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File: 1554752632035.jpeg (141.52 KB, 1242x918, 520314E7-EABF-475A-8EA4-013909…)

No. 795945

25 year old UK tumblrina
Uber cringe
Looking for a “mother”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 795946

File: 1554752885698.jpeg (17.03 KB, 206x275, F7B11010-8B98-4DED-A33C-7BD50D…)

No. 795947

File: 1554752929424.png (36.97 KB, 155x275, 7F014A2C-5734-4F87-A6E6-38E281…)

No. 795948

File: 1554752965591.png (58.04 KB, 155x275, 6A8F5350-4E33-476A-9E94-517C4A…)

No. 795949

File: 1554752999334.png (15.79 KB, 155x275, 8742388E-6D3C-48AE-995D-466374…)

No. 795950

File: 1554753024204.jpeg (15.6 KB, 192x275, 97C9147D-595C-4441-8DAD-901E5A…)

No. 795951

Thanks for the screenshots for ants.

No. 795952

File: 1554753045197.jpeg (23.1 KB, 192x275, 009D299E-F57C-43E5-A823-E0A599…)

No. 795953


New threads belong in /snow/

OP is shit.

No. 796018

lmao this thread is hilarious

No. 796046

so many questions….

who does she live with?
how does she earn money? (her clothes aren't cheap I can see lots of Lazy Oaf and Esther stuff in her pics)
what happened to her actual mother?
what happened to her???

No. 796048

She claims she makes money online and says her mother is dead.

Honestly after reading some things she's written I just feel bad for her. She just seems so desperate and lonely.

No. 796049

File: 1554786644057.png (820.76 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190409-000906.png)

No. 796050

File: 1554786674089.png (713.67 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190409-000918.png)

No. 796051

File: 1554786708134.png (460.49 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190409-001150.png)

No. 796059

ouff. tbh this just makes me sad. it's cringy, yes, but she should probably just get therapy and could move on from that.

No. 796069

>>796059 I agree she should get help

No. 796074

File: 1554799455878.png (110.63 KB, 1064x664, 2019-.png)

Did some digging because I felt bad.
She's a pitiable character to be sure, but also on full cope mode.
She posts about not being into anything remotely sexual, like in pic related.

No. 796076

File: 1554799684090.png (2.13 MB, 1076x1250, 09.png)

But she's also reblogged full on ABDL shit and tagged it specifically as "mommy kink".

No. 796078

File: 1554799875181.png (1.33 MB, 1076x1242, AM.png)

She also owns pacifiers, sippy cups, and baby bottles. This is on top of her fixating on the concept that she stopped developing specifically at age 12.
She's pretty clearly an age regressor and a little, but denies it for whatever reason.

No. 796079

File: 1554800529398.png (611 KB, 1828x1442, therapy.png)

She had a therapist previously, but it went sour after she got over-attached. The therapist got pregnant, and she felt abandoned.

She's tried to get a replacement, but according to her, she's been told she needs at least 1 hour of outside social interaction per week for 6 months before they'll give her a referral. Her attachment to her therapist instead of an actual support system of family/friends did more harm than good. Not sure how the UK system works.

Besides that, she's become very jaded on therapy as a whole and doesn't feel that it helps her at all.

No. 796082

She's doing a poor job denying it when she tagged it
>#single little

This actually sounds thoughtful and intelligent though, which makes me sad.
Was there some time gap between this and the more blatant little/mommy kink stuff?
Or maybe she justifies it to herself with the logic that SHE, as the age she identifies, doesn't want to be involved with NSFW stuff..? Also since she's fixated on a mommy, it makes sense that she wouldn't be into men abusing women, which is what most porn is.

It's a sad disconnect when she tags stuff with things like kink and domme… Those aren't innocent terms.

No. 796084

File: 1554800997733.png (47.87 KB, 1062x348, S.png)

This is how she explains it.
The kink/domme stuff seems to be from 2017/2018, while her avoidance of anything sexual seems to have cropped up mid-2018 (but she still tags everything as "md/lg", "single little", etc).

No. 796085

File: 1554801130061.png (231.36 KB, 1046x1126, Scr.png)

More of her addressing her use of the tags.

No. 796087

File: 1554802171454.png (400.93 KB, 1616x1018, screens.png)

I don't even think she actually "stopped developing at the age of 12" as she claims, in any way. She's too smart and jaded. It's more like she's trying her hardest to induce arrested development, however she can. For some reason, it's easier for her to present to the world as someone with Peter Pan syndrome than to admit that she's just a grown woman with issues looking for companionship.

She's frustrated that she attracts nothing but roleplayers and creeps, not understanding that the way she shows off only the most exaggerated aspects of her vulnerable side would only ever draw in such people. "Normal" people are naturally driven away by that sort of thing, but it's like she just can't fathom that. It's not even like someone hasn't pointed this out. Here's one person on Reddit pointing out that her whole account seems like a weird trap for neckbeards.

No. 796088

File: 1554802457796.png (154.15 KB, 1580x596, Screen0.png)

She basically just rejects the advice given and voices exasperation at not being given a chance.

No. 796092

File: 1554803071462.png (466.95 KB, 1590x1438, Screensh.png)

One guy was nice enough to break down exactly what's wrong with her "Looking for Mommy" posts (pic related), and she basically said she does it because she's just that focused on finding a Mommy, and that anything less feels like she's tricking them. He gave her another reply, but she didn't respond that time.
She hasn't made another "Looking for Mother Figure" thread since then (but it's only been 2 days, and she's had multiple Reddit accounts that she's deleted), so I wonder if she'll actually listen.

No. 796094

File: 1554803357741.png (304.63 KB, 1960x902, ad.png)

She also has a pretty rigid, pessimistic view on what adult friendships are like.

No. 796097

File: 1554804127005.png (540.54 KB, 1888x1414, Screenshot 2.png)

>Imagine forcing a 12 year old to sit in a room alone all day every day in front of a screen where all they can do is type to adults they have nothing in common with, who are at a totally different life stage to them, and are not allowed to have any peers, so they can't go outside and play or go have school or school friends, no one to go to the park with or laugh with or share their life with, no family members even, no sleepovers or parties or holidays or any life at all. Just stuck in a room, alone, typing to adults on the internet. It's mind numbingly boring and I hate it, I hate it so much and nobody can tell me how to make myself enjoy it other than "keep trying" but that hasn't worked.

She mentions here that she's "not allowed to have any peers". She says her mother died, she makes no mention of her father, and she claims to currently live with her brother. If the "not allowed to have any peers" part wasn't just a metaphor, is it safe to assume her brother might be playing a role in her isolation somehow? I just have so many questions, I don't know why I'm digging so deep.

No. 796099

File: 1554805090601.png (349.95 KB, 1404x1222, -.png)

It really seems like whenever anyone offers her advice, she either ignores it or shuts it down.

No. 796100

File: 1554805442380.jpg (79.25 KB, 540x720, tumblr_pkf4bkkMQn1uvj43b_540.j…)

Ironic pajama picture. I don't know if I'd call her a cow or flake at this point yet, though, just…weird and sad.

No. 796101

Sage for OT but this strongly reminds me of an aspergers girl i tried to be friends with. I believe she missed out on a lot of the experiences of just hanging out as a teen, but couldnt quite accept that socialising changes with age. In your mid twenties you should be focusing on building a life. Jobs, relationships. Friendships wind down as you get on in life. And its crazy to expect people to pander to you. She just never got it. Just a blindspot of autism i guess

No. 796103


I know women with Aspergers too who didn't really socialise as teens but they didn't stay stuck in the mindset of a 12 year old because they didn't have a "normal" teenhood…

No. 796104

No, im not saying that either. Just the attitude is familiar to me.

No. 796110

I think that the “not allowed to have peers” thing means she can’t be friends with 12 year olds bc that would be creepy

No. 796113

Did she delete her tumblr? I can’t find her

No. 796117

Huh, there used to be a direct link in this thread, I wonder where it went

No. 796121

No. 796122

How has she not found a "mother" yet? The begging posts are weird and they've gone on for months, but as far as the little community goes, shes one of the more passable looking ones. She's clearly insane with severe mommy/daddy issues but most of that community is. She doesnt come off like somebody developmentally delayed in her posts and all the excuses are fishy.

No. 796125

Even though she denies it, I can’t help but think that this is something sexual? She does use the tags/words and her Tumblr looks like a fetish blog. And the whole "I stopped developing at 12" thing could be a way to make her "better" than the other littles/roleplayers, because it’s totally real guys uwu! She definitely does not sound like she is backward in development.

On the other hand, she really seems sad and desperate. And being a NEET plus no social contacts and perhaps some mental disability could do that to a person… If it is nothing sexual, I would adopt her and my first disciplinary measure would consist of her going to school or getting a job.

