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File: 1655707004260.png (9.98 MB, 4446x3172, barron trump 15.png)

No. 1232557

awkward tall boy edition

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1219153

No. 1232569


No. 1232570

He's a big guy

No. 1232573


No. 1232575

File: 1655708244876.jpg (102.28 KB, 740x416, How-Eddie-Hall-Became-The-Beas…)

can you even call someone a shota if their taller and stronger then you. this is professional strongman Eddie Hall at age 15(he was a professional simmer back then) and the later pic is him at 26

No. 1232576

i want to try korean food but i cant eat gluten

No. 1232577

the fuck. what happened

No. 1232578

men this tall only grow up to be scared of escalators

No. 1232579

fanfics of kpop guys fucking the shit out of each other, and a blunt >>>>>>>>>

No. 1232580

he became a professional strongman and had to start a 12,000 calorie a day diet

No. 1232583

>fucking the shit out of each other
Ew why do you have to bring up feces

No. 1232585

not literal feces

No. 1232589

I don't get it

No. 1232591

File: 1655710182474.webm (6.26 MB, 320x690, LB53CQUzywG1SqJd.webm)

The Influence of gay male culture and stan twitter has been a disaster for the womanrace

No. 1232596

How is Korean food not mostly gluten free? Minus the fried stuff. (serious question, I'm not gluten intolerant myself) Alternatively, you could try making something like japchae or bibimbap at home with your own ingredients, they're both very easy.

No. 1232611

Just learned that the guy I'm seeing and whom I believed to be a virgin because of his weird 'I'll eat your face' kissing technique was actually in a 5 year relationship before me. Idk how I feel about this

No. 1232613

i will look at those thanks anon, i guess every vid i saw of the food had a lot of fried stuff or noodles but damn it looks good

No. 1232647

that is the dumbest explanation of any political event I've seen in my life.

No. 1232702

tbh it's not really wrong or anything but so fucking disrespectful considering we're talking about ongoing conflict with people dying rn

No. 1232709

911 a bird ran into the window near my head please pray for me

No. 1232712

FOR THE RECORD this is how horror movies start AND Im about to leave and go to a roller coaster park.

No. 1232714

That's so creepy

No. 1232719

Yeah it's no factually wrong, it's just really morally wrong. Some people should just never post online and keep this kind of conversation with irl friends only because now's not the time and place for silly video about an ongoing war.

No. 1232720

How'd you end up kissing him before hearing the basics of his dating history?

No. 1232731

>a group of besties called NATO
I'm sorry I can't, that is unintentionally the funniest sentence I have ever heard, but other then that the whole video filled me with a sorta of rage I have never known, like this only come from a form of twitter brain rot of someone who unironically considers themselves a "bimbo" and listens to Harry Styles and watched Euphoria
I'm not a russian shill but you could literally get the whole info from a 3 minute vox video and filled with the most normie liberal taking points about the war

No. 1232735

File: 1655731194503.jpg (29.61 KB, 451x447, 572989bd10394aa9e5fcc3a612f0d1…)

why is my taste in husbandos so bad, I swear my mind sees the ugliest baddest mofo and thinks "yes, gimme"
gimme a lobotomy

No. 1232738

I mean we didn't discuss our dating history on our 2nd date

No. 1232741

well i am an ezrafag i can more than understand

No. 1232743

Can't relate, everyone in my harem is gorgeous.

No. 1232744

sure nonnie

No. 1232748

Samefag, this has actually made me spiral into self doubt and led me wondering if I'm the one who's bad at kissing and maybe I'm just projecting

No. 1232808

I might be terminally online but at least I'm not THAT TYPE of terminally online.

No. 1232824

File: 1655738282046.jpg (308.37 KB, 1170x1398, etEfyQb.jpg)

No. 1232875

I had a lolcow themed nightmare last night. I don't really remember it because it was a nightmare and i don't usually remember them but I just know that it was extremely disturbing and Luna was there. I should stop browsing before bed

No. 1232882

Kek why post a screenshot of this tranny's tumblr post?

No. 1232914

Someone tell me what is the first post/thread/cow ever covered on lolcow?

No. 1232921

hmm i'll try something out


No. 1232922

Why not

No. 1232932

File: 1655744362307.jpeg (81.38 KB, 388x604, 604D2A74-FC66-46AE-B055-6905CE…)

>you dried-out-sharpie ass BEEYITCH

No. 1232933

>8th post is "thank you for making the board. Let's hope it doesn't turn to shit."
Oh man

No. 1232943

File: 1655744946502.jpg (12.73 KB, 559x560, 4yq5f6wo93751.jpg)

Why do I get so ridiculously sweaty every time I play the french horn? I have to wear gloves so I don't slip and lose my grip and it looks stupid as hell. Any other sweaty brass nonas here that can relate?

No. 1232944

File: 1655744974539.png (202.23 KB, 451x475, 1652404415381.png)

I always thought the attitude of anons on lolcow was enough to turn scrotes off, but knowing that some trannies still post on here makes me tired (not talking about the obvious tourists who sperg out). Ofc they are socially retarded and out themselves because they want attention for "providing tea" but it's still stupid

No. 1232945

A lot of namefags back then. When did we decide we want to copy 4chan by shaming namefags and formatting choices?

No. 1232946

Ever since people figured this out, there's been so many LARPers claiming to have been here "for 7 years" kek

No. 1232948

Is Baron Trump secretly based and somehow better than the restof his family? I don't know anything about him other than that he is tall and autistic.

No. 1232949

There's a point in shaming namefags though, this is an anonymous image board. So if you namefag you want to build some sort of fake reputation and it creates petty drama and infighting.

No. 1232951

Oh ok, I see your point. I never understood why we get angry at "Reddit spacing" though. I personally find it easier to read posts that are formatted in that way. Or is it a meme that goes over my head?

No. 1232955

NTA but I’ve been here for years and I swear the reddit spacing complaints only seem to have become a thing in the last year or so.

No. 1232958

File: 1655745626628.png (26.65 KB, 1864x218, firefox_f8hrHuVxKR.png)

Iirc it's called reddit spacing because on the old reddit text editor you had to press enter twice to actually skip to the next row (never used reddit so idk). I don't mind it when I'm browsing on mobile, but on PC it looks like pic related which is shitty formatting.

No. 1232972

Context of the screencap?

No. 1232979

>Rachel, some autistic lolcow who is a FF7 roleplayer obsessed with sepiroth and collects animal dildos
>0 social awareness, keeps stirring shit in online communities because she talks about sex with kids
>comes to lolcow and posts in her own thread -> more drama and laughs are had
>convoluted drama involving at least 5 mentally ill permanently online drama image board posters
>now some schizo guy is posting in her thread like he's unveiling some big drama when people are already bored and kiwifarms tourists are circlejerking

No. 1232986

I wasn't sure where else to post it. Initially I was going to write more about it because I felt that tumblr has become weirdly edgy/un-pc in some ways but felt that was cringe and just left it as it is.

No. 1232989

There's only a grand total of like 3 posts linking to old threads like this. Nevermind searching for old threads isn't enough to "larp" as an oldfag.

No. 1232990

File: 1655747148023.jpg (101.13 KB, 720x546, 1611946155998.jpg)

I use to judge people for watching twitch streamers all day long but i get it now. I've been so lonely and life has been so bad but watching them has been kinda cozy and nice. I also enjoy shit posting in theri chat

No. 1232991

I feel the same way, anon.
but to be fair, if any tranny scrote got baited into reading this part, I put a hex on you that will make your necrosis flare up in the upcoming week

No. 1232993

AhaHahahahaha Nona I love you!

No. 1232995

You’re the best nonita♥

No. 1233011

most women can't help but have sex with dogs. i read about it on facebook so it must be true!

No. 1233015

File: 1655749008262.jpg (17.22 KB, 447x339, d16fc5d9ee8837c6c4987d64483d97…)

Je suis un Ananas

No. 1233022

File: 1655749453518.jpeg (572.95 KB, 1125x1325, 44C10DE5-2BD9-4DA6-B948-EC3B74…)

this gave me so much relief you’d think i was a professional swimmer myself kek

No. 1233023

there's a thread for tumblr posts on /m/

No. 1233027

I never understood why moids are so obsessed with bestiality. I mean obviously it's a porn addiction thing but I find it especially bizarre

No. 1233030

Is it really true? That's awesome

No. 1233042

lol bye bye SCROTE

No. 1233047

males and there deteriorating chromosome can't help but be fascinated by sick ideas. the crime statistics don't lie

No. 1233048

File: 1655751342512.jpg (11.14 KB, 274x342, 7846a88f8efa7f880b5b9abea.jpg)

people who spend their days on twitter and 4chan are rightfully called losers who have warped realities of the world, why isn't the same principle applied for people on twitter and snapchat

No. 1233050

this isn't even gay culture anymore it's 2015 forever 21 crop tee slogan culture

No. 1233051

They are losers in a different way. Look at the influencers who pay to just take a photo with an expensive champagne instead of buying it.

No. 1233053

File: 1655751614932.png (2.51 MB, 1592x1226, Troon.png)

Every time I visit Cambridge and walk past this shop I have to stifle a laugh

No. 1233054

I see. I can definitely see where you're coming from. I've been seeing a lot of edgy humor that would have resulted in a twenty paragraph callout google doc. I wish there was a tumblr general thread to discuss tumblr shit and drama. I fucking hate that gunsandfireandshit tranny so much. He's literally an agp meth head

No. 1233064

I love how subtle it is.. I had to hover over the image before I got the payoff.. hits better that way.

No. 1233065

Somehow I thought lolcow is older than 7, I still feel like a newfag but I've been here for almost half of the boards life so far

No. 1233070

I'm here about 6 years but there were alot of inside jokes when I started lurking so I assumed it'd been around a while already

No. 1233102

How do you do fellow nonnies. Female with a vagina here.
What do you mean girls get smegma? What do you mean the–I mean we have pubic hair? What do you mean they get wrinkles before 25? That's so gros–uh I mean, girl power. yeah. I totally knew that.

No. 1233105

You don't get smegma, you most likely have dirty dried out discharge because you don't shower.

No. 1233107

Oh my fucking god this shit again.
Go to the vagina thread on /g/ and ctrl F smegma. You are a retard

No. 1233115

>writes a shitpost in the dumbass shit thread
>starts whining someone responds to her shitpost
Lmao just walk away from the PC and shower, I am not some miraculous pixie fairy that naturally doesn't get any dirt on myself.

No. 1233124

NTA I thought I was going to see some discourse on that thread about whether or not women get smegma kek

No. 1233167

File: 1655756795299.jpg (100.28 KB, 640x866, 0a7b42b3-7fea-488c-b0ab-ba9d87…)

Was in a mood to come back to one of my favorite musicals, picrel, and ended up being so angry at all of these moids for how they treated poor Esmeralda who did nothing to deserve it song about them lusting for her is still the best one unfortunately

No. 1233234

I still can’t believe how brutal, crazy and funny these edtwt fatspo threads are

No. 1233294

Everyone steals from my local Walmart so I want to too. I used to . Just not this Walmart.

No. 1233309

I've never stole anything, at least not anything from a store, in my life. Feel like I'm missing out.

No. 1233313

i used to steal when i was a child. i stole at least 20 candy bars at once but my mom took them away kek

No. 1233318

I don't get the thread pic. Who are these people? Whenever I scroll past this I think I forgot to minimize the new celebricows thread for a sec.

No. 1233323

the tall one is japan's former shota barron trump

No. 1233325

The US still has Barons??

No. 1233330

I worked with a guy who goes by the name Anas and you just made me remember him. Warm fuzzies.

No. 1233331

His actual name is Baron

No. 1233332

File: 1655765866169.gif (1.97 MB, 498x398, kangaroo-joey.gif)

It's actually weird as fuck but also cool and a little cute that kangaroos have pouches.
Look at the little cutie in picrel. Just hanging out with it's mom.

No. 1233333

File: 1655765954607.jpg (1.07 MB, 3024x4032, 347a252e398957977fcb99bbbae808…)

Last time I went to CVS I looked through all the beauty stuff they had out of curiosity and when I got to the area where they had nail stuff and various tools I noticed nearly all of that shit was locked up. Like ALL of the press on nails were locked up, and so were the nail clippers, tweezers, etc. and they said to ask an employee for assistance. Kek are there really that many women shoplifting that stuff from CVS? Idk maybe it's because I live in an area with a lot of weirdos and homeless (though most of the ones I see are men) but I found it weird nonetheless, my area isn't a particularly nice one but I also don't live in the hood.

No. 1233336

its probably so people won't spread their germs trying to 'sample' products

No. 1233345

I've worked retail before, and while beauty or hygiene products are really commonly stolen, those aren't the type of things that career thieves who really profit off of shoplifting are taking. The beauty stuff just gets locked up because stores don't encourage you to bother people that are stealing small monetary amounts. But you would be shocked how many old women seem to just think absolutely nothing of taking some nail polish or makeup and just stuffing it into their purse, not even being particularly careful about it.

No. 1233348

File: 1655767568279.jpg (9.49 KB, 200x219, d33.jpg)

the same girl who called me an NLOG for not liking Taylor Swift is now retweeting and liking all the "boohoo trans women NEED to be in women's sports, the ban is GENOCIDE" tweets. I may be an NLOG bitch for not liking Taylor Swift's music but at least I'm not a handmaiden.

No. 1233353

I love this cat

No. 1233354

i bet shes a part of stan twitter too. she would probably say i'm an nlog for not liking nicki pedo lover minaj

No. 1233355

You're not an NLOG for not liking taylor swift… you can just be a girl who happens to not like taylor swift, it doesn't indicate misogyny necessarily. Why are people even like that, can people not have mundane preferences and just be normal? Why does it have to be tied to something like that?

No. 1233356

pretty ironic when "you belong with me" is a NLOG anthem kek. taylor has also pandered to troons before so that's probably related

No. 1233380

You're talking about 2D ones, right? If so which ones? If they're 3D I don't wanna hear about it

No. 1233387

To be fair, you wouldn't notice it'd look that shitty after posting when you're typing in the reply box.

No. 1233391

…most important exam ever in…8 hours. this song has been keeping me going thus far. i will also try to remember to use 'thus' in my essays tomorrow. inshallah the manic episode hits when i need it and then i can sleep for 14 hours immediately after this exam

No. 1233392

you're not an nlog for not liking taylor swift. i can get if you're like shaming women en masse for liking pop music, but honestly taylor's music is good and i will die on this hill. also yeah swifties tend to be troon lovers, it's a thing.

No. 1233418

How often do kids transition before 12 y/o? Seems mental to let such young kids transition.

No. 1233439

I'm addicted to the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, I have two projects due by the end of this week. I'm gonna fucking kill myself

No. 1233473

Wait you guys actually listen to taylor swift?

No. 1233495

Feel proud of yourself nonna! It's okay to be attracted to different things, so you shouldn't feel ashamed of what makes you happy.

No. 1233507

I'm not a Tayloy swift fan but how is liking one of the most popular female pop-stars in any NLOG behavior, I swear the term has lost all meaning

No. 1233517

NTA but she said she got called a NLOG for not liking Taylor Swift

No. 1233554

File: 1655790914917.jpg (115.31 KB, 1200x1800, Thai-Iced-Tea-in-Plastic-Cup.j…)

Nonnies, should I buy restaurant thai iced tea mix? I really want some and don't have any ingredients to make it from scratch.

No. 1233555

yessss! it's really high in sugar tho but oh well

No. 1233557

ayrt, idk about other anons but i love taylor swift's music. i was never into her music as a kid but then lived with my friends who were big taylor swift fans when i was 13-14 and they opened my eyes. i went to concerts (for free) at their insistence and the whole deal. her music is enjoyable.

No. 1233568

Good to know. I just won't drink a ton.

No. 1233577

NTA but I thought her music was okayish in the earlier years, then after around 2009 or 2010 her songs became constant whinging over the slightest criticism and drama with other celebs, so that got kind of annoying. Then she eventually made a song for trannies that even the woke crowd hated kek.

No. 1233599

File: 1655797707799.jpg (160.01 KB, 1112x1114, 4067c7cf7852fa7f4d32f2fe1f4893…)

I love Taylor's music, too! Not the 'early' one, but the Reputation album, some of the old stuff (The Man and Blank Space), and all of the current new stuff. I am not a 'big' fan despite me not minding if I would ever find someone knowing 'everything' about her, but I enjoy her style a lot and music videos, and I know about the thing with Jake and her current long-term bf, that's about it. ( I do not understand why people still think she keeps dating millions of men, if it was gender-reversed people would have been praising the guy)
I am an ESL so to me it was shocking to find out how insanely popular she is in the US, because in my country, despite being a large one, people don't care about her at all, the 'fandom' is really quiet and tiny. I do not like the stan culture on Twitter so I would understand why people can get annoyed over the fanbase, I personally cannot stand any Ariana Grande stans who seem to be -everywhere-.

No. 1233606

I have my first appointment with a psychiatrist today, but it’s in a clinic and when I looked it up today (on google, I had seen the reviews on another site and they were good) it has 2/5 stars and lots of bad reviews. It’s also in a really hard to reach area. Should I go anyways and risk wasting 120 bucks or should I cancel at the last minute and go somewhere else?

No. 1233610

File: 1655798307903.jpg (70.47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I forgot what shipped meant and freaked out because I thought a teacher was getting her students deported

No. 1233649

Depends on what exactly reviews are criticizing I think. Maybe people had problem with different doctors / staff, not the one you're about to see? It's also common for people to review places like that poorly because they didn't get the meds / response they've expected, even if it wouldn't be the right for them. You can consider changing if you can but if that would mean long wait for a next appointment maybe it's best to just give this place a shot

No. 1233664

Someone made a finger blasting joke about the Queen to me and I was shocked. Times like these make you realise you recognise the Queen as your sovereign.

No. 1233680

File: 1655807719287.jpeg (63.31 KB, 1169x400, E7F9E8B5-5CC0-432E-82D3-59F7CC…)

TikTok comment sections have officially passed YouTube comment sections for most retarded insanity. I wish I capped what I’ve seen over the last few days because they have reached new heights of being chronically online and it isn’t just present with certain demographics anymore… no one is safe

No. 1233686

File: 1655808390247.jpeg (40.95 KB, 476x358, 8828F14E-B402-4EED-95C3-F70C27…)

Imagine being a random in a comment section, not even the creator of the TT, telling another random they can’t “engage”. Do you have the rest of the replies because I know it was a shitshow.

No. 1233688

>muh boundaries

No. 1233691

He may be under some supervision with his food intake and workout regime but he still looks sick from his diet. It’s really apparent on men’s faces when they’re not doing what they’re body needs them to do.

No. 1233692

Does this person not know the block button exists? There’s your strongest boundary online buddy retard.

No. 1233771

File: 1655817349893.jpg (895.07 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220621_151523_com…)

I never want to see or hear a word from an ugly male youtuber or streamer ever again. Seriously their existence is an affront to my eyes and I'm sick of them popping up on my feed, especially if they are criticizing someone else, literally who made you think you should show your face. I can't believe the audacity they have to look so fat and disgusting and ungroomed publicly when 99% of their female colleagues are all somewhat attractive ON TOP of being entertaining/funny. This is a random italian guy I saw on tiktok, who I actually agree with here but he is so offensively ugly I can't get over how he gets to subject twitch to his face when a woman this fugly would be crucified

No. 1233780

He doesn't look that bad, he's average. What about him gives you the feeling that he's ugly?

No. 1233781

i don't mind men's appearances if they're not horrible people. like he's okay but he is fat. idk if he hasn't done anything wrong then he's fine

No. 1233785

the standards sure are low if a obese neckbeard is ''average'' or are you a hideous moid yourself.

No. 1233786

he's not ugly he's just fat. as if there aren't landwhales on twitch with their breasts out in the open?

No. 1233794

Take your meds.

No. 1233795

And it's always they have their ugly unwashed beards. Every incel retard always looks the same.

