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No. 33300

Second Thread: >>>/snow/354019
Previous: >>>/w/4

Formerly known as the "Irrelevant Uggo Cosplayer" thread
A thread about your favorite Twitch thots, shoop waists and, overall, obnoxious personalities trying to get Patreon bux riding that cosplay and anime gravy train. This thread is not exclusive to females, as there are male ones too!

Please redirect Hall of Shame costhots at their respective threads here:
Momokun/Mariah Mallad - >>>/pt/638627, her calves - >>>/w/5855
Belle Delphine/Mary-Belle Kirschner/tinkersmell - >>>/w/2640

Popular contenders:
>Jessica Nigri

>Meg Turney


>Jenna Lynn Meowri






>Adriana Alencar/dri.cosplay


Recent Talking Points:
>Is lying about bolt-on tits (or botched plastic surgery in general) part of the costhot code?
>Does no one know what a brush is? Or what conditioning spray is? Wig abuse is serious.
>Recycling memes for attention is popular
>Costhots who cosplay from Shadbase's art are pedophiles, apparently
>Use photo editing and tape back your chin fat, that will fool the cucks
>Making fun of sexworkers is a no-no, especially when you're a photographer who makes a living snapping photos of porn star wannabes
>The internet makes it clear that sitting on gravestones for a cosplay photoshoot is not okay

No. 33301

File: 1549960519039.png (101.35 KB, 618x743, sabrinaray1.PNG)

Sorry for the large dump but out of fear a imgur would be deleted by certain parties, I am going to post these here. Sabrina made a thread on Twitter accusing exboyfriend RaeKayBro of raping her at Dragoncon 2017.

No. 33302

File: 1549960625311.png (93.12 KB, 623x725, sabrinaray2.PNG)

No. 33303

File: 1549960723088.png (93.82 KB, 602x765, sabrinaray3.PNG)

No. 33304

File: 1549960850220.png (169.91 KB, 607x771, sabrinaray4.PNG)

No. 33305

File: 1549961008701.png (249.35 KB, 418x750, sabrinaray5.PNG)

No. 33306

File: 1549961043263.png (396.34 KB, 587x750, sabrinaray6.PNG)

not including the first cap in the next post as that's literally all it was.

No. 33307

File: 1549961125588.png (277.6 KB, 478x744, sabrinaray7.PNG)

No. 33309

File: 1549961265200.png (263.63 KB, 592x745, sabrinaray8PNG.PNG)

No. 33310

Text: "And lastly when I broke up with Rae he decided to come stay at my house and try to get back together with me and obsess over me the entire time to my roommate; that’s a whole other story in and of its self. I do not want my story delagitamized because he doesn’t want to own up."

No. 33311

File: 1549961581530.png (369.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-11-23-24-24…)

No. 33313

File: 1549962108351.png (1.07 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-11-23-25-09…)

No. 33315

File: 1549962789205.png (728.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-11-23-25-26…)

No. 33316

File: 1549962918370.png (493.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-11-23-27-14…)

Stopping here. This isn't all of it.

No. 33427

File: 1550019488633.png (1.11 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-02-12-16-56-14…)

Hanari was apparently sent this from Rae Kay Bro after she told people about what happened

No. 33673

File: 1550119376961.png (546.62 KB, 720x477, Screenshot_2019-01-29-10-05-50…)

This pic looks alright until you look at HanaWannabeJapaneseBunny

No. 33675

File: 1550119557230.png (107.74 KB, 209x275, Screenshot_2019-01-29-10-05-50…)

Wtf is up with this pic? Does she actually look like this or did Ester do this on purpose with the shop? Either way it's hilarious how no one noticed

No. 33740

So… Rae is shitty enough to send someone a fake cease and desist… I wonder who was running that hanari exposed Instagram while he pranced around with his fake positivity attitude.

No. 36070

I've seen this salty cosplay porn chick in some other threads but essentially she skinwalks the fuck out of belle and spends all her time online tweeting "STOP SENDING BELLE MONEY" to her orbiters. Here's the first of two videos she made on Belle

(also belle is lol worthy shite but this chick is just butt hurt about not making that $$$)

Indigo white is also a known shadbase clout chaser & was the chick making pornhub videos for pewdiepie's attention.

No. 36086

Indigo does fit better here than in the tradthot thread, but that's where she was introduced to lc and all previous milk about her is so she'll probably remain discussed there. Anyway, I can't believe the spectacle she's making of herself with all the Belle sperging, and the fact she's still been obsessing since that video was made makes it one of the weirdest vendettas I've seen from a costhot

No. 36094

Agreed, she fits a lot better here, milk needs to be posted for reference at some point.

But this chick is making a huge deal out of someone else's drama to try to further her sputtering career. I know her and her wks blame the belle fans for her Twitter being suspended as of yesterday.

No. 36132

File: 1550400947237.jpg (19.36 KB, 200x200, lmao.jpg)

It’s obvious that the main reason behind this video is jealousy, but still, her "arguments" are funny.
>Belle charges money through Patreon but doesn’t post nudes, that is SCAM. she is trolling them!
tf? You can sell any content you like on Patreon, didn’t know that only nudes are allowed. Also, isn’t posting lewds something most costhots do nowadays?
>Belle stole ahegao from Hentai
????????? also, says the person who does the same face in most of her videos but unfortunately is not able to, thus usually looking like having a stroke.

No. 36139

KEK he hired a lawyer that deals with construction companies, hospitals, real estate, credit card debt, and grocery store slip n falls….. to silence a rape victim on the internet. The law firms website is totally non-functional and is in some shitty one level suite in a parking lot around other shitty one-level suites that provide cheap dental work. And goes/used to go by another name that has a different website that is defunct.

Great choice rae, great choice.
Hope he knows sending cease and desists to his victims is a form of intimidation.

No. 36150

I'm pretty sure the agehao thing came from a yaoi game called hadaka shitsuji

No. 36158

All that video was was her feeling threatened and salty, talking about drama we already knew about. But then she made a second about WillnE giving Belle money and she looks even more bitter.

No. 36159

File: 1550432891739.jpg (54.95 KB, 202x275, 1550276562616.jpg)

Ughhhh Indigo White always pokes the bear, gets scratched and cries about it.

Her 60k Twitter got deleted Friday and she's legitimately blaming it on "a mob of Belle fans" and crying in discord about how her pornhub views are down to 10% of what they were. Meanwhile she was just harassing "sjw" camgirls on Twitter and got too many 12 hour bans from being reported.

No. 36181

Lol she's gatekeeping ahegao…yikes

No. 36214

Lol I'm not gatekeeping.. I'm just saying the origins.

No. 36231

No, not you anon, Indigo.

No. 36915

File: 1550726268035.jpg (Spoiler Image, 595.74 KB, 1079x1862, Screenshot_20190220-211530_Twi…)

The cringe continues. Indigo made another "doing my part" video as a sad attempt to get attention from Pewdz fans.

Stop it. Get some help.

No. 36916

File: 1550727110644.jpg (433.86 KB, 1065x2013, Screenshot_20190220-213054_Twi…)

Indigo….. Honey no…..not cute

No. 36990

File: 1550770240534.jpg (170.68 KB, 1365x2048, FB_IMG_1550769568752.jpg)

Imagine having enough money to buy an andromeda latex suit and then wearing a wig that looks this bad.
Asuka doesnt work right for almost any coshoe to begin with.

No. 37001

Yikes, Umbranwitch made this wig. I didn't blow this pic up until now but that glued part is atrocious

No. 37281

None of the andromeda plugsuit Asuka cosplayers do the wig right, basically it's the one qay to tell who is cosplaying Asuka for the waifupoints & skintight suit and not for the character. Ratty orange pigtail Asuka wigs everywhere, eugh.

No. 37556

File: 1551046555159.jpg (Spoiler Image, 251.22 KB, 1800x1800, vvciix8h1o321.jpg)

Any milk on Hidori Rose? It feels like more recently she's been editing her face/body so badly that it looks different in every picture and video, trying to look as uguu asian desu as possible when in her actual porn videos she looks like the fat faced white girl she actually is
Side note I'm sick of these girls talking about how they make "real life hentai" or are "ero cosplay models". You make porn. Stop trying to make it sound better than it is…

No. 37902

Between the glued hairline and floating (not in a good way) bangs, this is a hot mess. Her also commissioned from Umbranwitch Peach wig has the same problem, makes her already weird face even more pinched.

No. 38437

File: 1551573792004.jpeg (3.5 MB, 1937x1853, 0A39BA09-2507-43D7-BCCD-DB22DC…)

Our “1000% natural” cosplay queen Jenna Lynn Meowri

No. 38447


No. 38462

File: 1551589641363.jpg (285.33 KB, 560x792, haha.jpg.f3ef94424cb9feb3e0455…)


No. 38468

good to know the retard anon who kept going on about JLM's mom totally giving her free plastic surgery was a fucking liar.

No. 38471

Are you kidding? There’s plenty of evidence that show Jenna’s mom gave her botox and lip injections when she was underage

No. 38472

Including posts from Jenna’s own sister in 2013 talking about the injections she and Jenna got from their mom

No. 38533

I MUCH perfer her old face to the creepy uncanny valley look she's got now. This actually looks human and like she can make facial expressions.
this >>36990 just is creepy, unattractive and looks like at any moment her face will face apart like a mr.potato man. what a shame.

No. 38561

File: 1551659695596.jpeg (53.8 KB, 475x480, C91C9DC5-A1C1-47AE-B1BC-2F7362…)

Her old face is way better. She recently said she is only 21 years old which means her mom started giving her fillers and Botox at 14 years old. So sad.

No. 38562

File: 1551659962446.jpg (2.57 MB, 1854x2184, 12060658423_9f3ef41496_ocroppe…)

Anon, I am so amused by the fact that you were SO dissatisfied with how already starkly different Jenna's face looks in those old photos that you felt compelled to photoshop her nose slightly larger and lips even thinner. You do you, I guess.

No. 38564

Wow she looks so different. Looks way better without those horrible over inflated lips

No. 38567

File: 1551661051371.jpg (165.71 KB, 500x500, IMG_20190303_095846.thumb.jpg.…)

Like wut? Honestly her mom seems like such a "mommy dearest" type. what kind of cold hearted cunt would look at their child and think, "nah, i don't like your face or your body, let's fill it with silicon and fuck it up"

No. 38569

File: 1551661639283.jpg (68.58 KB, 638x960, 1609613_547251645382849_127886…)

I know, right? She looks so cute here, what the actual fuck is wrong with her mom?

No. 38571

I almost feel bad for her, but then again I don't know the entire story. Not sure whose more of the cow here, her or her mom….

No. 38576

I'm having a hard time telling if this is sarcasm or not because this really frankly proves they weren't lying?

No. 38609

If you believe she was actually telling the truth about her age.
She already did the thing where she wore the fake chest until she could get a boob job and now is suddenly wearing bikinis and showing off a bigger chest.

No. 38632

She probably isn't given that she's been trying to attention grab in groups for quite some time. If we already know she lies about having work done, then lying about her age isn't a stretch.

No. 39148

File: 1552022110458.jpeg (775.32 KB, 1242x1064, FF08225C-2096-4D9A-A8D8-93845F…)

SSS and bunnyayu making complete fools of themselves because a con wouldn’t invite them

No. 39151

File: 1552023354393.png (53.85 KB, 653x376, E095887E-4C43-41C9-A821-01D637…)

Clearly very butt hurt they weren’t invited since last year they were so sure that having clout was enough to get them guest spots.

No. 39153

In the tweet you screenshot they also mentioned the con had bad security and they got swarmed so much they couldn’t go eat or use the bathroom. It’s normal for cosplayers to tell fans they wont be attending certain cons especially if they did in the past. I don’t really see the “making fools of themselves” part.

No. 39155

File: 1552027278988.jpeg (223.72 KB, 468x500, 758F9435-B3DE-4B15-9A82-B4CABE…)

No. 39161

File: 1552030902711.jpg (434.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190308-014118_Chr…)

She lied, she's 26, it's over on her PULL thread.

No. 39162

File: 1552030930642.jpg (413.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190308-014127_Chr…)

No. 39163

File: 1552031121000.jpg (422.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190308-014140_Chr…)

No. 39165

Wtf would they be guests in the first place they have nothing to do with Dragonball???

No. 39168

Are you unfamiliar with anime conventions anon? Cosplay guests are a thing.

