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File: 1537912030378.jpg (23.29 KB, 400x400, 2cLT4OR.jpg)

No. 696779

Read at your own risk, the contents and descriptions of the events below are horrifying. Many thanks to the autists at kiwi and twitter who have compiled a good chunk of this shit.

>Furry Youtuber Kero the wolf does interview with shane dawson

>Recently has been busted for having telegram/skype chats dating back about two years to the present where he talks to other users about
- pedophilia
- zoophilia
- necrophilia
>Videos surface from the chats of him and others fucking roadkill, dogs, a decapitated puppys head
>twitter user makes a callout post with all the shit one rogue group member posted on Kero and his dogfucker friends
>fanboys chasing the op of the callout post off twitter
>kero claims to be hacked
>many other furdegens involved start baleeting

No. 696787

No. 696790

File: 1537912335404.png (94.2 KB, 673x600, whimsicott_oh_no.png)

No. 696798

It's unlikely Kero was hacked for various reasons. Here is a timeline of events that add up with the leaked telegram chatlogs.

>telegram Kero claims to be into vore.

On Kero's twitter, it's pretty obvious from many of his tweets that he is into vore. He mentions it very often.

>telegram Kero claims to live near Pittsburgh.

>twitter Kero lives in Pittsburgh. What a coincidence.
View attachment 546276

>Telegram Kero claims to be part of this other chat. If anyone else wants to look into that, be my guest.

>Telegram Kero talks about how he just finished filming a video where he "just derps around in a fursuit."
That appears to be referring to this video that Kero uploaded.

According to the logs, this message was sent on the 18th of August 2016.
>Kero's video was uploaded on September 13th, 2016. Less than a month later.

>telegram Kero talks about his dog who died of liver cancer. He mentions that the dog's name was Koda and that he is making a tribute video, but I couldn't find anything about this anywhere else.

>telegram Kero mentions that he is getting a bodysuit in a few weeks. This message was posted on June 6th.

>On YouTube, Kero uploads a video unboxing his new fursuit on June 22nd which is a few weeks later. And what a surprise! It looks just like the one in the chat.


>June 8th, 2017, telegram Kero mentions that he's going to Anthrocon in a few weeks.

And a few weeks later…


"Raping animals is fine, but killing them? That's just too far."

>July 3rd, 2017.

Kero decides to show some pics of what appears to be him in a hotel room.

Kero shows off his cool new body pillow.

>July 14th, 2017, SnakeThing posts a link to the now deleted(edited)

>July 14th, 2017, SnakeThing posts a link to the now deleted Shane Dawson interview, which was uploaded on July 6th.


>July 17th, 2017, Kero makes an alt telegram account. yamithewolf

>December 23rd, 2017, Kero goes to his parents' house for the holidays.


No. 696799

>Furries are absolute degenerates
>Wow I'm so shocked!

It's like pamperchuu existing wasn't enough proof to convince people that furries needed to be rounded up so God tried harder and made these fucks.

No. 696800

Oh yea, Metokur did a video about this.

No. 696810

File: 1537913788650.png (84.07 KB, 489x295, 32-jpg.png)

Shane Dawson video mention

No. 696811

File: 1537913819722.png (188.98 KB, 520x539, 18-jpg.png)

Fursuit posted in telegram

No. 696812

File: 1537913852492.png (694.38 KB, 1264x781, 21-jpg.png)

Kero's YouTube video

No. 696815

File: 1537913889024.png (Spoiler Image, 329.47 KB, 507x668, 35-jpg.png)

Degenerate images. Just fursuit poses.

No. 696816

File: 1537913928159.png (100.56 KB, 517x269, 3-jpg.png)


No. 696817

File: 1537913989182.png (354.08 KB, 593x574, 9-jpg.png)

Proof Kero gets off to vore

No. 696818

File: 1537914191399.png (199.74 KB, 1200x617, 3cb0542fbf8f4bfd0fde6661027d55…)

No. 696819

File: 1537914222039.png (209.69 KB, 1200x618, d0083e078c15983fcd475ef87f0f99…)

No. 696820

File: 1537914241492.png (219.15 KB, 1199x618, 44d8e3edbe95549535d607aaa0ec98…)

No. 696821

File: 1537914314377.png (42.35 KB, 505x90, 26-jpg.png)

No. 696822

File: 1537914347141.png (47.94 KB, 510x91, 17-jpg.png)

No. 696824

File: 1537914378087.png (39.1 KB, 506x100, 1-jpg.png)

No. 696829

File: 1537914831815.png (108.51 KB, 410x770, proxy-1.png)

Kero's boyfriend was also a dog fucker. Images censored.

No. 696831

File: 1537914909919.png (240.99 KB, 389x818, proxy-2.png)

No. 696840

File: 1537915824693.png (131.76 KB, 505x445, upload_2018-9-22_10-28-51-png-…)

Two other predominant figures seen in the logs. Snakething and woof.

No. 696841

i'm horrified

No. 696842

I really wanna know more about that Woof guy. That man is the most disgusting out of them all. No one can seem to find out who he is, all we know is that he lives in an area with fire ants and he posted a couple pics of dishes at an ice cream shop he frequents.

No. 696843

File: 1537915895100.png (67.46 KB, 614x774, puppoo-png.png)

They also rape other people's dogs without their knowledge.

No. 696845

Woof is one of the only people left who hasn't been doxxed yet. I'll post more later when I have more access to my logs but yeah he's fucking awful. Snakething is a sick fuck but he cheers other dudes on the most.

No. 696847

File: 1537916073308.png (37.72 KB, 698x406, fss-png.png)

No. 696848

File: 1537916167148.png (47.28 KB, 582x456, mutila-png.png)

In his spare time woof dismembers puppies and keeps their limbs as trophies
Oh he adopts innocent animals from shelters, just to kill them and rape them

No. 696850

File: 1537916402592.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1268x548, woof.png)

Someone suggested this might be woof. SFW but spoiler because no one wants to see a sweaty disgusting guy. The snake is a banded watersnake apparently very prevalent around the North Carolina coastline.

No. 696851

File: 1537916408436.png (43.72 KB, 682x538, ils-png-1.png)

No. 696854


>Not a big thing. lol

i never say this about any anybody ever but i genuinely hope this guy gets doxxed and tortured. how fucking cruel and sick do you have to be to rape and behead an innocent puppy so you can get off and then say it's "not a big thing". jesus fuck i want this guy to suffer the same way that puppy and all the other animals he's tortured and murdered.

No. 696856

File: 1537917031268.jpg (1.72 MB, 2560x1920, 18-09-25-05-44-24-401_deco.jpg)

Any farmers by chance living in North Carolina recognize this shop? This can help us find Woof.

No. 696858

It would match logs where he suggests the others buy snakes and he also hinted having interest in boas.
His chrome or Firefox was in Spanish though and this dude looks white

No. 696865

A furry general would be pretty great. Kero is definitely not the only or worst sick fuck in the fandom. Does anyone know if he's friends with Sibe?
Wow that's sick. Hopefully the last one is just a fantasy.
Is bestality or production of bestiality illegal in NC? If so, there may be some sort of way to petition Youtube to send his contact info to police, assuming that his videos were monetized and they have his billing info.

No. 696868

Kero and Woof are two different people, but I'm sure Kero is already trying to go to the police with his I WAS HACKED sob story and trying to charge some random for libel.

No. 696875

File: 1537918268010.png (30.7 KB, 602x382, infection-png.png)

Don't forget this guy. Another semi well known degenerate furfag, glowfox.

As a disclaimer all known furries can be posted here not just kero

No. 696876

File: 1537918308467.png (52.89 KB, 628x694, rim-png.png)

No. 696877

File: 1537918348132.png (87.92 KB, 551x917, untitled-png.png)

Desktop he posted

No. 696880

File: 1537918398520.png (382.94 KB, 1280x528, photo_238-jpg.png)

The image he posted had telegram and his YouTube channel open

No. 696882

File: 1537918540596.png (30 KB, 543x403, capture-png-1.png)

Glowfox is also a pedophile

No. 696883

File: 1537918640766.png (5.85 KB, 400x400, wut2.png)

what the fuck

No. 696887

File: 1537919057893.png (43 KB, 1026x244, screen-shot-2018-09-23-at-3-35…)

No. 696889

File: 1537919095054.png (112.78 KB, 1020x808, screen-shot-2018-09-23-at-8-16…)

No. 696890

File: 1537919118122.png (113.13 KB, 1024x884, screen-shot-2018-09-23-at-8-16…)

No. 696891

File: 1537919134326.png (238.37 KB, 500x281, Columbinego.png)

>mfw Eric and Dylan killed the wrong people

No. 696893

File: 1537919150950.png (142.43 KB, 1018x1218, screen-shot-2018-09-23-at-8-17…)

No. 696894

File: 1537919220133.jpg (57.79 KB, 818x541, flora.JPG)


I saw this on KF but don't post there. They were asking for plant ID to find Woof. Picture flora5 looks very much like Syngonium podophyllum which is a native of S.America.


No. 696895

File: 1537919359035.png (135.49 KB, 1014x992, screen-shot-2018-09-23-at-8-18…)

More depraved shit

No. 696896

File: 1537919390788.png (277.08 KB, 1600x1200, proxy-3.png)

No. 696897

File: 1537919431022.png (294.39 KB, 1600x1200, proxy-4.png)

Apparently cp is only acceptable when the children are abused enough to "enjoy it"

No. 696898

File: 1537919586757.png (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 795x1200, photo_279.png)

This may be snakething? Correct me if it's someone else

No. 696899

File: 1537919684436.png (837.86 KB, 1280x996, e6085a9752833ed0b0bcf371c20687…)

Snakething's fursona and other handle

No. 696903

"Virtuous/MAP" pedophiles do the same shit. People excuse them as "w-well they aren't touching da kidz" but they're still jerking off to child porn, how is that any better?

>it tasted like cheetos

No. 696908

Holy fuck, I actually want to swallow bleach after reading this bullshit. Considering Shane interviewed the dude, couldn’t he possibly know his true identity? Honestly if Shane enticed him with the idea of doing a video series where his side of the story is told, I think the dumbass would fall for it. Then he could just hand him over to the police. But that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

No. 696912

>in NC

Of course the worst one of the bunch is from here. The NC community is pretty small when it comes to nerds and most of the furries end up going to the local convention (Animazement) and there's always a big fursuit/furry meet up there. Someone's bound to know something. Does this sicko have a fursuit or any other sort of info NC people can go off of?

No. 696926

Kero the wolf's public info has been out there because of his YouTube channel but he wasn't the only dude in this circle of dog rapists. Woof is one of the only people that hasn't been doxxed yet

No. 696927

I'm actually speechless. This is fucked up. Surely there is some way to get them put in jail? Is this really shit they did or fantasy/roleplaying?

No. 696935

Why the fuck are people like this allowed to continue living?
There are people in jail for smoking weed, while these sick fucks roam the streets raping puppies and children, on top of egging each other on.
Can't someone put a hit on these people now that they've been doxxed? "Woof" especially needs to have his head impaled on a stick. I wish there was a way to intimidate his "friends" into exposing him.

No. 696939

File: 1537923357851.jpg (28.82 KB, 768x560, 1411028840173.jpg)

the fucken person(or ppl?) who took the bullet and watched those fucked up vids for evidence and shit, i really feel for them. someone had to do it.

still not enough proof it was kero? just as metokur said, it still is proof that there are furries skull fuck dead animals, rape puppies, etc. not that it wasn't assumed there were ones that twisted but, i bet it's on a way larger scale then what anyone would want to believe.

No. 696960

I need eyebleach

No. 696962

oh god this stuff just finished gracing my twitter timeline

it's pure nightmare fuel that you cant believe truly exists… i really hope something comes out of this like fuck man

No. 696965

seriously, something needs to happen like holy shit…

No. 696967

There are pictures and videos of it, there's also a video of one of these faggots skull fucking a puppy's decapitated head.

No. 696970

theres a roadkill deer fucking video too

there was alot of fucked up videos and pictures, a lot

No. 696972

A lot of people are talking about how Woof is the only one who wasn't doxxed yet but I believe Tane wasn't either from the info I got from the Telegram group that holds all the evidence. Correct me if I''m wrong though, I couldn't look at those messages or pictures for very long.

No. 696974

Couldn't last more than a minute scrolling through those pictures… But the evidence is pretty damning. Kero's dog, his fursuit, etc. It's most definitely real.

No. 696978

i literally wanna gouge out my eyes after those messages

fucking degenerates

No. 696982

The roadkill video, want kero's furry head in it ? That's what nailed him the most because there's no way he can claim it isn't him

No. 696984

File: 1537927012546.jpg (1.1 MB, 1440x2007, Screenshot_20180925-174732.jpg)

Snakething was posting his sister's kids in the telegram chat. I hope this isn't against the rules.

No. 696987

Any info on sephius? Apparently he's pretty bad and has the head crushing videos

No. 696988

File: 1537927762378.gif (1.94 MB, 245x215, help.gif)

This is an entire new world I stepped into like a warm pile of dogshit. How did these people get away with this for so long? Jesus fucking christ, the chat logs posted in this thread are traumatizing enough I couldn't even look at the images. Fucking furries.

No. 696989

Why do all these furries talk in a super cutesy <3 style like 13 year olds. Seriously disturbing.

No. 696994

sick fucks i truly hope there'll be some kind of consequences for them

No. 696996

Link to pics/vids? I have a morbid curiosity

No. 696997

they're all vile demented scumbags but snakething horrifies me… the way they write all cute with uwu emojie and give out hugs while talking about disgusting acts is unnerving

No. 697010

Click at your own discretion because this is pretty bad and u haven't seen it all. It's sad how people pinned down most of the group through their furrysuits.

No. 697016

File: 1537931416955.png (586.69 KB, 1207x602, Screenshot_2018-09-25-22-08-44…)

If you don't want to see the images, delete the image folders before looking at the HTML files accompaning them

No. 697020

I couldn't handle more than a couple pics someone needs to dox these fuckers and get them jailed so Bubba can give them a taste of their own medicine

No. 697054

What is "d'awwwww <3" about a 12 year old jerking off a 35 year old man? wtf

SnakeThing is a creepy bystander

No. 697057

I really really really hope this Woof motherfucker is doxed. There is some seriously sick and evil things he has done. Everything about him screams serial killer in the making more than any of these other degenerates. I am never going to unsee those fucking photos of the puppy

No. 697069

File: 1537937304132.png (178.55 KB, 1790x1640, 7D52052A-6FB4-4E67-8B8C-11A7F9…)

Can someone describe these pics? I’m too scared to look.

No. 697073

I haven't read anything so disgusting and anger inducing since the Junko Furuta case. They way these sick fucks describe and normalize their zoophilic and pedophilic exploits. Holy fucking hell I hope these fucks get punished to the fullest extent of the law. Jesus Christ.

No. 697076

its just some asshole trying to fuck a snake and a dog. honestly wtf is wrong with these people. theres another one where he is showing his "lewds" man I am going to need a lot of bleach and sulfuric acid to wash away all this. you're better off not peeking. honestly it makes me want to kms for seeing such deprived shit. I am so glad these sick fucks dont have a convention to go to anymore since rainforest got canceled

No. 697077

File: 1537938125180.png (64.78 KB, 469x834, viddesc.PNG)

Someone made a thread describing all the videos: https://twitter.com/BROAADCASTED/status/1042597103518838784 truly disgusting shit

No. 697078

Can confirm all of these accounts. I clicked on all the bite size thumbnails out of morbid curiosity, but was stupid enough to watch the muzzled german shepard one for about 6 seconds before bursting into tears. Wasn't worth it, i'll never be able to get that image out of my head.

No. 697083

It's much worse than >>697076 describes. I went through the archives a few hours ago and i'm NOT looking again but here's what i remember. The various members of the chat group shared graphic photos that include shit like
>tying a puppy up, raping it with a stick, decapitating it, making the head fellate another dog
>tying up a dog from craigslist, raping her, decapitating her, then cutting out her vagina (the entire organ) and using it like a flashlight. pics of it in rotting(?) stages too are provided
>graphic anal and vaginal trauma to one dog (cut them "into one hole")
>raping a dog with a large pointy wooden object which is shoved in around 1 foot deep in the dog and comes out covered in blood while dog squirms in pain

Just a few of the things these people were (maybe are still) actively doing.
All of these people need to be in prison for life. Or just rounded up and shot. They are unfit for human society. They are an extreme danger to animals and will likely progress to become extreme dangers to humans.

No. 697085

i'm pretty sure a couple people confirmed that video was done by the woof fucker. apparently he also went by the name of warg as well.

No. 697089

File: 1537938569184.jpeg (56.69 KB, 710x760, C75B7030-AFA9-4638-9A34-2DA905…)

fleshlight*. You know what I meant.

Jesus wept. If I hadn't already stopped believing there was a God, this would have done it for me

No. 697093

Is this stuff even legal to distribute?

No. 697094

I kept reading because I thought I'd seen it all online. I was like oooo this is like wolfie blackheart right? I was so wrong. I'm actually nauseous and this may be one of the worst things ive ever heard about online.

No. 697096

File: 1537939238258.jpg (305.04 KB, 981x884, f4bb15f28eb21b59e8b1c521f8cc02…)

not sure about anywhere about outside of the united states but this is pretty straightforward

No. 697097

I am unsure about necrophilia and violent abuse but dogfucking is fairly easy to find on the internet. Google doesn't bother telling you "are you sure you want to google that?". There's like 2 states viewing it is illegal. Only in a handful of states is actually fucking a dog legal.

No. 697099

Animal beastiality is illegal in every state.

No. 697104

this is true, participating in the act is illegal

No. 697107

File: 1537940709532.png (69.29 KB, 764x1103, sep1a.png)

//Sephius Rivendare//
Furaffinity - Sephius Rivendare

No. 697108

File: 1537940889203.png (3.41 MB, 1536x2048, CCC45D61-C9F0-4B9A-B1CF-28F5F0…)

Patrick Pauger is Sephius Rivendare, yeah. His shit is still wide open and easy to get a hold of. He’s a bow hunter and looks a bit like the guy that was thought to be Kero initially. Maybe it is, it’s tough to say because I’m not watching those vids, but it seems like it would be easy for a bow hunter to go after deer, I think that’s one of the files. He takes a ton of photos but rarely appears in them. He has a husky dog who looks to be abused in some way just from the photos of her and the way she’s held. Patrick/Sephius is the blond haired guy all the way to the right in this pic. I believe Keltus Wolf is his boyfriend. I have some but not all screencaps from this album if anyone wants them.

No. 697111

File: 1537941025838.png (55.49 KB, 705x856, seph2.png)

It actually seems like a good chunk of this stuff may not even be OC content for them. For example, I've seen a webm of the bound ducktaped raped dog on 4chan and snakething even comments that he "loves those" like he's seen them before too. So if it isn't sephius crushing those dogs heads it means that there are probably a dozen more people that are still getting away with this shit

No. 697113

This is absolutely incorrect and the how and why of that has been discussed at length in various places. The torture and murder of these animals is not legal and the alphabet agencies keep a very close eye on this kind of behavior. A person who does what’s been done in those pictures will have no problem doing that to children next and in fact one of them is already being looked at for child abuse.

No. 697114

File: 1537941293202.png (Spoiler Image, 287.48 KB, 553x311, seph3.png)

His suit

No. 697117

File: 1537941482270.png (Spoiler Image, 51.09 KB, 657x852, seph4.png)

snakething was always trying to collect a collection of beastshit. I'm trying to remain optimistic because he's been doxxed so hopefully he's got a dirty harddrive they can use to van the others

No. 697120

Rounded up and shot is good for me. This was some of the most upsetting shit I’ve ever read about and I hope all of them end up getting raped and then rotting to death in prison. They deserve the very worst that can be done to them. I’m worried they’ll never be punished, though, which makes me feel sick.

All I could do after reading this the day it dropped, was hug my dog. I sat with him for about an hour and a half just patting him and brushing him, he probably thought I was crazy. I fed him so many treats. Ugh, I’m starting to feel like crying again.

No. 697121

File: 1537941892445.jpg (19.97 KB, 520x390, 2JDHPr9.jpg)

This is the icecream shop woof mentioned and these are shots of it. notice the blue trays and the slight logo? Any of you recognize this?

No. 697122

File: 1537941907933.jpg (20.63 KB, 390x520, FWCgEsG.jpg)

No. 697127

this graph is for people who possess zoophile porn, not those who create it. it was posted in case any farmers felt like they might've done anything illegal downloading the archive of the telegram chat.

No. 697128

File: 1537942114457.png (6.32 MB, 1536x2048, CC61E684-0E9F-4650-84A2-A6B822…)

This guy has chest tats that may be like the guy in the vid. Again, I don’t know because I refuse to watch. He’s a friend of Sephius.

No. 697129

File: 1537942219206.png (3.15 MB, 1536x2048, E6D5BFF9-37BF-4D43-9D47-B81464…)

A few more from Sephius’ group. Same guy.

No. 697130

File: 1537942238016.png (23.98 KB, 577x387, woof2.png)

I am getting chills now. They have no regard for anyone but themselves jesus fucking christ

No. 697131

File: 1537942399921.png (Spoiler Image, 5.28 MB, 1536x2048, 390B23C0-BEDB-4223-81DA-9CB833…)

Michael Kupsa holding this husky in a creepy way that makes me uncomfortable, they do this in almost every picture with this dog. It’s sfw but spoilered for gross.

No. 697132

File: 1537942406086.png (26.32 KB, 507x348, woof3.png)

No. 697133


No. 697134

Agreed, it’s really bad. This is some of the most awful stuff I’ve ever seen online.

No. 697135


You know what… it kind of looks like it might be a Ben & Jerry's icecream place. I only know because we have one where I live. I recognize the blue branding but not the cakes/pies… its possible that this particular B&J offers desserts with their icecreams but don't quote me on that.

No. 697136

File: 1537942617961.png (38.13 KB, 643x551, woof4.png)

woof is probably the worst bunch of them all, offering to produce some of the worst shit

No. 697137

File: 1537942639255.png (4.31 MB, 1536x2048, E1CF81BE-D980-4C70-B796-3E179D…)

That’s Sephius’ friend Michael Kupsa. He does that a lot with this particular dog. She seems to get passed around, it’s upsetting. Pretty sure this is Sephius/Patrick’s boyfriend, again with the same husky.

No. 697138

That exact dog is in another photo with another furfag over him.

No. 697140

File: 1537943052404.png (9.78 KB, 477x117, woof6.png)

They even pander to certain breeds and give them nicknames

No. 697141

File: 1537943210505.png (25.86 KB, 588x382, woof7.png)

No. 697142

File: 1537943218461.png (65.77 KB, 587x797, woof8.png)

No. 697147

reminder to archive this shit just in case they go on lockdown mode. archive something even if you're not 100% sure.
i use the archive.is bookmark since all it takes is one click and it'll do the job.

No. 697149

Curious what video Sephius is sharing that SnakeThing is suggesting he shouldn't spread. Is it any one of the previously mentioned ones?

It's been mentioned before but SnakeThing is such a fucking weirdo. The way he talks gives me shivers, like he's manipulating people into sending him more and more nasty shit with all his emoji hearts.

No. 697150

Yeah, anons post caps but all you need to do is post the facebook link and the site will automatically archive it to archive.is

No. 697152

File: 1537944282039.png (40.17 KB, 690x599, woofface.png)

No. 697155

Yeah, bestiality is illegal, therefore being involved in the production of media that depicts sexual acts between humans and animals is too. However, possessing or selling images or video depicting such acts is legal in many states. It's illegal to sell it or transport it to individuals who live in states where it's not legal though.

No. 697156

I had a lot of trouble getting Facebook to archive, it’s why I screenshotted most of the pages. The most important album is here, I hope it saved properly.


No. 697157

At least one member of this circle is going to kill themselves once they're doxed and vanned. Screenshot this.

No. 697159

Woof has a red fox fursona but we're unsure if he has a fursuit. He's mentioned the Woof account is a side account and a couple people called him Warg a few times. He's most likely a native Spanish speaker since he posted a screenshot of his browser and it was in Spanish. He lives in eastern time zone. That's about it besides the ice cream and fire ants shit.

No. 697160

No. 697164

Snake Thing and/or Kero are going to have more information about Woof, though, and the police will push hard for that. I don’t see these uwu :3 <3 hugssss idiots holding out on Woof’s identity. Once they see the writing on the wall, they’ll drag everyone else down with them, including Woof.

No. 697171

Yeah they're def going to start flipping on each other. If you faggots are reading this do us all the favor and neck yourselves.

No. 697173

Holy fuck this is not what I was expecting to see when I woke up this morning. I'm so glad this shit is illegal in my country. Sick fucks.

