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File: 1557082750214.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 340.52 KB, 1000x667, 8587926E-3205-4691-B40F-58A5B4…)

No. 46405

Old thread: #35156

No. 46443

Gyaru are such newfags jesus christ. Thread fail. Did Reina make this so she wouldn't be the thumbnail?

No. 46445

Ooooo a new thread. Exciting.

No. 46447

Probably. Reina frequents these threads

No. 46479

ok, who are these people in OPs photo?

No. 46494

Um…Why did op choose a good photo wtf.
Paris gyaru meet.

No. 46551

File: 1557198734117.jpg (72.35 KB, 480x730, 59461023_837854919915538_40191…)


No. 46552

Out of all the starter gals that have been posting, who do you guys think has potential along the way?

No. 46553

Is she British? Brit weebs always look horrible

No. 46568

Potential to what? Dress like an idiot?

No. 46620

Can't really tell, all of them have looked horrible…

No. 46634

Lmao that’s Kelsey. She always looks like utter shit whenever she posts in the Sekai no Gyarusa group

No. 46654

File: 1557269210756.jpeg (111.98 KB, 720x960, D6BA2016-E46C-4C4F-9EFD-2340E3…)

Pic related is also an infamous tripfag around 4chan, so she has potential to be fun.

No. 46657

What is her trip? Come on anon.

No. 46658

Also gyaru is still not dead? Or is it another lolita thing where nobody wears it daily?

No. 46661

My bad, she officially goes by Poyo but is also known by Rinafag. Her trip changed a ton of times but she's super mentally ill and would post pics of her graphic self harm and draw in her blood.

No. 46672

But why have I never heard of a tripfag called rinafag on cgl? Damn I need to lurk moar

No. 46678

Not /cgl/, that's the best part.

No. 46687

Why are you never fucking specific

No. 46717

/a/, /v/, /vg/, /b/ and /r9k/

No. 46720

iirc she posted on the pregnancy thread a while back and she linked this pastebin https://pastebin.com/sNSdWjct

No. 46725

Got bored about five minutes in but that's pretty funny. Never heard of her in the gyaru scene though. Is the pic you posted supposed to be gyaru? Bc it really isn't

No. 46742

Looks more just low-key gyaru. I'd rather see more makeup like that than messes like >>46551
Just needs better bottom lashes imo

No. 46847

Every single element of makeup in that picture is shit. The base, the eyes, the brows, the blush. Not a single core feature of gyaru makeup is present in that photo.

No. 46849

File: 1557414775102.jpg (51.16 KB, 540x960, 59423532_1118422171670591_4354…)

what is this monster and why wont it go away

No. 46850

File: 1557414800993.jpg (95.23 KB, 720x960, 59446330_1118422188337256_2213…)

"rokku" … how?

No. 46851

File: 1557414838850.jpg (136.86 KB, 720x960, 59454358_1118010258378449_9155…)

No. 46852

File: 1557414868951.jpg (43.57 KB, 540x960, 59503307_1117751998404275_3054…)

so gross and messy. but no one will give them real crit

No. 46853

Jfc what is this thing and where did you find it?

No. 46859

File: 1557422666562.jpg (51.57 KB, 540x960, 50885290_10212542128732547_879…)

I like her other looks more, even if it's snapchat filter city.

No. 46868


Yikes. English i'm guessing? I swear they age so damn terribly, even while young they look borderline middle aged.

No. 46869

I dont know why amerifags and britbongs even attempt japanese centric fashion. Rokku isn't even hard to pull off, but this is neither that and just a mess. Also, that hair

No. 46878

File: 1557441969083.jpg (209.78 KB, 1080x1020, Screenshot_20190509-184702.jpg)

No. 46883

Wtf is a nonbinary lesbian?

No. 46912

what the fuck did I just read? Did she ever get the abortion?

No. 46959

So did she keep the child? They both need to check into counseling both sound psycho asf and irresponsible.

No. 47031

She made this all up with a friend for shitposting/attention. She is severely mentally ill, though. BPD and other shit, raped as a kid, the works.

No. 47041

File: 1557530162976.png (140.13 KB, 1217x334, Screenshot 2019-05-10 at 19.16…)

anon who posted the link. when i read the og pastebin and story i never thought id get a follow up thats kinda relieving to hear that he made it up and there isn't some baby running around with a fucked up life but at the same time what the fuck?

No. 47042

She's very fucked up, she has Histrionic but I remember saying the guy took advantage of her and her mental state. Dunno much more but remember that being said.

No. 47051

File: 1557538192852.jpeg (273.49 KB, 1016x1161, 98D2837D-BB8D-4DB8-97D7-95DF4E…)

No. 47056

Aside from kinda greasy hair I think this looks good
She'll definitely be interesting to watch in the comm

No. 47095

Oooh my God I used to hang around the Waifu threads on /a/ and noticing her, she's Kirinofag. I think I talked to her in one of the discords too. I remember thinking at the time that she really deserves a thread on here lmao. Glad to see her batshit being archived.

No. 47098

Tell us more.

No. 47163

Seconding. I'm surprised this bitch doesn't have a thread here and I haven't heard of her before.

No. 47578

File: 1557869863433.jpg (68.9 KB, 720x960, 60282524_2754478474568637_7002…)

Why do people post pictures like this… oh my god.

No. 47600

Is this even gyaru?

No. 47602

Not at all, but was still posted in the group

No. 47631

Oneegyaru would fit her better.

No. 47829

File: 1558025868842.jpg (418.7 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20190516-175307_Fac…)

Can't find the Shiena thread so guess I'll post it here. The 'jelly anon haterz got me deported' act begins.

No. 47834

Real life consequences for doing something illegal? Who would have thought. Must have been those jelly haterz, there’s no other way.

No. 47842

File: 1558029478480.png (1.05 MB, 622x685, fuckoff.PNG)

>not really gyaru

then don't fucking post it here

No. 47843

It’s neither gal nor lolita. It’s a hot mess that belongs into the trash bin it came from. Also meta my ass, that dress screams replica

No. 47861

Df is this shit? The group just let anyone in I see..
She did it to herself.

No. 48030

Got anymore info on her? I'm intrigued

No. 49171

File: 1558329565701.jpg (610.63 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20190520-061830_Fac…)

Huh, that fake pregnancy girl has turned up in SnG.

No. 49219

That's not her.

No. 49220

File: 1558373550365.jpg (426.61 KB, 1119x1169, 19-05-20-12-30-44-511_deco.jpg)

She never looked gyaru. Why was she post here?.

No. 49316

Yes it is. Why do you think it's not?

No. 49888

So, are all of these ugly bitches doing gal now or?

No. 49895

That's definitely the girl who was posted upthread lmao. The fuck.

No. 49943

That's what gal seems to attract as of now.

No. 49947

People should probably leave her alone, I've followed her twitter for a while and she did the pregnancy thing in the past. She's pretty mentally ill and is trying to get better.

No. 49991

Glee? Bitch is 35 and still a whole ass weeb.

No. 50031

so, gyaru is officially cancelled for Anime North

No. 50046

>trying to get better
>gets involved with the least hugbox jfash

gal is turning shit anyway. i miss dragging cosplay hoes and lolitas through the mud.

No. 50146

I mean, she hasn't posted art in the group with her own blood or her self harm pics.
I'd show if anyone's really curious but it's only slightly less gruesome than ColdnessInMyHeart.

No. 50567

What? When?

No. 50630

File: 1558750282307.jpeg (181.08 KB, 1061x609, 583ED331-CD38-4BC4-8818-2E4867…)

How embarrassing.

No. 50753

Blackout has been a shit show since the other two left. Blackout doesn't even meet up now. I don't think anyone brought tickets. Who waits the day of the event to cancel?

No. 50832

This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all day. Talk about “we’re back and better than ever!” lol. How humiliating

No. 50840

Anyone got more info on her???

No. 50860

File: 1558869891384.jpeg (316.21 KB, 640x527, C6A2AEC6-531D-4633-A273-9CABCC…)

Oh god my eyes

No. 50894

What exactly am I looking at? The hippos from Madagascar?

No. 50917

Folgen? Which one of you from the German comm screenshot this I wanna see something…

No. 50930

"Which one of you from the German comm screenshot this"
Gerfag detected kek

No. 50945

learn to greentext newfag

No. 51067

File: 1558986862025.jpg (505.24 KB, 1070x1334, Hhe.jpg)

The disgust extends to /cgl now lol

No. 51114

I feel like the group is not close as before as they make it seem.

No. 51117

The other two on the side I can't see their makeup so I can't tell. The middle one looks good just needs to lose a few pounds.

No. 51189

Honestly, what group? The only member I see much from is Reina. 109 Degrees seems a lot more active right now.

No. 51241

Blackout doesn't seem close as before and the other members don't contribute as much.

No. 51247

The other members don't even live in Illinois

No. 51253

Reina is just desperate to have a "circle" despite disbanding so many previous ones. Gee, I wonder what the common denominator is lol

No. 51256

Can we please stop calling Eteria by her weeb name. She will never be Japanese.

No. 51287

Hasn't she had like 3 now? She always blames the other members not being committed enough but we just saw her drive off two super committed girls.

No. 51338

Lets be real, all of the girls are fake as fuck anyways and ugly so, who cares?

No. 51356

File: 1559155046653.jpg (206.33 KB, 1158x922, 19-05-29-13-37-14-553_deco.jpg)

Homegirl is mad.

No. 51387

Shes thinking of going to Japan too lmao I cant wait for the milk. Guess she got jealous that Purin has been visiting her homeland (lmao) and Korea

No. 51425

She can save 3.5K for Japan yet the summit was a cheap mess and she couldn’t make it to Anime North?

No. 51481

Can't wait for the fallout when she accuses some random member of the comm of being responsible for everything that's ever been posted on lc. She clearly thinks it's one person out to get here rather than the comm at large being sick of her shit.

No. 51482

Link to her new twitter?

No. 51542

She has to be dumb ass hell to think only one person hates her guts.

No. 51798

lol she’s been lurking huh? Hey Reina fatty! How’s it going? Still devastated that you can’t have your ex back?

No. 52051

Let’s not body shame though

No. 52094

Who gives a fuck? She’s fat. If you’re sensitive get off the thread newfag

No. 52109

This is lolcow idiot

No. 52120

So i found out this is her twitter twitter.com/gigameki and she runs the Gyaruoftheday twitter

No. 52128

It's always complete irrelevants that run these things. Remember the bd-gyaru drama?

No. 52146

what happend to kisu?

No. 52316

I mean, it's not really her fault for being irrelevant. She seems to know what she's talking about, it makes sense someone wouldn't want to become a 'someone' in the comm right now..

No. 52318

Thoughts on Lizziebee?

No. 52335

That or an pervert.
Nothing. There's no milk on her. She does seem obsessed with attention and getting blog view.

No. 52348

No. 52356


She seems like a nice girl, I never heard any drama but I don't see what's so Gyaru about her. She doesn't wear circles lenses anymore but that's not even it. Even with circles lenses and a full Agejo face make and hair she doesn't look 100% Gyaru to me. It's just something about her face but I can't put my finger on it.

No. 52357

Really? I feel like she really gets as much agejo as you can get while being gaijin. MA*RS seems to really fit her. I can't see her looking good in any other styles tho
Kinda jealous of her body though ngl

No. 52358

File: 1559806166009.png (1.74 MB, 1134x788, rusrs.png)

>she's decently cute tho
Is this a self post or?

No. 52359

I mean, she's not as ugly as some of the people in SnG

No. 52368

she doesn't even look gal. more like a white trailer trash.