No. 39177

Hi Susu/Bunny , quick to jump on the defense. Being so bitter and butthurt online about the guest thing still looks foolish and self important. You are not even cosplayers for the most part so what’s the big deal. If you hated it that much why want to go again, give it a rest, you seem too clout thirsty from each and every community.("hi cow")

No. 39187

Sss and bunny you guys are wild lmao. No con owes you a guest invite. You contribute nothing to the cosplay community/anime community. Circle jerking yourselves and other porn models doesn't count lmao. Or did you think you deserved a spot because you constantly lurk and post about momokun on your feeds?? Don't forget- you both were friends with Mariah in the first place, you already knew she was terrible. It was just convenient for you. Shading and lurking other shitty people constantly doesn't save you from the fact that you are both fake nasty brats.("hi cow")

No. 39201

File: 1552065937669.jpeg (298.22 KB, 690x500, 297C4ADB-5E98-466B-991A-E08A9B…)

Jenna lynn used to say she was 26 and she looks mid-40s so I was shocked when she started saying she’s 21 now. Bitch looks like a 45 yr old trying to get plastic surgery to be young again lol But with that said, look up “Jenna mowery” in Roanoke. It says 21 and there’s old websites that mention a Jenna mowery in middle school during that time which means her mom was botoxing and filling her face when she was 14.

No. 39221

Just a little something to consider here. Jenna has lied repeatedly and actually appears to be turning her online persona into a kind of "character" that she's roleplaying out (this does seem to be pretty common among the costhots with serious wish fulfillment issues.) Also - there appears to be more than just 1 Jenna Mowrey that has history in Roanoke Virginia, in fact Mowrey seems to be a not uncommon name. So could it not be possible that the one you've found is a different one?

No. 39257

While the shoop doesn’t seem too bad to me, the natural pic is taken in horrible light and wtf is that expression, her compulsive lying is disgusting. I feel like without the plastic surgeries she’s look her age (mid twenies) but the botox is pushing her seriously towards 35-40, sad.

No. 39258

wow, she's disgusting. It feels so sad that the cosplay community has become thots and whores.

No. 39319

File: 1552158396985.jpeg (181.52 KB, 432x312, 73E8543F-22F9-42A3-B24B-9179C0…)

Jenna also photoshops the shit out of body. Her ass is tiny in person even though she goes on and on about how thicc she is.

No. 39439

She uses an app for videos that potentially edits her body too I think it's popular among asian cosplayers too but I don't remember the name

No. 39467

Yeah I’ve tried the app before. It has a “slim brush” where you basically can push in a waist or push out the butt in a video as long as your standing in the same spot you can’t even tell it’s fake. Maria fe galavo uses this on her waist. It’s crazy what these apps can do.

No. 39470

For curiosities sake…what is that video kek

No. 39473

**app whoops

No. 39477

What’s the app? I don’t think this exists for video. I think she goes through the trouble of editing it on her comp or something

No. 39478

What’s the app? I don’t think this exists for video. I think she goes through the trouble of editing it on her comp or something

No. 39544

File: 1552332450423.png (984.72 KB, 720x1036, Screenshot_2019-03-11-12-24-37…)

Not a costhot but the way Sarah Spaceman responds or makes up things is weird

No. 39546

File: 1552332794304.png (98.37 KB, 720x694, Screenshot_2019-03-11-12-32-49…)

No. 39547

File: 1552332851419.png (777.51 KB, 720x1038, Screenshot_2019-03-11-12-31-09…)

Also, shitty wig is still shit

No. 39548

File: 1552333451222.png (742.41 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_2019-03-11-12-39-30…)

Apparently does shoops for a living but pulls this shit

No. 39549

File: 1552333581152.png (748.3 KB, 720x948, Screenshot_2019-03-11-12-43-08…)

No. 39550

File: 1552333977766.png (878.88 KB, 720x1028, Screenshot_2019-03-11-12-52-38…)

No. 39551

File: 1552334107363.jpg (530.86 KB, 403x711, 5e7KsjJ.jpg)

Tiktok cancer. Tries to make tutorials

No. 39552

File: 1552334184145.jpg (204.53 KB, 884x311, 3WiWjK3.jpg)

Rumored to have front teeth dentures because she doesn't take care of her teeth. That's why she smiles with her lips pressed together or her tongue over her front teeth. She doesn't like wearing them.

No. 39553

File: 1552334341851.jpg (652.88 KB, 553x496, NmqbGMW.jpg)

No. 39557

God, her face annoys the shit out of me to the point that I have her blocked on instagram just so I don't have to see it. Her tiktok-styled videos are so cringeworthy.

No. 39558

I don’t like her much either. All the interactions I’ve had personally with her have been super rude.

Besides that, she constantly posts these edits and each one tends to look completely different than the last. She honestly is just an overhyped SU cosplayer with a bad attitude.

No. 39559

She had a now deleted interaction with one of her old shoops where she and her friend in the photo chewed out someone for saying it looks bad. Honestly all of her shoops look horrible and if she wanted to improve she should listen.

Also, she whiteknights herself on /cgl/ all the time and it's super obvious.

No. 39561

in a caption on one of her toga (or maybe another fang wearing girl) posts she confirms wearing “three fake teeth” saying the two fangs and one of her actual front teeth are fake

No. 39602

her butthole is off-center it's practically on the inside of her cheek

No. 39837

She still wears the chest piece bc she hasn't gotten her boobs done yet. When she doesnt wear it she edits them to look bigger or wears the vs bombshell pushup bra (makes your boobs look 2 cups bigger)

No. 40042

Late to this, but is Raekaybro the infamous Hanzo cosplayer Sabrina did the softcore Witch Mercy lewd shoot with, or am I thinking of someone else?

No. 40052

Yes, that’s the one.

No. 40442

File: 1552924581006.jpeg (180.62 KB, 750x1271, 9C8FE890-DD5D-4437-84A2-1B2350…)

After posting this she made a huge post about people bullying her because she made this post and how she cried all night

No. 40473

Fujoshits are the worst people. They have a creepy fetish for gay men and you know if they saw dudes doing the same shit as them (cross dressing and kissing each other and saying they love yuri) they’d call it gross.

No. 40617

Not sure if this goes here or in MooMoo's calf thread since she cut ties, but anyone notice Bishoujomom's laughably over photoshopped ass attention whoring everywhere lately?

No. 40621

File: 1553101147959.png (364.58 KB, 1080x1920, 3D832C68-6763-450C-95EA-E4B2A1…)

nabbed this off a post on /cgi/

so this picture submerged after he was in a group chat about fucking cosplay thots.”

I know we all knew he was a manwhore apparently but here ya go

No. 40631

File: 1553109345639.jpeg (215.56 KB, 750x624, 977D5127-BB81-4214-8306-F5B852…)

also in “apprently not a good day to be a male costhot” news twitter is starting to tell us what we already knew again

No. 40632

Men having group chats like this doesn't surprise me, but it doesn't make it any less gross. Makes it really hard to trust but it's not ridiculous to assume that most guys with some degree of popularity/fame treat women like this.

No. 40634

people really like to put him on the UWU PERFECT SWEET BOY pedestal when he’s just a normal guy. I’m sure he’s not terrible to the core (most interactions people have with him seem okay) but it’s prettty gross he “dropped his standards” to find thots and then loads up on boner pills to fuck all weekend

No. 40637

This genuinely made me pretty sad but not that surprised. Kind of wish someone would call him and his group out on it now.

That being said I wonder who leaked the convo?

No. 40642

I’m not sure, I checked cgl and it doesn’t seem like anything new is over there either. If I had to make a guess maybe the angel guy? it seems like an odd choice that the last emoji he sent in the chat is still showing on the sidebar like that. I’m assuming this is Facebook messenger and I’m preeeetty sure they keep the last emoji you sent as a shortcut so you can use it again if you need to

No. 40643

samefag but of course he could have sent it to someone else who leaked it too, just a guess

No. 40646


Outside of the stuff Leon's apologized for no can't find anything super terrible about him? I even asked last thread cause of some salty male this cosplayers starting rumors and no one knew where it was coming from.

The tanning, yes he apologized for. The LLW stuff was disprove and he and Enjinight apparently talked and they're cool again.

So IDK. He seemed guarded when I met him outside of contime but not a bad dude.

No. 40653

File: 1553119332553.png (18.86 KB, 629x166, Capture.PNG)

The original group convo screenshot wasn't posted in /cgl/. A quick google image search shows that it was posted right here on /pt/ before but I don't know the context, as the page is 404'd (probably deleted, either because it was irrelevant for /pt/ or person deleted it themselves), which just makes me even more curious.

as for Angel, I imagine it's CagedAngel.

Is this something worth milking? I feel bad, but the curiosity is killing me. I wonder how much it'd blow up if they were called out/this got onto their fans' hands.

No. 40663

I'm not surprised he has a chat like this. He brags about banging girls irl. I remember one Holiday Matsuri, Saturday night, where he was bragging about having banged two chicks a few minutes before.

also 100% certain that the Angel in the group chat is cagedangel, who is always making out with women at conventions and flirting because he is in a poly relationship.

No. 40664

hey, any cow with full udders is worth milking and id say those man-teets are looking ripe. Either you’ll dig and we find something or we don’t but kawaiibro is so ~protected sweet angel there has to be something lurking

No. 40665

If it was Facebook messenger and Angel took it, wouldn't what he said appear on the right side though?

No. 40666

boy oh boy. My heart's telling me no, but my body…

not sure what else is there to dig tho, or how to do it at all. Reach out to his friends out of nowhere? Try to seduce him?

ideally I'd love to sit down and have a full on interview with this guy, because really, what drives a man to put in so much time and effort on your body and art only to bang "thots" and think you're somehow superior to them?

No. 40670

File: 1553125424829.jpg (95.96 KB, 873x1024, KOAF8U0.jpg)

Kawaiibro has a problem with alcohol and it's very obvious. Was searching and this seems like old milk but he was escorted out of the con for sneaking in booze in a bottle/public intoxication

No. 40672

File: 1553127937478.jpg (79.03 KB, 720x1164, _20190321_001647.JPG)

Was that picture taken at Ikkicon? One anon in /cgl/ said he was arrested for public intoxication, I'm assuming now this is the picture related to it.
I thought he could have been arrested for, idk, him wearing a police officer costume in that same con (unless I'm mistaken) and cops being dicks but this picture really proves otherwise.

It doesn't surprise me. You can see in his IG story highlights him taking what is presumed to be alcohol in a bottle (and "feeding" it to his friends on their knees, but that's besides the point).

Alcoholism is no joke. Alcoholism, risky sex, partying, no S/O we know about so 0 commitment, shady use of medication (cialis) so there's probably other drugs involved… Sounds like there's real issues in there more than "innocent happy boy uwu".
Now what I'm wondering is whether it's crippling depression and self-angst kind of issues or the socio/psychopathic/borderline kind that harms others, and frankly, my gut feeling tells me the latter.

No. 40679

I get that it's a "joke" with your friends but this genuinely makes me uncomfortable. So creepy.

No. 40685

I mean if those 2 people are friends and consenting adults then there’s no issue. But if he’s asking strangers to participate then I can see where it would be creepy

No. 40686

Iirc it was at Onicon. The story is that he was overly drunk and acting like a fool as well as basically announcing that he was giving alcohol to minors.

He’s always been a fucking dick anyway so I’m glad he finally got at least some sort of backlash for being the cringey fuckboi that he is.

No. 40689

>giving alcohol to minors
big yikes yeah no fuck that.

If he's this into alcohol partying and sex I'm surprised no one has come forward with a #metoo story yet

No. 40694

not only all this sex but apparently he will take on all comers and cum on all takers. this gets rolled up into his cute boy image in my opinion? Like he’s so accepting! he’s a bi angel! He’s had std rumors forever but when he’s having sex with girls, dudes, and “girls” you really gotta do a big thinky

No. 40695

it's not only that but also the mere hypocrisy of all the debauchery he does and then calling girls thots and bragging about fucking them like he's superior lol. like pot calling the kettle black.

But yeah he's never going to get called out on it because shit sells and "you guys are just jealous omg!".

I feel pretty damn sad. Forget the body, this dude at first seemed like a genuine goofy guy and the stuff he posts with his doggos are so cute. He was so kind to me too in the short bits we interacted. But it's all for the money persona I guess. Such a waste.

No. 40711

File: 1553144777909.jpg (190.76 KB, 1280x853, E3PuYat.jpg)

sarahspaceman without shoop

No. 40714

will she please wear her fake teeth? once you notice it you can’t unsee how her mouth sits from the lack of something there. it makes her look so much older and gives her a lisp when she talks.

No. 40726

Unpopular opinion: Sarah’s pink diamond doesn’t look that good. Like I get that she spent tons of time stringing pearls and making the diamond pattern on her fabric, but it looks like there’s too much going on and the cosplay isn’t easy on the eyes. She looks like a huge hydrangea

No. 40751

File: 1553182130139.png (914.39 KB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2019-03-21-08-27-15…)

Shes not that good at sewing.

No. 40770

To be honest i just really want to know what’s up with kawaiibro and like see if its milky to so

No. 40771

She claims to be open about shooping herself but I rarely see her say she does. And the amount of snoop is pretty staggering, imo.

