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File: 1481073785390.jpg (190.13 KB, 561x600, Burn_Book.jpg)

No. 210611

Who are you getting the fuck sick of over on Instagram guys?

No. 210612

> Instagram

No. 210613

Pretty much all "MUA" with the same contoured face, overdrawn lips and 1kg of highlighter.

No. 210614

I love how all of their tutorials are the same makeup just with a different color lmao

No. 210615

That fucking dog filter fuck

No. 210616

Have yall seen what's happened to Brookelle McKenzie? She looks so god damn nasty now. She photoshops her nose into this pinched in Voldemort monstrosity and looks exactly like every other basic valid Vanity Planet-peddling instahoe. So sad. She had a really cute look for awhile there.

No. 210617

File: 1481154648570.jpeg (113.87 KB, 500x667, image.jpeg)

*Vapid, not valid. Obvious typo. But I miss this Brookelle.

No. 210618

File: 1481154747894.jpeg (124.01 KB, 610x610, image.jpeg)

This is her now. Nasty! Straight nasty. You ever wonder how shitty these girls must look in public? Ultimate cakeface.

No. 210619

You can tell she is very naturally pretty but yeah, outside of a photo/video and IRL, makeup that packed-on and harsh looks legitimately disgusting. Great for some fleeting internet attention though.

No. 210620

File: 1481156394672.png (172.25 KB, 750x736, IMG_8384.PNG)

fucking erikalipps triggers me every time

No. 210621

File: 1481157948617.png (170.18 KB, 600x593, moesha4.png)

extremely big and unnatural asses and people defending on their life that it's "100% genetics sweetheart"

No. 210622

After a certain size all of them start to look like they're wearing a soggy nappy full of liquid diarrhoea

No. 210623

File: 1481159283241.png (672.08 KB, 872x579, erikalipps3.PNG.29791849f6601c…)

Is there something wrong with her? She looks like a midget who might be legit retarded.

No. 210624

Isn't the point of the dog filter to be ironic? I mean, I only ever see women use it, and we DO get called "bitches", so I kind of like to think it's at least a little tongue in cheek.

No. 210625

File: 1481160741768.jpg (1.18 MB, 1440x2252, 20161207_172236.jpg)

I'm so glad she's on here I can't fucking stand her and she looks like a legit midget in this pic

No. 210626

Is this some kind of evolutionary mssing link?

No. 210627

her pants look like they're about to burst

No. 210628

File: 1481162419567.png (192.86 KB, 750x1272, IMG_8387.PNG)

she went on a rant once because her followers legitimately ask her if shes retarded lmao

No. 210629

I said in the horrible makeup thread that this girl needs her own thread bc she's a huge snowflake and she even calls herself a cow she thinks it's cute or some shit

No. 210630

File: 1481163516667.png (144.89 KB, 750x842, IMG_8388.PNG)

yeah id make a thread for her but i dont have any links besides her shitshow ig and i dont know if she has any milk beyond photoshopping herself to look like a chunky inbred devin aoki

No. 210631

File: 1481163848882.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, disgust.gif)

Holy fuck those overdrawn lips. Could you imagine what they must look like irl?

No. 210632

Even more infuriating is when guys make memes like "THIS IS WHY EVERY GIRL SHOULD SQUAT" with a pic of obvious implants…

No. 210633

File: 1481165491224.png (874.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-07-21-50-45…)

holy fuck what's wrong with her figure

No. 210634

File: 1481166232947.jpg (1.16 MB, 1432x2455, Screenshot_20161207-190211.jpg)

Could you imagine the endless possibilities of being able to shoop your body and this is what you end up producing…

No. 210635

File: 1481166457601.jpg (1.01 MB, 1440x2455, Screenshot_20161207-190529.jpg)

Also what happened to her huge fucking hips here?? They're gone???

No. 210636

She looks like one of those shitty SJW body positive drawings in the bad Tumblr art thread come to life

No. 210637

File: 1481192930908.png (1.66 MB, 1439x2468, 20161208_102724.png)

Got bored and scrolled down to when she first started posting pics of herself.

No. 210638

She used to be kinda cute

No. 210639

Seeing this chick legitimately bothers me at this point because IG keeps recommending me her fuck-ugly photos on my explore page all the time. I'm pretty sure her followers are fake because she barely gets any comments compared to her follower count.

No. 210640

before bath salts

No. 210641

File: 1481207732841.gif (713.2 KB, 500x281, tumblr_np0q5bshy41rti868o10_r1…)


like an overweight chel

No. 210642

This is… Brookelle?? Just why… She had her own look and looked gorgeous in >>210617 and she also had a Megan Fox clone period.
She doesn't even need all that makeup. Just why.

No. 210643

She has to photoshop yellow face onto herself bc in reality she doesn't even look asian despite being mixed

No. 210644

File: 1481225863638.png (1.55 MB, 1202x1126, Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 1.25…)

I really can't stand Danielle Mansutti. She's rubbed me the wrong way for quite a while but just the other day when she uploaded a Youtube video she showed that she keeps her little 10-week-old puppy locked up in a tiny dark bathroom for almost 12 hours overnight lying in its own filth :(

Here's the vid (she's already disabled the comments because everyone was calling her out and she couldn't keep up with deleting them all individually, I guess.)




No. 210645

I don't see the problem with that? Should she just let her dog shit all over the apartment?
>americans and their pathetic idol-like worship of filthy animals.

No. 210646

preach. people who own pets are gross as hell

No. 210647

No, of course not, she should obviously be taking her dog outside to piss and shit, you retard. The issue is that she is being a lazy dog owner and just letting it use pee pads and not taking it out first thing in the morning, like you're supposed to. She's not even American either, cool generalization tho.

No. 210648

It was in a pitch black room for 12 hours that's already bad, and with puppy's you crate train them in your bedroom so they can see you and not feel alone.

Yeah it's going to piss and shit everywhere but it's a fucking baby lmao like what do you expect. U don't have to like animals but she knowingly went out there and got a puppy that needs to be trained if she didn't want to deal with training it she could if just got a adult dog.

Leaving a animal in dark room with no contact for long periods will severely fuck them up lol

No. 210649

Her dog is going to eventually shit all over the apartment anyway bc keeping it in a room with wee wee pads for it to piss and shit anywhere it pleases isn't properly training the dog to got to the bathroom outside. You have to let it outside in order for it to know not to shit in the house. My dog scratches at the door when he has to go, a dog that's been going on pads it's whole life isn't going to know to do that.

Anyway, I'm more appalled that this bitch put her contacts in without washing her hands first.

No. 210650

You can get a crate. Just put the dog in a fucking crate. I have a dog and when he was a puppy we just crated him at night. Sometimes he would poop in the crate during the night, and puppy poop is soft and annoying. But dogs grow out of that when you get them on a schedule. You feed them at a certain time, you take them out right before bed and right when you get up, and they no longer have to deal with them shitting at night.

She's a lazy dog owner, end of story.

No. 210651

God, you aren't half slow. Obviously i'm well aware the girl is australian. The point is, only americans would get outraged that a person would keep their puppy in the bathroom overnight so it doesn't shit all over the place. It seems like the logical and hygenic thing to do, no?

No. 210652

Not American at all, nice try tho. The logical and hygienic thing to do is to train your dog to go outside, like everyone else has already told you. Locking it in a bathroom isn't keeping it from shitting all over her apartment obviously since her bathroom is just going to keep getting covered in shit if it's locked inside. Where's the logic in that? Stop trying to act like you know anything about raising a puppy when you obviously don't. Sage for even replying to this bait

No. 210653

I bet your house STINKS of doggy poop and piss, and your clothes are covered in animal fur. Gross.

No. 210654

I don't even own a dog, kek. Be more buttblasted about being wrong though, it's hilarious.

No. 210655

At first glance I thought yall were dogging short girls and I was like damn they're cuter tho. But holy shit that erikalipps girl is like, definitely under 4'10". Only visually confirming because I have a friend that height who's hourglass/naturally curvy (Latina genes) and even her proportions and arms aren't this bad and she basically waddles like a sausage dog lmao.

>inb4 no one curr I think this girl is legit a midget?

No. 210656

*Cute, not cuter. Before anyone gets ass blasted.

No. 210762

I've seen a girl with this much makeup on. It doesn't register as makeup at first because in non-direct/bright lighting, you wonder if she has a skin condition.

No. 210764

File: 1481250026557.png (30.94 KB, 122x155, Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 8.19…)

she pulls her eyes in photoshop to look more asian omg

No. 210766

to be honest this makeup trend in general is so shitty because everyone's face wears makeup differently. some people can pull off a full face like this without it looking ridiculously cakey because their skin and features can handle it, but now that it's popular absolutely everyone is doing it even if it doesnt suit them at all. she definitely is one of those people whose face is much more suited for natural and lightweight makeup so when she wears that literal mask of slap it just looks horrible

No. 210769

that dodge tool lmao

No. 210770


This trend of women wanting to look like Kylie Jenner is so disturbing to me, mostly because KJ is just bad plastic surgery….so everyone is wanting the same style of bad plastic surgery….


No. 210772

Does anyone have any daylight candids of someone in this kind of makeup? I'm dying to see how different it looks.

No. 210773

yoventura im pretty sure she bought her ig followers bc her fame sprung out of nowhere and the amount likes doesnt add up to the amount of followers she has 4mil although she is pretty irrelevant i know her bc we went to hs together i think she shoops her ass in some pics

No. 210774

i know this type of makeup is a huge trend rn on ig but ive never actually seen anyone with it in person im also curious as to how it would look irl

No. 210776

File: 1481251661458.jpg (33.45 KB, 500x503, 6149838165ba8b04113f42c8af2490…)

It pretty much looks like this

No. 210777

Omg I can't unsee that when I look at the full pic now I can't believe she puts out these half assed photoshopped selfies out without fearing that people are gonna see through her bullshit

No. 210781

i also cannot STAND those girls on instagram that look really dirty.. i dont know how to explain the aesthetic but they all wear 1990s-2000 style clothes have shitty stink and poke tattoos etc

No. 210797

You mean toopoor and her clique lol

No. 210806

File: 1481254101372.jpg (20.49 KB, 165x168, 20161208_192319.jpg)

Hollering bc she didn't even bother to edit the other eye in this recent pic. you can see the actual width her real eye is, and how much she dragged out the other. Just look at the difference between the length of her brows.

No. 210807

File: 1481254122051.png (836.69 KB, 721x554, riigormortis.png)


reminds me of this person whose obsessed with luna slater she's p boring tho most of them are

No. 210808

why on earth would someone post a picture of themselves like this on purpose
her lips look like the outside of a bald pussy:((

No. 210811

sry i forgot to post the link

she looks identical to another one who has a bunch of stick n pokes and short hair? i don't know their name.

also if you want to talk about dirty people on the internet check out luna's thread because she is the filthiest person and really likes to show that off.

No. 210814

Is her doorframe genetically wobby?

No. 210818

The logical thing to do would be to take the fucking dog out when she first wakes up instead of checking Instagram, making her bed & eating breakfast. At that age, and with that size of dog, she should be getting up at least once a night to take it outside.

No. 210833

File: 1481256879842.jpg (34.23 KB, 600x315, e8824c061ed392bdc5ba6e37d7f47b…)

you're probably thinking of lily @ifidieiwontcry but any of the girls in that circle of instagram could fit that description lol

No. 210835

It's a puppy for fucks sake, the poor thing shouldn't be locked in a room for over 6 hours.
Get a kennel and put it in there over night? Like wtf how is that so hard?

No. 210836

I hope deep down somewhere there is some sort of regret for what she has done to her face

No. 210837

the dots on her face are just eyeliner, she doesn't have them in other pics. everything on her arms is stick and poke though i believe

No. 210838

What is it with this trend of girls being into looking so grody? When "grunge" was in style a few years ago, it was limited to flannels, Nirvana shirt, doc martins, and blunt bangs. Why has it escalated to actually looking filthy?

No. 210848

I can imagine this one as a crippled cartoon character in a wheel chair who uses a spell and speak like stephen hawking >>210620

No. 210849

what the fuck is going on with her arm?? did she draw on her arm? It's translucent around the painting. Is this a joke, like, did someone here make this to fuck with people? this is so horrendously bad.

No. 210850

okay what in the actual fuck i used to follow this girl years ago and she was actually really cute but i had to unfollow bc she was starting to get into heavy drugs and i noticed she was just letting herself go… but wow does she look like immense shit now

No. 210871

File: 1481264227312.gif (1.51 MB, 250x250, 1479653514000.gif)

>americans and their pathetic idol-like worship of filthy animals.


No. 210884

do i not speak the truth?

No. 210897

They care more about animals than human beings tbh

No. 210898

File: 1481266192850.png (Spoiler Image,2.43 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161208-224455.png)

JadahDoll used to be such a huuuuuge cow. She got famous for her "natural" blonde ringlets and "curvy body" but she was caught lying when pictures surfaced of her with nappy hair lol. She also.lied about getting her own tv show and used to photoshop herself in pictures with celebs and post "fan made" memes which she made herself. She's toned it down but she gained a lot of weight and people called her out on it so she started to say she had a Thyroid issue which i think is a complete lie. She still photoshops heavily and now all she does on instagram is promote that shit Teami fit tea of whatever the fuck. I must admit, i moss her older cow days because there was always so much drama

No. 210922

why are people arguing about americans' sentiment toward pets in a fucking instagram thread. sorry but no one cares how you personally feel about pugs lmao shut up

No. 210923

feel free not to self post lmao

No. 210927


90% of this thread is one samefag with a hate boner agenda…just saying.

No. 211134

Omg I remember seeing this girl EVERYWHERE on instagram, and then all of a sudden seemed like she disappeared from the face of the earth. Actually totally forgot about her until now tbh…

No. 211139

She still exists but she doesn't do anything now and barely updates her youtube or instagram so she's not as famous anymore.

No. 211154

Women, and gay men. It slims your face and covers your nose which most people hate being in the picture anyway so I get why it's popular.

No. 211157

Every single teen girl at my local college has this makeup look (I'm English and it seems to be way more common here). It's almost disturbing how similar they all look.

No. 211161

This isn't so bad. Her facial expression is disgusting, though.

No. 211176

Didn't she have a thread here at one point? Sounds familiar

No. 212247

I wonder what her height is. I know someone who is 4'10 but her proportions are pretty normal.

maybe she also looks strange because she's fat as fuck.

No. 212271

You know when you can see the pants zipper being pulled out from under the cover flap that you need to fucking size up.
Those must be so uncomfortable.

Yeah, there's the same lines around her hat.
I think she shooped in the picture of the vegetables in the background to cover up what might have been an old photo of her, or maybe a mirror that would be obviously unshooped.
Why she chose a weird and tacky photo of vegetables though, I have no idea.

Also that fupa is vile.

No. 212997

File: 1481615652856.png (470.89 KB, 502x577, beans.PNG)

Don't worry, anon! Today beans got to leave the bathroom to take a selfie with Dani. Isn't she such a great dog owner? Look at how happy beans is. /s

No. 218856

Fighting_blades .. I believe her Mum is a shrink however she(TW?) "self harms" in quotes bcuz well, judge for yourself
Healingplanets .. Meg, I mean Alex- goes by they/them, nonbinary gender and is in recovery from SH,binge eating disorder and of course suffers from a list of physical illnesses, is back(she never left but changes her IG name every other week) it is quite sad that she has more cyber friends than people she knows IRL. . .
Also isn't it amazing how people disappear from IG (Livingforanswers stole pictures from someone who is ACTUALLY quite Ill and was blatantly caught)when they are called out/caught?

No. 218863

you dont have to use trigger warnings on imageboards lmfao

No. 218880

they're a speshul sjw snowflake from hms_anon

No. 219893

>> @ Anon 218863
The TW was kinda meant as a super dumb joke…

No. 219902

No. 219907

Yeah, you sure seem like an experienced imageboard user…

No. 219917

>those visible ass zits

No. 219933

You're right,new to this/this site obviously…. didn't realize you needed to be an expert sorry…(lurk more, read the rules)

No. 219942

wtf with this gross looking makeup

No. 335711

Yukibell on instagram is quite something. She started off as a normie, then tried to get famous by doing subpar cosplay and then she tried to go full gothic [which also failed] and now she smokes, became a feminist roastie who studies English literature and claims to ''be her own hell'.

She suffers from depression and is known for being unable to keep stable relationships. She's an attention whore and it's a miracle no one on lolcow mentioned her yet.

She has borderline personality disorder and does the whole 'disappearing act' every now and then hoping this'll get people to chase after her.

She's now a man-hating lonely cunt who tries to get a sense of worth from instagram likes and what not.

No. 335723

File: 1497488663299.png (1.6 MB, 1850x1176, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.03…)

when she doesn't have the grill in, she has this stupid fucking gap in her teeth–so ~edgy~.

No. 335765

nobody cares about your stupid personal vendetta, robot

No. 335828

I see sooooo many mua accounts of people who don't do shit as a mua(personal friends). How annoying.

No. 335846

She's got really attractive features. Still shows through regardless of how unconventional she makes herself. Wonder what she'd look like normie.

No. 335887

File: 1497541907575.png (106.46 KB, 275x206, 1485135323511.png)

>man-hating lonely cunt

No. 335899

This is a horrifically unattractive picture which is what confuses me about her instagram..she posts pictures that seem like she's trying to make herself look strange or ugly and then captions pictures telling people not to compare themselves to her

No. 336062

File: 1497562687201.png (1.97 MB, 984x1188, Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 5.29…)

i used to really like lily (ionofuckyou, ifidieiwontcry, etc.) and i've been following her for 5 years. she seemed to not be doing hard drugs while she was with Shane, her skin looked better and she was making and selling zines, homemade skincare, stickers and doing tattoo commissions. she doesn't seem to be producing art anymore, which is sad because i really liked the things she would make when she was with Shane. She's dating someone new now and she looks like a MESS again, her skin is breaking out and she looks rough. I'm pretty sure she's doing hard drugs again. i know she does opiates and benzos but does anyone know if she's ever done heroin/meth?

also, she recently had her 18th birthday, and she used to post a lot of revealing pictures and semi-nudes. I always thought she was my age so it's weird to know she was tattooing herself and doing opiates/getting mad fucked up and posting basically nudes at age 14 :/

No. 336064

Heroin falls under 'opiates', do you know what kind she was using?

No. 336068

nah not specifically, it's been a few years. i remember her posting about doing painkillers though, iirc. she used to be good friends with crackcrisis and they had a falling out, idk why. crackcrisis (idk her real name) was actually addicted to heroin, but i believe she's clean now

No. 336081

She was posting nude photos at age 14? No one ever tried to stop or report her?

No. 336194

ugh this girl is a fucking cornball. just another ~*hardcore junkie*~ who has never hit anything close to rock bottom and never will, as long as she stays a spoilt brat who gets her drug money from her parents.

and she looks waaay older than 18, more like mid/late 20s.

No. 336231

i don't think anyone knew she was 14 at the time, honestly. i thought she was my age and was 16 when that shit was going down and is now 21. but in her tagged instagram pictures there's a post by her mom about her 18th birthday this past april.

No. 336244

File: 1497581412688.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 1080x3036, Screenshot_2017-06-15-22-43-01…)

spoilering for large size
I have no idea whatsoever how this chick has 12k followers. I've even looked into the legitimacy of them, and supposedly only ~430 are fake. She originally was a meth head/heroin anorexic, but now she's just a chubby retard faking autism and tourettes. She often films herself "ticking" which involves spastic throwing and hand gestures, but she is perfectly fine to film it with her one hand. It makes me sick how many people follow her. She is retarded, filthy, and should honestly be put down for not having any use or purpose for constant medical assistance. Her parents seem to be okay with her never having reason to exist, seeing as how she lives at home to scream and be NEET.

No. 338465

Watching her screech and punch her own face made my whole day! Her fake tourettes is so funny

No. 338485

It's a shame she's so crazy, in her earlier pics she was actually pretty cute. Why would anyone do this to themselves?

No. 338506

File: 1497992171507.png (8.4 MB, 3343x2508, 1497991939840.png)


I can't stand her. She falls under the category that Erika Lipps is in. 41.2K followers on Instagram for being fat and having shitty fashion and makeup taste.

No. 338628

i cant stand her either, people only follow her because they're so ~woke~ and aren't ~fatphobic~. she's just another uneducated fatass that's leaching off of the whole political correctness trend.

No. 338801

gosh, she is huge! How does she get up from that squat? Someone is there to help her, or she is just rolling on the floor reaching for something?

No. 338930

I think she's actually pretty sweet, has she done anything legitimately snowflakey though?

No. 338939

the stance she's making in the first pic reminds me of urgot from lol

No. 338960

Someone I'm friends with knows her personally and she's really fucking problematic. No screenshots for their privacy, but Lashaunae was interested in them romantically
>really needy
>constant complaints about how she's always broke even though she refuses to find a job
>bitching about her mom
>bitching about how she'll kill herself if they don't respond to her

My guess is borderline but she's generally just really entitled for an unemployed whale that gets free clothes and interviews all the time lol.

No. 339089

File: 1498076216283.png (49.5 KB, 750x361, IMG_6572.PNG)

No. 339097

File: 1498076857986.png (Spoiler Image,80.48 KB, 750x723, IMG_3199.PNG)

If she's so poor then how does she afford to wear expensive clothes like this?

No. 339239

After seeing that other trainwreck, Erika Lipps or whatever in Nylon Japan, I honestly wouldn't be fucking surprised if this girl got their attention somehow. Mediocre and ugly is the new thing now.

No. 339566

I know that she has a sponsorship from UNIF, so they send her free shit all the time. Besides that, her mom entirely supports her food and clothes habit.

No. 339567

Lol she's already had interviews with Buzzfeed and a couple smaller fashion retailers/zines. The only reason she's blowing up (besides overeating) is because she has a horrible personality, which equates to companies thinking she's a CONFIDENT FEMME FAT

No. 339569

File: 1498158957447.png (41.94 KB, 750x384, IMG_3217.PNG)

luhshawnay was asking for money because her mom was gonna kick her out by the end of this month and how she's gonna be homeless but now she's okay…?

and look at this thing she reblogged today as if her outfits aren't basic and stupid

No. 339637

File: 1498168717395.png (284.36 KB, 1125x1284, IMG_3192.PNG)

this outfit is such a mess

No. 339648

File: 1498170056202.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2896x2896, 1498170036360.jpeg)

@salinalafeminista on IG, im surprised there hasn't been a thread made about her yet.

No. 339650

Is that official dg merchant? Never seen it.