No. 1233796

are you blind?

No. 1233797

its a male, dont respond anon. Just report.

No. 1233798

are you? i don't like fat people as much as the next person but give me a break

No. 1233802

I see guys like him everywhere outside, that's the definition of "average". I wouldn't call him obese, just overweight.

No. 1233805

fat, gross facial hair, looks sweaty and smelly

No. 1233814

File: 1655822565594.png (203.9 KB, 850x672, 2AA07679-667D-4371-A831-9E9EBC…)

He’s 100% obese, and the only reason you might not think that is if you live in a place where obesity is normal. Picrel is what overweight looks like on a man (BMI=27).

No. 1233815

I got covid! It's good because I was thinking about taking some holidays because I was starting to feel like the weekend wasn't enough, and I don't have a cough but just an itchy throat and a bit sneezy, so i'm symptomatic but it doesn't feel bad, I just need to have a steady supply of tea, I'll be paid from the 3rd sick day and I can sort out all the stuff I've been meaning to in my apartment!

No. 1233857

I agree with you that he doesn't look that bad, that's what the average male looks like and it could be much worse, but that's still not the same as not being ugly at all or looking good. And tbh I hate his horrible facial hair and his horrible hair and his horrible glasses, but that's what is considered "stylish" in the eyes of normies nowadays.
Anyway, so many farmers are way too sensitive when it comes ugliness, it's hilarious. I've seen some people here claim that they feel physically ill when they go outside and have to see "ugly people" everywhere.

No. 1233860


There's absolutely no reason for a man to be fat. They lose weight faster and they will never carry children. They excel at the physical, so a fat man is just a waste and a failure all around. Back to Twitter handmaiden

No. 1233861

Kek, I literally pulled that pic from a publication of a scientific study on how people systematically look at overweight/obese men and think they’re healthier than they are. Read it here if you’re curious: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/271222004_Visual_weight_status_misperceptions_of_men_Why_overweight_can_look_like_a_healthy_weight

No. 1233862

hope you don't get awful symptoms or fatigue but be sure to rest anon

No. 1233867

okay so I don't have any younger siblings but my bf does and ngl I'm kinda scared she's gonna come out as some they/them.. they live in the country side so its a bit safer but she's now at college in the city so its a bit diff..
idk if it's weird I'm worried but it's simply because she comes to me with girl stuff or problems she wants to talk about. she is like a cousin or something to me.

No. 1233923

I was taking the spearmint supplement for my acne. Been for 5 months. I've seen some improvement. 2 weeks ago, I started taking large doses of zinc picolinate by my mother's request for another issue. My acne has greatly been clearing up. Go figure it would be the better choice for me. Kek.

No. 1233930

File: 1655830776048.jpg (695.47 KB, 2053x1055, 12.jpg)

>In their traditional culture before the Qing, Manchu women originally had sexual autonomy being able to have premarital sex, being able to talk and mingle with men after being married without coming under suspicion of infidelity and to remarry after becoming widows, but Manchu men later adopted Han Chinese Confucian values and started killing their wives and daughters during the Qing for perceived infidelity due to talking to unrelated men while married or premarital sex, and prizing virginity and widow chastity like Han Chinese.[247]

Confucianism not even once, you could literally go from badass horse warrior women into meek subservient living dolls bind their own feet to seem more desirable to men

No. 1233940

anon overweight is not an opinion, it's a fact, and considering he's bmi 27 it's a true one at that lol.

No. 1233974

File: 1655833035526.jpg (154.59 KB, 960x640, 190413-08042013-LUNAC.jpg)

orcas are the most intelligent and social creatures of the sea and their society is highly matriarchal. the livelihood of a pod is dependent on its grandmother. orcas are one of the handful of mammals besides humans known to experience menopause, too, which means that orca females essentially “outlive” their biological usefulness/fertility period for up to ~30 years. they can reproduce until they’re around 40 and live until they’re 90. meanwhile, males die around age 50. this is sort of unheard of in nature.

I find it fascinating that the number one apex predator in the sea values females (and female-derived knowledge) to such an extent! perhaps their intelligence lends itself naturally to matriarchy. I love them! RIP Luna!

No. 1233977

>not overweight
Anon, the guy is fat, you can see even through his shirt that he has a gut. that's literal fat tissue accumulated in his greater omentum. he's fat. it's okay, but he's fat, and the fact that you can't see it is because men have somehow convinced us that it's okay for them to be fatasses while women with that body type would easily be called out.

No. 1233984

File: 1655833289780.jpg (16.72 KB, 569x619, 61adIGqZcrL._AC_SX569_.jpg)

You make me want an Orca plush, especially since troons have kind of ruined Blahaj

No. 1233986

I just noticed that my friends and I met in uni and we're still very close now that we graduated and have jobs and live in the same city except for like two of them. And usually when we hang out we either spend time at a friend's place or we go shopping and go to nice restaurants or have brunch outside. Isn't that the plot of sex and thr city? Are my friends and I the fujoshi equivalent of the lain characters?

No. 1233988

Seeing in written as blahaj always gets me.
Blå haj: Blue shark
Blah aj: Blargh ouch

No. 1233992

ayrt and I have one, it's my only plushie but now I'm loving the idea that it is the blahaj counter. orcas are TERFcore. plus they kill sharks and leave their bodies behind just to eat their livers out anyway

No. 1233999

i have that plushie in your image, it is perfect and exactly as advertised. huge though but fantastic to lean on or have to hold.

No. 1234005

File: 1655833880188.gif (4.26 MB, 498x280, mycuteshork.gif)

I am a certified BLAHAJ owner since 2018 and I want to tell you to please not worry about these retards trying to ruin the plush toy. They always end up catching up to any trends at least 3+ years late, they are the biggest slowpoke out there.
The only thing regardless BLAHAJ I am sad about is that in EU, they are selling the leftovers of the plush because they will no longer produce it. At least IKEA JAPAN told a cute 'goodbye' to blahaj to us, by making a mini youtube series about him becoming a cute salesman of small-sized houses, apartments. I think it's really cute.

No. 1234023

When I'm on my period I hate men and male trannies way more than usual. I really appreciate it because it gives me something fun to do (i.e. shit on ugly males and trannies and laugh at their retardation).

No. 1234157

the last four digits of his tele is blahaj

> 2681

> 二六八一
> bu ro ha i

No. 1234167

nonnie, how do you keep your blahaj fresh and funky after owning for so long? i am afraid mine will deflate because she is getting a bit flat. i love her and want her to last for a long time.

No. 1234169

They're definitely giving Barron Trump some kind of drugs to make him that tall.

No. 1234170

File: 1655845456087.jpg (10.73 KB, 269x275, 1606488998587.jpg)

I want to play games but I have important shit to do that will stress me out if I even try to play

No. 1234171

Trump was like 80 years old. You can tell when a child is conceived with geriatric sperm.

No. 1234197

I like when I look down and I can feel the warmth radiating from my skin. I'm my own self-heating blanket.

No. 1234203

I spent years mostly reading books in english and I noticed that whenever someone notices I’m reading something translated into my native language, people kinda scoff at it. SORRY I CAN ACTUALLY READ I GUESS, SOWWY IF I WUZ CWINGY!!

No. 1234205

In addition: there’s even this thing where people will laugh at you if you have your phone set to anything but english, what the hell man

No. 1234210

Am I understanding it right, you're from a non-english speaking country and people would laugh at you using your native language instead english?

No. 1234223

yeah, not too many people but my almost 30yo ass has gotten weirdly many comments about my device language settings being set the way they are and gotten shit for reading translations. I'm fluent in 3 fucking languages but maybe I wanna read in my first one, yeah it's not the original, it would be better in its original form, blah blah.

No. 1234226

So bizarre, where are you from? Is it some scandi country?

No. 1234236

Nordic to be precise. It's fucking weird and childish.

No. 1234237

They must really hate their native language and country if they want to replace it with English lol

No. 1234239

Just ask the Sami people

No. 1234259

File: 1655851431715.jpeg (85.99 KB, 585x1024, 3851FD10-EED6-405C-9DDB-4B0690…)

No. 1234261

I mean I kiiiiiind of get it? It’d be like being fluent in Japanese but still wanting to watch dubbed anime. Like I’m not gonna be telling you how to enjoy your free time but I’m not surprised you get head tilts.

No. 1234262


No. 1234266

File: 1655851934197.jpg (33.45 KB, 338x450, model-in-hat-sweater-and-skirt…)

I don't wanna live like this
But I just wanna die
Is how I sing Harmony Hall by Vampire Weekend.

No. 1234270

File: 1655852254391.jpg (20.54 KB, 387x568, 1655593935263.jpg)

Feels good to know that even at my worst, I'm better than any man

No. 1234271

Nah, it's fucking weird to expect me to go through more hassle just to get books in english when there's perfectly fine translated ones in the library

No. 1234275

100% true, even better than L

No. 1234279

So are you nona ♥

No. 1234286

I think people who don't like the color pink might actually have some kind of deficiency in their eyes

No. 1234308

I think this so hard

No. 1234325

People who say "Why don't you just eat meat" when they see someone eating imitation meat make me feel violent.

No. 1234328

I bought a beyond slider from white castle just to try it because it was small and it was so nasty I spit the whole bite out and brushed my teeth afterwards. If you eat that shit and think it's good you would probably eat anything

No. 1234330

Hating pink is a phase.

No. 1234332

It tastes better than certain meats imo but some replacement meats taste awful

No. 1234334

>I bought a beyond slider from white castle
I was triggered before I finished reading this. I once bought a breakfast slider from them once and it was one of the most vile things i ever tasted in my life. Idk why i decided to eat that, sliders just reminds me of my 600lb life.

I feel you anon, tbh I am just not a big meat eater. I like meat in moderation. I am not really fond of replacement meats because of how bad nutritionally some are for you, I usually just eat a bean burger pattie instead.

No. 1234337

I'm not even really sure what this has to do with the OP, but White Castle burgers aren't representative of all plant food. Who even eats White Castle? Even the meat burgers suck.
I get that, I've had some pretty sucky vegan food but my point is that it's dumb to ask someone why they just don't eat meat. A lot of people like the taste of meat or foods that typically contain meat but don't like eating animals.

No. 1234339

im 1 step from being vegan cause my jaw hurts if the meat isnt in small bites like chicken nuggets or ground beef. i already eat fake cheese so i dont get the shits and bad cystic acne. but i already have to eat gluten free due to that hurting way more than dairy so meat with veggies is always the easy go to. wish i was normal tbh.

No. 1234341

1. White Castle is great so get off your high horse. 2. Pretty sure they get the same ground beyond mystery concoction as everybody else

No. 1234343

>Pretty sure they get the same ground beyond mystery concoction as everybody else
No anon, you're just wrong. Beyond Meat is one single brand in a whole sea of vegan brands. They don't all make their products the same.

No. 1234346

White castle uses impossible burger brand, which is soy-based. Beyond burger is pea protein based. Not a huge difference

No. 1234347

There's nothing wrong with watching dubbed anime though

No. 1234349

Do you think those are the only two companies that sell imitation meat? I'm actually genuinely confused by these posts kek

No. 1234350

I should have specified that the white castle breakfast slider i had was normal beef, not the beyond brand. I still think nobody should eat that shit.

No. 1234352

Those are the major burger brands where I live for fake meat I'm confused at your confusion

No. 1234357

I'm just saying that those brands don't represent vegan food and not all companies make imitation meat that tastes or feels like theirs. That's besides my original complaint anyway, I wasn't talking specifically about Beyond or Impossible in my OP.

No. 1234371

File: 1655862501552.gif (6.89 MB, 540x304, cbe13df0dc9c0c88f0a342959c2073…)

I am a dark triad Stacy. I've broken at least 9 moid hearts. Males are my plaything. They deserve to be played with like a cat plays with a grasshopper before clawing it to death and leaving it on the stairs.

No. 1234373

I love this. Chaotic.

No. 1234374


No. 1234377

teach us your ways almighty nona

No. 1234378

File: 1655862834026.png (542.17 KB, 597x604, 1601920882422.png)


No. 1234380

A true Stacy wouldn’t waste her time on moids

No. 1234382

File: 1655862941409.jpg (91.63 KB, 736x1309, 2f3f593ba4afa59c14859661376d35…)

You can either be the girl who cries over moids or you can be the girl receiving pic relaxed type messages and making the world a better place

No. 1234383

she's partly making fun of the scarethot that made the original dark triad stacy post

No. 1234384

File: 1655863025448.jpg (39.26 KB, 298x220, laura.jpg)

people Won't shut up about dark triad this Stacy this Becky but I just want to eat some beans

No. 1234386

Either way Dark Triad Stacy meme is apparently here to stay.

No. 1234387

If bunnies/rabbits and hamsters are such fragile, timid little creatures how the fuck do they survive in the wild.

No. 1234388

File: 1655863270541.gif (4.38 MB, 540x380, 7bc4c9789b35e2832217781229870c…)

>tfw he kills himself

No. 1234389

File: 1655863351267.gif (6.09 MB, 640x640, 1596379003266.gif)

Dark Triad Stacy

No. 1234394

(Lizzo isn't allowed to utter this word) what a spastic

No. 1234395

spoiler this shaynafag, not everyone wants to see this unlike desensitized shaynafags who comment on the appearance of her pussy about a hundred times a month.

No. 1234396

The dollar store feels so expensive since they raised the price by 25 cents.

No. 1234400

This is really funny actually, you may continue

No. 1234402

For them, it's a pure numbers game. They breed more rapidly than they die.

No. 1234403

He looks gay

No. 1234408

That is not a man who cries over women.

No. 1234409

he is straight except for that weird shit he does with his twin……

No. 1234410

don't care, not spoiling shay is a total dark traid stacy move of me

No. 1234411

File: 1655864290346.jpg (73.82 KB, 750x1051, DsUHENlX4AA4WlS.jpg)

No. 1234413

i see alot of this lately, everytime a man who isnt fat, roided or old gets posted i see the gay comment, even on the attractive men thread i see posts like this, its weird.

No. 1234415

he does kind of have gayface though. like not all attractive guys have gayface but he kinda does

No. 1234416

File: 1655864507602.jpg (61.93 KB, 721x1024, 3ff17d73213244b6a69e8a9856f1f1…)

I'm so dark triad Stacy I even make 2d males cry

No. 1234419

File: 1655864543717.png (123.36 KB, 400x500, James_Charles_(2019)_(cropped)…)

It's not because of that anon, chill. It's the lips, eyebrows and hair. It all reminds me of James Charles. His overall face is very gay though.

No. 1234420

Men think putting effort into their appearance in the slightest = gay so probably anons have internalised ugliness as a synonym for straightness

No. 1234421


No. 1234423

Shayfags are trve Dark Triad Stacies of lolcow, cope and seethe fatty

No. 1234424

No, I don't think all attractive guys are gay. The dude in that photo isn't really even attractive to me honestly, he just looks gay.

No. 1234425

he has the heart, kissing with hearts, and then eggplant in his name… i mean… is he not gay?

No. 1234426

Its probably because his lips are puffed up like he was sucking an obscene amount of cock for a weekday.

No. 1234428

ok thats fair, he is sus with his twin though. Giving me twinzest vibes.
not gay just a fuckboy, most fuckboys from that musically era looked like this.

No. 1234430

why the kissing face next to the eggplant though?? that is supremely gay

No. 1234431

babe its a edited reaction image/meme, ever heard of that.

No. 1234434

But it means big juicy cock

No. 1234436

Maybe it's like, a signal to the ladies. So they know what they're getting into

No. 1234438

File: 1655866280899.jpg (77.68 KB, 736x1309, 0a04ea5b38882a5a01fe01fcffc7cf…)

He looks less gay here

No. 1234440

Definitely a fuckboy

No. 1234441

honest question but do you think he and his brother did some ''things'', i remember seeing that video of them sucking the same candy.
Twins are so weird.

No. 1234443

Most male identical twins have tried incest, they consider it like masturbation.

No. 1234445

File: 1655866923276.gif (504.06 KB, 220x220, honeycardi.gif)

No. 1234448

File: 1655867098677.gif (4.26 MB, 514x640, 17A0E2E7-7B8F-402A-80F8-FBB902…)

i saw this on a other thread and had to post here.

No. 1234449

A dark triad Stacy in action. She can't keep getting away with it.

No. 1234450

File: 1655867234905.gif (567.56 KB, 220x218, B9C99629-A8FB-4695-A121-FE774B…)

Queen shit

No. 1234451

File: 1655867277295.jpg (69.44 KB, 736x800, 427fc69f2367d9cba95b023d2a85ea…)

No. 1234452


No. 1234453

just like my yaois…

No. 1234454

The bite. The way his foot is turned back and you KNOW his toes are curled. Guarantee he is erect.

No. 1234455

File: 1655867528221.gif (2.42 MB, 498x280, martineztwins-emilio-martinez.…)

ok ngl they are kinda sus
babe these are real people.

No. 1234456

I want to dress like an old lady, I don't know why but it appeals to me so much ahhh, anyone know of a store that sells good quality high neck button up dressed? I'm ready to go full babushka. Covering up ftw! Except when its summer kek.

No. 1234457

he looks a lot less gay here, agreed

No. 1234458

this is so uncomfortable…

No. 1234459

You just know.

No. 1234462

File: 1655867854411.gif (1.75 MB, 220x220, jiafei-products-jiafei-cosmeti…)

No. 1234463

File: 1655867944340.gif (634.77 KB, 220x391, swtaotd-xxvgirls.gif)


No. 1234464

File: 1655868028703.jpg (338.92 KB, 1080x1007, Screenshot_20220621-221933_Fir…)

What kind of emotion does this convey

No. 1234465

File: 1655868089627.jpg (77.21 KB, 1024x930, original.jpg)

anon…no just no.

No. 1234466

haters will say its photoshopped

No. 1234467

milk-drunken, soft-lipped, sodden boy with cookie crumbs between his toes

No. 1234468

File: 1655868242310.gif (4.36 MB, 416x640, E98D2FBB-FF8A-497A-A321-16165F…)

stupid fat bitches who can’t be like jiafei

No. 1234469

This is poetry.

No. 1234470

File: 1655868318566.jpg (69.69 KB, 510x680, thgrf.jpg)

No. 1234472

now THIS is a dark triad stacy, ugly redscare fatties BTFO

No. 1234473

Somebody turn this pic into a real life scented candle quick. Call it Twincest Delight.

No. 1234475

This is what porn addiction does to a mfer, seriously I joke around with my siblings all the time, even kissed my sister on the lips a couple times, the fact that you conclude that they are gay and fucking each other could only come from porn inflicted yaoi brain rpt

No. 1234476

File: 1655868836786.png (473.38 KB, 800x696, ddklye7-4e79b412-b724-422a-a72…)

oh no what hell have i unleashed by debating whether that reaction pic was gay, now the fujos are here talking about twinsies.

bitch one of the posts you tagged i wasnt even agreeing, i just said its sus ok.

No. 1234478

>I joke around with my siblings all the time, even kissed my sister on the lips a couple times

No. 1234481

Ma'am that isn't very dumbass shit of you.

No. 1234482

File: 1655868989052.gif (1.09 MB, 400x225, ezgif-1-609c74ba98.gif)

obviously they are straight, its just jokes and they do sus things sometimes.

No. 1234483

lol exactly trying to moralfag when everyone is joking here.

No. 1234484

I'm an only child and I kind of see that as weird too kek.. but I'll never experience what it's like growing up with other children who are blood related to you so what do I know.

No. 1234485

This is normal. I mount my siblings all the time.

No. 1234486

ive been scamming and i cant stop typing like an egirl i keep having to retype my posts fucking help
i want to type it like this
ive been scammin n i cnt stop typin like an egirl… >_<i keep havin to retype my posts pls help!!!!
it's so fun and it rolls of your fingers so easily

No. 1234487

Me on the left.

