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File: 1557082750214.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 340.52 KB, 1000x667, 8587926E-3205-4691-B40F-58A5B4…)

No. 46405

Old thread: #35156

No. 46443

Gyaru are such newfags jesus christ. Thread fail. Did Reina make this so she wouldn't be the thumbnail?

No. 46445

Ooooo a new thread. Exciting.

No. 46447

Probably. Reina frequents these threads

No. 46479

ok, who are these people in OPs photo?

No. 46494

Um…Why did op choose a good photo wtf.
Paris gyaru meet.

No. 46551

File: 1557198734117.jpg (72.35 KB, 480x730, 59461023_837854919915538_40191…)


No. 46552

Out of all the starter gals that have been posting, who do you guys think has potential along the way?

No. 46553

Is she British? Brit weebs always look horrible

No. 46568

Potential to what? Dress like an idiot?

No. 46620

Can't really tell, all of them have looked horrible…

No. 46634

Lmao that’s Kelsey. She always looks like utter shit whenever she posts in the Sekai no Gyarusa group

No. 46654

File: 1557269210756.jpeg (111.98 KB, 720x960, D6BA2016-E46C-4C4F-9EFD-2340E3…)

Pic related is also an infamous tripfag around 4chan, so she has potential to be fun.

No. 46657

What is her trip? Come on anon.

No. 46658

Also gyaru is still not dead? Or is it another lolita thing where nobody wears it daily?

No. 46661

My bad, she officially goes by Poyo but is also known by Rinafag. Her trip changed a ton of times but she's super mentally ill and would post pics of her graphic self harm and draw in her blood.

No. 46672

But why have I never heard of a tripfag called rinafag on cgl? Damn I need to lurk moar

No. 46678

Not /cgl/, that's the best part.

No. 46687

Why are you never fucking specific

No. 46717

/a/, /v/, /vg/, /b/ and /r9k/

No. 46720

iirc she posted on the pregnancy thread a while back and she linked this pastebin https://pastebin.com/sNSdWjct

No. 46725

Got bored about five minutes in but that's pretty funny. Never heard of her in the gyaru scene though. Is the pic you posted supposed to be gyaru? Bc it really isn't

No. 46742

Looks more just low-key gyaru. I'd rather see more makeup like that than messes like >>46551
Just needs better bottom lashes imo

No. 46847

Every single element of makeup in that picture is shit. The base, the eyes, the brows, the blush. Not a single core feature of gyaru makeup is present in that photo.

No. 46849

File: 1557414775102.jpg (51.16 KB, 540x960, 59423532_1118422171670591_4354…)

what is this monster and why wont it go away

No. 46850

File: 1557414800993.jpg (95.23 KB, 720x960, 59446330_1118422188337256_2213…)

"rokku" … how?

No. 46851

File: 1557414838850.jpg (136.86 KB, 720x960, 59454358_1118010258378449_9155…)

No. 46852

File: 1557414868951.jpg (43.57 KB, 540x960, 59503307_1117751998404275_3054…)

so gross and messy. but no one will give them real crit

No. 46853

Jfc what is this thing and where did you find it?

No. 46859

File: 1557422666562.jpg (51.57 KB, 540x960, 50885290_10212542128732547_879…)

I like her other looks more, even if it's snapchat filter city.

No. 46868


Yikes. English i'm guessing? I swear they age so damn terribly, even while young they look borderline middle aged.

No. 46869

I dont know why amerifags and britbongs even attempt japanese centric fashion. Rokku isn't even hard to pull off, but this is neither that and just a mess. Also, that hair

No. 46878

File: 1557441969083.jpg (209.78 KB, 1080x1020, Screenshot_20190509-184702.jpg)

No. 46883

Wtf is a nonbinary lesbian?

No. 46912

what the fuck did I just read? Did she ever get the abortion?

No. 46959

So did she keep the child? They both need to check into counseling both sound psycho asf and irresponsible.

No. 47031

She made this all up with a friend for shitposting/attention. She is severely mentally ill, though. BPD and other shit, raped as a kid, the works.

No. 47041

File: 1557530162976.png (140.13 KB, 1217x334, Screenshot 2019-05-10 at 19.16…)

anon who posted the link. when i read the og pastebin and story i never thought id get a follow up thats kinda relieving to hear that he made it up and there isn't some baby running around with a fucked up life but at the same time what the fuck?

