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File: 1540596990142.jpeg (221.79 KB, 740x907, B3D2B391-6A26-46EA-BDB4-6B14A7…)

No. 592255



>30-something year old scratcher who works in an unlicensed ‘tattoo salon’ comparable to a shack, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo competently results in permanent damage

>Former MySpace ‘scene queen’ with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore and self-proclaimed international cover model and ‘real life Final Fantasy character’
>Incapable of talking about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be not only well-versed but Ivy League educated in psychology, astronomy and quantum physics despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields
>Posts embarrassing videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a ‘sword fighter’
>Fakes an atrocious British accent
>Outed by admin for selfposting and samefagging hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her/dated her in real life
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and Kiwi Farms, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved


>Still believes she is a celebrity

>Leaves her victims with unfinished tattoos and doesn’t remember her appointments so she relies on posting Facebook statuses, hoping her ‘clients’ see them and reach out to her
>Repeatedly claims she is a tomboy and “not like other girls” while never being seen without ten pounds of makeup, cheap extensions, lot lizard attire and shooping her boobs into orbit
>Her shooping has become even sloppier and she always captions her photos “no Photoshop or make up!” with horrendously obvious Photoshop and bountiful amounts of drag queen make up present
>Claims she skipped an appointment because she was kidnapped (and “intimated” her captor into letting her go, possibly her most outrageous lie to date) and refused to return customer’s deposit on the basis of this claim
>After her brother was busted with kiddy porn she claimed he was framed by his ex
>Social media posts include an increasing proliferation of Islamophobic and right wing nonsense in an obvious attempt to pander to the handful of neckbeards she calls fans

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder/



No. 592264

ah… i'll never forget her leaving her 'I'm not late I've been kidnappeddd! so no you can't have your deposit back! no self-respecting tattoo artist would ever give a deposit back for such a situationn' message with the taxi company next door.

totally legit.

I don't remember if Vick's victim ever shared her name, but whomever you are: Thank you still, for providing verification of what a leech Ms. Shingles is.

No. 592268


I’d love an update from review anon as to how she is going with the legal proceedings/getting her deposit back

No. 592279

Third this

No. 592284

Also, she's been using the same par of socks and shorts for months and recently tried to convince people that she has "too many pairs".

No. 592291

I honestly don’t understand the shorts because it’s freezing cold in Ontario. The thirst levels are peaking,

No. 592311

She rarely leaves the house, so she probably just wears the same crusty shorts inside where it's warm everyday while she sits at the computer. She does strike me as the type to wear fuck all even while it's cold though. Gotta have those 'model' compliments on her body by random men you see.

No. 592322

As if she gets any compliments irl when she hasn’t got assistance from photoshop to make her look like something that isn’t a potato

No. 592392

Iirc her lawyer told her it wasn't worth it so she decided not to procceed. She talked about it, too lazy to dig her posts up though

No. 592747

File: 1540779008422.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 750x1334, 557B8A66-A761-459B-AB20-B12F05…)

People are laughing at you! Not with you you crusty old hambeast! Nice(don't use emojis)

No. 592842

File: 1540809094456.jpg (389.34 KB, 1080x1357, 20181029_062622.jpg)

why none of her friends irl call her out on doing this hand shit baffles me. it would be amazing if she walked around doing that in public.

No. 592848

All her friends look like they barely tolerate her. She looks horrible even with all those filters, I bet the dude is tolerating her because she's an easy lay

No. 592851

Considering that nonone irl calls her out for lying, butchering peoples bodies, shooping her selfies etc, it's not surprising no one calls her out for a hand pose lmao, would you? That would be a real dick move, even if it does look stupid. It really shouldn't baffle you. This thread is getting boring and ridiculous

No. 592852

I'm more baffled by the caption lol. You're out with your friends, why are you thinking about lolcow, and why is she implying someone has said she weighs like 300lbs. No one has said you're morbidly obese, Vicky, we just know your body doesn't look like your shoops.

No. 592868


I can’t believe she goes out in public wearing those stupid amazon “tactical” gloves that’s pretty damn funny if you ask me

No. 592877

>hangs with friend wearing your epic motocross glove
>still obsessing over lolcow

Can you imagine this interaction?
Vic -‘Hey do you think I look fat irl?’

Guy -‘uhh’

Vic -‘omg lmao right that’ll show the haters!!’

No. 592921

Lmao I know this guy Vicky is like 8 years older than him. Always hanging with a younger crowd because people her own age can’t stand her. Sad

No. 593007


In this day and age you can never tell when a pack of ninjas will hold a busload of people hostage and Vicky with her expertise and personal exp getting kidnapped will be called on to save the day!

No. 593010

>>592842 because she has no friends irl. Man we must get to her. I bet she thinks about this website 24/7. She’s ALWAYS making a post or video about the “hatersss” she clearly doesn’t care about us at all

No. 593103

File: 1540868071803.jpg (191.44 KB, 607x852, Screenshot_2018-10-29-20-49-44…)

Sure Vic, stop lurking and get a real job.
She's been reading her threads too much lately, it's sad.

No. 593105

File: 1540868467322.jpeg (179.27 KB, 750x977, A264610D-9508-4E5A-AFF4-914EB7…)

>yes m’lady quite the savage

No. 593106

File: 1540868691672.jpeg (103.57 KB, 750x654, 54B43BC0-BA38-4620-B109-8A0376…)

Doublepost but I checked out that guys Instagram and oof
>no! I am the night goddamit

No. 593108

File: 1540869054834.png (88.23 KB, 564x426, Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 8.09…)

lmao dont flatter yourself vic

No. 593111

It's all about those boys!!! Jfc Vick, make it any more obvious that all you think about is dick.

No. 593112

File: 1540869768455.gif (411.1 KB, 250x250, CDAD9956-2CC6-4BC2-BB79-4163C2…)


Bitch where? You’re not a threat to anyone of any gender. If anyone wants to keep others away from you it’s because you’re fucking unhinged.

No. 593114

>I am the night
>and I am the dumb

No. 593115

File: 1540871046455.jpg (18.25 KB, 451x451, 1493362090413.jpg)

>Islamophobic and right wing nonsense

No. 593116

this also means she's claiming to be 100 pounds? remember vic, review anon posted herself in the same dress as you in your own shack mirror saying she was a size 7 pant so you can stop claiming to be a ~size 00 waist seww tiny and cute~

No. 593124

File: 1540874805170.jpeg (369.63 KB, 750x1046, 6E141BEB-E585-4FFD-B071-CE68D0…)

he’s got her @ in his bio, i feel like this poor guy has no idea what he’s in for

No. 593152

>my friend Matt

Yet he has her @ with a fucking heart next to it in his bio. Either that escalated real quick or she’s still desperate for everyone to know that she’s single and can totally be friends with dudes because she’s such a tomboy and not like other girls.

No. 593159

File: 1540887670733.png (389.47 KB, 640x1136, 802A10CC-0230-473A-A010-1D70AD…)

Mainly a lurker so sorry if I do something wrong, but lol that guy not only reposted her photo but then put this on his story?? Also she keeps posting in the comments of that photo that he’s single for anyone who says he’s cute. Weiiirddd

No. 593163


looks like vic found herself a match, an obsessive male cow


you can't sage in /pt/

No. 593170

Weird indeed. Tinfoil but she does seem like the kind of ho to bang dudes but insists on being non-exclusive/no strings attached in case someone better comes along so she could be pulling this kind of shit or similar with this poor dude. If he doesn’t realise he has been catfished after meeting all 299lbs of her in the flesh then he is even more desperate than she is.

No. 593186

So I was at the Opera House years ago when her and bunny walked in a "fashion show". First off, bunny looked great. Vicky tho…like…I knew she was short, but she is literally a different shape all together in person. It wouldn't come off as such a bad thing if she just embraced it as opposed to completely transforming yourself online. Not sure who she really loves…herself or the one she created through Photoshop.

But anyways, approached her, bunny, and casperella outfit for a smoke. After casperella claimed that she "think someone spiked her drink", they were all just pretty dismissive and rude, walked across the street where no one else was, and smoked by themselves.

No. 593190


>keeps posting in his comments that he's single for anyone who says he's cute

>Translates to "Do you fancy my boyfriend? Aren't you jealous he's miiiiine? Coz he is you know.. Nobody can compete with my beauty, intelligence or wit.. and if you try I will feel superior to you, did I mention he's MY boyfriend?.."

Fucks sake icky.. just stop it. This is the kind of stupid insecure shit you do in your fucking teens NOT your thirties.

No. 593200

This guys like 24 and Vicky is 31 that’s pretty sad on her part

No. 593201

File: 1540907995861.jpeg (130.83 KB, 750x844, B8B917BD-7C98-4337-85FB-5B0722…)

No. 593202

File: 1540908052735.jpeg (121.99 KB, 749x836, 2409E861-178B-47B7-9C77-5D7C36…)

She doesn’t outline anything and the logo is so wonky how does this tattoo already look a decade old

No. 593212

>>593200 I honestly don’t think the age difference is too awful, especially knowing Vic’s mental age.

And here’s proof of her mental age. This is not how you think in your 30’s. Every thing she says here is something a middle schooler would say.
>>593105 and this guy seems a bit stalkerish, wanting to meet her for years and years. Boy Vic, you sure know how to pick em.

No. 593233

im starting to question if she's taking advantage of some poor autistic kid

No. 593240

I like how exaggerated she is. Nobody says your 300lbs just that you shoop your body and tits to unrealistic looks. And then she has to post it on Instagram to be like SEEE I AM A SMOL GURRRRRLLLLL. JEALOUS BITCHESSSSSSS. She’s extremely insecure

No. 593251

I would say this guy can do better than Vic based on appearance but given that he's so thirsty for her…maybe they're a perfect match?

No. 593256

File: 1540919742716.jpeg (215.76 KB, 750x926, 500F30CD-8076-42AA-B2F8-976685…)

Are u sure

No. 593261

File: 1540920158223.jpeg (185.99 KB, 750x995, 5F840B13-6860-4FC1-BFCD-BD345B…)

same pose, same crusty leather jacket, same makeup, same hand-on-the-face-to-hide-the-chins nonsense. so predictable.

No. 593275

File: 1540922263909.jpeg (119.66 KB, 750x827, D0C74FDE-E4D9-46D2-88D3-7C2D6B…)


What a goddess

No. 593287

…Okay. I take that back. Haha

No. 593288

Saddest 31 year old I've ever seen tbh

No. 593343

Oh come on, there’s plenty of things about Shingles for us to rip on, this is not one of them. Even if she wasn’t immature this wouldn’t be an issue. It’s not like he’s a teenager.

No. 593344

Agree hard. I also don't think the poor guy is ugly, I am just worried about his iq.
I literally cannot comprehend the munchkin-night-batwoman conversation (but I think it's mostly Vicky's fault)

No. 593371

File: 1540942981067.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, A6EDAB52-FE66-4B08-954A-7DF444…)

I guess they’re dating now? Poor guy will learn the hard way I guess

No. 593373

That’s what we are discussing, anon. His bio implies that they are but she keeps telling everyone in the comments that he is single.

No. 593375

Sorry anon. I didn’t see the above posts. I can’t keep up with the milk it seems

No. 593384

File: 1540949013212.jpg (661.43 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20181030-212142_Chr…)

Only Vicky has to offer "fat Halloween deals" on shoddy tattoos to get business. That free hour will probably be comprised of her talking about judging tattoo conventions in Argentina while she traces your design off of Google.

No. 593390

File: 1540951519031.jpeg (70.36 KB, 750x989, 09993A54-DFCA-4EF9-ACCD-5E01A3…)

No. 593394

File: 1540952020633.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 3922BD90-D8B6-436A-93B9-AEE119…)


Her legs are full of stretch marks and cellulite. She seriously drew a shadow around her leg to make to look smaller I’m dying and you can see where she blurred and shooped away

No. 593411

Or forcing you to watch her demonstrate her “epic sword fighting skilzzzz”

No. 593417

File: 1540958724350.jpeg (108.83 KB, 640x1136, AF1CEA6A-37D8-4E12-98C8-38F626…)

Samefag, but I just wanted to upload some of the comments that really made me question whether he’s delusional or what

No. 593420

File: 1540958857149.jpeg (99.09 KB, 640x1136, BC1688FD-6BB1-408A-81E0-CFB920…)

No. 593421

File: 1540958882202.jpeg (95.9 KB, 640x1136, 8C6EFC87-7F87-4258-808B-EB5931…)

No. 593422

File: 1540958951403.jpeg (121.12 KB, 640x1136, DB4BDFEC-E487-41B8-A620-DED9D3…)

And the last of my milk for now. They met about a week ago, she gave him a shitty snake tattoo. This is on his photo of his sad looking arm on his profile

No. 593432


She didn’t do that tattoo read the caption. New tribe is a tattoo shop downtown Toronto where Vicky would never be able to work lmao

No. 593434

I was just gonna come back to this, my bad, she just implied she was the snake…. I just… totally misread that lol. Either way this is her only interaction on any of his posts. Though his feed seems to have picked up a bit of a following from that week, look at his older posts vs the last week, 3-9 likes to 15+. Srry for tinfoiling a bit there>>593432

No. 593445

that's her go-to any time someone speaks facts/truth, some major projection going on there.

everything looks so flat too, like there's no difference in color between the sky and car that it's all just gonna blend together eventually.

No. 593502

you know the most hilarious thing about that shoop (that she is pretending was a shoot and not self-timed) is that she claimed to have painted those pictures in the back but they're clearly photoshopped in. I bet the images are on google somewhere. she's very proud of her work and the only painting up in her shack is one of Marilyn Monroe.

No. 593553

tldr among other things.

She claimed ISIS tried to recruit her as their leader in a cab. She also posted a breitbart tier article on how people were told to take off their flagpole with the flag and how the left is coming for national pride now. Then she ranted about it a bit.

In reality it was because the flag pole was on someone elses property.

No. 593558

File: 1540999767418.jpeg (300.61 KB, 1242x1992, B6D244FA-E818-49A5-AC47-80C9DD…)

VICKY HONESTLY KILLS ME. This is the most natural picture of her I’ve ever seen yet she claims to be wearing 4 x the normal amount … okay then

No. 593559

ISIS tried to recruit her… as their Leader???
I guess it's a testament to her Ninja skillzzz.

No. 593560


Omg an almost honest picture?!?! Has she gone mad? Lol tbh even for a goofy picture this is a ton better than the normal Vick monstrosity

No. 593564


her age is really showing in this. i know she'll claim its her "makeup skillzzzz" but you cant paint on those eye bags. not to mention this was shot on a potato as per usual.

No. 593565

File: 1541001081066.jpeg (421.7 KB, 1242x977, 4DBA56E3-8AEA-474C-B21F-BA4BAF…)

I roll my eyes so hard at her I’m scared they’ll get lost in my head

No. 593573

I've never encountered anyone as far up their own ass as Icky is. It's just unfathomable levels of shallow.

No. 593604


Did this cake face seriously just try to claim she doesn’t wear foundation? HILARIOUS

No. 593609

It's hilarious to me that on Halloween, Vick's idea of 'being something you're not' is simply being her natural self. Also, holy eyebags Batman.

No. 593612


first of any a dude who is 5' 3" isn't about to be hit on all night. more likely to be escorted out of the bar like the toddler you are, vic.

No. 593613

File: 1541012760362.png (195.08 KB, 500x278, tumblr_inline_p7rbayN0Qm1ul9dj…)

sorry four the double post and absolutely no disrespect to john mulaney but i would have to imagine that this is what would be going through the heads of anyone who sees her in her "uwu ronnie radke super badazzz emo boiiiii" getup in person

No. 593641

Tbh that’s the only photo of her I’ve ever seen that she looks like an actual 3 dimensional human being.

No. 593647

Fam, she has posted actual breitbart articles amongst similar racist shit from other “news” outlets. There are caps in the previous thread for anyone who missed it >>593115
She has achieved full neckbeard status.

No. 593829

She looks pretty good there. That style suits her far more than anything I've ever seen her wear. It's not glamorous but at least she looks kind of cute, like a slightly edgy but down to earth mom.

No. 593838

Reminds me of when Lady Gaga had a man disguise, only the makeup is no where near as good.
It literally just looks like she put on foundation.

Also I really don't think Vick knows what the word contour means.
Last time she said her skin was so pale and many girls 'contour to get' what she has, and now she's saying 'girls that have 5 layers of contour'
I mean she's slowly getting there, but I still don't think she fully understands the word.

No. 593886

I kinda like how her real lips look, she needs to stop that "OMG I don't wear foundation" (and actually wear less foundation), BUT MOSTLY, those overdrawn lips, they look ridiculous. And her lip shape is not that bad… Or maybe we're just used to see a fucking clown with baboon lips and anything else is better…. I don't know yet.

No. 593907

There is nothing wrong with her real face besides her teeth, which is what makes her drag queen make up and disastrous shooping all the more hilarious. It’s like she’s trying to make herself look worse.

No. 593917

Same. It's a combo of the overlining and the way she tries to 'pout' for her photos. If she wasn't trying so hard to pout and lost the tranny liner, her lips would look nice enough. It's not like she has NO lips like Lainey, but she definitely doesn't have these giant baboon lips she tries to pretend she has.

No. 594107

File: 1541106343960.jpeg (70.91 KB, 750x408, 789EB487-D6A8-40AD-9386-B89A3A…)


MUH ~icy eyezzz~

No. 594113

She doesn’t even know which “there” to use. Muh geniusssss IQ.

No. 594481

File: 1541173528487.jpg (296.72 KB, 1080x1479, Screenshot_20181102-114408_Ins…)

I don't think anyone could ever love Shingles more than she loves herself. If I had a nickel for every time she says this shit about eventually being a hot old lady despite looking 40 irl.

No. 594504

Stupidly hot. More like stupid with hot flashes.

No. 594515

>as i was moving ahead occasionally i saw brief glimpses of stupidity

No. 594524


She still looks the same as when she was 20 in the way that she never grew out of her scene phase. She looks like a hag

No. 594527

Well… she has looked like a haggard, chainsmoking, whiskey-swigging ‘80s rock mom since her twenties, so…

No. 594568

Someone needs to come get inaspiralstate before he embarrasses himself any more than he has already with this whiteknighting cringe. He is going to great lengths to blow smoke up her ass and she just keeps reiterating that he is just a friend and single. Like dude, have some self respect. You’re thirsting over Walmart Lita Ford minus the talent, not a supermodel.

No. 594571

Ew she is so full of herself. And she's always looked old and used up.

No. 594573

Dude might be even more pathetic than Vic tbh

No. 594577

File: 1541197974883.png (932.43 KB, 640x1136, A87805C7-0D27-46EC-97A0-603424…)

! I only started reading/posting in this thread bc that guy seems like someone who is genuinely… alright? Like yeah, they’re all sceney weenie emo kids in their 30s but I just wanna see either her acknowledge just one of his comments or for SOME internal realization happen for him! Pic related, his IG story makes me feel a bit bad

No. 594604

File: 1541206954503.png (3.63 MB, 750x1334, 66DBA667-1EA7-4A69-B461-60922D…)


Icky looking like a 48 yr old washed up Las Vegas Call girl

No. 594613

Lmao was impressed with Vicky’s nose shoop until I zoomed in and saw that it wasn’t Vicky at all. This woman looks 100 times better than Vicks tbh

No. 594616

Who's this? At first I thought maybe Sticky got a nose job but then I noticed the name…

No. 594629

Are y’all ok? This is Vicky with a million filters and a .4 megapixel camera as per usual. Stop flattering her.

No. 594716

File: 1541251490068.jpg (243.21 KB, 750x1281, Image-1-1.jpg)

mrow is a highlight on her page

No. 594720

File: 1541252765402.jpeg (627.93 KB, 750x1105, 4ABFDC90-556D-4224-B695-E2E8F9…)

Fuck me, the editing… Every time she does something with her mouth (blowing kisses with those greasy baboon ass lips, sticking her filthy tongue out for no discernible reason) I feel like I need to soak my brain in bleach. Wtf is this supposed to be? She looks like a completely different person, holy shit

No. 594723

File: 1541255089599.jpeg (104.89 KB, 1242x2208, received_544982455972175.jpeg)

Her brother is on Tinder… Spread this shit like wildfire so no other naive, unsuspecting girls get involved with this pedo. I'm surprised they're even allowing him to use the internet with all the child pornography he had obtained.

No. 594734

I wouldn't worry anon, with a greasy mug like that I cannot imagine him getting many hits

No. 594739

I don’t know how Canada s/o laws work but here in the states tinder would be off limits to a convicted sex offender and a violator would probably do some time if caught. Pretty stupid thing to do while awaiting court on cp charges. Obviously this family missed out on higher functioning brains.

No. 594762

Uh - look at the hand tats. Definitely Slick Vic.

No. 594773

Again with the wonky and square eye.

No. 594776

He's been charged, hasn't been convicted yet. You can use the Internet before your conviction, while your trial is ongoing.

No. 594780

Yeah I figured he could but in my mind it’s still very dumb before a trial. I might be out of touch a bit but isn’t tinder used for random hook ups? And used by younger people, like teens? I understand innocent until proven guilty but we all know it really isn’t like that at all, especially for cp. They don’t charge based on rumors, there has to be tangible proof.

No. 594905

File: 1541300566576.png (2.55 MB, 750x1334, 4F4D9AED-9352-4FE6-8F82-6468E4…)

Latest butchery. Do you suppose she “hid” her accent when this real Brit came to her shack?

No. 594913

She's actually been called out by people who are from the same region and she just deleted their comments and blocked them. She's also scammed people by canceling appointments and keeping deposits. So my guess is she would cut the session short with some bullshit excuse then avoid the person and perhaps even make some lie-ridden shitpost for validation.

No. 594919

besides the giant gem, i have no idea what any of this is supposed to be. it's smashed next to existing tattoos and as usual there's no dimension in anything.

No. 594935

These jewel tattoos look so awful. Through all of the Shingles threads, she keeps giving her clients these horrid tattoos. I can only imagine how awfully they are aging. How do they keep getting them?

No. 594949

File: 1541311712539.jpeg (383.34 KB, 750x619, 65B68512-E25C-4FCD-891E-9AFF33…)


This sloppy shit show is nothing to be proud of. I feel bad for her victim

No. 595038

File: 1541338708317.jpg (701.13 KB, 1068x1684, Screenshot_20181104-083852_Ins…)

Looks like even her neckbeards agree that it's shit. 80 likes kek

No. 595065

This is one hell of a hot mess. Half of it already looks blown out. Someone needs to take that tattoo machine from her.

No. 595073

Those thick black lines tho.

Seriously, wtf is this? I’d cut off my arm if it looked like this mess. And she’s super proud of this. It looks like an adult coloring book page and for a tattoo that’s not a good thing.

No. 595075

File: 1541344790108.jpg (218.95 KB, 1068x1171, 1541338708317 (1).jpg)

I tried to remove all Icky's editing so the design was clearer and more like what I imagine it looks like IRL. This poor fuck. Everything is off place (look at the bottom peak to the top line, it's so wavy and fucked up). The bottom half is almost ok except in less then a year it's gonna look like a big blue blob, while the top part and diamond look rushed and messy. Why someone would travel from the UK to get permanently fucked up by some Canadian white trash washed up myspace hag I will never understand. This person is actually retarded.

No. 595077

File: 1541344980062.png (260.09 KB, 405x420, Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 10.2…)

It's hard to look at tbh. But I feel no sympathy for this victim as they willingly flew from the UK (apparently) to get this. If you don't check a tattoo artist reviews, shop reviews, or past work you are truly an idiot.

No. 595084


Their elbow is in the center of this pic. She barely got the ink into the callused skin, and what she did get in will slough out within months. Some areas of skin simply cannot be tattooed.

No. 595285

For someone who totally has judged tattoo conventions internationally she sure knows what she’s doing! She catfished this poor bastard with her online persona and false claims. But at the same time it is his fault for falling for the bullshit

No. 595336

Symmetry be damned!

No. 595369

File: 1541394590461.jpeg (159.74 KB, 750x807, 0C5094CC-846F-4266-8CDF-4E0E81…)

Look spoiled milk. good job guys . I can only imagine what their sex would be like(emojis)

No. 595371

File: 1541394784198.jpeg (119.01 KB, 750x764, 11E7B8A5-2262-4023-ABB8-139DC8…)

Samefagging here But I believe she would butcher some client on purpose because her bfs tat she did looks different asf maybe she wants to be the one with the best tattoos in her mind failing to realize to there are other artists who don’t play these games. Can’t fuck up her bf to bad she is to look at him. but due to placement this tat is like
A 5 or 6 at best out of 10

No. 595413

After going to great lengths to tell everyone he was single, desperation got the better of her. I hope this proves to be a milky union.

No. 595422

I get the feeling it would be smelly.

No. 595449

Also no other grown woman fell for her "try and take him/fite me, coz he's miiiine and he'll choose MEEEEEEEE over you" shite.
Ughh she's literally the female gurg, if there was a LolGod I'd pray for the icky/gurg coupling, the Adam and Eve of all cows.

No. 595511


I once hitchhiked across from Vegas to LA and I don't think I suffered as much thirst as these two. Oh I'm sure it will be milky AF since old Vick thinks shes the shit and anyone she perceives looking at her man will receive the blunt end of her leet ninja skills.

No. 595535

I feel bad for the dude. He's nearly a decade younger than her, he's likely just young and naive and doesn't know what he's in for.

