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File: 1579859094839.jpeg (61.16 KB, 207x275, 1D604CE8-DF91-48CF-9998-043934…)

No. 751569

Coverage of Miranda Constable / Mira Nagayama / Lina / Miriam Al Fas / Kanadajin3 / whatever else she can think of continues.

> Is against anything to do with China at all costs.

> “Is totally still in Japan, guyz!”

> Is always most holier than thou, everyone else is haram.

> Has a number of “thriving” social media accounts that “stockers” haven’t found yet.

> Is still absolutely obsessed with Naruru

> Saudi Arabia is now too haram to move to.

> Claiming someone who is suicidal was in a haram relationship and harassing them.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiraNagayama

Twitter (muslim):

Twitter (japanese): https://twitter.com/doudemomira

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3

YouTube #2: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira

Youtube #3

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

Previous thread: >>>/pt/718918

No. 751570

Sorry for the huge delay guys, bushfires be rough!

No. 751580

File: 1579866061598.jpeg (398.39 KB, 1438x1713, 2CF20E73-8159-48D5-8A99-B05081…)

This is what happened, she accused a suicidal person of being in a haram relationship rather than offering support. Y’know, it’s okay to not be okay or any words of encouragement

No. 751581

File: 1579866102765.jpeg (138.21 KB, 619x713, 03286273-3A1C-4683-93F4-3DEECD…)

No. 751582

File: 1579866167902.jpeg (371.08 KB, 750x1110, 31CA5D45-3B0B-4AF2-A172-AE57FE…)

She then made a video response on her isis youtube channel

No. 751586

>49 seconds

No. 751593

File: 1579872429861.jpg (791.93 KB, 1242x1336, RQY8nxQ.jpg)

I don’t know why but this made me laugh out loud.

No. 751673

Bless up y'all…..we got air conditioners. So it only makes sense to marry someone without dating, no matter what!

No. 751685

File: 1579897897670.jpeg (314.89 KB, 750x770, A61CCBD7-298D-4C2D-BA2A-729B9C…)

Bish you ain’t filmed shit cause you live in your mum’s basement in Canada.

No. 751689

I honestly think she's trying to convince HERSELF that she's still in Japan at this point

No. 751697


Her fake Saudi husband appears to have moved on. No more potato chip stuffing and bed pounding.

Hasn't appeared or even been mentioned in ages.

No. 752011

I’m surprised she’s gone back to saying that she is moving to Saudi Arabia

No. 752040

File: 1579916699604.png (1.55 MB, 1876x854, スクリーンショット 2020-01-25 10.44.51.…)

This channel has nothing except islam islam islam…and Miranda's picture everywhere…even islam is all about her

No. 752070


Interesting. It’s become “when I go to SA”. No longer “when WE go”. Like the other anon said, husband isn’t even mentioned any more

No. 752101

You have no idea how happy I am that you used this image for the thread!

No. 752111

I don't know why, but this video disgusts me on a visceral level more than almost any of her other stuff. She's saying if you love someone you should marry them as soon as you meet them. She even calls dating "hateful." That's so disgustingly backwards. According to her, you shouldn't get to know someone and find out if you're compatible, because that isn't love and it's hateful. Makes no fucking sense. There's definitely something wrong with her brain.

No. 752162

>"Societies have thrived on cultural and moral preservation."

Why does Mira sound exactly like a fascist these days?

No. 752278

File: 1579957983240.jpeg (95.77 KB, 750x737, 18C62514-2BB2-45CA-87F5-586EC8…)

I think you’re right. Fajr in Sudbury:

No. 752279

File: 1579958021178.jpeg (282.32 KB, 750x799, 560D1CF1-F459-4EEC-862E-7E1830…)

And the time she started tweeting (7:30am Canada)

No. 752283

If she's so devout, why is she getting all her information from you tube videos and not her religious leader? Miranda, someone will start asking you, Who is your imam, Where are you getting your Qur'an interpretations, and telling them "You Tube.. I-I mean my totally real saudi prince husband" isn't going to work.

P.S. Middle Eastern men do not have the white fetish that Japs have. Are you really this uninformed?

No. 752308

File: 1579964731623.jpeg (157.02 KB, 640x894, A0B6F595-683D-4E7F-9CE5-8F85AC…)

The first mention of her “husband” for a while. But of course, it’s to prove her point which everyone can tell she’s lying through her teeth.

No. 752309

File: 1579964782276.jpeg (184.16 KB, 640x913, 49CAAB35-7FAA-41AB-99F1-AFDEED…)

What she was replying to

No. 752314

Holy shit, she's calling people who know more about Saudi Arabia than she does, with photographic evidence and REAL family ties, "ignorant" and "know nothings" for disagreeing with her. How little self-awareness can she have? How fucking shameless can she be? Isn't she embarrassed?

No. 752324

File: 1579966607881.jpg (351.29 KB, 1377x1586, Lolhoe.jpg)

According to Tokyo Ham, Miranda once had a Tinder account

Of course she denies it

No. 752389

I sort of get why Islam seemed like a good idea to Mira when she joined.

She must feel like she has no control. When she moved to Japan she had very little education and no real skills. There was a little YouTube income and I'm sure her family was helping a bit, but aside from that she was working these hostessing jobs that sound grueling. After giving that up, her survival seemed to be based on mooching off of any guys she could sucker into a relationship. She wants a sense of control, since her life seems so out-of-control.

Then all the drama between her, Rachel, and a couple of her fans went down, and she had tons of people telling her she's a terrible person. When you're met with that much opposition, you need a way to rationalize it. The healthy response is to investigate and reflect until you determine if what you did was right or wrong, and if you are clearly in the wrong, the healthy thing is to try to make amends and improve. Mira didn't take that route and just made excuses, which left a moral tension and probable cognitive dissonance.

Then she got a crush on Rody. It's a natural reaction to become very interested in the subject of an infatuation's life, interests, etc. So, it's understandable that Mira developed an interest in Pakistani culture.

By converting to Islam, Mira must have been trying to appeal to Rody, even if that wasn't completely conscious (though I'm sure it was, moreso than she's willing to admit). But it was also the perfect rationalization for Mira being in the right, and dismissing all the haters. They're all sinful, and she's morally superior because she understands Islam better than anyone.

Another thing is that people insult her intelligence often, because she speaks so poorly, and has such a weak grasp on politics and reality. Islam gives her absolute certainty over questions of morality, but it's also given her a way to engage in discussions of politics and international relations in a way she was previously too inept to, giving her an air of intellectualism, if only to herself. So, she can also feel intellectually superior to the people she argues with. She's adopted an extremely conservative, pro-Saudi ideology, with an extreme level of xenophobia toward liberalism, Shia Islam, feminism, and random countries from China to Sweden. She's mindlessly bought into this reprehensible ideology, but I can't call her brainwashed because it's the first time she's actually held a comprehensive political ideology.

In other words, Islam has been a comprehensive solution for her to many problems - it was a way to try to get closer to Rody, it was a way to feel morally superior to her detractors, it was a way to feel intellectual, and it gave her more control over her own life. It must have given her some level of confidence.

However, I also don't think it's sustainable. Her fundamentalist, Salafist form of Islam is very demanding and high-effort. Even if she's lying about her commitment to the religion, ostracism and the effort it takes to dress the way she does comes at a heavy cost, and without a nearby Muslim community to engage in, I can't imagine how she can keep it up. She's also received plenty of pushback from the Muslim world - she gets in arguments daily with actual Saudi youths on Twitter, Rody seems to hate her, and we speculate she's been denied entry to Saudi Arabia. Her Islamic fantasy is falling apart, which is why it's only a matter of time before she abandons it.

