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File: 1576019770450.jpg (185.02 KB, 1908x1146, 20770838-0-image-a-16_15732310…)

No. 904231

Alicia Day is a tabloid celebrity infamous for illegally owning a "pig child" in London that was seized by the RSPCA after she fed it fast food and tried to hide it in her apartment.

She reappeared in the tabloids again for whining that people online were harassing her for her photographed neglect and abuse of her other animals. Notably for repeatedly using exfoliating body wash on a chameleon.

At first glance Alicia seems to be yet another nutty animal activist but she's also a notorious femcel who devotes her time to harassing women who are in a relationship and any woman who is a threat to her self-esteem.

Alicia is currently harassing females on several sites and the accounts linked to her here are only the tip of the iceberg.


- https://imgur.com/a/eWTq9lp
- https://www.instagram.com/jixy_pixy/
- https://flickr.com/photos/185438570@N02/sets/72157711725909598


- https://metro.co.uk/2019/11/07/vegan-activist-rescued-pig-kept-tiny-two-bed-flat-11056523/
- https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7735053/RSPCA-BANS-vegan-activist-visiting-beloved-pig-Jixy-Pixy.html
- https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7665431/Vegan-activist-admits-gave-pet-chameleon-exfoliating-coconut-BODY-WASH.html


- https://www.reddit.com/user/Happyblacks/ (main)
- https://www.reddit.com/user/Ficklehello/ (impersonation sock)
- https://www.reddit.com/user/Ledafae/ (recent sock)
- https://www.reddit.com/user/Chuchusex/ (impersonation sock)
- https://www.reddit.com/user/Lumpyspace2/
- https://www.reddit.com/u/laceysafeaccount/ (deleted)
- https://www.reddit.com/u/laceynurse/ (deleted)
- https://www.reddit.com/user/GulliversTravels2 (deleted)


- https://www.instagram.com/mummyslittleporker/
- https://twitter.com/JixyPixy


- Sertraline_Bee (MyProAna)
- Junluodai (MyProAna)

No. 904240

File: 1576020883110.jpg (58.89 KB, 634x638, 20771402-7665431-image-m-23_15…)

Due to Alicia being a cow for both animal cruelty and harassment/stalking, I'm bouncing back and forth between the two when it comes to caps and evidence.

She nearly burnt her chameleon against a hot soup cup, lost it and found it in the rubbish bin, transported it in a McDonalds cup in the car, and nearly got it eaten by a cat.

Not to mention this.

No. 904242

As an owner of a chameleon this pisses me off to no extent. I remember trying to tell her what she was going wrong and offered to help her learn how to care for the poor thing but she blocked me instead of taking the offer

No. 904244

File: 1576021515921.png (1019.44 KB, 1164x771, alicia2.PNG)

>Brother's Instagram
- https://www.instagram.com/maxobolensky/

>Video of pig seized by animal control in the USA

- https://www.instagram.com/p/B0JVgy2h0dp/

Interesting to note in this she wanted a pig of that size to "promote body positivity" and the animal control worker seems baffled and asks her what that has to do with owning a pig she's not legally allowed to have. She also says she only refers to animals as males and seemed to get defensive when the worker said "You know that's a female, right?"

>Photo of chinchilla, now abandoned

- https://www.instagram.com/p/B0GY2wzBvKw/

She admits in this photo that she bought it on impulse when going to buy lights and when it didn't love her, she left it with her brother.

>Evidence of her brother's cat and chinchilla nose to nose

- https://www.instagram.com/p/B0FzL-JF_8T/

>Admitting to impulse buying a pig

- https://www.instagram.com/p/B0E0zp9hHwT/

>Copy & Paste of the impulse pig buy

Feelings….. I miss my pig child but when I think that it’s going to a farm sanctuary, I feel warm inside. I’m still overwhelmed with the events of the past few days and don’t know how I feel yet.

I know I was terribly irresponsible with the pig. I don’t regret that he’s going to be safe instead of becoming a meal, but I hadn’t yet gotten approval from the shelter manager, and it wasn’t a definite yes. I knew my ex roommate/brother Maksim would say I can’t keep it at his apartment so I told a white lie and then showed up with the pig in tow.

He then phoned Aleks and asked him to put it in his yard. He asked Vladimir if we can put it in his farm but Vladimir said no. I had read on google that pigs grow to 600 lb, eat fresh vegetables, live 20 years, and are smarter than dogs. But I could not be bothered to do any more research.

My sister asked me to wait a week but I said I couldn’t wait that long. The auction owner urged me to go to a farm to buy a baby pig that would have gotten its shots and been easier to take but I told him I needed the pig straight away. The truth is, I have always struggled to control myself when it came to animals. I have climbed into zoo enclosures and been fired from 2 pet care shops for playing with the animals rather than doing any work.

I also messed up with the Chameleons because I didn’t see the calcium as a big deal and I couldn’t be bothered to read the humidity and temperature gages, assuming they’d be fine. I was blinded by my feelings that surely, love was all they needed. As such, I will not be getting any more animals, possibly ever. Hearing my pig baby scream while being pulled on ropes by animal control was horrifying and that’s the moment I realised this all.

One great thing that happened was I have made several good friends whom I chat with throughout the day on Instagram. This has made me feel less alone. I cannot be bothered to make friends in real life because my PTSD has made me dislike going outside since February, which is when I flew to manhattan from Poland.

I am touched and humbled by the kind, empathetic, patient comments I received as well as the friendships I have made.

Good day from me and pig child

No. 904246

File: 1576021676268.png (356.14 KB, 1152x690, alicia1.PNG)

From what I've heard she had both chameleons rehomed but other speculate they died so I'm not sure how that ended. It does seem like her though to block people rather than accept help. She's firmly in that camp where she impulse buys animals to get some sort of unconditional love then either has them seized for neglect/law breaking or gives them away when they disappoint her.

She's admitted to not knowing how to care for the chinchilla, chameleons, and the pigs. But she bought them anyway.

Of course she's even worse with humans. I found this message exchange with her brother.

No. 904249

File: 1576021821915.png (1.29 MB, 1152x748, alicia5.PNG)

This is how one of her three pigs was taken by animal control


Today I unscrewed the pen while Maksim (her brother) was at work and let Piggimal out. Since I’d read online they are as smart as dogs, I knew it would follow me but I was wrong. It escaped into a forest like area. Someone found it in their yard over an hour later and called the police. The police helped me find it. By the way, they don’t give a pig’s arse if you have animals and told me people have goats in their yards here.

However, the stubborn little pig infant wouldn’t come and got off the leash so we were forced to call animal control. They told me pig fairies are not allowed so it was taken to MSPCA to a sanctuary.

I know my Piggimal loved me. It would greet me by poking me repeatedly with its snout. When we initially went on a walk, my pig baby came towards and followed me for a bit before going off ahead. A few blocks down I stopped, it noticed and made a weird noise, then turned back towards me. However, it was curious and ran off, just like my pit bull Paul Roehl ran off in uni despite being very affectionate. I could not look for it because I had to go to class and my professor said I have to attend class.

I am glad that my pig child will live in a sanctuary rather than dying as a meal. I feel very sad that it screamed terribly when the animal control pulled it with two ropes. It was very afraid.

I do not plan on getting more pets because I don’t feel like picking up a dog’s poop or a cat’s litter box. Back in the day I hired a maid to clean out the litter box every week but I don’t have that kind of money now. I will have to live off the memory of my Chameleons and pig child.

So long.

No. 904250


Video of her letting her pig escape and following it through the neighborhood.

If anyone knows of ways to save Instagram videos, please let me know.

No. 904255

File: 1576022306175.png (1.21 MB, 1146x681, Capture.PNG)

>Caption from a related post on her "ESA pig"

Today my pig child came to greet me when I climbed into its pen. It made contented noises as I petted it. I also removed ticks from its body.

I must register my disgust at those hypocrites who are calling the cops on me for “animal abuse.” Before I lost my parents they told me that although I’m a loser (blue collar job), the one good thing about me was my love of animals.

Okay it got startled out the car, now I know I need a ramp. Most people’s cats have struggled when being taken into cars to the vet.

You are calling the cops saying this pig is being harmed and you need urgent help. PIGS ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED RIGHT NOW YET YOU’RE FINE WITH THAT and don’t see it as an urgent matter to report. Your virtue signaling is sickening.

If you really cared, you’d save animals too or go volunteer at a farm sanctuary. I have nothing to hide. I made my account private because I’m tired and sick of arguing. The police will laugh you out of the room.

This reminds me when everyone in the UK was protesting about President Trump’s visit. Where were these people when Rodrigo Duterte visited? Surely they were up in arms about that? Nothing.

I got up at the crack of dawn yesterday to get the the livestock auction early to get my new best friend. I told everyone there how bad I wanted a pig. The owner of the auction urged me to get a baby pig at another farm because it would be tame and other nonsense, but I made it crystal clear that I want a pig and I want a pig NOW. When I won the bidding for my pig child the whole room exploded in applause. Yesterday I couldn’t eat at all and only slept three hours due to excitement about my pig child.

One more thing, I’ve done nothing wrong but if asked my friend would never reveal the location of the pig. He is a steel trap. He is not a rat nor am I. But you and I both know no one’s getting hauled to prison for taking a pig out of a car causing a few seconds of discomfort.

You are talking to Mummy pig now and if you want to get to my pig child you’re going to have to come through ME!

No. 904256

use http://instapick.net/ to save it then use a webm converter on that file https://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-webm then attach the file here like an image

No. 904261

File: 1576022788640.png (1.04 MB, 1134x730, Capture.PNG)


Ok this is a little sick even for Alicia.

This is the pig she impulse bought from an auction and apparently the video went viral according to a user commenting who saw it reposted on IG and in several Facebook groups.

Alicia doesn't drive and had it transported in the back of a taxi (much like her London pig) in the heat of summer.

The video shows the pig is clearly suffering from heat and breathing heavily. They tie a leash around it and bodily haul it from the taxi while it screams and the video cuts right before the pig topples out of the taxi and straight onto the ground on its face.

The horrified comments in this post is what led to her meltdown in >>904255

No. 904265

File: 1576022958385.png (862.24 KB, 1138x739, Capture.PNG)


Video of her being driven with her chameleon being used as a keychain.

No. 904269

File: 1576023291366.png (2.51 MB, 2382x1316, Capture.PNG)

The further I go through her Instagram, the worse it gets in regards to her pet care.

No. 904274

this is all amazing but i'd also love to see her being a femcel

No. 904281

Apologies for that, I completely misread that part of a message I received and that thought it was one of her alternate accounts. I can't edit the post but I'll contact a farmhand to see if they can. You might want to remove your post though because it contains your email.

However, you're more than welcome to share your story here as well. It's easy to find her animal abuse evidence but it's harder to establish her harassing and stalking when it's so widespread.

No. 904286

thank you very much ! If you could that that would be terrific ! Sorry I am not very familiar with this type of site ! Oh I have all the receipt, you don't have even 10% of the horrors here. Wanna hear how she explains she wants to murder women in relationship because they are happy and it "triggers" her ?(namefag)

No. 904287

File: 1576024939906.png (325.08 KB, 750x837, image0.png)

Yes, please share. Especially if you have caps. Also please check the rules to familiarize yourself with how to post here.

Most of it is documented in the imgur link under evidence but this is one of the earlier examples I was shown.

No. 904288

Can confirm sertraline is not Jun but Jun victim fellow mpa user. Please correct this(namefag)

No. 904292

Farmhands have been alerted in /meta/ about it and hopefully they can help. Just coming here to clear up the misunderstanding is enough.

Since you two are from MPA, if you could provide caps of her trolling there, that would help tremendously. It's the one site I haven't been able to access.

No. 904295

for the love of god read the rules before you post. don't include your actual email in your replies.

No. 904314

She posted that on MPA too but it's publicly available here under of her too many persona :

The poor gym PT she harassed and then bullied by doxxing his girlfriend online :


More of the same story…you see the pattern.


Her discussing how she is "triggered" by women in relationship and that she wants to murder them :


Choice comment from her:

[quote](…)my problem is that I have severe depression. you seem like a smart person so I'm going to ask you this question. I am a 28 year old woman who has had a very strong desire to have a boyfriend since I was 17 and this has never happened thus leading me to want to kill myself and others. what can I do to once and for all shut off my interest in men and relationships?[/quote]

I'll do you a good MPA report tomorrow if I have time, plenty more as I know realized she was simultaneously posting on reddit as well as MPA all this time. She also used a lot of mpa screen names in reddit….

No. 904318

File: 1576029796686.png (160.19 KB, 890x850, Capture.PNG)

That was an account I was unaware of. Yikes, just look at this. Harassing men at work where they have to be polite to her.

>I agree with all the above except for being superficial and not having social skills :) I am really good at making close female friends _! And I don't think I'm superficial because I've had close friends who were homeless and I don't spend lots of money, in fact all I buy is food teehee~

Good at making close female friends.. sure..

No. 904319

File: 1576030026116.png (37.08 KB, 976x199, Capture.PNG)

>literally hands male cashiers her number

No. 904320

No. 904328

File: 1576031474092.jpg (362.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191211-023001_Chr…)

And yet more threats
See attached

No. 904334

Whoa, super weird. I've only usually heard men talk like this about being unable to connect with women. Finding a partner is a normal goal for a person to have, but these behaviors are obsessive and creepy. Normal people in the real world don't respond well to being approached with her methodology.

No. 904353

File: 1576037475511.jpg (296.04 KB, 1114x1108, happyblacks.jpg)

she also posts about being upset when people match wth her on dating services because they must be seriously interested. this seems to be a mix of roleplay with real life demented shit.

No. 904361

this is an imageboard, we expect you to post caps not just drop links.

she lives in london yes? can you link this allegedly us-based account with her?

No. 904362

File: 1576040170481.jpg (663.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191211-045513_Chr…)

If you can even make sense of the attached…

No. 904364

File: 1576040309135.jpg (214.68 KB, 1079x586, Screenshot_20191211-044656_Chr…)

And yet another one

No. 904368

File: 1576041492290.jpg (2 MB, 1094x6185, screencapture-reddit-r-Forever…)

jfc she's always been like this. well we know of her going from Massachusetts to London at least.

does she work at all?

No. 904371

File: 1576041676135.jpg (3.76 MB, 1453x21624, screencapture-imgur-a-FLhJW-20…)

No. 904372

JFC, she's more delusional than Laur and LJ!

When I looked at the imgur album with the Reddit receipts, I was sorta thinking she was a self-hating lesbian since she was so obsessed with the OP but she's just crazy

No. 904376

No. By all account from MPA she did not and still does not work. She mentioned her father had lots of money and basically funded her lifestyle. I'll find you the screenshot later today

No. 904420

File: 1576059774771.jpg (657.17 KB, 2060x1462, kc7vofq.jpg)

She currently lives in London. She's originally an American and lived in a few Southern states.

Plus "KerryImai" posted an Imgur link showing off herself.


This is before Alicia gained weight but you can see the tattoos in the photo match this video she posted on Instagram, using her chameleons as an identifier to tie the two together.


No. 904422

File: 1576061434778.png (368.87 KB, 904x1732, Capture.PNG)

Been slowly numbing my brain going through the KerryImai account (made pre-London) and it looks like this is what led up to that.

- https://www.reddit.com/r/ForeverAlone/comments/5qzsa3/my_fantasy_of_being_with_a_man/

>met a heroin addict in London

>lived with him
>him was put in jail
>she moved away
>turned her sights on homeless men as boyfriend candidates
>moved back to London to hit up guys at the soup kitchen
>is waiting for her heroin addict to get out of jail

No. 904423

File: 1576061754745.png (223.16 KB, 1750x688, femcel1.PNG)

This account is also during the time she felt bold enough to be open with how much she hates other women and even hates men who don't take up her offers of a date from a stranger on the street.

The kind of mindset you have to have to go up to a stranger you've never spoken to and immediately ask them on a date. This is Chris-Chan levels.


No. 904425

File: 1576062016842.png (68.96 KB, 856x487, Capture.PNG)

No. 904450

I'm a mod on MPA and this troll has been tormenting our site for literally 5 years. She's doxxed members, stalked them irl, made look-alike accounts to post horrifying "confessions" pretending to be other users, and so on. Recently she stole a member's nude body checks and emailed them to the member's employer.

She's fucking insane. We've had to restructure entire parts of the site for the sole purpose of locking her out.

I could go on and on about this girl.

No. 904462

Please provide screencaps or links to image dumps. MPA is the one site we have no evidence for and so far everyone from there has claimed this and that without ever showing anything.

It's not that we don't believe everyone but we have no evidence.

No. 904465

File: 1576078888222.jpg (621.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-11-10-36-54…)



This is the first member who came forward with her harassment off-site. She deleted her account and, I believe, permanently left the site because of it.

The intro references a few of her early names. I don't exaggerate when I say we ban 1-10 accounts a day but never get a day where she doesn't appear.

No. 904466

File: 1576078918381.jpg (647.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-11-10-37-06…)


No. 904467

File: 1576079030195.jpg (601.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-11-10-37-23…)


No. 904469

File: 1576079136423.jpg (578.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-11-10-37-36…)


No. 904474

File: 1576080412982.jpg (679.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-03-46…)

She once posed as another user and created a topic about how she was so in love with the recent London Bridge terrorist.

No. 904476

File: 1576080472996.jpg (259.19 KB, 1080x805, Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-04-17…)

The actual LedaFae in response.

No. 904477

File: 1576080615002.jpg (892.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-08-56…)


Mod post of the doxxing incident.

No. 904478

File: 1576080658537.jpg (878.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-09-27…)


No. 904523

>I don't exaggerate when I say we ban 1-10 accounts a day but never get a day where she doesn't appear

That's what's currently happening on Reddit in the long distance relationship forum. The mods are constantly banning her poorly disguised alt accounts that only exist to post harassing comments on female posts

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 904524

File: 1576090262172.png (200.67 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2019-12-11-13-49-43…)

Just found this while checking her accounts for activity.

Looks like there are multiple legal cases going on against her.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 904734

File: 1576145287093.jpg (1018.69 KB, 1670x2609, screencapture-reddit-user-juli…)

it goes on

No. 904744

I'm glad mods on Reddit are keeping at eye on her. She rarely strays from her usual hangouts (ldr, forever alone, advice, pets, pigs), so once word spreads along the mods they can ban her faster before she gets a chance to harass anyone.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 904758


She does the same on MPA. She only goes into certain subforums, which at least helps the members who use them most learn to deal with her. We're trying to get additional restrictions added to them to help block her as well.

No. 904765

File: 1576158284331.jpg (580.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-12-08-37-34…)

Some of her low-quality trolling. She swings wildly from this, to complex detailed posts full of lies, imagined incidents, and false accusations.

This one was just about an hour ago.

No. 904778

Asking for clarification:

Has she ever admitted to being autistic?

Because all the signs are there. Practically textbook. Even the way she writes, enumerating things is freakishly textbook.

No. 904780

yeah this is what I want to know. completely untreated/unmanaged, imo.

No. 904784

File: 1576162844437.jpg (230.65 KB, 1080x800, Screenshot_2019-12-12-09-59-12…)


She doesn't admit to anything but "depression and anorexia". She's been pretty consistent with that over the years.

No. 904787

File: 1576163263549.png (173.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191212-170558.png)

Thank you for your insight.

Some of these posts about finding love read like vintage Chris-chan.

No. 904788

File: 1576163697287.png (173.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191212-171345.png)

Good Lord

No. 904789

File: 1576163742166.png (140.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191212-171240.png)

No. 904790

File: 1576163947571.png (145.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191212-171851.png)

No. 904793

File: 1576164467794.jpg (1009.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-16-25…)


The background on Chunwei aka Elder Chen. The delusion is strong.

By the way, she doxxed the shit out of this guy. We found out years later that all the details she gave about him (full name, age, location, etc.) were real.

No. 904794

File: 1576164511846.jpg (689.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-16-52…)


sexy pic

No. 904796

Good heavens, it was even worse than what I guessed!

What surprised me is that her MPA posts (the ones I can access) are written in a more coherent English than her Reddit posts.

She is utterly fascinating, good job OP!

Spoiler alert, she actually tries to make a move by touching the Mormon guy's knee.

More spoilers: she gets rejected.

No. 904797

File: 1576165555130.jpg (428.26 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-18-48…)


Her grasp of the English language comes and goes even on MPA, but I agree there's a MAJOR discrepancy between there and Reddit.

Bonus Pic: We have no reason to believe that Elder Chen was involved with any married women, but because he didn't like Jun, and Jun considers women with husbands and boyfriends to be the root of all evil, that became her story for why he didn't love her and she stuck to it.

No. 904809


Another query:

It has been stated Alicia posts again and again in the same subreddits.

What terms/phrases should one be on the lookout for?

I am guessing keeping track of her accounts could help others.

No. 904879

This is as bad as when she said she would have imaginary conversations with a man she knew, like full on relationship delusion conversations.

Look for hostile comments to female OPs. If she's been watching them for a while and really despises them she'll make an accusation of ridiculous. Could be their sex life, illegal activity, cheating, etc.
She'll compliment male OPs and offer to contact them.

As soon as I'm off mobile and can make a cohesive cap I'll show you what I mean. She recently was unsure of an op's gender and showed her two face behavior pretty well from it.

No. 904911

File: 1576189867042.png (523.87 KB, 3124x1718, 12-12caps.png)

Well this is interesting. I'm going to contact the user in question to see if my suspicions are true.

I noticed Alicia commented on someone's picture (now deleted) and the exchange is #1 in my image.

You can see how quickly Alicia has to switch gears when she doesn't get the answer she wants by trying to insinuate that OP is either ugly or she truly doesn't know their gender and is hoping they'll say female so she can insult them.

After this exchange Alicia proceeds to dig through EVERY post this user has made and cherry pick what to comment on in order to harass them. (#2 in the image) All the highlighted names are the same user and I believe Alicia's harassment made them delete their posts.

This was 3 days ago. When I went just now to find the post, the user has deleted a great deal of their posts and as of 11 days ago posted about a troll in ldr (long distance relationships) named "WinterFae2" (#3 in the image) which is interesting because this means Alicia found them in ldr under her sockpuppet, harassed them there, and then stalked them across other subreddits under her main account, HappyBlacks, to continue harassing them.

When I looked this user up, it looks like they've been targeting OP and another user and their created posts in both suicide watch and ldr look like they may have been about OP in this situation. (#4 in the image)

No. 904913

File: 1576190363817.png (127.02 KB, 1453x816, Capture.PNG)

Turns out her attempts to out someone as being ready to kill themselves is another user who says they sometimes feel depressed and are schizophrenic in a LDR. Alicia has been harassing her for looking young (claiming she's 14 when OP is really 22, claiming her LDR boyfriend is a pedophile.. )

No. 904916

File: 1576190986530.png (119.15 KB, 748x810, Capture.PNG)

She's nutters on Twitter as well.

No. 904917

File: 1576191035610.png (313.09 KB, 729x825, Capture1.PNG)

No. 904919

File: 1576191123984.png (264.31 KB, 736x574, Capture2.PNG)

No. 904921

this is hilarious

No. 904928

File: 1576191778842.jpg (93.89 KB, 467x960, 66811933_10219836528724452_916…)

I found a relevant post about her 1st/2nd? (not sure which) pig from Facebook from when she was still in the USA.


No. 904931

File: 1576191894733.jpg (45.64 KB, 443x960, 67119026_10157386311226740_324…)

No. 904932

File: 1576192041411.png (38.73 KB, 702x306, crazy.PNG)

No. 904969

Did she seriously post her actual phone number on her public Twitter??? This girl is nuts.

No. 904975

I hope everybody will have the good sense to not use her phone number for any purpose at all. This possibly could be our only way to identify her if handed over to the police by one of her victim.

Also, I'm still awaiting OP to get this mpa incorrect alt account removed please.

No. 904976

File: 1576200300752.jpg (439.17 KB, 1080x1252, 20191212_172325.jpg)

Her Twitter is so strange. She asks questions directly to DJT and demands Penguin House UK to write a book for her.

No. 904977

File: 1576200389506.jpg (581.7 KB, 1080x1602, 20191212_172355.jpg)

No. 904978

File: 1576200436242.jpg (571.51 KB, 1080x1110, 20191212_172342.jpg)

I'm not sure if she unfollowed for not replying to her initial tweet or for something wrong with this one. So weird.

No. 904980

File: 1576200484175.png (13.19 KB, 1190x165, Capture.PNG)

I posted in the General Complaints & Issues thread but still haven't heard back.

No. 905008

File: 1576204847995.jpg (816.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-12-21-36-14…)


Jun showed up to "defend herself" today.

No. 905009

File: 1576204883142.jpg (926.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-12-21-36-23…)


No. 905010

File: 1576204996872.jpg (206.7 KB, 1080x576, Screenshot_2019-12-12-21-43-04…)


No. 905152

What a crock of shit. There's so much evidence that proves it's her.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 905155

File: 1576246419454.png (732.74 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2019-12-13-09-13-14…)

No. 905183


That OP's comeback was pretty nice though.

No. 905330

File: 1576276230425.jpg (697.69 KB, 1080x1808, Screenshot_20191213-222911_Chr…)

There is a single coming, Jan 2020. Well we already know Tokio Hotel won't sing it…

No. 905367

I'm betting on her either singing in her closet or going the route of the Friday song girl and basically paying a recording company to do it.

No. 905523

File: 1576328275343.jpg (497.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191214-125711_Chr…)

One of her earlier posts where her many obsessions started to show

No. 905527

She's been lurking around MPA today but she has her "nice" face on. 8am and 2 accounts banned so far.

No. 905531

File: 1576330645643.png (783.78 KB, 1080x3687, StitchIt_20191412013441_251.pn…)

All taken from the same thread.

No. 905533

File: 1576330752782.png (776.27 KB, 1080x2747, StitchIt_20191412013520_426.pn…)

All taken from the same thread #2

Also, whoah annoying "flood detected". Seriously ?

No. 905534

File: 1576330786511.png (1.17 MB, 1080x4460, StitchIt_20191412013555_625.pn…)

And finally, #3

No. 905538

thanks anon.
the flood protection is because of some image spammers past and present., just wait 30 sec between posts and/or alter the post text if needed

No. 905541


Poor Chunwei. I'm glad he escaped that big old ball of crazy.

No. 905542

File: 1576331657705.png (1.54 MB, 1080x4799, StitchIt_20191412015334_177.pn…)

More bizarre content

No. 905546

File: 1576331809642.png (2.01 MB, 1080x6660, StitchIt_20191412015610_695.pn…)

More bizarre content #2

No. 905550

File: 1576332086220.png (1.29 MB, 1080x3307, StitchIt_20191412020020_237.pn…)

More bizarre content #3

No. 905554

File: 1576332421020.jpg (220.55 KB, 1080x730, 20191214_140545.jpg)

More bizarre content #4 the thread ended on this curious message from Alicia

No. 905557

Also, side comment, I never noticed but just caught that :
in her texts to elder chen, she compares her demand that Chen breaks the rules for her and have sex with her to "catholic priests molest children"
Holly cow.