No. 796129

>I haven’t socially developed much past age 12

So she doesn’t have any IRL friends and didn’t go outside much since age 12? So? Many, many other people had the same experience. Sick/disabled kids. Homeschooled kids. Neckbeards who live in their moms basement. They don’t call themselves “socially undeveloped since age 12”. She has many friends online so idk wtf she’s talking about since most people who don’t have friends/don’t leave the house also don’t have friends online and aren’t ~uwu $5000 wardrobe kawaii Venus angelic lookalike~ who have multiple social media’s, are able to film their face for YouTube, and have thousands of followers that they get to interact with with thousands of comments, notes, likes, views. She just wants attention and sees that acting young online gets you that. If she really felt she hadn’t developed and is fusterated by it then she wouldn’t be trying so hard to match her outsides (physical appearance and clothes) to her “developmental age” with typical kawaii ageplayer tumblr twist to it. She’s full of shit. She does “socially act like an adult”. She’s able to have many long intelligent self-aware conversations with other adults, she’s able to do online shopping, make money for an online platform and transfer it to her account, able to edit her photos, edit video footage, interact with other youtubers and tumblrinas, able to interact with adult strangers with no issue, able to mention teenage experience she’s had in the past in her videos (but claims she had none? Lmao), able to understand kinks/fetishes/communities, interacts with adults IRL when she goes shopping often, etc.

My bet? She comes from a financially well off family and is either a lesbian who wants an older woman or just wants an older female friend. Maybe her parents divorced or her mom left the family or died. Her posts are almost verbatim of male members of the little community who, instead of looking for “daddy” are looking for “mommy”.

This obsession with saying “12” is such a red flag, people who regress usually only have a specific age if there was a pivotal traumatic incident, but it seems she just chooses to say “12” bc it’s what appeals in kink communities and is when one would start gaining responsibility.

This cow is interesting, but the OP write up sucks, but thanks for the milk anon!

No. 796130

>uses mietu and snow app to sh00p pics to look younger
>it’s just who I am I didn’t develop uwu not intentionally trying to be a little!
>#little #mommydom


No. 796142


I wonder if she spent a lot of time as a young teen in an ED facility or something. I know someone who was for basically their whole teenage years and she said there was a lot of infantilsation there, self-induced.

No. 796150

She should hook up with Nemu, case closed.

Thanks to the anons who have fleshed out this thread with usable info.

No. 796155

Can someone please link her youtube?

No. 796163

I'm trying to find it, to no avail. Maybe someone can ask on her Tumblr? I would've done it myself, but there's no anon option.

No. 796179

File: 1554830317468.png (650.91 KB, 800x1000, Screenshot_2019-04-09-10-16-08…)

No. 796186

Yeah, definitely zero chance this is a kink thing.


No. 796188

File: 1554831155368.jpeg (159.59 KB, 1440x1080, highres_286116984.jpeg)

No. 796191

File: 1554831447802.png (287.38 KB, 800x1154, Screenshot_2019-04-09-10-35-13…)


Try reverse image searching her pics.

No. 796193

File: 1554831479104.png (263.88 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190409-123543.png)

At first I thought OP got her age wrong, but nope.

She lowered her age by 5 years in her most recent posts.

No. 796194

File: 1554831510567.png (372.44 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190409-123549.png)

No. 796196

File: 1554831780553.png (499.19 KB, 800x879, Screenshot_2019-04-09-10-40-50…)


She has a profile on Plenty of Fish.

No. 796199

File: 1554832465091.png (88.32 KB, 769x873, Screenshot_2019-04-09-10-50-38…)

No. 796202

File: 1554832880563.png (655.38 KB, 800x1044, Screenshot_2019-04-09-10-59-19…)

No. 796203

File: 1554833446338.png (158.95 KB, 800x898, Screenshot_2019-04-09-11-07-39…)

No. 796206

This was already posted >>796087.
I appreciate all the research you're doing, anon, but I don't want us to end up going in circles.

No. 796213

>went to grade/elementary school, junior high, and high school
>didn’t leave her room after high school
>has been in the same room since high school

So, she did have normal teen experiences like everyone else? She went to high school in a real school with other people and had to do classwork, just bc she didn’t talk to anyone or have school friends means she never had ANY teen expierences and never socially developed after age 12? The age that she was right before going into high school? Lol@whut

+ this chick claims she’s been stuck in the same bedroom “frozen in time” since high school, so she’s always lived there. so she doesn’t pay rent or any of her living arraignments. since she lived there during high school it has to be a family members house that her bedrooms in. the only exception would be if after her mom died, her dad died and kept the house or she didn’t have a dad and then inherited her moms house, staying in the same bedroom only if she was 18+. or she’s just always lived with a family member and still does (like a grandparent or aunt). she lies so much jfc

No. 796222

File: 1554835514044.png (35.65 KB, 800x187, Screenshot_2019-04-09-11-30-15…)

She has a profile on http://badoo.com or http://hotornot.com (search for "sephi solihull", some of the links forward to the latter) but the sites are not working and I can't be arsed to install the app and create an account.


Sorry I missed the previous post. I did archive it. I have a feeling she will DFE if she finds this thread.

No. 796226


This doesn't make any sense to me. I don't want to blog but I'll just say this. It takes extreme and bizarre circumstances to end up stunted in the way she claims. Meaning that you stop going to school at a very young age, have zero contact with people your age, and rarely talk to your own parents or have mentally ill parents.

Even if she's autistic you don't end up stunted at 12 if you went to high school. Maybe she's not autistic but actually just a retard.

No. 796239

File: 1554837279346.jpeg (863.12 KB, 1862x1242, 335841EF-3ADA-49EB-A597-A2DC07…)

I screencapped her entire reddit post and comment history Incase she baleetes.

Here’s some long ass posts about therapists, diagnosis, how she talks to sooo many people online allll dayyy, and other cringe shit.

No. 796240

File: 1554837425028.jpeg (272.41 KB, 1162x760, 9A3C2E64-FAA5-41B2-9BB9-F56440…)

Her talking about her high school experiences while claiming she has none. Seems to not understand that “teenage experiences” can be bad or good. Her logic: didn’t have any great times in high school? well I guess I’ve had no life experiences after age 12!

No. 796241

File: 1554837660373.jpeg (331.41 KB, 539x1712, 211BC33F-EEDC-4F74-BD52-C9CFB8…)

And this gem of an interaction where she demands any friend of hers never speak of any experiences or stories they have, never speak about their family and other friends, never speak about anything they’ve done previously bad or good. Once they become friends with her it’s all about her and fuck what the other person wants! They can just make a whole new life revolving around her and replace all their memories with her!

No wonder she doesn’t have irl friends, she must be the most self centered “friend” ever, whew lad.

No. 796243

Autism is just a label to make everyone feel bad for narcissists.

"Have you considered that not everything is about you?"
"mUh aUtIsM1!1!!1"

No. 796244

File: 1554838052538.gif (12.54 MB, 317x721, 32A97C36-CF05-4AFE-B932-AA0F48…)

No. 796247

>It doesn't really matter what their interests are
I didn't know what to make of her before (and still don't), but this line stuck out a lot to me. This and her admitting in >>796099 that she went to a card game meetup without knowing anything about card games or holding any real interest. She ended up getting fed up when people were rightfully frustrated at her lack of knowledge or interest, and complained there are no girls anyway.

She doesn't care about other people's lives or interests, she finds herself incapable of adopting new interests, and she's probably the type to get irritated at other people liking things she's not into. It's all about her getting to restart her life with a mommy gf by her side catering to her.

No. 796257

File: 1554839521413.jpeg (118 KB, 640x480, 4552D498-2E03-4FD3-B4E5-2D4501…)

#looking for a mother
….in a public children’s playground park


No. 796260

File: 1554840017085.jpeg (123.33 KB, 1242x731, 855E2D24-0FF9-475E-B4B4-7AEF5D…)

She lives with her older brother in a multi story house in Birmingham, it’s the same house she’s lived in since high school.

No. 796262

is that codeword for boyfriend kek

No. 796265

File: 1554840923478.jpeg (389.68 KB, 1242x1625, E8DADC29-C62C-4182-BDA3-2FA7E7…)

Contradicting herself when she said previously that she’s never been on a sleepover with friends. Now says she misses having slumped parties.

No. 796270

Uh - how are people with extreme social anxiety supposed to get help if they're required to socialize first? And how are they're going to prove that they're actually interacting with someone and not lying about it? Sounds odd.

No. 796274


>When i had Friends, i enjoyed doing these activities

>I've never had fiends and no one ever talked to me in my entire life uwu

Yet another contradition. We already got: going to highschool but stunted at exactly 12 years old, going to therapy for social anxiety but rejected for being isolated, magically shredding 5 years of her real age. Completly asexual but tags her pedo baiting as mdlg, domme, etc.


>I'm all day caged in my room so sad

I'm calling it: this girl is not ~ soo tragically fragil aspie angel ~, the same way soren isn't a traumatized junkie who lost his real love or whatever. She is pitiful, but not for the reason she think she is, she is just a bad LARPer.

