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File: 1548292323301.png (724.89 KB, 1280x720, lavender.png)

No. 359072

previous thread >>>/ot/355127

No. 359074

This is beginning to feel like the LavenderTowne salt thread

No. 359107

I already feel a principle of trigger whenever I see her thumbnails. It's just so ugly and uncreative, I avoid her channel like the plague

No. 359177

I don’t know, she’s really just average - both in personality and art, I don’t see how she’s milky enough to keep bringing up and have her artwork as the op image, again

No. 359199

If you can think of worse people please post them! I think LTs pretty awful but I'm always ready for more delusional "artists"

No. 359250

She's not really milky, Just kind of boring and redundant. I think people here are associating her with her obnoxious style more than her actual behavior.

No. 359333


honest to god this has to be one of the worst pieces monique has posted like almost everything is off, and then on her etsy she calls it fineart? smh

No. 359346

I've never seen this channel before and after 3 minutes of listening to her talk, I never want to see it again.

No. 359347

Yikes that chin area. Everything is just so flattened out. Also the GameCube isn't 90s

No. 359349

Oof don't tell Monique that or she might go on a twitter rant lol

No. 359357


honestly i think that she has a lot of potential and i find her passion nice, but the strong dislike of references is really affecting the quality of her art and it's genuinely disappointing.

No. 359406

Those "construction" lines on the head are absolutely dreadful.

No. 359413

Seriously, what's the point of drawing all of that out if you're just going to place and angle everything haphazardly anyway?

No. 359424

All she had to do was draw a jawline or chin..
I couldn't even watch.

No. 359474

I agree with most of this post, but can I kinda put this out there that an artist ‘having potential’ is kinda bs. I’m not directing this at the anon, but with a lot of people who use with as defense for an artists, it strikes me as a ‘no shit they have potential’ because really anybody can create, be musical, or be athletic. Sure some may have more talent than others but it depends on the person’s passion/will to improve

No. 359519

can you guys put youtube links in the youtube box when posting so the videos show up, thx

No. 359581

File: 1548376160009.jpeg (679.68 KB, 750x1111, 95974A72-7469-4B88-A5B7-7E3A06…)

So now gothcell is just cringy

No. 359582

File: 1548376200302.jpeg (468.08 KB, 750x1109, 641B13D3-648A-4311-825F-574B95…)

Part two

No. 359586

God, this made my arsehole physically recoil further into my body.

No. 359591

>>359582 WTF! Yeh lets go and use old ass MS Word fonts to show how art advanced she is…

No. 359592

Well fuck, I actually dig that.

No. 359598


guys… that's a meme

No. 359601

it's like if she shittily tried to rip off Hachi's art style for the Matryoshka pv. Poor Gumi(?)

No. 359605


is this the mating call of all cows and flakes?

No. 359607

Even an unflattering double chin would look better than this shit

No. 359636

>"90s vintage"
>gamecube instead of n64
>gameboy advance instead of brick or colour
>early 2000s era flip phone

how do you fuck up this bad. all you have to do is google 90's electronics she defended herself in the comments saying ~it's part of the same era~ when it's not. there are so many toys and consoles that are the hallmarks of the 90s and instead she just drew a bunch of early 2000s stuff mixed in with super early 90s stuff like a cassette player when CD players became very popular in the 90s. it's shitty. the whole composition, from concept to realisation, is trash. /sperg

No. 359641

>>359519 how do you even draw hands so badly that they look like dripping slime

No. 359690

File: 1548390836295.jpg (634.46 KB, 1464x1200, TAMAGOTCHI.jpg)

It also looks like she drew the 2000s version tamagotchi

No. 359748

File: 1548402260272.png (877.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-24-23-39-23…)

>So now gothcell is just cringy
and gross. why would you post this?

No. 359755

Well…i dont really mind

No. 359766

I haven't watched this video, but I'm offended that anyone was so damn lazy they couldn't google the year X came out before including it in a 90s piece of art

No. 359790

maybe monique is one of those late 90's babies who only remembers shit from the early 2000's but since it was her childhood she associates it with 90's. idk. i feel like there's really not much excuse for putting like, ONE 90's toy in a piece that's supposed to be 90's vintage. like literally just the tamagotchi and cartridges are 90's. portable cassette player is late 70's/early 80's, everything else is 2000's. even the outfit screams 80's.

No. 359953


those tamagotchis are technically not from the 90's because she didn't draw the original. instead she drew the 'tamagotchi connection' version which ran from 2004-2008

No. 359957

What is this? Are the pants wet?

No. 359979

No anon, that's a two tone jeans obviously.

No. 359981

i'm assuming the joke is that the pants are wet because the person was masturbating. i really don't get this humor, it's just as tasteless as a guy joking about jacking off

No. 359989

File: 1548444301048.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-25-11-18-23…)

from gothcell's personal ig. i find these posts hilarious because an exact quote from her is "i'm never going to help myself and i don't care to"

No. 359990

File: 1548444359564.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-25-11-18-41…)

"lazy and don't want to grow up" indeed

No. 359998

She’s literally pathetic and seems so fake.

No. 360005

I am getting really sick of hearing all this whining about "everyone in the world wants art from me but won't pay" stuff. I refuse to believe that people are constantly begging the likes of emily and cr**pshow for their dumb drawings

No. 360016

I refuse to watch Emily Artful because she's a dumbass but I wouldn't be surprised if youtube artists, whose audience is mostly children, get a lot of demands for free art.

No. 360049

Their reactions to child asking them is pretty lolzy. It's like, fam, calm down they're just kids if it's really that bad just ignore it and move on.

No. 360155

Not only are those awful for a ~professional artist uwu ~, but listening to her commentary was just depressive. She sounds so done with art. "I was rusty and out of practice" What the fuck do you do all day if you don't practice at all, Minnie? But what she's otherwise worried about is whether she'll make those little paintings into prints or not…. Fuck me gently with a chainsaw

No. 360161

It's freaking sad to watch her older videos and then this. Some anons had mentioned this before, but she's probably depressed because being a full time artist isn't as glamorous as social media makes it out to be.

No. 360184

I know it might seem cruel to make fun of someones abuse, but the weird tone of it annoys me. It feels so made for youtube?

No. 360190

I only got about halfway through and yeah, her tone is really strange. It sounds like she's wanting to cry, but she can't, but she knows this is dramatic so she has to pretend she is.

Minor blogpost, but as someone who experienced similar stuff, it's hard even for me to take this seriously. I've never understood how people make such "polished" videos about stuff like this… I always figured it'd be awkward as hell to edit these types of videos? You're revealing some serious emotional trauma, but you also have to make sure your sprites are timed correctly… More power to her, I guess.

No. 360194

As someone whose been through child abuse, I’ve never understood the people that make videos about their abuse. It’s not at all something I’d ever announce publicly and have my image/name tied to it, I don’t want people picking apart my story, or giving me pity. It just seems like a weird thing make a video out of.. why would you do it other than a ‘wahh give me attention, also this justifies any shitty behaviour of mine’? The only ones I can possibly understand are domestic abuse situations where you’re telling people red flags to look out for or rather than the abuse itself the steps you went through to cope with it and how you got out of the situation.

No. 360211

To me it just seems like these people find ANY REASON to post a storytime video for views even if it's fucked up shit and for an excuse to make edgy/dark art.
Guess it's like a new form of a broken girl attention whoring for sympathy like an emo girl showing her cuts and talks about her tragic backstory.

No. 360228

The whole tone of this video just rubbed me the wrong way. Like you stated it felt all made for youtube with the way this whole video was worded. Normally when I hear people talk about their abusive parent, ex, whatever; they're not using fancy language and metaphors - they're giving just basic statements on what happened. And honestly, the whole video felt like it was more of a PSA (or whatever) on suicide. There wasn't much of her "abusive father" in the mix, asides from it just being a backstory to what caused her to become suicidal at one point.

No. 360240

Definitely strangely disingenuous right off the bat, drawing a little girl lying beat up on the ground while describing her father's behavior, then immediately going on to explain he never physically abused her. Same with her description of his pedophilia: she brings forth what she poses as a horrifying accusation against him, but then says (paraphrasing) "he never actually sexually abused me; I could just SENSE he was attracted to me" and says how he spent time around her and looked at her.
A lot of aspects of this video come off as forced/artificial: the creepy music and drawings, the Shane-Dawson-esque sound effects and narration, etc., while talking about things that aren't even inherently creepy or unusual (like strict parents yelling about their children's underachieving and friend groups). She whimpers, cracks her voice, and constantly references her bad feelings while explaining almost nothing concrete or compelling behind her story, even representing things as simple as "I used the internet often" as tragic, horrifying experiences.

No. 360252

Damn that's some bad fake crying.

No. 360255

It comes off as very theatrical and artificially produced. I understand there has to be a script of some sort, cause she did have to animate around it. But there's little things that make a recounting of an experience a bit more genuine like other anons here mention that she doesn't do or falls flat on.

No. 360256

"I won't give any nasty details"
Uh cause there are none lmao
Terrible art, ew at those giant tumblr brows

No. 360265


She is definitely uninspired and has been since she's gone full time. I suspect she ekes out whatever pittance of creativity she has whenever she gets a big ticket sponsor so she'll have a video to shill. That's all it ever is with her anymore. Even the thumbnail makes me not wanna even bother clicking. Everything she makes is so vapid.

No. 360267

Hmm, I've talked about my own publicly, but it was a far more "spur of the moment" kind of thing… Sometimes specific things spark those kind of emotions and memories in you and it's hard to keep them down. That isn't the case for everyone, and I get why others wouldn't want to talk about it, but I think it's a case by case sort of deal.

But this video seems so contrived. To write a script, record lines, draw cheesy animatics blatantly dramatizing the abuse (bruises and scrapes for abuse that she admits wasn't physical? alright), and spending the time editing it all together… It makes it all so much less genuine to me. Honestly it does seem like it was made with getting views in mind, and it sucks to think that cynically, but I truly can't shake that impression. I guess that's what YouTubers are in it for, though.

No. 360269

there was nothing in this video that gave the impression that she wanted to talk about abuse. she just wanted to suicide bait for views. not in the sense of 'im gonna kill myself' suicide bait, but the kind that is like 'suicide is Bad because i had it but i Cured it' sort of way. it feels like a pander to the (im assuming) younger audience she has to seem more relatable by saying she had/has suicidal tendencies and an abusive father.

i honestly think this entier story is horse shit. the editing, the recording, the way the script is written; nothing in this is genuine or inspiring.

what bothers me the most is the fact in the video she claims to have attempted suicide 'on june 11ths of this year'. the video was posted to youtube on june 29 2018. that means in 18 days, a little over two weeks, she had attempted suicide, decided the root cause was her father, then wrote the script, recorded the audio, animated it, and then editted the video in the dramatic Shane Dawson way that she did. in 18 days.

this entire video stinks of 'depression LoL' clickbait.

No. 360326

listen i really enjoy some of robin's videos but i couldn't even finish this one because i just keep smashing my head against the wall at how stupid of an idea it is

No. 360350

I have some of robin's videos in my watch later. I enjoyed some of her "artist's hacks" videos, but as soon as clicked this one and was like…. 20 seconds in I left. She exaggerates and makes pointless intros for laughs that gets tiring really fast. Also why the fuck waste food for something dumb that you don't know if it will work or not? I get using eggs to make tempera paint because there's a formula and all, but this… It makes me so peeved to see people wasting food for a dumb YouTube video.

No. 360363

Honestly it reminds me of this video by BannanaJamma and it feels just as wasteful imo
saged because its an old video lol

No. 360380

If the story had some form of fabrication, it’s extrodinarially risky for her considering some people, if they get any idea of where she lives, can call the police on her for her attempt

No. 360392

Professional artist, uses cellulose paper to awful results. Great.

No. 360401

Never been a fan of cellulose paper, the paint never layers nicely, but of course Minnie does. How else can she show her daily struggles and act like a human if she didn't manufacture this shit.

No. 360429

I want to make a slightly comparison between these "art major" cows and a girl who also graduate from art school.

No. 360435

part 2

No. 360456

File: 1548532564564.jpeg (552.5 KB, 1469x2040, A135E1E8-5941-4FD2-ADBD-D41EF5…)

any thoughts on cyarin

No. 360462

Boring to me.

No. 360478

So Happy is justifying her overuse of ads and sponsorships under the usual "guize u dunt understand!!!" I am so sick of ytbers shoving ads down my throat, I watch YouTube to get away from ads and commercials.

No. 360482


the anatomy is kinda(?) better in this one but i find the designs wayyy worse, like it's cluttered but in a bad way and despite my like of lavendertowne i cannot get behind this shit. i just wish she'd either put more thought into these videos or just scrap the series entirely because it's getting bland af

No. 360487

No one in the local community likes her. She has been blacklisted from certain game companies. She is absolutely rude and uninterested for her fans when she attends cons. Also alledgedly she mentally abused her ex GF (PixelPlume) so hard she is still in therapy now. I don't have any more details on it but yeah most people hate her for being a Loish rip-off alone.

No. 360491

On this particular video which is 16 minutes long she used 3 ads. That's totally fine. I know youtubers who put in at least 5 ads in a 10 minute long video and that's not even rare. Plus what's wrong with sponsorships as long as it isn't every video like in Happys' case? She's very moderate in comparison to others. You sound jealous. There's only one thing I agree with you: listening to her complains are annoying af.

No. 360496

> Oof you must be jealous
Trust me, I don't envy these people and the stress that comes with trying to maintain a social media career, especially with how cut throat it has become over the years. But back the sponsorship bs. Sure, if we were to compare her to someone like Minnie Small or even Pearfleur (who only seem to post sponsored videos) yeah she does less but it's still annoying af when squarespace and skillshare are being pushed down your throat every other video.

No. 360507

I gotta admit I've been hate-watching Chloe Rose a lot recently, mainly because I can't believe how many videos it's possible to make called "ARTIST tests ART materials??!?! I'm an ARTIST people ARTIST look at me ARTIST?!?!?! "
while still being so bad at art.

anyway this latest one is funny cos she's like "I wanna do licensed Disney art, hey Disney notice me" to the extent of " i know this piece is bad but look at this copy I did of a mickey mouse last week" and it's like, yikes, still no.

partly it's my prejudice against people who think copying an image is good art, partly it's just cos she in particular gets on my tits

No. 360509

i hate watch her all the time, her art is shit and the stuff she puts up on her instagram honestly isn't any better it's clear she traces a lot

No. 360511

5 ads in 10 minutes is insane and will make me click off immediately lol. Kasey does that shit and it's why I won't watch her videos on my phone.

No. 360513

File: 1548543921939.png (22.18 KB, 600x267, chloetweet.PNG)

also she puts stuff like this on twitter like 'oh no people are so mean to me'
& her comments are 100% 'I am ten and I think you are the MOST talented and pretty i luv you'

No. 360517

She probably has some words blacklisted so while we might not see them, she does, which is pretty lolzy.

No. 360522

Why wouldnt you just purchase toned paper (loose sheets) from a company that makes paper you actually like?? Rather than trying a random ass sketchbook that looks so shitty lol

No. 360526


fuck forgot to sage

No. 360533


The worst part is she tries two art supplies, that clearly do not work with the paper, and she says "OH OKAY GUESS WE USE THESE PRISMACOLOR PENCILS" which is bizarre, why not try to find something that'll work with the paper, and show that she atleast TRIES

No. 360542

I actually had to look on her Instagram if this was recent. And oh god, it is, and it lacks the organic look that she tries for in the rest of her work.
But anyway, I fairly know about her but read from a source how she uses her disability as an excuse for a majority of her actions, going as far as having her own mom having to apologize to a tablet company.

No. 360551

I don’t understand this mentality, why are we, the audience, not allowed to be annoyed that we’re just seen as dollar signs? Sure, I understand that these people need to earn a living, and I can empathise with that, but it’s so fucking callous and obnoxious how many sponsors they have they try to sell us while clearly not using the service themselves, or the amount of ads they try to cram into videos that clearly didn’t take a significant amount of effort to film or edit. I and most likely many others are sick of being obviously treated like nothing more than a means for more as revenue, it completely puts me off of the creator.
I significantly prefer it when they have a patreon (even if it doesn’t have physical reward tiers like most artist ones do these days) because I can support artists of my own volition and I’ll be getting one ad/sponsorship per video max from what I’ve seen of most channels that have Patreon.

No. 360552

most popular art tubers don't even try these days, they're so adverse to creating any of their own artwork because it's easier to do an acrylic pour on a loaf of bread and give it a clickbait title.

No. 360553

what happened between her and a tablet company?

No. 360555

Doesn’t pretty much every Autist justify their shitty behaviour with their social retard disability though

No. 360560

Agreed, the more sponserships I see from a specific company the less I want to buy from them, same thing goes for watching that youtuber. Like I have no desire to ever have a subscription with Skillshare after how much they've been pushed.

No. 360561

Yeah she is pretty boring. She just draws the same pretty gurl over and over again

No. 360562


It's free content. Get over it.

No. 360564

Technically, no, you're paying with your time that could be used elsewhere or on a different creator. You know, ones that don't push ads and sponsorships every other video and complain when people start getting tired of it.

No. 360566

why are anons suddenly jumping down people's throats for criticizing this particular creator? i smell selfpost

No. 360567

Wouldn't surprise me, someone had cowtipped Pearfleur not that long ago and she was posting here.

No. 360570

File: 1548554347941.jpeg (350.32 KB, 1051x645, B9FF163D-7A98-4B98-A056-DEB055…)

This is one of the points a previous person meant about people not liking her upstuck personality.

No. 360576

Real talk now, are there any other solid options to YouTube that isn't Instagram video? I thought of looking at Dailymotion or Vimeo but still haven't done my research.

Unfortunately mainstream social media is going to be monetized and full of advertising, no matter how much we sperg and complain here in lolcow. At least with those recorded advertising I can skip every 10 seconds of the video both in my phone or desktop and get straight to the video, but what about AdSense(or whatever that shitty advertising thing is named) that Kasey crams 5 at once in her 10minute videos? That shit I can't skip on my phone as much as I want and it uselessly spends my data.

No. 360584

At this point I don't watch YouTube on my phone and use adblock on my computer. If I really like the creator, then yeah, I'll let the ads roll and go off and do something else for a bit.

No. 360587

Imagine kicking off at such a polite crit, seems it hit close to home

>tfw copying loish is not as lucrative as you'd hoped

No. 360592

Her Instagram is really irritating to view. She does obnoxious sales posts, and hides obnoxious sales slides at the end of slideshows. So you either train yourself to never swipe to the last image in a slideshow, or leave her page never to return. Slides are like (all caps, giant font)

ETSY!!! SALE!!!!
and is hella jarring when juxtaposed with her soft, pretty mermaids and faeries

No. 360599

Yep, that's why I stopped following her on instgram.

No. 360600

File: 1548562218308.jpeg (954.89 KB, 1242x1656, FF98D684-7742-4B7B-A543-2986AB…)

Her art is also very lacklustre compared to Loish’s, the only thing she’s managed to even remotely copy really is the painterly style of colouring

No. 360627

Blacklisted? Do tell.

No. 360634

File: 1548574804406.png (1.02 MB, 975x784, lav.PNG)

why is it wasteful? the end painting is nice and the bread was expired
cancer is atrocious wtf is that hair

No. 360636


Each and every one of these look so busy and tryhard.

This may seem petty but I really dislike her bug-eyed style and I hate the symbol/emoji shit she draws on the eye. It looks so offputting. Her designs are so unpleasant. You'd think by now she'd have grown out of this mess, but time and time again youtube artists never do.

She's one of those artists who's found her "style" and clings to it desperately because she's afraid she'll loose her core audience if she made the effort to actually study or improve.
Artists like her, once they find their audience, they don't budge. They just cater to who they get for ever and become complacent.

That's also people like Kasey and sakimichan, but there's a good discussion there; is there anything inherently bad about the complacency of artists? As long as people like their stuff and they're making a living it's all good right? You'd think the repetitive nature of their subjects would wear on these types eventually but who knows, maybe the money just really is that good.

No. 360637

Who the hell is bottom left even supposed to be

No. 360642

on one hand, yes, i can agree that if their is a demographic enjoying a certain type of work, then the artist has every right to pursue that demographic. but when you go after said demographic for so long, eventually the pursuit will come off as lazy or lacking actual passion, hence why people like lavendertowne and Kasey get so much shit. they have been going on for years and have not changed at all. a good comparrison to a yt artist at least trying to improve their art is Waffles, like comparing her art vids from a year ago to now is close to night and day. she is actively trying to get better and expirament with different methods, unlike the former two who are stuck in their ways and are learning nothing.

No. 360655

i think that the issue is with people who have hyperstylized art is that its so defined in what it is that its hard to kinda change? i dont think that either kasey or lavender have ugly styles (though i do not really like lavender's stuff all that much, its a tad tryhard). its just that in my opinion its easier for someone like waffles to improve because her style is more realistic than their's. kasey has some things she can clearly impove while still maintaining her style (composition and anatomy are the first to come to mind). but lavender shed probably have to over haul to make any improvement, because man does that girl really just wanna draw people with weird try hard character designs who seem to not have any bones to speak of

No. 360665

It's supposed to be Libra (the symbol is on their left eye, our right), but I genuinely couldn't tell either, I had to watch the video

No. 360672


y'all do realize this is from over 3 years ago, people change in that time. i'm not saying she def did but don't dig up old shit

No. 360687


I don't really know the details and i dont have any caps to prove this because this happend a few years ago and she deletes a lot, but mainly companies don't want to hire her because she refuses to draw anything but her pretty girls. There is also the incident with Wacom.

She bought a Wacom Companion and had issues with it and contacted customer service. She wasn't satisfied and instead of continuing to maybe call or email Wacom she decided to harass the online spokesperson who initially talked to her and sending her whiteknights to them. It got to the point that Wacom told her to fuck off. Shortly before this happened Wacom asked her to collab like with other popular artists. She was stuck up and told she needed to talk to her manager and ended up demanding a rediculous amount of money from Wacom and Wacom said fuck this and pulled out. I don't think she had a collab with a company since HP ever since.

No. 360731

>>360634 it sort of feels like she's trying to copy Katie Rice, but unsuccessfully

No. 360762

Exactly, especially when they're all together. I think out of all of them Cancer and Scorpio are the worst because there is too freaking much going on for your eye to focus on something. Also, the Libra design is just sad, there is so much she could have done with it but it's just another broken legged monstrosity.

No. 360777

File: 1548614464658.jpg (173.77 KB, 1190x622, Capture.JPG)

did some digging and found the facebook post about the wacom drama

No. 360789

What I'm most interested with cyarine is how she makes a living, and a pretty well one too. I mean I know she just published a… book with her art? bust most things on her IG are just unfinished sketches and she maybe posts them once a week. Would be interested in what's actually in there lol. She said she freelances at some point but we never see any of her stuff and I'd be surprised if companies actually hire her seeing how she can draw one thing in just one style. Her art is lazy and boring, at least what shows on IG is. I feel like she had potential at some point but ever since the fame got to her head, her art suffered a lot.

and anons stop with that 4 year old milk

No. 360793

>draws with a green copic marker on a red toned paper and is disappointed it's brown
I think we just hit a new low.

No. 360804

That paper looks awful too, like the kind of paper you'd get in those sticker books back when you were a kid, doesn't even look like drawing paper at all

No. 360828

Do you realize that an anon asked for reasons why she isn't well liked in the community? Of course it's old crusty milk but it's nice if someone gives us the deeds like the Wacom drama. People change and I hope she learned from her actions
thx anon for your effort

No. 360916


i only have an issue that its old milk without evidence of a continuous behaviour, if you're gonna dislike someone and try convincing other to dislike said person the least you can do it make it up to date? like show shes still a bitch and hasn't changed and then i wouldn't have issues of showing the old shit

No. 360945

In her defense the Companions were a disaster and nearly everyone I know who's owned one had to hassle Wacom for a replacement. Her story sounds pretty typical.

No. 361018

I used to like Ross and his little art tips/tutorials but the past few years have been getting more and more cringe.

That one comment thread saying how they don't like how his videos became less informative (and more of him hamming it up) getting dog-piled by fans shilling his Patreon is depressing.

No. 361023

File: 1548651591845.png (469.11 KB, 619x906, unknown-1.png)

ross draws is in the process of getting "cancelled" by twitter because he heavily references from stock but doesn't credit the models or photogs. they keep asking him for credit in his DA comments and he just ignores them. I can't find the original callout post but if you search him on twitter you'll find a lot of pissed off tweets.

No. 361030

Oh god, that Rapunzel looks awful. This is such a lazy drawing

No. 361032

So fucking sick of Disney princess fanart

No. 361041

No one ever call him out on this before or said anything. In his videos he literally just traces and paints over stuff. And almost in all his videos, there already an outline/sketch of what hes gonna paint. He reminds me of some other artist who style can be very similar to his, like just knows how to use brushes well and color and shade good.

No. 361049

I always found it interesting when he would take his own photos and manipulate them before drawing over them, I considered it to be digital mixed media in a way, but it’s really scummy to do it to others creative works and take all the credit I think the photo manipulation has become a crutch at this point and he has no idea how to draw without a photographic foundation underneath

No. 361050

This is kinda petty, and I’m not sure if it really counts as milk, but am I the only that’s bothered by her saying ‘I would NEVER buy this with my own money’ like, I didn’t finish the video, but what a tacky thing to say when she’ll probably go on to also shill the product to her young audience and then buy more things with the money their impulse purchases earn her

No. 361060

I thought it was a lil weird too. I've also never understood why art companies charge so freaking much for packaging the supplies in a wooden box. Usually, they're decent boxes, but it`s so easy to get your own boxes and customize them or even find very similarly designed boxes at a lower cost.

In Liquid Color seems like a really nice lady though. She doesn't have any real milk afaik, even if it irks me somewhat that she's one of those art tubers who have giant collections of art supplies that they wouldn't feasibly be able to use in their lifetimes. (Which she admits herself in one of her vids that she has way too many watercolor paints for one person.)

No. 362162

Wooden boxes are a little impractical to me for watercolors. It's a wet medium stored in a container that has an ease to seep moisture inside of the material, no matter how many layers of water repellent substance they might have layered into the wood.

We have plastic and metal boxes for the sake of weight and practicality! Whereas wooden box(and the way materials are placed) would be tied to studio-only use.