No. 339653

Oh god why is she putting la virgen on underwear. That is so tacky. Who does this appeal to? Not sure cholas would dig this

No. 339664

A whole lot of people commented on that pic (the underwear one on her insta) calling her out. It's so disrespectful.

No. 339665

Is she even Latin? Sure doesn't look like it in the before picture.

No. 339726

File: 1498177517482.png (420.14 KB, 1125x1699, phonto.png)


Here's a link to this post because she types so much BS in the caption and continuing into the comments: https://instagram.com/p/BTIutRXBV5l/

Apparently she is half Mexican?? But I really doubt she is half. Maybe 25% even.

No. 339775

File: 1498182861857.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3218.PNG)

No. 339782

They're not wrong.

No. 339791

why not just lose weight

No. 339842

Wow she's half white haha I don't know why that's funny to me. She is trying too hard.

No. 339847

Then she'll loose her ig fame and money revenue. duhhh

No. 339848

right? lmao. ive never heard someone who's white passing say they're "half white".

No. 339850

>chola culture that i was immersed in

i'm sure if a real chola saw her, they'd beat her ass so quick. if you scroll down her page she was just a normal girl, then became more into the pastel goth / grunge phase, and then started doing her makeup and dressing like a piece of shit to fit into the aesthetic of being a ~woke woc feminista chola~

does she even know what being a fucking chola is? they're literally gang bangers. she just sits at home all day taking pictures with her prayer candles in front of her naked body and makes offensive clothing because it appeals to who knows who.

No. 339862

salina reminds me a lot of sunny also have mex/halfwhite (ig:godinthreepersons)
used to be kinda popular on tumblr for being so uwu soft agender pale~~~ but now is trying to renounce her whiteness and be ~*full mexicana*~

No. 339863

File: 1498196344147.png (2 MB, 1341x999, Screenshot (1).png)

I'm sick of this @jude.karda person (used to go by Sarah who got popular with constant selfies in various wigs) who is now a malnourished genderqueer artfag who's entire existence revolves around coming up with new ways to look retarded on instagram and showing up in my explore feed.

No. 339872

holy fuck thank you. I am so sick of having to gawk at this ugly stick. No brand that she models for is worth what a pig could spit. I live in her city and can see just how illegitimate her roles actually are as a "model". All lacking skills aside, she is downright one of the ugliest insects I have ever seen. She successfully turns up the contrast in most photos where her hand doesn't cover her chin, but she has an asshole jaw. Like you could hide a chain of skittles in her gross-ass chin-hole. I just can't get over her lying so fruitlessly about being an actual model. At most, she is a hobbyist amongst people who don't know the industry. Every bimbo with an iPhone in Toronto is some sort of model, this one just sticks out for being ugly in a society where saying something bad isn't allowed anymore? I hate Canada.
Gimick models are a dime a dozen, nobody seems to just actually be desirable in appearance anymore. Sorry for the rant, like you she shows up in every second suggested photo. 36,000 followers are fake/paid for, too.

No. 339963

Holy fuck, thats Sarah now? I actually used to think she was kind of cute once upon a time.

No. 340002

(half mexican/whitie here)

Of course someone who's white passing will dress and behave more "white" in their school years. It's easier to make friends, become teacher's pets, garner people's trust and a good reputation. They probably don't even realize they're trying to act "white", as opposed to being "proper" and having a clean appearance that makes life generally easier on a day to day basis. It comes down to avoiding bullies on a bare basic level. Why would anyone choose hardships if they could keep off people's radar based on hairstyle. If these girls were serious about having careers rather than efame, they'd probably still present themselves as ~white~.

Besides that there's no reason to hide or throw away a part of yourself/your family/culture. Farmhand can (blogpost) me if they want but I think there's lots of reaching in this thread. You can't prove someone is 25% versus 50% of a race and you can't fault mixed people for being "too white!!! too spick!!!"

If anything just rag on her for being a slut or a radical feminist or general shit aesthetic but mixed people will exist regardless.

No. 340080

no ones ragging on anyone just for BEING mixed. its the fact that they decide to pick and choose to only present and put forth one side of themselves while renouncing the other. plus its white passing latinxs like them that think they can speak for the entire latinx community which is frustrating for someone who is fully latinx and darker than them

No. 340247

She's not even "embracing" her family/culture/whatever. She looks like a gross dirty racist caricature of what tumblr thinks being ~chicana~ means, not what actual cholas even look like (gangster outfits / attitude, most of them shave their fucking armpits and don't wear ratty thrift store ddlg outfits).

The fact that she thinks you can't be ethnically Mexican and racially white is also hilarious and shows how little she knows about anything.

No. 340250

Who the hell puts on lipliner like that? That's so ugly.

No. 340269



Half black and white chan here and I have noticed the dark big fat ones moan the most

Mostly the women the men not as much

No. 340327

File: 1498263907236.png (619.7 KB, 531x536, dark lips.png)

oh god, you should really see her black (or anything besides pink or nude shades) lip liner. she got ragged on about it on a reddit somewhere (i remember it was posted somewhere few months ago but lost the link).

No. 340328


I don't think I ever see her hair not greasy. Does she ever shower…?

No. 340348

Was it /r/ trashy or awfuleverything?

This girl is hilarious though.

No. 340350

This is actually the worst attempt at lining lips I've ever seen. I'd expect this from a child.

No. 340431

I'm going through her Instagram and honestly, she looks like Kate Winslet's mentally ill coked out twin.

In this day and age where a lot of girls like to pretend to be a different race for whatever reason, I honestly don't even believe she's half.

No. 340498

'I was taught to do this makeup by my family and the chola culture I was immersed in'

Fucking bullshit lol. Why do these 'woke IG feminists' lie so much about everything they do? It's just an endless stream of virtue signalling and tumblr buzzword diarrhea.

No. 340767


I think she is funny and she is part of the "chola" thot group but her lifestyle is just so damn toxic and she has a lot of followers it makes me wonder what people see in here it seems all she does is smoke weed and drink all day while occasionally doing makeup.

No. 340794

on top of claiming everyone copies her kek

bitch has claimed both nyx and fucking MAC have stolen from her

No. 340886

Wait where? She's copying a lot of designers too though, lol

No. 340955

that's funny how salina and anythingforselnaaas are pretty close friends as well. can't stand both of them.

No. 340958

File: 1498367831083.png (557.65 KB, 429x530, wtf.png)

What is fashion anymore?

No. 340991

I can't stand people like salinalafeminista, especially when they disrespect religious imagery to be ~edgy~ yet at the same time they're SJWs so ofc they treat Islam like a sacred cow. Their hypocrisy makes me sick.

No. 341132

yeah its so obvious she gets a lot of her inspo from teratology who i love btw.

No. 341136

File: 1498408985431.jpg (28.19 KB, 480x480, 13266709_1005390289552057_4657…)

all hail satin, who always went on feminist rants and sjw rants, made posts about people sexualizing and pretending to be native american, just to get exposed of her pretending to be native american

pretty sure she was banned or deleted, dunno if she is a cow

No. 341258

isabellaferrada since were talking about fake cholas, she is like toopoor but latina, shes a model, not a bad one but is now also a dj and director….director of what i ask though

No. 341307

genuinely looks like my aesthetic when im browsing lolcow at this hour

No. 341312


true that teratology has better skills, though she still has the same bitchy/shitty attitude as her.

No. 341370

Omg really tho??? Why would you admit that? Which one are you

No. 341398

theres a user on PULL whose user is teratology and i wonder if its actually her lol

No. 341457

sorry I dont have the caps cuz shes deleted the posts. the nyx thing was a few months ago when nyx put a picture of graphic liner on their eyeliner packaging and called it avant garde which apparently is a concept that selena created kek. the mac accusation happened maybe last month when i think an artist for mac posted a tutorial for some simple graphic eyeliner and selena lost it. if I can find the tutorial I'll post a screenshot here later but she was reallllllyyyyy reaching with that one

No. 341554

isn't she anythingforselenaass's friend too? And their other fake chola friend rata.puta didn't even graduate highschool until recently (three years late)

No. 342762

File: 1498671536643.jpg (79.08 KB, 736x919, 476f7ef6e30b1c7bb2d48c618d2444…)

I'm so tired of seeing this Brittanie evans chick on insta. I'm pretty sure I'm the only black person that is not obsessed with her. All she does is pose in fancy clothes in her livingroom. Yea..Shes a makeup artist. But who isnt nowadays. https://www.instagram.com/brittanie_evans/

No. 342766

why the hell…? she is so pretty and doesn't do any dramatic annoying shit. shes open about her cosmetic work and contact brand. she didnt claim that irises are real like that avadelacy girl did. you might just be kind of jealous of the lifestyle

No. 342767

luhshawnay is actually one of the sweetest popular tumblr/ig girls i've ever seen. yeah her fashion/hair/makeup may be bad but they way she posts in those poses and isn't afraid to put herself out there to hundreds of thousands even though people constantly call her disgusting and inhuman makes me feel really inspired.

No. 342775

File: 1498675007358.jpeg (28.52 KB, 300x300, manicpixienightmare.jpeg)

No. 342776

The title of this thread clearly says "Who are you getting the fuck sick of over". I'm sick of seeing her.

No. 342780

I agree. She's kind, not annoying or needlessly inflammatory (unlike Erika Lipps lol) and doesn't ever get into pointless drama from what I've seen, in spite of her appearance.
I just can't hate her, honestly.

No. 342796

since we're talking about that whole fake chola group of girls what the fuck happened to c0neja?

No. 342815

She is the blonde one with the anus lips right? The one that makes the shitty earrings? At least post pics I have no doubt been blocked by most of these wannabe cholas at some point

No. 342846

cool samefag whiteknighting

>doesn't get into pointless drama from what i've seen
she literally just lied about being homeless for donations like a week ago

No. 342870

Erm anon, those posts were talking about two different girls so not sure why you're calling samefag

No. 342977

fuck thanks anon i actually hate her too lmao. (to quote studio killers, "bitch is clearly borderline") her latest aesthetic is anime inspired fakeboi, she kinda fetishizes the whole look. also the fact she's immediately and only opting for chest surgery kind of irks me, i can't help but think it's related to her very obvious ED.

also if you have seen her youtube videos, i think she has an underbite or something, she talks really weirdly

No. 342994

her nose is horrendous

No. 342996

Post screenshots you dumb bitches this is an imageboard.

No. 343117

you dont know what a samefag is
yeah, her natural african nose looked a lot better. this is the nose that made her feel confident enough to build her following so I can't hate.

No. 343214

Does instagram filter comments automatically? I saw some comment like "ugly" then it was gone later.

No. 343374

It looks like a nice button nose to me. Come on

No. 344862

If that girl really is 4'10, then her brother must be just over 5'. Poor man.

No. 345216

>what are high heels
Come on anon

No. 372423

File: 1502734608753.png (477.68 KB, 929x594, ugh.png)

Necroing an old thread but salinalafemininsta posting this kinda shit and all the people in the comments praising it pisses me off.

This bitch was complaining about size 14 models being 'too small' and obesity needing more 'representation'. 40% of American women are obese, isn't that enough depressing representation for you?! And the obesity rate rises to 48% for black Americans.

Like if you wanna help black people, why don't they talk about how obesity is linked to poverty, which is why black Americans are even more susceptible to obesity, diabetes, HA, etc?

Also love how as soon as 'riccikhoury' tags her friend, Salina immediately jumps down her throat and threatens to block her. Then the girl says she was merely trying to tag a friend to donate.

It just proves these people know what they're promoting is unhealthy, but choose to ignore it for PC virtue signalling points.

I have nothing against fat or obese people, but please stop glorifying this shit. Insulin resistance and atherosclerosis is not sexy.

No. 372437

This makes me feel ill. People I know and love are obese and diabetic and I wonder how long they have left on this earth if they don't get their act together. And the fact that people glorify this and praise it…it's fucking sick. Sorry for blogging but I HATE FA/HAES. That shit needs to die. Prominent people in the movement(s) are probably going to die soon, and they're my age/a few years older than me. It's insane!

No. 372693

anyone hear of woahhvicky ? white girl who deludes herself saying shes black, her address has been leaked


No. 372711

God, that bitch. People are so fucking stupid feeding right into her dumbass attempt at trolling to get attention.
Also learn to embed videos, anon.

No. 373136

coneja is probably the best lolcow out of that group imo. i remember looking thru her family pictures and that girl is RICH AS FUCK it's hilarious to me when a blonde white passing girl from a house with high ceilings and marble countertops is jocking this chola shit. too bad she deleted or I'd dig up screenshots.

No. 373145

It's funny you should mention she's rich, I always thought she behaved like one of those rich kid brats whose parents don't give a fuck and let their daughter go off the rails. Makes so much sense now.

No. 373687

I fucking laughed too hard sorry

No. 373722

File: 1502934573722.png (Spoiler Image,100.74 KB, 750x814, IMG_1700.PNG)

Anyone know lilith_levisis/ clare buley? super edgy borderline drama queen

No. 373736

She's beefing it out with lopholora rn because they're both special snowflakes copying each other while claiming to own said style. Lilith doesn't give much milk on her own. She's a regular photoshoping instathot copying other mentally damaged snowflakes of the same category. I swear every one of those girls swears they created the Aesthetic kek

No. 373829

Can anyone please explain to me why in gods name she has so many fans, and how she is friends with so many 'famous'-type people i honestly don't get it, she knows drewtoons and marilyn manson?

No. 373937

the thing that irritates me the most about luhshawnay is that she's entitled as fuck. she just made a gofundme to go to nyfw like last week and last time i checked she had raised like $850 of her $900 goal (meanwhile she sits on her ass with no job, no plan to go to school, nothing) and she made a bunch of posts on tumblr tonight about how she is "starving and sick" and said people need to order her pizza or a papa johns gift card. when no one did that shit because its fucking ridiculous she deleted everything and just posts "no one cares and thats coo"

who the fuck measures how much people care/how good of friends people are on how much money they throw at you? its no wonder everything in her life is shitty. her attitude is fucking terrible

No. 373947

she's slowly drying up, manson even dropped her
sage bc who cares about her photoshopped waist anymore

No. 373995

File: 1502963273068.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1383.PNG)

Not sure where else to post, but this brand claims to design their own stuff, but I found the exact same thing from another Korean brand. I'm certain they're just buying from someone else who has too much stock.


Korean one: http://www.kooding.com/Mellow-Lace-Blouse.html

No. 374007

Savvy tbh. If I had even an ounce of willingness to put in some effort I'd become a taobao reseller myself.

No. 374013

Me too actually. I wonder how it goes with bigger amounts of orders, surely it must be time consuming to redo addresses.

No. 377558

From her "LUNAMUERTE" days? when she was a chubby ~hardcore* punk working at the clinique counter?

No. 377572

File: 1503451942144.jpg (18.26 KB, 274x184, IMG_6563.JPG)

No. 380997


She's @harpiedream now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 384195

Honestly this was a cute look. I liked her better before she turned into an ~e-famous icon~ working for Terry Richardson lmfao. I think she was smoking meth back then though lol, on Tumblr she mentioned a meth addiction around that time.

No. 390041

File: 1505939332026.png (1.88 MB, 1598x1166, Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 3.45…)

uglyworldwide has already been mentioned, but bloatedandalone4evr1993 hasn't–she's a new age 'artist' who praises free-bleeding and poor hygiene. she's also the creator of lil miquela, a fake persona that people are stupid enough to believe.

(was going to make a new thread but was told just to bump this one, so let's get it cooking again. )

No. 390044

Aw, I actually really like Molly! It might be just because I followed her on tumblr back in 2012 lol but I like a lot of the digital/graphic design work she does. She doesn't really do anything that interesting, does she? I know she doesn't shave and I think is Puerto Rican so she's hairy but that's not too interesting…that's any of these white art school girl types lol

No. 390047

I dunno, something about her just rubs me the wrong way. She could be so pretty if she didn't do some of the dumb shit she does with her make-up. I'm glad to see she's starting to take care of her skin again though, it looks a lot nicer now.

No. 390050

oh god, this is reminding me of when i was a little weenie grungelord and followed people like molly, noorann matties and vivian fu. it's been a while since i've thought about her. looks like she's lost a lot of weight.

No. 390105


I had to stop following her because her body hair is her aesthetic. Every single photo: "lOoK hOw HaIrY I aM bUt iM aLsO a GRRL"
fucking stupid self indulgence.
Sage because yeah what milk can she offer other than loads of pubes

No. 390112

I can't tell if you don't know that's Molly soda or just hate her new persona but I'm feeling really old either way

No. 390204

I really like Molly, It sounds kind of middle school to say but she kind of cultivated that sea punk 2012 Tumblr look & was never really a trend hopper. Just does her thing that being said she has been doing it a VERY long time.

No. 390206

sage for samefagging
she lost weight when she quit drinking after she moved to detroit(?)

No. 391095

Hey anon, how do you know shes lil miquela?

No. 391099

i don't know where i saw the post but i remember her making a post on her instagram? maybe i should have made a sidenote that i don't have actual proof besides the post i saw and:

- even when i'm not on my explore page/gram, the two of them are ALWAYS suggested together for some reason. molly follows lil miquela and vice versa.

- other than that i literally have no proof so that's my bad!!

No. 391100

File: 1506104771080.png (1.87 MB, 1644x1168, Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 2.25…)

samefagging but they do 'photos' together too.

No. 391101

File: 1506104855977.png (40.53 KB, 1216x138, Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 2.27…)

saging this time because i just found this, but i must have seen it on here! i apologize, it definitely isn't confirmed that molly is the creator!!

No. 541812

Did she steal your boyfriend anon? Why necro an old thread for your cringey vendetta

No. 541821

She's cute.

No. 541848


No. 542615

No it's sooo easy to train your dog to go outside. Mine has had one accident in her life so far. Wow.

No. 548856

File: 1523118991149.jpg (9.14 KB, 342x342, 1515188648808.jpg)

Hope her shirt says NOPE

No. 548929

her ass and even her whole torso are vastly different depending how she shoops, I feel like she forgets what shape her ass is.

No. 549117

omfg i was waiting for some molly soda stuff. everyone treated her like some hidden gem in the early 2010s. i remember when she would make hour long videos of herself crying and call it art. she was obsessed with the Tween Scene aesthetic tried to replicate it in some short videos she had, but they were all so tacky and like not in a feel good nostalgic way. i remember when she also dated this one producer and sang in a few of his songs, her voice was so monotone.
but yeah, everyone loved her because she took photos/videos of her and her rat & did closeups of her facial, armpit, and belly hair with the flash on so it just looked really extreme.

i know someone who hit her up on okcupid once and he said she typed her messages weird.

No. 549426

forgetting molly soda even existed makes me feel so fucking OLD (even though i think i'm the same age as or younger than her lol), glad i'm not the only one who remembers that weird post-scene Everything I Do Is Art kawaii-seapunk-pastel-mess tumblr scene era from like 2010-2012 ish. i don't think molly is a cow or even much of a snowflake, idk there's something self-aware about her that i've always liked that is severely lacking in the luna/ bree types who came outta that same era.

also yeah lol she dated hot sugar for a good while right before they broke up and he went out with kitty pryde. i hate how much of this useless shit i still remember

No. 549431

File: 1523164200888.png (1.72 MB, 1180x1114, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 1.01…)

Orion Carloto. She used to strike me as absolutely beautiful, but recently I've come to hate her face.

It doesn't help that she got a book deal for being an Insta and (minor) YouTube celebrity – that's only inflated her ego further. Her "poetry" book was in the same vein as Rupi Kaur's garbage fire and predictably got lukewarm reviews at best.

She seems to think she's the next goddamn Plath since she's come out with a t-shirt reading: "DON'T GET TOO CLOSE" on the front, and "I'LL TURN YOU INTO POETRY" on the back.

She's just absolutely obnoxious, speaks with the cadence of a slam poet reading their work, and honest-to-God thinks her "art" in "all its forms" is changing people's lives. But her "art" outside of "poetry" is the same photos of coffee with some other shit-brown color thrown in, or only artsy photos of sponsored shit.

It's also always bothered me that she's only ever dated people way older than her. Her current girlfriend is in her early 30s as opposed to Orion having just turned 21. I've always felt like she dates far out of her age range (when it comes to both genders) in an effort to prove how "mature" and "worldly" she is.

No. 549434

File: 1523164272960.png (1.39 MB, 1864x1198, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 1.10…)

Pic related is her poetry shirt.

No. 549451

File: 1523165885761.jpg (126.95 KB, 937x1171, she is uh a fat cunt and is un…)

VivaDrag. Need I say more?

No. 549457

Hmmmmmm wow, without her shitty photoshop and but uggly mannequin contouring, SHE DOESN'T REALLY HAVE THAT SMALL OF A FACE

No. 549463

What's wrong with Rupi? I enjoyed her book… It's not Shakespeare, but she's pretty awesome.

No. 549509

that book is bottom of the barrel shit. quite literally the same crap regurgitated by every teen manic pixie dream girl with a tumblr account around that time.

No. 550550

File: 1523274328823.png (4.75 KB, 225x225, images (1).png)


love yourself, anon.

No. 561526

File: 1524332177566.jpg (176.78 KB, 800x1134, Screenshot_20180421-103320.jpg)

No. 561527

File: 1524332197251.jpg (426.08 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180421-082147.jpg)

No. 561529

File: 1524332401572.jpg (446.42 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180421-082151.jpg)

Yeah I'm sure. Why not record it in a notepad?

No. 568298

this is a weird thing to complain about lol it’s her instagram?? why would she avoid doing something that helps her simply because a few people don’t like it

No. 568459

Because it's stupid ana bullshit that she feels the need to broadcast to all of her followers?

No. 568464

she’s eating something every 2 hours which is pretty normal lol she doesn’t promote eating disorders by posting what she plans on eating that day

No. 568476

File: 1524959091803.jpg (29.94 KB, 1774x129, inCollage_20180428_163935093~3…)

You do have a point but generally this chick is thirsty for attention. Chugging prune juice on her ig stories, talking about being a "laxative queen" there's no way she's not posting her eating habits for attention and validation pic related

No. 568539


this chick just pisses the fuck out of me. shes always posting about her plastic surgery shit like it's some sort of accomplishment that she spends all her money on it. smh

No. 568662

Thank you! She has 0 self-awareness. She bitches daily about dumb shit her followers say to her & how much she totes doesn't let it bother her… & other mundane bullshit like how many scabs she picked into her face. She looks like a cool chick but she is clearly insufferable to everyone around her. I gather her coworkers are annoyed with her bullshit too from the way she bitches about them on her lives

No. 569468

File: 1525043996129.jpeg (637.48 KB, 2048x2048, 9670AC90-CF29-4CEA-B833-231934…)

kirstenkaye_ irks me. I don’t really know why, it’s just something about her face I think or her facial expressions rather and I get a vibe from her that she’s either just not very bright or that she possibly fried a good portion of her brain. Does anyone else get a weird vibe from her looks/posts? She always looks like an overinflated mopey children’s cartoon character.

