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gender critical and female politics
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No. 5

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

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No. 6


No. 16

New Reddit thread.

Since anons on /ot/ always want to pull the "take it to GC/PP!" card.

No. 23

anyone else join a bunch of gender critical facebook groups after the threads merged? actual feminism & the womens liberation front have kept me going through these trying times

No. 25

I don't use FB, but I have started listening to the Actual Feminists podcasts and they're really good. I love that Radfem Reading Hour thing they're doing, I take in books better through listening but so few of the major second wave ones have been recorded. Love their Genderland episodes.

No. 29

Is it true that scrotes are attracted to 14-20 year olds? Like why are men pedos or is this a meme

No. 32

there's the theory where men become fixated on the things that first aroused them as young boys/teens (so same age females aka young girls and teens), and then their tastes never evolve past that as they mature into adult men.

I'm not sure how true that is though.

No. 33

This belongs on PP

No. 44

File: 1576741389379.jpeg (354.08 KB, 489x849, r1.jpeg)

Thank you based mods for this early Christmas present. I'll post some stuff I've seen around here

No. 45

File: 1576742148831.png (23.19 KB, 748x169, r2.png)

No. 46

File: 1576742212529.png (87.87 KB, 1040x518, r3.png)

No. 60

So he's just getting off constantly throughout the day by living his fetish? Repulsive. And the fact that he thinks pre-nutting all the time is what being a woman feels like… gag.

No. 63

File: 1576762134684.png (53.79 KB, 612x304, rowling.png)

JK FREAKING ROWLING comes out to support women!

No. 67


No. 69

She's going to get crucified. Thanks for taking one for the team though, JK.

No. 70

She is getting a lot of supportive comments on twitter. The ones yelling terf look foolish.

No. 72

File: 1576767430159.png (4.88 KB, 314x213, c02.png)

People are attacking her now. TERF is even trending next to her name on Twitter.

No. 74

sis snapped damn. didn't think she'd ever come out and say it. thought she'd always stay in the shadows. awesome

No. 75

I'm laughing so hard is J.K Rowling gonna radpill the normies

No. 76

She's so rich that she doesn't have to give a fuck. And what are people gonna do? Cancel Harry Potter? Good fucking luck with that

No. 77

Hasn't she been called a TERF for something else?

No. 78

She followed magdalen berns on twitter so yes she has already been called a terf

No. 86

File: 1576776695984.gif (2.85 MB, 480x360, giphy (1).gif)

I guess she really must be GC then.

No. 87

Awesome ! This is the simple truth, it shouldn't upset anyone. What a weird times we are in.

No. 88

Nice. I hope more people start speaking out on this shit. Of course, in Rowlings case, they'll just screech about what a mean conservative she's always been. As if she cares what they think.

No. 89

if you comb through the bullshit all those attacking her are some ugly lefty guys or troons with cartoons as their pfp. Even on tweets saying jk is wrong, everyone replying is saying she's right and said nothing wrong.

The Humans Rights Campaign twitter posted something like "transwomen are women. Transmen are men. NB are NB. CC: jk Rowling" and everyone in thr replies clowned the shit out of them like
>cats are dogs
>war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength

No. 90

Yeah, some people combed through her likes, and found she liked a Tweet that was against self-ID, if I remember correctly.
The HRC is so embarrassing now. I still get e-mails from them, but I'm just not inclined to support them anymore.

No. 98

Imagine being told you can't use your name because "people won't buy a book from a woman!!" and 20 years later women get fired for not using men's preferred pronouns.
And now these sheltered troons and fakebois are harassing this woman who worked herself from food stamps to millionaire status, as if that's gonna change her views.

Godspeed Joanne.

No. 100

File: 1576784466748.gif (777.59 KB, 250x160, giphy.gif)

Based. Should've known the woman who wrote McGonagall wouldn't put up with male bs.

No. 102

I have a feeling 2020 is gonna be the year of massive backlash against troons.

No. 107

JK Rowling redemption arc. I guess she finally realized pandering to the woke crowd is always gonna be a lose-lose.

No. 110

File: 1576862760941.jpg (513.82 KB, 956x1569, 1576802187539.jpg)

Mark Hamill was dogpiled for liking the tweet.

No. 111

He unliked it like a fucking coward.

No. 113

Why is twitter such a hotbed of aggressive TIMs? I feel like JK Rowling being a "TERF" could only trend on twitter or tumblr, and unlike tumblr twitter actually has normal people using it.

No. 114

There are definitely TIMS among the twitter employees. I also suspect a lot of TRA sockpuppetry.

No. 115

File: 1576872522764.jpg (503.14 KB, 1080x1795, 20191220_150708.jpg)

imagine being so deluded and such a coomer that you get turned on by taking hormones

No. 116

>look at all their pfp
All men. Truly the inmates are running the asylum

No. 134

Most of them are only troons in the first place from the social contaigen of being nerdy internet boys on platforms used by their fellow pornsick incels. Same reason they swarm 4chan, discord and reddit.

No. 138

2bh it's because tumblr banned porn. They had to latch onto a new social media.

No. 139

I forgot about the aftermath of tumblr banning pron

No. 144

File: 1577008193841.jpg (53.68 KB, 384x299, female hysteria.jpg)

just read my first dworkin book, and some essays. i've been crying for hours. being a woman suffering

No. 145

which one? I'm trying to find some good books on femme politics to pick up

No. 146

woman hating..read it, it's p short, you could read it in a day if you have the time. warning though it hurts like hell lmao

No. 153

NTA but seconding Woman Hating. Intercourse and Right Wing Women are really good too. http://radfem.org/dworkin/ Radfem Library has all her pdfs for free.

No. 165

File: 1577116485580.jpg (36.53 KB, 512x512, Lisa_Marchiano.jpg)

Thoughts on the theories of Lisa Marchiano? she's a psychologist and a feminist theorist who tries to anylize the patriarchy specifically from a analytical psycholical (Jungian) perspective

No. 172

I've enjoyed a lot of her writing, but I have to be honest, I hate how much of her work gets published on Quillette. That site gets hold of these feminist writers who have interesting stuff to say about trans bs, then you click the woman tag and it's just sandwiched between endless articles on "girls don't need female role models everything is fine i'm not like other girls no one's ever catcalled meeee blah blah victim culture is to blame" and it's like……..I wish I could see her work on a site that allows her to dig into the gender theory that informs radfem perspectives on transitioning but that a site like Quillette doesn't seem interested in? Like they want her to talk about girls being pushed to transition early and how shitty it is and how the entire trans rights movement is implicated but they don't have much space for the connecting thought of "maybe it's because girls are treated unfairly and are maybe victims of a misogynist society."

I did like her interview for Feminist Current for this reason.

No. 173

sage for off topic, but my sister is majoring in psychology and her and all her friends are similarly obsessed with Jungian psychology and seem to treat his work as word of god for some reason

No. 176

File: 1577135405792.jpg (160.18 KB, 870x1106, a63j9zcpjc641.jpg)

No. 178

Seeing this being reposted by genderspecials and furries of the like https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2017/10/christian-rights-new-strategy-divide-conquer-lgbt-community/
>“Gender identity on its own is just a bridge too far. If you separate the T from the alphabet soup, we’ll have more success,” Kilgannon added.

She compared allowing teenagers to transition with “the 1950s lobotomy fad in psychiatry.”

Attendees were also told to wrap their transphobic rhetoric in the language of feminism, claiming gender identity is a concept offensive to women.

No. 180

this sounds like their response to the leaked documents about trans lobbyist tactics that basically said to talk to the youth w/o their parents present & downplay the medical nature of transition. i wouldn't trust this website to report accurately on anything regarding gc ideas & the right

No. 181

more info on that document leak? what happened?

No. 183

File: 1577166892030.jpg (198.12 KB, 716x702, 20191223_214835.jpg)

Tbh I feel bad for transexuals because the current trans narrative has been hijacked by nutcases. I mean if the usual argument went more along these lines of
>I know biological sex is real and that I'm not literally a man/woman, but it would make me more comfortable to present as the opposite sex and be referred to by these pronouns
I would have an easier to time finding sympathy. The fact that the current narrative is so detached from reality underlines that it's a mental illness and society shouldn't be enabling their delusions. Most children with dysphoria desist and grow up to be normal gay adults, that's why transing kids for playing with the wrong toys is stupid and dangerous. Medical transition should be reserved for the most persistent cases of dysphoria.

No. 187

No. 190

I think that narrative was the accepted one, even with troons for a time. I think 2016? TRAs were still saying "sex and gender are different" but now…? Buck Angel had a health scare where his cervix? fused closed due to the testosterone treatments. all TRAs had to say was that he's truscum or w/e

No. 192

File: 1577239217029.jpg (103.27 KB, 960x696, 3502e58c-be41-421d-bbf3-3866cf…)

No. 197

Inb4 we regress back further into abstinence based sex ed even in more liberal areas as not to hurt trannies by describing where babies come from

No. 198

File: 1577287671077.png (1.91 MB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20191224-221522(1).…)

Chicago drag queens are trying to save the troons by donating to one of the scammiest help lines. They can't even TRA right and find out how shit these organizations are, as long as they WK enough it's all that matters.

No. 199

>Harry Potter themed
kek, I thought they we cancelling HP?

No. 200

HP is so intrinsic to the lives of so many troomers that they're desperately trying to reclaim it at the same time as telling JK to choke on girldick

No. 204

File: 1577335652575.jpg (158.03 KB, 1080x585, cancer.jpg)

God I fucking hate libfems.

No. 205

>Stand for something!!! Unless someone doesn't agree with it!!

Liberal feminism is the most milquetoast activism ever imagined.

No. 207

The "sex and gender are different" style of TRA rhetoric was more like a watered down version of what we have now. If you thought being a man or woman is primarily defined by biology rather than magical gender feefees you were still a bigot.

No. 208

>girls don’t get girls pregnant
Y I K E S, TERF alert! Girls get other girls pregnant all the time! Girls get boys pregnant all the time! How is babby formed? Well, it certainly has nothing to do with the parents being male or female, those distinctions are only about whether your brain is pink and frilly or blue and rugged. It sure would be nice to have some terms that are more concise than sperm-ejaculator and uterus-carrier to describe humanity’s two reproductive classes but I guess our languages just never evolved that way.

No. 211


Calling people TERFs online and pandering to/ making excuses for pornsick males is activism now? I guess at least they still use the term feminism, which scrotes hate solely for having the prefix fem

No. 212

File: 1577365952298.png (337.35 KB, 585x573, barf.png)

Director of the Castlevania Netflix series, Samuel Deats, retweeted this trans headcanon fanart. Spare us from official creators virtue signalling by supporting the regressive fantasy that feminine men and masculine women are actually trans.

No. 213

If they trans a single hair on his goddamn head I will riot.

No. 214

Same, anon, same.

No. 215


Pretty sure that would be a straight relationship but what do I know.

No. 216

How dare this motherfucker foul the work of Ayami Kojima, let us keep our beautiful men without shoehorning this tranny bullshit into it. Fuck this makes me mad. At least make your own stupid trans characters instead of doing this sort of colonizing work.

Old school transgenders are often sad but harmless, they acknowledge the gender binary and that they're "visitors" in the gender this surgically altered body of theirs is representing. It's the new wave of cumbrained twitter troons who are a problem with their pseudoscience lobbying because they want to pull the whole world into their IRL fetish roleplay.

No. 217

I knew from the start the Netflix adaption was shit. It doesn't live up anywhere near Konami's production value. Ayami Kojima and based Iga weep for the Western audience being subjected to this shit created by staff who peaked during The Last Airbender.

No. 218

God this is really disappointing. Both the artist and the director.
But this also got me thinking: what are you even supposed to do if you're a drawfag and someone sends you money to draw this troon shit? Like yeah free money, but what if you don't want to post/draw it? Is there even a way to say "Sorry, i don't want to draw this" without triggering a tranny spergout?

No. 219

It's a difficult position for artists and other creators who want to make money for sure. I wouldn't create anything that I thought had a harmful message though. Drawing a male character with mastectomy scars is a harmful message - it tells weeb girls that they, too, can become a cool anime bishie if they get their breasts cut off.
I'm especially disappointed by the director. He better NOT add any trans nonsense to the story.

No. 220

Alucard is too hot to be a troon

No. 223

A lot of people are saying he's trans because in the Netflix show he gets kicked in the balls and doesn't flinch. Which automatically means he's trans and not wearing a cup or anything practical someone who fights might consider wearing.

No. 227

could they reach any harder?

No. 229

File: 1577390750597.jpg (52.67 KB, 1200x675, post-28-1512256844.jpg)

Yeah, I've also seen comments about the scar on his chest - that it also means he is trans. Even though the scar was obviously from when his dad attacked him and isn't the right place at all. These delusions shouldn't be pandered to.

No. 230

Alright,why do I even bother??
He's male and always has been!

No. 232

They absolute can not bring themselves to relate to a female character because tifs are extremely misogynistic and think women are obscene and hypersexual, debased semi-humans so they claim to be smol gay asexual twans bois to make themselves think they are pure and exempt from sexualization. And ofc every male character they like needs get a tranny headcanon because they fucking hate actual females. Trans females are misogynists.

No. 233

File: 1577393435047.jpg (44.74 KB, 820x461, trevor-belmont-sypha-belnades.…)

Ironic when the female main character is competent and 0% objectified. It's partly all the yaoi they fap to that makes them self-insert as the male characters.

No. 236

File: 1577393981276.png (449.92 KB, 671x537, csd.png)

I've been following a few TEHM blogs on tumblr, some of them are pretty funny. This guy makes me kek

No. 239

File: 1577398767114.png (42.55 KB, 598x514, hurk.PNG)

Non binaries are even more annoying than the trans folk imo
Do they not realize those labels exists to protect people and their privacy? Going in between both and helping yourself to everything because of society(tm) seems like such a scum move.
Also this user referred to getting her breasts removed as "Themboification" and I just.
Even if she meant it as a joke, it only pushes the point that this is just a fetish further.

No. 240

Its not going to be long until this girl happens to be in the wrong restroom at the wrong time with the wrong males who have 0 patience for a female entering their restroom, let alone ~non binary demiboiis~, and will proceed to beat her the fuck up or worse. Its only us women who are stupid enough to give this shit a pass and coddle these people because of our socialization. Its only us who are dumb enough to see an obvious male creeping on girls in the restroom and actually applaud "her" for "her" bravery.

You're not supposed to say it but since I've been radpilled I can't stand how intentionally meek and harmless and weak women make themselves out to be. We should be violently rioting in the streets and ripping males eyeballs out and cooking them over an open fire.

And yes, Alucard is too hot to be a tranny. They all look like dogshit.

No. 241

Embarrassing. Reminds me of how Pidge's voice actor from Voltron said she loved the nonbinary Pidge headcanons, even though in earlier seasons, she was adamant that Pidge was a girl. Naturally, she labeled herself nonbinary not long after.

No. 242

Oh man this image lmao. ngl I've always hated this sort of "hollywood butch look" so much because it's ridiculously cookie cutter, overused and only there because it's the absolute limit men can handle with masculinity in women and any further than that means you must be a man. If they had long hair they'd look like your basic starlets.

Anyway god bless TEHMs, at least they aren't the victims of female socialization and can speak out against all the bullshit they want. Fight the good fight brothers.

No. 246

File: 1577414834929.png (109.02 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20191226-184545(1).…)

bc of you, I realize I need to spend more time in the spicy side of Tumblr discourse

No. 247

File: 1577415316937.png (86.96 KB, 604x461, 2d0fd2d1-b8f7-43df-aef6-4dc6c8…)

No. 248

The cognitive dissonance is real.

No. 251

File: 1577427258545.jpeg (16.29 KB, 200x175, F3187181-2DC7-44EB-B491-877710…)

so close, and yet so far

No. 252

Being in online spaces for interests of majority men feels so lonely. I started noticing a rise of women in a video game group I'm in on Facebook, only to take a second look a realize majority of these women are troons. Greasy haired troons.
I've recognized the types of names they pick out for themselves and they're all so similar. Like I swear I've come across the name Tiffany Violet at least once.

No. 254

I don't regret abandoning tumblr.

No. 257

File: 1577436120227.jpg (45.24 KB, 750x617, Dqy-N1BX0AAZ_2X.jpg)

Reminds me of this gem

No. 258

even former girls only groups are now being diluted by trannies

No. 261

Just saw this on Youtube, seems vaguely gender critical? It's about the extreme rise in children being treated for gender dysphoria and given puberty blockers, especially females. Might be worth a watch.


No. 263

Honestly it's so frustrating. Like, I honestly respect Bronies now because they at least knew they were men who enjoyed a fandom dominated by young women and stayed away from them. These troons have no decency. Honestly it's board culture to nitpick and when troons are in the mix, it's like walking on eggshells we just have to say "Ohhh so beautiful! Very cute! Yes, girl!" Despite them being ugly as shit and not question their predatory motives because either them or their TRAs following so closely behind them will shun us down.
Case in point, there was some old troon who paraded around the fact he was hanging around Japanese high school girls. On PULL, now filled with enbys and troons, so many users were shamed for pointing out this MAN was preying on these girls.

No. 267

File: 1577446193404.jpg (17.5 KB, 594x135, sensibleadult.JPG)

I want to believe that this is fake because goddamn, this is North Korean level mind games.

I'm so, so glad that my country doesn't have a lot of trannies to begin with, but because I'm a weeb I deal with them every now and then. It's so, so hard to pretend to see this 6ft man in a dress as "one of us" and I really, really doubt other women sincerely consider them female but only play lip service to avoid conflict. Talking in private about them with other women results in them usually saying, in this certain meek, fearful voice, that "I think SHE's a wonderful person and I respect HER identity and all that, but I just.. don't consider her female like us!". No really? You don't see this balding, hulking fridge wearing thigh highs and kids' clothes obsessing over lesbian anime girls as a woman?

Another chapter are the FTMs but they're usually too shy and socially female that they'd throw a massive shitfit then and there when you consider them female. What worries me is that I've seen a ridiculous amount of women in their late 20's suddenly deciding that they're men and getting on T&Surgeries in less than a year. Bitch you lived 28 years as a woman with no problem and now you're suddenly dying if you can't get your tits cut off? One of my old acquaintances did exactly this, she was always extremely gender-conforming, never showed signs of tomboyness or gender dysphoria, was in a heterosexual relationship for maybe a decade, then suddenly started dating a transman and in less than 5 months cut off her hair and became a fullfledged troon. At 28. Now she keeps obsessing over "transmasc art" in which hypermasculine characters are drawn with mastectomy scars and a vagina. I'm sorry sister but no matter how much testosterone you inject you won't turn into this hairy, tall, super buff body builder lumberjack with angular facial features.

When they interview that doctor saying that they inform the kids about the consequences of HRT it makes me think back to all the British detransitioners who said that they were sent to hormone therapy without so much as a psychological evaluation. In the light of those leaked documents of medical professionals downplaying the effects it really makes me think if they're straight out lying or at least twisting the truth on camera. Especially because that one trans teen was able to get on T due to fucking conference calls with some pediatrician she found online. I'm really waiting for the first death case from all these illegal hormones kids are instructed to order online.

No. 269

>You're not supposed to say it but since I've been radpilled I can't stand how intentionally meek and harmless and weak women make themselves out to be. We should be violently rioting in the streets and ripping males eyeballs out and cooking them over an open fire.
that's pretty cringe, you're sounding like a 13 year old edgelord

No. 270

File: 1577446681749.jpg (57.95 KB, 789x658, screenshot-2019-27-12.jpg)

If you want to witness some overclocked cognitive dissonance at work, read this article. I'm fucking appalled that someone is able to write down all the reasons why the trans movement is based on misogyny yet still firmly believes in it. https://thenewinquiry.com/on-hating-men-and-becoming-one-anyway/

No. 271

kek, reminds me of that audio interview of that butch lesbian radical feminist who claimed to hate men but then transitioned to male and started using her male privilege to be an asshole and act like a pervert towards other women

No. 272

>men pretending to be women supporting other men who pretend to be women and shutting down the voices of real women

No. 273

When you hate men but hate women more.

No. 274

when I was a lot younger, I think it was around 2013, I was friends with an older female they/them, we were in a play together and one day she continued to insist on changing in the boy's dressing room because she "felt like a boy" that day. I remember the guys felt really weird about it. She has autism. I just think under any normal circumstances she would have never been allowed to strip naked in the boy's dressing room in front of all the guys but because it was seen as "not very progressive" to tell her no, the director gave her the go ahead. I feel very sad when I think about her at times because I feel she may look back on that experience and feel disgusted and ashamed.

No. 275

File: 1577451149732.png (484.63 KB, 1392x928, fake lesbian handmaiden.png)

All the Twitter handmaidens have come out of the woodwork since this JKR thing, especially the uwu progressive queer (codeword straight) types. I feel like they deserve their own thread, but here's a gem I saw.

No. 276

I almost wonder if we know the same person since I have seen this kind of exact situation too lmao, a feminine woman who was married to a man suddenly troons out at her late 20s, starts a poly relationship with other troons and her before female centric art becomes exclusively about buff gay men with mastectomy scars.

No. 277

Anon you replied to and I know at least 3 or 4 cases like this personally. What you described sounds very familiar to one of them (not the one I mentioned in my post) though. Why do they always go for the polyamory meme when they troon out?

No. 279

I know this is not very feminist of me to judge people's appearances but I have noticed that most of the people I know who are into polyamory aren't very attractive. I saw some joke post saying that polyamory is basically having a bf so ugly that you don' give a shit what he does, who knows maybe that is kind of true, people just taking anything they can but still not wanting to commit themselves to the people they can get in case they could find something better.

No. 281

File: 1577455761854.jpg (388.74 KB, 2000x1333, polyamorous-pregnancy-13-1.jpg)

True… Reminds me of this article I saw on these people.
They're def the absolute bottom of the barrel.

No. 282

>radical feminist
>transitioned to male

well then she wasn't much of a radfem was she? you sound like a plant

No. 285

I've noticed a lot of troons and tankies (troonkies?) are obsessed with violence, but never seem to have any practical real life experience with fighting or physicality in general (hence why they think men and women are totally equal in all things and it's mean to not let men in dresses compete with women in sports). If some of these kids were beaten up in middle school maybe they wouldn't be such toxic assholes now.
Top kek
10 years ago, feminist spaces were talking about consent and boundaries, and now we're not allowed to say no to dick unless we were sufficiently traumatized (and even then we should be "working on unpacking" that).

No. 286

>I've noticed a lot of troons and tankies (troonkies?) are obsessed with violence, but never seem to have any practical real life experience with fighting or physicality in general
sadly true, the local antifa groups here in germany are either borderline malnourished or pudgy soyboys while the rightwing unironic neonazis all look like they engange in moderate to high level exercise and basic combat training
I got kicked out of a socialist group over this, these men had/have no idea how to do anything, because any attempt at training of any kind was met with either derision or complacency. We had a couple of ex-bundeswehr guys come by a couple of times, but they dropped out after 1-2 meetings when they realized we were lame.

No. 287

polyarmory is actually fucking all of your orbiters? cuz God knows that's what this pic implies

No. 290

sage for blog post but

as a teen girl I took up karate. the place I went to was run by lesbians and was more focused on traditional form and self defence rather than sparring or "combat" training (idk if other karate dojos do this). the majority of the attendants when I started were older men (I was 15-18 and the men were 35-55) and the occasional older woman, usually a partner or spouse of one of the men. at one point a 12 yo boy joined and I was his defacto partner.

ANYWAY, maybe since it was led by lesbians but the men were never creepy or douchy. despite their courtesy, the difference in strength was unreal. I had some advantages of being smaller faster and more flexible, so I was essentially able to wiggle out of body work exercises, but I understood. if any of these men went apeshit and went brute Force… nothing would matter cuz I'd be fucking rekt.

I was totally into the badass fighter woman narrative before this lol. not anymore. weapons are legit necessary for women vs a man.

No. 291

File: 1577459738894.png (1.07 MB, 1832x1456, incel allies.png)

There's no reasoning with these people. To them, being gay is inherently bad because gay sex doesn't involve incels with autogynephilia or straight fujos. This kind of homophobia is really damaging, I feel bad for young lesbians and gay men being exposed to this troonacy.

No. 292

>you don't have to use the penis!
>deconstruct your harmful penis ideas!
How do you even begin to explain that it's about the mere presence of the penis, and not a matter of it being used or not? Do these people not realize how creepy this sounds? It's conversion therapy 2.0 for fuck's sake. Anyone can reject anyone on any basis, even if it hurts their fee fees. Period. No ifs, no buts. If you get rejected, deal with it. This goes double for trannies who seem to have an appetite for policing attraction.

No. 293

I don't really know where else to air this out besides GC, sorry if this is scattered. My husband and I (newlyweds this year and me being a foreigner so still living apart much of the time) got into a huge argument last night over gender and feminism. He's known about my opinions for years and we always agreed to disagree. But we went out for drinks and when we got home he became angry at me, saying I've been radicalized into a viewpoint that leads to spreading hateful messages and getting trans women murdered. When I pointed out that TIMs are killed by homophobic men, he ignored me. He also criticised me being a "swerf," but he was mostly going at me on the trans thing. Saying that I don't get to decide who deserves to be a woman and that everything I think I know on the topic is propaganda made for someone to profit from. He compared gender critical women's circles to Gamer Gate and said that trans women don't hurt womens' spaces but propaganda machines want me to believe that. As an example I showed him Vancouver Rape Relief and he said that they should have been inclusive and let TIMs volunteer, and that the people who ran the shelter are the ones at fault. I was upset and tried to tell him that gender isn't based in facts but biological sex is. He snapped "no, it's not!" and said I must think I'm smarter than the people who write the DSM which validates trans people. I went to bed mad and still am.

Have any of you had experiences like this with family, friends, or partners? Sorry for the long post anons.

No. 295

well he's right about one thing you don't get to decide who deserves to be a woman cause woman isn't a privilege to be earned… you either are female or you aren't.

Sounds rough, sorry anon.

No. 296

Just watched a fb mutual, a guy with a long history of shitting on "libtards", feminism, black people and women, share a tweet post about JK Rowling being a terf.
He's not even the first one I see doing that, I've seen many "edgy" guys turning around like "Misogyny and racism is okay, but I draw the line at transphobia". Chasers in denial?

No. 298

Sorry that you're married to this creature. Just another reminder to not get married to a scrote under any circumstances. I don't know what I'd do in your situation because I always used to get extremely opinionated and abrasive when my ex had some dumb fucking libfem opinion and I ruined the whole relationship because his pro sexwork/pro tranny views bothered me so much.

No. 299

Right? I tried to tell him that being a woman isn't something that's deserved because you're either biologically female or not, and he insisted that it's the same thing as saying TW don't deserve to be women cause both are exclusionary. I literally had no idea he thought any of this despite him mildly saying he didn't really agree with all my views before. and assume without the drinks he never would have told me so I dunno what to do now, this is only the second time we've ever fought in 5 years since we met. Thanks anon.

No. 301

Not even chasers, it's just literally any excuse to shit on women. "TERF" is a leftist approved way to attack and threaten women without any repercussions for them. In addition to that, troons are primarily male and men will always have the back of other males. This shit is transparent when you look at how fast this "movement" gained traction vs other social issues. It's because it's for and by heterosexual men (with sick fetishes).

No. 302

This shit makes me so mad. "DESERVES" to be a woman? "Gets" to be a woman? Like being a woman is some privilege and we're gatekeeping it? Your husband is a fucking asshole tbh and I'm sorry for what you're dealing with. I don't want to be shitty about your life choices but I can't imagine how you ended up with someone so radically misguided or how it got to marriage in the first place.

No. 306


I’d be incredibly nervous if my husband suddenly started whiteknighting for troons THAT hard. Men will never understand on the fundamental level the burdens that women have to carry with regards to this whole gender nonsense issue. But a good partner will listen and try to understand you when you’re talking about an issue that fundamentally affects you. If my husband had some dick-related issue, or prostate problem, or whatever, I wouldn’t fucking talk over him and try to center myself in his problem. The fact that your husband is centering men- on an issue that disproportionately affects women much much more seriously- even though you try to explain how genderism hurts you as a female person, is kind of a red flag. You are his life partner, and yeah, you may disagree on some stuff in life, but he should at the least shut up and listen when you talk about why these things are harmful to women, and how those things can negatively impact your life. He is (very vocally) siding with unhinged, fetishistic men here over his own wife- that’s a red flag imo.

No. 307

>I really, really doubt other women sincerely consider them female but only play lip service to avoid conflict. Talking in private about them with other women results in them usually saying, in this certain meek, fearful voice, that "I think SHE's a wonderful person and I respect HER identity and all that, but I just.. don't consider her female like us!". No really? You don't see this balding, hulking fridge wearing thigh highs and kids' clothes obsessing over lesbian anime girls as a woman?
Yeah, I've been detecting that too. I've even fallen into that as well when I was younger, and would attack other people for suggesting transwomen were anything other than brave and stunning, because I was just surrounded by that mentality on Tumblr, and I knew if I said anything else I would be attacked and regarded as a bad person.
I feel like there are very few people who legitimately consider trans women to be the same as cis women, even trannies have to know deep down they'll never be anything more than a bad imitation of the real thing. But with today's political climate, it's hard to say anything about it openly.

No. 309

the reason it took me so long to be more gc is because of all the blogs I followed on Tumblr. Nobody really digs deeper into these ideas, they just go along with them because it's the socially acceptable thing to do. I even had a brief conversation with my bf about the whole trans ideology and he barely knew anything about it beyond 'let people do what makes them happy' since that's the rhetoric everyone uses.

