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File: 1575324922680.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 4000x4000, 4F19D160-4E61-4569-BA3D-EF07DE…)

No. 900685

Instagram: @puppygrl, ???
Twitter: @pwurrs

Instagram: @pwurring, @purinpet, @puppygrl, @pocketsizee, @piglwet, @angrwy, @littolest, @prwotect, @kittyggrl, @pupgrrl, @kttiey, @churchgrl, too many to list
Twitter: @shypurr, @pwurrs, @maidpurr, @ekittyprwincess
Tumblr: @strawpurries

> 19 year old agere/petre NEET, self proclaimed "legal loli"
> serial photoshopper, copycat, and liar
> doxes people, steals/copies pics and art
> skinwalks every agere/“nymphet” girl even when they beg her to stop, threatens suicide on her ig story if anyone calls her out
> claims that her entire bone structure, height has changed so much in 3 years that she looks like completely different person
> claims to be anti-ddlg/pet play/kink yet posts that exact content on her nsfw accounts
> calls people out for doing the exact same shit she does
> regularly cusses people out for defending the person she's currently skinwalking despite her ~uwuwu i'm so sweet~ persona
> flirts with other girl's boyfriends on twitter, doesn't understand why nobody wants to be friends with her
> makes alt accounts to harass people who have blocked her
> "i'm sooo shy, insecure, & inexperienced compared to the rest of you~”; goes on to talk about her obscure fetishes, has been posting underaged lewds for years, whines if it doesn't get enough likes/rts
> wannarexic; posts aggressively angled / shooped photos that make her look underweight along with captions about how she's starting a "weight loss journey”, bodychecks with captions about how her “bones are starting stick out”

> rich mummy and daddy still pay for everything
> deactivating, changing and moving her accounts between twitter and Instagram
> uses manipulation and passive aggression get away with being a scumbag and seen like a “widdle babie”
> goes on constant rants about her “twama” and “abuse”, uses them for pity points but never actually addresses the problem(s)
> posts NSFW pics on her SFW accounts but denies it when called out
> starts skinwalking other twitter agere/petre thots
> buys exact outfits, copies watermarks and poses in photos
> constantly hitting on dudes in relationships and tries to jump on every twitter daddy dom dick
> starts getting called out by twitter thots
> master thread made about Erin
> chased off NSFW twitter with torches and pitchforks !!
> strange influx of newfags to the thread because of cowtipping
> “RIP ERIN PAINTER” account
> posts “unedited” “no makeup” pics but is clearly wearing a wig, makeup, eyeliner/lashes and her nose is heavily edited with 70000 snow filters on top
> posts her “original art” that farmers speculate are copied or at least referenced. coincidentally her art was reposted with no credit by @bunears, a twitter thot that Erin was skinwalking. KEK.
> claims that most accounts are fake bullies trying to catfish as her. has been theorised that at least one of the accounts are her
> “I’m ewins fweind and her vwoice sounds the same unwess she gets mad at video game or somethin” bait. boring and fake milk
> Cinawoll chronicles!!! Erin Painter self posting in both her own and nymphet soft girls thread!!! banned by mods. uses a cheap VPN to come back. mods tag all her selfposts, she shits herself and deactivates all social media for a “break”
> “break” lasts not even 12 hours and is back to baiting
> is literally useless at FFXIV but is such a uwu gamer gurrrrrlll
> pedo panders on there constantly
> “I don’t look at the thread” but has to prove the meanies wrong within an hour of anything being posted
> given up separating her NSFW and SFW accounts
> “I can’t handle college” but “I’m moving to the city in my own apartment and mummy is gonna pay for me eeeee!”
> rich parents paid for lasik eye surgery, now asking for a nosejob
> “I have a learning disability”
> posts the most unedited photos to date. looks like a complete different person and lives up to her goblina title!

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soft girls thread >>>/snow/879341

No. 900692

File: 1575325835044.jpeg (574.38 KB, 828x1503, D823BB71-E25A-4DB5-BDA7-983026…)

KEK didn’t she say she was only a “puppy” and a “kitty” but now she’s converted into bunnies, and bears, goblina can never make up her mind for anything

No. 900693

File: 1575325887550.jpg (810.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191202-173103_Ins…)

No. 900695

seems like she’s lurking on here again LOL she can never get enough of the attention and drama

No. 900697

Ironically enough, the thread pic should be spoilered

No. 900702

File: 1575327326454.jpeg (486.19 KB, 746x971, 29640511-055C-4F70-8BC0-325D4B…)

don’t worry anon she made sure to let u know she’s puppy again

No. 900710

KEK this is so fucking clear she's lurking

No. 900712

god i can’t stand the “ik some ppl are confused !!” “i hope this clears everything up !!” that she posts every time she’s committing dumbassery

No. 900716

ohh oh, ,,,noow im so sorry!! i meantt i do postt porn im so stupid and sorry ohh no,,,

it's so funny to think of the real face of the person trying to act like this stupid sexy baby lmao

No. 900727

File: 1575331423054.png (286.45 KB, 905x427, exposed.PNG)

I find it really pathetic how she still has to go on the topic of "don't steal my art" yet completely copies and plagiarizes almost all of her art, not to mention, her art isn't even stealing worthy, she's just making accounts of her own pretending to be someone stealing her art, no one is stupid enough besides her "followers" to believe it's someone else

No. 900728

the ironic part is she used to constantly steal and repost others art without credit
doesn’t feel so good now huh erin

No. 900735

proof please? the only proof that’s ever shared is the one of the girl in the blanket, but that’s it.

No. 900770

when she was selfposting she outed herself as a tracer. she traces what she finds off of weheartit and makes alterations to pass it off as her own. check the last thread for posts tagged erin painter selfposting, you'll find it eventually

No. 900782

erin never said she traces art lolwut she addressed that rumor months ago saying it was false and it turned out to be a random troll on Twitter that made it up. and i thought it was proven that she wasn’t self-posting. anon, there’s still no proof of her copying any art. no one gives any proof except for that one drawing. and that’s barely copying. what’s the point of this thread if there’s no proof or facts? feelsbad lol(retarded whiteknight)

No. 900786

Stop talking in twitch emotes and sage you cringelord

No. 900792


Her selfposting was never disproven. Learn to read whiteknight

No. 900794

It’s suspicious how she keeps saying the pocketsizee account is a “troll pretending to be me” and she says she “blocked” them but someone noticed they literally follow her lol. It’s strange how she refuses to clarify that she used to literally be the account pocketsizee before deactivating her shit. Nothing is ever simple or truthful with Erin

No. 900796

you're not gonna get her tiny pink pussy~ dude cus it doesn't exist

No. 900817

Get the fuck out of here ugly Ron Perlman eboy, CBKCreme. Why don’t you actually sit and read through the threads and see just who you’re really defending? Erin has no interest in you, she only likes boys with girlfriends.

