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No. 163049

Previous threads hit bump limit.

Although @thefitveganginger instagram is still gone and @thehappylittleginger remains private, Anna has re-emerged on Facebook. She now claims to have cystic fibrosis, pending the results of genetic tests.

Is there any more truth to this than her many other implausible health claims? Will she ditch her vile concoctions and comply with the recommended high fat, high calorie, high-sodium diet? Only time will tell!

No. 163052

Why did she delete her Instagram? I thought she was trying to brand herself there to get her cookbook career going?

Any new selfies? Does she still look the same?

No. 163053

ahhhh the gains goblin! i'm so happy she's alive

No. 163056

BUllshit. I know people with CF. They struggle to breathe, and they are hospitalized a couple of times a year [if not more, if they have low lung function]. And sadly most of them die in their 20's even though CFF says life expectancy is 37 years.

I've heard of adults getting diagnosed BUT this is after years of hospital visits for various infections. Plus most states have newborn screenings and have had some for quite a while.

No. 163074

I think most people assumed her Instagram got deleted rather than her deleting it herself. It made no sense for her to advertise her cook book as it had just come out, then delete her main form of social media with the biggest following. Maybe she got reported too many times for triggering content and the fake followers (her follower count jumped exactly 500 in one day)

OP how did you catch her post? Are you friends with her or did she just recently make her profile private?

No. 163080

I just happened to check on her while she was posting public updates! Now it seems like she's set her facebook to private as well as her instagram. It's weird that she seems to be so closely monitoring her various lolcow and snark threads while in the hospital for a serious health crisis.

No. 163083

The whole CF claim is absolute bullshit. My sister has cystic fibrosis and the doctors knew not even 6 months later that she had cystic fibrosis. It would be impossible for her to have not been already analysed for it and she would have probably been in critical condition if it was left untreated for. Also it would be completely hypocritical for her to have cystic fibrosis with her 'fat and salt allergy' as people with cystic fibrosis have to eat huge amounts of fatty, greasy salty foods to even be alive (my sister eats around 4k calories a day.) Ginger coming again with the fake illnesses to explain her deathly frame when in reality she's just an anorexic in denial. Go choke on your vegetable and cinnamon cereal, you delusional goblin.

No. 163091

To be fair, CF can show up as an adult if it's more mild. BUT even adult CF'ers have had horrible lung infections and digestive issues their whole lives.

Also if you have CF there's no way you can run or skate miles and miles and miles a day.

I'm pretty pissed [as you are] that she's faking CF because it's a really shitty disease and I've lost some friends due to it. I wouldn't wish it on my own worst enemy, tbh.

No. 163093

I should say, you can have CF but be diagnosed as an adult.

No. 163134

I love her and her health claims. She's like Kadee, but skinny and religious.

No. 163135

>my doctor at the CF Clinic at UVA suspects I either have one that affects primarily the digestive system, with respiratory symptoms cropping up later in life (as they have started to now), or my particular genetic mutation hasn't even been discovered yet

Never stop, Anna.

No. 163160

CF is present from birth, easily diagnosable, and dangerous if not treated. There's simply no way she would be diagnosed in her 20s. She probably tricked a doctor into doing obscure tests by lying about her anorexia, noticed CF on the long list of possible diagnoses, and ran with it because it sounded like the scariest one. Ginger's a huge hypochondriac, she used to claim that her organs were shifting out of place and nonsense like that. Basically a skelly version of Kadeelyn.

No. 163164

Not to mention that people with CF literally form salt crystals on their skin from sweating.

No. 163166

It is possible to be diagnosed as an adult but it's quite rare (ie: over the past three years in Canada, there was an average of 18 adults newly diagnosed with CF per year) and generally the symptoms are a lot more mild.

Exercise was once contraindicated for patients with CF (it was assumed that it would exacerbate respiratory issues) but now, regular moderate exercise is recommended for most CF patients (as researched suggests that it helps to preserve pulmonary function). There have even been cases of people with CF who have went on to do marathons and the like.

That all said, I still feel that Anna is bullshitting and like others here, believe that she is grasping at any serious illness that she can think of to cover up her obvious eating disorder.

Her "frequent bouts of pseudomonas infections" were more likely due to being immunocompromised, since she ate like shit and was constantly putting her body under a lot of stress.

No. 192674

Does anyone have access to her "breathingforgod" account?

No. 192684

I know two people with CF. One is post double lung transplant. He was a friend of the late and great Eva Markvoort. Another one has CF but her lung function is in the 60s and 70s,and she knew Meg and Kina from 65_Redroses.

Every time I hear about Anna going on about her pseudo CF BS, it really pisses me off. Even though one person is post transplant, and the other has somewhat high lung function for someone with CF, it makes me sad that they still struggle all the time. Especially the latter friend, who always has bowel obstructions and DIOS.

No. 192917


Pardon me while I puke. She is too fucking much. Hopefully some anon has access and will update us.

No. 296102

Kiwi found a lot of new content on Anna. She's apparently breaking Virginia state food laws.


No. 296106

File: 1492812857359.png (545.06 KB, 490x731, Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 12.3…)

No. 296120


Nice find there, anon. Welcome back Ginge, you ginger little goblin, you.

No. 296123

Oooooh yeah, the gains goblin is back!

No. 296146

I've wondered how she was doing. I read the KF thread. Looks like she is worse off than ever, especially mental-health wise. It must kill her parents and siblings to see her do this shit. I feel bad for them.

No. 296834

File: 1492898944112.png (791.53 KB, 922x572, Capture.PNG)

I thought this was wet sand tbh

No. 296842

I have never seen someone with such a gift for making even basic food look terrible. I mean, how can you fuck up a bowl of oatmeal. Also, unless you put milk in it, oatmeal is vegan by definition, ffs.

(I just realized, this is the parody acct, I think. Whew! Too much Poe.)

No. 296845

(I'm the one who posted the screencap)
I thought it was a legit account of hers, too. LOL!
Apparently the food in the picture is actually mushroom soup.

No. 296848

At least she's not still wearing the Bane mask in public.

No. 296855

Jesus why…this legitimately looks like something you'd see inside of one of those portable public toilets.

No. 296981

File: 1492917288780.gif (2.84 MB, 320x218, whyyy.gif)

Holy shit, I finished reading her ten page About Anna page and. What.