We've talked, often jokingly, about her becoming a "tradthot wignat" and things to that effect. That outcome now seems like an inevitability. The way she's talking is already essentially fascistic - she despises the LGBT community, she's against liberal attitudes toward everything from art to entertainment, she's extremely xenophobic, and if I were to describe her political-military views, she's a disturbingly extreme neocon, if only because she lacks the political comprehension to understand the gravity and consequences of military intervention. She's also the definition of a reactionary - she wants to return to an imagined earlier time, when law was much more oppressive. So, once she loses all the superficial Muslim clothes and fascination with Arab culture, what's going to be left is the extreme-right political ideology. It's what her identity and self-esteem are built on.(you really expect me to read all this shitl)

No. 752470

Wow, isn’t this what her beloved China is doing with Uyghur and other cultural minorities? And those anti-niqab bans in Western countries that she compared to Nazism? After all, they are just preserving their culture! Yet she supports Islamic countries actually KILLING people who challenge their societal morals.

>You don’t know anything about Saudi Arabia

She’s actually saying this to people who spent their entire lives there when she has never stepped foot in the Middle East…

That’s a great summary of Mira’s psychology. When the inevitable tradthot era happens, I think she will also latch on hardcore to gun culture and anti-government stance.

No. 752576

This is so stupid that I’m starting to wonder if Miranda isn’t a giant troll who hates Muslims and uses this form of propaganda to shed a bad light on everything that has to do with Islam. Like destroying the enemy from the inside. I mean she can’t possibly be serious when making such videos…

No. 752688

File: 1580084997538.png (217.7 KB, 1194x1092, スクリーンショット 2020-01-27 9.29.36.p…)

Miranda still can't understand why people would ever be concerned about basic human rights for women in saudi

No. 752788


This bitch is braindead. It's not even funny anymore making fun of her stupidity.

No. 752794

Who is ENABLING this crap? Is it her family in Canada who are letting her leech off them? Is she getting Canadian welfare? Who is paying for this moron to sit in front of a sheet in Muslim cosplay, wearing big black gloves and spewing toxic, ignorant crap? WTF??

No. 752798

Wtf is she talking about?? This woman got more HARAM cock in her life than most real Muslim women and yet preaches like she matter

No. 752812

What she says has literally 0 to do with what the guy is saying.
She is so deluded, I really wish Saudi would let her in so she can experience it first hand.
Oh yeah she’s in a haram relationship and poor baby hands can’t afford the fine.
I can imagine her walking around telling women to cover themselves, telling shopkeepers to turn their haram music off?
I think her ‘husband’ left her extremist ass ages ago.

No. 752813

my guess it's parents. i doubt they check each thing this troll does on the internet. she probably just sits there all day, posting delusional crap, getting fat and wasting away. everyone around her must have already given up on her case. personally i don't understand why anyone online would bother debating with this troll or take anything she says seriously… or get annoyed even for that matter. when they're clearly just ramblings of an insane person.

No. 752825

Agree. The parents are probably used to her tapping away on the computer without knowing wtf she is doing.

And freaking YEAH. Imagine if this idiot actually tried spewing this crap in Saudi Arabia. A white Canadian girl telling local people how to behave as Muslims. Idiotic much? Let's hope she actually goes there. Popcorn ready.

No. 752829

imagine her trying to islam-splain a local saudi dude when she goes. she'll get beheaded

No. 752839

File: 1580127394279.jpg (705.88 KB, 1411x2811, Canada.jpg)

Miranda spazzed out at some Twitter user yesterday during EST daylight and made this video to further fuel our "She's in Canada narrative"

Peep the time, I'm in her hometown timezone

No. 752840

File: 1580127963975.png (41.79 KB, 1541x139, kkkanajin.png)

found a wild kanadajin on serpentza's live, anyone knows what time was the live ?(namefag)

No. 752869

The description under the video seems to have been written before the stream went live and refers to 1pm pacific time. If it went ahead at that time, it would have been 6am in tokyo and 3pm-ish in canada.

minor weeb cow crossover, I watched most of that stream and saw vexxed in the chat as well.

No. 752915

>I watched most of that stream and saw vexxed in the chat as well

I'm not sure that he is still in Japan

No. 752972

Since moving back (or being moved back) to Canada, all she has produced has old vid from Japan (called out because the seasons were mismatched), gaming shite, and now gimp porn indoors in front of a sheet. The whole "I'm still in Japan, really!" thang is pathetic at best.

No. 753051

Her visa had to have been revoked it makes no sense for her to move back. If she was allowed in I think she would have at least try to come in on tourist visa just to prove people wrong.

Do you guys know of tourist visas can be revoked if your passport is flagged?

No. 753075

if you get given a Departure Order for some reason (overstaying or other violation), it blocks you coming back even on a tourist visa for 12 months
Question is did she get tis or something more permanent.

No. 753082

She just blatantly LIES about having PR. If she had ever been granted it, she would have made a huge song and dance about it. The bells! The bells! Besides, nothing she has ever done in Japan would quality her for PR.

She won't go back even on a tourist visa. She has no money, and Japan is not a cheap country. Her usual sources have all but dried up.

Now she will become even more bitter and twisted as her world gets smaller and smaller. Watch how she takes it out on Muslims she thinks do not meet her high and mighty standards. Sickening to witness.

No. 753085

File: 1580214459491.jpg (493.06 KB, 1422x1740, Hell.jpg)

I'd imagine Allah doesn't approve of your backbiting, lying, speaking I'll and wishing death upon those who do not subscribe to your religion and it's Sharia Law

You use Islam to be a bad person and then hide behind it's teachings. You're not Muslim, Miranda. You're a pretender and your silly child husband left you because he saw it too

No. 753087

File: 1580215435591.jpeg (141.4 KB, 750x424, 3F05076F-9A79-438C-A2B8-137828…)

Oh Miranda, what about your 13 social media accounts that are flourishing??
You can’t remember all the lies you tell can you?

No. 753101

Sad how that works. I recently reconnected with a high school friend who basically attacked me for living life the wrong way. I didn't understand the aggression until I put it together - he dropped out of a shit university, I graduated from a top one. I traveled the world, he's spent his entire life between two tiny towns. So to feel okay, he has to attack anyone doing better.

Of course Mira will have the exact same reaction - she has to rationalize why she's better than all the people with better, happier, more successful, and more interesting lives. We saw it when she tried to tear down Rachel's business, and now we see it as she attacks people for doing things like dating, socializing, and listening to music.

No. 753115

I flip flop between believing it's her parents, or she really did become a green card spouse for some teenager who doesn't give her anything more than a sofa to sleep on and a case of ramen to eat.

If she was going anywhere at all in Canada with her "rich" ""Saudi"" """husband""", she would find a way to rewrite her life story so she could brag about it. Safe to assume she's in her own dungeon all day.

No. 753116

Yes this is exactly what she is doing, weirdly I understand why some people would get frustrated and maybe lash out in jealousy, it’s a human reaction. Most people get over it and make the change and do what they gotta do to be where they want to be.
Unfortunately Miranda is always correct 100% of the time so she is unable to change anything about herself… except her ‘identity’.
To think this extremism stemmed from wanting to be with Rody…

No. 753118

>So to feel okay, he has to attack anyone doing better.
Don't get me wrong, I agree with the second half of your post about Miranda 100%. But do you know where the fuck you are? What I just greentexted is rampant on this board when it comes to certain snowflakes that are really only hated on because some bitches are raging jealous of them. Jus sayinnnnnnn, you sound out of place.

No. 753136

File: 1580230398661.jpg (171.16 KB, 1385x570, Screenshot_20200128-115342_Twi…)

More like "Can't sleep because I just woke up"

No. 753163

Still using your iPhone that was assembled in China I see Miranda.

