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File: 1479197231578.jpg (25.92 KB, 500x444, ilymorgannn.jpg)

No. 198674

Morgan Joyce/ilymorgannn

Morgan Joyce is a popular model/youtuber currently headed towards a downward spiral. Where to begin:

>Got a "botched" scarification done to her chest because she didn't like how prominent chest tattoos looked on girls

>Expected it to look white and faded but it came out looking like a third degree-burn so she applies foundation on it and goes to multiple dermatologists to attempt to fix it
>Proudly vegan but can't stomach fruits and vegetables
>Has a giant pig tattoo who she refers to as "Mr. Pig" (because he's a fucking Sir!)
>Started a patreon with sexy lingerie photoshoots being one of the rewards even though her subscribers are mostly young teenage girls

Katrin Berndt

Swedish modded tryhard who makes angry videos. Brief summary:

>Made a video called Stealing A Tattoo where she bashed a girl for copying the tattoos on her leg, naming both her and the tattoo artist which caused her followers to harass them on ig

>Bashed Marzia (Pewdiepie's gf) for shaming bodymods because of her caption "Don't worry it's fake" on ig when she had a nosering
>Calls her followers stupid and makes fun of them

Grace Neutral:

Professional stick and poke tattoo artist/model currently doing a documentary series with i-D about global beauty standards

>Tattooed her friend's forehead at home

>Cut off her bellybutton and ate it
>Tattooed her eyeballs purple yet acted very concerned about young girls getting swept up in Korean beauty trends

Monami Frost:

Another 20 year old heavily modified youtuber/model.

>Started tattooing herself at 12 and ran away from home in Latvia

>Got pregnant at 15 and now feeds her daughter a strict vegan diet
>Her daughter Gaby hasn't had her teeth for 4 years
>Doctors had to yank them out at 3 years old because they were rotting
>Claims it happened from drinking too much milk and the animal protein sucked the calcium out of her teeth

No. 198675

Her scarification video which she disabled comments on because people were giving her shit

No. 198676

I find it hilarous that grace neutral considers herself a professional artist, yet she has done tattoos in unclean enviroments

No. 198677


>Morgan Joyce

That's a name I haven't heard in a long time, I remember her from years ago when she used to cuss out people who would ask how she did her hair. She always said it was an insult to her because she was going to beauty school and that people have the nerve to ask for her "trade secret"

She also used to be on a "friendship" website where you talk/chat with people and they will donate money towards your breast implants gofundme style. Everyone in the comment section called her a dumbass when she complained about how everyone on that website wanted her nudes and was an old man

No. 198678

Grace legitimately scares me, her lack of belly button and tattooed eyes are so creepy. She looks like she would be from those art horror films where they cut off their nipples/labia for the sake of aesthetic.

No. 198679

Morgan seems alright, though it kind of blew my mind how she didn't do more research before getting such a large scarification piece on her chest. It's not really a big secret that keloid scarring is almost guaranteed on areas like the chest. The odds of the scars coming out not keloid were slim to none. Girl needs to lay off the lip injections too, not flattering at all.

Grace seems sweet, just kind of weird. I'm into heavy/weird mods though, so maybe I'm kind of bias. I don't feel like there's any milk with her. Like, her issue with young girls getting swept up with plastic surgery is due to a loss of individuality, kind of the opposite of the result of tattooing your eyeballs?

The last girl sounds batshit though. What is her kid's current teeth situation? What the fuck.

No. 198682

She has been one of my trainwrecks to watch. And yeah, I forgot about her gofundme boobjob drama. Figures she couldn't have even saved a few thousand what with living with her parents and making decent youtube bucks.

Her pig tattoo video is one of my favorites. Truly delusional about how pregnancy and skin works

No. 198686

what the fuck is wrong with her face?

No. 198687

You mean the cheek piercings? They really fuck up any face, makes her cheeks look somehow swollen and sunken at the same time.

No. 198688

This was uploaded last week. She is still missing most of her front teeth as well as her bottom teeth. Kinda sad her child has bottle syndrome for so long now

No. 198692

Is she actually 20?? She looks like she's in her mid 30s like shit

No. 198693

I feel so bad for the kid. She's cute but I fear she'll never grow front teeth. On top of that her mom is batshit crazy and looks like a hot mess.

No. 198695

Ran away and got pregnant and…turned into that?

That kid has no chance. Wtf is she teaching her

No. 198698

Her kid is 7 now, so I think she's at least in her mid 20's unless she got knocked up in Latvia at 12.

No. 198702

No. 198704

File: 1479204304106.png (278.5 KB, 399x552, jessica.png)

Another one: Jessica Morris. Dutch girl who recently got a tattoo on her chin and cheeks which looks like a beard.


No. 198708

Injecting your eyeballs with ink seems like a very bad idea. Anyone know the stance of medical professionals about this practice?

No. 198710

doesn't this bitch know about the existence of white ink

No. 198712

Oh, Morgan Joyce. There was also a small drama about her lip injections and breast implants, because they aren't vegan but she didn't give a fuck and implied that her looks are more important than being vegan.

No. 198713

File: 1479205756034.png (691.28 KB, 712x813, wut.png)

Wtf. This girl got a blackout arm but it wasn't even tatted before? Does she want to be black or something?

No. 198716

File: 1479206163920.jpg (130.34 KB, 634x951, dumb.jpg)

I don't know any medical shit but I remember reading about Pixee Fox getting green eye implants in India. She belongs itt, she's fucking crazy

No. 198720

File: 1479206501195.png (133.36 KB, 279x286, screenshot(45).png)

Damn, that's crazy.

Another one that's interesting to follow, 18-year old who gets a new body mod every week:

No. 198841

It's purely for attention or just to be shocking. #supaedgey. Lol

No. 198844

Somehow the worst thing about this is the lips…

No. 198853

>Truly delusional about how pregnancy and skin works

I'm not sure what you mean. Some people don't get stretch marks. Some people's stomach does go back to the way it was before. I'm not saying hers will because it's all genetics, but I don't see where she got it particularly wrong.

No. 198854

*stomachs do

Sry I cant English

No. 198872

loool this girl screamed at me on tumblr because i told her she wasnt the brave, revolutionary soul she thought she was for writing an essay on the shootings in charleston

No. 198884

i've always been suspicious of monami frost. unsurprising to find out shes a shit mother

No. 198888

File: 1479231385595.png (266.76 KB, 407x413, clone yourself.png)

There's an interview about her life as a mom here:

No. 199006

I actually just watched one of Katrin's videos yesterday for the first time, it came up in my recommandations. It was the "Partying with Asking Alexandria" one - the whole story seemed fake but even if it wasn't, they definitely did more than just shots and talking. I don't see why she would even be picked, though, she isn't that pretty or interesting.

Yikes. I actually liked her too.

No. 199018

omg her ears

No. 199026

white ink tends to fade and/or yellow over time, so that was her reason for getting the scarification.

my beef with her is claiming to be vegan but getting implants and lip injects that totally aren't. am sure she has some bs justification but that doesn't excuse being a hypocrite. also question whether all her tattoos are done with vegan ink and if the dyes/extensions she uses are vegan and/or cruelty-free.

No. 199032

File: 1479241279733.jpg (113.45 KB, 1140x642, Blackout-Tattoos-Are-A-Bold-Ne…)


So what are people going to do when this blackout trend goes out of style. I get that most of them get blackout tattoos to cover up other tattoos, but aren't those covered tattoos were chosen for trendy reasons? Some of these people are pretty young too.

No. 199051

Same here. She always just seemed so fake.

No. 199074

>her issue with young girls getting swept up with plastic surgery is due to a loss of individuality

It's beyond retarded when people think that individuality is something cosmetic.
And of course it's always the ones who set out to make themselves look as freakish as possible that think that way. I wouldn't be surprised if heavy body-modding is a side effect of having a superiority complex.
Oh sure, the way you look is what makes you such a special, unique ~*individual*~. Not like those normies who show their individuality on the inside like chumps. Ha.

No. 199080

Can confirm. Have met her a few times personally as I go to a studio her partner works at. From what I've gathered, she simply got covered in tattoos so she was different and 'speshul' compared to the other girls in modelling. Don't get me wrong, she's not ugly, but she would be quite the plain Jane if she wasn't absolutely dripping in tattoos. Nothing special, just generic.
People like her are the reason I don't purposely show off my tattoos or try and make it my lifestyle even though I am covered in them. They sure as hell don't make you cool and you're definitely not unique and creative for getting them done. If anything, it makes you an idiot. These days you stand out for not having any, and I think that is really fucking cool!

But yeah. Monami sucks.

No. 199083

They aren't gonna do shit because getting a blackout tattoo removed is nearly impossible or so expensive and with such shitty results that's it's pointless to do. They're going to go to their grave coated in black ink.

No. 199091

Interesting thanks for the intel. Yeah I watched her black arm tattoo video and cringed at the fact that her and her husband thought of it on a whim because she wanted to get new ink. Seems like an addiction.

