my cats not fat, it's big boned!"

Also I'm sure she's said in the past the cat was really small when she first got it.

The cat is straight up overweight, stop treating it like someone is fucking bodyshaming the animal, that's not a thing.

No. 738401

File: 1543229359194.jpg (168.83 KB, 1080x1466, Screenshot_20181126-104446_Ins…)

>Pic related

No. 738422

tf with the lotte fanclub in here. she's gross through and through, just because she's going through a up cycle doesn't stop all the disgusting things shes done and doing, including continued animal abuse

idk how she has so many sympathizers on here or how anyone can 'root' for her. like I get you don't have to wish suffering on someone you gossip about on a mongolian tampon weaving board, but of all the people you could want to asspat, why this repeat monstrosity

No. 738453

She "learned to love herself". Sure thing

Yeah i son;t get it

No. 738563

Charms has her own thread.

No. 738607


Farmhand said to use this thread because the drama had died down.

No. 738629


"digestive track"

ahahaha. Pumpy, you're the only one who needs to educate themselves.

No. 738825

agreed. she MIGHT be doing what she should have done a long time ago, and now farmers are proud of her? i mean maybe the farmers who reprimanded her for being a leech are not the same people who are proud of her now, but if they are then wtf? i hate it when assholes get more praise for becoming a tiny bit less asshole-like than people who made an effort to not be assholes in the first place.

No. 739353

File: 1543354315233.png (Spoiler Image, 895.5 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20181127-143016~2.p…)

Her mouth is so weird. Is it the injections? It disgustes me every time I see her fish face

No. 739388

File: 1543356232042.jpg (Spoiler Image, 176.62 KB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_20181127-215825_Ins…)

Well she did just get them redone, she looks extra fishy with fresh injections.

Spoiler for needle

No. 739535


Yeah I don't get it either. Just because she finally is acting like an adult doesn't mean she is any less of an asshole.

I wonder if her job is full or part time because she was talking about going to Vegas and Hawaii in one month. Not a lot of places will let you take off a lot of time if you are full time.

No. 739645

she's a serial animal abuser, nothing will change that or make her redeemable. she's a piece of shit and always will be.

No. 741259

File: 1543588016347.jpg (209.23 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20181130-142225_Twi…)


No. 741870

File: 1543671792466.jpg (433.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181201-134215_Ins…)

She dyed her hair orange now

No. 741872

File: 1543671848930.jpg (458.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181201-134209_Ins…)

It's really not a great look with her terrible hairline and obviously she's bleached it again so it's gonna be even more damaged.

No. 743301

Pumpy always has these large living spaces but has 0 furniture to make it seem like someone is actually ya kno living there.
It looks like a college drop out perpetually squatting in homes way above their salary.

No. 744736

File: 1544113728481.png (532.49 KB, 1080x922, Screenshot_20181206-092727~2.p…)

Pulling your dirty panties up equals hips I guess?

No. 747018

File: 1544476042446.jpg (479.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181210-210413_Ins…)

Dear god she's balding so bad. This hairstyle not for you pumpy, we can see your receding hairline real bad and prob puts even more strain on it.

No. 747020

File: 1544476089249.jpg (190 KB, 1040x2048, IMG_20181210_210531.jpg)

No. 747266

So much drama going on, but the only thing being posted is stormy every now and then.

No. 747267

Share with the class then.

No. 747268

christ i can smell the sebum in her hair through this picture

No. 747289

What are you referring to?

No. 747812

File: 1544581667698.jpg (151.56 KB, 1080x1043, Screenshot_20181212-022520_Twi…)

Honestly wtf is this bitch even doing anymore?

She doesn't cam, she doesn't make videos and absolutely no one gives a shit about her.

Deffo living off bank and mummy and daddy.

No. 747962

I literally miss seeing her hilarity on this thread.

No. 748695

File: 1544727894481.jpg (65 KB, 1049x599, Screenshot_20181213-190300_Twi…)

Have some cringe.


Pumpy attempting to twerk, thinks she's learning lol.

No. 748706

same, she used to be so milky. the whole drama with using abortion as birth control and her bf going to jail for fraud…lmao.

No. 748788

bruh this picture smells like roast beef and ham left out in the sun

No. 749409

Pumpy on her snapchat talking about quitting Cam for good

No. 749410

why is she quitting

No. 749525

hey nugs, what else is she saying?

No. 749574


Oh please this is like the 50,000 time she said she is going to quit camming. She never stays away for long.

No. 749584

File: 1544895649092.jpg (219.85 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20181215-173841_Twi…)

Well she appears to be having a meltdown.

Also been moaning about cam being slow (as usual) and how she is worth "so much more".

She won't quit, she's got nothing else, she won't get a normal job.

No. 750325

File: 1545074089306.jpg (108.11 KB, 1080x720, IMG_20181217_191225.jpg)

Pretty sure this is a new picture, don't recall seeing it and she looks dumpier than ever.

So she's back living her parents. Kept that quiet.

No. 750346

I haven't seen it before but I think it's an old pic because of the bright pink walls. I think she painted over that over a year ago

No. 750349

That was when she moved out or sometimes she was just in a different room, her bedroom has always been pink at home and it doesn't say anywhere on social media that she's in London anymore.

But that being said all she does is re-up old photos, never takes new ones.

