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File: 1499013973067.png (119.2 KB, 887x324, Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 9.37…)

No. 344954


Admins said we can have a new incels thread so, we're back baby.


what is an incel?
>people who lack romantic relationships and sex, but mostly geared towards those lacking a girlfriend or seeking marriage.

since we've been off, here's a quick update of what's been going on in the sub

>in order to combat brigades, the sub now goes private whenever there are over 1000 users active on the sub

>the mods carkudo & dannymason are admittedly fed up with the sub and whining, carkudo even made a thread about it
>azavii appears to be getting fed up as well
>new user /u/dontcomplain1 is the newest "fakecel", with him complaining about being incel but being very attractive
>sub complains and cries about anything now and will demand the mods do something
>alia_harnoken has returned, still pretenious and fake deep

do not respond to incels if they post in this thread. that's how they were banned in the first place.

No. 344956

File: 1499014199059.png (112.9 KB, 963x289, Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 9.48…)

/u/carkudo complaining about the sub, which lead to users demanding he step down as a mod and calling him a normie and debating his "incel cred"


No. 344958

File: 1499014511196.png (76.81 KB, 568x348, Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 9.54…)

oh one more thing

/u/knajjd11 is allegedly an actual rapist and assaults passed out women.

No. 344959

oh and our catfishing incel, /u/drdolittle23 tried to catfish and then groom and then bLACKMAIL a 15 year old into being his gf, and the 15 year old said they were going to post the "Degenerate" stuff that they said.

and then, the trucels discord in turn decided to blackmail him, and say they were going to report him to the police and blackmailed him into making videos of him drinking his piss. which he did.

No. 344977

Never understood their whole incel FAQ and shit saying that they only look for a 'romantic' relationship, yet most threads are always them crying about how badly they want to have sex.
Truly degenerates.

No. 345086

Is there a full story to this?

No. 345102


he admitted in the drama thread defending /u/drdolittle23 and incels. his posting history is useless though because now he uses some script to overwrite it

No. 345225

Omfg his ~incel brothers~ wanted to blackmail him? Why? I doubt it would be to protect the 15 year old girl.

No. 345256

Petty bitching and infighting.

No. 345268

He drank his own piss?! how pathetic can he get kek

No. 345738

File: 1499120644446.png (63.31 KB, 439x477, 2017-07-03 18.18.59.png)


Incels are talking about their sisters:


>My sister is a prototype teenage brat. Every stereotype you could think of applies to her. Addicted to her phone, school smart but no clue about the real world, fetish for shitty food, dependent, loves to "travel", greedy, entitled. Also had "bad friends" when she was 14, engaged in gangbang parties and stole stuff

No. 345740

File: 1499120896047.png (131.94 KB, 335x837, 2017-07-03 18.24.28.png)

No. 345965

This kid really hated his parents.

No. 345967

I like how the incel sub just seems to be a mess of them constantly turning on each other, females tho amirite.

No. 345968

why is alia so obsessed with the idea of fucking his sister and/or mother. he's starting to creep into governmentgetsgfs territory

No. 346097

So they really hate this guy:

>he probably beats his wife (who he cheats on regularly) and his child and she accepts it because he's chad.

>I wish I could take a shit in this chad's mouth.

>He gets rewarded for beating up a 10 yr old kid by females. He gets money, fame, and endless sex. Incels can't even get a fucking hug.
>At least all this inhumane treatment from FHOs will birth endless amounts of antichrists to solve the problem.

>Moral of the story: If you're a mega-Chad, women will elevate you to God status for beating a child.

>I wish a gang rival would blow his fucking brains out already. Piece of shit. Just because he has a good looking face. I wish someone ran him over multiple times, and let him live. His face will be fucking destroyed. Live with the pain of being subhuman for the rest of his life. That itself is worse than death.

I mean…this is just some random guy who was in a viral news story because of his mugshot. Why does he matter so much?

No. 346105

File: 1499178903557.png (40.8 KB, 333x297, 2017-07-04 10.30.46.png)

I have noticed a lot of them posting shit about either wanting to fuck their sisters, or blaming their mothers for giving them "bad genes".

This confuses me, because incels often say that women pick mn with good genes to have kids with. So…are their moms just shitty at sniffing out genes? Do incels think that their fathers should have been incels????

No. 346109

>if you are a female below 180cm
Barely any women are that tall. I guess they just want the population to crash and cause a huge number of economic and social issues. Besides, women who are just average or above average in height can easily have very tall sons depending on the height of men in their family and who they marry, so his point doesn't even make sense.

No. 346120

My BF is that tall and both his parents are considerably shorter than him. Apparently his mom's brothers are all taller than her and that's probably why.

Why are they so obsessed with height? I have several friends who are either short and are either married or in a long term relationship. They should just get together with the body positive women who also can't get fucked ever.

No. 346126

Haven't you see how some of them have actually self posted and are just average looking, or might be with some effort? The entire reason of existence for an incel is to use everything as an excuse as to why they can't get a girl, so that they don't have to try or to ever lower their standards to fit their 'looksmatch'.
They are literally the most pathetic humans on this planet.

No. 346135

Agreed, their actual problem is that they're so obsessed with looks that they call anything below model standards ugly, they could easily get a girlfriend based on their looks but just don't want to have to settle with someone in their league.

No. 346136

Also saged for samefagging, but in my experience and just in general what I see online, men tend to be a lot harsher on women's looks than vice versa. I'll often see a guy that's average looking with a beautiful girlfriend, rarely the other way around.

No. 346498

aaand they're private again. most likely throwing a tantrum because of ~brigades~

No. 346580

File: 1499246139302.jpg (57.2 KB, 432x767, pwi2E2MJgk3fJgd_9SuIpw76rZVhjH…)

I think they received a lo of attention lately for vagueposting about school shootings.

Pic related. But I am finding more.

No. 346583

I would give you that teenagers and some men have unrealistic expectations about what a woman should look like. In general, though, I find most men are not as harsh on women's looks as women can be on average.

I mean, this is lolcow, just look around at what passes as disgusting or ugly.

Then again, online you seem to get the most vocal idiots anyway.

No. 346587

File: 1499246992195.png (55.88 KB, 644x419, 0zsCU-AID1wpYWtQyEPuECL-tNYPg7…)

When in doubt, take your dick out of your pants and beg for a bj

No. 346592

File: 1499248486931.jpg (79.04 KB, 750x634, RMD49daXu0SgH_e5ov85ySrPAi_tcJ…)

I haven't found anything specific about why they went private. I think they were just getting too much attention from post in shit like this

No. 346637

File: 1499259116963.png (56.69 KB, 920x199, Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 5.50…)

i'll take "ways to fuck up your face at age 19 for 200, alex"

No. 346638

File: 1499259759397.png (132.04 KB, 974x440, Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 6.02…)

i'm not sure what he was expecting to happen

No. 346641

what's wrong with plastic surgery anon? i guess these people have ok faces but i don't see how plastic surgery will fuck up people's faces either.

No. 346643

there's nothing wrong with plastic surgery.

it's that he's 19 and he's going to get major surgery (work on his jaw and nose) despite the fact that your face can change at the age of 19 lol. he'd be better off getting fillers since they're not permanent

No. 346674

This person must be a troll, you can't be that much of an idiot.

Also, only tangentially related since he seems to think so highly of himself: I also learned English on my own and I don't think it proves I'm incredibly intelligent. I was younger, more pliable and had more time. In every respect, I'm as average as one could possibly be.

No. 346688

Not to mention that these guys are so mentally I'll, that I would bet any money that they will be just as depressed after surgery.

Other incels have allegedly had plastic surgery, and it didn't change their life at all.

No. 347077

Surgery won't help any of them, I doubt a lot of them are even that self loathing tbh. I don't think it's themselves they hate it's women and "chads" that they hate. They think they're too good for this world and women have built some kind of conspiracy towards them. They think "chads" just have women falling at their feet which isn't reality, dating is a two way street no matter your looks or gender, everyone faces rejection and has their own problems. They have made up these bizarre standards and rules as it's easier to pretend that's how the world is, rather than they're probably just not good people and should work on that.

No. 347090

File: 1499331713089.png (99.65 KB, 345x622, 2017-07-06 04.58.30.png)

Okay, so I noticed that incels have been frequently posting about this guy, Jeremy Meeks. His mugshot went viral, because he is quite handsome.

And incels fucking haaaaaaate him. They see him as proof that women love criminals, and that attractive men get everything that they don't.

Here are the /r/incels search results to "Jeremy Meeks": https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/search?q=Jeremy+Meeks&sort=new&restrict_sr=on

But, if it wasn't for me lurking incels, I wouldn't even know the name "Jeremy Meeks". He isn't exactly a household name. I do not understand why they are so hung upl about this guy, and not…idk…Instagram Beefcakes?

No. 347231

File: 1499350845413.png (62.6 KB, 900x255, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 7.20…)

i vaguely knew of mr. meeks. back from when he first made his way on the internet back in like 2013 or something and afaik the only people who are super into him are the same type of people who like chris brown lmao

anyway lol here's a new "incel indicator": using linux

No. 347292

Lol. The students I see in college Linux classes could very well be chads. Even worse, Stacys!

No. 347312

In regards to lolcow, I think it's important to remember that we are at "bitch eating crackers" status here. If you hate someone, you are going find some way to hate everything they do/are. Even if they aren't ugly you will see them as ugly, or tell yourself they are ugly.

No. 347328

File: 1499361424494.png (78.93 KB, 340x540, 2017-07-06 13.13.37.png)

No. 347329

File: 1499361463991.png (23.1 KB, 388x127, 2017-07-06 13.14.13.png)

And before anyone asks, yes a shooting has been suggested

No. 347330

Anything and everything can be an incel indicator apparently. I remember a post that was talking about "incel face".

No. 347332

Gandhi also got laid on the reg

No. 347333

> Surely the government has to step in right?

Hahahahhah throw you into the loony bin maybe hahahaha

No. 347334

Shhhhh! They will use that as evidence of hunger strikes working.

No. 347383

File: 1499366640617.png (234.19 KB, 920x670, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 11.4…)

a new country has appeared on the incel map: hong kong!

No. 347393

Well, at least, it's somewhat good advice : if you're not happy, make some changes, travel and actually talk to some girls. Sure, it's wrapped in some stupid incel logic, but welp, it's better than basement dwelling at mom's house, I guess.

No. 347418

Well…the guy said he's not incel so he's probably got an okay personality. Remember that incels are absolutely socially retarded and removed from the gene pool because of their inability to portray a decent human being. The fact that this guy uses "u" and "u're" etc…means he doesn't have the intellectual elite attitude incels love to associate themselves with. Incels are under the impression it's their looks more than their personality that ruins them (maybe some of the more self aware ones understand they're social retards). "Just be a gentleman and get girls" would get a guy an average looking girl even if they were a manlet.

No. 347464

File: 1499377023293.png (419.56 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4615.PNG)

shocking, an incel learns that there's more to it than just looks and money

No. 347586


doesn't this piss off /r/asianmasculinity and /r/aznidentity?

No. 347597

Something tells me his height isn't the real issue here kek.

No. 347600

File: 1499392574046.png (50.73 KB, 896x159, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 6.55…)

hmmm i wonder what the problem is here

No. 347601


Height is not an issue, biggest crush I ever had was on a guy who was 5'6".

No. 347761

They are so close to realizing what their problems are, but it still flies over their heads.

No. 347762

File: 1499423470310.png (89.55 KB, 339x585, 2017-07-07 06.27.50.png)

>dear women: we know you just want to fuck us

No. 347763

File: 1499423642835.png (25.42 KB, 439x218, 2017-07-07 06.31.15.png)

Their thirst for Jeremy Meeks appears in this thread, too!!!!

No. 347783

>dear women: if you're even thinking about liking us, DON'T


No. 347882

File: 1499445993179.gif (7.39 KB, 222x257, m6TLJe1s4njuwo1_250.gif)

Holy shit I missed this, how fucking pathetic.

No. 347888

So, women would be lurking their board in hopes that one of these sociopaths look good and he knows because… reasons.

Fuck, the human race is so fucked.

No. 348050

File: 1499464528829.png (40.42 KB, 427x285, 2017-07-07 17.50.57.png)

>non-bone pressed erected length

This is normal

No. 348091

File: 1499469203730.png (268.86 KB, 450x325, 2rw3klh.png)


Girls don't care about dick size, you just need to start lifting bro.

No. 348223

My husband is 5'6 and I'm nearly 6 foot. Height means nothing to me. Or any woman I know.

No. 348537

File: 1499528763625.png (44.98 KB, 920x126, Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 8.43…)

i honestly love that they post new standards every day.

No. 348551

This types of ugly dudes need to pick up a skill and that's it, be it art or some kind of carpentry. Fucking anything other than sitting on the computer and whining about why no girl wants them.
They don't want you because you gave up on life and you're a sad pit of despair and poor hygiene.

No. 348561

The guy on the right is kinda cute though? I think so anyways.

No. 348576

holy shit. I can't believe the delusions of these people. I've had the honour of being around some incel types in person. One of them was obsessed with my best friend and her sex life with her then boyfriend. Was always bothering them asking if they'd "done it" yet and sperged out when i called him out for his annoying virgin behaviour. Sage for blogpost

No. 348767

Pretty sure he's wearing circle lenses. NOBODY has irises that huge.

No. 348880

this ended up on bo-news, lmao.

No. 349429

File: 1499624623917.png (64.36 KB, 883x189, Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 11.2…)

so this is what's happening in the sub.

No. 349504

This is some newspeak tier shit wtf

No. 349547

File: 1499636494274.png (68.17 KB, 761x230, incels.png)

If this is a projection of his fantasies, it's easy to see why AcneAndAspie is alone.

No. 349550

It is like they have no concept of personal choice at all. Even the idea of being "looksmatched" is weird…like don't they care about if they are compatible.

No. 349557

File: 1499637198990.jpg (39.46 KB, 361x640, 3ollXiOl.jpg)

A chick on Instagram followed and then unfollowed an incel so he messaged her this.

And from the comments:
>She threw dirt on me by not following back and giving me validation.

No. 349558

File: 1499637224824.png (107.38 KB, 893x500, bump.png)

>I could tell they were disgusted by my tiny wrists

Ah yes, because the first thing a woman always notices is a man's wrists.
Has this guy ever heard of a long sleeved shirt? Or I don't know, a jacket?

No. 349564

>it's truly over

Fucking hell. How do they go through life taking every human interaction so personally?

No. 349567

File: 1499637600458.png (89.52 KB, 344x594, 2017-07-09 17.57.14.png)

You are being cucked by your own porn

No. 349571

Except porn stars are usually prone to STD's which may lead to infertility, being ostracized and most won't be able to find a job later in life. Oh also, they aren't even paid that much and most do escorting on the side. (Kendra Sunderland charges 1000$ to have sex with her for instance)

These guys are so stupid and will say anything without thinking

No. 349618

I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. Incel nailed his dick to a board.

On mobile, sorry for links.

No. 349629

This is beyond my comprehension. I know that incels don't make sense, but this…

>"I do this to program my mind and body to become asexual."

>didn't go to the hospital afterward
>claims that nailing dick to a board has "deeper meaning" to him


No. 349689

>willingly nail your penis to a board then film and upload it to the internet
>but girls don't like you because you're ugly

Not because you're a fucking psycho! No it's because you're fucking ugly!!

No. 349821

Does it say "? SEX" on the head of his penis?

I am very surprised that his dick has so many tattoos. I can't make out the words and I don't want to examine the video that closely.

No. 349826

>online dating doesnt work for me


i need to take a break from the internet for a min

No. 349832

File: 1499670964795.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.35 KB, 640x427, LywKuna_d.jpg)

I answered my own question: yes it does.

Someone on reddit posted an album of the incel's dick tattoos.

No. 349833

File: 1499670990572.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.6 KB, 640x427, cnuitGP_d.jpg)

His dick also says "incel subhuman"

No. 349836

On cutting off his penis:
>That is my goal, but I want to cut off only the head, because I like pissing while standing and so that I can't experience pleasure but have a memory of it whenever I see the dick. But I don't want to just chop it off like a degenerate and go to the hospital, I want to do it clean and surgical with a scalpel, and I need a bunch other medical supplies.

No. 349842

There's also the one along the base of the head that reads "cut here".

No. 349843

File: 1499673115567.png (29.83 KB, 857x100, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.5…)

i mean, i guess

No. 349848

File: 1499675804194.png (426.74 KB, 500x281, 81F78BA0-3884-422E-B0D7-3D0A30…)

jesus fucking christ

No. 349856

>tiny wrists

I.. what?

No. 350147

File: 1499716039201.png (153.78 KB, 904x656, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.4…)

alia reminds everyone that he hates the most 100% normal things in relationships

No. 350149

File: 1499716100054.png (23.56 KB, 507x118, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.4…)

but he also posted this a few hours ago.

how's all that insane coping going? not well, i see

No. 350156

Replace obese with being unemployed, filthy, boring, indecent, and so on. It's pretty much the same thing and what they all tell themselves.
Too bad it's a self-fulfilling prophecy in that if they never improve, people will never see reason to be drawn to them.

So pathetic. If there was ever a glimmer of chance that they'd get a girl matching their stringent criteria, what nice girl would stay if she ever saw that mutilation. That looks like shit prison felons do to themselves.

No. 350491

File: 1499758634156.png (175.35 KB, 439x759, 2017-07-11 03.33.04.png)

An incel explains "roasties"

No. 350503

File: 1499761207695.gif (7.7 MB, 650x366, 466216.gif)

No. 350511

So how does he explain darker nipples and lips on dark skinned women?

No. 350513

Odds are he's probably also a white supremacist who thinks all darker skinned women are whores by default. It seems to go hand in hand with being an incel.

No. 350516

>That sounds not true, but I'm certainly willing to buy into it.

Incels: A Summary

No. 350518

The nipples are an early warning system for the vagina

No. 350520

Here's a good one: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/6mi2i9/would_zayn_malik_type_of_guy_would_slay/

Incels discuss if Zayn Malik would "slay" if he wasn't famous

>No he wouldn't. I sort of look like him, am taller than him and am more built than him and I am incel as fuck

>All us currycels look similar. He would be incel

>Zayn would be posting here if he didn't luck out

>He may be somewhat attractive, but he is short and half Pakistani and women only want to fuck conventionally attractive men

No. 350526

Damn, anon. I can't favourite comments here.

No. 350615

File: 1499785693239.png (512.21 KB, 683x664, Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 8.06…)

backne. the thing that women can't see literally EVER unless you are shirtless and with your back facing a woman is why he's an incel

also just take a shower

No. 350645

>>350615 Jesus fucking Christ these whiny manbabies. Waaaaahhhh I have bacne, therefore females are evil sluts? Bitch, get Roaccutane and learn some social skills.

No. 350705

The sub is private again, can spend all day talking shit about women but can't handle women talking shit about you eh incels?

Jfc this shit is such whiney bullshit, every single person has flaws they deal with. Your backne which nobody ever sees isn't stopping you getting laid, trust me.

No. 350707

Truly, the mind of an incel is a curious place.

No. 350973

File: 1499838634931.jpg (78.32 KB, 432x767, kU17RxwXu66_K3IhNZmBpyUa6dUFU0…)

they've been private for longer than usual now

BUT there's always a bit of drama.

/u/immovingtoislavista, who even managed to become a moderator was outted as the the normie who used to use the sub before being banned, /u/justthedoct0r. despite this, the mods haven't actually said anything about this but just moved on after demodding him and banning him.

the sub is falling apart and the mods are getting fed up with it. how much longer until they just give up completely?

also, allegedly /u/-222222222 killed himself. see cap

No. 350988

Incels are some of the least creative people alive. There are so many ways to roll with the punches and have a good life even if you have bad skin. Find a chick who is a popper and let her go to town on that back. She may not want to date but even if that proves to be true at least he gets touched by a woman in a nurturing way and he gets his back cleared up.

But yeah, no such thing as Accutane, tretinoin gel, dermatologists or estheticians to help with bacne. Truly, he has no option but to be a bitter Incel because the pores on his back clog easily.

No. 350992

Jesus Christ, these men are so warped and deranged.

>she's my "friend", but I refer to her derogatorily and only care about her looks and whipped my dick out expecting her to give me a BJ in appreciation for all I've done but she stormed out, women are all whores who only like Chads, I did nothing wrong, the problem is with them not me!!

Seriously, what the fuck.

No. 351013

Puke. Fucking gross.

No. 351014

>This is kinda where I fuck up

Why, yes. Kinda.

No. 351247

File: 1499885392143.jpg (82.86 KB, 758x703, 4e46ju8e669z.jpg)

No. 351288

So in that case shouldn't incels be fine with getting raped, since clearly the poor misunderstood rapist is the actual victim?

Seriously though, how the fuck can incels believe that their back acne or tiny wrists are the things preventing them from getting laid, and not the fact that they're essentially claiming that rape/sexual assault are justified or at least 'understandable'?

It's scary how they have no fucking self-awareness, common sense or empathy.
I hope none of those fucks ever reproduce let alone get into contact with a vagina.

No. 351298

I get the feeling that incels believe they are self aware because they accept they are ugly or unattractive and even SOME can admit to being socially inept.

The reality is they can't accept their personalities and beliefs are the shitty thing about them cos thats all they have.

>I may be ugly but at least I'm an intellectual!!

>girls are stupid and won't appreciate a man who is ~mentally stimulating

sage for armchair analysis

No. 351312

this should be the other way around
incels are fragile as fuck

No. 351320

Of course "raped" is in scare quotes. Fuck these sociopaths.

No. 351331

File: 1499892775248.jpg (51.79 KB, 888x139, IMG_4633.JPG)

this needs to be a header.

No. 351334

underrated post
i howled thanks anon

No. 351355

lmao accurate. What the fuck do these degenerates even want at this point?

No. 351511

She's like 10 in the anime, looks very young and sounds very young. Ok.

(Unless he's talking about her later appearances where she still looks quite young)

No. 351734


Here's the sub where the incels have gone who do not have access to the main sub atm

No. 351736

File: 1499933209600.png (134.96 KB, 369x845, 2017-07-13 04.04.52.png)

A man with a plan

No. 351738

>Relearn a martial art to get my revenge
Is this a movie plot or something?

>Finally take a shower

Hm, charming. I wonder why he's not popular with the ladies?

I do love how Incels use their "inceldom" as their ultimate excuse for their own shortcomings. Why wait to get laid one whole time in order to actually try to make your life better for yourself? If it's such a huge roadblock, dude should just get a hooker.

No. 351740

Or, you know, do that, be fit, clean with hobbies and a dream job and then get your pick of women suddenly attracted to the fact you're a normal functionning human?
Nah, kidding, you need to stick your dick into a mystical vagina to magically unlock the power of wanting to do something with your life first.

No. 351743

It's funny because if they had the drive to do these things, along with normal hygiene, basic social skills, etc. They could get a girlfriend. I've straight up seen "ugly" dudes have cute/pretty girlfriends based entirely on their charisma/personality alone.

From what we've seen, most of the incels are plain/average looking dudes, some even cute, but their personalities are just so awful they're near irredeemable.

No. 351745


sage for off topic but does anyone think Meeks is using this fat ugly british girl for her money? no chance he's in it for love

No. 351749

Missed your sage there mate. Honestly, he could probably have a thread of his own with enough digging, I'm sure there is milk somewhere. Or someone could make a Z-list celeb general thread?

Well, the whole thing was behind his wife's back. I don't doubt it's for the money though, she's not very good looking, but she is filthy rich. Really though, while he's fairly good looking, he's pretty low tier trophy material. He's covered in shitty tattoos, is a criminal, cheated on his wife who he has kids with, etc. Doesn't sound like a real winner to me. She must be pretty desperate.

No. 351842

File: 1499959403305.png (59.06 KB, 586x243, 2017-07-13 11.18.18.png)

>I'm a gentleman

No. 351851

>they hate us because of nurture
>no one is born hating us
>they hate incels and reject them for chads
more like they can smell the loser and woman-hating vibes radiating off of you for miles lol.

No. 351877

File: 1499964459138.png (73.49 KB, 920x251, Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.47…)

an incel traveled out of their subreddit and tried to hit on a black woman, by using one of the most hated ways a black woman hates being hit on

No. 352044

These two read as trolls, the second one being an Elliot Roger type troll with the "gentleman" bit.

Just the other day I noticed that guy going around everywhere to make a bunch of stupid, juvenile comments. He even goes to the "cute" parts of reddit (for cute animal pictures and the like, I mean) to do it.

No. 352065

Girls like cute stuff, right? What better place to meet a girl than a cute subreddit? Great logic

No. 352068

File: 1499990517991.png (136 KB, 889x530, Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 5.01…)

oh yes we're public baby

No. 352071

lmao, this dude has no idea what a sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship is like, you don't own her fuck head and if you treat a girl that poorly she'll just fucking move on, there are plenty of other, and probably richer, guys out there.