You are true on one thing: Denise, alongside most art YouTubers who have a sizeable section of paint material reviews, suffers from hoarding and excessive buying. Buying and reviewing stuff is the bulk of their videos, reflecting on their collection left to gather dust.

Teoh at least seems to sell some of his tube paints in pans and make local giveaways for drawing tech he has reviewed over the years. I think it wouldn't hurt some of these creators who have patreons to make a giveaway of materials to certain patron tier's and patrons who have been there for the longest time. Could be an extra boost reward for fidelity.

No. 362192

File: 1548701979700.jpeg (233.9 KB, 750x788, AFB44A43-2065-4CA5-BC3B-96BC99…)

Old gothcell milk but damn…this is your edgy crackhead queen? All over a flow in a song that’s not that original anyway.

No. 362321

Didn’t he graduate from an art college? I wonder what else he could’ve done during that time

No. 362322

ew that's gross

No. 362343

This is actually a pretty common practice with stuff like concept art but you usually aren’t making high quality illustrations and selling them with shit that uses photographs in them, it all usually remains internal. It just looks like Ross has gotten lazy and stuck doing something in an easy way but is too lazy to credit the references he straight up traces over. It’s just super scummy of him

No. 362346

I mean, boats are wooden too and they seem to deal just fine with water.

And the wooden palettes are also clearly intended for only studio use, not everything has to be portable - plenty of artists work primarily from home, it makes sense to prefer a nicer looking material for your palette when it’s going to be on display essentially 24/7

No. 363608

I used to be super excited for CatCreature's uploads but recently she's really lost the charm that she used to have… went from a casual vlog to "here's my boyfriend and I getting lunch, buying food, taking care of our cat", etc. etc. The vids even have less views to reflect that. I wish she'd go back to what her videos used to be.

No. 363628

File: 1548772884058.jpg (733.77 KB, 2896x2896, 20190130_013145.jpg)

I'm surprised I haven't seen a post about angelganev on instagram/youtube. I think his work is aesthetically pleasing and I understand artists can have unique styles but I feel like he gives every drawing the same fucking face. It bothers me so much. I feel like the characteristics that make a person's face unique he just strips away turning them into some kind of big lipped doll.I haven't lurked his youtube either but his page also has advertisements about it. One of the titles was "my thoughts on slut shaming" or something like that. This guy irritates me overall

No. 363638

I dunno anon, they all have different faces to me. And all of the models in these pics have big lips, unless you have better comparisons you’re really reaching

No. 363677

As much I like In Liquid Color's earlier videos, her more recent one's haven't been as enjoyable to watch. Might also be the heavy amount of vocal fry in her voice.

No. 363680

nta but the original anon is right. Try comparing the art to the reference photos. He gave the black girl a tiny short nose when she actually has a long nose bridge. He gave the asian girl big lips with a round cupid's bow when she has small lips with a very noticeable dip in her cupid's bow. Look at the details, because he hasn't.

No. 363693

I agree with these anons. It's very lackluster. Although not every nose or eye shape he drew looks exactly the same, they still look rather lifeless and similar. The artist has talent, sure, but they're not really doing anything outstanding or unique here. Taking a photo reference and erasing the more unique characteristics of the model to draw a "prettier version" is just the easy way out in art. Talented, sure, but just nothing special or unique to see here.

No. 363703

it's still not sameface. he just sucks at noses.

No. 363778

Ugh, those overly cartoony eyes are so off-putting. The top right girl looks more alien than human. The model is so attractive too. He did her dirty!

No. 363965

I understand the idea behind these videos but I feel like the drawing looked the best like halfway through the videos and the second half feels super redudant.. Like you‘re not really using the supplies anyways so why bother doing 2 dots with it?

No. 363980

To be fair I think the point was kind of an indirect way of telling other people not to buy it, basically telling her audience it's packaging is unnecessary and expensive for no good reason.

This mostly just bugs me when it's people spending crazy amounts of money on hoarding art supplies for no reason. I tend to give a pass on reviewers since that's what they do (and often it's gifted from viewers or companies), but I wish more would do something to make sure their collection sees some use after doing the review. I like Dr Oto Kano's solution of making sample paint cards for patrons on Patreon. Good way to engage and reward her audience with things she actually talks about, and incentivize people to supplement her income. Donating would be nice too.

No. 363988

I was going to comment the same

No. 364018

I agree. For example the girl on the left corner photography: she has rather small eyes, a medium long nose and medium lips. But his painting shows a girl with big eyes, small short nose and full big lips.Instead of drawing what he sees, he makes a doll out of everybody.

No. 364096

these generic cartoony big eyes drawings are what people actually like. academic art and loomis head models aren't popular. people enjoy shiny pseudo anime baby doll girls like rossdraws ilya loish etc, it doesnt matter that theres no likeness and theyre just drawing one thing over and over. drawing someones actual fat/long head or a big nose or small eyes would offend. it wouldnt get any reposts or likes.

No. 364108

Awful and embarrassing. Even if it was a test video I wouldn't have uploaded that shit. I don't think I would even do test videos unless the company sponsored me.

>partly it's my prejudice against people who think copying an image is good art, partly it's just cos she in particular gets on my tits

Same, I understand if it's for practice (you're trying to get the feel of how to draw in a certain style) or sketchbook purposes but as a finished piece or something you're going to make a whole video about? No.

No. 364150

I like Waffles but sometimes she'll put out some really half-assed shit for the sake of doing a video. Like this subscription box unboxing where instead of taking two seconds to google how to use the supplies she got, she said fuck it and used the same old stuff she already owns. Totally pointless video.

No. 364164

I am so fucking sick of all the Arteza reviews, I highly doubt that they’re nearly as good as all these youtubers who get the stuff for free/get paid to review are saying. Why are reviews within the art tuber community so disengenuous and almost always feel the need to say something along the lines of ‘I’d personally never use something like this, by it’s fine if you do!!’ no other community seems to do this.
Are there just so many kids watching that can’t help but reeee if anything over the cost of Crayola is said to be better because they themselves can’t afford it?

No. 364171

Saged for the blogpost.
I've tried some of the arteza supplies, and from my experience I'd call them higher end student-grade supplies.

They're great for beginners, and made for a nice donation of art supplies when I decided they weren't for me. But if you have any experience at all with art supplies, I'd give them a pass, with the exception of the watercolor paper. It's decent run-of-the-mill 140 lbs/300 gsm paper. The two-pack for $23 is great, but obviously only worth it if you do a lot of painting.

tl;dr I honestly don't now why people shill for them so hard, they're pretty comparable to store brand art supplies.

No. 364242

similar experience but I'd say their only good product is the water-soluble woodless pencils, they really melt fully as they say, and are a good alternative if you can't afford caran d'ache.
But their products are not lightfast and I've seen some of them sold on other brand names on fucking aliexpress of all things, and I've seen them there before arteza popped out on amazon.

No. 364251

I think it goes back to the limited amount / type of sponsors arttubers get and they don't want to burn bridges with the company or young kids that watch them…just like new makeup gurus rave about shit products in hopes of getting more pr to review. It is really irritating though and I avoid arteza reviews like the plague now.

I've only tried arteza gouache and for student grade, it's the best I have tried. Must be used from the tube though, they're more trouble than they're worth to try and reactivate once dry in pan/palette.

No. 364272

I wish Steph did some videos on her own, Adam always looks utterly filthy and frumpy, and his silly voices get old really quickly. Whenever he talks it’s as though I’m watching a budget children’s tv presenter.

No. 364342

Yeah I trawl through “draw this in your style” tags on IG for warmup subjects and it’s like 97% these kinds of babydoll, trying to be loish girls and it’s SO fucking boring but yeah it gets all the hits and shit. Same thing goes when people collect “references”, they usually don’t go past young girls and androgynous people, it’s so boring and so limiting

No. 364351

File: 1548865800119.jpg (842.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190130-092950_Ins…)

Looks like qinni is getting a heart transplant

No. 364428


he is actually pretty milky.

compares virgin women to untrained horses and says that the only men that like virgins are the ones that blow themselves up to go to heaven. supports women having sex, but only because the practice will help them suck his dick properly.

No. 364436

good for her, getting off the donor list is so exciting. mechanical/pig valves only last 5-10 years at most

No. 364465

He looks gross.

No. 364466

I didn't last 20 seconds, this person sounds like an annoying moron.

No. 364497

The bull ring and feather earrings werent enough to put you off?

No. 364502

File: 1548884120232.png (632.76 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190130-223436.png)

bitch what the fuck

No. 364511

is this kid for real?

excited and nervous for her, hope it goes well.

No. 364551

He annoys me just as much as his art annoys me

No. 364575

File: 1548893898585.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, E8E8585F-2253-40AA-9A10-95EC7D…)

Except you’re not that creative. Get over yourself you narcasstic douchebag

No. 364613

Not sure how this post in particular is narcissistic, anon

No. 364636

lol imagine an art show that's entirely her shitty edgy immature ass instagram art

No. 364652

Just the whole part about her going off about “omg! I’m so creative! My art is so special!” When it’s not. She’s just an angsty teen who draws herion chic bitches.

Right? She doesn’t even have any pieces that are gallery quality, even for more avant-garde places.

No. 364655

probably because a lot of people's store brands are shit. The only store brands near me are artist loft and Reeves, both of which, even for their price, are on the lower end of student quality.

I imagine that's how it is for artist and Arteza. Not to mention, not wanting to burn your bridges because unlike the BG community, sponsorships for artists are slim pickings.

No. 364688

is addiction really that appealing? i see a lot of 'edgy' artists glamorizing heroin/cocoaine abuse, instead of showing it like the negative it is, how it ruins lives. same thing with characters with characters with openly showing self-harm scars. nothing says 'i am a shitty person' like glamorizing addiction/self-harm like gothcell does

No. 364713

>“omg! I’m so creative! My art is so special!”
Still not narcissistic, yeah it’s a bit tasteless and she should be a bit more humble, but there’s nothing wrong with people actually being proud of their own art and creativity (even if you don’t find them to be particularly creative)

No. 364754

good for her for having confidence about her art I guess, and I don't think she deserves someone to shut her down to her face for saying that, but she IS delusional and we're here to discuss her anyway so…

No. 364758

File: 1548928926368.jpg (150.34 KB, 1080x820, Screenshot_20190131-105659_You…)

Anyone else grossed out by the way some people draw noses? A red bump with a very strong highlight, it looks like a greasy pimple. Just the whole extreme highlighting in general makes just makes the character look so greasy

No. 364762

Extreme highlighting can work, the main issue here is the lack of extreme highlighting anywhere else on the face, and the over rendered/too dark shading on the nose. Since the shading is so centred on the nose it just looks really weird.

I mean if you're using extreme highlights blend it out a bit, throw some on the cheek where the light is coming from (instead of both) and then you'll get much nicer lighting probably

No. 364763

I guess this happens when you use instagram thots with drag makeup as reference

No. 364883

She thinks these are cute? Also the fact that she did so little research into old paintings is astounding. Didn't she go to art school?

No. 364888

She doesn't seem to understand art history. Maybe she didn't pay attention to that in school

No. 364894

Yeah her idea of cute is questionable most of the time

No. 364939

Can’t stand how many times she said “classic Kasey…”

No. 364940


good riddance. still remember that time he held a contest where he promised to draw one of his fans and then he he completely changed all her proportions to fit his drawing "style" to the point where she didn't look anything like the fan (in fact it looked exactly like another drawing of a pretty girl he'd posted a week earlier)

can't imagine being a fan of his dude and getting something so skivvy

No. 364975


This video just reminds to too much of lavendertowne's, i her's weren't perfect but they were definetly cuter (in my opinion)

No. 365043

>>364975 oh wow, i totally thought that video was lavender's based on the thumbnail. i havent watched it yet, though.

No. 365066

I absolutely gotta agree. I actually saw one of his better pieces on instagram the other day and looked at his profile as a whole briefly and only looked at the ones that looked best more properly. I really found his work appealing so I followed him… For like a week until always seeing pretty much the same stuff in my feed got really bothersome. The anatomy of the girl in the top right corner also really bugs me, that added with her huge ass eyes just looks so alienish and off setting. I had to unfollow before even finding his youtube. His slut shaming video was recommended to me a few days ago, I recognized the face and I have never been prouder in my life to have unfollowed a person on social media

No. 365071

I usually enjoy Kasey's style but the horse she drew looked like a freaking donkey. And the amount of times she said "classic Kasey" god extend your vocabulary. Her lack of knowledge in Art History and how classical painting age was really annoying too

No. 365175

File: 1548994739554.jpg (746.92 KB, 1076x1500, 2019-01-31 20.12.15.jpg)

this is so sad. art from 2015 that is more varied, and look, an actual attempt at a body!

full post here https://www.instagram.com/p/BtT8eRbgpxr/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1jqncmu86tp0x

No. 365177

File: 1548994954908.jpg (261.81 KB, 1076x1534, 2019-01-31 20.20.07.jpg)

and something from her private. i hate the attitude this girl and her fans have 1/2

No. 365179

File: 1548995111861.jpg (292.14 KB, 1076x1167, 2019-01-31 20.21.08.jpg)

No. 365205

She's so ignorant of some basic things in art history. Like really, really basic things. I take it she's self-taught and didn't go to art school? Even if she didn't, I can't believe she's a professional artist who apparently has never noticed how intriguing the Mona Lisa's smile is before this video…

I think Kasey has the opposite problem to people who are all over the place and constantly searching for a 'signature style'. She's so entrenched in doing the same thing over and over again, telling herself it's her style, that she can't even deviate it from it to improve or learn.

No. 365234

She could've just…done some research. Though it was hilarious to watch her flail trying to recreate the Mona Lisa's details and wind up with something that doesn't even remotely resemble her, stylization notwithstanding. And then after that she just completely gave up and did whatever she wanted and rendered the point of the video completely pointless. Only "The Scream" was remotely recognizable and that's just because it's hard to fuck up, not because she did a good job. Her resistance to breaking out of her comfort zone is funny.

No. 365244

Lazy-artist-who-thinks-she-knows-everything and-can't-learn-anything-from-art-history No.500 234 567

No. 365270

>couldn’t go as earthy as THEY went

How does an artist not know who painted the Mona Lisa, that’s something that even the general public knows. I thought you guys were exaggerating but with the way she was going on about all the paintings seemed like she had somehow gone through her entire life without ever seeing them. And how do you manage to recreate the Mona Lisa without it even remotely looking her

No. 365347


the Mona Lisa is in every fucking history book known to man, especially when talking about the renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci is mentioned all the fucking time; it was a fucking meme for YEARS to say Leonardo da Vinci was getting an oscar and not Leonardo DiCaprio. how did she go through being a self-taught artist on the internet, a place where you can learn LITERALLY ANYTHING, and then turn around and have no so little knowledge about classic art?…

her entire gripe about the mona lisa being dark and shit shows a complete lack of effort to learn anything about the renaissance. fuck, even color theory talks about this when covering just the history, something a google search can inform you about easily. yet, she sits there, irgnorant.

look, i get it. i love the whole 'draw this in your style' meme, but when you outright dont just ignore, but blatantly admit you avoided learning about the history behind a historical piece, sorry not sorry, you are not an artist. gatekeeping is a load of shit, but you can't make a video on HISTORIC ART and then not fucking learn even the wiki page about it!

No. 365356

File: 1549039091119.png (787.1 KB, 1080x1440, sketch-1549038850702.png)

What do you guys think about Learn2DrawManga on Youtube? Her art is very flat and pretty unappealing . I wouldnt care too much if she didnt have that whole teaching people things about drawing theme going on. Also her voice sounds just so forced and fake it really annoys me how she is trying so hard to sound "kawaii"

No. 365357

Not only are these not "cute" in any capacity
But also Kasey, your being an arrogant, ignorant prick who is resistant to change for no good reason is showing

No. 365362

Minnies new vid she lists over 60 of her “fave” artubers.
Mate, no wonder she isn’t getting much real art done.
Baylee and HB are the top of her list. What. Why?

No. 365363

Yeah, while she seems nice enough, I really do hate her art with a passion. It's so off-putting

No. 365364

I couldn't watch that shit beyond 1 minute, she's whispering for some reason like a failed attempt at ASMR and it made my blood boil

No. 365366

I've never watched any of her videos, but jfc you weren't joking about that awful grating voice. How can you pretend to be so uwu kawaii while you're white as a sheet and fucking 5'8? She's 22.

No. 365367


Right? Thats why I didn’t bother linking. Did this really need to be a video? Just put it on your squarespace blog that you learned to make using Skillshare, Min.

No. 365368

In other news,
Waffles recently hit 1 mil and I honestly think she deserves it.

Unlike the majority of popular art YT's she seems like a good influence on the kid demographic, none of that woe is me or edge-lord shit, and she's always talking about studying various subjects and trying new things etc etc
I'm happy for her.

Plus, just another 100 000 or so more and she'll even dethrone Baylee!

Wow, yeah I'd say that looks ok for a teen just starting out with digital IMO…except she's not a teen.

In this video (https://youtu.be/5RSFihZeoiI) posted in August she admits to being at least 22 years old, AND that she's been doing digital since she was 15.

I'm sorry, but HOW on earth can she still be at a WIKIhow level of drawing after 7 years?


Do try to keep it civil.
3.5c Don't engage in race-related arguments outside of dedicated threads. (racebaiting)

No. 365372

How does everyone feel about LeslieLu Marie? I used to like her a 2-3 years ago, but she hardly exists anymore and I feel like her already not so great art has gotten even worse the past year. Her art has never been super interesting, but it has managed to become even more boring. The best her art has been was the 2016 sketchbook. She also is somehow more annoying about her boyfriend than spechie is. The crayon shit she made for her most recent video is pretty atrocious. That's not really an issue except the original plan was she was going to hang it up in the bf's room. You'd think she'd do something that will and does turn out nice if she's going to display it like that

No. 365373

Minnie so badly wants to be accepted by the aesthetic, minimalist art crowd but is just an empty husk that shills for services that aren't necessary.

No. 365390

Baylee is nowhere near her list at all, you’re trying to hard to make this milk. I don’t disagree that Minnie does a shit ton of sponsored shit but her list of artists and recommendations is pretty legit

No. 365391

Im sure Learn2DrawManga is a really sweet and nice person. But her art is for 7 years at least of practice really not it especially for someone trying to teach art. I saw her video where she draws her 8 siblings as chibis. It sounded a bit like she and her siblings are pretty isolated, as if they never have any social contact other than with their own family. Kinda left a bad taste

No. 365393


It’s literally the first channel in her list.

No. 365399

She made a list in the comments and BJ and HB are the first two listed there

No. 365416

I used to like Minnie's old videos and I still have some on my watch later. That being said, one of her recent videos already linked here where she does little watercolor pieces with green, she sounds like a 82yr old grandma with that voice.

No. 365463

>She's so entrenched in doing the same thing over and over again, telling herself it's her style, that she can't even deviate it from it to improve or learn.
This is so on the nose that it even alarmed me when she said that she had to stop trying to draw what she saw and start drawing it how she would in her style.

No. 365502

This video is from 3 years ago. Her voice is definitely fake now.

No. 365504


i was a HUGE fan of her's during 2016/2017 but i agree that her arts gotten,,, so much worst. like you can tell she doesn't use references or studies anatomy whatsoever, and yeah she never shuts up about her boyfriend nowadays. like sure you can gush a bit it's human but it's been a long ass time now please make some other content yanno?

No. 365518


That's way better. Does she really think kids like her fake voice? She has the style down to be successful with that really young demographic, why does she feel the need to talk like that? Imo it's creepy.

No. 365534

So hey guys! Does anyone want more parenting advice from the rape goblin or

No. 365580

anon that posted the vid here. Yeah, she definitely never uses ref or does studies, but I also never got the impression she ever has. It doesn't seem like she draws as much as she used to before she got a job, which is understandable. I think the main thing that's killing her art is her comfort zone has gotten smaller it seems. Even if it was just busts/half-bodies, she used to do a lot more detail and put a decent amount of effort into them. Nowadays it just seems like everything is a chibi doodle, her (poorly) copying another style, or a bust sketch that faces forward. Sorta sad, I guess. She'll probably only continue to stagnate and and get worse

No. 365583

His art seems particularly worse in this video.

No. 365611


yeah like, i'm not a person to push super hard on refs and studies if you put the effort in but leslie's shit now is not just bad anatomy wise but effort wise too. not to mention her chibi style is literally garbage and i can't see the appeal of it compared to the older chibi work

No. 365614


Yeah definetly, I think Jazza was too focused on copying the figurines too much like he said in the video. Also I don't know if it's just me but his videos have been getting so bland recently

No. 365671

Half of this isn't even on topic! Also kek at her getting mad at freeloaders when that's what she's done for years

No. 365698

File: 1549077858065.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 95D9CB14-7861-4DE4-84C9-18926D…)

Long story short, gothcell made a curious cat and got valid critism. There’s way more on her page.

No. 365699

File: 1549077896525.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, AA3C5581-7096-4872-A1B7-142562…)

Also, a total creep show copycat uwu

No. 365704

someone's mad

No. 365710

File: 1549080113805.png (829.59 KB, 750x1334, A77F0656-FA5F-40E0-8A85-4166BC…)

Oh she’s mad. Because people are speaking the truth and she can’t handle it.

No. 365721

File: 1549081700850.jpeg (618.19 KB, 1223x1880, 6D2C1E1D-54D5-45FB-8899-E26B81…)

This girl has full on fucking issues, this is a truly disgusting brand of insecurity

No. 365722

File: 1549081741540.jpeg (277.89 KB, 1242x742, EE89F6AB-114C-42BE-B14A-4A34BE…)

No. 365723


Wow. Imagine being this embarrassing. The criticisms aren't even particularly biting. Even if she was being legitimately copied, could she really not try to sound less cringey? She sounds like a 50 year old dad trying to imitate stan twitter. Or an alien whose only knowledge of humans is through reruns of drag race.

Yeah u really popped OFF on those clowns!! Read them to FILTH bitch!!,,they dumb af for coming for gothcell

No. 365724

File: 1549081849003.jpeg (139.14 KB, 1242x457, B0360309-7DF1-4F6E-9A95-FD83FC…)

No. 365725

File: 1549082172495.jpeg (518.64 KB, 1242x1227, 6BB713BA-46CE-4831-BD41-6AD116…)

No. 365738

She’s an incredibly insecure, sad little girl who shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet.

No. 365739

She's awful at pretending to be #notbothered. These are incredibly embarrassing, oof.

No. 365740

imagine branding yourself as this edgy apathetic goth girl and then completely falling to pieces as soon as someone gives you a legitimate criticism.

No. 365743

Her curiouscat isn't about to stay up at this rate lmao.

No. 365744

File: 1549084745605.png (91.41 KB, 1080x634, Screenshot_2019-02-01-21-13-51…)

"there's a whole thread of people talking shit about you" ah yes, my favorite thread, Gothcell on Instagram/General Baylin Salt #6.

anyways, this girl has issues. this newest meltdown makes me think she might just be worthy of her own thread after all. let's see if she actually ~reflects~ on this or keeps on being a melodramatic woman-child.

No. 365745

If we keep giving anyone even remotely milky threads this one is going to die

No. 365746


I feel like she's a flash in the pan, honestly it wouldn't last, kind of like creepshow and spechie, she'd probably get bored of it after a time, so this wouldn't warrant her a whole thread. She's just a whiny kid looking for attention, if it was me I wouldn't waste my time.

No. 365748

File: 1549085135821.jpg (295.77 KB, 1076x1403, 2019-02-01 21.21.26.jpg)

3 hours ago: roast me please haters give me life lol be brutal as fuck!

42 minutes ago:

No. 365749


yeah, anyone that claims that they like feeling like shit and enjoy being harrassed are just trying to do the reverse 'if they bully you ignore then' tactic. creepshow did the same thing, a convo started about her, her reaction was to spout bullshit, then say lolcow and things like it are a good thing or enjoyable. give it a week, gothcell with be old milk and move on, this is just her current claim to fame. she has no personality, so she is trying to manufacture one out of 'I LOVE THE HATE LOL' because what else can she do? we've pointed out every flaw she knows she has, now she is trying to overcompensate. just like creepshow.

No. 365750

If we gave every bitchy teenager with an IG account and a few shitty drawings this much attention we'd be swarming with them clamoring for attention. She's nothing noteworthy and will be irrelevant soon regarding milk. This is so redundant. It's dry here.

No. 365751


you right you right. maybe if she actually goes bonkers one day but i see what you guys are saying

No. 365764

>i LiKe tO fEeL pAiN

what an overgrown child lmao. from "LOL YAWN YALL R BORING TELLIN ME IM SHIT" to "im sorry im shit im gonna kms pls b nice" like just get off the internet.

No. 365767

I mean… how can she not know that the reason its so dark is because of the varnish yellowing and darkening the piece over time? God this video proved she's just a dumb bitch, even if you're self taught you can learn SOME things from past artists

No. 365788

She tested out the auto-color feature Clip Studio and I feel like the auto-fill option that fills the image in with whatever looks more visually interesting than her actual color palette.

No. 365792

File: 1549095020526.jpeg (415.24 KB, 1242x1788, EE035349-1FA2-4644-B7EA-455F4E…)

A few more of the cringier posts, this whole thing has been so pathetic. I know she’s a teen, but I don’t remember being so fucking edgy and pathetic at 18, like holy shit get a grip.

No. 365793

File: 1549095068403.jpeg (408.3 KB, 1242x1563, A9D3963F-C0CF-450E-BB75-5E8C96…)

No. 365796

File: 1549095161572.jpeg (613.77 KB, 1227x1883, 77C410D0-802C-4EF1-A457-02919D…)

No. 365797

Isnt gothcell only 17 or 18? She just seems like a teenager that's in the phase between "angsty teen no one understands" and "young adult who thinks they're more talented and mature than everyone else". She's not any different from any other teenager who thinks they're super special and great at art.

We're adults. Why are we spending so much time rolling out eyes at a child?

No. 365807

She’s going to be 19 in May.

No. 365810

Holy shit stop this hugboxy shit, 18 year olds are not children

No. 365829

She is not a child that needs to be coddled. Any 18 year old should know by now that actions and bad behaviors have consiquences. It is literally why you got time-out in pre-school. If she never learned that lesson, then I am a firm believer in it is never too late to gain a new skill. Maybe this one is one she needs; humility, emotional management, and some god-damn decent manners.