No. 750809

File: 1545176230712.jpg (147.28 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_20181218-233449_Twi…)

Why does she have to say "white"?

Muh BBC/I hate white boys was so heavily pushed by her previously, she's so transparent.

No. 750819

because just like everything else its just a niche fetish she's trying to market to

No. 750890

What happened to the asian bf?

No. 751232

I don't even recall Asian bf, was it very short-lived?

She claims she's with someone now (obviously a white guy) but no evidence this fucker exists.

Her last thing was that American long ginger haired white guy YouTuber who she never actually met who sent her a fake dick pic lmao.

I feel like out of all these "boyfriends" the only one she actually met was the granny scammer.

No. 752765

Lotte actually quit her job. (stating she is not cut out for normal work) she lasted only one month.
She has a number of new reptiles (4 lizards). still has omen, spooky sable and hyde. idk what other animals she had or has.
She cammed once the other day, went to the vet and now apparently is not coming back until after Christmas or new years.
she never put up a youtube video.
she is also supposed to be going to hawaii and vegas.

lotte will never get better. she will never be an adult.

No. 752781

Pics? I honestly miss when Lotte had her own thread, but she's been quiet lately.

No. 752787

File: 1545525221907.jpg (190.2 KB, 1280x720, c6.jpg)

No. 752830

File: 1545531618857.jpg (83.66 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20181223-021620_Twi…)

I swear to god this lazy bitch ain't even made a video this fucking year?

No. 753240

File: 1545604338961.jpg (67.79 KB, 1068x506, Screenshot_20181223-222841_Twi…)

Pumpy sperg blaming her bf for not putting up with her shitty attitude and behaviour.

Girl we all know he's only still there cos he's getting a free place to live and all his shit paid for.

No. 753241

File: 1545604411199.jpg (92.8 KB, 1080x612, Screenshot_20181223-222658_Twi…)

They don't even fuck anymore and she keeps bullshittong how "she doesn't like sex" which is obviously garbage.

No. 753258


Did she self diagnose herself with bipolar disorder?

No. 753261

File: 1545608123409.jpg (270.31 KB, 1079x875, Screenshot_20181223-153345_Chr…)

Darcy is gone, Mike is back, Charms is getting fat again, she quit her job, she's hoarding more pets, she returned to camming, then immediately decided camming "mostly" every day was too hard, too. She's a fuckin' mess.

No. 753262

File: 1545608146935.jpg (226.39 KB, 1080x827, Screenshot_20181223-153312_Chr…)

No. 753263

File: 1545608248219.jpg (166.25 KB, 1076x511, Screenshot_20181223-153232_Chr…)

No. 753274

I wonder what job she had? probably retail. but damn. Only a month? She can't live off of camming forever. And she needs to stop buying pets!

No. 753275

Maybe she should stop buying animals and focus on herself?? Girl is a mess

No. 753296

Probably. She doesn't seem bipolar to me, she's never having a manic high. Just a moody, horrible bitch tbh.

No. 753297

Probably. She doesn't seem bipolar to me, she's never having a manic high. Just a moody, horrible bitch tbh.

No. 753298

Probably. She doesn't seem bipolar to me, she's never having a manic high. Just a moody, horrible bitch tbh.

No. 753299

It’s in the thread. She worked at Ulta.

No. 753564

She flip flops between claiming to be bipolar and have bpd. I don’t think she’s ever been diagnosed with either, probably just anger and aggression issues. At this point she’s just using it as an excuse to run rampant and treat everyone like trash, then cry later in an attempt to gain sympathy from the few people who still pay for her to whine and bitch at them.

No. 753601

I can't believe people still fall for the "Lotte's getting better!!" meme. She's a mentally ill piece of shit who is an abuser of both animals and people who is trying to game the welfare system because she is too fucking lazy to work or even help herself. She has not improved, at all, in any way, ever. Some anons are so fucking gullible.

Actually I take that back, she has improved in one way - shaving off that mangled, dead nest she called hair.

No. 755742

File: 1546086163726.jpg (721.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181229-121754_Ins…)

The disaster is finished

No. 755768

That snake ended up looking 10x more fucked up than the wolf which is pretty bad too. The line works so fucking dark and wonky. Funny she's having work finished when shes on Twitter complaining about how she's been pulling from her savings for over a year now and needs to figure out how she and J aren't going to end up back in a trailer eventually.

No. 755791

File: 1546099731662.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.19 KB, 230x230, 4189934.jpg)

Do you think lotte is still fucking him for $$$?

No. 755866

File: 1546108582601.jpg (103.85 KB, 533x616, RayneTwitter1.jpg)

and then everybody clapped

No. 755869

File: 1546108697292.jpg (58.24 KB, 554x362, RayneTwitter2.jpg)

her whole twitter is a goldmine full of stuff like this, I have a hard time following most of her stories though

No. 756263

File: 1546150666777.png (Spoiler Image, 1020.06 KB, 611x1073, black.png)

No. 756682

No, I don’t think Lotte is still fucking him - looks like they unfollowed each other on twitter? Looks like he still follows/talks with/tips Darcy though, lol.

No. 756858

File: 1546275048393.jpg (546.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181231-164703_Ins…)


This is hilariously bad.

Pumpy tryna pole dance, she just walks around it and slut drops, the one off the ground attempt she does she nearly drops herself and legs are all over the place.