No. 47042

She's very fucked up, she has Histrionic but I remember saying the guy took advantage of her and her mental state. Dunno much more but remember that being said.

No. 47051

File: 1557538192852.jpeg (273.49 KB, 1016x1161, 98D2837D-BB8D-4DB8-97D7-95DF4E…)

No. 47056

Aside from kinda greasy hair I think this looks good
She'll definitely be interesting to watch in the comm

No. 47095

Oooh my God I used to hang around the Waifu threads on /a/ and noticing her, she's Kirinofag. I think I talked to her in one of the discords too. I remember thinking at the time that she really deserves a thread on here lmao. Glad to see her batshit being archived.

No. 47098

Tell us more.

No. 47163

Seconding. I'm surprised this bitch doesn't have a thread here and I haven't heard of her before.

No. 47578

File: 1557869863433.jpg (68.9 KB, 720x960, 60282524_2754478474568637_7002…)

Why do people post pictures like this… oh my god.

No. 47600

Is this even gyaru?

No. 47602

Not at all, but was still posted in the group

No. 47631

Oneegyaru would fit her better.

No. 47829

File: 1558025868842.jpg (418.7 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20190516-175307_Fac…)

Can't find the Shiena thread so guess I'll post it here. The 'jelly anon haterz got me deported' act begins.

No. 47834

Real life consequences for doing something illegal? Who would have thought. Must have been those jelly haterz, there’s no other way.

No. 47842

File: 1558029478480.png (1.05 MB, 622x685, fuckoff.PNG)

>not really gyaru

then don't fucking post it here

No. 47843

It’s neither gal nor lolita. It’s a hot mess that belongs into the trash bin it came from. Also meta my ass, that dress screams replica

No. 47861

Df is this shit? The group just let anyone in I see..
She did it to herself.

No. 48030

Got anymore info on her? I'm intrigued

No. 49171

File: 1558329565701.jpg (610.63 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20190520-061830_Fac…)

Huh, that fake pregnancy girl has turned up in SnG.

No. 49219

That's not her.

No. 49220

File: 1558373550365.jpg (426.61 KB, 1119x1169, 19-05-20-12-30-44-511_deco.jpg)

She never looked gyaru. Why was she post here?.

No. 49316

Yes it is. Why do you think it's not?

No. 49888

So, are all of these ugly bitches doing gal now or?

No. 49895

That's definitely the girl who was posted upthread lmao. The fuck.

No. 49943

That's what gal seems to attract as of now.

No. 49947

People should probably leave her alone, I've followed her twitter for a while and she did the pregnancy thing in the past. She's pretty mentally ill and is trying to get better.

No. 49991

Glee? Bitch is 35 and still a whole ass weeb.

No. 50031

so, gyaru is officially cancelled for Anime North

No. 50046

>trying to get better
>gets involved with the least hugbox jfash

gal is turning shit anyway. i miss dragging cosplay hoes and lolitas through the mud.

No. 50146

I mean, she hasn't posted art in the group with her own blood or her self harm pics.
I'd show if anyone's really curious but it's only slightly less gruesome than ColdnessInMyHeart.

No. 50567

What? When?

No. 50630

File: 1558750282307.jpeg (181.08 KB, 1061x609, 583ED331-CD38-4BC4-8818-2E4867…)

How embarrassing.

No. 50753

Blackout has been a shit show since the other two left. Blackout doesn't even meet up now. I don't think anyone brought tickets. Who waits the day of the event to cancel?

No. 50832

This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all day. Talk about “we’re back and better than ever!” lol. How humiliating

No. 50840

Anyone got more info on her???

No. 50860

File: 1558869891384.jpeg (316.21 KB, 640x527, C6A2AEC6-531D-4633-A273-9CABCC…)

Oh god my eyes

No. 50894

What exactly am I looking at? The hippos from Madagascar?

No. 50917

Folgen? Which one of you from the German comm screenshot this I wanna see something…

No. 50930

"Which one of you from the German comm screenshot this"
Gerfag detected kek

No. 50945

learn to greentext newfag

No. 51067

File: 1558986862025.jpg (505.24 KB, 1070x1334, Hhe.jpg)

The disgust extends to /cgl now lol

No. 51114

I feel like the group is not close as before as they make it seem.