No. 365835

Just checked her out and the way she talks reminds me of someone talking to a baby, repeating nouns, overuse of "like" it's so damn annoying omg.
And lol at her having 8 siblings and all of them homeschooled - I smell Mormons.

No. 365838

That's what I thought, or at least some hardcore christians. "My name is spelled like in the bible which is pretty cool"she also mentioned going to church every week. Though their parents seem very loose on what is ok and what is the spouse of Satan. She mentions her siblings and her growing up with video games, watching marvel movies and other stuff where Im surprised their parents bought it for them if they are mormons

No. 365987

File: 1549129448193.gif (1.1 MB, 244x280, 1548697182166.gif)

>A whole thread
I didn't even know who this bitch was before i read here. And I came to this thread for artube drama lmao

No. 365997

File: 1549131885083.png (772.95 KB, 750x1334, F61CE313-F01A-466A-99C9-3655F9…)

More from gothcell

No. 366022

File: 1549137955423.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-02-12-03-40…)

if that's how you act, that's how others will perceive you. not a hard concept to grasp. if it quacks like a duck…

No. 366026

File: 1549138248825.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-02-12-01-48…)

yeah let's not give this attention whore a thread. gothcell, we make fun of and talk shit about a lot of people. if you're on here, it's because something about your behavior/general internet presence warrants mockery. we do this for fun. you are not important.

No. 366037

as if she didn't already know about this thread talking about her. she probably got dms of people saying it was happening, then put this in insta so them MORE people go into her dms asking for link, then coat her in fake sympathy to boost her 'uwu im so depressed and everyone hates me' ego. she's an absolute attention whore and is thinking this is her 5 minutes of fame. i truly dont think she gets that she is the butt of the joke the whole time, probably had never heard about lolcow till this.

No. 366038

she knows who we are tho, the lolcow thread is now linked in her insta bio

No. 366040

no way. holy shit baylin you are a riot.

No. 366047

File: 1549140996038.jpeg (181.53 KB, 750x1334, 773F078D-DE66-40C1-B191-B28EE2…)

So she’s our new creepshow now?

No. 366052

she's be creepshow material if she tries to build a yt career of this, gothcell wanted to start one, might as well be creepshow

No. 366056

looks like it. due to recent developments i've actually updated the imgur


No. 366060

File: 1549141806305.png (631.26 KB, 1080x1466, Screenshot_2019-02-02-13-08-47…)


No. 366064

Can we stop giving this bitch attention? She doesn't even have anything to do with youtube artists.

No. 366066

Agreed, stop feeding her attention. There's other milk to be had.

No. 366067

i agree but this is also the general artist salt thread

No. 366079

Point, but I still don't see her as particularly milky. She's just your average edgelord.

No. 366081

She already took it down. I don’t know at least creepshow stands by some of her more aggravating shit

No. 366097

Jesus christ, she draws like a fucking toddler. Those poor pencils.

Also I hope she‘s gonna get a complaint for filming in a store without asking for permission lol

No. 366109

how hard could it be to ask?? she is so cringey.

and of course she's wrecking art supplies. that poor sketchbook.

No. 366121

Danica has been trying her hardest to branch out when it comes to art supplies recently, but somehow all of her pieces end up looking the exact same no matter the medium. I have no idea how she manages that.

No. 366222

The part where she tries to use water with the pencils, i cringe. anyone that sees that in a pigment that it isnt blending or working as intended, knows that the first step should be a change in activator. you know, like, using alcohol instead of water on a WAX BASED PENCIL LIKE OH MY GOD. most watercolor pencils have a grain and pigment to them that when you draw, you should be able to tell right away if they dissolve with water or alcohol. prismacolor are wax and mix with alcohol and not water, and knowing she has used those and then watching her stuggle- ugh. just, no.

No. 366231

Nitpick but her makeup looks so dirty here

No. 366242

her makeup always looks dirty

No. 366266

Colored pencils are the medium she claims to be most familiar with, how does she not know this

No. 366269

this thread is so disgusting and hateful. art is subjective if you don’t like it move on. i hope you all find something more useful for for the world to do with your time.

No. 366270

Learn to sage newfag.

No. 366282


some people can be cunts on here but we're only truly dicks to people who ask for it. if you put yourself online you should expect to gey criticism, good and bad and if you can't handle that then don't do it.

No. 366287

then don’t do art? because there’s hateful people who might start a thread like this? taking time out of your own life to trash peoples art that mostly affects you in no way is just sad i’m sorry i really hope you can find a better way to deal with whatever you are dealing with

No. 366289

Sage you fucking posts. If you can't follow the rules then go fuck off to your hugbox.

No. 366301

I'm on my lunch break but thanks for your concern.

No. 366306

Art is certainly subjective. That doesn't mean it's above reproach. And it certainly doesn't mean that people can't discuss bad behaviors of artists. People do it in the real world all the time.

No. 366312


don't put your art online dude, did you not get my argument? yes /some/ people are trashing art but not all, if you actually looked through the thread (and past ones) you'll see that there are plenty of genuinely good critiques, and that most of the trashing is towards artists acting inappropriately and in an immature manner. just because it's the internet, doesn't mean you can't have manners and shouldn't expect that after you have an attitude that someone will not act the same, respect is earned. and i contribute to here because, shocking, i am a artist and am still learning so seeing people in the threads point out mistakes in other's art helps me notice it in my own and allows me to improve and grow. the only person who is wasting your time is you, generalizing and being misinformed about this thread. and also, i am not using fucking lolcow to "deal" with any issues in my life, i'm mature enough to know that the best way to deal with my problems are from medical professionals, and the fact your first assumption of me was that i need to "trash" peoples art to "deal with whatever i'm going through" makes me think you have a toxic view of how people deal with their personal issues.

No. 366319

Oh look gothcell and her white knights. Go cry somewhere about being oppressed and mentally ill to find people to enable your shit crap attitude

No. 366334

WOW I just stumbled across these threads. Proof I’ve been living under a rock, but Jesus Christ it smells like trash artists critiquing other trash artists in here! Seriously, keep on doing whatever it is you all do, it’s been a great read so far! I really love how brutal some of you are hahaha

No. 366346

Yeah, it’s subjective, that’s why art has any room for debate/discussion. Not everyone is going to like your art and that’s just something you have to deal with

No. 366351


didnt have enough braincells to read that we were moving on away from gothcell cause she turned into old milk real fast, maybe some reading comprehention classes would be in order. especially since you couldnt read the rules of the board before posting. just here to sympathy wank. yawn.

finally, someone who gets it!!

No. 366386

Abloo bloo bloo bitch.

No. 366435

I grew bored with Danica Sill's content so fast when i first found her. Everything has that people stiffly posing for a camera look.

Also, I was a bit curious about this piece so I went to her store, but she doesn't even give a description or background to it. So i'm left with a lot of questions.

Why does it have a childishly stitched together thorax incision? She mentioned wanting his bones to glow through his jacket "like a shark".

Do sharks commonly have open heart surgery and glowing bones?

I'm just left feeling very confused. Honestly, the entire point of the video felt like one big shill for skillshare.

No. 366446

I think thts what turned me away from Danica’s art as well. Not only does it all look very similar, but i can’t understand her pieces. I cant tell if they are ocs, if theres a background story or not, or if they’re characters just randomly posing

No. 366450

ahahaha why are you taking some generalized anonymous comment so personally, chill out my man

No. 366468

Did she just compare a white out pen to a gelly roll? How retarded can you be?

No. 366478

I don’t understand what was the point of being blindfolded if her friend is giving her directions on where everything is

No. 366497

Gothcell is messaging her fans to come on here and essentially defend her honor.

No. 366502

Danica's thought process never goes further that thin white person with random wounds and stitches, posing, flowing hair, maybe some smoke~ It's the exact same as Jacquelin deLeon and her pouty tattoed witch girls floating in the void
They're both repetitive and boring

No. 366526

ross tran outed for not crediting models / possible tracing

No. 366541

Just ignore them or call a mod over to ban hammer their asses if they brigade.
She's old news, no one cares.

No. 366544

It seems like no matter what medium she uses she can't create any variation in her work. At least with mediums like acrylics and oils you can use a palette knife and pivot to an impressionist style, but that would get in the way of creating her usual boring shit. I honestly wish she would take a break from painting people and try animals for a change, make a challenge out of it and see if that helps.

No. 366568

Animals, landscapes, buildings, statues in a museum, anything really- or even some figure drawings if she has to draw people, it would help a lot with the stiffness in the poses and bring some much needed variation in body shapes

No. 366570

I think part of it is that she's just switching mediums, but not trying to take advantage of some of the unique features those mediums have. Which is fine when starting out and just trying to learn the basics, but since she wants to push herself she'd really benefit from also changing her subject matter when trying new mediums. It would allow her to focus less on what she's familiar with and more on the medium itself.

No. 366575

That's why I thought she could have used a palette knife with the oil paints instead of a regular brush. When I'm in a slump, the palette knife forces you away from keeping things "perfect" and it makes for some pretty interesting paintings.

No. 366581

Definitely agree. In this case she probably would have even just been better off with a bigger brush. She's using such a tiny brush and that just forces her to focus too much on the little things from the start

No. 366593

Personally, I love Danica's style. I find it very soothing and relaxing. I guess the aesthetic speaks to me and I really don't want her to change her style or go more expressive. But I think she is using new mediums as an excuse. In the past she has mentioned that she wants to do serial work as in comics or graphic novels. She's also done a few pieces that had some sort of narrative to them. I think she is "branching" out to give herself some sort of reason as to why she is not moving on to more serious work.

No. 366631

Why on earth would you not want an artist you admire to get more expressive?
Especially since you mentioned her wanting to branch out and do comic/graphic novel work.

I mean;
Comics is one of the most shorthand (aka expressive) communication styles of art there is! And graphic novels (as far as I know) require even more depth and thought in each panel, both composition and detail wise, with plenty of narrative environmental pieces as well.

If she's serious about doing graphic novels, she needs to work on a lot more than just character expression. Things like scene composition, landscapes etc etc

I'd honestly love to watch her work on improving her skills in those areas! I'd subscribe just for that,even if it was just an occasional dedicated video here and there.

AND it would really set her apart from the "making bust up portraits only" YT art crowd.

No. 366640


There is a difference between putting more thoughts into each drawing, working on composition, background etc and being expressive ala using a pallet knife as other anons have suggested. What I meant was I don't want her to change her style (the way she draws the human body/color scheme/mood)
But I completely agree. She needs to step up her game and actually do the graphic novel/comics. She has what it takes to start and watching her waste her time/energy is kinda unnerving.

No. 366650

I…think you misunderstood me? Sorry, but I'm not the anon talking about palette knives, and I definitely wasn't implying that the only way to be expressive is to use splashy loud ways of painting.

All i said, was that I think she should work more on conveying more narrative through scene composition, light values, and FACIAL expressions than what she's currently doing.

No, of course she doesn't have to change her style. It's her trademark.

Exactly! She needs to start drawing some characters actually emoting, interacting with an environment, conversing, SOMETHING that isn't the same stiff "i'm such a beautiful tortured soul" OC portraits she keeps doing.

Glad we agree on that!

No. 366696

No she isn't. I spoke to gothcell at her request (about deleting the imgur album of screenshots) and resolved this. She agreed her behavior wasn't the best. The milk is old.

No. 366697

Sure you did. This has creepshow written all over it

No. 366726

File: 1549242639130.jpg (480.03 KB, 1078x1626, 2019-02-03 17.09.07.jpg)

Sage your posts, newfag.

No. 366729

Wait, how? Honest question. It looks ok to me so now I'm worried about my own makeup lol

No. 366735

File: 1549243988572.jpg (49.38 KB, 860x622, rae.JPG)

Not the same anon but what drew my attention was that she probably countoured her nose with a tad too dark shade of brown and slapped a highlighter there on the end of the nose. Also maybe it's the common sin of using foundation/powder that is darker and more orange than her actual skintone. Check out her neck.

No. 366736

She's a James Charles fan, so that would explain the shitty makeup application as well as the complete inability to match her foundation to her skin tone lol

No. 366738

Oh yeah you're right, I didn't even notice the nose contour. Thanks for pointing that out anon

No. 366749

I usually love kelogs paintings, but I wish he gave the people more expressions. Especially when it’s women, they kinda just come off as beautiful objects that are supposed to be admired, even a small smile would give them more personality and humanity.

No. 366754

are you the anon who introduced her to this thread?

No. 366757

This is the trend now isn't it? Pretty, boring girls. So dull.
The original illustration in this video is cool looking though.

No. 366758

I wouldn’t say it’s a new trend by any means, expressionless beautiful women have been the main even of the art world for god knows how long now, but I do wish it would die off already

No. 366764

not really milk but if you don't know kelogs art and watch one of his videos for the first time you can immediately guess the colours of choice for his artworks by looking at this Cotman studio pallette trays filled with indigos and mixes of reds and browns. I have seen one of his videos for the first time over an year ago and the leftover colors on his pallette haven't changed, amazing /s

No. 366767

Drawing pretty girls is more fun than drawing ugly dudes, tho.

No. 366768

I at no point brought up ugly dudes? Are you retarded anon, all I said in my posts was that I wish they had more expression/personality so that the women aren’t just objects

No. 366780

I just want more facial variety. Every damn person has tiny chin no neck giant eyes tiny overly contoured botton nose. It's just flat and empty to me. My opinion tho obviously this shit has a market so it is what it is.

No. 366791

File: 1549260435036.jpeg (96.58 KB, 800x540, CB5C2997-CCE8-4E78-82C8-FD4E4A…)

Not really salt but there’s been a lot of copycats of 80s/90s anime art style. Don’t get me wrong, I adore this style but after seeing this so much on Twitter it makes me wonder if copying another artist’s artstyle is going to be the norm and it’s making me sad that they tend to get more traction compared to people who’ve spent years developing their own style.

No. 366794

Copying styles has always been around, it’s nothing new. Just wait until the new obsession comes around and then suddenly everyone is going to be drawing like that

No. 366800

people did the same with steven universe, star vs, gravity falls, etc. its just fandom artists being fandom artists. at least this particular fad actually forces some craftsmanship in linework and framing on the artists part and not just copy-pasting Calarts bullshit over and over.

No. 366807

Is it? Ugly can be fun to draw. Drawing doe eyed Disney girls gets old after a while.
I like a lot of "pretty girl art", I just wish people varied it a little more

No. 366858

Something that really fucks me off about pretty girl art is that pretty is apparently synonymous with soulless. These girls they draw/paint have nothing interesting going on about them, no expressions, backgrounds that could allude to some sort of story, clothing that displays personality, just nothing. They all have the same dead eyed stare into the distance

No. 366871

Again, the lack of storytelling in a lot of online art in general is mind boggling to me. Art is so more than just OC portraits and fan art.

Why not create actual scenes for their characters, put them in a setting and let them be doing something other than posing. Or maybe do a piece that let's the scene composition say something about their world or the character.

I'm not talking about creating fully rendered masterpieces, just…an attempt at creating another world and telling a story with their art once in a while.

No. 366882

Drawing a blank-faced face and shoulders is 100x easier than setting a character in a background and drawing the full body convincingly. They are all stuck in their comfort zone. Pretty girl art bores me now, and any flaw is glaring, I wish skilled art (like concept art) was promoted as hard as the illya Kushinov/loish/sparkly makeup girl clones

No. 366883

A new koreaboo? https://youtu.be/r3SLFHiWMfo(namefagging)

No. 366886

Thoughts on Dollie guts?She popped up on my recommended recently and I kind of like her art but all of it is 'UWU im creepy dollkin pastel goff girl with a poofy dress and long spikey eyelashes UWU' She's trying to become a youtuber and is posting an annoying amount of monotone voiced storytime/tutorial speedpaint videos

No. 366891

it looks identical to tearzah's style

No. 366892

Doesn't she have a thread on /snow/? Or is someone stealing tearzah's brand? Lmao

No. 366895

nevermind, it is tearzah and she does have her own thread in /w/: >>>/w/18232

No. 366896

Why is the hand the same size as her head

No. 366937

File: 1549286104169.jpg (44.38 KB, 416x545, 169663f2fb4da634631fffa198535b…)

To an anime artist sure but generally ugly guys are a lot more fun, their uglyness can be unique and fun to play around with

No. 366938

I'm not surprised at all that he traces. his art is boring as fuck, no variation.

No. 366941

File: 1549287294305.png (1.85 MB, 1176x969, javi.PNG)

anyone in here follow javi_draws on twitter? i love the way she draws bgs and stuff (pic) but her comic sucks ass. the blurry ~aesthetic~ effect is horrible and all of her characters are so stiff.

i can't stand this bitch and her dumb edgy same-faced ocs.

No. 366945

Reading the first page, and what are the odds that the first three characters would have names like Ivy, Pepper and Topaz.

No. 366947

Samefag, but why does every fucking comic have lesbians now. It’s oversaturated to the point that it’s blatant tokenism and fetishisation, it’s gross. I love me some wlw but the over abundance of it and them all acting like heterosexual couples is getting to be too much

No. 366954

because it panders to straight men AND ticks diversity/representation boxes?

No. 366957

I'm sick of everything having lesbians in it because its always straight people writing characters that aren't like any real lesbian that would ever exist, its just regular het drama with makeup and pastel colours pasted over it. I prefer zero representation to misrepresentation, but then these stories aren't really aimed at lesbians, they just want to get off and/or pat themselves on the back at other people's expense.

No. 366959

YES! I love comic books, but almost every book I’ve bought recently has lesbians just for the hell of it and none of them are accurately written in the slightest. Is it really that hard to treat lesbians with some dignity and actually put thought into their relationships other than sketching them in matching outfits? I’m not even a lesbian and it fucks me off that these creators have so little thought put into the characters they’re creating

No. 366961

If you mean who posted about her first, then yes that was me. She's pretty nice in private, just had a habit of posting about her outbursts, which she's unlikely to continue doing after our conversation.

No. 366975

Then what is a "really accurately written lesbians" in your opinion? What makes the lesbians romance any different than any regular romance (excluding the gender of course)? I'm genuinely curious not trying to attack you or defend anyone

No. 366982

File: 1549294965400.jpg (81.72 KB, 1131x819, eh.JPG)

Do people actually dress like this? If so, where? I live in New England and have never seen people dressing like this, not even in summer.

No. 366986


Thanks for the wasted thread, then.

No. 366989

People who live in warmer climates dress like that, like in Florida and on the west coast. New Englanders rarely wear anything like that because most of them are introverts and live in an area that doesn’t have a consistently warm temp.

No. 366992

InstaThots and people who aspire to be InstaThots wear this shit and it doesn't look cute in irl. I can't wait for this fashion style to be over.

Lol not all of us dress like this.

No. 366993

Lesbians are older when they have their first relationship, so they have had the chance to get comfortable being alone with themselves before they ever have a relationship, it is usually calmer/more mature than straight relationships in the same age group. Growing up gay means coming to terms with the fact you might be single your whole life, since there aren't really that many of us out there, never mind ones with a mutual attraction. Lesbians don't have a girl-crazy phase where they lose their sense of self in a bid to get a partner, even if they are lonely they know who they are and stick to it. I think there is a lot less spite during fights as well.
Of course there are exceptions for both sides, but I think it gets confused by the fact there are a lot of het/bi girls that call themselves lesbian because they have an unstable identity. This is just personal opinion but I see a lot of similarities in lesbians to autistic women (I'm around both), e.g. not wearing something that you feel uncomfortable in even if you would look more "normal" in it. Hope this makes sense.

No. 366996

nice trolls remorse

it looks bad irl because no one actually has the body to pull it off without Photoshop.

No. 367007

It always bothered me how he never showed his drawing process in videos

I feel like yt artists are limited with what they can do.
I really like when people have fun with art like Drawfee, but idk anyone else doing something similar.

No. 367039

Did Heart-puff start this trend or not? I wanna know who the original was.

No. 367045

yt artists are limited. they have to move with what yt wants, fight the algorithim, monetization, all that bullshit. they see what makes them money in number form and repeat it, over and over and over. creepshow even talked about it, how none of her less than 10 min videos got money (which is one of the most moronic statement she has ever made, were you living under a bridge before posting on youtube? everyone knows this.)

it is why people paint same-y bullshit and do story time after storytime after sketchbook tour after art challendge; they are the first to show up in the search bar. and people click on thumbnails like Ross because it is a pretty girl that 'looks artistic' or has a fandom connection. in the end, yt artists limit themselves over money. why try to gain any new experience or skills when what you are already doing gets you money?

No. 367056

I remember looking at this gal on twitter. Checked out the comic. Quoting the legendary Holly BRown, looks like polished turd. Everyone in this comic looks as expressive as an anus.

No. 367070

I argue that a lot of the people who write these are LGBT/non-binary. They love making things lesbian more than straight guys

No. 367071

straight women larping as lgbt

No. 367129

This artist completely misses the mark of 80s/90s style on a superficial level.

No. 367155

File: 1549313449816.png (245.14 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ozzvqbVfEa1ru9hzto1_500…)

I haven't seen many people execute the 90s/80s style as successfully as heart puff. Besides the pic related artist(who I forgot the name of) and a japanese artist called pikurusu00

No. 367166

I do have to wonder what some of these art youtubers want to do beyond YouTube though. I know a few do make merch and have other projects but a few concern me because it looks like all they do is produce videos, without improving, and its probably going to bite a few of them on the ass when YouTube ceases to be lucrative.

No. 367181

Dsloogie (hope I'm spelling it right) is pretty great with that style, too! Only his is kinda based on the 80s/90s action anime style.
He even animates a bit from what I've seen on insta.

No. 367185

ain't most all relationship drama the same anyways? like there are plenty of gay couples that have "het drama" because there is no such thing as "het drama" it's just "drama" and LGBT+ people are subject to the same "het drama" as straight couples are.

relationship drama is all the same.

No. 367186

File: 1549317930142.jpg (28.93 KB, 300x475, 1296380.jpg)

This comic is literally a pulp romance novel featuring an instathot and a vampire.

No. 367187

People hear gay people are people just write them like people. Yeah they are people and the context of their entire lives differs from yours if you are straight. Write them as people first but you're probably not a great writer if you view things from your own point of view when writing someone who isnt going to hold the same experiences in our culture. It's like Holly writing gay/bi men from the lens of an early 20s edgy straight girl.

No. 367190


Most of what you said just sounds like maturity tbh. Most people who are older are comfortable being alone with themselves before they enter a relationship, for whatever reason may have come to terms with potentially being single for whatever reason, etc.

>lesbians don't have a girl-crazy phase where they lose their sense of self in a bid to get a partner, even if they are lonely they know who they are and stick to it

have you ever been around any teenager, young adult, or even desperate to get laid and not be alone?

>less spite during the fights as well

good one anon

No. 367217

lesbians also have one of the highest rates of domestic violence lmao. they definitely aren't all calm, mature relationships just like her or gay relationships aren't. they have their fair share of drama, abuse and stupidity.

No. 367249

That's cause most lesbians were abused by male sexual partners, not cause lesbians tend to be abusers. The study is debunked and misquoted bs.

No. 367266

except it's not. there's been multiple studies done on this and it's specifically for abuse, especially emotional abuse, perpetrated by lesbians on their female partners. it's a Google search away. please accept that lesbians are just as flawed as any person of any sexual orientation and that they are magical soft flawless ladies lovin' ladies uwu.

No. 367275

NTA but I responded to a similar question in a different thread, I’ll paste it here since it’s relevant

- they’re lesbians just because. It adds absolutely nothing to the story, it doesn’t impact their characters whatsoever and there was obviously little to no thought put into it
- they’ll act like a het couple in the sense that none of the problems they come across will be wlw specific, and almost always there’s a “woman” and “man” dynamic involved. One will be hyper feminised and quite meek/submissive, while the other is very masculine in their behaviour, often larger than the femme, and extra points if they make them dress like a teenage boy.
- it’ll come off as fetishisation if there’s an absurd amount of gays in the story, almost every single relationship will be wlw when real life isn’t like that at all
- and lastly, they somehow never ever face any sort of homophobia. It’ll often be set in a modern time and everything will reflect reality, except how everyone is apparently just fine and dandy with everyone being a lesbian. These women seemingly never gave any sort of struggles to do with their sexualities

Long story short, don’t make them lesbians unless you actually have good reason to, it’ll impact the story in a meaningful way, and you treat them like actual human beings that will have faced struggles

No. 367300

Does anyone else get bothered by how many supplies art tubers tend to hoard? I know a decent chunk of them so reviews, but they usually have so little to say about the products that I don’t know why they bother. I dunno, I might be biased since I tend to be minimalistic in the sense that I only buy/keep what will actually add value to my art, but I find it a bit irksome with just how many supplies all of these people have that never ever see the light of day, let alone get used

No. 367306

for me, its more so the not using it. have all the stuff you want, just use it up. and if you don't like, just donate it or give it away.

No. 367316

I love this style does anyone know where you can get clothes with it printed on?

No. 367319

I agree. At least you could do a giveaway, which would be a good way to engage with your audience.

No. 367320

Does it ever rub anyone here the wrong way when you see an artist try and buddy up with popular artists? Like I get being a fan and networking is important for business but it seems kinda tacky to do it in a really obvious way.
Reminds me of when Holly would kiss up to mewtripled, and mew would ignore her ass.

No. 367326

Red bubble?

No. 367328

I find it really annoying when I see the same artists in others videos over and over again, the comments never seem genuine and they’re just full of replies from their kid fans saying how much they love them

No. 367334


Okay, but why do lesbians have to suffer homophobia to be considered legit? The author makes up the rules for that world, they could be in a safer part of said world or it just might not exist. Or maybe the author just doesn't want homophobia in their story. An author creating fiction can say this reflects our world except Coca-Cola doesn't exist, and they can because they're the author.

It sucks that lesbian characters have to have a 'good' reason to exist as opposed to their heterosexual counter parts. They have to be more impactful and meaningful and be perfect WlW couples without a hint the gender roles they were likely raised to conform to.

No. 367340

They don’t HAVE to suffer through homophobia, but these characters never have anything that sets them apart from others other than eating each other out. These women wouldn’t experience the world exactly the same way that straight people would, and if the story wouldn’t change in any way if you were to make one of them a man then you’re not a very good writer. It’s like making a character black for the hell of it and it in no way impacts who they are as a person, which in turn in no way impacts the rest of the world

Even ‘safe’ parts of the world have homophobia btw

No. 367345

>- they’ll act like a het couple in the sense that none of the problems they come across will be wlw specific, and almost always there’s a “woman” and “man” dynamic involved. One will be hyper feminised and quite meek/submissive, while the other is very masculine in their behaviour, often larger than the femme, and extra points if they make them dress like a teenage boy.
I'm so tired of this trope and I want it to die.