No. 796279

File: 1554842436640.jpg (59.87 KB, 500x773, 2y63ux.jpg)

No. 796320

This girl's story sounds like the plot of a lifetime original movie kek.

No. 796323

I thought she's in her room all day so she can't post pictures that aren't in her bed in pajamas?

No. 796336

it genuinely doesn’t come across to me as a sexual thing whatsoever and i think the anons who are reading into that are looking for something that isn’t really there.

having your mother die at a very tender age and never building any other strong female family or friend relationships after can absolutely fuck a person up. i’ve known a girl since childhood whose mother passed when we were 6, she had a really similar age regression thing until her dad remarried a very stable and loving woman whose good influence helped the girl develop into a normal adult. i honestly just feel bad for this girl, she gives off some slight autism vibes or something similar and seems terribly lonely and confused about how to properly socialize. i dont believe she’s stuck at age 12 mentally, but she clearly isn’t thinking like a normal 25 year old.

No. 796342

File: 1554851272145.png (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1072x1120, ss.png)

I don't disagree with the rest of what you had to say, but
>it genuinely doesn’t come across to me as a sexual thing whatsoever
Anon…Posts like pic related are simply not how a non-sexual desire for a mother figure manifests at all.

No. 796348

File: 1554852655879.png (143.48 KB, 800x782, Screenshot_2019-04-09-16-23-10…)


Still finding more dating site accounts.

No. 796353

>creepy idolmaster fanart where both girls are still in their teens
>with a 3 year age difference

not sure how that's representative of her incestuous "mother/daughter" dynamic except for the fact that one of them is more "developed" than the other, it's still creepy tho. then again that's probably all she can get away with posting on tumblr now that actual porn is banned.

No. 796355

her Kik profile background is of all her lolita/toddler style clothes lying on a bed

No. 796358

Anon the tags are the lesbian equivalent of ddlg.

No. 796364

Maybe she's only pretending it's not sexual, because she wants to "go through puberty" and "discover her sexuality" with a mommy gf.

It was kind of sad at first, but I honestly just can't believe this isn't your run of the mill MDLG bullshit.

No. 796370

God yeah I hadn't thought about it in that way. So creepy.

No. 796396

File: 1554864054472.png (184.04 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_2019-04-09-19-30-58…)

She doesn't even have that many followers on insta and no one can find her youtube. How is she making money online?

No. 796423


What I find weird isn't that she claims to be emotionally and socially stunted, but that she's aware of it to this extent.

No. 796455

she seems pretty aware of what she is doing because there are things she doesn't want to face probably(or just satisfy whatever kink she has)
saying she is emotionally stunned over and over is so tiring.I recently realised that thing about myself and while I do believe I'm socially "younger" than I actually am,I'm working on it and it goes well and it's great.And not being able to talk to other adults is bs.Anyone can talk to anybody and have even small talk if they practice a little bit and actually put effort

this is such bs too.Sharing experiences and talking to people is what makes a relationship important.It helps people grow.If all you do is "having fun" then the relationship is actually empty and doesn't help anyone in it.And hell,why not do fun stuff AND have deeper conversations???WHY NOT BOTH??

tl;dr she is full of crap trying to force her "lifestyle" to people to get what she wants.Also such level of self-helplessness is pathetic

No. 796497

File: 1554899706413.jpeg (55.43 KB, 1242x278, 3F80BEBA-0C25-41E2-9162-4491C5…)

Its a total lie. NHS gives therapy to shut ins, hermits, and people with the most severe agoraphobia who actually don’t talk to anyone. They even have to arrange other methods such as at home visits, phone calls, video calls, and even free transportation just to get people into therapy. There is no such policy at the NHS about “if you can’t socialize outside for one hour per day/week/month we will drop you from the program and we won’t even give you 1 therapy session until you do this for 6 months!” Utter bs. The only way I could see this happening is if she’s in some sort of young adult program where the 1 hour of socializing is needed to “graduate” the program, but they wouldn’t not give you therapy until you did it, that makes no sense and the NHS would be sued for refusing to give you access to needed therapy. And she wouldn’t be “discharged” as she keeps saying because she’s not inpatient. She just made that shit up so she could better convince others to hang out with her (“you have to hang out with me! My therapists said so! They’ll DiScHaRgE me if I don’t! I don’t want to but there making me! So be my lesbian mommy, my therapist said you had to!”)

This is what’s bothering me. I’ve searched all her usernames and can’t seem to find this YouTube account that she “makes enough to live off of” (even though her brother pays the bills/housing). There are no links or usernames mentioned for her yt channel on her tumblr/reddit, just her mentioning it in tumblr asks. Is that another lie too or…?

>OP where you at?! Send us the yt plz x3

No. 796557

Getting a hint of her actual looks with those faint facial lines. Anything unfiltered going about

No. 796577

When you're looking for a motherly figure, you definitely don't hint on any possible romantic relationship as she does. The "it's not a sexual thing" is just another part of the soo innocent uwu smol girl act. Also, pacifiers are definitely not for 12 years old. She's just a regular little, who tries to score extra points by that "sexually clueless" shit.

No. 796583

P much this. Acts exactly like a little but somehow looks down on them honestly best thing this bitch could do for herself is go to some little meets, pretty sure birmingham has a big ageplay scene too too. What does she expect, them to be full of creeps. Dont know how she can expect to find someone online if she sees littles as below her and rejects actual mommy types who would be ibterested. I mean god, some of the absolute mutants who are into this and find relationships fine

No. 796585

Found a very blank old sephi facebook in her area. It hints at jobs and such i wonder if its her

No. 796603

File: 1554921167384.jpeg (214.61 KB, 750x963, 4B8C697E-079C-4449-9F28-449BEA…)

Can’t find her YouTube but I did reach out to her. This is some of our conversation

No. 796614

>complains about how she's tired of talking online all the time, she gets nothing out of it and it feels like the same conversation every time
>either makes absolutely no effort in conversation, or has zero (0) hobbies whatsoever
>upset about not having friends or a mother
What even is her problem? She seems either boring, stubborn or both. What would she even bring to the table in a hypothetical friendship?

No. 796631

can someone link her tumblr can’t seem to find it when I search it up

No. 796632

This sounds like someone who is either
1) too busy writing other people
2) completely passive and expecting you to make all the effort in conversation. I think this fits, considering she's basically looking for someone who will care for her.. She only wants to take, not give.

No. 796639

No. 796642

Yeah I was surprised when she said she didn’t like to read…I loved to read when I was 12. :/

No. 796775

File: 1554947652338.jpg (94.69 KB, 960x720, tumblr_phyctcA0lH1uvj43b_1280.…)

These filters are supposed to be cute, not make you actually look like barnyard animals…

No. 796811

Sooo how is this girl a cow exactly? She just seems mentally ill and extremely lonely.

No. 796813

how is she not? 90% of the cows on here are mentally ill. it also sounds like bullshit that she's actually lonely and almost all of her write ups are full of contradictions and lies

No. 796839

is she scamming anyone? stealing?

No. 796843

No, but that's never been a requirement. 99% of the other people posted about here aren't scammers or thieves, either.

No. 796913

are you actually trying to be a moralfag on lolcow of all places

No. 796940

How does she expect to find a "mommy" if she blocks all DDLG/ABDL accounts?

No. 796987

Well she doesn't say she blocks mdlg accounts

No. 797068

Stuck up cow honestly. Wants a cgl/little relationship, basically the only people who would at least sort of put up with her shit. But she thinks shes somehow better than that. Lol what the fuck

No. 797069

Did she say she makes money off youtube? Cuz that's not the only way to make money online

No. 797078

Yes, she mentioned it on Tumblr. I'll try to dig up the post where she mentions making enough money to live off of YouTube.
Since no one can find the account, I wonder if it's another one of her tall tales.

No. 797082

File: 1555007357519.png (238.44 KB, 990x1140, yt.png)

Found it.

No. 797084

maybe it's one of those faceless/text based top 10/drama channels. but she seems to have no interest in anything so frankly i'm not sure how she could pull off having a youtube channel at all.

No. 797105

Likely she just gets normal benefits but its enough to live with whoever and buy all that expensive kawaii shit

No. 797128

That’s bullshit. Most cows on here are thieves, scammers, abusers, or bullies or all of the above. I fail to see how this girl is worse than the average cgl fag? You can look in the age regression tag on tumblr and there are a fuck ton of “uwu kink don’t interact” elitist weirdos in diapers.
This thread is filled with nitpicking about her selfies, debating whether someone would lie on the internet about personal life (but y’all call others moralfags lmao) even though you said yourself she’s not scamming anyone, and debating how she’s making her money or whether she had friends like?? The only basis you’ve shown is she’s a cringy autist. You’re probably the type of cunt who thought CWC deserved his harassment because he was retarded. It’s obvious vendetta and annoying af.