No. 1234488

no sorry that shit is weird. not a fujo, i don't watch porn, and that is bizarre to do with a family member. i presume you're not male or else you'd think it odd. stop comparing men and male dynamics to women's

No. 1234491

If this was between two unrelated dudes it would be sus but siblings do shit like this, like fuck have you never had any young male relatives, for them its funny, like I'll pretend to be a lesbian with my sister but as a joke

No. 1234493


No. 1234497

not being autistic prude and understanding what a fucking joke is

No. 1234501

male "jokes" tend to be pretty revealing

No. 1234502

File: 1655869970534.jpg (44.25 KB, 492x487, Eg3NwqqUwAASYBo.jpg)

you came to argue and moralfag with anons in the dumbass thread, the only autistic prude is you luv.

No. 1234505

File: 1655870042958.webm (1.62 MB, 576x1216, 72734849392.webm)

Use this to kill stupid fuck ass man xoxo

No. 1234507

But what is funny about it? I don't get it.

No. 1234508

I mean not like that, like as a Joke I have done that with my sister though we're both straight

No. 1234509

only children (aka onlycels) = kiss pillows to practice for future partners, grow up homophobic
people with siblings (aka normal people) = kiss eachother to practice for future partners, grow up open-minded from all the light-hearted jokes in their youth

No. 1234510

oh hell no

No. 1234512

Careful that sounds like something incels would actually take and use KEK, they talk about wanting sisters a lot, so.

No. 1234513

what the fuck

No. 1234516

mei jiu jia ka fei

wo zhi yao he yi bei
xiang qi liao guo qu
you he liao di er bei
ming zhi dao ai qing
xiang liu shui
guan ta qu ai shui
wo yao mei jiu jia ka fei
yi bei zai yi bei

wo bing mei you zui

wo zhi shi xin er sui
kai fang de hua rui
ni zen me ye liu lei
ru guo ni ye shi
xin er sui
pei ni he yi bei
wo yao mei jiu jia ka fei
yi bei zai yi bei

wo bing mei you zui

wo zhi shi xin er sui
kai fang de hua rui
ni zen me ye liu lei
ru guo ni ye shi
xin er sui
pei ni he yi bei
wo yao mei jiu jia ka fei

yi bei zai yi bei
yi bei zai yi bei

No. 1234517

File: 1655870263166.jpg (96.31 KB, 735x833, f8d7bbbc64dc1d3ff2b819b3b48d52…)


No. 1234518

File: 1655870270876.jpg (31.64 KB, 270x415, Salman Khan.jpg)

I'm not from a western country so its a lot like corssdressing, In my country considered fucking hilarious to see a man in drag, especially if its a big fat/muscular bearded man, there are tons of comedies in my country where fat and ugly male characters crossdress for gags and its always presented as something ridiculous and absurd

No. 1234519

File: 1655870290168.png (821.1 KB, 1056x542, 6DE7CC0C-EEDD-4D5A-A980-698378…)

No. 1234520

This post is so funny to me and made me laugh out loud thank you nonna

No. 1234521

Nonna above is disgusting, but if I had an identical clone of me, I'd at least try to get it on too

No. 1234522

File: 1655870412996.gif (613.49 KB, 640x420, jia-fei.gif)

The moment I met you
Life becomes unique
Even small things feel happy
Fate is so profound

I can’t take you at all
I want to sing every song for you
Miss you
Want to count sheep with you

Moonlight illuminates love very brightly
Looking forward to time together
Every ordinary day
I want to collect

I wait slowly
Wait for you to speak first
All said you love me

My world is different because of you
Every day
I’m still waiting
Don’t dodge

All know you love me
My world becomes pink because of you
Okay, hang up together in a stable relationship

The journey of the future
Beautiful scenery along the way
We have to hold hands tightly
Come to the end of the agreement

No. 1234523

never understood this. is this really that normal? i would not want to fuck myself

No. 1234525

bitch what the fuck

No. 1234526

Ok I get laughing at a man in a dress, but the whole "hehe we are attracted to each other" as siblings is… I don't know. What if one of you really is attracted, but they're covering it up as a joke..? Maybe I'm thinking too much into this.

No. 1234527

File: 1655870472090.png (1.97 KB, 24x25, 1655290834543.png)

Tuesday night incest discourse has begun

No. 1234528

That's why its not bad or gay. If you're identical twins you're basically natural clones and if you're both sexier than 99% of people why look any further. Do you think it's gay to finger yourself since it's a woman's hand?

No. 1234529

um bitch ITS TWINCEST get it right.

No. 1234530

50 bucks say this is antifujo sperg talking to their split personality

No. 1234531

File: 1655870553229.jpeg (30.03 KB, 240x240, 0F38E5FB-0C03-446D-8669-E2E466…)

No. 1234532

i don't think it's a funny joke to like anyone, especially men, actually. it's extremely weird to men for two male siblings to act gay with each other on social media. pretty sure that's just deserving of mockery to men

No. 1234533

If I had a clone of myself I would beat her over and over until she died because there can only be one

No. 1234534

File: 1655870634787.jpeg (70.2 KB, 828x245, 2FC1E3F4-F199-4670-8F50-C62E95…)

No. 1234535

Wait youre talking about a identical twin sorry im talking about a literal clone
I would not murder my twin!!

No. 1234536

File: 1655870651870.jpg (77.9 KB, 800x576, Hikaru-and-Kaoru-Hitachiin.jpg)


No. 1234537

Would you livestream it for us?

No. 1234538

non narcissist dni, you will never get it

I'm not talking about twins, I'm talking about mebut cloned woth the same brain personality and retardation

No. 1234539

File: 1655870667156.png (347.11 KB, 640x480, bb2.png)

>stan twiteer

No. 1234540

Awwww did you forget to take your meds today?

No. 1234541

No. 1234542

Has anyone read magical girl site? remember when the two main characters that were dating were revealed to be twins and they were like "so thats why i love you and was drawn to you so much…" and werent shocked at all and even kissed

No. 1234543


crap-chan please go and delete yourself thanks.

No. 1234544

File: 1655870817289.png (130.59 KB, 720x900, Kitano.png)

Wednesday morning twincest discourse has begun

No. 1234545

tuesday twincest

No. 1234546

File: 1655870861714.png (454.38 KB, 595x596, inspecting.png)

Ok, ok. Maybe I'd watch.

No. 1234547

wednesday wincest

No. 1234549

File: 1655870933563.jpg (53.65 KB, 369x723, DV9ci5fU0AAPWCl.jpg)

>They're just joking

No. 1234550

They might as well leak their entire collection.

No. 1234552

No. 1234553

maybe they are but who is this funny to? it has to be pandering to creepy moids for $$$, i just don't see how males would even find this funny

No. 1234554

Yes this is a joke, its very obviously not meant to be taken seriously

No. 1234556

this is genuinely disturbing to me

No. 1234557

File: 1655871249223.jpg (231.81 KB, 495x671, 465278ef0739b0b35bb0b785cb928a…)

i took a pill in ibiza to show nonita i was cool

No. 1234558

Idk it looks like a real wedding to me. They even did it in front of the White House.

No. 1234559

This shouldn't have made me laugh.

No. 1234560

its called fujo pandering, there both mediocre youtubers and this is their only path for relevancy

No. 1234561

i just went skinny dipping at my parents' neighborhood pool because I felt like swimming and someone called HOA or some shit and 2 trucks pulled up so I jumped fences and ran through bushes and felt like a teen again

No. 1234562

If they weren't moids, this would just be dumb shit you do with your friends. To my fellow millennial weebs, don't act like you don't remember the 'suprise budsex xDddddd' airhumping bullshit.

No. 1234563

oh it's a joke? bet. let's re-enact it

No. 1234564

excellent way to get on the sex offender registry

No. 1234565

File: 1655871422479.jpg (17.37 KB, 542x542, FUENsW_WYAcnrGN.jpg)

Sunday Samecest
Monday Mecest
Tuesday Twincest
Wednesday Wincest
Thursday Thropplegangercest
Friday Facsimilecest
Saturday Selfcest
forgive me

No. 1234566

A lolcow proposal… this is so touching

No. 1234568

i never saw guys doing that to other guys, and especially not their male siblings. that would typically spur too much of a conversation were it with siblings because then the question lingers "what do they do at home?". only saw "surprise butsecks!!" used on girls, really. maybe some male friends to other male friends but really primarily directed at girls

No. 1234570

No. 1234572

I would 100% have sex with my clone, no doubt.

No. 1234574

Their Hispanic, the culture in general tends to be appear gayer over here

No. 1234576

only if it was my brain occupying two bodies

No. 1234579

File: 1655872093432.png (98.87 KB, 540x476, 1651103438377.png)

No. 1234580

File: 1655872118668.png (19.54 KB, 200x157, thumb_stop-masturbation-now-or…)

this is based actually

No. 1234581

I want to own a gun, but I think I'd end up killing myself the night I bring it home.

No. 1234583

Lol yeah last time i had a gun in my hand it didnt go well

No. 1234585

This is also my worry. I love shooting guns tho

No. 1234589

File: 1655873579209.png (166.84 KB, 577x433, 7333.png)

>nap for 1 hour
>100 new notifications on the dumbass shit tab
>geez i wonder what happened

No. 1234602

Or it’s likely his big fat puffy dicksucking overfilled-looking lips. That dude has absolutely jerked his brother off every night for the last 6 years.

No. 1234605

File: 1655874628032.gif (779.1 KB, 500x282, 12C2A27F-E43D-4856-9CDC-0C39FC…)

Welcome back~
I wish I could unread that.

No. 1234608

Speak for yourself. This bitch is going at the bottom of a river in concrete slippers.

No. 1234611

Helix Studios

No. 1234614

File: 1655874880322.jpg (26.78 KB, 540x276, tumblr_bdfc08405b42dc590146962…)

don't scroll

No. 1234622

File: 1655875106734.gif (4.15 MB, 320x214, 1631804862246.gif)

I hope all internet addicted males get put into labor camps

No. 1234624

Die abruptly

No. 1234627

File: 1655875171569.gif (6.69 MB, 640x634, 10E7C42F-9785-4B1B-AB7A-77CAAD…)

men die challenge go

No. 1234628


No. 1234630


No. 1234639

i don’t think yaoi does anything this is obviously a faggot spamming considering his obsession with nikocado and assholes.

No. 1234648

Eddy looks so fucking weird wiht a head full of hair

No. 1234652

File: 1655876066938.jpg (18.34 KB, 275x255, g.jpg)

beware anons when scrolling , the faggot may come back once he gets a new vpn.

No. 1234655

Anon, please…

No. 1234658

this looks like CBT porn.

No. 1234673

Where do I sign up

No. 1234678

I will never shake a moids hand I blame it on covid but all I think about is him jacking off moments prior and then I am touching his dick hand

No. 1234683

File: 1655879049091.jpeg (228.4 KB, 1200x1800, 00934871-645C-49F6-813F-58A1AD…)

>i lost my voice from screaming on rollercoasters.
>throw an orange wig on me and pass me a cig im ready for my transformation bc i sounds like

No. 1234686

she's so fucking hot

No. 1234687

Dude raspy voices can be sexy as hell.
I caught laryngitis before a theater performance once and my guy friends suddenly started “joking” about how sexy my voice sounded. Own it while it lasts haha

No. 1234688

They also don't wash their hands after using the bathroom.

No. 1234691

I love Natasha Lyonne, I still haven't watches Russian Doll though

No. 1234694

it was pretty good actually

No. 1234695

where's the original post? I've been seeing this all over lc lately and I feel like I missed out on it

No. 1234703

here it is >>1230869
i would normally assume this to be sarcasm but we really have had a disproportionate amount of scarethots wandering in lately saying bizarre shit (celebricow debacles etc) so it's hard to tell

No. 1234714

Scarethots are the weirdest little pocket of wannabe New Yorker proana larpers

No. 1234722

I wonder if the original dark triad stacy is still here with us…

No. 1234726

it still shocks me, actually it will never not shock me, that there are people in the world that find those two to be interesting or cool in any way

No. 1234732

I think any person whose whole dream is to move to New York and develop a vocal affectation is an empty vessel waiting to be filled up with the first thing they listen to so it checks out

No. 1234747

is that a motherfucking roseate spoonbill

No. 1234749

File: 1655883175065.jpg (85.06 KB, 532x701, image.jpg)

by your logic every man in africa gay then, cause 90% of them have big puffy lips, its not a racist meme they really have really weirdly big lips, I'm mixed so I thankfully have more normal looking one's(racebait )

No. 1234752

The difference is whether it occurs naturally or whether it's filler. If it's filler it definitely has implications kek

No. 1234753

The fact that you took my very not-serious post about some irrelevant pandering tiktok twins jerking eachother off into this catastrophic reach. Shut up omg.

No. 1234756

>by your logic
shut the fuck up racebaiting twitterfag.

No. 1234759

File: 1655885191306.png (263.78 KB, 418x388, yuck.png)

bitch the lips you posted have nothing to do with the disgusting over inflamed gay faggot dick-sucking cock-worshiping ball-licking punchable filler male twink lips that the original anon posted. It's like you didn't read that post at all.

No. 1234760

It's just bait (or possibly you-know-who)

No. 1234761

how often does h&m restock? the item i've had my eyes on for a while is on its last legs as everything is sold out and all that's left is the XXL's. i see they have a "notify me" option for when they restock, but i'm wondering if they just put that there to string you along.

No. 1234763

also, oops… i thought this was the stupid questions thread. not saged because am a dumbass kek

No. 1234764

Thank you for the spoonfeed nonny

No. 1234785

nta but I don't understand what's so confusing about her post, anon said men with big lips seem gay and someone pointed out that majority of the population in africa has big lips which would make them all gay, the OP was the one being unintentionally racist

No. 1234793

Don't be a fucking retard. No one was talking about Africans or naturally big lips, they were talking about white men with filler (and by the way, crap-chan is delusional and actually, intentionally racist, there are tons of thin-lipped African people lol)

No. 1234800

anon, those clearly look like filler lips. if they are or aren't idk maybe the picture was just bad but they look very clearly like overfilled sausage lips which is VERY different from naturally full lips

No. 1234831

She said black people have weird big lips and she is thankful for not having that…how is that not racebait to you.
crap-chan is a ban evader, she still would have gotten banned, at this point im sure theyre permanently banned so every post they make is ban worthy.

No. 1234832

It looks like that because he was literally crying in the picture and his face was red.
Dude looks natural and he isnt even white and has latino/hispanic features.
I cant believe you made me defend the martinez twins but their lips are natural.

No. 1234837

But it's true that they have big lips kek

No. 1234842

File: 1655894295556.jpg (43.21 KB, 674x720, DsEx4jwUwAA8GBt.jpg)

So? Hers might look like a stretched out neovagina or a prolapsed anus or Zuckerberg's mouth, but the thread isn't about her or half her people lol

No. 1234853

File: 1655895753538.jpeg (24.12 KB, 390x390, CBB209AC-6AEB-492F-8D0B-C36EC6…)

me sleeping even though i have -8 dollars in my account

No. 1234854

it’s either a moid baiting you or c(rap)-chan, she’s another self-hating black woman you have to watch out for kek

No. 1234856

Two different youtubers I'm subscribed to have come out in the last few weeks and outed their exes as narcs. Every community post is now a quote about how narcs prey on people. They're giving out some very personal info in vids including one outing their exes childhood traumas? it's some of the most ironic shit. In both cases the break up was over a year ago. One of them claims her mother in law was a narc too and her sister is a narc and her ex friend is a narc… you get the pattern.

No. 1234861

Halfway through watching a vid and she just added her dad to the list. So that's her dad, her sis, her ex friend, her ex husband, her ex mother in law. All narcs.

No. 1234871

Some people attract narcs because they are mentally ill themselves. It's complicated. I wouldn't say they 100% lied.

No. 1234883

I've watched hours of her discussing it lately and honestly.. it just gets worse every time a new 'muh narc experience' vid goes up. She doxxed her mother in law lately and I thought youtube might step in and maybe see it for the harrassment it is

The one and only person in her life who she has never fallen out with terribly is her own mom. She's become unbearable since this all came up. She's an empath now and an educator.. she's reading from somebody elses book and not giving the source lol

No. 1234914

File: 1655903881467.png (103.11 KB, 1386x478, Screenshot 62.png)

I swear to god, western radfems can be absurdly stupid times that your forced to defend horrible idiots like conservatives simply cause you wish to acknowledge reality, like this comment is just so fucking insane to me, Its comparing illiterate religious fanatics who didn't even understand why the sun rose up, who castrated themselves out of a misguided belief that it would remove their lust and make them closer to god to modern transgenderism
plus there was an argument about how all conservatives(all of them) support transgenderism and their prooof is nick funetes and some guys on 4hcn who 99% of people have never heard off and thats there proof

No. 1234920

Sage and stop being a retard

No. 1234922

this is /ot/ related and can you please explain what is "retarded" about pointing out how idiotic is to compare illiterate religious peasants with genuine faith in god and wrong ideas to modern TIMs

No. 1234925

File: 1655904762944.jpeg (97.67 KB, 750x679, E7B8BF26-53EE-4ECD-B840-019F80…)

Pic related always makes me laugh

No. 1234926

you're right, modern TIMs are even worse. All that access to information and they still unironically believe rotpockets are anywhere close to actual vulvas.

No. 1234929

Did you really flee to this thread to start seething about western women because you didn't get the desired reaction in the mtf thread. Jesus christ new fag/scrote.

No. 1234933

I posted this here cause I couldn't stand the stupidity of some of the comments, comparing Eunuchs to modern transgenders is stupid in every imaginable angel and I just wanted some discussion

No. 1234934

Kek, so you're the trafag male who was seething about based conservatives and had a mental breakdown when women pointed out christ fags cutting of their dick and the Blaire Whites of the con party.

No. 1234936

How many times do I have to explain, I do hate conservatives, I just think statements going on about how conservatives transgenders cause they don't, conservatives in my country see gay people and transgenders as the same, like do you not get what I'm trying to say
how do you understand my comment that I point out clearly, multiple times

No. 1234942

Are you the one who sperged about Dowrkin being a fat subhuman jew fart sniffer?

No. 1234944

Not this one >>>/m/198208 ?

No. 1234948

No, I haven't even read her work yet(I'm thinking of reading right wing women when I have the time) I do call western radfems fart sniffers, your mistaking for that one loser who rails against fat people in the celebricows thread
that is not me, I do not call people subhuman, its racist and stupid

No. 1234951

Conservatives and TRAs are both staunch enforcers of gender roles, it's just that most conservatives believe you need to change your personality to "fit your sex" and TRAs believe you need to change your sex to "fit your personality". Also conservatives are not all the same everywhere, see Iran where homosexuality gets you the death penalty unless you choose to go through state funded gender transition. Most conservatives tend to hate trannies because as you said, they're associated with (more like historically have leeched off) LGB people and hate the idea of rotpockets and arm sausages because those render people infertile which means fewer Brave Soldiers For Jesus (or the literal military or whatever depending on the conservative groups).

No. 1234952

Kill yourself. Why the fuck are you Nonas engaging, what is this 2015 lolcow?

No. 1234953

File: 1655906993688.jpg (33.38 KB, 250x161, -4-9-2.jpg)

sorry I can't read and didn't figure it out

No. 1234954

Iran is literally the one and only example of this for one reason,what happened was that one specific tranny bugged Khomeini until he let him transition and he approved of it in one conversation, Khomeini was in his 80's during this and likely senile, but since Khomeini still has a cult of personality (some people believe that he never died and is actually the Messiah) they can't change those rulings, , I believe If it had been a lesbian who harassed Khomeni and convinced the senile old man that somehow lesbian relationships aren't Harem, I think he'd buy it as well at that point


like this was the devotion they showed him, literally 2 million people attended his funeral and thousands died

No. 1234958

File: 1655907841125.jpg (50.88 KB, 706x289, 98bb2d75-bcc9-4e1d-897f-e6a540…)

This crush is going to ruin my fucking life. I shoulda posted this in the vent thread but it IS dumb-ass shit. Wish I could turn back the clock and feel nothing again. Love is absolute bullshit and I don't believe in it. Hope everynonny is having a good day!