No. 367349

Can you anons discuss this somewhere else, it’s getting way off topic

Oh yeah supplies hoarding is definitely a problem in the art community. Noticed that some artists just collect a bunch to flex at their audiences about how they can afford nice art supplies.

No. 367367

It was brought up recently, I hate how some artists will buy thing with sponsor commission or patreon money, say that they never would’ve bought it with their own savings, and then go on to review and push it on their young impressionable audience who will purchase anything that’s shilled to them

No. 367370

Dsloogie? I think he has his own shop. If not, he also did merch for GameGrumps when he drew them as those cute genderbent dirty pair parody characters.

No. 367440

i get why people hoard, you never know when you may need a certain supply, but when people like baylee jae show themselves going through shelf after shelf, drawer after drawer, box after box of just hoarded art supplies they never use. it is honestly gross.

i understand having a set of various similar supplies. if you paint, you are going to have varying paints, if you draw, you are gonna have various markers and pencils and pens. but the people that have ALL THE SHIT, like baylee jae, with the fucking beads and felt glue and just hoards of junk, most of it given to them through sponsored content- learn to throw shit away, god damn…

No. 367449

File: 1549348718291.jpeg (2.76 MB, 4032x2137, 04F8D2D7-62C9-4834-9CC5-847099…)

I wouldn’t really call having multiples of a medium you consistently use a hoard though.

Pic related, I have a fuckton of watercolour paints, but they all actually add some sort of value to my work in that I actually use them and they all serve some sort of purpose.

What I meant with my original post is that many youtubers seem to buy supplies just for the hell of buying them and then showcase them in a single video, then these supplies are never ever used again. They’re often not even displayed or within reach. I feel like these supplies could all very easily be given away, whether it’s to their followers or donated to a community centre/school/shelter, and all those supplies would actually be used rather than just rotting away at the back of their clutter drawer. A lot of their studio tours consist of showcasing all the many many supplies they have that no one person could ever make use of and they’re just carelessly tosses around. I’m not saying anyone is entitled to the things they’ve bought, but they should be more mindful of their purchases and stop excessively buying all of these supplies imo

It’s nothing but greedy and vapid, their reviews hardly ever hold any actual worth

No. 367523

Not really milk, but I’m amazed by how much some art tubers have improved over the span of their channel while most haven’t and some even regressed. Video was recommended to me and I personally see a massive improvement in Joysans work, and yet so many other artists on YouTube that post consistently have somehow not improved despite all the practice over the years. I know it’s a mix of also not practicing fundamentals, but how things even like line work and fluidity not get better? Did these artists really reach their peak that early on into their careers?

No. 367552

Samefag, but here’s a recent video for comparison. It just makes cases like Baylee Jae even sadder in comparison

No. 367556

Can someone please explain to me what it is about Disney that draws fat female artists to it

No. 367560

Lmao what's your damage…?

No. 367571

What? I’m genuinely curious, a lot of fat artists seem to be obsessed with Disney

No. 367576

Probably just people with struggles like appearance, perception by society, etc. being drawn to the dream of a better/perfect life where essentially every girl who's a good person gets to be a beautiful princess for whom everything is good and happy in the end.

No. 367580

Yeah I guess that makes sense, a lot of disabled people seem to be really drawn to it as well so I can see how it’s a form of escapism

No. 367583

I feel like most people who are hardcore obsessed with Disney, fat or not, think their obsession is a substitute for a personality. A lot of fandoms are like this but Disney people are the fucking worst about it

No. 367606

Aw Man… I'm subscribed to her because her videos are easy listening to have on in the background, but that video was honestly cringe inducing.

The attachment grown people have to frigging COMPANY is really unnerving.

Talk about worshipping corporate.

No. 367617

Her frugalness weirded me out but it seems a lot of English people have this particular mindset, quantity over quality - but they also often will splurge in a not particularly important area, especially if you compare it to something like quality that won’t fall apart after two washes.

She buys so many expensive things like a sticker printer, but she raids the discount bin at an already cheap store? This whole video was uncomfortable, from the gushing of things only being a few pounds reduced to the majority of purchases being Disney

No. 367618

File: 1549367041443.png (1.06 MB, 877x897, hours or days.png)

i think the comic takes place in socal, or at least it looks like it does. i do see women dressed like that here.
yes pepper is based on some instathot (but is also simultaneously javi's self insert).
>It sucks that lesbian characters have to have a 'good' reason to exist as opposed to their heterosexual counter parts.
and i don't mind this uprising of lesbos in media, even if writers are just doing it for sjw brownie points.

No. 367656

Why have so many anons been kissing waffles ass? Here and in the baylee thread there’s also been a Stan counting down to her reaching a million, what’s the point in discussing her if she doesn’t have any milk. Gotta be honest, kinda sick of her being brought up frequently and gushed over. It’s the artist SALT thread, not the I like this mediocre artist a lot thread

No. 367673

First off, this thread is in Off Topic for a reason.

Secondly, the reason why some of us are so positively inclined towards Waffles probably has something to do with her being perceived as a positive influence in the online art community, particularly for the younger audience demographic.

Some of us also just happen to believe in constructive criticism and being happy for others when they succeed.

I hope that answered some of your question.

Now if you've come here just to vendetta or bash the community, at least learn how to sage your posts.
Nothing in your comment was milky besides you.

No. 367694

Waffles hasn’t even been brought up recently but don’t worry anon I hate her stuff and her squeaky put on voice too. These artists aren’t good for our youth, and neither is this Disney crap. It’s all about being lovely and talented and happy happy surface level get that money, no real substance.

No. 367711

>they’re lesbians just because. It adds absolutely nothing to the story, it doesn’t impact their characters whatsoever and there was obviously little to no thought put into it
NO ONE says this about straight couples, they can be lesbians for the simple reason that lesbians exist in real life. This is like getting upset that someone made their OC black despite being a perfectly happy and well rounded individual. Because those can't possibly exist right? Only for minority points!

No. 367834

I hate when people include any LGBT characters in their stories and make their gender/sexuality their main personality trait like "look at me I'm lesbian and trans!" And remind it all the time. So I agree with you anon, I don't mind seeing lesbians there just for the sake of it and not being something incredibly meaningful to the story and whatsoever.

No. 367995

Why is that guy making out with a dog

No. 368028

File: 1549420135185.jpeg (581.09 KB, 1125x2308, BF630BE7-2A3C-4E82-85CC-FE64C6…)

For her realistic work it just seems like she’s copying images and making a “collage” and trying to pass it as a digital painting.

No. 368056

Has anyone tried the mijello mission gold watercolours? I remember a while back almost every art tuner got them, and they spoke of them really highly, but I have no idea if it’s just a case of them shilling them for more sponsors or if they’re genuinely good. It’s hard to find unbiased opinions, because it’s either people that were sent them or snobs that look down on anything remotely synthetic

No. 368067

I got the 36 set and I'll be honest, they're not worth it. M Graham has a similar consistency to them in that they are sticky, but M Graham is a superior brand if you live in the US. Also, the earthtone range is a friggin joke, their yellow ochre is a 3 pigment blend when it should be a single pigment. Also, a couple of colors in the set are not lightfast, such as their ultramarine light and a few of their earth tones and sap green. People praise their paints as being super vibrant, which is great an all, but tinting them down is a bit tricky. Another point to note is that trying to buy the tubes separate from a set is rather expensive, which sucks but again M Graham is a better alternative in when it comes to price and reliability. Honestly, I regret getting these paints, I got them after seeing a few videos from PearFleur and wish I hadn't.

No. 368072

I got the 24 set recently, it’s a really good price on amazon and I love them. I’m not crazy about granulation personally and only one of the colors in the 24 set has granulation (one of the blues can’t remember which) some of the pigment mixing are a bit odd like one anon said but I don’t really mind as I try to only mix single or double pigment colors, but everyone’s different I think there great though and if you live in the us jacksons art supply sells single tubes at a great price

No. 368107

Honestly if i were you I’d save up for Holbein or Daniel Smith… yeah they’re expensive but they’re so good (and Daniel Smith has a million colors so it’s really easy to come up with the perfect palette)

No. 368109

Daniel Smith are my current favourites, with M Graham currently coming a close second, I’ve found that the Holbein paints are all a bit too opaque for my taste and don’t granulate enough.

That’s a shame, I’m interested in trying them because of PearFleur as well, they look quite vibrant and translucent on video, but all the reviews I can find are quite mixed and extreme. I also like the honey binder of the M Graham’s so I may just stick to those, but thanks for letting me know your experience with them

Sage since this is OT from the thread, but no one ever seems to reply in the art help one

No. 368110

I remember reading several blog posts a while back about Mijello colors having terrible lightfastness and being made with cheap dyes. Here are a couple links, I'll post more if I can dig them up.



No. 368155


I was just looking through her account this morning and thinking it was really obvious that she's taking photos and painting over them. Especially when you compare her realistic portraits to her more stylized work.

And how quickly she churns out fully rendered paintings.

No. 368176

Yes, absolutely agree, I'm all for lesbian and black people representation, even if they are just black or gay for the heck of it and it does not contribute to the characters personality or story at all. Or it is the point of the story that they are the only gay lesbian in a community of white heteros. That is all fine but I absolutely despise characters or storys that are purely written for the purpose of having a gay or black character with no further depth. E.g. Zahra is black, sexuality lesbian, likes her black skin, hobbys looking at her beautiful fat black body in the mirror, dislikes homophobes, racists and fatphobia, who does she look up to herself because she is a beautiful fat black lesbian goddess. This is a case of really bad writing, the only way I could see how this could be saved is if she was the only one in the story like this and it was about a narcist who comes to realize there is more in the world. But a lot of stories tend to have all characters as plain and unrounded as this and that is just bad writing but people love it because "black lesbian representation"

No. 368202

I've seen a blog post about their pure pigment set, also saying the company had to reformulate the paints due to complaints about pigments and lightfastness. This post is more recent than the ones you linked so hopefully they modified it in the meantime…?
Jackson's selling the 10ml tubes for a good price, depending on the colour. I want to grab one that is similar to Prussian green, but of course Mijello has to put a different colour name.

I'm planning on buying W&N's potter's pink too, but should I get the 5ml tube or a full pan? The bigger options are more expensive.

No. 368203

Sorry, forgot the link: milenabblog.blogspot.com/2018/02/mijello-mission-gold-pure-pigment-set.html?m=1

No. 368211

Honestly? Just go with the bigger option, it’s more economic in the long run because you won’t run out so fast and it’ll cost less than it would to replace it, but it may be cheaper to get the 10/15ml tube and fill pans with it if you can find it reasonably priced or on sale anywhere. English sellers would possibly sell old loose stock dirt cheap as long you can find good shipping prices

No. 368229

Honestly? I like Waffles and all, but not to the extent of counting down till she reaches her next sub milestone in a salt thread. I agree that she's a positive influence beteween all the cringy Baylees and Emily Roses (god I hate her) and Creepshows, but eh.

No. 368246

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll see. I live in Latin America and prices of art materials shipped from US eBay sellers are ridiculously over priced, over twice the price of the original item. Jackson's at least has something like a £3 shipping so I can pile it up with other orders (like Mijellos Prussian green and a small, postcard-sized watercolor pad). And given the ridiculously underpriced currency of where I live, every American penny can save up in the cost+shipping is worth it.

No. 368249

the thing with waffles that always gets me is her sketches normally look quite good and fluid but then ruins them with her inking and whenever she add those goddamn teeth

No. 368272

Oh, we're in 100% agreement on that!

Although she does seem to be aware of it at least.

Maybe it has something to do with the stress of making videos? Idk, but I'd love to see some results sometime soon.

Also yes; the waffles maw of teeth is quite the sight.

No. 368278

And if she is going to be painting over photos, she could have at least used a black model for the newest one? Considering the original DTIYS is a black girl.

No. 368339

What annoys me about Waffles is that she's really ignorant when it comes to art supplies, and art in general. Sometimes she'll say things that are just flat out wrong without bothering to look it up before she does her voice overs.

She's also one of those people who seems to be allergic to "expensive" art supplies, or doesn't understand why certain things cost more than others. Or she'll repeat things she's heard that are flat out wrong. It's a minor gripe but it's always bugged me.

That, and how she doesn't understand how to use watercolors and ignores people telling her to stop scraping the paint back and forth like she's using markers.

No. 368399

I subscribed to Pypah because I liked some of her weird art. But lately she’s posting a nothing sketches of ‘pretty’ women and they are so shitty oh my god.

No. 368473

OT but jacqueline deleon is SO samey with her art. i used to love her style but now after a bit, ive realized that all she does is draws the same pretty faced girl with harsh highlights, piercings, and tattoos. i saw a speedpaint she did and i thought "oh wow, no tattoos on this one!" but then she added them in… its one thing to have a brand, but drawing LITERALLY the same girls over and over and over with the same shit is tiring to follow.

No. 368484

I always find it sad when her old sketchbook tour is recommended to me. Yeah, they’re not amazing, but they’re diverse. Compare it to her sketchbook now and it’s like she’s constantly just drawing the same woman over and over again, just wearing different wigs and clothes.
Also, does any one else get slightly irked at how much prettier she draws herself? I know artists tend to embellish themselves a bit, and so many will look cuter because of the style, but she makes herself as thin as a model with bombshell waves and it’s just not .. accurate in the slightest.

No. 368493

Samefag, but here’s a sketchbook tour from 2016 - her art hasnt changed in the slightest ever since she gained an ounce of popularity, and at this point I think she’s drawn herself into a corner and if she were to try to change things up a bit she’d lose a huge chunk of her following = significant portion of her income would lost too

No. 368545

Pretty-girl artists are a dime a fucking dozen but I have never seen an artist as samey and boring as her, it's so disappointing to watch.

I remember sometime before I finally unfollowed her, she complained about not fitting in well as an artist in Cali and it just didn't surprise me in the slightest.

No. 368552

File: 1549498760405.png (38.7 KB, 585x354, chrome_2019-02-06_19-16-36.png)

doublepost, but this tweet. The way she stated it just made my head hurt.

No. 368567

Of course Silicon Valley is competitive, that goes without saying for any industry that has its roots there. I’ll be honest though, kinda surprised she didn’t do well - pretty girls still seem like they would’ve been popular, maybe the tattoos and ambiguous brown skin made them too alternative

No. 368595

Sounds like she needs to take a break and gather herself. THat's the sad part about being 'youtube famous', it doesn't exactly encourage people to do much introspection.

No. 368599

Mary Sanche – I just found her channel when looking at gouache tutorials. She's really good

No. 368601

File: 1549508174617.jpeg (580.22 KB, 2048x2048, EB35FD26-E993-45D9-8ACC-3B131D…)

I was reverse searching some of her art. I don’t understand how she got 11k followers

No. 368617

honestly this bitch dumb as fuck. anyone that says they want to be an artist is told by LITERALLY EVERYONE that it isnt a real job, that you wont make enough money, that you'll need another job, etc. you are more likely to fail than to succeed as an artist, and this bitch complains about silicon valley being expensive and competitive? DUH!

you are in a business that grooms failure, and you expect to be handed money and a silicon valley lifestyle on a silver platter? someone didnt work enough 9 to 5 jobs to appriciate making money period, let alone on the art they make, and you can tell. i wish i could make money drawing the same hipster, same face syndrome, 'not-like-other-girls' looking bitches in every illustration, but alas, i have bills to pay, and my time goes to paying them in a way that doesnt include a luck-based lottery on 'how cool uwu' my fanart is.

did a little digging because these tweets royally pissed me off, in her about page on her website, it says she got a BFA from laguna college of art an design. BITCH, that college cost 33k and has an acceptance rate of under 40%, this bitch knows what competition is and is shocked that her career is mared in it, i am FLOORED.

No. 368618


Yikes she just painted over the face and changed the dress color. The entire body is still the photograph.

I know she sometimes puts in the comment that the backgrounds are photos, but I don't think she's ever admitted that she's painting over the people.

No. 368621

Think you could’ve squeezed a few more bitches into that rant? Honestly this sounds extremely bitter on your end more than anything else, plenty of people do make a living off of art. Sorry that you internalised that art isn’t a valid career choice and lash out at those that prove otherwise

No. 368622

name of thread is literally "Artists on YouTube/General Artist Salt #6", someone being salty should be the least of your worries.

No. 368624

Majority of the thread and past ones are valid criticisms, this is just bitterness that someone else succeeded while they haven’t

No. 368651

I think her success on YouTube blinded her to the reality of being an artist in the real world. Yeah kids and normies will click your videos and give you YouTube bucks and ad revenue, but no one beyond the internet gives a fuck about witchy girls with tattoos, and certainly won't pay money for them.

No. 368672

She's wasted so much time drawing those same weak-ass expressionless waif witch girls that now that she's out there she's figuring out that it's not as impressive as she thought. I get having a brand but not once has she ever been able to spin a story or meaning or even put a twist on her singular one-note theme to justify her drawing the same shit over and over. She kind of boxed herself in because she thought she could ride the "witchy girl with tattoos" wave indefinitely, like, she really thought that it was sustainable.

Try again.

No. 368685

I'm an artist in CA, and no, that shit does really well here, everyone in the industry draws a ton of pretty yet "alt" girls, that shit sells. If she wasn't "fitting in" with the Cali artist crowd maybe she just has a shitty personality? Idk her personally but it's not like her work is too "out there" or revolutionary or anything lmao.

No. 368688

What's the solution to this? I'm an illustrator but do not post my stuff anywhere but on my dedicated portfolio site because I am terrified of "drawing myself into a corner" if I develop a social media following.

No. 368696

Maybe it's that she doesn't have much of a personality, or at the very least, not a memorable one that could possibly stand out. You could draw the best witchy alt girls in CA but if no one remembers who made them then you're just dime a dozen.
I know that personally, I forget about Jacqueline every so often.

No. 368697

social media artists are constantly chasing the one thing that gets them popular and once they figure it out, they never draw anything else. don't do that. draw lots of different stuff always.

No. 368718

If you stick to drawing the same thing people will eventually get tired of you and you'll fade into obscurity when the new trendier thing comes up.
Drawing different things keeps it fresh imo

No. 368776

File: 1549542501276.png (399.24 KB, 800x360, please let this be an oc and n…)

>Also, does any one else get slightly irked at how much prettier she draws herself?
>I know artists tend to embellish themselves a bit, and so many will look cuter because of the style, but she makes herself as thin as a model with bombshell waves and it’s just not .. accurate in the slightest.

Maybe it's..just an OC that happens to have her hair colour??
If not, it's a bit sad to see, but not terribly unusual for online avatars either.

I also seem to recall her having drawn fuller bodied witches before…not sure why she couldn't do so for her avatar/channel OC or whatever.

(Pictures taken from this video: https://youtu.be/eJwEAysWdR8 )

No. 368812

No, that’s her, here’s a speedpaint of a ‘self’ portrait. It’s not unusual for avatars to be prettier/cuter, but usually not to this degree. If they’re overweight they usually make their persona at least chubby, whereas hers is an ideal figure. I don’t really understand why either since she pushes herself to be seen as body positive

No. 368850

File: 1549553041815.jpeg (97.69 KB, 800x583, 7F6F5779-A8BA-4878-A053-F8AC77…)

you should be able to draw anything you're asked to, but once you're working, i don't think sameface is a problem for illustrators. see every book you loved as a kid.

someone like robert mcginnis, who worked constantly and probably did every book cover from the sixties on had horrible sameface and even samebody, outside of hair color after a point all of his girls look exactly alike. i think it's more what you do with it. his use of color etc. is amazing and his layouts are also really pleasing. being an old dude he was super informed by the pulps but when we learned about him in history class i got much less concerned about samefacey shit, if you start getting paid, no one's going to care much and it'll be seen as your trademark or look. it's definitely not what we're taught but i think in the end no one cares, look at audrey kawasaki or mark ryden or whoever's hot this second (because i know they're not but can't wake up lol) and tell me that's not absolute sameface.

pic related, favorite robert mcginnis. wuthering heights variant based off his own paperback cover.

No. 368965

The sound of her voice honestly put me to sleep. I haven’t watched her videos before but is she always this uninteresting?

No. 369098

She really does seem to be just as bland as her artwork tbh

No. 369107


Swamp Green hair almost never looks good, that's for sure.


She's just another boring, basic artist peddling her pretty girls. Nothing much more to her than that. I always feel so detached from her videos because she seems so uninteresting. I can't say that she's not passionate about what she does, but I also get a 'business as usual' vibe from her.
I guess if kids love it it's fine though. She's relatively harmless.

No. 369173

Might be her lack of skill in drawing any other person other than the same pretty girl model.

Yeah a lot of artists make their avatars look cuter/prettier or more interesting than what the look IRL. It's very jarring when you see what the artist really looks like sometimes because they are nothing like their avatar and usually uglier/fatter/balder.

I think the only artist (not a youtube artist though) that I know who makes their avatar uglier than they really are is Katie Tiedrich AKA Akward Zombie. She draws herself with acne, frumpy clothing, with a slouch, very graceless and all around unflattering. I thought she was a dude at first and was honestly surprised when I saw a picture of her. She's not incredibly beautiful or gorgeous or anything but she is way prettier than how she depicts herself.

No. 369178


This reminds me of an artist I found a while ago. I found them through their "Meet the Artist" video and I really liked their artwork. Great lining technique, dynamic pose, good coloring.

I ended up not subscribing because the artist drew herself as having black skin/features, but when I went through the rest of her videos she was super pasty/pale. It wasn't an OC either.

No. 369218

That is just beyond weird.

No. 369297


If you can find that again, anon, it would be much appreciated. I’d love to see if she’s tried to make excuses for it like some white people saying they get really tan so being black-coded is okay.

No. 369304

I don't think it was a tan situation. She looked like one of those pasty Irish girls who can't tan at all, and she drew herself the same color as Lupita Nyong'o.

I'll try to see if I can find it. I was going to post about it when I first came across it but she had less than 1k subs so I was worried people would think I was vendetta posting (or self-posting)

No. 369385

File: 1549628268608.jpg (744.53 KB, 1177x954, 2.jpg)

It baffles me how people like Natali Sanders are able to get away with this shit. All of her "art" is early deviantart tier collages.
Sage cause not a tuber.

No. 369458

OMG her voice is the worst voice to listen to on an end. It is so nasal it sounds like she has a stuffed nose. And she talks soo slowly and unclear 90% of what she says you really need to put your mind to it to understand her and the entire story she was telling was just so extremely uninteresting? This isnt even good falling asleep to material. How could anyone seriously listen to and enjoy her videos is beyond me

No. 369514

I think you're over exaggerating it. She sounds boring but it's not the worst.

No. 369528

Matter of opinion boo!

No. 369531

Her voice is in fact one of the worst voices I have ever heard, very unmotivated and the nasal does not work in favor for her.
She also simply isnt a good speaker. She doesn't know what she wants to say - that is why there is awkward pauses and some sentences are not connected properly. She just speaks as she goes and some people can do this fine but she simply can not, she should start writing herself a script.

No. 369569

Never heard of her before today and her voice is benign y'all need to find actual milk lol.

No. 369586

I think we can all find milk better than "This girl has a bland voice and draws an idealized version of herself. The nerve, what a cow!"

No. 369594

Then why don't y'all provide some instead of those useless ass comments lol

No. 369637

File: 1549660030870.jpg (141.82 KB, 945x855, fan01.jpg)

Instagram keeps recommending this girl to me https://www.instagram.com/fanxinxin_2207/ who somehow has almost 80,000 followers.

All her artwork is photographs covered with scratchy lineart and blurry airbrushing that she claims are paintings she makes from scratch. Her fans praise her for her "photorealism", and anyone who points out that she's passing off photos as her art gets blocked and their comments deleted.

No. 369640

File: 1549660066991.jpg (166.67 KB, 960x622, fan02.jpg)

She didn't even bother painting over the jacket, just blurred it. The pattern lines up too perfectly.

No. 369642

File: 1549660124446.jpg (69.34 KB, 620x1011, fan03.jpg)


People have been clamoring for her to share process videos for years now, and she replies with "soon" or teases "WIPS" that are just her scribbles with the photo layer hidden. She asks if people want to see process videos, and then never never delivers on anything other than eye speedpaints.

No. 369643

File: 1549660166551.jpg (174.92 KB, 1046x820, fan04.jpg)


She even has an anti-hater story that overlays the photo over her art and makes it even more obvious that she's tracing.

No. 369652

They should just be transparent about how it's essentially digital mixed media. Nobody would flip a tit if they were honest about their process. Lots of extremely dishonest people even in the professional sphere. Chinese artist do this all the time, they post fake "process shots" even though they clearly painted on top of a photo. Just use the mixing brush a bit, add random strokes and suddenly it's "yours" and you totally drew it all from scratch.

No. 369675

The end of the saga…

No. 369712

Im kinda tired of seeing artists copying-paste the same bullshit perfect face on Pinterest/Instagram.

Sometimes it's sad to see illustrators who can actually draw from their imagination and not having a big fanbase and begging for money to survive.

I hate these "Instagram" Artists, also this is overly nitpicking from me but I can't stand when they put their age on the bio as if they are ¡¡th3 most young prodigy in art!!, lmao, you're not a better artist just because you're 13/15/20

No. 369716

bitch what the fuck

No. 369718

wait wait wait… your telling me this chick just facetunes, airbrushes and photoshops pictures and claims they are drawings? And people believe her? Shit like this makes me question why I even bothered to go to art school if lazy motherfuckers can just facetune a picture of a already highly edited person, call it a sketch and are able to accumulate a following and notoriety for their "art".

No. 369719

These just got progressively worse and they weren't even good to begin with

No. 369733

>went to art school
>complaining about supply and demand vs skill
Come on anon, this is classic first year Duchamp/Hirst stuff
They're a laughable cow for pretending they don't trace, but acting like it's somehow scandalous of for people to succeed from tricking the populace into applauding that the thing they easily pulled from their ass isn't very art of you

No. 369741

File: 1549666790380.png (424.54 KB, 489x615, 43.PNG)

scorpio's got a cleft lip

No. 369751

she has an art degree :'-(

No. 369757

Do you have examples of that?

