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No. 1203738

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Notably, several female orientated subs like Female Dating Strategy were banned as reddit is convinced anything pro-female is anti-male, but shitty male orientated subs with violent misogyny are totally okay and not a cause for concern.

Last thread >>>/ot/1153858

No. 1203949

File: 1654013818746.png (151.85 KB, 718x938, 1653653682357 (1).png)

(from previous thread which locked)
This is the type of moid who's understood and respected on Reddit.

No. 1203956

IDK if controversial but I kinda see it as good thing that in the space full of angry moids someone shares a resource on how to get out of this mindset?

No. 1203988

Yeah, better something actually mildly constructive than the majority of reddit incel scrotes who just want to circlejerk over how oppressed they are by the evil foids

No. 1204031

File: 1654017363922.png (297.12 KB, 1547x1051, 1653389193112.png)

Update on this kid
First, he DM'd everyone doubted the existence of "Alice" to reassure them "she was just very, very special" and then bragged about how alices family was wealthy elites who gave her a trust fund, then a young woman (19) came in the thread because someone tagged her because her story was weirdly close to alices (she was an EMT, is in a Masters program but won't finish it until she's 25-28, did a bootcamp at corbin bleu, she actually had proof though, etc)

anyway - the young woman actually doubted him too, called him creepy, said it was suspicious that he knew this much about his brothers girlfriend out of all people, he used the young woman as a "gotcha, see, it's possible to be this successful at that age" but ignored the fact even the young women who are as successful as Alice doubted him, didn't even bother acknowledging the woman accused him of stealing her story to LARP, anytime someone questioned anything else all he had to say was "she was just very, very, special, like one in billions"


No. 1204054

NTA but only a fucking man would have to go through years of purposely watching gore just finally realize friends good!!1 community important !

No. 1204202

I wonder if he's going to crack eventually or keep doubling down on his larp

No. 1204378

File: 1654030048699.png (114.42 KB, 747x879, Screenshot (34).png)

Holy fucking shit, imagine getting triggered over "kinkshaming" after seeing women criticizing men who have a "misogyny kink". For extra context this is on r/BlatantMisogyny, which is an alright sub if you look past the militant libfeminism on there, and the post is a screenshot from r/churchofman. Most of the comments are reasonable and rightfully criticizing the man in the screenshot for being a misogynistic waste of space, but there are some retards in the comments (aside from the mod) getting on a soapbox to defend kink and going "kinkshaming bad!!" "not all kinks!!" "this isn't representative of the kink community!!", how the fuck can someone be this smooth brained. God this really makes me want to a-log, anyone who feels the need to defend this and men abusing women under the guise of "being kinky" is a piece of shit, period.


No. 1204410

omg i saw this post yesterday and remember rolling my eyes so hard at that mod comment. it was on blatantmisogyny or a similar sub, imagine moderating a pro female space and defending kink unprompted like this. embarrassing

No. 1204416

I can understand seeing this as more positive than negative, but at the same time I get so disheartened by the level of degeneracy that's just accepted on reddit. Like, this is how low the bar is.

No. 1204613

The thread is dead so there's no real conclusion but it is funny how he went out of his way to DM people to really assure them that she existed. My thoughts are what the fuck did he expect to get out of this? Is it some weird sort of "if you don't try hard enough then your man will love a young, better woman" type deal? People aren't buying it at all and he looks like a blind ass even if this was true

No. 1204840

I don’t get how this whole “kink shaming is never okay” mindset that you see on reddit even started. People are allowed to think your fetishes are gross, especially when they involve violence. The defensiveness is so weird.

No. 1205049

Yeah he's trying to make women doubt themselves. Everything about men is projection and this one is, too. If men aren't successful, women will actually break up and find a guy who can support her and help her better if she's thinking of starting a family. Men on the other hand usually don't break up like that.

No. 1205108

File: 1654069961431.png (88.83 KB, 871x586, deadbedrooms.PNG)

Ah I just remembered to post this here. Saw this on r/deadbedrooms. The title of the thread was enough to make me seethe, as if men don't deliberately avoid having sex with their wives because they'd much rather watch porn, but this pickme comment sent me into a tail spin. At least most people were disagreeing with her and pointing out where she was blatantly wrong, but the comment alone….. I want to a-log nonnies so bad.

No. 1205110

No. 1205128

Why are these mentally ill autists obsessed with sex? It's obvious their relationships have gone to shit and that's why they're no longer having sex, forcing yourself to fuck a man you very much dislike and performed porn star shit you despise isn't going to fix your marriage. These men will neg their wives, try to cheat, get addicted to porn, etc. and then blame their wives when they're no longer enthusiastic to fuck the ugly blob their husband has become. Ugh.

No. 1205279

I've been with both men and women and the "women are starfish" thing is such a neg and manipulation to get women to overperform way more than what most women already do, in fact it's usually men who are lazy and being under performing, avoiding foreplay, spitting instead of getting lube, etc

No. 1205314

Love to see a pickmeisha get called out when she expected asspats for her shit take.

No. 1205322

I read her other comments in the thread and she's literally just coping because her bf has a "low libido" and rejects her for porn, she keeps mentioning how she has "empathy" for her partner and doesn't resent him for it like the other women on the sub. So she's basically just trying to convince herself that her bf isn't doing anything wrong and directing all her bottled up resentment toward him at other women who are less NLOG than her

No. 1205341

Does anyone remember that pink toned comic of this woman being so busy with performing like a pornstar and whether she's feminine enough, that she forgets about whether she's receiving any pleasure?

No. 1205354

I'm not a big fan of going on top because I have a rod in my back so me doing 'the movement' often just isn't a good time on my end. Never had a guy care half as much as this woman does. Don't most couples do mutual oral and other foreplay to get the mood going in the first place? Is that not actively and enthusiastically participating in the act? It's weird to think you know what the inside of everyones bedroom is like to the extent where you're essentially calling women lazy in bed just as a whole.

There's more to sex than piv and which one of you is doing the most thrusting but even then… Idk what percentage fo women are taking the reigns or how often they do it. And if a man with no physical illness or injury is complaining that keeping his dick hard and thrusting into you is just too much work and not a fair distribution of efforts.. he's covering his tracks for something much worse than laziness or performance anxiety. Wtf is this obvious pornsickness cover-up that we're now getting dragged into? What a cope.

No. 1205371

It's funny that in the same sub where men refuse to simply take some workload off of their wives in order to help her feel human again and get her in the mood… we have a woman sympathising because just getting a hard dick is soo strenuous. We could never imagine the amount of work that men put into… screwing?

Nearly every guy on there with a 'LL wife' is just some dude who works 9 to 5, gets home and then refuses to lift a finger. The moms are stuck on call every minute of the day attending to their kids solo and yet they wonder how they could posssibly fix her libido problem. What could the mystery issue be?? The irony is painful.

No. 1205373

I wish women actually did that more. Women are shamed for not being pet level loyal where as men are encouraged to ditch women as soon as even the IDEA of a more educated/funnier/more attractive woman comes along, even if the "better" woman is not interested in him at all

No. 1205375

>just some dude who works 9 to 5
It's always funny to watch men who will work 9-5, sitting on their ass in a comfy office and act like they're doing some insane, excruciating work and that they deserve to be worshipped as kings for it by their wives as soon as they get home, it's funny because blue collar dudes will work in the hot sun 60+ hours a week but still come home, be loyal, respect and spoil their wives and actually talk to their kids

No. 1205377

In my experience smart women choose their bfs depending on their careers and break up if he happens to quit his job and try to make her work more. Marriage and relationships aren't just about love and most women know that already, you need someone responsible if you want to move in with or get married to that someone.
Though if they're already married or have a child together, most women are too scared to leave. Even then I know a lot of women who divorced because of economic reasons.
I'm not saying this to accuse women of being golddigers or anything like those men do, we're just simply smart enough to ditch a man who's taking away from us.
Then again I live in a country with a bad economy so thats just might be why people are more likely to separate because of financial reason than any other.

No. 1205378

Current gf looks like a runway model and she pays 40 percent of the bills. Time to nitpick til that somehow sounds like a terrible deal he's getting. Typical lol

No. 1205381

>it's funny because blue collar dudes will work in the hot sun 60+ hours a week but still come home, be loyal, respect and spoil their wives and actually talk to their kids

I get your point about office dudes being whiny, but blue collar dudes definitely have as much if not more potential to be abusive ime. Just saying.

No. 1205384

Don't forget that men are also let of the hook for leaving women who have cancer scares or develop serious illnesses, but if it happens the other way around then it's taken for granted that the woman should be a caretaker for her husband and remain loyal

No. 1205388

Only men are allowed to be superficial, they can leave us for having pregnancy related changes or having a scar after cancer. For being a drag while sick, for being depressed etc. We're expected to put attraction to the side even in the absence of any serious illness. Our empathy is meant to know no limits. The bar is set so differently it's laughable.

They want a world where they get total undying loyalty from us but give the most highly conditional love in return. The moment we have conditions too.. we're heartless monsters.

No. 1205396

most people aren't like this and if you surround yourself with trailer trash that actually acts like that it's down to you to remove yourself from that environment

No. 1205403

>if you surround yourself with trailer trash
Nonny we are talking about reddit and the opinions you typically see on reddit… double standards in advice given on there. Not my personal life or my environment. Check the thread title kek

No. 1205404

Accept anons talking specifically about men, who frequently expect empathy but give little. Don't cape here.

No. 1205423

Can men get it through their head that women focusing on sex and the pleasure makes them 'starfish'… Like what do they want us to do while being penetrated? Most women suck dick without a second thought, many will ride men while men starfish during both, usually with minimal reactions at most some grunting. What the fuck should a woman do during PIV but just lie and a enjoy it? Not our fault you broke your dick and normal sex can't satisfy you. PIV is a when the guy should get pleasure from himself moving, it's like this in any mammal, females are always passive in this. Porn really fucked shit up.

No. 1205432

>only trailer trash dudes would behave like that, r-right ladies?
Sweet summer lamb, you'll learn.

No. 1205433

Look at the statistics of men who leave sick wives vs the opposite. Sadly it's true.

No. 1205447

I guess it depends on experience, white collar moids are definitely way more emotionally abusive and manipulative, they're also a lot more stingy with time and money. I knew several white collar moids who had a fairly easy job that would ignore their gfs to cheat and get drunk 3 days a week because they needed to "unwind from the stress of work", don't talk to their gfs or put in effort towards the relationship or bother being decent. I also knew plenty of blue collar moids in my family who would happily work 2-3 to pay bills, come home, massage their wife, help out with house chores, be there for their kids, etc. Something about moids working in the office really fucks with their head and makes them think they're on top of the world but at the same time a tortured slave who needs to run around acting foolish to deal with the horrid stress of sitting on their ass all day

No. 1205448

> it's down to you to remove yourself from that environment
I mean if that's their response to the topic of wives with cancer being abandoned.. I don't think they care to understand. They're insinuating that blame lies with the woman for not somehow predicting her own abandonment. The level of twisting required to cape that hard.

No. 1205451

>Trailer trash
Kek no. I've met plenty of people from all walks of life who do this. Stop enabling shit behavior from men

No. 1205452

The classic "it's your fault for trusting man who seemed like a nice guy" while simultaneously complaining about women being overly suspicious of men while dating.

No. 1205464

I'm the anon who mentioned men leave when women get sick and the couple I was thinking of while remembering that were both upper middle class professionals, it is far from a "trailer trash" thing

No. 1205595

I dated a guy who left me saying that he was tired of hearing about my complicated chronic pain issues. Saying that it was annoying. I barely ever talked to him about it at all, unless it was relevant. Like telling him I can’t keep up because of my knee problems. He came from a far more well off family than I did.

No. 1205608

This does happen. I remmeber a woman who took care of her husband for years and even changed his shitty diapers, he didn't leave any his money to her and she ended up homeless when he died. Don't do shit for men.

No. 1205628

I'm divorced. The reason I'm divorced is because my mother died and I was grieving. The whole time he knew me my mom had cancer and he was aware this was coming. He proposed to me and married me fully aware I'd be grieving soon. But apparently there was a strict time limit on how long I was allowed to grieve for. Previously I was reassured he understood and so obviously I never predicted him leaving for a reason quite as retarded as that.

And we're not trailer trash lol. I honestly thought he was a catch til then. Often men wlil put on a good front even for years, you don't always see it a mile away and you can't always avoid the trash when the trash dresses itself up as someone decent and caring. If a woman goes through something like that.. lets take one minute to just sympathise rather than rushing to say "well then it's your fault for being there" We all take risks in love. Women more so than men.

And the thing is, ime if you go hermit for a while after a guy hurt you.. people bash you for that aswell. You're damned if you dare to trust anyone and damned if you don't put yourself out there enough.

No. 1205638

>You're damned if you dare to trust anyone and damned if you don't put yourself out there enough.

The elephant in the room is that women are constantly expected to martyr and sacrifice ourselves for other people's comforts and happiness, personal issues be damned.

No. 1205653

File: 1654102899604.png (229.71 KB, 738x972, AITAPromise.png)


okay so this one isn't as bad as the others and i can agree with the general consensus as being the one stay at home parent is rough especially when that wasn't the plan and most people NEED something else to do. Also agree start adding paid childcare

On the other hand all the commenters are acting like this man will never work again and is being hen-pecked. this move could be good thing and he can get a job when they move. Also he's a man, businesses love 30+ yo dads. If he ever gets back to work he'll climb the ranks and get the "dad bonus."
blog: my dad never worked a full time job until he was 47 and he worked as registered nurse until he was 67, I got to see my parents' financials because of needing to put it into FAFSA, and he made great money no overtime no fighting the ladder, and he has great retirement benefits now
anyway what do the farmers think

No. 1205658

Sorry but I love this kek finally a man experiencing what they've put women through for centuries and we're still pressured to do. I hope she sticks to what she wants and goes and gets that job, the guy can suck it up and deal with it. Boohoo for him.

No. 1205659

My parents had me when they were really young, they struggled through jobs and went back to school in their 30s, mom even went back again for more in her late 40s/early 50s. We had a few moves, they took care of me at different times, but in the end things worked out okay. Whatever situation someone is in, it doesn’t have to be permanent. I can understand the husband’s frustration somewhat, but if I were him I’d also have to be happy for my partner and encourage her, especially if it brought in more money and benefits for our family. Hopefully they can make the move, get settled, and he can start looking for a job again too. I agree btw nona, men have a much easier finding jobs even if they are dads. If you’re a mother there tends to be some resentment over it (I’m not one, but I’ve noticed it happening to other women).

No. 1205660

You’ll feel differently when you have to take care of an older female relative because her husband of 40 years left her after she was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder. Or when you are that older lady. Idk whichever comes first. Have fun.