Does her black ink look better or worse in person? Cuz it looks fucked. So blotchy and discolored. I guess she can fix it by coating it with some more black ink tho, lul

This is not cute. Temporary tattoos for kids should be like butterflies and rainbows not fucking realistic script fonts and shitty anchors. Her kid is adorable and I hope she doesn't grow up thinking she needs tattoos to be pretty like her mother. Like I have no problems with tattoos at all just shitty parenting.

No. 199100

File: 1479250779298.gif (493.43 KB, 500x222, tumblr_lpbpbw0Fef1qc6lk8o1_500…)


Even in he video it looks bad. I'M on mobile so I can zoom in while the video is playing, and I can even see the tattoos she covered up. Probably just needs another round of ink.

The portraits are really nice though, it's a shame they're on her under arm so you'll never see them.

She only has so much space left on her body. Wonder what she'll do when she blacks out her entire body.

No. 199113


Well, it does seems like the only thing that these girls post, talk or think about is body-modding and tattoos. It's like they've based their entire personality around it since they have nothing else going for them.

If you were blind, you would probably think that they're all the same person lol.

No. 199170

tbh, that 2nd one is really nice. The first is a bit much, but I don't know, you can always get scarification done on top of it too.

No. 199171

Fair, though I think it goes both ways really, either extreme is a bad thing. I'm in no way against body mods or cosmetic surgery, but I suppose there is a point where it becomes an issue of BDD.

I kind of get why their worlds begin to revolve around it, it's not like they could find a whole lot of other career paths being so heavily modded. It's not like they only have more typical piercings, or a couple tattoos.

No. 199321

LOL her young Einstein looks like Hitler and her "hindu swastika meaning peace or whatever" can pass for being just a regular ol nazi swastika.

No. 199324

File: 1479283894641.jpg (20.53 KB, 481x720, v9gzmwY.jpg)

sorry forgot to attach the picture of hitler and nazi symbol

No. 199338

The stuff by Anrijs is nice but the rest is patchy. Which is a shame.

No. 199430

Yeah definitely not a swastika. Even has the dots. Man, I'm done with site.

No. 199441

It's not a Nazi swastika but the average person is going to look at that and assume it is regardless. At this point, most people either don't know or don't remember that the swastika wasn't originally a symbol created by the third Reich. Sucks but she shouldn't be shocked if people assume she's a neo-nazi because of it.

No. 199459

Women like this are kind of scary looking to me, I don't know exactly why but they just creep me out. The tattoos, scarring yourself(?), tattooing your fucking face, gauges, piercings in your face, the drag makeup, the huge lips they all go for, I just get it. I know some people don't like to look normal but this look, it just freaks me out.

No. 199464

Congratulations, you're the kind of person they do this dumb shit for.

No. 199476

They look like they're trying to look attractive though. I assumed that's what they're going for anyway. If it's a shock value thing well they definitely succeed to me.

No. 199491

Honestly, some people actually just like this sort if thing as an aesthetic. I get that it's shocking to some, and a lot of these people can be problematic, but look at all the regular flakes and cows?

I like extreme body mods to a degree and find someone like Grace rather visually attractive, but I can't begin to imagine how much attention looking like that would draw, so I'm not particularly interested in going all out myself. It's really all personal preference.

No. 199906

oh god, I watched Grace's Korean adventure on iD, I love how she just casually named dropped her burberry coat in the vid.

How very anti establishment.

No. 199917

samefagging I also just want to say fuuuuuuucccckkkk Monami and anyone else that only gets heavily tattooed in highly visible areas first. You're douchebags. Her whole upper arm was bare but nah go get a face tattoo. UGH

No. 200353

eh, i just laugh at them b/c their work will age faster and longer than people who wait.

there's someone in my area who has both sides of her head, hands and face tattooed - she has 'candy corn tears' and 'freckles' ffs - and a shit ton of piercings in her face, many of which she's done on herself while working at tattoo shop, probably b/c no one wants to let her touch them. anyway, she's not even 30 yet and already looks ridiculous/punchable, so why be mad when it's easier to point and laugh.

No. 200357

she looks interesting but sounds dull in that vid. just reading a script and getting a tattoo.

No. 200367

File: 1479394598662.jpg (118.81 KB, 580x585, lusylogan.jpg)

Getting a facial tattoo is always a bad idea.

No. 200373

I liked it, but i agree about the coat. Honestly i don't think people payed much attention to the comforter looking thing.

No. 200380

File: 1479396588280.png (80.93 KB, 1280x720, Dragon_Age_Inquisition_2014_11…)

I love tattoos but I honestly have yet to see a facial tattoo that doesn't look out of place/like shit on a person.

I say leave the facial tattoos to video game characters, they're the only ones that can pull it off.

No. 200576

I've seen this ugly bitch modeling on Jeffree star's page.

No. 200786

File: 1479460716919.jpg (70.36 KB, 562x522, face.jpg)

Some tattooists are really irresponsible to give large facial tattoos like it's candy on Halloween. This one has a large percentage of face tattoos in her portfolio (like pic related):

I think job stoppers like face tattoos should be uncommon in an artist's portfolio.

No. 200847

They are quite uncommon and to be honest, the artists that are doing them regularly aren't people you should be getting tattooed by. There's a few people I go to, and all of them will only legitimately do a facial/head tattoo if you yourself are a tattoo artist or work in the industry. You'll also find it very hard to get your hands done by them too. To me, that's the sign of a good and conscientious artist with good intentions.
A lot of people do them because it gets their name out there, as a lot of people do want to go to the extreme of getting their face tattooed. If they are known locally or via the internet as someone who is willing to make money by doing that, then it's going to do wonders for their business and bank balance. Which is sad, but very, very true.

No. 200850

File: 1479475400246.jpg (134.87 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

Does anyone remember Iska Ithil? She kind of dropped off the internet. Was popular for her makeup/hair a few years ago, but only made about 4 youtube videos.

No. 200855

i remember and enjoyed her work. but it became the same shit; different day and i lost interest. she had a look tho.

No. 200857

I know she posted some nudes on 4chan way back. She actually met some of my friends at a con.
I followed her insta for a while but shes been away for months, she mostly just posts abt wanting weed or getting high so it got boring to me.

No. 200858

A Monami copycat

No. 200859

Good lord. A lot of these tattoos do not look good on the people with them.

A lot of women with masculine tattoos, and some men with feminine tattoos. And then there's some that just wouldn't look good on anyone. And it shows that the artist's are only really comfortable doing one sort of tattoo.

Yikes yikes YikES

No. 200860


Also please tell me the cat pictures/videos are taken from home and not in the actual tattoo shop. PLEASE.

No. 200874

She's friends with Monami IRL. Her bf works in the same studio as Monami's. There's definitely a distinct style for girls with tattoos these days. That's having long, dark centre-parted hair, all black tattoos and being average looking. Wouldn't say it's copycat-ing as such, they just run in very similar, small circles.

No. 200922


>Bashed Marzia (Pewdiepie's gf) for shaming bodymods because of her caption "Don't worry it's fake" on ig when she had a nosering

what the fuck
i've seen people put on wigs for photo and then adding caption "don't worry it's a wig" i guess that's "shaming getting your hair done" then

No. 200928

That's an awful tattoo, ffs.

No. 200934

more like wanted to start drama with someone actually efamous and was praying to god Marzia would reply

No. 200936

>Grace Neutral
>cut off her bellybutton and ate it
Source + more info?

No. 200956

No. 200960


Marzia also has a deviated septum, so she can't get a real one.

No. 200989

OP here I actually fucked up that detail up. It wasn't the bellybutton she ate. She preserved her bellybutton and gave it to her ex bf. She got the skin of her cheek cut off and then ate it.

No. 201002

File: 1479507525488.png (400.67 KB, 500x505, tumblr_n8ihs6IANX1tq5xbro1_500…)

I think Grace and Hannah snowdon are cute together but I think Grace has a bf. Funny about Hannah and her bf Oli Sikes (sp) He's some dude in a Hot Topic screamo band. He cheated on her with strippers so she cheated on him back and he made a post on her ig outing him. Video here but I could barely watch it cuz the giant water mark

No. 201108

File: 1479525078987.jpg (106.56 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ofez8dnWQs1qdzalxo1_500…)

One that needs to be added is Rotten Morgue, if only for this tattoo alone. It says "Twat Porn"

Tumblr: http://rottenmorgue.tumblr.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rottenmorgue/?hl=en

No. 201118

Dang. She is going to have lots of regret when she ages out of porn/camming.

Like imagine having to explain those tattoo's to your kids, family, potential partners, future employers.

Whoever tattooed this on her should have their license removed. Seriously.

No. 201120

Awww. I like her. She's an awesome artist and so is her boyfriend.

No. 201122

Katrin comes off as bitchy but nothing more really. And her stealing tattoo video was of her chest piece which was legitimately shitty. Her thighs she said she doesn't care if someone copies because it's a lighthouse and a boat which are everywhere, but her chest is one of those intricate obviously well done pieces and the girl who copied it just changed like one or two of the gems or something, it was a carbon copy. Felt bad for her there and got pretty annoyed with the whole "oh it's just a tattoo" people even when I don't have one myself.

