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File: 1550458736160.png (1.33 MB, 900x601, blackops.png)

No. 779046

The old thread is dead and covers the scope of the now depreciated /r/incels so here's a new one for all incels of all communities.

What is an incel?
>"Involuntary Celibate". A frustrated virgin who feels as if the world owes them sex. A self-described 'incel' is highly likely to blame their virginity on the other 6,999,999,999 people on the planet rather than consider that maybe the problem lies inward.
Popular incel hubs include:
look ism. net
incels .is
A few remaining subs on reddit.

This thread is for documenting the bizarre phenomenon of angry beta males. Eventually they may find this thread and attempt to raid, by no means engage if the case occurs.

No. 779047

File: 1550459389077.jpg (77.95 KB, 1214x773, blackpill.jpg)

Prime example of incels being incapable of accepting responsibility for their own shortcomings.

No. 779048

File: 1550459476167.jpg (66.61 KB, 1171x679, neck.jpg)

Folks over at lookism seem to think they're above incels in their quest to achieve chaddom, due to this they've gone through incredible lengths to reach that goal.

No. 779050

File: 1550459890119.jpg (104.1 KB, 980x839, porn.jpg)

Incels think that if they were relatively normal men, they'd have pornstar like girlfriends? lol

No. 779051

File: 1550460392831.jpg (76.29 KB, 1192x406, it.jpg)

I don't see how inceldom = depression.

No. 779052

File: 1550460732783.jpg (51.24 KB, 828x1351, essampuv86h21.jpg)

Found this on inceltears yikes

No. 779056

File: 1550461243370.jpg (112.96 KB, 1208x625, pyu.jpg)

It honestly seems like the majority of incels ride on the belief that they were destined to be this way because of bad luck

No. 779068

Given the age that most of them are, it's not as troubling as you think. Honestly, a lot of them just have to grow up and get out of high school. Not all of them, I'm sure, but a whole lot of them.

Also it's nice to think we can all age out of their target victim demographic so early.

No. 779070

Do we need both this and the man hate thread? It's all the same shit

No. 779085

It's about the former r/incels community, now mainly at incels.is. Not the same as general misandry threads.

No. 779102


i mean you gotta respect the mental gymnastics that made them call the self-fanning, apologetic pacification that is

"it's not ur fault booboo, you don't have to shower or brush your teeth!!! evil foids!!!"

the blackpill, and the statements that would be indicative of accepting reality

>if EVERYONE thinks you're gross, it IS you

>but you CAN change
>looks are NOT in fact everything

the coddling bluepill.

impressed with the amount of doublethink they're capable of.

No. 779691

Projection sigh

No. 780339

The old incels thread was great, there's a lot of potential bringing up new and old milk here.
Anyone have the video of the guy who catfished women into dates just to go up to them and get mad because they were expecting someone else and call them fat?

No. 780343

File: 1550806187419.jpeg (229.98 KB, 1419x800, 320713.jpeg)

Honestly, I find myself kind of attracted to incels and these looksmaxxing guys. Some of them are just LARPing and are really cute irl but their banter is what really gets me. I used to consider myself a femcel until I was blackpilled and realized I'm just volcel because fatcell == volcel. Oh and I'm black too kek so that lowers my SMV as well. It's hard to reach out to these guys tho, they're so paranoid. tfw no autistic bf.


No. 780344

Samefag but I think this was the video you were referring too. This taco gigamanlet is hilarious. Feel sorry for the girls tho, they should have facetimed or something.

No. 780381

>all that incel lingo
Please get off these sites before you completely brainwash yourself with that crap. Those guys aren't worth your pity and if all the stories we see of anons dating robots are true then we know it ends badly.
Start talking to nerds at your local game shop and cons if you like gamer virgins by all means but stay smart to their shitty ways or they will break you down

No. 780394

File: 1550832456831.jpg (12.43 KB, 203x209, what the hell....jpg)

What the fuck are you even trying to say here?

>taco gigamanlet

This reads like autistic larping from an inceloid trying to blend in without realizing how insane he sounds to everyone else.
>im female, gotta make sure i make that clear!
>btw im black, u sjws love that, right?
>id love an incel bf haha women love talking about this stuff, right?

Fucking freaks.

An entire online community brainwashing themselves into worthlessness. Incredible.

No. 780416

does anyone have those posts talking about how they can't get women cause their necks are too thin?

No. 780526

I feel like I know what you're talking about anon. Anyone remember that incel that nailed his dick?

No. 780531

hell yeah, I still have the video

No. 780532

File: 1550879078364.png (434.64 KB, 1215x2570, Screenshot_2019-02-22 [Suicide…)

kek this beta wanted to murder in broad daylight over a minor incident

No. 780536

File: 1550880217146.png (334.11 KB, 1218x2363, I married (and divorced) an in…)

Incels will always play the victim even when they molest children.

No. 780559

What language is this?

No. 780697

the state of mind of these guys is terrifying that the first thing they think of when someone even looks in their general direction they think they're mocking them. they could've been saying "that guy has a cool hat on" or something for all he knows, yet he immediately assumes the worst and wants to literally kill them.

if a woman ever actually was interested in these sad fucks they would just assume she was mocking them or pranking them or something. they deserve to be alone

No. 780816

I feel so badly for her because she was so young, but I hope other dumbasses see this and remember this when they're trying to do incels a favor and think they can save them.