No. 1234961

File: 1655908231072.png (480.93 KB, 731x506, Capture.PNG)

No. 1234962

Nothing wrong with drone strikes, a more efficient way to ensure national security against unhinged Islamic cults, wake up.

No. 1234963

he cant even drive and you make him walk to your place? smh

No. 1234969

A male friend of mine admitted to having sex with his brother. It's disgusting but supposedly not that rare because they're coomers who will use anything in front of them.
He's so attractive too, I was beyond disappointed hearing it.

No. 1234971

wait did this happen as a child/teen or an adult? Also, is he gay??So many questions that I don't even want the answer to, but answer if you can.
Now, I've seen men "act gay" but now that I think back, I don't think it's a "Act" for a lot of them. I dated this fake Crip in high school and he'd constantly make "gay jokes" with his homeboys.
One of his friends stopped hanging out with him because it wasn't "Funny" to him. At the time, i was so used to dudes "acting gay" for jokes, I didn't see it as weird. Now i realize that some of these dudes were bisexual/gay

No. 1234980

a man on cocaine reddit said i have chicken hands sad

No. 1234981

is limmy your crush

No. 1234988

I wish. Limmy was kinda cute back in his Limmy's Show days though. Now he's a twitch streamer so the attraction went down just a bit.

No. 1234992

File: 1655910146878.jpeg (72.88 KB, 500x500, DF1EFFDD-24D9-4CD9-AFB4-3AD05D…)

There’s a few things I need to buy, but I don’t want to leave my home. I hate being an agoraphobic retard, what’s it like to just live your life and do mundane things with no irrational worries or fears?

No. 1234993

File: 1655910161917.png (270.63 KB, 405x412, FSw68sSWIAEseTU.png)

Inshallah every godforsaken tranny in charge of Reddit or Discord who's unfairly banned people will face their comeuppance. Their suffering will continue until they apologize and change their ways

No. 1234996


I made all those posts and I'm just fucking around. Idk what a scarethot is. I've been here since venus had her guts removed.


No. 1235003

Shaped like my Lost ark character.

No. 1235016


No. 1235020

Today I switched around all my living room furniture. Worked up a mad sweat doing it. Showered, Came back out of the bathroom and decided I hate the new set up… put it all back with the exception of one item which was the very first item I moved. Coulda just not done all that.

No. 1235021

File: 1655912856294.jpg (44.88 KB, 1200x643, 8e591d257ebd5874e73df45aa85d59…)

I love fanfiction!! I love good writers!!!!!

No. 1235022

File: 1655912993923.jpg (134.04 KB, 640x1560, 3c5a67e6736abc77faad88f7d457e9…)

I love when people get angry in that sort of way, I only had picrel in my collection but now I'm glad to have your furby rage picture too kek, thanks nonna

No. 1235034

I hate how a lot of the ENG speaking people in my fandom are really judgy and passive aggressive and put way too much into characters in ships. Currently starting work on an ITA-bag dedicated to my favorite ship. I have a charm and two matching pins on the way. I need to get the matching charm though.

No. 1235037

>dedicated to my favorite ship
what is it nonnie ?

No. 1235039

I honestly don't want to say because it will ruin the thread and I wish not to make others uncomfortable or be ruthlessly clowned on.

No. 1235042

File: 1655914839573.gif (3.77 MB, 360x302, frodo-keep-your-secrets.gif)

kek, alright I understand !

No. 1235045

File: 1655915016423.gif (151.8 KB, 403x538, 1650139954097.gif)

Thanks Anon

No. 1235051

No my baby he’s perfect I didn’t mean it

No. 1235052

I know who you are anon

No. 1235059

Does she have a thread? I can't find it

No. 1235070

nevermind kek now I know what this is

No. 1235071

As if. God, I hope not.

No. 1235078

Does Jesus not appear in the Old Testament?

No. 1235085

His birth is literally the opening arc of new testament; i think you can only argue there are some prophecies in old testament vaguely suggesting some kind of savior will come but he's never really mentioned or anything

No. 1235087

Then what is the Old Testament all about? All I know about Christianity is Jesus being a hero for all, how does Christianity exist if Jesus doesn't??

No. 1235094

The stories of the old testament are the same the jewish believe in: Moses, The Arc, Adam and Eve… The difference is that christians accepted Jesus as their Messiah, hence the new testament, but jewish people don't.

No. 1235207

Star wars epsidoe 2 and 3 and the obi wan mini series are my favourite because I am in love with anakin skywalker.

No. 1235220

File: 1655922060400.jpg (98.15 KB, 691x883, download (18).jpg)

Bump. Fag is spamming niko porn again. He's probably malding over the fact that he'll never be cute enough to be on girls' Pinterest boards with ppl in the comments going 'WHO IS THIS'

No. 1235230

He'll never be as hot as anakin that's for damn sure

No. 1235237

File: 1655922350407.jpg (599.1 KB, 500x725, IMG_20210406_200316.jpg)

he'll never be a qt

No. 1235241

File: 1655922546776.png (18.09 KB, 301x301, FQuC5ssagAEA-cn.png)

Thanks nona, I almost clicked on catalogue.

No. 1235250

ok but unironically who is this? I swear I wondered before I read your post kek

No. 1235269

File: 1655923232525.jpg (94.42 KB, 720x766, Jmrsjrg.jpg)

honestly idk.

No. 1235297

The entire Star Wars saga is a cautionary tale about what would happen if you ever gave a BPD fag sword fighting and telekinesis skills.

No. 1235388

I would do dark triad things to him

No. 1235393

Guys who play games should look more like this

No. 1235410

same girl. the melodrama is fun too

No. 1235415

>same girl
Are you a tranny or a newfag

No. 1235584

If western radfems would be 100% devoted to saving you from your shit hole, you would be crying about white saviors instead

No. 1235591

I kept thinking that Lululemon was a MLM, and I've just realized that I was confusing it with Lularoe

No. 1235599

Kek the fuckin speech police over here

No. 1235601

She isn't black, she is biracial.

No. 1235602

File: 1655935000419.jpg (111.18 KB, 736x779, 20220622_165449.jpg)

I want to shrink down to hamster size and crawl around in this

No. 1235607

File: 1655935094377.gif (13.46 MB, 640x640, mood-dance.gif)

No. 1235619

aren't biracials considered black if they're half black tho, or considered whichever race they come out resembling the most

No. 1235622

Netflix loves having the loudest, most startling intro ever. DA DUM.

No. 1235624

Their following is kind of cult-y though lol

No. 1235632

I’ve been calling anons “girl” the entire seven years I’ve been here without issue. I’ve even said yall. Only recently I’ve seen a large kickback from it, I’m assuming due to the amount of underage users swarming here now, but it’s still annoying to see it on something that’s completely innocuous

No. 1235658

Sometimes if they look unambiguously black, yes. The problem with this is that most biracial black and whatever race do not look like this and end up erasing actual black women or are incredibly racist towards black women because they are high on the praises that black males shower them for their proximity to whiteness. I just think we need to stop calling them black when it's obvious they are mixed.

No. 1235670

Nta and I don't disagree but
>end up erasing actual black women
What do you mean by that?

No. 1235677

im not black but from i noticed alot of biracial women in hollywood will claim their black side so they can get all the roles/gigs meant for black women but then in private will only claim their lighter/whiter side.
There is a huge overrepresentation of mixed women in hollywood when it comes to black women, so im guessing thats what they mean by end up erasing actual black women.

Brown women also go through the same thing if you look at Bollywood its almost always a woman with bleached skin, green eyes and a plastic nose who are representing indian women

No. 1235733

ever since I started managing to appreciate my appearance more and see myself as attractive, my standards for men in terms of looks have shot up so high its shocking. sometimes I see men who I 100% would've been into before but now I just see them as average or borderline unattractive

No. 1235757

Sorry, but trannies really do love referring to women as "girls", such as the one that was outed recently in the Friend Finder thread. That's why I see it more suspicious than usual.

No. 1235765

I guess I just don't get why anon would bring Hollywood mix people into it as if they the same people sperging on image boards.

No. 1235790

File: 1655946754938.jpg (195.29 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20220622-201022.jpg)

I know some men live without coffee tables and sleep on bare mattresses, but I can't stand when they sleep on bare bedframes.

No. 1235798

being male is a pathology. sleeping on bare bedframes?????

No. 1235811

File: 1655947703684.png (29.02 KB, 511x531, Capture.PNG)

This AI generates some hilarious greentext


No. 1235819

So is the comment you're replying to.

No. 1235827

Love seeing some Tumblr post about how women totally shaved their legs and underarms hundreds of years ago and how my husbando based off of someone who lived back then would love feeling freshly shaved legs or whatever the fuck. Pickmes are a curse upon this earth

No. 1235845

I remember how the TERFposting thread on CC got derailed when someone posted some radfem tumblr caps and other posters started to get mad at one that said that shaving is anti-feminist.

No. 1235859

Kek sometimes it feels like basic feminism is in the stone age

No. 1235892

Whenever I get replies calling me funny or agree with me i get so happy

No. 1235893

Why does adderall taste SO bad, i get lightheaded if I get even a taste of it.

No. 1235902

I'm not giving these fags my phone number

No. 1235911

Same anon I just made a funny in another thread and I'm riding the high

No. 1235961

Ken dolls are second-grade because they don't have real hair but just painted plastic. This bothered me very much as a child. Ken is not an adequate partner for Barbie because of his inferior hair.

No. 1235994

Barbie should have a girlfriend

No. 1236012

File: 1655970469650.png (1.93 MB, 1473x746, barbie.PNG)

All this talk about Barbie and Ken just makes me think of the music video where Ken cheats on her with cartoon Nicki Minaj

No. 1236014

goes to show she truly has been doubling down on shitty men for forever, even the fictional ones with fucked up hair and no penis. the pickmeism is terminal

No. 1236028

The only thing I love about Barbie is her old movies and vidrel.

No. 1236035

This tiktok trend makes me cry
https://www.tiktok.com/music/Lloren-7023113526369602309(this is an imageboard. post screencaps or embed)

No. 1236039

Men who masturbate are gay, you’re touching a penis, fag.

No. 1236045

Why are you as a man moaning while touching a penis?

No. 1236058

File: 1655973735735.png (743.36 KB, 481x820, ashley.PNG)

I like how everyone's posting baby pics but then Ashley Tisdale is just out here celebrating her dark triad Stacy moments

No. 1236059

Disgusting porn stays up for hours but this anon gets swiftly banned in 30 minutes, isn’t that just lovely? I really do think mods are all trannies now.

No. 1236060

Lolcow confirmed for dark triad Stacy honeypot

No. 1236066

I snorted.

No. 1236072

File: 1655975675414.jpeg (6.95 KB, 480x360, sus.jpeg)

ain't clicking that shit. what's it about

No. 1236076

I thought this was the Big Bang Theory girl. What happened to her? I had such a crush on her even though she was slightly dwarf proportioned

No. 1236102

File: 1655978501198.png (60.26 KB, 332x296, tumblr_1e4125bdb56d5e13b767e51…)

No. 1236104

File: 1655978756120.png (1.8 MB, 1072x1498, craiyon_2022-6-23_11-4-41.png)

I'm trying to manifest a charli xcx and Kanye collab

No. 1236105

File: 1655978983820.png (1.67 MB, 1072x1498, craiyon_2022-6-23_11-8-51.png)

No. 1236110

File: 1655979363346.png (1.85 MB, 1072x1498, craiyon_2022-6-23_11-14-48.png)

It did not recreate the bound video unfortunately

No. 1236122

let's ride

No. 1236156

File: 1655986491388.jpg (75.06 KB, 800x498, 1_CATERS_RARE_BLONDE_FUR_SEAL_…)

This is so heartwarming

No. 1236176

I will never forgive you Swell Entertainment.

No. 1236183

File: 1655989161191.png (1.62 MB, 960x1155, dallemini_2022-6-15_8-10-36.pn…)

proud of you

No. 1236184

The peak lolcow.farm experience was reading posts from 'The Contrarian' in the Vicky threads.

No. 1236224

Carmela from The Sopranos sounds exactly like Lois Griffin from Family Guy

No. 1236228

One of the things I’m most proud of is the fact that I peaked one of my close friends. I semi-peaked other friends but we lost our close contact so they ended up somewhat believing the nonsense again. But this friend that I have is not that gullible and desperate for acceptance and validation from any group. She’s more of a loner, which is why it was so easy for her to get it. She’s a complete normie even though she’s on social media and all. And now she’s the one who sometimes sends me news articles about the scrotes in dresses and it makes me feel good that there are sane gen z women out there. I hope she won’t ever give in just to be on the “right” side of history. I’m writing this to encourage you guys to not be afraid to explain these things to your normie friends. It won’t always go right (one of my friends still ended up becoming a hardcore libfem/tra) but it’s still totally worth it.

No. 1236241

File: 1655996228949.jpeg (66.66 KB, 720x953, i love rattos.jpeg)

I wish the anon who hates rats a very pleasant rats in her bed tonight ♥

No. 1236249

Cute ♥

No. 1236254

File: 1655996789707.gif (1.14 MB, 470x470, 47c3abe77d10211602ffdd0f68e584…)

Great job, nonnie!

No. 1236258

Barron a cute

No. 1236262

Looks fun but hamsters don't like all that climbing shit. All they wanna do is burrow, and this setup has like 10 cm of burrowing material. Sad for this ham.

No. 1236268

File: 1655997457851.jpeg (581.38 KB, 705x819, 280C7951-8269-49BD-A03A-13E831…)

shaynadmin is rebecca sugar??

No. 1236269

same, I love all creatures

No. 1236275

My Hamptina likes to climb but you are right that it's a bad enclosure and needs way more substrate. Also the tubes are unhygenic to me I prefer using homemade ones I can dispose of

No. 1236284

Cheers hammy-mommy!

No. 1236330

File: 1656002261839.gif (793.36 KB, 500x375, 78ryfguguguikh.gif)

Clocked a discord tranny by their spelling of women as "woman" and calling themselves a femcel
Every femcel is a tranny

No. 1236343

Scrolling through KF today
>I work in mental health/SPED case management
The rest of the post was everything I expected it to be.

No. 1236345

File: 1656003261202.png (886.44 KB, 1300x1265, haedpho.png)

Only short men wear headphones like pic related. I have no idea why but it's true. Think about it.

No. 1236349

File: 1656003726118.png (155.07 KB, 430x962, d819bgw-02235464-80a0-4516-86b…)

I used to wear skullcandy headphones when I was a 16 yo edgelord and I'm not a man nor short..

No. 1236354

Some people have ears that reject earbuds also bluetooth is how they get you

No. 1236355

No. 1236359

used to think Jerma was saying "chicken ice cream" in that. good beat though

No. 1236365

I genuinely believe that after primates, cats could've been the next ruling species. Of course dogs have a better potential to talk, but they're not as independent. The problem is that cats are domesticated so they can't really evolve…

No. 1236366

I feel so empowered being picky. I haven't given a blue eyed man a chance in years. Be gone demon

No. 1236367

My favourite thing about cats is they domesticated themselves they made the executive decision to make us feed them and shelter them

No. 1236376

Rats will be next.

No. 1236384

File: 1656005809518.gif (2.09 MB, 498x373, nyc-rat.gif)

I guess they could since they're so similar to humans and easily adapt. Have you seen the super rats in New York? They're already huge and very cunning. I've heard of them taking down cats.
Don't want to attach a pic of the huge rats because they're dead in all the photos, so have this instead.

No. 1236386

The giant rats are probably not actual rats and are just muskrats. Rats can defend against cats by jumping at their face and psyching them out but there are no giant rats.

No. 1236388

File: 1656005984854.jpg (63.04 KB, 500x522, 7ff6f4819ed67ac9e35acf3524af2e…)

True, maybe they don't want to directly rule the world.

No. 1236390

I want to see a fist fight between a Parisian rat and a NYC rat someday.

No. 1236394

Idk walking downtown at night I’ve had packs of pretty big fucking rats run right over/on my feet. They’re bigger than pizza rat but smaller than a muskrat. I’ve def seen ones that are like guinea pig sized regularly by the water and on subway tracks

No. 1236401

I wish i was not too old rent out the roller rink for my birthday and jam to this alone

No. 1236406

File: 1656008000121.jpg (69.53 KB, 598x434, 1528074182659.jpg)

I will take the men stewed thanks

No. 1236418

Next time you should kiss it

No. 1236478

I had a very brave degu rat aptly named Victor. My ex brought back a cat and wanted to keep it we got it rehomed because my degu sons take priority and Victor was ready to charge that cat to defend his brother. The cat got into the living room but Victor was in his cage thankfully, he was fly kicking the cage at the cat lol

No. 1236485

Cats had it worked out. They know their needs and prirotised grooming and napping above all else and allocate us the more strenuous tasks. Cats hunt and show off athleticism for fun.

No. 1236512

Used a rusty hammer today. Anyone here ever had tetanus?

No. 1236521

Did you hurt yourself with it? Like a deep wound? If not there's no real danger of getting tetanus, as long as you washed your hands afterwards. Also not all rust contains tetanus.

No. 1236525

Haha I wasn't being serious. I do have a lot of small wounds on my hand, but I washed my hands right after I put it away so I'm not super worried

No. 1236528

Some dogs can be pretty independent though, I remember watching a documentary about stray dogs in Russia learning to use trains to travel. Also kinda related, crows and wolves are starting to form bonds like those that dogs (and their ancestors) had with humans. Crows are scarily intelligent sometimes.

No. 1236534

heroin and water sounds great but im ore intrigued by the mixed fuck

No. 1236551

That's true, but I think most dogs need that human connection and approval (not to say cats don't). I can't believe I forgot birds though! They've been around so long, I wouldn't be my surprised if they do inherent the world one day. The only disadvantage they have is that out of birds, cats and rats, most people are more likely to hunt and eat birds.

No. 1236555

File: 1656017776979.jpg (181.12 KB, 634x635, 34A6DBE700000578-3611571-A_cro…)

so crows are just out here domesticating wolves?

say No to the Crow NWO, I fucking guess

No. 1236560

I swear I'm not mental or out of touch.. but I also swear I experience synchronicities that cant be a coincidence

No. 1236562

File: 1656018089265.jpeg (109.6 KB, 736x702, 51020BDC-5940-49BC-A691-88BEC2…)

I can’t believe you assholes are my only friends. What has my life become?

No. 1236565

File: 1656018240648.gif (1.26 MB, 244x224, raw.gif)

No. 1236566

I'd say they're forming alliances, or domesticating each other. When this happens, usually the crow helps the wolf while hunting (by being able to see prey from high up and leading the wolf to it) and waits for the wolf to eat so the crow can get the scraps later. Some crows stay close to the same wolf for a long time, and it's been observed that in some cases the wolf allows their pups to stay close to crows, forming a bond from a young age.

No. 1236571

File: 1656018466065.jpeg (39.31 KB, 640x629, 1648486390014.jpeg)

i enjoy being here with u all too much idc

No. 1236575

Went to a government website and saw the word Latinx. But then went to another for an application and it only had Male and Female for gender options. Some faith in humanity restored

No. 1236580

Tbh I love is girlies we're dependable I could be having the worst day and come here and laugh and have fun

No. 1236602

all this discussions of rats got me thinking of adam driver.

No. 1236609

I didn't want to believe it, but all the rumors about parappa anon are true after all

No. 1236612

I have friends irl but I have a feeling they wouldn't be out of place on lc. I wouldn't even be surprised if some of them posted here actually.

No. 1236641

Fucking spotify playing random songs that I never added to my likes and not letting me jump them cus "oops you already exhausted your 6 free jumps". Suggested songs my ass, I know what they're doing! Trying to make me pay for a shit service. NEVER!!!!!