No. 40773

if only excess blush could cover all of our imperfections…

No. 40788

File: 1553199464596.jpeg (187.62 KB, 674x1275, 2C856CF4-695E-4E8A-A0A3-763E9F…)

“I never tape my eyes”
>clearly has tape not only lifting but also pulling her eyes back on the sides

okay Riss

No. 40806

She needs an entire thread about her at this point

No. 40835

File: 1553227574407.jpg (39.99 KB, 720x206, IMG_-utip89.jpg)

Me being the dumbass I am, I tried to message him directly about it and warn him or whatever that there was a thread on him on 4chan and lo and behold, this is what pops up a while later in that thread.

Well, at least I tried I guess. So much for that. Fuck's sake Zayan.(5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.)

No. 40836

Leon is trash and i wish more people stopped giving his dumb ass attention.

No. 40837

I can't stand female costhots but male costhots seem even worse cuz all they do is talk about fucking women.

No. 40843

That could be anyone, there are several guys (and girls) on cgl who would post stuff like that, as evident from the Vic treads

No. 41072

File: 1553386171750.jpg (585.03 KB, 1080x1920, Oh.jpg)

Oh sheila… noooo

That tattoo is such a yikes…

No. 41128

Omg this bitch is still around? Edgy as ever i see

No. 41147

Who fucking cares?

No. 41230

…not seeing the issue here. She can cover it up by growing her hair out for a few weeks, the only part outside of the hairline is two letters. She’s also not someone milky or relevant so I don’t get your reaction

No. 42063

File: 1553936819094.jpg (113.95 KB, 740x846, cosplaygestapo.JPG)

Did you all see the latest drama? A buttblasted costhot called Yakfrost decided to attempt to make a quick buck by collecting a list of cosplayers who "raceface" and encouraging others to block them on social media. While asking for fucking donations due to the ~"emotional labor"~ she has to go through during this arduous journey.

To make matters even more chaotic, the list also includes a lot of cosplayers who have naturally tan skin and haven't painted their skin once in their lives. It's an absolute sociopath attention whore move and now she's threatening legal action towards the people calling her out for her bullshit.

The tweet compiling the mess: https://twitter.com/_Kenziepuff/status/1111302730650447873
People commenting on it:

No. 42067

File: 1553940932288.jpg (40.25 KB, 839x526, yakfrostinstagram.JPG)

Went private on her insta and put her threat of legal action in her profile. Poor little girl just wanted to fight against racism!

No. 42086

But don't you worry my dudes. Patreon, ko-fi, and print store are still open for buisness!!

No. 42090

what the actual fuck is 'racefacing'? the cosplay community is a mess

No. 42094

where’s the proof that she listed people mistakingly? it’s a silly sjw campaign but the people you linked seem assblasted for no reason

No. 42101

Well, such as the link in >>42063, browsing down the search feed there are multiple people @ing her saying that it's their natural skin color and they got listed. A lot of other cosplayers have also reported being included in the list despite never "brownfacing".

No. 42103

The google doc got deleted, did anyone save it?

No. 42198

File: 1554046401461.jpg (36.29 KB, 199x275, 1554045336102.jpg)

Lol imagine being this thirsty for attention from shadbase of all people.

No. 42528

Is this in the shadbase discord server? I haven't been there in a while, but if so, boy, we're in for a threat.

I can pull some strings and bring her to his attention if it produces good milk. I'll wait and see.

No. 42596

Nah her discord. He's been ignoring her lately and that's better imo

No. 42630

Is it just me or is this a screencap for ants??

No. 42702

File: 1554232725415.png (880.82 KB, 720x919, Screenshot_2019-04-02-12-15-20…)

This looks horrible

No. 42981

File: 1554401399198.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1100, 3AF4DDA8-885A-4141-9CA5-4CBC25…)

i hate this guy’s cosplays. every bodysuit is airbrushed to hide his chubby body and he always has this fake look about him. i’ve met him in person and he’s a total douche who has this “i’m cosfamous” attitude.

instagram is dannylantern btw

No. 43002

Is it sad that I can tell this is photoshopped without zooming in?

No. 43015

this is a guy???

nope, i thought that shit was like a fortnite render lmao.

No. 43016

File: 1554427246663.jpg (2.33 KB, 112x125, 1547489180945.jpg)

LOL this looks like some DP fanart I would find on dA that's how bad the shoop is!!! His instagram is pretty laughable too!

No. 43023

File: 1554434025691.png (912.48 KB, 602x1122, ToneDownYourPhotoshop.png)

what's with the speckles on his head? Is he trying to cover a receding hairline? His edits are hilarious

No. 43025

holy blur tool, batman!
how does he think he's convincing anyone

No. 43027

File: 1554438504746.png (1.55 MB, 1176x1172, Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 12.2…)

You're in luck anons–he also does NSFW on his patreon.

No. 43028

lol did he just use the spray can tool in paint to go over his blonde hair?

No. 43033

File: 1554441532461.png (2.67 MB, 1124x1351, LOOOOOOL.png)

I almost threw up at the sight of this… I can imagine him smelling like sweat and b.o. Disgusting.
His $100 tier is for the NSFW shit. I doubt any girl would pay up to see his nudes.

He has a wife and she's also doing the NSFW patreon too. She only starts charging her nudes at $55 and does videos at $100. Her cosplay pics are basically like pic related, lazy and photoshopped.

No. 43092

File: 1554485919280.png (1.18 MB, 1198x608, Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 1.38…)

you'd think he'd have better photoshop skills by now since all of his cosplays are pretty much photoshopped–either that or airbrushed zentai suits.

No. 43125

File: 1554496286483.jpeg (1009.5 KB, 1242x1583, C4BBDB24-141F-41E6-A22C-733B92…)

How does he have any patrons with all those shit tier pictures? How can people be so desperate holy shit

No. 43138

ugly boring couple trying to make money off cosplay. This is a different kinda thot thing, i swear. it's so awful

No. 43140

What even is his fanbase??

No. 43256

File: 1554569056467.png (792.27 KB, 1312x724, what a scam.PNG)

I saw kellykirstein briefly had her own thread but I don't think she's milky enough for that, shes just a standard e-begger. she really thinks shes doing something extraordinary about with this $1 craft foam to feel like she should sell it for $55. She clearly has a fanbase filled with young kids (steven universe fans) wanting to grow up and be 'famous cosplayers' who can keep throwing their parents money at her so they can get a shoutout on her instagram story.

No. 43341

raceface is the all-encompassing term for when a person darkens or lightens their skin with makeup/photoshop well beyond what their normal skin can produce. Majority of the time, it's people doing black people shades of color. Dark black people; not light ones. Think Sheamus from WWE and imagine if he used makeup/photoshop to try and get the skin tone of Eddie Murphy or AOC. That is an example of raceface.

It's considered blackface (black people skin tone).

No. 43342

My best guess is gay dudes into the painfully average boy next door type.

No. 43343

Why the fuck does every male costhot go right for Danny Phantom? I feel like that character is becoming to male thots what Harley Quinn is to female thots: a token cosplay of their type.

No. 43582

File: 1554860977548.jpeg (819.03 KB, 1242x1666, E318BAB2-FE64-4DAC-ABE1-EED2AD…)

this is very bad and i hate it

No. 43712


Why is Jack Fenton doing nsfw as his son

No. 43926

File: 1555122085438.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1242x1734, DD8860D7-8E62-4DD3-BDBC-2BE5AA…)

So apparently he does real cosplays tut aren’t just photoshopped messes, but they’re still poorly done and constructed.

No. 43937

imagine marrying someone who looks like this. she doesn't look that bad. he looks like an adult and a toddler at the same time somehow.

No. 43938

File: 1555130505817.jpeg (974.95 KB, 1242x1823, 3F62617B-DF89-43FB-840D-7426BD…)

that’s not his wife, that’s the voice actress of Sombra I believe. This is his wife. She also does tiktok videos.

No. 43940

doesnt every party-ladden con-goer sneak in booze anyway? he's just retarded for getting caught

typical party fuckboi, sad

No. 43966

looks like a tranny
why do they all do the retarded-looking ahegao face now?

No. 43998

File: 1555209832496.jpeg (5.15 KB, 213x142, download (5).jpeg)


Imagine being a grown and married woman with a child doing this. She's trying to be like all the younger (or younger looking) costhots and is failing miserably.

No. 44001

Their baby is almost a year old and I’m terrified for when they start using her as a cosplay prop. I understand not posting your kids constantly, but they haven’t posted ANY photos of her since she was born.

No. 44038

do these grown-ass women not have a single friend in their lives to pull them aside and tell them "honey…no, just…no"? you can be a succesful adult cosplayer without doing pathetic, attention-seeking shit like this.

No. 44053

With the way a lot of these childish women behave, I don't think even a polite hint would go over well.

No. 44648

File: 1555814381403.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1643, 1B8B5F19-5FB0-48A2-9BFC-69D3AF…)

I can’t get over how poorly done his non-photoshopped cosplays are. The ill fitting costume, lack of proper sewing skills, and abysmal wrinkles all over the damn thing just really sets into stone how bad it is.

No. 44691


No. 44834


Holy fuck those lumps and rolls really stand out. Especially his moobs.

No. 44840

Does anyone have news from Nana Kuronoma?

No. 44935

File: 1556111324697.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.9 KB, 954x603, 35363435343.jpg)

I follow her on Discord. Still ugly.

No. 44936

File: 1556111393820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.89 KB, 771x602, 3633543453.jpg)

And has the stupidest fans in the world.

No. 44937

She has no fucking eyebrows.

No. 44943

So many silly things that follow her. She is just lying, her photos are fake. Has a relationship with 3 guys at the same time. Fake breasts and all too expensive with her. I miss the time when everything was leaked from her. I did not give her the money.

No. 44964

File: 1556132404783.jpg (86.33 KB, 1102x296, 1420921911034.jpg)

>against bullying
Funny, considering she's a bully herself.

No. 44990

I can still remember the part. Now she just cries on Instagram when someone writes the truth about her.

No. 45020

Why are you following this chick on discord?

No. 45022

I like to laugh about the fans. They crawl in her ass. After every picture. Beautiful Nana, great Nana, great hair. Not a single picture was beautiful. It's also fun to read what the fans write to each other or to write with them from time to time. To see how they tick. Most are naïve. Believe her Nana everything.

No. 45023

Well, I follow them only on Instagram and there it is no different.
On Instagram, she tries to make something intelligent every now and then. Again, it is praised by everyone, it is always nonsense.

No. 45024

I'll never forget where she's trying to sell her breast augmentation. That was so embarrassing. And the reaction of their fans too. And then the explanation about her 3 lovers. I could only shake my head. Nobody leads a spouse and then 2 other lovers and everyone knows and tolerates each other. I think her husband is a little worm who does not dare to say no. And she does not quit because he's probably going to bring the money home and take care of the household while she makes topless photos for her fans.

No. 45025

And I do not think she has only these 3 sex partners. I think she always gets sex with someone when she's on a convention. I suspect that will always be the photographer. Free photo sessions. With one or the other fan she will also have sex of which she has a benefit.

No. 45027

File: 1556162481593.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.96 KB, 1200x800, D3gGdSbWwAABJNt.jpg)


No. 45028

File: 1556162519461.jpg (Spoiler Image, 186.19 KB, 723x1200, D3IUtlcXcAA_o8L.jpg)


No. 45030

File: 1556162600269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.93 KB, 800x1200, D0y_XhSWwAEaSx6.jpg)

the same style, the same pictures. No change, no change.

No. 45032

But their fans pay a lot of money. How many pictures do they get this month? 30, 40, 50? And how many topless? 3, 6, 8? So many others have evolved and are showing more and taking better pictures. And Nana, pseudoerotic, pseudo-topless, pseudo-lesbian, pseudo-naked. And for that she cashes. The only ones who will enjoy it are the photographers, when they can go to bed with her afterwards. On Twitter, there are even idiots who promote her Patreon sets for her. For what? Do they get something extra for that? Certainly not, just a like. I wish I could get their heads out of Nana's ass and put them to rest.

No. 45043

What is it with these thots flocking to Tamamo…

No. 45052

File: 1556179219625.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.22 KB, 640x640, 56965636_149589422757962_29911…)

500 likes in an hour. Why? The picture is not beautiful, not erotic, not funny. Only heart commentary and son crap. People have no idea what kind of wrong person Nana is.

No. 45062

Her pictures are shit. Her pandering to foot fags is also super disgusting, her whole kitten account is ugh, happy that a bunch of pics got deleted. I hope the stop inviting her to Austrian cons just because she is the biggest Austrian cosplayer. She is a talent less thot that nobody likes.

No. 45064

File: 1556194140046.png (Spoiler Image, 512.85 KB, 478x564, Screenshot_17.png)


No. 45068

what you mean?

No. 45071

File: 1556199565277.png (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1536x1024, MGL4706-Bearbeitet.png)

Discord mangle their fans themselves. Say everything about them. And this picture why no nipples. She probably does not begrudge the normal fans.

No. 45114

I think Nanas Discord is finished. She bullied one today because he had a different opinion. And another girl because she was asked for her instagram account.

And while on Discord, she has one that always slugs and boggles against most. She does not take that again. Well, they fit together. And now he is howling that the mood is bad.

