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No. 662950

Join us for the ongoing saga of 42-year-old horrorcow Raven Bradley (née Diana Dawn Sparks) and her 32-year-old husband #5 Josh Bradley in their hoard-filled Love That Was More Than Love Shack #3 mobile home in Jacksonville, Florida rural Jonesville, South Carolina.

Raven originally achieved notoriety for her outrageous horror goth appearance and exhibitionism, her immature and aggressively defensive demeanor which alienates everyone in her life, and her relationship with husband #4 Logan who was 16-years-old and 19 years her junior when they became engaged and was a school friend of her son Dorian who is 8 months older. She has disowned her son after subjecting him to a childhood of neglect and many years of emotional abuse.

Each successive relationship is The One™ which will rescue her from her terrible life and give her a "fresh start." Several of her relationships began while she was still married to and, in some cases, financially supported by the previous husband. She has moved across several states and twice overseas to be with men whom she met online. Once she is established in a new relationship she is quick to denigrate the last with accusations of neglect and abuse despite having been the manipulator, an example of how she continually rewrites her personal history to feed her narcissism and validate her victimhood.

Her addiction to finding new love is closely rivaled by her addiction to acquiring new pets, toys, and clothes which she soon abandons in her hoard (or rehomes in the case of her pets) once their novelty has worn off.

As in real life, she exhibits her Jekyll/Hyde personality online: superficially sweet to her sycophantic followers and crassly vitriolic to anyone who dares to disagree with her. An overwhelming number of her Youtube videos are rants directed at people whom she perceives as having crossed her and at "the haters" on lolcow and Kiwi Farms.

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In the course of the last thread:
>At the end of November she posted Drama prelude. Decked out in a red velour Christmas dress and Santa hat she crouches in front of one of the many trees from her New Zealand hoard and boasts of their many presents. She makes no mention of Josh's family.
>She still has her job at the tattoo shop, but "I quit going in right around Halloween because this place that I'm at is small. There's not a lot of room for people. I'm not a tattooist. All I was doing was learning and answering phones, making appointments."
>Josh has a new job, later revealed on his Facebook profile to be at the BMW plant in nearby Greer. "Now he's changed jobs and gone from loading trucks to now he is the lead. He's actually got high qualifications and he has a really good job. He is the boss. He comes home, "Man, it's so cool. I get to tell people what to do." "
>They are building a new room onto the shack to house her hoard from New Zealand.
>She announces that she will be returning to making unrestrained opinionated videos. "Stay tuned…but remember! This is MY life, MY decisions. Watch or don't watch, but don't you dare tell me what to do."
>The next day she posted Drama once again rears its ugly head, her telling of rehoming Pebbles. She included dozens of screenshots; several are proven to have been doctored which casts doubt on the rest.
>Lynley, the woman who adopted Pebbles, visited the thread and posted her own screenshots.
>In the same video she luridly describes how Ember (Marmalade 2) was killed by the neighbors' dogs when all three cats escaped from the shack after a construction worker left the door open.
>They adopted a calico kitten as a companion for Pumpkin (the lost and found kitten) whom Josh christened Zero. They arranged to adopt two more tricolored kittens but the deal falls through.
>Instead, at the beginning of December they acquired Lucifurr, a 7 week old male white medium hair kitten with blue eyes. He immediately unseats Marmalade and Ember as The Cat That Was More Than a Cat.
>Two weeks later they adopted Bowie, a 1 1/2 year old male Husky Eskimo Spitz German Shepherd mix with one blue and one brown eye, as companion for Loki. He had been abused by his previous owner.
>After a hate comment on her pet video and a comprehensive timeline of their pets was posted, she rebutted with a five page rant.
>"We'll keep adding to our family as much as we want to, and your pathetic attempt to bully me has only inspired me to want to adopt more!"
>She posted about the accusations of child molestation against Dahvie Vanity as a platform to defend herself and to denounce the haters who make the same superficial criticisms of her and Dahvie. >She explained that she now wears wigs due to hair loss caused by the bariatric surgery she had in 2012 despite recently having posted a video of bleaching her hair three times in two days.
>Two weeks before Christmas she posted a Favorites video. She lists the expensive gifts she gave Josh for his birthday in July and shows off the Christmas presents she opened early.
>"We get so excited about what we buy each other that we're like, well we could just open one present and then replace it and then get more and replace it. And right now he's got 25 presents up there and I think I've got like…I don't know how many. He owes me 14…13 because we've opened that many."
>They opened their remaining presents on the 21st.
>In lieu of a Christmas video she posted Thought dump. She expounds her history on the Internet, her terrible relationship with Logan, her wonderful relationship with Josh, and criticizes Dorian and Logan for both being involved with Isa.
>In their New Year's Eve video they drink shots of Frangelico and he puffs on his Juul [pic related]. She brags about the presents she gave him; she had already tediously posted pics of them on Facebook. She complains more about Dorian.
>In About boobs, race issues, and relationships she rants about Facebook allowing women to show their nipples after suspending her in the past for her fake bloody photos; movies casting black actors as characters who were originally white; and how people's romantic relationships are no one else's business. She talks at length about her relationship with Josh.
>Her Poshmark account, which she opened in August, was discovered. It revealed that they are living in Jonesville, SC which is 25 miles from Spartanburg. She deleted the account a month later.
>Their location was confirmed by a video of their dinner date at a local Mexican restaurant in which she shows the menu.
>She created a Facebook page for Lucipurr which lists his family members. Jelly, one of the three sister cats, is not included and does not appear in any photos.
>They acquired Jessabelle, a 4 month old medium hair calico, which she describes as "hands down the prettiest cat we've ever owned!"
>The cats have their own room where they sleep. The dogs sleep with Raven and Josh.
>They took in Lucipurr's pregnant mother, Iggy, when her owner lost her home. Raven renamed her Lili.
>At the beginning of February someone posted screencaps of Logan and Isa in the Alt Cows thread and announced that Isa had left Dorian for Logan and that Logan was wearing makeup and skirts. Posts attempting to stir up controversy about them continued to appear in various threads.
>In her Valentine's Day video she shows off the 13 heart shaped boxes of cheap chocolates Josh gave her. She shakes each one to prove to the haters that they are not empty.
>After repeatedly insisting that the message in the card he gave her is private they pull it out of its envelope long enough for a clear screenshot to be taken.
>The day after Valentine's Day they took Bowie, Lucipurr, Miss Pretty, Zero, and Jessabelle to a spay and neuter clinic in Spartanburg. She posted photos of each animal's records and the female cats' incisions as proof with the tag #responsiblepetownership.
>Jessabelle and Miss Pretty were in heat. She reveals that Miss Pretty got pregnant when she and her sisters escaped from the shack in November and miscarried. Raven says that she found the dead kittens in the living room.
>Two days later Lili gave birth to six orange kittens while snuggled next to Raven in bed, bringing their total to 11 cats and two dogs.
>A comment on the birth video tagged #breedingmachine #justlikemarmalade infuriated her. In response she wrote a lengthy rant which she posted on all of her accounts. Rewriting history, she blamed Marmalade's death on Logan.
>Attempting to elude the haters, she changed the name of her primary Facebook profile several times, created a new extra profile, deleted old extra profiles, and created a secretive private group.
>She deleted her public Instagram account and changed the name of her private account.
>She deleted the Drama prelude and Drama rears its ugly head videos but made many of the old videos filmed in New Zealand public again.
>Lili was conspicuously absent in photos and videos of the kittens after March 15th. They were shown snuggling with Lucipurr instead. In the captions Raven wrote, "Lucipurr and his half-siblings, who love him like their mother" and "Some were even trying to nurse and he just started licking them."
>A month later Raven posted a video of preparing a large bowl of formula milk for the kittens as part of their morning routine.
>She posted two videos of sexing the kittens to prove her superior knowledge of cats to the haters.
>On March 22nd, in a friends only post that was deleted as soon as it had been screencapped, Raven announced that she is pregnant. She included two photos of a pregnancy test she had taken "a couple of weeks ago".
>She declared, "I'm not going to have anything to do with this pregnancy posted anywhere in my social media" but teased that she "MIGHT still share some stuff" on her new extra profile or her private group.
>She mentioned that Josh's employer might relocate him further north and pay to move their shack. "See, this is why I love trailers!"
>They traded in their Explorer for a "beautiful" Cadillac.
>Photos of Raven enduring morning sickness while wearing a corset and of Josh grinning in the baby furniture aisle of Wal-Mart soon followed, as well as a post mentioning a visit to the ER for "a scare" after which she was pictured wearing a wrist brace.
>She announced plans for an upcoming Q & A video and requested questions from her followers. "Obvious trolls will be ignored."
>Toward the end of April she posted a video detailing her mental illnesses (Agoraphobia, Asperger Syndrome, and Borderline Personality Disorder) to replace her three old videos.
>She reaffirmed her departure from the Internet. "I choose to keep my personal life personal."
>Just as the thread was reaching its post limit Raven "accidentally" publicly posted her Amazon Baby Registry on her new profile. Her registry lists her due date as October 10th and her location as Jamesville, North Carolina. Within minutes of it being screencapped she made it private.
>At the beginning of May she created a new extra profile while in Facebook jail. She continued to rename all of her and Josh's accounts nearly every time they were archived. One of his lists his employment as "Future Manufacturing Supervisor at Thermo Fisher Scientific Jobs, starting in June 2019".
>A week later she posted that she spoke to the police about drama with a local woman "over something I'd rather not get into, but trust me - I'm not in the wrong here and she's gone to different profiles and has gotten all kinds of people to write me over her lies."

Facebook Profiles:
* closed or renamed
^ deactivated
https://www.facebook.com/Malevolent.Miss.Ann.Thrope *
https://www.facebook.com/x.Graveflower.x *
https://www.facebook.com/I.will.feed.your.obsession *
https://www.facebook.com/Misanthrope.4.life *
https://www.facebook.com/raven.bradley.3154 *
https://www.facebook.com/my.pretty.little.hate.machine *
https://www.facebook.com/you.love.me.for.everything.you.hate.me.for *
https://www.facebook.com/diva.ov.the.damned *
https://www.facebook.com/the.moon.follows.me.home *
https://www.facebook.com/you.were.born.to.die.like.this *
https://www.facebook.com/0nly.the.blind.follow.me *
https://www.facebook.com/the.modified.doll ^
https://www.facebook.com/i.am.the.dream.forgotten.in.the.morning ^
https://www.facebook.com/Vv.Raven.vV *
https://www.facebook.com/blood.upon.my.soul *
https://www.facebook.com/crisp.black.kiss.upon.my.skull *
https://www.facebook.com/Vv.Ravenous.vV *
https://www.facebook.com/handcuffed.and.raped *
http://www.facebook.com/people/Raven-Sparks/722906372 *
http://www.facebook.com/Raven.Cradock *
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Raven-Fan-Page/167064083355424 *

Facebook Sock Profiles:
~ confirmed
https://www.facebook.com/Calypso.Lilit * ~ (Ruby Woo / Scarlet Engel)
https://www.facebook.com/luna.amaris.52 (Amaris Luna)
https://www.facebook.com/The.stars.that.fell.from.the.sky * ~ (Ravena Joshuan)

Facebook Groups and Communities:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/a.sick.function.to.pry (537771703382628)
https://www.facebook.com/Official.Raven ^
https://www.facebook.com/Official.Raven.Sparks *
https://www.facebook.com/Ravaged.by.Raven ^
https://www.facebook.com/I.love.my.Marmalade ^
https://www.facebook.com/Gentle.Giant.Doja *
https://www.facebook.com/gorgeous.gothic.ghouls *
https://www.facebook.com/darkly.odd *

YouTube and Videos:
https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSilentmourning *
https://www.youtube.com/user/RavenStarbl00d *
https://youtu.be/gwAiXPmMoJQ * (unlinked birthday 2014 video about being cyber-bullied by a fake website, now in the archives)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj9C5ZUyNC5_kBK2A8-93hEIOfQ2F0S9g * (10-part "My Story", some in the archives)
https://www.youtube.com/user/LeonbergerLoverNZ (her pets and Ryan's dogs)

Archives of leaked videos from >>>/pt/400701 and others:
"A message to friend and foe alike" (first 15 minutes of her comeback video after she faked her suicide)
"What's happened to my videos"

Social Media:
https://www.instagram.com/Malevolent.Misanthrope (private)
https://www.instagram.com/we.are.the.damned * (public)
https://www.instagram.com/diva.of.the.damned *
https://www.instagram.com/crimson.rapture *
https://www.instagram.com/the.crimson.queen *
https://www.instagram.com/modified.doll *
https://plus.google.com/116345106967394608871 *
https://plus.google.com/+RavenSparks-Starblood *
https://plus.google.com/+TheSilentmourning *
http://bl00dbathory.tumblr.com *
http://starbl00d.tumblr.com *

Image Galleries:
https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://deadlycreations.org/raven.cfm (the largest archive of her old pics still available)
http://starbl00d.deviantart.com *
http://starbl00d-stock.deviantart.com *
https://raven-revamped.deviantart.com *
https://www.flickr.com/photos/bloodbathory *
https://hiveminer.com/Tags/gross,vinyl * | https://archive.is/IELNg
https://goregirls.deviantart.com/gallery/11478991/Raven *

https://graphtreon.com/creator/_raven_ (ranking of her Patreon account)
http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://raven-official.webs.com:80 (her first webpage; select all as most of the text is clear text)
http://www.modelmayhem.com/375997 *
https://www.myspace.com/icannotloveyourrottinggod *
http://MySpace.com/Ra.v.en *
https://nz.pinterest.com/vvravenvv/wishlist *
https://about.me/x.raven.x *
https://nz.linkedin.com/in/raven-sparks-7451a1a6 *

http://a.co/158y4sg (Amazon wishlist) *
http://a.co/aK3qVyK (Amazon wishlist of household items) *
https://www.depop.com/starbl00d *
https://poshmark.com/closet/starbl00d *
https://www.redbubble.com/people/starbl00d *

Joshua Manning Bradley:
https://www.facebook.com/Josh.Bradley.80.six *
https://www.facebook.com/Joshua.Bradley.80.six *
https://www.facebook.com/j.bradley.80.six *
https://www.facebook.com/joshua.bradley.16547 *
https://plus.google.com/10544191757129833794 *

No. 662951

File: 1558343156401.jpg (159.96 KB, 960x960, 1543496743184.jpg)

Timeline of Raven and Josh's Animals

See >>>/pt/608901 to read Raven's quotes about the dogs listed here.

