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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1454070630182.jpg (47.34 KB, 800x600, baby sun.jpg)

No. 64888

Talk about nice/cool things that happened to you (whether 5 minutes ago or 10 years ago)

Find $20 on the ground? Period finally stopped? Person you absolutely hated finally got hit by a car? Absolutely anything that made you feel good/happy.

No. 64889

File: 1454070982038.gif (411.47 KB, 500x300, 1454044445366.gif)

Finally got a comfy job at Netflix after doing back breaking labor for shitty pay or sit on my ass unemployed for three years. Feels absolutely great.

No. 64891

I'm so glad for you anon!

What do you do at Netflix?

No. 64892


They launched their services in my country last month but none of their shows are subbed to our language. Gonna be translating them.

No. 64896

Sounds tough, I wish you luck!

No. 64898

File: 1454075314800.png (37.46 KB, 369x323, 1439557714364.png)


Not that hard tbh, been doing this kinda job for years freelance.

No. 64902

I got a volunteer position at my city's film festival! Every shift I do is a free ticket, plus half price tickets otherwise.

And I'm drinking irn bru, that's always nice.

No. 64903

I'm happy for you! I miss volunteering at festivals and stuff- it's always sort of fulfilling in it's own sort of way (I really like knowing behind the scene stuff lol)

I had to look up irn bru, what flavor is it? I would assume orange but google/wiki doesn't really immediately say anything about it

No. 64904

Yesterday my boss offered me a fly-in camp job. I'll be making $44/hour (which is high for an apprentice), all you can eat free food, and $30 cash everyday to spend on whatever I want. Feels good man. When I become a journeyman, I'll make even more.

No. 64905

What trade are you learning, anon?

No. 64909


No. 64910

I went and visited some of my friends yesterday at uni (they have a semester left and I recently graduated). Some knew I was coming, others didn't… and the ones that didn't were hella excited to see me. Like, I probably got the biggest hug I've ever received from one.
The visit was hella good and exactly what I needed. I spent six hours catching up and visiting everyone.

No. 64911

Good for you anon! Please eat some more of that free food in my place.

That sounds so cute anon! I love stuff like that. I'm away for study right now and I miss my friends so bad, I really do wish I could pop in and surprise them at a club meeting just to see their faces (but $$$).

No. 64916

File: 1454085768226.gif (483.27 KB, 320x180, i refuse.gif)

I went to a bookshop that mostly sells manga and comics to look for the new volume of a series I like because I thought it would be available today. I didn't find it but instead I found Rohan at the Louvre, so I immediately bought it. I'm so glad to finally find it.

And even though 2016 has a shitty start, I'm looking forward to the Ace Attorney anime and a lot of video games releases now. I just need to find a job for this summer and it'll be perfect.

No. 64953

File: 1454100736267.jpg (35.09 KB, 359x480, 815e2c36d4cae193415bde8c25444d…)

I finally managed to make my teeth look not yellow. They're not pearly white, but the whitening strips and special toothpaste are already working wonders. I can finally smile normally without being ashamed.

No. 64978

Found out McDonalds in my country has veggieburgers. Finally something other than salad and fries that I can get.

No. 64998

I just read this and I'm really glad you told us about it. I've been aware of Jojo, but I've never read it and now I feel like it's long overdue. This is beautiful. I love when I find comics in full color, esp. when it's not just computer coloring. One of my favorite series is the manga 'Joan' for this reason. When I think about all the effort that must go into inking and painting those pages…wow. I'm in awe. Plus, the way that he draws his characters in such dramatic, model-esque poses is pretty cool.

No. 65013

You shouldn't support Mcdonalds anyway since they severely mistreat and abuse their animals. Better to buy your shit from fair trade and farmer's markets or places that support fair trade.

No. 65019

not in every country doofus

No. 65030

>massive fast food chain
>ethical ever

No. 65032

Can we please keep just this one thread positive kthx

No. 65033

File: 1454118251862.jpg (138.85 KB, 800x1200, JLA_Poster_v3b1-2.0.jpg)

There's going to be a new Justice League cartoon and both Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are going to be voicing for it. Fuck yes.

No. 65034

My period ended today, aw yisss.

No. 65040

That art looks like shit though

No. 65042

Do you play Neopets by any chance?

No. 65049

That's always a good day, anon.

No. 65064

I found out I got selected to receive the JASSO scholarship (roughly $800USD per month) even though I thought my adviser didn't send in my official transcript on time/my friend found out she got it a lot earlier than me (but she goes to a different school) so I assumed I just didn't get it.

I was JUST about to cancel my spring break plans of travelling all around Japan since my financial aid wouldn't be able to cover it all + my daily living expenses, but now that I'm getting this scholarship + my financial aid from back home, it looks like I'll be able to visit a lot of places. Fall semester was pretty bleak for me, so I'm happy things are finally looking up.

No. 65129

Enjoy traveling, anon!

No. 65135

Thanks! I'm really interested in vlogging and picking up cinematography as a hobby so I hope I'll be able to film lots of cool shots of my travels!

No. 65137

Don't be a whore and give white women an even worse reputation

No. 65138


Nope, don't even know what that is.


Remember to visit Hokkaido, all dat fucking tasty food, yum!

No. 65150

nice try, but I'm not even white lol.

Aw man, I would but I hear it's hard to get around unless you rent a car (my travel buddy and I both can't drive haha). So far I've got Okinawa, Nagasaki and Osaka/Kyoto on my list! I really want to visit Nagoya for Ise Shrine but the way I'm trying to figure out when to go where makes it tedious to get a connecting flight into Nagoya from either Fukuoka airport or KIX :(

(my other friend is going to Hokkaido though! I wish I could join her but I already booked my flight to Korea for the time she's there… time to make up for all that Hokkaido food with Korean food I guess haha)

No. 65152

File: 1454172043625.jpg (1017.57 KB, 1840x1232, 012.jpg)


Well I rented a motorbike to get around or just walked around there so you might be right. Mountains are beautiful, sea food, veggies, meat and beer is delicious. Literally my dream place to live, it's great in fall specially.

Have no idea about Korean food but I feel like it can't beat Hokkaido : ^)

No. 65153

File: 1454172079029.jpg (241.67 KB, 1024x768, 63698407.jpg)


Also try going to Onomichi at Hiroshima, I fucking loved the place. Extremely comfy.

No. 65157

Oh man, they sound awesome! Maybe if I can't fit it into spring break hopefully I'll find another school break to go travel to Hiroshima and Hokkaido! Those pictures look so gorgeous ugh….

I can't wait to get my ass out of Tokyo haha. City life just doesn't do it for me anymore, I'm too in love with the mountains and peaceful life I had in northern Nagasaki.

No. 65160


Believe me, mountains in Hokkaido are even more gorgeous than there. Go to Onomichi at Spring tho, best season.

No. 65166

Boyfriend got me an energy drink and I confirmed my plans with my friends. We're going to get tattoos tomorrow at a local event for charity. I can either get a flash tattoo and 100% of the proceeds go towards the local no-kill animal shelter or a small tattoo of my own design and 50% of the proceeds go towards the shelter. So far I'm leaning towards the flash option but I haven't seen any pictures that really stand out to me. I guess I'll see if there's more at the event tomorrow.

No. 65168

This place looks beautiful. I love the stonework. Where I live is so full of horrendous cheaply made houses that I forget how much I appreciate solid-looking architecture.

No. 65169

File: 1454176224914.jpg (1.74 MB, 2448x1376, 1450510572062.jpg)


Yeah, I really liked the streets in the Japan. Made me wanna go for a walk and job all the time, I don't even wanna leave my house in here. Fucking disgusting.

No. 65174

Wow that sounds great! I hope you find a neat tattoo!

Will do! Oh man, hearing that makes me feel the drive to go to Hokkaido even more…

Oh man the one legged torii… all of that shit hit me so hard.

I love walking around when I'm in Japan. I walk 30 minutes to my school campus just because I love looking at the houses and how serene and quiet it can be (though it's really scary at night time haha)

No. 65175

File: 1454178339117.jpg (1.94 MB, 2048x1356, 1450672431030.jpg)


What are you studying there? How hard it is the do your masters there? I really wanna live there for a couple of years, I still miss the three months I spent there.

No. 65178

I'm here on an exchange for a year! I'm just doing undergrad though. I'm studying international relations/asian studies (but I have no idea what I'm doing in this field since I declared it on the whim of "well, I really want to study abroad and I'll flunk out if I declare astronomy" lol).

I studied in Nagasaki for three months previously and my home university had another program I was aiming to do too, so I came back to do it haha.

I hope one day I could retire and live in Nagasaki… that place brings back so many good memories.

No. 65179

File: 1454178758990.jpg (546.67 KB, 677x1024, 1451176147400.jpg)


Ah damn, I really wanted to study astronomy or astrophysics when I was in high school but I was too retarded about numbers to pursue it. I'm an English teacher/translator now(at least will be next year officially). Guess I won't be able to do my masters on that eh?

No. 65180

File: 1454179089252.jpg (168.86 KB, 720x960, 10891482_10203393763225143_449…)

Try your best haha!! I'm sure you'll find something!

I decided on astronomy in high school too but after I found out how much physics was involved… I love science but I'm so terrible at it, and I'm absolutely hopeless at math so of course I'd be terrible at physics… lol

What's your JLPT level? I feel like ass since I've been studying moonspeak for years but I've made so little progress, and Tokyo spoils the shit out of me. I feel like Tokyo has left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I want to give up on it, but maybe after visiting my host mom I'll find my passion for it again haha

No. 65181

File: 1454179275061.jpg (1.92 MB, 2048x1357, 1450507185236.jpg)


Well I can watch chinese cartoons without subs and speak a bit. I gotta study a bit but now that I started working don't think I'll have much time. Hope I'll be able to save some money till next spring and visit Japan again.

No. 65182

File: 1454179361711.jpg (192.62 KB, 720x960, 10525960_10203393894628428_782…)

Wow chinese is really hard! Even though my mother tongue is canto, I can barely speak for shit lol

I wish you the best of luck anon!

No. 65184

File: 1454179439476.jpg (252.36 KB, 640x417, 1373441941869.jpg)


>Wow chinese is really hard!

I meant anime when I said chinese cartoons.

No. 65187

File: 1454180039616.jpg (23.37 KB, 200x256, 1429238318534.jpg)

I started working out again with the blogilates beginner's calender
I can see my abdominal muscles developing little by little and it feels really good
Gonna go to the local asian supermarket tomorrow and gonna go see The Big Short with my dad

No. 65188

Catty 广东人 girl on lolcow? Why am I not surprised.

No. 65193

How am I even being catty tho lol

No. 65197

I'm actually travelling to China soon. Super excited. Today I got excepted for a Chinese tourist Visa. That's a good thing that happened to me today!

No. 65203

You're on lolcow, you're obviously Catty.

Chinese cosplayers are the cattiest.

Cutest too though. And girls arguing with each other in that underhanded way is cute.

No. 65204

I hope you have a lot of good travels anon!
Eat lots of good food and take lots of pictures!
But if I'm a filthy hafu and ABC, does that still even apply?

No. 65213



What's your take on the "refugee" situation in Europe?

No. 65218

File: 1454188565993.jpg (56.94 KB, 540x423, 1453489586006.jpg)

Uhm, I started cleaning my room today. And doing laundry, instead of sneaking laundry into my mum's load.
Depression is hell. I also started showering daily.

I don't know how long it'll be til I go back. As they say, two steps forwards, a whole three leaps back.

No. 65220

It's a hard path, but you'll get there, slowly but surely. I'm going through a lot of it too, but please come back to share more of your small victories with us. I'm happy that you've started doing those things and I look forward to hearing more of it. :)

No. 65221

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's shit, exactly how I am with politics in general

No. 65222

It's worse than that.

Which side of your family is Cantonese?

No. 65223

I guess… both? Or moreso my mom's than my dad's since she's only second generation Malay. They're both Chinese-Malay but I don't know our entire lineage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 65226

I need to clean my room as well. Not just dust and mop, but actually clean it out and throw out any junk I never use… it's such an exhausting thing, but I honestly think my life would be better with less clutter.

No. 65227

Oh when you said hafu I assumed you meant eurasian. Like alexa chung.

No. 65232

File: 1454190452807.jpg (2.3 MB, 4160x2340, 20160130_164542.jpg)

Thank you, anon. You're really kind, almost sobbed. I want to post a picture of my room so I can somehow motivate myself with humiliation.
I keep wanting to have these room makeovers and all, but just can't. I keep holding attachments to these stuff. And I kept putting it off.
But I'm really happy about my progress. I think I'm gonna take pictures of it while I progress and update you guys, if you want.

No. 65234

File: 1454190602077.png (311.64 KB, 489x563, 1452231679516.png)

No going back now. It's been posted !! Love you, farmers! Just a heads up, the bags were from older attempts of cleaning my room and clothes I planned to donate.

No. 65235


Please do! Your small victories matter and I'm happy to see that you're happy!

No. 65236

Sorry to disappoint lol

No. 65238

Gotta be honest friend. When I was in Singapore I crossed the bridge, took one look at JB, turned 360 degrees and went back to Singapore.

No. 65239

I don't blame you. Since I'm American born, I don't hold much attachment to Malaysia to begin with, but I still hate it for my own set of reasons. Yet I always feel like I have to identify more as Chinese-Malay rather than just Chinese since I feel like there's definitely a difference between us…

I decided that I'll be taking a trip there for a week or two, but mostly because I've been having an insane craving for roti canai and Malay food is scarce in Tokyo.

No. 65240

If you turned 360 degrees you'd be facing the exact same direction. It's just spinning in a circle lol

No. 65241

I've heard some parts of Malaysia are really nice admittedly. I hope you enjoy it.

Are you in Japan for work?

No. 65242

Nope, I'm the Tokyo anon from earlier who's just studying here!

I have family all throughout the place so I switch between the city life of KL to rural villages but I never really get to do fun touristy things lol. At the very least I know the food will be good and worth it, and I'll be able to see my parents since I'm meeting up with them :')

(I wanna go durian picking so bad too)

No. 65244

As someone who was painfully attached to my things (think 10 mega trash bags just full of stuffed animals I could never enjoy + all my other things), you will feel so much happier once you get your shit organized. And it's fun looking through all the stuff you forgot you even had.