She may weigh fuck all but she doesn't have the strength to hold herself.

No. 756907

Stormy is trash, I wish people posted more about her. She’s my favorite cow of all time.

No. 756950


You can tell she instantly regretted trying that jump. She clomped down so hard and didn’t try it again LMAO. She really looks like a baby deer learning to walk with those shoes on.

No. 756951

File: 1546286061568.jpeg (118.78 KB, 750x281, F1A35593-1C58-42D8-B8D9-2F134B…)

I want to know when she’s going to stop lying and pretending her name is stormy when we all know it’s really Morgan. What a weird thing to lie about.

No. 756952

She looks like a cricket

No. 756964

This sounds like total bullshit. Was her mom actually a stripper? bc i remember her saying something entirely different a year and half ago or more

No. 756968

She lies about everything. A while back she claimed she had a 5.0 gpa in high school lol

No. 756976

Remember when Megan used a similar lie of "Megan Marie isn't my real name, I've been using it online since I was 10".

When it in fact is, just not it in full. Always seemed dumb af to use 2 of your real names as a sex worker.

People lie about some weird shit that should be irrelevant.

No. 759541

File: 1546695334070.png (418.21 KB, 525x673, PassionOfMusic.png)

Cringing so hard, couldnt get past more than 10 seconds of this

No. 759542

No. 759849

Rayne Fallz sounds like something I'd name my Sim in 5th grade.

No. 759956

File: 1546762038810.jpeg (335.72 KB, 1125x740, 8E645830-B89D-4E4E-B7DB-A50F00…)

Oh you mean like be an actual adult lol

No. 759986

I dunno, it sounds obnoxious when you put it like that lol but I think it’s more about her family issues like her mom/dad/brother being druggies and stealing from her and not being able to rely on that support or whatever. which yeah, that happens to a ton of people, but it still sucks.

No. 759988

File: 1546774131580.png (28.3 KB, 540x235, ah.png)

I think it's actually more due to her recent break up, but I agree with you either way that losing support from anywhere sucks

No. 760042

honestly hilarious, some anon on her tumblr called him a fag and she went off about how she loves her little queer man etc etc
He’s probably off chasing some dick darce, they tried to warn you

No. 761306

File: 1547007052890.jpeg (474.66 KB, 1242x1092, 0FB4E02B-7924-4075-9DF5-805BA3…)

I miss when charms had her own place here. But she broke up again with mike

No. 761308

File: 1547007144383.jpeg (879.44 KB, 1242x1491, 15B543DC-3AC9-4E02-870C-12EDEF…)

And she is still trying to get back into camming. Don’t hold your breathe tho

No. 761357

wait i just looked and she already deleted all that? weren't they just engaged last week or something, what happened??

also, in that last screenshot, when she says he raped her is she talking about that weird "we raped each other" thing from forever ago when she kept calling herself a rapist or this a different event that is like….recent?

hope she can get better and recover

No. 761383

I wonder if this idiot will ever grow up and get her shit together.

No. 761384

File: 1547017416792.jpg (308.74 KB, 1074x1074, 20190109_020053.jpg)

Can someone with nipple piercings explain to me how cold = puss???

And I swear if she's talking about their whole "we raped each other" thing Imma die. She's such a mess.

No. 761387

pus usually means infection… I don't think Lotte is completely lucid anymore, ever. everything she says always has this undertone complete detachment from reality.

I hope she stays broken up from Mike for real this time. regardless of who the bad guy is in their relationship they are clearly horrible for each other.

No. 762210

File: 1547133020712.png (999.1 KB, 750x1334, 738D8C08-509F-4012-8000-332A12…)

I’m gonna be sincere here and say that I agree with her doctor. I don’t think she should be camming. I think camming intensifies all of her mental issues, especially her ED/body image problems

I get that she doesn’t want to have a 9-5/work for a big company or whatever, but there’s other options for that besides camming. I thought the makeup videos she talked about before sounded good, esp since it seemed like her favorite part of Ulta was doing special looks for work and recommending products. Maybe she could take a video editing class or something and then start doing Youtube? Or I know she helped Mike with his Etsy commissions before, maybe she could start her own shop also working on cosplay props? It just seems like camming always ends up triggering her to self harm in different ways over and over and over.

Also I hope Mike stays out of the picture, he seems like a toxic piece of shit.

Drop Mike stop camming do something else productive BREAK THE CYCLE 2k19

No. 762395

Uuuh yeah, this doesn't happen??? It's not work besides they take longer to heal, you should clean them like any other piercing regularly so they won't get INFECTED and LEAK PUSS WTF
Bad hygiene confirmed

No. 762498

we already knew she was gross though. IIRC she doesn't shower regularly or brush her teeth (when drinking only coke) and any animal hoarder house is gonna be nasty.

No. 762716

I am far, far past the point for thinking she'll ever "break the cycle", to be honest. Old dogs don't learn new tricks. Though I've never been someone who wanted to see her succeed, I understand not wishing harm on cows but I really don't get the rooting for them thing.

What happened to her whole "I have autism" stint? Or is she just rubbing it in everyone's faces less?

No. 763234

File: 1547295374218.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.84 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20190112-120931_Twi…)

How fucking humiliating that pumpy has posted this "outtake" video of her bf's tiny floppy dick as she's tryna film porn and he's on his phone and can't get hard and is completely not interested.