No. 900818

i can't wait until women stop trying to dress like sexy toddlers

No. 900834

"pls credit small artists n do not steal from them" so it's okay if they're a popular artist with lots of followers? is that why she uses other people's art without credit and when called out it's all "ohnwo i ddnt kno whos it was why are you so meanie!!!!!!"

No. 900835

look at those sleeves LOL. she’s struggling to fit into that dress

No. 900841

File: 1575347854044.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, DE4D9D11-ADBA-48D9-AEB8-1F91F1…)

I love how Erin has so much ddlg persona shit that she has TWO bedrooms all to herself filled with it lol but apparently two rooms to yourself isn’t enough and you still need to take more of mommy’s money so you can have an entire apartment to do nothing in with all your stuffies and useless uwu agere style items

No. 900843

File: 1575348069050.jpg (47.76 KB, 498x750, women be shoppin.jpg)

this is obscene.

No. 900847

i remembered when she first got her dog near and she posted a pic of all her plushies in her closet. i’m not even kidding, the amount of plushies was probably into the hundreds. like i couldve walked in there and they would’ve been waist high

No. 900903

File: 1575360033825.jpeg (70.55 KB, 828x302, 3E224C7E-0491-410C-A052-5497E2…)

Just thought this was interesting

No. 900961


No. 900967

File: 1575384909873.jpeg (196.99 KB, 750x1105, ADF1F31C-8F1F-4343-A3AF-D66BA9…)

another account another face. someone needs to make a collage of all the erin faces over the years

No. 900983

File: 1575389040276.jpeg (296.24 KB, 750x698, CE62E6F9-7D3B-474F-9082-864815…)

erin 2018, claims to be “totally unedited” yet her nose is clearly edited and her lips maybe her eyes too ??

No. 900985

File: 1575389152991.jpeg (362.8 KB, 750x613, 48F2834D-3605-47BE-A267-879024…)

early 2019 when her photoshopping was so bad it mad her look like a alien

No. 900991

she edited like… everything lmao her real eyes are just kinda bulbous and she has no lips but she kinda left her nose just took the pic from an angle to hide it

No. 900995

the chin, cheeks, ears, etc. all look edited. fuck, this legitamintly might me someone else's whole ass face.

No. 901014

File: 1575395794132.png (750.45 KB, 750x1334, AE857309-6EBC-4F5C-AB64-E1D579…)

turns out pocketsizee really wasn’t erin lmao. she posted more stuff about it on her story, will post all of it soon unless someone else does

No. 901015

This looks literally nothing like her face in candids. Her editing is all over the place too. She doesn't even have a cohesive edited look that she matches in each edit, every picture looks like a completely different human being from every other, unrecognizable.

No. 901018

File: 1575396041065.jpeg (803.52 KB, 2048x2048, C04D5AFD-41FB-4AE2-92D3-FEFD1C…)

samefag, put these in collages so they don’t clog the thread as hard

No. 901019

File: 1575396121929.jpeg (608.72 KB, 2048x2048, 1FB0E81F-547C-4F0C-B60E-89E6F0…)


No. 901021

what as if you can't message yourself ok erin

No. 901022

File: 1575396238768.jpeg (466.84 KB, 2048x2048, AF08CE33-5B51-4735-985D-C21F72…)

3/3, i find it really funny that she’s still leading her followers to these threads lmao. stop mentioning it, erin, the more you talk about it the more people will read and post on here.

No. 901023

there's proof of her linking to the pocketsizee account as her own so all of this looks like more of Erin's bullshit and lies. She's psycho and lonely enough to waste all this time and do this to herself. i don't buy it, erin literally posted all over lolcow insulting herself, why wouldn't she act like 1 of her 200 accounts is a fake.

No. 901025

File: 1575396780484.jpeg (123.46 KB, 750x656, 9B96A91F-81A7-4E49-BEF6-862B50…)

so we think this is one of erin’s accounts then? this is the girl she claimed impersonated her.

No. 901026

File: 1575396893157.jpeg (139.43 KB, 750x1333, 215E0F0F-333D-4713-8C6F-B292EF…)

wwickedwhore dmed me her proof that pocketsizee is erin. im not sure if it’s edited or not, i guess i can’t imagine someone having enough time to orchestrate all this themselves but this IS erin we’re talking about.

No. 901027

her life is so sad omg

No. 901032

File: 1575397544648.png (3.08 MB, 750x1334, 5692A975-657A-4D77-A439-F0689F…)

No. 901038

Kek i am sure she created this 'fakes my sceeens' drama just to try lying to people that her actual posts and tweets werent her.

No. 901045

honestly how else did we get this much content out of a girl who just sits in her room taking selfies? at least other cows go to cons, scam people out of money, have messy relationship drama, deny their obvious addictions, et cetera. this girl has to make shit up because nothing is going on in her easy life

No. 901060

File: 1575402627060.png (61.71 KB, 778x300, Untitled.png)


Lel. I thought Erin never ever swear cause she is so pure uwu. It's so funny how easily she changes her mind.

No. 901074

Erin, go whine to your parents for a nose job instead of clogging up this thread with you messaging yourself on social media

No. 901075

She’s sooo vocal about not mixing agere with sex but in all these nsfw posts there’s stuffed animals and shes wearing childrens panties. And I’m sorry but “my pussy is so innie” ok pander you pedophiles a little harder Jesus Christ. Idk if she’s delusional enough to think she doesn’t mix sex with agere or if she’s just trying to lie

No. 901076

Erin this shit is just making you look even more like a crazy sheltered neet, we all know that’s you and you selfposted here, you get high off of attention online, even if it’s negative. It makes me feel gross even reading this thread like it’s feeding into your attention or humiliation kink.
The conversation screenshots prove absolutely nothing, nobody who has a life outside of Instagram gets mad over a username. If anyone with half a brain found someone catfishing as them, they would report and block them, and not be a retard about it. You are a crazy ass bitch and a weirdo.

No. 901079

This, this is all made up. 100% some BPD and narcissism shit to create this kind of elaborate hoax to sell the idea that somewhere, out there, someone is obsessed with you lol

No. 901087

She must have such a sad and boring life. This bitch needs to go outside and make some friends

No. 901090

File: 1575406482577.jpeg (139.22 KB, 750x1333, 367B7868-67FF-43D5-8C06-7FA26E…)

No. 901091

mixing LEWD with LOLI

No. 901092

is this screenshot… erin messaging herself… her plans to try and trick farmers that pocketsizee is a fake… that erin herself than posted.. and said the screenshot of her talking to herself is faked by someone else?! jesus christ erin, get mommy to buy you a better therapist please. no wonder you expose yourself so much you cant even keep your own shit straight.