I keep quiet about my viewpoint because I know it'd lead to me being crucified by my friends and people in our community. It's pretty sad. Thankfully, my mom is on the same page as me so we can have conversations about some of the idiocy

No. 311

The "anarcho-communist tranny antifa" stereotype is just sad in general, they think that full on marxist communism will allow them to laze around doing nothing and their horse pills will rain from the skies free of charge as they get their complimentary sex surgeries. In reality they'd most likely be starving on the streets because they can't contribute to the society the slightest or take care of themselves. I don't understand why they always think they'd be in the position of some high-ranking party official living the good life when they can barely exit their apartments without having a panic attack.

He's 100% a chaser and/or an egg in making. Be aware.

No. 312

I totally get what you mean anon, I feel pretty stupid for my choices in a way rn and like I was just Not-My-Nigeling. but I also didnt know the extent of this until yesterday. We were friends before we even got serious so I thought I had known him well enough to have weeded out red flags like this.


>I’d be incredibly nervous if my husband suddenly started whiteknighting for troons THAT hard

>He's 100% a chaser and/or an egg in making. Be aware.

Yeah… I am actually incredibly nervous about the possibility of him trooning out now, especially based on how he phrased/repeated the who "deserves" to be a woman thing. And the fact that it exploded seemingly out of nowhere while he was intoxicated and he is just acting weird/deflective today now that he's sober and downplaying how mad he was about it.

No. 313

This. Even with diehard libfem women if you talk to them alone and use the right language that skates around their fear of their lives being ruined for getting outed as “transphobic” they will admit there is a difference between TIMs and females and that directly correlates to our sex-based oppression and hugely different life experiences, and furthermore that conventionally gendered outward forms of expression like clothing and the desire for plastic surgery to fit societal ideals are completely different from simply possessing a certain oppressed body. The pandering to the trans brigade comes primarily from fear of men, and these men are using it to their advantage by now formulating their entire campaign around violent threats targeted specifically at women.

No. 323

It is. I wish there were more XX exclusive places to meet women who have things in common with me.
NTA but I agree with her. Women don't get angry enough over the way men treat us.
Some of this depends on what martial arts you pick up. Martial arts like judo are a lot better for women because the size difference is less important. A trained woman will never be able to punch or kick as hard as a trained man, so why bother? Agreed that weapons are necessary though. I think all women should arm themselves.

No. 324

The thing is, this guy isn't by any means a leftist. He's pretty much a right wing edgelord. So it's funny how "feminism is dumb, women are thots, we wuz kangz and shiet yada yada" but OMG terfs are evil! How dare you not validating poor trans people uwu

No. 325

>“Just the tip” but make it progressive

I’ve seen this a lot as well. These guys see no problem with misogyny, racism or homophobia but make fun of an AGP’s programming socks and suddenly you’re going way too far omg have some empathy for their suffering :((((
I agree with >>301 that they’re not necessarily chasers. Many are simply misogynists who recognise, consciously or subconsciously, that trans ideology harms women and strips us off our rights and safe spaces. They think we have it coming.

No. 329

How fucking hard is it to understand someone doesn't want to get pregnant so they're not gonna date someone with a penis. It's their choice and not some stranger's to tell them "There's ways to not penetrate!" Duh, retard, there's been cases where virgin girls have gotten pregnant because their boyfriend came near them, doesn't have to be in them. Best option is to just not date a male. Plain and simple.

No. 330

had a family member who was a labor and delivery nurse and there were lots of stupid lesbians who would have sex with men and be super shocked they got pregnant

sometimes people are just….stupid

No. 333

Makes sense when you consider how many 4chan dudes have trooned out.

No. 337

these people always tell on themselves by not ever considering that a woman might like vaginas. they never think that woman might have sexual agency of her own instead of someone other's "do" sex to.

No. 338

The original posts were written by a self-proclaimed lesbian who loves to use the word dyke to describe herself.

No. 339

seriously, it's like saying someone deserves or gets to have green eyes instead of blue. or gets to have blond hair instead of brown. ridiculous.

No. 340

File: 1577477878487.jpg (54.37 KB, 371x384, esfesrwerwrer.jpg)

Does anyone know how to cope with hating being biologically female?

I don't suffer dysphoria and am actually quite comfortable with my appearance (the exterior at least) buy boy i despise being weaker than men, no matter how much i trained and trained some obese neckbeard basement dweller could easily overpower me if he had his mind set on it, my country has very strict weapon laws so i can't even use other things to defend myself, heck carrying pepper spray could get me in trouble with the law. I just feel hopeless and like Prey in this shitty world.

I also have 0 of maternal bones and a phobia of pregnancy, if i could rip my uterus off without health concerns i would, the capacity of getting pregnant is just a dangerous liability.

I hate this weak ass body and i hate that no matter what i do i could never be strong enough to live life freely.

No. 341

Exactly. It just makes the female fetishization all the more weird and creepy.

No. 342

A) go on long-term contraception, maybe see a doctor about a partial hysterectomy in the future (if you go and ask about it every 6 months they'll realise you're serious eventually).
B) stop viewing yourself in comparison to men. It's not healthy to use them as a measuring stick to the point it makes you hate yourself.

No. 343

File: 1577478990264.jpg (172.5 KB, 640x853, lou sullivan.jpg)

I wish I knew, anon. I'm sort of in the same boat as you but I have some dysphoria as well.

Someone I know came out (or whatever you call it) as a gay trans guy this year after being a lesbian for as long as I've known her and it made me jealous that she could so easily identify into manhood not knowing it was all a lie. I have a phobia of pregnancy too and I just don't understand how someone can go from being a lesbian to going on Grindr with no internal conflict or fears. I could write more but I'm not sure I'm making a lot of sense.

Pic related because this girl is into reading Lou Sullivan and Foucault now and posting about it on Tumblr because… of course.

No. 344

>Maybe see a doctor about a partial hysterectomy in the future

By law im not elligible for hysterectomy, you can only get one due serious health concerns (ie cancer) in my country, im only allowed to go as far as getting my tubes tied. Ironically enough fakeboys can!

>Stop viewing yourself in comparison to men.

But how? We all have to interact with men in a daily basis, we see men go berzerk violent enough times during a month be it irl or the news, women are technically the weaker human being and society doesn't tire of rubbing it in our faces.


>It made me jealous that she could so easily identify into manhood not knowing it was all a lie.

Ignorance is Bliss.

>Lou Sullivan

Fuck fuck fuck what kind of gross ass fujoshi fanfic is that book? It reads exactly like some AO3 fanfiction. Is this what passes for activism for them?

No. 345

people being stronger than you is only an issue when you aren't better armed than them. As soon as one of you picks up a weapon it has more to do with thee weapon. So I wouldn't focus too much on physical strength.

No. 346

Tubes tied is better than nothing, stops you from getting pregnant without pumping yourself full of hormones at least.

Uh, you just take control over your own thoughts? Realistically if you're doing regular strength training then you will end up being stronger than quite a lot of men - there is plenty of overlap between the two sexes, you just won't ever be stronger than the strongest man. But living with the way you think is similar to hating being alive because there's a reasonable chance you'll get a serious illness in your life. It's anxiety-driven, however justified, and it isn't good for you.

No. 347

I don't have any advice but I'm sorry. I've been using online dating sites recently, and all the women I match with are genderspecials and all the men are leftie bros who have drunk the tranny kool aid. Some of them - even the straight guys - have stuff in their profiles about hating swerfs and terfs. This incident you're talking about is making me want to stay single forever. I had heard about this stereotype but I had no idea how prevalent it had gotten. It wasn't like this the last time I was using tinder/okc five years ago. Although I was still a libfem five years ago, so maybe it was. idk.

I know I usually find myself tiptoeing when discussing anything vaguely related to genderism when it comes up in person, especially if it's someone my age or younger. I was talking to a family member about cheating/doping in sports and that led into me talking about the chinese women's relay team and that cyclist dude mckinnon. i didn't let myself talk about any of the numerous other males I know about in women's sports and used feminine pronouns because this person is a young, vaguely liberal guy who uses reddit and reddit is overrun with tranny mods so they've probably gotten to him in some form already. thankfully, he got why i was against it and the conversation moved on but I felt awful censoring myself and trying to sanitize my opinions.

No. 348

Just cried for like ten minutes because I’m so fucking angry and sad about the state of everything. Women and girls are trafficked, mutilated, raped and “honor” killed—but men in face paint and thigh highs need to be the center of the fucking universe.

There’s nobody I can talk to IRL because everyone I know buys into this bullshit. I know a lot of GC women keep assuring us that most people don’t believe this stuff, but it’s become alarmingly pervasive. I just feel so lonely and helpless and angry.

No. 349

Internalized misogyny is one hell of a drug.

No. 351

File: 1577485138002.png (831.47 KB, 1584x2112, 5OT81cA.png)

I've been keeping an eye on the abortion fetishist tranny from the last thread. He might be getting outed at school, (it seems like he might live in san francisco? also he also thinks all hispanics look the same kek) he cross posted someone's horrifying abortion story that has several things in common with the sexual fantasy he posted a while back. He posted more about wanting to beat his students, lots of wanting to skinwalk specific women and tims who were castrated as children like nicole maines - the creepiest examples I saw were the teen girl characters from harry potter and what seems to be some poor random woman who survived cancer. He seems fully aware that his "identity" is a fetish, but goes back and forth on admitting to it.

No. 352

File: 1577485249917.png (2.63 MB, 2444x1550, VMEDeOo.png)

No. 357

My goddd, I want this guy to lose his fucking job. I hope he gets outed for all the creepy, fetishistic shit he says. He should not be allowed to work with minors. I worry for his female students. And if he ever actually volunteers at an abortion clinic, I worry for the women there too. He’s fucking disgusting.

No. 358

File: 1577497067924.jpg (11.34 KB, 480x149, J9AwyHg.jpg)

Got a facebook ad for a safety app my city is using, aimed at women. You can mark problem areas and write experiences you've had so the city might (maybe) work on safety downtown.

Lo and behold there's handmaidens in the comments whose greatest concern is the inclusivity of the app. There was a woman who got the shit beaten out of her on the train just a little bit ago and a trend of girls being assaulted downtown but let's make sure we include ALL identities you guys.

No. 360

This dude is truly disturbing. I wouldn't be surprised if he's just making up getting seen crossdressing for attention or it's part of some humiliation fetish involving his students. He already copied some female student's name as his trans name and roleplays as a teenager. I wish I had never looked at this guy's profile.

No. 361

nta but it's like… if you see a woman with a toned af, muscular body, you KNOW you're looking at YEARS of hard work, discipline and dedication. Dudes can seemingly look like that if they get off their ass a few times a week instead of playing video games and give up the cheetos, i mean its bullshit

No. 362


I feel it too, anon. I also understand most people don’t believe it, but it’s hard to remember when you’re working with a fetishistic TiM who makes his little daughter call him her “mommy”, and forces everyone at work to call him “she”.

Hugs. I hope you’ll be able to find a way to connect with other GC people.

No. 364

TBH whenever I read a supposedly female username/avatar talking in a majority male space I just automatically assume it's a troon since that's more likely now adays than an actual female bothering to openly identify herself as such and release the blood for the fuckboy sharks to flood in. It's amusing when a "girl" is flirting with a straight guy and he seems so pleasently surprised and I just sit back and wait for the "as a transgirl" message and for the penny to drop.

No. 365

File: 1577504607593.jpeg (285.84 KB, 640x696, 1E1ED979-16F9-4C2F-8C07-1D39AD…)

A lesbian meme page I like on Facebook shared this shit

No. 366

Does anyone think the term "transmisogyny" doesn't make any sense since it implies that men are killing TiMs because they think actually they're women. Men are killing these other men because they want to punish males who don't conform to masculine gender norms and because they're homophobic. Another man flirting with them freaks them out and a lot of the TiMs that get murdered are in prostitution (which is an inherently dangerous job). Straight men beat the shit out of gay men and they might insult them for "acting like women" but they don't actually think they're women.

No. 367

Female socialisation makes me so fucking angry. I always tell people that women don't have "nurturing instincts" but then you see this shit all the time. Women are so complacent (even enthusiastic) with supporting their own oppression.

No. 368

Troons always have multiple feminine female names and they sound like they are from some European medieval fantasy like Lilith Ceres Ramona Xavier or some shit.

No. 369

personally I cope by trying to lift heavy every single day and i know am genuinely stronger than an untrained couchpotato. i am also trained in self defense and i'm much larger than the average woman.
that being said im still gonna be weaker than most men who are even moderately athletic but hey its something. yes i hate it and yes it is depressing but if you learn to use a weapon women tend to be faster and more accurate with those i guess? (i do not own or endorse owning guns just saying weapons are your best bet).

there's nothing we can really do about it but for me it's still comforting to be as strong as I possibly can.

No. 370

It's just further evidence for it all being a LARP to them. They're trying to be this mystical fantasy creature that exists purely for objectification.

No. 371

File: 1577510015190.gif (772.82 KB, 260x221, 1495307351374.gif)

Please tell me that there are more lesbians waking up to how ridiculous this all is.

No. 373

holy shit anon, think youre in the same city as me; i saw this on FB earlier today and just happened to read some of the replies and had a hearty chuckle at that exact post

No. 379

If so anon that is so heartwarming, sometimes I feel like things are either crazy libfem/reddit bro bullshittery or right wing wackos with no middle ground so I am very glad to know there's at least someone else reasonable out in this hellscape!

No. 382

So Dr. Christopher John Salgado, SRS surgeon who appeared on I Am Jazz has been fired for not keeping his perversions sufficiently under wraps. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these cosmetic genital surgeons have fucked up fetishes. Why else would they get into this line of work? Certainly not to help anyone, and there’s plenty of money to be made in other surgical fields that don’t involve going all Dr. Moreau on perfectly healthy genitalia.

No. 383

I just googled him.
>he shared a photo of the removed penis of a transgender patient and shaped it into a heart, with the comment, “There are many ways to show your LOVE.”

Mengele psycho vibes.

No. 384

If it weren't for the trans movement supplying him with a steady chain of mentally ill consenting patients he'd probably be getting his jollies by cutting up prostitutes and homeless men. People like this would have true crime documentaries made on them if it weren't for the fact that it would shine an uncomfortable light on genital mutilation surgery as a whole, so I'm sure that the trans lobby would prefer to keep this quiet if possible.

No. 385

I honestly worry that this will circle around to "How did you let this happen to poor innocent mentally ill trans ppl?"

No. 390

I mean, I’m GC as fuck, but yeah. The vast majority of “trans” people are mentally ill people, many of whom are maybe autistic or otherwise vulnerable. People absolutely SHOULD be furious over this- it’s basically 21st Century woke eugenics. As much as I hate every TiM I’ve ever met, I still feel sad knowing that, instead of proper therapy and help, they got railroaded into sterilization and unnecessary, untested medical procedures. I especially feel bad for TiFs because so so many od them were sexually abused- and then what their T therapy does to their vaginas…it’s like sexual torture in a whole different way.

No. 394

Blogposting (saged) but does anyone feel particularly passionate about being gender critical because they know had they been born ten or so years later they would have trooned out themselves and consequently suffered?

As a teenager, I struggled intensely with body dysmorphia to the point where I had trouble recognizing my own reflection. I was depressed, social anxious and suffered from disordered eating. I hated going through puberty and the idea of becoming a woman absolutely disgusted me, because I knew the world would view me solely as a sex object. To top it off, I was confused about my sexuality and being attracted to girls.

I didn't get therapy until much later, but it was learning to accept myself and my body completely that was pivotal to me leading a happier life. Second-wave feminism taught me that I could be proud to be a woman and could live happily (but not powerlessly) in spite of sexist norms. Transitioning would have made me no more at peace with myself than continuing my disordered eating would have. Both are just attempts made in vain in hopes of having a body that is unattainable and unrealistic.

No. 396

This is literally fucking torture shit Nazis used to do experimenting on people.

No. 397

I feel similarly, I was a traumatised, mentally ill teenager into doctor who, shonen anime and emo/indie music. I'm almost sure I'd be an Aiden if I was five to ten years younger. I hadn't really accepted that I was bi at that point but I was very into the 00s ~gay rights movement uwu and if I'd had an avenue to insert myself into that before I had actually figured myself out I think I would have taken it. I see myself and my weird friends in these kids, and none of us knew what the fuck we were doing or who the fuck we were.

No. 398

i definitely would have transitioned if i had been born later, since i infact almost did transition. i went to the gender therapy and everything, got myself diagnosed and was about to start hormones. but i stepped back and started rethinking the whole thing, and decided that transition isn't the answer for my problems. if i had been younger i don't think i would have had the maturity to do this and would have just gone with it.

No. 399

>I've noticed a lot of troons and tankies (troonkies?) are obsessed with violence, but never seem to have any practical real life experience with fighting or physicality in general
tbf the same logic can also apply towards radfems, Dworkin and Mary Daly barely had any muscle mass between them and viewed exercise as a patriarchal creation

No. 400

I'm in a lot of weeby spaces too and I'm honestly going to fewer events because of this. You sit there with these men who just…..absolutely don't pass, and double down on it with those wannabe alt model egirl clothes that honestly just make their maleness more obvious and awkward. And you're getting anxious because you know in that moment that if you have to refer to him you really might fuck up and use he/him, and that a man wearing I AM A GIRL clothes doesn't actually cancel that out in your brain, and the tension of having to hold that reminder to use she/her in your brain while acting normal is just….exhausting. I think it's what makes a lot of us terfs ultimately, after a few months of "jesus why can't I get their pronouns right."

No. 401

Honestly fascinating. I would have found this really brilliant and brave once upon a time, but now all I can see is the constant, frantic twisting necessary to avoid the central question of how someone knows they're trans if gender stereotypes aren't part of it. You end with articles like this and Andrea Long Chu/Grace Laverys that are these weird scarf dances in which they acknowledge gc arguments enough to make it seem like they're extra smart and penetrating but immediately shy away from what they ask and hide behind jargon and either My Male Feelings Are More Complex Than You Could Ever Understand in the case of trans women, or This Sort of Seems Unfair But Please Don't Scold Me, I Know I'm A Terrible Stupid Privileged Afab for trans men.

No. 402

Seconding anons' advice about weight lifting and training – but also, spend some time with books, movies, etc about strong, tough women. I know you can't ever really lose the knowledge of being at a physical deficit with 50% of the world, but other anon is right, constant comparison is unhealthy. We can be strong, tough, and capable in our own right. I like to read up on historical figures like Stagecoach Mary when I feel down like that.

No. 404

File: 1577592546970.png (784.81 KB, 882x804, 8.PNG)

male on male violence is women's fault

No. 405

File: 1577592694286.png (791.84 KB, 866x794, 3.PNG)

No. 406

It's pretty much taken over the convention scene. I was at an incredibly painful evangelion meetup recently with full on chubby bearded otaku TIMs talking about how rei is best girl cause she's the most feminine and as a brave and stunning twans gals they're attracted to femininity and it was barfworthy especially as someone who cares deeply about the characters beyond just omg so kweer. The whole meetup was all about gender and I just sort of shuffled around until it was over.

No. 407

Because everyone knows violent men beating up men in dresses are just really serious about radical feminism. Fucking hell.

No. 408

asukafags are terfs and therefore on the right side of history, Fact

No. 409

File: 1577598896962.jpg (80.87 KB, 720x348, kir49km0cg741.jpg)

I physically cringed due to this

No. 410

TiMs performance of masculinty is almost as sad as TiF's trying to be feminine.

No. 412

Rei telling Gendo to go fuck himself in the end as she proceeds to disobey him pretty much represents objectified young women finally gaining their lives back because that's essentially what she was, a doll doing what men tell her to. But of course these coomer troomers would see her only as the kawaii obedient waifu and thus proving the character's purpose right. Disgusting.

The ironic thing is that they've already decided that Asuka is a tranny because of the scene where she's mad about having her period.

No. 413

Definitely me. I was a TRA up until maybe 3 years ago when I peaked, these threads helped me a lot to come to terms with my thoughts. I was never one of those really delusional ones and I was always wary of TiMs, but I definitely identified as trans for years myself and contemplated on getting on hormones and surgeries because I sincerely believed the "I will kill myself if I won't get treatment" meme. It took me a long time to realize that I'm your generic tranny story, a woman abused by men, in denial of her own homosexuality, hating being sexualized, not connecting well with female peers growing up et cetera. Which is why I understand where a lot of TiFs are coming from and can't really be mad at them for being the victims of female socialization no matter how much I want to.

Absolutely loving how they hate women so fucking much that they're willing to pin a man killing a tranny to be the work of the terf boogeyman.

No. 414

Reading radical feminist theory over the past few years has made me so much aware of how society works so I don’t fall for patriarchal bullshit but being this aware is also painful because it makes me feel horribly hopeless.

No. 415

I have some sympathy for HSTS. Blanchard was a fucking idiot for thinking AGP were just as harmless.

No. 416

Trannies scream so much about gender roles being stupid but then reinforce and perform gender harder than anyone else.

No. 417

Finnish anons, do you like your new prime minister or is she one of the ~ woke ~ libfems that push trans agenda?

No. 418

some TIFs often engage in almost comical levels of toxix masculinty in order to prove thier "manhood"

No. 419

I hate it. I'm fucking dead over the fact that foreigners are celebrating how we have the ~youngest prime minister in the world who's also female~ like we're super progressive but in reality she's a libfem representing a very traditionally corrupt party, likely influenced and controlled by the group behind her. The only good thing is that she wouldn't allow transitioning for minors under 18, but as far as I'm aware she's a supporter of self-identification.

Did other finns see the Helsingin Sanomat article concerning JRK's tweet? Our nation's biggest newspaper deadass calling "terves" the people who threaten trans people with violence and basically forcing the twitter narrative with absolutely no sources. Shameful.

No. 421

File: 1577621499090.jpg (53.3 KB, 405x500, ElwpY-adZuGy8I6EZ-gU7sJEu01tQQ…)

I would honestly prefer someone like Margaret Thatcher over a libfem PM any day of the week

No. 422

I'm sorry that this is happening but I can't help but find it funny if eventually it's just TIMs hanging around with other TIMs after all the real women leave and them raging when they notice that they cannot get the validation they want from other true and real laydees but they can't say it out loud obviously

No. 423

Kuulostatpa keskiluokkaiselta, vittuako köyhistä ja sairaista ihmisistä kunhan ei ole joku libfeministi vallassa. Urpo.

No. 424

Stop being a sperg, fucking christ. This made me cringe.

No. 426

Any savvy anons here have any advice for me? I want to start a GC community (preferrably female only) online, but where is a safe place? Discord is run by troons, and most major social media platforms are too. I’m not tech security savvy enough to feel comfortable with it, otherwise I’d just get a domain name and host a xenforos or phpBB forum that would maybe require validation to enter. Thoughts?

No. 427

File: 1577634907900.png (1.32 MB, 1920x2822, screencapture-amycurtismarchla…)

I present to you the expected coldest take on Little Women's Jo

No. 428

Jesus christ why do random tumblrina/os think I want to sit and read their TED talks about why someone is non binary or troon or whatever. I guess these people don’t have jobs.

No. 429

felt that. had a troon phase for 3 yrs in high school, fueled by the fact that growing up, girls my age would call me weird, and I never felt like I could fit the role of femininity, especially in comparison to my peers. eventually I realized I was so miserable trying to establish a male identity that I told myself I’d give myself a break, and eventually wandered back into womanhood. I 100% blame tumblr for making me even think I was trans. I don’t think teens (and younger) should have access to websites that shill identity politics, and all the other blatantly false information that completely wrecked any political opinion I was formulating.

No. 430

You're being a fucking sperg yourself if you think that it's less of two evils is a Thatcher than some libfem type of woman. Vitun vammainen, kyssaa saatana.

No. 431

i know he just died but this twitch clip is so peak delusional Weeb Gamer Tranny it has to be marveled at. they're so unaware of how ridiculous and obviously male they seem.


No. 432

File: 1577645305932.jpg (Spoiler Image, 192.03 KB, 976x1592, x79kfzrxok741.jpg)

Just another gross AGP

No. 433

Wait he died?? I haven't kept up with Remilia in a long time, the last I saw of him was when he got those awful ass implants and was in a transbian relationship. He was such a sad goddamn case though, an obvious HSTS with possibly autism, being absolutely mutilated by some quack doctor. The surgeries apparently caused him to experience chronic pain for the rest of his life and he was downing pain killers like candy, I really hope he'll be a cautionary tale to every lonely NEET boy that wants to take the same road as he did.

No. 436

>Blanchard was a fucking idiot for thinking AGP were just as harmless.
this is something I've noticed when the topic of terfs comes up in unrelated spaces. men just do not understand that they as group are dangerous to us. It's not fuckin personal, it's just reality.
There was a harry potter meme on the subreddit for my country a few days ago, and obviously jkr's terf status came up. Even if these guys acknowledged that tims can never really be women they just could not comprehend why women need separate bathrooms, changing rooms etc. It's like explaining algebra to a goat.

No. 438

>On January 16, 2016 she played her first game in the NA LCS as a support for Renegades, becoming the first woman and transgender person to compete in the league.
>first woman
These men really be out there stealing female titles and achievements

No. 440

Yup. No sympathy.

No. 441

He admitted to being an AGP though.

No. 443

I know cisoid is a gay man but when I first saw his blog a long time ago I thought he was a woman because he was friends with radfems and he is not stupid like 95% of men

No. 449

lot of male radfems ally are gay men because they know how shitty all men truly are

No. 451

I was literally an FTM as a teen, but it was a few years before TRA went mainstream and my parents wouldn't let me take puberty blockers/T. One of my close friends is 3 years younger than me and went through with hormones and surgery. Now she has serious health and emotional problems and is not a good looking boy or girl. I really lucked out and I kind of feel like it's my responsibility to help keep girls that are younger than me from making that mistake.

I have the copper IUD and I really like it. It can last for up to 10 years apparently and it doesn't have any hormones in it.
As for comparing yourself to men, just remove them from your life as much as possible. Avoid living with them and if your hobbies or work require you to interact with them keep a respectful distance. Also, stop watching the news and try to consume media created by women. I know the media (and statistics) make it look like women are constantly being attacked by men, but if you keep them as only strangers and acquaintances you are unlikely to ever need to worry about defending yourself from men.

No. 452

Such an insanely clear example of how trans ideology defangs feminism. Jo very loudly wishing she were a boy and saying her worst nightmare is being a wife is such a bold fucking statement, such an outright challenge of norms, especially within the context of the book (and esp. Gerwig's movie) which shows that even the more conventionally feminine sisters struggle, because "womanhood" is shit. Making it just this simple, individual thing, totally detached from the world Jo lived in….it's such a perfect example of why this is bullshit. Feminism could not exist if anger/frustration/etc with womanhood could all just be matters of individual identification. It's neoliberalism, which they love decrying in EVERY OTHER ARENA.

No. 455

>media created by women
nta, but I'm having a tough time with this. nearly everything is either libfem pandering or just straight up neutered/bad because a lot of producers still think women's creativity isn't profitable. also a lot is by straight women so still revolves around penis by proxy

No. 456

>yeah ugh so she MIGHT be some boring old lesbian cis tomboy I guess
>But actually I believe it's very reasonable to think she might be an aro/ace transgender or even non-binary! How cool is that! I love seeing trans representation!
I fucking can't. Disgusting.

No. 462

It’s pure misogyny, at best “not like other girls” taken to the extreme. Seeing the character of Jo and her experiences and saying “she can’t really be a woman then” is so fucked up, regressive, and essentially an admission that you believe oppressive gender roles are natural.

No. 465

I don't know if she knows this but Alcott wrote 'Little Women' purely for financial reasons and designed it have broad appeal, she was basically a female Harlan Ellison

No. 469

Yeah and in addition to deciding that gender-nonconforming characters have to be trannies, if they see any character subtly hinting at not being interested in the opposite sex they immediately interpret that as being "asexual" because it's the opwessud sexuality of the year and gay people are icky I guess. I don't understand how they can be this regressive and not recognize it.

No. 477

File: 1577742531212.png (700.19 KB, 1012x1088, 1572359354855.png)

I am tired of ironic weeb trannys ruining anime, fucking gross

No. 481

i was a hardcore weeb from childhood to my teenage years. now i can't even see anime girls without instantly thinking of troons. cursed.

No. 486

Spinster? It's still pretty small, though.

No. 491

I hate being born female. I hate female socialisation and how we all have Stockholm syndrome for men. I hate how society is run by men. I hate how the culture we have passed down from generation to generation is made by men since civilization began. I hate how the word "vagina" literally means "sheath for a sword (penis)" in Latin. I hate that male is considered the default sex even though females carry more genetic information. I hate how men have greater height, increased lung capacity, and muscle mass. I hate how men have always controlled women through sexual assault and their larger body mass. I hate how every man was born from a woman yet he will grow up to mistreat women. I hate how both sexes need each other to further the propagation of the species so men have only ever valued women for their ability to create offspring and men would have wiped us all out if females weren't necessary for reproduction. I hate men and fear them yet I still crave their validation and can think of them as more human than women.

No. 497

File: 1577754205686.jpeg (265.3 KB, 1242x762, 67EDECE7-5C4C-4CC0-88CD-35916B…)

Saw this in the fakeboy thread and I’m honestly triggered even though I’m mostly desensitized to the shit I see on lolcow
>I can excuse rape on tape but I draw the line at shipping anime boys

No. 499

Gender transition started out as (and still is) as a form of conversion therapy used to turn gay men into straight women and lesbians into straight men. Why do so many of these odern troons LARP as gay men and lesbians? Like seriously, where does this obsession come from? Do they have a fetish for being gay or something?