Give yourself a section to work on, don't tackle the whole thing at once. You'll actually probably make more clutter at first as you move things around into piles but don't get discouraged. If you're like me and have a hard time giving things away but logically know you don't need it, put it in a separate pile of "maybes" near your door where you'll see them everyday and give yourself time to think about what you'll do with it.
And hey, you might still have a fuck ton of shit left over. That's totally ok. You can go through it again, and it'll be even easier since you'll just be organizing through clothes or books rather than your entire room.

Protip: Taking photos of things that you know you don't need but are hard to part with helped me immensely. Especially since I'm a collector of dumb little cute papers and things.

No. 65247

Oh cute. Durian are nice but smelly.

How old are you?

No. 65248


Durians taste so good, I'm thankful that they don't smell bad to me

No. 65252

God damn you're so young.

Have you ever been much to Hong Kong? Can you tell difference between sea canto and HK canto?

No. 65253

I've never been, but I really want to visit! I hear so many good things about HK (and Taiwan too!)

All canto sounds roughly the same to me unfortunately… Now that I'm older, I really do regret not speaking more canto growing up. I feel uncomfortable even thinking about going to HK since I feel obligated to speak canto even though it's shit… (though my canto friend who's not chinese-malay says sometimes I pronounce things weird- but it might just be me)

No. 65255

HK is nice for shopping and eating. Taiwan is very friendly.

I hear Chinese looking people who don't speak the language well get a ton of shit.

No. 65270

Today I made my friend really happy, she felt like killing herself before but now she's a lot more chirpy. I'm so glad she has me there to help her through these dark times.

No. 65280

I'm finally OK with going to see a therapist. I'm depressed as all hell but because I'm a disgusting prideful perfectionist bitch who tends to push herself too hard, I manage to stay functional for the most part, for example, I don't shower daily but don't smell bad either, don't study and often skip class but because I'm somewhat smart and get passing grades anyway…

But I'm really miserable. I used to love studying and now I only do the bare minimum because everything is draining. I sleep for the most part of the day or just lay in bed recovering from the excess sleep/trying to go back to sleep.

SO! I stopped being a piece of shit and managed to leave my pride aside. I'm accepting help. I'm GETTING help. I'm hopeful, I really think things will get better.

Not quoted anon, but I used to. It went to shit pretty soon after I stopped playing. It used to be so much fun…

No. 65282

>but because I'm somewhat smart and get passing grades anyway
That "and" was supposed to be an "I"

How ironic it is to fuck up this particular phrase

No. 65297

I'm finally seeing how shitty people are and I'm realizing how happy I am with only 2-3 friends instead of raking up a network

No. 65313

I'm so glad for you anon!

Good!! Things will get better in due time, even if it doesn't feel like it! Please keep your head up as much as you can, I believe in you!!

I'm happy you've found such good friends. A few good ones is definitely better!

No. 65327

Same here, except it's at a crappy big-box retailer. Nice to finally have income though.

No. 65328

File: 1454223530123.gif (44.42 KB, 100x120, sharing_is_caring_by_hello_kit…)

Not any of the anons you were replying to, but you're awesome. Nice to see someone offering support and attention on a thread like this. Best wishes to you Anon.

No. 65339

Thank you so much :') I've been going through some of my own hardships and the good times have only just started slowly been coming back, so it feels good to try and be as positive as possible during these times and celebrate every little win we get!

No. 65384

Thanks anon!
I hope you have a nice day.
Keep being positive!

No. 65388

File: 1454268979641.gif (72.14 KB, 100x120, hello_kitty_picture-32.gif)

Aww, stay strong Anon and the good times will be here full force before you know it. =)

No. 65389

Yeah I'm not that rich. Should I also avoid supermarkets, because they sell stuff with animal products? God -.-

No. 65426

Are you 12?

No. 65441

long story short, my bf was given a sad betta fish in a tiny POS tank and even though neither of us knew jack shit about bettas, we researched a ton and set him up a nice 5gal with toys and caves and a little leaf hammock and everything. today it finished cycling and we put him in and he was SO HAPPY AAAHH

No. 65445

Sounds awesome, anon!! I'm sure he appreciates the new home and toys.

No. 66035

I went thrift shopping/clothes shopping in general for the first time in months and got some new spiffy clothes that I'm in love with. Retail therapy is the best.

No. 66046

File: 1454605318952.png (30.95 KB, 174x224, 1453585327721.png)

I'm not super motivated for college because I'm not sure what to do after getting my bachelor degree (whether I'll study translation, business, or marketing and communication because my bachelor degree won't be enough to find a job), but I'm starting to get a bit better at what I'm studying. It's hard but I feel like I may have a chance to get my degree this year after all. Even though the university made everything way harder this year for some courses.

My resolutions for this year are to have a better sleep schedule, save money and be more organized in general. I think I'm getting there. I'm doing my homework whenever I have free time instead of procrastinating until I have to study all night long before classes, I'm sleeping earlier and earlier each day so I'm not half-dead in the morning anymore, and I found a lot of things to get rid off while cleaning my room, mostly books that I'll sell to get a little bit of money back, which is especially good because they were taking too much space in my room. Whenever I'll have enough time I'll see if I can also sell clothes I don't wear anymore to buy new clothes.

I have so many other little goals to achieve, I feel like if I can keep this up I can finally become an independent adult someday.

No. 66050

Started taking some vitamin B lately, holy shit it's like my depression got decimated completely.

No. 66056

Anon that's super awesome! I'm really happy for you!

I'm glad that's worked for you!

No. 66057

File: 1454606582169.jpg (170.81 KB, 1920x1080, [Vivid] Aria the Avvenire - 01…)


Also finally watched new Aria today, so fucking beautiful.


Good job anon, don't know how it is in your country but translation is really comfy here.

No. 66059

I love Aria so much… I've only finished season 1 but it's such a beautiful series and I love it so much. One of these days I'll finally finish watching all of it! I'm such a sucker for slice of life, combined with all the beauty of Aria makes it my dream series.

No. 66062

File: 1454607421029.jpg (269.1 KB, 1920x1080, [Vivid] Aria the Avvenire - 01…)


Yeah, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Aria and Yotsuba are my holy trinity. Aria made my depression much better after watching it, started to enjoy life and nature in general after it.

No. 66064

Anyone have more recommendations for some feel good anime? I'm about to finish Shirokuma Cafe and am in need of some more casual positive animes without too many difficult themes so I can listen while working.

Cardcaptor Sakura was comfy as hell. I'm trying to get into Sailor Moon but the constant crying and horrible audio quality I've found is not comfy.

No. 66066

I liked Kimi to Boku, Hataraku Maou-sama!, Hanasaku Iroha (was even more feel good than usual because I bingewatched it right after finishing Shinsekai Yori and almost giving myself a heart attack) K-On, and Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight.

I'm sure there's others on my list but I can't think of them right now.

No. 66072

File: 1454608992158.jpg (324.06 KB, 1200x1200, 1453267253029.jpg)


Non Non Biyori is comfy as hell, Ren-chon a cutie. You might try Grimgar from this season, it has a weird sense o comfiness, Barakamon is awesome, Tatami Galaxy is weirdly comfy, Mushishi is a must, Natsume Yuujinchou, Spice and Wolf, Eve no Jikan, Haibane Renmei, Kino's Journey. These are my staple comfy anime.

No. 66400

File: 1454695037151.png (93.61 KB, 500x500, 1371793172284.png)

It's great you've been making those first steps, anon. I only have mild hoarding tendencies myself since I'm so cheap, but I've found to keep my useless purchases in check it has helped to dedicate one drawer of my desk to trinkety shit. All my weeaboo goods go in there, and if I want something else that doesn't fit, then it's time to make use of some items in the drawer to make room, or to get rid of some entirely. Of course, the most special items have a permanent residence in there.

Not sure if that'd be helpful in your situation at all, but keep it up and take things as slow as you need to.

I'm really happy to hear you've given the little guy a good home and especially that you both took the initiative to learn about proper fish care. It can really be a lot to take in at first.

A few months ago I impulse bought a really pretty plakat with this beautiful matte sky blue coloration I've never seen on one before. I felt bad for him since he had some fin rot and a curled gill plate. He's done great in my planted 20g and is all healed up now and having him in there has also made my school of cardinal tetras a lot more relaxed too! Bettas are great fish, they've got so much spunk packed into those little bodies.

On my end of things, I passed my certification exam with flying colors yesterday and by coincidence got a call from a recruiter I'd worked with before not even an hour after I passed. I've been out of work for a few months and he got me a temp gig set up to start Monday. I thought it was a done deal, but I have a phone interview in an hour and I'm super nervous. I know it's not the end of the world if I fuck up, just talking on the phone makes me really anxious since it's like speaking into the void and waiting for a response.

No. 66457

It's been a dark, gloomy winter this year and my depression is worse than ever. Today the sun actually came out for a few hours and lit up my apartment. I felt like a massive burden was lifted off of me. Living in a dark cave of an apartment is killing me slowly, so the sun was nice while it lasted.

I am beyond ready for summer.

No. 66518

Sailor moon is overrated and not even that good. I'm glad you got through CCS. it's one of my favorite childhood series. I would recommend K-ON honestly. For me, it was the perfect Slice of Life anime.

No. 66519

File: 1454730359032.jpg (275.59 KB, 630x474, tsuritama00.jpg)

Oh, and Tsuritama! I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it.

No. 66522

File: 1454730718489.jpg (40.56 KB, 720x480, Nyanko-sensei-eats-ramen.jpg)

>Natsume Yuujinchou
Total feel good anime, but also needed a box of kleenex near me. I loved all the seasons though. Didn't want it to end.

No. 66527

Thanks everyone! Mushishi and Tsuritama are in my top all time favorites too.

No. 66543

So glad to find another anon who appreciates Tsuritama.

No. 66579

File: 1454761362373.jpg (84.9 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Shouwa Genroku …)


Also try this one too, Rakugo was the surprise of the season for me.

No. 66599

Frank Iero reaction image anon makes me so happy.

No. 66625

Home from uni for the weekend which is nice. Did all my work earlier in the week so I have nothing to do. Feels good

No. 66645

Made a nice cup of black tea with my new tea infuser. Feels good.

No. 66648

went out walking to a new part of town yesterday, found two sex shops near the mall. bought myself a new vibrator (one that you plug in, i got sick of replacing batteries) and my first dildo. the staff at both were actually really friendly, helpful, and not creepy.
and the female condoms i bought arrived yesterday too. i'm not currently sexually active but am trying to get into the pants of this older guy back home and am going to force myself to make a move when i go back home for spring break
>inb4 slut
i don't even care. masturbation feels great

No. 66679

I've got the same problem. January was one long month of rain and overcast weather, and I wanted to curl up in a ball and die from feeling so miserable.

Ever think about investing in one of those sun lamps? A lot of people who live in gloomy places swear by them.

No. 67092

I have a friend that has one at work and she says it's shit

but I really want one too, I'm just waiting for a sale so I can buy them grrr being a poorfag sucks

No. 67521

didn't kill myself this week

No. 67628

File: 1454910882518.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, image.jpeg)

All you farmers are smart cuties and I hope you all have a wonderful beginning of the week. Here is a picture of a cute fox.

No. 67657

For some reason I just never really thought of it as a viable option. I should try it. The one big window we have only gets consistent direct sunlight in the summer time and I spend a lot of time indoors.

No. 67677

Good job anon! I hope you enjoyed your free time!

Masturbation is great and my roommate next door is gone so I know what I'm gonna be doing heh.

Anon, I know I'm words on a screen but I really would give you a hug if I could. You're a strong person. Keep holding on! I hope things will get better for you soon <3

Thank you anon! What a cutie patootie fox aaaa!!!!!

No. 67728

It's winter but yesterday it was warm and sunny out, so I put on a fluffy cardigan and slippers with a long dress, and I got to lay out in the sun eating fruit. I don't think I've felt that serene since the summer. College is so stressful but when I can just sit in nature for a while everything in life feels alright.

No. 68063

My college has a coffee/sandwich shop for quick meals attached to my dorm
I usually get lunch there every other day since I don't have much time between classes then, and breakfast there on the weekends because the dining hall doesn't start serving real food until 11am
I'm in there often enough that I know the workers who are there on what days, and they know me, what I usually order, and even spell my name correctly on the bag that contains my order (i have a rare spelling of a popular name)

No. 68075

I'm glad for you anon! I hope warmer weather comes soon for all of us~

That's so cute! I wish I could frequent a place enough for that to happen but I always get nervous and feel judged if I go to one place too much haha…

No. 68129

You should try it. It's extremely satisfying to be able to walk into the shop, and have the person behind the counter go "Hello Anon, toasted everything bagel with chicken salad, lettuce, and tomato?"

No. 68144

I started some super comfy hobbies like felting, crocheting and sewing. Trying to make kawaii as fuck sock plushies and stuff with the cute happy faces.

I-I'm a guy btw.

No. 68146

C-cute…!! Please post pictures of the things you make, I'd really like to see!

I picked up crocheting/knitting for a while but I always only make scarves because I'm lazy haha.

Funny story- once I came home to my dorm and started crocheting since I bought new yarn/hooks and my roommate came in and said "Anon, are you KNITTING with ONE NEEDLE?" and I replied "It's called crocheting…" and those words came off so extremely condescending and mean and I didn't mean for it to, but I felt like I had brought it on myself so I had to finish it up with "god why are you so uncultured????" lol. It's a dumb story but I still look back on it as a funny memory and we laugh about it when we bring it up.

No. 68148

>I-I'm a guy btw.

No one cares about your gender. Plenty of guys knit and sew. You're not special.

No. 68149

I'm finally starting to get into healthy habits such as eating right and exercising 6 days a week. I'm in my early 20s so I wanna develop good habits now that will hopefully follow me for the rest of my life :)

No. 68151

idc he mentioned he's a guy but the faux kawaii stuttering makes me want to strangle something

No. 68159

I've made some things but they are really bad. When I get better I'll take pics and share :)

No. 68164

Good luck! I had a typical neckbeard diet all throughout high school, but finally got my shit together in my early 20's and started eating better and working out 4-6x/week. I'm 26 now and those healthy habits have definitely stuck with me while so many of my peers are obese and unhealthy.