No. 901096

File: 1575407131315.jpeg (295.45 KB, 750x1005, 33F9BD0F-D69A-44AA-A7F7-520F50…)

another one of her discord daddies

No. 901100

honey it was never gonna work out. remember your real face?

No. 901107

if your personality repels even desperate daddy doms on fucking discord, it’s time to throw in the towel. literally who on earth enjoys the company of erin painter? even obscure cows usually have at least one or two white knight posts from disgruntled friends annoyed at the existence of the thread. but it’s radio silence. not even any real sycophants in her twitter or instagram mentions either. what a lonely life, when even the dregs of society feel uncomfortable around you. i would feel bad for anyone else but she put herself here

No. 901111

File: 1575409017744.jpeg (145.17 KB, 750x602, 0DACE7CC-F959-4976-9A08-F60CED…)

lol how many times has she tweeted this exact sentence, i wonder

No. 901121

Any1 have almost all the screenshots from her kittygjrl acc? I didnt find out about her until she was halfway Into her pwurring acc

No. 901123

These messages look fake imo. The “hehe uwu” stuff is too exaggerated. I believe Erin’s story on this.

No. 901128

File: 1575410948981.png (597.41 KB, 828x1187, image0 (1).png)

all i can do is laugh

No. 901130

>i would kill myself if it weren’t for this, that, this, and the other thing

lmao shut the fuck up erin you’re too much of a narc to ever kys

No. 901133

this girl needs to get off the internet for Christ’s sake

you are a fool, or you’re Erin

No. 901148

please go outside

No. 901151

>people will think i'm lying because i'm me

or, people will think she's lying cause all she does is lie?

No. 901183

I'm honestly surprised erin isn't on tiktok given the huge amount of ddlg shit on there. I guess because editing videos takes more work so she can't pretend to be uwu bby loli on there

No. 901184

File: 1575416211952.jpg (374.52 KB, 720x1281, 20191204_023621.jpg)

She has lied, shitted on people and manipulated them for years that i dont believe anything she says. She keeps playing a victim, but what else did she wanted from her disgusting behavior on social media? Its like people totally have fish memory.

No. 901186

File: 1575416271001.jpg (538.48 KB, 720x1319, 20191204_023931.jpg)

No. 901188

File: 1575416581308.png (2.53 MB, 1536x902, w3gxPCn.png)

No. 901189

imagine making stories like this taking pics of your thumb thinking anyone gives a shit.

No. 901197

File: 1575418019332.jpg (235.23 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20191204-110331__01…)

I wonder if Erin realises it's borderline retarded to have to mention the account isn't her? Either that or she's enjoying responding to us a little too much

No. 901207

File: 1575418701548.jpeg (258.73 KB, 750x945, 4DF2BE47-D3A3-446E-9AA9-4DE8FD…)

okay honestly it really does sound like a troll at this point. either that or she’s taking the piss but the video she posted of her talking to pocketsizee? does anyone know how she could’ve faked that? i’m sure she’d find a way but i’m still skeptical to all this

No. 901211

This is like some shit she said on her nsfw twitter I don’t get why she’s all “I would nvr say tht!!!”

No. 901212

honestly at this point can admin tag erins post again

No. 901235

Erin pretended to be a farmer to victim points. Don't get why her making this all up is so hard to believe.

Her pretending that she's being skinwalked for extra victim points.

No. 901241

File: 1575422047637.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 72CAA7D8-B408-49D8-B942-5A9D37…)

uhhhhh is it just me or did she definitely do all of that

No. 901247

this is on the same as her posting panties on her twitter and saying its not nsfw because its just her bewwy

No. 901266

File: 1575423549254.png (1.98 MB, 828x1792, AE00D707-50E4-455E-BC0F-363CAC…)

She definitely did

No. 901270

Didn’t she post a DDLG hentai on her nsfw

No. 901271

Samefag but she posted tons of loli gifs on her twitter of little girls in their underwear and stuff larping as them saying “‘meeee” to all of them lol erin everyone knows you’re a pedo, just admit it.

No. 901337

Honestly this whole agere thing is probably just an excuse for her to be ddlg but "different" from all those other pathetic ddlgs

No. 901349

Omfg no one cares if she explicitly said “ddlg” or “daddy” in her nswf posts they were so clearly childlike n shit idk how retarded she can be like the label is not the problem the fact that ur a pedo pandering “loli” is

No. 901357

She posted this as a video lmao probably asked her mom for her phone to fake this

No. 901363

Please, mods. Every other post in this damn thread sounds like her

No. 901372

File: 1575431812706.jpeg (195.08 KB, 455x647, 399956A7-A321-47F0-B067-BA83E6…)


>I’m an Italian loli

>was a “puta” in 2017
stfu you white ass bitch

No. 901405

man probably got caught cheating on his gf. her only type is taken men remember

No. 901407

Even if this was true. I wouldn't feel bad. No one would believe you Erin Because you've cried Wolf so many times. This is what happens when you lie for attention.

No. 901435

Am I having dejavu or has this been posted before.

No. 901456

inb4 this very reply gets tagged as erin

No. 901464

On her story in less than 2 hours
>”that’s not me!!! I don’t go on lolcow anymore :ooo”

No. 901483

i’m 100% not erin nor am i wk her but you’re all idiots if you think this is erins account?? like are you serious? why would erin post this, linked directly to her previous username? she is really not that stupid. the messages and posts SOUND exaggerated and are something erin may say but have we ever actually seen her say “i wish daddy would frick me i can’t stop humping my stuffed animals”. it’s so obvious lmao

No. 901497

I don’t think it’s her but you clearly don’t know Erin if you think it’s not a possibility that she made this up for attention

No. 901517

obviously it’s a possibility but it’s a very elaborate plan then.

No. 901520

Anon you type just like erin

No. 901547

oh shut up lmao, i’m quite literally from england and an entirely different person

No. 901561

>why would Erin post this

Why would Erin post anything

No. 901567

File: 1575474039561.jpeg (164.45 KB, 1124x602, 8AC165F8-8075-40CE-935E-1720B1…)

she spent time with a guy posting about him earlier this year. she literally posted them shopping and on a date. when were the pictures of her upset on a toilet from? wouldn’t it be about two years now?

No. 901571

'my consensual virginity'

Couldn't just say 'my virginity', Like that's so unnecessary

No. 901574

This guy sounds 'tarded

>talking is a "coping mechanism"

No it's how humans communicate you utter cabbage
>I'm not emotionally comfortable around you
Emotional comfort is not a thing!
I've never heard of "emotional comfort" in my life.