No. 352092

If you have to pay someone to give you attention, then yes you're sad and pathetic. The only difference is that SDs don't care aboit what others think of them.

No. 352127

This duudee, some sugar baby relationships don't even include sex, the idea is that she looks good, treats herself and provides companionship, not that she has to have sex with you 24/7.

Just use a prostitute seriously (has anyone on this sub ever even heard of a prostitute?)

No. 352144

when you're trying to pay for things even prostitutes don't want to do, the answer is not to find a different kind of prostitute…

No. 352159

File: 1499998677490.png (810.64 KB, 811x650, Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.17…)

/u/rippedirichincel absolutely refuses to accept that it isn't his looks that are driving people away

No. 352160

File: 1499998721794.png (63.35 KB, 946x238, Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.18…)

he literally blames it on his height and skin

No. 352182

File: 1500003183208.png (227.72 KB, 981x369, Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.32…)

No. 352184

File: 1500003239380.png (57.84 KB, 528x249, Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.33…)

and this is the poem he wrote. it's about elliot rodgers, ofc

No. 352196

even little people have standards, anon

No. 352273

They always do shit like this. I'll see threads being all "people hate us because we are incels, and we can't post outside our sub" and then I see the screenshots and it is the opposite of whatever the incel described.

No. 352274

Apparently, they are catfishing again


>We are catfishing roasties on tinder so they think they get Chad but really they dont

>No better joy than making a failed stacy think chad wants her

>I agree. Men everywhere need to start catfishing en-masse. POISON THE FUCKING WELL! It's the only way to bring down the online dating monster that has ruined dating for plain looking guys. Drive the women away from those places. Make the experience as unpleasant for them as possible - fakes, time wasters, creeps, fat shamers, etc. Bring it all crashing down!

>Are you people collaborating on this? If Incels want to make a significant change, we need to catfish hard. Each person should make +25 fake Chad profiles!

No. 352298

File: 1500023818070.gif (1.98 MB, 384x135, tumblr_inline_nei5ecDIJL1rip06…)

> Make the experience as unpleasant for them as possible

They really have no idea what it's like to be a girl online, huh?

Actually, why don't they do this against "Chads" - catfish them as women? They'd probably learn a whole lot in the process. Then again, they'd probably still blame women and say bad attention is good attention. Because chicks totally should want to have you open conversation with a pick of your dick, right?

No. 352357

File: 1500035770082.png (1014.32 KB, 1710x692, rrai.png)

If you look on Gucci's male ready-to-wear section, there's only two things that cost £1,140. So he's bought one of the things in pic related, I don't know which one.

But either way, I don't think he's going to wear it more than once.

No. 352412

File: 1500046980746.png (61.31 KB, 875x177, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 8.42…)

jesus what is wrong with alia.

No. 352469

I'll just say it you can only pull Gucci off if you're gay or black.

And I mean his money best spent on buying himself a wife

No. 352531

Jesus fucking christ dude, that's the definition of an unhealthy relationship. And I'm sure if he actually got what he claims he wants, he would end up complaining about how fucking needy his girlfriend is.

I used to find these people funny and slightly sad, now they just make me angry as fuck. I'm so sick of this nonsense. Women honestly can't win ever.

No. 352537

100% I want him to meet a girl like this, a true fucking psychopath who has no connections because everyone can smell the crazy on her from 100 feet away but he can't because social retardation.

I think it would be funny to see an incel go from over joyed at meeting this perfect girl to horrified by everything they've ever wanted from a woman.

No. 352538

All this would do in a long run is just make girls even more cautious and require more solid proof, like facebook accounts with tagged pics and a actual friends, instead of snapchat pictures. Or do what a friend of mine does and request very specific pictures. She asks for pics of them holding a specific object up to their face lol. It'll just make it harder for them to "trick roasties".

No. 352658

Knowing these scumbags exist is honestly depressing. The idea that any male I come across could actually be one of these misogynists who look at me with such disdain/see me as subhuman by virtue of being a woman makes my skin crawl. I'd like to think they're a minority, but goddamn they swarm so much of the internet that it's hard not to wonder otherwise.

No. 352760

They are a minority, they wouldn't congregate on that kind of subreddit with such a victim mentality otherwise.

Honestly, while I find them creepy as all hell, I also feel a bit sorry for them. I have known someone like that quite well and he started as a normal human being. His family was completely fucked up though and seeing how he turned up a few years later was really quite depressing. Unsurprisingly, he wasn't really bad looking or stupid initially, he just spiralled into his final form throughout the years.

No. 352774

The problem is men like this blame everyone else, particularly women, for their own shortcomings. Even if they admit they themselves are pieces of shit, they still wind up being school shooters who kill innocent people because their lives suck. I can't feel any sympathy for these entitled babies. The least they could do is off themself without dragging others with them.

No. 352883

File: 1500103323561.png (118.96 KB, 350x823, 2017-07-15 03.20.05.png)

An incel describes how he was panhandling, and a woman who was lecturing him wouldn't give him her number

No. 352884

File: 1500103574374.png (110.99 KB, 384x538, 2017-07-15 03.22.36.png)

An incel's strategy for hitting on women in the street

>I'd be like hi or hey then I didn't know what else to say so I just went with the do you have a boyfriend

>I remember crossing the street to get to one and I said hey, she started speed walking away

No. 352885

File: 1500103878872.png (57.46 KB, 939x203, Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.3…)

i refuse to believe that this one is anything other than a troll

No. 352886

another incel posted his picture and is upset photofeelr people gave him a low rating

idk maybe post a flattering picture?? is this rocket science for them?

No. 352887

File: 1500104051053.png (291.57 KB, 1888x951, NMV9Veb.png)

dropped the pic whoops

No. 352889

File: 1500105092027.png (95.49 KB, 892x276, Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.5…)

No. 352890

What is photofeeler and why do they put so much faith in its results?

I remember seeing a post about an incel who said he wasted money on that app.

No. 352891

That went off the rails at the last paragraph

No. 352892

it's a site where you can upload your pictures and get "unbiased" votes and things on what you look like, but since incels refuse to learn how to take flattering pics of themselves, they all get incredibly low ratings

No. 352895

>where all the females were too nervous
>I remember crossing the street to get to one

Maybe these fuckos should stop referring to women as though they're some sort of foreign species.

No. 352909

File: 1500112055099.png (70.04 KB, 443x493, 2017-07-15 05.44.34.png)

>since incels refuse to learn how to take flattering pics of themselves

Apparently, Chad doesn't have to take good pictures

No. 352910

File: 1500112155167.png (57.82 KB, 354x337, 2017-07-15 05.47.19.png)

This guy fucks

No. 352916

File: 1500114004740.gif (497.19 KB, 334x199, giphy.gif)

>denying this is denial

Seems legit.

No. 352939

This is really fascinating to me.
Does this all just stem from incels being insecure as fuck, and thus thinking that if a girl has had any kind of contact with another guy before she might realize how fucking shoddy the incel guy is in comparison?
Also I love how they just naturally assume that all women have such weak 'easily led' minds, when they're the ones wanting to commit suicide because they brainwashed themselves into believing that you need to be a rich 10/10 to ever get with a woman.

No. 352953

File: 1500128950097.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, 1497819315857.png)

They are very vocal on the internet because in real life they don't go outside. They're the shy, weird loners sitting in the corner of the class and staring creepily at girls.
Even if you ever had to meet one of those losers irl, you'll be able to recognize them in a heartbeat.

Because women are a foreign species to them

>if a woman has a lifelong partner, her vagina will be shaped after his penis
(see pic)

No. 352987

File: 1500136885568.gif (726.11 KB, 300x168, whythis.gif)

Incels really are the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 352991


this sounds like a premise for a bad ya dystopian novel, jfc

No. 353033

These men are so pathetic, they like to imagine there's some bigger reason to the fact they can't get women, and try to look for explanation from outside because they're so insecure to look into the mirror and admit that "hey, maybe it's because of ME as a human being and my personality and attitude is pretty shit".

The way they talk about what women want or think is so absurd when it's not true at all. Even being ugly is not that big of a deal honestly, I know MANY ugly and/or fat guys that aren't rich, that have no trouble dating, because they're genuinely good guys and fun to be around. Like actually good, not Good Guys™. They would see this too if they jus went outside and hung around with some people.

No. 353034

It's also because they look at every single girl as a potential sexual/romantic partner, and women can smell that shit from a mile away and will avoid it every time.

No. 353325

An episode of "Criminal Minds" in season 12 mentions incels by name.

Imagine my fucking surprise.

No. 353458

Shit which episode

No. 353467

>if a woman has a lifelong partner, her vagina will be shaped after his penis

So: does your vagina get shaped like a toddler after you had a few children?

No. 353562

File: 1500224102331.png (187.36 KB, 831x620, Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 9.50…)

they say that every woman gets the surgery to tighten their vagina post birth

anyway, alia is cracking. his posts are no longer as wordy, pretenious and fake deep and now just as bitter as a lot of other users.

it's always fun to watch them fall apart because they know their "blackpills" are absolute shit

No. 353563

this is a troll, right?
in which world do they think that women actually desire any of that??

No. 353573

>being slightly gay and pretending to love your girlfriends Chad crushes

What on earth does this mean?

No. 353574

File: 1500226262919.png (126.72 KB, 899x635, Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 10.3…)

oh yes, he is cracking completely

No. 353595

Ah, the whole 'look at all these situations that happen in movies that I've never been in'. Classic.

Also, he doesn't relate to either small talk or lengthy conversations. So yeah. No human interaction beside glances?

No. 353613

>normie things i cant relate to

i mean, the rest of these somewhat require you t not be a sociopath but it doesn't take emotional stability and being likeable to buy a groupon to go skydiving, the fuck?

No. 353652

You know that popular saying : 'if you've never been skydiving, you'll never get into a vagina'.

No. 353671

Some of this just seems like he's comparing his life to an episode of Full House, and some seems like exaggerated melodrama.
Woe is me, I've never felt a single positive emotion even once ever in my entire life! No one has ever even mildly liked me and it has nothing to do with my own decisions!

No. 353789

File: 1500251450320.png (995.21 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4654.PNG)

incel gate keeps depression

No. 353913

File: 1500269415537.jpg (80.92 KB, 941x688, 1456789098767890.jpg)

>literally all women are the same!!! They're all roastie sluts who are incapable of actually feeling anything and are literally subhuman and all they want are Chad cocks!!
>yet I also want to have my dick inside one, that will solve all my insecurities, my deep emotional problems, and my bitterness towards the world!!

I just, I don't understand how the mind of an incel even works. Is there any way to fix these dudes or at least make them aware of how sociopathic and bereft of self-awareness they are?

No. 353914

I think he's confused "skydiving" with "muffdiving". An easy mistake.

No. 353915

File: 1500270442729.gif (420.97 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lsgq5lhdnE1qchi0ho1_500…)

I think a bullet to the head would fix most of them real good.

No. 353919

i guess big pharma can stop manufacturing antidepressants now, the cure was sex all along

No. 353956

File: 1500286692699.png (212.35 KB, 460x860, 2017-07-17 06.09.24.png)

An incel catfished a girl "to hurt her feelings". But, when he reveals that he is a catfish, he is upset that the girl didn't want to fucl him anyway. Clearly, it is because he isn't a chad…not because she didn't want to go on a date with a random catfish.


>I said you wouldn't get with me though. Cause you want Chad's. She says Chad's aren't my type. I said yeah right you already proved it. She says idk maybe it's your personality and the way you think of yourself, you got to be confident. I said that doesn't work. She says yes it does just start being yourself and quit catfishing people. I forget what else but I know I ended it with just a bye. And she didn't say no don't go, there was no I still want to talk. There was just nothing lol. Keep in mind if this girl wanted love I'm 15 minutes away driving distance, u was very attracted to her face but she had a fat big body. So Chad's wouldn't really want to be with her. But still I wasn't good enough for her, like the catfish was. It was a total different attitude when she talked to him

No. 353973

Don't these dudes get incredibly angry when they "find out" that some rando on Instagram uses makeup to look different, as if it was some kind of scam?

I mean, I'm surprised she even asked to see how he was in reality. It's endlessly aggravating to see people who can't see what the real root of their problem is. Sure, maybe she wouldn't have messaged him with is real looks, but he'll never know now. Anyone would freak out if someone pretended to be someone else.

No. 353991

>Sure, maybe she wouldn't have messaged him with is real looks, but he'll never know now. Anyone would freak out if someone pretended to be someone else.

That's what kills me about this incel. Clearly, this was a nice chick who was willing to give him a chance, based on their conversations. But you know he convinced himself that it was because of his chad picture.

Once he said he was a catfish, she could have just been like "fuck you", but she STILL wanted to give him a chance and see who he really is.

They shoot themselves in the foot, and then say it is proof that they are subhuman. The reality is, she probably got annoyed when he started to tell her that she is actually attracted to chads, and was scared to meet someone who she didn't actually know. She probably didn't want yto be found dead in a ditch if she met up with a potentially unstable stranger with issues about women.

It isn't rocket science.

No. 353996

File: 1500294409252.png (100.08 KB, 341x677, 2017-07-17 08.22.01.png)

Incels discuss Eminem.


>But I know staceys and roasties like eminem even if his lyrics has bashed women alot over the years.

>Ive learned some behavior from eminem

A true incel hero.

No. 354016

Incels are being profiled to fail in society. This post is very long, so I will post the best bits.


>Every year that goes by, the pressure for young men to spread their ass for mainstream, social media-dictated culture grows more and more significant. Men that do not fulfill the social template that they are expected to adhere to do not get the same privileges as everyone else, and they are not able to get away with making the same mistakes as men who are deemed to be of higher social status.

>As a guy, to be successful in today's society, you need to:

>You must have what I dub the NWO Haircut

(He means an undercut)

>CLOTHES: Must wear clothes that provide you with a non-threatening, diluted appearance. You can never go wrong with buttoned plaid shirts, denim jeans, and the same innocuous tattoos/accessories that everyone else wears. You never want to express yourself through a unique style of clothing

>You must play sports, or at least follow sports to an enthusiastic degree. A guy that doesn't like sports is not considered a "man" in the eyes of society,

>Any kind of music other than rap/hip-hop, EDM, and mainstream pop music is out

>You must have the following social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

>Moral/aesthetic relativism is a BIG must. A popular opinion of the mainstream ethos is that "everyone has different tastes" and "everything is just a matter of opinion". This extends to Marxist principles of all kinds, post-modernistic ways of thinking, and the like. If you try to insinuate to people that there are indeed objective truths that play a role in the ways that things work in the world, you will be ripped a new one by most people you encounter in day-to-day life.

>People with mainstream social success tend to focus on individual situations, rather than overarching themes/motifs. This is why you see so many socially successful people briefly focus on news articles when they want to talk about current events, rather than complain about consistent societal problems in the matter that guys like us do.

>TL;DR: Want to do well with women and people? Are you good-looking? Have you ever watched the Bachelorette? Well, you basically have to be just like those guys if you ever want a taste of happiness and success.

No. 354023

>Any kind of music other than rap/hip-hop, EDM, and mainstream pop music is out


No. 354049

File: 1500304352203.png (43.96 KB, 890x146, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 8.09…)

/u/iamhopeless265 is constantly making posts like this, and one of the mods is deleting them

he also has a girlfriend, still and refuses to admit that he's a normie by any means

No. 354060

B-but his girlfriend is "not like other girls!"

No. 354067

He has a gf? And she didn't fix his obvious mental health issues????

My word.

No. 354069

These guys really need to meet up with Tumblr feminists. They're the other end of the horseshoe: Tumblr feminists have the patriarchy, they have Marxist principles. TFs think that society wants to impose unrealistic standards of appearance on them if no one wants to fuck them unless they go below 300 lbs, these guys think that their not showering for months has nothing to do with why people avoid them like the plague.

Imagine what would happen if one of these specimens had a date with Tess Holliday.

No. 354157

The same guy asks "am I sick for this?" In regards to his latest catfish.


>So anyway I was writing her saying I'm on my way it'll take 30 minutes, she writes back I guess you ain't coming about 40 minutes later. I said I got in a wreck. She says are you ok, I said no. I'm on my way to the hospital. I didn't hear from her till the next day on pof I wrote her I guess you don't care I crashed coming to see you. She says are you ok, I said no they said I won't be able to walk again. She says are you for real. Ill come see you. I say please do but can I get a handy when you get here. She gets all mad and says that's the first thing you say to me!? I say don't I deserve something I won't be able to walk again for you. She says I didn't say I wouldn't but we should talk first. I said ok. Then we talked a little more I forget about what. Then I said the doctor just came in and said they have to amputate my legs I'm crying. At this point I suspect she's calling bullshit. But she still said she will come see me. I said well their coming to take me to surgery. She didn't get back. Like 2 hours past and I said I'm out of surgery now I'm crying I can't believe my legs are gone. I said will you marry me nobody else is going to want me now. I also asked her if she will come see me tomorrow Its my first day of learning to walk on my arms.

>She says can I ask you something. I said yes. She says never in my life has anybody made that fucked up of a story to me. My sister is a nurse and you wouldn't even be able to talk if you needed your legs amputated. And people seriously have their legs removed you are sick and fucked up don't ever write me again. I said so you're not coming tomorrow? Lol

No. 354164

Legit mental illness. This is why normie guys have trouble getting girls because of insane men like incels.

And I'm guessing all these men want are Stacys. The only music you can listen to is rap? Almost every woman I know listens to a lot of shit OTHER than rap. In fact, many of my really attractive friends only date men that listen to the same type of music they do which is Mike Patton, Radiohead, Carcass, Joy Division, Bjork etc. I know these guys don't communicate with people irl but you think they'd check out girls outside of Stacys.

No. 354167

It's easy to tell yourself that every woman is the same when you've never had an actual conversation with one.

No. 354172

I know that, but I'm guessing these guys do their research by looking at social media and instagram. If you look through there it's not hard to find "alt girls" or whatever variety of woman even if on a superficial basis which is what these guys thrive on. It just obvious these men insist that all women are Stacy to fit their narrative.

No. 354174

He actually thinks that's funny.
He belongs in a looney bin.

No. 354199

A comment in reply to this post

>> Now you should be thinking about creepy ways to remind her that you have her address.

No. 354207

That's never going to end in a restraining order and a woman who's going to be much more wary of men because of this experience, I bet.

No. 354211

Jesus Christ. They are insane.

No. 354251

Unironically this. Just put them out of their misery before they pull another Elliot Rodger.

No. 354304

File: 1500334905301.png (545.02 KB, 605x453, 1488154025555.png)

I'm torn between laughing and total cringe. I say this all the time but incels are so ridiculous. By far the best milk in /snow/.

No. 354318

File: 1500336635224.png (430.56 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4658.PNG)

No. 354319

File: 1500336663686.png (386.27 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4659.PNG)

No. 354321

I agree. It's a treat for me to let these posts pile up, grab a coffee in the morning before work and catch up on /incel/. Perfect example of schadenfreude, but these assholes deserve the misery they think they live through.

No. 354323

How many women does he think the police are going to let him brand with a symbol before he's arrested?

No. 354327

zero. he's going to try it and the minute he even walks out of his house with his stunning and very expensive gucci super hero costume, someone is going to call the police on him and his branding equipment

No. 354332

I'm sure some fatass that doesn't have the bravery to face realities of life will have the bravery to become a vigilante. These basement dwellers can barely handle the every day non-existent stares of normies much less actual confrontation.

No. 354336

They don't see "non-Stacies" or unattractive women as human. That's why. And then they project and say that women view them as subhuman. When in reality they either don't see them as subhuman or they put no thought into them at all.

No. 354344

A therapist would be a hell of a lot cheaper than all this bullshit.

No. 354346

File: 1500341043765.png (52.55 KB, 460x311, 2017-07-17 21.21.07.png)


He is just adding to the pile of evidence that will prolong his sentence (when he is eventually arrested).

No. 354450

This, though I feel badly for the women these psychos torment. Also makes my faith in modern males drop even further.

No. 354453

But they also don't see "Stacies" as human either, given all the intense vitriol incels constantly spew about them. They just don't see women in general as human.

No. 354486

this, definitely this.

they've somehow adopted the thought of
>why should we? they only exist for fucking and children and they can get everything they ever wanted while we get nothing

they're all batshit, they legit make my skin crawl with their rhetoric and mental gymnastics as to why they're repugnant

and yet I still lurk this thread

No. 354487

Why do you feel the need to constantly bully and make fun of people who are clearly depressed and full of hate? They just want the same thing everyone else wants, to not be treated like subhuman freaks and to have a member of the opposite sex actually care about them. Regardless of what site it is, there are always normalfags trying to kick them when they're already as low as they can get, and why? Some sense of moral superiority? Do you see it as a punishment for some of them saying nasty meanie things about women instead of worshiping them like you think they should?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 354493

File: 1500364796574.png (803.45 KB, 600x600, 6a2.png)

at least sage your shit before white knighting a group of sad mofos who feel the need to bitch about every little thing that doesn't go their way

No. 354494

t. 300 pound legbeard who has bitched and moaned about things much more insignificant than being an ugly weirdo in a society where looks are the only thing that matters. You are literally obsessed with mocking and deriding people just for being cynical and realist about their situations. Of course you cherry-pick and post the most outrageous statements, but we both know the real reason you can't stop talking about "muh incels" is because they don't kiss the ground a woman walks on. Even a large chunk of the wildebeests on this site would laugh in the face of most incels if one asked them to go on a date.

No. 354499


Literally no one expects or wants them to worship women, which is just the point. If they're not fapping to some fantasy porn goddess in their room, they're fuming about how any "real" woman is inherently designed to enduce suffering. They lack clarity, they have such an abhorrently fucked up dissociation from reality that they can't tell horseshit from a bouquet of roses.

Indeed it is sad, but if they're ever going to get a shot at romance they're going to have to pull their heads out of their asses and attempt to find something about themselves to nourish that will create a sense of self-efficacy instead of the incessant whining, bitching, hatred and willfull ignorance.

They insist women hate the meek, socially awkward type, but they fail to understand that vulnerability is a desirable trait in a man, that it's possible to be strong and vulnerable at once. But if you're a completely insufferable dipshit without any self awareness or genuine human empathy, you're not going to score any ladies.

No. 354501

Nothing in this post applies to a sub-5/10 male.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 354505

go cry to your body pillow about it then, we don't care about your opinion.

No. 354510

>to not be treated like subhuman freaks and to have a member of the opposite sex actually care about them

Maybe they shouldn't treat other people like they're subhuman if they want to be liked so fucking badly. How on earth can you read these posts where they speak of women (even their supposed fucking female friends) with such degradation and lack of humanity and think "oh, these poor guys, they just want love ;_;"?

No. 354513

Oh look, it's an incel. Shouldn't you be busy pulling your dick out and demanding the girl you're friends with to suck it and then insult her when she has the nerve to run away?

No. 354514


Not sure if you are referring to height or an arbitrary numerical measure of appearance, but lemme say this.

I do not understand what the fuck this obsession is with looks and height. I mean sure, people have preferences. Many women talk about wanting to be with a guy that's tall, but that doesn't mean they won't associate with anyone who's not being scouted for the NBA. And when two human beings have chemistry, little checklists go out the window.

Petty shit like height, bacne and fucking wrist width (fuck sakes, I still cannot believe that one) are not important when you have a real connection.

But these dudes seem hard pressed to allow relationships to exist or evolve organically. They'd rather believe attraction is based on societal formulas rather than emotions and literally make up reasons women find them repellent.

Maybe if they tried developing a simple, honest friendship with a girl without the expectation of BJs, they'd get somewhere…

No. 354519

>do not respond to incels if they post in this thread. that's how they were banned in the first place.

No. 354536

Incel banned, don't respond to bait.

No. 354540

Incels always saying "we just want help and love" yet go on their subreddit, any time someone offers them advice or compliments their looks, they're told to fuck off and accused of lying lol. They don't want to be helped as it would mean having to help themselves, they don't want to become better people and learn social skills. They just want women to worship their dicks without making any effort but can't accept that will never happen.

No. 354567

File: 1500389289851.jpg (85.61 KB, 386x766, GETPhgIgd-BO9YhFC6pwpI-C9jbAB4…)

An incel lists out which women he respects

No. 354568

The same guy

>Incest is not morally wrong.

No. 354569

File: 1500389891314.png (71.61 KB, 597x306, 2017-07-18 10.56.07.png)

Dropped pic

No. 354617


What the fuck is the yuck factor and how does this moron define what is morally wrong or right.

So, how does one use any moral theory to say that a woman (or a man?) who has sex with more than one person or before being married is morally wrong?

Why is his grammar so fucking enraging?