No. 797256

I agree this shouldn't be a whole thread, she should have been posted in some kind of general, but it's interesting pieces all of her story together. This thread is mostly curiosity and scepticism about how her posts don't add up, rather than people making outright fun of any learning disabilities.
Farmers go rogue try to adopt cows all the time like venus, spoony and kota, so maybe this thread will even net her what she wants

No. 797338

Chill out and quit mini-modding. Did this thread hit close to home or something?
People clearly want to talk about her, and it's pretty obvious that no one from here is attacking or harassing her. >>797256 is right that she'd probably fit into a general, to be honest.
>The only basis you’ve shown is she’s a cringy autist.
And what do you think Pixyteri was exactly? Are you new?
>You’re probably the type of cunt who thought CWC deserved his harassment because he was retarded. It’s obvious vendetta and annoying af.
This is a false equivalence, and you know it. You sound unnecessarily pressed over literally nothing. Hide the thread, sperg, no one is getting hurt or harassed.

No. 797381

Everyone knows that pixy these days would be deemed dry af. We have standards now. Are you new? At least Queen was entertaining, this one is just two people going in circles let’s be real lmao

No. 797404


She doesn't need the NHS funding her for more therapy. She needs a referral to fucking Bedlam if anything.

No. 797405

Trust her to be from Birmingham as well, I bet she sounds just as stupid as they usually do from there. Americans - Birmingham people or 'Brummies' are known to be stupid as fuck and their accents are a joke.

She'll be lucky to find a femme lesbian. All that is ever around in the UK lesbian communities are overly painted bimbos who want to be on Love Island, secretly straight and want to try pussy for a quick min or big, fat, hairy, truckers with piles of piercings and tattoos. Proper ballsy bloke looking bitches. If anything she may as well request for a Daddy.

No. 797406


Ew, you know she was the type of 'friend' that would probably ask something weird at a sleepover in secret to another girl like "Do you want to make out and touch each other?" or something weird.

And you'd kind of inch away from her and ask if you could sleep on the other side of the room.

No. 797407


She probably lives on a council estate located in the mist of fucking no where on the outskirts of Birmingham. Claiming benefits and working zero hours, shops at Primark once every saturday and just lives in her bedroom. Tens the betting.

No. 797408

Tracy beaker rubbed off on this bitch real hard in 2002 didnt it

No. 797411

Calm down vendetta-chan

No. 797415


Is she still in Solihull?

No. 797423

If you think it's dry and it doesn't fit your standards, then like I said, just hide the thread, lol. Lolcow isn't a forum just for your own personal tastes. I'm not sure if you know, but it's common practice on this website to hide or ignore threads we find uninteresting.

No. 797758

she looks like a non-inbred kanadajin03

No. 797896


Bedlam, aka the Bethlem Royal Hospital is part of an NHS trust.

sage for psych ward sperg

No. 798288

File: 1555433422389.gif (151.86 KB, 160x90, 697B5CF4-F4DF-4B6F-B2A9-F9DA3B…)

that’s not a bad theory at all. it actually makes perfect sense. maybe she wants a mommy figure to assist her with “becoming a woman”.

No. 798880

this is tragic, what the fuck is wrong with you guys? this isn't a cow or a snowflake, just a messed up and extremely lonely person. jesus.

No. 799229

Who hurt you? Did you get dumped for a girl, anon?

Also she lives in Solihull, there's no way she lives on a council estate. It's an expensive place to live.

No. 799261

She sounds like she'd post on r9k but I don't know what exactly it is.
Judging by the time she spends searching (about 3 years according to her tumblr), it's highly suspicious she didn't even find someone to hang out with yet.

No. 799265


idk what it is about her, probably severe mental illness, but I think she has plenty of takers, she just can't keep up conversation with someone because she needs it to be all about her, and no relationship, friendship or not, can handle that for any extended period of time

No. 799269

Hrm. Looks like she deleted her Tumblr.

No. 799536

but that just makes the idea of her living in a council house all the more likely? also looks around average rent tbh. Im genuinely curious how she even supports herself

No. 799601


My uneducated guess is that she either still lives with her parents (or parent assuming she's telling the truth about her mum being dead/not around), or she's living like most 24year olds with housemates and working.

I'm skeptical that she has zero life outside her bedroom.

No. 799620

Pretty sure she said somewhere that she lives with her brother, but I could be wrong. I'd assume she has some kind of job, with the sort of stuff she seems to have, but it's possible her brother or other family helps support her financially.

No. 799789

She did say she lives with her brother, but like another anon suggested, I tend to think "brother" is code for "boyfriend" and this whole thing is just some weird internet fantasy persona that they either get off on perpetrating, or else profit off of.

No. 800164

Scrolling through Snow and came across this. Spoken to this girl many times on a fetish website and had no idea she has a thread! Don't know if it was frowned upon to post screenshots?

No. 800170

It's not, an anon did it here >>796603. Please go ahead, we've been drained of content lately.

No. 800222

Spill the milk anon

No. 800395

Got milk?

No. 800414


pls spill

No. 800420


unsurprised but very intrigued about your experience, anon.

No. 800544

Sorry for the delay. Screenshotting now. Give me 5.

No. 800549

File: 1556300870214.png (27.78 KB, 1110x134, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.37…)

I'll give a little background information so that the screenshots make sense.

She joined the site using the username Milky_Angel, and began spamming groups looking for a real 'Mummy'. Many people were confused as what she was looking for didn't really seem 'kinky' - she said she was looking for an actual mummy to look after her and take her virginity. People gave her some sound advice, and gently suggested she look elsewhere, as she seemed very vulnerable. However, she just continued spamming lesbian and DDLG forums. Eventually she changed her name to 'Goodnight' and now 'I Give Up', and also flipped all her vital information - going from 20 something, female, lesbian to 59M, straight etc so she wouldn't get any more messages. Her last activity on the site was 8 days ago. I wish I had pictures of her page when she was actively searching.

No. 800550

File: 1556300936159.png (68.72 KB, 1094x268, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.37…)

No. 800551

File: 1556300996742.png (81.64 KB, 966x434, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.50…)

No. 800552

File: 1556301067241.png (104.66 KB, 1012x486, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.51…)

No. 800553

File: 1556301149032.png (199.01 KB, 940x1350, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.49…)

No. 800554

File: 1556301291344.png (84.84 KB, 886x362, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.40…)

No. 800555

File: 1556301329615.png (313.72 KB, 994x1216, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.40…)

No. 800556

File: 1556301374348.png (88.84 KB, 962x412, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.41…)

No. 800557

File: 1556301428974.png (35.39 KB, 864x170, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.52…)

No. 800558

File: 1556301457899.png (59.61 KB, 990x306, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.52…)

No. 800559

File: 1556301489323.png (43.21 KB, 832x188, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.53…)

No. 800560

File: 1556301517235.png (40.87 KB, 870x192, Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.53…)

No. 800561

I wish I had more to show, as she had pictures etc but she's mostly wiped it now.

No. 800572

Sounds like she was forcing her therapist to be a part of her weird mommy kink and once the woman got pregnant it destroyed her fantasy and she got creepy/stalker-ish towards the poor woman.

The kink website and the fact she wants her "mommy" to take her virginity proves she's just an over entitled little who thinks she's better than the others because she is somehow a legit child. If she cut the crap I'm sure she could find a girlfriend easily

No. 800642

jfc i take back what i said before about it not seeming sexual. big yikes.

No. 800707

Well, good timing anon, since I just saw her post on a lesbian dating group, saw this thread a few weeks ago and instantly recognised her. New profile. Interested that i_give_up is her too since I also saw an old thread from that profile.


No. 800718

Post screenshots anon. You need to be logged in to see this

No. 800733

I sent her a message on tumblr saying she shouldnt discount the little community and events and that i was in a similiar situation once (granted not as self centered and crazy) so wonder if shes decided to give it a shot. But frankly what shes after doesnt exist. And if shes somehow still going to look down on them..Nobody does this shit full time, or is able to. She would have more luck if it was a guy she was after honestly.

No. 800745

File: 1556377815482.jpeg (125.39 KB, 750x310, 5046EEBE-F636-4CE1-8EB1-15AD90…)

NTA but

No. 800746

File: 1556377841937.jpeg (734.77 KB, 746x3743, 0B6DD018-89C3-4D9E-9568-5A437D…)

No. 800747

File: 1556378121579.jpeg (523.49 KB, 749x2787, 09024988-4366-4574-9918-165883…)

No. 800748

Thanks anon, I was way too high to do all that shit when i came across the profile

No. 800759

What she believes a 'mommy' will offer a 20something woman
>complete devotion.
>endless patience.
>gentle hugs and wise words about life and all it's hardships.

What a 'mum' actually offers a 20something woman
>utter disbelief that you're this retarded in 2019.
>criticism of almost everything you do ever, in that special mum way.
>telling you to grow up and how in her day she'd have been working a 23hr day for £3:50 with two kids needing to be kept alive for the next half a century whilst muttering 'and for Christ sakes get dressed and give me some bloody peace'.