No. 1205762

I'm glad others agree with me, I think the move would be good, also here is an article to bring up the dad bonus https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/06/180614213621.htm#:~:text=Summary%3A,re%20not%20necessarily%20working%20harder.

No. 1205775

Yep, and they get heavily judged if you leave or stay if a woman finds herself in a relationship with an abusive moid. It's such a headache since men never, ever get this much shit regardless of the reason why they dump their SO. They can literally dump the mother of their kids because of her body doesn't look like an IG model and the most that will happen is he will get side eyed for a second but no one will care after. If a woman dumps a man for any reason she often risks losing family, friends, etc and at the same time risks losing friends if she stays with him. It's so unfair how women's relationships can impact every aspect of their family and social life but no one will even know if a moid is abusive, has 3 families on the side and is a community dick

No. 1205869

Nobody bats an eyelid at the thought of a woman having to relocate because her husbands career dictated it. It's just assumed that you'll follow.

I've moved even for a bf before because he had a career and I had a very basic job where I could walk into a store and get the same job with the same pay anywhere regardless of where we went. We followed the money trail and in return he paid the majority of our bills with those wages. Follow the money. Esp with kids to pay for.

No. 1207173

File: 1654135690775.jpg (18.83 KB, 1080x399, guiinjbrv1391.jpg)

No. 1207197

I want to see this. I hope someone finds it.

No. 1207204

Such good points nonnie

No. 1207237

are resources even going to fucking help someone like this? i've felt murderous rage toward my abusers (not… just assholes at school, actual abusers) but i have never had "a fantasy of shooting up a school" what the god damn fuck. that has to be an unfixable brain disorder

No. 1207257

This sums up how I feel about everything right now kek ffffuuuuck

No. 1207389

File: 1654151648650.jpeg (734.08 KB, 1332x1541, 1E824117-DAA3-4BDD-B625-BF66FB…)

A variation of this post shows up daily on this sub it seems.

No. 1207390


No. 1207392

File: 1654151749769.jpeg (538.32 KB, 1225x1734, A1455BCA-0FB3-4D84-B383-538C10…)

A selection of some lovely comments.

No. 1207407

File: 1654152903224.png (1.42 MB, 974x3899, 1C73CBB9-6751-4B26-B9F1-9A6FC2…)

You talking about this one? It's very good.
Source: https://www.dakotabardy.com/self-objectification

No. 1207408

File: 1654152974112.jpeg (256.75 KB, 1080x942, 3B083277-A849-4EDF-9537-59C095…)

Here's a related poem by Margaret Atwood that touches on the same issues, also very poignant.

No. 1207411

Never had my tinder set to look at women but tbh I saw this and was reminded of alot of male profiles I've quickly skipped past. They're probably only weekend dads anyway but sure beat you over the head with "my kid is my world, fuck off if if you can't handle that" The kid will be super young still and dads already separated from mom and dating so … They've no room to judge and they're not exactly highly sought after goods either.

No. 1207426

Yes, that's the one, thank you!

No. 1207432

I hate that quote because it reframes female fantasies as actually male fantasies.

No. 1207473

It's shit like this that makes me want to troon out.

No. 1207503

Nta but how? Have you never realized most women don't want an attractive bf but want to be beautiful themselves first? How most women care more about pleasing their partner first? How most sexual fantasies have women get sexualized and objectified?
Most men want a beautiful woman but don't give a damn about their own looks, most women want to be beautiful but don't give a damn about men's looks. Women are taught to objectify themselves and present themselves to men but never expect anything in return. Women getting economic independence is starting to break the pattern.

No. 1207505

>up on a pedastal - male fantasy
>even pretending you aren't catering to male fantasies is a male fantasy
>pretending you have a life of your own

No. 1207513

Read what I wrote. Most women try their best to appeal to men because we just have to. Why di you do your makeup hair and dress the way you do if not to fit the male gaze and be socially accepted? Why are women expected to get dolled up for a day to work? Why?

No. 1207589

Your reply has nothing to do with the text quoted

No. 1207611

I'm convinced they've never met mlm single moms kek they'll literally date anyone. I actually wish they were refusing to date anyone that's not Chad. This dude probably just got blocked by one after being creepy and now think it's because he's not chad

No. 1207626

File: 1654172402632.png (97.09 KB, 913x595, md.png)

In this case, the moderator is into it. She deleted comments that disagreed, too
I have a slight suspicion that most of these "Stop kinkshaming!!" people get very into jerking off even while they do "normal" things online, so they get bothered by anything that kills their "buzz" midway through. This sort of reaction makes zero sense otherwise. It's almost like coom-induced entitlement and tunnel vision or something. On the internet, people let their fetishes become their existences

No. 1207631

Why is she in a position of power if she likes being abused and spit on by men so much, hmm?

No. 1207639

All of this changes when you realize that men don't make images like this about women they don't want to fuck. They just don't have the brain capacity to focus this hard. He made this shit to vent about feeling excluded by hot local moms in his area lol

No. 1207641

These women don't actually enjoy it and you can tell, they just endure it, claim to like it and use it as a reason why they're "better" than other girls. That's why they never shut up about it because they're trying to convince themselves they're submissive masochists more than they're trying to convince everyone else.

No. 1207644

File: 1654173479592.jpg (33.82 KB, 481x500, sku001157-2_fa8d7fe4-70f1-4cfa…)

This is true. Stereotypical suburban single dad's are just NPCs to me, I couldn't imagine going out of my way to mimic them and mock them for rejecting non-stacies unless I wanted to get with them. Men have sexualized single moms since the 70s though so it's really weird how the single mom hate just came from nowhere after every bro dude had those trashy "I support single moms" bumper stickers and clickbaited single mom shit on porn sites. It's so weird how men will sexualize a "type" so hard and then claim the women they just sought after are actually gross

No. 1207655

nta but are you actually retarded or just male? or an unfortunate woman who’s been sucking scrotes for so long that all the semen sloshing between your ears has replaced your brain? if you hop off that dick for three seconds, get some air, and exercise critical thinking abilities for once, you might be able to understand this painfully simple point.

No. 1207656

It's the response of the failed PUA's from the 2000s who now realise that trying to be no strings attached with multiple women means they will end up aging out of the desire range of the young/low self esteem/ easily impressed/easy to manipulate women they once sought, and will have no relationship because they decided to play around rather than invest in a relationship. Incel tards will always be reacting to the future they built for themselves.

No. 1207660

Plus they see women as a resource support human and not a person on their own, so they are mad when they believe something they have a right to in fact is sentient and can choose to be without them if so desired, so they can't be abusive or just a shitty partner in general and have to maintain a decent relationship, which, as we've seen on reddit, men think even the most basic of expectations is evil since they value the low risk but greatest reward system. They don't want to invest or try to appeal to women since other men ree that it is emasculating and men want the respect of other men, just be given what they feel they are entitled to. That's why men see a handsome man as a man who appeals to other men, aka muscled chad stereotype, while women usually describe the perfect man as to their looks taste wise but also focus on his personality, behaviour, and treatment of women.

No. 1207663

It's weird, especially since these men act like children but hate the women who know about caring for and raising kids

No. 1207666

Again, instead of seething and throwing out those trashy profanities, you could realize that problem is the negativity of the viewpoint and how it overwhelms the message.
>even pretending you aren't catering to male fantasy is a male fantasy
Who cares? Stop thinking about male fantasies and how they objectify you, live your life and don't bemoan it. Being powerful for the sake of your own power, isn't "pretending to have a life of your own".

This is the same with anons who say they enjoy sitting on top of their partner and other women shut them down with how he'll turn into a femdom sissy and troon out, kek. You are obsessed with what men think.

No. 1207678

everything you’ve just typed out proves the point of the original post. it’s not obsession to be aware of the fact that women’s lives are shaped by their oppression. are you going to call anons hysterical next for believing patriarchy exists and help us all fill our archaic misogyny bingo card?

No. 1207687

It's one thing to acknowledge that many women are affected by the objectification we see in certain cultures, it's another thing to critically examine the quote we are discussing. Why is the writer saying
>pretending you aren't catering to male fantasy
>pretending you have a life on your own
It diminishes the woman's choice and says she's merely pretending to be doing these things and still being shaped by male fantasies, not just because she wants to do it. If scrotes fantasize about women taking a shit, it's their problem, not mine to think about.

No. 1207689

Sage 4 no contribution but I asked something on the anorexia subreddit (recovered anachan, binge eater now kek) and everyone was so nice. It really is just men being rude, I've asked the simplest of questions and they straight up tried to tear me apart for asking about learning Slavic languages kek. I rarely go on there but when I do it's mostly the woman oriented ones like r/autisminwomen (which is very helpful, it actually reminds me of lc a little bit in the sense that there are no retarded scrotes). There should just be a men containment zone somewhere and have the rest of the internet be for women. this has probably been talked about numerous times idgaf

No. 1207740

>that has to be an unfixable brain disorder
that's called being male

No. 1207753

Different anon but I don't think the 'pretending' part is meant to be literal, it is just emphasising how hard it is to escape the male gaze, how self-objectification is a thing even when you're alone sometimes

No. 1207791

I feel like if an AGP saw this comic he’d be like “See! It’s just like me! Women get turned on by themselves!”

No. 1207827

Definitely. I feel like the problem with that opinion is that it's not actually what they're going through. This is female socialization making a male-attracted woman place how well she performs femininity to men above her own actual pleasure during sex. AGPs don't actually feel like their sexuality is contingent upon how much they please some guy, they just love the idea of feeling that way. Like, the thought of being fucked over mentally that way and being that "servile"/submissive is a turn-on for them (in part because it's so degrading). They romanticize it, and unlike even the most sexually submissive women, that rose-colored lens is literally the only way they can see it. That's why ugly old men can still dress up in sissy gear and coom hard with little to no actual shame, but you don't see actual older women doing the same. Actual women go through the reality of this shit, which generally makes for poor sex, distraction and emotional distress
tl;dr: They just don't get it, and never will lol

No. 1207837

Yeah I hate it. Any time I’ve been with a man all I can focus on is how ugly I look, how fat I appear, if my cellulite or ingrown hairs are showing, etc. It becomes mental torture and it’s no wonder so many women don’t enjoy sex with men. If all a man has to worry about during hetero sex is if he finishes too fast then I’d say he’s lucky as hell. Half the time I’ve been the partner I wish they WOULD just hurry and finish because it sucks to lay there and feel like you’re just on display while they usually don’t give a shit about your pleasure anyway. Sorry for blogging it just annoys me and the fact that there are men who get off on the pain and stress of it pisses me off more.

No. 1207888

You are not immune to propaganda, nonnie. It is a very simple observation that in a patriarchal society, women’s choices are not born in a vacuum. it does women a greater disservice to chastise the ones examining where the influence that creates those choices stem from.

No. 1207925

File: 1654187200850.jpg (286.55 KB, 1419x1798, reddit school shooting science…)

Reddit science everyone

No. 1207934

The y chromosome was a mistake.

No. 1207949

Men should cease to exist

No. 1207961

Another male projection of sexual mindlessness

No. 1207988

Male brains look like this: SEX! and then project it onto women. I'm so glad I wasn't born with a dysfunctional moid brain.

No. 1208016

God same I remember one time being in a skype call ages ago with some friends (all women) just laughing and talking, and one of them invited a scrote friend of theirs in and I s2g everything he said had some kind of sexual aspect to it. You could tell it made everyone super uncomfortable because there would be radio silence after he said things. Idk if they get off on it or just are incapable of thinking about anything and not making it sexual.

No. 1208017

can we make it illegal for reddit idiots to attempt to discuss biology?

No. 1208030

>of having to defend my existence
KEK why are kinksters so dramatic, they act like kinkshaming is basically oppressing them. Anyway she can go fuck herself for really defending r/churchofman, how the fuck can you be a moderator of a sub calling out misogyny and be okay with an extremely misogynistic sub just because the scrotes running it justify it with "it's a kink"? The cognitive dissonance is real.

No. 1208033

>they can't be abusive or just a shitty partner in general and have to maintain a decent relationship
I feel like this is the reason so many men opt for "situationships" over actual relationships, because they know that they're horribly abusive in an actual relationship so they can use it as a free pass to be neglectful, cheat, act like a moron, etc and if the woman is upset they can just say "but we're not in an actual relationship though…"

>That's why men see a handsome man as a man who appeals to other men, aka muscled chad stereotype, while women usually describe the perfect man as to their looks taste wise but also focus on his personality, behaviour, and treatment of women.

exactly this. the "muscly chad" often have good treatment towards women because they actually like women and put in effort towards pleasing them, they understand women want good looking men who know how to act, the men who are mad about this are usually out of shape neckbeards with no job who try to fuck every other woman that's not their gf as soon as they get in a relationship. They just expect women to fall in love with every aspect they lack in, which is all of them

No. 1208067

If you want to be miserable and paranoid over your own choices, feel free to

No. 1208078

I agree with you honestly, what is the point in driving yourself crazy obsessing over how men pornify our fucking existence? You can’t control how others perceive you.

No. 1208105

File: 1654194566705.jpg (13.75 KB, 500x332, 81931bc614a192ac58c504d5d7e9a1…)

really hate it when libfems pretend makeup etc is empowering and creative when it's 99% used for making women more attractive to appeal to men. You can live this tumblr fantasy if you want but it's not real life.
>No one expects women to get dolled up for work but women
How old are you? Have you ever had a job? I can name women who have been told they look ill when they go to work without makeup, i can name women who have been flat out asked to wear a little makeup, I can name reddit posts where women have shaved their hair and been told to covere it up, waitress jobs, bar tending etc all require a woman wear makeup either by company code (hooters etc) or by directly impacting their tips if they don't.
You are ignorant as fuck.

No. 1208118

I think you are kind of misreading the quote and the author's intention with it. Margaret Atwood is a pretty diehard feminist and would never dare suggest that this is how women should view themselves. It's a passage layered with satire and cynicism.. I see it more like the words are coming directly from the patriarchy itself, mocking us. It's just a variation of the messages that are already prolific in our society and passed down to us through propaganda and such. That we ourselves are just extensions of male gaze. We as women, and as feminists, know this to be true yet false at the same time since we have depth of experience.

No. 1208123

critically examining these things was what freed me to do what I want, and that seems to be the point you’re missing. do you genuinely believe the misogynistic stereotype that feminists just sit in their rooms all day and gripe about what men think and do? you seem very angry about other’s choices to think for themselves and applying broader analysis to their lives. I genuinely hope that completely shutting your brain off to any examination of your own choices doesn’t hurt you in the long run.

No. 1208129

Nobody here is miserable, paranoid, or "driving themselves crazy." The original item of discussion was a small passage by a known feminist author on how we internalize male gaze.