Also with Grace I thought it was kind of funny for her to act like tattooing in Korea was some sort of super hidden illegal shit when I've seen other people easily get tattoos there and I saw plenty of younger people with tattoos when I was there.

No. 201158

Her husband tattoos her. Here's a video she made 18 months ago. She's got an insane amount of ink in a short time period.

No. 201160

File: 1479535623961.png (29.38 KB, 717x424, screenshot6663dgy.png)

Omg. That girl is so crazy. Goood find anon. Figured she's from the midwest. I really do hope it's not permanent. I know she said it wasn't but hopefully she is just fibbing or w/e. Also this made me chuckle. Yeah don't think it's gonna catch on maybe to a small percentage it will.

She gave the tattoo artist artistic freedom? Why the hell would he choose to write PORN in such huge letters too. That's hella weird even if she's a camgirl. Prob gonna tattoo over it and just end up looking like she's in permanent blackface all over

No. 201175

She seems pretty cringey from her instagram, in that kind of try-hard mall-goth screaming "dicks" in the middle of a mall cafeteria kind of way. Boyfriend is pretty hot though.

No. 201177

Holy shit, I know this couple. I dunno if they've moved or anything but they used to live here in Perth.
I've only met Lucy once a few years ago and she seemed kinda shy and quiet, but nice. Dan (her husband) I've met a few times; he was friends with my ex and tattooed him. Sorry, sage for blog but it's so fucking weird to see them on here.

Also there's a huge scene of heavily tattooed/black hair/hipster/Afends + The Hundreds-wearing people here that's been going on for years, so it's not just a Monami Frost thing.

No. 201189

Damn I use to follow her, I thought the tattoos she had were cute but this is a horrible move, it looks like a kid drew with sharpie all over her

No. 201249

She really knows hot to put on a good cam show.

No. 201259

Wtf I didn't like her twat tattoo but I at least respected that it was very 'her', but that porn tattoo is the worst thing ever and doesn't match at all
Having no colour on her nipples seems a bad move for a cam girl too

No. 201267

Hand tattoos bother me the most, especially when they get shit printed on their fingers. It NEVER fails to make their fingers look like stubby sausages. I've never seen tattooed hands look good.

No. 201273

I think like ONE tattoo on a finger can look good if it's an elegant design, almost like a ring. But if it's on all fingers and coating the whole finger…not so much. They seem to be more prone to blow out/spreading too.

No. 201401

Holyshit..why.. Why would anyone do this?

No. 201402

omg this is the worst tattoo shit i've ever seen i thought it was marker then i checked her blog and this is actually on her body omg girl..

No. 201403

She's only 20 years old? Parents must be so proud.

No. 201404

I watched her cam a year ago and legit thought she was cute, but now she looks like trash with that torso/chest piece. I thought it was marker until I checked IG.

No. 201408

File: 1479587771462.png (15.05 KB, 615x187, twatpornwtf.png)

omg seriously these are new? what is wrong with this person they need a acid bath

No. 201410

shit i'm sorry i didn't read the thread i just posted that shit cuz like wtf sorry for the double post

No. 201412

File: 1479588172494.png (578.2 KB, 501x498, thisshouldbeillegal.png)

that fill in is soooo cringey omg

No. 201413

File: 1479588479013.png (316.74 KB, 410x499, twatporn.png)

No. 201626

File: 1479630726376.jpg (23.51 KB, 288x282, luna.jpg)

This girl from BurningAngel definitely belongs here.

She was into the pronoun-tumblr subculture before she started porn.

No. 201638

i think this style is interesting and could look cool but who the hell writes porn on their body thats just so sad

No. 201643

>>201626 I've seen her before, very few tattoos but has her face tattooed? Fucking knob, irresponsible tattooist, faces should only be considered if your hands/neck/head are already done

No. 201646

That's normally the case. Anyone who does it otherwise is a nob head shouldn't be given money or the time of day.

No. 201648

Wait is her boyfriend an amputee?

No. 201659

Yes, he had a car accident.

No. 201687

yeah both his legs were amputated after a car accident years ago.
she said she gets off to it. idk what she means by that.

but her NEW full body tattoos are a shame "twat porn" ok hunny

No. 201700

>she said she gets off to it. idk what she means by that.

there are some people who are extra in to body mods, to the degree that they think amputees are the highest form of body mod (even though i doubt her bf wanted to lose his legs)

it's basically fetishizing them for being an amputee.

there was an episode of svu about it lol

No. 201705

She's that but job who did the miscarriage camshow.

I can't believe she's only 20, actually tragic. Also it says "camming since 2010"… Wtf

No. 201708


No. 201746

damn, her natural eyes were pretty enough. grace neutral mentions in the video she did about korea that she got the eyeball-tattoos in london though

No. 201748

i assumed that, that's so creepy and nasty I hope he's into it too??

she repeatedly says he lost his legs in a car accident but hes obv into body mods as well but i can't imagine me stoked to lose your limbs!!

No. 201755

File: 1479661357688.jpg (48.62 KB, 346x477, beard2.jpg)

Jessica posted a new photo with her beard tattoo. Pretty girl, very unfortunate tattoo placement.

No. 201766

Okay, actual biologist here and I have to chime in on this.

Her scars are not keloid scars, they're just nasty hypertrophic scars. Almost every person who has bad scaring claims they're keloids, but 9 times out of 10 they're not. Keloid scars always exceed the borders of the original injury by a considerable amount, and they do not stop growing. The growth may slow until it's not noticeable anymore, but it doesn't stop. Keloids almost never happen in white people, and they're rare in the demographics they're relatively "Common" in.

Her scars haven't gotten any bigger on their own, they're worse because of her meddling.

No. 201773

File: 1479663593374.png (98 KB, 640x617, IMG_1502.PNG)

Danielle Hunt.

"Freelance Model" who hardly gains weight but gains weight in her lolcow tits. Lives in Sheffield in a council house with her parents and does nothing for a living receiving no income apart from owning her own shitty online store/shop that nobody buys from.

No. 208854

Eyeball tattoos are stupid. This girl blinded her right eye by getting her eyebals tattooed:

No. 208870

File: 1480940327124.png (1.22 MB, 1440x2072, 20161205_041201.png)

Haha holy shit for real? What happened exactly?

Also, this thing is MtF. Something about this disgusting blob just really pisses me off.


No. 208879

File: 1480941633117.jpg (13.74 KB, 480x360, pauly.jpg)

Formerly known as Pauly Unstoppable

No. 208890

They injected too much ink, her retina detached.

No. 208914

Oh yeah I remember those days. She refuses to ever explain how she cuts/dyes hair since it is her "job".

>>198675 in the end she is going to try to remove them. I get why she hates it, it never healed and was painful to touch for a while. But she was stupid to get a big piece done without testing out how she likes it.

No. 208952

File: 1480955237557.png (401.68 KB, 980x601, oh so beautiful.png)

>enablers in the comments

No. 208958

What in the fuck that looks nasty. How is this bitch ever gonna know if she is jaundiced or has allergic reactions? Like is she dumb. The whites in your eyes are not just a canvas. They can be indicative of certain diseases

I can't wait for 40 years to go by and the side effects of these eye tattoos start to kick in. Grace Neutral and co are gonna be blind for sure. Why do you even need your eyes tattooed seriously.

No. 208964

To be fair, I'd also blind myself if I looked like that.

No. 208965

everything looks infected or moldy

No. 208979

Ugh. She's pretty much always begging for money for one reason or another. Talks constantly about how horny she is and wanting dick. Recently had some pretty serious health fiasco with her genitals from getting gangbanged too much. In her words "it looks like a grenade went off in my pussy"

No. 209019

idk, i kinda like her whole look. the contrast between her and her home is neat in my opinion.
her insta is bretty cool.

No. 209023

File: 1480961555700.jpg (509.01 KB, 1390x1273, ew.jpg)

I could never follow her long enough to see her drama. Her face just grosses me out. However after browsing her ig for a minute she is so lulzy.

No. 209033

i thought this dude had a face mask on at first, ew.

No. 209452

File: 1481022383488.jpg (69.24 KB, 491x600, jaklunola.jpg)

>Why do you even need your eyes tattooed seriously.

They probably want to be as heavily modified as possible. Everything to belong to the body mod elite.

No. 209455


Been following her for a while. The medical crosses were good, the back tattoo was bad. This. What the fuck even is this. I'm sad.

No. 209465

File: 1481025377505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.2 KB, 455x586, nipple.jpg)

It's apparently a new tattoo style.