She vehemently denies this as a kink yet wants a fantasy? She's self aware enough to be passive aggressive online yet pleads muh girlish innocence in the same breath. Something isn't adding up here, there has to be a monetary gain here somewhere, it all seems a bit too scammy.

No. 800787

I offered to hang out with her and to help her socialise, but her interest disappeared after she realised that I'm straight. I don't buy the whole, "no one wants to hang out with me because I'm delayed", when what she really means is, "I don't want to hang out with anyone that is not a lesbian and isn't interested in being my mummy."

No. 800802

So basically confirmed that the whole 'uwu so lonely' facade is indeed just that. Sorry you invested time and emotion into her apparent long-con anon. Beware 'helpless' females online, they're normally far from naive.

No. 800914

This. Her view on what mothers are and do is absolutely dull and most likely based on anime or disney movies.

No. 801331

Not a kink and not a little but here she is. Whew sis.
What she wants is pretty impossible. She could have a motherly figure look after her and support her and stuff, but the lady will be freaked about her wanting an actual relationship or sexual shit and bail. Or she gets a mommy dom/kink mom who wont really be able to fufill an actual motherly love/guardian role. Cant really have both hun.

No. 802873

File: 1557242016493.jpg (16.11 KB, 567x235, vham.JPG)

Her youtube/twitter is vanillahamham, which seems to be her source of "income" as she says. Also her fet has more pics/vids just some are set to friends only, if you directly search the username on fet you can see she has more.

No. 802881

…wait, this is her channel? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTSvFDZmB2i8N8TJSvJYq5w
I've been following it for a while, it's got a lot of subscribers. Are you sure this is her?

No. 802883

not other anon but looks legit. you see her hair and pusheen pyjamas. Also various kawaii tat in the videos that tie into her interests. Not proof exactly but pretty likely.
>not a little
>blatant sippy cups in background

Girls in some real denial

Cute vids though. well done. kinda surprised

No. 802885

Holy shit if this is true that's so wild. I've also watched and known about vanillahamham for a while, it's so weird to think this crazy chick could be behind wholesome hamster videos. Maybe her claim about living off her YouTube channel wasn't a lie after all. Crazy.

No. 802886

Yeah spoke to her on pof before in one of her rare talkative moods and we got talking about hamsters and she told me. I agree with some other posters, I can't quite fathom her angle or her logic at times.
It more than likely is her, given all the cutesy evidence.

No. 802888

File: 1557244477167.jpg (211.9 KB, 1224x1372, seph.jpg)

did some further research (watched a handful of videos). Its definitely her. Aside from the hair, pyjamas, amuse hamster plushes which are all seen in her pics. The real giveaway for me is this blanket here. Its from b&m. I got the same one for my Puppy

No. 802890

also on her older fet before she baleeted stuff she used to have small breast humiliation as an interest on there, and stuff that was slightly more pointed to a sexual angle. Sorry to keep spamming new info, but I stumbled across the thread and was like wtf.

No. 802892


clearly feeling like her actual age is where all this starts to get even cringier

No. 802897

oh my god, this is the biggest lolcow twist i have witnessed! vanillahamham has been around for so long and seems so wholesome, even jenna marbles shouted her out a bit ago when she first got their hamster! it's truly crazy to think this is the person behind it all wtf

No. 802898

Lmao yeah. She's such a purely pathetic person that it does muster a kind of maternal feeling in me, but it's one that motivates me to yell at her until she sorts herself. But she doesn't want to actually grow or improve, as evidenced by her shooting down every single suggestion or piece of advice offered to her. An actual mother figure wouldn't accept being shouted down and ignored like that, if she was really a twelve year old she'd get disciplined for it and have her hamster youtube taken away lmfao. Tough love innit.

If she didn't seem so completely devoid of empathy and understanding of the reciprocal nature of relationships I'd be inclined to reach out to her. Her dismal view of adult relationships particularly makes me really sad; I've done all the fun shit she wants to do with friends recently.

No. 802902

Same! I always thought the person who ran vanillahamham was Japanese. If that’s her editing the videos, then she’s very good at it. Maybe she could get a wealthy mommy from working in graphic design.

No. 802903

File: 1557248738404.png (179.23 KB, 800x803, Screenshot_2019-05-07-10-01-09…)

No. 802904

I know when she told me, it all seemed slightly strange how good her editing/graphic design and making all the props for her videos/hamster - but if she has led an isolated lifestyle, I guess it's what she has done to kill the time. Although in another weird twist her pof had used to say she went to University in the education field; which added even more confusion to what she claims.

No. 802905

lmaooo get her hamster youtube taken away has me dead anon

No. 802907

Last streamed live on Apr 27, 2019

To order a treat for Butterscotch, have your message read out or play a video of your choice, go to https://streamlabs.com/vanillahamham 🐹 You can also leave a superchat via YouTube

Treats will be delivered as soon as the message appears on screen. they may be delayed if there are many messages

The menu will change from time to time and items will become unavailable to make sure Butterscotch isn't overfed and receives a balanced diet

No. 802908

Yeah, I'm surprised, those videos are super polished and well edited. Not to mention the little things she makes for the hamsters are also really well done, she clearly has a creative eye. I expected someone who acts the way she does to be a talentless NEET but this channel is honestly a pretty good achievement.

I almost feel bad for her, you would think someone who has a successful and beloved YouTube channel with almost 1 million subscribers would be able to make friends and have a kind of normal social life, even if it's all online friends, but I think her loneliness is a self-fulfilling prophecy. >>802898 is right, she's just pathetic and too stubborn to actually better herself as a person.

No. 802910

No. 802911

so did i for some reason! maybe it's the rrcherrypie effect ahah.
if it is her editing/filming, she could surely use this experience to look for similar jobs, maybe even something as small as editing vids for other youtubers. her channel is pretty established, like those views alone! more than imallexx despite him having twice as much subscribers and 3-4 times as many videos kek (yes, i checked, wanted to see how she stacks up against other british youtubers)

No. 802923

this is a weird and strange twist. I think her impossible relationship goals is just her wanting to push people away at this point. That or she just wants someone to date so she can move in. But I mean with her youtube she could help any partner out with rent and stuff.

She isn't ugly, her hobbies are cute… like damn I know a lot of lesbians would def go with her, heck plenty of girls will totally love to be her friend. It's just her isolating people and her impossible standards

No. 802936

File: 1557254016103.jpeg (629.18 KB, 952x1234, E4C43A6D-4063-44B4-9644-A7C92E…)

She must make around a few thousand per month. Probably around 5-8k average not including if she does brand deals and sponsorships. Which means she uses bank accounts and pays taxes….like an adult. Has a job….like an adult. She complains that adults (def not her tho) work jobs and pay taxes, but she does the same?

Weird, guess she spends the money on pink kawaii shit online and saves the rest? She lives with her older brother in their family home that she’s lived in forever, so I assume they either inherited the house from parents and just pay bills. Her older brother pays for the house. Or she contributes some money twords bills or mortgage. But iirc her brother takes care of most of the financial housing costs. I’m going for inherited house or inherited money. Most likely both, because if they didn’t inherit the house and just inherited money, then they most likely would’ve sold their house and most to a smaller cheaper place fit for 2 people. Them keeping the house implys inheritance or morgatge being paid off usually.

No. 802939

I might be wrong, but I don't remember OP being banned before?

No. 802943

Looks like a typical rental property/new build from the decor tbh. I doubt it was inherited. I also still doubt the dead parents story at this point, but with the reveal of her youtube then who knows. maybe everything is true. also she has a fair bit of kawaii shit but she shops at primark and b&m, budget stores. and doesnt look to live a particularly lavish lifestyle. Surprised she's not pumping it into lolita.. she probably doesnt get as much as you think though
literally why. this is a troubled seeming young woman with a cute and successful channel that allows her to support herself. Don't be a dick

No. 802948

Weirdly …wholesome twist? A hermit with a GFD kink. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t just date an older woman. Older femmes already tend to be nurturing type by default even if they don’t want their gf to call them “mommy”.

No. 802949

read the comment thread again slowly
>An actual mother figure wouldn't accept being shouted down and ignored like that, if she was really a twelve year old she'd get disciplined for it and have her hamster youtube taken away lmfao
>implying if she had parents that is the action they'd take in response to her shut in behaviour
no one is suggesting doxxing her or whatever

No. 802950

ah my bad. I read that as a stand alone comment. Long day. still it wouldnt be surprising to see that sort of thing on here

No. 802952

I would hate for this to ruin her wholesome hamster channel tbh

No. 802974

I’m with the other anons. I think we should leave the channel alone. She’s strange and standoffish, but she’s not a scammer or a bigot. She seems to work really hard on her channel and it’s most likely her only creative outlet, as well as something she’s passionate about in addition to her income.

No. 802985

Her crafts and videos are weirdly professional for someone who claims to be 'basically a child'.

No. 803022

Yeah, I'm not gonna unsub or anything because her channel is actually really good. All the things she crafts for her hamster, the small cakes… It's just a bit shocking to know that the person behind that channel would be her.