No. 1208155

I agree with this, women usually don't care if I don't do my hair fancy, don't wear makeup. Men on the other hand? Act weirdly confused because "why don't you have anything on your face?""why don't you do your hair, she does her hair?" etc

the only time I can think of is when female managers instilled "dress codes" that said we all had to dress nice/in certain attire but paid us poverty wages so none of us could really afford the clothes she wanted us to wear

No. 1208163

Women literally got written up for not wearing makeup during zoom meetings during COVID

No. 1208175

Jesus Christ wtf. I’ve gotten comments about looking tired (aka having my natural face visible) but that kind of shit is dystopian and misogynistic as hell. Where are the write ups for the men not wearing makeup? They sure look tired and gaunt too.

No. 1208178

The women being fat is alluded to twice; they really think that's the worst thing a women can be huh

No. 1208188

We also saw 100,000 net job loss for women that first December mostly in WOC while men had a net gain of 15,000 just for more gems.

No. 1208194

>men don't make images like this about women they don't want to fuck.
I have to disagree, not trying to shit on single moms but men absolutely DO put significant energy into shaming women they wouldn't fuck (or don't deem worthy of being fucked even if they would). There's nothing they loathe more than an unfuckable woman, they stand to gain plenty by shaming them into changing/lowering their standards or scaring other women to the point they desperately avoid becoming unfuckable.

Men are always trying to give themselves the biggest possible dating pool with as many hot young women as possible. All their scolding and fear mongering about women doing x or having y trait is designed to force more of us into their pool of fuckable women to choose from. They'll punish women they don't want and threaten women they do.

No. 1208195

They really do. Just goes to show how much they get off on making women feel like shit, they post it even when women are unlikely to see it on their musty moid site.

No. 1208201

ayrt, now I'm thinking about it, Cringetopia used to be 90% just videos of fat women. Most of them just existing but apparently that alone was enough to be considered horrible people. That's not even mentioning the rest of the site's view on women being fat.
And then they wonder why so many have eating disoders

No. 1208207

I mean look at R/entitled parents it’s almost always a mom and her kid and bonus points if they describe her as over weight or a Karen.

No. 1208209

I agree, men will totally unleash all their pent up misogyny on women they aren't attracted to because they don't see it as having any consequences for them if they weren't trying to have sex anyway

No. 1208219

Yeah, they go out of their way to harass women just because they are fat/ugly/whatever doesn't make their pp hard. None of it is funny, but men seem to think bullying women to the brink of suicide is comical. It honestly seems like a way to make "unattractive" women more likely to sleep with them because they destroy their self esteem in the media. Because you know even the women they deem unattractive don't want them, so they seethe and start bullying women with the same traits.

No. 1208283

I’m one of the anons you replied to and I understand that, I just personally don’t like the quote because of its cynicism and the assumptions it makes about women and their choices. Women are allowed to not agree with every single thing Atwood has ever said

No. 1208397

Ngl but I really can't believe this comic had made me realize something significant about my sexuality. Damn, I have a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing nona.

No. 1208622

File: 1654214398369.jpg (75.86 KB, 687x564, Untitled.jpg)

kill redditors

No. 1208656

Wasn't that character also a robot? That just proves that troons are attacking other troons

No. 1208661

No. 1208665

File: 1654218400544.png (445.06 KB, 654x495, true form.PNG)

yeah her name is melody and this is her true form kek

No. 1208667

>when he removes the filter

No. 1208673

is it not infested with trans women trying to act like they have similar experiences?

No. 1208969

File: 1654241251165.png (61.31 KB, 765x524, 3some.png)

Deserving of a roflmao
Also some comments are quick to suggest it's not him, it's just because of the situation, because of the "taboo", the new experience… no, it can't be that the woman is just way better than him in bed. While also saying "communication is the key to orgasm anyway", even though this woman fucking her the first time apparently didn't need months of communication kek.

No. 1208984

Inshallah she drops him for her.

No. 1209021

Most comments are okay tho, just saying he has to learn more

No. 1209083

r/autisminwomen? no, the tranny-infested one is r/aspergirls

No. 1209233

File: 1654258507479.jpeg (811.02 KB, 1170x1908, 86D1DA6F-BD91-415D-AF57-AA1655…)

No. 1209245

One of my favorite things is when moids wanna try some coomer shit like poly or threesomes and then get depressed when they find out they're shit tier boyfriends kek. The world always has the funniest ways of handing it to coomers

No. 1209250

Not that I know, I don't go on there often but I've never seen one. From what I remember last time I browsed it a lot of them are frustrated mothers who find it hard to cope with the constant stress, things from their teenage years they understand now, women trying to escape the hell that is r/autism with moids constantly being rude for no reason and belittling them a la reddit. So no tranny shit (as far as I know). And considering the word 'woman' is in the title most troons would run away because they're obsessed with calling themselves 'girls' or whatever other term except for 'woman'.

No. 1209254

>waah waah muh peepee
Guys didn't use to be such babies in my time. Dude I know from school simply learned to fold himself to suck his own dick when nobody else wanted to.

No. 1209257

The other one that makes me laugh is when men want an open relationship but then get upset when their gf/wife sleeps with someone else. Like dude you were the initiator what did you expect? Her to just sit around while you go fuck other women? Double standards.

No. 1209261

This is so damn pathetic. Women have every right to be as picky as we fucking want when you can see how shitty our options are. Self-hating incels, men who might troon out at the drop of a hat, violent misogynists in every group. Sorry you can’t just own women as property anymore dude.

No. 1209268

men love fetishising bisexual women so much, they make me fucking sick. I hope this coomer retard feels like shit about himself for the foreseeable future

No. 1209270

worst part are the comments like.. top comment is basically telling him how brave he is for admitting this and how top-tier women can indeed be 'bitches'. a lot of the commenters are sane but way too many coddle this retarded moid. this post, along with the other askreddit one where men literally admitted to wanting to shoot up their schools cuz of le booliez (and getting called brave for admitting to it) just makes me wanna rope

No. 1209276

Me too. It always made me feel so shameful growing up and through college because men were so fucking gross about bi women (I’m sure lesbians feel similarly). Nothing more disgusting than being at a party or something and someone mentioning it and expecting you to drunkenly makeout with another girl or whatever. They don’t view our sexualities as real, just as something pornified they can get off on. So yeah I have no sympathy for a man feeling sad because he learned he can’t properly please his gf.

No. 1209278

When moids are in relationships their gfs and wives become invisible and they just see every other woman as a hole, regardless of the value of the woman, so they're shocked when they forgot their wives are actually hot and will attract way more attention while they're begging for girls not to block them on tinder

No. 1209281

The coddling of self-admitted would-be child killers in that thread was INSANE. I cannot even begin to explain how INSANE. I can only rage. INSANE.

No. 1209298

I completely agree with you, but you don't have to also mention lesbians when the discussion isn't about them. they do deal with fetishisation, but the ways in which we are fetishised and the ways in which they are fetishised are two separate things, even if they share some similarities (i.e. being objectified by bottom-barrel straight moids). ultimately, the post was expressly about bisexual women. I feel like this sort of behaviour where we as bisexual women cannot centre our experiences and our oppression without feeling an invisible expectation to also mention another party or group that experiences something similar to what we go through is part of the reason why nobody takes our struggles seriously, as well as why we feel as though our unique struggles aren't as serious as anybody elses. I know this is retarded but I see this all the time in discussions amongst bisexual women - this random need to say, 'oh, I'm sure lesbians can relate' or 'oh, I bet trannies/asexuals/pansexuals/some other made up group know how this feels'. respectfully, who cares? it's about us, and you never see anyone else piping up in their intercommunal conversations to mention shit about bisexuals or bisexual women other than to shit on us.

>inb4 the political lescels on here start crawling out of the woodwork

No. 1209324

Thank you for that, anon. I think I actually really needed to hear that. It always feels like I can’t bring up bisexuality without someone immediately jumping to criticize us for something or invalidating the experiences and oppression I’ve had because of my bisexuality (of course this comes from both men and other women). The belittling and discounting is one of the things that has made me act like this I think, like everyone else has it so much worse when in reality some of my experiences probably are in-line with what many have experienced (regular old homophobia for instance because if you’re with a women no one can differentiate you being bi or lesbian unless you tell them). But then there are the annoying stereotypes that we get from both hets and homosexuals like your current partner cancelling out every other partner or romantic venture you’ve had, believing you’re likely to cheat or flighty, you’re doing it for attention, etc. It’s hard to find a space to talk about the things bisexual women experience where other people don’t get immediately defensive and start trying to rewrite the life history of someone they don’t even know. We don’t really seem to belong or fit in to lesbian or straight women spaces because I admit I don’t understand or relate to everything about those groups either. So really thank you, I’m going to try to stop doing that when I engage in conversation about this topic.

No. 1209341

LMFAO git gud, scrote

No. 1209890

File: 1654281714061.png (68.33 KB, 458x569, C8EF7429-751E-445E-82FD-56F039…)

How do you even start changing your view of sex after knowing that this is how it works

No. 1209902

Do you mean that you can relate to the comic?
Focus on what YOU find attractive in a partner instead. Maybe join us in the horny /g/ threads.

No. 1209925

Idk nona. It seems to be ingrained in many of us because we are taught that when it comes to sex with moids all that matters is how we look and their pleasure. Focus on finding out what gets you off and never let a moid partner stop without finishing you off too. It really takes a lot of getting more in tune with your own body and learning what YOU like.

No. 1210042

On Reddit it's common for older scrotes to say if incel or redpill was around when they were younger they would have joined those groups. Basically all scrotes have an incel phase. Or not a singular phase but just varying intensities throughout life.

No. 1210311

Strongly recommend this. The /g/ threads have helped me IMMENSELY when consciously thinking about what traits I find sexy in a man. And it is SOOO refreshing to hear other women's outlooks on sexuality.
My IRL girlfriends are all normie and act in a similar way to the comic- they only focus on pleasing their male hookups and getting validated from the man's comments towards her looks.

No. 1210387

File: 1654301821540.jpg (120.96 KB, 830x1193, IMG_4235.jpg)

Me at every moid that uses reddit ever

No. 1210400

Unironically, becoming a fujo fixed it for me. People reeeee about fujos not wanting to see female characters but it seriously helped so much with my self objectification to have no women at all in a pairing to relate to or compare myself with. It's all about the men and my preferences in what they look like, how they are in bed, their personalities- how I look or act is irrelevant and only my taste matters. Over time my taste definitely got more developed and specific and I know exactly what I like independent of what men like.

No. 1210404

i'd like to see tangible evidence of women getting written up or fired over not wearing makeup because i don't know what kind of cringe hellholes you people live in where that happens

No. 1210413

My friend worked at some fancy english preschool or something in tokyo and got a formal warning for not wearing any makeup, that’s the only time I’ve heard it happening around me.

No. 1210415

I'm usually on board with most feminist points of discussion and it's not like I think women lie about it but yeah, I can honestly say I've never seen or experienced any negative consequences for not wearing makeup. I just assume it's a cultural thing in other countries, or only in certain high pressure industries?

Personally in over a decade of working regular office jobs, my experience is that wearing makeup is not very common and is definitely not expected or enforced. And socially, people don't really care and don't comment. I've never heard of anyone getting asked if they're sick for not wearing makeup one day, everyone knows what a full face of makeup looks like in comparison to no makeup. Even dumbass moids know, if they've ever had a long term gf they've been exposed to bare faces.

No. 1210420

I've only heard of it happening in a shit hole like Japan, but that's it. They still live in the early 1900s most times there, especially how bad sexism is.

No. 1210430

>never let a moid partner stop without finishing you off too
sounds rapey, don't word it like that.

No. 1210455

You do realize the Supreme Court ruled it legal to fire women over makeup correct?

No. 1210458

File: 1654305072434.jpg (20.83 KB, 500x375, 0.jpg)

I think makeup requirements are usually very specific jobs in some places, like how some airlines have every flight attendant wear the same makeup for a regulation, or as >>1210413 mentioned it's a thing for some roles in Japan.

No. 1210475

Nta but other countries than burgerland exist, you do realise that huh

No. 1210479

I only see these kinds of women on Bumble, god I don't want to be friends with insane single retard moms

No. 1210507

she clearly doesn't realise that. burgers are so self centred it's wild, and she's the one living in the shithole where they passed such law too

No. 1210512

I was just going to say that. America truly is the land of the retarded.

No. 1210575

Sorry. I didn’t mean for it to come across that way, just that men usually just want to finish and never please their partner in return, and I think women should make it a point to have it reciprocated.

No. 1210679

I’m a burger, but it’s definitely happened to me before, and I live in a somewhat liberal state. First time as a teenager at one of my first jobs, my manager told me and another coworker how we looked “so much more lively” (lmao) when we wore a bit of lip gloss and mascara, then proceeded to shittalk other female coworkers for having “dry lips” in front of customers (yes this is 100% what he said). Most other jobs I’ve had haven’t been so blatant, but I’ve definitely been praised more by supervisors when I have a full face compared to when I’m more natural, especially in customer-facing jobs like sales. I have absolutely no doubt that I get treated better by managers and customers when I have my hair done/full face of makeup.

No. 1210693

We're expected to wear makeup, do our hair and wear cute, and most girls go with revealing, clothes when we have oral exams. You get a better grade if you're dolled up. It's weird, my field isn't about looks either like I'm no flight attendant or something.

No. 1210751

Women who wear make-up earn more. The difference is 20%.
>"We find that attractive individuals earn roughly 20 percent more than people of average attractiveness," the study found, confirming conventional wisdom. But the reduction once they accounted for grooming "suggests that the beauty premium can be actively cultivated." This means that even if you're not conventionally attractive, putting on makeup could mean a higher paycheck than those who don't spend 20 minutes perfecting their cat eye every morning. Sure, this could sound like a good thing at first: Many of us put on makeup anyway, so why not let it help us out? But take a step back: If you ever want to opt out of the cycle and forgo foundation, you'll be judged.
>And while the trend held true for guys who upped their grooming habits, the study found that they're judged only partially on their grooming habits. Meanwhile grooming "accounts for the entire attractiveness premium for women." Wonderful.
>Women viewed as more trustworthy when wearing makeup — and receive larger money transfers in an economic game
>People who are physically attractive tend to viewed as more competent and earn higher salaries than their less attractive counterparts — a phenomenon known as the “beauty premium.” New research published in the Journal of Economic Psychology provides evidence that the use of makeup can be used by women to gain access to the payoffs that are associated with this premium.

