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No. 176435

She has recently popped up again having multiple youtubers including Onion make videos about her because of her losing even more weight lately.

It's rumored that she left her mother's house because she got tired of her mother making her eat thus her sudden weight loss after moving.



No. 176436

File: 1474684527786.png (792.15 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160923-223455.png)

No. 176444

anyone else noticed in some of her more recent videos she seems to be doing similar mannerisms like marina joyce? like how she moves and talks?

maybe i'm just reaching

No. 176446

she has no milk but she gets a thread meanwhile we cant talk about leafy

No. 176450

It's probably from her brain wasting. She , like, literally, like sounds absolutely zonked in every video.
No milk here though. That teat is dry.

No. 176452

File: 1474689851079.png (416.48 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160923-223602.png)

No. 176454

Why isnt a Leafy thread allowed?

No. 176455

File: 1474690225991.jpeg (30.7 KB, 480x480, image.jpeg)

Because people have a boner for him even though he looks like a 16 year old sped

No. 176456

Wait so we can't have a thread because of dumb whiteknights? Even after he was pretty much destroyed?

No. 176458

What does everyone think about the aspergers situation that her "family friend" talked about. Usually anna-chans brag about their illness. But who knows.

No. 176459

She's clearly in denial. For whatever reason. She will die soon that's for sure. She said on one of her last streams that the doctor says she's fine and healthy. Who believes that? With moving it has only gotten worse.

I saw this youtuber saying he saw her at an event and she didn't eat once throughout the whole day and that she struggled while walking in heels.

No. 176460

No. 176465

You can have a Leafy/Calvin thread, but you fucked up both times trying to make one.
You can't just say he has no chin for milk. You can't just say he has millions of subscribers and everybody hates him and call that milk. You have to show us the milk not just say"THIS GUY HAS SO MUCH MILK" and not show it. Compare the two threads on /manure/ to every thread on /snow/ and see how lacking the OP was in comparison.

No. 176519

With those requirements doesn't this thread fail too?

Being thin is not milk, has she cyber bullied someone?

No. 176545

I'm pretty sure ED threads are no longer allowed on lolcow except for Bonelord Ashley.

Eugenia isn't a lolcow/snowflake - she's not hurting anyone but herself.

No. 176547

Leave her alone, she seems like a sweet girl.

No. 176548

Report the thread, that's what I did. Girl has no drama aside from the drama the retard Gurg is trying to stir up for attention because he's scum.

No. 176563

I miss the ana-threads tbh, this is probably just gonna end up in manure again.

No. 176566

The Leafy OPs were garbage and I personally reported two of them. How about you lurk more, study a few of the better OPs around here and put together a decent case, then your thread might survive next time.

No. 176567

this thread doesn't deserve to survive either

No. 176574

This chick if a full on anorexic, she might actually be dead soon enough if she keeps going down this road. I read her YouTube comments and people keep saying she's "naturally" skinny, I could only roll my eyes at that fuckery

No. 176578

Moved to >>>/manure/4974.

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