No. 905562


I was on that thread in real time and I've read it many times since, and I'm just noticing that as well. Yikes.

No. 905564

File: 1576337099197.png (6.48 MB, 1080x21929, StitchIt_20191412031951_237.pn…)

The one was just so generally bizarre I don't even know what to make of it..she posted a picture of the guy in question in the thread too.
Here's my imaginary wedding #1

No. 905569

File: 1576337591954.png (1.84 MB, 1080x8511, StitchIt_20191412033143_328.pn…)

Here's my imaginary wedding #2
She got banned quickly after.
Again another display of delusional tendencies, possibly some autism, and again a display of violence ideation.
By all accounts she had just met the guy, and probably not in person.

No. 905570


"What if he's not thinking about me at the training?"

"What if he's talking to other women at the training?"

"What if he's fucking other women at the training?"

"Welp, guess I'll have to kill him."

No. 905574

File: 1576338745295.png (4.26 MB, 1080x11328, StitchIt_20191412034944_613.pn…)

This one was about an imaginary boyfriend. It's hard to understand how she constructed him, it looks like a mix of two different men (real people she spoke about). The sense of delusion in this one is unnerving.

No. 905583

Wow, this chick is really a goldmine! Thanks OP for letting us know about her.

No. 905602

File: 1576344369742.png (6.66 MB, 1080x19669, StitchIt_20191412052429_539.pn…)

I hired an escort #1

No. 905604

File: 1576344927441.png (7.61 MB, 1080x23112, StitchIt_20191412053419_835.pn…)

I hired an escort #2

No. 905606

File: 1576345444711.png (11.24 MB, 1080x27884, StitchIt_20191412054314_886.pn…)

I hired an escort, part #3

No. 905611

OMG. another thing I had never caught.
Men, rest easy, according to "I hired an escort, #1", Jun will never administer the date rape drug to you ! She may or may not point a gun at your head to tell her "sweet things" though.

No. 905618


She might, if she weren't afraid of disappointing her parents. And there've been signs that she's no longer close with her parents so…

No. 905728

File: 1576366870330.png (3.12 MB, 1080x7387, StitchIt_20191412113938_158.pn…)

No. 905734

File: 1576367734876.png (6.42 MB, 1080x14837, StitchIt_20191412115452_407.pn…)

Casually harassing a guy online and demanding he be sweet with her

No. 905741


I never thought the insanity would go as far as physical threats and maybe even murdering someone. Even I'm shocked by all of this.

Wonder how long until she finds this place and tries to defend herself considering she's already tried at MPA

No. 905744

Update on Alicia's Reddit accounts

>Ledafae - suspended

>Chuchusex - Suspended
>Lumpyspace2 - Suspended

Only a matter of time before Ficklehello and Happyblacks meet the same fate.

No. 905751

File: 1576369759062.png (9.05 MB, 1080x20237, StitchIt_20191512122744_371.pn…)

Casually harassing a guy part #2

No. 905752

Pray she never finds this place because there will be absolutely no stop to her spamming here. None.
Also, why can't reddit process a wider ban ? Isn't there a way to do it ?

No. 905756

File: 1576370328930.png (7.62 MB, 1079x17663, StitchIt_20191512123722_406.pn…)

Casually harassing part #3

No. 905757


I can't read the text messages (small screen) but I think that's probably for the best.

No. 905764

File: 1576371311888.jpg (15.55 KB, 390x482, te1uCdo_d.jpg)

No. 905801

After reading these, I won't be surprised if she ends up on the news at some point for kidnapping a dude and keeping him in her basement. She's really one of those people who believes you can force people to like you … So creepy …

No. 905806

File: 1576380338550.jpeg (233.81 KB, 626x687, E31EE690-A5A9-4654-AF48-AA6A7D…)

lmao im loving the deranged typing style

No. 905836


Thank you! What a nutbar.

No. 905898


She IP hops a lot. She may just be evading bans over there.

No. 905912

File: 1576421330959.png (3.85 MB, 1080x13265, StitchIt_20191512024438_626.pn…)

This comes from her youtube channel. There are two videos, one of which features screenshot from private messages exchanged with an alleged boyfriend.
What is somewhat strange is that the pictures/name she shares of him sounds like it would be the policeman guy she mentioned in 2015…and these videos are from 2017. She also later admit she "lied" and they weren't a boyfriend - see comments. Wonder if guy just made a run for it or never existed in the first place. It's hard to understand what is real and what is not with her.


No. 905917

I like how she blames the homeless guys but she's the one seeking them out and even coming to London to speed date in the soup kitchens.

She has no job, no friends except the mystery guy in her apartment, and no pets. She's certifiably crazy.

No. 905920


That "very nice girl from the Netherlands" that continued to give her chance after chance after chance is one of her first handful of stalking victims on MPA. She made accounts posing as her and posted "confessions" as that user cheating on her husband and all sorts of stuff. She spent like 6 months stalking her and another member trying to ruin their lives but luckily never managed to find them off the web.

No. 905932

The worst content she has deleted from youtube but remains documented on mpa, such her comparing dating to communism.
Thread dump incoming, just give me time to stitch the parts together.
There is just an ocean of psychotic content from her it's hard to triage everything.

No. 905945

File: 1576430352336.png (7.26 MB, 1080x16882, StitchIt_20191512051703_556.pn…)

A weird email allegedly sent to her father giving rather creepy details of sex life, demanding money then threatening suicide in the same thread in a message written in german.

No. 905956

File: 1576433492806.png (8.6 MB, 1080x21002, StitchIt_20191512060627_846.pn…)

The deleted youtube video thread, where some users have pasted some of Junluodai's comments from youtube for posterity.
We learn she had made a public list of all mpa members that were in a relationship, had said to one of the members she was "happy" crohn's disease was not curable and hoped her treatment would fail, and described in one video how she felt contented when reading the news that victims of accidents had significant others/spouses/children etc.
That's part #1, search in thread for people reposting her youtube comments. These videos have all been deleted now.

No. 905964

File: 1576435472335.png (3.21 MB, 1080x7087, StitchIt_20191512064245_105.pn…)

The deleted youtube video thread #2 where we learn Junlou has divulge private information in her videos from mpa members and posed as one of the member.

No. 905971

File: 1576437140451.png (2.26 MB, 1080x6423, StitchIt_20191512071038_977.pn…)

Lying about a medical test/diagnosis, possibly for attention
Keep in mind she had been crash dieting for 2 weeks at this stage, was a normal weight and pretended she was diagnosed with anorexia (she was not underweight yet and - 2 weeks. Very doubtful).

No. 905988

File: 1576440338115.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, AABB9B7A-AD3C-4625-80F6-9F1CEC…)

This is minor compared to the rest of this woman’s insanity, but I’m curious what is her deal with Poland? For example in this post >>905330
she speaks broken Polish, and quite frequently there are polish names popping up in her rants. She even calls herself Majka / Majeczka sometimes, which are variations of a popular Polish female name.
And here’s a pic from her instagram posted last month, in which she walks around town with a Polish football scarf, which would be kinda weird even for regular poles, unless there’s some major event involving the national team.

Is she infatuated with some random Polish bums (that she seems to be working with? idk) to the point of skinwalking as a Pole herself, or is it just some autistic fixation with Eastern Europe?
Her brother seems to be named Maksim, which is another name that’s popular in this part of the world (not typically Polish tho, more like Russian) and her instagram bio is written in Russian. Weird.

No. 906003

Read through the MPA screenshot. She's apparently been involved with 2 polish dudes. Not sure if she was dating them, having sex or in a living arrangement because again, she posts so many lies it's hard to keep track.

She posted a story on reddit where she spoke about "being lured" to Poland and allegedly raped.

Maksym is not her brother - she calls him that for unclear reason. She's neither polish or half polish, by what she's written over the years she's Taiwanese. As far as we know she only have a sister who she mentioned a few times on MPA and the articles from the tabloids she contacted.

Why the weird obsession ? Well, as of now you might have gathered she has a pretty obsessive personality and is fixated on a number of things.

She also spoke very broken german on reddit and randomly switched to German in her posts captured here on the page.

No. 906008

Thanks for spoonfeeding me, I must’ve missed all of this somehow. There’s a LOT to take in with this girl.
Damn, she’s fascinating tho. I agree with anons saying she could be a Chris Chan - tier cow.

No. 906024

File: 1576445926654.png (12.68 MB, 1080x25322, StitchIt_20191512093306_520.pn…)

This one is about her PT that she emailed about basically her whole life story ? Sharing wildly intimate detail of her life in a first email to a PT. She published his name and place of work.
Tying up into a reddit thread she later made, where she stalked, bully and harassed the PT because he had a girlfriend, doxxed said girlfriend and accused the PT of sexually harassing her - all fabricated lies. The only mistake of her victim was to be nice and answer her email as per attached thread.

I think the reddit post has been published here. I'll check and if not I'll add it.
Also, lookout for comments underlining more lies and inconsistencies, and also the mention of a girl who she stalks on MPA and pretended to know, apparently creeping the girl out.

No. 906031

File: 1576446756188.png (4.76 MB, 1079x10595, StitchIt_20191512095006_218.pn…)

Letter to my PT, #2

It's like talking to a brick wall. Every question she is asked, she manages to not respond to while still posting an answer.

Also one member makes a very interesting remark : OP seems to latch on male attention. She emailed her PT - a man - when she could have email her psychotherapist - a woman. She ignores anything coming from the members at MPA who in their majority are women.

No. 906051

File: 1576450108986.png (6.83 MB, 1080x14882, StitchIt_20191512104728_891.pn…)

More obsession about a random guy + feeling compelled to steal from the local bookshop

No. 906065

File: 1576452788564.png (11.62 MB, 1080x27177, StitchIt_20191512112751_451.pn…)

This one is a bit of another bizarre thread. After Chinese guy ignored her, OP contacted her ex boyfriend who she claimed made her anorexic. It is the same guy she harassed in another thread published here, and threatened with suicide.
In this thread she pesters him about her condition, blames it on him then proceeed to complain when he simply respond he can't deal with her.
Last post here makes an interesting remark : OP seems formally unaware of sarcasm and does not pick up on it. The post highlights the possibility of some underlying autism or asperger.

No. 906067

i have nothing to contribute milk-wise but cheers to you for putting all these together and spoon-feeding us the milk, anon, you're a champ. this girl is wild and maybe even pt material in the future, especially if she finds her way here (which seems like an inevitable matter of time). "he didn't say hi to me so i stole flip flops" is gold

No. 906072

Hehe no problem :) I'll post more, I just need to dig in the archives.(:))

No. 906083

File: 1576458135103.jpg (320.87 KB, 1080x1175, Screenshot_20191216-010140_Chr…)

Real name confirmed.
Just found this.

No. 906084

According to NYpost article, her sister supports her pig, homeless men-chasing lifestyle

Wonder if her escapades got her parents to disown her or something


No. 906088

She mentioned on Reddit her father agreed to fund 6 months of her life in london, whatever that means.
This girl is a trainwreck. Just so utterly bizarre.

No. 906096

without starting an armchair derail, i really think that one mpa poster is right that she's autistic. she really doesn't seem to be a troll. she needs more than just outpatient therapy visits occasionally and for way more than her anorexia.

No. 906103

Probably to get her out of the country since she's possibly considered embarrassing to them.

No. 906110

File: 1576464815795.jpg (586.41 KB, 1080x1434, 20191216_025247.jpg)

The sister is actually a big missing piece of the puzzle. She's mentioned her maybe twice in all her 800 mpa posts. Just found one where she mentioned her sister goes to Stanford and referred her to the Stanford psychiatry clinic, to help her find a therapist. She mentioned her once in the tabloid. Wonder how sister plays a role in her life ? Is she married or in a relationship ? Does she have to keep some distance?

No. 906114

File: 1576466596766.png (4.84 MB, 1080x12758, StitchIt_20191612031245_612.pn…)

This thread where Jun reveals she stalks OP and lies about knowing her, then when op is creeped out tries to gaslight her.

No. 906149

she's autistic and a troll both. following a user around reddit and lying to say they masturbate to kids is malicious, she acknowledges this type of thing as bad behaviour at times too.

No. 906182

It looks like the last three remaining Reddit accounts that have been documented as Alicia's are not being used currently. This means she's probably on new accounts on 'foreveralone', 'LDR', maybe even 'Advice' and 'Pigs'.

No. 906201

File: 1576503840949.jpg (294.12 KB, 1066x683, Screenshot_20191216-134316_Chr…)

Casually being exposed as a vegan fraud. By her own doing.

No. 906203

File: 1576504480428.png (1.95 MB, 992x6386, StitchIt_20191612015408_398.pn…)

Finally a vegan calling her out.

No. 906305

No surprise she's an idiot too

No. 907420

File: 1576744372206.png (46.95 KB, 954x290, Capture.PNG)

Alicia went quiet for a few days but looks like she couldn't resist coming back.


No. 907457


What a windbag. How long until she winds up on r/nobodyasked?

No. 907483

File: 1576759009292.png (448.96 KB, 1072x2033, Screenshot_2019-12-19-07-35-55…)

>Alicia has changed her Instagram name


No. 907485

File: 1576759112060.png (313.59 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_2019-12-19-07-38-36…)

She's defending herself but members of the pig group are wising up.

No. 907540

The spoop goals in her bio are something else.

No. 907610

Her new Instagram name sort of implies she’s in a relationship? It translates to Alicja and Mateusz (male polish name; Alicja is polish spelling of Alicia).
Has she finally found her dream polish homeless bf?

No. 907871


Well that could explain why she's got her nice face on recently.

No. 907885

File: 1576850004509.png (773.16 KB, 750x1334, D969467C-A2F8-426F-8432-251DA3…)

A mystery man from her insta. Could this be her bf?
The caption says: “What is happiness to me? If it bothers you, the pig and I don’t need you, I woke up already because I dreamt that this little devil was ignoring me and only wanted his presents… who could fall asleep after that…”

I’m not sure what she’s trying to say. Her polish is honestly not too bad, but awkward as fuck.

No. 907905

Probably stole some dude's photo that she met on that forever alone group. She's commented on a few male posts that she wanted to message them.

No. 907918

File: 1576862693084.jpg (313.71 KB, 1080x1620, IMG_20191220_122352.jpg)

No. 907919

File: 1576862741344.png (317.49 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_2019-12-20-12-23-23…)

The mental hoops she jumps through to justify herself is amazing.(selfpost)

No. 908110

File: 1576890867027.jpg (764.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-20-20-10-59…)

Apparently she got to see her pig today. Jixy Pixy gave zero fucks about his mummy.

No. 908144

It kils me how people whp keep their pets cooped up indoors all day and ignore their needs/don't stimulate them think they "love them sooooo much", like no, the animal is neglected and doesn't know when you come back if you leave, and thus their entire life is just walls and loneliness.

VS. a pig in a sanctuary probably gets lots of attention and activity, and doesn't need to bond to one single human for every scrap of interaction and care. But, animal hoarders never understand this, which is why they're such shitty pet owners to begin with.

Physically keeping an animal and feeding it human food so it won't die =/= actually taking care of an animal.

No. 908290

Honestly this is the best news I've ever heard. Alicia doesn't care if humans like her (aside from men, but only men she creates in her mind) but an animal not caring about her? That's like a knife in the heart.

No. 908291

File: 1576934609395.png (94.14 KB, 977x641, Capture.PNG)

No. 908609

File: 1577019253185.png (85.83 KB, 928x495, 1.PNG)

She's back to posting in the suicide watch group for pity. This is probably the third or fourth time?

No. 908791

File: 1577059658215.jpg (372.29 KB, 804x1477, Screenshot_20191223-000607_Chr…)

No. 908792

File: 1577059710465.jpg (425.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191223-000445_Chr…)

A bit about Mateusz…

No. 908840

I'm half convinced this guy was like Elder Chen in that she dreamed him up after the real thing rejected her.

No. 909090

Thanks OP for the thread. I've had so many run ins with this chick from MPA (where she still creates accounts by the hour).

Anyone know if she still has her Tumblr up? And what happened to it if not? I can't remember the name for the life of me.

No. 909131

File: 1577127523543.jpg (468.88 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20191223-185747_Chr…)

There's a vegan pop single coming and the voice is "good and on point ". There's also a children's book in the works !

No. 909170

I don't think anyone was aware that she had one.

No. 909202


Ok, I just tried to have a look myself to search for it but I'm not very Tumblr savvy. She had it back when she lived in San Jose. She posted about The Bay gym a lot, her hauls from Prada and Dior, her personal trainer and Elder Chen. I'll look again in a little bit, but I'm posting this so someone who knows how Tumblr works a little better than I could have a crack at it. I know a lot of members over at MPA used to browse it.

No. 909609

She changed her IG name again

No. 909660


Jesus, she's just got such a boring face.

No. 909705

File: 1577265578277.jpg (417.49 KB, 809x1672, Screenshot_20191225-091228_Chr…)


Correct. She admitted here she did not know him but online. The patterns are something.

No. 909707


I have a feeling most positive comments might be hers actually.

No. 909837

File: 1577307249255.png (2.96 MB, 1080x3728, StitchIt_20192512084817_724.pn…)

Taken from her instagram. Is it me or she's referring to the same guy (we established it was mystery guy named Mateusz) with 2 or 3 different names ??. Same usual obsession about a guy she does not know other than online.

No. 909970

File: 1577346997047.jpg (373.81 KB, 1078x721, Screenshot_20191226-045716_Chr…)

That is happening apparently…

No. 910013

At least this kept her from trying to steal a boyfriend for Christmas.

She still hasn't used her go-to reddit account since her suicide note.

No. 910062


Yeah she's still making 3-5 accounts a day on MPA though so who knows, she's probably sockpuppeting somewhere.


"a small loan of a million dollars"

Lol okay Donald.

No. 910072

Suicide note and threats wre bullshit. Cops were called by mpa member + journalist that interviewed her recently. They checked on her and she was "in high spirit" and perfectly fine apparently.

No. 910086

File: 1577378728726.png (1.56 MB, 1080x3062, StitchIt_20192612044413_769.pn…)

The insanity goes on
Adopting a monkey #1

No. 910089

File: 1577378805097.png (1.63 MB, 810x4965, StitchIt_20192612044446_842.pn…)

Insanity goes on #2
Somebody please alert the RSPCA

No. 910181

Apologies if it’s been discussed somewhere, I’ve read everything posted on here but it’s hard to get through all of her social media.
Why in the fuck was she washing the chameleon? With body scrub of all things as well? Did she think it was like a dog where you have to use soap to bath with it or what? I genuinely cannot wrap my mind around it but I really want to know her logic and how she thinks she could defend something so fucking dumb.

No. 910185

"Girls should date me without question because I'm a nice guy!"
"Girls who wont date me are stupid sluts! I hope they DIE!"
"Why should other people be in a relationship? Stupid idiots, hope they break up"

She just sounds like an autistic male incel, it's just she has a pussy

No. 910187

File: 1577386156344.png (1.66 MB, 1080x3838, StitchIt_20192612064629_463.pn…)

Lets go to africa to pet the gorillas

No. 910233

The only reason I know who this is is from the chameleon abuse… so holy shit have I learned a lot today.
I went back and forth with her for many weeks when the chameleons were in the picture. There was no reasoning behind the exfoliation besides "I like it so obviously this chameleon will too". That was on top of trying to make the chameleons go vegetarian or force them to eat dead insects instead of live ones because she was "worried insects feel pain". She soaked the (first) chameleon in a betta fish tank as well because she thought it would like to have a bath.

No. 910312

Have absolutely none of her "friends" ever mentioned even in passing to maybe google animal/s she wants and or has at any time? Find their needs that way? For someone so terminally online you'd think she'd have the foresight to… Nah, no.

No. 910320

File: 1577396902485.jpg (18.45 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

the photo she is talking about is with koko, a gorilla who learned sign language and was able to develop a vocab of a 3 year old in a research facility and later a reserve. she became famous for the work they did w/ her in the facility and had met many celebs.

if she were to attempt this, she would literally get either removed from any of the tour places that do so or a reserve but then again, she would end up at an illegal petting operation before she could ever attempt that. god, she would get mauled by a male gorilla or a female w/ a baby if she managed to do this and snuck away from any tour groups.

she's wilding

No. 910894

File: 1577533347913.jpg (574.56 KB, 1012x1800, Screenshot_2019-12-28-06-38-36…)


She's impersonating a member again. And talking about fucking terrorists again. She tried to "run away and join ISIS" back in like 2016.

No. 910895

File: 1577533389927.jpg (578.86 KB, 1012x1800, Screenshot_2019-12-28-06-39-35…)


No. 911013

File: 1577561603784.png (2.01 MB, 1080x2195, StitchIt_20192812073012_078.pn…)

Check out her Instagram for random rants that include thinly veiled threat of suicide but "don't call the police", and nonsensical rants about obscure stuff that include the word "vegan". Her mental health seem to be further deteriorated.
Last update here : "Jan" fucked her hard but he's a good friend, so she's gonna stay in england to "hang out" until April and apply to Cambridge, no less !

No. 911035

>I know the gorillas want to see me
Pretty sure a wild gorilla would maul her. She should look up that story of that woman who got her face torn off by a chimp

No. 911190


Shh, just let it happen…

No. 911260

yeah man I'm here for this phase, alicia in the wilds of africa, let's go

No. 914815

File: 1578419239793.png (267.85 KB, 640x1136, 53C4CE0D-CF3F-4A4F-A622-40794F…)

The level of stupidity…(namefag)

No. 914816

File: 1578419296802.png (231.44 KB, 640x1136, 141CB79B-2251-44C1-BF28-5FA65F…)


No. 914822

Further proof she's either developmentally stunted or somehow the most dedicated troll in the world. In my head she's the modern day Chris Chan

Just FYI leave the name and email field blank in future

No. 914858

I had to research Chris Chan because the comparison has been made several times. Holy molly. This guy is something else. Someone should make Alicia and Chris meet. Match made in heaven (or hell).

No. 915707

File: 1578608057134.jpg (446.06 KB, 1080x1650, Screenshot_20200109-221233_Chr…)

Dad is unreasonable, why can't I spend his money ?

No. 915708

File: 1578608097151.jpg (200.64 KB, 1058x661, Screenshot_20200109-194657_Chr…)

Jixy pixy goes to london did not catch the publisher's excitement

No. 915710

File: 1578608141145.jpg (556.24 KB, 701x2661, Screenshot_20200109-203830_Chr…)

Being caught as a fake vegan, part #7579

No. 915711

File: 1578608177940.jpg (281.98 KB, 557x1513, 20200109_193114.jpg)

No. 915733


Wow, either her parents are as delusional as she is if they think she's going to get a job any time soon, or they have no idea what she says on the internet. Hasn't anyone told them?

No. 915746

File: 1578612736945.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, E1E35781-6375-476B-B29A-7472B5…)

She paid £300 for this, apparently.
Also, she finally made it to Poland and is looking for an apartment, holy shit.

No. 915750

File: 1578612983811.png (627.99 KB, 750x1334, AD3564FC-0867-428B-A3C4-62F8D1…)

In other news, she’s going on a date next week. this should be good.

No. 916372

File: 1578751372197.png (1.64 MB, 1205x805, rants.PNG)

Self proclaimed animal rights activist doesn't even know what happens with animal testing.

She deleted IG posts so Jurek wouldn't think her unstable and now she's going on a date with him. I don't even think it'll take 5 minutes for him to realize.

She's posted 6+ videos in the past 24 hours. Some of them seem to be about Jurek.

No. 916462

>she thinks she will stay in Poland because Jurek is genuine. If it doesn't work, she'll go to Germany
>she reads her "letter" to jurek, which looks like a fb messenger message. It's a bit creepy, she tells him she wants to feel the texture of his hair, look at his fingers, discover his smell… uh
She's meeting him soon, so we can expect some minor milk in few hours/tomorrow.
I think I've found the guy on fb, his profile is empty aside from pics of either his daughters or granddaughters. Jerzy is mostly middle-aged generation name so I wouldn't cross out grandchildren.

No. 916816

File: 1578814581872.jpeg (512.59 KB, 750x2354, EC5A64A2-B7D0-4087-9934-92502A…)

So the date got called off, I guess, but not before she dropped around £1500 of dad’s money on it, not including the plane ticket and hotel room. It’s hard to tell with her crippling autism, but I think this Jurek guy might’ve never intended to meet up and told her to come to Poland just to fuck with her.

She really reminds me of Chris Chan and his sweetheart sagas. (1/2)

No. 916817

File: 1578814632873.jpeg (238.71 KB, 750x766, 6EE79324-E2EF-497B-A8BD-769F25…)


No. 916818

File: 1578815254745.jpeg (219 KB, 750x1160, 93511B8B-27DE-4ED3-9305-3C673B…)

Bonus: alicia might finally be trying to get a job as an english tutor (?), her friend gives sound advice, Alicia demonstrates no mental capacity to think of anything other than her pig

No. 916842

Jurek dodged a bullet.
But not the poor tutored students…imagine having Alicua as your teacher?

No. 916900

>is confused why this guy would call her "immature"
>proceeds to write a frightening, public, creepy/stalker/obsessive/anacan/nonsense post that is definitely, 100%, immature
She is a nightmare person

No. 917060

Even this Jenn person knows she's a crazy pig lady.

No. 917100

She is too insane for anyone to be in contact with her. The thread dedicated to call out her behaviour on mpa has been locked, and she admitted she came back to lurk mainly because of it.

Anyone has access to her insta ? She keeps alternating between private and public with it…

No. 917112

Wait….isn't Jenn her dad ?? That's the name in her gmail and also on public records available online.

No. 917315

File: 1578902138710.jpg (335.12 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20200113-085102__01…)

Not really milky, just a post from fb group for vegetarians and vegans in Wrocław. I think I saw her in a bus few times, I'm not sure tho

No. 917341

Re the facebook post, she's truly desperate for attention. Omg. Poor polish people.

No. 917342

She'd be better off in London, cracking on to homeless Polish guys. No normal Polish guy in a vibrant city with a job and roof over his head is looking to wake up with Alicia holding a knife to his throat. Perhaps dad funds her adventures in the hope some guy will marry her and take her out of his hair.

No. 917344

She selfposts her pig news stories everywhere. She contacted the media, she made accounts on Reddit in "IamA" about it, she posts in every related subreddit possible, etc.

Literally her whole identity revolves around a pig she doesn't even own and she's not even a vegan and clearly doesn't mind animal testing.

I don't understand what started her down this path because it's obvious she's living a lie. Did some guy she obsess over like pigs or something?

No. 917369


Jurek has no idea what danger he's in. He does not speak english either… She's truly a predator.

Sorry I don't have milk at the moment - she's been on private on insta for 12 hours (record for her) and I'm not risking adding her to follow.

No. 917373

File: 1578921551236.jpg (241.26 KB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_20200113-141742__01…)

"My pig son". Sadly, most of the comments is positive.