No. 569810

File: 1525066371509.png (5.96 MB, 1125x2436, AB9B3458-E971-42FA-AEFB-A7A220…)

I was watching a live when it ended and out of curiosity I clicked on this girls live thinking she was just a nobody that was getting promoted to me bc algorithm but she has a check mark and 1.5 mill followers? She’s just a generic Mexican girl from what I can tell, I don’t think she does anything either Because googling her just brings up a few not that popping YouTube accounts. Does any one know what her deal is? You can buy followers I know but I thought getting verified on ig was kind of hard? I know on twit it’s stupid easy to get verified maybe I’m just uninformed.

No. 569831

File: 1525068899566.jpg (942.47 KB, 4000x3126, ichigoo.jpg)


acts all modest about being cute but shops like crazy and actually looks like this..

No. 569892

File: 1525075081709.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1675, 9A6EA49D-76F6-4118-A1E9-F19334…)

This creature with her absolute shit makeup and hair posts. She doesn’t deserve the following that she has (150k) when actually talented artists that don’t look like some swamp thing never get recognition for their work. Also…isn’t scene…dead?

No. 569899


Her body is so unfortunate

No. 570133

Her body is the only nice thing about her.
Lovely legs.

No. 570219

Is it bad that I think she's cute? I used to follow her so maybe I'm biased but I unfollowed because her posts are so goddamn boring/samey. If anything, I'd never guess that she was 18 looking at the pic on the right. She looks maybe 23-ish to me.

No. 570782

Why does she look like a crackhead? I always thought her u/n was a blatant ripoff of LedaMonsterBunny

No. 570789

I like her makeup but her hair, bleach. Her body is too lanky and awkward for my tastes.

No. 570805

She used to be rly popular on the internet years ago. Her internet fame probably died down and if her interaction is low it’s just dead followers.

No. 571051

She looks like she has mild Treacher Collins Syndrome. She's partially deaf, so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 571166

Michelle Phan does better nose contour than that bitch wtf

No. 571503

File: 1525224642206.jpeg (192.72 KB, 750x750, FCD1CFAC-4A14-4AB2-906D-324B20…)

i’m really, really sick of seeing yellabambi pull the same smug face in every photo

No. 571782

File: 1525263205895.jpeg (380.61 KB, 1242x2208, 1068E892-454B-4488-B895-DA74B5…)

ironically Myah made a post about how awful social media is and went and removed all her old pictures off her account but she’s known for being super ~~edgy~~ has made multiple videos where she broadcasts her god complex and acts like her shit doesn’t stink. plays second life and imvu l0l. idolizes idubbbz and tries to mimick his comedy style. also complains about people “““copying her””””

No. 571784

File: 1525263357137.jpeg (114.46 KB, 640x742, 7D351644-308D-4840-860F-E6EBA8…)

just a screen cap of her bitching about other people copying her even though she’s pretty basic besides her shitty green hair

No. 571808


All her teeth were completely fucked and she always insisted it was from not brushing them when she was younger. Tbh with the state of them that sounded like pure bullshit and I genuinely think she was doing some form of harder drugs. Between her face and hearing, and her weight, I definitely think she has something.

She always looks like she smells god awful and never washes her hair just piles extensions into it, she didn't even rebrand into more modern scene ish looks she just hasn't fucking changed at all since 2010. I remember seeing her pregnancy vlogs, and anytime I saw her post about her son, I felt really awful for him. She seems so genuinely unbothered about him.

No. 571988

@scorpioasshoe honestly needs her own thread her dad just disowned her and her nudes from her “premium snap” are all over tumblr. like there are gifs of her getting DP’d by her boyfriend and some other dude (first saw it here on lolcow somewhere in a diff cows thread but can’t find it anymore) she also is constantly complaining about money but then getting like skin treatments and lip filler lmfao

No. 572059

Lmao nigga I'm 99.90% sure this bitch used to bully me in school

No. 572061

She has her knees turned in and her ass pushed out to force a extra wide thigh gap. It makes her body look freakish.

No. 572067

File: 1525295237891.jpeg (6.97 KB, 224x224, download.jpeg)

I hate this promo pic who told her it was good. This is like the definition of fakedeep

No. 572068

She has a thread, go post these there dipshits

No. 572151

File: 1525299977494.jpg (39.57 KB, 500x666, enhanced-buzz-28352-1328551049…)

lol it's her personal instagram but it's also social media…you know, where you go to publicly share things with other people. I don't really care about offended people but her insisting her stories are just her personal food log reminds me of pic related.

>hmm? oh hello, didn't see you there. I'm just trying to remember what I'm going to eat today hehe anyway what's up?

like even if she finds the story format convenient why did she post it and not just screenshot it or something? because it's her space to "vent"? It just seems really silly and disingenuous. Not a huge deal though

No. 572154

yeah she looks like a huge bitch. she’s antipathic to me for some reason, like she tries really hard to be arty or whatever, like one day she woke up and said “i’m gonna start dyeing my hair a million colors and paint fake freckles on my face hehe”

No. 572158

File: 1525300490050.jpeg (Spoiler Image,205.08 KB, 750x849, AD05DCA1-E49D-4CAA-8CD2-2180E2…)

If you go to her boyfriend’s acc you can see how much she facetunes her face on her own.

No. 572185

isn’t this the girl that had some twitter beef with linabugz about copying her outfits recently??

No. 572187

She was bitchy from the earliest school years too lol guess nothing changed. Her fb has, or at least had a while back some pics with goofy ass Marx brows

No. 572225

File: 1525306348716.png (572.82 KB, 472x463, Capture.PNG)

Accounts like these are a dime a dozen but nicole_thenomad really bothers me for some reason. Her outfits are basic as hell and everything she posts is captioned with a shitty fakedeep quote. I remember her videos being posted on a /ck/ food gore thread a while back.

No. 573424

File: 1525420764404.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, DFB26822-3381-4210-B460-2A10D7…)

Why would she post this…? Also I want to know what she did to her face. Injections? Is her hair a weave?

No. 573449

File: 1525425788580.png (500.93 KB, 945x609, Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 3.22…)

Her hair is definitely a weave. You can see the obvious difference between her natural hair (which is probably about armpit length) and the fuzzy, frizzy horse hair she claims is hers. It's so ridiculous she thinks anyone believes those 3 feet extensions are natural.

No. 573651

All of her shoops are just disturbing and tragic.

No. 574207

You can actually see the color difference, her extensions are darker and look less ratty than her real hair on top. What did she inject into her face?

No. 574600

my untrained eye suspects just dermal fillers for her cheek/lips/jaw line possibly, but i know there is a pic in one of the TP threads that might have a before and after, or her doctor? i dont recall exactly but if you wanna find it, it's there somewhere.

No. 575015

youre right, lopholora posted a pic and she was like "no one can get beauty like a russian girl so come and get your fillers done at 'so-and-so' doctors" and then shit hit the fan because people thought she was being racist

No. 575067

who even wants to follow this boring shit? Soccer moms? Literally nothing is interesting about this woman

No. 575075

Do you guys know any influencers personally? I always wonder how much money they make (depending on follower amount)?

A girl from my high school has about 20k followers and it makes me a little salty because she was a HUGE bitch. Her and her cronies bullied another girl so bad that she had to switch schools. She posts "lifestyle" and makeup looks, and has a line of fake eyelashes that she overprices at $35/pair. No idea how much revenue she pulls in but I do wonder.

No. 575112

don’t be salty anon. 20k truly ain’t shit, i’ve seen 13 year olds with double or triple that on instagram. selling $35 lashes isn’t sustainable, can’t make a long term living off a trend. rest easy knowing she’ll most likely ride out her 15 minutes of mediocrity and fade into obscurity, eventually resorting to shilling for MLM schemes.

i’ve never known an “influencer” personally but i have met a few as mutual friends. they truly had the most wildly stereotypical personalities you can imagine, the kind of OTT fake-niceness that you can immediately tell you’re never going to have a genuine interaction with that person. they just see you as another means of gaining a following. and they always ask you to follow them.

No. 575117

A girl I went to college for makeup artistry with has about 30k, she was a bland and horribly condescending bitch and had (still has) horrible anus lip injections, and janked up microbeaded extensions that were making her bald. Her makeup was terrible instathot basic shit too. I think she ended up working for inglot where everyone is essentially like that. I don't understand it because beyond being boring as hell, her Instagram is the most basic, blonde tanned girl posting about shopping in river island and wanting to go to the beach… I don't get it lol

No. 575319

File: 1525641596176.jpeg (408.27 KB, 1242x2208, C8FCA676-DE85-4D36-82D5-1D32B6…)

who was the retard that made this account and basically cow-tipped?

No. 575344

somebody just opened up a thread about her on here as well..

No. 575355

maybe it’s because I know only the things that have been posted on here about her but she doesn’t seem like she has any milk. could be a vendetta thread possibly?

No. 575371

I feel embarrassed for having been on this page as long as I have but I’ve been reading it solely for the shock value— YOU NEED TO GET HELP. This is not normal behavior y’all are bitter as hell and it’s gonna eat at your insides why the fuck do you care what girls do on the internet it literally does not affect you- y’all are saying some dark awful shit just because you’re jealous they’re getting attention paid to them when you can’t get the same. GET A DAMN LIFE and wake up- if you wouldn’t put these things in your public profile, if you wouldn’t walk up to these women and say these creepy things to their faces then why would you contribute to this creepy ass site with this bullshit. Y’all are deeply fucked if you think this is something normal people do. Get help.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 575377

Well if other people existing on the internet doesn't affect us, what makes you think talking about them on the internet will?
Moreover, why does us talking seem to be affecting you so greatly?

I'm suspicious the girl in question isn't behind it. Nothing posted is too milky and then this whiteknight >>575371 magically appears within the hour as does a thread.

Whoever this is, we truly, madly, deeply, do not care about her LMAO.

No. 575401

If you think anything on lolcow is shocking you are very sheltered. Like, there are parts of the internet where men talk about ripping women's limbs off and raping them daily, and this is what you are upset about

No. 575433

File: 1525650935700.gif (1.01 MB, 398x480, giphy-11.gif)

Lollll this is 100% scorpioasshoe. She always uses the "say it to my face" argument. She's annoying as fuck. She had a traumatic childhood from the sounds of it tho so I can see why she's so angry and bitter all the time. She doesn't believe therapy can help her though. She gushes about her and her boyfriend "literally never fighting" but I'm sure he enables her to act like a baby by being passive. Also she looks like she doesn't have teeth when she talks. Someone commented about it to her kek

I followed her bc she's cute but I had to unfollow because of her incessant bitching. I'm here for the milk tho

No. 575435

File: 1525651206615.jpeg (7.93 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

You expose you own self online so idk how you can act surprised that people want to discuss it

And get therapy!!! It WILL help.

No. 575442

File: 1525652168569.png (132.05 KB, 359x265, 1471463797665.png)

>I'm only here for shock value
>it doesn't affect you!
>get a life
>get help

Yeah, another generic 'omg ur such bullies! why are you saying this? why can't we just be kind to each other? y'all need help y'all obsessed y'all unhealthy y'all y'all y'all' like shut the fuck up, your stanning kissass post isn't going to make everyone on the site magically realize omg she's right! shut it down shut it all down thank you so much for your post you really changed me. Why do people like you even feel the need to post this shit, it's not going to do anything.

No. 575454

Lol you're still here for the shock value? That' s why I'm still here too– to gawk at & analyze narcissistic people on the internet like you.
You really think that desperately seeking validation by putting yourself on display is a thing people strive for… that's sad
If you wouldn't put these things on your internet profile, we wouldn't be talking about them.
You are clearly the one who should get help…

Honestly tho she's not milky, just annoying. She just works, bitches on instagram, and smokes weed. Meh

No. 575461

Someone please prove to me that this is the same person. I’m in awe

No. 575464

i think she's had a nose job and a lift lip and gets lip fillers. she posts these kinds of before afters pretty often

No. 575465

File: 1525653277778.jpg (92.14 KB, 1080x1080, scorpioasshoe_31229366_2045376…)

No. 575468

File: 1525653530099.jpg (93.17 KB, 937x1171, scorpioasshoe_31262325_5467408…)

No. 575470

File: 1525653605623.jpg (162.49 KB, 1080x1080, scorpioasshoe_31463397_2009600…)


No. 575472

let this thread show yall that plastic surgery can't build you a better self image or pov. this girl should have worked on herself and then got a new face. she seems just like a huge cunt.

No. 575477

I hate her nipple tattoos they are disgusting

No. 575478

File: 1525654475053.jpg (Spoiler Image,126.22 KB, 1080x1312, scorpioasshoe_30926844_1423510…)

She's a spoopy skellington

Ok that's really cool but you're doing the exact same thing by shitting up the thread bitching about it without contributing any content.

No. 575492

I'd imagine it's a lot of boring 20somethings exactly like her kek

No. 575494

File: 1525657323838.png (628.98 KB, 795x549, aly is that you.PNG)

Just looked at a few of her followers and it seems I'm right on the money.

She sounds like a more coherent version of Aly

No. 575495

File: 1525657464364.png (743.04 KB, 789x561, girl your fucking arm.PNG)

does this bitch have a job?

No. 575506

Oh my god, she's Miss Washington.

Here's the youtube video /ck/ found

No. 575576

File: 1525662852109.png (509.36 KB, 812x599, scorpio.png)

No. 575595

Meanwhile she’s charging $5 for Instagram story shout outs. Lol

No. 575632

I read this as “clout outs” at first

No. 575637

You sure she had a lip lift? Those leave a lot of scarring, and if she did you would actually be able to see her teeth

No. 575654

my old friend used to date her, apparently shes crazy as fuck

No. 575685

people are willingly shelling out the money though and she's promoting them so idk how that's milky. if she took the money and didnt follow through, that would be different

No. 575689

File: 1525676382776.jpg (306.2 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0379.JPG)

No. 575744

in the topic of Scorpioasshoe, I like how transparent she is about everything, it's certainly something fresh among influencers. What really pissed me off though was her post how people shouldn't approach her or talk to her, she doesn't want and allow that and shit. Like "I'm just a normal anxious gorl uwu" no, you put yourself out there, you beg for attention, publish your deep long ass posts, speak up about mental health… you can't expect people to not treat you like any other influencer, you signed up for this bitch, your followers admire you… She's so fucking ungrateful. I'm not saying public people are not entitled to privacy but she was so incredibly bitchy and egoistic

No. 575803

yeah like why complain about people wanting to talk to you / "be your friend" - she wasn't complaining about people harrassing her - she was complaining about people contacting her….like what

No. 575816

File: 1525701638823.jpeg (345.69 KB, 748x1101, 5D0EB105-6F9B-4FAC-BC90-563650…)

Hope she knows how dangerous it is to stop taking medications without doctor supervision / titrating…it can really aggravate symptoms of BPD

No. 575946

mmm she probably quit taking them bc she wants to get pregnant

No. 575966

Do y’all remember seeing a girl posting one of those “self-care” twitter threads (reposted on IG) of how to get an hourglass figure/skinny waist? And her solution was to drink some dollar general laxative tea, like 3 bags at a time, 2 or three times a day every day? I was gonna find her and show her to y’all but I can’t find her IG account. All the other “self-care” IG accounts were calling her out because of how unhealthy that was and people said she looked like squidward from the episode when he ate all those krabby parties.

No. 577290

File: 1525848433445.jpg (253.12 KB, 1500x711, literally just laxatives.jpg)

AAAA i remember that!!! it showed up on my explore feed and everyone was calling her out like "bitch that's called bulimia"
i wish i could find the post

No. 577679

i remembered seeing that show up on my explore page a few days ago and i just looked it up to find it again. her ig name is korrects

No. 579456

File: 1526058693416.jpeg (657.3 KB, 1242x1388, 01E57F2C-556B-48C2-9C67-F94F32…)

daizee_xox seems like she’d be super milky however I never kept up with her aside from when she started running her shop “lovely scum” and was upselling crappy clothing and lingerie. I’m pretty sure there was some kind of scandal with her shop too but I didn’t know of lolcow back then so I have no caps. Does anyone know anything about this girl?

No. 579789

She threatened to beat up other women IRL (actually did?) and claimed to sell her company for 20,000 when the drama got too much and she wanted out. There's caps on Instagram IIRC

No. 579794

File: 1526075549688.jpeg (418.49 KB, 1242x2208, 9A71BF3F-0C06-45EA-B818-2DCDDB…)

she has a “killer” tattoo which is what was written on TJ Lanes shirt when he went to court for shooting 6 people, killing 3 and paralyzing one of them which made people go off on her

No. 585795

File: 1526530180574.jpg (607.57 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_6932.JPG)

does anyone know anything about mirellanyc? She used to be really cute but then she lost a bunch of weight and cut her hair all weird. I followed her for a bit, not really because I cared about her posts, but to see any signs of obvious drug use apart from weed. I couldn't find anything, apart from her general appearance and how she talks about only eating soylent lol. She knows Lilith levisis and I think she's good friends with Liliths sister, Rachel

No. 585804

Has she modeled for Dollskill? I've seen her face/hair before. She looks sick tbh.

No. 585815

yeah my ex dated her and my friend lived in her neighborhood in FL. i don't think she's milky, tho. hope she gets help.

No. 587880

Oh not this cunt. She’s one of Lilith levisis’s best friends.

No. 587890

ngl, I like her hair and style. But fuck me, she is scarily thin.

No. 587910

I like her. She’s more real than Lilith.

No. 587942

i can't find it right now but all i remember about her is the time she went off on someone on ig who questioned her thinness, calling them a retard and stuff. this was a while ago iirc.

No. 588006

File: 1526694425074.png (146.61 KB, 606x704, ewrty45657.png)

No. 588025

is there a cap of the girls original comment?

No. 588027

File: 1526695587429.png (80.05 KB, 618x392, ewr6te4f.png)

No. 588574

>go eat some vegetable shortening fucking cake redneck socail media retard bitch

Sounds like she's projecting. And confirming her sickness. What a voilently unhealthy response

No. 588890

File: 1526778603900.jpeg (157.54 KB, 750x1060, E4265CA4-FE49-4083-AB42-EDCD05…)

I shop on Dolls Kill a lot and I’ve never seen her there. But then again, maybe they shooped her distracting lazy eye into normalcy. She’s rivaling Paris Hilton with that thing.

No. 588895

File: 1526778875860.jpeg (Spoiler Image,199.62 KB, 750x988, E85000BC-0FAE-4256-AF6B-2894FD…)

Samefag as >>588890 just wanted to say there’s no way she “naturally” looks like this. Attached photo is practically thinspo. I’m surprised some retard on MPA hasn’t made a “mirellanyc thinspo” thread yet, especially since there’s already one for fucking Stormy of all cows.

No. 589333

File: 1526833307788.jpeg (434 KB, 1125x1799, 46255838-C8BB-4A13-B48A-89D656…)

What the fuck is with her lips

No. 589334

File: 1526833319227.jpeg (153.37 KB, 1125x857, B91441C0-C55D-4A9C-B2D0-625F55…)

No. 589350

looks like fucking john waters with that brown liner

No. 589384

Albanycope is a strange girl. I follow her for a while now and she really is mentally unstable. She also post a lot of suggestive photos.

No. 589448

File: 1526840140933.jpg (104.52 KB, 600x600, CFzSSQ8WoAAMTNI.jpg)

I googled this girl and this is an un-shopped picture (posted by someone she knows).

No. 589515

File: 1526843681694.jpeg (389.54 KB, 750x1194, EF8BFFC5-D59B-46ED-92F9-B5C4D2…)

Jesus Christ, just say you're a fucking narcissist and move on.

No. 589536

No. 589591

this is not unshooped anon

No. 589746

Oh, I can't tell. It's obviously filtered but PS editing isn't obvious to me. But she still looks super different and nowhere near this dream country girl albeit with extra busted lips she's trying to be. He face is no cute in it at all.

No. 590842

File: 1526964665431.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1763, B53051A1-2E34-4C08-8ECA-FCEE79…)

I’m tired of her airhead act

No. 590884

File: 1526971217548.jpg (418.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180522-083427_Ins…)

This one right here. Her shoops are really bad and she is a total weeb. She is a lot heavier. She has been rude to others. Claims to have had an ED. Ocassionally deletes things for her insta. She had an account know as digitalxdoll. But she got a lot of hate, so a few weeks back she changed it to angelicxdoll. For unknown reasons she got locked out of her account. Her dear friend lealolly gave her her old account who had a lot more followers (100k more than she had). After a few days she got her old account back and changed it to Pokemon.kitty. her main account she uses is angelicxdoll (lea's old account). She whines and rants a lot the last few weeks because people don't like her content.

No. 590885

File: 1526971373730.jpg (447.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180522-084240_Ins…)

No. 590896

oh my god i was wondering why this shoop monster was suddenly appearing in my feed. I think what pisses me off the most is that all that makeup and shoop doesn't even look good! If you're going to go that for overboard can't you at least make something nice

No. 590901

One thing I forgot to mention is she was selling her nudes at one point. Don't know if this was before she had a boyfriend or during.

No. 590904

File: 1526974529697.png (298.49 KB, 701x450, digidoll.png.2a867b3fb3703ead8…)

No. 590905

File: 1526974554534.png (60.08 KB, 458x720, IMG_0865.PNG.9365662fd55d7bdf4…)

This is her real face

No. 590910

tf is this bitch talking about, there's still a pretty fucking heavy filter on this thing. why does every cow think everyone else is blind as fuck?

No. 590930

File: 1526980622339.jpeg (Spoiler Image,30.6 KB, 300x400, 7ADF3F9E-3911-40A4-ABAC-D74073…)

Hah right? And no one has skin that blurred. Every single person has pores and some form of texture, no matter how small.

No. 590955

File: 1526987852315.jpeg (235.35 KB, 750x1169, 3ABE3B7B-D635-4D0D-A4A1-834D93…)

she bothers me so much she acts so woke and enlightened. here she says “nig” in her caption

No. 591097

I like how you cropped out the date so no one can tell that the picture and caption are four years old lol

No. 591194

Oh, man, I hate this bitch. I've only known about her for a couple of months, but the guru gossip thread on her is a goldmine. She's only 22 or 23, with no job and no actual goals in life? And AFAIK, she never went to college, either. So when around this time last year she decided to found her own yoga retreat despite never having trained to become a guru or anything, I audibly laughed. These rich, wanna-be-70s-hippies New York girls that think they can pretend to have an actual profession when the desire strikes them, only to abandon it within a few months, really rub me the wrong way.