Why would you post that?


No. 763425

the autism thing was because she was desperate to get on SSDI because she's lazy and doesn't want to work. but the state refuses to actually give her disability so she's dropped it.

idk why people have a soft spot for Lotte when she's been a terible person her entire life on top of being an animal abuser.

No. 763447

the cringiest part is that the bf made a twitter account and responds to everything pumpy posts now

No. 763454

File: 1547334932012.png (22.18 KB, 543x210, pumpybf.png)

lol this is him

No. 763480

Mfw I realise that's an actual dick instead of a fucked up thumb.

No. 763517

Can't cum? Man can't even get hard. And he's so disinterested he's pissing about on his phone.

They are not sexually into each other at all. Only since they been together pumpers has started saying she doesn't like sex. And yet she brings up kylers fat hog on cam repeatedly. She acts like his lil dick is fine for her but it's not.

No. 766377

File: 1547581482477.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.07 KB, 1080x608, 20190115_194106.jpg)

Is that a sore on his bellend or is it just that shitty birthmark?

Pretty funny watching him ram that cocktail sausage in her mouth without touching the sides.

Dunno why she doesn't wrap her lips round it like a normal person.

No. 766379

File: 1547581626658.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.3 KB, 1080x599, Screenshot_20190115-194619_Twi…)

Pic related

No. 766399

Her mom gave her baby girl the same name she had taken as a woman paid to get naked and be harassed by men?? Does she read what she writes?

No. 766488

File: 1547592120474.jpg (479.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190115-224113_Ins…)

Just break up already

No. 766691

File: 1547609463803.png (659.91 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20190115-202518~2.p…)

Wow what a flex. So many girls must want that small dick

No. 766886

dear long both of those previews were soo bad. No wonder he can't cum from bjs, she doesn't know how to do it. Not once did she actually put it in her mouth and SUCKED on it. She just lets it float in her mouth lmao what the fuck??

I loved in that blooper video how she asked him if he wants her to dirty talk to him to make him hard and he's like "I don't think that'll help" LMAO pumpy you're seriously such a loser

No. 766979

She is seriously nutty, some of those things she listed as having her shit together are fucking bizarre.

No. 766980

File: 1547664018237.jpg (209.14 KB, 2048x1520, IMG_20190116_183955.jpg)

Looking like a damn trap here.

No. 766981

Who told her greasy spagetti hair is a good look??

No. 767006

Herself basically. IIRC she used a filter and liked it so much she dyed it.

No. 767045

She's already said she's bored of the orange. She wants to go dark green, she'll look like a shrub

No. 767231

Is having a double digit IQ a prerequisite for being a camgirl or something?

No. 767835

File: 1547848943704.png (42.95 KB, 570x435, LotteOddities-PetStoreJob-1901…)

Really? She's getting a job at a PET STORE? The animal horder / abuser is being allowed to work with ANIMALS?
Feel like this pet store should be warned about their new hire…

No. 767864

it’s not like she’s being hired as their in house vet tech. she’s probably just going to be a cashier and clean enclosures. her resume is probably pretty bare so i doubt they’re going to have her undertake any real responsibilities with the animals without observing how she interacts with them first. pet stores are pretty notorious for having shitty conditions though so honestly she’s in her element

No. 767865

I'm praying this is one of those pet stores that doesn't sell pets, just supplies, because otherwise she's going to hoard even more animals and neglect the ones at the shop too.

No. 768130


Rent is a key word here. She should own a place with the amount of money she claims to make.

No. 768183

she needs more than just money to buy a house, i wonder if her credit is bad

No. 768306

praying for this too

nta but I think the main concern is that being there for work, she's going to buy every animal she sees, inevitably ending with them being neglected in her at-home "care"

I wish this stupid bitch would just stay away from animals. though I doubt she'll be able/willing to keep the job long, she'll probably still get her ham fingers around some new victims

No. 768464

File: 1547941589908.jpg (123.04 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_20190119_233846.jpg)


No. 768673

pumpy's manlet's body language sets off my gaydar like no other

and she looks like she hasn't showered in a month then washed her face by rubbing pizza all over it, what the fuck. she's so greasy. he seems like he's trying not to touch her lmao; even his hand on her waist is borderline hover like those awkward con pics

No. 768886

File: 1548017398831.jpg (478.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190120-204826_Ins…)

Someone put this stick insect back in its enclosure

No. 769052

File: 1548038442573.jpg (478.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-023857_Twi…)

Oh no

No. 769058

christ alive her implants literally look exactly like when boys in 5th grade would stick dodgeballs under their jerseys for laughs

No. 769073

File: 1548041454680.jpg (173.29 KB, 1041x2048, IMG_20190121_032934.jpg)

Got a big splodge of dye on her ear. Noice.

No. 769096

File: 1548044848081.jpeg (103.38 KB, 286x1270, 89BF9891-BF08-42CF-89EA-63ADDA…)

Lmao she poorly sh00ped her body in this.
She made herself even more skinnier than she already is, used the clone tool to make her ass bigger, fucked with her thighs SO MUCH that a 1/4 of her right thigh is completely missing I’m cackling.

No. 769101


It almost looks like a wig, no way would her friend hair be that flat and calm. Maybe she straighten the hell out it.