Reminds me of this except he's opted for just inventing terms

No. 901575

She says she was raped as a minor, hence "consensual" virginity

No. 901576

more like you're desperate to be seen as a slut

No. 901586

Because you are a slut, Erin.
(It’s ok to be a slut, this is america)
It’d be a lot better if you didn’t try to seem innocent and inexperienced for uwu pedo points, and bury your promiscuous past whenever we dig it up and laugh at how it contradicts your “innocence am 2 shy uwu May I nibble on yow cock daddy” you retarded pillow humper lol. Go bang another tinder dude

No. 901589

'my consensual virginity' is a retarded phrase. You can mention when you lost your virginity without having to hint at previous non-consensual acts

No. 901600

anything to seem even more of a victim though

No. 901630

File: 1575482896514.jpeg (446.39 KB, 750x996, 209EA26C-C7B5-4C96-9C5E-C0AA66…)

anything to seem ‘innocent’ and ‘inexperienced’. good god

No. 901635

LMAO "yeah I'm into cockwarming and knotting but holding hands is lewd! >_<;;;;;;;"

No. 901652

girl get a fucking diary?? like actual pen and paper because the internet is not the place

No. 901656

But the internet needs to hear about how non consensual some of her sexual experiences were, as she casually mentions it over and over again

No. 901659

she can't get attention from pen and paper

No. 901660

‘don’t mention my rape uwu’
>alludes to it any chance she gets

No. 901664

File: 1575488837177.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 28963A12-C278-4726-9B0E-F8704E…)

maybe they’re just finally tired of your shit, erin.

No. 901665

File: 1575489023064.jpeg (263.18 KB, 640x454, F7803BFC-2F42-4FB5-9F45-4EE264…)

“Erhm I’m only 19 and thts very young and only did it with 2 ppl uwu..”
I’ve never heard of a 19 year old only sleeping with 2 people that’s the rarest thing ever, I bet you if this were 14th century Europe your family would sell you for an entire yak.
Also 19 is not that young, your neckbeard fans are waiting for you to turn 20 and there’s no teen suffix at the end of that age so have fun when they lose interest

No. 901675

Higher on the street, and I know it's my time to go

No. 901689

First time one of my comments could be seen as a "hi cow". It's sad, yet funny, that WKing comments aren't seen as hers since this bitch shit talks herself lmao

No. 901720

i can imagine her in july 2020 saying “i just turned 19 guys :0!! i’m still so young!!! i’m still a little baby!!”

No. 901722

i used to follow erins old spam and she would constantly post about masturbation and how her ex is using her because she sucks his dick LOL

No. 901728

File: 1575499577776.jpeg (1.49 MB, 2853x3909, E9729102-6445-4C3C-A147-C4C6D6…)

No. 901731

20,000 keks ty anon

No. 901733

next thread pic LOL

No. 901737

File: 1575500731763.jpeg (438.95 KB, 750x877, 2390FA05-FADD-4874-8245-3B9326…)

talking about slip? she used to claim he abused her all the time.

No. 901739

but she never knew him irl?

No. 901740

maybe she considers calling ‘being together’ lmao. we know she gets 0 human interaction

No. 901742

ugh I hate when your abusive ex abuses you over Skype. Almost like you could just log out but no

No. 901744

File: 1575501806926.png (196.77 KB, 640x1136, B95513F7-523D-4C9A-B8B5-A02710…)

(sorry i accidentally posted this in the wrong thread) isn't erin anti ddlg ? on her personal ig this softangelmjlk (aka mish, babygirl0 whatever) girl follows her that is very open about being into ddlg ? and she was into ddlg when she was a minor as well ???

No. 901748

File: 1575501983998.jpeg (278.21 KB, 750x933, 12FAB4A0-1A6C-4CF5-B3CF-1D5A6D…)

those are called friends erin
that you claim you want so bad

No. 901752

1. Erin just outed herself for truly self posting on lolcow because this wording is identical to that “guy who knew Erin” who talked about her playing video games in dorms in the previous thread lol nice job Erin!

2. Anyone else think she’s flat out lying about having any of these so called real life friends? I know plenty of people who are reclusive similar to Erin yet when they actually stay over at friends places there is always proof, like Erin hasn’t once posted ANYTHING about anyone she sleeps over with at these uwu gaming dorm sessions and she has no local friends at all anywhere online and every single time she tries to say she TOTALLY has irl friends!! It’s this same fake sounding gamer girl shit. I don’t buy it lol.

No. 901755

File: 1575502587454.jpeg (154.58 KB, 1016x495, 768F2036-F3BE-4278-96DB-4C94CA…)

Saw some of Erin’s ddlg fans claim that they believe these two drawings are completely different and insist that Erin didn’t copy off of it. Traced in red are the exact same creases in the blankets. She definitely copies artwork, possibly even traces it

No. 901757

File: 1575502915579.jpeg (135.6 KB, 750x422, 81CA3A00-AC7C-4704-93F2-8274BD…)

ok erin what do you want to say to us

No. 901759

File: 1575503213244.jpeg (460.27 KB, 750x1001, EC198297-48D2-4DE1-8C07-5BF992…)

i thought she was seeing a therapist? on meds?? seriously erin stop complaining about your issues if you refuse to take the steps to solve them.

No. 901760

What did she even say about him "abusing" her because they dated for like a week, was she just victim baiting?

No. 901772

You know what the worst type of abusive relationship is? when you could just like shut down your computer and the abuse would stop like that's almost like a straight up punch in the face

No. 901775

File: 1575504793736.jpeg (328.66 KB, 750x899, 902E699D-7AAD-42CC-9DFB-711C7E…)


No. 901776

File: 1575504858736.jpeg (273.12 KB, 1124x1882, 11496386-FE7A-4DB3-8408-BE188D…)

2/2. she’s literally so stupid to post saying she’s into a kink without even knowing what it is.

No. 901777

nah she knew what it was lol oh noes ,,, im so silly n innocent,,! im only 19!

No. 901779

She's lurking again lmao an anon mentioned knotting in an earlier post and this is a super old post in an account that doesn't exist anymore. It doesn't make sense for someone to just randomly bring it up to her now.

No. 901780

Judging by all the puppy/doggy/pet play garbage she posts about constantly… she definitely knew what it was. She’s a sick fucking degenerate.

No. 901799

File: 1575507422165.png (3.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191204-185308.png)

my memory is terrible so i cant remember if this has been posted but uh, here she is talking about uwu all sizes can be ddlg/agere !! i seriously don't get how she can deny shes into ddlg when she mentions it like this and leaves it in her highlights….?

No. 901815

sage because this might be really autistic but does anyone else think >>901801 is erin posting again?