No. 501

>Do they have a fetish for being gay or something?
I seriously think that's the reason a lot of TIFs transition. So many of them want to be ~uwu bishies~ because they've read too much yaoi

No. 503


>Real people being exploited and coreced into porn is a-okay.

>2 fictional characters? O-oppression! S-stop fetishing me!!! ;_;

No. 506

There's loads and loads of transbians out there. They are obsessed with their "girldicks" and think they actually now what it is like to be homosexual or female. Lesbians were thought for millennia to be incapable of "real sex" since they lacked a penis and now we have these straight men calling themselves gay women and that lesbians need to accept getting fucked by penis.

No. 510

I fucking HATE trannies, they are one of the most selfish, twisted and delusional groups of people in the world. They don’t turn a blind eye at millions of trafficked women and children, actual HUMANS, but they have a FIT over a fictional tranny not being treated like the prophet Mohammed. Lol, they are truly WORTHLESS. It used to be gender non conforming women could have a successful career, travel the world, live in their own way but now they’re all long-term unemployed for ~muh anxiety n dysphoria~ making themselves sick and die young from testicle or titty skittles, opening up festering wounds between their legs that they never allow to heal or sewing a disgusting role of fat on to their pelvis that looks like a loaf of fucking dog chub. They’re fucking repulsive. 44% just isn’t high enough.

No. 512

Please tell more about your troon friend.

No. 516

NTA but I'm still a hardcore weeb and I hate how trannies ruined the whole kawaii aesthetic which was supposed to be for girls who wanted to express themselves loudly instead of being obedient and mild-mannered. Thank god at least fujo stuff is safe because fakeboi Aydens hate women too and think fujos are ~fetishizing them~.

>said by a heterosexual woman larping as a gay man
yeah like clockwork. Imagine being such a bootlicker that you defend IRL porn based on exploiting actual living women but go on a rampage over other girls liking two fictional men getting it on.

Honestly from having met a lot of these fakeboi troons my perception is that they're sort of jealous about other girls being (seemingly) comfortable with themselves which is why they lash out at them. Some of them are closeted lesbians in denial, thus dating only other "transmen" and they think every cis woman is a prototypical mean, evil straight girl who bullied them in high school for being "a dyke". It's sort of like NLOG but instead of wanting to suck dudebro dick they want to remove all femininity from themselves to escape being objectified and sexualized by men.

No. 522

File: 1577796564457.png (183.17 KB, 348x550, TVGpFQs.png)

>Do they have a fetish for being gay or something?

No. 523

You just know she started out as a huge fujo and keep fapping to yaoi all while telling other fujos that it's bad when they do it. Only she is allowed to do it as she isn't like other girls anymore, no she's ~a real gay man~

No. 524

File: 1577799637270.png (138.18 KB, 1080x734, Screenshot_20191231-073129(1).…)

The comments are filled with people named shit like Cherry and Blue

No. 525

Just to make it clear I’m not >>144 and I’m still really new to radical feminism. So I just finished woman hating and the first half of the book hit quite deep but I’m still conflicted about the conclusions she draws at the end. Is androgyny the way to abolish sexism and how are we supposed to talk about the problems we face as women when the whole concept is obsolete in her opinion? What do you think about it?

No. 537

Oh for sure.

And you know, it’s kind of funny because I think I’ve only ever met one gay dude who liked BL. The others just watched porn of real people.

No. 540

Watching a Trans documentary on Hulu called "Transgender Nation". It's so weird? It's got this really creepy cinematography and feels like it was made and directed by someone with serious psychological problems.

No. 541

File: 1577822102338.png (719.21 KB, 651x608, Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 2.53…)

No. 548

File: 1577832235707.jpg (65.65 KB, 603x412, Untitled.jpg)

Happy New Year everyone. Here's to another year of this bullshit.

No. 549

I hate Travis. Justin is the only valid McElroy because he doesn't have pronouns in his twitter bio.

No. 550

i haven't listened to a single episode since i became a radfem. it bums me out to see men be so spineless. you can be sure theyve never even attempted to understand the radical feminist perspective on gender

No. 551

I listen to them because they're cute and harmless but I have to eyeroll so hard whenever they pull some trans rights ally shit when they're obviously three straight, bumbling southern males with no political insight into anything much less insight into how women might feel. They're nice though and I really don't think they mean anyone harm. They don't even say kill all terfs or whatever.

No. 560

They've been trying to be so inclusive for years and no one fucking applauds them for it really, and I'm kind of glad. Like hearing the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" is so rare now compared to "guys". I think it's more a projection of who he surrounds himself with compared to what actually is true.

No. 561

Yet most TiF names are the non-threatening twink ones like Aiden, Skylar, Caleb, Aaron, Elliot, Chase, and Oliver

No. 562

Yet he can't see how "ladies" is sexist. It's like when movies have a man dressing up as a woman as a joke and people think it's "transmisogyny" when it's really just misogyny because the man is humiliating himself by performing femininity.

No. 568

sawbones is the only mccelroy podcast I've listened to at length, and eventually I just got so annoyed at whichever one of them is on that show that I had to stop. Their brand of comedy is so obnoxious. and this was several years pre peak trans for me, so that didn't come into it at all.

No. 571

I have no idea who these guys are so don’t have any opinion on them but god, it’s sad how “doesn’t openly call for the death of feminists” is now where we draw the line for what makes a decent man.

No. 577

I love the McElroy's but Travis does seem to be the one that tries the hardest to be THE 'straight male ally'! I guess because he paints his nails and dyes his hair, that's supposed to make him better than those other men. It comes across incredibly tryhard and annoying.

No. 582

i’m still forever rolling my eyes at the transgender wizard twin from the adventure zone podcast.

No. 584

Goddamnit, there’s tranny shit in TAZ? Is it blatant and obnoxious? I just listened to the first episode last night and really don’t want to get too invested

No. 587

sorry if you don’t want spoilers but basically:

Taako’s twin “sister” Lup starts getting alluded to early on, but I don’t think she has much of a role until the Stolen Century arc. Tbh, I still really like the whole campaign, the whole trans thing just puts a damper on it (and debates of Taako’s ethnicity but I’ll refrain from talking about it to avoid race-sperging)

No. 588

same anon, forgot to mention that Lup being trans isn’t constantly referenced or anything. Just sometimes referenced and gives the McElroys inclusivity brownie points. The libfem fans eat that shit up

No. 589

That’s really too bad. But I guess I can deal with it. I’m not super invested in it or anything, it’s just a fun little podcast my friend got me into, so I guess I’ll keep listening.

No. 590

Any of you Japanophile anons hear about how a bunch of prefectures over there are removing sex from application forms for schools so as to not make trans students uncomfortable?

Something smells bad here- and it ain’t the stinkditch. Japan is really conservative (I spent a year and a half living there and was pretty shocked) and hell, gay marriage isn’t legal there yet, and there is debate about whether a woman should even be allowed to ascend to the throne. Not to mention just the countless examples of how socially conservative the country is in general.

So color me really fucking suspicious that out of nowhere, a bunch of prefectures- including rural ones like Wakayama are all of a sudden hip on this whole trans thing. Gay marriage is not recognized at the national level at all, and most prefectures don’t care about actual LGB people, yet all of a sudden, all of the country wants to scream “trans rights!”.

Is it an effort to look more “international” for 2020? But then why don’t they legalize gay marriage? Why troonery?

No. 591

Same anon,especially when you realize you are surrounded by so many libfems,troons and the likes of it that are hopelessly brainwashed or brainwashing

No. 592

Many conservatives actually leap at the chance to trans gay kids. They prefer a gender conforming trans child to a gender nonconforming gay one.
I’ve seen it before in news articles and videos celebrating conservative religious parents supporting their children transitioning. They tell the child “you can’t wear a tutu, you can’t be a princess, you can’t play with dolls, those are girl things” so the kid says “okay then I am a girl” and the parents accept it rather than having a son who wants to be feminine.
80% of childhood and adolescent cases of gender dysphoria clear themselves up naturally without intervention and the most common result is they become a GNC gay adult.

No. 594

Why tho, that country has always been a hellhole for women. I'm second gen Japanese-American and all my female relatives have some serious mental health issues and base their entire existences around men. My mother has breakdowns if people see her without makeup and she talks shit about other women all the time for not being feminine/cute enough. All her friends are obsessed with Costco and go there all the time too since they don't have real jobs.

No. 597

File: 1577934299369.png (38.49 KB, 517x493, 789.PNG)

No. 599

It's exactly because of Japanese conservatism that they can not comprehend how a man can be attracted to other men but the man having a "female brain" and being attracted to other men is understandable. Thus this trans shit makes more sense than gay rights. Most Japanese trans people I have met are HSTS.

Japanese people are very big on gender essentialism or the idea that males and females have innately different essences. They legit think a man eating sweet things makes him "feminine" and a woman eating spicy food is "masculine". Women are discouraged from becoming chefs because they menstruate which makes their hands "too hot" to handle sushi yet it is their duty to cook for their families every day.

Marriage also serves much more of an important social service to ensure women reproduce thus allowing gay people the right to marry is seen as "unproductive" since they are incapable of naturally reproducing (and most gay couples choose to not have kids). To Japanese politicians, allowing gay marriage serves no practical benefit and the birth rate is already dropping so they see gay marriage as a way to hasten the decline of their population.

Not giving gays their rights is sort of like a way to punish them for not "conforming" or "contributing" to society.

No. 602

I haven't heard of this, is it really to pander to trans kids? It might be a 2020 gimmick because despite the acceptance of troons go with the conservative narrative it still seems strange that Japan would suddenly be bowing down to trannies despite the issue never even being talked there. I don't know, it sounds like a lost in translation sort of thing and westerners drawing their own conclusions. The sites reporting this seem to be associating it with trans kids simply because some Japanese schools allowed girls to wear pants with their uniforms which is just a question of gender neutrality in general.

No. 603

Trans is a conservative ideology. There's a reason when you hear so many trans people talk about their lives growing up, they always have to say something along the lines of "I grew up in a pretty conservative household."

No. 605

They’re pushing for X-gender (non-binary) shit now mostly because Japanese gender roles are so strict, a lot of young people wanna opt out of their gender so it’s no surprise mist X-genders I’ve seen are Japanese girls.

No. 606

>The same country that doesn't recognize gay marriage is pushing X-gender

No. 607

I remember Yuu Watase (author of Fushigi Yugi) came out as X-gender in 2019 lmao

No. 608

Excuse my ignorance but what's HSTS?

No. 609

Can gay couples marry if they identify as x-gender?

No. 611

Most likely not although I know of white TiMs in Japan that married Japanese women and it's legal if they married it before they changed their gender identification since they're still opposite sexes. Troons who identify as gay will never actually know what it's like to be homosexual.

No. 612

Homosexual transsexual. A gay man or a lesbian who transitions so they can become a straight woman or a straight man largely due to homophobic pressures or wanting to be more attractive to the sex they are attracted which means becoming the opposite sex since most people are straight. It is one of the two most well-known typologies for transsexualism, the other really well-known one is AGP which is autogynephilia. Autogynephilia is a fetish for having a woman's body and is only found in men who are sexually attracted to women, so usually straight men. A lesser known one is autohomoeroticism which is a straight person but usually a straight woman who wants to transition so they can become a gay person. A lot of straight women have this fascination for gay men that goes back centuries.

No. 613

Holy fuck. I'm looking at the tweet she made and she says doesn't deny she's female, just basically gender non-conforming. I don't get why they have to be diagnosed by a doctor for this though.

No. 614

The concept of transsexualism in Asia is pretty different from the west, they usually know they're biologically the sex they were born as but have the "soul" of the opposite. This has been discussed before in one of the previous GC threads. Westerners just shoehorn their own cultural context into it and decide every crossdresser is a tranny in the same sense a xir/xim denying biology is.

No. 615

Same in China, Thailand and a whole bunch of other countries. If you were married but then troon out then your marriage is still legal even if your government documents have you listed as your new gender. No hope of marriage for actual gay people though. I feel like modern LG activism has forgotten that the reason why gay people were hated was largely because they could not reproduce. A tranny getting married to someone of the "same gender" is still a straight couple so people don't care.

No. 616

Tbh I blame Buddhism (mostly Theravada in SEA) for this. While it teaches people that homosexuality is innate rather than a choice, it also teaches them that you can be born in the wrong body so you have people trooning out all over the place in Thailand or people becoming third genders in Indonesia.

Homophobia was not as bad in East/Southeast Asian countries when compared to Europe/Middle East/North Africa due to Abrahamic religions not being very influential so we have a lot of cases of men being allowed to have male lovers if they fulfilled their duties of keeping a wife to provide heirs (so basically bi men were accepted and gay men had to be functionally bi). Of course women are never allowed to have female lovers since they are a resource for men to produce more babies with and aren't allowed sexual freedom (if they are even thought to be capable of having their own sexual desires at all).

During the era of Western colonisation in Asia, a lot of East/Southeast Asians were taught to view homosexuality as a "mental disorder" by Europeans and homosexual acts became illegal under their rule. One of the worst affected was the Philippines since the Spanish converted them to Catholicism but they do seem to have some leftover beliefs from their time as an Indianized archipelago hence the trooning out.

No. 617

Samefagging here but the obvious exception was the Malay archipelago since they had converted to Islam long ago so are very staunchly anti-homosexuality although the non-Muslim cultures there tend to be Indianized so they have many of the same practises as mainland SEA.

No. 618

File: 1577966094241.png (210.78 KB, 640x1126, pm37n18drki31.png)

>A lot of straight women have this fascination for gay men

No. 622

>vegan cooking, Venus of Willendorf statues and discussions of sperm banks
Between the AGP fantasies of girlhood and… whatever the fuck this is, I’m starting to think I’ve spent my childhood all wrong. Why wasn’t I invited to all those sleepovers where other girls would apparently have erotic pillow fights interspersed by discussions of Upper Palaeolithic art?

No. 623

This reads like copypasta even though I know it's 100% unironic.
Ah yes the two genders:
>The Smiths and Little League baseball, drugs and debauchery, tight asses, and homoerotic
>Vegan cooking, Venus of Willendorf statues and discussions of sperm banks

No. 624

I'm curious as to what you guys think of 'truscum' and transmedicalists etc. Do you ever believe it's in a troon's best interest to transition?

No. 625

This is your brain on yaoi.

No. 637

This is absolutely puke-worthy, but people honestly describing their experience of gender identity often is. That's why a lot of the time they will avoid the question outright with "fuck off TERF" etc. because when it comes down to it the real story is sexist, fetish-laden, and riddled with ideas like "I never liked wearing a skirt, but I liked having short hair."

No. 638

No, I do not. I believe transitioning is only in the best interest of the shady people’s bank accounts who are pushing all this nonsense.

No. 639

A law was upheld recently in Japan where transgendered people are treated legally as the opposite sex but only as long as they had full SRS to the extent they are steralized.

No. 640

I personally don't care if people get full srs. It's a good way to keep idiots from breeding. Does it help them? No, probably not, but as long as they're fully informed of risks/bad outcomes/etc. I also support the people who think they should be amputees (BIID) and shit too tho. I just hate how trannies are calling themselves real women.

No. 642

I ask myself the same question. Why do anons care for that pathetic shitshow of a country? Straight up one of the worst places for women

No. 643

Honestly not going to like i generally like them at least more than your regular tumblrtroon because they realize that the whole "u dont need dyphowia to be a twanz" is bullshit and some even realize they won't ever be a "real woman" and they made peace with being only "trans" which i actually respect more than this "transwoman are real women" bullshit.

Oh absolutely,yes.
I hope 2020 is the decade where the population hits peak trans including lots of troons detransitioning since tranny bullshit is at an all time high right now

No. 645

>that voice
>those feet
>that obvious weeb tranny outfit
I hate how troons ruined anime and cute anime related things for me by appropriating them. Men just love appropriating women things including their bodies nowadays

No. 653

>Venus of Willendorf statues
They are actually pretty cool if you think of them as self-portraits done by prehistoric pregnant women trying to figure out what they look like and not fertility fetish statues carved by men.

No. 654

I guess it’s a stereotype of what lesbians are supposed to be into.

No. 655

Too bad a lot of them are deliberately having kids before surgery or freezing their eggs/sperm now

No. 656

A lot of them are TiFs with serious internalized misogyny and believe they were born with “male brains”. They have an obsession with gay men and call them TEHMs (trans exclusionary homosexual males) when they won’t fuck them.

No. 658

I know we make fun of TiMs for viewing women through the lens of male socialisation but do any other anons here suffer from an extreme level of self-objectification? I have internalised so many aspects of the male gaze so I want to look attractive for men, view myself as a collection of disjointed sexy body parts, and find myself performing femininity even though I want to be celibate for the rest of my life.

No. 660

File: 1578011867488.jpg (1.05 MB, 1125x6831, f2a1ql9loa841.jpg)

No. 667

File: 1578016578012.jpg (1.33 MB, 4096x3027, D-DeP7AWsAAIPrd.jpg)

Absolutely. I think most women struggle with this, and I'm still not in the place I want to be wrt to it. But I think there really are a lot of small things you can start doing and keep doing, even when it's hard, that slowly change this part of you. It's one of my favorite things about radical feminism–it's hard, scary, and a lot less fun than pop feminism, but the freedom it can help you find is a lot deeper and more real. Libfeminism could sort of bring me fun, but radfeminism has brought me freedom and the actual joy that freedom allows.

Some stuff that's helped me: exercise that I do because I love doing it that isn't focused on calorie burning (for me this is dance) that helps me think of my body is terms of strength and flexibility and not thinness, reading books/watching movies/etc by women that feature non-Barbie looking women, unfollowing models/influencers/etc, noticing when I'm in a "oh god I'm ugly" spiral and doing something RIGHT THEN to absorb my mind. Silliest way that manifests: talking to an imaginary person about a movie I hate, explaining it detail why I hate it, lol.

I sometimes feel like I was poisoned from a very young age, and that the poison might never leach entirely from my bones. Like I still definitely think in terms of "am I hot do I look hot for men" even though, like you, I'm not ever really looking to be with a man ever again. But there are ways to fight back and become more free, little by little. I hope what people say really is true, and that as I age, I'll care less and less. My grandma was every inch the midcentury gorgeous Betty Draper type, but she always said she loved her last twenty years as an old woman best because she didn't care about being beautiful anymore.

No. 668

File: 1578018124045.png (10.55 KB, 469x87, 887.png)

No. 669

File: 1578019918894.png (130.62 KB, 1280x320, 89798.png)

No. 670

File: 1578020444533.jpg (32.67 KB, 750x411, 708b9cdab32666b139.jpg)

No. 671

They think gay male culture is The Smiths, Little League baseball, drugs, debauchery, tight asses, and homoerotic 'I love you man' moments; whereas lesbian culture is Ani DiFranco, roller derby, womyn's lands, vegan cooking, Venus of Willendorf statues, and discussions of sperm banks.

No. 672

Both of them hate women and want to erase them altogether. But I'm kinda surprised they didn't go on a rant about how tras are in a conspiracy to feminize and sterilize white men etc etc.

>I want porn of a man foxing himself on a woman who disagreed with him for being in biology

No. 673

File: 1578028032981.png (120.38 KB, 1647x898, c3c91b21f5191095a76f509a95167b…)

I don't know if this belongs here but I recently found this Wikipedia article on GNC women, gender expression, and lesbians in Thailand and found it kind of interesting.

No. 674

I used to live in Thailand and the tom/dee is basically the butch/femme dynamic but the thing about Thailand is that there are men who fetishize and chase Toms called Adams while in the West most straight men just seem disgusted by butches.

No. 675

this guy's post history is disgusting

No. 676

Men always called rape "forced sex" as a euphemism

No. 697

Weeb trash thinking Japan is just Cali or NYC progressive with a kawaii cat face filter. They refuse to accept that Nippon is anything but elysium for autists

No. 705

Internet communities have been heavily influenced by Japanese pop culture. They are obsessed with anime and hold onto a lot of its harmful ideas then scream about “cultural relativism” when people try to tell you to stop looking at pedophilic pornography of 5 year olds being raped by monsters.

No. 706

>no pants
why do asian women let themselves get colonized with such a western concept

No. 707

What's his uncensored u/?

No. 710

Because they were literally colonized or heavily influenced by Western powers (or Japan which was LARPing as a Western power at the time). Thailand has always had prostitution of course but it's ridiculously large sex trade today is a result of the Japanese occupation and American troop's R&R.

No. 714


No. 715

File: 1578098840210.jpg (105.48 KB, 720x852, 988989.jpg)

No. 720

Canada is the fucking worst. Can any Canadanons explain why Canada is like this???

No. 722

File: 1578125383840.png (26.47 KB, 586x249, 0320293.PNG)

I don't understand why people like Jamil. She's just another annoying libfem celebrity.

No. 723

I wish she’d grow a spine, she comes across as really pathetic who just tries to please everyone all the time. She’s clearly not a strong woman in the slightest.

No. 724

Not a Canadian but I have noticed them doubling down on trying to one up the US in ~inclusivity~ since Trump got elected. I remember seeing so many Canadian citizenship ads in 2016-2017.

No. 725

Canadian culture revolves around looking more “progressive” than the USA to differentiate itself. Like how Israel and Taiwan pinkwash and other shit to get praise from Western nations.

No. 727

What >>724 said seems correct to me from an inside perspective, we go over the top to seem more progressive than the USA even when it harms people. Look at the Joshua Boyle verdict, of course he got off largely because of his connections and his father, but it would be unlikely to assume there wasn't also a fear of backlash over religiously persecuting him if he was punished for abusing his wife.

Canada is becoming increasingly unsafe for women in my opinion because more and more high profile predators are being excused, and women's spaces are vanishing fast. But I feel like people assume that's crazy talk.

No. 731

Female pain is minimised and dismissed in healthcare and this has consequences, this can be particularly devastating for black women whose melanin is seen as 'steel'. A black model, who was getting a name for herself that recently modelled for Rihanna's Fenty lingerie line, has died. She died after two visits to a London hospital where she was deemed as fine, after reporting excruciating abdominal pain. However, she /knew/ her body and /knew/ something was wrong. She died in her hotel room days later, riddled with blood clots.

This shit right here just makes me paranoid AND angry. I find Jamil annoying at the best of times, but she was right was she said here.

RIP Mama Cass

No. 732

How do you avoid this? I was thinking maybe the solution is to ask to be treated by doctors who are female and/or black only, but I can imagine some services not knowing this information and refusing, thinking it's some hateful/discriminatory thing.
There's already countless anecdotal stories of even white women being gaslit about their own health by incompetent, retarded scrote doctors, and they end up suffering for it. I feel like being a woman and black in that context might as well be a death sentence.

No. 733

Some women are giving advice in the comments section. A couple have said to make sure the doctor documents when they refuse to run a test on you or give you treatment you ask for. They either do it and or it scares then to actually do it and check you.

Sad you have to do it anyway, but ya know…

No. 734

*Ask that

No. 735

Context please?

No. 743

No. 750


No. 752

File: 1578175156931.jpeg (361.71 KB, 573x772, 074FD6DB-A400-4411-8CC4-566FD2…)

What’s the word for troon Nigel-posting?

No. 755

kek, this one was an especially self righteous dullard

No. 757

Lol they aren't harmful they're just stripping women of their sex-based rights, stealing women's sports and achievement titles, and nailing dead rats to the doors of rape shelters. I don't think anyone even denies the fact that dysphoria exists? It just doesn't make them the opposite sex or mean that they're menatlly ill delusions have to be pandered to.

No. 759

Maybe not-my-Hon or not-my-Aiden

No. 760

All Jameela needs to do is bash the Kardashian-Jenners for their tummy tea or say “beauty standards bad” and people will think she is the greatest feminist icon of the 21st century.

No. 761

I want all libfems and TRA to be held accountable for the damage they caused when the trans nonsense becomes uncontrollable and people start suing medical industries left and right. It’s gonna suck that no matter what happens it’s gonna be the “radical feminists” that get blamed since people just think it just means extreme/militant feminist and confuse them for TRAs. I remember when Trump Jr. was complaining about TiMs in women’s sports and said “Where are all the feminists?”. The insufferable scrot doesn’t know the most vocally opposed are radical feminists and he needs to stop acting like he gives a shit about women’s rights.

No. 762

Amazing how Owens can do much vile shit but Jamil only drops her when she says something “transphobic”.

No. 782

File: 1578194229701.jpg (116.12 KB, 902x538, tumblr_41af09a96f83235dfe3b9cb…)

No. 815

I saw somebody on YouTube mention that Jazz Jennings was transed because his parents feared he might be gay. They would rather have a straight daughter than a gay son and also something about his surgeon being evil. Is there any evidence of this?

No. 819

His surgeon got fired for doing shit like this >>383

No. 820

why do guys into anime come out as trans? i have good friends and i didn't care much about the crossdressing because we cosplay, but most have recently started to come out as transgender. none of them try to pass or they'll pick japanese girl names for themselves and insist i call them that. also… we're all almost 30? surely they would've thought they were trans years ago? why do these guys delude themselves into thinking themselves cute anime girls but don't actually put any effort into looking feminine? it's getting more prominent in all the weeb circles i'm in. to call these guys by japanese girl names and pretend they're like me is weird and exhausting.

No. 825

iirc there was drama when Jazz dated a boy and his parents were super upset that he could be gay, and in turn Jazz's family had a meltdown over "NO THIS IS OUR DAUGHTER WHO IS NOT A GAY MALE"

It all reeks of massive cope and homophobia.

No. 827

Anime attracts loser adultchildren since the subject matter is all fetishized infantile escapism and the community is full of absolute pornsick coomers who troon each other out from the social contagion and hentai addiction.

No. 851

I remember that one clip from I Am Jazz in which Jazz was sitting in the car with his mother, telling her that he doesn't really like guys and is attracted to a female friend of his. The mother was fucking mortified and had a spergout over how he should give men a chance, he just has to try enough times to "find the right one" etc. I can just imagine this bitch counting 1 + 1 in her mind, transing her effeminate son irreversibly because he might be gay, then it turns out he might be straight after all.

And the second scenario >>825 mentioned, Jazz had awkwardly started dating this boy (iirc the same he told his mother that he isn't really interested in) and the boy's mother said something along the lines of "You kept on saying retarded homophobic stuff and now you're dating a boy yourself?" and Jazz's mother was fucking enraged over it, rambling on about how "SHE's not a boy, SHE's a girl so your son is NOT gay and neither is our daughter!!!!" like being gay was the worst thing ever. I was at loss of words watching this unfold, they're being blatantly homophobic on screen and everyone focuses on the mother being strong and brave for defending her "daughter's" gender identity. Fucking clown world bullshit man.

No. 856

A lot of people go to 2D media because they don’t want to look at real people. I know so many anime fans who are disgusted by live action movies. Watching 2D stuff all the time can give you a really warped perception of what people are actually like (especially women) and make you misanthropic when real people don’t act or look 2D. The men who watch moeshit about anime girls all day end up becoming extremely misogynistic and have the stupidest ideas of what female bodies look like or how women act. Some women who watch anime a lot as kids also get self-esteem issues over their bodies not looking like sticks with giant tits.

No. 862

File: 1578267046260.jpg (44.76 KB, 639x401, 238798.jpg)

TQ+ discourse is so confusing.

No. 864

File: 1578268743830.png (32.34 KB, 587x375, 5464465.PNG)

Transbians are always the most disgusting

No. 876

Being a lesbian means you only partake in homosexual relationships. Sure, if the nonbinary person is a woman, go ahead… I think a lot of NBs are just trying to be "special" bisexuals. Pansexuals in overdrive.

No. 882

It's funny how folks on twitter automatically assume non-binary = AFAB since it happens so often. There's even "non-binary lesbians".

No. 886

>finds cool music duo with female member
>turns out its a tranny.

Sigh, theres really no escape.

No. 893

File: 1578302969713.png (221.12 KB, 505x546, 7a7c700.PNG)

This is the exact type of person who would get the word "faggot" tattooed on them lmao
Was this girl just exposed to a lot of gay porn/yaoi when she were young? cuz this shit reads like a really bad fanfic. The choice of words and fixation on the baseball team is kind of unsettling.

It's most likely because they've developed a fetish because they consume a lot of anime porn.They probably love the idea of being a super kawaii moe blob that everyone loves and life will magically become better. Kinda like how those psychos on r9k think taking hrt/becoming "fembois" is the best way to escape being an incel.
Shit is fucked and I hate how the anime community defends it.

No. 897

I know a lot of straight women who aren't into yaoi but do have a fetish for gay men. Meanwhile they are disgusted by bi men and they really, really hate lesbians whereas gay men are sort of like this non-threatening accessory to them. They want gay best friends and sometimes they want to be desired by gay men even though that is impossible so they start to imagine themselves as gay men to be attractive to them.

Blanchard wrote about how autohomoeroticism is more pronounced among straight TiFs >>541 where they get off by imagining themselves having gay male sex while straight TiMs get off by imagining themselves having female bodies.

No. 898

I once read a discussion on a different site saying that fujos have existed since the Epic of Gilgamesh lmao

No. 900

maybe not that fact back but fanfic does goes waaaay back. The Aeneid was straight up a fanfic, half the Eclogues are basically slash fiction, Virgil was a dirty slasher that managed to be in his own fanfic by Dante Aligheri. Hell shipping wars date back to ancient Greece, when famed philosophers would hold public arguments about whether it was Achilles or Patroclus who took top.

I guess what I'm saying is My Immortal is actually a philosophical textbook and should be revered as such, as one day it will be recorded as significant historical literature by our ancestors whether we like it or not.