No. 917379

File: 1578922466446.jpg (303.34 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20200113-143041__01…)

"I'm back from animal shelter, I bought some things and now sitting in the hotel. What are you doing today?"

She spams the group so much I have no idea why people are even answering her.

No. 917384

check the Wroclaw International fb group

No. 917398

Wait…did she picture her non vegan chanel make up ???? Smh.

No. 917420

Won’t bet money on it, but I think it’s the second time she’s bought Chanel this month. She posted a haul that she has since deleted (I didn’t take ss, sorry) after being called out for supporting non-vegan brand and then, in an effort to prove she’s a good vegan, posted Sensai and La Praire (also non-vegan lol) haul that was supposed to make her beautiful before her date with Jurek. Now she’s back to throwing money at Chanel.
I almost feel bad for her, but she’s so stupid, ffs.

No. 917648

File: 1578951340017.png (531.81 KB, 568x782, 43d0c8a9eeebce04c91b4882b15559…)

"Hi, this is not related to vegetarianism but I am currently in difficult situation and it'd help if I could talk with someone before I go back to UK on Friday. I am Chinese-American ho lived in London but I currently met a guy from Poland. He told me to go to Wrocław asap but it turned out that it was just a joke and that we won't meet. I love Poland but I don't know anyone here. He promised me a lot of things but now I am here alone. I wake up at night because of nightmares. Please give me some emotional support".

No. 917732

Ok, this is pretty sad actually. I had a feeling that Jurek was trolling her all along.

I seriously would like to know what the fuck are her parents thinking. This is a 30 year old woman, clearly not right in the head, yet they keep funding her every autistic whim, be it 16 chanel eyeshadows or an impromptu trip to Poland. With the kind of money they’re sinking into her they could’ve easily set her up with a top-tier therapist, but instead they basically give her cash and tell her to fuck off?? They seem like textbook enablers to me.

No. 917741

I don't think he's made a joke of here tbh, it seems more like she exaggerated the situation and threw everything away to meet this dream guy who probably only told her "oh yea it would be nice to meet someday and get to know each other" and she took it to mean "come to my country now I will rescue you from this life you're living"

No. 917756

It's very similar to Chris-Chan's life story. Sad but also funny I have to admit.

No. 917798

My guess is her parents want her away from them, to not embarrass them. And naively hope she'll meet a man and get married and they can just send her money overseas. She's more likely to end up in jail somewhere (or dead) though since her combo of untreated autism and mental illness isn't heading anywhere good. Or maybe she'll just end up in a house somewhere rotting her years away, grey gardens style, haunting mpa forevermore.

No. 917813


Jurek was not a troll. She showed us messages in DM and on her instagram. He just got scared by her lengthy declaration of love, and insistence he must "hold her hand" during date 1, even though they don't know each other.
She also shared the first few messages exchanged and he only ever told her "sure, it would be nice to meet", 5 days after she made contact. She then proceeded to tell him she had bought a 500 £ plane ticket to meet asap, telling him she loved him and requesting he said how he felt.
Alicia even said she asked him if she could change her insta handle for "AliciaJurek"….

He replied they needed to meet first before saying anything about his feelings.
It was all on videos and texts she posted on her insta but crazy cow keeps posting and deleting stuff.

Tldr : Jurek is yet again another victim of her bullying and harassment online, and he got understandably scared at her antics and public love declaration. She also typically accused him of sex trafficking, and she admitted via DM to some of mpa members, as well as on reddit, that she lied to garner sympathy.

She's a psychopath, do not fall for her manipulative processes.

Will someone from mpa please post the receipts of the Jurek story, I deleted most of what I had.

No. 917970

Ok I take back what I said, this is fucked. I hoping someone comes through with the screen caps.
What’s her current reddit handle?

No. 918032

Anyone has her current insta handle ? Or is it deactivated?

No. 918079

She deleted everything from vegetarians&vegans group, so maybe she's hiding or sth

No. 918260

>white caviar eye serum
I know her not being a real vegan has been brought up multiple times but goddamn.

I get the feeling that her parents don't know what to do with her. She's said that they limit her spending on useless crap but they seem to throw money at anything that might improve her life- her dad didn't get her 'measly' $150 eyeshadow but was apparently willing to fund 6 months in London.
Sounds like they're trying to help her find something she wants to do (a career or a hobby that isn't trolling or husband-hunting), but her untreated autistic ass keeps fucking everything up. It's enabling, sure, but she's been open about her plans to shack up with homeless drunks in the soup kitchen, and has enjoyed pretending to live in poverty, so I don't think that cutting her off would do a lot of good.

No. 918511


her u/Happyblacks account was desactivated, couldn't find an active one rn.

I had to ban her under idk many nicks over the years, she used to troll r/foreveralonewomen and it was always the same shit

at first she was all cutesy with her ~~~~ and within a few days, it was "i wish that trainer's gf would die, she stole him from me" or "my dad planted bombs in my house, what do I do"

No. 918513


I haven't been able to find her current Reddit handle after she posted about wanting to commit suicide on HappyBlacks.

No. 918521

File: 1579101306751.jpg (516.6 KB, 809x2146, Screenshot_20200115-151424_Chr…)

No. 918522

Look at her latest videos on insta full of inconsistencies on Jurek.

In part 2 we learn that Alicia is furious that her sister has "decided to cut [her] off and will now only give her money on an as needed basis"


No. 918530

File: 1579102122993.jpg (824.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200115-152508_Chr…)

And in part 5


the date is apparently going ahead.
You've got to love how this manipulator is laying the groundwork "in case".
"Im gonna meet him but what if he makes me do things I don't want to" >> Jurek was uncomfortable to even hold your hand on the first date so I doubt t he would be the type to rape you Alicia. You'd better not lie about him if he turns you down.

I really feel for this poor guy. He has no idea who he is about to meet. I wish someone e could track him down and warn him off.

No. 918532

Ye but Poland is not in love with u so plz dont come here.

No. 918534

>going to a zoo
>expecting to be let inside with the wild animals

Alicia would absolutely be that lady who climbed into the lion enclosure at the Bronx Zoo and tried to bond with it.

At least someone in that family is putting their foot down.

No. 918632


At this point, I would almost assume that woman was her.

No. 918678

Omg please somebody tell her she cannot sing. Her voice is simply awful, off key and just not good. She neither have the face nor the voice for that.

No. 918689

File: 1579124624013.jpg (323.37 KB, 1079x703, Screenshot_20200115-212818_Chr…)

Ranting lunatic continues. She's going on in circle at this point. No matter how many times EVERYBODY told her this is not how dating works, she requires Jurek to tell her "how he feels" about her "either you're attracted to me or you're not, you know what I look like".
Alicia, NO. Attraction is not physical only - and besides he has never met you, you mad insane person he does not yet know "what [you] look like" because he has not yet even seen you.

Then she goes on talking about how much she spent on hairdresser, make up and clothes for one date with a guy she does not even know and who never asked her for any of that.

The delusion is so strong at this stage I don't even know how to comment her antics. I mean these are patterns she already displayed with other men ? Like the policeman who supposedly said he wanted to meet her (he was in China, she was in the usa), and she booked a 1500$ plane ticket to meet and then went crazy (receipt above) threatening to kill him because he did not reply to her crazy-arsed long messages about love and marriage (he was busy in training academy too but "what if he falls in love with another woman here ?" ???). She did not even met him yet, had only been chatting online with the guy for 10 days and was already planning a wedding !

She is doing almost all of the same things here, 5 years later, repeating the same insane patterns.
I hope people can get to her parents somehow and make sure she is quickly sectioned. This girl is absolutely abnormal and should not be free to roam around.

Also, I'm seriously concerned for Jurek. Given her history of lying and bullying, I could see her accusing him of rape if he turned her down. She already said she would "cry" and throw a tantrum if he does not hold her hand and touch her. I can see him being her next prey here.

No. 918760

But she'll be able to sing once she weighs 45 kg!

>She is doing almost all of the same things here, 5 years later, repeating the same insane patterns.

Yeah, that's the autism. Shame her parents haven't picked up on the blatantly obvious signs.
Shit, even if nobody in her family thinks she's being serious about… everything, the Elder Chen/Chinese policeman obsessions and the drunk hobo speed dating attempts in London should be enough to make her relatives see that a few screws have come loose.
Jurek better stock up on the bear spray.

No. 919035

Shit's about to go down with Jurek.
Stay tuned people.

Side comment, she really is out of shape, when she does her walking/speaking/camera-shaking videos she's always out of breath. On top of the deranged ramblings, hard to watch.

No. 919036

Question on her insta, isn't it odd she keeps making those videos as if she had a significant audience ? She rarely racks up more than 50 views on average, generally 0 comments and most of the views must be from her lolcow / mpa "following" > in brackets since none of us actually stan her, quite the opposite. Which begs the question, why the videos at all ? Why the need to make everything about her tedious life public ?

No. 919050

File: 1579178249036.jpg (191.69 KB, 1080x1080, alicia1.jpg)

She's in the town square in Wroclaw, but says if shit goes bad she won't be posting anything.

No. 919051

File: 1579178285584.jpg (186.55 KB, 1080x1080, alicia2.jpg)

part 2

No. 919052

File: 1579179111428.webm (6.31 MB, 320x180, alicia-money.webm)

archive of the video about the woman extorting her for money

No. 919055

Anon you're my hero ! I don't know how to post videos, but if you have more saved, it could be really useful. Because she tends to do more lunatic ranting and less text posting. Thank you

No. 919087

File: 1579183988440.jpg (646.64 KB, 1080x1744, Screenshot_20200116-140931_Chr…)

"As long as I look good, things are guaranteed to go well"

Ok, things are guaranteed to go down the shitter then.

No. 919090

File: 1579184323467.jpeg (208.2 KB, 750x1134, 95A2B390-A4FF-420B-933F-D3568E…)

It’s happening soon.

I love how here and in her insta videos she’s absolutely convinced that skincare products and hair are a surefire way to make a guy fall for her. This is genuinely how she thinks dating works.

Yes, Alicia, I’m sure this random Polish dude will definitely notice every detail of your £300 dye job and care about all that La Praire you slathered on your face once you start spewing crazy shit from your mouth.

No. 919092

File: 1579184715234.jpeg (344.65 KB, 750x2263, 9A9BFAA8-2C4B-42C1-B2F4-E3414F…)

Damn, you beat me to it

She’s also planning to show Jurek her eyeshadow collection. This date is going to be on fire.

x: did he write back?
Alicia: I asked if I can show him my makeup collection and he said yes.
x: facepalm
Alicia: I love looking at it.

No. 919134

Sage for derailing but that bottom left pallette is nice. Anyone know what it is?

No. 919136

These are all chanel. This great vegan has bought 12 chanel palet, even after being told it was not vegan.

No. 919173

File: 1579200498159.jpg (668.25 KB, 1080x1657, Screenshot_20200116-184033_Chr…)

So in her latest video she alleges:
- Jurek came only for sex
- he came to her hotel - which she had previously said she gave him the address of for unclear reasons
- he came with condoms (…)
- and she "gave him what he came for" so he "would leave asap"

I really struggle to understand her logic. She told some mpa members by DM they were going for tea and a walk in the park and now, it was a hotel meeting and she had sex with him - consensual by the look of it - and is not happy ?

Also, don't invite a man in a hotel room and expect him to not expect a booty call. Seriously. First meeting in a public place you insane girl.

I really don't know what to make of her anymore. Her many lies don't make it easy.
Anywho, she says on this insta comment that she is "going to delete instagram next" which we all know is a lie - this girl needs the attention too bad.

I have a strong suspicion she is lying and Jurek did not turn up so as expected, she is blowing the imaginary rape whistle.

Mods of reddit, prepare yourselves for the shitshow. I'm sure she'll be there soon enough claiming to have been raped. Please someone save this video in case it is needed in front of a court.(Lolcow.farm/info)

No. 919175

Also, shoot I hope she won't come back to the uk. As a woman in a relationship living in her area, I don't want to be killed by a crazy-eyed unstable paranoid cow.

No. 919178

She posted a Polish version of the video as well, in which she admits she enjoyed it (the sex I’m assuming) even though she didn’t want the date to go like that. She claims she agreed to give Jurek what he wanted because he drove a long way to meet her and she didn’t want to make him angry. She also makes excuses for him, saying he must’ve been stressed at work and “had to do it”. At the end she says that God teaches us to forgive and she’s good at doing that.

It’s weird, as far as I know she has never attempted to appear forgiving. It’s hard to gauge what she really intends to do, with her mental illness and manipulative nature.

No. 919186


Wow that's really weird. Her messages in polish and english differ totally. Did I miss something in the english version ? Real question no sarcasm, I'm truly puzzled.

No. 919187

"My feelings for him vanished the second he invited himself to my room" said she on the verge of tears with a rictus of disgust in the english version.

This is manipulation 1.0.1. Both messages, if Anon above is to be believed, are completely different version of the same story. WTF ?

No. 919191

Polanon here, I should’ve clarified she says pretty much the same things as in the English version, including the “vanished feelings” bit, BUT with additional points that I’ve listed above. It’s like she decided to elaborate on the situation while filming a second take on the video.
She has the exact same whispery, on-the-verge-of-tears demeanor as in the English vid. I’m guessing she’s trying to paint herself as a martyr, who’s been hurt terribly, but is going to forgive Jurek nonetheless.

No. 919196

Ah thank you PolAnon for clarifying.
Hope someone can save the polish version then.

No. 919201

Polanon again, wanted to add that the only thing I’m not 100% sure about is the part about enjoying it, as she’s not speaking very clearly, but from what I can decipher it’s literally: “ I’m not going to lie, I don’t want to be deceitful, I tried to force myself not to think about it and I enjoyed it. But I didn’t want it like that… Not like that.”

She does not include the weird “you have not come to redeem me from naysayers” that’s in the English version though and tells her followers explicitly not to be angry with Jurek. Come to think of it, she really seems to be less disgusted by him in the Polish vid.

No. 919228


Honestly, given her track record of lying etc, I highly doubt she truly met him, let alone had sex with him.
Her curls look remarkably still perfect for someone who just enjoyed some action. I can tell you my hair dont look so perfectly put together after.
I call bullshit on the whole thing.
My guess is he didn't turn up and she is livid so fabricated a sex story.
The inconsistencies with her previous messages about Jurek just add up. In his message he seemed embarrassed about mentions of being physically close. She said they were meeting for tea and a walk in the park.
I highly doubt this guy would accept to meet with someone who sent him a dozen deranged sounding messages, in a hotel room, and would turn up with condoms. That's such a bizarre detail to mention too ? Like, did he turn up with condoms in his hands, casually ? Really sounds like a completely invented story.

I highly doubt he would accept to meet at all.
So I really doubt her last posts.

No. 919245

File: 1579208612423.jpg (420.43 KB, 1080x1730, IMG_20200116_220315.jpg)

No. 919257

File: 1579210422874.webm (15.36 MB, 640x640, aliciadaypl@p@B7Y96Feh8bu@0@0.…)

No. 919259

File: 1579210472535.webm (15.36 MB, 640x640, aliciadaypl@p@B7Y_MbhBcL2@1@0.…)

No. 919260

File: 1579210550699.jpg (421.1 KB, 619x2228, Screenshot_20200116-213529_Chr…)

Annnnnnd just like I predicted the accusations of rape follow.
I hope Jurek did not truly met with her and had the good sense to steer clear

No. 919261

Well done Anon on saving her videos here. Might be helpful later.

No. 919262

Polanon, any chance you could get on her last video and enlighten us pretty please ?

No. 919275

File: 1579212590110.jpg (301.47 KB, 1048x734, Screenshot_20200116-215858_Chr…)

Ok video #1 so "future plans" she's going back to her f*ck mate (friend with benefit, the London-based homeless polish dude who is, according to her, constantly abusing her), and she will go back to london to "visit museums and parks" so still no intentions to work. She won't stay in london "forever" and will leave sometimes this year (or deported ?…)

Video #2 "I truly believed men would be attracted to me if I took care of myself, I showed Jurek my make up, my nails, they are professionally done, my hair I went to the Salon, I showed Jurek the laprairie products,….he pretended to be interested, asked me what colour I used but he was only interested in coming to my room [well if you were showing him your make up, you were in your room already]. I just want to lead a quite life [yeah, right], I was so mad I nearly threw my Chanel make up in the river but I thought my sister might be pissed off if I threw 1500$ of make up in the river"

I'm kind of chuckling now, I can just imagine deranged Alicia ranting, being like "hey, here's 1500$ of luxury make up and my professionally done hair and nails" to random polish dude, and polish dude being like "cool, we gonna f*ck though ?"

No. 919373

File: 1579224862902.jpeg (225.9 KB, 750x2124, 8C6A3541-E9AC-4768-818F-770A99…)

Polanon coming through. Her last video at that time was boring and unrelated to anything. She asked her followers not to eat meat whenever they think about her, or something stupid like that.
Since then she’s posted two more videos in Polish. One is her trying (and failing) to translate that odd “you have not come to redeem me from naysayers etc.” line that was missing from her original post-date rant and the other is her travel plans for tomorrow. She’s going back to UK and having her homeless buddy pick her up from the airport. She doesn’t like the fact that he has a job now and is able to see her only once a week. Hilariously, she fails to understand why would he even want a job when he’s getting money from social services and gets really bitchy about that.

More interestingly, she blocked Jurek’s number. Translation:
J: I wonder how you look like. I’ll be at your place soon. I’m at [mall name]
A: Oh God
after the date
J: thank you for the nice evening
A: you too
J: I just got home. What are you up to?
A: I’m tired I’m going to sleep goodnight
J: ?? Goodnight

So I guess here’s a confirmation that the whole thing actually happened. I wonder what the fuck went down on that date, really. I thought it might've been a case of pump & dump, but it looks like Jurek is still somewhat interested in her and confused with her acting aloof.

No. 919422

Man I just feel fucking bad for her. She's obviously mentally disabled but able to take basic care of herself so it seems her family have decided to simply ignore her glaring problems and just throw money at her in the hopes that she doesn't end up on the streets and dead. Because of this she has no real idea of how the world works at all and is seemingly doomed to just wander from country to country being taken advantage of until her father dies and her family completely gives up on her because god knows there's no way to help her and change her thinking at this age

No. 919520

Why is there another pig???????(namefag)

No. 919609


I don't feel bad for her.
For someone "mentally disabled" she knows damn well how to :
- Steal semi nude pictures from a friend to send them to their boss and then call their place of work pretending she was harassed by said friend, in an attempt to make them lose their job.
- post another friend's skype details on a chinese porn site to get her boyfriend to break up with her because she was jealous
- harass and bully an innocent gym PT because he was nice to her but had a girlfriend and that was unacceptable to Alicia, who then doxxed said girlfriend, wishing she would "die" because she "stole [PT gym guy] from [her]"
- impersonate random people on reddit and mpa, pretending to be in love with a terrorist, or that their boyfriend is a pedophil
- declare she would love to be able to "kill" any woman she sees with their bf or husband and/or kids; saying she was pleased when she read victims of murder or accident had significant others
- tell random people she has been following around and harassing for years on mpa now, to kill themselves; or that she hoped their depressed boyfriend would "slash their wrists";
- tell other random newbie unsuspecting members on mpa who shared their suicidal struggles, to kill themselves.

And then when quizzed about it, never said once she regretted any of it ; just said she couldn't admit any of it because of legal consequences.

So she is damn well aware of what she's doing.
She knows she's acting in ways that are abnormal. She knows she should get help but won't. She loves the attention, and loves being seen as a martyr.
She's also very very manipulative. She lies like she breathe, like when she posted about jurek being a sex trafficker because he wouldn't say he loves her, and then admitted she lied because she wanted to get sympathy and didn't want anyone to defend jurek…

So no, I don't think she is a victim of anyone or anything. She has insight, but won't do anything because therapy is "boring" (see above receipt in the thread) and she must have a boyfriend to "prove I'm not ugly" according to her latest videos (don't want to be salty here, but Alicia, good luck with that…).

No. 919610


It's just the pig that was taken away from her. Not a new one.

No. 919614

She's once again at the wroclaw international fb group sharing the rape videos

No. 919615

File: 1579258824337.jpg (92.42 KB, 493x814, adwi170120.JPG)

No. 919640

File: 1579263638525.jpg (56.12 KB, 847x618, adwi1701.JPG)

No. 919645

Yeah, only problem, alicia, is you need therapy for your sociopathic behaviours and help for you autism. Getting therapy for imaginary stuff is not going to do squat. Assuming you really were raped, it's still not the core of what is wrong with your behaviour. You are not a sociopath because you were raped. This behaviour predates your alleged trauma, according to your own posting everywhere on mpa and reddit.

If you go into therapy the way you go about posting (ignoring advice or insights you deem "negative" because they invalidate your internal martyr narrative"), you are most likely just going to waste more of your sister's money.

No. 919673

Why does she write in such a broken English though ? English is not my first language so I might be wrong but isn't her writing here different ?

No. 919675


This is who she contacted here :

West London Rape Crisis Centre

Unfortunately they are not equipped to deal with her issues clearly.

No. 919698

She nuked her instagram again

No. 919724

Yeah she'll be back in 24 hours as usual.

No. 919762

man what an evil person. I'm sure it was like the Chen guy, where he met with her to tell her she's being inappropriate. If they did actually fuck she would be delighted and say they are married now cuz they fucked. Accusing the man of rape because he turned her down and to make herself feel better? Really?

No. 919786


Wouldn't put it past her to have effectively had sex with him but do not understand her reasoning that this was "rape". By all account, she invited him to her room (despite literally everybody telling her not to), and she is not saying anything about him being pushy, insisting or forceful. The guy is a firefighter apparently, and could lose his job.

It is not the first time she has been lying about that type of things. She accused her gym PT of sexual harassment on reddit, when he did not return her feelings, and then accused a random online vendor of sexually harassing her on reddit too - but never produced any evidence of her claims, and vendor proved he never did any of what she said.

I'm sorry for the rape victim group she contacted. Her claim is certainly fallacious and she is going to take resources away from people who truly need them.

No. 919802

Does she know what rape is?

Does she know what sex is? What does it mean to her?

Because the guy could have given her a hug as they met and in her mind, that constitutes as sex.Her mind escalates so severely, I would be ready to believe that she thinks this happened.

What could have happened:

Alicia wants to show him her makeup.

He agrees to look at them.

They go to the hotel room.

The makeup palettes are laid down on the bed.

Jurek and Alicia stand next to each other as she explains to him which one does what.

He sits down on the bed.

The bed is a place people have sex. He sat down on it without asking for permission. Alicia is still standing, but in her mind, he has invited her clearly to bang.

Jurek is oblivious to her inner monologue.

After some time, Alicia shuts down.

He leaves.

Alicia's mind has now fully absorbed what happened as sex.

No. 920832

Looks like the cow is MIA for now. All for the best, hopefully she will stay away from internet for a long while.

No. 920833

Also, fuck you lolcow mods for banning me because of no pictures posting. Alicia posted more videos than pictures so stop being butthurt because we have to post more text to outline the videos you eejit.(ban evasion)

No. 921486

File: 1579646365044.jpeg (558.47 KB, 1301x1683, FFB9CE09-601E-445C-8C47-18A563…)

I wish I had discovered this earlier. I’ve been a anthropologist of this person for a while on Reddit now. She has many aliases. Will dig up more but this is a fascinating one.

No. 921797

This one I think has been documented in the imgur but it may not be. It sounds like another impersonation account to frame other redditors like with ChuChuSex and Ficklehello

No. 924155

File: 1580065322493.png (95 KB, 1437x702, Capture.PNG)

Looks like she's back with a new username.


No. 924157

File: 1580065400276.png (47.36 KB, 788x337, Capture.PNG)

Even with a new username she can't hide her crazy.

Asks a random flight attendant who's trapped on a plane with her out on a date.

No. 924158

File: 1580065488690.png (73.73 KB, 816x735, Capture.PNG)

>thousands of men walk past me and never ask me out!

No. 924162

File: 1580065819606.png (82.44 KB, 800x482, Capture.PNG)

Is this about Jurek?


turns out there's another account as well they caught down in the comments that's hers as well.

No. 924163

File: 1580065851766.png (175.29 KB, 1197x765, Capture.PNG)

No. 924165

File: 1580065923399.png (59.19 KB, 829x527, Capture.PNG)

Alicia is also back up to her old tricks


No. 924173

That imgur post is wild. She’s copied compromising photos of people before to try to get them fired.

No. 924207

She definitely wanted the photos for some reason. Probably to do what she's done before on Reddit and impersonate one half of the couple and try to "out them" to Reddit. Anyone from LDR is a target to her.

No. 924471

File: 1580108261172.png (440.37 KB, 1125x2001, 0A7E63CE-AB70-44D5-812D-0494FD…)

Harassing a woman by implicating her for wanting to commit suicide and accusing her husband of banging hookers.

No. 924497

the person posted screenshots of DMs, this is some truly unhinged shit


No. 924498

What the fuck did I read? Fuckin mental case

No. 924501

File: 1580121710809.png (33.66 KB, 784x324, Capture.PNG)

To no one's surprise she found this girl through Long Distance as well.

No. 924504

File: 1580122004946.png (64.83 KB, 1435x587, Capture.PNG)

She's up and posting a storm if anyone wants to keep an eye on her before she gets mass deleted again.


No. 924505

File: 1580124640845.jpeg (221 KB, 750x1249, 4ACD70B5-2CD4-409C-85A2-6B6F4C…)

This fucking bitch, I swear to god

Good luck with your Chanel eyeshadows that you barely know how to put on your potato face

No. 924510

No. 924514

File: 1580126078613.jpeg (292.92 KB, 828x1029, AC88AD35-6546-4B20-8ED6-1737D5…)

Found another user complaining about her sending them weird DMs. Here’s the imgur link: https://m.imgur.com/a/VUWIY4t

Probably the weirdest message in the exchange;
>We’re not strangers. We can be very close friends. So what sexual positions do you like? Describe it in detail. Send pics too. Have you ever been with a woman? Tell me about your fantasies.
I know that Alicia is unhinged but could this really be her? It kind of sounds like a man.

No. 924515

It’s got to be Alicia. There are pics of her on this account that weren’t on her instagram before the latest purge and the fake nice/concern trolling posting patters are 100% her thing.

She’s trying to coax this person into an uncomfortable conversation in order to later harass them by posting caps to “prove” they are a pervert. Or downright trying to coerce nudes from them to send to their employer, like she did before.

No. 924516

She’s obsessed posting with how she’s a kissless dateless uggo when she’s not stalking random girls. So creepy, does she do anything but hate happy women and abuse animals?

No. 924545

mod of /r/longdistance here… Wonder what set her off, we hadn't found new alicia accounts in a bit… I'm betting it's the Poland shit where she got rejected.(le reddit)

No. 924588

She started using a new account, https://reddit.com/u/smug0100 to impersonate a reddit user by a similar name. They have been reported to reddit admins again, and banned from my community.