Just because it's a random thread on a DDLG chick, the whole ,, thing an anon pointed out earlier and necroing an old as fuck thread.

No. 901835

I put my detective hat on too whenever I see someone typing with spastic double punctuation kek

No. 901858

Literally go on CBKCremes page and all he’s following are twitter thots and all his interactions are him simping lol I ducking hate that guy what kind of loser just sits around goblin looking ass wannabe loli egirls and defends them. That’s somebodys son
Nobody fell for your dorm friend self post on here erin lol they lied the minute they said you weren’t a hambeast and had a loli voice when you play video games lol you mean when you sit in a FF lobby and do nothing sureeee
Stfu Erin you don’t go to dorms to play video games you crazy ass neet botch atop inventing fiction your agere followers might eat it up but anyone with half a brain could tell you are lying

No. 901866

Does anyone remember when Erin made a premium snapchat then stopped like not even two weeks in bcuz she got her period loooooool

No. 901874

Also, I think the funniest thing Erin has posted to the internet was asking her followers on ig how to not get piss on her hands when she wiped after using the bathroom, Wasn’t too long ago either

No. 901884

File: 1575518245515.jpeg (95.94 KB, 1080x1350, C19085FA-E4C0-46C1-A833-622DE6…)

Who was this bitch fooling shopping her face like this

No. 901895

compared to her normal face that one looks like a latex kink hood with fake lipstick on it. thanks i hate it.

No. 901897

Tinfoil but there is definitely a lit of Erin self posting happening in the last 24 hours.

No. 901900

I agree the last few posts are very similar to her self posting in the last thread where she dredges up drama about herself and talks shit.

No. 901905

File: 1575521622355.jpg (74.27 KB, 1000x666, eye-of-horus-tattoo-and-meanin…)


Is this recent? she's looking like an ancient egyptian, makeup is one hell of a drug

No. 901911

You mean photoshop anon, that’s like 9% makeup

No. 901918

File: 1575524277678.png (460.02 KB, 1386x1951, 2646473821863.png)

Then go play your animal crossing instead of lurking erin

No. 901930

Erin please shut the fuck up
For a person who constantly screams about how much she hates drama you sure as hell never shut the fuck up about it

The funny thing is, as soon as you deacrivated your instagram and stopped acting out for a little while, this thread pretty much died for a week or so. Nobody was talking about you. The reason the thread is active again is because you reactivated yourself online and started acting like an asshat again. You came back and gave us more milk

No. 901933

File: 1575527607152.jpeg (124.8 KB, 640x797, A69D57C2-C50E-4A26-A12A-D0C4EE…)

sowwy ewin I didn’t know tht you were only 19!!! I apologize uwu :o pweez fowgiv me here take my bf of 3 years go play final fantasy with him and have him change your diaper //.//
Lol fuck off erin stop saying “I’m only nineteeennn” other 19 year olds are already in college or working or both you sit on your ass and talk to final fantasy daddies all damn day in your mommies McMansion in New York, and pretend like you have friends at a dorm and selfpost on a gossip site for -victim- points.
Also this is an old screenshot but I hope your big fat ass isn’t still squeezing into kids clothes kek fatty why don’t you wear something your own size

No. 901947

Jfc imagine hating yourself this much but still being such an attention seeking cunt

No. 901963

she needs to do something with her life.. blogpost but i’m currently out of schooling for health reasons and i’m still doing shit day to day. her mum really needs to kick her out the house and make her get a job honestly

No. 902025

this screenshot is also proof she’s been on an irl date lol WHY does she continue to lie when there’s so much proof??? i’ll never understand

No. 902035

you have serious problems if you’re 19 years old still living at home with mommy and pander to 50 year old men for pedo points and attention. Lie to all your followers about photoshopping and trying to make yourself seem so uwu innocent!! so inexperienced >.< ! sex? :0 what’s dat? :0 lol erin get a life except from sitting on your ass all day flirting with neckbeards and mentioning your trauma every 5 seconds. i’m sure people will actual trauma wouldn’t want the entire internet to know.

No. 902036

erin telling people to grow up is so funny to me lol coming from the person who is a self proclaimed “baby” and a “age regressor”

No. 902039

goblin: i dnt care ab followers!! ://

also goblin: logs into every instagram account she has ever owned to tell everyone her new account, practically begged her friends to shout her out, spammed her spare account with her new @, did sfs constantly, complains about losing followers(samefagging, autism)

No. 902042

If you're gonna samefag at least sage erin

No. 902045

How does your brain allow you to do this?

No. 902053

File: 1575556382015.png (134.96 KB, 256x384, 743.png)

You know you've stooped to a new low when your peak self-awareness is only when you self-post hate towards yourself on an anonymous imageboard. The most truthful she's ever been is when she's saying negative things about herself on lolcow kek

What I wonder is what she even gets out of autistic selfbullying. No one's coming to her defense. Since you're obviously lurking and posting here, wanna address this on your IG story Erin? Is your life really so boring and mundane that you need to bully yourself on the internet?

No. 902057

i half expect her to start posting caps of this shit on her feed or name drop the site to see if people will come here to white knight her. we had one person up-thread. (but let's face it, that is probably just her as well).

No. 902081

idk what's up with people itt thinking 19 is some old hag age. 19 year olds aren't innocent uwu baby but it's still super young and most people don't have their lives sorted out by then. it's starting to seem like most posters here that aren't erin are either underage, or ddlg camwhores she pissed off on twitter
it's probably the most internet attention she's ever gotten so she can't help herself. she was probably psyched when she found out she had a thread

No. 902084

Most 19 year olds don’t spend their days in the bedroom of their moms house humping pillows and starting internet drama. And she uses being 19 to act so innocent and young cuz she’s creepy like that and wants to be a pedophiles wet dream. Most 19 year olds are in college and have a normal relationship with sex

No. 902088

19 is old enough to know right from wrong.

No. 902093

true that, i was getting the vibe that some of those posts were made by ddlgfags who think life ends when you can't use your age to pedobait anymore though. sorry for ot
back to erin, even if she doesn't wanna work or go to uni i feel like if she had even one or two female irl friends she wouldn't act nearly as unhinged. not "agere" enabler friends but if she hung out with normie college aged girls, it'd probably do her a lot of good.

No. 902096

Nobody said 19 is an old hag age but it’s definitely not a babey age she tries to make it out to be to
“Sowwy I thought bestiality wasn’t actually degenerate I’m only 19!!! Thts not old enough to know :(“

No. 902098

File: 1575566006562.png (821.18 KB, 852x1222, goblinaonreddit.png)

lmfao which one of you posted her ugly ass on reddit

No. 902101

File: 1575566797704.png (1.13 MB, 828x1792, 9732772F-1BA4-4307-BC57-17D264…)

Can someone from the US explain this? Does this mean she will be going to a “good” college?