No. 753245

Did she not make a multi-course potato chip banquet for her and husband that night? Falling behind on her wifely duties. It’s almost like…. she doesn’t actually cook wholesome meals 3 times a day since she is glued to Twitter at all hours. Or there is no food in her refrigerator again. Why would she feel the need to announce this state of poverty anyway?

No. 753382

That involves immigration court. She probably didn’t show up to court and tried to leave Japan while still in the process to prove her marriage valid. Or she went to court and lost the case but I doubt this because she didn’t even have stable address so her coming to court would have been suicide. This would explain the story I heard about her getting stopped at the airport by immigration.

No. 753669

File: 1580361274679.png (94.04 KB, 948x659, Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.1…)

I just randomly came across this on a news report about an American ISIS bride who's trying to return to the US.

Of course Mira, being her usual thorough, careful self, overlooked the fact that this girl's attempts to return were denied.

No. 753671

File: 1580362265230.png (49.39 KB, 599x241, Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.2…)

Mira's masterfully-worded analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I am critical of the Natanyahu administration's actions in Palestine, but given that Mira has gone far right wing on every issue except this one, I can't help but wonder if this indicates Mira is one step closer to going fascist.

No. 753766

File: 1580396646615.jpeg (152.95 KB, 750x410, DE96E827-8BFC-4BA6-ADE7-D3222B…)

But your relationship is haram Miranda, haram enough that you won’t get into Saudi without a hefty fine. But your husband isn’t real so it doesn’t matter.
I love how she tries to make herself feel powerful by telling Muslims accusations are huge sins.
By her own admission she is headed straight to hell lol

No. 753767

"Indeed I will meet you on the day of judgement"
"Indeed you are misguided"

She's completely changed her speaking style from Japanese English to quranic English?

No. 753787

File: 1580403763612.jpeg (290.78 KB, 750x731, 3FD9FB64-B0D1-4D09-8125-80D1EB…)

She’s so deluded she thinks she is better than everyone for being a slave to Allah.
I’m not sure I understand what life she has other than spewing shit on twitter tbh.

No. 753794

"Indeed I will meet you on the day of judgement"?

She's not a God

No. 753795

File: 1580406119038.jpeg (64.93 KB, 546x596, a.jpeg)

just going to leave this here

No. 753798

she was talking about what the girl expects, not about what the country decided.

No. 753806

Nice try, Mira, but she literally said "[w]elcome to 2019[, w]here you can literally go against your country, join a terrorist organization, and just expect to come back to civilization."

That implies that in 2019 the country will let you back in. Work on your reading comprehension.

No. 753811

I think you need to. Read the last part. Sometimes I think a lot of people on lolcow need reading comprehension classes.

No. 753835

Literally the only part I didn't quote is "when you're just not feeling it." Are you a moron?

No. 753877

Good to see I’m not the only one who saw how this was phrased. Fucking unreal! She has gained the ultimate God complex through Islam. She consistently uses words or phrases that demonstrate personal ownership over Islamic principles. “OUR religion.” “MY religion.” “WE don’t like this.” “WE do this.” I have never seen a female Muslim talk in this dictatorial manner. In fact, on YouTube, I have never seen conservative Saudi niqabis behave that way. They always have lifestyle channels or positive affirmations from Quran. The only time you see irate Muslima shouting at the camera about sin and judgement is in ISIS videos.

Maybe Mira was telling the truth about “almost being transed” as a kid. Lol. She acts like she really wants to be a man.

No. 754292

File: 1580507855719.jpeg (361.02 KB, 750x1055, 56445E5F-8AE0-4C23-9F74-23BE61…)

Miranda stop lying, you do not live in japan. Allah can see your lies, it’s not some elaborate cover up to hide your location from stalkers.

No. 754305

Sorry how did she really comes to the abstract idea that JAPAN will be a muslim country? She lived there! Japanese people simply dont care and are freindly to everyone. Also thay have strikt immigrations, a traditional culture and own religious backround. How did someone can really come to the idea that JAPAn will be a muslim country?

Well maybe after Somalia will be a peacefull place for vacation

No. 754361

What a dumb fucking idiot. Japan will never be a Muslim country. They just tolerated your dumbass because you were a stupid weebo. No one wants you in their country. I'm not talking about Muslims, I'm talking about specifically you. You whore cosplaying as a trash bag.

No. 754384

>The country with the most open attitude to sexual deviancy in the world.
>will be the greatest Muslim country in the world

Not really surprising tbh. Miranda is a delusional retard who lives in a fantasy world where everything she wishes was true is real.

No. 754386

File: 1580530785532.png (1.29 MB, 1184x1066, スクリーンショット 2020-02-01 13.18.44.…)

She is on a long rant about how Japan is "pure" since it has women only cars in trains, etc. while saudi is removing women only sections in restaurants

No. 754387

File: 1580530902320.png (1.06 MB, 1176x824, スクリーンショット 2020-02-01 13.21.19.…)

Eating in a restaurant with other men present is the root of all evil

No. 754388

File: 1580530927610.png (376.76 KB, 1186x1166, スクリーンショット 2020-02-01 13.21.56.…)

Miranda gets called out on her bullshit

No. 754436

Showing she's never been in Saudi. Men and women mix there. Or else women wild never leave the house…

No. 754438


No. 754441

She contradicts herself, she'll miss women's only areas that's not 100% of the time like trains for a non mixing Saudi, in her mind which doesn't exist in Saudi because men and women go out together in malls and others places. She's in for a big shock when she gets there and then gets stoned for asserting herself.(samefagging)

No. 754461

And there we go again… "Islam is the true religion"… anything else dont matter,….she is so deep into the dark now…..

No. 754475

It's amazing how fast she went from weeaboo to saudiboo…Just look at the definition for weeaboo and change "Japan" to "Saudi Arabia" and you have the perfect description of her.

A person who retains an unhealthy obsession with Saudi Arabia and Saudi culture, typically ignoring or even shunning their own racial and cultural identity. Many saudiboos talk in butchered Arabic with the 8 or so words they know (i.e. alhamdulillah, haram). While saudiboos claim to love and support Saudi culture, counterintuitively, they tend to stereotype Saudi culture by how it appears in their favorite fundamentalist propaganda, which can be safely assumed to be offensive to the Saudis.

No. 754520

File: 1580569977499.jpg (34.87 KB, 628x341, wmMMXGA.jpg)

>My country

Is that the country that only exists in her demented mind?

Hell, no! Japan will never be a Muslim country! She’s calling for the complete destruction of Japanese culture, despite simultaneously saying stuff like above and here >>752162 Remember how terrible she was to other foreigners, who she gawked at like a predator, when they spoke their native language to their own family, used the English language option on service machines or even when a native Japanese gave their son a Christian name? When she bashed Hakone for not being Japanese enough because they had international architecture style or restaurants? She is always going on about keeping societies pure and free from foreign influence, yet pretends Japan isn’t as opposite as you can get from a conservative Muslim country. If Christianity has not convinced more than 1% of Japanese to convert despite a longer history in Japan, Islam surely won’t fare better. All these Muslim accommodations in Japan are for tourists and international students making Japan money, not for the infinitesimal percent of Muslim Japanese citizens.

She was making those posts at least from midnight to 5 am Japan time. She doesn’t work, so what kind of story can she create for apparently never sleeping through the night?

No. 754548

Does Adrianna realize Miranda's attacking her because of different faith?

No. 754558

File: 1580578900040.png (25.82 KB, 611x181, unknown.png)

No. 754559

File: 1580578995537.png (412.02 KB, 593x903, unknown-2.png)

No. 754572

It was only a couple weeks ago she was accusing that suicidal girl of being in a "haram relationship", even when she said she wasn't… hello?? She is so confused in the head.

