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File: 1568861771533.jpg (1.06 MB, 1380x960, vicky kjasndkasndk.jpg)

No. 706367


>Took a bath in Oxiclean and then tried to claim that it wasn't "labeled properly" after she apparently poisoned herself. Farmers have speculated it was a lie to cover up missed appointments, or that she just got so drunk and made a fool of herself and needed something to blame it on.

>Has been caught stealing other artists work. Traced off of her laptop and then (poorly) tattooed on her victims. " High-end, custom tattoos"

>Despite charging $3000 per hour for modelling, decided to volunteer as a self-proclaimed "hot merch girl" at a show that hosted less than 100 people. Wore the same crusty outfit that she always does.

>Her been attempting to stir up drama with random women from her past to justify her bad reviews

>Claims to be booked solid until the end of next year, while simultaniously e-begging for clients/appointments on Facebook every other day.

>Claims to be wealthy and a person who "has lived in many mansions" and has also been caught begging clients for deposits early through facebook messenger.

>Is constantly sharing screenshots of guys "hitting on her" trying to prove that shes "wifey material" and not like other girls.

>May have created sock instagram accounts to DM compliments to herself and then post them.

>Is still single and can't even hold down a man 10 years younger than her.

>Her younger sister is getting married and Vicky claimed she wouldn't be going to the wedding as she doesn't want to "steal all the attention away" from her sister on her big day.

>Is the proud owner of the lowest rated tattoo shop in a 50 mile radius. Was nominated for exactly zero awards in her local readers choice.


-Has decided to take up Twitch Streaming to "pRoVe tO dA HaTuRz" that she isn't fake. However, after farmers viewed her pitiful (and very grainy) stream, the only thing that was apparent was that she wears more makeup than a drag queen and got so greasy during filming that half of her makeup had shifted or come off completely, her gums are progressively turning completely blacker by the day from chain smoking, and she has barely any hair left. Featuring the same crusty leather jacket she's worn for the past 10 years to cover her lunch lady arms and seal in her B.O.

- Claimed to charge $3000 per hour when a neckbeard orbiter inquired about having her in for a photoshoot. She also stated that she picks her own wardrobe, which completely defeats the purpose of modelling in the first place (and will likely not allow anyone else to edit her photos, based on the Simon Hammond saga of 3 years ago). Despite the fact that nobody except her imaginary photographer Frankie (who must be loaded based on her "rate"), she used an absurd price to keep anyone from asking her for photos, as she wouldn't be able to photoshop herself into a completely different person.

- Despite being 10 years into her "career" as a tattoo "artist", she has learned nothing and has been getting progressively worse. Most clients leaving her shop can be seen with massive bruises, akin to getting hit by a bus after leaving her chair. She claims that those clients have "low platelette" blood counts, and the fact that they walked out of her shop looking like they got beaten within an inch of their life by an escaped gorilla was by no means her fault.

- Ongoing claims of "bulking and cutting", (despite "bulking" being the only notable achievement) and poorly editing her progressively growing, stumpy body to prove it.

- Began photoshopping her ass and hips in her photos to keep up with the youthful instagram models that are taking attention away from her, after previously complaining about that body type and asking how anyone could find it attractive.

_ Claims that she "invented" jewel and beading tattoos and everyone who does that style is merely copying her, as she was doing it YEARS before everyone else, of course.

- Getting fatter, saggier, visibly unhealthier and more desperate for male attention since her decade younger boyfriend decided to leave her crazy behind. Her shoops are becoming so unrealistic that they barely even look like a human woman anymore, rather some alien/pile of blurred mush that can only be described as projected insecurity mixed with delusion.

>Started dating someone nearly 10 years younger than her after being painfully single for a long time and thinks this is something to brag about.

>Frankie the self timer photographer has gone MIA since boyfriend appeared.
>The Google page for her scratch shack blew up with a slew of bad reviews from previous customers. This included the couple who had their deposit stolen after Vicky ditched an appointment, claiming to have been kidnapped.
>Shingles has responded to almost every single review in a predictably unprofessional manner, accusing the customer of being a lying stalker
>30-something year old scratcher who works in an unlicensed ‘tattoo salon’ comparable to a shack, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo competently results in permanent damage
>Former MySpace ‘scene queen’ with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore and self-proclaimed international cover model and ‘real life Final Fantasy character’
>Incapable of talking about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be not only well-versed but Ivy League educated in psychology, astronomy and quantum physics despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields
>Posts embarrassing videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a ‘sword fighter’
>Fakes an atrocious British accent
>Outed by admin for selfposting and samefagging hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her/dated her in real life
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and Kiwi Farms, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder/



No. 706374

File: 1568862555302.png (311.11 KB, 519x568, Screenshot 2019-09-18 at 10.04…)

thank you, good anon, who put the new thread up. Please enjoy whatever the hell is going on here.

(me too, cat)

No. 706378

Can someone please tell me why her neck is 80 shades darker than her face?

No. 706411

File: 1568866918411.png (345.73 KB, 852x518, savethatpoorcat.png)

she says she's doing 'a shoot' but that doesn't explain it either unless bitch is doing kabuki over there

No. 706420

Nice humpback, Vicky. But at least, in your mind, you gave yourself a curvaceous backside.

Lol. The delusion.

No. 706447

File: 1568871168525.jpeg (75.48 KB, 480x792, 40B966BF-1815-4399-94A8-ABC50C…)

Did she make a sock to mssg herself this and then post it? Every single one of her pictures is edited into the fucking ground lmao anyone with half a brain cell can see that. She is seriously the Queen of cringe. "I've gone live on twitch" Yea and you looked NOTHING like the pictures you post at all! Nice try tho you hammy saggy hag

No. 706451

File: 1568871756593.jpeg (1.1 MB, 4000x4000, 10A940EE-6B10-448A-81F6-715F81…)

Girl can’t even keep track of her own lies of being soOoOOoo busyyyyy

No. 706485

This is the past threads list format we should be using:



I have so many pics to dump. Excited to be with you all again

No. 706486

File: 1568876300851.png (2 MB, 1280x2337, magazines.png)

>the list goes on

No. 706488

File: 1568876558109.png (3.16 MB, 1280x6645, DragonBallV.png)

She is replying to someone who said her wrists were really strong

No. 706489

File: 1568876599564.png (1.17 MB, 1049x2787, YesICanDualWield.png)

No. 706490

File: 1568876622443.png (1.16 MB, 1280x2945, HahItsReal.png)

>the blade is like part of my body

No. 706491

And now I am laughing hard at bald Vic bathing in Clorox hahaha fuck anon

No. 706492

File: 1568876981460.jpg (87.18 KB, 1223x1280, IMG_20190919_000856_258.jpg)

One of the replies to this pic

Vic's cat has lived in many mansions

No. 706493

File: 1568877075584.jpg (120.68 KB, 1218x1280, IMG_20190919_001020_670.jpg)

Vicky's cat is a babe and almost took the world record

No. 706567

reading all that shit about her fake katana gave me a headache

>it's real

No, it is definitely NOT real. Real ones cost thousands and that's money Ol' Vikkers doesn't have. It looks like a cheap piece of shit every neckbeard has.

>i'm usually much faster than the videos ppl keep sending me of sword wielders

SuUUUUuuuuure there. We've all seen your pathetic sword videos you fuckin potato sack

No. 706624

that is the face of a cat that didn't want to be involved with her shitty selfie shoot. all the editing she did and her hair still looks shitty.

a lot of these look fake but also imagine constantly submitting fake pix of yourself to publications with plenty of non edited women.

her sword sperging is hilarious, all talk and no show just like pretty much everything else in her life.

No. 706680


Lmao is she claiming that professional photographers took these?

I’m willing to bet “viví” is herself.

- Laurie Munroe is her ex’s friends mom
- A lomax is her ex adrien (who apparently hated her constantly nagging him to take pictures of her)
- Jamie Alexandria is Adrian’s sister (who she lived with while dating Adrian, and bothered to take pictures of her as well)
- SH is Simon Hammond is an actual photographer who she has publicly shamed for releasing photos he took of her, but she didn’t get to edit.

None of these people are professional photographers (except for Simon), they’re all just people who were in her vicinity at one point in time that she nagged endlessly to take pictures of her. What a delusional idiot. You’re not fooling anyone, Vic.

No. 706682


Sage for double posting, but notice how none of the “photographers” are tagged because they’re all people from her past who want nothing to do with her and likely have her blocked.

No. 706704

She made these and poorly
Top left corner, isn't that the snapshot of her and the other girl in the lake? Did she.clip old photos and try to pass them off as features for the mags/ sites?

No. 706721

Did she photoshop these all herself?! Wow this is next level cow behavior, i'm impressed

No. 706852

File: 1568936333360.jpeg (33.22 KB, 749x274, 9D11B502-EEBA-4A9D-9422-B32D75…)

When you shop your Neanderthal skull in and your hairline is magically floating

No. 706857

I wonder if this is the same single Party City glove she always wears during “shoots” that is splitting at the seams on the inside.

No. 707040

Whom she’s trying to kid, she’s almost bald

No. 707125

File: 1569007454964.jpg (196.25 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20190920_152126.jpg)

But that's only two weeks away? I thought she was booked for a year? Do people really buy this bullshit??

No. 707129

Is this not the stray cat that her and Adrian took in? I remember a post about it years ago. He is probably only huge because he is full of matts..

No. 707683

I’ve noticed that Vick’s tattoo posts on Instagram hardly reach 100 likes. For a ~top quality artist~ that’s extremely pathetic. Everything else gets way more in comparison. Everyone knows her work is chicken scratch trash. for someone who’s been at it as long as her she has nothing to show for it. That’s what happens when you refuse to have the proper training and be an apprentice. I see people who’ve been tattooing under 3 years sky rocket past her in terms of skill. She’s such an embarrassment to herself

No. 707865

Also why I think she doesn’t tattoo as much as she leads on- she hasn’t improved in years. Her tattoos are still hot garbage.

No. 707889

File: 1569134947242.webm (233.88 KB, 540x892, enhancethis.webm)

Vic posted some more videos to her insta stories

No. 707892

File: 1569135055523.webm (863.26 KB, 540x892, tomboy.webm)

Here she is at work in her usual tomboy attire

No. 707895

File: 1569135155352.webm (809.72 KB, 540x892, early2000swebcamfilter.webm)

So busy and booked at work

No. 707898

File: 1569135557578.jpg (61.88 KB, 799x1280, IMG_20190921_235725_019.jpg)

Oh ok that's what Vic means when she shares those "women should uplift women" memes on Facebook. She means that we (women) should uplift her! And she will say thank you and post screenshots of it

No. 707914


okay but why is every single photo and "video" so blurry or grainy. also, this video appears to not be a video really but several shots she spliced together into a video.

this is a contradiction. she's hiding as much as she can while showing her midriff. i dont understand!!!!!! either show yourself or dont, wtf r u doin

No. 707928

File: 1569144332021.jpg (26.08 KB, 325x319, Sunglasses_at_Night_(Corey_Har…)

No. 707983

File: 1569164463828.jpeg (816.8 KB, 4000x4000, 13A222A4-2170-4586-85B9-11BED1…)

I love how every video she posts to show the haturzzz how skinnnnny she is her body warps around and changes shapes lmao. Such horrible editing skills Jesus Christ

No. 707985

Waiiiitaminute, both messages are on the same side, did she send those to herself?

No. 707990

She forgot to include good ol Frankie

No. 707994

File: 1569167153122.jpeg (388 KB, 1242x2208, bullshit.jpeg)

Sure, Vicky. Sure.

No. 708047

No anon the girl just liked her video, she replied by thanking her and calling her hot lol kinda odd

No. 708070

I think Vic complimented her specifically so she could screenshot it and post it as proof that she doesn't hate women.

No. 708073

Lol that’s exactly what she did. Who the fuck else does something like that?

>look at me swooping into this girls DMs to tell her she’s hot af. LOOK AT ME! LOOOOOK.

No. 708131

File: 1569192874794.jpg (123 KB, 798x1280, IMG_20190922_155322_257.jpg)

No. 708201

File: 1569199020120.png (152.9 KB, 909x512, Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 7.31.…)

If she's booked a year in advance and only designates certain dates for new clients, this constant open availability on her page is misleading.

No. 708248

File: 1569204513848.jpeg (215.64 KB, 750x655, 6B612F8B-3665-4A38-A1B6-BE1332…)

>I don’t buy followers like other modelssssss

Photoshopping self taken photos doesn’t make you a model.

No. 708253

the fuck is this. did she send it to herself?

No. 708257

That and the "mysterious and edgy" are a dead giveaway she did.

No. 708284

You mean this doesn’t just scream Vicky sock-puppet? Lolll
What a loser.

No. 708295

>4.30am to 7.30am

Who even takes bookings that early?

No. 708299

I pointed this out before and another anon said that the am and pm are probably mixed up on her Facebook because on Google, the first booking slot is for 4:30 pm.

No. 708398

File: 1569239361361.png (964.21 KB, 1186x720, haterzwillsayitsphotoshop.png)

Oh vicky and the magic of warping cabinets!

No. 708432

File: 1569252363137.webm (603.52 KB, 480x600, wakeup.webm)

No. 708440


Those linebacker shoulders goddamn!
still has a jay leno chin even with that snapchat vanity filter. I wonder how bad that jacket smells after marinating in it all summer. She looks like a Mom in her 40's trying to be hip

No. 708472

Perfectly still so the filter doesnt drop. Bitch, pick a fake face and stick with it. Changing every 5 damned mins.

No. 708557

LOL she looks like the slutty sister Rose on Keeping Up Appearances

No. 708625

File: 1569288377189.jpg (100.95 KB, 979x1280, IMG_20190923_182543_244.jpg)

Oh no

No. 708628

File: 1569288659071.webm (1.09 MB, 480x480, AnotherSelfPortrait.webm)

No. 708631

she looks drunk/hungover and obvious extensions are obvious.

wtf with that pig nose, there's no rich blacks which won't make it age well and sure the pic just happens to look like you, not that you self insert into as many messes as you can.

No. 708635


that's a god damn man

No. 708637

The fact that Victoria tattoos her own face any time the client is getting a "hot babe" tattoo might be my absolute most favorite thing about her.

No. 708638

Do you think she does it intentionally or is she just so narcissistic that when she tries to picture a beautiful women she just sees herself and does it subconsciously?

No. 708651


I think she genuinely believes that she’s the pinnacle of female attractiveness. The fact that almost every tattoo she does looks like her isn’t a mistake, she’s just so delusional and narcissistic that she’s actually retarded and thinks no one will notice.

No. 708704

I fully cop this is a nitpick but is she wearing the same extensions until they fall apart? It drives me nuts how she blurs her hair to hide them rotting off her head.

No. 708721

File: 1569302006628.jpeg (15.04 KB, 215x149, B8FB93E5-6282-43D0-9B6D-1C407B…)


Ah, yes. The shooped face of herself she always inserts. Yea def could be your sister I see the similarities in the drunken uneven dead eyes and unfortunate hairline

No. 708740

File: 1569305915116.jpg (88.88 KB, 1246x1280, IMG_20190923_231701_282.jpg)

>she's so hot

No. 708905


This might be a better piece if she just added more white…

No. 708956

Indeed, she should really just saturate the whole thing with white. Now that I think about it, she should tattoo the whole area black and then tattoo with white on top of that to get the proper vick scratch look

No. 708974


That neck stupid long

No. 709022

File: 1569361302918.png (1.09 MB, 1280x2941, aboutthattime.png)

No. 709080

Is she fucking autistic??

What is wrong with her that she seriously can't understand (stupid as fuck) simple jokes or sarcasm?

I mean obviously she's stupid enough to think her photoshops are realistic so..

No. 709084

She’s NEVER been able to take a joke. Ever. It’s probably my favorite thing about her. I’ve never known anyone that responds as if the joke was a statement made at them. That’s how insanely insecure she is. She has no sense of humor.
She can’t laugh and be like “hahaha yea I make a hot dude right?!” Because in her retarded mind, people might believe her. Because she expect people to believe everything she says anyways.

It’s amazing what a low IQ and narc personality can do to one’s brain.

No. 709294

File: 1569413858954.jpg (108.75 KB, 860x1280, IMG_20190925_051424_062.jpg)

>perhaps if I were trans I would attract less men

Vic truly is a wonderful cow.

No. 709298

>but nope im a lady… biologically born female
>and even if I was trans…

Why is she getting so fucking defensive over an off-hand joke that wasn't meant to be taken seriously in the slightest
Sounds like that one struck a nerve

No. 709310

Even the dude who made the original comment is saying stuff like "Clearly you aren't trans!" Lmao what an awkward conversation all around.

No. 709326


Vicky makes fun of the trans community this is hilarious. Only if it applies to Vicky then its ok!

No. 709336

She is so unpleasant to talk to; always either assuming she's being hit on, insulted or trying to brag about something even in response to being complimented
Always in a "thanks but I'm actually even better/smarter/hotter than you are saying I am" type of way
She couldn't be humble if she tried

No. 709352

so y'all wanna start a rumor vicky is trans? you know like all those other rumors we start

if it's a comment about her appearance she has to defend herself even if logically it makes no sense

No. 709355

Why would you start rumors about her, isn’t she a massive cow in truth? She humiliates herself with everything she does, we don’t need to make stuff up. She is the expert on lying about herself.

No. 709358

it was a joke

No. 709401

File: 1569426810815.jpeg (471.6 KB, 750x936, F0B1FBB3-C095-4918-B019-34050B…)

My bad, anon.

Anyone saw this recent video? She literally looks like a drag queen, that hides an ugly man in his 40’s underneath, cosplaying Donatella Versace. In addition he’s drunk, and possibly slow.

Also that huge penis-shaped nose, my sides.

No. 709418

>even if I was trans

yea ok. Clearly someone in person assumed she was trans once and fucked her entire world up.
Your make up ain’t helping Vic. Shit is drag-tier.

No. 709459

She looks either like an impressive 50 year old or one very haggered 30 year old.

No. 709464

She looks like Eminem's mom.

No. 709495

Here I was thinking Suzanne Somers needs to move that Thighmaster down before she pinches off one of her flaps. COS SHE'S TOTALLY NOT A DUDE

No. 709643

She looks like Cher

No. 709684

File: 1569472097279.jpg (82.75 KB, 787x1279, IMG_20190925_212454_789.jpg)

>this isnt inked its the plan

No. 709687

80s frozen face cher when she did that horrible shit to her face. I can see it.
These vids mean squat, Vic. theres plenty of beauty filter apps for vid. look at fucking onision. you wanna convince people, you're gonna need to do better.

No. 709691

Do professional artist “map their ink out” with sharpies? Most professional tattoo I’ve gotten has been previously drawn out on transfer paper and applied the day of.

No. 709693

>>709691 I've seen good freehanders do it. Doesn't mean Vicky is doing it right.

No. 709696


Only if the markers are new used once on a single client. Otherwise it's a super easy way to spread bacteria and cause an infection. I lived to tell the tale.

No. 709705

assuming she's using this "plan" as her stencil and not just bullshitting a consultation – any tattoo artist worth their shit would know better than to freehand a completely symmetrical design. especially a design requiring a lot of clean and consistent lines. i don't get why she thinks this cocky incompetence is worth showing off.

No. 709736

Those lines are way too thick if she actually tattoos it that way. It's going to look like a hot mess very quickly, plus as another anon mentioned it's not symmetrical. Most tattoo artists I've seen who free hand use other colours than black so they can actually see what they've done (eg. lime green, pink, orange).

No. 709847

File: 1569519058939.png (30.89 KB, 613x265, vic.png)

I forgot she has Twitter and found these gems. Business a little slow there Vic?

No. 709849

seee no is beuno

No. 709872

nitpick incoming but this pisses me off. she claims to be a model who makes 3000k hourly? but wants someone to pay materials and time out of pocket. In the modeling industry the big time models who are making that kinda fee would never offer or expect free work. I know signage isnt the same as modeling but it shows a lack of professional respect

No. 709873

I assumed this was for her failing tattoo business.

It's probably substantially cheaper for her to trade rather than pay outright for advertising since she has no cash on hand.

No. 709881

adding to the other replies, yes there are occasions where the piece is drawn on, usually to fit with the flow of the body. however, as someone else mentioned, something like this would be better done as a stencil first. she's just trying to show off as usual and we know she can't do symmetrical designs.

can't wait to see how this mess will turn out.

No. 709903

File: 1569524862895.jpeg (229.64 KB, 1242x900, 4C9A3CFF-BF40-484E-B611-7606E0…)

“All the mansions”

No. 709905

File: 1569524953696.jpeg (297.22 KB, 1242x1114, A2DB006D-EF02-4925-9AF1-9273EF…)


“My skins too thick”
If her skin was as thick as she’d like everyone to believe she wouldn’t waste all the time she apparently doesn’t have to address everything three times a week.

No. 709906

File: 1569525064169.jpeg (216.83 KB, 1242x1368, 2BF3B97E-4000-449D-9583-893E19…)


Pics or it didn’t happen!

Honestly though. Even the people on her friends list don’t believe her shit anymore.

No. 709909

Clearly this was after she had no where to live and had to move in with the parents of a friend of hers before she was kicked out for being a dirtbag loser.

No. 709911

That's the saddest, funniest thing about Vic's facebook/insta..she puts all this effort into impressing people who are laughing at her.

No. 709922

Cut to Vicky furiously photoshopping herself and her katana into screengrabs from the Downton Abbey movie to prove she's lived in ~multiple mansions. How does she explain the Wish plastic ivy garlands and wonky stencilling over plywood appearance of her current accommodation?

No. 709926

Oooh, can you elaborate on that? It’s the first I’ve read that and it’s interesting.

No. 709992

File: 1569532940755.jpeg (323.37 KB, 1178x1308, 1CD09EEE-68AD-4A54-BA0D-7D0FDA…)

Alcoholics don’t get hangovers guys. She proves her stupidity everyday.

No. 710001

She lived in many mansions? So when she was a start up “tattoo artist” she was paying for the bills how? It takes a few years at least to become great at your craft and build clientele. So she was doing that while making millions? Does she even listen to herself

No. 710006

File: 1569534523942.jpeg (382.03 KB, 750x1239, FD3AB899-37C9-4365-961D-51EACA…)

>four living rooms

No. 710013


Alcoholics don't get hangovers? I think the Oxyclean ate her brain.

No. 710014

Your status says 'mansion' but your teeth say 'dumpy little shed in the shit part of town next to an auto shop.'

No. 710021


So basically she can't afford to rent her house anymore and needs to take a room instead. I wonder if she's getting evicted.

No. 710027

File: 1569536444367.png (1.31 MB, 1139x2745, slander.png)

The rest of this

No. 710049

isn't all that stuff true lol

renting a room soon but then she's gonna build a house ok haha

No. 710050

It makes me gag how much she loves to talk about her self. It’s so repulsive.

No. 710058


Her ratty extensions that never match in color KILL ME

No. 710059

I can't get into specifics without outing someone, but basically she literally had nowhere to go so some poor schmuck took her in and she was a dumpster fire to live with, overstaying her welcome

No. 710061

Not only can she not afford a lawyer, but no good lawyer would ever tell her she has a leg to stand on. I am anticipating fake photos of legal documents are coming anons.

No. 710072

Many mansions with just way too many rooms! Yet wears fake Versace and fake supreme ordered off of wish. The tacky fake costume jewelry she wears down to the same pair of smelly ass thigh high socks and spandex shorts. Wasn’t she broke and needed $70 from review anon? That doesn’t sound the the bank account of someone who lives in a mansion! Why does she lie about herself so drastically it’s so fuckin pathetic. These are lies that kids make up when they are 7 to their friends not someone who’s thirty fucking two.