No. 924606

And now https://reddit.com/u/twitchcamgirl… Man something really must have pissed her off… I think she's back in the US now.

No. 924624

File: 1580151850264.jpeg (344.26 KB, 1125x1683, 0A06FD4D-3ADA-487E-9AAA-B5737F…)

Seems like in the short time she had that username she’s harassed several females who post on r/longdistance out of jealousy.

No. 924665

File: 1580156776495.jpeg (269.79 KB, 750x1095, 49810F51-6749-495D-95F7-D20014…)

Her weakass trolling is on par with a 13 year old boy on COD chat, she’s that stupid and infuriating. The people on reddit are being way too nice to her.

No. 924999

A new account: reddit.com/u/PartyFunction8

No. 925014

File: 1580229240060.png (137.18 KB, 1343x1200, 9999890.png)

She seems to have changed the username from the smug0100 one to cover her tracks. She posted this fake story that's already been deleted and that poor user had to come in to defend themself.

No. 925270

Hello, I'm the latest addition to your fold. She's sent me a few crackers today! She's mad up some horrible posts about my husband and I, sent my contact details to a NSFW account and (best of all) looked through my support group history and tried to trigger using that. Apparently it's great fun to think about me being raped and murdered. She's quite something. I'll add screenshots tomorrow.(namefag)

No. 925271

I missed out the whole suicide support business. She made a post asking people to help her friend (me) as I was suicidal but too racist to take advise from an Asian woman. I had people messaging me about this!

No. 925300

She’s harassing you in threads on r/longdistance. Why do you think she’s latched on to you? Have you ever posted photos of you and/or your husband?

No. 925321

He, rach go read the rules before posting. You don't fill in your email, dumbass.

No. 925330

honestly it seems like she just latches on to any moderately happy / successful person in a relationship, even if she doesn't know what they look like.

No. 925331

Please do post the screenshots! I’m loving this cow.

why so aggressive lol

No. 925335

File: 1580280252393.jpeg (245.84 KB, 1125x1847, 60398EF0-CE44-4810-84D0-BF8A94…)

Yet again with the husband cheating targeted at smug010.


No. 925342

File: 1580283402832.png (116.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200129-073553.png)

No. 925343

File: 1580283430085.png (186.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200129-073544.png)

No. 925345

File: 1580283461532.png (137.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200129-073509.png)

No. 925346

File: 1580283522352.png (77.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200129-073456.png)

No. 925347

File: 1580283579818.png (113.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200129-021716.png)

No. 925348

File: 1580283612344.png (185.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200129-073412.png)

No. 925349

File: 1580283820959.png (166.79 KB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20200129-021359.png)

There were lots more messages that I can't find now. Some of them were very dark and about rape! She has latched onto me on LDR for some reason.

No. 925350

File: 1580283962792.jpg (80.83 KB, 640x1385, ozYBrcX_d.jpg)

She's posing as me here too

No. 925351

She also offered me small amounts of money to cam with her.

No. 925372

Camming is something she's not done before so I'm wondering why she's suddenly latching on to it now. Alicia does everything she can to attract men so maybe she's just this desperate.

Considering you're a teacher and the fact that she has actually gotten someone fired before, I think your best bet is seek legal action. You wouldn't be the first and all her personal information is here including her passport name, Junluo Dai (if her MPA posts are to be believed).

Even just the threat of someone seeking police help against her should be enough to get her off your back. She may be psycho but she's also a coward and an tabloid celebrity.

I can only imagine how she'd react if the tabloids caught wind of all of this since she's tried so hard to sell this image of herself as a kind heart vegan activist saving pigs.

No. 925375

File: 1580294526714.png (79.24 KB, 1052x843, Capture.PNG)

At least she got swiftly banned from LongDistance again.

No. 925378

File: 1580297036780.png (Spoiler Image, 441.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200129-112349.png)

She's got a new username. I'm going to look into legal action today.

No. 925389

File: 1580299691438.png (146.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200129-120526.png)

That seems to have shut her up for now. The comment about meeting me was particularly disturbing though. She knows the date and time of my flight from Manchester Airport. Are we sure that she's still in America?

No. 925401

File: 1580304288537.png (216.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200129-132512.png)

The nasty bitch.

No. 925434

I followed this girl on instagram for a laugh but then I started feeling bad for her. I've just found this thread though… she is insane! I'm guessing she wants to cam with people so she can use it against them?? So creepy…

No. 925450

Omg this thread is way too crazy. I clicked on it because I was interested in the animal abuse allegations but it turns out I’ve known of this chick for years. I've followed her around the Forever Alone community, and it turns out, she isn't ugly but rather full of shit. I'm questioning whether anything she says is true lmao

This is one of her alts that hasn't been banned yet:


No. 925451

https://www.reddit.com/user/Smughainan is def her. She may be in the US based on an IP that she used when posting on MPA but haven't been able to confirm as I believe her instagram is locked down?

No. 925453

What's her current IG handle? She changed it some and I lost track

No. 925457

We're not sure… She posted from an New York IP on MPA

No. 925484

Ugh, she's the worst. She's chosen that name because I've had to postpone my trip to Hainan due to the coronavirus. I'm not going to worry about her turning up at the airport as I don't think she'd be brave enough to turn up in real life.

No. 925491

Why don’t these people delete their reddit accounts? I know it sucks to have to be the one to give up your account because of a crazy, but that way she won’t be able to harass you anymore.

No. 925516

Kek I agree they want the attention from strangers aka reddit karma posting about their long distance relationship but not the attention of a specific stranger aka Alicia.
Just stop responding and stop posting the messages here. The redditors are becoming cows themselves.

No1curr, go back to reddit and learn to sage newfag

No. 925526

I just finished reading this thread and I'm 100% convinced this woman will end up on the news for attempted murder. Her family is trash for not even attempting to commit her when she's clearly a danger to society.

No. 925596

Yeah I mean she’s doxxed her victims and tried to mess with their personal lives. Why would you continue to subject yourself to her harassment? She’s shown that she’s not mentally right and is not going to let it go.

No. 925610

Yeah. With all due respect, you should probably listen to >>925491.
This bitch is clearly crazy and I feel bad for anyone who just happens to trigger her wrath, but I recommend just deleting your account and getting in the habit of cycling through Reddit accounts or having dedicated ones for certain subs, probably with as limited detail as possible. It’s not fair because she’s the aggressor but detailed post histories seem to be her crack if she can use them against people.

No. 925616

jun is currently off her meds and online trolling the anorexia forum on mpa

No. 925618

You're right. I'm going to take a little break from Reddit for a while and let things settle down. I'm annoyed with myself for getting drawn in and responding to her but she really knew which buttons to press. She found me at a time I was quite vunerable and really played on that. Thanks for helping me out and I'll try to be wiser in future.

No. 925637

What's up with all the cows who are super rich? By her own admission this cow has wasted thousands, and probably even six figures of her parents' money. More if you include attending private school in America and graduate school, which might be $300k alone. Who lets their kid spend like that?

No. 925679

I wish you luck. Sorry you don’t get to have a normal experience just because she‘s a menace. I’m sure she’s just going to find her next victim in the interim, but at least it won’t be you anymore.

I think they give her money and support her to sate her and keep the crazy contained. They probably think she’s a sociopath just like we do and are scared she’ll murder someone if they don’t.

No. 925686

No. 925709

File: 1580349994082.jpeg (788.35 KB, 1242x1942, D96ACE8B-438D-4008-8813-A2CFF8…)

I was looking at the comment history on this account and every. Single. Post. Is her telling people to break up with their SO’s…even if that has nothing at all to do with OP’s post. She thinks every single person who is in a relationship is “codependent”

No. 925820

File: 1580384741809.jpg (264.88 KB, 513x1100, 20200130_124317.jpg)

Isn't it her on the fa30plus sub?


No. 925830

It's weird. She has the money to do anything she wants in life but spends her time shitposting on Reddit.

No. 925921

I can't believe that all those Chanel eyeshadow compacts and $600 hairdo didn't help her secure a boyfriend in the end. What a shocker guys.

No. 925928

Eh, if I was independently wealthy I wouldn't stop shitposting. It's a rush that is hard to beat honestly lmao

omg I replied to that thread and felt kinda bad. lmao. but how can you tell it's her?

No. 926066


Username seems to be a reference to that other user whose bf is in Vietnam and that alicia harassed, age matches, only 1 thread and not on like a rape victim sub but on FAdating, the usual focus on something totally weird instead of the crux of the matter… I am not 100%sure but I am like 90% sure.(namefagging)

No. 926251

File: 1580469462913.jpg (665.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200131-121643_Fac…)

so she left Wroclaw and now is looking for a new pig (and a flat) in Warsaw. Attention all Jureks!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 926298

File: 1580482564953.jpeg (158.15 KB, 750x1228, E6240251-C377-45BE-AAAC-56F6FD…)

(1/2)She’s posting in groups for expats in Katowice and Lublin too, both of which are pretty far from Warsaw. Her current fb profile says she’s in Katowice too. I don’t know what her deal is but I’d really love to see her try to convince a Polish farmer to give her a pig.

No. 926300

File: 1580482739777.jpeg (229.37 KB, 736x1234, DFEB1CBA-0B96-411C-AF05-4BF1AC…)

> English teacher, makeup artist and vegan activist

the delusion

No. 926633

Man, I deserve the ban I'm about to be rightfully slapped with but something about her manipulative selfishness and jealousy I find so attractive.

I don't take myself for a lesbian but we're I a man I'd take one for the team, hold her hand and tell her she's smart and beautiful or whatever it was she was crying about.

I wonder how she's gone so far without being suckered in by someone with the desire to take advantage of her?

And wasn't she a kissless virgin? Interesting if she really fucked polish guy then.

I'm sure all she'd need to step away from her pseudo animal activist speel is a little love bombing. She only clings to it for haven given her some recognition - negative or not.. so desperate for attention.

Ahh I wish I could feed her maladaptive, self destructive tendencies but even while edgelord blog posting I know better than to tip the cow (pig?)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 926638

hi jun

No. 926650

File: 1580552019018.jpeg (441.63 KB, 750x2275, 5EAB11B9-FF80-4C0C-8827-599D8D…)

Last night Alice was suicidal and dying of coronavirus

No. 926651

File: 1580552166802.jpeg (263.22 KB, 750x981, 40ACA50D-E5DB-4D59-8E66-050D2A…)

Today she gets back at whining about men, this time in expat groups

No. 926658

>I asked a flight attendant on Lot if he wants to go on a date but he thought I was ugly so I had to take Lufthansa instead.

Has she ever tried dating apps in her epic pursue for a penis?

No. 926663

They reject her because she is creepy. Why doesn't she understand this?

No. 926675

That and her potatoe face. Let's face it, she truly is an ugly bitch. Poor skin, poor make up, bad eyebrows, big nose with black spots, and this horrendous blond color that just does not suit her. Being overweight has not helped either. She looks even worse with her swollen fat face, plus she's short so truly looks like a tubby. So yeah she's a creep but she also does not look any good at all.

No. 926677

Shes not a kissless virgin at all, she's had numerous sex buddies over the years, read the different evidence posted here. They'd stick their dick in crazy but won't stick with her because she's too mentally unhinged and insane. Who the fuck keeps an exact count of men they asked out (101 ?) She's fucking disabled.

No. 926680

File: 1580559496908.png (484.26 KB, 828x1792, 5a00ff72a390bf3934979e51fc542a…)

Yes she has but kept talking about her pigs. Attached a cap of what happens when she tries dating apps. Look at the screenshot in the screenshot.

No. 926681

File: 1580559562373.jpg (295.29 KB, 1078x1563, Screenshot_20200201-121912_Gal…)

Screenshot for more clarity

No. 926682


Were you a man doing all that, you'd end up cut in pieces in her basement freezer while she'd be singing an eerie lullaby about a pig.
And she'd probably then feed pieces of you to said pig day after day.

No. 926684

Anyone knows her new Instagram handle ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 926686

File: 1580561985245.jpeg (62.79 KB, 750x403, DF46B848-4CAB-402F-8ADF-AE2DA8…)

Not milk, but here’s another psychotic tidbit from her current facebook. I guess It’s a leftover from when she’s been harassing that MPA user, but joke’s on her, because now she has this bullshit on her personal account for the whole world to see.

No. 926694

File: 1580564795864.jpeg (222.07 KB, 742x1097, 3931D056-2727-43C1-8C3A-D4AF1C…)

She posted a picture of herself and Jasiek (her homeless fuckbuddy / best friend) as a response to someone commenting on her profile pic being a plant

No. 926697

File: 1580565931641.png (365.25 KB, 750x1334, 6CBA161E-DDA1-4505-9A46-188743…)

No. 926716

File: 1580569413756.jpg (274.06 KB, 1078x1721, Screenshot_20200201-140859_Chr…)

For the record

No. 926721

KEK, why would she purposely put this on her facebook though?

No. 926722

Look at the address of the profile. Ledafae is an MPA user she constantly harassed online and impersonated many times. I reckon at one stage she just used her own Facebook and changed the screen name to Ledafae and forgot to remove this"about me" bit from there when she reversed to "Aliss"
This is by far the best incriminating evidence of her impersonating people online. She is that stupid, yes.

No. 926723

Ohh thanks for explaining that anon, I don’t use facebook. Seeing that on her personal profile is killing me

No. 926735

LedaFae here. She would impersonate me on MPA and attempt to spread crazy stories about me and various ISIS-related / "ISIS bride" shit for a while.

Finding her current Facebook nonsense absolutely hilarious as I wouldn't put it past her actually wanting to "serve the brothers" with her mouth and vagina.

She has a huge obsession with projecting her own personal desires onto other people and a falsely accusing people she trolls of doing shit she has done.

No. 927044

File: 1580628804122.png (559.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200202-030621.png)

She's gone off the deep end here!

No. 927070

More context please? I just skimmed through smug’s Reddit account and it looks like that was her flight route…did Alicia really try to report her as a terrorist to an airport? Or is she pretending to be Alex to troll or phish somehow? What the fuck.

No. 927085

Alicia has attempted to report me to the police! Nothing has come of it as I expect they know a nutjob when they see one. Surely that's a serious crime.

No. 927107

OK yeah, that's fucked up.
Not to fearmonger but I genuinely am concerned she'd escalate to harass you or worse in real life, since she clearly has family willing to pay for her trips no matter where. It probably is illegal in most places to falsely report something like that at least.
Not sure what else you can do other than lay extremely low and not post for a bit (assuming you're the Redditor), though.

OT but Alicia is absolutely fucking insane. She's a weird mix of slightly self aware troll (?), probably diagnosable crazy, and not too bright. I'd call her underrated and say we need more milk but as she's harassing women in increasingly threatening ways, I hope she gets medicated or studied in a psychology journal soon.

No. 927110

What is the context of that ? Could you explain and clarify where this comes from please ?

No. 927117

File: 1580647356190.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3840x2160, EFC4F3C8-66F1-428A-A56F-9CB5F4…)

I was shown this thread by someone on Reddit. While much of the stuff said about me is untrue, (watch The Countrss movie whom I relate to completely and will explain my mentality), I have given people an attitude from time to time. I have not read this all but just the first things.

I want you guys to know that I have met a nice guy who has agreed with my demands to give me compliments on my appearance and I have made it crystal clear that we will get married in the future. I will not meet him in real until he comes back to Poland.

If this is real and not again someone who is lying to me or wants only sex, you have my word you will never hear from me again. All I ever wanted was the same chance to live in society- namely, to be the doll and arm candy of someone who will compliment me daily, if you have anything to say to me I can check here for the next few days. Peace love and pigs.

No. 927128

File: 1580648457654.png (1.59 MB, 828x1792, 137524FE-6554-41D4-BEAF-4D8F49…)

As you can see he is doing a brilliant job of telling me how great I am.

No. 927129

File: 1580648728911.png (1.35 MB, 828x1792, 9F505BCE-4D02-4BFA-9DEC-CEAD76…)

This is when I explained to him that he must respect my looks.

No. 927131

File: 1580648852167.png (2.11 MB, 828x1792, EAD7F3AB-598E-484D-9E09-7AE930…)

This is when he finally acquiesced to my demands after which we chatted until 4 am.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 927132


English motherfucker, can you speak it? no one can read these moon runes

No. 927133

File: 1580649052377.jpeg (200.35 KB, 1200x1600, DB54AE1C-4D95-44D9-8C5C-4EDDE3…)

Get a dictionary!

No. 927136


Go seek psychiatric help you insane fuck of a human.

No. 927137


translate it, future bateman. it's not like you've got shit else to do

No. 927139

File: 1580649518065.jpeg (292.79 KB, 1200x1600, 946A8D1F-B9D1-4878-B3D6-DF030A…)

How dare you! I am incredibly busy at the gym. I have to lose weight prior to meeting my future husband. What if he comes to Poland to visit his family faster than expected? However I can go to the business centre and translate it after this workout.

No. 927142

Losing weight won't magically make you a mentally sane person. Sorry you found a victim and finger crossed you don't murder him. Also, losing weight won't help with your ugly face so yeah.

No. 927147

OMG I found out how to reply to u. OK here it goes:

HIm: Do u want me to become obsessed wid u?
Me: Yes bc I want u to admire me. i won't embarrass u.

him: believe me that already in a certain level (I can't be bothered to look up the exact meaning in a dictionary) you have my admiration & adoration

me: other blokes (not that I talk 2 dem often bc my mates r gurlz 2) think the fact I trust ppl rite away means I'm dumb & want to use me financialli or other ways but u say nice things to make me feel gud rather than forcing me 2 do stuff. I can be myself wid u nd don't have 2 play hard 2 get. unfortunately in my lyf there are lotz of gurlz who laughed at my stupidity bc dere jellis dat my family has more money than dem and dey sed im stupid nd naive but u came not 2 redeem me from da haterz but 2 (oops meant 2 say cleanse) me of da desire 2 plz ppl other than u

him: wow ur relli an angel


Him: I understand. idk how to compliment ppl & i don't concentr8 dat much on looks. 4 me it counts dat ur a super person

Me: fuck dat, i don't want 2 b a gud person, i want 2 b a beautiful little gurl!

him: me 2 and u see who has it harder

me: wut do u want

him: i wuz always curious how it is 2 b a pretty little gurl

me: u arent taken me seriousli

him: w8, is dis a type of sadism?

me: no

him: u r abusing me mentalli?

me: it's relli important to me dat u value my appearance


him: I feel awful now

me: y? explain. wut happened?

him: u have beautiful hair, relli

me: y do u feel bad?

him: i don't even kno how 2 explain

me: i hope itz bc u treated me cruelli but i can forgive u if u change

him: i didn't want 2 b cruel. of course, introduce me the philosophy that fits u and ill read about the topic and (idk 4 sure but he seemed to comply)

After dat he told me a lot of nice thingz. Also 2 da person who sed it won't help, maybe I'm not in ur taste but my future husband lykz my looks.

so yea lyk I sed I kno I give ppl an attitude sumtymz lyk i mite b a bit rude sumtymz but datz bcuz i wuz loneli but if dis werkz out i wont b rude agen.

btw I currently teach english online so its rude of u 2 imply dat i dont do anything

now I have 2 go 2 da mall bc i broke my iphone so I have 2 get a new 1, then ill go 2 da gym agen, maybe i shud get new stuff 4 my hair 2 bc my future husband sed he is willen 2 lyk at my makeup everi day so i need somethin 4 my hair 2

No. 927151

These messages made 0 sense whatsoever. If the translation is truthful, this guy neither agreed nor accepted to be your boyfriend, or marry you.
Also, huge doubt whether you truly are Alicia as this is not her typing style at all, especially the texting typing style. Looks like an impersonator.

No. 927152

Here's the thing, like I tend to emotionally eat when I'm upset and when I'm not, I lose weight. I am sick of my mood being determined by other people and my weight as well but I don't know how else to cope. I always tell myself if so-and-so screws me over, I will continue eating in moderation but I never do. Last time I got down to being 1 lb overweight but now I just don't know.

I suppose it gives me a sense of control, similar like how controlling my weight once did, that if I just have enough makeup, makeup brushes, hair care products, and skincare products, that nothing could go wrong, so I allow myself to believe these things.

No. 927158


Yep this is definitely not Alicia.
Not her email address either. Whoever you are, you are reported to mods now.

No. 927159

I type like that for fun. Attached is a photo of my passport so you know I am who I say I am. He sure did agree to be my boyfriend given I told him I was planning on us getting married in the future. The messages make a lot of sense. Initially he was saying stupid stuff about how he cares more about personality than looks but I told him I won't talk to him if he can't do one simple thing like say nice things to me. His behaviour changed very fast after that.

So what are you guys doing today and what kind of music have you been listening to?

No. 927160


There is no picture attached. Do you even know what lolcow is ?

No. 927163

I just made a new instagram pigsarefat2 where I have uploaded my passport photo to show it is me!

No. 927166


Anyone can do that.
How about posting from your twitter account ? It's still up isnt it ?

No. 927169

Hi, sorry check my new instagram pigsarefat2. As you can see I just uploaded my passport to show who I am. Well someone wrote the link on reddit so I guess it's somewhere where you complain about people. I saw some people were throwing their toys out of the pram because you are mad that I helped animals and you didn't.

No. 927170


You are an impersonator then. If you cannot post from Alicia's twitter account, you are not her. Stop that, its embarrassing.

No. 927171

I just posted on Twitter saying it is me. I would show you my bank cards if I hadn't dropped them. If you want to be my friend, please feel more than free to let me know.

No. 927172

My twitter account is Jixypixy and as you can see, I posted right after your missive saying it is me. Why would other people have my passport? I sense that you have a strong desire to be my friend and I am very much up for the task.

No. 927173


Oh you are the cow.
Then learn what lolcow is. Nobody is your friend here.
And seek psychiatric help. You are mentally disabled and unstable. No amount of weight loss will correct that.

No. 927174


Hi Alicia. Do you see yourself as a future serial killer, or just a killer-killer? Like, will it just be the next man who rejects you, or will you possibly go on a spree?

No. 927175

File: 1580652643154.jpg (784.91 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200202-140452_Chr…)

No milk but for the record, attached the cow's passport that she posted on her new instagram - verified it is hers through twitter.


No. 927176

File: 1580652722358.jpg (391.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200202-140926_Chr…)

Confirmation through twitter attached

No. 927178

I initially posted to assure you that if things work out, I will not be rude any more, but then you expressed a desire to be close friends with me. When you said that, I realised that I should offer a hand of peace. This forum seems tough to make friends on because you all have anonymous usernames but you can contact me on instagram. I don't use the jixypig email that often though.

Of course I do not kill people. I have been rejected all the time by haters, but those days are behind me now that I have met my future husband. My main goal of having a husband is to make myself look good and to have someone whom I can show my makeup to and dress up for.

Now I'm off to the Galeria Mokotow to purchase a new phone.

I will post later since you guys are lonely and want to talk to me.

No. 927180


Mentally disabled to a T. Cannot comprehend basic english or make sense of anything.

No. 927181

Is your future husband the same guy who slept with you on your first date in Poland?

No. 927183

I mean… it's pretty clear that's her anyway. Who could copy this 'tism

as a pol anon, the tone of this guy's replies indicate he's not serious at all. He's trolling

Why are you stalking and harassing those reddit users? You act like you're lonely and want friends and then you viciously attack women not only online, but also irl. I wanna know how you explain that to yourself, what's your fucking motive here

No. 927184


Thank you pol anon. Was hoping you would show up, can you fill us in on the content of the messages? Does not sound like this guy is serious indeed.

No. 927185


Trolling? So should we begin the countdown on the Alicia channels Elliot Rodger clock?

No. 927189

To be clear, I'm not the pol anon who's active in the thread, but yeah. In a retarded style, but she translated it well. But it feels like he's making jokes that she doesn't get because she's, well, autistic
like, she typed this whole ass paragraph how everyone thinks she's stupid but it's because they're jealous (the longest message) to which he replied "geez, you're really an angel" which reads like sarcasm to me.
In the end, he asked for her philosophy, and said he'll read about it and conform to it, which is… just a weird thing to say.
Also, "Is it some sort of sadism? Are you abusing me mentally?" in a reponse to her sperging about complimenting her looks - also joking around… he's either trolling or he's really young, horny and confused by her manic behaviour. Either way this is going to end in a milk fountain for sure.

Alicia, feel free to post more screenshots of your convos! lol

No. 927192


Thank you. Yes would definitely want to see a lot more of these convos.

No. 927199

He most certainly is not joking. He is very serious about me. I have decided to acquiesce to your demands of showing the highlights of our conversation to show you how much he likes me. I can't work out how to post the imgur but it's imgur dot com/a/DaeLte8 maybe you can translate it so I don't have to bother.

So yeah I couldn't get a new cell phone because the mall was closed.

You are going too far by saying I harass people. Maybe I am a bit rude sometimes but it is because I just wanted to have a partner who says I'm pretty like everyone else. Like I said, I will not be rude again if this works out. Is it so wrong that I want to have a partner and have an equal shot at being admired?

No, he is not in Poland now because he works abroad and he is an honest guy who will not ask me to have sex with him right away. He is different from other men.

No. 927202


Yes you do harass people, we have numerous proof on this very page. Maybe if you read it you would realise you cannot manipulate us here. We know all about your bullying, and harassing people. All is documented here.

Also, no this guy does not fancy you. You haven't even met yet. Very doubtful you are getting married. Nobody gets married after 3 messages in broken polish with no physical meeting.

Posting pictures is not hard, you have done it above so comply to forum rules or get out.

No. 927204

But prove (impossible because not true) that what you've written is from me, that those alleged accounts are mine, and that even if one account was mine, it was not hacked, as everyone knows my password on everything which I have had to start changing. You know full well these allegations are false, otherwise you would have gone to the police rather than moaning about me here (which I forgive you for). I have been saying this from day 1 to people on MPA: What are you waiting for? PLEASE contact the police and they will tell you to stop lying about me. Sure, I was rude a few times on Reddit, but I didn't harass anyone, and I won't say directly what I said in case a snowflake wants to sue me for damages if I said something like, a darker colour hair would suit you better. I was banned on my mobile despite not doing anything wrong and I don't know how to get the pics from my mobile to the computer in the business centre.

No. 927205

a bit rude sometimes? Alicia, you threatened people, called police on someone just to spite them, impersonated users to spread nasty rumours etc. This is not being rude. In Poland, you could get charged with stalking for this.

No. 927210

Dont even try that Alicia. As I said, all the proofs are here and it is well documented. All these accounts were yours. IP addresses don't lie. You are a bully and a psychopath. You did all those things. This is your true face.

No. 927211

But you do not post the IP addresses because you have no proof of this. I have not done those things. I simply wanted to say I will not be rude (which is very minor) if I will get the same chances as others. Would you not be annoyed if you for many years couldn't do something everyone else around you was doing, thus leading leading to being irritable sometimes? Also, if I am a bad person, why did my son always have a smile on his face in my company?