No. 697178

I can’t believe I didn’t understand that lolcow would do the archiving for me. Sorry about that.


No. 697210

They should all kill themselves right this second.

But then again, they deserve an "eye for and eye" type of punishment too.

No. 697231

File: 1537952304245.png (83.1 KB, 824x818, f1.png)

snakething using his alt to defend a furfag rapist. He's in the purple, teal is anon who is trying to report the users content.

No. 697232

File: 1537952316698.png (53.22 KB, 607x690, f2.png)

No. 697233

File: 1537952324201.png (49.66 KB, 572x645, f3.png)

No. 697234

File: 1537952331565.png (65.43 KB, 746x874, f4].png)

No. 697236

File: 1537952413044.png (51.18 KB, 762x669, f5.png)

No. 697247

I want to fucking die. This is absolutely disgusting. How the fuck can they get away with this

No. 697251

that's what i'm thinking. someone on kf messaged a hispanic restaurant and they specifically said they don't serve tres leches and ice cream together. people in the thread were suggesting flan de coco and angel food cake.
although, the two cakes have a different texture to them, but their both topped with flan. one of them is definitely tres leches and the other one might be angel food cake or cheesecake.

No. 697257

File: 1537955915521.jpg (10.96 KB, 275x183, images (1).jpg)

does this look like fucked up tres leches flan to anyone else? the bowl has remnants of what look like condensed milk/the liquid the cake soaks in. i've seen flan/tres leches combos before. if it is, this can help to narrow it down to a hispanic restaurant or bakery in NC.

his firefox was also in spanish, so him eating this would also make a fuckton of sense

i only see one cake/pie/whatever the fuck that monstrosity is. i'm fairly sure the top can be explained as flan and the bottom is the tres leches cake. it definitely appears to be it, unless it's some kind of fucked up lemon pie/cake. looks gross either way. hopefully we can find it. i've been checking the insides/tables/placemats for countless ice cream places in NC, and so far no such luck. the tables have some kind of marbled blue pattern on them.

No. 697265

Honestly I might start looking up some ice cream places on the islands and any other place that falls on Eastern time zone near a coast. the place looks really janky to be more north than Florida.

No. 697269

Is this reported in any way? Is there any police investigation or it's just internet users trying to catch them? Sorry if it's something obvious, it's hard to dig into this… I feel physically sick

No. 697271

They've been reported to the FBI a couple times now. Someone recorded a video of themselves turning in a USB stick with the data.

I'm being a big sperg here but I want to believe the placemats say Heladeria Himalaya.

No. 697274

File: 1537958802920.png (193.23 KB, 800x1186, Screenshot_2018-09-26-03-30-16…)

Kevin Patrick Perlstein / Colwyn Collie / Illone Sheppypaws / White Shepard / Niklo

Joshua / Kero's boyfriend who died of a drug overdose earlier this year.

A Kiwi found his Facebook account posted on his Fur Affinity page (see page 14 of the Kero thread).

The photos on this memorial site confirm the dox. They also reveal that he had expressed his proclivities starting at an early age.


The website requires an invite to view, but by stopping the page loading I was able to capture the gallery thumbnails.

No. 697275

File: 1537958887231.png (602.79 KB, 800x1054, Screenshot_2018-09-26-03-28-56…)


I am posting these here because I do not see them posted on KF, and I do not have an account there.

No. 697277

File: 1537959086044.jpg (685.69 KB, 1439x1054, 18-09-26-05-50-20-580_deco.jpg)

Holy shit I found the place. Woof lives in Cuba.

No. 697278

File: 1537959151907.png (1.05 MB, 800x1173, Screenshot_2018-09-26-03-29-21…)

No. 697282

Yes! You are amazing anon. I was searching and searching for "blue mountain" motif restaurants that served flan de tres leches, but wasn't having any luck.

No. 697283

holy shit, anon, nice work. i dont see it in cuba though. all i see is one in argentina and chile or something? link?

No. 697284

File: 1537959547034.png (401.77 KB, 1436x789, Screenshot_2018-09-26-05-58-18…)

Y118, 120, La Habana, Cuba is the address

No. 697286

The name on the placemat, "heladeria himalaya" is only popping up for a location in Chile. Could you direct link where the image was posted, anon? The address is just bringing up a share house.

No. 697287


This was posted on KF a minute before.

No. 697288

File: 1537960036936.png (104.02 KB, 800x1173, Screenshot_2018-09-26-03-56-25…)


I managed to get a few captions to appear mid-page load.

No. 697289

File: 1537960071392.png (444.46 KB, 800x1059, Screenshot_2018-09-26-03-57-51…)

No. 697291

File: 1537960335116.png (237.17 KB, 800x1176, Screenshot_2018-09-26-03-58-02…)


A few of his furry friends signed the guest book.

No. 697292

Here's the Facebook post containing the photos

No. 697293

File: 1537960645709.png (302.78 KB, 800x1172, Screenshot_2018-09-26-03-59-03…)


Including Warg Schwarz aka Woof.

I don't see the surname "Schwarz" associated with Woof in the KF dox.

No. 697295

File: 1537960762762.png (258.41 KB, 800x1178, Screenshot_2018-09-26-03-59-09…)

No. 697296

File: 1537960831592.jpg (30.23 KB, 500x400, 1528076478577.jpg)

yo what the fuck

No. 697301

>I will never forget the amazing times spent sharing the best of our time and what we had to offer
That's so disgusting when you're aware of what he means.
Good fucking riddance, I wish all of them would just drop dead

No. 697303


All of the captions can be extracted from the page source.


I refrained from posting one cap which comprises photos of Kevin as a small child and of his resting place.


To clarify, I realize "Schwarz" is also pseudonymous ("black" in German).

No. 697304

i can't read through the kiwi thread. what faggots haven't been doxxed yet besides woof?

No. 697317


Even more to the point

>sending stickers


You'll have to read the threads like everyone else. A few new threads have been posted in the proving grounds and are awaiting approval.

Two Kiwis grepped a list of names mentioned in the logs and a list of names of participants in the logs, but I can't remember what pages of the thread they are on.

No. 697319

This is worse than horrorcow tier.

No. 697324

File: 1537965680936.png (297.09 KB, 800x1174, Screenshot_2018-09-26-05-38-22…)


>You loved all kinds of animals, particularly dogs, more than anything in the world.

Posted by his father.


No. 697325

I hope these cunts die a painful death this is so fucking awful I am crying. Those poor dogs.

No. 697326

File: 1537966275767.jpg (69.41 KB, 550x717, 19uv95.jpg)

No. 697328

Even a painful death is too good for them. I just want them to suffer forever

No. 697329

saw the thread on /cow/ and it made me sick. good to see it here, expose these fucks farmers

No. 697333

HIS FUCKING FACE that's the face of someone who is a dog rapist and feels superior for having this depraved secret
i hope hell exists so they can all burn in it

No. 697335


Kero is a youtuber w a big fur following. Its sick that youtube allows him to make this content w all this going on

No. 697336


Null just imposed a moratorium on further discussion of Woof under threat of threadban and wrote, "We've got 3 names, 2 pending review in Proving Grounds, and 3 other people who aren't woof who can potentially be doxed."

No. 697371

On an logical level, I understand why vigilante justice is problematic and why death penalty should be used to remove the toxic waste from the society but holy fuck.

On the emotional level I just want to destroy his and the other fucks face with a sledgehammer. How can soneone be such fucking disgusting, vile piece of shit and live with themself.

I want them to rot in solitary prison but I know this won't happen.

No. 697375

Can you imagine if there was one of those actual "looking down on us" afterlives? Like going from that to seeing your son doing this shit personally

No. 697397

honestly at this point im just hoping someone is outraged enough to go and kick the shit out of the ones with leaked addresses.

No. 697403

I’m going to assume one of those is Sephius, as he’s pretty high up in terms of being fucking disgusting. On /cow/ it said that he made and sent a lot of vids, seeing all those pictures of him larping as a real man out in the woods, could have been a place to do those things in secret.

No. 697408

Sephius crushed the heads of dogs and puppies

No. 697410

What the actual everloving fuck, what has go wrong inside your brain to make you into this level of predatory degenerate??

No. 697414

How do people even read those chats closely, I noped the fuck out.

No. 697416

So apparently the police is looking into SnakeThing. Glad to see something is getting done, at least.

No. 697428

As much as I hate mob mentality and taking justice into your own hands.. for once I'm hoping someone does. If they don't off themselves first they'll go into hiding and try to run from authorities and what they've done now that they've been exposed.

They deserve whatever is going to happen to them.

No. 697439

I'm so scared they're going to get away with this.
In my country the police does not care much about animal abuse and the punishments are not very severe. It slowly changes but… well, slowly. I'm so used to sick fucks getting small fines or community service for murdering animals. I so so so hope this gets mainstream coverage and more people get outraged and those sadists will be properly chased down, caught and sentenced severely. How high are chances for that?

No. 697447

My heart breaks for that poor fucking dog.

This is the most horrifying thing I have ever read and I am terrified they will get away with it. I prefer lc to KF and just don't like the layout and shit of KF so I'm only keeping up with it here but… Jesus Christ how depressing

No. 697474

I can't believe there are people who are defending him. ..who else is wearing the same exact fursuit and doing these disgusting things? As if a hacker would go into his home, put on his suit and shoot videos and pictures in it and then uploads everything to blackmail him kek so delusional

No. 697496

From what little I could stomach to see, it sounds like it's much more than just animal abuse. At least two of them discussed sex with kids and one of them provided evidence that he'd been doing inappropriate acts with his nephews.

I don't know how many of them were engaged in that but if the authorities won't do anything about the animal abuse they'll definitely get them for child abuse.

No. 697508

I'm hoping that because it's not just animal cruelty but beastiality they have been committing/sharing the law is going to come down on then like a tonne of bricks.

No. 697516

Kek and as if hak0rz knew intimate details about kero

No. 697528

File: 1537983081517.jpg (17.03 KB, 330x452, black dynamite.JPG)

if furries are animals, does that mean we can hunt them all down?

No. 697529

If they have snakething/ nel then I think we can be confident everyone else is fucked. Snake was a mod for the BBB server and another, he has all the connections, he constantly vets others, he constantly manipulated these sickos to give him content to save to his little stash of rape zoo porn. With telegram and all the saved numbers here's to hoping he flips.

No. 697531

They won’t get away with it. They’re all involved in other shit that will get them vanned. I was feeling p. hopeless too, but the newest posts at kiwi have me thinking otherwise. These sick fucks are going to get slapped down hard.

In the meantime, wish that furries would learn to take out their fucking trash instead of letting it fester and giving these baby serial killers safe spaces.

No. 697534

Of course this pizza-faced faggot would be stanning for puppy fuckers. Ten bucks says this asshole's got some animal porn on his computer too.

No. 697570

this shit fucks me up as a service worker. nothing necessarily outwardly suggests their degeneracy….everyone goes to fast food, everyone buys groceries, even these people. I hate thinking about how I have to serve and wish a nice day to customers who may or may not be total degenerates into this kind of shit. I thought i couldn't hate the world any more after finding the old tribe.net cp fantasies/real content….how wrong I was

No. 697638

File: 1537990734451.jpg (49.53 KB, 640x376, hellhound.jpg)

hellhounds will gorge on them in the after-life

No. 697682

Bad idea. They'll just get off to it.

No. 697693

>nothing outwardly suggests their degeneracy

they're furries, anon.

No. 697698

you really think they wear their suits at all times, to the grocery store, to wendys, to work? that's what anon was talking about

No. 697700

omg, just reading this is making me cry… Why.. WHy do people like this exist?? they need to be locked away and brutally tortured. i don't understand!!

No. 697710

same anon, this is the first ever thread to actually make me tear up and genuinely upset me. I hope these people have a long painful life the sick fucks.

No. 697716


yeah but unless they come into your store wearing a fursuit or tail or some kind of clue, they just look like every other ugly bumfuck customer you get 100s of times a day.

No. 697733

You know that a furry is into particularly degenerate shit when their fursona has an animal cock rather than a human one.

Goddamn, people like this should be both fursecuted and executed. And the fact that the government (pretty much any given one) almost never lifts a finger towards abused animals or has any oversight on who's allowed to adopt pets is disgusting. These videos are shocking but don't even begin to represent the scope of the problem.

Sage for complete non-contribution.

No. 697900

But if Woof is actually in Cuba then wtf are the police going to do? He wasnt in the states like we originally thought which means he just might get away scott free regardless of whats done.

No. 697907

I hope they'll look into it because that behavior is a step behind of someone being a serial killer.

No. 697909

Yeah from what I’ve gathered online he’s completely allowed to fuck a dog in Cuba, no ban on that. Not sure how far the abuse laws go though. I think if the lot of them gets punished that Woof will face no consequences whatsoever, even if he’s doxxed.

No. 697917

They also eat dogs in Cuba I believe. The authorities aren't really going to give much of a fuck I'm afraid. If he's doxxed he'll just shrug his shoulders and find the next group of disgusting barracudas he can talk about his sick fantasies with

No. 697937

He’ll be watched by somebody, and for the same reason the feds will be watching these fuckers—they don’t stop at abuse of animals.


No. 697939

No. 697943

Cuba has no animal welfare laws, though it's possible that it might be illegal for citizens to circumvent internet bans (i.e. what he's doing).
The FBI doesn't have jurisdiction over Cuba, anon. And they don't particularly care about animal abuse. If they do investigate this it will be out of the ordinary.

No. 697949

The cops in Cuba are not retarded. They are aware that people who engage in animal abuse to the degree that Woof has are a danger to humans as well. They may have no legal precedent to arrest him but you’re crazy if you think they won’t keep a close eye on him. They’re likely to see him as some kind of degenerate, tbh. It’s no secret that cops around the world are pretty fucked up to people they strongly dislike. If anyone out there is deserving of contempt, it’s this dude.

No. 697965

Even in America people let of serious animal abusers with a slap on the wrist all of the time. It sucks but that's reality for you. I also think it's fairly unlikely that Woof is a danger to people. Empirically I doubt that most animal abusers harm people.

No. 697966

Just imagining this is killing me. Holy fuck. Something must be done

No. 697968

Most animal abusers do harm people as well, anon. Are you retarded? A couple of these fuckers have been revealed to be child groomers. Even if they get a slap on the wrist they're still harmful.

No. 697982

Do you doubt it, empirically? How many double blind studies have you run about furries who rape puppies to death? Have you know many?

Lol, get the fuck outta here.

No. 697983

While Cuba may not have animal welfare laws, if word/proof of his actions of raping/torturing actual puppies got around? I can't imagine he'd be very welcomed in any community that knew of it.

No. 697985

Cuba, like many developing countries, has a huge stray dog problem. They "euthanize" stray dogs with a poison that makes the dogs suffer more than the ones in the videos did. The cops will give less than a shit. To think otherwise is wishful thinking. Unfortunately animal abuse is common in developing countries.

No. 697988


Apparently this anon would like us to believe that in a country where homosexuality is considered an ‘invert’ from the doubleplusgood norm and is to this day punished with corrective rape by cops, that those same cops are just going to kick back about a fur fag degenerate like Woof?

Someone is throwing a lot of chum in the water and hoping for bites.

No. 697993

idk man people in some places may be more accepting of animal abuse but i would think fucking dogs and road kill is at least frowned upon by most of humanity? maybe i'm too naive but i think its a gut instinct reaction to be repulsed by such things for most people

No. 697994

Did Woof mention any pedophilia shit or take part in that conversation? I can't read through these caps myself, sorry anons.

No. 697996

> They "euthanize" stray dogs with a poison that makes the dogs suffer more than the ones in the videos did
Being euthanized via poison or being raped to death by a huge, fire ant covered, sharp stake, having your vagina cut out, etc.
Uh, are you serious right now, anon?

Even in places where animals have little to no rights and are seen as property, it's pretty frowned upon to have sex with them. I imagine fucking and torturing puppies to the extent he did is even more frowned upon. This isn't some third world gambling ring dog fighting.

No. 698000

For real. Cuba is behind the times, but it isn't some demon filled hellhole. I think there's definitely room for a social media campaign, especially as internet is becoming more widely available. There is one animal protection org in Cuba that is authorized through the government. I think we should try to get them involved. Cubans wouldn't just generally accept this because it's a poor nation. If the word spreads, this guy would be fucked, even if the law is behind, especially because violence like this is a serious predictor for child abuse and abuse in general, possibly murder.

No. 698002

If bestiality and animal abuse are illegal, then there's really nothing the cops can even do but beat the shit out of him, but they'd have to put the effort into finding him first. That's just the reality of the situation. This is probably the worst case scenario in terms of bringing an animal abuser to justice; he can't even get doxed through usual means unless he mentioned his name and address somewhere at some point.

The best option in this case would be to somehow contact the Cuban equivalent of the FBI or secret police or whatever with all of the evidence and say that the guy was circumventing the internet ban to post videos of himself raping and killing animals. The Cuban media would also be a viable option, perhaps even a better one. Hell, if there's a public outcry then maybe some animal rights laws will get passed.

No. 698007

Chill. Woof will be doxed and when he is he will get fucked just like time rest of them.

Again, this. What do people think Cuba is? Jesus Christ, it’s not some shithole island hell ffs, my friends travel there all the time, both to help build the infrastructure and for fun. Of course they care about animal welfare there.

No. 698018

We'll post info about Woof when we're 100% sure it's him, I can't believe the fucking ice cream shop gave us progress

No. 698024

>The Cuban media would also be a viable option, perhaps even a better one.
This is what I was thinking too. Could putting these people on blast help?

No. 698026

I'm being realistic. This isn't the usual case where somebody gives little clues as to where they live over a period of years that you can trace back to a linkedin or dox-harvesting website. Unless the guy has incredibly poor internet hygiene then finding him is going to be an uphill battle for armchair detectives.
It would probably be the best course of action for finding him, in addition to making more Cubans aware of animal rights.

No. 698028

are they actually living in cuba tho? they don't seem very cuban and the pic where they are in austria there's a girl called julia LERCHBAUMER that sounds like a legit austrian last name idk they don't seem the type of people that would go live in cuba

i just want to see them in jail being raped with a knife, i literally just read one sentence of what they do and want to cry and kill them myself

No. 698029

>telegram Kero claims to live near Pittsburgh.
>twitter Kero lives in Pittsburgh. What a coincidence.
I'm gonna fucking throw up because this fucker lives right near me

No. 698031

The thing is, these guys aren't just kicking their puppies when they get on their nerves or something. They are violently physically and sexually abusing these animals. They're extreme sadists who get off on causing harm to living things. Even if you ignore the discussions of CSA and CP in their chats it's not a stretch at all to think they might eventually move on to harming people.
The link between violence against animals and violence against humans is very well documented, to the point that very few organizations refute it.

No. 698034

That's not Woof. We don't have a photo of him.

No. 698035

See >>697159, hopefully it's not true, though.

If Woof/Warg is Cuban, the best hope for doxing him is that somebody in the furry community who's talked to him comes forward with personal info he's disclosed, or was part of a private chat where it was disclosed. Otherwise, the second-best hope is that he's a 'greymuzzle' who's been in the community for at least a decade or so and has a personal page floating around on archive.org. It might be a good idea to pull up some old furry directories and try to find someone who's from Cuba. Though even then it wouldn't be a good idea to take action without being sure that it's the right Cuban.

No. 698039

oh ok thanks, i got a bit lost. ughhhhhhh i hope something happens to these POS

No. 698040

Except for the other people who are fully doxed, are being handed to local cops and feds, and who ostensibly know a bit more about Woof. They will sing like fucking canaries if they think it will help their sorry asses. You run along now.

No. 698041

That’s Sephius.

Julia is Michael’s (the husky guy) girlfriend and she’s a furry too.

No. 698043

Samefag (sorry after the initial nausea this gave me) but just saying if there's something I can do to help I would but it seems like there isn't anything in that area but I'm too horrified to go looking for more info other than what is posted here

No. 698047

You unironically believe that the American government is going to cooperate with the CUBAN government to provide information about an animal abuser (in a country where animal abuse is legal)? Everyone wants to see the guy's head on a pike, but this transcends wishful thinking.

No. 698049

What the fuck. How does this human trash manage to find females that accept animal abuse? Is she a tranny? Do the women know about the extent of this abuse?

No. 698051

Regardless of whether something will be done by the law, dox the fuckers. At least then their real names are tied to this shit forever, maybe someone in Cuba will see this shit and beat him senseless, etc. There's no loss to doxxing this piece of shit.

No. 698066

Can we have more people here willing to do work? Thanks.

You act like there aren't women who are dogfuckers and degenerates lol. lmao

Why would someone in Cuba with limited access be reading English forums?

How is Cuba not a shithole?

No. 698069

File: 1538021269867.jpg (315.42 KB, 1448x966, michaeljulia.jpg)

I mean…

No. 698073

Looks like that could be his sister…
so incest?

No. 698088

No, scroll up like five posts. That’s Michael and his girlfriend Julia. Both are friends of Patrick/Sephius and both are furries.

No. 698106

it was a joke anon

No. 698115

I don't think woof is cuban at all and after going through the logs there isn't much evidence to doxx. I do think that he'll implicated by someone else.

No. 698118

Stop spreading misinformation, this isn't confirmed. this is merely THEORY.
There is literally NOTHING you can doxx woof over aside from a photoset he gave to snakething.
Stop spewing the shit said at kiwi because right now it's those white bois just discovering that flan is a latin american dish.

What we do know:
>uses firefox in spanish
>bad english
>white hairy arms (seen in decapitation pics)

No. 698123

I believe he is since he posted those photos at the ice cream shop located in La Habana, Cuba.

No. 698124

There are white Cubans, you know. Not saying it's definitively him, but having white arms doesn't mean he can't be Cuban.

No. 698125

I didn't say he can't be cuban. I just posted about his appearance. Obviously latinos and hispanics can look white in complextion.
My point is, don't just say woof is in cuba because some kiwi said so. Even null had to whip their asses for doxxing randos.

There is little evidence about woof in the logs so for someone to magically claim he is absolutely in cuba is ridiculous. Most likely east coast but we can't confirm any location.

No. 698131


He is in the same timezone as the east coast of the US which was revealed in the logs. Cuba is in the same time zone.

No. 698134

So are a bunch of other states. There is nothing in the logs leading directly to cuba.

No. 698139

Are you fucking retarded? We confirmed the ice cream photos came from a place in Cuba.
We have a possible lead of some furry in Cuba who started deleting his shit a few hours after the ice cream shop was confirmed

No. 698144

Post caps.

No. 698145

I've stayed away from the images (best I could bar one by accident) but I still had fucking nightmares last night.

The thing that pisses me off is the way the fucking furry community handles their shit. Much of what was unearthed is a matter for the law, not least the sexual abuse by snakething of his nephews, the trading of child porn, child grooming for sex and so on. And this guy who's basically a serial killer making his videos, who has to be stopped even if its just for reasons of public safety. A guy bragging about the sex trafficking of children in Peru. Like even if the abuse of animals doesn't move, you, these things should. But this crew of furry vigilantes don't give a fuck about that, they're only thinking about 'muh right to have consenting sex with my dog' and 'muh cub art'. I mean god forbid someone would bring you sexually abusing your pets into disrepute. Their motives are really fucking messy and self absorbed. They've likely fucked a couple of cases right up and it's not like the pedophilia even got a mention. At least the weaponised autism of kf can maybe do some good here.

Kick a furry today.

No. 698150

File: 1538026675909.png (16.87 KB, 112x75, Screenshot_2018-09-27 La Helad…)

Sign for ref

No. 698152

Not just that hut he also apparently said he didn't have internet/suggested he only used Hotspots which is basically all Cuba has right now, though there are lots of them.

No. 698153

File: 1538026740009.jpg (19.97 KB, 520x390, G6nfDWi.jpg)

Look at the top outline for the mountain logo. Same place >>698134

No. 698159

File: 1538027018200.png (768.92 KB, 980x2108, Screenshot_2018-09-27-00-39-52…)

https://archive.fo/Nj11U#80% created 16 hours ago.
If you go to the actual site, the posts are gone

No. 698162

File: 1538027173609.png (73.71 KB, 694x383, animalgroupswoof ref.png)

Some things to look into:
>illone introduced snakething to woof

>hardzoo connection / collections also a producer

>woof is a mod of the “ADP group”

>ADP is also a website

>mention of 8chan (8ch group?)

No. 698163

File: 1538027190895.png (13.83 KB, 523x192, woofgrpups2.png)

No. 698165

>thoughts/ideas that aren't usually accepted in Cuba
how can it not be more clear this is the faggot and he's from Cuba, AND he is white

No. 698168

File: 1538027618617.jpg (127.24 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20180927_005335.jpg)

No. 698169

File: 1538027639713.jpg (138.2 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20180927_005333.jpg)

No. 698170

Trios for friendship and sex.