No. 45121

Tell me when it comes to an end. I'm celebrating that. She has always been close to those who are like her, conceited, nasty, rude. She has few friends and real fans. The couple will remember it too. Especially if they are so loyal and naive. This will then push them away like garbage.

No. 45125

File: 1556224857622.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.18 KB, 143x301, 20190425_1918392.jpg)

No. 45179

Oh, that seems like cold peace again. The boss mobber has ensured that some fans go voluntarily. Did she bump coldly in the head. As everyone here knows, she is cold and unscrupulous. Anyone who becomes too dangerous or defends against them will be killed. But then her naive monkey fans came back and crawled into her fat ass. I guess they were all just scared to get kicked out too. Instead of going away too. We have to open the eyes to these naive fans and show them who they are. On Instagram or Twitter, we are quickly reported and blocked. Report Nana on Instagram does not destroy her because her idiot fans keep coming back. Over and over again.

No. 45195

Why do not the Austrians resist this bitch. Distribute, wherever. But I do not think any country wants it. If I always read the comments on their accounts, I feel so bad. They are never real. Either fakeaccounts, sex lovers or otherwise manipulated, bought losers.

No. 45203

She is actually pretty hated in the Austrian scene. She is indeed a cosplay guest at cons though nobody gives a fuck about her. Her booth is almost always empty, only the other cosplay guest talk to her or one of her "friends". Not even the creepy neckbeards give her attention. I don't get why she is still going to this cons.

No. 45460

So what's gotten her and Inisitu in a tizzy over Jojo cosplays lately? Inisitu just threw a rant on her IG stories defendin Riss' ass for some reason.

No. 45484

I think Riss got hate for cosplaying a character she doesn't like. I don't know what the situation is though. I've been trying to figure it out myself. I do think it's funny that people attacked Riss for cosplaying that character and not for the face taping though.

No. 45569

It wasn't just for cosplaying a character she hates, Riss said she was being bullied and harrassed because of it and people believe so.
She just didn't made a costest for that character, before, while and after doing the makeup she posted multiple stories complaining about it and being aggressive, also telling said character's fans in a rude way to "take it" because she "did it for them" while no one really asked her to cosplay him.
It was part of a challenge she put herself that consisted in posting a makeup test of the main characters of JOJO's part five.
But she complained a lot about two characters, one made her uncomfortable and she hated the other one.
Why would someone even waste time and money doing cosplay tests for characters they don't like?
I used to look up to her, but she showed how ugly her personality is the past week and it's very disappointing.
The worst thing about this is that there is no way to see those stories again and people will keep defending her because they didn't get to see how mean she actually was.

No. 45602

Well that's pretty disappointing. I use to like her and Inisitu as well but their diva attitudes and toxic views are getting to be a little grating.

No. 45611

Funniest thing is, her lapdogs, who are always forced to help her out with her booth (if they don’t do it she gets mad as fuck), mostly just use her. One of them said she knows she’s a toxic and manipulative cunt but she’s still always by her side because of the opportunities she gets from it.

She’s burning bridges constantly. Her former photographer stopped working with her because she scammed him hard and he didn’t get the money he was promised because she’s a greedy whore.

No. 45657

a_smile_and_a_song is, apparently, disabling her account.

Went on a rant on instagram:
>went to explain her Mina? (Dream Daddy) cosplay, saying she put on a kigu with a bib saying "daddy loves me" for the Halloween party 2 years ago
>saying she's "aroace" and is super uncomfortable about anything sexual.
>went as far as to say that people were assigning the costume as DDLG, saying she supported pedophilia, and she took it down immediately when someone told her it was "problematic"
>says she never did anything sexual nor has done lewd cosplay
>says she was molested then raped as a kid so it makes it harder for her when people say she supports pedophilia
>mental health is suffering, said she needs to leave blahblahblah

No. 45663

I don’t even get this Bc where are these people supposedly hating on her? I haven’t seen it at all. She’s just being a pussy imo. Whatever therapist she has can’t be doing a good job because she’s having a breakdown every day on ig & is very clearly unstable.

No. 45683

Inisitu is a shit cosplayer imo

Her cosplays are never complete and poorly shopped messes

She didnt wear pasties under her dio cosplay at a con last year,and you could clearly see her nips through it

No. 45705

They’ve always been incredibly rude every single time I’ve interacted or seen them in person. I have sympathy but at the same time, they are in the eye of the public. This stuff comes with fame. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. They probably just need a break from social media to get themselves together mentally for awhile.

No. 45713

Makeup's pretty ok. Attitude is absolute shit though. Doesn't help that she's hanging out with that umbranwitch cosplayer who's just as bad attitude-wise.

Birds of the same feather, I guess.


I'm all for sympathy and empathy to her past experience but it just seems like she's using it as a defense mechanism to draw away the flak from the current drama. You get what you dole out, she shouldn't be surprised with all the backlash considering she's been incredibly mean and bitchy to people. I mean, I doubt the people she was ranting about in regards to her Giorno wig were genuinely rude to her when asking about how she made it. I keep feeling she makes drama up to keep up her ego at times.

No. 45774

did you guys see she got esfand and miskif banned from twitch for a week?



pretty fuckin sad. a ban over nothing a month after the fact. not to mention that she was in his face pretty much harassing him?

No. 45775


i'm an idiot and forgot to say i meant jenna.

No. 45807

Where is the evidence that she was bullied?? You’d think that there would be screenshots or something surfacing with all this.
Also, about the meena stuff, you’d think she would have taken into account that it would have been taken the wrong way. Especially with her following. I mean there are always going to be sjws that will warp anything to make a problem.

No. 45819

This is my first time interacting on a website like this. I’ve always liked observing rather than sharing but I can’t stand seeing people defend Riss any longer. My best friend used to follow them because they liked their content. Then they kept following Riss for the drama lol They used to send me screenshots but from her story so they’re gone now…

Every time I saw Riss at a con, (at least 2-3 times), I got this VERY unapproachable vibe from them. I wanted to pretend I was a fan and get a selfie each time but didn’t want my con day ruined

No. 45820

I should probably also mention I wanted to approach them to at least give them a chance and to say I met them but I couldn’t even get close to them…

No. 45861

File: 1556781508684.jpg (190.9 KB, 720x846, IMG_20190502_150712.JPG)

Exactly.i tried looking around for the call outs or any shade being thrown at her and I never really saw any. You'd think it would be out there for people to see but it just makes it feel like this is manufactured drama for attention.

It kinda irked me that she said "i don't do sexy cosplay" because of her past trauma but, uhhhhh what's this then? And worn at some public festival no less. Kinda feels iffy.

No. 45862

I don't know, anon, this feels like a bit of a reach. She has a long-sleeved, skin colored, leotard on? And she's not really striking a "sexy" pose or anything either.

No. 45866

This isn't really sexy cosplay per se anon, not everything skimpy is meant to be sexy. It's more of an artsy design if anything. She's even wearing a leotard to cover up.

Idk about a smile and a song being a bitch or anything and the anons in this thread aren't offering any proof of it, so I'm just going to take the drama for now as vendetta bullshit.

No. 45867

File: 1556788327154.png (450.74 KB, 559x623, bepsiboy.PNG)

Ok so, I hadn't seen any people attacking Riss, only supportive messages from her followers so I was very confused about where is she getting hate from.
But today I finally saw the post on twitter calling her out about this and it's so stupid and harmful, turns out that the person (Julian, absolute trash, goes by bepsiboy on twitter, mostlycosplay on instagram) who did that is someone who also harassed another cosplayer who made her skin tanner for also a JOJO character without knowing it was something bad - said cosplayer apologized and then did a cosplay for another character and commented asking for people to not support her because she did "racefacing" once.
Riss is talented and I still admire that but not her personality, her attitude was awful last week and there is no proof as everything was on stories and they are gone.
She didn't apologize for the bad stuff she has said and done (not only disliking a character), but she didn't deserve being attacked for something she has already addressed from years ago and which is very harmful to her.

No. 45868

File: 1556789040135.png (546.67 KB, 1057x536, bepsiboy2.png)

This (Julian Joestar) is the same person who has attacked Riss on Twitter

No. 45869

File: 1556789521634.jpg (71.1 KB, 579x531, bepsiboy.jpg)

Went to check this bepsiboy up and oh look, it's another salty low effort lazy casual cosplayer who's trying to get clout by being a vapid ~nonbinary transmasc PoC~ SJW to compensate lacking craft or presentation skills as a cosplayer. Obviously never in a million years would I have guessed that a piece of shit like this was behind the callout. You just know that she has some fucked up fetishes herself.

No. 45891

This. I immediately went and tried to find where people were supposedly bullying her and found nothing. I couldnt find a single person hating on her. It really feels like she got 1-2 hate comments and instead of calmly explaining and moving on she had a major meltdown and flounced.

No. 45902

i mean he only posted a pic that said this yalls fav and tagged them because he genuinely wanted to know why they posted it. most people didnt even know this was posted two years ago. and most people looking at it are pretty uncomfortable about an adult dressing up like a minor as a baby to a daddy party. its hardly a callout post and he was only one person out of many people posting about riss but no one genuinely harassed them. pretty sure they got offended by like a few comments like this and went off like it was the end of the world. and riss has done some messed up stuff besides the mina thing. specifically continuously scamming people for money to pay for cons and cosplay while lying that they need living expense money. they have discord chats where they attack other cosplayers. have made people nearly cry at cons bc shes bullied them and said her jojo cosplays were better than others wearing the same characters. barely able to pay or care for a cat that she impulse bought and made her followers pay for its supplies instead. she also brought up the fact sexual stuff makes her uncomfortable but shes shared plenty of nsfw type posts and shes apparently shipped some pedophilic ships and theres a lot more but people are justifiably allowed to not like her and talk about it and hold her accountable for her actions. thats not harassment or bullying. just bc she has a large following does not make her immune to her shitty actions.

No. 45903

and yeah this probably all shouldnt have gotten blown up over the dumb character hate stuff but she cant continue to do stupid stuff and not eventually get called out on it. its the internet. people are allowed to have opinions on what you post publicly

No. 45905

> pretty uncomfortable about an adult dressing up like a minor as a baby to a daddy party.

Why is this such a big fucking deal? it was for fun at a silly themed party. Nothing was inherently sexual about it and like you said, she's an adult. People have been on this hardcore "pedophilia" crusade lately and have been claiming complete non-issues as pedophilia left and right. It's getting out of hand imo. Pedophilia is one of those accusations that you don't take lightly, but here people are labeling people as such just because a 20 something year old wore a bib.

No. 45906

its because its part of a sexual kink that does promote pedophilia. im all for not calling people out on stupid bull either but the ddlg thing has been a problem for a long time so its not a good look when someone wears something like that.

No. 45908

also its just weird in general if it wasnt
supposed to be ddlg like she said why are you an adult wearing a bib lmao. people are allowed to think thats weird af difference of opinions or views is all

No. 45909

So that explains the DDLG drama bit, but what about the character hate she got?? I haven’t seen anything about that.

I’m really starting to believe with the other anon that she saw two hate comments and blew up about it.

My guess is that she’s going to miss the attention and be back into the cosplay scene in a month or two, especially with conventions coming up. She’s probably going to have a resurgence of “I stood up to the bullying, I’m so strong! They don’t bother me!” Kind of bullshit

No. 45910

riss said it was a "Daddy" themed party, because of the release of Dream Daddy and something else relevant at the time, don't remember was other series she mentioned. Everyone dressed up as a Dad so she dressed as a baby to go with it. Sounds like it was a goofy themed party and even with DDLG being a thing, it's also been memed as hell.

No. 45911

no clue honestly lmao. i watched this all going down when it happened and didnt see a single person actually go after her for the character thing. like you said i think it was like one or two comments she freaked about and now shes using this as a publicity stunt tbh. i feel bad for her trauma and all but ever since she posted that story het kofi has been blowing up with donations bc she never took it down so seems pretty suspicious to me

No. 45912

idk i think its bc the whole daddy thing has become pretty much inherently like a sexual thing or has a sexual connotation to it or is a sexual joke so most people seeing the daddy thing are getting that vibe and dream daddy has some sexual content in it not explicit or anything but its implied. like i think the problem is some people see it one way and others see it a different way. things are just like that sometimes. but its the internet and people are gonna have problems with anything thats got even a hint of being problematic. sucks but thats how it is

No. 45913

File: 1556818895847.png (106.47 KB, 623x906, bepsiboytwi.PNG)


"He only posted a pic", it's pretty obvious it's you Julian (bepsiboy) posting this, just stop already. Also, why tag them publicly instead of sending it to Riss?? You have done this before with other people and it's not okay.
Riss has done lots of problematic stuff, and it has been said here and while there's almost no evidence of what she said, there are people who has seen all of it.
Yes, she hasn't addressed what she has done, she might not even listen to anyone anymore as she will take it as "hate" thanks to people like you who called her out on something from years ago she has apologized for. She might not be a sweetheart as many people believe but you are a monster, bepsiboy.