No. 903

There is a lot of serious literature written by straight women about male/male romances while comparatively there is very little by straight men about female/female romances. Nearly all the f/f stuff men write is just shitty pornography since men can't empathize with women while women are living in a male-dominated culture and are forced to see themselves in male characters (women in a lot of fiction are non-existent or only exist for men). Women view themselves as "dirty", particularly their expressions of sexuality. Due to internalised misogyny they practise self-objectification so they can not see themselves as fully actualised human beings. They may find it easier to write male characters than female characters as a result. But of course since they are women and not men their characters reflect their female socialisation and they depict what they find attractive in men. These fictional gay romances mimic the dynamics of heterosexual couples far more than actual homosexual male couples. Another part of it is the social equality they desire as a heterosexual relationship under patriarchy will always be unequal.

No. 907

File: 1578315325630.jpg (58.94 KB, 636x500, Sekaiichi-Hatsukoi-wallpaper-2…)

>These fictional gay romances mimic the dynamics of heterosexual couples far more than actual homosexual male couples
sadly this is common in a lot of yaoi

No. 922

File: 1578340655592.png (72.99 KB, 762x423, yo.PNG)

>Meanwhile they are disgusted by bi men and they really, really hate lesbians whereas gay men are sort of like this non-threatening accessory to them.
>They want gay best friends and sometimes they want to be desired by gay men even though that is impossible so they start to imagine themselves as gay men to be attractive to them.

That's really disturbing actually. Saw this post a couple of day ago mention something similar about gay men being appealing because they're non-threatening.
The more I look into it the bleaker it becomes, jesus christ.

No. 927

Dos anyone ever get the feeling there are trannies on /ot/?

No. 928

Yes, I have seen them mention LC on /tttt/.

No. 929

They probably love the fetish thread in /g/

No. 930

Oh come on, Gilgamesh says he “loved him like a woman" in reference to Enkidu. There are a lot of homoerotic undertones.

No. 934

There are probably some along with other generic scrotes who make posts that just feel off. They love butting their way into female-only spaces as a way of "validating" themselves. It's way more obvious on CC though. I'd say that place is mainly troonposting at this point.

No. 935

A lot of troons these days are straight white men who work in tech but claim they face violence everyday. And people actually go along with it! It’s absolutely ridiculous.

No. 945

I abandoned that place shortly after it was created when it became obvious troons were taking over. It's almost like a containment site for them now, at least, instead of most of them coming here.

No. 951


He's a straight male hence all his screeching about being a "cute anime lesbian uwu".

No. 952

Was anyone here around the really early days of radfem tumblr? I have been wondering what happened to lesbolution, or that lunatic celestia who was a literal feminazi.

No. 953

He seemed to have uwu bi'd out by the end of his miserable life though, which is common in AGPs

No. 955

Whoa, colour me shook. Is Ariella 'TERF'pilled? She @ed Glimmer and Debbie Hayton (and Rose and Blaire) over her new video.

No. 959

Yes, becoming pseudobi is pretty common among AGPs since they are still attracted to women but now also want to be fucked by faceless men to "validate" their femaleness.

No. She's just peak transed.
I left this comment on her video a week ago and she deleted it:
>“Women are always expected to make themselves sexually available to men. Women are not viewed as fully actualised beings but as a resource in this society for men to use. A woman telling a man that she is not interested in him is seen as an insult to a man and men often kill women for their rejection. Men of all races, classes, or creeds are OBSESSED with penises since they view it as a weapon to enact sexual violence or superior to the vagina. Men will compare their penises, take photos of their penises, take medication to make their penises larger, believe their penis is inherently tied to their worth as a man so female sterilisation is more frequent in population control even though it’s more invasive + less effective than sterilising men, graffiti penises over things, many cultures worshipped penises while viewing vaginas as disgusting etc. Trans women aren’t an exception to this since they were socialised male and usually have a penis. These trans-identified males are often obsessed with their penises than non-trans males.”

No. 961

I literally thought this was someone parodying trans logic and I lol'd. But alas, I was wrong. this is actually how they think. And he has the audacity to have Sappho in his handle.

No. 962

TIM complains about losing sex drive after taking hormones.

No. 963

She doesn't like radfems and believes trans women are women so no. She has been getting fed up with people telling her to suck dick though.

No. 965

Didn't he end up in some polyamorous relationships with other TiMs where they all roleplay as lesbians? Transbians often end up with relationships with each other since no real lesbian wants them but sometimes they struggle to have sex with each other because they aren't attracted to male bodies.

No. 970

are you talking about arielle scarcella? in her video about jk rowling she said that the term terf "originally" meant trans exclusionary radical feminism but now it means any woman who disagrees with the queer majority (even though that's always what it meant). then she says "terfs are bigots and inciting violence against bigots is a good thing". it's sad because she said some other really good things in that video, but then ruined it all. unless you're talking about someone else.

No. 972

Yeah her. I don't know of any other Arielles.

No. 976

Kek she deleted this too
>There is no major difference between body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria. People who tend to think they are completely separate don't truly understand how varied and serious body dysmoprphia can be. Traditionally the only people who were allowed to transition were HSTS (homosexual transsexuals) so gay men or lesbians who wanted to become straight women and men, respectively. This was largely done to escape homophobic prejudice or due to being gender non-conforming as they were same-sex attracted. This form of conversion therapy via transition is actually state-funded in Iran to "cure" homosexuality. It was not until sexologist Ray Blanchard campaigned for non-HSTS people to gain access to hormones and surgery did these numbers skyrocket…and they have been getting higher every year. Psychologists now allow AGP (autogynephiles), AHE (autohomoerotics), and all sorts of other fetishistic, confused and mentally ill people the "right" to transition. There are gender clinics now which brainwash people and push them into transition since they will have life-long customers.

No. 981

There are some other youtubers that I know of named Arielle, but they are not political youtubers. Original anon said 'Ariella' which is what caused my confusion.

No. 984

File: 1578385669742.jpg (41.38 KB, 606x368, he ain't wrong.jpg)

Hahaha, holy shit.

No. 985

BASED BOY GEORGE. I can't wait for more celebs to peak trans.

No. 986

Is he gonna get called a TEHM too?

No. 988

You literally never see the term "Trans-identified males" outside GC online spaces.

I will concede despite being more 'Gender Critical', like her I still believe sex dysphoria exists. Seeing lesbians guilt-tripped into liking pene is peaking people.

That's how I originally understood it, before I saw how it was actually used. You guys gotta bare in mind she's like /the/ biggest Lesbian with a YouTube platform, with still a big trans following. At least "truscum" at this point, the rest have already called her out as a 'bigot'. She's running a tightrope.

No. 989

>Mentions Ray Blanchard and his Transexual Typology

She's GCPilled in all but name only.

No. 991

That's anon's comments on YT that Arielle deleted.

No. 992

Ah! Sorry, I misread, thought she was covering her tracks, so not to get called out.

No. 993

>See Boy George's Tweets and the thread about the 'Boxer Ceiling'.

Are gay men finally paying attention?

No. 994

Of course dysphoria exists, the question is whether it is the result of something like a fetish (AGP/AHE) and homophobia (HSTS); or if it is actually an inborn condition arising from an incongruence of physical sex and "brain sex" (which is basically just HBS).

They have been for awhile. Just search up TEHMs.

No. 996

File: 1578400014918.jpg (86.19 KB, 600x782, 1321157.jpg)

Transbians be like that.

No. 1000

>GNC gay women struggling with self-hatred as a result of patriarchal gender roles is actually the GNC gay women themselves being toxic males!
Everything in the world is upside-down with TRA logic. Men are women, women are men, the oppressed are the oppressors, and if you question any of that, you're ignorant and sexist.

No. 1005

I see, I know that Ariella has mentioned AGP before, though.

No. 1011

File: 1578440660956.jpg (20.41 KB, 680x309, cmjdh.jpg)

No. 1012

Arielle is too stupid to realize that MOST trans people are AGP.

No. 1016

File: 1578443955546.png (13.98 KB, 538x148, 38903.PNG)

>lilith esme

No. 1018

i hate that all of them think theyre elder scrolls characters and shit. they legally name themselves stupid shit like "cherry sapphos" or "lillith dawnbringer nightshade" and wonder why people at the DMV don't want to partake in their white trash stripper/sexy elf cosplay

No. 1019

File: 1578445517897.png (8.13 KB, 507x93, ZDlT1uoj1u4o1.png)

Ah yes, the baeddels.

No. 1020

TiFs have names like Aiden or Skylar while TiMs have names like Lilith or Veronica lmao

No. 1024

File: 1578455621095.png (799.1 KB, 875x697, 2938093.PNG)

>The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has announced it is representing another esthetic salon against Jessica Yaniv at the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

>The She Point Beauty Salon, owned and operated by women of the Sikh religion, has become the newest target for Yaniv’s litigation after declining Yaniv a leg wax. In their Tuesday morning Press Release, the Justice Centre notes that leg waxes are performed in private with the client undressed or nude from the waist down. Citing religious and safety reasons, the salon refused Yaniv service.

He's at it again.


No. 1030

kek, the ghosty editing of this photo does a great job at immediately conveying to the viewer what an evil poltergeist yaniv is

No. 1047

Haha man, the unholy combination…
Reminds me of a personal encounter with a possible AGP. There was this guy I was friends with for a brief moment who was studying IT and told me he might be trans. We were talking about it for a bit and then he said: "The first thing I wanna do when I'm a girl is wear knee socks." From that moment I knew I had to stay away from him.

No. 1050

Can anyone explain to me why there are lesbian TiFs who call themselves "gay men" but only date other lesbian TiFs?

No. 1051

It's butch4butch but it's too basic to just be a lesbian anymore.

No. 1058

They are butch lesbians who are attracted to other butch lesbians but they both have dysphoria. When they become trans men they have to adopt TRA logic which means they are both actually gay men.

A lot of lesbians think trans men are hot because they look like tomboys or butches and a lot of trans men identify as lesbians before gender transition. This means they are well-connected to the lesbian community or already had a lesbian gf but because they are "men" now, their gf might have to identify as bisexual to "validate" their gender.

I knew this butch/femme couple and the butch hated her body and began to question if she was non-binary or a trans man because she was being infected by her friend group's tumblr stupidity and her conservative Latino Catholic parents. The couple planned to get married and the femme was supportive of whatever the butch wanted to do but she could never bring herself to identify as bi and still saw her fiancée as female so she could never considered them a "straight couple". I wasn't a libfem but still somewhat supportive to trans issues but the whole situation confused me and made me wonder if a lot of people transitioned due to societal pressures like homophobia and not the "wrong brain in body" theory.

No. 1064

Samefagging here but I also didn’t get how they hated penises so much (like a lot of lesbians) and thought men were a threat to their safety but then the butch wanted to transition to become a man. Why would you want to become the opposite sex when you don’t even like how the opposite sex looks?

No. 1066

More acceptable to be two gender conforming gay guys than two butch lesbians. Butch lesbians in general seem to be disappearing and the entire lesbian community in my city has been eviscerated because of troonery.

No. 1080

They see being male as an escape from the dangers and stressors of being (GNC and gay ontop of it) female, when obviously in reality they cannot actually become male and being trans will just complicate their life even more.

No. 1101

Huh that’s like the opposite of cumbrained straight males who get turned on by women so much that they want to become their own sexy woman and squeeze their HRT boobs 24/7.

No. 1110

The entire America vs Iran situation is very much America’s fault but it is ridiculous seeing people praising Iran for having state-funded sex changes and having “trans rights”.

No. 1116

File: 1578522898283.jpeg (386.93 KB, 1125x1029, C00A253F-30BC-484A-AAFB-ADEBCF…)

You only get “access to womanhood” if you’re a woman, tittyhaver.

No. 1123

File: 1578524509070.png (26.52 KB, 572x239, 54654.PNG)

Forgot image

No. 1124

Ahh, yes, conversion therapy, blessed by the religious authority. How fucking stupid are these people, seriously?

No. 1130

"Elites". Women speaking up and telling the truth against men who are backed by academia and big pharma money. Typical male logic, up is down, left is right.

No. 1148

Troons praise Iran for their trans rights but balk at any suggestion that it is conversion therapy because they think Blanchardism is transphobic.

No. 1172

File: 1578533056411.jpg (1.91 MB, 2560x2560, cringybisexualgirl.jpg)

God this girl's entire account is a fucking cringe fest. I don't understand why it's so difficult to admit that you're bisexual? She said she's dated men before, it's not as if this troon dick is her first dick. "Lesbians" capering for troons will never not fucking make me want to die.

No. 1173

File: 1578533167383.jpg (186.35 KB, 1080x717, wordsalad.jpg)

No. 1174

The fuck is a bi lesbian? Did they mean bisexual women?

No. 1176

HSTS typology goes back to Kurt Freund but it was Harry Benjamin who believed that trans people have different brains. We can still see parroting his "female brain in male body" theory today. I knew some older TiMs who called them HBSers but nowadays the young trannies call themselves transmeds/truscum. HBS isn't the same as transmed ofc since HBS meant you had to be HSTS and GNC but there's a lot of overlap.

No. 1177

It's some new made up identity where you can be both bi and lesbian at the same time. And no, they don't mean female exclusive bisexual, that's too terfy for them.

No. 1178

Nothing makes sense anymore.

No. 1182

Yes, there is a narrow definition because female only spaces are necessary to protect women from men (and men larping as women). This is just about making sure women can't have anything for themselves - they don't even try to hide it

No. 1192

Or it's the latest in a long line of manifestations of men exploiting women like resources while invisibilizing them as actual human beings, but sure, white agper, I'm sure being denied a space at the women's shelter is exactly like being Soujourner Truth

No. 1199

Is he they trying to co-opt the treatment of black female slaves? Black women weren't legally considered "women" and they were called "breeders" instead of "mothers" during slavery but they were still seen as female and were targeted with sexual violence because they were female. No white slave owner was out raping his black male slaves because he thinks they will be impregnated and give birth to more slaves.

No. 1207

Wouldn't surprise me, TRAs throw black women under the bus constantly to try to prove their point. It's actual racism.

No. 1208

File: 1578538445181.png (79.84 KB, 501x904, hmm.png)

Someone on my friends list just posted this, so many bad takes.

No. 1209

File: 1578538663778.png (538.02 KB, 657x694, 1237897987.PNG)

This is literally a straight couple

No. 1211

So many transmeds are just fujos that want to gatekeep being a "gay trans man" from other fujos by saying they actually have a medical condition and not a fetish for gay men.

No. 1212

Black women slaves bwere treated as non-human females, troons are just treated as degenerate human males. They're still considered human and it's a big difference TRAs tend to miss about the difference between racism and sexism.

No. 1213

Seriously, what the fuck makes a woman a woman if not her biology? What makes a man a man if not for his? I hate this stupid take because it makes no fucking sense. People also have the right not to sleep with anyone they don't want to sleep with for whatever reason, and crying "transphobia" over it doesn't change the fact that you're promoting rape rhetoric.

I hate the whole "man-woman is a European concept" shit too. It's not. Even if it was, you're blatantly disregarding that the only people who made up these third/forth/fifth genders were homosexuals and that the concept of a third gender was steeped in homophobia, which is an actual thing that actually affects people unlike transphobia. What they consider transphobia is either homophobia or rape rhetoric.

No. 1223

Homophobia or misogyny. Although I think all forms of oppression can ultimately trace their roots to misogyny in some way.

No. 1225

if the x chromosome carries about 1000 genes and the y chromosome carries about 100, what's the probability you inherit 50% women genes from your mother and 50% women genes from your father's mother? asking for a friend

No. 1226

You don't understand how genetics work, do you?

No. 1227

I actually don't, hence why I'm asking

No. 1228

Does he really want to hurt them?

No. 1229

Not exactly. Sexism also makes the distinction that women are subhuman or property. The difference is that you are not “dependent” on another race so you could wipe them out if you really wanted to, but women are a necessity since they make your babies. If you wipe them out then your entire society collapses. This is why womb envy is so widespread across men throughout history or how so many male deities were given the power to create life or made superior to female deities they were born to. A lot of techbros these days want artificial wombs since they know it will make women “obsolete”.

No. 1230

Idk but I'd really want to make them cry

No. 1231

How women are treated varies considerably by culture from the fairly egalitarian Hadza to the extremely misogynistic Yanomami. If you’re referring to the actual classical definition of “racism” created by Europeans to classify humans then you’re correct in how they viewed non-white/non-Caucasoid peoples as non-humans or “aberrations” but European men did not consider European women to be fully human either. They still don’t today hence the sexual violence or why they think men can “identify” as women but it has improved massively due to feminism. Ironically though, a lot of “feminists” are pushing for the gender nonsense.

No. 1233

File: 1578544231665.jpeg (1006.55 KB, 1242x1190, 1569234285075.jpeg)

>do not define lesbians as "same-sex attracted individuals"
This is literally clown world . LITERALLY.
The amount of support these posts tend to have is fucking scary.

No. 1243

File: 1578546911102.png (96.92 KB, 500x586, dde9905e04de84667d02.png)

No. 1244

Females have XX chromosomes and males have XY; women can only pass on an X chromosome to their children but men can pass on an X or a Y, so there’s a 50% chance of having a female or male child. Women inherit an X from both their mother and father, while men can only inherit the X chromosome from their mother because their father must have been the one to give them the Y chromosome. So a female child can have an X inherited from either their mother’s father or mother, but they always inherit their father’s mother’s X. A male child can also inherit an x from their mother’s father or mother, but they always get their father’s father’s Y. However sometimes things go wrong during meiosis like nondisjunction, so that’s how you get sex chromosome combinations like XXY, X, etc., that are considered intersex.

No. 1246

it's a big cope for techbros to fantasize about wiping out women across the planet. that the tech of those wombs would most likely stay in hospitals. I've heard alot that the focus of them is to help premie babies develop. Or to help endangered species. It'll never be some commercial item you can buy at the store lol.

there's so much support online and from countries ran by clowns but wasn't there a poll showing that publics approval for tras were dropping? Remember reading something like that a while back. It's being pushed too fast that's its going to crash and burn

No. 1248

>It'll never be some commercial item you can buy at the store lol.
If it gets widespread enough among the rich then there is a possibility it will trickle down to lower classes. Look at how massive commercial surrogacy has become, now if you have enough money then you can pay a woman to get pregnant and develop a baby that isn't even genetically related to her. I have noticed a huge transhumanist push in recent years. Not only is there the trans thing about changing your sex and normalizing identifying as the opposite sex (seriously, has anyone noticed how the mainstream media is always pro-trans?) but I have been hearing about immortalists more and more. I think since there are so many troons in tech they have a huge amount of influence.

No. 1249

I was referring to the European definition of racism. I'm an Americafag & I'm sure a lot of TRAs who make those comparisons are as well.
Honestly didn't know about these cultural differences had names so I'll be researching those in a while, thank you!

No. 1252

Eternal reminder we already have the technology for women to reproduce without men and it's way cheaper than an artificual womb, created by a female scientist no less and the way it works means the child will always be female since no Y chromosome is involved.

No. 1255

This reminds me of Shulamith Firestone saying women’s liberation needs parthenogenesis.

No. 1257

The Hadza are an ethnic group from Tanzania and the Yanomami are an indigenous Amazon people. They have markedly different societal structures which affect how they treat women. Women in the Hadza are close in status to men while the Yanomami view women as pieces of flesh.

No. 1264

sorta off topic but this reminds me of how during the British Raj, the more caucasoid/lighter skinned Indian ethnic groups (Punjabis, Pathans, Jat, Baloch) were given prerogative treatment over the darker skinned and asitic Indian ethnic groups, despite being some of the most backward and uncvllized peoples in the Indian subcontinent(racebait)

No. 1271

Any more details on this? Name of the scientist? It sounds great.

No. 1285

I believe that Africa had some of the least patriarchal (more woman friendly) tribes on the planet more than any other continent and it shows how ADOS women tend to be more feminist / pink pilled / gender critical / ect than other groups of women in the West. This is just my theory so I'm not sure if its right tho

No. 1319

>This country literally condemns you to a brutal death for being a homosexual unless you agree to an irreversible sex change to make you straight

God I'm so done.

No. 1320

I think you're thinking about this too deeply. African religions couldn't survive a few generations of slavery so I don't think feminist attitudes would survive either, especially considering how tribes were shuffled once they arrived in the colonies.

I do think it has a lot to do with the culture of candour among black Americans though. You call a spade a spade. If a black person pulled the "tHeY'rE aCtUaLlY wOmEn" card around other black people they'd be dragged until they realized what they're saying is fucking stupid.

No. 1321

Tinfoil sperg but it would be the opposite if that trans humanism thing is being pushed, no? The limitation of reproduction would serve that agenda since the purpose of trans humanism is to live longer (be pretty much immortal) via tech. More babies equals more people needing more extra resources. Fake wombs would benefit research and hospitals initially, then maybe the ultra elite Rockefeller rich in secret. But it would never be mass produced to be sold to the general common public. That would only lead to more overpopulation which trans humanism doesn't want.

No. 1340

>transwomen are real women. They're not the same as cis women, but black women aren't the same as white women, either.

Fuck off, racist. People think black women and white women are somehow magically "different" from one another due to bullshit race hangups. Black women and white women both have periods, give birth, are at risk for breast cancer, if they have a stroke, the signs for it aren't the same as they are for a man. Black women and white women both deal with the same sexist bullshit from males and the same violence from MALES.

Transwomen share none of this with women.

No. 1346

Nearly all American slaves came from West Africa and there is a lot of misogyny in the region. Many of them practise FGM and believe women to be property of their husbands.

The traditional homeland of the human species was East Africa and it’s thought that the Hadza there are one of the oldest ethnic groups on the planet so they have retained the traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle of early humans. They have a fluid tribal structure, ambilocality, serial monogamy, and all resources are shared. But just because the Hadza are so genetically distinct from other people which means a deep isolation and even if they do live in the traditional human homeland, we can’t say for sure that the lifestyle they practise today is anything like what they did 10,000 years ago let alone 100,000. Their culture has already drastically changed since the European colonization of Africa so a lot of them wear modern Western clothing and they are losing their land to pastoralists. Hadza have a gendered division of labor and men get more respect than women but there doesn’t seem to be a culture of misogyny or female subservience like in other African cultures or in Europe, or anywhere else really.

You’re correct but Traditional West African religions were far from women-friendly and many enslaved African people were actually Muslims. When they were under the ownership of white Americans they were converted to Christianity which is still the dominant religion among black American today. However, as part of the Civil Rights Movement some black Americans sought to learn about their history and embrace their heritage which meant converting to Islam since it was the religion of their ancestors pre-slavery.

No. 1351

Transhumanism is going to achieve artificial wombs before immortality and a lot of men have giant egos where even if they knew they would live forever, they would still want kids (and they can have women looking after their babies so it doesn't even affect their personal life). I think some transhumanists want both immortality and artificial wombs since they need a constantly expanding human population to colonize the galaxy.

No. 1352

They always say trans women and forget trans men exist. Trans women also get more media attention, make more money, face less sexual violence, have more academic research done about them. It's almost like trans women are actually men or something…

No. 1360

File: 1578617282688.jpg (123.93 KB, 634x899, 23099782-7860243-image-a-18_15…)

Has anyone seen this? Is he coming out as trans because he's mentally ill or did he get all those Ken Doll surgeries to run away from his trans-ness?

sage in case this is OT

No. 1362

uh, no.

No. 1365

Oh wow, I actually kinda liked his personality from watching interviews, really bummed he trooned out

No. 1370

File: 1578621737114.jpg (54.6 KB, 1336x584, EN01QBfXsAAaZ6z.jpg)

They will always play the victim. TiMs managed to shut people down from calling out their misogyny and now they want to get away with pedophilia too.

No. 1371

Any time someone on social media starts off a post with something like "angry queer rant" you know it's going to be fucking insanity. So much inexcusable homophobia and racism in posts like these under the guise of wokeness.

No. 1372

Oh, this is the AGP who draws those disgusting pedophilic fetish comics, isn't it. He would get along great with Jessica Yaniv.

No. 1373

File: 1578621875192.jpg (Spoiler Image, 389.23 KB, 1182x1536, EN01rIJWkAEynQf.jpg)

Here's an example of his art.

No. 1375

File: 1578622098157.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 2048x2048, 8798789.jpg)

But it's not a fetish!!

No. 1377

File: 1578622246668.jpg (486.92 KB, 1125x727, EN35b22UcAAWp_W.jpg)

I just want him to die already.

No. 1397

File: 1578630212579.png (214.88 KB, 540x615, 7987.png)

No. 1400

THIS shit is what always pissed me off, years before I peak transed. Women go through so much hell for having periods. They act like we're privileged for having something that's oppressed us for centuries.

No. 1417

File: 1578655619324.png (27.45 KB, 582x225, 30983093.PNG)

Wow based TERFs

No. 1419

I wonder if a lot of these transbians are becoming pseudobis (this is a thing that often happens to troons) so they want to call themselves bi now but they don't want to give up their lesbian label since it's their fetish so they have settled for "bi lesbian".

No. 1421

Absolutely repulsive. Disgusting fetishists will use "b-but it's just a drawing!!!" to excuse any of their fucked up interests.

No. 1427

File: 1578666383795.png (725.89 KB, 652x700, lol.png)

When a literal baby girl (like, months old) was raped and feminists were talking about violence towards girls etc, Katelyn Burns said that the babies "gender" had nothing to do with the rape.

This man, who btw left his wife and 2 children to play his fetish 24/7, made a babies rape about HIM.

KF has a big thread about him. He also purcahsed a couch so he could fuck guys he met on grindr on it rather than buy his children beds. Pretty sure his ex-wife was done with his shit when he blew up about his children celebrating Mother's day with their actual Mother instead of him.

He's honestly a great cow and deserves a thread. He just got his stinkditch a few months back and is already crying no men will fuck him anymore or be seen in public with him lol

No. 1428

I watch a lot of gaming and film review content on youtube and I keep noticing how they all love "traps". One of them, a heterosexual male, even said that a girls face + a dick would be his perfect partner. And the comment sections are always full of males fetishizing trannies because they love the idea of a hentai-esque dickgirl. A lot of the time its literal straight males chasing troons. Are scrotes even attracted to vaginas? Why do they love the idea of a dick being attached to a female looking person so much?

No. 1437

Those guys aren't straight and the tranny chasing is just a cope for them.

No. 1438

File: 1578674665304.jpg (274.69 KB, 720x1155, 20200110_194357.jpg)

These idiots literally think that women cant be tall and have big shoulders because women r not like that in their porn and anime kek

No. 1439

I would love a thread about him. post in the thread-request or make it!

No. 1440


I feel like it’s honestly that they cannot handle being forced to live and navigate the beauty standards that woman learn to live with starting from kindergarten, and watching them have a complete a complete emotional and mental breakdown because they cannot handle being an unattractive woman is very entertaining for me.

No. 1441

File: 1578677673108.jpg (88.3 KB, 640x967, 20353a9c-e097-4b56-b633-e9bdd4…)

I just read that there's a distinction between TRA and trans people, and that radfeminist (???????) transmen call themselves "tbros".

Like… W.T.F.?????

1. Why do we make a distinction between trans and TRA? They both are on the wrong and reinforce toxic gender roles and stereotypes? What?
2. How (HOW?) can you be a radfem and a trans person at the same time, I just-
Do these people even know what the movement is about?????

Pic unrelated but I thought it was funny so I wanted to share.

No. 1442

Being trans and believing in biological sex aren't always mutually exclusive just because the nutjobs hijacked the entire movement. Some trans people with severe dysphoria may still choose to undergo medical transition to emulate the secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex even if they know they aren't literally going to become the opposite sex.
Considering this, they can choose to be on the side of women's sex based rights in the trans debate and support women's issues in general. They're biologically female so it makes sense to be against the oppression of females.

No. 1443

File: 1578679650502.jpg (321.05 KB, 600x371, U_cuckoo_parasite.jpg)

Omg that pic! The TQ is more of a parasite cuckoo forcing itself to be fed and protected by the LGB while kicking it's real eggs out though.

No. 1444

transmen "terfs" are so annoying. it's one thing to be open and willing to discuss ur dysphoria online, or to discuss women's rights while passing as a man irl.

its another thing to go "FUCK MEN THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DYSPHORIA AND GENDER" and in the same breath go "but also call me aiden and use he/him pronouns, if i'm perceived as woman like the rest of you i'll die instantly" or even worse, "you can't critique men because I, a transman, identify with men and their traits and feel attacked by this"

i dont think publically medically transitioning for personal comfort and dysphoria is an positive contribution to radical communities at all. i see more women coming out as trans men "terfs" who still bind and need pronouns and give terrible advice to other dysphoric women, and I've seen very few dysphoric detransitioning radical feminist women who actually have experience combating dysphoria without depending on transmedicalism.

tbros are worse then liberal women in that they know they depend on destructive gender roles to house their egos, yet they refuse to leave, doubling down on testosterone and binding and saying they've had too much surgery to reidentify as a woman. but if educated radical women don't detransition openly, how will other young transmen learn that they can detransition despite having numerous changes and surgeries as well?

imo you have you be at least gender critical to ID as a truTERF, ie, you know gender is fake and a waste of time and sex is immutable. people that still play with gender and ID as TERFS are laughable.

No. 1445

>i dont think publically medically transitioning for personal comfort and dysphoria is an positive contribution to radical communities at all.

Totally!! What kind of example are we giving to other women who struggle against the patriarchy? Surrending to patriarchy and gender roles? We aren't here to follow the easy road, we are here to FIGHT. Fight for a better future. It's hard to be a woman sometimes but "becoming" a man is not the solution, tbros are just fueling gender heriarchy by giving into transmedicalism. Go to therapy, work on yourself, love yourself for who you are. Women are beautiful creatures and we deserve a world where we can be ourselves without having to chop our tits off or fear our sex. But we have to fight. We have to.