No. 52372

Yeah, ngl, if I didn't know any better I would have thought she was one of those Hot Topic Harley Quinn girls. Her face might not be "ugly", but she still looks busted. Yellow streaks down the sides of her nose and all.

No. 52464

What would you suggest she do different? It's not the best makeup but as far as gaijin gyaru go without going full tan, it looked gyaru to me, but I'm not the most knowledgeable on it. She seems to get positive responses on twitter/instagram

No. 52467

There's no milk. Genuinely just a very sweet girly girl.

jesus christ are you actually fishing for concrit on lolcow. get help and stop selfposting you brainlet

No. 52494

The filters make it hard to tell what can be fixed.

No. 52533

File: 1559866905378.jpeg (525.5 KB, 1538x2048, 0BA26E9B-A16F-4B96-ACFB-3F1157…)

It's weird to me that gyaru is so toned down now, even Aochan isn't super overdone, yet a lot of girls who get critique for similar makeup are said to step it up, and OTT messes get crowned, moreso talking in SNG, but yeah. Most people in the group gravitate to the super droopy eye which I feel like I only see on super OTT members of black diamond anymore, but they'll only do their makeup and pay no attention to hair..

No. 52539

Droopy makeup hasn’t been a thing since 2003. Most of the people saying that shit probably look messy themselves. Modern Gal looks way better and cleaner.

No. 52591

I'm sorry to break it to you but gyaru has changed and has toned down. The gals who're praised on SnG looks terrible in person. Reina make only looks good online, Chris wears too much blush reminds of me of the gal who committed suicide and Shiena make is cake on like a geisha.
^ This is the similar makeup usually seen in SnG,not aochan make. This is shit,so mods are right.

No. 52604

File: 1559875583441.jpeg (195.79 KB, 1440x1440, 35F16DF1-2FE9-4D6C-ABEA-82448A…)

Oh, I think I was misunderstood. I was saying that gal has changed to this and it's weird how SnG is so hung up on the old looks, and when gals in it do their makeup like the modern gal they get flooded with responses to go more extreme, or when gals show off absolute wrecks of makeup they get their ass licked and told it's perfection.

No. 52615

all of you girls need to fucking look at new egg and stfu.

No. 52619

Who the fuck would read that lmao
Inb4 gyaru weebs start ree-ing about ppl that genuinely think this fashion looks bad

No. 52620

I'm looking at this Reina/Eteria chick in the last thread and she looks like a clown……

No. 52623

this entire thread is full of gal weebs, retard. you can't comment on x not fitting the style if you don't even like it. you can think it sucks, but you can't give any good criticisms.

No. 52627

Called it lmao I'm not here to concrit because literally everything looks awful. I'm just here to laugh at yall

No. 52631

For a second, I thought this was cosplay or living doll shit. I thought droopy eye makeup died after dakota shit. The eye makeup looks super creepy in real life.

No. 52633

File: 1559879748407.jpg (204.27 KB, 1000x1355, 61670036_907504549591967_29313…)

Neweggg? It's a let down bitches can't coordinate to save a life. Who wear leg warmers with slides wtf.

No. 52634

then fuck off back to the cuntfetti thread. most general threads on /w/ are full of weebs who are interested in the subject (like the lolita thread)

No. 52639

Oh you poor delusional child. You think people arent laughing at the people wearing all this garbage? Yikes.

No. 52640

Jesus this is ugly.

No. 52641

watch people defend it because they're "kawaii official egg japanesu moderus!!"

No. 52646

I just wanna learn more about the pregnancy chick and her antics…

No. 52655


No. 52658

if you look, the light blonde girl in >>52533
has a droop. The makeup is still more dramatic than any of the girls who are being concrit to go more bold. These two are tanned. Most of the girls in SnG are light so they have to go heavier on the makeup to make it look gal.

No. 52671

>caring what others think

are you 12? you sound extremely insecure.

No. 52708

File: 1559927325903.jpeg (200.81 KB, 750x1040, D85BBF66-BE72-4866-B3B3-600186…)

If I didn’t know any better, this is the ugly newbie that’s been trying to give “advice” to people when her makeup looks like shit lmfao she isn’t better than anyone

No. 52709

File: 1559927363713.jpeg (76.29 KB, 432x576, A6DBBA16-FEB4-49D5-ACE3-AE6DB4…)

The makeup is decent. But the daddy’s little monster shirt? Yuck

No. 52712

She's not new, she used to be in the comm years ago, but she doesn't look anywhere near good enough to be giving concrit on literally every post. I can't put my finger on what it is but her makeup has never quite looked gal to me, more generic insta trashy. Maybe it's the brows.

No. 52715

nta but it's the highlighter imo her whole face is shiny unicorn fleek bs

No. 52717

>disabled uwu artist

people like this need to just quit at life dude.

No. 52726

She’s a “special snowflake” lol

No. 52728

Oh the gal with the awful nose contour,please blend next time.

No. 52740

Really? It seems to me she looks like your typical Tumblr snowflake kek

No. 52744

File: 1559936875467.jpeg (157.45 KB, 750x577, 18474C7A-8804-458F-848D-72A282…)

Samefag sorry lol
But, she also begs for money? How sad lmao
Probably bc she’s “disabled”

No. 52747

How is this not gyaru? Legitimately wondering, the makeup seems like >>52533
Apparently she's fucking mentally insane so, I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot of her, good makeup or not

No. 52748

Search for Poyo or Rinafag on the archives for 4chan.
She also spends most of her time ranting about how much she hates porn, men, most anime, anything really.

No. 52749

File: 1559937099189.jpeg (172.95 KB, 750x1129, 1D18DAD3-BCF0-4ED8-A0A5-88D5E3…)

No. 52750

well for one, even her shitty filter can't hid the lack of foundation. but other than that it's just lacking in everything. it's not like classic, gyaru with the contour and doll look, and it doesn't look like nu-gyaru because it's not mode or stylish.

i personally like old fashion gyaru make, but you don't have to wear it necessarily. the issue is she's doing neither and what she is doing looks like shit. she's not OTT enough to look old school and not stylish enough for the new looks.

No. 52751

i don't like this bitch but fuck off dude. gal has nothing to do with looking black.

No. 52791

File: 1559952951171.png (907.54 KB, 932x387, nah.png)

lack of or patchy foundation, difficult to tell with the filters. Her nose contour is straight up two unblended yellow streaks? She didn't even bother with highlight. Her eye makeup is applied poorly and doesn't really come off as gyaru because she filled in her sad attempt at a droop with too much black makeup. Her eyebrows are natural, untouched, not styled or even groomed? Like, I don't know what to tell you anon. The most gyaru thing about this "look" are her nails?

>unsafe conditions of my living arrangement
Anyone have details on this? I thought she was living with her SO?

No. 52808

I think Georgie is the best current gaijin gyaru tbh.

No. 52809

File: 1559955938621.jpg (174.6 KB, 1200x900, DlUSPr9X0AIRVaw.jpg)

Forgot pic.

No. 52810

>All this talk on the pink haired girl
… Is she even in SnG? She runs an anime gyaru twitter, yeah… but is she actually putting these pics to contribute to the group?

No. 52812

File: 1559956374524.jpg (290.71 KB, 1199x960, 19-05-10-23-47-22-453_deco-1.j…)

No. 52818

yes, she started posting there last week. and she keeps subtly trying to bait people into asking about her.

No. 52819

File: 1559960122108.jpeg (51.82 KB, 480x640, A6A9533C-730C-4FCF-95B3-71DCBB…)

Georgie reminds me of this gal. The one one right.

No. 52820

I don't get why people are giving her attention, she outright states she has histrionic and does shit for attention

No. 52822

So why is she moving if she can't pay rent or pay the movers? So her friends loaned her money/she has the audacity to ask others to help her pay them back??

No. 52823

because SnG is fucking happy uwu sjw tier weebs now.

No. 52830

I'm talking about here, dolt.

No. 52831

Pretty easy when you're filthy rich and living in israel

No. 52836

Not a gyaru but I started looking into her after seeing shit about her on /vg/ and the animecore community thread. If this is really her posting >>11923 she's apparently wanted to be a cow for a while so safe to say they're mostly attention whoring selfposts.

No. 52842

Seems legit given the anon keeps asking for constructive criticism on the makeup and insisting she looks gyaru/like other gyaru. Embarrassing tbh.

No. 52893

try following the conversation next time

No. 52961

File: 1560039567391.jpeg (68.91 KB, 743x351, 2C9121FC-C56C-4437-9400-06DC8A…)

Here we go guys lmao Peppa pig trying to give “advice” again

No. 52990

Why can't she manage anything between 'unwarranted bitchiness' and 'over the top uwu asslicking'? It's really cringe. Just like… keep your opinion to yourself sometimes.

No. 53237

GGAs are up. Reina's been nominated for a few but I don't think she'll win any again, she can't rely on any popularity votes at all. Would be pretty hilarious to see her get nominated and win nothing again, she was butthurt as all hell last year.

No. 53277

What was she nominated for?

No. 53303

Best tsuyome, and BlackOut was nominated for a few circle ones. She's up against Chris for best tsuyome so no way she's getting that, and I'm amazed BlackOut were even nominated after what a shitshow they've been. Organising one small international event doesn't automatically make them a good circle- not that you'd know that from how Reina uses that as an excuse to throw her weight around and talk down to newer leaders.

No. 53393

File: 1560404147908.jpeg (142.11 KB, 750x595, B000A3E6-AC9B-4310-A8DC-0A5CD7…)

Pregnancy girl strikes again

No. 53394

Those eyebrows are killing me softly

No. 53443

Better than before tbh

No. 53449

Learn to sage, stop selfposting, and sort your fucking life out.

No. 53499

This is literally worse. Please stop.

No. 53503

on what planet is this considered gyaru…

No. 53536

File: 1560501368602.jpeg (12.75 KB, 474x306, th.jpeg)

Improved?.. bitch where?

No. 53607

Best to ignore her, she has Histrionic, and purposely seeks out attention of all kinds. Histrionic people will even seek out negative attention and do things to achieve it.

No. 53690

She has a 50% chance of winning tsuyome with Chris. Hell the latin chick might surprise us and win too.

No. 53721

Doesn't she work at a retail clothing store or something? Plus Israel is pretty expensive to live in. Either way I love Georgie's style.

No. 53737

There's no way she'll bag best tsuyome imo. Her style isn't quite on par with Chris so she'd have to rely on popularity votes, which she won't get. Anyone who still supports her drama llama ass is probably doing it out of loyalty to the 'old guard' of that gen, which means they'd probably still favour Chris who has been around just as long.

My prediction is that Georgie and Chris pretty much sweep the table this year. There are rumours that AKP will pick up the international meet and GGAs next year, so at least then we'll have one of them out of the running.

No. 53757

File: 1560689097931.jpeg (180.75 KB, 720x1280, AFB6EA66-CE9A-45D9-816B-165A15…)

What is this? Clown gyaru?

No. 53763

To be fair, all gyaru look like clowns

No. 53764

File: 1560694842031.jpg (148.4 KB, 500x341, manba.jpg)

It looks like she's wearing manba makeup.
This post is just more proof that the gaijin gyaru scene is full of salty weeb LARPers and newfags who don't really know anything.

No. 53778

It looks like gyaru makeup to me???..
Imo I think Akipoyo will win circle. Blackout hasn't been active enough to warrant best circle.

No. 53782

At least go full on if you’re gonna do mamba makeup jeeze

No. 53896

File: 1560814597292.jpeg (174.21 KB, 807x1439, 91DBB8EF-A9EB-4F36-AA08-3B020D…)

I like Riko a lot. She's a bit too skinny but does the style well.

