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File: 1561420193359.png (2.2 MB, 1312x1304, Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 7.35…)

No. 826201

names, in order: taylor anderson, lainey avaroe, kai jackson

>24 year old fakeboi obsessed with being an emo teenager despite being the mother of 3

>married to the foul beast onision greg avaroe james jackson himself
>accused of grooming a minor who she adopted, saving her from an abusive household and introducing her to a new one
>flies out fresh 18 year olds and talks to minors, sees no problem with this
>came out as bisexual then trans and won't let you forget
>lives in a pigsty that's definitely safe for kids
>makes cringy content every week

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No. 826210

Is the third child Gurg? Thanks for making this thread!

No. 826211

bless whoever made this thread

No. 826217

File: 1561424151002.gif (732.93 KB, 320x180, 1428552088875.gif)

No. 826225

in her latest video she’s in a binder w boobs fully present, taking what’s probably her kids’ temporary tattoos and putting them on herself. I can’t with this bitch

No. 826231

File: 1561426275777.jpeg (135.3 KB, 750x569, BAF262E6-9EAD-4D77-9682-DDEFC0…)

delusional. kek.

No. 826232

It's sad they dyed their hair black again. Lainey looked so much like Stuart from madtv with the lighter colors. Made me lol.

No. 826233

In this patreon video posted in the greg thread


She says she's anxious about her surgery. Can anyone fill me in? Is she actually going through with top surgery?

No. 826238


Possibly wisdom teeth removal. Iirc she mentioned shes been putting it off because she was still breastfeeding. No idea if Clot is still breastfeeding though

No. 826240

File: 1561427443792.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1559, 65A9C4BD-D77E-4546-8B08-D196BE…)

this comment lmaooooo

No. 826272

still can't get over how she pushed it back because of breastfeeding that she no longer needs to do. Guarantee after her wisdom teeth are removed she's gonna play up the sickly, frail boi image even more

No. 826277

File: 1561434152035.png (65.06 KB, 874x421, 35.PNG)

I cant see her original tweet but Im betting by the responses that it was
>do you ever want to be someone else? have someone else's life?
I guess shes back to realizing she fucked up her life hooking up with an older man at 16/17 and having anchor babies that were meant to keep him from leaving her but instead have caused her to have to stay in an abusive relationship.

No. 826285

her hair is darker than her eyebrows and it looks so awkward to me

No. 826306

tbh, I kinda think she makes a much hotter guy. Her hair was always thin as fuck and when it would grow out it always looked like a mop. The shorter styles give some semblance of volume.

whether it be real or fake, she's starting to genuinely try passing. No more make up (accept she's wearing masc makeup here). Hopefully these developments are the final push for divorcegate.

No. 826309

>genuinely try passing

not sure if serious or …

No. 826311

She's always pining for greg's attention, so why does she do this fakeboi shit? I just don't understand. She obviously gets hurt when she sees he isn't attracted to her, but she insists on doing this. Why??

No. 826321

Greg's gaslit her into thinking it's what she wants and she's that stupid.

No. 826353


Real talk: Greg is gay and this IS what he wants and finds attractive.

The reason he spurges so hard is a front to appear like other manly straight dudes. Classic projection.

Lainey's always bruised from hickeys on the back of neck because Greg fucks her face down, hairy armpits up, and with her wearing a cup and shoulder pads.

The man is gay!

No. 826364

I agree with you. I was scrolling through her old Instagram pictures and she’s just… ugly. A big part of that is her tragic makeup and hairstyle and color choices. I don’t think she passes, but she is at that fakeboi stage like Criedwolves where an ugly girl makes for an interesting-looking “man,” at least.

No. 826366

File: 1561464811682.png (1.96 MB, 2048x1536, PicsArt_06-25-02.09.53.png)

Before Greg got his hands on her vs her most recent pic

I find her so beautiful in the bevor picture. She looks genuinely happy with herself and in life. Maybe she's always been a brat but she looked like she knew who she was and what she wanted to do in her life.

How she looks now is absolutely horrifying.
She's so beaten down and every ounce of life has been drained out if her.
She looks completely lost and like she's just given up on life.

No. 826406

Greg apparently told her she was a boy so it fits that she’d try transitioning

No. 826463

this post is so overdramatic. calm down. just because she’s smiling on the left doesn’t mean she had some kind of amazing ideal life that greg ruined. she’s an adult now and chose her smegma prince and has to live with it

No. 826499

I'm as far away from being a Taylor stan as someone can be.
All I'm saying is she was happy with her life and Grugg completely ruined her.
Every bad quality she has now is because of him. If they hadn't "found" each other I doubt she would've become a disgusting, hideous, miserable ephebophile.

No. 826501

lol no, she dug her own grave too. you don’t just choose to groom a child bc your spouse is abusive. sure, he’s awful to her no doubt. but that doesn’t mean she’s 100% off the hook

No. 826525

ah yes the happy smile of girl who was being abused and raped by her boyfriend.
how nice.