-Why is there an intro TO the intro to the page that itself IS an intro to her
-Why is the second intro trying to act like a reporter is writing about her and her fascinating one-bedroom apartment
-Why does the font and spacing change thirty times
-Why is it thirty pages long

I don't believe that she has CF, but I feel like a dick for thinking that. Her story is very detailed and I do believe she went to the hospital and stuff, but I can't buy the CF. I think she did mention it, and maybe got a doctor or someone to say, "It's a possibility" or something that left some non-zero chance to be polite to her and she ran with it.

I don't know.

No. 297082

File: 1492931377122.png (113.83 KB, 945x660, isthisajoke.PNG)

Are you shitting me…? She wants to play doctor now?? Bonus, the descriptions for these "services" are an nightmare.

>Tired of traditional meds and doctors? HIRE ME!

>I'll recommend supplements, herbs, essential oils, and a new diet for you!
>I'm going to train retired athletes!

No. 297095


She claims to have been vegetarian since she was 11 and vegan since 13, but I feel like she's lying and had previously claimed to have only been vegan since 16 or 17.

>I had tested positive for pseudomonas aureuginosa. She told me to take the 10-day antibiotic and I would be fine. I had never heard of this before, so I asked her what exactly pseudomonas was…she told me it was a lung infection, but not to worry—I would be fine after taking the antibiotic. I (of course) wasn’t satisfied with this answer, and started doing some research. After consulting 4 different sources, I learned that psudomonas aureuginosa is a very dangerous lung infection that’s practically impossible for any “normal” person to get (“normal” in the sense of normally-functioning immune system). There’s pretty much 3 ways you can get pseudomonas: you have a severely compromised immune system due to AIDS or immunodeficiency, you have a severely compromised immune system because you have just been through radiation or chemotherapy, or you have a severely compromised immune system due to cystic fibrosis. Well I knew I hadn’t just been through radiation or chemo, and I knew I didn’t have cystic fibrosis (after all, that’s just a “lung disease,” right?!), so I went back to my doctor and asked to be tested for AIDS and immunodeficiency—hey, you never know. Not came back negative, which was good…but bad, too. I started researching CF more, and, the more I did, the more unbelievable things became: I learned that CF is soooo much more than “just a lung disease.”

Bitch, your immune system is compromised because you're anorexic.

Her writing is really dramatic and overly detailed. She sounds manic.

No. 297103

Even if she did have a sweat test, malnutrition can cause false positives, and everything she describes pertaining to CF in her intro page is also a symptom of malnutrition.

Anna Johnson does not have cystic fibrosis. I believe she's stupid enough to believe that she does, but she doesn't.

No. 297301

i think there really might be atypical CF (which isnt really comparable to fullblown CF), but unless Anna shows me medical results with her genetic markers for CF and a positive chloride test i dont believe it.

as other anons said
>Bitch, your immune system is compromised because you're anorexic.


No. 297327

File: 1492967621206.png (408.12 KB, 501x501, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 12.5…)

What the fuck's written on her arm on the picture for the toilet bowl cleaner?
and idk if she's gotten permission from the companies involved, but it looks like she's selling other people's products.
"Ever tried gem wraps?! If not…nows the perfect time–you won't find them cheaper than this!"
Anna Johnson, marketing genius and chef extraordinaire.

No. 297336

IF Anna did really have CF she'd be dead soon from lack of treatment. I have two friends with CF and they are strict af when it comes to airway clearance and doing their meds. No way would someone really with CF risk their health that way.

No. 297337


I think it's "I am in control"

No. 297348

no.. the word before "in" ends with an 's'.

on kiwi they speculated it says "god is in control"

CF and atypical CF isnt the same.
y'all stop bringing your CF-aquaintances into anna's munchhausen thread ffs.

No. 297371

File: 1492971501675.jpg (28.47 KB, 360x350, poop donut.JPG)

>tfw most of the food you sell looks like either poop or vomit

No. 297392

OMG she's back! I missed this crazy wackjob, but damn she is scarier than ever. She does NOT have CF. Also she has gone full on quack tier scary with her "I don't believe in terminal illnesses" and "I kured myself, lemmeh kure yew!" schtick.
In other news, everything she makes still looks like literal shit. Never change, Anna.

No. 297401

That's some pretty blatant ED behavior

No. 297411

Yeah and your point? you still need two mutations. The only difference is that it's milder, but even atypical CF patients still need to take antibiotics and comply with treatment. Not doing so means lung damage, regardless. and that's not up for debate.

No. 297413

File: 1492976338347.gif (4.81 KB, 256x256, 6c5af5e2150d70c2bde96d5feb4424…)

looks like dired up, smashed cow manure. oh the irony

No. 297427

Ginger's original bio:


First off, let me say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for stopping by my blog! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here :) Here's a little bit about me: why I went vegan (specifically HCLFV), why I started this blog, and what I enjoy doing when I'm not creating new recipes!
I went vegan in July of 2013, after basically being told my life was over…at 16 years old. You see, I had been suffering from what my doctors (all 6 of them…) called "chronic, severe, a-typical, idiopathic migraines" (quite the mouthful, huh?!) for the past 4 years. These were headaches like you've never felt before–and I mean that quite literally. They were agonizing at best…completely debilitating at worst. I couldn't do anything anymore–my school was suffering because it hurt too much to read, and I gave up on trying to have any type of social life at all. The headaches reached a peak my junior year of high school (2012), and continued to escalate into my senior year. I'm not exaggerating ONE BIT when I say I spent a year and a half running from doctor to doctor…and getting NO ANSWERS from anyone. I finally went to see a neuro-opthalmologist at UVa Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia in January of 2013. All my other doctors guaranteed he could diagnose me and help me get rid of these horrible things. I'll never forget the feeling I had walking out of that appointment. Even HE couldn't give me a diagnosis, but he did give me a prognosis–I was going blind. My eyesight was deteriorating and there was nothing they could do to stop it. He said I had about 6 months of normal sight left. Remember I was 16. 16! I hadn't even lived. I was completely devastated.
That's where the real story begins. While sitting at home one rainy afternoon after my appointment, totally MOPING in self-pity, I just randomly started googling "Natural remedies for migraines," and phrases like that. As luck would have it, an article about veganism came up. The article talked about a gentleman who had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer…he was told it was fatal and he had about 3 months to live. After his diagnosis, he decided to go raw vegan. Today, he is 87 years old and in remission. I couldn't believe it! Could this be MY answer, too?!
So I did it. I went vegan. Having already been vegetarian for 4 years prior (I've always been a health-foodie!), it wasn't a difficult transition at all. And I loved it!