No. 53916

is something wrong with her? it looks like she shoop'd someone else's face onto her body.

No. 53917

It looks like she has a shitty tattoo on her neck

No. 53918

>too skinny
She looks pretty good in the picture you posted tbh, anon. If this isn't super shooped, she's actually pretty cute, even with the questionable piercings and tattoos. Is this shooped tho?

No. 53926

Different anon here, but if you saw the love of their meet from 2 months or so ago, you’d know she looks nothing like her shoops and yes she’s crazy thin, but it looks more like she has some kind of condition or maybe drugs rather than being full on ana

No. 53948

File: 1560844674954.png (855.72 KB, 645x561, ig.png)

My bad! I'm >>53918 , turns out I do vaguely know who she is and just didn't recognize her due to the shoop. She's not awful, definitely very skinny though and seems to edit her new pics pretty heavily. Her face tats are pretty unfortunate though.

No. 53949

File: 1560844752876.jpg (42.41 KB, 960x540, facetat.jpg)

No. 53952

If only she wasn’t an entitled brat who’s rude to other people because she feels like she’s more entitled than everyone else lol
Having an ugly heart makes you fucking hideous

No. 53953

>>53949 oh she actually made it to tokyo then? what a joke, any milk? did she hook up with delicious nipponchinchin

No. 53954

Still mad that she left your shitty failing circle, Reina? Your butthurt is hilarious.

No. 53956

When was she a entitled brat?? I follow her and she just post selfies all day.

No. 53966

aside from putting on makeup and taking selfies in her humble looking apartment, what does she do? is she unemployed like reina?

No. 53976

Both has a job but she lives with family

No. 53997

anybody know what eteria/reina does? last i heard she never graduated from highschool and skipped out on GED program (that the ex paid for)… maybe current boyfriend got her a job?

No. 54003

Whatever happen to asian dick she lived with? It looks as if he broke up with her?

No. 54028

You know there’s more than one person that dislikes Riko, right? Your stupidity is showing

No. 54029

kek japanese men don’t like girls like her, they like pale skinny blonde bitches with big tits

No. 54059

When are you going to show the receipts of her being a bitch? I too want to see some glorious milk on her.
That was 15 yrs ago. Now there's an abundance of easy, white sluts so the fantasy is gone. Just remember Delandra even got nippon dick.kek

No. 54073

Still together and she's working bit idk where or what but a jobs a job.

No. 54074

File: 1560907776623.jpg (161.54 KB, 471x640, 19-06-18-20-26-24-270_deco.jpg)

Bruh.. Reina is 2x bigger than her pictures portray wtf.

No. 54076

im surprised her "totally japanese" genes didnt kick in kek

No. 54077

Anon, you sound triggered af right now. How did Riko hurt you? Give us those receipts.

No. 54101

You’ll have to look for milk somewhere else, anon. Cause several people have something to say.(emoji)

No. 54106

Learn to sage you weebs. All these bitches look like crackheads.

No. 54117

Not outside of Blackout drama there isn't, pretty hard to make enemies when you just post selfies and don't interact all that much.

No. 54118

If several people had somethimg to say you would post the receipts. Whats the hold up? Did Riko threaten you or some shit?

No. 54120

This is not blue clues just post it.

No. 54122

It's obviously a vendetta, whoever it is is jealous of her being prettier and skinner while fitting the gyaru aesthetic the most kek.

It's so obvious because they refuse to give milk for this long.

No. 54123

My money's on Reina, given her reaction when Riko and Honey left Blackout. She has a pretty strong track record of vendettaposting.

No. 54124

No. 54151

Here’s the tea (different anon), As far as I know Riko was going on a massive deleting spree AND even went as far as being extra to making a new Facebook because she knew she was being posted on this forum as well as CGL

No. 54159

thats a fairly normal response to gossiping. The entire gyaru comm hates eachother and it'd be fairly easy to weed out whoever is posting on here since the comm is so small. this aint tea lol

No. 54167

Even so, people on her friends list are still in here posting about her.

No. 54168

There are people that go so far as to make fake accounts for spying (eteria cough) so this isn't surprising.

No. 54200

So no one thought to screenshot?

No. 54201

I've legit never spoken to her and post on here all the time and she readded me on the new profile kek. Good thing I like her I guess, but it's pretty naive.

No. 54214

theres nothing to screenshot tbh

No. 54215

That doesn't sound like what >>53952 was on about. Did she delete anything juicy or? I don't get why she's supposedly so milky and hated when there's zero receipts. Is it old milk?

No. 54253

What's up with chris sperging out because no one wants to hang out with her?

No. 54265

This is Reina??? I know she photoshops and catfishes but damn this bitch is huge

No. 54271


Who the fuck are these shower of horrors?! Jesus

No. 54273

Fucking "gyaru" pack on pounds of makeup and dress like blind bimbos. Even the Japanese that participate are frowned upon.

No. 54275


Oh my Jesus

It’s heinous!

No. 54284

Sio looks huge.

No. 54400

1st & 4th looks good. The rest looks as if they're stuck in a emo phase.

No. 54526

So it‘s her visa husband? They don‘t live together

No. 54769

sng is a even more of a joke than usual lately. so full of newbies that don't understand not to contour the whole width of their nose and no one is even helping them.

No. 54783

Tbh I would give up helping as well.

No. 54786

How sad of living a life and having to hide your old fart sugar daddy.

No. 55227

File: 1561651116674.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1125x1399, F4013338-5F4E-448D-B864-61AD28…)

Anything on Gretchen? I recently started following her and not gonna lie I think she’s pretty good for someone who claims to be doing this only a year.

No. 55233

File: 1561652793196.jpg (782.55 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20190627-172008_Fac…)

Shit like this makes me lose the will to live, let alone attempt to help these morons. Like how do you even get it so wrong? My first attempt was leagues ahead of this and that was still a shitshow.

I follow her on insta, really like her style. I don't see why she'd lie about how long she's been around. I'm an oldfag and only heard of her recently, so seems legit.

No. 55240

File: 1561658464766.jpg (125.79 KB, 500x610, tumblr_o70sfpDKqu1svi3flo2_500…)

No. 55243

this just looks like a trailer trash bitch.

i agree with you too, the issue with most of these girls is that they clearly didn't ever attempt makeup before trying gyaru.

No. 55295

File: 1561683241714.jpeg (250.46 KB, 750x1194, 03718865-C4EE-4A07-A720-696F12…)

Lmao why does she always wear this trash party city ass wig with every gal look that she does?

No. 55297

Styling on the wig seems okay, and she got the oldschool makeup ok too? idk if you even gyaru or what?

No. 55300

The wig looks trashy and ratted. The makeup looks unfinished. Not her best look.

No. 55301

oldschool manba makeup does not suit that hair or outfit. wrong style.

No. 55303

Quit stanning Pepa pig yikes

No. 55390

Wig looks fine but makeup looks a hot ass mess. I hope she didn't walk outside with that shit.

No. 55620

File: 1561877878420.jpg (123.14 KB, 675x1200, D-IQbakUwAIPXSX.jpg)

The gyaruoftheday twitter.. lmao
I saw this person battling them on how ganguro can be white, all that matters is white makeup on the eyes. What the fuck. Everything there is weird.

No. 55634

Wtf is that abomination… Newbie gyaru are lazy as fuck nowadays its no wonder they look like shit.

No. 55664

ganguro comes from a word that means burnt so…

also this bitch isn't even very pale.

i agree with this.

No. 55797

Why is blackout/reina desperately trying to make the Pinkii freak relevant? For clout?

No. 55804

Yeah its cringy as hell and Pink hair doesn't consider her that close.

No. 55805

Looks like a 40yr old still stuck in her weeb phase..

No. 55832

Post receipts, newfag. Half of us don't go anywhere near Reina on social media and don't see this shit.

No. 55840

File: 1562055449319.jpg (157.72 KB, 1080x742, Screenshot_20190702-091624_Fac…)

Can't see anything about that but pic related made me kek. They started planning it months ago too.

No. 55851

Damn not even all the members decided to go. I would say it again but Blackout really did hit rock bottom after the other 2 left..

No. 55853

File: 1562081136328.jpeg (1.94 MB, 2880x3840, BA9354BC-0651-4A86-8020-411112…)

No. 55942


It's Yukapon/Natalia Natchan, she goes by Pinkii now and makes music.

No. 55947

Lel riannas boyfriend is a mega gaijin hunter who is still in love with his ex

No. 55948

Lel riannas boyfriend is a mega gaijin hunter who is still in love with his ex

No. 55949

nta but that's not what they asked, they want caps of them interacting with her.

No. 55956

I thought they broke up? Reina was shading him on twitter.

No. 55990

yall need to start posting caps this is an image board ffs

No. 56820

Has anyone seen anything from the blackout beach party that was supposed to have happened on the 6th? I'm not seeing anything on social media.

No. 56960

No one showed up or it was cancelled.

No. 56961

There was a mini argument happened in the line groupchat about sex being viewed in magazines to a younger audience and lo and behold the "sex worker" got defensive

No. 57002

Weebs like Eteria keep trying to host events despite the worldwide decline in enthusiasm for gyaru.

She needs to fucking "let it go" already lmao

No. 57004

Which is funny because I'm positive most of them are sex workers

No. 57007

American gyaru circles are just shit. They never last long and cattiness is bound to arise within the group. I'm amazed Blackout is able to last this long..

No. 57008

That happened on the kabukicho thread on here as well. If you mention anything negative about sex worker, the sex worker sperg would rant.

No. 57059

The UK Jubilee event has apparently sold 50+ tickets. The comm isn't the problem, Eteria's toxic ass is.

No. 57062

USA is also huge. Feasibly any gals in UK can get to events almost anywhere for fairly cheap.

No. 57129

File: 1562981825020.jpg (45.05 KB, 720x960, 66649739_2516511588412691_2200…)

Holy fuck.

No. 57133

Is there a link to the groupchat?

No. 57137

Wannabe-Asian Reena and Nappy-head Miyabi trys so hard to get clout from pinkii freak.

No. 57285

Someone once said that she always looks like she smelled her own fart and went 'mmmmm'
I can't unsee it

No. 57329

Why would Reina wanna be friends with piss girl? The cows have collided lmao

No. 57372

Clout. The only thing they both have in common is being fuckin weebs.
Still better than the blonde, short-haired gal who keeps posting every day.

No. 58118

Rianna is in japan for a year and she is thinking about buying an oven for her new apartment wtf? She has to leave japan soon

No. 58120

She’s been talking about getting a working visa before but she doesn’t have a university degree of any kind. She’s getting married just like the other weebs.

No. 58128

Can y‘all post deets???

No. 58132

File: 1563796645530.jpeg (89.64 KB, 640x387, 97DC4408-4EC7-451D-959A-5C2962…)


Guess she is gonna marry her rich gaijin hunter boyfriend

No. 59332

Sounds horrible. Having to marry your rich boyfriend.

No. 59352

It is when you remember that none of these Gaijin relationships last. Lol

No. 59360

This relationship will only last for 2 yrs top. kek

No. 59413

Not my experience, honestly. idk the girl, maybe she's just flakey in general and that's why she's put on lolcow, but marriages between Japanese people and foreigners go about as well or badly as any other marriage.

No. 59461

Dont play stupid, anon. Under normal circumstances maybe. But these are all weebs looking for visa dick. Ashley, Shiena, Lorena, etc…. It doesn't work.

No. 59623

It usually ends with one failing to get a visa or knock up and the spouse not claiming it. You can end up like Shiena as well and get ratted out by your spouse.

No. 60025

File: 1564210624059.jpg (388.43 KB, 1074x1050, 19-07-27-01-54-40-435_deco.jpg)

Ebony finally dropped her shit kawaii gimmick.