No. 595546

That doesn't account for having eyes, anon

No. 595655

She couldn’t pawn him off to anyone else so she said fuck it. Desperation must weigh heavy on her.
Her last boyfriend lasted two months. I think this guy is desperate enough to stick his dick in crazy. He seems weirdly clingy and looks like someone who probably cries a lot.
I’d bet Vicky would cheat on him and he would still stick around. I love Vicky milk.

No. 595656

This guy is hideous…

No. 595658

I don't see them lasting more than 1-2 months max.

No. 595665

I wouldn’t say he is hideous, he could be worse. I mean, he’s not onision. Speaking of which >>595449 this is would be hilarious, but the narcissism/delusion would hit critical mass and destroy the planet.

No. 595670

I can't wait for the inevitable breakup milk!

No. 595684

File: 1541465427461.jpg (295.05 KB, 1080x1538, Screenshot_20181105-194813_Chr…)

so when she posted this on Sunday was it because she decided she wanted him and he didn't want her? then they made up? or did she move on to this sad sap out of desperation when she was rejected by someone else?

No. 595687

File: 1541465674295.jpg (484.01 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20181105-195425_Chr…)

samefag but this also sounds like it's REALLY her lowkey way of defending Laird

No. 595774

My guess is she got rejected by a hotter, saner guy and settled for this greasy-looking dude to try to make him jealous.

No. 595784

Could be about her pedo brother?

No. 595860

Alright, anons. How long do you guys think this relationship will last? How long will it take for him to figure out everything about her is an exaggerated lie. She will probably use him as her tripod and then hashtag it photoshooooot modelllllll

No. 595894

I guess for four months, then he will get bored and realise she's nuts.

No. 596004

File: 1541536291907.png (791.92 KB, 640x1136, 73E28E90-0269-4732-AB12-FF7E21…)

Via the boyfriends story. Her story is stuff like “why believe rumors when you’ve heard rumors about yourself” leading me to believe that she’s convinced him that what they have is a “relationship” lol. They follow each other, bare minimum her interacting with him, if he’s into a low maintenance get treated like shit and dumped for drama in a couple months, then I say Godspeed.

No. 596005

He's met this woman IRL and knows she looks nothing like this, right? Is he as delusional as she is about her appearance? I don't get it.

No. 596009

My theory is they've never met IRL. Either he's a catfish himself, he's retarded, OR (and this is what I think is the most likely) he's a sock puppet account Vic made to make herself feel better.

No. 596011

My theory is he is also a cunt like her, but also a beta with emotional damage so he clings to her every word. He is also likely using her images to brag to the people on the internet who have made fun of him before.

No. 596012


Definitely not a sock he’s just way younger and naive. Is probably aware she shoops her pics but doesn’t know her accent is fake and put on or that she’s a real model. They dated pretty quick if you ask me so he just knows the things of herself that she fed to him

No. 596017

They have pics below together so they have definitely met. My question is how willfully blind and deaf is he?

No. 596018

They met tho? And there was a photo posted. Where have you been ?

It’s just two desperate people thirsty for real like validation.

No. 596130


Anon she branded him in innnnnk.. and she didn't even sneak her own face in, nor was she kidnaaaaaaped during his sesh..that's tru lub [for the socially impaired faction of NarcsrUs].

No. 596193

My take is that he doesn't care and Snapchat/over the top makeup made it so common to not look anything like what you really look like IRL.
Nowadays you pretty much expect girls to have those crazy good pictures on insta and look just meh.

He's just dating her for the clout and having a "hot gf tattoo ninja grill" to show off on his feed.

They won't last long because Vicky loves to pretend she doesn't care but she cares a lot and smother her dates lol

No. 596204

File: 1541555505656.jpg (763.28 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20181106-204937_Chr…)

Bless the fool who pays for what this will end up looking like on their skin after her untrained, filthy hands tattoo it. this being after she overcharges and misses the first two scheduled appointments due to being kidnapped.

No. 596207

File: 1541555639212.jpg (414.13 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20181106-205343_Chr…)

samefag but lmao does this woman live under a rock?

No. 596256

File: 1541563160096.jpg (439.53 KB, 801x1098, 20181106_225848.jpg)

Lmao trouble in paradise already, he probably didn't text back fast enough.

No. 596259


That tattoo is going to be mostly white with no outline. Did she seriously just photoshop a bunch of shitty costume jewelry and tacky shit together and call it a piece she totally made???? She couldn’t even draw it up??! She had to squish together a bunch of images of bullshit together in photoshop? This is fucking hilarious

No. 596261


Every professional artist can custom design a tattoo. Why does she treat it like it’s a big deal and requires lots of talent. I CAN TOTALLYYYYY CUSTOM DESIGN A TATTOO.

No. 596375

This is how she rolls anon. I’d be shocked if she could draw anything. She just mashes things together in photoshop and then stares at her computer screen while she tattoos. Thing is probably covered in biohazardous material

No. 596376

because that chick doesn't seem to know that??? lmao why is it that everytime i come back to this thread there is barely any milk except her still shooping and scratching, yet you all hyperanalyze every little thing she says when it really isn't that deep or milky. when the farmers are as annoying as the cow it's not a good sign lol

No. 596396

Ignore the thread then, shit. The shooping and scratching is a huge part of why the threads even exist.

No. 596459

You’re annoying. Go away.

No. 596478

File: 1541622283162.jpeg (122.55 KB, 743x405, 16190B48-F8A8-4952-A645-91AE19…)


White ink doesn’t last on anybody but Vicky being the amazing tattooist she is has developed a speshul technique to make it last!!!

No. 596480

she just smashes the needle as hard as she can into your skin

No. 596489

File: 1541623495297.jpeg (205.43 KB, 742x1049, DD96DB7B-C264-4371-9B4F-1F3FDC…)

“despite all the effects it captures how my face looks in person perfectly” 😂

No. 596493

File: 1541623675603.jpeg (139.01 KB, 750x753, 6D7E1266-E4B1-40EF-B553-FB5CEE…)

Samefagging here but she Probably looks better without the tacky 80$ synthetic extensions. And if they are real she clearly falls asleep in them and doesn’t take care of them properly.

No. 596496


No. 596543

JFC…look at that arm..

No. 596584


Haha that Halloween last year when she photoshopped shit on herself and called it a costume

No. 596718

File: 1541642303197.png (331.35 KB, 750x1334, A115130F-3984-45C9-AE0E-56AF14…)

Of course they are. Vic is trying to make her loser bf sound more appealing and it’s not working.

No. 596742

Jfc Shingles NO ONE believes you look like this irl, but please, continue being a deluded autist. The only thing I hate more than her barf inducing greasy baboon ass looking lips is when she tries to pout and ends up making them look more like a baboon’s ass. She is putrid. Also, your eyes aren’t ~icy~ or even real green Vicky, they’re the colour of a baby shit. Just no.

No. 596754

Icky Vicky is so proud she finally has a boyfriend. And men are “men” but women are “hoes”. Who’s insecure ick?

No. 596761

File: 1541645945352.jpg (186.39 KB, 1080x920, Screenshot_20181107_215825.jpg)

I love how she talks as if she owns a legitimate and reputable business as opposed to a dirty shack with paper towels and garbage all over the ground and the only employee is her.

No. 596777

>high IQ

This bitch


She is such an insufferable piece of shit. How can someone be this delusional? Vicky, you’re a fat, ugly, stinky, talentless moron. No one wants you or your man. No one even wants to be friends with you on account of you being a monumental thundercunt. Cool it with compulsive lying.

No. 596784

>>596489 literally the most cringe photo caption I have ever seen. I have to remind myself this woman is THIRTY years old. Instead of talking about the haterz and how icy her eyes are and how cute she is in person, she should just simplify everything by saying/captioning “I HAVE LOW SELF ESTEEEEMMMMM”

No. 596788

>>596718 I know everything she says contradicts something she’s said in the past but she contradicts herself like a mf in this single paragraph. FIRST OF ALL, she mentions crazy girlfriends that get jealous that she has guy friend what..like once a month? We get it. Second, lawl girlz act crazy when they are insecure BACK OFF OF MY MAN OR ILL STAB U

No. 596832

this really shows how she has no idea how to design a tattoo, and she left the watermark on the gem kek. also not anywhere near a ~sleeve~, it's a huge piece of crap.

>never seen anyone tattoo gems as accurately as you
google has plenty of examples but go ahead and blow smoke up vic' ass some more.

No. 596840

File: 1541669068331.png (232.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-08-15-54-51…)

The replies are mega cringe

No. 596847

I noticed that. She really hates women.

No. 596867

It's not that she shoops. It's that she LIES about shooping.
And there is plenty of milk. She's not some innocent girl ~getting bullied uwu~
1-lies about shooping and lies about everything in general
2-scars people for life with her shit tattoos and avoids all responsibility and blames them for aftercare
3-drags innocent people online for literally nothing but her own drama
4-steals deposits from customers and doesn't even follow through with tattooing
5-posts racist shit on facebook
6-posts ignorant and uneducated opinons on things that are completely false
7-claims to love women but insults them constantly in fb post like a handmaiden.

But sure, keep defending your stupid girlfriend

No. 596873

Also she JUST got a bf who is as delusional and tryhard as herself.
That will ensure plenty of milk to come.

No. 596874

She's such a hypocrite.
>lads are being respectful

Um what? Has she looked at all her thirsty neckbeard comments on like every picture? Nothing respectful about it!
Also bragging about stabbing people is fucking stupid.
She sounds like Raven.
I also get the vibe he's probably cheating. How does he see his messages/dms? And why would someone ring him freaking out unless it's a girlfriend?

She's probably lying though. If any person DID dm him, Vicky is the type of cunt to out their name and make a huge post about it.
I semi agree with other anon that she's doing this to make him seem more appealing.

Vicky…he looks like a wet rat.
Noone wants him lol

No. 596875

Isn't she meant to be the one that 'treats her lovers coldly' because she's so intj? Sounds like she wants someone to be overly clingy to her because she's needy.

Also…he is SOOOO bound to find out her accent is fake.
What happens when it's time to meet the parents? Unless she doesn't have a dad and then she can lie and say he lives in England and she either stopped talking to him or he died, her story won't add up.
I know she could lie and say 'mum doesn't have an accent because she's canadian' but what about her brother? He doesn't have an accent.
She doesn't realise her lies aren't really something you can keep up with long term. Like you can't marry someone with a secret that big, it's bizarre to even think you could get away with it.
Knew a girl once who pretended to be asian. She claimed her grandmother was chinese.
She would dye her hair black too and only date asian dudes.
Went to her house and her parents were the whitest people ever (and racist)
Red flag alllll over.

No. 596892

In this chicks defense she does think she is a human magpie, whatever the fuck that is. So she is obviously just as delusional as Vic here if she believes she is a bird.

No. 596911

File: 1541697477568.png (402.55 KB, 491x911, Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.1…)

yup lol

No. 596916

She means magpie as in a person who loves shiny things. My friend used to call herself a bowerbird as a joke because she collected blue shit all the time.

No. 596917

Wow Vick. Way to make it obvious you are dating this dude to make someone jealous

No. 596935

Probably her cat.

No. 596939

Nah her cat looks bored or like it wants to leave in every photo. Also, I know it's meant to be a Norwegian forest cat or whatever the fuck because it's big, but I think it's just overweight.

She's really clueless. She first said this dude was single like a lot.
Then she dates him and posts shit about her heart breaking and being a 'hot ex'
I would hate to be that guy and constantly treated like a rebound.

No. 596942

She's just picking up any scrap that would have her at this point tbh, she knows she's old and fat and average looking and getting worse day by day.

No. 596945

Ahhh that makes more sense. I was thinking it was another odd subculture that I’ve never heard of before. You never know these days.
This relationship is making Vic look very desperate and pathetic. Well more than usual that is. She is going against all her brag posts about how cold she is, can do without men and her fake female bond and empowerment. She can’t even fake at being fake.

No. 596959

Lmao scared your bf will leave you for someone his own age eh Vick? Becoming more and more like Raven every day.

No. 597008

I KNOW right? I always draw the comparisons with Vick and Raven in my head.
Raven is definitely future Vick.
They both share a fondness for shit tattoos and shit hair as well.

No. 597038

Vicky is so annoying she's a fine cow at this point

> Oh he's totally single, message him and see what happens ! hehe

> Those HOES in my bf INBOX lmao lol lol u clearly picked the wrong guy to hit on swings katana

I wonder how many of her "close friends" are actually howling with laughter everytime she post something like that. Can't wait for these two to break up.

No. 597104

i know this was posted to bash vicky but holy fuck those men are sooooooo ugly, jesus. she needs to get sober, a real job, and off the internet for a good few months; which she won't but those men are disgusting no wonder she has no motivation to better herself when surrounded by that tbh i'd be an alcoholic too if those were my options.

No. 597118

Wow I didn't even think about the fact she actually asked girls TO message him. That makes the whole 'I'll cut you bitch' thing even worse because she literally POSTED that he's single and to dm him.
What a hypocrite.

No. 597140

Not really a hypocrite, just bad at baiting. Her whole life is one big shitpost.

No. 597146


Not that anon but I still don't find him terribly ugly. He's certainly better looking than Vick.

No. 597149

Yeah he's not hideous. Just looks like an average guy. He could probably up a few points if his hair was either cut or he washed it/styled it different because it does make him look a bit greasy.
And from what I can see he's a bit on the skinny side, and I know it's not important or a big deal, but he does look short and kinda scrawny.

He's definitely not Jason Mamoa or the Rock, but I'm sure if he went to the gym he could probably pull off the jacked, mixed race, lotta tattoos type of look.
At the risk of sounding like Greg, I'd say he's a 4.5 or a 5.
Probably still better looking than Vick unphotoshopped.
I think most of his ugliness comes down to grooming and styling.
Kinda like Vick. She's a below average to average girl, she just makes terrible styling choices and has bad hygiene.

I think a lot of people say he's gross because he's associated with Vick, just like how people would say Billie is ugly because she was with Greg, but all I see is a dumb idiot drawn in by lies and pussy.
If he starts showing cow like behaviour though, it will probably make him appear even more unattractive.

No. 597168

I don't understand how no one has thought to send him a link to this thread, or even previous threads with Icky using her friend with cancer to make up lies about one of her clients that SHE screwed over. All the screenshots are in it so she can't lie her way out of it. If he can read that without vomiting all over the place then they deserve each other. >>597149(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 597187

I don't think he's hideous but he's certainly not fit. Looks skinnyfat. I wonder how that will work with her muh shredding muscle during sword training schtick

No. 597255

Oh we all know that Vick will outdo him in all manner of fitness trials. Her sword flailing and million sets of situps really are inpressive.

No. 597279

File: 1541792231571.jpeg (389.09 KB, 1242x1032, 3D1E6235-ECF0-4B5B-A0DB-417263…)

Looks like Vicky forced her new boyfriend to go private. I’ll bet she’s so excited to have a little puppet to control.

No. 597333

File: 1541802541316.jpeg (260.47 KB, 1242x690, 20E9FE6E-0DCF-4FD2-9005-15C6DE…)

She totally doesn’t read here guise.

No. 597337

The joke behind "asking for a friend" is that you're actually asking for yourself. So this status is implying she's the one who talks about herself every minute of the day lmao. In all seriousness though, if she actually wants us to believe she doesn't read her threads, maybe she shouldn't make it obvious by fucking posting about them. Vicky, you're monumentally stupid.

No. 597348

>asking for a friend
>does not mean what you think it means

Christ you are a fucking moron, Victoria. You claim to be ~such intellectshul~ but you don’t even have a basic grasp of the English language. You can’t spell, you randomly pick words you don’t know the meaning of out of a thesaurus for the explicit purpose of creating salad in order to seem clever but it makes you look like an even bigger dullard. We post about you because you are a garbage person and your life is a train wreck built on compulsive lies, narcissism and a toxic attitude.

No. 597380

After making a clown out of herself by getting caught pretending to be multiple people on this website to compliment herself… even pretend to be males wanting her.. idk how she still acts like this. Totally unaware of herself and delusional

No. 597384

Is she that stupid oml. Also it's not quite 'stalking online' if you post it online like? I'm confused, if you do/say/post something online publicly, it's there for the world to see. I'm confused why she thinks shes so special or important to have a real stalker. But I suppose she would also chalk her negative reviews up to stalkers too, because theres no way she could be a narcissist airhead with a dirty shop who has extremely dissatisfied customers, right? Gotta be fake news, huh Ick?

No. 597399

I was just looking at this guys profile, but isn’t a marathon considered a race? Shouldn’t the saying be ‘not a sprint’? Maybe I’m misunderstanding and the saying is different in Canada. Or maybe Vic found her perfect match.

No. 597429

You’re right anonymous - he’s just dumb and got the quote wrong

No. 597431

It's "not a sprint", but as with many odioms, proverbs, cliches etc., people play broken telephone and it gets changed. It's definitely not a Canadian thing, just a stupid people thing… and he has to be stupid to date someone like her.

I wouldn't be surprised if he made it private because he's actually aware of these threads and saw that he was being discussed. He may be okay with dating a lolcow, but likely doesn't want to become one as well.

No. 597459

File: 1541818156483.jpeg (125.68 KB, 750x318, A4B9181C-5922-4A48-B401-8B724B…)

At what point after behaving like a 17 year old myspace edgelady well into your 30s do you realize it’s time to actually get a job besides scarring people with bad ink and flailing around with the glorified butterknife you got off Aliexpress along with 90% of your wardrobe?

No. 597521

>while i dont even read it
vicky the more important question is are you getting help

No. 597525

She does realize is not just one person doing this?

No. 597526

A whole bunch of people see through the lies.
Your exposed. Give up the act.
Or have fun brainwashing one person into believing you

No. 597618

File: 1541847940986.jpg (59.1 KB, 487x960, 45855293_898163203727804_10864…)

Someone posted the link to the thread lmao. I'm shocked she hasn't hastily deleted it.

No. 597632

Maybe she thinks Anonymous is just one person?

No. 597634

She actually does think that. She has referred to one person on her social media. I think it makes her feel better thinking only one person sees right through her as opposed to how many of us there are in reality. She’s delusional in many ways.

No. 597642

File: 1541855927791.jpg (513.23 KB, 760x1148, Screenshot_2018-11-10-13-04-24…)

It's probably because she samefagged all over the board, she can't understand that nobody else is as fucking stupid as her and anons actually have lives.

Pic related.

No. 597645

I’m shocked this is still on her post! Maybe more people will see through her pathetic web of lies and she’ll grow the fuck up already

No. 597646

She's probably still in a drunken stupor from the night before and hasn't noticed it.

No. 597659

Oh yeah that was funny as hell! I hope the people that come here from post below go and read that first thread. That shows the true Vicky shingles.

No. 597667

>talk shit
>every min of the day
>for 5 to 6 years
>while i don't even read it

if we're to believe she doesn't read these threads, how does she know the other things, haha. she used to spin it as obsession and jealous, she could pretend we're dedicating time to discussing how she's a flawless ninja tattoo goddess or whatever. acknowledging it's negative speak will make ppl curious and likely to wind up here, and there's only so many time she can pull the ~hatuuuurs~ card before they realize how terrible she really is.

No. 597765

Lol she finally deleted the comment. Can't have anyone else knowing the ugly truth, can we Vic?

No. 597814

Peep the autism and fedora nonsense in the comments, kek. Hopefully some of her “fans” read through her documented fuckery before she deleted the link.

No. 598009

File: 1541956818336.png (623.05 KB, 750x1334, 01F629CD-44A4-4684-8EA1-3546F1…)

No. 598021

Ew. It's always the same gross betas that 'compete' for her attention. It's funny how this dumb bitch tells everyone the 'lads are being respectful' but it's obvious this dude is calling her bf a wimp because he's thirsty.

Also, GROSS. She's so the type of girl to buy you a bunch of presents or do nice shit and point it out to you every five minutes.

>I made you brekkie in bed

>yeah like i got up so early and made you brekkie
>do you like that i made it?
>I'm suchba good gf you are so lucky
>posts about it on facebook to brag how good a gf she is

I actually think this is a way to shop for a better bf. How many of those statuses and memes does she like about being the best wife/gf?

No. 598049

File: 1541967476966.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, DAF3A7C5-1667-4276-B4F2-554600…)

She’s her own neck beard! She heart reacted to her own shoop! I’ll post The screenshot to. ⤵️(don't use emojis)

No. 598052

File: 1541967815344.png (189.83 KB, 750x1334, CC581765-AB18-4230-BB6D-6EAEF0…)

Always thought when people liked their own pictures it was weird but this screams narcissism hardcore! Like just wait a min you’ll get likes fucking kek

(Also redid comment to remove emoji but I felt the comment above was relivant.)

No. 598111

People who have to humble brag like this about their relationships, are usually the most unhappiest.

But vicky’s Full time job is sucking her own dick so this is nothing new. We all know this relationship is just social media fodder.

No. 598160

that alex dude calls her gorgeous twice during their comment exchange and that's totally fine, but no girl better talk to her bf.

the backwards corset will never not be funny.

No. 598197

Looks like Victoria’s Secret is out!

No. 598199

I feel as if she orders cheap trash with what little spending money she has off wish then takes multiple photos when it arrives and calls in photo shoot. Hashtag model

No. 598207

Sadly Matt is a real person and having to put up with her shit I used to know him.

No. 598213

File: 1541991831549.jpeg (116.96 KB, 750x609, C3579C4E-5B68-4548-A8C2-69611E…)

U can actually see the shoe from buddy she photoshopped herself over in the pic. Never noticed until now. Not sure if this is old news or not

No. 598214

It's old news, but still funny as hell.

No. 598269

And there’s Frankie!!!

No. 598289

Hahaha I forgot about Frankie. Ahh yes, Frankie…the only professional photog to not have a website or a social media account anywhere.
I feel like Frankie is my favorite Vic lie. Not the kid napping, not the 180 IQ, not even her bowling ball shooped tits that defy gravity.
It’s Frankie….her made up professional photographer aka her tripod. It’s so sad it makes me laugh.

No. 598290

I wonder where Vic learned shiatsu? Probably In Japan while she was there on a modeling shoot and simultaneously judging a tattoo convention. I’m sure they were just so blown away by her skillz that they didn’t even make her take the course.

No. 598467

File: 1542067230897.jpeg (243.2 KB, 1242x1743, 2D92C70B-B28B-4C8C-949E-0974CD…)

Her boyfriend’s account isn’t private anymore and I had to see this.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

No. 598475

myspace mentality confirmed. her room is also incredibly bland, one little plant on a white wall.

No. 598476

Her boyfriend already moved in with her? Maybe he’s only with her for a free place to stay and free tattoos

No. 598509

His hash tags are as cringey as Vicks. Match made in heaven.
#guyswithgreasyhair #terribletattoos #scratchersboyfriend

No. 598591

My bf says (who turned her down multiple times cause he was with someone already?) If she couldn’t post “nice” things she did for her bf she wouldn’t even do it for him oh my phone broke no back rub today lol

No. 598628

I imagine that bed smells like Jack Daniels and Dorito dust.

No. 598674

File: 1542113663661.jpg (98.32 KB, 710x960, FB_IMG_1542113645889.jpg)

I think Vicky lives by this…

No. 598714

File: 1542121721534.jpg (524.13 KB, 1080x1498, 20181113_100532.jpg)

Now she's claiming she understands Spanish. We don't even learn Spanish over here, our second language is French. I guess she just naturally understands every language without having to learn it.

No. 598717

wait, is she claiming that she just woke up one day and magically understood spanish? Aside from the fact that there are some words in that article that are similar to english.

So shes ethier claiming to have magically learned a language overnight or shes asspatting herself for picking up on contextual clues and understanding basic english?

No. 598720

Vicky is so full of shit her "icy eyes" are actually brown.

No. 598721

She did all of her schooling in Canada so she would have learned French - but honestly the Ontario school system does a shit job with it so most people have a very limited understanding. She also did ZERO post-secondary and never travels so it's doubtful she ever had a chance to pick up Spanish. I'm surprised she doesn't lie and say she can read Gaelic at this point.

No. 598748


But she totally went to Spain you guys!!! She has that profile picture where she shooped herself into a background with a hot tub and captioned it Spain!!

No. 598794

File: 1542138245694.jpg (200.94 KB, 1300x355, FAKE LIMO 1.jpg)

Shes been doing that forever, and it's still hilarious. For example, in this photo she photoshopped the interior roof of a hummer limo into her friends shitty car with no headrests (highlighted in blue). I highlighted the similarities in the same colors. She flipped it and made it purple but you can still see the seats from the original photo in the roof reflection. Her entire life is fake.

No. 598795

File: 1542138409890.jpg (106.96 KB, 1162x801, LMAO 11111.JPG)

Sorry for the double post, but I also stumbled across her youtube channel and decided to check out her created playlists and found this from around the time the lolcow threads about her started. But she is totally unbothered, right?

No. 598801

To be fair, I can understand all of that since I'm a French speaker so it's easy to figure out given clues on the similarities of language. HOWEVER, I'm fucking Quebecoise, no way some rando idiot Ontarian has enough of a working knowledge of French to do that.

No. 598808


these are hilarious. thank you Anon. I want to feel bad for her but I just can't. on account of what a trash person she is.

No. 598813

Sauce? Is he a neckbeard?

No. 598855

I like that she shared this photo JUST to tell everyone she understood the Spanish text.
I don’t know any Spanish but anyone with a brain can look at the photo, pick out a few words that are English-similar and gather that this photo is talking about the differences in immunization vs non immunized children in a smallpox outbreak.
It’s called using your brain. I know Vic needs asspats when she actually puts her few brain cells together but Jesus Christ.