Why do I usually feel some empathy or understanding for most people and how they ended up in their current predicament, even if they're garbage, but I just want to throw a grenade at that whole subreddit's population and hear them scream???

No. 354622

i honestly love that this damn subreddit does the fucking "STEM IS SUPERIOR STEM STEM STEM" circlejerk wen a majority of the users haven't even gone to college and don't even work.

whhhyyyy are incels always trying to fuck their siblings/cousins/moms? if anything they KNOW all about your unhealthy mentality and would keep you even more at arms length than some random girl

No. 354631

Ah incel logic. They complain about not having sex at a young age but also complain about women not being pure. Meanwhile they wish their sisters would fuck them while finding a pure wife that's never held hands with another man? Including brothers? These batshit moronic fuckers. Incel logic is the best because it takes such leaps of logic in desperate attempts to sedate their insecurities.

No. 354641

>Good at blocking stabs
"Local vigilante stabbed to death in failed valentines day attack" "Lol whad a fag :DDD -t. bolis"

No. 354657

File: 1500398371357.png (30.38 KB, 1164x544, multisim.PNG)

A: Stem is superior, as evidenced by this pic of my waifu.

B: They probably want to have sex with their relatives, since relatives are the only women they've interacted with in a remotely positive way, and since they don't understand relationships.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 354702

>but I just want to throw a grenade at that whole subreddit's population and hear them scream???
Because you are a toasted roastie with zero compassion for ugly males.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 354755

File: 1500402684320.png (119.41 KB, 885x341, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 11.3…)

that's also the thing, multiple incels talk about how their moms were too coddling/supportive or just absolutely frigid to them

also, this "totally not an incel" post cracks me up.


No. 354769

A grenade would roast them, alright.

No. 354872

I feel genuinely sorry for the mothers/sisters of these degenerates. Imagine finding out your brother is not only in favor of incest and sees nothing morally wrong with it, but also thinks sisters should be obligated to sleep with their pathetic incel brothers. I'd be horrified.

No. 354935

File: 1500417461379.png (23.72 KB, 359x146, 2017-07-18 18.33.29.png)

Dicknailcel has some odd views about big dicks

No. 355213

File: 1500462436916.png (153.47 KB, 375x837, 2017-07-19 07.02.50.png)

No. 355214

File: 1500462464818.png (157.28 KB, 353x989, 2017-07-19 07.03.46.png)

Part 2

No. 355281

File: 1500472679322.png (474.28 KB, 1242x1524, IMG_4662.PNG)


No. 355334

Scary he might become a predator for drunk girls, but he's probably too scared to initiate like the other incelrapist. Plus, he seems to have problems getting an erection. Probably nerves or maybe alcohol.

No. 355337

>I would love to see a Forensice File or something on one of these nutters
There's this one about James Genrich, a bomber who killed random targets in 1991. He isn't explicitly described as an incel but did write some incel-tier shit in his journal.
>"Valentine's Day is coming, and I still don't have a sweetheart. All I wanted was a girlfriend, but these girls won't talk to me. If you won't help me find a girlfriend, then I'll have to kill some poor, innocent stranger tonight."
>"These bitches still won't even talk to me. If I can't be happy, I might as well kill one."

If only the government had assigned him a girlfriend…

No. 355374

that so nearly turned into a rape. drunk girls cant consent

No. 355646

You'd think if they realized anything it would be how nice a lot of girls are even when faced with their level of bullshit.

No. 355652

File: 1500502361323.png (378.07 KB, 1242x1730, IMG_4663.PNG)

just some normal well adjusted guys experiencing normal and well adjusted emotions

why can't women see past their ugly faces to their right and shiny personalities!!!

No. 355663

wah wah wah! Look at things I can never have. I'd love to be a billionaire and anytime I see one on tv I think of homicide. Except money isn't a person and these pieces of shit want to own a human being. Post more self loathing incels anons. I love seeing their suffering.

No. 356033

File: 1500548547946.png (103.67 KB, 387x768, 2017-07-20 06.56.45.png)

All they want is a nice girl to date…brb spitting in a purse and throwing a phone in the garbage for glorious revenge

No. 356279

File: 1500575958338.png (247.79 KB, 1242x854, IMG_4671.PNG)

here is something i did to myself, willingly. but it's women's fault

No. 356289

I really, really, really need to believe that someone who thinks like this is only about 14 years old.

No. 356318

I spy a self-respecting incel.

He will soon be banned and then murdered for being a fakecel

Run away, Tymanitar, it's your only hope

No. 356343

>I used to walk around listening to rap, hoping a girl would fuck me

Ya, because that's how music works

No. 356353

I hope this isn't a troll, it's glorious that someone could be so stupid. This goes beyond Elliot Roger levels of delusion.

No. 356388

You know what would be the best punishment for these sad losers? Waking up in a woman's body. Then maybe they would stop whining "waaaah men r oppressud"

No. 356438

File: 1500596319206.png (111.38 KB, 383x771, 2017-07-20 20.12.27.png)

New allegations about /r/incels!

Apparently reddit user inslaught is apparently a rapist, and canino bought roofies.

If I find any caps with something more substantial, I will post them.

No. 356447

canino buying roomies happened in the discord. you can search /r/drama for it. they provided caps but essentially he some how managed to land a date and bought rookies for it

No. 357013

File: 1500666305832.png (84.03 KB, 912x255, Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 12.4…)

incel purposefully tries to sabotage some girls grades just because

No. 357022

Teachers will notice vendettas when they don't line up with other people's general critiques. If the girls truly were good up there and the boys a mess, the teacher will look at his sheet, raise an eyebrow, and probably not count it in the average.

No. 357250

What a fucking asshole. He's also too retarded to realize we notice when a guy is being a spiteful little creep. He's going to be alone forever.

No. 357273

File: 1500689235083.png (148.24 KB, 853x454, Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 9.05…)

I hope this ok to post here. This was technically a comment in /r/TheBluePill, but this user is a regular poster on incels, and the thread was about incels.

There's about four comments of him comparing incels to starving children in impoverished countries. And then…this. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

No. 357322

Marx was actually against prostitution in all forms and condemns the "community of women," but ok.

No. 357379

File: 1500709318080.png (108.59 KB, 494x567, 2017-07-22 03.38.11.png)

On the subject of "taking action", an incel announced that he is going to type out his manifesto.

I can't wait to read it.

No. 357385

"I can't get laid so migrants and blacks must be fucking all the women who should be fucking me."

No. 357388

I'm really paranoid about sentiments like this. This generation of men, at least online, really are so incredibly whiny and "waaaahhh hypergamy!! waaahhh women have too many rights!!" that I worry they will eventually crack and turn things back somehow.

Don't these monsters ever consider that they're wishing this kind of horrific, dehumanization on their female family members as well? Or are literally all incels suffering from severe mommy issues? Surely these guys at least remember they have grandmothers or nieces??

No. 357391

Thy don't care about their female family members.

Never forget the incel who actually asked his sister to fuck him.

And they frequently post about how they should fuck their family members and hate their mothers for giving them "bad" genes.

No. 357392

I think because they are extremely selfish in the first place they don't care about their female relatives. They are so afraid of any minute change in the status quo that all they can think about is how women getting ahead in any way will somehow negatively effect them. That and bitterness about only having their hand and fleshlight for pleasure.

If they stopped being whiny little cunts and changed their piss poor attitudes I'm sure they could find girlfriends eventually. They just don't see it that way.

No. 357394

File: 1500712130175.png (113.34 KB, 586x464, 2017-07-22 04.25.42.png)

>I'd fucking kill all of you Normie scum!

>I am the relatable underdog, not you; I'm the sympathetic loser, not you! I am better than you!

No. 357398

>and hate their mothers for giving them "bad" genes

This mindset is so absurd, literally everyone on my mother's side is short, but my father's genes (despite him also having the odd short person in his family) managed to make both me and my brother exceptionally tall. Why do incels think they only inherit their mother's genes? Are their fathers also manlets? Why not blame them for their physical misfortune?

Actually, this whole obsession with height is so asinine because I've never met a woman who has used height as a deal breaker, let alone cared all that much. Hell, I'm 5'11 and would be totally fine with dating a shorter man.

No. 357399

File: 1500714197860.png (194.81 KB, 417x578, 1500698924204.png)

With this constant mantra that incels repeat to themselves about all women wanting Chad cock, I do wonder what these douchebags think of lesbians. They don't seem to realize they exist.

No. 357402

They probably just think they're in denial about loving Chad cock and use their SJW hatred of men to convince themselves they love women.

I figured I'd just string some buzzwords together since that seems to be how the majority of their opinions are formed.

No. 357408


According to this post, lesbians and bi women are only into women when they are in between chads, or as a sexual strategy to get chad.

>Just to get it out of the way, there certainly is a subgroup of self proclaimed lesbians who are truly repulsed by men. They are mostly unattractive females who probably could be getting pumped and dumped but seem to have some type of rare self respect that makes them feminist political lesbians

>The other more common type today are Stacies who go on about how they find other women sexy. They are usually bi, or briefly lesbian between fucking Chads.

>The real reason is because the main female objective is to attract the Chad minority. Since female majority competes for Chad minority, they soon needed to adjust their strategy as jealousy only makes them too pain in the ass for Chad to want to deal with.

>Stacy cleverly adapted and decided to fake being bi because it will communicate she is different from other girls, she is able to handle being with Chad, and she is a cool girl. On top of that, she is engaging in something men generally give tons of sexual attention to, and whatever gives Stacy attention that's what Stacy does.

No. 357410

What about gay men?

No. 357411

Some of them have tried having sex with men and using grindr. But, they aren't gay, so obviously it didn't "work".

There are caps of several of these incidents in the past incel threads.

No. 357412

I thought the main incel belief was that women can get fucked by Chad whenever they want. Why would Stacy, the alpha female, have to resort to lesbianism to get laid?
Too bad mental gymnastics don't strengthen the brain.

No. 357423

I meant why do gay men exist to them? If lesbians exist because women are either too ugly for Chads or trying to get Chads' attention by making out with other girls, why do gay men exist?

No. 357440

File: 1500725553874.png (20.01 KB, 734x175, EF0DB50A-746C-430D-A216-89E312…)


Some think they aren't realz.

No. 357443

oh my god. their delusions are incredible

No. 357444

this is such a good point. women are so nice in general but incels act like we're the devil

No. 357445

underrated comment. thank u for the laughs anon

No. 357452

>lesbian genes


This is a good question. I don't really know what they think about gay men…probably something crazy like they only say that they are gay because they can't get women or some other bullshit.

No. 357453

They complain about them being 'below' the 'normies' and the Chads, yet they are the ones creating the division.

"Rub your superior status at me" he declares; he is enforcing the caste system, no one else.

TL;DR: Incels are the ones pushing the inferiority and declaring themselves as the lowest castes.

No. 357460

File: 1500727400473.png (146.23 KB, 391x880, 2017-07-22 08.39.40.png)

This incel says no, gay incels do not exist.

Apparently gay chads don't exist either.

No. 357461

File: 1500727528790.gif (3.12 MB, 320x213, giphy.gif)

so… how did lesbians contract their lesbian genes? from their lesbian 2-women-parents?

No. 357586

It scares me too tbh. I try really hard to believe that it isn't the majority of men that think this way, but I feel like every guy I meet in my age group (early 20s) has some really fucked up bitter vendetta against women. And one day "our generation" will be the one running things….so who knows what will happen then.

I really wonder how much of a possibility stripping women's rights could be. A lot of people seem to want to repeal the 19th, but I don't see how that's going to happen.

No. 357591

>but I feel like every guy I meet in my age group (early 20s) has some really fucked up bitter vendetta against women

This is pretty much men as a whole. Incels just have a specific kind of bitter vendetta.

No. 357623

> this is pretty much men as a whole

Yes, I'm starting to think this might be true after holding out hope that #notallmen, and that is what worries me. And some are very good at hiding it. :/

No. 357624

I honestly have to wonder what sort of men you hang around with.

No. 357643

what kind of men were you hanging around that didn't give off weird vibes like this? gay ones?

No. 357675


These dudes should neck themselves.

No. 357690

>And some are very good at hiding it. :/

Fucking hell, this.

>meet and befriend a guy at a mutual friend's party

>seems really great
>add him on Facebook
>so many posts about him whining about how no women want him and the ones he's been with were all sluts (warning sign right there)
>posts "why is it so hard to explain how technology works to women?"
>other female friends of his express shock and disapproval in response
>he responds "yeah, I guess it's like trying to explain how to put makeup on to men"
>another guy I befriended irl and thought was decent posts the same whiny incel shit on FB, except with the added bonus of /pol/ tier racism

Apologies for blogposting, but man, you never really know what you're going to get.

No. 358649

Time for a lesson in economics (vagina)


There is a lot of preamble that I am just going to ignore. It is boring. It boils down to:
>he will be ignoring gay people
>he will use "common sense"
>sex obeys the economic laws of supply and demand

Onto the meat of it:
>As the numbers of men and women in a population are roughly equal, one would expect the demand to be equal to the supply. One would also expect that the supply is spread equally amongst the demand - that all men are having the same amount of sex with all women.

>However, studies on opposite sex partner count show this is not the case. Even when accounting for liars and adjusting the median to the point of equivelancy between the two sexes, you still have a higher mean partner count amongst men.

>This means that supply (vagina) is NOT spread equally amongst the demand (men), as some men are accessing vagina at a much higher rate than others. A simple way of explaining this is using the Pareto principle - "the 80/20 rule", but that is perhaps an oversimplification. For the purposes of this analysis, however, all you need to understand is that "cost" of vagina in terms of male attractiveness (however you define it) is generally larger than its actual value (the attractiveness - however you define it - of the woman).

>It's also important to note that this cost/value discrepancy is exaggerated by men who can't access vagina easily due to their attractiveness.

>Basically, if there was a way for males to access sex regardless of their attractiveness, the cost of vagina in the standard market would decrease - there would be lesser demand for vagina amongst the standard market, but the same supply as before.

This lesson was brought to you by Pulling it Out of My Ass University.

No. 358653

File: 1500850193293.png (227.73 KB, 618x768, WdbmgXeMm7jR5B5vu6bHKU9ffDVTge…)

This shitty meme has sent them into a frenzy


Some comments:
>The more sexual partners a woman has had the more unstable and likely to end in divorce your relationship will be. This has been studied and can be googled for evidence.

>Females only respond to their tingles. They raised money for Jeremy Meeks, despite how degenerate he was/is. Females do not apply logic in their dating decisions, they all claim they have been abused by jerks but because those jerks were conventionally attractive they didn't say it was sexual assault. Females all think the same and have the same interests in men. That's why ladyboners exists. They all are attracted to the same men, that's why in FA the females there claim that there are 1 or 2 guys that they like and all females like but those guys aren't interested in anything more than sex. Those FA females reject 99 percent of men that express interest, yet claim they are FA.

>Females are stupid. They are all racist. They all have sex yet claim "sex isn't the end all be all." Their shallow and picky nature is the reason most men are not having sex nowadays.

>I've encountered such lack of awareness and cognitive dissonance before, so true. Except there be normies alongside them agreeing.

>Women truly have NO SOULS. They are degenerates driven by animalistic and base desires. Disgusting creatures

No. 358661

>doesn't have sex with hookers
Wow, yeah, only a dumb slut would want a dude who doesn't bang hookers.

>dick 6 inches

I mean, this also seems pretty reasonable to me? The average size is around that.

No. 358673

>One would also expect that the supply is spread equally amongst the demand - that all men are having the same amount of sex with all women.

If he had bothered to ever take microeconomics, he would know that consumers don't consume equally.

No. 358674

File: 1500852521600.png (15.13 KB, 689x184, m'rodge dicklet.png)

>Implying implications
Elliot Rodger's dick was probably around five inches, and as we all know, he was a gentleman who no woman should have been able to resist. It's safe to assume that 6 inches is a completely unrealistic expectation, since your average guy isn't a supreme gentleman.

No. 358704

>However, studies on opposite sex partner count show this is not the case. Even when accounting for liars and adjusting the median to the point of equivelancy between the two sexes, you still have a higher mean partner count amongst men.

This literally can't be the case.

For simplicity's sake, let's say there are only 20 men and 20 women in the world. 5 of these men are Chads and have had sex with all 20 of the women each. The other 15 men have had sex with zero of the women. Since this is how they think it goes down.

The average of the women is obviously 5, since all 20 women have had sex with 5 men.

With the men,
20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 15(0) = 100
100 total partners/20 men = 5.

The average there is also 5.

Men literally just lie. That's all it is.

No. 358783

File: 1500865424512.jpg (12.55 KB, 400x288, rapecatfish.jpg)

So apparently the catfish guy is being charged with rape? I don't know if it's bullshit for attention or not, hopefully more info comes out soon.

No. 358788

Please tell me this video is still up somewhere.

No. 358804

i'm honestly so confused with the virgin thing.

>all women are sluts

>>all women start fucking when 13
>>>all women lie about their sexual encoutners
>>>>i demand deserve and want a virgin wife

so they say all of these things about women, but also know that it's impossible for them to actually get what they want (by their standards)

No. 358816

if they make up a lot of unrealistic standards for the perfect girl, when they can't find one they can blame women instead of themselves for being single.

No. 358825

I, uh… I just so happened to download it. Do you want me to repost it somewhere?

No. 358852

Not the person you're responding too, but I am morbidly curious. Maybe put it on Dropbox?

No. 358876

Which catfish? There are a couple of them now.

No. 358881

No. 358883

I can do a lot but I can't do this.

No. 358896

Incel math is terrible. It's like the 80/20 nonsense, which posits that 80% of women have sex with 20% of men. But that can only be true if those groups are contained. The "top" 80% of women could only ever sleep with the "top" 20% of men, and vice versa. Someone must have found a study that showed men claim to have more sexual partners than women do, and misinterpreted it so they could whine about how only the top 20% of men are capable of getting laid by any women that aren't bog monsters, and therefore it's not the poor wittle incel's fault that no one wants to touch his smegma-couted dick.

You all sound nearly (well, not really) as delusional and sexist as incels tbh.

A dude giving you "weird vibes", or one bitter little shithead slutshaming and saying dumb shit about hurr durr women can't into technology, or an awful little subreddit that concentrates the worst of the worst, isn't proof that incel logic is the norm. It isn't proof that the average man hates women. It's simply proof that some men are trash.

I've known plenty of "Chad"s and "Stacy"s. They exist. They're the minority, but they exist. And incels see them, and extrapolate that they're actually the norm and proceed to interpret all their interactions through that lens.

Just like you all are doing, except you're working off the assumption that men are all raging misogynists (and sluts. I see the "men will fuck anything that moves" sentiment way too much here).

Stop it. Or get a new friend group, or move out of the backwards shithole you call home, idk.

No. 358898

We literally were talking about how men have sexist views in general, not that they all have incel views. You're trying to argue a statement that no one has made.

No. 358899

>It isn't proof that the average man hates women

Keep telling yourself that.

No. 358902

Also, samefagging here, but.

>17,509 likes on Lauren Southern's "trading up" video

>12,074 comments agreeing with her
>the extreme popularity of anti-feminists like Chris Ray Gun, Milo Yiannopoulos, Sargon, etc. that basically spew /r/incel and /r/redpill rhetoric

I mean, face facts, most men you meet probably think less of you by virtue of you being female. Stop being naive. Sage for off-topic.

No. 358922

File: 1500893062805.png (98.37 KB, 350x605, 2017-07-24 06.41.37.png)

This one is still bothered that no one wanted to go to the dance with him…in grade 6

No. 358923

File: 1500893429759.png (148.95 KB, 353x947, 2017-07-24 06.46.58.png)

An incel wants to combat women "dating up" through makes and cyberbullying

No. 358924

File: 1500893465242.png (132.41 KB, 405x793, 2017-07-24 06.47.58.png)


Part 2 and some comments

No. 358965

Speaking of lauren southern, literally read the comments of her "what every girl needs to hear" video and then tell me that there is not a growing resentment towards women from men. IN GENERAL.

Bring up the topic of single moms, of sexual assault, of women daring to file for divorce regardless if the reason is available info or not. men will show you what they think of women real fucking fast.

No. 359417

File: 1500932648578.png (222.25 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4699.PNG)

they've been on one about make up lately

No. 359433


>These sexually frustrated simps

god damn, that projection kek.

No. 359496

Most of the incels who don't have a fucked up facial structure would do well with a little makeup.

Then again these are exactly the type of dudes to say "take her swimming on the first date" without knowing that setting spray exists.

No. 360354

File: 1501023021475.png (120.46 KB, 329x844, 2017-07-25 18.46.47.png)

Cashier asks an incel about his weekend

No. 360361

Mentally stunted. The cashier deals with tons of customers and could give a fuck about how he looks, or what he does. She's doing her job. Of course incels think the world looks down on them when it really doesn't give a shit. I hope that girl really has a chad-like boyfriend. Hope she spends the weekends having fun and Stacying it up so hard incels balls retreat into themselves because someone in the world is having fun while they are stuck in their mom's basement.

No. 360398

Sometimes I wonder whether when these guys think some woman is mocking her they're instead looking at someone who's trying to be cheerful and friendly because they think they're talking to someone who's just shy and want to be friendly.

I mean, who asks if you had a nice weekend to mock you? It's just a conversation opener.

No. 360401

I'm willing to bet that is the case 99% of the time

No. 360433

Seriously. I'm a cashier and it is literally INSTINCT for me to ask 'how are you' or say 'have a good one' on the persons way out. They could probably be a mountain troll and i wouldn't notice. There's no bad intent behind it lol. They are reading wayyyyy too far into it

No. 360538

File: 1501037596132.png (154.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0826.PNG)

How will they ever get laid with their small wrists??? I know the first thing i try to do when i look at a man is guess his wrist circumference :/

No. 360692

>small wrists mean you never get laid
Well, I guess it's time that we had some kind of male alternative to the sort of nonsense like the roastie meme

No. 360715

Noob. I carry a measuring tape around with me at all times.

No. 361155

This is a long one but holy fuck.

>girls are only attracted to alpha males

>don't lower your standards, always aim for the pretty 8/10's without putting any effort on yourself first
>giving advice on how to obtain women on the Philippines

Why are incels always this scummy?

No. 361171

File: 1501105192035.jpg (109.89 KB, 620x384, seriously WTF.jpg)

No. 361187

what the fuck is wrong with them
dude i love guys with small wrists, sexy as fuck

No. 361225

I'm spitballing here: I think they might be morons.

No. 361279

I personally carry around my wrist calipers and manlet stick everywhere I go.

No. 361290

dumbass. I carry around a wrist caliper, manlet stick, a 18V SDS-plus® Core 360-degree Rotary Virgin Detector, a Bluetooth Wireless Laser Dick Measure with 1/16th inch accuracy AND a Dick Circumference Measurement Sleeve that automatically adjusts closer or farther with 1/254inch accuracy.

Get your facts and tools right, before you go find a man.

No. 361353

I've been doing this for so long that I no longer need tools. I can spot a Chad from .7 miles away just from seeing his wrists poke out from the sleeves of his shirt. My roastie is already wet and I'm punching Staceys by the time I'm .5 miles from him.

No. 361408

Do these pieces of shit even work? Or leave the house?

No. 361505

I didn't see the number for the last thread. Would a kind anon please post it for me?


No. 361540

File: 1501158437817.png (165.8 KB, 353x591, 2017-07-27 08.24.10.png)

>stop lying and admit that you agree with me

No. 361542


Why don't people like this normal, well adjusted individual???

>Lately on Facebook, I have been getting talked about again. Not just a few people, I'm hated by 100s maybe thousands of Bengals fans that used to be in my group I got

>they make up all sort of lies about me

>I have tried for numerous girls, I've called a ton of them a bitch for ignoring me, ive went off on so many, some of them has told other Bengals fans, so they say I have harrassed women

>Anyways I've always wondered why everyone did me wrong and why I was a nobody

>Now I know for sure it's cause they all think I'm ugly. This is why everyone is against me, even ugly girls them selves have claimed I'm a creep and a nut job.

Case closed.

No. 361553

second thread >>200110
first thread >>193090

lmao wow. his first mistake was being a bengals fan

looking at old threads makes me miss the old incels, they were delusional and awful but at least their posts were awful-funny, now they're awful-sad.

i hope angryman is enjoying his sticks of butter wherever he is

No. 361587

maybe because some women participate in casual sex more than other women, you fucking imbecile.

goddamn these people are stupid. i know they don't see women as human and that's why they can't comprehend that women are individuals who are all different…but goddamn apply some critical thinking.

No. 361764

File: 1501188596160.png (274.33 KB, 1242x1064, IMG_4711.PNG)

just another well adjusted human expressing a well adjusted feeling

No. 361772

But I thought all women were whores who are only good for sex? Why do they care about their opinion? And AWALT, right? So just move onto the next one and stop whining.