The truth is, Taylor was born to be a victim, if it wasn't our boi James after the abusive ex, it was going to be another one.

No. 826569

Seriously. If she leaves James Jackson she’s not going to suddenly become this badass single mama who can fend for herself. She’s gonna fall into whatever the easiest trap is with the next loser who will abuse her and her kids and so on. Her psyche is fucking wrecked at this point probably mostly due to her poor choices and having the will and personality of a doormat from K-Mart so the probabilities of her doing much without attaching herself to Gurg are unlikely.

No. 826713

She's not even close to passing, she just looks like a confused butch mother of two toddlers. Divorcegate isn't happening until Grugly gets new fresh replacement puss to manipulate and gaslight. So far nothing yet.
I doubt she ever was properly single in her entire life. She dated that psycho David guy in high school and almost immediately after snatching Onionbreath's attention, she dumped the nutcase HS boyfriend and went all in. She mentioned in videos that she had kissed a lot of people and dated a friend group oh why do I not believe her

No. 826725

greg may have convinced her of it, but he was hoping she would just play up the identity so that he can get indirect oppression points. Not to mention to lure in bi trinity bait

The way I see it, if greg pushes for it, that means he has more of an excuse to find a "feminine" girl, and it also means a potential trinity member who is exclusively into more masculine presenting people. If lainey was ultra feminine, and attracted a girl who is also exclusively into feminine girls, there'd be no space for him in that mix.

As for lainey, not trying to armchair but this is just self sabotage. If she continues in her transition, and greg leaves her, she gets to be perpetually the victim. They're both rooting for the transition in weird unbalanced ways that backfires on themselves. A double edged sword.

No. 826916

File: 1561523238779.png (435.31 KB, 564x377, 56748.PNG)

I was shocked when I saw the first couple minutes of Turning Myself Into A New Person.
For a split second I thought Greg had hit her. That is one MAJOR break out when it looks like someone has stomped on your face and rubbed it into a concrete floor.

No. 827056

it's just one pimple… don't turn this thread into a shitshow so early

No. 827091

I think the majority are freckles, mixed with a couple of pimples.
The lighting / focus and the size of the picture make it seem more dramatic than it actually is.

No. 827100

Her freckles weren't nearly as bad when she used to cake on foundation to hide it, now that it's summer it doesn't do her any wonders.

No. 827109

>not a taylor stan
>every fault she has is because greg

You didn't even try.

No. 827128

This Omg.

After Greg's ego getting shattered with Maya and other girls only wanting to date Taylor Kaibotfag he makes Taylor a he; so all potential trinity members will defacto find Greg attractive because the 'genders, line up.

Onion probably fancies himself a hotter boy than his ugly wife so maybe he's playing some weird games were Kai and Troy have to compete for second best boy of the house. Cloey Abbygale reigns Queen of the House.

Lainey is crying.

But yeah, I think Greg is still the one dictating Kais gender and using her as bait for trinity members. He's a broken record always shitting out the same old tune.

Just still can't quite believe he's turned his basement into a casting call couch set for a sex doll.

No. 827395

Not very relevant, but in the video where she puts on all those temporary tattoos, her armpits are shaved again. She says that the next day they are going swimming, so I guess she isn't really comfortable being hairy aka manly there

No. 827540

new clothing haul, of course, because that’s all she does is buy clothes

>”thrift haul”

>actually marshalls
> $150
>horrid clothing

No. 827543

File: 1561585278515.jpeg (69.95 KB, 544x864, B71B0A49-320B-49F7-9459-014FE6…)

No. 827544

File: 1561585354139.jpeg (65.78 KB, 730x668, C77474CE-2D08-4FA1-8087-11E21F…)

new wedding ring?

No. 827546

She's claiming to save one of the shirts for pride. I bet she's gonna find a convenient reason not to go this year again.

No. 827548

I've been wondering if there's a secret / underlying competition between Lainey and Greg / James going on about who can get the girl. I always had that particular feeling in regard to Maya and Jesse Paige.

No. 827551

File: 1561586372790.jpg (79.31 KB, 575x804, 14c.jpg)

Why does she dress like one of these dudes now?

No. 827565


Listening to all this ironic "dad" "dad" "gay dad" "stay at home dad" "i'm looking like such a dad right now" nonsense kills me. Like, Taylor, you ARE an actual parent!

No. 827601

>"i'm looking like such a dad right now"
Said a woman dressed like a toddler.

No. 827607

File: 1561593440774.gif (906.2 KB, 500x375, 81AF8FC8-88F0-43E0-8B63-9DCC98…)

she still looks sickly. yellow makes her look sallow and she should drop it from her wardrobe.

true style icon to the left

No. 827649

does her calling $10 mass-manufactured fast-fashion clothing "thrift" bother anyone else?

No. 827651

for someone who always claims to not be 100% ,it seems like a 100% white thing to say…

No. 827683

Yeah definitely not even close to thrifting.