I also think it's hilarious that she's now sponsored by some yoga app because she's sleeping with the founder — he's her 37-year-old "partner" that she supposedly doesn't fuck because she's asexual to appeal to Tumblr like simply_kenna. This girl is just full of so much milk tbh.

No. 591866

File: 1527080661828.jpg (Spoiler Image,476.79 KB, 1584x3368, ci8SiMe.jpg)


I'm suprised Sindy Niklasson has not been mentioned yet. She's a Swedish 24 year old self proclaimed White trash queen and Milf.

She's a narcissistic compulsive liar and hillarious hypocrite. She's a master manipulator and true scum of the earth. She lies about absolutely everything, has every diagnosis and thinks she's an influenser when in reality everyone's just following 4 the laughs of her dramatic and vulgar personality and bad photoshops. Let me know if you want more info on this girl. There's A LOT to tell.


No. 591956

She looks like the Hartley Hooligans.

No. 592356

Holy shit this post is copypasta worthy. How is she not humiliated to write and share something like this publicly? She needs attention that badly? Holy fuck this girl is a cluster B powder keg

No. 592378


Why do so many of them that get septum piercings get badly placed septum piercings?

No. 592787


Albany Cope is the daughter of English musician, Julian Cope.

For the child of a celebrity parent, she doesn't seem to be doing much besides posting self-indulgent selfies and screeds about her ~feelings~.

At the age of 27, you'd think she's have grown some ambition by now….

No. 592834

Sage for blogpost, but just wanna show appreciation for this thread. It’s important for young girls to realize that this shit is unattainable without facetune/plastic surgery. I just hope these dumb fucking trends die soon, they’re so harmful. Imagine what these ppl are gonna look like in just 5 years. Even the “body positive” people facetune and shoop so fucking much it’s hardly “body positive.” Its even worse that most of them SWEAR it’s natural.

No. 592838

I know an “insta model”/“singer” IRL. I saw her sing live once at a bar, there were maybe 15 ppl there, and between songs she literally yelled at the crowd to come closer to the “stage” (I think she was standing on a chair) and watch her. Super cringe to literally demand attention like that, there’s also a sort of emptiness about her that reminds me of the girls who used to bully me in middle school lol

No. 593242

Tell me more about Sindy. Seems like shes on drugs? But she has small kids… i dont get it.

No. 593254

File: 1527217787575.jpg (47.12 KB, 329x329, full.jpg)

it's crazy how much these Instathots can transform themselves to follow the current trends

this was from her MySpace

No. 593258

lol that's fucking hilarious. how many followers does she have?

No. 593335

~20k on insta, <1k on SoundCloud. Typical

No. 593339

Sounds like textbook narcissism. I can’t imagine what it’s like to actually think like that, expecting everyone you meet to literally worship you. I wonder if this is common among ‘influencers’ and she’s just being weirdly transparent about it?

No. 595126

holy fuck i think i know who you're talking about

No. 595133

I know a snowflake with 30k followers on instagram. She bought a bunch of them, but her account got pretty popular because she's pretty. She's the most narcissistic person I've ever met and talks about how much prettier she is than her friends when she's hanging out with them, stares at herself in the mirror for hours on end, now that her instagram has gained popularity she's saying stuff like "you're all going to regret treating me shitty!" even though she steals from her friends and mooches drugs and money off them. She's just a terrible person in general but has tons of 14 year old followers who comment about how much better she is than them because she's pretty.

No. 596564

This sounds like this mikaylaamaee girl I used to follow some time ago. All she does it post selfies and talk about how “hot” she thinks she is whilst constantly acting like everyone around her is shit and he’s everyone online for money. She went through a phase selling nudes, unsure if she’s still trying to make her way with that, and is now a “recovered” heroin addict, however I don’t buy it. Something about her still seems off, especially with how narcissistic she is, it seems like she’s still riding a high sometimes but who knows. I wish I had caps to post some milk on her because oh boy, the milk runneth free with this one but sadly I was unaware lolcow was even a thing way back when.

No. 596633

I know it was a little while ago upthread that ppl were mentioning sunny/ iratzeah (fka godinthreepersons) lumped in with salina as acting WAY more mexican than they actually are and claiming it as culture all of the sudden when they used to hide it/ acting like they've been like this the whole time. sunny was discussed more in that transtrender thread (she's like nb male or something idek) but i felt like i should put her recent fake chola story here because i used to follow her but after CONSTANT shit like this i couldn't take it. i'm mixed white/latina myself so i know what's it's like to grow up confused about your identity and shit but she straight up fucking cosplays as a cholo now (and i can't get the video to load so forgive me if it doesn't post correctly… i only ever lurk on here so i have NO clue how to get it up, it's a screen recording from my iphone, not youtube or anything). it's ridiculous especially when i knew her best as a tumblr kawaii pale softboi, total 180 and she went back to speaking normally the next time she had a story up

also while i'm here! i appreciate this thread a lot for calling girls out on their painfully fake shit (and i guess it's a good replacement since that other more specific instathot thread never got remade into anything other than the new lilith one) and i'm grateful to have enough self awareness that i don't blindly follow any of them or buy into their bullshit. as much as i'm sure many of them will find these threads (because they're narcs and google themselves regularly) and have the i can do what i want!!!! mentality, the internet works both ways and you can't complain or take back ANYTHING you were dumb enough to showcase to your millions of followers. the internet is forever, etc. keep posting shitty IG cows that piss you off! it's the only social media platform i enjoy anymore and girls like the ones posted here keep shitting it up

No. 597029

File: 1527628441254.png (536.54 KB, 989x465, Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 22.1…)

Ivy Iy on facebook got called out on her ridiculous shoop and then her and her ghetto friends sperged out and she sent this

>omg bullying :'(

>i have videos
>no videos to show on her fb
>i dont photoshop
>extremely pixelated features and incorrect anatomy lel

Ivy is my favourite nobody-cow


No. 597030

Yikes, she's one of those desperate to be loved narcissists. Like a ghetto version of Icky Vicky. I wonder if she is a self-taught neuroscientist as well lmoa

No. 597036

Holee shit. that message is hilarious, what a fucking mess. she'd freak if she found out she's mentioned on lolcow

No. 597049

Yeah its super annoying when you know them IRL and they treat you shitty because of their "following" like you only have that because you narcissistically post a million selfies a day and you have a vagina go get an education plz

No. 597337

shit sorry was lowkey drunkblogging, forgot to sage AND did not upload the vid successfully i apologize

No. 597774

File: 1527706754769.jpg (677.02 KB, 1080x2220, 20180530_205243.jpg)

This Dutch girl. She claims to be a model and what not. Claims to have had anorexia although for the past years she is obese. Also bought followers because at one time she spiked from 300 to 1000. She was infamous for a masturbation video a few years back. I looked like a carrot she was fucking herself with. But it was a red dildo. You can still find some of it on the internet if you search Cynthia wortel. After it came out she blamed her boyfriend who was suddenly a loverboy. Many believer she did it herself. She was also controversial because her best friend died, but nobody could find anything about that boy. Although they find one kid who looked like him and died, but he didn't know Cynthia from the looks of it.

After a few years she is still trying to be someone on social media but she fails. Has a really bad attitude and is an attention seeker. Her writing is atrocious (dyslexia) and her singing isn't good either.

No. 597776

File: 1527706784599.jpg (430.95 KB, 1080x2220, 20180530_205209.jpg)

No. 597778

File: 1527706933528.jpg (468.69 KB, 1080x2220, 20180530_210203.jpg)

There are a lot of thing she has done and said. Also converted to Christianity at one point.

No. 597828

There are many dumb Asians who think they can use nigga/nig just because they’re not white.

No. 597883

Oh my god she's awful and fucking filthy looking. Bas tattoos and an unfortunate face, she really shouldn't pose in her underwear. Ever, even in private. why has no one mentioned this cow before? If she has a backlog and is still cringe she could be worthy of her own thread at some point

No. 597924

Her dreads look so gross and unwashed. That face is just tragic, small and flat and square yet completely swallowed up by fat. She looks like a girl I know who has an ok personality but an extremely punchable face because her mouth is small, thin and down turned with buck teeth. This woman is too fame hungry and shallow to have a redeeming personality. If you have more on her could you make a thread for her if anyone else wants it? I'm pretty curious

No. 598073

She keeps talking about how she only wants to date Arabs and Hispanic dudes (because she's sooo brown!!!!) and keeps saying she's homophobic as a "joke" because she roleplays as a guy lol

No. 598242

Maybe I can make a thread about her in the near future. There are too many things of what happened. It goes years back. She also has her YouTube channel. Before she had her name braviour Cynthia (from a Dutch band btw, they've broken up and she was completely destroyed by them breaking up, she has a tattoo of their logo) she was known as gothic Cynthia.

No. 598246

OMFG LOL glad i'm not missing much. last thing i saw of hers was a story where she adopted a hood accent for two seconds to joke about breaking and entering into her friend's house cause they won't answer their phone. talking about "thass what you GET when you mess with me" or something like that

No. 598311

Thanks! I'll look her up.

No. 599587

File: 1527879493617.png (796.83 KB, 1355x412, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 19.5…)

Shaaanxo with and without photoshop. fml

No. 599623

never liked her attitude, way too snotty and passive aggressive for me. Not all the time, but she seems to be when she lets her 'beauty guru' act slip

No. 601456

How does one find out how many followers are fake/bought (besides engagement rate etc)?

No. 601550

google it. and read the site rules.

No. 601901

She looks better on the right. Like a human being. The left looks like a wax figure.

No. 602103

There's a thread about her already but I cannot stand slowpokecosplay


self centered attention whore, terrible cosplays, constantly praises herself for being thicc but she is flat as a pancake

No. 602787

File: 1528239081294.jpeg (646.61 KB, 2048x2048, F2D020C6-143A-4D9E-9832-293FF5…)

I hate the way that bratty.bree posts so many pictures using pro ana posing. It’s obvious she’s skinny and fragile looking and then she has to constantly pose in ways where you can see just how tiny she is whether it be squeezing parts of her body or sucking in until you can see all her bones. I genuinely think this girl might need some help.

No. 602902

I know this girl irl lol she literally looks like this

No. 602923

lol you can't be so obvious that it's you

No. 603016

Lmao WHY do people do this?

No. 605133

File: 1528469005903.jpeg (548.36 KB, 750x1104, E1369DCD-34E4-4BCB-92D7-B65892…)

@plasticandproud on instagram ….these bangs and those lips

No. 605167

She has her own thread. Tbqh I feel awfully sorry for her. She seems genuinely nice and honest, just sick. Body dysmorphic disorder is no joke

No. 605171

What I’m curious about in regards to her, however, is HOW does she pay for all of these treatments and procedures? She’s obviously not rich. Does her boyfriend pay? Parents? Is she taking out loans or using a credit card? So many questions

No. 605187

Farmhands said to post any milk about her in the IG thot thread so here we are. just wanted to sperg about her lord farquard bangs.

She used to have a “premium Snapchat” and apparently now works as a dog babysitter? She’s always promoting this one plastic surgery place in Lennsylvanja where she lives. I’ll try to find the screenshot about her bragging about her life lol

No. 605189

File: 1528472906128.jpeg (486.58 KB, 750x1180, ECBA9EEC-43A1-441F-B4AE-5EA9E7…)

No. 605313

i know the caption’s probably a joke but why even worry about repelling men when you’re already engaged? her self worth seems 100% rooted in her looks, that’s going to be a hard pill to swallow when she realizes she won’t always get to be an instagram baddie feminist with 300 surgeries. that shit catches up with you and i don’t see her aging well with her permanently angry looking nostrils and overinflated lips.

No. 605478

File: 1528492928443.jpeg (116.55 KB, 750x451, 6397661F-288C-4B21-8FB9-1CBC98…)

so edgy caption is def not a joke

No. 605564

ah i see, she lives in the tumblr alternate timeline where men “show off” their armpit hair every day. because every male i’ve ever met was definitely concerned with his armpit hair and whether it was visible or not. the dude who commented that chicks with armpit hair talk about themselves more than anyone else was 100% spot on.


this normie cunt really thinks anyone cares about her armpit hair in fucking 2018, a good five years after it became a tumblr craze not to shave them. incredible. reinventing the wheel here boys

No. 605849

This busted ass bitch is always on my explore page. Her greast,grimey slug lips are hideous. Why be proud of that?

No. 606096

lol she quit this "salaried" job today and said she might just strip instead because she's done it before.

No. 606748

File: 1528640039712.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1125x2034, 950666BF-0172-4727-BB51-E95315…)

Omg she’s copying Lilith Levisis with the hair now not another cow

No. 606896

lmao this is why she has her own thread

No. 606898

File: 1528658297716.png (189.05 KB, 750x1334, 1B83283E-F2B1-4B31-BEF5-2DA48B…)

No. 606899

File: 1528658439172.jpeg (187.84 KB, 750x990, 2C90B728-8F06-4032-BFEF-104B4B…)

No. 607239

LOL left your user and icon in

No. 607269

File: 1528694089900.jpg (393.54 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180610-221406.jpg)

Lol came here to post this but you guys are already WTFing @ it

No. 607351

she says she's just a normal girl uwu who happened to gain followers out of nowhere!! the "fame" is nothing you guys! I don't care haha! - and then she makes comebacks like "you're a nobody bitch" and shits about the profile and number of followers of this girl… Whata fake bitch

No. 607579

This bitch was talking about moving into a house and getting ready to have a baby… but quits her job randomly and decides to be a bum. Nice one, please never reproduce, you are too impulsive and irresponsible. Thank god she started her period after that pregnancy scare last month

No. 607616

can someone please do an audit of her followers, i really feel like she bought some of them….

No. 607817

No. 607819


No. 607945

File: 1528753351649.jpeg (232.13 KB, 1242x1912, 53B1E312-A1D3-4DE7-B1A3-CFDFEB…)

heres the audit

No. 608789

Don’t have screen caps bc she just spurts useless information into her story but for a few days she was convincing herself she was pregnant and almost gave herself a chemical pregnancy, insisted they needed a new house with a room for a child, went to a few showings, then got her period and never spoke of moving again. But she went on and on about how she was lucky she had a job that she could raise a child on and such but whatever, impulse has no mind

No. 609547

File: 1528907683651.jpeg (964.66 KB, 1125x1717, 93606FE1-543B-4BA3-8EC3-763504…)

WTF are those lips

No. 609548

File: 1528907736137.jpeg (852.28 KB, 1125x1182, 5B0EFA81-712F-47B3-92CD-A11229…)

Those lips are disgusting I can’t even.

No. 609567

I've only ever seen lips like this in photos of women immediately after getting a ton of lip injections–not only getting them filled a great deal, but shown within 24 hours so the swelling is still enormous. Most women with common sense would stay away from cameras until their lips looked like they belonged on a human again, though.

No. 609571

Woah do you mind explaining what you used to do this? Theres a girl in my town who does YouTube and I've been suspisiocus for a while that he followers are fake because she has 100k subscribers but just barely reaches 1000 views on every video

No. 609604

Yes but they look ridiculous as fuck people are bashing on Melanie for her lips but this stupid bitch goes over the top.

No. 609634

File: 1528913232495.jpeg (73.12 KB, 1440x810, 1512655369119-UGLYWORLDWIDE_GR…)

I cannot stand this bitch, uglyworldwide. I watched an interview with her once and she proclaimed "I'm a living meme!" Just…uuugghghgghghghghghg The tongue sticking out, bandaids, feigning tuff, the faces, the … fucking everything. She's annoying a fuckkk.

No. 609669

Honestly, I like her style. But when you look at old photos of her, you can just tell how fake and put on it is.

No. 609696

i just wish all of the conventionally attractive girls turned arthoes would go away

No. 609787

Bitch you can't get close enough to bite with them damn inflatable lips.

No. 610014

Hypeauditor.com! super easy just entered an email, confirmed it and had to wait a few minutes to get the info and it was free

No. 610776

ok I know this is old but NOBODY is gonna mention how the miquela person literally looks computer generated???? if you zoom in the skin, eyes, hair…. everything looks fake as fuck.

No. 610797

because she is. that's the point.

No. 611497

omg what the hell? I checked out her IG and it's so bizarre. I'm sorry, I never saw this before this thread. I honestly really think this is so damn creepy and I don't get it, at all.

No. 611761

File: 1529093584021.jpeg (190.07 KB, 750x1077, 23F1DFA1-950F-4DF5-A882-1C57F5…)

god this bitch is so….cringe

No. 611783

She's so manly looking, and the cartoon villain eyebrows don't help.

No. 611788

wow you can see how much she actually edits her nose in her pics, she looks so different here, I guess a surgery wasn't enough huh

No. 611789

right lmao she looks nothing like her selfies

No. 611859

fillers made her ugly wtf

No. 611900

she’s always been ugly anon just look at those before pics

No. 612551

File: 1529178439643.jpeg (369.42 KB, 750x1084, 5771AAB4-F8FC-48AC-B7DE-B7C863…)

speaking of before pics. also she’s getting her tits done in a week. porn star skin UNLOCKED

No. 612575

What I really can't stand about people like uglyworldwide is that they pride themselves on being unique and different in that they purposefully give themselves ugly features with makeup (unibrows, weird skin marks, gapped teeth, ugly fashion) and get praised for it because underneath all that they're actually attractive. Meanwhile actually ugly people are ignored because they're genuinely unattractive and that shit isn't makeup.
What's also annoying is that they're so ~unique~ but all that shit comes off when they're modeling. For sephora's shoot with uglyworldwide she looked like a normal fucking girl.

Funny how all that uniqueness disappears as soon as an opportunity is involved.

No. 612607

anyone know Lily's new insta?

No. 612615

If you’re going to rant like an incel at least sage your shit.

No. 612621


what’s the point in getting a nose job when you photoshop it smaller anyway?

No. 612646


Yeah tbh all these "weird" "alternative" insta girls seem like the type that bullied the hell out of actual "weirdo" kids back when it wasn't cool to have sharpie eyebrows, badly cut hair and clothes that look like your cousin's ugly old shit from 2001 (that you were forced to wear because you were actually poor, unlike these people who now desperately try to imitate this look with their laughably overpriced rags).


Y'all see "incels" everywhere now lol calm down.

No. 612670

It's true though, all these alt-fashion girls like to wear traditionally ugly shit and makeup and act like they're "weird" and special when they were all relatively attractive and normal a few years ago.

Lol tfw posting criticism in a hate thread makes you an incel. Chill out.

No. 612673

Straight facts. Body dysmorphia at its finest

No. 612717

File: 1529190687741.png (448.19 KB, 720x1134, 20180616_200515.png)

This bitch is everyday on my explore page and I still don't know why the fuck she is instfamous

Bitch is like a middle school version of scorpioasshoe

No. 612824

How are we supposed to know who the fuck she is when you cropped her username out?

No. 612971

If you’re crying about how it’s not fair for the uglies, you’re an incel.

No. 613480

File: 1529263926042.jpeg (188.24 KB, 750x703, 978E5954-70FB-408A-951C-DAF7AE…)

Why reply to the hate comments then…..?

No. 613834

File: 1529297346060.jpeg (255 KB, 750x1081, 12525C86-F4DE-4C45-BA5F-0EE14F…)

“iM a MoDeL!1!1!!1”

No. 613850

Jeez I used to defend her a bit especially because I’m getting some similar work done, but I guess no amount of plastic surgery can fix an ugly ass personality kek, she’s really becoming quite the cow as her confidence inflates

No. 613931

I think it's the opposite anon, she has below zero confidence
Just look at the bigger picture. She constantly gets procedures, she's fixated on her looks, makes comparisons 24/7 in desperate attempts to feel better about herself, she's skelly and clearly has an ED, she lovebombs her boyfriend to the oblivion, poses as this bad sassy bitch in the comments but everything she does screams insecure and miserable.
She brags and lies to feel a tiny bit better. If you think I'm going too far into armchair territory here, just remember how much she bragged about her job. A perfect dream job as a dog sitter, she loves it so much, how she lucked out uwu - that's what she constantly posted, and now she suddenly quits this job and she's oh so free, no bosses, she doesn't care.
She's that one friend whose life is a dumpster fire, but will tell you fake stories how great it is and make you feel bad about yourself and your own life.

Thinking how much she must hate herself makes me actually sad.

I'm pretty sure her "next stage" is sex work of some sort, mark my words.

No. 613933

File: 1529314835476.png (448.01 KB, 724x533, fdseds.png)

Anyone else sick of besta_hesta/Hester Sunshine? She kept appearing in my recommendations so I followed her and jesus christ she's annoying.

Claiming "clown fashion" doesn't make you look any better.
The shitfit she threw over someone copying her beret design was pathetic, should've ignored it. Her beret designs are all awkward "PLZ DIE", killstar-tier edgy shit, and like $45 each for a normal beret with a bit of embroidery.

She also talks like "feelin lil bit shizz 2day cuz idk" despite being a grown, married woman.

No. 613952

I haven’t done an in-depth study on this or anything, but from personal experience and what I’ve seen online I’m pretty sure that anyone who stil uses LimeCrime makeup in 2018 is a minor cow or at least a snowflake. It’s like the drama surrounding the brand helps them feel like an underdog or something, so they’ll stan it no matter how many scams and quality issues are brought to their attention.

No. 614261

this is so spot on. thanks for articulating exactly why she bothers me so much.

No. 614681

File: 1529376124754.jpeg (Spoiler Image,183.37 KB, 750x1334, 7C77AA7F-2C7E-4C6C-AE0C-BAA85A…)

her next stage is sex work

No. 614683

File: 1529376151984.jpeg (211.37 KB, 750x1334, E2FFDFCA-706D-48A8-829F-BAC21A…)

No. 614692

File: 1529378026835.jpg (236.06 KB, 634x792, tammie with an IE.jpg)

I don't see her walking children in nature

No. 614719

Sorry to sperg but really irks me when people tag shit goth that isn't goth. Wearing black does not a goth make and she's not goth. Basic bitches wearing a black choker and adidas aren't goth like they always tag themselves as, her being a bit alt isn't goth either. Nothing wrong with that, just embrace who you are without labelling it shit you're not.