No. 803030

im gay, local to her, and interested in this sort of thing. but not the little shit more the gentle femdom shit

No. 803035

Get yourself in there, maybe report back hah.

No. 803037

idk I think i'd be disgusted if she pulled some AB/little shit instead of GFD. if she had a tumblr/insta sure, but im not getting on fetlife ever again- too many dudes thinking they can be your dom

No. 803069

She claims to have no friends and be incapable of making them but shes clearly putting this together with another person.

No. 803071

File: 1557286230504.png (488.64 KB, 795x447, Untitled.png)

You can see two people in the shot around the 2:01 mark. Her on the left and somebody else on the right.

No. 803072

It could be her "brother"

but are we really sure this is her channel? I kind of don't think it is… Is the only proof we have speculation based on hair shots/cutesy accessories?

No. 803073

If this is her brother, the two of them have a very different skintone. I havent seen that in siblings before. I think shes just a compulsive liar who wants pity, her story doesn't add up at all.

No. 803097


The writing styles are very similar.


If you haven't seen biological siblings with different skin tones, you don't get out much.

Also, do we know that they are full biological siblings?

No. 803105

I don't think that's her brother, the first thing that I noticed about the hand on the right is that it looks like an older person's hand. I'd imagine her brother is probably no older than mid 30s and that looks like the hand of a 50-60 year old man.

If you look at the video you can see the back of his head pop into frame very briefly. He's wearing typical old man glasses and has silver/white hair. Not sure if posting a screenshot is okay since he's not involved in the milk but there's no way that's her brother. I'm guessing the dead parents thing is a lie because it's got to be her father.

No. 803106

She said her mom is dead and her father and brother are mostly ignoring her.

No. 803111

As the anon who brought it up, she told me directly on PoF that it was her channel. At first as I've said it seemed a bit eh, given everything she says about her life but it probably is her; I don't know why she would have reason to lie about it and is clearly financially stable to some extent if her channel is as popular as people have said.

I didn't bring it up to cause problems for her but because people were interested, and was genuinely surprised to find a thread about her; and I'm aware people have taken that "get her you tube taken away" remark someone made out of context.

Anyway pretty sure that's her dad and again can't remember if she mentioned him, and he probably does give her a hand, as practical as she seems. Like most cows on the site, she's bent her view of "reality" into her own narrow distorted way. What she wants isn't healthy as many people have pointed out, I mean somehow she even drifted onto fetlife, and despite people reaching out she just hand swats everyone away.

No. 803124

that would be enough in any other thread. and this one has been directly claimed by her anyway. Its the exact same room in the background of some videos

No. 803129

File: 1557311041546.jpg (44.94 KB, 971x560, okc.JPG)

Final bit of evidence in regards to it being her found on her okc. New Hamster "Butterscotch" and uses that same type of multicoloured bedding material like in the videos. Happy to shed some light!

No. 803133

tumblrs not deleted she just changed the url

No. 803135


And that is her water bottle set-up.

No. 803138

OP was banned for making a shit thread, from the beginning.

No. 803160

holy shit she is the vanillahamham channel?

No. 803178

I've spoken to this girl on Fetlife before. Lots of gay degens in this thread apparently. But yeah, the reason she's alone is because she's like, the most boring and passive conversationalist on the planet. EVERY conversation turns back to 'wah wah so alone everyone hates me'. She's incapable of being positive or fun about anything.

No. 803183

It's so strange that she talks about how 'boring' other adults are, when really she seems like the real wet blanket, even just with small talk

I agree, as much as I love the twist happening here, I hope none of this gets back to her wholesome youtube community

No. 803189

sage for dumb question, but what's pof?

No. 803190

plenty of fish, the "dating" site.

No. 803205

No one said anything about doing us anything to her channel at any point. No one suggested it. Can you people actually think before you post shit like this? The fact that so many people just ignored the context of the first post and then the two subsequent clarifications and started posting
>omg no!!!! leave her alone!
has really made me worried for the average reading age on here.

No. 803320

I sent her a message saying like let’s be pen pals/friends and I travel and she never responded, I’m a lesbian too
I just posted in the request thread because the sense of unreality and saying she has a YouTube etc I constantly ran into her blog and it was always so uncanny
To think it was a popular hamster YouTube the whole time

No. 803405

Quoting an old post to point this out, because you can see it best in this photo - she lightens her hair to make herself look younger. The giveaways are that it's the exact same level & tone at the root as it is in the mid-shaft and lengths, and the overall lack of dimension. That Children of the Corn look only comes with albinism in adults. And on the occasions when you can see her roots a little, the blonde has gone more brassy, like >>796100. Platinum is expensive to maintain, so she's spending a lot of money to look like a kid. Gross.

No. 803746

Shes spending money because she likes her hair that colour. Bleach blonde is hardly exclusive to children. Its very well maintained though. She cant be that bad socially if shes getting root touch ups constantly. But honestly she looks like shes a natural light tone blonde anyway

No. 803769

anon here who made the comment - just wanna add that i have no ill intentions and was just lolling at other anon's post

No. 804353

Okay, Sephi. Read it again.

She likes that color because it makes her look like a child. I am an experienced hairdresser and can say from looking at thousands of heads that adult women do not naturally have platinum blonde hair root-to-tip, but children do. Adults with white blonde hair have variations to the blonde, and adult women who bleach their hair want dimension to the color, because the flat platinum look is immature - it looks like child hair - and when the toner fades to brassy & the roots grow out, it looks trailer trash - hence frequent maintenance. The fact that she's a natural blonde and still pays a bunch of money to look like this just goes to show how much this is a kink act.

No. 811450

Did she delete her tumblr?

No. 815484

No she just changed her name I think, was looking at it the other day.

No. 816300

well what’s the new one

No. 816919

Yeah pls share the ur, anon. I want to see if she made a Mother’s Day post

No. 816923

it was only mothers day in the us, not the uk.

No. 816936

Not that anon but if the url is posted here shes probably gonna change it.

Its not hard to find

No. 818615

Aw oops
, u right. Not so milky after all

No. 818756

Her Tumblr is set so that you have to have an account to view it. I logged into my account for the first time in years to lurk, but all the milkiest posts have already been posted here lol

No. 843469

File: 1563986408596.png (190.5 KB, 800x1159, Screenshot_2019-07-24-09-19-29…)

Not sure how we missed this. Her posting on an adoption site is so inappropriate.


As predicted she deleted her reddit account. She hasn't posted a video since April 14th; it was outed here May 7th. She probably found this thread.

No. 843470

File: 1563986429106.png (307.98 KB, 800x1054, Screenshot_2019-07-24-09-19-39…)

No. 843473

This is just sad tbh. How lonely do you have to be to resort to posting on an actual adoption website?

No. 845438

I talked with her on a dating site for a while. I'm a very nurturing person and low key into Mommy-kink, I was genuinely willing to be her mommy or like an auntie. But I really struggled to keep a conversation up with her! The little crush I developed really fizzled out because she wouldn't respond to messages in a productive or enthusiastic way. I was actually interested in being that mommy she wants, I started to look into taking her to Disney World, even. Then, I explained to her that I do have another partner (which was on my profile but I don't think she read it) and she stopped messaging me. Oh well.

No. 882705

Ive seen this girl on a friendship app a few times and something never sat right with me. The first time I saw her I reported her profile as it seemed like she was either an adult pretending to be w child, or a child pretending to be an adult. I’ve since seen her profile a few times and the wording of her bio changes, but it’s still weird.
I googled her first name and age, and this thread popped up. It confirmed my suspicions to say the least

No. 882774

Am I a bad person for getting more a sinister vibe than a sad one from her? I don’t know why because I’m usually very sympathetic even with unsympathetic people but there’s just something in my gut that feels off about her, I feel like if anyone did end up actually getting close to her irl it wouldn’t end well for them

No. 882807

You should sage if you dont have any new milk but I completely agree with you

No. 882812

This is exactly how I felt when I saw her profile on this app.

No. 882831

I think the reason her situation makes as little sense as it does is because we’re only getting her side. Obviously there’s more to it and there are definitely reasons why everyone she’s ever met ‘hates’ her as she says - whether she leaves it out because genuinely doesn’t know why and is too socially inept to pick up on it, or because it’s unflattering. Either way much of what she’s said even publicly has made it clear she doesn’t accept reasonable boundaries or know how to bond with people in a way that would be fair or healthy to them as she seems to have a lot of very controlling and selfish tendencies

No. 883008

holy shit i can't believe this girl has a damn thread!

she liked me on a dating app and initially i matched and i barely got a 'hello' in before she sent me an angsty angry message about her life so i didn't bother because what the fuck?

she kept deleting her profile and remaking it with different photos, different ages, names and constantly rewriting her bio and with each new profile she kept liking mine like i would somehow forget her unsettling outburst.

No. 883051

It looks like she deleted all of her social media accounts?
Are there any new accounts she made?