No. 710075

File: 1569544005141.jpg (73.27 KB, 790x1280, IMG_20190926_172628_195.jpg)

No. 710076

What gave it away, the fact that a real and competent lawyer would have explained to her the difference between libel and slander?

Of course before laughing her deluded ass out of his office then telling an intern to bring in some lysol wipes

No. 710078

File: 1569544117114.jpg (72.93 KB, 793x1280, IMG_20190926_172606_276.jpg)

No. 710082

get a higher res of this one, too, please?!

No. 710083

File: 1569544371543.jpg (98.92 KB, 857x1279, IMG_20190926_173130_669.jpg)

>i decorated it beautifully

No. 710086

File: 1569544463005.jpg (114.77 KB, 1280x1251, IMG_20190926_173133_458.jpg)

Vic isn't the best tattoo artist :(

No. 710094


Not only can she not afford a lawyer, deposit-anon who came here and outed Vic as a deposit thief, couldn’t even sue her in small-claims because Vicky is so poor.

No. 710096

I wonder if these people that suck her ass are sock puppets? There’s no way that many people can be that stupid and not see through the outrageous lies.

No. 710101

Icon, anon.

Maybe she should upgrade her 2016 LG Rebel before moving into any more mansions.

No. 710103

File: 1569545996507.png (1.77 MB, 1334x750, 202B9863-9660-44BD-895B-CCD788…)

Oh Vicky, you delusional hag. No “fan” was taking sneaky candids of you. You just happened to be stomping back in from chainsmoking and we’re alone in the background of somebody else’s picture.

No. 710108

Omfg anon I'm dead

No. 710111

File: 1569546788715.jpg (149.35 KB, 1054x1280, IMG_20190926_181151_011.jpg)

I investigated this for you, anon. This is the woman's place of business, according to her Facebook profile.


No. 710116

File: 1569547292578.png (2.76 MB, 1169x6504, mansions_edithistory.png)

Lol holy shit. I sometimes forget to look at her post edit history.

No. 710120

File: 1569547614817.jpg (121.04 KB, 895x1280, IMG_20190926_182437_017.jpg)

She expanded her search to all of Ontario lmao I love Vic so much

No. 710126

I like how she says “women have come forward and apologized” if that were true, she would have posted those conversations.
Nobody is jealous of her life. She a liar that lives in Guelph

No. 710129

File: 1569548119553.png (1.33 MB, 1280x2864, thick_skin.png)

I love how her final edit is to add that compliments you make towards her should be reiterated. Amazing. I think Vic is a wonderful cow.

No. 710136

Yikes. So much effort into this.

Still waiting on the 200x130 blurry mansion pics.

No. 710142

i like how it changed from "a friend" to people and then the added she can guess why but doesn't elaborate. also her dad apparently commented on this and she talks to him the same way as everyone else.

probably b/c she's so dense she doesn't know when compliments are genuine unless coming from neck beards.

No. 710149

File: 1569550983564.jpeg (388.87 KB, 1530x2040, CA3489E8-33B5-405B-91F2-115FEE…)


I feel so bad for her father having to listen to her crap on Facebook, loving her too much to tell her she’s an idiot

No. 710152

Definitely got her dad’s nose.

Ignoring her insufferable personality, she looks much better without her drag make-up and fried yellow hair. I know she edited her face still but it’s less offensive on the eyes.

No. 710155

she looks younger without all that makeup, why the fuck does she paint her face in such an extreme way?! this is legit the first kinda nice pic i have ever seen of her.

No. 710171

She genuinely believes the caked on look that adds 15 years to her face looks good. vic doesn't look at her pic and see ratty mismatched extensions, rotting teeth, and a short stubby body. she truly believes the photoshopped crap is real.

No. 710222


Why does she look the same age as her father tho. Father Time hasn’t been kind

No. 710233

File: 1569565102138.jpg (85.89 KB, 664x1279, IMG_20190926_231417_969.jpg)

No. 710236

She’s such a pick me ass bitch, wow so you look at memes on your phone just like everyone else.

No. 710271

It’s cute how she tries to portray it as if she “chooses to be faithful”, while she jumps at any man who looks at her, because nobody wants her.

No. 710293

File: 1569588877411.jpeg (203.91 KB, 1242x1018, 87C67995-630C-4187-8138-6B5E38…)

No. 710295

File: 1569589191888.jpeg (342.36 KB, 1242x1603, E9518AB7-E898-47B6-B751-E106DD…)


There’s a bunch of videos where she’s painting the house she allegedly bought with her own money. Anyone know
Who this house really belongs to

No. 710297

God this is hideously tacky. It looks like a goth deviantart drawing from 2004

No. 710304

And these videos are from 2017. So she did some renos in one of her many mansions and lost it? I’m not buying any of this.

No. 710305

File: 1569591093902.jpeg (403.17 KB, 1242x1846, 0DC9B972-3295-40CE-9060-ED1648…)

“So tiny”

No. 710308

File: 1569592210311.jpg (333.33 KB, 2896x2896, 20190927_214812.jpg)

She just can't help herself
Even the 'candid fan snap' of her needed to be reshaped and squeezed in before she would post it

No. 710309

This looks just like what a 13 year old from 2006 would do to their room if their mum would let them. There's nothing wrong with using stencils to decorate because it's cheap but the sad thing is she thinks this and her plastic garlands looks luxurious and will fool people into thinking she's rich.

No. 710310

Vic. I know you’re reading this.
The only thing “tiny” is your height.
You’re a short, chubby woman.

No. 710311

No. 710327

this is so funny like did she have this pic and crop herself out and then pretend it was a candid sent to her? lmao

No. 710328

I'm positive she found the pic in this thread when anon posted it earlier

No. 710329

File: 1569596727361.jpg (117.92 KB, 908x1279, IMG_20190927_080449_913.jpg)

No. 710339

File: 1569599390531.jpeg (485.16 KB, 1632x1632, vic.jpeg)

(from >>704549)
She's not even THAT ugly to be hiding herself so much. It's just that she isn't the $3,000 model she wants to be and this fucks her up too much. Girl needs self-love. Imagine bragging about aspect of your own life online every day while actually hating yourself.

No. 710388


ugh the top middle picture is so fucking cursed. That side profile and disgusting ratty ass weave. Why does she have more shoulder than ass?

No. 710392

No, she's not, with the exception of her teeth, she's very average. No one here would give her shit, maybe a little teasing about dressing 20 years in the past, but this insistence on being a supermodel with clients flying in to see her and mansions and crap..she brings it on herself

No. 710416

She’s not that ugly. Agree. It’s her makeup, ratty extensions and MySpace style that makes her laughable in the looks department. Her teeth are a whole other story.
She WOULD be average, but she’s making herself disgusting by how she carries herself

No. 710460

File: 1569608197598.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 66F34196-4D36-42E6-A640-F0F4EC…)


The side profile is rough on her

No. 710469


her side profile looks like Momokun.

No. 710471

File: 1569609586597.png (1.84 MB, 1280x4228, Vic_work.png)

I think this is all new.

Lmao @ where she mentions her shop has had no health infractions and she tattoos members of the health board. Omg this is so funny

No. 710472

>>710460 she looks like she's balding

No. 710473

She is just listing her own profile over and over loool

No. 710489

She is. She’s been lightening her own hair/ wearing extension for years and washing it with oxyclean. ( on top of all of her other unhealthy habits ex: smoking)If she continues on this path she’ll be completely bald by 38.

No. 710497

I remember something similar from a couple threads back. She made a post about medical people praising how sterile and clean her shop was and how she did work from members of the Canadian board of health.Someone commented that there is no Canadian board of health (there's something equivalent to America's FDA) She got pissy and blocked him before commenting back so he couldnt get the last word.

No. 710513

She gave herself a chemical haircut. Her best bet is shaving it off and reinventing herself. She'll never be this 2002 tattoo mag image she's trying to portray. At least be interesting so we don't compare you to shit that's washed up.

No. 710524

File: 1569614385472.jpeg (645.65 KB, 3072x3072, A775888F-4F5F-4C5A-BAEF-7EC14F…)


No. 710527

Cosmotologicalfag here. If that's her hair and not a party city wig, um, yeah it's dead hair. And it's a low quality pic, but I think that's her scalp showing. That's critically damaged to the root. She might have given herself sub dermal alopecia, but that's what you get when you use oxy clean to get the brassiness out and not a violet toning shampoo/conditioner. But this isn't secret insider info, anyone can google this.

Tl;dr. Dumb bitch killed her hair to the roots and what little is left is dead.

No. 710528


Also this picture is from almost a decade ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had huge bald patches at this point. Her twitch stream she was constantly fussing with her hair and teasing it, likely because there’s barely any there.

No. 710531

>She made a post about medical people praising how sterile and clean her shop was and how she did work from members of the Canadian board of health
>Someone commented that there is no Canadian board of health

No. 710533

File: 1569616064133.jpg (119.76 KB, 932x1279, IMG_20190927_132529_220.jpg)

Is this new also? I don't remember her writing 2 books before.

No. 710536

Could it be that she's not a narc but instead deeply self-hating and this insistence on being a real-life Final Fantasy character her way to cope?

Or is this stubborn delusion actually typical of narcs who lose whatever clout and looks they once (believed they) had and just can't let go? Can a narc be obsessed with their PAST self?

Or is she not even fooling herself and actually just lucidly keeping the appearances up for the sake of her business? We know she is not successful and maybe she's just being aware that, at this point, letting go of her "celebrity-ness" would hit her clientele even more.

I mean bitch MUST be self-aware to some extent. Nobody opens photo editors daily to completely alter their frame and grain-ate "candid photos" and still truly believes they're desirable.

sage for armchairing

No. 710597

She couldn't read a book let alone try and write one. One of things a person can claim to brag that you can never really call them on because they're always 'working on it."

No. 710602

File: 1569622748958.jpeg (626.68 KB, 1242x1648, 1A30C21E-BCF0-40D9-81BD-4C8251…)

No, Vicky is a true narc through and through. She believes she looks like her photos and it’s the camera that’s wrong. So she’s correcting the photos. She’s not altering them (in her mind).

No. 710649

>professional tattoo artist
only in your own head vic

>tattoo convention judge 2015-present

yea right, she'd brag endlessly about this. bet she just voted in an online poll one time and turned into being a judge for years.

No. 710661

phantasmagory apparently means perceiving something that doesn't really exist like an hallucination so uh..and i love how she sticks the same big words into things but can't even spell maybe

she's such a narc i don't think she has enough self awareness to be insecure

No. 710708

Her "phantasmagorically" shpiel gave me hardcore Lovecraft tryhard vibes. I kek everytime

No. 710907

File: 1569689800212.jpeg (306.77 KB, 1242x1973, D97C628F-BD91-424A-A68C-AF30A7…)

It must getting tiring holding position to suck your own ass this often.

No. 710929

Remember those sad, sorry, soggy little Yorkshire puds she was so proud of and made without a roast dinner or anything to go with them?

No. 710934

what is she even bragging about him lmao oh people fall asleep after a big meal? must mean it's the best meal ever made hey wasn't vicky also a famous chef at one point?

No. 710938

“It got so bad the last guy I dated said let’s cook din late”
Does she realize how stupid she sounds?

No. 710947

What about the oily, nasty salmon. That was gross and unhealthy. Salmon is pretty easy to cook amazingly also. 5 star chef right there.

No. 710961


Why does she post every normal interaction she has with someone. Blows smoke up her own ass then posts about it. LOOK EVERYONE. I HAVE FRIENDS. LOOK AT OUR CONVOS NOW. No wonder nobody sticks around. She’s the type of person who would try and one up everything someone said while complimenting herself several times

No. 710966

File: 1569696403968.jpeg (302.83 KB, 1242x1661, FB3FA3B3-9607-4955-AC1A-0D3BB8…)

Life lesson. When you degrade other women on a semi daily basis karma will correct you. Or in this case, will make sure you end up alone for life

No. 710997


That was so hard to fucking read wtf.

No. 711052

She started posting this shit after anons here repeatedly commented on how lonely and friendless she was. We're not convinced, Victoria, gonna need to see some pics.

No. 711063

I honestly believe these messages saying they’re hanging out are either from herself( she’s making fake accounts) and / or from people online that live far away and are speaking rhetorically. Like “if we lived closer I’d cook you dinner” or whatever.
Cause if she had any friends we know full well she’d be taking so many photos and photoshopping herself to filth and making them look worse.
So either she’s making up friends or she’s such a mess she can’t properly photoshop herself candidly.

No. 711131


When she takes pictures with friends it’s the face only close up taken at the fat chick high angles never a full body pic followed by a snap vanity filter

No. 711135


When she takes pictures with friends it’s the face only close up taken at the fat chick high angles never a full body pic followed by a snap vanity filter

No. 711154

File: 1569709522739.jpeg (265.94 KB, 1242x1784, 038119FB-DEFF-44FF-9AD6-85D405…)

So it 2017 she was living in small town butt fuck Canada, living in one of her mansions but also riding their shitty public transit. Makes sense.

No. 711163

Can’t afford a vehicle or too stupid to pass a drivers test?

No. 711164

I don’t know the Guelph area at all but I’m in NY and couldn’t imagine not driving and owning a car in my mid 30’s. Is that normal there or anywhere other than huge cities? I mean how do you even build credit? Only credit cards? Student loans maybe but she’s never done that. But strong, independent and rich she is.

No. 711170

Well, Canadian here an to be honest public transportation is shit to take everyday in a large city. (Edmonton wise, Calgary aswell)
Waiting on buses, crowded buses, LRT is quick but also shitty with sketchy people and crowded aswell, only goes so far in the city here so you need to then take a bus.. bike is an option but lets me real, Vick owning a bike.. let alone riding it? Those hammy legs are proof there’s no bike in existence in her life.

No. 711177

Small town Ontario you NEED a car. The transit is garbage. The buses only come like once an hour and don’t run very late. Only young teens use it really. Or broke people.
It doesn’t make any sense that she’d be on a bus but have all the money she claims.

No. 711209

I wonder if she got a DUI or something to get her license suspended. In the states(depending on each state’s law), a DUI can cost several thousands of dollars in fines and classes. And sometimes they won’t give you your license back until you pay all the fines. Not to mention the cost of insurance after you have a DUI.

Just trying to figure out how a woman in her 30s has had to take the bus and a taxi her whole adult life.

No. 711216

File: 1569714712140.png (164.05 KB, 352x505, Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 6.47.…)

I went looking for that vid of Vic in the car with her friend. Doesn't look like she's driving >>692286 there, either.
Leaning towards her never having a license.

Unrelated but the parts of the vid where her nose goes from filtered to normal made me chuckle

No. 711217


Slick Vic is too stupid to pass even her G1 test for sure. She’s too broke to own a vehicle and pay insurance. I can’t even imagine this soggy cow on the road. Would you trust her as the driver? I sure as hell wouldn’t. I could see her getting into an accident while taking a Snapchat video or some shit. She’wouldn’t understand oil changes or winter/summer tire swaps as well. She can’t adult in any aspect of life

No. 711226

I don’t think she could stay sober long enough to pass a drivers test.

No. 711248

I can't imagine any adult (without some kind of actual disability) not driving where she lives. There would be no way for her to get to work unless her parents are driving her or something. Even if she's taking a bus, it would involve a shitton of walking. The area is way too spread out. Teenagers usually get their licenses around 17 in smaller cities like that.

No. 711294


I live really close to her and you basically need a car to get around here. It's pretty much impossible to just rely on transit so she probably takes a lot of cabs.

No. 711456

File: 1569766733820.jpeg (491.2 KB, 1240x1805, CED80970-6C24-419B-B015-C85FA8…)

First of all, this still looks like garbage. The line work is atrocious. You can see where the tattoo didn’t stick or she completely forgot black lining around the “d” at the end.
If she was as great as she thinks she is she wouldn’t constantly address the “haters” and use childish hashtags like that. Regardless of how good someone is, if I saw this crap I would stay far away. Let the work speak for itself and don’t make yourself out to be a dramatic slag.

Also, major bruising can be a sign of an infection. The bruising still has a chance of going away in that case.

She hasn’t proven anything with this photo besides the fact that she’s a mediocre artist at best and she can’t act professional.
There’s a reason why she has over 6000 fillers and only 11 people cared to like this photo.

No. 711458

Lol, was this a client that “flew” in? It still looks like shit Vic, there is so much wrong in this pic it’s embarrassing. Find a different career.

No. 711461


It's like she doesnt care about the quality of the tattoo, oh no, she just HAS to prove her "haters" wrong at the ripe age of 32 that she didn't butcher his arm. THAT'S what matters. Not the overall poor quality of the tattoo, which has shotty line work, the colors hardly stand out from each other, and it just looks like a sloppy mess. -E for effort, Icky.

No. 711462

File: 1569768201585.png (306.34 KB, 750x1334, F3801601-FB2B-4D8B-94D7-62B9CB…)

She’s been trading “ink” for rides for years because she never has money

No. 711511

This sounds more like a plea for someone to go with so she doesn’t seem like such a loser when she rolls up alone. She wouldn’t want her “fans” thinking the “haters” are right.
Which if she’s trading “inked” for friendship, I’m officially sad for her

No. 711632

her obsession with claiming the bruising is due to ~platelet issues~ is so cringey. she still can't spell it and i'm not trying to med fag or anything but they would have a medical issue or it could be a side effect from medication which she should be made aware of before. bruises happen from lots of pressure on the machine and i don't doubt that's what she does to get the ink to stay b/c she doesn't know what she's doing. just b/c her so called work heals doesn't mean she's good or has the skills that artists have who've been at it half as long as she has.

No. 711736

File: 1569805800152.jpeg (346.33 KB, 1242x1941, 5835DCD3-AC21-44B0-B9B5-DAEE85…)

Aka she’s moving into the shop and sleeping on the couch. Many mansions.

No. 711782

Well, at least now she has no excuse for missing or cancelling appts. Silver lining, Vicky!

No. 711897

File: 1569846201264.jpeg (264.82 KB, 1242x1119, AE7FD762-D53F-4E27-8520-9D1540…)

It didn’t bruise, but I bet it’s a fucking mess.

No. 711898

File: 1569846314757.png (10.26 MB, 1242x2208, E35A4C24-EF26-4A5F-93C2-D3B54E…)


“All the other tattoos…”
Well here’s the lady that commented, and the visible tattoo she has there looks like a blown of mess. Didn’t bruise, but didn’t heal beautifully either

No. 711922

This. Same reason that Raven has 'friends'. Either-
1- Thirsty random neckbeards who fap over highly shopped photos of them showing off their flapjacks on insta and have never met them irl.

2-They are weird orbiters/ex's/friends with benefits that just are hopeful for a scrap of sex aka her 'bro friends'

3-They are ugly, mentally ill, alternative types that follow online and cannot see that she's an actual joke, much like Onison stans.

4- White trash types that love their tattoos probably because they are similar to the types above and can't tell that she's actually doing everything incorrectly and the idea of a cheap tattoo is a good deal. Look at any uggo loser who says her tattooing is great. They usually can't spell and their profiles on social media immediately come across as damaged goods. Like that privatboni chick or whatever her name was that would comment and like all of Vick's shit.

No. 711926

Not gonna lie, this is something I'd say to an annoying friend in a text to shut them up.
Like 'hahaha that's crazy' or 'LOL'
It's hilarious she posted this to make herself seem amazing. Wouldn't it be smarter to post the screenshot of your friend complimenting dinner like after you served it? She's boasting about her own cooking and the friend doesn't even sound that enthused. Plus it seems like even the friend thought her commentary was stupid, hence the 'So cook later on' comment.

Also, why does she find it necessary to always point out every friend's gender? 'Hanging with my GUY friends' 'Hanging with my best GIRL friend'
Pet peeve is when straight women tell stories about their friends and call them girlfriend. Not because of social justice reasons, but purely because it's confusing.
Like why not just say 'I hung out with my friend Maxine the other day' instead of 'Me and my girlfriend went to the markets the other day'.
Inb4 angry offended lesbian- I'm straight, I just hate the phrase girlfriend used by straights. It's even more confusing if it's someone you don't know well because you don't know if they are talking about their partner or just a friend.

No. 711935

File: 1569856997310.jpeg (248.73 KB, 1242x1912, 704E68DD-3F41-4E55-A5BD-FB9801…)

I absolutely love that she takes videos of her shop like anyone is suppose to be impressed. It looks like the apartment of an 18 year old that just moved out for the first time to a basement and can finally decorate to “express themselves”

No. 712001

File: 1569869957650.jpeg (616.82 KB, 1191x2063, 662B8CA7-CA96-4132-A151-D84E3E…)


I love how she equates watching youtube videos to some kind of formal education

No. 712007

I love how Vic lists Shakespeare, Homer and then fucking Anne Rice. She might as well say she thinks James Patterson is the greatest author of all time.

Second, listening to some free lectures online isn't even close to demonstrating mastery through evaluation. But we all know this.

No. 712008

File: 1569870855278.jpeg (66.25 KB, 750x639, AE5B27AB-699C-449D-AA80-4968CC…)

Excuse you. Her delusory intellect and phantasmagory of thoughts led her to study astrophysics at Stanford and psychology at Yale & UCLA. https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-bella-morte-0a5a1899

No. 712010

"I completed' you (may have) watched a video on a lecture, vicky. It's not a special achievement

No. 712027

wait, why is the aliexpress store Rosegal being brought up?

No. 712028

Don’t most people have to read the Iliad at some point in high school? I remember getting it when I was a freshman.. soooo impressive to read the same shit as literal teenagers lmao

No. 712120

What is this even regarding? What did she say before this?

No. 712126

File: 1569886160572.jpeg (401.4 KB, 1242x1768, 9ED9555B-7146-4133-8A8E-2C19A1…)

Article regarding the bankruptcy declaration of Forever 21. Which is apparently somehow our governments fault?

No. 712127

File: 1569886248138.png (34.01 KB, 473x328, Screen Shot 4.png)

It's been a while since I checked in on this thread, but fuck this Linkedin is a trip
>News paper for comics
>At an early age i was in the news paper for drawing comics :D
Ah yes, just the qualifications I'd expect from a "Stanford Educated Astrophysicist".

No. 712128

god I can smell the alcohol dripping off that comment

No. 712136

Do people take LinkedIn seriously? I know its like for professional connection but to use emotes? Then blatant lying about her education??

No. 712150

Vic, I know you lurk here. When you sober up, go read the business model and why they're in financial trouble, then please - point by point - explain to me how it's the government's fault when a private business makes those choices.

No. 712159

I'm pretty sure she tried to say that this was all a joke she made up

No. 712162

“I’ve seen so many major businesses close in the last few years than I’ve ever seen.”

Christ. Maybe she should watch a few videos on YouTube about how to get sober.

No. 712164

File: 1569890034841.jpeg (207.89 KB, 1242x1070, 1566952128565.jpeg)

Yeah, then she made another LinkedIn to cover it up and claimed to be le epic troll. >>694944


No. 712173


I understand jokes, nobody is going to believe you’re a lobster( or whatever she thinks is funny) but how is saying you have gold metals in dance and went to Yale suppose to be funny? I think she’s getting “joke” and “lie” confused

No. 712199

It was another set of self aggrandizing lies so ridiculous she couldn't defend it other than claim she was joking. She made it and then forgot about it until anon here posted it. Rare show of self awareness on her part.

No. 712263

File: 1569895974146.jpeg (303.77 KB, 1242x1918, 9FA89732-34F8-4D1D-874B-7B4954…)

Imagine being so irresponsible and drunk that you smash phones this much.
She’s an artist that has to get her clients to send her photos of their tattoos.