No. 1210754

File: 1654325621733.jpg (276.34 KB, 1226x647, UK_petition.jpg)

Evidence that this doesn't just happen in the US or Japan
>The petition was started because of an individual’s experience, but it has become clear in the course of our inquiry that this was not an isolated incident—and nor is the problem confined to high heels. We heard from hundreds of women who told us about the pain and long-term damage caused by wearing high heels for long periods in the workplace, as well as from women who had been required to dye their hair blonde, to wear revealing outfits and to constantly reapply make-up

No. 1210759

File: 1654326072234.jpg (192.87 KB, 901x772, Human_Rights_college.jpg)

Here is a recent case at the Human Rights college in the Netherlands, you can visit on 19th of July to hear all about it
>A woman complains about her former employer's dress code. Female staff are required to wear make-up when they work in the store, while those regulations do not apply to men.

No. 1210778

File: 1654327476470.jpg (294.52 KB, 921x826, more_on_topic.jpg)

I'm adding an unrelated Reddit Screenshot to stay on-topic for the thread, but here's more
>UBS recently sent its Swiss retail-banking staff a 43-page code with advice on how dress to impress clients, according to today's WSJ. The manual also provides detailed tips on hygiene and personal grooming, ranging from appropriate hair dyes and accessories to underwear and socks.
>The bank expects staffers to wear suits in grey, black or navy blue, colors that "symbolize competence, formalism and sobriety, according to the manual. No short skirts for female staff; the ideal length should reach the middle of the knee. Showy accessories and trendy eye-glasses are a no-no, too. Staffers are told to avoid strong fragrances, along with garlic and cigarette breath, the code says.
>Meanwhile, for women, "light makeup consisting of foundation, mascara and discreet lipstick will enhance your personality," the code says, while advising women not to wear black nail polish and nail art. Male employees are warned against using hair dyes to mask their advancing age, since the "artificial color contrasts excessively with the actual age of your skin."
This isn't uncommon for the financial industry. You have to keep in mind that when you work at a bank, an investment manager or the like, it's similar to entering a time capsule into the 80's or 90's. Both in the gross behavior towards women as a form of hazing and the lack of compliance to "new" legislation (they consider 15 years old new). Especially with investment managers, because they only got a true microscope on them after the financial crisis of 07/08. It's as if MeToo never affected them, or maybe it did, because they don't send photocopies of their balls to anyone anymore and they have stopped using scissors to make alterations to female employees' clothes (yes that did happen, read Liar's Poker before whining at me). The disgusting comments and extreme sexism has persisted.

No. 1210804

Seconding this. Reading through the femdom thread especially gave me a great perspective on how other women take pleasure into their own hands to figure out what they enjoy and want from their partner.

No. 1210882

No. 1210958

File: 1654346694279.jpg (472.89 KB, 1650x831, FtSoMfL.jpg)

Redditors are the biggest faggots to have ever lived and existed. They're literally making jokes about kids dying in school shootings (OP said in the submission statement that it was for school shootings).

No. 1210989

File: 1654349541050.jpg (46.76 KB, 680x499, kym_entry.jpg)

It sucks to be a GNC woman in this world. Yet moids keep bugging me at my uni telling me that girls are so privileged because they get to wear makeup and miniskirts but moids have to wear pantsuits. It's not fair that they can't wear the shit they like so they all circlejerk about hey they hate the female heads and directors as it's all their fault and that women don't have a wage gap etc etc. Moids couldn't last a day as a woman. I'm going to need to learn the art of tard wrangling if I want to get by.

No. 1210991

Women always get so wronged. I wish men would be forced to wear makeup and heels every day for work and see how they like it. heels are so evil. I went through a whole thing to see how bad the damage is medically and the x-rays for long time heel wearing are terrifying.

No. 1210994

I dont understand why most sub reddits arent banned yet

No. 1211140

I understand people sometimes using dark humor to cope but this kind of shit is so fucked up. They were KIDS.

No. 1211265

Literally saw a post made by a woman traveling alone in a city asking if she'd be able to bring a concealed firearm with her somewhere get tons of downvotes and told she was being insensitive for even asking about it, yet this is okay AND gets 30k upvotes

No. 1211277

It’s because the moids imagine they’d be the man she would be shooting and it hurts there fee fees and they project themselves as the shooter not the kids being shot.

No. 1211281

I hate the dark humor to cope thing. A mass shooting is disgusting and unnecessary and anyone using 'dark humor' to cope needs to be investigated. So many parents lost their kids.. and before that, families lost their moms, dads, etc at the supermarket. fucking done with dark humor being used as an excuse with men.

No. 1211376

We had this too, with our finals in high school. We always had three teachers during our exams, the one who actually taught us and two we've never had classes with to keep everything as objective as possible. When he told us which teacher we'd get, he'd warn us which ones were the ones to place value on us looking pretty lmao.

No. 1211394

I don't mind dark humor all that much when it's used by people personally impacted by a tragedy but the tens of thousands redditors updooting this shit definitely aren't. I remember very clearly the day the Nice terrorist attack happened and on the same day there were already edgy jokes on the front page and disgusting reddit lowlifes rushing to defend their "muh coping mechanism"

No. 1211433

i bet they wouldn't be ok with "muh dark humor coping mechanism" if it were women making jokes about killing men en masse every time a man killed a women

No. 1211464

Rules for thee not for me type shit. They have tantrums when they're told no or criticized, you think they wouldn't start throwing their own manure if a woman actually told a joke at their expense? Remind me that old fat fuck comedian who said women are crazy for dating men it's like dating a wild bear. Everyone lapped it up bc it was a male saying it, if it was a woman she'd immediately be cancelled stripped of her $ and dogpiled.

No. 1211475

Totally agree. A friend of mine is a teacher and one of her fellow teachers was murdered (a woman killed by a man, of course). A guy outside of her circle “joked” that it would at least be a memorable experience to tell people about because she’s in a different country right now. I just. This is a murder that happened in a school not far from her own, tangentially involving people she knew. I am continually shocked by the audacity of men.

No. 1211512

Make it about the male suicide rate or something and then watch all of them foam at the mouth about how "male suicide is no joke!!"

No. 1211525

File: 1654380752145.jpg (102.71 KB, 1080x1595, f4a5415ab43011fb44f8fbb3bfb.jp…)

Reddit moment

No. 1211772

File: 1654399141942.jpeg (127.49 KB, 828x811, 06BA0DCA-70F9-4A05-B2CF-04FB1D…)


No. 1211778

redditors are so hypersensitive about any mention of guns that isn’t an explicit advocation of gun control. one time i saw a guy comment on a post about high crime in the city “i feel better about getting a gun for my mom” (for self defense) and another guy replies “oh you FEEL better but you don’t akshully care if she’s really safe or not” and then they went around in circles like “i meant my mom being able to defend herself is good” “but that’s not what you SAID. your comment was all about how giving her a gun made you FEEL”. just an absolutely classic reddit interaction.

No. 1212611

File: 1654443744960.jpeg (233.26 KB, 904x1200, A39A5531-7A3E-4521-A971-14BFC2…)

Annulment now

No. 1212620

Wtf did she married a dog? This reads like a fake story though I'm hoping

No. 1212631

fake. If it's one of the anons here making up fake stories to farm karma I applaud you, no idea how anyone falls for such a blatantly fake story.

No. 1212640

true. though I'm hoping to see it get reposted on twitter and see how many people will make insane reactions to it

No. 1212642

This is fake simply because wedding dresses are expensive as fuck. Whoever wrote this needs to revise their shit - though it looks like braindead autistic redditors all believed it.

No. 1213143

Not just fake, I think this is the same guy that posts about his pee fetish masking it as a real story but gets off on the humiliation reading the comments

No. 1213212

File: 1654466178193.jpeg (131.73 KB, 828x1656, sn6jokiiys291.jpeg)

Don't know why I even went on the Tinder sub, but this is one of the weekly top posts, calling out a woman for the failed "gotcha".
The screenshot inside the screenshot is about the dude agreeing to a date with her friend for 3pm that day when he already had a date planned with girl one at 1pm the same day. Somehow most people fail to see the problem here, and think it's "possessive" since he's single, and fail to see what might be disrrspectful about this. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills sometimes trying to understand online dating.

No. 1213214

>Moid: men are dogs.
>Everyone: So true
>Woman: men are dogs.
>Moids and pickmes: kys bitch. #NAM
It's almost like scrotes stand to gain when we are unable to voice how obviously shiity they all are. I thought I was going crazy when a woman on ovarit said that rape jokes are a-ok and the woman that said was wrong got downvoted into the negatives.

No. 1213346

This is why I don’t use tinder. It has made dating and courting culture so weird, I hate how casual it is.

No. 1213459

It is weird to schedule dates so close together, but tbh there is no reason to text this guy the screenshot from her friend. He’s not gonna see the error of his ways, and he’s showing how interested he is by dating multiple women within a ~3 hour time window. Should have just unmatched and blocked him. Nothing to gain by engaging further.

No. 1213669

It reminds me of my one male friend who just weeks post break-up started going for tinder dates and for weeks almost daily he was seeing 2-3 girls per day. Makes me want to vomit, tinder culture is hell. I'd rather stay single forever than be subjected to this.

No. 1213853

Same. I'm not a hopeless romantic by any accounts, but I don't see how people expect any success from dating when they think ideal time-management (he justified it by them living in the same town and not wanting to travel there on two different occasions) rather than how excited they are to even see that person.

No. 1215117

File: 1654612478258.png (52.64 KB, 530x598, moid.png)


No. 1215121

File: 1654612665747.png (49.4 KB, 452x600, wkekek.png)

fantasizes about his female friends getting kidnapped or him kidnapping them and says its his kink.


No. 1215127

At least most people are telling him off, telling him to stop hanging out with them and to go to therapy. Makes me feel better. Only one person said it was all “normal” and their comment was removed.

No. 1215133

>All his female friends are younger and uwu short
>"Ended up" with a group of friends like this

No. 1215155

File: 1654614107489.png (361.03 KB, 1080x970, Screenshot_20220606-225601.png)

Every single time

No. 1215163

i see nothing wrong with this, both are right.

No. 1215167

No woman should visit Muslim countries. It's too dangerous.

No. 1215170

I don’t even have to leave Europe in order to be preyed upon and harassed by Muslim scrotes. Why bother?

No. 1215172

How are moids gonna post this bullshit and then call us crazy if we raise an eyebrow at moids who have tons of young female friends? Do these women even know he claims they're friends or does he just hit them up on Snapchat while they ignore them?

No. 1215174

this meme is actually so true. whenever I read about people's sexploits on reddit I alway assume they look like the couple on the right now. cause hot, successful people aren't posting about their sex lives on reddit lol

No. 1215176

>2-3 girls a day
Why are men gonna pull this and scream to the heavens about how hard it is because "women's standards are so high nowadays". If a woman dated 2-3 new men a day she'd immediately be diagnosed with 10 different mental disorders and sent to rehab

No. 1215182

I actually hate a lot of the bots on reddit, they show up so often. there was one thread where someone used 'alot' instead of 'a lot' and the 'it's a lot not alot' bot showed up. people we're discussing how people often get it wrong in the thread and the fucking bot kept showing up to correct them as they mentioned it.

No. 1215187

Chances are much more higher if you're in a Muslim country as a foreign woman though. They see you as easy, not sexually but easy to attack or hurt since it'd be harder for you to communicate your troubles or call for help.
Chances are he was only seeing them and paying for coffee before they dropped his ass. Otherwise he'd be too tied to do 2 dates a day, lol.

No. 1215189

Ew. You can just feel how he thinks he has some level of ownership over them. I hate scrotes so much.

No. 1215191

File: 1654615385991.jpeg (355.7 KB, 640x1001, C0CD275C-DDBC-43C2-83A0-3926B8…)

My boyfriend punched my cat and I don’t know what to do!!! He’s so sweet and loving despite the cat punching!!! Help!!!

No. 1215198

if anyone punched my cat i would wring their neck!! fuck that guy and fuck the girl for allowing it to happen

No. 1215200

File: 1654615535091.jpeg (339.01 KB, 640x882, 48640AAF-7CFE-416A-8FBC-4B91AF…)

A “mini fight” over the cat being sprayed with chemicals…This is why outdoor cats are a good thing because if depraved shit like this happens to them they will run away and go live with someone else. If this is real and not a fake story meant to shock then she is just as much of an abuser as him.

No. 1215204

>Brutally injures her cat
Can someone call ASPCA on these fuckers please? She's risking her cats life to defend her scrote. Handmaidens are dangerous

No. 1215212

File: 1654615912519.jpeg (230.64 KB, 640x779, 43E1DA6B-6490-48C1-A207-30611B…)

Ban me for alog but I want them both hung by their necks. I want him tortured first.

No. 1215213

>He's the most attentive, kind, funny, sweet and loving guy I've ever been with. He's not a violent guy and is loved by many because of his friendliness.

Why do all reddit pickmes always start of their sentences like this right before they start talking about the horrible and violent things their shitty men do?

No. 1215214

Either this is fake or she's a huge handmaiden
while he's a very mentally ill scrote who gets off by injuring animals. I bet he's jealous of the attention the cat gets or something.
He needs to be necked.

No. 1215216

my cat is on the sofa next to be and softly snoring. it makes me want to cry to think of a shy poor kitty being treated like that. this moid is beyond disgusting, they always say that hurting animals leads to hurting humans. she is literally letting it happen by not getting rid of the scrote

No. 1215218

Profile research says this is her first boyfriend. At 23. This is what depravity does to someone.

No. 1215223

There’s no way this is real, how do you catch someone literally spitting on your pet’s food and not kick them out of the house? I would call the police or some shit because that’s just unhinged moid behavior.

No. 1215231

there are pickmes who literally let their boyfriends abuse their children, and you get surprised at this?

No. 1215232

i'm tired of seeing westerners say this shit. wow you have a choice? damn imagine how the population of women there fucking feel.

No. 1215239

hoping that this is fake but this is the reason i will never allow any moid to be near my pets

No. 1215366

Is this some dumb naive teenage girl posting? Anyone else would realize this is fucking disgusting dangerous behavior and break up instead of twiddling your fingers while your own pet is constantly abused to the point of bodily harm. It’s always “he’s not a violent person but let me tell you about these instances where he inflicts violence on the defenseless” break his teeth and dump him

No. 1215372

Anecdotal but it's the total opposite for me. I stopped dolling myself up and got much better grades. My psychologist actually recommended that I make myself look uglier for the exams. People assume you're dumb when you're pretty, at least in medicine. Female doctors can get mean, males think you don't have a brain if they think you are sexy and also can get mean if they're old and bitter. I started showing up without/minimal makeup and in glasses, with hair tied back looking like a 'studious' type and I haven't got a bad grade or failed an exam in three years (we have almost exclusively oral exams so it's been like 20 exams since then, I used to get failed pretty often before that).