No. 51117

The other two on the side I can't see their makeup so I can't tell. The middle one looks good just needs to lose a few pounds.

No. 51189

Honestly, what group? The only member I see much from is Reina. 109 Degrees seems a lot more active right now.

No. 51241

Blackout doesn't seem close as before and the other members don't contribute as much.

No. 51247

The other members don't even live in Illinois

No. 51253

Reina is just desperate to have a "circle" despite disbanding so many previous ones. Gee, I wonder what the common denominator is lol

No. 51256

Can we please stop calling Eteria by her weeb name. She will never be Japanese.

No. 51287

Hasn't she had like 3 now? She always blames the other members not being committed enough but we just saw her drive off two super committed girls.

No. 51338

Lets be real, all of the girls are fake as fuck anyways and ugly so, who cares?

No. 51356

File: 1559155046653.jpg (206.33 KB, 1158x922, 19-05-29-13-37-14-553_deco.jpg)

Homegirl is mad.

No. 51387

Shes thinking of going to Japan too lmao I cant wait for the milk. Guess she got jealous that Purin has been visiting her homeland (lmao) and Korea

No. 51425

She can save 3.5K for Japan yet the summit was a cheap mess and she couldn’t make it to Anime North?

No. 51481

Can't wait for the fallout when she accuses some random member of the comm of being responsible for everything that's ever been posted on lc. She clearly thinks it's one person out to get here rather than the comm at large being sick of her shit.

No. 51482

Link to her new twitter?

No. 51542

She has to be dumb ass hell to think only one person hates her guts.

No. 51798

lol she’s been lurking huh? Hey Reina fatty! How’s it going? Still devastated that you can’t have your ex back?

No. 52051

Let’s not body shame though

No. 52094

Who gives a fuck? She’s fat. If you’re sensitive get off the thread newfag

No. 52109

This is lolcow idiot

No. 52120

So i found out this is her twitter twitter.com/gigameki and she runs the Gyaruoftheday twitter

No. 52128

It's always complete irrelevants that run these things. Remember the bd-gyaru drama?

No. 52146

what happend to kisu?

No. 52316

I mean, it's not really her fault for being irrelevant. She seems to know what she's talking about, it makes sense someone wouldn't want to become a 'someone' in the comm right now..

No. 52318

Thoughts on Lizziebee?

No. 52335

That or an pervert.
Nothing. There's no milk on her. She does seem obsessed with attention and getting blog view.

No. 52348

No. 52356


She seems like a nice girl, I never heard any drama but I don't see what's so Gyaru about her. She doesn't wear circles lenses anymore but that's not even it. Even with circles lenses and a full Agejo face make and hair she doesn't look 100% Gyaru to me. It's just something about her face but I can't put my finger on it.

No. 52357

Really? I feel like she really gets as much agejo as you can get while being gaijin. MA*RS seems to really fit her. I can't see her looking good in any other styles tho
Kinda jealous of her body though ngl

No. 52358

File: 1559806166009.png (1.74 MB, 1134x788, rusrs.png)

>she's decently cute tho
Is this a self post or?

No. 52359

I mean, she's not as ugly as some of the people in SnG

No. 52368

she doesn't even look gal. more like a white trailer trash.

No. 52372

Yeah, ngl, if I didn't know any better I would have thought she was one of those Hot Topic Harley Quinn girls. Her face might not be "ugly", but she still looks busted. Yellow streaks down the sides of her nose and all.

No. 52464

What would you suggest she do different? It's not the best makeup but as far as gaijin gyaru go without going full tan, it looked gyaru to me, but I'm not the most knowledgeable on it. She seems to get positive responses on twitter/instagram

No. 52467

There's no milk. Genuinely just a very sweet girly girl.

jesus christ are you actually fishing for concrit on lolcow. get help and stop selfposting you brainlet

No. 52494

The filters make it hard to tell what can be fixed.

No. 52533

File: 1559866905378.jpeg (525.5 KB, 1538x2048, 0BA26E9B-A16F-4B96-ACFB-3F1157…)

It's weird to me that gyaru is so toned down now, even Aochan isn't super overdone, yet a lot of girls who get critique for similar makeup are said to step it up, and OTT messes get crowned, moreso talking in SNG, but yeah. Most people in the group gravitate to the super droopy eye which I feel like I only see on super OTT members of black diamond anymore, but they'll only do their makeup and pay no attention to hair..