No. 60027

This is completely offtopic, fuck off with your weird obsession with literally anyone who moves to japan.

No. 60050

Those braids must've knock sense into her.

No. 60051

Ooh I'm scared.

No. 60129

Nah she still has a kawaii aesthetic

No. 60144

I wish the older weebs would drop gyaru tbh they look really goofy IRL. I had the unpleasant experience of meeting one of them in Japan IRL and without filters…. they basically look like middle aged moms in frilly clothes lmao

No. 60158

Thoughts on GyaruOfTheDay?

No. 60274

Yeah or wear oneegyaru/mode. The other styles look mad goofy on them.

No. 60275

Does the pregnant gal runs the page? Her pictures are posted alot?
The page is rather interesting.

No. 60334

Yeah, she runs it.
She never was actually pregnant, it was a lie she made when she was a teen

No. 60346

No. 60353

Viral…? I've gotten more likes and shares on clips of my cat lmao

The whole "weird japan" trend passed ages ago. It is mindboggling to see these kinds of videos pop-up with people that still dress like this.

No. 60354

File: 1564454525543.png (318.66 KB, 489x606, reipinki.png)

So Reina is besties with Yukapon all of a sudden?

No. 60355

She most likely sees her as a stepping stone for clout even though yuka is a has-been (if you can even give her that) Also Reina looks like a man here omg

No. 60356

This clip is weird af btw I feel like I got sent to 2015. I can imagine all three of them are much too old for this.

No. 60358

Natalia/Yukapon/Pinkii whatever she's going by these days is still pretty young I believe, mid 20's? She just kind of started super young with the loli bait thing.

No. 60359

Yukapon looks like she’s on drugs.

No. 60362

mid-20s is too old for jfashion

No. 60363

File: 1564463872831.png (819.91 KB, 825x419, lilblu.png)

Debatable. I would agree that it's borderline for the baby shit, but there are plenty of 20+ people in Japanese street fashion in Japan. Chill.

I mean, this is her recent ex who she lived with in Japan, lil blue, who is also where she got the name "pinkii" from.

No. 60364

File: 1564466905433.jpg (51.58 KB, 750x170, IMG_7222.jpg)

Yukapon followers/subs already figured out Reena was using Yukapon. They call Reena a larper.kek

No. 60369

Didn’t Yukapon pee on a live cam or somethin? Lol

No. 60372

Her thread is here >>27657
But yeah, there was some very questionable underage videos she made. She was groomed by some old 40+ Japanese dude named Akira with the promises of helping her become a j-idol? Her past history is a whole mess. I'm surprised she hasn't separated herself from J-fashion entirely due to all her past dramas in and around it and Japan tbh.

No. 60385

Y'all acting like mid 20s is the time for a mid life crisis. People mostly live until they are 80 or 90 so i think someone who is 25-29 is still pretty damn young.

No. 60388

I dont think anyone is saying she isnt young, but most people can have an identity crisis in their mid to late 20s. Natalia seems to be Re branding herself entirely as some bubblegum cyber pop DJ thing, but it is shocking as other anon >>60372
said she's still deep into japanese fashion and culture.

No. 60397

so much autism in this thread oof even most Japanese start to dress more maturely by their early-twenties. Rocking the weeb look when you're nearing thirty seems rather painful.

No. 60399

Reina started gal to get back at her ex James for dating another gyaru. It looks like theyve bought a house and continue to travel to Japan…And here she is hanging off of yuka-pee in ratty wigs. I hope shes having fun larping still lol

No. 60402

>complains about autism
>thinks people should follow what japanese people do

No. 60404

It's the same in European society too anon. People look weird in all these styles once they reach a certain age. They arent teenagers.

I'd like to think once everyone has a decent career (never happening but…), any respectable adult would tone it down. Especially in gyaru, which is downright clownish at times.

No. 60406

There are plenty of older people who still participate in street fashion in Japan though? I'm not disagreeing that a lot of the more babyish or cutesy styles don't look great on older people for obvious reasons, Junnyan is a great example, but they do exist.

Anyway, I think this is starting to become a derail at any rate. I just don't get why Natalia still clings to Japanese street fashion and culture when she's had such a traumatic history attached to it. I really feel like she could do better if she moved on, especially now that she is back in the states.

I feel like both of them aren't really very close friends, it's more so clout chasing off each other? Maybe the third girl is who brought them together in the first place.

No. 60409

Clout chasing off eachother is accurate despite none of them having clout to begin with. Japanese fashion is too niche. But it is fun to watch them scramble for attention. Eventually they will all grow old and realize how silly they looked. Especially Reina since it seems shes doing all this for a former boyfriend.

No. 60410

this is boomer speak. i suppose you don't like visible tats or piercings either, grandma.

No. 60412

File: 1564509634442.jpg (109.04 KB, 1080x443, 734.jpg)

I'm still in college with no plans of being unemployable like these woman have lol

Back on topic - Reina / Eteria should have her own thread. Shes been full of milk lately and shes already tweeting about haters.


Not our fault she chose to lie about being Japanese and go full psycho over a boy.

No. 60414

it feels like all the people that come to /w/ actually dress in Harajuku crap, while the rest of lolcow has enough sense to know that shit looks ridiculous. top kek

Almost makes me think the cows in question are the only active ones in the threads.

No. 60415

they're not unemployed because they wear jfash, anon, they're unemployed because they're weebs.

>what is /cgl/ the rest of lolcow aren't some high powered business women anon. the fashion thread shows how little taste anyone on the site really has.

No. 60417

ill take the other style threads in /g/ over this thread anyday

all the examples here just seem to be immensely ugly people hiding behind pounds of makeup and tacky, mismatched outfits

No. 60418

After you hit 30,you shouldn't be into jfashion. Unless, you want to mingle with teens,others will be too busy with careers and babies to have fun all the time. If you like lolita its possible. You'll end up like Glee at this rate..(no1curr abour ur opinion)

No. 60419

Did she actually think wearing ugly ass gyaru will bring her ex back? Ex could've been attracted to something else. Jade looks 100x better and not sloppy than Reina.

No. 60422

Not everyone can have kids, anon. Not everyone wants them either. And not everyone is a workaholic. There is much more to adult life than babies and work??

No. 60425

Jade is pretty much everything Reina wanted to be, judging by caps in the previous thread. But ironically, I think Jade wasnt even gyaru anymore by the time James dumped her. Shes a moron

No. 60428

Anon has a point tho. Working hard is the definition of adulthood unless you want to be broke for the rest of your life with no savings or property. Some do-nothing insta-thots make money, but none of them are gyaru.

No. 60429

Your like the 1% and I guaranteed your friends want a marriage, kids, and a career. Its inevitable..
"Trapanese" he was better off staying in America pursuing it.
You must forgot what thread you're on. Whatever the Japanese gyaru do the gaijin gyaru use it as a bible.
If Black diamond has bacteria, invested eyelashes you should also.

No. 60430

J-fashion is expensive. A lot of people can't afford it until they have a job that gives them disposable income, which for plenty of people doesn't happen until the mid twenties. Maybe some anons could enjoy j-fashion as a teenager because they had parents who spoiled them but a lot can't. There are definitely hard working gyaru/Lolita who dress up for events and don't revolve their entire lives around it..
Sage for sperg obv

No. 60431

Tbh I've never seen a gyaru with their act together. They're either renting, begging online, "mentally ill", or all of the above like our favorite elitist Pepa. Older gen girls like Kyra and Ashley are bitter single mothers living with their parents. Even Shiena is suffering. Jfashion fans are a mess

No. 60432

the third girl is a "clothing designer" and her art is absolutely hideous. all three of them are delusional if they think they're going to get anywhere outside the weeb bubble with their current hobbies.

No. 60436

It's either that, sugar daddies, stripping or selling their moldy clothes on gyaru sales to make rent. Damn anon your right.

No. 60438

To be fair, most millenials are renting, "mentally ill" and suffering. Only a small percentage "made something of themselves" career wise but are either workaholics or mizerable in thier daily grind.

No. 60439

Or busy getting deported because they thought they could live thr "gyaru" dream in Japan forever… all these bitches need a reality check lol

No. 60440

Thats a stretch. Most of the people I know haven't dug themselves into the deep, treacherous holes these folks have. They're the minority. They wouldnt be cows if their behavior was normal.

No. 60441

Only one person was deported dummy

No. 60442

Didn't specify the number. But I see somebody is mad lol

No. 60449

If Reina hadnt cheated on her ex, she'd have a house and first class flights to JP like Purin. Manic, irresponsible decision making is the theme of lolcow

No. 60454

File: 1564541379398.jpeg (181.77 KB, 1236x664, E934FA70-7B80-4394-AB26-24000C…)

Just saw this on SnG they also posted how OP stole their photo?

No. 60465

Can we get a thread on her? Shes batshit, I've heard about her all over the place.

No. 60469

I don't know anything about her other than what's been said. I'm interested in learning more, though. Seems like a ride.

No. 60476

Yeah I suppose the gen-z or millennials shooting up schools or knifing people or bombing animation studios etc are so much more well adjusted.

Or the millenials who still go to Disneyland or play dungeons and dragons or spilling all thier cash on nostalgic paraphernalia is so cringe too right?

If the only way one can become a well adjusted adult is to have a steady successful career, own property and wear boring clothes I think most of the population under 35 is failing miserably.(offtopic)

No. 60477

Stay on topic jesus. I know you feel personally attacked (I'm guessing you're a part of this group) but weve moved on to discussing other topics.

Going to try and make a thread for her and Reina

No. 60485

The comments are wild and its a shitshow.

No. 60486

Lmao it’s still up?? Someone commented they are sad the aren’t on the thread here

No. 60491

File: 1564557427384.jpg (224.02 KB, 837x1193, 19-07-31-02-16-00-775_deco.jpg)

I'm surprised admin hasn't deleted thread yet.

No. 60492

File: 1564557459359.jpg (313.63 KB, 765x1193, 19-07-31-02-16-26-947_deco.jpg)

No. 60494

File: 1564557826205.jpg (172.63 KB, 1193x795, 19-07-31-02-19-16-746_deco.jpg)

The girl who left was mad her photo was posted right here. She wonders why her friends are ashamed of her style… really you don't know why?..

No. 60500

Nobody has brought up Melissa cuz shes boring. Yet another single-mother who spends too much time in gyaru groups/Facebook. Plenty of those in the community.
The usual gangle of rejects appear lol

No. 60501

The entire group uses lolcow. Dont know why they're all acting innocent and surprised.

No. 60521

Interested in the thread, she sounds like a human trainwreck

When will people realise that talking about it only makes it worse?

No. 60534

Mildly proud that I'm personally responsible for driving some badly dressed lolita tourist out of the group.

No. 60551

A+ austism anon. not a fan of lolita or gyaru but it sure is hilarious to see weebs pick at eachother when they all look like walking dumpsters lol

No. 60586

Please do.

No. 60615

Admins deleted post. That was fast. kek

No. 60636

File: 1564628895320.jpg (170.31 KB, 1079x713, Mjjjt.jpg)

making it painfully obvious she lurks /w/. what a loser.

No. 60640

>They are not thinking about you
You are literally thinking about them enough to make a whole post acknowledging that you are thinking about them. She's dumb.

No. 60645

As if that will ever happen….. She still stalks Jade & her ex.

No. 60648

I wonder what her reaction will be if she actually gets a thread.

No. 60665

She's not worth a thread, all her real milky shit is old. All she does now is be fat and a bit of a fuckup with her circle, that's not enough to sustain a thread.