I used to look up to a lot of chinese artists

No. 369771

Let me guess, you think all contemporary art is just pulled from someone’s ass?

No. 369773


oh my fucking god, usually lavender's anatomy doesn't look that bad to me but christ what the hell happened to her mouth? and where her neck is placed?

No. 369808

OT so I’ll sage, but why is it so fucking hard to find a decent art community. It’s either misogynists that shit on anything that isn’t poorly drawn anime porn and think they’re leagues ahead of everyone else, concept artists whose work has absolutely no life to it, or absolute beginners who just shit up every single criticism with their two cents. I just want to find a discord or a forum, ANYTHING, full of artists that aren’t toxic or bitter but I all I’ve found are communities full of the above. Honestly I feel like the best way to avoid the first two issues would be to find a female only artist community, there’s probably more diversity in stylisations/career choices too, but even the irl ones I’ve been to are infested with troons. I’m stumped anons, is there a single good art community out there?

No. 369811

File: 1549671049675.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1125x1632, C10B15D9-05C6-488D-AB09-E15FBA…)

No. 369813

God, this just looks like every 3rd Instagram artist
I swear it’s the new tumblr in how it only rewards certain styles and that’s what everyone devolves into

No. 369825

Fucking hell the first girl she drew… lol. There’s no way she graduated with an art degree without noticing the flaws in her drawings. She must have taken some whack class.

No. 369838

She use to complain about people complaining about high shipping prices on her single stickers. I use to sell on Etsy and I’d only charge less than $1. Instead of offering to ship it with just a postage stamp and have more sales on stickers, she’s tries to explain that shipping prices is out of her control . If a sticker gets lost in the mail it isn’t expensive to ship another out.

No. 369848

She’s from New Mexico. Not exactly know for great schools, let alone art classes.
That being said, this shit is pathetic. She 100% most likely traces her realism pieces.

No. 369862

Who even is this and what’s the milk?

No. 369864

File: 1549676569470.png (4.3 MB, 2208x1242, F655A239-CC99-4FC3-8A1F-C5A90C…)

I am perpetually disappointed by people’s designs for Sagittarius, but what the actual fuck is going on with this leg. Surely she sees these mistakes, why doesn’t she put in any effort to correct them during the sketching process? And what even about this design is Sagittarius other than a lame arrow tattoo

No. 369865


oh god, I didn't see the broken neck until you mentioned it.

No. 369866

File: 1549676889703.jpeg (213.11 KB, 1242x1495, 6EB9EEC5-0D7F-4340-895F-CFF5D8…)

No. 369873

The “its my style” excuse doesnt cut it out - one leg is ridiculously longer than the other ffs

No. 369883

Since every single arttuber thread other than Holly’s is dead (unsurprising, artfags on YouTube only have so much milk) can we just start discussing them back here again as they pop up? I don’t see how the likes of Rae and Baylee warrant having their own threads

No. 369886

I was about to post this lol
I cannot fathom how this girl went to an art school without learning how to use references? she literally only knows how to 100% copy an image but she never studied anatomy even once, that girl in the first drawing looks like something I would‘ve drawn at 13 starting out with art. This is just incredibly sad at this point.

No. 369889


God, please. The Baylee thread has turned into people bitching more about her hair or clothes, or how she chooses to decorate her own house, than her art.

No. 369894

samefag but that she genuinely believes that illustration doesn‘t require references has me shook

I don‘t know if Rae is really worth her own thread. She is cringy but not nearly on the same cow level as Holly or Baylee.

No. 369896

None of the artcows should’ve gotten their own threads other than Holly, it was a shitty idea and whenever we get even a whiff or consistent milk there’s always some sperg who insists on giving them a thread, just like how recently someone wanted to give gothcell a thread. None of these artists belong on /snow

No. 369903

She calls her Ohuhu markers Copics. Over and over. Does the girl know that Copic is a brand, not a blanket term for all alcohol markers?

And when she drew those star everywhere I got flashbacks to drawing in middle school. How does she have so many subscribers?

No. 369905

Honestly all of her designs in the zodiac vids just looks so uninspired and uncreative at all, dissapointing as always

No. 369917


Building a decent art community takes time, even years. This means opening the doors to all sorts of people.

My group of artist friends has been going strong for almost ten years now and most of the original members (with the exception of 1) are still active on a daily basis. The key is to choose members not just based on their skill level, but on their creativity, willingness to improve and on their quality as people. Sometimes this means accepting novices. Those novices will eventually improve and then help others do the same.

I've been in a few exclusive groups that only accept 'skilled artists' and those tend to burn out quick because you'll end up with a lot of big egos and clashing personality when skill level is your only criteria for accepting new members. But being surrounded by only novices can also be a bad thing as it can stunt your growth as an artist. The key is finding that happy medium.

There is a lolcow discord going around, but it might not be the best place for starting a community because a lot of people are not going to want their art/social media accounts to be associated with a gossip site.

Good luck with your search.

No. 369920

My issue isn’t novices themselves but the kind that insert themselves into every discussion while they have absolutely nothing to offer rather than taking in the information being shared. It’s annoying when they feel the need to contribute criticism to pieces when it’s nothing other than ‘well, I don’t know much about so and so but I think this is very good, maybe work on anatomy?’

No. 369935

I don't think she went to art school i think she went into a studio course at a state college. There's nothing inherently wrong with going to a state college but it's definitely not art school.

No. 369964

File: 1549688396047.jpg (38.89 KB, 255x287, QLsYa9c.jpg)

im so sick of this shit.
granted this is mostly common in nsfw art but im really hating this trend of obese hips + stick legs. i get nsfw art often exaggerates but this shit looks ridiculous. and it kinda sucks that a lot of ocs are being reduced to gigantic pear shapes when theres so many other body types that can be appealing in their own ways

No. 370024

I never understood these kinds of drawings, it’s not even the hips that are made huge majority of the time, the thighs are disproportionate to literally every other part of the woman’s body - her hips are tiny in comparison to her thunder thighs

No. 370034

FYI Waffles just overthrew Baylee in subs!! Good!

No. 370036


Stop talking about Waffles sub count, nobody cares

No. 370043

Oh man I just hate watch her now because shes just ridiculously cringy and I can't believe how she thinks the picture is cute! Ugh!

No. 370059

I thought it was one of the funniest videos I've watched in a while. She kept talking about how great she was with proportions and anatomy while drawing… that.

No. 370060

Mate, no one cares. Notice how every time you bring up her sub count no one shares your enthusiasm? Jesus, learn when to stop stanning

No. 370072

File: 1549706152657.png (593.34 KB, 793x645, 2019-02-09 20_55_02-Drawing St…)

when she did little chicken scratch lines while inking i shed a tear

No. 370103


Listen I know entertainment =/= quality but nonetheless it is butt fuck wild to me that this girl has over 800k subs! When she draws like this!!

This isn’t even mediocre this is straight up Bad and the way she talks about it in her video like oooh so pretty oooh I love this. I'm sorry are you legally blind

No. 370106

File: 1549715021673.png (349.82 KB, 814x560, wow.png)

>>369864 i know i may be late to this but like.. something else felt wrong in that anatomy so i tried making a screenshot and kinda highlighting it.
this cannot be a perspective thing.

No. 370113

File: 1549716409365.png (3.65 MB, 4436x2562, leaning ref.png)

I don't think your outlining is very accurate to how i visualize the anatomy, but i get your point.

I don't think the upper body is that much of an issue, one of the many perks of drawing in a heavily stylised style is not having to adhere to absolute realism after all.

Perhaps he could lean a bit more heavily on his left (bottom) elbow, but other than that it's really just that darned leg that's objectively "off".

No. 370115

>>370113 to me it honestly seems like the neck is kind of misplaced but yea.. i think the biggest problem in that drawing is the long ass leg

No. 370121

This youtuber was leagues ahead of these popular art youtubers at age 14.


No. 370124

I wouldn’t go that far anon, there are so many beginner mistakes in her before piece

No. 370136

May I ask what's with the hate on Jaiden? I keep noticing how some people hate on her. There was this art that included all, if not everyone, in the animation community except for Jaiden.

I don't see hate on James, seeing as how he's as popular as Jaiden yet she's hated for no reason.

No. 370138

Makes sense. But even those courses supposed to teach you something, right? Like, very basic fundies. It's weird how she can't even hold the pencil properly.

No. 370143

…I meant compared to people like Rae Dazzle and Baylee. But sure, if you want to be a snob about teenage art go ahead.

As someone who couldn't afford a computer and drawing pad to do ANY of that at her age, I happen to think it's impressive and shows a lot of practised skill.

I'm not saying it's prodigy levels but the majority of artsy teens online aren't at that level of detail, rotation, and rendering of gradient colour.

But idk, I'm not an art teacher. Maybe kids today progress faster at that age than I thought.

Although if that's the case, I sure wonder why so many of them seem to admire stagnated and low effort artists like lavendertowne online kek

No. 370148

How am I being a snob by point out that there are beginner mistakes?

>As someone who couldn't afford a computer and drawing pad to do ANY of that at her age, I happen to think it's impressive and shows a lot of practised skill

I don’t see how that is at all relevant, plenty of 14 year olds don’t have access to drawing tablets, they just use paper instead. It’s just that these kids will be passionate about art and practice it for fun, money has absolutely nothing to do with it

>Maybe kids today progress faster at that age than I thought

I wouldn’t say kids are progressing any faster as much as it is that they have platforms to showcase their work and have limitless resources to learn from

>I sure wonder why so many of them seem to admire stagnated and low effort artists like lavendertowne online kek

Beginners tend to not admire those not too far ahead of themselves as they’re at achievable levels, plus youtubers are better liked for their personalities than their skills. And young adults are just a lot more approachable to 13 year old than say a 30+ established artist who has worked in the industry

No. 370168

>compared to people like Rae Dazzle and Baylee
Literally anyone who isn't retarded can be better than these two.

No. 370172

>>370168 haha of course. never seen anyone draw so bad like Rae

No. 370268

>I don’t see how that is at all relevant, plenty of 14 year olds don’t have access to drawing tablets, they just use paper instead. It’s just that these kids will be passionate about art and practice it for fun, money has absolutely nothing to do with it

We were literally just discussing the digital portfolio from back when she was 14, an age when few have their own disposable income.

That's why in this case, and any other medium that requires some form of premium materials, I believe money can matter a whole lot in regards to someone's early growth.

But it's whatever.
I'm not gonna derail the thread by arguing about class inequality and how many people are outright discouraged from pursuing art (for example in strict muslim families) with a rando artisté on lolcow.

So how about we focus back on the art.

What pointers would you have given her to improve her art? What are these glaring beginner mistakes in your opinion?

No. 370363

good god need you sound so passive agressive and butthurt over a disagreement

No. 370376

honestly probably a selfposter GUIZE AT 14 I WAAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THESE YT ARTISTS UWU

No. 370381

I second it being a selfpost, the video smelled like a selfpost from the start but now it's certain imo

No. 370393

For M.Graham, if you life in a humid place like south Florida, would it be best not to get them? I’m afraid they will get too sticky and won’t set. I’ve been looking at Daniel Smith since my cotman pan is starting to run out but they cost so much

No. 370404

you guys really call just about anything a selfpost lol

No. 370450


seconded lol in the video she just presents herself normally? and then she goes to talk about krita and her art progress?

IDK, I imagine I’m gonna get the same type of comment but I’ve been following Dina for a while and I really like her work. A while back she posted a couple of videos with her school work from her year at FZD and it’s so good! The level of detail on her drawings of complex buildings and spaceships really impressed me. She used to work as a concept artist before she became more freelance/published her own book, which is p cool.

Her 14 year old was pretty eh though but whose wasn’t

No. 370451

>I'm not gonna derail the thread by arguing about class inequality

Oh yes anon, you’re absolutely right, her skills at 14 have absolutely EVERYTHING to do with disposable income and nothing to do with her own hard work. Povo kids might as well just give up I guess.

For all you know she was using a second hand tablet on the family computer in the living room, it doesn’t at all reflect her own disposable income - most kids get birthday gifts.

>how many people are outright discouraged from pursuing art (for example in strict muslim families)

Listen mate, not my fault your Muslim parents told you not to draw and if they’re so strict that was probably the least of your problems, I don’t see why you’re getting so fucking ass blasted that I had the nerve to point out that at age 14, when she was a beginner, she made beginner mistakes. It was disingenuous for you to say she was better than the youtubers ITT. And like another anon said, being better than Rae or Baylee is no achievement

>What pointers would you have given her to improve her art? What are these glaring beginner mistakes in your opinion?

If you’re at the level that you want some rando artisté on lolcow to hold your hand guide you through what her beginner mistakes were and how to correct them (which she clearly doesn’t need help with because she got better) then you should go work on your fundies and not shit up the thread by critiquing others when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Jesus fucking Christ, all of this because I pointed out a 14 years old artwork isn’t worth kissing ass over.

No. 370455

So videos from even popular youtubers are now going to be considered self posts for no reason?

No. 370464

I have no idea what they’d be like in humid places as I live somewhere extremely dry, but even here the paint stays sticky in my travel palette
Con: I always somehow get it on my fingers and it takes much longer to dry so I can close said palette
Pro: the colours are so vibrant and the honey makes the paint very easy to rewet and immediately get a highly pigmented result

If you’ve only ever used cotmans before I’d recommend just getting a few small tubes from different brands so you can get a taste for what you like - student grade don’t vary too much outside of how much filler they use whereas with artist grade you’ll have things like single/mixed pigments, granulation and transparency to consider. In the end it all comes down to individual taste and whether or not you’re going to display or sell originals

No. 370489

Like we haven't had other ~popular ~ Youtubers also selfposting here from time to time

No. 370553

Wasn’t implying that popular youtubers haven’t self-posted before, but there was no reason to jump to that conclusion this time around. It came off more as a THIS PERSON I LIKE IS BETTER THAN THESE REALLY BAD ARTISTS!!!

No. 370565

65k on youtube isn't big. Plus, youtubers are well known attention whores, so of course they're going to complusively google their name, or artists around them, find this thread, and thing it's their own dumping place for other people to praise them because at 14 they were so good at art without money. Stop, this site is not for you. It will only damage your mental health more than it already has. Go away. Thank you.

No. 370575

Holding a pencil improperly isn't a sign of artistic skill or competence.

Her art does suck tho

No. 370577

Not that anon but the most glaring issue to me is the anatomy on the dog (wolf?)…it's pretty clear she didn't use a reference, the whole thing looks flat and broken. I mean it's better than a lot of other 14 year olds could do I'm sure but it's not really impressive at all. Pretty standard mid 00's deviantart anatomically incorrect wolfaboo stuff. Some of the other newer stuff on her channel is neat, though. Her handmade dolls are cool.

No. 370580

Lmao, not assuming that everything is a self-post is ‘damaging’ my mental health? You’re really reaching anon, I just saw absolutely no reason to assume it’s a self-post and 65k I’d say is popular enough to not immediately jump to conclusions as there are 65k people that could be stanning her

No. 370584

Samefag, but I’m not the anon that was reeeing about how she was financially privileged and that’s why her art was at the level it was. I’m the anon who has been arguing that it’s a beginner piece. I’ll stop derailing though

No. 370593

only selfposters get this defensive

No. 370610

can u all stop arguing and talk more shit about youtubers

No. 370612

listen i like waffles as much as the next person but i find the anatomy in this one. so fucking off. like its jarring to me, specially with the proportions of the torso and legs and how long the guys head is? she can do so much better than this smg

No. 370631

this is clearly something she's sketching out for fun. what's the deal?

not every sketch is meant to be perfect.

No. 370650

Lol if she's posting it to her YT channel and it's monetized, it's not "for fun", it's part of her job.

No. 370653


so we're suddenly not allowed to critique artists when they're just trying to have fun? you could say all the artists here are doing it for fun but it sure ain't stopping anyone from criticizing it

No. 370656

early on in this thread some anons were talking about Jacquelin drawing herself thin and not as pudgy as she looks irl . I was watching an old video of hers and she put a photo of her in 2011 and yeah he's thinner. Might be the reason why she draws herself like that, because internally she's seeking that older appeareance? Anyways heres my two cents, not going to delve into that further.

No. 370660

File: 1549772737387.jpg (63.85 KB, 867x573, JDL2011.JPG)

for some reason the picture didnt appear in my post, apologies

No. 370667

Holy shit, what happened. Her features actually resemble her artwork. Kinda feel sorry for her now, it really might be a case of her holding onto the past with her thin persona

No. 370670

Any sketches that you share publicly are fair game to be criticised

No. 370679

Yeah, i was pretty shocked when i saw it too. There are some people who gets fat but the bulk of the fat goes mostly to the gut. With her however, the pudge is distributed everywhere so her arms are thick as her double chin. She might've had an eating disorder at some point? Anxiety eating? She claims this picture is around when she started college so I don't discard the academic pressure playing a role on her weight issues. Don't regular american students also eat all kind of unhealthy but cheapo stuff to minimize their budget given tuition is not cheap?

No. 370688

File: 1549776781950.jpeg (11.25 KB, 209x210, 66120F00-886B-4178-86CC-37F34E…)

wtf is that

No. 370690

With how fat her face has gotten it probably was gained from high salt content foods that are cheap, pretty common for students. Tertiary education is a particularly stressful time so that would’ve possibly been the cause of so much weight gain

No. 370693

That and a lot of self employed artists tend to live sedentary lifestyles

No. 370703

Are there any sites/communities similar to /ic in terms of critiques and resources that aren’t as toxic or full of pedos?
Sage for ot

No. 370757

File: 1549797194601.png (1.37 MB, 1461x813, euvceudvudv.png)

I know there was a lot of talk about "collage digital art" (something like that). I didn't realize people did that.

I've been following this artist for a while and now I've grown suspicious. She finally posted a process photo and I found her reference photo (which she did not credit).


No. 370758

This just looks like it went through a filter

No. 370759


>> 370757

Wait, which picture is the drawing and which is the original? Because the two of them look the exact same to me… Even with the process shot in the middle I'm heavily inclined to say the one on the right (?) is just photo with some filters and brush strokes added to it…

In my opinion that type of stuff isn't art, just because there's no actual thought or 'artistic opinion' put into the piece, if that makes sense. In general I don't care for hyper realistic art but with the really good stuff you can tell the artist put a lot of thought on what they wanted to paint and how they were gonna do it. There's no thought in these images, IMO.

No. 370762

The one on the left is the picture, the one on the right is the "painting".

No. 370766

nothing in this is painted except for putting some stars on the face and smudging some hair. the "progress" shot is just a filter on top erased some to show the base layer. I can't believe people fall for this shit and think that this is an original painting.

No. 370767


Yeah… I feel pretty stupid.

I always thought it was at least partially traced but I guess bc I never saw the actual images I hoped the painting aspect was actually real.

No. 370910

If only

No. 370911

the comments on this post are so braindead. all of them are kissing her ass.

also, this post got 2200+ likes but only 77 comments, 32 of which are hers. seems suspicious. someone doesnt like critisism.

No. 370925


kinda makes me wanna go there and comment on the "painting" is traced (even the hairs match up lol) but i get the feeling she'd delete the comment and block me

No. 370929

This one and the other girl that was linked a while back. Once you become aware that people are doing this, you see them all over the place.

Half the people that put up hyperrealistic procreate timelapses slap the photo over it at the end, but since you saw the timelapse you think it's all their work. Instagram is full of them, and all their fans worship the ground they walk on.

No. 370936

The fact the "WIP" looks like this is hilarious. This isn't how people paint. You don't just take a random corner and finish that one corner without touching the rest of the piece (actually, children do this, but adults who can actually draw know that you have to continually refine the whole image for accuracy and cohesion). Sad that these types have so many followers for "art" which amounts to 5 minutes of photo editing.

Good thing? They will never learn how to actually draw and be scammers hiding in the shadows forever

No. 370942

He’s….not wrong. This was actually pretty funny.

No. 371052

does anyone else feel like your enjoyment and respect of cartoon artists is ruined for almost everything that isn't academic painting or master studies or restorations? Its my major to criticize art, but I miss enjoying cartoony anime-ish works too. sage for no saltiness.
I subbed to D'Angelo a few weeks ago. Hes kinda funny and pretty upfront that he's only in it for money, but still puts admirable effort into his work.

No. 371259

I found this pretty cringey as she doesn’t take any of this ‘super obvious dumb’ advice herself.

No. 371297

No. 371326

File: 1549853742762.png (593.98 KB, 490x606, 192.png)

Wonder if she lurks. It's interesting that this popped up right after we were discussing it.

Looking at some of her other process shots, I wonder if she's also using a filter to make the line art. Her lines are so meticulous and unnecessarily detailed for something that'll be covered up by the quote unquote rendering. I attached another piece of hers to show what I mean. There's so many tiny lines that are gone in the final image. It reminds me of those paint by numbers kits. People don't sketch like this.

No. 371328

hey artists, is skillshare worth looking into? I see a lot of people shilling for it and even some people in my personal art community.

lurk much, Emily?

No. 371331

I bought the year subscription last year when I had disposable income…it's kind of a mixed bag. There are some really well thought out and worth while classes with active instructors giving feedback but there's also a lot of trash that's very 101 information that you can easily find on youtube or other corners of the internet for free. Most of the art technique videos are similar to stuff found on youtube and I've never received any constructive criticism from the instructors, just compliments which is nice, but ultimately unhelpful.

No. 371350

it's 100% filters.

No. 371351

Not really worth it if you’re looking for art lessons. There are way less cluttered places to look. You have to sift through a lot of crap to find decent stuff.

No. 371384

Are people really this stupid? Every 13 year old girl has experimented with photoshop or gimp back then and used the same exact filters on their pics. This is just ridiculous.

No. 371391

Holy cow I didn't know she was that thin. She must've put on an extra 50 or so pounds since then.

No. 371397

Have you joined loish digital art group on fb?

No. 371404

Depending on what you're looking for, Schoolism offers some pretty good online classes, but they can get pretty up there in price if you're taking the full class with crit.

No. 371448

Emily artful for sure lurks. She literally freaks out on Twitter about lolcow and mean comments then deletes them.

No. 371533


lmao at least no one can say this forum isn't productive.

anyway something about her voice is too hype and annoying. take it down a notch, emily. it's a youtube video not a high school drama class.

No. 371581

So someone called creepshow art racist. Does any one know more about this???

No. 371741

Can't cap rn but Jacqueline is on Twitter complaining about artists copying styles.

No. 371750

File: 1549912787084.jpeg (774 KB, 1125x1353, 445B522F-3353-4A58-A90D-E929A7…)

Here’s the pic lol

No. 371763

Is she talking about ApSelene?
If so, that’s pretty sad :/
I would say that they both have similar styles but Selene seems so much more varied

No. 371780

why would she be talking about apselene? is there something im missing? their styles dont look very similar to me…

No. 371788


I'm gonna go against the grain here and say that I kinda agree with Jacquelin. This doesn't apply to every artist, but there are people out there with very unique styles in regards to their consistent use of linework/rendering/theme and when you see someone else draw pictures that look just like the other person's… it's a bit iffy to me.

Of course, this is all subjective and most cases of "art style theft" can be bottled down to all art is stealing + artists often influence each other so BUT I will say sometimes it really does feel like people are deliberately copying someone else's whole gimmick just so they can cash on it.

Nonetheless, it's very hard to actually argue this and as such it's mostly a dead topic IMO

No. 371813

File: 1549917405156.png (681.5 KB, 1069x524, 6E079112-D234-4337-A3C2-53C1EB…)

Anna Cattish vs Peter Straubel
Exact same styles. (Both incredibly ugly)

No. 371816

Are there more examples of blatant copycatting other than these two pieces?

No. 371820

50% of Tumblr artists draw like this. the style stealing argument literally makes you sound like a 12 year old. it's hilarious coming from Jacqueline becausex there like 10 other artists minimum who draw boring witchy tattoo girls in procreate lmao.

these artists need to stop worrying so much about what other artists are doing, I swear.

No. 371848

Personally, I don’t understand the argument here because there seems to be a limit where people will straight-up hate a person due to their style looking too similar to another (more bigger artists).
Ex: a lot of people, primarily when Cyarine became ‘big’ didn’t like her because it looked like she heavily referenced Loish’s artwork
Does anyone else (besides >>371788 ) think that there’s a limit to reference another artist’s artwork?

No. 371879


Just took a look at their instagrams. The work is pretty similar but then again all they both draw are portraits of edgy girls with bold makeup which is the heavy standard for 70% of today's popular artists lol

They're similar styles but the concept is unoriginal AF and to waste time fretting over this is to give oneself a headache for pleasure.

No. 371898

I feel like most people are just trying to piggy back off the success of popular artists…. like person (x) becomes popular so a ton of people copy person (x). It kinda sucks for the original artist cuz their ideas and concepts end up just being popular lazy tropes that are stolen by 13 year olds desperately trying to get popular or adults who can’t be fucked to put in some effort to make their art somewhat theirs so they just kinda ride on the coat tails of another successful artist.

No. 371923

But would you argue that it isn’t a coincidence that some artists ‘suddenly develope’ The same style as said popular artists?
Personally I believe that it’s good to reference works, even of other artists, but can studying one particular style and developing that said style hinder an artist in their career?
I’m just genuinely curious in people’s thoughts on this matter.

No. 371946

File: 1549932783203.png (3.97 MB, 2224x1668, 053C0F53-12EB-4149-9C7B-7C2FD8…)

I don’t understand why artist are so bitter towards likes? Like are they not a form of long term engagement for an audience? It’s worse that they flat out lie and say it means nothing in reality, when in reality they are selfish and feel like their art deserves everything

No. 371950

Likes don't get seen by other people and they want their art to reach a wider audience through retweets/blogs/etc. I get it, but constantly whining about it just makes you look like an asshole. People will share you art if they want, and being a passive aggressive dick about it isn't going to endear anyone to you. No one is entitled to favors.

No. 371952

Don't likes spread to followers now, though? I've found a lot of artists through my art-mutuals likes popping onto my twitter feed.

No. 371955

Retweets are always nicer, but this is just straight up entitlement. Take the like and be fucking humble. How can you take pride in engagement if it isn't organic?

No. 371961

I suppose that's true, I almost never look at liked tweets in my notifications personally, but that's just me being lazy.

No. 371966

why do I have the feeling that 90% of anons here are petty weebs who call any stylisation besides anime ugly lmfao

No. 371968

you actually think those giant round puckered lips look good? i thought the one on the left was sucking an invisible cock for a second.