Unless you just tell yourself those things because you're a bitter fucknut…

No. 362313

>I spent time at my place, throwing objects around, punching walls, and suffering.

For some reason that line is absolutely hilarious to me. Like he spends all of his weekends just doing that? I wonder why he doesn't have a girlfriend kek

No. 362838

File: 1501321685857.png (49.55 KB, 347x328, 2017-07-29 05.45.40.png)

No. 362840

File: 1501322226972.png (189.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170729-115519.png)

Legit Kek on that poem, tho.

No. 362841

File: 1501322270047.png (142.03 KB, 542x713, 2017-07-29 05.55.18.png)

>genetically engineer a world of incels

No. 362842

>using slurs for both jewish and black people in one comment
>sprays foul odours on random strangers

No. 362844

File: 1501323303622.png (167.89 KB, 368x981, 2017-07-29 06.09.28.png)

Would you like some light word salad?

>6th sense with dealing with upset roasts tingles and know it's me.

>just pure roast burning in my heart

>I knew I won a personal victory because I didn't cuck myself to these entitled bitches. The older woman I challenged got submissive until her friend chimed in, I bet she wanted to suck me off.

No. 362845

File: 1501323333120.png (36.81 KB, 339x263, 2017-07-29 06.10.15.png)

The end

No. 362853

Can you blame her? Who never wanted to suck off an overtly aggressive, potentially dangerous stranger in the supermarket?

No. 363055


WTF is a roastie?

No. 363098

I wish every incel would get a machete shoved into their rectums.

No. 363099

>I don't owe them anything

This coming from a little shit who thinks every woman (family members included) who makes eye contact with him automatically owes him sex.

No. 363104

It's part of their weird lingo: as far as I can tell, they think that women who had a lot of sex end up having flappy, dark labia while pure girls have pink, perky labia.

Or something.

No. 363111

It's referring to dark, wrinkled labia because to them it looks like roast beef.

No. 363129

>It isn't proof that the average man hates women. It's simply proof that some men are trash.

Do you live in the real world?

No. 363136

It's exhausting that women can't even express concern or ire over the possibility that most men hate them for the sole crime of being female (even in threads like this that post evidence of guys being horribly misogynist) without someone instantly butting in with #notallmen. Yet no one ever butts in with #notallwomen when men go off about women being "thots", roasties, whores, shallow cunts who only want men for money, only good for the sake of being a hole, etc.

No. 363144

Because the only places that's usually done are places where it would be pointless to argue against the hivemind, such as /r9k/, /pol/, and reddit. Incels aren't even close to your average man, as illustrated by their autistic fury directed towards "normalfags."

No. 363145

There have been examples of posters telling others off and calling them out for just being a "cunt" for what they did even on that subreddit.

You are basing an unlikely conclusion on the posts found on a subreddit that is clearly populated by socially inept or simply crazy men. If you can come up with a logic explanation as to why it's a good idea to indulge in the mirror behaviour of the one you are criticising, I'd be interested to see it, but some of us find it stupid.

No. 363151

Impressive word salad but if you think that incels are the only men who feel as though women owe them something then you're wrong.

No. 363157

If you think most men hate women for the sole crime of being female, then you're wrong.

I'm assuming that you're >>363136

No. 363167

lmao y'all are so naive. Keep trying to convince yourself that most men don't see you as lesser and that these guys are just "niche", though.

No. 363168

I'm assuming you lurk /R/mensrights. I don't know about hate, but most men definitely don't respect women/females or their boundaries nearly as much as they respect other males'. If you can't see that, you're naive as fuck.

No. 363169

Its not as if >>363151 is wrong. Most people , be it guys or gals, want something from someone and have some type of prejudice. While people do not like to think it or admit it they have some sort of expectation of what the other person owes them. Like respect, love, money, ect.
-sage for a bit off top srrys

No. 363170

>If you think most men hate women for the sole crime of being female, then you're wrong.

And you're basing this on what exactly? Sheer hope? You realize that vast amounts of historical and current evidence can prove otherwise, right? You can't just write off the myriad of highly thumbed up misogynist videos on youtube as just "hurr trolls".

No. 363208

Most men don't hate women in the same way that incels do, but most men do not have the same respect or for women that they have for men, and they assume that women do owe them something for their time and effort.

No. 363307

File: 1501391158227.jpg (143.28 KB, 1394x1939, k0KVAwN.jpg)

okay these mes are actually hilarious

No. 363434

File: 1501421687447.jpg (246.67 KB, 507x712, chad republic.jpg)

They're great.

No. 363469

File: 1501426563802.jpg (111.74 KB, 540x960, 20374475_835354519962666_36137…)

No. 363484


underrated comment. pissing myself thanks anon

No. 363496

Does he really think anyone will believe this?

No. 363511

File: 1501431108104.png (394.66 KB, 1242x1634, IMG_4722.PNG)

here's another well adjusted person! why do women avoid him when he thinks such normal things

i mean they believe the story about an incel making a prostitue cry when it was super fake and they believe all of bf8211's bullying stories so yes. they will believe that lol

No. 363543

i mean yeah, if they want to grow up and leave the house it's definitely not good to spend all day jerking off

No. 363544

No. 363546

very sexy pieces, but i'm sure he wore it like shit:(

No. 363555

>menthol cigarettes

No. 363556

>menthol cigarettes

No. 363564

These people are the reason that there needs to be more restrictions on who can buy acid.

No. 363883

Because he's physically unattractive. There is no other reason.

No. 363890

File: 1501498027731.png (58.7 KB, 1008x231, Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.46…)

so the sub is closed again, this time under the guise of giving the mod team "some much needed r&r"

i called it that the mods got fed up with the subreddit.

anyway, here's an incel getting mad at a woman in /r/drama for wanting a guy with a job. having a job is now a chad quality

No. 363894

File: 1501498564109.png (176.76 KB, 856x600, Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.54…)

he wrote this super angry textbook of nothing because a woman said she wanted a man with a job


No. 363902

I don't even understand what he is on about. That's some next level butthurt.

No. 363911

>5'9" and 200lbs
>"normal weight"

No. 363960

No. 364955

Incels…want to have sex…with corpses.

I dont want to live on this planet anymore. YUck.

No. 364974

File: 1501645058590.gif (998.17 KB, 480x268, 1496234866637.gif)

This is so pathetic. On the other hand, having them make stupid signs would be a really easy way to pick out and avoid incels.

No. 365256


Quite the modest proposal there

No. 365264

This is hilarious, I wish there was a dramatization a la angela's bath vs body works

No. 365412

>we need yet another gender based derogatory term against women

There's already a depressing amount of those. Where the fuck did "thot" even come from?

No. 365434

File: 1501709034193.png (70.69 KB, 794x327, Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 4.23…)

>normal, average guys

Pick one. Pic related.

No. 366334

File: 1501817769486.png (252.02 KB, 357x346, 1327974741374.png)

What the actual fuck.

No. 366343

File: 1501819639621.jpg (133.43 KB, 1022x726, GzIF0cJhmagSZ9sTgYcUF_I0j2sMT4…)

and yup. azavii, the mod they always ping whenever anyone goes against the incel norm is tired hence the sub being locked because he wants a break

No. 366345


>the most Anti-PC and controversial sub on the Internet

They think so highly of themselves lmao

No. 366532

File: 1501864583019.png (Spoiler Image, 364.75 KB, 1280x371, tumblr_inline_ou5xrh9oYi1qevqf…)

the infamous guide to fucking a dog from canino1997.

absolutely sicking so there's that if you choose to read it

No. 366598

Incels may be disgusting degenerates but they are far from the most 'Anti-PC' and 'Controversial' sub on reddit, at the end of the day they're just whiny boys who sit down and do nothing all day.

No. 366788

File: 1501894344340.gif (473.2 KB, 294x249, 415.gif)

No. 366873

>How to have sex with dogs dead or alive
The title gets more worse by the word, and they wonder why no sane girl would fuck them. Not only female family members are targeted, even their pets aren't safe, holy shit.

No. 368247

File: 1502113293785.png (373.96 KB, 1788x1472, Screenshot 2017-08-07 at 07.38…)

Totally not racist.

No. 368405

File: 1502128944350.png (171.85 KB, 918x508, Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 11.0…)

a new incel subreddit, /r/incelreddit has been made in order for them to try and combat the fact that /r/incels is private

No. 368411

And not a single thing he just typed out here is an original thought of his. It sounds like every other incel post.

They actually believe this shit.

No. 368501

It's great that they do. Because they somehow believe they are top tier evolution wise. These weird manlets would be eaten alive if it wasn't for feminism and modern culture. Evolution usually involves naturally fit, symmetrical beings. Since humans have social based strategy as a means of survival, giving up physical fitness for intelligence and social interaction these losers would be outcast and murdered. It is only because society forces the strong to take care of the weak due to non natural selection methods of empathy and care that we nurture these manlets that clearly should die in a hole.

No. 368539

Guessing he hasn't been to Asia.

No. 368548



maybe if he wasn't trapped in 1952 he could get his dick wet

No. 369226

This news story about a guy randomly pushing a woman in front of a bus made me think 'incel': https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/aug/08/police-search-for-jogger-who-knocked-woman-into-path-of-bus

No. 369253

File: 1502273334985.png (137.56 KB, 433x580, 2017-08-09 06.06.30.png)

They're public again! So have some fresh thathappened.txt

No. 369257

File: 1502274551790.png (48.1 KB, 336x343, 2017-08-09 06.22.29.png)

Rippedrichandincel is allegedly "dropping a nuclear black pill" today, which will prove once and for all that…incels exist? Women suck? It isn't clear. But, it will be in the form of an incredibly scientific Tinder experiment!

This has sent the sub into a frenzy. I don't even know which ones truly think that a "Tinder experiment" will effect normal people, or if they are just trolling.

>Sure. A few normans will reach down, hold together the tattered remnants of their anuses and pretend like nothing is wrong. But the knowledge will spread. Normie males will be faced with the fact of their cuckoldry and femaloids will hang their hands in shame. The collapse begins here.

>The true target is the normies who are lurking here and are probably silently upvoting us (as indicated by how incel upvotes actually go up during public days, indicating that we may have massive silent normie support).

>RRAI recorded a video with every swipe to ensure black pill will be swallowed

No. 369261

File: 1502274981388.png (27.67 KB, 444x172, 2017-08-09 06.32.19.png)

Apparently, he is catfishing on tinder as a child rapist?

No. 369268

Why does his company have photos of their HR staff online? How did he have the authority to change his? What kind of field is he in that instagram models were applying to high-salaried jobs?

None of this makes a lick of sense.

No. 369273

And when have you ever considered the attractiveness of a company's employees when you applied for a job????

Like…what's the salary? Benefits? Vacation time? No. None of that matters except how hot the guy is who I emailed my resume.

No. 369275

File: 1502276960116.png (99.4 KB, 355x642, 2017-08-09 07.06.46.png)

More thathappened.txt

No. 369276

Most young girls don't order salads at a fast food place. They just order fast food because their metabolisms can handle it. Salads at fast food places are for moms attempting to be healthy while their kids eat chicken nuggets.

No. 369277

Sure, I believe it, I do this all the time. I only eat food handed to me by 10/10 looking people. It taste better and it up the protein content, somehow.

No. 369280

File: 1502279052658.jpg (57.61 KB, 640x584, b2QDixN_d.jpg)

I found the "nuclear black pill".

I am so underwhelmed.


No. 369281

Teenagers are assholes, the old dine and ditch is nothing new, but of course the incel needs to make it all about himself. Literally everything in the world is a complex plot to foil the poor abused incel,naturally.

No. 369284

Yeah, of course. He used a model picture and a stupid story nobody took seriously so OBVIOUSLY WOMEN WANT TO BE WITH CHILD RAPISTS IF THEY ARE 10.
Typical incel shit.

No. 369300

File: 1502280995212.jpg (50.62 KB, 640x357, GcGihfg_d.jpg)

Apparently, this was just a teaser for the main event. Pic related is the full version


Don't worry! He is preparing an analysis and a .gif for this whole "experiment" that I'm sure will be perfectly sane and scientifically sound.

No. 369304

File: 1502281165052.png (190.21 KB, 387x937, 2017-08-09 08.16.38.png)

Some are more swayed by this than others.

This guy is having a fit over the "lies" he was taught.

No. 369306

10 bucks says his profile said something other than this (that he did a minor crime akin to the stealing a Kinder Surprise thing) and that is what people are responding to, and he then changed the profile and screenshotted it.

Another 10 bucks says most of these women are bots/men pretending to be women.

No. 369312

More comments from the /r/incels thread:

>Everything was a lie. Everything 99 percent of men have ever learned about females was a damn lie. I'll never forget this day. Finally the truth about how evil and shallow and degenerate and hypocritical every female on earth is has now been shown.

>This is the biggest dopamine rush I will ever have because I will never have sex.

>And with that I lost the last ounce of respect I had for women. Just what the fuck is wrong with them?

>If there was ever any more proof needed that females are pond scum who don't even deserve to be called "human", this is it. Chad could literally commit the most heinous of violent crime infront of their eyes and it would only turn these hypergamous animals on more.

>This is it. Nothing can surpass this. This was the final culmination of the black pill. Like the last page of any scripture. This is it. Now we are left in this world to accept this truth about females and see if life is worth it. It will be miserable and depressing just like before but now we know how every female is disgusting degenerate and hypocritical.

No. 369323

File: 1502283514153.png (87.87 KB, 423x399, 2017-08-09 08.54.24.png)

And here's the analysis!

The .gifs are just of him accessing his tinder profile, and scrolling through some matches.

There's no meaningful conclusions to form from this experiment. There isn't even a control group.

No. 369330

Even if the child rape thing was there from the beginning, what sort of morons believe that a model-like guy who can afford to have professional-looking photos taken would talk about his previous convictions?

It's like saying: all women are shit because the cretins that bothered to answer this obvious scam (or are trolling) want to fuck. Where's his control group of everyone who rolled their eyes and swiped right past this profile or just ran away screaming?

No. 369437

what gets me about this is how the opposite has been done before too. with an absolutely insane woman, who happened to be attractive and guess what

guys still respond to them. hell there are tons of posts on /r/creepypms of girls saying stuff to get guys to stop talking to them AND guys still respond

No. 369448

>Finally the truth about how evil and shallow and degenerate and hypocritical every female on earth is has now been shown.
>every female on Earth

Imagine being this bitter about life

No. 369466

But, but, but… Women are supposed to be parangon of virtue! Can't you see? They want to sleep with convicted child rapists but not ME, a Supreme gentleman.

No. 369473

File: 1502303379750.png (31.81 KB, 360x190, 2017-08-09 14.26.22.png)

I stg they are trying to use this to "convert" people with this "new discovery".

They are just spamming it around, and brigading and arguing when people question it.

No. 369475

No. 369477

So what's even the point beyond that? Just convince women as a whole are evil? I don't get it.
I'm sure if I do a fake Tinder profile claiming I got my son taken because I was abusing him and posting videos on the internet, I'd still get hundreds of thirsty fucks who won't care.

No. 369483

File: 1502304360999.png (113.98 KB, 516x630, 2017-08-09 14.42.44.png)

Apparently, it is to prove that a good looking man can still fuck women even if he is shitty, and that women always want Chad.

I think you already have to have these views deep down to be convinced of anything from this "experiment"

No. 369492

Imagine being that uneducated about statistics. That's the kind of man that would never get pussy. Not even the meowing kind.

No. 369494

I noticed their downvote button is {display: none;} in the CSS, but you can still downvote on third party apps.

Has anyone else been to any subreddits that hide their downvote button lol? I can't say I have and I'm there everyday.

No. 369496

just turn off css on the subreddit

No. 369500

>women are portrayed as good and innocent in media
Well, once again it's a bad case of watching too many teen movies and not talking to any woman besides mom.

They act like they suddenly discovered hot water, except it's just a basic reality for anyone with a lick of good sense. Kek.

No. 369506

ugh this thread. i hate anyone who stereotypes people to that degree, race, gender, religion. incels are the fucking worst, they don't see that they're just making the women who might want them hate them too. they act like they don't care, but they do, they're just so bitter cause 'ashley from the cheerleading squad in highschool' didn't go to prom with them. so they act like it's every else's fault and create their own gross stereotypical subculture.

No. 369512

File: 1502308220787.png (229.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170809-214952.png)

Who even said women don't care about looks? Of course we care, we just don't only care about that.
Jeeze, the lack of logic is so frustrating.

No. 369516

File: 1502308417886.png (170.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170809-215209.png)

They really are jerking themselves about that 'experiment'. That's hilarious.

No. 369518

they think that "looks don't matter" means "looks don't matter at all" not "looks don't matter the most" and then they get mad when you point out that it's a combo of looks and personality for a relationship not a one night stand.

No. 369521

sage for OT rant but while both women and men care about looks, clearly men care more

some of ridiculous standards for what is a "good enough body" and always feel the need to talk about how "ugly" a woman is, even if the subject isn't related to it at all
ex: if a typically unattractive woman makes a vine of herself, the comments will be filled with men talking about how hideous she is and if an ugly guy does it, no one gives two shits

just the other day I saw men complaining in the comments under the video section about how flat a girl in the background of the videos ass was yet there were man tits flopping everywhere then when you try to mention how it's bullshit, they pull the "but but girls hate short guys card" as if a tiny amount of women who care about a guys height is comparable to the fact that unless a woman is ~perfect~ she will get the everloving shit based out of her if she chooses to show herself in the public eye

No. 369523

File: 1502308869684.gif (997.83 KB, 500x270, bhxfhdfxgjd.gif)

>This is why giving them rights was a mistake.

It comforts me to know these guys will die cold and alone.

No. 369543

>a PhD in sociology and statistics

You need a minimum of a grade 10 science class to know this experiment isn't scientifically sound.

The FIRST THING you are taught in basic science is the scientific method, and what makes a scholarly source. This "experiment" fails at meeting the requirements of a proper scientific experiment, so it doesn't "prove" anything.

>no control group

>only using one dating app
>~200 participants
>no mention of how many girls messaged him, how many messaged first, and how many responded to his messages.
>no consistency with his opening message
>he doesn't mention his "record" in the screenshots. He assumes that they read the profile
>no actual statistics were given

So…how can people believe this shit? A high school teacher would give them a failing grade for this.

No. 369544

File: 1502310499309.png (278.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170809-222644.png)

Diving a little. Look at that SJW-like rhetoric.

No. 369572

File: 1502312871886.jpg (187.69 KB, 1088x417, Untitled-1.jpg)

Apparently this "Atomic Blackpill" experiment is fake. Found this on another incel forum called Lookism.

No. 369599

File: 1502315603429.png (248.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170809-235155.png)

Things that totally happened at the brothel with my friend Chad.

No. 369604

File: 1502316323371.png (83.16 KB, 347x511, 2017-08-09 18.02.47.png)

Omg. This is Lind of sad, because they have been posting it all over reddit, and apparently trying to tell youtubers about it

That prostitutes's name? Albert Einstein.

No. 369811

Oh look, it's exactly what I said happened.


No. 369814

Assuming this is true in any way, it means her price is actually 60/hr and that she says 120/hr hoping some dumbass will pay it, and if they don't bite right away, she makes herself enticing by "lowering" it for him.

No. 370596

That sure as fuck explains the "I stole from the super market" message in >>369280

No. 371732

File: 1502617292176.png (197.36 KB, 918x600, bx5nhstciefz.png)

How a rapist/serial killer starts out

No. 371735

"I got upset that a woman didn't want me in her personal space, so I stalked her throughout the park, sexually harassed her, and then jerked off to the thought of her being scared."

This made me skin crawl. A lot of the stories posted in this subreddit are obviously made up and fake, but this sounds way too real.

No. 371738

r/incels is so fucking weird to me.

The first few times I saw screencaps from that sub I just assumed it was satire. Do these guys just never leave their house or are they just that fucking good at going stealth? I've legitimately never met a guy I'd figure would sexually pleasure himself to the idea of making women uncomfortable by violating their personal space and I've met some fucking awkward dudes.

No. 371739

>Why don't woman want to talk to me in secluded areas when I act like a legit rapist? I wasn't doing anything except knowingly making her uncomfortable and showing my election! The nerve of these femoids!

No. 371742

File: 1502619952315.png (353.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170813-122501.png)

>women seeking casual sex on Tinder have different interests than mine, REEEEE

No. 371744

File: 1502620198835.png (253.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170813-122916.png)

>it's reddit fault people recognize me for the creepy fuck I am.

No. 371745

This one is clearly fake.

No. 371746

I actually kind of get this one though. As much as folks may complain about guys over using pictures of them fishing, every other woman just copy pastes some Harry Potter joke from twitter and slaps it into their bio.

Tinder in general is a shit show.

No. 371752

File: 1502622269307.png (224.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170813-125936.png)

Welp, it's casual dating on mobile,it's not surprising people are not writing up essays about their life long passion for microbiology.

Here's a comment on the park post about how women are rude to be scared and try to get themselves to safety when walking alone at night and how the fear of being raped is utterly absurd.

No. 371756

>it's casual dating on mobile,it's not surprising people are not writing up essays about their life long passion for microbiology.
I'm not expecting an essay but if I read that dumb joke about being the HEAD master one more time I'm probably going to uninstall it.

Side note, has anyone else checked out subreddits with a big "red pill" community like purplepill debate? I always found it fascinating how self proclaimed "red pill" guys complain about how the actual subreddit was taken over by incels.

No. 371866

>'Next time this happens jog after her. Chase her for a while and then stop. Enjoy the fear you created.'

Man I can't wait til this miserable shitstain ends up chasing a girl who happens to carry a taser/mace.

Same with this creep >>371732

No. 371873

He clearly changed the bio then screenshotted afterwards.

Why would one of the women ask 'how bad does this bad boy get?' when he listed what his crimes were in his bio?

And even if these women aren't bots, this is like going to the hybristophilia fandom and basing your perception of women from there. A small selection of crazies ≠ the norm.

All it proves that people always make excuses for good looking people, which applies to either gender. Anyone remember the media storm over pedophile teachers like Debra Lafave, Carrie McCandless etc, and all the men (including the judge) who raved about how hot these women were and how they should be let off simply for being pretty?

No. 371874

No. 371915

Why do you post a bunch of versions of your posts and then delete the others? Just review what you write.

No. 371931

The guys are just as bad though. 85% of them is into traveling, lifting/crossfit and ~carpe diem~. Oh, and they mske sure to let women know they're not prince charmings but are looking for irl porn star princess.
So glad I am never going to install the app again.
The incel should create a fake girl profile and take a look at all the shitstain exampkes of a gender he probably considers superior. Fucking yikes

No. 372114

It's a meeting place for basics to have sex with other basics. If you're an obscure snowflake you'd be better off sticking to okcupid.

Funnily enough I've never seen a profile with a picture of a guy fishing, that must be a North American thing. Most here are vain gym selfies or clubbing pics. Be thankful your men haven't all turned into metrosexual juicehead cucks.

No. 372220

>The incel should create a fake girl profile and take a look at all the shitstain exampkes of a gender he probably considers superior.
Can't help but think back to this

No. 373099

File: 1502852620450.png (307.92 KB, 711x548, 1501654517382.png)

>complains about women being concerned about being stalked and raped
>follow teh womenz hurr durr
Man I hope the next woman he follows has a gun, a taser/mace is too little punishment for these morons.

No. 375372

No. 375883

File: 1503234384483.jpg (9.12 KB, 403x403, swans_the_sneer.jpg)

So this is why they keep deleting the sub. I've followed these people since the days governments get girlfriends was still around. He was a true lolcow, but Subredditdrama scared him off the platform a couple years ago as far as I'm aware. Here's the vintage 2013 incel milk:


Someone please make a r/incels greatest hits compilation featuring:
particularly the cuck fetish bits and confusion over female anatomy.

Also, people like >>353956 have obviously never seen one of Charms' threads lel

No. 376720

File: 1503348054137.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170821-223625.png)

Aren't you guys so happy the criteria for beauty in women is so low? Must suck to need to be as pretty as men are expected to be all the time.

No. 376724

The victim complex is high in whoever made this. Just can't bring up the problems with expectations for men without demeaning women, if that was all I needed as a woman to be considered 'hot' i'd be so happy.

In fact they can't really do anything without demeaning women so meh.

No. 376725

File: 1503348398410.png (873.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170821-224412.png)

What's with the Tinder obsession? Maybe someone should tell them there are other more efficient ways to find mates if you're not exactly conventionally attractive.

No. 376727

An incel obviously made this.

Cellulite, stretch marks, waist not small enough, hips not big enough, breasts not big enough, body hair, uneven skin tone, nipples are a weird shape, nipples are too big, vagina is a weird color, vagina is an outie, ass not shapely enough, exc exc : all these things are things I've heard men complain about when it comes to women.

