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No. 759533



This thread is dedicated to Layla “Too Poor” Shapiro and assorted cows featured in the larger SoundClout universe. The SoundClout umbrella encompasses rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, models, &c. Felony charges and deaths due to either glorified drug use or violence have been on the rise over the past year, so 2019 sure looks set to be a milky one.


>Layla Shapiro/Too Poor - Instafamous pseudogoth and “model” who had a very public and very toxic relationship with both Lil Peep and Tyler Grosso. Currently dating Nolan Santana/Killstation, a friend of Peep. Makes money from customised merch, sporadic “DJ” bookings and attempting to embark on a cheap SoundClout musical career of her own. Currently on the wagon and advocating sobriety. Toned down the oversharing and self-destructive, cringy behavior after Peep’s death and being mocked by strangers and her peers yet still refuses to finally graduate from her bullshit and make the most of her following.

>Tyler Grosso/Pepper Ann – SoundClout’s very own Pillsbury Doughboy felon and the least self-aware person in the world. Peddles shit designs that are unoriginal at best and stolen at worst via his clothing brand Superrradical. Regularly scams both his own fans along Peep’s fans and family out of money. Has no personality of his own and embarrassingly clings to rappers and tweets/tags them to suggest relevancy. Has no filter and overshares every mood swing, resulting in either relentless whining about not having any friends/girls to bang and delusions of grandeur. Abuses drugs and purportedly lost a kidney as a result of his lean habit. Appears to have instated an annual suicide bait-fest wherein he gives away all his material possessions (including hideous overpriced designer nonsense) for free. Inadvertently caused the death of his dog by not taking him to the vet. Crashed three Porsches and is now on probation. Strong contender for SoundCow of the year with his glorified drug habit and lack of impulse control.

>Kevin Pouya/Pouya - Rapper associated with Peep, disgusting misogynist with several rape accusations under his belt. Along with Fat Nick has made several groupie gang bang videos, the surfacing of which lends further credibility to the rape accusations. Currently very mad and defensive about it and very maturely tells his haters to “suck his dick” and flexes with his opulent lifestyle. Virtue-signals by dating cancer victim youngbabycoco while looking like a starving hobo next to her.

>Courtney Neville/Coco/youngbabycoco - Kevin’s girlfriend/enabler. Instathot with what is possibly the most horrendous make-up application in history and self-proclaimed ~angel~. Suffering from soft tissue cancer yet still finds the energy to accuse her boyfriend’s rape victims of lying. Becoming less angelic and more desperate by the day, defends her rapist boyfriend and relentlessly attempts to stick it to the “liars”. Screeches about FAAAAAX, slander and lawyers in a gloriously unhinged manner that can only be rivalled by Onision.

>Nicholas Minucci/Fat Nick – Grossly obese rapper associated with Peep and Pouya who also has several rape accusations under his belt. Rode Peep’s dead dick for clout. Is currently paying a cross-eyed stripper who looks like 6ix9ine in drag (Cam Anderson/luvmecamille) to be his girlfriend proxy. She calls him “big stink” (barf) and probably only tolerates him because he pays for her wigs.

>Cassidy Hill/Cass/hotelshrimp - Layla’s ex BFF turned skinwalker who took her obsession too far when she started dating Layla’s ex boyfriend Corey 2 weeks after Peep’s passing. Known for her atrocious anatomically impossible shoops and make-up that is almost as bad as Courtney’s. Currently trying to stay sober and become a wholesome qween role model after celebrating and oversharing her coke addiction and raging dumpster fire lifestyle.

>Paris Vazquez/prodbyparis - Vacuous Bud Light shotgunning dudebro fuckboi who produced the imaginatively titled album ‘One Night In Paris’ in 2 days. Snapped up by a record label to profit off Peep’s posthumous popularity. Subtweets and deletes shit about other artists. Slowly fading into irrelevancy. Aubrie Elle/sp00kybabyyy’s poisonous on/off flavour of choice.

>Arzaylea Rodriguez/Arz/Arse - Dated Peep for a hot minute, was his most recent ex at the time of his passing. One of the many scumbags that has attempted to ride his dick for clout, most notably via an unauthorised pop-up and GoFundMe campaign which she alleged was for Peep’s family (all proceeds of which are MIA). Has terrible lip fillers and writes the worst poetry known to mankind.

>Marilyn Rondon/sheyatted/intellectualchica - Peep-obsessed artist, constantly regurgitating new age hippy nonsense and despite her self-proclaimed intellectual status has a very poor grasp on spelling and grammar. Has a proliferation of Peep-inspired memorial face tatts and refers to him as her “twin flame” despite spending limited time together/their relationship being platonic. Has pitched a tent in the comments section of all SoundClout social media posts. Is in her 30s and way too old for this nonsense.


>Layla is now purportedly sporting a new wedding ring to go with her new weave

>Still no sign of her album dropping (we can give up holding our breath now, lest we suffocate in anticipation of something that will probably never materialise).

>Pepper continues to tweet and delete at a record breaking rate. Announces that his very expensive purebred puppy died unexpectedly, reveals that it was due to an illness that could have been easily treated, is subsequently savaged on social media for his negligence. Booked a luxury suite in Vegas for his birthday that no one turned up to, even after he tried to entice them by claiming “celebrities” would be in attendance. Unleashes a barrage of Snapchat and Instagram posts offering girls cash and designer wares in exchange for their x-rated services because he is in incapable of finding/keeping a girlfriend. Releases Peep Hellboy shirts despite not having permission from Peep’s mum, claimed he was duped by someone pretending to be her, subsequently gets dragged on Twitter by angry fans demanding refunds. Temporarily makes his Twitter account private, which of course didn’t last very long on account of his insatiable need for attention. Has been posting less frequently of late, presumably because he has at least one hand permanently affixed to a cookie jar, eating his feelings to compensate for the lack of meaning in his life.

>Fat Nick causes the biggest global simultaneous barf tsunami by announcing on Twitter that he wants to eat his mail order girlfriend’s ass, insults the appearance of others on Twitter in spite of looking like illegitimate spawn of Fat Albert and the singer from Korn.

>Pouya drops a single featuring cover art that Courtney keeps insisting is supposed to be her, while he insists it isn’t. Continues to evade questions surrounding the rape situation save for a couple of vague tweets about “liars” and “proof” that we can only assume pertain to the allegations. Buys a $13K pitbull from a famous breeder, incurs the wrath of PETA, gets into a Twitter spat where his wittiest retort is telling them to “suck [my] dick” and tagging them in a picture of a Christmas meat platter.

>Courtney has really ramped up her “I’m such a pure innocent angel uwu” narrative while aggressively threatening the “liars” with legal action and posting 7475247 photos in the same pose in the same janky ass ill-fitting bikini that she is perpetually falling out of multiple times a day, all while battling cancer (such an inspiration, how ever does she do it).










Fat Nick:












All lolcow rules apply. Read them and follow them: https://lolcow.farm/rules

Furthermore, the following topics are frowned upon and may lead to a ban:

-Peep psychoanalysis and the dissection of his “romantic” relationships. Only discuss current milk relating to Peep’s ghost. Peepettes can either integrate or fuck off

-Discussion of musical merits

-Excessive talk about irrelevant attentionwhores such as Chelji and Luke Storey. Let them fade into oblivion where they belong

No. 759534

Nice OP, OP ;)

No. 759535

Coco in that diaper. Top stuff

No. 759536

File: 1546694244744.gif (1.84 MB, 424x240, B7190FC6-76BB-4F29-A9D9-F6C9D8…)

No. 759540

I want Fat Nick and Pouya to trade diets like in that fake superskinny vs supersize show …no, actually I want them to eat a healthy jail diet

No. 759544

File: 1546696181498.jpeg (164.03 KB, 750x1226, 28504B4C-4DF2-4301-968F-0EA22C…)

Meanwhile tyler is in his manic phase again

No. 759545

File: 1546696657001.png (116.77 KB, 720x673, Screenshot_20190105-145439.png)


No. 759546

File: 1546697020882.png (1.09 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190105-150308.png)

I'm liking this fit

No. 759547

File: 1546697333997.png (837.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190105-150314.png)

No. 759568

File: 1546701596037.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 191.99 KB, 750x1078, 21DF2177-D1E5-433E-AB70-CB24EE…)

Thank you for the new thread!

No. 759626

She looks like a cockroach

No. 759639

File: 1546710711893.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1269, Screenshot_20190105-093759~2.p…)

Sober Tyler is still a dick.

No. 759640

File: 1546710911769.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190105-093808.png)

And no girl would ever live with you on her own free will. KEK.

No. 759646

rant incoming
I can't believe how normal glorified drug use has become for me. This is such a tragic step back in evolution. These idiots flex about their money and careers and how morally carefree they are when all they do is rot and send vulnerable kids down their druggy path by the millions, then turn around and cry about the impact of drugs. We live in an informed and wealthy first world. These fucks have all the resources to at least keep up appearances and have a positive or at least not harmful impact on their following. There is no excuse. They have nothing to be proud of

No. 759662

>i'm a multi millionaire
LMAO okay

No. 759664

he'd probably try to peep on them in the shower or when they were changing tho

No. 759680

how can he hold up his phone or his tiny ballsack with these twigs? this is some bumblebee typa miracle.
His attitude is saying fuck the haters. His face is saying Hello Darkness, My Old Friend. His body is saying Auschwitz

No. 759684

You had a female roommate. Your dog. She died

No. 759691

File: 1546718781233.png (146.35 KB, 720x841, Screenshot_20190105-210502.png)

No. 759693

File: 1546718829826.png (195.25 KB, 720x921, Screenshot_20190105-210227.png)

oh Kevin, sweetie, you gotta big storm coming

No. 759698

File: 1546719889948.jpg (112.02 KB, 1080x672, Screenshot_20190102-094055-1.j…)

No. 759793

File: 1546732068738.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.77 KB, 1280x720, 1FCEFF90-BF11-4706-8B8B-3F59D2…)

No. 759810

>cocaine is a helluva a drug

>what goes up, must come down…and down…and down

No. 759854

File: 1546744766236.jpeg (163.1 KB, 750x585, E22A2CF1-BDBD-4C63-BCE9-EC6DCC…)

Okay but why are you having a party in a hotel instead?

No. 759857

File: 1546745210794.jpeg (177.15 KB, 750x463, F54454E3-5C4E-4FB7-AA0E-072BEB…)

Fuck, this is sad. Courtney, gurl, ditch the awful, abusive, misogynistic predator you call your boyfriend and live your damn life away from all the clout-chasing negativity

No. 759861

she is clout chasing negativity embodied herself. she's not suddenly going to become good because something bad has happened to her.

No. 759863

Damn I thought she was younger than 28 tho

No. 759875

Of course, but you’d think having a terminal illness would make someone re-evaluate their life choices. Evidently not in this instance. The most confounding thing about her is how she has so many people buying into her ~angel~ narrative when she is so flagrantly mean and aggressive on Twitter, but then that can be applied to most cows.

No. 759876

Really? It’s been mentioned multiple times on here. She looks older, tbh

No. 759878

I have a feeling she's a lifetime cow, self-evaluating is not her thing.

No. 759903

I guess I just hadn't paid attention because she acts like a mentally stunted 15 yr old

No. 759907

File: 1546751679976.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190105-190118.png)

Attention seeking Tyler on full blast

No. 759913


>life is good I just bought a house in the Hollywood Hills

>so depressed I’m staying in a hotel in spite of owning three properties

>check out the pointless inclusion of Gucci Gucci Louis Louis in this shot for extra flex

Pepper, get off the fucken Internet and use your purported millions to see a shrink and get that bipolar situation sorted out

No. 759925

all that money and still can't get a girl lmao really says alot in LA tbh

No. 759964

sober Ty already struggeling

No. 759967

File: 1546766935701.png (152.66 KB, 500x429, tumblr_ncdsoeDcW31s1oo5ro1_500…)

No. 760034

File: 1546788973142.jpg (432.99 KB, 1020x969, PicsArt_01-06-02.43.17.jpg)

No. 760262

File: 1546822950868.jpeg (107.55 KB, 749x675, 8B61E8C7-7EAA-42C8-BAB1-A45814…)

So, pepper keeps tweeting indirect “I miss Layla” bullshit.

No. 760271

Couldn't be talking about gtshields?

No. 760311

File: 1546834560028.png (2.67 MB, 1034x1300, F87768F9-AA9B-4B33-91D5-0DED47…)

No. 760316

File: 1546839582278.gif (2 MB, 498x342, tenor.gif)

>She looks like a cockroach
Implying that's not her true form.

No. 760348

This is exactly why Kevin tweeting dumb shit @ her about wanting kids was so cruel and moronic. Chemo kills cancer but it also destroys the rest of your body in the process. How dense and careless is this egghead? He knows little to nothing about the disease that's killing his own fucking girlfriend.

No. 760349

I will never understand how people whose job is their appearance can have such a love affair with cigarettes

No. 760361

Jesus, can someone pick up their fat whining toddler from twitter daycare?

Once again he is writing so weirdly. Instead of typing "the girl I love" he types thE giRL I'm In lOvE wiTh = notice me, I said I'm in love with you, so romantic, now you NEED to love me back

now that his life is fucked he's looking for a gf / an ex / a mommy to save / fix him again

No. 760383

Keven looks like he is going to keel over and die any second!

No. 760549

She's not terminal though, is she?

No. 760810

I mean she's stage 3 and her cancer is super rare. Her prognosis probably isn't good.

No. 760861

Tinfoil lite but if she knows she’s on borrowed time it might explain why she’s so salty and doesn’t hold back with the aggressive mean girl business on social media all while shrieking about being a real life angel. Like the whole cripple punk thing, where the general gist of it is “just because I’m ill/disabled it doesn’t mean I have to fit the ‘good cripple’ trope; I can be a bitter cunt if I want so fuck you all.” Which would be more palatable (but no less excusable, of course) if she just owned it rather than spend 24/7 trying to convince the internet that she’s the purest most innocent speshul golden retriever puppy uwu

No. 760970

Lil xan won’t stop sperging on his insta stories he sound so crazy. Why did they call the fire department if his girlfriend felt like she couldn’t breathe?

No. 760979

File: 1546966714045.jpeg (762.92 KB, 1125x1674, 0FDEB794-A31A-4AD3-9F2C-AF2F3C…)

Peppers rebranding. These logos…

No. 760980

this is an imageboard

No. 761018

Post caps or dont say anything at all

No. 761039

File: 1546974026832.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_20190107-171427~2.p…)

Tyler talks about running away from his problems, pretty sure you'd be considered a fugitive. I don't think he's been to court or anything yet.

No. 761074

superrradical was cringe but sellable. This is not sellable. Tyler / princess SINderella, what is you doing?

No. 761155

I love how he's giving up superrradical only to turn around and make this terrible iteration of it

what the fuck was the point of ending one brand to make a less clouty less recognizable brand with a worse name

No. 761159

I knew he wouldn't give up his easy source of income. He's backsliding now that the manias subsided or simply because he realizes how difficult everything else is. This was super forseeable.

No. 761164

Yea no, I might wear something with superrradical printed on it if I didn't know what a pos Tyler is. I would never in a million years sport anything with a name like unSINsored and I'm sure I'm not alone.

No. 761171

She's always had an ego. If you look at her old posts she's always thought the sun shined out her ass. She may be more openly aggresive about it now but this is definitely just her personality and not a manifestation of her sickness.

No. 761441

File: 1547028651061.jpg (164.42 KB, 1200x800, wcwuncensored95.0.jpg)

Tyler really going hard with the wrestling shit.

No. 761442

File: 1547028754234.jpg (69.58 KB, 640x360, uncensored-2000.jpg)

Both uncensored and sin are the names of all WCW events.

No. 761446

Wait is it… a wrestling brand? What is tf is even happening.

No. 761448

Oh she's definitely been extremely self absorbed for quite some time but I think she's putting abnormal amounts of energy into being negative online because it distracts her from the cancer and also it's probably displaced because she's mad about what happened to her. Not disagreeing with you tho

No. 761556


lmao. he's probably scheming with that D-bag Enzo to piss off wrestling

No. 761615

File: 1547059964066.jpeg (218.92 KB, 750x1013, 22032961-0926-4586-A675-AD54C1…)

Forgot to post this from new years eve. So Tyler of course deleted the OG tweet stating he was diognosed with depression and was called out for his bullshit. Tyler also admitted to using dope. No more denying it now.

No. 762152

File: 1547118334236.jpeg (530.55 KB, 750x1038, 5EDD03AB-5F47-448A-8AFA-ED8C82…)


No. 762304

File: 1547148743317.png (701.14 KB, 720x1033, Screenshot_20190110-203116.png)

fought hard to be salty

No. 762310

File: 1547149158310.jpg (224.62 KB, 1080x1349, 47692488_155054198811617_12058…)

No. 762311

File: 1547149241245.png (903.22 KB, 720x1012, Screenshot_20190110-203431.png)

wish I knew love like this

No. 762314

File: 1547149756635.png (29.46 KB, 720x220, Screenshot_20190110-204815.png)


No. 762319

File: 1547150197106.png (1.04 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_20190110-205505.png)

No. 762326

File: 1547151041121.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 214.09 KB, 1258x2048, Duk7sEJVsAAD6TL.jpeg)

Shrimpy posted an almost-nude in December and captioned it with "Exposure Therapy"

No. 762336

she's sucking on that string as if her narcissistic supply was in there

No. 762380

oh man, she's reaching with that me too one

No. 762393

since she spent so many years photoshopping herself into a literal stick with impossible proportions, her normal body looks so chunky in comparison. should’ve just been yourself from day one cass

No. 762444

Lmao. Alright girl. With your one tit thats bigger than the other. Considering she hasn’t posted to her IG, story or live streamed in a week, I figured she relapsed on her ED or coke problem.

No. 762447

But coconuts you've been doing this shit for years. Just post your 3,000 nearly identical photos and go.

No. 762608

What the fuck is the look? I have so many questions

No. 762610

File: 1547180531237.jpeg (161.04 KB, 750x553, EF16587B-A17D-4A56-925E-E0F1A1…)


No. 762637

File: 1547182162090.jpeg (265.79 KB, 750x1014, 1F320370-7383-4027-BC76-5C04D7…)

No. 762639

File: 1547182292925.jpeg (171.33 KB, 750x498, 83A0F896-0D34-4DE6-9A1C-112B28…)

Here’s a wild thought, Tekashi: maybe you’re copping hate because your “boyfriend” is a disgusting rapist.

No. 762664

File: 1547186160604.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, E0FA27BF-D2D7-4D7D-AB34-492E41…)

I think shes finally releasing her music

No. 762700

I know im late here but can anyone clarify what she's talking about here? What does she mean by counts? Can chemo really cause early menopause? I'm just curious I don't know about this kinda shit

No. 762702

I mean just copy-paste 'Can chemo really cause early menopause' into google.

No. 762703

At least they won't reproduce.

No. 762725

wouldn't surprise me if Kev was infertile, too or his starving body entered early menopause, too, kek

No. 762728

my bad, didn't check replies

No. 762739

They almost always freeze eggs with a reproductive specialist before starting chemo. My sister had cancer in her 20s and she had a whole series of appointments with a reproductive specialist before they started her therapy.

No. 762758

Read previous threads and do your research. Don’t expect to be spoon fed.

No. 762764

File: 1547221469974.jpg (30.54 KB, 500x375, 6b8bf6a51b5566756e737692caf18c…)

No. 762821

File: 1547230707655.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190110-195541.png)

Tyler out here pretending he reads anything other than menus or porno mags. Kek.

No. 762891

How many times has he crashed it?

Have fun crashing it again ty!
3rd times a charm!

No. 762892

Books aren't the only items sold at B&N. Nice try buddy! I am not convinced!

No. 762900

The production value on her video teaser is insane. Doesn’t she know half the appeal of SoundCloud music is the lofi grunge.

No. 762932

Plus they’re super expensive. If he did buy books, he probably didn’t even get that many. He’s an idiot for blowing his money on a product that could be purchased somewhere else a million times cheaper

No. 762968

Guarantee they're coffee table books that will sit there and never be opened

No. 763021

If he got shit cheaper he wouldn't be able to flex.

No. 763045

>menus or porno


No. 763212

File: 1547285618675.jpeg (119.9 KB, 750x377, 324325B2-A065-4CBB-A887-DCDD21…)


No. 763213

File: 1547286011558.jpeg (157.8 KB, 750x533, 99B37C23-5418-4583-8082-A04C25…)

No. 763215

File: 1547287527730.jpeg (196.14 KB, 750x1110, F33BB499-1591-4BFE-A700-594253…)

Tbh if peep never would've discovered him he'd still be a nobody, wonder till how long he'll be able to make money from peeps death

No. 763235

people would accuse her of jacking Peep's early aesthetics if she went that route, let's be real

*not saying he invented it but that is 100% the conclusion stans would make

No. 763236

Stans are all partially lobotomized

No. 763265

So layla didn’t drop her music video yet? She was subliminally hinting that she would drop it on 1-11 at 1:11. I’m starting to think she knows it’s shit so she’s been pushing it off for months. How many times have you guys seen her post something along the lines of “I got something for y’all very soon” in the past 6 months lol

No. 763271

The 80's music scene didn't invent grunge, SoUnDcLoUd did!!

No. 763298

all the damn time. she's insecure of her music she's never dropping anything

No. 763375

Her "music' fuckin sucks and it isn't even out, so yeah she should be insecure about it. Can't believe these dumbfuck teenagers are gonna eat up whatever bullshit she releases.

No. 763408

File: 1547330209201.jpeg (393.62 KB, 750x963, 2DDA9774-489E-4C95-842C-66B2A8…)

Pepper Annoying having a sperg over his “stalker”

No. 763434

File: 1547333378914.jpeg (149.83 KB, 750x1006, 79BA6215-BA30-4DF6-AE24-298C5A…)

His “stalker” is hilarious

No. 763500

File: 1547339958260.jpeg (1.01 MB, 750x1167, 17D08CF0-D9ED-42D4-8E3D-04AB12…)

People in the comments saying they hope Arse’s “announcement” is that she is realising a book. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GODDESS NO.

No. 763536

File: 1547345540123.jpg (16.5 KB, 340x263, 1541712909036.jpg)


No. 763549

Maybe she's entering a Michael Jackson lookalike contest

No. 763557


this belongs on no fap

No. 763604


So now she's wearing a Story of O ring, too? Or did Layla give hers?

No. 763647

File: 1547380400132.jpeg (187.36 KB, 750x429, E600C566-9CE9-4B0A-AFAD-EE658D…)

Peep that narcissism, my dudes. And claiming that you “belong” to a rapist is “so lit”, right?

No. 763687

Lmao tyler is finally verified on instagram, wonder how much he payed for it

No. 763735

File: 1547399688678.png (8.29 MB, 1242x2688, DD3483B3-D940-416A-AE44-55A9C2…)

“Business plan in a day” …probably will take him a week just to finish the book

No. 763770

That's part of why she looks so haggard when she's a what, young 20-something? Looking like a 35 year old crackhead.

No. 763805

Can we talk about him and Coco for a second? She can do so much better than this, shes not ugly she only has awful makeup. I mean, how the hell do you fuck that?