Josh started a Facebook group for local stray dogs and is a member of several others.

07/17 Marmalade is fatally hit by a truck when she follows Logan into the street. He had taken her to live with him at his mom's house after he and Raven separated.

10/17 A stray dog that had taken up residence on Josh's mom's property is fatally shot by a neighbor with an arrow.

11/17 Josh moves Chubby and Big Boy, both black dogs, to the first shack. They were originally strays that wandered onto Josh's mom's property while he lived there. They are not allowed inside the shack and are unrestrained on the property. A stray white dog, accompanied by other stray dogs, visits frequently for food. Raven wants to keep the white dog because it looks like a wolf.

11/17 Raven talks about how much Josh's dogs like her and her feelings about dogs. "I've said it before, I don't like dogs. Various things over the course of my life have made me not like dogs. I used to like dogs. I've tried having dogs. My little Skellie, I loved him so much. The Leonbergers were all right. They weren't my dogs, though, they were my exes. I've had dogs in the past that I've loved to death. And then we had the little fucking bitch that attacked my Marmalade, and she just kind of turned me against dogs. That, and then the neighbor's dog just was always barking and barking and barking and barking and barking and barking and barking. I don't like barking. I'm like, fuck dogs. But Josh had five fucking dogs. Then there was the one that got shot with an arrow and died. And he's still really upset about that. But he brought two of them here, and they like me."

11/17 A week later she complains, "I haven't got much sleep for the past three days. One of Josh's dogs is just outside just barking and barking non-fucking-stop."

12/17 Chubby and Big Boy disappear, but Raven does not disclose this until January 13th. "Josh's dogs vanished. They wandered off maybe three weeks ago. I don't know where they went. He's been going crazy looking for them. First the big black one left, and we don't know where he went. He walked all up and down the road. He looked in the ditches, he drove all over the area, he went to all the neighbors. Nobody knows where he is. And the little one was here and then I petted him, sat down with him, and then he just up and wandered off, too, like that same day. Right after I petted him he just took off, and he hasn't been back, either. So nobody knows where they went or what happened." Later in the video she spends time with the white dog and another stray.

12/17 Josh is pictured holding an unidentified small dog that appears to be elderly and blind.

01/18 Josh gives Raven a 5 month old male Ragdoll kitten named Cashmere, or Cas for short, for New Years.

01/18 Three days later Raven inquires about a tortie kitten on a cat rescue Facebook page.

01/18 On the same day they adopt Meg, a female tabby kitten that was found stuck in a tree, as a playmate for Cas.

I posted a timeline of Raven's animals in New Zealand.

A few days later she posts a video about Marmalade.

01/18 Raven gives Josh a 7 month old female mixed Chihuahua puppy as a surprise "because he's been so sad about his dogs running away". He names her Astrid / Azzy. This is their third pet acquisition in 17 days. Three days later she makes a post voicing their concerns that Azzy displays signs of having been abused.

??/18 Azzy "is stolen" when Raven leaves her unattended in the yard, but she does not disclose this until 03/18.

02/18 Cas and Meg (now identified as male) are rehomed together. Raven asks for $50 for Cas. Azzy is not mentioned. Raven gives conflicting reasons having to do with both their old and new landlords.

03/18 They adopt an unnamed Golden Retriever Black Lab cross from the same woman from whom they adopted Meg. They return the dog a few days later when his family change their minds.

Raven posts a video defending her checkered history.

I updated the timeline of Raven's animals in New Zealand.

Transcript of her video about rehoming Mr. Marshmallow and buying Loki and Dante in New Zealand.

03/18 They adopt Doja, an 11 year old blind and deaf male Pit Bull, from a dog rescue. Raven sets up a Facebook page about him. She and Autumn, who runs the dog rescue, solicit donations for his medical care.

??/18 They find Stormy, an abandoned newborn orange male kitten, under the second shack.

04/18 Doja is rehomed with Connie, the woman from the rescue who had previously fostered him, but Raven does not disclose this until 10/18. She says that Doja ate Stormy while she was napping, leaving behind only tiny fragments of bone and teeth.

05/18 They adopt Ember (Marmalade 2), Jelly, and Miss Pretty, sister calico and tortie kittens. They had arranged to adopt them before they got Doja but agreed to wait until they were 12 weeks old to take them which was after Doja had been rehomed.

??/18 They buy Loki, a 2 year old male white Siberian Husky with white eyes for $235.

08/18 They buy Cocoa Pebbles, a 5 week old female Shi Chi (Shih tzu Chihuahua cross) puppy, for $330.

11/18 They sell Pebbles for $200 because she was attacking Loki.

11/18 Ember is killed by the neighbors' dog when all three cats escape after people working on their shack left the door open, but her body bears not a single mark.

11/18 They find Pumpkin Pie, a 1 month old female orange kitten, under a bush at a grocery store.

11/18 They adopt Zero, a 2 month old female calico kitten, as a companion for Pumpkin.

11/18 They return Pumpkin to her family after seeing their lost cat fliers at the grocery store.

11/18 They are planning to adopt two 3 month old unrelated orange and tortie kittens.

11/30/18 They acquire Lucipurr, a 6 to 7 week old white medium hair kitten after the woman holding the two kittens did not call them back.

12/16/18 They adopt Bowie, a 1 1/2 year old Husky Eskimo Spitz German Shepherd mix that was abused by its previous owner's son.

01/19/19 She creates a Facebook account for Lucipurr and listed his family members. Jelly, one of the three sister cats, is conspicuously absent and does not appear in any photos.

01/19/19 They acquire Jessabelle, a 4 month old medium hair calico.

02/02/19 They adopt Lucipurr's pregnant mother and rename her Lili. She is 1 1/2 years old. This will be her third litter.

02/15/19 They take Bowie, Lucipurr, Miss Pretty, Zero, and Jessabelle to a spay and neuter clinic in Spartanburg. Miss Pretty got pregnant when she and her sisters escaped in November and miscarried.

02/17/19 Lili gives birth to six orange kittens, three female and three male.

03/15/19 Lili makes her last appearance in Raven's videos and photos. A month later Raven posted a video of preparing a large bowl of formula milk for the kittens as part of their morning routine.

04/19/19 She posts a second video of sexing the kittens. She says they will be spayed and neutered at around ten weeks of age before they go to their new homes. They are named Cuppycake, Fruit Stripe, Pennywise, Jucifur, Chuckie, and Catthew. She describes Catthew as "the one that had hurt Lili".

No. 662953

All about cat pregnancy, labor, and after birth

15,027 subscribers

Published on May 17, 2019

All the questions I get asked, answered in one place:

How to tell if your cat is pregnant?
How to tell when they're in labor?
How to feel the babies in her stomach safely?
What to do during birthing?
Is it ok to touch the kittens?
How to sex a kitten?
Can you bathe a kitten?
When to change the nest to a bigger one?
When should you rehome them?

Bonus: How to cut their claws

Cat in labor: https://youtu.be/S4ydJVobM7M
Cat birth: https://youtu.be/KoXkLBWmASs

No. 662955

File: 1558343918099.png (97.7 KB, 781x396, Screenshot_2019-05-12-23-56-35…)

Being in Facebook jail http://archive.is/SO2FK was probably related to whatever drama she has going on [pic related].

She now lists Jamesville, NC as her location on one profile

Josh's new employment http://archive.is/hGX7J

No. 662956

File: 1558344183310.png (1.04 MB, 738x1038, Screenshot_2019-04-29-14-23-49…)

And was Facebook jail the reason here, too?

No. 662957

File: 1558344281263.jpeg (856.24 KB, 2937x1427, 6122af782ad8a39ad5632a7cbd3d5f…)


Somehow he has three different noses.

No. 662958

File: 1558344322876.jpeg (281.94 KB, 1707x829, b6e8993c1081d27928968ec328c86f…)

No. 662959

File: 1558344502710.jpeg (283.51 KB, 829x1707, ab1833ac33975d0383e65a3c49c9d4…)

No. 662961

File: 1558344832103.jpeg (169.38 KB, 829x1707, 902cdf64e6820c93be8b8d6fc01007…)

She captured him in fine form fidgeting with his ear…

No. 662962

File: 1558344870896.jpeg (258.28 KB, 1707x832, 59fc87d5360a949f5f4343f8a503ca…)

…and scratching his head.

No. 662963

File: 1558345172014.jpeg (297.38 KB, 832x1707, 487b6b51b2687dddb88f94f0c3c16a…)

The tattoos on her knee look like just scraped it after tripping over her platforms.

No. 662965

File: 1558345387340.jpeg (198.1 KB, 700x1440, fbd6d219007fc42c1c9bf96ea8bc4f…)

She should've taken her classic Raven-lying-on-the-ground pic at the end of the shoot…

No. 662966

File: 1558345460462.jpeg (365.83 KB, 1288x1356, 2575745c5f36d5410316fb0dcd914e…)

…so she wouldn't have pine needles tangled in her wig in others.

No. 662967

File: 1558345506108.jpeg (586.61 KB, 1288x2640, 0c30cbf65fe0ede6d872a84a3e7822…)

Those sloppy laces tho.

No. 662968

File: 1558345921901.jpeg (20.71 KB, 370x370, fa45712df86180df6e25e8745c633f…)

Hopefully we've seen the last of the blue and rainbow wigs.

No. 662969

File: 1558346034792.jpeg (27.81 KB, 370x370, edafcb7e82912fac2d8ab6de12ce25…)

Another new profile pic. It's only nudity when she says it is.

No. 662970

File: 1558346472079.png (188.95 KB, 800x724, Screenshot_2019-05-09-20-31-00…)

Further enlightening the haters on agoraphobia.

No. 662971

File: 1558346749293.png (112.46 KB, 800x512, Screenshot_2019-05-09-20-01-15…)

She quit her job at the tattoo shop when Josh got more hours.

No. 662973

File: 1558347478911.png (106.22 KB, 800x466, Screenshot_2019-05-09-20-30-54…)

Her new extra profile was only a day old and she was already beating them off with a stick http://archive.is/AVyde

No. 662980

I mean… what she‘s saying is true though… ?

No. 662981

File: 1558350923341.jpeg (175.12 KB, 1440x700, 6d7ea72aceb0ec20ff9c832b4526fc…)


It's more the fact that she is compelled to defend herself if anyone says anything in the least bit to the contrary.

No. 662985

Josh’s proportions make him look really weird here, like a strange deformed midget wood gnome.

Those Herman Munster feet in those shoes…

No. 662997

Why is she filing a report on herself?

The ring on her thumb is cutting off her circulation. Her fingers are clearly too fat for it.

I was thinking that too. His proportions make him look a hobbit and a human hobo got drunk, had sex, and he was the result of that mistake. His fashion sense is on par with Onision's, which says a lot. Maybe it's from being in the vicinity of a narc.

No. 663033

File: 1558371822623.jpeg (182.44 KB, 829x1707, e594cbaabded023f24725db3b22c93…)


He looks just as stiff and wooden as the tree he is leaning against.

How much did she shoop or filter his face? I don't use those apps so I'm no good at judging.

No. 663050

File: 1558380854859.png (877.47 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-05-18-11-26-14…)



Hi, guys! Uh, I'm gonna attempt to make this video that I have wanted to make for a while ever since um…God, I think it dates way back to when Marmalade had her kittens, and then again I thought about it after Lili had her kittens, and I just haven't really seemed to find…have found the time or the, I don't know, the urge to sit here and get dressed and, like, want to make a video. But I've had so many repetitive questions that I thought it would be a good time to kind of write down the common questions that I've gotten from people and make them in one video. So this is just a quickish, hopefully, video on kittens, cats, cat care, different points, different things people wonder about, mostly about pregnancy.

Okay, so first of all I get asked a lot how to tell if your cat is pregnant. If you have let your cat outside and she's in heat, most likely she's pregnant. The first sign is if their nipples are pink and swollen. It takes awhile before they start to show. By the time a cat starts showing they're probably around two weeks to a month from giving birth. So basically once they show they're pretty close. Once you can feel the babies kicking almost as a rule they're gonna give birth two weeks later. So um, the first thing to look for, monitor the nipples. Once the nipple start turning pink then you look for their bellies to start growing, and then you look for them to start losing the hair around their nipples, and then you start looking for or feeling the babies moving. That way you can kind of estimate about how long it'll be.

Now, how to feel the babies. You have to be very gentle. Hopefully your cat trusts you enough that you can rub her tummy. If you can rub her tummy the best thing to do is just have her lay on you. Don't force her. Don't grab her. Don't make her stay still so that you can touch her stomach. Wait until she's asleep or laying calmly or laying on your lap which is even better. Gently place your hand like this underneath her. Let her lay…you know, because you can see the bulges on the sides of her tummy. By the time you can see those bulges you should be able to feel the babies. You should be able to see them through her skin or her fur if she's got short hair or you'll see the fur rippling if she's got long hair. But if you place your hand like this and she nests her tummy into your hand, you just lay like this, leave you had open and loose, and you can feel the little kicks. Otherwise place your hand very gently on top of her. Don't squeeze. Don't push down.

Don't try to get in there and feel to see how many babies she might have. If you want to know that, go to a vet. They can scan, do an ultrasound, or feel, and they can tell you what they think. It's alright to guess, but do not try to probe in there and figure how many babies she might have. If you're smart…or if you're very, very good, not smart…if you're very, very good sometimes you can tell just by looking. You can kind of estimate how many might be on each side because there's, like, two channels where the babies are, they're lined up like this, and the babies will come like this, so sometimes you can kind of judge. But again, without an ultrasound it's not a hundred percent. It's just a fun little game you can play with yourself to guess how many babies you might have.