It's almost like both sexes have practically unattainable beauty standards that most people can't meet. Get the fuck over it. It's just the way it is.

No. 376730

File: 1503348534034.png (233.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170821-224819.png)

>Incels : Mommy issues edition

No. 376732

File: 1503348789244.png (276.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170821-225157.png)

Everyone is out to get Incels, it's like a national sport.

No. 376740

A man's idea of thin is really 'toned and fit with little to no body fat'.

Ever seen that picture of a bunch of average irish girls standing naked in front of a fence? They're almost all quite slim, but they clearly don't work out so a fair few have flat or saggy or cellulite-y asses. Every time it's posted on 4chan the responses are so strongly negative to these legitimately average girls that irish asses have turned into a meme. The reactions are even worse than they are to fat girls, because they genuinely don't expect skinny girls to look like that under their clothes. They're so used to seeing skinny porn stars and camwhores naked instead of normal girls that they don't realize how their standards for 'somewhat slim' really are.

No. 376829

Do they seriously think women can control their breast size and facial features? I think most "completely flat" and/or "comically ugly" women would like to change that about themselves but obviously can't. Plus I seriously don't understand how sheltered these people can be, men make shitty comments about women's looks all the time and tons of men have ridiculous standards, especially on the fucking incel boards that these guys frequent.

Anyone know if there's some clinical name for this level of ignoring reality?

I've seen this too, it's pretty sad. Kind of related is that a lot of guys don't seem to "see" photoshop, photo editing and plastic surgery (no matter how obvious it all may be). I've seen them post these ridiculously retouched photos and then complain that there aren't more girls like that.

No. 376916

Not to mention the amount of dudes who can't tell when a girl has breast implants/augmentation.

No. 377022

File: 1503393206181.png (136.51 KB, 340x893, 2017-08-22 05.07.16.png)

An incel tries to drop a truth bomb on all Stacie's about ugly men. But instead, he sounds like an alien trying to describe a human:

>Let's be honest. If your boyfriend had down tilted eyes, high hairline, crappy beard genetics where you can't even get fucking stubble, too much upper eyelid exposure, beta puppy eyes like blackops2cel, narrow jaw, no chin, framecel, manlet (<5'8), skincel, overbite, and other unattractive features the only reason you are with him is because you went through your whore phase, and just want to settle down.

So take THAT, feeeemales!

No. 377045

This is really just insane. Their whole argument here is essentially
>Keep in mind that any evidence contrary to what I say is a LIE and isn't true

Tinder seems like heaven to them I suppose, I think they view it like ordering something off amazon.

Also I love how the Tyrone picture looks like those peanut shaped packing foam things that stuff gets shipped with sometimes, nothing quite gets me going like a man who resembles a gourd.

No. 377170

I'm pretty sure these dudes don't want to admit that for many women, personality is what they look for when deciding to date/engage with a guy because if they did admit it they'd have to realise how shitty their personalities are.

No. 377250

File: 1503431591470.png (853.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170822-215214.png)

Getting onion PTSD just from looking at what they deem attractive in a man

No. 377261

omfg what.

the dude in the top left looks like a fucking comic book villain. They are so delusional.

No. 377269

is that gerg in the top left

No. 377276

Its Ian Somerholder and this makes me feel so sad. He's a good looking dude and Onion always compares himself to him. But those eyebrows…no…

No. 377294

Is bottom right on drugs?

He looks like a villain because he looks like Onision lol

No. 377310

The bottom right looks like someone who would murder you and then rape your dead corpse.

The fuck is this?

No. 377312

File: 1503436634609.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170822-231505.png)

Bottom right is this guy, he's one of the users and is now one of their resident meme.

No. 377313

I was going to ask the same thing! I think it might be.

No. 377316

File: 1503436903004.png (298.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170822-231900.png)

Ranting about how women don't want to hear guys whine about their unattractiveness and how 'pro-female' women are invading their hugbox.

No. 377323


They all look like serial killers

No. 377334

File: 1503437095526.png (217.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170822-232411.png)

No. 377369

This pictures gives me the heebie jeebies everytime I see it. Those eyes are highkey scary. That dull, blank stare with those insanely huge irises…

No. 377464

IIRC this guy isn't even incel, he posted this picture on an r/rateme thread a while back and the incels jumped on it, I guess because it makes them feel better about themselves that they're supposedly more attractive than him. I honestly feel bad for the dude.

No. 377554

Learn how to meme pls guys.

See >>348091

99% sure he's wearing circle lenses in that pic. Nobody's irises could be that large naturally…or could they?

No. 377569

The thing I find most pathetic about them is how they despise normies, yet how badly they long to become a normie Chad, and how much they want to fuck normie girls.

They bitch and moan about Chad being able to get away with being a sexist asshole bc he's good looking, as if it's a gendered issue, when it's not at all. Men will similarly whiteknight and defend everything a 10/10 female does, it's a two way street.

Thing is, if they started looking outside the basic bitch dating pool, they'd probably find a girlfriend relatively easily.

Because they refuse to drop their standards even a little bit (despite their own shortcomings and character flaws), and demand naturally gorgeous model tier girls with huge asses and natural boobs, they've imposed this inceldom on themselves. I have no sympathy for them.

No. 377586

>upper eyelid exposure of more than 1.5 mm = death

>too much upper eyelid exposure

yea i know this is like one of the main things i'm looking for in a dude.

No. 377589

Some anxiety medications have pupil dilation as a side effect, so there's a chance it's that.

No. 377596

But his pupils aren't enlarged. In fact, the sun is shining in his eyes in that pic, so you can see that he has pinpoint pupils.

It's the size of his actual iris and the smaller amount of white that is so weird.

I can kinda see a black limbal ring so I'm gonna go with circle lenses.

Sage for armchair eyeball analysis?

No. 379344

File: 1503653477290.png (131.37 KB, 339x892, 2017-08-25 05.27.57.png)

An incel warns others about the stresses of maintaining a relationship.

No. 379345

File: 1503653760180.jpg (133.02 KB, 737x762, espFEJrUfZ7Nr7NlFtCJvlNbHggkdI…)

Found on /r/inceltears

No. 380050

How the fuck can someone even be this self-centered lmao
Therapists probably deal with worse cases than that on a daily basis. A porn addiction is nothing unusual.

No. 380053


Incels are incredibly self centered and think their neuroses are uniquely special so it doesn't surprise me at all that they think this, but therapists really don't think about their clients outside of work. A shy, weirdo porn addict would even be a pretty boring case.

No. 380123

Or they could date normal girls instead of sex-addicted superficial Stacys.

No. 380142

Hah, little do they know that women really spend most of their time talking about other women.
No girls I know spend any time talking about the creepy dude who sits near you in history class.

No. 381652

same here. the pusher was DEFO mad about being rejected by a -femoid-

No. 381660

Because they don't see any difference. Women who have done so much as look at another man make them feel sexually insecure, so all women are nasty sex-addicted whores only after Chads dick. It's got nothing to do with any kind of reality, so don't bother trying to apply it.

No. 381663

but they -want- the stacy. these types of dudes are always only interested in the most feminine gender-role reliant girls they can find, because they're the type of dude who thinks they deserve them.

No. 381668


No. 382376

File: 1504004543825.png (63.57 KB, 574x272, 2017-08-29 06.58.12.png)

An incel borrowed his friend's phone and used it to steal nudes of the friend's gf. He then posted the stolen nudes to /r/incels.

I missed the original posts (he made two of them), but the evidence is still available in the OP's history.

>Amazing idea! I don't know her address but I can find out.

>Hm, I'm hoping that I won't get in any sort of trouble… I could go to her Facebook and send you a normal pic with her face in it?

No. 382377

File: 1504004620094.png (25.71 KB, 525x130, 2017-08-29 06.58.31.png)

>I whited out her face though. Besides she deserves it. If she doesn't want her pic out there she wouldn't have sent it to her normie boyfriend. She is hot though guys. Hope I can swipe more pics of her. Damn.

No. 382381

File: 1504005450543.jpg (44.36 KB, 451x326, 1503040334534.jpg)

>If she doesn't want her pic out there she wouldn't have sent it to her boyfriend.
>took the phone and stole the pictures

Jesus christ, I hope the guy finds out and beats the shit out of him.

I just can't deal with these retards anymore.

No. 382384

Oh, this guy is totally going to get caught.

If he actually gave away unedited pics from her Facebook, at least one guy on that sub will be crazy enough to start harassing her.

And that's assuming he covered his tracks on his phone. How much you want to bet that he just texted himself the photos? If he didn't delete those texts, the friend will find out.

If the friend ever borrows the incel's phone, he might see the pics saved on the phone.

He might even get caught trying to steal more in the future.

No. 382395

It's the icing on the cake that he lists "drinking alcohol" about the same level of "threesomes" and "orgies". Cracks me up.

No. 382450

File: 1504016591549.png (80.42 KB, 299x798, 2017-08-29 10.17.23.png)


The girl was notified about the /r/incels post with her nudes, and allegedly contacted her bf and the police.

No. 382452

holy shit hahaha he backpedaled into oblivion.

No. 382454

File: 1504016768250.png (41.74 KB, 289x326, 2017-08-29 10.23.10.png)

>you're being such a fucking drama queen

No. 382455

Hahahaha, sweet justice. Hope he gets beaten up.

No. 382475

Lmao this is great, he deserves this

No. 382476


Does anyone else think this might be fake? Idk I just get the feeling this dude manufactured drama and made an account to pretend to be her. Maybe he really did steal the nudes, but I kind of doubt that account is the girl?

No. 382669



>user has been suspended

hahahahah glorious!!

No. 382749

File: 1504039547586.png (101.73 KB, 422x435, 2017-08-29 16.39.44.png)

Apparently, he got caught because he bragged to someone IRL.

Even if its fake, these posts got his account suspended. So, he played himself.

No. 382751

File: 1504039631385.png (27.91 KB, 396x199, 2017-08-29 16.41.30.png)

There's a lot to unpack here

No. 383046

And you know, blood. So much blood.

No. 383100

Sigh. Once again no knowledge of the female anatomy. And they actually do this in some countries. Female Genital Mutilation includes cutting off the clit, sewing the vagina almost completely closed (allowing for menstruation). Must have been a group of incels that thought it up historically.

He's right. Her boyfriend doesn't have the most defining trait of an incel which is constant self-pity. The most unattractive trait.

No. 383129


What are you, some kind of female incel?

No. 383171

File: 1504108497997.jpg (338.34 KB, 1242x1339, IMG_1210.JPG)

Apparently the same creep who chased after that girl in the park and then proceeded to masturbate to the thought of scaring her landed a date a while after that incident.


No. 383172

File: 1504108528890.jpg (366.89 KB, 1242x1464, IMG_1211.JPG)


No. 383173

File: 1504108546033.jpg (479.83 KB, 1242x1634, IMG_1212.JPG)


No. 383180

>man speaks to woman and realises that she's a human being

No. 383183

I'm so conflicted!

He is obviously a creep for the park incident, but I am kind of happy for him about the date.

Hopefully, this will help him get away from /r/incels.

No. 383225

File: 1504112839648.png (98.67 KB, 344x668, 2017-08-30 13.03.53.png)

An incel hears his neighbor having sex, and punches the wall in anger.

He also thinks moaning should be illegal.

No. 383246

>It's a whore's call for the nearest males to come and fight eachother to death so that the last survivor will breed the femoid with his superior genes.
>If we still lived in the jungle and i heard ythat noise, i would approach the male fucker and knock him up with my caveman bat

Lmao, how much would anyone bet that this ultra beta stayed up the whole night yanking it to this retarded fanfiction?

No. 383254


i hope he doesn't fuck up and scare her away.

No. 383335

late reply but this is still the most funny thing. my bf has backne and i literally only found out when we fucked for the first time. joked about it for a second, and that was it. noone cares about shit like this ctfu

No. 383430

This girl sounds so freaking adorable. I hope that guy treats her right. He's got some issues, but hopefully they're from a bitterness he'll soon realize was misplaced. Also call out to Chad's who has a guy's back.

No. 383462

Dude, now that I think about it, most of my partners had some form of bacne. Who the fuck care about that shit? Unless you're heavily into pegging and back massages it's not like you're going to see it much anyway. Plus, that guy actually have a nice stature.
The length they go to justify their repulsive personalities is astounding.

No. 383587

I know some of y'all are optomistic and happy for this dude but I just can't help but think about how badly this could end for that girl or how he could just use it as another excuse to enable his shitty worldview if anything goes wrong between the two of them.

No. 383624

File: 1504166307249.png (99.81 KB, 391x587, 2017-08-31 03.55.12.png)

Grandma hate time

No. 383663

I had a bf in college who had over 10 moles removed from his back over winter break. I had to put antiseptic cream on the wounds and change his bandages every day. Still stayed with him.

No. 383671

Still warmed my ice cold heart.

No. 383714

Is he really fantasizing about his grandma's vagina? Just ewww, but I guess that's not even the worst thing that incels did.

No. 384499

File: 1505065439396.png (99.08 KB, 473x688, 2017-09-10 13.35.28.png)

On the topic of violence and Ted Bundy:

>I have yet to see a legitimate argument against this blackpill. The worst people in the history of humanity had sex and women, yet somehow having a bad personality means you won't get laid. All the roasties and normies can say to this is "well, theres always gonna be SOME girls that are shallow, not me though teehee"

>being sociopathic alpha killer conqueror who everyone fears and obeys is the best personality you can have when it comes to women. It makes a lot of sense really, historically they needed a strong man to provide and protect them so the worst personality you can have is to be weak insecure submissive niceguy loser, not and alpha dominant killer

>Remember little incels, no matter how nice you act, no matter how kind you are, females would rather fuck a man who rapes dozens of women and fucks their corpses. You will never be as desirable as a murderer with a pretty smile.

No. 384501

File: 1505065548828.jpg (90.88 KB, 694x584, lGn4ErKbLsLPlZC2VE8DbRVg-VoZ6W…)

This one touched his cousin's breasts while she slept

No. 384506

>spooning dick on cousin's sleeping ass
This one reads too much hentai.

No. 384508

The gay agenda: incel edition


>I'm 100% serious. No, it WON'T get you laid. That's not the point. The point is, it immediately stops most of the shitty treatment and abuse.

>See, the very thought that an ugly guy even WANTS to be sexual with them offends them. They want to make sure you DON'T ask them out or flirt with them. What better way to do that than treat you like shit?

>By telling them you're "gay", you're no longer a "threat" to them. You "don't" see them in a sexual way, so they're no longer disgusted by you.

>Also, in today's day and age, an ugly guy has to be EXTREMELY careful in the workplace or in any other environment where he's forced to interact with women. Ugly guys are a prime target for frivolous "sexual harassment" claims. When everybody thinks you're "gay", you're FAR less likely to be victimized.

Tl;Dr just tell women that you're gay and they will be nice to you and as a bonus, not accuse you of sexual harrassment

No. 384605

If they weren't so autistic they'd realize that this is a fringe group and the type of women that have these hybristophilic tendencies are usually mentally unstable or flat out nuts in the first place.

No. 385036

File: 1505156894397.jpg (109.76 KB, 467x700, 7c2910c9b356cea35752bbfc43d2e1…)

Friendly reminder that they don't like girls with tattoos, piercing, dyed hair, or short hair.

So they dont even believe this shit.

No. 386008

I'd love to see an incel get hit on by a gay person after this and flip their autistic shit over it. Except gay people could probably sense the crazy just the same as women do.

No. 386013

I've never met a guy who was into girls with piercings or blue hair. Most of the guys that are into that look tend to be cucks who also enjoy get off to cock and ball torture.

No. 386015

Are you okay, anon? I think your stupidity is showing.

No. 386016


No. 386017

Sorry alt girl-chan, most guys probably think you look like shit.

No. 386021

guys tend to perceive tattoos and piercings meaning the chick is easy or freaky in bed so they'll fuck them on that principle alone.

don't think for a second that these incel cucks wouldn't rape the shit out of some tatted up stacy if presented the opportunity (and didn't squander it by cucking themselves with ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES)

No. 386025

It's basically like parading your daddy issues on the outside. Incels might because they are desperate. But most normal men would still pass.

No. 386034

OT but I'm friends with this relatively well known alt model who is big on IG, she is stunning, a published model and a clear 9/10, but the only attention she gets irl is from creepy shit-tier goth guys and older redneck biker types. I think it's due to her tatts and piercings, it seems to scare most decent men off, which is a shame.

No. 386050

File: 1505320249322.gif (1.04 MB, 400x275, tumblr_nomkl777cN1upxwm8o1_r1_…)

No. 386153

Are you guys alright? Depends on your crowd but there are plenty of perfectly normal guys that are into alt style and tats, whether they're alt themselves or not.

No. 386353

File: 1505359742726.png (607.18 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4923.PNG)

anyway. the insane mod of /r/hapas has been found using an alt to post about bbc on /r/incels

No. 386366

>this guy is severely mentally ill
Kek, as if they all aren't.

No. 386507

ET said he liked black women but I think he actually meant black men kek. I kind of want a thread on him but I don't want him to bring his crazy hapa crowd over to shit up the boards.

No. 386836

The BBCtheory account stopped posting as soon as he got called out. Pretty much proves it's him haha

No. 386928

File: 1505471336177.png (139.05 KB, 333x967, 2017-09-15 06.24.42.png)

An incel is filled with shame after committing the ultimate sin…helping out his crush.

>I feel so ashamed of myself. It was also really early in the morning and I was sleepless so I didn't have enough fortitude to resist her.

>Women only talk to us when they need our help. They just use us. They never want sex from us. If I was Chad she would have f* me right there on spot.

No. 387194

Maybe she talks to you…because she fucking likes you…

These dudes don't even WANT to solve their own problems. They enjoy playing the victim.

No. 388106

File: 1505641421980.jpg (27.95 KB, 640x190, qHwe4GYl.jpg)

FBIncel is back with two alts! He typically posts all over reddit about his failed relationship with his sister, his "facial deformities", and rape/mass shooting threats.

He has been posting threats to one particur user from /u/MyTinderThrow.

He will usually blame "feminists" for "ruining his life" by screenshotting his threats. Allegedly, his friends know about his internet behavior.

No. 388107

File: 1505641536792.jpg (29.69 KB, 640x135, rD1S8KJl.jpg)

No. 388108

He is also posting from /u/TinderHelpThrow11. He sounds like he is on the verge of a mental breakdown because a girl on tinder didn't text him back in 12 hours (after he ignored her texts for a day).

However, you can find the same "feminazis ruined my life PS I hope you get raped" bullshit in his user history.

No. 388109

File: 1505641907867.png (48.36 KB, 569x212, 2017-09-17 05.46.06.png)

Dropped pic

No. 388111

File: 1505642532011.jpg (114 KB, 1377x469, rqlQWbr.jpg)

>I hope you drown in rape semen

No. 388125

>"I'm insecure about being a worthless piece of shit and women are insecure about being raped by guys like me, that's totally the same thing!"
That is the most pathetic thing I've read in a long time.

No. 388170

File: 1505661399329.jpg (861.3 KB, 935x2789, 1505591377228.jpg)

/lgbt/ incel propaganda

No. 388171

File: 1505661484303.jpg (708.48 KB, 947x2740, 1505591632050.jpg)

No. 388172

File: 1505661497798.jpg (654.01 KB, 836x2752, 1505591743405.jpg)

No. 388173

File: 1505661512189.jpg (353.8 KB, 823x1536, 1505591830425.jpg)

No. 388180

File: 1505662443284.png (68.94 KB, 943x550, Screenshot_2.png)

This is an old screenshot from when the site was down lol

No. 388189

Haha this is hilarious, thanks for posting

No. 388194

File: 1505664042155.gif (1.24 MB, 570x347, HfbLKv0.gif)

What the fuck did I just read. Not only did someone take time out of their lives to write up all of that shit, they also drew all those pretty decent pictures.

No. 388196

I think it's a variation of the /pol/ x /lgbt/ memes that have been going around.

Here is some others


I think they are supposed to be pretty satirical, but I guess some people have fallen off the deep end.

No. 388232

Oh thank god, I thought this was serious at first because I'm ignorant on all the 4chan mascots besides /x/ and /cgl/.

No. 388244

>wishes brutal rape on someone for suggesting maybe he's the problem
This type of shit is why I stopped feeling bad for incels long ago. The intense lack of self-awareness or desire to better themselves is truly astounding.

No. 388257

>I'm a man, you're a woman and that's enough.
…srsly dude

No. 388275

The art legit looks like something you'd find on a bad wikihow page.

No. 388289

>feminists are ruining my life because they're holding me accountable for my actions and I'm facing the appropriate consequences, but am still going to continue the behavior anyway

No. 388707

Maybe I'm retarded but I'm not really understanding why the kids have the swastika and the LGBT flag as tshirts. Is there some actual meaning to it?

No. 388713

I suggest to sage next time, dear anon.
Swastika guy represents /pol/, while rainbow dude /lgtb/. It's supposed to be a joke that women-hating /pol/ and not-attracted-to-women /lgtb/ men can fuck each other.
I guess.

No. 388730

File: 1505734241392.png (51.13 KB, 949x142, Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.29…)

this entire comment has me rolling

No. 388732

File: 1505734610138.png (226.75 KB, 909x603, Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.31…)

incel4life had a totally real interaction with some girls the other day too

No. 388737

File: 1505735727802.png (92.07 KB, 981x410, Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.54…)

No. 388740

File: 1505735949228.png (164.7 KB, 1084x688, Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.58…)

when it got posted to /r/drama, he tried to defend himself and this happened

lmao "I'M NOT AUTISTIC -proceeds to have autistic rage fit-"

No. 388742

"Average looking girls with their tall hunky boyfriends."

>nigga you gay

No. 389008

That's the problem. She might like him but not want to fuck him. That's the problem with these pieces of shit. They're mentally ill with an unhealthy association with sex and validation.

No. 389344

File: 1505824522430.png (98.19 KB, 889x312, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 5.32…)

this is literally the irl version that meme of a kid sticking a stick in his spokes and then blaming someone

No. 389348

'Semen Demon' is a great turn of phrase, really rolls of the tongue. Think I'm going to use it to refer to my friends when they're on the prowl.

>>biking one of my hobbies to cope with loneliness

Or you know you could just refer to it as a hobby, instead of telling everyone in one sentence what a self-pitying and desperate piece of shit you are.

No. 389368

He admits that he never asked a girl on a date, but also needs a step-by-step process to talking to women…and be has NO IDEA why he hasn't had a gf yet???? Not a clue???

No. 389447

Can someone give these people mental help? Because, they severely need it, especially this guy. Wow.

No. 389464

How are they gonna pull off acting gay? Gay dudes have a certain.. je ne sais quoi, that would be awkward if a straight guy tried to replicate it, or are they just going to act normally. Sounds stupid.

No. 389474

Poor fella doesn't even know that she was might've been just looking for an excuse to talk to him.

No. 389532

File: 1505854509637.jpg (100.04 KB, 431x767, xpo_Cs-Fn8d5NVAz3cFjjAeO6vvzsZ…)

Is all sex gay?

No. 389533

But I thought Incels wanted to have sex with Chad

No. 389572

Kek, this dumb asshole couldn't control his bike and blames a woman for falling on his stupid face ahahahahaha. Maybe he expected her to act like his mom and kiss his bruisies and offer a happy band for his boo boo.

No. 389667

>having sex with a woman is gay

how do you win

No. 389678

>pretending like a non ugly virgin would ever go near an incel

No. 389724


No. 389848

How long do you think this incel spent with a thesaurus to try to sound intelligent?

No. 390108

6, minus the full day that was spent autistically raging about words that had to do with women, couples, and dating

No. 390522

Even if this wasn't blatantly fake, what kind of antisocial fuckwad do you have to be to pick a fight with a random group of strangers? Most people stay silent and maybe complain about them airing out their shit in a public place, they don't obsess over one interaction and stew over it so much they have to post it online.

No. 391817

File: 1506239255612.png (104.83 KB, 338x660, 2017-09-24 03.39.32.png)

A demonic single mother smiled at an incel, but he knew she just wanted to seduce him for his beta bucks.

No. 391818

File: 1506239320786.png (49.4 KB, 371x403, 2017-09-24 03.40.09.png)

He would have just punched her in the fucking face, for this insult, but there were other people around. So he didn't.

No. 391821

Female supremacy is…assuming you can smile at someone without fear of getting your jaw broken? For fucks sake these people are beyond help.

No. 391822

File: 1506242230445.jpg (136.69 KB, 708x767, _FXfCKDxBF87XB-KwZlceCkNq_lgdX…)

Women are too stupid to understand who they are attracted to.