No. 1236703

File: 1656022758102.gif (262.68 KB, 305x241, JPXb.gif)

I love how cats rotate their ears

No. 1236707

Bitch it’s like £10 a month

No. 1236724

File: 1656023425991.jpg (120.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

After posting this, I got a video in my recommended about the future of humanity with picrel as the thumbnail. HMMMMM

No. 1236727

That woman eating her cat's worms convinced me against getting a cat and this has changed my mind once again

No. 1236730

nta but spotify doesn't deserve a single cent, none of these big companies do. it's not about the cost but how shit they are, plus pirating is easier.

No. 1236734

I hope you're saying that like "damn right, that's a fortune" cus bitch thats a fortune fucking 10 euros(?) like what the fuck I don't shit money, I wasnt even shitting right months ago cus I had no money to buy food, imagine spending all that on fucking spotify, these fuckers might be eating nasty fish eggs in their expensive breads right now and laughing at the fools who pay that shit like you fucking deserve to be laughed of if you do like what the fuck

No. 1236736

This is rare if you take proper care of your cat. Put your cat on a broad spectrum dewormer and don't let them outside. This happens to dogs WAY more frequently than cats because they eat excrement and roll around in it, etc. Most indoor cats or even normal outdoor indoors don't have worms.

No. 1236739

Go on YouTube then and make a playlist. Nothing comes for free. If you’re using something for free then you best believe you’re going to be bombarded with ads and propaganda.

No. 1236748

NTA, but you realize there are/have been plenty of free media players, right? No ads, no propaganda. Just music, playlists, videos, etc. It wasn't always like this lmao

No. 1236751

Please elaborate on that story anon wtf

No. 1236753

Yeah and they are all absolutely infested with viruses.

No. 1236756

They're not, though. Any retard knows how to differentiate virus-infested apps from clean ones. Are you new to computers or something?

No. 1236757

File: 1656024856185.gif (436.18 KB, 500x288, DT4PW2RF0G.gif)

>Nothing comes for free. If you’re using something for free then you best believe you’re going to be bombarded with ads and propaganda.
>she doesn't know
never gave me viruses, but i use adblock and have anti-virus programs so

No. 1236758

I’m too busy out making that schmoney

No. 1236760

Who says I want for free? I was ok with their annoying ads but now they're abusing, putting songs in the middle of your lists, having a huge amount of ads every minute and some you can't even jump, and the fact you normally have to wait 5 seconds to jump any ads anyway, they didn't use to have that, it is unbearable now. Whats with you people that think complaining means I want something for free. Don't be a fucking tool dude. Also I'm on my phone, I can't listen songs with youtube on background without also fucking paying. Fuck this world.

No. 1236763

File: 1656025079901.jpg (64.78 KB, 720x720, 9b137cc9bd1bc7f461b7fc475afcf9…)

>this is the mindset zoomers are raised on
I'm so fucking sorry for you gremlins.

No. 1236764

They are shills. If they ever become admins, they will load this site with the worst ads you could possibly imagine, sell your information to Google/FB, do sponsorships with drama YouTubers and claim Lolcow needs donations or it'll be shut down every week

No. 1236768

why would you write something like this, I'm unironically triggered

No. 1236770

Not me, RIP to the TikTokerinas though. I love the internet, I love not paying for shit (especially things that should be and/or literally were free in the first place)

No. 1236771

I’m a millennial. Stop seething with jealousy about younger women and go get a job.

No. 1236774

File: 1656025498545.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.64 KB, 900x675, 1655867918003.jpg)

tw diaperfags

No. 1236775

File: 1656025520556.jpg (43.7 KB, 406x680, d7489cf8_07a57480_500.jpg)

how about you learn how to pirate without getting a virus lmao

No. 1236776

Why would anyone be jealous of someone who wastes money and doesn't know how computers work

No. 1236778

A guy wants to take me out on a date so the cycle of me caring about exfoliating my body begins.

No. 1236781

Shh, sure you are nonna. I don't think I would want to trade my experience with the early internet with zoomers. Thinking there's no reason anyone on the internet would create or share something for free or without shady motives and that everything has to be ~money earning content~ is genuinely sad.

No. 1236782

Just say you’re skint and can’t afford hobbies or a social life.

No. 1236783

God, if only…

No. 1236784

You can’t go 5 minutes without screaming about zoomers even when it’s not even relevant kek. Hag.

No. 1236785

Spotify is not a hobby. Just say you don't know how computers work.

No. 1236787

Anyone else think tame impala based their discography on one talking heads song [this must be the place]

No. 1236788

File: 1656026020090.jpg (80.91 KB, 735x721, 8f08212dbbab51948a6c8090598e2a…)

>me, a Winamp user in 2022

No. 1236790

NTA but I feel like it's millenials that seem to have that mindset, they're the ones who made most of the centralized internet and shilled monetization so hard. They leeched off the generation before them
Dumb zoomers raised by these sorts of millenials will obviously follow the path laid before them, but the rest of us still just enjoy free things (and then get yelled at by millenials because "That's stealing!!!" kek)

No. 1236791

I uploaded the wrong photo but I won't challenge fate.

No. 1236793

There, there, it's alright my dear totally not zoomer nonnie. Don't forget to pay for your subscriptions and premiums this month.

No. 1236794

File: 1656026181564.png (63.03 KB, 600x776, pimp_mastwr_Tweety_by_torinosh…)

i never used spotify and now i wonder why do people use it. is it because it doesn't show ads? that's retarded just use an adblocker on yt.
i don't get it someone explain spotify.

t.zoomer somehow

No. 1236797

Based. It's so much better than the rest

No. 1236799

File: 1656026336068.jpg (625.21 KB, 1509x2000, 1653499951130.jpg)

I got you nonna, pic related, its you queen

No. 1236802

File: 1656026617864.jpg (87.89 KB, 640x1039, 66c301394e8d4327d7f5f8bd7d7562…)

There is too much angery energy on lolcow right now.

No. 1236810

meh, today feels tame compared to other times

No. 1236815

I doubt that it's millennials sitting in those corporate offices and heading marketing agencies but you have a point that a lot of influencers (and people who used to create and share just for the fun before paywalling everything) are millennials.

No. 1236821

Nonna get NewPipe. You can make yt Playlist on it and listen to them in the background.

No. 1236842

Thanks nona I'll look into it

No. 1236846

I want try that magic Australian bread. The one with sprinkles.

No. 1236854

>I doubt that it's millennials sitting in those corporate offices and heading marketing agencies
It's 90% millenials, with a sprinkle of boomers and zoomer cherry on the top, on lower positions
>t. millenial in marketing for 8+ years now

No. 1236869

so what are the gen x doing? coke?

No. 1236872

You’ve forgotten X which is actually who sits there. It’s a few random silents. Then 60% boomers followed by X. Millennials haven’t climbed up that high yet. The older generation in those positions won’t leave.

No. 1236887

Lmao sorry nonnas I meant gen x not boomers then, there's just too many generations names, I can't get it right and it's late where I am now, it's embarrassing. What I meant though having worked for this much and having a lot of colleagues in various agencies (job hopping is notorious in this industry), majority of marketing departaments would have people aged from 23 to around 40, with few younger junior position employees sometimes and people above 45 are pretty rare.

No. 1236891

(This post is only visible with a Lolcow Gold account)

No. 1236895

So millennials are responsible for corporate art?

No. 1236898

If transhumanism existed now the first thing I'd do would be getting rid of pooping

No. 1236920

No. 1236922

File: 1656032544269.jpeg (139.8 KB, 750x680, B38E3D38-3EB3-4AD2-A879-221CAF…)

Cracked open one of these and am currently eating the good tasting gel

No. 1236932

Toilet cleaner bathtubchan is this you

No. 1236935

Idk what you’re referring to but it sounds like something I would do

No. 1236943

File: 1656034462356.gif (3.14 MB, 926x960, 1645837681009.gif)

>this again

>Nothing comes for free
>not pirating and using FOSS
lmao, laughing at your sad tech-illiterate shill life

No. 1236954

File: 1656035330870.png (1.24 MB, 1476x4709, toilet-freshner-bubble-bath.pn…)

No. 1236955

File: 1656035456406.png (7.14 KB, 862x76, the aftermath.png)

No. 1236956

File: 1656035479500.png (234.99 KB, 400x400, 1654433958348.png)

I love nae naeing on other nonnies

No. 1236959

define: nae naeing

No. 1236968

File: 1656036129285.jpg (36.18 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

No. 1236976

you're dancing on me?

No. 1236992

File: 1656037975208.jpg (9.49 KB, 300x300, 889f071a5ea4d14e457ccb4efb455c…)


No. 1237019

>t. millenial in marketing for 8+ years now
nonna why

No. 1237031


No. 1237033

No, weed, and we mostly went into our own private businesses by now.

No. 1237043

Ah sunlight creeping through the window, I played minecraft for 12 hours straight. Maybe the depression kitty is back.

No. 1237048

my gen x'er mother once described gen x as "generation party hard" do you agree

No. 1237049

Sounds like a good day to me. Mashallah

No. 1237056

We're the same nonny!

No. 1237057

Sure. We're definitely the generation that takes things least seriously.

No. 1237073

>buy cheap white bread
>Apply butter
>apply sprinkles

Alternatively, you could buy a ticket to Australia and tip a sheila to cook er up for you.

No. 1237113

Thanks but who's Sheila

No. 1237127

fairy bread can't taste good. i refuse to believe it. it makes no sense. no one likes sprinkles

No. 1237130

I miss Gaia online

No. 1237132

all i can think about when i think of gaia is that pretty scene fakeboi for attention that preceeded like all of the fakebois

No. 1237133

File: 1656050599407.jpg (60 KB, 682x1023, depositphotos_55462441-stock-p…)

>no one likes sprinkles
Everyone look! Anon doesn't like funfetti cake, ice cream with sprinkles, or sprinkle donuts!
Honestly though, what the fuck anon. I can understand not being interested in fairy bread, but you don't like sprinkles? If you hate sprinkles you hate happiness

No. 1237134

worst flavors tbh

No. 1237136

File: 1656050715397.jpeg (29.56 KB, 400x400, 36ADA9B3-EDD1-46CD-BE78-FBA1FA…)

This one?

No. 1237137

i'm sorry anon but those just all suck. sprinkles have no flavor. funfetti cake is for real trash though, along with birthday cake, which i think is basically the same thing. i refuse to believe there are actual adults who enjoy sprinkles. there is no TASTE.

No. 1237139

File: 1656050877147.jpg (11 KB, 218x275, 1463336038341.jpg)

no, i think that was just a real gay dude on myspace right? sithlordali i think was her name and everyone was obsessed with her because she looked so female (because she was) but always insisted she was just a pretty man

No. 1237151

File: 1656051835774.jpeg (37.72 KB, 394x543, 4BCFFEE1-B49B-44C0-94D2-CD4925…)


Idk what you’re referring to anon but you just reminded me of my love for jelly candles.

When I was really small I used to piss adults off by sticking a finger in them but fuck them that shit was satisfying.

No. 1237153

I respect all of my conspiracy nonnies, and I value all of your ideas. You are all valid, especially the ones that hate the antichrist, and are tuned into all of the satanic shit happening.

No. 1237155

File: 1656052055831.jpg (161.76 KB, 1200x1200, DH2jZYeVYAAF7Ul.jpg)

This photo has inspired me to make some hats.

No. 1237157

do you guys ever begin writing a long ass reply to a post and just give up and say something like
>Kek, exactly what I was thinking nonny.

No. 1237158

even the transtigation anon and the ones who thought the recent school shooting was fake?

No. 1237159

File: 1656052361778.gif (27.33 KB, 220x178, 26FD84D9-7AC1-4E73-8B3A-584D76…)

Love you too nonny

No. 1237160

i love this website so much.

No. 1237161

I may not agree with everything they say, but I'd vibe with them anyways since they're interesting and not afraid to be themselves.

No. 1237163

so far I have typed ten different posts in the textbox and deleted them just to get my feelings out I need friends KEK

No. 1237181

All my dealers are gen x tbf

No. 1237188

I only really follow a couple of threads in /w but lately the amount of posts where anons just refuse to let you say even one lil negative thing about a cow… Where are we again?

No. 1237205

File: 1656061365045.jpg (82.18 KB, 591x588, tumblr_25f51e97b3563001b09f4aa…)

Fuuuuucccckkkk. I want to cut my hair to above my shoulders blunt bob yet I'm insecure. My hair is between bra strap length and mid-back length. I've wanted to see if I can get it down to my waist. Problem is I get migraines and can't keep hair up long. Should I stop being a dumbass or try to achieve the dream first before cutting? I know there's a thread for this. It's 2 a.m. and I should be asleep but I can't. My dumbass won't stop thinking about this. Make it stop.

No. 1237207

I've had short (like pixie cut length) hair forever and last week I shaved it impulsively. I dont know if it's just me losing touch with womanly hair standards but once hair has reached chin length on a person.. it all looks about the same to me? Women in my workplace come in after getting the kind of cuts you're describing and.. it all looks about the same?

No. 1237218

Ayrt, I had a pixie for around 4 years. Had a love hate relationship with it (I have thick hair). It also stopped my trich for a while. That's cool you shaved it. It would be fun to do. I do understand. I had my hair last time around this length and lots of girls around me had similar cuts. I hated that everyone looked the same (every girl started blending together), tired of my hair and migraines, and decided to get it chopped off. My hairdresser at the time cut it to shoulder length because she was afraid I'd change my mind. Came back a month later and told her to chop it. Went back to school and surprised everyone. Actually had a teacher get in my face and tell me she liked it. Didn't like that she got in my face.

No. 1237225

I was in the exact same position as you and ended up getting the bob. It was cute honestly and felt super nice and light and healthy, but I never got over my desire for long hair so I'm growing it again. I mean a year or two delay in hair growth isn't the end of the world, it's mostly just boring when it's not quite short or long.

No. 1237232

Always thought those people going "rattle rattle anachan" were exaggerating but after lurking anorexia forums, holy shit yeah they actually are skeletal

No. 1237243

File: 1656067264530.png (1.68 MB, 2890x1773, alegria.PNG)

>So millennials are responsible for corporate art?
Hmmm very likely; corporate memphis in general has been a thing for a while but it was widely popularized by facebook's alegria (picrel); since it was a big company project it's hard to find specific names of people responsible but the few I've managed are older millenials, and in general looking at the agency's employees on linkedin they seem to be mostly millenials too. This being such a huge thing for fb rebranding really pushed a lot of other companies worldwide to get inspired by the style hence you can see it everywhere nowadays. In general though it's easy to find a lot of freelance artist in late 20 - 30 creating flat illustration in very similar style and I remember it was very popular in my art college around 2012 as well among other people in their early 20s. So yup, from my experience it's definitely a millenial thing.
I unironically like doing marketing lmao, thankfully i'm working with the products related to my personal interests now so it's easier that way

No. 1237271

i hate that our hormones have to fluctuate to function. my skin was looking decent then my period came right as i have plans this weekend. teen me had better skin than adult me.

No. 1237279

Here's a Solar Sands video on corporate art style, iirc one of the main reasons was that it is easy and fast to make

No. 1237284

I picked my skin on the last day of my period and its so awful looking, couple that with hayfever, I constantly feel pollen on my face and need to itch. I fucking hate it

No. 1237294

File: 1656073032944.png (40.46 KB, 133x263, hpnjscdhoat 200634101687.png)

This person's profile picture made me become a misanthropist for a few brief seconds

No. 1237300

I understand how this style may be unappealing but the way people are seething about it in the comments is completely unhinged lol

No. 1237307

yep i tried squeezing a healing under skin one then of course it became inflamed, fuck this shit

No. 1237312

So you weren’t already a misanthrope before this? Cringe

No. 1237326

Lol I honestly try not to be, since I'm human after all and there's no way of escaping humanity and their influence on this world. So it's a bit of a waste of time

No. 1237354

No. If I'm taking my time to type up some long-ass reply spanning above a dozen lines of text, I'll force it onto you, incomprehensible or not.

No. 1237367

I’ve got weed coming in the post and I’m so nervous about a family member finding it I’m having anxiety shits at work.

No. 1237378

I don't understand women who say things like "I don't want children because I don't want to ruin my body". You do realize that age will do that? Boobs will sag in time anyway. And you can get a tummy tuck or something after having kids. I've never seen pregnancy ruining someone's body (most likely their body hadn't been perfect before). Like yeah it's scary as hell and birth can be traumatic but there are a multitude of other reasons why you wouldn't have kids that make more sense.

No. 1237398

I wonder whose created the most "Clever" and "eye opening" tweet about todays' bad news? Hasaan? Vaush? Hmmm…I wonder how many likes they'll get pretending to give a fuck?

No. 1237404

This is what happens when women are pressured and brainwashed into the mentality that their only valuable assets are their bodies.
Then again that is a very real threat these days as the evidence pointing towards us being second class citizens compounds further by the day.
Men don't care about this shit cause they don't have to.

No. 1237405

Anon pregnancy had a whole array of health consequences and/or risks that have got nothing to do with your body degrading from aging.

No. 1237433

i dont want stress incontinence, to lose teeth, hair loss or to degrade my telomeres faster then they need to be. it destroys your body beyond looks and most women know that

No. 1237493

I don't think I risk getting a fistula, getting my abs torn apart, losing my gair and teeth, getting a c section scar on my stomach, getting incontinence, getting post partum psychosis or depression, etc. just by aging. Maybe you need to go outside and communicate with real women who actually exist more often.

No. 1237567

I know! No one is saying that pregnancy doesn't bring its own package of health risks. But I wrote that with the context of women whose reasoning tends to be along the lines of, "My body is not going to be as attractive." A lot of women tend to dress up their fears of aging in """""""health risks""""""". There are a million other valid reasons why you'd want to be childfree other than "I won't look as hot".

No. 1237570

Nta but she’s only pointing out that some women make it about looks rather than the actual physical effects. Look at any cow thread and look at how harsh anons are about mundane nitpicks about looks, I can’t imagine what they think about mom’s with sagging skin.

No. 1237671

This kind of pregnancy fearmongering that paints it more like a body horror alien infestation than a natural process feels like a psyop at this point

No. 1237677

>>1237671 I specifically love it when they refer to the baby as a leech or a parasite, that's really how you know how neurotic they've gotten about the whole affair

No. 1237809

File: 1656093372608.jpg (39.46 KB, 640x480, 1616170468184.jpg)

Pregnancy-brains accusing you of "pregnancy fearmongering" "neurotic brains" "how will the human race survive?!?" etc. every single time you state basic facts of pregnancy. Basic facts that most women in history have not and/or will not be told due to ignorance, fear, oppression, religion. But nooo you can't call the thing inside women that causes
a parasite noooo!

No. 1237817

Anon, please grow up. The OP was very clearly talking about the physical changes of pregnancy.

No. 1237819

NTA and just jumping in this thread but
>Pregnancy-brains accusing you of "pregnancy fearmongering"
Ngl my only gripe is when people go full doomer on female biology.
>oh no it's horrible to have a uterus!
It's like when scrotes are against trannies in female sports but phrase it in a way
>ofc those feeemales can't compete with their weak bodies with the biologically superior male

No. 1237821

she wasn't talking about that, learn to read dingdong

No. 1237823

I think she meant the replies to the replies of the op.

No. 1237828

I hate when women say they don't want to deal with childbirth "so I will just get a surrogate" like that's not fucking evil of them. I was watching that Love on the Spectrum US show and one of the women said that and I was so disgusted and shocked. I delighted when she couldn't find a boyfriend. Fucking freak wants another woman to be her incubation chamber

No. 1237846

natural =/= good, would you actually feel comfortable with those things anon listed?

No. 1237852

arent some of those things avoidable though?

No. 1237859

How often do women actually experience tooth loss during pregnancy? It's like saying you shouldn't go swimming because you might get a cramp and die.

No. 1237883

NTA and I don't know how common it is statistically, but as an anecdote I know one woman in my life that had that happen to her

No. 1237890

Thank you, it's obviously still an extreme experience to go through but it's almost insulting for them to talk this way about our bodies as women

No. 1237904

how so?