No. 754664

Remember, when she criticizes another person, it is "enjoining good and forbidding evil", but when someone criticizes her, it is "vile slandar"

No. 754693

She also believes that accusing someone of being a bad Muslim is a huge sin, unless she is the one making the accusation!

No. 754708

It's a sin for anyone to question her muslimness but ok for her to say that shias, liberal muslims, sufis, etc. (basically anyone who is not a radical) are not real muslims

No. 754755

Haram, she's speaking to a single male.

No. 754759

File: 1580640402356.png (121.43 KB, 500x465, absolutely-haram-34687867.png)

Talking to other men online is…

No. 754765

Remember when she bragged about continuously accepting money from a man who was obviously smitten with her, despite cycling through TWO marriages while she had contact with him? Then, traveled with this non-mahram sugar daddy alone after she came back from arranging the Islamic marriage in Canada?

No. 754785

This is so weird. Why would she be making this information public?

No. 754792

lovely pure japan which only has these carriages in the first place because men keep groping women and girls . this bitch is dumb

No. 754817

Yeah like she said in the past that japan is a Niquab culture because woman use diffenrent caps and stuff to protect there skin from sunlight, and wearing masks.

No. 754861

In this video Miranda says "The only garment that Saudi Arabia has ever enforced was the abaya which is a gown that we wear here".
A gown that we wear here.

Sooo, she's pretending she moved to Saudi Arabia now?

@9:11 in the video

No. 754866

File: 1580685356528.png (1.42 MB, 1348x1224, スクリーンショット 2020-02-03 8.16.11.p…)

"My response as a Muslim to what I have seen"

What has she seen since she's never actually been to saudi?

No. 754875

She's just mad that an Italian American got to go to Saudi A. and she's stuck at home making response videos that no one cares about. What a loser.

No. 754942

lol Mira looks especially retarded in that get up.

Iran has plenty of human rights abuses, but what that Italian guy experienced seems pretty representative. People who go to Iran often come back talking about how hospitable Iranians are, and people who go to Saudi Arabia often come back talking about how repressive it is.

Women who don't appreciate religious oppression, and want to move forward to a more liberal, free society ARE more progressive, Mira, you fucking idiot. And they're better than you, because they believe in individual agency. Fuck Salafism, fuck Saudi Arabia, and fuck Miranda Constable.

No. 754946

File: 1580708271361.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_2020-02-03-14-37-34…)

Vogue cover in Saudi, she's going to flip a lid.

No. 754951

Also, women were free to wear whatever they wanted in the 60s and 70s. This bs about covering up physically is bullshit. It's metaphorically. But idiots changed it saying it meant to literally cover to all the time and sunnahs and hadith's were changed to push men's control over women who couldn't control their sexual urges. The same religion who thinks sucking on a little boys tongue and having sex with them is okay. It's BARBARIC.

No. 754952

No. 754965

All of this is 100% true too. I had to write a paper about it in school and it completely blind-sighted me. Horrific how a privileged person like mira sees the taliban as protagonists.

No. 754989

These type of articles are spread around by Islamaphobic shills who try to send the message that people in other countries were all wearing bikinis and civilized till islam spread. Fact of the matter is, yes in Iran & Saudi Arabia there was no mandatory Hijab laws but this doesn’t mean everyone who was Muslim walked around in belly shirts and mini skirts like westerners did in the 60s. A lot of people in these pictures are non Muslims, foreigners or people on compounds. People have to remember that not everyone in these countries are Muslim. You must have seen those pictures spread online “Before and after shariah” showing pictures of normally dressed women vs completely covered. These pictures are only trying to push propaganda.

No. 754995

Enough of the "islamophobia" nonsense, back to Miranda

No. 755022

"Akchually, these countries were always repressive hellholes."
That's not exactly the defense I was expecting from somebody whining about "islamaphobia" or shills.

No. 755051

File: 1580742685861.jpeg (72.86 KB, 750x200, 598C9CF3-F5A9-4DC6-9065-F2B833…)

Why would she retweet this

No. 755079

Women jogging? Haram!
Exercising is haram!

No. 755092

Even for most "radical" muslims questioning anyone's muslimness is a major taboo. She is simply confused and majority of her knowledge is derived from western stereotypes (currently very heavily influenced by ISIS and their beliefs) and what she thinks "real" muslims believe. It is pretty clear that her contact with practicing muslims is very limited and she is mostly making up her beliefs herself.

You sound like Miranda in the way that you are talking about idealized versions of countries which only exist in your minds.

No. 755256

File: 1580821257677.jpg (517.3 KB, 1440x1639, 20200204_080046.jpg)

Miranda's Saudi fat hands isn't available to be at her beck and call 24 hours a day!

That's Miranda's way of saying he saw through her shit, left, and she's holed up in her own self made ISIS bunker in Canada ie her mother's house

No. 755260

Why do you keep saying he left? He’s probably sticking around for the Canadian visa deal but stays away from this NEET as much as possible. It’s probably like the last two marriages of convenience that she had. But this time, she can leech off social assistance benefits.

No. 755274

There is zero proof he's still around and triggers Miranda. What's it to you what MY opinion is on this cow?

No. 755285


my favorite part about this is she freaks out about stuff like prayer rooms or places to buy halal meat finally being added in Japan… which have existed in far greater quantities and far earlier in so called "haram liberal feminist" countries like Canada.

No. 755289

Fuck that im muslim and the last thing id want is for japan to be a muslim country. Miranda needs to fuck off with her muslim superiority bullshit.

No. 755297

NiqabQUEEN on Peter Sentenello's video: he's not an expert on this subject, he doesn't live there [Saudi Arabia].

Me: errr…girl. Stop it. Please.

No. 755311

They were never legally married as per Miranda's own admission. She showed a certificate of an "Islamic marriage" from a local mosque in bumfuck Canada where she lives.

I'm thinking the guy was either desperate for sex or brand new to Canada and clueless, they banged for a hot minute (all very halal due to printing out the "Islamic marriage certificate", without the guy having to get legally tied to her) and he's probably long gone by now.

I bet in her mind she rationalizes it either as "My religion doesn't allow divorce so I am still married no matter what" OR she knows she is single but thinks it's okay to falsely present herself as married online to "protect herself from haram men and stockers"

No. 755378

Even though lying is clearly a sin in islam, she has admitted to lying multiple times to "protect herself from haram men and stockers" so who knows if anything she says is true

No. 755381

she's just cosplaying as a muslim, she doesn't have to follow any of that stuff in her real life. She stays up playing theme park simulator games.

No. 755514

That’s what she keeps telling herself lol, it’s not a lie because stokers.
She of all people should know that Allah can see everything so this is the main reason I think she is just cosplaying this muslima thing for attention and a sense of power.

No. 755760

Bitching about makeup sloggers not wearing hijab. This girl can't wait to join Isis.

No. 755815

Is this a bait?

No. 755850

If it isn't, then I'd say that she is in the midst of a psychotic break with reality.

No. 756010

Even compared to her other videos, this is really off the deep end…..is she honestly trying to imply it's sinful for a muslim girl, hijab or not, to want to look "cute"? What are they supposed to look like, Imam Mira?

Also I'm not a Muslim and my knowledge of the Quran is limited, but I know in the bible it says basically that women shouldn't teach on spiritual/religious matters. Is there anything similar in the Quran? It seems odd that according to Mira, it's not okay to wear "cute" hijab but it's okay for a woman to lecture on how everyone should live according to hyper-traditionalist Islamic principles.