No. 763809


Yeah I agree. I mean, she doesn't seem like the nicest person in the world, but for real, he is punching above his weight. Literally and figuratively.

No. 763860

Agreed! She actually looks like a normal human being without makeup, way better than with that orange foundation and shit nose contour

No. 763866

What kind of idiot highly recommends something he just got? Clearly he hasn’t even finished it yet

No. 764720


lmao buys 20 books on a manic shopping spree. reads first two chapters…..now an expert, recommending books. OK pepper anne . next he's going to pretend to be an author

No. 764730

if she wants to give her body away, why not to science?

aw little Tyler read his first book and is so excited! He just can't hide it and it's making him spill his secrets

No. 764736

*is supposedly reading, Pardon

I swear he is so stupid, he would probably think any book is good. The novelty of reading is too much for him. He would probably recommend a catalog for gardening tools … "hate to spill my secrets but damn. If you want to start your own garden…"

No. 764785

sorry for triple-posting but this is priceless. His secrets … in a book just readily available at Barnes & Noble. His mind is blown right now because of written word. He's thanking Johannes Gutenberg and monks and the first writers and the cavemen who painted on ceilings for leading to this moment quenching his thirst on the sweet nectar of knowledge. He has to share his excitement with the world and bestow his (second-hand) wisdom on his followers because he is such a generous, good guy, truly. Never change, Tyler, never change(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 764805

I’m dead as fuck I love u anon

No. 764820

lmao I LOVE how he just had to flash his LV wallet in that snap too.. I wonder if he realises, deep down, how pathetic he is or if he is just that retarded hahah(sage)

No. 764868

Maggie, Ellise, and Rickey all unfollowed Aubrie. I wonder what happened..

No. 765077

File: 1547500881742.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 645.8 KB, 750x1007, 688283A0-0FA5-4AE1-843D-E79D50…)


>Maggie, Ellise and Rickey

Are we supposed to know who these people are? Context and caps, my dude

Back on topic, is Drag Queen Tekashi being paid extra to publicly flaunt her “relationship” with this disgusting piece of shit? I mean, why else would she post shit like this? Love yourself, girl.

No. 765100

File: 1547504258173.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190114-141705.png)

She manages to make herself look so ugly wtf

No. 766077

She looks like the kids from the puffs tissues commercials, god

No. 766109

File: 1547518575934.jpeg (400.55 KB, 1242x1009, AAF8573C-0768-46F8-B3C6-03416A…)

No. 766112

Lmao anon that said she never wanted to drop it in the first place was right

No. 766113

She’s such a fucking brat. Just admit you have no confidence in yourself or your shitty music. Why release a teaser saying “raise hell if u want me to drop this” and then not mention it again for three days.

No. 766123

“1-11 I’ve got something hUgE”
>gets offended when people are disappointed nothing happened on January 11

Nothing like being a brat before you’ve even released your 1st song!

No. 766124

she needs to hurry up and drop it before she loses total relevance

No. 766131

File: 1547521810385.gif (1.47 MB, 540x389, original.gif)

He literally tanked his business in about "a day".

Why would he think that anyone would take advice from him?!

>He's nuts and he thinks everyone is dumb.

No. 766133

File: 1547522432309.jpg (21.23 KB, 500x500, s-l640.jpg)

I spy with my little eye…


Calling it now…

He's back on lean!

No. 766175

File: 1547534336159.jpeg (153.1 KB, 750x978, 44AFE050-25F0-4036-815F-699F70…)

Lmao everyone in the comments is getting so pissed off

No. 766183

File: 1547540041167.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1690, E319C8B5-DEC9-4DA0-8C1D-ECB069…)

they were talked about in some of the older threads before.

No. 766187


That track has been kicking around the internet for about a year now, to the extent where her fans have made “music videos” by editing footage of her with the track playing over it, why the fuck are all these people acting like the “drop” is the second coming?

No. 766188

Everyone in this scene thinks they are so unique but they look like fucking carbon copies of each other

No. 766189

But was he really ever off it…

No. 766262

Layla you fucking cro-magnon you're doing it wrong. You can only pull this type of shit when people actually care about your music. You're not fucking TOOL so stop.

No. 766296

I know, no chili talk but HOLY SHIT I think this is a good exception to the rule

No. 766301

I know, no chili talk but HOLY SHIT I think this is a good exception to the rule

No. 766333

Well tell us then?

No. 766360

File: 1547579897193.jpeg (736.28 KB, 1125x1643, 46A1A774-925C-4910-BA74-BB5C9E…)

Sorry forgot to attach!

No. 766421

This actually explains everything kek

No. 766778

File: 1547619621912.jpeg (92.08 KB, 750x387, 9652C1C3-584A-4100-AA80-8178B2…)

Pepper is on the verge of one of his manic ~inspirational~ spergouts, I can feel it in me waters

No. 766795

File: 1547626577763.jpeg (179.64 KB, 828x663, 9ED887EB-F0E7-4A44-B013-914235…)


No. 766796

Wow trying to publicly guilt people into dealing with your bullshit is cringey af

If he's your friend just fucking call or text but no you have to try and shame him into it

He's such manipulative POS in every human interaction he has, I can't

No. 766799

Ik right? He's trying to entrap him just like he did TP. When people cut you off it's for a fucking reason. Poor Posty he seems like a good dude but with terrible alcoholic judgement. Keeping Tyler Grosso around when you have any clout is toxic af because he will undoubtedly try to guilt you into things like he did when he got Paris the no talent wonderboy on tour. Post has too much money and recognition to deal with someone like Tyler. Maybe he can throw money at his friends and girlfrinds and then publicly shame them for it but I guess all he has on Post is this pitiful attempt at making his followers feel bad enough for him that they spam Post. Fuck off Tyler deal with people directly and stop it with your manipulative bullshit, it's damn pathetic.

No. 766990

File: 1547665446659.jpeg (308.19 KB, 1186x1025, 83F7B8B2-BB10-46C3-B374-BE6051…)

Introducing a new cow: babygoth

Who is an industry plant from UMG
Lied about having previous music under her previous name (Bria Bueno)
Got a “no jumper” interview before her “first song” came out
First song happens to be collab with trippie red and lil xan (both under UMG)
Looked completely different 12 months ago (normie pastel tumblrina) then poof face tats EVERYWHERE, photoshopping, green hair, shaved head, grillz, guns, sex, drugs, walking with a collar and leash, gangbanger goth SoundCloud style, Instagram baddie, weed head, and fake followers and fake numbers, myahallana wannabe.
Her first two careers flopped and got no attention, no one knew who she was, so she sold her soul to UMG, who promptly gave her a complete makeover for her personality and style. Now tries to act “hard” “I give no shits” “goth bby” “proud thot” “equality for everyone” shill bs.
PLAGIARIZED her debut song (her ONLY song under babygoth) from kreyshawn’s Gucci Gucci, specifically the chorus. Her rapping sucks and 12 months ago she did COMPLETELY different music, no rapping no hip hop, just tumblrina acoustic bullshit.
Also keeps going on about feminism and how she’s being hated on bc she’s a female but buddies up to adam22 the rapist for clout. And the interview was shit.

Music video is red walking her around on a leash like a dog while she wears barely anything.

So she was basically a normie who sold her self to UMG to become famous and they control every aspect about her and poor money into her look and hook her up with famous artists hoping she’ll be the next big thing.

But it just crashed and burned when everyone found out that she was an industry plant, her comments are full of people ripping her apart calling her a plant, exposing her, and calling her out. And she’s responding calling people bitches and saying she’s not a plant kek

But no one would’ve had a problem with her if she hadn’t lied. She lied and said she’d had this style for ever, said she always did rap, lied about BEING MARRIED AND HAVING TWO KIDS AT HOME (she originally lied and said she didn’t have any family and pretended she was single, then after she got exposed, said she had only one kid, came out she had 2 and a husband), that she didn’t have any song previously, that she didn’t have any music videos previously (she recently deleted them) along with a myriad of other lies about her life, her style, her music, her family, how she got signed, how she got these collabs, etc.

INCLUDING LYING ABOUT HER AGE MULTIPLE TIMES (saying she’s 18, then 20, etc when she’s in her mid-20s, still claiming she’s 20 yrs old)

And lying about plastic surgery and tattoos that UMG paid for.

Literally everyone is tearing her apart and calling her out (bonus: tons of people are ripping Adam a new asshole too for being a rapist): https://www.instagram.com/p/Bso-MitDk2q/

She even tried to post pic related to prove that she’s always been goth, but ended up exposing herself for lying about her age.

Also tried to wipe her old tumblrs, instas, and twitters. She finally got exposed when a YTer made a video outing her this week.

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/babygoth/
Old tumblr: http://darth-bria.tumblr.com/
Old insta: https://www.instagram.com/darth_bria
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/babygothxx

(Insta has fake followers, YT vid was view botted and like botted but YT kept deleting the fake ones)

No. 766991

Video exposing her

No. 766996

Giving a plant attention is exactly the opposite of what you wanna do

No. 766999

Altho kreays ghost writer on Gucci Gucci is serious about his money maybe we’ll get some lawsuit lolz

No. 767015

File: 1547666888352.jpeg (373.93 KB, 1536x1040, A23C1A07-6399-489F-80F9-FF97F7…)


No. 767016

File: 1547666930471.jpeg (469.5 KB, 1536x1040, 9E06F6EB-5FA8-48D1-B777-1EAF45…)

No. 767018

Damn that's a shame she was way cuter before

No. 767024

No. 767033

I don’t think it’s that deep. But whatever brings you joy.

No. 767035

File: 1547668272951.jpeg (420.44 KB, 1536x1040, 8EE79463-B9BC-443E-B66B-C1EE2C…)

Proof of marriage and 2 kids
Plus after she got called out for lying she finally admitted to it, after she said she was single, after she lied about dating a famous rapper, after she lied and said she only had one kid. They’re still married and share a home, which she is never at, and her husband takes care of her kids, who she rarely sees nowadays.

No. 767037

Oh and said she wanted to have a threeesome with adam22 and Lena the plug for clout, yuck, while in a monogamous marriage.

No. 767041

File: 1547668883307.jpeg (91.46 KB, 750x708, E6E20104-EE3A-48EE-8DC8-B3B4ED…)

Ofcourse he had to make it about himself again

No. 767085

OP thanks you for this new addition to the barnyard menagerie, anon

No. 767135

I don't really get why UMG even enlisted Baby Goth as an industry plant in the first place - there are like 298301737253625 instaclout thots out there who wanna do music and have an established image/following already - Layla for example. Why go through the trouble/exorbitant cost of trying to make a completely random person with no following into a thing? It is way more important to a label to invest in an artist that is marketable as opposed to actually talented - look at Lil Xan or Blueface, two objectively awful "musicians" who have label backing because a demographic apparently likes them.

No. 767184

Ah man she got the gig that Potato wanted so bad.

No. 767205

Lots of “industry plants” aren’t funded and either exploit a desperate artist or there’s investors (parents) it’s most likely a combination of calculation and sheer luck. The high risk is on the performers end and not the labels.

No. 767502

File: 1547796736541.jpeg (103.78 KB, 750x386, D56657C0-2119-4A9E-A6C6-089D18…)

Pepper is having a full blown meltdown

No. 767503

File: 1547796765376.jpeg (332.39 KB, 750x1051, E45A1F50-E7D1-4D9A-BF1E-935705…)

No. 767504

File: 1547796902509.jpeg (342.05 KB, 750x1054, 83A98611-98FE-42D1-8C91-64CD1B…)

No. 767505

File: 1547797013874.jpeg (324.74 KB, 750x888, DA62B81E-E041-4E2D-9128-B73F07…)

No. 767508

File: 1547797156055.jpeg (323.46 KB, 750x910, F5AB9918-95FE-4BBF-B406-DBE3CB…)

Can’t help but flex while trying to get Layla’s attention

No. 767559


we sure he isn't talking about gtshields?

No. 767575

Then maybe you shouldn't have been such an abusive manipulative cunt Tyler.

They're all interchangeable to him. He throws obnoxious amounts of money at them then gaslights and guilts them 25/7 until they run the fuck away. Then he goes from publicly slandering them to being a pathetic sad boi on twitter, which btw is just another tier of Tyler's magical manipulative ride.

No. 767580

I wonder if he's being intentionally vague. He'll take whoever floats back his way and pretend she was who he was pining for all along, no matter how fucked and unhappy their relationship was. He needs to be alone so he can fucking work on himself. No girl's gonna fix what's wrong with you bud. Only you can do that.

No. 767586

File: 1547819282496.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, A8A1FFA5-EEE4-4BBD-9C99-DA8F75…)

lol pouya clearly doesn’t give a shit about her

No. 767588

eh he knows exactly why she posted the pic.
she just painting herself black, or?

No. 767595

File: 1547821745937.png (2.99 MB, 1242x2208, 60E80E34-0FC2-43BB-849B-57F304…)

So I’ve been following Babygoth on IG since she was known as Darth_bria. Her husband and baby daddy is named Daniel Bueno. He had a video on YouTube of him coming out as Trans. She claimed that they broke up because he was abusive. I reached out to Daniel with a screenshot and he had no idea about what she was saying about him because he blocked her. He takes care of their 2 children living in the house she bought. They’re “not together” but when she comes back home she plays mom for a while then dips off again. Now Daniel Bueno isn’t claiming trans anymore? Idk why kinda confusing.

No. 767596

File: 1547821793811.png (461.97 KB, 1242x2208, 8BE0E5D8-ACD5-42B3-AF83-549D45…)

Here’s some more screen shots of what Daniel has to say

No. 767597

File: 1547821848628.png (507.25 KB, 1242x2208, BDCAB1E6-7C01-4288-9019-396097…)

No. 767672

File: 1547831241861.jpg (966.13 KB, 1375x1783, Screenshot_20190118-090453_Ins…)

Can't tell whos lazy eye is worse..

No. 767744

Funny how fatnick had to bribe her with a puppy

No. 767893

Ot but the scratching out of the dog's ween reminds me that I'll never get a male dog for that reason kek

No. 767897

File: 1547853061422.png (161.58 KB, 280x617, 154785279147299105.png)

No. 767910

File: 1547854215279.jpg (40.39 KB, 690x1024, CK-lgiUVEAAWuGk.jpg)

Here's a pic of her without those blue contacts and bleach blonde hair!


No. 767932

>>767910 she has a twin. they look very much the same

No. 767974

File: 1547859861010.png (250.94 KB, 589x570, 15478527914729910.png)

>they look very much the same
Eh. Not really.


No. 767976

File: 1547859900722.jpg (76.51 KB, 768x1024, B8n19csCcAAsbdg.jpg)

No. 767994

Let me give y'all some fun facts on this girl that haven't been exposed yet.

Her real name is actually Brianna Partridge, she is actually 27 years old.

She has been arrested and charged for stealing from Charming Charlies. She actually had a very unsuccessful career until 2016, after she had obtained a sponsorship to promote baby goods, in order to make her seem like a more desireable person to sell her products, the company has had to consistently pay for engagement on her post.

She has a horrible past with some of her ex-photographers now, who all have similar claims of her being difficult to work with and not very passionate.

I'll leave you all with that, because that should be enough to help you all find out how much of a clout demon this culture vulture really is.

No. 768006

She just posted a video with her kids and her kids names on Instagram.

No. 768024

Not sure why you are so set on bringing this nobody into the thread. Nobody really cares about another trashy female Who stole from a small boutique. This chick is a nobody set an African or even minorly milky. Leave this chick for the Instagram trashy commenters. There’s no need for her here

No. 768088

Sorry what?

No. 768092

This isn't really milky. Just being a sellout is not milk. Also we don't give a fuck about or want to know her kids' names.

No. 768097

File: 1547883759618.png (72.51 KB, 591x300, Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 11.4…)

"i'm so mad i didn't take more pictures with ASAP Yams now that he's dead…but also that's why he fucked with me. is that we didn't take pictures together." – what the fuck is up with this dude milking dead rappers.

No. 768101

Agree 100%. Someone is desperate to make babygoth relevent and it’s just not interesting. I’d even rather hear about chelji over this babygoth lol

No. 768106

Plus posting kids’ info is against the rules, newfag.

I knew he’d pull this shit re: Yams, he has to make everything about him. Never change, Grosso.

No. 768115

they look trans as fuck

No. 768127

We don’t want this loser stop or leave.

No. 768133

File: 1547892793966.png (381.29 KB, 720x924, Screenshot_20190119-111118.png)

literally Chelji's mom is more interesting

Coco continues to be an absolute ray of sunshine (pic related)

No. 768135

File: 1547892832453.png (56.13 KB, 720x254, Screenshot_20190119-111104.png)

it's getting kinda boring, so saged

No. 768204

seeing the camille chick reappear on my TL is wild. I used to follow this random group of girls from seattle in HS when i was in HS cause they were just gorgeous and wild and rich. I found them actually thru killerandasweetthang this girl (Eileen Kelly) who was lowkey social media famous and now runs a kinda successful sex advice blog. They were all friends in HS. Anyways if i remember correctly ………………. the Anderson twins’ father or someone they are related to runs a big record label/artist management company. They have both been video vixens since they were 18ish. Maybe thats how camille and fatnick met, but I wouldn’t doubt if it goes deeper than that and they both use each other to further their careers

No. 768209

Interesting lil tidbit!
Btw, don't fill out the name field next time!

No. 768212

File: 1547911745845.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, DDC2788C-121C-42DF-9AD5-42121A…)

Is Paris throwing shade?

No. 768215

>>768209 im new here i dont get the comment setup n im on mobile lmao my b do i just do it this way where i type out the comment # im replying to(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 768225

Just click on the post number of the post you want to quote and it'll come up in the reply box! Hope this helps. People here get real bent out of shape when things aren't done properly lol

Hmmm what does this even mean? Jafar is feeling insecure?

No. 768242

>>768225 oh ny fkng god thank u. im retarded

No. 768252

Yeah I knew them too. Camille and Cheyenne are not twins tho, I’m pretty sure Camille is a couple years older. I had a friend who was close with Cheyenne from grade school thru HS and heard a lot of stories of thottery involving both of them. I knew their dad was rich but I heard it was from real estate. They’d all hardcore shit talk their absent mom and are huge “daddy’s girls”

No. 768278

I guess their dad must be really proud

No. 768282

Wow. She's such a bad mom and dumb bitch. I watched her on nojumper and she was so cringe… thanks for posting this

No. 768293

how do you know she was arrested for stealing? where is this information?

No. 768339

File: 1547929059572.jpeg (352 KB, 1213x1040, AC897671-4223-4775-B9A2-7E5667…)

I love you for getting this, anon. I knew she wasn’t taking care of her kids while she’s in her comment section bragging about providing and being their for her kids and being a great empowered mom kek. What a liar. So glad I screenshotted her comment section now. She deleted some before I could get to them on previous pictures.

No. 768450

Thank you both for saving these. I think she is a horrible person for leaving her children alone with their weirdo (apparently trans?) father to play the rapper clout-chasing LA scum life. I hope her kids turn out okay. She is so embarassing! Vid related.

No. 768462

lmao didn’t paris claim not to know who peep was?

No. 768475

File: 1547943537415.png (Spoiler Image, 2.04 MB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20190119-165310~2.p…)

Confirmed swamp rat

No. 768505

read https://lolcow.farm/info before you post again

No. 768506

thank u for the spoiler

can you stop promoting this chick in the thread? none of what has been shown is milk. I'd rather discuss chelji's mum's face tat and that's saying something…

No. 768514

Nta but
>none of what has been shown is milk
Lmao what anon are you joking? Did you see the screencaps?

No ones “promoting her” or her shit music.
Chelji milk hasn’t been coming through as much lately, so just let us have our fun with this cow in the meantime.

No. 768516

ntayrt but are you fucking being serious? this girl supposedly abandoned her children but yeah let’s keep discussing the super interesting antics of layla, pouya and his cougar wife and whatever the hell fat fucking nick is up to. this thread is so deeply retarded sometimes, the literal thread title is about layla and she barely even makes a peep on social media these days. for a thread full of people that love to complain about a lack of milk, y’all sure are quickto dismiss anything actually mildly fuckin interesting

No. 768552

Her separating her children from her social media to please a label and make money isn’t milk. It’s just the way the industry is. Yeah it’s shitty but it’s not crazy that she is changing her persona to get her music out there. She is 1 in 10000000 others trying to do the same shit but failing.

No. 768555

no need to bring this insta thot into this thread. What is so milky that makes her relevant? A mid twenty thot who abandoned her kids with shitty tattoos? This seems ridiculously irrelevant considering she has NOTHING worthy of milk and has no connection to the commonly discussed cows. all this promotion if this hoodrat is sounding more and more of self posts.

No. 768558

File: 1547955464725.jpeg (663.55 KB, 1242x1713, 1B4B460D-377D-45E7-ACCA-4F749D…)


No. 768566

File: 1547956783890.png (2.2 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190119-195847.png)

I seriously can't get over how awful she dresses. What in the fuck

No. 768578

And her bf is a designer or creator?? Why do you do you girl like that?? Damn

No. 768640

she looks and dresses like a fucking 50 year old trying to be cool and young or something…. seriously cant get over her saggy ass skin she looks so aged

No. 768645

Kek the ugly early 2000s Dior bag for some subtle flex. Even the bright yellow Chanel from her Layla skinwalking days was less of an eyesore.

No. 768647

That’s what drugs and bulimia will do to ya. If she doesn’t want to relapse she’d do well to get off social media altogether. The internet never forgets, and her coked out nympho rants have been immortalised by us.

No. 768651

Not that anon, but it seems she is associated with the scene as per >>768450
so I think she’s fair game if she’s actually producing milk.

How fucking cooked is Diego in that video? Isn’t he supposed to be clean now? Like, his management forced him to detox or something to that effect? Good to see that lasted.

No. 768661

File: 1547974330759.jpeg (201.02 KB, 750x590, 60C98EF1-4DD9-4047-8557-E74038…)


No. 768664

lookin like a kindergartener who dressed herself

No. 768684

her boobs look like a botched boobjob, though? they fucked something up major if all she had was a reduction

No. 768686

I actually believe that they’re real but that begs the question, if she had a reduction and they’re still enormous, how big were they before??!!

No. 768709

Of course pnp liked this. Top kek.

No. 768710

Lmao swamp people unite

No. 768726

No, she just straight up abandoned them, shes not a busy working mom trying to please her label, she left and dumped them on her husband to raise. Only comes home every few months to take a pic with them and play mommy for a day. Ditched them so she can party with SoundCloud losers and smoke weed with trippy. Both children are under the age of 5. Between 2-4 yrs old each. After all that she used her kids to lie about being this great mom who can work and take care of her kids at the same time (how dare you criticize a working mother! das sexist!) just to deflect criticism for lying.

We can post all the BG milk we want. Just because you are not interested in a cow, doesn’t mean others are not. Jfc its already been discussed in meta, farmhands said to not derail thread convo with multiple posts of an anons personal opinion of why they don’t like a thread/cow/to stop talking about them, when others are interested. There are several anons who are here for this milk, if you don’t like it hide the thread or scroll past. Don’t complain of no milk/lack of chelji milk, then demand anons stop talking about milk that you’re not personally interested in. No1curr. She definitely does have milk.