A commenter of hers mentioned being able to understand elvish. Watch Vic one up her and say she can read and write fluent elvish.

No. 598980

who cares about calling her 'racist'? surely you have better material than her political views?

No. 598987

being racist isn’t a political view. It merely a contribution to her delisional, dumbass neckbeard status. Please read the thread.

No. 598991

Her racist bullshit is a sad attempt to pander to what's left of her fanbase which is just a handful of sad neckbeards. It's part of what makes her a lolcow. Welcome to the threads though.

No. 598992

File: 1542174641261.jpeg (148.86 KB, 631x987, 57EADA39-6677-4FE3-80C9-5C5B4E…)

lol this ratty edgelady/MySpace leftover is such a hag. I’m glad she’s finally being exposed for what she is; a degenerate trash bag with no real skills outside of (unconvincing) photoshopping. She has been shopping her whole life since day 1 and I’m glad to see her shit exposed here. She has fabricated a life of lies for herself and it’s so pathetic, and she acts like she’s coming from a pedistal any time she interacts with her “fans”. She is as fake as they come. Also her ww2 took place on her forehead

No. 599005

>racism as a political party
>surely you have more material then that?

Are you a fucking idiot? Are you lost?

HA! I think this is actually sorta milky. I mean we already knew all of that spamming was her but I just laugh thinking about her watching YT videos on hacking.
I’m actually amazed she hasn’t added “professional computer hacker” to her resume.

No. 599009

give it time

No. 599021

I think this is the first time I’ve seen her sevenhead in all its glory (ie without those ratty ass scene bangs obscuring it) and holy shit that is terrifying. Even more so when paired with the ass growing on her chin. Woof.

No. 599036

Bunny looks like she’s so embarrassed by Vic…,

No. 599050

Bunny looks more like Shingles than Shingles does here, right down to the ubiquitous stupid hand pose

No. 599056

How have we not seen this before, jesus christ my sides. This is amazing milk, thank you anon.

>Vicky the ethical hacker

She and Maurice should hook up.

No. 599216

File: 1542231551327.jpeg (171.94 KB, 1242x1309, B83D6D29-0F7B-4F9A-9088-0F617F…)

I hope this isn’t a farmer.

Still funny to think Vicky gets all bothered by girls comments to her boyfriend.

No. 599350

She looks pretty there. She looks older, but it suits her more than pretending to still be mistaken for a school girl at 35 or however old she is.

No. 599407

She looks like a washed up Marilyn Monroe drag act but okay

No. 599433

It's funny you said that, because I was going to say earlier that her villain eyebrows that she used to do was clearly a botched attempt at Marilyn Monroe brows.
That Anna Nicole wannabe does the same thing. Courtney Stodden. Look at her insta and she too does the Marilyn brows but wayyy more exaggerated just like Vick. Neither of them have the same facial features nor do they have her pin up style so it just looks like stupid bird eyebrows. Courtney tries to delve in the pinup thing, but I'm sick of these hoes trying to look like Marilyn. I don't even like Marilyn Monroe but the astounding amount of bleach blonde lolcows attempting to emulate her poorly is astounding.
Also if I'm not mistaken, some neckbeard said vick looked like her in a photo and she claimed to get that all the time.

No. 599436

Marilyn had very feminine features and Vic has very mannish ones tbh.

No. 599492

File: 1542300566822.jpeg (160.25 KB, 722x1041, 94D9525B-9A22-4576-A307-9C8195…)

She doesn’t drive or have a licence but you guys can add mechanic to Vic’s long resume of things.

>only worked on small engines


No. 599493

JFC, what can't she do?

No. 599494

open doors, clearly.

No. 599502

Or make believable photoshop.

No. 599515

tell the truth?

No. 599519



No. 599537

She actually had the blonde bombshell pinup look way before MM but MM is a BABE!

I'll never get her eyebrows or how she thinks she looks good in them. She's on social media enough she should be aware of eyebrow trends or pretty much any trend to update her look. She's young enough to keep up with trends that aren't tumblr related.

No. 599552

File: 1542308101570.png (791.96 KB, 750x1334, 5950B962-80A2-440E-83EE-DCEC49…)

She thinks she’s “the perfect nova” while people in the comments shower her with compliments as she attempts to restore her self in the Toronto scene. But we have not forgotten the truth. It’s fucking jokes how she’s like commenting on litterally everyone’s I knows post to cause ya know she has to outdo me in everythiiiiiiingggggg I can’t even put on my shoes with out her somehow doing what she thinks is a better job. Bitch why you so competitive. I’m just trying to live my life???

No. 599564

>opening doors is the gentleman’s job

Serving up tradthot realness. Stupid cow.

No. 599579

Why the fuck is vick so into Latinos all of a sudden?

No. 599582

Because Vic believes she’s a size 0 thiccc babe. I think?

No. 599590

I think it’s because her boyfriend is some kind of latino. I get the feeling that’s why she’s been like “I can actually speak Spanish, I am the most Bella noviaaaaa”. Incoming ~I AM ACTUALLY PART LATINO AND THE BEST LATINO CHICAAAAA YOU HAVE EVER MET~

No. 599592

File: 1542316932166.jpg (16.35 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

i bet shingles is gonna shoop herself into one of these monstrosities soon

No. 599615

File: 1542319718442.jpeg (147.49 KB, 750x1177, EA584438-E2E4-4E05-A3F5-DD0FDD…)


>the lads are being respectful

No. 599726

File: 1542333155042.jpg (338.54 KB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_20181115_205259.jpg)


No. 599727

>the vicky eyelashes and eyebrows
and why is her shit always half finished? like i get some tattoos take more than one session but literally everything she does takes months

No. 599732

Since she blocked me a while ago, can someone link her to these threads via Instagram? Think she knows this even exists?(cowtipping)

No. 599739

Whose bottom eyelashes are longer than their top lashes? But that realism tho

No. 599741

Have you actually read these threads?

No. 599748

Fucking hell, even the tattoo itself looks shocked by how terrible it is. The unlucky recipient of this hackjob scratch mess should sue for damages.

No. 599766

>That wonky eye
>That Michael Jackson nose
>Those shitty snake “scales”
>Fangs and…blood dripping from mouth?

Was Medusa a vampire?

No. 599798

First of all, that’s cow tipping. Secondly, you must be new to her threads. She’s spammed them in the past. She knows we’re here

No. 599802

Calling it now- this cracker pendeja will start drawing on her pencil brows with her black eye liner and lining her lips with it too and then using it to draw a tear drop by her eye then she'll go to the nearest thrift store to get some plaid long sleeve button up men's shirts so she can wear them over white tank tops and after watching half of the TV edit of Selena in the background while shopping herself into the label of a votive candle as la virgin Maria our pasty vic will proclaim herself queen Chola and declare that she personally influenced all chicana style since the beginning of time because she had sharpie brows and a painted lip line in high school in el guelpho

No. 599863

All while remaining a safe distance from the barrio because if she fronted like that in front of gangbangers she’d get her ass beat. I’m sure they wouldn’t take too kindly to her low key racism either.

No. 599899

File: 1542372047096.jpg (311.33 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20181116_074029.jpg)

>shares driving article
>doesn't have a license
>taxis everywhere

kek. gotta stay relevant

No. 600013

>hot guys with tattoos are better than hot ones without!
It's okay to have preferences I guess but that just seems shallow to me. People who are only friends or partners with people because they both have tattoos are the worst kind. It's like they want to one up each other on edgyness or something.

No. 600024

You notice she said tastefulllllll tattoos so that eliminates any partner she has scarred.

No. 600025

Lol some guy wrote something like "chicks without tattoos > chicks with tattoos" and Vic wrote, "Some goofball tried to say most guys dont like tattoos…well thats just bs lmfaooo"

Umm no Vic, most guys probably prefer someone bare over someone covered in tattoos. And there's nothing wrong with that.

No. 600027

the wonky eyes are like her trademark, i don't think any of her recent faces are without them. the fangs are maybe supposed to be snake one but it does read more as vampire.

No. 600040

Yeah definitely. Although I can appreciate the time, art and effort that goes into a tattoo, there's a big reason why people with tattoos are considered to look trashy.
Like it's a stereotype, but for a reason. Her own tattoos make her look cheap.

No. 600041

It's because she bases everything off her own face and if you check out her instagram, there's so many where you see her own uneven eyes.
She self inserts in so much of her own work.

No. 600085

Exactly. There are definitely guys into that look (think Suicide Girls) but they are definitely not the norm. It's called alternative for a reason.

Of course, Vic can't have that. She has to be the ultimate fantasy for EVERY man, damn it!

No. 600123

No, her tattoos are just shit. Mine People usually just ask where I get them done. Arms get touched allot lol Don’t group everyone with tattoos with her silly scratches. She hasn’t been laid in years except for her desperate bf she just manipulated into mowing on her jelly rolls. People with tattoos usually don’t even look remotely close to Vicky. Not would want to. Shops use her as an example of what NOT to do. No one Has the same amount of editing. Because a good shop doesn’t have to edit their work. (Usually when u go to a tattoo artist u don’t put filters on your fucking work lol ) Whenever I see someone without tattoos though it’s almost more rare than seeing tattoos these days. But there are allot of professional looking people with tattoos who wouldn’t touch superficial icky! So I also wouldn’t insult regular people by labeling them in her category Please don’t group everyone with tattoos as a cow. Some people pay 1000 plus for their tattoos and they are actually good! She takes what ever ink she has leftover and just scratches. Part of me wants to say that’s not even a tattoo! I don’t have a preference! If you look good doing u are clean and have some good quality doesn’t matter if u have tattoos or not! And Vicky is gross has terrible quality as a person as her tattoos suck and she’s fake.. no one I’ve met with or without tattoos still acts like this in their 30’s takes a special kind of person.

No. 600124

No, her tattoos are just shit. Mine People usually just ask where I get them done. Arms get touched allot lol Don’t group everyone with tattoos with her silly scratches. She hasn’t been laid in years except for her desperate bf she just manipulated into mowing on her jelly rolls. People with tattoos usually don’t even look remotely close to Vicky. Not would want to. Shops use her as an example of what NOT to do. No one Has the same amount of editing. Because a good shop doesn’t have to edit their work. (Usually when u go to a tattoo artist u don’t put filters on your fucking work lol ) Whenever I see someone without tattoos though it’s almost more rare than seeing tattoos these days. But there are allot of professional looking people with tattoos who wouldn’t touch superficial icky! So I also wouldn’t insult regular people by labeling them in her category Please don’t group everyone with tattoos as a cow. Some people pay 1000 plus for their tattoos and they are actually good! She takes what ever ink she has leftover and just scratches. Part of me wants to say that’s not even a tattoo! I don’t have a preference! If you look good doing u are clean and have some good quality doesn’t matter if u have tattoos or not! And Vicky is gross has terrible quality as a person as her tattoos suck and she’s fake.. no one I’ve met with or without tattoos still acts like this in their 30’s takes a special kind of person. Allot of people prefer the alt look over girl next door. They just don’t prefer Vicky. And she’s gonna have to face that sooner or later.

No. 600151

>>600123 h

I'm having trouble taking you seriously on account of your terrible grammar, writing style and spelling of "a lot". It's as bad as when Icky spells it "alot". People have corrected her over the years and she STILL does it. Because no one is more intelligent than Vic, the all-knowing, talented in every single thing she tries, femme fatale beauty who is sought after by every man and woman on earth.

No. 600231

I think that anon is ESL, fam. Vicky, on the other hand, is just uneducated.

No. 600368

I already stated in my post that tattooed trashy people is a stereotype and that I appreciate the time and effort that is taken with well placed work. I'm not judging ALL people with tattoos, I'm challenging Vick's stupid statement that all men love women with tattoos, which is false.
Yes, there are guys into heavily tattooed women, but like anon said, it's more of a niche market, eg- suicide girls.

Please no other tattoofags come for me, I'm not insulting people with tattoos, just Vick.
Same goes for facial piercings. A lot of people might dig it, but there's definitely a reason it's steretyped as trashy. Literally every girl I know that had a tongue ring/any form of lip/mouth piercing is now pregnant or lives on the dole.

No. 600373

>people usually ask where I got mine done and my arms get touched a lot lol

Good for you. You kinda sound like Vick. Personally, I'd hate if randoms touched my arms randomly.

> People with tattoos usually don’t even look remotely close to Vicky.

Lol. There's alot of attractive people with tattoos, but there is loads that look as gross as Vick.
Also the people that get tattooed by her obviously have shit tattoos as well. So yeah, there are people that look terrible just like Vick.

>Allot of people prefer the alt look over girl next door.

False. It's definitely desired, but not the majority. A lot of mainstream modelling agencies discourage models from getting large tattoos.

>Whenever I see someone without tattoos though it’s almost more rare than seeing tattoos these days

Maybe where you live, but this is definitely not true where I do.

>Please don’t group everyone with tattoos as a cow.

I mean, I wasn't, and I don't think that at all, but Vick is definitely one, and you sound like a cow yourself. Any chance of posting pictures of your high quality tattoos? I'm sure they are much better and less trashy than Vicks. Why, people stop you in the street and touch your arms, they must be AMAZING lol.

Seriously though, learn to spell.
Sounds like you used to be a mate of Vicks and had a falling out.
Care to spill the tea? I'm sure you are sooo much more educated and amazing than Vick.

No. 600431

>I already stated in my post that tattooed trashy people is a stereotype
>Literally every girl I know that had a tongue ring/any form of lip/mouth piercing is now pregnant or lives on the dole.

Lmao its honestly not just the English, you're just a douche. You actually remind me a lot of Victoria, and it's hilarious that you're shitting on her out of all people to make yourself feel better.

No. 600434

I said every girl I know personally. Not every girl that exists. And pointing it out that its a stereotype was to counter Vick (and tattooed bad english anon)'s argument that all men cream their pants over heavily tattooed women and that tattooed people are somehow more superior and more of them exist than regular untattooed people.

Yes, professionals with tattoos exist and tattoos are becoming more and more accepted in society, but that anon is acting like all tattooed people are doctors, lawyers and attractive and there is no such thing as trashy skanks or deadbeat losers covered in tattoos.

Perhaps I came off judgemental, but I really don't have a problem with body modifications. Do what you want. But don't act like everyone prefers tattoos when it's obvious that most workplaces and a lot of people don't like them and there is reasons as to why. It's retarded to claim that most men want tattooed women over the girl next door look.
There's probably billions of men into tattooed chicks but it is definitely not the majority.

Anyway, for the last time, I am in no way anti tattoo or piercing, but sure, go ahead and live in your fantasy world where alternative looking people are the majority and are way more successful and better than normies in every way. And you can keep pretending that most of them are judged for the way they look when usually it's their shitty behaviour.
Yes, I do believe that going on the dole is shitty behaviour, especially because you refuse to get a job because they might tell you to take your precious lip piercings out and there is nothing wrong with your health.
Unless there is a cultural reason your face is covered in metal, then don't blame the system for not hiring you. That's a fucking Raven victim's mentality.

No. 600441

>it's hilarious that you're shitting on her out of all people to make yourself feel better.

People shit on Vick because she's a joke and a nasty person. Not to feel better about themselves. What is there to be jealous of? Some people just wanna bitch about idiots. It doesn't mean they do it to feel better about themselves or they are jelly haters. Why are you even on this site if you don't enjoy shitting on cows?

No. 600489

Really think you missed the point. Vicky constantly compares herself to other women while complaining that she's special and did everything first so it's ironic to present yourself that way while judging her.

No. 601552

>>600489 they really did…
>>600434 only thing that was correct that came out of u is the reason people bitch at Vick your right no one usually does this to feel better. But you seem to. Cause all u do is tear other people down when we r just trying to lul at some cow? Why r u bringing your personal views into this nobody cares? my only point was her tattoos aren’t that good are u trying to defend her by insulting me or something? It’s a sad attempt and not working lmfao I wasn’t gonna say anything I swear… but let’s just start with “I’m not against tattooes” no , you are your just saying that to backpeddle Your original idea. There is shitting on cows and there is acting like one yourself. Thinking your better than everyone. And it is that you believe no one with tattoos or piercings has a job and is a lowlife scumbag. U must be in some rough neighbourhoods homie , I stated people look good WITH AND WITHOUT tattoos now your just being a bitter cunt lmfao whatever I’m sooo sad /wrist/wrist (I actually don’t give a rats ass in case u have a problem understanding my English) Now you look just as botherd as Vick and blowing shit out of proportion when someone doesn’t agree with her.. (not the only one who’s stated this) ^ like why r u so fucking mad? I wasn’t saying everyone has to desire tattoos or drop dead lol my point was I can still not like her tattooes and like regular tattoos because I don’t believe hers are professional? I don’t believe everyone with tattoos has to be desirable to you because I don’t give a fuck what is? To Don’t flatter yourself I just don’t believe everyone with tattoos is scum like Vick sorry that triggers u and u can’t change my mind, I said what I said. Interperate that how u want. But no I’m not saying u have to like what I like. That’s fascist af I’m simply saying don’t group everyone with tattoos as that single persons actions? Like who the fuck hurt you so bad? My only point was She’s not a professional artist I don’t know what the fuck your going on about? your the one getting all mad still commenting thinking everyone with tattoos is like this cow. When in actually they are not. And your conservative ass HATES hearing that?! Doesn’t it?… You just seem bitter. While others are actually contributing to the board. Not everyone has to like my tattoos either? I get them for ME and don’t give two fucks about your validation? I like them. And if that bothers u who cares lol I’m not saying the only successful people in the world have tattoos actually. I’m not saying they don’t. That’s delusional and shallow either way, with or without the tattoos in the example and If that’s how you define someone is just by their looks. Which is what other anon is probably talking about Your not much better than the cow we are discussing? That’s the way she thinks. Insecure and Shallow. All looks. Cares if the internet agrees with her opinion just like you :) god r u sure u aren’t the same person? Your literally contradicting all of your words, and I understand what your trying to say… your just classist. I have an AMAZING job. So there goes that theory out the window. Pays well to, school was worth it. And so is hard work. Maybe u just are surrounded by nasty sluts and taking it out on everyone when u should of chosen better friend groups. Because I keep trash like that away from me lol sounds like the baby mama crew from the home town I avoid like the plague But again your assuming peoples character just because They have tattoos. Saying “I’m not against them” So many contradictory assumptions based on my in the grey area opinion? Which was nice? No one is victimizing themselves your the only one victimizing anybody? but tell me again how it’s affecting my career? I have hand tattoos never had a problem getting a job before I found my career either It’s 2018 I’m just saying that some people may not care enough to agree with your and even my judgement because normal people generally tend to focus on themselves this board isn’t to tear people down it’s to just expose what’s already been exposed and share the milk for lolz and expose the fakes I’m glad I avoided getting a tattoo by her! your taking this to seriously man… Because I honestly forgot about my comment a while back ^ here your still mad that not everyone is in LOVE with the girl next door look. And hates tattoos and agrees with u. Some people just find it boring in a world of diversity. I personally like fat black chicks, lol (I can’t take u seriously sorry) You sound as insecure as Vick lol there are all looks all sizes tattoos scars markings and none. Plus size skinny. All sorts of shapes and sizes! As long as your real about it. If you don’t like it don’t look because after a while people r gonna stop reading these comments and u know go back to their real lives eventually… If you don’t like that people have another opinion than u and u are condescending maybe the internet isn’t the place for people like you and Vicky lol most people aren’t dicks like u. allot of people in these threads are actually more on the body positive side wondering why people edit their natural shape if anything. It’s fascinating. And just exposing reality. The differences Your just being classist and labeling where u see fit. huge difference. if you only wanna here your truth you may not always like the answer… I thought it was a discussion but your so cunty u had to turn it negative. And Now it’s low grade trolling? Idk Maybe you are just trolling but this is the last and only reaction you’ll get out of this I guarantee none of which seem positive and no one seeems to agree with u , next topic? Sorry but not everyone with tattoos thinks like Vic. If anything you do^ which someone else seemed to notice This isn’t your conservative world. And other people than u exist. If anything your insecure ass is more like minded and shallow… Also no ones victimizing themselves. I just don’t agree with your opinion because you contradict yourself Why is that so hard to understand? I think my English is okay? Maybe u just can’t read. U get what u give lol and I ran out of fucks. Have a good day man lol if you group everyone with tattoos with someone like Vick someone may disagree as much as u wanna say “I’m not being judgemental” you are? Everything u say conflicts itself. You look like a dick on an anon board. Which other people seem to agree to^ Who cares big whoop I don’t even know who u r man. Nobody does or cares Don’t overthink it to hard lol no one cares that I like tattoos and no one cares u don’t and guess what people still don’t care! I’m done with this topic your so stuck on it! But I’m the “victim” okayyy then lol I’m bored NEXT >>>>
Thanks your actually right. Also this website froze and sent my post as double which didn’t help. Not letting me remove the second one. Which for some reason had to keep itself there. Other than that I mostly observe because my English isn’t super amazing and I get tired of over explaining lol most people don’t seem to mind though.(pure autism)

No. 601558

File: 1542640750113.jpeg (100.38 KB, 750x938, D8EF8A4D-6237-44EB-AF51-6A594C…)

Looks like her new man is having a pretty rough go this year… Lol maybe this is why he settled… makes me think of the song desperation by Eminem.

No. 601562

File: 1542641179142.jpeg (105.04 KB, 643x820, 58ab7850ee98c.jpeg)

good luck with all your endeavors anon

No. 601667

This post is brought to you by methamphetamine.

No. 601668

File: 1542653392054.jpeg (167.61 KB, 750x855, F075D599-3920-4A25-94B3-ECF7D4…)

Why does she type like such a fucking autist. I always have such a hard time reading her bullshit. She tries so incredibly hard to sound smart and then it just comes off as 100% autism.

Vicky, you’re the most insecure person I know from your over edits of every picture to your whole persona. You also put down every woman to try and make yourself feel better. If someone mentions something you have to be better and did it firrrrrrrst. Maybe you should actually practice what you preach and you would be slightly more likeable

No. 601669

File: 1542653734777.gif (1007.38 KB, 300x186, tenor.gif)

No. 601785

This Anon is my hero

No. 602015

Thanks for the laugh anon

No. 602339

>>601562 Claims to not read it, of course, understandably to get the triggered femanazi bothered. Fails, and obviously reads it anyway. You kind of are a hero.
All the above^^^ Looks like everyone’s in good supply today, also You can’t single out autism it’s a whole spectrum! And neither sides of the argument makes any sense at all. Why do some of the anons sound like The ham-beast herself now? Just drawing out a background subject… Is she self posting again? is this an attempt at a distraction?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 602346

File: 1542765868632.jpg (892.38 KB, 1080x1698, Screenshot_20181120-205355_Chr…)

Congrats on not contributing anything and shitting up the thread as much as anyone else while pretending to be better than everyone else.


I swear, she will discuss the politics concerning any country other than the one she grew up and currently lives in.

I'm kind of thinking her bf is using her for free or cheap tats? It doesn't specifically state in the caption that she did it but who else has that tacky red and gold interior? And this is the third tat he's gotten from her in the measly month they have been dating iirc

No. 602351

That is DEFINITELY what’s happening. He got his first freebie the moment they started dating

No. 602353

Anon posted a meme, how do you even know that they read it? Take a joke, it's an imageboard.

Also, why do I get the vibe that you are the same person that intially defended ESL anon and called me a judgemental Vicky-like douche but now that ESL anon sperged, you are like 'haha yeah they are BOTH retards lol'

I stopped replying ages ago because there was no way of getting my point across without being labelled a crazy conservative tattoo hating cunt who thinks they are above people even though I stated several times that is not what I was trying to say. I also wasn't trying to derail but that person was clearly really weird and biased about tattoos and I was trying to explain why that stereotype exists. It was pointless and accidental derailing, and I know my offhanded examples about dole bludgers and mouth piercings sounded horrible and judgemental, but I was giving an example about common cow like behavior displayed by alternative types. I KNOW this is not ALL pierced/tattooed people. I said that already.

Just because people bitch about shit on here doesn't mean they are shitting on everything, everywhere.
How many weebs and childish adults are made fun of on here, yet a lot of anons are into anime and popculture?

Broke cam girls and drug addicted dropkicks get roasted all the time on here but when I comment on how there are people that do exist with shit tattoos because anon said 'people with tattoos don't usually look like Vick' I get accused of being classist.
I have a couple of heavily tattooed friends with coloured hair and because I used the example of mouth piercings looking trashy I hate all alt people and want them to all die in a fire and not get jobs.

I know I'm probably being just as stupid as ESL anon right now by even trying to explain myself, and it will definitely be the last time, but it really annoyed me being lumped in as an extremist when I didn't mean for it to come across that way. It mostly annoyed me too, because this whole board is to poke fun at eccentric weirdos who happen to be bad people, and some stupid offhanded comments that get turned into you're a fucking uppity bitch who thinks they are above people reeee

Also inb4 the methamphetamine/i aint gonna read that shit meme/that person is my hero post is mine, I did not post any of those responses.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 602358

File: 1542767362429.png (155.75 KB, 750x1334, 741A46CB-5487-453C-998E-C29A82…)

Not much.. but Apparently she is a trump supporter now… More racisms as usual with no idea what she is talking about.. Also. Anyone know what happened with Liard?

No. 602359

No ones gonna read all that either^ just drop it anon.

No. 602360

I'm suprised she didn't get upset they told her to cite her source tbh. The articles are probably trash anyway.