No. 927213

File: 1580657879308.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.54 MB, 810x11945, Screenshot_20200202-153347_Chr…)


Any chance you would have a look at the cow's messages in case there is milk please ? I put it in spoiler since it's a long ass string of WhatsApp.

No. 927215

Alicia : You are delusional. This is a trait in many mental illness. Seek help. You did all those things, no need to argue here, you won't convince anybody with your lies.
You are a bully, a stalker, a harasser, a psychopath. Period.
Now stop derailing the topic and post your milk or move on, cow.

No. 927218

sorry for doublepost; about the dude, one of his compliments was "you're a beautiful Asian girl" and he told her when he's back, the first thing he's gonna do is take a shower and go to her's.
Man, he's clearly fetishizing you. And I'm sure he doesn't want to see your eyeshadow collection when he comes lol. But why am I even saying this, just crash and burn in milk

>Dude: I like when you message me. If you keep messaging me, I can do whatever you ask of me

wow desperate much
>Dude: Thanks, I just need to message and talk with someone sometimes, besides that I like to be alone.
he's an lonely autist, most likely.
Indeed he compliments her a lot.
>Dude: The more you tell me about yourself, the more incredible you seem. Do you really think I can be your husband? I don't know if I can keep up.
In conclusion, sounds like he's a thirsty autist.

No. 927221

This is gold. Thank you very much anon for the translation

No. 927224

Is she asking him to kill someone for her? Can you translate that part, anon? (bottom text, first screenshot)

No. 927231

>Alicia: Listen, I can do anything for you, even if you kill someone. I won't sell you out. I just recquire one small thing
(she didn't say what thing I guess)
Then he tells her that he can do anything if she keeps messaging him. It's cut off at "as long as…" so I guess he said something like, as longs as it's not illegal, because of the whole killing people thing she mentioned, lol.
At this point, if I were him, I would run

No. 927235

Holy shit. What the actual fuck.
Thanks again anon for translating.

No. 927239

The fact he would do anything for me show his sincerity. In a relationship you have to be committed and do whatever it takes to make the other person happy short of killing someone. And yes he IS going to want to see my eyeshadow collection because he already agreed to look at my makeup every day on Whatsapp! He meant he needs to talk with someone in English and otherwise figure it out on his own. I explained to him how I learned Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Polish to give him some ideas.

One of the first things he said was, when I asked him if he was gay, he said he hasn't had feelings for men before, but he can't be sure because he had a gay dream once. I really like that he does not hate gay people and is not homophobic or racist.

So since some of you guys are in Poland, did you want to be friends and meet up? You can text me at 518830111. If you want, we can do our makeup together and I will let you use my La Prairie skincare products, and I will curl your hair with the curling iron I bought in Germany.

No. 927241

Do you not understand what lolcow is Alicia ?
Nobody is your friend here. Nobody wants to be friend with you, cow. We just want your milk.

No. 927243

What milk? Wouldn't it be easier to go to the store and buy some? By the way you can try vegan options like oat milk for example. I love oat milk, used to have it at Gail's in Ealing Broadway all the time.

And obviously you do want to be my friend, which is why you are writing to me. Plus you messaged me this link on Reddit and invited me to talk to you.

No. 927247

On my new instagram pigsarefat2 I did post a hotel tour so you guys should check that out. The shopping centre was closed so I'll have to stay in this hotel one more night then take the train to Katowice. I could have taken Lot for 159 zl 50 min but because the flight attendant though I was ugly, I would have to do Lufthansa 800$ 4,5 h. I do not like wasting my sister's money so I have to take the train there. Oh yeah since you guys are in Poland can you tell me which hotels in Katowice have gyms? I hate looking stuff up.

No. 927248

Ok Alicia, since you are deeply autistic, let's try a simpler question :

Do you understand what lolcow is ?

No. 927253

If I'm autistic, what is the cure?

Yes, it looks like it is a website where people complain about me but I know that deep down you want to be my friend. If not, you would not have contacted me on Reddit, showing me this website.

No. 927256

No, this is not what lolcow is. Try again.

No. 927260

What is it then?

So do you have any pets?

I am struggling to find a place here that allows pigs but I really want a black one. We would go everywhere together, even when the creature is 300 kg.

No. 927267

Do you understand what being branded a cow is, Alicia ?

No. 927268


Why did you put exfoliating cream on your chameleon?

No. 927272

Honestly anon, engaging in discussion with her is a waste of time as you can see. Last time she answered this question (screenshot in thread), she said she liked the scrub so thought the poor abused animal would too.

No. 927273

I guess you are calling me a cow as a term of affection, like I am pretty sure Bridget Jones' dad called her mum "you silly cow."

I put it on my Chameleon because I wanted him to have a relaxing time in the bath. But then someone commented that they have sensitive skin so I stopped doing it. He was my baby but honestly I like pigs more.

No. 927274

you know that Poland is not the size of Warsaw, and not everyone lives in the city you live in? kek
I doubt anyone would hang out with you, the last person you told you wanna be friends with you harassed for days/weeks on reddit.

As long as you're here and not banned to oblivion, feel free to share your convos, and tell us how the meeting with autist-kun went, if he comes to see you. We'll sure be delighted to chat

No. 927277

I second that. Any other convo you care to share first hand, would be interesting.

No. 927278

I kinda want to be your friend just because I find you entertaining. But not enough to risk my life. You'd probably kill me.

No. 927281

Yeah but you could help me look it up so I don't have to do it myself.

Whom are you referring to?

I won't be meeting him for a year unless he comes to Poland to visit family. This will give me a lot of time to go to the gym, read books, and develop my career.

I am going to the gym again so I won't be able to reply because the mods mistakenly banned my mobile. However I can write to you again from the business centre if you will be nice.

I would not kill you. I have not killed other people before, so why start now? OMG I like you sooooooo much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I can post funny convos on my instagram if you want. There is one where I told Jenn I am going to start doing hedge funds like him. He denied doing hedge funds but he said he does money market and other investments and I am pretty sure that is hedge funds.

No. 927282

Alicia, since you continue to lie and deny impersonating people, how do you explain your "about me" section on Facebook had you as "LedaFae", a well known MPA user, with a story of joining ISIS that was word for word what was posted by a sock puppet account on MPA too ? Why would your personal facebook has this bio impersonating ledafae ?

Anon, I tried that a while back and it was not that entertaining. It's like chatting to a broken record.

No. 927283

It was probably one of you lot from MPA trying to make me look bad. You all know my password which I had posted everywhere. I saw it on there actually because someone asked me about it. Sneaky little devils!

No. 927284

Nobody knows your facebook password . Why do you lie ? You impersonated ledafae with your facebook and forgot to remove this section from your bio.
Why do you lie like that? Is it compulsive lying ?

No. 927287

File: 1580661989963.jpg (201.26 KB, 857x1336, Screenshot_20200202-164726_Chr…)

Here is a screenshot of your facebook for reference. Stop lying, and explain, why do you do these things ?

No. 927288

Oh really, then how come once on my Instagram I logged on and you had changed my privacy settings? This forced me to change my password to fatpig (which is NOT my facebook password - nice try!)

No. 927289

Why do you stalk, harass and bully women in relationship? Why did you doxxed and attack your personal trainer's girlfriend? Why did you attack and doxxed and harassed a woman, lying to her employer and sending her nude pictures ?
Why are you not seeking psychiatric help ? Should you not consider being sectioned and going inpatient given the severity of your mental state ?

No. 927291

You are still dodging the question. You are not convincing anyone here. Why did you impersonate ledafae on your personal facebook account ? Stop lying and spill the beans. Why do you do these things ?

No. 927293

Is it easier to be delusional and pretend you never did those things ? Is this why you lie to yourself ? Because all the proofs here are undeniable, so you won't convince anyone you did not do these things. You did.
So is that hard for you to admit you are a piece of human shit in reality? Is that why you deny everything so hard ? Is it too hard to accept who you truly are, a despicable person ?

No. 927296

Oh really, well then why am I close friends with Ola, Asia, Kasia, and Maja, all of whom are married or in long-term relationships?

I haven't doxxed and attacked anyone nor did I send or sell pictures of my body. This is rather silly.

If I were not doing well mentally, then why did my son look so happy in my company? RIDDLE ME THAT!

No. 927298

Why did you attack all the people from MPA and reddit that have come forward with proof ? Why did you attack these women? Why do you continue denying doing that, even in the face of glaring evidence ? Do you really believe you are going to convince anyone here that you are a nice person?
Why did you encourage people to kill themselves, and posted messages encouraging people to slit their wrists or die of coronavirus ? Read through the thread, everything is documented, so do not lie to us here.
Why do you have such an evil attitude towards people ? What justify you being such a shitty human being ?

No. 927302

Why did you steal nude pictures from an mpa member, then sent them to her employer and called said employer pretending she harassed you ? There is even mp3 recorded evidence of that. Why ?

Why did you doxxed your personal trainer's girlfriend on reddit ?
Why haven't you been sectioned yet ?

Why do your parents and sister enable you despite evidence you are sick mentally and disabled? Do they not care about you at all or are they ashamed of you or scared of you ?

No. 927303

Sage + unpopular opinion, but she's gotta be a troll, her recent comments are just way too dumb/hilarious.

With that being said, she's obviously sick in the head and will probably end up killing someone in the next 2 years.

No. 927308

Female elliott Rodgers in the making

No. 927310

I think we all suspected Alicia was autistic or mentally stunted in some way but I think this proves it.

She sees nothing wrong with claiming someone is with ISIS or has a bomb.. because she just wants a husband?

Neither of those are related to one another but Alicia is just stupid and slow enough to think so.

No. 927311

You are even uglier on the inside than you are on the outside (which is really saying something).

Your chameleons hated you. Your pigs hated you. Your pigs forgot you as soon as you left their eyesight and now you are nothing to them but a long forgotten abusive stranger.

You say you give a shit about animals, but you don't even care enough to ditch your animal-abuser Chanel makeup and shit. No one believes you. No one wants to be your friend. No one cares. Not even your own family.

No. 927312

Her family is ashamed of her and would prefer to give her money just to keep her away. They didn't even want her back for Chinese New Years and she can't find a husband, she's the family embarrassment.

Imagine her parents trying to find a friend's son to marry to her? I bet she has a reputation at home and that's why she can't go back.

Now everyone knows who she is because of her news articles. Any man she approaches will think "Oh, it's that crazy pig woman" and want to get away from her.

The only thing she'll be good for now is a quick fuck in her hotel room before they leave and never speak to her again. After all, that's what Jurek did.

No. 927318

>my password which I had posted everywhere
Assuming you're not lying, why? Like what the fuck?

No. 927321

>The only thing she'll be good for now is a quick fuck in her hotel room before they leave and never speak to her again. After all, that's what Jurek did.

And rightly so. Stick your dick in crazy, don't stick with crazy.
Probably what the other autistic pol she has found will do too.

She lied. Never once posted her password anywhere.

No. 927327

File: 1580665138015.png (1.82 MB, 1080x3035, StitchIt_20200202053813_730.pn…)

Holy shit.
Casually telling her dad "when you die, I'll invest your money"
Suspect dad might an autist himself

No. 927328

Haha this chick is delusional. How the fuck is she going to be an ibanker? I wonder what she studied or where she went to college lol.

idk what is up with her parents. They are such enablers.

No. 927356

The password was eating-disorder related and I mentioned to some people that I use it everywhere for convenience just like my PIN to everything is 4205 like my mate Miecio's pin so that I don't have to remember. Most places don't allow 1111 or 1234.

I can understand some people's anger towards me because of their beliefs that I have done bad things. I am not angry at you at all and am able to place myself in your shoes. If I believed someone had done those things, I might be annoyed at them too.

In response to why I may be slightly rude sometimes, I suggest you watch the movie The Countess on Youtube. It's there free in full.

It's about a countess who falls in love with a young man but he doesn't show up to the meeting and she does not receive letters. She loved him very much.

As a result she started killing people and using their blood to look young. It is not that she was evil - she was lonely and that made her go mad. Istvan himself says that it was the heartbreak that made her the way she was and that the crimes were full of lies anyways since his father didn't like the idea of their marrying.

It is a very romantic movie and I relate completely to her desperate desire to be beautiful and young as well as her devotion to her partner. I also relate to being rude sometimes due to feeling sad, but I do not relate to killing people.

Anyways what are you guys up to tonight?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 927361

No. 927376

Hurting/killing people [or harassing them in your case] because you're sad lonely or whatever you're feeling is evil you fucking retard. You deal with your issues, not take it out on others. It's YOUR FAULT you're lonely because you're too stupid to figure out that relationships can't be forced and take time. Lashing out because things dont happen the way YOU want them to or how you think things should happen is what a SHITTY, BAD person does.

No. 927377

Alicia is to Countess Elizabeth Bathory as incels are to the Joker.

She thinks doxxing people, skinwalking them, and impersonating them online is just "being rude" and getting women fired, arrested, and suspected of terrorism is justifiable because they have relationships and she doesn't.

Batshit bitch needs to be in an insane asylum.

No. 927390

She has put her new insta on private. You can still see her sorry potatoe face as avatar though - the most boring, ugliest face in the world.
Come on cow, don't be shy. Post your shit publicly. Or do we have to yet again monitor mpa and reddit to find your milk indirectly.

No. 927391

>As a result she started killing people and using their blood to look young. It is not that she was evil - she was lonely and that made her go mad.

Holy motherly fuck. What was that. Did the cow just find murder justifiable. Is that her way of telling us that she might just start killing people but that wouldn't make her a bad person.
Holy fuck what was that. Somebody pass the bleach please.

No. 927413

Alicia since you will be lurking 24/7, here's your psa :

You are a cow. And no, this is not a term of endearment. It's a statement, and an embarrassment.

You are deluded, a liar and an overall piece of human shit.
You did harass, bullied and doxxed all those people. Then you came here thinking we are as stupid as you are, lying about it.

You did do all of that, and worst.
Nobody is your friend. Psychopath don't have friends. Even your family wants you as far away from them as possible.
The polish autistic dude you found just wants to fuck you, nothing more. They're not marrying you - unless they are deeply mentally disabled just like you.

You're a horrible woman, with a vicious mind and doubtful morale.

You're a piece of shit, Alicia Day.

No. 927973

File: 1580810887139.jpg (997.55 KB, 1936x2592, IMG_20200203_133828.jpg)

The moderator banned me even though this website is about me. It's very bizarre. I have come to see you as friends and I wanted to share my feelings. I have made my ig public pigsarefat2 after removing my passport for privacy concerns. I wanted to let you guys know that my partner hurt my feelings by making fun of what I wrote.

Honestly I want to break up with him and get a pig instead but I promised I would be with him so I have no choice but to stay with him until one of us dies which will probably be me since I'm a lot older than him. I hate being with him and if I would've known relationships require being made fun of, I would've just gotten a pig since pigs are allowed in this hotel.

No. 927980

Nooooo. You mean the guy who you never actually met, and who you planned a wedding with, was /not/ into you ? Ya don't say. Shocking. Shocking indeed.

Btw, Jurek was 25 and you are nearing 32. Any reason why you prey on younger boy and groom them ? What the fuck ? What's with the predatory attitude ?

No. 927983

Since you are here again cow, how about you answer the questions you conveniently ignored before ?
Why do you harass, dox, bully and attack men and women in relationship ?

No. 927984

For the last time, I do not do those things and all but one of my friends are married or in relationships. But since you've said some negative things about me, I wonder if you think two wrongs make a right? But it doesn't bother me as I only care about the opinions of for example the guy I like. If it makes you feel better to write negative things about me, please carry on. I am here for the nice people interested in being close friends.

No. 927986

how did he make fun of you? Can you show us the convo

No. 927991

I guess he didn't make fun of me exactly but he asked me if I want him to correct my vocabulary. The appropriate response would have been to gush about how much he liked it. I don't want to go on WhatsApp now because I'm avoiding him. I think it is very rich of him to insult my Polish, which I admit is very bad, when he doesn't know any English himself. If I wanted to improve, I could get a proper tutor. I hope he breaks up with me and dates a native Polish speaker because I don't feel good breaking my promise to be with him forever.

No. 927999

Why do you keep lying about what you have done to people ? Is it because you are severely deluded or just scared of legal consequences? Don't deny your harassment, all the prove are laid out here so stop acting like we are stupid, we know what you did.
Just tell us why you lie so compulsively?

No. 928001

Why do you go after much younger men ? Since you are past your 30s, why do you prey on much younger men ?

No. 928008

Alisha, why would you report me to the airport police! A man went to prison this week for a similar offence. You could get yourself into serious trouble. It was very vindictive of you to try and spoil my plans.

No. 928013

>The moderator banned me even though this website is about me.

You are fucking deluded Alicia.
Since you are severely autistic, let's lay it out in a simple way so your moronic brain will understand :
- lolcow is NOT a "website about (you)"
- lolcow is an image board were we make fun, and call out, narcissistic, deluded piece of shit that make their actions public
- these deluded piece of shit are known as "cow". You are only one out of many hundreds such cows. And you're not even the most interesting or entertaining.
- This is just the one thread dedicated to your moronic pathetic ass
- NOBODY is your friend here. Nobody is interested in befriending you here. We're ALL just calling you out and making fun of you.
- Banning you was not "a mistake". You were banned on purpose.
- Most people here have been targets of your harassment so lying about what you have done is useless. None of them would want to befriend your narcissist, ugly face for obvious reasons

Now fucking get out of here if you're not going to post anything of interest to us. Go back to your fucking boring instagram. Keep posting your ugly potatoe fat face.
Even your latest autistic polish drama is boring now. Move on

No. 928015

File: 1580823089218.png (1.66 MB, 1080x2309, StitchIt_20200402013210_651.pn…)

She posted it all on her instagram. It's honestly fucking boring so was not going to update but here goes - if any polish anon cares to enlighten us, thanks in advance

No. 928016

Side comment, you gotta love how Alicia is all confused because everyone here is anonymous so she can't go around harassing people like she would usually do. Honestly the best feature of this board with a shitty cow like her. Laughing so hard at that right now.

No. 928023

This is a website made to make fun of people? I'm surprised you're ona website whose purpose is to do that, given you were throwing your toys out of the pram thinking that I myself made fun of you. Fortunately the only person whose opinion I care about is my partner's but I don't want to be with him any more.

I did not ring the police but I hope you had a nice holiday. By the way if you are afraid of people bothering you, why are you posting your flights in the first place? Even I don't do that and I'm very silly.

The Polish messages are just him saying we can buy land someday and get pigs and then saying he wanted me to be his inspiration in life. However he was just pretending to like me so he could shit all over my grammar.

I do admit I miss him though because he made me feel good but I do not trust him any more. I miss my pig.

No. 928027

File: 1580824272069.png (9.09 MB, 1080x11111, StitchIt_20200402014625_968.pn…)

Sage because not super milky but for the record, here is the drama with new polish fuckboy that the cow posted on her insta.

He must have been severely confused because a/he does not speak english and b/all he did was suggest she corrects her grammar in polish.
This was after she sent him a horrendous 10 page poem - reminder that they do not know each other, have never met but here she is sending lengthy poem in broken polish expecting him to respond with undying love for her (when obviously, all he wants is a quick fuck).
Poem is available on her insta but won't post it here because I'm not a monster and wouldn't inflict the sight of it on my worst enemy.

No. 928028

I read the whole thread and still can't tell if you're a troll or genuinely insane.

No. 928031

God shut the fuck up Alicia the Animal Abuser, this isn’t a fucking diary and we definitely aren’t here to listen to your sad fucking story bitch go to a goddamned therapist you complete nut
Anon she is seriously just that lonely and crazy she thinks she is talking to us and we care.

No. 928032

He doesn't want sex only since he isn't coming back to Poland for another year. I don't want to be with him because he puts me down but I don't want to be mean and not keep my promise. I decided to live in Warsaw instead of going to Katowice because I am too upset to do anything. I'm trying to sort out a place to live now.

I do blame myself because I only spent 6 months studying the Polish language around 5 h daily but that was 10 years ago. If I would have studied hard in the past ten years, he wouldn't have criticised me as much. I hope that when I start talking to him again, he will do me the favour of saying he wants to find a native Polish speaker so that I can leave him without feeling guilty.

I will miss the nice things he said, but I know he didn't mean them. I'd rather just have a pig. I was going to get one anyways because I like savings pigs' lives but I will get one ASAP if he breaks up with me.

The pig won't make fun of my polish and he or she will go everywhere with me. I will name that creature Trotters. Mummy loved her baby boy's hooves.

No. 928034

Yeah, I get that anon, but this girl's a total trip. The more you read, the more genuinely scary and uncomfortable it gets. Imagine having this bitch stalking and harassing you? Like fuck.

No. 928035

I am not aware that it is any of your business how old he is. He works though.

Again, most of my friends are in re or married. This doesn't bother me.

Thank you for your kind words on saying I did a good job in understanding your explanation, that means a lot. And I know you guys like me otherwise you wouldn't write to me and ask what I'm up to.

No. 928037

Yes you do like me. If you didn't, you wouldn't engage in conversation with me. I don't want to go into his age, but yes he is definitely an adult. I chose him because I like how he looks, not because of his age. I didn't even ask how old he was until the 2nd day of our conversations.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 928039

Can we please quit encouraging her to post? It’s just been days of not answering direct questions and posting walls of autistic sperg about the fucking pig and I’m over it. She needs to get banned every time she posts, so does the unsaged anon repeating the same questions. We get you want answers, but she’s not going to respond honestly. Shes going to keep posting like this is an echo chamber

No. 928042

There's some anons, who appear to have a vendetta against her (which is justified by her creepy behavior) and she's definitely baiting them.

Most of her posts are hysterical, she seems like a self-aware troll, who also happens to be dangerous. No offense to the no-sage anon, but Alicia acting nonchalant towards them is hilarious. The best idea is to ignore her and post the milk.

No. 928043

Sorry forgot to sage on all posts but you are right, better to drop it here. I'll let it die. She needs to be permanently banned.
Tbh, it's just boring now and there is no more milk. Damn whoever tipped the fucking cow.

No. 928063

reading this thread has surely been one hell of a trip - I was frequenting MPA when the whole Jun saga went down and I had a feeling she'd reappear again somewhere, but never did I think it would be lolcow of all places.

honestly though, the girl's a complete nutcase and the anon who said that we'll probably see her in the news again one day for attempted murder or something similarly horrible is absolutely right. for the love of all things holy, don't engage with the cow, anons. she's a fun wreck to observe from afar, but trying to have a reasonable conversation with her is completely useless.

oh well, at least she got all fat again since I've last heard of her, which is the least thing this psychopathic mess deserves.

No. 928077

She sounds like a total narc here. Not a surprise though.

No. 928111

File: 1580838738274.jpg (650.97 KB, 1080x1469, 20200204_174938.jpg)

"My students say dat"
"Wud lyk 2 teach"
"U were looking 4"

Perfect email 2 propose 2 titch English m8

No. 928122

Okay, at least this confirms that she's a troll. At the same time she's also a very creepy bitch, so I do feel a tad sorry for people who had to deal with her cringy ass.

No. 928161

Why doesn't she get a prison penpal that is on death row?

Because I am honestly shocked she hadn't thought of this option yet. She seems exactly like the type.

No. 928243

File: 1580854186179.jpg (159.09 KB, 1070x822, Screenshot_20200204-220947_Chr…)

Second that. Look at this new bio. Clearly a troll.

No. 928837

If you loved someone you'd spend more than 20 minutes learning the language they speak. Not everything is about you, English-speaker.
You should be happy he's willing to teach your ignorant American ass.

Isn't that what you said to someone, Alicia?

No. 929305

File: 1581096063093.jpg (1.54 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20200206_220621.jpg)

I have come to say goodbye as it is my last night in the hotel. I have found a place to live and will be heading there tomorrow afternoon. I need to buy some stuff from the shopping centre before going as well.

I have not been getting on with the guy I told you guys about. I ignored him for a few days because he responded to a love letter i wrote him with an offer of a grammar lesson.

Yesterday I messaged him intending to move on but I was so mad that I gave him a piece of my mind and posted about him on Facebook, tagging him and calling him out for being a white supremacist who worships Adolf Hitler. I have been posting bad stuff about him on Facebook all week actually.

Honestly I don't care if he breaks up with me as he hasn't spent any effort on apologising. Yesterday he was being very self deprecating, trying to manipulate me into saying he's not that bad.

On another note, piglets are for sale 3 to 4 hours from me and I'd love to save one of those little pig children from the breakfast table.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 929360

Slaughter house worker here, all my favorite co workers call the pigs Jixies now. I'll take some pics since you kindly posted your email.

No. 929390

I enjoyed this very much, thank you anon.

No. 929453

File: 1581120898657.jpg (424.74 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20200208-001252_Chr…)

Just for the lolz.
Note that you can't force her to have sex but it's totally cool if she forces you (cf #9 : "don't say no if I want to have sex").
Plus given her fugly fat face, number 1 ("be attractive") is just so perfect. Pig girl can't reciprocate that one.

No. 929486

SO you made up lies on Facebook about him including that he's a Nazi for offering to correct your speech?

You really are a crazy bitch. Even the pigs don't love you and this one will be taken just like the last three.

No. 929604


another reddit account of hers

No. 929636

File: 1581163337517.jpeg (211.38 KB, 750x1088, 4B2826A6-2FC0-4085-9E7C-893C09…)

Lmao this guy is a total doormat. He seriously wants her back and sends her lovey dovey messages when she demands it. While she corrects his grammar to get back at him.
As an aside, by the way he types (and the way he has latched on to Alicia for that matter), I suspect he’s barely out of his teenage years and not very bright.

Oh, and for your information, Alicia - he was correct there. ”Jaka” means the same as „która” in this context. You dumbass.

No. 929645

File: 1581165384344.jpeg (451.97 KB, 750x2800, E9D26890-1AF8-4DDC-9FDE-DBBD90…)

Translation of this sad display:

Guy - I beg you tell me what to do and I’ll do anything
Alicia - I told you but you didn’t want to listen
G - I will conform and I have no demands of you
A - Do you want to know how to go back to a normal relationship?
G - yes I’ll do anything
G - I cant stop thinking of you I constantly feel guilty that anything bad that happens to you is my fault
G - and I can’t even talk to you about this, I rarely talk to anyone at all and sometimes I don’t know how to behave
A - I know but you could ask me how to talk to people [lmao great idea, Alicia]
G - but give me that one year in England and I will change for you
A - Do you want to read my requirements for my partner?
G - I already have
G - But I’ll change for you and I’ll stop being such an asshole
A - I knew you rarely talk to people before you told me that today
A - I don’t mind that. I want a partner who will give me compliments and will treat me like a doll. I will try not to abuse you but it’s going to be hard.

TL;DR - the guy grovels in a really pathetic way; Alicia openly admits she’s going to be abusive to this poor idiot.
And apparently he’s fine with that, because afterwards he sent her the lovey dovey message from my previous post. I won’t bother translating, it’s just him calling her the most beautiful woman ever and telling her she gave his life a meaning.