We have threads with way less. ESP considering this is a general thread, and not her thread specifically. (ie: rasbii thread is just rasbii lying about her age, like BG)

Shes a soundcloud “rapper” and hangs out with cows ITT, how is she not connected to this thread??

Crazy thought, but maybe contribute milk you are interested in?


Kek been a farmer for around 4 years and been posting caps since toopoor #1. Take the tinfoil hat off anon, it’s making you sound wk-ish.

>all this promotion

2nd time you’ve said that. Thats retarded. We’ve had several cows (ie: ivy levan, thatspoppy, celebcow general) who are industry plants who have tried hard to cover their past. Posting screencaps of a plant lying isn’t “promoting” her, it’s the exact opposite kind of attention they want.

No. 768831


I just looked this person up and fuckin yiiiikes dude. She is a colossal narcissist even by Soundclout standards…gross.

No. 768834

She has her own thread, massive cow

No. 768894

File: 1548018920295.jpeg (78.85 KB, 750x206, 49B22C55-78AF-44D9-AA91-79C62B…)

I’m howling

No. 768898

jfc this video must be ANCIENT, ayleks and trippie are still together… has she ever been mentioned here?!

No. 768913

That's what cigarettes will do to a 20 something year old. It's jarring how some of them look like teens and others not so much. I think this is her attempting to veer away from being a TP skinwalker but it's p apparent she's actually not that creative or interesting on her own. Just a basic bitch trying to be an edgy art ho and failing. I mean that scale smashing stunt was the most unoriginal try-hard piece of performance art I've seen in a long time

No. 768926

>>768726 At this point is you care too damn much. If there is milk post it. Otherwise she doesn’t matter. You are talking like you know this bitch in real life. Again , if there is milk let’s see it.

No. 768943

Funny how many times they've been asked to get to the milk and they just don't.

No. 768944

Holy hell Kevin looks like he has just escaped from Auschwitz

No. 768948

File: 1548024188854.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 123.5 KB, 863x1344, 21782BFB-69C0-429C-81B5-99C3B7…)

Her boobs make no sense.

No. 768979

These bitches r so damn invested in making this nobody happen like you don’t just have to hang around the scene you have to have a degree out clout outside of thirsty ass adam

No. 769000


Adam has a lot to answer for, he has given so many of these idiots exposure (in addition to being a predatory scumbag)

No. 769150

Her whole body doesn't make sense. She isn't fat but she's so.. wide?

No. 769179

File: 1548062525967.jpeg (102.26 KB, 750x1025, CD7D43BC-1A42-413C-A9FB-D39DB8…)

Jfc we get it, you're a "SaD BOi"

No. 769207

>You are talking like you know this bitch in real life

Youre wrong…..again, shocker. It takes 10 min top to find all that info from 1 video (3rd search result on YT), her public Insta, and a quick google image search. You’re just lazy. Which explains why you want anons to spoon feed you milk that’s already been posted. You sound sus af with all you’re “you can’t post about her at all! stop talking about her lies!” bs. Why do you care so much lol? Keep scrolling and stop derailing. We heard your vague reasons and incorrect accusations the first 3 times, chill out.

No. 769219

That’s j how short skinny fat ppl look I think

No. 769221

Lol ok making fun of you for being an idiot isn’t telling you what you can and can’t do sis

Keep posting your vendettacow if you want maybe ~learn how to ignore posts you don’t like~ and take some blood pressure meds while you’re at it tho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769237

File: 1548078777298.jpeg (501.03 KB, 1125x935, 6FAD11D1-0D80-4DB7-819F-528FFF…)

Jesus he just can’t help himself. Tyler, your brief attempt to break ground in the music industry by getting Paris a deal was a massive and embarrassing failure. Stop acting like you know everything when all you know is how to flop.

By the way the fact that post won’t even talk to him anymore after that disaster is chefs kiss sooo good

No. 769241

lol somebody found the tits/poppy thread on lolcow

No. 769243

File: 1548080903216.jpg (6.04 KB, 236x196, 4308501674740b9a3067cdb59bf653…)

Hahaaaa, my thoughts exactly!

Slightly ot but she gives me Angela Hayes vibes. She is painfully plain and boring. The "sPoOkY" schtick is so …pre-packaged-looking? Idk how to word that eloquently lol

No. 769244

What are the deets with that girl? I've seen her pop here from time to time, does she have any milk? Looks basic af
You can tell she posts here imo

No. 769263

Which girl? Poppy? Sp00ky?

Spooks has been discussed at length here. Poppy has her own thread.

No. 769415

File: 1548104877070.png (174.55 KB, 1080x646, Screenshot_2019-01-21-02-57-44…)

This shit is dark. I wonder how Kevin feels about himself and everything he's done now.

No. 769442

They're lil peep lyrics and everybody uses that quoted lyric on all toopoor or killstations posts together as well…

No. 769475

Ok but it's obviously related to the fact that she has fucking cancer in this context.

No. 769478

The fact that she retweeted it again is confusing. It's a pretty morbid tweet given her situation. Idk why she wants it to gain traction besides making him feel bad.

No. 769488

File: 1548109508412.png (158.54 KB, 1080x1005, Screenshot_2019-01-21-15-10-06…)

I lowkey think the chorus in his new song is about that. He thought he was this invincible clout god who could have it it all (money, fame, endless groupies to gangbang AND a hot girlfriend waiting for him at home) and now Coco is sick and potentially "leaving" him and all his money can't fix it and he's shell shocked and fucked up over it.

sage bc tinfoiling

No. 769491

yea if he's any bit human he's definitely feeling not so good right now

No. 769570


That’s the thing that irks me most with these assholes. They think the fame makes them invincible. As much as Courtney has said a lot of dumb shit and sticks by her rapist boyfriend, she doesn’t deserve the life sentence of cancer. All Kevin’s money and clout can’t change that. All her cowish behaviour aside, girl needs to GTFO of there.

No. 769651

Wait did they break up again?? I’m sorry I don’t follow them on anything

No. 769652


I think it’s alluding to her being sick. Though she may finally be getting jack of his whoring and threatening to leave his limp noodle for good, who tf knows

No. 769653

File: 1548122103332.jpg (636.15 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20190121-175151.jpg)

Does this bitch ever brush her hair? It looks disgusting. She looks like an idiot. I love this particular train wreck. I want more clueless LA dumbasses. Spoon feed me some more thots anons

No. 769667

2019, a year with hotelshrimp merch

No. 769676


I can’t wait to see what this “merch” is

>inb4 she tries to sell broken nails and cigarette butts a la Layla circa 2017

No. 769682

Her literal ass is really sitting directly on that nasty sidewalk, I cannottttt

No. 769684

Good to see some things never change, kek

No. 769697

Nitpick but if she just parted her hair neatly it would look better and she'd look a little less like a disgusting brat.

No. 769723

this really is like the worst angle too.

No. 769758

p sure "leaving" means dying in this context as in "leaving" earth

what are aesthetics

No. 769762


It’s derelicte chic, obv


No. 769796

File: 1548158211836.jpeg (30.8 KB, 1003x1012, 1548157877936.jpeg)

Shrimp really selling this shit for $40

No. 769797

File: 1548158280973.jpeg (38.77 KB, 1000x1009, 1548157804236.jpeg)

Fucking jello salad on the back wonder if it's a stock image

No. 769799

It's so apparent from her attempts to veer away from TP skinwalking that she lacks creativity and a basic understanding of what is visually appealing. Say what you will about Layla but she has a very cohesive brand and image.

No. 769801

File: 1548160657480.png (1.02 MB, 1642x826, Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 06.2…)

It's one of those pics from like a 1950's cookbook lmfao VinTaGe aMeRicANa

>what are aesthetics

"shrimp jello salad"

fucking hell, imagine this being what you believe to be the most viable way to market yourself: 'Jiggly, stinking, slop nobody wants a piece of'…pretty bang on in accuracy tho, I'll give her that.

No. 769810

honestly, she makes dakota look like a fashion genius. i never thought i'd see an influencer with worse fashion sense, but here we are

No. 769842

This is so pathetic, lol. You can easily print this off on fabric iron on sheets from the craft store and pick up a tee shirt there too for less than $10

Is this seriously what she think is going to sell? She is so basic and has nothing original about her. Fucking jello salad is what she uses to describe her. I fucking cant

No. 769845


so now that I know shrimp jello salad is a thing… why didn't she at least choose a stock photo where you can see the shrimp????

No. 769916

in this weird subculture being random, impulsive and weird equals tapping into creative genius. It's basically the "lol rawr so randum xD" of 2019 … mistakes happen like this and tragic … I mean great Fashion. That's why Shrimpy seems so retarded. Little does she know if you act dumb all the time, you literally become dumb and it sucks

No. 769919

File: 1548183219472.png (620.59 KB, 720x1012, Screenshot_20190122-195154.png)

Tyler Grosso, art connoisseur.

No. 769935

Jesus he's so fucking embarassing i cant believe that layla let her get fucked by this dude

No. 769984

File: 1548191981795.jpeg (273.74 KB, 750x1222, 11AC5AB0-3C82-4581-94B9-A2FC9C…)

Kinda weird that she has to precise that it was a homeless man, what does it matter?
Sage cause who cares

No. 770087


She looks like a hobo herself, yikes. Why would anyone do that to their face? It has aged her something chronic

No. 770124

File: 1548205931192.jpeg (114.01 KB, 600x600, 142BE2D1-4F2D-4125-A95D-8DC6F6…)

This aint skinwalking anymore, this is literal identity theft wtf

No. 770131

Lmao WOW I’m legit blown away. Especially because she used to talk sooo much shit about Layla. We all knew it was because she was obsessed but now it’s official

No. 770144

Peep (kek) that foetal alcohol syndrome

No. 770152

sorry i'm kinda new, been keeping up lately, who is this next to layla again?

No. 770181

File: 1548210865003.png (3.62 MB, 1242x2208, 7F7EB201-D11F-41F4-9939-BCD757…)

is there any milk on luke and what he’s up to these days and how does he know felicite aka louis tomlinson’s sister and also why the hell is she suddenly so involved (her commenting on bexey’s pics/etc)?

No. 770191

ctrl+f "chelji"
ctrl+f "potato"
you're welcome

No. 770285

she was a side fuck for peep in london a couple of times, since his death has claimed she wrote his lyrics and all kinds of fake shit. tryer, daughter of a well-know welfare thief. obsessed with taking layla's place.

No. 770301

File: 1548227801757.jpeg (325.55 KB, 750x956, D9EEAAA5-DFDB-4C86-A9A4-1F236A…)

Pepper Annoying is back to manic flexing on Twitter

No. 770302

File: 1548227843348.jpeg (638.97 KB, 750x1059, 1938CA94-B42A-4E1D-ADEB-525520…)

No. 770332

My money is on cranberry Fanta and syrup re: what’s in his cup. Bonus kek: those pearls that he is still trying to make happen

No. 770344

I know they’re supposed to be pearls but every time I see them I assume them to be plastic Mardi Gras beads at first glance

No. 770347

>anal beads


No. 770363

File: 1548246124610.png (Spoiler Image, 3.36 MB, 750x1334, 96D76BD2-4A14-4BAB-9D6E-C1F6BA…)


No. 770372

I'm a piece of shit for thinking this but idk a body riddled with cancer just isn't attractive
That and she's gross but…

Actually now that I think about it, it's super depressing that she's spending her possible last days (right? her prognosis is bad isn't it?) with a rapist piece of shit boyfriend who's too bitch to leave her and strings her sick ass along. Like girl now is the fucking time to love yourself jfc

No. 770373

god he looks like a tryhard 15 year old that never glowed up and forever looks awkward. i know that struggle, but this… styling(?) isn't helping

No. 770377

that side AND underboob combo is so fucking tragic

No. 770379

someone come get your lesbian aunt

No. 770422

File: 1548255471541.jpg (Spoiler Image, 544.67 KB, 800x960, 20190123_065525.jpg)

Jesus how far up her pussy did she have to pull these? I wonder if she still photoshops just not as much.

Also I don't think >>769653 is a sidewalk; it's a gross floor that carpet was once glued to. I think pic related is the same place. Fwiw

No. 770423

Can’t help but notice how it looks like she’s sucking her stomach in lolol breathe girl

No. 770441

File: 1548257573228.jpeg (17.54 KB, 429x343, Download.jpeg)

No. 770442

She def didn’t get a breast reduction bc she has 0 scars

No. 770460

Oh please. Bitch is traveling to Europe, running her "business" and partying with her rapist bf. She's not that sick. The type of cancer she has is rare but the 5 year survival rate is 56%, it's not like she's on her deathbed.

No. 770465

what in the actual fuck LOL this picture explains everything. sag and flab everywhere. its actually kinda impressive that she managed to shop herself as small as she did even if it was sloppy work & blatantly obvious.

im very concerned about the wellbeing of the rat in this video

No. 770468

sag and flab? where? she does look absolutely disgusting and as ever w/her i'm confused why she ever thought that picture was okay to upload but i see no sag or flab.

No. 770488

Ah ok, I misunderstood. I thought it was established that she's pretty much fucked.

No. 770501

on her breasts where she's pushing them out so they don't drop, on her stomach she's sucking in, on her inner thighs she's keeping apart and on her arms she's hiding with her hair. She needs to either leave the carbs alone and hit the gym or cover it up

No. 770507

a n a - c h a n a c t i v a t e

No. 770508

you asked where there was "flab" and I wrote where there was flab lol, I don't have a problem with what size people are, but it's pathetic to let people see all of that on social media.

No. 770520

i'm not that anon i just thought it was a stupid nitpick

No. 770542

Yeah I don’t agree with “sag & flab” either. She just has a weirdly shaped body

No. 771038

She really does look like she needs to workout and stop eating fast food, same for coco. They both just look unhealthy because they have zero muscle tone

No. 771045

File: 1548318420219.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 255.95 KB, 750x525, DE53A22D-3184-4869-B64D-297ED7…)

This disgusting piece of shit must be giving drag tekashi his entire cheque just to be in the same room as him

No. 771109

Letting this cringey fat fuck get famous is the second worst thing Pouyas done. Unforgivable.

No. 771131

So I guess Layla ain’t ever dropping her music? LOL

No. 771154

File: 1548350391177.jpg (619.89 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20190124-091743.jpg)

Good job Shrimpy the hair looks somewhat better.

Related to >>769697
Sage for possible nitpick

No. 771161

If she tried she could be actually pretty

No. 771167


No. 771243

I think she just made a music video but doesn’t actually have the music

No. 771247

what is this aesthetic, taking pictures of yourself with unnecessary flash on while looking bored?

No. 771286

We’ve already clarified this.

No. 771292

Tyler is starting to give me gay vibes

No. 771361

File: 1548383381826.png (67.22 KB, 360x413, 154838239277720582.png)

Nice t-shirt!

No. 771363

File: 1548383565709.png (109.06 KB, 440x677, 1e6d98d88fb5ae46321e6b9c8100df…)

Tyler and his glasses.

Meme related.

No. 771371

Lmao I loved how anon spoilered this. Truly disgusting and nsfw

No. 771372

I legit thought you were posting her merch and didn't question it until I realized her shirt was also black. That's how little faith I have in her creativity. Anyone remember her hotelshrimp site that completely mimicked TP font and coloring? Good times.

No. 771374

File: 1548385950796.jpeg (486.22 KB, 750x1039, C548C7E3-C799-437F-8B6F-641E75…)

kek, I couldn’t have my fellow anons revisiting their previous meal while perusing the thread.

What is it with these hoes and sitting on the most filthy ass surface they can find?

No. 771451

File: 1548396340701.png (3.47 MB, 750x1334, FA351398-B939-47C3-815F-FB9F45…)

shrimp is posting a weird insta story series of what looks like coked out accidental front cam selfies. possible relapse?

No. 771510

Almost looks like there’s some coke in her nostril kek. She’s milky in a funny/fun sense but at least she owned up to her photoshopping

No. 771596

Or she's just lame and and thinks putting up ugly photos at unflattering angles makes her rAnDoM and relatable

I feel like her coke photos were way more numerous

No. 771600

Yea no these aren't obnoxious enough to be coke photos. When she was coked out she'd put up like 20 photos of her in the shower, sperg out on Twitter about playing with Corey's asshole, and possibly upload several vids of her on a continuous coke rant. Maybe drunk photos.

No. 771729

File: 1548452121319.jpg (512.08 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20190125-133233.jpg)

>private plane = high class rite guys
>gross, colored hair
>greasy face
>whitehead zits on nose
>greasy sunglasses
>filthy sweatshirt

He and Shrimp are like two versions of the same tasteless being.

No. 771732

idk what's worse; the acne and trash stache, the mom sunglasses or the hair-covered hoodie?

No. 771734

File: 1548453038515.jpg (451.76 KB, 656x957, 20190125_135023.jpg)

Didn't you know, anon? If it's expensive & designer it's automatically flattering and cool.

No. 771801

He is truly repulsing my god

No. 771894

…how is the pictute related?

No. 771917

Not the OP but I’m guessing it’s because of the louis bag. She still looks like trash which is the point

No. 771972

Because of the designer labels tagged and the Louis bag all culminating in a tasteless tragedy that Shrimp obviously thought looked cool
Not to be an asshole but it's pretty obvious

No. 772012

File: 1548495080340.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, A88A0635-55A5-417A-BC9C-8E79F4…)

LOL here’s to hoping it’s actually going to be released this time.

No. 772015

Her eyes are literally so ugly
I feel like that’s usually hard to say about people, most eyes are where an otherwise unfortunate looking person’s redeeming quality lies…
Something about hers is so dead and fishy and old looking?

No. 772019

She’s gonna stench that literal 3 second clip she’s been using for the past 6 months out to a whole 5 how dare u doubt her anon

No. 772049


the sad part about this is that shrimp’s louis vuitton isn’t even authentic (they don’t make them with two zips in that color) so her attempt to come off as rich and designer falls even flatter

No. 772222

File: 1548545939598.png (3.37 MB, 750x1334, 262A1DE0-9985-44DD-9CC9-08185B…)

It’s not glow cass it’s grease. You’re greasy.

No. 772240

LA dropout style, sported by instathots who think they're hot shit

why they all do this, im not sure

this is fucking disgusting, her entire face is oily, cant tell if its her makeup or her actual face but either way it makes her look like a ball of grease

No. 772243

File: 1548549161263.jpeg (88.05 KB, 750x363, FF4437A7-0C5B-4B9A-BA82-D4C85A…)

Ok Tyler but doing what exactly?

No. 772266

Can someone explain to me how this guy has or makes money? Do people still buy his shitty clothes? How is he blowing cash this hard and looking like he lives in a basement simultaneously.

No. 772283

Wow, her label is really trying to position her as the female Peep

No. 772308

Is this a fancy way of saying your homeless?

No. 772318


What are you talking about anon? Everyone knows Tyler is a sooper famoose designer who owns three multimillion dollar properties in Hollywood and only travels by private jet!

No. 772322

I just checked his website, its down. Maybe he resales on different websites to easier scam ppl? idk

No. 772344

She's 100% an industry plant. Vid related.(lurk moar)

No. 772348

This has already been discussed, anon. We know.

No. 772372

we don't really care about the industry in these threads. we care about messy characters like tyler.

No. 772419

Pores galore. That's not even close to a "dewy" look what the hell did she put on her face or is it just sweat and oils

No. 772420

She really looks like Mykie(no contribution)

No. 772511

File: 1548612791919.png (111.08 KB, 720x494, Screenshot_20190127-191204.png)

No. 772515

File: 1548613090559.jpeg (531.01 KB, 2048x2048, DxuaLS-U8AAKsIl.jpeg)

She got fanart

No. 772594

I read ‘fat art’

No. 772739

this shit sounds like melanie martinez, and it's honestly not catchy, super cringy, and really annoying

No. 772742

File: 1548648943250.jpeg (119.32 KB, 640x370, 344130AA-72AD-4A7B-985A-F23E93…)

Pouya is freaking out on twitter about being “broke”

No. 772758

File: 1548652283946.png (60.16 KB, 605x283, Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 9.05…)

i love that he's trying to call people out for being attention seeking as if he isn't doing the same shit

No. 772770

Must feel triggered by his own rapey transgressions

No. 772955

File: 1548704836481.jpeg (98.3 KB, 1242x589, 602E64FF-1466-4EE0-8097-4294BE…)

poor baby. cry about it.

No. 773047

Ooooo they got her dookie contour on point

No. 773073

>>772770 lmfao honestly. why else would he even make a post about it

No. 773104

no shit Sherlock, you suck

No. 773113


No. 773135

File: 1548736745705.png (6.37 MB, 1125x2436, 55119674-3507-4AEE-B0ED-079C08…)

How much would it suck to have no induviduality whatsoever and be a creepy skinwalking ex-boyfriend stealing bitch with no life? Saged(new)

No. 773141

it would be a good idea to actually sage your post if announcing sage

No. 773525

File: 1548803251511.jpeg (264.16 KB, 750x540, B938B15A-CA70-4558-9ED0-3C82EF…)

That narcissism. That shit contour. Those inflated lips. Never change, Coconut

No. 773526

File: 1548803394155.jpeg (71.7 KB, 750x188, FCA5CBA6-9B5B-4219-9A59-5D265C…)

>threatens people on Twitter
>is a real life pure innocent angel uwu

No. 773527

File: 1548803536591.jpeg (341.63 KB, 750x919, 23610C40-C027-4062-9B47-00C33B…)

Pepper Annoyed has privated his Twitter again, I wonder how long it will last this time

No. 773533

i mean tru but shes just quoting an(embarrassing) lana tweet

No. 773550

File: 1548816054923.jpeg (171.38 KB, 1242x683, 469EE280-79C6-47D0-835B-8DB6B6…)

how are you going to call Omen XIII a cloud demon when you are one?

No. 773556

File: 1548818450814.jpeg (132.69 KB, 750x408, 3A330D9A-8143-4DD5-8D1C-A6C9DF…)

Crybaby Kev having a sook about not being on the line up while the clout demon (kek >>773550) is

No. 773564

File: 1548821276119.png (578.3 KB, 1314x573, Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 11.0…)

I wouldn't be surprised if his family was well off and he gets money from them.
I also think >>772322 might be on to something. I did a quick search of superrradical on grailed and quickly noticed this account. It has nearly 50 listings almost all of them are unopened superrradical merch. There's a couple other accounts that have multiple unopened superrradical listings but this one was by far the most sus. I wouldn't be surprised if he was making multiple accounts though. Lol at the profile picture being Peep in SR merch if he is behind it.

No. 773566

This is honestly priceless. I wonder if him not getting a spot has anything to do with the allegations? I know they've been out but it seems like they didn't get much attention until the latter half of 2018. I hope videos of Baby Goth's performance are posted. I'm dying to see her lack of stage presence and the awkward and confused crowd almost as much as the man fit Kevin must have had when he found out he wasn't booked.

No. 773572

Lmao Omenxiii is probably the only person from the SoundCloud scene that isn't a clout chaser or leech of any kind, while she's the most embarrassing form of it.

No. 773582

File: 1548826345462.jpeg (95.18 KB, 587x712, 721B8846-7DF0-46F4-A80E-9A1AEE…)

can someone explain this?