No. 712304

Seriously, is this supposed to be some kind of uwu quirky thing ? Like it’s cute to be that irresponsible. And she wants kids? Lollll.

>I cawnt be bawthahed to have nice thingsssss

No. 712308

I think it's just her making excuses for why her picture quality looks so bad all the time. That way no one can say "it's 2019, why don't you get a real phone". I'm sure she has a decent one but she can't admit that of course.

No. 712329

Sounds like guy offered to get her a better quality phone and she's making excuses. She knows what happens if she uses a phone with a camera made in this decade >>707994

No. 712532

wtf? who brags about reading anne rice? doesn't she mainly write semi erotic vampire fiction?

No. 712540

>The Iliad
>Ann Rice
literally all of these are things teenagers read in any basic freshmen high school English class (or Middle School even). Why not brag about being a fan of Great Expectations or the Canterbury Tales or Beowulf too? Ann Rice is what a teenager reads in their freshmen English class to seem 3edgy5u when they're supposed to be reading the Iliad instead.

No. 712541

I'm starting to think she only picked books that have had film adaptations because she's too slow to actually read anything

No. 712628

Based off of her older pics, I’m assuming she thinks a 2,000 sq ft Victorian house (at most) is a mansion. Bless her heart.

No. 712634

Too kek anon. No doubt that you’re right. Can’t imagine citing Anne rice for deep literacy points juxtaposed to Ancient Greek literature. Poor Vick. I really wonder if she’s on the spectrum, this kind of slowness is truly next level,

No. 712648

She's so stupid that she couldn't even bother looking up some books to appear smart, she thought these would adequately note her love for the literary arts.

No. 712650

File: 1569957296408.jpg (93.42 KB, 973x1280, IMG_20191001_121430_625.jpg)

No. 712651

What is the face/head supposed to be?

No. 712657

A bird, maybe.

I’m rewatching Supernatural and in season 8 Dean tells someone they’re going to need to get ”inked up”. Maybe that’s where she got it from? I gringed a little either way.

No. 712672

It looks like a drawing made by a mediocre middleschooler

No. 712673

idk if I sound like a dumbass lol but who even reads Shakespeare like who just sits down and thinks oh I'll read Hamlet. Like name us a book you've read that came out in the last year vicky

No. 712679

Lots of people do.

No. 712741

Is this the worst thing she’s ever put out? No.
Can I really tell what it is? Also no.

No. 712755

I’m pretty sure Anne Rice only writes religious stuff now. Which I definitely don’t think that ick can comprehend at all but I’d be interested to know which era she supposedly reads. Not that this new genre is any good but she can’t possibly think that vampire novels are something to be impressed about.

No. 712843


Why does she say I LOVE THIS on all her shitty chicken scratch tattoos? Of course you love your own work and think you’re just the best shit ever. That tattoo already looks aged as fuck. The blacks are never vibrant

No. 712872

I refuse to believe

No. 712899

On spectrum - I doubt, but she’s definitely way below average when it comes to intelligence. She’s also typical NPD. Those both alone explain literally everything about her. Aside from the lulzworthy milk and her audacity, or rather authenticity in being an idiotic narcissist, she’s the most boring person talked on here. Everything she does is predictable, repetitive, she didn’t develop anyhow in over 10 years, in fact, she’s downgrading steadily due to alcoholism and lack of any challenges. Maybe there’s some mental retardation going on.

No. 712902

As someone with a degree in Theatre, I call bullshit. People only read that shit if they have to for a grade, or if they're working on or in a production, both of which are extremely common. Everyone has to read it for school and you could throw a rock in any direction and hit a Shakespeare production. It only seems like people do that because Theatre kids are insane and will scream an entire soliloquy at you apropos of nothing. If any adult told me they were reading Shakespeare for fun I would immediately become aware of all emergency exits in the vicinity. Also
>i have read many books (I enjoyed greatly shakespeare)
Shakespeare didn't write books, he wrote plays. I have never in my life heard someone refer to Shakespeare's works as "books". What a dumbass.

>I'm starting to think she only picked books that have had film adaptations because she's too slow to actually read anything
She probably saw the Lion King and considered that a "video lecture" on Shakespeare.

No. 712913

Sage for derailing, but I have read Shakespeare’s work in my free time, and so did all my friends, and we’re not in theater or some weird folk. Just normal people interested in culture and history, wanting to know the context of things and wanting to understand references that exist in pop culture.

Glad we had this talk, everything is more interesting than Vicky, but now let’s move on to the thread’s purpose.(blog, minimod)

No. 712920

She's boring and doesn't put out the milk like she used to but there's something fascinating about watching this hag holding onto that myspace glory while she physically detoriates and tries to convince people of her wealth and fame.

No. 712954

>implication of clearer photos
>we’re not friends!!!!1
Top kek.

It’s called a phone case. Lifeproof, otterbox, there are so many options that don’t include using a 2011 tracfone from Walmart.

No. 712978

the skin looks so angry, lots of white as usual instead of leaving skin breaks and no solid black. the fact ppl don't even know what it is says a lot about her ~skills~.

No. 712989


I can’t wait until there are proper laws put in place to eliminate people like Vic from the industry. Tattooing is an invasive procedure and carries a lot of risk. It won’t be long before mandatory training and certification is put in place and Bella morte studios will be nothing more than the tin shack it’s always been. No training = no credibility. It’s sad that there are people willing to put their health into the hands of someone so incompetent and unprofessional. It’s so unsafe and she needs to ethier have a proper apprenticeship or be shut down. The sooner, the better.

No. 713024

She reneged on that religious shit a long time ago and is back writing vampire smut.

No. 713053

File: 1569994994974.jpg (70.62 KB, 797x1280, IMG_20191001_224216_644.jpg)

Victoria is drunk again

No. 713058

A perfect place to put Oxiclean.

No. 713061

>new shower

So she did move into the shack? If so, that is hilarious and can’t be legal. Especially for a tattoo shop.
Most likely moved into a new apartment tho.

>muh mansions

No. 713075

File: 1570001635921.jpg (33.59 KB, 1280x268, IMG_20191002_003233_048.jpg)

Lmao has the description for booking a tattoo always said this?

>Thursday is walk in day for Tattooing, only sometimes, so please message to ask if we are open for it that day :D Or a facebook booking day, the rest of the days im soo busy! :D You can reserve time on here for that by booking now.

No. 713127

She reminds me of this cow from old mobile chat rooms that used to "bahaha" and lie about living in gated community mansions. She also was a dumb fuck canuk.

No. 713130

File: 1570018856683.jpeg (417.03 KB, 1240x1979, 78FA103A-0EDE-4300-8736-BBAD42…)

“This isn’t me, this is another model”

Putting your photo on social media does not make you a model.

No. 713133

She would use head and shoulders. All that damage to her scalp she’s does with household cleaner.
She’s so rich, though.

No. 713136

lel she is looking up images of bloating. if shingles put down the booze it might not be that much of an issue.

No. 713146

I'd love for someone to just walk in on any other day than Thursday and see how sooo incredibly busy she is

No. 713164

oh it was just some pasta that made you a stumpy fridge I see now

No. 713206

File: 1570032746696.webm (1.5 MB, 540x892, bitchiatepizza.webm)

No. 713208

File: 1570033165537.webm (407.85 KB, 480x600, storagecloset.webm)

No. 713212

File: 1570033434103.jpg (103.13 KB, 1013x1280, IMG_20191002_092252_534.jpg)

The description under this post

No. 713213

File: 1570033573528.jpg (13.72 KB, 250x382, noonesbuyingit.jpg)

No. 713214

too bad lordosis is a genetic condition and not just the thot pose vick is doing.

No. 713217

File: 1570033979255.jpg (126.34 KB, 845x1279, IMG_20191002_093128_287.jpg)

No. 713219

It can be caused by muscle imbalances as well. The point is she ain't thick, she's just arching.

No. 713224

>>713206 what in the living hell is that accent? It sounds more Australian than anything else. It's so weird that she over pronounces some words and mumbles the rest of time. Tell me she doesn't go through life like this.

No. 713225

Living in mansions and she can't afford to purchase salon quality protein/structure building hair care products for her incredibly damaged hair? With proper hair care and taking a break from her home bleach kit would probably help the appearance of balding. She's definitely a little lower on the IQ scale. I'd say in the low 90s.

No. 713239

The story video she made with the fake accent is killing me. Saying something about her no doing squats she eats pizza. She’s pretty incoherent because she’s faking her accent so bad.
Her teeth, terrible hair and overall health confirm that she does not work out, beer and pizza only. First time she hasn’t lied. Step up.

No. 713248

Bitch is 32. This is sad.

No. 713254

Looking wrecked, sounding drunk

No. 713294

File: 1570042975672.jpeg (196.23 KB, 726x691, 6EAE3C1F-81F5-405F-80A3-DAB909…)

Loving the bent and warped frame of the mirror. Bad quality + b&w filter trying to mask the editing but it’s so fucking obvious. That posture looks painful and the video I also streatched out. I’ve never seen someone post about their body shape as much as old Vicky does. It’s so pathetic she tries so hard to convince internet people she’s ~fit~ that girl isn’t right in the head. She gives too many fucks about what people think of her. Must be stressful as hell

No. 713296


didn't she brag about doing 1,000 sit ups too in the past? Ass? BITCH WHERE?!!?! all that body fat and none to your pancake behind. Tragic

No. 713297

Nobody believes you, Vicky >>713206
We know better >>707994

No. 713382

posting things like this shows how much she truly does care, otherwise she'd just go one with her life instead of constantly making shitty proof vids with these kinds of captions. also those extensions are especially heinous.

No. 713383

Anon speculated she was evicted and likely living in her tattoo 'studio' seems like when things get shitty, she starts doubling down on this "I'm really tiny,people think I'm so hot" bullshit. Last time I remember her doing this was when pedo brother happened.

No. 713386

It's just an excuse to post potato quality edited shit. Getting the cheapest phone is often a good idea for those who lose phones easily but even the shit ones these days have semi decent cameras.
I feel like she either zooms in or puts a fuzzy filter on top. Cheap 2019 burner phones still have okay cameras.

No. 713407

> Marilyn Monroe
> Genius level IQ

I fucking can’t with this idiot…

No. 713417

Marilyn Monroe was by all accounts very bright, and an avid reader.

Icky Vicky, on the other hand, is a moron.

No. 713421

She was simply an intelligent woman, who had lots of mental capacity.

She was not a genius by any means though.

No. 713422

We can debate how exactly intelligent Marilyn was, Vicky clearly aspires to be like her but in comparison and without it, Vick is just a toothless redneck with no education, no smarts, not even street smarts, just a dumb, vapid human being.

No. 713481

What are u talking about, Vic has street smarts! Remember when she fought off a kidnapper? And remember when she scared of would-be burglars with her sword skills and the police were impressed by her swordsmanship and they recommended that she join the sword academy?

No. 713542

nothing will ever beat the time some normie off handedly complimented her and she boasted that it was a job offer with his astronomy dept. Or planetarium or something like that. If her personal life is as bad as currently suspected, she should start sperging up here soon.

No. 713546

Can we talk about how in this video, she’s trying to stick her butt out even as she walks away and that she’s taking a video of herself in a mirror then still records herself walking out of the frame? She is literally so fucking weird.

No. 713561

She tried to prove that she looks like that (also it’s hysterical that she looked at it and thought “yes, this looks great”, kek, Vic, you’re still built like a fridge) by walking but she lasted only few seconds of this intense tensing.

No. 713568

File: 1570117799895.jpg (88.51 KB, 784x1280, IMG_20191003_084925_793.jpg)

Wonder what it is

No. 713587

Because she’s posing weird to fake having an ass, she walks away with only one leg, keeping the other one poking her butt out, and appears to be levitating away. The more I watch, the weirder it looks.

No. 713593

From what I understand she's saying in a mocking voice

>'I did 1000 sit ups today, and 1000 squats!'

She then responds to herself in her 'normal' voice

>'Bitch I eat pizza, I don't give a fuck'

I think she's trying to act like she's above those annoying fitness types because she's sooo gorgeous naturally and literally can eat what she wants without gaining a pound, but like other anon said, it makes no sense because she boasts constantly about how many sit ups she can do and how fit she is physically.

No. 713595

that's a weird way to deflect but it's vicky and a lot of things she does makes no sense.

yea i'd like to see her put her ~ink~ into a competition and have it ripped to shreds by the judges. she has and never will win an award for her work, how sad.

No. 713604

We already established that she has zero self awareness, and does a thing, then gets upset because she thinks other women are doing it, so then she tries to antagonize them and shame them for it. She’s just mentally challenged. Like a 5 years old who is envious of another child’s toy, so he thinks all children are stupid because they must envy other children’s toys.

No. 713615

File: 1570125670707.jpeg (245.99 KB, 1242x1286, 1580BCCC-17FC-422B-BA24-422F69…)


She worked out for a week there( she posted about it constantly) but realized she’s have to put forth effort so now she’s criticizing women that do work out. Keep eating that pizza, Vic.

No. 713626

she will lose and claim it was because all the judges got mad when she rejected them.

No. 713637

Nah, it’ll be because one judge will be a woman, and she was jealous of her looks and her boyfriend was talking to Vic.

>they all said I pretty much won but some women are so petty and jealous. She was mad because I made her boyfriend laugh. She’s probably been anon stalking me for years.

No. 713722

When did she post this? Dates are showing September

No. 713726

She posted this this morning. Why on earth she’s going back in month old conversations to post them, who knows. Maybe she didn’t get her fill of attention last night

No. 714024

File: 1570209095736.jpeg (281.26 KB, 1242x1573, E3A3948C-B95E-4D29-AACD-172182…)

Posts the girl who calls any other female who disagrees with her “mentally challenged”

No. 714047

Until you disagree with her about the reality of her pics.

No. 714257

File: 1570240394621.jpeg (242.3 KB, 551x700, 57896A77-365E-42B4-801A-484113…)

It’s really pathetic how she lies about being fully booked for A YEAR OUT and then the next time she makes a post months later she says she has openings and offers deals???? Why would someone who was booked out for a year 2 months ago offer deals on openings?? Then booked in multiple people in an hour? Inb4 “want inked giving deals” post a month into the future. This bitch is so transparent. Someone who is so sought after and always suuuuuper busy wouldn’t be offering fucking deals for their time. False advertising at its finest.

No. 714270

File: 1570242704353.jpeg (237.62 KB, 1242x1506, 59CA5F8F-656D-4DDF-ACA3-778092…)

What an awkward exchange to have with someone online.
That’s her pedo brother.
She feels the need to prove so much to her “haters” she can’t have a normal, private interaction with anyone.

Also, just come in after my other ones on the 29th? Doesn’t sound very booked if you ask me. “Fully booked”

No. 714272

File: 1570242840318.jpeg (256.62 KB, 1242x1822, 696342E4-2E32-455B-985C-98D636…)

I thought she was booked for a year or whatever? How would she have time to take 13 more people this month? She’s so full of shit, it’s astounding.

No. 714275

File: 1570243301517.jpeg (274.45 KB, 867x1542, 1CB4E575-5264-401A-90F7-E7535F…)


No. 714277

File: 1570243355498.jpg (242.69 KB, 1080x1597, Screenshot_20191004_224011.jpg)

This is amazing. 4 TV shows. Top fucking kek holy shit

And I wonder if she has access to her pedo brother's FB account and that's not even really him posting that. She's having the exchange with herself

No. 714284

She didn’t. She’s a liar about all of it. About 13 bookings and about being booked for a year. She’s trying to secure her rent for November. I’m pretty sure all she does is the bare minimum.

No. 714285

citation needed, Vicky. he has not been vindicated nor the case dismissed, as far as I've been able to find.
If anyone knows more, pls feel free to post and correct me but there's been nothing indicating pedobro isn't still facing prosecution.

No. 714289

Any one else would say thanks for the compliment and possibly demur about being on tv. Not our girl. Shes always gotta have some exceptional lie to one up it. No ones offered you crap vicky or you wouldnt be struggling to get by carless in bumfuck canada

No. 714300


Totally on the same level as Kat Von D. The tv networks offering her shows are just over flowing

No. 714320

File: 1570248000695.jpeg (234.51 KB, 750x585, 010C8B7B-1AEB-47B1-B839-4CA40E…)

As of now this post about booking only got 5 likes and 3 different people commented on it yet she booked a bunch oh people? Ok then…..


No. 714354

Jfc whether he was innocent or not, he probably doesn’t want that shit said in public. But vicki loves attention at any cost. She will even take advantage of family members. Fucking yikes. I wonder what her followers will think when they see that shit

No. 714653


This is so embarassing. Like she can’t even be spoken to on social media by her brother without making a point to let everyone know he’s “not” a pedophile. Gross, your ~impromptu conversation~ isn’t fooling anyone, dumbass.

No. 714705

this was ok but the bottom half of the iguana is confusing and as usual it looks aged as fuck.

reading this hurt my brain. is fully booked 'til next year, claims to have 13 ppl message about bookings - who even brags about that - and is still looking to fill spots the point of offering discounts.

No. 714864

File: 1570385330586.jpeg (119.65 KB, 1229x1518, A89F8F54-2C9E-4A53-BB28-762DFF…)

What is your responsibility is not stealing from protection clients, cancelling last minute and blaming the clients and lying.

No. 714869

File: 1570385643564.jpeg (511.59 KB, 2553x2647, 2A71EE23-26C7-44B4-9DAD-962932…)

Imagining being 35 years old posting shit like this to get attention like this from men.

No. 715099

File: 1570411452772.jpeg (337.02 KB, 1241x1941, 6F3C76C9-66AA-4B8E-B66B-42FB9F…)

Guess her young, child of an ex isn’t taking her back.

No. 715101

File: 1570411567384.jpeg (305.44 KB, 1242x1864, 7870C581-11DF-493E-9DA6-047C1C…)

Drunk posting again.
Broke ass begging people to take her to a 12$ show.

No. 715106

it's ok she gets asked out like 300 times a month

No. 715121

File: 1570414801031.png (167.83 KB, 909x512, Screenshot 2019-10-06 at 9.19.…)

being an absolute bitch to some poor moron who was only being nice to her.

No. 715160

so defensive lmao

No. 715203


How dare he not want to drive from an hour from Toronto to Guelph on a Sunday night and drive an hour back home after just to take her lard ass to a movie!

No. 715251

Vic. You are worthless and you are the one to need to make some effort to get someone decent. You have nothing to show for, you’re just an unpleasant narcissist with no real achievements in life.

No. 715268

File: 1570439807191.png (92.36 KB, 720x618, Screenshot_2019-10-07-10-14-32…)

No. 715293

File: 1570450574173.jpeg (237.43 KB, 1242x1306, BC063910-2395-4C01-B3B2-0AAC3B…)

“Famous clients”

No. 715294

File: 1570450755049.jpeg (382.57 KB, 1242x1901, F12BB8D1-172B-432F-B206-F73A27…)

He owns a lounge and cooks at a lounge in waterloo….

And he’s not famous enough because google is giving me nothing.

No. 715296

“If I liked women , I’d become a lesbian”
Everyone knows you hate women, Vicky. You don’t have to tell us twice. Calling women names and taking them verbally to
Bring them down constantly.

No. 715297


Can’t wait to see this trash on her arm

No. 715311

>If I liked women I’d probably become a lesbian.

No, if you liked women, you’d just be a lesbian. There isn’t like some ritual or paperwork required before “becoming” one.

No. 715312

IKR, "If I liked women" is such a Freudian slip from her. We all know she can't stand other women. Plus I don't know anyone, man or woman, who would find someone like Vic appealing. She expects people to flock to her and cater to her every whim but it would never occur to her to contribute anything or put forth any effort herself (unless you count being insufferably clingy)

No. 715320

She is SUCH a huge bitch; I don't get how she has any orbiters the way she acts.

No. 715337

File: 1570461387836.jpeg (349.7 KB, 1242x1173, 7381AFD0-A202-4A93-9B3C-A070E7…)

The problem with this is Vicky thinks every female is “after her” , jealous of her.
She literally made a video on Instagram about how lame women are that work out and calls women mentally challenged every chance she gets. So… she’s a “woman’s woman”

No. 715354


unless the broad hates me i will try to foil the relationship

>womans woman

What the fuck did i just read? If you have an issue with another woman you will deliberately try and scoop up their man? What a fucked pathetic creature she is. She thinks multiple men will drop their loving relationship for a clown faced slob? Does she understand her age and that she is no longer a teenager or ??

No. 715360

Take a long look in the mirror–not the photoshop images you desperately try to convince yourself are real. The real you. You are a short barrel shape 32 year old with nasty teeth, ratty hair, no job, car, savings or social life. Any woman that man is seeing will have more going for her than you. You offer nothing to be jealous of Vicky. Nothing.

No. 715363

"famous" but a fill in drummer who actually owns a restaurant. who even brags about stuff like that besides vic.

same, she took so long to show the ~tummy tat~ and still never put up an actual shot of it, but it'd be a little harder to hide something on the arm, especially since she likes to do ~shoots~ in the same bathing suit.

yea she doesn't think about her wording and she definitely pays attention to men complimenting her but not if they're already in a relationship unless their girl says something. then she'll be all 'i don't want your man, you're just jealous he's commenting, you mentally ill bitch.'

No. 715380

File: 1570470232525.png (199.81 KB, 373x532, Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 12.42…)

No. 715382

At least they’re getting paid, Vicky.

No. 715488

File: 1570485802671.webm (1.03 MB, 540x892, babinroomie.webm)

No. 715489

File: 1570485852748.png (635.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191007-145923.png)

Beep beep! Vicky is about to be driving the roads of Guelph!

No. 715491

Congrats on achieving a rite of adulthood …at 32

No. 715492

She got her G1, meaning she’s done her written test. Meaning at 32 years old she’ll have to drive with someone else legally and can’t even rent a car at this stage.
Congrats, doesn’t mean you know how to drive or have cash to purchase a car.

No. 715493

File: 1570486978620.jpeg (145.65 KB, 1242x1326, BB96332F-4147-49D8-8067-3CFC58…)

All natural. Except for her terrible hair extensions and ratty eyelashes.

No. 715497

wait did she do this because we talked about how she didnt have her license??

No. 715500

Probably. Yet the suggestions from good natured anons to quit smoking and get dental care go ignored.

No. 715504

File: 1570488056610.jpg (92.13 KB, 862x1280, IMG_20191007_154029_278.jpg)

Rofl this is in a FB post asking someone to take her to see Joker

No. 715529

Congrats on getting your drivers permit at 32, something every 16 year old achieves.

No. 715549

Why does a 33 year old woman that has as much money as she does(allegedly) love with a room mate in Guelph.
A two bedroom (I’m assuming they have) in Guelph goes for about 1200-1900.

No. 715780


If this is the same Jackie I’m thinking of, she just posted on Saturday that she’s moving I to a new apartment. Vicky was likely living in her shack after being evicted from her place (it wouldn’t be the first time she’s been kicked or of a place) and jumped on her, begging to trade ink for an apartment lmao. “I’ve lived in many mansions”, then why is your broke ass moving in with a 26 year old?

No. 715785

this is literally what she does though, even her 'photographer' is just a self-timer.

add to that photoshop and filters. also i feel like she's talked shit about ppl who get cosmetic surgery before, yet edits herself to have blow up lips and balloon tits.