No. 52539

Droopy makeup hasn’t been a thing since 2003. Most of the people saying that shit probably look messy themselves. Modern Gal looks way better and cleaner.

No. 52591

I'm sorry to break it to you but gyaru has changed and has toned down. The gals who're praised on SnG looks terrible in person. Reina make only looks good online, Chris wears too much blush reminds of me of the gal who committed suicide and Shiena make is cake on like a geisha.
^ This is the similar makeup usually seen in SnG,not aochan make. This is shit,so mods are right.

No. 52604

File: 1559875583441.jpeg (195.79 KB, 1440x1440, 35F16DF1-2FE9-4D6C-ABEA-82448A…)

Oh, I think I was misunderstood. I was saying that gal has changed to this and it's weird how SnG is so hung up on the old looks, and when gals in it do their makeup like the modern gal they get flooded with responses to go more extreme, or when gals show off absolute wrecks of makeup they get their ass licked and told it's perfection.

No. 52615

all of you girls need to fucking look at new egg and stfu.

No. 52619

Who the fuck would read that lmao
Inb4 gyaru weebs start ree-ing about ppl that genuinely think this fashion looks bad

No. 52620

I'm looking at this Reina/Eteria chick in the last thread and she looks like a clown……

No. 52623

this entire thread is full of gal weebs, retard. you can't comment on x not fitting the style if you don't even like it. you can think it sucks, but you can't give any good criticisms.

No. 52627

Called it lmao I'm not here to concrit because literally everything looks awful. I'm just here to laugh at yall

No. 52631

For a second, I thought this was cosplay or living doll shit. I thought droopy eye makeup died after dakota shit. The eye makeup looks super creepy in real life.

No. 52633

File: 1559879748407.jpg (204.27 KB, 1000x1355, 61670036_907504549591967_29313…)

Neweggg? It's a let down bitches can't coordinate to save a life. Who wear leg warmers with slides wtf.

No. 52634

then fuck off back to the cuntfetti thread. most general threads on /w/ are full of weebs who are interested in the subject (like the lolita thread)

No. 52639

Oh you poor delusional child. You think people arent laughing at the people wearing all this garbage? Yikes.

No. 52640

Jesus this is ugly.

No. 52641

watch people defend it because they're "kawaii official egg japanesu moderus!!"

No. 52646

I just wanna learn more about the pregnancy chick and her antics…

No. 52655


No. 52658

if you look, the light blonde girl in >>52533
has a droop. The makeup is still more dramatic than any of the girls who are being concrit to go more bold. These two are tanned. Most of the girls in SnG are light so they have to go heavier on the makeup to make it look gal.

No. 52671

>caring what others think

are you 12? you sound extremely insecure.

No. 52708

File: 1559927325903.jpeg (200.81 KB, 750x1040, D85BBF66-BE72-4866-B3B3-600186…)

If I didn’t know any better, this is the ugly newbie that’s been trying to give “advice” to people when her makeup looks like shit lmfao she isn’t better than anyone

No. 52709

File: 1559927363713.jpeg (76.29 KB, 432x576, A6DBBA16-FEB4-49D5-ACE3-AE6DB4…)

The makeup is decent. But the daddy’s little monster shirt? Yuck

No. 52712

She's not new, she used to be in the comm years ago, but she doesn't look anywhere near good enough to be giving concrit on literally every post. I can't put my finger on what it is but her makeup has never quite looked gal to me, more generic insta trashy. Maybe it's the brows.

No. 52715

nta but it's the highlighter imo her whole face is shiny unicorn fleek bs

No. 52717

>disabled uwu artist

people like this need to just quit at life dude.

No. 52726

She’s a “special snowflake” lol

No. 52728

Oh the gal with the awful nose contour,please blend next time.

No. 52740

Really? It seems to me she looks like your typical Tumblr snowflake kek

No. 52744

File: 1559936875467.jpeg (157.45 KB, 750x577, 18474C7A-8804-458F-848D-72A282…)

Samefag sorry lol
But, she also begs for money? How sad lmao
Probably bc she’s “disabled”

No. 52747

How is this not gyaru? Legitimately wondering, the makeup seems like >>52533
Apparently she's fucking mentally insane so, I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot of her, good makeup or not

No. 52748

Search for Poyo or Rinafag on the archives for 4chan.
She also spends most of her time ranting about how much she hates porn, men, most anime, anything really.