No. 773587

Fucking kek, what’s got him so pressed about GBC and pretty much every SoundClout shartist ever besides Kevin and Fat Albert? What a precious bitch. I mean their music is fucking shite but the sodium level here is hilarious

No. 773588

i wanna know why a portion of sbe/drain gang is on it when they aren't even close to the same genre?

No. 773605

If this is supposed to be a list of artists not to play before a Ghostmane show then literally what the fuck else is there to play? Every artist here has mutual fans with Ghostmane and the range of subgenres is so broad? It goes from Ecco2k to fucking YG. Also, why was it posted publicly (i'm assuming because how else would anon get it) instead of mailed to the Djs?

No. 773611

Tinfoil: what if Pouya got bumped because of baby goth? I'm sure they paid her way in. What if he just happened to be the artist that got axed?

No. 773614


It's standard protocol for people to give lists like this to venues. This means Ghost's DJ is gonna play these so don't take the wind out of their sails.

No. 773621


kek, no pouya or fat nick, the shade of it all. More tinfoil but he might be distancing himself from them in light of the allegations.

No. 773623

>puts Bones in the list
hahahaha he's still salty about bones roasting him

No. 773626

this is funny lmao but i kind of see what he's going for here, he might want more similar artists to his genre, which is metal, and none of those rappers are metal

No. 773758

File: 1548896502149.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1125x1871, 2C14B0BF-8714-42ED-8B4C-C9785E…)


No. 773760

Damn is she outside or is that just a dirty ass carpet?

No. 773762

File: 1548897795899.png (976.13 KB, 1280x720, aHqe3kNYQpORglDlVWwH_Deer_in_t…)

pic related is all I see in her photos

No. 774021

Where the fuck is her belly button

No. 774033

File: 1548974641540.jpeg (853.84 KB, 1125x1240, 3AE141FA-568D-4961-B55F-450BCB…)

This is just so cringy. Why would anyone think this is a good look?

No. 774042

File: 1548977522259.jpg (191.08 KB, 736x1026, 9a5c2d2980c21478e88c4917a39130…)

She's trying to be 2edgy4u. Her icon looks like some taylor momsen fan art. Pic related.

No. 774045

thats cause it is. google lucas david taylor momsen its the first pic

No. 774084

File: 1548984491974.jpg (62.88 KB, 536x202, imageedit_4_4124736811.jpg)

NO! I am talking about Spookybabyy's icon.

Right here!

I used the taylor momsen fan art as an example of what Spookybabyy's icon looked like!

I didn't know if she was trying to pass off that taylor momsen type fan art.. as a pic of herself.

No. 774085

*as fan art of herself

No. 774124


Her profile pic IS a pic of Taylor drawn by the same artist of the pic you posted.

No. 774141

lmaoo thanks for the chuckles

No. 774156

she looks like shes a part of kkk

No. 774170

File: 1549030893843.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-01-15-19-36…)

Right back atcha…

No. 774178

thats what i meant dumbass


No. 774277

Not sure if this belongs here but did anyone hear about Jakiichu, Ghostmane's girlfriend / fiancée, on IcePoseidon's (big Twitch streamer) stream with HennyHouse?

It was sketchy as hell, all I can say. People were saying it seemed like she was cheating, dunno, but she was either up to no good or is just pretty fucked up mentally.


Full clip for those interested. It happened two weeks ago or so. IcePoseidon's community is known to be a bunch of toxic incels, racists, etc. so they bombed her social media, leading her to deactivate it for quite some time.

There's also a 'follow up' clip to this

No. 774285

Def belongs here but that vid is long as hell and with out any context kinda makes no sense can you give us a run down of what the situation is?

No. 774334

File: 1549075073202.png (Spoiler Image, 876.23 KB, 720x1030, Screenshot_20190202-033444.png)

Milk is scarce. Fat Nick continues to be gross by putting Tekashi's toes into his nose.

No. 774335

File: 1549075154707.png (597.57 KB, 720x1026, Screenshot_20190202-033437.png)

I mean good for him but that's a bit delusional

No. 774339

File: 1549075703193.png (256.4 KB, 720x454, Screenshot_20190202-034659.png)

No. 774341

File: 1549075812125.jpeg (631.99 KB, 1857x2048, DyU9uJeXgAES0HV.jpeg)

Remember always people gossip for reasons

No. 774366

he's so jazzed to have a girlfriend, isn't he?

thank u coco for this lecture

No. 774373

okay but fr that definitely was sketch because she definitely didn't want her identity known and he was right, as soon as he mentions ghostemane she completely switches and starts crying and freaking out. and like the whole "bf…bff" thing. yeah no. she has to be cheating.

No. 774374

also makes sense cause she hangs out with Velvetears who lied about 93feetofsmoke abusing her so he wouldn't out her for cheating on him and being a manipulative bitch.

No. 774376

if you look, i think they broke up. they don't follow each other anymore.

No. 774377

File: 1549086897510.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x2072, 912A1AED-FC96-4783-B6BA-76DB08…)

the caption definitely makes it look like it too

No. 774418

Lmao the least subtle shade at victims speaking out about rapist pouya with evidence. Fuck her forever.

This could be spun against her as she always says he’s an angel - what’s your motivation coconut?

No. 774425

She deleted her instagram.

No. 774460

File: 1549120331186.jpeg (281.29 KB, 750x1298, 39BDE7C6-FA89-4451-926D-1644B8…)

she just posted this 23 minutes ago
on that note, this is so fucking weird, i actually liked her and ghostemane as a couple.

here is a theory by a comment on that yt video that makes sense to me:
>my theory is shes an escort sent by a viewer, thats why she couldn't be clear about why she randomly showed up. she got exposed lmao

No. 774461

>Velvetears lying about 93feetofsmoke abusing her
Do you have more info on this? I've been following her for like 2 years now and haven't heard that she was lying or even cheating

No. 774462


And just like that her relationship was ruined. Fr tho, that’s kinda sad. This whole scene is so fucking gross and toxic.

No. 774463

uhhh, no, you're just posing and sticking your neck up as far as possible lmao

No. 774489

File: 1549127544334.jpeg (457.56 KB, 1125x1458, 97A31633-1AB6-4E9B-BC07-F307E5…)

lmao coco is so desperate to keep the clout train going. Doing damage control in rapey kevs comments.

No. 774530

kinda ot but i always wonder how these "famous" guys respond to their girlfriends putting words in their mouths? regular guys have a tendency to feel trapped when girls speak on their behalf let alone clout hungry soundcloud rappers who want to keep an aura of freedom.

No. 774584

this is so sad. it feels like a mother very desperate to believe her retarded teenage son isn't already a predator and that she isn't forever linked to a sexual predator/liability to society, and all around failson

No. 774653

File: 1549162604478.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1899, 42E0EDD3-F12B-44E7-B1A5-E0EED7…)

they had a show where i'm at and she was all over dudes in front of 93 and he looked really upset about it. and then like i know people who know them and the situation and she's apparently crazy and lies about shit a lot, and she even posted this on her story after they had broken up and after she had originally "outted him" and she deleted it almost immediately after. his album came out after the whole thing (screen shot to not only show her listening to it but also of date it was screenshotted)

No. 774682

>proof of a date she listened to something
that's not very concrete

No. 774695

File: 1549173099097.jpg (165.56 KB, 660x960, IMG_20190203_004805.jpg)

I tried to find anything about her lying about the abuse and the only thing that came up was this comment thread on Reddit and a post on Twitter of someone talking about a video velvetears posted of 93 breaking open the door to the room she was in yelling at her (couldn't find the vid tho).
She might've cheated on him, who knows but it seems like the dude really was abusive with her.

No. 774696

that's pretty damning. someone can be a mess and tell lies and still be a victim of abuse.

No. 774711

yeah a shitty dude's main defense is to say the girl is "HELLA CRAZY" when she is well aware of the trust when she speaks out. we all know that.

a lot of people went off at one point against the rumors of layla's false cheating allegations, and considering how peep treated her and cheated constantly, it would've been understandable if the girl got some action she deserved.

i believe this guy beats on her and those are things an abuse victim would say. that's heartbreaking. of course now she has trust issues and maybe, just maybe, she wants that cute love but either feels like a) if she goes after it she has to reveal her whole self to do it and may feel that's too much for a man to handle (or what she may have been told by the abuser to stay with him) or b) she's afraid of her abusive partner's retaliation. that shit is FUCKING insane.

No. 774724

Who cares about that ghost mane girl really?! Wtf

No. 774727

Ghostmane is literally a huge part of SoundClout what are you on

No. 774732

I don’t know anything about either of these people but that girl seemed so uncomfortable from the second she appeared in the livestream. I didn’t get to the part where she was crying or whatever but I could believe she was having a real anxiety attack given that she looked super shook from the very start

Dude sounds like an asshole damn. I only know her from being for rozz dyliams girl for like 3 seconds (they said that got married which I thought was super weird ngl)

This is a millions times milkier that the out of touch dorks acting like his dj/tours house music outline is a signifier of beef 2 days ago

No. 774755

>not saging
>trying to deter the conversation
ghostemane is that you? or is it jakii?

No. 774763

File: 1549208508260.png (217.82 KB, 750x1334, B242C3B4-968D-4E9F-A60C-3AA2DC…)

here’s some milk, ghostemane telling a fan to stfu when shown the video of jaki, seems like he’s in denial

No. 774919

i don’t really know what he would be in denial over because NOBODY knows why jaki was there in the first place. i’m tinfoiling that she was high as fuck and legitimately ended up having a panic attack and not knowing why she was there.

No. 774932

Ok but aren't they not following eachother? Is this just displaced anger on his part because his fiance is a thot? I'd be p fucked up over it idk.

No. 774935

Dudes probably feeling pissed off and humiliated

No. 774937

She had no problem getting in a car with random dudes but they start asking for her socials and mention her boyfriend and she starts tweaking? Fuck that. I'm sure she was extra sketch because she was high but people knowing she was dating someone famous and a bunch of witnesses on live knowing her identity would've made her safer. She didn't want the audience spreading the information and was really struggling for a plausible reason she was there. Her excuses were laughable. No reason to be deceptive if you don't have something to hide.

No. 774938

It's honestly a safe tactic to tell strange men you have a boyfriend because guys usually will respect other guys and back off. Even if she did feel unsafe I think a majority of her anxiety was because of the fact that she was being recorded and the gravity of what that meant hit her.

No. 774942

Ok was she was pretty mellow until one guy read a comment on the live and said something about "throwing her" on the other guy and then they said something about getting in a hot tub back at the house. I think she realized it looked like she was cheating and that the guys thought she was down and was afraid Ghost would see it. The obvious move would've been to shut them down and say yo I'm engaged but I think her being high made her extra paranoid.

No. 774944

Sidenote: and on top of her being paranoid about being recorded and looking like a cheater I think the weird comments they made also made her scared and her highasfuck brain thought a. she was unsafe and b. she was being recorded and it looked like she was about to cheat

No. 774959

File: 1549273390627.jpeg (127.75 KB, 750x440, 5641BE35-C0CE-4564-AE7B-491412…)

Grosso’s Twitter is public again

>drug/alcohol free


No. 774990

I agree with you but there were some shady parts. Like when he asked her how people know her and she says her “BF” and he says “BF?” and you can see in her face she’s like fuck and blurts out “my BFF”. Also the part where the other guy asks her about a concert?? Nobody mentioned a concert throughout the entire video so they had to be talking previously. Idk it’s an interestingly strange video.

No. 775021

when is he going to shut the fuck up about being a vegetarian. hes been lying about this for months. we all know you gorge on meat grosso you slobby shit

No. 775056

Even if it's true he's definitely a carb heavy pasta, chips, cookies and soda vegetarian not a quinoa and kale vegetarian.

vegetarian ≠ healthy necessarily

No. 775076

File: 1549315290406.jpg (23.17 KB, 614x533, h6wnk2x774c21.jpg)

late reply but ghostemane was (and still is) on his first tour through europe right now, just for some context.

ghostmane's girlfriend, jakiichu, meets up at a random location with two dudes, a big streamer (iceposeidon) and a youtuber (hennyhouse), who are streaming together, in the middle of nowhere - jakii has never met them before.

she gets into a car with them after her friend just told her "hey, you should meet this guy" (meaning hennyhouse) and then she later 'randomly' finds the stream and thought "this is cool" and will just "pull up to meet [them]" (her own words). she says that she has smoked weed prior to this.

some small talk, she seems very interested in the streaming stuff (what they do, the fans aka stream snipers, how much money they make, how many people are watching the stream etc.)
so she proceeds to get into a car with these two random dudes she has never met before - in the middle of the night - and they have no real destination (they said they are just driving around until their gas is empty).

and then the tea spills: they start asking about her.
henny: "what are you known for […]?"
jakii: "my bf heh"
ice: "your bf?"
jakii: my bff, yeah.."
ice: "what does that mean?"
jakii: "i don't know, nothing really. i don't know why anyone would know me"
[quick side-note, she is a suicide girl aka nude alternative model]
henny: "what's your instagram"
jakii: "i keep my instagram private"
[not true btw]

then ice starts saying stuff like he was surprised that she even showed up and asks what even made her come meet up and she seems a bit anxious / fidgety and says "idk i just thought we were gonna hang out and chill and talk", "this is crazy heh"

henny and ice say a LOT of dumb shit. for example that ice meets a lot of homeless girls, talk about getting into a hot tub, they get text-to-speech messages via the stream (from fans) saying stuff like "lol they will through you (jakii) onto henny" and she goes off on a tangent of how she is a registered nurse and she wants to talk about her livestream about meditation, depression and how she has "actually helped people" and says that she only came now because she only wanted to get out her "message".

then people in the chat of the stream start finding out who she is and start posting "ghostmane" and ice brings up "do you know who ghostmane is?", she says "that's my boyfriend, my fiance". ice asks again "who's ghostemane?" (he does not know of him and chat started spamming, so he was confused).

jakii asks for them to pull over and says that she is very scared and now she is in a car with two dudes that she doesn't know and she starts crying.

her body language when he asks about her boyfriend and when ghostmane is mentioned is kinda fucked up tbh, here's a shorter clip of the instance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rDesooARjY

No. 775079

File: 1549317001158.png (288.89 KB, 444x515, jakii.png)

also, sorry for samefagging, but i remembered that there was a lowkey follow-up… if you can even call it that. DISCLAIMER: a lot of aneurysm-inducing text-to-speech shit from the stream in the background.

part 1: https://streamable.com/a5iw9
part 2: https://streamable.com/zoms5
part 3: https://streamable.com/81ewn

[interesting is that a lot of the videos of this, which were posted on youtube shortly after this happened, have now been removed.]

a lot of it is just nothing worthwhile though.
tl;dr: she ends up meeting up with henny and ice again and going to ice's house and 'explaining herself'.

her explanation: she thought that they were going to meet up for a BUSINESS MEETING (??) but then thought she got tricked and that ice and henny were actually crazy ghostmane fan kids or something as soon as they brought up his name and that they were going to do her some harm.

she says she should've done more research on them, that meeting up after 10pm isn't unusual for her, the neighborhood isn't sketchy, she didn't question the one dude being a robe, and she says she got freaked out because she got kidnapped before (causing her to freak-out), starts saying some bullshit along the lines of jUsT beCauSe a WoMAn GeTs in ThE CaRr wItH a GuY doeSnT MeAN shE wanTs SomEtHInG.

idk, doesn't sound completely out of this world but smells like bullshit to me. she's also switching her story up like 3-4 times WHY she actually met up with them but each to their own.

the rest of the stuff is her just talking about the streamer revenue and her… using a flamethrower…?

"i've never met such interesting people", she said. she seems dumb as fuck. i just feel bad for ghost.

No. 775088

File: 1549320006832.png (179.74 KB, 743x430, 154931914172171784.png)

No. 775090

File: 1549321148685.png (222.44 KB, 1186x606, sg.png)

No. 775092

File: 1549321430545.png (227.66 KB, 1351x516, patreon.png)

No. 775094

File: 1549321735800.png (139.23 KB, 286x584, twitter.png)

No. 775154

See I was onboard the she was high and made an idiotic decision then got tweaked out train but this "business meeting" shit is BOLOGNA. They were confused as fuck the WHOLE time. They kept trying to ask her who she was, why did she show up, what does she do. She couldn't give them a straight answer. They weren't even expecting her how tf is she going say it was a business meeting when they had 0 clue why she showed up. This chick is mad dense. Poor Ghost.

No. 775156

Ghost better watch out. She's a fame hungry attention whore.

No. 775159

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they split solely because she's a dumb ass. Who goes to a random location high as fuck and gets in the car with strange men they've never met in the middle of the night to go nowhere particular? Some of you might not know this but before ghost went SoundClout he was an astrophysicist. He might not have the patience for this kind of clout hungry unsafe behavior. He's pretty low drama unlike a lot of people in the scene and he seems to keep his private life private and his career fairly professional.

No. 775161

Yea he's a smart guy. He doesn't seem to want a dramatic peep&toopoor/pouya&coco situation. It makes him look bad and her motives are sus. She couldn't even tell them her "friend's" name so they definitely don't even have a friend in common. She just kept saying "my friend" told me to meet you guys but I wouldn't be surprised if it was all her idea and that was just her excuse to meet up with some LA streamers and get clout and it all backfired horribly.

No. 775168

She's probably upset Ghost isn't blowing up her spot quick enough so she's slithering around LA looking for other sources of exposure. Guess the ring wasn't enough and her motives for being with him weren't all that pure. It's honestly a good thing this happened before they got hitched for his sake. She seemed really nice and normal I can see why he got duped

No. 775169

> It's honestly a good thing this happened before they got hitched for his sake.
Yep. Her true colors coming out saved his ass! He dodged a bullet!

No. 775190

jesus christ you retards are so annoying. stop uwuing over your poor boyfriend ghostemane and consider that she was most likely called out there by one of iceposeidon’s fans, like getting swatted. its an extremely common around iceposeidon and she is possibly a sex worker on the low, which would explain her wanting to keep some parts of her life “private”.

No. 775202

>poor ghost
>she's terrible man!
>he's smart
>the ring
I mean could you be any more transparent. If you think this little thread is going to be a good publicity vehicle, you're getting too high.

No. 775219

I got rapey vibes when she’s trying to get out of the car and her door is child locked..

No. 775232

ok first ghostmane is a huge part of the scene you wouldn't even need to be a stan to know about him or be interested in this milk, and second who the fuck is iceposeidon and why would anyone know this is a common thing people do? he looks like a run of the mill boring LA vlogging dumbass

No. 775234

this is kind of terrible publicity and she's obviously trying to minimize the damage to her/ghost's reputation with her pathetic explanatory video so why would she be on here calling herself a clouthungry whore lmao

No. 775235

Found the idiot who watches fucking vlogs. Stop policing the milk. If you find something milkier post it but imo a prominent SoundClout artist's girlfriend potentially being a call girl on the low and getting caught on a live stream is pretty milky

No. 775236

File: 1549354188886.jpeg (59.09 KB, 1080x1345, 1549333489266.jpeg)

the terrible stylings of Cassidy Hill

No. 775237

File: 1549354211201.jpg (332.84 KB, 593x1182, 1549333326325-1.jpg)

anotha one

No. 775238

My god she looks so fat

No. 775240

put a bralette over a blazer! I'm a creative genius!

lmao she tries so fucking hard and still misses the mark entirely

No. 775252

*tube top, also doesn't layla have this in red?

No. 775254

She does. Lots of instathots have it. It's a pretty generic piece I honestly don't know how she managed to style it so badly. Seems undoable.

No. 775258

fashion troll

No. 775287

Plus we’re all forgetting Ghost is “best friends uwu” with our friend Pouya

No. 775302

Maybe jakiichu was looking to buy drugs?

It’s pretty well discussed on IcePoseidon’s reddit that he does a LOT of coke and prescription drugs (adderall, modafinil, xanax, etc etc). Some people think he does meth too.

Would kind of explain why she got in a random car, why she flipped out when they asked her about personal details/her bf on camera, why she couldn’t give a straight answer about why she was there and had endless excuses….If she was there just to buy/leech drugs bc a friend told her they had some or something, it also makes sense that she didn’t know they were streamers.

And if she was already high on something else other than weed/in addition to weed and starting to come down and looking to buy more, her weird as fuck reactions kinda start to make more sense to me.

No. 775311

do you mongs have the reading proficiency of a toddler? i know exactly who ghostemane is and where he stands in the scene and NOWHERE did i say this isn’t milk. i said stop crying over him and defending him and making jaki into the bad guy when you don’t know the full story. fucking schizos.

No. 775312

who the fuck is a suicide girl this is so embarrassing

No. 775339

File: 1549390163109.jpeg (75.93 KB, 738x1600, 81BDA660-B84D-490C-8DD1-52D43C…)


No. 775342

post the rest of the conversation

No. 775352

Have Pouya and Coco always not followed each other on IG?

No. 775357

nta but iceposeidon is famous for getting swatted. he got banned from twitch and even mentioning his name on there can get you into trouble. he got swatted on an airplane, he live streamed a suicide, general fuckery etc. so yeah he's unfortunately not just some run of the mill LA vlogger and i don't blame that girl for being scared because him and his fans are insane

No. 775358

No they definitely used to be mutual

No. 775367


Okay but what does any of this have to do with what Jakiichu did? She didn't even know him, who he was, etc. and even said so multiple times.
If you don't like the milk then post something worthwhile yourself or stop complaining about it.

Also, >>775339 post more.

No. 775380

nothing. i was just explaining and giving some info and like i said i wasn't that anon so i wasn't complaining. you need to relax

No. 775395

This. It's obnoxious to act like we should all know who this guy is when he's not a part of this scene at all and has never been posted on the thread before. Thank you for filling us in anon.

No. 775396

Kinda childish of them considering Coco's cancer is def getting worse. If anyone's watched her story recently she bought a bunch of gold for herself at a jewelry story a day or 2 ago after getting some tests results back because "f u my body is deteriorating I do what I want".

No. 775399

They are following each other though

No. 775405

File: 1549405329577.png (21.11 KB, 465x108, 154940530435847617.png)


No. 775410

File: 1549406476793.png (37.97 KB, 353x627, Q&A.png)

>breast reduction
This is an answer about it from her Q&A tumblr.


No. 775414

File: 1549407253233.png (91.2 KB, 579x564, SG.png)

>who the fuck is a suicide girl

Apparently it's a group of alt-models that aren't treated well. idk.


No. 775418

>not part of this scene at all
He literally is a huge part of this scene though; he just isn't milky because he keeps his personal shit very hidden, usually, thus isn't spoken of often (if at all).

No. 775419

>He literally is a huge part of this scene
[citation needed]

No. 775424

…What? I’ve followed Ice for a long time and no, he’s not really part of the Soundcloud scene at all. He lives in LA and might have a few mutual acquaintances in common but doesn’t regularly hang out with any of the people in this thread at all.

Also, no he DEFINITELY does not keep his shit private, he shares way too much with his stream actually. And he is incredibly milky/cringe/dramatic, that’s why he has a whole freaking subreddit where people talk about his bs going back yeaaaaaars - https://www.reddit.com/r/Ice_Poseidon/

No. 775457

>my tiny frame
coco is literally at least a size 10 or 12

No. 775461

Translation: I'm trying to milk your struggles for clout because you're both getting way more attention than me and I've fallen off because no one wants to deal with my bs anymore

No. 775462

jesus you know you're getting old when you frequent a board where people have never heard of suicidegirls.

