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No. 7293

There isn't currently a thread for minor notices and changes to the site. For full transparency this will be a thread to inform you all of any updates or changes that aren't necessarily worthy of an big announcement.

No. 7294

11/19/18 Blade thread to be removed

Anti-Korean thread locked for racebaiting. Thread topics in /ot/ targeting specific races or nationalities won't be tolerated any longer. >>>/ot/306105

No. 7295

Must be sad for her family to have so much evidence of her being a literal crack whore in the months leading up to her OD

No. 7296


No. 7298

After inspection, a minor error in the op for the new alt cow thread has been fixed from thread #5 to thread #10. Hopefully this makes things easier to catalog. >>>/snow/730576

No. 7307

Selfie editing thread in /ot/ deleted for obvious vendetta chan.

No. 7315

>>>/ot/327649 Locked for obvious bait and same fagging.

No. 7360

Could Admin post a notice regarding the 504 server error that is resulting in multiple posts? It is leading to infighting and wasted comments discussing it in various threads.

My latest (my device would not let me screencap):

Error 504
Ray ID: 47ed74987c546da2 • 2018-11-24 17:05:35 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

No. 7443

> Thread topics in /ot/ targeting specific races or nationalities won't be tolerated any longer

yesss thank you that fetid shit was clogging /ot/ so bad I just stopped reading altogether.

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