No. 68194


No. 68374

i'm finally getting paid to draw!

No. 68475

I started exercising and calorie counting late last year but stopped but ugh I wanna get back into it so bad. Biking to the store leaves me feeling so out of breath/on the verge of passing out and it sucks.

Congrats anon! I'm really happy for you :) What are you doing specifically?

No. 69078

thank you anon! i'm working on a children's book and kpop commissions! People would pay anything for them

No. 69115

>I started exercising..

That whole post was me so dang bad after getting into a huge accident a while ago.. like qurl I feeeel ya on the passing out part.

If you take it slowly and keep on it, but strain a little more every day, you can also get back there pretty soon. If you need to use metaphorical crutches, that's alright. Remember that it feels soo much better after the initial pain. Think of any discomfort from eating less/calorie counting as becoming healthy, also. Trick yourself into liking it until you do again. Whatever works for ya is great.

No. 69696

File: 1455320379804.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.79 KB, 580x431, lynching.jpg)

Found a piece of history today, the good old days when certain things were properly dealt with.(derailing)

No. 70988

Didn't drown myself in the bathtub this morning. Definitely thought about it though

No. 71052

That's great anon! I'm happy for you :)

I'll try my best!! I really want to build good habits for my older years haha (and I feel so guilty since I'm pigging out like crazy since I'm on vacation right now~ food is so good though)

Stay strong anon! You made the right choice, things will start to look up. It might take a while, but they'll definitely start looking up. I wish I could give you a hug.

No. 71151

File: 1455647663072.png (102.61 KB, 500x317, 1417330788829.png)

>mfw I got a "certificate" proving that I can totally use office suites and advanced things on the internet, which will look super good on my resume
>I'm eating delicious sushi at home to celebrate
>was going to buying a cake to eat with my family for that but they're shit, good thing I changed my mind and got a box of sushi
>on holidays next week
>just got money because I'm granted a scholarship, so I can buy new clothes and maybe make up during the holidays
I still feel like shit but way less than some days ago yay

No. 71155

AHAHA i read this in his smug lil voice and it made me happy

i'm glad you have sushi and holiday and a super badass internet certificate stuff going for you :D have fun next week

No. 71182

File: 1455652093838.jpg (213.26 KB, 1280x846, tumblr_mo2wmchOeF1r2xmywo1_r1_…)

Thanks anon! I don't think I'll have enough time to have fun because of the insane assignments I have to do for after the holidays but I'll take my time to relax, stay at home in my comfy pajamas and adjust my sleep schedule for sure. Here, have another picture with Akihiko for your good taste.

No. 71542

File: 1455720084163.jpg (1.17 MB, 3295x2498, image.jpg)

ily for that pic. i feel a bit overwhelmed with work too but it's gonna be ok. heck yeah pj's all day. take it easy kind anon and here is a cozy kitten to inspire you

No. 71910

After struggling all year, I got a perfect score on my latest project. Looks like I might be able to regain my scholarship after all

No. 71963

I've lost 16lbs since the start of the year. I'm on quetiapine which makes me want to binge like crazy in the middle of the night but I'm beginning to learn to control it.

No. 71992

I love you too. What a cute cat, I love cats so it's a great picture. I passed my semester 5th semester by the way! Just learned that this morning because the names of the students who passed the finals were written on some board in college and a friend texted me about it. It makes me so motivated for this semester, especially because once I pass the 6th one I get a degree.
I'm starting to feel like it's too good to be true and something bad will happen to me soon to compensate tbh.

No. 72052

I'm doing a lot better in school than I thought I would. I'm in my first year of university and I've been worried my whole life that I'd get here and flunk out after a semester or two because I fucked up a lot in high school. But I did pretty great last semester and I'm doing fine this one as well. It's surprising to me, the workload has been insane as I jumped right into taking upper level classes, but I guess all of the stress is paying off! I got a B+ on my first ever exam in a 300-level class, which isn't the best but it's a lot better than I ever thought I could do.

No. 202753

File: 1503321272201.jpg (19.82 KB, 750x530, solar-eclipse-clouds.jpg)


I don't know about y'all but I am stoked. There's some clouds but I ain't gonna let that stop me from havin a good time. Today, I'm grateful for being an adult and not having a job or school right now because I would've missed the solar eclipse of the century.

No. 202762

I'm going! Too bad it's just patrial here.

No. 202765

I passed two language exams this summer! English and French, both B2 level. I'm so happy!

No. 202767

Same lol I'm out of school and today is my day off! Wasn't able to get solar glasses/filters but I'll be going to a viewing party with a friend so I think it'll be fun

No. 202770

my dad paid my tuition and books for coming school year! It's not so much as in the US but it's still more than I could pay on my own without debt so that great.

No. 202774

My city's in the path of totality and I'm at my parents' house where the sun is currently fully visible with no clouds from their balcony. Nothing ever works out that neatly for me lol so I'm pumped.

No. 202785

i went shopping with a friend who i hadn't seen in 4 months (we used to live in dorms togetger but are both borderline recluses so like getting over nerves to hang out is bit difdicult lol) today and it was really fun! i was afraid it'd be awkward as fuck but it wasn't, it's like no time had passed since we saw eachother daily, i love those people you can converse so easily with! also i bought a cute sweater :-)

No. 202789

I've finally been getting job interviews lately after trying to find a job for 5 years and applying every day

No. 202792

Oh my god I didn't have the glasses at first but my neighbor gave her son's to me (because he was about 4 and couldnt fully appreciate it and just wanted to go back inside the house) and I'm glad she did because I would've just been sitting out there waiting for something to happen. I mean, it dimmed slightly at one point but I would've just thought it was starting to get grey/cloudy. When I looked through the glasses, I could perfectly see the sun in a crescent shape and slowly move back to a full sphere. Pretty cool! I saw people without glasses around me wait but then they just went inside because they realized they weren't going to be able to see it. I was the only one out there for the full 2 hours and now I'm going to keep these glasses in case there's a next time. They have the date right in the middle of them too so if there's ever another daytime eclipse, I'm going to be that old lady wearing her vintage August 21, 2017 glasses lmao

No. 202821

File: 1503358571759.jpg (16.76 KB, 605x367, cute-baby-animals-9.jpg)

It's not about me per se, but I just feel so happy!
My best friend had a rough spring and summer, but she feels more at peace than she had before.
We've had some rough moments, but I fixed my stupid ways and we now have a stronger relationship than ever.
She also just had her first day of class in medical school, and I'm just so so so happy for her. I always knew she would get into medical school.
To see her dreams come true makes me so excitedly happy, even happier than if something good happened to me.

No. 202856

My herpes test was negative

No. 202858


Congrats anon ,now be safe out there

No. 202912

About 2 years ago I posted in a vent thread about how I was a jobless loser ready to kill myself.
Today I'm on track to finally saving money while in college so I can move out and make something of my life.

This is just a small thank you to the farmer who made me realize I wasn't alone feeling so lost.

No. 202990

Not that anon, but good on you!

It takes a lot of willpower to do what you did, be every proud!

No. 203486

My cat got out three days ago and had been missing since, I've tried to remain calm but that cat means the world to me, she's pretty much my only friend and I've had her for over a decade. I've been out several times a day looking for her with no luck and was starting to fear she had been run over by a car somewhere.

This morning a neighbour called and said they might have my cat, they found her sleeping in a chair on their porch so I got dressed to go pick her up and it was indeed my cat! She's sleeping beside me now and I'm just so fucking happy to have her back.

No. 203545

File: 1503881580854.jpg (37.62 KB, 634x471, 15e26y.jpg)

im so happy for you anon

No. 203685

i took the plunge and bought some of those japanese push-up bras and my girls are popping! i have a wide-set chest so cleavage was impossible before, but it's just there now. best thing is, they're comfy and cute as shit! i love japan!

>no weeb

No. 203686

after looking for a job since I was 16 I finally got my first job
this is the first time I haven't felt depressed in years

No. 203688

what's the brand….i have anti-cleavage but big tits but i also have a chest deformity so idk if it'll work.

or is it those instagram bras with the lace up and no straps?

No. 203689


the store is shirohato on rakuten or their independent site. the brand is risa magli, they are very cute and comfy.

the exact one i got is here: http://www.shirohatoshop.com/en/shop/g/g286G858BCD/

but if you look at other listings they specify in the photos section what pads etc it includes.

No. 203691

thank you!! that's perfect. they're very cute so even if they don't end up giving me big cleavage i can always use cute comfy bras!

No. 203697

To add onto the recommendation, my favourite Japanese bra brand is Peach John! They have cute stuff, but also some insanely comfortable fits. My favourite is their underwireless push up!

No. 203723

how did you measure yourself to get the right size?

No. 203731

shirohato has a handy chart on their site. http://www.shirohatoshop.com/en/shop/pages/measurementsandsizes.aspx

i found it works better than online conversion charts. i'm a 30/32C and other sites said i would be 70D but i'm really a 75D.

No. 203732

samefag but just round to the nearest cm and check your measurements against the chart. **75C

No. 219948

File: 1514709346531.jpeg (117.57 KB, 600x879, 559D13AF-C845-49B3-A00C-20CBED…)

Thought a guy was maybe using me for pump and dump, turns out he invited me to spend new years with him, and im meeting his family! So nervous, and so happy!

Also want this thread back, much needed contrast.

No. 219970

Nice anon, hope you have a good night!

I received amazing presents from my parents this year! Nothing extravagant - some books, food, candles etc. I'm just so happy about it because usually they aren't good with gifts and I end up writing a list for then, but this year I left them too it and it's so lovely to see they DO pay attention to the things I like!

No. 219971

Thank you so much anon, hope you have an amazing time also!

Thats so cute, sometimes its better to go with the flow

No. 220001

I'm finally moving on from my ex, since a few months I've been accepting myself for who I am, I'm developing very nice friendships, school's going very well, I'm finally changing my ways (I'm way more positive and less self-centered) and I've met an amazing guy. 2018 has a great start.
Happy new year everyone!

No. 220578

I love this website it's my favorite place. You all are so lovely

No. 221217

File: 1515351980177.png (51.53 KB, 500x493, less of bad.png)

No. 221244

File: 1515359450014.gif (610.56 KB, 322x322, 1510591321797.gif)

Six weeks ago I confessed to the guy I had a crush on for almost two years and now we're officially in a relationship! I almost can't believe it as I thought it was so unrealistic. He's the sweetest person in the world and every time I see him I fall in love a little more, even though I'm normally the type of person who doubts everything. We live five hours apart and there's a 13 year age difference, but I'm sure we'll make it work.
I was afraid I'd overwhelm him with being so in love and come off as clingy while he wanted a more casual thing, but recently we introduced eachother to our parents and I feel like he's really serious about it.

No. 225124

i'm curling up on the couch with my cat in the perfect rainy cozy inside weather. everything looks so slick and crisp outside. this is shaping up to be a great sunday. how are your days, anons?

No. 225133

after a year or so I finally got some motivation to draw again, which is my only hobby at this point. it's really nice to just feel like opening my sketchbook again and having fun drawing again, I missed that a lot..

No. 225158

After failing three semesters in a row, I made the dean's list last semester. Weird. But I'm happy.

No. 225488


Congrats anon!!

This same thing happened to me, and we got married last summer. :3 Sometimes I still can't believe it.

No. 225688

This post made me feel so comfy anon. Hope the week has continued to go well for you.

I got my pictures of my completed wedding dress which is now being shipped to me, got sick which wrote me out of work for a week but tbh I needed the break. Here it is the first day where I do have normal anxiety but it's my first free day since October with no SAD as it's bright and blue skies out and the atmosphere is great.

No. 227132

The weather has been so much nicer lately, I feel like the seasonal depression might even be lifting a bit
I hope everyone else is having good weather!

No. 227181

Being a mum is awesome. I’m so happy I did this!

No. 227226

There was an event I really didn't want to go to yesterday. I spent the hour before in bed crying. Then I decided "fuck u brain" and got up and got ready. I went - and it was ok. It wasn't awful. That's positive to me :-)

No. 227280

Wow you shat out another human bean onto this world like billions of other biotrash. Bravo.

Also, pregnancy makes women dumber though in your case it probably won't make a stark difference.

Breeders should be gassed tbh.

No. 227281


Does it really? is there proof on that or just general observation? I'm intrigued.

No. 227283

Begone, salty trambo

No. 227284


Congratulations anon! Can't wait to be there myself one day.


Low quality b8

No. 227286

File: 1517662350418.jpg (243.64 KB, 640x640, fluffles.jpg)

i get to skype my mother tonight (and see our cat), and then i get to skype my best friend/ex-roommate (and see her cat)!

i've been 11,000 miles away from my home country since august and although i love being here it gets really lonely and i miss my family and friends so this is going to be really nice!

also here's my cat (captain jack fluffles) in case any of you need some orange goodness in your life.

No. 227295

That's a really pretty picture of your cat, anon! And I usually don't even like cats.

No. 227323

File: 1517678456267.jpg (121.32 KB, 960x960, tum.jpg)

thank you! i just finished the call with my mother and a large portion of it was just watching him do his normal cat stuff like eating food and sitting on things and it was so good i nearly cried. i love him so much!

No. 227329

Aw, someone has mommy issues, how cute.

No. 227376

That's a really pretty photo!

No. 227867

wow anon that's a really cool pic, I love the colors in it.
Really adorable cat too

No. 228196

i think i just started a successful friends with benefits relationship for the first time. putting everything into the open was so refreshing.

something traumatic happened so i want the dick and the physical affection but i'm not good with the feels. hopefully this works out for a while, he's a good lover. really happy because i was nervous he would get offended but he was super cool with it.

No. 228541

spoke too soon, he told me he loved me right after sex just like literally every man does. mission aborted i guess…

No. 228823

The job I'm working at is going to hire me directly instead of through an agency, but they need my resume first. I of course am a noob and had to write one up real quick, but one of the managers took an hour out of her day to go through it with me and now it looks great. I'm so grateful that she helped me, because what I did by myself looked like shit.