Hi, my friend and I are looking for a girl or 2 girls that are open minded to try new high level things. My friend is 18 years old, and I'm 28. We're both white caucasians, tall, wild spirited and open minded. There's no limits to our imaginations. Our limits are in mutual agreement… blah blah we're great people. We're simply into new ideas that aren't common in cuba. You guys can contact me at wolfschwarz39@gmail.com

No. 698172

File: 1538027787166.png (57.17 KB, 796x586, cuba.PNG)

looks like possibly woof's beastforum account. linked to the wolfschwarz39 gmail, says from Cuba.


No. 698173

HOLY SHIT. I had a feeling this Piece of shit was working in the medical field (from dismembering photos).

No. 698175

File: 1538027976184.png (130.94 KB, 953x438, furry.PNG)

from his cubared profile. it says in his music he likes "snuff porn gore" is that a music genre? i'm not googling.

No. 698176

File: 1538028016133.jpg (260.86 KB, 948x1293, pinhead.jpg)

Godspeed the person who sat through the first zoo video he posted on there. The found his face and it matches up.

No. 698179

File: 1538028351343.png (432.18 KB, 1440x2141, warfwoof~01.png)

Found his DeviantArt with military art. Interests line up with the other websites.

No. 698182

File: 1538028500171.png (376.66 KB, 812x426, singles.PNG)


his tender singles account

No. 698188

File: 1538028866241.jpg (304.22 KB, 1462x1554, ugly fuck.jpg)

No. 698189

File: 1538028885262.jpg (110.75 KB, 1429x1554, kill it with fire.jpg)

No. 698190

>second part of the post
I would say that he which has or creates its own reality. Define as open mind, the ability of a person to reach a state of mind that, no matter how exotic can be the things you hear or see, they do not cause a negative reluctance, but rather be able to appreciate things in a neutral way. Usually when I talk about having open mind, it means that you don't have in your eyes bandages of any kind of nature that distort the way the information comes to you. What are bandages? There are many types, religious, political, social, cultural, etc… In short open-minded people are those who regardless of the nature of what they see or hear, are able to simply say "wow that is incredible", or "hey looks great," or "don't know if I would do, they would try to see me as I go", or simply "is not mine, but to each whats yours" instead of saying "You are some freaks mentally ill" or "Yuck" as said the majority. From what I have been able to appreciate, to achieve a mental state of this type, there is a need for a fundamental ingredient, which is the will. A powerful aim and desire to find things that break with all the standards and traditions that the majority know and be prepared to be inserted into other realities and put into practice new ideas. To these conclusions I have come,then to observe the reactions of different people here and there. Others may differ from my criteria.
>yes his spanish grammar is also retarded

No. 698193

Man this fucker thought he was gonna get away with it lmao

No. 698195

File: 1538029141095.png (84.13 KB, 492x576, part of group rescue.PNG)

so from his cached tender singles he says he's part of a homeless dog group rescue where they rescue strays


could it be that he's german?

No. 698197

I mean he's just kinda messy and lazy with his spanish but americans are too with their english sometimes. Let me know if you guys want me to translate the rest for you guys.

No. 698200

woof did mention "rotties" alot in his logs. Also lines up with him taking pups from the shelters.

No. 698202

File: 1538029455912.png (444.35 KB, 1127x532, location.png)

ok so i found he's from San Miguel del Padron, La Habana, Cuba and is an IT person

No. 698205

Good searching anon!
I found this amigae website http://archive.is/YmXOc

No. 698209

That would absolutely make sense. His job his mentions his boss being happy with his work, he messages snakething at work, something easy to do if you have telegram on your desktop (probably windows).

No. 698210

is null still being a faggot and not allowing the discussion of woof?

No. 698211

No. 698213

I think it's mostly because they don't have his full name yet. But it'll be fucking easy since the military has the info.

The hospital shit lines up because he mentioned he drugged a dog with anesthesia. Only someone in the field would have access to that.

No. 698215

If he did work on a military base in cuba it was probably Almacen de Retaguardia. If he was a military contractor or a civilian he may have a staff pic if the hospital on base has a page. Most base hospitals have staff pages including like…janitors even. I just cant figure out translations enough to find an actual hospital.
None of his pictures have any rank or name tag, or awards so its likely that he is a civillian contractor.
Its possible any it work he mentioned befote could have been done on base. He has the posture and facial clench of both a military member and a huge fuckin piece of shit so, could go either way.
Semi tinfoil, semi half done research, semi armchair but fuck this guy so much.

No. 698217

I can help you translate whatever you need.

No. 698222

At this point I am trying to go with this jump off point.
The base is called Almacen de Retaguardia. On this base there absolutely will be one (possibly 2) hospitals and those hospitals will have a website.
On the website there will USUALLY be a staff page or staff search function.
Im wondering if his last name isnt schwarz or whatever that email is.
If we can get to the hospital website or close to it it may help.

No. 698224

i doubt it's schwarz because it means black or something in german so it's like black wolf, lame shit

No. 698226

Yeah, Ulfr means wolf too

No. 698227

I can't find hospitals or public links for this military base unless I'm being a retard. However if you found it I can translate the pages.

No. 698228

File: 1538031567069.jpg (31.42 KB, 425x425, tank thing.jpg)

is there some kind of military reserve or larp-y bullshit like ROTC in cuba?

No. 698229

Hospital Militar Carlos J. Finlay lines up with his location

No. 698230

Im not sure how helpful this part is but-
He is not wearing cuban military uniforms at all.
His uniform pics seem to be digi cami from the usmc which is really only like 5ish years old, but black boots of that material are generally worn by the us navy. As well as that stupid fucking hat. There was a short time the navy was wearing the digi cami a few years back, so his uniform, boots and pack in the hiking pic lead me to believe he may be in the us navy.

Why is this helpful? Cuz that mother fucker may not have to worry about cuban laws. You go overseas (even if you were local) as a dod memeber and you follow uncle sam.

Or he could be buying random bits of uniform from various fucking salvage places. (Wearing them as a civilian on a base would be hella looked down on if he wasnt dod though)

No. 698231

File: 1538032010229.jpg (32.86 KB, 425x425, friend.jpg)

him and some other guy

No. 698232

How did you guys get the first video he posted on beatforums? I'm trying to download it to search through stills but he might have removed it.
If anyone else has it can you post more face comparisons like >>698176

No. 698233

Anon please post links so they can be archived

No. 698234

IF he works or currently works with the military as an mri tech this is almost absolutely the hospital. It seems to be the only one outfitted with mri gear on base, the rest are like lil urgent care like places it appears.
It seems that on the hospital website they dont have access to staff pics which implys that most if not all people working there are active duty, verus civilian or contractor.
That sucks for us but also means he really probably is fucked when we figure him out.

No. 698235

File: 1538032409285.png (20.03 KB, 1641x138, help.png)

There's so many of these sick fucks where does this fucking end

No. 698236


so he used 'skuld' as his url thingy but ulfr as his screename thing


No. 698237


Kiwis have a PM group to discuss Woof.

Please remember to ARCHIVE EVERYTHING and include the archive links in your comments.

No. 698238

Translate anons- if there are any links to staff, personel etc on this site please link or let us know.

No. 698239

ive been trying to archive his backpacker profile for like an hour now. maybe you guys will have better luck.

No. 698240

>profile translation
"I seek to know"
basically someone with similar tastes to form a team of two and perform riding activities, camping, hiking, exploring, having a nice time, do fun things. others…

I" define myself as"
a german Shepherd dog = ^. ^ = Faithful, with disposition for work and spirit of struggle.
"I like"
activities, hiking, Dinujar, reading, camping, Videeojuegos, dogs, exploration, survival, rappel, weapons/military equipment, video games, and movies. forests, nature. Interesting things. Musica mainly Wardruna, others…

No. 698241

File: 1538032748435.jpg (8.36 KB, 430x237, DeerFace.jpg)

From the deer video.

No. 698243

didnt kiwis determine the deer guy was some guy from the US?

No. 698244

File: 1538032814751.jpeg (24.29 KB, 739x352, DnpXIwGXcAE54Ys.jpeg)


His tattoo.

No. 698247

That's someone else. Alot of the videos these guys posted are content they circulate, I've even seen some of the pictures they posted before on 4chan.
Kero was using that random photo to prove his innocence kek

No. 698251

Archive wasnt working for me either

No. 698253

File: 1538033112385.png (32.44 KB, 420x416, mri.PNG)

the mri bit from his devoted singles acct

No. 698254


Not to my knowledge. I have been reading the threads since they started.


I got it from KF and posted it here for the anons who want to compare his face to the known furries without watching the video.

No. 698256

So is he military, medical, or a tech/ IT guy in the military?

No. 698258

He probably maintains the medical equipment, like software/hardware/stock

No. 698259

watching this detective work play out in real time is crazy. you guys are doing god’s work.

No. 698264

File: 1538034879492.jpg (16.53 KB, 320x360, 1535404210839.jpg)

This thread certainly outdid Soren's on Horrorcow status. Holy shit.

No. 698265

I've given up on archiving since the site can't even archive it but I've downloaded the webpage and the files for safe keeping in case he deletes it.

No. 698268


In the logs Woof mentioned a power outage on the night of 05/30/2018 and a "big thunderstorm" on 07/30/18 at 18:05 EST.

No. 698269

sorens narrative and pedo fantasizing is literally nothing compared to this fuckery, i still dont want to believe any of this can be real either

i can't even believe people are this sick and allowed to breathe

No. 698273

No. 698277

File: 1538036750988.png (221.08 KB, 887x803, woof.png)


holy shit, guys, good job finding him.

No. 698282

File: 1538037126535.png (447.38 KB, 2048x1122, Screenshot_20180927-172941.png)

This part of his little bio thing has me fucking hollering. You can violently sexually assault animals all you want but pwease don't kill the poor little wolfies~

No. 698287

File: 1538037530246.png (157.85 KB, 1599x776, dgen.png)

The rest of the website is just as bad

No. 698289

someone with a stronger stomach than i (and knowledge of the archives) should register for beastforums.com and scrub thru his post history. i found a pic of his face but it's got a dog dick in it and i legitimately might go throw up now. jesus fucking christ these people are terrible.


No. 698290

I already registered. i'll do that rn

No. 698293

File: 1538038191714.png (68.45 KB, 1876x757, bwoof.png)

No. 698294

File: 1538038263264.png (85.17 KB, 1877x782, bw2.png)

No. 698296

File: 1538038463091.png (72.43 KB, 1067x818, bw3.png)

It just gets worse, note the changing number of dogs that he probably killed

No. 698297

File: 1538038488335.png (84.72 KB, 1858x796, bw4.png)

No. 698298

File: 1538038519757.png (114.09 KB, 1851x846, gw5.png)

No. 698299

File: 1538038530872.png (51.11 KB, 1154x709, gw7.png)

No. 698300

File: 1538038594281.gif (1.99 MB, 303x206, lkrwtf.gif)

how does this thought process work? how can you sit on minute going "dont hurt the animals" then turn around and go "oh man, stuff my dog full of dick today"

fuck i felt gross typing that, wtf?

good job anons seriously, find these fucks and take them down

No. 698301

File: 1538038729928.jpg (262.72 KB, 1473x437, fdsa.jpg)

yeah i noticed that too, jfc

No. 698302

there are a 100 more pages of his post history holy fuck

No. 698303

Censored or not this deserves a spoiler jfc

No. 698305

File: 1538039061487.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 3200x1200, Untitled-1.jpg)

yeah you're prolly right
i censored the dog dick better uhhh
sorry in advance

(this is woof/wolfss btw)

No. 698307

File: 1538039164876.png (139.94 KB, 1840x589, gg4.png)

No. 698310

thank you for the work you're doing anon, i just can't

No. 698311

Godspeed to all the hardworking anons who found info about these sick fucks, even the elusive woof. His real name will be out soon, I'm sure.

If he had nothing to lose, he wouldn't have been so paranoid. Can't wait for this pervert to be fired and ostracized by family, coworkers, friends and neighbours. Hopefully even his degenerate online buddies will avoid him now his info was leaked.

This also applies to the rest of these lowlifes, like Sephius Rivendare alias Patrick Pauger from Austria, Levi Dane Simmons aka SnakeThing from North Bend, OR and Joshua Hofffman, also known as Kero the Wolf.

No. 698314

File: 1538039828485.png (13.93 KB, 682x159, gg=g5.png)

His demeanor is different on this forum because they find themselves superior for being against cruelty lmao
Meaning they don't think it's moral to fuck puppies or reptiles and birds despite dog fucking being acceptable
Here woof mentions getting a new puppy

No. 698315

File: 1538039835876.jpg (408.51 KB, 1804x1393, www~01.jpg)

Woof's Rottweiler

No. 698316

File: 1538039864994.jpg (526.57 KB, 1847x2358, DSC07649~01.jpg)

Him and his German Shepherd

No. 698317

File: 1538039904770.jpg (410 KB, 1855x2415, IMG_20150802_072609~01.jpg)

These are from his G+ photos

No. 698318

The male root he HAD isn't mentioned a few posts later because he stops saying he has 4 dogs and then goes on to say 3 total, 2 sheps and 1 rot. What happened to the male?

No. 698319

File: 1538040138948.png (140.99 KB, 1144x758, gg6.png)

snake mention

No. 698322

File: 1538040221781.png (34.84 KB, 776x258, wolf.PNG)

he had or has a facebook profile and posted comments in these two facebook groups. i can't find them. anyone more tech savvy than me able to?

No. 698323

File: 1538040278536.png (217.98 KB, 1669x1054, gg7.png)

Anyone want to search this email?
This is the profile that woof thanked in his video post

No. 698324

File: 1538040365862.png (119.05 KB, 1268x414, gg8.png)

No. 698326

Been trying to look as well, I don't have access to a desktop and turning my browser into desktop mode isn't brining up a cache, but there's definitely one

No. 698328


So can someone tell me what is currently being done to get these people thrown in jail? Has anyone contacted authorities yet?

No. 698329

File: 1538041273520.png (22.64 KB, 1147x229, gg9.png)

His spelling

No. 698331

File: 1538041512384.png (11.5 KB, 842x161, gg10.png)

Seems like he just fanboys over germany since he wants to visit it so badly?

No. 698332

They're being reported >>697271

No. 698333

File: 1538041785159.png (109.59 KB, 923x427, ggbday.jpg.png)

We got a birthday on this guy

No. 698334

His birthday is 07/12/1988

No. 698349

Good work, anon. You're a stronger person than I.

Is there anything we can cross-reference him on with those posts and the messages in the archives? Like, the timing of the dogs going missing, for example

Man, I remember reading the word sadonecrobeastiality on a forum once years ago and thinking it was a joke… What a world.

No. 698350

Shit was it a dog he described as dismembering? It might be the Rottweiler if so.

No. 698359

File: 1538045527744.jpeg (100.33 KB, 750x499, FF9ACAC2-F0A3-448E-BA88-E4774D…)

could the close friend snakething is talking about here wolf?? he mentions having a hard video with a rottie..

No. 698364

he really does have the dead eyes/face of a serial killer. get this man to a place where he can never touch another dog or human being ever again.

No. 698374

Don't get too excited because we probably won't be able to do anything anyway

No. 698375

Woof shared a photo of him fisting a dog with rottweiler-like coloring (dog not fully visible, it's a closeup) with the caption "Finished the night with 4 fingers going in and out fast/hard lubed with hot chilly :p" so I'm pretty sure that picture is of his female rottweiler. >>698315
Then there's the one of the puppy's decapitated head being used to fellate a dog. What's visible of the alive dog's leg matches up to german shepard markings, so the dog involved in those photos is likely his male GC. Same for the photos of the removed genitals being used like a flesh light, I suspect his male GC is the live dog in those photos too. >>698316
I feel bad for all the dogs he's killed but I also feel really fucking bad for the dogs he owns. Hopefully they'll be taken away from
him when he's doxed but they're going to be permanently altered by this.

No. 698377

jesus christ I'm disgusted even by reading the descriptions

No. 698379

There is a military airport right next to the infamous ice cream shop: Aeropuerto Militar de Ciudad Libertad


>Small Air Force Base, Mostly used for training, limited tactical capability

No. 698385

>favorite books

No. 698386

File: 1538049467042.jpg (75.52 KB, 1080x522, 20180924_190236.jpg)

In the leaked logs, woof refers to himself as a fox, and in this forum he has a "SDFRedfox" signature. Maybe that's one of his older user names.

No. 698391

SDFRedFox is another user, I'm pretty sure he's nust quoting them

No. 698402

Are the other sleuthing groups simultaneously uncovering the same data on Woof?

>>698169 is capped from the Telegram group; they appear to have already known some of what anons found.

No. 698405

File: 1538051738128.jpg (233.2 KB, 1280x1024, woofwolf.jpg)

Not really much at the moment, the telegram group is slowly giving info due to some zoophiles coming forward. We might have his full name. Woof posted this screenshot of his emails in 2017.

No. 698412

File: 1538052755213.jpg (14.42 KB, 519x141, IMG_20180925_164259_038.jpg)

Other furries listed by SnakeThing as being into RLC.

No. 698413

File: 1538052788015.jpg (828.42 KB, 1080x1920, 20180925_164645.jpg)

No. 698425


Where did he post that? Is that cap from the Telegram group?

No. 698436

It was in one of the member's logs who was in the group chat that came forward.

No. 698440

File: 1538054956024.jpg (28.22 KB, 545x219, 1326793874.jpg)

Seems like woof may have been in trouble for his degeneracy before?


No. 698451

This guy is a serious retard for connecting all of this to one identity while being a fucking dog rapist. And thank God for that. If he'd taken basic precautions be would have been virtually untraceable.

No. 698503

No. 698521

this group he says he's a part of, it's going to be where he gets the dogs he kills.

No. 698529

File: 1538063760653.jpg (232.78 KB, 1280x1024, IMG_20180927_115404_826.jpg)

Another shot from his email with his full name
We got woof! Kinda.

No. 698533

Now all of this info should be sent to a Cuban media org.

No. 698542


How many of those downloaded image files are pervy?

No. 698547

mm if he really is from cuba, he might have just been living too far from a wifi hot spot though

No. 698550

I can't even read this thread. I started watching the video here >>696800 and it gets so graphic around halfway through that I can't finish it. This is fucking disgusting and I feel sick. I think the entire rest of my week has been ruined. Hope this fucker gets caught and punished for abusing innocent animals.

No. 698551

How the hell do you do this? All I did was grab an album off an open Facebook.

Was getting the ice cream place really the start? This is like HWNDU tier sleuthing, it’s wild. Thanks to all.

No. 698552

it's the internet and even better

it's an anonymous image board full of women teaming to the brim with vitriol for sick-fucks like this
Like this would be left alone, I'm surprised this hasnt reached /b yet and they found and swatted everyone apart of the group yet

every anon in here is doing God's work and you deserve medals for this

No. 698565

After watching you all do your thing, no doubs that the rest of them are going to be pieces of cake. The anons in this thread are awesome.

No. 698572

So what exactly is the data we have to link Ruben Pernas to woof?

As far as I can see, what we have is that woof mentions he used to have a username called and it's likely (but not ironclad) that this is the same warg/wolfss that posted on BeastForums with the porno that has the brief shot of his face in it and is linked to all the dox we've pulled.

Is there a way to definitively prove that THIS warg is THE warg? If we are to make sure 100% this isn't a faildox, we need to ensure that it's a logical necessity the two are the same.

No. 698578

he was giving a blowjob, to a dog.

Doesn't matter if he's part of the original group or not authorities and the public should be notified about this guy

No. 698587

Highly doubt snuff gore porn is a music genre. This guy's a freak.

No. 698588

well, the ulfr cubared account mentions liking 'snuff porn gore', but it was in the 'music' section. all of his backpacker dating, dating shit, all stuff including his face in it, is linked to the ulfr usernames/profiles. so again, the question is, was he admitting he's into snuff porn/gore and just put it in the wrong section of his likes, because that's a pretty fucking big indication that this is likely to be our guy, or is 'snuff porn gore' a genre of edgelord metal or something (again, i'm not googling)

No. 698591

heavy metal listener here.
Nope, not a genre of anything besides degenerate illegal porn, like that was hard to figure out

No. 698594

To be honest, I think we have a dox that is approaching reasonable doubt - if this were a Jury Trial, I think the evidence would compelling enough to get at least several jurors to say guilty.

But it's not a necessary logical connection. And that's what bothers me. Because I find that a less than necessary connection (even if everything seems very likely) can give room for refutation and even possibly oversight on our part.

If we just were to find a statement on one of Pernas' profiles stating that he's gone by or goes by Woof some place or a mention of some of his IDs by one of the zoosadist circle then I think we'd have something. The memorial page link is thus hot data for that very reason - but I think if we had something alongside that our case would be ironclad.

No. 698595

approaching being beyond reasonable doubt*

No. 698601

It's fairly easy to find somebody if they're not dedicated to being anonymous and you have enough time on your hands/a lot of people who have enough time on their hands. However, in this case it seems like the furries/dogfuckers who came forward really moved things along.
The fact that people in the zoo community leaked his full name and address makes this pretty cut-and-dry. They're not going to betray one of their own on a hunch, given that it might put them at risk.

No. 698606

so is there a woof thread pending approval or is discussion still limited to PM groups?

No. 698623

The beat forums are against gore and snuff so he wouldn't mention his tastes there.

No. 698625


I posted >>697274 the memorial page. I was surprised that KF had not posted it since the photos substantiate their dox. Finding Woof's comment there was an unexpected bonus.

I searched for the names of the other furries who left comments on the memorial page and looked at their fursona profiles. They do not appear to be associated with the zoosadist crew.

No. 698626

Something is happening in the furry community right now. Youtube is demonetizing animation memers who show furries in sexual and/or gore contexts. It already happened to Yeager and Seelmaru who are one of the biggest furry animation memers with 500.000 and 200.000 subs. Allegedly the reason is duplicate content but all of them swear that they don't use other contents. They assume it is probably because of sexual and gore content they upload sometimes. It's strange that this is happening right now and not earlier.

No. 698630

File: 1538072359008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 295.9 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180927-200608.jpg)

I am happy that Youtube is demonetizing these idiots who are pandering towards very young teens. How has this content ever been eligible for monetization at all??

No. 698632

what does this have to do with whats going on? Wasn't this thread about the Kero/Zoo shit going on and not just furries in general?

No. 698633

forgot my sage ** sorry

No. 698636

Kero did this same thing, most of these freaks are probably dog fuckers.

No. 698638

The ice cream shop he posted pics of is located in Cuba, the email screenshots, you can see incoming emails calling him Wolf, Ulfr, and there's one from BeastForum. Also you can see how wolfschwarz39 Gmail inbox open in another tab.

The Cuba Red, Amigae, Backpacker.Dating, and Agregame profile his name is Ulfr and he lists he's from Havana, Cuba.

On his Cuba Red, DeviantArt, and BeastForum profile he gives out his email address wolfschwarz39@gmail.com.

On his Cuba Red he also mentions using Telegram to discuss conversations.

Going off the schwarzweiler name, Sheppypaws on Fur Affinity follows a user with the same name, he lists Celtic Rock as his favorite music genre which can also be seen in his CubaRed, DeviantArt, Amegae, and another website under the Ulfir name.

Searching the name Wolf Schwarz gives you a LinkedIn profile for a dog trainer in Cuba, his Google plus account with photos of his German Shepherds and Rottweiler, and a deactivated Facebook profile that posted in a Furry Cuba group.

No. 698644

First these are furries too. Kero is well known in the furry animation meme community. He is even friends with some of them.

Second they get demonetized at the same time when the scandal with Kero happened. It is all connected and a consequence of his actions.

I just pointed out that something positive is happening and YouTube is taking action against this community which show furries in sexual and gore content.

No. 698650

Why are these sickos fucking dead animals even wild ones? Are they not afraid to get a disease or sick? Tf…smh…..

No. 698662

I'm so glad we could all come together simultaneously on 3 or 4 websites for over 2 days trying to find this Woof guy. He was the worst of the entire chat because of the grotesque descriptions and videos he posted doing the most disgusting things. The dismemberment and fire ants made my heart drop. He thought he would get away with it, but we proved him wrong. I really hope those animals he killed and raped get the justice they deserve.