No. 391823

Since she's that young, chances are high that she's just the older sister or a babysitter!
That could have been his chance, but no, he's too paranoid for that…

No. 391825

Ikr. This guy is so sure that he knows a random chick's situation…from a smile.

There are millions of possibilities for why she was with a baby! I babysat when I was 16! So sometimes I would be seen around town with a baby carriage, walking to the park or whatever. I just wanted to make some money lol. It wasn't as nefarious as jncels think.

No. 392580

I love how he bragged about the cost of his outfit, as if anyone cared

No. 392727

Being a 7/10 femoid, I of course notice not only brand labels, but can add up the price of an entire outfit when calculating possible betabux. The tricky part is assessing costs like "special lenses," top of the line retainers, and expensive linen diapers when a beta shits his pants talking to me. Along with my hymen intact, I stuff my vagina with only the finest confetti to congratulate an incel taking my virginity. I want to let him know he's the only one and that his outfit was well worth the investment.

No. 392730

As if anyone fucking noticed. Can you tell a $150 polo shirt from a $25 one or distinguish "Special lenses" in glasses from normal fucking glass?

No. 392732

>this guy is so sure that he knows a random chick's situation…from a smile.
You have to remember that these dudes get absolutely no prolonged social interaction in their day to day lives, especially with women. A girl smiling at him is the equivalent of her ripping off all of her clothes and yelling at him to take her in his mind.

No. 392738

don't you see anon, the whores have taken EVERYTHING from him by virtue of existing. his designer lenses are all he's got.

No. 392856

I almost feel bad for them at first, but they're so shitty that you can't. It's like, they ruin any caring you could have for them by just being bitter dumb assholes about every little thing and playing right into the men vs. women propaganda. I just don't understand how these assholes get so fucking bitter.

No. 394793

File: 1506699228968.png (169.27 KB, 375x921, 2017-09-29 11.24.51.png)

Incels have been discussing why women even have sex at all. I mean…they don't have to orgasm to procreate, so they are probably doing it for evil purposes. Or they could just be "cock crazed".

No. 394796

File: 1506699411196.png (173.28 KB, 407x882, 2017-09-29 06.44.52.png)

A tantrum

No. 394798

>when mum buys the wrong frozen tendies brand

No. 394801

File: 1506699921535.png (63.88 KB, 578x323, 2017-09-29 11.41.01.png)

>I hope she gets gang raped to death. I really do. Remember a few years ago when that Indian woman was raped on the bus, and they shoved a metal bar up her cunt and raped her with that which caused her organs to fail? I hope that happens to her.

Can you believe that this guy has problems with women? He seems so kind and sweet…

No. 394803

>fails to mention most guys are not having sex to procreate either
These double standards.

No. 394804

File: 1506700497509.png (85.9 KB, 267x260, 1506172134098.png)

No. 394810


My sides anon!
Sorry I just bursted out laughing.

The entire text is so ridiculous,I am impressed that incels take each other seriously.

No. 394859

File: 1506709682571.gif (1.98 MB, 400x250, 1KoN1DMBnCMWk.gif)

All of this because some women don't want to sleep with him…

No. 394990

File: 1506725602501.png (41.59 KB, 336x301, 2017-09-29 18.50.17.png)

Incels can't even fart in peace

No. 394994

File: 1506726012846.png (32.31 KB, 321x262, 2017-09-29 18.56.30.png)

>Pm your neck I'm interested

No. 395006

>being anything more than just slightly gross/embarrassing and funny for either gender
I swear to God, they live in a fucking fantasy world.

No. 395241

they 100% believe that women give a shit about neck size and wrist size and that if you don't have a thick neck or thick wrists, women won't see you as attractive because our animal brains say that those with thick neck and wrists are good providers and can be successful mating partners

i honestly wish i was joking

No. 395247

>A girl that lets out a fart is seen as cute
>Women live in an entirely different reality than men
No dude, it's you that lives in a different reality than normal people. Where.

No. 395760

File: 1506853227326.png (23.79 KB, 330x179, 2017-10-01 06.15.20.png)

The next ER?

No. 395761

File: 1506853283510.png (99.74 KB, 347x793, 2017-10-01 06.14.55.png)

I feel like this is about someone specific

No. 395767

>wearing make-up to the grocery store
people actually do this in real life or he just thinks she's special for it?

No. 395809

i wear makeup to the store, but only because i dress to the nines unless i'm extremely ill, and most of the time i go to the store right after work. but i'm a weirdo! i doubt this guy has ever been anywhere other than the grocery store tho so he probably doesn't know girls do this elsewhere too.

No. 395816

Is the police aware of this subreddit? Don't know how things would work in this case, but in my country there are online communities (especially on Facebook) that often post similar violent content along with CP, so the police is aware of them and has undercover officers on the inside to keep an eye on them, waiting for something felony-worthy.
They can look like shut-in losers, but remember Elliot Rodger…

No. 395854

File: 1506874778824.jpg (112.39 KB, 572x303, 1506272929585.jpg)

>genuinely thinking women evaluate neck size

No. 395873

I don't understand how subreddits like /r/beatingwomen get banned and this one doesn't. How does reddit decide which ones to ban and how the fuuuuuuck are they okay with shit like this?

Disgusting shit like /r/fatpeoplehate got banned too, and there were way less detailed violent fantasies than this. Is it just because it's directed at women and nobody cares?

No. 395972

People often say that they have reported posts on /r/incels to the FBI and whatnot.

There have also been rumours that the sub is monitored by the FBI.

But I don't think reddit or the authorities would really do something unless there is an IRL "incident".

No. 396456



>disgusting shit

Lol k

No. 396474

It was debunked awhile ago that the only people posting in that sub were self-loathing fatties and thinly veiled insecure uggos.

No. 396475

> wear oversized hoodies and no makeup to the grocery store
> because they want to show everyone they can be just as empowered and beautiful when they dress down

Or… you know… she genuinely doesn't see a point to be wearing makeup for a brief grocery trip. But sure Elliot, lets believe it's so she can shove her evil feminist ways down everyone's throats while attracting Chads on her way there to gangbang her in alleyways.

No. 397547

File: 1507077875230.png (36.35 KB, 925x263, feminists win.png)

what even is this lol

No. 397689

…how is this feminisms fault, what am i missing here??

No. 397705

File: 1507106063509.png (107.38 KB, 540x430, 2017-10-04 04.31.17.png)

This guy is losing his mind

No. 397706

File: 1507106208109.png (51.93 KB, 552x226, 2017-10-04 04.33.55.png)

He actually explains himself better than other incels.

No. 397707

Wonder if he even think about dating equally ugly women though…

No. 397710

File: 1507106928375.png (56.49 KB, 532x221, 2017-10-04 04.45.29.png)

Of course not. He doesn't want to "disrespect" himself by going for "sub 4" women.

No. 397712

File: 1507107382767.png (88.01 KB, 587x385, 2017-10-04 04.51.16.png)

His entire post history is a goldmine of the bizzare

>I read about women every day until I fully understand them enough where I can finally get a female of my own.

No. 397714

>I read about women every day until I fully understand them enough where I can finally get a female of my own.
>I am a redpiller because it helps me get dates

Works well I see.

I honestly wish they would post the whole truth and what they've done instead of just "waaah she rejected me, she's evil", but then they wouldn't be the poor poor victims.

No. 397767

File: 1507123856938.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, 29032.png)

>28 years
>watching from the sidelines
>I know how women work

I spent 28 years on this planet reading cookbooks, I know how cooking works.
I spent 28 years on this planet being a car passenger, I know how driving works.

No. 398053

File: 1507155062024.png (22.16 KB, 431x104, 2017-10-04 17.59.35.png)

>don't kill yourself, bro! Commit a Vegas-style shooting first!

No. 398055

File: 1507155112915.png (27.15 KB, 405x142, 2017-10-04 17.56.28.png)

This one speaks for itself

No. 398057

File: 1507155219503.png (35.71 KB, 589x157, 2017-10-04 17.38.24.png)

Just normal, teenage fantasies about murdering a girl, and fucking the corpse.

No. 398067

Instead of reading cookbooks, it should be watching someone cook, anon.
But yeah, pretty spot on

No. 398079

Why is misogynistic in quotes lmao. If the shit on incels isn't misogynistic then nothing is. Then again I do know some guys that absolutely refuse to admit that misogyny exists in any form so I'm not surprised.

No. 398148

Future serial killers/school shooters in the making. I wish this sub could be on a watchlist.

No. 398381

File: 1507214471799.png (280.05 KB, 375x523, 1497266541163816.png)

As fucked up as that is, I'd like to see him try to maintain a corpse without it rotting apart in his room. It would be disgusting and he'd likely get found out when his parents smelled the rot.

No. 398502

Like he'd make it that far. None of these guys have the balls to go through with their threats. At least I hope they don't

No. 398668

File: 1507247701352.png (119.64 KB, 365x708, 2017-10-05 19.44.32.png)

So here's a little story that has three caps of proof, all of which were provided by the incel himself!

So, a random reddit user goes into a rating sub to ask for advice. Our incel hero suggests that his only option is kidnap and rape.

In a plot twist, the random OP is like "you know what, I've already thought about that", which alarmed other reddit users. They sent a report to the police, and told he incel about it.

So, in a fit of panic, the incel posts the whole story to /r/legaladviceuk with a huge cap of proof of this whole mess.

He has now deleted his account.

No. 398669

File: 1507247772606.png (35.3 KB, 603x100, 2017-10-05 19.46.18.png)

I trimmed down the incel's screenshot to get rid of the mess

No. 398670

File: 1507247802747.png (164.24 KB, 695x378, 2017-10-05 19.47.13.png)

No. 398914


"i suggested someone to kidnap and rape a woman and i am still making it clear that i was serious in my suggestion! now i'm being reported to authorities omg halp!"

i hope incel/redpill/MRA subreddits get banned one day so that these disgusting nutjobs can fester and die in solitude. they seriously don't deserve anything, not even basic human contact, but not for the reasons they think they don't.

No. 399389

File: 1507360147598.png (111.95 KB, 250x238, 1506294748841.png)

This might be a troll but I want to believe it's real.

No. 400734

lmao, I got secondhand embarrassment from reading that, dicks are so ugly, poor girl

whats with these guys who claim any woman who has a sexual encounter with people other than their long lived husband is a slut meanwhile demanding sex or sexual activities?


No. 400781

I'd make a collage of the millions and millions of times women have had the everloving crap bashed out of her and everything she does just because she has flaws that don't include being slim,non flat and non deformed, but it would be a waste of time since they would still believe as if she deserves it or some shit

No. 400833

They see the world in black and white. Women should either fuck no one or fuck everyone, including them.

No. 400867



how are these people not in looney bins

No. 400978



No. 401420

This and similar variations of this belief are so prevalent amongst men I can't help but sometimes think that there is something truly fucked about male sexuality and how they process it, in particular how that relates to women.

No. 401673

File: 1507667314919.png (61.08 KB, 540x498, incel.png)

Because either they're not taken seriously or they keep their thoughts in their head and only go online to spew their bile.

No. 402056

File: 1507739461740.png (134.18 KB, 1076x400, Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 9.28…)

No. 402087

I honestly wonder how you can be a grown ass adult and still be able to whine like a 13 year old girl on deviant art with a dictionary

No. 402164

>Especially ugly men
Dude just admit that you don't care about the 'struggles' of ugly people but rather the ''''struggles'''' of dudes who don't try and better themselves but instead pollute the world and blame everyone else, especially women.

No. 402177

Almost all of the women I know have dated "ugly"/average looking dudes at some point, you see below-average chubby dudes with gorgeous girls all the time because these guys have something to offer besides their looks. If anything, men get a pass more easily for being below average, but I guess it's just easier to blame it all on your outward appearance rather than being a truly repulsive piece of human garbage on the inside.

No. 402446

File: 1507802201221.png (119.45 KB, 336x873, 2017-10-12 05.52.51.png)

Let me take you all on a journey. A batshit incel has written an extremely long post, itemizing the experiences that he missed out on.

The timeline for these missed opportunities starts at 11 years old. I won't cap or post all of it, but you can read the whole thing here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/75sq6j/formative_vital_experiences_i_missed_out_on_whose/?st=j8o9tnh5&sh=3f202682

Now, let's start at the beginning:
>Ages 11 - 13
>This is when vital, formative experiences begin appearing. This is the cusp of puberty, when you grow from a child into a sexual being. This is when your function of a social animal extends beyond playing games. This is when deep and meaningful social bonds begin to form, and when you experience a gradual sexual awakening.

Examples of what was missed:
>Never had a real first date or even a "date" (school-yard mock-ups)
>Never had friends of the opposite sex who you enter puberty with and develop with
>Never hugged, held hands with or kissed a girl while these experiences are new to her, and new to you
>Never had a chance to explore the beginnings of sexuality alongside another female who is also just beginning to explore sexuality

>Ages 13 - 16

>This is like 11 - 13 but more intense. Most of the formative experiences during these years depends on you fulfilling most or all of the 11 - 13 experiences. This is when your sexuality develops further, when you begin to experiment with substances (especially alcohol), when you have parties and when you go through the most intense part of puberty and begin your path to adulthood.
Experience getting drunk for the first time with your male friends first, then your mixed-sex friends. Getting drunk with male friends is optional.

Missed out on:
>Never had a first passionate kiss.
>Never had the first below-the-waste fumblings, when you make out in the bedroom and brush your hands over the clothes of a girl's clothes
>Never became embroiled in a love triangle, both being wanted by two girls and falling out with a male friend over a girl

>Ages 16 - 18

>This is when you fully emerge from puberty and become an adult.
>Never went through the promiscuous phase when you date, kiss and fuck many women over a short space of time when your hormones are raging
>Never been through 3+ serious relationships at this point
>Never had your fill of women, done pretty much everything sexually you'd want to do which lays the ground for a serious LTR at some future point
>Never had a threesome or got a woman to dress up in fancy lingerie for you

In conclusion:
>I didn't have any of these experiences because women and normies would not let me. I was not sufficiently attractive to be deemed a social creature. Instead, I was used as a tool for normies to gain social points by abusing and ridiculing. I was like an arcade machine they put abuse into and got tokens out, which they could exchange for social esteem. This is why I hate them all.

No. 402448

File: 1507803296304.png (122.46 KB, 343x913, 2017-10-12 06.10.54.png)

Pour one out for the guys with high negative tilted eyebrows

No. 402455

>one single bad feature can break the guy
kek, has he seen Adrian Brody etc?
Has he seen the way even successful beautiful famous celebrities are relentless mocked for one feature?

Also half the things he lists aren't even flaws. Round eyes? Does he mean down syndrome eyes or literally just cute doe eyes?

No. 402461

These guys have a very specific view of what makes a man attractive. According to incels, men are only attractive to women if they look like fitness models.

Man, I saw multiple threads by one user who was asking how the "ugly" Anton Yelchin could hook up with Jennifer Laurence and some other actress IRL (because they hooked up in a movie). According to the incel, Yelchin looks like one of them, and has to "squint" to look like a Chad.

No. 402464

I found one of the Yelchin threads. It is quite interesting.

Some of the incel's comments, when people say that they find Yelchin attractive:
>Lol HE INTENTIONALLY squints his fucking eyes just to look more masculine, stern , deep set eyes and not baby face beta eyes
>So you just prove my point
>he is also in the short side

>Yeah if he was comfortable being cute he wouldn't squint to look masculine on photos

>So you say that someone born with facial structure of yelchin (and let just say over 6 instead of kinda short) could fuck female models ? Really? You stand by these words?

>Well see my title. My point is that someone as veeery cute as Felicity that she wouldn't feel equal attraction to someone average cute as Anton (even if he had body and height)

>She would feel that she deserves better
>And jlaw is considered superhot by society but is imo aversge . But is model tall
>Both dating guy like him is not likely

He just wants someone to tell him that Anton Yelchin could fuck Felicity Jones (JLaw is too average, apparently)

No. 402495

how does one have 3+ serious relationships in a 4 year span?

>never sexted a girl

join all the people who were alive before sexting was even a thing.

>socially, i am 11 years old

think he means mentally.

>i didn't have any of these experiences because women and normies would not let me.

oh my fuck, yea blame everyone else for the choices you've made in life. you probably sat around expecting these things to just fall in your lap instead of doing them.

>there are regions of my brains that will forever be less developed now due to various hormones not being produced when they should have been.

neurologist incel over here. i like how when someone suggested he could still have some of these experiences he immediately shot it down b/c there was no "groundwork". just, what.

No. 402518

i swear, incels think teenage years are supposed to be like a john hugehs movie and aren't based on reality at all.

No. 402600

So… what becomes of boys in all boys schools then? Are they all stunted incels too?

No. 402607

If Leafy can get poon being a manlet with his lower lip blending into his neck, then you can too, Zyros_

No. 402716

This guy is projecting his own insecurities upon the people he meets if he thinks that everyone can't help but gawk and give him dirty looks because he's just so fucking ugly. A lot of people are unattractive, and I would bet that most people are average. They don't give nearly as much of a fuck as incels think they do.
Short blogpost but I was overweight as a child and bullied mercilessly by my classmates, and shamed by my family for most of the years I spent in school. So he has a point, people can be incredibly cruel to the unattractive. I remember being this angsty when I was a teenager, but as I got older and matured I noticed that most people did too, or just simply left me alone. It's almost as if incels never mentally matured passed middle school and have no desire to move on. They're more comfortable suffering and repeating the same melodrama.

No. 402939

File: 1507891849935.png (186.15 KB, 371x973, 2017-10-13 06.48.10.png)

This drama involves some deep incel lore.

A rating sub called /r/truerateme popped up, and became slightly notorious for the harsh criticisms it would hand out.

However, one of the mods has had a "change of heart" and has revealed that TRM was an incel plant, specifically to gaslight women into thinking they are ugly.

This mod is now posting the "truth" all over reddit. He specifically mentions the incel who got reported to the cops (>>398668) in some of his posts. I think that who incident might have scared him straight.

His confession: https://www.reddit.com/r/Drama/comments/763227/truerateme_is_a_dangerous_scam/?st=j8pr8pfs&sh=51cca254

No. 402940

File: 1507892111308.png (118.04 KB, 357x720, 2017-10-13 06.49.28.png)

No. 403033

bless u for this, anon

No. 403061

jfc i didn't think incels could get anymore pathetic and yet

No. 403155

File: 1507923944825.jpg (40.55 KB, 500x375, 1506618406372.jpg)

>start exploring sexuality

No. 404134

File: 1508079884282.jpeg (137.17 KB, 750x666, DEB0FB3E-A36E-4016-A583-7C028B…)

No. 404157

Literally no one thinks that vagina's can't stretch.

Only incels think that Vagina's permanently widen and stay there, the only exceptions are when a woman has given birth multiple times (only sometimes) or the woman is old.

This incel doesn't understand basic human anatomy.

No. 404217

>chad's 12 inch cock
Don't they realize that they come off as being closeted gays wanting to get fucked by Chad?

No. 404246

Incels don't realize that the vagina is a muscular tube. Incels think that the magical vagina is the only muscles that get weaker the more you use it.

No. 404587

File: 1508171665620.jpeg (165.28 KB, 1242x475, 27D95F9B-C662-4B3A-A71D-C90796…)

No. 404601

There is a catfishing incel on the loose!

He is catfishing girls, and filming the encounters when he reveals himself.

Here is his latest video. It goes on for 7 minutes of him being like "do you know the guy you are waiting for is a male model??? Why are you so shallow???" While she acts super confused about the whole thing, and tries to leave.

The video is also bring discussed on this drama thread!

No. 404613

>Why are you so shallow???
Shallowness would imply that she's overlooking greater qualities for appearance. Judging by his behavior, by that I mean the fact that he's catfishing women just to harrass them, he has no qualities of any considerable depth or agreeableness.
I honestly couldn't get mad at someone for seeing right through to who you are: ugly inside and out.

No. 404719

"I dooooooon't get aaaaannnnny tiiiiinder matches." I wish I'd get catfished so I could say that I'd definitely want a Chad. They want it so bad for it to be true, just let it be true. Who wouldn't want to meet some attractive person anyways?! Sounds nice to me.

No. 404732


Jesus. She's such a nice girl, she entertains him for way too long and is really polite. I hate how women have to act like that in order to avoid getting murdered by fucking psychos like this.

I honestly wish I could get catfished by some ass like this. I can tell you that I wouldn't be as polite as her. "Why won't you give me a chance?" did he expect her to sit down and give him one there and then? You're a liar and have a bad fucking attitude, that's why you've been rejected so many times. I wish they'd realise that it's 100% to do with their shitty attitudes. I bet incels don't even have male friends either.

If someone like Benedict Cumberbatch can have millions of female fans swooning over him, someone who considers themselves ugly could have the exact same if they had a beautiful personality, were kind, had a charming voice, acted like a gentleman, had a cute smile. "Females aren't honest, it's all about looks!!!" maybe fucking talk to one that isn't your mother and you'd realise that that's bullshit.

No. 404760


Ain’t he on probation? Or was that a different catfish

No. 405177

File: 1508269068111.jpg (18.57 KB, 552x653, 96ccc.jpg)

I thought all incels obediently stay in their basements and rarely interact with women.

No. 405236

Some are crazier than others and actually manage to venture outdoors.

No. 405241

10/10 personality while he whines to a girl that tinder matches are bullshit.
She's so confused the entire time as he badgers her after he says he made up a fake persona to prove a point. Then proceeds to whine about his own pain. 10/10 personality if I ever did see one. He's lucky he catches these girls so off guard. The whole situation is so ridiculous they can't call them on their bullshit.

No. 405450

File: 1508329635901.png (52.96 KB, 433x271, 2017-10-18 08.04.08.png)

The incel life might be causing some IRL problems for this guy.

First of all, he was allegedly reported to the police for a "joke".

No. 405451

File: 1508329725594.jpg (27.41 KB, 640x199, FARBJBR_d.jpg)

Then he received this email from his university. Apparently he told some people that he was suicidal, and they tried to get him help through the school. But he has been ignoring all of these emails.

No. 405452

I keep imaging how insane this whole incident must have been for that poor girl.

Like you think you are going to grab coffee with a guy off tinder, and then this random comes up to you, knows you name, sits the fu k down, and starts lecturing you about incel bullshit. I don't even know how I would react. I think that chick did pretty well for he circumstances.

No. 405488

Wow that was…too cringe for me to watch. I viewed it for a minute but then had to close the window.
How fucking gross and groveling he is.

No. 405713

oh my fucking god, the cringe is unbearable. she feels so fucking uncomfortable from minute one.

he sounds like the kind of guy that will murder you the minute you get into his car. no wonder he has been rejected.

No. 405763

File: 1508382731927.jpg (84.86 KB, 750x585, zodl15gdhnsz.jpg)

some more incel sex ed

No. 405783

I hope he does get committed. That would be great.

No. 405854

>symbol of youth
>more fertile

How does their minds actually work? Why would something he associates with late bloomers and childhood make someone more fertile? How is the time before someone is fertile a symbol of good fertility?

No. 405964

File: 1508435966102.jpg (83.69 KB, 348x505, 249.jpg)

The only reason is because he's a closeted pedophile/ephebophile who wants to pretend it's normal to want to fuck children because "muh fertility".

No. 405985


>obviously wants to fuck children

>prepubescent children and young teens have lower rates of fertility and higher rates of infant mortality, birth complications, etc.

On top of that, these incel fucks would be horrible fathers. Most of them can hardly take care of themselves so I don't buy their emphasis on fertility bullshit.

No. 405997

Incels have claimed that basic biology is "feminist propaganda" just so they can justify lusting after 13 year olds. The mental gymnastics they do is honestly impressive.

No. 408028

File: 1508735802357.png (1.76 MB, 774x2065, kywrkq7j9ftz.png)

"average girl's life vs your life. what are you gonna do?"

No. 408086

File: 1508747213761.gif (1.89 MB, 400x273, cat-gif.gif)

Are they trying to say that a girl from age 12-16 MUST HAVE HAD atleast three sexual partners?
Because what the fuck

No. 408090


I'm a woman and most of their description for the boys is the same for my life including MTG, MMOs, and general nerdiness and yet I wouldn't touch these man babies with a 10 ft pole because of their disgusting and cringey views. They don't realize that there are plenty of geeky and nerdy women out there but they're scaring them away and only attracting the crazies who accept their extreme views.

No. 408104

>incels: having a shitty life alone
>women: having a fun life without incels

where is the lie tho?

No. 408112

how many stds have you had(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 408124


>tfw was a khv until 25 and missed out on fucking a horse at 12

kms fam

Why even is that horse in there, is it some retarded cock carousel allegory? Something about breaking your hymen horseback riding (which really can happen, despite incels calling it a meme) being an euphemism for being a slut? Horse sounding like "whores"?
Maybe that's a reach considering these turds aren't that intelligent… but come on, what did horses ever do to incels to deserve this? How retarded do you have to be to feel cucked by a literal equus caballus? Baffles the mind.