No. 902103

tinfoil but someone posted on softangelmjlk's thread (thread's been dead for 2 years) and they type using those dumb multiple commas and it kinda sounds like erin trying to divert attention away from her thread

No. 902106

Erin is my favorite cow right now. So much to laugh at:
>ageregression except only with loli stuff. No Peppa Pig or Frozen, like an actual age regressing westerner would have.
>The uwu tiny pink pussy era because "everyone" is showing theirs so I have to show mine!!
>The selfposting in this thread
>The fact she posted her real face and then her daddy dom dipped
>The fact her accounts are not NSFW but she posted ass and tits on there
>The fact she's an innocent near-virgin yet also circled degenerate fetishes on a meme and then claimed to not know what said fetishes were afterwards

No. 902110

File: 1575568035982.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x2207, 7B6D2E55-744A-47B6-BB0D-049B61…)

Her chin is soooo pointy

No. 902112

File: 1575568271726.png (7.38 MB, 1242x2208, 41B6FCD1-30D5-43FE-AC24-7A862F…)

Still laughing@the fact she started posting her tits as soon as she turned 18 LOL biggest ethot out there

No. 902115

File: 1575568486140.png (5.26 MB, 1242x2208, 08DE6AE6-23A2-445A-A3CF-345B55…)

Idk if anyone has posted this yet but she claimed this was her “least unedited” picture at the time

No. 902117

it likely means that she’s gonna go to a four year university instead of a community college so basically it will be more difficult which she won’t be able to handle since she dropped out and didn’t get prepared for college like the other kids and hasn’t been in a school setting in years, she’s gonna crash and burn when she realizes university is hard

No. 902119

Very true, not to mention I think a lot of us were told to move out and act like an adult ASAP, like out the house at 18.

No. 902125

it just amazes me how with all of her various costume changes, none of them have really taken off, and none of them suit her. i don't think i've ever seen anyone else so unable to pull off any type of style before

No. 902130

>the fact that she’s an innocent near Virgin
Anon, just because she says something to pander to her pedo audience doesn’t mean it’s fact based.

No. 902131

What is sarcasm, anon?

No. 902141

I’m from the UK and here there’s no way to get into a university without the grades they ask of you - is there a chance she’s lying? I can’t imagine a few phone calls meaning someone who isn’t fit to go to college can suddenly go. Sage for blog/tinfoil

No. 902155

It's reached over 110 comments, I just took a look at it. Some of them are funny as fuck

No. 902164

Your icon is showing
Lol I went to that thread and user dietcokeangel is spilling the tea for the redditors who have no idea wtf she's talking about lmao

No. 902166

File: 1575579894322.jpeg (143.38 KB, 750x1048, 53C75AF0-E186-44C7-93CC-BCEA29…)


No. 902167

File: 1575579992021.png (599.45 KB, 750x1334, D6ECA811-2BE8-4012-B041-56FB8A…)

2/2. this would almost be sad if it weren’t so painfully obvious that she’s only posting it for attention from neckbeards.

No. 902168

Don't really browse this forum, but her art reminded me so much of a friend of mine so I googled to see more of it. I came across this reddit


10 months ago. Thought it might interest you guys(this is an imageboard)

No. 902169

File: 1575580471173.png (329.38 KB, 973x569, thisisanimageboard.png)

This is an imageboard.

No. 902170


just wondering if this is also her… because if it is that's fucked up

No. 902171

File: 1575581424009.jpeg (330.08 KB, 1241x571, 5B999C6B-63B8-44CE-B502-943766…)

Yeah, I guess deep down negative attention
oly shit, can this thread stop posting old milk that was already posted here when theres no new milk? Jesus christ.

No. 902172

Fat fingered the reply button and dont have a password.
**Yeah, I guess deep down negative attention is just as good as any when youre lonely and pampered.

No. 902177

>crazy angry and frantic
lol erin painter the majority of the people using this imageboard do so while literally taking a shit. it’s not deep.

No. 902180

Bro this doesnt even seem remotely connected with erin except for the name

No. 902183

File: 1575583555482.png (10.96 KB, 416x319, 7c5e3ffac1f0d2ebda3f84214b4b22…)

but it literally says erin painter on the user profile

No. 902186

Really depends on the school. State colleges are just funded by the state, tend to be cheaper, and can be good quality education for the price compared to big name private schools that are expensive as shit. There are definitely shitty state colleges too though.

She could've applied for a school with low standards, they definitely exist. Some state universities can have acceptance rates lower than well known and respected private schools and require high grades, others will pretty much accept anyone if they have the room for it. They had us write personal essays in my state's college applications, where you can write about yourself/explain hardships that might have negatively impacted your grades despite your potential. They don't really hold too much weight, but I think admissions people might skim through them.

I also knew a girl who got kicked out of my state uni due to piss poor grades, but she somehow weaseled her way back in after a semester- so I think anything is possible lol.

No. 902193

File: 1575584849065.jpg (174.3 KB, 1574x2260, erin.jpg)

uwu I hope my face doesn't make u uncomfy

No. 902198


This immediately after
>ageregression except only with loli stuff. No Peppa Pig or Frozen, like an actual age regressing westerner would have.

That anon made a point but then again if you're going to "age regress" you like… look at shit from your actual childhood not what's hip with little girls these days, like Frozen for example?? Or kawaii uguu Sanrio shit because you're not Japanese you fucking weeb and you didn't even know that existed when you were actually like 5yo. Of course she is a ddlgfag so I'm just sperging for no reason but she is just so fake and her trauma is fake that all I can do is laugh.

No. 902201

That’s exactly what i thought. She had mental breakdown after mental breakdown over just the GRE. One single exam. She is delusional if she thinks she’ll make it though final exams and even a masters program for criminal justice.

No. 902225

Yes exactly - and Frozen was out in 2013 so the younger "age regressors" could've been into that. What are the chances that an American girl had an entirely Japanese-themed childhood?

No. 902233

I missed the reposted texts, hi Erin!!

No. 902235


seems like daddy issues to me

No. 902241

File: 1575589133669.jpg (374.63 KB, 720x1281, 20191206_023806.jpg)

lmao for real?

No. 902247

She seems well off enough for a decent school, but how she will fare, idk.Maybe if she has to put her nose to the grind stone, meets some positive influence people, and gets humbled by the real world she'll stop this dumbass uwu babby slut bullshit and grow some self respect.

I'm not expecting that but one can hope, especially as long as there's one less "pwetty innocent twama babby" weiner holster around.

No. 902252

Erin, like 3 people said you were pretty, chill out.
Stop lurking on here.