Now, how to tell if they're in labor. Cats are different. They…just like humans they show different signs when they go into labor. Marmalade, she let me know one hundred percent. She, she didn't pay any attention to the nesting boxes that I had placed around the house. That is one thing both cats have had in common. They don't care about the nesting boxes. They know what they want, they know where they want to be, they know what they want to do. It's a good to still have them. A nesting box is just a box or crate or drawer or cabinet where you have blankets, it's dark, it's out of the way, it's private, and somewhere that they can give birth and feel safe and raise the babies and feel safe away from, you know, the traffic of the home or a lot of noise and commotion. So you want to have somewhere just quiet and safe and secure. The more safe and secure it is the less chance she will pick up the babies and keep trying to move them and finding somewhere that she feels safe and secure. So um, your cat might not use them, they might use them, but it's always a good idea to have them. And have more than one, don't just have one box and expect them to use it. You have them set up usually in places they like to go or places they kind of sniff around a lot.

Marmalade didn't pay any attention. Uh, she woke me up. It was early in the morning and she came to me and she was crying and screaming and she kept leading me. She was guiding me. It was my first experience with a cat doing that to me so I was like, what's the matter? What do you want? What's the matter? And I just got up and I followed her and she'd just stop and turn around and look at me and meow and cry, walk off a little bit, turn and make sure I was following her, then she went straight into the box. She knew she wanted the box at that point. She went under the table. The reason I put it under the dining room table is because that's where she would always sleep. She loved being under the dining room table so I put the box there. I had a couple of other spots but she, she didn't care. She wanted to go to the place that was familiar for her so she went to that part under the table and she gave birth there.

Lili, she was a cat that we took in. And um, her owner had no where to go, and when she found a place to go they said absolutely no cats. She had nowhere. Her friends told her to just throw the cat on the side of the road or something. We said nope, we will take her. So we took her in and um, she gave birth two weeks later. She…I had nesting places set up all over. I had one over here, one over here, one in the bathroom, everywhere. She didn't want any of those places. There was no signs of labor.

Um, a lot of times about 24 to 48 hours before they go into labor they're supposed to stop eating and drinking. They kind of lose their appetite. The pace around. Sometimes you can see their water break. You can see, like, blood um, back of their hoo-hoo, you know, their hoo-ha. But usually there's pretty obvious signs of them going into labor. You might think, I wonder if they're going to labor? But usually what happens is you're like, how could I have ever wondered because it's so obvious. You know right away that they are going into labor.

Um, Lili really didn't have any of those signs. She ate and drank. She had the same kind of appetite. She didn't pace. She, she didn't do anything. She was always really talkative so she never stops talking. And I went to sleep…this was early in the morning again. I woke up. She had burrowed herself next to me under the blankets. And she had been cuddly anyway because, you know, when cats are pregnant they're usually very snuggly. They're very, very affectionate. And so she…I thought she was just being snuggly. And then I heard her scream and I was like, are you okay? Are you, are you giving birth? And I looked and she had had a kitten next to me. So I had no time to prepare. I definitely wasn't gonna move her.

Once you're in the birthing process you should not pick them up and not move them. The babies are on their way down. And if you grab the cat, stress her out, you could really, really screw things up. So it is best just to leave them even if they are in bed next to you. You can shampoo the bed, you can get a new bed, you can hire someone to clean it. It's not worth the kitten's life or the cat's stress to pick them up and move them. So I sat here. I got a pair of pajama pants to try to put under her. I tried…because I couldn't get up because she was leaning against my body. And if I got up I would've moved everything. I didn't want to startle her. I didn't want to get…have her think she needed to get up and move. So I just sat here and I let her give birth.

Now, it's not just back to back to back. [snaps fingers] They don't just spit out the kittens one right after the other. Usually there's a pause. It gives the cat time to recover in between kittens. She will give birth to one. She will eat the placenta. She gives birth to those separately. First it'll be the kitten and then after that she'll have the after birth. And she will chew off the umbilical cord and eat the after birth. It's not the kitten she's eating, it's after birth, so just don't freak out too much. Usually they will not need your help but it's good to monitor. Sometimes they take awhile to break the sac. Lili didn't break the sac of the second or the third one and the kitten was there gasping and I gently just pinched the sac and let it open. The kitten's face broke free and then she started licking them and cleaning them and everything was fine. We didn't lose a single kitten in that litter nor Marmalade's either.

Um, the kitten birth usually happens pretty easily. They know what to do. They don't need you to step in. But always monitor and be sure. If it's been quite awhile between kittens then you might wanna, you might wanna feel her stomach. You can, you can usually feel gently and know if the babies are still moving down or she's empty. You can tell sometimes by her demeanor if she's done because if she's laying there and she's more relaxed and she goes to sleep and she's just feeding her babies, usually that's a good sign that she's done. But uh, if you see something very startling or that doesn't look right of course follow your instincts and call your vet. But generally the most you might have to do with a very inexperienced or tired mom might be just break the sacs. And all you do is just gently [pinches her fingers] do that over the face. Don't touch the kitten. Don't try to rip it. Don't do anything like that. You just gently snip it. The sac is paper thin and it'll split right away. It's mostly just solidified water and it'll just open. As long as the kitten can breath, that's fine. If the kitten comes out and it's not breathing and the mom is not licking it, get a washcloth and just gently, gently try to wipe them, the mouth and the nose. Push on the chest, you know, very very very gently.

One of my cats in New Zealand that we thought was a boy, actually, at the time…we were told a boy and I don't know why we thought it was a boy the whole time…she got out. She got pregnant. We had no idea she was pregnant almost until the moment she gave birth. And um, first time mom…her and her sister, actually, both got out at the same time and both got pregnant. They had litters ten days apart. One of them the…I don't think the…they didn't break the [almost sneezes] they didn't break the sac and the kitten wasn't breathing. And I had to break the sac and wipe it down. And just, just the act of wiping it like the mom would lick it was enough to stimulate the kitten and it started breathing. And, and both of those litters survived as well.

So onward to after the birthing and everything's fine and the kittens are feeding and you've…if they're in bed with you, pick them up and move them. When is it okay to touch the kittens? A lot of people try to say that if you touch a kitten, the mom will reject it and the kitten will die. That is not true. It is not true at all. The mom will let you know if it is okay to touch her babies or not. If it is not okay she will pick them up and she will move them or she might growl at you or hiss at you. But you will definitely know if it's okay or not. If this is your pet and she trusts you, more than likely you'll be able to handle the kittens. You're supposed to pick them up, weigh them, make sure that they are gaining weight like they're supposed to. You can sex them. You shouldn't, of course, play with them or handle them too much. Don't handle them more than you should, you know, more than you need to while they're young. But you definitely can handle them if you have to because she will not reject them for that.

Um, when they're little, of course, they're going to be most likely, not a hundred percent the time, most likely they're going to be in a nest or somewhere dark and closed oft and safe. For instance, we had…after I moved them from my bed we put them under the sink because in the bathroom it's pretty quiet, it's dark. We, we left a light on for her. We closed one of the cabinet doors, left the other one open, had piles of blankets in there. But once the kitten's hit about three weeks their eyes were open and they started to move around a little more. Between three and four weeks is when they start to wander and explore. We didn't want them to fall out of the cupboard so I then picked them up and I moved them in here. I put them in another container. I it was just a plastic, like, storage container that I flipped on its side, put a blanket over it so it was like, you know [holds up her arm]…well, this doesn't have sleeves on it…but it was like a curtain over the…say this is a container and the curtain was like this so the entryway was dark and hidden. They had blankets in there. And they were where they could come out and explore, follow her around if they wanted to, and not fall out or hurt themselves. So when they hit between three-and-a-half and four weeks or you see them starting to move around and explore it is then safe to move them into a bigger or more populated area.

If a kitten hits eight weeks old without being touched or having human contact, that's where they're considered feral and it'll be very, very hard at that point to start getting them used to human contact. It is best if you have a litter of kittens, once their eyes are open and they spend a little bit more time exploring and getting to know each other, that you handle them as much as possible. Pat them, let them smell you, touch their paws so that they're used to having their paws touched. You can cut the claws. Touch their faces. Touch their stomachs. You get them used to being handled. This is where they're learning. They learn how to cat. They follow what their mother does. How their mother reacts to humans is also how they will react to humans because they see how she is. So it's very, very important to interact with them and let them know that humans are good, humans are safe. Get them used to what they're going to need to know for the rest of their lives.

Um, how to sex a kitten. I have another video showing this. Sexing a kitten, once you know what to look for, is very very very easy. The best times are to sex them when they're newborn or when they're a couple weeks old. In between it gets a little harder but essentially it's the same. With the boy there's a great space in between the butt and the genitals because what you're looking at is [she gestures with her fingers] this is gonna be the butt, the anus, and down here is going to be where they pee from. And around it is gonna be where the balls are going to be. So around here there's gonna be, like, two dimples, two areas where the balls will end up coming out. If there's a big space you have a boy. With a girl it's like an exclamation mark. It's, it's the butt and it's the vaginal opening, so it's essentially like this. So if the holes are very close together it's a girl. If there's a space it's a boy. That…they're very, very simple.

Can you bathe a kitten? Some kittens catch fleas really easily from the mother or if they have access to where another cat has been. You cannot give them flea treatment or any kind of medicine like that under eight weeks old. They're too small. It will poison them. It will greatly, greatly hurt them. You can bathe them, but again you should not bathe them unless you absolutely, absolutely have to you. And even then you should not put a kitten in water until they're at least four weeks old. It's best to get a washcloth to wash them down. If you have to, do it with that. If you have to put them in water they can catch a cold and they can die very, very easily at that age so be sure that you dry them off completely. It's just, it's just very risky for a young kitten for you to get them wet because of how easily they can get sick and they can die. They are so fragile. So if at all possible do not bathe them. Once they get older and bigger you can, you can do that. But you shouldn't do that for a little kitten unless, yeah, like I said, it is completely necessary.

Okay. With the mom, sometimes mothers are not good mothers and they don't take care of their kittens like they should. You should always be aware that the kittens are growing, they're eating, especially if there's a runt. Make sure the runt always has access to a nipple. Make sure they're eating, they're drinking, and defecating. They start peeing and pooing on their own around four weeks. And then they follow her. They look at the mom and they know how to cover it up. They might not cover it at first. They might miss the litter box. But they'll generally get the idea sooner or later.

Now Lili, Lili was a really bad mom. I don't know if she was like this for her other litters because Lucipurr was…he's an amazing kitten. There was no problems with him at all. It doesn't look like he suffered whatsoever, and he was with her until I got him. However with this litter, I don't know what it was. Maybe she's just over having kittens. But she, she was very negligent. She uh, she would attack them. She didn't play with them. She didn't interact with them.

And Cuppycake, the little fluffy one, I remember hearing her screaming and screaming and you could see her straining to go to the toilet. And Lili didn't even look at her. Usually, you know, the mother cat is very in tune with her kittens. She'll hear her kittens crying and she'll go and see what's going on. Lili didn't bother to go look. Uh, if you spend enough time around the kittens you'll know the difference between a hunger cry, a cry for mommy, and a pain cry. If there's a pain cry you need to check it right away. A little kitten can die within 24 hours if something goes wrong. This kitten hadn't gone poo and Lili had not been stimulating her. So I took…you take a warm washcloth and you gently wipe the genitals, the butt, and the…where they pee from, and you always try to mimic what the mom cat do by licking. And as you wipe the front they'll start to pee all over. And as you wipe the back poop will come out. Cause they can't poop and pee on their own. And when I did that to her a log came out that was half as big as her body. And I know that if we hadn't…if I hadn't taken notice or been around or been aware, hearing her cry and done that right away…I had to do it a couple of times for her…she probably wouldn't be here right now. She would have died. There was a lot of poop in there. And they have got to have help to expel that. And sometimes the mom cats just, they just don't do what the mom cats need to do. And so as the human parent you have to be aware of what is going on with the babies at all times.

Um, she uh, she would also…I haven't told anybody about Lili and the kittens yet, so I'm just gonna finish off with this little bit. Uh, they'd play around the fan sometimes. They were about four weeks old. And they wouldn't even be looking at her. They just be playing and doing their own thing because they're just learning to interact with the world around them. And she'd be walking by and she'd go out of the way…out of her way and go over to them and just attack them. And they got so scared. They were too scared to even walk by her. And she'd just hiss and growl and just attack. She was miserable. She was making them miserable. She wouldn't feed them. She wouldn't clean them. She didn't interact with them. She was just…she was being really really really negligent. And they weren't getting anything from her.

And so we had to send her off…we offered her back to the original owner but she didn't want her back. And she couldn't stay around the kittens with what she was doing. They were so scared. They couldn't even…yeah, they couldn't even walk past her. One time she jumped on the bed…she looked up on the bed, saw a kitten up there, jumped up on the bed [pic related] and just started hitting him. Like, she'd knock them across the floor. And she's not playing. She's acting like they are other cats. And the kittens and her were in our room completely isolated from the other cats. The cats were not in here, not allowed around the kittens. And uh, it didn't matter. She just she just did not like them. And I saw how scared they were. She walked by and they'd just curl into little balls with the tails tucked between their legs getting ready for her to beat them up. And if she wasn't feeding them and she wasn't stimulating them and all she was doing was attacking them, then she needed to go. So she went off to a home as an only pet. And as soon as she went there she thrived. They got her spayed. They…she…they sent me pictures of her in their daughter's bed. And she…and they said that she cries and cries for the daughter. She follows her everywhere. And she was more suited to be in an only pet household because she loves people but she hates other animals.

And after we got rid of them…or after we got rid of her we bought kitten replacement milk and I fed that to the kittens and wet food. It's always good when they do start eating food to give them wet food because…they'll eat the dry food which is good for their, their growing teeth, but wet food will help keep everything moist so that they can go to the toilet and not get constipated because again getting backed up is a death sentence for a young kitten. So kitten replacement milk mixed with warm water, and they are big and they are healthy. They're, they are happy kittens. So everything worked out great in the end. You have to use your own judgment and watch and see what's going on and do what is best for those babies because those babies rely on you if their mother fails them.