No. 775463

speaking of pepper is superrrandical officially over now or is he still just a dramatic man baby who pretends that owning a successful clothing company is suuuuch a burden even though he will never in a million years ever slaughter his cash cow?

No. 775464

It literally says in the Superrradical insta bio "NEW ITEMS COMING SOON" lmao he's full of it

No. 775466

i think the person that said "who the fuck is a suicide girl" meant it like "who the fuck is a suicide girl these days" because it's so lame and outdated and no one cares about that website anymore. But yes I felt old too reading the other response from someone who clearly had never heard of SG before.

No. 775489

He talked about being fired and now he has money for houses etc, idk if anything he says is true but wondering if someone forcibly bought him out? We'll see I guess.

No. 775510

I've followed Velvetears on Twitter for a while and I actually remember her posting the video of 93 breaking the door open. I'm pretty sure she was harassed into deleting because she got a lot of backlash. She also posted pictures of the back of her legs all bruised up too but that's been deleted as well. I wish I had caps but this all happened over the summer

No. 775533

File: 1549436592115.png (317.07 KB, 683x434, 15494364476626328.png)

>he's full of it
Yes, he is! He has a bunch of out dated trash on there! It doesn't mean anything! I had a chuckle at this post [screen cap related] Look how quickly he ate his words!


No. 775591

>"out of respect"

lmao not like you faked emails between you and peep's mom, blamed her for the whole ordeal, and then tried to publicly drag her for your fuck up ty

so much respect

No. 775630

File: 1549480764028.gif (3.33 MB, 498x342, 154948120235268379.gif)

>so much respect

No. 775635

My bad, misunderstood, I thought it was about Ghost.

No. 775659

File: 1549489813143.jpg (66.06 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Oh and just an fyi. Peeps not wearing a SR hoodie in that gif.

No. 775660

File: 1549489840723.jpg (114.79 KB, 750x1000, 835edf8a600194df8b8089d384eef4…)

No. 775681

File: 1549493408262.png (38.41 KB, 635x300, 15494877485255822.png)

No. 775694

we'll see about that lmao

No. 775770

I honestly feel like coco is milking the fuck out of her cancer if she ever has it anymore. And if she still does she’s spending the last of her days posting hoe pics and trying to be pure and angelic. Bitch why you so toxic and a compulsive liar and being fake as fuck w her dollar store quality ass eyelashes

No. 775772

File: 1549524393871.gif (676.65 KB, 160x160, giphy (5).gif)

I'm at the edge of my seat for this

No. 775850

File: 1549553493678.png (537.8 KB, 750x1334, BED4CA97-0C1F-4CF8-A3C0-ED4110…)

lol tyler’s rich trying to call someone out on being bipolar, also the context is offset and chris brown beefing

No. 775884

I SWEAR I remember her posting sometime in 2018 that she was in remission? I can't find any trace of it online anymore but if her cancer ended up coming back it would make sense for her to delete everything. Does anyone else remember this?

No. 775885

File: 1549564383951.jpeg (75.63 KB, 1125x486, 0CB04382-5D14-40E5-BA94-5999C2…)

Posted last night. Grosso Locked up again? My guess is parole violation

No. 775938

i remember it.

No. 775951

He could've just had court or some parole thing and wanted to use it to sound like a cryptic edgy fuck. If he is going to jail tho it's definitely because of a parole violation.

No. 775978

File: 1549589260191.jpeg (792.31 KB, 828x1502, FB7C8E6B-A8CE-49DC-8EF6-F88BE8…)

LOL sure

No. 776036

What is this aesthetic even supposed to be? White trash shotgun wedding Samara? She really needs to get rid of those god awful extensions.

No. 776063

top kek
She says streaming platforms, sounds like she's talking about sc, Spotify, and apple music. So is the music video not happening anymore? Seems like that's what the fans are anticipating the most now considering snippets of the song have been posted to death. She's been hyping this song since October, it would make the most sense to premiere the music video on her YT at one set time along with dropping the song. At least then fans might feel like it was worth the wait since they're getting both at the same time.

No. 776077

File: 1549600053750.png (641.81 KB, 750x1334, C58D0BBF-1515-4F75-AEB1-9CD198…)

Apparently it is going on youtube. If she didn’t drop the music video she’d truly be an idiot.

No. 776078

She's def talking about streaming platforms but I've been checking a few streaming platforms using a far east vpn and nothings coming up so I guess we'll see when it hits midnight in the us time zones

No. 776082

nrmnd it's up on youtube (just audio) I'll get it up in a sec

No. 776083

File: 1549601035615.webm (10.59 MB, 1920x1080, output.webm)

No. 776086

Sounds like a disney star's first attempt at a racy song

No. 776088


After 6 months of teasing samples it's already played out.

No. 776089

So there's no video? Wtf

No. 776090

File: 1549603844715.jpg (1.33 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190207-232803_Ins…)

Registered nurse survival kit lmfao

No. 776091

If there is it’s not out on youtube jp,nz, aus, kr or Singapore. It’s weird the only place I could find it is YouTube, sans mv. normally my pirating setup gets me releases from Spotify as soon as it’s out in any timezone idk why she didn’t and still won’t pop up.

No. 776092

changing the game for girls one Bella Thorne b-side at a time

No. 776093

So accurate lol I’m embarrassed for her

No. 776094

I'm a sucker for shitty soundcloud rapper music but this is just… disappointing

No. 776095

File: 1549606310697.png (986.65 KB, 750x1334, B4AEECC6-0F5A-4F7E-BF5D-0D1E80…)


No. 776097

Same anon from >>776063, apparently the music video drops in an hour.
I am too! But the whole song is pretty underwhelming imo. Especially considering all the hype she built up around it. The beat is basic and repetitive, the lyrics aren't anything groundbreaking and also pretty repetitive. I can't really see her making a career off of music with how she handled the execution of one song. Imagine an entire album or even ep.
I knew that motherfucker wasn't in jail!!!

No. 776102

why is this production so shit? this literally sounds like a karaoke backing track… and i swear to god if you told me this was from lindsay lohan's second album i would believe you.

honestly there are some good soundclout producers but this is just terrible. if this what's good enough to be her first single… yikes.

No. 776110

File: 1549612211325.gif (3.69 MB, 400x376, rdlol.gif)

you nailed it, anon

No. 776119


No. 776121

I was coming here to say it was giving me shitty Lindsay Lohan vibes glad I wasnt the only one

No. 776123

I agree with you, the sample is repetitive and it's too bad she teased her song that much cause there was no surprise effect. The refrain was already known too, even seen in one of her ig post, and I got some The Veronica's vibes (remember them? Yeah me neither) but nothing more. The MV is not that bad, but it's basically some narcissistic-edgy shots that tell vaguely a story. It's good enough for the teen audience. But I can't imagine an entire album.

No. 776131

Exactly. I also feel like it's a bit predictable. I would expect her to make music that sounds like this. A lot of comments say it sounds Peep influenced and I agree but Peep's sound was genuinely him. He made rock samples in rap beats as popular as they are and now it's extremely overdone. With Layla, it feels like she's going for this sound because it's expected of her and it's popularized, it doesn't feel genuine. Imo the music video was more original and genuine to her brand.

No. 776138

The fake vhs distortion on that 1080p picture is so cringe like pick an aesthetic. I don’t think even lil xan would be that corny.

Also did anyone really need to see killstaion that close to being naked

No. 776140

Lyrically it's so sparse, even for a 3 minute song.

You're my enemy and my remedy
But if you're not gonna bleed for me, go

I like the wordplay of enemy and remedy but the line is not so cool that it bears repeating, and it loses its edge being sung four times. She should have come up with a second line.

The way she clips the "t" from "get" makes her sound like she's affecting an English accent for that one word which is distracting.

No. 776144

How is nobody talking about
>it takes two to toxic (which lol no it dont bruh)
>crazy doesnt mean i dont have feelings

I have only heard samples of Billie but even with how cringe the whole "depressed teenager" bullshit is, theres atleast a modicum of subtext, but a grown fucking woman can't do better than a My Immortal fanfic tier literacy?

Layla should have kept herself to thot dj'ing.

No. 776151

Tyler is a walking mental illness istg(emojis)

No. 776156

Honestly it's not surprising, she's waist deep in a scene that's made up largely of very young people and she's priveleged as hell. It makes sense that she would be completely lacking perspective. She needs to branch out and grow up a little and then maybe JUST maybe she'd have some depth.

No. 776163

thanks, i hate it

honestly tho it's exactly the dumpster fire i expected it to be
you can't base your music career off of a stale tumblr aesthetic

No. 776164

>sounds Peep influenced
tbh the song is probably about peep.

No. 776174


Theres been rumours and gossip about suicide girls as a company for like a decade, if you wanna google for milk its quite interesting

No. 776181

LMAO henny said in another aftermath video that ivory "hit him up" she was going to cheat, notice how she said she was watching the stream herself recognised the location and pulled up, then 10 mintues later said her friend set the whole thing up.


No. 776190

Lol, all of these comments are so accurate. Pretty Reckless goes pop. that said, I still like the song tbh

No. 776206

No wonder she dragged her feet to drop this shit. My advice? Pick it back up, it’s trash

No. 776214

I actually never listen to Peep until today to have an opinion (the 16 Lines MV is really awkward he was high on what exactly?) and yeah I see what you say, rock base and some beats but not really the same way to sing. More predictable than I thought. Plus her voice is not really nice. Actually I neither like his or her music style but I understand why teens do.
LOL for the last sentence cause true, the brand was pretty bad.

I feel a bit the same, especially after hearing the "it takes two to toxic".

No. 776218

Enemy/remedy has been done before by The Abandoned Pools. Unsurprising.

Also I feel like she's too old for this concept and lyrics. She's not "old" yet, but def too old for this concept.

Also for fucks' sake why does she still have the ratty mile-long extensions? Who isn't telling het that she looks a fucking mess? This is why you need true friends, girls. Or is her ~aesthetic~ really to be that disgusting? Idek at this point

Honestly the song is okay but she really fucked the marketing up. If that's what you wanna call it.

No. 776225

Anyone else think she sounds retarded when she sings the chorus? Kekekek

No. 776239

File: 1549649905658.jpeg (4.73 KB, 238x211, download.jpeg)

>Also did anyone really need to see killstaion that close to being naked

He ruined the video.

He could have made a quick cameo and dipped.

She should have had a peep body double stepping in, if the vid was about him.

No. 776243

Everyone would lose their shit then. I think that she could do anything and people would still have something negative to say

No. 776244

File: 1549651007923.gif (1.18 MB, 344x344, original.gif)

The peep body-double shit could have been done in a subtle way.

No. 776247

File: 1549651459858.gif (2.85 MB, 500x281, abFQ9Q1vdg10oo1.gif)

Killstation 100% ruined the video.

>inb4 I get banned.

No. 776273

File: 1549656277375.jpeg (397.7 KB, 1101x2877, D9878B9D-1280-4E4B-88D1-90803A…)

The og video has him doing coke on cam I haven’t watch the label version but I’d you wanna compare to the og if you want https://vimeo.com/288091123

That would have been an awful idea lol. Killstaion being in it is whatever I’ve just never seen him look so gross before

I think she might have taken that p lame and as one anon said incorrect line from Adam from ham on everything. Kinda funny is she did that’s like a fourth of the song she didn’t even write.

No. 776275

anyone else think her voice is very nasally?

No. 776276

There's a part in the original stream where he asks her how a concert she went to was. At first she's like "huh" and then she's like "Oh it was good!" But there's no mention of this concert previously in the stream so it looks like they'd been in communication before.

No. 776280

can the peepettes keep it in their pants?

No. 776285


She sounds nasally because she either doesn't know how to sing (with the right technique, you won't sound nasal) or the person who mixed and mastered her track doesn't know shit about EQ'ing voices

Tbh I think it's a combination of both, judging by the quality of the song and the unholy amount of autotune used (note: no hate on autotune, it can come in handy, but layla uses it waaaay too much)

No. 776286

>The Veronica's vibes
This! I think the video is pretty fun in a cliche way and the teens will love it, it's a shame that the song never seems to get anywhere. It's just a constant intro and bridge

No. 776294

I think the song is ok, its her first and she has a limited talent

No. 776295

Can killstations tree-stump-torso-stumpy-looking-ugly-ass not take up 70% of a video that no one wants to see him in?

No. 776296

This is like, this generation's version of scene right? That's the vibes I'm getting. In a way it's making me feel nostalgic but I'm old enough to see it as sooo cringy. My 15 year old self would probably like this because of how old she is so it looks "mature" and "cool" to younger girls.

No. 776307

This, it was a swing and a miss. Some of the shots were really good, like her cutting off the ends of her extensions. I actually laughed at the scenes of her painting over her old apartment walls, this didn’t seem very “crazy” but more like a 20-something trying to get their apartment deposit back. “It takes two to toxic” sounds very unnatural in the chorus.

No. 776343

You’re late and that’s already been specified. Read the damn thread first.

No. 776368

i cant wait for her fans to excuse their shitty behaviour with "he said that he likes crazy girls but he hates when i act crazy"

No. 776426

Ah yes, the new battle cry of crippling immaturity

No. 776752

File: 1549820931197.png (1.21 MB, 720x1000, Screenshot_20190210-184315.png)


someone made a bad Klimt of Kevin and Courtney lol

No. 776795

Random mentally-ill-artist pouya/other-artist fan/groupie. Nothing worth posting about tbqh.

No. 776805

Lmao i cant, he looks like jesus

No. 776927

File: 1549859898451.jpeg (132.06 KB, 828x639, 2FD05EDD-51D6-4B7C-B7F2-465A83…)


No. 776932

>performing to no one


>performing at the fucking grammys

What's that supposed to mean? Are the "little people" that helped make him, nobody's?

No. 776972

jesus you guys are dense i know what they are they're the lamest bitches on earth I'm asking who the fuck is one in 2019 that's not even ironic cool it's just like crackwhore mom aesthetic

No. 776974

sorry not sorry
i fucking loved it
she painted over her tacky soundclout wall and it's like finally she's doing something on her own with her own image and expanding, not relying on a dude. yeah dudes helped produce it but she's the star of it, good for fucking her. i remember not long ago she was victim posting in psych ward issued socks while peep just defamed the shit out of of her.

is she a genius? nah but it's fun and younger girls will listen to it and feel ok to be weird and just have fun, maybe gain some confidence to realize men can't handle 'crazy' and live for themselves.

i don't get it why are people tearing this down so hard? it's layla, it's going to be a little campy but the styling is on point, she's interesting to watch. and again, she puts an end to her soundclout benchmark wall which is actually a huge step forward. her long time bf is in it doing exactly what she directs, thats cool and supportive.

i'm not a fan but I'm really happy for her, good for her.

No. 776976

Bullshit, it sounds more bratmobile influenced and all other cutesy girl punk c'mon. peep isn't the center of everything, there's no emo or trap in this that claim is hella baseless.

yes actually, we did, make a dude mostly naked for once tho put him in some nice black boxer briefs the fuck are those tighty whities girl.

it was luke it was in her captions when they dated it was talked about a lot here

i'll research and make a thread if anyone is down

No. 776988


This is fucking hilarious, how can anyone look at this and think “yep, solid fan art, definitely a compliment”. But then all Coconut’s fans are deluxe autists, so…

No. 777003

>it was luke it was in her captions when they dated it was talked about a lot here

eh I disagree, the "he says he likes crazy girls but he hates when I act crazy" line is a direct quote from when she was dating peep and she was clearly head over heels insane for the kid to the point where he had complete control over her and none of her exes after from grosso to luke to that other one I forgot had that kind of sway over her she just kept getting back with him no matter how much they fought and with everyone else she lets then go relatively easily and doesn't seem hung up at all

I don't think she'll ever openly admit it tho bc people demonize her as peep's evil ex who broke his heart when really it was the other way around and she had 0 power over him

No. 777009

Agreed. The painting over her tacky walls bit was the smartest part. It's like she's painting over being a career cow who pisses in the street with shrimp, does heroin with and gets gaslit by grosso, suicide posts over peeps head games etc and is FINALLY becoming an adult.

Of course the obvious symbolism of erasing her past and starting with a blank slate went completely over her immature fans heads and they're all sad about it in the comments.

Kind of a small piece of performance art and the most redeeming part of the video imo even if you discredit the rest.

No. 777093

he is sucking up so hard yet manages to be tactless about an early gig that could have meaning for post. As always just wants second-hand relevancy while being a clueless jack-ass and obsessed with numbers yawn

maybe you're right. I guess it's good as beginner art. the admiration is misguised though. they don't deserve art.

I agree partially. I'm also happy for her leading a happier relationship. The hate she gets for the peep fiasco is mostly unwarranted and misguided.

But is she herself really into the music putting it off for so long? Maybe she is unhappy with her deal or something or insecure.

She def is the sanest out of the usual cows here despite emotional problems and the most self-aware and I can respect that

No. 777212

Have you guys seen this Valentine's Day commercial Tekashi is in? This shit is so funny and such an obvious PR move.

No. 777453

Some good points here, thanks for posting.

I think it’s a solid effort from her, not the best but definitely respectable and pretty catchy. It’s grown on me after listening a couple times - I’m interested to hear her future songs and see where she goes with this.

No. 777458

>you guys are dense
Uh. I wouldn't say that. However, not erry1z engrish is the greatest!!1!1!

No. 777459

File: 1549957923287.webm (7.78 MB, 638x360, 69-valentine.webm)

here's a back-up vid

No. 777463

File: 1549959059676.png (112.35 KB, 630x270, 15499589012302541.png)

No. 777497

from Nicki Minaj to this.

No. 777554

This bitch fucking swears everybody is out to get her. How does anybody TRY to murder someone?? She's probably never talked to or seen her neighbors. Shut the fuck up layla, you're an idiot.

No. 777564

File: 1549994923806.jpg (168.48 KB, 750x1334, 50585228_271661223718968_41911…)

then perish

No. 777565

File: 1549994962010.jpg (201.08 KB, 1080x1920, 51912052_2039040276186561_2588…)

sounds ………. comfortable

No. 777571

5$ that he paid someone to custom sew it from a versace bathrobe cause he cant afford a two piece anymore kek

No. 777635

File: 1550009996796.png (43.26 KB, 633x324, dd.png)

Pouya has commented on the accusations on Twitter

No. 777640

Damn wonder what made him make a statement, the pouya/fat nick rapist jokes have been prevalent for months

No. 777646

No idea but some of his recent tweets have gotten a few replies accusing him of being a rapist or mentioning that whole thing, so yeah

No. 777647

No idea but some of his recent tweets have gotten a few replies accusing him of being a rapist or mentioning that whole thing, so yeah

No. 777672

Isn't he like.. in jail rn? I'm assuming this was filmed prior to that unless he was freed and I missed the memo

Guarantee you he's done everything BUT see mental health professionals

Check yourself in grosso. Stop publicly whining about it for pity points. No one feels bad for you because you could 100% afford to get help if you wanted to and are actively choosing not to.

I swear to god his romanticization of KC has him thinking being mentally ill gives him clout and that's why he will continue refusing to get help and being an abusive gaslighting POS to everyone around him

No. 777674

Why didn't he address it if he's innocent? I don't understand. Avoiding it just makes it looks like you have something to hide.

No. 777680

Those gangbang videos and the way his boys go about violating groupies is disgusting. At the very least he pressures fans into uncomfortable situations and traumatizes them for kicks and at the worst he's a rapist. Also allegations asside he definitely 100% cheated on coco.

No. 777681

Ok not defending him but if he is innocent than publicly acknowledging he had consensual sex with a groupie and she regretted it afterwards means publicly acknowledging that he cheated on Coco. Maybe the only reason he hasn't said anything is because Coco doesn't want it getting out that he's been cheating on her when he's on the road. She's pretty narcissistic I could totally see her being completely adamant that he say nothing about it for the sake of preserving their image since her relationship is her main source of clout and recognition and it would would shatter the fairytale romance facade she's built and amassed a following from

No. 777682

Pressuring someone into sex that traumatizes them is rape. Sorry idc. He was famous and he knew they were afraid to say no.

No. 777687

damn I never thought of this but it makes a lot of sense considering she's the one trying to silence people and acting like a pitbull on twitter while he stays hush

this tho, hesitation should be taken as withdrawal of consent when you know the person you're trying to fuck is a fan of yours

way too much of a fucked power dynamic for him to play dumb and b like "she technically didn't say no tho"

men are mad dense

No. 777691

If I remember correctly she said she continuously said "I've never done something like that" and was unsure and they kept saying there's a first time for everything. She said she left crying. They may not see it as rape because they pressured her into consenting but you shouldn't take unwillingness as a hurdle to overcome. When someone says no or even I'm not sure if I want to do this you should back off. Don't treat it as a challenge treat it as a boundry.

No. 777698

Correct me if I’m misremembering, but weren’t some of the groupie videos posted in previous threads and wasn’t Coco filming one of them or something? Or am I getting mixed up with the Adam videos? I’m in the hospital with bad WiFi so I can’t check myself right now

No. 777728

File: 1550028452372.png (Spoiler Image, 882.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-12-21-09-22…)

He didn't fuck them he just told them he would if they fucked his friends first and then denied them. Here's the rundown from 2 threads ago.

No. 777732

File: 1550028712534.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 301.09 KB, 2208x1242, 1541909477517.jpeg)

And she wasn't filming she was in the background eating chips. Next to Kevin tan, tiny shorts, same hair. It's pretty blurry tho so we can't be sure. Also keep in mind she used to be thinner.

No. 777734

The cheating allegations are based on the fact that there are multiple stories about girls fucking him and his friends when he's on tour and v much publicly dating Coco. They're unrelated to the groupielust videos. These accounts weren't filmed including the one from the girl who says she was assaulted by him and a friend.

No. 777748

Seek Clinical help instead of a person to project your instabilities upon, its clear you have hit rock bottom a while ago. An individual isn’t going to solve your mental illness.
I see that “coco” pose you’re king in attempt to hide that double chin you got there. This is the best thing yet.

No. 777750

No this is not coco. This has been discussed before.

No. 777751

>nah but it's fun and younger girls will listen to it and feel ok to be weird and just have fun, maybe gain some confidence to realize men can't handle 'crazy' and live for themselves.
The fact that anyone thinks that a vapid instaho, let alone one in such a horrible subculture, can or should be a positive role model is disturbing. Even the new-agey ones that try to position themselves as such are empty and best and predatory at worst.
Dude seriously needs to get some regular therapy. This is just embarrassing.
Generally if you're being accused of something really bad and there's a lot of evidence to back up the accusation, the best PR move is to ignore it unless you have some solid proof of your innocence. Responding to the accusations gives social media mobs more opportunities to hound you, and if you're either guilty or your side of the story sounds sketchy/unrealistic, then there's a good chance that you'll dig your own grave with what you say. If he knew what's good for him then he would have stayed quiet.