The first couple months after making the switch, I "played around" with the different "branches" of veganism: fully raw, high protein, "regular" haha, and then finally HCLV, or high-carb-low-fat. Immediately I noticed a HUGE difference in my energy levels and digestion (I've struggled with GI issues and chronically upset stomach all my life), so I decided to keep trying HCLF for a while, just cause I liked this one. Then it happened. After about a month of being HCLV, I started noticing my headaches disappearing. COULD THIS BE REAL LIFE?! I thought at first I was imagining it, but sure enough, after 6 months, NO MORE HEADACHES AT ALLLLL!!! AND to top it off?! I wasn't blind. I don't even wear my glasses anymore! It was a miracle!

The mission of TFVG blog is to share my story with others…to let people know there IS hope, even when you're faced with a seemingly hopeless situation. And for me, all it took was a simple diet change! Maybe that's all it would take for YOU TOO! Each of the recipes I post are HCLFV, salt-oil-sugar free, and single serving (it's just me! And leftovers gross me out, hehe…plus…WHAT FUN ARE LEFTOVERS?!). Each one is also SUPER EASY AND QUICK TO MAKE, with MINIMAL and EASY TO FIND INGREDIENTS

No. 297428

Actually, her original original bio, that she wrote when she was 17, is the most mature-sounding and believable bio she's ever written:

I began my vegan journey in July 2013 after 3 years as a vegetarian. I decided to pursue a vegan lifestyle as a way to optimize my health; I had been struggling with several health issues including frequent stomach discomfort, lack of energy, and severe daily migraines. Initially I just wanted to "try" being vegan for a week…but at the end of that 7 days I felt so much better that I decided to adopt the vegan way of life. Since being vegan, my stomach issues have stopped completely, my energy level has improved, and gradually my headaches have vanished. Since I am the only vegan in m family, it was challenging to find recipes for only one person. I began experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new combinations of food designed for individual servings. As my recipe collection expanded, my Mom encouraged me to start a blog to share my creations with others. I am extremely passionate about health and wellbeing and strive to encourage others (my family included!) to lead "fitfluential" lives. I hope you enjoy my recipes and are inspired to follow the plant-powered way of life.

No. 297429

No. 297435

She uses headaches and migraines interchangeably, which makes me think she's been bullshitting right from the start. Usually, people only do that when they don't actually know what migraines are. They're not just really bad headaches, they have a really specific definition.

No. 297452

I think she's changed the timeline on her veganism mostly to eliminate anyone pointing out the obvious ie, you've only been this thin since starting the HCLF vegan diet, and your real heatlh problems only started after a couple of years of obvious anorexia/orthorexia and extremely low dietary fat and body fat.

If she changes the timeline on the veganism, the weight loss looks unintentional and not dietary. She also can claim to have "cured" things and then had more unrelated health issues later while not undermining her "diet solved everything" cred.

In reality it looks more and more like the only physical problmes she had pre-ED were headaches, which may not even have been migraines. THe more her story changes, the more it seems like she's just fanatical and suggestible. She might actually believe all this shit. It's all really consistent with the evangelical zeal imo.

THe writing does say "god is in control," she did that way back in the TFVG days and that's what it always says. Writing on your arm definitely seems like an "entrepreneur" and not a seventh grader.

No. 297455

OT but can a native speaker explain to me why red-haired people are called "ginger" in english? ginger is either beige-yellow when fresh or bone white when dry.

saged for OT

No. 297459

Native speakers will not know. You can google this with
>Ginger etymology

No. 297473

sage bc not really milk, but i noticed that anna and her former friend claire (claireelizabeth_e) are following each other on instagram. they had a falling out a little while before anna disappeared bc, if i remember right, claire reached out to anna about her obvious ED, and then anna attacked claire and claire's mom ended up posting on anna's public facebook page or some similar clusterfuck. anyway it seems they've made up, although i don't see any comments or anything.

that claire girl is *almost as batshit as anna. claire seems really sweet but she's so uber-christian it feels cult-ish and she is still painfully thin.


No. 297516

oh my god, she's back! Anna was one of my favorite cows, so glad to see her running (PRAISE JESUS) around with her godawful meals again.

No. 297521

File: 1492986555741.jpg (15.75 KB, 300x300, 41DqNusXFBL._QL70_.jpg)

… stay in school kiddo… or go back there…
what you described is the root of the ginger plant. the flower itself is red.

No. 297851

I don't get how she can claim veganism has solved all of her problems when she's constantly developing new health issues that she then has to cure away. I've met college students living on ramen and hotdogs who had infinitely less issues than this girl.

No. 299233

tbh the only explanation for this girl is serious psychological problems, and not just the ed. her story gets weirder and weirder.

she has updated her page to say her new "company" is registered with the virginia SCC. good to know but maybe not smart on her part to blog about because that register is open and her full name and address are attached to it, and she flipped shit about "stalkers" when someone from kiwi farms went to her expo thing.

is she really not going to school or working? just hanging out waiting for someone to order this shady food?

also, why are so many ana cows from virginia? ashley isaacs was born there, shemegeh is from there, ginger is from there, jenna lordswoldemort is from there. ~conspiracy

No. 299258

No. 299265

God, I'm almost tempted to buy something from her online store just for kicks… the curiousity of what these culinary abominations must taste like is starting to get to me. And I'm not even that far from Lynchburg.

No. 299267

File: 1493228931964.jpg (193.64 KB, 276x372, 5OaZdSl.jpg)

I laughed way too hard at this name

No. 299272

Florida was a popular cow hotspot too. Not sure if it's still the case, but a few were born/moved there.

No. 299273

The fact that Anna says she has 5-6 lung infections at once, then says she has cystic fibrosis was zero lung involvement is proof that she doesn't have it.