No. 60668

So is Pregnancy Girl getting a thread?

No. 60673

Her milk is old too and the fact that she actively selfposts on here says to me that we shouldn't encourage it. Nobody wants another Spoony.

No. 60698

The faux-Japanese shit happened recently and every event shes had have been total failures. Plus shes hanging around Yuka and HardDecora because she thinks itll make her famous. Reina is an active cow so I'd like to see a thread on her.

No. 60699

Seriously? I guess that dated apology from the last thread was all a lie then.

No. 60717

She's got plenty of milk if she selfposts or not, multiple anons have expressed interest in seeing her fuckery

No. 60765

This. She seems absolutely mental, it's not like we don't have threads on cows who selfpost anyway

No. 60774

reina has always been involved in drama groups. ever since she started gal. i dont understand why shes freaking out. if she cant take being made fun of, why does she spend so much time doing it to other people?

No. 60793

But none of this is actual good milk, it's real minor skim-milk shit. Like it's okay as part of an umbrella thread but as her own thread it'll descend to tinfoil and blogging immediately. Make it and prove me right if you want but there's already enough shitty threads on here for literally whos that could easily be in a general.

No. 60795

You're literally the only one objecting here lol suspicious

No. 60798

Honey, I've been in groups with Eteria long enough to know when the milk was good. This ain't it. You can't just make a thread for every literally who you dislike when they're not even doing anything interesting.

No. 60801

Different anon but she really doesn't need her own thread. The thread will end up just being nitpicking and speculations. Alot of anons don't provide receipts, I had to provide it last time. So I'm skeptical anons will actually provide milk & receipts.

No. 60817

The last half of the last thread and almost the entirety of this thread (so far) has been about Blackout and Reina. I dont mind keeping all the updates about her under the gyaru thread, but the least we can do is put her in the next summary to solidify cow status.

No. 60819

Totally disagree. People have been getting a kick lately out of her behavior on Discord. Even chatting with cgl users, some agreed that the yellow-facing she does is Pixyteri levels of cringe.

Are you the same anon that managed to speak with her family about her race?

No. 60821

File: 1564764610073.jpg (50.5 KB, 981x215, 8.jpg)

shes starting to realize that some people are only following her/speaking with her for the constant drama. hoping it's not a farmer trying to cowtip… but it probably is

No. 60824

NAYRT but she's done some really insane shit, she commissioned herself getting fucked by a horse to try and win back the guy she faked pregnancy with.

No. 60825

wtf is with gyaru. they either faking a pregnancy (reina and this woman) or popping out babies for japanese visa (lorena, ashley,etc.)

No. 60827

this crazy bitch isn't even gyaru, she's just hopping on after the fashion went back to being niche. someone should tell her it's not popular now, and people into it have been for years.

No. 60828

To be fair, most active gyaru didnt hop on the fashion until after it lost popularity. And it's not like the makeup, clothing, or hair are particularly nice looking. Her trashy-ness kinda fits lol

No. 60829

Not to support her but she's been into the style for years, she used to spam 4chan boards with it.
She's on a crazy level bigger than any of them, faking pregnancy and abortion is the least of her craziness tbh, with the top probably being the art she makes from her own selfharm blood, and the pictures she'd take showing cuts that went through fat layers

No. 60831

File: 1564766551939.jpeg (106.45 KB, 819x1024, 27FB88D9-F496-446C-8C8F-115B71…)

She fits the gyaru stereotype to a T tho, at least, beyond trashy, literal whore, shallow..
she just needs to work on her eye make a bit. This is a little better. IDK why she didn't iron the wrinkly ass top though

No. 60832

Tinfoiling here, I kind of feel like the same people trying to minimize Reinas issues are either her or her friends. Shes spouting the same malarkey about "disliking people" that's been said a few replies up. Reina, people dislike you because you're a pathological liar and a drama-queen. You've been lying about being Japanese. You managed to alienate everyone who knows you IRL except Yuka, a cow. Everything else is trivial.

No. 60861

She might fit trashy stereotypes but she isn’t gal nor looks gal and I don’t understand why she’s in gal community

No. 60871

Actually, I'm one of those posters amd i can't fucking stand her- i just feel that someone being bitchy and two-faced isn't worth its oen thread.

No. 60875

How so?

No. 60876

Is someone still making a thread on her? The more I hear, the more I need to know.

No. 60877

Another anon was talking about it, if they already have stuff to post on her, they can do it, if not I can.

No. 60878

She looks about as gal as most of SnG, just pale. Take that as you will tbh

No. 60879

If you have enough info just make the thread, other anon promised days ago and hasn't delivered. If they're still around they can contribute.

No. 60880

Will do.

No. 60884

It's up, I listed everything I could remember. Never made a thread before

No. 61246

File: 1565060322509.jpg (1.45 MB, 2560x1920, 19-08-05-21-55-14-619_deco.jpg)

Wtf? Homegirl needs to turn down the brightness.

No. 61248

File: 1565060867189.jpg (21.61 KB, 400x400, tumblr_mpsun8W4L01qbbry6o1_640…)

Whatever happened to Crystal? Last I heard, she scammed her followers into paying for her trip to Japan.

No. 61301


She's still doing youtube actively, she dropped all kpop/jpop anything Asian related because it's "toxic" etc. and is focusing on being 'pro-black' and fitness now

No. 61308


she was outed on Lipstick Alley as an escort recently, made her Japan doc finally lol. Still tries to scam her fans like with apetimin (promoting scammers)

No. 61319

Says the person that never used a purikura machine. What a nitpick, girl has no other drama besides looking good.

No. 61322

I see her hair is still looking a mess…
Since there is not a lot of great black gyaru I see why you would call this good. Her only drama is selling pussy to visual kei bands, exposing her friends, and investing in a good wig.

No. 61324

Receipts?? Which friend did she expose and what vk bandmen did fuck?

No. 61334

Miyabi has been the instigator in a lot of gyaru drama. Several people have blocked her or just avoid her because she has a habit of befriending folks just to lurk and cause drama. Other than that shes just another nappy-headed weeb with no aspirations, whoring herself out in Japan. Lol theres so many of them now…

No. 61348

What?! I always thought miyabi was nice

No. 61660

i need deets anon! I thought she was super chill gyaru!

No. 62181

How do you feel about the new gal circles?
GalLuxury has been active a lot on ig and NorGal is pretty new too(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 62197

Wow, that could not be a more obvious selfpost. You really don't want attention here honey. Go post on SNG.

No. 62208

Which circles are attending gyaru jubilee?

No. 62351

QueenE, velvet, Blackout, akipoyo, and plutonium the rest are tandos

No. 62355

People who aren't in a circle aren't randos anon, there's a lot of well established gals who aren't in one.

Rumours are circulating that Reina might flake on this event too.

No. 62374

She already said she's not going to make it.

No. 62405

Randoms as a mix of other people, well established or not. Nothing wrong with saying that.

No. 62426


No. 62466

File: 1565920678017.jpg (162.73 KB, 1193x812, 19-08-15-20-57-30-840_deco.jpg)

No. 62486


Thanks for this anons- I'm a Jubilee organiser who was linked here and she actually hasn't even bothered to let us know so we could offer someone else her ticket. Someone who was meant to be rooming with her just confirmed so I guess that's a wasted ticket. Typical Reina.

No. 62574

shes probably about to abandon gyaru imo… maybe after several years shes finally realized she'll never get that rich ex-boyfriend back lmfao

No. 62576

fair warning for future events: reina is an unhinged moron with yellow fever. shes flaky and lies constantly about her race, jobs, friends, etc. … a fucking joke in the comm due to her history.

No. 62582

Oh I'm well aware anon, anyone who's been active in gyaru for a long time knows exactly what she's like. Just disgusts me that she makes so much noise about supporting the community then flakes out. Exactly like Kitai and the Eindhoven meet but that's probably too old and 'actual gyaru drama' for anyone here to care about.

No. 62583

I really hope so, she's a shitty bully who treats the other USA circles like they're vermin. Like wow, you hosted a meet in Chicago that about 12 people went to, you sure are important enough to throw your weight around!

No. 62609

Blackout? I don't think anyone besides Reina brought tickets?..

No. 62644

No. 62698

Blackout won no awards. kek
Reina won best tsuyome…

No. 62700

That's not really news, they've got very strong competition from the European circles for most dedicated etc. Amazed Reina won best tsuyome, literally all of the German girls at Jubilee looked better than any outfit she has ever posted. I feel the German gals are underappreciated tbh, they all look amazing at every IGM.

No. 62704

wait theyre still doing gaijin gyaru awards? sad

No. 62705

It was to be expected she would win. Chris already won alot so it was between reina and spanish chick. Akipyo and chris were dominating the votes.

No. 62706

I was shocked sheena didn't win.

No. 62707

kek I can imagine her frantically e-mailing her ex the good news "LOOK LOOK I WON SEE??? PLEASE LOVE ME"

No. 62712

What happend with kitai? I remember she was super annoying years ago

No. 62764

File: 1566116147338.jpeg (229.04 KB, 1080x2240, received_1046625282190504.jpeg)

It's nothing all that interesting really, just similar to Reina- she pretends to support other int meets, but behind closed doors she genuinely thinks she owns the entire concept of international gyaru meets and is salty as fuck when other people run them. She hasn't been to a single one run by somebody else.

I don't know if you saw it but she went absolutely mental at QueenE about Jubilee, claiming they were trying to pass her hard work off as theirs and scamming people. She tried to start a fight with one of their leaders over it who promptly told her to go fuck herself and deleted her, so she posted the attached incoherent wall of text in SnG to be met with a universal chorus of 'who are you and why are you talking complete shit'. I think it was a shock to her to realise that a 2013 scene queen is a 2019 literally who.

No. 62774

just look at kitais youtube videos..she is so annoying

No. 62796

"gyaru" seem mentally ill. why are they all illiterate sex workers with social lives so broken that they cling to being famous among a group of people wearing outdated jfashion………

No. 62855


No. 62864

That’s Jfashion as a whole.

No. 62890

it's almost like the tech industry and trans ppl. Japanese culture seems to attract ppl with disabilities ranging from autism major to psychosis.

No. 62936

I wonder how many fights between the uglies happened at this recent meet lol

No. 62968

I expected Chris to get more. 2 out of 10 is not a good track record.

No. 62980

2 is pretty good and nobody wants one person to win everything. I got a little tired of seeing Akipoyo wins.

It was nice to see some new faces in the nominees this year, especially from the USA.

No. 63025

Kei did say there was drama. I wonder what happened?…
Thats good enough because she was nominated for every category no need for more.

No. 63352

I bet there was drama because of >>62486
Not a great look when your event organizer comes here lol

No. 63390

Actually, it wasn't even that. Kei over exaggerated the situation.

No. 63540

What happened then?

No. 63556

Someone lost simwthing on the way to club and kei had to go through the trouble of finding it.

No. 63563

File: 1566396987342.jpeg (431.28 KB, 629x812, 22A3A069-16F6-4C3E-8EDF-F8B92F…)

Look at that retard. Katie looks disabled. How long is she married to her gaijin hunter?

No. 63565

File: 1566397520573.jpeg (154.08 KB, 640x377, 0806BEAD-EFC9-4ABA-9C01-A4C182…)

Because you are toxic, girl

No. 63643

Every weeb who moves to Japan do that. Ebony had that happen to her. Ebony always hanged out with that one black girl with the bad weave. Come to find out she already has a husband and she only been in Japan for a month.

No. 63651

These girls aren't gyaru. Take it to a different thread.