No. 52749

File: 1559937099189.jpeg (172.95 KB, 750x1129, 1D18DAD3-BCF0-4ED8-A0A5-88D5E3…)

No. 52750

well for one, even her shitty filter can't hid the lack of foundation. but other than that it's just lacking in everything. it's not like classic, gyaru with the contour and doll look, and it doesn't look like nu-gyaru because it's not mode or stylish.

i personally like old fashion gyaru make, but you don't have to wear it necessarily. the issue is she's doing neither and what she is doing looks like shit. she's not OTT enough to look old school and not stylish enough for the new looks.

No. 52751

i don't like this bitch but fuck off dude. gal has nothing to do with looking black.

No. 52791

File: 1559952951171.png (907.54 KB, 932x387, nah.png)

lack of or patchy foundation, difficult to tell with the filters. Her nose contour is straight up two unblended yellow streaks? She didn't even bother with highlight. Her eye makeup is applied poorly and doesn't really come off as gyaru because she filled in her sad attempt at a droop with too much black makeup. Her eyebrows are natural, untouched, not styled or even groomed? Like, I don't know what to tell you anon. The most gyaru thing about this "look" are her nails?

>unsafe conditions of my living arrangement
Anyone have details on this? I thought she was living with her SO?

No. 52808

I think Georgie is the best current gaijin gyaru tbh.

No. 52809

File: 1559955938621.jpg (174.6 KB, 1200x900, DlUSPr9X0AIRVaw.jpg)

Forgot pic.

No. 52810

>All this talk on the pink haired girl
… Is she even in SnG? She runs an anime gyaru twitter, yeah… but is she actually putting these pics to contribute to the group?

No. 52812

File: 1559956374524.jpg (290.71 KB, 1199x960, 19-05-10-23-47-22-453_deco-1.j…)

No. 52818

yes, she started posting there last week. and she keeps subtly trying to bait people into asking about her.

No. 52819

File: 1559960122108.jpeg (51.82 KB, 480x640, A6A9533C-730C-4FCF-95B3-71DCBB…)

Georgie reminds me of this gal. The one one right.

No. 52820

I don't get why people are giving her attention, she outright states she has histrionic and does shit for attention

No. 52822

So why is she moving if she can't pay rent or pay the movers? So her friends loaned her money/she has the audacity to ask others to help her pay them back??

No. 52823

because SnG is fucking happy uwu sjw tier weebs now.

No. 52830

I'm talking about here, dolt.

No. 52831

Pretty easy when you're filthy rich and living in israel

No. 52836

Not a gyaru but I started looking into her after seeing shit about her on /vg/ and the animecore community thread. If this is really her posting >>11923 she's apparently wanted to be a cow for a while so safe to say they're mostly attention whoring selfposts.

No. 52842

Seems legit given the anon keeps asking for constructive criticism on the makeup and insisting she looks gyaru/like other gyaru. Embarrassing tbh.

No. 52893

try following the conversation next time

No. 52961

File: 1560039567391.jpeg (68.91 KB, 743x351, 2C9121FC-C56C-4437-9400-06DC8A…)

Here we go guys lmao Peppa pig trying to give “advice” again

No. 52990

Why can't she manage anything between 'unwarranted bitchiness' and 'over the top uwu asslicking'? It's really cringe. Just like… keep your opinion to yourself sometimes.

No. 53237

GGAs are up. Reina's been nominated for a few but I don't think she'll win any again, she can't rely on any popularity votes at all. Would be pretty hilarious to see her get nominated and win nothing again, she was butthurt as all hell last year.

No. 53277

What was she nominated for?

No. 53303

Best tsuyome, and BlackOut was nominated for a few circle ones. She's up against Chris for best tsuyome so no way she's getting that, and I'm amazed BlackOut were even nominated after what a shitshow they've been. Organising one small international event doesn't automatically make them a good circle- not that you'd know that from how Reina uses that as an excuse to throw her weight around and talk down to newer leaders.

No. 53393

File: 1560404147908.jpeg (142.11 KB, 750x595, B000A3E6-AC9B-4310-A8DC-0A5CD7…)

Pregnancy girl strikes again

No. 53394

Those eyebrows are killing me softly

No. 53443

Better than before tbh

No. 53449

Learn to sage, stop selfposting, and sort your fucking life out.