No. 827689

are you kidding me? what else does she claim? some vague, nonspecific "native american ancestors"?

No. 827698

None of this shit fits properly

No. 827702

File: 1561603266665.png (405.25 KB, 800x480, badass.PNG)

>in regard to Maya and Jesse Paige.
dont forget that random Starbucks girl that they literally fought about on camera during a game of giant jenga "NO SHES MINE!"

I havent laughed during a Laineybot video for years, but I chuckled when she called herself a badass. Her view of herself is so distorted and warped.

No. 827739

her pale, green eyed ass claims to be mexican

No. 827792

It's a silicone wedding band, they're cheap as shit and ugly as hell and designed for people who work jobs where a metal ring would be impractical, I think onion mentioned they bought them a while back, I dont remember what his pathetic excuse for buying her another cheap shit wedding band was but all it does is prove he couldn't give less of a shit. Prob cause the other cheap ass alloy ring he bought her made her finger green. She claims its an allergy to gold and silver but let's be real; her old ring had neither of these in it

No. 827853

this almost makes me sad, she's actually living in a fantasy where she's some cool badass guy to cope with the fact that she's just a mom married to a narcissistic manchild

No. 827862

In her latest video she mentioned buying matching shirts with a guy friend.
said guy friend is likely her fakeboi friend, which could also explain the female voice people have been hearing in the last couple of videos.
maybe they're going to pride together?

No. 828576

File: 1561709583825.png (379.2 KB, 562x613, new name.png)

No. 828639

File: 1561725963318.jpg (225.52 KB, 1200x799, Cz8Zj3fUcAAHGzq.jpg)

I get the feeling there's going to be a mad rush by all the trolls to immediately sign up with those usernames she was even slightly interested in.
Taylor admitted that she came up with the username Laineybot because she wanted it to be similar to Shanes girlfriend at the time Lisbug. She tried signing up as "Lanieybug" but it was taken so she had to settle. She denies this origin story now because of all the shit she has gotten for wanting to skin-walk anyone popular or that has caught her husbands eye.
She originally wanted to be Shanes significant other, but had to settle for the Tijuana knockoff version instead. If she still has that mindset then she should call herself Kailand.

No. 828721

Love how she claims that she couldn't find any comfy, cute clothes all summer, but she did some shopping in her last vlog? I give it a month before everything is up on Poshmark

No. 828887

It would be easier to look like a dude with less basic bitch eyebrows, wouldn’t it, Kai Jackson?

No. 829122

I can't get over how hilarious her new name sounds to me. In my language, "kai, kai, kai" is onomatopoeia for a dog whining. It fits her perfectly, she's crying all the time like an abused mutt.

No. 829137

someone suggested KaiKries as her new user… shoulda taken that one

No. 829161

File: 1561817446315.jpeg (419.5 KB, 750x712, 3CE10318-3A62-4876-AC1D-A2A294…)

I’m sorry for making this

No. 829400

She tried to skinwalk as Billie and failed. Greg didnt really show any interest.
So now shes trying to skinwalk Andy to catch Gregs eye. She tries so hard to make herself into something Greg will love.

No. 829532

Next phase will be her turning herself into a lovedoll to try to get Gurg’s attention.

No. 829591

The only reason I dont mind the pure shit quality and quantity of her videos is because I know that her view count will go up to 15k at most

No. 829726

She said she's 15% Mexican and "lived in New Mexico" in one video lmao

No. 829730

File: 1561932915247.jpg (29.31 KB, 360x240, Ronnie Radke FKu2xOQZoE8m.jpg)

like a less hot version of ronnie radke to me

No. 829732

should be 12.5% since only 1 grandparent is mexican

No. 829738

She's lived in New Mexico all her life until Grease happened and they got married. Her being pale as bird shit is one thing but her not even knowing a single word in Spanish for someone who loves oppression/minority asspats is just very pathetic.

No. 829746

File: 1561935077618.png (4.1 MB, 750x1334, 7E7B4AA2-8E4C-4676-ACC4-02CFB6…)

Did she actually go to pride?

No. 829747

that almost makes me feel bad for her. almost

No. 829759

looks like it, she's wearing a trans flag as a cape and I think the shirt has a rainbow on it. unless she's just staging pics now

No. 829786

File: 1561939283400.png (23.72 KB, 630x231, pride parade.PNG)

If she went, she went with that other little transtrender we saw her playing volleyball with. When asked on his forums James said he's not going. He didnt even take the time to do the third person thing and say "Onison isnt a parade person"

No. 829795

lmao he didn't go cause he knew he would be eaten alive by everyone for being homophobic/transphobic

No. 829800

She’s like .15% Mexican, apparently it’s enough for Greg to call her beaner twice in videos and for her to take offence to it

No. 829802

I’m sure she didn’t go… she would have plastered more all over and made a video talking about it

No. 829813

Why do I feel like she thinks she's like Bella Swan.. Pale ass white girl from Arizona.. Swooped by another pale ass grown adult who shouldn't even be hanging around girls that age… Shudders I cant see twilight the same way again

No. 829834

File: 1561946628648.png (229 KB, 434x456, asmr lainey.png)

I thought this footface in my recommended videos was taylor for a second. they should collab

wouldn't a grandparent be 25%? anyway she made a 23andme video and iirc she was disappointed by her low percentage of mexican ancestry

No. 829840

to my understanding both grandparents would make up a collected 25%, but since its only 1, its half that. unless both her grandparents are mexican then sure a whopping 25% of her is ethnic

No. 829845

Each grandparent is 25% of a person’s heritage. Each great-grandparent is 12.5%.