No. 63659


You mean that Runescape something something girl? She's always posting food recipes and just on her bike. She's friendly but I dunno. She just seems interested keeping to herself but tbf with people like Katie and Shani ect hanging around I don't blame her. Ebony has changed tons, she is finally dressing her age thank fuck.

No. 63660

Which thread?

No. 63674

File: 1566436695390.jpeg (288.82 KB, 1242x1343, 6BFD253A-9B4D-4463-9848-D72139…)

No. 63677

Yeah her. Thank god! Ebony is dressing better her old style didn’t match her at all.
Shani and Katiee seem two faced as shit I don’t blame her.

No. 63678

They still claim themselves as gyaru in this article >>63674

No. 63681

Who's shani and katie?

No. 63716

Oh yeah Katie is reframing BLACK femininity… gtfo

No. 63717

Exactly anon

No. 63746

Didn’t Ebony claim she was light skin and mixed with Puerto Rican? The other girl in the article says she is light skin and doesn’t have typical African features; but she does wtf.

No. 63757

File: 1566503041643.png (461.2 KB, 478x579, rly.png)

>I'm not very big
I laughed.

No. 63758

File: 1566503260750.png (176.56 KB, 290x434, o.png)

It's pretty obvious she lightens her skin a lot in most of her pictures, it makes everything look really washed out. The picture they used of her in the article, she's edited to be bright orange. kek.

No. 63827

File: 1566527882763.jpeg (20.06 KB, 150x150, 32F9B46B-49A0-465C-B985-AAE1D9…)

Iren moved to kanagawa
Is she still together with her husband or is she pretending to be on a work visa?

No. 63905

File: 1566591192604.jpeg (185.47 KB, 750x732, 28B224F6-C32D-4AB7-96CB-E8B8EE…)

Ummm i can not focus on anything else wtf

No. 63907

Knew I'd see this here if I waited long enough lol
Nothing says "get wild & be sexy" like stank-ass armpit hair

No. 63909

Dude just crop the picture, what is this shit? Also, sage your tism.

No. 63968

Y'all predictable af. She literally said at the event 'i wonder how long it'll take to see my armpit hair on lolcow'

No. 63982

She probably posted herself.

No. 63998

Being part of a high maintenance fashion, but can't be bothered with taking care of their own hygiene. When I saw this I almost had to puke. Either shave this shit down or wear something with long sleeves.

No. 64007

Some people like not shaving though and actively choose not to. Comes down to personal choice i guess

No. 64029

Not having shaved all the way down mean you’re a stinky person? lmao anon, you’re panini pressed , HA!

No. 64049

Out of experience, the one with the hairy armpit is always the person with the worst bo. Also, I really don't get it, why would you take so much care of your makeup, hair and outfit, but then give a fuck about your body. Because yes, the armpit hair ruins her whole coord. Looks like she stole the furry part of someones Dia belt and stuck it under her arm.

No. 64057

high maintenance? lol gyaru are usually dirty/sweaty teenagers hanging out on the streets. crusty eyelashes and spray tan. there was nothing pristine or elegant about it. i personally like shaved pits, but lets not pretend gyaru were known for cleanliness.

No. 64072

You do know there's different kinds of gyaru besides manba and ganguro right..
Yeah df? Everyone around her smell that shit. Her down there and underarms be sweating like a motherfucker yuck.

No. 64082

who the fuck cares about "different types of gyaru" weeb lol they all look retarded. Next.

No. 64085

If thats true then ALL men must stink, because how many men do you know that shave their armpits? Gtfo with your idiot logic

No. 64103

Well apparently your a noobie. Yeah just like you weeb.
Just shave your shit you too grown not knowing how to shave. They use deodorant which you don't use. I sat 1 row from you at the meet and smelled your sardine ass.

No. 64119

That was early 90’s & 00’s. Its 2019 now, get with the time old chan.

No. 64121

Don't think you did mate, given that she was hosting and thus was never sitting in the rows of seats when there was something to watch. Can you at least put some effort into your bullshit?

No. 64143

It wasn't that many blonde curly hair folks so you must've been mistaken and taken away from those who were up doing para para you still had a couple.

I wonder who you are thats getting all bent up on some damn body hair. This is gyaru thread not a hygiene thread

No. 64149

Why do these people look so awful?

No. 64173


No. 64204

gyaru are still considered cringy shitstains of society alongside lolita, otaku, and whatever other deadhorse of a trend is being beaten . Even in your beloved Japan. Nice try though.

No. 64206

it's because /w/ is unsurprisingly full of sheltered weeaboos

No. 64209

They usually pick the most unflattering selfie to put on here.

No. 64213

Okay, we suppose to care and suck nippon dick??….

No. 64216

rune keeps to herself because she’s a conservative tradfem. she probably looks down on the other girls in japan for not being perfect wives already.

No. 64217

she will most likely end up an escort like the rest of them…and later deported.

No. 64234

Dating a gaijin hunter is already checked off the list. Did anyone see her cringy post about being born to be a housewife? Whut.

No. 64235

going off what she has said on her instagram stories i think her husband is a russian man in the military

No. 64247


Ebony and that other girl are a bit delusional. It bothers me how Ebony and her both stem weaves or bad wigs. Never talk about that side of their blackness and yet they’re all for being black in kids clothing. While wearing a European wig. It’s weird? If you’re proud of blackness, why not try and do a cute hairstyle with your own actual hair?

Also I think Ebony is Puerto Rican, she does have features that look a little different from the typical black features. She may be like Rihanna, she might have a parent who’s fully black and one who’s like Latino. But she’s just black and she’ll say she’s mixed because it makes her stand out. She isn’t light skin at all, she’s just mid tone black but there isn’t anything wrong with that at all. She seems to have an issue with it clearly since she lightens herself.

I get those Asian filters wash you out and make you paler. But in her standard pictures she does lighten herself.

The other girl just hides in a wig. I don’t think she’s ever took that fucker off. She seems nice but again she lightens herself.

She’s dark skin though and I don’t get why she said she has light skin. That’s crazy?

I think these girls being in Japan too long has fucked them up. Shani is the same too, lightens herself up.

It’s crazy.

No. 64248


She isn’t big but she’s not very toned.

No. 64249


I think Ebony looks good in feminine clothes but ones which match her age and figure more. The Lolita stuff never looks good on anyone. No one. I’m happy with her standing up for black girls who want to be more girly n shit but the Harajuku bullshit is too much.

Also don’t trust Katie or shani. They just reach out girls in Tokyo who are into kawaii shit. They like to drag them into the drama, use them in some way. It always bothers me that Katie is always in some event there. She has to be center if attention and involved with kawaii things.

Notice how Katie or Shani never reach out to girls like Peachy Milk, Venus, Sharla, ect those with a bigger audience? But also live in Japan? Too much dirt would be unrevealed about them and they want to be the only ones with the attention on them. Katie especially, she has to be the only one who’s the foreign kawaii kween. It’s pathetic.

No. 64250

Also does anyone know why Ebony fell out with Katie and shani? They all used to be best friends lol

No. 64256

Ebony seems to be going natural and the other always wear the same played out wig. Both must had a fallen out because they cease to hangout anymore. They have been in Japan for too long, Rune thinks being a housewife is a prize pfft.

No. 64259

File: 1566789665278.png (410.69 KB, 475x549, 929.png)

She's big, especially by Japanese standards.

No. 64276

Shani was a bitch to Ebony and Katie didn't have her back, so Ebony left the group.

No. 64284


Everyone is big compared to Japanese standards anon. It doesn’t mean Japanese people look the best. Majority have lithe bodies of ten year old boys or are too scrawny. She’s black. What do you expect?

No. 64285


I find it weird how everyone friends with Ebony falls out with her. But then again Rune does seem to prefer being someone’s little house wife. Is her husband Japanese or white? I can’t really tell what the dude is. There is little information about this girl and she claims her job is top secret. Perhaps she’s just generally very private and prefers to keep away from the drama. Which I can’t blame her for in a sense. But she doesn’t really have milk to her name.

However when she stated in that article that she doesn’t have African features or dark skin - girl. You’re black as a motherfucker. Embrace it!

No. 64288

File: 1566814136234.jpg (94.54 KB, 720x960, HyKcqfq.jpg)

shani married a low life?

No. 64297

Shani isnt married, Katie is

No. 64299

but how can shani stay in japan?

yeah horseface katie denied to be married but 100% she married her young bf

No. 64306

Working visa or hopping?

Katie is definitely married, she just keeps moving her tacky sailor moon ring to all different fingers to hide it. She even left a review on the site they bought it and called him her husband. What a sad marriage when you can't even admit it and your husband won't publicly acknowledge you.

No. 64311

Katie is an English teacher so more likely a work visa. She hasn’t posted about Leo in ages either

No. 64315

remember when katie said she changed her name because of privacy? such a bullshit. she married him and didn't want to tell

No. 64318

File: 1566831068689.jpeg (948.67 KB, 1242x1644, 467D02AF-08F9-4EB8-84A8-AE70B2…)

Unsure if she’s been posted here before but @ebunny_bee on twitter and @ebunnybee on instagram was recently featured in japan times, talking about how desperately she wants validation from japanese people even though she edits herself white as hell

No. 64321

File: 1566831303414.jpeg (632.07 KB, 1242x708, CFF30B23-19B8-4CAF-B86A-C52A1A…)

samefag but pic related of her editing herself lighter

No. 64329


Thing is, I don't know why she wants validation and adoration from Japanese people? Look at Dakota Rose, people thought they were ape shit over her look. In the end she didn't go far but the Japanese weren't that obsessed with her. Same with Venus Angelica, everyone thought because she lived in Japan, had 1 million subs and a dolly look she'd be loved there. Nope. So why would it be different for Ebony? I know she's black, has to work harder ect because black women usually do.

Japanese people do not care.

You're always going to be foreign. I appreciate that you are showing black or mixed or whatever girls can be feminine too with girly clothing. That's cool.

But to try showing off to Japanese people that you're 'one of them' because you love to wear a Hello Kitty dress and you've got dreads in whilst wearing pink lolita shoes, that you're different and quirky.

They don't give a fuck. They will probably falsely smile and say they like it. Then the day goes on.

I hate these weebs who think because they're white or black that they're edgy wearing j fashion. It just annoys me.

No. 64333

File: 1566839746928.png (549.59 KB, 587x594, bunnyaa.png)

>she's black what do you expect
She said she's "not big" when she's big, anon. What do you expect. There are petite black girls. It's okay that she isn't, but it's funny that she thinks she is. You can stop whiteknighting now. kek.

Her real skintone is nicer than the weird washed out gray or bright orange she edits herself into tbh. Even the pic on the right is somewhat edited.

No. 64340

Yea anyone with curves is considered big in Japan.
Aochan was called big and she just have thicker thighs.

No. 64342

Weebs don't seem to get it. White weebs think Japanese adore them, no your still a foreigner in their eyes.

Rune is a english teacher and her husband is white looks Russian.

No. 64344

None of these people are gyaru. I dont know why this thread is active if we can only get milk out of Reina and whoever these randoms are.

No. 64345

No. 64351


Yeah but that’s in Japan. She isn’t generally big, take her out or Japan and she’s average. The world doesn’t revolve around Japan Anon.

No. 64352


You’re even a foreigner if you’re half by their standards. I’ve no idea why people stress to fit in there. Japan has to be the only country aside from Korea with the koreaboos. Where people strive to be accepted by society to show off that they’re ‘true japanese’ and that Japanese loves them and only them. Like it don’t even matter. They don’t care.

They’re a nation of zombies who are more concerned about their grades and work.

Also Runes husband is Russian?! I’m surprised especially since she’s black. Russians usually can’t stand anything that isn’t white or Russian.