No. 780831


Get help. What the actual FUCK is wrong with you???

These men wish the worst on women and have begun terrotistic attacks on the public. Your interest isn’t healthy and is comparable to those who want to fuck serial killers. Seek help.

No. 780847

It sounds carzy as fuck, but I used to be like this too a long long time ago. It's usually a mixture of motherly instinct and being a doormat with no self-respect. But, like, it's one thing to wish you had a nice nerdy guy, who is a bit shy, and to want to date an incel. Some people see little to no difference until they meet an actual incel.
sage for no1curr

No. 780852

Lots of girls are like this, they have no self esteem and think that fucking the "ugly guy who can't get a gf" will make him see her as some kind of saviour and it's the ultimate not like other girls move.
The problem is that these men are toxic mysogynists and not just innocent misunderstood guys. If they're not getting fucked there's a damn good reason for it and it's NOT because girls are selfish meanies.

No. 780862

File: 1550997697577.png (262.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-24-09-37-32…)

>wishes rape on women for existing
>supports pedophilia
>commits rape by deception on an underage girl
>'boohoo someone disagreeing with me on my shit subreddit is cruelty'

If you want to read more, google C&A&A&M&I&B without the &s. Idid not want to summon the sickfuck as he already sperged on both lolcow and kiwifarms (and got banned on both kek)

No. 780897

I'm from the same country this fucktard is from and I can't believe nothing has been ever done about him.
I even talked to a policewoman (a family friend) and she told he can't be arrested until a victim of his reports him to the police.

No. 780915

File: 1551026030792.png (263.49 KB, 1854x980, Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 11.3…)

ummm what the fuck I just googled and he plans on raping his daughter when she turns 12?

No. 781059

this is that M**jan guy right? Anyone remember him from efagz? That was my introduction to these fuckos. All these years later, he's still the most deranged one I've come across.

No. 781286

>Lots of girls are like this, they have no self esteem and think that fucking the "ugly guy who can't get a gf" will make him see her as some kind of saviour and it's the ultimate not like other girls move.

It's not an uncommon attitude, although I would have thought it would be dying out as younger generations become more informed but apparently not.

I suspect it comes from wanting to feel secure in a relationship:
my mum always said that it was better for a woman to date "below" her bc the man will be less likely to cheat or leave due to being so grateful that he's with someone who he feels is out of his league.

Obv her thoughts on relationships were pretty toxic.

Shame to see that it's still a thing though.


No. 781618

File: 1551302701934.jpg (245.64 KB, 720x1138, 20190227_131734.jpg)

I think this is the guy you're talking about.
The comment section used to be hilarious with people calling him a creep and a psycho until incels found it.

>proves no matter "how much confidence and personality" you throw at any female they will not give a man a chance.

Lmao if whining about being ugly and not getting tinder matches for 6 minutes straight is what this man considers to be having confidence and personality then I've pinpointed what the real problem is. Women don't want him because he's legit retarded.

No. 781676

Justice would be vigilante then.. I can't believe I haven't heard of him until now.

But really, incels spew shit like openly wanting to legalize rape and make sure all women are raped and not complaining about it then wonder why they're not liked

No. 781734

I was scrolling past and saw this thread and checked it out, I just need to say that it's fucking hilarious how these retards think women give a shit if they choose to drag their ass out of the gene pool and only jerk off to porn.
>Fuck all those shallow staceys who do pornstar feats for every chad in bed……. I'M too busy jacking it to my VR porn alone in my room to even care! CHECKMATE, WHORES!

No. 782962

I'm the anon from before and this is a totally different video but messed up all the same. The one I remember was with a fat girl and she doesn't stick around long to talk to him. This guy doesn't seem like an incel since he mentions having 3 ex-girlfriends but he definitely has the victim mentality of one.

No. 1894825

File: 1694145974823.png (29.67 KB, 145x156, Opera Snapshot_2023-09-08_0009…)

incels have started to spread male blackpill content on tiktok lol. theyre bitching about male loneliness and their little dating app statistics. saying all lesbians are "chadsexual". crying and moaning about how stacy dated chad whos on the football team. and now trying to get young moidlets on tiktok to believe in their retarded ideology.


No. 1894869

I genuinely believe that they believe, if they spread this around enough, so many men will be incels that they will have their pick of the litter of any females. It’s a shame that the more bitter and twisted they get, the more they relentlessly pursue women.

No. 1894978

File: 1694178853514.png (120.17 KB, 854x902, Screenshot.png)

I posted this another thread but it fits perfectly here, a lot of young men and teenagers have unironcally started believing this(obviously looks matter, but they've convinced themselves that if you aren't the actual gigachad you are a loser and women won't ever love you)
>half of teenage boys are undisciplined and content with unhealthy habits, such as excessive eating and masturbation.
>The other experience deep insecurities due to exposure to Incel rhetoric and may destroy themselves by using steroids and becoming gym-freaks.
I wish there was a movement that promotes embracing a balanced lifestyle and encouraging a healthy amount of exercise for both boys and girls?

No. 1895065

Lack of socialization at its finest. The self descriptors and asking for validation is gross. These are the type of people with low self esteem that pay someone to tell them "it's over for them" and they secretly get off to it(sage your shit)

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