No. 614722

Tootsie loo to you too anon

No. 614930

File: 1529412033315.jpeg (309.93 KB, 750x1334, C63DA735-9494-4012-90D2-4B5E8C…)

@scorpioasshoe/@plasticandproud sperging out about xxxtentacions death: image dump incoming

No. 614931

File: 1529412050948.jpeg (330.29 KB, 750x1334, AF224890-64DA-4944-9F7E-567A55…)

No. 614932

File: 1529412074156.jpeg (327.58 KB, 750x1334, 09A5B247-C818-4685-B67C-56820A…)

No. 614934

File: 1529412106011.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 4B154D76-2A3A-4F76-A773-F7F934…)

No. 614948


So she has the absolute worst, most shallow and reactionary opinion about everything.

150000 people die every day. No one escapes death, or 'deserves' to live.

dunno why she thinks this wife beating, homophobic, abusive fuck deserves "respect" just because he happened to die yesterday. how about you judge him by his deeds on earth?

she's just a dumb bitch whose only achievment is posting selfies on instagram and being able to afford to obscure her real appearance, not like her opinions matte for shit.

she's just a dumb

No. 614954

she’s getting implants soon too. that’s basically all she’s got going for her in her life lol

No. 614969

File: 1529416726912.jpeg (219.84 KB, 750x846, B2E8C772-160A-4D6F-A7F3-5B31AB…)

No. 614972

File: 1529416991102.png (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 750x1334, 6B904AA1-134E-41DC-B421-1B0BFE…)


No. 614973

File: 1529417018164.jpeg (Spoiler Image,503.13 KB, 750x1081, 71853BA9-3799-49C8-81E1-5579C3…)

No. 614974

File: 1529417048826.jpeg (Spoiler Image,710.7 KB, 750x1253, 918DE49D-C843-497C-A6B8-BFB8CD…)


No. 614975

File: 1529417080140.png (Spoiler Image,891.47 KB, 750x1334, AD211661-BE8B-4685-8F04-58F257…)


Some nice e begging too

No. 614977

File: 1529417138592.jpeg (79.57 KB, 750x293, A04F1978-76E0-4C94-84D6-253E4A…)


No. 615009

File: 1529420882746.jpeg (Spoiler Image,136.98 KB, 750x1138, 7FC38902-7E07-4713-A8F6-F28B4E…)

Have this girl on instagram called "jinxyourlife" who's real name is Adrienne.
>Goes by Jinx now since renouncing her gender and identifies as pansexual.
>Apparently she's a findom as well and always posts about sex worker rights.
>Has been bitchy to people on her story asking for advice or info about sex work.
>Has posted fully nude photos on her insta, and has reuploaded nude posts that have been taken down.
>Rumored that she also got a boob job from her grandparents for a graduation gift.
>Constantly smokes weed out of water bottles and shit.
>Always talking about purging her ghost followers.
>Makes cringy artsy posts a lot.

Posted about her in the requests thread but I guess I’ll just put her in here for now.

Incoming photo dump.

No. 615013

File: 1529420954600.jpeg (Spoiler Image,587.56 KB, 720x1280, FED3FA76-993B-4B60-AD48-34C0BD…)

No. 615015

File: 1529421007584.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, E4443AC7-C51B-42F4-BECF-C9354C…)

No. 615016

File: 1529421035666.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 41346ED0-582E-40B7-A321-490AE8…)

No. 615018

File: 1529421059351.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 1710377D-0E35-4A2B-B4C4-C8C8A6…)

No. 615019

File: 1529421088909.jpeg (223.5 KB, 720x1280, 357CE8CF-B892-496B-BA2F-706E54…)

No. 615021

File: 1529421116659.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, E0CD24D9-0F0C-49F0-AB83-29C265…)

No. 615022

File: 1529421146223.jpeg (163.19 KB, 720x1280, 40E1BBE7-398E-49AB-8A61-E6E2E4…)

No. 615023

File: 1529421199236.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 5900DC43-55B6-4B20-B811-B4D438…)

No. 615024

File: 1529421240321.png (2.17 MB, 750x1334, CC3BAD41-5139-45C1-8EE7-322324…)


Okay that’s all for now so I don’t clog up the thread

No. 615058


Lol ew, way to ruin your breasts with a fugly, generic white girl tattoo

No. 615585

File: 1529465573869.jpeg (68.21 KB, 750x827, 22C15A36-4BFD-4950-AFCB-896CB7…)

i hope she crashes and burns tbh


>no education
>no skill
>porn of her readily available by google search

can’t wait for this hooker saga

No. 615757

now she’s back to selling promos on her ig story. kek

No. 615877

big fucking lol. right, because having a sugar daddy means not ever having to "work" right? sugaring is sex work and she honestly could never. arianna, stick to "modeling" sweetie. no one is going to pay you just for your company, you are several surgeries away from that reality. and i saw the gifs of your threesome on tumblr, you can't fuck either sis

No. 615912

lol I saw that shit too. also grimy as fuck

No. 615924

File: 1529510951677.jpeg (466.18 KB, 750x1076, 39865284-BF62-4486-AE8B-42900B…)

these eyebrows…just….no

No. 616035

File: 1529522111523.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 9AF22488-E1CB-43A7-BF72-D7B775…)

No. 616036

File: 1529522145652.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, EB745228-902A-415C-8218-93DE0E…)

this girl really needs some fucking therapy lmfao, daddy issue sperg incoming

No. 616037

File: 1529522164642.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, EEA418BA-469A-4879-ABC1-B261A6…)

No. 616040

File: 1529522195280.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 396EFC39-EABA-45D8-8F52-A47370…)

wrong order

No. 616110

Scorpioasshoe is truly insufferable. At first it's refreshing to see someone on social media who is so open about everything in their life but then she just goes on and on and fucking on.

I have legitimate concerns for people who are actually willing to sit through her full ig stories.

No. 616134

>I have legitimate concerns for people who are actually willing to sit through her full ig stories.
I was just about to say that shit is long as hell
willing to guess most of her followers are just narcissistic unemployed bimbos like her though

No. 617092

File: 1529611658147.png (118.68 KB, 640x902, IMG_1602.PNG)

not sure if she's off limits in all of /snow/ or just the pro ana general, but holy fuck

No. 617410

i think she may be off limits period, but i could be wrong. her last thread was locked and she became a bannable topic. still might be bannable since she's like a fly to honey when it comes to lolcow though, so i'd be very cautious.

but wow, seeing her really made me gasp. she's still on that ghetto white trash instahoe persona with a dash of thinspo still. crazy how things never change with these girls.

No. 617429

No, they allowed a new thread but her milk was dry so the thread died and no one bothered to ressurect it. It was auto saged tho

No. 617553

File: 1529628832745.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 0B19F666-D8AB-4241-804A-A5D342…)

No. 617559


>the eyebrows at the bottom

No. 617563

get a job you loser bitch

she was just making fun of a girl for selling nudes a few days ago christ

No. 617755

i guess now she's part of the """spam community""" aka people having beef over nothing. but yeah it's mostly just badly facetuned selfies like >>617092

except we haven't seen her boyfriend for a while so i think she got dumped

No. 618294

File: 1529691179530.jpg (2.93 MB, 1920x3418, inCollage_20180622_111055781.j…)

>this outfit

This chick is straight up white trash lol

No. 618714

She makes the same fucking face in every goddamn photo from that shoot. Absolutely a joke

No. 618751

File: 1529727834297.jpeg (632.41 KB, 750x928, 597EAB57-4DAF-4794-8F57-E4C9AA…)

“iM a MoDeL!!!!11!1!!1l”
cant model
looks like a wax statue

No. 618753

File: 1529727876736.jpeg (292.18 KB, 750x634, 017F094B-DF6D-453E-9A18-80FA66…)

No. 618755

File: 1529727925983.jpeg (614.07 KB, 750x1187, AEED4714-B9D7-47D1-A5C9-0496CE…)

also she still drinks and smokes constantly. kek. good job following through sis.

No. 618870

my thing with scorpioasshoe/plasticandproud is… if you look at so many of her clothes, they are all tight and clearly made for girls with small boobs, as it is her boob tattoos poke out of a lot of things (also let's hope those don't look janky after the surgery because yikes). she is going to have to get a completely new wardrobe. Also, I don't agree with this mentality bc all boobs are fine but small boobs are "in". I just feel like she has been bragging so much about being a "model" but in reality this surgery will probably cause her to get less modeling jobs like. Especially if she is trying to stick with edgy, young companies like dollskill that really only make clothing for those of us with basically no boobs.

I don't really wanna bash her, but rather, seeing her body dysmorphia makes me sad. and I think all of this is going to catch up with her one day. She acts so overconfident now. I'm not anti-plastic surgery but really… someone getting all those procedures done has to be extremely insecure, there's no other explanation.

No. 618878

WHERE does she get the money for all of this? Without even working? Is her fam/bf rich? Is she extremely in debt? Like fuck, I work full time and am still struggling to come up with money for one or two syringes of filler

No. 618938

File: 1529746192140.jpg (488.5 KB, 1080x1232, 20180623_192958.jpg)

Anyone know who Mimi Perkins' sugar daddy is?

No. 618968


Probably various rich Arabs seeing as she has her email in the profile. Those are the only people with enough money and an actual interest for sexual services, let's be real in flying these basic thots around. Same can be said for just about every popular enough insta "model" and "personal trainer" with contact info in the profile… it's really not just for innocent "business inquiries".

No. 619029

File: 1529760170878.png (1.3 MB, 720x1084, Screenshot_2018-06-23-15-20-34…)

this is @badassnugget, I keep getting her on my explore and suggestions. Does anyone have her in theirs too ?
She's super pretty imo. Wondering if anyone of you know anything about her, she has almost 70k followers and they're probably genuine

No. 619035

File: 1529760377664.png (332.84 KB, 720x1133, Screenshot_2018-06-23-15-25-46…)

No. 619054

Reeks of self post

No. 619056

Her feed is just her selfies

No. 619101

Every time I've made a new account, this fish-eyed child is every tenth photo in my discovery. I usually block her just to avoid having those beady rat-eyes scroll along my phone. I'm shocked to hear anyone thinking she looks cute as I assumed her fanbase was all girls under 14. She looks like she has an obese case of waardenburgs

No. 619116


Why does her head look like a brick

No. 619120

File: 1529769471673.png (1.26 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-23-17-57-49…)

top kek anon I'm cackling,and reassured to know other people are fed up with her showing up everytime too

on another note I looked at her other accs and holy shit this bitch has her camera open all day or some shit, that's some next level self obsession the cap is from her spam

No. 619121

far from it anon , I find her cute but I'm annoyed at how much she pops in my suggestions
(also tbf I'm kind of envious of her self confidence, if anything people could think it's a vendetta kek)

No. 619122

dude it's called financing lol. she probably uses care credit, she's just as broke as you and she just quit her job which was her only steady source of income. she doesn't have the money to pay for the boobs upfront in full, i guarantee it. watch her try to get into sexwork to pay them off

No. 619212

File: 1529780951146.jpeg (428.58 KB, 750x1018, 5A580297-9CB4-445C-A33D-4BEC04…)

She photoshopped herself with bigger boobs. Kek.

No. 619213

File: 1529780971635.jpeg (220.5 KB, 750x706, EF3ECDB7-FD18-44C5-A9A4-BB3528…)

More of her being a fucking bitch to people in her comments

No. 619215

File: 1529781127495.png (2.72 MB, 1850x1186, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 12.0…)

Does anyone else here hate slaylonie? I don't know how she has so many followers. Her face is fucked and she social climbs.

No. 619216

File: 1529781188520.png (1.89 MB, 1128x1184, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 12.0…)

photo dumping real quick

No. 619217

File: 1529781273347.png (1.6 MB, 1612x1188, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 12.1…)

she looks so trashy

No. 619219

File: 1529781367808.png (2.61 MB, 1186x1182, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 12.1…)

Her makeup skills are awful but no one calls her out? Someone help this girl

No. 619220

File: 1529781471238.jpeg (382.69 KB, 681x1024, D54B8921-7E11-4F0F-826E-8DA64D…)

Her makeup looks like a child face painted her to look like raggedy-Ann/the Wendy’s girl. Almost comical and unnatural like clown makeup.

Those godamn black same-sized big ass freckles. Does she not own a mirror?

No. 619222

she already has her own thread

No. 619225

>interrogate me about getting a job

as if its unreasonable for them to want their 24 year old(?) granddaughter to not be a neet posting on instagram all day long kek

also how does she claim to be a model when she cant open her mouth without looking fucking hideous. she literally cant smile for a shoot

No. 619232

File: 1529782757927.jpeg (48.85 KB, 540x516, 22F1FA69-E143-4DC7-93AE-8019AE…)

No. 619235

File: 1529783110266.jpeg (36.67 KB, 750x120, 6B336915-0C38-4D62-9C8B-835E97…)

Cow crossover lmao

No. 619239

iirc she said on her story that she wished she knew what it would look like, so a follower photoshopped it for her

No. 619242


>i am small

mate u could play for the fucking NFL

No. 619255

Hi Ivy. You google yourself now?

No. 619258

File: 1529784942039.jpg (90.22 KB, 959x959, 29791557_429029510890671_81122…)

the shoop on this, im fucking peeing. can we have a thread for this dumb bitch?

No. 619259

File: 1529785033910.jpg (35.77 KB, 622x589, ha ha .jpg)

holy shit. you can see where shes used the brush tool to change her skin colour and used the erase tool to clean it up around her jawline. im fucking dying

No. 619260

who would want to look like this? she looks like she's having an allergic reaction to food.

No. 619261

this is Dakota level shooping, she must be inspired

No. 619262

I was just wondering the same thing. But if she has so much debt, doesn't that affect her credit and make her chances of getting approved? I know you can't get financing for fillers, but you can for surgery.

See tagthesponsor, lol.

No. 619266

She looks just like this coworker I had who kept reporting me to management for petty shit. This photoshop is incredible, how could she look at this and think "Yeah, this looks good, people will buy this, I'll post this"

This is probably the worst shoop I've seen all year

No. 619269

File: 1529785664884.jpg (100.98 KB, 959x959, 29791557_429029510890671_81122…)

No. 619275

File: 1529785848680.png (56.17 KB, 619x311, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 21.3…)

And she had the nerve to send this to someone who submitted her picture to a meme page, I die

No. 619313

No. 619332

Wtf how can she even deny such blatant shopping? Looks like she spent hours on it too

No. 619345

Eye and face shape shoop are really obvious. Not sure if she's had bad lip fillers or photoshopped that too but it isn't a good look.

No. 619467

but anon says she really looks like this! lmao >>602902

No. 619746

maybe it’s just me but she looks pretty small to me and doesn’t look on the short side either

No. 619849

im talking about her height, genius

No. 619968

File: 1529854580212.jpeg (427.69 KB, 750x1089, D293423D-21CF-4371-8125-808500…)

More cow cross over

No. 620049

why is there no active Arzaylea thread ? she's so milky

No. 620386

I've been wanting to post about this girl for ages. She was just telling people on her story the other day that they should have empathy for XXX's death and then proceeds to just put some mentally ill follower of hers on blast who said her surgeries made them suicidal. She makes these endless rant videos where you look up her nose the whole time trying to sound so deep and edgy and she just sounds like one of those shitty girls who would fight with teachers in high school. Her followers lick her ass as if getting a new face makes her some sort of hero.

No. 620425

File: 1529883590964.jpg (641.92 KB, 1048x1699, Screenshot_20180624-193447.jpg)

I'm getting annoyed by seeing positivemich posts on my explore. There's nothing wrong with her, I'm just so tired of seeing this type of "orange selfie of a girl with greasy makeup pulling a silly face with a quirky """relatable""" caption between their eyebrows" pic.

No. 620452

I'm so sick of seeing scorpioASSHOLE all over my explore page. She's hella ugly when after the fact that she's just getting uglier and uglier by the day

No. 620716

File: 1529901625838.png (517.86 KB, 750x1334, 8B0264B7-3F6F-45A1-AD6A-776746…)

No. 620786

would be pretty weird if a complete stranger told you they were suicidal because you’re getting the surgery they want lol

No. 620788

Why does she look like a slightly cleaner, less stinky version of lilith_levisis?

It's like she went to the surgeon and said "lemme get that crackwhore special"

No. 621004

Yeah it's weird, but honestly she didn't have to put the message out there.

No. 621087

this conceited cunt.
“it’s not flattering”? really bitch? i don’t think they’re trying to fucking flatter you, i’m pretty sure this person is just being messy and venting because while you put yourself in massive crippling debt just to get fake tits, they’re literally homeless.

like yeah receiving messages like this is weird but 1. you do not have to open them, why don’t you go read your fanmail and 2. why the fuck would you post someone’s dirt like this? idc if they direct messaged her, she’s a delusional asshole if she really thinks this person is doing anything other than being frustrated as fuck.

god. she’s so insecure.

No. 621091

samefag from above but also

>y’AlL nEeD sUpPorT sYsTeMS

ho, learn to fucking read, this person is HOMELESS. literally what “support system”??? not everyone has ten sugar daddies and a useless scrawny boyfriend who puts up with their BPD bullshit.

No. 621461

I keep wondering why her bf is w her. He must be a masochistic sub.

No. 621498

He seems like a nice, normal dude. She is aware she's a shitty partner; she mentions it often. I have yet to see any talk of self-improvement for his sake

In her ig story she said every night/early morning when she's awake and he's asleep she "gets the urge to wake him up to hang out with me even though he has work in the morning. Teehee I'm such an asshole!" Why would that even be an option. I get the feeling this is behavior she has engaged in before. What an absolute child.

She is offering to pay people to come hang out with her and bring her weed as she recovers. Why wouldn't you buy weed/edibles/etc. before the surgery? This bitch really thought she'd be hanging out with her grandparents after the surgery (like right after iirc) and able to conceal it from them. Kek

Although she did apparently go out and buy a brand new phone immediately after so…

She's going to destroy any youthful looks she has left with these procedures until she's actually old and ugly and bitter

No. 621499

File: 1529977393870.jpg (532.51 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180625-184106.jpg)

Forgot pic

No. 621516

she got the new phone before she got the new tits

No. 621520

File: 1529978687083.jpeg (538.17 KB, 750x868, 6937B815-2C42-4C51-B87A-94878A…)

can’t believe these are her eyebrows. what the actual fuck

No. 621525

cant wait to see how fucked the boob tattoos are

No. 621551

I watched her story I can’t believe she started crying because she couldn’t open an orange juice bottle. Also I’m not sure if her lisp is natural or her talking is screwed from the injections…it was unsettling… ALSO I noticed on her IG story that she’s trying to get people to download an app that gives her money from referrals and “donate” to someone….

No. 621636

I saw her sharing that person saying they have no money because they bailed someone out.. I understand wanting to help but it was completely their own fault for spending the money on a stranger lol

No. 621896

File: 1530021181499.jpeg (465.64 KB, 750x1111, 4015F971-5271-44A8-A90E-CA8EEC…)

Fucking yikes

No. 621897

File: 1530021201593.jpeg (61.48 KB, 750x329, 7C43DEAC-6205-4266-A139-CA34B3…)

Cow crossover

No. 621981

imagine thinking the pic on the right is an attractive, flattering photo and using it in a before/after like this. She looks greasy, swollen, lumpy and botched.

No. 621989

Gotta give it to her though, whoever did her nose is pretty damn skilled

No. 621992

The sad part is I understand being there and being broke and feeling completely helpless. Plasticandproud constantly brags about how much money she makes. She even said that she went $3000 more dollars in debt bc of her dog getting sick a couple months back, but now is getting skin treatments, boobs, buying new clothes every day, talking about moving, AND THEN QUITS HER FUCKING JOB. She said she’s not going to get another job she’s just gonna hustle, why the fuck wouldn’t you want to share how you’re making money with someone struggling? Just shows what an ugly, rotten heart this once beautiful girl has. Too bad you can’t put fillers in your heart

No. 622250

pretty sure she had two nose jobs

No. 622253

File: 1530046863344.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 6B5313B0-5864-496E-BD82-567643…)

Fucking Ana Chan

No. 622553

that lisp holy shit..

No. 622560

Lol she bailed on her grandparents and admitted they spent $600 to see her. What a fucking brat. Why not get surgery after the trip? Not like shes doing anything..

No. 622626

She seriously doesn’t even look like the same person. Different nose, blown up lips, looks like she got fillers to plump out those nasolabial folds, her jawline looks different, and her eyes look less hooded now. >>621989
Yeah, they definitely made her nose look entirely different from how it looked before but it still doesn’t look good in my opinion. Especially in combination with how huge and upturned her lips are becoming.

No. 622652

File: 1530086618736.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, 7B7C5AE4-21D6-4E31-B5A3-C8513A…)

Kind amazed she didn't get big nasty bolt ons

No. 622655

nailed the drag queen puke vibes

No. 622771

How can you tell so far? They look pretty big for her skeletor body

No. 622804

Imo I think her surgeries look great and she would have no following without them. I think she waaaaay overdid it on the lip fillers though. But honestly, her page show the limits of surgery. She looks good with a stiff face but when she speaks its like you can tell it's all fake

No. 623174

File: 1530147986213.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 6222B697-CC8A-44BC-8D0F-3E22EA…)

She just posted a couple clips on her IG story sobbing about her mother falling off a ladder and then proceeds to say she never really cared about her mom growing up.. And is still doing shoutouts for $$ and talking about making a private snap for her boobs

No. 623175

File: 1530148036647.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, 05E93273-98E3-4494-9B62-D3DE4D…)

No. 623198

she thinks depop is too much work kek… and “not recovered enough yet” to strip but recovered enough to make a snapchat for her unhealed boobs? what

No. 623265

why did she think that spontaneously quitting her job would benefit her life overall? and did she truly believe she could work at a strip club 3 days after getting her boobs done?? doesn’t everyone know it takes for fucking ever for that shit to fully heal??

No. 623273

I went back to work retail three days after my augmentation…you aren't in that much pain. I took Tylenol. You cant lift heavy things and opening doors is bothersome, but it's not a hard recovery

No. 623342

Retail and stripping are two incredibly different things. Stripping is incredibly hard on the body.