No. 240962

File: 1485565140768.png (580.96 KB, 842x543, Screenshot_2.png)

No. 240964

File: 1485565226204.png (647.4 KB, 739x540, Screenshot_4.png)

heavily modified, thinks she's an alien, has a daddy fetish and romanticize serial killers to the point of having one on her skin forever… so edgy

No. 240966

Looks like Ashton Kutcher

No. 240968

Wait she had a miscarriage on camera on purpose???? Im triggered

No. 240975

no you absolute mong

She did a show where she had a toy baby, covered it in fake blood, put a fake umbilical cord in her snatch and then just fucked about with it on camera. People were properly triggered. You can see the vid on efukt.

No. 241009

ew what the fuck…

No. 241011


I have tattoos (on my arm) and i support people like these freaks never getting hired where anyone has to see them. they're so gross.

No. 241014


I'm sure your tattoos suck too, hipster.

No. 241082

Im pretty sure the mong is the person who thinks miscarriages and doing anything sex related involving the idea of a baby is creative and funny c:

No. 243054

if you go through her instagram history she's so fuckin beautiful before she started everything tho

No. 243064


didnt she do the "miscarriage" vid?

No. 243073

I don't get why morgan joyce didn't tape her scarification down until it had completely healed. If she had applied pressure to it, it probably would have healed flatter and not turned into ugly raised scars

No. 243076


because she wanted to show it off to the world as soon as it was done like an attention whore instead of doing proper aftercare

No. 243119

File: 1485965800238.jpeg (55.61 KB, 500x667, image.jpeg)

Holy hell if I wanted a scarification expecting it to look like this and got that (it looks like a fucking fresh brand) I don't know what the fuck I'd do that shit is nasty

No. 243129

shes probably prone to keloid scarring. unfortunate because it looks 1000x times shitter than it would have with normal scarring. at a quick glance i thought it was a burn or someone wanted to color on her chest because tee hee its by the boobies. shit looks horrid
i have a few scars like that but the tendencies for it run in my family.

No. 243141

it's funny how much she's complained about the way it came out but has that awful 'bulletproof heart' on her. hope whatever tattoo she got looks just as bad since she'd been covering up for a ~big reveal~ or whatever.

No. 244126

Also, the upper chest area where she got it done is almost guaranteed to keloid. She clearly did not do her research before getting it done.

No. 244316

File: 1486175225454.png (42.94 KB, 589x182, Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 12.2…)


No. 244319

How the hell did she manage to get her cheek piercings infected? so gross, don't get piercings if you aren't going to keep them clean.

No. 244320


She's gonna have a bitch of a time healing her tattoo if she already has an infection lmao.

No. 244346

This reminds me how I got a staph infection but didn't notice then had my nose periced and that shit was infected sooo bad it was scary

You're right it's gonna be hard to heal her tattoo and if it gets infected it'll totally fuck up the ink what a nasty ho

No. 244364

Her chest was already raw

No. 244391

I hate when these chicks are like "poor me 6 hour tattoo session" like they're in surgery or some shit. You signed up for that shit.

I am looking forward to seeing how morgan fucks up her chest even more. Is she tattooing over it? Lul

No. 244430

yeah lol she's getting dotwork over the scars

No. 244435

Isn't that just going to turn a mess into a disaster? I thought scar tissue didn't take ink as well and not as evenly either.

No. 244436


Yep lol. If she doesnt go to an artist who specialises in scar tissue cover up she's just gonna fuck her chest up even more.

No. 244519

File: 1486217312471.jpg (216.77 KB, 1280x999, tumblr_okrit3cbfL1qfnhlco1_128…)

Those cheek piercings do not flatter her face at all.

No. 244560

Her lips are fucking gross, man.
I don't understand why this trend is so popular. They look like absolute shit outside of Instagram.

No. 244566

Let it happen. Bitch won't learn to leave her fucking body alone.
I mean, it's your body, sure and you can do what you like with it, I'm not against body mods or anything like that, but she continues to make stupid, ill-informed decisions and then complains about it like it's not her fault when her shit gets infected or her scarification looks horrific.

No. 245114

Her upper lip is huge compared to her lower lip.

No. 245181


God, I can't believe she looks like this now. I remember watching her christina piercing video and thinking she was so cute.

No. 254030

File: 1487464863983.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1575.PNG)

I didn't know where else to post this but lmao someone ripped out her weave! I lol'd

This is that bitch with the serial killer sleeve tattoo..

No. 254106

She has her own thread but that's hilarious.

No. 276429

Does anyone else feel like there's something off about Monami Frost's parenting? Her daughter haven't had her front teeth for years (which she blames on Gabriela drinking too much milk, because "it takes out the calcium from our bones" wtf). It must be just regular bottle rot.

Also, why does her daughter speak with some American accent? Shouldn't she be speaking in an English accent since they live there, children pick up accents super fast from the people around them. Leads me to believe that she only spends time around her parents and not other children her age.

No. 276565

eh loads of kids round here pick up a slightly american twang, from watching youtubers and having tv on, it's not unusual and not a sign of bad parenting

No. 276580

still one of my all time fav comments

No. 276586

I thought they lived in LA? Anyways, I think they're okay parents from what I've seen but I haven't seen any of them including her daughter talk about friends which is weird. Monami is probably going to regret her tattoos and attention whoring and that's it.

No. 277033

This, I'm tired of people who've never gone further than Hicksville, Alabama telling people around the world what each accent should sound like. Both here and in the Altcows/Yumi/Venus threads.

No. 277037


accents can switch depending on what company you're in. like most of the time john barrowman has an american accent but as soon as he's around someone scottish he has a thick scottish accent

No. 319718

If anyone cares, Moran finally got her chest done.


No. 319736

Yikes that looks terrible

And she paid 200$ an hour for 22 hours of work ..looks like a blob of black and red scribbles. Oh Morgan

Also I love the karma she's getting handed to her after calling chest pieces unfeminine lol and now her only choice is to get one

No. 319738

It looks like shit. It's way too heavy and dark for a chest piece.

No. 320116

Also morgans patreon is at like 200$. Like why. She doesn't even have comments on her videos, she's just so off-putting.

No. 320129

File: 1495582705261.gif (1.97 MB, 336x199, HpfDr.gif)

the cringiest part is how she kept it a secret while she was getting it done because she didn't want to show "the unfinished product", like it was some amazing work of art to be unveiled. like going to the point of wearing turtleneck tanktops and scarves in all her videos and commenting on it every time. and now that it turns out it looks like crap… it's twice as embarrassing kek.

No. 320331

File: 1495594474686.png (1.23 MB, 796x1074, tragic.png)

IDK I would be pissed if I spent 4000 bucks for this. It looks like a giant ball of black and red mess. Even up close. It reminds me of that girl further up in this thread who had a bunch of black and red scribbles on her body. This girl

No. 320336


No. 320355

Ironic it says bullet proof as her tattoo literally looks like a shotgun wound to the chest.

No. 320383

I'm not surprised that it's on her butt of all places.

She looks a bit like Ivanka Trump here. Well, if her lips didn't look like wax candy.

Yikes, all that red ink makes it look infected.

No. 320637


The 3rd and 9th session pictures look nice. She should've left it like that but now she's got an even uglier red mess on her chest.

No. 327324

That chest tattoo is sad

No. 327342

fucking underrated comment im wheezing

No. 328508

YOOOOO wasn't there a rumor he spit and slapped her?

No. 328604

i think it looks fine, im not a big fan of tattoos but it looks better than most chest tattoos. and that must be good considering that its over that horrible scarification. but she really should edit her videos better, she sounds like shes on adderall

No. 328779

Just compared two of her videos, the most recent one and one of her first videos, not only has she fucked up her face with the ridiculous lip injections, she´s also gone full glottal fry and it sounds sooo shit. She actually used to have a voice a few years ago, now she cba to use it anymore.

sage for dumb rant

No. 340079

This is hilarious

No. 340100

God this girl annoys me so much. She always pops up in my recommended videos and the few times I've watched her videos she's come off as so smug and like a know-it-all. I can't put my finger on why.

No. 340105

Because she's a pretentious and shallow person. "Freckles are part of my identity" lol the fuck outta here.

No. 352835

File: 1500090470868.jpg (91.45 KB, 720x1280, 72f92b47-952f-4c82-8d01-8427f3…)

this couple keeps showing up on my instagram and i have no idea who they are or what they're all about but i get the vibe he's a bad influence on her and made her do a face tattoo idk

No. 352836

No. 352838

File: 1500090575146.jpg (168.34 KB, 720x1034, 7b38c3fd-46e9-4a5f-abd2-ddde06…)

No. 352839

I don't know, she's got three face tattoos and then some, so I'd say she's into it enough in her own.

This seems like it might be a vendetta. Do you know the guy?

No. 352841

no idea… all i know is that they're russian, the guy posts some random videos on ytb and did some modeling jobs; for his ig feed its clear he have face tattoos for at least 3 years now so its not like he transformed himself overnight. But then i remember some alt models who filled themselves with tattoos just to gain attention /zombie boy/ in this Instagram Famous Era who knows.. i just worry about the girl, apparently she's 19… thats way too young to do such permanent choices.