No. 829852

I went today and didn't see her. There were a lot of people wearing their flags as capes, to be fair. I'm genuinely surprised that she showed up in the city for Pride since I didn't think that either her or James would show up. I know that she chickened out last year after she said that she was going.

No. 829886

No. 829898

“Heritage” and “heredity” are not synonyms. Lame is talking about ethnic heritage, not DNA.

No. 829901


She looks like Lainey with one of those Snapchat filters on.

No. 829908


In the context of her 23andme test she would referring to heredity.

No. 829915

File: 1561965474973.png (953.45 KB, 1263x666, LMAO lainey.png)

there was a video where she was eating taco bell with greg in the car and she says to greg "i think im the only hispanic person you've ever met"

lainey…….. sweetie

No. 829917

one that gives her good eyebrows.

No. 829972

File: 1561982399150.png (702.61 KB, 1177x627, ghjhjghgjh.PNG)

She was also 9% Iberian and 9% Southern European, which is Spain/Portugal area. Most Mexicans score highly on Iberian/Southern Europe and Native American - Mexico. So as much as 18% of her DNA besides that could have come from a Mexican ancestor.

Not that it matters because she's 0% Mexican culturally.

No. 830188

New video today. She looks like she's proud of her Target haul but comes off as Harry Potter if he was a mom.

No. 830325

Funny you mention Twilight because in a video titled "Which Disney couple are we?" posted on Lame's channel some time back, Grease and her established that they are exactly like Edward and Bella. Yikes.

No. 830338

Wonder if she plans to post a video of her in pride for some "uwu I'm "trans"" asspats.

No. 830414

she's on accutane? that would explain why she always looks so crusty

No. 830416

that's not actually lainey. you can't breastfeed on accutane.

No. 830999

Ew just watched Lainey's Summer Lookbook, she keeps doing crotchshots, and uncomfortable zoom-ins of her gross, dry face. I'd screenshot and share but I'm on my phone and honestly it's not worth seeing

No. 831194


An old ass man who is perpetually stuck at 17 and a pale ass white girl from the Southwest who was literally 17 when said old ass man scooped her up. She made her life entirely about him and he dictates all she does. She’s extremely passive and he’s a stalker.

Fits, in a gross way.

No. 831317

I got such a bad second hand embarrassment from that video
Lainey has always been cringy but this was a whole new level, I'm not even talking about the trans stuff, but her body language in general and the horrible 12 year old style she's insisting on wearing

It's both creepy and cringy

No. 831398

the disingenuous try-hardy tumblr vibes makes me nauseous
its obvious they have no sense of identity


No. 831477

The fact that she's shopping at Hollister and getting outfit inspiration from most likely pics of male high school students is so weird to me. I mean no issue with Hollister but the fact that Lainey is obviously trying to become a young boy makes it gross. The lip bites, focus/zoom-ins on her abdomen, crotch, and face. It's just gross and weird. It's like she's trying to become the kind of guy in high school who would never date the fat, ugly cheerleader

No. 831501

She’s trying to turn into the guys Greg secretly wanted to fuck in high school because pretending to be the girls Greg wanted to fuck lost its’ appeal/is a longshot considering Lame looks like a foot.

No. 831532

Just saw this and realized she's really trying to get her money's worth of those silly arm tattoos by flexing her arms throughout the video

No. 831682

File: 1562210663895.webm (3.61 MB, 356x360, Drop_TheyThem_Like_Its_Hot.web…)

While she was "modeling" in her hallway all I could see was that sweatshirt Vine kid.

No. 831694


At least that kid is funnier.Lame is as funny as wet paper on a wall.

No. 831720

How does this video have over 10k views, and no comments OR likes/dislikes?

No. 831736

she disabled both

No. 831754

I thought Greg disabled them. I remember seeing a video where hes going through her comments and reading them out loud then blocking the ones talking shit. After the grooming allegations he was policing her comments hardcore. But I guess when two thirds of the comments are roasting your wife you just throw in the towel and disable everything.

No. 831777

Oh, well they seem to be back on. These at least. It doesn't say that they've been disabled, it has the option for you to like or dislike it, and it says 0 comments.