No. 769118

She only keeps him around as a faux-body guard to keep her self delusions that she has stalkers who want to get to her/home.

She admits she's afraid to live alone, they don't sleep together and only uses him to record the occasional pitiful video kek

No. 769550

File: 1548112395575.png (446.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-161029.png)

We saw that blowjob video. You have no head game

No. 769551

File: 1548112463324.png (657.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-161109.png)

Imagine living your entire life for incels. Sad.

No. 769680

File: 1548124899575.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.82 KB, 1040x2048, IMG_20190122_023847.jpg)

Is it just me or does this look fucking disgusting?

No. 769693

Either the shoop is out of control or her labia are like six inches long.

No. 769705

She looks fucking alienish so nope you’re not the only one.
Also sage for OT but who’s the girl in the banner going “garlic garlic garlic” I’m intrigued, want to punch her face in and read about her.

No. 769708

Its pubic hair
Shaped as a "landing strip"
She still looks prepubescent with it

No. 769713

Why the hell does she keep bleaching/coloring her hair, it looked way better when it was black and it was actually growing. The orange was horrific but now its just moldy looking. Can’t wait to see how quickly she lets it go to shit this time

No. 769715

lmao I can't unsee that, now

>>769708 is right, but it really does look like super elongated labia

how do you not notice that before posting the pic?

No. 769729

That's Venus Angelic. If you're unfamiliar, one of the more intense lolcow sagas was when Venus escaped from her insane stage mom Margaret.
They both have threads but I don't know if Venus is really milky anymore, just kind of sad. Margaret is still nuts and living in tiny closets in Seoul.

No. 769731

File: 1548132387776.jpg (88.08 KB, 1098x1800, img04.jpg)

No. 771156

File: 1548350795880.png (1.86 MB, 1607x2048, 1743390079.png)

Apparently Mike and Charms are on their way to Hawaii. Didn't they end it??

No. 771165

The only way Charms will ever fully dump Mike is if another guy crawls up her ass and worships her even more while ALSO showering her with gifts. She's so depressed and slobby I just don't ever see her cutting him off bc it's like she clings to the attention he gives her as a reminder of her past popularity and looks.

No. 771187

She doesn't seem to show off that split tongue of hers very often, does she? Almost like she made a poor life decision that's permenant and she regrets it by refusing to acknowledge it. Unless I'm wrong - does anyone have any record of her showing off that monstrous tongue recently?

No. 771204

File: 1548355579927.jpg (96.35 KB, 600x1097, IMG_20190124_180940.jpg)

That fucking 5head

No. 771208

For the amount of threats she has made against other models and members of MFC, I have no clue why they haven't banned her toxic ass from these expos like they banned Stef. Her on-cam "catch these hands" threats, telling members to kill themselves. Kick her bony ass out if she refuses to leave on her own with a shred of dignity. Just one guy's opinion - saged for that reason.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 771281

she should just wear a wig and leave that sad, flat, wispy hair alone

No. 771334

File: 1548380403382.jpg (431.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190125-013914_Ins…)

This is it naturally…

Absolutely fried

No. 771335

File: 1548380472997.png (62.06 KB, 220x289, 220px-Krustytheclown.png)

No. 771385

More like just dead. She has some of the flattest hair I've ever seen.


No. 771449

She looks so old suddenly. I actually thought she looked good in her long turquoise hair phase and then almost overnight she started looking hella old and just…not cute

No. 771620

They probably snicker at her threats the same way her targets do and go about their day.

No. 772047

File: 1548513359590.png (5.94 MB, 1242x2208, C71A9B66-A8CF-4048-98DF-189347…)

From insta stories yesterday

No. 772181

At a glance I no joke thought Mike was pumpy and charms her uggo boyfriend

Fucking wew

No. 772224

Damn. How many times is Charms going to break up and get back together with him. They're both made for each other at this point.

No. 772263

To me he seems like a gay in denial.
Hey at least charms is bald like a man now, he can pretend.

No. 772576

File: 1548622102436.jpg (69.08 KB, 610x617, wtf.JPG)

Came across this one through Dolly Mattel's twitter and wanted to share in case she's known to anyone here.

No. 772578

File: 1548622127879.jpg (71.82 KB, 609x565, wtf2.JPG)

No. 772598

wow this is sad. at first reading this infuriated me but on the last tweet it becomes really clear why she’d think this kind of shit is a good idea. she was abused and forced into child porn, now she’s a sex worker, it’s no wonder her view is twisted like this. i kinda get where she’s coming from but i’m pretty fucking sure intentionally exposing kids to sex like that is bad no matter how you slice it. they don’t need to see it with their own two eyes.

No. 772601

I mean I feel sorry for her having to go through that but all her replies are defending her view so heavily and telling off people saying "You realize this is illegal.."

No. 772730

File: 1548646566510.png (11.05 MB, 1242x2208, 0F073732-A7C9-4965-97B9-C3E8D2…)

She doesn’t look like herself anymore. I think cutting her hair off, while the easiest to fix, is the worst thing she has done. She doesn’t look like a she anymore.

No. 772745

so much for the lipo. charms is the very definition of "how the mighty have fallen".

No. 772747

She almost looks like a dude.

No. 772750

Did she cover up the tree tattoo on her arm with that shitty grim reaper? That was one of her nicer tattoos.