No. 352842

It looks like one of those stick on tattoos that kids use kek

No. 352863

Oh my god why would she do this

No. 352866

Ahahaha holy shit that stupid one on her cheek looks like a big sticker. Every single thing about it is wrong and bad, and the laser removal scars are going to be disgusting.

Facial tattoos are for inmates and edgy fags who want to look like inmates, but this one is just dumb.

No. 352894

this is just sad

No. 353231

Is this a temporary tattoo? Like one that last 18 months or something

No. 367409

I feel like she still makes a difference though. Animal agriculture causes so many issues and her getting some implants and some lip injections isn't exactly being hypocritical. Are you vegan? If not then unless you're vegan why bitch about it? It's not like she's preachy or anything.

No. 402848

qknd is pretty awful. massive superiority complex about tattoos

No. 402858

Why are you posting in a two months old thread with nothing to say but this? If you make a statement like this at least have proof.

I think she's one of the sweetest people in the community.

No. 403063

File: 1507911656180.png (110.91 KB, 231x289, qcknd.png)

I agree, she's a total snowflake.

No. 403214

… I don't understand how does a child not grow in teeth?

Inb4 google

No. 404175

I don't know if this is old milk but Hair Jordan tattooing himself is the best/worst thing on this planet. The COMMITMENT to getting shitty tattoos THO

No. 404190

He knows it's fucked up though

No. 404195

Don't know if that makes it better or worse… Tattoos on the neck are so visable, why the fuck would anyone do that to themselves. And also lmao @ his friends who encourage him!

No. 445651

the guy appears in this mini documentary about people with face tattoo and tbh it's all very interesting. (he's in the first minute of the video)

No. 449808

I kind of like it, but I also kind of think it looks like a huge chest vagina.

No. 449809

She definitely has a different vibe then other body modders, but like… she knows it and it makes her come across as so pretentious sometimes. She needs to do better research for her videos if she's going to keep up the know-it-all attitude because she's been wrong before. I remember she did a vid on healing tattoos, and she didn't know how to use tagaderm… and then explained how to use it completely incorrectly.

No. 451345

Every person who got into like Black Flag and the Smiths in high school and never bothered to listen to anything else is just like QCKND. Like I guess she's slightly more alt/indie than the others but she's not as underground as she wants to think she is

No. 455010

>>198720 a while a go she got her hands tattooed by an apprentice whos work is shit. The ink has fell out so badly. She has had one redone by someone else though. There arent any good photos on her insta but if you look on it. (SkyePurdon) you can see it in some selfies

No. 455078

she hates her forehead moon as well

No. 455147

File: 1514480401222.png (151.37 KB, 1438x856, Capture _2017-12-28-17-54-59.p…)

Used to be in a bodymod group with Skye. Thought she was pretty cute at first, until she shaved off her hair and eyebrows, and started doing dumbass shit like fill up her lips until they were truck tires and stretch her piercings.

No. 455460

Yeah she was. for a while she wanted to be a piercer but never completed the apprenticeship. She also tried to join my college to study food and hospitality. She got told she needed to take out her piercings for hygienic reasons. She through a complete fit about it. People like her dont understand that you cant have piercings and work in the food industry.

No. 468811

Medical professionals use it to improve the appearance of an eye after an accident or disease, to make it appear whiter. It can be used for multiple optical reasons from Albinism to 'holes' in the iris or rips that cause glare and vision problems, even blindness, these you can be born with or they can be caused by blunt force trauma and are usually cosmetic. I've really only seen it done by tattoo artists for cosmetic reasons, and the method they use is injecting directly in to the cornea with a needle in multiple places and allowing the ink to dissipate, or using a tiny blade to cut the eye and insert the ink, then rubbing more ink over it to let it sink in. There's always the risk it'll just get 'swallowed' by the eye and won't show up or won't show up as clearly, and it can increase the pressure in the eye if done too quickly or adding too much ink.

No. 468816

possibly gonna do scarification over it like Farrah Flawless did.

No. 557940

File: 1523982666522.png (Spoiler Image, 934.94 KB, 1080x791, 20180417_173017.png)

I see cover ups in skyes future

No. 558015


Skye has her own thread.

No. 558032


She has teeth now. I think Monami is trying her best to be a mom tbh. The fact she's uneducated and a young mom is obviously going to be a huge disadvantage for her care. But her daughter has a sweet room and clearly lots of hobbies, art and music. I don't follow them too much but I wouldn't say she's a bad mom. It is weird she's such a focus of the channel to the point of having her own room tours tbh.

No. 558044

This. I genuinely think Monami is doing her best and loves her daughter very much. She was so young when she had her that they are very close in age and close in general, monami and anrijs are very hands on and loving parents to gabi and gabi probably wants to be a part of her moms channel. They have been heading towards a tattooed/ alternative family style thing for a while now so I don't think it's weird for her to have a room tour.

People ragging on monamis younger years and her as a mom annoy me tbh. She's obviously enamoured with her kid and everything she does comes from a good place.

No. 558845

I cant understand piercings like the underlips thing and the side nose piercing. It must weight down your lips like crazy and the nose stuff must be a pain when you have a cold

No. 559797

I had my nostrils stretched to a similar size and they weren't heavy at all nor did they get in the way of me blowing my nose or become annoying during a cold. I can't begin to imagine what it's like having a big old plug scraping across your teeth every day though!

No. 570183

What's a "masculine" or "feminine" tattoo lol?

No. 641204


so apparently Adam Curlykale had his penis and testicles removed. This article also claims that he says he's been "covering his body in grey ink for the past 12 years" and that when he was "diagnosed with albinism" he had already started with the process.

Bitch, there's pics of him on his instagram account from the beginning of last year where he looks like a normal chav. He always had a hispanic or jewish look about him, with the olive skin and the thick black hair and beard, albinism WHERE? that's new.

No. 641222


He also had his nipples removed recently.

Veronica had two ribs removed at the same time as his nullification surgery. I lol'ed at the people commenting on their pics that they will not be able to have children now. Surprisingly they are getting very little hate.

No. 641351

File: 1532031579625.png (750.6 KB, 800x894, Screenshot_2018-07-19-13-16-37…)


Four days ago.

No. 642175

They remind me of Genesis P Orridge/Lady Jaye with this "post-gender" surgery stuff

No. 642314

File: 1532098373463.png (877.74 KB, 800x1028, Screenshot_2018-07-20-07-42-49…)


Yes! After I posted the screenshot I debated posting an update about Genesis. He is in treatment for leukemia and is currently receiving chemo.

No. 642328

File: 1532099279823.png (562.41 KB, 800x1017, Screenshot_2018-07-20-07-45-03…)


He has a new partner named Susana, an artist from Spain. Scroll back to the beginning of her idolization of Genesis. She acquired tattoos of him and PTV symbology in a ritualistic fashion in the lead up to their first meeting in person, committing her skin as an altar to thee TOPY.


No. 642329

File: 1532099323699.png (1.19 MB, 800x1131, Screenshot_2018-07-20-08-02-59…)

No. 642333


The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye

Documenting the creation of the Pandrogyne.

No. 642345

File: 1532100207975.png (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 800x1098, Screenshot_2018-07-20-08-18-14…)


My ear pointing done by @cesar.palma.piercing 2 days after my rib removal surgery I took a flight to Mexico city where I've had my ears pointed. I was in touch with my surgeon to be safe. My body is doing good. As I'm taking care of it well.

No. 642404

It must be a dream come true to become partners with someone you admire so much, good for her, I hope she's happy and that they both love each other and this is not being in any way harmful for her mental health as she's so young. What happened with that larger than life romance with Lady Jaye?


There was a gay couple in Brazil who did the same thing in the 80's, they decided to turn into the same person and look like "chinese dolls", they started to inject their own faces with silicone or some other oil and people who knew them at the time say that they really were identical, they had very different destinies though, when they broke up one of them moved to Paris and became a trans woman, did well in life while the other one suffered with mental illness, drug addiction, without support from family became homeless and lived off of asking for money on the streets, everybody knew him because him appearance was frightening, he had a huge face. He died recently

No. 642428

File: 1532107659959.jpg (Spoiler Image, 237.3 KB, 720x475, JGB10p_GEN-IMAGE-FINAL_day3-72…)


She died in 2007 of stomach cancer. She collapsed suddenly in the bathroom and Genesis held her as she "dropped her body".


No. 645713

So you have links to anything on the Brazilian couple? I can’t find anything via google, that sounds really interesting.

I was a little weird out by susana being so young and such an obvious fan but gen seems like a good person, I’ve never heard anything sketchy about her and she’s been around forever.