No. 371998

Does this guy do anything else besides Look At How Much Money I Have videos?

No. 372001

I fucking hate this chode. He destroys copics spastically for the luls.

No. 372002

Literally yes.

No. 372008

Thing that irks me about blatant copies like this is that it really does tiptoe the line of unethical as they ride off the success of another artist rather than be inspired/influenced by them, but they also are only ever able to copy the visual language and symbols the original uses and have no idea why they make these stylistic decisions so the copies work is always soulless in comparison, completely devoid of any personality.

No. 372009

>look how much money I have!!
Considering his demographic, that’s not surprising

No. 372045

Zhc's videos are so messy but then again they're meant for children with weird edgy humour. I remember when they made a video on Holly but then deleted

No. 372049


Yeah the likes on Twitter are basically retweet lite. It's good if you can get likes that spread to different people's tl, but bad if you don't want everyone seeing that you liked porn or whatever.
The artist above should've taken into account the passive sharing function of the like button before shooting their mouth off for some shitty unfunny, ungrateful meme they're wrong about anyway.
I dislike when other artists make people feel guilty or obligated in this passive aggressive manner. I see this kind of message going around a lot(worded more politely than this), and it's not cute.

No. 372268

damn I actually really like anna cattish

No. 372269

I feel like there should be a limit to how much you copy another artist. Being a carbon copy of another artist is not okay to me.

But my reasons for being against it is different from the usual arguments I hear.

It's not the art of "stealing" itself that bothers me. Rather, I feel that when a young artist is doing everything EXACTLY like another artist they're stiffing their own creativity and becoming the poor man's version of that bigger, more popular artist. Worse is when they copy from an artist that lacks technical skill and then go on to repeat those mistakes instead of trying to learn the fundamentals.

That being said I've come across very few exact carbon copies of other artists. Usually it's just people taking inspiration from the artists that they look up to (which is okay to me)

No. 372270

I mean, sage, but this.

The problem is that a lot of beginner artists don't know how to pump the brakes when they're trying to emulate a style. Many of them lack the ability to edit themselves, so it ends up being a lot of symbol drawing. Plus they don't have a grasp on how to incorporate studies into their art, if that's something they're looking to do, not everyone who draws is interested in studying their fundamentals.

No. 372315

Hi! This is not the right thread but anyone here would like to spit some good tips for making interesting backgrounds in my art? I mean, I like to put a lot of nature, but I want to make more complex stuff, many thanks!

No. 372337

Imo the reason most artists have boring backgrounds is because they’re just drawing something because it’s pretty/easy, not because they want the drawing to actually represent something (other than prettyness). So start by asking what you want to represent and work backwards from there. Don’t just start looking up “easy leaves tutorials” or “cute patterns for backgrounds” just my 2cents.

No. 372394

Ive been copying pictures of landsxapes, cities, interior designs, etc to pratice my perspective and backgrounds and it really helps!

No. 372419

Study from life and other background artists. You can have a look at background art from animated shows/movies you like and figure out what about those backgrounds makes them interesting

No. 372443

What I’ve found is that the backgrounds which try to communicate a “message” or a mood of the illustration helps a lot. Try referencing a lot of real life images for their lighting/inspiration, or even some movies, or, as anon (>>37241) said, look at background artists’ work.
There’s also this thing called rule of thirds, which is a simple principle, but it really helps in composing the image

No. 372483

File: 1550007293473.jpeg (2.17 MB, 1125x2064, C745C320-00C1-4384-8EF3-90AD54…)

she uses such a boring color palette

No. 372683

She's becoming kellogsloops lite version

No. 372702

Anon did she personally shit in your cereal or something? You keep bringing her up every time the topic turns to someone else, and it's always to complain about something super mundane.

No. 372719

Holy fuck art programs here at the fucking worst. I swear to god they actively try to keep anyone who's interested in commercial art from improving. It's all about feelings and critique is ALWAYS focused on the positives of a work. No one ever seems to actually get constructive criticism. You're basically shit outta luck if you don't want to be a middle aged white woman with a terrible desert gallery in Santa Fe.

They'll give anyone who shows up to class a degree here in the art departments. It's a huge fucking joke.

No. 372729

Me too, I really like her work but style is subjective, not surprised some people dislike her stuff.

No. 372730

Complimentary colors. They're aesthetically pleasing

I had to lol at the fact that her cat is basically the same color scheme though lol

No. 372733

>That being said I've come across very few exact carbon copies of other artists. Usually it's just people taking inspiration from the artists that they look up to (which is okay to me)

cough Lulles cough

I agree. Stealing an art style isn't a thing unless someone is building their entire entire brand and identity off of another artist's style or personality (or both), then it's an issue. But that's not what's happening in 99% of cases.

No. 372794

It’s just a complimentary earthy palette, this is by no means milky anon. Do you have a vendetta

No. 373022

NTA, but OP anon is just saying its a boring color palette, and its true, her girls are mostly these colors

No. 373037

It's a nice colour palette, but I really think she should branch out from it.

No. 373211

She won't, it's her comfort zone

No. 373247

File: 1550105261771.jpg (96.23 KB, 612x612, tumblr_mtvuzv5zzr1sn267fo1_640…)

She's pretty good, we've been tumblr mutuals for 8 years or so, and met at her gallery show.
But honestly, her designs have gotten so uninspired and garish. She only draws the same character in static positions, lazy line work, flat movement. Her work has absolutely none of the soul that it used to.

No. 373343

No. 373385


so sick of seeing her on here. This isn't milky.

No. 373386

Oh i thought it was going to be an actual claim… this is just bullshit

No. 373391

True she started doing sketches and been pushing her gum road sketchbook a lot recently and showing her old work

No. 373392

I’ve been following Anna for years and she has been huge inspiration to me, it saddens me how lifeless her artwork is becoming. None of the girls she draws seem to have any personality or expression any more

No. 373412

Same her voice is grating and her art is so bad she needs to learn human anatomy and shading

No. 373425

lol I bet she sent those DMs to herself

No. 373717

creepshow is known to selfpost, just ignore it and move on. stop giving this cow what she wants

No. 373751

File: 1550184350628.jpeg (1.36 MB, 2032x2048, 2186CDEC-F13F-4F64-9F3F-7863DA…)

I usually love Kasey’s art, but damn, this is uncomfortable to look at.

No. 373787

This is just ugly.

No. 373818

Is that supposed to be her and her husband or what

No. 373822

Those couldn't be more boring, generic and rushed if she tried

No. 373845

What was she thinking using that purple, did she not swatch colours beforehand or somehow thinks these actually look good and work together

No. 373857


No. 373860

Why is this video so much more smug and obnoxious than the original video? And the art is awful.

No. 373872

Why are they abusing the markers? And that you. I hate it

No. 373921

I like how they themselves look like a tumblr/sjw style drawing kek

No. 373925

Still convinced that isn't a thing tbh. But their art is uggo for sure.

No. 373928

This chick's oc avatar thing looks like a Winx trace over

No. 373931

I think it’s as much a thing as Instagram style is, you can definitely tell which platform an artist is influenced by

No. 373968

Okay but the 16 year old in the original video who was making fun of children who draw way better than her was still cringy as hell.

No. 373977

Yeah I can def agree with that. Low hanging fruit for a talentless loser.

No. 373988

I remember watching this back then and i just couldnt sit all through it because this girl is just too mucg

No. 374108

Not salt but this dude explains pretty well how to use references/get inspired properly

No. 374133

Artists taking the work of photographers to make generic anime girl portraits are garbage

No. 374134

?? How is this anime. And are you implying that artists shouldn’t use references if you personally don’t like their stylistic choices, because a bit of a retard opinion to have

No. 374140

>THE MOST POPULAR DIGITAL ART PROGRAM!? Traditional artist tries Procreate

A bit of a nitpick, but it’s really disingenuous of her to label herself as a traditional artist in this scenario when up until recently she exclusively worked in digital. The title implies that it’s someone who is unfamiliar working in digital, it’s such shitty clickbait

No. 374147

>And are you implying that artists shouldn’t use references if you personally don’t like their stylistic choices
I’m not. There are plenty of services available to obtain reference photos that are specifically for artists to use, or artists can take their own photographs using people and models. This is the information that should be shared instead of a bunch of Illya Kushinov imitators saying it’s fine to photobash any photography they find.

And yes, that style is heavily anime influenced. The creator of the video specifies in the comments his art is inspired by anime. Illya Kushinov works in the anime industry.

No. 374151

Influenced would be the keyword here.

And there’s nothing wrong with using other people’s work to reference from as long as you don’t trace it nor take credit for the original concept, artists shouldn’t be limited to only stock images.
And a reference can be more than just photography, other more skilled artists pieces are also great points of reference

No. 374170

She looks like one of these people that wash their hair with vinegar instead of soap

No. 374173

Homie watch the video she addresses what u said…

No. 374175


You're acting like photographers own human anatomy. Besides the rough pose and facial expression nothing was copied from the image. Both of which are not creditable to the original artist (in this case the photographer). The specific combination of lighting, pose, background, model, acting colors, grading, focus point, lens usage etc THAT belongs to the artist. You honestly need to get over yourself and broaden your horizon a little if you think this guy takes the work of the photographer cause it really shows how little you seem to know about photography.

No. 374176

Forgot to sage, my bad

No. 374179

This looks hideous. I think her digital art looks a cluttered mess. Just because every color available is on the program doesn't mean you have to use every single one.

No. 374183

Her traditional art is waaaaayyyyy better in my honest opinion

No. 374365

My nitpick was over the title, people will still click it expecting it to be a true traditional artist trying digital

No. 374389

Jesus fucking Christ she writes with her pens like a child, I wouldn’t be surprised if she breaks them after like 2 uses. Not everything is a colored pencil Rae you do not need to apply so much pressure. I’m concerned for her alchohol markers.

No. 374409

>>374389 I'm concerned for everything she touches…

No. 374413

The alternatives for tortillions was the only valuable tip she gave.

No. 374476

File: 1550316920266.jpg (330.61 KB, 1080x1135, 20190216_033422.jpg)

Saw this going around. Pretty ironic, coming from a one trick pony.

No. 374477

File: 1550317166292.jpg (212.17 KB, 1080x513, 20190216_033437.jpg)

Part 2 of the tweet.

No. 374479

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand if you put your work out there people are free to critique it, but on the other hand just because you critique someone doesn’t mean they have to give a single shit about what you think (which is what a lot of anons in all the art threads get assblasted about)

No. 374502

I love that sneaky little "YOUR art SUCKS more than mine", like a 5 year old's comeback

No. 374542

File: 1550329034847.png (2.88 MB, 1372x2048, Screenshot_20190216-085500.png)

>Shitty linework
>Bad anatomy
>0 sense in coloring

Congratulations Meyoco, you fit all 3!!!

No. 374547

Not to WK, but how does her work not have good line work and use of colours? Sure, the palettes may be very similar to one another, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. I swear you guys just hate any artist that predominantly uses pastel colours.

>inb4 using pastels is lazy

Something being easy/simple doesn’t make it bad

No. 374551

Maybe those people with 'crap art' are self aware and want to improve so they are chill with unsolicited crit because it actually helps them toward their goal of being half decent.

Plus I've seen several professional artists offer unsolicited crit. It's really just a case of people who like to give criticism unsolicited, also tend to enjoy receiving it as well. I like receiving crit, no matter the situation, solicited or unsolicited. I stopped giving it unsolicited years ago because I recognized that a lot of people obviously didn't like it, but I hate that that is the standard just because I miss getting criticism all the time. I definitely miss being part of a community where criticism was standard if you posted something and where everyone was just chill about receiving and giving criticism.

No. 374552

>>374542 …how?
What I am seeing, the lines are clean. Anatomy is okay but all the poses are really simple and easy.
The colors work well together and since they design products, it's good they work well together too.
You seem bitter.

No. 374555

Someone pointed out the irony of someone telling others to grow a thicker skin while complaining about criticism which made me lol

No. 374604

Who are you speaking to? Who exactly is "you guys"?

No. 374683

new Chloe Rose

spoiler: she says about 18,000 times that she doesn't like pastels because they are "messy" and "you cannot do details with them"

a/ doing traditional art is often messy. get over yourself
b/ can't do details? like, maybe YOU can't, lady, but plenty of people can and do. so much for Skillshare teaching you something

No. 374690

Seems like people nowadays are very sensitive to everything. I’ve received unsolicited critique and I respond positively. It’s like if you were to work customer service, people give their opinions and you just respond in a positive way. Artist need to learn how to say thank you for the feedback and move on. Stop making a big deal out of everything. So unnecessary.

No. 374694

um, no?
>good linework
>passable anatomy
>nice coloring
what are you on lol

seems like common sense tho. artists who know they're bad and want to improve–how else would they but for criticism?
obviously artists should never stop improving, but for established artists with careers the need isnt so strong because they arent as obviously shitty. (or they have hundreds of fans kissing their ass on the daily they think they're above improvement)

No. 374708

Even if you receive critique you really don't want or agree with, you can either ignore it or accept it with a simple "thanks," instead of screeching autistically about it on social media while insulting whoever dared to think you need to improve and make yourself look like a delusional crybaby.

The art community online is literally so high school sometimes it's pathetic.

No. 374722

Her art really isn't that bad, I was just being a shithead lol.

I have noticed that her linework all has the same weight to it though. There is very little variation. She doesn't draw a lot of people, but when she does the anatomy is kinda wack.

I just thought it was funny that she implied that she was really good in these areas, when it's actually a bit weak. Colors are fine, but samey.

No. 374724

She's right though. I guarantee almost everyone posting here is pretty shitty at art themselves

No. 374732

Her stuff is repetitive but it isn’t bad, and maybe she has a point. Don’t get me wrong unsolicited critique is part of being an artist online and there are plenty of thin skinned uwu babies out there, but look at Solar Sands and Deviantcringe. A lot of talented artists with names for themselves don’t give out unsolicited critique because it can be bad PR. Look at how many anons here claim to work in the industry but also say outing yourself of an anon here is career suicide. People need to accept critique maturely because it isn’t going anywhere but why should we encourage morons to build platforms on bad advice they dont even understand.

No. 374739

It's not wrong for linework have the same weight to it. It's just a matter of preference and some things just look better with it. Like pin designs. So I wouldn't say it's wrong or bad.

Same with colors, if they are planning products and stuff to sell, it's good that they work well together. People collect pins so it's nice they look good together, kinda like from the same collection. If everything they make would be different, it could get really messy.

No. 374812

File: 1550356897495.png (319.36 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20190217-094001~2.p…)


No. 374881

Oh boy can't wait for the 10 minute video with 3 minutes of content about unsolicited critique

No. 374897

This is pretty aesthetic. What are you bitching about, anon?

No. 374919

>lucky enough to be popular

Why do so many small artists use this as a way to discredit others and imply that a lot of big artists didn’t get that way because of hard work. Yeah, you may not like their, but a lot of pr and marketing goes into getting popular and that shouldn’t be dismissed

No. 374920

All the autists who throughout the threads will reee at any artist that dares to primarily use pastels, it has popped up multiple times and somehow they feel that ‘pastels are easy’ is somehow a genuine critique

No. 374942

File: 1550370521606.jpg (53.98 KB, 500x500, tumblr_p7o1mwhMRQ1uyiewho1_500…)

The entire field of art history is literally based upon "unsolicited critique". I don't need to be able to draw unstructured cartoons to have the visual tools and foundation to point out all the blatant color theory, sloppy line tricks, and anatomical flaws in contrived vapid work like this. if you can't handle any comments that aren't a compliment, don't put it on social media lmao

No. 374951

It's really awkward when anons make up shit about someone's art style to try to discredit them because they don't agree with what they said. You can disagree with her tweet without spouting bullshit about her art that obviously isn't true.

No. 374953

File: 1550372205156.jpg (537.22 KB, 2100x1113, François_Boucher_-_Cupid_Wound…)

>broken vanishing lines instead of maintaining a thick to thin flow
>using like colors that wash out the subject with no contrast
>distorted anime proportions for kawaii appeal

I admit to nitpicking, but "bullshit"? even within the parameters of "minimal cartoon" theres no real artistic reason she can't draw adult face shapes or or use complementary palettes with contrast.

Meyoco's palette tones are actually moreso saturated. Pastels can be used very well when applied properly, like most rococo painters did. but a lot of the times cartoonists use them in a super boring way without enough deeper tones to bring it all to a balance.

No. 374954

>no real artistic reason she can't draw adult face shapes
She appeals to the moe kawaii-ugu loving side of Twitter and Instagram–there's no reason why she shouldn't be drawing non-adult faces if they're selling well and part of her brand.

No. 374956

stan all you want but stop trying to pretend you're doing it as a "neutral opinion"

No. 374958

No. 374960

File: 1550373636099.gif (691.32 KB, 250x188, F8FB21B1-07E3-4B6D-B39B-5A8A37…)

No. 374961

do you really think her colorful weebshit is without flaws? it's aesthetically pleasing but there are glaring anatomical issues in just that one screenshot of her IG alone, like the hoodie girl's arm not lining up with the sleeves. not even the best artist in the world is flawless, let alone animu fashun bullshit. god it reeks of selfposting in here, i've never seen such a mediocre artist's skill be defended so rabidly here.

No. 374964

File: 1550374354023.jpg (229.69 KB, 550x845, tumblr_mk94dieROq1qzgamco1_640…)

my point is that its hypocritical that she uses such plain palettes and boring, lazy gimmicks to further her career instead of actually holding herself to the high standard she's claiming to have. its funny that she thinks her work doesnt have wonky lines and anatomy.

for comparison leslie hung does the whole kawaii style, limited palette, minimal details off the subject, warped anatomy too, but it isn't done with so many shortcuts, and she still has a solid art career.

No. 374966

The anatomy of this is actual shit. Hidden hands, mismatched eyes, stupid twisted spine, her fucking doll crotch. I enjoy some of her work but damn I can see why she needs critique.

No. 374968

To all the anons that think unsolicited critique is overwhelmingly a good thing - would you feel the same way if complete strangers gave you unsolicited advice in other aspects of your life? After all, they’re just trying to help.

I don’t see why artists are expected to gracefully accept all unsolicited advice and critiques of their work (something which is usually very personal), but other people aren’t expected to do the same in their careers.

Plus, most unsolicited critiques just boil down to ‘you’re bad at this! This is wrong!! But I have no idea how to actually fix these problems as I myself don’t have good enough foundational knowledge to avoid these problems so I’m not going to offer any advice.’ Another issue is that critiques will often completely ignore what is good/correct in a piece, when it is equally important to let the artist know what they’re doing so they keep applying these aspects to their future pieces.

Just food for thought. And I do agree, majority of the anons ITT have mediocre skills at best and have no idea what they’re talking about other than a very beginner level of seeing problems but not knowing how to fix said problems.

No. 374969

Meyo has always been shit and always been shit at taking criticism for being shit. She even admitted to not pushing herself artistically. She has no place jumping into that fight either way.

No. 374970

obviously it has flaws. You said it yourself, "not even the best artist in the world is flawless." It's just that they're not bad enough to get upset about, it's your run of the mill mediocre anime adjacent artwork.

No. 374971

A lot of people who post their art online are just doing it as a hobby, too, and are only online to find fellow hobbyists to have fun with. It's like going to a potluck and critiquing some stranger's homemade stir fry using professional standards. Okay? It's just for their use and to share with some pals at a get together. They aren't selling it.

No. 374973

hm. But what if they are the same height tho?

No. 374974

no one wouldve ever said anything if she didn't suggest that her own work isnt lacking lmao. she CAN use valid crit to improve as a professional, but would rather be lazy and cute. which is fine, but she's implying that she does more.

No. 374976

a bit ot, but this is a tranny right?

No. 374980

I think giving unsolicited critique is a shitty thing to do if not asked for, but I also think a popular IG artist can take the high road and ignore critical comments, especially when she is most assuredly receiving overwhelmingly positive comments. Instead of throwing a fit and making yourself look like a melodramatic asshole, leave a clear message that you do not want any critique and leave it at that.

I think the issue here is less about approving of unsolicited criticism and more the way she presented her opinion while also throwing in "btw u guys who do it are bad at art lol." It's super petty, and it's the reason why she's getting blasted on twitter.

(The irony of her saying people who are offended by her comment should grow thicker skin when she herself is getting assblasted over critique from apparently bad artists…)

No. 374982

That wasn't me, dude, so at least two people think you're full of shit.

No. 374986

Where did she say her own art wasn't lacking? All her tweet says is her professional artist friends (not her) don't give snarky unsolicited critique. Nowhere in either tweet does she say her art is perfect or flawless, just expresses her distaste for unsolicited critique.

No. 374991

>"…crap art with shitty linework, bad anatomy, and sense in coloring."
>"…just stop being a pussy. Grow thicker skin."
Did you somehow read that and presume that she was including herself in this description? How are you missing that she's pointing at her critics, while being a hypocrite about having "thick skin".

No. 375017

A lot of stuff in this thread reeks of self-posting but this is the most blatant one so far.

No. 375030

Strongly disagree with your sentiments.

No. 375053

File: 1550388185345.png (157.5 KB, 398x194, kindabad.png)

Not the anon you're responding to, I actually hadn't heard of this artist until today. These two in particular are pretty bad, the rest I do like though.

No. 375055

File: 1550388294688.jpg (89.13 KB, 1080x310, 20190216_232135.jpg)

Frankly, I don't care if an artist refuses a critique or not. What really bugs me about this girl is how she's overreacting to the unwelcomed critiques. If this was some beginner artist with 500 followers, I bet everyone would be ready to tear them down. But since Meyoco is a popular artist, it's 'okay.'

No. 375057

Seriously. Nearly every post doggedly defending this artist reek of self post or some delusional stans.

You can think something looks good while knowing it has flaws or could be better. It's not all black and white.

No. 375058

agreed, mayoco get out of this thread, it aint for you hun if you deffo cannot take un anon crit. YOU DEFF can't handle being in her bb. Now run along before we find more of you art to point out and laugh at

No. 375059

I've literally never heard of this artist until she was posted here. The rest of the crit is pretty accurate, but the thing about her not drawing 'adult faces' is reaching (since it's subjective and innately part of that saccharine anime style), which is the reason why I singled out that specific bit.

But yeah, her bitch-ass attitude is the main issue here, and not her skill.

No. 375072

>no real artistic reason she can't draw adult face shapes

Stylisation is a ‘real artistic reason’, retard
I don’t even like moe shit but that’s such a dumbass criticism

No. 375076

Whats the name of this painting anon?

No. 375084

Cupid Wounding Psyche, François Boucher

No. 375101


No. 375141


Popular artists get away with murder all the time. She has a shitty argument and doesn't know how to discuss shit like this without being abrasive and unprofessional. But since she's popular she's just "keeping it real".

No. 375193

All she really had to say was "artists might not like unsolicited criticism, just ask first to be safe", but I'm pretty sure she worded it the way she did to sensationalize it and get more attention.
And it sounds like a real personal problem too.

No. 375236

I feel like meyoco’s traditional art was better than her digital

No. 375338

Say what you want about drawing pretty girls over and over again - it still requires some anatomy studies even if it comes out as likebaiting. What sickens me the most are social media artists (especially youtubers) going for galaxy backgrounds or "just galaxy". I can not think of a more repetitive, unimaginative trend.

No. 375349

File: 1550438002670.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, laughing duck.gif)

>Anyone who defends Meyco has to be her!
How dare other people have different opinions from you.
People are salty about the concept that maybe when they tear into popular artist's art to be petty they might not actually always be giving good advice, maybe they're actually just as shitty as the artist they're mocking. Just look at redline/redraw there, half the art there looks just as bad as that of the cows we mock.
Meyco's acting cunty but she ain't wrong. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say most of the critics here aren't great, or even decent artists either. It's classic Dunning-Kruger. And that's fine, cause this isn't /ic/, it's lolcow, art quality doesn't matter, it's the pretty drama we all care about. But people seem offended by the concept that might be even shittier than that of the lolcows.

No. 375356

Unpopular opinion but I artists who draw mostly women are the most enjoyable to me. I just like looking at different character designs and male characters aren't appealing to me. It's when they're just floating in space or swirls of color that it gets boring and visually uninspired.

No. 375373

I wish disagreeing with anons turned me into Meyoco. I'd have almost a million followers on instagram and wouldn't have to worry about getting commissioners ever again. I think that's a fair trade for a nasty attitude.

Seriously though, having a differing opinion doesn't automatically make someone a self-poster. I think people like Meyoco have bigger fish to fry than a bunch of salty, mediocre artists who hide behind anonymity to complain about people who are more successful than them.

No. 375388

You're a meyoco stan (or even her for all we know), we get it already, STFU

No. 375402

I know not everyone here is a D'Angelo Wallace fan, but this video seemed relevant.

No. 375405

File: 1550444778425.jpg (82.27 KB, 1080x1350, 6f53d6b0111f7754e41fb672d2f4c3…)

that wasn't a criticism. I am saying that it is extremely hypocritical of her to suggest that her own anatomy is good when she puts a squashed baby head with bulging eye sockets on top of a terrible skeleton shape. She doesn't draw properly herself, while discrediting the criticism of others who draw at the same level in a less "cute" way. And anime "style" isn't an excuse not to learn real anatomy. I hate to be harsh, but it looks like shit.

No. 375422

File: 1550445978253.jpg (1.91 MB, 1080x1350, 21690044_173985766506477_71832…)

Yeah, I don't really think it's fair to pull up work from 2 years ago when we're discussing an artist who has plenty of current works to pull from.
I don't like her tweet and I think she's being a stuck up bitch, but her anatomy is fine.

No. 375433

File: 1550446734930.jpg (69.06 KB, 518x417, olderart.JPG)

That isn't fair. I wa scrolling through google randomly without checking the dates. Apparently this is an older work of hers that does stylize and distort anatomy in a pleasing way without the laziness and shortcuts.

I guess digital work makes her into a total slacker. She has been capable of going beyond her shitty "style" for years but would rather sell pink baby doodles than make any really good work.

No. 375439

That's fair enough. A lot of artists get stuck in boxes based around profit, so I kind of get it. The work she does now sells well if what she implies on twitter is true.

But if you're making thousands upon thousands of dollars a month on what you're making now, where is the incentive to try harder/experiment?