No. 756020

oh my god her fucking voice "accent", I never in a million years thought this shit would get this far. it's hilarious, but i keep having to pause the video to regain composure bc i can't deal w it. What a fucking lunatic lmao

No. 756034


Probably it's just sinful to look better than Randa.
Which makes 99% living organisms on this planet sinful (including animals, plants, bacteria and fungi)

No. 756041

Oh yes this is absolutely why, she knows she’s fugly so everyone else is not allowed to look prettier than her.
I really can’t wait to find out when her husband finally got away from her.
Wonder what her next lie will be

No. 756047

That accent is all over the place! It’s like all her previous personas are fighting for control of her mouth. It seems her ability to enunciate words in general has deteriorated as well.

What she is doing is very untraditional as men are historically the religious authority and leaders. She also copies the distinct speaking style of an Arabic male. Do you know where there is more encouragement for women’s participation in religious proselytizing and lecture? Shia Islam! Mira was “dirty vile Feminist Shia filth” the whole time.

No. 756127

I’ve just caught up on all the drama over the past few years and this is hilarious.

She went from making soy milk tasting videos with sharla in Japan to a Muslim convert living in her mums basement in Canada?

She had so much opportunity to achieve something and it looks like she’s just pissed it all away.

No. 756129

File: 1581118097526.png (1.24 MB, 1184x1178, スクリーンショット 2020-02-08 8.28.20.p…)

Miranda isn't a fan of Canada since it is such a haram country now

No. 756137

lol I totally forgot Miranda hates the LGBTQ community. All she does is hate. Tolerance must suck huh Miranda.

No. 756153

She's on record showing hate for the LGBTQ community…and shias, sufis, ahmadis, Chinese, Iranians, Quebecois, feminists, liberals, moderates, women who wear makeup, uncovered women, singers…the list is too long

No. 756197

So I guess Islam is basically loving only people who act and think like you and hate everyone else.

No. 756209

Miranda doesn't even try to pretend that islam is a religion of peace and love and her version of islam is the ultimate truth that cannot be deviated from on punishment of death/corporal punishment

No. 756212

One of her most recent targets is Hindu Indians. It just never stops with her. However, she keeps praising Japan as the next Saudi Arabia despite Japanese culture, society and native religion being completely haram to extremists. It’s totally crazy how she bashes every single country for things that are totally normal for Japan and no Japanese, not even Muslim people, want her nightmare vision of the country.

Just how would these drastic changes be implemented in Japan and what things would be allowed to stay? Destroy every temple and forbid Shinto and Buddhist rituals, all historical art and instruments destroyed, every Japanese woman in black niqab so the distinctive fashion and beauty industries are dead, no more youth subcultures or creativity, take away the second biggest music industry in the world, ban production of all manga and animation, bomb every late night district and music hall, euthanize all pet dogs and take a sledgehammer to Hachiko statue, no more Tonkatsu or ramen restaurants, forbid train station melodies and ride in miserable silence, figure out how to sex-segregate 126 million people even in densely populated Tokyo… the list goes on. She just wants to kill all Japan.

No. 756216

File: 1581140833930.png (91.56 KB, 1184x302, スクリーンショット 2020-02-08 14.46.44.…)

Since intermixing of the sexes is normal in Japan, wouldn't this mean that every single restaurant in Japan is full of haram and should be shut down?

No. 756218

It's even more dusturbing when you know, this woman who preach her own extreme BS way of islam, was/is is the personification of haram!
- She claimed to be bi-sexual
- she drunk, a lot!
- she smoked weed
- she had lot of male friends (intermix)
- she definitly had sexial contact to lot of these men
- her clothing style was slutty

So just because you wear a black trashbag now, all this is gone Miranda?????

I think she really believe that, because she "revert".

No. 756223

Yes, just like the restaurant she said she worked at for years. And let’s not forget all those non-segregated Internet cafes that saved her when she was too impoverished to afford a basic hotel. She used all of these services and made YouTube money with videos about these places of intermixing.

Touching upon previous talk about her preaching being untraditional and un-womanly in Islam, remember when she said she personally wanted to open up Islamic schools in Japan? Why did she have the audacity to think she was suited for that? Not only is she a woman, but one that has always showed distain for formal education and had no respect for teachers.

Now that she had her fun and exhausted out every vice she could think of, nobody else can enjoy these things!

No. 756234

Remember, she is a graduate of Bayyinah, an online islamic "univercity" and is currently furthering her salafi studies under saudi clerics (via youtube videos since she is unable to actually step foot in saudi arabia)

No. 756270

I don’t think she graduated from there, or even “attended”. She talked about it but never followed through (as usual)

No. 756277

To be honest, I'm enjoying these new videos, as well as her newer tweets. What she's saying is so repulsive that sometimes it makes me a little mad how hateful she is, but really she's a great embodiment of how to live the wrong way. She's literally the opposite of everything good in the world, in terms of lifestyle.

I value things like creativity, experience, and community. I believe in being open, in seeing others' perspectives, and in exploring both the world and the arts, including music and literature.

Mira is the embodiment of the opposite of these values. She hates the arts and finds them sinful, especially music. Her hatred of anything she deems sinful allows her to close herself off from important parts of life, from romantic relationships to exploring the cultures of people unlike her, ranging from Hindu Indians, to Chinese, to LGBT Muslims. She fantasizes about these groups burning in hell. She's also for the complete subjugation of women.

She's afraid of life, and by shutting so much of life out, she demonstrates that she and her personal take on her Salafi ideology are fundamentally anti-human.

But she was the same way before she was Muslim, in some ways. Our one point of agreement is that we're both anti-drugs. Before she consumed heavily. She also used to sabotage her relationships by doing things like smearing Rachel's company, manipulating Unrested's sympathy, and taking advantage of her boyfriends and fans for their finances.

My only guess for why her attitude has always been so destructive is that it's some kind of defense mechanism. But what is she trying to protect herself from?

No. 756284

Wait.. you actually think she is really anti everything fun? She only does this ultra conservative muslim shit for you tube. She doesn't live the pious life. She's been a lying dumb bitch for the past 7+ years, it isn't changing.

No. 756289


Yes, all this is definitly too much then just for the drama.
Also she gain simply no money from this, and also the attention is way behind her old "fame"

No. 756331

Stop sharing her "Niqab videos"
Stop clicking on her videos
Her Kanadajin3 channel is dying but her Niqab videos are getting loads of views because people keep sharing. She can't monetize those videos till she reaches certain amount of views. By promoting her stupid videos we are only allowing her channel to grow.

No. 756347

Never underestimate the power of tard rage.

No. 756350

I am convinced that what this bag of potatoes wrapped in black has been doing is nothing but a very convenient cosplay. It brings her (some) attention - she cannot offer any useful information for content, so she chooses hate speech and controversy. Conveniently covered by the authority of religion, and conveniently covering her unfortunate appearance. Also in her fantasy land in her head, muslim women don't work, so she has her lazyness covered as well.
It is just a character to play while she's probably laughing at how people lose their shit over her trolling.
I've said this before, but I'll say it again; she absolutely should not be taken seriously.

No. 756361

She is so dense….she's shaming native english speakers for using "low end slang"…are you kidding me??? She's a native english speaker that has diminished her own speaking ability to that of a mentally challenged person. She even makes obvious grammatical in this very video to come off as more Middle Eastern, but it just makes her seem slow.

No. 756379

>It is just a character to play while she's probably laughing at how people lose their shit over her trolling.

This is where you lose me. I can totally believe that her real life doesn't correspond at all with how she presents herself in these videos. But I also don't believe she's intelligent enough to play her audience like that. If it's all an act, I don't think she'd be honest enough with herself to admit it's some kind of a cynical put on. I'm sure she rationalizes why she says one thing and does another. Like that she understands Islam better than anyone, she's one of the TRUE Muslims, and she's better than all the sinners out there, so God will forgive her for her constant stream of little sins, because she's one of his true followers.