No. 228876

Lol anon, why are they like this

Pretty sure men do the opposite of whatever we want intentionally

No. 228945


>Tfw I'm infatuated with the man that's cheating on his gf with me

It makes me ridiculously happy when he texts me but it breaks my heart everytime I see her picture on his phonecase. Still pretty happy overall, sex is nice.

No. 228986

Cheaters are going to cheat on you as well. Have fun.

No. 229004


Probably already has a 3rd girl on the side.

No. 229006

Sorry anon but do you realize it he gave a legitimate shit about you he wouldnt be still with her. Learn to love yourself and recognise when someone is literally using you as a part time dick sleeve.

No. 229008

This. There's a million other dudes out there. Find someone else who actually values you enough to make you their one and only. Unless you want to stay and be just as much of a piece of shit as him. Don't you wonder what it'd be like to be in that girls shoes? Where's your sense of decency?

No. 229116


I was also in love with a married man, you may feel comfortable now that you are sort of with him but once he leaves you (he will leave you once shit hits the fan) you will feel miserable and wished you had not been involved with him.

I dated a married guy, he said he loved me and shit, he even told his wife about me and damaged my reputation. Once his wife, family and friends knew and once he realized that his comfy househusband life could end, he cut contact and started to ignore me. I spent a whole week crying and I'm now being miserable because of this.

Don't do this to yourself, let this guy rot.

Cheaters are shit tier human beings.

No. 229155

I got straight A's last semester. My Cat passed away and my mental health got worse during the semester, so I'm proud I could still keep my grades up.

No. 229156

This. If he loved you he would break up with the wife to be with you.

No. 229166

I felt like a normal person (not depressed) for the first time in years today. I cried happy tears.

No. 229167

That's great anon! I hope you continue to feel good and recover. It's amazing how great it feels to be happy after having depression for a long time.

No. 229245

File: 1518783925315.jpg (9.86 KB, 250x232, 935953.jpg)

i talked to my mom about sex for the first time and she was so chill about it!

i'm 18 but she had never given me "the talk." i started getting involved with this guy in class and decided i want to be transparent with her and she was just happy i was being honest. idk, for some reason i expected her to be upset so knowing i don't have to keep those kinds of things secret is really refreshing. kind of a dumb positive feel, but her support really matters to me. it took a lot of courage to basically be like "hey mom i'm gonna bang this dude is that ok"

No. 230807

My exercise machine came in the mail today and I put it together.
Did my 20 or so odd minutes on it with some floor exercises and I feel it still even hours later. It's a step in the right direction and I'm proud of myself for pulling out of my depression to finally do something about it.

I feel less anxious and paranoid now that I have access to a cardio tool to help manage my stress and weight. For two years I did nothing. Like a combination of apathy, stress, sedentary job, not being able to afford even a gym membership, and lacking the fortitude to exercise outside because I'm ashamed of how I look and people seeing me (stems from bullying whenever I'd do something sporty fyi).

I'm looking at pictures of me from two years ago. Before all this shit happened and I was a normal weight. I just want that so bad again..

No. 230838

File: 1519456302542.png (437.24 KB, 800x519, pfJI97x.png)

I'm excited, my birthday is in 2 weeks. I'm not sure what to plan this year but I'm looking forward to it!!

No. 230872

I’m really happy for you anon! I hope it continues.

No. 233336

File: 1520797162662.jpg (234.01 KB, 934x1400, umb7t2tjq5i01.jpg)

After reading the man-hating thread I just wanna post how happy I am to have my boyfriend. I'm very lucky.

No. 233350

File: 1520802914297.jpeg (15.32 KB, 220x368, 30026834-F293-4484-867E-E648B5…)

I’m almost one year out from a surgery I didn’t want, and I’m beginning to regain some muscle strength and lose weight. I had about 40% hair fall, and it’s finally slowed. That was the worst.

Plus, I met a friend online and we share books with each other through the mail. It’s always a surprise, we both have a weird sense of humor and just grab something off the shelf; she just sent me pic related and it’s a classic!

No. 233383

my fiance bought me my favorite fruits (peaches and mandarin oranges) from our local grocery store. i have anxiety about eating and food in general, but this was a perfect snack.

No. 233385

File: 1520822570622.png (332.35 KB, 564x917, 20915582_1096040937196375_1150…)

+My boyfriend and I have been working out together. We both have our insecurities about our weight and skin.
+boyfriend finally got a job, so i wont be the only one paying rent and bills anymore.
+Did a huuuuge spring cleaning today, throwing out a bunch of junk. Trying to make everything more open for my psyche, been really depressed for the past year.
+Making plans to move to Austin, I hate this swamp city I live in now. We're aiming for six months from now.

No. 233388

File: 1520823110166.jpg (38.65 KB, 600x450, me doe.jpg)

I've managed to cut down from drinking 5-6 days a week to "only" 2-3 times a week now! It sounds lame but it was pretty hard for me lol.

No. 233407

That book is awful, anon. Iirc it's not even a real diary, it's some 80's anti-drug propaganda that pretty much says that if you smoke pot once you'll be selling your body for heroin two months later a la Christiane F.

No. 233448

Good on you anon, you're only going to feel better.

No. 233455

It’s hilariously bad. I love it. Way to shit on someone in the posi thread, though.

No. 233466

I got a sarahah message saying that I was the most talented and intelligent person the anon had ever met and that they were looking forward to seeing me grow in the future.
It was a big deal for me because I'm not successful or pretty or rich. The one thing I had was that I used to be an overachiever at uni but have stagnated and lack confidence since I finished my masters.

No. 233468

Yeah we shouldn't make positive experiences bad here lol. At least that book was free so who cares.

That's great. I hope my bf and I are going to head in that direction too

No. 233478

Wasn't shitting on anyone, just warning anon like I wish someone warned me before I wasted my time reading it

No. 233494

File: 1520882039924.jpg (41.98 KB, 583x509, IMG_20161114_013124.jpg)

My period was so light this month compared to how it usually is. I don’t get cramps or any seriously uncomfortable pains, just the heavy bleeding is the most annoying part. I started putting on adult diapers before I went to bed because I make a fucking mess when I wake up with that “waterfall” shit on my heaviest days, even if I put in a fresh tampon + a pad. I didn’t have to deal with any of that this month though, it was so low maintenance.

No. 233502

you made me lol so hard with that post + img combo. good for you bitch

No. 233546

Life is going so good for me right now!

>Got a boyfriend today

>Got an internship that pays despite my shitty grades (<2.5 GPA)
>Kicking butt at my classes
>Hobby "business" is going ok

No. 233581

File: 1520953761917.gif (625.42 KB, 477x360, creamymami-1.gif)

the other day my bf just stared at me and said "you're really good at doing your eyeshadow" and idk why but i've been beaming over it for like 3 days. he's one of those quiet stoic types so that specific compliment was so out of the blue lol

a lot of people have been complimenting my makeup game lately. it makes me happy that i'm doing something right!

No. 234296

Got a job that pays a living wage, start tomorrow.
Met up with an anti-moneylaundering lawyer-type in a bar and gave him my resume, we'll see.
Seeing friends tonight after several weeks a shut-in.

No. 234298

Got a small job at my university that is related to my field. Its not often so I won't earn that much, but it is my first job where I can actually get some relevant experience.

It slowly seems like my life is getting better

No. 234383

I get to hang out with my mom this weekend and I'm super excited. I'm living on my own for the first time and it's so hard being away from her. I love her so much. She's really wonderful and I'm so grateful that I'm her daughter.

No. 234403

I've been sober for 2+ weeks and I'm meeting a personal trainer soon for form checking and a new workout programme, i'm very excited

No. 234426

6 months of hard work on my house is finally paying off. It might be pathetic, but everyone who comes over compliments me on my lovely home and it makes me really happy.

No. 237298

File: 1522182473659.png (2.61 KB, 493x402, 1394300989157.png)

I'm going on vacation to Disney World in a few days! It'll be the first time I've been on vacation in over a decade and it's one of the very few things I've had to look forward to in years.

Apparently there's a special flower and garden festival happening at Epcot right now and I fucking love horticulture so I'm excited to get to see that and be there at the right time. On top of that, I bought some cheap but very cute dresses that I'll be planning to wear all week which sounds like nbd to most of you, (lots of gulls here into cute fashion) but it's way too windy to wear dresses where I live and I'm too shy wearing them in my town where pretty much no one wears dresses so I'm excited to finally get to wear them lol. God it's going to be so damn nice to get away from everything for a little bit and be able to feel some semblance of happiness.

No. 237402

my boyfriend's grandma is super protective of him and usually critical of his partners. i'm the first girlfriend of his she has liked. she called me darling :)

No. 237403

I feel like everything is falling into place. I have a new large appartement, if everything goes well, I'll finally have my degree just shy of 30, I got a cool internship in the field I wanted. I haven't had a complete meltdown in 6 month.
Maybe the hardships are finally over.

No. 241411

File: 1523474100447.jpg (71.29 KB, 604x604, tumblr_ozuhdwFg591wibb4no1_128…)

Pretty sure I did really well on the first of my school leaving exams! I feel really good about myself :) only 7 more exams to go haha

No. 241553

My family surprised me by buying me an Angelic Pretty dress for my birthday. I've been so down lately so it really helped to cheer me up! Also I just got a new job after a long time of searching AND the court case against my ex-boss for wrongful dismissal is moving forward and my lawyer is extremely confident that we'll win.

also this thread makes me so happy

No. 241595

I work at a mall and yesterday got a free meal because the guy who works at my favorite place has a crush on me. Im not really interested but I don’t lead him on or anything, he seems genuinely nice, and I love free food. I just mentioned I was having a shit day and it made me feel better.

No. 242550

I've always felt really bad about my lips, they aren't thin but every woman on the brazilian side of my family has beautiful thick lips while I have thinner lips like my european family (luckily I don't have my dad non existents lips lmao). Anyway today I bought some lipliner to try to fake thicker lips and… I look like a goddamn clown with my lips lined it makes everything look unbalanced… It doesn't fit me at all! So today I learned that I have the perfect lip size for my features and it makes me feel really great about myself. It's a small thing but it feels good to get rid of a complex.

No. 243965

File: 1524194353988.jpeg (33.25 KB, 313x470, E6DD8417-C34E-467E-B7FA-D6404E…)

I just started training for jiu jitsu, I have always wanted to try it out. Now I’m absolutely inlove w the sport and the people I train with.

No. 244897

After a severe lapse in my depression, being unemployed for six months, getting panic attacks for the first time in my life, and struggling with medications, I finally got hired for a new job today! I still have a lot to work on but I'm so grateful I've gained some of my confidence back. I am proud of myself and have every reason to be.

No. 244972

I am very happy for you anon, that's a big deal. <3

No. 244994

Good luck anon! Hope you can succeed and take things one step at a time.

No. 245325

Wooooo I'm pretty much in the exact same boat so I'm really happy for you, you'll sleep a lot better tonight! Good luck at the job

No. 255967

File: 1528046997650.gif (111.42 KB, 500x250, 1473980379824.gif)

>be me
>join a group order for weeb shit
>person running the group order vanishes, doesn't respond to any messages
>payment not within Paypal's 180 window
>months later, still salty about it
>call Paypal and explain situation
>they're sending an e-mail to the person, they either have to refund, send item, or they'll be investigated

Karma has been kind to me.

No. 256008

I'm on paid holidays and I'm going to leave my city for the first time in years to visit another one for a week. I'll celebrate my birthday while travelling, it's going to be great.

No. 256015

File: 1528062887285.jpg (136.42 KB, 1300x918, positive.jpg)

I'm really proud of myself for sticking to walking everyday, since May I've only missed two days because a friend was in town. Also that I'm eating clean and taking my vitamins.

I really thought I would have lapsed by now.

No. 258765

I know most people jokingly say “I wish (enter name) would get hit by a car” and I had a crappy ex boyfriend that treated me like shit and he actually got hit by a car. Karma in the form of a car feels nice

No. 258818


i've been walking every other day since early 2017. it really is the best. always relaxing to me.

only con was that i was stupid and used regular shoes for it, and now the shoes are all fucked. now that i use running/exercise shoes i'm faster and they're ugly so i don't care if they get worn out 10/10

No. 263349

File: 1530128661115.jpg (47.44 KB, 500x375, meirl.jpg)

I'm so high that my face is doing yoga but holy shit weed is one of the earth's most beautiful gifts. So helpful with my PTSD and depression way more than pharmaceuticals ever were. The pure euphoria is the only mental relief I have these days.

No. 263367

Hey, same, anon. Started smoking again kind of recently to help combat my depression and anxiety while I wait to get a therapist and referral and such. It’s been nice to actually feel bliss.

No. 263380

Woo we out here self medicating and getting glazed af, anon. I'm proud of you for seeking help professionally too. I myself haven't been so lucky in my history with therapists and ssris so I hope a therapist ends up genuinely helping you. Hang in there girl

No. 263381

i miss that, man. i used to feel that way when i smoked. i felt fully cured after i smoked, but after a few years of smoking and then stopping smoking, i just get really anxious/paranoid. wish you both the best and am so glad it works for you guys. enjoy it! weed is one beautiful bitch when your body isn't trash. definitely more effective than snris or ssris, especially for treatment resistant cases, man.

No. 263408

I started exercising every two days and I really am enjoying it even though it's not much. I tried yoga recently at a free in-the-park event and really like it but can't afford a yoga mat to do it at home. Oh well.

I'm getting PC parts soon thanks to a friend of mine giving me his old ones after upgrading. Just gotta hope the postal service doesn't screw me over.

Also am getting the piercing I've been wanting for the last few years done soon. And I'm just really happy.

No. 263414

You don’t need a yoga mat to do yoga.

No. 263569

i'm getting a dog either this year or the next as kind of a reward to myself as i've been doing better at taking care of myself, and i love animals and want a pet more than anything so i finally think i'm ready and stable enough to handle a puppy and show it as much love as possible

i'm also getting my hair colored soon to something that will suit me more than my natural color does, so i'm hoping my confidence will be up a bit. and lastly i'm very happy that most of my friends are doing well at the moment, even if i only catch up with them every so often it's still always nice to know they're in a good place with their lives.

No. 263601

This is true but we have thin carpets here that kill my knees (it's already bad enough that my knees have always been messed up to where I can't do squats without toppling over.) So I'd prefer something like a yoga mat.