It's called cystic fibrosis. DUH. Meaning [for those who don't know], lung infections scar the lungs and cause irreversible damage. Even atypical CF has lung involvement, just not as severe.

No. 299277

I was wondering about that too. I know nothing about medicine but I don't understand why she went on about lung infections while also saying she had no lung problems? It feels like she's trying too hard to cover her bullshit so she's trying to cover every base but instead it makes it look more like lies.

No. 299306

And she also said she told the doc she wouldn't be taking oral meds. Usually you're in for a tune for like, 2 weeks [3+ weeks if you're really, really ill] followed by oral meds for an additional 3-4 weeks. Sorry but everyone with CF, typical or not, knows not to screw around by not taking antibiotics and antifungals.

No. 299307

*in for a tune up

No. 299373

she doesnt have CF. any CF patient, atypical or not, would already have starved to death with her nutritional intake.

it's usual for CF patients to have a lot of infections in their lungs due to the mucus building up in them and making it easier for bacteria to build infections. she just has infections because she is malnourished and starving herself and her immune system is shit.

No. 299390

Maryland, Florida, Canada

No. 299406

Sage for OT, but which cows are from Maryland?

No. 299421

These look like yellowy dung balls. Awful. I forgot how heinous her food was during the few months or so we didn't have threads on her and just remembered her as a neurotic orthorexic, don't know how I didn't remember that every single image she puts out is like an eldritch abomination summoned to spread a plague of food poisoning.

No. 299429

DaddyOFive, for one.

Also, Chris-chan, king of the lolcows, is from Virginia. Let's also add Texas to the list of milkiest, cow-producing states.

No. 299442

I know she doesn't have CF. There's just no way. And usually you don't even culture 5-6 bugs, it's more like 2-3 unless you're end stage and the lungs can't keep up.

No. 299448

Perhaps she can be encouraged to make a youtube channel showing the preparation of these "meals".

No. 299455


No. 299620


some users from kiwifarms are planning to order from her. they also cooked her recipes before, with predictably disasterous results.

No. 299795

File: 1493318326459.jpg (285.23 KB, 2048x1365, inspirational.jpg)

This is the image she chose to promote her event? She's totally glowing. Would definitely buy her products if it would make my hair fall out and my skin turn gray.

Also, dressing in a Walmart shopper's castoff undershirts is a great way to look professional. She would look a million times better if she put on some light mascara, tinted lip balm, moisturizer, and an even slightly decent outfit. Literally just jeans and a North Face would be a vast improvement and would fit her "active athlete" brand much better than this tragic look.

No. 299808

She doesn't even need to wear makeup, just… c'mon… not those clothes… for fuck's sakes. Don't dress like a homeless boy.

No. 299811

File: 1493319096106.png (233.72 KB, 1052x435, rXnkdby.png)

Anyone near Lynchburg?

No. 299824

is the crucial ingredient stevia

No. 299853

She looks like she's dying. Pale, gray skin adn blue/purple lips, wtf.

No. 300198

File: 1493355247335.jpg (421.75 KB, 1072x1263, IMG_20170427_225122.jpg)

No. 300200

File: 1493355265537.jpg (330.47 KB, 1077x1059, IMG_20170427_225109.jpg)

No. 300201

File: 1493355282935.jpg (416.73 KB, 1075x1271, IMG_20170427_225055.jpg)

No. 300203

File: 1493355299678.jpg (227.14 KB, 1071x1072, IMG_20170427_225040.jpg)

No. 300212

File: 1493355630714.jpg (470.38 KB, 1076x1076, IMG_20170427_225842.jpg)

No. 300214

File: 1493355671030.jpg (490.04 KB, 1063x1263, IMG_20170427_225900.jpg)

Chapped purging hands?

No. 300217

The fuck is this? Scalped swamp thing?
Overall her plating is better but anything that isn't a salad still looks grotty.

No. 300225

… is that a potatoe sandwich? I'm actually concern for her. She is literal definition of walking dead. Her skin is very grey and there's no color to her lips, and her hands got strange bumps.

No. 309753

File: 1494466311815.png (123.99 KB, 1536x918, IMG_0151.PNG)

If you go through the process of ordering through her website, it shows her home address. Why on earth would she let this info be so easily available

No. 309762

Do we know her actual age? Not to be a shit but if she's a minor this shouldn't be posted here

No. 309763

She's 20.

No. 309765

the gains goblin is ageless

No. 309766

The huge gender ambiguous Ginger expert from Kiwi Farms is probably charging her mobility scooter right now to make a visit.

No. 309773

File: 1494467752609.png (198.48 KB, 771x361, Untitled 7.png)

No. 309776

File: 1494467945379.png (706.25 KB, 785x565, annajohnson.png)

What's Anna's 20-year-old ass doing in a dance group for kids with medical problems?


No. 309782

Calm down, she's been in college and living on her own since she first got posted. How you could mistake her for a child and not an elderly woman is beyond me

No. 309804

God, look at how fucking fluorescent her hair is. She looks like a knackered Halloween decoration.

No. 309805

That'd be the lighting/photoshop that the photographer did.

No. 309813

It looks like someone MS Painted a dress over her.

No. 309822



No. 309823

It's the grandpa cardigan that got me

How is she geriatric at 20 I'm not new I've met people who restrict or eat like shit and look better than her what's going on

No. 309829

Because the ballet school is a "Christian ballet studio" that teaches fundies in a church fellowship hall and believes in "values" rather than, like, technique or other secular temptations.

Pic related: Anna is a "teacher" at this "school," probably yoga. The fact that they are advertising her nutritional expertise is…concerning.

I think she looks extra shitty because she's so aggressive about avoiding fat, even for an anorexic. Without any good fats, your skin and hair will go to hell fast.

No. 309831

File: 1494471190347.png (167.76 KB, 1356x688, gains goblin.png)

Dropped pic

No. 310048

Someone should make a prayer circle for her students and everyone she comes in contact with. Holy fuck.

No. 310075

She looks so incredibly haggard and sickly compared to the other teachers on that page. Everyone looks healthy and like they take care of themselves and then there's that corpse all of a sudden.
Her description is the most exaggeratedly Christian and Lord-praising of them all too.