No. 647075

Unfortunately no. The story was part of a big article that ran in buzzfeed brazil (of all places hahah). He was an extremely mysterious person, but known by many in downtown São Paulo because of his unusual features, was always asking for money, trying to sell pamphlets for plays, etc. Photos of him got famous through the internet all over the country, people told friends from other cities. No one knew who he was, why he looked like that and a lot of people feared him because he made little sense when talking most of the time and sometimes got violent. People didn't even know his name, he was known as "Fofão da Augusta" Fofão being a children's character of an 80's tv show that was an alien with huge droopy cheeks and Augusta a street in downtown São Paulo.
In this article I spoke of earlier a reporter got to know him and solved the mystery, he found out everything about him. Who he was, what was his story, why he looked like that, everything. The whole country was hypnotyzed the day the article came out, it was a masterpiece, very well written and the guy followed every lead, found his family, old friends and employers, everything. I wish someone had translated that to english. I guess I could, but it'd take a lot of time and I'd need permission from the author I guess. Anyway, this story I told of him and his boyfriend is just one of the many interesting things about his life. People who knew the couple said that they lived in a small apartment where all the walls, floors and ceilings were painted black. Both of them were hairstylists and they owned a beauty parlor together. At one point no one could differentiate one from the other, they were absolutely identical.

Here it is, anyway, maybe you can read it with google translator.

No. 651560

This is awesome thank you for all the background! I know Spanish so maybe between that & translate I’ll be able to parce it.

No. 654740

if you know spanish it'll be a piece of cake! portuguese and spanish are extremely similar languages, we even have a word for what comes out of brazilians trying to speak spanish while speaking portuguese with some accent and maybe some spanish words: "portunhol" portugues + espanhol hahah
it actually works in most cases hahah

No. 654762

File: 1533235288284.jpg (551.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180802-193941_Ins…)

Big surprise Adams surgery went wrong now he has a gofuck me

No. 654764

File: 1533235306230.jpg (526.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180802-193951_Ins…)

No. 654765

File: 1533235328772.jpg (550.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180802-194001_Ins…)

No. 654766

File: 1533235352066.jpg (498.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180802-194009_Ins…)

No. 654769

File: 1533235392606.jpg (370.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180802-194018_Ins…)

No. 654802

you did not need to get your dick cut off - so why should other people pay for you…to get lipo and have ribs removed…

No. 655119

yea idk what those surgeries have to with correcting the nullification. apparently it's to minimize costs but neither of them are needed. usually i'm all for body mods, but dude went to mexico and is having complications from voluntary surgery so i can't find a fuck to give.

No. 655315

Oh my god, what a nightmare… I felt sick reading this. Not because I am disgusted at him removing his genitals, let him do whatever he wants but fuck… I've went through surgery a few times due to real physical issues that absolutely needed to be solved by surgery and found it all super scary, even if in one of them I had minor complications (or should I said side effects? idk)… I can't imagine how he must be feeling. What the fuck is he gonna do? It seems like from now on his life is pretty much ruined… it'll stop being a life of doing outrageous things to his body for fun and self satisfaction, worrying about looking cool, and instead have it turn into an endless succession of medical appointments, tests, examinations, corrective surgery, pain, etc.
In my first surgery I just had my gallbladder removed and it fucking ruined my life, left my digestive system kinda fucked up, extremely sensitive and that was only because my doctor didn't put me in a special low fat diet for some months following the surgery, the other doctors told me. I've spent like 3 fucking years of my life in and out of doctors, tests, meds and it's still kinda fucked, I just got used to it. If this left my extremely depressed, scared, anxious and even suicidal I can't even imagine what the fuck this dude is going through… and for what?

>you did not need to get your dick cut off

I try not to judge, really, but it's really fucking difficult for me not to think ge has severe body dismorphia and probably a whole lot of other psychological/psychiatric issues. I thought it even before the nullification surgery. I'm not saying this because I don't get tattos or even extreme tattoing and body mods, I am heavily tattoed too. But it always seemed strange to me that his transformation seemed to come out of fucking nowhere, if you scroll down on his instagram you'll see that in like early 2017 he looked like anyone you'd see os the streets.

>to get lipo and have ribs removed…

see, that's what I'm talking about, how can we think that this is a sane person if he's having this much problem with the nullification that'll last for ever, probably, and he's already asking money to get a fucking RIB REMOVAL surgery. Being into bodymods is one thing. Being green and having your tongue split, sure, I understand it. Adam, on the other hand is just fucking his life up making the worst decisions ever.

He just said that he had severe hemorrhage during the surgery, that his colon (in which he had cancer ffs) is fucked up, his fucking uretrha is closing and he's thinking "hmmm, when I go to Mexico to correct this problem I'll also do a rib removal since I'm there…"

I'm revolted, really. How can no one around this guy be saner than him and try to help him? Even for hormone therapy, in cases of trans people, one have to go through a lot of counseling with psychologists and the agreement of a psychiatrist to start taking hormones. Did no one talk to this guy? like at all? What does it take to have your genitals removed in Mexico? Can I just phone a hospital and say "hey, I want to have a genital removal surgery, how much? when can I go there?" and that's it? If Adam was my child, my brother I'd search for legal action to be taken against the doctors and the hospital because of fucking course someone looking to have his genitals removed in not in their right state of mind.

No. 656274


I just went to have a look at adam curlukale's instagram and found this little video. Seriously, he doesn't seem like a sane person dragging his drain bag (because of the surgery) that's filled with blood, pus and other things around and acting this way.
I also noticed that like 3 days after the surgery he was walking all around mexico. Fuck, you are not even supposed to be walking around if you go under simple laparoscopic surgery, just inside the house, not doing tourism. Could that be the cause the surgery didnt went well?

No. 659432

Some of the Polish comments on the gofundme are pretty scathing - which is funny - telling him to get a job instead of ripping people off and also how there are people suffering out there that haven't done this to themselves that are more deserving of money.

No. 659456

somehow I watched a couple of Karin's videos and youtube now keeps sending me this chick, who is salty about a lot of things it seems. anyway I enjoyed her reading of a gurugossip thread about her. saged cos she's not in the OP

No. 659460

I can't stop watching daisy, she's great

No. 664121

wasn't Adam like dying 2 days ago? what the fuck is he doing all dressed up, walking around taking selfies?


Now I started to think that he made those problems up or greatly exagerated them in order to earn money for a rib removal surgery, that he said he would do at the same time as the corrective surgeries, somehow.

My guess is that he saw Veronica's and wanted one for himself but had no way to pay for it and tried to get donations to have one done on himself

No. 664185

Not a girl, but australian modder and cow B-Slice is being charged with manslaughter and FGM after:

- botched hand implant caused septiscemia

two different women and two cases. He's in gaol with no chance of bail

No. 664262

No. 664274

Also why does Adam insist that he had to tattoo his whole body as a result of colon cancer. An utter crock of shit. On his Instagram there is a lot of Polish comments pointing out his bullshit, but he is quickly deleting them all.

No. 664467


He is full of shit. He allegdes that he was "diagnosed with albinism" after he had cancer. Bitch, how? You are not diagnosed with albinism at 30, if you are an albino it is pretty obvious as soon as you are born. There also aren't albinos with hair, beard anf body hair as black as his. Even his eyelashes are super black. There is no way in hell that he is albino. Why do cows like to make diseases up to feel special? It's so fucking common!

About the first case it only says "female genital mutilation" and nothing further. Do you know which procedure she had done by this guy and what went wrong?

Honestly, I don't have a problem with tattoos or body moification, I have tattoos and piercings on myself, also had huge ear gauges in the past.

Nowadays I have started to think that there is a limit for this kind of thing. I don't think that small surgeries like having your ears pointed or implants should be done by non-medical professionals out of a truly sterile environment.There are some body modders that even carry navel removals! Which is not a small surgery, they don't work just on the skin, muscles have to be tweaked in order to provide the straight, navel-less stomach.
And what about eyeball tattoos? In my opinion professionals offering this modification should be arrested. It's the most irresponsible thing ever. You are adding volume inside of your eye, which increases the pressure inside the eye and will inevitably led to glaucoma. Here in Brazil a lot of people do this in the most appaling conditions. There was something of a scandal in this scene a couple of years ago about two guys who were tattoo artist doing this procedure left and right on anyone who asked. They caused some people to go blind and were caught messaging each other laughing about how they were injecting ink mixed with BLEACH in a girl's eye to have fun seeing her pain because they deemed her unworthy of body mods for some reason.

This shit should be banned or people interested in becoming body modders should go to medical school. One or another. This backyard modding shit is too dangerous as it is

No. 664587


Court documents allege that Russell 'used a branding iron to burn off the labia majora' of the woman.

The women who died was a piercer and had a number of procedures performed by him.



They have posted a number of pics taken in that lift. He may still be in hospital, posting older pics.

No. 664661

Okay, but why did he took a hot iron to someone's labia? that's what I wanted to know, exactly what happened.

at the very end of this article, the dailymail states

>There is no suggestion that Ms Strickland's infection was caused by Russell but only that she suffered from an infection.

U HUHMM! It's just a complete coincidence that she got septicaemia after having something shoved under her skin by someone who is not a doctor in a place that it's not a hospital!

No. 664683


The infection is not necessarily attributable to the procedure itself. It could have been contracted afterwards.

Using "a branding iron to burn off labia majora" is probably a simplification or misapprehension of the procedure. A branding iron could be used to cauterise an incision but not remove tissue.