I tried a towel and blanket before and it just did not work well. I'll figure something out though.

No. 263731

I think I finally stopped biting my nails after at least 20 years of doing it.
I tried to stop before and I always got back to it because of stress and what not.
They have never been this long. Idk what I did to stop I think I just had the right mindset and I have less stress or better ways of coping with it.

No. 263788

sage for mushy no1curr

i’ve been really close friends with a guy for the last 5 years and always secretly had a huge crush on him, but when we first met he had a longtime gf and she stayed around for a while after that so i didn’t say anything

fast forward to this year and we’re closer than ever, both single and i start dropping vaguely flirty things in our conversations, he starts doing the same and at first i thought i was just imagining things and he was only thinking of me as a friend

then one night, we sat and talked for hours and at some point just admitted we’d both been heavily crushing on each other for the last 5 years and always thought the other wasn’t interested. i think my heart started beating about a hundred times a second and i guess i must have been blushing a lot because i could feel blood rush past my ears and muffle my hearing a bit.

ever since then it’s been a complete dream. i’ve never been this happy in my life. i thought this was something that’d never be possible in a thousand years, and to know it’s not only real but he felt the same way this whole time kinda feels like the universe paying me back for all the terrible shit i’ve gone through.

aside from all that mushiness, this bond i’ve had with this person has always been one of mutual respect and understanding and i can tell he’s helped me to become a better person. i only hope i can do the same for him, that’d make me even happier

No. 263807

I almost ALMOST had a serious binge today but I controlled myself and avoided it. I was gonna order a massive $30 Chinese delivery but I looked at the pricetag and how I have food I need to eat here and decided not to.
I opted to make tacos and kept it down to 3. The rest are for bf when he gets home.

I know it doesn't seem like a big deal but it really fucking sucks being a binge eater. I had my credit card info entered into the website and everything yet thankfully I had the sense to close down the window.
Any day I avoid making myself feel like a shameful shit is a positive one. So yey.

No. 263907

I want to talk about how much I love my best friend. They are so sweet and kind, and becoming good friends with them really has changed my life around. I attribute my new academic success to them a lot.

The thing is my friend is trans and I guess I'm a verified transphobe these days. I feel like nobody, including me, would think that kind of friendship would work. It's been a wild ride but I am so thankful it happened.

Yay! Keep up the good work

No. 264476

i just wanna say that’s really sweet, anon. not a lot of people would get along so well under the same circumstances.

No. 495355

File: 1576614953435.jpg (64.48 KB, 640x427, stock-photo-dog-curiosity-cute…)

I don't have anything super positive to say but my dog has been coming to me a lot more since I've been sick. She's usually pretty aloof, so it made me really happy to wake up and turn over on my bedroom floor to see her sleeping right next to me. There's no better medicine than petting a soft fluffy mass of love.

No. 495358

These are my only positive and memorable moments of 2019.
> Reuniting with my two old friends.
> Went from thinking I was going to be alone forever to getting the most caring and loving boyfriend in the world.
> Finally found a job I’m interested in.This is big for me. I’ll finally be leaving the house, lol.

This is so cute! I hope you get well soon.

No. 495365

File: 1576615971315.jpg (23.82 KB, 333x499, 415PZvzGGmL._SX331_BO1,204,203…)

Thanks anon! I hope things will continue to go well for you!!

No. 495369

File: 1576616228513.jpeg (479.99 KB, 750x714, 14F5D8B4-EB64-4D89-8A6C-DD422C…)

Today I’m grateful for my cat, I’m grateful for my health, I love this one spot sunlight I’m standing in, it feels so warm on this cold day.

No. 495396

File: 1576621531263.jpg (111.89 KB, 960x960, gidget.jpg)

Your cat is a toasted marshmallow, just like mine! Gidget says hi

No. 495397

Your cats are so fucking cute!!!! They both look like my cousin's cat, Jay. I wasn't much of a cat person until I met him. He's so friendly and vocal and just wants ATTENTION. I love him.

No. 495727

File: 1576682913664.jpg (197.09 KB, 730x1002, choco.jpg)

The building people that my office is in just dropped off FIVE LOAVES of this chocolate twist bread!! Hell yeah!!!

No. 495731

Hell yeah, anon. Enjoy it, I'm envious.

No. 495745

BABKA! congrats OP that’s the holiday dessert jackpot

No. 495748

I just got over the stomach bug so I was actually hoping to take it easy with easy to digest foods again today to be safe but all my thoughts of that completely flew out the window haha. Halfway through my slice I suddenly realized I shouldn't be eating it but damn it was so good!!

I looked up the bakery because my coworker said it's really good and it's like… $15 a loaf… aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Another coworker got a giant fruit basket and she put it in the kitchen too for the whole office!!! I love December lol.

No. 496068

i guess this fits in the NEET thread but it also fits here, so.
i used to be a neet from 12-17 due to severe depression and lack of money for tuition and i only managed to turn it around once i turned 18. it was horrible; i'd stay inside my messy room for hours and only come out whenever i finally got sick of my greasy hair to shower and get food, and i never spoke to anyone aside from, like, 3 people max. i got tired of living like that, so i enrolled myself in some sort of GED-thing-but-not-really in my country and began leaving my house here and there.
now, i have a job, good friends and good times. nothing beats being recognized and greeted, "good morning, anon!" or "hey, anon, long time no see."
life is good for once, and i'm going to enjoy it.

No. 496086

Got a $2500 xmas bonus at work today! And it's confidential because it's just for selected staff, the recognition is almost as good as the money.

No. 496180

I'm so proud of you anon!! I hope that the future will continue treating you well. Even if it doesn't, you've made it out of a horrible situation once, you can definitely do it again!!

Yay! I hope you'll get to treat yourself to something nice (or save it up for the future)!

No. 496253

File: 1576780790453.jpg (994.38 KB, 850x1258, sample_bf08c3c9c15d94bf82f6ce3…)

I love silly, unrealistic anime and visual novels and I love collecting cute or aesthetic anime pics because they make me smile and they're so pretty. The food is so beautiful and the clothing is so dumb. I love the done-do-death tropes like falling in love with your best friend or the tall moody girls who secretly like cute things. Pointless maid cafe episodes. Restaurant anime. Doing all the routes in VNs and seeing how terrible and cliche the characters are. and finding fully voiced VNs! Basically stepping out of reality for a little while sometimes.

was gonna post this in confessions but lately the site feels like its been full of negativity and infighting and I wanna bump this thread and make myself smile even if other anons cringe.

No. 496260

File: 1576781900032.png (335.48 KB, 450x337, agv4bSR.png)

I love cute visual novels too (though I prefer them with a lot of drama as well kek), what are your favorites?

No. 496269

File: 1576783061146.png (2.92 MB, 2000x1073, __gabriella_gillian_betty_jami…)

A genuinely good one that I love is Highway Blossoms! It kinetic (so no choices) but it's really cute and moreso for the female gaze, imo. Two girls on a desert road trip, great music, great characters, and was recently patched with full voice acting. It has a lot of funny moments along with interpersonal drama.

A more serious one is VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartending Action. It's probably one of my top 5 games of all time and it has its own world, a lot of diverse characters, mystery, and incredible aesthetics. Instead of normal choices, you pave your route by the drinks you make. I've replayed it several times and I find out more and more about the world & story each time. pic related, lol

Doki Doki Literature Club is always thrown around but I was really blown away the first time I played it, back when it was brand new. It goes very out of the box for a VN. I'm not sure if it has the same effect if you've seen the spoilers and memes, though. all of these are on Steam

No. 496353

I'm able to support myself financially doing a job I love. I get bursts of happiness every once in awhile when I think about it.

No. 496394

You’re living the dream anon! I’m job hunting right now, I hope I’ll be in your shoes one day.

No. 496662

I started writing fanfic again and it's surprisingly been really good for me. It's nice to be able to explore a fandom I love and be totally and utterly self indulgent. There's a lady who comments really thoughtful things on every chapter I post and it makes me so happy!

No. 496741

A nice lady in my office gave me a Christmas card and a box of Godiva chocolates! She passed by my desk and I gave her my thanks and she said, "I really mean it, thank you. You're so helpful here!" This is a temp position so she started asking about when I was supposed to leave and then also said, "I know you'll do fine, you're a hard worker." FFUFUCKKKK!!! After busting my ass in an unappreciative retail job, even just this bit of validation makes me feel so good. I don't really get to do too much here (very slow and I'm just the receptionist), but since there isn't much to do, I at least try my best to do what I can very well.

Happy holidays anons. I have to wrap gifts tonight but that's honestly one of my favorite parts so I'm really looking forward to it.

I always love to leave long comments in hopes that it'll make my favorite authors happy. Fanfic writers are doing gods work.

No. 496743

I survived a day filled with intense anxiety symptoms!
I did my best to not give it any of my energy and just focused on cleaning up around the house after some weeks of putting it off and playing video games and eating a chicken sandwich to celebrate. Days off are sometimes difficult, but I feel so accomplished. It's been a while. Going to sleep was peaceful and waking up felt refreshing. I'm excited for next weekend's day of relaxation. It's been over a year since I've felt so fulfilled with relaxation.

No. 496900

You're also doing god's work anon! It's so motivating to know that there's people excited for the next chapter. Fanfic brings me back to mid 00s fandom where everything was just a free for all and no one worried about nothing. Cringy sometimes but really great too.

No. 497633

File: 1577127682420.jpg (85.3 KB, 1200x557, keki-modern-cakes.bf120b541237…)

I'm so fucking excited for Christmas!! I'm buying cake to bring over to a friend's house and we're all just going to chill and play games and whatnot. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas so I don't mind not doing anything for it, but every year I feel like it's such a weird day in limbo knowing it's a special day but my parents don't want to do anything remotely special. It feels weird to treat a nice holiday as just another day. It only comes once a year! Let me enjoy this one day of the year! But now I get to spend it having fun with others! Also I'm just very excited to eat cake cause I'm buying my favorite cake lol.

No. 497651

File: 1577130856196.jpg (131.74 KB, 957x1300, baby-excited-smile-money-rain-…)


I told my coworker and she was so happy for me. She said 'wait hold on' and went to her office and I thought she was going to come down with chocolates or something (we both have a major sweet tooth lol) and she came back down with a prepaid gift card that the company gave her as a birthday present!!!!!!! She said it was now my congratulations gift for paying off my student loans…!!!

I hope in 2020 that all you anons get to pay off your loans or any money troubles you have will be resolved. I hope we'll all be successful next year.

No. 497825

what the fuck thats so sweet of her

No. 497968

Aw Anon, congrats! Student loans are so annoying, so huge kudos to yoy for paying them off! I hope to be in your position too, someday.

No. 498215

I had the greatest time studying abroad this semester. I was kind of doubtful anything great was going to happen and not excited at all before I left. It's my last year of uni and none of my friends were studying abroad. I just wanted the experience of living somewhere in Europe.

Turns out I had a blast. I loved my host country and all the people i met (mostly Americans lol). My roomies were super sweet and we got along great. I got to travel and see so many awesome places. I really got a chance to focus on random things that I realize are really important to me: being a good homemaker, being a good hostess, having good conversational skills.

Three years ago I was mad that I was stuck at home, basically a NEET while everyone else in their 20s was partying and traveling with friends. Now that's me lol. You never know when things will turn around…

No. 498364

It is! I'm thinking of baking some banana bread or something for her in return. She's always so incredibly sweet and looking out for me, I can't ever thank her enough for all the things she does to help me out and how encouraging she is.

Thank you!! Hoping the best for you to finish off your loans too!!

This is great anon! Studying abroad was easily one of the highlights of my time in college (or really, highlight of my entire life). I'm so happy you got to experience it, and that you escaped the NEET life!

No. 500032

Sugar is starting to taste kind of gross to me. Or at least the candy I used to buy (they probably added more shit into the chocolate).

I noticed that I'm getting over my ex pretty well and that I'm starting to enjoy supporting him and his gf. I get a bit excited when he tells me he's spending the day with her. He deserves to be happy.

I'm finally taking care of my mental health and taking actions to improve my situation/life and it feels so good to be in control. I just need a tiny bit of luck to make it all real.

Also, seeing anons comforting and supporting each other here makes me happy

No. 500088

File: 1577917660093.png (473.95 KB, 2022x1138, gagaanon.png)

idk why this makes me lose it still.
god speed wherever you are, dumbfuck anon.

farmers have been zesty and hilarious lately and it's been wonderful

No. 500280

Guys I just looked at my beautiful painting hanging on the wall and I feel so happy. Sometimes I just stare at it ad look at each brushstroke and feel so lucky. Most of my paintings I just see the mistakes so I can't look at them for very long but this one is so complete even with the mistakes, it even looks better than the original photo. I just came to lolcow just to share my happiness.
Chocolate also tastes gross to me now, especially Milka, it's so sugary and doesn't even have the texture of chocolate, why would they ruin such great ingredients so? Dark chocolate is best

No. 501680

File: 1578305774458.gif (400.67 KB, 400x300, aee.gif)

Today I worked up the nerve to let the boy I have a small crush on know that I thought he was cute. He was totally flabbergasted and flattered, and seeing him blush like he did made my heart flutter. I don't care if this will develop into anything or not, but just by seeing his response I could tell that totally made his day and that made me happy.

No. 501729

Cute! Good for you anon.

No. 501733

Lmfao that was me I'm glad my dumbassery was entertaining for you as well kek

No. 502265

File: 1578498268848.jpg (48.24 KB, 737x737, EDFPTEdXUAERBwV.jpg)

The HR director for my job just told me they're giving me a pay raise of a whole dollar!!! This job is only a temp position and they normally only pay minimum wage for this position so I said "oh, I didn't know minimum wage went up again in our city!" and the HR director said, "no, we're really just giving you pay raise!"

I'm only here for a few more months and have already started job hunting, but it warms my heart anyway.

No. 502297

what the fuck is this nightmare reality

No. 502304

It's unfortunate that I only make minimum wage but I honestly don't do jack shit because it's really slow at my office lol. I get paid to browse lolcow and read books. I accepted the job despite the pay so I could have office experience and get out of retail, so working for min wage for a bit while trying to get where I want was a sacrifice I was willing to make. The minimum wage is also a lot higher than any other state (ignoring high cost of living) and I don't really have any big financial obligations.