No. 756408

a handful of users here make no difference.

No. 756453

They add up quickly.

No. 756474

Then go get her channel taken down if you're so concerned. If not, then stop preventing us from getting our milk.

No. 756478

The last video posted here currently has 218 views TOTAL. That's nothing. Stop being ridiculous.

No. 756501

Her videos were not even taking in more than 100, and now they all easily have over 200. Every single click on her stupid videos is engagement and the more people share links the more it tells youtube algorithm to recommend her videos or pump them out. No, 200 is not a little amount considering she is making a video almost daily. Look at her other stupid channel? The video game one. Nobody shares that shit and it’s literally gone nowhere.

No. 756504

geez stfu. We share them to highlight her stupidity, and hopefully one day someone who actually takes her videos seriously will also see our reactions on them as well. The way you're pushing for this makes me think you're Miranda. Either way, stfu.

No. 756551

The dumb, evil cunt says that the coronavirus is God's punishment for China's treatment of Muslims. Apparently she can't make the distinction between China's oppressive government and the innocent people who've actually died from the coronavirus. You know, many of the same people who actually experience oppression under that government.

No. 756558

I don't think we can expect too much critical thinking from Miranda

No. 756580


She's brainwashed thinking everything has to do with religion against non-Muslims. Ebola virus epidemic happened in Guinea, a Muslim majority country. Even bad things happen to innocent Muslims who doesn't sin.

No. 756586

so the 2011 tsunami and earthquake in Japan must've been Allah punishing her beloved Japan huh?

No. 756590

You share her and she gets the views she wants. No attention is bad attention in similar public jobs in the entertainment industry. More people talk, the more people go to see the videos. You kill a channel by using links that use downloads over watching on YouTube because you're playing into her hands. Little to no views are death to YouTube channels. She may just come on here when her views go down to trash talk herself to get more views. I wouldn't be surprised. She's a narcissist who needs attention, and we feed it to her.

No. 756591

She lives rent free in your heads, and that attention she gets, good or bad is still attention.

No. 756598

Wow, we’re such nice people! Since a pillar of Islam is charity, we surely must be superior Muslims to be this kind to someone so unfortunate! Maybe one day, Mira will join us all in Jannah.

No. 756607


"Living rent free in our heads", Jesus she's not an abusive ex we all need to get over, she's a ridiculous nutjob who we laugh at on the internet. It ain't that deep.

No. 756611

It's true that "she's a narcissist who needs attention, and we feed it to her", but she is a ridiculous nutjob cow who supplies us with tons of milk, so who cares

No. 756617

Agreed. Even if she does need the attention, by giving it to her we're only encouraging her self-destruction.

Holy shit, shut the fuck up and stop derailing this thread. Get back on topic or leave, we've all heard your perspective now.

No. 756638

It's probably Miranda herself .

No. 756685

No sage, low level english, and trying to revert attention from herself by talking about herself lol. Sounds like typical randa

No. 756816

The paranoia is so deep you call out everyone for being Randa without any evidence. She doesn't have that great of a vocabulary comparing anyone commenting on here that you think is her, her's is shit level retard that sounds like a foreigner depending on the fad.

No. 756817

Her channels on life support, just want her channels to tank and die so there's more better things to waste time on. When she was a wean she was funny, now she's just pathetic.

No. 756818

No. 756821

File: 1581443476285.jpeg (43.96 KB, 275x223, 1574681392155.jpeg)

Dude literally shut the fuck up you imbecile.

No. 756827

This idiot has to be Miranda.

No. 756832

That's hilarious lol
Good advice for everyone

No. 756888


"more better things to waste time on" lmao is somebody forcing you to come here and read the thread and fucking post in it? Or watch her shitty channel? Otherwise you know you can just go and do something else whenever you want, right?

No. 756892

How many subscribers does she have on her new channel it doesn’t say

No. 756899

File: 1581464954568.jpg (60.08 KB, 988x344, Screenshot_20200211-184952_Chr…)

Tho she may hide her shame, I can still find it!
32 subs

No. 756901

Yup, her channels are sure "thriving"

No. 756902

I just watched a couple of vids on Miranda's NiqabQUEEN channel. OMG what complete horseshit! A real SHIT SHOW. The dull ravings of a low-IQ moron on highly sensitive topics she has no clue about. Sewage pouring from her ignorant pie hole.

And the quality is absolute shite. Practically zero editing, effects, etc. Of course won't go beyond the sheet she put up 'cause then the whole "I still live in Japan" lie will become obvious.

The Internet is FOREVER. Doesn't this twat realize she might be pissing on her future, every time she gets gimped up, opens her fool mouth, then hits upload?

No. 756906

File: 1581466882799.png (152.83 KB, 1186x880, スクリーンショット 2020-02-12 9.21.45.p…)

Miranda tries to give more reasons why shy can't move to saudi

No. 756907

File: 1581466919193.png (320.5 KB, 1192x1124, スクリーンショット 2020-02-12 9.22.49.p…)

No. 756909

uh oh. I thought KSA was perfect in every way Miranda. Dont worry, Allah will provide all the soda and potato chips your evil heart desires.

No. 756910

She can't move to saudi because saudi won't recognize her "marriage" and grant her permission to visit, there are no jobs, saudi money isn't worth Japanese money, it's now full of haram intermixing of the sexes…but it's still the best country in the world?

No. 756912

Imagine defending a country that wouldn't even let you visit. LOL what a looney!

No. 756916

Miranda, how can we leave you alone when you are putting out nonstop hilarious bullshit on twitter everyday?

No. 756918

>”Foreigners taking all the jobs from Saudis!”
>Claims to be living in Japan, where her husband would be the foreigner taking jobs from Japanese.

She wouldn’t claim that both she and her husband don’t work, would she? How does Mr. Mira provide for them without a job taken from a Japanese?

No. 756925

Where do you even see that? I went to her profile there is nothing there?

No. 756960

That's from SocialBlade, but it doesn't update anymore. It'll stay stuck at 32 until the sub count isn't private anymore.

No. 756968

To her everything is political in Saudi, and life of the people it's political always. His videos goes against her romanticised views ISIS version of Saudi so she attacks with full force because it is going against her cognitive dissonance. As he said, more people are younger and aren't having the old suffocating ways anymore. They yarn for freedom, whereas she yearns for total imprisonment.

No. 756976

File: 1581510994779.jpeg (519.03 KB, 750x1050, F8DD5B48-4EDF-4128-9468-D7D458…)


No. 757024

File: 1581530032349.jpg (41.59 KB, 596x628, 343.jpg)

No. 757077

>Japanese money is worth more than Saudi money
Generally I have no issues understanding what she is trying to say even if those things are stupid but I have absolutely no clue what she means by this. Is she implying 1 JPY is worth more than 1 SAR? Or that Japanese purchasing power is significantly better than the Saudi one? Or that Japanese economy and salaries somehow provide a better economic outlook?

No. 757154

It means "I need more bullshit excuses to explain why I will never live in saudi while continuing to be a saudiboo online"

No. 757222

File: 1581565381597.png (137.62 KB, 1186x534, スクリーンショット 2020-02-13 12.42.38.…)

Miranda, please reread your own words and think about them regarding your life: "Science shows that hate is unhealthy for us. An unhealthy hatred for something is corruption of your mind. The happiest people in the world are free from hate."

No. 757273

The hypocrisy in Randa, she hates everyone who doesn't agree with her. She hates gays, anyone who holds her accountable for her actions, and anyone who actually used their brains and speaks out about oppression especially within Islam. Her new fad.