No. 664786

I know that they don't know what was done to this lady's labia and are just spewing nonsense. I'm just curious to know what body mod was and how it went bad.

About the infection: yeah, of course in theory it is not a necessary development of the procedure, but c'mon, I don't think that a person who was already so ill that they were mere hours from dying of sepsis would just go and get a mini surgery to insert a cosmetic implant, you know? And yes, she could have contracted afterwards and not in his studio but 1- she just recently had an open wound in her hand: to put the implant. It's a port of entrance to all kinds of bacteria. and he was the one who performed the procedure of opening a wound on her flesh, so yes, he is responsible anyway. and 2- this is not the first person who had mods done by him gone wrong so…

No. 666346

does anyone know what Pauly Untoppable whereabouts are nowadays? I'm super curious about it because even with the craziest body mods ever, like the stretched nostrils and labret, he was cute as fuck. Then he seemed to lost all his sanity and decide he was a woman all along and became the most obnoxious tumblr girl out of her mind

No. 666475

As far as I am aware he is on instagram as Farrah Flawless. His fake fanny prolapsed because he went and got fisted or something like that and it got all infected.

No. 666835


Check the KF thread.

No. 667018

yeah, I'm up to date until this point. nothing new? I'm reaaaally curious to know the latest news on Pauly/Farrah and the kiwi farms thread doesn't have any news. I think they should be posted more here.

would you care to post a link for me, please?

No. 668625

nevermind about that

No. 671754


cringey as fuck. Why they act like they're 13. Veronica is a big name in the body mod world, she doesn't need to act like this. Does anybody know what they're saying?

No. 671909

File: 1535084892296.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 964.89 KB, 2896x2896, DE73F99D-C655-4374-8E68-45C84D…)

I was literally just about to post asking if Veronica has been discussed.
One of the craziest things she’s done imo is preform her own lip lift. Apparently she had ribs removed recently too

No. 672000


See >>642345. She was mentioned in the current Alt Cow thread, too.

No. 672160

kinda crazy to do this on herself, uncommon. But it looks amazing, let's admit it.

We know that in the body mods world almost no one have medical training and they perform more dangerous and serious surgical world all the time. Look into navel removal, for example, you have to remove a chunk of skin, fat and tweak the muscles in order for the result look super flat without a trace of a navel. There's also heavy male genital modification, including several ways of exposing the urethra, urethra redirection, castration, scrotal removal, penis bifurcation, penis removal (smoothies) and a lot other variants of these. You are lucky if you can find a body modder crazy enough to do this shit on you, a lot of people do these modifications themselves or with the help of """""experienced""""" people in the BDSM community, whose only """experience""" is being crazy enough that they cut other's junk out several times or is a retired veterinarian.
People inject silicone into their dicks!

Hell, even Farrah Flawless (former Pauly Unstoppable) performed a meatotomy (splitting your dicks head from the urethra until almost reaching the frenulum) on his own dick with a razor at 11! (why an 11 year old was hacking his junk I don't know. How he learned about this either)

Veronica's work on her lips look better than most plastic surgery you see around, specially these days when dermatologists think that injecting people's lips with fat and hyaluronic acid is a fix for every lip problem there is and everyone ends up looking like old Goldie Hawn even if they're 25. Morgan Joyce, at the top of this thread is a perfect example. She looks like a 55 year old woman married to a rich man, whose only activity is going to the gym and having shit pumped to her face

No. 672163

surgical work*, not world

No. 672577

It is frightening to think people can actually stay conscious to preform such things on their selves - even if they are numbed as to actually painstakingly do such extreme things and not pass out is quite a feat.

No. 672662

I mean… I agree with you if we're talking about the heavier body mods and the genital mods I gave as an example. But for someone as experience as her, the lip thing must have been really okay to go through without getting nervous or something. I am a very squeamish person, I get anxiety even from getting near people that visibly have a cold. But I started to get piercings so early in my life that I am really accustomed to it. I started at like 13 getting extra "earring" holes at the drugstore, when I ran out of space in my earlobes and the ladies wouldn't apply more earrings to my ear I started to pierce them myself in my room with a thick-ish sewing needle I "sterilized" by putting in a small plate with alcohol and setting it on fire for some moments. When I was like 14 or 15 I started to get piercings on my face by professionals. At one point at like 17, 18 I was buying catheters, gloves, etc and applying them to my face myself
So I guess it's just a matter of being used to it. I think that enough exposure can desensitize us from anything

No. 672810


Roni also removed her own stretched ear lobes as far as I am aware. And I agree. You can definitely find some inner place to get you through pain. Just think of women going through childbirth. It goes on for hours and hours, your body forcing something large out of it and manipulating your body in crazy ways, yet people keep doing it. You get through it and survive. That alone is quite a rush so I get why some people like Veronica can focus through the pain.

No. 677391


adam can barely walk after that disaster of a surgery and is already tattooing himself extensively. He seems to have covered all of his thighs in black/grey ink and posted that tomorrow he'll start tattooing both his feet by himself.

A lot of people in the comments are saying things like "if you're going to wreck your life stop asking for money to fix your shit" while other are obvious fans like "hey, try to take it easy, you're still recovering. hope you heal well!". Both are being called out. It's true, though.

No. 695847

File: 1537800889840.jpg (472.1 KB, 1080x1499, 20180924_155244.jpg)

Has a go fund me because he needs surgery and is in and out of hospital. Takes a trip to southern france.

No. 707680

File: 1539109550455.png (829.42 KB, 800x1064, Screenshot_2018-10-09-11-19-34…)

No. 707691

I'm surprised the Brutal Black Project hasn't been posted here yet.

No. 708805

File: 1539178718620.jpg (459.28 KB, 689x1711, Screenshot_20181010-143423_Ins…)

Has grace been getting lip/cheek fillers or something? Something is different and I really don't think it suits her? It would also be fairly hypocritical in some ways after her doing the iD doc on cosmetic procedures in korea

I think I saw some discussion on this in a tattoos/bodymods OT thread. But they always fizzle out because it becomes full of retards sperging about how tattoos in general are "tacky and ugly" etc. I think most of us who follow this thread are tattooed or some shit ourselves so it doesn't happen as much. But yeah the brutal black project makes me cringe, and not in a pain way.

Wonder what will he next. You know he won't stop there and he's already gotten his junk done, which is usually the next step for extremely modded people.

No. 708807

Fuck sorry, doubleposting to say she appears to have had her stretched nostrils stitched up and her nose looks smaller too which makes her look different?

No. 708812

I can't even phatom how this does anything but stress / irritate / break skin while the tattoo turns out butt fugly with tonnes of scarring which is probably why they do almost strictly black work and generally keep it wild in the strokes (besides the gimmic) just to make sure the scarring you suffer blends in with the tattoo lmao.

No. 708815

This just looks like he's covered in body paint or mud. Why not just do that instead of tattooing if it's going to look like garbage anyway?

No. 710293

i’ve noticed grace’s changing face too. she def got a nose job done, she looks weird as fuck in her newer photos.

No. 710943

File: 1539330698155.jpg (751.35 KB, 1440x1612, Screenshot_20181012-085149_Ins…)

She's actually starting to look like roni imo too, with the smaller nose and bigger lips. I thought graces nose suited her so much before. Wonder if she got a full on nose job as well as getting the stretched holes stitched or just getting the holes stitched made that difference.

Also presumably everyone knows but figure it belongs itt, Monami frost is expecting a baby. Some people think this is weird considering a while ago she had a video where she mentioned they don't have any interest in having more children at all. Also, when KVD posted her infamous antivaxx-vegan-natural-pregnancy shit post, Monami was in the comments praising her, so I wonder if she will take the same route.

No. 710957

Idk how Latvian citizenship works but if she has it there to give the baby dual like a lot of expats do for their home country she’ll have to vaccinate won’t she? It’s mandatory in that country.

No. 753879

File: 1545746414576.jpg (714.13 KB, 1071x1200, Screenshot_20181225-145836_Ins…)

Found this girl. She is supposedly only 27. Her husband is also heavily tatted (little swastika).

No. 753900

She doesnt even have good tattoos. it's all black out trash.

No. 753927

as a latvian myself I'm sure she'll manage if she's really keen, antivaxx bs has unfortunately reached us too, there was a case recently of infants dying due to parents refusing to vaccinate them.

No. 754189

File: 1545824736425.jpg (696.9 KB, 1070x1492, Screenshot_20181226-124411_Ins…)

She even has her eyeballs tattoed.

No. 754202


Tattooed trash = still trash

No. 754254


>It would also be fairly hypocritical in some ways after her doing the iD doc on cosmetic procedures in korea

They all end up becoming hypocrites in some way. Like someone mentioned way earlier in this thread, everybody is projecting individuality as some sort of outward, physical concept, without really considering their inner motivations or what is so unique about all this modding. i-D magazine is also hypocritical rich club kid culture masquerading as ‘woke’ fashion journalism. I notice they have a tendency to romanticize non-white cultures with a very Eurocentric perspective, completely disregarding nuances in Latin or Asian countries and treating them like cultural monoliths.