No. 883066

Do you remember what she said in the message? Was it basically the same thing she usually says about looking for a mother, being alone, being socially 12 etc?

No. 883169

Just finished reading this whole thread and wow there is alot to unpack here. At first i felt sorry for her but after reading the whole thread this girl is deff cow material.

Is there any other social media account of hers that is still active/open other than youtube?

She is a piece of shit for sexualizing a mother and daughter relationships.

No. 883209

She still has her Instagram account milky.buttons active yesterday.

No. 883219

she first asked how my day was and after i bounced the question back she started telling me how miserable she is.

she kept saying how there's no hope for her to ever get on anyone's level because she's even apparently tried to pay people to hang out with her and nothing worked. when i offered some advice, she got real angry and started swearing like every third word lol

i oofed and backed outta there and then kept seeing her pop up in my notifs with different names and ages and i was really creeped out

No. 883291

She seems like that type of person if you entered her house/apartment you would never leave.
Also doesn't help that mommy issues is more common among serial killers.

No. 884314

i just feel sad for this girl, i cant look at this and laugh at her for anything she looks legitimately troubled and that doesn't induce amusement, though i do appreciate the investigating work, hope she finds peace of mind soon.

No. 884916

Girl? This woman is 26 lol. She was caught lying for her age multiple times because of her weird fetish.
This is a 26 year old woman who let her weird fetish take control of her life.

No. 885153

This is just sad. I don't know about the "reee she's just a pervert looking for a lesbian mommy to rp adult baby degeneracy with her" speculation, even if it was so they'd both be over 18 so whatever. She just seems traumatized, socially stunted and lonely. She already mentioned in one of those fetish site posts that she's terrified of sex and probably would never want to experience it, and even then she doesn't mention sex between her and the mother figure at any point. It's just really, really depressing to me. I mean it's easy to just laugh at a 20-something woman being this deranged but she seems to have some significant trauma with abandonment and missing a parental bond that has fucked her up for life.

No. 885224

I agree. She sounds like she's autistic and/or seriously depressed. I wonder what happened when she was 12, causing her to get stuck at that age. Could that be the age her mother died?

No. 886193

I did wonder myself if to begin with she fell into the abdl incest kink because it was biggest source of relatable content for her, in the same way people often start consuming sexual fanfiction/doujins of their favorite fandoms when there's just less nonsexual content to be found.

It's a shame that she seems so unable to actually interact with people like >>883219 without throwing a narcfest because there obviously is something sympathetic about her case.

>I wonder what happened when she was 12, causing her to get stuck at that age.
All of the ageplayers use the 'being stuck at x age because of a trauma' meme. Imo she picked 12 because it's the a sweet spot where she can act like a blameless kid but still can do the more advanced preteen things like makeup and videogames

No. 893976

File: 1573852352139.jpeg (364.59 KB, 1536x1664, 99E66DC8-1B26-4A4B-AE1A-9A026E…)

Anons don’t feel bad for this autist she says she hasn’t been out of her room since high school and yet constantly posts pictures from things from stores and what about this picture? She said originally that she missed out on birthdays from 12 and then changed it to 14 she’s obviously had experiences since high school but thinks just because they might have not been good ones that she’s had none since 12. She’s just like every other “Little” doing it because “Muh trauma1!1!” except she’s more obvious and hilariously desperate about it. Sephi is the type of person who thinks no one is good enough for her fantasy land of it being all about her she’s a grown 26 year old woman who wants everyone to indulge in her pity party because quoted from her “Society doesn’t think you’re worth anything after you turn 18 so I’m gonna make myself look like I’m 13”

No. 894076

File: 1573862175236.jpg (1.6 MB, 1920x2981, InShot_20191115_185423880.jpg)

If I'm not mistaken, this is the first we're seeing of her instagram. I made the mistake of checking it out and it's just as creepy as you'd imagine

No. 894126

File: 1573868634573.png (225.2 KB, 398x433, fear.png)

No. 894198

File: 1573877541317.jpeg (102.37 KB, 636x698, 023DAC76-3DA8-4107-9529-A116A6…)

Samefag as >>893976 but scrolling through her Instagram more there’s something so creepy and off putting about her eyes and that fake smile she does

No. 894255

File: 1573889222199.jpeg (669.65 KB, 1242x1020, 52A882E6-FE47-4B6A-9B22-77BAD8…)

Posts where she looks more adult/normal 1/3

No. 894258

File: 1573889458903.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x1528, 494BBE3C-2D08-44B3-AA41-FA16F8…)

No. 894259

File: 1573889502357.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1470, 5579E1ED-7FFE-41D6-A7B2-63DDA7…)

No. 894271

File: 1573892601506.png (643.51 KB, 1440x2141, I like u.png)

Every comment on her IG is like this. People say she's pretty, they want her to be their gf:

>no ur lying, nobody likes me, nobody wants to meet me

Literally the nonstop whining is her problem.

No. 894272

File: 1573892638368.png (619.16 KB, 1440x2150, no u dont ur lying.png)

No. 894478

at least she understands her problem /s

No. 919860

File: 1579303377233.jpg (84.04 KB, 758x598, soooo.JPG)

Sooo her fetlife has been updated, now she's looking for daddies, and sexuality is unsure and changed her location to Gloucs; again can't work out her angle.

No. 920003

I guess looking for a mommy didn't work. This makes no sense with her prior story about losing her mom and thus needing a mother figure, her dad is still around.

No. 978114

File: 1590255167934.jpg (31.83 KB, 652x312, amyorsephi.JPG)

More "random location changing" and buying further into the looking for a daddy, even though she hated guys before.

Is it tragic or sinister at this stage who knows? has a honey trap kind of feel to it now thirsty old guys are lusting after her.

Is anyone friends with her on Insta or Fet?

No. 978120

oh wow she's back! one of the more interesting cows if a bit elusive

No. 978209

agreed, something about this girl is just so repellent yet fascinating to me. wish there was more on her

No. 978363

Omg yes I've been waiting for her to resurface, thanks anon. I'm definitely of the opinion that there's something too unsettling about her

No. 978832


I'm not comfortable with daddy dick sucking activites so close to me on the M4, but she never goes out so it doesn't matter. Do you ever think how your life would be if you went through the decision of saying "yes, I missed having caring parental figures, but now as a sexually developed adult I can get fingered in the master bedroom AND have someone cut the crust off my toast for me". Wild.

No. 979428

i posted the og thread on her and have talked to her, she seems to be double sided

No. 979429

Still would date her because I love crazy bitches but she’s looking for a facilitator for a fantasy not a partner which I understand but she’s getting a little sad with the new angle

No. 988240

File: 1592340084600.png (203.73 KB, 750x1334, E1FAA449-83CF-4F9C-B851-E3CE5A…)

Not sure if this is her, but I found this post in r/relationships that sounded familiar. The comments are combative and stubborn like her IG and the user profile history mentions she’s in uni studying education which matches some of the info upthread.

No. 988241

File: 1592340115328.png (190.84 KB, 750x1334, A7FCF1E6-8220-4BC5-9CB0-E44E1D…)

No. 988247

I know we've established that this girl embellishes and outright lies about things to make her life seem sadder and justify this weird desire she has but I can't help but feel a degree of sympathy for her. It goes beyond most ageplay faggotry. She wouldn't be doing this if she was mentally well.

No. 988249

It sounds like her. Does this bitch change her age everytime she posts on a new site?

No. 988324

The location is different too
I don't think it's crazy to imagine that it's another person posting though, these kinds of girls seem to be multiplying

No. 988446

Nah skimming through the post history and age of the account it's not her, mentions things like a partner and sex; which if you look at her fet etc she says she doesn't want, even if the angle sometimes seems skewed that way, or has in the past. It's just another similar weirdo, they probably have similar traits but Amy/Sephi is way way worse, plus she's too busy with fucking hamham videos.

Her last reddit she used when she was still in uwu mommy mode was LemonLoppy

No. 988632

She keeps changing her location on dating apps etc. to different areas in the UK to get a bigger reach, it's not that she's actually moved there. I've spoken to her before, incredibly difficult to converse with.

No. 989039

This is sad, it seems like she is extending the search to "daddies" out of desperation as opposed to attraction to men.

No. 989041

This isn't really of note, but has anyone else ever encountered her on /an/? I think at least a few years ago she would post her vids and interact in the threads, but I don't browse there anymore so I'm not certain.

No. 991077

What kind of vids/interaction? First I've heard, care to elaborate any?

No. 994123

holy fuck i didnt expect to see her on here.

i spoke to her a few times a long time ago, i kept seeing her with new profiles on dating sites i used. eventually i felt sorry for her and messaged her, we spoke for a while (it was extremely difficult to make conversation). i said i was more than happy to take her out and experience normal adult stuff.