No. 64353


Wait a second -

Rune said that she has a secret job. One she can’t tell people what she does because it’s apparently a Japanese company job. So she’s just a basic ass English teacher?!

No. 64354


Thing is Ebony and Shani excuse themselves for washing out their skin tone because they claim Japanese girls do it too. Since they’ve naturally got a yellow tinge and they lighten themselves to be really pale. But that’s hardly much of a real difference since they’re white/yellow tone anyway. I get Japanese differ in skin tones but when you’re actually black, when your skin is supposed to be darker. It’s a big contrast from going to dark skin to lighter than a person who’s mixed. That’s crazy.

I find it amusing how Ebony has a slight obsession with that girl from Game of Thrones who played Missandei. She’s actually mixed race though, two different sets of parents. Like why idolise something that’s half European when you’re so pro black? It makes no sense.

I’m sick of these ‘woke’ black girls online. They’re usually the ones with the biggest beige rage ever.

No. 64356

She said that in context of being in Japan, stupid. Read the article.

No. 64357


I’ve read it but I was responding to the anon. Because everyone on here seems to think the world does revolve around Japan since the majority of people that use this site are weebs themselves, asshole.

No. 64359

The article is cringe as fuck but I don’t agree with the black weeb anon who goes to every thread with blacks to soapbox. I don’t give a fuck about natural hair or being woke this is lolcow you silly big weeb.

With that said Ebony is brown skinneded not light skin. She’s too old for this shit….she’s over 30 now and needs to come to reality. You’re black not mixed. Stop with the party city wigs and baby clothes sis you can still be cute without them.
>she isn’t big she’s average
Yes by Amerifat standards she’s average but by and large she’s chubby.

Shani is a delusional whore who has been visa hopping for years and is nearly 30 now. It’s not ebony that loses friends it’s actually Shani and her click that can’t keep people. When the shiena shit went down Katie told everyone in harajuku who would listen shit about shiena. The three of them adding ksara can’t keep people around because they’re toxic as fuck. Shani is the most toxic but Katie just sits around doing nothing and being fake.

No. 64366

Rune claims she oneegyaru and Ebony himekaji.

No. 64367

Ebony's body looks like a mom with 4 kids. Gah damn if you can afford burando a gym pass should be easy.

No. 64370

Not only that ebony claims to be the only black himekaji…she really needs to focus on her failed music “ career” and give the kawaii shit up.

No. 64371

So katie uses leo as visa husband now?

No. 64373


Well, Ebony likes to assume she's woke af. But it always backfires whens he's opposite to being what black is supposed to look like.

She's 31. I was shocked. I mean, she isn't ugly, she's fairly pretty. But my god. 31.

To be honest, in the UK or Europe she's average. British ain't thin either and Europeans be getting fat too these days. Not all Japanese are that thin, I saw some pretty chunky fucking Japanese folk when I was there. I was shook as fook.

Shani must be around 28-29 now. I don't know what the future is for the fuckers but it aint bright.

I don't trust any of them at all. Every weeb that goes to Japan and lives there ends up being a total cunt in the end.

No. 64374


Rune looks like Jasmine Masters, the fuck she mean she dont have African features?

No. 64375


Tbh give Ebony credit, she HAS been going to the gym. She is trying to actually get into shape.

No. 64377

Rune didn’t say that. Stupid ass ebony did.

No. 64378

Katie isnt gyaru. And even if these people claim gyaru fashion they certainly dont look it… I guess that's what happens when you have to squeeze milk out of a dead comm.

No. 64411

Cant wait until Shani comes here to wk herself and Katie she does it every thread

No. 64440

Says the person who been on the gyaru thread for 3+ yrs.. It can’t be dead if you somehow keep coming back for more.

No. 64509

There's already someone wking someone calling Ebony big. Hoes mad.

No. 64511

I found the first thread a few months ago. Very telling that in that time there has only been 1 additional thread. lol

No. 64520

It actually has been 4 threads. There was a gyaru secret, gaijin gyaru in Japan, another one and this one…

No. 64530


Katie made a video about Korean school uniform cafes and can I just question why someone in their late twenties would pay to dress up as a fourteen year old middle schooler? It makes no sense. Grab your iced smoothie and go.

No. 64545

All of them are developmental delayed

No. 64584

Anon, only one additional thread has been made in the past few months. The gyaru secrets thread is dead. Learn to read.

No. 64585

This person is not gyaru. Please make a different thread for them.

No. 64586

katie is super leftist lol why is she living in a conservative country?

No. 64614

It's not that big of a deal. Nanchatte is a little popular with young adults too and old gyaru magazines have school uniforms everywhere.

No. 64617

Are you retarded? Please talk about Katie in a separate thread

No. 64619

So its confirmed that Reina never went to Jubilee. What a flake.

No. 64620


When you're at 28 years old, it's kinda sad. Not just Katie but the whole Japanese / Korean population who also do this. It's weird.

No. 64621


For brandu, kawaii plushies, ridiculous themed food, visa and anime

Why else?

No. 64626

Are you retarded? Its still a 'gyaru' thread. People on this thread…
She was never going to begin with.

No. 64627

Anyone who wears that shit automatically, reminds me of gross ddlg shit. Its weird a grown adult would dress up like a high schooler.

No. 64637

She just looks skinny next to those landwhales and because so many gaijin gyaru are fat as hell
Which is why they can never fit in brand kek
She’s a normal weight esp for gal tbh

No. 64643

Why are you responding to a two month old post?

Ebony is 31? I don't think she's ugly either tbh, but she comes off a little pretentious or delusional in that article.

No. 64645

this is a thread to discuss the gyaru. Katie isnt gyaru. please take it to a thread for her or something….

No. 64646

Shes definitely skinny, ana-chan. stop replying to old posts

No. 64649


She 31.

Scary I know.

She’s out to gain Japanese fame somehow

No. 64661

31 and think she still can get famous in Japan? She should just give up now. Even Dakoots n Taydigger couldn't remain famous.

No. 64670


True, everyone expected them to still be famous even now. So I’m not really sure what she’s trying to accomplish.

No. 64671

The blonde one is the biggest landwhale I’ve ever seen bwahahahahaha

No. 64674

to which thread?

No. 64696

God this thread to messy real quick, huh…

No. 65282

How do Katie Ebony shani and the crew all afford to go to Sanrio land and all that shit if they’re English teachers? What kind of money are these fuckers on?!

No. 65283

Sanrioland isnt that expensive. Teaching pays around $2100-2400 per month, with rent and household expenses around $1200 per month, or even less depending on your apartment size and location, its not as though its impossible. Its just called being an adult and knowing how to spend money wisely.

No. 65287


I get that but they’re constantly out. Also why blow your money on constant shit like that though? Japan offers so much more amazing and better things.

No. 65288


It’s hardly being an adult when you’re prancing around in hello kitty costumes for 12 year olds tho tbh

No. 65300

Katie stays at home a lot or goes to cheap cafes. Sorry they’re not buying gold plated wagashi or w/e, surprise people spend money on what they’re interested in.

No. 65309

Shani is a known hooker she isn’t a teacher

No. 65310

her husband pays the rent lol

No. 65334

I doubt that. They would split it. And even if he did y'all would bitch about that too
I smell someone that doesnt live here. What are they supposed to do, prance around in kimono eating only sushi? You'd just bitch about that too. Gtfo. Japan offers whatever you are interested in, same as any country you build a life for yourself in. You clearly dont live here.

No. 65337

Katie can do what he want with him. He even married her for a visa

No. 65516

seems like rianna got a job now.. another annoying weeb with mental problems living in japan. at least she lives in the country

No. 65532

the only people who actually want to live in japan have mental problems.

No. 65533


Like Katie, shannon, lorena, shani

No. 65539

Or people still stuck in their teenage weeb phase. Because Japan is still stuck in the 1950s for women there.

No. 65570

Yes japan is still conservative so why do left weebs want to live there just to complain?!

No. 65604

File: 1567784922615.png (1.07 MB, 713x960, jbK2KE0.png)

god damn katie.. no fashion sense at all. she looks fat

No. 65606

This isnt gyaru

No. 65616

They're absolute fucking losers (there's even a term for them in the Chinese expat community- losers back home) who can't reach any normal metric of success, and so they set their sights on one that at least sets them above greasy young weebs and basement-dwellers- living permanently in Japan. If you go to places like /r/japancirclejerk or /r/japanlife you'll find these people, weebs who, by virtue of marriage or learning the language as a teen, managed to land a place in the country. They alternate between complaining about how miserable they are and how shitty the country is and smugly stomping on the pitiful English teachers and tourists who haven't achieved the Dream.

They hate their lives but can't go back home because then they'll become unremarkable and lose their only source of superiority over another human being. And so they stay and generate mid-tier drama for the rest of us.

No. 65637

looks fat? nah, she is actually fat at this point
all those cute sweets at her cute cafes arent so cute on the waistline

No. 65652

She edits her thighs in her instagram pictures yet tweets about being she is happy to be 'soft and round'. She acts like she is secure and happy in her body yet still feels the need to photoshop herself, typical Katie though, fake all around.

No. 65670

I’m confused because I thought this thread was about gyaru but it’s the same 2 people posting about expats in Japan. Ya’ll need to post actual gyaru or move this vendetta to another thread.

No. 65674

Y’all wild. There are plenty of normal expats here who married and still have successful businesses, etc. Don’t judge the whole of immigrants here by some mental gyaru (ex-gyaru?) chicks.

That said, let people live. Everything on this thread is either not milk or milk so ancient it’s powdered. Where’s the new shit?

No. 65681

I say, let this thread die. Everyone right now in the gal community is low key and is sticking to themselves and close friends.

No. 65683

It's obvious these threads are just weebs in japan shittalking other weebs in japan who they know personally or are just jealous of for having more social media presence.

No. 65686


No. 65689

It's not even that. There are barely any active gyaru left to generate drama. I say we just give individual threads to the cows that deserve it like Reina and the pregnancy bitch. Other than that… gyaru is dead. Thank god.

No. 65696

Seconded. Legit drama doesn't get posted here because the community is small now and people don't want to post about their friends, or their friends' friends. Getting mad because people have the audacity to live in Japan does not a thread make.

No. 65700

Katie sent some people to this thread i see

No. 65709

File: 1567865344863.png (666.26 KB, 640x853, qAs2wqZ.png)

so ksara still wants to be an idol lol
she graduated university and works at that slut bar now ?

No. 65713

Nahh more like the community is small and easier to tell who posted shit. I knew this thread was going to turn to a Katie, Shani and co fest..

No. 65716

because they are the most popular and shady weebs


didn't she study at vantan?

No. 65723

I'd rather somebody just rename this thread entirely ("Katie and co") since the person obsessing over katie doesnt seem to understand that this is a gyaru thread. And the mods cant help - they dont even know what gyaru is to begin with.

No. 65724

No you retard, I dont particularly like her myself and even i know that this is the wrong thread to be talking about her. Can you just make a new thread you autistic moron?

No. 65743

Ksara, not gyaru.
Katie, not gyaru.
Shani, not gyaru.
And none of them are milky, just old sad and pathetic.

Since you love to talk about people that live/lived in Japan only, talk about Shiena. She is gyaru, but her milk is dry.

No. 65752

Naah shani ksara and katie are going to whiteknight theirself and telling there‘s no need of a thread

No. 65755

Just talk about them in the gaijin in japan thread. I believe there is one already

No. 65775

this. i swear to god the gyaru crowd is full of dumb drug addicts that cant figure out how to use this site. they cant sage or search for threads and they think this is a hugbox for people that wanna dress like Japanese bimbos lol

They are not popular at all. Nobody outside of this very niche community knows who they are. Post in the other thread dumbass

No. 65807

Shiena is going back to school, already has her own thread and her milk is stale.