The last thing on here is when to rehome them. And I'll give you guys a little bonus tip, I guess, but most people should probably know this other one. But when to rehome them. Now, a lot of people online rehome kittens at five, six, and seven weeks old. That makes me so angry. Kittens should not be rehomed. Ideally at twelve weeks. Twelve weeks is when you should rehome them. My kittens are ready to be rehomed now. They're about…I think they're about twelve, twelve weeks old, maybe? What is this, May? February, March, April, May…yeah, they're, they're around twelve weeks old now. I think they just hit twelve weeks today, actually. Twelve weeks old today! So now they're ready to be rehomed. But eight weeks is minimum. Twelve weeks is ideal because even after they're done eating from their mom they still need to learn from her. They learn how to cat from her. They have their siblings. They learn social interaction. They learn everything else they need to learn from their mom during those extra few weeks even if they're not getting sustenance from her. When they play with other cats and the other cats cry they learn how not to bite too hard, how not to play too rough, you know. All those little things that human beings can't teach them. I mean, I guess we could, but it's best for cats to teach other cats. They need to learn that from each other and from their mother. And they can't learn this stuff if you take them away too early.

The kittens that go around sucking on fabric, sucking on other kittens, sucking on humans, that's because they're taken from their mother too soon and they, they revert to their kittenhood, you know. They, they look for comfort by kneading and sucking on fabric or cloth or anything that might remind them of their mom. These cats, actually, they don't do that. They don't nuzzle or suck on anything. For awhile they tried that on Lucipurr because not only is he their half-brother but he looks just like their mom. They love him to death. They follow him everywhere. They're like…he, he might as well be their mom or their dad or whatever. But he is their brother. They don't suck on him anymore, but the cuddle up to him. They lay with him. They hug him. He hugs them. They clean each other. So they, they all get along really, really great. But that nuzzling and sucking is really sad to see because it just means that somebody was too impatient and they separated that baby way too soon.

I think that's about all the information I can give you guys on kittens, pregnancy, labor, little helpful tips here and there. Um, the last thing is cutting their claws. This, this little bonus. Cutting their claws. Do not ever declaw your cat. What people…some people are just now learning about is that when people declaw their cats they're not just pulling the claws out or cutting the claws. To declaw a cat they are removing this whole part of the cat's finger. They remove the entire first knuckle of the hands so the claw cannot grow back. This affects their balance. It affects their attitude. It causes them…it's, like, it gives them arthritis. It changes the way that they walk, the way they, they focus their weight on their paws. And they can't scratch their itches anymore. They can't do anything at all anymore. And if they feel threatened they've got no way to protect themselves so they can turn really angry and really, you know, like on guard all the time, really kind of aggressive because you've just taken away their only means of, you know, defending themselves if they felt threatened by something. A lot of people think that they just maybe pull the nail out or do something but they don't. They cut off the entire knuckle off and it's really gruesome and it's really, really cruel.

What I do is I always cut the cats' claws. I trim the claws and I do it every few weeks. And if you do it often enough the cats get used to it and it's not really a big deal. It saves your skin, it saves your furniture. It saves everything and they get to keep their claws. Even the little, little babies who have the sharpest claws, you can cut their claws. All you need to do with the babies is do it when they're asleep. When they're asleep you can touch their paws. You gently squeeze in between here. [she gestures with her fingers] The claw will pop out. And where the claw is, this part is pink and then the claw will be here. And when you cut it it'll split a little bit of the way up see you cut it away from, a little bit away from where you want to end up, if that makes sense. Say if I wanted to cut this part off, I would only cut this because it would split up and get rid of this part if that makes any sense. If you cut too deep that's blood vessels and, and you wind up cutting it and you'll make them bleed and they will feel that and it will hurt. So if you're ever not too sure or you're just getting started, then just that very fine tip at the end, just a tiny, tiny tip, I would just cut that off, blunt that. As they get older and you get more confident you'll know where to stop and how far to cut. And you cut their front, their back, and the little thumbs. Once you do that, it's not really a big deal.

These little babies, I cut them when they're asleep because they are really, really hyper. And that's all good. It's, it's quite funny though because they get used to being able to dig their claws and climb on the furniture. Without their claws they slide all the way down. [clears throat] Sorry. Lucipurr, he's used to it now because I've been cutting his claws since I got him. So I just flip him over. I just hug him against my my body. And um, his back is right here, his front is out, and I just pick up his paws and I just snip snip snip snip and then it's over. I can cut their claws in a couple seconds and it's great. So that's why it's very important when you get a cat to play with their paws. Stroke their paws, touch them, get them used to it. And that way when it comes time to cut their claws you don't have to go to the vet. You can do it yourself.

And I think that's about it. Hopefully this has helped you guys and answered some of the questions that I get quite a bit about how do you know your cats pregnant? And what do you do, what do you do, what do you do, how do you know, what, what does it look for. I do have the other videos on my channel showing it. Uh, showing the two different cats giving birth and the differences between them and how quickly their litters came out. One from a first time mother and one from a mother that was on her third litter. I will link those in the description below. And otherwise if there's anything else you want to know that I haven't answered here, let me know. And if there's enough stuff I'll make a part two. But I think I've covered everything, so I hope that helps. I will see you guys later. Love kittens! [she claps] And take care. [she waves her fingers]

No. 663051

File: 1558380977741.png (967.67 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-05-20-12-18-05…)

"With the boy there's a great space in between the butt and the genitals because what you're looking at is this is gonna be the butt, the anus, and down here is going to be where they pee from."

No. 663052

File: 1558381044129.png (922.84 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-05-20-12-18-29…)

"With a girl it's like an exclamation mark. It's, it's the butt and it's the vaginal opening, so it's essentially like this."

No. 663053

File: 1558381183144.png (838.19 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-05-20-12-20-37…)

"Say if I wanted to cut this part off, I would only cut this because it would split up and get rid of this part if that makes any sense."

No. 663055

File: 1558381268851.png (968.28 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-05-20-12-23-15…)

"And you cut their front, their back, and the little thumbs."

No. 663059


At last we know what happened to Lili. But what did she mean when she said in the last video that Catthew had hurt Lili? And what happened to Jelly?

They were 12 weeks old on May 12th. I wonder if she's rehoming them privately to keep away the haters?

>One of my cats in New Zealand that we thought was a boy, actually, at the time…we were told a boy and I don't know why we thought it was a boy the whole time…she got out. She got pregnant. We had no idea she was pregnant almost until the moment she gave birth.

And she wonders why we doubted her expertise and responsibility.

She still has pics of them up

Was Marmalade's pregnancy from an escape or accidentally on purpose?

Her anatomy lessons and claw clipping instructions could have used diagrams or pics. And correct anatomical terms. She always claims to be so educated and well versed.

I expected her to make a point of letting us know that they have been spayed and neutered, including documentation of the vet records like last time.

No. 663096

File: 1558389754494.webm (10.49 MB, 640x360, boy-girl.webm)

No. 663098

File: 1558390381299.webm (9.05 MB, 640x360, nails.webm)

No. 663108

Very thorough and detailed OP, but I think you missed mentioning that she showed up on LC pretending to be a different cow to stir shit in one of the threads, got btfo by admin, and then seemed mystified as to how she'd been caught despite using a vpn.

No. 663136

The tl/dr is Raven is the best cat mom and didn't need another cat mom getting in her way.

No. 663145

File: 1558405558506.jpeg (488.05 KB, 2640x1288, 72f058de98e108716ba2aece2abc9f…)


I was leaving those details for the Admin to post. I suspect that wasn't the only namefagging she was doing.

I wonder how pressured Josh feels to keep growing his hair. She posted two pics like this; the other is blurry. "Now tilt your head down so your hair falls across your face! Do it again!" as he rolls his eyes.


I went back to their wedding pics to see if he's wearing the Goodwill shirt in these. His pants in those were also scrunched up, but I figured it was because they were Goodwill pants. Are his legs that out of proportion to his torso, yet he's 6'2" or 6'3"?

Their anniversary is June 10th followed by his birthday a month later. More presents and restaurant videos! How will she outdo herself this year?


If they rehome all of the kittens their new total is 4 cats and 2 dogs. If she is rehoming them, shouldn't she be aware of exactly how old they are, not calculating it in the video and being surprised?

>It doesn't look like Lucipurr suffered whatsoever, and he was with her until I got him.

He was 6 to 7 weeks old.

>However with this litter, I don't know what it was. Maybe she's just over having kittens.

This was her third litter at only a year and a half old. Lucipurr is only around 18 weeks older than this litter. Gestation is 58 to 67 days sayeth Google. She got pregnant 2 to 4 weeks after Raven adopted Lucipurr. Yeah, she was over having kittens.

No. 663243

File: 1558449857217.png (525.54 KB, 800x1161, Screenshot_2019-05-21-07-33-46…)

New thread, new profile! With a recycled name. I guess you could just keep stacking x's.


And she just closed Lucipurr's page.

No. 663255

She said Lilli was a bad mother.
Maybe she was stressed out with all these other random cats around in a tiny house! I knew she'd get rid of her eventually but fuck I hate her.

No. 663380

Wow. I thought Lucipurr was the cat that was more than a cat Marmalade 2.0.

I'm surprised she doesn't share more about being pregnant. Having a baby at age 50 she could garner so much attention.

No. 663383

File: 1558494070871.png (837.33 KB, 769x1170, Screenshot_2019-05-21-19-02-26…)

>However with this litter, I don't know what it was.

You seemed to know in the March 15th video.

I'm still shocked by the math. Her third litter at only a year and a half old and she got pregnant 2 to 4 weeks after Raven adopted Lucipurr at 6 to 7 weeks. She was a breeding machine for her previous owner. And Gravy, in her all-consuming quest to find the fluffy white cat that was more than a cat that she could name after a goff meme, supported this woman's backyard breeding by getting Lucipurr, likely for money. She has never referred to him as an adoption, whereas when she does adopt or rescue she makes a point of repeatedly announcing it.

>Now, a lot of people online rehome kittens at five, six, and seven weeks old. That makes me so angry.

Then why did you readily take Lucipurr at that age? Certainly not because if you didn't he would be sold to someone else, someone who could not possibly care for him as well as you would. So really, you were rescuing him after all! The money was a ransom. It was your moral duty to buy a fancy kitten from a backyard breeder.

No. 663386

File: 1558494334248.png (221.34 KB, 800x847, Screenshot_2019-05-21-18-18-50…)

If they did move to Jamesville, North Carolina, their ability to find an even smaller wide spot in the road each time they relocate is impressive.

Martin County
Total Area 1.3 sq mi (3.5 km2)
Land 1.3 sq mi (99.9 km2)
Water 99.9 sq mi (259 km2)
Elevation 39 ft (12 m)
Population (2010) 491
Estimate (2016) 464
Time zone UTC-5 (EST) Summer UTC-4 (EDT)
ZIP code 27846
Area code 252

No. 663390

File: 1558494791403.png (897.9 KB, 800x845, Screenshot_2019-05-21-18-18-37…)

Likelihood of them having moved shack #3?

This area looks like it's prone to hurricanes and flooding. Good thing Funko Pops Pop Funkos float!

No. 663393

File: 1558495091650.png (371.38 KB, 800x966, Screenshot_2019-05-21-18-06-28…)

One of Josh's profiles lists his employment as Manufacturing Supervisor at Thermo Fisher Scientific starting in June. The largest facility is 35 miles away in Greenville, NC.

Wikipedia sez, Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American biotechnology product development company…one of the leading companies in the genetic testing and precision laboratory equipment markets.

Manufacturing Supervisor means he'll get to tell people what to do but not important enough for TFS to spring for shack transport.

No. 663398

File: 1558495909841.jpeg (308.05 KB, 1242x548, 46129D4A-73D8-4D2F-BD81-0E7DD5…)

Cap is from Sunday

No. 663402

File: 1558496634161.png (784.99 KB, 800x1161, Screenshot_2019-04-29-14-30-11…)


Despite saying she feels ageless, motherhood, by design, will bring forth a more mature Raven. I mean, she just dumped her Hot Topic wish list!

I wonder if her favorite spiked top comes in a nursing bra version.

Compare her face in >>663096 to the OP gif. Pregnancy weight gain? Does it accumulate in a particular way or place?

She might have renamed Lucipurr's page, if that's possible.


They rehomed the kittens that fast before they started moving?

Jonesville, SC to Jamesville, NC is 345 miles.

No. 663405

File: 1558498523832.jpeg (479.49 KB, 2640x1252, 22f2ef98a429101da0c5fe09d815b2…)


And they move further away from Josh's family (and his mom's couch!) each time, too. If she did get on their wrong side, she's the type to withhold the baby from them out of spite.

No. 663434

They are also at 309 Delaware St, Greenville, SC 29605, USA

I personally think she's trolling about a move if the shack is the same. trying to get us off her geographic back.

No. 663439


She listed Jamesville on her Amazon Baby Registry and on her profile that's for family and close friends. And you know how much she wants those presents!

No. 663440

Her "baby". Wasn't that magically visible for a short time or are anons still able to see that wishlist live now?

No. 663441

File: 1558509138236.png (435.43 KB, 800x1168, Screenshot_2019-05-22-00-07-03…)

I found her Craigslist ad for the kittens. I seriously doubted she would use Craigslist cuz the haters.


No. 663443

File: 1558509363657.png (193.21 KB, 800x684, Screenshot_2019-05-22-00-08-55…)

The map points to this neighborhood in Spartanburg, but this is probably the default for Spartanburg.


No. 663448


>$25 rehoming fee

>no details whatsoever

What happened to getting them spayed and neutered before rehoming them? $25 wouldn't cover that. And usually her ads are long-winded and really sellin' it.