No. 777794

File: 1550059996502.png (Spoiler Image, 767.93 KB, 720x1013, Screenshot_20190213-125352.png)

old pic / no milk
Can I just say that Nicholas Minucci is the grossest individual alive? He's compensating so hard, too. Not even Momokun is this delusional. Everything about him is vomit-inducing from his ratty hair, his obese body with cutesy gangster tattoos, his fucked-up teeth, double-chin, dead eyes, autistic cutesy way of typing. I just watched a video of him eating chicken out of a stripper's butt cheeks. NOT CUTE

No. 777821

she's already insinuated before that he DID cheat on her. a couple months back they "broke up" for like 2 days over it >>680965

No. 777983

File: 1550103093422.jpeg (283.21 KB, 1242x2208, 1A15C323-4C0A-46A2-99C3-E7DB1E…)

No. 778012

File: 1550111163822.png (294.25 KB, 828x1792, 5DC39BE4-318B-4A7A-B192-6DDB66…)

Looks like her profile was deleted again.

No. 778034

>eating chicken out of a strippers ass
[vomit ] and here I thought him using tekashi’s toes as nose plugs were bad enough.

No. 778071

Layla just went live to explain what happened with spookybitch, (whatever her name is I can't recall) and I only caught her just before she ended it. Did anyone actually get to hear the explanation ?

No. 778084

it wasn't deleted. it just seems she archived everything. she posted a story a bit ago of like raindrops and some music in the background.

No. 778089

Did this basic ass bitch really cut herself and post it on her story for edgy points??

No. 778092

She never said yes. She never consented. They just kept doing shit to her until she started crying and then they got ticked off. Can you imagine being that entitled to someone's body? Fucking pigs.

No. 778102

File: 1550141766515.jpg (165.24 KB, 750x1333, 50813749_257906531771292_78010…)

Tyler's story pulled from storiesig showcasing his weekly desperation for a gf. I hope no shorties will be hooked-up and if so that they're female basement-dwelling liferuiners with vaginal teeth

No. 778103

File: 1550141918730.jpg (101.69 KB, 750x1333, 50705079_436358293573012_33376…)

you sure have reason to hate the police

No. 778106

File: 1550142943528.png (851.96 KB, 720x1019, Screenshot_20190214-121339.png)


No. 778113

>tfw even fat nick has a (manly looking) shorty

No. 778142

So spoopy’s IG is viewable again. Comments on her tagged photos say that she was receiving a bunch of hate for being friends with Colby.

Tinfoiling but Paris and Spoopy no longer follow each other. That didn’t last long, surprise surprise. I am going to take a guess and say that she’s trying to climb the Colby tree and his “fans” are shutting it down.

No. 778214

fuck off with your shallow ass solely for aesthetics cuts you neurotypical cunt lmao. guarantee you she's fucking fine. this is actually disgusting. her and pepper both romanticize mental illness so fucking much. no wonder they're friends

No. 778219

For some reason I didn’t care to take caps so forgive me but she posted on her story a few days ago saying something along the lines of her own mother isn’t even there for her. It had a suicide note feel to it but I didn’t take it seriously because well.. people who commit suicide usually don’t tell the world they’re gonna do it. I figured she just wanted attention and based on the fact she posted a picture of her slit wrists for all her young followers to see proved my point.

No. 778265

File: 1550185888112.jpg (253.42 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20190214_180900.jpg)

Pepper's boasting on twitter that he spent "days on Johnny Depps private island" and posted this photo. Lol at the suggested searches that pop up underneath

No. 778371

File: 1550205848073.jpg (33.9 KB, 327x243, 4ac.jpg)

Goodnight everyone. Happy valentines day.

No. 778375

Lily associates with all sorts of clouty insta-cows. She's also super fucking young and doesn't realize how cancerous these people are. She'll grow out of it if she hasn't already.

No. 778377

Lmao so he's dredging up famous people he USED TO associate with and still trying to squeeze clout out of them. Super fucking sus considering how young she is/was. She has to be like 15 here. Johnny wtf are you doing raise your child. Also hanging out with a 14-15 year old girl as an adult male raises red flags and makes him look like a huge creep. Not something to brag about.

No. 778379

Lol he must have deleted already because the posts are gone. You can tell fading into irrelevancy really took a toll on his psyche. If he wasn't a clout chasing opportunist maybe people would wanna be around him. Him posting that screenshot is fucking embarrassing.

No. 778382

I looked it up and apparently, these pictures are from April 2017, so she was 17. Lily's boyfriend, Ash Stymest, was also there and I'm pretty sure that's the only reason Grosso was tagging along. If you type his and Tyler's name into google pictures of them together pop up.

No. 778389

Figures. Honestly just embarrassing to post this. Guarantee you she wants absolutely nothing to do with him anymore. Look at his snaps and tweets. No young girl wants to associate with a greasy creep who sucks pearls and casually asks if any ladies want to slurp dick tonight lmao. She's Chanels posterchild. She's way above him in relevancy and probably insanely more mature too.

No. 778395

File: 1550214023613.png (338.81 KB, 1440x1778, Screenshot_20190214-180643~2.p…)

I got parts of his spastic gloating

No. 778396

File: 1550214092453.png (363.84 KB, 1440x1874, Screenshot_20190214-180655~2.p…)

No. 778398

File: 1550214177885.png (183.76 KB, 1440x952, Screenshot_20190214-180705~2.p…)

Pt 3. After this he started talking about how "people thought him and Lily were dating" lol

No. 778404

Someone should send all this shit to Lily. Anyone have a throwaway insta? P sure that's the only social media she uses(cowtipping)

No. 778408

> i had to flex my weird celebrity friendships
Oh we know.
I'm cackling at the fact he's acting like he revealed some super high profile and top secret information that he "has to delete in 2 minutes guys!!" or else the consequences will be "very serious!!1!1!"

No. 778452

this doesn’t constitute as cowtipping all. lily isn’t the cow here. and someone SHOULD definitely send her these screenshots.(autism)

No. 778468

In all seriousness, does Tyler have some sort of cognitive disability? He seems to have the emotional and decision-making skills of a 14-year-old in addition to a child-like, kind of endearing sincerity.

No. 778471

just drugs

No. 778517

File: 1550259293106.jpeg (7.28 KB, 126x164, 155025921513161332.jpeg)

>Her facial expression says it all.

No. 778519

File: 1550259598402.jpg (15.54 KB, 252x328, imageedit_5_6685801401.jpg)

How autistic is he?!

No. 778520

File: 1550259852883.jpg (13.44 KB, 290x356, imageedit_7_9246540062.jpg)


No. 778521

File: 1550259956322.gif (823.66 KB, 480x204, okjHrp6.gif)

Tyler! You're a retard!

No. 778526

File: 1550260315131.gif (1.97 MB, 500x278, monet.gif)

Tyler your life is a monet! Look closer you total fucking dumb ass! You're a complete mess! Everyone else can see it but YOU! [gif related](samefag)

No. 778991

File: 1550440327223.png (361.93 KB, 1098x877, untitled.png)

Dis bitch try'na hang out w/tracy! WTF?!


No. 778992

File: 1550440352450.jpeg (205.7 KB, 750x1051, 1550435486685.jpeg)

No. 779004

God she's so pathetic. Wasnt her thread banned or something?

No. 779042

File: 1550456773540.png (634.88 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2646.PNG)

Xan's gonna be a daddy. Wonder how far gone they are if he said he wasn't going to share it.(namefag)

No. 779044


jfc I hope she comes to her senses and aborts. Speaking of Xan, I'm surprised no one has brought up baby goth's EP that dropped on Friday (yes, I was enough of a masochist to listen to it and it is as bad as you think)

No. 779053

we are not an album review thread so why should we care?

No. 779060

I was just watching this and I totally didn't expect to hear Layla being mentioned as the first in the worst tracks of the week segment kek

No. 779081

File: 1550468315036.png (4.3 MB, 750x1334, E1BD6603-5B93-4CC6-B349-421A83…)


No. 779089

Annie has been his bottom bitch/‘bff’ for a while now. I caught some old no jumper with him (it’s not milky) and Adam joked about ‘how long before [he] wife’s up Annie’ instead, after xan was talking about how many girls he fucked and how a normal girl would be ‘goals’. Like always he’s going to be fucking everyone and using her for support, just like peep did to Layla and every other pathetic SoundCloud rapper to their ‘best friends’. I feel so bad for their kid and xan is the absolute dumbest person I have ever heard speak in my life.

No. 779094

I posted this in her thread, but he’s been trying to sweep this under the rug using peep’s death as a cover for a long time now, he is a pedophile. I think this was confirmed in early threads but there’s a lot of new people and nothing ever happened to him or yunggoth.

A lot of gross replies but they have all the caps. Literally all of these people are scum.

No. 779103

im actually surprised as many men in that thread were shitting on them for it. kind of restores my faith in humanity. a number of gross comments too but way more than i expected were shitting on them for it.

No. 779104

lmfao no one ever confirmed tracy was a pedo not to say he isn't just saying any proof isn't on this thread. Goth was actually proven multiple times over.

All tracys done is tweeting he wants to fuck billie eilish before he knew how old she was

The "underage" girl in that photo with bighead is blade/ Melanie Arias, they have more pictures from that night >>672508

she was in her 20's and super into looking like pedo bait

It's less a "wanting to do the right thing" and more that ktt really hates soundcloud rappers, especially at back then. They have all the the excuses for cooler rappers

No. 779106


All of this. Annie is a whole dumbass and in for a world of pain having a kid with that questionably coherent garbage dumpster of a human. Seriously doubt he is staying loyal even now.

No. 779116

The uncropped screenshot of another thread is really something else

No. 779118

I don't think anyone cares about her record honestly. I was talking some shit on her earlier in the thread, but honestly, some of the other posters were right, who gives a shit about this idiot? Nothing unique, career going nowhere, and the most milky stuff is happening between her husband being a cuck and her. I guess who cares?

No. 779238

proof is now in these threads as you can click the fucking link and see the screenshots of him deliberately hitting on a 15 year old do you have a brain injury

No. 779308

Yes but what about the other girls in that photo? In the podcast episode they had detailed it more, the whole premise of To Catch a Soundcloud Rapper was to approach them as underage fans. I'll see if I can find more from the original post, the podcast is no longer on twitter or soundcloud seemingly, but people had reposted the evidence. It's in all the screenshots they post as pretending to be a 15 year old girl that they confirm their age, why would they break that just to pretend to out Tracy?

No. 779309

I think so can you post the cap where the age is evident? I genuinely don’t wanna back a pedo but nothing on that thread makes it obvious

I followed that account back in the day they turned out to just be a clout chaser that was mad about getting ripped off. They were a huge defender of adam22 because he was willing to give them more clout than if they tried to back up the women and blog posts that started to come forward

No. 779311

Those girls look old lmafo. If you can find the podcats or caps that would be awesome because my understanding is that they only posted follower submitions From ripped off fans or age realated scumbaggery but like I said they were ultimately cloutchasrs, and never posted the abuse or rape allegations sent their way because they rarely bought them even when it was obvious the girls weren’t lying and came to adams defense swiftly once he stared to get outed and even made fun of people who took allegations against him seriously.

No. 779372

wow truly ……. exactly

No. 779387

File: 1550553770069.jpeg (241.07 KB, 1536x732, 93A91266-62BA-44B0-8009-F15FC3…)

Since this is an imageboard…

Tbh I ain’t surprised anymore, all these SoundCloud losers are either fucking total creeps, pressuring fans, hitting on underage girls, or straight up gangbanging rapists. They’re all trash. I’d give money to see their gross thirsty predator dm inboxes.

No. 779393

i can't tell if you're being sarcastic. that person isn't even aware that multiple women came out with very similar stories of rape when pretty much no one was listening and even actively threatening them. i'm sure he's a dumb little bitch afraid of admitting to his wrongs and abuse like cheating on coco while she is in treatment, that will never excuse his silence. i understand that you're trying to empathize with him to figure out this fucked up situation, but he obviously doesn't give a fuck about his girlfriend and i can assure you he does not feel the crippling guilt or fear of exposure of cheating like you're insinuating. this is a rapist. he does not and never will care about the feelings of his victims or the impact of his actions.

i can also assure you coco knows and anyone fucking a rapper knows they will be cheated on. she is just there for the clout and will only complain afterwards for the sake of her reputation. if she actually gave a fuck at all she would bounce the second she heard those stories considering not only how serious they are but how serious her health condition is, and that additional stress could legitimately stunt her chances of living. anyone with self esteem would leave and perhaps come back once that person had confronted the stories maturely, if he were not guilty he would show proof since that is much easier than relying on the victim of rape for proof in such a controlled environment. or he would have publicly acknowledged them considering ~coco is a survivor of sexual abuse~.

No. 779397

again.. where’s the proof about her being 15 or her telling tracy she 15. damn yall on these dudes nuts

No. 779405

There was proof for the yunggoth one having known the girl was 15, plus all the other girls…
but a some lowkey robotic thirst dms don’t really prove tracy talks to underage girls

No. 779423

Idk i was just posting the caps, since other anon only posted the link. From what I read yung was told the girl was 15, but I didn’t see any age on this one. Shame they cut the dm bc you can see there’s other replies that they didn’t include in the cap for some reason.

No. 779425

File: 1550579521378.jpeg (73.37 KB, 725x1024, A3018D88-6678-47CF-A138-E54E22…)

Sorry for dump in advance

No. 779426

File: 1550579558213.jpeg (53.99 KB, 691x1024, 175FC0D8-6CC2-473F-A083-9EEBA5…)

No. 779427

File: 1550579586649.jpeg (59.54 KB, 945x1024, 214D5153-F339-47EC-BA72-EB776F…)

No. 779428

File: 1550579624823.jpeg (82.02 KB, 838x1024, E6C7BE3E-D88C-4C9B-909A-08652F…)

No. 779429

File: 1550579651805.jpeg (65.53 KB, 1024x897, 50778414-50D4-46FB-A5E4-98B9FC…)

No. 779430

File: 1550579682446.jpeg (52.53 KB, 1024x765, 6D6FEA3B-E908-4E14-80E4-4AF14A…)

No. 779431

File: 1550579705752.jpeg (87.66 KB, 750x1334, 9499C741-224B-4BA0-998C-1B60F8…)

No. 779432

File: 1550579729125.jpeg (90.59 KB, 750x1334, F7082E8B-B585-44D5-86D1-77B391…)

No. 779433

File: 1550579755356.jpeg (79.36 KB, 750x1334, 1469A062-175C-4F59-9CD3-74EA44…)

No. 779434

File: 1550579851433.jpeg (15.7 KB, 168x300, A18F9B85-246B-4661-9770-0B46E7…)

No. 779435

File: 1550579899202.jpeg (81.41 KB, 640x901, 56834647-254A-46A6-8CC5-213377…)

Last one is tekashi

No. 779438

File: 1550581051153.jpeg (69.79 KB, 844x1024, 21820A51-B4DC-4DAD-AC44-3B5C18…)

Forgot these, more yunggoth

No. 779439

File: 1550581094712.jpeg (129.87 KB, 750x1334, E5F9CCAE-ACBB-4468-B11A-1DC7D5…)

No. 779440

File: 1550581119887.jpeg (125.98 KB, 750x1334, 78B43C9A-9CEE-4431-B04B-266F6B…)

No. 779441

File: 1550581179099.jpeg (67.37 KB, 636x1095, 5D9BD761-FA14-4BAF-B72C-621056…)

No. 779460

File: 1550589876529.png (28.45 KB, 893x217, 744f179ad68dbe95f40568958568e3…)

Lil tracy tried getting with deathbyromy when she was underage. She's talked about it before but I can't her posts.

No. 779487

the thing about all this too is that multiple times coco and supposedly pouya (privately) have stated there's proof of the girls lying. if there was actually proof, they would have in one way or another come out with it to shut them down sooner. rather than JUST saying there's proof. it's been a year and a half since the first girl went public about it. you surely would think they'd do something by now if they had proof of anyone lying.

No. 779519

It’s so embarrassing when coco tweets “I have all facts!” “I got proof!” “We have facts” “I got receipts, you got nothing”, “they’re not rape victims! I’m the only realest victim EVER!” over and over trying to fake like her bf isn’t a rapists. Then she either doesn’t respond to the many many multiple people asking what it is, or where’s the proof under her tweet. Or deletes their responses. Or deletes her tweet in total. She’s never even expanded further besides tweeting “faxxxx”. It’s all bullshit, if she had something you can bet after 1.5 years she would’ve at least said what kind of “proof” and you know she would’ve posted it asap and harped on about it for ages, but she doesn’t, because she has nothing at all and has been around pouya long enough to know it’s true.

She wasn’t even there and doesn’t know any of the victims, so I don’t see any kind of “proof” she could possibly have to invalidate a dozen or so victims. Pathetic.

Even tweeting about “muh lawyer!”, when she doesn’t even have one, nor could afford one. Pouya has access to a lawyer, but he doesn’t even make enough money to have a lawyer on retainer. So this “muh lawyer” bs coco pulls is just another made up desperate attempt to save pouya’s reputation. Pouya reputation and clout is all she has, without him all she’s back to being the small instathot she was before she met him, with repackaged aliexpress lashes. So it makes sense she’ll do anything to make sure her gravy train keeps flowing aka keeping pouya out of trouble that would fuck up his career. It’s mutually beneficial. Their interactions online resemble that of a babysitter trying to wrangle in her PR-disaster of a man-child. She’ll comment on his shit when fans are outraged saying “he’s just kidding guys!” to make sure his fans don’t turn on him. And “that’s not true! trust me!” when fans point out shit about him. And he’s used her cancer diagnosis and her being an “uwu real life angel” as a shield for his rapey ways.

Can’t wait for his career to go down the toilet and watch coco jump ship and claim she’s “da most realest abuse victim ever” and do a 180 on the rape accusations. But it’ll probably only happen when he runs out of money/clout and she isn’t benefiting from their relationship anymore. She’s not as much of trash as he is, but she’s really a close runner-up. It’s clear she cares way more about manipulating public perception and doing damage control then he does. Not only for her reputation and her ~couple goals~, but for her gravy trains reputation too.(calm down)

No. 779535

i actually know the victim who first outted him very personally. and she was telling me about how pouya immediately served her a cease and desist letter trying to shut her up. only later to find out the attorney who typed up and sent the letter was a joke. he was not only the wrong type of lawyer but as well as been close to being disbarred for violations as well as has lost his license to practice law. not to forget to mention, the cease and desist letter had to be signed by a certain date or they'd use it against her and they never did a year and a half later.

No. 779544

This made me chuckle. Pouya is onision-tier with his fake cease and desists. What a surprise. Hope your friend has gotten help for her trauma and hope she knows that we all (and many others, including his own ex fans) believe her. She helped a lot of other girls have the courage to come forward. Kevin is subpar scum.

Also, it’s illegal to intimidate a rape victim in that way, any legit lawyer would know that and cease and desists/NDA’s are considered invalid in court if they were signed or sent with the purpose of trying to cover up a criminal act or interfere with an investigation.

No. 779574

she's been going to therapy since it happened and is still trying to heal from it but has definitely moved forward in her life.
and i didn't know that, i'll have to let her know.

No. 779660

no no i 100% agreed w what u had said about coco dont get me wrong im here for milk and shes busting at the fucking seams with it literally. She’s built this honestly admirably easy, simple and responsibility-less life off suffering through a shit relationship with a D list “rapper” all for the sake of social media clout. and a rather dismal and uninspiring presence of it as well. I do feel bad that she has this cancer but it doesn’t dismiss the way she has chosen to spend her time thus far. I could get over it and I did until she started essentially trying to fear monger obvious victims of her “boyfriends” disgusting tirades. But yeah its also honestly confusing how she can so obviously confront the fact that he cheats on her regularly but never actually admit it ……….. all of it is truly just bizarre

No. 779693

does anyone really think she would even look in kevin's direction if he didn't have clout or money? i know it's obvious she's with him for that reason but people really don't get critical of that enough. this idiot has what was it, a rare stage 3 cancer and she's putting herself through the stress of being with that serial rapist and fucking literally the ugliest man on the planet just to say "oh but suicideboys are like my big brothers lol! that's rite ladies i know them ~ buy my lashes!" who would do that besides the craziest most insecure social vampire ever. she's fucking up not only her health but the health of ever victim, not only of kevin's very obvious and documented rape and abuse, but of the younger girls that may have been through something similar and now will not stand up for themselves. she has no fucking concept of her impact and that bitch is 28. twenty eight. i have no idea how she can honestly manipulate people with her cancer (she knows kevin cheats, and the second she may have to confront it she screams "he cheated on a cancer patient!!!" but she, as a cancer patient with her health to consider, gets back with him immediately after he flashes some money?), her calling dozens of real victims liars with no evidence otherwise and sleeps at night. let alone sleeps at night within arms reach of a serial rapist.

No. 779714

File: 1550653628026.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 103.17 KB, 720x1280, 960392BD-2112-4DB6-842E-13092D…)

She’s embarrassing

No. 779716

i do feel bad for her. she's a mess.

No. 779725

Make these ill-fitting titty bikinis stop. Nightmare fuel. It looks like someone squeezed a 10 yr olds bathing suit onto a stuffed thanksgiving turkey, then threw it into a tanning bed for a month straight.

Almost forgot she’s 28 years old. That really puts her embarrassing life, “real life pure angel”, and retarded diaper pics in perspective. She wasted what little youth she had left to whiteknight a serial rapist, how pathetic. Imagine having to sleep next to Kevin for the next 20 years, after his small 15 min of fame is forgotten, then, one day, look back at your life and realize how badly you fucked up… all for a few thousand Instagram followers.

No. 779872

Honestly she has a nice body, but get a swim suite that fits wtf.

No. 779954

i find it funny that she thinks the tiny bikini tops are supposed to give the illusion of her breasts being too big for them but its really just obvious that the bikinis are way too small. go try to live a more wholesome life wtf are you doing

No. 780121

File: 1550727857482.jpg (49.27 KB, 503x720, 129813.jpg)

Homegurl should stop wearing bikinis.(no contribution)

No. 780122

File: 1550728135558.jpg (137.78 KB, 800x1205, 01.jpg)

>get a swim suite that fits
She wont.

No. 780134

File: 1550732882917.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 439.2 KB, 1800x1800, C29D784E-0CBD-40CF-A01E-A57DDA…)

>>779954(enough with the bikini-related autism)

No. 780136

someone please ban this dumbfuck. on the left you have obvious lazy facetune and on the right is she's obviously not posing hard like the left. don't ever make me defend coco in any way this is so goddamn stupid this has to be a man shitting up these threads

No. 780369

File: 1550817674795.jpg (21.02 KB, 640x481, 52684465_681941395574173_88569…)


No. 780375


May their (probably 5 minute) union be a milky one

Seriously tho, he can’t just say “I’ve been busy” like a normal person, he has to announce that someone is desperate enough to bang him

No. 780428

File: 1550846775797.png (4.41 MB, 1242x2688, 05A4DC31-156D-4DD5-B445-637260…)

Fat nick’s girlfriend is selling her paintings for $1000+ a piece.

No. 780468

What the actual fuck. Looks like 50 dollar at most. Pretty sure that the ones that are already sold are bought by her fatass bf

No. 780469

can't even scrape together enough braincells to spell the name right, bet thats how their SATs went too if they ofc didn't jump outta school the moment a Z-lister pays attention to them.