No. 929654

Thank so much anon, this is gold.
This guy is 200% autistic I reckon. As you said, also potentially a very young/inexperienced guy.

No. 929655

File: 1581168406606.jpg (368.95 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20200208-132649_Chr…)

Okkkkk this guy is 23 lol. She loves to prey on younger guys.

No. 929660

File: 1581169017497.jpg (553.89 KB, 1080x1473, Screenshot_20200208-133636_Chr…)

From her insta, reckon this is her sister. Are they all thick and dumb in this family ? Wtf is wrong with this bunch ?

No. 929661

File: 1581169240585.jpg (850.24 KB, 810x4238, Screenshot_20200208-134055_Chr…)

Well done for spotting this one anon and thank you, it's a goldmine. She posted a shitstorm of things. I'll screenshot the milk if I have time. It's all her usual psychotic content.
Best part is, most people are just in disbelief and about 90% of the comments are "get psychiatric help". Maybe you should listen to that, pig girl, use your sister's money to go inpatient. And stay there.

No. 929663

File: 1581169483619.jpg (643.42 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20200208-134505_Chr…)

Here's a good one. Highlighted in red the best bits.

No. 929664

Maybe they’re very careful to speak to her like to a mildly retarded child, because they know anything harsher than that will make her fly off the handle and start calling them hitler lovers on the internet.

No. 929667

File: 1581170980392.png (1.21 MB, 1080x3387, StitchIt_20200802020821_289.pn…)

Lying about current autistic pol boyfriend, just because

No. 929672

File: 1581171638045.png (1.5 MB, 1080x6900, StitchIt_20200802022114_218.pn…)

Lying about autistic pol bf, part 2. Some comments, in the context of knowing who is pig girls but people not being aware, are so hilarious

No. 929674

File: 1581171917987.jpg (1.58 MB, 809x7447, Screenshot_20200208-142514_Chr…)

You gotta love how people on Reddit all think she's fake or a troll. Nope, she's unfortunately very deranged and real.

No. 929676

File: 1581172183220.jpg (416.25 KB, 1080x1371, Screenshot_20200208-142952_Chr…)

Her new "boyfriend" sounds like a retard.

No. 929677

File: 1581172738485.jpg (571.62 KB, 810x3016, Screenshot_20200208-143927_Chr…)

People on reddit are either very slow or gullible. Always check the post history.

No. 929678

File: 1581173101056.jpg (Spoiler Image, 537.63 KB, 810x2464, Screenshot_20200208-144417_Chr…)

She's apparently preying on unsuspecting girls again
I'm fairly certain she used a sock puppet account with this screen name on reddit as well ?
Spoiler because it's not super interesting either, just posting for the record

No. 929681

Thanks for documenting the reddit stuff before she nukes everything again, anon.
I mean, he has to be a retard if he willingly chose to be her boyfriend.

No. 929692

File: 1581176168183.png (2.25 MB, 849x8192, 20200208_152112.png)

Complete thread on recklessly spending thousands of $ straight from her sister's bank account and putting her in overdraft.

No. 929693

File: 1581177019263.png (1.5 MB, 1080x5349, StitchIt_20200802034916_645.pn…)

Recklessly spending sister's money, part. 2.
>I really needed the makeup because what if a robber comes into my home and he sees my makeup and laughs at me for having too little?

No. 929695

Honestly these redditors seem just as retarded as Alicia. Why even engage with her??

No. 929697

Can't help but find them stupid. Some seem to just enjoy jumping on the bandwagon and projecting their own problems into the convo even if they have just one side of the story. Interestingly, if you go through another AITA pig girl made, people are all defending her over the poem shitstorm. 48h later, she starts posting in her branded deranged style about abusing the polish dude, and the reactions are totally opposite - even if the story at its core is the same.

No. 929700

File: 1581177984831.png (682.71 KB, 1080x1776, StitchIt_20200802040126_800.pn…)

This one is just a few of her comments side by side. She expects polish dude to be cash cow, but pig girl say it's not her responsibility to bankroll him.
He better run for the hills unless he is willing to spend 3k a day on her uggo potatoe pig face that no amount of make up can save.
Also, screenshot of confirmation it's her behind the account so she can't lie about it again.

No. 929703

File: 1581178719024.jpg (212.31 KB, 1075x657, Screenshot_20200208-161804_Chr…)

In other news from her insta, she's totally going to buy a pig…

No. 929794

Hello, the mod kept banning me even though this is MY website. Fair enough someone said there are other people on here but I am the subject of this website.

I am sitting here in my new flat. I tentatively have a job interview Monday and some voiceover work on Wed and Thurs. I will write an advert to tutor English but I am in no rush. Tomorrow I'll join the gym and read a bit of my book, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

I know I was out of line when I said Marcin was a white supremacist and that he is a faggot, but I apologised and told him I would try to curb my abusive nature when he makes me mad again. I explained to him that I got great pleasure in reading nasty comments about him when I posted online that he broke up with me over grammar mistakes. I am normally not vicious like this but I thought he didn't love me.

I explained to him that I won't be giving him even 1 zloty when we live together someday. HE is the man, why should I have to pay for rent, bills, food, and vacations? I don't think I'm being out of line on this.

I'm surprised none of you have added me on Whatsapp despite saying you wanted to be my friend. Are you shy? :((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 929796

What is it about this thread that attracts attention whoring namefags? I don’t follow this thread but it happens once a month.

No. 929807

Thank you so much for saying i am gold, I feel so special and loved.

I am struggling not to sexually harass my bf right now so I'm trying to distract myself with other things.

No. 929815

Alicia you should be nice to your boyfriend before another girl with better looks than your pig face come by and takes him away. You have nothing to offer to anyone. Suprised he hasn't left your fat ass.

No. 929816

Thank you so much, I am very milky and I produce lots of milk. Farmers love me and brush my hair. I often get shown at fairs as well. Ugh what should I do, he's saying he feels uncomfortable talking about sex but I want to talk about it. It's only bc I know he loves me, I wouldn't want to do this w men that don't love me.

No. 929820

Just the cow herself and she has no understanding of lolcow, and her autism does not help. This cow is a fucking moron.

No. 929821

omg lol you made me chuckle when you said I'm a fat ass :) I am nice to him, he just messaged me he doesn't know what he'd do without me and I told him he needs to get some hobbies and interests in life rather than being codependent.

No. 929823

Please don't engage the cow. As other anons have pointed out, this will just encourage her to blog her life and she will never give any significant answers because autism. Report and ignore her.

No. 929872

File: 1581209848083.jpeg (189.46 KB, 750x1092, F8A4D0AA-B871-4DDD-B43F-833A66…)

Highlighted: “but hitler did nothing wrong”

Ok, I think this dude is trolling her. He can’t be that stupid.

No. 929877

Even though he was serious, she would still be willing to fuck him and be his girlfriend. She's so desperate.

No. 929885

File: 1581213613033.png (2.96 MB, 1080x11106, StitchIt_20200902015107_863.pn…)

More madness posted on reddit an hour ago.
I fully expect this guy to get abducted/raped/murdered by Alicia if this psycho ever meets him.

People with her level of autism shouldn't be allowed in relationships

No. 929935

This isn't fun anymore now that we have to deal with this dumb bint in person. Laughing at her from afar is fun but now that she's here being turbo retarded it's annoying. She's just trying to get attention cuz shes a lonely ugly fuck, even turbo artists dont actually believe the thread made for laughing at them makes it their own dump for their sperging.

No. 929988

I find it hilarious and fascinating that she can be this combination of retard and autism at once. It doesn't stop her posting more bizarre shit all over internet so afaic, happy to keep tracking her shit and laughing at her. She still delivers.
As long as we keep ignoring her when she comes here, and report her, all she does is blogging and then once banned, continues to do the exact same shit elsewhere.
Her complete absence of self awareness is what makes it possible for this dumb fuck to keep being entertaining. If it was any other lolcow retard, it might have affected the outcome.
She hasn't change anything at all, her very high autism makes it possible. She keeps being the same dumb bitch she was before.

No. 930332

File: 1581320370928.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200210-113409.png)

I would love to know what's going on here. Can any polish speakers give us an ideas?

No. 930333

File: 1581320406162.png (808.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200210-113414.png)

No. 930335

File: 1581320446222.png (800.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200210-113422.png)

No. 930336

File: 1581320474121.png (826.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200210-113429.png)

No. 930337

File: 1581320529055.png (872.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200210-113436.png)

No. 930339

Please sage newfag.
It's not remotely interesting too. Just more retard texts from her autistic "boyfriend".
Avoid posting non milky status update or foreign language stuff that no one understands too please.

No. 930341

Sage for the love of god please.
None of these stuff are interesting, she posted all about it in reddit so read the thread before posting stuff that have been already discussed or exposed.
One of these is about how retard doormat "boyfriend" should pay for her every need, another is about him being supposedly a nazi (no one fucking care).

No. 930346

Reddit update, most of Alicia the Retard's content has been either locked and/or deleted. People mostly came to the conclusion she was either a troll or deranged.

No. 930352

Wrong, she's obviously a troll. Tinfoil, but she probably wants to become some kind of internet celebrity and ruin her family's reputation.

I find her really entertaining, but people posting pictures of her obviously trolling, and calling it milk is embarrassing.

No. 930356

Agreed on the non milk stuff, it's so annoying or at least sage that shit. These texts are truly uninteresting.
As for the "wrong" comment, I believe she truly is not a genuine troll. If you go through the entire history, she seriously seem to have a very high level of autism. Seems like it's not an act but how she truly is, in 5/6 years from her posting, she has remained consistent in both autism and delusion.
I could be wrong but seems like the real deal to me.

No. 930360

Honestly, I think it’s both. She is very clearly mentally unstable and enjoys riling people up at the same time, which is a really fucked up combination.

No. 930368


Fully agree with you.

I also think she is this brash online, but a lot meeker in real life. She probably comes off as shy and stand-offish. I take her side of the events with a grain of salt of course, but it doesn't seem she stalks people in real life. Maybe at some point she will go full on bunny boiler, but so far, she does most her damage online.

No. 930407

She did harrass people in real life too. It's not just an online thing, she's been stalking and harassing people in real life. Did you read about this vendor she pretended sent her a sex object requiring "pictures" of her? The girl she called the workplace of and lied about being harassed by her, nearly costing her her job ? Or her contacting airport security, lying about one reddit user being a terrorist ? The personal trainer she doxxed, and published his girlfriend details online ? She had 1 conversation with the guy, sent him a horribly intimate email, guy kept polite and nice to her. She proceeded to invent a whole love story with him in her head, despite him telling her he was in a relationship. She then lied about him sexually harassing her (while publishing his real name and place of work), and then doxxed his girlfriend because she felt "rejected".
She's done some very real, tangible damage offline. It's not just online. She's truly dangerous.

No. 932427

Spoken like a true retard, Alicia.

She keeps posting shitty stuff all over reddit and her insta is on private. Most of her threads on reddit have been locked up by mods.

There's not much interesting - she keeps going on in a loop about her nazi autistic "boyfriend".

No. 933002

You’d think for someone who brags about money as much as she does and considers herself so superior to plebs that her family would be worth more than a couple million. I Googled her dad (who’s name she has publicly posted), he doesn’t seem that rich. I’m calling her bluff. either way I hope her parents live to be 110 or leave it all to her sane siblings.(namefag)

No. 936317

Darn it, you guys scared away my favourite cow from Instagram. I know she must be trolling, but she's so crazy it's entertaining.

No. 936355


Nah mate she's back on public (histrionic cows can never stand privacy) but it's incredibly boring. Lately all she does is sperging about her Hitler-loving "boyfriend" (half of it in polish) and singing off-key probably thinking she's the greatest singer ever kek. She's also going on in a loop on reddit about how her autistic nazi "boyfriend" said he doesn't love her but wait, he does so what to do now ? And mods just lock up her topic whenever they get a chance because by now everyone has realised she's a retarded psycho.
I'm not gonna post any of that retarded shit because for the singing I'm not a monster and would not inflict that torture on fellow farmers, and for the rest it's no milk imo but feel free to have a look - all the above links are still correct for reddit and insta !

No. 938918

Well the retard has disappeared…
If anything we might have managed to nuke her out of internet for good. Not a bad outcome all things considered.

No. 939193

I wish! She’s back as u/Needredditsadvice2
At least 75% positive is her.

The looking for friends in Poland post is the clue. Looks like her autist nazi bf is maybe out of the picture.

No. 939325

File: 1583075599150.jpg (573.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200301-150645_Chr…)

Oh that's 200% her. Well done on spotting it anon. It's also confirmed here in attached pic.

Personally I'm gonna leave it there. Most of her stuff are already getting locked and there's literally nothing milky - it's her usual sperging about the same stuff over and over in a loop almost groundhog day style.

It's kinda pathetic to see really. This retarded psycho has one of the most empty, vain, nonsensical life I've ever witnessed. Just how long she will repeat the same actions/patterns in a loop is the question, before maybe starting to murder people ?

Anyway, I'm in agreement now with one of the earlier anon who said >>929935 it's more or less a dead cow for now - unless she does something truly crazy, I'll personally write her thread down as dead.

No. 945289

File: 1584169418420.png (307.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200314-135804.png)

I really hope that she's making this shit up. I wouldn't put this past her though.

No. 945397

Ahhh man, if those monkeys woulda tore her face off they woulda been heroes. Always next time.

No. 945420

No. 945421

Jfc why does she type like a 3rd grader

No. 945688

Definitely sounds fake. Why would she know the phone number for the zoo and not the emergency number off the top of her head? Even for Alicia, this story seems bogus. Is she still in Poland?

No. 945751

I totally agree this sounds made up.
What proof do we have this is Alicia? Screen cap shows absolutely nothing, and the style of writing does not seem to correspond to hers imo.
Please can you provide a link/context, >>945289 anon, instead of just dropping a vague cap of a removed reddit message.

No. 945782

File: 1584267115188.png (476.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200315-171050.png)

I'm 100% sure it's her. She's deleted that post now but she's going by u/AbleCicada

No. 945964

How do you keep finding her ?
I must admit I've all but given up on her and documenting her. She's hopeless, boring, sperging the same retarded shit over and over again. We've seen it all and there is nothing new - or even remotely interesting imo.
From her new account, she seems as unstable as ever, and mentally unwell as usual. 100% she's gonna end up killed by an animal in a zoo, a man she will meet in a hotel room, or she'll end up killing someone.
Whichever comes first, God be with them, it will not be pretty.

No. 950243

File: 1585337641811.jpg (282.21 KB, 1200x849, 20200327_142355.jpg)

She posted the same story on mpa around the same time

No. 950244

File: 1585337720890.jpg (513.13 KB, 1200x1584, 20200327_142309.jpg)

No. 959232

File: 1586960584121.png (223.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200415-211951.png)

Ugh, she's a jihadi now on a quest against pre-marital sex.

No. 959233

File: 1586960709189.png (236.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200415-212005.png)

And she's making horrible threats again

No. 959780

No. 959865

Something rattled her cage. She's all over LDR, Forever Alone and she's branched out into NSFW stuff.

No. 959960

Derail, but could I request the next thread pic not depict pics of her actively abusing her animals? Sensitive, maybe, but it sucks seeing her chameleon suffering each time I browse the boards. Post it in the board, whatever, but it's a big bummer when it shows up as her header.

No. 960245

you can hide the OP pic (I did the same)

No. 960404

No. 960521


you're right, and it seems like the cow is going even further than usual


"Your parents told you not to date but you had no respect and insisted on sucking his theobbing cock. I’ve saved all you wrote and will show your fiancé. You deserve to be raped and eventually killed."

No. 960534

Why hello! I see you’ve been talking about my posts on Reddit. I’ve got time so I’ve decided to put my manifesto on here. I am engaged in jihad, struggle, against takens. A fatwa has been issued - not to actually kill people (it gives me great pleasure, however, that takens are dying from corona), to fight against takens. They do nothing productive all day and care only for fucking and sucking.

In pursuit of this holy war, I have purchased a VPN software allowing me to disguise my IP. Unfortunately, the takens at MPA are safe for now because they could not handle a few comments from a messenger of Allah. I used to get very invested in people and put all my power into shaming them for their relationships.

I am proud of posting contact info of whores and sluts on adult sites - even one second of discomfort to a taken will be rewarded by Allah in heaven. I would be willing to go to jail for this, but don’t expect me to reveal who I am as I won’t be able to carry out Allah’s work there.

Now I am on Reddit, the new frontier, in hopes of spreading the word of Allah. The most hated taken on Reddit is /u/smug010, who in posts in January was crying about not feeling safe on Reddit. Because of her pride and ego, she refused to take down her account so we still have fun together. A lot of you laughed at her for being so desperate for Reddit validation that she continued to engage with me. Her husband hasn’t fucked her since before the marriage and she spends all her time giving her useless opinions online.

My hands are full with harassing people in relationships so please don’t expect me to post here regularly. Now go back to fucking and sucking, you degenerate infidels.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 960543

your USI is laughable

No. 960561


Did Miranda Constable learn how to use spellcheck?

No. 960585

File: 1587146310617.png (251.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200418-005138~2.p…)

She's properly lost it. Apparently her parents have never had sex.

No. 960649

Holy shit, she has really lost her marbles. She's been nuts from the start obviously, but somehow she's getting even crazier
Is she on IG?

No. 960652

Even though there was nothing comedic in this post it still had me laughing hysterically.
How delusional is this girl, holy shit, lol. She's both a mix of troll and scary.

No. 960672

this is too self-aware to not be sarcam

No. 960700

“I’m only pretending to be crazy” is still being crazy

No. 960740

How can I get her to stop? I’ve threatened to call the cops but this bitch is psycho. She creates 10+ accounts a day on Reddit saying my husband is cheating. I’m really vulnerable now because my husband and I have been going through a rough patch and our future is uncertain. What can I do to make me leave her alone??!

No. 960746

File: 1587161799399.jpg (31.84 KB, 520x313, YNidGHv.jpg)

No. 960751

I shouldn’t have to close my account! This isn’t fair! I don’t want to let her win! But she’s really affecting my mental health and triggering my PTSD by talking about my abuser. She read sensitive posts from my Reddit account on r/abusiverelationships and is using it against me. She has been relentlessly harassing me on Reddit for months.

No. 960754

Close your account. She won't stop and it will only get worse. This bitch is insane, have you not seen all of the evidence here of that? The police won't do anything about online harassment. It sounds like you depend on reddit for support, but get a therapist instead. If you need to keep posting, make a new account and don't reveal any information that could link it to you. I feel bad for you and I'm sorry you became her target, but if you continue to engage in any way the harassment will only get worse. Do yourself a favor, wipe your account clean and don't let her find you again.

No. 960757

You sound as unhinged as the other gal. Is it you again? >>960534

No. 960758

But I have 6000+ karma on Reddit! I don’t want to start over again. Also I don’t want to let her win, I know it’s stupid but I refused to close my account even when she reported me to the police for terrorism after I put my personal info on Reddit. I just want her to stop but also to get the last word if it makes sense.

No. 960759

>But I have 6000+ karma on Reddit
That was pretty funny ngl

No. 960764

Boohoo, your imaginary internet clout. It means nothing. delete your account. You will never get the "last word" with this crackhead. Go live your life, get therapy, fix your relationship, and move on.

No. 960765

I agree with you anon.
Her posts are truly hilarious to read, but at the same time I'd be running tf away if I ever came into personal contact with her lmao.

No. 960767

You’re as much of a bully as her if you’re telling me to delete my account. Why should I let this bitch win by running away? Every day she posts on r/suicidewatch and r/dirtyr4r linking to my account saying my husband is cheating. Why the fuck should I let her win?

No. 960768

>How can I get her to stop?
Kill her. It's the only way.

No. 960771

You could at least take a break until she finds some other redditor to obsess over.

No. 960774

Okay this is what she wrote today. She said she has become invested in me because she’s known me a long time (fucking creep) and that she hates me much more than she could ever hate a stranger posting one time about their relationship. I considered taking a break but she’d laugh at me for having to change for her. I’m not letting her win this one.

No. 960775

It’s the fucking internet, weirdo. No one “wins”. She has a thread dedicated to how crazy she is, she’s not winning anything. If you want her to leave you alone delete your accounts and stay offline for awhile. If you can’t see the logic surrounding any of this, you’re just as fucked as pig girl

No. 960776

Stop telling me to delete my account!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you giving in to her and victim blaming?????????????? I have over 6000 karma on Reddit, why should I have to make a new account?????????

No. 960780

Unless a farmhand confirms it's not her I'm going to keep thinking it's her.
Mainly because I refuse to believe anyone would in all seriousness brag about their 6k+ karma on Lolcow on all places lol.

( To add context: an anon questioned if this was Alicia posting and deleted their post )

No. 960782

Then keep that account and make another one that she won't be able to recognize. But you could also kill her.

No. 960785

If I post on another account that will be letting her win won’t it???? I refuse to let her dictate my actions. Why won’t you guys help me? She’s harassed you too.

No. 960786

Please anon, do this, for the sake of pigs and humans everywhere

No. 960790

No need to delete it. Just leave it be for a while, don't log in. Use an alternative account for a period of time. Then don't respond to her EVER, don't show any reaction EVER. She will get bored and leave you alone if she isn't getting anything from you. Trust me, this is the best and only tactic: NO CONTACT. NONE. That's how I finally got rid of a stalker like her myself. Keep in mind: she will continue for a while despite your silence, but don't give in. Never give in.

No. 960792

That's definitely Alicia whining for attention again.

No. 960795

Look I get you’re trying to be helpful but having to post on an alternate account is giving in to her. I want her to know I’m not backing down from a fight. It’s hard not to engage when she comments on ALL my posts/comments saying I’m a pedophile.

No. 960797

Alright, fuck off.

No. 960799

Can’t you guys join me in reporting her to the police or are you just going to sit here complaining and doing nothing?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 960802

We tried helping you, but seems like you have too much pride. Give us some milk on this basket case or gtfo.

No. 960804

You sound as unbalanced as her, whinging about your ‘6000 karma’ like it actually matters in real life. If you were actually concerned about her being a threat, deleting or taking a break from Reddit wouldn’t even be a question.

And if this is Alicia, goddamn.

No. 960817

I strongly doubt it's actually the "Smug010" user. She has the same typing style as >>960534.
This woman is batshit insane, samefagging it up in this thread. She wants to convince us this other person is as big a cow as she is, I guess.

No. 960825

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was her.
The thing with her is that she doesn't know when to stop ( I mean…she's crazy, so there's that ).
The first few posts are always hilarious and entertaining, but after a few more it just turns boring and repetitive.
I do feel sorry for people who are forced to deal with her irl.

No. 960846

best lolcow post 2020

No. 960939

I'm Smug010, that's Alicia posing as me. Fuck she's insane.

No. 960943

Inb4 this ends up being Alicia again.

No. 960944

Thought the same, lmao.

No. 960947

Ignore her, she's dying for the attention. Imagine being proud of this FFS.

No. 961031

LOL you cunt, everyone thinks you’re stupid for not deleting your account. The posts from January talking about how threatened you feel weren’t from you, yes? Everyone laughs at your pride. You brought this upon yourself. I wanted you to see how they laugh but I’m grateful for your pride. Looking forward to many long years with you. I will comment on every comment of yours on Reddit. A fatwa has been issued and you’re the target.

No. 961036

Thanks for the participation loves! It wasn’t her writing but it was EXACTLY her actions…..and she couldn’t resist reading all the comments mocking her actions….doesn’t matter who wrote it :)

No. 961047

I think since you're already here you could update us on what you're currently busy with in your life, right? You should try to connect with Mira, she also shares your lifestyle!

I couldn't resist, like I said, the first few posts are always entertaining.

No. 961052

While I am honoured sarcasm at your interest in my life, I am busy in jihad against smug010. Check out her pathetic posts on Reddit by the way. Let me explain something to you. On MPA I used to get very very familiar with specific people because it would be the same people saying my boyfriend made me suck him off, my husband fucked another girl. And I’d read about their pathetic self indulgent lives for years and get very emotionally invested. While I spend lots of effort attacking random people posting about their relationships, nothing gives me as much joy as attacking smug010 as the more she posts, the more invested I am. She allows me to develop my hate which will allow me to continue until the day she dies with this mission.

No. 961057

I'm checking her post history. Someone even gave her silver! That bitch.
Your hate is totally justified, brave warrior.

No. 961064

Thank you x. As you say, she’s absolutely obsessed with internet clout because her husband refuses to fuck her. They moved to Vietnam because the poor fuckers couldn’t afford a flat in Manchester, now she’s posting every few minutes on Reddit because it makes her feel like she matters. What a joke lol

No. 961084

With all this crazy jihad talk I think it's safe to report Alicia to FBI. Just out of spite. Trolling or exaggerating, people are being watched for less crazy shit. Besides, you have a pretty easy case for stalking. Despite what anons here say, cyber stalking is a part of stalking in the eyes of law.

No. 961094

Please do report me ,smug010. When I get out of jail I’ll know your name and where to find you. Though jihad is struggle, I aim to do nothing physical, as I’ve made very clear. You are clearly prejudiced. Have you even read the Qu’ran?

No. 961098

Nah, I don't think so. Unless you're personally doing it, of course, but then you should try not to cowtip.

No. 961106

Beautiful, courageous, skinny Jihadi, can we please see a selfie of you? I’ve been deprived of your beauty for too long.

No. 961108

HAHAHA that’s a good one. Why don’t you actually do something useful like telling smug010 to kill herself?

No. 961112

I wasn’t joking darling. Please let me see you. You’re so skinny and all your expensive eyeshadow makes you look gorgeous.

No. 961113

Not interested in flirting. You are making my skin crawl. I will only post here if I have an update on my efforts. I refresh smug010’s page multiple times an hour so I can comment right away.

No. 961114

>I refresh smug010’s page multiple times an hour so I can comment right away.
That’s so skinny of you. Get that bitch, queen!

No. 961115

Not interested in selfies, but seeing your eye shadow collection would be nice!

Make sure to update us on your holy war against smug010 from time to time, though. Keep fighting the good fight. Still can't believe that bitch got a silver!

No. 961134

Sadly /u/smug010 is all I’ve got now that MPA closed its doors and other users on Reddit run away from me and stop posting. So this pathetic slut fucked an abusive guy when she was 19 because she was desperate for cock. He made lists of her flaws, beat her, and raped her (she still masturbates to memories to this day).

She only broke up with him because he left her and even now jealously stalks her ex’s girlfriend’s social media. I couldn’t make this shit up, it’s all on her Reddit.

Then she decided to marry another guy who is currently her husband. The twist is he’s gay and using her to keep up a facade. That’s why she’s always whining on Reddit about how they don’t have sex and was rarely home before lockdown.

She claims to be an English teacher but can’t distinguish basic words like to/too and your/you’re. Again I’m not making this up, everything I write can be found on her page.