No. 1446

File: 1578682124659.jpg (2.67 MB, 3316x2048, f5930ft.jpg)

Anything you want, you got it.

No. 1447

What you guys think about FTM? It's sad that everything is about men, even in the LGBTQ community.

No. 1451

File: 1578689227529.jpg (40.41 KB, 640x640, 8139437.jpg)

TQ is the worst cancer imaginable

No. 1452

File: 1578689903230.png (173.31 KB, 500x500, 63a6690.png)

I love this

No. 1457

It really shows you how they despise an ugly or just plain women. they're killing themselves because the thought scares them

In current year the statement a woman is not a man is revolutionary. It's just sad to think about

No. 1458

No, they are AGP themselves.

No. 1461

Trans men are still female and thus they can be radfems, doofus. Also there was a small group of gender critical HSTS on early radfem tumblr. They were on the older side so we’re pretty important in discussions about the history of transition and typologies like AGP/HSTS.

No. 1462

Lmao most “radfems” these days don’t even read radfem theory or engage in activism. They still do things like wear makeup or fuck men. There are even pro-capitalist “radfems” even though radical feminism developed out of Marxism and there are radfems who think female separatism is “too extreme” despite radical feminists advocating it for decades. There are even fucking conservative women here or on r/gendercritical who think they are “radfems” just because they don’t like trannies and believe in biosex. I don’t care about ideological purity anymore and I think of gender dysphoria as a mental illness and there are plenty of radfems with eating disorders, dysmorphia and other issues who dream about getting plastic surgery.

No. 1464

I wish people wouldn’t jump to identify as “radical feminist” when they don’t even read and practise it. I have seen those conservatives call themselves radfems too which has severely diluted the meaning of it. I know Meghan Murphy says she is “informed by radical feminism” but doesn’t identify as “radical feminist” because she always buys shitloads of beauty products and likes “looking pretty”.

No. 1467

i agree with the bulk of your post but i disagree that wearing makeup or fucking men doesn't make you a radfem. it's stupid to be with men, but you cant fault women with acne, needing to wear it for work, or for wanting to self harm through relationships with men. it doesn't negate their beliefs and their activism otherwise, so long as they're willing to admit that these things suck. wearing makeup is not a feminist act but being that they're under pressure to do so, or be penalized, some women simply aren't in the position to be able to buck it. i think there's a big difference between loudly admitting that these things are NOT okay, they're not smart or feminist actions, and they suck, but still engage in them and argue against them. defending makeup, for example, while claiming to be a radfem obviously conflicts, and it's not smart to be with men in most cases, but imo, as long as women admit their men are likely losers and their relationships are more than likely to cause them suffering while men benefit, that doesn't conflict. giving support and encouraging voluntary celibacy but being the type of masochist that wants to deal with drooling retards nonetheless in her personal life doesn't negate what she supports, ideally, imo. you can support the right answers wholeheartedly and still admit you're making dumb choices.

the problem is that a lot of "radfems" want to defend men, defend their sons, defend the nuclear family, marriage, etc, and claim radical feminism. that just doesn't work. afaik there's no "you must not wear makeup" radical feminist stipulation, though that's obviously closer to living your truth.

No. 1473

>an intersex male
This is kinda tricky tbh and I am speaking from my own experience as an intersex person.

No. 1476

Yeah that's the only one I don't fully agree with since intersex conditions can be complicated. I guess it means intersex males with hypospadias/more obvious male genitalia, but I'm definitely no expert on the subject so I can't say. Intersex people really shouldn't be used for TRA propaganda purposes, nor should they be dismissed by radfems simply because their chromosomes might not be XX.

No. 1477

>Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially.

I know people tend to be walking contradictions, but being a radfem transmale takes the prize. I don't get what's your deal or what kind of mental gymnastics have you made up to believe women accepting gender roles is radfeminist but ok. You aren't radfem, just so you know. (You said "we" so I guess you're refering to yourself as tbro as well)

Nta but I agree with her. While I don't mean for everyone to suddenly go outside with their legs unshaved or stop fucking men, I think whinning all day about patriarchy and doing NOTHING to strike back against it it's just like if the Sufragettes had just talked about how wonderful would it be to have the right to vote while sitting all day sipping tea without doing nothing to change their situation.

You don't have to make radical changes in your life style, but slowly working on yourself to start accepting your body hair, your face without makeup, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT AND NATURAL ON THE HUMAN BODY. I still can't bear the courage to go outside with my legs unshaved, but I refuse to shave them and I have been avoiding it for two years straight. However, I don't wear makeup anymore. It was a gradual change. I know everyone can do it, don't be hopeless and don't try to shrug off your image issues. They will only become worse. I'll keep working on mine too.

And, as I like to say, some people just need to see others doing that thing they always wanted to do but felt ashamed of. That's how you start revolutions. Let's try to start it.

No. 1478

Yes it's not like intersex people born with a vulva and female-passing get to magically avoid female sex-based oppression. This part of radfems always annoy me tbh.

No. 1480

>I think whinning all day about patriarchy and doing NOTHING to strike back against it
that's not comparable. you can wear makeup but still do activism that results in material change. some women have severe cystic acne and people associate it with being unhygienic, are bullied, penalized, etc, for something they can't help. some women are under the poverty line and can't afford to skip their undereye concealer and be fired or treated like shit at work when they're depending on their meager job. none of this negates their beliefs or activism. the conflicts come when they're out here painting their faces for fun or defending makeup. none of this doesn't make them radical feminists. they're just not FEMINIST ACTIONS. it doesn't mean they aren't radical feminists. these women could be working on their issues. to cut and dry say "you're not a radical feminist because you wear concealer" is insane and has nothing to do with radical feminism. saying "you're not a radical feminist because you're a thatcherite" is different, true, and is a non-negotiable, however.

there is a big difference between not living by ANY of your principles, and doing a few things that you disagree with, but you do to get by in life. some women are simply not in the position to buck these things, as i said, and it doesn't mean they aren't radical feminists. it's not only autistic, but totally wrong and not a thing, to insist women can't be radical feminists because they wear foundation or date men but openly and loudly admit they're not feminist actions and aren't advisable at all. if they're defending these practices and defending men, that's another thing entirely.

No. 1482

Not a tbro and I think for a lot of girls and women being dysphoric over their sex means they have some type of trauma or mental illness. I knew a woman who wanted to become a man due to her history of experiencing CSA. She wanted to get rid of her vagina and I think not exist as a “woman” in this world since she was always viewed as a hunk of flesh for men to consume.

No. 1483

No, no, you got me wrong. I fully agree with you here, if you don't have the option to change things (like you said about the job) or the backlash is too strong to bear, then I get it. I alredy said that I don't have the courage to go outside without hiding the hair in my legs, because that would be a very controversial thing to do and I don't think I'm prepared to bear the consequences.

>the conflicts come when they're out here painting their faces for fun

This is what I was talking about: the extreme example of a person who has the means to change their life style but won't do it because of petty reasons or laziness towards change, because I think that's not an excuse to conform to gender roles. Sorry for giving the wrong idea.

No. 1484

Yeah in my case I am externally female with vulva, clitoris, etc. but I also had nonfunctional testicles that were surgically removed when I was a baby (they can give you cancer) and internally I have a weird uterus and I do not have ovaries (because I had nonfunctional testicles) so I am infertile. I am chromosonally male (XY) but I am phenotypically female so I was raised in the female gender and people perceive me to be female but my sex is technically male. If I never had all those mutations then I would have formed into a healthy male and be raised in the male gender. I get annoyed by feminists who claim to accept me but then say ignorant things. Of course I hate trans activists way more by thinking that we are just like them or say biological sex is a social construct or they repeat that bullshit 1.7% statistic so people think true intersex conditions are as common as redheads (true intersexuality is more than 100 times less common).

No. 1486

Oh and samefagging but I am aware of the irony of being an XY posting a board called XX but I am still a woman even if not female.

No. 1487

File: 1578709876404.png (562.15 KB, 1005x668, Dbi1329XcAAcTap.png)

Anyone else here bummed to learn that Catharine MacKinnon supports troons, It seems to me that she is too brilliant and too radical to not recognize that the trans phenomenon is problematic in at least some ways. Any thoughts on how her position on this issue came to be?

No. 1488

I had an encounter with an entitled mtf recently.

I had surgery on my jaw and stayed in hospital before Christmas. I look normal again now, but at the time my face was swelled literally about double what it typically is due to a hemotoma that formed. I was incredibly uncomfortable and self conscious of my ridiculous balloon face.

A few hours after I had been moved to a women’s ward a fucking man was wheeled into one of the beds opposite me. He didn’t pass whatsoever, looked about 50. He had a wife and teenage kids who said goodbye to him.

I immediately felt worse knowing I would have to pass him to go to the toilet in my hospital gown with my knickers and bare back exposed, and just in general looking so awful.

He kept chatting loudly with the woman next to him all evening about his poor life and how his brother is so mean to him blah blah bullshit. At almost midnight, I had my headphones on trying to fall sleep listening to YouTube videos but I heard him ask the woman next to him “what’s the young girls name?”

The fucker called my name and tried chatting random bullshit to me when I could barley open my mouth with a literal broken jaw, then said “I can’t hear you” when I couldn’t speak loud enough as if my mouth wasn’t full of blood.

I’ve never liked troons, being around so many sjws at university peaked me, but this experience has made me properly angry. I was at such a vulnerable place and mindset and I felt like I had no privacy from this man, and everyone was just going along with it. Sorry for the blogpost.

No. 1489

She’s supported troons for decades, this isn’t news. It’s why troons always say that some radfems are “trans inclusive” and cite her or Dworkin even though if Dworkin were alive today she would hate them since she helped Raymond edit the Transsexual Empire and her work before her death was worrying about feminists falling for liberal bullshit and how men would do whatever they could to maintain power over women. Besides that, the vast majority of radical feminists know trans activism is bullshit and mainstream radical feminism is quite focused on the abolition of gender (it’s just that trans activism is ruining all of our work so now we focus on troons more than anything else).

No. 1490

this isn't about troons but males shouldn't be on female wards. When I was raped I tried to OD and was involuntary committed to a mixed sex ward. I disclosed I was raped, I begged the nurses and psychologists not to put me on the ward. They did anyway and didn't let me file a police report. They just gave me an aids test. I was hit on by males. There was on situation where a male attendant got angry at me for pointing out another girl was in her room suicidal. I came out of that place 10x worse and loathing males.

All the women there had severe sexual trauma. All the men were there for drug addiction. I'm not shitting over addicts here, but the males sucking dick for crack should not be in the same ward as the girl raped as a child by her uncle.

Fuck mixed sex wards and fuck any tranny that forces its way in.

No. 1491

A lot of women transition due to trauma (nearly always child sex abuse), homophobia, and severe experiences with misogyny. They only discover radical feminism afterwards so there’s a lot of detrans radfems on twitter and some can’t detrans due to monetary, legal or health reasons or because there’s no way they could socially pass as a woman again to use female spaces etc. without making other women uncomfortable. Saying that these women who faced so much patriarchal aggression are just performing mental gymnastics and re-enforcing gender roles is ignorant of how they are pushed into those things as an act of survival.

I know a woman like this too. Her father used to stick random objects up her vagina as a little girl and he started groping her breasts when she started puberty so she hated being female and believed she would become safer by being a man. Completely fucked up the way this world treats women and girls.

It’s the legal aspect that make MacKinnon question what a “woman” by law even means.

No. 1492

I know this woman from Europe who transitioned due to childhood trauma but not CSA. Her mother was extremely cruel and always tormented her about being a disappointing daughter and how she wished she had another son instead, and she treated the woman’s brothers far better than her because they were male.

No. 1494

I think her accepting views on TIMs might due to the context of how she's interacted with them, MacKinnon has worked trying to help women victimized by the sex industry for decades, so the majority of TIMs she's probably met were HSTS sex workers from poorer and or POC backgrounds who had actually been raped, abused and victimized by men, these interactions must have played part in her gaining sympathy for TIMs and seeing them as real weomen

No. 1496

File: 1578725709167.png (536.33 KB, 795x652, 2939-03.PNG)

Kek, and just two years ago she was getting hate for wearing "vagina pants" because they were considered "terfy".

No. 1499

File: 1578738405582.jpeg (43.87 KB, 640x147, 3121543B-B0B2-4BF2-A692-6C7DA8…)

This site is going to fucking shit. People who speak like this on image boards deserve lifetime IP bans. Whatever they do with the XX threads I don’t really care, as long as nobody here ever stands for this shit.

No. 1500

I fucking hate NB celeb attention seekers like her and the horrible and talentless Sam Smith but y’know fair enough. The minute you get accused of terfism or transphobia just pull the NB card and they’ll have to go screech at someone else.

No. 1512

Sam Smith is such a disgusting little man. "Hurr i have feminine energy because I'm submissive in sex and like to feel pretty."

Like are people really expecting women to call him they/their when his whole fucking reasoning for it is based on misogyny? I'm not going to help validate or normalize his views by playing that game.

No. 1516

Pretty sure that one is just a baiting samefag anyway. Just ignore them.

No. 1517

Maybe if he focused on his music instead of his desperate ego, he could probably write his own song for once lol. He’s a fucking prick I’ve always hated him.

No. 1520

I saw some parents are concerned about a book being purchased for middle schools and looked up the synopsis out of curiosity:
"Lily and Dunkin narrate the book from alternating points of view. Lily, who is a boy, wants to be a girl. Most of her family has accepted that she is transgender, but her dad refuses to accept it. To make matters worse, kids at school always pick on her for looking different. Lily tries to get along with everyone, praying that it will get better one day. She can’t wait until she’s able to officially change her name from Timmy McGrother to Lily."
"Meanwhile, Lily’s friend, Dare, starts acting strangely. She’s a tomboy who supports Lily and wants her to be happy, but she’s hiding secrets of her own. Dare thinks she’s a lesbian, but she’s not ready to share that with Lily. She’s worried that Lily will assume Dare is in love with her, and it will ruin their friendship. Lily knows that Dare is hiding something, but she doesn’t know how to confront her about it. This takes a toll on their friendship."
"For much of the book, Dunkin explores his conflicting feelings about Tim and Lily. He finds Tim attractive, but he knows that Tim is really Lily. He briefly questions his own sexuality and what his feelings mean, but as this is primarily a middle-grade novel, romance isn’t explored in the narrative."

I don't even know where to fucking start.

No. 1521

I swear to the gods in heaven even if I was a raging Troon myself, I’d still be just as disgusted with this. What a load of boring, shallow nonsense.

No. 1522

Please tell me that woman got help and her father got killed somehow. Anytime I hear a scrote whine about how girls are treated like princesses and made to believe they are, I think of those cases.

Start at point blank and ask them what is a woman. They'll never answer because deep down, tras want women to just be a feeling or a status

No. 1524

File: 1578776058945.png (34.39 KB, 780x433, onision.png)

loling at how high the onision subreddit is in sharing common users with r/gendercritical. how many farmers post there?


No. 1525

Netlix has a new show, "AJ and the Queen", where RuPaul goes on a cross country tour with a gnc 10 yr old girl. I wonder if they will trans her or make her feminine by the end of the show.

No. 1526

anyone have experience with getting handmaidens to let go of trying to defend troons all the time? three female friends of mine slowly realized how trans women aren't on their side and aren't women with the help of the articles i'd send regularly, and countless male friends/acquaintances have changed their minds because of me.
i thought it'd be hard and i thought i'd be burned at the stake but you can do it slowly and subtly, like by starting off with voicing concerns about letting children have access to hormone blockers, then moving to concerns about semantics of gender and sex being abused to favor men who aren't even trying to look like women.. it's a slow process, but it really works out if you keep at it

No. 1527

I think it's funny whenever troons on reddit, /tttt/, irl, whatever claim that surgically implanted uteruses are coming soon. They really do think it's a matter of plug and play with a sprinkle of gene therapy. They really don't know that giving birth is a whole body endeavor even down to the brain. Not to mention all those hormones they keep bombarding themselves with… don't they know It'll harm the fetus? I'm calling it, the second troon that gets an uterus transplant could die of like 5 different complications and you'd still see retards on reddit calling him brave and stunning. I wonder how many uterus transplant deaths it'll take for a mass 41% to happen.

Glad to know I'm making trannies seethe simply by having an uterus and not using it, lol.

No. 1529

Those surgeries are so high risk for women it's barely considered an option, men recieving it would probably die at higher faster rates. We already see that in post op tims and the amount of infections and body rejections that occur. But those deaths are buried and ignored for their agenda. I think the trans hype will die sooner than those types of surgeries being successful.

No. 1530

It’s terrifying that uterus transplants are happening now with some babies already being successfully born from uteri that came from deceased women. I am opting out of being an organ donor now because I don’t want my uterus to become a baby making factory. I also heard women are more likely to be organ donors while men are more likely to need transplants and less likely to donate lmao.

No. 1531

I guess it would be easier for older women but I am a university student and all the women are drinking the trans Kool-aid. The male students are less affected by it and think it is confusing but the women call me a “TERF” and “transphobic”. What is it about women that is making them cape so hard for troons? Did they all get brainwashed by liberal feminism that badly? If they spent all their teenage years on tumblr then I can see how it ruined their social development since it’s an awful environment where everybody is manipulating each other.

No. 1535

TRAs scare women into being handmaidens. Nowadays, being called a terf as a women can be extemely damaging to their social standing. As we saw with JK Rowling situation, they are a cult determined to take down anybody who dare to challenge them and refuse the notion of even entertaining a debate, as well as even going after any trans people who might have a slither of logic.

No. 1540

File: 1578782338991.png (155.29 KB, 585x307, 1225656.PNG)

>conservative women
>radical feminist

Imagine being a Christian radical feminist.

No. 1544

this has to be a troll

No. 1548

She isn't, she's an anti-prostitution and pornography activist. A lot of anti sex industry people are Christians and I feel like they co-opt radical feminism to seem more academic.

No. 1553

what's her stance on abortion? bio saying "life" doesn't seem too promising.

No. 1555

Why do gendercrit users post in incel subs and femaledatingstrategy? I swear to god these reddit retards don't even try to hide the fact that a lot of them are angsty teens and femcels. That sub is a dumpsterfire.

No. 1557

im the one you're replying to, i'm 20 and ive been convincing women that troons aren't their friends for a few years now. it's impossible if they're super far gone but with most it's not too difficult i think. at least worth trying slowly instead of barraging them with info that'll send them into shock and cope mode

No. 1558

idk, but i really hate female dating strategy. a lot of it to me seems like stooping down to men's levels (ofc it's still nowhere near as bad) and finding it okay because "they do it to us!"
isn't there a female dating strategy thread here though too?

No. 1559

Yeah theres a thread for femaledatingstrategy here too and even though I don't like that whole ideology of trying to fucking analyze male behavior to get them to date you (like thats ever going to work…) its mostly the reddit one I have a problem with because everyone in there is an absolute retard having fits over their highschool crush not asking them out to the dance. Theres one user specifically whos pretty well known in the reddit radfem/pinkpill scene who just aggravates me to no end. If you ever feel like quitting radical feminism, read those subreddits. These people are all afflicted with honest to god retardation of the brain.

No. 1560

How is dating men a radical feminist activity

No. 1561

I've found the most effective strategy is just to introduce them to trans forums. The #girlslikeus tag on Twitter and /asktransgender on Reddit are my favorites. I play dumb and say "Oh trans issues are SO important but I prefer to listen and learn so I read this forum."

And then I leave them to it. Troons do the peaking for me just by being themselves. I check back in a few months, subtly raise a few GC talking points, and every single time the libfem has been singing a very different tune from when I first talked to her. It's so funny.

One girl went from a very intense pro-troon libfem to saying stuff like "I don't think male people ever lose their privilege" in private to me after reading asktransgender. I didn't even have to do anything.

No. 1562

It isn't.

No. 1565

Radfems who don’t prioritize female friendships and think fucking men but in a ~woke~ way is a form of activism are as delusional as the libfems they claim to hate.

No. 1568

damn youre still here doing this 3 days later. if you have gc leave the fucking thread.
and you're samefagging too now. Get a life.

No. 1570

It's absolutely ridiculous this person has been reported so many times between this and the other 2X theads and nothing is done. They're literally stirring shit talking about how GC users are trash, then FDS, then PP trying to cause infighting in the threads. Wish the ugly little scrotes would fuck off.

No. 1571

I'm literally not the person you're referring too and I wasn't samefagging. Seriously. Believe me or not but I wasn't the user sperging about gendercrit a couple days ago. Literally everything you say in your post is false.

No. 1572

youre not slick. shoo.

No. 1574

This bothers me so much right now because I'm literally not that person and I wasn't samefagging. Report me all you want. The farmhands will see that I'm a different user. You're literally mistaken.

No. 1582

no cap they weren't samefagging, idk what happened in other threads but im one of the posts you quoted and the other wasnt me

No. 1590

I've seen her around on Twitter. I always found her baffling too. But it does make me think about the uncomfortable way rad fems will sometimes ally with the right, if they agree on a subject. Just because someone is anti-porn or gender critical, it doesn't mean they're a feminist, let alone a rad fem. Right wingers will turn on feminists the first chance they get.

No. 1597

File: 1578794709900.jpg (Spoiler Image, 265.18 KB, 1080x1494, Screenshot_20200112_050456.jpg)

Ppl w vaginas

No. 1598

>female separatism is “too extreme”
Its not too extreme its just utterly pointless, the vast majority of women can't simply walk away and leave thier lives to live on some remote commune, plus I can see those things being abused by conservatives who would recommended all the real feminist be shipped off to those communes

No. 1599

She probably just agrees with some twitter radfems but doesn’t know what radical feminism actually is and would hate how radfems are anti-religion.

No. 1600

>wanting to self harm through relationships with men
Christ, are you one of those tumblr ""lesbian"" radical feminists who "self harm" by having consensual sex with men??

No. 1601

Female separatism doesn’t just mean living in a commune. It means cutting down on interactions with or relying less on men such as having female doctors. It is a very diverse movement and you sound like a moron.

No. 1602

>wanting to self harm through relationships with men
Christ, are you one of those ""lesiban"" radical feminists on tumblr who "self harm" by having consensual sex with men?

No. 1603

That’s not even what most female separatism is about, anon.

No. 1604

File: 1578795972386.jpg (139.95 KB, 718x780, 20200112_042531.jpg)

No. 1606

Some TiMs think their penises are just big clits

No. 1607

Don't they all, though?

No. 1610

no. im straight.

No. 1611

I have seen a lot of them say penises are a female genital because they identify as female and have them.

No. 1615

Yeah, this. None of them are intellectually brave enough to actually read, like, Dworkin. They want that edge they get from saying 'radical feminist' but they don't actually want to read the thousands of pages of radfem literature about women being property in the church. I'm getting really sick of them.

No. 1618

I genuinely doubt people itt have read anything either. Let's be honest.

No. 1620

Well the anon who doesn't understand female separatism clearly hasn't.

No. 1626

This is literally one of those "fellas, is it gay to suck dick?" jokes

No. 1628

i'm so tired of this shit. I'm actually really fucking pissed at how things are right now.
I hate trannies,i despise them

No. 1629

this,they're the reason some of us have to hide. Like me.
They witch hunt whoever doesn't suck troon cocks and admit they are totes real women!!!
You can get death,rape,…threats and more if you're openly GC

No. 1632

Trans people are so keen on taking the word "woman", what are biological women called in their mind? You think it'll piss them off if we started calling bio-women "life people"? Women are givers of life after all.

No. 1634

I got drunk with old friends last night and yelled at them when they called JKR a terf. RIP my longest lasting friendships but those girls believed it without even reading what she tweeted. Like, y'all were AP students, how are you this fucking gullible?

No. 1635

>ppl with vaginas
>cis men

No. 1636

They call them AFABs.

No. 1639

Hate how troons call women’s vaginas “front holes” and their own necrotic axe wounds “vaginas”.

No. 1644

File: 1578884661666.png (455.38 KB, 954x668, bg.png)

No. 1645

i've seen a lot of people defending Boy George on terfosphere twitter. on the one hand, i agree with him, and it's nice to see a gay GNC icon speaking out against self-id/pronouns. on the other hand, he went to prison for imprisoning and beating a male escort, so i don't know how much i value his opinions when he's just another perpetrator of sexual male violence. i know TRAs are citing this as a reason to write him and his opinions off as well, so he's really not the strongest ally for the gender critical movement despite his fame for androgyny/genderbending and status in gay culture.

No. 1651

Boy George used to be into the TRA shit but then his friend started peaking and I think he's peaked too now.

No. 1675

I'm not from America but I just arrived in WA to visit and the first thing I saw when I turned on the TV was an ad for "fatherhood.gov" where the message was "men, please play with your kids." I saw a billboard like it in NY, too.

Men are so broken they literally need a government initiative to tell them to acknowledge their own fucking children. How are they not embarrassed by this?

Also, does that mean this is being paid for by American tax dollars? Are women's taxes literally being used for this? It says in their about section that they're also pushing to "promote and support marriage and responsible fatherhood" meaning they're also telling men how to stay married? lmao

No. 1676

Didn't he post something like "imagine being a terf ew" a while ago? I can't find it on google. Cool if he peaked but also he can go fuck himself for attacking women as a group then realizing 6 months down the line we're right.

No. 1681

it's nice to see more and more people are peak transing and realizing trannies are bullshit and no matter how many surgery they get and hormones they stuff themselves with they'll never be real women,all they have is malicious envy toward "cis" (real) women no matter how hard they try and hide it

No. 1682

can we agree that he/him lesbians are fucking retarded? I see that shit getting pushed lately,those tards even say that "pronouns don't equal gender" and then call TiFs little bitches for feeling "insecure about their masculinity".
TRAs and libfems in general are so fucking retarded they're biting their own tail it's not even funny anymore

No. 1686

nikkietutorials is a man

No. 1688


not really surprised, this was a rumor already in the netherlands. plus i always thought something was off with the massive ass head, especially when taking pictures with actual women, you could really see the difference of head size and build>>1686

No. 1689

File: 1578944713611.jpg (1.95 MB, 3024x4032, img_1393-1.jpg)

No. 1690

What the fuck, I didn't expect this

No. 1691

File: 1578944899939.jpg (138.77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

he does pass facially but damn he big, bigger than literally any other guy he stands around too. there are some women this size though so tbh based on that alone i wouldnt be able to tell. he does pass but is enormous.

No. 1692

>>1689 holy fuck i've never actually seen or heard nikkietutorials outside of video thumbnails and whatever passing beauty drama this is horrific. google says 6'2" why wasn't this clocked immediately

No. 1693

Because Dutch women tend to be tall in general, plus it's harder to clock chubby troons, and Nikkie always wears that heavy instagram drag-tier makeup

No. 1696


And as usual we get the "I wanted long hair and skirts as a kid" story. Because little girls never have short hair or wear pants.

No. 1697

jesus he looks like a painted orc, truly a massive behemoth

No. 1701

He/him lesbians have been around forever like she/her gay men so it’s not something “getting pushed lately”, anon. They see gender as a performance which clashes with TRA ideology that gender is innate.

No. 1702

File: 1578948841831.jpg (240.64 KB, 1125x2436, qmifzzuf53741.jpg)

honestly, this explains a lot. The facetune abuse, the horrible fillers, his drag style of makeup, his way of talking like a gay man, his massive size. He was on puberty blockers and still came out 6'3. What a waste. He's been on youtube since he was like 13 so his parents must have started him on a medicalized path really early.

r/BeautyGuruChatter is doing the expected libfem "omg she's soooo brave i'm literally crying" bullshit but quite a few of them are talking about how his fiance was apparently not aware of any of this lmaooo.

No. 1706

As a tall woman built like a brick i feel so bad when i see this shit,no wonder some people think i'm a troon

No. 1707

that's what being a woman is to this kind of garbage human.
Pwetty skiwts and long hair and pink and boobies UwU

No. 1708

So where are the actual women beauty gurus. The top ones are either gay men or trannies now telling women how to be attractive with drag makeup

>his fiance wasn't aware of this
So he had bottom surgery? How was he not aware lol

No. 1710

>He was on puberty blockers and still came out 6'3. What a waste. He's been on youtube since he was like 13 so his parents must have started him on a medicalized path really early.
The more I see early trooners (Jazz Jennings, Remilia, the guy from Euphoria, Ella Grant…) the more it seems that the only significant changes from post-puberty trooners are a passing voice, a lower amount of body hair, and maybe slightly larger hips.

No. 1713

>So he had bottom surgery? How was he not aware lol
yes, at 19. it's mentioned in the video.

No. 1715

I don't keep up with gurus but I didn't expect that.
Is there any famous woman guru? I'm sick of gay men telling women how to dress, how to do make up, how to be women. Fuck off.

No. 1716

Of the big beauty gurus there's only Tati and Jaclyn Hill, and both of them get torrents of misogynist abuse. Tati gets called old and haggard even though she's around the same age as Jeffree Star and Jaclyn gets called trashy and slutty even though Jeffree is much trashier.

No. 1717

it's hilarious to see TiMs have a meltdown once they realize the pressure it is to be a woman,to be small,dainty,hairless,…
and also hilarious how people will give them more leeway because no matter the mental gymnastics they go through,even SJWs,they know deep inside that they're still men.
It shows whenever they get asked to define what woman means or get told the truth about not being able to change your sex they get upset

No. 1718

>I always knew I was a girl because my mom told me she was supposed to have a baby girl and I played with dolls, hair brushes, and nail polish
Oh. It is interesting how most of the top beauty gurus and MUAs are gay men/HSTS and how the extremely heavy makeup obsession is, to them, central to how they view and perform their sexuality and/or gender identity. Even many of the "cis" men in the makeup scene use SO much drag-inspired language describing themselves as ladies, girls, sisters, "she/her," using female genitalia terms to describe their own genitalia and sex life, etc.