No. 780475

I haven't watched the show in probably over 14 years but I can still remember how his name is pronounced because the voice actor was so iconic.
"Moooojoooo Jojo!"

Also is it legal to sell paintings of copyrighted characters like that? It's shocking they would just slap 1k onto these and see no problem with it.

No. 780490

File: 1550864974159.jpeg (255.21 KB, 750x1105, 97518B2C-CEC2-4464-A08D-EFBD22…)

Arse posting a pic of peep trying to stay relevant, also isn't that the jacket she stole from him?

No. 780494

of course it’s legal anon lmao

No. 780495

MY SIDES this is so hilariously bad, even Luna Slater’s art is better than this. The price makes it all the more hilarious too, holy shit. I hope she getting trolled something chronic over this shit, what a dumb cunt.

No. 780505

Lmao sorry I am extremely ignorant when it comes to copyrighted works and what you can and cannot do with them. I know Nintendo routinely destroys anyone who uses the likeness of their characters, even when it's not for profit.

No. 780522

File: 1550876705915.jpeg (370.75 KB, 1125x1902, C358F17A-F881-4880-A5D8-3B1067…)

Grosso saying something reasonable for once?

No. 780533

I Actually agree with him for once. Using homeless people as a fashion accessory is disgusting

No. 780692

File: 1550939410303.png (1.54 MB, 940x1188, peep-coat.png)

>isn't that the jacket she stole from him?


There's a screen-cap of peeps grandma talking about it!

I don't have the cap but it's in one of the previous threads.

No. 780739

File: 1550955823223.jpeg (188.59 KB, 750x1217, 3AC663A5-171F-4F2F-BA6F-13F48C…)

she's right, she's not a golddigger but a cloutdigger (which makes it even worse imo)

No. 780743


>implying selling garbage aliexpress lashes at a 700% mark up takes talent/constitutes work

>has a BFA yet can’t apply any technique to her face that looks like she spends every waking hour when she’s not taking selfies with her nose literally up Kevin’s ass

You sure showed him, Courtney.

No. 780838

She was a failed actress before she met Kevin. She didn't start her lash business until after they were an established soundclout couple. She acts like her connection to him has nothing to do with her success.

No. 780850

I mean who would even buy these dollar store lashes if it weren't for clout?

No. 780874

File: 1551003322129.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, DC8DBD77-687D-4BC9-97FB-FCE039…)

Not sure if this belongs here but as lil pump is or was a soundclout rapper I’ll put it here.
He’s on his story putting lean in his coffee.

No. 780880

he’s been on a like four day bender. dunno if he’s taking acid, molly, or what but he’s taking some kinda stimulant to stay awake this long. it’s really sad to watch actually

No. 780894


The sheer amount of stories he's sharing on insta lately is a bit much. Flexing that he's with Riley Reid, dancing around high… Does he ever sleep?

NoJumper did an interview with him lately so should be interesting to see him in possibly an hour long video while he's on this bender

No. 780899

File: 1551019200959.webm (5.4 MB, 576x720, Lil Pump found dead at age 18.…)

He's on a bad luck streak, lately.

If he OD's he's lucky if his team steps in and saves his ass!

You'd think with all his run-ins with the cops, he'd tone it down?

Keep shit on the down-low?

Why flex illegal activities?

No. 780902

he’s only 18 and doesn’t have the greatest people around. i think they all make too much money to let him die though, unlike peep.

No. 780921


Starting to look like a breakdown. Has to be a lil weird for Adam in his mid thirties to witness. But there's probably a bunch if people twice Pumps age witnessing it up close too

No. 780999

It appears Lil Xans girlfriend has been faking her recently announced pregnancy. She was caught using other peoples pregnancy scans and passing them off as her own. She lifted these scan pics from a Google image search! and only showed a zoomed in version of the pics so that the other womans details were cropped out

No. 781001


You're giving Adam waaaaay too much credit. He doesn't give a fuck about anything except getting his old dick wet and squeezing whatever content he can out of anyone and everyone.

No. 781016

this is an image board, where’s the proof?

No. 781018

Exactly. Them spiraling out and inevitably OD-ing is just more content for him. He's a vulture. He's just watching them kill themselves from the sidelines and fending off the scraps.

No. 781019

this is eerily reminiscent of Peep's death vid

No. 781037

File: 1551068433410.png (641.97 KB, 1440x1450, Screenshot_20190224-231830~2.p…)

Not that anon but I looked it up myself and found this. https://www.girlfriend.com.au/lil-xan-baby-news-fake

No. 781053

He’s such a fucking money hungry enabler with literally zero empathy, as long as he’s getting pictures or videos for Instagram. He’s in his mid 30s hanging out with a drugged out child. This is genuinely hard to watch I wish I had better commentary

No. 781055

File: 1551079152348.jpeg (285 KB, 828x1441, 72BB4BA7-2C08-4823-B051-33EF42…)

No. 781076

amazing how his 40 mile human shield of selfish, stupid 17 year old boys was able to prevent him from being taken down. he has been about as obvious a piece of shit as someone can be (what with the blog and stuff), and yet, nothing comes of him being exposed. fucking ridiculous. why haven't some of the kids he's trying to profit off of call out the fact that he's 90? i mean, really, lil pump has nothing to gain from this retard. at this point he's clout sucking from pump.

No. 781077

File: 1551103472003.jpeg (132.72 KB, 750x851, 82D17CA6-88F4-4BDC-B596-B77F2B…)

Lil pump again. Still on a bender, still hasn’t slept. He just puts that lean shit in everything.
This is so wrong. Most of his fans are like 12-14 years old.

No. 781079

that's really not right. management really needs to step in. but also, is he literally putting grape flavored codeine in chicken? is that chicken? chicken and rice or something? this is literally offensive to all of the senses

No. 781083


I dont want to post the vid link out of respect for the (real) mum in this situation but the stolen ultrasound footage is from youtube and that baby was later stillborn. So not only did Annie steal someone elses scan to show to two hundred thousand viewers of her vlog, but she chose to use a vid of someone elses deceased child

No. 781095

I’m pretty sure she traced the Harley Quinn, mojo jojo ones and she DEFINATELY traced the fairy odd parents and cat-dog one. We should get the artfags on this, they’re amazing at finding the originals.

I just searched the Florida LLC search engine and didn’t see any registered LLC called “baby coco lash” or “baby coco” anything? Is she fakin or ?

When I searched pouya’s LCC’s in the past I had no issue finding it (he also owns some retarded LLC of some failed business called “pouya sport LLC”) but can’t find coco’s registered LLC.

No. 781113

these kids make adam, he's nothing without them, but he's a figurehead. he represents what they all wish they could accomplish, basically nothing that requires talent beyond bare minimum interviewing skills, he represents the common loser. and those kids just put him on because they want to seem cool because he's controversial. same thing with xxxtentacion, he's on fucking tape admitting to stabbing 8 people and raping/beating geneva when she was pregnant, and kids with no knowledge of the real world or how to excel in it are literally insane about him because he represents their ~struggle. they don't give a fuck about women because they were broken up with or they think their moms couldn't keep their absent fathers in their lives. people are fucking idiots that love to support other idiots who are manipulating the shit out of them.

xan also said he was spoiled af as a child and spent all his time smoking weed and playing video games to the point where he would've been a "professional" video game player if he didn't get into music. every single person in this thread has literally no talent or skill whatsoever, i know that's common with cows, but to have an entire scene of something suck that badly is mind blowing.

No. 781136

File: 1551125176694.png (32.64 KB, 622x348, prt1.png)

For anyone that missed it…

No. 781137

File: 1551125206838.png (178.69 KB, 757x628, prt2.png)

No. 781140

File: 1551125671868.webm (8.16 MB, 640x640, 53613135_398891364220961_58755…)

Here's that instagram vid.

No. 781158

File: 1551132196474.webm (5.09 MB, 406x720, nodding_off.webm)


Creepy, huh?!

Here's a vid of him nodding-out on insta-live!

No. 781186

File: 1551141974275.png (605.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-25-18-36-14…)

No. 781187

>hellboy tees
>hellboy bracelets
WOW! He's been doing a great job pissing all over peeps grave!

No. 781189

>I cannot and will not do it out of respect

cue no respect freestyle by lil peep

I wonder if Liza knows about this yet

No. 781194

File: 1551144221404.webm (4.71 MB, 406x720, lean_coffee.webm)

Here's the lean coffee vid.

No. 781234

His fling with Riley is really weird to me considering Riley is pushing 30 and Pump just turned 18 in August.. I'm sure it's nothing beyond hooking up but it's still pretty gross.
This. Adam milks the fuck out of everything and anything he possibly can and has been for a while.
God, he looks rough.

No. 781264


She fucked Lil Xan too. It's her life obviously, but she's like the biggest porn star in the game and probably has waaay more appealing dudes sliding into her DMs every day. Why are you wasting your time with functionally retarded SoundCloud rappers? Ugh please do better sis.

No. 781272

Yeah, I remember Xan talking about his affiliation with her in a No Jumper interview. It's probably just a clout thing for all parties involved.

No. 781316

File: 1551189101776.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, B13CBFC4-0E19-4C35-99EA-9B7D6C…)

I don’t have a YouTube account to upload it but watch his story from around 15h ago… he can’t even open his eyes and rolls his jaw while speaking.
And he says smth like „I got a new workout for you, just do drugs and eat nothing“.
He’s gonna be the next dead SoundCloud rapper.

No. 781360

because Riley is a pedo

No. 781369

File: 1551214967248.jpeg (75.64 KB, 750x488, FF3F0ED4-F2B4-4127-9561-B26D3F…)

Guess she has some issues herself

No. 781420

File: 1551226733941.png (265.05 KB, 586x504, prt1.png)

Tyler re-tweeted a photo of him getting his dick sucked on twitter.


No. 781421

File: 1551227042911.png (Spoiler Image, 425.29 KB, 574x563, tg.png)

No. 781425

File: 1551228429763.png (24.47 KB, 292x316, 155122528550677537.png)

I didn't get to see it. Here are his current stories atm. You can type in any instagram person with this site


and see what's going on for free and anonymously.

No. 781429

File: 1551231497457.webm (3.73 MB, 639x1136, 1987400347573556683.webm)

I found and pulled that video off of this site


No. 781442

I find this to be too funny. I seen a lot of people saying “when he wasn’t fat” and “damn Tyler look as how skinny you were.”

He went from taking pictures of getting his dick sucked to begging girls to come “slurp some dick.” This is too good.

No. 781444

She seems like she could be pretty milky but from what I've seen she keeps her social media mostly business related and doesn't post much personal stuff.
Lol wasn't he talking about how he has a girl just the other day? Wonder how she'd feel about him retweeting this

No. 781451

>Lol wasn't he talking about how he has a girl just the other day?
She's probably a sex worker and ty paid her.

No. 781453

Lena recently uploaded a video getting a tarot reading. The reader asked her to pick 3 wishes and say the one that's the most important to her, Lena said it was that she wants to have a boy and a girl. I seriously hope she's not considering having children with Adam. I can't see him settling down for Lena or a family and he's so damn selfish it's hard to picture him as a father figure. The thought of him having a daughter is actually disgusting.

No. 781454


I know her ex boyfriend Josh and have met her a couple times. She was really nice but completely addicted to attention (not surprising considering her line of work but whatever, she's a great performer and works hard). She definitely has regressed and changed for the worse since she started kicking it heavy with Adam and Lena, it's sad because she used to be this relatively chill girl who was into smoking tons of weed and traveling the world and now she just stays in LA and fucks EVERYONE in the vicinity of the soundclout universe, so gross especially since as someone mentioned upthread she's pushing 30.

No. 781468

god there's nothing more sad than seeing a woman that can do SO MUCH BETTER try to settle down with a complete loser. doesn't she have a degree in something respectable and could actually make something of herself? he's literally a predator and the last person that should be a parent. he should be in fucking jail.

No. 781480

In basically all of Adam's videos involving her you can see the disappointment in her eyes every time he needlessly sets up a 3way or whatever instead of actually trying to spend meaningful time with her. It's so sad.

No. 781481

he also openly insults her and her body type. does she think that'll get better after two pregnancies because inevitably he will be absent and only use his children as props when he needs a human shield. the only nice things he ever says about her is that she can easily pick up girls for him and that people like her. she is an enabler.

No. 781482

what does he say about her body type?

No. 781487

I totally agree. She's self made and brings in good money and has a psychology major to fall back on whenever. I stopped keeping up with her the more I realized how big a piece of shit Adam is because it's painful to watch her cape for him. In her older vlogs she had a genuine and down to earth undertone despite her being a sort of sex symbol. There are qualities in her that I personally find likable but it seems like Adam just parades her around as a hot trophy gf that lets him fuck other women all the time. She wants to settle down and I hope she can find someone to do that with happily. I don't see Adam giving up the lifestyle and putting a family first and I can't see him being capable of offering her a happy future if she does start a family with him.
I haven't seen this but man that really sucks. Lena has been open with her struggles with an eating disorder and body image in the past and that's so fucked up on Adam's part knowing that she already has those issues.

No. 781490

Success and education or not she's a fucking trash bag. Totally lets her pedo boyfriend abuse young girls in their home. She's just as guilty as him. The fact that people stand behind her is disgusting. She's not a victim.

No. 781494

I disagree that these women aren't victims, and that they're 'just as guilty as the men', but being complicit is criminal. It's unfortunate that she's this fucked up and shitty, and it's not even doing her any fucking good to be with this criminal piece of shit. She's not benefiting from this and is ruining her own life. There are plenty of guys that would be so psyched to be with her, honestly, given her status. Like, literally anyone would be an improvement over him.

No. 781498

it's been posted before but he pressures her to lose weight all the time. also in some no jumper her model friend is a guest, adam and his friend are both hitting on her complimenting her on how tall and skinny she is, the friend calls her a tall glass of water and adam calls lena a short and stout glass of water for everyone to laugh. she looks visibly hurt and demeaned trying to say "yeah but adam loves water" and no one cares

this is dumb but she was dressed in this really cute all pink outfit and was acting all excited for him and he just shuts her down saying she looks like a jigglypuff. she then also looked quietly wounded like she knew he didn't just mean the color she was wearing.
i also honestly think she got implants to keep him interested considering the stream of girls she keeps coming and how their age never gets older. he openly jokes about breaking up with her when she turns 30 in front of her and she just takes it. she is actually the only one in this thread with something to offer the world and she's in her late 20s now so she needs to accept the fact that this subculture is trash and to stop allowing people to pollute her brightness.

i would agree if she wasn't silencing adam's victims, she's no better than coco and if someone is seeing something i'm not please let me know. she is willfully ruining her life to be able to get a sense of social status, which isn't even status it's just little fucked up boys who bow down to adam. if she stood up for herself in any way i would understand and think differently, but she's thoroughly signaled to adam he can degrade her in any way that he wants just to feel powerful and she's not only down but involves others including teenagers.

No. 781504


I'm pretty sure Adam mentioned in a podcast that he's had a vasectomy. It was in one of his lil xan interviews cos he was highly recommending that xan get one..

Lil xans girlfriend is still pretending she didn't steal the ultrasound images. Says that some 'unnamed girl' is trying to set her up to look bad. The ultrasound she stole is from a memorial vid for a stillborn baby and it was uploaded to youtube in 2009 so the story she's now making up would require time-travel in order to be true

No. 781505

KEK did this old asshole get a vasectomy to prevent being "trapped"??? I would say "literally who the fuck would want a kid with this shitstain?" but I guess there are retards out there given the state of Lena's thought process rn

No. 781515

it's handy for when he's barebacking underaged girls.

No. 781522

File: 1551276689152.png (37.24 KB, 464x172, 155127662382740749.png)

No. 781547

File: 1551284126423.jpeg (89.84 KB, 738x1000, D8D89833-8350-4682-B835-73430F…)

Guess she really is a lolcow kek

No. 781552

>Implying that is the actual truth and not part of her porn-star persona.

No. 781659

File: 1551309362566.png (1.84 MB, 1125x2436, 84ED3C5C-D11C-4D05-8CEB-3C31F8…)

not sure why pouya is keeping tabs on an accuser who is telling LiEsS about him and giving it more light but mazel tov!

No. 781690

This nigga sent a illegal cease and desist letter, from a phony bs law firm, to his rape victim to silence her. His girlfriend sells non-animal friendly, “animal friendly” Aliexpress lashes for like 8x the price?

This ugly manchild, who looks like Jesus, if he was an anorexic sex offender, is the last person who should be talkin about others “scamming”.

No. 781721

idk what the hell hes talking about (this is the person whose close with the victim) she never got outted as a scammer? and isn't a scammer, period? idek what she would be a scammer of? she's a tattoo artist who literally just works and minds her own business.

No. 781732

File: 1551338092120.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, 3E2D7C6F-77C7-4199-B36B-B88311…)

sage because Tyler being fat isn’t milk but he looks fucking terrible with that shitty bleached hair. I wonder what his face looks like behind that phone. He’s so fond of hiding it now.

No. 781781

File: 1551365822384.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20190228-145117~2.p…)

Posts somebody elses stillborn baby on their vlog, makes fun of the babies head, lies when caught… "Lolz haturz making me rich"

He's infuriating

No. 781799

oh my fucking god does he need toner and a cool toned natural blonde over that
what the fuck is this outfit too he looks like a northern middle aged mom with a misshapen bob about to drive her kids to school on a rainy day

how hard is it to go to the gym i can't believe his job is fashion what a world

No. 781802

if there's a way to get pouya to clarify he was referring to your friend specifically she could and should sue for defamation if nothing else previously stuck. this makes me so sick and i'm so sorry for the shit your friend has to put up with, he is a monster.

jesus was brown don't do jesus like that

No. 781803

he looks like Steve Avery from how to make a murderer kek

No. 781869

yeah that's the thing, he's not gonna clarify, because now all his followers are thinking it's about what happened. i wish he would though.

No. 781893

>more face tattoos

i want this disgusting trend to die

No. 782014

File: 1551411525339.png (2.21 MB, 1139x2048, Screenshot_20190228-223748.png)

A shocking change of heart

No. 782038

wow this is fucked

so he's lying on his victim now to make himself look more credible? if there's more than one allegation then these girls should team up and make a joint statement because as it stands it's their word vs his and soundclout is way too toxic to take what they're saying seriously alone

No. 782053

File: 1551425985070.png (2.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190227-224810.png)

This is not a wig. I really wish she would do better with her hair. She could be so much cuter imo.

No. 782240

File: 1551466883730.png (1.14 MB, 720x1012, Screenshot_20190301-195938.png)

she looks so worn out wow. She's gonna have such a hard time when she tries to stop acting dumb and random

No. 782243

File: 1551467092612.png (638.34 KB, 720x1027, Screenshot_20190301-200253.png)

someone come get their oily babushka

No. 782330

i fucking love fake artists trying to look artsy/weird it's my kink that i mitigate with murder.

No. 782441

She could be a pretty girl, she has features a lot of people want (big blue eyes, high cheekbones, nice lips) and there's pics of her that she's pretty in. But overall she has no perception of what looks good on her and what doesn't. She needs to give up colored hair and go back to brunette.
This has been said countless times in the threads but I can't get over how trash all her outfits are. It's like she's trying to make a statement but it always comes out as a discordant, thrifted, nightmare. She used to have some cute looks what the fuck happened.

No. 782449

Wtf is that outfit, an old Slipknot shirt plus that mustard tube top?? Jfc girl find a mirror

No. 782450

File: 1551503930020.png (2.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190301-211014.png)

Grosso out here still looking so gross. 1/3.

No. 782451

File: 1551503992865.png (2.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190301-211303.png)

Still clinging to the tiny bit of clout peeps name brings 2/3

No. 782452

File: 1551504049305.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190301-211310.png)

Untouchable as in you don't want to touch garbage anyway 3/3

No. 782464

imagine doing all this flexing but still having your tv on the floor

No. 782468

Telling others to "peep my ___" in this instance his chain, is just telling others to "check out my ___". As in peep with your eyes. He's not referencing the person Peep.

No. 782478


take a.. plane? same day flight shouldn’t be anything to him lol. Why does he always have to post about money and how he’s soooo rich. 1) he’s clearly broke/addicted to something and struggling half the time and 2) he makes his money from profiting
off of peeps death.
i really cannot stand him, these LA artist wannabes are so corny

No. 782508

>don't copy me
He really thinks he's some sort of fashion icon for tacking superrradical all over unoriginal jacked t shirt designs. Honestly peep had much more interesting looks going and he wasn't even the one with the clothing brand. I bet if he has started one up he could've easily eclipsed him.

inb4 stan

His manic spending and flexing means he's always in the red financially. His place always looks like someone's mom's unfurnished basement.

No. 782510

File: 1551523423122.jpeg (181.83 KB, 750x897, DFCF42D5-42DA-4512-BBF6-ED1768…)

Wonder how they're gonna portray GBC here

No. 782515

he's literally so white trash

No. 782524

his love for wearing ugly mismatched necklaces is baffling and hilarious

No. 782534

she's tried getting the other girls to stand up to him. but they all either leave her on read or tell her they don't wanna be apart of it.

No. 782535

what's funny is that him and cass are like the exact same versions of each other. he hovered around peep and his friends, trying to be fashionable and copy their styles but fails miserably, exactly the same as cassidy did/does with layla. they're even both doughy and blonde.

No. 782538


Grosso and Shrimp would be match made in soundclout heaven

No. 782650

Anyone catch this cringey posthumous Fallout boy collab basic pop song they made using Peep's recording scraps and accompanying music video that looks like it was literally recorded off of a cellphone? They're milking him dry.

No. 782653

He really looks like a greasy, husky, 20-something-year old co-worker from a fast food job you had when you were 16. The creepy and gross one whose power moves are trying to get you to hang out and get fucked up and texting your phone on some dumb bullshit late at night.

No. 782658

you really don't have to be a stan to acknowledge that every single person in soundclout has more creativity than Tyler generic greaseball flexer Grosso

he's been trying to be Peep/Kurt for awhile now but instead he looks like lil xan meets Stephen Avery (apt comparison from previous anon)

he probably threatened them with the same fear mongering illegal lawsuit he did her, someone needs to educate them all he can't keep getting away with it…

No. 782659

This looks like a middle schooler made it what in the fuck are they even doing with his image anymore. Holy fuck that was bad.

No. 782661

Lol she does it on purpose to show how much she doesn’t caaaaaaare because she so beauuuuuutiful

No. 782672

Who does too poor copy her style from??

No. 782686

File: 1551561772124.jpeg (331.25 KB, 1140x700, 1_1BqqNYXKNmmDvO8WpI7Rjg.jpeg)

uh. hot topic. vampirefreaks.com

you're welcome

No. 782696

You got be 18 to post here kiddo

No. 782748

toopoor is a fuckin wannabe kat von d just trashier

No. 782854

File: 1551594670787.png (128.17 KB, 1321x351, tm.png)

Tracy has a soft spot for cows and vice versa, I assume.


No. 782855

File: 1551594768251.jpg (459.85 KB, 1242x1810, 1551503548142.jpg)

No. 782873

That's a sheep though fam…

No. 782874


…peep the comments.

No. 782896

File: 1551618813157.jpg (2.37 MB, 3000x2000, lama.jpg)

No. He's holding a lama.