No. 831784

Maybe I used the wrong terminology. What ever he has done makes the likes and dislikes that ppl give the video not visible to the public. Same with the comments. He may have set it up so comments have to be approved and hes just letting them all sit in limbo without approval. Much like this anon >>831720 Im scratching my head how some video that is essentially being given no interaction has that many views.

No. 831849


I hope she knows that DNA tests are much closer to astrology than they are to science.

No. 831901


Nothing’s disabled, he just made both private. Tinfoil that he didn’t disable them because he still reads the comments and gets off on people insulting his disgusting translarping foot wife. He can’t stand her either but is stuck with her. He has no money to pay alimony AND child support, and no fresh teen lined up for suk mi.

No. 831963

So according to her pateron she did make a video about going to pride. Any patron anons mind mirroring it?

No. 832161

File: 1562296944714.png (308.9 KB, 515x554, pride.png)

No. 832453

This video made me really sad in a way

No. 832461

Half the time she looked bored at the parade. Also, she actually bought $65 Pride themed Converse. Wonder what happened to trying to save money on things?

No. 832467

Exactly what I expected. Two extremely girly lesbians who are obviously in love with each other larping as teenage baby gays.

I really wish she would stop constantly playing with her greasy hair. Maybe that's why her skin has gotten so bad.

No. 832536

I saw so many bruises on her arm again (near her elbow).
I get that she has kids, but that looks a little bit too much for just some rough playing, right?

No. 832552

shes anemic and refuses to take iron supplements so she probably bruises super easily
and greg is sexually aggressive and we all know he likes to brand her with hickeys kek

No. 832566

This whole fakeboi shit doesn't suit her friend at all, she looks extremely ugly damn

No. 832702

I'm surprised Grugly let her go, kek. Did she leave the kids at home alone with him? Yikes

No. 832727

She probably left them off at her parent's place so that Onion is free to film sex doll vids back home.

They should stay there. Taylor should join the kids after Pride. Leave Greg with his sex doll.

No. 832731

She probably left them off at her parent's place so that Onion is free to film sex doll vids back home.

They should stay there. Taylor should join the kids after Pride. Leave Greg with his sex doll.

No. 832741

Lol how can this bitch pretend she likes girls when she made Madison gargle mouth wash before kissing her on a livestream and always looked uncomfortable as fuck while kissing Billie, yet she had no problem sucking onion's greasy micro dick only a few hours after they met in person. She couldn't be more straight if she tried, she clings to that label of being "gay" because being straight is way too basic for her and she can't stand being seen as the basic straight cis girl she is

No. 832765

File: 1562392041404.png (3 MB, 1334x750, D0B9B641-B02B-4718-A9CD-27A660…)

Taylor please stop trying to look like a 12 year old boy.

No. 832786

This actually reminds me of my friends, and what they were like at parties/Pride/making home movies, when they were in HIGH SCHOOL!

Watching this, and Onion's sex doll vids back-to-back show what an odd couple these married ppl really are.

No. 832793

Watching this was pretty cringy at times, but generally wasn't terrible compared to the other videos she has done. It's a little bittersweet since I'm sure that this is the most accepting (not about the transtrending she's doing) and loved that she's felt in a while since Jimbo doesn't show her any affection outside the bedroom.

That being said, I recognize a lot of the places that she went to since I work in that general area. I'm still surprised that the two of them went to Pride and that I missed them. I'm even more surprised that good ole James let them go to Pride.

No. 832800

Sage your shit, summerfags? My vote's on them breaking up in a year or two depending on how troony she becomes.

No. 832870

lmfao she's said multiple times on her channel that she likes dating girls because they're "more empathetic," and i can quote greg saying in her videos that she needs a woman to "talk about her feelings with"

maya even brought up a time where lainey was crying because of an anxiety attack and greg came to maya because he "didnt know how to handle her" and maya held lainey in her bed

im p sure its because her husband is emotionally retarded and brainwashed her into thinking only women can exercise empathy and kindness

No. 832897

She clearly just wants friends, it's so obvious she isn't sexually attracted to women. You can totally hold hands and hug your friends without it being GAYYYYY.

No. 833011


That and the fact that the only thing she ever did with Billie (and probably Maya) without encouragement is hold hands.

No. 833301

this is the saddest shit… That makes it sound like she doesn't even like women, she just likes the therapist-like relationship…

Looney I'm fucking begging you go see a therapist, we all know your marriage is shit and is only getting shittier, go see a therapist for what is obviously you both trying to get your shreksband's hands off you while begging for a pinch of positive attention, divorce the dickhead, stop trying to look like a kid because with the grooming allegations it doesn't fucking look good at all, go monk-like for a few months, reflect on yourself, pull your head out of your ass, eat fucking healthy, make a SINGULAR friend, by god you're worse than a 15yo going through a fucked up emo phase.
Do you know how much more better your life would be without Onion? Maybe you're a rotten person but he's the maggots feasting on it and tearing pieces out of you. It would be so easy. Just go missing. Go Gone Fakeboi on him. Genuinely.