No. 375448

>She has been capable of going beyond her shitty "style" for years but would rather sell pink baby doodles than make any really good work

Why change when she clearly enjoys the stylisation and the majority of those around her donas well, enough so to even cover cost of living for her
You keep arguing the same point anon, ‘I don’t like this particular stylisation therefore this artist shouldn’t pursue it’
So much of the ‘criticism’ ITT really is just contempt towards those that achieve success, it’s almost a crab in a bucket mentality

No. 375455

There's a time and place for critique as well.
I'm going to have to agree with Meyoco on this one, albeit her approach and wording was crass.
There are countless forums that make it okay to give that type of advice.
Reading how some anons feels about Meyoco's art makes me think that it's true, a lot of amateur artists don't give real critique.
"She keeps drawing the same style!" "Pastels are so easy and overrated!" is not constructive, sorry not sorry.

No. 375456

File: 1550450960359.png (100.5 KB, 1176x693, ccunwelcome.png)

Other artists on Twitter's take about criticism/critique

No. 375457

File: 1550450981063.png (136.95 KB, 623x982, ccunwelcome2.png)

No. 375459

I'm not by any means saying critique on someones post is a bad thing, but it depends on where they receive it.

On forums I frequent outside of Twitter and Instagram there are specific ones for receiving it, or they add c&c / concrit welcome at the bottom of their posts.

The criticism usually goes well beyond "stop drawing the same pallette/face style!!!"

No. 375461

File: 1550451587474.jpg (369.36 KB, 2048x1355, Dv7saMoVAAAdl5B.jpg large.jpg)

Meanwhile this is D'Angelo Wallace's actual artwork

No. 375483

Whats the point in posting this anon…?

No. 375488


I wouldn't be where I am today as an artist if it weren't for unsolicited criticism.

I know that not everyone feels the same way about it and I agree that people's boundaries need to be respected, but I feel like these sorts of rants do a lot of harm in the sense that it makes people afraid to offer valid criticism out of fear of hurting someone's feelings.

If you don't want to receive criticism that's fine, I respect that. Some people just want to do their own thing that's cool. But just don't go on twitter and act like you know what's best for everyone.

No. 375490

Not to sound like a D'Angelo stan (which means I`m definitely going to give that impression aren`t I), but someone finally gave all you cunts the video criticizing the art community that you wanted, and without referencing lolcow at all lmao. Definitely a few users in the comments he screenshotted I'm sure, but this is probably the best we're ever going to get in terms of this kind of public call-out. I can see a few popular artists getting salty over this and vagueing about it on twitter in the near future.

No. 375491

"Just don't go on twitter and act like you know what`s best for everyone." Anon, I wish I could put that on a plaque because that`s actually the only truly correct thing anyone`s said on here.

No. 375500

I am saying that she is a hypocrite who doesn't apply good color theory or lineart or anatomy to her work. Objectively, what she does can't be evaluated seriously by any academic or industrial standard.

My point is that she is suggesting that her art is holier than thou, (anatomy, color, lines), but it is pretty much just trash draped in kawaii tricks.

She sells pins and decorations that little girls and childish women and other embarrassing people like, but she doesn't work in comics or animation or illustration or have many mutual followers in the industry, because her art isn't actually developed or skilled enough to do anything like that.

She doesn't NEED to be a technically skilled artist. But it is incorrect to imply that she is so far above everyone else.

No. 375521

>She sells pins and decorations that little girls and childish women and other embarrassing people like, but she doesn't work in comics or animation or illustration

1. It’s embarassing to call people that like different things from you embarrassing and it’s literally just a cute and appealing stylisation to the majority and you’re an outlier

2. Has it ocurred to you that not everyone has the same goals as you and plenty of artists are content being self-employed and selling at markets/cons rather than for clients or companies. Again, this is funding her lifestyle just fine and her work as a whole is inoffensive so there’s no reason to change.

You sound like a self-hating ex weeb with how much you’re focusing on the moe stylisation

No. 375544

Of course I had embarrassing phases that's growing up. everyone's embarrassing for a few years. but I love the style of anime, cartoons, comics, videogames, everything.
there are tens of thousands of great artists to every art style and era. meyo isn't one of those. it has nothing to do with her style and everything to do with her bad lazy technique.

you guys don't have any reading comprehension on here, but I have repeatedly stated that there is nothing wrong with making vapid art. she doesn't need to improve or advance what she does. she can do the same thing over and over and make good money for it like margaret keane.

but she implied that she is already at the point that she can draw like someone who does real studies and training. she is not. the 'thin skinned pussy' artists she sneers down on are pretty much her peers.

No. 375643

Because his art is terrible.

No. 375645

What does that have to do with his tweets?

No. 375646

Somehow, I agree with you both. No, she doesn't really have to work in the industry for her to be cosidered a "legit artist" (or something), or to make anything other than cute art if that's what works for her. BUT I also think she's a hypocrite and she's just as thin-skinned as the people she's unsuccessfully trying to call out in her original tweet. It's hypocritical to try and clap back when your tweet ends up reading like "I'm sensitive uwu don't call me out, I can dish it out but can't take it because all the counterarguments defending me boil down to <M-muh style>"

No. 375823

File: 1550517738142.jpg (109.55 KB, 554x557, angelo.jpg)

i won't go a far as terrible, at least he is working on it, bleh, anyways, who cares about his art? the whole point of his channel is calling sucky artists out (in terms of personality)

No. 375841

File: 1550520572245.jpeg (131.23 KB, 640x736, EBA90A95-7145-4CB3-AB73-03497D…)

why do waffles faces always look like That

No. 375858

I feel like her art has definitely gotten uglier than it was a couple years ago. Her style in general has gotten a lot more stiff and bland.

No. 375862

File: 1550522756590.jpeg (97.43 KB, 922x864, 444444444444444444444.jpeg)

No. 375882

Because she always gives them big toothy smiles and squinty eyes. does she ever draw sad or angry or neutral faces? I actually like her style a lot otherwise.

No. 375883

This is s really good analogy, Anon

No. 375891

She drew some of those during Inktober iirc

No. 375899

moving on from the boring meyo drama, the title of this video has me reeling. it's like we've gone back to 2005s bad reality tv.

No. 375926


In all honesty if she just leaned full on into the ugly, she'd probably be really good at caricature art.

No. 375947

Bad reality tv sums up Emily’s personality pretty well tbh

It’s a shame she’s such a cow bc her art is generally nice to look at

No. 375967

Glad the meyo wks finally fucked off lmao

No. 375971

We get it, you hate Meyoco, can you quit bringing her up any time the topic changes? You're more annoying than the white knights.

The story is nothing shocking, either. Sounds like 10 year old kids being 10 year old kids. If she'd been in high school or an adult it'd be more noteworthy.

No. 375976


I mean, they have points. People accept and want criticism in different ways.

In a classroom, work, etc. environment I would expect feedback from my peers, colleges, and bosses.

Posting online to Instagram, twitter, etc. not so much, especially when you consider that
1. Many people don't know how to give critique and a lot of it boils down to "This looks bad/wrong/not my personal tastes and you should fix it/i have no idea how to help you fix it" when they didn't commission the work. 2. think that people have to listen to their criticisms, which gets ugly and complicated when you have two people who think you should listen to them but they have contradicting criticisms. 3. People online can have no sense of personal boundaries.

Mix all of that together and it is likely why people dislike giving and recieving critiques they didn't ask for. Not to mention, giving critique is a learned skill… which means whatever criticism you give to someone is also subject to criticism because getting critique on how you give critiques is the only way to get better at giving critiques. Now, if someone were saying not to give critiques in a school, work, etc. environment I'd be more inclined to say they simply have to grow thicker skin because some people really do only want asspats and compliments.

sage for blog post

No. 375985

i mean putting your stuff out on the internet means anyone will say whatever about your stuff. outside a classroom setting you're choosing to showcase your art to people outside of an art community. people need a much much thicker skin to do that.

No. 376032

>People accept and want criticism in different ways.
Which is fine, but most people here seems to have issue not so much with the fact that she doesn't like unsolicited criticism so much as the fact that she's assuming everyone who does want to receive and give it are all terrible artists who she's superior to. Plus the implication that people who aren't top tier artists aren't allowed to have opinions about art.
It's one thing to say you don't like receiving unsolicited criticism, it's another to insult everyone who isn't like you.

No. 376036

I do agree with the sentiment though that beginner artists have no place critiquing the work of established artists. They won’t be able to provide any sort of help or information on how to fix a problem they’ve noticed, or why it’s even a problem in the first place, and this is purely because they are beginners and are they themselves learning their fundamentals. A lot of beginners also won’t realise that pointing out what’s working in a piece is also an upon part of critiques, hell most people online seem to forget this.

Critiques are evaluations, not criticisms.

No. 376051


tbf beginner artists really shouldn't be giving critiques to intermediate, advanced, and established artists. yeah, you don't have to be a chef to know if a dish needs salt but you also do have to know whether or not salt is even the right seasoning for the dish, whether the choice to add or not have salt is viable for the dish, etc. a lot of things that a chef with more experience than one who just started or one who isn't knows. likewise, it's the same with art. sure a non-artist or beginner can point out what is wrong, but only someone who has a relatively or even semi-grounded understanding of fundamentals can point out when something needs to be fixed and how to fix it.

it's the difference between "this looks weird" and "this isn't working the way you want it too because the colors are too saturated"

No. 376133

File: 1550552903593.jpg (141.61 KB, 1000x800, environment_sketch_by_dangelow…)

I care about his art, that's why I'm in artist salt.
From an artists perspective, I think it's bad.
I get that he's categorized himself as a drama youtuber in the art community but as an artist youtuber himself he's fundamentally and stylistically lacking.
If I saw it as it is now trending on art forums (which it wouldn't) I wouldn't click on them or comment.

He brushes off other artists he disagrees with as just being mainstream, while his art himself is boring and ugly.
Anyone has potential and he's in his twenties and claims he's going to art school so he can learn and grow.

As an artist I feel like he wishes he could garnish more criticism because no one actually comments on his body as work, more his deadpan humour.

No. 376137


Say what you will about his art at least it's not pretty girl facing left for the millionth time. I do hope that as he learns, his art has more of a direction and that he grows out of the youtube drama phase that younger people especially, tend to use to gain a following. I think he chose that kind of video content because otherwise, nobody would really pay attention to his art.

I do think though, that he thinks he has some kind of clout for being outspoken. To me he's just kinda boring.

No. 376138

I honestly don't care about his art, because that's not the point, his art is not "ugly" is not your typical anime shit, he is learning and that's fine, he criticize people attitude, not their art to be fair, like holly shitty attitude, tracing and stuff. so tbh, his art is really irrelevant, but his persona is pretty brave to call "popular" artists shitty personality out. idk, this smells like vendetta to me.

No. 376150

If you throw shit within the art community and have your name/persona attached to it, of course your body of work is going to come under scrutiny.

It might not be ugly, but it’s boring. It’s the really bland and personality lacking concept art stylisation that thousands of men within the concept industry all draw. It’s so lacking in personality that if you were to chuck it onto a gaming concept art site you wouldn’t be able to tell whose is whose other than beginner or professional

No. 376152

he is exposing shit, not his art, not even their art just their personalities and lies
jesus, i don't even like d' angelo but i dont think his art is actually "linked" to what he says. meh, his art is pretty dull but i didn't watch his video of holly because of his art

No. 376160

It’s an ART community, that’s what it’s always going to boil down to unless it’s some huge scandal. I’m not sure why so many of you anons find it shocking that his art is being commented on when, again, he is commenting on the art community

No. 376169

I agree here. He probably just uses the art in his video as a set dressing because so many art commentators on youtube either dont draw, or draw like shit. I think he partly uses his art as a stamp of authority of some kind so that the general audience thinks that he's a step above. I mean it works, he stands out, and I get the appeal. But that doesn't make the art or him any less bland.

He's just another drama youtuber with art as a costume, at least for right now.. it's nothing to write home about.

No. 376204

I think the reason it's dumb you guys are complaining about his art is that the entire point of his channel is stated to make money on topics that get views. He never anywhere stated he is anything but a beginner. 'oh but this is an art community so of course his ART is relevant. It's boring.' okay? Nice opinion Karen you expecting some sort of validation lol.

No. 376219

Or maybe it's because people don't think he's a very good artist, just as they've stated about other art YouTubers.

No. 376220

And that's fine to have an opinion but when people disagree with their opinions they should accept that and move on not argue their 'objective rightness'.

No. 376225

This might be surprising to you, but you've argued with multiples that merely hold the same opinion.

No. 376226

Anon, you’re doing the same thing. If people disagree with YOUR opinion then perhaps you should move on?

No. 376333

I'm not even that same Anon holy shit get over it kid

No. 376377

would it kill people to draw something bigger than fucking four by four inches? maybe waffles faces look fucked because she has to detail them within the space of half a square inch?

No. 376405


I would agree with this if it weren't for the fact that sometimes intermediate/advanced artists make novice mistakes. To use the same example you used: sometimes all a dish needs is really just salt.

Pic Related: You don't need to be an artist to point out that the man in red has a third leg.

No. 376406

File: 1550600681734.png (180.88 KB, 345x474, thirdleg.png)

forgot to add the picture, my bad

No. 376420


I feel like tweets like these aren't productive and just make online artists look … entitled?

No. 376431


Um, nah, this is just a courtesy thing on Twitter that helps people interact with artists more clearly. I know that this is especially important for Japanese artists on Twitter.

It's not like they're guilt tripping people into reblogging, nagging the general public about how 'likes don't do shit' and passive aggressively telling people they should be sharing their work.

It isn't entitlement to ask people to be a little more mindful of how they interact.>>376420

No. 376433


makes sense actually, i reread it and see what you mean

No. 376501


Personally I don't mind it when people quote-tweet my art because I'm just happy to get some attention and love, but there are times/specific people where you get the vibe they're quote-tweeting so they can get the attention which is kinda… just sad TBH a lot of artists only get a few likes/retweets so to have some of the attention "taken" from you can be disappointing. it's a lot better for the artist to just retweet & reply with affection!

but like i said, in general any type of positive feedback is better than no feedback.

in the case of some japanese/korean/artists who don't speak english well it's also quite stressful to have people quote-tweet your art because people often quote tweet to shame others and maybe you can't tell which is which.

No. 376524

What? I don't see it

No. 376549

The whole quote retweeting and the artist having a stuff time translating seemed exaggerated. “AMA ZING” takes literal seconds to understand that it’s a typo and the user meant amazing, aka a compliment. I’ve also never seen a qrt getting more traction that the art itself, but that’s just my timeline

No. 376550

I like Waffles, but the way she shat on pastels the entire time was too close to Kasey's edgelord behaviour for comfort

No. 376561

Why was she pressing so fucking hard with the mechanical pencil?

No. 376563

His two legs are straight, but he is resting his hand on a third leg that is bent at the knee.

Rockwell (the artist) didn't notice until someone pointed it out to him years later and was pretty embarrassed by it.

No. 376724

That's what I thought but I wasn't sure if that was a knee or he was just grabbing his apron in a weird way. Interesting!

No. 376727

OT, but if i was Rockwell, i would've answer with something like "he is holding his dick"
sage for OT

No. 376765

I usually like waffles but its like she was extra tryhard-y with the humor as well more than usual.

No. 376781

reaching 1 mil really went to her head huh? also I love how many waffles stans we have here that everytime a video of hers is posted it's "I usually like her, but.."
she's worse at art than holly imo

No. 376782

As long as it's just once in a while when someone has a product they genuinely don't enjoy, it doesn't really bug me. Like, in comparison to someone like Rae who will say that a product is overpriced or stupid when she just doesn't understand it, Waffles at least seems aware that it's specifically because she doesn't really get pastels, not because pastels are inherently terrible. Like, the video really wasn't that bad or edgy, it just seemed like someone trying out something they didn't like and not really knowing what to say.

No. 376785

>she's worse at art than holly imo

I wouldn’t take it that far, but I am sick of all the stans and whiteknights that keep coming out of the woodwork. Don’t even get me started on that one autist that kept counting down to a mil.

No. 376791

Watched the video, not liking a medium makes you an edge lord now? You sound like the children that shit their pants when a youtuber dares to not enjoy Crayola. Like Jesus Christ, I’m a huge fan of pastels but it’s very easy to see why someone else wouldn’t like them at all.

No. 376797

Found the Waffles stan!

No. 376805

Are you retarded? Not thinking that disliking a medium is somehow edgelord behaviour makes me a stan? I’m the anon above that was also complaining about stans.

Perhaps you should rub your two brain cells together to realise that criticising anons for being assblasted over nothing doesn’t automatically mean someones a stan

No. 376807

>not liking a medium makes you an edge lord now?
No, but making exaggerated vomiting and hissing noises when you first see the medium as an attempt to be funny does- so is going out of your way to mention how much you don't like it every other sentence, or using a random piece of cardboard for your first attempt and wondering why it doesn't look great, and later having to resort to a default cartoony style to make something that looks "good" because your attempt at realism turned out like shit, and you didn't want to try again.

You should calm down, dude.

No. 376849

File: 1550676291499.jpeg (765.55 KB, 1242x1055, 478F0A9E-78A8-49E7-9CF5-DEE83A…)

It’s such a nitpick, but I hate how Tori says wave wave. Coupled with her weirdly childish voice all I can ever think of is the OWO copy pasta

No. 376861


Holy hell, she was annoying in this video. In the Paletteful Packs unboxing where she got pastels, she didn't even attempt to use them. In this one she started with "maybe I should look up a tutorial" and then didn't follow through with that.

She talks a big game about wanting to learn and always trying to improve but when push comes to shove, she's stuck in a rut like Kasey. Which is whatever, if she only wants to do watercolours and copics then have at it, but why do subscription box unboxings that force you out of your comfort zone if she's not even going to try?

No. 376864

Don't care about Waffles but calling her worse than someone who can't draw hands or the human figure is objectively incorrect. Either you're a weeb or a vendettachan lol.

No. 376865

Never heard of her, but her artwork is gorgeous so thanks.

No. 376868

I mean I legit laughed when she cut to the lead breaking but the video was fine kinda boring overall. If you hate her that's your opinion so congrats on having one I'm sure your mom totes cares what it is but she isn't exactly milky so maybe chill.

No. 376877

Y'all Waffles stans are wild lmao, this is the salt thread, anyone can be on it, esp when they can't even be arsed to use a supply correctly but do comment how much they hate it every 2 minutes, how is this video any different from a Kasey or Emily Rose or Rae one- it's like no one is allowes to comment on Waffles ever because ~she's not that bad~

No. 376909

I mean no one said you couldn't complain about who you want I just think it's a reach. How is it different? I don't think she's cowish she's just generic. Feel free to look up opinion Anon Google is free lol

No. 376917


I love Tori and her art. She's very skilled and thoughtful with her designs and she's a big ball of positive energy which I really enjoy because it makes her videos quite inspirational to watch BUT her voice is really annoying. I don't get it. There's no way that's her natural voice. It surprises me that it doesn't annoy her husband? I can't imagine living with that…

No. 376921

It's probably her customer service voice

No. 376931

"Hello YouTube it's me toriii" hfdjjfgh
I'm subscribed to her and I love her art and development but I gotta agree her voice gets on my nerves sometimes. I've seen her old videos when she had a different style and thought she would grow a Little bit more out of the childish voice but she didn't change, dare I say it got worse

No. 376932

You're right, that is nitpicky. Tori's art is stunning and she's drama free. You guys don't always have to find something to complain about. You can enjoy artists without going "Okay what tiny non-art-related detail can I bitch about?"

No. 376933


… do you know where you are? I don't agree with most things I read here either but I'm not gonna tell people what to complain about in a salt thread lmao

I'm here to entertain myself during long bus rides… let people salt…

No. 376939

You guys can say whatever opinions you want, but when you do its free range for us to jump in and either agree or differ, don't bitch about it when no one else wants to validate your vendettachan nitpicks.

No. 376941

If people don't agree with the salt, they can say they don't lol "let people salt!" in the same breath you can say, let people have opinions on your stupid nonmilky salt dude

No. 376945

Translation: "Let us WK in peace!!!"
If something is nonmilky for you, how about you provide some milk then instead of bitching

No. 376950

Samefag, why don't we all leave policing the subject matter to the actual mods and not randos like any of us. If it's too nitpicky or nonmilky or whatever, report, sit back, and let the mods deal with it, what even is it to you to defend some random artist?

No. 376975

Saying: "Complaining about an artist's voice, something they cannot help, is not milk" is not white knighting. Get over yourself.

No. 376981

Once more because you apparently can't read:
1. Provide the milk then, because your bitching and lowkey WKing isn't milky either, at least the complaints are salty and I'm here for the salt (even though I don't always agree, no1curr whether I agree or not)
2. What's it to you to defend that artist?

No. 376989

All of you, knock it off with the infighting, take your sperging elsewhere.

No. 377006

Holy shit this sperg fest

No. 377055

File: 1550706950493.jpeg (883.02 KB, 1126x1220, 85CB7CE9-2480-4498-8AFC-52563D…)

An artist I found on Tumblr posted their progress in the span of a decade, and I thought it was a little lacking for such a long time and it made me question what would even be the general course of improving for an artist? It reminded me of earlier in the threads were anons talked about Danicia Sills lacked of improvement as well as this other artist.

I personally think this artist definitely improved, overtime, but it got me thinking if the several changes in style affected that growth? Because from 2012 and on her art didn’t necessarily improved?

No. 377062

Their technique definitely improved. The problem is they've been drawing the same boring shit for almost 10 fuckin years.

No. 377109

If you compare her voice to her earliest ones it sounds as though she’s putting it on, it’s so much higher and it sounds like she’s always forcing a smile

It really does sound like a customer service voice

No. 377114

Other than focusing on style too much, something anons ITT don’t want to acknowledge is that at some point people will stop improving. They just a hit a will, and that’s the end of their abilities. Sure, they might learn some lore fundies and apply them, but by and large their work doesn’t get any better in the appeal department
It’s sad, but it’s something we have to come to terms with - some people just reach their peak a lot sooner than others

No. 377157

you arent wrong. there doesnt look like much changed in their stylistic choices, and their color palette remained similar. this compilation does focus on faces, and based on just that, from 2012 on, nothing changes.

the thing that does show the most improvement is the july 2018 piece. if around 2012, more images like that began to show up, then i'd say there was improvement. but instead, we see the same cutesy, pastel colored, 3/4ths chibi anime style for 10 yrs straight.

they found thier niche and dont seem to be leaving it any time soon.

No. 377196

Lore fundies? You mean you're implying with study some unfortunate people just never learn and therefore never improve and they're just stuck that way? This isn't true. The above artist doesn't study anything but new cartoon styles and digital art techniques. If they did actually study the fundamentals they would improve, it's that simple.

No. 377242

I meant more fundies, I’m typing on mobile.
And it is true, there are plenty of people out there who will religiously learn their fundamentals and they still don’t get any better, or at least not much. Everyone has a peak/wall and some just hit it sooner than others, even masters and industry artists after a while stop getting better no matter how much they practice. This is the same for every single field, I don’t see why it would be any different for art

No. 377286

Your age of stagnation is when you stop growing. For most, it's when they get married, settle into a routine. You meet someone who loves you unconditionally and never challenges you or wants you to change, and then you never change.

But I disagree anon not everyone has to get stuck like this. It helps to not have an unconditionally supportive audience ex. Holly brown

No. 377304

File: 1550751631431.jpeg (465.72 KB, 1242x2208, 750D1CB9-0EF6-45F0-B5F8-63CB2B…)

blurred her face since she has 30k followers so I don’t want it to seem vendetta

I hate it when artists/creators whine about algorithms. It’s part of your fucking job to learn algorithms and adapt. Like I get it, it’s frustrating, but that’s just an inevitable part of your chosen field - changes happen and you have to learn how to appropriately market so that you can reach a wider audience, making a profit on social media isn’t easy and it shouldn’t be.

No. 377307

Most of them have no idea what the algorithms entail, just as soon as they stop getting as much attention they go on about MuH aLgOrItHm

No. 377309


I wholly agree with this. Marketing is a huge part of being a popular artist on Instagram and marketing, unlike what some people think, is an actual science with a lot of studying on markets, audiences, product, plans of action, etc.

I get that artists are creatives and don't like numbers or limiting themselves in their art, but fact of the matter is the best way to grow on social media nowadays is to study these platforms and implement thought out plans based on your findings (which is really not that hard to do lmao)

Personally I don't care for growing on IG because w/e but I've made up a mini plan for how to grow on social media if ever need be. It can be done. You just have to accept the importance of marketing and take the stick out of your ass.

No. 377310

Yeah, art has both gotten easier and harder in terms of making it.

On the one hand, you no longer have to rely on having connections and networking is easier than ever.

On the other, because everyone can put their work out there so easily it’s now over saturated so you have to be ruthless in your marketing and presence.

No. 377579

Earlier this year there were a lot of artist on Twitter complaining about the prices of Cintiq, especially their newer model that was marketed to me more affordable and I wondered why it was ok for artist to make threads about how shitty it was for Apple and Cintiq to put out expensive shit but if someone dare says an artist is overcharging it’s the most disgusting shit ever.

Both are a form of luxurious ous items. If you want that Cintiq, you have to pay the price and same goes for wanting your OC drawn by your favorite artist .

No. 377596

Wanting someone (who may or may not make their living on commissions) to charge less than minimum wage for a luxury item like art is not the same as big companies overcharging for tablets.

No. 377599

While they can both be considered luxury items to an extent, there are key differences;

Cintiqs and Ipads are luxuries in the sense that they’re not a necessity to everyone, but you have to keep in mind that they’re marketed as work tools. They’re also not custom made to order, the parts within don’t at all represent the cost of the product, and it costs them pennies to produce. These things are also made on a mass scale and the workers have salaries. Honestly speaking, the prices are also inflated because they don’t have much competition to force them into consumer friendly prices. Continuously raising prices while the quality of the product doesn’t go up enough to justify it (especially considering these companies hold back on tech purely because they can) is hugely anti-consumer.

Artists more often than not aren’t overpricing their products, most products are custom to order (commissions and such), the artist isn’t able to purchase their stock in bulk as large as large scale companies are able to which significantly brings down cost per piece, artists income is commission based not a salary, handmade items will always have a higher value due to the nature of the product and it’s intimacy, and also there is absolutely no need to own artwork - sure, it will increase the quality of your life (same way something like movies do), but it doesn’t feed/clothe/bathe,shelter you and it isn’t used for work related purposes either

No. 377600

Samefag, but like another anon said, most people will whine about the cost of art if it isn’t the equivalent of loose change

No. 377612

Compound that with the fact that in certain industries it's more or less required to own a cintiq or something similar, and that a lot of art programs are now subscription based, which in and of themselves can get pricey if you have to buy different programs from different developers.