No. 602361

File: 1542767878687.jpeg (142.64 KB, 750x1037, A074553A-DDC0-44BC-A7E1-330240…)

The article is a meme lol

No. 602363

Her placement is all off woof.

No. 602364

She always acts like some random terror attack means the whole country is going to shit.

No. 602380

That is one jumbled mess! It’s a rose and dagger with goddamn random wings coming out of it. The wing is literally attached to nothing. More proof Vic can’t even draw stick figures let alone a tattoo.

No. 602382

Also bro needs to calm down a little or he will end up looking like Mitch and Adrian

No. 602397

File: 1542772146378.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, 4AB971BD-2993-45BD-ABF7-7542AF…)

Same fag but This one makes me feel like he’s trying to avoid her annoying shit at times and might be catching on… but I could be wrong who knows it’s still a sad and desperate post.

No. 602410

right, like why would you intentionally put the top of the dagger on the elbow.

that's what happens when you chuck a bunch of images together with photoshop haha.

No. 602600

Gotta add “bro” so she looks less desperate and needy

No. 602671

File: 1542848461040.jpg (401.56 KB, 1063x1680, 20181121_195502.jpg)

Oh Vick, no one makes shit up. They just laugh at the shit you do/say/write. It's essentially the same as asking you, because it's coming directly from you and honestly, expecting anyone to try to have a genuine conversation with you is ridiculous. All you do is exaggerate and lie, why would anyone waste their time trying to be real with you?

No. 602805

If they did waste time on her they would be victims who didn’t know better. That’s why I’m glad this thread exists. Good to know what really goes on. Many people may have probably been saved from cheap hack work due to these threads.

No. 602807

File: 1542879826695.jpeg (238.89 KB, 750x1091, 57853EFD-FB3B-4918-AC71-823F2E…)

Samefag But Forever missing the parody account with allot of it being her actual tattoo work lmfaooo

No. 602823

I was about to say that there is too much clear linework/distinct absence of awful unnecessary shading for this to be Victoria’s work but the placement of the top of the dagger over the elbow is pretty sloppy so it probably is hers, it’s just not as shit as her usual scratch jobs because she knows she has to look at it every day. Either that or she took more care than usually does out of fear that he would dump her ass if she fucked it up.

No. 602831

File: 1542887217895.jpeg (78.35 KB, 750x360, C68556AE-E5E3-4F88-8B0A-A11371…)

She does it like you said because she has to look at it every day but will hack up a girl she is jealous of because that’s just Vicky. And she has to have the best everything So baisically to maintain control of not only her looks but other people’s. It’s probably the only reason she became a tattoo artist in the first place she’ll only Do good work on u if she wants your dick she keeps posting shit like “if u want your loved one tatted book soon” cause she wants to trade up and I know she’s craving someone’s man again cause she can’t find her own and when she does he’s never good enough. And takes out what bunny did to her on everyone (dated a bf if hers and now thinks every female is like that) Not realizing the average person is smarter than that. and can see through her extensions and push up bra for her saggy tits. Not even counting the CG effect level photoshop, lmfao nothing she does is legit. she doesn’t realize real tattoo artists don’t do this shit it would even not be as cunty and unprofessional if she said “you or a loved one” way to lose half your business because females love GOOD tattoos TO. But not if they have to risk having a fucking permanent mistake on them. don’t destroy people’s lives by being a greedy bitch and stop destroying peoples arms and get a real apprenticeship. Or just put down the tattoo machine… cause no one wants 3rd rate tattoos. They want REAL work. That doesn’t cost out the ass and risk losing their deposit.

No. 602850

Most good tattoo artists are booked up months in advance and sometimes offer walk-ins or last minute appointments if someone cancels. Vic has to hustle everyday just to get enough work so that clearly shows how well perceived she is. She also is burning through clients as she doesn't have many repeat customers.

No. 602938



Such a high IQ

No. 602956

This post is giving me a Vicky vibe.

No. 602983

File: 1542930597491.jpeg (18.74 KB, 572x380, 7BED2BCE-2E2F-4E11-855E-318EE7…)

>epic clients

No. 603191

Bunny slept with her ex? Where'd you get that info? Just curious.
I had always assumed she stopped being friends because Bunny became a stripper and Vicky is weirdly salty about women in the sex industry.

Also, really not trying to be mean, but I found it difficult to read your post.
I apologise in advance if you are dyslexic, but maybe use some full stops or space out your sentences into easier to read. I can work out misspelling or mistakes, it's just the spacing and punctuation that makes it hard because the sentence flows together in my head when I try and read it.

No. 603273

Vicky can’t fathom the thought of guys drooling over other girls . In her fantasy world, she’s the most beautiful girl ever and the most talented and the smartest. She seems like the type that would consider watching porn as cheating.

Having a stripper friend or a friend who goes into sex work is the worst thing for Vic. I do not doubt she dropped bunny because she became a stripper/dancer

No. 603292

I’m sure bunny dropped her. Bunny grew up and became comfortable with herself and vic refuses to let go of her online persona

No. 603360

File: 1543021979115.jpeg (363.33 KB, 750x1024, 4EBD92D7-B7CF-4586-9809-2476FC…)

The fucking irony.


It’s “etc”, but sure. Keep telling us about your high IQ.

No. 603372

oh vicky it's because we're all mentally ill please help us with your superior intellect
>oh clown

No. 603375

File: 1543024979037.gif (1.03 MB, 400x293, 1517103770589.gif)

Is this bitch trying to claim she's made major medical breakthroughs, founded sports teams, and painted some kind of exquisite composition? Kek.

No. 603382


I swear she just posts random articles without reading them because ~science~ Just like she picks random lengthy words out of a dictionary without reading the definitions and throws them together incoherently because only a genius would use words with more than two syllables.

No. 603386

yeah p sure her example isn't even cognitive dissonance, whereas literally everything she does is a prime example of it lmao and you know i graduated from harvard and oxford with a phd in psychology (i did it twice cus im so smart)

No. 603390

It's not important that she understands intellectual concepts.
It's important that males can see she's posting about the concepts.

Because she wants to be intelligent in appearance only, enough to garner praise without question. She can only mimic.

No. 603406

I would probably pay good money to see someone try to engage her in cerebral conversation irl.

>oh you studied astrophysics at MIT? What are your thoughts on the Penrose–Hawking singularity theorems?

No. 603433

I don't think she's claiming be those examples exactly but I think she's lumping herself in with educated and talented people.
And of course, everyone else is just jealousssss.

Vick. Noone here has cognitive dissonance. Noone is jealous of you. You aren't intelligent or talented. You are a joke.

I swear she just screeches words like 'cognitive dissonance' and 'narcissist' when she doesn't know what to say when people call her out. She's such a fucking retard.

No. 603497

No Vicky is worse but bunny did her dirty. She’s not much better. I’ll see if I can still find evidence but it was so long ago. I can’t pick one. Worse thing Vic did to bunny was jack up her body with shitty tatts which is still pretty bad bunny “stole” her ex victor, makes sense cause he was probably going for the look Vicky shopped herself to be and bunny looked more like Vicky than Vicky at one point before lookin haggard. and Vicky was cool about it up to a certain point but then got jealous. Because everything she does is contradictory, they both hoes in my opinion. At least bunny is somewhat honest about it lol

No. 603498

No Vicky is worse but bunny did her dirty. She’s not much better. I’ll see if I can still find evidence but it was so long ago. I can’t pick one. Worse thing Vic did to bunny was jack up her body with shitty tatts which is still pretty bad bunny “stole” her ex victor, makes sense cause he was probably going for the look Vicky shopped herself to be and bunny looked more like Vicky than Vicky at one point before lookin haggard. and Vicky was cool about it up to a certain point but then got jealous. Because everything she does is contradictory, they both hoes in my opinion. At least bunny is somewhat honest about it lol

No. 603524

Those are some rather unintelligent males she’s attracting because anyone with a brain knows she is an idiot.

No. 603721

That doesn't matter. Only asspats matter. Internet validation is the only important thing.

No. 603830

Bunny only got one tattoo from Vic (Victorian cameo which has since been covered by a stag) and Vic also never dated victor. Where are your sources?

No. 603832

**stag beetle. Anyway don’t make accusations on this post without sources. Just saying

No. 604119

I 15000% did not have sex with any of Victoria’s ex boyfriends, or “steal her ex”.
I was internet friends with her and that’s how I met my ex-boyfriend Viktor (which is not his real name, it was an “internet persona”) They never dated or had sex or anything close to it (before or after our relationship) they were only ever just friends.
Sorry I’m breaking any rules by posting, I don’t know the rules of this site lol.

No. 604219

Bunny, I don’t personally know you but we have mutual friends and every time you call out Vic for trying to say shitty things about my fellow sex workers I just wanna high five you so bad lol. What are your thoughts on Vic? Why is she stuck trying to be a MySpace persona?

No. 604579

Bunny you were sooo young when all of that went down. As far as most people seem to be concerned in this thread, you have redeemed yourself since. But Vicks doesn't seem capable of that. I personally think it's hilarious that she feels comfortable putting down sex workers while shooping beach ball tits onto herself and pandering to men while making no money off of them. Who's the smart one in this equation? LOL.

No. 604640

Thanks. I won’t tolerate people putting down sex workers, especially when they’re so uneducated on the subject.

I was literally 17 years old when I met Victoria and had some “internet fame” lmfao.
I was a literal child when I was friends her and started dating “Viktor”. And like I said, they never dated or had any kind of romantic or sexual relationship and I’ve never been in the business of stealing other women’s boyfriends, even then.

I’m not here to talk bad about Victoria, I just saw the post about me and wanted to clear up that I definitely did not steal anyone’s boyfriend, especially anyone Victoria ever dated. “Viktor” was actually dating a girl from his high school when I met him and we only started having feelings for each other long after they had broken up.

Again, I apologize for breaking any rules by posting

No. 604645

Bunny are you still married to that doorman guy? What happened to your internet presence?

No. 604674

Wish I still had the pics of them… maybe U didn’t steal him but they did definitely have had relations and some pics that have probably since been deleted or maybe those pics weren’t “couple pics” but they were kissing in some of them. It doesn’t matter it was years ago.

No. 604711

I’m sorry, but you are very mistaken. Victoria and “Viktor” never had a romantic or sexual relationship before or after him and I had a relationship.
She has dated guys with long hair however, so you might be confusing one of them for “Viktor”. I can assure you, it’s not him lol

I didn’t come on here to talk about myself, sorry, just to clear up the lie about my previous relationship with one of Victoria’s friends (keyword: friend) lol. But yes I’m still married and I still post on Instagram and on my blog under my stage name (mostly for privacy reasons as I don’t go by my old nickname Bunny anymore and go by my real name)

No. 604894

Never seen a sex worker try and steal any man usually a proper sex worker u can trust and turn to for the realest advice and stuff. But low class scum like Vick has tried and failed and got mad about it.

No. 605876

thanks "bunny" (until a farmhand says anything i dont really believe it)
regardless.. even if it was or wasn't her, i find it a bit strange you come to the threads NOW. you have been discussed multiple times considering you were a close friend of ScratcherIckyVicky.
Meh. Proof or this is a lame attempt to clear up old drama which you shouldn't even be worried about in the first place. If ytou have really moved on from her ..

No. 605902

She’s been discussed but never has anyone thrown false information without proof about her on here. Only make posts if you have milk

No. 605904

File: 1543408792657.jpg (894.26 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181128_073320.jpg)

He seems like and sounds like just as much if a cow as she is. Especially if he's totally cool being in her videos that she's recording with the Snow app and 345 filters kek.

>omg babeeee be in my videooo

>oh hey is that a filter? that doesn't look like you

No. 605906

The second video is so cringe. Her fake accent is so bad that she just sounds like she has a speech impediment. “How dare you”

No. 605986


There’s that slipknot shirt again. I wonder how that thing smells? For someone who claims to be ~wealthy~ she wears the same 3 things constantly.

No. 606005


when you cover your face but your double chin is still showing

No. 606017

Looks fucking tacky.

No. 606019

"DAHHHLING" God she's so fucking annoying. How does this dude stand it?

No. 606020

"DAHHHLING" God she's so fucking annoying. How does this dude stand it?

No. 606029

Easy. He's desperate.
It's not like she's fucking some juiced up chad. All she has to choose from in her pool of betas is skeevy metal types and m'lady type neckbeards. This dude is a column A. Skeevy metal type.

No. 606544

File: 1543476116827.jpeg (185.16 KB, 750x864, 5AACCFCF-ED63-449A-9D13-590D3C…)

She can’t even spell “feisty”, did she drop out of school at age 7? Has she ever opened a book? Fuck me.

No. 606797

File: 1543510615701.jpeg (46.68 KB, 510x474, 178FC394-3A24-4679-B200-D6048D…)


That stupid fucking face she makes trying so hard to look hot but ends up looking like she has Down syndrome

No. 606804

I find it hilarious that for such a "hot" internationally published covergirl/model she doesn't even have 10k followers

I'd sage but ye

No. 606880

File: 1543519830980.jpg (279.07 KB, 1080x2129, Screenshot_20181129_142909.jpg)

on today's edition of 'Vic needs attention'

No. 606882

File: 1543519910987.jpg (354.52 KB, 1080x2099, Screenshot_20181129_142951.jpg)

also sorry for double post but this was too good not to share. she is clearly responding to the accusations made here about her nasty shorts and slipknot shirt, kek

No. 606883

Holy fuck do I ever wish this WAS about tattooing because she really needs to stop

No. 606885

Probably her relationships already failing lmfao

No. 606905

File: 1543521451267.jpeg (129.5 KB, 750x645, CF772B95-8812-45CE-8D7A-BA5D08…)

she changed her bio too lmao.

No. 606960


Why can’t she put together a sentence properly? I guess someone warned her bf about her lies and fake accent. But they are all just jealous haters and she’s NOT bothereddddd

No. 607013

Triggered by the run on sentence

No. 607201

She is so obsessed with other people’s opinions of her. Every caption, video, and now bio dismiss her “haters”. Where did she get her phd in low self esteem at?

No. 607202

She is so obsessed with other people’s opinions of her. Every caption, video, and now bio dismiss her “haters”. Where did she get her phd in low self esteem at?

No. 607211

This absolute word salad. Way to stick it to the haters, Vic.

No. 607231


Oh OH I wanna play the Vicky Shingles words with friends! lets see….

"yea thee verilly though the haturz pretended to dissavow themselfs of my divine gaze, I merely partook from there gazes the jelly of insecure thought action and deeds as they suffered from there inability to comprehend the greatness that was theyre goddess pip pip cheerio"

(of course all typos and nonsense are intended)

it really is hard to actually write so much drivel I am jelly of her for that lol

No. 607315

If I didn’t know better I’d swear this was the poetry of Vicky herself, kek

No. 607370

Nailed it!

No. 607663

File: 1543609890097.png (39.27 KB, 499x546, vic.png)


No. 607665

File: 1543610023101.jpeg (26.08 KB, 450x254, D52E28CA-2384-46A4-82D5-D6F1D9…)

>hundreds of you

No. 607669

Who the fuck is WE, Vic? You are a solo scratcher.

No. 607709


I feel pretty bad for that poor soul who poured 250$ to sticky 3 years ago and still hasn’t got an appointment. That’s straight up theft what a sketchy cow

No. 607714

She deleted that comment LOL

No. 607903

the way she scams people out of their hard earned money and then pretends as if she has clients and a successful shop pisses me off. Vicky, do you cry yourself to sleep at night? you must. you MUST be so sad after you post a status about your ~hundreds of raddd clientsss~ to give the illusion of success; only to open your bank account with a balance of $4.65 and no clients ACTUALLY on your books for weeks because most know you're scum. time to ask mommy and daddy for an e-transfer to pay your shop rent and fund your alcohol-fueled "sword workouts" because those NoN-rEFuNdAbLe deposits you stole aren't paying the bills.

you're a mess.

No. 607935


Exactly. I like how in past posts she claimed to be wealthy. Yet review anon revealed she was hurting for $70.00 and was broke. Her whole life is a sad facade she is just LARPing the life she wish she had yet here she is at 31 years old with nothing to show for herself. If you’re at that age with no savings account and nothing to show for yourself then I just feel nothing but pity. Then again, she did bring this upon herself refusing to adult up and value ~internet “fame”~ trying oh so desperately to cling to the MySpace clout she had in the past. Her whole sketchy so called business is extremely laughable. How can you lose track of clients and bookings? Highly unprofessional. I’m guessing her “system” is Facebook messenger. People should do their research before investing in a tattoo that will never happen. Her free to make website is a joke pretending to have other artists and the shop hours of 4:30-9:00 a hotmail account and using “:D” in the description should be the first of many red flags

No. 607940

File: 1543632079743.jpeg (140.45 KB, 750x309, CC1AF74D-33C2-4610-B879-A54A7A…)

She has been using the excuse of MUH SYSTEM for years. Stop scamming people to buy more Halloween lashes and hair bleach. All that bleach is seeping through her skull and fucking up her tiny brain

No. 608079

I'm too high to figure out screenshots but someone should scroll through her bf's Facebook because it's a fucking treasure trove of misogyny, these 2 are perfect for each other

No. 608086


Nobody gives a shit that you're high, pal.

No. 608090

Just explaining why I couldn't figure out how to post screenshots meself ol buddy ol pal because I think the content is milky and "this is an image board" is getting old, but you keep on with your non contributions

potential milk is he posted a ton about his girlfriend a few years ago and I can't wait to hear all the ways vicky is better than her

That and all kinds of toilet and periods humor because he's a grown ass man(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 608157

Hi Matt’s ex! You know your even crazier than Vick u used up old whore! Lmfao keep your personal shit out of here! It’s not about “Matt’s ex” aka probably you kek(hi [cow])

No. 608158

Fucking pics or GTFO

No. 608546

File: 1543751771755.jpeg (156.52 KB, 750x417, BB5AB55E-5F2B-49E7-BCB8-30585F…)


No. 608547

File: 1543751796572.jpeg (244.38 KB, 750x596, 8CBCB194-B0C1-45FD-B5CC-8F1721…)

The irony

No. 608558

lmao the irony indeed. you would be a first-hand expert on NPD Vic you narcissistic cow.

also, only Vic can read these threads and STILL make ridiculous errors like ~insightfull~ and ~alot~ after we make fun of her for it. kek. you really are a special breed of cow Icky.

No. 608559

You ever notice how she calls herself intelligent because she watches You Tube documentaries and You Tube commentators? Why does she never post about some topic she has READ about? Her lack of spelling and grammar speaks volumes into that subject.

No. 608567

>i recommend watching youtube videos
it hurts me how stupid she is, her poor tiny brain lol like she literally thinks we (and I mean just the one person who is lolcow) have npd and that's why we're obsessed with her celebrity for some reason….uh cus um we don't love ourselves? no vicky it's because you're such a moron that we talk about you

No. 608607

Vicks should take an honest crack at one of those online NPD screening tests.

It’s hilarious that she posts stuff like this because she outright says that a narcissist will never change or gain self awareness.

Look in the mirror girl. You’re a textbook case and everyone around you knows it.

No. 608722

True. Shoulda automatically grouped her as a cow to kek

No. 609037

I wonder how many More times it will take for her to say she doesn’t care about the “hatersss” until it’s actually true. Or does she care more and more each time she makes a status about not caring?

No. 609160

File: 1543883952250.jpg (258.05 KB, 1069x1608, Screenshot_20181203_193626.jpg)

I feel so sad for anyone who is "gifted" the work of this hag. this would be a good gift for your enemy. as if she sold 15 that quickly too. she tries so hard to reel. in victims.. er, I mean CLIENTS.. it's pathetic.

No. 609162

lol AS IF 15 people bough this bullshit within an hour

No. 609193

lol guess vicky wanted some christmas spending money

No. 609196


I’m way too triggered by her inability to spell/use correct grammar/construct a coherent sentence in what is supposed to be her native language.

No. 609212


She just scams people out of their money constantly. No other artists give you coupons. And why would you give a deposit for something you never had a set appointment for? That’s so incredibly stupid. She deleted the comment here >>607663
Clearly trying to cover her tracks of scamming people out of their mone

No. 609264

File: 1543916046933.jpeg (595.61 KB, 750x1254, 1F4D36E7-8379-457E-8987-D6FD39…)

Just… why?

No. 609315

She looks like she’s melting

No. 609343

I feel like she really, really, really wants to be that silver haired girl that won Ink Master. Like that's her dream life and identity.

No. 609359

I've always thought the same, funny thing is, Ryan is from my hometown and I've met her on a few occasions, and not only does she look younger and more put together than Ick looks in person, she's not a try hard, and her work is always quality and she can afford to own a private, by appointment studio. Keep dreaming Icky.

No. 609364


That status only has 15 likes as of now so I highly doubt she actually sold that many rip off scams. She tries way too hard to paint this illusion of being soooo busy and successful. It’s so damn pathetic

No. 609415

lmao the blurred elongated ratty extensions are always good for a laugh. anon hit the nail on the head saying it looks like she's melting

No. 609491

File: 1543956100863.jpeg (56.94 KB, 265x592, 9E3376E6-FF17-4E3D-8CF2-0861EF…)


Her arm is magically disappearing

No. 609688

Whew look at those cankles.
I think she used the clone tool to add more “hair” to that mess and then blurred it. Which is why it looks like it’s melting and her arm vanished.

No. 609733


look at that gut, talk about ten pounds of sugar in a five pound bag

No. 609768

No honey that girl from Ink Master wants to be HER. she’s a babeee though

No. 609769

So I saw earlier someone mentioning Viktor Vanastra. I randomly learned that Viktor isn’t even his real name kek. Which makes me wonder how she came up with her two personas. Miss Victoria murder and the Bella-morte one. Those names just scream vampirefreaks to me

No. 609839

holy shit is she wearing shoes a few sizes larger so she can feign some semblance of ankles?

No. 609935

She probably picked them up at a thrift store cause she has no money

No. 609936

She probably picked them up at a thrift store cause she has no money

No. 610056

File: 1544043938586.jpg (236.67 KB, 1080x998, Screenshot_20181205_160045.jpg)

I love how she's trying to passively call someone out in this post but it ends up making her look like a complete moron. not to mention incredibly unprofessional (not that we didn't know that already, right Icky?).

>I'll stick to numeric dates from now on

..you mean the way any other tattoo artist would? it's okay Vic, no one expects the woman who fakes a kidnapping story and steals deposits to actually know what they're doing where professionalism is concerned.

if she has many clients left, she's not doing herself any favors posting crap like that kek

No. 610064

I like how this post was meant to shame one of her few paying customers. Keep thinning that herd, Vick. There's only so much skin to mangle on the few who can stand your arrogance to begin with.

Also, yes, please stick to numeric dates. They are harder to misspell and easier to fit into coherent sentences. Case in point: that very post.

No. 610135

holy fuck what a cluster fuck of an explanation that first part of her post is

wouldn't be shocked if her clients are getting confused about their appointment dates, shes barely coherent

No. 610153

God, way to make whoever got it confused feel like shit. Though I suppose Vic gets so few opportunities to feel superior to anyone that she's got to milk it. Can't believe this is a person in their 30s who is supposed to own a business. If she was anywhere close to as successful as she wants to pretend she is she could hire someone to manage things like this because clearly basic organisation is beyond her.

No. 610927

File: 1544194473209.jpg (59.47 KB, 777x493, lololo11.JPG)

vicky is finally trying to dig her way out of the negative google reviews, claiming it is all from her "stalkerrrrr" and that review anon was "banned" from her "shop".

No. 610928

File: 1544194530948.jpg (78.76 KB, 699x576, lmaoksjdfnksjdnfkjsd.JPG)

Pt 2.

>she also leaves negative reviews for zehrs and other awesome places

oh lord

No. 610932

when the owner or company leaves a reply like that no one is going to believe them. she might as well have said fake news! you have npd!!

No. 610934

This honestly. She has an excuse for everything and it just makes her look more shady.

No. 610971

File: 1544204055214.jpg (19.35 KB, 229x259, ugoodvic.JPG)


I hope review anon comes back and updates us on this. I am 100% sure she is lying in this response but it would be funny to hear Vickys explanation first hand through an actual sane person.

No. 610987

the thing is vicky says a report was filed for her kidnapping claim lol but can't anyone file a report? like that doesn't prove anything. i could file a report saying i was kidnapped yesterday by a short fat haggard blonde women and her friend frankie, it doesn't make it true

No. 610996

anyone can, ya, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal if you're found to be filing false allegations. i could be wrong though.

No. 611004

File: 1544212835728.png (4.71 MB, 2472x1742, holy.PNG)


dont see it mentioned in this thread but holy crap, why did she think those colors worked?

No. 611006

File: 1544212898423.png (2.44 MB, 1450x1192, omg.PNG)

No. 611008


I think it just needs more white…..

No. 611011


For the same reason she thought she could pull off metallic green eyeshadow and red lipstick as seen here >>610971

Shes tacky as hell.

No. 611013


There was no report filed and the police did nothing of the sort. She refused to file one for that very reason. She is stupid enough to make up a ridiculous story, but smart enough to know the repercussions of getting the authorities involved. I was wondering if she would ever respond and attempt to make up more bullshit. Hilarious, really. Glad I came back here.
I've received a couple of messages from potential clients of hers who ran away and never looked back after seeing my review.

No. 611031

I can't wait until her parents stop paying her bills for her and she has to go work an McDonald's because 2 clients a month will never pay for all that booze. There is a reason she can't afford a car or license.

No. 611050

but she's not smart enough to know she's defaming people by lying about stalking/police action.