No. 623394

File: 1530171753554.png (482.96 KB, 593x587, Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 1.43…)

someone audit inyourdre4mz her followers go up so fast

No. 623399

So working 12-14 hour shifts on your feet carrying heavy shit and running around a huge building dealing with customers and stock isn’t hard? Fuck off with that bullshit

No. 623438

No, it's not the same as doing acrobatics and shit on a pole and using your hands to hold all your weight constantly, spinning around, climbing up etc. Are you retarded

No. 623463


don't forget that you gotta do all of that in 10 inch heels, sweating like hell trying not to slip on anything and everything while there's a headlight in your face constantly.
and you gotta deal with customers there too, and those are arguably worse.
sure it sucks when someone bitches at you because you just told them they can't return that fucking shirt, but it sucks even more to be bitched at because the customer doesn't understand the difference between a dancer and a prostitute or why you won't date them if they can get you out of there lmfao

No. 623513

okay stripper-chans, calm down. No one's personally attacking you.

welp I called it, she's gonna do some sort of sex work now. That was inevitable; but also it's nothing new for her, right? Someone posted a porn screenshot of her, I guess she's done stuff before
Also what the heck would be "patreon for her boobs"

>commit to depop

jesus christ. Good thing she can commit to breathing, that's so much work

No. 623533

she would be irrelevant without her surgeries

No. 623679

File: 1530213731351.jpeg (461.98 KB, 750x1058, 5053D8FB-00F5-4FE7-B4BA-C171F3…)

She literally looks so bad lol

No. 623682

I can’t wait for her to try and make a living off of these tits and fail… get a fucking job loser you’re in debt

No. 623787

Does she shoop her nose in her other pics? It doesn't look as plastic as it normally does. Not a button nose at all like you usually see.

No. 623790

not sure if she photoshops just know that she contours the shit out of it to begin with

No. 623881

File: 1530230675951.jpeg (Spoiler Image,421.17 KB, 1536x2048, 5D93E42F-B4EC-4025-8828-B035A5…)

She looks like Lil Aaron(spoiler images like this)

No. 623905

Not as hard as stripping after a surgery. I assume you dont work your retail job in 6 inch stilettos. Also, you said yourself you couldnt lift heavy after. You cant dance all wimpy if you want tips. I work retail and have stripper friends. They sustain far more injuries than I do on a normal day. Chill.

No. 623945

stripper conversation was over 13 hours ago move on

No. 624310

Theyre peak swollen post surgery (up to 3 weeks, then will "drop" to normal size and feel in a few months) and that bandage make it look like you have a Lego bust till the surgeon takes it off,

No. 624314

Def pole tricks are not recommended by anyone during healing period.
Also is recommended to avoid activities that can make heart rate go up much, and just leave out things that make you move your pecs and arms (like cleaning and moping the floor, doing dishes, move forniture, grocery bags, clubbing, etc) beside basic daily tasks in the first healing weeks.

Not exactly related: actually lots of surgeons advise to avoid direct pecs activities for a long while (or even never again) if you had under the muscle implants.(derailing)

No. 624441

File: 1530298222345.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, C81922BE-039A-4FE7-8DF6-B6F9D4…)

looking fake to me lol…I know they’re gonna “drop” but damn girl just looking like a basic ass thot

No. 624442

File: 1530298283745.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 9444286B-8DCE-4E70-93EA-2ACCF6…)

No. 624447

Does her underboob tat say Drake?

No. 624450

i highly doubt it lol, it’s indecipherable to me

No. 624452

I think its a mirrored photo so it's backwards in shitty cursive font

Like I feel like she's that trashy

She's gonna end up a shitty stripper who can't get tips and shell probably end up pregnant in a trailer home with some scumbag when the money runs out cuz she gets her lips filled every other day

Lol sorry for the elaboration its just all I can see for her she's so useless

No. 624453

yes, it's her little brother's name

No. 624458

how do you know her little brothers name lol

No. 624462

I followed her on tumblr and instagram before people started posting about her on here, she's said it herself I just don't have caps

No. 624463

Never in a million years would I get a tat of my little brothers name on my breast. What the fuck.
Additionally, she doesn’t even say her own name online and that’s how I know she just posted in this thread. How would anyone know her brothers name lmao

No. 624467

Do we not know her real name at all?

No. 624468

are you implying im her? if I was why in the world would I confirm my little brothers name on a site talking shit about me? She used to post a lot of personal stuff on tumblr before she deleted, I just replied since I happened to know the answer. take the tinfoil down a few notches
her name is ariana

No. 624702

>her name is ariana

Wow really I 100% pegged her for an Ashley

No. 624757

can agree with this anon that she has said it multiple times that it’s her little brothers name. i’ve watched her lives and people were asking what it said and she gave the whole backstory. And if you also scroll back you’ll see where she posted stuff with her name included in it

No. 625063

Regardless of my personal feelings toward P&P i can kind of respect the fact she got a size that made sense for her body. Much better than Eden or other cows with the huge racks that look clownish on their bodies. Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 625077

File: 1530330407186.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 35EB3C77-0AE2-4AF9-8379-AA60EC…)

should she go in the ig sexworkers thread now…lol

No. 625079

File: 1530330448111.jpeg (436.71 KB, 750x1104, FFA7441A-F4E1-4A4E-97E3-2228FE…)

No. 625082

File: 1530330585716.jpeg (94.9 KB, 750x365, DB672E1D-740A-4D77-8C2E-1E86B0…)

No. 625327

People were asking how she got enough money to get her surgeries and I commented that she is a stripper. She deleted my comment ha.
As if you couldn’t google her name and see her sex videos

No. 625330

Oh my god they are so far a part. That doesn’t change really when they drop

No. 625350

probably because she’s not currently a stripper… lol

No. 625411

She got the money from promoting Dosh. She documented this on her IG.

No. 625583

File: 1530375745730.jpg (47.7 KB, 440x426, megan_plastic_boobs.jpg)

I feel like they will look like this. Megan fox is a good example of someone with a very tight chest getting a conservative size implant. You're right, they will probably have a bit of distance.

No. 625937

She was* a stripper

Anyways, she was just talking about wishing she could dance the other day. Own up to it girl

No. 626047

File: 1530411698139.jpeg (705.22 KB, 750x1204, C69A0AE0-5B1C-4528-B372-6EB5F2…)

Has anyone else had an explore full of this narcissistic attention seeker?

No. 626114

can you take your vendetta somewhere else? you tried to make a thread on this girl with little to no explanation about what makes her a cow, now you’re bumping the thread again with zero information.

No. 626502

File: 1530474692753.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 54D6073F-9ED2-44C9-BF6D-316E1E…)

Plastic&proud on her story talking about how selling her Snapchat where she does oral fixation videos, shows her tits and ass, and takes feet pics “doesn’t count as sex work” …..

No. 626550


Um?? is she delusional? It still is considered sex work

No. 626603

File: 1530482695528.jpeg (16.69 KB, 650x324, im a real girl.jpeg)

Wow, that looks like a real doll.

No. 626679

she's always on the explore page, im not surprised she's gaining super fast.

No. 626794

lmao does she just hate sex workers or herself? maybe both? i love when girls who literally sell nudes say it’s not sex work or porn. it’s literally babby’s first taste of sex work. hardly anyone just jumps right into paid sex. i can easily see this dumbass becoming an escort within the next few months once she realizes selling herself for a few bucks over snapchat is 100% unsustainable.

No. 627296

this girl is going downhill so quick… how reckless and immature. her response to anyone who has anything negative to say about her surgeries or lifestyle is that they "stink" are poor and can't afford plastic surgery. bitch looking like she's gonna be the next Joan Rivers. seriously, her entire persona she puts on is all about her surgeries and how confident she is, when it reality everyone can see the overwhelming insecurity (not that everyone doesn't have insecurities but..) and need for help. why else would someone so young go under the knife like that SO many times? I can't wait to see what she'll look like and how she's doing in ten years when those tiddy implants leak under her muscle!

No. 627301

yah she did sex work before. There's a pic from her porn in her thread, she also worked as a stripper I suppose? She's not new to this, either way.
I think it's because it's something she wanted to leave behind, she used to be all about her old work, being a dog sitter and how it's a dream job. That's very "cute and uwu" and sex work, well, isn't that cute, is it

No. 627396

File: 1530575859340.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 1D0F358B-A4DE-45DF-86CE-274D36…)

No. 627459

yikes, that salty ego is getting bigger than the mile long space between her implants.

No. 627465

File: 1530582025058.png (227.03 KB, 1440x1094, Screenshot_20180702-203931.png)

People actually paying 30 dollars?

No. 627482

why is this stupid teenage girl wanting her snapchat? like you already read her complain for free daily…

No. 627486

yea but selling nudes/having a premium snapchat is sexwork. cam models are considered sex workers so what the fuck is this girl thinking? maybe because of her boyfriend or whatever she wants to say it's not.

No. 627792

her boyfriend had a foursome with her babytrash and her husband so i dont think he cares about it plus her passes sex work through tumblr

No. 627818

File: 1530621904139.gif (Spoiler Image,1.76 MB, 314x314, 1519165830469.gif)


No. 627820

File: 1530621986319.gif (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 332x332, 1519166056063.gif)

No. 627822

File: 1530622073180.gif (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 332x332, 1519166094771.gif)

is that….. babytrash?

No. 627844

It is

Are these really just up on the internet for free? Lmao

Wonder whose dick that is I can't imagine either of their guys to have a dick that big

No. 627942

My guess is that now that she has an actual internet presence she wants to save face as much as possible. Back when she only had 10k insta followers (and an active tumblr) she was loud and proud of doing sex worker/snapchaf/stripping stuff. Now that she has an audience that includes potential sponsors and job opportunities……
Pretty sure that’s her boyfriend, she would post pics / gifs of them on tumblr.

No. 627964

Honestly what in the fuck is kaycee doing to her appearance? She looks horrid and absolutely disgusting. She does her makeup so shitty and her eyebrows look so so fucking bad, it's like she's trying to look ill or something but it's not working.

No. 627975

if it weren't talking about alcohol, i'd be inclined to believe that message was sent by Luna.

she always moans about being broke (and "soon homeless uwu") and i bet that bitch wishes she could get her saggy egg tits fixed.

No. 628037

Image board

Now that you mention it, that sounds just like Tuna

No. 628062

File: 1530648869257.jpg (784.22 KB, 1440x1400, 20180703_131409.jpg)


No. 628067

File: 1530649010863.jpg (1.14 MB, 1439x1419, Screenshot_20180703-131648_Ins…)

Why would anybody do this to themselves?

No. 628243


>avenged sevenfold tattoo

band tattoos always age like complete shit. how embarrassing to get it somewhere so visible too.

also someone give her some sunscreen, her cheeks are fucking leathery

No. 628324

Her neck looks dirty.

No. 628328

File: 1530670597767.jpg (142.3 KB, 1007x1259, babytrash_29739147_14844739265…)

No. 628333

File: 1530671006596.jpg (3.17 MB, 1920x2400, inCollage_20180703_192341855.j…)


No. 628337

File: 1530671710707.jpg (388.38 KB, 800x1251, 20180703_193539.jpg)

This sounds like annoying teenager bullshit

No. 628343

I can't decide what's worse: that flat mom ass or that sad deflated boob. They both look like middle aged women desperately trying to be cool.

No. 628356

>lol gave myself a concussion, so 3dgy, why do I do this tee hee?

No. 628522

File: 1530696395085.png (64.33 KB, 840x298, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 2.24…)

Less than a year ago. ~Totally~ not sex work guys

No. 628526

File: 1530696717762.png (71.75 KB, 1012x444, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 2.31…)

I wonder if she regrets posting so much shit on tumblr

No. 629166

this was only six months ago. lol. pathetic.

No. 629205

File: 1530767340596.jpeg (505.25 KB, 750x1103, 9C0468E7-44F1-49F4-B42B-BB7745…)

Am I the only one who thinks they look weirdly crooked lmao

No. 629237

boobs are naturally uneven, usually up to a cup size difference. a good plastic surgeon will encourage their patient to have uneven breasts because it looks more natural

No. 629330

A plastic surgeon would make them crooked on purpose? That's some bullshit plenty of people have even tits (including myself) I don't think a doctor would make them unevn on purpose that's ridiculous

No. 629388

There is a big difference between different sized boobs and crooked ones.

No. 629463

File: 1530808883196.jpg (177.14 KB, 800x512, 20180705_094030.jpg)

Reminds me of pic related kek

Where have you heard that plastic surgeons strive for asymmetry bc it's more realistic?? The fuck… my titties are the same size praise the lord!!!

No. 629465

I wonder how much pain medication she's on. I can kinda see her becoming addicted

No. 629476

File: 1530810544518.jpg (294.08 KB, 1280x960, 1733156c-4659-4182-a2e9-5c1263…)


Here's an old pic to really drive the point home

No. 629491

File: 1530812054413.jpg (2.63 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180705_102801601.j…)

She got too clouty imo. Got carried away looking at her archives

No. 629493

File: 1530812516622.png (1.43 MB, 750x910, Image-1.png)

She's mentioned she recovered from anorexia so props on that she has a nice healthy looking body now I guess

She's much more suited for a subdued look like this
Some of her make up choices are just so poorly executed like the splatter freckles
But to be fair I don't think the shaved head is that bad on her its not like this previous look was doing her any favors

No. 629494

File: 1530812569730.jpg (332.63 KB, 750x639, IMG_7348.jpg)

Screen cap of her looking like and being trashed

No. 629926

File: 1530847892509.jpg (493.08 KB, 750x1071, IMG_7364.jpg)

Why does she overdraw her already giant lip flaps? Is it a clown look?

No. 629929

File: 1530848199981.png (1.28 MB, 750x856, Image-1(2).png)

I started hate following her and she really does post every stupid thought her ass of a brain farts out

She seems "serious" about this though saying she's going gl see if her doctor will do it when she goes to get her frankentits stitches out "if she has enough fat on her body to transfer"

This girl is pretty milky, why does she have a thread again?

No. 629976

I think she’s just addicted to plastic surgery. She does have a thread somewhere. Farmhands said to post milk here.

No. 630055

She mentioned on her story that the surgeon made them uneven on purpose to make her left(?) tit the same size as the right(?). Something about how it’ll look the same size as they drop. Looks like that may have backfired

No. 630210

I noticed that too! In photos wear she has lipstick on she still overlines her lips. Like for what reason? It already doesn’t help that it looks like she has no teeth everytime she speaks, straight up reminds me of a meth addict

No. 630250

File: 1530892158058.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, A33FC48F-D39C-4226-A1DA-0C7301…)

What could she POSSIBLY say that she hasn’t already said lol

No. 630254

Her Snapchat sounds so obnoxious why would people pay for that?

Why can't we just post in her thread?

No. 630267

No. 630355

This vapid bitch actually thinks people care

No. 630630

File: 1530932977420.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 71DC64BB-E76E-4F4A-82B2-A7BF84…)

The thread is locked. So.

This girl is just peak insecure IG thot

No. 630663

A fat transfer is pretty expensive, how does she afford this right after getting her boobs done? Mine cost 12k. Does her boyfriend pay for all of this, or does she get a loan or something?
My tinfoil is telling me she's just getting Juvederm or whatever fillers which is loads cheaper and saying its a fat transfer.

No. 630674

Pretty sure she just takes out loans. It’s hilarious how she JUST got her boobs done and is already focusing on her next procedure. Classic cow behavior. Still don’t understand why her thread is locked in the first place. The last 100 or so posts in this thread have been about her lol.

No. 630676

she paid for her nose job with a payment plan on a credit card and i imagine she used the money she got from dosh, now that she isn’t working i have no clue how she’d pay for a fat transfer

No. 630680

File: 1530937746846.jpeg (519.01 KB, 750x1081, D7DC4FB1-24E3-43B7-98DD-474C55…)

Validate me please

No. 630682

File: 1530937801652.jpeg (131.65 KB, 750x646, 7D1CCFE4-E53B-491F-AFDF-07741C…)

She posted a bunch of fan art of her and this was in the comments like why even bother responding if you’re just going to be rude

No. 630685

File: 1530937845612.jpeg (82.62 KB, 750x249, DEA7BAA8-B40B-4BC3-A820-582239…)

In reply to this comment someone else basically said exactly what I was thinking lol.

No. 630691

I love that eyebrow shape and how it looks with short bangs but she looks like peak tumblr. And the "validate me" sounds soo much like luna

No. 630692

her eyebrows look like super villain brows and her bangs look like she cut them herself while trapped in a padded room in the psych ward with no mirror but to each their own i guess

No. 630706

she doesn’t need more surgery, she needs therapy. seriously, this is sad. the only good surgical decision she’s made was her nose job and even so, her nose is still ugly with those massive nostrils.

No. 630719

File: 1530942363602.png (838.94 KB, 720x852, wp_ss_20180707_0005 (2).png)

When you have control over the makeup and angles

No. 630720

File: 1530942404911.png (669.34 KB, 720x888, wp_ss_20180707_0006 (2).png)


When you don't have control over the makeup and angles

No. 630722

Incidentally, it must be tiring for companies who hire Instagram models for photoshoots and a completely different person turns up than they were expecting.

No. 630763

she looks stunning in both instances, what are you on about?

No. 630767

I feel sorry for the people wherever you live if >>630720
Is stunning to you. It's a 5.5/10.

Point being her face shape, lip shape, eye shape is so different to the photos she takes herself she's basically a catfish. Face shape is long and oval with small round eyes and normal lips. All her photos are taken from below to shorten +widen the head and make the eyes more sultry and lips fuller.

Hope you're happy I had to womansplain a completely obvious post to you

No. 630770

Btw I'm not implying you're ugly, rather the people you are used to seeing are. If she walks into a shop or gets on a train are you gonna gasp? You're not gonna think anything, completely average. Unless everyone you're used to seeing looks a lot worse

No. 630775


Despite the fact they’re a bit uneven, I think she chose a good size. They fit her body well and I think once they’re all healed up they’ll look pretty natural. BUT knowing her nature, I am almost positive in a few years she’s gonna go huge and obnoxious with them and fuck them up

No. 630798

I get you anon but obviously without the clownish makeup she'll look like a normal person. Like… duh. I think she looks idiotic while in >>630720 she's cute. Very delicate face structure, she needs lipstick though.

No. 630821

her nose job ain’t great and she’s very aware of that i think, considering she still facetunes it. it still has that weird snarl-y villain look from profile view because of the shape of her nostrils.

No. 630937

File: 1530977959942.jpeg (227.11 KB, 750x863, 6CD01703-BB0D-4974-A962-474036…)

Hey all- I don’t have an insane amount of milk on Madeleine Rose but I know she IS milky & have been following her for several years.
Specifically- Madeleine “created” Tyler Grosso, imo (who now is a topic of convo on toopoor’s tnread) -he moved from his home town to LA to date her/be asap yams’ assistant- and they were together for over a year. Him and her we’re all over twitter a year or so ago publicly fighting about cheating/drug use/suicidal tendencies~ they broke up and in came TooPoor a few months later.
Since then Madeleine has been involved with several high status men such as: flowers4landon , Jaxon Howden , Ash Stemist, and British rapper Bakarrrr - but it never lasts long and always seems like drama but I never can find the milk on her!
She also is almost kinda problematic and seems to be unable to maintain any of her friends but works SO hard to maintain this squeaky clean goodgirl / nice girl image that seems phony as it gets!
I don’t know if that is much to go off of- but I would love somewhere to go to find milk on Madeleine and Im hoping other users are interested as well.

No. 631080

she literally only have 200 likes and ive never heard of her account, stop posting vendettas weirdo

No. 631082

oh man this bitch was notorious in the anachan threads about 3 years ago, she had a few spats with all the other ana snowflakes. I forgot about her but now im about to creep.

No. 631085

Oh lord, is that the fake ana-chan who was outed for selfposting years ago?

Of course she would move on to be an instagram thot now.


>Photos barely break 300 likes

No. 631096

Yep, she made multiple self posts about herself, and girls she was jealous of. She went from hippie witch Ana Chan to pot head wannabe rapper who talks like every white girl pretending to be hood, complete with cheap grills, fashion nova outfits, and cornrows. It’s quite hilarious.

No. 631100

She's still a banned topic tho

No. 631105

Let’s not forget how she got here in the first place, which was by getting caught talking shit about herself and her online friends anonymously on tumblr. Then she started doing the same here and got outed like previous anons mentioned. That era of tumblr drama was so incredibly milky.

but also >>631100 is right so we should probably cut this off now

No. 631149

I don’t think so. Mods allowed her thread to be reopened as long as none of the others (Emily Crocker etc) were talked about and the thread was autosaged.

I don’t think she’s technically banned as much as she’s just not milky enough for her own thread

No. 631156

File: 1531001962000.jpg (615.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180708-001906_Chr…)

As much as I miss the old stupid drama, I think it'd be better if a mod gave an official answer

If there's even any milk

No. 631213

File: 1531007427154.jpg (253.54 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(16).jpg)

>what computers do

No. 631218

Def agreed

No. 631221


She can afford all this plastic surgery but is excited to afford a fucking computer?

No. 631224

File: 1531009455342.png (6.43 MB, 1242x2208, ECC64324-CFCD-4D9B-8501-952602…)

good ol drug seeking via instagram lol

No. 631227

Ember is a banned subject. Do not post her.

No. 631244

Running low on pain meds eh?

No. 631277

File: 1531016924919.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, C64FF6FD-33C2-4786-B999-57DBC8…)

Stay in bumfuck PA then you dumbass bitch. god she is so insufferable. can’t believe she’s just straight up asking for coke on her IG story. This is a new low

No. 631288

>>631224 this is how you get fentanyl and die

No. 631409

…she doesn't have a computer??? the fuck?

No. 631425

File: 1531027250181.jpeg (259.25 KB, 750x1043, 6E2FEB27-A7C8-4923-8B1F-8FE34F…)

No. 631581

where do you live that they're cutting coke with fentanyl

No. 631615

This is happening all over the country

No. 631616

No. 631661

"The Drug Enforcement Administration says 7 percent of cocaine seized in New England in 2017 included fentanyl, up from 4 percent in 2016. A similar comparison for the U.S. as a whole was not readily available." "This is happening all over the country"

No. 631673

>my sense of humor is hard to read online

>tfw you have no sense of humor but you use that as an excuse to be a cunt becayse that's who your are inside

>unless you count your anus mouth as a joke

No. 631722

No ones stopping you from snorting up tweaks but p&p asking randos on her story is a good way to get bunk shit

No. 631754

i’ve been following her for a while & she’s gone off multiple times on her instastories ab how people aren’t “allowed” to come up to her because of her anxiety & how they’re not her friends so she doesn’t care ab them so it’s funny to see her say this now

No. 632097

File: 1531116661207.jpg (Spoiler Image,842.38 KB, 1062x1062, 20180709_021053.jpg)

Why the fUck would you post your ass with that thing on it?!

No. 632098

File: 1531116683397.jpg (Spoiler Image,17.05 KB, 104x222, 20180709_021002.jpg)


No. 632118

File: 1531120172193.jpeg (184.39 KB, 750x1126, 81C8DEC3-D26F-4FD0-8479-0D0C54…)

On top of this, she also says she has had that road rash for 3 days, yuck?