No. 663469

I'm gonna take her CL location for rehoming animals over her troll baby post location. I think she chose that NC town because that company has a site there too. Speaking of which, didn't he have a great job at BMW? Why the frequent employer changes?

No. 663472


Can the location listed in your Amazon wish list be different from your actual shipping address?

I think you can opt not to have it listed at all. Tho you'd think she wouldn't publish her location if she had the choice.

No. 663473

Her amazon baby registry has been set to private and her other two amazon lists in the OP are dead. She could have set the location temporarily when she "accidentally" leaked her pregnancy post so that we'd see it. She's trolling on one of the two listings and why troll on the one rehoming the cats for money?

No. 663474


>Her amazon baby registry has been set to private and her other two amazon lists in the OP are dead.

Yeah, that's all notated in the OP. I archived her Baby Registry right before she made it private.

>She could have set the location temporarily

Could she? That's what I'm asking. Does Amazon let you set the location or does it automatically use the shipping address you registered with your account?

>She's trolling on one of the two listings

Why does it have to be one or the other? She just started using her new location before they moved.

>why troll on the one rehoming the cats for money?

Jonesville is in the greater Spartanburg metro area.

She has Jamesville listed on the profile she uses for family and close friends. She has always stayed in touch with her siblings in terms of at least knowing where everyone lived.

No. 663476

The kitten rehoming ad is current, isn't it? Are you saying she's moving to NC sometime soon? I'm confused atm.

I'm not kvetching about the op, I'm talking about what we could see when she wanted us to see it, versus what we can't see now.

Given she's probably not pregnant either I'd like to see a shot of the new hovel is all.

No. 663477

She's definitely using some form of app. Her face looks thinner with the rainbow wig photos but in the video with the split wig, her face is bloated as usual.

No. 663478

samefag but one reason for my reticence is that thermo fisher is near to both locations so it can't be used as a dealbreaker.

No. 663479

Now that I think about it, her using her new location before they had moved is totally Raven. She changed her last name on some of her profiles to Bradley before they had even met, and she changed her location to Columbia, SC before she got on the plane.

I pretended to set up a baby registry for myself and the first page asks you to select from the shipping addresses on your account. On that page I didn't see an opt out on displaying your location.

The URL includes the due date and location, and the URL for hers has not changed.


Yes, the ad is current. Apparently they are in the middle of moving >>663398.


Those photos were taken in January >>662956.

No. 663494

>Um, she uh, she would also…I haven't told anybody about Lili and the kittens yet, so I'm just gonna finish off with this little bit. Uh, they'd play around the fan sometimes. They were about four weeks old. And they wouldn't even be looking at her. They just be playing and doing their own thing because they're just learning to interact with the world around them. And she'd be walking by and she'd go out of the way…out of her way and go over to them and just attack them. And they got so scared. They were too scared to even walk by her. And she'd just hiss and growl and just attack. She was miserable. She was making them miserable. She wouldn't feed them. She wouldn't clean them. She didn't interact with them. She was just…she was being really really really negligent. And they weren't getting anything from her.

So here's my take on this, if it is true, which I doubt, or at lest in the way Raven is describing through her veil of ignorance and personality disorder.

There are two things going on here. One is that there are tons of cats there probably stressing out the mother cat. And two, which is what probably happened, is that Raven screwed around with the kittens immediately after they were born by her own admission (and probably a lot of other times as well), and made the mother cat neurotic and weird towards her own litter to the point where she rejected it.

And three, and most important, like Anon said upthread, Raven is the best cat mom ever: so, so, so much better than the actual cat mother.

No. 663495


>Those photos were taken in January >>662956.

Doubtful. It seems to me there's a lot of greenery even for the south in January. Also they are both wearing light clothing, and I think even someone as exceptional as Raven would be freezing her ass off.

No. 663502

File: 1558530391334.jpeg (312.28 KB, 1707x829, 13278674a91e82f346941f3f55f89c…)


>Raven screwed around with the kittens immediately after they were born

Well, she did have to relocate them from her bed. Lili always appeared to be relaxed and content with her kittens in the photos and videos. I think it was a combination of her move just two weeks before into a house full of animals (even if they aren't in the same room) and being worn out from being a breeding machine.


They had an unseasonable warm spell of temps in the 60's and hitting 70 during the first week of January, but yeah, there's a lot of green undergrowth.


No. 663524

File: 1558534917803.png (954.43 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-05-22-07-15-58…)

This is what she looked like just a month ago in her mental health video. She has put a lot on in her face since then.

If her due date is October 10th, she conceived around January 10th (39 weeks) and is almost halfway into her second trimester.

No. 663525

File: 1558534973852.png (910.42 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-05-22-07-11-25…)

No. 663544

File: 1558540716072.png (528.57 KB, 800x1172, Screenshot_2019-05-22-08-48-25…)


She has edited her ad. She removed their date of birth and now says that they are 10 weeks old (they turned 13 weeks old on the 19th) and identical (trying to imply that they are inseparable to get someone to take both of them?).

$25 OBO!

No. 663548

File: 1558541094159.png (390.5 KB, 800x748, 1555535933353.png)

What happened to #responsiblepetownership, Raven?

No. 663549

"A system to help them identify each kitten".. huwuh? So complicated.. put a different colored piece of yarn around each one's neck.

I em genius

No. 663550

And don't believe for a second this costs them a penny other than gas money. In a lot of programs offer free neutering/spaying paid for by county/state money as well as donated veterinary services.

No. 663557


They didn't even spend money on gas because they didn't get it done. Otherwise she would have mentioned it in her ad and talked about it in her new video for the ass pats.

They took everyone else to Animal Allies Spay & Neuter Clinic in Spartanburg in February.


No. 663593

File: 1558558306962.png (529.09 KB, 796x1166, Screenshot_2019-05-22-13-48-55…)


New lower price! $40 for both!

No. 663662


Her tits look less pancake like in >>663548 too. She's def. putting on weight… I just still hope it's not for that reason, and am kind of shocked tbh that she wouldn't milk being pregnant for the attention. It'd be the perfect opportunity to be the world's first geriatric mommy vlogger too.

No. 663664

There's no way our favourite senior citizen is up the duff. She's done this dance before. And yeah, she'd be milking the fuck out of it if she somehow was. It's just another scheme to control Twitchy McNosepicker.

No. 663665

File: 1558577774762.jpeg (980.59 KB, 1242x1573, BEA307A0-930C-4E72-86CE-BD3738…)

From insta, I guess someone made her mad.

No. 663675

fake pregnancies are not 'unexpected', Raven.

No. 663704

Jesus christ, Gravy. Calm down.
Not everyone wants to know what you do at every single minute of your day.
You always leave enough clues for people find out something you don't want to be public.
You should embrace your "pregnancy" instead of being a bitter cunt on facebook, lmfao

No. 663713

Guessing she read here and got big mad that we're all making fun of her fake pregnancy. Neatly sets it up to hide the ~so tragic~ ending when she has to give up the lie.

I'm glad that after announcing about a thousand times that she's done with us / doesn't care anymore, she still has the dignity and self-respect to write essays for us.

No. 663716

Yeah Raven, you're really smart. You build your entire existence around trying to troll some people online. But hey, we totally are the ones who have no lives because we come read here for a few minutes a week. Lmao.

Honey, we don't have to invent a story to everything we do because we're paranoid. All of us mean mean bitches have what you so desperately crave: normal lives. Must suck to see that and know that it'll never work for you because you have the personality of a piece of poop.

No. 663724

File: 1558612565462.png (83.85 KB, 800x601, Screenshot_2019-05-23-04-45-21…)

Imagine filling your favorite quotes with dedications to the haters.

Imagine landing in Facebook jail so often that you need to make a second back up account.


No. 663727

File: 1558612743616.png (149.37 KB, 800x1172, Screenshot_2019-05-23-04-40-31…)


Why initiate legal proceedings against a "local cunt" if you are moving out of state in two weeks?

No. 663741

File: 1558618396260.png (526.65 KB, 800x1178, Screenshot_2019-05-23-06-27-38…)


Urgent! We're moving!

No. 663753

Most of that is "Whore" by In This Moment. I like how she left out all the lyrics that include the word "whore". She is clearly desperate to not be seen as one lol. Maybe stop dick-hopping, Raven.

No. 663776

As if it didn't take us forever to make a new thread. People here just get off to Raven's shitty life and occasionally hate post because her pets drop off like flies. I mean, Raven, you do know you can't keep up with the more popular cows despite being more vile? That's how boring you are. And we're not dying to know about your fake pregnancy. We ALREADY know. Your friend came in her letting everyone know you manipulate Josh with pregnancies. Go spend your anniversary in bum fuck Red Lobster and keep "eating for two."

Anyways, keep posting in the alt cow thread and asking mods why they don't fall for your vpn hacking skills.

No. 663895

File: 1558669668384.jpg (50.83 KB, 625x380, Tyler-Breeze.jpg)


Am I the only who thinks that he looks like WWE Tyler Breeze?

No. 663937

File: 1558699651043.jpg (75.4 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

More like the druggy guy from Friends. once a meth addict always a meth addict

No. 663938

File: 1558700080681.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.61 KB, 608x750, 60976598_2246039435612868_7079…)

pregnancy confirmed

No. 663940

I can see it but with downs.

No. 663950

Good god, spoiler that shit Anon! I about had a heart attack

No. 663951

if josh weren't ugly, maybe?

No. 663954

I watched the video that is featured in this thumbnail again for laughs and I noticed that Josh looks really annoyed also in the part where she says 'You are meant to be the good husband, the one that's given me all I ever wanted'
You can see she is trying to compliment him but he takes offence to being compared to ex's.

After watching that after all this time, his regret is even more noticable.

No. 663958

No. Josh looks like really bad fan art a low skilled teenager in the 90's drew of Interview With The Vampire complete with totally crazy-wrong bodily proportions.
So basically it's Raven's dream, a cheap tacky ugly knockoff of something people cared about 25 years ago.

No. 664582

File: 1558992507826.jpg (442.02 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20190527-222224__01…)

Nicked from KF. Did she post this today? The advisory about hair coloring has changed since she had Dorian, and she's in her second trimester anyway. But this gives her the opportunity to talk obliquely about her pregnancy and show the haters that she still has hair.

She deleted her Craigslist post sometime yesterday.

No. 664602

and it's still fried as fuck. those ends are C R I S P Y

No. 664682

File: 1559015902296.png (992.39 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-05-27-19-38-51…)

Can anyone decipher the new edgy engraving on her wrist? And it's definitely new. She won't dye her hair while she's pregnant but she will get a tattoo?

She's given up the stacks of (too tight already) rubber bracelets with her weight gain.

No. 664701

says Misanthrope or Misanthropy, whatever it is, it's in a stupid font.

No. 664749

I wonder when she'll magically lose the baby.
If she were really pregnant, I'd pray to god every night that she'll have a miscarriage.
No baby deserves to have that beast as a mother. She already damaged one person for a lifetime.

No. 665368

File: 1559201958388.png (30.54 KB, 800x181, Screenshot_2019-05-30-00-11-50…)


She added his birth date to his page. He was exactly 7 weeks old.


Since she had edited it at least once, we don't know if she rehomed all six kittens. She really wanted to keep Cuppycake. They ad does say "the females have a swirly pattern" and not "two of". I don't think she's in any of the pics.


>Catthew as "the one that had hurt Lili"

Could this have had something to do with her rejecting them?

No. 667400

For someone that hates "sluts and whores" so much it's funny that she's framed and staged this photo of KITTENS (ffs) to include her saggy udders, it's honestly the focus of the photo. Never change Gravy, your self-awareness is truly exceptional. It's not like you couldn't photograph the things literally anywhere else but your freakin' breast lmfao

No. 667430

y’kno when you start watching a series and you’re like “oh god this is shit” but you can’t stop watching because you wanna see how it ends and now you’re at the end and you dk what to do now? I’m there. Goddamn this has been a wild ride. Gravey, you’re a trashy whore but god are you entertaining to laugh at.

No. 667434

File: 1559664682757.png (380.7 KB, 760x777, Screenshot_20190604-215257.png)

Prenatal vitamins and insulin.

Nicked from KF. Do we not have any farmers keeping tabs on her?

No. 667436

File: 1559666019331.png (752.44 KB, 824x612, ravey.PNG)

totes written by josh

No. 667437

File: 1559666148813.png (506.26 KB, 942x457, raveycar1.PNG)

live in trailer, buy world's rarest caddy

No. 667451

Gravy come on. At least try not making it so obvious, the cringe is unreal.

>I much happier with my life now

>I hate my family and only want to be with you Ravy<3

>Being with you changed my life for the better

>I loved how you killed all my dogs, cut off the contact to my family, that I had to move from trailer to trailer, that you still keep on killing all of our animals while you lie straight into my face, force my to keep my hair long, told lies about me and my family and that the haters will always be your number one<3

>our soon to be newest addition

>our totally real baby that we're soon going to have

>I love you no matter what happens

>I'll never believe anything anyone says about you that's negative

Toootally written by Josh..

Always the same story with this woman.
>I'm so edgy and pretty, everywhere I go people stop me to ask for a photo and to tell me how pretty I and my hair is

>we got the car. Everyone stops to look at it and wants to have it

She really needs to feel special with everything she does

>$25K cash

Sure thing Raven. The man came right after you took all of your granny meds, didn't he?

No. 667673

I've never been a follower, unfortunately. I always hope for anons to post in this thread.

No. 667676

melatonin and vit C can cause complications during pregnancy. You would THINK someone as smart as Gravy would read up on the shit she fakes but nope.

No. 667772

Did she always have diabetes?

No. 667776

No. Only after she got with Logan and gained all of her weight

No. 667778

new to this cow. question, is she pregnant or not? from reading most of this thread it seems convincing from her posts that she is but the comments on here keep saying things in a way like, "totally real baby" - can anyone explain this?

also, i'm 12 weeks pregnant and i'm surprised she's taking all those supplements! i was told not to even take fish oil anymore! only my prenatal… so… strange!