No. 312507

File: 1494743445378.png (116.43 KB, 1023x347, annakiwifarms.png)

I hope whichever Kiwi shows up this time actually takes the time to dress presentably (ie: like a soccer mom/football dad) and not act like a total fucking stalker and/or a tranny.

No. 312667

What the fuck is up with all of these spoonie/Munchausen snowflakes wanting to look like Bane? Didn't Kadee and Kelly do this as well?

No. 312669

People with CF wear masks sometimes to protect themselves from illnesses since it's extremely easy to get sick.

No. 312671

I should say, people who actually have CF. aka, not Anna.

No. 312738

tbh i'm sure Anna still reads the kiwi thread, she sent some long angry letter to their mod last year or whenever it was that she disappeared from her original IG. and she knew they were the ones who "stalked" her. i really doubt anyone other than maybe some of her coworkers or church friends are buying her shit, and they're all prob buying it in person (if at all). so i'm sure that if some stranger from another state suddenly orders from her site right after people on the kiwi thread were voting on which thing to buy…i mean anna is insane but she's not dumb enough not to put that together. and she's been changing shit on her website in response to things said on the kiwi thread.

i miss her IG tbh. it was such a fascinating horror show

No. 315501

File: 1495114716765.png (4.54 KB, 629x44, 2017-05-18 14_38_00-Girls get …)

No. 315532

Perfect role for her.

Also there are women her age dancing principal roles in world class ballet companies and she's still pretending to be a "vegan kid" with a probably fake illness taking corps parts in a super-christian dolly dinkle tier kids' production. Go back to college, Anna.

No. 315539

Medical reasons? That's one of those "high altitude" masks that limits her oxygen intake. If she had CF, wouldn't wearing one of those make breathing excruciating?

Besides, what doctor in their right mind would recommend to a patient with apparent "lung problems" to limit oxygen intake?

No. 315676

I think it's a vogmask, which actually doesn't protect against illness and the company even says that. No one with cf would wear one.

No. 315678

he following is a functional description of the Vogmask and its intended use:

Particle filtering half mask to reduce exposures to airborne particulate matter.
Helps to protect from non-oil airborne particles such as dust, pollen, shavings, particles found in air pollution, and other airborne contaminants

Intended for general public use

Certain limitations apply to the use of the Vogmask product:

Follow fitting instructions carefully; filtering efficiency depends on proper fitting.

Do not use Vogmask for chemicals, gases, vapors, oils, aerosols, oil based particles, or extremely high particle concentrations.

Do not use Vogmask in oxygen deficient or explosive atmospheres.

Does not eliminate the risk of illness, diseases, or infection.

Leakage will occur if facial hair passes under the face seal.

This product does not guarantee protection from illness or any harmful substance.

No. 343043

File: 1498702603394.jpg (97 KB, 960x720, 75de753bf6a754b1fbe8a1d889993b…)

Holy shit. She's absolutely glowing in this photo. What happened? She doesn't look like the living dead anymore.

No. 343068

Holy shit. Well I'll be buggered! That break's done her good. She doesn't even look all pale and ugly any more. God does indeed move in mysterious ways. Hallelujah!

No. 343069


she looks so different. good job, ginge. you look great.

No. 343169

maybe she's actually consuming some of that protein. good on her.

No. 343246

she's extremely lean, but has muscle mass, and looks healthy

No. 343251

Kind of nice to see a cow do better for themselves for once, she looks healthy and happy.

No. 343255

File: 1498722252664.jpeg (93.15 KB, 960x720, 7a2449f49a1278caf2004a34c81128…)

holy shit she cut her hair too

No. 343335

Aw, she's still making dumb expressions but she cruelly looks genuinely happy instead of possessed. Keep it up ginger you charming nutcase.

No. 343337

U GO GINGER HOLY SHIT, thank the heavens for once in a millenia a cow has seemed to change ways, thats some legendary shit.

No. 343672

She looks more confident and much healthier! I'm happy for her, hopefully she keeps it up.

No. 343728

she honestly looks like a whole different person, I really hope this change stays….

No. 344630

Holy shit this chick lives in my town….god i hope i don't run into her…(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 344635

File: 1498941780709.jpg (43.58 KB, 479x640, 1497472690705.jpg)

>filling out the email field
stop that.

No. 346589

then why have the stupid field up there then?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 346617

To spot newfags

No. 456667

File: 1514590953449.png (2.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171229-163757.png)

Our favorite ginger has just finished a 40 day grape fruit juice fast that was meant to "heal her organs." She is now a raw fruititarian and uses the insta creation_nutrition

While she still LOOKS a hell of a lot better her ideas about nutrition and diet are fucking dangerous, you can hear her talk all about them on her yt https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC0tZawYLfH95urYUws1KZzQ

No. 456788

She looks better, but she still doesn’t look good. It’d be one thing if she was the only one affected by her delusional ideas about nutrition, but she dangerously peddles those ideas (and horrific food, if that’s still a thing).

No. 456813

File: 1514614389016.png (22.03 KB, 328x466, aj.png)

nah shes still shilling those ideas to people.

No. 456818

File: 1514614470031.png (807.95 KB, 931x510, aj2.png)

she just finished a 40 day grape fast but did a fruit mono in october. this girl is a sad pile of bones

No. 456826

Someone’s going to get really sick from her “nutrition counseling” and sue the shit out of her.

No. 456957

File: 1514626474568.png (740.19 KB, 891x594, FVG.png)


Grape juice (and Jesus?) cured her "kidney and liver failure" and five of seven lung infections. Of course.

No. 456963

File: 1514627266955.png (591.01 KB, 1026x592, FVG2.png)


Tucked away between the usual manic grinning selfies, "praise Jesus" photos and pictures of fruit/weird food there's quite a bit of disturbing content on this account. Lots of complaining about being sick, hospital selfies, pleas for "healing from God", and even crying photos. She's killing herself bit by bit with her bizarre diet.

No. 457028

File: 1514638203740.png (312.76 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_0169.PNG)

She needs $100,000 if anyone's willing to donate.

Anna has to be my favorite cow; she is inexplicably batshit insane. I'm glad she's back but at the same time I'm disappointed. When she cut he hair, I thought she was on the path to improvement, but watching her YouTube channel is like watching a snuff film. She's killing herself and will inevitably take others with her.