No. 1720

There's also Jackie Aina, but as you said
>torrents of misogynist abuse

No. 1724

Lmao I never watched Nikkie but always thought he has a tranny voice, who woulda thunk. Fat trannies do pass better. Sexual dimorphism gets hidden by the obesity.

No. 1725

Wouldn’t his fiancé notice him dilating all the time or why is vagina looked so weird?

No. 1726

Sex can be used for dilation purposes, particularly after the first few years. You need to dilate multiple times a day for the first three to four years but after that it goes down to once a day or two. Nikkie is 25 and had the surgery at 19 so.

No. 1727

Yet women are obsessed with this and always praise them. It’s like how Meghan Murphy seems to be the only woman speaking up about Canadian troonery but she gets lots of supportive message from women who say they won’t speak up because they’re “too scared”.

No. 1728

Men can’t tell the difference between real vagina and neovagina. To them it’s just a fuckhole.

No. 1729

Women are so spineless. Female socialization grooms them into being handmaidens and they turn on any woman who breaks away from her programming by calling her “bitch” or “cunt”.

No. 1730

That’s the beauty industry itself. It’s run by men who make billions from women’s insecurities and enforcing misogyny. Can women stop wearing makeup already for fucks sake.

No. 1731

Why do people watch beauty gurus anyway?

No. 1732

Some of them think neovag is superior because it looks like pornified pussy. I hate even calling it a “vagina” because it’s not a vagina at all but ab open wound formed from an inverted penis.

No. 1733

What I hate most are the loud libfems who are secretly gender critical like those lesbians who shame other lesbians for not sucking troon dick but would never do so themselves. They call it “TRA on the streets, TERF in the sheets”.

No. 1734

let's not forget the ones made out of intestines who costantly leak shit kek

No. 1736

It’s “empowering” for libfems. Kek imagine watching a tranny doing makeup for 20 minutes while he throws misogynist slurs then commenting “omg you are so beautiful queen!” and feeling insecure about your pores.

No. 1737

I could understand an insecure 13 year old watching them for beauty advice but 20something year old women watching that shit need to grow the fuck up. They need to stop giving views to anti-feminist drivel unless they're the liberal feminist types who think make-up IS feminism and that participating in make-up culture is some sort of activism rather than the patriarchal expectation.

Sheila Jeffreys was right when she said make-up culture makes women stupid because they spend all their money and time on rapidly shifting trends for male approval instead of working on real self-improvement or female liberation.

No. 1738

>My mom has always supported me
She didn't want a feminine gay son, she wanted a girl since he was in the womb
He looks like a terribly made character creator that doesn't raise just the height but everything on the character.

No. 1739

Or at least go back to clean makeup that's minimal and simple. I'm sure the tims and male beauty gurus would throw a fit if women changed course and just started rejecting their drag makeup methods since they wouldn't be able to pass without those 10 step routines.

Maybe a couple out of the thousands of surgeries end up kinda decent. But still it's just a hole that your body is desperately trying to repair, hence the dilation. Take a peak over at forums of neovags and see the pics and read the horror stories. Puss, blood, literal feces and sometimes hair is expelled. Then the smell and pain. It's not surprising that alot of tims suicide even after surgery. It doesn't fix shit.

It's a giant human experiment for doctors to do these types of surgeries and should be illegal tbh. No one sane wants that.

Libfems are the final boss of picks mes

No. 1740

>liberal feminist types who think make-up IS feminism and that participating in make-up culture is some sort of activism

My lipstick is RED to symbolize the BLOOD of my enemies! My eyeliner is SHARP enough to KILL a man! I dress so POWERFULLY, I could STEAL your man! Remember ladies, spread BOOKS and spread LEGS!

No. 1741

Anons please tell me I'm not paranoid, but no farmers were overly gc in the youtubers thread on snow when news about nikkie broke, am I right? So why did mods immediately issue warnings again? And there's also already people on ot and meta complaining about us supposedly sperging, but…i don't see it? Where?
And I'm fucking sure nobody was this sensitive a year or even a couple months ago, right? Everybody on lc always used worlds like tranny, but now it appearantly immediately means that you must be an evil radfem, there's such a huge change in board culture lately

I personally would have never clocked nikkie, because I'm tall myself and therefore would never want to hurt a woman by assuming she must be a man just because she's not small and cute.

No. 1742

>Or at least go back to clean makeup that's minimal and simple.

No, women should not have to wear make-up at all. There is no expectation for men to do so because unlike women's their value as a human being is not inherently tied to their beauty.

No. 1743

judging by typing and writing style it's the same one or two anons each time. probably just a couple of handmaidens who pat themselves on the back every time they sperg out about the evil non-existent terven menace.

No. 1746

I noticed that there's on poster who always is really aggressive, types strictly in all lower case and uses lots of abbreviations, that might be the same person.
But that wouldn't be a problem if mods and admins wouldn't go along with everything they say

No. 1747

Yeah, that poster is very obvious. They always describe any GC talk as "screaming and crying" too.

Why ARE handmaidens so often very aggressive like that anyway? They always seem to be so angry and volatile like they're ready to start screaming any second if you disagree with them, no matter how polite you are.

No. 1748

What a disappointment. I stopped watching him because of his shady ass sponsorship practices, but i think he was actually quite talented without the facetune.
It's funny to see other farmers throw out the word "radfem" and terf" whenever something even remotely tranny offensive gets said. Most GC people i know, including me, aren't even radfem and hate trannies. Kiwifarms hate trannies and that place isn't radfem central, neither is 4chan or etc.
They feel justified because we're the "bad guys". We're "literally killing trans people" by just arguing about transgender politics.

No. 1749

>all the big beauty gurus are male
Men will eventually push women out of everything. Soon we will get womb transplants for men or uterine replicators so women can be made "obsolete" by society.

No. 1750

Women make a big fuss over what other women do but they can excuse men being serial killers or some other depraved shit.

No. 1752

File: 1578957684841.png (103.62 KB, 853x331, 768768.PNG)

Some say that women are stealing from the culture of the men who pretend they are women.

No. 1753

is it over the top of me to wish we could kill all men and boys and just live in a lesbian utopia until we eventually go instinct peacefully before the world collapse?

No. 1754

But it's not self-lubricating or muscular tissue. Wouldn't his fiance be confused as to why Nikkie never "got wet" or why the vagina never contracted?

No. 1755

Kinda surprising but not at the same time. The weight really does hide it better. Well, that and choosing to be filmed from the chest up, at most.
Lisa Eldridge and pixiwoo, though they're not as famous as the typical Youtube beauty guru types. Probably because they're women and they actually know what the fuck they're doing.

No. 1756

So fucking cringe. What is the logic behind worshiping gay men but not being fujo?

No. 1757

come on bro

No. 1758

>implying boys don't kill, rape, or harass girls

No. 1759

Some straight women just want a gay best friend as an accessory. Fujos who take their worship of gay men too far end up trooning out.

No. 1760

Kek, in Thailand TiMs are over-represented in politics while women are under-represented but if they changed the law to count TiMs as women then people would think Thailand is so progressive since there are so many women in politics.

No. 1761

Doubt it. Look at the state of tras now. They're so hostile to everyone that any article published has to have comments off. Those with comments are filled with peoples criticism about the bs trans agenda being pushed so aggressively and suddenly. The train ride will stop as more libfems peak and vote quietly. Which I think it's happening now. Trans politics is so damn black and white and tras are narrowing their allies down.

No. 1763

Men have had womb envy, a desire to control women's bodies, and the field of gynaecology long before the TRA shitshow started.

No. 1764

then they will have no one to blame everything on and will kill each other off, till no one is standing on earth anymore. that would be funny to witness honestly

No. 1765

*and the field of gynaecology was a big playground for men

No. 1766

>When a literal baby girl (like, months old) was raped and feminists were talking about violence towards girls etc, Katelyn Burns said that the babies "gender" had nothing to do with the rape.


No. 1767

File: 1578963759501.jpg (2.33 MB, 1236x1167, Céline.jpg)

No woman wants their clown makeup and style.
Same with fashion. Look how Céline, a brand for women by a woman, became this coked Parisian girl fantasy made by a gay man.

No. 1768

Lmao @ all the women crying over how "stunning and brave" Nikkie is for actually being a man the whole time. I knew a TiF who came out to her men's football team by telling them she was born female and they all turned against her, started blaming her for the reason why their team was doing so poorly or said that it was no wonder her performance was bad. Then she started getting rape threats in her email and people in the local community called her "cuntboy" behind her back.

No. 1770

lmao shit he didn't tell his fiance? I wonder if that's why he left. I'm sorry but how do you get fooled into thinking a piece of colon is a vagina? If he was trooned out as a kid the dick usually stops growing so they have to do the colon graft ala Jazz Jennings and Kim Petras.

No. 1771

oops looks like you can't just opt out of being a woman!

No. 1772

You can't opt out of being a man either because TiMs still get women worshipping the ground they walk on. Just saw a post about how TiMs will be able to receive womb transplants in the future and all the women in the comments were like "I wish I had more than one uterus to donate!"

No. 1774

>"I wish I had more than one uterus to donate!"
i cannot vomit hard enough. i know it's part of their socialization but DAMN, the willingness to break their own backs to service them is some nightmarish shit. some of it has to just be stupidity, i'm sorry, plain and simple. there's a difference between offering up more than men ever would, because of your socialization, and literally wanting to serve your uterus on a platter to shimbos who you aren't even like, romantically involved with. at least tradthots are intending on getting something out of choosing to objectify themselves like that. enthusiastic bootlicking for literally no end goal is so much worse.

No. 1775

File: 1578968233261.png (20.91 KB, 521x326, 98798.PNG)

No. 1776

girls, I'm having a huge crisis. This Nikkie thing hit me like a ton of bricks, its like I realized that all I do all the things I follow come from men, gay men, and now trannies. I like femenine things but what the heck is even that anymore? if it all comes from them… fashion, make up… everything… I'm legit sad lmaohelp

No. 1777

Men invented femininity in the first place, anon.

No. 1778

>caring about fashion and make-up in 2020
Girl, wake the fuck up.

No. 1779

I often see articles on mainstream media about how gay men or men of color can be misogynistic because they are men yet never anything about how trans-identified men are misogynists. Instead they are portrayed as the victims and somehow women are oppressing them. Why out of every group of men do we excuse the men who think they can get uterus or vulva transplants lmao.

No. 1780


literally it's an upturned ballsack, it's not superior in anyway

No. 1781

So things women have that men don't:

-Ovaries/ability to rear children
-Mother's instinct
-Ability to exist peacefully without associating everything with sex
-Ability to exist peacefully without trying to find excuses to commit violence
-A natural desire for healthy community which doesn't revolve around money
-No power complex
-No obsessions with particular body parts
-Doesn't think every stranger needs to service your body parts
-Good at looking after animals
-Intelligent without boundaries, distractions
-Can be a high achiever and create art without having some dark history of sexual assault or worse to counter it
-Respect for other humans
-Generally softer and prettier regardless of size or shape
-Better humans
-Not the people who do 96% of the murders and rapes
-Generally great
-Find it easier to be good friend, loyal, kind etc than a man does/can be a good human without financial or sexual motivation
-A creative mind that is constantly changing, learning and growing

Makeup and hair and shit are not what makes us female, but being pretty with comparitively low effort is something all women have.

No. 1782

>Mother's instinct
>Good at looking after animals
>Generally softer and prettier regardless of size or shape

This is just sexist stereotyping. What the fuck are you doing in a gender critical thread if you believe in this gender essentialist bullshit?

No. 1783

Not gonna but you sound pretty delusional if you didn't know men have been controlling the beauty industry since forever and make billions of dollars out of telling women they're ugly and brainwashing them into self-objectification.

>being pretty with comparitively low effort is something all women have.
Being female means being of the sex which creates ova, it has nothing to do with looking pretty. That itself is sexist.

No. 1784

This is compared to men. See men raise every child and tell me that women aren't better at it. We're better at it because we are simply better humans who don't exist to fuck, kill, and manipulate others. Women literally have higher empathy than males.

No. 1785

I hope you realize the stereotype of women having "higher empathy" (as well as other "qualities" like submissiveness, lower intelligence, and being more emotional) are all the same things males say to argue the existence of a "female brain" and justify women's role in society to be babymaking machines.

No. 1786

Again, compared to males. I assume anon is confused by what they see as feminine things being coopted by males, however the immense effort those males have gone to (surgery, drugs, etc) in order to invade women's communities shouldn't be understated.
Jeffree star openly hates women and gays yet that is his entire customer base. They insert themselves into things they hate as a power game.

No. 1787

File: 1578969932479.jpg (383.81 KB, 2707x1800, f324243.jpg)

lmao even when you try to uplift women you resort to sexist stereotypes and put emphasis on women's worth being tied to their attractiveness.

No. 1788

They would make us subordinate to them even if we had lower empathy; all they have is physical strength over us. Men have almost no empathy or ability to love, it's a fact which isn't a negative reflection on women but on men.

Don't consider your biological traits as bad simply because they are used as "excuses" by manipulative sociopaths, who would abuse women even if our only difference (sexual dimorphism) was in height and weight. Everything males do is about power.

No. 1790

Literally what are you talking about. Women are not biologically more empathetic. They are socialized into because of gender. This is literally gender essentialism.

No. 1791

It was in relevance to Nikkie tutorials, a literal beauty youtuber?

People on this board are dumb; you really just want to slit your own wrists and be unhappy. You actually argue against biological facts about yourself because muh male abuse.


Enjoy arguing amongst yourselves.

No. 1792

how can you argue that women are naturally more empathetic because of biology but then argue against the existence of male/female brains then?

No. 1797

THANK YOU. This drives me insane that "radfems" do this. A highly upvoted post on /r/gc the other day was talking about how women are naturally more people focused and men are more object focused. Way to support men in their "women belong in carer roles not in STEM" arguments.

No. 1801

Shut the fuck up. You are not revolutionary by saying women are naturally more nurturing or pretty. This is the same gender essentialism that cultures have used for millennia to argue that women's role as a sex object or babymaker is innate and unchangeable.

r/gendercritical is full of conservatives or "terfservatives".

No. 1807

I feel sorry for those who view the world through male eyes and think empathy is a bad trait to have.
Listening to male excuses for abuse is also a mistake. They abuse and control because they enjoy it, not because of "reasons."

This board will be nuked soon so you can have circular arguments with yourselves somewhere else.

No. 1809

Rule of thumb: if a man would find it sexy or endearing, it's man-approved femininity. If a man would find it weird or stupid, proceed.

Not a perfect example, but a lot of dudes think Lolita is fucking weird and that's why it became so popular.

No. 1813

Lol at this reaction. Do you throw tantrums in real life when people tell you you're wrong? Women aren't naturally more empathetic. At most, we're socialized to act like we are.

Are you samefagging? Literally no one said empathy was bad, just that it's retarded to claim women are somehow more empathetic. Unless you have something other than bullshit pseudoscience to back that up.

No. 1818

May I direct you towards: Male crime stats. 96% of murders. 96% of child rape/pedophilia. (hard to find adult rape stats but it's likely to be the same, most victims of rape are female)
If you really think all crime can be attributed to male socialization alone, and otherwise males and females are exactly the same? If women were socialized differently we would all be rapin' children and killing? Nothing to do with testosterone's effect on the human body? k

No. 1819

>I feel sorry for those who view the world through male eyes and think empathy is a bad trait to have.
Nobody said empathy was a bad thing but the irony of you saying "male eyes" when you're saying the exact same things males do.

>Listening to male excuses for abuse is also a mistake. They abuse and control because they enjoy it, not because of "reasons."

Abusing others can give you material benefits. Capitalism is a system that rewards human greed where people are slowly destroying the Earth and each other but they won't stop because they get money; Europeans invented racism to put colonized people into subhuman categories and justify exploiting them; men put women into a subordinate category and groomed the sexes using gender so they can have women be their caretakers and fucktoys, but most importantly, babymakers (they strictly control the woman's reproductive system to ensure paternity). These systems of oppression didn't just pop up out of nowhere and get re-enforced for fun.

No. 1820

Then by that logic you're also saying that it is natural for females to be sexually abused and raped since they are so nurturing and lack violence.

No. 1822

Ok, so which hormone makes women feel empathetic?

No. 1832

>empathy is bad

I hope wherever you guys move to has less pointless infighting. The original post that led to this dumb subthread was a specific reply to one anon with reference to Nikkie Tutorials. It was not a thesis, just a simple summary for someone who thinks femininity is based around makeup/"female" interests alone, and was therefore distressed to find out that men were the ones running the show.

The argument is not that women have more of x, but that men have none (yet again, please look at the crime stats, and the specific horrors of some crimes, you cannot argue that men have any empathy)

I repeat again: women do not have "more", men have none.
If men are more object focused and women more people focused, that means women can concentrate on both objects and people, where men can only focus on objects.

You need to view these statements as descriptions of male deficiency. Women can do x and y, men can either only do y or neither.
It seems you guys are viewing things in binary terms of either/or instead of correctly seeing men as broken humans who are unable to do the basics.

No. 1836

To be fair I am pretty sure on average women actually do have higher levels of oxytocin.
Still a retarded point since the vast majority of men will never commit a violent crime in their life. Just as bad as aut-righters going on about how blacks commit 50% of the murders, even though that's like 0.0000001% of black people taking a life.

No. 1840

Whats the point of this other than to celebrate your fortune and shit on the misfortune of others?
Congrats you got a supporting mom, do pass, and transitioned early. Take that 99.99% of trans people that will never be as lucky as I am.
I fucking hate "coming out" stories like this. You did nothing stunning or brave. You didn't indure any hardships. You're as privileged as they come.

No. 1863

Women only get a biological boost to produce oxytocin after birth or during breastfeeding to encourage bonding with a baby but that’s not something that can last your whole life. Oxytocin must be generated through positive interactions so many women may have higher levels because they have more of an opportunity to produce it due to being more communicative or the intimacy provided to them from female friendships while a lot of men feel like they need to keep their emotions to themselves or avoid getting to close to their male friends because of their fear of looking homosexual. Both females and males have the same levels of oxytocin when they are young but it starts changing as they get older due to socialisation.

No. 1867

Samefagging but a major trigger for oxytocin is physical contact. Look at how often female friends hug or touch each other when compared to men. Of course men can hug each other too but they have a stigma against being too physically affectionate which destroys that chance of creating oxytocin.

No. 1886

Funny I never participated in these gg threads but I wonder if the nicholastutorials whiteknights are troons or actual women? Be ashamed if latter, fuck you if first.

No. 1924

When I first saw the euphoria trailer I thought how nice it is that they have hired an ugly woman as one of the main characters since you never see that but it was a fucking troon lmao

No. 1934

Euphoria's fandom is so funny because the showrunners obviously want everyone to ship Rue (Zendaya's character) and Jules (the trans character) but most of the fandom likes Rue with Lexi (a side character who doesn't get much screen time) instead. And it makes all the troons in the fandom mad as hell.

No. 1981

File: 1579019851856.jpg (936.56 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200114-113021.jpg)

I saw this thread on twitter, clicked the profile, and of course it's a mentally ill troon with a "headmate"
Only trannies get angry about dumb bullshit like this.

No. 1982

Welcome to being “female” on the internet, asshole.

No. 1990

They'll say that online to show support uwu but how many would actually do that? There are way more women peaked than it's being shown

No. 1998

They’re so delusional. Don’t they know that on 90% of the web, people will assume you are male?

No. 2009

For them it's about ~validating~ their ~gender identity~, for women it's the hundreds of years of systematic oppression and invalidation of their whole being.

No. 2012

honestly when i read this i can only hope he and others like kill themselves quick.
How the fuck did they let a man with a ""headmate"" get on tit pills? Ah well,at least with shit like this more and more women will peak trans faster i can only hope

No. 2015

during a conversation with my libfem friend, she started to express gc opinions and then backtracked and apologized. welp

No. 2019

File: 1579037667044.png (230.11 KB, 564x819, kekk.PNG)

Look at this shit i found on this lunatic man's twitter
Somehow it's incredibly enjoyable to see them face the truth they'll never be a real woman and seethe about it because deep down they know WE are right.

Good,good,this is how i began anon.
We are starting to be more and more

No. 2020

Did anybody else never have a “libfem phase”? I always hated prostitution, I knew my sex was crucial to how I was treated, and I never supported trans people. As a kid I identified as simply “feminist” and I became interested in radical feminism as I started reading more feminist theory because I began to see just how horrible men were. But also I am not white and my family was poor so that might explain why I was never involved with the pro-capitalist liberal type of feminism that seems very concerned with arguing that make-up is actually empowering or thinking that female millionaires should be getting “equal pay” to male millionaires.

No. 2023

I don’t think women of color living in non-Western countries are big on (neo)liberal feminism in general since patriarchy and capitalism affect their lives so terribly. Even WoC in Western countries tend to care for it less unless they are assimilationists who want to “act white” or they got brainwashed at a Western college (so many people I know became “liberals” after attending colleges in the West kek).

No. 2024

I was a liberal feminist since it is the mainstream and dominant form of feminism where I live in Europe but even then I had many issues with it because they are so pro-prostitution. I thought how could it be feminist if it is just supporting what men already want? Feminism needs to challenge male power and make them uncomfortable.

No. 2025

I was never pro-sex work even in my libfem phase. Like >>2024, I could never understand how that was feminist or even just a good thing.

No. 2027

Radical feminism was just an extension of the basic feminism I grew up with: gender is fake, make-up is sexist, men control women because of reproduction

I never was indoctrinated into liberal feminism because I had no experience with Tumblr or Twitter (I think most people get into trans cult shit through there). I was supportive of trans people getting surgery so they wouldn’t kill themselves but I struggled with using their pronouns and I did not believe TiMs experienced any of the same oppression women did. I still don’t think transphobia exists and it’s just misogyny or homophobia.

No. 2028

as cruel as it seems,good thing troons tend to kill themselves hopefully more do this year

No. 2029

Lol on this site I feel like a lot of the userbase had massive internalized misogyny from growing up on places like 4chan then shitting on other women on LC before getting pulled into liberal feminism because of Tumblr/Twitter. Then they either peak trans and become a radfem or remain a libfem who feels like they need to defend troons from the “TERF menace”.
My story is unusual in that I was always sympathetic to communism so I had that strong distaste for liberals in general but as many of you are aware, communism (the whole left, really) has a troon infestation that has been going on for over a decade. While radical feminism has always been a part of the radical left, it was hated by a lot of leftist men and now it’s even more hated because it’s “transphobic” and they make up bullshit about it how it lacks “material reality” or is “revisionist”. The only Marxist collective I know that seems to support radical feminism is Redline while everyone else is a part of the Pronoun Party these days.

No. 2030

I also questioned the beauty industry like cosmetic surgery, fashion, and make-up but all the big feminist publications were saying they were good so I just assumed I did not know any better. I still believed in liberalism or “freedom” which give you the illusion of choice. Btw, I am from France so it’s very sex-positive feminism.

No. 2031

I’m assuming you are/were a Marxist/socialist feminist too?

No. 2032

I could never support troons getting surgery since men changing their body to “look female” will never not be a caricature of actual womanhood. You can only be a woman if you were born a woman. I used to read the Wikipedia page about gender transition and was disturbed by the descriptions that they would get surgery to “feminize” the face, they choose the design of the labia they want, the “vagina” serves its “purpose” if it is deep enough for a penis to penetrate it, they learn how to apply make-up (because that is so ~inherent~ to being female), they train their voice to become higher pitched and adopt “feminine speech patterns” from a voice coach.

No. 2037

What annoys me the most is that laser hair removal is a part of these gender affirmation surgeries. They really wanna act like women are hairless when I know some women with more body hair than some men.

No. 2040

A lot of TiMs think women have hairless legs.

No. 2042

I know! They want to be hairless,have big tits,a high voice,good makeup,wear dresses,get fucked "like a girl"…
Tell me again how they aren't fulfilling a fetish or mocking us?

But on the other hand,if they do none of this it'll be even more obvious (if not equally) that they're trannies,there's no winning for them and for that i'll admit i feel bad. They can't ever be a woman no matter what they'll do.

No. 2047

I hate dieting culture so much. Women are expected to be thin and literally die for that look. A lot of women exercise because they wanna look sexy and not for health reasons so they refuse to do resistance training because they think they will get “bulky” or gain too much muscle so they will “look like a man” which is a stupid ass and sexist reason because they think women should be “petite” and harmless (also way to shit on female athletes). Muscle development is crucial for bone density which is very important for women as they get older (bad joints).

No. 2048

Men can wear dresses and apply make-up too but they are too sexist to do that without a “female form”. I miss the days when men could be GNC and not troon out.

No. 2060

>A lot of women exercise because they wanna look sexy.

Meanwhile I'm just trying to reach that conventionally acceptable body so that I can be treated human. Because society is exceptionally ruthless towards too skinny, too bulky, or too fat women. Or any women who don't serve to aesthetically please strangers, really.

No. 2073

>I thought how could it be feminist if it is just supporting what men already want?

Liberal feminism is feminism for handmaidens. Every single element of it is to the benefit of males. It sends a confusing message to women that you can either support men 100%, or be a liberal feminist and support men 100%

Radical feminism which actually supports women is of course, "bad", and men and liberal feminists are allowed to send death threats to radical feminists for not supporting males 100%, which is what feminism is all about.

No. 2078

File: 1579053143247.jpg (406.03 KB, 1125x1841, IMG_20200114_215147.jpg)

No. 2090

Not exactly. Liberal feminists do care about equal pay and abortion rights and it is important to work with them on those issues. The problem with liberal feminism is that it is neoliberal, meaning it favors free-market capitalism so it is supportive of the sex and beauty industries. And because it is liberalism, it believes in individualism so that all women are free to engage in whatever they want as long as they have the "choice" to. Liberal feminists are primarily concerned with the legal and political reforms rather than dismantling social constructs like radical feminists. The first-wave feminists were all liberal feminists since they wanted to give women the right to vote and other legal protections.

No. 2091

I always thought there was something incredibly off/fake about nikkietutorials' voice. I guess now I know what it is.

No. 2097

Liberal feminism views women as individual agents under patriarchy, rather than focusing on class analysis like radical feminism due to radical feminism being heavily informed by Marxism. It's a bliss to be ignorant of how much males have hated females for millennia and you feel good about yourself if you apply the post-modernist approach of re-framing every action you make as a "feminist" one, such as wearing make-up.

But to say "Every single element of it is to the benefit of males" in liberal feminism is blatantly false. There are some good things that came out of liberal feminism like girls being allowed an education and women being allowed to vote.

I just think liberal feminism is useless and ineffective in the long-run as the whole system was created for the benefit of males so just changing some laws to give women certain rights still doesn't fix the underlying issues of male supremacy. I can see how radical feminism is not applicable to most everyday, ordinary women since it's so academic in nature and it can be very distressing to see how misogyny permeates every facet of society. Liberal feminism is much more easy to embrace and "useful" because the average woman cares more about making as much money as her male counterparts than she does about worldwide femicide rates.

No. 2103

File: 1579067608826.jpg (160.33 KB, 940x788, 5fde62f3-e3e0-4e94-9cd4-82fc4a…)

No. 2106

>"We're not the ones reducing each other to our genitals!"
You guys love it when your friends and family do, though.

No. 2107

wow when i first heard this news i felt sick, i cant believe i ever felt bad for her, i remember her old 'natural' makeup look which was still really piled on and felt bad for her thinking she was really self conscious and was happy and surpised when i heard she was so tall, it felt great to be represented as a tall woman out there, i also felt bad for her obviously far back hairline but now i just realise its a regular mans hairline. honestly fuck this guy, i dont believe for a second he wanted to share this one day he definitely wanted to stealth for as long as he can, even his own boyfriend didnt know, thats so fucked, he deserves to be left by his bf after the lies and humiliation he caused to him. fuck nikkies mother for destorying her gay son for life. and fuck beauty industry and community, its not art, its just another chore the world expects women to do to be deemed normal, fags have to put in effort to not conform but a woman who exists naturally as herself is nonconforming with no effort. fuck the fags, trannys and men who profit over womens insecurities and tell them they only have worth if theyre beautiful. sorry for sperging, someone wake me up in 3020 when this clown shit and pseudoscience is over

No. 2108

It's because liberalism requires higher education and wealth. Most low income households are not about liberalism unless someone in the house has friends who end up being middle class. I guess it's considered more "conservative" these days to be gender critical because it's based on actual facts and not having too much time on your hands in a college classroom.

No. 2111

With the Nikkietutorials thing, I have to wonder where all these people going “well to be fair Dutch women are a race of manfaced giants UwU” are really coming from. I know very tall women and I know women with more masculine features but all of them are still clearly female. Seeing pictures of this guy next to actual women makes it obvious something’s up, and apparently trans rumours about him had been circulating in the Netherlands for a good while. I can’t help but feel that people are just jumping at any excuse to neg an entire country of women by implying we all basically look like men.

Crocheters are so fucking weird.
>t. knitter

No. 2116

Trans activism is also a very Western concept and the West sees itself as the torchbearer of modernity and progressiveness so there's a lot of Western chauvinism with how they view non-Western nations as "backwards" for not embracing nebulous concepts like "gender identity".