No. 53499

This is literally worse. Please stop.

No. 53503

on what planet is this considered gyaru…

No. 53536

File: 1560501368602.jpeg (12.75 KB, 474x306, th.jpeg)

Improved?.. bitch where?

No. 53607

Best to ignore her, she has Histrionic, and purposely seeks out attention of all kinds. Histrionic people will even seek out negative attention and do things to achieve it.

No. 53690

She has a 50% chance of winning tsuyome with Chris. Hell the latin chick might surprise us and win too.

No. 53721

Doesn't she work at a retail clothing store or something? Plus Israel is pretty expensive to live in. Either way I love Georgie's style.

No. 53737

There's no way she'll bag best tsuyome imo. Her style isn't quite on par with Chris so she'd have to rely on popularity votes, which she won't get. Anyone who still supports her drama llama ass is probably doing it out of loyalty to the 'old guard' of that gen, which means they'd probably still favour Chris who has been around just as long.

My prediction is that Georgie and Chris pretty much sweep the table this year. There are rumours that AKP will pick up the international meet and GGAs next year, so at least then we'll have one of them out of the running.

No. 53757

File: 1560689097931.jpeg (180.75 KB, 720x1280, AFB6EA66-CE9A-45D9-816B-165A15…)

What is this? Clown gyaru?

No. 53763

To be fair, all gyaru look like clowns

No. 53764

File: 1560694842031.jpg (148.4 KB, 500x341, manba.jpg)

It looks like she's wearing manba makeup.
This post is just more proof that the gaijin gyaru scene is full of salty weeb LARPers and newfags who don't really know anything.

No. 53778

It looks like gyaru makeup to me???..
Imo I think Akipoyo will win circle. Blackout hasn't been active enough to warrant best circle.

No. 53782

At least go full on if you’re gonna do mamba makeup jeeze

No. 53896

File: 1560814597292.jpeg (174.21 KB, 807x1439, 91DBB8EF-A9EB-4F36-AA08-3B020D…)

I like Riko a lot. She's a bit too skinny but does the style well.

No. 53916

is something wrong with her? it looks like she shoop'd someone else's face onto her body.

No. 53917

It looks like she has a shitty tattoo on her neck

No. 53918

>too skinny
She looks pretty good in the picture you posted tbh, anon. If this isn't super shooped, she's actually pretty cute, even with the questionable piercings and tattoos. Is this shooped tho?

No. 53926

Different anon here, but if you saw the love of their meet from 2 months or so ago, you’d know she looks nothing like her shoops and yes she’s crazy thin, but it looks more like she has some kind of condition or maybe drugs rather than being full on ana

No. 53948

File: 1560844674954.png (855.72 KB, 645x561, ig.png)

My bad! I'm >>53918 , turns out I do vaguely know who she is and just didn't recognize her due to the shoop. She's not awful, definitely very skinny though and seems to edit her new pics pretty heavily. Her face tats are pretty unfortunate though.

No. 53949

File: 1560844752876.jpg (42.41 KB, 960x540, facetat.jpg)

No. 53952

If only she wasn’t an entitled brat who’s rude to other people because she feels like she’s more entitled than everyone else lol
Having an ugly heart makes you fucking hideous

No. 53953

>>53949 oh she actually made it to tokyo then? what a joke, any milk? did she hook up with delicious nipponchinchin

No. 53954

Still mad that she left your shitty failing circle, Reina? Your butthurt is hilarious.

No. 53956

When was she a entitled brat?? I follow her and she just post selfies all day.

No. 53966

aside from putting on makeup and taking selfies in her humble looking apartment, what does she do? is she unemployed like reina?

No. 53976

Both has a job but she lives with family

No. 53997

anybody know what eteria/reina does? last i heard she never graduated from highschool and skipped out on GED program (that the ex paid for)… maybe current boyfriend got her a job?

No. 54003

Whatever happen to asian dick she lived with? It looks as if he broke up with her?

No. 54028

You know there’s more than one person that dislikes Riko, right? Your stupidity is showing

No. 54029

kek japanese men don’t like girls like her, they like pale skinny blonde bitches with big tits

No. 54059

When are you going to show the receipts of her being a bitch? I too want to see some glorious milk on her.
That was 15 yrs ago. Now there's an abundance of easy, white sluts so the fantasy is gone. Just remember Delandra even got nippon dick.kek

No. 54073

Still together and she's working bit idk where or what but a jobs a job.