No. 961139

I saw one poster here said if smugwhore doesn’t engage, I’ll eventually give up- you vastly underestimate me. To me, POSTING itself is engaging with me because she knows I’ll read it. And don’t forget, I don’t need direct responses to link her profile to dirtyr4r or suicidewatch ;)

No. 961145

you know this site tracks IPs, right? the mods generally let your dumbass namefagging slide because it's funny and good milk, but the second you start making actual threats to someone it will take two seconds to be banned here and reported on reddit because your bullshit VPN does nothing. This kind of shit is how you ACTUALLY get legal action taken against you. Admin can track every IP you post from. You aren't untouchable, this isn't just dumb fun if you're actually threatening someone.

Im a fornicator too. Been with my boyfriend for 5 years had sex with him less than 30 minutes ago. You wanna come after me? leave smug alone.

No. 961151

Nice try;)

First I never threatened violence. But if my actions are somehow illegal, I will face the consequences. Allah will reward me in Heaven. It’s smugwhore’s fault she chooses to interact with me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 961197

I would argue that telling people to kill themselves is the same as violence you stupid cow.

No. 961203

I'm mostly wondering how people react when they see her irl. Do they start nervously pacing and screaming on the inside in sheer agony?
Is she as crazy irl as she's online? Talking to someone who actually met her would definitely be interesting, lol.

No. 961209


sooo, did she lurk Miranda's threads and decide to copy her or what?

Hey Jixy, I'm sure Miranda will love to be your friend

No. 961210

Alicia and smog are the same person right? This is some schizo stuff.

No. 961242

I get the sense that she's pretty quiet IRL, honestly. You'd think nothing's up until she starts doing slightly "weird" things, like forcing her phone number on male service workers and randomly asking men for dates.
I can imagine her being given a menu at a restaurant, taking the waiter's politeness as an opening for a conversation, and going on a tangent about how she tries to avoid meat at least once a day.

No. 961308

I can totally see her behaving like that, lmao. She's going to Misery some unsuspecting lonely dude one day.

I was reading her Reddit posts and it was kinda shocking tbh. Unless it was somehow personal I've never seen someone be that obsessive.
She wasn't kidding when she said she refreshes smug010's profile several times an hour. She replies to everything and has more Reddit handles than I could count.
She also seems to be stalking some poor Polish girl who told her she's going to report her to the police. She's probably stalking several others.
It's either that or she just drops by to call random women whores for…reasons.

Is it jealousy? Is she that basic? I'm just trying to grasp how someone can be so insane lol.

No. 961356

I usually work on smugwhore only (and you’re damn right, it’s personal) because she stays consistent and is active on Reddit daily. But I also like to pick short term pet projects. Today I found a Polish girl dating a German Nazi and I had a field day posting threads like “I resent my german boyfriend because germans raped my grandma” and “my bf wants me to learn his language but says my country is a shithole.” The little bitch said she’d report me to the police. The police will laugh her out of the room for bothering them with this in a national emergency.

No. 961360

How do you decide who gets to be your pet project, Alicia? What makes these particular girls so interesting to you?

No. 961362

Regarding real life, I don’t have much hate or feelings towards couples I see (don’t get me wrong, they do deserve to die but I’m not as passionate about it). I just see them but don’t hear the gruesome details of their lives, whereas people like smugwhore post every excruciating detail of their relationships. The more I get to know about the relationships, the more real they seem, and the angrier I am that they fuck and suck and are parasites to society.

That’s why I hate smugwhore so much. I got invested. She is an absolutely useless, self-absorbed pussy who has never worked a day in her life and she’s ugly to boot.

No. 961363

File: 1587249862968.png (635.93 KB, 828x1792, 4036ABBE-7C40-4C9E-AD94-68B1C4…)

I assume you’re referring to me. I usually go to subs where people tend to be in relationships and pick out people who post disgusting details. The more they post, the more I hate them. If it’s just an offhand comment about their husband or wife, I’ll just make one comment.

I hate the most: people I have something in common with because it feels like they’re making our group look bad by fucking and sucking. Ex: say I’m in the military. I would hate a taken in the military more deeply as that person is making all of us look bad.

What determines if someone stays as a pet project or if a fatwa is issued against them depends on if they stay active on Reddit and talk about their partners continuously. Fortunately my current pet project appears to be a promising long term person but I will never neglect smugwhore because she has a special place in hell.

No. 961369

I’m sorry I keep going on and on, but people in relationships make me mad and I have been fighting them all day. Takens act like there’s nothing in the world worth having other than relationships. Don’t believe me? Check out the “why are you alive” thread in general discussions on MPA and multiple users said they’d kill themselves if they didn’t have their partners. Why can’t people see that relationships are a distraction from life?

If someone were accomplished and managed to do great things like Azim Premji, philanthropist, or J.S. Bach, fine. They’ve contributed to the world. Go ahead and get your cock sucked. Go crazy with that. But these girls don’t work, don’t study, and literally just wait for their boyfriends to come home. Don’t believe me? Just look up what’s your daily routine threads on general discussions on MPA.

I genuinely can’t understand why people need relationships so badly. They go through them like sliced bread and are happy to be abused just to get cock. It seems like validation given their need to share everything online. Do these people really think they’re special? Do they not realize that everyone and their mother has a boyfriend or girlfriend? A relationship is not a reliable measure of worth, given that pedophiles and murderers number among takens.

Take the girl on this thread. You mock her because she doesn’t date and have sex. At a cursory glance she’s rescued animals who would not be alive today had she not stepped in. You call her life worthless

No. 961371

Because she isn’t married? Can you brain damaged takens really not see anything at all beyond your horny desires and your need for validation?

I propose a society where sex and relationships are punishable by death. People have children by artificial insemination and take care of them as friends. This world would be much more productive. I choose to spend part of my life showing people the light with my tough love. What will YOU spend your life doing?

No. 961384

Thank you for answering. These posts were genuinely interesting to read, no sarcasm. Thanks for providing a more in depth look into your actions!

>I propose a society where sex and relationships are punishable by death.

I believe this makes you a Supreme lady, no one should be mocking you for anything.

No. 961388

Thank you. I appreciate your willingness to listen to a different perspective. (PS note how nice I am when NOT dealing with takens.)

No. 961399


No. 961414

Kek Alicia quarantine has you even more bored than usual huh

No. 961596

LOL reading old smugwhore posts for my entertainment and even her husband’s mother and sister hate her and were against their marriage. Not a surprise given smugwhore refuses to get a job and spends all her time pretending to be happily married on Reddit or stalking her ex’s new girlfriend. What a pathetic cunt, making him choose between her and his family.

No. 961613

Crazy how people like smugwhore complain and cry that I’m harassing them, when the solution is incredibly simple. Leave your partners! Oh what’s that? You can’t live without them?

Oh so you’re just a pathetic excuse for a human being who can’t spend one day single. Got it. Then dealing with a messenger of Allah shouldn’t be a big deal.

No. 961616

SMUGWHORE will get what she deserves on her judgment day. ALL girls with boyfriends will suffer in agony at the hands of Allah. Keep fighting the good fight, brave Jihadi.

No. 961618

Thank you. I don’t want you to think for one second that taken men or lesbians deserve to die any less, but they don’t tend to boast as much as straight female takens, so they’re more tolerable. Today’s target du jour is /u/sweeneyswantateeny for anyone interested. She’s a real beauty.

No. 961623

do you ever read threads about anyone else on this website? im curious if you hate any particular people that are talked about here

No. 961626

Don’t sully the name of Lord with your dirty mouth. You’ve pursued multiple men, had sex with them and talked about it openly on the internet. You can lie to yourself but the truth is you are a whore, just as bad as the takens.

No. 961628

Don’t have time for that. I know about this thread since it’s about my “trolling” (I’m actually very sincere in my hatred of takens) but I couldn’t be bothered to participate before because it bored me. I’ll let you in on a secret. Takens seem to think calling me lonely, incel, ugly upset me (as if being alone is such a curse and looks actually mean anything). I could care less what those infidels think of me. The only thing they can do that would upset me is be in relationships or be married.

You asked about me in real life. I don’t care to reveal details about my personal life as the longer I stay out of prison, the longer I get to spread the word of Allah. I will say my friends in real life - I trust very few people as takens are untouchables - don’t know about my mission as they’re already behaving properly. They’d probably end up laughing about it if I told them though.

I don’t have the time to search for more takens on this website, I focused previously on MPA and r/longdistance but have been forced to focus on Reddit. I spend most of my time on smugwhore and I’ll occasionally find people on r/longdistance. I sometimes come across new targets when engaging with smugwhore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 961633

As if there weren’t screenshots in this very thread of you obsessing over your looks, dating and sex with men and being forever alone. You can’t change your past, Alicia. You’re a whore yourself and Allah hates you. Sorry about that.

No. 961991

File: 1587341561769.png (270.36 KB, 828x1792, 8E8294CE-ADE0-404E-B858-389711…)

Can someone explain to me why this no cock sucking pissant hasn’t been caught with the fucking butterfly net yet?

And how the hell did I get wrapped up in her mid life fucking crisis?

No. 961995

Thanks for clearing that one up. I was also wondering if you hate men and lesbians any less as you seem to be attacking ( straight ) women for the most part.

No. 962003

File: 1587342662548.jpg (3.02 MB, 4128x3096, 20200419_192830.jpg)

Heres a badly drawn prophet Muhammad for you.

No. 962007

To add to this without deleting the whole post - I sadly missed out on your interaction with Sweeneyswantateeny as by the time I looked it up most of your posts were wiped clean.
What happened with her, Alicia? At the end of the day I'm sure she deserved it, so I'm not questioning your judgement here.


No. 962070

She’s pissed at me because I talked about my husband and child.

So now she keeps posting me in dumbass subreddits.

No. 962084

How did you find this thread?

No. 962105

File: 1587355204241.png (2.1 MB, 828x1792, C64174AC-3678-4EDF-B084-41CCF1…)

Sweeneywantsateeny is a mentally unstable FTM living in Texas. She’s angry because her husband is having sex with girls off tinder instead of social distancing. Since her daughter has respiratory issues, she’ll soon be dying of coronavirus. Her husband doesn’t fuck her either, which is documented on Reddit.

To be honest, it gets tiring fighting this jihad so I might not spend so many hours on it, but I have committed to fighting against /u/sweeneywantsateeny and smugwhore at least once a day until my dying day. They deserve it.

Maybe one day they’ll see the light and actually do something useful.

No. 962110

I'm sure it's tiring, yes. You were giving it your all for the past couple of days, so taking a little bit of a break is understandable. Allah shall reward you greatly.
Do you have any other pet projects lined up?

I've read the rest of the ss you attached, that was actually an intense blowout, lol.

No. 962113

File: 1587356308123.png (2.8 MB, 828x1792, BAA0DD12-1F56-415F-AE6A-3E5AF6…)

By the way it is hilarious to me that my targets try to upset me by insulting me. They don’t stand a chance. You guys should know by now that I could care less about being insulted. The only thing that upsets me is takens being taken. It’s annoying to me when they mention their partners, but I willingly hear about it in my determination to carry out the will of Allah. The disgust I feel when hearing about their partners is nothing compared with the satisfaction from hunting them down.

As I say, I actually have things going on in real life so I can’t consistently spend all my time on this, hence the focus on smugwhore and Sweeney. Honestly Sweeney isn’t as important to me because as I explained, I take it personally when someone who’s a member of my perceived peer group is a taken, as they’re making our whole group look bad. What I have in common with smugwhore you’ll just have to guess. See, I’m a self-aware sociopath ;)

No. 962121

Smugwhore was so desperate for cock that she had a relationship with a guy who hit her. Lol she deserved every minute, pity he left her.

No. 962122

You're really out there talking like a mf cartoon villain lmao

No. 962123

Her posts about Smug sound a little like threats to me. What the hell could a Polish nut job have in common with a housewife in Vietnam?

No. 962129

I don’t think I’ve made myself completely clear. I’d be less angry at a person who murdered a member of my family than a person who had a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. I don’t say that lightly.

Am I threatening smugwhore? No because I don’t currently know her real identity. I favor intelligence over violence because I’m not particularly strong. I’ll tell you this. If I were to meet smugwhore in real life, I would make sure she left the encounter permanently disabled. I can’t think of anyone I’ve hated as much as I hate her, and that’s saying a lot given I hate >99% of people.

No. 962131

Alicia is a fucking psycho. I’m sorry to say this but if that smug character gets killed by her it’s her own fault for being too stubborn. The only interaction Alicia has with her is on Reddit and she could easily just disappear.

No. 962132

I hope she posts some makeup. Last I remember she had some neat shit and looking at makeup/skincare is always relaxing.

>I’d be less angry at a person who murdered a member of my family than a person who had a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife
That seems reasonable. I see no issues with this. I think you didn't tell us how long ago you discovered smug, though?

No. 962133

You never really grew out of your edgelord phase as a teen, huh

No. 962139

File: 1587361591775.jpg (124.27 KB, 500x464, dc8.jpg)

>I’d be less angry at a person who murdered a member of my family than a person who had a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife.
That's completely reasonable Alicia. Don't EVER let any taken convince you that it's not. The takens will experience Allah's excruciating wrath very soon.

No. 962141

Anon, lmao. This is hysterical. Has my vote for thread pic should there be another thread.

No. 962191


No. 962240

File: 1587393885024.png (67.17 KB, 1310x400, 20042020.PNG)

Alicia, fighting the good fight on /r/loseit.

I blame the travel ban, the cow must be stuck somewhere and unable to go buy Chanel eyeshadows or try to hook up with homeless dudes.

No. 962246

Lol the reply. Imagine being so threatened by something that innocuous.

No. 962252

I feel like that makeup room we've seen could easily appear in a documentary about female serial killers.
There's no primers, foundation, brow or powder products. Just some skincare and 16 Dior quad eyeshadows. Like, lol.

I also hope a more skilled anon than myself shoops her face on to one of those Taken movie posters, that'd be hilarious.

No. 962263

I spit out my coffee. Bless you, anon, in the same of Allah.

No. 962275

WHAT is going on with people deleting their Reddit accounts after one or two comments? Smugwhore hasn’t been on again either and you know she’s not busy - her husband doesn’t fuck her. I must say I miss those sad pathetic souls at MPA because they’d never DREAM of deleting their accounts and spew vomit about their SOs hours a day.

No. 962279


Imagine being an ugly, potato faced dumbass autist whose parents don't care enough about to put her in a mental facility. Instead they fund her stupid, shallow life while she travels around trying to get laid by Polish hobos between two shopping sprees at Sephora.

No. 962281

You should branch out to Youtube. Sure you can spread your message of takens on Reddit but just think of how many more you'd reach doing videos!
Allah would bless you.

No. 962284

I’m disappointed in you!

You think I’m so stupid as to incriminate myself by posting videos on YouTube?

Make no mistake- I’m willing to go to jail for Allah- but I’m also trying to stay out in order to save more souls- people in jail aren’t fucking and sucking anyways.

No. 962286

File: 1587400255792.png (125.78 KB, 1069x648, unlovedbonesFAW2.PNG)

> image

some vintage Alicia, posted on foreveralone

"3) Me: Hi I'm Majka, and you? Them: Darek Me: Cool, I'm majoring in accountancy and you? Them: Biology Me: Sweet. My interests are art and nature, how about you? Them: Music and movies Me: That's nice. Want to go on a date? Them: No"

just lmao

No. 962287


> people in jail aren’t fucking and sucking anyways.

yeah jail isn't known for being a place where people get fucked in the ass, true

No. 962288

Podcasts, Alica! That's not incriminating yourself, it's just your voice.
I wouldn't ever suggest something that could get you in jail, then the message of takens would be completely lost.

No. 962295

Getting raped in jail isn’t a pleasant experience for them, so that’s punishment enough. Also, my issue with takens is they could be doing something more productive. There’s not much else you can do in jail.

People get caught all the time from their voices. Don’t be daft.

In other news one of my close friends has come into contact with people with coronavirus, so I’m going to have to look for someone to replace her. Need some sanity in my life after hunting down takens all day.

No. 962297

People in jail absolutely suck n fuck. Never heard of gay for the stay? If you get arrested you'll be some bull dyke's slit slave. You really dont know shit.

No. 962299

People in jail still can be in relationships. They can have phone fuck and suck.

No. 962300

>People get caught all the time from their voices
Hardly, when have you last heard of such a case?
I'm pretty sure your message would have a positive impact on our society, it's stuff people need to learn and embrace. It's a pity you're not reaching a wider audience is all.

That's true! She could be a prison taken hunter.

No. 962315

File: 1587404486826.png (109.15 KB, 1300x772, 20200420smugwh0re.PNG)

the cow has an oral fixation

No. 962339

I briefly spoke to Alicia on Reddit I thought it was odd how in her post about her pig she made it seem like she had him for years when she only had him for a couple days to a week i unfollowed her on ig when i realized how batshit crazy she is

not surprised i found her here

No. 962353

File: 1587409408433.png (462.2 KB, 1125x2436, 4464F4D4-E80D-455D-871E-910E7E…)

This raiahyy seems to be a fake account created for stalking another user raiahy from Poland. Is this the cow?

No. 962355

I found it thanks to smug010.

Alicia might be balls to the wall crazy, but she’s stupid too, and I have dealt with more incels much crazier than her over the last two years.

She’ll get bored when she doesn’t get what she wants from me.

No. 962356


yep it's her

No. 962358

There was a dude called the crying killer because he made phone calls sobbing about what he did. It was key evidence that helped locate him.

No. 962359

Also, Alicia-

I’m using my Reddit username on this account. My Reddit isn’t hidden or private. Those texts are open for anyone to see, so share away.

Would you also like to see a picture of my middle finger? It’s just for you!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 962361

991 calls, right? I don't think Alicia's possible podcasts would be that interesting to the authorities though, lol.
And if they were that'd be a perfect opportunity to hunt takens in jail!

No. 962364

PS can someone tell me how to receive notifications for this thingie? Never been on this site before this debacle. No idea err I’m doing.

This is entertaining.

No. 962368

there are no notifications.
i also encourage you to read the rules so you don't get banned for anything if you want to take to posting on different threads.

i can understand using your reddit username for this thread, but don't fill in the name, subject, or email threads to identify yourself anywhere else.
if you want to update something that isn't new news or juicy/interesting/"milky", type sage in the email field.


happy farming!

No. 962377

Haha yes, I guess I am stupid, but not stupid enough not to understand that if you were secure in yourself and mentally balanced, you never would’ve responded to my messages with anger…..you would’ve ignored and blocked me instead of fighting back. I mean, can you imagine your mom reacting in this way?

Thank you for the challenge. This just strengthens my determination to comment EVERY TIME you post something. If you stop hearing from me, it means I’m dead. You’re fat and ugly by the way.

No. 962388

File: 1587411775779.png (541.29 KB, 828x1792, 9E4F474C-910C-4E67-ABD7-1770A3…)

For those of you who don’t believe takens should die, read the post of this useless femoid and tell me with a straight face she doesn’t deserve to die for being a total leech.

“But Jihadi Joseph, you do nothing all day except troll Reddit.”

1. I have a higher purpose as Allah called me to this
2. I don’t share details of my personal life to avoid detainment and arrest by snowflakes who cry about muH feEliNgs
3. Even if my existence were pointless, my point isn’t any less valid ;)

Takens do NOTHING all day, taken femoids at least. Men actually go to work even though they are embarrassments for being so hungry for pussy that they become enslaved by women. But femoids are the worst. They do nothing but use their tippy typing fingers to talk about the bf, the boyf, the husband, the hubby, muh SO. Then they boss their SOs around, rinse and repeat. And takens will tell real men and women I’m better than you because muh husband. Such a travesty.

No. 962403

Incels are so boring. You had to model yourself after incels? Really? They use the exact same insults 100% of the time.

Couldn’t you have been something fun?

No. 962404

File: 1587412927494.png (677.88 KB, 828x1792, 330C1CBB-E4D6-4E40-A9B9-CD40DD…)

Look at this beauty on MPA. TOTALLY unstable. “Oh no thank god I have my boyf to bail me out otherwise I’d DIE and I’m so ANXIOUS and I’m going to vomit because I can’t stop stuffing my face and if I don’t lose weight he’ll fuck another girl….oh wait he’s already doing that…”

Clearly, having a boyfriend is no indication of competence in life xD

No. 962408

File: 1587413434209.jpg (7.73 KB, 168x300, piggy.jpg)


little piggy, you can't call anyone "unstable".

and lol @ you calling anyone fat and ugly when your hundreds of dollars of make up couldn't help you.

you're just a sad fucker, Alicia.

No. 962412

List of takens on MPA (not comprehensive)


A fatwa has been issued on them and I will bide my time until MPA opens again. And if it never does, at least I know takens won’t get to signup any more. I’m actually stunned they didn’t just leave their partners. It’s not that hard.

No. 962413

File: 1587413883923.jpg (65.07 KB, 800x600, viuCPBe.jpg)


imagine being that autistic that you expect strangers to leave their partners because some random pig fucker called Alicia Day decided they should.

god you're a turd.

No. 962414

Ahhhhhh don’t you just HATE when you think someone’s a decent person who could become a friend, and they spring it on you they have a boyfriend???????? Why do people pretend to be decent?

Told her her boyf is fucking other girls, then blocked her.

No. 962416

Two in a row. I always give people the benefit of the doubt. Assume the best in them. Assume they’re single. Just found out two people I was casually talking to as friends are takens. I always end friendships the second the person gets into a relationship. Why people would rather be so self indulgent than do anything productive, I’ll never understand.

No. 962418

This cow is boring and dumb af. At least the other ones aren't stupid enough to come back and post everytime

No. 962423

Last post of the day because I feel incredibly sick and betrayed.

Sometimes I want to give up on my mission and live on a remote island and never deal with takens again. Now is one of those times. But then I think of the prophet Muhammad pbuh and his tireless efforts as a messenger of Allah. I must continue subjecting myself to listening to takens in order to wage holy war against them……..it is a hard road.

No. 962426


i'd ship in just to make sure you're stuck on a remote island, make a gofundme and let's do it

No. 962428

Agreed, its funner when the entitled drivel is sperged at others. Oh well.I'm half tempted to post my shiny new boy toy but I'd rather see her word vomit at others.

No. 962443

>Ahhhhhh don’t you just HATE when you think someone’s a decent person who could become a friend, and they spring it on you they have a boyfriend????????
Yes, i HATE when this happens! It’s like becoming friends with someone just to learn that they’re a rapist or serial killer—basically the same thing, if not worse.

No. 962483

File: 1587419725214.png (604.3 KB, 828x1792, ABA5C0C6-3653-45C9-AE98-A8936E…)

Sorry, I was really upset earlier and needed to take a break from the internet to preserve my sanity.

That is PRECISELY what I mean. I’d rather be friends with a rapist than a taken. I find serial killers less repulsive than takens, but wouldn’t want to be friends with one. Nothing phases me at all in life except takens. I wish I could continue to teach MPA about their sins but they refuse to listen.

Out of all the useful things they could choose to do, they choose the unoriginal idea of fucking and sucking????????

No. 962484

File: 1587419967458.png (735.08 KB, 828x1792, F9897D38-D492-40B1-99E6-2121E0…)

Great example of a taken who can’t stand being alone for one day. She refused to leave the husband until she found the next beta orbiter.

No. 962486


it makes you boil, right? these women have known love and affection and you're just there, rotting, wasting your life away, being miserable and spending money on BS, using a VPN just to switch accounts to harass strangers online?

No. 962492

It definitely makes me angry knowing they’d rather fuck and suck than contribute to society. It does make me miserable hearing about their sinful ways, but I sleep well at night knowing I am fulfilling the will of Allah. I genuinely believe upsetting a taken for even five seconds is worth any amount of annoyance from dealing with them. I have dedicated my life to this mission.

No. 962499

File: 1587420894232.png (890.04 KB, 828x1792, B59573DB-E33A-4E87-A48D-8D5076…)

I present one of the most hated takens on MPA. I didn’t include her on the list as I hadn’t seen her for some time and wanted to keep the list relevant. Her boyf caught her purging and didn’t even care. He just walked away without even expressing concern. They’ve been together ten years so safe to say the honeymoon period is over.

No. 962501

File: 1587421022295.png (575.4 KB, 828x1792, B58C7D52-7B55-4B1E-8A27-FB0D97…)

Another taken whose boyf couldn’t care less if she dies. Wish she’d actually die. This shows takens are so desperate for validation they’d be with someone who doesn’t care at all.

No. 962511

One of the worst betrayals was a slut known as redheaded stepchild on MPA. She used to post on the corona thread on MPA and came across as a genuine person. I never spoke to her but respected her in my heart because she seemed single.

One day she mentioned her boyf. It was a deep betrayal and she had lied about who she was. The whore actually lives with her boyf but hid this from the world for a long time.

She lives in New York City and I sincerely hope her boyf dies so she is forced to be alone and finally get something done.

No. 962513

Jun is it true you got fat again?

No. 962534


wait until Alicia realizes you can be in a relationship and gasp have a job, take care of others, etc…

you're just BSing yourself now, little piggy. you're an Asian-American dumbass who think Allah or any deity would be glad to count on a retarded pigfaced turd to carry on his will by trolling women online.

typing "leave your husband NOW" isn't doing shit, but clearly you're too retarded to figure it out

No. 962540

She's muslim now? Alicia, are you going to change your name for an arabic one? If so, choose Fatima!

No. 962552

File: 1587423125324.png (750.69 KB, 828x1792, 68581196-822C-472E-9F83-21D015…)

Boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend. These codependent sluts will slit their wrists when their boyfriends leave them. They make me sick.(topkek)

No. 962784

Somehow she reminds me of gimpgirl. Both are delusional crazy but with veeery different forms of expression. Two sides of the same internal misogyny coin imho

Why don't you bother the male takens Alicia? Who are you trying to impress?

No. 962790

Hey Alicia !
You claim that takens women don't contribute to society yet here you are, living off your family's money. Did you have to fuck and suck your daddy for that ?
I'm a part time student and work two jobs on the side. I also have a boyfriend who I love. Obviously, I don't want us to break up, but whatever happens happens, right ? And you know what ? It won't be the end of the world, I might be sad for a little while, but in the end, I am my own person, I can live fine on my own too, with my own money, just like I did before I met him. How do you like that ?

No. 962791

I don't understand why Alicia is wasting her time with any of this when there are gorillas in Rwanda who have been waiting to meet her.
She always says she loves animals and it was just another lie.

No. 962796

That's right, what happened with the gorillas? It seems like she just abandoned that idea.
She didn't work really hard on releasing her vegan song either. Too bad Tokio hotel rejected her, but it's really their loss since Alicia's talented enough to write an international hit.