No. 698663

i'm surprised more isn't happening. this has the potential to break the furry community. imagine being part of something for half your life, and then finding out a good number of them fuck dead dogs. and when the info comes out, everyone fucking denies it, and the only people helping to stop this shit are the haters who've been saying it all along. it's so fucked. please kill me with fire, i had nightmares about this all night.

woof's earliest posts on beastforum were actually asking if you could get diseases from fucking animals. past a certain point of desensitization, you probably stop caring, i guess.

No. 698665

That's all circumstantial evidence. Not a logical connection.

No. 698673

I'm also pretty sure that he posted the same photo of his female rott on beastforums that he sent to snakething. I can post comparison pictures later

No. 698677

That's not circumstantial at all

No. 698678

Guys im sorry but no, not every furry is a dog fucker
you have no idea how anti-sex some furries can be thanks to that literal stigma put over them
it's like saying everyone who watches anime is a pedo and into loli porn, thats a really stupid line of thought, no?

Either post proof that they are part of this circle of sick fucks or leave them be, just because they might be a popular furry doesnt mean they all fucked dogs with Kero

No. 698681

Furries are a big part of the problem. In what world is it normal to dress up as dogs and obsess over anthro drawings. 90% of these dog fuckers were active furries so just stop

No. 698682

All of it relies on an inference to connect it to a conclusion. We have two spheres here - a comprehensive set of dox on Pernas, and the content on Woof. All we have to connect the two are:

- The set of evidence that he is correctly located, has the motive, and has the equipment/knowledge to be Woof (Cuban, dogfucker, technical profession, Telegram user)
- That a reference to Warg in the woof logs points towards one of Pernas' alts

The former set are necessary conditions for Pernas to be woof, but in of themselves do not prove it. They only make it probable that he is woof.

The latter is the sufficient evidence, that which takes us out of the realms of probability and common sense and shows a direct connection between the two.

The former is circumstantial because it requires an intermediary inference. The latter is what we need, and i'm not sure it's ironclad.

No. 698683

kek imageboards are definitely not a place to defend furries, and you're pretty fucking bold advocating for them in this particular thread. I suggest stop before embarrassing yourself.

No. 698684

?? okay so again, if you're into anime you HAVE to be hardcore, draw and fap to lolis and pass that shit around with other people?

Furry is a sub-culture thats been around since the 60's and it wasnt based off dog fucking, it started from wearing animal costumes and comics, nothing else are you serious?

Not every furry is a dog-fucker, im sorry but it's true. There are sick fucks in every community and this is one group, not the entire community you autist, put the hate towards the people that are actually SHOWING they approve of this shit, not some edgy 20 something who draws gore for fun

Gore is more prevalent in anime anyway so I guess they all kill and fuck kids too right?

No. 698687

Ehh I didn't say all furries are dog fuckers. I just said that there is probably a connection between said drama and demonetization. Learn to read. I am >>698644 btw

No. 698689

Not defending, I just find that line of thought so fucking stupid

We have people that are shown to actually abuse animals and you want to lump thw whole of them together because… I HATE THEM GRR
autistic, very fucking autistic, js

No. 698690

Go back to kiwi if you're going to sit here and try defending furries you absolute retard. That goes for loli fags too.
You're on bath salts if you think that the proportion if dog fuckers and furries is anywhere close to the pedos in the anime community

No. 698701

Jesus fucking crhist go to the vent threads to say your opinions, this has nothing to do with these fuckers. From what I've seen 90% of female furries have shunned this group and are having none of it while 90% of male furries are defending this group and in denial about it.

No. 698727

Reading about this has disturbed me more than words can ever describe. I'm scared , how the heck can we know someone is a sadist who tortures animals? How can you avoid them, what if your future friend or boyfriend is one of those?

God. I want to kill myself.

No. 698731

not to derail, sorry, but i've been a furry for like, way too long… i just have a problem with everyone hushing bad shit like this up. cause oh no, it might make them look bad. and so all the evil shit behind the scenes grows unchecked.
and the number of people defending kero. why can't the furries find these people in their own community and do something about it? why's it gotta be us doing the dirty work, y'know. all those people that knew about this and didn't say anything. i don't want to be part of a group that has any percentage of dogfuckers. kill them all with fire.

anyways….. has there been any news on kero?

No. 698740

I read through this thread yesterday and couldn't bring myself to look at the evidence folder compiled earlier. From yesterday's start to now, you guys have done a smashing job investigating and finding anything y'all could. Fucking hell..

The same can be said for any subculture, but the issue here is that there's proof that a group -not just one- of furries has done this disgusting shit in recent time and there's an even larger number of them defending them and getting up in arms about it. A few bad apples won't ruin a bunch, but if you let it sit and ignore it, the entire bunch will get worse with the same problem.

Part of this may very well hit harder on the response videos many will be making to defend people like Kero. Depending on how big this story gets (or if it reaches the mainstream level), no one in the community should be making money off the slightest mention of the case.

No. 698748

if you really want to clear the name of the "furry community" do something with your community to catch these pieces of shit

No. 698752

File: 1538078835052.png (Spoiler Image, 202.84 KB, 1331x511, femrot.png)

If you see the closed wolfhome account you can see he referred to himself as ulfer there too. His female dog, I'm currently trying to see if there are photos he sent in his telegram logs.

No. 698754

File: 1538079017317.png (Spoiler Image, 143.15 KB, 992x292, deadrot.png)

In his history he also mentions his males failing health, I concluded died since he stopped mentioning it later and said he only had 3 dogs left. But on telegram he posted a photo of a dead rot and I can't help but wonder if it was HIS dog.

Don't click on the spoiler if you dont want to see(Dead animal)

No. 698755

File: 1538079049789.png (12.32 KB, 917x165, malerott.png)

No. 698758

File: 1538079498542.png (20.86 KB, 1380x163, ggdogtrainer.png)

dog training mentions

No. 698759

File: 1538079518342.png (20.89 KB, 1342x230, ggtrainer2.png)

again he specifies that it's not his actual job

No. 698761

File: 1538079543940.png (30.94 KB, 1428x253, gglocations.png)

Some locations he mentions in his wildlife posts

No. 698762

File: 1538079603842.png (5.71 KB, 572x92, woofwork.png)

Those forum messages are from 2015, in the telegram logs he alludes to some IT shit at work. August 6th 2018

No. 698771

His LinkedIn says he's a dog trainer at GsBC. Would GS stand for German Shepherd? Dunno what BC would be an acronym for.

No. 698772

I wouldn't worry, furries are almost always the types of degenerate who display this shit actively. That's part of what makes them so hate-able.

Also to the people defending furries comparing them with anime fans, a more apt comparison is DDGL. If you genuinely believe there are adult babies or furries out there who don't get sexual gratification from it, I'm jealous of your naivete but you're deluded. It's a sex thing. It's always a sex thing.

> A few bad apples won't ruin a bunch
Idk if you're esl or something but the idiom is both said and means the exact opposite of this anon. It's actually
>a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

No. 698780

It's pissing me off seeing furries defend their community in regards to this instead of, you know, being horrified at graphic animal rape, torture and killing. They should be the main ones enraged at the perpetrators for their actions, and for infiltrating their community and making them all look like psychopaths. They should be going hard to destroy these people and telling the world "No, this is not what we're about". Instead, they're ignoring them to debate non-furries with "nOt aLl fUrRiEs" BS. Some of them are even defending Kero and generally showing their asses.
They don't care about anyone but themselves, and they're happy to gloss over the most horrific acts like they're nothing.

Fuck you. Don't come here to argue and justify yourselves. If you are not as guilty as these people, instead of giving lip service, help everyone who's trying to take down these fuckers. Actually clear your names instead of insisting we turn a blind eye.

No. 698785

File: 1538082690547.jpg (65.46 KB, 450x800, SNUG BUNNY.jpg)

SnuggleBunny one of the members in the chat has been revealed to be the manager of The Flapper in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Callum Whyte. Note people in the chat have listed SnuggleBunny being into RLC, which means real life cub… In non furry terms that means children. A pedophile.

No. 698787

File: 1538082778035.jpg (67.61 KB, 754x960, 2eojSjI.jpg)

I remember that group name. Fuck man.

No. 698788

File: 1538082784388.png (421.54 KB, 1304x1363, screencapture-uk-linkedin-in-c…)

No. 698791

File: 1538082920349.png (23.75 KB, 790x251, retard.png)

How the fuck are people thinking this is still a hoax

No. 698792

Both, it's one of many groups mentioned in the logs

No. 698793

>tfw deleted my post asking if RLC refers to baby animals, humans or both to add a thank you to anons who are tracking down these wastes of human space
>tfw wasn't quick enough
Thanks, anon.

No. 698794

I'm a native English speaker but I'm not real great with idioms usually. What I mean was a few jackasses shouldn't ruin a hobby for harmless people as it already likely has, but turning a blind eye to it and slamming the "not all furries" button is only going to encourage more of the same deviant behavior that these same parts of the fandom will continue to defend.

No. 698796

File: 1538083386786.png (92.44 KB, 652x671, wtf.png)

Twitter is a shitshow

No. 698798

If he's serious, he should post his own dox.

No. 698799

File: 1538083682985.png (380.27 KB, 1440x1119, Screenshot_2018-09-27-16-27-05…)

Lmao oh my fucking god e-roleplaying? Boy shut the fuck up

No. 698801

This "public apology" and hullabaloo for…what?
Just an attention-seeking cunt spamming the tag.

No. 698813

I think this guy is being sarcastic. Making light of the situation by talking about e-rp'ing while tagging the kero situation

No. 698822

Any chance of spreading this to Phillip DeFranco, the normiesphere of Twitter or something else? The sooner these sick fucks are exposed to the wider sphere of media and the internet, the better.
If the police won't do shit, civilians and the court of public opinion certainly will.

No. 698834

I think this would be a good idea, we still need a few people in the chat revealed I think about 3, maybe wait until then in case they start deleting. I hope Mr Mekotur does a second video. But holy shit it Phil DeFranco did a report it would be big.

No. 698844

I bet Philip may already be keeping an eye on it, albeit not as closely as some of his more recent coverages. His Thursday video just went live so it may be next week before we find out if he's gonna cover it or not.

No. 698847

What about Keemstar? I know a lot of people hate him including me but he has a big audience and I would love to see the drama Keem always creates kek

No. 698849

File: 1538087108149.png (199.13 KB, 1440x929, Screenshot_2018-09-27-17-15-37…)

Anyone know who they're talking about? I might've missed it.

No. 698865

Oh my fucking god. That gave me chills.
His rapidly fluctuating number of dogs is so scary too.

No. 698872

Who is this guy?

No. 698878

some twitter rando in the kero hashtag

No. 698882

that isn't his dog but some random material from deep web (soz i am not on the top of all those sites but check kiwi thread if you want the details) that he particularly enjoyed

No. 698892


The furry fandom is on a slippery slope since decades. It did started rather innocently until the sickos got progressively into it. Some in the fandom did tried to stop the degeneracy but without success (the so called "burned furs"; there is a video that explains it very well on youtube, called "Furries | Down the Rabbit Hole").

I hope this horror will be the wake-up call for the furries, and all fandoms actually. IMO there is a huge problem with the "accept anybody" culture in the fandoms, the way misfits are going to bound with and defend other misfits, whatever they do (= communitarianism). A lot of shit can go under warps and people not having enough step back, not getting that this is very real…

No. 698893

You sure? He also posted a photo of his female rott too?

No. 698898

It's someone from this massive list of confirmed zoophiles:
It'll take digging.

No. 698918

File: 1538090755319.png (12.12 KB, 616x112, adum.png)


Huh, look who's in the comments of that video.

No. 698922

i was up all night looking thru woof's shit and screencapping it, ok, i did not sleep well anon. i agree tho, anyone defending them and not helping to expose these sick fucks is literally enabling it to keep happening. honestly, a lot of furries look at the fandom really naively, like oh, cute animals, meanwhile it's being used by creeps as a front for fucking zoophilia. it's like a downward spiral of degeneracy. i know people that got vore fetishes just from being around the fandom too long.

it's always been like this, hahah. i feel you on the second point tho

repzilla announced he's doing a video on it, if anyone cares about him

No. 698934

here's the exact quote from kiwi, it is at the start of the spoiler summarising woof's archives
"Page 1
- Pictures from Tor that Woof had downloaded showing a tied up rottweiler with buttons sewn over its eyes he was fond of."
the dude seems to really "like" rottweilers

No. 698942

jesus. i'm still wondering tho, can we match up any dates of woof's messages with the posts he made in beastforum, like how they did with kero? i knowww its him but that would be some real proof.

No. 698943

His beastforum posts only go up to 2015

No. 698960

File: 1538093785379.png (40.44 KB, 1457x325, killmeandmakeitswiftplease.png)

eh? i see them going from 2009-2018.

No. 698979


I wish all of these shits to get raped by a sick dog or monkey and just die.

No. 698984

Hard agree. If anyone "deserves" rape, it's these people. Preferably with knives.

No. 699064

Notice the furries arguments are always "not all furries" instead of "THERE SHOULD BE NONE"
There should be NO FURRIES like this in the first place. What the fuck? They're not helping their case at all! How could people that dress up like animals, not care about animals? I THINK it's time to burn the fursuit and find another hobby. Jesus Christ. What selfish assholes, defending THIS for one stupid hobby where you dress up has to mean that they're in it for the sexual animal stuff too.

No. 699117


>Hi :3 me (28) and my friend (18) are looking for 1 or 2 girls w/ an open mind for sharing our taste, hobbys, and "high level" stuff.

>[…] I think it's funny hoe some people claim to be open minded but end up being like lil pups compared to me :3

looking for 1 or 2 girls w/ an open mind for sharing our taste, hobbys, and "high level" stuff.

>[…] I define having an open mind like nor caring the kind of thing you see or heard, you can just say: "that's awesome!", "that's so cool", "i don't know if i could do it, i'd have to try it first", "not my kinda thing but to each their own" Instead of saying "you are a deranged freak" or "yikes", like most people say.

>[…] It's simple, people just forget you can have your own society w/ your own rules, while living in the normal everyday society like everyone else. You just don't allow external society's laws and rules to impact into your own small society. You can make a society w/ 1 or more people. Some people call that a "group" or a "clan". I prefer to call it a herd.

No. 699119


same fag, i saw someone elses translation but i tried to show exactly why i think this proves 100% not doubts that the doxx is right and this is woof. specially the "just like puppies compared to me" part.

he also mentions knowing "open minded" people just that they are not from cuba.

No. 699189

Anon, they would enjoy that too much. Let's just flay them alive.

No. 699286

I'm glad this dude is into really violent breeds, hopefully one of them snaps and turns his dick into ground beef.

No. 699299

File: 1538128287687.png (Spoiler Image, 227.17 KB, 800x1065, Screenshot_2018-09-28-02-46-00…)


I had been glued to the KF threads since they began and was this close to joining to post what I had found when I saw that this thread had just been posted. Thanks, OP.


And with 100% less sperging about fire ants and foliage.


A couple of transmissible bacterial and parasitic infections were named on KF. But the dogs could contract bacterial infections from their abusers. And the dogs could be a mode of transmission of human STIs between abusers if they are shared.

Case in point [pic related]. I looked up tundra2055 with whom Woof was exchanging files in >>698405.

These freaks are literally raw dogging.


But for him to find pleasure in seeing that done to a dog of the same breed as his own…

>tfw Coraline is ruined by these aberrant perverts.


Any leads on whether he was indeed alluding to having gotten caught? Was there a period during which he had no online presence?

No. 699300

File: 1538128701170.png (57.13 KB, 380x420, Screenshot_2018-09-28-02-55-38…)

No. 699319

so basically what the furries want us to believe:
>not all furries are dog fuckers

but what I'm getting out of this:
>all dog fuckers are furries

I knew furries were degenerates, but jesus. they need to be euthenized.

No. 699324

deleted, but the archive version still works, thankfully

No. 699331

I looked up Woof's address from the money order screenshot and it looks like he lives 2 or 3 blocks away from a primary school. I hope there's regulations law enforcement could do to keep him far far away from children.

No. 699334


The second dog only lived six years…

No. 699382

people tell me the whole "eye for an eye" shit. i don't care. i feel like vomiting. i wish every person who so horrendously and cruelly abused these animals had the same thing done to them. i wish they would get raped with horrible insertions until they bled while being restrained and screaming for it to stop. simply killing them would be too much mercy.

No. 699402

It’s been nearly a week since discovering all of this and I’m still so monumentally fucked up over it. I can’t even find the right words. It just hurts. It hurts so much to know even if wolf and the others get taken out, people like this exist all over the world and there’s nothing that can be done. In the back of your mind you always think “oh yeah isis beheadings, sex slaves, sucks living in a third world country :p”, but no. Nothing is ever sacred. These husks of human beings are everywhere, near you, near me. These animals’ suffering. If there is a god, please get me off this ride already.

No. 699419

I read this whole thread late last night and I’m still not sure it’s registering with me.
That furry that did that interview with Shane Dawson is a real life dog fucker?
Didn’t he say in his interview it wasn’t at all a sexual thing and it was just what made him feel comfortable/like himself?
Dude, most furries say it isn’t a sexual thing. I wonder how many of them lie and are doing this horrendous stuff behind the scenes.

No. 699446

They’re all lying. Getting off to anthromorphic drawings of dogs or whatever with snouts and literal dog dicks doesn’t DIFINITIVELY mean you rape your dog every other day l, but it sure as hell is a red flag. I’ve never seen a furry that doesn’t retweet lewd or even sexually suggestive 2d shit either. The only ones safe in all of this are autistic little kids that see furry shit and think “omg cute costume this looks fun!!”. Bottom line, never trust a furry that only has furry friends, is gay, and fucks in his costume like Kero. All the evidence points to kero being a zoophile and raping his pets, not so much as sadistic as say woof or the others but still ducking horrible

No. 699448

What the fuck.

No. 699457

>I hope this horror will be the wake-up call for the furries, and all fandoms actually. IMO there is a huge problem with the "accept anybody" culture in the fandoms, the way misfits are going to bound with and defend other misfits, whatever they do (= communitarianism). A lot of shit can go under warps and people not having enough step back, not getting that this is very real…

This. While people are having petty fights over if a 25yo/18yo fantasy ship is pedophilia, this kind of shit is allowed to happen DAILY. It's not just limited to the furry fandom, actual fucking child grooming, abuse and other horrific things are going down in many other communities because everyone is allowed in. Gatekeeping needs to come back.

Yep. Furries have always been like this. And it's definitely not the first time stuff like this has blown up in their community. Ever since the olden times of early 2000's they've been screaming "not all furries" and sweeping all the sick animal rapists under the rug. You motherfuckers are hated because so many of you are involved in some messed up stuff and you refuse to acknowledge it.

No. 699486

Anyone thought about contacting Mumkey Jones to do a video on this degenerate shit?

No. 699500

>watching mumkey jones
You have to be 18+ to post here, kid. Fuck off.

No. 699504

This reminds me of that dude who died from internal bleeding after his colon got torn by a horse cock. Karma usually comes for people like that, I hope they all fucking die.

No. 699522

shit like this is exactly why i've never wanted to participate in the furry fandom. i think fursuits/fursonas are adorable but the way furries protect rapists/abusers/pedophiles is disgusting and i don't want to find out that someone i thought was "one of the good ones" is into despicable shit like this.

i know that can happen in any fandom/group, but it really does feel like it's so much more prevalent in the furry fandom.

No. 699546

Furries started because of anthropomorphic sexy comic strips and cons started with people in fetish gear showing up. It's literally always been this disgusting.

No. 699595

File: 1538164495236.jpg (399.97 KB, 1080x1958, IMG_20180928_201932.jpg)

Woof supposedly sent someone in the Zoophilia Evidence telegram a message

No. 699597

File: 1538164563234.jpg (383.93 KB, 1080x1635, IMG_20180928_201945.jpg)

Motherfucker just doesn't wanna get locked up lmao

No. 699602


Awww, the poow thwing! He wegwets it naoo!

Don't lock him up, fuck him with a stick covered in fire ants.

No. 699613

Is he really trying to play the “I’ve changed” card when there are actual videos of him raping and brutally torturing the dogs he was supposed to be rescuing?

Yeah guys let’s celebrate, in exactly 3 days we made this guy change his whole outlook and attitude about life and living creatures! He surely won’t torture and abuse to sasiate his vile fetish again… I mean he only did it on video like 5 times!

Lock this guy up before he goes from animals to minors.

No. 699628

Murders and rapes multiple dogs, but suddenly apologizes when people find out his name and location.

Nah, get fucked.

No. 699630

oh so you did only 2 things wrong and you did them for the sake of others? bullshit, the things woof said and the vids and images he posted are the worst out of the bunch. the only one close to woofs level of degeneracy is snakething, i want to see them both doxxed, ostracised and imprisonned. then raped because even criminals like doggos.

No. 699633

>I only raped and totured those animals for other people's enjoyment!
Get fucked you disgusting asshole

No. 699648

Nope, people who harm animals can never be redeemed. Lock him up.

No. 699701

File: 1538169912322.png (207.79 KB, 1440x867, Screenshot_2018-09-28-16-24-13…)

some shit is going down. Hopefully this is good

No. 699730

I've contacted someone from a well known extremist animal rights group. She says if I send her over a brief list of information (names, addresses, usernames, detailing some crimes) she will get the word spreading amongst underground animal rights groups. I cannot bring myself to go through this information for my own mental health. Would one of you mind doing that for me? In exchange I will continue contacting underground groups about this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 699739

Maybe send the Kiwi farms threads? The Animal Control subforum has them tagged under 'Zoosadism', and they also have an archive of images and chatlogs hosted on their website (no download).

No. 699745

Currently the more organized list is the zoosadist tag on KF since all the OPs have a summary with the degeneracy and doxes. I know mods hate when we KF shill, but this is a bit more urgent. I'll post archive links in a bit so the website won't get clicks.

No. 699747

The person said they can't open either threads for their mental safety either, but I will go into the KF thread and put something together from there. Thanks

No. 699751

No. Read the rules.

No. 699752

Any NSFW photos are hidden under spoilers

Kero http://archive.is/md4al
Pakyto Dingo http://archive.is/8Sciy
Emberwolf http://archive.is/sciHV
SnakeThing http://archive.is/szbgH
Glowfox http://archive.is/K9WDR
AshleyZoeFox http://archive.is/4ezUH

No. 699755

Is there a thread on "Woof" ?

No. 699764

>one of them is an awesome trans gal

No. 699766

Not yet, Woof is trying to bargain with the telegram group

No. 699792


No. 699817

Dude, this is not about calling someone's mum about them spreading their ass on cam. These are people who are killing and raping animals on the reg aka actual crimes.

No. 699823

Also these people could cause something extremely significant to happen with this case.

No. 699833

if you still thought there was a god up until this thread you must have lived a very nice and cushy life.

No. 699836

i… don't care? begging everyone to gather info for you to email to deepweb vegans is cringey as fuck and it's not going to help anything. that anon can fuck directly off.

No. 699838

if you don't think this man deserves irl harassment at the very least (let alone prison time) you're a piece of shit

No. 699840

I'm currently speaking thru another party to Woof. He is currently offline so time is of the essence at this time to come to a decision.

He wants to trade access to a darkweb network in exchange that no one bring any of his info to officials or anyone that could recognize him irl.

We have 2 options.
Take the access which could possibly lead us to exposing more sadists, possibly creators.

Or finally drop the doxx on Kiwi and wherever else is relevant. Someone spoke of taking it to the Embassy. Regardless, I personally think his info needs to be spread everywhere but need more input into this before giving him and answer.

No. 699842

innocent animals are being hurt so being cringey is theast of deepweb vegans anon's concerns. if you don't care about these sick fucks getting consequences go visit another thread

No. 699843

i mean ideally get the info from him and then doxx him anyway

No. 699850

Fuck you. Seriously fuck you.
1) Deepweb vegans getting in on this is only going to help matters. Why the fuck would you actively prevent more groups getting involved?
2) These are no "deepweb vegans" and its a group that is regularly serving jail time for what they do. Fuck you.

No. 699852


Who is this "we" you speak of?

His dox have been online for nearly 48 hours and likely disseminated to people many degrees from this site, KF, and the other investigative groups. He must be truly panicked to delusionally think he can scrub the internet of the evidence and be able bargain a deal with you by which everyone will be obligated to abide.

Also, depending on the jurisdiction, anyone who makes such a deal with him and helps him conceal his crimes could be criminally charged as an accessory.

No. 699853

I say it's better to work with what we have; you don't know what will this "access to a darkweb network" bring, maybe a pile of nothing. This isn't a worthy trade, we have more than enough on this fuck, he has to pay, period.

I hope he's shitting himself right now.