No. 611084

That's expecting way too much.

No. 611099

Just so you know…i get off on the fact that im so important to you that youre still on here after 5 years talking about me like a celebrity…if i was an average joe…nobody would talk about me. Though i dont read or keep up with it, i figured id stop in and say hi to the weaklings that feed on any scrap of info they can gather about me like crack.,,id rather be 300 lbs me that 130 lbs you.

So hi :)


You know…im actually really nice….if you had questions you could just ask instead of making a false narrative of my life…anyways…im out…have fun talking about me for another 5…10…who knows years…..and constantly posting pics from 10 years ago thinking i look like that now…it keeps me relevant…it means im doing something right and that i am the powerfull one in this situation..im like crack to you…youre obsessed and i do so enjoy it…


No. 611101

File: 1544224454778.jpg (19.24 KB, 413x395, 1492119380815.jpg)

it's literally like a 12 year old wrote this

No. 611106

Well shit, if this isn't Vicky then it's a great impersonation. Vicky, you aren't an "average joe", but that doesn't mean that you're a person of high quality. The only reason that people continue to talk about you is because you're extraordinarily incompetent and full of yourself.

If you take your thread to be a sign that you're doing something right then by all means, keep on keeping on- spectators will be giving you the attention that you crave so long as you don't make any positive changes to your attitude and behavior. In the end it's a win-win situation, isn't it?

No. 611107


if you weren’t so hilariously retarded we would have nothing to talk about.

No. 611109


I guess those lawsuits didn’t work out, huh?

Thanks for proving that you’re too much of narcissist to stay out of your own thread. I would have bet money on you coming back here.

No. 611111

Not hard to imitate her style of writing. Just connect run on sentences with ellipsis and you're set.

And if that is you, Vick, then realize that "older" photos of you don't prove that you're hotter now. You're more haggard, your hairline has been suffering due to the years of abuse and your metabolism has slowed down. Because you don't know how to wash your face, the crust that's built up should have permanently damaged your skin.

Kek! I love her DEMANDS TO SEE THE POLICE REPORT only to find it doesn't exist.
Glad you gave an honest review, anon. You saved plenty of people a lot of money.

No. 611113

i know this is probably bad b8 (or vic sitting next to her new boyfriend trying to show she doesnt care about the haturz) but lmao

>if you had questions you could just ask

implying you didnt completely shit up an older thread pretending to be different people, lying about various facets about yourself lmao

No. 611116

I’m glad you get off on it because it just proof how sad you really are lmao

>have fun talking about me for another 5…10…who knows years

Oh don’t worry, we will. I love Vicky milk.

No. 611119

I'll bite, if not for the sake that Sticky Icky most likely has this mindset.

You're so bothered you're obsessed, hilarious.

No. 611138

Hey Vick, long time no talk. Taken yourself on any beach volleyball dates lately? I know it didn’t work out between you two, but I’m still glad you came here to tell us she is skinny with Big Tits lmao

No. 611151


You do know its only one L at the end of words with ful at the end right? And I'd agree you look nothing like any of your pix since real life hasn't got Photoshop

No. 611161

File: 1544237393442.jpg (164.53 KB, 1080x952, Screenshot_20181207_214819.jpg)

Not bothered guyzzzz

No. 611162

File: 1544237436744.jpg (445.26 KB, 1080x2022, Screenshot_20181207_214850.jpg)


top kek to the intj comment. stop feeding this hag's ego

No. 611163

Ugly bitch, the only reason people are posting '10 year old' photos of you is because you refuse to let anyone take candid shots of you (other than 'Frankie' the self-timer and Photoshop, of course). We follow you because you're hilarious in how delusional you are. You're nothing more than sideshow act to us. Don't get it twisted. :)

No. 611172

The fedoras in her comments never fail to deliver the keks. Seriously though, as much as I love Shingles’ antics her astounding lack of intelligence and kindergarten-level language, spelling and comprehension makes me feel like I’m having an aneurysm

No. 611174

If you weren’t such a thieving cunt maybe people would be nicer to you. You steal people’s deposits, reschedule appointments at 4am, refuse to believe you’re dumb as a post, and then give people tattoos that require extensive coverups or laser to fix. You’re a joke and so is everything about you’re “lyfe”. Grow the fuck up Vicky.

No. 611176


My phone doesn’t like me using made up words like lyfe.

No. 611225


When someone in their 30’s uses “^_^” I get nothing but pure second handed embarrassment. Grow up. You try so desperately to grasp onto the threads that was once your youth that has so far faded away over a decade ago. You’re an adult fucking act like it. Totally not bothered yet lurks this thread. You’re sad life is nothing but entertainment and a shitshow. Thanks for this bounty of milk and making an appearance only further making a spectacle of yourself. All that hair bleach is seeping through your thick skull and damaging your already tiny shriveled brain. (And five head that could be used as an airbase runway) classic Vic to make a social media post right after crying and bitching away to feel validated and receive ass pats from complete strangers that don’t know better other than they extravagant play that she performs that is her sad shitty broke bitch life

No. 611226


“Victoria Bella Morte” lmfao. I almost cut myself on the edge of that dumbass name you identify as.

> I was popular on MySpace

No. 611257

Have you tried washing your old smelly Slipknot shirt and those stained black shorts instead of furiously googling yourself? >>611162
A REAL INTJ would not be bothered by internet gossip so much and would probably shower at least once a week, something we know Vic doesn't do.

No. 611291

You know what I think? I think Vic lost her shit when Bunny posted here and we were nice to her. Bunny is basically everything Vic wishes she could be (but isn’t).

No. 611345

Oh totally agree.
Bunny doesn’t pretend to be something she isn’t, and I bet you that drives Vicky wild.

No. 611348

File: 1544281263688.jpg (402.98 KB, 1080x2123, Screenshot_20181208_095750.jpg)

Vicky is trying to save herself with a 5 star review from some sad sap

No. 611350

File: 1544281427069.jpg (210.62 KB, 1067x1066, Screenshot_20181208_095809.jpg)


No. 611354

Her boyfriend?! hahahahahahaha. No one will see the first review then read the second thinking it's serious. Nice try, Vick.

No. 611358

I knew that was Sticki Vicki by the time I got to the randomly capitalized 'Knowlege' tbh

No. 611359

Vick if you think we need help and are “educated in psychology” can you please enlighten us on how telling a group of mentally ill people to kill themselves is appropriate?

No. 611362

Definitely the boyfriend or the woman that offered review anon money to stop telling the truth about ol' Vick. I had to stifle laughter at "beautiful goddess". I'm willing to bet no picture will ever make an appearance with that review

No. 611367


Lol that review is hilarious. Aside from all the misspelled or misused words … And I like how it seems to try to combat everything said here directly.

No. 611384

Yesterday December 6/17. What an idiot. But it must be hard running a businessssss for old ick.
You missed the mark and couldn’t have made it more obvious that you just called yourself a beautiful woman/goddess and an amazing artist. You are so pathetic.

No. 611386

“You know I’m actually really nice”
We know you think you’re a “huge sweet heart” Vicky. You don’t get a gold star for thinking you’re nice, when you’re in fact a con artist stealing money from people and disfiguring people with terrible ink.

Grow up, seek out a professional tattooer and get an apprenticeship so that you can stop ruining people’s skin. Focus more on hygiene rather than ignoring everything that doesn’t show up on camera. Refund the people you’ve scammed and apologize to the people you’ve injured. Nobody gives a shit if you’re “nice”

No. 611430


I can do this better… lets see…

"I went to Victoria Belle Mortes studio and it was super clean like a nasa research lab and while I was looking at her many awards and doctorates from ivy league schools, she finished up talking to her friend frankie who was doing a photoshoot for her for maxim magazine. That delay of one minute off my scheduled time is the only thing I was frustrated buy but when I looked down my tattoo was ALREADY DONE it was so gentle and her is so fast at it she did it freehand 95% while discovering a new star! I wonder never dream of going anywhere else for inked, this goddess of the gun, this envy of the ink, this queen of the scene, she is forever the best and I cannot find the words to express my happy! 10/5 stars!

No. 611455

>armed with fierce knowledge
>Victoria is a force, a beautiful goddess filled with skill

This. This is why Vic milk is my favorite.

No. 611459

So this person just casually got a tattoo of their own face… Hmm…

No. 611462

Just another reason you can tell the review is fake. If Vicky had successfully freehanded someone's face onto their body and it didn't look like trash (which it would), she would be posting that all over the net with a casual humble brag about how she did it with her eyes closed.

No. 611466

I am so tempted to write her a shitty review for the tattoo she gave me a few years ago. I’ve avoided it thus far because she fills your message box with either guilt trips or empty threats.

No. 611469

Just do it lol she can't do anything to you

No. 611478

Then block her. You're giving her power she doesn't deserve. She's not scary.

No. 611484

looks like she managed to remove review anons review on her google page, I would suggest leaving your honest reviews because that is specifically what the google review system is for. Who gives a shit if she spergs out. She’s been doing it for years and there’s literally nothing else she can do about it.

No. 611491

File: 1544305787854.jpeg (59.92 KB, 749x517, 0C588C49-4036-4DC1-A4B4-990368…)

High end designer tattoos

No. 611495

It’s funny how sticky Vicky projects us to be mentally ill when I’d be willing to wager most of us are relativly normal functioning people who love watching her autism just the same way normies love jerry springer and Maury. There is something about an absolute shitshow that evokes a visceral curiousity that one cannot turn their eye from. It’s absolute catastrophe makes one yearn for more travesty from said cow. (I’m working on my Vicky speak)

No. 611531

It's still there, what are you talking about anon

No. 611582

File: 1544322984627.jpeg (179.88 KB, 750x908, AF80A186-43CD-4F05-B8E5-F65416…)

You fucking wish, Victoria. If it were the case you’d be the world’s number one supermodel. Oh wait, you already are and you’re soooo ~nottttt bothereddddd~ by the stalkersss

No. 611584

Good lord what the hell is this. Imo this sounds just like her

No. 611587

File: 1544323181123.jpeg (470.42 KB, 750x1130, CB22E7AB-0817-4690-82B3-97F861…)

Oh fuck off you racist piece of trash, you’ve never worked anywhere near as hard as the immigrants you love castigating in order to appeal to the three incel fedora tipping neckbeards you call your “fans”. You’re too fucking illiterate and uneducated to even understand the basics of Canadian immigration policy, stop pretending you actually care.

No. 611703

Meanwhile she is AN IMMIGRANT HERSELF. Funny how she’s been in Canada long enough to forget that, but not long enough to give up that brutally fake accent.

No. 611723

Totally agree with what you said, but the crazy thing is she's sharing an article about immigration to the UK, from the Daily Express which says it all. She's absolutely obsessed about keeping the UK white and ~British but she doesn't even live there and probably hasn't since she was an infant, if she even was born there as she claims.

No. 611757

She'd probably have a heart attack if she went to London lmao. Do you think she'd still put on that horrible accent in front of actual Brits who would immediately be able to tell she was full of shit?

No. 611866

File: 1544401286524.jpg (453.94 KB, 1073x2018, Screenshot_20181209_191933.jpg)

She lovezzz her shooped figure guyzzz. Do you think Sticky has reached the level of delusion where she believes this is what she looks like?

No. 611918

Still looks tacky even with the shoop…

No. 611924

I legit wonder if she faps to her shoops of herself and then cries after

No. 611941

File: 1544416767916.jpeg (624.3 KB, 1242x1228, 36DF239A-9467-4244-ADD5-09D222…)

I know it’s ridiculous to potty a cow, but the moment she realized she was being filmed, she rapidly grabbed her hair to hide her face and then made a different face every second. She doesn’t even look bad in this video. I feel like if she wasn’t a compulsive liar who is self obsessed and photoshopped everything about her, she could be cute?

No. 611944

Link video?

No. 611945

It’s on her instagram. I don’t know how to save Instagram videos so someone should do it before she deletes it. It’s unfiltered and highly embarrassing

No. 611946

The guys face in the video at the end though. He looks so confused.

No. 611947

Haha she’s so insecure. And her nose is so heavily contoured. She just has brown shit on the sides of her nose.

No. 611948

Did Vicky delete review anons review? Is that even legal?

No. 611949

If it's an insta post, use https://downloadgram.com/
If it's an insta story, use https://storiesig.com/
Then convert the downloaded mp4 to webm using a free website (search 'mp4 to webm convert online').
Webm videos can be uploaded directly here in the image field.

No. 611950

It's just sad how insecure she is, honestly. She's really just an average-looking girl (not ugly but not really pretty either) and she just can't accept that reality.

No. 612001

That was truly painful to watch. I had major second-hand embarrassment.

No. 612002

I still see it there. There is a new one as well. 4 reviews now. She isn't able to delete reviews.

No. 612026

File: 1544451863659.jpeg (110.55 KB, 1242x743, 978BE3C6-4851-44F7-BF2A-22287A…)


No. 612028

She keeps using the word “stalker”….I don’t think she knows what it means

No. 612034

Yeah, how many anons know where she personally lives and what her daily schedule is? THAT'S stalking. What this forum does is comment on the shit that she actively chooses to out online lol

No. 612039


she keeps using the word celebrity, I don't think she knows what that means lol

No. 612092

File: 1544462342420.jpeg (114.12 KB, 750x932, 1B9BF7D5-CEE0-4A40-A3DB-F20E85…)

She has a jolly Santa Claus face

No. 612106


her gummy, tobacco stained smile grosses me out so much

No. 612113

She honestly looks like a drag queen with all that makeup. And not a hot one.

No. 612118

If you compare her to her scene contemporary Farrah Moan, you would assume Vicky is the drag queen. Next to Farrah, Vic would like even more like a brick than usual. Felt almost sorry for her trying to hide behind her hair like that.

No. 612153

Her eyes are fucking terrifying. I don’t even understand how someone can use so much makeup and false lashes without their eyelids staging a mutiny

No. 612203

File: 1544477227530.jpeg (134.19 KB, 750x869, 888A3FBB-4C2A-4E74-8A1F-0E0D34…)

new review is in

No. 612216

File: 1544478974756.jpeg (117.44 KB, 750x848, D6DAF5C6-1F74-48F6-B814-41324A…)


she’s responding to the negative reviews right now. Hilarious.

No. 612247

File: 1544481389433.jpg (77.3 KB, 1000x750, theatre-happy-sad-masks-3d-mod…)

WTF!! This is literally clown makeup.

Her beady little eyes aren't even visible under the 3-inch black garage doors she's painted over them. And her mouth is either some sausage-y Amanda Lepore filler nightmare or she's just overlined so much that she no longer possesses a philtrum.
And that expression in the first picture makes her cheeks stick out like one of those happy & sad theatre masks. All cheeks & makeup, no human features.
Just all over so horrifying I had to stop & comment.

Looking at her other pictures, I can't even get a picture of what her face must look like under all that makeup.

I mean, you could put makeup on a literal potato and give it this face >>611866 and it would come out looking the exact same as this chick. Her "face" is created by makeup and anyone eyes & a mouth can look the same, like a clown or a drag queen. I know the last comment already mentioned her looking like a drag queen but by god she really does.

No. 612259


is it me being high or does she look like she had fillers to be ~sExSy~ or sth

No. 612260

um some people don't make reviews for everything? and when they're someone like reviewanon she says they're always making bad reviews lol

No. 612270

The positive review only had one review ever too. She lowkey saying she made her own positive review?

No. 612306

review anon has more good reviews than bad ones. she just has no other life boat to cling to for that one

No. 612319

File: 1544494097135.jpg (538.09 KB, 1080x3781, Screenshot_20181210_210704.jpg)

Gotta love how every bad review is the same "stalker" but the only good review isn't Vicky.. it's genuine. Fucking kek

No. 612348

Speaking of stalker, Bella Morte Studios is absolutely FRIGHTENING. It looks like a secluded shack where a stalker would kidnap someone and hold them captive

No. 612362

just thinking the same, her lips look fuller than normal here…

No. 612385


yeah and there's a ventriloquist dummy-like quality to her cheekbones.

No. 612392

It’s actually really fucked that people feel like they can’t leave negative reviews for fear of harassment. I mean, sure, a lot of us wouldn’t give a fuck about some crazy bitch cluttering our inbox, but still. How awful must she be to deal with irl?

No. 612658

Grrr. She posted “want inked” again. God damn it. Somehow among all the butchery it’s the most annoying thing she does.

Need bragged?
Wishing mutilated ?
Hating stalked ?

Come to my shop ;) deals cause it’s going to be your life’s greatest mistake

PM with the word “jealous” because I know you are

Appt available next Monday after the following Wednesday during a new moon in Capricorn. Lol if that’s not clear I’ll have to make a status mocking you, just an FYI

deposits are NON refundable. In the event that I am kidnapped or you unfriend me I reserve the right to keep your money until you have inked

No. 612669

File: 1544577713442.jpeg (586.6 KB, 750x1158, E0704116-4569-4512-AB30-F1FF75…)

I’m cackling. I fucking hate that “want inked?” bullshit. No one actually talks like this Victoria, you fucking retard.

Also, the unfortunate recipient of this butchery needs to fucking sue her. Holy shit.

No. 612670

File: 1544577928893.jpeg (555.51 KB, 750x1130, E6BCDA15-7B11-4CC8-94C7-1E2A9F…)

This made me throw up in my mouth. The only thing more disgusting than Vicky the overbaked Christmas ham is the neckbeard that’ has attached itself to her.

No. 612683

It's hilarious. Soon she'll find like 25% of her fan base sticking around realizing they can't stick it in her.

No. 612720

this is so fucking bad, it looks almost cartoonish and so derpy. it has her thin, arched brow which is wonky as fuck, i can't tell if the skull part is supposed to be a mask or she just failed that badly at making it part of the face, the fuck is anatomy, and lets just plop some headpiece on it to avoid doing the top. this doesn't look anything close to someone having 10 years of tattooing under their belt, not even 10 months of apprenticing.

No. 612730

File: 1544584993858.jpeg (231.17 KB, 750x901, 1C55368E-9894-410E-A3A8-22955B…)


No. 612731

File: 1544585018652.jpeg (307.55 KB, 750x930, 1DADEB92-BF0E-4536-88CB-DE17ED…)


No. 612732

File: 1544585044706.jpeg (328.88 KB, 750x1040, E058E095-3CDB-4B8C-B2BD-1D2BE7…)


No. 612733


She hasn’t responded yet, dis gun b gud

No. 612772

If I was someone looking at these reviews and started to suspect that maybe Vic is right and these are all fake reviews…this guys review would undo all of that. I’m glad he left a review about his experience. I’m looking forward to her response.

>Inb4 your tattoo will fade because you have no idea how to take care of it”

No. 612774

>she will often screw you over
>implies they went back multiple times despite this and other issues
yeah this doesn't seem that authentic tbh.

No. 612777

It sounds like it could be Review Anon’s husband, and she mentioned they’ve gone to Vicky’s multiple times.

No. 612779

It’s definitely review anon’s husband, he states as much. While I don’t think the reviews are fake I do wonder what possesses people who have had such bad experiences with her to go back for subsequent sessions. That makes zero fucking sense.

No. 612792

yeah I guess with review anon and this person, it defies logic. stop getting tattoos done by her and stop giving her money. it's embarrassing at this point.

No. 612832

To be fair to reviewanon and her husband, some people get tattooed and don't understand longevity or have no other experience with a true professional. And some of her work has looked alright at first, only to find out in time shes a scrub and a scammer and totally incompetent. Without a pro to compare to (I.e they only ever went to her) they might not have known until she fucked them over. Which of course means she totally brought it on herself. Dumbass that she is

No. 612852

Haha I need to get the popcorn ready. She's going to explode when she sees this.

No. 612856

File: 1544615388470.jpeg (268.05 KB, 750x940, 042223DE-FAC3-4054-A36F-43F86D…)

And we have lift-off

No. 612858

Fucking kek at Shingles talking about herself in the third person to make it seem like she has staff, this is fucking golden

No. 612859

File: 1544615614387.jpeg (229.23 KB, 750x777, 5D43F077-2ED4-47E0-9FC5-1196F4…)

…and a new review for her to sperg out over

No. 612882

oh yes. let the milk flow.
vicky is gonna shit her tiny black spandex shorts really soon once her reviews get out.

No. 612886

>Once again my stalker. I have already contacted the police. Check the reports

No. 612887

I second this. He even said the tattoo looks good now so maybe they just didn’t know and thought that’s how it’s supposed to be. I remember years ago that a lot tattoo shops were run like vic’s, with subpar work, cleanliness and professionalism and there are still a lot of people that think these shops are still run that way.

No. 612892

I feel so liberated! I finally wrote a review for her and blocked her from all social media so she can't bother me about it. Thank you anons for giving me the confidence to do it :)

No. 612896

Exactly! She prays on people who don't know any better, who typically don't have a lot of good ink or have been to a lot of good shops. Once you have her shack sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 612899

For the record, we've already admitted (in the review) how foolish we were to go back but before she screwed us and stole my deposit our only issues were her being late. We were oblivious to any of the other crap until we found this site after googling her "MySpace name" which was 2 days before the appointment she stole the $140 deposit for, after claiming she had been kidnapped. Prior to that it had been at least 5 years since I had seen her and I had only gone to her. The last time I was there I got a few words tattooed on my collarbone for my son. Kind of difficult to fuck that up, so it looks fine. I had never been made aware of negative reviews, or work that had healed poorly. I believed my tattoo had faded due to natural aging over 8 years, not shoddy work or lack of knowledge. It was still foolish on our part to go again after seeing her shop, but she was meant to be fixing my half sleeve from 8 years ago the day she was "kidnapped" which is what all tattoo artists should do free of charge. It was absolutely my stupidity in sending her such a large deposit to ensure my spot, but I've paid for that and am attempting to prevent anyone else from suffering a similar fate. As I've said previously, I work at a law firm and never expected Victoria to try to pull this crap on someone who easily could have started a lawsuit in SCC. The Only reason I didn't was due to a lawyer I work with telling me it would be a waste of my time and I would be better off leaving reviews and even sitting outside her shop and "protesting" but I would likely spend more than I would recover through SCC.

I have edited my review to point future victims to her screenshots so she can claim there is a police order all she wants, but there's nothing of the sort. And I have already posted a screenshot here of her friend offering to reimburse my deposit to try to save face for Victoria.

No. 612910

Yay! She deserves it and I hope she loses potential victims over it.

No. 612912

I laughed so hard when you pointed out her racism and fake accent in your review. Absolutely brilliant.

No. 612913

Glad you enjoyed it! All of my Dad's family are from (and still in) England and Wales and it drives me batty listening to her speak.

No. 612916

I wonder how much she paid that victim to pretend she did that freehand. I also noticed the victim commented the video saying it was healing nicely. the name is Heather so assuming it's meant to be the only good review on Google. just wait until 2 years from now and then repeat how "nicely" that's healing for you girl.

No. 612925


What was your tattoo, anon? Can you post pictures?

No. 612967

File: 1544638919764.jpeg (848.97 KB, 2048x2048, 1FFC31BF-08CB-407F-BE49-B4140F…)

The left was fresh, the second is taken the next day and the third (far right) was taken after she went over it all a second time. The bottom jewel was super faded and all the colour came out along with the two on the sides. I don’t have many more photos of it as I’ve had it fixed, but every other artist I’ve spoken to said the colour should have never fallen out and it’s a sign of an inexperienced tattoo artist.

No. 612985

File: 1544639746223.jpg (98.92 KB, 1076x681, 20181212_133159.jpg)

Lmao. Victoria, you badly scratch stock photos on people and self submitting to e-mags doesn't make you "internationally published". What a joke.

No. 613001

Woof, anon. Good on you for getting it fixed

No. 613011

She stretches the truth about as hard as she stretches those old shorts she wears every day.

No. 613014

File: 1544642373592.jpeg (141.72 KB, 750x790, F8C9B7D4-427F-4A96-8E59-9AEB51…)

she responded, kek.

No. 613018

'born in Britain'
BITCH you were born in NORTHERN IRELAND and raised in CANADA. She's always so purposefully vague to support her fake persona.

No. 613020

She probably doesn't know the difference between Ireland vs Britain vs UK. But she's soooo British u guize.

No. 613024

vick seems to rely a lot on greens in general. and even if it doesn't start out green, everything of hers ends up somewhat green-ish? i don't know a thing about tattooing, but i'm curious if green is easier to work with or why even her blacks end up looking green or just anything, really.

on another note, i actually love the idea for this, anon, so i'm glad you were able to get it fixed.

No. 613025

5 years? I just found this board a year ago, but ok

No. 613041

She likes to believe we're all the same person.

No. 613042

File: 1544644376341.png (142.9 KB, 750x1334, 8B4AE725-7355-4697-A366-838973…)

she changed the review to make herself sound even less professional. keep digging, Vic.

No. 613043

It's a shame you can't respond back, but oh well. I was nothing but pleasant to her. I have spoken to her several times in the last few years online - she even asked me to drive her to a Gowan concert once offering me a free tattoo to do it. I also called her out for deleting my comments trying to do damage control on her runaway racist propaganda posts she likes to put up. I finally got my tattoo fixed this year and I am so glad I did - it looks a million times better!

No. 613046

File: 1544644707422.jpg (852.92 KB, 1080x3995, Screenshot_20181212_145735.jpg)

Is that why you respond to all of your crappy reviews that are supposedly all left by the same person Vic? You can't even stand by your own logic, kek.

Also, that crystal looks like a pile of crap. Nothing to be proud of.