No. 715970

File: 1570524919583.png (533.13 KB, 1573x1280, privateconvos.png)

She's posting private convos to her insta stories again

No. 716003


She’s so super booked At her shop, she staying up at 1am to have weird conversations with people she probably doesn’t even know to post the on the internet. She’s an adult

No. 716100

That’s so embarrassing… vicky, you act like a 13 years old.

No. 716200


it's literally a random instagram DM of a guy thirsty to get his dick wet easily and she is entertaining it? Why? Every girl on the planet gets these messages but ignores them but of course shes so fucking thirsty for any male attention she soaks that shit up and acts like she is soooooo desirable. Mans just wants an easy lay

No. 716271

File: 1570562723271.jpeg (217.9 KB, 1632x1632, F609573C-8DF0-48E0-858E-2B759D…)

So I went back in her Instagram to when her “shop” first opened and she posted her business license to stick it to the haturzzzz. She’s so dumb that she showed her home address where it was mailed and it literally says “apartment 110”. Theres also a lot of low income, assisted housing in that area.

>muh mansions

No. 716273

That is a pretty narrow window and a stupid slip up by Vic. That is not a terribly desirable part of Guelph. It's ok, but it's super close to the highway and by no means an affluent neighborhood. No wonder she is a shut in since there isn't much worth walking to around there.

No. 716319

File: 1570567496426.png (310.91 KB, 834x232, Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 3.41.…)

I had family temporarily staying in that area a few years ago. There's a lot of apartments but quite a bit of low income housing.

No. 716357

File: 1570569083462.png (1.15 MB, 852x691, casa shingle.PNG)

based on the post code, betting it is house pic attached. funny looking mansion huh

No. 716406

lol anon she's gonna say we're breaking into her house again

No. 716422

File: 1570574660239.jpg (142.25 KB, 1280x1075, IMG_20191008_154154_093.jpg)

New inked slots available!1

No. 716621

File: 1570583103757.jpeg (101.12 KB, 1236x610, 6D774DE6-305B-42D8-9D8D-3655C3…)

She’s 13 years old mentally.
Imagining having to share these types of conversations to prove to people you’re a good person? And not, you know, actually be a decent person

No. 716642

This is truly just mind boggling. I can't believe anons were right about her not having a license. Anyone familiar with this area knows a 10 min car ride is like an hour bus ride, with a lot of extra walking in between stops on roads that don't have sidewalks. It's gotta be even worse late night. Has she just been bumming rides all this time?

No. 716646

She probably trades ink for cab rides..wouldn’t put it past ol’ Vicky

No. 716651

File: 1570588012176.png (3.38 MB, 1242x2208, 9D8ED3CA-691C-4CC6-B1D5-198CAA…)

So busy she has conversations all day on Instagram and then posts them to Instagram for attention.

No. 716654

i like how she had to add she would be in the shop anyway, like, that's what most artists do.

>making time for a guy is kinda a big deal
engages them in dms and posts their convos, super busy though.

No. 716668

She’s booked up for a year but people cancel last minute. Any big artist that’s actually booked that far in advance would never get cancelled on as much as she does. Who believes this crap

No. 716728

Holy christ this is so embarrassing

No. 716791

File: 1570623558436.jpeg (46.68 KB, 1242x330, 4017FFBB-338A-4BA9-B9C3-E84972…)

“The nicest person I’ve ever met”

Her roommate doesn’t know many people. Maybe she’s never left the apartment.

No. 716921

File: 1570647643813.jpeg (300.9 KB, 1242x1424, 88571AD5-7EA5-4D4C-8033-1ADC77…)

Stiflers mom.

No. 716931

File: 1570650241096.png (337.87 KB, 892x192, DrunkAunt.png)


So much wrong with this photo. I love how the floor in the background is warped and blurred to shit and isn't even.

No. 716939

yea and even then sometimes they have a list of ppl or friends they'd offer the spot to before posting it online, and even then they're not putting it up for a discount.

anyone know if this is the new arm ~ink~ she did on herself? those extensions look so crunchy, she's got no neck, the eyes look weird, ~all natural~ though.

No. 716940

Don't even have to run this through a photoforensics site. Zoom in on the discolored wall, look at all the warping and blurring. She warped her friggin hair.

No. 716957

whats up w her forehead

No. 716966

Does anyone else cringe to death at "want inked?"

No. 717081

It’s a regional usage.

No. 717092

File: 1570667404959.jpeg (327.12 KB, 1242x2007, 69BB2B52-DA62-4672-BEB0-A70692…)

Wow…. the realism.

No. 717093

is the region restricted to her mansion kek

No. 717099

I know. I’ve seen her with little makeup on and she’s quite a pretty girl. It’s sad she needs to paint this clown makeup on to feel beautiful

No. 717116

wait her "want inked" is a canadian thing? i thought she was just retarded

No. 717139


Canadian here and I’ve never heard any artist say “want inked”

No. 717141

Another Canadian here and I can also confirm that’s not said here. Lol

No. 717147

I live an hour away from Guelph and nope. Maybe it's how they speak in alternate reality Britain?

No. 717151

Weird, then. Dropping things like “to get” or “to be” is a common regionalism in a few parts of the US; like “these papers need stapled” for instance. Surprised it doesn’t exist in Canada.

It is certainly not a thing anywhere in the UK!

No. 717185

I feel like it's one of her things that she got wrong once so she had to keep it going you know? or maybe she's tryna be down with the youths!

No. 717411

File: 1570731768684.jpeg (252.64 KB, 750x619, 6F288C96-B494-40FF-A16F-9FE8BC…)

Lmao. You should practice what you preach there, Vic. Grow up

No. 717414

She has said she won’t help out other girls with their hair and makeup because she doesn’t want people “copying her style” because no woman would want to be themselves. They all want to be Vicky.
She also calls women mentally unstable and says she’ll steal a woman’s man if they disrespect her.
She’s on some good shit

No. 717420


>Jabba the hut in a thong covered in cheeto grease

In the same breath preaching about loving other woman she insults appearances. Amazing. A true ambassador for all women!

Pretty sure that's what anons called her in the past on this thread. She lurks here so hard

No. 717430

she always does this constantly. but all it really amounts to is "other women shouldn't be mean to me"! she's never about practice what you preach, never has been.

No. 717432

idk vicky i don't know any women like this maybe uh it's you

No. 717439

File: 1570736794328.jpeg (89.43 KB, 1242x290, 9432A94C-36A5-4E82-B6E3-04DB96…)


Vicky: Women should up lift each other

Also Vicky……

No. 717472

I love that she assumes women only hate one another because of looks. And that all we have to do is ask the girl where she buys her shampoo.

Her weekly fake woke statuses are more embarrassing than her tattoos.

No. 717485

Vick Assumes all women want men to find them hot and sexy
I'm over here, gay as hell and laughing my ass off. Not all women want to pander to men,let alone fedora wearing, hentai obsessed basement dweller m'lady types. Get off the internet and get a real job

No. 717530

File: 1570750576526.jpg (65.63 KB, 1280x742, IMG_20191010_163553_121.jpg)

Vicky dated this guy

No. 717531

File: 1570750609163.jpg (84.12 KB, 1280x962, IMG_20191010_163555_702.jpg)


No. 717547


Maybe Scranton, PA. Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

No. 717562

She’s literally LARPing on the internet some mean girls, werewolf $ vampire novel type teenage drama. Vicky, you were never beautiful or considered “a queen” the way girls talk to each other. You’re an awkward beta normie, who is acting like a 13 years old. Jesus, get off the internet and do something with your life.

No. 717590

lmao ok vicky we've all seen your candids ain't no one jealous

No. 717604

Yeah but that's mostly the heroin that makes people from Scranton stop words tbh

In vic's case it's a mix of she wants to come off as so unique, but also she talks like greg with his "most all" as in saying things differently to sound smarter. Doesnt work, but in their delusional minds it does.

No. 717793

He's playfully throwing cheeky shade at her and she can't even tell.

No. 717796

I kek'd thoroughly at this reference, thanks anon

No. 717835

I feel like she deleted her response after he said we can try again. If she had ignored him, there'd be a time pictured.
It seems weird that you would say 'damn you are lame af' directly after asking her to try again.

No. 717839

I know adults are capable of being friends after breakups, but I have noticed there's a reoccurring pattern of trashy girls like Vick and Raven having their ex's orbit and comment on their social media.
Like I've heard of people being on good terms with their ex's but usually they have only just reconnected after a period of deleting each other and moving on with their lives. Or they talk in private/hang out in mutual friend's parties. Even then, it tends to be a really rare thing.
Also why did she feel the need to mention they used to date? It's a bit weird.

No. 717918

File: 1570832134398.jpeg (113.13 KB, 1226x671, A57FA819-30D7-4A90-833F-5ED151…)

Posted a sword video on fb and said she covers herself so the video won’t be too hot. I can not.

No. 717920

Yay Christmas came early. Vick sword videos are the best of all her cringe! I love how she did it in potato quality but still took the time to edit the ever loving fuck out of it. Also, loving the weird move where she throws the sword at her own face with extensions flying all over. What the fuck lmao

No. 717934

someone pls post this

No. 717951

File: 1570838320553.jpeg (46.99 KB, 750x405, 543B7380-B3DA-4390-AC83-975EDF…)

The parts where she goes slow mo is my favourite lmao. In case you guys missed those lightning quick moves here’s a playback in slow motion.

Baggy clothes - check
Hair down with ratchet long weave - check
Warpaint on face - check

“Sword” play safety 101

No. 717954

File: 1570838492522.jpeg (41.06 KB, 641x497, FDFB6C8F-3711-4D7B-95A4-C398B9…)


Well at least she got one thing right. She definitely hid her figure with wearing baggy clothes and stretching the fuck out of this video. Yet still has the figure of a potatoe

No. 717956

File: 1570838919964.gif (992.04 KB, 245x229, 318C5E38-2CD4-4A8F-B7FE-C61C52…)

oh god pls someone post this, sword swinging’ boomer Vic is one of my fave cow moments

No. 717958

File: 1570839010458.webm (3.04 MB, 352x288, VickySwordVideo2019.webm)

I got u. I love u guys in this thread.

Hoping I can just attach this file as a webm. If not, I'll upload separately

No. 717959

File: 1570839341736.jpg (174.93 KB, 1280x1262, IMG_20191011_171408_724.jpg)

The caption to the latest sword vid

No. 717963

ahaha my favorite part is when she leans back and wangs her plastic sword over her head like seriously all she does is flip it around but maybe i just don't understand the way of the sword

No. 717988

Holy fucking shit.
There I thought she can’t possibly do anything more cringe’y than everything she did before altogether.
This is literally like other anon posted, a fat fedora kid with a plastic katana, trying to look badass and having 0 idea what they’re doing.
If this ~skill~ supposedly took her 4 years, then Vic sorry, but you just wasted 4 years, this is something a child can pick up in 5 minutes from a tutorial on YouTube.
I am cringing so hard, it stopped being entertaining and started to be disgusting.
Was she ever tested for mental retardation?

No. 717990

I also love how she says “martial arts” as if she didn’t just mess around with decorative movements that are utterly useless in any kind of combat. She’d be knocked out dead in seconds.

No. 718003

File: 1570845099354.jpg (10.98 KB, 316x175, oie_1234623OiMf6txz.jpg)

Best I could do to unwarp it. Normal body, no one would give a half a shit but she gotta push this 3k an hour model bs

No. 718005

Yea, this looks closer to her unedited pics

No. 718006

Hell no anon, she tested Mensa before nursery school. We all know that, lol. I bet they are proud to have Vic claim them.

No. 718012

My favorite parts are the "stabbing" and "slashing" motions where she just like covers her face with her hair and looks down instead of at her imaginary target.

No. 718014

Says it's in low res cos it's just to show skill, proceeds to edit with filters and jump cuts and edgy music

No. 718040

File: 1570851557799.webm (4.64 MB, 640x360, SwordPtI.webm)

There's also this version she posted on Instagram. The lighting isn't as dark/greenish blue in this one. Idk what else is different. Part 2 incoming

No. 718041

File: 1570851731108.webm (4.57 MB, 640x360, SwordPartII.webm)

No. 718042

there's gotta be a reddit for this right

No. 718052

She looks like "the star wars kid" from early youtube.

No. 718075

File: 1570862759167.gif (2 MB, 480x270, pKOSrKH.gif)

No. 718094

File: 1570876922936.jpg (155.04 KB, 1051x879, Screenshot_20191012-114115__01…)

Fucking lol

No. 718097

yass queen, let those aggressions out!
i just love her. goddamn she's my fav cow.

No. 718124

File: 1570885036246.jpeg (176.42 KB, 1242x754, D067958F-100B-468F-A1F1-C9A54D…)

Totally believable story guys.

No. 718125

File: 1570885851651.jpeg (292.02 KB, 1104x1683, 7149FB62-9E2A-4A84-8C78-525FFE…)


The person that claims to have seen Vicky throw her award around in person with a blindfold on. And her ex. ( she highly sought after by billionaires, rockstars and she chose to date the dishwasher child from Toronto)
I find it funny that an anon said in a past post that she’s blindfolded but there’s nothing for her to hit so it’s not impressive or more difficult that she’s blindfolded. Now they make up this incoherent story and have to state she came and inch from hitting the wall.

No. 718135

haha right she's not hitting anything so why does it matter that she's wearing a (grey) blindfold??

No. 718143

These two were made for eachother.

No. 718147

File: 1570892613960.png (996.28 KB, 1280x2909, PurebloodBrit.png)

No. 718148

File: 1570892905633.jpg (91.23 KB, 1280x1209, IMG_20191012_080805_498.jpg)

These replies are great

No. 718150

File: 1570892977173.jpg (77.8 KB, 1280x1064, IMG_20191012_080939_217.jpg)

No. 718154

File: 1570894143935.jpg (96.59 KB, 1280x996, IMG_20191012_082855_369.jpg)

No. 718155

This. This is the cringy shit that keeps me coming back to this thread. Jfc, she sounds so try hard awkward.

No. 718162

If you were as good as you thought, Vic, you’d be able to show speed and skill at the same time. It’s probably dangerous to throw it around like an idiot trying to show how fast you can go.

No. 718165

File: 1570895630609.gif (857.26 KB, 250x188, BB654A80-7DD8-4976-9170-5635B8…)

No. 718167

“A close childhood friend”

I doubt very highly anyone has ever told her this. By the sounds of these replies Vicky is either drunk or loosing her goddamn shit

No. 718172

I hope she cuts off her extensions accidentally so she finally has to get new ones.

r/iamverybadass comes to mind

No. 718176

she reposted the same on ig and whew this word salad. repeating that it's not in high res which we can all see, she can do this blindfolded, may be "videoed" in future for a production. what is a glowing sword? she's also still hanging out with the inaspiralstate dude b/c guys her own age can see through her bs.

watching those cheap extensions flail was hilarious, just take them out girl it's such a sad, gross security blanket.

No. 718181

File: 1570899151708.jpeg (163.14 KB, 1242x1034, 1E5DAF91-5EA7-414B-9704-A52C8C…)

“A natural”

No. 718207


4 years and all she can do is fling a replica cheap sword around like an autistic child. Congratulations

No. 718209

File: 1570915772362.jpeg (227.53 KB, 818x1319, 2D0AF2DF-DF08-4842-8CF8-61A734…)

The girl that got the demented looking half and half tattoo. It’s all healed and looking way worse than I even expected

No. 718211

File: 1570916732317.jpeg (229.06 KB, 961x952, 4740082B-7C0F-46BC-9938-691F92…)

From Vicky’s photoshoots before the photoshop.

No. 718212

Omfg, those lips. Im wheezing.

No. 718215

It’s 85% lipstick. “$3000 per hour for modelling”

No. 718216

File: 1570917543619.jpeg (136.39 KB, 779x874, 543281DD-9A25-42AA-A411-B95C82…)

One of Vicky’s clients, with healed work that hasn’t been edited from his Instagram. She claimed this took three hours and he’s a “fellow artist from zombie ink in Sarnia”
Can’t find that shop online and he’s a fitness coach. She can’t stop lying.

This tattoo is horrendous

No. 718219

that's sad. hope she can afford to get it fixed

No. 718235

Looks like an aged-up version of one of the Hartley Hooligans

No. 718324

File: 1570939918657.png (949.92 KB, 1569x2048, Screenshot_20191013-001124.png)

Anyone else noticed this yet?

No. 718340

We have a saying, “only the guilty (unnecessarily) explain themselves”.
I would never trust a person who immediately makes excuses for negative reviews. She is so unprofessional I start to doubt if she even has a registered business and does her taxes properly.
The mention of successful health inspections also is extremely fishy. It’s nothing to be proud of, this is the standard. It’s like a primary school student who brags that he passed all classes, but he had D grades in everything.

No. 718367


If I didn't know this shop and was looking for one and came across this, I'd be immediately turned off by this text. Should've stopped writing after the word "cover ups". Everything after that word screams trouble.

No. 718371

File: 1570966691058.jpg (239.87 KB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20191013_073453.jpg)

Imagine being so aware of how you look nothing like your shoops that you constantly need to make excuses for it like "I wear big Tshirts to hide my body" and "I flatten my boobs". Must be exhausting. That's her real FT job.

No. 718372

she literally sounds like an edgy incel i can’t deal with her narcissism

No. 718378

Now what? Why is an adult telling us publicly about her boob size? Oh right because she literally has nothing else to offer.

Just drop the meme and leave.

No. 718381

Everyone compares her to the neckbeards that show off in their backyards slicing things in half, but to the neckbeards credit, at least they chop shit up. All she does is swing it around. This would be impressive maybe if this were nunchucks or a yoyo, but flailing a sword around to industrial music on a potato quality video is cringey and just sad in my opinion. She doesn't stab or cut through anything. Also agree with anons saying wtf to her weird over the head movements.

And of COURSE she had to compare herself to the anime scene in Kill Bill. Likening herself to Uma would be cringe enough, but at least it would make sense because she's white with blonde hair. But she has to fulfil her final fantasy image in her head by likening herself to an animated version of Lucy Lui's character because she's such an anime badass valkerie with an icy glare.

Also she does this not for sport or defence, it's to show speed? What the hell? Bitch edits like everything. How do we know you aren't speeding up your autistic flailing with editing? Do it on live stream Vick. Even if she did happen to be able to do this super fast it's still not impressive.
It's not like she flips and catches the sword behind her back or does any cool fancy dressage routines like they do in the army with guns, it's literally her just twirling and stabbing the air and ducking occasionally to make it look like she's doing some kind of trick.
I'm tempted to watch these videos on slow mo to actually see how unimpressive she really is.

No. 718383

>doesn't due justice

Lol nice spelling, he's just as dumb as her.

>never seen a woman handle a sheath/sword so efficiently

Oh I bet old Shingles here has handled many sheaths and swords in her time if you catch my drift.

I get major loser vibes from anyone she dates but even bigger loser vibes from the ex's that continue to orbit.
I get the vibe Matt is trying to piss on his territory here by flattery, warning the other males that he's been there.
Vick seems to do the same thing with other dudes she's dated when she replies to them on her statuses. Example being that ex from the other day.

Not sure why they broke up, they seem equally as stupid as each other, a match made in heaven.
I just hope she never breeds.

No. 718385

She probably can’t breed. Breathing in oxyclean, drinking and smoking as much as she does. She’s not getting any younger.
If she did get pregnant she wouldn’t be able to deal with the fact that guys wouldn’t look at her in a sexual way anymore.
And I doubt she’d quit smoking.

No. 718442

Does she ever make a post hat doesn’t somehow turn into her praising herself in some way

No. 718457


The closest to that ever happening was when she came to a previous thread on her here and pretended to be a friend or ex or something and conceded her teeth 'could be whiter' or words to that effect.

No. 718504

New to this. Need to get a tattoo coverup from this crazy girl. I don’t even know why I let her near me after seeing how gross her “studio” is and she is.

No. 718507

Please tell us more, anon!

No. 718520

More info!

No. 718537

K so I show up on time and go for the door and it’s locked. I call her over and over with no answer. About an hour later she texts me that she’s running late. Another hour goes by and she essentially falls out of a cab, looks like she’s hungover and her fake hair barely attached to her head. She whips out this British accent, which comes and goes and is clearly fake. Takes forever to set up. The place looks like a rundown shack that she slapped a coat of paint on. Cobwebs everywhere and dirt all over the floor. Whoever posted that nasty toilet was exactly right and the sink was gross too, which isn’t really ideal for someone to use with an open wound. She told me absolutely no pictures and no one could come with me either … no wonder… she talked about herself constantly and how great she is. Some of the stuff were so obviously lies it was laughable. She created this image off of a bunch of photos she looked up online and slapped them into photoshop and then traced the screen of her broken down computer. The stencil looked ok until she started drawing freehand some stuff we never discussed. When we were done I was fucking exhausted from hearing her prattling on about herself and all the famous people she’s close with and then she said “oh my god it’s so great!!” And I’m like… sure… I left pretty pissed off but didn’t tell her I didn’t like it because I didn’t want to offend her or become one of her “haturzz”. She also talked about her haters a lot and how people stalk her and her exes want her back so bad she has to block them. Thought I found that later on in the session the stories calmed down and so did her accent and she was letting her guard down, which was a relief.
That night I was bruised pretty bad. I’m full of tattoos and have never had that reaction. She told me it was my body’s fault and I’m sensitive…ok…

She’s NOTHING like she looks online, holy fuck. She is pretty though and I don’t know why she tries so hard. If she wasn’t such a huge narcissist with obvious self esteem issues she might be a cool person. She never posted my tattoo online and am not surprised as it’s absolute garbage. I can’t wait to have a real artist cover it up. I would have left at first sight except she held a huge deposit which I knew I’d never get back. I went to her in the first place because I bought into her portfolio and believed her negative feedback was just her haters because everyone is so sweet to her online. Anyways that’s my experience. Let me know if you guys have any questions.

No. 718544

Sorry you had that terrible experience, anon. Pretty much exactly what others have said in dealing with her.
Question, though: why not just leave when you saw how dirty the place was? Was it over the deposit?

No. 718545

God, I want to see this tattoo.
I’m sorry that happened. You wouldn’t have gotten your deposit back, and if anything you learn a lesson. So sorry

No. 718548

Pics or it didn't happen

No. 718549

Yeah I feel so fucking stupid. It was because of the deposit.

No. 718550

She’ll probably lose it on me and I’m afraid what else

No. 718552

Wait, so people are actually buying this? I mean, if I see a pic and something proving it was Vic that did it, I’ll gladly admit I’m wrong. But, this is straight bullshit.

No. 718554

She would probably threaten you with her “lawyer” but it’s not illegal to tell the truth.
And even if it was, she doesn’t have the $ to get any legal help.
And tbh we all know she doesn’t have enough clients, she probably knows who you are already. The tattoos she actually does so she puts up photos.

No. 718555

I feel like this is Vic herself

No. 718557

Hi Vick(hi cow)

No. 718558

Nope, not Vick. Just not a gullible faggot.

No. 718559

You scared of her amazing swordsmanship?
I stand by it. Pics or you're serving spoiled milk

No. 718560

Faggot? Nice vocabulary Vicky.

No. 718561

Yes, everyone who doesn’t believe random anons that show absolutely no evidence must be the cow. Genius.

No. 718562

Anyone ignorant enough to throw around the word “faggot” probably is Vicky, or someone of equal intelligence. Get a dictionary and use a more clever word.

No. 718564

I don't think we should dissuade people from sharing their stories just because they don't want to share pictures of their body on a gossip site which will identify them.

No. 718566

The people that want pictures should also put up their real names and profile pics

No. 718569


No. 718572

I would not normally post stuff like this online but my friends made fun of me this weekend and I’m kind of mad. It wasn’t that recent and the first time I ever went cause who would go back

No. 718574

Did they make fun of you because it’s so bad or because they know of her rep?