No. 1215501

anons did you see that r/churchofman was finally banned? i wonder what was the push that came to shove

No. 1215613

>It's never who you want to be polyamorous who's polyamorous

No. 1215726

Imagine shamelessly telling your friend "hey my boyfriend keeps trying to murder my cat can you take her for a few days until I figure something out so I can be with him". Pickmes truly have no shame

No. 1215749

This makes me want to vomit. I hope this shit is bait. Fuck her for letting that poor cat get abused. Idiotic fucking pick-me would 100% let her child get abused if she had one too. Wish she could get doxxed and have the cat taken away and sent to a decent home. Her worthless shitstain of a boyfriend should be euthanized, and she should never be allowed to own another pet. Christ I'm mad

No. 1215763

How the fuck is Toma from Amnesia posting on reddit

No. 1215769

>reads about animal abuse
>"This is just like my anime boyz"
Brain disease

No. 1215771

This is some Don't Fuck With Cats shit. You know what they say about people who deliberately and/or repeatedly hurt animals…
Fuck her for making so many excuses, but hopefully the comments will make her come to her senses and gtfo (and not let anyone else abuse that poor baby). I think a lot of people have a tendency to try and make excuses for the people we love when we find out something bad about them, so I'm choosing to have some understanding here instead of hating her.

No. 1215778

not that anon but their post wasn't about animal abuse my dyslexic esl anon.

No. 1215779

Fuck, sorry. I thought it was about the cat post, I'm still seething about it

No. 1215780

its okay we all have our retard moments.

No. 1215782

Also she is most likely in denial because who want's to accept that the person they love is absolute garbage, and abusive? She's probably coping really hard, and underneath it all she is just afraid to consider that her boyfriend is threatening.

No. 1215785

i saw it posted on r/banfemalehatesubs earlier, maybe they did it

No. 1215845

yeah it must suck for them which is why western women say they won't go you sped

No. 1215989

I literally live in one of those countries and whenever a woman says they want to visit, I tell them not to. It's more dangerous for visitors because they're more likely to be targeted and less likely to know how dangerous our men are. Also why would a westerner visit a country and knowingly put themselves in risk? We have no choice but you do.

No. 1216013

GOOD. I think it was finally banned because it was getting screenshotted a lot on r/banfemalehatesubs, and some of the users there were also posting screenshots on other subreddits that call out misogyny, and enough reports were submitted that Reddit admins finally banned it? It is strange that it took so long for it to get banned though, I saw so many women before saying they reported it and Reddit saw nothing wrong with the sub. I wanna say it was because of mass reports but I also know that there were users on r/banfemalehatesubs that were digging up dirt on the mods, maybe that contributed? It's disgusting that Reddit let that sub stay up for that long though.

No. 1216212

ayrt, I was so angry about the cat post I just had to pretend I never read it and reverted to the previous post itt

No. 1216341

Oh my god I fucking hate handmaidens!! They are as bad as scrotes. You mean to tell me your nigel is abusing your animals and you don't know what to do? Praying this is fake, but knowing pick-mes I wouldn't bet on it. Absolute fucking scum.

No. 1217593

File: 1654773330066.png (144.21 KB, 737x879, redditfemale.PNG)

Reddit females love nothing more than to be a personal therapist to some fetishistic scrote. (And if they don't love it they automatically tolerate it all, like the default is that it's okay for their partner to wear stripper gear lmao.) Their greatest badge of honor is that some moid is being "vulnerable" with them. How special she is. These days it's controversial to say you want to date a normal guy without mental issues.

No. 1217598

File: 1654773647248.png (55.54 KB, 741x584, redditmoment.PNG)

Femdom is just pickme-ism with extra steps.

No. 1217654

Pegging a dude isn't femdom. It's being so submissive and desperate you're willing to play a man for your gay bf.

No. 1217672

You nonnas call anything a pickme lmao. Some women have a sex drive, and if theirs happens to involve shoving objects into a moids crusty asshole it does not make them pickmes good lord. A woman saying "sheesh, all those other boring vanilla women refusing to penetrate a mans shitty anus are so boring am I right guys, thankfully I am such a virile dominatrix goddess teehee" would be a pickme.

No. 1217691

Honestly I thought about it some more, and if someone hurt my cat my first reaction would be to want to turn that person into homemade cat food. I just can't get what's going through her mind if the post isn't fake, she probably isn't suitable to take care of any living creature. Imagine if they had a kid together and he got jealous of it too, what then?

No. 1217695

File: 1654779857428.jpg (338.69 KB, 1080x1608, IMG_20220609_160236.jpg)

In a post about r/snapgroup, a sub about trading illegal porn, including literal cp. Haha that's just fine and dandy t. Reddit tranny jannies

No. 1217706

Pretending you are into pegging to please men is definitely pick-me behavior. You can't convince me that there is a single straight woman who wants to shove things up a man's poop encrusted anus while he whimpers, like seeing your man turn into a fag in front of you. You have to be a pickme to even do that because you get nothing out of it.

No. 1217708

File: 1654780643356.jpeg (140.43 KB, 564x900, 92D955B2-F8A6-4A9C-AA8A-2F62AF…)

idk why this post gave me super odd vibes? not just the age gap, something is off about this scrote… this screenshot was posted on mademesmile ugh

No. 1217726

Even if you personally do not like something, it does not mean anyone else does not enjoy it. I do not enjoy eating raw meat, in fact I find it quite disgusting, but plenty of people genuinely enjoy tartar. Also, women are not a hivemind - even if you cannot think someone enjoys a thing, there are women who do. I don't even like pegging myself, I just hate the "women CANNOT like thing x because I said so" shit

No. 1217730

Sounds like lonely scrote fantasizing about what he imagines relationship with a young and sweet girlfriend would be like, no way this is a real thing that happened

No. 1217734

I'm just so happy this song exists.

No. 1217771

Pretty much, what woman likes a whiny manchild other than some bc pill-addled omega redditor with broken instincts.

No. 1217773

Who tf has serious relationship convos in a restaurant? Or needs to have a deep talk about fucking emojis. This is fake because it's not a classic move, but a movie trope.

No. 1217806

This has to be written by a 14 year old kek

No. 1217832

I know I’m late but that’s awesome. A cause for celebration.

No. 1218311

File: 1654798488791.png (127.98 KB, 1174x912, reborn.png)

Some fresh childfree autism from the /r/reborndollcringe sub, they even said "crotchgoblin". This was on a post where a mom complained she couldn't fold down her baby's stroller on the bus because somebody with a reborn in a stroller was taking up space.
The sub is funny in general, weirdly half of the users seem sociopathic and talk about hurting or messing with the reborns. Somebody said they'd name one Jocelyn because they "wouldn't be able to resist jostling it around" whatever that fucking means

No. 1218346

This is so fucked up I want to be sick.

No. 1218517

you're on the agegap sub so naturally youre gunna run into weird stories but this 100% sounds like a cringe larp story some depressed dude is thinking in his head because his relationship is garbage if it's even real

No. 1218662

File: 1654808011946.png (249.26 KB, 665x598, mrareddit.png)

Haha women talk too much am i rite bros

No. 1218780

I had a brain aneurism trying to read that title.

No. 1218792

Fat men with opinions like this should be paraded out in the streets and left in shackles. You literally have testosterone and easy mode for building muscle, yet here you are being a fat homo with retarded opinions. Yuck.

No. 1218888

File: 1654814297933.jpeg (551.59 KB, 828x1334, C61B4F80-53A2-4FA9-8911-4CA83E…)

I was reading through a thread on if ‘bitch’ is a slur and found this shite

No. 1218901

That bitch should stop talking.

No. 1219374

File: 1654838629247.jpeg (241.15 KB, 730x855, EE3010D3-14CF-46D3-BF64-B9B2D0…)

I want to fucking die what is with redditors and not washing their ass properly

No. 1219387

It is silencing because most of these people don’t even know what “terf” even means and apply it to any woman’s opinion they mildly disagree with or sense as not being PC like oh yeah those feminists are bad because women are annoying for having opinions! Let me prove your point by sperging in a misogynistic way for I am a le facts and logic tranny defender redditor!

No. 1219388

This is like a week old but you sound like a scrote, get help

No. 1219400

Lmao anon, what is the context here? Is this guy using shampoo to wash his butt? It’s absolutely mind blowing to me how often this subject comes up on reddit.

No. 1219404

This is absolutely retarded but could he be conflating shampoo with soap and he's taking about washing with dove soap? Ive known a surprising amount of scrotes who use the words interchangeably…

No. 1219416

Kek I know right? I’m NTA but it was completely disproportionate as well. I felt like saying something at the time but didn’t bother. The other anon didn’t agree with the quote that was posted so the solution was to berate and degrade the other person in an extremely vulgar way.

No. 1219426

These people forget that living babies are actually human beings with needs, wants and human rights. They literally just view them as somebodies unfortunate lifestyle choice. It’s a fucking no brainer that the physical needs of a helpless living thing should have priority over somebodies right to play pretend as an adult.

No. 1219649

Oh most of that shit is larp. I lurked and it's full of fake asf fantasy stories by old scrotes talking about how they met their hot barely legal gf at a book store kek. Or larping as 18yo girls who want to fuck old dusty scrotes.

No. 1219655

>age gap subreddit
>I haven't felt this young in years
kek this is 100% a larping manosphere scrote. Most of that sub is definitely fake and reeks of male fantasies and desperation.

No. 1219660

File: 1654861613334.jpg (188.23 KB, 720x635, IMG_20220610_134528.jpg)

Agegap poster explains the only possible reason her almost 50yo bf couldn't get it up. Couldn't be viagra he takes secretly.

No. 1219665

File: 1654861936290.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x1728, RDT_20220610_14521546302358835…)

REBORNDOLLCRINGE! I never read the comments but god I love the ugly baby doll pics

No. 1219671

t. someone who never interacted with an actual human toddler in her life

No. 1219678

Holy shit what is wrong with these freaks. I get that people collect these dolls and larp with them but there's a certain point when you take it too far and become a bitter nuisance for the people around you. I've always assumed disneyfags are mentally ill adult children and this pretty much solidified it.

No. 1219681

Maybe its related to her username as well

No. 1219709

Reddit literally does not take blatant pedo shit down, I'm sure because the mods are pedos too.

No. 1219750

it was a post about anal eczema that i clicked on for lulz only to be horrified bc this moid described how he doesnt use soap to wash his ass and none of his family does either
maybe. idk how you could be such a dumbass to confuse the two but i overestimate how idiotic and disgusting moids are, plus the fact that a lot of them will admit on reddit they just "let water run over the area"

No. 1220203

Why do these sort of people get so defensive and mean about being child free? I don’t want kids either but I don’t feel the need to be a raging lunatic about them. They’ve made me ashamed to even say I don’t want kids because I don’t want to be associated with people who get that up in arms about other people having children. It always seems so unhinged.

No. 1220284

File: 1654892532021.png (359.84 KB, 284x509, wergfwer.PNG)

No. 1220288

what the fuck did i just read?

No. 1220294

Can someone translate this?

No. 1220324

File: 1654893789612.jpeg (39.27 KB, 540x570, images (1).jpeg)

Nta, but a reborn is a very realistic looking baby doll. A lot of women buy them because they've lost a child or can't have them, and they treat them like real babies. I'm not British so I'm not sure what a "buggy" is (we call shopping carts buggy's here), but I'm assuming the woman is just saying that she can't put her daughters stuff down because a woman with a reborn in a stroller is taking up space.

I know a lot of people will judge the women who buy reborn dolls but I honestly just feel really bad for them, and they're not harming anyone so I say let them live

No. 1220341

Women with living breathing babies with real needs that need to be tend to take priority over women playing out their fantasy in public, simple as that.

No. 1220347

File: 1654894472860.jpeg (44.9 KB, 662x662, ABAE20BA-751D-4BC6-A0C1-149FD8…)

A buggy is a 'stroller' it is kind of a pushchair for older babies, just another name really like pram. Like picrel

No. 1220350

I never said they don't. Just in general, I don't have anything against women who have reborns. The woman with the reborn could have been more considerate.

No. 1220351

I mean, in this case she IS harming someone who doesn't have room for their actual child on the bus because of it. I feel bad for women who feel the need for reborn dolls, but this situation is pretty ridiculous.

No. 1220355

Read this >>1220350
I agree the woman should have moved her stuff, I thought it was pretty clear that I was speaking more in general.

No. 1220395

OT but I find it fucking creepy and insane that some mother spend more time and energy on their reborn than on their actual living breathing children. Like I get losing a baby is traumatic, but holy shit get a grip. Imagine growing up being neglected in favour of a doll.

No. 1220479

File: 1654901006846.jpg (274.71 KB, 1080x1288, Screenshot_20220611-014234_Red…)

17 years old and poly? Pardon?

No. 1220481

Sounds like the daughter just regurgitates whatever the popular woke opinion is on social media without thinking for herself

No. 1220483

That's the majority of teenagers these days

No. 1220484

Late but I laughed out loud

No. 1220492

I think it is harmful to have them be so realistic. All it does is encourage delusion. How can you properly move on if you have a lifelike doll of the child you lost/never had.

No. 1220528

I kind of understand the reborn thing, but I also feel like maybe it should be done in a more therapeutic setting with an actual therapist who can work with them through their losses. I understand that mom’s frustration when she has a real child.

No. 1220533

nta but perhaps the doll has been deemed appropriate by a doctor as a coping mechanism. at some part you have to weigh how much behaviors effect their quality of life.
all the ladies I've met who needed their baby dolls were elderly and pretty far out there already. Diseases of the mind can hit some people early though.

No. 1220539

Do you guys think things like tiktok have an affect on how kids brains get wired these days? I’m sure they said the same thing about video games and the like when I was growing up, but I wasn’t attached to them 24/7. All the social media kids are addicted to freaks me out a little, especially because I see the negative effect it has on adults too, me included. Endlessly scrolling and hearing all the shitty messages on tiktok has to be doing something to them, I think. Am I just sounding old and tinfoiling? I’m a millennial I just feel weird when I see the social contagions tiktok creates at lightning speed.

No. 1220550

There’s a lot of talk that TikTok is worse than other platforms because the shorter content is more addictive and causes dopamine addiction and deficiency faster. There’s also an algorithm to promote “conventionally attractive faces” and one that can pick out larger bodied creators based on skin versus clothes ratio to depromote them in the feeds. So I’d say it’s very troubling yes. It also blew up much faster than any other social media platform.

No. 1220569

>larger bodied creators
kek anon really?

No. 1220610

File: 1654911386785.png (51.24 KB, 993x236, Screenshot 2022-06-10 9.32.49 …)

this is so weird. found in the craftsnark subreddit.

No. 1220630

I feel like a massive boomer sometimes about this, obviously the older generation always says the younger one is stupid and “back in my day we didn’t have this blah blah blah” but I can’t help but feel kids nowadays are so fucked with social media addiction. Tiktok and ig are ripe with ridiculous body standards and photoshop for young women and girls. I would’ve really thought that the younger generation would be better at spotting these obviously fake bodies/faces, but it seems to be the opposite. Depressing.