No. 902255

Well off? She couldn’t handle highschool due to her “disabilities.” An average student has a hard time juggling living on there own and studying. She most definitely won’t make it at a 4 year university she cant handle a single day at home not working without having a breakdown. She hasn’t had to live in the real world at all. She’s better off at a community college learning how to function in society first.

No. 902257

>I don't hate the negative feedback at all, actually I want to make everyone angry! Everyone is obsessed with me and really the truth is I'm even PRETTIER than my edited photos!
Damn she is absolutely full of herself and delusional. She lives entirely in fake narratives to cope with her boring average life and boring average appearance.

No. 902260

File: 1575590949216.png (4.2 MB, 828x1792, 3DB9400A-54B9-49DA-A4C9-6D690D…)

I found this insta looking up her name and has a bunch of photos from all her different photoshopping phases lol. Worth checking out if you’re interested in seeing how she morphs into different people

No. 902263

very disturbing how she calls her father the same thing as her sexual partners. daddy kinks are inherently gross but at least some chicks call their real dad “dad” or “father”, his contact name is “daddie”.

No. 902265

samefag as >>902263
but your icon is showing

No. 902269

I'm curious on how many wigs this girl owns?

She must have at least 5 wigs at minimum

No. 902270

holy fucking shit this deserves a gold star. admin please bring those back

No. 902273

kind of ironic that she shooped herself to look older and more mature when she was young and now she's old she wants to be babie

No. 902274

it’s “daddio” but yes it would be weird if she called him daddy

No. 902281

Tinfoil but does anyone think she might've gotten liposuction in the past? It's uncanny how her fingers are fat as shit but her body isn't. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't stretch marks only appear when you lose weight rapidly?

No. 902282

oh my bad, my eyesight isn’t the best kek

No. 902287

she’s definitely fat, in the post you tagged look at the sheer size of her thighs in the second row, furthest left image. she shooped her torso much smaller than it actually is there.

No. 902307

File: 1575597640920.jpeg (108.88 KB, 750x692, CAD474A3-7898-4693-B805-F395B7…)

No. 902314

File: 1575599580661.jpeg (94.73 KB, 270x329, 209FB814-4255-4DEB-8F51-74E023…)

No. 902328

Yet again, it’s not makeup it’s photoshop. It’s not lipo, it’s photoshop. If she could afford plastic surgery she would’ve gotten the sausage on her face a rhinoplasty first.

But she can’t afford shit because she’s a brokeass pathetic NEET leech.

No. 902329

I meant well off financially. Her parents can afford it based on her living situation. Sorry I wasn't clear about that.

No. 902332

File: 1575602916806.jpeg (204.76 KB, 750x1294, F0FDF941-1F26-41AB-9A73-0F80CB…)

laffin at her tumblr

No. 902333

You can see really visible stretch marks in her nude pics though, some on her hips and leg and really faint ones on her belly, unless I'm seeing things or mistaking them.

No. 902334

lol yeah, because being a lesbian who's tired of being told to suck "girlcock" is totally on par with porn users, kinksters, and literal pedophiles. fuck off erin

No. 902336

File: 1575603784435.jpeg (615.8 KB, 750x1230, 19D18440-7961-4E8A-8E6E-81B474…)

careful anon! wouldn’t want Erin Painter to take a break from her helpless pedo bait aesthetic to bug spray you in the mouth.

No. 902348

Don't think that's Erin, probably a different person with the same username. Looks too normal compared to Erin's old Tumblr.

No. 902350

File: 1575605829957.png (91.56 KB, 369x359, Untitled.png)

it only goes back to April 2019, and 99% of the posts are reblogs from the ~aesthetic~ accounts she uses to skinwalk. The posting style and few self posts make it pretty obvious it's her.

No. 902355

> I’m shy
We’ve all seen your uwu tiny pink pussy , Erin

No. 902357

If that's Erin, all the dni list describes herself, so we can assume she's a TERF. Explains why she loves posting on lolcow so much.

No. 902365

i don’t think that’s her. erin’s accounts usually have a certain layout/color scheme. remember there’s a ton of skinwalkers out there that all seem the same.

No. 902372

In the other thread someone posted a screencap from twitter of people from her HS tweeting about her. People who went to her school had actively tried befriending her and being nice but she was a raging cunt to everybody for no reason so she was notoriously hated. IIRC she posted pictures of other girls on her snapchats, hit on a bunch of taken dudes (at this point it's definitely an ego thing, probably thinks shes some baddie for ~stealing a man~), and just nonstop started internet drama and also posted horrible shoops during this time also. She hates other women for sure and is only interested if she thinks you're uglier than her (sorry Erin, your huge snozz and shapeless body is hard to beat) and lick her asshole and whiteknight her.

I don't believe a thing she says. She only started mentioning going to college a week ago since anons were roasting her about being a useless NEET that just sits at home idling on FFXIV. Even if she wasn't lying, she's gonna have a bad time once school starts. Watch her start some drama at college and flunk out in the first year.

No. 902401

erin u just make people feel bad for u

No. 902415

File: 1575618684259.jpeg (295.27 KB, 1123x1110, 4FE86FE7-703E-4D53-A53A-5B905A…)

No. 902417

File: 1575618937666.png (1.95 MB, 1125x2436, 0DC6406B-7BCE-4451-803D-430A65…)

I’m a little drunk, but still could not understand a single
word of this wailing garbage.

No. 902431

Jesus christ, that was awful. PS, it's a cover of RWBY's Red Like Roses… but way worse.


No. 902465

File: 1575639442453.png (1.4 MB, 1330x1234, nlom.png)

Not exactly milk, but she got posted on Reddit for her overediting, and it got a lot of attention.

No. 902469

yeah dumbass it was already posted kek

No. 902471

RIP, didn't see. I'd delete but it's already been 30 minutes.

No. 902473

File: 1575641653648.png (155.55 KB, 591x492, Screen-Shot-2019-12-06-at-8.11…)


idk what she expected, it's so timid and and squeaky with the heavy echo filter.

>asks for criticism

>gets advice
>"oh no I can't enunciate it's too hard :( jksfhshfkas"

No. 902474


sounds like a combination of bad equipment and editing tbh. like she recorded with a shitty headset mic but the addition of the heavy reverb doesn't help at all and just muffles it more.

t. audio production fag

No. 902485

File: 1575643724128.jpeg (299.02 KB, 750x816, EF9B4144-7C93-48A7-82FF-A43B08…)

she’s going to crash and burn.

No. 902487

>i have friends who go there
ok red flag

No. 902503

File: 1575646730456.jpeg (394.56 KB, 750x741, 50D57392-AA16-43CA-A33D-F9ABE5…)

there is a surefire way to end this. just get off the internet, erin. we all know she won’t, but there IS a solution to her issues. she’s just victimizing herself as always.