No. 458021

Sat through a few minutes of one of her crazy fasting vids and she was talking about her constant shitting and puking was the grape juice pulling toxins from her body. She's a smart one.

No. 458087

She's been at this for how many years now? Why would she have this many "toxins" considering how "healthy" she eats all the time?
You'd think eventually she'd pull her head out of her ass and admit it's not working, but instead she seems to jump from one diet to an even more dangerous one.
I've seen a few of her followers commenting about water fasts and such, I'm betting that's what she's going with next. She's going to die.

No. 458094

She sounds like a more coherent Aly here, these eating disordered girls are all so eerily alike.

No. 458110

all while still claiming to have cf. having several cf friends, they'd be incredibly malnourished from doing juice fasts, and probably be in hospital since they also have cfrd. anna's cf claims are such bs.

No. 458139

How did you manage to sit through more than a minute of her videos? I can't stand watching her puffy goblin face or how she says "um" practically every other word

No. 458169

NTAYRT but I found it interesting that her voice (not the things she was saying mind you) sounded like a normal person's. It was a bit of a shock really.

This shit really pisses me off tbh. She's free to do whatever she wants to herself and follow whatever diet she pleases but she shouldn't be shilling her "miracle cures" to vulnerable people. Her client seemed like a woman who is desperate to live her life without a cocktail of meds, but the solution isn't adhering to an unbalanced diet. God forbid she gets anyone sick.

No. 458183

I really wonder how many calories she has when she's doing juice fasts?

It's not unheard of to do vegetables+fruit juice fasts successfully and feel good from doing it but you have to be getting the right balance of calories and macros/micros I think.

No. 458189

I was also surprised that her real voice sounds like that of a pleasant and likable person. It doesn’t match her writing at all…like I can’t imagine her saying “back off HUN” in that voice.

Chick I went to HS With was also a skeletor and I got word a few years ago that she had died of pneumonia. Looked into her some more and it seemed strongly as though she was still very eating disordered and pneumonia took her out. Her most active online presence? On a fruitatarian forum.

No. 458254

File: 1514766305036.png (615.8 KB, 750x1334, 458D29E0-39A4-4E99-96B2-E2AFA4…)

I was thinking about her earlier this week, how strange the thread has come back alive. Has anyone looked at her playlist on the channel? A bunch of hypnosis videos, maybe she’s tricking her brain into being okay with killing itself slowly

No. 458277

if so, I think a hypnotist might be the most legit doctor she has ever actually chosen to visit.

No. 458279

But she’s totally been diagnosed with cf (sure)

No. 458295

she has a rare, recently-discovered type that no-one can question! bam, lifetime of excuses.

No. 458755

https://youtu.be/iwQJX7pfmIA Just watched this the whole way through and I’m drained. Utter bullshit from start to finish. Relentless craziness. Shitting “buckets and buckets” of orange mucus? SO HEALTHY. “Acid chemistry” TOXIC. “God knew what he was doing when he put Adam and Eve in a garden of FrUiT tReEs!!”

No. 458954

she was one of my first cows and a favourite … but this just killed the fun. like, maybe I'm naive and all, but I thought she was deluded enough to just be living the manic-grin life all the time. Knowing that she knows how fucked up she is and really feels it just makes me feel so fucking sad for her. too dark for me, I'm out.

No. 459192

File: 1514853361905.png (955.62 KB, 1440x928, Capture.PNG)

Anyone notice where she posted that she had to give away her dog because of her "bad back"? I wonder if her parents wouldn't care for it for her because she's too sick to do it herself.

No. 459276

Wow, I remember reading up about her last time she came out of hiding, and she really looked a lot better - and her recipes even looked edible. It’s really sad to see she’s not getting better, almost worse…. she’s actually delusional, I’m sure lack of any nutrition will do that to you

No. 459310

im absolutely stunned that anna has a thread. i used to work with her and while she is quite cheery in real life, she can be hard to get along with. many of the young ppl i worked with weren't too fond of her really. she's anti-vax and has been getting a lot of heat for it on her facebook. when i worked with her, she needed the lights on otherwise she would start to shiver. she wore lots of clothes even during summer. i'd also like to say that she never attended traditional university for any significant period of time and has only taken online courses here and there. i wish her the best but i just wanted to come on here cause im just utterly shocked.

No. 459318

Do you know if her parents believe she has cystic fibrosis or do they seem to be aware that she’s delusional? I’m really curious about them since they seem to have some level of control and involvement in her life but clearly not enough to get her the treatment she really needs.

No. 459348

i only knew her back in 2015. i havent seen her since then other than being friends with her on fb and insta. she never mentioned her parents when we worked together and she told me a lot of personal stuff. i got the impression that her parents didnt really pay much attention to her because she was struggling a lot living alone and her family werent really jumping to help her. i also used to believe that she had ED and i just couldnt understand why her parents werent helping her with that either. i actually have a friend that went to medical school and she doesnt believe anna has CF either. honestly i dont wish harm on anna, and im only here to supply some input or a diff point of view. i do not agree with her on a lot of things but she does seem really sickly irl.

No. 459352

also i wanted to say that she seemed to struggle a lot financially (her excuse for not attending college was due to funding, she seemed to put it off a lot) and she talked about struggling to pay rent. she is very preachy even tho i think her intentions are good but she definitely had no connection with coworkers and most of them, even the manager believed her to have ED

No. 459387

She really does look healthier somehow, even if it’s apparent her mind is unraveling. Maybe it’s just because she’s not posting goblin-esque red-faced “just finished my four hour workout!!!” selfies anymore.

No. 459388

she was starving herself for a long time and she hides it in sicknesses.

No. 459416

I don’t know a person with CF that doesn’t have clubbed fingers and she certainly doesn’t have clubbed fingers even in the slightest js

No. 459435

File: 1514876496441.jpeg (125.28 KB, 629x628, CE410A19-F7F9-4D06-B883-9D2D46…)

She posted this photo in October, still so thin.

No. 459458

How does anyone NOT think she’s ridiculously anorexic?? And why would anyone get “nutrition counseling” from someone who looks so much like they’re on the brink of death? She looks absolutely terrible.