Now that I'm reading your post, you are right. This kinda sounds like playing detectives. Whatever group anon means, you're not the only one who's involved. His info is here. Man is doxxed. There's no it taking back. If your group won't do something with it, someone else will. And I genuinely wish good luck to everyone willing to bring him down

No. 699856

We should be getting any info possible from him, regardless. He's panicked rn and we need to capitalize on it.

No. 699857

I hope and pray this piece of shit is sent to prison, where he WILL be mercilessly raped and tortured and have no help or hope.

No. 699865


This thread is so fucking rage inducing. How the hell do people end up like this? Shit like this makes me never want to let my future children have access to the internet.

No. 699869


This group has now been made private due to sensitive information being leaked and coming to light. We believe SnakeThing/Nelizar did make contact today in an attempt to not only see what we had but to defend Kero and Tane.

No. 699874

Forgot to clarify, to my current knowledge….I don't believe Woof knows about his info being everywhere. From what he has passed on from sources, I believe he still thinks he is hidden or we are still far behind him.

We got them running scared, boys.

No. 699875

Is this the only place? The 95% of people who come here are women so of course woof wouldn't know about this site

No. 699876

Drop the dox, at least. KF is missing a thread on him

Remember.. this is the man who found a pitbull, removed the nipples, focibly put some inside its anus and vagina, fed some to her, raped her, decapitated the dog and shoved its chopped tail up its vagina after.

…God… i feel sick just writing that. I need a shower. SnakeThing is already being investigated by the authorities and fbi so theres hope

No. 699879

Dox is here >>698529

No. 699882

Do the 2nd and get authorities/whoever involved as best as possible. Considering how much he's already crying about it, he may try to make some kind of deal and implicate himself and others further.
This guy deserves every bit that's coming to him.

Also no shit fucked up things happen on the darkweb. It's still fucked of course but I feel like authorities won't be as interested.

If the network was pedophilic (like legit CP or worse) in nature then I would feel differently.

holy fuck. why is this the first time ive heard of that in this thread? i have no words

No. 699883

Nothing to add but i agree with >>699843 there shouldn't be no shame on fucking him over after having the info, if he's such a fool thinking he's still unknown then he must still be getting his info from kw so I guess that still leaves a room of time

No. 699886


Content has been shared between LC and KF, but LC hasn't been named on any of their zoosadist threads. But this thread is undoubtedly being watched by his friends.

And why would his contact be posting his offer here if Woof was not aware of this site?


What is he implying is on this darkweb network?

Ultimately "we" are not law enforcement, prosecutors, or judges.

And >>699840 could be a ruse or a troll.

No. 699889

holy shit FUCK this guy
We can't dox people we find on the dark web. The point of it is that it's untraceable. The people there actually know how to hide their identities. This is a fucking trick.

put his dox on KF and get it over with

No. 699890

>What is he implying is on this darkweb network?
Yeah I agree it is probably a troll now that I've given it some more consideration and the fact that all that post says is "access to a darkweb network" lol. Yeah, no thanks.

Agreed. Doxx

No. 699901

Don't post shit on kiwi or lead then here. They already did alot if dumb shit in their thread and drew too much attention to themselves.>>699840
Just get the info out of him.

No. 699902

You forgot option 3: Fuck him over. Like who cares, he's already doxxed, no one's going to scrub his info from here. Hand whatever darkweb info he gives you over to the officials.

No. 699904

That's what I'm saying but he's most likely watching this thread.

Also if Cuban officials get him we can see if they'll extradite to US and get the info out of him anyways

No. 699907

I posted the screenshot but I'm not in contact with him, someone forwarded the message to the Zoosadist Investigation chat. I posted it here because it's relevant. He only knows of KF since the ice cream shop was posted there giving away he's in Cuba.

No. 699910

OP here, I had a feeling not putting direct names in the subject would prove useful.
Is the group public or private atm?

No. 699914

It's private right now since the person is still trying to get Woof to make a video and give over evidence to prove its him

No. 699964


>extradite him to the US

On what charges?

No. 699970

He and many others that have been discovered have posted about their antics on regular, publicly available forums. I really doubt that there's some ~super secret dark web group~ that would provide any more info than what those already have. If you're really looking for intel it'd be better to try contacting people who were in the chats etc. Some of them have already squealed anyway.

No. 699977

Currently most of all we have is a user who created the Zoosadist evidence logs who will give out new info by request. I'm not sure why they don't just give it all out like the telegram logs.
Even with that, there's some older logs not archived.

No. 699980

This has all been a nauseating hellhole. And I don't mean to derail, however, in falling down this path I've discovered that there are even tumblr blogs dedicated to blacklisting furries (i.e., pedos, zoos, alt-right, terfs, etc).

Seeing how this also involves animal abuse, does anyone know about this group in particular?:

No. 699994

Can you summarise what's in he post before leading us to click on it please?

Sidebar a-log: all furries should consider necking themselves. Even the 'not all furries!" furries.

No. 700001


Sorry. Quite new.

Basically linking out to a call-out blog. Post has screenshots of a RL Vore group. Claim is that members are known to/thought to feed live puppies/kittens to predators (e.g., snakes).

No. 700003

lmao there are secret "dark web" group, they actually mention SEVERAL, some groups that also run websites via onion links

No. 700040

Do not negotiate with criminals. Rule #1. He'll choke eventually. Report him.

No. 700056

This. And why would we want to negotiate with him knowing what he's done and encouraged and described?
Dude deserves the slow and painful.

No. 700092

Any news from the chat/investigation, lads?

No. 700131

There might be CP involved, also Kero is a retard

No. 700133

Kero is trying to prove his innocence in an interview with another zoosadist
>The logs are fake, but they're real, but I didn't say those bad things

No. 700150

Those degenerates just seem to share pics off the clearweb and vids from liveleak, not their own content. Not that important to doxx since they don’t seem to be doing the stuff and producing anything. At least, they haven’t posted any of their oc (if there is any). Still messed up but as far as The screenshots show, they’re not creators.

No. 700212

>we can see if they'll extradite to US
Hate to be a downer but that is for sure not going to happen.

No. 700259

Agreed. What do these sick fucks think? That someone is suddenly going to be "oh so moral" with them when they themselves behave like utterly depraved pieces of shit? They can drink bleach.

No. 700317


No. 700318

Agree. I would love one of those body language analyst youtubers to give this a look over. To me it SCREAMS that he is lying.

No. 700321

More furfags defending him. This person claims they talked to Kero and Kero owned up to the logs being real- however, this youtuber goes on to defend him saying that he isn’t as bad as other zoosadists because he didn’t share videos of him fucking his dog.

He did openly admit in those logs though that he enjoyed watching a puppy being raped to death so what the fuck

No. 700326

how is any furfag even entertaining the idea of defending this guy.
why aren't they reveling in the chance to boot him out and make furries seem like NOT dogfuckers? Are they all dogfuckers?!

No. 700330

the answer is yes. all furries, especially all male furries, are in it for the fetish. even if they literally don't rape dogs, i highly suspect they fight the urge not to. just neck them all. furries are not sweet or wholesome or cute, nor do they love animals, especially dogs, and they should not be able to own any pets. this is what the furry community is made of.

No. 700350


lel isn't that the same youtuber who did the video "in defense of pedophiles"

what a surprise…..


Yeah I also facepalmed when I read the comments on Kero's interview (posted above).

In a way it's not such a bad thing. As when the police will seriously get their hands on the case and the ring will go down, all these furfags and their reputation will be dragged down as well!

No. 700362

I mean Kero literally said he's into "artwork" of it in the video posted above. Sooo….?? He is such a liar.

No. 700422

Let Kero keep denying he has never had sexual contact with an animal.

We will have a reply to follow.

No. 700428

This post is making me feel better.
I'm so angry, and so ready for him to get exposed again.
Animal abusing pieces of shit need to suffer.

No. 700438

File: 1538254790246.jpeg (109.83 KB, 750x489, wehavevideo.jpeg)

you're not gonna grace us with the same images you posted on kf? post on kiwi said both images have something hidden. cant figure out the second one

No. 700439

File: 1538254815792.jpeg (346.68 KB, 750x1112, mmm.jpeg)

2nd pic

No. 700442

oh wait first letter of each sentence spells kero raped oda. is that his dogs name?

No. 700445

Oh, god.

No. 700449

>Kero Raped Koda
#IStandWithKoda that poor fucking dog

No. 700457

enough playing coy, you have a video? release it! the mind games and detective play you're doing is unnecessary, kero's already lost

No. 700465


Discussing now on releasing the censored screencap from the video of Koda’s face.

No. 700467

Did he seriously pull a "it was just locker room talk!" about raping dogs?

No. 700469

he is the dumbest person alive. usual "locker talk" is about fucking and raping women right? and the people who engage in this locker talk discuss this (because they are gross men who enjoy the thought of feeling powerful over a woman but also) because they are attracted to women and have sexual thoughts about women!!
like it doesn't make anything better that it was "locker talk" you dumbass furfag

No. 700472

That'll just lead to people trying their hardest to prove it's not Koda and spread confusion, and then set a precedent of "#NotTheSameDog". In that time, Kero will have deleted everything and/or come up with another BS cover story. He has the chance to come out with the truth, but he has shown time and time again that he wants to lie. Don't give him a fair warning of what you have, just fucking blindside him.
Better to release the whole thing in one fell swoop, but also disseminate the screenshot publicly as a "preview" for those who will (inevitably) be too scared to watch it themselves.

No. 700474

File: 1538256641443.png (311.32 KB, 665x370, keroclinton.png)

No. 700517

I mean all furries are either sick fucks who support Kero because they do the same/fantasize about the same or are autistic fucks who think he is innocent because uwu

No. 700528

File: 1538261113729.jpg (11.71 KB, 500x181, DoS8wwoVsAAJP-g.jpg)

click through to see defining features of Koda in the video Kero shared of him. Censored, of course.

No. 700535

This guys also sounds autistic. What's with all the mystery bullshit? If you have evidence, stop teasing and fucking leak it. God, these furries can't stop roleplaying even when it comes to shit like this.

No. 700548

File: 1538262907289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.33 KB, 1280x721, photo_2018-09-29_14-36-53.jpg)


The video is graphic and will not be leaked onto Twitter as that would be against their rules. Will drop a censored image.

The video, as well as a possible other (mentioned in the chat logs), will be forwarded to the officers working with this investigation.

No. 700553

You can leak it to KiwiFarms and allow it to be added to the existing archive.
This video is the smoking gun.

No. 700565

i'm only halfway through but it's good and quite thorough

No. 700569


Contacted Null about leaking it. ;)

No. 700570

File: 1538264237333.jpg (32.8 KB, 1280x369, photo_2018-09-29_15-16-22.jpg)


There's another.

No. 700571

this is so fucked up. i cant even imagine it feels good, like dogs have big sharp teeth??? and that poor dog. rip koda you didnt deserve this

No. 700592

good work.

see, he just didn't personally like gore, I guess it doesn't make his dick hard. he was all for the rest.

No. 700604

Does anyone know why Null banned all mentions of Woof?

No. 700611

[Temporarily redacted]

No. 700624

File: 1538269486891.jpg (59.65 KB, 480x619, wow.JPG)

Kero posted on twitter he was taking a break for his mental health.. and this is the kind of people that defend him. Yikes.

No. 700625

File: 1538269588302.jpg (18.94 KB, 292x326, b57.jpg)

What a fucking dumbass

No. 700630


The Kiwi claiming to be GrizzlyFatalis has already contacted Null.

And Kiwis were already aware of that Twitter account.


The sperging and new fagging was out of control, and he may have wanted the digging to take place in PMs so as not to tip off the biggest fish.


How can he not be aware of this thread? Enough furries are aware of LC. And, ya know, Google results.

No. 700638

Ahh but woof is a fucking retard and thinks he knows how to hide his identity, except for the fact all his usernames are the same and a variation of black wolf

No. 700649

[Temporarily redacted]

No. 700651

I’m confused, why hasn’t anyone posted the dox on KF? I always thought there was lots of overlap between this site and Kiwi. Or are the posts just being auto removed?

Not that I want woof to be aware that people already know who he is. It’s def better this way, I’m just surprised no one leaked it on Kiwi?

No. 700660


>begging video

What video?


They've taken the digging to PM.

No. 700662

File: 1538272979789.png (308.74 KB, 1096x643, CoreyTWC.png)

CoreyTWC has posted a confession.

No. 700666

"furries and drama go hand in hand"
torturing and raping puppies is not drama its utter depravity

No. 700674

what was dude's role in this? did he go by a different name? i need to make a chart with all these furfags and their respective depravities… i simply can't keep up.

No. 700679

[Temporarily redacted.]

No. 700683

I think he's covered in the recent pages of the main KF thread for now, he hasn't got one of his own (yet)

No. 700684

fingers crossed for you all. good work, and we're waiting to see what comes of this.

No. 700685



No. 700689

[Temporarily redacted]

No. 700696

No. 700701

wow. amazing

No. 700702

And people still want to pretend this shit aint real?

No. 700705

tl;dr :
poor me, they deceived me and made me do things i would have never done by myself, blablabla not my fault blablabla they used me, blablabla

No. 700706

Fuck yeah!
SnakeThing should probably be reported to the authorities as well, if that's possible.
Is there any way we can help?

No. 700708

Great job to everyone involved in taking these sick fucks down. Delete all you want, cry all you want. You did some seriously fucked up shit, you know you did, now you're caught and everyone knows. I don't feel the least bit sorry for any humans involved.

And… btw, what therapist keeps quiet about this shit? I thought you were supposed report crimes like this? I'm thinking the therapist story is fake. Nice try though. No sympathy.

No. 700709


Kek anon! This was the first thing I thought of as well when saying that piss poor interview.


Really good video. Unfortunately it's such a small channel, I hope it gets traction.

No. 700711

excellent, anon. keep it up.

No. 700714


CoreyTWC is not EliteKnight.

No. 700718

Levi/snakething was reported days ago while the focus was on Kero, afaik. See https://archive.fo/inTY2 and https://archive.fo/eTk8n. I just hope it was done well enough.

No. 700735

Was just in contact with police about Kero as well as SnakeThing.

they had no idea the 2 were connected. Compiling everything new now…..as well as the video….to send to the leading officer. He has assured me that they DO want justice and are taking this VERY seriously.

Including all info on SnakeThing, not just his involvement with Kero and the officer will be making calls to the North Bend police department to follow up on what they have.

No. 700736

beautiful, anon. i think people have too much faith in the competency of alphabet soup agencies or the police, etc, so giving them everything, basically just doing the work for them, and helping to connect the dots needs to be done imo. hopefully they're not BSing about wanting justice.

No. 700740

Incredible. Thank you anon.

No. 700742


It's been a wild ride but good job anons

No. 700764


Follow up: We will be releasing the 1 video we have of Koda once I send the email to the officer.

It's Kero filming the dog right after stimulating it. There is another video I'm currently trying to get a hold of that was spoken about in the logs from the one who has it. It might not be released to the public tho if getting it means it goes straight to the police. Just a heads up.

No. 700769

Damn did his mom reply?
I feel so bad for her but she deserves to know! Can't imagine what she must feel. Jesus Christ.

No. 700795

File: 1538294755117.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.65 KB, 1280x720, KodaVideo-Location of Joshua's…)

Left: Kero giving tour of his garage.
Right: Screengrab of Koda in garage from the video.

>Checkmate, motherfucker.

No. 700796

I believe you and all but you should already know a bunch of people are going to point out that the wall looks very different in those two pics. Could be lighting but yeah.

No. 700798

Let 'em.
Not my problem or anyone else who knows he's guilty.

No. 700799

So basically "not really my fault, they forced me" is all that I read. The typical "that's not who I am". Wow, this is worse than beauty guru apologies on YouTube.

No. 700805

Thing is the people who know he's guilty already know that.
This evidence - at least as presented - is somewhat contradictory. The paneling is the same type, but the colors are different (wood brown vs green and white).
I'm sure that a full video is a lot more conclusive than this, but I figured it's worth thinking about before this evidence is used to convince anyone whose head is buried in the sand despite the mountains of evidence that are less self-contradictory (at least at face value).

No. 700816

I really fucking wonder what he told his therapist. "Yeah, I'm involved with this group of people who get off of raping and torturing animals and I got caught and now I'm so upset :("

>I acted out of lust

lust for WHAT? Do these people not realise that wanting to have sex with animals and being aroused by animals is a fucking problem?

No. 700822

You guys are doing God's work.

No. 700833

File: 1538300958118.jpg (28.84 KB, 928x640, 52S1CBy.jpg)

A better pic of the wall apparently from the basement tour

No. 700834

Oops garage* tour

No. 700836

Whoever says there is no sufficent evidence is clearly delusional from the star. Whoever defends this animal-fucker probably been trying to find any chance to defend him.
That paneling matching is no consequence.

Jesus Christ that poor animal.
Fucking sick piss bitch.
I am so disgusted. What a sick fuck.

No. 700850

ZSIS (zoosadist investigation squad) brings some unfortunate news…..
The other video is sadly not able to be obtained. It's crushing.
However, the police are in possession of this new evidence as well as the video from the screencaps.

We decided it will not be released.
Koda has been violated enough.

No. 700852

[Temporarily redacted]

No. 700855

As long as it’s in the hands of the authorities, it’s good. There is nothing of value to be gained from seeing this shit and having it possibly be passed around to the hands of other degenerates to become more fap material. Having it directly sent to the authorities is the best outcome.

No. 700863

can you spoiler this stuff even when it's censored please.

No. 700867

she already knew about his interest in cp so she's probably put her head right back in the sand and decided the nephews can't come over for a week or two. seriously, don't expect anything from her.

No. 700875

Top stuff, anon. Thanks for your work.

It belongs with the police, not here on a public image board. Maybe the KF archive will need it for something, but best not ot public post it bc creeps will collect it.

No. 700879

I'm wondering this also.

Releasing the video should be an absolute last resort, if that, imo. Hopefully we see some justice.

No. 700953

That makes me so angry. If I had kids and I let them stay with my mom, I would expect her to protect them. If my mom was basically letting them get molested, she'd be fucking dead to me.

If Snakething gets nabbed for sexual assault on a minor, that fucking woman should be charged with failure to report a crime.

No. 700968

Also, let's not forget that some of these depraved fucks were also discussing CP and confessed to either knowing some CP producers or sexually abusing kids themselves. This could go much deeper than "just" zoosadism.

No. 700969

Sorry anon, I didn't mean to trigger you.

It's just that if you know your son has cp, you should fucking report him and def keep the kids away from him. She hasn't reported him and has made some kind of bargain with him to behave himself, which of course he's defying. In the meantime, the kids are visiting and he's able to be alone with them. She has to be seriously in denial, and that's a dangerous position to be in.

No. 700974

did someone warn the children's mother though? i really hope she wouldn't be okay with her kids spending time with a fucking pedophile and zoophile. snakefuck said in the logs that there wasn't enough stuff with kids and animals, really hope he didn't do any weird shit with the kids and dogs… poor kids have been through enough already

No. 700978

How did she already know about his interest in CP? I would assume that these perverts at least attempt to hide their habits well.

No. 700979

Exactly. If his mother's identity is already known, then it shouldn't me much difficult to find the identity of his nephews' parents.

No. 700984

File: 1538322896220.jpg (250.06 KB, 863x1280, orangeisthenewkero.jpg)

From the ZSIS chat

No. 700985

I'm wondering that too like … what? How does someone know this about their kid and not throw them in therapy asap

No. 700988

So, who is this guy in the logs? So far, it's been only answered that he's not EliteKnight.

No. 700989

No, this was not about the Woof video, there was supposedly one other zooporn video that Kero made with his dog.

"There is another video I'm currently trying to get a hold of that was spoken about in the logs from the one who has it. "

No. 700999

It's his sister's children. she may not be aware of anything his mother knows, or the things he has said he did in the chatlogs about what he's done so far. it's extremely concerning if she doesn't yet know.

the kf thread on him is required reading tbh.

anon how do we know anything - he said so himself in the chatlogs.


No. 701000

I mean his specific thread, not the general one.

No. 701004

oof- he admitted himself that his mom knows about his CP habit?
For some reason I feel like that's gotta be a lie to appear more edgy

No. 701005

nope, his mom confirms she knows

No. 701017

File: 1538325954230.png (Spoiler Image, 218.84 KB, 1068x1658, his-mother-knows.png)

chatlog cap from his kf thread attached. warning, creepy talk (there are no images).

No. 701022

File: 1538326138437.png (Spoiler Image, 222.15 KB, 1024x1776, what-hes-doing.png)

another unpleasant excerpt. remember he's talking to a convicted child abuser. really the whole lot have to be seen to understand what this guy is doing.

No. 701023

Jesus christ……

No. 701036

look I'm not trying to shill for that thread but if you're trying to get your head around what this guy is doing you should read all the caps in the OP of it so you know what's going on. he's in the ringleader role of the group, inciting the worst in them. and as you can see he is totally unapologetic and very enthusiastic. he also posted some casual (not sexual) pics of the kids to the chat. he's a wrong-un.

No. 701039

snakething is the ringleader? this sangie guy is a convicted sex offender?

No. 701040

and to add, he's the main one encouraging/pressuring others in the chat to supply the animal material.

No. 701042

yes and yes. sangie has several convictions and has been in prison. woof is obviously doing the worst animal wise but levi is the one stitching the crew all together.

No. 701043

sangie runs a business called inkfur or something like that, looking for his mugshot now.

I can't believe you guys didn't know this yet.

No. 701054

File: 1538329015830.png (45.55 KB, 585x616, convicted.png)

Inkedfur, I meant. described as "The furry print marketplace"

No. 701057

File: 1538329169409.jpg (Spoiler Image, 445.86 KB, 3836x1244, mugshots.jpg)

No. 701059

Honestly, I'd been looking at the KF threads but pacing myself on the chat log screens because it made me want to fucking puke.
Thanks for helping us put it all together. I was also confusing several of these key player's with others. There's so much its hard to keep it all straight.

No. 701063

Sources confirmed it is EliteKnight and was backed up with evidence.

Unsure of doxx status at this time. Either way, they've been reported to authorities.

No. 701065

I started in the individual threads because they were sickening enough but kind of … compartmentalised? chat log caps mostly

onya for this

No. 701067


Absolutely disgusting. He's getting erections around these kids and inviting his sex abuser friend to their house, jfc. Their parents need to be warned, this is really dangerous.

No. 701072

levi running things, woof doing the worst, with the two of them knowing each other's real ids. the rest kind of circling around doing things to degrees that they are interested in. that's how I read it.

like with kero, he didn't want to see too much gore, kills his erection I guess, but he is all for rape and violence.

No. 701074

and this, friends, is why we don't turn a blind eye to cp even if it's a close family member.

No. 701076

ZSIS will be getting much deserved rest today as far as further investigating goes. We will return tomorrow. I will also be contacting North Bend PD on Snake and Austin PD on Sangie. Currently gathering evidence needed to email to police.

No. 701095

So did Koda end up dying from all of this?
He looks like Cotton from KoTH
Are there any updates in regards to police activity? And how does one join ZSIS at this point?

No. 701120


Koda passed away from kidney failure.
I've spoken with a close friend who is a vet tech and gave them an idea of the situation. Koda was a senior dog, that is very common during that age. However, if Kero drugged Koda at all, depending on what he used, it could have contributed. Short of Koda being examined, we cannot prove which scenario is likely.

As for police activity, an email with all evidence related to not only Kero, but SnakeThing as well, has been sent. I have also made clear the connection between the 2 and the officer informed me he will be calling North Bend PD to follow up and collaborate. I've sent photos, chat logs, address and anything related to Snake, all to the officer in case NBPD is lacking anything.

I'm fully dedicated to keeping in contact with them and keeping everyone updated.

No. 701127

good, thankyou

will you tell them about snakething and sangie also? or is that in what you've given them?

No. 701145


Fuck, this hits close to home. Birmingham anon here. This is a local music venue I frequent, however, I do not know this guy.

No. 701162

You idiot, some of these guys traded their own personal content and woof is a hardzoo producer.

No. 701171

Is Jim making another video about this? Also is he gonna talk about this in his stream, and when is the stream?

No. 701173


I will be calling Austin PD in regards to Sangie. I can confirm NBPD and McDonald PD have info on Kero and Snake. Will be dropping the connection of all 3 when I make the calls. Hopefully keeping it front and center that the individuals exposed are connected, it will shine the light on how large this is as well as be able to distinguish who is who in the logs.

No. 701192

yeah levi/snakething would pretend to be into certain kinks depending on the person to get content out of them for his collection.
He agrees with kero on "muh animal abuse" but tells woof he's into hardzoo and with his kiddy buddies he engages in pedo talk

No. 701199

more likely to be the opposite, snakething pretending he isnt into certain kinks to not deter potential content. like he pretends hes not into violence with kero, but really hes into all of that shit.