No. 502319

I get it but I would lose my shit if someone would waste my time and get my hopes up just to inform me about 1 dolar raise

No. 502351

Nta but even a 45 cent raise is an incentive to A lot of us. It adds up.

No. 502370

sure sucks that capitalism exists etc but like it does and every little helps and little things add up, anon! if I was to get a £1 rise out of nowhere I'd be over the moon too.

No. 502612

File: 1578600770620.gif (331.81 KB, 500x500, 1557932795920.gif)

I just wanted to say that all you ladies on here have absolutely fantastic taste in shows, movies, anime etc. I've been getting my recommendations from /m/ and I'm having a good time, honestly. So many rare gems with nice female characters that I can relate to.

No. 502622

What shows have you picked up anon?

No. 502638

my bf pointed out that it might be a 1 USD per hour, is that right? In that case I get it and it does add up. If it's literally 'you get literally 1 dollar more' I second my previous words.
Please clarify, I need to know

No. 502640

It's per hour.

No. 502641

congrats then!!!

No. 503002

i got all the parts for my pc finally and it's amazing put together

No. 503009

My last weeks into the new years paycheck came in and I got a glimpse of how much I'm making now. A $3.50 raise!!!! I could literally cry, I've never thought I would be making as much as I am now in such a short amount of time.

I used to be a literal poorfag not even 5 months ago. I was living on less than $100 for the whole week. I recently escaped an abusive situation involving my parents and it left me struggling to make ends meet. I had to get a junked up car, new phone line, and the new job. I had a couple friends send me money to help with groceries and gas money. I feel so incredibly lucky.
Sending good luck energy to all struggling anons. It will get better!

No. 503017

Holy fuck thats AMAZING anon!!!! I’m so so so so happy for you!! I hope the future will continue you to treat you well! You deserve this!

No. 503171

File: 1578767140255.jpg (169.84 KB, 1564x1564, b7ec032.jpg)

This tutorial has finally helped me to figure out how to do winged eyeliner for my dumb deepset eyes!

No. 503971

File: 1579032359663.jpg (70.97 KB, 600x393, Claire-Portait-1.jpg)

i hate my natural hair, it looks kind of like this but messier. looking at pics of cool/talented/pretty people with my hair style not really bothering to spend tons of time and money taming it make me feel happier

No. 504028

How do you do eyeliner for monolids?

No. 504074

I think this just helped me figure out how to fix my eyeliner. Thanks for posting this anon.

No. 504416

Flossing has become part of my daily dental routine that even if I forget to floss before I brush, I still make myself floss after brushing. It’s such a small tiny thing in the scheme of things, but flossing everyday makes me feel a little bit better about myself. Even if I have a shitty day, after I floss I just feel like “well, I’m trying my best” in terms of day to day living and taking care of my health. It’s really dumb but I feel slightly more like a normal human being when I do it lol.

No. 504423

This is the cutest thing, way to go anon!

No. 504432

i love hair like that! i think it works really well with more nerdy/grungier fashion.

No. 504527

I look at old and recent vacation photos and am actually happy that I still live at my home with my parents. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have gone to so many cool places with them. I used to get sad about not being in a relationship and feeling undesirable but I look at my sister who is stuck with a halfwit dude and has a baby with him. My life is so comfortable and stress-free compared to hers and I get to focus on my own goals. Of course, I don't plan on staying like this forever but I am just glad I didn't get caught up in men and relationships or dug myself into the same hole my sister has. Plus, it's nice to have grown much closer to my parents in recent years than ever.

No. 504643

Same, I don't speak to my dad but I'm so glad to be close to my mom, and not have some scrot and his dumbass baby to look after at this current time. Appreciating (good) parents is underrated.

No. 504777

File: 1579272268417.jpg (57.1 KB, 750x735, 789591e5aee5552b63569b5aae9f91…)

Same anon! Well, we don't go on vacations together often but suddenly when I came back home from college it really hit me that my parents won't live forever… They're only in their 50s and we've always had a pretty good relationship, but now that I feel a bit more… cognizant about my existence and theirs and I want them to really know that I love them and appreciate them. Sometimes living at home sucks because little things they do will drive me up the fucking wall, but at the end of the day, I'm fortunate enough to have very loving parents who have just been trying their best to raise me right and I want to repay them for it. I started hugging them more when I came home and now my dad will randomly come up to me and give me a big bear hug for no reason, or I'll just sit hugging my mum for a long time and she'll rub my back. We'll always playfully make jabs at each other and joke around and it feels incredibly nice to feel so comfortable with my parents (especially bc they're immigrants and always tell me how my cousins can't do the same with their parents cos its considered disrespectful).

I used to be super depressed and have tried to kill myself a few times and I used to be angry with my parents because they would say "we buy you whatever you want, why are you still sad?" but it's just different times and I don't think they'll ever really understand that my emotional turmoil at the time had nothing to do with material possessions, but I get sad thinking about how lonely they might have become if I had gone through with it, especially because I'm an only child.

Anyway, I just really love my parents.

No. 504880

ia with most of those though i moved out in the last year and i would never move back in with parents. living alone is fucking godly

No. 505671

Even though this is a bitchy gossip imageboard, browsing it still makes me feel comfy and cheers me up when I'm feeling down. ( esp. /ot/ and /g/.) I've had some of my most positive online experiences ever on the vent thread when I've sadposted there and some anons gave me genuinely good advice and seemed to care. Thanks to all the anons that help others and cheer people up here even when you don't get any internet brownie points for it, you might've made mine or someone else's day without realizing it.

No. 505707

Yeah, me too. I want to move out and could comfortably do so but I see it as a luxury. At home I save heaps of money, eat better, stay close with my parents, have tonnes of free time to relax etc. I do have an apartment but by staying at home and renting it out I'll have it paid off by about 32 (I'm 28 now). I know that's an embarassing age to move out but fuck, it'd be so great if I wait until then and never have to pay rent in my life.

No. 505820

I'm so so so so so so so so SO excited for the new animal crossing game.
My 3DS got stolen, along with my new leaf copy. Pocket camp just doesn't feel the same so this is going to be my first animal crossing game in quite a while and I miss it so so so much. I just love it.

No. 505828

I'm so sorry about your 3DS anon! That sucks. I'm super excited for the new game too!!! I've been playing pocket camp but at some point it became less about having fun and more out of obligation of not missing any of the cute event furniture… Well, I hope that they'll at least bring the pocket camp furniture into new horizons! So much of it is super cute.

No. 505831

My surgery to remove ovarian cysts went really well. I have some mild/moderate pain and discomfort but thought it would be a lot worse than this. Almost cried on the operating table before they put me under lol. Glad I could leave the same night to get some broken sleep on my own comfy matress. I'm so happy it's over!

No. 505833

File: 1579620005168.gif (157.86 KB, 512x512, 99A9E9CF-F220-4F1E-BB28-867D4A…)

Thank you anon! You sound sweet. I hope you enjoy the game, only 2 months left!!

No. 505851

me too! I can't stop thinking about it tbh. I need more info, hopefully we'll get a direct soon. I'm sorry someone stole your 3ds, I would be so upset. I could never really get into pocket camp either, fuck all the micro transactions/in app purchases.

btw would any anons be interested in playing ac:nh together? I have no frens but would like to play with someone. idk how the online will work in the new game but maybe once it's out we could get a thread going on the vidya thread?

No. 505852

I'd be happy to play with you, anon!
Though I do wish Nintendo's online was better. Tried to play Stardew Valley with a friend and we really couldn't play for more than 5 minutes because it kept disconnecting him (his WiFi isn't even that bad)

No. 505859

File: 1579626741535.png (383.81 KB, 400x488, 1011353_1390259277865148_18230…)

Did you post on the vent thread about this? If so, I just read your post and was going to reply but I'm happy that it went well for you anon!!!

I would love to play with some anons here!!

OT, but when I was studying abroad and horrifically depressed and lonely, one of my friends would play with acnl with me online. We would visit each other's towns while being on a voice call with each other so we could talk and it felt so nice to feel like I was with right there with a friend again. We would just do stuff like collecting things and setting up a little assortment of things on the beach for a "date" and it was soooo cute. We would stay up really late/wake up really early to play together when we didn't have school. I just really love animal crossing because it's so comfy and relaxing to play, but it holds a really special place in my heart because of that time.

Also, Colton is my best boy and I love him so much.

No. 505895

Yes that was me. Thank you!

No. 506101

File: 1579708888864.jpeg (89.8 KB, 1200x600, 3421F53F-358F-49DB-BC07-74B3D0…)

Today has been a really nice day!
Wore a cute outfit, got to go home from college early, cut my hair the shortest it's ever been and I look cute as frick with it, cleaned the house, cuddled with my cat, bought a new game (pic related) and had a really cozy bath!
Days like these feel like ultimate comfort; enough done to call it a productive day, but enough relaxation time that it wasn't stressful. I've really needed a confidence boost and alone time lately.

Semi-related, but lolcow has also felt so comfy lately. I love talking to sweet anons like >>505859
I hope you had a good day girls!

No. 506105

Had the first clear day all year and did some cleaning, cooked, watched a new fun show and i gonna go hang up some laundry now. It's not often i am productive but today feels good, anons.

No. 506391

I have an interview today after work and the nerves are starting to settle in, but a coworker of mine came up to me to chat with me about it and kept telling me all these nice things about myself… She was like "don't be worried! be confident! you've accomplished so much and you're so charming!" and just kept listing off things I've done and I always felt like they weren't enough or amounted to very much, especially compared to some of my peers, but it's nice to hear that someone thinks highly of what I've done and me as a person.

Hoping I can woo those interviewers today!

No. 506396

Best of luck to you, anon!
I'm sure you'll ace it.
Remember that everyone is a little nervous at interviews and interviewers understand that. I'm sure it'll go better than you think.

No. 507037

File: 1579976626926.jpg (60.29 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1565815113118.jpg)

I can't believe I actually finished college and passed the JLPT N3 test. 2019 was such a shit year that those happy news so early into 2020 give me hope

No. 507049

File: 1579978914721.jpg (1.44 MB, 3072x2304, 1474573659239.jpg)

I recently learned what fingerstyle guitar is after playing guitar (poorly and barely practicing) for two years and it changed everything.
I love fingerpicking so much.
I still don't know where the notes are located on my guitar but fingerpicking is so much more fun than chords or just pick-picking.
I would like to thank that one guy on a vid of a live sesh of a band I barely listen to commenting something about the guitarists finger picking because I wouldn't have known what fingerpicking is unless they did.

No. 507347

File: 1580064190905.jpg (147.22 KB, 1300x950, RA1W0E.jpg)

I just randomly found the cutest stock photo and now you have to see it too

No. 507393

My workmate bought the 3 of us kazoos and we're gonna be so annoying next week I can't wait

No. 507432

They're so happy and content with everything. Thank you anon

No. 507742

File: 1580145712039.jpg (293.97 KB, 1600x800, Chinese-New-Year-foods.jpg)

It sucks that both my parents aren't working right now (dad is out of a job and mum can't go to work because of a gas leak for 3 weeks), but Chinese New Year was this past Saturday and my dad made a traditional braised sea cucumber dish and we were all home to eat it. Nothing spectacular or particularly festive, but it feels nice to finally celebrate it with my family and my family only. Growing up we used to go over to family friends homes and I always thought it was so irritating because I would be stuck with kids my age that I didn't really know, and it was certainly festive but not really familial. I really prefer this.

And yesterday my aunt prepared a nice Chinese New Year meal too (fish, crispy fried pork, some other chicken dish, soup, etc) and it wasn't as fancy as pic related but still so good! My cousins bought a mousse cake from a bakery in the city that I really like too and it was nice to catch up with my cousins since we're all working now and I rarely ever get to see them nowadays.

Happy lunar new year to all who celebrate it!

No. 507770

you too, anon! my fiance and i were alone this year and had a cute hot pot date. got some cute rat decorations too.

No. 508004

I love my grandpa and I always make sure to buy this particular ice cream he likes so I can surprise him when I give him some, his face always lights up and he looks so happy ^ ^ We've also been bonding over the tennis season this month and he makes me laugh a lot

No. 508044

i have caught the flu for the first time in my life and my boyfriend has been taking such great care of me, even offered to cook even though he's not the greatest at it. he also is doing home office to make sure i'm alright, i love him so much! last year been such a terrible year and this one is going to be so much better. I can feel it

No. 508158

Living the dream there, Anon. I hope your relationship lasts and lasts!

I'm so happy I can have my own life and come back to my friends after awhile and catch up. We're close and it's like we haven't been away for months. When people can be independent adults and not discard your friendship because you don't speak to them every single day is so nice. Don't take good people for granted!

No. 508188

I'm glad that I've never stopped drawing, it really paid off in the end eh.

No. 508189

How long have you been drawing for anon?

No. 508199

I got really serious about drawing in 2013 so it's been 7 years now. I draw everyday for 2 to 4 hours when I feel like it, some days I dont and I let my mind rest.

No. 508237

I love the teletubbies sun baby. I used to watch the first few minutes before rushing to take the school bus because just watching it rise and laugh made my day better.

No. 508438

File: 1580312072309.jpg (16.32 KB, 318x318, EMwhFZuUEAERSd2.jpg)

You are both so cute.

No. 508537

File: 1580335526516.png (680.19 KB, 1002x664, 1557368144601.png)

I'm getting a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 508558

o happy day! i hope you and your kitty are a match made in heaven! (and don’t feel bad if kitty is scared for a while at first, just keep showing them you’re a nice human and eventually they will relax!)

No. 508605

Lived with a roommate who had a skittish dog that didn't quite trust strangers from a bad past before they adopted. Just moving slowly when they're around your walking space and letting them eat treats from your hand will build trust. Not sure if this can apply to cats but everyone likes food. Can't hurt really?

No. 508719

After ending almost living on the streets because of my ex and being this close to attempting suicide I'm slowly regaining faith in humanity again. A former colleague and his wife are hosting me until I can move in a new apartment. They don't want to charge me anything for the room. I've known them for many years and I knew they were good people but damn, they're like guardian angels. When I get home from work we usually watch Netflix together then I help her cook dinner while he cleans.
I'm moving in 2 weeks at my own place and she's telling me she's gonna miss me a lot. I want to cry because honestly I never thought there were still such good people in this world.