No. 1237924

are they? truly don't know
how is it insulting to acknowledge that some bad things happen during/after pregnancy? it's more messed up to to hide it if anything. why shouldn't it be discussed?

No. 1237929

>doesn't even know what she's talking about

y'know what maybe anon was right

No. 1237936

My ex from many many years ago is sending me bad vibes because I won't fuck them anymore. Such bullshit.

No. 1237948

>oh no it's horrible to have a uterus!
Nta but I have these thoughts when dealing with periods, does that make me a bad person..

No. 1238099

Yeah and a lot of people use the phrase "ruining my body" to talk about their physcial health specifically, and I'm sure that anon would be stupid and shallow enough to think everyone is as shallow as her. She's most likely projecting if she thinks women not wanting to ruin their bodies from pregnancy are only talking about their looks. And even if they're talking about their looks, the changes are so drastic I can definitely get why a woman wouldn't want to physically change a lot very suddenly, especially if she used to not like how she looked, worked on her complexes, and it took her years to get over it.

No. 1238103

No, I mostly see it on moid sites like
>ewwwww periods yucky women bad, so glad I'm a man

No. 1238198

I am so pissed off right now. I'm thinking about baking some scones because baking is relaxing. Should I get some oranges or just make lemon blueberry?

No. 1238201

Lemon blueberry sounds divine.

No. 1238203

Lemon blueberry sounds fresher for this heat

No. 1238206

Are scones hard? They always look hard, dry and stale to me. Anyway, I say lemon because they're my favorite.

No. 1238215

Lemon blueberry it is. Thanks!
They're soft in the inside with a crunchy outside. Their appearance can be misleading.

No. 1238360

Looks like you already decided but next time you should try orange zest and cardamom. Maybe dried cranberries if you have them

No. 1238372

File: 1656104358467.jpg (3.41 MB, 4067x4067, FVd2BXcUYAAqOkv.jpg)

I just found out that JLo has a beauty brand. I hate how so many celebrities (Selena Gomez, Ariana, Halsey, Lady Gaga etc…) have been making makeup and skincare brands. They should have just left cosmetics to Rihanna and Hayley Williams.

No. 1238469

They’re all white label products, including Fenty. They just slap their names on the packaging and wait for the cash to roll in. And people fall for it every time.

No. 1238494

Now all threads are absolutely dead because everyone's in the Roe v Wade thread

No. 1238498

My coworkers are such losers. Mostly older men. We were having some beers at the end of the day and the one guy starts bashing the drummer from Plumtree saying she must be a huge lesbian because she turned him down in the 90s and that Tegan and Sara are incest lesbians kek. He seemed so distraught while telling us about it.

No. 1238501

Paying out the wazoo for makeup is pointless unless you need that shit to look good on camera. Makeup is face paint that lasts a few hours, not something worth hundreds of dollars

No. 1238529

> to look good on camera
Yes and they make and use special products for that. They aren’t using Selena Gomez’s foundation in movies lol $75 for a lipstick is insane and anyone buying it is stupid. Wear makeup, but be smarter about it .

No. 1238533

I'm battling with the temptation of spamming it for hours now, but I also want nonnas to be able to discuss and vent about the terrible news free of baits

No. 1238552

Watching a vid about that FLDS man who had like 30 wives and 150 kids… comment section is full of
>actually polygamy can be done in an ethical way and I know of many people in poly relationships which are muuuch healthier than mono ones, monogamy is actually more unnatural than having plural partners
Bitch I'm here nearly crying over these women (and 14 year old girls) who were abused and used for breeding like they're fucking livestock…. it's not the place or time to be singing the praises of modern day kinky poly shit, ffs

No. 1238563

polyfreaks seeing themselves reflected in sex cults and scrambling to explain how they differ in some way

No. 1238565

That man was fucking sick

No. 1238567

You're watching about the Blackmore family. They splintered off from Jeff Warren and are in Canada. Yeah the comment sections of those are abysmal. It's sad how those women and children live. Communes and how "lucky" the wives/kids are to have him for dinner. So. Fucking. Gross.

No. 1238571

For the males shilling polygamy as natural, do they not realize that with animals that operate this way there are bachelor groups, so the human equivalent of incels.

No. 1238637

I thought you meant that they're happy to eat him for dinner lmao. Not a bad idea, actually.

No. 1238641

What I wonder is why there was not one murder attempt on this man's life? If he was trying to marry my 12 year old I would have fucking killed him, but I guess cult followers aren't exactly known for pushback

No. 1238702

Same. I'd murder him without hesitation. Sadly cults attract these types and they tend to double down.

No. 1238745

Reddit subs that are specific to gossiping/snarking on one person or a small group of people are absolutely fucking insane. It's like if you put every overly nitpicky anon from snow and multiplied it by ten. you'd think the relative lack of anonymity on reddit might minimize people being fucking retarded but somehow it makes it worse. these people are obsessive

No. 1238757

I saw a video of Sphynx cats fighting a while ago and I can't stop thinking about it. They were smacking each other and because they have no fur, it was loud as hell. Genuinely sounded like it hurt.

No. 1239277

I think most chapsticks are actually a scam. In lip gloss (and more recently, lip oil) I trust.

No. 1239288

File: 1656124254123.png (276.48 KB, 368x558, uihn.png)

I really love animals, and it makes me want to cry thinking about how cruel the world is to them. How the fuck do I deal with this feel

No. 1239296

You are an animal and whenever you are cruel to other people (also animals) you feel justified in being cruel. That's how everyone who is cruel to animals feels.

No. 1239298

Whenever I see pictures of kittens or puppies I get especially nervous just knowing how vulnerable they are and how there are sick fucks out there who torture them. I can't really enjoy pics of animals without those thoughts creeping up and just bumming myself out

No. 1239304

That just makes animal abusers seem even more deranged and worthless, though. For non-sadists and non-shitbrains, cruelty to other humans has some complex reasoning behind it. Someone who projects the same reasons onto animals must be deeply defective

No. 1239309

I know that feel, it's terrible. I wish we could protect them all anon

No. 1239311

I feel this way about all animals, but especially fish. Sometimes I wonder if I get too emotional over them, but people so easily disregard that they are living creatures, too. I've got pet fish and I get depressed thinking about them dying.

No. 1239312

I understand you. When I first heard that goldfish actually need larger tanks, I couldn't look at the way they're usually treated (kept in tiny bowls, sometimes sold in rubber bags, "jokes" about swallowing them whole, etc) the same way. Humans always devalue the most delicate beings, it's fucked

No. 1239316

Ugh don’t even get me started on the times I’ve gone to a pet store and they have all the fancy betta fish in the tiniest plastic cups where they can barely turn around like ??? Fucking depressing but that’s pet stores in general

No. 1239340

Same with jokes about flushing them down the toilet. Disturbs me a lot

No. 1239352

I love the week after my period. My appetite is dainty and I feel so hopeful about everything in general.

No. 1239387

Is it that noticeable? I always felt like my cycle had no noticeable effects like that besides the period week, even then it was just bleeding and not much different emotionally from the rest of the month. Maybe it's because I'm depressed and have permanent ahedonia.

No. 1239404

Sorry to all the modulators who had to see all the reports I submitted that were just me accidentally reporting my own posts

No. 1239405

File: 1656132306761.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2048x2048, 56027989-48E6-42E2-AA88-16074B…)

I feel like in certain instances abortion is killing a baby(Steven Tyler making his underaged child bearer have a late term saline abortion after his family did not approve of him having a child with an underage girl.)
The saline injection into the womb didn’t kill the baby initially. So they snipped the baby’s neck to kill it. That is murder to me. She had to push that child out of her womb, and the doctors and nurses killled that baby by cutting the back of it’s neck until it bled out. Steven Tyler is a pedo piece of shit. But those doctors and nurses are complicit too. I just don’t support that type of abortion.

No. 1239411

File: 1656132480995.jpeg (174.61 KB, 750x750, 037811DE-A48C-4382-A1A8-7FC6D0…)

Women covered in blood
Like if u agree

No. 1239417

I have a fantasy of being ate out on my period so seeing fingers and faces covered in blood is fantastic.

No. 1239422


No. 1239434

I thought this was celebricows and reported this in disgust but seeing it in its respective place of belonging I apologize and hereby retract

No. 1239452

God he is so fucking ugly

No. 1239457

If you're hating yourself take a shower.
If you're hating your life then clean your room. I always feel better when I do these things when I'm super depressed.

No. 1239496

alright fine…

No. 1239498

File: 1656138682265.gif (3.79 MB, 498x498, saweetie-icy-girl.gif)

They yassified him

No. 1239513

wtf that sounds like literal infantcide

No. 1239515

abortion is only murder if the woman wants the baby but is forced to abort it due to retarded reasoning

No. 1239516

Is it me or is pinterest really shit now? I cant find anything with the search and you can’t even search boards

No. 1239517

Yeap, like every social media

No. 1239527

File: 1656141505434.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)

In high school I made a Facebook status that was in chatspeak as a joke, don't even remember what I was saying, and then some burnout stoner kid with straight D's for grades commented
>Um akshully I'm pretty sure that's improper grammar (hyphen eyes emoticon)
And a bunch of people liked his comment and agreed with him. They thought I was actually stupid, since there were rumors that I was a literal retard. It happened like 15 years ago but I still think about it and it still pisses me off. Fuck that kid. He sent taunts and threats to one of my favorite teachers too

No. 1239532

>> In 1973, when Holcomb was 16, Tyler reportedly convinced her parents to sign over guardianship to him so he could live with her in Boston. He was aged 27.
>>She became pregnant in 1975 after Tyler told her he wanted to have children. A few months later she agreed to marry him.
>>However, the relationship soured when his family expressed concerns about marriage as she was so young.
>> “It was a saline abortion. So they took me into another room. I had to labor so my baby’s dead body could be delivered or born. I was in labor for many hours, and Steven (Tyler) sat beside me, snorting cocaine on the table beside my bed. At one point, he offered me cocaine, and I remember just turning away from him, and it was just so sad.
>>I just grieved inside at what was happening. I was in disbelief; I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. After many hours, the baby was delivered, and the nurse immediately took my baby away, and I did not see what happened.
>>Later, when we were in New Hampshire, Steven told me that my baby was born alive and that it was a little boy. I have read about these late-term abortions since then, a saline abortion. I’ve read that it’s not an uncommon thing that a baby could be born alive after a saline abortion and that when the baby is born alive, at that time, they would kill the baby with either snipping the back of its neck or other methods, strangling it. I don’t know how they killed my baby, but Steven knows; he saw what happened.
Still pro choice but this was horrible to go through.

No. 1239536

anons i just realized that instead of picking at my arms like a fucking schizo i can draw on them (like a fucking schizo) and it satisfies the same urge is this a new beginning oh my god

No. 1239560

i wish i could make laws that give men zero human rights

No. 1239562

You can still search boards if you downgrade to an earlier version of the app (like 7.42.0), but the search stays shit and full of storypin garbage.

No. 1239591

Unfortunately i use apple

No. 1239651

File: 1656151815751.jpg (27.85 KB, 750x719, me rn.jpg)

>use sensodyne toothpaste after all these years of ignoring the shilling by everyone
>teeth and gums become more sensitive, painful even
>including areas where i ALREADY HAD PAINFUL TEETH REMOVED YEARS AGO so there's literally nothing in those spots yet still feels like i'm being stabbed with needles
should've ignored them tbh

No. 1239666

if you're a eurofag, Elmex is the way to go

No. 1239709

Men's rights and "transsexuals" don't exist. There's nothing that moids need to be protected from and most things that are a threat to them, are caused by theselves and by males in general. Imagine needing protection from your own sex kek. And troons will always be what they were born as. Everything else (surgeries, clothing, etc) is just cosmetic and they are just mentally ill and have gender dysphoria.

No. 1239729

File: 1656155598206.jpg (89.21 KB, 720x785, FWBeUi7aMAIk_Ib.jpg)

Based and babushka-pilled.

No. 1239730

KEK i encourage this

No. 1239732

No. 1239733

Good for her but I'd stop having sex or being with this moid at this point.

No. 1239735

Absolutely, but it was a good revenge.

No. 1239736

only if it’s the blood of men

No. 1239744

File: 1656156378672.jpeg (58.34 KB, 367x517, B0065EBA-5ED6-4893-8018-DFA0DE…)

Oh god I just started using pronamel, am I fucked?

No. 1239765

Anyway is weheartit better than pinterest?

No. 1239768

I find that Pinterest has more varitey.

No. 1239841

Have you tried taking calcium and using a remineralzation toothpaste

No. 1239844

…so is it a good paste or not

No. 1239889

File: 1656161934701.jpg (69.63 KB, 600x600, 75623465_DgtIPgrtHE7pNm5EeK5qZ…)

I got one of these bunnies when I fell in love at the shop window, and I'm sick and looking at it right now and it gives me such joy and comfort,I love to hold its little foot. I'm over 30 and haven't had a soft toy since I was a kid.

Nonas why did it become taboo to have soft toys past a certain age? They're universally enjoyable, and they're so objectively cute! Why is it seen as a childish thing? Sure it could be a regression thing if you had hundreds and we're obsessed but just one or two on your bed shouldn't be balked at I think.

No. 1239912

I'm nearly 30 and still sleep with a stuffy. Holding something while you sleep feels better. Everyone who sees it as childish can fuck right off. Enjoy your bunny anon

No. 1239975

Try using toothpaste with hydroxyapatite

No. 1239978

Here's my impression a beta male on lolcow

>posts bait

>[no one engages]
>samefags an opposing but still shitty view
>[no one engages]
> samefags until banned

No. 1239982

Hope she finds a better option for sex. This aint it. Men who dont think saying daddy isnt creepy can fuck off. i hate how sexualized that word has become.

No. 1239985

I loooove stuffed animals. I make them, I customize them, I collect them and I hug them and I'm 28. I plan on makin these babies my whole career. Stuffed animals are concentrated joy.

No. 1239991

True. NTA but I can't sleep well unless I'm holding something tightly. I only have one pillow right now so I sleep without one under my head, since I'm hugging the only one I have when I sleep lmao.

No. 1240009

I desperately want to argue with moids on twitter about how wrong their opinion on abortion is but I value my sanity so I won't do it.

No. 1240015

File: 1656167119670.png (31.45 KB, 596x141, y80.png)

I don't get this one. Was this woman just being smug because she got what she wanted? If the doctor is a murderer, what does that make this woman?

No. 1240017

yes she was being a smug, hypocritical piece of shit, as these psychos commonly are.

No. 1240018

I like to see it more as a cry for help, that she is aware of her brainwashing to which she has been subjected to all her life. Or maybe it's just very strong cognitive dissonance but deep down she feels something is not quite right.

No. 1240020

File: 1656167441704.png (133.61 KB, 632x657, 6b4t.PNG)

we need to follow in the footsteps of our sisters in SK and China.

No. 1240022

One time me and my sister literally stuck our tongues out and poked each other’s tongues with them, it makes me want to crawl out of my skin.

No. 1240025

that's just your rampant porn addiction talking, anon. that's normal says anon above.

No. 1240027

Every single one of these is based

No. 1240030

We saw it on a gum commercial and we were like 5 and 6. We never speak of it

No. 1240048

I don't get nipple pimples often but I really like them. I have a picking problem and I'm not scared of leaving hyperpigmentation on my nipples since they're dark.

No. 1240066

This is the final solution.

No. 1240067

>Nonas why did it become taboo to have soft toys past a certain age?

It literally didn't? Almost every adult I know has a plush somewhere in their house, usually the bedroom. I sleep with a plush doggo because it is comfortable to hug it and it reminds me of a dog I had as a child. I am 32. If a plush makes you happy, buy a plush. If you want to sit on a swingset, sit on a swingset. Do small things that make you happy no matter what you think the society approves of.

No. 1240210

I love plush toys. I used to buy new ones a lot as an adult but I've stopped because I realize they don't bring me that much joy. I have a few from when I was a baby that I still keep around and nothing hits the spot like they do. They might be dirty and ratty and torn up, but they really are the embodiment of my childhood and I love to hug them when I sleep.

No. 1240216

I feel like this is only working there because gender roles are still heavily enforced in those places, American women are too comfy and lazy to commit to something like this. We care about convenience more than ethics.

No. 1240221

I just realised the reason I feel so uncomfortable talking to tall men is because of this time I went in a full elevator when I was like 12 and looked up and this really tall guy was smirking at me. Nothing even happened really but I looked up again and he was still doing it and that horrified me, and I zoomed out as soon as the doors opened. And now I just hate talking to tall men since I have to look up at them like that

No. 1240227

I'm over 30 too. Bloggy but, I was obsessed with teddies as a kid. I had no interest in dolls or anything that wasn't a teddy. When I was about 8 my dad freaked out about me being too old for toys and I lost my collection in one clearout that I had no say in. I took it badly. It's one of those main standout memories I have of childhood lol. He didn't explain it to me and I purely thought he was trying to hurt me for the hell of it. Turns out he has ocd and is bothered by all sorts of 'clutter' that other people would just see as.. having any amount of sentimental belongings. My mom was pissed because one of the bears was from her dead mom. My dad has no concept of being attached to an item that isn't absolutely essential. He tried to instill that in me and I'm almost surprised I didn't turn to hoarding after losing all my prized possessions back then. Every episode of hoarders seems to have that type of backstory.

Fast forward to being an adult. I've consistently owned some soft toys all my adult life. I've moved many times and downsized my belongings here and there but always had a small collection of soft toys. I don't hoard. If I bring one or two new ones in then I'll donate a couple. I had an ex who meant well but bought me a whole damn hoard and he doesn't know I just donated the lot after we broke up. Owning a few is acceptable. Hoarding is the only time I see people start to judge it. Like what happened with squishmallows.

No. 1240250

File: 1656180141127.jpeg (11.42 KB, 213x237, download (3).jpeg)

I ordered a few t-shirts lately. One looked like a workout shirt, the type that's light and breathable. It arrived and I was like yeah.. that's definitely a light breathable workout type top.

I didn't even put it on to workout but I wore it on a normal day. How does a top look so light and yet make you sweat this fucking much? It's opposite land.

No. 1240259

Just went to the cinema and saw the vue advert with John Bogeya and his child bearing hips in and I giggled to my self thinking of bogeya chan

No. 1240260

I can't decide if I want to eat kimbap or bibimbap I'm hungy help

No. 1240261

Having a couple teddies is fine, having 15 plushies of my melody is a huge red flag

No. 1240277

Go for bibimbap. Kilbap is nice and all but bibimbap is so good

No. 1240290

The take out place was out of both so I'm pigging out on jeyuk bokeum and feeling fat and amazing

No. 1240333

can't tell if you're just making stuff up, can I get some bibimsibap?

No. 1240334

bibimbap is the shiiiit

No. 1240445

gonna eat some skiddidlybop boop wow and drink a big can of doowop deedileelydoo after

No. 1240506

File: 1656194218580.jpg (103.66 KB, 1000x1000, brtneyspers.jpg)

Sometimes I think, and then I think about boarding schools and how boarding schools are a thing that didn't just existed but persist to exist and then I think about the fact that there's probably an anon or two here who actually went to a boarding school and somehow this fucks with my head. Idk what it is about them but boarding schools bother me for some reason.

No. 1240545

File: 1656196219984.jpg (28.37 KB, 640x480, 127882_0_wide_ver1645982699.jp…)

Laughed so hard at this. I'm gonna go listen to some scatman now.

No. 1240560

File: 1656196990544.jpg (103.73 KB, 1023x1023, 20220625_193526.jpg)

I am watching the recent Nexpos video and 15minutes in i am already traumatised for the rest of the night, what the fuck

No. 1240563

Oh fuck nonner you got me excited, I didn't know there was a new nexpo vid!

No. 1240567

Heres the video!! It seems to be the scariest video of his after years of watching, in my opinion at least. The production value of this one is amazing too. I am really honest that it's extremely disturbing.