No. 613054

You should post a side by side comparison of the tattoo now vs Vicky’s hack job

No. 613057

File: 1544645274951.png (21.13 KB, 621x310, Untitled.png)

I added a little bit. I'm done now though. If anyone else asks me about her I am just pointing them to this page.

No. 613082

To be honest getting it fixed just meant outlining everything that had faded, filling back in all the colour that fell out, adding back lines and definition to the side, etc. Probably 3-4 hours worth of additional work. Vic's fresh tattoos don't look as bad as they do healed when all the colour falls out and fades away. I also like the concept of mine, she is just inexperienced and should have apprenticed to learn how to do it properly.

No. 613093

File: 1544647454247.jpg (52.77 KB, 720x960, 10453464_10100911722977867_371…)

Healed a few summers ago looking pretty faded/colourless

No. 613095

Oh god that crystal sleeve looks terrible so far! Looks very cheap and outdated. Much like Vicki, actually.

No. 613099

File: 1544647632570.jpg (63.64 KB, 720x960, 10444559_10100911723027767_866…)

She added these feathers to the side and didn't incorporate them at all and they turned into just a mush of colour as she didn't use any black

No. 613104

why did you delete your review again anon? you're letting her win.

No. 613106

It's still there, but now it says 7 instead of 9 reviews

No. 613133


No. 613135


You should remove the comment number from the URL for this thread (everything after html).

No. 613140

Hey icky back here again?

No. 613282

File: 1544666879789.jpeg (373.71 KB, 750x1204, 7BD31AD8-62F0-4425-9BB0-411536…)

There is so much irony in this post my brain just imploded

No. 613284

even if it somehow healed well all the anatomy issues will still be there lol.

cheap ink. lower quality black will be made with blue or green pigment and age poorly over time.

crappy way to start a sleeve but what else is new.

No. 613313

Clearly she can’t do math as 2013-15 was 3-5 years ago, not 5-7. Guess they don’t teach math at Harvard.

No. 613322

KEK the cartoon at the top is basically, "I'm rubber and you're glue; whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!"

How's that Stanford and Yale education working out for you, Vicky?

No. 613330

Apon, aponnn, aponnnnn. That Ivy League education though.

No. 613383


No need for unessesary cruelty, anon.

No. 613447

File: 1544697744288.jpeg (329.83 KB, 750x1040, C8515A76-8FD8-4E4C-BF86-7E50DB…)

She really isn’t letting go of this mentally ill celebrity stalker narrative is she…

No. 613485

Is she like…aware that her responses to the reviews are making her look even worse?

No. 613490

Why does she always say "the stalker" like I assume this review is real but she thinks its lolcow but like why does she think lolcow is just one person???

No. 613493

File: 1544712749767.jpg (205.8 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20181213_094939.jpg)

kek, looks like she deleted her response to reviewanon's husband when he made her look like an idiot. I also can't find the reviews or her responses that were screenshot here >>613014. What happened to them? surely Vicki can't delete reviews or she would remove reviewanon's and her husband's

No. 613496

she edited the response to Michelle to sound more crazy than this screenshot >>613014

No. 613503

I don't even see that review on Google

No. 613506

the way she always throws out that someone who isn't sucking her ass must be mentally ill, therefore their opinion is invalid, is some major delusional deflection.

No. 613531

If I was googling a place nearby to get a tattoo and saw that kind of exchange from the owner I would stay far, far away. Nice job, Vicky. I'd hate to go someplace, not have a nice experience, write a review then be attacked as mentally ill.

Anyways, it's not like she gets any customers outside the people on her social media and her friends.

No. 613575

Why did she screenshot all the tattoo photos she uploaded? So professional.

No. 613625

File: 1544733036165.png (612.32 KB, 489x836, Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 4.49…)

she literally has no idea what the fuck she's doing or what she's talking about

No. 613626

File: 1544733071936.png (264.81 KB, 483x790, Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 4.49…)

No. 613633

Fuck she's dumb. Vic doesn't have any clue what she's doing so she doesn't place ink at the right depth so her clients experience fading, fallout, blurring, etc within a short amount of time after being tattooed. She then likes to blame clients for it, but it's her fault.

No. 613636

Ink does NOT stay liquid under your skin for life like this dumb picture says. Macrophages break it down over time and your body basically absorbs it.

No. 613764


"Yep…Once upon a time we didn't have assholes like you see on the net today as much…"

Can you even English?

She's not just autistic, she's a LOW FUNCTIONING autist.

No. 613808

Hey Vicky!

No. 613843

I was mocking her. Obviously there's no police reports of anything. She just throws that out randomly thinking no one will take the time to check.

No. 613855

Ok, to the person who Vicky has doubled down on her lie that you made fun of her friend with cancer - THE SCREENSHOTS OF YOUR FUCKING CONVERSATION HAVE BEEN POSTED. Vicky, stop fucking lying like you always do. Please link to her conversation screenshots clearly proving that not only did her customer NOT make fun of her friend with cancer (which is so retarded I don't know who is dumb enough to believe it) but now Vicky is opening herself up to Libel charges. Does she not realize she can't just slander and libel people forever and expect to just get away with everything? She behaves in an identical fashion to Donald Trump. A malignant narcissist who ENJOYS lying and spewing bullshit into the atmosphere.
Vicky, you're just a lying sack of shit. I had no idea how deep your narcissistic personality disorder went, and I doubt you'll ever have the self awareness to change or improve yourself in any way, since denial is the biggest part of NPD. I'd tell you to get help but there is no helping you.

No. 613876

or better, make an imgur collection of the convo and link that to the review instead of lolcow

really, that's the most important stuff and she can't claim they're just "stalkers"

Vick, just accept that you're being BTFO and that you're doing so much more damage to yourself by responding the way you are lmao

No. 613906

reviewanon did make an Imgur collection and link it to the review, kek. that's why she deleted her response about the whole cancer bullshit. she knows it's slander

No. 613957

File: 1544808136400.jpg (201.3 KB, 1038x1539, Screenshot_20181214_104757.jpg)

she deleted her little spiel that made her sound autistic, kek. so unbothered by this thread, huh Vicki?

No. 613977

So is the Heather Hill review actually Bicky? It doesn’t really make sense and also who goes to that length to write a review? Aren’t most positive reviews like “love my tattoo, would highly recommend.” That review was a clusterfuck of random compliments

No. 613988

File: 1544814881293.jpg (592.99 KB, 810x1734, 20181214_141221.jpg)

I think she deleted and reposted cause she didnt want people to see the edit history. She made an idiot out of herself in the comments too

No. 613990

File: 1544814967511.jpg (735.75 KB, 810x2588, 20181214_141241.jpg)

Comments from the original "apon" post

No. 613993

lmao. oh Vicky, you stupid cow. only you can be so completely unaware of yourself. you're also the only one I know who can read through these threads and STILL continue the shit mistakes you make like >alot and >respectfull despite it having been pointed out multiple times. never change Sticky. never change.

No. 614006

She's so triggered it's amazing lmao also who talks shit to lions through "zoo glass"?

No. 614008

Picturing Vicky in a fight is comedic as hell to me. I just picture a clown faced cow with clip in weave and pudgy man hands flailing about. She acts like she’s so hardcore but she’s just a short fat out of shape cow sporting shitty drag

No. 614025

There is no way she would ever fight anyone. She is the biggest coward who hides behind her neck beards, photoshopped images and katana

No. 614118

File: 1544848283200.jpg (73.72 KB, 1001x298, Screenshot_20181214_100921.jpg)

I have no milk to contribute but this is one of my favorite lolcow banners to-date

No. 614185


Fucks sake icky, the internet wasn't commercially available between 1970-85.. TV was also hugely censored and limited, you really are an idiot, "delusory intellect" wasn't it?? Most of the "older" generation you're currently decrying have no real idea how the internet internet works. Get a grip. You're a shit artist who's finally been called out, this is all on you not your parent's or the parents of your clients.

No. 614191

This description is perfect anon.
That's what I meant when in the past I said she looked like a hammy midget.

No. 614214

Did I dream that one girl did actually want to fight her and she did everything she could to wriggle out of it? And her excuse was she didn't want to kill the girl with her military grade combat skills? Vic's antics and Its Always Sunny episodes bleed together for me so I'm not sure.

No. 614309

God this is disgusting. A person LITERALLY tells her it was proven fake and she still defends it, purely to explain why her tattoos heal so badly… ITS THE CLIENTS FAULT NOT MINE. JUST EXFOLIATE AND STAY OUT OF THE SUN
..oh wait, its fucking winter in eastern Canada. If something heals now, it's not the fucking suns fault lol

No. 614314

You didn't dream it,that happened. Vicky is a special breed of cow[ard].

No. 614422


Did you misread the thread? It's Joanna who criticized Gen X mothers, quoting 1970 - 85 as their birth years. Gen X kids were the first generation to be raised by TV. Subscription cable TV, "the drug of the nation", hit the airwaves in the early 80s. Increasing numbers of households in which both parents worked and single parent households resulted in the latchkey kid generation.

The WWW was launched in 95. Prior to that the public internet was Usenet, MUDs, and listservs. Images were downloaded in binary.

And I don't recall seeing Vicki on rec.arts.bodyart where some of the very first internet trolls started shitposting and flamewars became a thing by the end of the century.

>Most of the "older" generation you're currently decrying have no real idea how the internet internet works.

Who do you think was on the internet during the 90s?

No. 614821

File: 1545087031995.jpg (261.09 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20181217_174541.jpg)

Victoria, shut the hell up with this pity party crap. Any "poison you've had to drink" is self-inflicted because you are a selfish, cowardly, narcissistic person who steals deposits, backstabs, shit talks and thinks the world revolves around you. grow up and act like the 32 year old that you should be and maybe you won't feel so shitty. I don't imagine that anyone who knows who you are feels any kind of sympathy for you.

No. 614902

That was one hell of a batch of verbal diarrhea. This cow deserves all the negativity in her life because she, and only she, created it.

No. 614919

I hope you find peace even if you were misguided enough to have wronged me.

This bitch is so entitled.

No. 615126

Live. Laugh. Love.
Eat all the cheeseburgers you can.
Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t photoshop it all away.
— both quotes by moi, 2018

No. 615159

LMAO Icky Vicky thinks people are misguided for having wronged her? This fucking cunt used her friend with cancer to smear the reputation of one of her clients, which was all a bunch of proven lies as can be seen by the entire conversation being posted online, and she continues to spread this lie even now in her Google review response. Is calling her out on this "wronging" her? Is calling her out on her bullshit in general "wronging" her and "misguided"? Is canceling people's appointments out of paranoid suspicions that they were talking shit about her behind her back any way to conduct a professional operation, as if it were fucking high school? Icky is 31, and still acts like she's a teenager with teenage princess syndrome. She will always continue to lie and manipulate, and her doofus pathetic doormat beta male boyfriend might realize this if he gets his head out of his ass and starts to think about SOMETHING other than getting his dick wet. This is why her creepy hispanic boyfriend didn't love her, and why she was so obsessed with him, because does what all damaged women do, they chase men who aren't interested in them, who don't love them, and are only out to use them. Vicky is desperate now that she is with a skeezy beta male that she has to convince herself is great because of how "nice" he is to her, which she will of course get tired of (because she's damaged goods and this is how all damaged women behave), and she will start to resent him for showing so much interest so fast in her. She will start to try and manipulate him, lie to him like she lies to everyone else, and hopefully he will point her out hypocrisy with this ridiculous FB status. It is Vicky who is a cruel liar who bullies others through online reputational bullying in response to being called out on her shit. >>614821

No. 615177

Paranoid suspicions is right! I left one bad comment on an Instagram post two years ago saying my tattoo wasn’t the best quality (I was hardly even mean about it) and she guilted me to take it down. After that I started telling anyone who asked me where I got my tattoo about her only to hear so many other horror stories. Her reputation proceeds her and anyone who actually knows her doesn’t stay in her life very long. Then I found this forum and it only verified my poor opinion of her.

No. 615179

To be clear, I never said one bad thing about her until years after the tattoo despite my frustrations and poor treatment. I was too kind, but I’m sick and tired of treating people like garbage.

No. 615180

*her treating

No. 615181

I think your review disappeared from Google because you added a link to lolcow in the comments. If you log in and remove it the review should reappear.

No. 615187

File: 1545193239411.png (280.66 KB, 750x1334, 4C9F1096-97E0-4C6C-8AE6-388FF4…)

Thanks anon. I was going back through my messages from her and what a cluster fuck. She cancelled on me six times in 2 1/2 years. She once cancelled because it was her besties birthday, another time because someone’s tattoo was going to be twice as big as planned, once because she bruised her wrist, once because her booking software wasn’t working, and another time becaus she was moving to a shop in Cambridge. She gave an address for it, but then cancelled so I assume it wasn’t even a thing? I should make my own post of her conversations.

No. 615295

Please do share anon. Her "booking system" is Facebook, she gives herself so many airs it's hilarious.

No. 615462

File: 1545256233707.png (266.61 KB, 750x1334, D4F4B78C-7E43-49F1-8855-074A45…)

When her computer and booking system crashed. I emailed her on the Sunday before to confirm and she moved it to the next week.

No. 615464

File: 1545256430760.png (302.68 KB, 750x1334, 98FC8747-93F1-48D9-A8A0-8F7FBC…)

Then she messages me the next Sunday asking me to come in earlier and I couldn’t because I work (she knew this).

No. 615465

File: 1545256541975.png (285.61 KB, 750x1334, 75EC14B0-7E95-412F-BF38-733F01…)

Then the day before she asks me to come in over three hours later. I was there til almost midnight on a work day.

No. 615474

Can’t remember if this was the time I waited nearly two hours for her to tattoo someone else or the time she arrived super late. I had to drive an hour to get there and even though I was pissed I was still crushingly nice.

No. 615481

Edit: March 5th was the Wednesday so she asked me two hours before my appointment to come in 3 1/2 hours later

No. 615485

File: 1545258675914.jpeg (160.3 KB, 750x398, 69D3C8DE-2569-458A-AE46-DCB7F2…)

Are mommy and daddy finally cutting off their adult child?

No. 615522

She is ~sooo professional~
Her life is such a dumpster fire and she doesn't care to change it. I can't wait until she's 40 and hasn't changed a bit.

I hope so. Then she will be forced to close down her sad excuse for a business because there's no way her 3 clients per month pay the bills

No. 615600

No wonder she doesn’t do tattoo conventions or guest spots. She’s a mockery of the profession.

No. 615771

File: 1545326719225.jpg (807.85 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181220_122252.jpg)

The level of butthurt is over 9000

No. 615774

She acts like it takes a whole day to observe and report. When the average person can laugh at her all while taking a dump or brushing their teeth. And then we go on our marry lives without a single thought about that person, until we have a couples minutes of downtime and check lolcow.

She’s as delusional as she thinks we are.

No. 615853


She loves the thought of people obsessing over her and fueling her “internet celebrity” delusions

No. 616023

Precisely. She's the human equivalent of a shampoo bottle. I check this thread when I take a shit. It's just reading material.

No. 616098

Vick wishes she was equal to a shampoo bottle. Most shampoo bottles are actually bi/trilingual. Vicky just “totally understands Spanish but doesn’t speak Spanish “.
And shampoo smells better and typically is appealing to the eyes as well.

No. 616181

File: 1545383058324.jpeg (63.47 KB, 500x375, CC975C75-A836-4206-BC26-CCD42D…)

You sure are missing out on life while blogging about your h8turrz every day vic lmao

No. 616243

I particularly found it hilarious that she said "build your own" as if she has ANY accomplishments to be proud of, kek. Vic, you don't own a home, you don't drive or have a license, you have a failed shitty business located in a dumpster fire shack with terrible reviews (from real people.. not a stalker), you steal money from people because you have none and your boyfriend (who won't stay) is years younger than you because no one your age fits your maturity level of ~age 16 MySpace gurrll~. Take your own advice and build a life worth all of your false bragging. You're 31 with nothing to show for it.

No. 616304

File: 1545404251973.jpeg (204.62 KB, 750x471, F07127C7-F726-4D96-82C3-59201C…)

I like how this is her fb bio. Totally not bothered. It’s also worded really badly

No. 616326

Part of me wants to edit/fix this and another part doesn’t so she keeps it this way and continues to look uneducated.

No. 616390

Imagine if someone came across her profile for the first time and sees this. Giant red flag for any potential client with common sense and extremely unprofessional. (Not like she ever was close to being professional)

No. 616435

File: 1545426447108.png (85.08 KB, 235x448, 154542642328942202.png)

No. 616478

File: 1545433688667.jpeg (125.34 KB, 750x460, 1757E452-25E5-40EF-AEC1-4B2F46…)

This is great

No. 616481

The time I questioned her spreading hate towards Muslims on her page so she explained the Isis car story to me https://imgur.com/gallery/O7hgy6Q

No. 616486

At least she stays on brand lol

No. 616498

God this is the type of cringey status a 13 year old posts when they get into first taste of drama with their schoolmates. Constant reminder: this woman is in her 30s. This woman desribes herself as a professional. This woman thinks it's ok to shit up her business page on Facebook with Breitbart articles and misconstrued pseudoscience.

No. 616503

I just picture her sausage fingers flying at a mile a minute while she typed this all the while thinking in her head “how would a Brit say this?”

No. 616516

Hahahaaa the Isis story cracks me up every time. Vicky Shingles: Islamic State's most sought after alliance. Imagine being on a jihad against the decadent West and seeing this peroxide gremlin exploding out of her cheap corset and thinking "Yep gotta recruit her". She is such an idiot it's actually beautiful.

No. 616575

File: 1545446710553.jpg (364.89 KB, 1080x1447, Screenshot_20181221_214303.jpg)

I concur, Shingles. Please for the good of humanity.. NEVER create mini Shingles'. It would be an absolute crime.

No. 616588

Wait, which is the original version? I need to know whether she fixed or broke that last sentence while doing the opposite to "unstablr" and leaving "mentslly" as it was because of course

No. 616648

>lack of class nor manners
Such a beautiful command of the English language.

No. 616687

I've read a few of her statuses to my boyfriend and we die everytime. She has no clue how to express herself through text, it's actually painful. I agree with the anon that it sounds like something a 13 yr old would write. Everything she posts on her supposed professional account sounds that way. It's not a good look

No. 616719


She doesn't use spellcheck because she's smarter than computers.

No. 616764

Such a burden - being a goddess beyond reproach. I suppose if she was open to criticism she’d be able to spell and form comprehensible sentences by now.

Poor thing

No. 617221

File: 1545623062147.jpg (550.58 KB, 1080x1669, 20181223_223730.jpg)

Lmao wtf

No. 617224

>that projection
>@ing her own self
this woman is a mess

No. 617299

lmao she quite literally has the vocabulary and mannerisms of my 15 year old cousin. I don't think she ever mentally aged past 16. shocked she didn't tell this person to kill themselves.

No. 617300

>shocked she didn't tell this person to kill themselves.
She got a strike the last time she did that. It's the only reason she's holding back.

No. 617474

Hilarious that she's making fun of someone's nose when she's got a hook schnoz herself.

No. 617475

Hilarious that she's making fun of someone's nose when she's got a hook schnoz herself.

No. 617677

She says so but I am 100% sure “bunny” was never on this thread, it was just Icky trying to convince everyone that no one (in this case Bunny) ever stole her man. She’s so insecure it’s a joke.

No. 617846

File: 1545893844032.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 8FD43A65-FD4C-4A07-BEC0-7EE271…)

This cow actually probably thinkin she looks like this
“No edit”

No. 617848

Wrong I love tattoos! I just hate hers lol.

In to suicide girls but not this buttery wannabe

No. 617900

File: 1545918245945.png (430.42 KB, 1125x2436, 9C10277F-2235-4994-B0DD-CF080B…)

Our photoshopped, elderly princess is trying to clean up her google reviews again.

No. 617901

File: 1545918271657.png (1.27 MB, 1125x2436, BFB90022-B4C5-42AA-A394-2F20C7…)

No. 617902

File: 1545918316594.png (5.29 MB, 1125x2436, 2BEE0468-90F3-4514-9676-266EE7…)

No. 617907

Those look like the legs of a decomposed corpse

No. 618032

You know what, tons of people are happy with mediocre work and subpar shops, so I can buy that those are real reviews. She just probably had to ask those clients to write them and played the victim card.

No. 618050

She likely offered them a “free small tattoo” which is what she does when she wants something or is late.

No. 618062

I scoffed at "Vladimir Kondratov" because it sounds like something Vick would come up with, but otherwise I agree. It's understandable that some customers would genuinely like the tattoos bc Vicky is good at hiding her faults through feathers, over-shading, and absurd gemstone highlighting (before it all fades, that is).

Plus any basic male probably thinks that Vick being hot = a good experience.

AND its hard to imagine Vick writing anything as legible as these reviews without spelling or sentence structure errors. If it turns out that she wrote one of them, I'll be totally floored from that alone.

irrelevant but she's not even ugly and she obviously has -some- artistic potential, but this woman needs therapy and discipline.

No. 618087

Vick isn't hot though. Like at all.

No. 618099

You overestimate the standards of basic males. People pay to see Momokun's greasy lewds, i'm certain there are men who think vick is attractive.

No. 618137

File: 1545969882539.jpeg (108.94 KB, 750x326, CB7FBB03-CF8F-4A7C-B177-05CE7D…)


Vicky tries to hide her photoshop flaws by dimming her photos. When you turn up the brightness you can see everything. The dress literally looks painted on from all the shooping and she drew a shadow on her fat thighs to make them seem thinner

No. 618138

File: 1545969914622.jpeg (160.15 KB, 750x793, 1C544698-0EA0-40CF-8646-3B4DAD…)

No. 618156

File: 1545975506630.jpeg (117.29 KB, 750x923, 8B9D488B-ED6B-4F3B-82DA-D8EF5D…)

No. 618157

File: 1545975538882.jpeg (96.73 KB, 750x767, 2DFD0BE0-8ED9-4F5A-BEA1-B06331…)

No. 618159

File: 1545975668964.jpeg (112.8 KB, 750x921, DB6838E5-A19D-490F-A11D-A3E94B…)

Never knew she had a bigger nose. It kind of shocked me. ^ sorry for tripple post just had to share this.

She wouldn’t be so putrid and shocking if she didn’t hide herself.

Like it’s huge in contrast to her shops. Wonder what else she’s hiding.

Everything probably.

Maybe she’s letting her guard down and saying fuck it time to grow up.

Yeah right…

No. 618180

is it supposed to look blurry?

No. 618181

What the fuck did she do to her eye

No. 618335

Her nose is huge.(nitpicking)

No. 618589

Kek the shoes are at least 3 sizes too big,
What the hell is that shadow supposed to even be doing, not trying to WK but, I mean it's not like her thigh even looked bad in it's original state, minus the shitty tattoo.
Noone's thighs bend INWARDS anyways, so it just looks completely stupid.

I see Frankie is making a comeback here.
Bending within an inch of her life to make some semblance of an ass, is she reading Shay's threads for tips or something, kek.
The whole dress does indeed look like she used paint to scrawl it on, much like her tattoos, but especially bad over her back-breaking ass.

This is fascinating and hilarious, any more photos that are like this one where you can see all of her flaws when you brighten it?

No. 618593

File: 1546048210346.jpg (176.17 KB, 519x800, AirBrush_20181228204812.jpg)

Honestly, most of em.

No. 618610

Her legs make absolutely no sense here

No. 618615

Neither do her tits. One is significantly larger and shaped different, which can happen BUT we all know vic would try to fix that with shopping. She just fucked up with the bloat tool. Stop photoshopping drunk, dumbass.

No. 618849

File: 1546109722354.jpeg (75.81 KB, 750x851, F0BCE9A6-CBB0-4B78-BCFA-344540…)

What the hell is going on with her tattoo here?

No. 618882


unless she also has a black pair which is also three sizes too big, she shooped her crappy black GoFfIcK heels from upthead to be red.

No. 618911

File: 1546125578782.jpg (34.88 KB, 628x533, basicallyvicky.JPG)

I can't with this shit.
Shooped on tons of extra hair that looks tangled, blurry and unbrushed. And she still left the roots dark.
Crooked eyes and eyebrows, if you can call them that.
The lips, look like she stuck them on a hot curling iron and burned herself before applying lipstick. (pic related)
The shooped on necklace, bonus: crooked.
Don't even get me started on those flaps.
Dress overly saturated again.
Hips and thighs lookin' as dirty as they probably are, and deformed? wtf, kek.
Her tattoo looks like a pubic hair situation gone completely sideways.
Aaand to top it off, in her oddly tan hand compared to the deformed legs, Frankie.

No. 619020

This is still probably the closest to what she actually looks like - she rammed her hammy body into that dress

No. 619022


~only two hands wide~
~size xs in waist and XL in butt~

No. 619055

File: 1546145952901.jpeg (144.21 KB, 750x385, 439F396E-5B4C-4E93-96D1-684DA5…)

>Boxing Day ink

No. 619117

Ah Anon you see, by " we " , she refers to her and her boyfriend being too busy getting wasted.

No. 619150

File: 1546194041768.jpg (844.45 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181230_130505.jpg)

Her bf uploaded a different video that she looks even worse in

No. 619190

Damn that honker tho. Bless him for uploading that to his public page.