No. 2117

>Distilling the femaleness to its barest essentials- an open mouth, an expectant asshole, blank, blank eyes
This is why trannies deserve to die

No. 2118

Embracing LGBT rights can make your country look better to the West. Although it is ironic that many countries with little to no influence from Abrahamic religions before colonization were generally more accepting of homosexuality until they were forced to convert to Christianity and homosexuality was made illegal. In a lot of cultures, they were put into a "third gender" category or tolerated if they fulfilled their other social obligations while those of Abrahamic faiths saw homosexuality as a "choice" brought about by demonic temptation so if you were gay then you'd be put in prison or executed.

No. 2120

Honestly I like that he’s writing these things with his name and face attached, so no handmaidens can cry that it’s all a fake terven strawman. He’s saying the things that most TIMs believe, out loud, for everyone to hear. This sort of thing helps people peak.

No. 2121

Surprised he didn't mention pussy since they all want to stick their dicks in one so badly. But it might be because he doesn't have one.

No. 2123

Wtf he transitioned at 14?

No. 2146

File: 1579094429609.jpeg (33.26 KB, 300x400, File_000 (5).jpeg)

Those giant hands tho

No. 2147

File: 1579094466106.jpeg (211.11 KB, 1000x1333, File_000 (3).jpeg)

No. 2155

On one hand,I feel a little bad for this nice grandma who probably thinks being trans is like being gay and something she has to support if she loves her granddaughter, on the other, what the fuck?? I don't know if I could handle my older relatives making me a fucking strap-on sleeve.
I hate that this degenerate is too narcissistic to be part of the 41% statistic.
So can the handmaidens cucked by Sephora all stop doing drag makeup now that they know they just look like trannies trying to pass? Tinfoil but the push for acceptance of OTT plastic surgery and heavy makeup that makes most females look worse is to level the playing field for troons.

No. 2161

Notice the priorities of problems @ 1:00 he mentions.
fuck them.

No. 2163

Anyone here came to hate troons so much you wish you could beat them up?
I can't stand these men invading our spaces anymore,action needs to be taken. It might sound OTT and a-logging but i genuinely feel such hate toward these mentally ill failures

No. 2164

Dutch people are huge af anon

No. 2172

You just can't wake up from this madness, everyone seems to support them so much, even though to no one that's not an lgbtqueer freakshow stanner or whatever it actually makes sense.

No. 2177

Trannies brainwashed everyone but us and now we have to hide or else be hated and witch hunted.
Radfems who are publically anti trans are the real brave ones,not a man in a dress

No. 2182

>Anyone here came to hate troons so much you wish you could beat them up?
I wish I could just physically beat up men in genral, but I can't because im a 5'3 and my arms are basically twigs and the avaearge man could waste me

No. 2183

Hey so am i!
If we get on top of each other we stand a chance anon,time to stack up like pancakes

No. 2186

File: 1579111775001.png (128.23 KB, 580x469, wtff.PNG)

This is discussed plenty but i was going through some body positivity account on instagram and it pissed me off how they said that some men are flamboyant and some women are masculine as in they're challenging the gender stereotypes then wreck that by going on saying 'not everyone who gets a period is a woman….'. it fucks me up how they want to challenge gender norms then when they dont fit into these they go and change their gender, such stupidity such contradiction.

No. 2188

They want to attack gendered stereotypes then also take away biological reality from women.

No. 2190

I can't believe we live in a timeline that allows people to say "not all women have vaginas",this is madness,when will this stop?
What DOES make a woman? They can't even answer,to them it's a feeling and pretty dresses and long hair.
I am so fucking tired of this shit,handmaidens are everywhere and outnumbering us

No. 2194

I always wonder what would they say if asked about how does it feel to be a woman/man..
I usually never see them answer that, they just go full rage and scream transphobia

No. 2195

That's because they know they have no answer besides a sexist stereotype based belief

No. 2197

No, I was referring to how young he was when the transition happened. I guess Europe is more “progressive” about those things.

No. 2198

Nobody listens to radfems though. They all prefer to listen to the conservatives but the conservatives will try to bring radfems into their ranks to show how much they “care” about women.

No. 2199

radfems that ally with conservatives are fucking stupid. i know they’re desperate but conservatives treat them terribly and turn on them every time.

No. 2200

Yes, it also adds ammo to the trans conspiracy that radfems are fascists or conservatives.

No. 2202

File: 1579120412759.jpg (90.71 KB, 800x400, Schema-MRKH-EN.jpg)

Some women are born without a vagina because of Mayer–Rokitansky–Küster–Hauser syndrome (Müllerian agenesis). It has nothing to do with transgenderism though.

No. 2203

They don't, and never have had a dick though, that's the key point

No. 2210

File: 1579129080259.jpg (143.11 KB, 1280x960, 56457.jpg)

Does anyone have images like this please? Dump them before GC dies for good.

No. 2211

File: 1579129102997.jpg (195.63 KB, 1280x720, 868690.jpg)

No. 2212

File: 1579129261992.jpg (129.26 KB, 750x861, 213213.jpg)

No. 2213

File: 1579129966610.jpg (91.94 KB, 750x812, 295974~1.JPG)


No. 2214

File: 1579129998779.jpg (56.2 KB, 640x800, 316767~1.JPG)

No. 2215

File: 1579130043743.jpg (87.94 KB, 750x750, TUMBLR~4.JPG)

No. 2216

Since GC is in terminal care and will fade away soon enough, I wanted to reflect on the history of GC on this site.
>2-3 years ago people with GC views started surfacing and debating in trans cow threads
>Noticed that there are other like-minded people, decide to put up a GC thread (originally transpassing thread I think which got merged with several others) to centralize the discussion
>Everything goes well for a long time, GC threads start getting more and more traction
>Out of literally nowhere admin/the mod team starts having a problem with GC and GCposters are accused of "constant infighting" and other cardinal sins of the board
>I'm confused, the GC thread has always been informative and has probably the least infighting or spergery on the whole board
>Suddenly people start complaining about "pronoun derailing" very aggressively on /meta/, accusing GC posters of derailing threads because they make ">she" greentext comments or "stop calling that thing a she", something that really doesn't deviate from other ways of shitting on people playing into cow delusions
>Admin, without warning, merges the RF thread, GC thread and PP thread, only gets madder and madder when GCposters demand their thread back because it had, and still doesn't have, nothing to do with PP and a lot of GCposters don't identify as radfem
>Infighting and even more spergery ensues
>At some point people really start forcing the "admin is a tranny" narrative and become extremely hostile, something that simply hasn't been seen in the GC threads which have always been appropriate and matter-of-fact unlike the traditional manhate threads which is basically for venting and thus clashes with the regular GC posters
>All thorough this whenever GC people try to ask for reasoning why they're being treated this way the admin becomes even more enraged, people camping /meta/ jump in to tell them that "we don't want your kind here"
>Suddenly admin wants GC in particular off the site with no explanation whatsoever
>What the fuck happened?

I honestly NEVER see those "why can't we just kill and slaughter all these nasty troons amirite fellow girls" sort of posts in GC threads. A lot of posters in these threads are ex-TRAs, detransitioners, desisters, GNC, other people who take the issue to heart and understand why people feel gender dysphoria. How come the most mean-spirited and violent posts always appear outside of this thread? Did the men utilize a Trojan horse attack? The price of anonymity comes with the fact that you never know who actually started the "admin is a tranny" meme and pissed her off.

Anyway good bye girls, I hope to find a compensating place where I can continue the discussion. 3 years ago I was a tranny in making and a TRA, now I'm proud to be a woman, appreciate my gender more than ever and am much more in terms with my homosexuality. I'm thankful to the person who kept on "infighting and derailing" with me and changed my mind those years ago.

No. 2219

4 years ago we had whole threads about how troonery is obvious bullshit

No. 2221

File: 1579138417280.jpg (328.92 KB, 870x1403, 20200116_033302.jpg)

Fuck these people. Seriously.

No. 2222

OP is probably a troll/parody since by troon ideology him being supposedly trans would overwrite him being a gay man to being a straight woman. Who knows at this point though.

No. 2223

Maybe Turing was a "man-aligned non-binary".

No. 2225

It's a troll

No. 2226

File: 1579141474405.jpg (362.2 KB, 870x1533, 20200116_042233.jpg)

Really hope the replies are trolling too. But for real, it wouldn't even surprise me, since homosexuals do get castrated by forced transitioning and everyone just thinks they're stunning and brave transwomen.

No. 2228

They're not trolls but op is internet edgelord shitposter but somehow that translates to terf to them?

No. 2231

I think they're talking about the original post? Like they think that a terf made the post claiming that turing was trans to sow contempt for trans politics

No. 2236

File: 1579149997858.png (108.92 KB, 1868x916, imgonnamissyoulasses.png)

Some OC for future use. Someone can redo it better because I only have a shitty mouse.
Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. RIP.

No. 2237

I love this

No. 2239

File: 1579151155873.jpg (91.55 KB, 606x1074, FahIEgud.jpg)

Is it just me or are TIM fantasies of "putting terfs in their place" with their dicks really rapey

No. 2241

>edgelord makes joke about alan turing being trans because he took estrogen as a punishment for homosexuality
>"this is terf bullshit"

No. 2242

I want to know why they seem so obsessed with lesbians? I thought the old trans stereotype in the movies was that they "tricked" straight men.

No. 2243

That's quite redundant because radical feminism is "trans exclusionary" by default. There isn't a "trans inclusive" form of radical feminism unless you have cognitive dissonance or are making shit up.

No. 2244

>sex work is work
>makeup is empowering
>it's a feminist action if you think it's feminist
>heterosexuality can be queer
>not all men
>femininity is just as powerful as masculinity
>people are oppressed for their gender and not sex
>you can be a woman if you feel like a woman
>sex is a spectrum

No. 2246

This yt creator made a short 7min reply video to Nikki coming out as trans in a very reasonable and polite tone. His main points:

Transpeople should let a potential partner know they are trans upon meeting and understand that some may prefer not to date trans.

When Nikki describes feeing like a girl, she does so by saying she liked doing stereotypical girly things, such as playing with dolls and painting her nails. Dude points out that how both boys and girls can like and do such activities, and questions why it equates to being a girl.

vid got posted to reddit here ( https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/epby76/transphobia_labeling_has_gone_too_far/ )and it has been upvoted like crazy. the comment section is also surprisingly civil.

No. 2247

Lol men only care about this Nikkie issue because they have always been afraid of sleeping with trannies.

No. 2249

If they don't disclose their trans status and have sex with someone then would it count as "rape by deception"? That's a literal crime.

No. 2250

File: 1579159811548.jpeg (148.11 KB, 750x434, 9F6C8F6E-F4FD-46A5-8B89-360917…)

Sorry, I summarized the first part poorly - his main point was that wanting to know your partner’s status as trans upon meeting (rather than after dating and falling in love) should not be called transphobic and is in fact a very reasonable thing to want to know.

Rape by deception laws are usually very narrow in the US, but apparently in the UK, yes. See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_by_deception (I screenshot the relevant section).

No. 2253

>Cook also fears that the law’s ambiguity could be taken even farther, suggesting the issue of deception could ensnare people who have had cosmetic surgery, married people having affairs, or even those who have had previous partners who their current partner are not accepting of.

>“Surely a racist could complain to a judge that he felt used after realising that the woman he slept with had previously had a black partner, or the homophobe object when discovering that his girlfriend had ‘experimented’ with other women at Uni.”

Why do the ALWAYS compare their struggles to racial ones and bring up black people

No. 2257

>or the homophobe object when discovering that his girlfriend had ‘experimented’ with other women at Uni.
Tbh many men view female/female relationships as "lesser" or not "real" relationships when compared to male/female relationships but also not "repulsive" or "deranged" like male/male relationships so they don't care that much. Others would be turned on or excited by it since they fetishize f/f relationships. It's why so many straight men with bi girlfriends want threesomes with another woman joining in, or they are okay with their bi wife cheating on him with other women but would freak out if she cheated on him with a man. They like to think "all woman are a little bi" but prefer men or will eventually settle down with a man, and that lesbians don't really exist.

No. 2259

I knew a man who got mad at his girlfriend for cheating on him with a woman, so some men do care

No. 2260

I work in highschools doing prevention work and I definitely am seeing extreme mixed reactions to troons from the students, many young girls tend to be torn between extreme sjws and anti sjws mainly because of troons

why the fuck is this always presented as a binary, like you’re only allowed to agree with the entirety of a mainstream leftism otherwise you're a hardcore conservative and this often pushes young girls to conservative spaces

No. 2263

The feminism popular at schools is one that promotes complacency, terminates independent thinking, and keeps males comfortable since all of society is structured to cater towards males. Schools are full of that same liberal activism just like everywhere else. For so long I thought things like racism or sexism were just "harmful opinions" people had rather than intricate systems that permeated all of society. This is why I laugh when people say they aren't sexist because "they don't think like that". Everyone is sexist since we live in a sexist world. We all internalize, normalize, and were socialized in that shit even if we don't realize it.

No. 2264

I can understand the difference in reaction since at the end of the day another man can get his gf pregnant.

No. 2265

You're kinda part of the problem, girls these days are probally more hostile to the term feminism then millennial women, im honestly scared for the future

No. 2266

>blaming women for men oppressing them

No. 2268

They also don't know what feminism is. I don't give a shit if women take an interest in mainstream feminism or not because that movement is harmful in the long run to women as a whole.

No. 2269

File: 1579169659748.png (114.55 KB, 627x275, 33223.png)

>sex is a spectrum

No. 2270

This is true though, 99% of troons are spergs.

No. 2271

I don't know why you think that's a bad thing when the popular, liberal brand of feminism today is the primary reason we have this tranny mess in the first place. Trannies just piggybacked onto the feminist movement and let women do all the hard work for them. Libfems will elevate their male voices over women and even offer to donate their fucking wombs to them. If more girls reject feminism then that could start a reform for the movement.

No. 2272

Its pushing girls more to the rightwing, which is worrying, I would rather deal with a dozen libfem young girls over 1 becoming conservative

No. 2273

Girls who end up embracing the right are usually class traitors because they'll gladly be racist as fuck if it means men will like them so they were never that concerned with women's rights in the first place.

No. 2274

Do you want another Margaret Thatcher, because if we keep pushing smart young girls away from the left we might end up creating another Thatcher

No. 2275

There's a problem with a lot of "radfems" right now who praise conservative views. Although most were already conservatives and just pretend they're radfems to not look like your typical conservative bigot.

What women need to do is let young girls know that there is a space for them in feminist movements that actually prioritize their interests. Women should really be speaking up against it but most won't in real life because the female socialization makes them cowardly.

Speak up against it then? Like, seriously, go start up collective about it. I'm from Argentina and we legit get into fistfights with trannies over this shit. A lot of people hate us but we are getting our message across. You need to take action instead of whining.

No. 2276

Why are you bringing up a neoliberal, anon?

No. 2277

Is she the first girl he's ever been with? That could be why.

No. 2279

Wow, that means the poor guy's not only been deceived by his tranny bf for years but he's only ever put his penis into another penis and never a real vagina.

No. 2281

Thatcher choosed to highlight her intelligence and strength and rarely brough ever being a woman. I know women who have faced far more then me from men in the workplace and who laugh in their faces. Women who are strong as hell and have the tools for a war of words. My longtime boss is like her. I admire her so much. She faced plenty of sexist shit and she beat them all. even though she was a conservative I respected her strength

No. 2283

newfag pls

No. 2284

No offense but you sound really dumb.

No. 2287

He's still never been with a girl then.

No. 2288

Bisexual women who date straight men are vulnerable to abuse because of male jealousy though. Although a lot of pornsick men fetishize bisexual women, a lot of men hate them for having another "unnatural" option with which he can't compete.

No. 2289

>Because Dutch women tend to be tall in general
But Nikkie is the height of the average Dutch man, not woman.

No. 2290

I am aware of that, they are also presumed to be "slutty" so they have the highest rate of abuse from male partners.

No. 2291

6'2 is not too uncommon for certain Dutch women, its the equivalent of a woman being 5'9 outside the Netherlands

No. 2292

Regret lurking r/manmadepussy. Truly some nightmares there

No. 2294

Latvian woman are on average taller than Dutch women and I knew one who was 1.94 m. Correct that Nikkie doesn't fall in the average Dutch female height but there are always people who are outliers.

No. 2295

Kek, I remember seeing how people would always skew those statistics to say that lesbians were actually the most abusive group and claim that "male domestic violence is a myth".

No. 2296

It will only really reform things if they know there’s an alternative to liberal feminism other than anti-feminism, though. Growing up I always thought that liberal feminism was the only kind of feminism and was called anti-feminist for not believing that sex work is empowering etc. I never embraced the anti-feminist label because I knew that those people didn’t have women’s best interests at heart either, but it was really confusing and isolating for a while. I eventually went back to liberal feminism only because I’d been browsing 4chan and other scrot hubs long enough to know that they absolutely despise us, and liberal feminism seemed very benign in comparison and I genuinely thought it was the only alternative.

I suspect so. Men often insult vaginas, calling them axe wounds and saying that they smell like rotten fish. I suppose it’s possible that a virgin guy whose first encounter with a “vagina” is an actual wound that smells like colon mucus may not realise that something’s off.

It’s not that common, and women of that height still have female proportions and are recognisable as women. Dutch women may be taller than other women on average but that doesn’t mean they look like men. Nikkie still looks like a man in drag with tons of plastic surgery by Dutch standards and rumours of his being trans had been going around for years.

No. 2299

Lmao exactly, I have Dutch female friends who are tall but they are not as massive as Nikkie. You could say Nikkie was just really fat but those broad shoulders are really unusual for a woman.

No. 2307

I remember you guys talking about the 'urinary leash' and the importance of women having private spaces to peed and I just came across this. A female hitchhiker got lost, because she was looking for a toilet. She was only found years later, while people were making an unrelated documentary. I can't help but think if she was a dude, she would still be alive. :(

No. 2308

I am absolutely NOT surprised. Her videos kept popping-up in my recommendations on YouTube and I always thought she looked 'off'. Just something about her face. A couple of weeks ago I googled if she was trans (like that commentator woman with three names, that found out she's related to Albert Fish), but there was nothing conclusive. So, I figured that's just the way she looked. I know they need to vet men before they tell them they're trans status for safety reasons, but that's not cool if Dylan didn't know all way until after engagement.

No. 2310

How come when I search Nikki I don't get content like this? How did you find it?

Looking at some of his videos he's saying the exact thing GC Feminists have been saying since forever, but of course he gets no attacks and only agreements in the comments.

No. 2313

I think it's ridiculous to claim that her death had anything to do with the concept of the "urinary leash" or sexism at all. If you want to go hiking, especially on remote trails, the first thing you should be ready to do is piss or shit in a bush or behind a tree. If that bothers you, don't do it; there aren't just stalls scattered throughout the forest for your convenience. She died because she was 66 and hiking one of the longest trails in the world by herself, which was an unfortunate but dumb mistake.

No. 2314

strangely a lot of radfems I know on radblr also watch Wubbys for some reason,

No. 2316

I found it while browsing reddit - it has 8k upvotes now (I saw it jump from 4k to 7k last night) so it was on the front page where all the popular posts are. I just recently found LC and rediscovered radfem so I am not sure how to find good creators to watch. Sorry!

No. 2317

On paper he's just another edgy commentary channel and he doesn't bring anything new to the table, but he's not an antifeminist, he calls out men for dumb shit without coming across as a male feminist either, so I guess because of these reasons a lotta radfems like his content

No. 2318


jesus christ. just as expected, they look _nothing_ like the real thing.

No. 2319

Something is bothering me about this thread if i may interject,i feel like you are telling bigger women (bigger builts,bigger hands,deeper voice,hormone imbalance or an unnatural rise of testosterone causing most of these things,…) that they look like trannies. Not going to lie,i am one myself (testosterone rise during puberty) and i feel awful about it, have been called a tranny a few times and i despise them,i despise the fact that some even look more "traditionally feminine" than i do. I don't even feel like a real woman because of it.

So,i'm asking,isn't that unfair to bigger women to call out troons on how they're built in some cases? And reinforcing the fact that women should be dainty beings? Unless we're talking Bruce Jener or Stefonknee (shudder) type of tranny,which i don't think or hope any woman looks like.

some do from what i could manage to stomach but for the most they are uncanny or straight up axe wounds.

No. 2326

File: 1579209773344.jpg (265.5 KB, 720x864, 20200116_131448.jpg)

The inceloid rhetoric is getting more unbearable by the day. When will these unfuckable hags get it through their thick skulls that no one has to fuck or date you if you're trans. Withholding that information on purpose denies them of informed consent.

No. 2328

a lot of gender critical women are women that believe in sex but also feel threatened by the concept of being misgendered to the point where they are more concerned with being validated as being a natal women over encouraging women as a whole to be able to recognize when a man born with a male skeletal structure. If you want to be a radical, you have to consider that sex is observable and immutable over being concerned with being misgendered and feeling ugly. Radical feminism at its core priortizes being able to recognize our oppressor and their tactics over fulfilling gender and beauty standards. Yes, women exist in all shapes and sizes, but women existing in all shapes does not mean we can't note how Nikki has clearly male bone structure that has been haphazardly filed down by hack surgery.

No. 2331

I was super shocked about nikki, I never really watched him since I don't like the tranny makeup shit and most I've seen of him was video thumbnails. So it's hard to see HOW BIG he actually is. I always thought he was just a fat dutch lady with a bad accent…
I hate that shit like this makes me doubt females' validity now.

No. 2332

>doubt females' validity now
Doesn't matter, women are still oppressed on the basis of their biology. You need to stop caring about clocking so damn much.

No. 2335

that's too gay if a narrative, Anon.

No. 2338

All trannies used to be HSTS because AGP were straight and were seen as "fake transsexuals" so they weren't allowed to transition. This is why the old media reflects all the trannies wanting to fuck men but of course there are way more straight men in this world and Blanchard, Bailey, etc. thought AGP deserved the right to transition too. Now we have more transbians than "straight trans women".

No. 2345

File: 1579229836687.png (563.17 KB, 705x721, 79879.PNG)

They're so sensitive.

No. 2346

File: 1579230033558.png (60.75 KB, 571x466, 1w55423323.PNG)

I miss the days when RationalWiki was decent and making fun of Conservapedia. It wasn't infested with troons yet, just a bunch of annoying nu-atheists. Their radical feminist article was actually rational but now it's full of 'TERFS ARE EVIL' propaganda.

No. 2348

Some of RFH was legit crazy with the pseudoscience but they made a lot of good points.

>fantasizing about the impending extinction of the Y chromosome, development of parthenogenesis and instigation of a lesbian utopia

This is unironically based.

No. 2349

wtf is that name? It's straight out of a mmorpg.

No. 2354

>Radfem Hub
Damn, this brings me back.

No. 2356

File: 1579236416917.jpg (18.9 KB, 680x217, EOXVZH9UUAAqnAQ.jpg)


No. 2357

Reading this radfem subreddit is making me so depressed. Women experience so much hatred from the world for being female and people still want to say their bodies are a "privilege".

No. 2369

i'm a homosexual not homogenderual thanks for asking

No. 2370

i hate being lumped in with nazis and religious people

No. 2371

Cis4cis gay is the actual gay, Steve.

No. 2374

"why won't lesbians suck my girlcock waaaaaah i'm a real woman with a diiiick"

No. 2375

File: 1579269263255.jpeg (83.91 KB, 659x436, BE826CA8-672C-4660-B0D5-1A4628…)

Is this tranny bullshit? Saw on post secret and it makes no sense. I know clits get engorged and swell up but damn

No. 2398

Either this is a tranny or female hyena.

Although the longest ever clitoris found in a woman was 12 inches long so I guess it might be possible?

No. 2401

I wanted to give people a heads up about a browser extension a lot of TRAs are passing around called shinigami eyes that highlights terfs on tumblr/facebook/reddit etc. Users have to submit you to be added to the list and it is moderated but it's pretty disturbing as someone who's not open about being GC. I downloaded it just so I know who's safe to publicly interact with.

It also highlights TRAs in green to mark them as trans friendly and trannys are mad cause it "outs" them but of course women who disagree with them are fine to expose. Especially now that having GC beliefs can cost you your job.

No. 2404

I am fucking sick of them witch hunting us and doxxing us.
When will the tranny tyranny be over?

"Tranny tyranny" sounds weirdly good for a band though,ngl

No. 2419

File: 1579306068039.png (37.83 KB, 175x214, 175px-P4Arena_ShLabrys_GroundT…)

it's feels like such a losing battle when trans have all the programming skills that it takes to force their agenda. we already lost the internet, the largest battleground, and can't even host our own imageboard. where are TERFS who code?

No. 2422

File: 1579307763165.gif (66.86 KB, 220x123, officegif.gif)

No where is safe

>shinigami eyes

LMAO it's always the weebs ain't it.

No. 2427

I don't know why, but this post carries the same energy as those "Not to sound like a faggot, but I'm totally a real woman and HontraPoints is so much hotter than me and all us other TERFs, he makes such a beautiful woman. No man would ever touch us, they only want trannies :(((" posts on /ot/ from a while back.

No. 2433

shitty energy anon here. i only have front end skills but how do i help other people make twitter bots and add-ons etc?

No. 2449

New here and new to GC feminism. I've spent years in fandom spaces, and watched a lot of friends announce that they're FTM or non-binary. I can't help but think that a lot of them only abandoned identifying as "female" because they feel uncomfortable with stereotypical gendered traits – they're not classically pretty, they don't have boyfriends, they don't like makeup/pink/skirts, and similar. In other words, they've opted out of being female instead of pushing back on what being female means.

This is the first place I've thought would understand. Thanks for listening, I guess.

No. 2451

They want to opt out of the gender but they can’t opt out of the sex. Gender is used to create a hierarchy of the sexes by giving males power and oppressing females.

No. 2458

Yep, this is quite common and it’s getting worse. I think it may be especially bad for girls and women who are really into fiction because so many fictional female characters are badly written, shallow, submissive, oversexualised and generally not something actual women identify with or want to strive for. And it’s a vicious cycle in fandom circles with people now writing “trans headcanons” for any female characters who aren’t super feminine.

No. 2461

People who are really into fandoms and fiction have a pretty bad grasp of reality.

No. 2462

Which makes them extra susceptible to trans ideology.

No. 2478

This is so fucking true though.
Tbh I admit that if I hadn’t found GC, I probably would’ve trooned out too.
Troon shit is so concentrated in fandoms it’s not surprising that people (especially young ones) fall right into it.

No. 2495

saw a tranny at work the other day. decent wig, leopard print dress, and just the most middle-age man face and voice. he was talking about something technical, so it made me think that trannies can just use their man voice to make other men take them seriously, but ~cis female privilege~ I guess.

No. 2509

File: 1579370207153.png (213.63 KB, 1226x1080, TooFaced.png)

If you are using makeup, you might wanna avoid buying Too Faced.

>Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino has fired his sister, who goes by Dani California on Instagram, after transphobic comments she made in regards to popular makeup YouTuber NikkieTutorials coming out as trans.

No. 2512

I'm sure not everyone is following the migration thread so I'm dropping this here! A kind anon made a new website for us. Obviously dead right now so it needs people to post.

Thank God I've only ever bought their stuff on discount at Ross and shit. Makeup company drama is so dumb.

No. 2526

thank you so much!!! bless your heart and soul!

No. 2535

I fucking hate how "untouchable" trannies are.
They are pure babbies and real wymins uwu
I want all "transwomen" to neck themselves,thank god lots of them do kill themselves and that the number will keep growing

No. 2539

sometimes i wonder if i have turned genuinely transphobic. trans people and their bullshit just piss me off so much. and even when i try to avoid the subject altogether trannies are there to remind me of their bullshit, even when i avoid gc discussions and try not to think about the whole thing some fucking troon comes and sends me messaged os dating webtises or i have to listen to some idiot pick me lecture me about how lesbioans are bad if they don't like dick in real life. i'm sick of this shit and that it's everywhere. i can't stand trans people anymore and i just wish i would never have to think about them or their stupid politics in my life ever again.

No. 2540

and sorry for the typos i am stoned and esl!

No. 2550

Their very existence is misogynistic so I’m proud to be transphobic

No. 2556

Just be proud. Fuck those abusive mentally ill troons.

No. 2558

I wholeheartedly agree with you. I even TRY to be understanding but for fuck's sake

No. 2561

If they were identified as transwomen rather than women i would be way more ok w it.
Those like us,born female wouldnt and shouldnt have to fight to keep trannies out of shelters/prisons/…made for biological women. Or even our sports since they love to deny even biology. It wouldn’t be an issue.

No. 2574

You have nothing to be ashamed of.

No. 2583


I'm not even surprised anymore. It's always soon after the baby or marriage for some ungodly reason.

No. 2584

Maybe the male realizes he's getting older after surpassing a big milestone in life and decides becoming a tra is the only way to regain his youth or some shit? What with all these TIMs being wittle trans girls uwu. Or after a birth, the attention is more on the baby than him and that infuriates him.

And after a marriage, you've made that contract which you'll try very hard to keep intact so if you have an AGP husband he'd wait until after marriage to troon out, with marriage guilting you into staying.

No. 2588

Read her replies from FDS where her post was shared. She's calling everyone there a terf and transphobic. Imagine being literally thrown out like trash and still be a pick me for these men.

No. 2590

Makeup companies hate women lmao how is this a surprise

No. 2591

The entire beauty industry is the unholy spawn of patriarchy and capitalism.

No. 2592

"Transphobia" doesn't even exist as an institutional form of oppression since trans people do not form a coherent class, and any discrimination they face is either misogyny or homophobia. Saying trans people are oppressed by "cis people" and that there is a "cis privilege" is ridiculous because you're grouping men and women together as both oppressors to trans people. While there is a male privilege, women can't be privileged for being female. You can't be privileged and oppressed on the same axis.