No. 772830

File: 1548658936076.jpg (425.87 KB, 1080x1349, 20190128_020037.jpg)

Pumpys tweets regarding south african women having their breasts uncovered.

No. 772890

Such a waste of money lmao

No. 773082

Oh how the mighty have fallen indeed!! I was tumblr mutuals with Charlotte back when she started camming.
She wasn’t “groomed” - she was literally told it was easy money and decided to do it. She was a rude narcissist then and it’s just spectacular to see this is how she ended up.
Sorry for no contribution I am honestly just delighted.
Also - is the old thread for Charlotte still around? I’d loooovee to go have a look at what I’ve missed.

No. 773094

File: 1548725008616.png (39.02 KB, 869x220, psie.png)

Pretty sure it's not internet explorer to blame for her shit traffic…

No. 773166


Lol she doesn't realize that microsoft edge or whatever trash its called is the default browser now.
She's always gotta yell about something but never knows what she's even yelling about.

No. 773228

funnier how she says "don't know how to use the internet properly"
– so, you, pumpy? you're the demographic you speak of?

No. 773236

File: 1548782006870.jpg (187.7 KB, 1040x2048, IMG_20190129_171236.jpg)

This outfit does not suit her at all. She literally looks like trash

No. 773260

She is trash.

No. 773593

I have never agreed with the anons who post alien stickbugs as a comparison reply to this creature

I feel like she stretches the photos to make herself look taller/skinnier and it just makes it uglier/extreme uncanny valley vibe

I can't imagine what state of delusion you have to be in to constantly upload selfies like this and even lie to yourself saying you look good

It's… like some kind of backwards body dysmorphia where they think they don't look like burning garbage

No. 773610

Late correction but this should say "never agreed more". Mb

No. 773678

I’ve also noticed she’s been sh00ping her photos more often.Specifically her body, legs, waist, butt, etc. like this one >>769096

Like a prey mantis kek

No. 775810

File: 1549544554471.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.2 KB, 694x388, IMG_20190205_095020.jpg)

Bruh wtf is this?

No. 775869

Those arms look like a spaghetti noodle

No. 776148

File: 1549631728747.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.43 KB, 1066x587, Screenshot_20190208-131434_Twi…)

Her tryna shake her non-existant butt is just embarrassing

No. 776167

File: 1549637267471.gif (1.06 MB, 480x280, 193EAA12-55AA-4331-8286-D783BC…)

No. 776851

File: 1549838454569.jpg (43.72 KB, 587x344, 1.JPG)

Moving this information from Shayna/Dolly Mattel's topic to here.

Dawn Willow is a ManyVids camgirl who does simulated incest and bestiality porn (among other things like necrophilia) and recently brought Shayna into her home before kicking her out a month later.
She admits to reading Lolcow along with KiwiFarms and who knows how many other drama sites and is possibly the person behind "Dogfucker-chan" who has ban evaded at least five times to whiteknight Dawn and claim she's totally not into fucking dogs despite pandering to her open zoophilia audience.

At the moment she's lurking here and posting on her furry porn Twitter, trying to bait farmers into contacting her for milk.

Main: https://twitter.com/DawnWillow_
Side: https://twitter.com/DirtyDotti
Other Side: https://twitter.com/dottipink

No. 776869


A farmer posted a detailed OP in the Furry Personal Army thread on KF.



Her accounts need to be archived using archive.today because she frequently deletes posts and makes them private.

No. 777034

File: 1549903507403.jpg (30.26 KB, 739x216, furbitch.JPG)

Dawn answering stuff on curious cat about Dolly. 1 of 2

I also have Dawn's various twitters and a curious cat archived.

Dawn Willow archived Twitter: http://archive.is/2YbI4
Dirty Dotti archived Twitter: http://archive.fo/KDuoz
Dotti Pink archived Twitter: http://archive.fo/iB6Tt
Dirty Dotti archived Curious Cat: http://archive.fo/1oerW

No. 777035

File: 1549903530691.jpg (49.36 KB, 765x319, furbitch2.JPG)


No. 777198

File: 1549925011790.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20190211-135109~2.p…)

Didn't get a cap but pumpy is always talking about her hips. Bitch where?? You look like a moldy noodle

No. 777462

those underwear and/or the weird ass way she's stretch the image make it look like she has a fucking package or shit herself or something lmao

No. 777574

File: 1549997534224.jpg (32.24 KB, 785x216, what.JPG)

I thought Dawn would be selling her puppies to make a decent amount of money with (since that actually is a good way to generate income with purebred pups), but she is specifically giving first dibs to her "CB crew", I am assuming her customers.

She says she's "not doing for cash"? I am trying my best not to read too much into this but does this come across as weird to anyone else?

No. 777576

File: 1549997669064.jpg (15.62 KB, 766x159, irlzoo.JPG)


Samefag just to show a screenshot from Dawn's curious cat. Fans have asked her about this directly, hope she vets them properly to make sure they aren't the worst of the freaks she panders to.