No. 619241

File: 1546214035841.webm (714.99 KB, 640x800, 49461442_524411781395473_65089…)

No. 619516

File: 1546267677326.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 996CE319-980C-40BD-B6EC-F30269…)

Well at least she is straight up about being a snake lol

No. 619517

File: 1546267734417.png (1013.94 KB, 750x1334, 18E39856-C48F-44FC-BCDC-AB14D2…)

No. 619571


She must be very happy to finally relax. She’s been rejected by men constantly, and as soon as they saw her IRL they’d just run, but she encountered a desperate and boring enough guy who thinks she’s great. I am kinda happy for her. It’s hard to find someone that idiotic to tolerate your bullshit, I suppose it’s like for super intelligent people, when they struggle to find someone relatable, she found the ultimate boring and gullible idiot to match her. Perfect couple really. Life goals: making sweetened gross social media posts to prove their affection and try to get some attention. Couple goals: having someone constantly validating your insecure ass. She really found a gem with that one, no at least averagely intelligent guy or girl would put up with this.

No. 619598

File: 1546285982765.jpg (30.04 KB, 488x198, LMFA HI VIC.JPG)

I was reading through Mickeys thread in /snow and this popped up. Lmao.

No. 619674

File: 1546308642708.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x3835, Screenshot_20181231_210850.jpg)

Such wise and original words from an INTJ genius who had to edit this word salad 5 times and still misspelled several things.

No. 619682


How drunk is this cow? English is my second language and I am having a hard time reading this butchered rant she spewed

No. 619716

I was thinking pretty much the same. They have a symbiotic relationship: He stokes her ego by constantly assuring her that she’s gorgeous, sexy, brilliant, etc., and she saves him from involuntary celibacy (and probably gives him free ink). It’s perfect, really, and I actually hope it works out for them.

She’ll probably do less sperging on social media, though. And I’ll have to find a new favorite cow.

No. 619721

File: 1546324478813.png (239.94 KB, 651x440, 154632456627361208.png)

>at least she is straight up about being a snake

No. 619723


The way they communicate over social media is high school level cringe. Those comments gave me 2005 flashbacks

No. 619731

Yeah. I am getting those myspace style flashbacks too. lol.

No. 620230

File: 1546478842157.jpg (78.49 KB, 1080x460, Screenshot_20190102_202435.jpg)

lmao. if clients weren't already scarce due to her Google reputation and reviewanon's posts everywhere, they have to be thinning when people see this crap from a self-proclaimed professional

No. 620235

can't she just consult her facebook messenger?

No. 620261

And apparently no name? How can you fuck up this badly.

No. 620264

Is she too lazy to search through her messages and figure out who it is?

No. 620291


This isn’t the first time this has happened or she has posted a status like this. She’s absolutely retarded

No. 620371

> genius level IQ
> unable to judge importance of information, unable to predict events, unable to note down a stupid appointment

No. 620373

You've been nominated in the Lolcow Awards 2018! Go here to vote: >>>/meta/8011

No. 620385

a real INTJ

No. 620450

File: 1546546220478.png (279.62 KB, 750x1334, D44F395D-DE7E-4895-9C08-0D64D4…)

I hope more of her past clients post on her shops review page about how she really is. She’s clearly been begging the few people who do like her work to post lately.

No. 620452

File: 1546546338198.png (240.64 KB, 750x1334, 7FF4B861-E7B2-4DF9-B7C5-01D323…)

This chick has reviewed 17 things including a dollar store so I wouldn’t trust her rating lol

No. 620488

File: 1546548705169.jpg (378.77 KB, 810x2195, Screenshot_20190103-154704_Chr…)

Ok maybe tinfoiling but here's the best case scenario IMO: after essentially pan handling for clients on Facebook by offering "holiday deals", she managed to get one new client and FOR ONCE performed at a satisfactory level JUST for the sake of being able to play up the victim complex and getting someone to leave a sympathy review. Notice that the last positive review before this one didnt even give a full 5 stars, only 4. The level of effort she put into damage control is more than she's ever put into making her clients happy. Vick, you suck and you will continue to suck until you're willing to work on your craft rather than your image. Hilariously enough, your image would improve if your work ethic was as important to you as your online image is. Pathetic.

No. 620500

File: 1546551256783.jpg (425.46 KB, 1079x1677, Screenshot_20190103-163019_Chr…)

Sorry to double post but speaking of victim complex… projecting much , Vicky? Way to stan yourself.

No. 620510

That woman has 0 self-awareness. And a walking Dunning-Kreger effect.

No. 620637

File: 1546573435950.png (952.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190103-223736.png)

No. 620657

Hopefully she wins a lolcow award. Maybe then she’ll finally realize that there are more than just a couple people on here and that she is a walking disaster.

No. 623315

Thats never gonna happen. She will call it being ~famous~ ~celebrity~. Her delusions are too strong.

No. 623648

Bumping Vic’s thread because I have a sneaking suspicion she has something to do with the absolute fuckery in /pt

No. 623649

File: 1547045295754.png (29.39 KB, 553x529, Somethingisbrewing.png)

Something is up, she's been awfully busy posting some prime narcing on how people are so obsessed about her.

No. 623738

What do you mean anon? Have I missed something

No. 623769

That anon is just tinfoiling but with good reason. It wouldn’t be the first time Vic has gone insane and did shit to try and hide her thread. The fact that only /pt was hit is clue number one. And clue number two is Vic can’t go a day without mentioning her haters and “stalkers”.

No. 623771

Also maybe you missed the fact that a ton of 3 year old threads were bumped to hide all the recent threads.

No. 623797

Ah yes, thank you.
Not on my watch.

No. 623814

File: 1547075397383.jpg (461.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190109-103647_Ins…)

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if she's trying to bury the threads

No. 623817

File: 1547075797961.png (120.45 KB, 321x602, 154707559386285305.png)

No. 623818

What else do you have to tell us, Vicky? You've been plastering your life and shitty shoops online for years. You mean that's not exactly who you are?

No. 623831

If being a backstabbing, envious, fellow woman-hating, deposit stealing, unprofessional and racist bitch makes you "pretty cool" then sure, Vic. you're cool.

No. 623844

She also is into guilt tripping and deleting your comments if they don’t align with her idiotic, racist ideology.

No. 623871

She 1000000% does that’s why I had to
Go a million pages in to find her thread

No. 623873

don't quote the OP, it makes you look new as fuck.

No. 624010

and? Who cares if someone is new.

No. 624497

What is it either her and her obsession with “stalkers”? Like…no one here is a stalker? & didn’t she pretend someone legitimately stalked her at her house and she called the cops and said some cringy, fabricated shit to them? The only stalkers are the ones in her head

No. 624499

No. 624667

I think a farmer posted a google earth street view picture of her tattoo shack, and Vicky claimed it was a photo taken by a stalker.
She claims to know who her stalker is (I forget the name) and thinks her and two other people make up her lolcow thread.

No. 624671

I remember that. It was truly hilarious.

I think she claimed that she chased the stalker/intruder off with her mad ninja and/or katana skillzz; and not only that, but the cops witnessed her soundly thrashing said stalker and wondered why she even needed to involve the police at all since she's so badass.

paraphrasing, of course, but I'm pretty damn sure that's the gist of it.

No. 624714

File: 1547208047569.jpeg (70.98 KB, 750x323, C0428289-1ACA-46AC-B731-ED26B5…)

Lmfao then fucking whyyy do u only wear the same shit for a week until u change into a new sweatshirt?

No. 624733

I assume she likes to tell herself that this whole thread is maybe 1-2 people when in reality WAY more people are on to her shit.

No. 624814


Does this lazy slob think people only clean in the spring? Who boasts about fucking cleaning? Gross

No. 625320

File: 1547333489368.jpeg (454.3 KB, 750x1143, 562CDDC5-6A83-4439-8763-4FB8CF…)

Totally notttt botheredddd, right Shingles? The delusion is palpable.

No. 625322

File: 1547333605329.jpeg (176.16 KB, 750x838, 03362901-325B-47CE-9D7D-5EE199…)

No. 625325

this is the lamest fucking thing i've ever heard and you just know she thinks it's cool.

No. 625326

this is the lamest fucking thing i've ever heard and you just know she thinks it's cool.

No. 625352

File: 1547340390533.jpeg (175.05 KB, 750x800, 434C4D61-592D-47B5-AFEB-5EE8AC…)

Most recent review

No. 625354

File: 1547340443061.jpeg (163.51 KB, 750x618, 2FD139C2-97B5-4EEF-9610-D62CB0…)

Shingles, no one is fucking stalking you

No. 625381

…did she actually share this image /again/? She already had this on her profile like way back right after she was exposed for posting on here/after she saw anons calling her Shingles when they found her real name. I swear I remember it.

No. 625389

kek you’re right, I remember it too.

The funny thing is that she probably doesn’t even get the actual joke. She just saw “Shingles” and her thirsty ass reposted it.

No. 625390

fucking Kek Shingles, apprentice level? I believe you can only use that term when you've ACTUALLY APPRENTICED you scratching hag. Shocked you didn't call reviewanon and her husband stalkers too.

No. 625395

File: 1547350374677.jpg (447.14 KB, 1080x2008, 1.jpg)

Can't wait for her response to this one. Prepare for 4 part pic dump

No. 625396

File: 1547350400436.jpg (474.1 KB, 1080x2031, 2.jpg)

No. 625398

File: 1547350481670.jpg (628.76 KB, 1080x2244, 3.jpg)

No. 625399

File: 1547350544941.jpg (321.17 KB, 1074x1511, Screenshot_20190112_222617.jpg)

No. 625401

I wonder where this review went. Did Shingles already get to her with her usual fake lawyers and police threats that she thinks make her intimidating and not at all childish and mentally unstable

No. 625403


Yeah, what the fuck? No one has any reason to be afraid of her. She is a fucking bully. And a hypocrite. And a flaming pile of garbage in general. I can understand people not wanting to have to deal with her harassment but any threat she throws at them is bogus.

No. 625443

File: 1547353413617.jpg (378.71 KB, 1080x1448, Screenshot_20190112-231644_Fac…)

Wonder if this is a response to the review

No. 625447


>press charges

Shingles, I think can speak for a lot of us when I say it’s astonishing that no one has taken your ass to small claims court.

No. 625562

>small claims
what would they get out of her? stale cheeto dust?

No. 625580


kek, for real tho, she’d probably guilt her parents into bailing her out

No. 625663

This review is gone now too. How does she manage to get people to take these down?! Reviewers, if you're reading this I speak from experience - KEEP THE REVIEW UP. Vic can and will do NOTHING. She will make threats and try to scare you but she is 100% full of shit and an honest review about her shitty business and tactics is not libel. This woman needs to be run out of business and you are doing the world a disservice by removing your review.

No. 625670

I imagine the reviews are disappearing because the people writing them are including links to other websites. They need to login to Google, remove the links and save the review for them to reappear.

No. 625685

File: 1547396953839.jpg (137.6 KB, 1080x772, the delusion is real.jpg)

There were no links in those 2 reviews.

Also, Shingles is truly the most delusional person I've ever known. Picture related. Vicky, we are not jealous of you, nor are we unstable. Personally I just can't stand who you are and enjoy not only watching you burn your life to the ground but also enjoy how many people love to watch it. It's like a car crash that you can't look away from.

No. 625694

For someone who claims to be super strong and is a “badass girl with a sword”, she sure does loooooove being a victim.

Uwu poor Vicky.

No. 625695

For someone who claims to be super strong and is a “badass girl with a sword”, she sure does loooooove being a victim.

Uwu poor Vicky.

No. 625696

For someone who claims to be super strong and is a “badass girl with a sword”, she sure does loooooove being a victim.

Uwu poor Vicky.

No. 625697

For someone who claims to be super strong and is a “badass girl with a sword”, she sure does loooooove being a victim.

Uwu poor Vicky.

No. 625698

For someone who claims to be super strong and is a “badass girl with a sword”, she sure does loooooove being a victim.

Uwu poor Vicky.

No. 625703

File: 1547404200304.jpg (534.58 KB, 1080x2020, Screenshot_20190113_133004.jpg)

No. 625750

its really amazing how she manages to create tattoos that already look 15 years old

No. 625761

I see Carli’s but not Kate’s. Honestly, if you’re going to review her just block her on social media so she doesn’t try to bother you. There is literally nothing she can do and her responses to the reviews just show abosultely batshit crazy and unprofessional she is.

No. 625794

Yeah, just block her. All she does is shitpost. She couldn't afford a lawyer anyway, she drinks all her money. Plus, that's why she can't sue anyway. She takes deposits for booze money, gets drunk then cancels the appointment last minute cause she's hungover. Then she gets a bad review (rightfully so) and harasses the person. What lawyer would take that case? She's the one who should be getting sued.

No. 625798

File: 1547419672625.jpg (168.62 KB, 1080x1297, IMG_20190113_174748_728.jpg)

Oh lord the response to Carlis review is "painfull" to read.

No. 625803

>dropped mayo on the tattoo
>i have proof

is she trying to insinuate that's why it healed badly kek. accusing the person of being a stalker and dressing up like her for years right after saying ppl who lie/play the victim are mentally unstable. nothing bad about the work she does is ever her fault, and if you say something negative you're just crazy.

No. 625804

>dropped mayo on the tattoo
>i have proof

is she trying to insinuate that's why it healed badly kek. accusing the person of being a stalker and dressing up like her for years right after saying ppl who lie/play the victim are mentally unstable. nothing bad about the work she does is ever her fault, and if you say something negative you're just crazy.

No. 625807

This has to be the weirdest owner response on Google. Wtf, "dropped mayo on it?" First, that's the weirdest accusation I've ever heard. Second, how the hell would that affect the tattoo?? The person would just wash it off and the tattoo would be the same. The two things have NOTHING to do with one another, yet Vicky is acting like that's check and mate. How she so retarded?

No. 625861

this fucking retard. like are we all supposed to be one of 3 girls or something? everyone who says something negative about her is an "anon" and stalker, as if they can't hate her for legit reasons and not be from here. what a dumbass

No. 625900

I fucking love her responses to her negative reviews. As if the reviews didn’t already make her look bad, her responses actually confirm what people are saying in their reviews. It’s pure gold and I hope she doesn’t edit her response to Carlis review. I feel really bad for whoever this girl is though. Something tells me Vicky is the “stalker” harassing this poor girl. Vicky really thinks she created some type of “style” but she was super generic back in the MySpace days and is an old, washed up hah now. No one wants to be you, Shingles. No one even wants to be your photosopped persona. Your “stalkers” are normal people making fun of you and how fake you are. Your fake career, fake personality, fake degrees, your fake face, fake body, fake accent. Nothing about you is real

No. 625982

File: 1547441921572.gif (5.12 MB, 520x221, 12343275.gif)

>Go dress up as me some more

Her responses are making her look exactly how the reviews are portraying her. This is great. Vic actually acknowledges some of these reviews as actual clients but is shooting herself in the foot by calling all of them stalkers and psychos.
I hope more real negative reviews pop up.

No. 625985

File: 1547442632439.jpeg (141.01 KB, 750x876, 85590301-7F32-48AE-A55F-181978…)

This bimbo sounds like a stoned teenager. How is someone so fucking cringeworthy? She’s how old?

No. 626043

She is so unintelligent it hurts to read her dumbassery. The worst thing is that she probably really tries hard to sound intelligent, yet the result is sounding like a dumb 13 years old. Imagine what she’s like when she doesn’t try.

No. 626062

I don’t see carli’s review anymore. I hope she didn’t take it down.

No. 626070

File: 1547479587838.jpg (213.38 KB, 1029x1692, Screenshot_20190114_102208.jpg)

I think the most hilarious part about her reviews is the way she sounds responding to her "good" ones that she clearly begs for. She has the vocabulary of a 14 year old girl from 2009. It's so pathetic and amusing.

>so stoked to ink you again!

>you're a mega babe ^_^

Does she not realize that no. professional speaks this way? Let alone someone who is meant to be 30 something years old. Kek. Your life is a mess Shingles.

No. 626118


I like how she defends the negative reviews as they only have 1 review. Well, so do the the positive ones. And regards to google reviews you can report them to get them taken down so I’m pretty sure that’s how they are being removed. She probably also asks her victims to leave a review after their session

No. 626119

She says “so stoked to ink you again” twice in back to back sentences. Hilarious

>muh high IQ

No. 626252

File: 1547516180163.jpeg (139.04 KB, 750x541, 02C19BA3-C03C-429B-A7EF-F02CC1…)

Carli’s review is still there, along with this new one she is yet to respond to (we all know what she’s going to say anyway, STALKERRRRR REEEEEE)

No. 626400

File: 1547563171172.jpg (240.13 KB, 1080x1816, Typical Shingles.jpg)

She is so predictable it's hilarious. She is quite literally making herself look like the WORST "professional" artist but can't help herself. She even sees our criticism in this thread every day and STILL posts the same things and speaks the same way. Someone should study her for science.

No. 626470

File: 1547581884934.png (258.91 KB, 750x1334, D46FA2E3-E053-4B4F-B2D5-0719A7…)

This woman is the subject of the last tattoo video Vic posted. She is on a mission to bury her bad reviews it seems

No. 626515

"Super stoked" why do I feel like Vicky told her what to write

No. 626521

File: 1547588763152.jpg (340.23 KB, 1080x1148, Screenshot_20190115-164001_Chr…)

Still missing spelling and grammar errors even with the editing. How many times have we pointed out the double L? I know you read your thread, Vic. I can't tell if you're actually that dumb or if you still haven't lived down the "being around stupid people is painfull" status and think you're going to convince people that you intentionally spelled it that way. Either way, you look like a moron.

No. 626552

File: 1547593102441.jpeg (417.44 KB, 1242x2049, F13109B0-F4D9-420A-BE63-648F14…)

She posted an article about a Canadian getting the death sentence in China for smuggling drugs. Her commenters were getting a lot of “likes” so she didn’t have much to say after that lol.

She tries so hard to be political and smart but god she is a moron.

No. 626564

Imagine if the article was about a Saudi guy committing a crime in the UK, what would this racist nitwit say about Saudi Arabia repatriating and trying according to their laws then?

No. 626566

Hahaha I wonder if Vic would feel that way if a Saudi guy committed a crime on her precious British soil? Would she be saying his country should repatriate and charge according to their laws then? She is so dumb and racist it hurts.

No. 626569

Hahaha I wonder if Vic would feel that way if a Saudi guy committed a crime on her precious British soil? Would she be saying his country should repatriate and charge according to their laws then? She is so dumb and racist it hurts.

No. 626922

File: 1547678001590.jpg (187.11 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20190115_203102.jpg)

I really love when she tries to sound intelligent and someone makes her look like the moron she is.

No. 627254

File: 1547801036190.jpeg (91.37 KB, 750x473, 9FD7FF1F-2D92-42EB-B04E-5CD575…)

Never change, Shingles

No. 627262

Reads like she was "derank" when she wrote this.

No. 627294

According to her, her clients come from all over the world so she's just making herself look stupid with that response.

No. 627295

File: 1547818307689.jpeg (600.6 KB, 750x1206, 51BDECFA-67B0-4682-810A-4FFF19…)


kek beat me to it anon, I was just about to say the same thing. She’s going hard on the damage control but she’s just making herself look worse.

Extra kek re: pic related, she obviously doesn’t know that he’s an ebil Muslim

No. 627296

File: 1547818356795.jpeg (453.2 KB, 750x875, 1582669A-DFCF-450A-A0A4-2A0EEB…)

The fucking irony

No. 627306

It’s painful how dumb she is. Every time she opens her mouth she embarrasses herself. She’s a walking Dunning-Kruger effect. Over the years she proved herself to be on the lowest range on the scale of intelligence, and she is convinced she’s at the top. This is sad really. If only the stupid were not sticking their heads up far their asses and had some humility and self-awareness, and be willing to learn, we would have such progress. Instead we have people like Vicky who produce nothing worthy to society, and only make a mess that others have to clean. Quite literally when we see her spendings and how she butchers people’s skin.

No. 627574

File: 1547858963414.jpg (1.47 MB, 810x4623, Screenshot_20190117-222905_Chr…)

all this editing and she still sounds retarded

No. 627580


She likes to throw around anyone who doesn’t agree with her or like her MUST BE MENTALLY ILL.

No. 627590

File: 1547860810039.jpeg (345.28 KB, 750x1201, 5869B60E-F524-4B43-8A24-707847…)

Incoming dump of some of the most hilariously self-unaware and ironic posts Shingles has ever made

No. 627591

File: 1547860835948.jpeg (190.04 KB, 750x980, 530FACF8-918D-42AE-AC3B-DA874A…)

No. 627593

File: 1547860941740.jpeg (259.67 KB, 750x1144, E6A7EF47-5F92-4C4F-AFAA-60EC4E…)

No. 627668

oh my god vicky

it's so funny how she just plain gave up trying to spell tourettes

No. 627831

This is amazing. Vicky is the best cow ever.

Wonder if she'll backpedal on this stance if she gets any blowback from her neckbeard followers. We all know she secretly hates other women.

No. 627924

oh my god this is one of the best things she had ever shared because it's how people see her and she is too delusional and self-absorbed to see it. I love it. she is going to die a sad, lonely person one day and she will have no one to blame but her narcissistic self. though she will blame everyone else. especially lolcow.

>I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling lolcow stalkers

No. 628126

File: 1547954933130.png (31.89 KB, 381x193, NOTRACIST.png)

She literally pulled the "i'm not racist, i have a POC friend" card

No. 628304

> treats friends as trophy becuase of their ethnicity
> I am not racist, but

No. 628305

Im sure noone even told her she’s racist, she just made that up so she can brag how “worldly” she is.

No. 628314

Nah she’s just been lurking here and reeeeing we’ve called her racist a bunch (spoiler: because she is and she knows it)

No. 628357

Imagine being this reflective. Imagine being so insecure in your own morals/traits that every single time someone criticizes/questions they you have to make a massive Facebook declaration about it.

I feel so sorry for Vic being trapped in her own bullshit to the point that she can’t read something and be unbothered. Her entire life is built on the validation and praise of others to make her feel good. It’s a pathetic exsistance. Years of therapy couldn’t undo the conveluted mess she’s made for herself.

Vic; this existence is pathetic. Go to therapy, learn how to feel good about yourself without external influence. You’re going to depend on the validation of men for the rest of your life and that’s so fucking sad.

No. 628372

Check out the latest review she got. A person called her out for being a moron and posting political content and bashing immigrants whilst advertising her business. Appears to be a legit review.

No. 628376

Same fagging. Appears she got it pulled down.

No. 628379

It's not showing for me, could you post a screenshot please?

She's such an idiot for flooding her business social media with Breitbart articles about immigration and the eeeevil Muslim agenda. THIS is why people are calling you racist, you cow.

No. 628381

didn't catch a screen but the gist was 'Rashid' moved to the area, looking at hiring a tattoo artist, found her page and her rants about immigrants and said fuck that. Wasn't up long.
You are 100% correct; her posting that mra bullshite alienates women, her left wing posts alienate people who aren't white and people who don't want to be affiliated with racism. At this point, she should just specialize is giving out nazi/white power tats. it's really her market.

No. 628384

It really is. I get white power vibes from so many of her posts. She's obsessed with her totally legit British heritage and don't forget her ~porcelain skin~, if she wants to be celebrated for being an average as fuck white bread redneck, that's the niche market for her.

No. 628433

The way she spoke about her friends and partners sounded like a white 14 years old male with entitlement issue and a yellow fever or something. In her case, latino-fever. Like „I love my geisha samurai ching-chong girlfriend, so my right-retarded-wing political opinions aren’t racist”.

No. 628549

Grasping hard.

No. 628553

this sounds exactly like my racist af alt right friend, they always talk like this and list off all these races they think sound exotic and unique whenever they're talking about anyone at all. not sure who they think they're fooling with this kind of statement, nobody cares what % Argentinan or whatever their friend is besides maybe a fucking racist. its probably a complete lie anyway.

No. 628927

It appears she has made a new business site: https://bella-morte-studios.business.site/

No. 628936

File: 1548185138240.jpeg (343.18 KB, 750x733, 82D36107-1514-4F31-A800-864BC1…)


“High end tattoos”
First image is this sloppy mess

No. 628948

The shitty jewels (“realism” my ass) and abuse of white triggers me something chronic. Clearly not enough people are reading her reviews before committing themselves to permanent scarring.

No. 628955

File: 1548191737104.jpeg (87.21 KB, 768x768, 99AD1042-BA0E-4DBB-9410-C6C12E…)


That bridge in the background is all just done it with white. It’s literally going to fade into nothing. It’s so laughable she considers this a high end tattoo. I’ve never seen someone so fucking full of themself her head is so far up her own ass

No. 628961


I actually thought this was wrapped in saran wrap its really bad

No. 628964

LOL it doesn't even cover the tattoo below it properly

No. 628974

holy shit, i thought the exact same thing.

it's so frigging awful.

No. 629001

File: 1548203888895.jpeg (25.53 KB, 750x196, FC4A3782-0E29-489C-BA87-DD2B65…)


No. 629003

File: 1548204305479.jpg (400.32 KB, 1080x1829, Screenshot_20190122_194255.jpg)

>in progressss

No. 629004

File: 1548204346472.jpg (181.4 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20190122_194313.jpg)


No. 629006

No one old enough to get a tattoo would want a fucking Pokémon tattoo, not that Shingles would ever do something as professional as proof of age of course

No. 629008

>final fantasy
>ie a self-portrait of Victoria

No. 629011

File: 1548205781216.jpeg (464.95 KB, 750x1081, D594682C-0D9C-4B79-B83F-EAA82D…)

>see? I’m not racist!!1!11!1!!1!!!!