No. 65817

File: 1567974068961.jpg (72.09 KB, 747x575, lol.jpg)

so katy wants to hang out while a typhoon is coming?!

No. 65820

File: 1567978832760.jpeg (567.93 KB, 750x1103, 0F403C42-DB9A-4112-A1EA-ACF49D…)

She didn’t say.

No. 65823

Getting kicked out of Japan seemed like the best thing that could have happened to her, ironically enough.

No. 65829

The typhoon is gone already now

No. 65831

No cowtipping, but sometimes I do wonder if life would turn around for her at least somewhat if she left Japan. She's running herself into the ground chasing her teenage weeb fantasies. Shiena never fell quite as low as Sere and she has the support of her mother in Canada though.

No. 65832

She got reported but nothing happend

No. 65833

Are you trying to get banned?

No. 65835

Whiteknight? We all now katie is shady af but hides it very well

No. 65837

I don't like Katie at all but ur posting in the wrong thread. I think several people have told you by now.

No. 65838

Dressing like a coked out hooker isnt cute so I dont get it tbh I think most people cling to it because it makes th em feel special. Like most jfashion fans….

No. 65841

Its the same person ree-ing over katie, so reporting to mods. The overseas gaijin thread is the proper place.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 65865

Nope there‘s no thread

No. 65875

Make one then, and fuck off out of ours.

No. 65923

I was expecting gossip from the jubilee, got retards derailing the thread instead

No. 65979

you want gossip about the Jubilee; I got some if you check the YouTube that a certain "large & in charge" who posted about the Jubliee. That gyaru has posted she & pretty much edited out that blackout won best stylish gyaru circle; you can clearly tell that since there's a jump cut to when smol nosed announces who "actually" won & they then immediately give it to the only group that is present not for their performance in terms of "polished" style. Honestly YOLOsa dresses like they came out of a kindergarten.

No. 66020

File: 1568138836042.jpg (1.85 MB, 1077x843, IT4KeUr.jpg)

such "true" beauty… I wonder if it's real, or if ashkenazi~?

No. 66022

We want milk anon not nitpicky dumb shit.
I saw that and the crowd didn’t even know who blackout was..

No. 66029

File: 1568145733478.jpg (105.39 KB, 853x1280, wUvI3rX.jpg)

& yet they have made more events in their own region with other participants then these dumb stuck up b*tches; I think it's milk when harlot walks around as if she never had a nose job plus all of them have fake followers on insta from Pakistan. No vendetta tho' just sayin'~!(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 66030

Why do you hate Georgie so much?

No. 66036

You literally just posted a photo of her with palsters on her nose I'm having hard time tp believe she is hiding the fact that she had a nose job.
What do you want her to do? Write that on her insta bio?

No. 66046

Why do you hate Georgie & Katie so much?
A nose job is not milk and Katie being a fat ass is not milk. Well for one, Blackout is not active as much and the new members recruited are not even gyaru. Pink freak and Decoravomit seriously?.. I see Reena needs both for clout in her group.

No. 66100

Hmm, lemme see Claire left YOLOsa in 2014, so did Ann; they kick out Eden… & then there's the cute girl we barely ever saw of got rejected as well, the girl in the video barely survived a year in the toxcity of YOLOsa. How many members did YOLOsa have for a few years now.. Hmm, like three; considering that Noy also new was, now is Emi is just starting & Netta comes and disappears once more out of the YOLOsa sight. Yeah… Your argument is invalid. They are basic af as a gyarusa their basically nagasa.

No. 66103

File: 1568190468175.jpg (502.1 KB, 608x364, yqyURAn.jpg)

No. 66114

Lmaoooo are you jealous because you tried to get in and they didn’t let you?
What an obsessed creep.
I met all of the akipoyo girls and they’re really nice and sweet and humble, you’re trying to stir a shitstorm over nothing.

No. 66119

File: 1568195606273.jpg (101.54 KB, 866x1300, hZ768lc.jpg)

oo boy, someone making false assumptions on cow farms what a surprise~! Heisei era is over bb most of you look like cheap ass knock off hook*rs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 66138

So the tea is that some fat irrelevant from Blackout is mad that Akipoyo beat them? That's hilarious. Try actually leaving your country and going to international events if you want people to give a shit. It's very telling when a circle is led by someone who flakes left, right and centre.

No. 66139

>all critics are jalus h8turz
that's what a cow would say

No. 66154

It's pretty applicable when you're talking about the most popular circle who just won a shit ton of awards tho. Especially when they're all really likeable people and half the comm can vouch for that. The only one who's ever put a toe out of line is Mayu with some racist jokes.

No. 66158

File: 1568225433720.jpeg (773.78 KB, 750x733, F5ABF1A6-F36F-4E37-BB6A-B9F145…)

Weebs sho’ do take trash fashion serious a mess.. Blackout?!.. The gyarusa who can’t even keep it together for a year and the leader who flakes on all events at the last minute.

No. 66170

Why would people walk out the house looking like this

No. 66177

Netta lives far away from the trio and the other girls grew up. You don’t really expect them to stay in a gyaru circle forever.. right?

No. 66182

what type of racist jokes?

No. 66201

I can overlook momo’s flat hair and reina’s sausage body but pinkii looks like a freak lol She has nothing to do with gyaru,she’s only invited for clout

No. 66204

momo looks like a 40 year old mom trying to be cute.

No. 66230

Nothing super horrendous, just stuff about Arabs blowing themselves up. She had a super shitty attitude about it when people were like 'yo that's racist' though.

No. 66248

This photo was taken in Chinatown where Jade used to live. Does anybody know where she moved?

No. 66265

People can't go to Chinatown? That's where all the weebshit is..

No. 66338

i think anon is just trying to ask about jade?

No. 66339

isn's she living in Japan though?..She doesn't live in Chicago afaik

No. 68171

File: 1570050648561.jpeg (170.8 KB, 871x486, 2A706228-28A0-4C4B-82B7-3D8D48…)

I’m so tired of seeing this ugly cyber freak.

No. 68193

She is not gyaru and I don’t remember her ever saying she was?? I smell a self post?.. Someone posted her in the Venus thread as well but no one knew wtf she was…

No. 68204

Yukapon? Everyone in that thread knew who she was and Natalia is always going to gyaru events and even calls herself that but she does attempt to cyber a lot. If you mean the other girl then NVM.

No. 68206

File: 1570064807680.jpeg (1.53 MB, 3829x3825, 2CAA94A6-748B-49B6-8333-C051E6…)

I was sure this was all a joke but now she’s actually joined blackout so….

No. 68207

What a joke. She keeps switching identities. She's definitely not gyaru. Isn't she vaperwave cyber anime sound clout girl?

No. 68219

They knew of Yukapeee not her new gimmick cyber shit. Someone definitely have a vendetta against her. She is more popular than Reena and have went to Japan. I bet Reena keeps flooding the threads with her.

No. 68222

Nah Reina recruited her so her circle could have more clout or whatever. She post more pictures with Natalia than her actual circle. kek Gyaru? Is she trying amerikaji or some shit?

No. 68223

Yuka isnt even a celebrity. You cant gain clout from a nobody. Why is Reina such a moron?

No. 68224

Honestly it was probably an attempt for clout and also to redeem herself/blackout after flaking on the jubilee. She recruited the decora chick,too. She had whatsherface join but at least she was already interested in gyaru,unlike the other two

No. 68228

Seems like she's recruiting anyone would some sort of following right now? Yukapee still has a small following on across various social media, IG, Youtube, Twitter. She also has her ongoing music project even if it's kind of garbage. They all kind of seem like they are clout chasing off each other at this point as they are all kind of weeaboo has-beens at best.

No. 68301

At this point I wouldn’t even call blackout a gyaru circle… more like a harajuku circle or whatever. Decora girl getting added just makes me scratch my head even more.

No. 68481

File: 1570323648374.jpeg (224.07 KB, 851x951, 498DE6EE-B59C-4496-B28C-083756…)

On the subject of Reina.
Natural WHERE? Idk why she hates being fully black so much

No. 68525

But you liked the post anyway, kek.

No. 68580

That’s not her real hair. That’s why she didn’t show her roots and whole head. She’s trying to pass a wig off as her real hair.

No. 73593

File: 1574453327987.jpeg (867.01 KB, 1242x1488, 13AC529C-3B66-4414-97C5-AD66D5…)

Does this girl creep anyone else out? Something about her, she always looks dead eyed in any photo she takes. She has this extensive ma*rs wardrobe but looks like she’s wearing a Halloween costume bc she never takes makeup or hairstyling advice

No. 73594

She looks like she has a really pretty face but all her expressions are like she's being held at gunpoint or is on the verge of tears. Very strange

No. 73600

I think she's just super unphotogenic, like, just does NOT know how to smile properly

No. 73601

File: 1574460277446.png (462.84 KB, 460x537, ☆Sekai_no_Gyarusa☆Gals_of_the_…)


No. 73642

That’s exactly it. It’s hard to pinpoint because with all that she does and how long she’s been around the comm, she SHOULD look different than she does

Her makeup isn’t the best but it’s far from the worst, her wigs are admittedly not good but some fabric softener and a hat would fix that, and she owns a shit ton of brand. And yet.

No. 73653

The flash pictures in the dark against the white background makes her look ominous. Same face, same distance, same pose. It's unsettling lol.

No. 73681

Snuff films but make it gyaru vibes

No. 73742

This is her first time posting in the comm at least wait until her 2nd post damn..

No. 77810

File: 1578452413654.jpeg (159.54 KB, 749x815, 6600893E-0A94-4170-94C8-D84F3B…)

If anyone is curious about who started drama within the Blackout gyaru circle. You saw it coming, Cherry.

No. 78289


No. 78364

Nothing happen, stop self posting and trying to revive a dying thread.

No. 85769

File: 1584011193914.png (1.08 MB, 640x960, tjGjDCU.png)

wtf why did she think that would look good?!

No. 85804

Why does Shanii lighten her pictures to an oblivion?

No. 85808

I think this would actually look good for her if not for the stuffed stomach coming out. It need new pants entirely, they obviously just DON'T fit, and it's such an awful angle…

No. 90130

File: 1588011448434.jpg (78.59 KB, 720x960, IMG-20200427-WA0025.jpg)

A bunch of wimps
If these girls looked gyaru in the first place, they wouldn't get these comments

No. 90180

>>90130 whats the context??? IDGI

No. 90183

File: 1588036859917.jpg (696.37 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20200428-041847_Ins…)

These two get offended everytime someone calls them out for not being gyaru

No. 90185

the one on the left is dressed like a bratz doll

No. 90215

please stop bumping this thread
Gyaru is dead

No. 90693

Did i miss something? Both looks gyaru too me???.. I seen worse on japs.

No. 94543

This style was pretty common with old school gyaru/kurogal/yamamba

No. 95614

Whatever happened to Elizabeth?
She went Mia around January and I haven't heard of her since.(necro)

No. 95627

Katie is over 30 now and still wearing this awful style

No. 97042

File: 1590920096603.png (33.33 KB, 743x178, ON8kdz9.png)

No. 97045


Is she 30?!

No. 97047

how long is katie married to her 6 years younger boy?

No. 97138

He’s 4 years younger than her and she’s not 30 yet. It makes it much harder to hate these people when anons exaggerate ages.

No. 97171

sage but is Katie even a gyaru?

No. 97254

she is 29.

No. 97460

File: 1591038899723.jpeg (244.48 KB, 750x917, 486A9922-6B90-4377-AE2B-63D0CD…)


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