No. 459478

File: 1514882421631.jpg (113.69 KB, 600x600, 1514733757701.jpg)

Since no one's bothered to post this in the main thread…

No. 459497

Burn it!!!!

No. 459523


her going for the skinniest breed possible and calling the dog "the 4-legged me" caught my attention more. girlfriend needs intensive therapy fo' sho'.

No. 459557

That’s really interesting, thanks for popping by. Would love to know what her fam thinks of her “cf” and vogmasks. I would be so embarrassed if a kid of mine was going around pretending to have a serious illness all the time like that.

No. 459561

>I am so happy manically dancing around in snow wearing a bikini oh fuuuck this vegan raw low kcal no-fat low-sugar low-net carb makes me feel so HIGH time to run 500 miles!!!

>My body is giving up and I'm sad :( I don't get it how could this be happening


No. 459572

Has she listened at all to this medical advice and stopped overexercising so much finally? It could save her life. Her body really is falling apart completely from what she has been doing to it.

No. 459607

Happiest rectangle I've ever seen!

No. 460073

shoo shoo, gains goblin!

No. 460093

Seeing her next to a healthy looking person really makes it obvious how UNHEALTHY she is and ugly (less important).

Poor lil goblin she was doing so well!

No. 460336

File: 1514956842088.png (46.87 KB, 749x258, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.1…)

Jesus christ… This is absolutely maddening (this is from her grape juice fast video)

No. 460361

Holy cow, no wonder she has money problems.

No. 460476

How many pounds of grapes was she buying?? No wonder she looks like shit, people cannot exist on grape juice alone.

No. 460507

in the comments on one of her insta posts i think she said each juice was from 2 pounds of grapes and i think she was having 3-4 of them a day.

thinking about any of this makes me want to puke buuuuut maybe that's the point. another nutrition counseling win for the fit vegan ginger!

No. 460538


When do you think she'll get diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?

No. 461138

File: 1515034596455.jpg (161.99 KB, 873x614, downloadfile.jpg)

Anna's situation has definitely gone the sad and deluded territory. I was reading the KiwiFarms thread and got this image from there. As it turns out she's taking Synthroid to treat her alleged hypothyroidism. Synthroid replaces the hormone that an inactive thyroid is missing and it does speed up the metabolism and people can lose weight from it. I don't believe that she has hypothyroidism, and she's probably abusing it. Apparently Karen Carpenter abused it to and that's how she died.

No. 461146

The other bottles, the Creons, are enzyme replacers. They don't do shit for weighy as far as I know, they aid in digestion.

No. 461172

i know that mentioning Kiwi Farms makes some anons bristle, but they really have some good info on anna. Aside from friend anon that popped up that gave insight to an outsider standpoint of her, its worth a read.

but i do find it telling with her divorced parents and whatnot, try to act like the sick little girl and maybe they will rally around her and in response, their relationship repair. bring her back home though and make her live a normal life of actually consuming calories (could you imagine) and she revolts and goes on fast after fast ana style to at least have some control.

she really has issues and clearly her beliefs arent bringing her the peace of mind she claims

No. 461194

I know the site is ran by a lolcow himself, but it widens my lolcow bass and entertainment. I prefer browsing here, but I have to agree some threads are better than others like the Anna thread and I like visiting the disneyfan01 thread who isn't discussed much here for example.

The divorced parents thing does bring in some new insight especially considering the anon here said Anna divulged personal details and got the impression her parents didn't pay attention to her. Considering her age she's pretty young and maybe the parents got divorced during a critical time in her life.

No. 461342

I wouldn't be surprised if she has it. It's not uncommon for people who heavily restrict to develop hypothyroidism.

No. 461920

Creon enzymes are specifically designed for Cystic Fibrosis. They replace the enzymes our bodies don’t produce enabling food sources to be properly absorbed which results in weight gain blah blah blah. There’s no point in her taking the enzymes though if she’s not actually eating.

No. 462370

She's waiting for enough attention to build before announcing she's cured her CF with raw Vegan diet. Like Belle Gibson, but dumber.

No. 462373


Also most people doing juice fasts don't already consume minimal cals/no carbs/no fat/no gluten in their daily diets.

No. 462375

And I doubt she has "severe" scoliosis considering how much she was able to exercise just a year ago. I think it's much more likely that her diet, which lacks any calcium, has given her osteoporosis and her vertebrae are starting to crumble.

No. 462377


Dr Google tells me that finger clubbing occurs in approx 70% of CF patients.
My friend has late-diagnosed CF (they were 20 I think?) and normal fingers,

No. 462616

She has been diagnosed with osteoporosis long ago. She says that in her introductory video for her new YouTube channel.

It's avery insightful video. It seems her eating disorder started when she was 12. She goes through he timeline of her illness, mentioning how at one point when she was sickly thin almost all of her hair fell out, how she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, how she had pseudomonas etc.
She also talks us through how her eating habits changed during all that time (from vegetarian, to vegan, to fruitarian, getting more and more restrictive). She also says how everyone accused her of having an eating disorder including friends and family, but of course she didn't believe them.

Here is part one of the introductory vid, her history starts at 4:34

Ps. I am really curious about what was that "very scary thing" that happened to her that she talks about at 8:58. From my perspective, a lot of things that happened to her health are scary, she's broken her bones multiple times etc so this must have been something really major, like a heart attack.

No. 462618

Part 2, she mentioned being diagnosed with osteoporosis at 1:10

These videos left me very sad, it's obvious how she's been ruining herself for years, yet after all the severe health issues caused by her ED, she still does mental gymnastics to keep herself starving. It's sad because when you watch the videos, it really hits you that this poor person won't live much longer. I doubt she'll make it to the end of this year.

No. 462680


> I am really curious about what was that "very scary thing" that happened to her that she talks about at 8:58. From my perspective, a lot of things that happened to her health are scary, she's broken her bones multiple times etc so this must have been something really major, like a heart attack.

She said it had to do with her digestive system though. Maybe she was a purger and started shitting and/or vomiting blood. If it was the former, that might also explain her hesitance to talk about it, since not many people enjoy discussing bowel movements.

>I doubt she'll make it to the end of this year.

Seriously. Her body is doing such a poor job of handling the hell she's putting it through. There are seemingly immortal bonelords à la Ashley Isaacs, but it won't be surprising in the slightest if Anna doesn't see 2019.