No. 45914

im not actually im just someone who has been watching this go down all week and honestly just tired of it. im just trying to get facts out from what ive seen. i really dont think its that deep. he really did just post a pic with this yalls fav. its really not that deep. hes also just posting his opinions on riss that are facts. he never explicitly said anything that was really that horrible. just stating things they did and how he feels about it. which. again. its the internet. hes entitled to do that just like everyone on this thread is doing so wheres the difference? im only saying this to clear up that his posts really arent that deep. this whole situation has been absolutely ridiculous and this kind of stuff only fans the fire. everyones tired of hearing about it from all sides tbh.

No. 45915

I agree with him. Anyone would react that way, especially with how public people are with their kinks.

I understand that she was abused. But that isn’t an excuse for any of this. There was no reason she needed to say that she was abused, it was irrelevant information. You’d think that with her being abused in the manner that she was that she would have thought about the whole “DDLG” thing before she posted the picture.

I’m tired of people defending her about that hissyfit she threw on her story. Someone of her age and with her follower count should think about what they post.

No. 45921

Oh look, this Julian chick found the thread. Stop trying to backpedal on your vendetta callout and get a goddamn life. You and your kind of would-be woke people with no consideration for the victims of your puritan cancel culture are why cosplay is going to hell.

No. 45922

im pretty sure one of the rules on here is to not speak about yourself as if in third person. im not julian lmao and anyone who is assuming that is making themselves look ridiculous. i just said im someone whos been watching this go on for a while. also im genuinely confused as to why people are reaching saying a picture that was posted which is free reign for anyone to bring up since its the public internet with the caption this yalls fav is some god awful harassment callout post need to spend some time off the internet and chill out for two seconds. it. is. not. that. deep. please it isnt. and thats coming from someone who has been watching this from all sides. theres people digging way too much up on both sides. and im pretty sure some people in this thread are just riss’ white knights come to knock anyone else down who has an opinion on them that isnt positive

No. 45925

also not a single person made a callout post about riss. no one said riss was cancelled. people posted facts and pictures from riss and thats it. maybe riss needs to check what they post before posting when they have such a large following. anyone can use it against them

No. 45926

Stop embarrassing yourself you fucking sociopath.
Just fuck off and stop digging the hole deeper.

No. 45927

i mean youre the one going off. theres a literal kink based off dads being attracted to their daughters thats pedophilia and most people involved in that kink usually wear bibs and have sippy cups. its not that wild of an accusation. it made a lot of people freaked out. just because youre not one of them doesnt mean anyone who disagrees with you is a sociopath god damn

No. 45928

Julian, just stop.
It's clear we are not Riss' white knights and some anons here, including myself, have stated that we have seen what Riss did and we don't think it was something good and hope she realizes it and address it.
We are not defending Riss about everything she has done, but what you have done is pretty fucked up.
She was meant to be called out for being rude, not for this, she has said she didn't think about that cosplay of the halloween party in that way and took it off immediately.
Stop wasting time and energy, hust admit you hate her and go away.

No. 45929

im not julian oh my god. i didnt make any tweets because im not julian. thats his deal. not mine. i didnt say everyone here is. i agree with a lot of people in this thread. im talking about the people going off on others and trying to defend her actions. i agree riss is a shitty person. i want to lay out what i know from what shes posted and what others have told me. im bringing up the julian stuff bc it seems excessive to bring that stuff into this when in my opinion its not super deep but i can see others have different opinions on it and i get that.

No. 45930

people were coming at my comments about the ddlg stuff when that wasnt even what i came here to discuss. i have my opinions on that being pretty gross but yeah it happened two years ago and she apologized im over that. im just tired of this stuff continuously getting brought up so i thought id bring up what i know went down

No. 45931

If riss really was leaving: Why is their kofi and patreon still up? They are milking this whole situation knowing the whiteknights will come to save them

No. 45932

That is exactly what it is. Riss couldn’t handle people knowing the truth on how shitty of a person she truly is. She perfectly manipulated the situation to make it look like it was about character hate when all the stuff being spewed about her wasn’t even related to that.

- She was condescending to other Giorno cosplayers at Katsu

- blatantly makes fun of other cosplayers’ make up

- claims to be aro and disgusted by any thing sexual, yet posts soft core porn of underaged characters on her stories

- complains she cannot afford rent because of cosplay, yet still goes to out of state cons, and buys a cat on impulse, knowing that her large following would be donating to her “cause”

- yes, the ddlg shit was from two years ago, but if it was already addressed. Why not just say so an leave it at that? It’s unfortunate about the abuse history, but given that that traumatic experience is the cause for her anxiety, you would have thought that she would have been far more thoughtful about how wearing that bib can be misinterpreted, since it was for a DADDYWEEN party based off the dream daddy game. Just sayin.

No. 45935

Look here dickmunch, I don't give a shit about Riss and I had not even heard about her before this drama went down. All I'm seeing is someone posting an image meant for comedic effect and you and the other sperg are here screeching your vendetta about how it's ~enabling pedophilia~ or some other shit. I'm fucking tired of people like you doing this shit EVERY FUCKING DAY and dehumanizing other people like they were fucking cartoon villains.

Riss might be the biggest fucking bitch ever, I don't even care about her backstory. I only care about your narcissistic ass doing what you cunts do best - ruining lives for absolutely nothing else than social media clout. You aren't talented, smart, or charismatic, so all you're left with is taking other people down to pretend to fight a righteous battle that was never there. Take her out for legitimately scamming people? That's valid. Take her down for being ~rude :'((~ and for posting an obvious joke photo? That's the most Retarded fucking hill to die on.

Also stop calling her (yourself) a "he". That's a fucking woman and no amount of buzzwords will change that you moron.

No. 45936

ok scoob not julian but ok someones angry

No. 45939

File: 1556826262238.jpg (27.92 KB, 625x182, waaahh.jpg)

The amount of victim blaming here is just stunning.
>s-she could've just blocked me and ignored me!!!! i-it's her own fault for being so triggered over someone claiming she's supporting pedophilia!!!!!
Fuck this girl. You spend all day harassing other people while preaching inclusivity, but when you're the one wearing the cancel shoe you start avoiding responsibility like the little bitch you are. Pathetic.

No. 45940

Ok so summary Riss made a bad joke two years ago and also was kinda bitchy, and that warranted the shitstorm it's become for some reason?

No. 45941

>attacks someone publicly
>gets replied to publicly
>"uuuuuuh how dare they toss me to the sharks like that!"

No. 45942

they did a lot of shitty stuff recently but its blown up out of proportion

No. 45944

For reals. All she had to do was own up to it, but didn’t. Guess that was the hill she wanted to die on

No. 45945

thats why this whole thing is a mess now even this thread. really could have been so simple.

No. 45948

What did she exactly do? All I'm seeing is some bitching over how she was rude to jojo cosplayers and "claims to be aro/ace but posts porn!!!11" (who the fuck even cares? Asexual don't real) without any receipts posted. No screenshots, no chatlogs, no nothing. From what I've gathered by reading this thread is that a bunch of butthurt catty cosplayers are mad that senpai didn't notice their jojo cosplays and found the DDLG photo to be the next best thing to call her out on, so what the hell should she "own up for"? At least most of the thots discussed on lolcow are outright scammers, snakes, thieves and liars with a ton of presented proof and you speds can't even post a single screenshot. Did summer begin early this year?

No. 45950

Basically it all started because she decided to do makeup tests for all JOJO part 5 characters but there were two that she was complaining a lot about on her stories. One made her uncomfortable (Mista) as he is "too masculine" and it was like - okay, you don't have to force yourself to do it if it makes you uncomfortable. But then she started making stories for another one (Fugo) and saying she hated him and being very aggressive about it, and saying shit like "take this, this is for you Fugo-fans, I hope you are happy now, don't ever talk to me again".
Then after two comments on her post politely and friendly recommending her a novel about that character she got angry and deactivated comments, changed captions and so on.
After that some people (I only saw two) made stories about her saying "if you don't like a character then don't do it" - I personally agree with this as it is so money and time consuming to do a even cosplay test so there's no use in doing something you hate that no one even asked you to do.
Then some people supposedly started calling her out because she tends to be rude and also for "money-begging" and then buying things as if she isn't struggling. Some people also have seen her looking down at some other less-experienced cosplayers because their makeup has some flaws.
I didn't see many people calling her out though, only love and support messages, and then this Julian bepsiboy thing happened and things got out of hand.

No. 45951

people mentioned it previously. riss puts everything on their stories in videos on purpose so people cant screenshot it for receipts and any time there is something they share thats a problem they delete it right away. receipts or not shes still got some issues to work at and she has been scamming people out of their money for a long time.

No. 45952

Yes, it is really frustrating that there is no evidence about everything she said and did and that the situation was so twisted that many people didn't know what actually happened

No. 45953

yeah i take it as if such a large amount of people all saw the same things in their stories then thats evidence enough. if so many people who dont even know each other are saying they saw it then somethings not right. she definitely is manipulative in the fact that she keeps things in a way that cant be screenshotted as evidence probably after the whole mina thing

No. 45954

idk if I'd even call it scamming because it's ko-fi, people who donate know they're not getting anything for it. Honestly if I had 90k+ followers I'd love to get some kickback on my kofi.

No. 45955

its because she lies about why she needs the money. she says its for living expenses and things she needs but continues going to cons and making expensive cosplays so its clear where the money is going. people can give that money willingly but doesnt make her intent behind it okay. i get what you mean though. most people probably would but theres a difference between using like a patreon to get money from your followers or lying about money situations to get money through your kofi for things you want. its just really frowned upon in the cosplay community

No. 45956

Are you all 16? Because this reads like high school tier "oh my god like she was totally SO lame to Susan" drama. Being a sort of rude bitch isn't warranting a "call out". At most it's what you gather up to drink tea over in a group discussion. Also you can screenshot IG stories you idiots, they're not magical smoke signals that disappear to the wind after you see them.

Come back when she's stealing designs, pocketing charity money, selling other girls' nudes, sexually harassing other cosplayers, posting cringeworthy nudes, lying periodically, promoting ACTUAL pedophilia and you know, doing something that's not what every single other semi-popular smug cosplayer does or being targeted by attack helicopter identified transmasc babies on Twitter.

No. 45957

they were videos of her talking about stuff. screenshotting that does nothing

No. 45958

open them on desktop and record your screen, it's not rocket science

No. 45959

i dont think anyone is that invested or cares that much. people are just sick of her bad attitude

No. 45962

Then these people should just say up front that they're on a vendetta and annoyed by her snooty behavior instead of trying to come up with forced woke reasons to justify their petty hate for her and brand her a pedophile supporter in the process like it was a middle school insult. God. This is why cancel culture is so fucked up.

No. 45964

Nah, I know it's some stupid drama about her being bitchy and having an ugly attitude, nothing more to it.
I don't think she deserves all of those attacks from bitter people trying to find anything 'problematic' to accuse her to the point of pushing her away from the Internet.
Like you said, she is not doing lots of gross stuff like many other cows posted on this site do that are actually terrible.
I'm that anon, just answering to those who asked what happened, not that I agree with the call-out posts towards Riss because of it all - I agree with "if you don't like a character, don't waste your time on doing it, and if you do it then don't complain a lot about it if no one even asked you to do it" but not with all having to publicly call her out because of it, it just makes things worse and it's not worth it.

No. 45966

ill admit i dont like her bitchy attitude and in the beginning wanted her to acknowledge that but sometimes its just not even worth it even though people want her to apologize for some of the stuff shes done she probably wont anyways so its a waste of time even talking about her anymore

No. 45976

File: 1556830934377.jpeg (70.93 KB, 1500x500, 8EBAE762-5C45-4763-BAFC-9CC1D8…)

No. 45979

File: 1556831229529.jpg (50.63 KB, 629x389, bepsiboy.jpg)

lmfao, this tweet didn't age well

No. 45985

wow, it aged just like milk, in less than two weeks

No. 45991

Please chill the fuck out. You are way too worked up.

No. 46321

File: 1557006206861.jpeg (104.8 KB, 640x1033, C4B20570-2865-481B-9E3E-E44077…)

Don’t worry, your hero isn’t actually leaving. She’s doing fine and still creating! Riss is hiding on patreon to suck more sympathy money from people that’ll buy a chance at meeting senpai at momocon

No. 46336

Okay is her makeup all that great tho for her to be talking shit on other cosplayers let alone novice ones??? I’ve seen other jojo cosplayers with miles better execution than that fucking blush on nose trick and the three lines on the nose
Her makeup is basically every other girl that knows how to blend and use a makeup brush

No. 46353

I know alot of other people actually hate the whole face lines for jojo cosplay but this is just plain lazy af.

And why am I not surprised she's just hiding on her patreon?