No. 54074

File: 1560907776623.jpg (161.54 KB, 471x640, 19-06-18-20-26-24-270_deco.jpg)

Bruh.. Reina is 2x bigger than her pictures portray wtf.

No. 54076

im surprised her "totally japanese" genes didnt kick in kek

No. 54077

Anon, you sound triggered af right now. How did Riko hurt you? Give us those receipts.

No. 54101

You’ll have to look for milk somewhere else, anon. Cause several people have something to say.(emoji)

No. 54106

Learn to sage you weebs. All these bitches look like crackheads.

No. 54117

Not outside of Blackout drama there isn't, pretty hard to make enemies when you just post selfies and don't interact all that much.

No. 54118

If several people had somethimg to say you would post the receipts. Whats the hold up? Did Riko threaten you or some shit?

No. 54120

This is not blue clues just post it.

No. 54122

It's obviously a vendetta, whoever it is is jealous of her being prettier and skinner while fitting the gyaru aesthetic the most kek.

It's so obvious because they refuse to give milk for this long.

No. 54123

My money's on Reina, given her reaction when Riko and Honey left Blackout. She has a pretty strong track record of vendettaposting.

No. 54124

No. 54151

Here’s the tea (different anon), As far as I know Riko was going on a massive deleting spree AND even went as far as being extra to making a new Facebook because she knew she was being posted on this forum as well as CGL

No. 54159

thats a fairly normal response to gossiping. The entire gyaru comm hates eachother and it'd be fairly easy to weed out whoever is posting on here since the comm is so small. this aint tea lol

No. 54167

Even so, people on her friends list are still in here posting about her.

No. 54168

There are people that go so far as to make fake accounts for spying (eteria cough) so this isn't surprising.

No. 54200

So no one thought to screenshot?

No. 54201

I've legit never spoken to her and post on here all the time and she readded me on the new profile kek. Good thing I like her I guess, but it's pretty naive.

No. 54214

theres nothing to screenshot tbh

No. 54215

That doesn't sound like what >>53952 was on about. Did she delete anything juicy or? I don't get why she's supposedly so milky and hated when there's zero receipts. Is it old milk?

No. 54253

What's up with chris sperging out because no one wants to hang out with her?

No. 54265

This is Reina??? I know she photoshops and catfishes but damn this bitch is huge

No. 54271


Who the fuck are these shower of horrors?! Jesus

No. 54273

Fucking "gyaru" pack on pounds of makeup and dress like blind bimbos. Even the Japanese that participate are frowned upon.

No. 54275


Oh my Jesus

It’s heinous!

No. 54284

Sio looks huge.

No. 54400

1st & 4th looks good. The rest looks as if they're stuck in a emo phase.

No. 54526

So it‘s her visa husband? They don‘t live together

No. 54668

No, in all her clothing collection photos it looks like she has a single bed in a share house or one room apartment. Wonder if the old man fucking, botched boobjob, and sad living situation are worth it for the glorious nippon visa.

No. 54769

sng is a even more of a joke than usual lately. so full of newbies that don't understand not to contour the whole width of their nose and no one is even helping them.

No. 54783

Tbh I would give up helping as well.

No. 54786

How sad of living a life and having to hide your old fart sugar daddy.

No. 55227

File: 1561651116674.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1125x1399, F4013338-5F4E-448D-B864-61AD28…)

Anything on Gretchen? I recently started following her and not gonna lie I think she’s pretty good for someone who claims to be doing this only a year.

No. 55233

File: 1561652793196.jpg (782.55 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20190627-172008_Fac…)

Shit like this makes me lose the will to live, let alone attempt to help these morons. Like how do you even get it so wrong? My first attempt was leagues ahead of this and that was still a shitshow.

I follow her on insta, really like her style. I don't see why she'd lie about how long she's been around. I'm an oldfag and only heard of her recently, so seems legit.

No. 55240

File: 1561658464766.jpg (125.79 KB, 500x610, tumblr_o70sfpDKqu1svi3flo2_500…)

No. 55243

this just looks like a trailer trash bitch.

i agree with you too, the issue with most of these girls is that they clearly didn't ever attempt makeup before trying gyaru.