If she was only starving herself it'd be one thing, but her weird diet kicks, like mono-fruit juice fasts, would make anyone sick.

No. 462715

i find the ginge so fascinating. she overshares but also holds back critical info, plus she's such a blend of crazy (OTT jesus freak + woo-woo + mental illness + munchie) that it's hard to tell where she's deluding herself vs others.

obvious her main problem is anorexia but even after several years and personas, i still debate whether she's aware of it. in some ways she's the classic smokescreen ana who's coming up with bigger and bigger lies to protect her ED, but she's so OTT with the doctor visits that it's ALMOST believable that she hasn't admitted it to herself.

those two videos posted here ignore how when things got "so bad" her senior year of HS is exactly when she went from normal looking, not that jesusy, and eating a vegetarian but p healthy diet, to all of a sudden eating her 0-cal noodles and protein balls and running 10 miles a day. THAT's why she lost 30 pounds and felt like shit…duh.

if she was forced to eat a healthy diet for a few months, all her mystery health problems (except maybe the headaches that started it all and were p bad migraines) would disappear. and she'd probably be way less moody and crazy too.

her hair is ick.

No. 462840

This is really sad.

No. 462942

i'm really astounded by how non crazy she sounds here. She's confident and if I didn't know more about her, I think i'd believe her??

No. 462967

Me too tbh. I’m so inclined to believe her just bc she seems nice and like she wants to get better. I don’t know. It’s hard to tell what’s true here and what’s not.

No. 463127

I don't think she's lying, but I have a strong feeling that she gets most of her diagnoses from naturopathic doctors who tell her she can solve her problems with apples and grape juice.

No. 463131


I think she's lying about some diagnoses (CF), making up other reasons for others (osteoporosis).

What worries me is she has ZERO qualifications in nutrition or diet, but will happily tell desperate people to stop taking their meds and start eating 300 grapes a day. COME ON NOW. That's despicable.

No. 463141

File: 1515204795035.jpg (15.83 KB, 236x272, hv5a42a18b.jpg)

Do you think she's lying or just super ignorant? I dunno, watching these videos I kinda get the feeling that's she's lying to herself more than to others. Like she really wants to believe she's not the source of all her issues.

No. 463153


well yeah I think that's it. She's clutching at straws to try and find excuses and coverups for her obvious anorexia.

No. 463154

Saged for blog/samefag

But there was a girl at my university who was painfully thin. I suspected she had an ED because I'd seen her out running at 6am when I was coming back from a library all nighter. She ended up in treatment and is still doing well. But it's the obsessive running that Anna displays that makes me think of this girl.

No. 463202


I have one friend with adult diagnosed CF, but they always had lung problems - her docs couldn't work out what it was though, until they were hospitalised for pneumonia. They have to do physio every day, and there's no way they could run like that. No way.

No. 463220

I’ve know some girls who were anorexic and overexercisers like Anna, including eating the same kinds of “healthy” food, and they looked the same and had similar health issues. Fun fact, being anorexic causes you to get more infections, because your immune system is fucked.

No. 463303

Anna almost certainly suffers from anorexia athletica and orthorexia nervosa, and is in extreme denial. . All the woo pseudo-illnesses are her trying to get people to stop focusing on the [obvious] pathopsychology she radiates like a fucking nuclear reactor. Deep down, she knows she is full of shit, but has spent so many years so deep in denial about it that she won't admit it. Read about orthorexia and you will see what I mean.
The CF claim offends me the most. CF patients already struggle with getting enough nutrition…no way a low fat fruitatian diet would cut it. She is a mess.

No. 463642


No. 463806

File: 1515284638800.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, IMG_0173.PNG)

Idk how many of you follow her ig but her stories are practically always her singing about jesus

No. 463841

Wtf is up with all these people becoming “fruititarians”? That literally started as a joke at least ten years ago, but I’ve seen a few people on IG claiming they follow that “lifestyle”. It’s scarily bad for people.

No. 463875


Aren't real "fruitarians" the loonies who only eat fruit once it's naturally fallen off the tree?

No. 464046

I guess everyone I know with CF is part of that 70% then. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 464047

I’m pretty sure getting diagnosed as an adult and having a mild case is rare. And definitely not ana Anna’s problem.

No. 464048

Samefag but I think clubbing is typically with stronger presenting cases so that makes sense. I don’t actually know any people with CF that were
diagnosed after early childhood.

No. 467311

File: 1515664186718.png (1.34 MB, 752x670, Capture.PNG)

this is old news but i can't believe she looked like a normal human being at some point. couldn't even recognize her at first

No. 467707

I wonder what she was eating then. It’s so dramatic how frail she looks now, she even has thick-looking hair in this pic. Does this count as proof she doesn’t have CF - do you always look sick? Idk much about it

No. 468134

No people with CF don’t always look sick. Enzymes and proper diet usually prevent malabsorption and malnutrition which is usually which makes CFers look ill.

No. 472918

File: 1516157075250.jpg (247.11 KB, 1080x979, Screenshot_20180117-024327.jpg)

I cant believe she's denying herself VEGETABLES

No. 476205

Juicing cucumber and celery…so she’s drinking water for 6 months. How long will she live?

No. 477634

So she makes regular vlogs now. I can't suffer through her batshit craziness or her UM-ing (jesus fuck no one "um"'s like the Ginge!), but if some brave anon wants to keep us informed please do!

No. 481647

Sorry if this has been posted about before, but she doesn't sound "confident" or whatever like a normal person here. I wasn't watching the video, but she 100% sounds like someone who memorized a speech to deliver to class.

No. 481664

God she looks terrible. It’s too bad, because she looked better for a little bit.

No. 481718



I learn about a new flavor of woo every week on the farm!

>constipated for five years, cured herself

Are you sure you're not still full of shit?

No. 482080

Damn, the end there is kind of sad. I watched half of this a couple weeks ago and asked my parents (Dr.s) what the fuck she was talking about. They said of course she’s shitting orange mucus, all she’s eating is grapefruit. I guess your body has to expel waste somehow, so when there’s nothing solid to transport that waste it utilizes mucus instead. Your body detoxes by having a liver. Jesus already gave you all the shit you need to live Anna!! Stop depriving them!!

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