No. 408154


How can 80% of the women be fucking 20% of the men if any women who's 20-25 years old has had a whopping 36 sexual partners?

Also, LOL at all the women in the pictures on the left looking like models and never being shown working or studying. Apparently, the entire female population consists of rich partying Stacys.

No. 408167

im pretty sure its supposed to be a joke..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 408185

>Apparently, the entire female population consists of rich partying Stacys.
Because it does, for them. The partying Stacys and their Chads are the only people out there, and the only people who have jobs, study and work are cucked incels… or something like that

No. 408833

File: 1508860387820.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, 1506537277794.gif)

>3 partners at age 12
Fucking disgusting. This is just what they wish, because they want to fuck 12 year olds.

No. 408866

I found an essay on /r/incels that has some scifi elements to it.


>If we had continued developing evolutionary, we could have gotten over sexual dimorphism and we could have become like birds, which are 100% monogamous, every crow for example gets one mate for the rest of his life and female and male crows are barely distinguishable. This sounds kinda horrible to imagine, to imagine that women would be just like men looking, but it only sounds terrible because of the sexuality we have developed. We would naturally be sexually attracted to female humans that looked like men otherwise and we would be satisfied.

On lesbians:
>I think we should make women more like lesbians. Have you seen lesbians? They are more confident, more ambitious, more outspoken and lesbian relationships are surprisingly stable - and lesbians have surprisingly little sexual partners on top of that.

>I agree with /u/orangefez2311 that we need a transhumanity. We need to lower sexual dimorphism in humanity in order to achieve monogamy in a time of peace. When humans used to compete over resources in post-agricultural revolution and had wars all the time, dimorphism made sense (again), many men died and fought for ideas and there was a constant shortage of men. Now that we achieved world peace pretty much, we need to get rid of sexual dimorphism and elevate women to the same mental and physical capabilities as men through genetic manipulation.

So instead of Sharia law, we should just genetically engineer lesbian women, to create a perfect crow-model for society.

No. 408885

Implying lesbians are real and not just an invention by ugly feminists to make it even harder for incels to obtain sex

No. 409054

File: 1508921045600.png (179.98 KB, 383x872, 2017-10-25 04.38.04.png)

An update on this incel, who had the cops called on him.

Here is the story of why his suite mates called the police (part 1)

No. 409055

File: 1508921082322.png (182.77 KB, 388x853, 2017-10-25 04.38.35.png)

Part 2

No. 409063

File: 1508922335310.png (33.27 KB, 341x248, 2017-10-25 05.01.51.png)


No. 409190

i love this. he did everything that is the exact redflag of what people would report to the police, especially

>picture of st. eliot as my profile pic for an app the school dining halls uses

but no it's just normies who don't get nuance

No. 409298

File: 1508963477067.png (138.86 KB, 339x947, 2017-10-25 15.44.58.png)

This sounds like a mental breakdown waiting to happen. I cut off the last couple of sentences, but you get the jist of it.

No. 409313

the misogyny with this one is both astonishing and chilling. that something like this actualy roams the same earth as me, terrifies me to no ends.

No. 409561

File: 1509015682523.png (137.39 KB, 409x684, 2017-10-26 06.55.39.png)

Get ready for the shock of you life: another incel has been reported to the police!

Take a wild guess why…

No. 409562

File: 1509016249377.png (26.07 KB, 554x140, 2017-10-26 07.07.59.png)

This incel /u/KindLooksmatch is obviously a stand up guy, who didn't mean to send rape threats. He doesn't mean it, right?

Let's have a look at his submitted posts!

No. 409563

File: 1509016429563.png (24.09 KB, 580x111, 2017-10-26 07.10.14.png)

He definitely doesn't want to assault women who "rudely reject" him

No. 409564

File: 1509016658648.png (47.28 KB, 337x352, 2017-10-26 07.13.03.png)

He also doesn't have a history of sending vague rape and murder threats to women in the past.

No. 409567

File: 1509017357196.png (38.37 KB, 356x270, 2017-10-26 07.21.40.png)

So, the people of Michigan have nothing to worry about. This guy totally won't hurt or rape anyone.

No. 409640

File: 1509029582912.jpg (68.71 KB, 630x343, 1506738797944.jpg)

>threatens to murder people and is generally creepy
>wonders why he got reported

No. 409642

I think this one is a troll. I want to believe, anyways.

No. 409650

So reddit is cracking down on some of the 'hate' subreddits following the recent murder committed by a /r/The_Donald poster (they are only doing it for PR purposes, obviously.)

But I wonder if incels will be affected? I honestly do not get how you can read shit like >>409298 and still leave that sub up. How does it not qualify as a hate subreddit?

I know it's reddit so you can't expect any form of compassion towards feeemales, but come the fuck on. There are literal threats on that sub. It's like blatant vile misogyny is the last acceptable form of bigotry or some shit.

No. 409653

File: 1509030485174.png (73.19 KB, 1049x223, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.0…)

So I guess they don't see it as that big of a deal. About to dump a few images here, sorry in advance.

No. 409654

File: 1509030523975.png (167.54 KB, 1017x565, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.0…)

Users being upset (rightfully imo.)

No. 409655

File: 1509030574894.png (117.02 KB, 1058x483, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.0…)

An incels user denying that rape is encouraged and downplayed on the sub.

Says there is "some" talk of torture, and acts like that isn't a big deal at all.

No. 409656

File: 1509030636311.png (31.19 KB, 1026x95, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.0…)

And the grand finale, an incel claiming that all the disgusting posts are written by inceltears users trying to smear their image. Despite the fact that /r/incels was repulsive long before inceltears existed.

No. 409663

lol at him saying the ''first few dates go well''
please be realistic with your delusions, mate

No. 409671

But the violent shit comes from some of their most prominent posters. No one will believe this.

I know that the next "Murder PR Disaster" for reddit will be because of /r/incels.

No. 409672

>"some" talk of torture

We are reaching "light treason" levels of denial.

No. 409678

Alt-right murdering people? Was a shocker. Do you have more info about that?
Honestly I think reddit won't shut down /r/Incels because they are a bunch of incels themselves or unless there is some public backlash. See what happened with /r/rickandmorty, mods didn't address or punish any of the batlant misogyny (doxxing the female writters for example) until the creators openly rejected that kind of behavior.

No. 409682

No. 409946

He needs to be kept far, far away from women.

No. 410030

Thanks for the image dumps.

I think reddit will eventually crack down on them. I don't know if they will actually wait for something violent irl happening in association with the it, but something certainly will happen (if it hasn't already? haven't some guys already had run ins with the police?) and I think it'd be safer to disassociate themselves from it. It's pretty clear from a lot of the violence at protest rallies or even from just their hero Elliot Roger that this internet mentality can drive some people to act out in real life.

No. 410041

File: 1509070744139.jpg (231.45 KB, 1280x960, Pair_of_mandarin_ducks.jpg)


Holy fuck, this is so completely wrong.

>we could have gotten over sexual dimorphism and we could have become like birds

It's extremely common for birds to exhibit sexual dimorphism. See:attached.

> female and male crows are barely distinguishable

Males crows are larger.

>100% monogamous

90% of birds display some sort of monogamy, but this usually refers to monogamy that lasts for only a single mating season. In other words, most birds don't "cheat" on each other, but their relationships are only long enough to make babies and raise them.

>We would naturally be sexually attracted to female humans that looked like men otherwise and we would be satisfied

Isn't it interesting that he thinks we'd genetically manipulate women to look like men? Sounds like he's secretly gay.

>lesbian relationships are surprisingly stable

Lesbian relationships display the highest rate of partner violence.

>lesbians have surprisingly little sexual partners

Straight women have fewer partners on average than lesbians.

No. 410044

I still think the incident in London where the guy pushed a woman in front of a bus was incel-related. They haven't caught him yet I don't think?

No. 410157

File: 1509091118446.png (78.12 KB, 1079x394, 1.PNG)

Now that Reddit is claiming to be cracking down on "hate groups", do you think they'll do anything about incels and similar gatherings of delusional men that regularly call for rape and murder of women?

No. 410263

knowing how incels are, they will just get their own sub shut down and then complain about it.


all of "the worst ones" moved to discord where they just attack each other and bully each other (see catfishing incel drinking his own pee). it's only a matter of time before discord shuts them down too because discord doesn't really want them or their kind either.

No. 410332

Well, many bird species are monogamous. And crows have literally one mate and have multiple mating sessions with the same mate.

No. 410486

There are possible benefits to incel "spaces" being hard to find though. Obviously it won't do much to help the ones who are already fucked up, but it could potentially mean fewer new users or it might keep people from accessing those places regularly. The problem is a lot of guys there are relatively young and maybe a bit awkward, who in normal circumstances might be kind of lonely but would eventually find a little group to join and get over their issues with women by being forced out to interact with them. But now they have these safe spaces on the internet with tons of groupthink and they just end up brainwashed.

Or even if that is too idealistic, keeping people from these types of sites would maybe keep a few especially messed up individuals from festering and going off. If you read the Elliot Roger manifesto his situation was made distinctly worse after he found sluthate (and other types of sites like that) and got sucked into them. He started pushing away friends he actually had irl that might have helped him meet new people. I think that's the danger, when vulnerable people get sucked into their bullshit mindset. At least a lot of imageboards have a bit more user variation and a willingness to discuss things (this might be too idealistic of me…) and don't just ban people who speak against the partyline.

No. 410619

File: 1509152877455.png (127.54 KB, 895x382, Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 6.06…)

another "yeah that happened"

No. 411150

File: 1509234656666.gif (550.22 KB, 500x281, giphy (2).gif)

>'we should make women more like lesbians'
>implying women and lesbians are two completely different species somehow

No. 411153

Saging for slight OT but adding to this; someone susceptable to that level of circlejerk is very prone to getting worse in bigger online circles of the same people. Just look at pro-ana sites and those with eating disorders. They get sucked into the same mindsets as other people sicker than they are and soon enough everyone's just getting each other off on being mentally ill. Exactly the same goes for dumblr, 'virtuous pedophile' sites, and again for these incel communities.

Forcing these guys into normal friend groups and making them interact with people who don't think raping women should be illegal is the best thing for them, not leaving them to fester and egg each other on to become the next 'saint' ER. If they don't have spaces to talk about this shit with others who think the same way, they're not going to devolve deeper into their misogyny and at least become semi-human.

Then again, you're right in that they could just move onto unmoderated chan boards, Tor sites and the like. Most of them seem pretty open in expressing attraction to children/teenage girls; I imagine a lot of them would move onto their shit pedophilic fantasies if both of their communities happened to coincide on the same site. Makes it hard to decide whether moderating them or just leaving them alone to throw tantrums is the better option.

No. 411226

i want to say that i don't think it's too idealistic at all: i absolutely cherish all the frank conversations that anonymity affords. it's healthy to be honest and not living an echo chamber or w/e. sex isnt even that great, if a self proclaimed incel happens to get laid i feel like it would be a huge let down. and i say this as someone with a practically insatiable libido

No. 411326

I had never heard of Sluthate before so I checked it out. Went on the Rate Me thread and now I’m even more baffled at why these guys are so fucked because most of them are at least average-looking?! Some of them are even cute. What a waste of life sat on a computer being angry about a situation that only exists in your own head

Sage for noncon

No. 412156

A lot of them are just socially awkward guys who stumbled into these hate circles and came out of the echo chambers as pathetic incels.

No. 412585

File: 1509480670403.jpeg (136.89 KB, 640x1126, FD4B3D50-C2BA-4E3A-89C4-8AC48A…)

just say you're gay and GO

No. 412873

>underboob cheese

where did they even get that being a thing from? lmao i'm dead.

No. 413123

File: 1509565885673.jpg (553.63 KB, 1512x1944, b5xmosrqqcvz.jpg)

another "pill" has been dropped.

No. 413142

They always complain that Stacys are so mean to
'ugly' men, but I see them doing this shit all the time. The man in the top left is out having fun with his friends taking a picture, there's no reason to make up shitty little pretend anecdotes about him and mock him for his height.

Also in what world is 5'10" a 'manlet'? That's literally the average height of a man in the US. It isn't short. They have deluded themselves so much that they are now creating their own set of extremely strict high standards. It's just fucking sad to watch. This is one of the few times I feel bad for them, at least until I read the next pro-rape post.

I probably shouldn't even say this because anyone reading it will only focus on the first part, but I'm a fucking ~height queen~ in that I have a borderline fetish for anyone 6'4"+, and my first and and most intense crush was on a man who was 5'6", three inches taller than me. He had no problem finding women to date and have sex with. But he also wasn't insecure about his height (that I know of at least) and if he was he surely didn't let it get in his way. He was extremely confident and just an all around good person.

I know that a lot of short men struggle with their self esteem and they hate their height. I do feel for them because I know how hard it is to hate something about yourself that there is no solution for. I know they may feel doomed because it's something they can't change about themselves, but it isn't nearly the death sentence that some of them think it is. Plenty of short men, I would argue most, are doing just fine. Sage for blogpost but I think it's kind of relevant.

No. 413203

Height shit always makes me laugh. As a tall (and generally considered hot) girl with a complex, I only date men 5'6 and shorter as I need to be tallest in the relationship. Manlets can find love both in normal girls and insecure shortie fetishists like me, short incels are just incel because they're terrible people.

No. 413211

>Also in what world is 5'10" a 'manlet'? That's literally the average height of a man in the US. It isn't short. They have deluded themselves so much that they are now creating their own set of extremely strict high standards.
They're exaggerating and half-joking when they say things like that, but probably sincerely think that short men are unlovable.
Erh, I'm 5'7" and I've had tons of crushes on guys who were shorter than me. I don't know if it's because a lot of men of my race/ethnicity are prone to being really short so I'm used to it or whatever else, but it's just never been something I've cared about.

Though like you mentioned there are some that are really insecure about it and honestly that tends to be the only unpleasant thing about it. They just can't accept the fact that someone thinks they're qt ;-;

No. 413275

Short men having to stand up on their toes is hilarious though. Just shows how generally insecure they are lol

No. 413287

I suspect this is a bizarre coping mechanism. They'll believe in anything to avoid accepting the fact that their personalities are shit

>you have to lift bro

>lifting doesn't work
>oh that's cause you also need to be at least 8 feet tall bro

No. 413330

Seconded that. I too am a height queen, but one of my most intense sexual relationships was with an ex-boyfriend who was 5’6” (3” taller than me). His dick was definitely more “alpha” than most guys I’ve been with too. These people are insane, and so incredibly incorrect.

Sage for baffled blogpost

No. 413395

File: 1509618250696.png (45.83 KB, 468x291, 2017-11-02 06.17.45.png)

Wrist size? Dick size???? Get out of here with that shit. It is all about the neck now.

No. 413536

Please measure your neck just a little too tight and wind up dead.

No. 413708

Even if that did happen, someone who doesn't do their assignment and tries to blackmail others into doing it for them isn't going to make it into med school.

Generally medical schools don't care if you get a bad mark in a single subject or session, everyone sometimes has unavoidable stuff going on and it shows in their marks, as long as the trend is good you'll be fine.

That being said, I don't get the point of this story, it sounds like she ruined her career and he followed the procedure you're meant to in those cases?

No. 415945

File: 1509889446553.png (41.56 KB, 847x353, ks667w62hzvz.png)

subs been locked for the past two days because of negative attention + fear of reddit admins getting their shit together

No. 416122

It's disgusting that r/supportcel exists

No. 418032

File: 1510106492691.png (114.98 KB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.57…)

No. 418048

Wow I can't believe they actually banned it. I'm pleasantly surprised.

No. 418076

there are only two responses that these losers will have. mass suicide or mass shooting.

No. 418147

lmao well we all saw that coming

No. 418153

there's quite a few suicide claims/ threats being posted around the place. /r/incelspurgatory also got banned, /r/IncelsWithoutHate/ is still alive. /r/Inceldom/ is full of salt.

No. 418403

so, apparently one of the reasons the sub got banned was because a video of catfishing incel (something the reddit admins already took down and told them not to do or post on the subreddit) got spread around to other parts of reddit and the internet, and you know how reddit hates bad pr

No. 418434

File: 1510135379522.png (61.17 KB, 330x449, 2017-11-08 03.54.47.png)

I am actually really surprised. I am trying tof figure out specifically why it got banned, but so far, there are only rumours.

Apparently CP and the catfish might have had something to do with it.

But, if you ask me, I think it might have had something to do with the handful of incels who have had trouble with the police over the past few weeks.

No. 418435

File: 1510135738348.png (72.02 KB, 510x337, 2017-11-08 05.02.52.png)

Another possibility: an incel was planning a rape

This is something that I can believe, because there was an infamous /r/legaladvice post recently that was basically like "how do I get away with rape"

The best part was that it was written in the classic style of "hell, fellow females! Havent you ever wondered how a guy could get away with rape? Like, if you were drugged and didn't remember anything, how did the cops catch the guy?"

No. 418436

File: 1510135743440.jpg (121.15 KB, 750x1168, bleeeghh.jpg)

I thought this was the reason. This guy actually trying to get away with rape. He's an idiot too for using his regular account

No. 418439

Omg that is the exact post that I was talking about here >>418435

There are a bunch of rumours as to why the sub was banned, but this one makes the most sense.

No. 418445

File: 1510137872839.png (72.06 KB, 520x322, 2017-11-08 05.40.32.png)

Incels are out doing damage control!

All those rape and death threats were written by evil trolls who were just pretending to be incels. No actual incel does that!

No. 418503


They made a new form: incels.org!

How long until they get kicked from that platform?

No. 418559

they've always claimed that it's just troll accounts, but no one believes them. even /r/mgtow, which is just incels but claims it's by trolls despite evidence that it isn't.

No. 418639

File: 1510157771838.png (149.86 KB, 879x1049, lmao.PNG)

incels realizing they're worthless and that it's their own fault is really satisfying

No. 418686

Sage for tinfoil:

I'd like to believe the reason for the shutdown is due to ongoing FBI investigation. That last Texas shooter seemed like an incel/MGTOW type of personality and I wonder if authorities are going to start taking threats and past violence against women a bit more seriously.
I wonder if he made posts, kind of like Elliot Rodger?

No. 418722

It’s sad I can kind of relate to this. At least there’s a bit of human honesty in there. Maybe this guy has BPD or something, there’s hope for him… if he stops browsing incel boards.

/sage for noncon

No. 418841

Yeah, we posted at the exact same time so before I didn't see your post of course

No. 419030

File: 1510184069376.gif (6.88 MB, 350x303, whitney.gif)

Well… finally. It's about time reddit takes misogyny seriously.

I mean they banned fucking /r/FatPeopleHate years before this.

No. 420151

File: 1510297903009.gif (951 KB, 300x230, ONTD's only reaction image.gif)

No. 421530

I honestly don't know a single short guy who does that, unless they're so short it would make taking a photo difficult otherwise.

Same as some insanely tall people are always leaning or hunching in photos I think, or some people always use the exact same angles.

No. 421532

I don't really see the value of gloating over this, this just sounds like someone venting and sharing honest emotions while clearly having a mental illness.

Incels are ridiculous, but you're just buying into their shit and people a bad person if you're taking entertainment from just general suffering. Mock the people worth mocking, because what you're doing is like posting a schizophrenic and making fun of them being irrational and acting bizarelly.

No. 421554

>Mock the people worth mocking, because what you're doing is like posting a schizophrenic and making fun of them being irrational and acting bizarelly.

Mwahahaha, where do you think you are, tumblr? This site is literally for making fun of ppl acting irrationally and bizzarely.

We are not the justice league striking down those we judge worthy of punishment via internet posts.

No. 421574

Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't threads literally been removed for being nothing more than making fun of sick people?

Mental illness isn't milk. Some guy venting about his feelings of depression isn't milk anymore than our vent threads here are milk.

The site's about people laughing at drama. Do you think an unwell person acting in ways symptomatic of their illness is milk?

No. 422050

Any incel is worth mocking and laughing at. Incels choose to be awful people and relish in their perceived victimhood while prattling on about how they want to rape and kill women. But I guess its #NotAllIncels isn't it? lol

>because what you're doing is like posting a schizophrenic and making fun of them being irrational and acting bizarrely.

Schizophrenics and incels aren't even remotely comparable. What are you on? Go back to your new shithole or kill yourself.

No. 422995

They do, and when they do that shit I agree, it's absolutely worth mocking.

What is worth mocking in that post? What drama is there? That's legitimately just a guy expressing low self esteem and admitting he knows what the issues are, while not blaming everyone else.

And a schizophrenic and an incel can be comparable if they're both just showing signs of a mental illness in as normal a way as you can get in a mental illness.

I just feel like in the middle of the shitstorm currently happening over there where incels are going insane over their lack of a central forum, there's better content to post than some sad guy.

No. 423020

>Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't threads literally been removed for being nothing more than making fun of sick people?
I can't remember an instance of this happening, so you're probably wrong.

>Mental illness isn't milk.

yes it is.

>The site's about people laughing at drama. Do you think an unwell person acting in ways symptomatic of their illness is milk?

Yes. And 99% of the site agrees with me.

A vast majority of cows features on this site have known mental illnesses and we laugh at them because of how they act due to those illnesses. Would chrischan be entertaining if he wasn't autistic? Ofc not - he wouldn't be obsessed with sonic otherwise. Same goes for most of the other cows, they wouldn't be being posted here if they weren't mentally unwell because they wouldn't be doing crazy shit.

Protip: if you're gonna make a post attempting to appeal to people's sympathy or humanity, just don't. People have been trying since OG lolcows like chrischan, and it never works. If anything it makes people meaner to the cow to compensate for the perceived whiteknighting.

No. 423047

File: 1510607347322.jpg (33.87 KB, 704x396, 1507274517942.jpg)

You're such a wimp.
Incels are incels, even if they don't agree with what the majority said, they still allowed that shit to happen and still identify with those people. They're undeniably garbage individuals, and they can't and won't change. Their victimhood complex is ingrained in their heads, and they view everything through a self-centered lens.
Incels should kill themselves, and if mocking them when they've realized they're trash or mentally ill helps with that, then I intend to do so.

No. 423092

The difference is (presumably) that a farmer who's venting in ot likely isn't making a melodramatic cow of themselves on social media for the entire world to poke at and judge.
You're projecting an awful lot, but imo, you can relax. Nobody gets posted here just because they're mentally ill. There are other compounding factors at play.

Ex. A guy who legitimately has trouble with women and complains about it occasionally on social media isn't worth posting.

However, a guy who constantly whines and complains about his troubles with women on a social forum notorious for stereotyping women based on bunk pseudoscience to justify his hate and say it's not his fault will be posted here.

No. 423167

File: 1510612878308.jpg (67.2 KB, 539x960, incels are the worst.jpg)

>incels tried to make "reverse rape" a thing

No. 423231

I unno, but this guy is self-aware to the level of Bojack Horseman. It's some pretty decent insight. The exact thing we make fun of incels for lacking. It is satisfying to me, but from a far more empathetic perspective. It's hard being a chronic piece of shit. Good for this guy. I wish him the best.

No. 423480

File: 1510640045866.png (65.2 KB, 1263x182, Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 1.06…)

So the guy that nailed his dick to a board, I found him on a different subreddit, and there's a bunch of incels that migrated over there (and the forum itself is full of shit that make you question everything, but thats besides the point)

Anyways its r/steroids (because drugs are EXACTLY what these guys need, right? ugh) and their off topic threads are where the incels pop in mostly. The threads are full of garbage but even one of the mods warned mr. nail-dick-to-board to cut the shit because its not ok. He obviously has a scary mental state but its getting worse, as evidenced in screenshot where he says he wishes he could hunt people. He really, REALLY needs to get help.

No. 423487

File: 1510640626039.png (94.43 KB, 865x688, braincel.PNG)

>I can't remember an instance of this happening, so you're probably wrong.

I'm almost entirely sure there has been.

>A vast majority of cows features on this site have known mental illnesses and we laugh at them because of how they act due to those illnesses. Would chrischan be entertaining if he wasn't autistic?

I agree, most of the people here are mentally ill. Imagine if Chrischan acted like a stereotypical austistic person though. If he was just mute and had pretty extreme emotional issues.

The obviously mentally ill cows aren't acting in ways stereotypical of their illness, which is what makes them worth collecting here. Mental illness on its own isn't milk, and I don't think anyone here would honestly argue it is bar the absolute edgiest teenagers.

>Protip: if you're gonna make a post attempting to appeal to people's sympathy or humanity

I'm not appealing to humanity, I'm legitimately pointing out that it's ridiculous to post that screencap when you have shit like this going on.

They've spread out all over the place, biggest example I could find is

This forum seems to be the official followup from azavii too, haven't looked at it enough yet

There's so much better milk at the moment.