No. 701201

just realized Sangie was arrested 3 times in UT, though the details of each seem to be off limits. (also, oof, the county is close to me. he’s in texas now though?)

No. 701203

That's what I meant, he says whatever needs to be said so he can add to his nasty ass collections

No. 701207


Sangie is in Austin, TX.

Also I’ve been banned from lolcow on my computer for the image of Kero/Koda with no spoiler image. Was my mistake.
Anymore updates will be posted by other ZSIS members. ✌(ban evasion)

No. 701214

Just wanted to make a quick update- contrary to some statements on twitter the police are in fact currently investigating kero and some others. They have been provided with all evidence collected from here, kf and zsis. There have been videos that will mot be shared publicly that only the police have been provided.
We can confidently state that he and many others are guilty of at least some degree of terrible abuse.
The local police have kept in touch via email and phone conversations and have indicated that they have been contacted multiple times INTERNATIONALLY!
So, dont buy the bullshit of the police telling him he isnt being investigated. They are in almost constant communication and absolutely taking this situation seriously and investigsting kero.
Will update with further info as it comes.

No. 701238

New Metokur video

No. 701239

Look at those fuckers with furry avatars talking shit to try and look like they're not sick fucks too. Suck my dick.

No. 701241

I don't like lolcow culture, but people who harm on purpose and confess it, should be targeted and be the center of attention.
This is valid, its not some rando who's just "odd" its someone who's doing real harm(sage your blog)

No. 701245

Fucking bless you. Seriously. Reading what was done to those innocent animals, the thought of those people just carrying on to abuse more and more in their sick circle was soul crushing. Knowing people are trying to do something about it and hopefully destroy their lives is a blessing.

Nothing will help those animals and those freaks will unfortunately probably never suffer like the animals suffered, but exposing them and bringing attention to this kind of abuse is a huge help. Bless all of you.

No. 701255

>I don't like lolcow culture
Then why are you here
>This is valid
tumblr get out reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 701274

[Temporarily redacted]

No. 701276


why would the police be in contact with YOU still at this point, though? once they get what they need, they proceed their investigation and don't constantly update rando civilians that tipped them off.

No. 701282

they still have information they're giving over to police. they recently found the video with koda in the garage and evidence to back it up through searching, that's why the police happened to have mentioned the people calling in. also, more scared zoos are slowly giving over videos, pictures, and other info to members of the investigation crew so it's not gonna be a one time contact thing.

No. 701286

>I didn't expect to be a part of this because I'm not even a furry, I just happened to have a experience in datamining and was curious, only to find a very helpful part of information.

Well that makes me appreciate your involvement even more. Reading this shit was heartbreaking, especially knowing that I wouldn't know how to help expose them, so the fact that there are people with that knowledge and ability brings a little bit of light to this.

Fuck them up and ruin their lives.

No. 701311

Can you even read? I was not referring to the zoosadists like woof. I was replying to a comment about some vore chat group another anon posted.

No. 701316

How did you contact him? And how do you know he or other zoosadists aren’t lurking here?

No. 701337

File: 1538351107583.png (98.4 KB, 750x1334, 8A58BA45-6DC6-4E8E-B6C9-45B259…)


To ease anyone’s minds about the police being in contact provided by @GrizzlyFatalis on twitter

No. 701361

File: 1538353584443.png (199.33 KB, 697x639, upload_2018-9-30_13-5-15.png)


CoreyTWC is not EliteKnight.

Corey was doxed on KF a week ago.

A newfag was banned last night for faildoxing CoreyTWC as EliteKnight.

This ZSIS member's continued insistence makes me skeptical of their other claims.

Anons, KF has a search engine. Use it.

No. 701367

File: 1538353847221.jpg (81.92 KB, 1280x532, IMG_20180930_202509_592.jpg)

Grizz's most recent email from officer indicating they has recieved the .rar of evidence and open to us providing further information if needed.
The .rar included not only information on kero but also snakething and various users they were speaking with.
We will continue to gather information on the other sadists to add to this file and contact local authorities as we are able.

No. 701372


Sangie was doxed and his mugshots posted a week ago on page 53.

Again, use the search engine.

No. 701373

Come on, that person wasn't reacting to the people mentioned in this thread, but to those listed on that Tumblr blog. Separate things.

No. 701477

No. 701481

anon, I know that. I was crossposting his mugshot and the levi info here for anons who plainly didn't know.

No. 701482

how about we stop talking about it and let things take their course

No. 701498

>his mom knows he's a pedo
>leaves the kid alone with him
>tells kid, in front of pedo, to obey him unconditionally

Jesus fuck, please tell me the mom is gonna be investigated too? Has anyone contacted the sister and warned her about her brother perving on her kid with her mom's blessing??

No. 701500

>his mom knows he's a pedo
>leaves the kid alone with him
>tells kid, in front of pedo, to obey him unconditionally

Jesus fuck, please tell me the mom is gonna be investigated too? Has anyone contacted the sister and warned her about her brother perving on her kid with her mom's blessing??

No. 701504

this made me so fucking angry, for the safety of those poor children their mother needs to be notified if the freak's own fucking mother refuses to intervene.

No. 701506

honesty, yeah, if the mother did this and has concealed his crimes, i don't see why she wouldn't be charged with concealing it and possibly even facilitating abuse regardless of whether or not abuse happened, even, because she had more than enough reason to think it would?

No. 701525

No idea but it could have happened already. This has been out for many days.

His mother needs to catch some legal shit if she knew he was in possession of cp.

Let's face it, she raised this scumbag.

No. 701527

I wouldn't be surprised to learn his mom knew about him raping and torturing animals, handmaiden moms are the actual fucking devil.

No. 701540

this is fucking sick. reading the thread… horrifying

No. 701559

Not to mention endagering the welfare of a child by leaving him with a known pedophile. The police could absolutely charge her with that (or negligence perhaps) based on the cap of her sickfuck son tellung his sickfuck friend his mom knows he's a pedo.

And hey isn't it crazy how many hxc furries end up also being pedos? Wtaf.

No. 701565

Do you know where you are?

Yeah I honestly hope he was lying about his mom, but… ugh. This would make her an accessory if true.

No. 701586


Go back to law school, anons.

No. 701597

I know exactly where we are, and I wouldn't normally write anything like that but if you read back up the thread you'll get an idea as to why I did. Vigilantism and excessive sperging about this person only serves to derail the potential of what might be achieved.

No. 701630

Please keep in mind that 'ZSIS' and anyone else dropping their hot details here are almost certainly the same angry autistic sped-tier furries from kiwi farms who were trying to dox people with ants and ice creams.

They got pushed into PM groups on KF because it's outright dangerous to let them continue to flail around accusing random people of being puppy-rapers in public, and judging from the quality of the doxes they've presented so far to our vetters it seems really unlikely any of their work is going to see the light of day, because they're idiots.

If they're going to insist on coming here and slipping you tidbits and teasing some kind of incredible happy ending where everyone gets caught and goes to jail, that's fine, but I would strongly suggest that you double-check anything they give you before accepting it, and don't get your hopes up too high for a good outcome because these people have proven time and time again that they're noisy, stupid, bad at doxing, and are so goddamn eager to nail the zoosadists that they have a reckless indifference to the fact that throwing out random people's names could literally end up getting them murdered.

All our love from KF <3

No. 701633

okay, but everyone at kiwifarms seems to shit on the ice cream, but it ended up being right, as confirmed by his dumbass posting his own email and info himself, so why are you guys shitting on the 'ice cream' lead as a tactic?

No. 701639

Because it's a good example of the kind of wild crowd-sourced mob-doxing that got five random completely unrelated people for every 'woof' you got.

It's not like they're accusing people of being harmless goofballs on the internet, here. This is some serious, heinously depraved sex crimes. Getting it wrong is serious business that could have serious consequences.

No. 701656

I know you're an edgy, jaded internet boi, but at least they're actually doing something, and their work HAS gleamed results. Woof has been caught and found, and Kero's video(s) of dog abuse have proven him a liar. No innocents have been murdered (lmao). I respect ZSIS more than some fence-sitting hecklers any day.
Let them talk about their work here and offer milk. You've chased them off your site, so what more do you want? What they're doing is more than you've accomplished up to this point, and this thread is more interesting than reading "OMG I am so disgusted" for 4 pages in the KF thread with maybe a lead on who is who.

No. 701658

Sure but at least I didn't make the same post twice

No. 701659

>make a post
>forget to sage
>delete unsaged post to make saged one, and add extra thoughts
Quality post, good content. Anyway, I'm waiting for more actual milk and information on these degenerates. Please keep your in-fighting and shitposts to KF.

No. 701665

Look, we're all disgusted by this and we all want these degenerates caught. I'm not trying to shit on what they're doing. Except when what they're doing is doxing completely unrelated people like five times in a row and basically calling them puppy-rapers in front of the entire world. When that happens, yes, I am absolutely going to shit on what they're doing, because that's terrible and dangerous.

I'm not trying to be edgy and jaded here. I'm not trying to start any infighting. I came over here to let you all know that based off the PM chains and dox squads I'm seeing on kiwi, these people are on an accuracy-by-volume kick and they've already doxed the wrong people multiple times, and their attitude indicates that they will most probably continue to do so, so you should be extremely meticulous when you check their work because while some of it is clearly very good, the vast majority is scatterfire. For a board that usually doesn't allow dox, you're playing it extremely fast-and-loose with some heavy, heavy allegations. Be careful.

Also, puppies getting raped to death is 'milk'? Jesus.

No. 701666

I get what you're saying, but so far, all that's been posted here is progress from them as a group. We can call them out when they actually start fucking innocent people over and publicly, unabashedly smearing their names erroneously.
>Also, puppies getting raped to death is 'milk'? Jesus.
No, necrophilic, sadistic rapists of puppies, adult dogs (and other animals) and human children getting exposed, scrambling and begging for the mercy they never showed their victims is. Keep up and stop jumping to insane conclusions, holy shit.

No. 701675


he just haaaaaaaad to trip lmao

No. 701684

loool, right? guess the assumption is that since all the speds over there worship him, we must? idk. i get what he's saying, but where's the proof they've been far more inaccurate than accurate so far? everything they've posted here seems pretty solid thus far.

No. 701691

Hey, just a reminder - you're not on Kiwi Farms here. Stop using your nickname. Read the site rules before you start scolding people for double-posting accidentally.

No. 701695

I don't think I understand you fully. Have you read this particular thread? Because the information that has been posted here so far seems to be pretty valid. So I'm not sure what you're getting at when you mention that wrong people are getting doxxed and accused, etc. Wrong people don't seem to have been posted here. The evidence is pretty clear. Your post seems to be kind of suspicious to me, like it's trying to incite doubt for no reason, sorry.

No. 701696

Always fun when some irrelevant faggot comes in namefagging and expects others to know or care about who he is.

No. 701698

This is why I can't take drama forum posters seriously lol. Why the fuck are you namefagging on a Taiwanese bread baking s9te? Get over yourself. I swear, LC is the only "chan" site that has any semblance of traditional BBS etiquette.

Anyways, thoroughly enjoying all of the farmers autistic internet detective work and hard work here. This is like a more meaningful and moral HWNDU. Props to you all.

No. 701711

File: 1538401961797.png (16.52 KB, 645x111, furries1.png)

Sorry, let me explain. All the mass deletions and bans handed out on KF and the sudden unexplained moratorium on talking about woof were in direct response to bad doxes being dropped by the same group. All the people we 'chased off' kiwi were chased off for recklessly dropping bad dox. Scroll up and you'll see somebody already posted some caps from some random black kid being doxed as EliteKnight in this thread. That particular dox happened because somebody picked out a random account name subscribed to the targets youtube and somehow decided it was also him, and continued work from there.


Another one was dropped because the victim had the same first name as the target and they were both furries, despite absolutely nothing else matching up. He had to sign up on kiwi farms and beg people to remove the pictures of him walking his dog and when we asked 'How do you know it's this guy' literally all they had was 'Well… they're both called Monty'.


These are just a couple of the worst examples, there's a dozen or so more that got instantly nuked. This has been happening on KF for two weeks now. It's none of my business how you all run your house, but as your friendly neighbour I just popped in to say "Hey neighbour, be careful about letting those furries into your house, because they shat on our carpet and they'll probably shit on yours if you let them."

The work you've done on woof here looks pretty good to me. I'm not trying to put you down for it or downplay it at all. It's good work you're doing. But the retarded sting operation LARPing that's going on in some KF private message group full of furries is the part I'm warning you to be careful about and doublecheck any work they release, because they're the exact same people getting banned from kiwifarms for doxing random guys called 'Monty' and calling them dogfuckers.

No. 701732

Ok but this stuff hasn't been posted here, so why should we have to take it on board? This is KF business.

I personally crossposted many-days-old material from snakething's thread that, as far as I can tell, isn't in question. If that's misleading material then it should have been pulled from the relevant KF thread. So I doubt it's wrong.

The misleading dox is the anon/s mentioning EliteKnight's name (without proof to details to back it up). It's not exactly a big theme here.

But it isn't wrong, is it.

No. 701738

Seriously, do you have a humiliation fetish? Why else would you namefag on this board?

No. 701739

Yo' dude. You banned one of my accounts last week for the Ice Cream saga even though I wasn't doing any faildoxing or spaghetting in public (was just contacting possible joints to ask them if they recognised the bowls/table matts).

While there were lots of speds faildoxing and I'm glad the woof hunts has been driven underground (Null made a good call in ordering an embargo on the thread), the ban was unjustified - people did the exact same as I did and didn't get banned.

I wouldn't care less about this, except there are some conversations I was having on that account that I'd like to check for information/details at this point. So if you could have the decency to unban me, my username is:


No. 701740

>All the people we 'chased off' kiwi were chased off for recklessly dropping bad dox.

Bullshit in my case.


Never dropped a single faildox on the thread or Farms.

No. 701748

Okay, I'll unban you as soon as I get home.(nobody cares)

No. 701750

No. 701752


The faildoxxing isn’t ZSIS. Our group isn’t dropping doxxes. We are only gathering and filing information on those from several sources (not just KF) and handing it over to the authorities. We’ve been doing our best keeping everyone updates and optimistic. We are working alongside the leakers of all this, KF users, Twitter users, etc.

AFAIK, only a couple of our people are actually KF members but most of or discoveries are being kept in TG and emails with the police. Sorry you feel this way about us, but do know that our group as well as others we are working with are wanting everything put into the hands of the law.

No. 701755


Also adding that members have been coming and going. Only about 8 (give or take) have stayed apart of the chat while others have rotated out mostly just wanting to spectate, lurk and spaz. We will note your critique and thank you for your input.

No. 701798

Why are you such a goddamn attention whore? Sort your life out. You're willing to brag all day long about how great you are about doxing random autists, but when people are actually making a difference and catching predators without your help, of course you have to piss all over the parade with some sanctimonious screed that nobody even asked for. Here's a hot tip: nobody cares what your opinion is, and the fact that you decided that this warrants filling out the name field is embarrassing.

No. 701804

This. Why is this thread even on here? Where are the mods? I don't remember lc being some kind of investigation agency.

No. 701812

The KF staff are making a good point though that you guys all made a big mistake in releasing any dox and your intentions in a public forum. As much as we all want to see updates on how this shitshow unravels, that stuff should’ve been kept hidden from the public so the chances of these guys actually getting caught by the authorities would be higher.

No. 701816

Anon, the post that you're "this"ing is completely the opposite of what you're saying

No. 701817

Late but isn't Adam a furry as well?

No. 701818

Yes, and his furaffinity account is full of realistic horse dongs and Scar from The Lion King complete with barbed cat dick getting penored by horse dong.

No. 701822

I care about your opinion, Dyn, and I think you're a special prettyboi.

No. 701824

I have a friend who happens to be a furry. I asked her what she thought about the whole Kero the Wolf situation. She started defending him and told me that he would never and there is no proof. I don't know how much more proof she needs!

No. 701826

Doesn’t break any of the global rules so who actually cares. A breath of fresh air to actually have a thread of substance for once, despite the unfortunate events.

No. 701828

yeah, and he's probably a beastiefag too. all furfags are sus, but gay/bi male furfags are the most sus.

No. 701834

Watch out anon, or Dynastia will use his l33t hax0r doxing skillz to dox you and your dog! And when people see your dox on KF, they'll… prank call you! Oh the humanity!

No. 701849

I mean…

No. 701875

Also in a thread about movie critics someone posted screens of adam making posts about it >>642454
If there was a chance, the dude would gladly get fucked by an animal and it won't surprise me if he some involvement

No. 701883

It doesn't make a difference. It's not like they have the means to start a new life in Mauritius. And there's more than enough evidence to implicate them already. And given that these idiots are sharing their personal information and illegal pictures with each other, there is likely an even more extensive online trail for the FBI to find.
This is not a good look, anon. Being a sycophant is bad enough. Being a sycophant towards an internet person who isn't known for anything beyond attention whoring and "doxxing" people who share their personal info is just pathetic.

No. 701890

File: 1538422577890.jpeg (54.58 KB, 600x463, 741EA3EB-127A-4290-8FD5-6015C8…)

I made a post with this picture in the NC subreddit, bc I’m assuming they would recognized it, more than we would. I’ve been looking at ice cream and desert shops for days straight. Will post back if anyone recognizes it.

Shows fire ants. Which is mainly on the eastern side of NC (pic related)

No. 701901

I thought they'd found the ice cream shop and way more besides. I ant even keep up

No. 701902

It's not even about kero for me anymore. It's gone far deeper. He definitely associates with fucks like this and that's enough for me.

No. 701903

thank you for your efforts, anon, but read the thread. we found the ice cream shop and his identity has been uncovered.

No. 701921

Police have been dispatched to pick up 1 of the people from the logs.
I’ll update when I can.

No. 701923

FUCK YEAH anon. I don't know much about KF and stuff but it seems things are actually happening ITT. I can't help much but I like this thread being here, I love waiting for these assholes to be arrested.

No. 701945

Why not both? Power in numbers, anon.

No. 701950



Anon posted >>697277 on KF before posting it here. The same Kiwi posted >>697293 on KF after I posted it here.

Users of each site are not mutually exclusive.

No. 701953

Not a Kiwi, only made a KF to keep updated on info.
Doing whatever I can to keep police informed and passing along whatever is found by multiple sources.
I want these people in jail and justice done. That’s all.

No. 701968

Love yourself, anon. Get a new friend.
I'm extremely skeptical of this claim. Why would you be in the loop on whether or not an arrest warrant was signed or police have enough evidence of a crime to detain/question a suspect?

No. 701971

This isn't necessary, anon. Woof's dox were discovered several days ago.

No. 702011

Agreed on both remarks. Proof needed.

I know some anons weren't a fan of Dyn coming in, but I have to wonder if some are among the community he was describing. Regardless, the message was to remain skeptical and not take everything at face value, especially when it's just a text comment.

No. 702021

These people should be shot. Not just because what they did to these animals, but because they are psychopaths who are a danger to the society. Like with rabid animals, we should dispose of them.

No. 702028

I think this thread was gonna be a one where we have funny stories about a furry but oh my god, now I want to puke. This guy and the other ones mentioned here are so fucking disgusting.

No. 702041

Why are you namefagging? No one even knows you or cares about you except for the retarded crossposters you brought from the shitty attention-whoring forum you came from. What is this, autistic justice league?

No. 702071


Agreed. Law enforcement doesn't release that info.


At least some of them are the same people. They came here insisting EliteKnight was CoreyTWC and that CoreyTWC had not been doxed even after >>701361.

I followed the threads on KF and witnessed the faildoxing as it was happening. Now that those people have been banned they have come here to collect asspats for their cryptic claims.


Registered users of KF are referred to as Kiwis.

No. 702079

death would be letting these sick fucks off easy, I want to beat them to an inch of their life then let them recover and beat them again and again

No. 702086

ho do you know this and why would they tell you?

No. 702103


>but at least they're actually doing something, and their work HAS gleamed results. Woof has been caught and found

Because this board is anon, credit for the dox on Woof cannot be assigned or claimed.

Similarly, we cannot pin the specious claims made here on ZSIS, TG investigators, or the people banned from KF.

>and Kero's video(s) of dog abuse have proven him a liar.

The video from which caps were posted does not show him abusing his dog, and the second video which was claimed to show abuse cannot be produced which casts doubt on whether it even exists.

But please, continue to let your dislike of KF and vitriol at the zoosadists cloud your judgment and blindly praise anons who make unsubstantiated claims.

No. 702105

Yes, I'm sure that everyone who doesn't want some random attention whore and his band of fellow spergs violating board culture is a 'faildoxer'. Keep this shit in your hugbox where it belongs, please. There's a reason why lolcow isn't part of 'lolcow LLC' or whatever the fuck that failed venture is called(infighting)

No. 702116

>But please, continue to let your dislike of KF and vitriol at the zoosadists cloud your judgment and blindly praise anons who make unsubstantiated claims.
You honestly just sound jealous that a group of people outside of your forum actually used their energy to do something beneficial and meaningful while you put all of your effort into finding generic train autists' PI on whitepages just to say that you have it. While pretending to have the moral high ground all the while, for whatever strange and arbitrary reason.

No. 702125

Please temporarily suspend further discussion about Woof for the time being. Gears are turning behind the scenes.

No. 702168

No one said every and if I were to have any "hugbox" it would be this very site. I'm not even registered to KF and only skim the related threads when I am bored enough.

>I have to wonder if some are among the community he was describing

>At least some of them are the same people
Sperging out because of these remarks is unnecessary.

No. 702227

Didn’t have time to clarify, was awaiting call from another PD.

They dispatched officers to pick 1 of the people up “J” because I was transferred straight to 911 after they heard what I was reporting. Not name dropping until I get contacted that they are in custody. I did however call dispatch back after 3 hours and they informed me that the officers were unable to make contact/nobody answered the door. I was able to track down 3 numbers that “J” could be using and am hoping for the best.

I was able to confirm however that Snake is not in custody in any of the jails (public record) and the officer leading his investigation will return my call within 2 days in regards to handing over more evidence. Feel free to call North Bend PD yourself. Officer Olsen/Olsan? is in charge of it. They also let me leave a message for the Seargant. Snake was also only reported for “suspicious activity” from what the female officer told me. I let her know the degree of what was going on and gave her my contact info and well as gave it to the sergeant.

I have also left a voicemail for Officer Zank working on Kero’s case about “J” being connected with both Snake and Kero. Trying to help them connect dots and put faces to who is who in the chats. I can provide proof if needed. Never used LC before this either so if proof posted, do I need a spoiler image?

No. 702229

File: 1538452948426.png (154.82 KB, 982x883, randomcuban.png)

Okay hi ladies, behind-the-scenes update on woof. A pack of idiots in a kiwi farms PM decided it would be a great idea to take their unconfirmed dox to the Cuban embassy and engage in what appears to be criminally actionable blackmail against a citizen of a hostile nation, while simultaneously posting on lolcow farm about how they're going to backstab him and release his info anyway ; despite his info already being posted in public here. We told them to cut their losses and prepare a dox thread with whatever they do have, and now members of their group are saying that they're pretty sure they didn't even get the right guy in the first place, and they suspect the person they trying to blackmail is just an internet troll fucking with them. That's the dox posted earlier in this thread, by the way. They're arguing now over whether or not it was ever any good, which is not a great thing to be arguing about when it's already out there and the real woof is either covering his tracks because they jizzed early or just sitting back laughing at how inept everyone chasing him it.

Earlier today we had to ban somebody for posting 4 wrong doxes in a row on the same target. Four wrong doxes, in a row, and no shits given. And right before that it was somebody claiming to have paid a substantial amount of money to an Arab Spring hacker to access Kero's accounts and data dump them. That's just the ones I personally saw today, and this has been going on for weeks. Our mods have lost count of how many stupid mad 'activists' they've banned for stupid, flailing, reckless doxing of random people over these leaks. And every single banned member gets redirected to Lolcow Farms because a couple of years ago Josh put a LCF link in the global ban message because he hates you.

To ZSIC or whatever, sorry for conflating you with this other group of idiots hunting woof and fucking it up. I thought you were the same people. I don't know what you're doing behind closed doors and I can only hope it's far less reckless and incompetent than the absolute shitshows we've been seeing so far, although I'm sure you'll forgive me for saying my confidence in everyone involved in this is pretty much flatlining at absolute zero now. If you prove me wrong I'll be delighted.