No. 667790

She's taking all those supplements because she's not pregnant. She's in her fucking 40s. She's been known to lie about pregnancies for attention, and then "lose the baby" so she doesn't get caught in her lie by whatever gullible sap is sticking his meat peg inside her.

No. 667834

She has had quite a few pregnancies over the years, that have mostly ended gruesomely for dramatic effects in the past, and to have something to hold over her current husbands head so he won't leave her.
She has also, in addition to being over 40, having had a myriad of miscarriages, and ectopic pregnancies, had one of them ending in having one of her ovaries if not both, who knows at this point removed.
IIRC she had an ectopic in her tube and it burst.

Also every time she gets pragananant it always comes hand in hand with a gruesome tale, and depiction of how she miscarried. One time there was even photos of the aborted feetus.
Maybe some brave anon has these if anyone is curious to see.
She also one time miscarried twins, and saved the aborted fetuses in a jar in her freezer. She ended up having to bury them in her yard because people were being so "mean" to her for having them casually in her freezer.

Her latest miscarriage, was in the car accident that was more than a car accident, where she said she was somewhere around 3 weeks pregnant (of course she could tell at that stage, she is the great knower of all things pregnancy-related) or something and then in the accident she lost it.
(Feel free to correct me if I'm not remembering correctly about these events)

No. 667925

You'd also think a doctor wouldn't prescribe her meds that could harm her "baby"

No. 667942


Melatonin and vitamin C are neither prescription nor meds.

No. 668179

As if I can't just come here to see how many pets and miscarriages she has.

Onion is my main thread, gravey. Then Taylor dean. Then you. Do some heroin or invite young girld to stay with you and you'll be more interesting.
Josh sure sounds a lot like logan.
I didn't know she kept fetuses in a jar. Why's she so batshit, yet plays like we're weird?
She has to take vitamin c? Eat an orange bitch. Even one of those little ones.

No. 668218

The question, in my head, is not why she kept feetuses in a jar, it's how did they get into the jar?

Did she squat over it for hours whilst bleeding?
Did she bleed in a towel and wring it out?
Did she scoop them up from an adult diaper?
Or, did she fish them out of a toilet, into the jar?
I know I'm weird but w/e. I actually want to know, it's hilarious to think about tbh, lmfao.

Also, was the jar see-through?
Could she look at her babbies every time she opened the freezer?
How long did she keep it in there?
And what the fuck did Logan say to this insanity? kek.

No. 668230

File: 1559924662771.jpg (54.66 KB, 480x718, 1524184995271.jpg)

Since the topic of Raven's foetus jar has come up again I looked for the images again, but anons in the first thread failed to post or archive them >>>/pt/15174

Go to thread #12 for a rehashing of her miscarriages.


She posted photos of the embryonic remains on her wedding website iirc. They might be capped in a previous thread.


>As far as keeping my dead babies in a jar, I was given my babies after my surgeries, my DNC and my ectopic surgery. The doctors did that. They said they always offer the tissue or the baby back to the parents so that you can properly bury your baby. What the fuck is so wrong with that? I got little wax encased blocks with my babies' remains in it to bury. Logan and I had no home of our own. We had nowhere special that we knew our babies would be safe, so therefore we were told just to leave them in the freezer until we knew what to do with them. We had no fucking idea. I'm damn sure you're not gonna throw my babies away. Whether they were alive for long or not, they were still alive, they were in me, they were growing, they were something that could have been. They were children we could have had together. And it was very hard on us to lose those babies for whatever reason. And when we were given their remains, of course we're gonna keep them. We're not gonna just say, oh, this is just the remains of our babies. Pfft, trash. Who the fuck does that? So we were given these two, and they were in a brown bag, sealed in wax, in hospital sterile containers, little little things. And they were left in the freezer until came a time when we had somewhere to bury them. End of story. I don't keep babies in jars, and it's nothing sick or disgusting to be ashamed of. They were my babies for however long they were in my body. And the doctors in New Zealand offer you your returned tissue so that you can bury your babies.

No. 668325

Well. Imagining Raven ugly-crying with makeup everywhere, scooping stuff from an adult diaper into a mason jar was a much more hilarious image than just 2 plain old candle looking thing without the wick, in small plastic jars.

No. 668338

>She posted photos of the embryonic remains on her wedding website

I'd forgotten about this. She's definitely the queen of the horror cows. And just plain fucking batshit.

No. 669100

File: 1560242650357.png (946.12 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-05-18-11-27-11…)

No. 669106

her fb socks are like growing a garden to her, she tends to them often

No. 669107


These aren't sock accounts. These all use her and Josh's real names.

I want to know how she has gotten away with having multiple accounts for so many years in violation of the TOS.

No. 669113

I used the term too loosely I know, let's call them 'accounts she operates'.

No. 669119

File: 1560253283612.jpeg (202.68 KB, 832x1707, dd91649dedf6181421385af12d1a22…)


I added a sock account section to the OP since she used two more during the last thread.

AFAIK Admin is still planning to out her self-posts.

No. 669121

File: 1560253779733.png (87.14 KB, 800x869, Screenshot_2019-06-11-04-46-27…)


So how did they afford a collectible CTS-V Wagon? Granted I know nothing about trade-ins (they traded in their Explorer).


No. 669131

File: 1560256928975.png (280.44 KB, 937x601, Luv.PNG)

It's two years, for the most lovey love that ever loved!

No. 669293

damn it’s sad how boring she is now, welp the milk was fun while it lasted. I’m out.

No. 669304

anon wait, we have a grisly late-pregancy miscarriage story still to come. but yeah that's about it unless admin decides to unmask her posts like they have suggested they will.

No. 669334


And another plaque added to >>668230. Do you think it's already hanging in a hallowed spot on the living room wall?


Why macarons? Is she implying she's having cravings?

No. 669336

File: 1560315983934.jpg (31.63 KB, 400x300, 472L.jpg)

This new old pic of Josh popped up recently.

Does he look young enough for you, Raven?


No. 669340

She's probably never eaten a macaron. I notice she reposts the most mundane mum level shit on facebook. Same goes for her thubnail choices on videos. Always like stock image/clipart type shit.
Hence the macarons picture with typical basic bitch caption about love.

No. 669342

This kind of shit weirds me out.
I understand being like a first time mother and having a stillborn and maybe having a small funeral or ceremony or even keeping like one photo hidden away or some shit but not only has she had numerous miscarriages supposedly, but she has a living breathing kid. Dorian. Whether she hates him now or not is whatever. She has a kid. She acts like this is a struggle to have another child. Perhaps that is your ancient as fuck body telling you you shouldn't reproduce Gravey. Holy shit.
As much as I'd want to be a supportive partner, I'd probably get skeeved out if my other half was posting about our miscarriages and baby drama all over social media and I'd probably put my foot down with a polite nah if they asked to keep the foetus. That shit isn't healthy. A photo or lock of hair…sure. A whole foetus is fucking weird and unhealthy.
And you just KNOW she parades that shit around and mentions it in videos for sympathy points.

No. 669343

If you watch one of the early videos where she is conversing with Josh, she keeps saying he doesn't care if she can't have kids and he agrees but keeps saying but we can always try. He says it a couple times. I'll try and find the video. I pity the child if they do have one. She'll quickly realise it's not something she can rehome like she does animals. Not only that I could see her getting jealous if it's a female. And despite Josh being a dropkick, I don't think he'd be too happy with his first and only kid being spoken to by Raven the way she does to Dorian.

At her age I'd seriously be worried about Down's Syndrome. She would not deal with that well. A bigger part of me thinks she'd do the right thing and abort.
The other part of me thinks she'd become an internet mommy and milk the special points for sympathy.

No. 669348

File: 1560319095608.png (319.8 KB, 519x1174, Screenshot_2019-06-11-22-44-48…)


It's not like Logan had a mind of his own to put his foot down for.

Since we're on the topic of pregnancy, here's Raven's entry into the recent public abortion discussion. Considering her due date is a month after her 44th birthday, surely she's considered the increased risks of genetic and congenital disorders. What's her opinion on abortion in cases of grave disability? I'm imagining her cooly referring to such an infant as "so damaged" like she did the black kitten in Marmalade's litter.


She has made a bunch of her old videos public again, so now's a chance to catch up.

No. 669349


It's whichever leaked video that corresponds with >>>/pt/404236

At 9:30 Josh says, "If you can't give me kids, that doesn't bother me" but that if she did get pregnant "that would be pretty amazing."

Raven spends the next ten minutes recounting her reproductive history in all its gory detail, taking the opportunity to criticise Logan for his reaction to her miscarriage.

No. 669352

Fucking LOL

>Because I didn't abort, there's a young man out there alive!

Yeah a confused and most likely traumatized young man alone in a country without his mother (his only family member) forced to live with his ex stepfather/classmate who is now fucking his wife because he didn't have any healthy friendships because his egotistical monster of a mother didn't allow him to.

Yup. Pat yourself on the back Gravey. No offence to Dorian, I hope the lad is doing better, but if I were in his shoes, I'd rather be one of Gravey's jar fetuses than live a life under her.
She deserts her pets when they don't listen like dolls and she deserts her children when they won't follow her to America for fresh penis.

Mother of the year Gravey.

No. 669353

>That's a LIFE that you want to snuff out.

Okay, so Raven is one of those people that think a zygote's life is more important than a woman's bodily sovereignty. I can understand that point of view…

>What about the potential fathers?

>She didn't create that baby on her own and yet men have almost no say in that situation. Sometimes the man wants the baby

Oh, so the man should have sovereignty over the woman's body… That's pretty awful, but maybe she's just got a really fucked up sense of empathy because she can't imagine not wanting to be pregnant-

>I am not against abortion if the woman was raped.

>I don't like it, but if she got pregnant through no fault of her own then she did nothing wrong
>Abortion as birth control is where I personally draw the line

And there's the actual truth. Raven thinks pregnancy and childbirth should be punishments for women daring to have sex. It's not about the life of the itty bitty cutesy wutesy zygote/fetus, and it's not about the man's feefees. It's about Raven hating women and wanting them to suffer.

>I also agree with abortion if there is going to be a birth defect or the mother's life will be in danger.

>Abortion has been proven to cause pain to the fetus [yada yada]

Most abortions happen before the zygote/fetus is even vaguely sentient, most aren't surgical, and birth defects/danger to the mother's life are usually discovered after the fetus has started developing sentience, soooo Raven thinks all abortions are the terrible evil procedures that occur later in the pregnancy, but also she supports the reason behind most of those late-term abortions…

Not that any of this matters, because it's all mental gymnastics she's using to pretend she has reasons for being pro-life beyond her hatred of women, especially "slutty" women (and in Raven's mind, birth control never fails, good women never have slips of judgment, and only sluts and rape victims (that are also maybe sluts pretending to have been raped) get pregnant when they don't want to).

>If you can't take the time to read my entire argument, you have no business giving your opinion. I don't want a discussion, I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

Raven's opinion deserves to be heard, but no one else's does (unless they agree with her, of course)!

This thread's milk always leaves such a terrible taste in my mouth.

No. 669357

You brought up some very good points.
It's not the first time either that Raven has acted like a handmaiden. She seems to waver towards right wing idealogies and there's nothing wrong with choosing a political party. The only thing that makes it weird is that she has so many contradictions.

It's so weird that she tries to be the 'voice of reason' and hates all this 'new wave of feminazis' yet her entire internet history is demonizing the men she has dated.
Literally every man she's supposedly met has raped her or abused her so I don't know why she feels the need to try and defend them in this post especially given the reason Dorian's father deserted her after finding out she was pregnant. She makes no sense.

No. 669363


Correction, her 43rd birthday.


I suspect that her quest to have another child is largely driven by her desire for a do-over, a new chance at perfect motherhood. The same has driven her to the altar five times in pursuit of The One™

Having a second child is also about subconsciously getting control from her mother who she said took Dorian from her. I suspect it was more like her mom had to step in because she wasn't handling things.

Related old video.

Dorian's birth story (by request)
Published on Oct 23, 2016

No. 669364

Another old video, another 2 cents!

Breastfeeding in public
Published on Jan 29, 2016

This is my 2 cents. Guaranteed to offend purely because of my stance on the matter. Constant barrages of tits and in-your-face bullying on the matter have prompted me to speak out. Pardon me for the way I looked in this video- I was very unwell and blabbed on as I do, so I ended up cutting 15 minutes from this video and reordering it a little to try to stay on topic. I apologize in advance for the anger that I know is sure to come my way, though I will not tolerate further abuse on the subject. There's more than enough warning so if you choose to watch, knowing it will piss you off, then that's on you.

No. 669370

How did I ever miss this gem of a video?

>Likens breast feeding to shitting and pissing

>sexualises pregnant women in general saying big swollen pregnant titties will be promptly recorded in public and shared on porn sites.

Also for someone who hates porn she seems to know a lot about pregnant fetishes on porn sites lol

No. 669379

Are any of the video archive anons around to save any videos that aren't already archived?

No. 669383

Something I've noticed about Raven in her rants is that the only reason she shits on women or anything is because they get attention. She's allowed to post pictures with her tits out but anyone else? They must want attention! Speaking up about public breastfeeding on social media or posting a pregnant picture? You must be an attention seeking skank!
Nevermind she shares her own whole goddamn medical history on the internet. Raven likes anything if it involves herself.
Onion is the same. Screeches about haters and privacy but posts literally every detail of his life.

Going out anywhere with her would be a nightmare. Any pretty girl within 10 ft purely EXISTING would make her fly into a rage.
When those young cute south park girls won the halloween contest let alone appeared in front of her, I bet Josh never heard the end of it.