Also, why is it bad?

No. 718576

They told me it was patchy and I went to a bad artist. They never heard of her. I searched her name and bad tattoo and this came up

No. 718577

“Never heard of her” but she’s a sought after artist.

Seems like most of her work is patchy

No. 718578

The guy who referred her to me though knows a guy who’s friend got a nice tat

No. 718581

A friend of a friend of a friend got a nice tattoo. I’m sure Vick has once in her life by fluke given a nice tattoo

No. 718583

Maybe if she ever arrives sober or not hungover

No. 718586

Honestly I’d cut her slack if she cleaned up her act

No. 718590

>I went to her in the first place because I bought into her portfolio and believed her negative feedback was just her haters

Lmao. Can you tell us more about the tattoo?

No. 718591

Clean up her act? There’s so many things she’d have to clean up. Stop lying to people, ruining their skin, victim blaming, shaming women … the list goes on.

No. 718593

Some intensive therapy maybe

No. 718594

Cut the British accent, FOR SURE. Insulting everyone’s damn intelligence.

No. 718595

Didn’t you know? She has eleven hundred degrees in psychology from Yale. She could therapize herself

No. 718599

Who are all of you? Past victims or do you just know her?(newfag)

No. 718624

I don't know why she would make up something like this and post it but the fucked up ellipses match her typing style. Maybe some kind of reverse psychology alcoholic fit.

No. 718637

I want to believe this story, but it just reads like a generic Vicky story. Like literally anyone could make this story up. I don’t think it’s milky even if it is believable. No pictures of the tattoo and you’re for whatever reason afraid to post your tattoo. Like what is she going to do? You’ve already posted a story so you’re already a hater who’s jealous of her good looks.

No. 718639

A hater who’s jealous of her good looks? Sounds like Vick

No. 718642

He/she said that Vicky is pretty just doesn’t look like her heavily photoshopped photos

No. 718644

yeah this story sounds exactly like ones we've heard before so does that make it true or just copied lol I gotta see a pic of the tattoo to be a true believer~

No. 718646

I don’t see why that matters. I’m sorry that I reached out about my story

No. 718647

I think that was the joke, anon.

I don’t care about pics. Anything else you can think to share about her?

No. 718649

That’s my issue, that’s why I thought it was BS from the start. It sounds like an anon would type it. It’s like it ticks every Vic “bad experience” checkmark. They also knew about the toilet pic, “haterzz” and for someone who allegedly only has one experience with her knew enough to talk about her ego and narcissism.
I mean, talking about stalkers, ex’s, haters, the deposit, the sketching. Also, if this person didn’t know her why would they assume she would keep the deposit? We would assume that. But, if a regular client really was that sketched out and wanted to back out why wouldn’t they say something. Especially someone who has a lot of tattoos and knows how the process should go.
It’s just convenient that this person got a tattoo that Vic didn’t post. When has Vic ever cared about posting a bad tattoo? They’re all shit.

So, did you didn’t think it was a bad tattoo until they said something this weekend and made you mad? I thought you knew immediately but didn’t want to say anything? You also said that you had issues with it the following days. You never looked up her name and bad tattoo then?

No. 718652

People have who met her have commented that she's 'average' or 'not hideous but not like her pics' Can't recall one person saying she's pretty. The thing that always comes up are comments on her B.O/stale ciggy smell.No mention here is kinda suspicious.

No. 718656

Been lurking here for about a month

No. 718657

I didn’t notice a smell actually but she did smoke a bunch

No. 718658

Also she talked A LOT. Mentioned the haters etc. and she seemed like someone who wouldn’t give me my deposit back. I should have just left and let the money go in retrospect

No. 718661

Don’t want to justify any longer. Just wanted to vent. Leaving the thread.

No. 718668

Sorry for your experience & sorry for some of the anons. Some are only skeptical because Victoria herself posts on here because she is that obsessed with herself.

I want a tattoo from her solely to hear her fake accent in real life. My maternal family hails from Northern Ireland, I visit annually. A small portion of people call themselves “British” & they are the American version of racist white trash stereotypes. So I’d love to get a tattoo then roast her. The infection would so be worth it.

No. 718671

Get something small you can cover and wash the hell out of it with antibacterial soap

No. 718672

Why is anyone obligated to show you “evidence?” That is such a laughable comment. This is an anonymous website. Vicky harasses and tears apart negative reviews so this is ironically the only safe space for people to warn her. Showing their tattoo is basically showing their name to Vicky. Would you want YOUR name out on an anonymous page? Honestly quit disrespecting her victims.

I understand skepticism because the stories are always so similar but that just goes to show that every other review anon is spot on about her and her “establishment.”

No. 718674

I probably should but at the same time I want a portrait so I can show the difference between her shooped portfolio and the actual tattoo. & when she blames the monstrosity on my biology, I’ll fight her by katana duel or a spelling bee or some shit

No. 718677

um cus that's how the site works and it's hard to feel bad for people who could look at her work and think ya I want that

No. 718678

They could’ve changed the story a bit to stay even more anonymous

No. 718686

Good point. Even her shooped tattoos look horrendous. I love portraits because you can tell she has no idea what teeth are supposed to look like

No. 718687

Why is anyone obligated to believe this story? There was an anon a few months ago with a milky story AND had receipts and had zero problem showing us her tattoos.
You’re welcome to come here and say whatever you want to say. Don’t really care if you post the tattoo or not. Just don’t get all salty because some anons aren’t sucking at your teat for milk.

No. 718688

Especially her newer stuff. Artists are supposed to get better with time, not worse

No. 718690

File: 1571034159822.webm (2.47 MB, 540x892, ItsDark.webm)

Victoria's apprentice renovated her shop. Here's a dark video of the reno.

No. 718708

You can't even see anything.
Then again, what's new?
It's probably a shithole anyway hence the 'Reno' excuse.
Can't wait for the reveal when we see the usual tacky faux marble and shit pretend gold on everything.

No. 718763

the reno is her adding her futon to the back room

No. 718794

File: 1571080893419.png (2.75 MB, 1280x4947, TakeAwayYourBromance.png)

No. 718800


Sorry, Vicky. But you are not a gamer. Just stop trying to be everything it’s so embarrassing.

No. 718803

Lol the response in the image is a joke. Issa meme and she took it literally

No. 718806

Bitch, you dont have a man. Wtf it matter to you.

No. 718810

Says the girl that can’t even keep a child that washes dishes for a living to stay with her.
Last time I heard one of the reasons adrien left her for her friend was because she spent all day asking him and his family to be her “photographers”
And she was clingy as fuck and would get jealous anytime he would go out.

That being said, this is the first time she’s ever claimed to be a gamer … but considering how much free time she has and how much she likes pretending to be someone else I wouldn’t doubt it.
Bitch, go outside and get a job

No. 718831

Once again, it’s the woman’s fault and not a man’s fault. As if a guy couldn’t have a severe video game addiction and literally spend every waking moment playing Xbox. How DARE a woman not enable that kind of behavior!

Kek at Vick a gamer. Bitch is dumber than a sack of rocks. She may have played a little when she was younger but that doesn’t make you a gamer. She never mentions any games she’s playing or that she’s actually playing.

No. 718838

She doesn’t have to actually play games to be a gamer. She’s literally a Final Fantasy character, y’all.

No. 718856

File: 1571091169589.jpeg (335.29 KB, 1242x1302, B96DF41C-0D18-4FD1-8BA2-A8BFC1…)

As much as I don’t take opportunities.
Women and men that adore me romantically or as a person.
My fans.
My “health”

May jealous never touch you.

So she’s thankful for herself and her fans. I can not.

No. 718877


That's sweet that he got a tattoo of a Hartley hooligan, RIP. Nice gesture.

No. 718925

This is an attempt at coming off positive but still somehow managed to be self aggrandizing bullshit. Also, note how she throws low key shade at her mom? Sounds like someone has cut her off the chequing account. She really thinks people are stupid to believe these statuses. Unfortunately most of her fan base actually is

No. 718946

Lmao I came here to post this. What an amazing post. We love you too Vic and we are ever so thankfull for you

No. 718952

File: 1571113695074.webm (1.25 MB, 540x892, RapperTurkey.webm)

No. 718964


She forgot to put on her accent in this video

No. 718967

It kind of varies in all of her videos. She sounds like someone who watches a lot of British TV shows and wants to be cool.

No. 718971

File: 1571118490643.jpg (94.89 KB, 784x1279, IMG_20191014_224624_767.jpg)

She's posting her private messages or whatever to her Instagram stories again

No. 718972

File: 1571118556932.jpg (66.69 KB, 787x1279, IMG_20191014_224626_952.jpg)

I don't understand this one?

No. 718973

File: 1571118825118.jpg (82.86 KB, 1280x1104, IMG_20191014_225314_928.jpg)

Lol this is pathetic

No. 718988

Lol if he thinks he hates his first tattoos…dude is in a rude awakening in a few years when he’s realized what he let Vicky do to him.

No. 719011

File: 1571130458310.jpeg (396.29 KB, 738x1094, 8F95285D-1AE7-40E7-9636-92B95F…)


Doesn’t seem to hate them here?

No. 719014



BuT mUh gEnIuS IQ u guiz!!!11

No. 719075

also mabye and ect

No. 719153

Does she not know that she's doing a fucking Australian accent

No. 719169

hahahahha seriously I'm listening and all I hear is an in-and-out bad Australian accent.

No. 719173

File: 1571179791436.jpeg (412.47 KB, 1076x957, F6C92897-D968-4357-80E3-11B692…)

Makes sense that this is the person icky would live with

No. 719248

She even edits her eyelashes the same! What a match.

And why does she need a roommate? An hour modelling session would cover 2 months rent for a decent place in Guelph.

No. 719295

dunno who this is, but I can detect the FAS even through the editing.

No. 719308

reminds me of the time when I found costume brushes on gimp when I was 14, how do people still edit like this?

No. 719388

File: 1571239346134.jpeg (193.02 KB, 750x1104, 8BC86345-E112-4E55-AD73-7BAD94…)

So Vicky isn’t even living in an apartment with a roommate? She literally moved in with a girl who still lives at home. Oh my god this is gold.

>Im incredibly well off and have lived in many mansions

No. 719392

I wouldn't get too excited about this tinfoil, anon.
Maybe I'm being generous, but I would think Vicky is trying to impress her new roomie and fam with her skills via a dinner party. Lord knows if Vic has any friends to invite herself.

No. 719393

File: 1571240772750.png (319.91 KB, 531x532, Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 10.42…)

Vicky might all ready be rubbing off on her. Anyway, it's amusing but not seeing any vicky milk from her.

No. 719403

So…. 19 bad tattoos in lieu of rent when?

No. 719411

File: 1571245005348.jpg (31.55 KB, 377x545, CARB-QUEEN.JPG)

All i see on this table is a bunch of fucking carbs and a big ass bowl of gravy? I cant tell if those are veggies or not at the bottom in the middle but they look greasy as fuck. Leave it to Vick to make a bunch of fattening garbage and pass it off as ~epic thanksgivingggg~. Eveery thing i see her cook is lathered in butter/grease. Explains her body shape tho.

No. 719441

i think she made a roast dinner cus she's totes british you know

No. 719612

I've never seen anyone serve food in decorative goblets like that. Must be a British thing!

No. 719619


don't blame us for that tacky garbage

No. 719978

File: 1571406126155.png (290.13 KB, 460x520, Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 9.33…)

This is the jankiest tattoo of poor Lemmy. She made him look like he has FAS….

No. 719985

I watched the video, this actually ain’t that bad to be honest. That being said, I’d like to see it two weeks from now

No. 719988

Who is it even meant to be? It looks like a lopsided Alan Rickman cosplaying as Captain Hook smoking a durry.

No. 720003

Its fucking horrible, there's no delineation from his lips and the smoke. it looks like his lips are twisting off his face. The right side of the face is OK, the left is going to be a mess.

No. 720086

File: 1571441680407.jpeg (189.72 KB, 828x1360, CFBD2E94-8057-4098-BC01-15A6A4…)

Pajama pants stretch. That’s why you sleep in them, they’re super comfortable.
And you can tell by the material… those stretch.
That being said, if that’s how much weight she lost, she just proved she photoshops her photos considering she’s always “super tiny”
It’s actually painful… she contradicts herself all the time by trying to “prove tha haterz rong”

No. 720087

File: 1571441907925.jpeg (97.81 KB, 790x577, 0928D382-9B2B-4B2B-B11A-EDAB03…)

On one of her current photos.

Considering she charges $3000 and hour, shouldn’t she be a great model? You know.. one that doesn’t space out and can control the look on her face.
So $3000 per hour, she chooses her own wardrobe, setting and she can’t control her face.
Sounds like a fucking deal of you ask me.

Just like her tattoo career, going nowhere fast.

No. 720091

The elastic looks like it’s fully stretched out, or they’re so old that the elastic has worn out thus won’t stay up anymore

No. 720098

More like they’re old and wore out and bitch can’t afford a new pair or doesn’t want to face the reality of her actual size.

Imagine having to flaunt your weight this often at 32 years old. Like JFC Vicky no one cares except you.

No. 720099

idk anon she probably lost weight because of all that bulking and cutting she does lol

No. 720107

File: 1571445691474.jpeg (234.59 KB, 828x1792, 3AB09521-5A55-4961-A8AE-9518DD…)

This photo has been posted before, but it’s the most recent photo of her that hasn’t been photoshopped…. how ducking big was she before if she lost all this weight?

No. 720127

In the last thread, think it was the 'my friend wants to know about lipo' bullshite, she commented to someone that she couldn't medically lose any more weight because she's so tiny all ready. Can't keep a story straight to save her life.

No. 720128

same fag, was here >>683714

No. 720137

File: 1571452122522.jpeg (415.15 KB, 2048x2048, 0A63E79C-83A4-4060-BDF9-49AFC5…)

You can still see the outline of her pre-shoop body, kek.

No. 720269

File: 1571501520734.png (140.98 KB, 909x512, Screenshot 2019-10-19 at 11.09…)

Tsk, tsk, Vicky. Hiding those hilarious shoops.

No. 720401


I AM SMALL!!!! and to prove it here’s a totally non edited photo accompanied with filters as I suck in with all my might that it hurt my lungs

No. 720600

File: 1571583287209.jpeg (93.43 KB, 750x266, 52D4DCDD-B6A4-4189-88C2-8A5415…)

I guess Vicky is also musically talented as well even tho we’ve never seen her mention anything about to musical arts or play any instruments. I’ve never seen someone lie so much about themself. It’s so embarrassing

No. 720613

File: 1571587386089.jpeg (154.86 KB, 685x882, 2FD76248-4AB5-410E-B0B7-F1626B…)

Don’t forget Vic knows how to play guitar ~not like other girls.

No. 720615

File: 1571587829726.jpg (17.46 KB, 220x293, 220px-Lita_Ford.jpg)

Meh, Lita does it better

No. 720616

The funny thing is she can’t play it lol

No. 720617

Her pants are a victim to her shoops

No. 720620

I assume obese people with health issues would get a gastric sleeve or something, not lipo? Lipo only takes care if targeted areas. It’s so blatant she’s talking about herself and to cover her tracks, she uploads a poorly photoshopped picture. Is she unaware that at least 90% of people who saw that pic knew it was shooped? I’m so embarrassed for her

No. 720622

Maybe Vick should take a break from shredding the axe and go shopping for shoes that actually fit

No. 720627

I don't think she realizes the majority of people on her page are laughing at her. You definitely get that vibe at some of the comments egging her on.

No. 720933

File: 1571673133062.png (378.55 KB, 750x1334, B7934FFC-DE94-4BA8-A64F-94E405…)

This comment on her profile picture. Of course it looks like a painting because it’s edited and shooped to hell and back

No. 720940

also how did she not understand what the person was talking about? is she unable to read context or something? 1800's + riverboat is not hard to figure out. cows are so stupid these days.

No. 720942

Vicky's frame of reference pretty much begins and ends at "vomiting after a Used show"

No. 720946

yea i would understand for a normie maybe, but an artist presumably has seen paintings before.

No. 721013

File: 1571687804100.jpeg (122.67 KB, 750x1001, E63C5854-0A7D-40ED-8655-608F29…)

Apparently vicky has resorted to wearing a mask to hide her unshooped face now.

No. 721023

File: 1571688935185.jpg (111.51 KB, 734x734, 96765_3.jpg)

I remember seeing this mask in a Claire's last year around Halloween. It's not currently available on their website. Has Vicky been sitting on this mask for a year or did she buy an already cheap mask secondhand lol

No. 721027

File: 1571689674024.jpeg (189.45 KB, 828x1062, C9F6D983-BCE0-41F9-B3F9-169ED2…)

12$ whole dollars. Buying crap from Claire’s shows her creative and lack of finances.
It’s ugly af.

No. 721111

File: 1571704838995.jpeg (192.72 KB, 828x1448, 6F63D5EE-F509-41C0-82B2-205E9B…)

Put up a whole damn ass video of her speaking and there’s no audio.
Genius IQ. It’s actually hilarious to watch.
And says a lot about her, She’s talks awhole lot but never actually says anything

No. 721128

everytime i see a pic of her she looks different

No. 721146

That’s cause every time she posts a new photo, she’s wearing a different filter.

No. 721212


How stupid does she think people are? She looks so fuckin different when she posts videos taken at a close up high angle her face is a who damn different shape. Her eyes are a different shape and so are her damn lips (better than the over drawn baboon asses she shoops on herself) girl really needs to be herself she would be so much happier it’s so sad

No. 721336

It infuriates me that she looks so much nicer like this but she still insists on shooping her pictures so much she’s unrecognizable.

No. 721337

I hope this is sarcasm, and you do see how much she is filtered here.
If not then you answer the question above, of anon asking “how dumb she thinks people are”.

No. 721426

i think anon was trying o say that she thinks vic should shoop herself like this instead. this is kind of generic beauty filter it's a little less catfishy rather than what vic does.

No. 721468

File: 1571786361475.jpeg (84.38 KB, 514x800, AE05A3C2-0D7F-42D5-8344-781545…)

Saw this post and it looks like a Vicky bio

No. 721492

File: 1571793442589.jpeg (129.15 KB, 828x1113, C530193A-87AA-462D-8318-F34E3B…)

NOOOO! What poor soul was this put on?! How did she get this much worse?! Is she going to work drunk? Look at the size of the hands. This is fucking garbage

No. 721494

File: 1571793584302.jpeg (214.14 KB, 1131x1600, 1EFA0896-125C-4BA3-8B09-6C48E7…)


Those snakes be like…..

No. 721504

She gave the tattoo the same shitty lips she shoops onto herself.
Those wonky eyes, that dark piggy nose….those poor snakes with no dimensions or values….

No. 721509

File: 1571796234219.png (259.68 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191022-220104.png)

No. 721520

So people don’t read over her shoulder? Is she serious?
At the end of the day, she knows she was sitting alone all night.
Nobody in their right mind would want to chat with this girl longer than 3 seconds.

No. 721522

yeah when I need to text someone I move away from all the totally cool people I know and sit by myself

No. 721524

From someone that tots doesn’t care what others think, you think she wouldn’t have this conversation at all let alone on a public platform. Doesn’t need attention at all guys, she’s super busy.

No. 721532

File: 1571799866053.jpeg (83.57 KB, 828x467, 6EB12A16-9C9D-4E49-84E1-F38BC0…)


Imagine trying to convince people you’re a highly sought after, intellectually superior tattoo artist but had conversations like this?

Also imagine trying to pretend you’re unbothered by it all, but lurk this message board THIS HARD. For someone so busy she’s sure out at dive bars a lot talking to strangers online trying to convince anyone that’ll listen she’s a decent human.

No. 721533

She makes herself look bad.
The tattoo above speaks for itself.
Looks like whatever that’s suppose to be is wearing foam hands from a baseball game. This is why your rep is so shit, Vick.
We all know you’re reading this.

Stay off the internet and get an apprenticeship… cause you’ve gotten way worse.
Good luck in Guelph.

No. 721535

>I was hanging with so many cool people
Is there any other cow who tries this hard? Sometimes I can't believe it's an adult woman writing this stuff.

No. 721538

huh weren't those pics recent?

No. 721543

Except it was posted by the promotional team who hosted the event, Vic. A little over a month ago. Its not that hard to prove. Since you hate this pic so much, just reminding you: this is your real face and your real body. Make peace with it. >>707994

No. 721548

Omg Vicky…this is so sad. There is 100% nothing wrong with going to a concert alone. People only care as much as you do. And since you gotta post on someone's public FB wall, well it shows you care.

I've only been following Vicky for the past 2/3 months. I looked at her Instagram pics/tagged pics to if anyone posted any regrets for how >>698840 turned out (I never kek'd so hard at at a cow), and I feel her work was significantly better a year plus ago than it is now. Some tats were actually pretty good.
Anyone have any thoughts as to her declining quality? Is she getting worse as time goes on or is it just me? This one has to be the worst I've seen..on anyone..ever

No. 721549

her tats have always been shit. I don't check often but I have looked out of curiosity to see if she has improved or learned as time progresses and its the same consistently shit work

No. 721595

alcohol is her killing brain cells, and the cognitive decline has become evident in her artwork as much as it is in her posting.

No. 721597

The excuse of needing to make a call would have sounded better.
It makes her look shady saying about people reading over her shoulder. No one at a concert would care what you are texting because they'd be listening to the music.

No. 721598


clearly doesn't care what other people think of her. so unbothered.

(vicky if you're reading this, this is sarcasm… just a heads up since you never understand sarcasm or jokes)

No. 721608

Imagine being 30 something and typing out “ppl r fucked”

No. 721609

File: 1571834178114.jpeg (165.95 KB, 828x1111, 1C89CCA1-2BF7-4986-A7A6-95CA62…)

She criticizes other women for having thousands of followers with like “ 5 comments” yet girl is sitting over here with 8000 followers and 6 neckbeards that care. If this was another woman she’d be claiming she bought followers.

She also forgot to photoshop those arms.

No. 721624

it looks like she photoshopped a child's head onto a sweaty fat person's body.

No. 721625

File: 1571839081400.jpg (23.68 KB, 593x206, messyshoop.JPG)


her shoops get more messy just like her shitty tattoos. The whole chest area of the sequin dress is a blurred mush. Kek at her shooping the shitty costume glove red too. Her face is grainy as fuck and looks out of place

No. 721642

Oh she's definitely reading. You guys better watch out cause she will steal your boyfriends. She wouldn't normally do that but if you're a jealous stalker shell make an exception for that dick

No. 721685

No. 721690

>>721642 knowing her she would make an exception for just about any dick.

No. 721704

File: 1571861088570.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1229x1740, 83B338C8-CC16-4A7E-91F1-CA2599…)

Pretty sure she ripped this artist off and butchered his work.

No. 721705

File: 1571861367748.jpeg (2.73 MB, 1242x1977, D90E5F6E-D9EB-4B2B-BC5A-D9913B…)

SA- This was a collab done between two artists, here is the other artist. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s ripped this artist off before.

No. 721707


Knowing what it was supposed to be makes that botch job even harder to stomach. She's a fucking butcher.

No. 721708

File: 1571861723784.jpeg (238.98 KB, 1242x2101, 7B6E9968-8142-42EA-9606-E05135…)

I checked to see if she’s following him and she is. Of course.

No. 721799

Top kek at how her left eye is half an inch lower than her right eye

I wonder how much time she spends on these shoops.