And to the LCF regulars, I know you hate it and get pissy when I namefag and ignore your board etiquette, I don't care. I'm sure I'll be banned and out of your hair soon, I'm just here trying to tell you, as one friendly neighbour to another, we've gone and done flooded your board with absolutely incompetent spergs and I'm sorry. So with absolute respect and humility, from myself to you, please please please please please, pretty please, pretty pretty pretty please with rainbows and sparkles and a big fucking pink ribbon around it, please stop being fat pissy stupid bitches and start taking an extremely critical eye to all dox dropped in the future relating to this. Please.

No. 702235

Post proof. There is no way in hell you would been privy to all that sort of information.

No. 702237

why didn't the mods ban you? fuck off

No. 702240

Is there anyway admins can delete the photos of the unconfirmed dox?

No. 702247

Mods obviously don't see an issue. There are exceptions to every rule, get over yourself it's embarrassing.

No. 702248

OT but this
>a couple of years ago Josh put a LCF link in the global ban message
explains a lot of what’s wrong with this place lately tbh

No. 702252

No. 702257

ok, but in order for the dox to be fake/wrong, an increasingly unlikely amount of things would have to match up and happen to be insane coincidence or very deliberate doctoring, and at that point, it's just more likely to be the guy. you're telling me someone doctored photos to have wolfschwarz39 gmails, dropbox bullshit, wolfhome accounts linking to an account named 'ulfr'? so then, are these 'ulfr' accounts all incorrect, too? all of these old dating profiles that match up with a many years old beastforum account that matches a cuban wolfschwarz39@gmail.com from havana and the same exact dogs and photos from beastforum and dating accounts of a guy that is raping rotties and german shepherds that looks just like the guy from the videos, that happens to live in cuba? a deviant art that mentions everything that the others do? all of these pieces coincide with each other. at the very least, there's an unhinged cuban puppy-raper running around, even if his name and address aren't the same, though i highly doubt it.

how could all of these conditions be met, realistically, without insane dedication to faking this? again, at the least, there's a genuine retarded cuban dog rapist running these accounts.

No. 702258

+1 though i feel bad saying it
people like this should be euthanized because they cannot be rehabilitated. look up the stats- they're grim. people this mentally/sexually fucked in the head cannot be cured or changed. their basic biological brain chemicals make them incompatible with society.

No. 702264

File: 1538455344041.jpeg (125.52 KB, 640x640, 9CCCA56D-D081-4C34-9F3F-5A28AA…)

> So with absolute respect and humility, from myself to you, please please please please please, pretty please, pretty pretty pretty please with rainbows and sparkles and a big fucking pink ribbon around it,

fine. but only because you know what girls like.

No. 702266

File: 1538455457361.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 604.87 KB, 2828x2828, 585C9E95-509D-4969-A484-1D5836…)


Again, it’s public record as far as Snake being arrested/jailed and that he was reported for “suspicious activity”.

1st call (2 minutes) was leaving my contact info.
2nd call (8 minutes) was asking his status and what info she was able to release to me.

Also attached an image of NBPD’s number as well as a screenshot of a video I recorded showing me pressing “Send” on the email that went to Zank containing both Kero evidence and Snake’s info.

Feel free to confirm and pass on any info you may have. I have no reason to lie. I just want them in jail and justice served.

No. 702272

I think he’s just saying “be extra critical of dox and get the right person”, not that this dox is wrong. There’s too many coincidences for it to be a fluke.

No. 702277

Why are you still here? You're derailing and contributing nothing

No. 702288


By "faildoxers" I was referring to the newfags on KF who did just that and were banned for it. They tried to bring it here with the EliteKnight dox.


I am not a registered user of KF. I was the anon who found the memorial page and Woof's use of the name "Schwarz" and posted it here which makes me a member of the group you accuse me of being jealous of.

No. 702303


Why did Grizzly delete this tweet if the dox were correct? It was gone by the time it was posted here.



No. 702318

Again, this is Kiwifarms business being posted here for little to no reason. Can't you deal with this within your own community instead of venting about it on this board? We really don't care about the spergs you have to ban over there. We are not all part of your community userbase.

There have been no missions to do anything here, we're just talking. If you read the entire thread, you'd know we are not presently making a fuss about certain things, namely woof.

Yes we have that 'detective' anon dropping by to make comments, but they weren't asked to, and half the time no-one knows what the fuck they're talking about. They're not breaking any rules so w/e. Thanks for alerting us that they have some mistaken dox though - that is important to know. We're not witchhunting anyway, so no harm done.

If action on woof has been promised, and updates aren't being issued on how that action is progressing, some people are going to take it into their own hands - rightly or wrongly. So you have failed to control that on your end. If KF's private circle are wasting days talking to a troll … well I thought you guys knew better?

No. 702331

let's say that one photo posted by grizzly isn't woof (though we don't know that it isn't), again, at the very worst, an 'ulfr'/wolfschwarz39@gmail.com is really out there that looks like this: >>698176
and is posting videos of him raping dogs all over bestiality forums. again, at the very, very least, this is the face of a cuban dog rapist that's infiltrating stray rescue groups, presumably to rape them - but he's at least, confirmed to be raping all of his own dogs. even if it isn't woof, it's not some rando innocent. may not be woof (though i highly suspect that it is) but the warg schwarz/schwarz/black wolf hint dropping is too coincidental. how many specifically german shepherd and rottweiler spanish-speaking (likely first language since his firefox was in spanish) dog rapists are there with shoddy second world internet that live near ice cream places that serve hispanic desserts with similar interior design/branding to Heladeria Himalaya, that also have an obsession with german black wolf phrasing/usernames? they can question it all they want, whatever, but there's still a cuban dog rapist with this face, into raping dogs, snuff porn, gore, that is a furry and is pretty fucking proud of his animal raping habit and is producing it for countless zoophiles.

what's even in question here: that one photo, or the screenshots, or what? as far as i'm concerned, just the photo not possibly not being woof doesn't seem to call any of the other evidence into question. the screenshots would have to be completely fake for that to be a possibility and doctored completely in mind with this other dog rapist who happens to have lived near that ice cream shop or just one with an uncannily similar branding/design that serves hispanic desserts, who happens to also have a wolf/german shepherd/rottweiler obsession, and a german 'black wolf' fixation.

No. 702336

File: 1538463856905.gif (3.68 MB, 452x308, giphy (1).gif)

Do you mean to tell me that people accidentally found, doxed, and blackmailed a completely different, equally depraved murderous dogfucker?

No. 702342

lollll this is so messy. KF needs to calm their ragey tits and stop acting like internet justice warriors. i read all that beastforum stuff, so you're saying that wasn't the guy? im so fucking confused. sure hope the police do a better job than us.

No. 702350


>some people are going to take it into their own hands - rightly or wrongly. So you have failed to control that on your end.

If you recognize that people are going to take matters into their own hands, how can you expect KF to control them?

>If KF's private circle are wasting days talking to a troll … well I thought you guys knew better?

It's primarily the newfags at KF who are faildoxing and negotiating with who they now think is a troll. When Null declared a moratorium on discussing Woof they took it to PM and came here. The dox posted here could have been posted by longtime anons, the newfags who migrated here from KF, or members of the Telegram group, but we will never know exactly who posted what. Many of the integral caps and dox were posted here with no verifiable source attribution.

It is our business now because the newfags have used LC (or at least used the dox posted here) to take matters into their own hands.


My question was concerned only with why he deleted his tweet. Alternately, perhaps he deleted it because the Telegram group decided to keep the discussion private.

Otherwise, for example, the caps of his emails containing his legal name were posted here with no verifiable attribution, only that "it was in one of the member's logs who was in the group chat that came forward."

No. 702358

>Many of the integral caps and dox were posted here with no verifiable source attribution.
basically the only ones that were were posted without verifiable source attribution were the emails with the name. everything else, all of his profiles that link one username to another are readily available, and still online.

which, btw, here are some archived profiles i forgot to add when i posted caps days back because archive.is was being a bitch:


>Otherwise, for example, the caps of his emails containing his legal name were posted here with no verifiable attribution, only that "it was in one of the member's logs who was in the group chat that came forward."

regardless, even if that exact name isn't woof, if that name is the gore and snuff-porn-loving puppyfucker pictured and profiled in this thread, he's no innocent. if it's just some rando's name/address, that'd be unfortunate, but i assume that anyone that was trying to get 'woof' caught also would've included photos/evidence? if none of the photos even matched his identity, i doubt it'd be taken seriously anyhow. the only issue would then be vigilantes or something. anyways, the emails were supposedly given by telegram creeps who had come forward and not the potential 'woof' troll, even, supposedly, right? so why would that be likely to be fake? i'm just trying to parse through what they're even trying to claim is fake, or what. at this point, all i'm seeing that's being said is that the 'woof' talking to the telegram group might be a troll.

i really think it to be unlikely after going down this guy's social media rabbithole, that he would just happen to be another spanish speaking black wolf obsessed rottie/german shepherd/big dog-targeting rapist furfag that lives by an ice cream shop that looks like the one woof goes to, gets off on distributing videos of him fucking the same exact kind of dogs woof does, that also just shares countless similarities with what we know about woof. 'ulfr'/wolfschwarz didn't post about murdering dogs on beastforum because it's a 'moral' community that shames zoosadism and apparently prides itself on only raping animals, not killing or torturing them otherwise, but he mentioned elsewhere that he liked snuff and gore. idk about the name and address and if it is ulfr/wolfschwarz's info, but everything on that guy's social media is legit and at least indicative of a shitstain nearly as perverse as woof.

No. 702363


This cap of his face >>698176 was posted less than 4 minutes after an anon found his Beastforums account. How was the video downloaded, watched, and the cap posted that quickly? Ten minutes later >>698232 asked and was never answered.

No. 702369


>the emails were supposedly given by telegram creeps who had come forward and not the potential 'woof' troll, even, supposedly, right?

An anon >>701752 purporting to be from ZSIS said that "Our group isn’t dropping doxxes. We are only gathering and filing information on those from several sources (not just KF) and handing it over to the authorities … most of or discoveries are being kept in TG and emails with the police."

If that's true, why were they posted here?

Also note the timeline. The emails were posted here 6 hours after Grizzly's deleted tweet. On one hand, that was fast but not inconceivable. On the other, if he deleted the tweet because they decided to keep the dox private, why was it posted here?

>all i'm seeing that's being said is that the 'woof' talking to the telegram group might be a troll.

Dyn said that it is the KF PM group which is not ZSIS.

No. 702373

his face is posted below too, from videos other anons downloaded. >>698305

i posted that beastforum account when i found it and when i archived it, it had already been archived, so other people, maybe the telegram group or the kf pm group, had found it, and had maybe circulated the picture to the anon that posted it. the beastforum profile and the DA account had already been archived, but the others (his 4 dating accounts and his google plus) hadn't been, so people were probably busy going through the beastforum account for vids/pics before it was even posted here, but even so, other anons went through the bf account hours later and saw and posted him sucking off his dogs, and from what was posted, his face matched his dating profiles, though i didn't watch them myself.

>On the other, if he deleted the tweet because they decided to keep the dox private, why was it posted here?
the guy allegedly from ZSIS also said people have been coming in to lurk and sperg, so it couldve been a lurker. i dunno.

No. 702376


Thanks for the timeline from your perspective.

At the time I asked >>698402 "Are the other sleuthing groups simultaneously uncovering the same data on Woof?" and the response I got was the first email cap and "Not really much at the moment".

When the emails were posted I did some digging into what else was visible such as the files he received from tundra2055. I found evidence of tundra2055 and another BF member circulating videos of themselves sexually abusing tundra2055's dogs.

No. 702386

>is reminded several times that this is an ANONYMOUS message board
>continues using his KF nickname anyway

You're officially a retard, mate.

No. 702396

uhm, no not at all they're two different people. what gave you that idea?

No. 702400


I just caught up with the main thread on KF and on page 89 Dyn said, "While I've skimmed the dox and am inclined to believe it's correct, there is literally nothing concrete tying 'woof' to it besides a cuban tablecloth and an offhanded mention that he used to go by 'warg'…"

The comment posted on the memorial page >>697293 mentions "sending stickers" which points to the author having communicated with Patrick / Illone on Telegram. Is anyone else who was a close friend of Patrick's on Telegram known to go by "Warg" or "Schwarz"?

No. 702401

Sorry, realized my mistake and deleted. I confused Woof for Wolf a lot because I've been cry-reading this thread.

No. 702408

Why wasn't SnakeThing reported for possession of CP, as he admits that he collects/is interested in that stuff? "Suspicious activity"? Really? That's all?

No. 702410


When Dyn namefagged here in the KF thread, anons were begging him for dirt on other Kiwis. Now that he is here to issue a thoughtful warning to be careful and to apologize for the influx of newfags, anons rebuke him.

Before he posted here I was already highly skeptical of some of the newfags and their claims and actions, eg. EliteKnight, their belief that Woof doesn't know about this thread, negotiating with Woof.

No. 702414

I agree with you. I have no idea what "faildox" related to Woof were posted here according to that sperg Dynastia. Tinfoiling, but to me, it's been looking like this idiot is trying to derail the thread and mislead it on purpose the whole time, even though he claims otherwise (and that's he such a "friendly neighbour", even though he doesn't give a shit about the rules here… ok, such a great neighbour, truly).

Btw. let's remember what Admin posted here:
We shouldn't even be discussing this guy right now. Of course that autist Dynastia totally ignores that message and rushes here with the Woof info shortly after Admin posts this. What a "coincidence". Not only he doesn't care about the rules, but he doesn't seem to care about the the issue as a whole if he behaves like this.

No. 702422

Well, something seems to be going on with Woof, see the Admin's warning.

I don't visit the KF thread here, don't know who Dynastia is and frankly don't care. Not going to kiss his ass just because he's an admin on some other forum. He didn't exactly leave a good first impression, so say the least, and it's making me doubt the quality of "work" he does on his own forum if he's behaving like such an arrogant jackass here.

No. 702423

>thoughtful warning
He is attention-whoring, bringing unnecessary, meaningless KF drama to us and breaking rules. No one asked for him to namefag in this thread, as it is not the KF thread. For someone just giving us a ~*thoughtful warning uwuw*~, he admits to not caring about the integrity of this site and its rules. Hmm. Maybe he just wants to look like an authority in all this shit that doesn't concern him.

He is possibly jealous and upset that his bans don't extend to other sites, and clearly did all this in a bid to derail.
This thread was going fine before he showed up, no innocents have been "murdered" (even though he'd like to believe otherwise), we haven't had a sudden influx of obnoxious, retarded newfags ITT, and no faildoxing has happened.
Simply put, his posts in this particular thread are worthless, and a ban is warranted for namefagging, derailing and discussing Woof even after the admin said to stop for now.

No. 702426

You know you're making the entire situation worse for both KF and LCF, right? The LCF admin deleted the posts from the leakers in that PM chain to stop the operation from being fail, but you decided to plaster them around KF and further advertise/stir drama up here and there.

All you're doing is a) spreading rumours and hearsay about the dox based off, and b) making it even easier for woof to discover a fuckup. But do you care? Nah. You want cool kid points and to look like an internet tough guy and gatekeeper.


No. 702431


See >>702400.


This thread has a huge influx of not just newfags but newfags who repeatedly faildoxed on KF. These same newfags attempted to faildox CoreyTWC as EliteKnight here. They discussed negotiating with (extorting) Woof in violation of the rule prohibiting cowtipping. Many of the caps and the dox violate the rule prohibiting doxing. If the rules are your primary concern, why are you not calling for them to be banned? If their targets are indeed incorrectly identified, how would their behavior reflect on (and potentially affect) this site?

No. 702432

>not just newfags but newfags who repeatedly faildoxed on KF. These same newfags attempted to faildox CoreyTWC as EliteKnight here.

Do you have any proof of that?

No. 702437

This >>702331 is spot-on. The histronic KF namefag is trying to insert himself because he can't handle not being involved in an attention-gaining measure and is jealous that a group of people doxxed somebody who is MUCH more difficult to find than average, given where the guy lives. Unless somebody doctored all of that info, which isn't the case given the presence of archives, at worse a different Cuban zoosadist was doxxed. Oh the horror.

At this point it's honestly probably best to ignore him and the other people from KF. They seem to be trying to make this all about them when they're virtually irrelevant here.

No. 702439


See >>701361.

Search KF for EliteKnight. His name only appears in a list of usernames grepped from the logs.

No. 702440

Since this is an anonymous website, there is no way to verify who is who, or which users have done what. Even Dyn admitted to banning people on his own site who did nothing wrong, on grounds of "faildoxing" they never did. I don't know why he thinks his clearly haphazard judgment would be valuable here, or why he felt entitled to making himself the center of attention this way.
>If the rules are your primary concern, why are you not calling for them to be banned?
I'm convinced the doxxing and cowtipping rules were instated because most of our cows and flakes are innocent, but embarrassing or annoying. Dumping their personal information or contacting them not only scares them off, the site can get in trouble (unless the target is an actual criminal, in which case, they obviously wouldn't want the police looking into the threads and allegations made therein). In this case, those involved are dog rapists, animal torturers, confirmed child molesters and other law-breakers. This is people committing crimes being identified and reported to the police, so the circumstances are obviously different.
Meanwhile, admins of drama sites who are only here to namefag, spread drama from their in-group and pretend to be authorities on something that has little to do with them? Especially ones who outright admit they give no fucks? Not so much. What great deed has Dynastia contributed here to justify any of his behavior?
>If their targets are indeed incorrectly identified, how would their behavior reflect on (and potentially affect) this site?
That hasn't happened, and so far, we have no reason to believe it has or will. All we have is some attention seeker who openly says he doesn't care about this site making claims and dumping screencaps that prove nothing. He's successfully derailed the thread, as was his plan all this time.

No. 702441

Wait, how does that connect to the people who were doxxing woof?

No. 702444

Why would a group of people who are mostly non-affiliated with KF care about what KF is saying about people from KF?
It doesn't, they're just dragging their own drama here. Not sure why it's been allowed. This is an especially disgusting attention-grab/attempt to muddy the waters given the topic and how well the doxxing group is apparently doing at working with the authorities.

No. 702445

Agreed. Let's go back to focusing on zoosadists instead of KF drama. It's honestly fucked up that they'd do that in this thread, of all places.

No. 702457

OK, so the only "faildoxing" that has supposedly happened in this thread is that some people claimed that CoreyTWC was EliteKnight, while other people then corrected the misinformation? Big whoop.

Who IS CoreyTWC though then? Has that been discovered? In his message, he's admitting that he's part of that group and it looks like he thinks he's been outed and people should know who he is? I'm confused.

No. 702468


The actual dox (the emails) were posted by someone from ZSIS, not a regular anon, and were probably posted here only because they were not allowed on KF. The ice cream shop dox was posted to KF before it was posted here. The same Kiwi reposted my screencap of "Warg Schwarz" on KF with credit to /snow/ because I don't have an account there, but Dyn appears to have ignored it (or at least downplayed it) as a significant link.


Which part of my comment?


Because the newfags tried to bring their faildoxing here. When they stated that CoreyTWC was EliteKnight I replied several times that he wasn't long before the screencap in >>701361.

And don't forget that anons were instructing the newfag >>700528 who posted the link to Grizzly's tweet with the cap from the video of Kero's dog to give it to KF and Null when a user purporting to be Grizzly had already been posting on KF and in contact with Null.

If you were not closely following the thread on KF you missed the faildoxing which was rampant and embarrassingly amateur. When Null declared a moratorium on discussing Woof I worried that those newfags would bring their ineptitude here.


I was the only anon repeatedly correcting the misinformation. They insisted they had proof >>701063 but did not post it anywhere and were ignorant of the dox for CoreyTWC already posted a week before. If those were not the dox they reported to police, then whom did they name? Reporting an innocent person is a big whoop.

The links to his dox are posted on page 66.

No. 702474

>Which part of my comment?
Oops, wrong ((You)). Meant:


No. 702475

That was my mistake. Was posted before I was apart of KF and didn’t even know about LC. ZSIS wasn’t aware of the PM thread. If we would have known to not drop his doxx, then that would have never been posted. I will own that.

We were assured that was in fact the man we were looking for, by another party who said they did know him and didn’t realize we didn’t even have pictures. Since the PM thread was brought up, ZSIS has turned away from Woof and let KF take care of it. Once we realized he was in Cuba (when that tweet dropped), we turned our attention stateside since he was out of our reach and KF said they had it handled.

No. 702482

I was personally pissed off by that as well.
This was the first time I made contact with NBPD. I kept wondering if anyone really had reported him for what his crimes were and sadly my fears were realized when the officer told me he was not reported for anything other than suspicious activity, which is why I left my contact and want to inform them ASAP. The officer handling his case won’t be back til tomorrow I believe.

No. 702499


So you are Grizzly?

Regardless of what ZSIS decided, an anon or anons continued to post caps and the email dox they claimed originated with ZSIS.

No. 702513

I believe it was members who were in the group before admins decided to make it private and boot people for spectating, lurking, spergging, etc. I personally felt it should have been private all along but I did not create the TG group.

Someone did post a bunch of pages related
to Woof in the TG group but I’m gonna stop there since Admin said no more. Again, I’m just the contact with police to make sure everything is handed over to the right authorities.

No. 702526

Yep, that's all Dyn's big "faildox" was - "I think this guy might be this guy" with follow up comments "nah, I think that guy's not that guy" yeah, big ole faildox right there. Dyn should be permabanned. Look how many posts he set us back. He just came here to derail and he was successful.

No. 702529

Presently seeking out with the group who posted what, including who has kiwi accounts. I only joined KF to collect info and update. I’m working with more then just ZSIS atm. Will make sure from here on out, nothing is leaked or dropped FROM US but I cannot control everyone on KF, LC and wherever else that is posting from wherever they are getting their stuff. Just know it won’t be ZSIS. We want these people put away.

No. 702549


No, that was not the only case. I saw two other people erroneously doxed in the thread. Both their legal names and pictures were posted, and the home address of one was posted. The latter joined KF to respond that he was not the person they were looking for, that he was harassed as a result, and to ask that his dox be removed. The thread was locked, his dox removed, and the faildoxers reprimanded. I believe one of his posts remains in the thread.


So you are Grizzly? I just want to confirm that I am reading >>702475 correctly and that you are referring to the tweet.

No. 702552

> I saw two other people erroneously doxed in the thread.
Anon is talking about this thread. If kiwifarms is having a faildox problem, okay, whatever, but it hasn't seemed to really bleed into our thread is what anon is saying.

No. 702560

I just confirmed with one of the teams who have been in direct contact with him and he has posted a journal confessing his involvement. His fursuit was also among the leak which was featured in one of the videos of him abusing his dog. He has also removed several submissions on E621. He was linked by name via paypal address when he commissioned an artist.

No. 702561


Apologies for misreading.

But they went beyond merely claiming that EliteKnight is CoreyTWC. They posted that they reported him to the police >>701063. If they were ignorant of the dox for CoreyTWC that was posted a week before, then they reported someone innocent.

>Unsure of doxx status at this time. Either way, they've been reported to authorities.

No. 702567


His journal entry was posted >>700662.

I can't tell from the unspecific pronouns in your comment how CoreyTWC was proven to be EliteKnight. Whose fursuit? Submissions written under which name? Which name was linked via Paypal?

And this is an image board. Please post caps.

No. 702578

I’m in a group who is in direct contact with EK and shared a non-zoo group with him for a year. I will get permission to post caps for proof (since it was not my discovery) Hold tight.

No. 702584


Thanks! Do you have other information that was not included in the dox posted on KF?

No. 702606

Obviously you hadn't read the 89+ page KF thread, but the faildoxing was rampart. They wrongly doxed several people (I personally saw 6, and when I went back, there were a lot of posts deleted). I don't care about Dyn, but his warning didn't seem malicious.

They linked his fursuit head from one of the videos to the Corey username, if I recall correctly. I'd have to go through the entire shithole of a thread to find the exact posts.

No. 702621

Again, that anon is talking about the faildoxing in this thread.

No. 702622


The main dox post is on page 46. The links on page 66 are additional dox.

Searching for EliteKnight only returns his name in a list of usernames grepped from the logs.

No. 702623

Oh, okay, I misread.

No. 702677

File: 1538505275559.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 833.98 KB, 3265x2449, 626B49AB-AFD1-47FC-815A-1F5BAF…)

Going straight to the police.

Proof image attached.
Matched the deleted account to EK’s TG ID.
Also shows him posting in the group his FA page to show his artwork as well as mentioning his handle in a seperate group.
Video of him in suit was given to police by a different source. I plan on making contact as well to send more.

No. 702752

Nice, anon, thank you. Seems this wasnt a faildox afterall

No. 702826

Nice work, guys. It seems that the derailment was 100% unnecessary and that the groups working on this are doing a great job vetting the information that is released.