No. 833376

Lainey actually goes to a gender therapist but not to a really legit one that they really need.If Lainey was actually FTM trans she would have had started hormone replacement therapy by now despite Onionboy.

No. 833466

is there any milk or this just a lamey hate society containment thread

No. 833467

Definitely the latter. Also, speaking from personal experience, you typically have to be going to a gender therapist for like six months-a year before they'll even consider HRT. Lainey probably hasn't hit that benchmark yet.

No. 833471

Not in WA. We are an informed consent state. You can get a "t letter" from a therapist in one appointment depending on who you see. There are a few ways to go about the process but it's pretty fast compared to other states.

No. 833479

New video shows her and her transboi friend doing some rock climbing

Surprised she's allowed to go out so much, also surprised gurg lets her have such an ugly friend around

No. 833484

If her friend is ugly, he doesn't see her as a threat (or a person)
In his mind it's probably like she's just going out alone.

No. 833555


Anus wants her out of the house so he can shove his Vienna sausage into Julia the Lovedoll and cry to Billie’s Instagram pictures. I’m sure he makes her take the kids with her when she goes out. He needs the house alone for “work” i.e. Skyping all six of his underage fans.

No. 833568

man i hope when lainey and grease finally divorce, he dates another harebrained fangirl like sh
i want new milk

No. 833586

She looks like Alfalfa. The really sad part is how uncomfortable and awkward she looks. It doesn’t have the look of someone who is living an honest life.

No. 833602

that would imply he has any fangirls left that he actually wants to fuck.

No. 833634

THIS. A small part of me still pities her because the combination of Greg's narcissistic abuse and being dumb as a bag of rocks has produced the train wreck we see before us. If divorce gate ever does happen, I well be very curious to see if Taylor still keeps this whole fake boi persona thing going.

No. 833689

I think she’ll just stay off the internet, honestly. And probably stop the fakeboi act. She only posts because Greg makes her. I can picture her disappearing after she finds a new and ~improved~ greaselord to latch on and make Trot and Clot call him stepdaddy.

No. 833692

If she were to get top surgery, it definitely would be the end of their relationship. She would be unable to breastfeed any future kids and Greg’s number one fetish besides teenage girls is knocking up his partners. He definitely would not want her to get preggo again if she’s unable to breastfeed.

He would probably push even harder to add someone who could get pregnant and breastfeed into their relationship. God, Lainey is such a lucky girl

No. 833791

Maybe she'll get a normal breast reduction surgery and say she got her titties cut out for good instead. either way I doubt the grease man would be happy about it.

No. 833795


I don’t know, Ogreaseion famously said he likes underdeveloped girls, and even tweeted once about how Billie was self conscious about her smaller chest and he told her her tits were the perfect size. He’s not attracted to Thot’s floppy milk sacks, but he was attracted to her smaller cheerleader/gymnast chest. Then again, she was 17, his favorite age.

No. 833796


This, lol. If the Onions actually divorced, Lainey wouldn’t go on to be some freed mother and live her best life as a trans guy with a new girlfriend, she would regress back into the little girl she was before Anus and latch onto another controlling man.

No. 833804

Yeah sadly you're right. She never had time to form her own identity as an adult, Greg began the grooming process when she was still in high school and after they rushed to get married they rushed to get pregnant. I know he paid for her to go to college, but I feel like he did that more to spite her Father and hold up the mask of having Taylor's best interest at heart. What has she done with that education? She has never even held down a job in the real world. So it would fit the pattern for her to regress and find another "twin flame" to dictate her choices and control her life. God how depressing.

No. 834010

File: 1562636869976.png (378.33 KB, 575x582, guys.png)

The title she gave this video on patreon is so try hard.

No. 834032

Everything that happened to her after she met grug has been calculated by grub to destroy her persona and leave her with nothing without him.

Ruining her body with multiple children that they both neglect and resent. Convincing her that she's bisexual and then trans. Making her as ugly and unkempt as possible so no one else would want her. Destroying her character publicly in the same exact way as onions previous relationships.

This is all his shit and I'm not saying she wasn't complicit, I'm just saying he manipulated her into behaving this way all along.

No. 834037

He also holds the whole ‘paying for college’ over her head too, just like he did with the “thousands of dollars I spent on her!” with Billie

No. 834197

This "guy" thing isn't working for her yikes.
Greg is better off saying "I wasted thousands of dollars for your college degree" since it's utterly useless, she can be a uwu transman (since that's literally all she is) without any diploma.

No. 834243

Anyone else notice how she forgot to disable the likes and dislikes ratio on yt?

No. 834254

You know what else is try hard? Calling each other bro on repeat. I'm glad she is getting out and doing more things with friends though, even if they are both larping as trans men. I hope Greg doesn't ruin this friendship for her too, it's kind of telling that he never goes anywhere with her when she is with a friend. I understand letting her just have time with her friend, but why couldn't he join them for Pride? You would think being such a "HUGE" advocate for the community he would want to be there to support her as well.