No. 777596

this is so gross and i don't understand why people are defending her in the shayna thread.

maybe i am just sensitive after the zoosadist things. but even before this screenshot i felt sick to my stomach.

she and her bf use furaffinity (not paid to) and are huge in the colorado furry community, and they have costumes with genitals and roleplay as dalmations. they talk about mating/breeding and cub fetishes. she even had a twitter roleplaying as a "little pup" and posting porn about it. then she gets a purebred dal in real life and breeds it?

not only that, but she is giving the puppies away FOR FREE to the people who watch her on chaturbate??? chaturbate, where she puts on a dalmation costume and fucks the fake dog vagina for a bunch of other furries?

not only that but she does these chaturbate shows IN THE PUPPY ROOM where her dog was pregnant and later gave birth.

not only that, but on kiwifarms people archived previous tweets of her saying the zoosadist screenshots were faked, and other anti-furry zoosadists calling her out as a creepy furry.

at what point does this cease just being "xD just furry kinks" and become creepy zoophile territory?

No. 777636

I called her on doing this in the Shayna thread and the dogfucker spergs said it was unfounded kek.

No. 777693

Yup. Seems like those anons are incapable of realizing that Dawn is pretty gross and capable of doing heinous things as well. This nasty bitch is clearly up to no good, and it could amount to something much worse than Shayna has ever done.

No. 777810

File: 1550064564263.jpg (45.25 KB, 619x387, Capture.JPG)

I'm just fucking speechless right now. Your porn viewers (many of which openly make bestiality comments) get first pick of your puppies? This bitch knows exactly what she's doing and how it looks.

No. 777813

i saw this and hoped to god she meant ''i'm not doing great for cash'' (after wasting so much of it on shayna) but really i dont know.

No. 777814

One of the dawn wks in shay's thread is batshit. I still wonder if it really is her.

No. 777819

This is so morbid.

These dogs shouldn’t even be bred in the first place. Usually reputable “show dog” breeders will conduct a mini interview with whoever wants their pups and makes sure those people are responsible. It becomes even more important for bigger dogs that are harder to control and can develop behavioral issues.

But she is going to be handing them away to people who pay to watch her fuck herself in a dog suit on Chaturbate?

No. 777824

Could easily be her or one of her fans.

Her whole claim to breeding them was to keep a male to use as a show dog. So if that was true and she's pointing out that "show dog markers" will cost more.. wouldn't she be looking to sell to local dog breeders/showers? Why would you sell to random porn watchers? Especially ones known for asking for bestiality content from you.

It's all a massive excuse to cover up the fact that she's selling them for fetish reasons. Especially with having said that "premium puppies" include the "big boys". She knows damn well what the majority of her Chaturbate followers are in to and why they'd want a puppy.

No. 777956


This is especially unsettling considering the whole other thread on that monster Kero with the puppies. People are doing some REAL fucked shit on the internet and it was involving a furry forum. Dawn could just be handing the puppies to the "CB" dickmouths/random scum involved in the same kind of unimaginable shit. Now if she's knowingly breeding puppies for anything like that intentionally..fuck.
That's major tinfoil but regardless, with that kind of shit happening online, why even risk it. Especially with the beastiality-ridden furry community. Sickening.(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 777965

Sorry got it. Fucking sickening shit and am even more uncomfortable knowing she plans on peddling off pups to whoever the highest bidders are I assume.

No. 777975

File: 1550102270330.jpg (67.78 KB, 737x398, dumbassbitch.JPG)

Someone sounds angry that she comes across as a suspicious furry…

I love how she is trying to make it seem like the person who asked this is trying to jerk off to her dogs, when it seems pretty clear to me that she is the one with bad intentions.

No. 777976

File: 1550102405569.jpg (114.85 KB, 736x903, lmfaoidiot.JPG)

Dawn was cool with the farms until she started looking suspect herself and attracting attention due to being a cow, and now she is so mad that we are on to her. It makes her look even more suspicious that now is the time she decides to throw a tantrum about this attention, when she was blatantly welcoming it before.

No. 777978

File: 1550102574474.jpg (78.55 KB, 802x580, furrylogic.JPG)

Nah, it comes across as weird that the weirdo animal fuckers you pander to are the same people you wanna sell your puppies to.

No. 777987

this seems like really angry for someone allegedly doing nothing wrong. the irony that she is posting this from a "dirty dotti" and "knotti dotti" account is too good >>777976

and she was camming from the dog room before the dog even gave birth, and advertising that she was doing shows in the puppy nursery. while she has a "cub roleplay" account…

No. 777995

This is such a stupid argument. The dogs will DIE if I’m not THERE 24/7!!1!

Hey, you gross bitch, dogs have been being born for like 40,000 years (and actual wolves even longer) before you were there to watch over them.

Also, purebreds are unhealthy (not to mention unethical) as hell, so nice job contributing to doggy eugenics that’ll eventually wipe ‘em out.

No. 778032

Im so confused about her ott description of the care these puppies need, I thought they had their mother? In my experience raising puppies isn't that labor intensive unless they're orphaned and even then you can leave them alone for a few hours as long as you've set up an appropriate environment. Same goes for any baby animal really. She sounds like a fucking basket case with her whole helicopter dog mom schtick.

No. 778066

Why is this furfag camwhore backyard breeding her dogs anyway? Get them fucking spayed and neutered you suss ass bitch.

No. 778183


Yeah, I've had orphaned kittens and as long as you keep them fed regularly and warm you can leave them alone to sleep for a few hours

No. 778286

File: 1550190556435.png (86.87 KB, 588x272, Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 4.28…)

Hold all the phones. Charms got a job at a pet store. This isn't going to end well.