No. 1240584

File: 1656198461357.jpg (21.55 KB, 564x613, 1654464023710.jpg)

Watching rn, you're right it is fucked. I'm still on the first segment.

No. 1240586

File: 1656198876502.jpeg (599.83 KB, 1800x1200, 257C1F09-CF2B-4CB7-A746-5A9E3B…)

I just did some back-of-napkin math with Wikipedia and can now say that there are more than 30,000 individual species that people refer to as “daddy long legs.” I’d like to propose that this is the largest number of species using a common name that people ostensibly think only applies to one species. Prove me wrong or suck it.

No. 1240590

No. 1240591

File: 1656199283285.gif (3.01 MB, 150x150, 86546a19_250.gif)

i'm part of a lingua ignota fan group on fb and someone posted a screenshot of a tweet kristin made saying she would house people who had "gender-confirming care and felt unsafe". sad to see her catering to trannies so i made a joke on the post "damn lingie thanks for housing me for my gender-confirming BBL" and expected people to call me a terf. but instead it's getting a couple of heart reacts and i think they actually think i'm a troon. i find it legitimately funny for some reason lmao

No. 1240595

No. 1240600

In the same fan group as is a lot of other metal minded women here. Might not want to out your identity like that nona. Easily traceable back to you.

No. 1240615

thanks for the heads up!

No. 1240619

I have a hard lump under the skin on my vagina and it bothers me so much. It doesn't hurt or anything, I just hate that it's there. I already had it checked out a couple years ago but I think I'll ask about next time I see a gyno.

No. 1240623

Hivemind nona… I am watching it right now. Surprised he talked about Christine Chubbuck since for some reason I assumed he would have mentioned her in a video already. Definitely have heard her story before but still feel a lot of sympathy for her…

No. 1240649

File: 1656204790794.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.92 KB, 640x514, mElVyiv6iDX5Pxvegiji1ZtHgrP06e…)

What the fuck and why the fuck did they do this to him?

No. 1240659

File: 1656206153439.jpeg (225.28 KB, 1478x1109, 8C9C2C8D-3712-4168-A284-532312…)

This is so cute and based wtf

No. 1240662

Hehe why does he have armor nipples?

No. 1240680

This video is so cute and made me think about my cat. I even started tearing up at the end because I miss my cat so much lol. I'm going to see her next week though, so I am very excited!

No. 1240688

Absolutely based love it

No. 1240692

I love this. And it's true

No. 1240694

omg bless you nonnie, this video was so cute and so funny. I laughed and cried.

No. 1240703

File: 1656209189610.png (1.08 MB, 1280x711, 605C48C2-7068-47E7-B9A8-035A9C…)

i want her (a tall mean gf)

No. 1240704

I keep sending the Sully hugging Boo gif to my bf ironically and laughing my ass off to myself because of the Shaynus association, but he will never know that

No. 1240707

File: 1656209716152.jpg (36.88 KB, 456x500, toopunk.jpg)

I miss posting my art on deviantart every week and not worrying how what I made looked, I miss getting comments from friends I made being excited that I posted something new, and vice versa. I miss how it felt to be in that community when I was a preteen. I used to go to dA chat all the time. I made life long friends there. The only experience I've had since that's come close to the dA chats have been talking with you anons in Cytube. Very grateful for that. Pic unrelated.

No. 1240717

Jealous of people who have grandmothers that can cook

No. 1240722

I’ll be your grandmother that can cook Noni.

No. 1240724

File: 1656211186764.gif (484.85 KB, 220x391, 9DE93A04-5F83-47E1-A2DF-3FA445…)

iphonefags have you realized how insufferable it is using your phones now? they completely changed the layout of safari and moved the search engine down on the bottom of the screen so my dumbass keeps clicking the top of my phone. also the fact that the screen becomes even more sensitive to use and so if you click on random tabs it sends you to another one and you have to press really hard on the screen to save a photo, lord help me

No. 1240731

File: 1656212066752.jpg (87.75 KB, 920x950, 99120102064_ahriman02.jpg)

Kek I have absolutely no idea why. No other male character has bulging circular nipple armor like that, but apparently he's had it since his 2016 miniature release. I just want to know why they drew it like that AND WHY IT'S OFFICIAL ART????

No. 1240733

I will join. My grandma was an actual babushka and I, as a spinster babushka in training, shall show grandma-less nonnies the power of traditional home-cooked goulash.

No. 1240734

When I was young, there was this rough looking, stray grey tabby that would come around our house sometimes. We would feed him and even washed him up outside once (probably shouldn't have done that, considering he probably didn't completely trust us then) but for the most part I didn't directly interact with him. One day he just stopped showing up and obviously we assumed that he died. I was too young know better or even realize how painful life must have been for that baby, and I feel so incredibly guilty that we never took him in. I wonder if he thought that one day, when he would show up we would finally let him live with us. It's dumb but it hurts a lot to know that we could have helped him. I hope he didn't die and another family was able to give him a home. His name was Sparkle.

No. 1240737

Thanks Granny-chan. Can we have pie?
Honestly, it's not even that I don't have a grandma. She's still kickin', she just can't cook. I patiently await your goulash Babushka nonna.

No. 1240739

Samefag, I just remembered that one time he did actually walk in but was kicked out. We treated him so horribly.

No. 1240744

File: 1656213061847.jpg (127.97 KB, 600x600, Megahorn Tipi Wood Stove Jack …)

Hand over the recipes, Granny! We'll have a picnic like this with your knowledge.

No. 1240747

I have fomo

No. 1240773

I find this video so endearing. I love seeing women get together and do silly shit, reminds me of when me and my friends would pretend to be news casters and shitpost.

No. 1240788

The concept of having family who cooks good food is so foreign to me that I can't even yearn for it. Luckily it's pretty easy to learn on your own.
Seconding >>1240744 - post recipes.

No. 1240836

I took a shower then soaked in some epsom salts. I feel refreshed and my bed has fresh sheets on it. Hopefully I sleep well tonight.

No. 1240837

Not only are both of my grandmothers incapable of cooking, neither of them are particularly warm or nice. I watch how my mom treats my nieces and how much they love her and sometimes I wonder what that would be like. Don’t really feel bad about it though because it’s not like I’ve ever known anything else.

No. 1240876

day one of manifesting roman polanski downfall, i didnt felt anything but i tried to focus on him getting sick with nausea and diarrhea, i dont want him to die suddenly but to have and excruciating and slow death, maybe even dementia…

No. 1240903

are those maltesers???

No. 1240905

File: 1656226944009.png (Spoiler Image, 2.62 MB, 1345x1798, Screenshot.png)

Is it just me being paranoid or is this male artist ringing alarm bells? Why is it almost always girl children being the subject of these sort of illustrations?

No. 1240906

AYRT and actually my teddies were disposed of in a similar way. Some time when I was around 8-9 I came back from school to find them being dumped in the trash, no discussion. I'll never forget the rising panic looking into the bag and seeing my most beloved ragged dog and yanking it out to safety, then seeing others I loved and trying to pull them out but being chastised. At the time I was just more confused, because my parents were mild hoarders and would at least insist on donating. I still don't know why they were so abrupt and callous about it, and I wonder if it's a "rite of passage" for most little girls.

No. 1240907

Omg wtf yes it's extremely alarming anon

No. 1240909

Nonnie our experience is so similar! My parents made me throw out mine as well, I came home from school and they were shoved into garbage bags and my dad made me take them out to the trash and watched me to make sure I threw them in the dumpster. I snuck out in the middle of the night and actually jumped into the dumpster because I was so desperate to get a select few back, I had had them so long, but they were all covered in this gross goop. It had filled the bag, whatever it was. I'm half convinced my dad dumped it in there so I couldn't save them. All this because I wanted to keep some on my bed…

No. 1240917

File: 1656227504395.gif (157.49 KB, 498x378, sly-sneaky.gif)

Yesss, yesss, kick them while they are down

No. 1240919

Looked at it with my BF and we both agree it's weird. I remember a few years ago my GF warned me of this local clay "artist" who would make clay depictions of women being murdered and cannabilized. He had also got in trouble for killing animals but he was 'free' because he hadn't been convicted of murder. I'll see if I can find the article. It was a warning to women in our community.

No. 1240922

I would like to know why some parents genuinely enjoy making their children feel distress for no reason

No. 1240927

Oh god maybe I'm being too emotional but picturing you guys as little anons is making me cry. I'm so sorry.

No. 1240941

File: 1656230371020.jpg (73.01 KB, 680x664, mjnhj.jpg)

There is only one sin: disobedience

No. 1240942

I think I'm an enneagram 9.

No. 1240943

File: 1656230493855.jpeg (434.83 KB, 1125x832, AC7C05CD-C444-4A52-A4DD-5A61D7…)

Some old lady in the dollar store gave me a dirty look for seemingly no reason today and I can’t shake what could have dismayed her about my mere presence. I moved recently and have seemed to get a few dirty looks in my new town and I don’t know if it’s because I’m new in a small town or what. It could just be some anxiety from being in a new place but it’s a weird feeling. For what it’s worth I look normal by all means, like about as average as they come in terms of how I look/what I wear.

No. 1240978

I think that's pretty cool, champ

No. 1240987

I kind of think it comes down to a combination of not seeing your kids emotions as valid and think they're more resilient/forgetful than an adult. Also, it's seen as hilarious. I've seen a lot of "funny" internet clips of kids being distressed over things adults wouldn't care about, or that talk show prank of telling your kids you ate all their halloween candy to watch the look of panic and disappointment to be like it was just a prank jk.

I don't know why, but it does seem to be common.

No. 1240998

Thank you, you're very cool too. I think I need to be a little more assertive though.

No. 1241035

one and done
two and through
three for me
four, no more
five to survive
six to stick
seven are heaven
eight are great
nine are fine
ten for a hen
eleven, no sellin'
twelve and i'll shelve

No. 1241087

Is this from an update? I think I’m still on ios 12, I hate updating

No. 1241106

You can change the search/address bar position in settings

No. 1241128

I give good massages, like, really good massages, and people always ask me where the fuck did I learn my techniques, i literally just use my intuition there's no technique to it, I just know where it feels good. That's my personal flex.

No. 1241155

Yesstyle is so expensive now lol. I wonder if anyone still buys there. No point of using it over ali

No. 1241177

i used to always use it, but not as much anymore. i was always disappointed at how low the bronze silver and platinum discount codes were, like platinum is something like 7% off kek

No. 1241204

File: 1656252850149.jpg (10.08 KB, 480x360, flat.jpg)

When I smoke a lot I feel like the flat weed commercial girl

No. 1241206

All of the shit China retailers are just reselling Aliexpress crap with higher prices.

No. 1241209

same nonna. I sneak behind people and target their pain spots instantly. They ask me how I know and I say it's instinct. I massage everything and everyone; family, friends, dogs, cats and myself. Everyone I know is supple as can be thanks to me.

No. 1241256

i’m rewatching jenny nicholsons bronycon video and i’m keking at her at the con floor yelling THEYRE GONNA RUN OUT OF BODY PILLOWS BEFORE I GET THERE while surrounded by the largest, ugliest ponified men. rare based jenny

No. 1241258

File: 1656256245616.jpeg (899.66 KB, 1334x750, C6FC2DD3-6335-489F-8E9D-BF8FA9…)

No. 1241280

File: 1656257983763.png (22.38 KB, 355x386, Untitled.png)

why is he replying to himself

No. 1241284

Lmao link? I don’t know who that person is but that sounds hilarious

No. 1241286

That video turned me into a pegasister

No. 1241297

NONA OH MY GOD I forgot about these!!! I was a huge stoner at the time these came out and my friends and I would laugh and laugh our heads off at these.
Same with the one where a girl walks into her kitchen and her dog suddenly starts talking and goes “Lindsay, I wish you didn’t smoke weed”.
Fucking kek I wish that would happen when I was high

No. 1241315

Finding out paki-chan is fat/chubby was the most surprising thing today. She must be eating GOOD over in pakistan

No. 1241323

Pls don't summon her

No. 1241330

I feel like sprite doesn’t taste right anymore. Like it always tastes like it’s a sugar free version even when it’s the normal kind

No. 1241396

wait she posted a pic of herself?

No. 1241423

check the end of twitter hate thread #6 and the fujo cringe thread

No. 1241455

File: 1656264403950.png (56.79 KB, 302x250, nothanks.png)

>get this look
how about no, this looks awful

No. 1241459

Wait hold on, she was a vargposter am I reading that right? Did she have a crush on him or does she just support his politics wtf

No. 1241464

The year is 2022 and I'm now more attractive than Ariana Grande. The end is near.

No. 1241469

File: 1656264852603.webm (1.69 MB, 1272x720, 286394213_1058573338419764_393…)

Literally anons here

No. 1241470

omg the eyeliner is a whole mess… who let ariana crayola doodle on her own face?

No. 1241488

NTA but in the lolcow caps thread (the previous one) there's a screencap of her admitting to being Pakistani after she said how she wants to fuck Varg and be his tradwife or something

No. 1241490

I love it and it's beautiful.
Side note I like the blonde's voice. I hate my voice so much.

No. 1241505

KEK anon

No. 1241512

oh my god tell me what this is from

No. 1241513

God, the moos are coming from inside the farm.

No. 1241521

it's from 'American Beauty'. Too bad it's a scrote film

No. 1241529

these fatspo threads make me feel a variety of emotions.. inspired, feel better about my weight, also feel guilty for the people used as fatspo(imageboard)

No. 1241532

sucks, thanks tho

No. 1241533

what does this have to do with the thread ana-chan?

No. 1241537

um because its dumbass shit

No. 1241542

Abby Lee Miller is gross

No. 1241543

I don't get fatspo at all, does nothing for me

No. 1241546

File: 1656267162909.jpeg (146.22 KB, 660x825, 10A657F5-A7B5-4393-B577-E88B80…)

hnghh I had a dream last night about the cutest white man ever with long blonde/white hair and kind of looked like a woman. no i’m not paki-anon just a horny bitch

No. 1241547

What's up with the sudden amount of posts about ED twitter? I swear there's been a million post about this this month

No. 1241556

Lots of people posting about lolcow on ana forums and on edtwt itself
Also many edtwts are being taken down
Also there is a tumblr revival
Also it’s summer and people are more weight focused

No. 1241559

I can maybe understand 'fatspo' if you are/used to be obese/extremely overweight but idk why regular people ,yet alone anachans would get inspo from it. I guess anachans find satisfaction through the idea that 'God at least I'll die skinny and never be this fat', as their hair and teeth fall out from malnutrition

No. 1241560

File: 1656267667921.jpg (167.69 KB, 620x990, 42213767_p1.jpg)

men with long and well maintained hair are beautiful, yes, that's not really dumbass shit
I would post a photo of a real guy with beautiful long hair but alas I'm too lazy to search and save it

No. 1241602

File: 1656269783622.jpg (29.08 KB, 800x533, calm-beautiful-woman-sleeping-…)

how I sleep knowing my oldest online friend who I love and cherish would hate me and block me on everything if she knew about my views on transgenderism

No. 1241630

Holy shit nona are you me? Mine's a "genderqueer" trans man now. It's such a shame but I love her so much.

No. 1241641

Kek, same anon.

No. 1241645

I wonder when gas stations stopped selling live fish bait

No. 1241651

NTA but mine's a "trans masc". I'm worried about her.

No. 1241654

I drank hot chocolate milk early in the morning on my way home because I slept at a friend's place and wanted to be home asap but I didn't eat breakfast to not miss the subway, and it's nearly 9pm and a half now and my tongue is still burning. I regret ordering that shit.

No. 1241658

I hate it when I drink hot chocolate (usually it's a special occasion) and I burn my tongue on the first sip. It ruins it for me. It's so fucking dumb but I haven't been able to properly enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in years because of it

No. 1241676

I've done this with pizza that's extra cheesy… why is it always the good stuff that hurts us lol

No. 1241695

kek I just get so excited about the hot chocolate that I drink it too fast I guess. Maybe we should try being a bit more patient.

No. 1241771


No. 1241805

Thinking about that one time a guy made a post about it’s over for him because he has chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation something that makes him shit all the time like crazy and stink and now hes going to break up with his girlfriend because he can not bear to unveil the truth of his perpetual shitting — farewell to the love I have known, for I have to go take the biggest shit of my life — anyway having chronic diarrhea seems kinda fake….I simply would not let that happen to me. Me and my bowel movements will solve it together

No. 1241812

But I seriously can‘t find any good fashion inspiration anymore. Everything turns out buy links, its all Y2K dark academia, and worst of all every picture is tagged something like “wattpad lemons xreader hunterxhunter daddy kink fic”

No. 1241826

I'm talking with a guy I'm getting big could be my boyfriend vibes and the mere thought is triggering feelings of constipation for me. Why do I associate not being able to shit with being with a man

No. 1241828

>tfw no chronic diarrhea bf
Probably the only kind of bf who will remain humble and not get delusional that he can do better.

No. 1241830

not at all true, you just get a bf that hogs the bathroom and gets pissy that he cant game because hes shidding all the time

No. 1241831

It's probably from his stupid diet. I knew a moid who would eat dairy and complain about it giving him the shits and when I asked him if he was lactose intolerant he kept repeating "no that can't be it" and would just consume more dairy

No. 1241844

File: 1656277626443.jpg (37.47 KB, 350x569, 21e7b666237a83012c18a50fd0faf0…)

fucks me up to look at a dude from history and wonder if the average 13 year old moid of today has seen more heinous, violent shit just browsing reddit than a guy who survived WW1

No. 1241852

Ap weird that in the 40s and 50s men really did hold being a gentleman in esteem and they even talked different. Like if you listen to newscasters and radio from that era and even when they interview people randomly they all have such a distinct diction. Now we're all uncouth

No. 1241866

I've been on a lil star wars kick since obi wan keno I and can I just talk about how the force is a libran concept. And how luke skywalker played by Mark hamil is a libra and we have the same birthday and he's the chosen one, and eean mcgeegor is a libra rising and he's obi and how Carrie Fisher is a libra and the force is all about balance and what is the symbol for libra. And libra also encompasses justice and fairness and what's the force!! Anyway if you believe in astrological phenotypes like I do who has a masters in molecular biology, you would believe me when I say I have similar features to both Mark hamil and eean mcgregor and can we also talk about how ewan is so hot for being in his 50s Beyonce is a libra rising too just for reference

No. 1241872

I worked at a retirement home with men and women who had served in the war and it's such a different level of elegance.
Even as a young woman, the men would always make sure I was taken care of (asked if I ate) or would attempt to hold the door open. The women were elegant and had such a nice aura. It was like a different world.

No. 1241889

picks nose
Stuck up bores.
flings the booger in ur face

No. 1241892

The fuck kind of retirement home were you working in? I've worked in multiple and all of them are filled with smoothbrains who's beat on worker

No. 1241902

It was a 'on call's independent-care retirement home(?). I was a server but they weren't like.. dying yet or dementia. They only had care-aids for meds for certain patients but they were all able-bodied (not vegetables in bed) and capable. They would then get shipped off to a hospice or end of life/serviced home.

No. 1241907

File: 1656279544785.jpg (66.09 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

How are you all? I'm glad to be here! Take my trans wife, please! I take my trans wife everywhere but she finds her way home! I said "where do you wanna go for your anniversary?" she said "I wanna go somewhere I've never been before", I said "try the shower!"

No. 1241931

It was just an act though

No. 1241939

I guess you're right. I think it may have just been one anon though, the posts look similar.

No. 1241945

I just saw a fanfiction about an anime man (my husbando) consoling the reader over Roe v. Wade. I have absolutely no words kek

No. 1241952

Post it now

No. 1241956

I hate my brother so much I'm selling the gift he gave me even though I would have use for it

No. 1241958

What he get you if you don't mind me asking?

No. 1241962

It's a super expensive garden kneeler and seat with a frame. But I have a $1 foam kneel pad that does the job. Also I hate my brother and don't want to use an item he gave me

No. 1241970

Nasty creepy manbaby

No. 1241971

It feels like he just got it for you so he can say "I do nice things for you" and justify his behavior. Glad you're selling it. Fuck him.