No. 721813

good eye anon, this is beautiful and her shitty version is such a joke. she would never admit to copying b/c somehow she's always done something for yearrrrsss.

she does this a lot, it's funny in photos and tragic in her tattoos. her lack of lashes is super creepy, especially compared to the pix where she poorly digitally painted them on.

No. 721825

She somehow forgot the nose bridge and added a piggy snout. I'd be so upset as this artist. There's also zero detail compared to the original, and it's changed just enough so she hoped no one would notice.

No. 721831

File: 1571883806808.jpeg (27.75 KB, 828x197, F144EC77-6F10-4309-855E-26ABEE…)

Now she’s thanking men with any credibility for liking her photos. Dude didn’t even say anything, but desperation took over and she had to point out that her scrolled through and liked a photo of tits

No. 721833

File: 1571883984913.jpeg (133.9 KB, 816x818, 3AF7CD45-5886-4309-A51A-46AE80…)

No. 721841

no one's buying it, vic >>707994

I guess this is what she was doing with the white face make up at the start of the thread

No. 721850

File: 1571886707913.jpeg (308.72 KB, 750x683, B92F1931-3004-4AE8-B495-6E9E07…)


The hair to the left and her fingers are blurrred to shit also her whole jaw and made the rose tattoo mush. The top of her ear looks crispy and her eyes look like a melting wax

No. 721928

File: 1571918872083.jpg (137.37 KB, 1129x1280, suitors.jpg)

No. 721930

File: 1571919350013.jpg (38.45 KB, 549x549, oily.jpg)

No. 721935

Well considering she doesn’t leave her house but to go play pool at a dive or shitty shows at a Thai restaurant in Guelph she probably does get some people hitting on her. The pickings are slim.
And it’s quality over quantity, dear Vick.
And creeps online don’t count girl.

No. 721941

Run this through a photo forensics app and it lights up like a christmas tree.
She warped and pulled her eyes for the Melania effect,the left side of her face looks like she said fuck it and just decided to blur, that jawline was liquified and puckered to pull it in (badly, the edges are super obvious) and her nose still has original edges visible (huge honker)
There are programs that make ps edits hard to detect. pretty sure vicky is using some cheapie freeware.

No. 721944

Its so sweaty between her boobs as well, so the fake tan is blotchy and coming off. It’s actually making me gag a bit

No. 721947

It's probably from a swimwear model shoot that she stole the boobs from

No. 721978

Those lunch lady arms.
She has absolutely no muscle.

No. 721987

Sorry if this has already been discussed, read the threads but with so much of Icky's nonsense it's hard to keep track of it all.

Any chance she wears the one glove to help conceal Frankie a bit better? The one glove thing is fucking weird, ESPECIALLY with some of her outfit choices.

No. 722006

She probably thinks the one glove thing is just edgy and fits her "style"

No. 722031

Does she actually spray tan or does she edit a tan on herself?

No. 722032

Are you implying that Vicky is unoriginal? Wow she obviously thought of the tattoo before he even drew it up…but he’s a total babe tho

No. 722041

the shadow on the left looks like that's where her frame should be, it's only one that one part. also the dumb hand on face pose makes her neck look wide as fuck.

there's some pix where it looks like she painted it on with shoop, she's bragged so much about being pale that i can't see her having browned skin for a prolonged period of time.

No. 722051

File: 1571956404323.jpeg (149.63 KB, 828x1074, F9D30D43-2139-47D0-8DC0-6DA49D…)

She’s been enough enough dick and dudes to know this is the truth. And why she’s alone.

No. 722188

She’s never going to be the woman a man wants to marry and be with for life. She has no quality of a good woman. Men I know even if they like to sleep around, they want to get emotionally invested only in women who care about something else than themselves and their looks, who are smart, who can both keep up with them, and impress them intellectually, who are good hearted, truthful, and confident.
Vicky is a dumb, borderline retarded, pathological liar who only wants constant attention because she’s so insecure and preoccupied with her narcisstic persona she has no life outside of it. There’s nothing interesting about her, unless you’re a psychologist studying real life cases of Dunning-Kruger’s effect.

No. 722214

This is sad and speaks volumes. If a man, knowing that a woman loves him, allows her to cook for him and has sex with her while not giving her basic loyalty and respect , he's a piece of shit. This is just more bullshit to ingratiate herself to loser men while putting down other women.

No. 722262

He might be a piece of shit, or he is just not very assertive and the woman is pushy and overbearing. Vicky strikes me as one of those women who try desperately to keep a man, while he just “tried and failed”, quickly found out what she’s really like and just not get invested. But lots of men will continue to stick in this weird dynamics just to get free food and free sex. If the woman doesn’t want to be treated that way and is objecting, she should just get herself some self-respect.
God knows Vicky has none. Imagine what she does in real life, if on the internet she’s making such clown of herself just for half a like from some random neckbeard and for “send bob and vagene”.

No. 722266

File: 1572031419576.jpeg (152.89 KB, 828x1195, 44BF42A1-8ACF-42F9-B0F0-FA31C9…)

For someone that “doesn’t care” she sure talks about it a lot. Daily I would say.

No. 722267

Clearly you do if you are 32 years old and posting shit like this
n0t LyKeE 0tHeR gIrLzZz

No. 722284

Excuse YOU, anon, she’s clearly in bulking mode here. Soon afterward she went into cutting mode and looked super ripped (but in a totally sexy, ultra feminine Final Fantasy way!).

No. 722293

No. 722502

File: 1572094178709.jpeg (172.48 KB, 828x1163, BE5AFE76-CFC7-4D29-A667-5EB2D2…)

What Vicky says: I’m an international cover model

The magazines she’s been on/in

No. 722614

File: 1572116380101.png (479.69 KB, 843x536, Screenshot 2019-10-26 at 1.57.…)

Looks like that 'mag' had a site and is now only an IG and Tumblr page.
Anyway, some of the photographer's works featured on their IG page are stunning! How could you have submissions like this and run vicky's photoshop abortions?

No. 722623

Maybe they think her shoops are actually paintings?

No. 722633

The overall aesthetic is nice. This is a good exmaple of using photoshop/filters without it looking like 2007 myspace. I don't know why Vic insists on adding CGI eyelashes, hair extensions, and ridiculous levels of jaw-blur to her pics.

No. 722722


Because she's an average, chubby, nobody.

No. 722908

That’s one beautiful picture.
Vicky has never been paid to do any modeling. All she does is her superphotoshopped selfies that she submits to places for free. “International model”, kek. Women who do TFP shoots are more of a model than her, at least they get actual photoshoots. Not just posing with tripod for your social media.

No. 723045

File: 1572214867770.jpg (78.98 KB, 767x1279, IMG_20191027_152124_592.jpg)

No. 723055

It's really too bad there are no legal consequences for providing bad tattoos and misrepresenting them online. This woman would be wanted in three counties.

No. 723059

Eh, a couple years ago, I would have agreed. But now, if you're not googling the shop or artist ahead of time, you deserve what you get. Enjoy your shitty neck flower, dumbass.

No. 723065


Why are all her rose tats literally the same. And the petals are always so sharp. Can’t even tattoo a soft delicate rose

No. 723078

She did a few soft roses and they are even worse, because they heal to be a gray blur.

No. 723088

How has she gotten this much worse? Is it the alcohol and the fact that’s she’s eating oxyclean/ baking her brain with it?
The lines are so thick. You can just tell over time those are going to bleed out. And dude does NOT look happy.
I agree with the person above, if you can’t google your artist you deserve it.
I wonder if this guy saw her photos and thought she was hot and was too nice to leave after he saw she was a complete mess.

No. 723089

The look on his face says “I will not be back for another round”
“How much is it going to be to get this covered by someone in Toronto?”

No. 723098

Is it supposed to look like a vagina?

No. 723101

It looks like a prison tattoo done by a bunch of dudes that are doing 25-life and haven’t seen a vagina in YEARS.

No. 723199

File: 1572264662671.jpeg (192.46 KB, 828x1264, 851D857F-7C4D-40BE-B831-463191…)

Vicky the racist posting racial slurs

No. 723227

jfc. those petals are fucked.
pointy, vaginal appearance, lighting & shading makes no sense at all.
scratcher prison shit, probably charged by the hour. poor guy.

No. 723230

I love how she posted this in her stories and not on her page because she knows people will DRAG HER in the comments.

No. 723300

Lold at the minuscule leaves being 10 times smaller than the petals.

No. 723319

i think she was going for a more traditional style but she can't even rose so they turn out like this. she probably uses the same stencil and just adds random shit to make it look a little different from all the other pointy cabbages.

accurate, it shouldn't be this difficult and any decent artist can a least pull off a rose, but vicky fucks them up every time.

i think she actually did but deleted it.

No. 723440

File: 1572316205396.jpeg (146.35 KB, 828x1455, F63B9294-3B7C-40D5-AD80-19674B…)

Why does she post private conversations with friends?! It’s so weird.
Yeah he’s a real catch, took you out to dinner. I guarantee she never hears for this guy again, or it’s the child she was dating.

And she thinks she’ll be at the shop? Isn’t she fully booked for the next year? Wouldn’t she at least have one client on a Tuesday…
unless she’s off thursdays - Tuesday’s.

No. 723474

I wish one of her rock star/millionaire suitors would buy her a decent phone. Emojis won't even display on her circa 2014 budget Tracfone.

No. 724039

File: 1572495703164.jpg (160.64 KB, 1230x1280, IMG_20191030_212146_944.jpg)

No. 724057

Her bi-monthly reminder that she’s sooo desirable.

She is nauseating.

No. 724074


Tinfoil but I have a feeling that she’s met someone and is trying to prove that she’s “wifey material”.

No. 724128

Girl must be slower at “work” then we thought. I feel like she’s been putting up lame shit like this more often.
Maybe spend less time at the local pool hall with the drunk old men.
Or spend more tome getting an Apprentiship.
Her tattoos are getting so much worse but she has time to write up crap like this. 32 year old woman needs to get a real life.

No. 724148

This whole time I thought she was lying about having a crappy phone so she had an excuse for her awful pictures, but wow, she really does have an old one. Even still, unless the phone is from like 2004 she has to be using filters to further ruin the quality.

No. 724181

It’s not like it’s her choice, she never has money and has to beg people to take her places, and barely affords her rent. She literally can’t afford a new phone.

No. 724370

The phone thing really confuses me. Wouldn't a tattoo artist want a phone that takes decent pictures so she can display her work more effectively? Does she really just have an old burner so she can hide her wrinkles and jowls in pictures? Even jobless Luna has an iPhone 8.

No. 724394

Yes a tattoo artist WOULD want a decent phone or camera. She says she doesn’t have a good phone cause she’s so irresponsible she can’t go a month without losing or breaking it.
Why doesn’t she just buy a camera for just the shop then? She has so much money and such a sought after shop, you’d think that be a great investment. Everything she says is a lie. She’s barely an artist, she has no clients besides the few white trash people she can pick up in Guelph. She doesn’t want a camera because she needs that excuse of being a completely childish twat so she doesn’t have to take photos of herself without 1990 grain on it.

No. 724402

It’s totally her choice. She could get an Apprentiship and make some real money being a REAL artist or get another job she can actually excel at. She’s literally in her 30s. It’s sad.

No. 724414

I don’t know how much self-awareness she really has, but all the narcissists I know secretly realize they are bad. For example I know this graphics designer girl who’s only school was a course for high school kids, because college level art was too good for her. She made million excuses why she didn’t go into college level, and she never told anyone directly what’s her school because she was ashamed of it, yet she called herself a “professional graphics designer” despite not getting any job, learning it on a course for teenagers, and having no real portfolio of finished works. She must know deep inside she’d never be able to compete with college level artists. She would also never get enrolled.
The same way Victoria operates with her modeling - never got a paid job, took all her pictures herself, edited it to hell and back, the only publications she had were self-submits to unknown online magazines nobody cares about. She never would pose for anyone else because she knows she’d have no control over editing, and she knows she’d have to show how she really looks like.
Maybe by extension she is aware in the same way about her tattoos. She could never compete with real artists, she is unable to take criticism, and she would never possibly finish an apprenticeship with a positive result.

No. 724475

File: 1572600754781.jpg (136.74 KB, 1068x1280, 1572600751284.jpg)


No. 724503

You know what else has “top viewership”? Keeping up with the kardashians. That far from makes it good.

“I know all of those moves” from her sword videos I would assume she knows only the movements of being drunk and overweight

No. 724542

There's a chance she could get pretty decent at tattooing if she were to start over and receive the correct training (an apprenticeship and supplementing that with art classes such as life drawing, etc). It baffles me why she can't admit that this is what would be best for her. Either that or get a different full-time job/go back to college to learn something else. There's no shame in that; loads of people end up having to do it.

How is she perfectly okay with living through a massive lie? The girl needs psychological treatment before she does the above and she knows it.

Also, I can't get over the fake accent, pretending to have lived in mansions (why is she not able to anymore?), lack of a proper camera to showcase her work, trying to prove how "tiny" she is by Photoshopping her photos, claiming to charge $3,000 per photoshoot and airing her dirty laundry over social media. She seriously needs to re-evaluate everything about herself including her work, take part in actual self care and start over. How a person can continue like this for so long without breaking down is beyond me. I would be getting serious help today if I were her.

No. 724681

does she not have a camera for her photoshoots~ could she not just… take that into the shop in theory

No. 724682

File: 1572655923813.jpeg (250.67 KB, 802x991, 66C92E26-9981-41FC-9CCC-A73D9E…)

Those paint on titties. Imagine paying someone $3000 an hour to model and get this crap?

And for someone that’s such a high demand, high paid model this photo is so awkward. That arm looking like it’s 3 cm long. She looks like she’d rather be ANYWHERE else, there’s no emotion on her face. Same mouth partly open. She photoshopped some of those hair accessories on for sure. The hair around her face looks heavily photoshopped. She has some very yellow / brassy 1990s chunky streaks in her bang. (Terrible lightening job in her hair, but she does it herself for sure) the hair breakage around her face is so distracting. And I don’t even know where to start with that shitty stick on looking tattoo on her stocha that looks like it’s washing off in some areas. Why.

No. 724704

Did you see her eyes in this photo? Terrible edit

No. 724707

File: 1572659722870.jpg (118.13 KB, 640x800, MDRUM_SFX_MAKEUP_ILLUSIONIST-1…)

I mean this literally looks like when drag queens paint on 2-D cleavage

Was she….trying to go for some kind of artsy look? Like literally how/why would that happen

No. 724708

File: 1572659846117.jpeg (134.68 KB, 828x700, 947C2DA0-3A6C-4D8E-8A39-165CF2…)


Vicky doesn’t edit. She uses sunlight and sharpening tools.

No. 724709

File: 1572660212398.jpeg (1019.04 KB, 1242x1703, 160319D3-E1C0-4938-8EAC-C6CD23…)

No wonder she’s so good at a sword…she’s got two pupils in each of her eyes. Amazing!

>in the dark my pupils get huge and my eyes look black

What is the basic function of the eye, for 200 Alex.

No. 724711

She’s honestly not even trying anymore.

No. 724712

I think all of those hideous accessories are edited onto the picture. If she's pulling the rosary, why is the ugly green alien necklace flat?

No. 724714

File: 1572661509716.jpeg (87.49 KB, 828x435, 3CF682C5-D0CA-4AB5-85B3-DC36AB…)

This bitch is TOO MUCH. Anyone that had half a brain cell can see she has two, it’s not a light shining on her “amazingly reflective” eyes

No. 724715

ugh this narc is just too much lmfao

No. 724734

File: 1572665731014.jpeg (167.43 KB, 750x645, 717AE859-4F94-49A2-B6CB-4437B8…)


Jesus fuck yall, Vicky has officially gone fully insane. This is the absolute worst shoop to date. The stretched beads and feathers, the messy, shitty hair. She literally mirrored the boob (or boob) she shopped on and the shadow is exactly the same. Not to mention it’s fucked up near the jacket. Jesus Christ, what a trainwreck.

No. 724746

i love how in response to the two cornea comment she acts like it's a real natural pic too like oh it's just the light shining on my eyes i don't have cgi tits or anything

No. 724791

She's such a rude cunt, even when that girl says she wasn't being mean and that she thinks the picture is cool, Vicky is still all bitchy and blunt with her "lol no you're wrong, it's totally unedited and my eyes are supernaturally beautiful"
Such a gross person

No. 724825

She deleted these comments. Even she knows how stupid she looks and sounds. It’s clearly highly edited by she probably worked all week on this crap and doesn’t wanna take it down. Sad.

No. 724828

File: 1572698907100.png (2.18 MB, 828x1792, 0727D284-BDEB-4C68-A09A-FB6ADD…)

New place guys. Think she was kicked out of Jackie’s for being a total drunk mooch?

This looks like a flop house. Or a discount retirement home. Love the added touch of holes in the wall that were never finished

No. 724836

File: 1572704308553.jpeg (65.72 KB, 828x301, DC2D09BD-31E9-45B4-9DFE-061E6F…)

This girl is sideways calling out Vicky for being fake as fuck.

No. 724847

those look like outlets and light switches, anon.

why does it look like a nursing home? yeesh.

No. 724850

The two corneas is I think the greatest fuckup I have seen ANY cow do and then try writing off as totally natural. Pretty soon she’ll have bug eyes with 87 corneas and can see outside the human spectrum too. Ffs Vicky I applaud this level of delusional you have reached!

No. 724856

She sounds like trump

No. 724869

File: 1572712457507.jpg (189.06 KB, 996x530, Vic.jpg)

She's SO upset about the eye thing. Just accept you accidentally shooped Hypnotoad eyes on yourself and move on.

No. 724870

and how exactly would that make someone gullible? lol a light shining in your eyes wouldn't reflect another eye in your eye?? she's such a retard I can't

No. 724875

She’s SO MAD someone asked about the reflection in her eyes that she’s resorted to calling them dumb.

>muh eyes reflect amazingly

Die alone, Vic.

No. 724879

I love the statement “this generation is doomed man” while she’s a 33 year old WOMAN begging for acceptance on social media because she didn’t do anything else with her life and never left Guelph.
We know you read this Vicky, you ARE the problem.

No. 724880

File: 1572716502378.jpeg (56.76 KB, 828x320, 6C9741CD-0B4A-47B3-9D4C-3C4870…)

I’m not claiming to be an English major.. but what the fuck ?

No. 724881

sry anon your IQ is just too low to understand this

No. 724884

File: 1572717502885.png (439.73 KB, 633x424, 11.png)

Is this the worst shop yet? The entire top right (her left) of the hair is so strangely poofy and sharp. It's like she kept adding hair and then erased it.

The lighting source is different in both eyes. One eye is just completely copy/pasted. I can't believe someone would post this and then complain people are noticing it's fake.

No. 724937

This shoop proves she has 80 iq.

No. 724939

File: 1572730234562.jpeg (116.72 KB, 750x913, 67DDF7EE-FC69-4D04-A8EC-E9B3F0…)

Her chunky blurred mitts are very distracting what the fuck

No. 724940

File: 1572731277521.jpeg (210.21 KB, 828x929, E838152D-8850-4C3C-9075-5B4E8E…)

They’re called micro tattoos and people with talent need to do them. She can barely do a tattoo of normal size so of course her tattoos would look like a blob of she even attempted a micro. Probably couldn’t trace it off of her computer screen properly

No. 724941

File: 1572731411293.jpeg (215.89 KB, 828x1152, 844EE805-C0D3-4033-AA54-061366…)


This couldn’t be anymore fitting for the situation.

No. 724942

File: 1572731573328.jpeg (36.99 KB, 500x370, 771CD1C2-9D0F-49BA-B23B-14C377…)

This gem came to mind, if I didn’t know better I’d assume she was trying to reference it

No. 724947

Kek I totally forgot about this gem.
I mean, you kind of expect dumb kids to say shit like this. They’re dumb kids and eventually look back with self awareness and feel embarrassed.

Vicky is a grown ass woman with raging narcissism and ZERO self awareness. It is sad, it is pathetic, and it’s why she’s my favorite cow. She will never change. She is getting worse with her tattoing, worse with her shoops and worse with her alcoholism.

No. 724953

Vic needs to get those icy eyes tested, because they may ~reflect amazingly, but she clearly can't see well enough to notice she's got two pupils and irises in each eye. Seriously, what is her process of shopping pictures that led her to this, I just wanna know. Just she just Frankenstein an image together from a bunch of different ones?

No. 724987


>new place

Shows a fraction of the dusty hovel that has no furniture

>I’ve lived in many mansions

No. 724998

I'd honestly love to know her process as well. It looks like those overly edited/processed photos that used to be popular on deviantart like 10-15 years ago. They always used a bunch of filters, texture packs, brushes, etc. to change the background, or add stuff onto the clothing. It looks cool when you're 12 and don't know anything about photo editing.

I don't get how her process hasn't changed or improved at all. Her "recent" photos look like shit from 2007. It's so bizarre.

No. 725033

File: 1572742333606.jpg (87.7 KB, 822x1280, IMG_20191102_175134_134.jpg)

This is in response to a status where she said "Sushi with my sis <3" I guess Vic is bulking again

No. 725050

Can she not go 30 seconds without kissing her own ass? She honestly does sound like trump.

No. 725051

File: 1572744882383.jpeg (86.86 KB, 824x671, D3DD564A-C65D-42FF-A4DD-A8EFEF…)

That’s why she hasnt matured past teenager level, she’s trying to impress the 12 year old version of herself, it all makes sense now.
Never grow up Vick

No. 725052

Maybe she should try going to the gym once in awhile.
We’ve all seen the unedited photos of her from the Guelph Thai restaurant concert. She is most definitely large, but not in the muscular big butt sort of way she’s portraying.
Vicky here doesn’t care about health or taking care of herself; smoking cigs, drinking non stop. As long as she can photoshop herself into a “goddess” everything is okay.

No. 725055

um isn't salmon pretty lean? also i hate when she says sword as if its the same as saying something like running

No. 725079

File: 1572749468571.png (4.92 MB, 828x1792, 8EF9EA30-97FF-4500-B934-449181…)

Those crispy ends

No. 725081


What is going on with her face

No. 725098

Sage because no real contribution but someone dmed about this thread. I commented about her eyes. Victoria actually blocked me after this and I really meant no harm with my comments. It’s hurtful to see she posted about me on Facebook calling me dumb. But at least now I see the real her and I’m glad she blocked me.

No. 725106

haha girl she is an absolute retard

No. 725127

Unless you’re commenting on her amazingly reflective eyes or her magical sword wielding skills, you’re worthless to her. Be happy she blocked you and someone sent you here.

Vicky is the most insecure person you’ll ever come across. She’s not in /pt/ by mistake.

No. 725151


Take it with a grain of salt. If you’re a female and not kissing her ass, she sees you as a threat, never mind her “women and men are so intimidated by my beauty”, “women are so jealous of me” schtick.

It’s just a massive front to hide her insecurities which is sad, really, trying to kid herself that she’s on a higher ground when she could actually do as she says and be a much happier person. Water off a ducks back, instead of feeling like she has to justify anything to anyone and shout it from the rooftops. Arrogant with not an ounce of modesty.

No. 725153

I was facebook friends with her for a while and was never anything but nice to her and got blocked completely out of the blue. She legitimately hates other women unless she thinks she can get something from you.

No. 725157

File: 1572775307945.jpg (87.67 KB, 826x1279, IMG_20191103_030152_954.jpg)

No. 725158

File: 1572775727860.webm (822.57 KB, 480x792, undies.webm)

No. 725159

File: 1572775756238.jpg (95.61 KB, 804x1279, IMG_20191103_030445_044.jpg)

No. 725168

This is such a sad reveal into her life. She has all these guy friends but clearly resents any other girls going near them. Would your mind go to "scrapping a bitch" if you didn't want him for yourself? Shouldn't you be happy for your "bromigo" Vic?