No. 2594

File: 1579421635699.png (336.24 KB, 655x830, 8798798.PNG)

No. 2596

And when he inevitably reoffends, the crime will be reported and recorded as having been committed by a woman and if he’s jailed he’ll probably be put in women’s prison.

No. 2600

File: 1579430089223.jpeg (780.44 KB, 1165x1652, 90D55925-C2F4-4533-A977-3596D0…)

Original Reddit post already got deleted, but here’s a link to the twitter I got the screenshot from:

Gender reveal parties are already stupid as fuck, but they managed to make it even dumber.

No. 2602

Same lmao, when I hear people harp on like “you don’t know how deeply this affects trans people, you don’t know how this could destroy them emotionally” I literally think “fucking good I hope it does, they need to get over themselves. Sink or swim baby”.
I have no positive association with trans people anymore, as soon as any of the woke language is used i shut down and stop listening and can no longer take the person seriously. In my city I have to see graffiti like “terfs are scum” and “trans women are women” written boldly, tackily and in unavoidable places like train stations and the centre of town. At least 1 bestseller out at any time is about some tranny horseshit, it’s about how evil feminism is or their brave ~stwuggles uwu~ or I meet some girl I used to know in school and discuss feminism with, suggests I read whipping girl. In fact if anyone breathes a goddamn word about it to me irl I act like a normie who has never been on the internet, like I don’t know anything, even though I honestly know quite a bit because as a young insecure tumblrite I used to swallow all of this bullshit, I would reblog their retarded text posts about ~muh validation~ And spout this horseshit in real life. Once I became a fucking adult I decided to stop pandering to utter losers, thus completing my transition from libfem to closet terf.

No. 2604

>I have no positive association with trans people anymore
How did you get any in the first place? They are all freaks.

No. 2605

Myabe tumblr brainwashing about how cis women oppress trans women with their "cis privilege" lmao

No. 2608

Exactly this
I just saw them as “regular people with gender issues”
Funny thing is, I never thought of gays or lesbos as “regular people with sexuality issues”, I don’t see them as having issues at all apart from homophobia, they’re different genus from straight and idc. I always thought it was strange to require a totally cosmetically modified body in order to live. In the end the tiddy skiddle gofuckmes where the final nail in the coffin.

No. 2614

Anyone have to deal with a troon skinwalking them? My friend started dating a TIM who has become obsessed with me, saves my pictures, copies my mannerisms, etc. I've dealt with skinwalkers before and it always really creeps me out, but it being a troon literally makes me feel unclean. My friend is bi and we used to casually hook up when we were both single so I think maybe he feels like I'm his competition or something but I'm actually scared of this man. I might actually lose my friendship over this because I don't want to have to pretend that this is all normal or okay.

No. 2623

when do you gals think more and more people will reach peak trans? do you think tranny bullshit will reach its peak this year thus more women and handmaidens realizing they're really just men in disguise?

No. 2626

I'm kind of worried people won't peak. They'll just log off Tumblr/Twitter/Online when things get too crazy and inadvertently shield themselves from the worst of it while maintaining their very milquetoast "live and let live" attitudes.

No. 2648

I think you're reasons, but also that those who feel free to pee or are encouraged to peed outside are men. I'll imagine, not just because it's easier, but it's really not engrained in them that their body is inherently sexual, so have need to find a private place to pee. I don't know her story, was she a lone hiker? Either way it's a tragedy.

No. 2660

It definitely will as more Yanivs pop up in the media or more stories of men raping and molesting only to transition after their sentence to get out of prison/transfer to a women's one. There are stories of young girl feeling fed up for having to change in the same locker room as boys and share the same bathrooms.

No. 2662

Yeah, I mean with homosexuals they kill themselves because of homophobia, they would be fine in their own natural state if not for societal pressure. Trannies will kill themselves regardless of how people treat them because their own natural bodies make them uncomfortable, and we're supposed to validate that? Even in other animal species, they have been found to engage in a homosexual activity but other animals don't have "gender identity" and kill themselves when they don't get their cosmetic surgeries.

No. 2668

Some animals, like certain kinds of fish and insects and slugs, can literally morph gender. It’s quite fascinating. That’s their biological inclination though, it is natural for them.

No. 2671

>morph gender
No, they change sex.

No. 2673

Funny how no mammals have been observed to do that yet trannies always pull out the clownfish excuse.

No. 2690

You are quite correct in comparing troons to slugs.

No. 2693

Video on FtM admitting it was a mistake
>I was never told it was okay to be who I was

No. 2694

Slugs are genuine hermaphrodites so not really.

No. 2704

File: 1579486910904.png (73.48 KB, 993x455, Screenshot_20200119-202004(1).…)

PULLs back up and Nikkie's thread got bumped, mostly talking about evil TERFs and transes dying. Found this gem on the first page. They pinpointed it correctly.

No. 2706

Not personally but a friend of mine had this happen. She was that 'cool, manic pixie dream girl type' and was copied from head to toe. This went on for around 6 months till we went to a party and she was accused of copying in front of a big crowd by the troon. So she decided to briefly switch up styles to a really generic 'pumpkin spice latte white girl' and the troon lost all interest in her and moved onto the next manic pixie dream girl in the group.

I guess copycat syndrome is pretty accurate for troons. Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is the correct term and is characterized by a long-standing pattern of attention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality.

No. 2713

In a smaller way, yes. Had one use a very specific turn of phrase I'd talked with him about a couple of weeks prior and pretend he had come up with it when I've been saying it for years. He also does friend group power play shit like trying to claim credit as being the one to "discover" restaurants etc. that I've recommended.
Even that little amount of copycatting made my skin crawl, I can't imagine how gross it would be to deal with a full blown skinwalker.

No. 2716

>white gay with an inner black woman
Is this person psychic?

No. 2717

She sounds so vile and pathetic in these comments ("Die in a fire, TERF") that it's hard to feel sorry for her.

No. 2721

File: 1579514884314.jpeg (223.92 KB, 640x785, E182D4A1-2039-47EA-A3ED-BE4A9B…)

No. 2723

>agp husband comes out as bi and troons out
>calls wife a homophobic slur

No. 2726

>It's always soon after the baby or marriage for some ungodly reason.
Because they have you "trapped" by then. Some men forcibly impregnate their wives so they will have a "physical attachment" between the two of them. Bearing his child is like a sign that he "owns" you. Look at how society hates single mothers and how most men would never give them a chance because they're "damaged goods" but single fathers are seen as so courageous.

No. 2730

This is the truth. Studies have shown that abusive men often either begin or ramp up the abuse after marriage and/or childbirth. It is not a coincidence that so many men transition after these two things too.

No. 2731

Well it's the dead of winter so I can just hang around in leggings and sweaters for a bit and see if he fucks off. I hate men so fucking much why can't they just leave me alone?!
It's got me fucked up, anon. Like what about me is appealing to troons? I guess that I'm confidently my own person (and that person is an femme lesbian)? I'm basically scared of men and already didn't want to deal with this dude but he takes it to this creepy level anyway!

No. 2744

I get the impression that this is caused by severe mommy issues where once you give birth in their mind you go from their partner (compliant, sexual) to a Mother™ (demanding, non-sexual) who they have repressed hatred for, except unlike when they were a kid angry at their own mother now they can beat you or fuck up your life by trooning out.

No. 2785

File: 1579548172487.jpg (59.33 KB, 946x960, imma_bought_to_head_out.jpg)

Has this been posted yet…
In what world are those two things comparable??

No. 2787

It's a troll along the same lines as Titania McGrath

No. 2789

File: 1579549654819.png (67.76 KB, 904x434, da5a5c6f5c07333e1a109ce80717ab…)


I feel like crying. This girl is only 15, a lesbian… a lost teen. And her father loves her so much he just wants to do his best, without realizing what is actually happening.
The trans cult needs to die. Girls deserve to love themselves instead of this.
The comments are disturbing to me, I had to scroll way too much to see people trying to plant the critical seed.. but to God I hope the father will see them.
I'm sorry if this post doesn't fit, but it made me just so fucking sad.

No. 2801

i remember being young and thinking i was trans, but instead i just liked womxxn

No. 2807

File: 1579570541248.png (184.73 KB, 720x1052, 20200121_033538.png)

I have no words

No. 2809

>We need a Malcolm X

Why do they always bring up black people? I wonder if it's because they have never actually experienced oppression in their lives so they need to use them as props. I'm sure because being a man with a sissy fetish is just like being a black person in the 1950s.

No. 2813

This person needs to be euthanised swiftly and efficiently.

No. 2817

lol implying this tranny won't kill itself first or could ever do anything else than crying/whining on their twitter when called sir instead of ma'am.
It's funny of they're all "punch the nazis! punch the terfs! kill them!" but they have a "panic attack" getting out of their house or asking for more sauce at a restaurant

No. 2818

A lot of them do turn out to be rapists though.

No. 2822

I wish people would stop repeating this lie that AGPs are at an enormous risk for suicide or murder. They’re not. They’re more likely to be perpetrators than victims of violence and are a bigger danger to their environment than to themselves. Repeating the false 41% statistic doesn’t hurt their feelings, it helps to further their agenda. That’s why it was contrived in the first place.

No. 2825

Yeah, the trannies actually getting killed are HSTS sex workers, who are disproportionately black. Some AGP in his nice apartment working some cushy IT job doesn't come close to running the risk of being murdered. He might get beaten up by homophobic thugs if he actually goes out in his cat ears and striped socks, but it's ridiculous they claim their lives are constantly in danger. Once again using improverished black people as a shield.

No. 2826

There's a local tranny a lot of people I knew from school look up to who's the literal definition what you'd expect from hearing the word ANTIFA. Profile says pro-crime anti-peace. His Facebook is filled with anime girls and extremist communist talking points. This guy has a daughter for fucks sakes. And his girlfriend doesn't even seem like she's really attracted to him.

No. 2832

TIMs are fucking dangerous I swear to god. This suicide statistic must come from TIFs mainly. TIMs are more likely to kill someone else than themselves.

No. 2834

The statistic comes from the fact that the study in question used self-reported data and lumped together suicide attempts with suicidal thoughts, self harm, thoughts of self harm, etc. IIRC they also made no distinction between LGB and TQ. So basically, all it proved is that 41% of self-reported LGBTQ+ respondents claimed to have felt really down at some point in their life.
There’s another statistic about the average lifespan of transwomen being ~35 or so which was based on HSTS street prostitutes in South America (Brazil, IIRC) but of course white AGPs with cushy IT jobs appropriated that too, which is funny because many of them don’t even transition until middle age.

No. 2836

>average lifespan of retarded male larping as women is 35
god i wish it was true. If only they could off themselves sooner it'd be better for the rest of the world.
I'm tired of being silenced by autogynephiles anime fanboys. Here's the thing they fail to understand: in under no circumstance will you become an anime girl,or look "kawaii",you'll always look like a freak who only gets pity fucks from handmaidens

No. 2838

35 is the average lifespan for prostitutes in general, I read that somewhere. So that statistic doesn't prove anything.

I've noticed a lot of trans women have permanent gofundme/kofi/paypal.me links going so these stats are helpful in attaining donations.

No. 2861

They really are fucking scumbags, never ceases to amaze me. First they divert statistics to look like the worlds greatest victims, then they manipulate people into giving them donations, which for sure all go to cosmetic surgeries, thigh highs and cat ears, instead of what a single mother or a woman on the breadline would spend it on; food, housing, nappies, toys for a woman’s children, medicine etc. But oh no, we don’t want to waste it on “CIS PRIVILEGE”
This is why I am proud to be a fucking terf.

No. 2864

File: 1579634118300.png (616.55 KB, 2550x1651, p82-p83.png)

The 41% comes from
>The National Transgender Discrimination Survey
>conducted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality.
Pic related are the relevant pages. These numbers are life attempts (i.e. childhood, pre-transition, and post-transition).

AFSP and Williams Institute report is much more detailed.
But again, these are life attempts.

Here's a systematic review, which will probably be closest to truth.
>Results: Across these 42 studies an average of 55% of respondents ideated about and 29% attempted suicide in their lifetimes. Within the past year, these averages were, respectively, 51% and 11%, or 14 and 22 times that of the general public.
So 29%, not 41% lifetime, and 11% "in the last year".

No. 2867

File: 1579639583897.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.81 KB, 1908x1146, 304C87B700000578-0-image-a-29_…)

No one here wants to say this because it ruins your delusions but i will say it.

The reason why women are oppressed is because of other women.

Women dont care what happens to other women unless it happens to them.

Women are extremely judgmental and nitpicky towards women's appearance.

Women bully women and socially exclude women who are socially awkward,socially anxious,mentally ill or weird.

Women are extremely competitive of each other and will always try to rival each other and even in the highest feminist environment there still will be competition.

The reason why sexist cultural practices and killings exist is because women allow them to exist. When ever you see a woman/girl suffering from some sexist practice there is always some woman who is happy for heir pain,thinks she deserves it and allows it.

lesbians too who try to imitate male sexist behavior by treating women good only if they find them attractive and bullying ugly women.
Feminine lesbians are also way more likely to get raped by a butch lesbian than they are by another feminine lesbian.

Women also are obsessed with cancelling women over every little mistake they do and ruining their life, but are okay with men who are pedophiles,murderers etc.

Women glamorizing serial killers and lolita culture.

and i could go on and on.(bait)

No. 2868

yes. we know. women can be bad. and
>The reason why women are oppressed is because of other women.

No. 2869

File: 1579640087956.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.88 KB, 700x605, three_hour_ordeal_the_bullies_…)

Men are trash but the fact that none of you want to hold women accountable or yourselves accountable for treating other women horribly just speaks cognitive dissonance.

How will misogyny stop if women also perpetuate it towards other women?

No. 2870

Yes, it's called internalized misogyny. They repeat men's opinions and act out men's wishes in order to gain favor from men.

These same (coward) women would be echoing the female leader's opinions with equal fervor if there was a matriarchy. You're proving the point that men are in control of not only themselves as a group, but a significant percentage of women.

No. 2871

>Go to 2X, a literal entire board dedicated to women discussing this problem, telling women they are unaware of the problem and not holding the right people accountable

Begone, scrot

No. 2872

File: 1579640376475.jpg (160.39 KB, 1280x720, mc.jpg)

>The reason why women are oppressed is because of other women.

No. 2873

If that anon can even comprehend that, they don't care. They just want to blame women. It's always easier to inhale the false empowerment of self-blame than name the real problem. It also gives them a nice superiority high to pontificate to other people in an oppressed group.
I swear that anon is thinking to themselves "I'm not like the rest of these bitches, I'm WOKE. It's like they don't even realize women can also be bad people! They won't even mention it! They are hypocrites!".
Like, this is how anyone acts when they want to have "subversive" opinions and viewpoints, but also don't want to take on the danger of actually contradicting the structure of society.
It's like if Shoe0nHead was a doomer.

No. 2875

File: 1579649128180.jpg (60.82 KB, 564x419, image-186.jpg)

> Like what about me is appealing to troons?
It's probably two things:
1) AGPs style themselves after types of women they find attractive (think of all the "become the catgirl/goth GF/Stacey" sort of memes out there). There's a high chance this dude is into "femme" "lesbian" porn and trying to get that look.
2) There's a huge occurrence of personality disorders in the trans community. Cluster Bs tend to "mirror" others, whether to ingratiate themselves (seemingly to your friend rather than you) and/or to fill the gaping void of their self-image.
For the first you're out of luck, but for the second you could try something like the Grey Rock method. Similar to how the other anon's Manic Pixie friend acted boring for a while, you just have to make him think you're dull and that he won't get his emotional fix from you until he gives up.

No. 2878

I wish I had the freedom to do whatever I want but I always have this fear of male violence in the back of my head. I have to make myself look pretty because to conform to femininity but then if men attack me they will blame me for wearing makeup to get their attention so I was "asking for it". I can't walk around by myself around my neighborhood or disagree with a man too strongly because of that physical body mass difference between men and women. No matter how hard any woman trained in self defense or gained muscle, there will always be a stronger man who could easily knock her out. I really hate being female and having this physically weaker body and the fact that I could be impregnated by any random spermoid since they have a penis.

No. 2879

They get attacked because of homophobia or misogyny since transphobia isn't even an institutional form of oppression. Trannies did not exist in sizeable numbers a decade ago and were non-existent in ancient times. Most people in the world still don't think they exist or that they are purely a Western phenomenon. Actually, maybe the one with cosmetic surgery addiction are since historic cultures with third genders were just homosexuals or anybody considered GNC like an unmarried infertile woman.

No. 2887

All of my online female friends are trooning out and I don't know what to do about it. I wish I could tell them it's okay to be themselves and to love themselves as they are without them screeching "TERF!" at me. It just feels so sad to watch every single GNC woman I know slowly disappear.

No. 2902

With women who claim to be NB I just take them at their word. When they start talking about feminist issues I say I'm uncomfortable with people who aren't women acting like the authority on feminism. When they complain about misogyny I say "Huh? But you're not a woman?"

They hate it but I'm following the woke party line so there's nothing they can do without admitting NB is fake.

No. 2905

Where are you from, anon?

No. 2906

That's actually genius, anon. Have any of them tried arguing anyway though? Something like BUT I was raised as a woman before I choose to be a nb, so I still count or similar?

No. 2908

>Have any of them tried arguing anyway though? Something like BUT I was raised as a woman before I choose to be a nb, so I still count or similar?

They have ALL tried that. I say that sounds pretty terfy, and it sounds like they're saying that trans women aren't women because they weren't raised as women. And they can't argue with that without admitting that sex-based oppression is a thing.

Roughly half of them DO admit they think that sex-based oppression is a thing and that trans women have male socialization after that. And after that I say something like "If you said that to anyone else you'd probably be called a TERF!"

And they know I'm right. And you can see the gears start to turn in their head as they realize maybe this is all bullshit.

No. 2917

You are a fucking genius anon i love you. Gonna start using this <3

No. 2920

Im new here on this thread (and side of the board) so forgive me if I'm just saying dumb shit, but this has been getting on my nerves recently. Maybe it's because I just started paying attention to it, but how come so many transwomen and gay men (or cross-dressing fem presenting men, Like Jeffree & James) so into "straight" men and calling their partner "straight".

I just got into Blaire White and she has to be the biggest case of self-hate I've seen. To me no matter if you have tits or whatever, if you have a dick and you are with another man, you aren't straight.
I'll call people their pronouns or whatever, but at the end of the day it's Gay, bisexual, pansexual whatever, but it's not straight.

Maybe I'm wrong, and someone can explain it to me.

No. 2921

Internalized homophobia.

No. 2922

They are HSTS (homosexual transsexual) meaning they are gay men who transition to become "straight women" so they can't live out their life "normally" as there is a huge stigma against homosexuality. A lot of gay people in general become dysphoric because their attraction is viewed as deranged or unnatural but they can't change their sexuality so they start thinking maybe they were born into the "wrong body" and alter their body to "correct" this issue.

No. 2924

File: 1579743041182.png (20.22 KB, 589x199, 34343.PNG)

>women's (and trans men's and AFAB non-binary folks)
No, just saying 'women' sufficed.

>proximity to a cis man's wealth

huh, funny how they don't mention trans women or AMAB non-binary folks here.

No. 2925

Which is obviously caused by external homophobia since Blaire White was from a conservative, Christian family. Although to be fair the whole world is homophobic because heteronormativity is vital to upholding patriarchy.

No. 2926

Thanks for the answer, I wish people would touch on this shit instead of brushing it under the rug. I got into an argument about how it's not "right" for me to say these people aren't the sexuality they say they are, when I feel they are pushing the "Straight spouse" thing because they have a penis and BECAUSE they have self-hate.

I don't consider myself a transphobe, I just get sick of a lot of the bullshit around a lot of the LGBTQ+ media, I feel like it's often the worst of the worst, these big circuses.

There's so many transwomen who i feel are just fetishes for their partners and to the world, & people pretend it's something it's not. Like Nikita, it's all about getting men, it's all about being seen attractive and passing. Nothing else.

I don't know, maybe I'm just venting a bunch of jabber, I feel bad even typing this because i feel so wrong for feeling it, but I'm sick of the way that the media pushes these people, all the representation is sexed up and meaningless.

I don't know if any of this makes sense.

No. 2928

Trannies are vilely misogynistic and homophobic. I only have sympathy for people who trooned out because of homophobia or abuse. Like, a lot of women identify as trans men after experiencing child sex abuse because they want a body that doesn't exist for men to violate or exploit (basically what women's bodies are under patriarchy).

No. 2931

and for some reason racist, I've met a lot of transwomen/gay men who are very misogynistic, homophobic and racist towards me. I try not to judge based on the few I know online or in real life but it's hard.

I feel like i'm coming out as a "transphobe" and I don't want to be, because I love and respect all people.
but I'm sick of the way transwomen and gay men act toward women and how it's handwaved away.

Like it's cool if we call it self hate or whatever, but it's not funny, it's not a joke, it's not something we should "Stan" it's just as harmful as when a straight man does it.

I don't find it funny for a man to call me "fish" because he likes dick or wears a dress, or call me "bitch" right away because his other friends do that.

I've battled on these thoughts a lot and I'm happy I came here. I see a different side to the issue that I was once one sided on.

No. 2936

Yeah, a lot of them keep using black people as props and compare some millionaire AGP working in IT to black women. Others have a very obvious fetish for East Asian women because they are obsessed with anime and Japanese pornography.

No. 2937

I have seen people call out gay men for their misogyny in mainstream media though. With trannies it's a bit different because they are a highly protected class and apparently they can't be misogynistic because they are ~women~ too. I've been around a lot of trannies and the HSTS are annoying but the AGP are on a whole other level of awfulness. I think the big push for trans acceptance in MSM was spearheaded by AGPs since so many of them are well-off straight white men thus they already had the capital + privileges to shape society as they see fit.

I guess I am very different from you because I do't feel have any shame in being a "transphobe" since transphobia is not an institutional form of oppression and there is no such thing as 'cis privilege'.

No. 2938

the racism is easy to explain. we all come here to basically say: "if you're a man how can you possibly understand how it's like to be a woman?". I find the same applies to race. even if you actively "work on it", you truly don't know and will never know. at best we can apply critical thinking or use analogies (I'm oppressed because I'm gay so I can imagine how black people feel) but it is not the same, and never will be. privileged people rarely understand this.

No. 2939

>I guess I am very different from you because I do't feel have any shame in being a "transphobe" since transphobia is not an institutional form of oppression and there is no such thing as 'cis privilege'.

Literally this. Sure, transphobic discrimination exists but people also discriminate against weeaboos but that doesn't make them an oppressed class. If a man in a dress gets attacked then it's because of homophobia and sexism, not because of his ~gender identity~. This is why "transmisogyny" makes no fucking sense since the attackers aren't seeing that tranny as a real woman but a GNC man.

No. 2940

>I think the big push for trans acceptance in MSM was spearheaded by AGPs since so many of them are well-off straight white men thus they already had the capital + privileges to shape society as they see fit.
Not to sound like a tinhatter but TiMs are disproportionately represented in the tech sector and they have managed to control the narrative on all the big websites like YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter. I think many of them are transhumanists or buddies with transhumanists too.

No. 2947

>I don't consider myself a transphobe
>I feel like i'm coming out as a "transphobe" and I don't want to be, because I love and respect all people.
You are not transphobic, just gender critical.
Calling out someone on their prejudice, misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. doesn't make you a transphobe. Being gay, trans, person of color, woman, or any other minority or oppressed class doesn't make such behaviour okay.

Nowadays to be trans it's enough to just claim being one. Don't be surprised that most of them aren't, being men with fetishes or people with issues instead.

No. 2948

File: 1579781471130.jpg (24.19 KB, 631x610, FB_IMG_1579781245731.jpg)

Why are men like this? Why would you want to be harassed? Because it's gender affirming? They will really stop at nothing to be validated, it's sick. They have no idea what it feels like to actually be harassed/catcalled. They just take it as a joke because "UwU they called me girl!!"

No. 2949

Seeing shit like this it's like peaking into the mind of your average unhinged, mentally screwed troon.

They literally think witnessing how a significant portion of the other half of the population wishes death and torture upon you online because you exist lifts our spirits as long as we get acknowledged as a teehee girl uwu. That's how detached they are of reality and it's mindblowing. No wonder they can say and do all the stuff we see online, they need to be locked away.

>also, "boymoding"

what in the actual fuck even

No. 2950

When actual girls and women get harassed for being female we feel unsafe, insecure, degraded, disgusted, scared, angry. When TIMs get harassed because they’re perceived as female they feel glad. If that doesn’t prove that these guys aren’t oppressed I don’t know what does.

No. 2952

File: 1579788231968.png (29.82 KB, 1156x168, 20200123_150141.png)

Low self-esteem and they usually perceive it as better than the physical violence and bullying they had to endure so far due to homophobia and sexism.
They are not completely happy with it, but they perceive it as a compliment at the same time.

It also applies to TIFs.

No. 2954

The ones who brag about how much they enjoy sexual harassment are usually AGPs, though.

No. 2957

Im a hetrosexual woman and I get called a faggot by retards because im GNC, it doesn't make a man or cancel the oppression I face as a woman

No. 2960

Anyone else here had a shitty experience with women's studies?

Im a PPE (politics philosophy and economics) and sociology major, and i recently did a 3rd year women's studies course that went towards my socy major.
Literally all we did was sit through a 3 hour seminar talking about a weekly topic (e.g. a case study like IVF) and just went around the class hearing everyone's opinions and talking in groups. The assessments were a guaranteed top grade, and i dont think i learned a single thing the whole course despite getting a 90. All of the stuff ive done in philosophy and sociology with similar theorists e.g. Butler has involved examining assumptions, arguments etc and coming to terms with different theoretical approaches. In women's studies we just take generalized conclusions about what a theorist says as though they are self-evident.
I think womens' studies, at least in my experience (and going off what friends who have done other courses have said) is an net negative to feminism. In fact it feels almost exploitative that universities offer young people the chance to spend tens thousands on the ability to sit around and say your opinions. Going to class feels like an utter scam.

No. 2961

> In fact it feels almost exploitative that universities offer young people the chance to spend tens thousands on the ability to sit around and say your opinions. Going to class feels like an utter scam.
Shit no sherlock.

We still live under patriarchy. Of course regulated studies won't offer a decent analysis of women's issues. They are just something unis started offering since liberal feminism became trendy thanks to the 3rd wave because they saw an opportunity of exploiting a niche business. But don't even dream of them getting in deep analysis about the authors and voices of the 2nd wave and their philosophies and ideas, because none of them are politically correct to scrotes since they call out how fucked up the systems scrotes keep designing are and how every single fucking """liberation""" movement scrotes ever lead or start ended up in a complete hypocrital clusterfuck of a failure. (And scrote feefees can't handle being hold accountable for their fuck ups). Plus if they were serious about it, they'd have to talk about trans issues affect actual women and we all now that's a no-no.

No. 2963

we did discuss Dworkin and Mary daily though, and male hate was common but thier works were often reworked so not too offend troons, also 2nd wave radical feminismt dislike of socialist men doesn't mean they discounted the economic system of socialism, socialism has always been the ideal

No. 2965

I'm happy I found this thread yesterday, So much of this shit is hitting home and I feel bad, I feel like I've been conditioned SO much to just, "Let people live! it's not hurting you! Don't say anything! "

There have been so many cases where I wanted to go, "Huh, that seems wrong" Like with Jazz Jennings, but I've been afraid to say anything.

Even with the whole Nikkie thing, someone brought up her mother saying the "I knew you were a girl" & I said something like, "that seems kind of problematic" and I was called out so badly I deleted my twitter.

Then I notice so many trans people on youtube (mainly transwomen) have content that's either about surgeries and how fuckable men find them before they found out they are trans. Or transwomen discussing their spouse's sexuality, or showing them old kid or pictures of them when they were younger. Nikita's whole THING is being a transwoman who just wants to appeal to men.

What has always killed me is, that I'm not allowed to speak on trans issues even though they affect me, but we have transwomen who are allowed to speak on WOMEN issues. Transwomen like contra & Blaire who speak on shit that literally has nothing to do with them.

But if I say, "I don't agree with this or that" then I'm transphobic.
If I ask, why so many transwomen focus on looking like blow-up dolls and how much men want to fuck them, or how "passing" they are and nothing else, then I'm a bigot. If talk about how some of them (and gay men) Obess over rather their spouse is considered "straight" or not, then I'm wrong. It's all self-hate as you guys said.

If I say I feel it's wrong not to disclose you're sex to who you are fucking, I get people going, "It doesn't matter!!"
I feel like for so long I've been critical of a lot of this stuff & I feared that saying something would give me that label.

How come SO many people can speak on women's issues so freely but if I dare to speak on trans issues and how I feel then there are people who are going to label me?

Transwomen are WOMEN according to the loud majority right? So why can't I speak on them the same way they speak on me?

(sorry for the rant, I've been reading last thread & this one, I have a lot to get out)

No. 2969

Also, speaking on the story of Jazz it's a sad story, I once thought it was very touching but it's not. It's the story of a child being exploited by their parents and the media.

A child that may have just been a gay male,a crossdresser or even a fem straight male. I feel like it was kind of forced and STILL doesn't know what the hell is going on.

It's like she has zero choice in this matter. The surgeons were fucked up, her parents, the network for having SO many seasons of this obviously depressed and confused girl.

People go off on the Jenners all the time & how they spent so much of their time in the media & how harmful it was.

How is it NOT harmful for a little boy to have a show and have all this pressure on him from the world?
It's not even just about her being transgender, it's about how this person has quite literally never had a normal life and never will now. I cannot watch this as some feel-good story.I feel there are some "feel-good stories