No. 46355

Sorry you were posted LOL

No. 46407

File: 1557087026172.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1242x1853, 130AEA18-9689-4C43-8D71-847B12…)

god that butchered wig, poorly fitting cosplay, and badly done sonic tattoo…

No. 46408

File: 1557087136216.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 706.08 KB, 1242x1688, 03AF507C-D17F-4DC4-AC38-66221E…)

I just don’t get it. How hard is it to brush your fucking wig out?

No. 46433

Jenna Lynn Meowri just publically harassed Twitch gamer Mizkif at the PAX party and had her lawyers claim she was being harassed for being a woman. She got him banned even though she was up in his face degrading him

No. 46434

Apparently this is miskif “abusing and degrading Jenna Lynn for being a female”. https://youtu.be/BHNx3huCWpw

No. 46439

Tbf the top of the wig is one of the better looking Yunos I’ve seen so 🤷🏼‍♀️

No. 46450

….I think we’re missing something here. I don’t mean to defend her but the video starts with her talking. We have no idea what he could have said before then. All around cringe anyway.

No. 46464

The whole thing was streamed. This was the main interaction. Here's the whole stream. She got upset because he said she's probably only seen 4 animes. lol

No. 46465

Jenna claims its sexual harassment. Miskif said he thought she was being playful but still publicly appologized to her when her lawyers contacted him and said he was going to be sued. Jenna's lawyers then contacted twitch and got him banned for like a week or so. Everyone saw it livestreamed and a few others came forward about Jenna harassing them as well

No. 46474

She was the one getting all up in his personal space. She seems really drunk in the video and seems like she’s trying to smash and showing that in cringiest way by getting all up in his face.

She’s probably embarrassed about that video and wanted to sue for him “embarrassing her” when she did it to herself.

No. 46491

That being said I've still seen no evidence of her talking shit, only "I heard through a friend of a friend that…"

No. 46496

Eeeeh that doesn't matter. The small clip shows that she was the one getting in his face and harassing him. "Call me daddy Jenna", he didn't even want to say it.

No. 46498

It's all over news outlets and twitter. Search it up. She got him banned for "harassment" even though she was the one drunk harassing him during the stream

No. 46499

Mizkif did say "she sucked my dick" to his friend AFTER Jenna got in his face, continued to harass him, and told him to call her daddy. He even publicly apologized for the whole thing saying he misunderstood and thought everything was a joke but Jenna's lawyers claim its harassment. On the stream, she obviously was drunk and it probably embarrassed of the whole thing. You can see other streams where she is doing the same thing to other guys.

No. 46500

My bad. I thought you were talking about the Jenna thing. lol

No. 46510

Haha no that story's gross and the clip someone else posted seems pretty clear cut

No. 46638

File: 1557260435967.jpeg (31.18 KB, 512x265, 1_cwR_ezx0jliDvVUV6yno5g.jpeg)

>an adult dressed like a high schooler dressed like a baby 2 years ago
Skimming this drama, I don't like Riss and I don't even know who this guy is, but that first sentence is enough for me to know he's full of shit and keep scrolling. The mental gymnastics alone….christ.

No. 46812

File: 1557379154077.png (279.93 KB, 583x820, knjvhgf.PNG)

Apparently Atelier Heidi caught ProJared cheating on her with Holly Conrad

No. 46813

File: 1557379258828.png (113.31 KB, 598x874, mkvhgfxd.PNG)

No. 46814

File: 1557379305437.png (50.29 KB, 600x406, mjgrdes.PNG)

Bluejay (friend of Holly?) and Holly have both said they're on hiatus until further notice

No. 46815

The discussion of this is already in full swing in the Game Grumps thread, maybe just keep it there so there's not two separate discussions going on?

No. 46817

File: 1557379963509.png (255.51 KB, 936x871, fknfelwnfje.PNG)

Yeah, I just found this information out like 2 seconds ago so I'm going to make this the last post. Thanks for the link

No. 46918

File: 1557455669745.jpeg (332.01 KB, 640x890, 84D2CB5E-F910-4B81-8FD0-2986D3…)

Riss was begging for money on their Instagram, because they couldn’t afford rent because of cosplay… and then impulsively bought a cat.

But check it yo, with 193 patreons at $3/person that’s an $579 USD per month on top of their actual job 🤔🤔🤔

People were calling them out on their sketchy ass priorities and how they treated other people cosplaying the same character. Not for character hate, which they claimed… and they twisted it around to get sympathy from the masses

No. 47001

Half of that goes to taxes, and they're only working part time. I agree that people should always pay rent and bills before cosplay stuff but they're not exactly making bank here.

No. 47009

Absolute cringe

No. 47039

It’s *she anon

No. 47043

File: 1557531061414.jpeg (164.5 KB, 640x389, 5FEFE67B-B052-4243-BB06-4876E9…)


Highly doubt with the way they mismanage their money they would be upfront about that. Also it’s a smaller percentage that goes towards taxes IF they file it.

No. 47047

File: 1557535097936.jpg (Spoiler Image, 656.86 KB, 1440x1971, Screenshot_20190510-203441.jpg)

> tit acne
> mom bod
> bra's too small

Oh honey no

No. 47054

I thought we had all learned from years of bad Yoko cosplays not to attempt anime underboob like this. Looks like she abused the bandaid/blur tools on her pubic mound too, really strange looking right underneath the shadow of her weirdly shaped stomach bulge.

No. 47180

Those lip injections and face fillers really aged Nigri. She looks mid 40s

No. 47615

File: 1557890989161.jpeg (479.63 KB, 750x754, 00DDFB62-95BC-4624-A1D7-523DE1…)

EmilyRexz is big thot
Known for sleeping with certain people to be popular and get clout. Begs her way to be guest for certain events.
She dated LivingIchigo cheated on him
Dated with Lui Calibre and made a child with him. Now a single mom and costhot.

Now she does Patreon as full time “job” and tells her friends not to tell people not to talk about her kid online. To save her image.

No. 47616

Have any receipts? I know nothing aside from her hanging out with Momokun

No. 47639

>tells her friends not to tell people not to talk about her kid online
>To save her image
Sad if true. Children of narcissists have it rough.

No. 47740

Is there a screenshot? Her body doesn't look like she had a kid. Either she works out like crazy or photoshopped some stretch marks, cause I can't tell.

No. 49908

Is Phil Mizuno https://www.instagram.com/philmizuno/?hl=en a biological male?

I can't find a single picture where you can easily see an Adam's apple, and there is something off about his upper body, I can't quite put my finger on what it is but I can't shake the feeling that he looks like an early or very successful FTM.

No. 49913

He is. He’s been friends with a few of my friends for years and I’ve met him at cons a few times. He’s just a photoshop addict.

No. 49918

It’s uncommon but quite possible for a woman not to develop any stretch marks during pregnancy.

No. 50050

yeah i feel like she could've easily blurred out the shadow of her gut altogether? why didn't she???

No. 50759

File: 1558816217542.jpg (22.25 KB, 288x512, dd34d12e6ddb719f569ddaeac6aff1…)

Please be careful of cosplayer Rinekura_ aka Erin Riley. She was banned for a few days on instagram due to hate speech towards me and is now back on there.
I didn't know if I should post this here but I had found her on a list of lgbt cosplayers and now realize it was a setup. I was actually planning on starting a cosplayer compilation instagram. I really wanted to support new lgbt cosplayers (as I'm gay/trans). I donated to her kofi and paid for a fansign for this new instagram I was setting up. I tell her about me being a 16 yr old gay/trans and how I haven't came out to everyone yet and just looking for a friend/support. Next thing I know… she starts telling me stuff like "All fags should die of aids" and asks if Im also retarded. Her brother NOAH then contacts me and starts harassing me. Sending me pics of dead people and calling me a retard faggot. THEN I get a message from someone named Elizabeth (Who i assume is Erin & Noah's sister because she mentioned them) telling me to go to church and pray. lol Then Noah contacts me again saying "Erin makes so much money off pedo's and fags". He said they blackmail pedos which I dont know if its true or not and that she's so "famous" now on instagram. After what Noah wrote, I seriously doubt this girl is actually 16 (even thou she looks young). It sounds like its a fake persona to make money off people. Noah also has a youtube channel all about drama/pedo's/etc. He says leafyishere is his idol. I have all the dms saved, as well as all the instagram sn's of Erin's whole family who must be religious weirdos who decided to harass me for being gay.(Underage)

No. 50764

Babe this isn't tumblr, this is the equivalent of a tumblr callout post. You didn't even post receipts of what she said to you. Put them together, make a callout post on tumblr, report her on instagram, move on.
You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 50949

>muh hate speech
>16yo fakeboi tranny
>no receipts
>p-please be careful!! uwu
Yeah no. Don't come back.

No. 51000

File: 1558939525858.jpg (200.58 KB, 945x2048, 61120762_330344894299444_61543…)

Spending hours on a costume doesn't guarantee you a win.

SarahSpaceman thinks shes such a special cupcake.

No. 51001

Seems like a fake account run by this Noah guy. Be more careful who you talk to online in future.

No. 51020

File: 1558961006968.jpg (396.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190527-134308_Ins…)

This is a new level of entitlement

No. 51033

File: 1558967756179.jpg (558.64 KB, 1012x764, 4c3c8882185d48728a8380ec5769fc…)

I'll never understand people making inaccurate cosplay and then wondering why they didnt win

lining should go all the way to the scalopping, skirt should be longer, all of the pinks are inaccurate, ponytails too long, Box pleated the trim instead of a ruffle, stockings are straight across instead of angled, wings have no pink, bows are on top of the ponytails instead of through them, curly wig, and there's more but

Also it's dumb to enter a cosplay that hundreds of other people have also done for contests. All of the judges will have seen their fair share of godokas so they have ready mental 'oh but isnt this supposed to be this way?' especially when you couldnt even get the right color/style for the wig.

No. 51052

She’s not actually 16. It’s a way to bank off pedos. I reported her patreon for being underaged and got a message back from patreon saying they looked into it and confirmed she’s an adult

No. 51056

Wow, she thought this was a competition winning costume?
It looks like something you'd buy from China minus the fact that she tried with the hoopskirt but Godoka doesn't really work without being huge and the whole thing just looks kind of sloppy. Hopefully this is a wakeup call for her.

No. 51072

Yeah it’s not a bad costume but it’s not… contest good? Especially for fanime, one of the biggest west coast cons. There’s a lot of sloppy and inaccurate work on the dress

No. 51081

File: 1558993098609.png (833.93 KB, 720x846, Screenshot_2019-05-27-14-35-36…)

You can tell she shoved the hoop into the back of the pink layer instead of sandwiching it. It looks bad with the box pleats???

No. 51082

File: 1558993153983.png (573.21 KB, 720x1031, Screenshot_2019-05-27-14-33-28…)

The smallest violin

No. 51084

File: 1558993513083.png (229.69 KB, 232x656, Screenshot_2019-05-27-14-41-59…)

If she thought she was up for competition maybe she should've taken classes or read up on how to sew things?

No. 51102

I mean, I get it, it sucks when you work really hard on something and it doesn't place. We've all had it happen, many with costumes MUCH better than this.
You bitch about it quietly to your friends, maybe post on social media that you didn't place but congrats to those that did, and move on. Her behavior is really making her look bad because of how much she's crying about it.

No. 51134

This was at Fanime? I was in the audience for the contest and didn’t see this.

No. 51141


Holyshit, this bitch really thought she'd win anything with that inaccurate mess? Everything about this is wrong. The box pleats and wrong colored pink/completely wrong style annoy me the most though.

No. 51148

Not Fanime it was at Momocon which is also where she won best overall Masters or their top prize last year in her Pink Dimond.
This is also the only place she ever won an award as she was bumped up from Novice to Masters.

No. 51151

File: 1559026175427.jpg (108.1 KB, 1173x684, Capture1234.JPG)

Sounds like they haven't changed at all

No. 51154


Since she won last year, she walked in expecting the same thing. You lost to better costumes. Get over it and move on with your life. Everyone loses from time to time.

No. 51180

File: 1559057369790.jpeg (112.94 KB, 719x708, cos-play-cosplay-por-sarahspac…)


There is a world of difference in quality between them.
The judges really messed up bumping her to masters because her quality for that Madoka is laughable.

No. 51194

As an impartial bystander, this cosplay is much better than her newer one. It doesn't matter how long something took you, people are looking for quality. I could spend a year hand crafting a poop emoji out of gold, that - that would probably still be appealing to somebody and was a bad analogy. Basically, effort/time does not = quality. Some famous pop songs were written in 20 minutes. Crying about spending a year making it is not relevant. Her cosplay last year was much better, hence the win. Nobody should be set on winning any competition and it's ridiculous for a grown woman to post crying guilt posts about "losing" like it was a personal attack when it clearly was not a mindblowing cosplay.

No. 51257

The quality difference between the 2 makes me wonder if she had help with her Pink Diamond.

It reminds me of that Australian cosplayer who entered WCS. Her partner was a professional seamstress who walked/help her with everything. Now that they've split, the quality difference is laughable.