No. 629028

i like how when you click on a photo it takes you to a gallery on google where you can see a view of her shop kek. what a mentally ill stalker.

oh this one, still a fucking mess and looks like something in the back of a 90s tattoo magazine. i see she added her trademark white ink bullshit, and the underside of the dragon is just a bunch of blobby lines.

No. 629035

This is a fucking nightmare. This woman coming at me with a tattoo machine would be how I knew I’d died and gone to hell

No. 629063

I think it has to do with Ariana Grande recently getting one. It's trending right now.

No. 629095

She’s so damn thirsty to get her extremely mediocre e-fame back. It’s all she has lmao.

The only people talking about her are on here and it kills her lmao.

No. 629146


She went out of her way to share a post published in January 2018 of news from 2016. Classic Vicky, attagirl, show them haters you're not racist although you believe there's a Muslim conspiracy and that leftists are a conspiracy by Russia to destroy the western world! Make us proud!

No. 629197

Can confirm that I am a) not mentally ill, b) never ever dressed anything like a trashy whore, and c) never wanted to be your friend. Nice try though Vic. You are simply a garbage human and more and more people are finding out, but sure, stick to calling 100s of people mentally ill former scene kids.

No. 629226

File: 1548260704625.jpg (507.13 KB, 727x1139, Screenshot_2019-01-23-15-28-13…)

What is that thing?? I mean I know it's a bird but I've never seen a bird with those proportions.. I mean that's a fucking grumpy onision-bodied pigeon scratched onto some poor bastards body for ever.

So profeshunul guize.

Inb4 icky posts rambling explanatory hashtags #saggymoobspigeon #majesticpigeon to prove she doesn't lurk.

No. 629229

I imagine the healed photo of this is just a huge fucking mess. That much white is never going to heal well. It's meant for highlights, not 3/4 of that tattoo.

But, high end though.

No. 629235

It's the weird light on the water that gets me the most

At least since she uses mostly white they'll be able to get it properly covered, r-right?

No. 629240

I'm pretty sure she uses white on top of a darker base, I vaguely remember her stating she'd invented a 'special way' of using white as a primary colour and to icky's uneducated and blatantly stupid mind this would seem like a good idea, also it would account for how washed out and blurred her work looks once healed.

No. 629247

File: 1548262642700.jpeg (438.58 KB, 750x976, E1746054-CE91-4C7A-A2E3-7CF64A…)


What makes this even worse is that it’s a cover tattoo for this tattoo. You know once it’s healed that tattoo underneath will be shining through

No. 629272

This looks like something Vic tattoed

No. 629286

File: 1548269207425.jpeg (541.13 KB, 750x1248, 3B47B52A-4127-4FC6-8AD3-716C22…)

You can see the tattoo underneath still. Such a high end designer tattoo cover up! I would love to see what this looks like in a few months time

No. 629293

Wth. This looks like someone drank bleach and puked on is skin.

No. 629296

whew that's a special tattoo. even the best coverup artist can't completely erase an old tattoo - especially one executed poorly - but yea, this is going to be quite the mess down the line and this person should just get a new arm.

No. 629320

File: 1548277998695.jpeg (152.01 KB, 735x1019, A09A6EFE-2C0E-47C9-9E97-D6473B…)

I love how she’s dating this guy to try to find her way in the Toronto scene and this “model” mikayla is white knighting and seems to be as pathetic as Vic to try and stay relevant. At least she isn’t a shoop mess, just funny she fell for it. Sorry Vicky, no one had forgotten who you are and no one likes u here! Your radio station was a sham your tattoo artistry makes u look like a fucking hack. and your a racist weirdo and you don’t own your crappy style. It’s copied off other crappy styles. No one wants to look like you, trust me.

No. 629321

I would cut my own arm off if this garbage was there. How sad for this man. Guess he now needs a cover up to cover up the terrible cover up. I hope he edits his review to one star when he realizes how poorly this heals.

I have a cover up myself and you can't see the old tattoo unless it's brought to your attention, and it's 9 years old. This poor soul will be reminded of his old tattoo all too soon.

No. 629322

File: 1548278108183.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, CAE9E13D-CE1F-4D24-8BBD-BF0082…)

Actively keeps these people on her social media to feed off the drama because she would be nothing without it. Oh wait she already is? No one fucking cares about your Facebook drama lmao you’ve been exposed. Deal with it.

No. 629337

The only person who is obsessed with her, is herself. If she is this obsessed online, imagine her daily life conversations.

She has to be the most insufferable person on this planet.

No. 629373

File: 1548287274246.png (233.05 KB, 720x1223, Screenshot_20190123-174617~2.p…)

Has this been posted?

No. 629379


That mikayla girl is a stripper who works at a shitty strip club in Toronto and fucks on the side. She’s still way more of a model than our washed up cow Vick tho

No. 629380

Holy kek anons

Just let that sink in.. I'm legit crylaughing.

imagine being this fucking stupid?!?!

No. 629399

It has, but it’s still top fucking kek. On what planet is this plausible? She’s so fucking retarded it hurts.

No. 629400

I’m cry laughing with you anon, I audibly snorted when I read that.

>muh Ivy League education

No. 629450

Does she work at the Brass Rail out on Broadway?

Because that would be fitting for a friend of Vicky's.

It's been a long ass time since I lived in TO, so the Rail may have changed, but I just can't picture it. Once a sleazy peeler bar, almost always a sleazy peeler bar.

No. 629479

I know Nick and can 10/10 confirm he’s never met her in real life. He’s also a huge raver and likely hasn’t looked at photos of her while sober enough to really see lol. I’m kind of tempted to message him and let him know the truth as he’d probably be horrified

No. 629780

File: 1548334737442.jpg (24.08 KB, 480x395, IMG_20190124_135507_596.JPG)

No. 629804


Yep, the brass rail

No. 630130


good to know some things never change. definitely the kind of place one would associate with Vicky or her ilk.

No. 630178

File: 1548361914090.jpg (270.87 KB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_20190124_152953.jpg)

lmao. Vic is such a stale bitch even to people who compliment and/or are nice to her. it's such a mystery why she doesn't have many real friends.

No. 630221

your what's short vic?

No. 630267


> pre emptive

How does this bimbo make so many spelling errors and claim to be an intellectual at the same time.

No. 630295


A couple of very simple words misspelled the first sentence is a run on, and the last two are sentence fragments.

No concept of spelling, grammar, punctuation; and she all too often throws in words that just don't mean what she thinks they mean.

I wish I was as brilliant as her.

No. 630298

File: 1548370333973.jpeg (47.19 KB, 300x300, 5D3D886E-D961-4382-A07B-9AFFC4…)

No. 630453

File: 1548384026674.jpeg (183.62 KB, 750x688, D8B5CFB0-316E-4C7E-8239-23D1A7…)

Hate to break it to you Shingles but 99% of people who follow you only do so because you’re a hilarious dumpster fire of stupidity and narcissism, so your descent into obscurity would be expedited if they took this advice

No. 630458

File: 1548384106582.jpeg (272.12 KB, 750x1036, 951E04D0-9D3B-4843-91F6-D770D9…)

>nottttt bothereddddd

No. 630463

File: 1548384244923.jpeg (245.97 KB, 750x852, 871567A0-9C4E-4EDA-BA87-C8FB9A…)

Trouble in paradise?

No. 630467

File: 1548384328574.jpeg (429.52 KB, 750x920, 058D9C0F-E8FE-438E-8396-7EC07C…)

Okay, but no amount of photoshopping will hide how ugly you are, inside and out

No. 630576

Looks like we got
To her again good job guys lol

No. 630581

She has posted this before. Someone is trying hard to reach for excuses

No. 630849

It’s funny that she posted it just to „prove” why she looks bad on her photos and thinks people don’t know that she posts only her „best”, posed and photoshopped. An icon for retardness.

No. 630972

Love how Vic insinuates that this woman isn't beautiful nor are glasses. I DARE you to post an unaltered photo of yourself Vic, and I mean a real one not one you say isn't. You might even gain some credibility.

No. 631091

File: 1548449115767.jpg (187.08 KB, 1080x1178, 20190125_154258.jpg)

This is fucking rich coming from someone who has a history of deleting comments and blocking people when she is proved wrong. Her own brother called her out on it.

No. 631118


This coming from a psycho who, every time confronted with criticism, professional or otherwise, will immediately attack the other person with gradeschool attacks on their looks and threats of personal harm. Does she think people don't notice this?

No. 631217

File: 1548457945151.jpg (592.51 KB, 1080x3183, Screenshot_20190125_180833.jpg)

This is a lot closer to what she actually looks like minus the ungodly makeup and overshooped/shadowed collarbone and tits. This must be before she discovered she could completely alter her appearance in photoshop

No. 631238

Still terribly shooped

No. 631250

her eyes and brows look like centipedes.

No. 631305

File: 1548465390264.jpeg (124.75 KB, 526x830, BDC47121-96CA-445B-86B8-1C377D…)

Are u sure anon

No. 631307

File: 1548465531983.jpg (1.01 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190125_201357.jpg)

You'll never know what her face actually looks like unless you see her IRL. It's amazing to me that she's had the same bad scene combover, over plucked angry brows, giant fake lashes and overlined lips all these years yet has still never looked the same online. The shooping is so inconsistent and I don't know how she can't see it. She really doesn't have much of an artistic eye, does she?

No. 631320

I've seen her in person a handful of times so yeah, I'm sure haha. It's just a lot closer than her usual shoops. Her nose is a lot less shopped and she didn't get rid of her laugh lines. Definitely edited out those huge eyebags though. Those eyebrows are straight out of my nightmares though and she thinks they're so beautiful and ~uniqueeee~

No. 631500

File: 1548477800359.jpeg (591.47 KB, 750x978, 48440152-0205-4CFE-8BDD-A9F64C…)

Holy shit, the pic on the bottom right is what I see at the end of my bed when I have sleep paralysis

So this is her latest victim, the skin is so overworked I’m wincing, there is going to be so much drop out as it heals.

No. 631576

BARF look at it! By far one of the ugliest MLP tattoos I've seen.
I get that the skin is irritated from being tattooed, but is it supposed to be THAT red?

No. 631592

As I said, it’s massively overworked, which causes redness, but it could also be a reaction to the pigment. Or even both. Either way, it should not be that red. It’s going to be a disaster as it begins to heal, and will probably end up being a giant blurry, patchy mess.

No. 631746

File: 1548515282888.jpg (686.34 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-26-14-32-03…)

Holy hell, Why would anybody subject themselves to this? Why do her clients hate themselves so much??

None of this tattoo makes any sense, the perspectives are all fucked and where is it's nose/mouth? I-is she copying tuna's 'alienart' aesthetic now? Why does it have her trademark eyebrow? Is it an AnimePicasso pony?? So many, many questions.. and finally that horrifying actively bleeding diamond/star (top centre)

No. 631753

File: 1548516045306.jpg (388.26 KB, 796x790, Screenshot_2019-01-26-15-12-07…)

Buckle up anons, it gets worse.

apparently #animehorsies have horns and only one wing.. Sadly icky is far to stupid to know the word 'pegasus' (horsies who can flyyyy icky but hopefully now she can add it into her highly descriptive hashtags.

No. 631759


Its other wing is behind its head (three feather tips are peeking out to the left), but it is missing an ear. And WTF is that face

It even has her Emo combover hair!

No. 631774

Lol, I hadn't even noticed the ear anon, thank you for that!
Her work really is a gift that just keeps on giving!! Icky clearly is very talented.. just not in any of the ways she believes she is.

No. 631806


After I posted I googled Rainbow Dash tattoos (whew the autism on display). One of her ears is usually hidden by her forelock but her hair has the height necessary to hide it. Vicks definitely shaped Rainbow's hair after her own. And she did a shit job on the rainbow. The colors should be delineated.

I wonder what CWC would say? kek

No. 631921

The colours are just so dull? She tagged “newagetattoo” and isn’t the entire point of that style big, clean linework and bright smooth colouring/blends? Yikes, nice try. If love to see a real new age artist rip her apart for this.

No. 631950

File: 1548538390426.jpg (183.42 KB, 720x390, yeesh.jpg)

this style is rubbing me something awful – I had to dig deeper. It's like she took the wet mane meme and put it on Hasbro's stock image style (their 3/4 head turns look like that it's bad) and gave it anime eyes

No. 631951

File: 1548538466821.jpg (87.47 KB, 262x441, unholy.jpg)

BUT THEN I dug even deeper and think I figured out what she bashed together to make this thing

the wings look like shit because she didn't have a reference, and she chose anime eyes because ??? Vic I guess

No. 631954

ah damn, she probably used the wings from >>631950 I meant to add those on, OH WELL

No. 632062

gotta love how she just mashes stock images together from Google then traces them off of her laptop screen and calls it a unique and original personalized tattoo. she is such a sleezy scammer.

No. 632100

And she has the audacity to call her work “high end tattoos”.

In her delusions, kek.

No. 632102

Just like she claims she smells “like Chanel”, trying to convince everyone that she’s not filthy white trash

No. 632228

and Belle is who…?

No. 632230


I’m assuming you mean Belle Delphine, in which case you’ve got the wrong thread my dude

No. 632231

I have. I am an idiot, excuse me.

No. 633267

File: 1548720005250.jpeg (258.54 KB, 711x503, 3F8532F9-0691-4826-9545-B5A99A…)


No. 633305

damn, our observations of how she is a shitty human are hurting her feelings. so sad. maybe spend your time working on being a better person rather than posting memes about how ~unbothered~ you are.

No. 633789

File: 1548799336597.png (567.66 KB, 816x599, Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 4.54…)

someone want drag up/ point out the rest of the image where the grass is warped into the water lol

No. 633801

kek. I love that she's so delusional she thinks no one can see where she dragged her waist inwards using the warp tool. that shit gets made fun of all the time in viral memes.. would love for Vic be the subject of one of them to take her down a few notches

No. 633806


Ive already seen some of her shooos being posted to reddit, really hope it catches on tbh. As much fun as it is to see her roasted on smaller boards I would love to see it blow up. Maybe if being a cringe factory was her biggest claim to fame she might actually take a hint.

No. 633831

File: 1548805374526.jpeg (246.66 KB, 750x1078, 2E41CBFE-9CB5-4443-949F-44F1D0…)

this just in: everyone who’s ever done a gem tattoo is copying ol Vicky shingles

No. 633847


How’s that genius IQ working out for you Shingles?

No. 633854

If you can send photoshopped self timer photos to a magazine, it’s probably not a real magazine. & it still doesn’t make you a model

No. 633868

Everyone copies Vic. She’s the most original person ever. Is there ANYTHING that the average person doesn’t copy from Vicky? I mean….she believes there’s only like 2 people on lolcow. Maybe she believe there’s only 50 people on earth and they’re all copying her. Hence why she believes everyone on the internet is only a couple people.

No. 633904

File: 1548815296513.jpeg (928.09 KB, 2888x2091, 2914345A-BC0F-419B-B47B-39F884…)

Sticky compared to an actual professional. And she seriously has the audacity to call her chicken scratch high end designer tattoos?! She is so full of herself it’s unreal! Her work looks like the “my boy can do it for $50” meme

No. 633936

File: 1548819210221.jpeg (220.21 KB, 750x689, 290CD455-1EEB-4D74-BA84-6FFDF3…)


Ah yes. Every real professional copies Vickie’s scratches. What the fuck is that line work and sadness above the ratchet gem? I feel so bad for her victim

No. 633948

Literally all her modelling jobs are online magazine self submitted shit. She acts like she's a suicide girl or some shit when in reality she's just a sad old narc who sends shopped photos of herself to online magazines that noone has even heard of.

No. 634012

Same with her being a part of “judging a tattoo convention.” She reviewed shit online from some no name “convention” in like Argentina or Ecuador or some shit. Her credentials are so sad, just like her tattoos, and just her photoshopped nightmare of an existence

No. 634018


I feel like this has been posted before. Or maybe they are all wonky in the same way.

No. 634064

wow vic that's some great linework, definitely doesn't look like a kid drew it

for real where is the right one from? dat's purdy

No. 634117


NOt sure where the right is from I just thought it was like night and day from Vick’s totally original idea that looks like the Walmart version

No. 636022

File: 1549162310829.jpeg (360.91 KB, 750x801, A3DDECA1-4D80-485D-80A4-2CDCC0…)

Fucking kek posting a two year old article on the dumpster fire of a site that is buzzfeed like it’s something to be proud of

No. 636023

File: 1549162353808.jpeg (540.24 KB, 750x1173, 3838E376-6E2E-4029-A812-B48A5F…)

Totallyyyy notttt bothereddddd, right Shingles?

No. 636026

File: 1549162606348.jpeg (390.94 KB, 750x1066, 93F9BAD2-D403-41AF-8D47-B24992…)

Trying real hard to convince everyone she’s not an ignorant racist

No. 636029

File: 1549162687917.jpeg (271 KB, 750x981, D9213CA0-0F26-4266-91BF-685E2E…)

Yes Victoria, you’re the victim, not the people who have been bullied into silence after coming forward to speak out about butchery, you talentless slag

No. 636038

File: 1549164078487.png (285.24 KB, 708x469, 154916454345485891.png)

No. 636093

Went to check her reciews and it looks like Carli’s is gone, which is a real shame.

No. 636097

File: 1549169561015.png (202.23 KB, 750x1334, 654F2176-8D94-45A0-8391-505BEE…)

“Patience and flexibility” meaning be prepared for her to come in 3 hours late smelling like a fraternity or her not coming at all after giving you less than an hours warning.

No. 636099


Reality check, Sicky. You’re not a model. You’re an old washed up wench who alters her photos to hell and back. You claim to be intelligent but struggle to spell simple words correctly and fabricate everything about your life. It’s like she puts out this online persona and made a sim of herself. Living through this false identity of what she wished she was. It’s like her brain stopped developing in her teenage years oh so desperately trying to cling onto those MySpace scene days while hiding that horrendous hair line with a scene combover.

No. 636100



And by customized she means mashing images together and tracing them

No. 636114

File: 1549172358730.jpeg (351.54 KB, 750x1041, 5A00C4DE-65BC-4132-8E8E-C6D9D8…)

She was editing it, it’s back up now

No. 636285

File: 1549228158290.jpg (195.51 KB, 1054x1838, hilarious.jpg)

It's hysterical to me that she thinks I am creating multiple Google accounts just to de-rank her shitty shop. Newsflash Icky Vicky - I love to see you fail and am more than happy watching your life go down in flames after you stole my money… but I don't take time out of my life to do so. You do a great job of it all on your own girl.

No. 636289

Tinfoil desu but people are probably using fake names because they don’t want to cop psychotic abuse from her

No. 636290

If she keeps naming people she’s going to end up with a defamation suit against her.

No. 636291

She seems to have forgotten that almost no one likes her at all. She has made enemies both in person and on the net so I wouldn't be surprised if most of these reviews are people who just can't stand her and want to shop to fail more than it already is.

No. 636316


Is she actually naming people who have given her shitty reviews claiming that they’re stalking her? My sides. Every time I think she can’t make herself appear less professional and more batshit insane she manages to one up herself.

No. 636333

No shit she hasn't tattooed an anime character, what a dumb bitch. In that very fucking response, she name drops people that she thinks are stalking her so big surprise that people don't want to use their real name.

No. 636382



wow, 200 IQ for sure.

doesn't Reviewanon work at a law firm? I hope she reconsiders that lawsuit now that she can also sue for defamation in addition to fraud

No. 636511

File: 1549293762231.jpg (184.44 KB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20190204_101933.jpg)

inb4 the ~my stalkerzzzz~ response while she name drops more people who could care less about her. you have made a lot more enemies than you think, Sticky. and not because they're >jealous haters
but because you're a sour dumpster fire of a person who hates her fellow woman and treats men like garbage when they don't want you obsessing over them.

No. 636725


The absolute most delusional review page I’ve ever seen, if I was a client and saw this I would run the other way screaming.

Anyone who was a real client that gives her a negative review is a jealous stalker (only proving what the reviews have said about her inability to act like a professional) and anyone who submits under a fake name to avoid her insanity is blamed on other people who have given her bad reviews.

Imagine if any other establishment behaved that way towards their reviewers/clients? I’m so happy she can’t remove all of the reviews. I feel bad for the girls she’s trying to blame but at the same time she’s so irrelevant and psychotic that I would be genuinely shocked if anyone Sided with ol Vic.

No. 636799

the funniest part is that she keeps using the same "I've never tattooed a person by this name" line, but she can't even remember or keep track of half of her appointments and has posted "I have someone in my books for 5pm but no name or info. If this is you please message meeeee!" on her "professional" page. Fucking top kek to that my friends

No. 636928

File: 1549359718440.jpeg (524.01 KB, 750x1044, CA23E886-9B7D-4F48-9704-0A78B2…)



No. 636930

Any body who bothers to look at the reviews will quickly surmise that she’s fucking retarded

No. 636965


The fact she never outlines anything drives me up the wall

No. 636975

That's because she does "realism" anon.

No. 637079

File: 1549395771740.jpg (317.57 KB, 1079x1495, Screenshot_20190205-144023_Chr…)

top kek

No. 637106

Oh my god, was Vic's response meant to reassure people that she's reliable and professional? This is so amazingly embarrassing. I love it. I think she still expects people to treat her like she's still got the tiny amount of MySpace fame she had back in 2007 and she'll probably never be able to move on from that as she ages.

No. 637114

Kek. I love that she thinks she is a model but has never had anything published that isn't self-submitted, shooped to hell and back. if she were truly a beautiful tattooed woman she would apply to be a Suicide Girl because she would LOVE that noteriety and the bragging rights being as she feels it necessary to brag post about something as tiny as a fake amount of sit ups she did. But she could never be a SG because they would be like why the fuck don't you look like your pics?? Even a little bit??? What a sad existence she lives.

No. 637150

File: 1549405815612.jpeg (192.14 KB, 750x955, C337D1F2-0B8D-4FD7-ABD3-A2BC67…)

Imagine being someone who didn’t know who Shingles was and stumbling on these reviews and her responses, holy kek

No. 637154

I’ve wondered what she would say to a stranger that gave her a good rating? Would she thank them and say “super stoked to tattoo you again”. Or would she claim to not know them and have never tattooed them before? Icky doesn’t deserve the stars so I’ll just need to keep wondering.

No. 637160

File: 1549406980797.jpeg (558.22 KB, 744x739, 6A6BB974-8E0A-4F29-BE2A-85B978…)

Someone should post this to her review page to let her victims know there are talented artists out there that can fix the shitty, faded work she does.

No. 637164

File: 1549407609247.png (2.87 MB, 750x1334, F56DC697-C30F-4B8A-80AE-963E6F…)

And a reminder of what she would like you to think it looks like

No. 637266

Isn't she a bit too old to be a suicide girl? Pushing 32 but looking 40+ would not convince SG staff to even consider her seriously lol.

No. 637325

File: 1549429135033.jpeg (305.35 KB, 750x499, BEDCCAF3-0EE8-43E1-9C60-1E7C6E…)

I still can’t get over the wonky mess that is this line work. Those Roman numerals are killing me! Top high end designer tattoooooozzz

No. 637415

most likely she would use the same 'stoked' response b/c she only cares about compliments and wouldn't bother to check if the profile had other reviews etc.

this is hilariously sad, the shading at the bottom is so inconsistent it probably healed terribly.

No. 637420

File: 1549464576305.jpg (211.25 KB, 379x946, reallyshittattoo.jpg)

Her 'water drops/jewels/buds' always look pustular and painful, how can she look at her work and think "wow, my inkmasterrr skillzzz are littt!"?
Although this is one of icky's masterpieces and I have no clue wtf is going on here so I guess I already know the answer.
I've always wondered tho' if she saw this calibre of work done by another artist if she'd point out the flaws and utter shitness or does she genuinely not see bad tattooing?

No. 637443

I wouldn't be surprised this is why she slams girls those pose or work naked, saying she would never degrade herself like that. Truth is, there isn;t enough photoshop in the world to fix that hog body of hers.

No. 637486


The truth is that she can never and will never be photographed by an actual photographer. She is so absorbed in the image that she’s created that she could never give up control, as evidenced by the one photoshoot that she couldn’t edit and the fashion show she couldn’t edit.

No. 637546

File: 1549495665904.jpeg (64.03 KB, 750x391, 521ADBAE-B869-4908-A51C-D89B91…)

Warning.. incoming Vicksplosion.

This is her ex. She’s going to sperg so hard when she sees this.

No. 637563

Actually, Victoria now has all photographers hand over their rights to images featuring her in exchange for publishing exposure/free tattoos lmao. The wedding shoot by Mel Rose was blatantly edited by her (obvious because none of the other models have warped panelling or pixelated hair)

No. 637624

File: 1549505819599.jpeg (559.24 KB, 2048x2048, 6C5A9F2C-4749-4CCB-B861-725B33…)

Did she have a stroke? I have no idea what’s going on here.

No. 637640

slightly confused by this, i could have sworn i've seen this exact same review and reply ages ago but it's somehow her most recent one?

No. 637642

she must have edited it, clearly while drunk

No. 637650

and that would change the timestamp for both her reply and the original review?

No. 637655


The poster edited her review too, it looks like she deleted her response to Vicky.

No. 637728

Needs more white.

No. 637746

File: 1549542210885.jpeg (111.53 KB, 750x635, F1EC31E3-C542-4908-B844-DE7754…)

This is fucking hilarious

No. 637756

the 'dropped mayo on it' part kills me, especially since the way it's worded makes it seem like the customer dropped it on the money haha.

if she ever encountered