No. 509313

File: 1580544260152.jpg (25.66 KB, 500x500, 456458468946.jpg)

I just got made employee of the month at my job. It's just retail so I know it's not terribly impressive, but not that long ago I was a NEET that was convinced I was too pathetic/nervous to work and would fuck up horribly at any job I had. Also today I bleached my dark brown hair and dyed it red and I love it! I'm just glad all my recent impulsive decisions have been paying off, after years of being overly careful as a side-effect of my anxieties.

No. 509318

Awesome! I'm glad that you're out there and taking charge of life. It feels so much better being out of the house and confident in your own style than in fear of the world outside.

No. 509551

hell yeah anon! if you can do that, i bet you can do many things you've doubted yourself about

No. 509647

So happy for you anon!! Don’t downplay your achievements. It might be “just retail” but retail can be fucking hard! What it may lack in complicated sorts of fancy office job maths and thinking, it makes up for in the grueling mental capacity you need to survive customer interactions of all kinds, not to mental all the physical demands of the job too. I worked retail for a couple of years and commend the people who stick with it (out of obligation or just cause they really like their job and want to stay- no shame either way! making an honest living is making an honest living no matter how you decide to go about it).

You’re doing a great job anon!! I wish you the best of luck and I’m so proud of you.

No. 509657

File: 1580611042550.jpg (38.29 KB, 532x525, 4864354867.jpg)

thank you anons, I appreciate all the kind words!!

No. 511486

I've been going to the gym twice a week for a while now and I'm starting to see the effects! I've gotten so much stronger and it fills me with joy

No. 511601

I'm so happy for you anon!

I have such a weird relationship with my body and healthy eating/regular exercise, but I'm slowly trying to return to it and treat it just like a good ol' regular habit (like flossing!) that will do me good down the line rather than trying to achieve a ripped 0% body fat body. I did start bouldering a few months back and it's my favorite activity! It's like a physical and mental puzzle- so much fun.

No. 511701

File: 1580938139118.jpg (11.8 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Just found out my favorite vocaloid composer from when I was a wee lass is available on Spotify!! All of his music is on there!

No. 511705

Anon!! Please talk about vocaloid with me!!
Who is it?
I usually just go on soundcloud for vocaloid.

No. 511706

me too! please share which composer!
who do you listen to on soundcloud?

No. 511711

My favourite composer is Nashimoto-P! He's the only that I mainly listen to. Neru used to be my favourite but I've listened to his work too much lol.

No. 511735

It's Dateken!!! I've always loved the Kagamine twins the best heh.

No. 511745

Because they are the best ahem

No. 511846

I think the longest I've gone to a gym before this was like a month and i wanted to quit after 2 weeks.

Now I've started weight lifting and the first three times I wanted death but the fourth time I fell in love. I'm still not as strong as my goal is but I can easily lift my starting weights now!!

No. 512325

I’d suggest some BCAA powder for your soreness. It’s $10 for a cannister here and lasts for awhile.

No. 512656

In recent weeks, I have been binging on so much shit and wasting my money on awful food uncontrollably, even beyond the point of where i am full and doing this while having a reasonable appetite otherwise. but for the past two days, I've managed to have control over my eating again and my need to binge has finally vanished.

No. 512672

I'm proud of you anon!!

No. 513368

>first day of the work week for me
>wake up early for once, enjoy the time researching nutrition, fitness, and beauty stuff
>arrive to my job
>barely any work for once
>based manager comes back from his trip, buys everyone food for doing such a good job while he was gone
>3 hours into the shift and we all get offered to go home if we want
>take it
>back at home, belly feels nice and content, got more time to myself and feeling max comfy
Today is a good day

No. 513490

based anon

No. 513492

I’m late, but that’s fantastic! Posts like this inspire me.

No. 514202

File: 1581499684577.jpeg (57.63 KB, 640x360, 0F0AA0B1-510B-4C3D-BF89-6E44F6…)

I started a new position at my job thats a ton more work than its worth (bussing tables for less than min. wage) and every day I worry that I’m going to mess up or not complete the job description because it’s a lot of physical labor for someone with physical health issues, and I know I tend to struggle in close work environments because I can have somewhat off putting ways of expressing what I’m thinking or feeling due to being mentally ill. So far I’ve only been told I’m attentive and on top of things, and every time I finish my final objective before going home I look back and feel really good about myself and the work I did. There’s solace in looking at yourself and realizing you like yourself for the first time in your own perception. And I can identify that it’s myself! I don’t just look at myself and say ‘I like the person I’m becoming’, I say to myself, ‘I am so happy to get to see myself grow’. I’ve come a really long way in my life and I need to keep going and not let myself get the best of me.

No. 515530

I approached a guy I had a crush on in high school today at the coffee shop; he was out with friends. I was afraid of coming up to him because I didn't know what to say, and that it would be awkward. I had the perfect opportunity because his friends walked outside while he was cleaning the table. The last time I saw him at the shop I chickened out, several months ago. Managed to ask his number. Kinda sperged a little bit, but he was cool with it. My mom called me "ballsy" for doing it, lol.

Don't know if it will go anwhere or not, I'm not looking for that. Whatever happens, happens, but at least I know I put in the effort and that's all that matters to me.

Sounds like nothing, but I'm an (ex)depressed shut in trying to go out and do things. I'm also going bowling towmorrow for the first time in years, a kareoke bar later this month, and starting to learn piano again.

No. 515535

im proud of u anon that really was ballsy!!

No. 515839

I'm very proud of you anon! Enjoy your journey of becoming a better and more capable person. I hope your future will have wonderful things in store for you!

Damn anon, better not scare him off with those humongous balls of yours. But seriously, good for you! I'm too much of a fucking weenie to ever do shit like that. Hope it works out for you!

No. 515943

I just got a new job and won £20 on a free bet! Life is looking up for me for a change.

No. 516092

Hell yeah!! What's your new job anon?

No. 516129

Just retail, but it's better hours and a better company. I've gone from 7 to full time! It will be nice to not be living on bread crumbs for a change.

No. 516133

One of my favorite posts anon, congrats. I look forward to being where you are someday.

Thank you! I think I actually may have scared him off, lol. He seemed pretty disinterested, probably just gave me his number out of politeness. He rarely texts back, gives one sentance replies. Well, I tried. I don't have to let that eat me up now. Still, it hurts. I've been putting myself out there a lot lately and getting rejected: job interviews, military, etc. I hope I land something eventually.

No. 516134

That's right- you tried, and that's what really matters. Keep putting yourself out there anon. I'm sure something great will eventually come to you, if not soon, then eventually! I believe in you! Rejections do not and should not define you- I'm sure that you're wonderful and that guy is missing out. You don't need him anyway!

No. 516156

File: 1582134979992.jpg (83.12 KB, 752x960, 1542608974669.jpg)

Thanks again, anon. I'll keep reading your comment to myself from time to time as a remind. Messages stick better when they're meant by someone else.

I'm rarely attracted to people, maybe one person every year or so. This one, the feelings were strong. I know it's going to be a very long time before I meet someone else who gives me butterflies again. I think that's probably what's bothering me.

No. 516573

File: 1582227462609.jpg (81.42 KB, 1000x563, intro-1574273828.jpg)

I camped out and waited on the pc forever for the Colourpop x Sailor Moon collab and was able to buy the entire collection before it sold out! I'm so happy I could gift this to my lil sister after she's had a rough year.

No. 516575

File: 1582228232071.jpg (96.54 KB, 870x740, original.jpg)

I read the first sentence and was really happy for you, and then I read the second sentence and I want to double over and cry about how fucking cute this is. You are a good person anon. I hope karma rewards you with a nice crisp $50 on the ground.

No. 516620

Same what the hell. You cutie anon, thats so sweet of you. Your little sister is lucky to have someome like you!

No. 516643

Last night I was browsing Pinterest and saw a super delicious looking recipe with short ribs as the main ingredient and I was like what the heck I’ll try something new. So I went to the grocery today and as I was perusing the short ribs selection I came across a mislabeled package for $0.24. Feels good, smells tasty now.

No. 516651

I changed my major and I'm finally glad I'm going for what I wanted all along. I never really believed in myself and was always down on myself for the time I've had to take off school because of medical reasons. I finally feel confident though and motivated to put in all the hard work to get to where I want, I also found out that it's not gonna take as long as I thought! Yay!!

No. 516670

I got a six-figure job that I didn't even apply for.

No. 516722

File: 1582271186101.jpg (45.76 KB, 640x360, carole-tuesday-music.jpg)

i've been having a really stressful week, especially today, but my boyfriend surprised me with a guitar and i??? i'm so happy. still can't believe it. i've been writing a lot of music lately even though it's not my focus and i'm a robot STEM major. i offhandedly mentioned wanting to learn the guitar and he went out, did the research, and bought one for me.

he even got one with slightly smaller frets, because my hands are on the small side. it's so thoughtful… i can't wait to play for him. i'm gonna work really hard to learn!

No. 516725

i am high and thought your post originally read that you had found a delicious recipe with a man ingredient and that you went onto pick up a shorty at the grocery store for less than a quarter and then ate him and it smelled good. sorry i thought you were a cannibal anon hehe.

No. 516767

that's beautiful

No. 516809

That's fantastic anon!!

No. 516880

I hope everything went well with your new place! This really makes me happy to read and I'm so happy that you were able to have such a strong friendship with genuinely good people. I wish I could send you a housewarming gift or something!

No. 516888

thats so sweet of him anon awww. enjoy learning!

No. 517665

My bad acne flareup is finally dying down. I'll never have a clear face, but I was really distraught at how oily and plugged my face was getting and then to suffer huge nodule pimples, yuck.
I'm so happy it's mostly over!

No. 517698

I'm finally losing weight and I feel great about it! I still have pounds to drop and I'm far from done but I'm so happy that my effort is starting to pay off. Never give up fellow weight-losing farmers, give yourself a month and you'll start seeing results.

No. 517720

Thank you, anon, I needed this. Good luck!

No. 518149

Started talking to someone who shares the same exact ideals as me and is extremely respectful and I'm really excited about it. My pornsick ex always told me that I was being unreasonable regarding my beliefs and made me feel like I wasn't good enough, turns out I just needed to keep looking. I haven't been this excited about the future in a very long time!!

No. 518464

I bought my best friend splatoon 2 & bleach art books as well as this kakashi nendoroid. She already knows about the bleach one but the splatoon and kakashi things are gonna be a total surprise. I’m so excited for her to see it!! I love giving people gifts yo!! I wish I was rich so I could buy my friends and family cool things more often!

No. 519173

I'm slowly getting one of my grades up. By trying really hard I was able to bump my 78 to an 87. If I continue at this rate I'll be able to get a 90 by the end of the year

No. 519179

That's so great anon! I hope your studies will continue to go well! What are you studying?

No. 519544

I have had the same best friend since I was 5 years old. She is honestly such a light in my life. We would play every-single-day when we were kids, did literally everything together, and would video chat every day we couldn't be together.

When she was in high school and I was working, she got into drugs, partying, and ended up in really shitty, scary situations (rape, sexual assault). For 4 years or so we didn't communicate hardly at all and I lost touch with her life. I didn't know what she was doing or how she was doing. I remember feeling really shitty about it at the time, but I'd dropped out of high school to work 14 hr. shifts and didn't really have the time or energy.

After she graduated we got back into touch and started hanging out again, here and there. she took me out of my birthday and we talked like nothing had changed, just like we were 10 again, gossiping and catching up. We started hanging out more regularly, and this is when she told me about the assaults, drugs, her self esteem, etc. I felt guilty as fuck, if I had stayed in high school I could have baby sat her, protected her, literally murdered her rapist, or something ya know.

3 years ago she got into a relationship with an absolute leech. This is leech was a good friend of mine from high school, and I actually introduced them. I also felt incredibly guilty about this. He treated her so horribly and she stayed for so long trying to make it work. A couple months ago she started venting about him, and she started coming over more and more mostly to vent, for which she always apologized. She constantly says "oh I'm sorry you have to hear about this again" or "I don't wanna annoy you guys" and it was breaking my heart. She has no one ( I mean no one) to talk to, so these 4 years she's just been stewing in anger, frustration, and abuse. I told her, crying, that she is more than welcome to just go on for hours and that she deserves to have someone know what she's going through. I told her she always has a bed here, she can always call me for rides, I would never judge her about drugs and she could always count on me to help her in any situation. I also gave her advice regarding her bf. She expressed she was very grateful for it but was still very apologetic and nervous to get into it. I had my doubts that she felt what I said was genuine, like maybe I was just trying to be nice, however i was wrong.

Two weeks ago she took my advice and thanked me; she broke up with him and stood up for herself. I have literally never been more proud of a human being in my LIFE. I want to sob and jump and scream about it. She has been seeing other guys and living her life, she seems so genuinely happy now, I'm crying writing this and thinking about it. She's got a good job, no soul sucking, money sucking, gaslighting twat. She told me he wouldn't let her hang out, or would text and call her constantly while she was out, and said she feels horrible that we didn't talk for so long. I told her that it's not just her fault, that I didnt reach out either, and the guilt i felt about not being there for her/introducing her to leech. Since then we have had quite a few heartfelt talks and I've never felt closer to someone other than my s/o. Just that feeling of complete vulnerability and not giving a shit what you're wearing or if your interests are too geeky or whatever, just complete contentedness to sit on our phones in the same room and not feel awkward or like you need to entertain them.

Since she broke up with him we have been hanging out every single day practically, or just sending each other memes and shoes via text. She keeps me updated on her tinder stuff, yesterday she signed up for a gym membership with me and my bf and worked out with us 2 days in a row. We made a gym routine, made some food/dieting plans, and we are going to help each other learn and get ripped.

Tldr; loose touch with childhood best friend, after a few years reconnect and feel overjoyed that our relationship is the exact same. Having someone to talk to every day, someone who wants to just sit at your house and tell you about their life..
I'm so happy anons. I got my best friend back

No. 519583

3 months clean of SH, mental health has improved overall and im as happy as an otter that found it’s rock. Hoping to be clean forever and to be happier.