No. 834273


He doesn't go anywhere because he's pissed off so many people he's scared shitless of getting his ass kicked. Can you imagine him willingly putting himself in front of a bunch of activists at pride?

No. 836585

File: 1562961997540.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720, 75432134556.png)

This image is an accurate representation of Taylor's life fucking kek

No. 836922

Oof. Her right foot looks like it's nanoseconds away from breaking. I'm sure Smeggory will love taking care of his reckless wife, oh wait lol

No. 837000

She didn't break anything this time but I can totally see it happening in the future if she continues doing stupid shit like this just to try to look cool while she's behaving like a young boy

No. 837100


Wonder what Anusion would do if she really did get injured. He wouldn’t take care of her, that’s for sure, if anything he’d be mad at her since it would mean he’d have to help out more with the kids. He thinks he’s superior to doctors so he wouldn’t take her to the hospital, a friend would probably drive her. All I can see him doing is trying to rack up pity points online for his uwu delicate boy husband while bitching and moaning in person and calling her a lazy cunt or something.

No. 837122

File: 1562998392137.jpg (107.83 KB, 1076x621, uwu.JPG)

I wonder at what point Lainey decided to just not give a damn about her appearance anymore. These pictures are only 2 years apart. Even if she wants to look like a boy now, why doesn't she at least style her hair a bit and put on decent (fitting) clothes?

I'm not surprised Greg is so mad all the time. His project "Laineybot" got out of control and instead of a cute alt girl that loves video games and anime, he now has boring discount Harry Potter. I guess the only thing he loves about her is that she lets him do whatever he wants, even get a sex doll he publicly shows more affection to.

No. 837137

she may not be a cute alt girl, but she's his most loyal sycophant
no one will ever be as much as a spineless doormat as lainey is
its honestly impressive how little self respect lainey has

No. 837158

She doesn’t even look like a boy. She just looks like a burnt out exhausted mother

No. 837414


And a 12 year old on meth. Amazing how she can be both.

No. 837474

File: 1563051982392.jpeg (142.33 KB, 825x808, 81745E00-44CC-4AB8-8837-70ECA0…)

Thot reuploaded her skateboarding video, with a new title. I wonder if it’s because Grot raged that you could hear the kids in the background, and how dare anyone know that their children are outside enjoying the nice weather with their mom and dogs. Or that he most likely refused to watch them for more than 5 minutes so she had no choice but to bring them along. Or even let anyone know he has kids at all.

No. 837585

what was the title before? something to do with hanging out with her kids?

No. 837627

She removed the sponsorship part where she talked about the company sending her those skates and blah blah blah. I wonder what happened to make her remove that

No. 837682


No, just something simple like Kai learns to Skateboard. You can hear the kids talking in the background, but otherwise no direct mention. I didn’t realize the sponsorship was taken out. Ouch, lol. Wonder if they dropped her after learning about her grooming and general immaturity, or if it was a shady company.

No. 837764

Probably got dropped when they saw how little effort she put in the video + seeing the comments/likes and dislikes disabled

I have to laugh

No. 837879

File: 1563093446925.png (147.9 KB, 1070x428, LMFAOOOO.png)

lmfao i found this gem
this pathetic cunt annoys me more than grease somehow

No. 837882

File: 1563094103699.png (78.68 KB, 808x568, hahahaha.png)

samefag. they get so defensive about it too

No. 837892

She acts like every single blonde haired, blue eyed, uninteresting, basic ass white bitch from New Mexico. Literally every white girl from New Mexico I have met always claim to have some obscure amount of "Mexican blood" in them.

No. 838125


She’s 15% or some bull. She’s literally pasty white, freckled, and green eyed and her idea of Latin American culture is to eat vegetarian Taco Bell.

No. 838163


not defending her, but the title is a reference to a vine

No. 838303

Is she actually even half though? I remember family pics getting posted and her whole family looked very white and her last name was literally "Anderson"?

Wouldn't put it past her to try to hyped being a quarter or less though. Anything for those poc brownie points on top of her trans struggle.

No. 838322

I always thought it was just her Grandmother that had Mexican blood. Grandma is full blood Mexican, she marries a Gringo (Anderson) they have a boy (Taylors father) Taylors dad marries a white girl and they have 2 daughters. What kind of percentage would that be?

No. 838332

Maybe Lainey should just become one of those tiktok famous people. Then she can listen to trash music while making fuck boy faces at herself in her phone screen.

No. 838396


And eh I wouldn't have an issue with her hyping up her being Mexican if she was more in touch with her culture, she was a complete white Stacy growing though

No. 838431

I’m surprised she hasn’t tried that yet. Tiktok is flooded with fakebois from what I’ve heard.

No. 838483

Define "full blood mexican"

No. 838557

25% culturally, who knows genetically (people from all over have emigrated to Mexico)

No. 838729

File: 1563238374915.png (600.94 KB, 1061x755, AE4CF28D-BB6D-4FC7-A012-2059D7…)

Tay-Tay got a butch haircut and is looking into stuffing her sooper masc american eagle(tm) boxers. Sound familiar?