No. 778291

File: 1550190613789.png (55.48 KB, 577x252, Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 4.28…)

… and it isn't, because she's already hoarding more pets. The cats have somehow dwindled down to two from like, 9? Not sure how that happened. But then she started hoarding reptiles instead…

No. 778292

File: 1550190642868.png (477.25 KB, 586x571, Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 4.27…)

… and after like a week of work, she's already brought home yet another snake.

No. 778417

Pet store job is old news. See >>767835. Called it that she would start hoarding more animals as soon as she started working there though. It's not even funny, it's just sad.

No. 778525

File: 1550260301129.jpg (539.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190215-144815_Ins…)

she acts like guys dont pay her bills? she literally does sexual acts for men.

also newfag here, sry for any mistakes

No. 778535

meanwhile she wonders why the tips aren't pouring in like they used to

No. 778546

Why she trying to insult strangers by saying small dick when her bf has a small dick she's posted all over the internet for us to see.

No. 778578

File: 1550270650321.png (157.48 KB, 1046x889, Screenshot_20190215-173733.png)


Come on anon, you mean yelling at members isn't a good way to rake in money?

No. 778587

File: 1550271920643.jpg (318.27 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20190215_230327.jpg)

Pump saying she wants surgery on her chin now. Girl that won't fix that face. It's the 5head that's the worst of her facial features.

No. 778617

basic hygiene and a proper diet/some weight gain would be a fucking miracle for her, honestly

no surgery can fix how disgusting, buggy, greasy and malnourished she constantly looks. literally natures sign of stay the fuck away these isn't good breeding material, the opposite of what you think you'd be going for as a camgirl

I'm honestly the most disgusted by her than most of the cows/flakes over the years. I just can't imagine be so delusional

her cheeks look so irritated and swollen, that's what's making her chin look "weird"

No. 778716

Honestly, nothing could fix her. She’s fucking revolting, tbh I wonder why no one has made a thread just for her. I think she’s way worse than shay tbh and theres like 50 threads about her. Her cheeks are swollen and her hairline is worse than my 50 yr old uncle’s probably because she’s an ana-chan and bulemic, she doesnt get any nutrients. I wish I could find the pic from a while back when she posted about getting groceries and her fridge was literally just filled with water, juice and red bull. Her skin is suffering because she’s just as uneducated about skincare as she is about everything else. She said on cam last night that she switches products all the time, and that “not popping your pimples makes acne worse bc bacteria spreads.” She makes my fucking skin crawl.

No. 778772

File: 1550337276257.png (694.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190216-101257.png)

Her audience must really be dropping, begging for $1? Sad.

No. 778775

File: 1550338591763.png (585.52 KB, 611x1147, Screenshot_20190216-123227.png)

When does she ever have 10k in her room. She is lucky to get 100 people in her room

No. 778780

10k UNIQUE viewers.
That includes all of the people who pop in, get disgusted, and immediately leave.
It includes all of the people who sign in as guests just to watch the train wreck without getting banned for having tokens and not spending any of them on her because she treats her room like trash and it shouldn't be rewarded.
Also cringey every time she calls herself a "dime". It's more than she's worth, and it's clear when she's on cam that she poses only while she's watching herself because she's a narcissist and has to fuck herself because she's the only person who's "turned on" by her.

No. 778790

File: 1550346950063.png (617.39 KB, 734x599, 5head.png)

Looks like everyone's advice of taking care of that Beluga forehead got to her kek

No. 778796


she's disgusting. why is it not illegal to hoard animals/living creatures like accessories?

No. 778797

she's trash. she's a camwhore who is definitely advertising to her furfags. she needs to get those poor puppies spayed/neutered. gross bitch

No. 778799

File: 1550349927281.jpeg (95.84 KB, 750x636, 6C323C1E-83EE-4339-92C7-B0A79E…)

Big yikes. Real classy pumpy

No. 778802

Wouldn't surprise me if he agreed being the absolute cuck he is.

No. 778836

She’s online right now if anyone wants a heavy dose of cringe. mfc.im/Babygirl

No. 778841

she's trying to pole dance and it's.. bad

No. 778843

How many months has it been since she got that pole? And still all she can do is walk in circles around it, occasionally jumping up for a turn only to clomp down gracelessly five seconds later.

She’s so boring now. I miss the Kyler days of her getting drunk on cam and spilling about her shitshow of a life.

No. 778852

She’s being extra boring tonight. The other night she was talking about how big kyler’s dick is, again. She’s definitely still hung up on him, i bet it makes her feel like shit he chose his other gf over her. Jeremiah is a huge cuck. She couldn’t care less about him and his sad little weiner. Its hilarious how she’s always bitching about broke men and her bf works at fucking vitamin world kek

No. 778857

File: 1550374703559.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 750x1334, C0FED839-6085-4E06-8B8E-11361B…)

A skeleton with bolt ons, an overbite and a coconut head. She has ZERO sex appeal.

No. 778873


sry what are bolts lol

No. 778882

it's an american english slang term for badly placed breast implants.

No. 778906

File: 1550411184298.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.95 KB, 1078x1377, Screenshot_20190217-134126_Twi…)

This made me laugh.

No. 778907

File: 1550411211212.jpg (7.2 KB, 159x167, IMG_20190217_134025~2.jpg)

No. 778918

lmao Idubbz looking ass

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