As far as the pricing thing, most prices i've seen aren't exorbitant, and i've actually had to tell other art friends tho raise their prices because they were taking on too many commissions and they were running themselves ragged.

No. 377629

The fact that so many creative field programs that are the industry standard are subscription based makes me livid. You shouldn’t be able to constantly ask for more money from the same customer for a product you barely change over the years ( looking at you Adobe!! ) and the prices never reflect the fact that they’re subscription based, it’s like you pay for the entire programs worth year after year

No. 377684

I'm still so fucking pissed about the Adobe Cloud bullshit. So obnoxious.

No. 377734

If anyone has an offline computer I recommend installing an old version of whatever programs to do your work in rather than subscribing. Also do more research on free ones, some are very good and do exactly the same things as the pay for programs.

I think people overpay for their programs and devices which leads to a sort of mania where they want to recoup their costs and validate their purchases. Art is tied to our emotions and commodifying it with expensive equipment I think leads to all the soulless "pretty girl" shit we see everywhere now. People are more inclined to do the stuff that gets clicks and sales over pushing their abilities and becoming better artists.

No. 377738

It looks like they hit a wall around 2014-2015 and didn't try and improve since then. They probably are happy with their neopets crossed with adventure time art* and aren't trying to improve

*Not trying to be disparaging, I think it's pretty cute

No. 377791

adobe should be left to the dust, tbh. Clip Studio Paint gives vector, illustration, comics and animation all in one for a fixed price and free updates. I use krita too but I've heard it doesn't work well for everyone

No. 377795

seconding ClipStudioPaint, wait til it goes on for 50% off which is nearly monthly.
As a once long term Adobe user this was a life changer.

No. 377796

Gotta keep in mind though, one of the big things Adobe still has over others is their prestige - they’re so well known in the industry (concept, design, illustration, what have you) that the adobe portfolio site is one where huge amounts of talent scouts/agents go looking

No. 377839

Clip Is great the only thing I don't like is that on iPad is subscription based (but gives 6months trial for free) but is so much superior compared to procreate . The latter is a great tool but I like csp more

No. 377846

It bugs me that ownership of programs is phasing out in favor of subscription models. People experience subscriber burnout a lot faster because companies want a part of your living wage without really having to change anything. I think it's great Adobe isn't the only game in town anymore, especially after all the bullshit they pull. And csp being as generous as they are with sales I feel as though their subscription model for iPad is justified. At least it isn't $50 a month. I feel as though it's just a better value overall. And for folks that do commissions on their iPad, I'm willing to bet it pays itself back. I agree that procreate is an intuitive, powerful tool, but it's no replacement. I don't think it's really supposed to be.

No. 377927

I think adobe isn’t especially unreasonable considering that for decades their software was pirated left and right by hobbyists. It’s the INDUSTRY standard as you mentioned. For someone who makes living out of using cc it’s not too much and they can always write it off their income. $10 for photoshop isn’t outrageous for a hobbyist generating income either. If it is there are alternatives.

No. 377939

If you don’t want to pay for cc you’re not their target.

No. 377940

I mean it's kinda crazy that they charge $21 bucks a month for just photoshop when other programs like CSP cost ~$25 when they're on sale for a license that lasts forever. They're only encouraging piracy with this lol

No. 377948

$21? Last time I check photo bundle was $10 :O!

No. 377952

That’s because they want people to pay for the full suite and not individual programs. College students get adobe suite for $20 or pay $10-$20 for individual program.

Also, some companies purchase the software for the employees. I worked for a business that used illustrator and Indesign and I just used them on their office computers.

No. 377967

Photoshop is stil $9.99

No. 377974

File: 1550881320307.jpeg (219.71 KB, 1217x1792, F64543A9-D540-4A7B-9349-082F64…)

The pirating would have barely made a dent in their sales. Here are their current prices, these are individual ones rather than business - plenty of people either freelance or are expected by their employer to also work from home

They’re honestly making exponentially more than their programs are worth tbh and I hope some true competition comes along soon. You see ridiculous prices for anything that doesn’t have competition purely because they can get away with it

No. 377975

File: 1550881409240.jpeg (336.29 KB, 1242x2032, 4B0D90DF-1BC1-4F1E-A361-93F286…)

Most industry professionals will need more than just photoshop, so that’s $40 USD every month every year for your career. And that’s assuming they don’t raise the prices again just because

No. 377978

"Regular $82.99/mo" and only "your first month of adobe stock is free" are they saying at that price adobe stock is only included for one (1!) month and after that it costs extra on top? These prices are outragous, especially for what they are. Who actually pays these prices? Why do they even have customers at this point? People who pay these prices no questions asked are the real problem, letting companies get through with bs like this…

No. 377989

I also just noticed that these are offers that end first of March, so most would be spending over $50 USD every month - purely because this is the industry and is what is expected of you to use

$600 every single year for some software.

No. 377995

Stock images are incredibly expensive, it makes more sense to use a subscription service instead of paying $300-500 per photo license.

No. 377998

Photoshop was around $500-$600 when it was released on discs and adobe would give you a discount when upgrading to a newer release. I just remember that because a local artist gave me one of her old versions of photoshop to use and she kept her registration info with it.

No. 378004

Yeah, so essentially they want to you to repurchase the product every single year now. I wish people would boycott them mass scale so they feel a bit of heat, but companies/universities would never do that and that’s majority of their profit

No. 378045

This is why I'm so glad I bought my license. I got it right at the cusp and decided owning with one large payment would be better than renting. I wish they still had the option. It made sense. You could rent for a month if you needed whichever software for one project or just to try out, or buy it if you used it all the time.

No. 378143

What can't procreate do that the alternatives can? Honest question as I've never used it:

No. 378152

File: 1550910458082.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1900, FB75492B-2024-48FC-A748-7BC324…)

What do you guys think of Leilani joy ? I use to keep up with all her videos about 7 years ago but I feel like she hasn’t improved as much.

No. 378159


Procreate is great but it’s meant more for painting than comics, so it doesn’t have certain tools like text or shape building. Unlike Adibe though the people running Procreate are working hard on improving it. The last update included clipping masks and quick shapes which are a massive help. If they continue to update the app I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see many people choose it over other options.

I tried to use CPS on the iPad but I found the interface unbearable. Took up wayyy too much screenspace and there were too many options for non-important things.

The only real downside to Procreate/the iPad is your file size. I bought the cheapest model and while I don’t regret it at all, I can only use up to 14 layers on Procreate, which has made quite inventive.

Weirdly I can go up to 40 layers easily on Medibang paint, so I don’t know what that’s all about.

No. 378160


* sage, sorry

No. 378169

Your layer count is greatly dependant on your dpi/canvas size. I have a 2nd gen ipad pro 128gb and I either work on a 300dpi 5000x5000, which gives me a max of 17 layers, or a 300dpi 3000x3000, which gives me 55 layers.

I'm not sure how large you work, but if you get into the habit of cropping your canvas if you end up not utilizing the entire thing, it helps a lot with layer caps.

I also want to add that you can animate on CSP. I don't think we'll be seeing anything like that on something like procreate for a long time, if ever. But Preocreate has come such a long way in just the year I've been using it and is amazing for sketching/painting, esp at it's price point.

No. 378173


I work at roughly 3000 x 3000 and get 18 layers max :/ It’s a nuisance but I have the regular iPad (2018) which costed 340€ so eh. Can’t complain.

Same thing for animation, by the way. Can’t do any because the iPad can’t handle it. I don’t animate so it doesn’t bother me, but yeah, if anyone here is planning on working with big files / lots of layers you should invest in the iPad Pro.

Considering how portable, easy to use and capable these tablets are I honestly think they’re worth the price over a big Cintiq, but that’s just a-me.

No. 378192

Doesn’t Kasey have a majority child audience and she also wants to work on children’s media (picture books I think it was)?

I’m not a pearl clutcher by any means, but having a poorly drawn scantily clad ass as your thumbnail with that sort of demographic is in really poor taste - and what the hell is with that pooch, her spine is so deformed

No. 378213

Oh, why would she draw frida khalo like that. Heavy eye makeup and all. I hate that.

No. 378229

File: 1550936309189.jpg (242.82 KB, 670x852, faun-SM-WM_670.jpg)

Whoa blast from the past, I watched her in middle school. I like her pan's labyrinth piece and her mulan one. But those are the only two I really like. That willow piece looks rough tho.

No. 378257

KEK bet she's never looked into Frida in her life, only seen her online because basic white girls loveher for the ~exotic~ aesthetic and she's trendy online, why else combine her and "Instagram baddie" makeup? She's combining trendy stuff (and yea, I hate it too)

No. 378259


i watched it and let me just say how fucking wack the proportions are, like those legs do not work at all jesus

No. 378262

Why did she have to make that "I'm glad I didn't choose a WHITE sauce for the cheesecake in the "Lust" drawing, if you catch my drift wink wink nudge nudge" Fucking classy, Kasey

No. 378266

samefag but still watching, she said that when she thinks of Greed she thinks it's the worst sin of them all…. Kasey, remember that time you put, like, 5 ads in a 10 minute video?

No. 378284

Anybody else notice how Minnie Small pretty much only does studies and random mini paintings? I saw this video and I was quite impressed by the drawings, but it made me realize over the past 2 years or so she only really drew studies, those mini landscapes in a limited palette (which were meant to be color stufies I think?) and the small houses.

I don’t think you need to draw complex pieces to be a ~real artist~ but I find it funny how someone who talks A Lot about still being on the path to find her own way as a an artist only ever does small stuff that doesn’t actually require much thought or growth.

No. 378356


I don't really watch minnie so this isn't about her per se but just in general

i would say that small things don't actually require thought or growth because like you said, you don't need to draw complex pieces. Doing large or complicated pieces that require you to push yourself a lot can be overwhelming at times and freeze someone into inaction because it can feel like it is no longer managable. idk does anyone else get those feelings of trying to do something large scale and being afraid to even put the pencil to paper even though you know you need to improve?

i would count something as progress as long as someone learns something about what they were doing.

No. 378359

Depends on what you need it for. I have a cintiq and love it, but I need something heavy duty to do a bunch of different things on but an iPad sounds like s great alternative for illustration.

No. 378512

File: 1550973723445.png (2.24 MB, 1273x2048, Screenshot_20190223-195724.png)

Oh come on

No. 378519

I know we have a Baylee thread, but it’s utter shit, and honestly none of the art tubers should’ve gotten one they’re not nearly milky enough to warrant it (I’m surprised no one has to tried to make a Kasey one).

Anyway, the amount she shops is so uncomfortable. I swear she is constantly buying enough things to make haul videos, her voice and expressions are so husk like in this video. I feel like this is something that’s gonna happen to most of the art tubers tbh, they’re gonna get really popular and then start loving all the love for their craft and just become shells of the artists they used to be.
Baylee was never amazing, but her personality and passion were enjoyable and now all she does is shop for supplies that rot away in her room

Why do so many art tubers do hauls so frequently? I get that it’s exciting to buy things and that the dopamine rush is addictive, but with how frequent they seem to be with copious amounts of artist quality brands, which are by no means cheap, it seems like some other aspect of their life must be taking a hit

Nitpick but will she ever stop using teal in all her pieces, she even said in this video that she was gonna get multiple different types because it’s a colour she uses a lot

No. 378547

Why would she get so much oil supplies when your art is at her level. She should just stick to copics

No. 378549


Look at those hands

No. 378563

Sage for the sperging, but I don't understand why she would waste her money on the radiant paints. They're all tints, that means you could mix the colors easily yourself, or get an approximation.

The only one that seems remotely useful to me is the radiant white.

And even if you do find a use for them, which seems to be mostly for accent colors, you know that Baylee is going to end up using them straight out of the tube and then complain when they're extremely intense, especially compared to the other paints she has.

No. 378571

I can see why people buy convenience paints like that, helps also avoid running out of the colour while working on multiple projects, but they’re by no means useful to a beginner - she should be learning how to mix all the colours, but I really don’t see her doing anything with all these paints other than displaying them

No. 378572

I have no idea, her stylistic choices are not a match for oils. She should just stick with copics, or better yet make use of all the watercolours and gouache she’s hoarding which would be a good match for her artwork

No. 378576

Convenience paints do have their purposes, but Baylee could learn far more with just the absolute basics- red, blue, yellow, white, brown. It might not be a gorgeous collection, but you can mix almost anything with those five.

No. 378585

Lmao THIS is the chick people were stanning ITT??

No. 378592

Is anything that isn’t shitting on someone considered stanning now?

No. 378649

Yup, it's great. Or you know, we ARE the cow. The cow's bff, the cow's mother,,,

No. 378655

The amount of posts in this thread defending her work is mind boggling to me. It's not awful but it doesn't seem noteworthy enough to praise either? Dime a dozen weeby shit

No. 378656

File: 1551006133033.jpeg (43.97 KB, 645x676, DBbc-bMUIAAQNFy.jpeg)


It's surprising to see how popular meyoco is. I always assumed she was a chinese bootleg version of tofuvi/matchavi. Then again, this style is so popular, I don't know who even started it.

Pic linked is by tofuvi.

No. 378661

This style reminds me so much of the old art noveau stuff with women just lounging decoratively on armchairs all the time. it’s kinda sad that in this day & age of feminism so many artists works depict these dainty little women as beautiful ornamented objects. The displacement of small creatures into spaces they don’t belong eg. the fish in the backpack just makes me think these female artists enjoy representing themselves as these vulnerable little creatures.. like, it’s cute but is that honestly all you want your art to say about beauty and nature sand the female firm? That it’s cute and small and don’t you just wanna cuddle it?

No. 378666

>depict these dainty little women as beautiful ornamented objects

It’s so ingrained in art that I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon. What bothers me most is that they never have any sort of expression or indication of a personality

No. 378670

You described how I feel about this type of picture very well. I feel sort of provoked by it.
Art of beautiful women is nice but I wish more artists would think about how they are drawing a person instead of a uwu dainty little object.

No. 378682

Haul videos in general garnish a lot of views.
I can't remember the last time I saw Baylee actually paint something though.
Doesn't she usually use Copics and Prisma colours?

No. 378684

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her use a pencil except for those crayola videos

No. 378686

There's always her sketchbook slam video haha

No. 378687

That was the stupidest fucking challenge to date, and I’m glad it died so quickly. Yeah, other art tuber challenges are lazy and not actually challenging, but at least they don’t cause burnout, solidify bad habits, or cause carpal tunnel. The shit that Holly bRown comes up with, I swear.

No. 378691

No. 378712

Who cares? Move on

No. 378717

Please, not this shit again, no one cares

No. 378734

I think it's not really that deep; women who draw that I doubt are trying to represent themselves as vulnerable creatures. It just a painting that is intended to create a sense of peace and evokes magic/wonder. Some people are just into that, it seems to me to especially be people really into self care and what not.

No. 378736

Probably because she hasn't actually done anything milky.

No. 378738


I dont think it's that deep fam. Not everyone's art is meant to be thought-provoking, deep and says something about beauty, nature, female form, etc. not everything is or has to be that deep.

Sometimes people just want something that looks pretty and enjoyable to look at, and that's good enough too and isn't inherently a statement about something in particular.

No. 378739

I want to start an art YouTube channel but I'm a novice and I'm worried I will end up on here. Any tips on how to avoid being signaled out? I know I'm going to try very hard to have an inoffensive cadence to my voice because that seems to be the number one thing that gets non milky artists brought up here.

No. 378743

Maybe she just wants to draw fish in a backpack and it's not that fucking deep.

No. 378752

Okay guys everyone gets their opinions and that’s just fine so no needless infighting because people disagree with you.

No. 378764

Get off lolcow. People are gonna sling out any random artist for the tiniest shit, if you don't wanna deal with people getting mad at you on lolcow, don't go on lolcow. Ignorance is bliss.

No. 378768

Is Danica a politician? She has mastered the art of talking non-stop for 12 minutes straight but saying literally nothing. I think she'd be better off just doing speedpaints with no voiceovers.

No. 378769

Don’t worry about it, you’re probably not going to get posted here until you’ve gained positive attention, which takes time and luck. Come to terms with the fact that not everyone will like your shit, and that most anons are dicks with unpopular opinions. You sound self-aware enough not be a cow, so who cares if one or two people don’t like it. At worst, you can always take the criticism as constructive, and at best, you’d get some more exposure from being posted.

No. 378772

Don't buy shittons of art supplies that you're never going to use just to do haul videos, don't go out of your way to shit on someone/ something (an art supply, a person, a painting, see: Kasey shitting on Bob Ross for no fucking reason at random), don't do clickbait storytimes like "My art teacher HATED ME" That's all I got.

No. 378782

Lol okay first boo sage goes in the email field if you're just going to sperg. Second feel free to read the board rules regarding infighting.

No. 378797

hee hee you're one of those people who "hates modern art" aren't you

No. 378801

Hey thanks anons.

No. 378810

There's one art YouTuber i have complains about, but her content is not in English nor she has English subs. Should I move to a country-related thread?

No. 378823

Unless that thread is very active, you shouldn't bother, just do the deed here because now I'm curious lol

No. 378838

Without watching the video and just reading the title, is Danica REALLY trying to give advice about evolving art style when she's had the same exact one for literal years? Is she joking?

No. 378840

>evolving your art style

What.. has apparently changed about her style? It looks exactly the same as it did years ago

No. 378845

I'm the anon that posted the video. I watched it, and I honest to God can't tell you a single thing about what she was talking about. Not a thing.

No. 378846

Renata Celi is a Brazilian artist YouTuber with a very…. Meh mediocre art that has nearly 1M subscribers. I found her a while ago while looking out for art material reviews suited for my reality and tailored for the stuff I like to draw. Thought her content would be interesting and (expecting too much) with a little more technical information (think of Teoh To Chie and Nattosoup's kind of technical information but a little less)
It's just disappointing. Her audience is clearly tailored for children (no not even teenagers, it's too dumb) as she talks putting on a voice of child entertainers you would find in parties. She also always puts on the "like challenge" as in "hit that like button with your elbow or key smash" shit like that.
Haven't watched the entire video because I gave up halfway but she puts around EIGHT ADS in a ELEVEN MINUTE VIDEO. She's currently living in the US (Florida I guess since she claims she lives near a Disneyland?) and still can't explain the translation of "chisel nib" even tho she just said the translation of it a few seconds before showing the words in English. She feels like a weird mix of jazza and pretty girl artist but more mediocre.

No. 378848

File: 1551053432183.jpg (760.83 KB, 1079x1343, Screenshot_20190225-103840_Ins…)

Looks like she has 3 fingers

No. 378851

Fuck off to bad art, vendetta chan, she’s not milky.

No. 378853

Nothing is quite as off putting as being viewed as nothing more than $$$ with how many ads/sponsorships youtubers shove in your face these days

No. 378854

not sure what it is about this chick that makes everyone on all sides sperg out but can we move the fuck on please

No. 378856

Gotta be honest I'm tired of meyoco on this thread. We got the milk from her Twitter but nothing else. I don't recall her having an YouTube account for us to rant on like Holly BRown with mediocre art but constantly spurting some nonsense.

I think it's okay to occasionally post about her but in such a short time has me bored already.

The melty finger thing is a stylistic choice I enjoy from time to time but in meyoco's case it just feels lazy.

No. 378859

You weren't kidding, that really was just a bunch of noise. I love watching painting videos and I'm a sucker for fantasy elves n shit but her just droning on about literally nothing ruined it for me.

No. 378877

No one caaares.

No. 378927

Melty finger?

No. 378930

You can't control whether or not people will like your work. You can control your behavior, this thread is a really good primer on how NOT to conduct yourself online.

No. 378936

not a cow, just posting link since it was recommended and is what spurred this question

Why is art style all really young artists care about? Like, I get it, you want to have your own voice and be recognisable, but I don’t understand why they’re so hyper focused on forcing it and then sticking to it, rather than just letting it happen organically and experiment whenever the urge strikes.

I’m not much older than a lot of these people, but I never had this issue - I’m perfectly happy to just try out anything that catches my fancy, so I can’t at all wrap my head around why so many young artists obsess over finding their own style and then refuse to budge once they have something even remotely recognisable.

No. 378949

What is it with tumblr artists and vitiligo? It always comes across as really fetishistic to me.

No. 378950

I think it's part young artists feeling insecure about their art and wanting to have an identity and half not wanting to improve and blame inconsistencies on style.

It's a way of giving """representation""" while still being aesthetically pleasing enough for tumblr.

No. 378961

I don’t know, doesn’t it make sense in this case since it looks similar to islands and continents?

No. 378973

It is SJWy in any other context, but in this case it's kind of perfect for the character design. Sadly her art is still as dismal as ever.

No. 378977

melty finger means when you have no lines between the fingers so it looks like they're melted or forming one big finger/paw thing. Meyoco has given the space for the 4 fingers, but left the second and third (and the fourth finger on the other hand) all without lineart to separate one another so it seems like it's melted together.

No. 378987

I don't think her art panders to the tumblr sjw audience. Even being mediocre, it's not the same grade of ugly that panders to tumblr. She hasn't blackwashed any characters with offical art that i know of, and in the case of this video the vitiligo thing makes sense because of the context.

I skipped to the part where she talked about the Earth design and she said that vitiligo seems like an "awesome interesting skin condition"….. no please don't do that vitiligo is an illness for god's sake. It's one thing representation to show up that people affected by it aren't the same as the bibilical leprosy patients where they needed to be quarentined, but to romanticize it….

No. 379081

Because popular artists talk about/promote it.

Case and point; the 'draw this in your style' meme. a pefect example of the emphasis on artistic signature over core fundementals of art. it is a social media trend, and young artists get most of their inspiration and motivation from social media, even more so with people that have found fame and success on those platforms. they see the same image hundreds of times, but each is slightly different because of the style that a certain artist holds. to a new artist, or one not as well versed as other artists, they see that style makes each artist unique, and work to imitate the success they see, but no one wants to be accused of copying. so, instead, the ever growing search for style continues, but with the end goal of being seen as original, not enjoyable (laverndertowne is the perfect example here, i mean for christ sake, her art is so overly stylized that it is more toddler heatwave vomit than art)

the sooner these kids learn that nothing is original, the better off they are, and the search for the style will end. you need to learn the rules of art before you break them, best advice i ever got from a professor. unfortunately, most kids in search of their own style are skipping that step, and rarely any of the artubers actually talk about this cause 'who the fuck will click on a video talking about art fundementals when i can do another unboxing or prompt list or art supply haul!'

No. 379116

I think the other anons made some good points, so I'll just add that I think for some people they also feel like if they have a style they're above reproach. "The fundamentals aren't needed because it's my style" sort of people

No. 379260

Is it just me or holly lost a lot of weight?

No. 379294

I feel like it's a slippery slope though because everyone thinks anything that isn't moe anime bullshit giant eyes tiny nose stick neck shit is ugly. Sage for spergy rant because I'm salty people with no study or skill can make bank anyway.

No. 379295

her nails are so DIRTY and messed up in here, watching her hands alone made me cringe

No. 379298

File: 1551131019380.png (900.75 KB, 1136x640, F38D56D6-7039-453B-9699-C81119…)

just ew

No. 379300

I know it's a huge nitpick but youtubers who don't take care of their hands/nails gross me out so much. You don't have to get a manicure every time you make a video but make an effort to clean the dirt out from under them and touch up (or remove) the polish (unless they are getting dirty during the course of the video because you're playing with pastels or whatever).

No. 379315

Am i the only one who can't stand her calling mid-range art supplies 'bougie'? Last time i checked strathmore was pretty reasonable.

No. 379333

Ugh, it’s so disgusting how many youtubers, art ones in particular, refuse to trim and clean out their nails before they do a video that is zoomed in on and focuses on their hands. It’s such low effort grooming, there’s no reason to not do it

No. 379347

Check out the Holly Brown thread, she's made 6,000 on her Kickstarter (starter goal: 2,500) to print the two volumes of her shitty first comic that she keeps redrawing over and over. Six fucking k

No. 379357

nope, not alone. i laughed when she said STRATHMORE of all papers, bougie.

wonder what rae thinks of arches.

No. 379374

Idk. I've balked at prices for art supplies, but honestly i'd never really consider anything 'luxury'. Usually if something's pricey i've found it's because the materials used to make it were expensive (cadmium/cobalt-based paints, hand made paper, etc) or they're archival. I get trying out new inexpensive materials is great for the audience, but idk, at least once in a while use the decent stuff?

Also way to thin the fuck out of that gouache and basically turn it into watercolor.

No. 379379

I’ve found that using more expensive and better quality supplies tends to alienate a lot of the more popular youtubers audiences since their viewers are so young and tend to take things way too personally, if you look at older artists or more cinematic channels (think furrylittlepeach or Mateusz Urbanowicz) they use artist quality supplies and don’t shy away from discussing their quality, but these channels have older viewers who also don’t tend to be beginners so I think the creators have a bit more leg room with not having to be hyper aware of how something mundane may offend their audience

Plenty of popular art tubers will get shit flung at them by their audience if they dare speak against Crayola because ‘that’s all I can afford and it’s really good!!!’
Kids can act like apes tbh

No. 379381

Lmao, if the likes of Strathmore are bougie then I’m genuinely interested in what in her opinion is non-bougie paper. Cause you’d think it’d be midrange paper with friendly prices for people in the US (like Rae) but I guess not

No. 379424

They look ok to me, just chipped. Typical for someone who does a lot with their hands.

No. 379456

I knew Emily shot up heroin but apparently, she was doing coke too. Going off of her other storytimes, it seems like she had a somewhat typical upbringing. Wonder what happened in her early adulthood to make her turn to hard drugs. I bet that forced funny mom personality is to hide how strung out she really is.

No. 379466

Are people really THAT focused on the hands? Personally, I think this is a little far for a nick-pick, especially if the hands belong to an artist who is working ON the piece during the video. Now, I understand if it’s Holly levels of unsanitary, but this??

No. 379470


Yeah holly's hands were the grodiest. I remember she briefly tried to cover up her nails with cheap press-ons that looked awful and didn't fit her nail shape, probably to avoid having to properly clean her hands and getting comments on how gross it was.