No. 725180

She would be the type of woman to physically assault another woman for fighting her man. She hates women and she’s super insecure so it makes sense.
This guy probably thinks she’s a psycho now… what kinda grown ass adult types something out like this.
As someone that’s booked up for a year, she doesn’t seem to busy today just posting bull crap like this. A

No. 725181

She’s super insecure and can’t take anything she even thinks is criticism. Also, she knows she’s lying and doesn’t anything bringing attention to that on her page.

No. 725194


Don’t worry, anon. She has a glass ego and if someone even breathes the word “editing” or “photoshop” in her comments, it triggers her beyond belief. Mostly because her sloppy shoops and candids have been posted here for years and she can’t sperg on here anymore (after her autistic posts were exposed by admins here >>>/snow/218886 ) it’s a good read if you want to see how dumb and narcissistic she really is.

No. 725243

File: 1572811868554.gif (705.53 KB, 275x155, 3B6A9132-CCED-4982-B752-B93BEE…)

Vic, YOU are one of those “bitches”. No matter how many military gloves you wear or greasy slipknot shirts your drunk ass stumbles around in you’ll never be one of the guyzZ.

No. 725261

File: 1572818949106.jpeg (214.48 KB, 828x1460, 3EA1197D-ABEF-454E-971F-D2C24E…)

People that actually don’t give a fuck don’t put 85% of their energy into telling people they don’t give a fuck.
You give a fuck enough to respond. You give a fuck

No. 725263

Its funny because it shows what she cares about the most. She constantly says how she “doesn’t care about haters” because to her this should hurt us somehow. It means she thinks not being cared about is the biggest insult.

Vic, I have bad news. Nobody here cares about you, you’re just another cow to laugh at when we’re on the toilet.

No. 725277

I think that’s the only thing Vic has going for her. She’s slightly more entertaining than the back of a shampoo bottle.

No. 725283

File: 1572825440578.jpeg (220.84 KB, 828x918, BD3B4752-FAAF-48AD-8B17-89A6CF…)

Does she not know what she looks like? For some of us that have seen her in person, this ain’t the one.

No. 725284

File: 1572825501461.png (2.49 MB, 828x1792, 7534D56B-1E9D-4703-B040-E736AE…)

She posted this on Instagram so she can get validation from her neckbeards that this is soooooo her.

No. 725287

Sounds like every basic-bitch on the planet.

>content with being alone

More like accepting you have a garbage personality and can no longer handle constant rejection from men you think should treat you like a ~goddess~, despite your toxicity.

>muh rare female personality traits

No. 725295

File: 1572828991447.jpg (37.69 KB, 728x780, dTcAHZcg.jpg)

Lol the crying laughing has to be the most passive aggressive emoji of all time. It always reminds me of this old meme. So you go ahead Vick, keep protecting and "stay mad."

No. 725301


I love this shoop. Her meaty hand is as big as her head and the shooped should armour that makes no sense at all. Also the fact that she is wearing two bras .

No. 725306

File: 1572830473209.png (492.27 KB, 600x501, B4BB6908-4B65-4835-9CDA-9C78F7…)


>captures how my face is in person perfectly

Heavy shoop all over the face especially the eyes. What a train wreck

No. 725307

File: 1572830534876.jpg (103.85 KB, 1280x1071, IMG_20191103_182239_597.jpg)

No. 725309

File: 1572831153321.webm (569.59 KB, 480x792, bloodonmylip.webm)

No. 725315

Ohh, it’s armor!
I thought it was her stinky leather jacket at first and was puzzled as to why she was only wearing it on one arm.

Really it’s just Icky Vicky, our IRL Final Fantasy characters uwu

No. 725316

Again. I thought she was fully booked for a year?

No. 725340

File: 1572839407754.jpg (47.03 KB, 407x480, NinjaSwordVic.jpg)

No. 725343

i seriously don't understand why she shoops jewelry. just get cheap shit of aliexpress atleast! it would make her boob shoop look more obvious though prolly.

No. 725347

File: 1572840395549.jpeg (122.53 KB, 828x1149, 3E7CFAD4-3BCE-4D9F-A6F1-B0E01A…)

Hm … three comments in four hours. In Vicky logic that means she’s buying followers.

No. 725348

I understand this has about 75 filter on it, but the space between her arm and the jacket where she definitely photoshopped herself to look thinner. It’s atrocious.

No. 725380


So who or what was wearing the armor that she shooped out? Yes this captures your face perfectly- fake af. Also anyone that can have two pupils in a stupid shoop and not notice should NEVER be inking people up. ever. yup all natural

No. 725414

>"captures how my face is in person perfectly ^_^

Who even fucking says this on a normal picture of themselves? It just screams "THIS IS 100% ME UNEDITED I LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THIS IRL HAHA :')"

No. 725415

This whole video has like, 10 frames in total, she is legit too poor to get a new phone; the whole hiding behind potato quality photos doesn't really make sense seeing as she often does her ~photoshoots~ with her DSLR which has decent quality
Even a shitty $200 phone could take better photos and record videos without lagging severely like hers does

No. 725431

File: 1572870066466.jpeg (191.31 KB, 828x1345, 4F5FEC23-9CA2-4446-BB6A-FD4CAE…)

Super creepy.

No. 725433

File: 1572870387187.jpeg (129.26 KB, 828x1040, 453392B4-CB73-4006-808B-57CF17…)

WHAT? I can’t with this woman. She posted this at 6:30am. Meaning she’s been up pounding jack daniels into herself and never went to sleep. Anyone that knows Vick knows she’d never get up this early

No. 725447

That’s a classic text from internet creep who sends this to 1000 women to have a shot. I can’t stop laughing at Vick how she thinks this is something special. Bitch, all uggos get those messages.

No. 725472

File: 1572877518325.png (504.76 KB, 408x482, Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 9.23…)


No. 725495

File: 1572881967060.jpg (76.86 KB, 832x1279, IMG_20191104_083923_133.jpg)

oh no

No. 725499

File: 1572882275527.jpg (123.71 KB, 1199x1280, IMG_20191104_084444_554.jpg)

so professional

No. 725507

She’s fully booked for a year but people reschedule every damn week. And they can just reschedule for the next day? This girl is wide open.

No. 725531


She should have given it two pupils. That’s the only way this would look even worse. This is county jail level work AT BEST.

No. 725534

The kinda tattoo you’d see on a 35 year old dude, drinking a 40 of beer from a brown paper bag hanging outside a coffee shop.

No. 725538

File: 1572894389871.jpeg (63.34 KB, 415x633, 0A244F7F-1E86-4EA3-A874-F5A8F0…)

>it’s my nickname
I irl laughed, for real.

No. 725624

She just moved her face and forgot to align it with the rest of her eye. Worst fuck up I’ve ever seen

No. 725629

File: 1572918451581.jpeg (61.22 KB, 828x418, 2E189699-4C39-46D5-AD27-8B3F9D…)

When you’re a “super talent, creative” tattoo artist but can’t come up with your own ideas.
Can’t see what mess she traces off of google

No. 725630

How is her work getting worse? The ones she does on herself are even bad

No. 725631

I would love to see her on a show like ink master lol

No. 725635

Same here. She would never. She can’t photoshop her crap work or her face for the camera

No. 725640


That’s easy anon- she has four pupils naturally and sees things from 94 different angles at a time! That’s gotta suck for depth perception and that’s why she digs all the way to the bone with the needle! And white ink also looks blue green black orange red and ultraviolet to her at the same time which explains much. Also each of her pupils can read a different book on astrophysics and sword techniques at the same time!

No. 725648

Makes sense. Perhaps she severed her eye in one of her epic sword workouts

No. 725649

For someone who claims to have a genius IQ, she types like someone with an IQ of 70.
The fuck is this Yoda word salad?

No. 725651

File: 1572922353725.jpeg (714.32 KB, 3024x4032, 8200DC52-B117-4294-8AD4-038EAD…)

Forgot to post this sink pic along with the toilet pic. Not as bad, but still. A bit of that oxyclean in the bathroom and less in her body would do her good.

No. 725652

File: 1572922391676.jpeg (91.33 KB, 828x429, 8C33E167-DFBD-4B8B-9F43-2659D2…)

All I hear is “I’m a child and desperate for attention”

Just when you think she can’t say anything more ridiculous she pulls this out of her ass.
No wonder she can’t keep anyone in her life.

Makes sense, though.
Of course she’ll want to say “pretend not to be rich” because she’s living in a flop house.

“Pretend to be in a bad situation.” That explains getting “kidnapped”

I can’t not believe a 32 year old woman would even say shit like this. I really hope someone calls the police for a wellness check, because her alcoholism is effecting peoples life’s in the following ways….

No. 725653

File: 1572922576088.jpeg (172.85 KB, 828x1195, 044ADDA2-5AC5-44C3-B82F-C689AB…)


I hope homeboy Alex is being sarcastic. I can’t wait to see what else her followers have to say. People can’t be this stupid, people have to start calling her out

No. 725654

So many people on her friends list think she’s authentic and her shooped images are actually what she looks like

No. 725655

she sounds like a 2000s era myspace juggalo.

No. 725656


You can be the prettiest peach on the planet, that doesn’t make this anymore fucking sound. Sounds like a rambling from a desperate toddler.

No. 725660

File: 1572924493674.jpeg (68.92 KB, 828x318, 908D2ABC-9ACF-4F68-8CE6-B72D8A…)


She added another one.
Someone left a comment asking her “why lie?” That person is getting blocked. Vicky is pathological.

No. 725661

>manipulate people around you for personal gain

Lol wow. This is great, Vicky.
>pretend to be in a bad situation to see who will care about you

I can’t believe she actually publicly posted this ….

No. 725662

Did she delete the old one?

No. 725664

Nope just added a new bullet point to the top “of you are strong feign to be weak” or some crazy bull.

No. 725665

Being her friend must be exhausting, this sounds like high school crap.
Imaging being tested with lies to see if you’re a good friend or not.

No. 725667

People don’t like being lied to. Most people would drop her when they discover this

No. 725675

She desperately wishes she was unique and smart enough to have this personality type kek

No. 725688

File: 1572934907471.webm (1.77 MB, 480x792, glowyskinfilters.webm)

No. 725690

Shes pushing her tits together with her hammy biceps lmao

No. 725693

File: 1572935553017.webm (1.14 MB, 480x792, filterless.webm)

No. 725694

File: 1572935733469.webm (1001.79 KB, 480x792, itme.webm)

No. 725697

Ah, the ol' "hold your jaw like an ice-cream cone to hide your chins" trick.

No. 725698

I hope they start perfecting the laser tattoo removal industry soon

No. 725705


oh my god, she looks like a straight up pig laying like this. this is the epitome of a boomer housewife who let herself go.

i imagine she took 100 of these super short videos before she found just the "Right" angle

No. 725706


THIS IS SO SAD! having to go to extremes just for a couple of seconds of video? all the unnecessary angles, trying to frame your fat face with hair, literally holding back your fat/bloat- dude, just go on a fucking diet? it would be less work than what you put yourself through for all the selfies you desperately want to take

No. 725716


Can someone please tell me what she's saying? Something about glowy skin filters but idk.

No. 725728

Creepy. I thought Halloween was over?

No. 725738

File: 1572952720298.jpg (60.56 KB, 720x708, 89e.jpg)

You got me

Nice icy blues, Vic

"I wonder if some girls know that those glowy skin filters come off when you meet them in person"
The absolute HYPOCRISY. Hahahaha VICTORIA you cannot be serious, you're the ultimate catfish! Also this improvement in quality is not flattering at all. Look at the grease, the bad makeup, the piss yellow hair, the NOSE. The teeth! Her vibe is smug like "I don't need filters, here's a shot without them, I'm hot irl" but she's actually just exposed herself as being a hammy filter-abusing, photoshopping uggo. Well done Vic, genius as ever.

No. 725740

>I don’t understand why women are such bitches we should uplift each other tips fedora

No. 725744

File: 1572954141768.jpeg (236.96 KB, 1632x1632, C1560E40-099C-44D3-B26A-F29E85…)


I wonder if vicky knows that umm… her hand has to come off her face at some point. Unless she wants to have it surgically attached so she can manually shape her butt/double chin all the time.

No. 725747

Haha I fucking know, boasting ~no filters~ means jack shit when you're still blatantly concealing your pudgy mug with hair, two inches of drag makeup and your hands like your life depends on it

No. 725758

File: 1572959469224.jpeg (67.32 KB, 828x386, 219C26D7-DD9F-482B-89FE-ED6AF7…)

Lucky for Vicky Facebook and Instagram don’t have that same feature.

No. 725765

File: 1572960317292.jpeg (204.58 KB, 824x1466, 5D6D3F64-A2A8-4E01-ADCE-9E0164…)

All the sudden her camera isnt 1990s web cam quality. There is most definitely some sort of filter on these videos. It looks like there was baseline smeared on the lens for effect. Does she think everyone is blind?

Why is her hair piss yellow ?
She skin is orange.
She looks like a drunk drag queen or clown
For some that’s super busy with work she sure has been on social media a lot.
Her teeth are starting to grey out from smoking
Always hide that chin Vick

No. 725766

She looks chubby and greasy and it's obvious she's 'unfiltered' here, but it's not like she even looks good, just caked in makeup.
What a wacko.
Also, she's accusing others of being fake and using filters when the majority of her skin is filters and Photoshop anyway.

No. 725769

if it writes like a retard and it eats its own hair like a retard, it's probably a retard

No. 725770

ok so what's this then? >>725347

the jig is soon to be up sticky, you idiot

No. 725776

I just realised while browsing old Vick threads that this picture is actually old as fuck, she posted another from the same set over a year ago >>550751

Busy body Vick is so booked up that she has time to sift through and shoop years old pictures of herself for insta likes.

No. 725779

File: 1572963460317.jpg (30.89 KB, 333x489, hag.JPG)

greasy pig with piss yellow brassy hair. She needs some damn toner. It bothers me so much how her rat tail extensions don't match either

No. 725780

Her teeth. She needs to quit smoking.
I love how she’s criticizing other women for using glowy skin filters that “come off when you meet them in person” but reshapes her body into a Victoria secret model, looking like a hog body muppet irl

No. 725784

How's about showing your tattoo work off in high definition like every professional out there, instead of pushing your tits together and warning other girls that they are crusty compared to you…

No. 725794

i am convinced that the way she does her makeup is what makes her ugly as sin. all those recent pictures of her with little or just regular workday makeup makes her looks about ten years younger. poor vicky, longing for the days of myspace and her scene years. getting old is a bitch.

No. 725805

can you imagine talking w vicky about being in a good relationship like something nice your husband/partner did she'd probs die

No. 725828

She obviously needs another oxyclean bath.

No. 725830

she really looks like someone's mom here, trying hard to not look borderline middle aged.

No. 725831

File: 1572981787450.jpeg (45.91 KB, 452x678, DB957185-4F18-4743-80E0-2C603D…)


Like Stiflers mom?

No. 725832

at least this woman has nice make up.

No. 725842

lol really rich for someone who looks and sounds completely different in real life to how they look on the internet. She's known by the dudes in the Toronto scene as being a notorious catfish. I can't imagine meeting this person for the first time expecting one thing and then seeing her Spongebob body and Squidward nose.

No. 725863

she is doing like 4 fat girl tricks at once…
high angle, lying down so gravity takes care of some of the face fat, hiding part of face so nobody can see the jowls or double chin, using hair to cover up so face appears slimmer…
BuT No FiLtEr ThiS iS wHaT i LooK LiKe!

No. 725870

File: 1572995117004.png (1.54 MB, 801x3943, INTJlol.png)

She posted these FB screenshots to her Instagram story. This is hilarious. "interests most normal females won't… Science video games…mma" I haven't even read the entire thing yet

No. 725871


Wow it’s been a minute since she made sure we know about her 16 degrees from Ivy League colleges and her non existent MMA careers. And for all that she sits at the bar alone praying someone buys her broke ass nother round. Or a pack of smokes. Or just doesn’t call her out for the money they spent fixing her shit ass tattoos. Yea Vick you’re the whole package.

No. 725875

Sure vic. That would be easier to believe if every guy you’ve ever dated (or even been friends with) hasn’t dumped you and written you off as a narcissistic psychopath.

No. 725878

mOsT fEmAlEs. I'd love to know the extent of which she's interested in science besides reading a two paragraph article once in a while, or what games she's into besides one Final Fantasy game. The fucking ellipses, still unable to spell the word "powerful", implying she only dates alphas. lol ok.

No. 725879

she probably does score as an intj cus she wants to be like she thinks she's distant emotionally and v insightful or whatever

No. 725881

anon she watches science lectures on YouTube. don't be a jealous female jeez

No. 725902

A true intj would not be so desperate for validation. Nothing about her obnoxious personality screams intj. Not to mention intj females are extremely rare at less than 1% of the population

No. 725914

Um. Vicky is the 1%.
“Us females should build each other up! But I’m nothing like those basic ass bitches that use filters and buy followers”

She’s such a narcissist. I can’t with her. She’s going to be 40 soon, and realize she wasted her life writing paragraphs building herself up to neckbeards, instead of going out and living. Besides photoshopping herself into beaches, has anyone seen a photo or heard of Vicky leaving Guelph?
I don’t think this girl has ever experienced life outside her keyboard

No. 725916

This girl needs a hobby. She has way too much time on her hands, it’s sad

No. 725919

Vicky is like all the 30% of 13 years old unintelligent narcissists that score intj on the online test, because they think they are super gifted and everyone else is stupid and too jealous to acknowledge how “special” they are.
Actual intjs just go get things done. Not whine on the internet about every little made up detail of your life for male attention. Vick, you’re the most basic ISFP bitch there is. You’re just too unintelligent to see. Fucking walking dunning-Kruger effect.

No. 725922

Also check how she always claims to have “genius level IQ” but will never say how high exactly. It’s obvious that it’s a narcistic lie, if she had actually high iq she’d brag. But she won’t, in fear that someone will one up her. She is so predictable it’s boring.

No. 725929

I concur. Intj types are loners, they are not grasping for attention from anyone and everyone who will give it to them like she has done the entirety of her sad excuse of an internet presence. Likely you will not come across intj types and if you do you wont know it (unless familiar with their personality type) because its typically not something they go bragging about. Intj types are problem solvers, and highly efficient in their goals and dreams. This chick cant run a successful scratcher shop in a dingey hole in the wall much less her patheric online "modeling" career (both careers you typically wouldnt find that type in) shes far too emotional and delusional to be intj. She does not think outside the box. She does not have the capacity to spot and fix inefficiencies around her. She is a loud ,obnoxious, desperate stain on society who wishes so badly she was different and not like the other girls and lacks total self awareness. Her whole life revolves around what other people think about her and keeping a facade up to impress them. Pathetic, really

No. 725931

She’s actually thrown a number out there a couple times and someone (a man) called her out on it once. Since it was a dude she of course just brushed off his comment but yea. I think she said somewhere along the lines of 130? I think it was in the last thread.

No. 725934

To point how unintelligent and an attention whore, liar, and a basic bitch Vicky is I am gonna reread the posts from the early threads. Where she pretends to be men interested in her. That was gold.

No. 725939

After meeting and talking to Vic recently, I noticed that she references these people who are doing things physically to her. I think she has voices in her head or is making up people who aren’t real possibly like a schizophrenic. She really needs to seek help.

No. 725942

One thing that seems to go under the radar is that in order to do an efficient “personality type” test (or any test regarding your personality/mental health) is that you need at least a singular shred of self awareness. In order to see a psychiatrist and be properly evaluated, you need to be of sound enough mind, and have the capacity to realize your shortcomings and flaws. Vicky will never get help, unless she’s committed. She doesn’t think think anything is wrong with her (she’s the most perfect ~uwu~ genius sword master model emo beauty queen). Unfortunately, most narcissists go their whole life without getting treatment. They’re convinced that anyone who criticizes them are jealous or problematic but in reality the deflection of criticism comes from an internalized defence mechanism due to low self esteem. Unless someone in her real life cares enough about her to suggest treatment (which she definitely wont take) or she ends up committing a criminal offence, she will likely never find herself in a therapists office.

No. 725946

Sorry, people are doing things physically to her? I need more background on this, where did you talk to her?

No. 725947

That’s unfortunate. The people she surrounds herself with probably won’t ever get close enough to her to help her. I think if they did, she would snap at them and block them

No. 725949

Yeah I’m gonna need more info on that, anon. Regarding what?

No. 725955

I can't get over this is an adult woman in her 30s posting this garbage. This kind of "not like other girls" shit is such a stereotypical teenager phase, complete with the delusions of grandeur and blind faith in internet personality tests that often give you different results the more you take them.

Not gonna medfag, but she is clearly emotionally stunted. Everything she writes reads like a teenager desperate for approval (the dozens of "I don't care what you think about me!" memes) while also thinking she's the best at everything. I doubt she would seek help even if her family intervened.

No. 725957

Narcissistic behaviour and delusions, sounds like someone may abuse ketamine. Which would make sense in Guelph.

No. 725958

y'all she's just a retard she's not on drugs or schizophrenic lol

No. 725978

What are you vague posting about? You mean the 3 girls who post here on her thread and break into her house? She’s not schizophrenic or mental or on drugs. She’s just retarded and drinks too much.

No. 725989

What show was this? Probably the Thai food restaurant because she never leaves Guelph.
Catty or not, you’re here participating.
Catty or not, this forum has saved plenty of people ruining their skin and wasting money.

She was trying to pick up you and your buddies?

No. 725992

Interesting. Well stick around for her inevitable Facebook post about you and your friends. Probably something along the lines of “guys allways think I’m trying to pick them up. But I get proposed to buy literal rockstars and billionaires and reject them. So what makes you think I’d be into some guys I don’t even know? I’m a INTJ Demi-sexual and soooo picky because men are intimidated by my intelligence. I only date alpha men”.

We’ll have some catty choice words, all in the name of good toilet-time entertainment.

No. 725994

it has nothing to do with her actual personality, it’s clear as day she picked intj BECAUSE it’s the rarest and she’s extremely special with icy eyes and isn’t like other girls, so she should obviously have the rarest personality type

No. 726019

She's definitely drunk to be posting shit like that, K is a fucking stretch and as far as I know doesn't make you behave that way…

No. 726020

Neither can I, who the fuck even implies women don't like science or video games except incels nowadays?

No. 726100

File: 1573044713030.jpeg (471.03 KB, 683x1044, DB28DCB7-5951-4B20-B4C1-E7B3A5…)

Let’s live through this again, kek.
Years pass and she doesn’t change, develop, get smarter, etc. if anything it feels like she’s doing worse, aging, alcohol, and internet addiction are horrible especially for narcissists like her. 0 touch with reality.

No. 726152

Girl you need a good hair toner.

No. 726199

Wow lookie here. This is truly the work of an intj mastermind. Comparable to the intellect and ingenuity of great minds such as Nikola Tesla. Other people must cower in her presence, threatened by the mental capacity of an original genius such as herself. intellectually inferior types marvel at her power to invent a new world of thinking and being.

No. 726200

I still cringe from time to time remembering when she self posted as an anon who played beach volleyball with her and said she was skinny with "big tits." One of the more embarrassing things I've ever seen someone do online.