No. 782913

Ahhhh, gotcha.

No. 783091

File: 1551665561771.jpeg (391.23 KB, 1125x1982, 5B8A0AF4-F404-421E-93DE-8E8960…)

They interviewed all of gbc & their closest friends but looks looks like they’re already handing out the excuses for getting cut, this from is coldys fan private

He does this a lot I doubt it will be more than a hook up w some flirty comments

No. 783128

Cutting all of GBC is a pretty big deal. If there's suspicious activity around his OD they should include it and just leave his death open ended and inconclusive. They're just gonna chop the kids story up like they did with his music and the end result won't even remotely resemble him.

No. 783311

this actually really breaks my fucking heart because of how much they loved each other. the first time coldy tried to do a cover of 16 lines he broke down crying, it wasn't that long ago.

wasn't it suspicious around mackned, and doesn't his dad have hella connections/money? this isn't death speculation, just about why they might cut gbc when they are like the wutang of hot topic tweens. there would be literally zero context for lil peep and wicca started all of this. i think they just want all the clout for themselves and not to pass it off to 'some kids' they don't manage even though it's history.

biggest question, where tf is tracy's crazy ass in all of this where are the death threats i mean now's the time to do it they're ruining peeps legacy in the realest way. anyone who sees that will consider themselves educated, which is bizarre without mention of gbc. he begged wicca for years to be in it.

No. 783326


Has anyone else been following this?

Annie made a rambling insta story where she sounded like she was on something. She couldn't stay on topic or remember what she was saying and then her explanation about an 'unnamed person' setting her up made zero sense.

Now Xan is still smoking around her and she's been pictured at a bar with a wine glass. Shes posting showing her stomach where she honestly looks like she's just pushing out her stomach, showing this big belly that's not even pregnancy shaped and she's only meant to be 10 weeks gone anyway?

That and Xan is milking Mac Millers death as much as he can with his 'stay safe' album. There's rumours that he's been dropped by his label but he keeps promising his Mac Miller Inspired album is coming soon

No. 783371


I am really, really REALLY enjoying watching Xan and his girlfriend get raked over the coals for the whole fake pregnancy attention grab. It would be hilarious if he actually did get dropped from his label seeing as how he's been super whiney/vocal about how much he hates his label & management since he got signed pretty much.

No. 783406

Idk why they thought a faking a pregnancy was the way to go in terms of publicity stunts. Almost everyone in the scene has a kid and half of them have multiple who are known about but never spoken of. Literally, nobody cares. Why did they think this would be any different? Xan is a fucking joke and the only time he gets any bit of notoriety now is over stupid shit like his "overdose" on cheetos now this.

No. 783485


Columbia did drop him so he needs to find a label to release his Mac Miller milking album now. Didn't he say in interviews that he only met Mac twice? backstage after events in green rooms. Hardly counts as knowing him

He's super dramatic like that though, his Instagram posts with the gf where he declares 'you saved me' Eww lol. Any therapist would tell you that being saved by someone sounds like codependency but his naive fans think it's super deep love

No. 783569

File: 1551809336659.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190305-020715.png)

I think you're already mentally broken

No. 783571

File: 1551809454861.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190303-233801.png)

How long has it been since he slept? Does anyone think he's still "sober"

No. 783592

He really looks like he’s been smoking dope again.

No. 783597

Lol do you think he meant pariah

No. 783634

why doesnt he realize how ugly he is?

No. 783648

That might be old news but I am just confused. Because I noticed only now, when I search up for Lil Peep on Youtube this video comes up for me like, as fifth result. Which is weird? Is this youtube just associating the search results due to related searches or is this something about the video settings that it shows up in his search? Idk just kinda iffy how it makes it look like the song profits of Peep's name.

No. 783678

This fake pregnancy stunt is literally so his label-less ass can get some attention so another label will scoop him up and so his album doesn't bomb. Also Noah Cyrus is a dumbass attention whore for pretending she still gives a shit about Xan when it's been exposed that their whole thing was for clout and set up. Not that anyone with a brain couldn't figure it out anyway.

Grosso's degradation is one of the most rapid one's I've ever seen on god. If you look at the cringey kurt&courtney cosplay he and TP did over a year ago he still looks relatively normal. He'll never grow up bc he thinks his mental problems make him some icon and won't drop the woe is me act and try to get better like she did. Difference beetween him and kurt is he was actually creative. People idolize him for his work not being a junkie. Grosso has nothing to show for his problems other than a shitty clothing brand that makes him easy money which he claims makes him suffer for some asinine reason.

No. 783682

Grosso claims his clothing brand brings him immense suffering because he doesn't have any real art to suffer for lmao

Imagine acting like running a successful clouty streetwear brand somehow brings you immense agony. He's a privileged little shit who needs to point the finger at something other than himself. 0 accountability

No. 783685

Your results have to do with what you watch and how you behave on sites/devices feeding googles algorithm, unless you searched logged out on incognito or a on random computer it doesn’t mean anything.

No. 783686

Kurt mostly suffered because of the fame which Tyler cannot possibly relate to. Average person on the street doesn't know jackshit about Tyler fucking Grosso. He can't just enjoy his money and shut up. He wants to be painted as some martyr.

No. 783687

this is true I just searched it on incognito to confirm

No. 783772

File: 1551845677483.png (1.86 MB, 828x1792, C17CA938-CE9B-4CF5-AE35-923712…)

I would confidently bet money that Annie will fake a miscarriage within 6 weeks to have an excuse to cover up her fake pregnancy. Xan is honestly dumb as a rock and will completely believe what anyone tells him.

I seen that she had replied on a comment regarding the video of her holding a wine glass. Strange she claimed water served in the wine glass-yes it can be common- but the chick in front of her is drinking water out of a WATER GLASS. This chick seems to be entrapping xan with a baby.

Girl, sex won’t make him love you and a baby won’t make him stay.(5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow. )

No. 783832


Annie's a compulsive liar. She was caught lying about her age too. Said that she's twenty when she's actually 18. Nobody even knows what the point of that particular lie was.

She has excuses for everything, doesn't take much to convince their mostly teen following so her stories don't need to make sense.

I think she's taking advantage of him really, he got out of rehab around christmas time and he hasn't seemed terribly sober in the few months since

No. 783852


I'm not even sure I understand what these screenshots are supposed to demonstrate, but we can tell that you just posted a response to your own comment on spooky's picture … "add a comment as _goldfishtiara". These cows are perfectly capable of embarrassing themselves without farmers trolling their comments and posting the results in their threads.

No. 783856

Lol the one person goldfish follows is PnP, just noooooooooooo

No. 783956

File: 1551906121808.png (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 1614x1199, pnp.png)

I just checked in on PnP and she's already posting pics of her (what looks like) a poorly done boob job. Like this upshot… Look at her face. And those gnarly af scars. She's approaching clown like with those fillers. I feel like she's getting kinda boring so saged

No. 783976

>a picture i wasn't ready for (posing so hard she is visibly straining her neck and contorting her hands like she's having a seizure)
>my scars make me feel like a build a bear
>[your scars] are so so hot

i just got home from therapy and after looking at this one singular picture i need to go back holy fuck

No. 784011

1) you didn't sage
2) pnp thread >>>/snow/778634
she's not a clout hoe

No. 784274

File: 1551990341900.png (Spoiler Image, 942.82 KB, 720x1027, Screenshot_20190307-212201.png)

Coconuts looking for another reason to feel victimised

No. 784276

File: 1551990487009.png (Spoiler Image, 989.64 KB, 720x890, Screenshot_20190307-212719.png)

No. 784306


Did she put her hospital gown on backwards to show off her boobs? Or..?

No. 784307

File: 1551998293396.jpg (104.82 KB, 1200x630, hospital-gown_0.jpg)

No. 784338

never thought id see a thot wearing a hospital gown backwards in order to look sexy

No. 784354


For real! She is such a loathsome black hole of narcissism. Newsflash Coco your tits aint even that great sis.

No. 784357

but ~make it fashion~ anons! I like how whenever anyone complains about her tits being out all the time she again pulls the cancer card of “but they’re covered in radiation burns!! it’s not sexual!! I survived too hard to hide my body!!” does anyone know anything about her precancer? did she ever have any substance?

No. 784456

Oh no, Kurt ripped people off and had Courtney who was honestly a fucking genius and master stylist/publicist. She was a self proclaimed "scenester" before that was a thing, she was constantly absorbing and learning with the same desperation as Kurt, only she could work the public angle far better than he could. She got away with murder and look at her before/after pictures, that bitch is a queen.

grosso is like kurt in that they both caught the wave and stole from an amalgamation of no names/ironic pop culture, only the 90s was a much different time lmfao no one is impressed by that shit now. grosso isn't even learned in graphic design in any capacity beyond cut and paste. he's just a white bitchboy assistant who came up by bootlegging like the no talent chump he is. at least kurt was hot.(autism)

No. 784457

can he please just grow a beard to half hide that doughy monstrosity he calls a face thannxxx

No. 784524

>can he please just grow a beard
Some dudes can't grow facial hair. It's possible that he isn't able to.

No. 784606

In honor of "women's day" cocos whole ig story is her posting 50000 photos of herself/her with practically 0 clothing on (even more so than just a regular day of nonstop selfies) I can't even imagine what her camera roll looks like.

No. 784623

I would bet that a majority of the money she makes from her eye trash "company" goes towards her monthly iCloud storage bill.

No. 784627

Dude there's so many fucking pics that the little bars up top are the absolute tiniest i've ever seen them on instagram. Holy shit, I can't imagine being this level of narcissistic or in need of attention.

Like I do feel genuinely kind of bad, she was so beautiful and healthy looking pre cancer, especially with her natural hair, but it sucks that cancer just made her feel like she had to do the MOST and grub as much clout as she possibly can before it's too late. I've found cancer usually makes people more down to earth or compassionate, but it's just made her more vain and catty.

No. 784653

prob low testosterone from all the opiates kek

No. 784763

File: 1552112892622.png (10.72 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7739.PNG)

I went to check it out just how bad it was and holy fucking SHIT

No. 784818

who is her friend?

No. 784944

File: 1552166944748.jpg (Spoiler Image, 512.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190309-232425.jpg)

imma just leave this here

No. 785089

File: 1552204502775.png (982.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190310-074609.png)

Nothing new on the fake pregnancy but now there's a woman on Instagram claiming she and Xan got up to something during the current tour, shared photos of him topless and of his hand on her thigh etc

And here he is looking like rehab worked for him..

No. 785097

File: 1552210472804.png (117.97 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_20190310-093010~2.p…)

Lena must be proud of his use of the womens day hashtag, he also tweeted about hooking up with a girl and her shitting the bed, again using the womens day tag..

No. 785131

No. 785139

I know the sound clout universe is pathetic, but he really did seem extra vulnerable/emotional/a bit more intelligent than most of these soundcloud kids, and very emotionally preyed upon, and this shows that it literally was even worse than thought. All of those incompetent morons (who are even fucking terrible at keeping their cash cows afloat and their ineptitude seriously sacrifices their finances) should be indicted. This whole situation still is just so sad to me. I think because he seemed more outwardly childlike and naive and in need of protection more than Xan or Pump, though they're all obviously confused kids that are flailing and in need of protection. Why is Liza not flipping her shit though? These people facilitated his death

No. 785153

but mackned definitely admitted to giving peep pills that he knew looked sketchy. I don’t know why fish narc is trying to protect him

No. 785157

File: 1552237734197.png (165.08 KB, 1268x509, untitled.png)

No. 785174

File: 1552242221262.jpeg (197.71 KB, 640x926, 07001E46-FA00-48CB-8A4D-D7E269…)


First Access Entertainment, Sarah Stennett, and Chase Ortega (owner of The Hyv that sells all Lil Peep merch) are crooks

Peep’s tour manager Belinda Mercer was introduced through enablers Chase Ortega and Sarah Stennett. She was the tour manager at the time of his death

While working as a tour manager, Belinda was constantly leaving to get ketamine/painkillers/drugs for everyone on the bus. She was detained at the Canadian border due to an unspecified crime and subjected to a $2000 fine

How was this woman let onto a bus with addicts?

No. 785175

File: 1552242253932.jpeg (93.52 KB, 640x478, 99619C1B-76F9-4716-9706-B34617…)

No. 785176

File: 1552242397647.jpeg (198.75 KB, 640x917, BEBA2510-5BDB-42F6-9646-F05EF5…)

No. 785197

>How was this woman let onto a bus with addicts?
The entertainment industry is full of enablers and generally slimy people. It's only worse in the Soundcloud scene because the Soundcloud scene is particularly centered around hard drugs. Given the heroic doses of benzos and opiates Gus was taking of his own accord, he probably would have died sooner or later, whether his manager was a yes-man or not. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes and all that. It's hard to feel sympathy for somebody who not only decided to start taking massive amounts of the hardest drugs to wean off of but also broadcast it to their impressionable teen fans. The entire Soundcloud scene is cancerous.

No. 785198

Love the "was expecting this call for a year" wow, no shit, you fuckers were literally supplying this unstable kid with a cocktail of drugs. He was diagnosed as bipolar iirc.

No. 785199

Uhh yeah but at least with competent people around him he could've been revived??? These retards were paid out the ass to handle him and wouldn't even keep Narcan on hand but were tossing drugs at him left and right.

No. 785205

He was a kid. He paid people to watch over him. That’s what “management” means. Highly doubt peep wanted to take fentanyl, though. Peeps death is on his management’s hands. They let one of their sources of income die. And now they’re somehow making a shit ton more money off of it. I feel bad for peeps family

No. 785206

I wonder if the DEA has found out who sold them the Oxys and how they got into Mackneds hands though

No. 785208

Peep being hailed the 'couldhavebeen' kurt takes me right tf out, besides he died because hes a dumb cloutfag who surrounded himself with other dumb cloutfags and surprise after singing about being a sad boi taking drugs he died cause its not a very conducive lifestyle when you dont have alot of cells to think on.

No. 785212

it wasn’t a smart comparison to make, but if that’s all you take from the article, then your opinion is irrelevant. the article was just trying to compare their impacts on their respective generations, not about the fucking music. also kurt cobain was way more pretentious and insufferable than peep was. nirvanas music wasn’t necessarily original, and a lot of it just sounded like noise too. lots of people hated the wave kurt cobain (with help from the other members of nirvana) made, but people now are acting like he’s a god

No. 785214

and honestly everything you just said about Peep could’ve been said about Kurt. And this is coming from a Nirvana fan

No. 785215

Like do all these idiots not realize Kurt was a heroin addict lol(samefag)

No. 785218

File: 1552250795113.jpg (26.9 KB, 480x286, cobainheroin.jpg)

>do all these idiots not realize Kurt was a heroin addict
They want to be rich and famous romanticized drug addicts.

No. 785222

Kurt said a lot of things so that he would appear a certain way. The truth of the matter is that he did and still continues (in his death) to glamorize drug use. His interviews talk so immaturely about drug abuse and suicide. Peep even samples some of those interviews in his own music. S

No. 785225

File: 1552251719879.jpg (204.38 KB, 1280x720, 1280x720-Yni.jpg)


>Kurt said a lot of things

>he did and still continues (in his death) to glamorize drug use

tfw CL was right about him the whole time.

No. 785246

File: 1552257671889.jpeg (253.4 KB, 1125x1649, FD0CB614-AF4D-4573-A36B-D06CE1…)

Chase is a psychopath piece of shit that has backed or outright protected no less than three rapists/abusers. He would b weird and kinda threatening to girls that tried to tell him or others in the larger la art scene about hot sugar, Antwon and andre martel From nature world.

Also I guess he doesn’t pay his artists. The girl who did the peep lighter hasn’t seen a dime or any credit.

No. 785247

File: 1552257696274.jpeg (333.17 KB, 1125x1707, 978C4B70-1AD6-414E-85E2-E7C361…)

No. 785248

File: 1552257806157.jpeg (122 KB, 726x1024, 9A16040F-7BD6-424C-B604-76F561…)

No. 785249

File: 1552258147112.jpeg (208.01 KB, 1125x1184, EE4D96F8-3304-439E-8BC2-CDC7E1…)

Any who here’s Layla calling the article that implicated her label/management in sending her boyfriend to an early grave using text from said dead boyfriends phone as a source fake new

The only ppl calling that article trash are first access signees and Matt wolfdrawn, who beat his ex girlfriend. Real stand up people.

No. 785262

like, i dont like the way peep treated her but why is she so trash? praising x, calling him hot, her terrible takes after his death, now denying that gus' management was clearly negligent and literally criminal. why does she cape for everyone that is literal evil?

No. 785267

You don’t get to the level she’s at with integrity lmao she’s been a snake with no self respect since day one she’s just gotten better at hiding it

No. 785269


Because she's a vacuous insecure garbage person and everything she says and does is purely motivated by either self interest, *~aesthetic~*, or whatever will get her the most internet attention from her teenage fans. She is seriously pathetic.

No. 785273

Tbh I did believe she loved him or cared deeply for him, but I doubt that's the case now. I guess the relationship was literally as opportunistic for her as it was for him? She has no horse in this race but chooses to insert herself to defend them after they did her ex so fucking disgustingly dirty. Literally fucking why.

No. 785289

I totally think they were in love but it is in her self interest to back the people she’s signed to, even if they maybe sorta probably definitely had a hand in her first love or whatever dying. She’s a hollow shallow person who’s more than happy to self cannibalize the part of her that had loyalty to peep to get ahead. Being a decent person is hard, being a ghoul is easy.

No. 785291

lmao @ her actually trying to downgrade peep’s mgmt involvement in his death. does she actually believe that it was okay for a tour manager to supply barely legal kids with drugs or not even having a narcan on the bus? & some of mgmt ppl not even coming forward with what they know makes them look guilty bc they would get prosecuted. just stay silent lay it aint your boat to rock

No. 785302

she's signed to them? pathetic. and i don't think they were in love. peep sought her out once he realized she had clout, then outgrew her in terms of fame and dropped her for more famous girls to be a powercouple with them. it's whatever, but i did think she was genuinely into him. i didn't know she was signed to them, but damn, that's so cold. she could've literally just kept silent.

No. 785353

>Uhh yeah but at least with competent people around him he could've been revived???
underage b&
>These retards were paid out the ass to handle him and wouldn't even keep Narcan on hand but were tossing drugs at him left and right.
It's nobody's job to make sure that an addict entertainer doesn't pop the wrong pills with fans. Gus may have been better served by a 24/7 tard wrangler, but at the end of the day nobody can force accountability on an addict.
He was very young, but his drug habits were not imposed on him; he imposed it on himself, glorified it in his music, and happened to have typical showbiz enablers surrounding him. Everyone failed him, including himself.

No. 785363


The owner of The Hyv, Chase Ortega, is a vulture and that has become even more evident since Peep died. Another liar, user, and enabler pretending to be a manager

Chase continues to release shameless money grabbing merch using Peep’s image, music, and name. As well as endless collabs with other artists/brands to raise the price. The Hyv always does limited edition & rare drops so fans will immediately buy their overpriced merchandise/collaborations

The Hyv also sold misspelled Lil Peep shirts after Chase acknowledged the mistake

Peep is just being used & abused in death by the same enablers

No. 785373

Do you have caps of the rest of the story? I'm actually kinda interested.
He's one of those dudes that never grew out of thinking with his dick and is now so horrifically desensitized to women. Not even surprised making a post recognizing the female talent in the scene didn't cross his mind.
Wow. I never knew about the bus getting stopped at the border until now. Everything leading up to and after his death is such a "he said" "she said" cluster fuck. Regardless what the truth is, there's no doubt he was failed by the people around him. Of course he has responsibility in it as well, but it's not hard to see he was deeply troubled. That, along with a shit load of drugs and enablers at his dispense is already nightmare combination itself. It's heartbreaking to imagine him "snoring" was really just his brain slowly starting to stop breathing. After reading the entire article the only thing I can really think of is his mom. It sounds like she's investing a lot of herself into this, and I can understand. But I hope she'll be able to grieve and recover from this healthily and not let it burn the life out of her.
I wouldn't read too into it. Bexey's British and it's not uncommon for British people to call a push-up a press up.

No. 785374

File: 1552287682282.jpeg (4.55 MB, 2051x3899, 93F19851-022E-4ACE-A046-7B769F…)

Lol I am dying. Ok girl sure. This whole group of people know no bounds

No. 785382

This is so appalling that it's literally…. golden. It also doesn't add up at all considering he was very publicly dating Arazaylea at the time of his overdose. Wouldn't take that many context clues to realize that shit wasn't going to happen before his death but the fact she sprinkled that shit in there like some parsley took me the fuck out.

No. 785429

Who is this and what's her relationship to peep? Don't even know her but man that is a fucked up thing to just post on the fucking internet. I wouldn't doubt that she sent herself that "question" just to have an excuse to talk shit about peep. What a piece of runny shit. That's beyond low.

No. 785511


I don't remember exactly, I think she might have been the girl who designed a tie dye shirt for him?

No. 785512

Nah, that's silverlittlecat, a different girl who hung out with him a few times and was a weed plug for him in Philly….. This is Honeymoonphase, there's a picture in one of the older threads of her in the back of a car with Peep, I think she hooked up with him a couple of times.

No. 785521

What is baffling is the people close to Peep who are quiet about the situation.
Yes, TP/Lay is vocal because her is signed to the same ducking platform (to use the term broadly to cover all nitpicking areas).
My point is that Tracy and smokeasac(Dylan) are too fucking quiet after this release. Two people who were first hand super close with Peep and now are zip sealed with personal first hand experiences. It is baffling how money can keep people quiet.
Of course Lay/tp will support HYV considering she has under contact and they’re her platform of merch.

No. 785543

I can't believe his mama would be involved with Hyv/First Access after this shitshow; she must have known all of this as she would have seen Peep's texts and dms that were in the article,smh…….

No. 785553

File: 1552340495780.jpeg (829.51 KB, 828x1359, A34C13AF-2776-4536-8BDF-6D237C…)

She looks TERRIBLE holy shit

No. 785586

She probably cant even play the fucking guitar lmao

No. 785597


Fucking kek exactly what I thought when I saw that. Looking sooooo cool Layla, this pic really goes with your trash ass 'Disney Channel Star trying desperately to be edgy' debut single.

No. 785624

File: 1552352429642.jpeg (879.44 KB, 3464x3464, 02EDB937-5D49-422A-B8BC-8876A4…)

What are you talking about? Tracy was gassing up the article. Even before peep died hated his management and only had worse and worse things to say as time went on after peep died, he just talked about it in his fader cover story. They weren’t close at the end of his life so what would he have to contribute that he hasn’t said a million times before?

Smoke was calling the article trash on ig and calling gbc junkies even tho they honestly contributed very little to the article beyond backing up peeps texts/fact checks. He’s currently pushing some weird fan conspiracy theory his twitter He’s also signed to FAE so it’s in his interest to pull attention away from the article or discredit it. Bexey signed with FAE too no clue what he’s up to.

No. 785670

tracy is unstable weird trash but i do believe he has more integrity than the rest of these cloutchasers. very disappointing about smokeasac and bexey always seemed so fake. i guess fae literally went on a quest to collect peep's pathetic and desperate friends that could potentially sink them

No. 785685

Yeah, but you also hav