No. 702828

Will be leaving ZSIS and continuing on my own.

Anything further from them will be by other members. Will continue with what I have on my own. Thanks to anyone involved and helping.


No. 702850

What's happened? Is ZSIS splitting up?

No. 702906

What happened Grizz? Also does anyone have any more info a out whether the police are actually acting on any of this? What about that one guy in the UK?

No. 702948

File: 1538532287549.jpg (405.13 KB, 1080x1284, e373633e-a749-44fe-bc6e-1f46cf…)

Someone posted this person in another thread but I think she maybe belongs better here? This woman's Tumblr is sheilastretch. She's a dog fucker and got a dog specifically for fucking. She got tattoos to mark her as a dog fucker. She's delusional enough to that she thinks anyone who sees them knows what they mean and that turns her on. She has a Tumblr, a twitter, a reddit, and a website called legit kink.(net) She has rebligged furry art before but not sure if she is a furry. She has an account on a beast forum. Her husband encourages it and may be the mastermind behind what she does. What can be done about her? Someone needs to save her poor dog.(new)

No. 702953

4 people are being investigated, that’s the extent of my knowledge at the time.

ZSIS isn’t splitting, I just will no longer be apart of it due to personal decisions. I’ll most likely go on my own with the contacts I’ve made and update on Twitter.(derailing)

No. 702981

Is this thread just for any random who fucks their dog now?

No. 702985

The gist of it was a fair warning but he consequently destroyed any credibility he had with farmers by choosing to draw attention to himself. Maybe he thought that he could convert KF clout points to respect on lolcow, but that's not how it works here. No one gives a shit - and shouldn't - about some random namefag inserting himself into drama that has not much to do with him in the first place. His little internet persona has no importance in relation to the message he was trying to get across. Anyway, moving on…

No. 702999

its not "milk" but people who enjoy morbidity and do act on it are people who should be exposed,

No. 703053

…and? People can post to multiple boards, anon.

No. 703054

God, that's fucking awful.

No. 703056

I'm new to this thread, and this is the first I've seen of Soren being mentioned, who are they?

No. 703082

I just want to make crystal clear since there seems to be so much of it, but anyone who thinks these people are being protected cause “furries all want to have sex with their dogs”……get THE FUCK back. I’ve been working my ass off since the drop to make sure these fuckers ARE getting doxxed, reported, exposed, the whole 9. I’ve fucking lost sleep over this!! Other furries are doing the same. We DONT want them in the community. That’s why so many jumped into this.

WE HAVE 4 PDs INVOLVED RIGHT NOW. I have concentrated most of my efforts toward Snake/Levi and dropped heavily about him and his fucked up friend to the police about everything to do with those kids! I’m not sitting on my hands idle and waiting for shit to happen. I’m making sure it IS happening. I’m doing my fucking best to keep the public updated to show that progress is being made. But if everyone from literally every corner of the internet is gonna whine and bitch about every single small detail, then fuck it. Idgaf about furry image, a lot of the fandom is severely messed up, but just know that it is in fact furries, non-furs, zoos and other people from different walks that are coming together trying to make sure these people are locked up. This wouldn’t even be happening if the zoos who leaked this just decided to brush it off and say “not my problem”. I am fully dedicated to passing along info that is within my knowledge to give. But a lot of things have happened behind the scenes that hasn’t been said about.

As for KF: Not our circus, not our monkeys. They’ve been doing their own thing since day 1. ZSIS has tried to work with literally everyone on this in order to speed up progress of getting these monsters into cuffs. I’ve posted proof, I’ve posted updates. So I ask LC anons, what are you wanting said or done here?????(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 703094


>>698305 here. me and one other anon were going thru the beastforums and that anon posted this and deleted it a minute later. i've been hanging on to it just in case. i think they had an account there maybe because i went to the same page and it was all 'members only' but idk
sorry i haven't been checking up on this thread cause of all the gosh darn infighting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 703095

All of that has already been found and collected. Also Admin posted no more Woof talk.

No. 703096

i'm sure it has, sorry just wanted to clear that up.

No. 703106

No. 703138

Jim's doing a stream about the Zoosadists again after Ashley Zoe Fox tried to threaten him with a DCMA

No. 703217

How is this "derailing"? The person is just responding to someone's question, they should probably have saged though.

No. 703223

I really hope this thread doesn't start getting blackballed by weird, random and suspicious bans now that "certain person(s)" have decided to intervene with actual (unpunished) derailing and off-site drama. It's wild to me that >>702953 warrants a ban, but the bullshit and misdirection upthread that went on for paragraphs somehow does not.

No. 703227

>This video has been removed by the user.
Huh. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

No. 703288

Reupload of that stream.

No. 704972

So, any news regarding the investigation? Seems like this thread has suddenly died. I hope that the recent strange bans haven't deterred some of the posters who used to inform us here.

No. 705121

I've been wondering this as well. Ultimately it seems like the KF drama and the bans killed the thread, but I feel like we were right at the precipice of getting closure. Are any of the anons who reported them to the police still around?

No. 705226

Apparently FBI is getting involved since Snakething skipped town. His mom knows of the whole thing and she'll probably get in trouble too.

There was also another main group called The BBB, which stood for Beasty Beast Beasties. This was mentioned once in this thread but not very detailed. A lot of these people, including Kero, in the first released leak were members in this group. They all shared RLC (real life cub) content between each other via encrypted chats. RLC means both child porn and beastiality involving baby animals.

No. 705229


I mean, if you are missing zoo and want to hate yourself and the world, there's always the sick fucks over on 8chan.

No. 705311

After a very successful derail by a certain user, and some selective bans in support of him by farmhands, the thread seems to have been successfully killed. Good work, team!

No. 705312

Doubleposting to say, KF clearly wants to be the heroes in this, but when are they going to deliver?

No. 705318

Several were banned for different things, including just contacting police. FBI is involved and ongoing investigations that are known is Kero, Snake, Sangie and EliteKnight. More are being ID’d and reported. A lot of us still working on this however have pulled back to let the officers and FBI work without interferance. Also to keep from tipping off anymore since 2 people were confirmed on the run/in hiding and 1 was kicked out from their residence and have unknown whereabouts.

No. 705319

>2 people were confirmed on the run/in hiding and 1 was kicked out from their residence and have unknown whereabouts.
Please name which of them are doing this

No. 705336

Message forwarded from Snake 2 weeks ago said “Good. Packing up to run from the LAAWWWWW”. Officer confirmed that the residence, Snake’s mother’s, was vacant. Officer overlooking his investigation will be returning Monday. Snake is still active online.

Police were sent to Sangie’s home. Was unable to make contact/no one answered the door. A police report and evidence via email was submitted today. Also confirmed by a SOAR official that Sangie is not a registered sex offender and was not arrested for anything (that he could find) relating to any time of pedophile activity. Was able to find him in the database however for previous arrests. Official was however also able to confirm that the address is current, driver’s license was active and Sangie’s last contact with police was 2015, listed as a “victim”. Official is not able to tell me what for. Sangie is still active online.

Text message screenshot was forwarded of 1 of the individuals listed as a RLC suiter being kicked out from their residence. Source asked not to name who it is YET.

More will be updated when I’m actually able to say more. A lot of this is due to avoiding tip offs, police involvement and FBI.

No. 705338

Thanks for updating

No. 705340


Thank you for the update anon. Do we know if Kero is investigated?
He said he need to watch for his mental health. Is silent since that day.

I wonder if he run away too?

No. 705395

I'm honestly so disappointed in LC for this. It's fucking despicable.

No. 705461

Yes he is still under investigation. The officer in charge of his case was off duty for a few days (well deserved) and still has so much to go thru. It’s now just time and patience.

No. 705463

File: 1538844428236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 136.26 KB, 750x1334, 2BB1C8BA-075B-4EE4-A1D5-1662E9…)

Recently been in contact with Snake, Sangie and Kero’s PDs if proof is required. Will only let me upload 1 pic.

No. 705589

farmhands fucking ruin this site

No. 705701

I have been on the fence about board direction for a while, but this absolutely sucked.

No. 706328

Metokur is currently streaming, apparently they spent some time going over SnakeThing? I just tuned in, it seems like he's just rehashing the basic gist of the stuff on KF, and watching furry cringe videos. Right now he's reading out superchats of people spelling nigger creatively to get past google lmao. I can't stay and watch, maybe someone else wants to?

No. 706349

why would literally anyone waste time watching this /pol/tard's stream? what does he even have to do with this aside from his shitty video where he basically just read caps of tweets and chat logs out loud? go shill him somewhere else

No. 706388

any news on woof?

No. 706427

Wasn't shilling it, anon. Just chucked the link in thread because it's about this furfag bullshit, in case anyone wanted to watch on the rare chance he brought up something interesting, considering he's done a couple vids on this already. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 706470

at least he's reaching a bigger audience with this, not everyone has the time/stomach to wade thru these threads

No. 707269


Only warning bans have ever been issued aside from one permaban against Dyn. Don't try deceiving the farm.

No. 707576

North Bend police officer just confirmed that SnakeThing/Levi Simmons has not lived in North Bend (the residence on KF) for a year.

He is in Myrtle Point. Making contact with MPPD today.

No. 707607

OFFICER IN CHARGE OF SNAKE IS ASKING NO MORE POSTING ABOUT HIM. I'm not allowed to say what we discussed but he is asking anyone and everyone to delete and take down anything involving Snake and his family cause it's crucial to his investigation and we all don't want Snake to walk. He knows about KiwiFarms and is seriously upset of what is going on there. Please help him.

No. 707632


Good luck with taking that off the goddamn internet.

No. 707655

This entire posts sounds like a troll to try and hide his own involvement. I've never heard of a severe animal cruelty case where the police ask people not to talk about it. Doesn't make sense.

No. 707658

It's possible it's because there are minors and other family involved.

No. 707723

So, why not just redact the names/faces of innocent family members (if shown - I personally haven't seen Simmons' family members' full names or likenesses on a public platform) and leave the rest up for reference? If he already knows about KF, anything he might've done in response (like fleeing) has already happened. This seems shady.
Maybe keep all personal info and references preserved in a zip file of some sort for now, but forbid overly detailed public discussion temporarily (like Admin asking us to temporarily stop discussing Woof here)? Outright deletion is too much for too little proof that this is happening, IMO.

No. 707810

I think that's what he's asking. He doesn't want anymore publicly posted and if it's within anyone's power to remove, then do it. A HUGE development has happened and I hate I can't say what it is but it's serious enough that anything and everything that's been gathered can be in jeopardy. Please just trust this. I don't want this fucker to walk and there's already skepticism about the logs being tampered with and ''How do I know it was him and not someone posing as him?".

No. 707846

yeah, nah, not gonna happen unless police contact admin themselves.
and if they're serious about it then they will

No. 707972

I contacted admin about it the best I could.
Just hope they aren’t COMPLETE morons.

No. 708031

no, the POLICE has to contact them, otherwise any furry can pretend to be a cop and have this thread shut down to save face.
tell your "cop buddy" to send an email listing their badge number, precinct location, etc and the reason why they need it shut down. shouldnt be too hard now should it? :^)

No. 708054

First of all, this isn't KFs and coming here to ask us to delete information? Not going to happen. That's part of this site is that nothing is deleted.
I also highly doubt that the police are giving some rando on the internet investigation information. So much of what's been posted by this police informant makes NO SENSE. Use your brain.
We're not out here posting about family members or children. We're talking about animal abusers and nabbing information on them to have them pay for their crimes.
If they don't, at least we know the court of public opinion will have these humans forever regretting what they've done and being unable to escape it.
Talking about these crimes, exposing these criminals is NOT going to halt a police investigation.

Either you are completely trolling and trying to hide evidence of Snakething/ Levi Simmons being involved in animal cruelty or you're being absolutely had by another troll.

Do not stop talking about these monsters, do not stop talking about these crimes, and do not delete any information on them. HIDING information during an investigation? To help the investigation? No. No. Just no.

No. 708064

exactly, why in the fuck would the police ask some rando to contact a website, and contact them anonymously and publicly at that? they should have no problems doing that themselves. makes no sense. very sketchy.

No. 708073

Nice try

No. 708075

Is this grounds for tracing an IP? Who besides snake would post this kek
>The cop is so upset about what is going there
Haha what

No. 708084

really makes you think

No. 708121

File: 1539127144309.png (666.95 KB, 622x605, eTjR0vC.png)

No. 708122

File: 1539127162981.png (266.77 KB, 399x468, eC3FZde.png)

No. 708123

File: 1539127177330.png (372.11 KB, 605x559, ERIVpJZ (1).png)

No. 708134

spoiler this shit man

No. 708136

Mother fucker
Mother fucker
I'm so angry
Bitch has a full erection while petting a dog and forcing his face into it.
Kill this man.

No. 708205


hes made his friends list private but before he did i got a list of all his relatives

No. 708219

100 sad face emojis

This is exactly the same psychology as a pedofile. A dog can't consent and is also an effective prisoner in his home. Notice how he chose a breed which resembles furry art too. He never had pure intentions when purchasing the dog. Sick fucker

No. 708221

what an idiot, you can still track down the people who liked his public photos

No. 708263

That's what I meant. I emailed admin about contacting the police officer and that I would give them all his info to do so cause he wishes to speak with them.

No. 708269

KF posted his family's faces and the kids faces. They received death threats. That is his concern as well. If you don't believe the info, call the fucking police yourselves cause all I'm seeing is a whole lot of big talk and no action.

I've been up to my goddamn neck in this shitfest TRYING TO GET SOMETHING DONE.
I have no reason to lie. Nothing to gain. I'm trying to give as much detail as they will let me. He flat out told me I cannot disclose certain details. Again, CALL. THEM. YOURSELVES.

All he asks is that his family info is deleted, the pics are taken down, anything that can jeopardize his investigation, to be taken DOWN. I hate this fucker more then anyone can imagine and I don't want him to walk! Why is that hard to understand??? I've given proof of what I'm able to and yet there are STILL people here being all ''nah you lie''.

Fucking ridiculous.

No. 708274

Thank you for your work. I know I wouldn't have the mental strength to weed through all this.

No. 708277

If you've been following Twitter, KF and this thread, you'll know who it is.

No. 708281

fucking degenerate

No. 708286

what are you talking about? what proof? why won't the police just email admin themselves?

No. 708290


u r a retard

No. 708294

I didn't have any of the contact info while I was on the phone and in my car.

I emailed KF about what is going on and if they email me back, I can pass on the officers info so they can speak to him directly. Simple.

The officer knows of KF existing and called it a ''slanderous website'' (probably told that by others, idk) and that was the extent of his knowledge on it. If there's a way to contact the admin directly, then help me do so and I can give that info to the officer. I've said before in the early parts of this thread that I've never used KF or LC so I don't have intimate knowledge of how to contact anyone in charge.

No. 708305

>If there's a way to contact the admin directly, then help me do so and I can give that info to the officer.
Grizzly Pull up your big boy pants and join the forums and PM Null. It's not that deep lol calm down.

KF won't take down the posts but they might redact family names and edit their pictures if you ask nice enough (don't sperg). And what does KF being a 'slanderous website' have to do with interfering in the case? Snakething still molested his nephews and traded CP regardless.

No. 708309

I was banned. -__-
It literally says banned for calling the cops.

No. 708314

Wait until you get an email response or forward Null's email to the police. They can contact him that way. You're making this a lot harder than what it is.

By the way Nick Bate got arrested and convicted and none of the information about him was taken down on KF.

No. 708323

I'll have to have people on the forums get info for me to forward then since I can't get on.

I don't know who Nick Bate is.
I personally don't care if Levi's stuff is up, it's just the family being threatened that was the biggest concern. If people are making death threats against the family, how can he take anyone trying to report Snake seriously? The kids and family members' faces did not need to be up there. I tried to get that post taken down but the report was denied.

I'm trying to do what is instructed of me the best I can. I already had a hard time explaining how 1 cop wanted me to basically bait one of the accused into handing over more info. It's seriously tiring. I'm sorry I went off but I'm just frustrated over all this being asked of me and making sure no one gets away with any of what has happened.

No. 708325

I want you to reread this as many times as it takes to get through your head.
We are not KFs. We cannot (after a certain period of time) and do not delete information.
You're plight here is useless. And you still haven't answered why the police would tell you, a random person on the internet taking part in this online forum, such IMPORTANT and CRITICAL, and DELICATE information, which you could easily post about yourself.
You make no sense.
Look, good on you for trying to get people arrested, but you're literally talking to people who have nothing to do with how either of these sites are ran.
There is no information on family or kids here. Leave it alone. Leave the police alone and let them fucking work.

No. 708350

Bruh if you don't know how to find Null's email or Kiwifarm's legal email you shouldn't be helping the police. I don't know what to tell you.

I just remembered KF deleted a faildox on the ZooSadist thread. It's possible they will delete the post of Snakes family members. You sperging out isn't helping. People on the farms think you're Snake or you're trying to defend him.

No. 708351


I'm only posting what I'm allowed to say. He flat out instructed me to NOT disclose any information in our phone call except "Do your best to see if you can get the family's info taken down." and that he is trying to make sure that if Snake did do any of this, he doesn't want to risk any of the info being tainted or tossed out.

"And you still haven't answered why the police would tell you, a random person on the internet taking part in this online forum, such IMPORTANT and CRITICAL, and DELICATE information, which you could easily post about yourself."

Call. Them. Your.Self. Then.
I've been calling, emailing, doing whatever form of contact is needed short of walking in the station myself if I was actually local. If people doubt the info, then verify for your own peace of mind by calling them. There is literally no reason to lie about any of this. None of this shit is funny or a joke. I didn't know things were unable to be deleted after a certain amount of time. Again, never used LC. I've never once stopped anyone from calling to verify. Please do so.

No. 708356

I can't get on the site.
I'm having people give me the info and was given 1 email address which was just now replied to by I believe Null so I will continue on with that.

No. 708357

>instructed me to NOT disclose any information in our phone call except "Do your best to see if you can get the family's info taken down."
Except that's not what you said.
That's what you said.
YOU did not clarify yourself, making you look like you wanted everything about him deleted and hidden. You have no one to blame but yourself for people's suspicion.

No. 708363

All of this concerns KF, fix it there

No. 708367


Doing that now with Null.

No. 708371

>I can't get on the site.
TFW you aren't hiding behind nine incognito tabs.
>I'm having people give me the info and was given 1 email address which was just now replied to by I believe Null so I will continue on with that.
Make sure you clarify yourself and understand why people were suspicious of you before you send the email. Forward his email address to police too.

No. 708377

I am. I apologize for being vague. I was in a panic once he told me that everything could be tossed out. I seriously don't want that.

Forwarding Null's contact and giving the officer's contact to Null right now.

No. 708389

Yes and make sure you clarify that police only wants Snake's family taken down and explain that they have no involvement with Snake. KF will not remove his thread if that's what you want. At least ask if the family's photos can be removed and names redacted.

No. 708392

I'm going to let the officer tell Null himself so he has a direct and clear instruction of what to do instead of me playing messenger. That way nothing will be misinterpreted.

No. 708535


According to discussion on 9/22 Damaron does not appear in the leaks, but caps show he follows Glowfox on Twitter.

No. 708560

i need some clarification since both like to update a lot, is anon AZF or Grizz?

No. 708720

Well, to be honest, his family members were discussed here, because apart from animal cruelty, he's also confessed to being a pedo and collecting CP. We didn't mention them by name or posted their uncensored photos though, so the panic is unwarranted.

No. 708725

So far, it seems like random internet people are doing all the work while the police just sits back and eats popcorn. Like, wtf, why couldn't the police just contact the KF site admin themselves? I must say that this shitfest doesn't exactly inspire trust in them.

No. 708769

File: 1539174664864.png (64.28 KB, 830x1042, Screenshot_20181010-133005~2.p…)

So this is pretty offtopic but damn, Shane is going to catch some shit for collabing even though there is no way he could have known
He took it down but a mirror account still has it up and the comments are all like pic related

I wonder if he will address it

No. 708806

All of this came to light long after Shane interviewed the guy, right? He really has no obligation to address it. It's not as if he was bffs with the dude, he just interviewed him for one video.

No. 711492

Ok this " take everything down" shit is really strange, i mean i don't doubt its possible an LEO is so ignorant or incompetent he truly believes a serious accusation of child molestation with real forensic evidence that could be obtained will get thrown out due to the dreaded cyberbullies. But even if he believes that it doesn't matter.

I don't have the stomach or the patience for the full logs, but it's my understanding there's pretty much no doubt at best grooming of minors happened alongside trading/producing CP, at worst there could be multiple instances of shit far more heinous.

Those victims are gonna narc hard with the CPS investigators no doubt already involved and both parties responsible will be up the river.

I don't believe the fbi confirmed with any of these fucking tryhards that they're involved, but they are. They're gonna bring down the hammer on the obvious CP ring tangentially involved and if they can't bring charges on the zoosadists they sure as shit are going to keep tabs on them and they'll be some of the first suspects of any murders/violent sexual crimes. And personally my biggest fear is that were honestly too late to prevent that, they just were smart enough to not talk about it.

I mean this is all truly awful, however I'd really not lose all hope. The fact its come out at all is horrifying but good in the sense now we know where to start looking for more of these monsters.

All right now for some kinda blogpost/power level shit.

I was already pretty distant with the greater furry community, but i seriously can't fucking tolerate these last few ties i did have.

It made me think a lot about how as a teen furry i experienced grooming and zoophilic shit shoved down my throat. It was actually really gross and inexcusable and whereas there were at least some responsible adults in anime and stuff trying to take action about that kinda stuff in that fandom, fucking furries were more content to kek to themselves about how "stupid" minors are, and totally ignore or excuse all these fucking creeps in their midst.

So already that was a thing and now this shit? No. Fuck it. People were right and it at the very least turned into a gross and dangerous fetish community, and at the most was just always that.

Can't even see softcore furry porn anymore without kinda feeling sick. Plenty of artists draw anthro and represent themselves with animal like personas without being spergy fetishy murrypurry fucks. And that's something these "not all furry" retards i keep seeing are content to not consider, probably because they are degenerates themselves.

No. 711761

File: 1539415810557.png (467.36 KB, 960x573, degen.png)

No. 711762

File: 1539415993237.png (105.46 KB, 942x798, evil.png)

Around a month ago (during the leaks) he started getting hate. I guess he was exposed as a pedo? I haven't heard of him in the leaks though.

No. 711769

Why do pedos always have a Certain Look™ about them??

No. 711812

They're all degenerates aren't they.

No. 711922

This. Why is it taking so long?

Super misleading and suspicious.
Also we don't/aren't allowed to post/talk about people who are not involved or relevant, so what was the point in coming here then?

His mom was brought up because she fucking lets him around children. That is all.

No. 712043

File: 1539461839326.gif (8.43 MB, 576x324, giphy (1).gif)

I ventured into this thread because I thought I was going on a cringe rollercoaster but I actually found myself in hell and I feel like I must go to church tomorrow to cleanse myself even though I did nothing. This was a fucking ride holy shit

No. 712070

I think the reason this thread died down is out of feeling helpless and needing a break because this is the worst shit I've ever seen in my life and I've seen alot.

Also waiting for confirmation on arrests so it's best to lay low.

No. 712277


His handle/name does not appear in the list grepped from the logs, but KF has a thread on him.


It's not like the OP didn't include a warning.

No. 712447


Also we dont know if the information we get here is legit. I dont know but I wish there were any official statements so we can see that actually something happens!

No. 712482

Yeah I know Anon I still didn't think it would be /this/ bad.

No. 720786

So Kero is back on twitter and people are sucking his dick. I guess they don't care that he raped and killed dogs. I thought that Null was going to dox him after he would make an apologie video, what happened?

No. 720851

Who the fuck knows what that was about. Null playing hero again but in actuality doing fuck all? The appearance, at any rate, is he's/they've let this die.

No. 720897

Honestly, what the fuck is wrong with Kiwi.
They're all fucking talk but nothing to show other than bullying the world's most pitiful lolcow Chris-chan.
Nice to know that these degenerate fucks will get to run away like nothing ever happened. Then the next time they start producing more shit, it will be even harder to catch them.

No. 720988


Thanks for telling us. Can you give us relevant screenshots? I cannot see his tweets anymore! I wonder why he is hiding, when he is innocent…
(we know he isnt)

No. 720996


Kero was fully doxed before this thread was even started.


Have you looked at Animal Control recently? They have doxed 6 others, Sephius Rivendare being the most recent. There may be more threads being compiled in Proving Grounds.

A couple of months ago Null and a few others were actively helping CWC after the Idea Guys swindled him out of 6k.

No. 721004


Kero livestreamed on Monday. A Kiwi captured it and posted it.