No. 764865

Amber Luke started vlogging last week.
Already some milk in this video, she claims she was blind for a couple of weeks after getting her sclera injections and has also something to say about the financial agreement she made with the person who does her modifications.

No. 769126

I haven't even seen this girl before but man… truly milky

1- "I work, I do work full time (pause) I'm a snapchat influencer" oh god

2- this girl is going blind sooner than later. She believes that her eye "tattoing" (injecting paint) was performed wrong. It's not normal to be blind for ANY period of time after having it done, I never heard about it before. They sure fucked up something, and when you're dealing with eyes… even a slightly old mascara can give you problems. in 2017 I had eye infections during the whole year just because I wasn't taking my makeup off correctly (the dr said).
And also, her eyelids are really "fat" and almost covers ger eyes, was it like that before the eyeball tattoos?

3-her face is suuuper plump. Her cheeks and lips look like they are about to pop of so much fillers.

4-she had to do her right ear 2 times, the second time putting and implant to make it pointed. But it just looks sliiiiightly deformed. I wouldn't even notice it if I saw her on the street

Any news on Adam Curlykale?

No. 769134

File: 1548052384031.png (860.87 KB, 800x1108, Screenshot_2019-01-20-22-25-22…)


A couple of months ago Adam changed his account to @gabriel.archaniol. He got the corrective surgery, healed from it, and had his armpits and the palms of his hands tattooed.

Now he's just changed it back to @adam.curlykale and deleted almost all of his pics. They are both posting a lot of pics from photo shoots now.


No. 769246

Of course this mongoloid was praising Kat Von D. She already had one child with rotten teeth, I wonder what the next one will have. Measles? Whooping cough? Nothing pisses me off more than anti-vaxxers. All the respect I had for Monami is gone. Why are these heavily tattooed vegans so fucking insane? How so very anti-establishment to watch your child die of preventable diseases because your pea brain can't grasp the most basic scientific concepts.

No. 769384

It's just one more thing to add to their oh-so-especial-and-above-everything-mainstream personality.

They want to be different in all aspects of life. So of course they won't listen to doctors and do what is recommended for a child, because almost everyone does that so in their minds it means it must be wrong!

Other reason is to maintain a persona they created and impose their lifestyle to someone who they have 100% control over. So they will raise kids vegan even if it's going to make her children have no antigens in their body or have no teeth…

They feel that they're better parents than the pleb, because they do their own research and treat kids with alternative medicines and believe in the most ridiculous paeudo science. I feel bad for these children. They have parents who only care about themselves, their self satisfaction and their image. These kids will fucking hate their parents when they reach age 15

No. 769480

OT but #notallveganparents are this retarded. Thankfully some of us realise the value of kids having teeth and not dying of preventable diseases. I just wish people like KVD and Monami would stop making us all look like idiots for the sake of being super-special-snowflake indigo adults.

No. 770244

sorry for true morbid curiosity but if he had his dick removed (that was the surgery right?) but didn't get a vagina.. is there just a hole there for his urethra?
i tried looking on google and couldn't find any pictures of results?
that really is bizarre can you imagine being this much of an edgelord

No. 770985

Correct, he only has the urethra down there, like a Ken doll with a little hole. That's why it's called nullo, because nullo means "nothing".

No. 773247

File: 1548784200526.png (1.15 MB, 800x1032, Screenshot_2019-01-29-09-45-12…)

An anon posted this one in the Skye Purdon thread.

No. 773253

File: 1548784969844.png (802.02 KB, 800x1113, Screenshot_2019-01-29-10-00-24…)

Adam has removed every photo of the process of his transformation, including tattoing.

No. 773266

yikes those are some of the worst implants i’ve ever seen

No. 775855

File: 1549554516706.jpg (1.4 MB, 2048x2048, SquareFit_20190207_09430472.jp…)

Emily kempin or kruella kraken. Blown out lips, bad face tats. The one on her chin makes her look like a man

No. 775880

File: 1549563063256.png (232.82 KB, 475x593, ooff.png)

spookylolita is just a big ol' bunch of nope.

No. 776209

File: 1549644530516.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1786, 1C0FA378-395D-4675-B25A-C7F829…)

Amber got a beard tattoo

No. 776215

File: 1549645350436.jpg (588.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190208-170226_Ins…)

other side

No. 776257

File: 1549653472560.jpeg (645.94 KB, 750x876, 241A277A-AADF-466E-AD85-85BDA6…)

this girl FUCKED her shit up! her insta is private so no idea if she’s an edgy cow or just mentally ill

No. 776258

File: 1549653501592.jpeg (648.58 KB, 750x885, 98280CEF-8EB6-4ABE-9338-1DF660…)

No. 776378


Did she get inked by Brutal Black Project? Or is their work now an ~aesthetic~ people are copying?

No. 776665

File: 1549793088008.png (1.96 MB, 1674x1184, Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 10.01…)

Yeah the guy called Cammy did it.

I've seen this style of tattoo pop up a lot over the past year though, especially with people blacking out their arms and what not. Ironic that the style the BBP started (or popularised) because they hated tattoo trends and that no ones tattoos had meaning or ritualistic experiences is now becoming a trend in itself lol.

No. 776673


>ritualistic mods reduced to aesthetic trends

They should have, and may have, expected it since it is inevitable. Social media culture has only accelerated the process and intensified the competition of edginess for the sake of edginess.

No. 789533

File: 1553382606633.jpg (114 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Idk if this girl has been mentioned yet or if anyone knows of her
Treacle Tatts on youtube - she acts like an authority on tattoo but has many shit tattoos all done in different styles. Gets lip fillers often.questionable makeup, maybe its some people style but i saw someone describe it as "falling head first into her makeup bag"

No. 789582

I like treacle tatts, I don't think she's a cow. only that she is super sensitive/snowflake-y and takes major offense any time someone says something that's not 100% complimentary about tattoos (although to be fair that's what most tattoo enthusiats/artists with a social media presence are like). her makeup is crazy but I think that's what she's going for.

No. 789670

I like her too, she seems nice enough. My only gripe with her is the way she talks, she's not the most articulate and mispronounces words a lot. Although having said that, in her video critiquing Jeffree Star's tattoos she made a point that it was just to talk about his tattoos and not his "drama" yet she continually took jabs at KVD. I thought that was hypocritical and seems more like she's just following trends

I also think her lip fillers look REALLY fish/duck like from the profile view, but if that's what she likes then more power to her

No. 789821

This girl annoys the fuck out of me. She's ugly as sin and tries to make up for it by being 'an intellectual'. The sooner she shuts the fuck up and fixes her face the better.

No. 792681

Lily Lu has an interesting youtube channel. I thought this video about nihilism was rather milky.

No. 795784

God this chick pisses me right off, always so full of her own self importance and acts like she’s the authoritarian of tattoos. She’s forever in my recommended.
Plus she talks for ages without ever getting to the actual point.

No. 825954

Actually for the ppl who don't already know/care Lilly Lu is littleswastiga from psyland 25. They started these black out with a splash of colours huge scribble tattoos over 10 yrs ago.They have a huge idea for their selves and they always try to make money with every possible way. They have a NSFW project with their wife anuskatz called dirtydreaz, is actually porn with body mods/suspension bdsm etc etc. They try really hard to make psyland trendy again after they lost so many customers from the BBP that are giving out the tattoos for free and from the fact that he announced that quits tattooing. They had huge beef with Cammy and until this day they bash bbp with every possible way especially in YouTube and Facebook. They made a video about it recently because BBP started again and he is losing again money. When I saw lillylu for the first time in a psychedelic festival years ago, my friend thought he was in a bad trip. I told him no. He never came to a festival in Europe ever again.Sorry for sharing the story btw, I thought is funny.

No. 859521

Have only watched about 10 minutes, but Morgan regrets her tattoos apparently

No. 859856

File: 1567034720990.jpg (1.2 MB, 1464x2208, artwithaliens.jpg)

Not sure if very milky beyond being "wtf" material, but the instagram account @artwithaliens is a total shitshow in terms of heavily modded people. She does questionable, terrible art with elementary-school-MySpace-level anatomy girls and animals drawn from obscure memory rather than reference. I included a long-winded explanation of her reason for having such faded and shitty scribble tattoos everywhere but if I included every terrible piece of art she's either painted or tattooed, the picture would be four times the size. Just curious if anyone else is following this shitshow. Apparently she used to do a ton of LSD and mushrooms but then was diagnosed with something akin to schizophrenia and was put on heavy medication. Now she's 100% straightedge non-medicated and running wild. All of her facial tattoos was done in about 2 years.

No. 860558

the tattoos are very interesting, maybe thats my aesthetic choices talking but those captions are like reading taylor's manic sperging but dialed up some. dont do drugs kids.

No. 1004919

so what’s up with hannah snowdon these days?

>> 784896

No. 1510187

>exposed to annova world of beu'y ou' there

why cant she pronounce basic words correctly she sounds like a 5 year old

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