No. 1220642

I agree. This is the first time we’ve really seen a generation “raised” by social media this way. Even millennials and some of Gen Z didn’t have the same access as the kids now, despite the fact that most of us grew up with the internet.

No. 1220661

I'm worried about the pornsickness stuff too. Everything is free/cheap and easy to access for first world countries, so it's going to lead to a lot of addiction. It's horrendous. Gaming/internet addiction is going to become more obvious in time.

No. 1220663

Samefag, not to mention the main problem with it being the treatment of women in porn and the lack of choices which lead many to it, etc.

No. 1220668

File: 1654917781394.png (50.58 KB, 886x312, fem.PNG)

The OP post has since been deleted but it was essentially a woman who said she just met a sugar daddy that was willing to pay for her bimbofication process


No. 1220679

Sometimes anon you just want to have a conversation and you don’t have the energy for an infight. I was trying to not offend anyone, chill. Getting across the concerns with TikTok is more important to me than trying to insult other women who haven’t done anything.
it’s insane to me all these young girls can’t tell how photoshopped these posts are or the amount of fitness influencers who have a BBL they never disclose.

No. 1220702

>it’s insane to me all these young girls can’t tell how photoshopped these posts are
Ayrt, and yes, me too. There are always influencers on ig and tiktok making their waist look smaller than their neck and tons of comments from young women saying how great they look, and defending them if someone calls out their photoshopping. Everyone should know nowadays how easy it is to edit videos. It’s baffling to me how many young women believe this crap and feel bad for having a normal body/face with pores.

No. 1220720

She's probably straight and such a pickme she has multiple fwb, that's what she calls poly.
Imagine being an abused woman and seeing your daughter cheer on an abuser. It really is true I guess that broken women support and seek out abusers, huh.

No. 1220734

She had me in the first half not gonna lie
I wish the bimbo thing would die already

No. 1220746

File: 1654929836465.jpg (99.37 KB, 738x272, rdit.jpg)


I hate the tern "wifey things/material". To me this reads as "I want you to coddle me like a little boy and take care of all the things I should be able to do myself as an adult".

>"He says he wants me to start doing "wifey things" for him to feel cared for and actually consider me good potential for the future"

It's clear that her scrote doesn't want a partner, but a mommy. What a pathetic handmaiden.

No. 1220751

My god, it progressively gets worse as you read it.

No. 1220765

she shouldn't do wife shit without the ring imo

No. 1220766

NTAYRT I used to run a fitness server and regularly got new members with unrealistic goals, posting pics and TikToks of women with BBL's, very photoshopped pics, influencers who have such a low bf% they're probably on fatburners or anavar and definitely lost their period, some were well known to have been on roids etc. When I tried to carefully suggest picking healthier, actually attainable goals, I was accused of being jealous, internalized misogyny, of not knowing what I'm talking about etc. This is worse than the old questions about spot reducing. They would regularly post timeline pics from Reddit crying "why don't I look like that", but pointing out obvious photoshop or surgeries the woman got in between pics, just got me attacked.

No. 1220767

Why do you need to shit on the woman?

No. 1220770

Because continuing to treat moids like they're gods just for existing doesn't help anybody and I'm gonna shit on handmaidens. Deal with it.

No. 1220771

if he doesn't consider her "wifey material" now then why tf is he wasting her time?
Men know pretty much right away whether they want marry the girl or not. And usually they wouldn't even care about the "wifey things" because they're so in love they assume she will be the perfect wife.

No. 1220775

Nta but pickmes deserved to be called out. Letting scrotes treat you poorly is embarrassing especially when you play into it, like shoe and pregory types larping bdsm ddlg stuff.

No. 1220785

>cut up fruit for him
A child. She's dating a child. I cut my own fruit when I was a child, so he's actually worse than a literal child.

No. 1220789

Why doesn't he do things for her to get the ball rolling, always 'well what can you do for me'.

No. 1220831

Any woman who becomes a mommybangmaid after getting married I pity.
Any woman who becomes a mommybangmaid for a scrote who won't even give her a ring and definitely dump her when a woman he actually likes comes along deserves it.

No. 1220834

I hate seeing men dangle commitment or the term wife over womens heads as if it's some grand favor they might eventually grant her if she's enough of an ass licking partner in the meantime. Like do you really want to marry that?

No. 1220839

Same men act like they're doing their wives a favor by cheating instead of leaving. I've actually heard men say their wives are lucky they didn't go for a younger woman but instead fucked them on the side. Straight women aren't doomed in relationships.

No. 1220841

Yes, it's so frustrating. It should actually be moids who should be begging on all fours for women to commit.

No. 1220873

A reborn doll "mother" sounds like she prioritizes the idea of having a "baby" (small cute helpless creature that needs to be coddled and protected) over an actual child (juvenile human that does start out small and helpless but is supposed to grow and mature and eventually become an independent adult under the love, care and guidance of caretakers). Honestly, I think those individuals are better off with reborns than with actual living human children that obviously don't stay babies forever.

No. 1220889

Grief is the hardest emotion to deal with. It hits hardest of all emotions and society doesn't really prepare us to handle it.
It can severely mess with your mind, people can experience survivor guilt and have all sorts of inadequate feelings and responses to it.
I personally will never ever judge someone for the way they deal with grief if it doesn't hurt anyone.

No. 1220893

the majority of women who own reborns never even had a miscarriage or got pregnant so their is no loss for them to even feel grief over lol.

No. 1220894

“Wifey” is such a vomit-worthy word to me. This scrote can get fucked. He can’t even cut his own fruit? Really? How worthless is he? I bet if she read our comments she’d be typing up a storm to defend Nigel and tell us what a great and loving guy he is.

No. 1220897

Although I agree, some reborn owners are sick in the head. They're not mourning mothers but mentally ill people who fetishize the idea of having a baby see >>1219665 and >>1218311
Yep. They give me the same energy as monkey hater women. Although majority of women are great, there's %1 that's very mentally ill and that type usually obsesses with kids and babies. I'm sure they reborn owners would've abused their kids if they had real kids, see how they think of actual children above.

No. 1220898

This. These days they seem to be offering less and less of value. Far too many of them are entitled and have addictions to porn. I don’t think most live in reality. Not being with a man is doing yourself a service right now.

No. 1220899

>I bet if she read our comments she’d be typing up a storm to defend Nigel and tell us what a great and loving guy he is.
Kek, yeah she even made sure to point out that their conversation was "in good nature and healthy" in that post. She has no idea what healthy is then.

No. 1220994

File: 1654952371544.png (74.03 KB, 1322x510, What things are normal but red…)

But why would a 34 year old feel the need to date a young girl who just graduated high school? Redditors will die defending moids who groom young impressionable girls with their ~but she's mature for her age~ bullshit

No. 1220995

File: 1654952451105.png (107.03 KB, 1330x664, What things are normal but red…)

Also someone compared old raggedy scrotes dating women half their age to interracial relationships. Like what's the correlation here?

No. 1221001

Damn did this old incel faggot literally vaguely say a woman dating out her race man is as problematic as him getting with a barely legal girl? Kek. At least one scenerio is possible, there's no way any of these old ugly redditors could even muster the courage to talk to a young beautiful woman.

No. 1221005

That second guy is REALLY getting into "age is just a number" territory kek. I mean, what's the difference between an 18 year old and a 25 year old anyway? While we're at it, how about a 16 year old who's basically a 30 year old? How about 12? Come on.

No. 1221008

Kek of course he has a Bored Ape icon

No. 1221018

My fave thing abut guys on reddit who'll die on the hill of
> Well as long as she's 18 no amount of age gap matters, gaps in power… not important either ..she's an adult, end of.
Is that we know they're not out there bagging themselves the hot young women they so badly desire. It's a fantasy for them and they get off on talking about it. If I just keep talking about it and normalising it then might just happen for me someday… right?

No. 1221046

Right. But in reality young women will see creeps talking about and fantasizing about them and will be even more turned off. Even coquette-chans pretend to like older men but none of them actually date them.

No. 1221057

I'm about to say something harsh. These types of entitled reborn doll "mothers" remind me of trannies. The insistence that everyone play along with their delusions, the rage and bitterness aimed at the people they cosplay as (for trannies, it's women, and for reborn doll owners, it's parents), the "victimhood" status some afford themselves even without trauma (or that they expect a polite society to assume of them at all times), the pure selfishness. It's all so eerie

No. 1221062

It's different than trannies but a bit similar. They like the idea of having a baby like trannies only like the idea of being a woman. Though reborn mothers aren't crazy enough to steal from sources of actual mothers so they're not nearly as bad. They're all clearly mentally ill though so it's fortunate they won't breed.

No. 1221105

Ughh god I hate them. I’m currently 34 and the idea of dating an 18 year old sounds disgusting to me, not to mention we would have nothing in common. The way men fetishize youth is gross, especially how they essentially wait until the day a girl turns 18 to see it as “okay” to be predatory towards her. Deleted my post to add an anecdote. When I was 20-21 I got involved with a man who was 36 because he convinced me that a lot of our interests aligned and I was still very naive then. Even moved in with him because he lived in another state far away and convinced me my family didn’t care about me. Men who prey on girls that much younger than them (like just out of high school or college age) are not looking for anything that is good for the girl. Sure, we had some things in common but it became very clear who had the upper hand when I was in a city I didn’t know, jobless, having to be at his whims. I will never trust a man over like 25 or 30 who wants to get with someone who is so green at life.

No. 1221119

what if one day we see actual trannies with reborn dolls claiming they're their real children that they gave birth to themselves. we've already seen trannies hijacking actual mothers' groups to talk about their "simulated pregnancies" and "miscarriages" or "stillborns" so this would be the next logical step for them

No. 1221152

Ive seen this a bunch of times. fetishizing female biology is one aspect of autogynophilia. which is why many of them shove tampons up their assholes too

No. 1221188

Oh god you’re so right. I never thought about it like that. They could take these things in public and take spaces meant for mothers and no one could say shit because of the current climate around them. We are doomed.

No. 1221193

Ugh I'm so sick of this "age is just a number" and "she's quite mature for 18, akshually" shit. If an old scrote says that his 18/20/whatever- old gf is "mature" for her age, it just makes me think that he is immature as hell. I hate how women are also tricked into thinking that this "age is just a number" thing is okay. More often than not the woman ends up being abused (mentally or physically or both), isolated from other people and taken advantage of. There's nothing that these moids couldn't find in a partner their age. They're just obsessed with cooming and they're too ashamed to admit it.

No. 1221220

File: 1654962907348.png (113.85 KB, 1080x830, askreddit moids.png)

Oh, they are not ashamed to admit it at all. They love shitting on women their own age

No. 1221224

Men are so stupid. They love younger women not only because they’re oh so hot, but also because they’re so naive and inexperienced. The are fearful of women their own age because most women like that (many of whom are still attractive and take care of themselves far better than men who “hit the wall” at 30 or earlier because they have no self worth or knowledge on self-care) usually won’t settle for bullshit as easily and have their lives more put together. They literally are too immature to handle a woman their own age.

No. 1221227

Samefagging to add, if older (read: over 30 in their view) women are so unattractive, why do so many men have mommy and cougar fetishes? Something isn’t lining up.

No. 1221290

I wish women would finally realise that we have power over moids and not the other way around. Men deserve nothing and should have to beg for women to even consider their company.

No. 1221297

It’s very true, plus the stats show that women are happier and live longer when they aren’t attached to a man. Men need us, not the other way around.

No. 1221346

40 year old men on Reddit
> Hahahaha 40 year olds are gross and nobody wants to fuck them
> Uh I meant 40 year old women, Men are immune to aging
And yet men die younger

No. 1221405

It’s so funny because men age horribly. Most of them don’t even use sunscreen regularly and have no kind of skin care routine to speak of. I’m sure these reddit dudes are the kind who can’t even cook for themselves either so they’re probably shoveling garbage into their faces. Still they are so entitled and think women should be bowing at their feet. Even if they have money, they aren’t owed anything when the majority can’t even take care of their own damn selves.

No. 1221500

>cut up fruit for him when he's tired and in bed

No. 1221512

Kek most men I know don't even use sunscreen, ever. It's always funny reading how flabbergasted scrotes of reddit act when they suddenly start using a cleanser and moisturiser and feel compelled to make a whole thread about it, like "omG wHy did no one tell me to use a moisturiser sooner???" or they'll post shit in the LifeProTips sub like "LPT: Using a cleanser will make your skin less greasy and leave it feeling really nice". They are literal apes and even that's an insult to actual apes.

No. 1221526

I feel like it’s because they think skincare is just a thing women (and some gay men) do and they don’t want to lower themselves to our level or be seen as gay. It’s actually pathetic that they somehow see skincare and sunscreen as emasculating.

No. 1221532

To men anything that involves self care is emasculating it seems, with basic hygiene being on top of the list.

No. 1221560

Kek. I'm bi but I'd much rather date an older woman than a man. Men age so fucking bad and an older woman is much less likely to take advantage of you or give you std/trauma.

No. 1221561

The cougar fetish thing is mostly popular among younger inexperienced men who can't get women their own age tbh. It's like a "well, at least…" type thing. And even then, the "cougars" they fantasize about usually aren't perpetually single barefaced 40 year old divorced women with cats, they're stiletto heel-wearing cakefaced plastic surgery housewife "MILFs" with billionaire husbands who are getting cucked by sleeping with the moid.

No. 1221566

Life as a straight woman is so bleak. I know lesbians have it hard to find other lesbians, but being with moids never pays off. Most of them are shitty in one way or another and are too much work than what they are worth and even if you get a cute one, their looks fade after they hit their late 20's because of the Y chromosome and because men fail to take care of themselves. Can't even keep a himbo or male tropy, sigh.

No. 1221569

Lay off the porn for your sake, where did you even hear about billionaire husbands and why would a woman with a rich husband fuck average men when she can get a rich dude or even a jiggolo?
Men like both barely legal and cougars because they're both objects to be sexualized, one is inexperienced dumb and small, appealing to men's inherent pedophilia while the other is experienced and reminds them of their mothers, again they kike both because of disgusting reasons. It's not a good thing to be desired by men either so I don't understand why you're trying so hard to make it seem like old women are totally not desired.

No. 1221584

Celibacy just seems more and more appealing. I'd unironically join a convent with some nonnas if I could

No. 1221587

Which is why reddit men obsessively groom mentally unwell young women online, it's the only way they can even get a younger woman to look at them

No. 1221588

>why would a woman with a rich husband fuck average men when she can get a rich dude or even a jiggolo?
They wouldn't, that's why it's a fantasy. I never said scrote fantasies made sense. They're unreasonable just like most fantasies. And the "cucking another more successful man" aspect is definitely a part of the cougar fetish.
>It's not a good thing to be desired by men either
I never said it was, but scrotes prefer the type of woman I described as opposed to the single natural woman, look up MILF or cougar fetish. They like plastic big-titted married housewives with cakefaces who have kids so they can steal her from the rich successful scrote. And yes they are seen as objects, that's my point. Scrotes and their tastes are retarded so I would never want to be seen as the kind of "MILF" or "cougar" most scrotes fantasize about.