No. 632152


Where I live fentanyl has been found in samples of cocaine and meth associated with overdoses. The local departments of health have issued alerts.

No. 632361

She's wondering where this mysterious disgusting infection on her ass came from, yet she's pole dancing on a fucking subway pole……ummmmmmm.. she's an actual retard. Also, her teeth are way too small for her big ass lips, she looks like straight up trailer trash meth head who has missing teeth.

No. 632372

File: 1531154920929.jpg (582.6 KB, 1428x2205, Screenshot_20180709-094816_Ins…)

Here she is admitting to making money off sex work, yet she tells people she doesn't do sex work.

No. 632406

she’s such a fucking idiot. she is becoming more and more cow like every single day

No. 632408

>subways are disgusting
>puts road rashy ass directly on subway pole

No. 632414

She posted a video pole dancing on the subway pole. And a photoset of 5 pictures of her flashing her tits in public which were taken by her guy friend, not even her boyfriend. Then she also posted pictures with the guy saying "thanks for pretending to be my bf in public to scare off all the creepy men" or something like that…. like? Where is her bf and why does he not care that she's hoeing it up 24/7 even without him

No. 632427

The relationship won’t last because she is selfish. She will never put her boyfriend before hoeing around, she will never not put herself in bad situations. If they’ve been together that long that, it’s extremely sad the way she treats him. Extremely disrespectful. Also has never had his best interest in mind, as she talks about waking him up to hang out with her when he has work early in the morning and shit. I’ve honestly never heard her say anything nice about him other than “he’s hot and supportive” bc she walks all over him

No. 632475

File: 1531163041733.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 27419DBA-7992-4E09-9558-A3899C…)

Is this why Eve always takes pictures from the exact same angle.

No. 632479

File: 1531163379157.jpeg (25.23 KB, 260x250, C02E3817-C6E7-4A15-81B9-96B349…)

I’m dying so glad I’m not the only one who noticed her meth grandma face

No. 632493

apparently they’re engaged. lol

No. 632540

I don’t think he cares and has done his fair share of putting her on a pedestal when she honestly doesn’t deserve it. he’s gone this far with being featured in her private snap and that messy ass foursome from back in October, and how her looks are honestly declining with all the back to back procedures. I bet he’s just as insecure as she is that those won’t affect how he feels. sad

No. 632560

File: 1531168700523.jpg (542.81 KB, 1440x1758, 20180709_133844.jpg)

No. 632570

>protect me from the creepy men
>flashes tits in public

No. 632715

File: 1531178957152.jpeg (137.83 KB, 750x1172, E2186B6C-4FA3-4B1D-A136-EED6C7…)

does albanycope wear buttpads or like a…bustle(?) type thing? In her videos her hip and butt area is really exaggerated and seems weirdly stiff. Like this video for example

No. 632766

No. 632802

File: 1531188077745.jpg (145.62 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(20).jpg)

Why would this stupid company post her in a bikini showing her surgery marks?? Jesus

No. 632879

Eeeeewwwwwwwwww this bitch is dirty as fuck

No. 633343

GoodbyeBread is such a trash company. They sponsor every single insta thot imaginable (see: Skye Purdon)

No. 633497

File: 1531270538624.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 3899C681-AC0C-456E-B59D-2F9811…)

No. 633542

File: 1531274596222.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, BEDFD2D4-E3E8-4998-BE20-716911…)

This bitch is really charging people $30 to get the name of one of her surgeons

No. 633701

File: 1531300678477.png (694.39 KB, 928x632, nastassiafitness.PNG)

This girl.
- Her fitness IG is dedicated to her ass (and rarely her semi-muscular arms)
- She claims posting her ass is for "g4iNs11! b0Dy pOs1tIve guYs!1" when it's obviously for wanted male validation/general validation
- constantly makes fun of men looking at her (while she flaunts her camel toe and wedgie btw) and calls them creeps when she's obviously wanting that attention
- Was disenrolled from her catholic high school after school deemed her insta "too sexy" and was praised for not standing down
- Was on the news for the disenrollment
- Overall butterface and your typical fitness hoe

No. 633711

what ass?? there’s nothing there.

No. 633875

link the news article

No. 633961

No. 633976

does this girls parents like not love her or something ? wonder if she ever graduated from anywhere after this lol

No. 634005

her face is rough

also she's def abusing angles to look more thicc

No. 634082

File: 1531355296100.jpg (678.72 KB, 1261x1280, IMG_20180712_090325.jpg)

Anyone know the deal with Diego? (Killingstalking IG)
He's a cliché e-boy who thirst retweets every internet goth girl with winged eyeliner and posts edgy statues. Shot up on local goth Twitter radar and I'm so tired of seeing him retweeted to my TL

No. 634088

Can't find him under the IG name you provided?

No. 634529


She doesn't even post much content to the Snap like she touts on her IG stories. We're talking 2 - 3 updates per day tops. It's definitely a scam.

No. 634603

How do you know? Show us some receipts

No. 634717

post the milk anon

No. 634719

File: 1531430246302.png (6.02 MB, 1242x2208, C62D5EF7-8057-4012-993C-794EFC…)

I know because I have access to it. I bought her Snap when she was selling it on Tumblr and the content was weeks old and stale and she literally deleted the Tumblr and unfriended me after I paid for her “life time subscription”

$30 to watch her throw popcorn in her mans mouth and hit a blunt.

She literally just said this morning that she was going to be on Snap and then here she is live on IG ALL AFTERNOON lol. While promoting the Snap! This chick.

No. 634723

File: 1531430420634.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3264x2448, 3B8D49C4-921D-4931-9667-EFBC73…)


The next ones I post are going to be pics from the Snap. If I screenshot, I get blocked.

No. 634725

File: 1531430449653.jpeg (1.94 MB, 3264x2448, 5C1699B6-8C5C-4AAE-AFFE-9D2EEA…)

No. 634727

File: 1531430469827.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3264x2448, 7B856897-E378-4487-93D7-A4F8C8…)

No. 634729

File: 1531430520700.jpeg (1.26 MB, 3264x2448, 988BC5C2-6508-4A54-B562-0393DD…)

And this, my friends, is what you get if you bought it within the last 17 hours.

No. 635049

holy shit she’s a literal catfish

No. 635068

Just as an update, still no Snaps today. Unreal. I bought it specifically to see if this was going to be the case again. It’s only a matter of time before people start bitching at her on IG lol.

No. 635093

File: 1531449999131.jpg (2.48 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20180712_194709449.j…)

No. 635144

this is too accurate lol

No. 635170

File: 1531457198910.jpg (213.03 KB, 750x1124, Image-1(24).jpg)

She actually thinks this is better?
Also lol at the comment

Facetune =/= Make up

No. 635206

File: 1531462254166.jpg (861.99 KB, 1037x1732, 20180713_080825.jpg)

I see her constantly on my feed. Don't know why or who she js, but she is annoying me. Tits hanging out and everything.

No. 635215

she seriously lookin like Oscar the grouches hoe in the after

No. 635244

honestly she looks more prettier without surgery but now she looks like a fucked up botox barbie brat

No. 635248

I will never understand why perfectly good looking girls making themselves look ugly.

No. 635344

File: 1531486605003.jpeg (53.71 KB, 750x327, 471915A7-E5B1-4683-9B77-25C92E…)

her entire life is a scam lmao

No. 635406

No. 635462

File: 1531497653970.png (4.93 MB, 1242x2208, 94041AAA-ACBF-41D1-BB65-48892E…)

No new Snaps. What a shock.

It’s weird that so many people are on her just bashing her looks when she’s clearly a con.

People on here ask how she pays for stuff and this is your answer right here. She’s a con. She’s got 63k subs…how many HUNDREDS of people are falling for this? Not to mention she makes bank on shoutouts. $10 a pop and I’ve seen her run 10 in a day. That’s $100 tax free dollars.

Oh and then Dosh. She made $6k solely because she has such a large number of subs.

Oh, right. The house they never got either where people “donated” for shout outs.

I guess this is what people do when they have nothing else to contribute so society.

No. 635483

Her whole boob job/post OP follow ups are disappointing tbh. She's just blasting pics of her with her tits out 24/7 and they honestly aren't even very big/don't look good with her body. They don't sit right (literally) with her body and her insecurity is reeeeeally starting to show even more desperately than before.

No. 635658

File: 1531514400193.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 9C17A6B0-8955-421B-95C8-A1AA3A…)

Can someone just ask the farmhands to unlock her thread lol

No. 635966

>make you look important

Bitch how

No. 636226

File: 1531587457830.jpg (185.66 KB, 501x876, 20180714_095715.jpg)

Lmao anon i was thinking the same thing. She legit looks like a crackhead in the face/body.

ClAsSy ANd iMpOrTaNt fellas!

No. 636237

File: 1531588512771.png (81.27 KB, 953x268, Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 11.5…)

Let's talk about Tara Babcock here so we don't derail the Momokun thread.


Half of her comments on IG are thirsty Muslims lmao

No. 636249

File: 1531588998363.png (Spoiler Image,351.6 KB, 466x433, egrsrgs.PNG)


all you need to know about her is truly in her bio
>Body of a pornstar, mind of a philosopher, & heart of a gamer. I collect nerdy things and show off my tits!

i went through her feed and she constantly talks about being nerdy because she likes…. batman? sonic? fucking pokemon? and god damn pacman? her background is her wearing an atari shit? this would have been nerdy 30 years ago you old hag. she loooks like she's trying so hard to look 2005 hot, and her entire shtick is liking 2010 nerdy things. everything is so outdated and shitty i cannot, get out of here grandma, no one cares.

No. 636254

File: 1531589179320.png (497.33 KB, 468x552, iijopf.PNG)


this might have made you famous in like 9gag ten years ago, but now? where have you been? this is so outdated. is she gonna talk about how she loves bacon now?

No. 636255

File: 1531589290397.jpg (135.34 KB, 1024x768, DhsDNWHXkAAKwNS.jpg)


>this is what she thinks a nerdy outfit looks like

No. 636258

looks like a tranny.

No. 636259

Thought she was a washed out porn star at first who turned twitch thot trying to stay edgy so she wont get called out for being another basic "not like other geek girls"
Why would she defend mariah though. Since she seems like the type to shit harder on women predators to please her incel audience

No. 636281


looking at her Insta made me think of Gigi Gorgeous.

No. 636383

File: 1531599101265.jpeg (125.88 KB, 750x666, 3BE001D7-EF7E-429A-8990-7AE1AA…)

She has a video where she admits trying to sleep with a married man. Her response basically

No. 636391

>you should be grateful for me trying to come onto your man sweatie :) <3

What a thot, jesus christ. OT but those honey trap tests are a clear sign that something in the relationship is going sideways fast. And IMHO any woman who actively agrees to "testing" her SO with a faithfulness test is a psychotic control freak.

She's manipulative alright with all the
>you should be happy
>i am OFFERING myself (lmao what a martyr)
>i am doing a service
>that position doesn't need to be defended <3 :)
shit. What a snake.

No. 636443

File: 1531605167744.jpg (140.21 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 636560

File: 1531614488767.jpeg (515.25 KB, 750x1090, 9CA12032-37AF-4BD4-81C4-807D5C…)

Plastic is dating a girl.

No. 636578

Lol they are not dating its just her friend she can't help being over sexual on the internet

No. 636651


She was also screwing Toby Turner during a few of his relationships. She made a video defending him during that Tumblr accusation shit.

No. 636753


nah she's kissing a friend for attention. nothing sexual in that pic whatsoever.

No. 636765

File: 1531632726499.jpeg (63.7 KB, 750x585, EE9D6368-CEC0-4AAB-9DEE-AD182C…)

This account is private and has 0 followers. Please stop self-posting and get some help. If you want attention, this isn’t where to find it. Also, it’s against the rules to post about someone if they are only known for their eating anyways

No. 637220

Her mouth literally makes my stomach turn looking at it. She deadass looks like a grandma with no teeth and a heavy meth user.

No. 637342

It’s surprising that she gets so much surgery, but hasn’t sprung for veneers.

No. 637527

I feel like I’m the only person that doesn’t get the hang up on her teeth. She’s got an overbite but they’re straight and white. She’s obviously taken care of them lol. Nothing about her mouth screams meth head.

It’s real petty to only attack someone for their looks 24/7.

Where’s the milk?

No. 637589

I agree her teeth themselves are fine, its that she threw off the proportions of her mouth so badly with the huge lips that they look recessed. Also, the milk is her looks. She gets intensive surgery all the time, admits to having BDD, flaunts the fact she can have these surgeries, and is a total brat to people who tell her it's a bad idea to get them. If her surgeon knows she has BDD they shouldn't even work on her. Also, who the fuck talks about how surgery is an empowering choice and people should get it if they want and then admits to it being a manifestation of a mental disorder? Stop telling people to get fucking surgery when you are not even taking care of your mental health correctly.

No. 637605

File: 1531700350670.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, 478DC3C7-314F-4F32-AF88-A31434…)

$30 and you can watch her record herself grunting at the camera while driving! as if she doesn’t do that all day on instagram already

No. 637712

Agreed with this anon. her whole personality is her surgeries. That’s why she’s milky. Case closed.

Snapchat anon, what’s the latest? Has she actually posted anything or was the snapchat promo obviously a scam because she’s lazy and jobless?

No. 637736


And she just posted a story about how she hates being obsessed with her looks and feels disgusting. Like why are her shitty followers enabling her sickness? Shes been posting more and more about BDD since her latest surgery. I'd feel bad for her because I struggle with similar issues but her personality is just so nasty it's hard to be sympathetic.

Sage for blog post.

No. 637856

File: 1531716880276.jpeg (366.36 KB, 750x1166, 1335019F-A91E-439E-8FDC-7612A1…)

she wishes she looked like this lol

No. 637873

It’s BPD not BDD
Borderline Personality Disorder
Surgeons don’t care unless you’re a real “risk”
Anyway I wonder since her whole image is solely based on “what’s in” will she eventually take out her lip injections like Kylie…She looks so similar to her in appearance I’m assuming that’s who her fucking face is mapped from.

No. 637875

she obviously has BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) as well

No. 637885

Oh I thought anon was literally mistyping BPD oops. But yeah I agree she does have that also.

No. 638016


Yeah, she said she had that as well but has also mentioned having BDD or at least thinks she does. I would take caps of her story but I get nervous about being blocked.

No. 638420

File: 1531772337976.jpeg (52.29 KB, 480x480, 9026A091-8936-42D7-AD36-20D421…)

Ugh oni bug
A self proclaimed boy
Who totally doesn’t use photoshop or any editing software.

No. 638423

File: 1531772416583.jpeg (39.33 KB, 480x404, 0FA7EC79-B685-493E-B569-14E2D3…)

Also friends with another fuckboi Matt
How people can see this and think he is not photoshopped
Just look at that face and body

No. 638507

File: 1531780629888.jpeg (436.89 KB, 750x1044, F1D61528-504A-4C58-B1D6-61CC45…)

I’m surprised that nightcoregirl isn’t discussed more often. Her ps is truly bizarre, and her ig is constant cringe (look for the vids of her playing with the butterfly knife, kek.)

No. 638534

File: 1531782277171.png (4.71 MB, 1242x2208, B29C6D22-8DE2-4363-A1D1-FD222C…)

her lip bugs the living hell out of me

No. 638559

The mods gave the OK to make plasticandproud her own thread. If someone doesn’t beat me to it I’ll make it (i’m on mobile).

No. 638574

Whoever does, please take your time and make a good OP! There’s still cancer spreading through /snow/ from the “Soundclout Skankness” disaster thread, thank to the newfag who tossed it up in a hurry to crown herself OP Threadlord.

No. 638650

New plasticandproud thread

No. 640221

File: 1531940623660.jpg (285.13 KB, 1440x1633, IMG_20180718_145937.jpg)

has anyone been following tradephobic (fka avirgoscorned) lately? she's been begging for money for surgery for months and recently has posted a bunch of videos and pictures of piles of money and her apartment which is FULL of expensive antiques. I have no issue with asking for help but posting videos playing with $100 bills with your feet and showing off antique statues you just bought is fucking insulting.

No. 640392

agree anon, i brought her up a couple of times in the old instahoes thread.. but this one doesn't seem to focus on the same crowd (lilith, holli etc)

she's pretty repulsive to look at but not very milky

No. 640773

I’ll never understand why these people always want hand outs? Like get a fucking job!!! Work at a call center! Then you won’t have to see anyone jfc

No. 640921

I’ve said it for a long time - I think discussion of these girls needs to be in the soundclout thread. They’re all soundclout adjacent, don’t fit here but don’t deserve their own threads, and those are the “fan bases” that overlap. They run in TPs social circles, most of all - that’s literally how I found all of them like three years ago. Plus, when the Layla thread slows down, anons sperg out on each other, it would be nice to have a few extra calves to check in on when the main cows aren’t producing.

No. 654870

File: 1533241216538.png (1.44 MB, 1440x2444, Screenshot_20180802-141608~2.p…)

This is "Kat" but her real name is Lynnette. She's a Canadian freelance traveling stripper. Super cringy! And narcissistic. Swear is a typical attention whore. She use to slut shame women for posting half nude photos. She also goes on crying rants, calls herself ugly and fat. Says she gonna kill herself. Her dumbass followers kiss her ass and she's back to posting naked photos. Most of he followers are fake. She barely gets 1,000 likes on her photos

No. 654892

she calls herself a model. More like a old trailer trash "model"




No. 654895

File: 1533242885024.jpg (103.33 KB, 1280x937, photo_2018-08-02_14-28-44.jpg)

lol she calls herself a model

No. 656296

File: 1533367861570.png (301.2 KB, 782x464, cc.png)

Update on not-really relevant-but likes to believe they are news: Cola Renee Henry-Nash//SunGypsy

Kicking it up a notch with the drama, stirring up things, being more melodramatic, talking more shit about the 10k other girls out there exactly like her, snapping about how 'annoying and tiring' it is that keep 'constantly' pester her about where she buys things as if she's got sole dibs on brands/looks.

Continues not losing weight but complaining

Continues swinging between 'I am a chocolate goddess that you're not worthy of' and talking about being fat/skin bleaching

Continues talking about making bank but somehow also making considerably less than the other girls at her club (bragging about money then asking for $10 for art supplies)–Somehow not at all considering that the issue may not be colorism but just the plain fact that the other girls (who she often takes pics with) look WAY better

Continues being the poster child of daddy issues turned stripper with a white boyfriend 10+ years older that looks skeezy AF, blowing through blow, superiority complex keeps mixing with bouts of suicidal depression where she goes from 'hating' everyone and 'having no friends' to having brunch with above mentioned hotter friends.

No. 669911

File: 1534889003264.jpg (76.59 KB, 860x480, feature-WEB-LT-1.jpg)

is there anyone else who doesn't care for lauren tsai or her basic looking art? she's chinese but lives like a tokyo weeaboo in off-white gifted from shady hypebeast "friends"… everyone loved her on terrace house but she seems robotic and weird. i feel like lilmixedhunny got replaced with lala they look similar lol.

the worst part is the art, though. it hasn't changed in the years that she's been relevant, always furry things with bad proportions and the same white "lost girls" or w/e the fuck…

No. 669952

her ex @knivmicke is even worse lmao, i wish there could be a swede thread here so we could discuss these cows. they mostly write their posts in swedish.

No. 670579

File: 1534971506097.jpeg (693.89 KB, 1125x1304, B7340CAC-8D76-46DA-B93A-DB1395…)

Ugh don’t get me wrong. She is pretty but Oliver Sykes’ girlfriend is the most annoying edge lord ever. Everything she posts is so cringey and just trying hard to be cool.

No. 671062

This is a cosplay of that crazy hillbilly Billie.

No. 672961

File: 1535213233267.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1093x2048, Screenshot_20180825-100621.png)

The worst Harley Quinn cosplay I ever seen. Didn't know Harley was fat and ugly

No. 672971

Is this supposed to be Joan Jett? Reeeee

No. 675435

File: 1535521766150.jpg (28.82 KB, 320x320, IMG_20180828_234950_140.jpg)

No. 675954

File: 1535584062824.jpg (146.62 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_20180829_170521_212.jpg)

"im a model"

No. 676034

who is that lol

No. 676315

She's a "model" on IG. Lilkatattack aka Lynnette. She is also a "sex worker" and a bad one

No. 680258

File: 1536023992375.jpg (567.26 KB, 796x1151, 20180903_141240.jpg)

Rachael Finley aka steak

Does anyone else think she looks botched? She went thru cancer treatments a few years back and always claimed her inflated lips were a result. Is that a thing?
She looks really bloated in the face but claims to be sober from alcohol (I beleive her fwiw) and she follows a strict paleo (esque? idfk) diet so why does she look like that? She reminds me of that big headed meme guy or HRHCollection from YT kek

She's not really milky beyond being a typically self-centered LA girl

No. 680261

File: 1536024067867.jpg (Spoiler Image,385.58 KB, 800x1280, 1535996446721.jpg)

Does anyone have any milk or info on @hanestly?

I've followed her for years but I can't quite figure out what she does for a living. Travelling stripper? Escort?

No. 680262

File: 1536024109955.jpg (Spoiler Image,453.53 KB, 800x1280, 1535996804747.jpg)


Her body looks sinewy like a crackhead I noticed

No. 680327

idk who she is but she looks….normal…

No. 680378

Chemo can cause fluid retention in your lips but that would have ended after her chemo. She clearly gets lip injections. In addition to her breast implants, veneers, who knows what else.

She’s only famous from dating Blake Anderson. Now she has some super young boyfriend. She only went sober after dating him. Clings on to him and his way younger social group, looks like an idiot.

No. 680386

I used to be OBSESSED with steak and used to read her advice blog religiously. Now I think she’s so lame. Also I knew someone who used to know her and Florida and told me she picks her nose and eats her boogers lmaoooo

No. 680697

File: 1536079459545.jpg (70.62 KB, 230x501, 20180904_093949.jpg)

I thought she was cool too until I watched her yt video. She comes off as spoiled and vain and she drives her infant daughter around while looking at her cell phone choosing totes siq rap musiq to play

I get Noah Cyrus vibes from her face pic related

No. 681290

File: 1536126472430.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1000x1500, 73765619-1B5C-49C5-818D-253807…)

This is a pic of her from 2010. She looks like a completely different person. Gets really weird and ignores people who ask about her lips. Seems to chameleon herself to blend in with whoever she is dating. First Blake and now her new bf.