No. 726204

Hey remember that time she said ISIS tried to recruit her as their leader

No. 726209


her falsies are so disgusting. They look like they've been re used waaay too many times and missing lots of hair it looks like she caked mascara on them too. Fucking gross. Her make up is really tragic that tacky pink shimmer isn't doing her any favours. Sooooo wealthy and lived in many mansions but can't even buy a new set of lashes. she looks like she smells like a ham roast

No. 726309

File: 1573084035653.jpeg (477.29 KB, 750x1066, 8EA01A79-4DD8-41D0-8F1D-91FE16…)

A disgusting personality accompanied by bad hygiene and a clown face ain’t cute.

No. 726315

I’m curious why this guy deleted his story about meeting up with Vicky, after he made this statement. Maybe he realized his story would out who he is?

No. 726401

I'm curious what did he say?

No. 726408

He said that Vicky was trying to pick up him and his friendship at a show. And that she was talking randomly about people hurting her physically, but came across like she was maybe mentally unstable. And his friends got him to google her.

I think he deleted it cause it wasn’t true. Tbh.
She’s crazy, but

No. 726421

He claimed she was trying to pick up him and his friends, saying someone had physically hurt her? And bragging about knowing the band and going to some exclusive after party. He said she talked a lot about herself- being an international model and tattoo artist, and him and his friends were put off by her. Claimed one of his buddies said to google her and he found this place. Call us catty but said she seemed crazy from the threads

No. 726428


didn't she single-handedly thwart a potential terrorist attack?

No. 726478

File: 1573099753547.jpg (112.95 KB, 1280x925, IMG_20191106_210832_970.jpg)

Her ex has been commenting on her stuff a lot more recently

No. 726483


That stupid fucking costume glove lmfao

No. 726525

Y’all see that mole on her tiddy? Looks like she’s shopping bunny’s tits on her own again. I’m surprised no one caught that yet. People don’t just randomly grow and lose moles.

No. 726529

It’s a mole she sometimes forgets to photoshop onto her shooped boobs. It always moves around too. Sometimes it’s up high, sometimes it’s down low. Sometimes it’s nowhere to be found.

I don’t think she’s taking bunny’s boobs.

No. 726573

File: 1573132365726.jpeg (111.4 KB, 958x960, A1EAD33F-62C7-4E70-9976-FA8FE6…)

No. 726610

She’s such a narcissist it’s beyond me

No. 726647

i'm so tired of random unsaged accusations that she's taking someone else's boobs. look at the video, she's got a mark on one of them. also it has been mentioned before, many times.

No. 726697

I don’t think she’s taking someone else’s boobs, but those are definitely not her boobs. As in they are photoshopped to hell and back.

No. 726740

File: 1573159439584.jpeg (85.78 KB, 485x796, 5F70D9D4-DF95-43CC-B2E6-6C9B2C…)

So here’s two example where it’s no longer there? So either she’s photoshopping it off when she photoshops the rest of her body, or it’s not her boobs.

No. 726741

File: 1573160270069.jpeg (76.32 KB, 500x667, F433A2D6-576B-4FB7-A827-5ADCD2…)

And not for nothing this is Bunny. With the same birthmark. I realize this is shooped but it’s too much of a coincidence.

No. 726761

Or maybe the photoshop the same boobs on themselves. Their shops look the damn same

No. 726770

ok this is just dumb, i never said she doesn't edit the boobs, just that in the video she has a mark on one so that doesn't mean she steals bunny's boobs for her edits due to the same mark appearing in some of them. she's not a part of this until someone brings her up, which seems to happen in every thread.

No. 726780

And as stated, she probably edits it off then. And bunny and her were pretty much the same person, so it makes sense that she’s be brought up once in awhile. They were attached at the hip and edit the same.

No. 726804

File: 1573171674593.jpeg (420.18 KB, 1632x1632, 7C057F85-B7BF-43A5-AC4E-D063DE…)

Whenever vicky posts a new tattoo (especially in the “jewel and beading” style that she supposedly “invented” and everyone else is just copying her), I do this fun thing where I compare her work with Ryan Ashley’s. The results are always hilarious.

No. 726841

There's so many women that Vick skinwalks and I don't doubt she has skinwalked this chick too, but Christ it's annoying that she keeps getting brought up and compared. Neither of them are attractive.
That ink masters bitch with the gemstone tattoos that someone talked about earlier seems more like the person Vick is trying to copy rather than this ex friend of hers.

I'm starting to think it's Bunny herself, because it hasn't happened this time, but normally Bunny comparisons end up with anons screeching that she's sooo much prettier ect. She's fitter, but the fried hair and clown makeup is on par with Vick. But yeah, I doubt she's skin walking from one fake mole. I honestly think the hambeast just gets drunk and forgets to Photoshop it in or something. I don't think it's that deep.

No. 726846

File: 1573176909142.jpeg (386.07 KB, 828x1180, 96FD293B-DEC1-4B4C-916D-038E4C…)

It’s such a simple tattoo, no detail so you’d think she’d put some extra work into at least lining up the black blocks properly. And what’s the purple around it? Either bleed out or bruising. I can’t imagine what this is going to look like when it’s healed

No. 726847

That’s going to be a black blob when it heals. Guess icky had to give her friend a tattoo for living at her place for free.

No. 726869

>ok make sure you mention my over the top sanitation

No. 726897

Hahahahaha right? I’ve never seen anyone post a photo of their tattoo and mentioned the sanitation. She totally told him to put that ~cuz muh haters

No. 726903

File: 1573184487188.jpeg (56.59 KB, 828x379, 4CF51E85-5992-4B1B-A5ED-EABD0E…)

Vague posting at 35. She’s totally calm guys.
That’s why she goes off on everyone and anyone that disagrees with her.

No. 726905

I’ve never seen that either, for any shop, because that’s standard. I’m sure it happens, but he wrote that because she brought up her haterzzzz during the session and the toilet / sink photo. 100%

No. 726951

The whole outline of this tattoo is bruised.

>I’m not heavy handed

Jesus Christ. What the fuck is symmetry? That heart with the wings at the top looks like something I would scribble on my school binders in elementary schools. The caption also said nEeDs MoRe WhITe. She doesn’t know how to grey wash AT ALL. she makes a muddy mess then adds white highlights in it that just fades away. She is such a disgrace to the industry

No. 726972

File: 1573201833284.jpg (108.79 KB, 1280x1162, IMG_20191108_012817_608.jpg)

>for four tomorrow for 4 tomorrow

No. 726974

Vicky on and off shoops features. She forgets half of her lies weekly, so its no wonder the mole is on and off. This is the same woman who claims to have icy blue eyes that change color according to her mood, and that claimed to have been recruited by ISIS to lead them during a taxi trip from Toronto to Guelph. The same woman, who can't decide on is she so small people get worried and being so curvy people are shook. The same woman who claims she doesn't use extensions, but next week talks about her high end tracks. She and Bunny skinwalked each other, them both deciding shoop da whoop a titty mole isn't farfetched, since they both shooped off a half of their face.

Tldr Vicky has like a million lies constantly, trying to remember them all is impossible.

No. 727005

Guelph to Burlington … there’s a train or bus and it’s about $40.
Is she not capable of taking herself? A photoshoot? On her 1990s phone? She can’t even take proper photos for her highly sought after tattoo shop / business and she’s offering photoshoots. Girl….

No. 727006

Drunk posting again. Fully booked for a year, proves herself a liar almost every post.

No. 727028

Her inking for few hours is worth 40$. That’s what I’m seeing from it.

No. 727031

its pretty embarrassing that she doesn't have her full license yet. you'd think that would be easy for an intj

No. 727194

File: 1573259498513.jpeg (97.4 KB, 828x1270, A7192442-73FF-4928-80E5-E8D998…)

Posts the woman that publicly called other women “crypt keeper face” and people “mentally unstable” for not agreeing with her.
Keep posting about kindness, though

No. 727273

File: 1573273673852.jpeg (99.84 KB, 750x408, 26FA8346-B4E7-4714-885C-5EB29A…)

Your reeeeing about that haters but on the same note claiming to be totally not bothered says otherwise. Same with the shoops and constant lies in regards to being yourself! Your contradicted yourself with that comment. Silly old vikkers

No. 727447

File: 1573312282652.jpeg (170.52 KB, 828x1374, 46C98CDB-1C21-4864-99ED-8D911E…)


As in please stop talking. Why do all her “conversations” she posts always so one sided, unless it’s from a complete neckbeard.
Does she realize how desperate she sounds?
And “because we’re picky” if she’s talking about her tattoo machine, she’s definitely not picky on who she tattoos, or fucks for that matter.

No. 727452

File: 1573313304535.png (1.86 MB, 828x1792, F792056A-909D-4476-963F-06502C…)

It’s an INTJ thing.

One thing that INTJ personalities love is proper spelling and punctuation, which she has proven on countless occasions she could care less about.

Not having to explain what they mean, she does this constantly.

Setting goals and exceeding them. She’s been saying she’s turned down things, like tattoos shows, her whole life. So is exceeding her own expectations working in a hole in Guelph doing the bare minimum. INTJ personalities do NOT celebrate mediocrity.

Hanging out with intelligent people when they do want human interaction. Well if you’ve seen Vicky out in Toronto… she’ll hang out with anyone willing to give her a ride.

Wit and intellectual humour… she hasn’t exhibited any of that.

Dont enjoy small talk. She’s posted enough of her conversations for us to know that’s all she capable of.

INTJ women are more private. She posts every time she moves and posts every conversation she has. Even with strange men that message her for some pillow talk.

INTJ prefer function over fashion. Usually minimal makeup and simple clothes. They don’t reach for attention. Well we can all make our own assumption on this one.

I could go on and on, but everyone including Vicky know she’s not the 1%

No. 727456

File: 1573313537637.jpeg (168.14 KB, 828x1178, 6F0B8DA2-5614-4DA7-8DB1-3F6824…)


iNTj PeRsOnAlITy

No. 727471

File: 1573315575461.jpeg (62.07 KB, 811x267, 8126F1C3-DA92-4A96-A47C-E287C8…)

Had to find it. This is still my fav icky moment.

No. 727483

as if vicky could care about an animal

No. 727484

Seriously. Does she even have a dog? She couldn’t even take care of a damn plant

No. 727488

No, probably because she'd be worried that the dog is cuter and would be getting more attention than her from people.

No. 727512

And now I know who actually wears those “Champion Mustache Rider” t-shirts.

No. 727575

File: 1573345020156.jpg (114.62 KB, 1215x1280, IMG_20191109_171648_286.jpg)

The link is broken. She must've deleted the status

No. 727599

>all year round

Must only be good for those last minute cancelation spots. Cause, you know, she’s totally and completely booked till next August.

No. 727735

File: 1573365789524.jpg (124.35 KB, 1280x970, IMG_20191109_225536_413.jpg)

No. 727738

File: 1573366469312.jpeg (527.53 KB, 1240x1980, FE4DC7B9-BF86-4FD6-9639-22B483…)

It’s amazing how much worse her tattooing is getting. She was never great in the beginning, but if you look at some of her stuff from a few years ago, it wasn’t this bad. I feel like she’s worse now than when she first started.

No. 727770

I think she's just gotten lazier with the edits to be honest. I didn't see her with extra pupils in the MySpace era. I think her tattoos have always been bad.

No. 727780

File: 1573373135031.jpg (75.84 KB, 790x1280, IMG_20191110_010443_590.jpg)

Rofl intj don't care, posts this about stalkers that think they are anon

No. 727789

keep being unbothered bitch lmao

No. 727792

Everyone gets shit-talked about. Most of us go on with our lives and literally do not care/aren’t bothered by it.
You should learn to do the same, Vic.

No. 727813

What can you expect from a woman so narcisstic she is excited about neckbeards messages and considers it a proof of her attractiveness.

No. 727850


This “tattoo” is shopped to hell and back, anon. If her work looks any better in the past, it’s because she used to photoshop every tattoo she put online. She’s probably “improved” slightly, but it still doesn’t even come close to the bar that most properly trained artists start at.

No. 727853

I'm shocked that this is actually her work, I reverse image searched it just in case she had stolen it and it only appeared a few times on Pinterest all with her watermark
This is miles ahead of all her shit from the last few years. Doesn't appear to be bruised or blown out which is an automatic upgrade
How the actual fuck do you get worse at your job, especially THIS much worse?

No. 727857

I don't disagree that this was Photoshopped, it definitely is, but her shoop skills are shocking and I feel like there's no way she could make something like >>727735 look like >>727738
Maybe I'm just terrible at spotting it but I can't see any noticeable effects of liquify tool

Still, doesn't change the fact that the shit she's scratching on her victims now at least is god awful

No. 727895

She was caught superimposing the reference photo over the tattoos she had done by another artist in the past and was called out.

No. 727898

Damn. I need to see this / the call out

No. 728041

File: 1573435707801.jpg (407.96 KB, 1080x1532, 20191110_202817.jpg)

she's legit always so insane lol

No. 728043

>People learn them and then learn you which is foolish.


No. 728045

holy shit. If she was confident in her ability the most slight criticism wouldn't send her off the rails. 14+ arts kek. I don't think she's ever had formal training, or even sparred against another person. Keep flailing in your room Vic.

No. 728050


But anon one of the 253 arts she knows IS flail and medieval weapons! How kind of you to remind her she was the inspiration for game of thrones! Her icy eyes inspired Cersei! Also HMU with the word get inked

No. 728053

>despite knowing over 14+ arts
Which art includes swinging a sword around your head repetitively? This person is actually giving great advice. Nothing she does looks even remotely choreographed or practiced. Look at the weapons competitions for any martial arts show and compare. Vick just looks like the Star Wars kid.

No. 728055

File: 1573439391840.jpeg (185.02 KB, 749x1045, C8C4DD64-8848-4641-B6E7-7065CB…)

Here’s the rest of that interaction. Contrast with >>727452 kek.

No. 728061

My husband is an ex karate instructor and black belt martial artist. I showed him a video of Vicky and he almost fell out of his chair laughing. In what alternate reality would you swing a weapon towards your own head/face and then bend backwards to avoid it? Much like with tattooing she probably started off too cock sure and arrogant to learn anything from anyone. Wonder how many times shes hit herself in the face at this point

No. 728071

>I didn’t threaten you

Is her concept of the English language so poor she really doesn’t see that she actually, in fact, threatened violence?

Stay bitter, bitch.

No. 728098



>considering I can stop less than 2 inches off a target blindfolded in an direction

That hurt my head to read. She can’t even use her scarce brain cells to construct a proper sentence. I can’t with this bitch

No. 728107

File: 1573452777630.jpg (77.84 KB, 839x1279, IMG_20191110_231235_436.jpg)

No. 728112


I wonder if she’s referring to her 20 year old “ex” boyfriend or Frankie.

No. 728114

File: 1573454804025.jpg (494.61 KB, 1080x1407, 20191111_014637.jpg)

these fucking hashtags oml

No. 728141

File: 1573469054373.jpg (78.78 KB, 779x1279, IMG_20191111_034419_489.jpg)

No. 728148

File: 1573470726992.jpg (32.04 KB, 240x400, 547941.jpg)

This is an old ass photo, the last time Apocalyptica was in Toronto was in September 2017. Before that they were in 2015. This must have been from the 2015 date, since he isn't as groomed. (he got married in 2017 just before the NA tour, so he was very groomed during that time period.)

I wonder will Vicky claim Perttu tried to hit on her while proclaiming her uncontested beauty to her? Afterall, Perttu is married to an actual miss universe contestant and cover girl.

Pic related, Perttu's wife.

No. 728186

File: 1573484162651.jpeg (127.85 KB, 828x841, 47E178F7-814E-4AD9-BDD2-D4A0D4…)

No. 728187


No. 728188

Looks like Vicky was stalking the board again and saw everyone was calling her out for having yellow as fuck hair and actually got purple shampoo but doesn’t know how to is it / her hair is so dead now her hair is purple.
She hasn’t posted a photo because it looks like trash. She did this a couple months ago where she said she coloured her hair and she never posted. She just posts these things just in case she can’t get it out and “Frankie” wants to do another $3000 per hr photoshoot

No. 728190

File: 1573484572272.jpeg (237.92 KB, 785x1665, 2A944A94-5927-4A9D-9BB0-7AD34C…)

Question…. she isn’t trying to claim this is a tattoo she did? This photoshop is unreal. Literally

No. 728192

She photoshops these images up as concepts for people to get tattooed. It's always weird garbage like watches or armour amongst wings and jewels. Ugly and nonsensical designs.

No. 728253

This was 4.5 years ago. And she posted this so many times now. Probably because she hasn’t done much since.

No. 728255


I understand it’s a concept but what was going through her mind when she decided to add not only the second but the third pair of wings in this?

“Ugh, it’s STILL missing something.. needs more wings!”

No. 728292

File: 1573502051395.jpeg (267.78 KB, 815x1222, 7D2C7DA1-7B6B-46EF-A7B2-D2FA70…)

I finally know who Vicky constantly reminded me of.
Polish singer Maryla Rodowicz. She’s 70+.

Except Maryla is an actual star and an accomplished artist.

No. 728294

actually, there are 4 sets of wings. gosh, you obviously don't understand art.

No. 728314

File: 1573507563928.jpeg (254.89 KB, 821x1349, 8C1F775C-F653-40DF-B527-970AB8…)

Vicky made a live video. She’s wearing so much fucking makeup and filter. Her hair is blue and her skin is goddamn orange.
I know this has been brought up so many times, but she’s fully booked for a year yet she’s in Toronto at a concert.
Which there will be no pictures from because her hair is patchy af in real life, and she’s giving us the basic fat girl angles

No. 728317

Why is her hair blue and her extensions grey? It looks like shit?

No. 728320

hair looks like stringy yarn.

also, can this lady take her hand off her face ever?

No. 728325

omfg its awful!

No. 728336

So many filters, and she still looks horrible. Especially her teeth.

No. 728351

That filter is making her hair look like literally straw. I thought this was some cheap plastic wig for a second. Like made out of the same material that Pom-poms are made from.

Also, where the fuck is she getting periwinkle? That’s BLUE. Just blue. Unless the filter she totally doesn’t have is masking the purple and turned her face 50 shades of orange.

No. 728352

That filter is making her hair look like literally straw. I thought this was some cheap plastic wig for a second. Like made out of the same material that Pom-poms are made from.

Also, where the fuck is she getting periwinkle? That’s BLUE. Just blue. Unless the filter she totally doesn’t have is masking the purple and turned her face 50 shades of orange.

No. 728362

Where’s the purple?
She said this was a periwinkle, blue / purple. This is straight up blue. Either from how much filter she has on it or she doesn’t know how to tell one color from another. Which is terrifying as she’s a “tattoo artist”
Her hair and extensions are two different colours, which tells me she toned her real hair and the hair piece, and has no idea what she’s doing, even though she’s stated in the past she worked at a hair salon.

Her hair being blue and her extensions being grey, I can tell you right now, may look okay in photos, but I’m really life you’re going to be able to distinguish real from fake very easy.

No. 728366

File: 1573514298009.jpg (48.22 KB, 500x500, metallic-silver-tinsel-wig-pro…)


Yikes. Everything is terrible. How can she possibly thinks she looks good?
The crispy looking texture of her hair reminds me of this. The model needs to wrap some tinsel around her chin though if she ever hopes to reach INTJ icy eyed goddess level (she's a total babe though ^_^ bahaha)(^_^)

No. 728377

File: 1573515413824.jpeg (46.33 KB, 334x500, 0F43D050-8E96-4EA6-97DD-5327DA…)


The look I think she was trying to achieve.

No. 728385

File: 1573516222592.jpg (119.44 KB, 801x1000, 08-periwinkle-hair[1].jpg)

she was probably going for more like this since she keeps calling it periwinkle and purple.

No. 728386

She needs to get her hair professionally done and maybe a deep moisturizing mask, the colour looks mangled and the health of her hair is depressing.

No. 728392

File: 1573517241213.jpeg (216.62 KB, 1092x640, 48543A60-D759-4FD4-9392-E1F0C8…)

I turned the brightness up on this photo of her from the fashion show. Granted, it was a while ago, but her hair is SO over bleached it literally turned to fuzz on the ends. Also, no suprise here but even with the highlights and brightness turned all the way up “muh icy eyes” are still nowhere to be seen. Looking chunky and busted vicky, the oxiclean baths have probably done a number more on her hair as well.

No. 728399

I just don't think she realizes how close she is to losing her hair. She's been bleaching the shit out of it for YEARS and has more or less gotten away with it. (I know there are some pics where you can see bald patches but she doesn't seem to notice). It's like she thinks it couldn't possibly happen to her that she will lose her hair. But it looks like it's just a matter of time. Invest in some wigs, Shingles.

No. 728400

Her head needs to be shaved, honestly. This hair is beyond fried and dead. You can’t bring hair back to life, once it’s dead it’s dead. Throwing colour on that is only going to make it break off faster. When hair is over processed it sucks up moisture more as well, including colour so I can’t imagine what her hair looks like in real life with no filter.
She definitely won’t post any photos from her concert tonight cause she’s a mess

No. 728413

File: 1573518897756.jpeg (99.3 KB, 539x545, 8A44BB60-AF38-405E-AFCA-679CDB…)

This was a couple years ago and you can really see how broken it is, so how it’s still holding on to her head at this point I’ll never know.

No. 728414

File: 1573519038124.webm (662.87 KB, 480x792, bluemess.webm)

No. 728417

File: 1573519301998.jpg (79.79 KB, 1280x791, IMG_20191111_174022_699.jpg)

>Youre all heroes to us all

No. 728424

As terrible as the hair is, I can’t stop looking at how old a crusty those eyelashes are! It’s making me itchy just looking at them. She’s a walking stye.

No. 728535

yeah she def didn't have the words

No. 728554

File: 1573528606926.jpg (93.76 KB, 997x1280, IMG_20191111_201531_966.jpg)

Rofl she posted this status on her other Facebook except she spelled heroes like "heros"

Bonus neckbeard top fan in the comments

No. 728559

But you know Vickie was a cover girl first and was told to not compete in miss universe because it would make the other girls feel bad

but that girl's a total babe!

No. 728562

File: 1573529522098.png (2.93 MB, 1250x2959, itsabird.png)

This is a post from 2017 but I was poking around Instagram and found a tattoo victim

No. 728565

File: 1573530153501.jpeg (177.32 KB, 823x901, 2FD2E4F7-2382-47C9-A66C-C77A67…)

Same person…. another awful tattoo. The shape of this star is wonky af

No. 728579

Is that actually the stock image watermark in the middle of that gem?

No. 728595

I can't get over how this is just two different colors with no ombre/highlights. It looks like the bottom part is just mismatched extensions. >>728377 actually looks nice, but you can tell Vic's hair is way too damaged to look like that.

No. 728596

I can't get over how this is just two different colors with no ombre/highlights. It looks like the bottom part is just mismatched extensions. >>728377 actually looks nice, but you can tell Vic's hair is way too damaged to look like that.

No. 728604


RIP to that blown out font. I can hardly read it

No. 728612

kek.it looks like a can of paint was spilt on her head

No. 728635

File: 1573550253073.jpg (89.35 KB, 790x1280, IMG_20191112_021510_646.jpg)

No. 728642

Omfg, it is, and it's mirrored. It says IG Beaded Jewelry. Good find anon

No. 728648

File: 1573566952429.jpeg (60.64 KB, 828x372, 3CBF12BA-6179-4F8D-BFAA-DD1A94…)

Four am drunk Facebook posts. No wonder she never makes it in on time to her two clients a week

No. 728654


all her selfies and videos are taken at the same angle lmao

No. 728729

File: 1573582926973.webm (937.04 KB, 480x792, goingtogoseetool.webm)

No. 728737

She looks so goddamn awkward. Posing while talking in the forced/fake