She kept going on and on about how she never got to experience a normal upbringing and all the usual stuff, and I said something like "I can't understand how hard that must be for you, I missed out on a lot of high school - and even that was tough. What you went through must have been so much worse" and she threw a shitfit saying it doesn't even compare, how dare I act like i went through something similar etc etc

Havent spoke since

No. 994428

And I hope you never spoke again to someone who tries so hard for attention and pity.
She probably already had various girls offering to help. But none wanted to bend over and kiss her feet while she trows tantrums.
She wants all the caring aspects, but a mother has to scold her when needed too.

No. 1165568

File: 1613762030654.png (17.43 KB, 494x319, sephi.png)

I didn't see anyone post this update from her blog so just wanted to add it here. It looks like she's gotten over this weird fixation? No social media I can find, and even her Youtube has been abandoned for a year, which was what made me curious in the first place.

No. 1165570

Huh, a happy ending for once? That's good for her. Last I heard, she had given up on a "mother" and was looking for a "daddy". I'm glad that (hopefully) didn't put her down a bad path.

No. 1165607

huh, good for her. she seemed like a horrorcow in the making so this is nice to see

No. 1165625

Glad she seems to be over her mommy fixation and will be able to move on in life by forming healthy relationships that aren't with fetlife posters. She's always been a strange and kind of sad subject, it would be nice if her life got better in the long run after this.

No. 1165818

I just read through this thread for the hell of it expecting something bad to have happened because I knew she didn’t update her YouTube for a year (maybe because of this thread?) I’m surprised to see how this ended.

No. 1166697

this is the strangest, most heartbreaking what the fuck of wholesome I’ve ever experienced here

No. 1167208

File: 1613900233669.jpg (98.19 KB, 1047x607, Capture.JPG)

Hmm not to ruin the mood from all of this, but I wouldn't exactly say it had a happy ending; she updated her profile on fet a few months ago and she has a "daddy" so wouldn't exactly say it's normal or healthy.

The update happened in November, that post on August, so it's just her usual self delusion more than likely.

No. 1167267

grow up tbh

No. 1167292

Damn. Well, I hope she continues with this attitude and hasn’t found something else questionable to be obsessed with. I honestly never thought I’d see the day.

NTA, but is the stupidest nitpick I’ve ever seen. Some people use the word. Get over it.

No. 1167293

Odds are she's in a LDR with a creepy guy who ignores her emotional needs even when they're physically together. Nice that he took her out to see the capybaras, but I doubt she's made much growth if she needs a "platonic babysitter" to watch over her while the BF is away. But I don't have an account on there so I can only speculate. Any fetlife anons who can lurk, please provide more caps!

No. 1167320

That’s depressing. I remember when the caps of her searching for a “daddy” were posted and it felt like a new low for her. I wonder if she’s attracted to men at all or it really is just a desperate grab at whatever kind of caretaker relationship she can get? Does she ever hint at who the guy is?

I was hoping with the abandonment of her yt she had gotten a job irl where she could be more social but seems not, which makes this even more bleak. Like stuff related to her yt (drawing, video editing, hamsters) seemed to be one thing she really cared about that wasn’t totally involved in her weird obsession. I wonder if she’s just a regular NEET now?

No. 1167489

File: 1613936425982.jpg (51.61 KB, 753x510, fet01.JPG)

>>1167320 As someone who posted the fet screens there's no real info on the "daddy" and I noticed it back in November, but it wasn't really "milky" but with people posting a status from August and thinking she's magically now well adjusted, well she's probably just found a daddy who feeds her delusions, rather than challenges her to grow.

Nothing super interesting on fet or giving much, away just some updates really. But here's some screenshots for those who can't view.

No. 1167490

File: 1613936460090.jpg (121.48 KB, 510x622, fet02.JPG)

No. 1167491

I think this is the catfish profile she is talking about in her update

No. 1167494

I had considered that, but it's the same fet profile she has used for ages just renamed/ changed location, I'm half and half about it given her bullshit and half truths.

No. 1167499

I feel like the wording and way of speaking is distinctly similar though. If it were a catfish it might explain how the age and location on this profile constantly changes, but I think she’s done that before on her other accounts…

No. 1167512

>>1167499 Yeah she has done that with dating profiles, and reddit posts - which on this fet account posts read similar to the reddit ones and the emoji usage.

Always been a bit suspect though from the start though how she operates, I mean scroll back up and some redditor calls her out because her post one seemed like a honeypot or something. Why I can't quite put my finger on it 100%

No. 1167517

she states in the update any current profile using her pictures and excerpts from her profiles isn’t her, and I’m inclined to believe her seems like a strange thing to lie about

No. 1167541

I don’t know why she would lie, but I haven’t seen that pic of her with the capybaras anywhere else, so I feel like this profile could be legit.

No. 1167551

Everything about her is strange or doesn't add up, why so many cases of her having a different age on posts, why insistent on getting a mommy because her mom is dead, yet she does a 180 and ends up wanting a daddy instead.

Why go on fet when she's asexual or claims to be, knowing all she's going to attract are horn dogs.

From the offset her entire persona has seemed a bit "catfishy"

No. 1167558

I stumbled upon this thread today when someone necro'd it. I read through it all, and I absolutely agree with the sentiment that there's something really bizarre going on, not necessarily catfishing, but maybe some very manic larping. As if her writing about her seemingly desperate situation constantly makes it more real for her.

sage for vague armchairing

No. 1167599

It isn’t a nitpick, it’s just incredibly delusional to find anything about what this girl has done “wholesome.” As >>1167208 said she’s not really any different.

No. 1167635

Stop nitpicking

No. 1167738

I think she's real but genuinely has this harmful personality loop of self-hatred and need of a "carer" - would be an interesting job for a psychologist to try and find the source for that since nobody is born with a personality like this. I believe she has a long-distance "Daddy" to humor her now but I find the idea she's totally recovered unlikely.

No. 1267027

i feel bad because she clearly couldnt find whatever she was looking for and now has settled with this "daddy". i mean, she was clearly biphobic in her tumblrs… but maybe internalised biphobia? oh well(necro)

No. 1267107

Probably doing it out of desperation and validation, its pretty hard to find a "mommy" in the bdsm community. Wouldn't be surprised if she gave up entirely trying to find either a mommy/daddy figure.

No. 1443485

File: 1644903035569.jpeg (34.76 KB, 509x509, u1000.jpeg)

Sorry to necro, as this isn't exactly milk, but I checked her FetLife out of nostalgia and she's been active as recently as December, when she uploaded a set of these pictures and joined a group for littles (as far as I can tell the group is quite nonsexual, focusing on childish activities.)
Her last post was in February 2021, when she wrote that she was 'searching for a platonic babysitter, caregiving family members or friends'. No mention of the 'daddy' that she talked about in 2020. (I really don't buy that this account is a catfish, either. It doesn't even use any of her photos, which is the whole point of a catfish, and she overwrote a lot of the old posts at some point with 'no longer looking', which a catfish wouldn't do either.)
Does anyone know how she's doing? Her insta's been deleted, but clearly she hasn't left social media as she claimed.

No. 1443685

I run a group she's in and she asked me to delete her personal ad as she's met someone, a man I believe. Hope it works out for her.

No. 1444479

For those of you who have updates, any word on how she’s doing irl aside from this stuff? The weirdest twist in this whole saga for me was the reveal she had that popular Youtube account for her hamster which was presumably how she made her income, but it seems like she abandoned it. It seems so ominous that the only life update we ever get from her is about her search for a caretaker instead of going to school, getting another job, etc.

No. 1444596

Well her hamster died a few years ago and she never got a new one it seems.

No. 1753052

File: 1674768076553.png (233.57 KB, 850x420, awooo.PNG)

Discovered a new side to herself, not really sure if milk, but more confused explorations from our hamster girl!

No. 1915291

File: 1697575844625.png (325.29 KB, 778x929, Sephi.PNG)

She's back on the market again it seems, verified as well.

No. 1915301

Weird that she describes herself as "big and tall" when she's only 5'4" and looks slim.

No. 1915310

>>1915301 I know, nothing about her ever quite makes sense at times. All her years pining for a mommy now she's just on the market for anyone.

No. 1915318

She sounds less mentally ill in this bio even though she hasn't given up the weird baby thing yet. Crazy she's still at it at 30.

No. 1915371

she developed hobbies and even started listening to music… beautiful character development

No. 1915401

It’s weird she never mentions hamsters as a hobby but maybe she is or was trying to keep the two separate.

No. 1915505

I wonder if it's a subtle role play thing. Like how people tell little kids they're getting "so big and tall!"

No. 1915522

File: 1697629543395.jpg (55.11 KB, 1080x810, partay time.jpg)

>>1915291 quite love the juxtaposition of the childlike decorated water bottle/sippy, with the alcohol next to it

No. 1935638

Is it just me or is her "lack of experience" and lack of high school life probably from autistic narcissism(necro)

No. 1935661

Idc if she’s a cow I find her so cute. I would absolutely adopt her and be her mother. She’s the kind of crazy that I’m attracted to (I’m just as crazy). I feel like I get her on a personal level(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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