No. 1241973

Oh hey, this guy is in fallout new vegas

No. 1242091

File: 1656287698498.png (197.58 KB, 692x713, purgdad.PNG)

I didn't realize the entire Purgatory comic was on tapas until today and I'm attempting to read and evaluate the whole thing as if I had no prior knowledge of HCB and her antics.

No. 1242096

Havent thought about Purgatory in a while. kek

No. 1242101

File: 1656287946136.png (124.8 KB, 310x377, 22357325-F168-4C55-A9AC-805F64…)

I want to fuck Jerma and make him transphobic

No. 1242105

Play stupid games win stupid prizes

No. 1242111

File: 1656288519020.png (95.69 KB, 1298x792, 1692309558_preview_noWave.png)

Oh shit what did i win nona?

No. 1242115


No. 1242118

Why are men so emotional? I have a 31 year old hounding me with messages because I told him to relax in an anime forum since he was sperging out over people not liking his favorite anime genre. Checked his page and his entire page was other shit like that, kek.

No. 1242119

Who dis
hes hot

No. 1242122

I don't know

No. 1242124

Nonnas it says right there in the post

No. 1242126

a deranged psychopath

No. 1242129

He must be, why is he sitting there naked?

No. 1242270

My newly transphobic bf. Don’t talk to him he’s mine

No. 1242294

No. 1242317

Read an MRA subreddit for hilarity, and got reminded that they advocate for people to carry around hot sauce to put in their condoms. Imagine you start a new relationship and the guy asks you to pass him the mustard after sex, because he forgot to bring his sauce. I'd probably shit myself laughing.

No. 1242324

Wait wtf. Why the hell would they put hot sauce in condemns what are they gonna do, eat them????

No. 1242327

Because they think women will scrape the cum out and use it to "baby trap" them

No. 1242337

I had stopped checking on Holly for a while and then came back to her head shaving video, this was a long time ago though, I wonder if she’s still being crazy. That shit was hilarious.

No. 1242338

Ah yes, because women are just en masse scrambling to impregnate themselves with a below average broke reddit moid’s baby. They see it happen to a handful of multi-millionaire athletes and truly think it’ll happen to them. The fucking delusion. Not saying it’s never happen but if reckon they percentage is under 1 for non-wealthy men.

No. 1242340

Kek the only people who should be worried about that are billionaires or celebrities. Imagine seeing some red condom in the trash I’d think he had a medical issue.

No. 1242360

>Ap weird that in the 40s and 50s men really did hold being a gentleman in esteem
well except for the rape

No. 1242364

File: 1656309585142.webm (524.03 KB, 720x1280, lonelysadwoman_20211112_reel_2…)

Feeling a lot of negative feelings watching this.

No. 1242365

File: 1656309764068.gif (1.42 MB, 498x396, 78b3dc9f13ff4df7010f6cf81c264b…)

There are so many things wrong with this tiktok and I do not know where to begin.

No. 1242366

Remove the text and it just looks like a teenage sister being mad her NEET brother constantly hogs the console

No. 1242375

Ughh, I didn't think women who look like this actually had boyfriends who are like that.
In my pickme era I would've thought this is a good thing, because this kind of shit only gives hope to worthless incels who shouldn't ever be in a relationship with a woman (to my retarded pickme brain, that was good because it proved that women aren't superficial and that even the bottom of the barrel men have a chance, contrary to what incels say).

No. 1242391

kek at first I thought you were saying that they were putting hot sauce in the condom before sex

No. 1242394

File: 1656311176181.jpg (48.51 KB, 540x497, 7c8c1a95e34c2f3e99a0c729cd422f…)

Someone spamming Nikocado's porn, right now it's on /ot/, /meta/ and /snow/ be careful while scrolling.

No. 1242395

No. 1242397

No. No they can’t be married. I WILL go postal if they’re married. What the fuck.

No. 1242398

lmao me too

No. 1242414

File: 1656312697034.jpg (39.44 KB, 650x340, Ct0Ro28XYAAF9fw.jpg)

No. 1242417

kek they are so pathetic.

No. 1242426

No. 1242431

Yes they're really married but one quick glance at her account shows she's on the spectrum and has inbred teeth kek she's just skinny

No. 1242439

whats her acc? and she's still cuter than him regardless facially and thin. that alone means she can do better, crooked teeth or not

No. 1242450

The concept of needing a membership to shop at a grocery store is absolutely ridiculous. It's a grocery store, not some secret club or high-end brand.

No. 1242465

No. 1242483

Keeps the normies from going ham at Sams Club idk

No. 1242497

I'd take female tism and some crooked teeth over a lardass vidya playing neckbeard any day. Sat there with his ass hanging out of his shorts any time he sits

No. 1242514

I still remember that time when I was a kid and my parents went to one of those for the first time to buy some stuff. My mom was at checkout about to pay for some cute clothes she wanted to buy for me and got her and that's when they told her that she needed a membership lol. They had to leave everything they had taken there. I don't know why but that memory makes me really sad.

No. 1242521

Do you have some stores or chains in mind? I can't think of anything like that in my country, it's so weird because that means the stores would have less potential customers, which means less money, unless you'd need to pay for membership on a regular basis thanks to a subscription. Even then that seems beyond stupid.

No. 1242533

This is making me so fucking sad I'm actually tearing up

No. 1242534

I cried .

No. 1242591

File: 1656335216816.jpg (43.31 KB, 800x450, p1imcd1m6fencsa6qufl.jpg)

Matt lucas passing better than most troons

No. 1242617

I'm from America, honestly my post was just a Costco vent post. They charge $60-120 a year for membership.

No. 1242623

File: 1656338079606.jpeg (47.2 KB, 519x591, images (5).jpeg)

I think it's because they never tried to make his characters attractive, of course it helps he's a genderless blob and owns it.

Reminds me of Dustin Hoffman seething that the Tootsie SFX team couldn't make him a hottie, the fundamental mtf experience

No. 1242624

File: 1656338237717.jpg (249.89 KB, 1080x1122, cc5e79108d164434991fa68ba85058…)

The jellyfish hair reminds me of those weeb mullet hairstyles but I can't deny that I am still cringe after all these years and I think the hairstyle looks cute. I wish I didn't have thin hair so I could get my hair cut like this.

No. 1242634

Found my hs crush's ig, followed him and he wrote me all excited asking about where I've been all these years and telling me how much he missed me. Fuck I feel like a teenager again.

No. 1242638

No. 1242640

I thought you were going to say you just silently stalk him now, am I projecting?

No. 1242662

That looks like a scam, the fuck? If I ever move to the US (unlikely) I'll avoid Cotsco stores.

No. 1242664

Nah we're too old for that shit 30s already and he seems as happy as I am to talk again.

No. 1242691

File: 1656343881818.png (83.11 KB, 359x363, Untitled.png)

my lana phase is back!

No. 1242698

To add to this both ewan mcgregor and christen hottenson are aries suns. Aries is the god of war and the sister sign of Libra who is ruled by venus!! Was george Lucas big into astrology I need to know

No. 1242701

Hayden christenson even lol, anakin was played by an aries sun. Aries is ruled by Mars. Libra by venus. Ewan is libra rising aries sun and obi was short sighted training anakin unlike qui gon who knew feelings were not bad but anakin was taught that even loving his mother could be deemed 'wrong' Can we talk about star wars omg

No. 1242704

OMG sorry for spamming but I'm high and "star" wars??!!?! The stars is astrology!1!

No. 1242706

sis your mind is too powerful lmao

No. 1242707

I need George Lucas on the phone rn!!

No. 1242742

Does anyone else completely lose their appetite over the summer? Not anachan, but I notice that I always lose weight easily in the summer because I never want to eat. I basically have to wait until my stomach feels like it's eating itself to find any food appetizing. It's funny though because I'm usually a really food-driven person and in the non-summer months I'm the type to excitedly go home from work thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner. Then in the summer my appetite completely goes away and all I want to do is drink coffee. Maybe it has something to do with the heat?

No. 1242746

Why does the husband character in Annihilation talk like a low functioning autistic

No. 1242747

Oh yeah it's definitely the heat, puts me off too. Please get enough food though, or you might get woozy in the heat.

No. 1242749

I’m going to replace all of my dads tee shirts with sanrio tees from aliexpress. Wish me luck

No. 1242753

aw… your dad is gonna look so kawaii

No. 1242758

Make sure to get one with pompompurin. Pudding dog is cute.

No. 1242767

I love summer but hate the intense heat because I have to drink disgusting liquid replacement. eugh

No. 1242795

People with service dogs are actually pretty annoying (Well, on the internet. I don't know any IRL)

No. 1242796

Han Solo aka Harrison Ford is also a libra rising.

No. 1242807

I rode one of those e-scooters for the first time and fell…. My whole body hurts and I got a few cuts. I am a dumbass.

No. 1242815

those things are death machines anon

No. 1242829

My friend is getting an iud inserted this week and is talking to me about it and I'm so happy for her kek. I convinced her to get one and I can't wait for her to live her best baby free life.

No. 1242830

File: 1656351999603.gif (4.98 MB, 640x388, D3EFF65A-B9A9-4571-AA81-8DBB8C…)

>comes home
>eats good leftover food
>”hmm let me browse lolcow i’m bored!”
>sees a gore video of a guy having his head blown off

enough of the abortion debate we need to legally ban males and trannies from using the internet

No. 1242851

File: 1656353046632.gif (2.99 MB, 498x280, 1641255321751.gif)

z-library single handedly saved my life and helped my iq to raise to two digits

No. 1242855

kek most of what i download are romance novels. good for you! what have you read?

No. 1242866

memberships are how they make a lot of their profit and can offer deals on bulk shopping. it is weird but at least costco treats its employees better than other retailers.

No. 1242867

File: 1656353605339.png (77.7 KB, 409x246, rog.png)

seth rogan nails

No. 1242876

Agree, sort of ruined my dinner too.

No. 1242888

I know, that's why I'm a dumbass. They were so fun I rode one again today kekkkkk

No. 1242907

I'm so sorry that you saw that, nonny. I've also had the displeasure of being expose to really fucked up videos of that sort during an imageboard raid before. Incels should unironically be put in labor camps and I'm 100% serious about it.

Off-topic but I feel bad for this cat. Crying in cats is not normal. I hope those aren't real tears and it's just water drops or something.

No. 1242911

NTA, any recs? I never read a good romance novel and wish to change it lol

No. 1242946

File: 1656357057113.jpg (64.32 KB, 436x327, astrology.jpg)

i can't understand a single word here

No. 1242950

Natasha Lyonne is the hottest woman to ever live. I want to put my head between her titties and go BWUBWUBWU

No. 1242952

File: 1656357596517.jpeg (22.42 KB, 307x352, 6BDFB382-1911-41F8-8A26-F59D22…)

Yeah I didn’t get any of that shit either

No. 1242958

File: 1656358010199.jpg (49.22 KB, 570x569, il_570xN.3951949953_3pzx.jpg)

Some weird shit is going on, months ago I was flushing the toilet and saw a pair of earrings I got as a souvenir, they have a very recognizable pendant on both of them. I tried go get them up but couldn't get them and gave up as they went in further. Tell me why the fuck they're now in my jewelry pouch? How the fuck can this be?

No. 1242959

*the earrings were IN THE TOILET jfc I can't write for shit

No. 1242967

Maybe it's cause libra rules the arts I just get abstract imagery and symbolism more due to my sagittarius moon libra sun

No. 1242969

File: 1656358638047.jpeg (52.43 KB, 640x640, 8D76702C-B122-4003-B63B-CFD1D9…)

These things are so goddamn good. I don’t even have a stuffy nose I just use it as regularly as brushing my teeth. Improves breathing, my airways feel so open its like I’m breathing for the first time even though it was already fine before. Recommend for all.

No. 1242972

Those look ugly anon, don't wear them

No. 1242986

File: 1656359177741.jpeg (18.39 KB, 480x360, F097F31C-F2C7-43DA-AAE9-D576BD…)

I’ll tell ya hwat

No. 1242993

Can't tell if serious or not

No. 1243001

You Can't Escape. Sonichu Will Always Find You.

No. 1243004

Why are men allowed to be ugly and not care? Sometimes I just want to be a fat otaku in cargo shorts but here I am eating 900 calories a day.

No. 1243011

File: 1656360339351.jpg (504.49 KB, 941x1397, 1600891266104.jpg)

Its astonishing how will smith went from being considered one of the most charismatic men in hollywood to the to the face of being a cuck, combine that with his son being a scrawny gender queer who looks up to tyler the creator as a paternal figure and his daughter likely getting fucked by 40 year old pop-punk artists, he's become such a joke

No. 1243015

nonnies, my beloveds…the earrings weren't sonichu, I was trying to do a funny

No. 1243019

I love nasal inhalers but please don't overuse it and become addicted to them!! That is always my biggest fear. I use benzedrex since my local shop doesn't always have vicks. Waaay better than nasal sprays. No nasty liquid in my mouth plus it's just more effective!

Weird story, once I was trying to see which was better (since the ingredients are not the same) and stumbled upon a subreddit for benzedrex, and a pose about benzedrex vs vicks. I thought "wow, people are really passionate about their nasal inhalers but good for me because this is exactly what I want to know!" Turns out it was just a subreddit dedicated to using nasal inhalers to get high.

No. 1243020

I've been working on this stupid indulgent smut fic for over two years now but I just deleted everything in the document but am starting all over again. The premise is the same but I can't for the life of me figure out what the fuck to do with these two stupid bitches.

No. 1243024

>Gender Queer
When did his son come out as "gender queer" I only know he GNC but he's never claimed to be like that. And Willow is doing fine, all things considered their childern turned out great. They were always a little weird and seemed to not have much "Boundaries" but they could be worse as adults. Neither make much noise or are very controversial.

No. 1243044

I can't stop depression consooming cute clothes even though I'm too depressed to go out and look nice, at least it's all secondhand.

No. 1243045

It's ok if you had Sonichu earrings anon. We don't judge here.

No. 1243048

they weren't sonichu, u goshdarn booly

No. 1243064

I regret eating these damn perogies.

No. 1243066

I've heard that Costco has a lot of good items, but I honestly just refuse to go. I've never been inside one because my family just didn't shop there growing up and now as an adult I just refuse to pay 60-120 dollars on top of the groceries, even if it's only once a year. There are better grocery stores that still have good prices.

No. 1243071

What were they filled with?

No. 1243078

I sometimes wish I had a straighter figure so I could dress like 90s music video scrotes just once kek. Cursed with boobs.

No. 1243080

There are plenty of women who are fat and don’t care

No. 1243086

Because women date fat moids in cargo shorts and refuse to have physical standards

No. 1243089

live your cargo pants otaku dreams, anon. men and women who would judge you for it (provided you're not being penalized in an area that matters in your life) don't matter and are horrible people. disregard their opinions and know you look cute and fine. men will always be fugly, fat and bald and their opinions do not matter

No. 1243090

I could have already met my future husband but I don't want to be a faggot but I also want to gush about love and my faith that God has a plan for me and it involves love!!!

No. 1243096

I want a waffle iron, I need to make fluffy waffles from scratch

No. 1243116

File: 1656365520318.jpeg (182.7 KB, 1600x1063, ecb4e9ccf7b3a254df6dba380ac028…)

Here's a special farm one just for you

No. 1243120

File: 1656365840703.gif (1.53 MB, 498x326, uzjz.gif)

Using baby powder on my face for the past two weeks has done more for my acne than any skin care routine I've been doing for the past two years.

No. 1243122

File: 1656365879860.gif (5.66 MB, 281x500, 30886BF6-68A3-4E33-BA09-B185E2…)

I love that in my country (UK) girls outperform boys at school, I love that girls get more degrees than boys, I love than girls read more than boys in general, I love that we are getting higher paying jobs and going into stem, I love that we are getting more female professors and ceos. I will raise strong, smart, and confident daughters with high aspirations for themselves and I will love them more than any male.

No. 1243124

Always the simple things

No. 1243128

Why don't you go outside wearing your cargo shorts without caring? It's not that hard. No one will judge you.
I once went to school (college) wearing my favorite cargo shorts, legs unshaved, my combat boots, band t-shirt, studded leather bracelet, chains, and my long hair down. Basically, I went to school that day looking like a typical male metalhead. It was actually fun and made me feel pretty confident in myself. I even got some compliments from random students. Wear whatever the fuck you want to wear, I promise it's not going to kill you and you won't even look bad in it as long as you're not fat or male.

No. 1243141

Oh this is adorable

No. 1243142

Apples and pears go in the fridge so in the end we are all fridged shaped.

No. 1243146

File: 1656367471523.jpeg (131.41 KB, 750x747, 1598571041849.jpeg)

I've lost a lot of weight and look a lot different than the last time I saw my sister, she just told me that it's pretty obvious I got a weird botox brow lift, girl I'm just fucked up looking now

No. 1243147

settle down there Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

No. 1243149

they absolutely do not go in there you crazy sonova-

No. 1243151

Where do they go? I put mine in the fridge. I don't like warm ass/room temp fruits.

No. 1243154

File: 1656367843300.gif (5.49 MB, 480x360, 1D9F6569-ACE4-41CB-A4E7-78A829…)

Ever since I but some bangs and my glasses came in, I’ve been skipping on makeup lately. It’s also hot as balls. But I might do this forever. Nobody can see my eyebrows melting off

No. 1243161

into the fruit bowl but I do agree that an chilled apple is good every once in a while

No. 1243163

kek sorry I was just trying to make it clear that I dressed unconventionally that day
especially nowadays, I doubt anyone would give a fuck if anon wore cargo shorts or didn't care much about her own appearance, especially if she's American. On the flip side, they would probably think she's some sort of genderspecial though

No. 1243166

NTA but I dont think that was that edgy kek, I dress like that every day and nobody cares

No. 1243167

Whenever my family bothers me about getting married, I remind them of my friend who got married too quickly to a seemingly nice guy, spent 40k on a wedding, and had 2 kids with him only for him to turn out to be a pedophile and they shut up kek

No. 1243170

how do you use it?

No. 1243178

Well, exactly, that's the point. People won't even notice if you wear some cargo shorts. Though where I'm from it's not that common, so I did look kind of strange

No. 1243184

What the fuck anon. That's my biggest fear. Please tell me she divorced his nasty creepy ass. Don't blame you using her an example. I hate when parents think they can bully you into doing something.

No. 1243190

Why the fuck do parents think they're owed a son-in-law and grandchildren? It's so annoying when I tell them that I don't want kids or a moid and they get angry because they're OWED one and I'm denying them the right to be grandparents.

No. 1243196

Yes, she divorced him as soon as she found out and now he's a registered sex offender and lost custody of their kids, thank god.

I know, I hate it, especially the passive aggressive jokes. If I do get married I'm not going to have a wedding, and I'm sure that will piss then off too.

No. 1243209

Tell them if they wanted grandkids so bad they should have had more kids themsleves to increase their odds.

No. 1243213

Thank god. Poor kids.
Some parents are really messed up. They think you are an extension of them therefore have no thoughts or emotions of your own.

No. 1243219

File: 1656371318455.png (31.02 KB, 803x362, maltards.png)

lmao at these retarded males I think at least most of them are male who can't tell that the author of WotaKoi is a woman. I haven't watched it but I suppose it's because the anime isn't explicitly categorized as shoujo, but even just looking at the promo art it's so fucking obvious that this was made by a woman. It has that shoujo look, non-sexualized depiction of a woman who is not the main focus of the picture and anime men who are drawn in a particularly attractive way. How can scrotes can be this fucking blind?
And if you go to the author's pixiv (https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3165269/artworks) you'll see all her fanart of hot anime boys like ??
And since it's not marketed as either shoujo or josei, it's not going to count as one of the good anime for women that even moids like, perpetuating the stereotype that anime for women is shit or doesn't exist.