No. 838762

As a lesbian I think she looks pretty cute as a dyke, ngl. Infinitely better than her soccer mom haircut/sperm eyebrows phase. Though the in between from then to now was extremely cringe as well. Wish she'd hop off the tranny bus and settle down with some nice normal woman.

No. 838763

do they sell packers smaller than Greg's cocktail wiener? because he's not going to deal with Taylor having a bigger bulge than him.

No. 838767

I agree. She's much cuter as a butch. The trans shit, idgaf because bullshit, but she makes an okay dyke.

No. 838795

Are you cunts ok? The last time she had to kiss Billie for Greg's pleasure she look like she was trying to go to her happy place in her mind.
>she makes an okay dyke
Except dykes actually want to eat pussy, not just having cute picnics on the sun and holding hands. She doesn't want a girlfriend, she wants a gal pal and this Randy girl or whatever tranny name it is, is the closest she's been getting to having one.
inb4 greg steals the packer from Taylors drawer so he can stick it in his own underwear.
You know, sometimes I wonder what their kids think of this shit. Look, now mommy has a bulge!

No. 838797

Not defending Lainey specifically but even the most heterosexual males go pathetically flaccid during group sex with women because of the performance anxiety and pressure.

If not wanting to eat pussy in the presence of pickled-dick Gurgenstein makes a person straight then ain't nobody gay.

No. 838868

Yeah but she isn't in group sex, she talked with Billie way before finally bringing her home same with Maya. And with both was dry and a bitch.

No. 838958

Pretty sure they are talking about her looking better as a dyke than a trans boy (which is true) not plainey being an actual dyke

No lesbian would buy her gay bullshit

No. 839028

I'm pretty sure somebody tweeted the company about the groomer allegations and they replied saying they'd look into it. Ouch, but at least one of the companies she's sponsored actually cares about who they let sponsor them.

No. 839066

after her latest video, do you guys think shes just super delusional brainwashed so much by Greg to the point of now being convinced that she's bi and trans , or she's just still milking this shit for views and money , or she really was trans all a long just that she didn't knew it until the age of 24 ?? ..which the later I find it hard to believe

No. 839087

I think she started dressing and acting in a more masculine way to cope with the realized trauma of being sexually assaulted as a child. Her life with Onion seems really lonely and isolated so I think she latched on to the trans thing for the sense of community and identity.

I think Onion only encouraged this because he enjoys defeminizing and dehumanizing women.

No. 839120

File: 1563311720363.jpg (47.78 KB, 669x361, stp.jpg)

Dude they even make packers for children these days, she'd have to get one of those so as to not make GregGreg jealous

No. 839135

Tbf didn't she voluntarily kiss Maya and initiate each kiss. Even tho Greg got their first lol.

Maybe her issue with not wanting to kiss Billie was because of how turned on her husband was for Billie. She was big mad and jealous. I would the surprised being married to Greg turned her gay. I don't believe the trans shit. The people that seem genuinely trans and transitioned or taking the steps have been like that since birth. She treats gender like a fashion trend. The dyke style suits her the most and she seems more comfortable.

No. 839144

Her comments are back on, this comes after she accidentally left her like/dislikes active on her previous upload. Wonder if this is another “accident” of hers.

No. 839162

if you notice most of her replies are ass kissers so I think she just heavily moderates them now…if all people would be so positive, you would think she would leave the likes/dislikes on?

No. 839189

no-one gives a fuck what you think 'as a lesbian', especially since you have such awful taste.

lolwut? on a scale of cheech to chong, how high are you?

She's trapped in the lie. It's not what she wants but she's too far gone with it, and Greg pushed her into it even picking the names etc. When they break up, she'll snap back to herself so fucking quick she'll get whiplash.

No. 839197

File: 1563320621770.jpeg (168.05 KB, 750x1035, 0397F7E0-A9AB-4E04-A808-64DFB2…)

No recent milk, but I was looking through my old screenshots and found this absolute gem she's since deleted it from instagram.

No. 839202

File: 1563321029573.png (85.03 KB, 492x280, 1543402160311.png)

>It's a no makeup kind of day.

But I have to admit she's taken the photo from a good angle; her face looks very different from its original shape.

No. 839212

she had taken that photo when she was a teenager hence why her face shape is different and the emo hairstyle …she still had a bit of baby face back then …she looks way more rough now but that's cause shes older and the twink boy style does not suit her …also, she clearly wears makeup there , her mascara and eyeliner are very obvious ..very slick, Taylor, very slick
I must admit she was not bad looking …sad to see her turn into a caricature

No. 839215

Sorry you're having such a rough time anon, I hope things get better for you soon!

No. 839254

File: 1563329054627.png (314.14 KB, 543x575, trans.png)

No. 839309

Thanks upload anon. Can't wait for the day Greg has to make a video about his "husbands" srs.

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