No. 1221592

Same but then again I'd also want to keep some cute moids as servants and pets.

No. 1221596

I mean yeah that is a good point. I kind of just meant that in general you can’t ever trust what men say anyway. If they fuck sandwiches and peaches I don’t think they’d say no to a 40 yo woman no matter how old she looked. Sex is sex to them. I think the real thing they want to do is try and put women in their place or diminish their self-esteem, which is just humorous since it’s obvious they don’t even like themselves.

No. 1221778

Marriage is a catch 22 for women. It's upsetting to see that it's still the "ultimate goal"

No. 1222276

that place has gotten so bleak. non-stop virtue signaling ofc but nowadays there's no snark. just a bunch of not like the other crafters bs and barely on topic 'rants' that show they don't know what they're talking about

No. 1222348

File: 1655038873677.jpeg (442.19 KB, 1170x1227, 2DBABD29-93A8-4C83-A30E-172D05…)

people in the replies are being so sweet to this guy. bro he is literally a murderer, and not even a self defense type situation, he got 20 years in prison with 10 years of solitary. you don't get that for accidentally running someone over or shooting a home intruder. i don't know what exactly he did to get such a harsh sentence but there's a lot of retards saying how ~uwu everyone's got a past hehe u did ur time buddy it's all good~ and even women saying they potentially wouldn't mind dating one of the most serious felons. idk i'm just in awe and also hate men

No. 1222365

hey if being sweet baits him into owning up to it irl so women know to stay the hell away from him
then that's a great outcome

No. 1222384

Someone tell him to go to hybristophilia thread. Pickmes there wouldn't be able to get enough of him, kek.

No. 1222385

>this was all in good nature and a healthy conversation
>While he's telling her to be a surrogate mommy for him in order to be marriage material
I sure hope her Nigel is also up for doing "hubby material" and cut up fruit for HER while she's bedridden but somehow I have a feeling that what he means is that she brings her chicken tendies while he plays video games and chats up e-girls on discord.

Also jesus christ those replies, just men acting like perpetual victims and writing sob stories about how "you can make a man cry by just bringing him a sandwich he didn't ask". Well you can make a woman cry just by treating her like a human being equal to you.

No. 1222392

I've noticed even women shit on other women who decide to go full celibate, I hear so many of them go "at least I won't be a gross old spinster".

No. 1222460

I'd rather be a gross old spinster with cobwebs growing over her pussy than deal with a porn addicted moid who doesn't care about my pleasure, has ed in his 20s from cooming to nothing but excessively extreme sicko porn, definitely disrespect me behind my back and calls me a fat ugly cow to his friends while fantasizing about 18 year old stacy and will leave me once I get a terminal illness

No. 1222471

Absolutely. Those are the same women who then come crying how much their moid doesn't care abou them, especially once their child is born. It still baffles me how much value they place on moids. I'd say it's insecurity and internalised misogyny and usually I'd feel bad for them but these woman have the choice and they'd still rather stay with bottom of the barrel moids while shitting on women who refuse to put up with it.

No. 1222490

Honestly yeah, moids literally drain your life away. I’d rather pleasure myself as much as I want every day than ever end up expecting him to lift a finger for me while at the same time hear him begging for a blow job or sex yet can’t be assed to do a single chore and actively makes my living space grosser. Like what are the upsides? He can fix my car or something? I can learn some of it or just pay someone else to do shit like that. He can give me children? Cool then I can just be burdened with more while he sits around doing nothing. If people here are happy with their nigels that’s good but I feel like I’ve honestly never met a woman who didn’t have the same general complaints about their men (they wish they’d do more to pitch in, they wish they’d take care of their spaces better, they wish they cared about their pleasure, etc). It never sounds worth it to me in the end. I’ve even seen stories of older women being relieved when their husbands died earlier than them because some of their burdens were lifted. When the reverse happens it seems like the men always follow in death soon after. They can’t live without us but we can thrive without them.

No. 1222633

With every single top comment I just wonder if they'd do the same for her. Cook a meal when she's tired. Be interested in her hobbies (hell the bar is so low that even considering her interests a hobby is something). Like all the things they mention is something every person would enjoy.

No. 1222683

I feel like we already know the answer.

No. 1224657

I feel like most of these over dramatic posts are coming from teenagers or really idealistic adults. It just isn’t feasible to explain every little thing to very young children, you will legit go insane kek. It’s not exactly lying to say they have to eat their age’s worth of carrots, that’s pretty clever and easy for the kid to remember.

No. 1224680

So much this. Women who stayed married to scrotes have brain damage

No. 1224681

There’s plenty of parents that think asking children to put their toys away is child abuse, or saying no to them in any way at all. The irony is those kids grow up to be far more aggressive and uncooperative than their peers who where taught boundaries and rules. Really the parents ate screwing them over for life by indulging their every whim.

No. 1224708

If the chicken isn't good it's probably because they dont season it

No. 1224720

That and it's probably overcooked so it's all dry

No. 1224747

i'm not that old and nevertheless i was raised sooo differently than this… how do these people have the energy and patience to just let their kids walk all over them? children are dumb, you have to lie to them and force them to some extent

No. 1224766

File: 1655198807384.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x2123, D93E1368-E8F8-45CD-A0C0-B7D0A4…)

bro this is pathetic, a grown ass man shouldn't have to be 'helped' with basic chores, especially not in this manner.
>omg chores is like bido gaem!!!!
literal definition of manchild

No. 1224767

That's so fucking cringe.

No. 1224768

File: 1655199029892.jpeg (281.62 KB, 1170x880, F561B263-6F13-4309-9E35-9C282B…)

and of course the 'bitch' is blamed

No. 1224773

Is her husband 5 yo
Call the police stat

No. 1224775

I really thought I couldn't seethe any harder after reading this, then I saw >>1224768

I have no words

No. 1224780

Just a moid version of pretty princess points

No. 1224785

I had to check the OP's account to make sure this is not satire of some sort. Thankfully seems like most of the top comments point out how retarded the husband must be to need something like this

No. 1224869

What in the Supernanny hell?

No. 1225013

Why are Americans so fucking weird about food? "We can only afford dry chicken so we eat it every day cause it's healthy"… I can think of so many foods that are cheaper and healthier than cheap grocery store chicken filled with antibiotics. I just hate people who are too lazy to learn how to cook or anything about food at all and make a million excuses for their poor diets. They are probably eating frozen chicken nuggets.

No. 1225016

Living with men is only worth it if he pays all the bills and you don't have to work. I can't even imagine why women chose a life where they have to work full time, then come home and do all the chores and do all the child-raising. Who asked for this? Either chose career or chose family with a man where you get to be a SAHM. I would never clean the house and have kids for some man who doesn't earn enough money to support me fully and expects me to work as well.

No. 1225032

Ah yes because being financially dependent on a moid on purpose is such a great idea, fuck off scrote

No. 1225069

File: 1655224280989.jpg (296.15 KB, 910x836, runn.jpg)

This isn't cute this guy is a fucking freak

No. 1225070

that is so autistic!!

No. 1225099

This would be cute if males like this weren't dangerous freaks

No. 1225106

Where did I say that? If you want to have a career then the best option is to just not date men. If you want to have a family (which most people on here don't) then you are retarded if you still keep working while also doing all the chores AND child raising. A scrote who wants that should pay for it.

No. 1225110

You're never gonna get your tradwife

No. 1225113

It looks like he's taking a piss in the garden

No. 1225151

hows that paranoid schizophrenia working out for you?

No. 1225280

you're actually retarded, reading comprehension is 0

No. 1225500

I mean if you think a tradwife is someone who thinks childcare + house chores + working full time is unreasonable then …

No. 1225648

File: 1655248535233.png (37.94 KB, 2991x194, trad shilling.PNG)

No. 1225677

Lool I'm so glad my mom just told me to eat the food she cooked or cook my own instead of making me sit down and look up recipes with her kek.

No. 1225838

I read over this again because I missed the first part and I’m so confused, who the hell could possibly hate chicken? I get it if you’re vegan or something, but there are so many genuinely delicious ways to cook chicken. Even picky eaters like chicken. I have literally never heard anyone say they hate chicken before this post, especially not a kid. I’m so curious wtf they are doing.

No. 1225858

So many people can't cook chicken but I think she was talking about her toddler. Kids go through picky phases and aren't logical about it. It can be about texture or something like they didn't feel well after eating it once or they heard a parent expressing a negative opinion on the food so now they don't like it either.

No. 1225937

The poster says she “hates chicken just as much as her 8 year old” but they still eat it every night. That’s just so odd to me, lmao. There are plenty of other cheap sources of protein if you really dislike chicken. I know sometimes kids go through phases, but I have a bunch of picky eaters in my family and I never heard of anyone not liking chicken. Even my picky sister who is vegetarian now says she misses chicken sometimes.

No. 1226084

Yeah I doubt her kid is a picky eater, she is probably just a horrendous cook. Parent create the most disgusting concoctions and then they don't understand why their children are being difficult. She even says herself it tastes bad but still wants to force her child and family to eat it just because they are supposed to. Narcissim.

No. 1226108

I dislike chicken. There are 8 billion people on this planet anon, there will be all kinds of us among those billions, even chicken haters.

No. 1226206


The replies are pissing me off. If taken to heart then basically no woman should have any say over whatsoever whether the father can be in the delivery room or not. It is perfectly reasonable for a woman's mother to provide more support during child labor than the father, who has no experience pushing a baby through his body.

No. 1226208

My mum's inability to cook put me off so much food growing up. I thought I had issues with texture turns out I just hate undercooked slop. My mum does not preheat the oven and turns it on with the food leaves it for the minimum time whilst constantly opening the oven door to check on the food.

No. 1226219

you're missing a large chunk of context when you choose to sum up the post like that… the pregnant woman was complaining she doesn't want her husband in there because he's never present for her baby appointments because he has to work 14 hour shifts because she quiet her job due to being pregnant. give credit where credit is due, it seems like the husband has a right to be angry about this, she doesn't care that he has to work all the time to provide for them and their new baby, and then on top of that she doesn't even want him present when the baby is born. she should marry her mother or perhaps some faceless sugar daddy that won't give a fuck period.

No. 1226222

She reacted badly but at the end of the day it is her that is pushing the baby out. She doesn't need any added stress. If she feels more comfortable with the mom there that makes perfect sense and she doesn't need to justify it further.

No. 1226231

Ok scrote

No. 1226235

It's her right to decide who she shares a space with and when, that includes when she's giving birth. The man can go cry in a corner about it, she's the one who'll have to go through the massive pain and stress of childbirth not him. Men have to incredible fortune of never having to go through childbirth, they need to shut up and just deal with it when a woman decides she doesn't want him there.

No. 1226240

NTA but so? OP said:
>He claimed I am denying him a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am putting my mother over him. I told him it has nothing to do with me placing my mom over him and this is solely about my comfort.

Idc if he works 14 hours a day when he's being so selfish and making the birth about him. I understand being upset that he won't get to witness the childbirth but it's childish of him to say that she is "denying him a once-in-a-lifetime exerience" while she's going through all of physical and mental stress to give him a damn baby.

No. 1226251

No. 1226259

Why would he plan to have a child with her if he didn't want to pick up the inevitable slack when she becomes heavily pregnant/needs to care for their baby? That makes no sense, you make it sound like she forced him to be in a relationship with her, get her pregnant, and agree to have a child together like he had no say

No. 1226270

why wouldn't he witness the birth of his child just because she's the one carrying it, that makes no sense, just because they both decided to have a child and she's the one carrying it it means he not only willingly picks up all the slack in order to provide for them but he also has no say on whether he witnesses the birth of the thing they're putting all this work for? give me a break

No. 1226280

In the end it's still her who has to give birth tho so her comfort is above EVERYTHING ELSE, even her husbands feelings.

I also don't want my husband to be in the room for the actual birth-part. I want my mother there who has given birth herself and who I won't be uncomfortable shitting myself and splitting open in front of. My husband can be there for the many hours of labor that come before, but when it comes time to push he needs to gtfo. Men can not even handle seeing a child being born and them even being in the room is a fairly new thing, the dad used to wait outside. I have seen so many posts of men claiming to have PTSD from witnessing the birth of their children and how they can't get it up for their wife anymore after seeing a baby come out of her. Men are not strong enough for childbirth and they shouldn't be in the room unless they are the doctor.

No. 1226288

That's literally how it's been for thousands of years. Men work and provide and men wait outside.

No. 1226301

File: 1655298818307.jpeg (262.46 KB, 640x603, 5BE3708C-0D2C-4BCD-90B2-8051A3…)

That’s all they are good for most of the time. Men ruined childbirth for 1000s of years by making women give birth on their backs and making it hard for women to be midwives. They create unnecessary stress with their autism about sons and how everything has to be sooper sexy or how gross everything is.
The wife of this pathetic creature, for instance, could have had her mother to comfort her, but society says that he “deserves rights”.

No. 1226310

no it hasn't lol. i was just wondering how many of you retards posting itt have been using retarded boomer feminism talking points and you just hit the nail right on the head. you know that men were always included in birthing right up until the 50s, when suddenly boomers of the time got it in their heads that it was "unsanitary" for them to be there, and it took years to undo that damage? clearly it's still not undone though, as retarded women like you create entire fantasies in your head about how men have never been apart of it

No. 1226323

why does it smell like unwashed balls here.

No. 1226325

that's just disgusting, why are you implying i'm a man because i'm just stating facts… unironic misogyny

No. 1226326

I was literally just about to say that.
>your boomer feminism!
>retarded women!
>men have always been involved in the birthing process!

No. 1226329

This is really the hill he wants to die on kek

No. 1226333

men have always been involved in the birthing process. this is getting ridiculous, get off the internet and touch grass about how the world functioned/functions instead of spewing crap about how men have never been around just because YOU want it to be like that

No. 1226337

Men have not always been involved in the birthing process. You’re delusional. You act like all men where there holding their wives hands before 1950s when it’s actually the opposite. 100 years ago it was not normal for men to be in the room while their wife gave birth.

Men have been involved for a long time as drs and physicians and during that time they fucked it all up, reported misinformation, jeopardised women and babies because they don’t believe what women say, etc. Made women give birth on their backs etc. During the witch burning area female midwives where always scapegoated and persecuted and then eventually did away with them and made it hard for women to work at all.