No. 669389

She shits on her mother the whole time in this video.
What's the bet she was a brat the entire time and her mother was just trying to keep her in line?
I bet the part about her mother lying and saying it was her child was fabricated. Her mother probably just tried to help her and she couldn't deal with someone telling her what to do. Also who the fuck stays with a guy who tells you not to bathe your kid because it looks like your ex? Like I understand not having anywhere to go, but when her parents took her back, she just bitched and moaned the whole time.
The whole time she sounds so entitled. Like your parents aren't horrible for feeling disappointed or trying to tell you it's a big responsibility.
It's like she expected to be waited on hand and foot after falling pregnant, she wanted the fun parts like clothes shopping and toys. All the fun parts she claims to be count as 'being a mother'

Also she's so inconsistent in her story.
She describes herself as this lost confused teenage girl who was all alone through the pregnancy uwu but then halfway through screeches about being an adult that should be allowed to do what she wants and handle her own kid.

She has no concept of her parent's feelings or why they act the way they did. She just accuses them of being evil baby killers/stealers and wants to know why they weren't jumping for joy that their kid is pregnant and now they have to pay for everything.
She is soooo entitled jesus christ.

She complains that noone came to visit her but then shits all over this one girl who was supposedly her friend and was jumping up and down on the bed to hurt her.
Everything is tailored to her be such a goddamn victim.
It's actually pathetic.

No. 669392

This one is particularly rich in light of her recently ridiculing Logan for wearing a skirt and make-up.

And her take on feminism and societal gender norms is…something.

Hate for hate's sake (men in women's clothing)

Published on May 26, 2016

While I'm on a video making roll, I've had this video idea to make for quite some time now, and it's been sitting on my little notepad of video ideas to make…video ideas…ideas of videos to make. And so I'm just going to make it now. And this topic is men in women's clothing. [angry sigh] Where do I begin. Let me get off my foot because I can't feel my leg. Ugh! My tailbone hurts so much. Oh, anyway, um…

Okay, a lot of people…a lot of guys feel like they are not allowed to wear women's clothing. Society frowns upon men in dresses, men in corsets, men in make up, things like that for the most part. And I just think that it's fucking ridiculous. And it's, it's a shame, really, how the world has changed so much that there are such set gender-allowed fashions or lifestyles, and we still haven't moved on from that.

If you look back through the ages, in reality pretty much everything that men aren't allowed to wear now, they originally were the ones that those styles were made for. High heels, corsets, wigs, makeup, you know. Um, pretty sure skirts, dresses, uh, things like that. And women are the ones who came along and adopted them. And, in reality, I also read somewhere that the color blue was originally for females and pink was for men. And somehow as time has passed it switched around to where pink was for female babies and blue was for males. And now it's, like, taboo for a guy to wear pink and it's, like, oh, you know, it seems okay for chicks to wear blue. But it's like taboo taboo taboo for guys to do anything. And I just think it's a load of crap because this was all originally for guys to start with. And now it's like they're the ones that are looked down on and hassled if they dare to wear a dress or they dare to wear high heels.

And it's like, I just wish people would really get over themselves and just let people look the way they want to look. It doesn't hurt anybody. I think it's really cool if a guy has the balls to wear whatever the fuck he wants to wear. If a guy wants to wear a skirt…skirts are so much more comfortable than pants are. And I'm sure if you have balls and a dick dangling down, the line of the pants sitting on your nutsack must be a hell of a lot more uncomfortable than wearing, like, a long flowy skirt or something, or even a short skirt if you have nice legs. I mean, guys should be allowed to do that.

Like, chicks are all about women's lib and, oh I don't have to shave if I don't want to, I can have
hairy armpits, I can have this and that. But you're not really hearing any speak out about men and their ability to dress how they want to dress and do what they want to do. Men usually get the short end of the stick and they don't, they don't really have a voice as much as women do.

I shared a post a couple weeks ago, um, from this mena…menism? Menimism? Page or whatever. It's like feminism but for men. And I agree with a lot of what they say there. I got into this huge argument with some idiot because they're like, you know that this is just a piss take, right? And I'm like, I don't know if it's a piss take, I don't know who the actors are, what they really feel about what's being printed on their faces. It's what is actually said on their pictures that I agreed with.

And it was things along those lines, you know, like men aren't allowed to be stay-at-home dads. It's the women that are allowed to. You know, if a man doesn't pay for dinner he's looked down on. Or if a man doesn't do this and he's the one looked down on, you know. Why do women get to get away with all this and men don't? It's a really, really unfair world still. And women are coming out in leaps and bounds wanting things to change for them so that they have equal rights. But men aren't actually getting the same rights as women because men are still forced into this, you're guy, you have to get up, you have to go to work, you have to take care of the family. You have to look a certain way, you have to act a certain way.

You, you know, you have a hard time getting custody of your children if the…even if the mom is an unfit mom, because moms usually win all the custody battles. It's rare that the dad gets full custody of a child. And if a dad wants to not work and just stay at home, he's really looked down on. And it's just I think it's just really ridiculous and it's really unfair, and my heart goes out to a lot of these men that feel trapped by society's ideas of what a male is supposed to be, especially when they're the ones that a lot of these things were started for.

If you look at nature it's the male animals that are the flashy, colorful ones. It's the females that are the boring, drab creatures, you know. Like the male peacock versus the female peacock. Uh, I know there's other animals out there but, you know, like the lion with his big mane. And, I mean, the males are the flashy ones and males are the ones who look spectacular. Except with humans. With humans it's the females with all the makeup. And it's females with all this and all that. But the males are called "gay" or, you know, "you little faggot" and all that if they try to do stuff that originally was for them.

And I don't know. I just wanted to give my two cents on that and mention how unfair I think it is. And um, I keep hoping for the world to change and be more accepting. But, I mean, like, tattoos are rampant now. I mean, there are so many people with tattoos. But you still see all these posts about how ugly tattoos are and how people don't accept people with body art.

And it just seems in a way, for every step forward we take we take two steps backwards. And when we find one thing to accept about ourselves or other people we find five more that we complain about. And it's just like, why does it have to be that way, you know? Why can't we just accept each other for who we are and not have to bitch and complain? Why is your hair like that? Why is your makeup like that? Oh, you like to contour, you like to do this and that? Why? What's the point? Maybe cuz I like it, you know. I personally don't contour but I know a lot of women rely on it to change the shape of their face. And men are like, why do you contour? This…I don't like girls with makeup. You know, you shouldn't…I like the natural look. And girls are like, well I do it because I want to do it. And guys have a problem with that.

Or, you know, guys get away with being fat and hairy and still getting, like, good-looking girls. And usually chicks, if they're fat and hairy, they can't get a good looking guy unless they're chubby chasers and have some kind of fat fetish. Um, there are double standards all over, and I don't really think it's going to change.

I'm not trying to change anything. I'm just giving my two cents here. I just really wish people would be more accepting. I never go to anybody and say that I hate the way they look and they don't have a right to look the way that they look just because it's not something I agree with. But people feel, no, I see no problem with coming to me and saying, oh I don't like the way you look, why do you look like that? And it's like, what am I doing that bothers you so much? What in my life directly affects you? I don't get as much hate now as I used to, but the hate is still there for me and people like me.

And it's just, like, when, when will we be past this? When will people grow and learn to love each other instead of always just throwing hate for hate's sake, you know? Um, not in my lifetime, that's for sure. I mean, I don't know if it'll happen anytime, really. I mean, we're…it seems like we're hardwired to be assholes. And that's the sad truth of it.

No. 669401

File: 1560338633662.jpeg (382.42 KB, 2048x1365, 66ccbb9e20193ccdb9b8aad1e6d525…)


The way he parrots her tho. Brainwashing or simply little brain?

And no anniversary video? Tattoos? Jewelry?

Raven matrimonial trivia: She and Josh got married on the anniversary of the day they got together, just as she and Logan did.

Josh and Logan wore equally ill-fitting pants, too. Anon was right earlier about Josh's proportions.

No. 669402

File: 1560339159579.png (237.94 KB, 800x1031, Screenshot_2019-06-12-03-59-13…)

Lucipurr's page has returned renamed.

[pic related] is the first time she's assumed the voice of the pet in question. "Lucipurr" "talking" about his mean, neglectful mommy sounds awfully familiar.


No. 669404

File: 1560339574162.jpg (217.09 KB, 1504x2016, 60295631_2184907221630477_4891…)


So. Much. Hoard. Their dresser looks like the rows of plushie prizes at a carnival.

Are those tattoo design stencils peaking out from that notebook?

No. 669405

So half of that was cover story/explanation for the disappearance of the kittens' mother. Totally bizarre, but this is Raven so I guess it's just typical.

And so then she is apparently trying to style herself now as doing pet "rescues".. which comes off as another attempt to explain why animals that she refers to as HER pets appear and disappear with such rapidity.

No. 669406

File: 1560339911214.jpg (138.3 KB, 2016x980, 60049586_2184879911633208_5518…)


Hold on! Where did the fluffy gray kitten come from?!

No. 669416

I’m so glad we managed to archive Raven LARPing as her cat to further enforce the delusion that those kittens only needed one Mom: RAVEN.

No. 669423

You're supposed to avoid cat litter boxes and cat shit while pregnant due to the risk of toxoplasmosis. Hard to imagine that is very easy to do in their tiny little shack filled with the number of cats they have.

No. 669429

This is cringey as fuck even for Raven.

No. 669431

File: 1560347142416.png (760.93 KB, 800x1011, Screenshot_2019-06-12-06-40-54…)

I managed to find three more Myspace accounts which would not be surprising nor eventful except for the fact that she has updated one with the name Bradley and is using her new profile pic. Who updates their Myspace in current year?


No. 669436


My name is Lucipurr. I was born in October and given away too young.
I live with a deadbeat hick and some crazy old goth lady and a bunch of random animals.

The goth lady is mostly nice to me but gets angry easily so a lot of pets get taken back or 'lost'.
They take okayish care of these other animals but eventually get irritated and get rid of them.
I've seen a lot of kitties come and go and I miss each one that goes away. I never make friends for long so I try to comfort the other animals that often appear.
When they get ditched, I'm ready for the new batch of strangers I will meet. I am lucky I get special treatment, because the goth lady freaks out if any of the other animals try to sit alone or god forbid go sit on the hick's lap.

Lucky I get along with the random larger dogs that have come through here because she's probably have them sent to the pound asap and I feel kinda bad about how many other animals come through here.
I have heard the horror stories of some pets before myself so me and another permanent resident (for now) Bowie, have learnt to play the game, be compliant and hopefully we don't get shipped off somewhere.

At the moment I'm hanging out with my younger siblings a lot.
Things have been tough for them since the goth lady gave away our mother. She was pretty stressed out living in this new tiny shack and was lashing out at the goth lady for constantly handling my brothers and sisters all the time. She got mad that she kept picking them up and showing their genitals to the camera. She plays with that camera a lot. Anyway she got rid of my mother and started feeding my brothers and sisters some weird milk.
Luckily my brothers and sisters are too young to know any better so they follow me around. I've taken on a father role and it's definitely gonna sting when she starts to sell my siblings for her next fix of slim jims or a skeleton candle or some shit.

Follow this page to document our horrors and for god's sake, someone please call animal control on this crazy bitch! crying cat emoji

Edited your Lucipurr fan fiction free of charge Gravey.

No. 669443

File: 1560349508113.gif (480.05 KB, 400x300, download.gif)


[a moment of silence for Grumpy Cat who grumped her last grump on May 14th]

No. 669446

File: 1560350158897.jpg (97.12 KB, 1312x640, 56419496_2123773374410529_8530…)

Raven hasn't posted pics of any of the cats unrelated to Lucipurr since [pic related] on April 6th (Miss Pretty, Zero, Jessabelle). The gray kitten >>669406 appeared on May 15th.

No. 669449

Wow good spotting. I never noticed the random grey kitten.

No. 669450

File: 1560350476094.jpg (80.82 KB, 1316x640, 60810258_2190825684371964_8341…)

May 18th. I know the soil there is red clay, but surely you can get Loki cleaner than that.

No. 669451

At least he has the excuse of running around outside. Lucipurr also looks yellow and indoor white cats shouldn't look yellow unless they are really old or their litterbox is not being changed regularly so their fur stains to a cream or yellowish hue.
We know Gravey makes them all use the one tray.

No. 669458

File: 1560353009834.jpg (62.52 KB, 640x1316, 61383358_2211962828924916_3938…)


Lucipurr was not white after all. He began developing pale ginger flame points and rings on his tail by New Years. His coloration turned out much like his mom's. The fact that Lili did not have hodge podge litters points to her first owner backyard breeding (not to mention back to back litters).


Now that I've scrolled through the pics, that is the only pic of the other cats on the page now. She has deleted all of their pics and videos. She made such a production of posting their spay and neuter records and pics of their incisions to nyah the haters, only to wipe it all weeks later kek

If she did it because she wants the page to be about just Lucipurr (and apparently Lucipurr and the dogs) and not because she got rid of the other cats, how fucking cold to cut them out while boasting they're such a hApPy FaMiLy. They don't even matter enough to be listed by name now, either.

Bowie, blink the blue eye three times if you need to be rescued!

No. 669468

But see, as the world's most knowledgeable and responsible pet owner, she is running a pet rescue now! This means that it makes perfect sense when her pets disappear with no explanation!

No. 669469

She only kept Bowie because of his eyes. I've noticed with dogs she only likes them if they have something unique about them.
Pure white (loki)
Different coloured eyes (bowie)
Doja (was a pitbull so she probably liked the 'image' of having such a dog. Either that or it was Josh's idea)
I'm under the impression that Pebbles was Josh's idea to get her into dogs but she hated her anyway and Azzy was supposedly Josh's present but she found it annoying because itf was too timid.

Unless they are a dog she can photograph for quirk points orf is easy to control, she wouldn't look twice at them.

No. 669476


She had a small dog named Skellie that she "loved so much" when she was with abusive Ryan. Pebbles was another attempt to fill that niche. They already had Loki. When they had Josh's dogs and the strays visiting Raven was genuinely enthusiastic only about the white dog.

No. 669484

File: 1560362378006.png (269.8 KB, 457x609, SayWhat.PNG)

This has got to be an old photo, as it was seen on some old "modeling" website, but it's too good not to post becuz guffaw. What is even supposed to be the goal of this photo? Is "tits out backed by an average sedan" a popular modeling pose?

No. 669519


This was taken by Ryan. That's his car.