I mean, reddit is as much social media as this forum is, or any other. I agree that an incel being absolutely insane and whining is milk, I just don't think that's what was going on there.

It sounds like a guy who is legitimately struggling and is worrying himself because he found himself seeing incel shit as sympathetic and didn't want to. I don't think that guy was even a member of the forum from what I can tell (from the last few lines).

It's why I made the post, because it does legitimately seem like someone who's just venting, and has a decent idea of what he's doing wrong, but doesn't know how to fix it. If it was classic incel bitching I agree, it would be milk.

No. 423493

File: 1510641144342.png (27.68 KB, 861x386, cap.PNG)

This is whining that I'd call milk, because it's fucking insane and more than someone being sad.

He also said that he'd trade lives with a homeless man who looks better than him.

No. 423507

I wouldn't be surprised if there were incels who disagreed with this post and think being crippled would make it easier to get laid.

And I mean they wouldn't even be entirely wrong, look at Fred the original owner of 8chan. He's a wheelchair midget who was a virgin for the longest time but even he got laid.

No. 423511

I'm pretty sure there was a big deal a while back with a severely autistic guy that resulted in those sorts of claims exactly actually.

He was okay looking, but there were people outright claiming that his autism was an advantage because he was good looking, so clearly women would want to care for him and fuck him more than a normal person of the same looks.

I'd try to find a link, but that's kind of hard. It's in one of the threads here though I'm sure.

You mean hotwheels? If I remember right he was admin over at wizchan for a while too wasn't he? If it's the same guy, I remember the freaout when it turned out one of their admins had gotten laid.

No. 424447

LMAO. This is pretty fucking rapey in and of itself by virtue of trying to guilt trip and coerce people into sleeping with anyone they don't want to. I'm always amazed at what incels pull out of their ass.

No. 426373

File: 1510929029852.jpg (4.08 KB, 319x28, greatness.jpg)

this guy has to be an incel:


(Shoe0nhead cameo in the comments in the first video, second video has him calling her out and informing her that The Wall is coming for her)

No. 426419

Why didn't you screenshot the comments then? I didnt want to give this idiot views but I cant even find the comment on the video like you say.

No. 426427

File: 1510933529352.jpg (89.95 KB, 879x697, shoeinc0mments.jpg)


he starts talking about her around 6:40 in the second video.

YouTube's automatic captions:
>I'd like to thank Karen a strong for her it was very spec 'fl unlike most in the comments like I seen another this red pill the woman be called um shoe on head that's listen you know what I have a little news for you you know she seemed to see face I don't know why people think that this is some red pill woman talking against social justice warriors and all that but right now she may be a little young and cute so here's a little message for you she want hit the wall is out there it can't be bargained with it can't be reasoned with it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop until you are alone that is a midtown term and kno what I love it and it is true so that being said thank you for your time

No. 426615

I can't stop laughing at the guy telling fucking SHOE to change the laws. As if Shoe, or any significant portion of women really, have the power to change the laws. They really just want to whine and scream and have people do everything for them. It's a pattern I've noticed with MRAs/MGTOWs.

The wall thing is also funny to me because…everybody hits 'the wall.' Male or female. In my personal opinion, men look their best around 30-40 and then they start to age and become less attractive. These guys seem to think they are all going to be in their 50s, rich and banging 20 year olds. But…no. Most average 40-50 year old men can't get 20 year olds. It's very rare.

It just is what it is. People age. It's nothing to attack people for, because there is literally nothing you can do about it except take care of yourself as much as possible. I have no idea why they fixate on the idea of the wall so much and seem to delight in the idea of women…naturally aging?

No. 426638

They think women are universally insecure about ageing and looks, and it’s their opportunity to project their own negative feelings as revenge for everything they think women have done to them.

You can’t be MGTOW if you have any healthy relationships with normal women so they don’t realise most women get to 30 and 40 feeling fine about it, have other things to base their self worth off. Much like most men do.

A movement of people deciding to stay single and independent and not being socially pressured into marriage would be great usually but you have to remember these guys do it as revenge for being wronged, like we’re all being deprived by them not marrying us, so when that doesnt work they have to build dread that all the men will stop being interested.

No. 426702

Imagine having such a megalomaniacal high opinion of yourself that you think women you don't even know all across the world are losing sleep over you taking yourself out of the dating pool.

As someone with very low self esteem who would love to one day know what it feels like to like myself even a tiny bit, I'm ALMOST jealous of that level of narcissism. But then I remember how fucking delusional they are.

No. 427597

File: 1511069782956.jpg (87.57 KB, 1238x780, DOuD1O4WkAAAkt3.jpg)

They're the same way about all of that dumb height shit. They think women are vapid and obsess over dudes heights, when in reality, they're the ones doing it.

I also love when the dudes who talk about "women hitting 25" or "hitting the wall" or whatever turn out to be hideous fucking chuds. Like this genetic failure here.

"baby rabies"

No. 427598

Damn the wall dropped from 30 to 25? I didn't get the memo.

I'm just waiting for the day one of these dudes starts proclaiming that the wall is at 16.

No. 427601

Yeah, I've been seeing these losers claim the wall hits at 25 for a while now.

I can see it now. "The wall hits when she gets her first pube".

No. 427607

what a coincidence! 25 is about the age your brain fully develops! it's almost as if these guys don't want a woman who can properly think for herself!

No. 427625

it's that way in china

No. 427639

I never got this. Do they really think women turn into horrible harpies once they turn 25/30? A lot of people in general are more emotionally mature and have their finances and life sorted out around that age as opposed to 18-24 year olds. Lots of women stay attractive much much older than that if they take care of themselves. Incel logic I guess, because if you can prey on someone younger than you it's often a power dynamic.

No. 427699

>>A lot of people in general are more emotionally mature and have their finances and life sorted out around that age as opposed to 18-24 year olds.

I think that's the point, anon. They are immature and want someone at their own level. Seeing as 25 is "the wall", many of them probably think 13 to 16 is the "prime" - the same mental age as themselves kek

No. 427862

18-24 is that magical age period where you can still look young enough to possibly be underage but actually be old enough to be legally responsible for yourself (as in you can choose to be in an abusive relationship and no one can do anything about it). Women 25+ tend to have a bit more security about them, as well as having their "adult" face and body… not as fun to these freaks. I mean, why would you want a secure happy confident woman, when you could have an insecure teen ready to be groomed?

sage for vom

No. 432228

I'm looking for the youtube channel of a bald, without front teeth incel that ranted about chad and listened to kpop, can someone link me please.

No. 432229



No. 432431

Eugh. Artificial wombs, from what I've read and been told, would be installed in hospitals as a better tool to help preemie babies with problems once the tech is tested. The money and resources it would require wouldn't be for the average consumer
It could also help with endangered species.

But whatever fuels their fantasies of an all woman genocide I suppose

No. 432814

File: 1511805221489.png (179.48 KB, 946x581, Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 9.52…)

and now we're back to our very insanely scheduled program

No. 432827

tbh we should be doing half of this list to women and not doing the other half to men.

No. 432829

amending my statement

1/3 of these things we should hold women accountable for, the other 1/3rd no one should be held accountable 4 and the final 1/3rd doesn't actually happen so it's irrelevant.

No. 432887

These creepy fucks just want to beat up women so badly, it's always the first thing on the list.

>teachers would fail girls for their subpar work

Fucking kek, that's already happening. These people are so delusional.

No. 433535

most of these already happen or don't even happen to men, do these people not go outside?

No. 439634

File: 1512637666461.png (118.76 KB, 489x511, 2017-12-07 03.51.51.png)

So I had a peek at incels.me to see what they've been up to. What I didn't expect was several posts about Marc Lepine.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, which was perpetrated by Lepine. He specifically murdered women in an engineering class, in an effort to kill feminists.

He is now being admired by incels.

No. 439635

File: 1512637736437.png (73.77 KB, 510x510, 2017-12-07 03.52.36.png)

There are a handful on threads about Lepine right now

No. 439638

File: 1512637906952.png (32.29 KB, 564x193, 2017-12-07 03.56.40.png)

He is seen as a new incel "saint"

No. 439639

File: 1512638002163.png (157.09 KB, 514x846, 2017-12-07 03.57.47.png)

Some incels have noticed an increase in extremism but most of them don't care

No. 439644

File: 1512638493073.png (68.69 KB, 492x296, 2017-12-07 04.16.31.png)

This is allegedly Gambler, saying that he and Lepine share a phenotype. Apparently this means something??

No. 439646

File: 1512638566497.png (44.36 KB, 519x274, 2017-12-07 04.15.35.png)

>hero and crusader against feminism

No. 439648

File: 1512638672093.png (78.8 KB, 514x364, 2017-12-07 04.17.16.png)

And the acid attack guy just wants another Lepine

No. 439669

>every female piece of shit
>like all these incel losers didn't come out a vagina

No. 439747

Noticed that many of them hate that they came out of one. these are the same guys who'll say that their mothers deserve to be raped and killed

>femoid genocide now. I'm not joking

ffs are these incel sites on any watch lists? yeah, they're probably retarded kids trying their best to be edgy and joke. But they radicalize each other like terrorists do, punish the moderates and exalt the extremists type of shit.

No. 439796

File: 1512672480491.jpg (73.19 KB, 640x800, 1494602492900.jpg)

I know you may have seen this already on the web but its too funny not to post and is rather apt here-so many incels blame external factors on their failures.

No. 439800

i don't tend to visit this thread because it scares me but surely that has to be a piss take. that is one ugly motherfucker

No. 439804

This is how incels are tho, no self-awareness.

No. 439851

ah yes, Nazi logic, that fail-safe. It's blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin that equal perfect genetics… forget that you look like a retarded frog.

No. 442823

File: 1513108551035.gif (201.57 KB, 500x284, 1506043017302.gif)

>perfect genetics

No. 442852

File: 1513111507750.jpg (14.22 KB, 180x366, 2vlMwD9.jpg)

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 442907

>small Neanderthal forehead, known sign of brain retardation
>TED bulging eyes
>huge nose
>nonexistent jawline
>overall unfixable fucked up face proportions
I feel bad for him, whoever it is

No. 443559

File: 1513218362630.jpg (139.75 KB, 679x720, 953508596.jpg)


>Never date a girl over the age of 25

Hey, how about never date an insecure guy who has an awful receding hairline and wears tacky outfits

Or just date women

I saw pic related the other day and thought it was relevant, incels trying to act as if men don't hit the wall or have serious age related problems either lmao

No. 443603

shit! I just have 6 and a half years left. I better be quick and get one of these ugly, old, wrinkly, dicks before my time is up

No. 445513

I'm extremely perplexed. They put this much effort into an image out of the anger that "woman aren't attracted to short men." However, then they put in disadvantages that the only women attract to short men are pint-sized (5'0" - 5'3"). So, the whole thing is summed up as "all women except short women won't date me because I'm short, and I don't want short women because they're short." I'm really confused.

No. 447797

I do hope that people realize that this is a tongue-in-cheek meme from /fit/ on 4chan. It's a joke, literally.

No. 477005

They've moved over to /r/Braincels

A few of them seem to be upset that one of the mods is a female.

No. 477014

don't forget r/short

No. 498512

File: 1518159704059.png (43.87 KB, 1015x158, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.5…)

so, over at /r/braincels, they're absolutely obsessed with women being "blacked"

No. 498538

kek sounds like one of those tards who tried raiding us awhile back. maybe they were all incels the whole time.

No. 507127

File: 1518958201865.png (135.55 KB, 502x554, 2018-02-18 07.45.13.png)

Naturally, the incels at incels.me are still posting batshit crazy stuff. They were very happy about the Florida shooting. Some have already changed their profile picks to that of the shooter.

No. 507128

File: 1518958448584.png (206.7 KB, 493x656, 2018-02-18 07.50.13.png)

This one prefers jerking it to Anders Breivik.

No. 507137

File: 1518959841246.png (201.78 KB, 500x899, 2018-02-18 08.11.57.png)

This one is definitely on an fbi watch list for encouraging incels to own and train with firearms. Note the "ER" references.

No. 507138

File: 1518959881627.png (195.49 KB, 402x928, 2018-02-18 08.12.43.png)

Part 2

No. 507141

File: 1518960748881.jpg (136.54 KB, 720x960, sociopathy.jpg)

And these are the very same faggots that crid about censorship and how they dindu nuffin when /r/incels got taken down. It didn't get taken down because le roasties got triggered, it got taken down because of insane shit like this.

This might sound hypocritical, but we really do need to start lynching incels. It's for the greater good.

reposting pic related from /ot/ to stay on topic

No. 507488

Jeezus h, can these dudes be reported ? I mean, I know it’s not news that these incel dudes are usually the types behind the mass shootings, but it seems the authorities should maybe start weeding these crazies out when they’re so obviously open about their desire to murder a bunch of children.

No. 564073

File: 1524548820032.png (62.94 KB, 885x208, Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 10.4…)

sorry to necro a thread

but the driver in the toronto killing was an incel who supported elliot rogers

/r/braincels has banned any support of the discussion, but here are incels feeling sorry for the dude and NOT the 9 people who died

No. 564125

Jesus. From a liability Reddit was fortunate to wipe their hands of them when they did, unfortunately they let it fester before banning them.

No. 564126


No. 564292

That's 50% more than the OG Supreme Gentleman™ managed. Even among incels, Elliot is a failure.

No. 564366

What rock does this guy live under - ugly virgins have always been fair game.

No. 564391


also, did this one kill more men than women too? I really hope so :/

No. 564400

File: 1524587462930.png (177.77 KB, 500x381, Here lies elliot he never scor…)

I can't believe the greatest literary work since Richard McBeef and Worldwide Open Secret hasn't been posted yet.
It's the funniest shit I've ever read.

No. 564414

I'm not reading all that anon.
DO you have a tl;dr version?

No. 564433

File: 1524590715475.png (310.82 KB, 400x400, bateman.png)

You're missing out, it's totally worth it.
Tldr: The blonde white roastie whooer and chad conspiracy against asians is why he's not a winrar and he's going to kill hundreds of people(six) in a glorious day of retribution. Also his six year old brother needs to die because he has friends and will grow up to be an EVIL CHAD.
Imagine American Psycho but Patrick Bateman is replaced by a butthurt nerd who can't even pretend to get along with people.

No. 564451

if you get a chance to look for an article that highlights some of the better points throughout it's worth it. he listens to his sister having sex with her boyfriend. he becomes obsessed with winning the lottery to the point of spending thousands of dollars trying to do it. he starts dumping beverages on people. he obsesses over his clothes like he just doesn't have the right armor to level up in his fuck quest. he was someone detached from our reality for a long time.

i'm dying at them actually reading this on the air. for someone with limited access to the internet hearing this has to be the biggest moment of confusion. chads and stacys whaaaaaa?

No. 564464

File: 1524593575091.png (62.3 KB, 543x173, Rodge does a driveby.PNG)

I seriously recommend actually reading the whole thing. The first few pages do a good job of making him seem like a normal human who you can relate to, and then everything after that is a hilarious autobiography of a sperg beast with a huge chip on his shoulder and eternal memory of everything that ever bothered him.

The Supreme Gentleman on the topic of virginity and his sister's boyfriend:
"I eventually grew to hate him after I heard him having sex with my sister. I arrived at the house one day, my mother being at work, and heard the sounds of Samuel plunging his penis into my sister’s vagina through her closed room door, along with my sister’s moans. I stood there and listened to it all. So my sister, who was four years younger than me, managed to lose her virginity before I did."

No. 564468

File: 1524593798576.jpg (32.77 KB, 300x336, RAGE OF THE VIRGIN.jpg)

The mildly underwhelming Day of Retribution prototype:

"On one of the days in July, when I was roaming around Girsh Park, a group of popular college kids
arrived to play kickball in the fields. They all looked like typical fraternity jocks, tall and muscular. The
kind of guys I’ve hated and envied all my life. With them came a flock of beautiful blonde girls, and they
looked like they were having so much fun playing together. One of the girls did a handstand in the grass,
and her sexy bare stomach showed as her shirt hung down. All of the girls were scantily clad. Rage
boiled inside me as I watched those people who thought they were better than me enjoying their
pleasurable little lives together. The rage was so intense that I couldn’t take it. I was insulted too much. I
couldn’t leave them without getting some form of revenge, so I drove to the nearby K-mart, bought a
super-soaker, filled it up with orange juice that I bought at the same store, and drove back to the park.
They were still there, having the time of their lives, and I wanted to ruin it for them. I wanted to ruin
their fun just like they ruined mine, as they would never accept me among them. I screamed at them
with rage as I sprayed them with my super soaker. When the boys started to yell and chase after me, I
quickly got into my car and drove away. I was giddy with ecstatic, hate-fueled excitement. I wished I
could spray boiling oil at the foul beasts. They deserved to die horrible, painful deaths just for the crime
of enjoying a better life than me.
I drove to a secluded are of the parking lot at the Camino Real Marketplace nearby, my heart beating
rapidly. After I had calmed down, I was overcome with the worry and fear that I would get in trouble for
it. I wondered with panic if there were any cameras at the park that could have caught me in the act.
The worry lasted for a few days, but eventually I became relieved that no trouble came out of it."

No. 564473

the "sandnigger" thing is bizarre because the guy has an armenian name. armenia is literally the most christian country in the world lol

No. 564475


Highlights of his manifesto have been posted and disected in the KF thread.

No. 564488

File: 1524594720313.jpg (69.97 KB, 668x1038, DbgFW5SX4AIdUma.jpg)

>UPDATE: Facebook confirms to CBC's Matthew Braga @mattbraga that the post from Alek Minassian referencing "The Incel Rebellion" and Elliot Rodger is real, and was posted publicly on his profile before Facebook shut it down.


No. 564531

well this guy's the supreme faggot.

No. 564609

File: 1524603299598.png (44.38 KB, 878x122, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 1.53…)

lol and ofc /u/BF8211 is denying the subreddit's part in any of this

also >dartmouthcel

i hope he didn't get in to dartmouth cause he's literally the next person to go on a rampage

No. 564712

I got instabanned from here once for posting from dartmouth's public wifi. I wonder if he visited here and got banned.

No. 564730

>spot the virgin
Here he is

No. 564751

Damn, don't expose me

No. 564769

I still don't understand incel logic.

>women that have sex with men are sluts

>women that withhold sex from men are monsters

So…are we supposed to fuck everyone or no one? We can't have sex but we can't say no to it?

>believe women only want chads with a big dick and money and have no deeper thoughts or feelings

>desperate for a woman anyway

If we're such shitty whores, why do they want us?

No. 564773

Imagine wanting to spray someone with boiling oil because you saw people having fun and a cute girl did a handstand

You'd think he would have had some kind of weird kid epiphany as he stood there like a freak listening to his younger sister having sex. The poor girl, having to put up with him.

No. 564827

File: 1524618431959.gif (929.94 KB, 250x250, sip.gif)

It's simple anon, it's because they're fucking crazy
Just a bunch of pathetic grown ass men with possible mommy issues that don't want to take responsibility for themselves

No. 564829

From the other thread:

>Mental health treatment is looked down upon among men. Real men need to "man up" and not seek help.

This BUT us women, feminists, don't need to be concerning ourselves with men's issues. We should have a dialogue, yes, but men need their own movement.
If men truly want improved mental healthcare for themselves, then they can address the toxic masculinity and mental stigma issues.
Much like how women had to penetrate red tape and fight all sorts of moral and legal setbacks to gain the access we have today to reproductive healthcare.

Nobody helped us. We were called crazy whores, and some still are treated as such.


No. 564889

blog but reading shit like this growing up combined with privilege politics made me feel so fucking guilty and ashamed for allowing myself to have fun or be happy or dress sexy to the point where I'd avoid all of it because I thought I didn't deserve it. Even now when I do it I still feel like I'm making some kind of statement instead of just doing what everyone should feel allowed to do. It doesn't make any fucking sense.
If those people "deserved" in his mind to be punished for having better lives than him, doens't he deserve the same for having better looks and more money than a fuck ton of other incels? They expect so much sympathy but won't even give a tiny bit to anyone else.

No. 564912


Damn girl, I am sorry. Incels are crazy tho. No need to take anything they spew to heart. I feel like seeing a psychologist might be of use to you. Internalizing incel dehenerate pov sounds really harmful.
On the other hand, it took me a lot of time to unlearn 'hide your face with glasses and don't look feminine whatsoever or you will get raped' bs I got fed in an ill-advised attempt to protect me from creeps, so I can relate.

No. 565199

The funny thing is that if there's a group of women who would end up with incels, it's the women who browse places like 4chan and this place.

No. 565403

I think they just described prejudice, not rape.

No. 566757

File: 1524791049424.jpg (49.98 KB, 620x413, implying i'm not rated 9 out o…)

these fuckers are so unaware of themselves, holy shit. they don't realise that their hatred towards women practially radiates from them, and blame stupid shit like their looks instead. like have they never watched an episode of the jeremy kyle show, have they SEEN the state of the people that go on there. There's men on there with faces even their mother couldn't love with about 15 kids by as many different women.

No. 566814

It's interesting to me from the perspective of a full service sex worker (in my country it's legal, heavily regulated etc) because these incels think they're "too good" to go to a brothel or hire an escort, but that would more than likely help- both with normalising physical intimacy and allowing them to spend time with a woman who is experienced in dealing with the psychology of men who find intimacy intimidating.
And (hopefully) that would allow them to move on to more sustainable relationships over time.

But no, their virtue is too pure to ever think about actually paying for a service like sex- they just fantasise about raping sluts and killing chads and go around scaring 14 year old girls who are walking home by themselves instead- but they're just so misunderstood… a bloo bloo.

Of course, the irony is that most (if not all) of the girls would refuse the booking after the intro because we would pick up on their rage and sense of entitlement and no one is going to take a booking with someone like that.

Like, I have some regs who are on the autism spectrum, who have disabilities etc, men who have legit reasons why getting laid is genuinely very difficult outside of a client/server basis.

Yet these incel shitheads can't get close to a woman simply because they are so fucking toxic, which is something they could change with effort and some level of self realisation, unlike some guy who has been rendered impotent due to prostate cancer or whose disability makes it too hard for him to socialise and meet someone that way.
They could turn it around but refuse to, which is so infuriating.

How totally clueless must they be to not grasp that it's their awful personalities that are to blame for their circumstances, not a chad or stacy.

ugh, sorry for ranting but these men are so fucking unaware and so. goddamn. dangerous. because of it.

/sage for blogging

No. 566837

Usually blogposts anger me, but this had useful insight. Thanks, anon.

I think it doesn't stem from just sex or being deprived of it. Even the dumbest, ugliest shit could get a partner. Many times I blame the "nerd gets the girl" trope. They have unrealistic standards because they think they're living in a rom com. They also have serious problems leaving behind high school. They speak in terms of cheerleaders and jocks constantly. Unresolved adolescent trauma. This doesn't mean that they were bullied, just that they can't change their mind set from when they were teenagers. They still get the crush on the beautiful girl out of their league,feel unwanted, invisible or judged and have strange hormonal shifts. They day dream about being the "cool kid." As an adult, you realize people who don't give a shit about you don't matter, the world isn't making fun of you and you're not isolated or special. Everyone else in the world has insecurities. The fact that so many of these guys have been stunted emotionally share the same ideas and coping mechanisms is fascinating. Analyzing them on this level makes reading all those childish, misogynistic posts fruitful.

No. 567068

The fucking chat on this video is killing me. They sorta touch on the sex worker thing too >>566814

No. 572511

Honestly, incels need to be rounded up, lured to a warehouse, and gassed. Literally nothing of value will be lost and we'll be potentially saving lives of decent people by not letting these deranged maniacs do shit like this.

No. 572685


you sound like an Intel. sage your shit

No. 573361

>several posts wishing death and castration on these assholes
>"waaahhh you sound like an incel, stop being mean to them!!"

okay sis

No. 577211

I was looking for audiobooks on Youtube and for my surprise and dismay the Eliot Rodger manifesto was uploaded in audio format, this month, with a couple thousands of views.
It concerns me greatly that the Youtube algoritm permises that kind of shit to be uploaded considering crazy men perform acts of terrorism inspired by that crazy virgin.
I don't like what's going on with this generation of teen boys and young adults.

No. 577223

its uploaded to make fun of him

No. 577253

Are u brogading here from /r/braincels? Bcuz this is /r/inceltears land

No. 582993

damn these thread makes me more depressed than any of the lolcow man-hating ones combined.

Imagine spending your entire life thinking about sex and raping women, pathetic.

No. 591758

So today the Isla Vista Massacre is four years old. The incels are celebrating this day.
I can't believe Elliot Rodger actually influenced so many people and had a lasting impact.

No. 591778

File: 1527063108390.jpg (38.03 KB, 624x350,