No. 51264

File: 1559096543999.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2048x2048, 88D9A8C4-52D8-465C-BBA2-82EFC6…)


Her quality is so different then her Pink Dimond.
She made Zelda the same year as Pink, and you can see the hem is falling apart and has strings all over.
Plus that tabard is so bad. But shAnonymouse makes sure to edit everything out when she posts it.

No. 51292

People are agreeing with her that she should of won

No. 51293

The shit that really gets me about it, is that in her progress videos she was basically saying that she didn't wanna spend a lot of money on the cosplay and was using really cheap fabrics. Like cheap cotton? On a Godoka? For masters division in a cosplay contest? What was she thinking. Everything about it seems like she just saw the costume, patterned it out, slapped beading on it and called it a day. The really 'heartbreaking' thing about it is the lack of creativity and skill put into this as opposed to her Pink Diamond!

I used to defend this cosplayer when she would get posted, but going into a contest and expecting to automatically win, and then crying on social media about it when you lose is unbelievably immature. The beading and LED trend in cosplay is cute and all, but you can't just expect to win because you slapped beads on something.

No. 51332

File: 1559142497742.png (2.36 MB, 1152x2048, 56226014_623002248128131_47666…)

The ones saying she should win are clearly her younger fans that are obsessed with her.

She clearly doesn't know sewing terminology

No. 51455


This was at momocon in GA, not fanime

No. 51458

Do we have proof she actually made this? looking at

I dont see how they were possibly made by the same person.

No. 51462

>> 51458

She has photos of progress from both costumes on her instagram @sarahspaceman , but that is it.

No. 51704

File: 1559405071783.jpeg (244.02 KB, 1242x1967, DF20CCED-7CFF-41C8-97AB-79DA8B…)

i don’t know how to record videos and put them on here but this is some of the cringiest shit i’ve seen. what’s with grown adults using tiktok?

No. 51709

File: 1559410551992.jpeg (39.93 KB, 640x350, 1557000757145.jpeg)

Imagine posting photos of yourself being such a dramatic baby.
People will rush to her to try to help validate her herself. People who post shit like this know the results they'll get.

No. 52169


What's the milk on these two? What happened between them?

No. 52811


She's now planning some new elaborate piece she is solely making for competition .
Talk about win hungry.

No. 52837

Trim and fabrics with texture can hide a multitude of sins. Look at the princess seams in the close up. A properly fitted, stabilized, and sewn princess seam shouldn't pucker like that.

No. 53633

People are talking about the unimpressive dress but also

Her makeup skills are complete shit

Same glitter, eyebrows, liner, and excessive nose blush for every character

No. 54831

File: 1561403806990.jpeg (669.47 KB, 2048x2048, 63FD9250-8A69-442C-896A-6629C5…)

Anyone know anything about Katyuska Moonfox?? She used to be pretty popular as a cosplayer but disappeared and I guess is a costhot now? I barely recognized her when I saw her she shoops her chin to dorito hell and back. Even her videos are all through Asian beauty apps.. Wonder what her face looks like now without the shoop, she got some pretty trashy implants

No. 54839

I used to really love her cosplays until it went to full costhot tier with those shitty black hole chan type deals. Seems like she got a lot of work done too. She pretty much fucked up her face which is sad because she was super attractive imo.

No. 54859

She definitely got work done. If you compare her old photos to now, then you can tell how obvious it is. I used to love her work because she was such a natural beauty.
I hated it when she ruined her face and body, she was one of the best looking cosplayers out there.

No. 54865

She legitimately looks like a drag queen now with the over exaggerated femininity. Gigantic blow up doll lips are especially shitty.

No. 54867

File: 1561433785100.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2114, badshoop1.png)

I looked her up and her shoops are appalling. I guess everyone is hitting that like button with their dick. In one most recent post, her left arm looks like it's melting into her leg. In her profile pic one boob is larger than the other, dorito chin and one shoulder larger than the other.

No. 54868

File: 1561433846418.png (1.86 MB, 1440x1599, badshoop2.png)

No. 55003

File: 1561509526858.jpeg (322.64 KB, 742x750, FDCC77F9-8F5D-4993-9C98-DF2F84…)

No. 55029

File: 1561521625694.jpg (53.31 KB, 960x640, 48413763_1164528283725165_6868…)

Wanna talk about appalling shoops, look at "Gabrielle Cooke Cosplay"
She's an ex-momokun calf as alot of people know, but she quickly surpassed moo's obesity and started cringely shooping herself like an anime girl, literally DRAWING chins and editing at least 50lbs away

No. 55045

Yeah she’s a huge mess. I think she had called out Moo about faking body positivity when she in fact, edits the crap out of her body and face herself. Birds of a feather.

She’s also the first one to say ‘uwu someone’s copying me again’ on ANY cosplayer who may be doing the same thing she does.

No. 55100

Yeah she seems to be really into drama because she ALWAYS has to post vague bullshit. It seems like she is always losing friends and nobody wants to be around her

She used to seem genuine but fame seems to have gotten to her

No. 55116

shes huge its insane how big she is irl I always see her get bigger by each con she goes to

No. 55477

File: 1561771784795.jpeg (447.19 KB, 2048x2048, 9B0E5B18-046E-4455-82BB-6FA666…)

Is it just me or does this seem weird to do ? Why would she change the color of her skin in post for this ?

No. 55505

She photoshops the shit out of her pics. She looks crazy different in videos

No. 55569

That just looks downright cartoonish.

No. 56315

File: 1562479978502.jpeg (800.09 KB, 1175x1702, 2F01CAEB-8CD3-463A-944F-C3C7D8…)

I just noticed that Hana Bunny’s main photographer is her boyfriend. What a cuck.

No. 56317

it’s sad anon but most of these girls boyfriends end up being their photographers. free labor

No. 56340

I thought she lost weight though. I'm gonna guess she did a lot of waist training too

No. 56386

I think she's trying to appeal to the horny cartoonphile crowd. She's dressed like Timmy's mom from Fairly Odd Parents on the right (idk who the character on the left is). It would make sense for costhots to appeal to the same manchildren that fap to Dexter's mom.

No. 56402

File: 1562551123937.jpg (612.44 KB, 1080x1920, 20190707_194756.jpg)

No. 56420

I doubt that. Waist training doesn’t do that much. She still has ribs.Losing weight helps but I feel like her body has changed significantly? Between the editing and changing her skin tone, I really feel like she’s losing herself.But I don’t know what I expect at this point with a lot of these ‘top’ tier cosplayers.

No. 56570

File: 1562687444730.jpeg (260.6 KB, 1242x1222, 11228615-64D0-4C6F-BAA3-E4C46C…)

She mentioned on Instagram that she had lipo, but the post that I read her statement on(it was a reply post when someone mentioned she looked different) was deleted.

I actually thought it was brave and cool of her to be honest about it, but now she mostly implies it by saying she “went through hell” to lose 20 pounds (which can also look like she’s talking about exercise to those who don’t know, which I’m sure she’s banking off of.)

Her personality really rubs me the wrong way. Her shoops/surgery is the least of her issues.

No. 56590

She looks like a disgusting blow up doll

No. 57577

What was the deal with Jenna Lynn Meowri suing that twitch guy Mizkif

No. 57581

File: 1563264420104.png (936.2 KB, 640x850, umwhat.png)

>Please stop telling me to gain weight.
Telling her to… gain weight? This is a recent picture.

No. 57612

I think the issue people have is she has labeled herself as a plus sized cosplayer, when she’s not. That’s the only thing I could think of regarding her gaining weight. I’m just tired of her saying she’s plus size or thick when she literally has gotten plastic surgery NOT to be thicc/plus size.

I’m happy that she is comfortable in her body now tho but you'd think that’d mean she’d stop editing her waist.

No. 57635

I hate entitled neckbeards as much as the next person, but she really needs to realise that since her body and appearance is what her orbiters are paying her for, she’s going to get comments about it.
What is it with costhots and using twitter to bitch and whine all the time? I’m pretty sure the guys who follow her to jerk it to her pictures don’t give a shit about whether or not she “went through hell” to achieve her body (with fucking lipo?? lmao) as long as she’s still posting tits.

No. 57645

I don't want to shit up the thread too much, but at a con afterparty Mizkif called Jenna out for not watching "more than 3 episodes of anime" so she got all up in his face saying "call me daddy Jenna", "say it to them…say sorry" and shit. Esfand was filming it at the time and it was really funny content, so Mizkif kept the joke going by saying "dude she just sucked my dick" to which Esfand replied "whoa really?"

Later on she (and a team of lawyers iirc) claimed sexual harassment and got both Mizkif and Esfand banned from Twitch for a while. It was a dumb joke but she seemed cool with at the time and getting them banned was scummy.

No. 57661

She's the one who looks like she's sexually harassing someone based on the video.

No. 57664

File: 1563329437099.jpg (13.1 KB, 225x300, s-l300.jpg)

this is all i can see

No. 57807

She also refuses to credit who makes her costumes. I asked twice who made one of her costumes and both times she deleted the comment.

No. 57810

This looks like the guy could make a sexual harassment case out of this

No. 60102

File: 1564281881681.jpeg (470.12 KB, 2048x2048, 106AC0DE-6785-4F62-B374-49DE46…)

Jenna meowri sure did untag herself from this quickly.. obvious buttpads showing through.

No. 60117

File: 1564297857080.png (Spoiler Image, 1.9 MB, 1219x1327, misty.png)

Have we ever uhhhhh talked about this cosplayer? Was browsing for some cosplay stuff on etsy and this popped up. (I didn't even know people sold nudes on etsy? Is that like, a way around Patreon rules or something? Anyways, my etsy algorithm is gonna be fucked now.)

No. 60125

wtf, i never seen nude shit like this on etsy. it's so tasteless. I wonder if it's against the rules? also that pooping pose is so PT reminiscent.

No. 60131

I’ve seen people on Etsy do it a few times. Usually not fully nude, but definitely erotica type stuff.

This person reminds me of peacock feather. Whatever happened to them anyway?

No. 60137

she's still kind of around. saw her at a con last year. not really sure if she's still stalking people or not, i think she got over it.

No. 60140

File: 1564333403679.jpg (3.73 MB, 4608x3456, elizabeth_from_bioshock_infini…)

Still cosplaying. This was taken in 2017 but posted on her Deviantart in May of 2018.

No. 61491

File: 1565217850607.jpeg (303.49 KB, 640x751, 94026555-806A-4C50-A801-549628…)

No. 61607

Amouranth is getting some heat again for a recent stream. Do you think she said the n-word…? She claims she said “grocery store”. With her history of lying/scamming I’m not sure what I think. What did you hear? https://clips.twitch.tv/FurtiveBoringWatermelonFunRun

No. 61716

File: 1565374258771.jpg (20.88 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1561462263876.jpg)

How could that not be the N word?

No. 61726

That was definitely the n-word.. Like what? Also ethnic aisle? I thought they were called international aisles? I've never heard it called that.

No. 61729

>Says nigger
>watermelonfunrun in url

ngl I kek'd.

No. 61845

File: 1565493335876.jpeg (316.05 KB, 828x1472, 14F6CF58-F2F8-444E-8F9C-DDB21E…)

I thought this was a man at first wew lad. Imagine supporting a photog who couldn’t even be bothered to photoshop out your bra tag and the unfortunate shadows on your face.

No. 61850

Oh no she looks like she had a goatee

No. 61857

who would pay for this

No. 61881

I wonder how much he makes. I know that photographer, they have a lot of content involving another really popular, weight training cosplayer. Seeing this makes it clear he favors her over anyone else, the photo quality is drastically different compared to the popular girls and anyone else. Seems shady.

No. 62094

File: 1565718083989.png (6.95 MB, 2350x2300, photo copy.png)

He only gets clients because of his photos of Vee and her group of friends. The photos he takes of Vee and Jan (his wife) are noticeably better edited than any of his other photos.
I'd be livid if I paid for a shoot expecting photos like the top row and I got photos like the bottom row back.

No. 62111

What in the world is happening with that lower second one?! she looks like a bobblehead.

No. 62131

Drive-by comment: jesus, I thought that a head had been pasted over the bottom middle girl but no, it's just the worst angle I've ever seen. The top row is edited a lot better for sure, but I see some bobble-headedness in the middle one and awkward faces on the right.
This person should quit photography.

No. 62165

I’d be PISSED if I was that 2b cosplayer. Seriously, fix your lighting or edit that shit out. I get only wanting to post the good pics you take but it’s poor advertising if you aren’t going to treat your clients with the same editing. Seeing his most recent stuff, he took pics with another big name and again her photos look much better than other smaller named people.

No. 62166

File: 1565763992671.png (1007.59 KB, 796x1200, Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 11.1…)

He only has 4 patrons on his Patreon, so less than $100 a month from that (assuming no one is subbed to his $100/mo tier).

I thought about shooting with him because I'm friends with a girl who gets good photos from him, but then I checked his account and his photo quality varied so much that I decided against it. He gushed about how he loved being friends with the girl in pic related and how excited he was to meet her and then shits out a photo like this where her face is mostly covered and the pose is unflattering? Fuck that.