No. 757307

File: 1581610221708.png (71.21 KB, 599x285, Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 11.1…)

She's such a gross bitch.

No. 757309

It is NOT a social norm in Canada for 12 year olds to have children. Give your head a shake Miranda, you have to vilify the country you live in to make it seem like you're somehow far away and against Canada

No. 757314

Okay Miranda, please provide the world with the evidence to back up your claim or shut the fuck up and get back to making your fake husband a chip sandwich.

No. 757319

Classic Miranda. Using an rare extreme case with no backup to justify pedophilia amongst a culture.

No. 757497

File: 1581654167847.png (95.55 KB, 595x408, Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 11.2…)

Doesn't believe any Muslima is forced into Hijab/Niqab/Burka but… agrees that Muslims are forced into prayer by stupid ass measures?

"Physically forced to pray" is okay but don't you dare say anyone is physically forced into a trash bag.

No. 757508

Beeing an atheist is a "lifestyle"? o.O

You go i circels miranda not because you believed in nothing.,.. is because you are a pig that shit in his through and complain that the food taste shitty.(o.O)

No. 757523

So…. Sitting on your ass in your mother's house in Canada, lying about where you live, fetishizing a religion, fantasizing about a country you have never been to, not having any gainful employment, not getting a proper education or raising a family isn't "going in circles"?

Are you genuinely insane or are you just taking the piss?

No. 757835

She ditched her Planet Japan and Planet Saudi

No. 757843

She deleted them?

No. 757864

They're still around, no uploads for a few months

No. 757941

That's normal for her. She has a huge number of abandoned projects and she admits herself that she is lazy. The only thing that she regularly does now is tweet bullshit on her Alkanadiya account.

No. 757948

Another rant defending a country that will she will never be allowed in. YAWN

No. 757955

File: 1581817328334.png (848.82 KB, 1194x1090, スクリーンショット 2020-02-16 10.41.49.…)

Just in case you forgot, Valentine's Day is haram as it involves Cupid as taught in "athiest" Canadian schools

No. 757956

File: 1581817397086.png (758.34 KB, 1192x874, スクリーンショット 2020-02-16 10.43.46.…)

Therefore, judgement day is coming soon

No. 757961

Isn't this what suicide cults push?

No. 757968

She probably would have already joined ISIS if she weren't so lazy

No. 758010

Is she gonna die or what? We all get to have that when we die

No. 758107

Pick a lane, Miranda. Are Canadian schools “athiest” or do they teach belief in Roman deities?

Also, dude in the right image could be Jontron’s brother.

No. 758143

Miranda doesn't want people celebrating v-day because all it does is remind her of her loveless existence.

No. 758155

File: 1581887397895.jpeg (268.8 KB, 750x785, C0AD9E29-3BA7-4287-AD3A-988832…)

Miranda, if your husband were a real Saudi you would not need to ask Twitter for verification because he would know..
It’s so obvious she’s trying to find her boyfriend a job in Saudi so she can try getting in as his wife. Laughable.

No. 758162

Thought her husband was rich. Got a lifetime worth of chips.

No. 758258

Mira's "Husband" went to Potato University in Riyadh. He majored in bed pounding. Didn't graduate because he kept failing Basic Hygiene 101.

He tried for a sports scholarship, but rejected due to his small, soft hands.

No. 758270

Why she need this info?
Many people get jobs in KSA without been on any university I think.

No. 758280

so is Saudi the magical land of plenty, or a hellhole where only the rich and well-connected can find work?

meanwhile in the real world, the unemployment rate in Saudi is just under 6%, similar to Canada’s

No. 758337

She wouldn't know since she never been there and just watch videos about on youtube.

No. 758430

She truly doesnt have any self awareness

No. 758451

File: 1582009691113.png (743.89 KB, 1190x850, スクリーンショット 2020-02-18 16.07.09.…)

Apparently, she still dreams of escaping to the desert, riding a camel, and doing falconry?

No. 758470

Miranda what fantasy world do you live in? Women don’t go off galavanting with their husbands, they stay at home cleaning and looking after children. How dare you have such haram fantasy thoughts.

No. 758476

B-b-but Miranda, women shouldn't work you haram slut.

No. 758513

File: 1582045487998.png (272.01 KB, 593x539, 1.png)

Imam Miranda aka Niqabqueen shames the uneducated Muslims as she knows everything.

No. 758516

Falconry is really a family thing anyway that a father teaches their son. Her delusions are high… or maybe that is why she hasn't moved there yet. She doesn't want to face the reality of being under house arrest being beaten/screamed at by the whole family about how she's a useless woman

No. 758547

It's just mental illness. She was slutty in her youth, and spent her 20s running around Japan sleeping with anything that had a pulse. Now she feels guilt and shame so she goes full circle.

No weeaboo or koreaboo well into their 20s let alone 30s is sane. Just click on the catalog and see.

No. 758549

fucking lurk moar you fag.

No. 758550

What? It's well known Miranda was a massive slut in both Canada and Japan. She had an unhappy childhood.

No. 758551

her being muslim has fuckall to do with her slutting it up, dumbass. ffs she did it to try to get someone to fuck her. go somewhere else if you want to peddle this "muh daddy issues" tinfoil.

No. 758555

The hell?

I'm saying she's got an elastic personality. If you don't think the disorder and chaos of her previous life led her to want something dogmatic and overbearing like Islam, then I suggest you read more about the character of those who convert.

No. 758556

are you that new? she only converted to try to get rodi. the rest of it is just her digging her heels like with everything else she's ever done because her being muslim gets her attention. she was also clearly slutting it up for a long time after she was muslim because she posted tons of pics of her and guys up until her manbaby hubby came into the picture.

No. 758562

So her Saudi "husband", if he does exist, has been unemployed for 2 years lol

Saudi has a lot of foreign workers, but those jobs are difficult (housekeeper, construction worker, etc). No way Miranda does one of those jobs.


Falconry is STRONGLY associated with men in that part of the world. A handful of women may participate but they would be the dreaded "feminists" Randa hates so much. She can't even get her stereotyped gender roles right.

No. 758630

I think she is way beyong her typical crazyness….Her japan fetishw as ok-ish due to th fact she WAS there. But she will never be in KSA and live the princess live she dreamed about….

No. 758670

File: 1582118440886.jpeg (307.99 KB, 750x788, 434F780A-11BE-45B9-9029-3842D8…)

Sent from her iPhone - assembled in China

Miranda do the world a favour and shut up.

No. 758672

Those darn atheist feminist liberal nazi's.

No. 758705

File: 1582126868624.png (958.9 KB, 1166x1210, スクリーンショット 2020-02-20 0.37.44.p…)

We shouldn't overlook the fact that she says that she has studied under Bilal Philips, a noted extremist who has been banned from entering the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark and Kenya, banned from re-entering Germany, ordered to leave Bangladesh, and arrested in the Philippines for "inciting and recruiting people to conduct terrorist activities."


No. 758729

….I cant belive that somone use these word combination in pure seriousness…………..

No. 758730

So Miranda is basically now an Islamic neck beard Insta Thot . Her crazy has no limits.

No. 758765

Is she trying to sound like a non-native English speaker?? I've heard of cosplay, but this is crazy!

No. 758776

Yeah. She started that three weeks after she moved to Japan. Now she’s trying to affect an Arabic accent

No. 758901

The China stuff is a "broken clock is right twice a day" situation. They really are keeping Muslim minorities locked in concentration camps with poor living conditions. However that has nothing to do with her rant about "feminazis" or whatever

No. 758947

Bilal Philips
>Born in Kingston, Jamaica
>Grew up in Toronto, Canada
>Received M.A from King Saud University, Riyadh
>Proponent of “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”

Wow, move over Rodi! You’ve got competition for Mira’s heart.