No. 55295

File: 1561683241714.jpeg (250.46 KB, 750x1194, 03718865-C4EE-4A07-A720-696F12…)

Lmao why does she always wear this trash party city ass wig with every gal look that she does?

No. 55297

Styling on the wig seems okay, and she got the oldschool makeup ok too? idk if you even gyaru or what?

No. 55300

The wig looks trashy and ratted. The makeup looks unfinished. Not her best look.

No. 55301

oldschool manba makeup does not suit that hair or outfit. wrong style.

No. 55303

Quit stanning Pepa pig yikes

No. 55390

Wig looks fine but makeup looks a hot ass mess. I hope she didn't walk outside with that shit.

No. 55620

File: 1561877878420.jpg (123.14 KB, 675x1200, D-IQbakUwAIPXSX.jpg)

The gyaruoftheday twitter.. lmao
I saw this person battling them on how ganguro can be white, all that matters is white makeup on the eyes. What the fuck. Everything there is weird.

No. 55634

Wtf is that abomination… Newbie gyaru are lazy as fuck nowadays its no wonder they look like shit.

No. 55664

ganguro comes from a word that means burnt so…

also this bitch isn't even very pale.

i agree with this.

No. 55797

Why is blackout/reina desperately trying to make the Pinkii freak relevant? For clout?

No. 55804

Yeah its cringy as hell and Pink hair doesn't consider her that close.

No. 55805

Looks like a 40yr old still stuck in her weeb phase..

No. 55832

Post receipts, newfag. Half of us don't go anywhere near Reina on social media and don't see this shit.

No. 55840

File: 1562055449319.jpg (157.72 KB, 1080x742, Screenshot_20190702-091624_Fac…)

Can't see anything about that but pic related made me kek. They started planning it months ago too.

No. 55851

Damn not even all the members decided to go. I would say it again but Blackout really did hit rock bottom after the other 2 left..

No. 55853

File: 1562081136328.jpeg (1.94 MB, 2880x3840, BA9354BC-0651-4A86-8020-411112…)

No. 55942


It's Yukapon/Natalia Natchan, she goes by Pinkii now and makes music.

No. 55947

Lel riannas boyfriend is a mega gaijin hunter who is still in love with his ex

No. 55948

Lel riannas boyfriend is a mega gaijin hunter who is still in love with his ex

No. 55949

nta but that's not what they asked, they want caps of them interacting with her.

No. 55956

I thought they broke up? Reina was shading him on twitter.

No. 55990

yall need to start posting caps this is an image board ffs

No. 56820

Has anyone seen anything from the blackout beach party that was supposed to have happened on the 6th? I'm not seeing anything on social media.

No. 56960

No one showed up or it was cancelled.

No. 56961

There was a mini argument happened in the line groupchat about sex being viewed in magazines to a younger audience and lo and behold the "sex worker" got defensive

No. 57002

Weebs like Eteria keep trying to host events despite the worldwide decline in enthusiasm for gyaru.

She needs to fucking "let it go" already lmao

No. 57004

Which is funny because I'm positive most of them are sex workers

No. 57007

American gyaru circles are just shit. They never last long and cattiness is bound to arise within the group. I'm amazed Blackout is able to last this long..

No. 57008

That happened on the kabukicho thread on here as well. If you mention anything negative about sex worker, the sex worker sperg would rant.

No. 57059

The UK Jubilee event has apparently sold 50+ tickets. The comm isn't the problem, Eteria's toxic ass is.

No. 57062

USA is also huge. Feasibly any gals in UK can get to events almost anywhere for fairly cheap.

No. 57129

File: 1562981825020.jpg (45.05 KB, 720x960, 66649739_2516511588412691_2200…)

Holy fuck.

No. 57133

Is there a link to the groupchat?

No. 57137

Wannabe-Asian Reena and Nappy-head Miyabi trys so hard to get clout from pinkii freak.

No. 57285

Someone once said that she always looks like she smelled her own fart and went 'mmmmm'
I can't unsee it

No. 57329

Why would Reina wanna be friends with piss girl? The cows have collided lmao

No. 57372

Clout. The only thing they both have in common is being fuckin weebs.
Still better than the blonde, short-haired gal who keeps posting every day.

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