No. 681505

~industry size small~

Wow I've never seen pics pre-Blake. No wonder they got divorced; she's such a basic try hard

No. 681507

I'm >>681505 again but is she posing with an unaware stranger in >>681290 ? I fucking hate it when inconsiderate cunts include unsuspecting strangers' bodies as props in their shitty selfies. It's so rude.

No. 681538

are you saying she wouldn't be a size small? because she looks pretty tiny to me. xs or small for the shitty brands she models for

No. 681651

ugh YES i cannot stand her! not so milky in the traditional sense but fuck her smugness is just the worst. like >>680378 said, she literally is only famous from dating Blake Anderson, before that she was some nobody "aspiring" dime a dozen model lurking around LA and must have hopped on that neanderthal dick just in time…
her "advice" tumblr is steaktalk.tumblr.com. If you can deal with the insufferable smugness/holier than thou attitude. I have no idea why these poor girls look up to her, she's just…boring. Still co-owns a (yet again) boring tshirt line with Blake. Her new boyfriend is just as basic as she is.

No. 681806

File: 1536183073751.jpeg (321.33 KB, 1024x681, 390EBC4F-04DA-4314-B9D3-BE8D3B…)

Better yet, here’s her old nose ;)

Her boyfriend isn’t really a try hard. He just exists. She’s literally a wealthy older mom trying to fit in with him and his young friends.

No. 681857

According to her thread her bf is a mailman and she apparently takes all his money and gives him 80 of it a week because he's "bad at saving money" meanwhile she sits on her ass not paying rent and trying to find sugar daddies because for some reason fucking old men is easier than stripping??

She recently cheated on him too but when someone said it she replied with "how sick are you to fucking spread rumors and mock my struggles" LOL

No. 681893

LMAO. We have mutual friends. Apparently she’s truly awful. Either was or was claiming to be David spade’s sugar baby. Comments stuff like “oh David!” On his posts but he doesn’t even follow her.

No. 682023

She has her own thread now anon

No. 682407

Nah I was just making fun of her for putting that info out there all the time. She was a fitting model or something.

No. 688292

File: 1536957036608.png (2.03 MB, 1182x2048, Screenshot_20180914-143040.png)

When you are to much of a attention seeking whore you can't even take a break to see a dying relative. Then turn around and act like your job is so hard! Grow up! Your job ain't hard!

No. 690105

File: 1537182331969.jpg (79.62 KB, 469x585, sei_27829602-e270.jpg)

Scarlett London. How can one be so vain and self absorbed? This girl has the fakest morning routine video (she claimed she got ddeath threats over her fake ass instagram preview picture where people called her out on using taco shells as "pancakes" and her tea cup being empty) that i recommend you to watch because of how hilariously fake it is (Cr1tikal did a video on it if you dont wanna give her views)
This bitch even has a blanket with her face on it. She's basically a narcissistic rich stepford wife

No. 690170

>Style, Travel, IBS
she has her bowels in her bio?

No. 690174

this is incredible though

No. 690334

File: 1537209203973.png (1.22 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20180917-123335.png)

Just say you're against LGBTQ community and move on!

No. 690364

nice manipulative tumblr rhetoric. how does being anal about pronouns mean they're against gay and lesbian rights?

No. 690367

File: 1537212365887.jpg (1.6 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180917_132713014.j…)

Anyone remember Porcelain Black?

No. 690385

God, I was in love with her music. Too bad she'd rather talk about tough she is because she's from Detroit instead of doing any actual work for her career.

No. 690389

I read a little newspaper article about the death threats before I ever saw the instagram photo or video, but the article didn't even mention the 'pancake' detail, just her crying about bullies and IBS.
It's kind of fascinating to see the video now, what kind of person genuinely watches this sort of thing? it says directed by 'Dean Director', is this kind of editing lucrative enough for a career now, and is it emotionally fulfilling work? Is she genuinely upset by people joking about her or just playing it for more publicity?
So many meaty questions to ask about this cardboard cut-out of a woman

No. 691397

She could've been big! Such a big flop! Both her and jeffrees music career. Does anybody know why they hate each other now? Is there a forum on that?

No. 691398

I have to agree with her about the whole gender thing! But good God she is hideous! Checked out her IG man does she cry around for attention! Her body is the boxy to be a "stripper". By her videos all she does it jump around and walk around the pole. No wonder why she's always broke and begging for money. Stripping ain't for you girl!

No. 691402

Ugh I hate when bitches do this shit! Yeah I just wake up with freshly curled hair and a face full of makeup!

No. 691570

File: 1537324076297.png (416.25 KB, 999x505, DeadEyes.png)

This looks like a scene from a horror movie where some evil corporation is brainwashing people, definitely does not make me want to buy that Listerine she's shilling lol

No. 691649

File: 1537331466328.jpeg (365.68 KB, 750x1230, 423AC151-9B60-4E02-919D-3263C6…)

Hotelshrimp has admitted now to her past shooping that everyone on here has called her out on
At least she’s getting treatment! hopefully she will stop shooping her pics lmao
I didn’t know whether put her in the TP thread since they aren’t friends anymore and haven’t been for a while

No. 691694

don't think she's too rich, on her ig page she has at least one fake gucci bag kek

No. 691834

She's right though

No. 692263

was thinking the same thing. She freaks me out,her smile is as fake as she is.

What the fuck why does she have a blanket with herself printed on? This is a whole new level of narcissism.

I went to check her IG and jfc how can someone be so self absorbed and fake?

No. 692346

The language she uses in this is bullshit. “I’m 30 days bulimia free.” Bitch, what? That’s not how that works, and when you’re in treatment the language they use becomes part of your vernacular; ie “30 days without using behaviors,” or even “30 days without purging.” Then there’s also the whole can’t have anorexia AND bulimia concurrently thing.

I feel like the real message was that she photoshops the shit out of her pictures (duh) but she wants everyone to believe it isn’t THAT much photoshop because she’s totes anorexic inpatient guise, and she’s only copping to photoshopping because it made Layla good when she did it a couple months ago.

No. 692482

File: 1537426394884.png (708.42 KB, 720x989, wp_ss_20180920_0006 (2).png)

Had to share these ridiculous shoops with you all.

No. 692483

File: 1537426450363.png (1.06 MB, 717x964, wp_ss_20180920_0007 (2).png)

No. 693855

File: 1537572706946.jpg (3.63 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20180921_140142368.jpg)

Was in the store today, saw this and figured it out. Crazy bitch thinks she's on the same level as Reese Witherspoon

No. 693956

Given how self important she is it's plausible

No. 694756

File: 1537682119110.png (713.69 KB, 736x1093, Screenshot_20180922-235328~2.p…)

This bitch is crying around on her snapchat about how her ego is hurt cause she hasn't been able to sell dances this week. And how guys don't want to pay her for lapdances. She's always complaining about not making much money. She should just get a normal job! Stop the complaining!

No. 695302

Do any of you remember Allison Kate? She was really popular on Tumblr years ago. She claimed (still does) that her lips are natural. But photos from her MySpace days surfaced and people started calling her out on her lies and photoshop. She ended deleting all her social media's for a while. I recently came across her on my explore page. Hardly recognized her. Looks like she up to her same ol tricks. If you Google her name you'll find a few different threads of people pointing out her photoshop fails and more older MySpace pics. Before the lip I jections and who knows what else. Her IG is @aradour

No. 695319

This is an image board

No. 695559

File: 1537757238483.jpeg (123.89 KB, 735x1061, 520A63D8-4B2A-45E6-A5A6-8FC572…)

Lmao not like she had far to fall but how far you’ve fallen, shrimps

No. 695703

File: 1537779650979.jpg (694.57 KB, 1080x1166, maybe-hes-born-with-it-maybe-i…)

So, that catfishing ""hair guru,"" Benny Harlem, finally got called out as a scammer. Some of you might have seen him from time to time on your explore page on Instagram, but I think he's most well know for his ridiculous, ~*100% nAtUrAl*~, Guiness World Record winning high top fade hairstyle. Dunno how it took so long for folks to figure out that he was a fraud. Recently he's been claiming to be in hospital recovering from a near-fatal viper bite he got while foraging for ingredients for his hair products while in Africa.

No. 695706

Here's a video that does a better job explaining what's going on if you're interested.

No. 695707

Ugh, dropped the vid sorry.

No. 695726

ok this is funny

No. 695766

File: 1537790677314.jpg (31.24 KB, 500x500, ffa5e01056cd914670f7def8caa2ce…)

jesus it took people this long to figure that out? is wonky photoshoped bodies and faces that much of a norm nobody could see the ridiculous shoops he was making?

No. 695804


He looks like Thugnificent from the Boondocks.

No. 695866

File: 1537802662340.jpg (746.83 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20180924-112152_Ins…)

lmao when cows collide. i was looking through the #bennyharlem tag and look what i find. luna sure does love talking out the side of her mouth lol.

No. 695965

not even thugnificent was this exaggerated

No. 695989

File: 1537811759133.jpg (133.74 KB, 960x1200, C_07gH2UQAETcQ8.jpg)

LMAO!! These dumb ass people bought some fucking olive oil, bitch it's so obvious he was fake as hell all you have to do is look at his exaggerated body, facial feature, and hair! They deserve to be scammed, time for me to sell some olive oil hair kits for $400. Don't worry about me, I'll faceswap with Icky Vicky Shingles.

This is his "wife" she also shoots the fuck out of her face, her daughter doesn't even look like she does in their other pics.

No. 695991

Shoops* oops!

No. 696029

File: 1537815136184.png (2.04 MB, 919x1775, Screenshot_2018-09-24-13-08-43…)

Lol every photo he posts of his wife you can see the edges of the photo elongated to make her look skinnier. This woman wants to look 40lbs lighter than she is.

I love looking at these pictures. It's so funny to see things in the background wrap around their hair.

No. 696043

File: 1537816525750.jpg (32.99 KB, 582x594, tumblr_inline_o99wpiESH71uoq96…)

it's super fucking creepy the way he poses with his step daughter in all his pics, he's much more 'loving' and physical with her then her own mother, like he's either holding her in a weird way, kissing her lips or she's hanging off him, normally kids that age are kinda done being babied by their parents, especially a step-parent, and its like they dont understand how weird it looks to other people

No. 696084

File: 1537820677893.jpg (1.3 MB, 1918x1816, 1537736805479.jpg)

IG @ aradour

No. 696086

Sorry thought the picture sent with text. Reuplpaded the pic

No. 696092

File: 1537821330136.jpg (41.32 KB, 360x480, alli halloween.jpg)

Oof. She used to be a scene queen, her scene queen name was Alli Halloween. There's some site from 09 full of her scene queen days;

Now she's a bland ass IG thot who pretends to be spiritual with prolapsed anus lips and takes the occasional flat buttocks selfie. E-fame seeking ex-scene/emo kids grow up to be goth posers or IG edgelords from what I've seen, never saw one that turned into an Instathot.

No. 696098

File: 1537822327747.png (481.12 KB, 470x723, ffc8d5ca93d74800248012d50e7a46…)

She use and probably still does shoop herself into other people. One day it was lady aggae, next Megan fox and other Angelina Jolie. Google her name add you'll see other threads made of her. And her other photoshop fails. Remind some of Brookelle Mckenzie akak Brookelle Bones

No. 696099

File: 1537822343123.png (239.19 KB, 400x400, 015136af4f3b26315a3ea9739f57d7…)

No. 696100

File: 1537822368467.png (306.14 KB, 400x400, tumblr_ll271m4d741qk3j9ko1_500…)

No. 696101

File: 1537822461157.jpg (57.55 KB, 383x804, photo_2017-08-09_16-37-12.jpg.…)

What she actually looks like. From her tagged photos

No. 696102

She kinda have a flat moo face

No. 696348

File: 1537844811465.jpg (33.44 KB, 430x320, 10775-beautiful-katamari-2.jpg)

his weird shooped features look like the king from katamari lmfao

No. 696356

File: 1537846771010.png (1.97 MB, 1439x1258, Screenshot_2018-09-24-22-37-47…)

Holy shit this is so accurate. The hair photoshopping makes it more accurate to

No. 696375

It's seriously disturbing how the young daughter is photoshopped into oblivion in every pic. How to give a girl self esteem issues 101(child)

No. 696386

omg i saw this out of context on the front page and honestly thought "why the fuck did someone shop erikah badu to look like a weird midget?"

No. 696992


Really I got a ban for posting a picture of the same child yet these two are still up. Mods are fucking retarded

No. 697017

Was it the one of her in the white dress? I've seen an unshooped picture of her and she looks nothing like the shooped images her mother and "father" post to IG. There's not even a small resemblance to what she looks like in rl, he also darkens her skin for some odd reason.

No. 697115

nta but yeah that was the pic. i don't doubt she looks completely different. children just straight up don't look like that lmao

No. 697409

File: 1537974179928.jpg (27 KB, 367x789, photo_2017-08-09_16-37-12_(2).…)

Her lips are absolutely disgusting? Why on earth does she think this is OK. Omg they look like they are gonna burst.

No. 707736

File: 1539111383345.jpg (191.61 KB, 750x1057, Image-1(60).jpg)

I follow this girl cuz she can be mildly entertaining but wow

No. 707928

File: 1539119041889.jpg (69.93 KB, 970x582, 7acadcca-d7bd-4083-b1ce-70f4e5…)

the era of information or without shame and self-awareness

No. 710316

File: 1539285258810.png (2.8 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181011-161235.png)

has anyone ever heard of misami_? there's no real milk on her but i just HATE how boring and repetitive her feed is. she always wears variations of the exact same make-up, uploads pictures doing the exact same pose and the only thing that changes is her hair or her clothes, nothing else. her whole instagram is just selfies of herself looking at the camera with different wigs/makeup making the same expression and she has 60,1k followers for that.

No. 710320

File: 1539285442138.png (2.84 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181011-161614.png)

No. 710321

File: 1539285460347.png (3.17 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181011-161557.png)

No. 710323

File: 1539285495562.png (2.86 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181011-161550.png)

and so on and so forth. she's not ugly, i actually really dig her style, but i find this genuinely boring and unoriginal.

No. 710330

wtf this is so VILE.

i really don't understand people who live on social media now. this is something i would never see back in the early 2000s.

No. 710332

She posts the same boring pics of her face over and over because she knows that's what the majority of her followers follow her for. If she posts a pic of some good looking food she's about to eat (for example), the picture will most likely only get a few hundred likes. IG is just shallow like that, imo.

No. 712634

File: 1539541352984.png (2.71 MB, 1440x1951, Screenshot_20181012-100051~2.p…)

These are the grossest fucking hands I ever saw. Fucking penis fingers! So this chick gets dumped my her "amazingly supportive boyfriend" and then claims he's abusive and when she gets called out for lying she deletes everything and says the breaks was such a success. She also use to claim that they were married which they never were

No. 712638

File: 1539541569392.jpg (1.54 MB, 1440x2880, 20181014_102609_rmscr.jpg)

There was a rumor she was prostitute herself out cause nobody would by dances from her (she's a horrible stripper) and the news made it back to her "husband" and he dumped her. I don't blame him, I actually feel bad he stayed in that relationship for so long. She's an attention whore and most likely a narcissist. Now this is the new guy, less than a week after her breakup….. cough whore cough. Some girls have no shame in being passed around

No. 712646

File: 1539542737709.png (1.31 MB, 1440x1252, Screenshot_20181014-123308~2.p…)

Under all that makeup and photoshop

No. 712651

File: 1539543084633.png (486.89 KB, 539x714, Screenshot_20181014-125135~2.p…)

Someone needs to tell this poor girl to lay off the lip injections and photoshop. I hate fake woke bitches like her

No. 712667

File: 1539544276067.jpeg (384.23 KB, 1242x1320, 1ABFCB7B-BB91-40A7-B862-3ADEFE…)

Here’s a few collages I made + other stuff (crossover and repost from blade thread)

She’s one of my fave personal cows

No. 712669

File: 1539544296337.png (662.03 KB, 640x1136, 552D22FA-54B6-4888-ADE8-7C52D0…)

No. 712670

File: 1539544314466.jpeg (55.63 KB, 629x394, 6E262443-7A38-4B79-AFF8-6EB901…)

No. 712672

File: 1539544338487.jpeg (Spoiler Image,428.53 KB, 1152x1427, DAE03797-A331-4BEC-AB11-23C086…)

No. 712676

File: 1539544392767.jpeg (182.6 KB, 747x1561, C8E654FF-586B-4F72-A4DD-64755E…)

No. 712678

File: 1539544433137.jpeg (262.22 KB, 912x1357, 8425F827-2442-4AFA-B050-FE8274…)

No. 712680

File: 1539544447967.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, E5CE993E-6C47-479D-8C24-C3865C…)

No. 712782

She reminds me of plasticandproud before all her surgeries

No. 713572

File: 1539638421350.png (71.67 KB, 241x260, Screenshot_20181015-145638~2.p…)

Lol when UR a trolllllll

No. 713580

Anon please quit posting this Albertan troll, her fingers are haunting.

No. 713621

Just call her a Canadian troll the bitch doesn't have a home, living on couches and in roach infested hotels

No. 714136

Is it me or this photo looks like a early 00 Russian gopnik dating site photo with this filter? Just add a Persian rug as a background.

No. 714196

File: 1539707284400.jpg (140.91 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(61).jpg)

Always claims she doesn't promote ana but constantly posts full body spoop pics

No. 714197

File: 1539707576415.jpg (205.51 KB, 750x1159, IMG_8885(1).jpg)

Sry had to delete and censor cuz I'm dumb as hell

No. 714198

File: 1539707656466.jpg (189.96 KB, 750x1080, Image-1(63).jpg)

That dish water hair and other shutty dye jobs

No. 714202

File: 1539707974404.jpg (215.22 KB, 750x1173, Image-1(65).jpg)

Meant to say she reminds me of a mix between Lilith levisis and this ana instathot

No. 714307

This is spoopy to you??? She just looks like a normal skinny girl with a small frame, there’s no milk.

No. 717804

File: 1540078463521.jpeg (445.28 KB, 750x920, DD5C65E1-F15B-4492-8C6D-3EDE9B…)

>>normal skinny girl with a small frame
Not that anon and I agree there is no milk but she was at one point bodering on Eugenia Cooney skeletal.

No. 719493

Omg in the second pic thats my friend Rosa from Canada.Wierd to see her there.She isn't a cow though the girl deff is

No. 719500

Got milk?

No. 719534

Omgggggg this heather/Hera bitch. She’s not really that milky, just annoying and aloof. I had to stop watching her stories on insta because her vocal fry was way too much

No. 719905

ana chan please this isn't "small frame", she's openly admitted to having an ed. idt girls this skinny should have to like wear a burka or not post pics of themselves but as someone with an eating disorder she should know the impact of thinspo pics and should be more thoughtful about these gawky thinspo poses that do nothing but show off how emaciated her body is

No. 720410

File: 1540416928087.png (2.02 MB, 1190x1192, Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 5.32…)

this thot came up on my discover page and she's cringe as hell. first, she claims to be lucille ball's granddaughter which can be easily disproven by a simple google search; she has multiple posts on her page about her "grandma." all of her posts are thinly veiled attempts of showing off her ass or bolt-ons (honestly some of the worst i've ever seen). all of her other posts are undisclosed fashion nova advertisements. her lips have so much filler she can't even close them. how the fuck are men attracted to this shit

No. 720411

File: 1540417049105.png (Spoiler Image,1.97 MB, 1190x1184, Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 5.37…)


they're actually like the mom's tits in mean girls. plasticandproud's bolt-ons are quaking

No. 720472

File: 1540423031821.png (459.24 KB, 811x590, okok.png)

this girl isn't milky or anything but god i hate that she does that thing asians do where they overline so it makes their eyes look bigger. it makes white girls look RETARDED. plain downy. i wish i could tell her to stop she looks so much better without it.

No. 721773

remember the blue haired fish eyed girl I posted earlier in the thread ? turns out I hadn't blocked her spam account and I just got this on my explore lmaooooo the hair dye somewhat made it to her brain wtf
saged for space sperg-annoyed fueled "vendetta"

No. 722379

File: 1540667087066.jpg (215.11 KB, 559x960, IMG_20181027_120012.jpg)

this "kawaii" weeb style needs to be stopped

No. 722388

lmao this chick is from my city, I've seen her before at my friend's shit uni (my mate was talking about how she's insta famous). She's just another loud obnoxious dye-hair girl, there is like a million of them and I guess she got lucky with the following. She seems extra annoying here even if she's drunk.

No. 722390

File: 1540669129793.jpg (247.59 KB, 321x603, fairy.jpg)

i hate it as well, it's an extremely butchered version of fairy kei.
picture attached is done correctly and well coordinated so it's not overkill, unlike the screenshot you posted. another example of bad fairy kei is fakeboi DreamyTabby

No. 722437

File: 1540676160410.png (939.27 KB, 720x835, IMG_20181027_233243.png)

I mean her make up is weird, but I like how she seems so happy with doing her thing

ANYWAY I cringe so hard whenever she wears these pants. They look like literal underwear. I can't believe she walked through Japan like this all summer long.
Girl those need to burn!!!!! Dress for your body type pls

No. 722485


Yeah, the makeup is the only thing I hate hence why I wish people would just come forward to tell her to stop lol any of her pics sans the droopy eyes look good

No. 728052

File: 1541612299739.jpeg (375.07 KB, 1240x1828, EA8AF9C4-6BC1-432D-A513-88A3F7…)

old news and I’ve saved because it’s not particularly milky, I just think it’s hilarious how lora arellano thinks no one can tell she paints her hair different colors in photoshop and tries to pass it off for her real hair
it’s painfully obvious ha

No. 732277

File: 1542245082921.jpg (532.8 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181114-172237.jpg)

I got bitched at for posting Kaycee in the PlasticnProud thread and she's not really milky besides her douchebag bf, but please someone tell me wtf are these brows

No. 732285

File: 1542245603538.jpg (6.08 MB, 5189x1920, inCollage_20181114_173218310.j…)

No. 732394

Neanderthal is what they are.

No. 732421

"edgy" instathots are so wild with their everyday makeup looks/ grooming habits nowadays that this almost reads as tame by comparison

No. 732443

There's an instagram model who has thick blonde brows, but decided she needs a USP, so the more recent images have literal layers of mascara on the brows to try and make herself a viral sensation

I assume this one was influenced by that one

No. 732453

I can’t breathe. She really left the house like that. Imma never feel bad about myself on jacked brow days because at least I know mine will never look like… whatever that is

No. 732578

File: 1542298782921.jpg (257.47 KB, 750x1099, Image-1(70).jpg)

This girl?she was on my explore page