No. 902510

File: 1575649055478.jpg (355.92 KB, 720x1281, 20191206_191656.jpg)

Keep dreaming Gobrin

No. 902513

Totally contradicts >>902171

No. 902514

Your big ass isn’t even built petite, you are wide and big at 5’6”

No. 902517

Always the tall fat bitches that want to be smol
>i just wnna feel like i can live my life without every1 watching
Literally, get off the internet. Oh wait you physically can’t, because you’re a narcissist.

No. 902523

lol imagine calling yourself famous after getting publicly roasted on reddit for editing
every single person who upvoted that post has already forgotten you exist and even when they were looking at you all they thought was "wow she edits her photos a lot"

any attention is positive attention for a narcissist, no matter how brutal. they always enjoy it deep down.

No. 902529

There are over 30 other woman called Erin Painter all over the USA. I honestly don't think that one's Erin

No. 902532

>over 30
this is less than 1% you know, and how many people in america with the same name under that 1% number would happen to use reddit and use zoomer vernacular like "we love a spam hoe"

No. 902535


Even if its her, it's just a repost account for porn

No. 902539

>just a repost account for porn, ugh, who cares, like, it might not even be her haha it has her exact name that's uncommon but like even if it was who cares haha it's just porn?
this is the same girl who claims to be innocent uwu pure and inexperienced. it's relevant to point out the reddit account under her name because it contradicts what she claims. hi cow.

No. 902547

Tinfoil but it seems like she bought someone's content and is just putting it on Reddit to expose them of some sort? It looks like it by the post descriptions

No. 902549

How many of those Erin Painter(s) have Reddit accounts, use the name "kittygjrl", get involved with IG sex workers, and use phrases like "sksksk"?
It's definitely her. The "just turned 18 a few months ago" post implies that some amount of whatever NSFW content she shared or saved is CP, as well.

No. 902562

the subreddit she posted on is dedicated to ren and leeza, who she knew when she was in the spam community. it’s very likely that it’s her.

No. 902643

File: 1575664073008.jpeg (59.97 KB, 248x275, 939DB55B-AFDE-4B09-87F5-7BAC8F…)

Fuck off erin.You’ve been at this online attention whore shit since you were 15,
“I’m only 19 I’m so inexperienced owo” yeah ok.

No. 902655

I love how this is just an even shittier version of Nicole dollanganger lmao

No. 902657

Honestly I know this is just a pointless tinfoil but I think Erin is even taller, she strikes me as a shuwu type that knocks 3 inches off her height online (since nobody irl sees her lol)

No. 902677

Can newfags stop reposting

She shoops herself to look shorter so definitely

No. 902683

She is so full of shit. “Roastie” has been the go-to insult on the internet for like forever. I have never, ever seen anyone make fun of someone for having an “innie”.

No. 902708

Because they're all self compliments in disguise, nobody goes around saying uwu I'm so innocent and inexperienced and shy and have a tiny pussy if they're ashamed of it.

No. 902745

File: 1575675898992.jpeg (321.51 KB, 1124x1601, 80F79F23-2DA9-445A-9836-D79A57…)

Not as “uwu” typing when someone calls her on her bullshit.

No. 902748

File: 1575676083628.jpeg (162.99 KB, 1124x1259, 5308C2F8-9898-4551-833E-4BD261…)

Bad comments where? She is delusional.

No. 902775

Oh god, it sounds like an even shittier Dollanganger knock off. Is she going to go down the tumblr sad baby aesthetic path? She's halfway there already with whatever the fuck her current uwu I'm bwaby shit

No. 902781

i may or may not have left a bad comment and she deleted it umm

No. 902849

Teehee I interacted with the cow and posted about it for asspats!1

No. 902852

um i was responding to the post about mean comments anon lmaooo

No. 902921

File: 1575721631866.jpg (43.62 KB, 924x377, 95804.JPG)

don't know if anyone pointed this out but yeah, obvious proof this bitch isn't as innocent as she tries to be. over a year ago too. she's not slick

No. 902926

File: 1575724425268.jpeg (368.07 KB, 750x1095, D40352DC-5904-4759-BBB2-8EC209…)

from her spotify, erinmae099. she has a playlist on there called ‘music you would hear in the background of an orgy’. how sweet and innocent! she’s so little and inexperienced omg!

No. 902928

this has been posted already, stop dredging up old shit that no one cares about

No. 902966

Did you really just bump this thread for that.. smh

No. 902970

no? it was saged. i’m samefag as >>902926, but i’m not >>902921. i apologize for the confusion and i won’t bring her spotify up anymore.

No. 902978

I can't tell if she's trolling for attention like Onision or if she is just sitting in bed cyberbullying herself to validate herself.

No. 902996

Photos always bump threads iirc.

No. 903059

File: 1575752920009.png (Spoiler Image, 1.93 MB, 828x1792, 43E6EC97-2D65-48FC-8F54-C9CF7F…)


No. 903100


so you're a basic mixed european ancestry amerimutt like what, 80% of americans out there? wow really diverse and speshul. german phase when? also if she really was as ""northern italian"" as she claims she is she would know that northern italians are basically a mix of german/austrian/swiss and italian anyway both culturally and genetically but anything to seem "exotic" i guess lmao

No. 903153

First she was latina
Then she was uwu Koreaboo
Then she was italian
Now she’s German
Wonder what the next race she’ll be is

Idek why it matters so much to her, usually people say their race and leave it at that and have no cultural ties or identity having to do with so (in the US at least)
Erin changes hers every other few months or so, she’s nothing she says she is.

No. 903156

Guess she thinks her money is well spent on a test telling her what percent white she is.

No. 903208

Insecure and mentally ill people are always desperate to attach themselves to a tag to dictate their identity for them instead of having a personality of their own. eg tumblrs label obsession.

No. 903467

File: 1575844173198.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, C631421F-C8A9-4EBE-BC5C-C29222…)

what’s everyone’s thoughts on this? still can’t understand what she’s saying. it’s terrible.

No. 903471

Is it just me or does her voice sound a lot deeper here than it does in other vids? Guess its more difficult to put on a fake uwu tone while singing.

No. 903480

Agreed kek. Compared to her older vids she sounds like she's been chugging durries all night to achieve that sweet peak sad girl aesthetic. I caught her saying in the water but that's about as much as I could decipher between the horrible voice effects and mumbling

No. 903482

File: 1575846303888.png (4.2 MB, 750x1334, DC58654C-D5AE-4779-B154-D3E899…)

she says she was trying to make it deeper on purpose but that pitch is probably closer to her real voice LOL

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