No. 62310

File: 1565828717342.jpeg (629.35 KB, 1125x1122, 4725295F-B74A-41E2-B95D-7E2657…)

No beef with the model but unless Instagram crunched the quality of this pic it isn’t worth a Patreon purchase. It’s blurry and she looks sweaty, why not, I don’t know, edit your pics so she’s not so shiny? It looks like he dumped the pictures from his camera and didn’t edit them.

It’s funny you say that because I’m in the same boat. The variety in quality is so drastic it seems like it is a different person at times. The colors to that pic are extremely washed out, and there are so many things he could have done better. She has a bruise in her leg it looks like, why not smooth that out? Or remove what looks like a red stain on the skirt? Why the hand in the face? Why the unflattering pose? He makes so little it doesn’t matter all that much but if you’re trying to make a business off of it you’d think you’d try harder.
People probably just sub to him because his sets are cheaper than the actual Patreon models personal pages kek.

No. 62384

File: 1565881538955.jpg (299.37 KB, 598x449, IMG_20190815_090506.jpg)

Imagine being this greedy

No. 62385

File: 1565881606539.jpg (51.11 KB, 598x386, IMG_20190815_090512.jpg)

No. 62386

File: 1565881864679.jpg (987.79 KB, 1440x2233, 20190815_090812.jpg)

Countdown till they come back and apologise that we don't understand why they want to be paid for existing.

No. 62398

What a weird thing to keep locked behind a paetron post? Like anyone could probably find this. Are they this starved for content?

No. 62410

Someone did find the skin on Amazon and posted a link in the replies, but I still think it’s hilarious that she protected her account because of the backlash. I understand telling people “I deserve something for the work I put into finding this thing” for a direct link (I get that taobao is a bitch to navigate for newbies) but at least just tell them how they can find it themselves?

No. 62411

Even then I think it's a shit move, when it's something you found for yourself. Its not like someone asking her where to find x or y. You already found it for yourself, there's no loss in sharing the link l

No. 62537

File: 1565970713416.jpeg (1.64 MB, 4000x4000, 78440B79-F652-4EEE-8D80-303029…)

Are any of you guys familiar with fegalvao_ on instagram? I found her recently. She's a Brazilian "cosplayer and model" and it seems like her photos are riddled with photoshop. She tends to shoop her skin color to match a characters. the top two are pictures in the same lighting and same place, as are the middle two and theres a clear difference in skin tone. In her other pictures, she's super pale. Im assuming she shoops her body too because if you see her shape, it looks really fake.

No. 62539

File: 1565970798001.jpeg (177.96 KB, 750x1021, 9D26F115-BBF8-45D6-91FA-9BC73C…)

Continued from above

No. 62540

she has her own thread

No. 62541

Oops thank you

No. 62543

Instagram compressed the living lights out of photos but not this badly. This looks like a photo that was blurry to begin with.

She’s already so infamous for her fake ass shoops that even normies call her out on it.

No. 62555

I don’t see it. Can you link?

No. 62584

She doesn’t have her own thread like anon said but there’s a ridiculous photoshoppers thread in snow

No. 63555

File: 1566390196506.jpeg (238.6 KB, 1366x2048, G1m1s1S1.jpeg)

Anyone know anything about Serinide? She seems to fly under the radar on these types of threads.

No. 63580

doesn't seem milky enough to be talked about here. just your average costhot from the looks of it. (one thing i have to give her: at least she's not shooping out the hell out of her skin and leaves the stretch marks and cellulite in)

provide milk or sage your shit. smells a lot like self-posting.

No. 64532

File: 1566893737109.jpeg (586.89 KB, 2048x2048, 9B9B3AAC-7317-4AC1-855B-625754…)

Has literally anybody ever heard of this girl before? I was bored and looked at the cosplay thot graphtreon rank and noticed this complete random in 2nd. Earlier in the year she even took 1st from nigiri briefly? I went to check her out and it’s sketch as fuck. I know people tinfoil about moo buying patreon subs but I think this girl might ACTUALLY do it. She’s bought everything else, including articles about herself. Only been lurking for a night but here’s all the suspicious shit I’ve found

Her numbers are low. only 700k on insta, low engagement on Facebook (~100 comments on most popular, Jessica averages around 1k), 80k on twitter with no engagement) even momokun has better engagement. Her only claim to fame is being a cosplayer but she only does 1 cosplay a year. She also basically doesn’t advertise her patreon.

The best part is her Wikipedia though. It was clearly written by her, includes a full bio on her parents and cites bought articles. It also includes gems like:

No. 64534

File: 1566894018224.jpeg (675.81 KB, 2048x2048, A912EA3D-2F19-44D8-8352-6EA753…)

“She was once invited to attend a royal party in the United Arab Emirates” on her wiki article cites this absurd “article” that includes the photo that turned her in to a “world wide cosplay sensation” and has resulted in the potential offer of “lucrative TV deals and modelling contracts.” None of which appear on her Wikipedia resume, of course.

And as for the royal party.. this girl really got a Dick pick from a horny Arab guy on Instagram that probably said he was royalty and now she’s using it as credentials (notice how she says invited, not even bothering to pretend she did it)

No. 64536

File: 1566894434165.jpeg (673.11 KB, 2048x2048, 9BB54C12-95C5-4392-969C-9C66C1…)

Her wiki also claims she was named one of the top ten most popular cosplayers in the world…which leads her. To this very credible website filled with journalistic integrity that she definitely didn’t use mommy and daddy’s money to buy

I refuse to believe she’s actually that popular on patreon, unless there’s some hidden cosplay social media platform she’s thriving on (again, her bios all have her main claim to fame being cosplay, something she does once a year). I think she’s got rich parents and has been buying fake popularity because she wants to be on TV. she had a failed audition for some shit called Once Upon A Time and didn’t get in, and her only filmography is being an extra in the 2011 box office hit Dolphin Tale.

This is so embarrassingly pathetic, how has she flown under the radar?

No. 64540

>Her siser, Lexus

No. 64542

File: 1566898117527.png (473.25 KB, 2112x1000, hacked.png)


Checked out the account that seemed to be doing most of the work on the page. He made this girl's page after four failed attempts to do so. He was blocked for what appear to be unrelated reasons, resulting in this lulzy exchange.

No. 64543

File: 1566898280770.png (477.88 KB, 2508x1256, one of the best.png)


An astounding attempt to plug her on Elsa's Wikipedia page.

No. 64568

>10 most popular

I legit never heard of this bitch.

No. 64587

File: 1566923519141.jpg (60.91 KB, 640x619, Orig-pic.jpg)

She did have a photo of her go viral around the time Frozen first came out, she started cosplaying Elsa for a bit to milk that fame. Makes sense she went full paetron. Judging by those stats you posted, she probably lost steam after the whole Elsa thing and just started buying followers and what not.

No. 64588

The list is only 7 people long, and she’s #7. There’s no true big name cosplayers on there besides Vampy and.. 1# is Alodia. But it’s really obvious she paid for that spot, I’m not even that popular and I get offers like that in my Instagram DMs at least once per month

This whole thing is wild though, it’s one thing to pay for followers and fake articles for artificial clout, that’s not uncommon. But paying for THAT many patrons is insane. She has to be rich, shes only 23 and started paying for these articles when she was 18. I think her parents are bankrolling her fake online popularity so she can try to get reality shows to cast her as the e-famous one.

No. 64594

Wow. I was scrolling, saw this picture and was like "The Elsa lookalike girl from all those years ago is a cosplayer?", and then I checked this thread, saw her Elsa cosplay in >>64536 and was disappointed. How does she look so much like the character in the pic you posted, but then in the actual cosplay, she looks so lackluster, and she somehow didn't think to blend her makeup to her neck?
The "buying your own fame" thing is secondhand embarrassing, too.

No. 64601

she doesn't look like elsa to begin with she's just trying to make the same expression.

No. 64612

File: 1566936896013.jpg (51.08 KB, 458x493, gracie_gold_11.jpg)


She looks fuck all like Elsa. That always bothered me… Gracie Gold the ice skater looks more like Elsa than anyone.

If you look at her all dressed up with her braided crown, Elsa like blue costume and just different pictures you'll see what I mean. She's adorable tbh and it makes me sad that she felt suicidal not too long ago.

No. 64615


And maybe Emma Stone when she was like a decade younger

They'd be a good duo

No. 64616

File: 1566937213541.jpg (78.13 KB, 600x800, e4d86dffdc2fe18a8ae927763cbf21…)


(forgot to add the fucking picture my bad)

No. 64673

I can’t even with the amount of wild tinfoil you are throwing down.
I never heard of her either but you sound so vendetta.

No. 64695

I wouldn't call it vendetta. Bitch was going viral on facebook and tumblr at the time the movie released in 2013/early 2014. In comparison to the other cosplayers posted here (that always reek like vendetta or self-posting), she actually does have some actual milk going on. Even if it might be dried up because she's irrelevant it still is funny to see someone trying to keep that little bit of e-fame by buying fake articles and patreon followers in comparison to some thottie shooping their body.

No. 64755

File: 1567041403008.jpeg (158.84 KB, 1242x1066, E3C145A9-200D-4D9F-AB6A-49A905…)

did you now see why I brought her up in the first place? She’s #2 on the costhot patreon graph. She actually surpassed Jessica in January. I have no clue who she is, which was red flag #1, so I went digging. Her wiki cites her being once being invited to a royal party in the UAE which is absurdly cringe.

Unless you have some other idea about where a random cosplayer who had their 15 minutes 4 years ago got all of these patrons?

No. 64783

I have heard of this person. I just checked her Insta now and it looks like she's doing sexy videos and photos on patreon now. She did used to only do wholesome cosplay and selfie type stuff, like a year ago.

She's pretty hot, I don't think it's unbelievable that she'd have all those patreons. If belle, who is kinda cute and gross but not hot in the slightest, can get a bunch of patreons, so can Anna.

No. 64784

File: 1567056594301.jpg (353.33 KB, 1440x1799, AnnaFaith.jpg)

How does this person have patreons? Must be fake.

She seems to have got butt and boob implants at some point (and definitely shoops the waist), but c'mon now, it's not unbelievable that people want to see lewds of this girl

No. 64820

We’ve gone over this a million times in the moo thread. Patreon isn’t instagram. It be a huge hassle and nearly impossible to buy a ton of followers. You’d need bank accounts, payment options. This just isn’t a thing.
And I’d believe poorly written articles being real. When I was doing cosplay, I’d get requests for shit articles every week, and I was a nobody.

She’s just a skinny playboy-looking blonde. She’s the vanilla of cosplay, mostly lingerie, and exactly what dudes have been paying for forever.

No. 64865

Is Meg Turney still dating that one guy from Rooster Teeth?

No. 64879

You mean Gavin Free? Yup they're still together.

No. 65083

It's extremely easy to make multiple paypals if you just have them set in different countries. It's literally as easy as making emails. You dont even have to fully verify paypal accounts in other countries if you just keep a low profile it would be super easy to just keep those accounts topped off enough to back $1 a month.

Compare her post engagement on patreon to even people with hundreds less backers than her

Here are their average likes on their last 10 patreon posts I only counted posts that were lower tiers since JNig has a couple of posts that are for the $150 tier that of course have lower numbers)
JNig 2796 - 192
Anne 2112 - 86
Moomoo 1709 - 180

If you think that's normal and totally legit numbers to have then you're delusional.

No. 66133

File: 1568206261611.png (62.11 KB, 588x471, Untitled.png)

belle keeps retweeting depression/self-care shit on twitter. what a surprise, even if you can make thousands for acting like a slut on the internet you still won't be happy.

No. 66250

Those are actually very normal numbers for Patreon. It's a platform not a lot of people care to have to go look at much. For one, they're a little stupid and give you basically the entire post update in the email about the post, instead of just a preview. I pledge to GinnyDi and her posts get barely a few dozen likes and sometimes even less comments, despite having about 450 pledges. About the only thing patreon gets right these days is they still keep posts in chronological order.

No. 66251

I’m not seeing any of this. What’s her twitter username? I thought it was bunnydephine

No. 66451

File: 1568572572264.jpeg (131.89 KB, 750x1085, E03D1770-FC82-4003-A22E-449484…)

Vampyveen got some lip injections. Said she was inspired by Jenna Lynn Meowri

No. 66477

idk who she is, but looking at her older photos, she has a naturally pretty dollface. What a shame to screw up her face like this to look like a generic instathot

No. 66494

File: 1568597209327.jpeg (501.44 KB, 673x1072, 7FD2EE8E-92DF-40EE-89DC-BCE30C…)

Her real lips looked fine

No. 66511

These look awful, way too overfilled. Her lips in >>66494 are kind of small, but have a nice shape. Would have still looked okay with half as much filler and have that plump look. Now they just look botched. I don't get the fad of paying so much money to get your lips to look like a prolapsed anus.

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