No. 962801

Spent too much time venting. Need to engage in jihad today. In short:

1. Male takens are just as bad but not as vocal about their SOs
2. Whether Alicia lives from her family or not doesn’t determine her ability to be productive- one’s taken status is the sole determinant
3. I only believe people have SOs when they posted about them prior to coming into my crosshairs- anyone could post anonymously about their boyf here
4. Smugwhore has all but disappeared. Please tell me it ain’t so
5. Will spend more time on jihad less on venting. Will update only if something important happens

No. 962802

I agree, I am so disappointed in Alicia. I thought she was a woman of conviction and true engagement to the animal cause. It was too good to be true. What a letdown!

She seemed so dedicated she would have found a way to the gorillas no problem! She would have done what no one else could have.

No commitment to the cause! Just too shallow…

No. 962804

Alicia, are you aware that there are taken people who also work full time and aren't completely dependent on their partner?

I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years and we live together. Before quarantine my routine was:
wake up, make breakfast and coffee for us both, prep my meals for the day, go to work, come home, make/eat dinner, work out, shower, eat post-workout meal and go to bed.
The only difference in this routine if I didn't have a boyfriend would be that i made less food twice a day. Everything else would be exactly the same.

No. 962805

>she would have found a way to the gorillas no problem
If anyone could do that - it would be her. It really is disappointing. One can only hope she didn't abandon this idea entirely.
I understand dedicating all of your time to Allah and the cause of takens ( it's a noble cause ), but that shouldn't mean you abandon your vegan activism entirely because of it.

I mean, at the end of the day you're still a taken, anon.

No. 962808


> Whether Alicia lives from her family or not doesn’t determine her ability to be productive- one’s taken status is the sole determinant

Logic has left the chat.

So a single, unfucked lo-life like yourself who spends her days trolling chicks online while living off Daddy's money is more productive than a married woman who works and raises her kids?

No. 962820

> Whether Alicia lives from her family or not doesn’t determine her ability to be productive- one’s taken status is the sole determinant

That doesn't answer my question… Did you have to suck him ?

No. 962829

Hiiii I’m whatsernameeeee I live in Bergen countyyyy

I’m an alcoholic

My boyf pays the rent in our section 4 housing

He takes me on dates to McDonald’s because he’s so rich haha

He’s depressed and self harms

He takes me to concerts

Boyf boyf boyf boyf boyf boyf boyf

Brb going to puke my tofu(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 962836

I’m sad. Smugwhore disappeared and my other targets barely post or don’t post about their boyfs, which causes me to lose interest in them. On MPA people post about their boyfs all the time so this fueled my desire to wage holy war against them. Writing to random takens just isn’t as fulfilling. Maybe I’ll spend my time reading about takens who have died from corona. That always lifts my spirits.

No. 962840

Alicia is boring now. It's always the same. Something outrageous. This thread has gone to shit. She is too much attention seeking. More then normal. At least she doesn't abuse animals anymore I think, so that's good I think?

No. 962858

Holy crap, you're actually completely right anon. I think she should reach out to Mira ( Miranda Constable/Kanadajin3 ).
I don't religiously read her threads, but I know enough to think that such an interaction would be beneficial to them both.

Have you thought about that, Alicia? Connecting with a sister muslim to fight the takens in this holy war? Perhaps she'd even help you?
There's always strength in numbers.

No. 962877

File: 1587473685970.png (822.01 KB, 828x1792, 0BF4CA02-86AD-473A-ADF8-2B9747…)

No. 962883

Hang in there, I'm sure she didn't disappear. She's probably just having fun with her boyfriend and living her life.
Disgusting if you ask me.

No. 962884

File: 1587475142919.png (902.03 KB, 828x1792, D30553B7-BA0B-44AB-A5D0-6B8A1C…)

The classic “I have nothing to do when I can’t boyfriend it up. Heeeeelp how can I survive one day without talking to him?”

No. 962888

File: 1587476322601.png (34.13 KB, 856x267, alicia.PNG)

> pic

alicia's pathetic attempts on foreveralonedating, man she makes me sad

No. 962889

What's the list about Jihadi Joseph?

No. 962909

I'm sure the Muslim shit is the same as the Mormon shit from the beginning of the thread. She became obsessed with a Muslim guy because he said he doesn't eat pork and started larping as a Muslim just like Miranda.

But it's not just eating pork that's forbidden, you also can't keep them as pets and make them eat peanut butter from your genitals. Another prospective love interest lost for you, Junluo!

No. 962918

> She hates her family and was so desperate to get out of Georgia that she started dating this random stranger she met on a trip.

Wait, didn't you fly to Poland for some random dude you found on Tinder who then only used ou for sex ? Or maybe it was another Alicia Day, Idk, I don't remember very well….

No. 962924


> She couldn’t get a Georgian guy to stay with her and her desperate boyfriend couldn’t find a Swedish girl so I guess it worked out.

You couldn't find an english/american guy and he couldn't find a Polish girl dumb enough so I guess it worked out… Oh wait….

No. 962928


No. 962934

What is with the crazy incel girls like Alicia and Miranda LARPing as jihadi tier Muslims to further their incel hate against other females?

$10 says Alicia lurked here enough to see Miranda and got the idea from that.

No. 962951

Alicia you are incredibly boring. You are obsessed with other people’s lives because yours is so empty. You’re so desperate for love and the truth is no one will ever love you and you know it. You have no higher calling, you’re just a mentally ill obsessed weirdo who has achieved a low degree of internet fame for being a fucking lunatic with nothing better to do than spend your days stalking and harassing strangers. You’re a bottom feeder. You search the internet for people at a low and bully them because the only way you can feel better about your pathetic life is to imagine someone has it worse than you.

No. 962997

Practice what you fuckin preach then. Have your parents pick someone out for you. Too bad you're already sullied by a touch that is not your husbands…Allah sure doesnt like that.

No. 963116

You only want arranged marriage so some poor guy would be forced to marry you. You're not exactly subtle.

No. 963235

Go to any shitty Wahhabist mosque and they will find you a good jihadi husband within a couple of weeks.

No. 963240

I checked the activity for smug and she hasn't been active for 2 days. Our poor Jihadi Joseph must be losing her mind.

No. 963319

Right now, I wish I had a boyfriend just to spite that bitch. I could have sex all day and cuddle and everything, that would be awesome and I'd be happier she'll ever be. But also, even single I'm happier than her bitter ass will ever be, so I'm the real winner anyway.

No. 963323

How long does it typically take her to get bored?

No. 963324

File: 1587549066469.jpeg (252.61 KB, 806x849, ABC9BE0D-4834-4915-BAD0-CFC3F6…)

Either she got ahold of someone’s number, or she’s truly clueless.

No. 963329

Not to doxx myself again, but this is my number, and I can't believe she is harassing me again after all these years. I haven't spoken to this bitch in months and all of a sudden she does this. I got dozens of messages from thirsty men, but luckily some of them were able to help me investigate to arrive at this conclusion that even when I have taken measures to keep myself safe from her, she is still on my arse. Reddit luckily took down the body of the post but my phone is still buzzing.

No. 963334

Insufferable spinster. According to incels, she should have NO problem ever finding a man to fuck her and want her. Proof positive they’re deliriously wrong.

No. 963349

Your "censoring" did absolutely nothing. I can still see her number.

No. 963523

I’ll censor better next time

No. 963537

She’s wearing a wedding ring.

You stupid or something?

No. 963632

grabs popcorn(namefag)

No. 963681

Did we know she’s a pedophile, or is this a new development in her mental degradation? She keeps talking about wanting to fuck children

No. 963803

Where is she talking about pedophilia? I think this is a new one for her.

No. 963812

I've seen her post that other users are pedophiles when I was reading her Reddit replies a few days ago, that's probably what anon was talking about.
Didn't cap because it wasn't that interesting.

No. 963937

She's been accusing people of pedophilia for ages. Either her daddy did bad things to her (hence the hush money she's living on) or she's simply projecting her own thoughts on others… Or both, who knows ?

No. 964003

Alicia, are you gonna do the Ramadan this year ? That would be a nice occasion to prove your faith to the poor heathens we are…

No. 964031

This fat pig tagged me on reddit today, too. Trying to claim some artist was a scammer, and that i'd been scammed by them too. Thanks for the two new accounts to report to reddit you dumb bitch.

No. 964133

Lmao she has officially branched out and started hating lesbians too now. I guess she needed to widen her hate circle with the lockdown since hating on boyfriends/husbands only left her with too much free time.

No. 964136

I mean, a lesbian relationship means there is not one but two useless taken women in the same couple. Wait until she hears about polygamy (tho this should be ok, according to islam, right ?)

No. 964331

>Mother Teresa
>Good person
completely delusional

No. 964332

Someone needs to take your internet away.

No. 964350

Alicia, you have no integrity and can't commit to anything. Instead of dedicating yourself to animals, you decided to abandoned those innocent souls in order to pursue selfish goals.

No. 964361

Sad how a woman so desperate for dick that she had to proposition a male flight attendant while on a plane and then hire a male escort has to finally proclaim jihadi against women in relationships.

She couldn't even get a pig to love her, much less a human man. Alicia, just get a vibrator and call it a day.

No. 964363

Can i have your sister and parents phone numbers so i can tell them the sort of shit you're up to?

No. 964452

Is your daddy [redacted]

No. 964456

Let me get this straight. Male incels hate women and now female incels hate women too??? Pussy power.

No. 964512

Imagine how if you stopped blaming the world and everyone else in it for your problems and worked on not being an unlikable retard that freaks the fuck out on strangers who have done nothing to you besides live the way they want to. Worry about your own self.

No. 964525


[redacted] is her father. Her family info is here:
Details on each family member, incluing contact info, can be found by clicking on their name.
They should be informed about what she is up to, including the death-threats.(namefagging, doxxing, cowtipping)

No. 964534

> It was revealed to me at a young age that I must be an example to takens and fight them to show them there is happiness and satisfaction without a partner.
I mean, you were posting on r/foreveralone and complaining about how no dude asked you out upon randomly walking past you in the street, about how the guys you made uncomfortable at their job by asking them out and then being sad they refused, so I guess that "young age" want that young, right ?

> Sadly takens date primarily for validation

So no man was willing to validate your pathetic existence. How sad

No. 964536

> after being raped by her family

Ah yes, talking about pedophilia and being raped again… I'm sensing a patern here, especially since you said you target people who have something in common with you.
You know, there are psychologists who are there to listen to you if you wanna talk about what daddy did to you when you were 7. They'll help you go through it so you can finally heal

No. 964539

> Sadly today I have work in real life
Because you actually have a job now ? Can't believe it

No. 964542

jesus go masturbate or something

No. 964553

Has anybody actually tried to contact her parents? It’s highly possible I have their number, but I don’t have anyway to contact them on a number that wouldn’t be traced back to me(cowtipping suggestion)

No. 964554

She probably doesn’t know how, and that’s why she’s so fucking mad.

Never experienced an orgasm from the men she stalks, and doesn’t know how to give herself one.

Sad, Really.

No. 964571

You know Alicia has no problem claiming she's a jihadi and wanting women in relationships to leave their men otherwise she'll harass them until they kill themselves but she's doing it anonymously.

She doesn't have the balls to film herself saying all this and post it to social media. She's only bold enough to do this in her hotel room on her phone rather than risk her family finding out.

No. 964574

The email address listed on nuwber doesn't work. Too bad, because I had a really nice email to send her parents

No. 964602

It's better when the cows don't write their own threads. Alicia is an attention whore.

No. 964892

Ngl, I thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious for about two days, then it got repetitive.
I hope she focuses more on male takens and leaves women alone.
Another bonus to that is that she'd meet a scrote equally as crazy within 10 seconds and finally get a BF.

No. 964985

And I hope she focuses more on getting her life together. I'm pretty sure Islam is a religion of peace that asks you to love your neighbours just like yourself etc. not to harrass people. Allah wouldn't be please if he saw her, sounds like she's getting herself a nice first class ticket to hell, imo

No. 965108

I agree. It was quite entertaining, but got boring. I also wonder what an interaction between Alicia and a taken scrote would be like. More than that, I wonder what an incel would think of her. They claim any woman can get love. Would they want her? I bet not.

No. 965134

I sent this thread to a few incels I know.

They said she’s not an incel because she has a vagina, which means she can get laid. and that she’s just making every bit of this up for attention. (Woo shocker) But one said that it’s possible that her sheer level of fucking crazy might make her the only female incel in existence.

No. 965930

File: 1587989185173.png (135.26 KB, 1364x892, smug020.PNG)

alicia must be bored, she's back at it harassing the same users as before:


No. 965958

Imagine being this jealous of every woman who's in a relationship. Can't relate, she's completely psychotic.

No. 965991

It’s me, the jihadi writing those posts, and I claim responsibility:)

I usually don’t bother with responding to things about me but this is insane. How could anyone except takens be jealous of someone in a relationship who does absolutely nothing but fuck and suck? There is so much to do in this world and to see, why waste it having a relationship? Anyone can get a boyf, why not actually do something productive and interesting?

I’d have much more respect for someone who never had relationships but actually tried to do something with their lives, than a taken who’s dated too many people to count.

No. 965992

> I usually don’t bother with responding to things about me but this is insane.
Yeah, right, that's something you've never done before

No. 965994

> Anyone can get a boyf
Not you, apparently

No. 966006

I have warned sweenwhore and smugwhore that I will target users whose posts they comment on. Of course, they’re that selfish they continue posting up a storm and users keep deleting their accounts.(time to go)

No. 966094

Where does this concept that women in relationships do “absolutely nothing” come from? Preeeettty much every woman I know is a working wife/girlfriend/mother.

I know you’re delusional Alicia, but surely you’re not that stupid to think half the worlds population is literally doing nothing all day but spreading their legs?

No. 966153

And yet you have done nothing with your own life

No. 966235

But why can’t they just be happy alone and love themselves? Why do they need a boyf or girlf? I mean I guess it’s instinct but come on…..

No. 966236

I'd rather be happy with a boyfriend or girlfriend than being you. You're everything I never want to be. Luckily, I'm not totally insane, so I guess it's a nice start, right ?

No. 966304

So true, this cow does nothing but fuck homeless dudes, and spend her sisters and parents money. Rest assured that if i get a way to contact them I will.(cowtipping)

No. 966657

Who are you even talking to? No one cares but the gorillas you suddenly don't care about anymore, Alicia.

No. 967345

File: 1588288989370.png (330.66 KB, 909x768, alicia harassment 5.PNG)

Seems like Alicia, after being quiet for like, 10 hours, came back and doubled down, creating like 6 alt in 30 min and referencing a redditor's 15 yo daughter's vagina. Stay classy, Alicia Day!

No. 967524

File: 1588323089011.png (237.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200501-155029.png)

She's harassing children now. Just when I thought she couldn't get any lower. Disappointing.

No. 967535

uhh looks like some children deserve harassing

No. 967547

It's another impersonation post. The real user seems like a sweet girl but Alicia has made a similar name and a fabricated story. She's perverse.

No. 967560

Children who are groomed online deserve harassment?

No. 967564

File: 1588339215941.png (547.87 KB, 828x1792, 95D0A9D2-5D30-4F15-AB8D-691230…)

I think this was what Alicia was referring to.

No. 967589

Alicia is now targeting and harassing anyone who I comment on on Reddit. She keeps creating different usernames. What can I do?(namefag)

No. 967607

I don't believe that's this is really Smugwhore for a second. Try again Alicia.(newfag)

No. 967702

I find her way prettier than you, Alicia

No. 967835

no, they deserve validation uwu

No. 967949

The daughter Alicia is “impersonating” is an infant, not a teenager.

She’s making allusions that “sweenwhore”‘s (what a ridiculous thing to type out) husband is a pedophile.

Ridiculous slag

No. 968081

Ha Alicia is so beyond pressed mpa shut her out. No wonder the lockdown at mpa happens to coincide with when she really went nuts on reddit. And now she's still on there with no ability to post, getting pissed and internalizing it with no way to Llash out and go after them. Screenshotting to post here as if anyone cares. Kek so sad.

Wonder if she targeted them so hard bc she got so fat again and thought being skinny would get her a bf since a lot of users spoke of theirs. She always assumes correlation over causation. Even the mentally ill frequnters of mpa are more desirable options for men than her demented, repulsive ass.

Preaching about contributing to society while she leeches and hides in a troll cave obsessing and stalking strangers online. The only way she can justify how low her pathetic ass has gotten is delusions of a moral crusade in the name of a deity, superior to everyone.

The level of grandeur she insists on in order to justify her creepy bottom feeder existence is inversely proportional to her worth to humankind.

I really wonder what mix of sicknesses she has going on.
-too autistic to understand sarcasm
-too obsessed to do anything else but harass online
- manic enough to buy into ridiculous delusions to actually just preserve ego and put herself above all of humankind who dont want anything to do with her
-too borderline to deal with rejection from men, women, or (laughably) websites.
-so stubborn this has only gotten worse. The more she's shut out the harder she goes. These issues deepen with age. Wonder when it will go offline and into physical violence, bc her crazy train ain't slowing down.

KEK (until she goes too far)

No. 968084

all of this sperging shit is lame. go kill a couple of takens and i might actually be interested in this whole thing.

No. 968100

File: 1588436111178.png (4.54 MB, 828x1792, 49895969-0A62-4806-B24F-51237B…)

That BITCH stole my photo from MPA and has posted on r/truerateme

No. 968105

File: 1588436408213.gif (1.1 MB, 310x320, fOrOyDp.gif)

mfw i'm reading alicia's posts while being eaten out by my bf

No. 968121

We all know your posting style, dummy. Somehow you come off even more retarded aping other people.

No. 968160

File: 1588445005478.jpg (826.38 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200502-214318_Red…)

No. 968162

^ Someone posted her on r/truerateme.(namefag)

No. 968348

File: 1588491640077.png (447.55 KB, 828x1792, C3211070-3460-40C8-ADAE-B0014F…)

Back_to_skinny has a whole thread with a minute by minute analysis of her boyf. Cringe as fuck ><

No. 968363

They do talk about other things, you just happen to focus on that because you have an obsession. I'd be sorry your life sucks so much, but you're too much of a cunt to even deserve pity

No. 968378


says the girl who's obsessed by saving pigs, killing takens and fucking polish hobos

what would Cynthia say if she saw the BS you spew on an alarmingly regular basis?

No. 968384

File: 1588505256531.png (311.34 KB, 584x794, Jun Meme 2.png)


No. 968393


And also cause IRL you are an unassuming doormat who only scares people when you start spewing your autistic drivel

No. 968450

I snorted, lmao.

I'm wondering at this point if it's possible that there's something actually wrong with her.
As in, are these maybe actual psychotic delusions she's having or is she just a shit person?
The world may never know because it's not like she's ever getting any psych help.

No. 968452


> As in, are these maybe actual psychotic delusions she's having or is she just a shit person?

porque no los dos?

No. 968454

Good point anon, lol, you got me there.

No. 968461

No. 968539

I mean, yeah, that's actually disgusting, but it's still unclear how any of this is your issue Alicia.
It's also a post from 2014.

No. 968545


with the amount of issues you have going on, why not focusing on your own shit life? you're unemployed, you have a shit useless degree, you're wasting your family's money… talk about a waste of oxygen

No. 968549

Allah probably hates you, Alicia

No. 968652

Elder Chen would be ashamed of you.

No. 968703

I mean, you are giving your unsolicited, disgutsting opinion too, so are you really better than her ?

No. 968743

It would be funny to show this thread to random people in the streets and film their reactions, don't y'all think ? Just so everybody can see how disturbed she is and so, maybe if her family see her, they'll be ashamed of being related to her. Maybe they'll even disown her because they won't want their name to be related to someone like her. Then she'll have no money, maybe then she'll have to suck and fuck to make a living. We all know that's what she would have already started doing if her family hadn't been her to support her, right ?

Imagine being so ungrateful that you decide to use your money to live like a pathetic, jobless, loser who harasses more successful women on the internet. Couldn't be me…

No. 968751

Is that you, Alicia? Just showed this pic to my boyfie and he said I was prettier than you!

No. 968800

That pic is not Alicia…..Alicia got fat so she's mad at the world now

No. 968872

No way fatass Alicia could look like that.

No. 968913


nah, Alicia got shit, trashy tattoos. it's prob some chick from MPA whose pics that troll stole.

No. 968918

This is probably 2016 Alicia when she willed herself into anorexia. Before she befriended the piggies and adopted their gluttonous tendencies.

No. 968921

I think Alicia is acting this way because she wants to have something inside of her; aside from a razor blade.

No. 968923

Can you guys learn to fucking sage with the no milk?

No. 969071

File: 1588635248686.png (375.48 KB, 828x1792, 360E174B-C5FB-43BE-B1A2-036C2C…)

Love how a 15 year old who’s literally had six boyfriends uses lonely as an insult, just shows she’ll slit her wrists if she ever spends one day single.

No. 969088

this. for all you newfags who don't know how: y'know those three boxes before you post? put 'sage' in the one that says 'email'.

No. 969155

That’s six more boyfriends than you’ll ever have. And half your age! You must be insanely jealous.

No. 969260

Wow, are you trolling me or do you seriously think having six sexual partners who were adults by the age of 15 (still a minor!!!) is a good thing? Crazy…….

No. 969261

Of course it's not a good thing, but why are you stalking 15 year olds?

No. 969269

Still 6 more boyfriends that you'll ever get….

No. 969274

No child deserves to get harassed for being groomed

No. 969276

No child deserves to get harassed. Period.

No. 969301

File: 1588673798239.png (139.14 KB, 1065x814, silverbreath.PNG)

new alt on ForeverAlone: https://www.reddit.com/user/Silver_Breath

she's back at it with the pig BS

No. 969304

"I would […] beg the farmer to kill me instead" Oh please do. What is stopping you ? That way you can die a martyr like you apparently want to

No. 969306

Kek I’d give anything to witness the Warsaw PD’s finest trying to explain to this weird Asian woman that she can’t keep a pig outside on somebody else’s property in the middle of the city.
Also, that poor, poor person from department of agriculture who according to Alicia is going to have to do something about her pig child being taken away.

No. 969316

If Alicia dies I promise to never eat pork again

No. 969332

I hope this one will make a good sausage

No. 969605

It’s △lways interesting to come back here after a few days of her harassing me around Reddit, with no response actually from me, or “smug” or any of the other girls.

She’s spins out harder, which, I have to admit, gives me the giggles!

No. 969826

Agree, I'd eat it myself if I found it

No. 969869

File: 1588784006073.jpg (773.27 KB, 500x281, 9j70qyV.jpg)

No. 969871

File: 1588784189155.jpg (2.68 MB, 480x338, EjYNAYg.jpg)

No. 969872

File: 1588784230200.jpg (1.41 MB, 500x280, vq9lLmd.jpg)

No. 969909

Aww, look at little Jixy.

No. 970238

How cute it is, right ? Pigs are so lovely…

No. 970286

Idk who she is, but I'm so glad to see she is happy with her son. I dream to have a family too, one day

No. 970288

>>970280 >>970286
Human son, I mean. She didn't need to go crazy and desperate so she had to buy a pig and call it her "son" so she could feel a bit less alone. Unlike someone, who didn't know how else she could give some kind of meaning to her pathetic life….

No. 970315

File: 1588861239767.jpg (106.47 KB, 1280x960, Alicia Day and her murder vict…)


I'm Alicia Day I have the IQ of a doorknob and I love to stalk women who don't have the same pathetic life as I do
brb reading the one and only book I ever read and keep mentioning, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire xD
been reading it since 2013 xD
but it's hard to focus when you're an unloved autistic psychotic piece of shit xD(super autism)

No. 970319

I'd bet whatever you want that the kid's face was already hidden in the original pic and that, if it hadn't been, Alicia wouldn't have had any problem posting it on here just as it was

No. 970383

She's so hideous please delete

No. 970412

Smug is so pretty!!…hear that Alicia? This is pretty, gosh that must sting

No. 970424

Prettier than your flat, bland, blank face and looks way skinnier than your fat bitter ass. No wonder she caught herself a man.

Whew must be painful to be so ugly inside and out, piggy Alicia.

No. 970460

Smug is so pretty omg
Also, you can feel her happiness in that picture, it's amazing :D(:D)

No. 970467

>>970383 Oh no, that comment wasn't meant for smug! Plus, I'm not Alicia. I was saying that that picture of Alicia is hideous rofl

No. 970564

Thanks for the complements guys but that lovely lady is not me. I don't know who you're trolling Alicia and I don't really want to get involved but I also don't want you to target some poor, innocent woman (other than myself). I'm actually a blonde lol.

No. 970730

Alicia‘a retarded logic:

I will harass anyone who you comment on. Therefore if you make any comments you’re the harasser! Leave these innocent people alone!! It’s exhausting harassing all of these people, can’t you give up already and just delete your account? I’m tired!!!

It’s like the retard thinks she’s obligated to harass these people since she said she would. She wants to stop but she can’t be the loser again. If she makes Smug delete her account she will finally feel a sense of accomplishment in her pathetic life. It’s sad, really.

No. 970732

That's a really nice dress, whoever that girl is, it suits her really well

No. 970734

i don't get this thread at all

No. 970743

Let me get back this right, Alicia has taken pictures of some random lady and is pretending that they are pics if 'Smugwhore'? What the hell is the point of that? Weird even by her standards.

No. 970751

logic has left the chat

No. 971466

What is the purpose of harassing random users that your target victims comment on? What are you hoping to get out of it? Does it make you feel like you’re less of a failure and a loser somehow?? Do you get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment?

No. 971483

I hate smugwhore and sweenwhore and I know it annoys them.

No. 971504

literally nobody cares what you think about them alicia

No. 971514

I don’t think it annoys them. On the contrary, they love the attention and dedication you’re giving them. If they’re were that annoyed they would have deleted their accounts by now.

No. 971515

It doesn’t annoy anybody.

You’re wasting your own time, not theirs.

No. 971518

File: 1589059956010.png (1.12 MB, 742x744, alicia1.PNG)

No. 971601

Woof! That snout! Looks like Jixy was her biological son after all.

And her reddit posts indicate she's manic due to a new "friend" (met online obvs), is moving in a month, and is fat now and has 50 lbs to lose. So much for those pics she tried to pass off. Lmao those ana bitches were right, Piglicia got fat and bitter.

Also her autistic ass is trying to cram online to become charming and pleasing to trick whatever sap she's chatting to for now until she blows it with her crazy.

Is she legitimately retarded? Her singing on her insta really begs the question.

No. 971830

Lol, her singing is hilarious.
I also feel like I'm in a horror movie listening to it.

No. 971833


the singing is the worst, she does sound like a fucking lunatic with a two digit IQ

No. 972503

Why is smugwhore barely posting?:( it’s not like the husband fucks her.

No. 972507

Why are you barely posting, it's not like anybody fucks you either? Or maybe you're too busy taking care of your pigs ? Oh… wait

No. 972699

When checking >>971518 I read she posted about looking for friends. That's sorta terrifying.
I feel genuinely sorry for the innocent unsuspecting person who's going to try to connect with her.

No. 972776

shit, she deleted her IG…

No. 972810

No she didn't? I can still see it.