Is his International Open University the “univercity” Mira wanted to go to?

No. 759013

Interesting. Leaf. She will be slipping into his dm,s next sending saucy photos of her ankles in exchange for Starbucks vouchers.

No. 759017

File: 1582216057034.png (129.84 KB, 1188x528, スクリーンショット 2020-02-21 1.27.19.p…)

Nah, she's already in love with just about any man in the Saudi royal family

No. 759024

isn't that just because religion is banned there? old women get arrested in china for doing vaguely buddhist related meditation exercises.

No. 759025

Miranda should watch Saudi Arabia Uncovered on Netflix. She can she what reality is like in that shithole country.

No. 759063

The Uighur situation is far more complex than that, in a way you are right but even if there weren't a religion involved they'd likely still be putting them in camps. China doesn't want another Taiwan or Tibet and with most of these people living in the same province, they're concerned they want independence since their culture isn't the same as the Han Chinese culture. The government is completely set on eradicating every part of these peoples culture right down to their children who went sent to live in 'kindergartens' when their parents are arrested, are made to shout indoctrination aimed chants. They want the kids to grow up wanting nothing to do with the culture they were born into and when the parents are arrested it's done in secrecy, in the middle of the night and then covered up with "Oh it was because of terrorism" rather than an honest arrest in daylight. Miranda thinks it's because of them being Muslim but rather it's because of them being different.

No. 759065

According to her, Japanese women wear niqab at the beach. She even posted a link on Twitter of what that niqab looks like. Miranda, if you are reading here, you have completely lost it.

No. 759079

The girl is mentally retarded and is scum. Don't take anything she posts seriously.

No. 759132

Agree. OBVIOUS mental retardation, and her opinions are often that of human scum. Mira has become an Internet ASS CLOWN of the highest order.

No. 759135

File: 1582247711537.png (122.5 KB, 595x589, Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 8.15…)

Nice racism, fuckface

No. 759157

I think she is like a slow release abby Brown and i want to see what's next. I never want this milk to end.

No. 759181

File: 1582259781062.jpg (26.15 KB, 640x480, NbkJEQE.jpg)

That didn’t take long! It was always obvious that a person that fetishizes and aggressively appropriates other cultures like this, going as far to say they are better at representing that culture than natives, is just a big fat racist. This is evident in how she laser-focused on the life of “White Japanese” and never cared about struggles of haafu or immigrants without a white parent. Remember how she was immediately dismissive of black and half black people that described their discrimination in Japan, so she thought she would cosplay a black person by slathering her unmistakably white face in dark paint and dressed in tacky clothes? But somehow, giving a Mira a fork for a damn salad or an employee answering her in English were basically hate crimes.

No. 759185

It's been known that Miranda is straight up racist for the longest. Black twitter should get on her pale uncooked chicken ass. "dirty filthy drug ridden rap village " " stay in harlem". Let us know how you really feel Miranda Constable.

No. 759247

The Saudi commentary on the music video is full of people saying the rapper isn’t actually Saudi because she is of African descent, people like her will NEVER be Saudi and ranting about immigrants ruining their culture. Mira is going along with these “keep Saudi pure!” racists despite calling regular Japanese people Nazis because they refused to acknowledge her ridiculous and baseless self-ID of “ethnic Japanese”.

No. 759250

File: 1582285542003.png (196.09 KB, 1188x642, スクリーンショット 2020-02-21 20.46.01.…)

Nothing is "racist" about Miranda

No. 759259

>Indeed a S**t has ZERO right to even open her mouth speaking about Mecca.

Then I guess it’s about time that the most popular 7-Eleven of Sudbury, Mira Constable, shut down her Twitter?

Anybody got a gif of Mira booty-shaking for money next to Tkyosam during his stream? For every Saudi woman she attacks, Mira has committed the same offense twofold.

No. 759276

File: 1582295102651.jpeg (348.98 KB, 750x875, 16812463-898D-427A-B82A-2F2ED0…)

Miranda accusing Quayden Bayles parents of using him for fame by posting their insta account on her Twitter.
Honestly this woman is full of hate.

No. 759278

'not a whor-y city' is the funniest phrase i think she's ever come out with. the capabilities of her mind astound me

No. 759279

Says the girl who flashed her husband's Saudi passport and money

No. 759282


Not to mention when she "modled~~~" her knock of LV shoes when she first found out what a hijab and sunglasses were. Pick a side, bitch.

No. 759283

File: 1582296439362.png (25.5 KB, 401x218, Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 9.46…)

Samefag. On her video about Louis Vuitton, she calls LV products her bae. THAT'S IDOL WORSHIP AND HARAM, ABSOLUTE HARAM MIRANDA!

No. 759285

File: 1582297688059.jpeg (138.51 KB, 750x536, 6E04D61F-CDE9-4ACC-820D-854C85…)

She made a video contradicting her LV is bae attitude. PRICELESS.

No. 759295

Okay, this is so confusing to me because this is the first time i saw this shit. How in the heck did miranda become suddenly a muslim? i remember her making those vids about Japan and travel and whatever, what even led to her becoming this? like, idc if people want to convert to islam, you do you but this just makes me question so much shit right now.

No. 759304

She fell in love with a Muslim dude in Japan, who didn't like her back. So she thought if she converted to Islam he would like her. He didn't, but she remained obsessed with him and his religion.

Now she's fetishizing Middle Eastern culture (specifically Saudi Arabian) and the Islamic religion the exact same fashion she fetishized Japanese culture. Everything is the same. She even thinks she knows more about Islam than other Islamic people. She now dreams of moving to Saudi Arabia.

Since Miranda is so simple-minded, the main reason for this obsession is because she's convinced that in Islam, men are obligated to financially support their women, so she will never have to work again and her husband will be forced to provide for her, protect her, and treat her like a "queen". It's really that simple and self-centered.

No. 759305

>she's convinced that in Islam, men are obligated to financially support their women, so she will never have to work again

this is basically why she liked japan too. japan is stuck in nuclear family mode and it's not a coincidence that she became a hostess and relied on flirting with men to make $$.

No. 759315

It's funny. she puts in so much of work and effort with the goal to just do nothing.

No. 759320

File: 1582309111958.jpeg (260.07 KB, 1524x942, YTMiranda.jpeg)

Hmm… I wonder…

No. 759324

Yeah but doesn't Canada have an eternal welfare state sub culture like uk and aus . I don't think she would have any problems getting dis ability bucks on the grounds of insanity. They would only have to read this thread. All the proof is here.

No. 759325

Shy is she dont mention that she "live" in japan?

No. 759332

Reading this tweet thread is hilarious. Getting mad a parent of a disabled child because of a instagram filter? This is what Islam is teaching you ?

No. 759381

Slight tinfoil but I think she is hot for a Canadian hate preacher who seems to get gigs around the world preaching love and peace. You may start to see her drop the Japan thing as I think she is going into pick me mode with this Moslem Chad.

No. 759399

Blal Phl*ps?

He combines two of Miranda’s interests, hate preaching and Jamaica.

No. 759401

>Bilal Philips
he's mentioned immediately upthread, why the retarded censorship

No. 759413

File: 1582344126900.png (1.06 MB, 1194x1030, スクリーンショット 2020-02-22 13.01.52.…)

Miranda's still masturbating to the saudi royal family

No. 759434

Didn’t want his idiot followers with Google Alerts on his name showing up here to type garbage but whatever, go off. Wasn’t for his sake, trust.

No. 759437

He's already been posted here

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