No. 520286

It’s finally really nice outside where I live so I went walking on a trial by a river, and it’s also next to a dog park so I kept passing people that are also enjoying the weather with really cute, well behaved dogs

No. 520315

i start my externship today!!! wish me luck anons

No. 520328

That's beautiful anon I teared up reading your story, I didn't expect such a happy end but I'm really glad that it was. I wish all the best for her and hope you guys stay friends forever

No. 520337

Proud of you anon! I hope things will continue to get better for you from here on out.

Good luck!!

This sounds so great and amazing. I love taking walks so much, especially in the early morning, and walking down a trail by a river while passing by lots of dogs sounds like the dream.

No. 521282

> Be me, first time seller on ebay
> Context : burn out from work/depression, on sick reduced pay, not thinking straight or paying attention to shit
> Money is getting tight so need cash asap
> Got a fancy 500 £ watch offered to me by work, brand new, unopened, decide to put it up for sale
> Shady ebay buyer contacts me, interested to buy
> me : sees red flags left and right but don't really clock cause shitty depressed brain
> ebay notification : payment on hold, send package!
> me, dumbass, send the package to a PO box of some sorts as per buyers instruction
> ebay genuine message: XXXX buyer is a fraud, do not send them anything
> me crying at the end of my rope FUCK

So yeah this happened. I saw all the red flags (buyer's inactive accounts for 12 months, requested address different from the one registered on Ebay by buyer etc), and being not in my right mind I just went along. I never clocked that ebay fake email notifications were on my outlook (my ebay address is gmail). Fraudster asked my PayPal email which is outlook. I was so confused because I never ever realised these were fake emails lol.
Called ebay, they can't do shit.
Called royal mail same story.
Called receiving PO box company? Well well well. Now that's interesting. I talk to several people at this company and mention I contacted the police too (true), and they tell me they will investigate asap.
A few days later, they ask me to confirm my details and today, I received my watch back.
I'm so relieved and grateful. It could truly have been lost because I was just too damn stupid to use ebay. I can't believe I was had this easily. These were glaring fraud stuff, fuck my stupidity. I'm lucky this company was willing to help retrieve a stolen watch.
So today is happy day, I truly needed this watch back.

No. 521623

File: 1583508981265.jpg (76.77 KB, 750x747, original (2).jpg)

I ran into an old highschool friend yesterday who I haven't seen in years! I came home to a letter in the mail and it was a birthday card sent by Chewy for my dog's birthday (so cute! she's turning 16 tomorrow!). Also got something in the mail from REI co-op and it's my dividend! Only $17 but heck yeah $17 in the mail! I finally drew a cityscape that I didn't entirely hate (and now I'm a little stressed about painting it but lol)!

Holy shit I'm so glad everything worked out in the end for you.

No. 521638

I feel you anon, I love spoiling my friends so much because they deserve it! I'm well off and a lot of my friends are broke students and working shitty low pay jobs so I love giving them gifts and buying meals etc. and luckily none of them abuse my generosity. Making others happy is the best.

No. 521641


You're both so sweet ! Great friends omg. Love reading these. Thanks for sharing, anons.

No. 521643

Shitty thing to have to deal with all while out of work from stress/depression. Glad this had a happy ending

No. 521660

Thank you anon that's nice of you to say. Yeah at the time it just added up to the whole pile of dirt in my mind and I was like fuck it, this scammer is not getting away with it. I went berserk contacting every number I could kek. Thanks to the shipping company for fixing my mistake in the end. I'm so glad it's sorted. Small victories

No. 521784

I went to my hairdresser yesterday and I finally feel pretty again after getting roots done and having freshly blonde hair.

No. 521864

File: 1583545517693.jpeg (34.23 KB, 750x421, 6122C11C-C29A-4B53-9D42-4C191D…)

tomorrow’s my birthday and even though i work that day i’m sitting here eating chocolate covered strawberries and having a brunch with friends on sunday
life good

No. 521885

Been in a pretty bad depressive neet phase last 6 months.

My close friend helped go over my CV and spoke about my good qualities which feels both amazing to read and foreign but thats how she sees me.

I also just had a message from a old work friend saying they still talk about me and miss me and want to catch up.

its hard to put into words but it sort of feels like a rare moment of genuine love, even if its not a big deal.

just feels like a nice tight warm safe hug, even makes me tear up a little lol

No. 522064

trying big hard to do my dream while making money, got a very physical job in the sun and heat and even though it's physically awful it feels so good coming home from a day of it.
also, trying to art more and the tips on the art threads here are fantastic. big love for anons rn ilu guys

No. 522138

Moments ago I was walking around the apartment park around 5 times or so since I was bored when I suddenly found a $5 bill on the ground I genuinely feel happy because I have never found anything so special before.I find this quite funny because when I was walking I was also thinking about finding money or a lost wallet in the ground

No. 522141

I really love my boyfriend, he's such a caring man and he's always helping people on the road. He's probably the kindest person I know. Bless his mother for raising such a great person, I love her as well. I don't come from a decent home but his family has only been accepting and kind to me. I'm currently battling a chronic condition but he's been there for me at every turn. I really hope it stays this way.

No. 522179

Sorry to hear about your condition. I would imagine it would be tough for anyone to endure. Really glad to hear that you have people in your life to support you through these tough times.

No. 522288

only started experiencing intimacy about a year ago but most of it wasn't stellar, as well as pretty scarce.
a little over two weeks ago i started texting this guy and it was going great. first date went well but very platonic. second date lasted a full 24 hours, almost to the minute.
going on a third date tomorrow and it's really hard not to feel super clingy given it's my first ever relationship…but i like it too!

No. 522656

Nice one anon.
I once found a 50 eur bill at a time when my bank account was totally dry and I had been starving for 3 days. I had just lost my first job too. There was like a whole 50 eur bill floating around, no one in sight, couldn't believe my luck.
Enjoy yours !

Enjoy the butterflies anon !

No. 522916

I broke up with my emotionally abusive ex almost a month ago. Since then, I rushed a sorority, started hanging out with so many friends, have gone on a few casual dates with different guys who treat me so nicely, and have been dressing up and wearing makeup nearly every single day. I’m smoking a lot less pot than I used to when I was with him, I’m getting more sleep, and I can’t believe that people want to hang out with me because I was so used to being constantly criticized and told that I was embarrassing/too quiet/too clingy/not clingy ENOUGH in social situations. We were only together for 5 months, but I couldn’t believe how low I felt for about 4 of those months until I found out that I don’t feel that way without him. I’m slowly getting my self esteem back, doing so much new and exciting stuff, and re-learning that I’m a fun and kind person who people want to be around. It feels so good anons!!!!! Would 10/10 recommend breaking up with anyone who makes you feel like less of a person and criticizes you over everything — you don’t have to change (and they won’t)!!

No. 522927

Glad you're doing better. Have been through similar, mental health went to shit but lifted the moment I was single again.

One thing I'd say is maybe don't rush into dating so soon afterward. Dating within a month of leaving an abusive situation is fast. Take some time for yourself and enjoy your newly improved friendships

No. 522944

Thanks anon! I totally agree about not rushing into dating, like I said it’s just casual at this point— I’m not looking for a relationship, I’m really just “dating around” and staying completely unattached and fun (I tried to do that before I dated my ex but he forced me to commit to him within 2 weeks of dating). I totally intend on staying celibate for a little bit too, right now I am just not in the mood to get attached. Thank you for the concern though!

No. 524152

I finally stood up for myself!
I had to cut off my ex since, while we were friends, he treated me poorly so I put my foot down and cut him off. It sucked, but I had to do it.

No. 524237

Good for you anon!! You don't need people dragging you down in your life!

No. 524540

I went to a climbing meeting up today for the first time. I was early so I awkwardly sat at the bouldering area until the meetup coordinator came and it ended up only being me, her, and one other dude. We had such a great time and even when the guy left, I stayed chatting with the lady until it got pretty late and we both had to go home. It’s nice to meet brand new people outside of my previous hobby bubble. It feels so refreshing, and I’m excited to see them again next month. I usually only boulder but they only toprope and were kind enough to belay for me, but I think this weekend I’m going to finally go and buy a harness and get belay certified.

I was having a really rough time yesterday because of period brain, but today has really lightened up. I’m picking up my animal crossing switch tomorrow too!

No. 524553

Are you the same anon who talked about bouldering on some other thread? Anyways, glas to read this and good thing you feel better now!

No. 524571

That was probably me!! lol I feel like I’m the only one who posts about it

No. 524576

Hell yeah, bouldering anon!

No. 525139

I found a lost hairband on the floor a week ago, it's a little pink coily thing like those old landphone cables and the shape is perfect because it puts less tension on my scalp and doesn't choke the hair back like a regular hair tie. Feels sooo much better to wear.

No. 525193

Pokemon go cancelled their community day this weekend. They don't want people heading out to play because of the virus.

But they're now offering 30 incense for practically free. Each lasts an hour and the spawn rates are much higher than usual incense.. 30 hours of at home bliss! I live in such a wet and windy part of my country that every community day is ruined for me.. this worked out well

No. 525485

Found a half full bottle of tea tree oil and a full little bottle of painkillers! Was sure I had ran out of both and sad I can't go to the store due to an injury. It's the little things anons!

No. 526856

File: 1584473447236.jpg (38.17 KB, 500x375, BoUfEy9CEAAO_0e.jpg)

Not something that has happened to me directly, but I figured I should post it in this thread because it really warmed my heart anyway.

One of my favorite youtubers posted on her patreon that she was going to give money to anyone who just got fired or was on unpaid sick leave because of the virus (limited to current patreons ofc). She didn't say how much she was giving way, just that it would be her entire last month's patreon earnings, and that she would try to disperse it as evenly as she could to as many people as she could. I told one of my coworkers about this and she said "yeah, but there's probably going to be some liars, huh?" That's probably true, there are bad eggs everywhere, but it really warmed my heart to see so many comments on the patreon post saying things like "Thanks for doing this! I upped my monthly pledge to you! Is there anything else I can do to support?" which made me think, well I think there's more good than bad out there right now. She only offers two tiers, both under $10, so people going out of there way to pledge as much as $25 is really nice. Yeah, people gotta look out for themselves during this time, but people also choosing to look out for others as much as possible, whether it's donating or choosing to still buy as much food as they can afford to keep their favorite mom and pop food shops open is like a nice sliver of light during these dark times.

Stay safe out there anons! I love all of you.

No. 538519

me and my girlfriend's one year anniversary is today! trying to think how to make it special and romantic during shelter in place order

No. 538540

Congratulations anon! Maybe you can both cook some nice comforting food or maybe order some good. I saw in another thread about building a fort and I think that's cute too.

No. 538542

yeah! fort is a go. we're making pasta and salad together too along with some glasses of gin and oj, and hot cheetos as a snack. i'm also writing a love letter. Thanks!!

No. 543617

I've lost 10 pounds and still have 5 to go until I hit a BMI of under 25. It's a drag to diet and exercise but I'm gonna fucking do this!!! After I reach my first goal I'm gonna drop 10 more and wear all the cute clothes I couldn't as a fatty-chan, just you wait

No. 543618

Congrats, though tbh if you can't find cute clothes as a fattychan these days then you're doing it wrong. There's tons of cute shit even for planets now.

No. 543619

I'm forcing myself to be more positive even though I feel like shit on the inside. I sent an email to my coworkers wishing them good health during quarantine (even though I don't like them) and to me that's character development.

No. 543626

Ohh im so proud of you nonny! I hope you make it thats such great news!

Im trying to lose weight as well and Ive lost 2kg so far this week i still have to lose 15kg more before I reach my goal. Small steps but Im sorta getting there

No. 543766

It's still unflattering and only fits one type of fat

No. 546168

Recently got a rescue dog, and I honestly cry thinking about him haha. I went into ptsd treatment some time before I got him, and he's been such a help/distraction. Feels like i' m helping him with his trauma while I'm working on mine :')

No. 546513

So happy for you and your new dog! Thank you for welcoming them into your home, and I hope you’ll find a home in them too. My dog had brought an unimaginable amount of love and joy into my life and my family’s life. A life without dogs (or whatever pet tickles your fancy) isn’t really a life worth living to me. They ask for so little, but repay you tenfold. Enjoy your new life journey with your new friend, I hope it will be a very long and fulfilling ride for you both!!!!

No. 553467

File: 1589362994824.jpg (47.1 KB, 400x410, tumblr_ouvtiqf9jV1w8f1tco1_400…)

My boyfriend made me laugh and told me I was so pretty and that he can't wait to get me a dog. We need to move to a flat that allows pets but that's on hold given current events but I can wait! I'm so happy

No. 555435

I laid loads of grass seed on bare patches in my garden a week ago. I've been watering the seed every day but nothing happened. The back of the pack said to expect results in 4 days.

Saw cute baby grass today and I'm so happy :) my babies are here!

Since covid I've become a Dad obsessed with the lawn and am in the process of feeding it, weeding it and regrowing it until it's perfect. I decided to start this journey when my bf called animal crossing "gardening simulator" and I thought… Hang on, our real yard sucks.

Anyway I'm so happy the grass is growing! The moss and clover and other weeds are dying off thanks to the lawn feed I chose and I'm gonna water it every day!

No. 555485

congrats anon! I'm in the process of trying to grow 4 different flowers from seed and today I noticed a whole section had grown baby sprouts over night. Can't remember which breed it was but I'm so happy one of them worked out since nothing grows easy here. Hope another section sprouts over the next week but we'll see.

No. 555701

Wtf anon why would you do that? Biodiversity is good for the local wildlife, you're fucking over all the small creatures that live you - bumblebees, butterflies, rabbits, etc. Mow if you want to, pluck out any weeds you don't like, but stuff like clover and moss and yes, even dandelions are very good for the wildlife. Don't fall prey to rich people golf lawn culture.

No. 555931

Weeds and prickles can get fucked but clover is sooo good for lawns.

No. 557128

I posted in the past about my ex and what he had done to my sister. She's done really well with her therapy. This week I scheduled my first therapy appt ever. It's on monday. I've never been and although I'm nervous, I'm almost relieved that I might finally be moving in the right direction for what feels like the first time in 2020.

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