No. 669543

See you got rid of more animals, gravey. That or you're trying to trick us like you always do.

Can't wait for the miscarriage story in gruesome detail.
Top kek

No. 669579

File: 1560383230887.jpg (149.77 KB, 976x2016, 60347527_2184907621630437_7469…)


>My name is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What is the no doubt edgy character set Raven used?

He looks terrified in this pic.

And someone has been hitting the big bottle o' nighttime cold meds.

No. 669588

File: 1560383894226.jpg (149.55 KB, 2016x976, 60582462_2184890191632180_2364…)

>Some were even trying to nurse and he just started licking them.

>The kittens that go around sucking on fabric, sucking on other kittens, sucking on humans, that's because they're taken from their mother too soon and they, they revert to their kittenhood, you know. They look for comfort by kneading and sucking on fabric or cloth or anything that might remind them of their mom. These cats, actually, they don't do that. They don't nuzzle or suck on anything. For awhile they tried that on Lucipurr because not only is he their half-brother but he looks just like their mom. They love him to death. They follow him everywhere. They're like…he, he might as well be their mom or their dad or whatever. But he is their brother. They don't suck on him anymore, but the cuddle up to him.

They don't do it except for when they did. If it's so problematic behaviorally, then why allow it at all? And take and post pics? Seeing them crawling on him in search of milk is unnerving if not creepy.

No. 669589

File: 1560383916762.jpg (113.47 KB, 2016x976, 60640779_2184890201632179_2798…)

No. 669592

File: 1560384171378.jpg (99.03 KB, 1920x1072, 50751085_2010579189063282_2397…)


She posted pics of kitten Lucipurr at her breast as if she was attempting to nurse him. Ugh.

No. 669598

File: 1560385158262.png (956.68 KB, 800x1170, Screenshot_2019-06-12-16-44-16…)

I think this was her attempt to prank us on April Fools into thinking she had adopted another kitten for her tricolor hoard.

No. 669680

She's always naming herself first and acts like she's an animal expert, lmao
How she's shitting all over the mom cat is hilarious. She's acting like a stepmom who thinks she's the actual mom cause she (thinks) she treats her stepkids better, but with a cat as the actual mom.

No. 669691

I wouldn't be surprised if Gravey got rid of all of the other cats.. What better excuse to keep all the kittens

No. 669757

I find it very irritating that she acts like such an expert.
Just because you stupidly don't spay your cats and have watched a few litters being popped out, doesn't make you some authority on cats. It makes you a careless backyard breeder. I mean owning lots of cats/dogs over the years can teach you a few things but that doesn't make you a vet or wildlife expert. She's such a dildo.

No. 670014

She faking her pregnancy she is not pregnant at all and she has not moved, her and Josh still live in jonesville,SC ,she is nothing but a liar and a two faced backstabbing cow,saying she got all these problems when she the only one that has caused them herself,she is a animal abuser only gets rid of pets when she needs money and don't want them at all, look at the horde of cats she has now,already someone has a video up calling her a animal abuser

No. 670015

Can you point us to the video?
You've given us a summary of things we already know or thing are true about Raven, so if you want to pour it out more in detail feel free.
When you next comment, don't write anything int the name or subject fields at all, just leave them empty.

No. 670019

No. 670023

So you don't actually know her in person? Sorry anon, I had thought maybe you were her current real-life local facebook enemy.

We all know how fucked up she is with animals, we document a lot of them coming and going here. It's sad as fuck what she does to them.

Here's how to post: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 670041


Raven is going to blow her fucking top. Hope this girl is prepared to be bitched about by Raven for the next 20 years.

No. 670073

Oh, Ravey's going to shit nickels at this video.. good stuff.

No. 670077

The girl seems high as fuck to me but she makes some good points. Basically all the stuff that's been said.

No. 670080

Someone want to make a spreadsheet of the animals? Like they did with that Nicole girl.

No. 670155

No. 670251

Content Police: Raven Bradley (pt 2)

Miss Anthropy
89 subscribers
Published on Jun 14, 2019

I'm on my phone and the video got cut short. Here's my conclusion

No. 670257

I love a good police hat.
One downvote on the first video, we know who visited you and left that of course.

No. 670300

Felt like your second video shed a bit more light on things. Sounds as if there is something of a history between you and Craven. Have you ever met her IRL, or were these photos of you she posted and mocked something she found online?

She is the hottest of garbage and I appreciated your frankness in your second video especially.

No. 670301

..and would like to hear more regarding your statement about how she was lying about living/moving back from NZ and where she is at here.

No. 670307

Saggy titted swamp hag. This video is gold

No. 670310

I remember this. Raven posted messaged some info to someone and they revealed it to lolcow so Raven made fun of that person on one of her videos while Josh laughed like a retarded banjo player. I think it was taken down for bullying and Raven raged about how she's not allowed to post on youtube about others while lolcow exists. You know, ignoring the fact that they're COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WEBSITES.

These are painful to get through. No new information and so long and boring.

No. 670311

Play them at 2x speed and she almost talks at a normal rate.

Don't do drugs, kids.

No. 670313


Holy crap, lay off the Xanax next time.

No. 670315

Thanks for posting these. I didn't really think anyone would find them
Never met her irl. She just took pictures off my fb of me goofing off with friends. You know something raven doesn't have.
Sorry, I was really high. I smoke weed for anxiety and to help combat alcohol cravings.

No. 670318


And yet, she shits on women for daring to breastfeed their child in public.


No. 670344

File: 1560643544587.png (492.55 KB, 830x700, Raven younger 0.png)


I've managed to save up the pictures from that video

No. 670345

File: 1560643574094.png (334.64 KB, 511x705, Raven younger 1.png)

No. 670346

File: 1560643677503.png (322.7 KB, 522x684, Raven younger 2.png)


Are those skulls on her dress. I can't really tell.

No. 670347

File: 1560643913282.png (612.34 KB, 1033x673, Raven younger 3.png)


Raven doesn't think there's any difference between what she looks like as a teen to what she looks like now. Yeah right, and by that logic, Michael Jackson before his death looked exactly like he did in the early 80s.

No. 670348

File: 1560643968513.png (309.9 KB, 516x689, Raven younger 4.png)

No. 670351

since i've been following this thread i recognized this chick, this is Stephanie Gardini and the things she is mentioning happened in thread 8 in videos that are deleted as of now, but we have transcripts


No. 670352

File: 1560644189193.png (352.13 KB, 537x704, Raven younger 5.png)


I guess in this picture, she sort of looks like she does today. Bring different is that her skin is several shades darker, but I'm not saying anything new.

No. 670353


also >>468236 and >>468357

and you can see her at video embedded at @22:36

No. 670361


I'm not Miss Anthropy. Why are you making that assumption?

No. 670366

>Sorry, I was really high.
You should delete the video's and save yourself from the embarrassment&cringe for when you're sober. Holy fuck!

No. 670434

Who cares is she was high?
Bagging on raven ftw

No. 670438

File: 1560689837165.png (88.46 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20190613-095942.png)

Apparently the one friend she did have she doesn't no more

No. 670447

Lacks context.. who is this message from/to?

No. 670449

Well apparently it's from the girl that was a YouTube follower and became friends with Gravey, this friend of hers lives in sc, I guess this is how Gravey treats her friends

No. 670452


No. 670474

Yes that would be her

No. 670510


The falling out between Raven and Julieann is old news.

No. 670543

File: 1560717762926.png (228.97 KB, 465x513, Screenshot_20190616-163809~2.p…)

Where Gravey lives in jonesville,sc

No. 670545

I wonder if that rusted old camper is her “extra” room for the hoard. Lol, what a fantasticly appropriate dump for gravy to live in.

No. 670549

Live in tin can, drive incredibly rare Cadillac? Hmm.. not too fucking likely.

No. 670553

I do not know who the hell is posting stuff about me or where they got there information from or how they got it even at all, I hate this site with a passion seems like all you people can do is sit back and talk shit a out people and there lives. You all need to grow up and move on with your lives instead of doing this to someone no one knows nothing about, what makes your life so perfect to say anything about anyone?

No. 670563

Who the hell are you? Not sperg-y enough to be raven.

No. 670568

Library friend, is that you?

No. 670587


Compare the syntax to that of Julieann's posts on KF.

No. 670590



No. 670632


Don't post stuff on the internet if you don't want it to be made public. Simple.

No. 670643

wonder if they are responsible enough to have a fenced area out back of their tin shack to contain their dogs, or if they just let them wander like your typical trash-o-matic trailer dwelling irresponsible pet owners do.

No. 670657

I’ll bet ya their lawn is like a jungle too, flea and tick infested 3 foot high weeds. A perfectly white trash property. I mean they put down sticky carpet in the shack. Nothing is more white trash than buying your flooring at Walmart.

No. 670658

oh naw, they sell that peel n' stick carpet and tile shit at Family Dollar.. Walmart is going a little highbrow.

No. 670715

pretty much as expected if this is really the ol casa de raven

No. 670719

I wonder what it would take to haul that piece of tin from “Jacksonville” to NC? Wow gravy, lie better. Even if it were true no safe, respectable business would take that thing down the road. The wheels are probably rusted right off. Such an appropriate shack for the hag.

No. 670722

I kinda love it. It's exactly what would have been expected.

No. 670724

Sage your speculation about the shack.


If >>670553 is referring to >>670438, that was private not public.

No. 670806

She and her love of superlativesmust be having the most difficult time coming to terms with what her life really is now. Oh, the lulz

No. 671236

If she didn't try to edit herself white/actually got sun/ditched the shit goff makeup, she would have just turned out an ordinary thai looking girl. Maybe even kind of pretty if she didn't chunk out.
Her nose looks less potatoey when she's darker. Her head went full moon when she got older and fatter.
All of that aside, her personality was probably still just as bad.

It always trips me out seeing old photos of cows before the drama because it gives you another side to them.
Like in two of those photos she seems kind of happy but the way she describes her childhood is like torture. Like everything is miserable and shit, the WHOLE time.
I know photos only tell so much but yeah it's weird she chooses to air some of the shit she has.

No. 671338

File: 1560955136129.png (418.02 KB, 800x1123, Screenshot_2019-06-12-08-56-11…)

No. 671347

Content Police: Raven Bradley (pt 1)

Miss Anthropy
91 subscribers
Published on Jun 15, 2019

More on everyone's favorite haggard goth bitch


She posted part 1 after part 2.

No. 671739

The link doesn't work for me.
She must've taken it down cause she's afraid of being outed as the hoarding, pet killing pedophile she is.

No. 671960

Link works for me. What I want to know is how old that photo is – many titty scratcher tattoos missing

No. 672047


Where on the page is she described as the hoarding, pet killing pedophile she is? It doesn't list any info about her life after she moved to New Zealand.

No. 672253

File: 1561265153476.png (522.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190623-004342.png)

Looks like Raven and one of her sock accounts are visiting that girl's page.

No. 672254

File: 1561265188414.png (454.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190623-004357.png)

No. 672256

File: 1561265334499.png (488.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190623-004142.png)

No. 672257

File: 1561265512581.png (487.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190623-005113.png)

No. 672259

File: 1561265575439.png (408.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190623-005221.png)

>>I'm NOT Raven!!

No. 672263

File: 1561266331893.png (30.96 KB, 800x366, Screenshot_2019-06-22-21-54-23…)


>Joined 2006

Years before any of Raven's accounts.

No. 672264

Raven & "Friends": A dramatic reading

Miss Anthropy
92 subscribers
Published on Jun 21, 2019

No. 672266

File: 1561266598313.png (149.44 KB, 796x634, Screenshot_2019-06-22-22-08-11…)

No. 672268

File: 1561266695281.png (101 KB, 795x455, Screenshot_2019-06-22-21-58-26…)

No. 672273

Her library friends crack me up. Couldn't be more obvious, gets shitty when people point it out … keeps going because who the fuck else is going to do it lmao

No. 672348


So Raven set up a sock puppet account two years before she set up her own?

No. 672374

Raven has a whole lot of sock puppet accounts and alt accounts going back years. She deactivates and renames them. The dates for that other account are not conclusive either way.

No. 672448


The joined date cannot be changed.

MistressAliceD has accounts on other platforms dating back 10+ years, and her writing style is consistent (notably using excessive hyphens and spaces before periods).

No. 672531

Raven has bragged about how good she is at changing up writing styles in the past. Could be a Raven library friend, could be some random Raven orbiter. Either way gives us a laugh.

No. 672540

Hahaha. This girl is brilliant with these videos.

No. 672550

i'm kinda diggin' on this ms anthropy and her vids. she knows just how to piss ravey off.. i mean, look at those comments. i also like her IDGAF attitude- "yeah, i talk slow, that's because i'm high as fuck all the time, fuck off."

No. 672551

File: 1561384324390.png (343.58 KB, 929x460, wah_1.PNG)

Sorry for so many tard attachments.. i'm a noob with this stuff, but these insta comments were too ridiculous not to share. it's a study in raven talking to herself.

No. 672552

File: 1561384362545.png (32.04 KB, 384x444, wah_2.PNG)

No. 672553

File: 1561384414137.png (30.17 KB, 369x436, wah_3.PNG)

No. 672554

File: 1561384442006.png (28.75 KB, 360x440, wah_4.PNG)

No. 672555

File: 1561384472317.png (26.18 KB, 349x438, wah_5.PNG)

No. 672556

File: 1561384535384.png (29.98 KB, 371x429, wah_6.PNG)

No. 672557

File: 1561384563531.png (28.93 KB, 380x421, wah_7.PNG)

No. 672561

File: 1561386408970.png (172.95 KB, 800x729, Screenshot_2019-06-24-07-08-52…)


>10+ year old accounts

>three kids
>favorite videos mostly videos for kids and corresponding to when she had her kids

Occam's Razor, anon.

No. 672570

Whoa is this an exchange between 12 year olds. Pathetic.

No. 672572

kinda. it's pretty obviously raven talking back and forth to herself, half the time under josh's profile. pretty pathetic and sad.

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