No. 1226341

men have always disregarded womens birthing and made it all about themselves infact it was even worse BEFORE the 50's and you can see that in many different tribes or eras before.

Every scrote like you thinks he is ''stating factzz'' but no you are just talking out of your ass like all braindead moids that lurk here.


No. 1226342

To add to this, births were done at home until the early/mid 20th century, so men were involved during the birth at their own whim. The problem is when births became medicalised/hospitalised; it is actually doctors (male doctors, for the most part) that refused to let fathers in the birthing room, and women had zero say about it, even if they wanted the father present. It wasn't until the 60s that fathers again started being allowed in while women gave birth, and now it's just commonplace again for them to be there.

No. 1226345

you're an idiot

No. 1226346

retardo scrotes like you always come out of the shadows when certain topics trigger them, let me guess you are a deadbeat loser dad or your dad is a deadbeat loser.

No. 1226347

not even close. also the post above mine just debunked your idiotic ramblings, i just didn't have the need to say anything else except you're an idiot

No. 1226353

No they haven't, lol. Men don't belong in the birthing room. They start to feel faint and pass out and then all the attention has to be on them and the doctors and nurses who should have to worry about the woman have to coddle the man instead so he doesn't hit his head on the floor and gets to sue the hospital for millions. Even if the man is allowed to be there to see the baby come out, he is then traumatized for life and doesn't want to ever touch his wife again cause he witnessed a baby come out of her vagina and that's just unsexy and gross to them and in their eyes the woman is "ruined". There is a reason men keep talking about women who have had babies being "used up and worn out" and how they only want to fuck tight virgin pussies. Men are disgusted by the birthing process, it's not a miracle of life to them as it is to women, to them it's a baby "ruining" their favorite plaything that they see as their property.

No. 1226355

This and also the only women who had this privilege the moron talks about was typically rich women who are aristocrats or part of royalty, meanwhile birth for the average woman was horrible and there was no healing wait time.

You didnt debunk anything, all you did was sperg about boomer feminism and insult anyone who said you are wrong.
Go back to your redpill sphere moidlet shoo shoo.

No. 1226356

Why are you so mad? Will he or you die if he doesn't watch his wife give birth? Does it mean he'll never see the baby? She wants her mother there because she feels the safest that way. She took care of her throughout the entire pregnancy and literally has experience as an ER nurse. GTFO and stop being childish, dude would probably faint or make horrified faces that'd make the mother anxious anyway

No. 1226358

I agree but stop feeding the scrote attention.

No. 1226363

Why would you have a baby with a scrote who acts like that? Lmao not all of them are fainting pussies. Your scrote is supposed to comfort you and calm you down during the birthing process as you're giving birth to his child.

No. 1226367

I'm being realistic. Good luck with your scrote, they can virtue signal as much as they want about how supportive they are and how their wife is "a hero" in their eyes and it was so amazing to see her be so strong… in the end he will just jerk off to teen pussy and not touch you anymore anyways. If you want to risk that, go ahead.

No. 1226368

>boomer feminists
>debunk and facts
>retarded women

Go and take a shower and stop posting here. Scrote

No. 1226369

Yeah, totally, just use your magical woman powers to detect a scrote who doesn't act weirdly around pregnancy lol. Or like, if he doesn't act right, just like, undo the baby and the pregnancy. Simple as xx
You're evil if you don't let him watch you have birth though, ugh can you imagine? Having a choice to have someone who you'll feel the most comfortable with as you bring a child into the world and physically/mentally struggle in the process? Feminists, amirite?? Ridiculous…

No. 1226371

Alright a lot of projection on your part but if you have that mentality what's the purpose of a relationship with men/having a baby anyway? I'm really not understanding. If you think barring your scrote from the birthing room is gonna be what makes him start watching porn or is the magic catalyst for a dead bedroom, you're wrong. Scrotes watch porn anyway for different reasons, there's no way you can stop them and if they've already decided they want do it they're gonna do it. Honestly it sounds like pickme logic that you can "prevent" them from doing that/"turning to porn" and somehow implying that the wife "caused" it if she wanted her husband in the birthing room.

No. 1226374

>Having a choice to have someone who you'll feel the most comfortable with as you bring a child into the world and physically/mentally struggle in the process?
Yeah that's… kind of the idea? They're supposed to comfort you while you're going through something that's hard, that's what people in relationships normally do??

No. 1226375

Sometimes, it's not your husband you prefer when you're actually in that situation. It might be your mother, another family member, etc. Why is this so hard for you to accept lol

No. 1226376

I respect that, but I was replying to the anons who said it's somehow unreasonable or undesirable to include the person who impregnated you in the birthing process lol.

No. 1226393

Most of the time it is. Stop being obtuse in burgerland alone pregnant women are killed 1 in 4 by their boyfriends and husbands. Maybe go argue for those dead women and babies and stop capping for the limp dick who couldn’t even play piece of shit 50’s husband right

No. 1226401

Wtf are you talking about lol. Calm down

No. 1226415

File: 1655305730456.gif (549.48 KB, 498x347, B5AB2CCA-7300-444A-B933-F93E5E…)


No. 1226422

take your meds

No. 1226423

File: 1655306397322.jpg (77.59 KB, 1080x1209, 5dd46d2346466b7c22cfccc5e2ad8b…)

No. 1226424

Nta but holy fuck are you annoying. Don't know if you're a troll or if you are genuine.

No. 1226579

Traumatizing your man by making him watch you push a human out of your vagina WILL impact your sex-life and he will not ever see you the same way again. You can go ahead and make your own experience if you don't believe the many stories on the internet that men themselves have shared about this. Good luck.

No. 1226594

If a man is "traumatized" (lol) by watching his wife birth his child then he's extremely weak and pornsick and I don't want him anyway, it's better than pushing him away and barring him from seeing you because you're worried about not looking hot for 2 seconds giving birth when you've already been bloated and pregnant and not likely looking your best for 9 months already only for him to turn around and do the same thing you were trying to avoid by obsessing over what he thinks is or isn't hot

No. 1226699

Ok, I think the woman who made the post can have whoever she wants there, but this is just silly. If a man is traumatized by seeing a woman give birth to his child then that's extremely bizarre and immature and is probably nowhere close to the norm, does not sound like the behavior of someone who is prepared to be a parent

No. 1226864

This isn't a guarantee and shouldn't be the top consideration as to why you pick who you want in the delivery room. Many men are just too squeamish or anxiety prone to be any help to the woman and they can not give comfort from a position of sympathy or past experience. Childbirth is stressful enough, additional, unneeded stress can be dangerous.

No. 1227003

I hate anytime moids talk about the OJ Simpson case. They will always start sperging about Ron Goldman who was also murdered that day and how nO OnE EVER talks about poor Ron. I’ve even seen moids go as far as to say they feel much more sorry for Ron than for Nicole who suffered YEARS of abuse at the hands of that awful man but Ron just being in the wrong place at the wrong time is somehow much more tragic.

No. 1227025

Just goes to show how little they care for their own kind when they are more focused on making MURDER a competition. At the end of the day, he was still murdered by a moid who is walking the streets and they don't seem to be triggered by that part. My dream is for OJ to have a second trial with only gen z jury because at least you know he will be locked up.

No. 1227051

Wait like can men really not understand sex causes pregnancy? What?

No. 1227070

OJ was extremely brutal to her during the murder and was horrifying in their relationship, it pisses me off that people can minimize the situation or joke about it so much. Of course that's super bad on reddit in particular, the worst true crime takes are always the most popular on there.

No. 1227204

mind you, OJ claimed he was a battered husband at nicole's hands and that he "never" hit her, that he was terrified of her, etc. and he was believed.

No. 1227512

Sounds familiar.

No. 1227521

Well on a subconscious level they do - which is sort of why the madonna/whore complex exists. Woman before fucking: whore, woman after fucking gets pregnant: madonna, no more sex cuz icky and wtf prego?
Their "understanding" boils down to
>oh I did that?
>nah, she did that. now her body is gross and not attractive
>I should find a woman who didn't do that to her own body, who isn't gross lol

No. 1227523

You talk like men are that picky and that women have no options if their husband stops fucking them, or that they'd even be disappointed.

I want moids to see us do something they're far too weak for. When they bitch about sacrificing 8 hours a day at an air conditioned desk or the hypothetical wars they could die in, they should remember us actually sacrificing our bodies to continue the human race and that they can never be that. Even if womb transplants happen, they wouldn't dare.

No. 1227525

I shouldn't reply to this retarded infighting, but they are, nona. Men today are extremely spoiled and finicky, because they can see perfect airbrushed women stopped in time any time they pick up that ubiquitous screen dominating everyone's lives.
And they don't see it like that, they see it more like an animal going through a disgusting process that they have zero involvement in. Men never admire women unless they're doing something a man could do better if he wanted to.
So a moid seeing his wife's vagina give birth to his own son isn't really likely to think "omg, she's doing this for me :)" it's more "um ew wtf I stick my penis in there. now I have to find a vagina that hasn't done that weird gross shit and that isn't ruined"
Now shoo back to reddit.

No. 1227554

Look up the husband stitch. Men don't like you giving birth. It's not hard to come across dads who love complaining about how pregnancy "ruined" his wife's body. Men will never admire you and watching you give birth will repulse them because, like the other nona said, they don't like your vagina being used for anything else but masturbating him. Men often stop being attracted to their wifes after she gives birth. They will never ever ever admire you for anything ever. He can turn his computer on and have access to a billion women and he knows that. Every man sees his woman as 100% disposable

No. 1227563

You should unironically become a polilezzy.
Nta and that's true but it's way too acceptable for them to pull that shit. They shouldn't be allowed to do that, if it wasn't acceptable they'd been too scared like how most of them are too scared to say they'd rather date minors than adults.
Also this has a lot to do with sex being seen as… Sex. Western countries have made sex into plastic sanitary act done solely for pleasure(mostly for man's) while it's supposed to be an act for bonding and forming a family, even if a woman's infertile or its a same sex relationship, it creates a partner bond and readies them to become parents in essence. But the casual sex and porn culture has scewed people's views about sex.

No. 1227578

What in the twitterfag is this… Western countries arent the cause for this, do you even know the way people actually treat women giving births in tribes because if you did maybe you would shut up.

Are also like one of those spiritual drug-popping privileged women who say how nice and empowering menstruation huts are and ignore brown women who tell you that women literally get sent to die there and its like a punishment.

No. 1227584

Was vaginal plastic surgery women get so they resemble the ones in porn also doing of the same tribes? Did those tribes also choke their women or force them to perform dangerous or degrading sexual acts like porn addicted men nowadays do? What you brought up is also disgusting but it's not relevant, porn is the cause of today's degeneracy and no matter how much you racebait, it won't change that. Porn is also why a lot of men nowadays prefer disgustingly young and hairless women, the types of women and acts in porn actually influence how men treat women so much it'd be stupid to ignore that.

No. 1227588

tell me how that was racebait. Also the topic was about birthing not about vagina-plasty or whatever, stop shifting goal-posts, nvm im probably talking to some sheltered neet right now.

No. 1227597

The anon I replied to was talking about husband stitch, a medical procedure only done to enhance how a man enjoys a pussy. Labiaplasty is more related to it than menstruation huts because no one was even talking about menstruation.
You racebaited in the last paragraph where you accused me of being a certain race and brought up another race of women when it wasn't even relevant to the topic. Even if tribes years ago did misogynistic practices, it doesn't excuse modern day misogyny. Why are you so personally offended that I mentioned porn addiction when most people would agree it's the origin of today's men's weird sexual interests?

No. 1227601

i thought you were that anon from before who was calling anons ''boomer feminists. retarded women'' and the topic revolved around birthing. Since you both sounded spergy ,retarded and keep derailing this thread, my bad.
Also please learn what racebaiting means.

No. 1227641

OH I'm not that anon, their posts were super weird so I understand why you got mad. The post of mine you replied to was my first post about this topic.

No. 1227642

Girl girls calm down you're both right, men are shite no matter where, from the biggest cities to the deepest jungle they're all misogynistic trash

No. 1227652

You are naive and deluded about men, yes even your Nigel doesn't want to see a baby emerge from your vagina.

No. 1227654

>finally listened to olivia rodrigo’s sour
>been kinda avoiding it because i feel like the singles were overplayed
>kinda enjoyed decent album, liv has a nice voice even though the music is not my style
>check her subreddits, thinking it would have discussions of her music
>first post i see is an upskirt video of olivia with bunch of awards

i hate men so much

No. 1227659

shut up and stop derailing, if you want your moid to hate you so much after having a kid then good on you, stop convincing other women to be as miserable as you.

No. 1227671

I'm pretty much resigned on the topic of like disgusting porn subreddits and such existing, but I wish there was a general "softcore porn/NSFW" content ban on any subreddit that does not tag itself as porn. Can't check out manga/book/antique subreddits without there being some kind of thirst-content on the hot page, like I imagine most of reddit must be 13 year old boys.

No. 1227674

Right? Personally I would never marry or choose to have kids with a man who I didn't want there with me in one of the most stressful/painful times of my life to hold my hand and talk me through it. I don't know why anon is trying to convince other women their only option is to be with a man they can't depend on, but hey if that's what you want you go get it girly.

This argument is so far removed from the original post too. If the OP preferred her mother in the room then good for her, but her reasoning behind it was retarded. Like of course the husband would be upset when her only reason she doesn't want him there is because he's missed the appointments, but the reason he's missed the appointments is because he's been providing for the family so she can take time off for the pregnancy. I know, I know, men are trash etc etc but if a woman actually wants her relationship with her moid to work some times you have to be considerate of their feelings and compromise, which a lot of nonnies here don't seem to get.

No. 1227691

I remember going through a phase in university of following fitness influencers for workouts, and when I tried to find the online communities of one I watched it led me to a subreddit about her which was entirely composed of men posting zoomed in pictures of her butt and crotch in tights and threads of men being on the lookout for any nipslips in the videos where she tried on workout clothes. They were scraping through all her pictures and videos trying to see just a scrap of skin or imprint of a nipple she didn't mean to show them.

No. 1228431

>Personally I would never marry or choose to have kids with a man who I didn't want there with me in one of the most stressful/painful times of my life to hold my hand and talk me through it.
I get what you’re saying here anon, but I don’t think it’s always that easy. Most women don’t go into marriage thinking their husbands will cast them aside once they get pregnant, and a lot of us are programmed to accept genuine red flags as just normal “boys being boys.” I used to know a woman who said her ex-husband really wanted kids but then turned into a different person when she had a difficult pregnancy and needed a lot of care/support. It’s not really as easy as just “pick a good guy to marry.”

No. 1228476

How can someone provide support through making time to go to appointments if they're pulling the entirety of the weight with making ends meet financially though?

No. 1228500

The woman who told me her divorce story said her husband basically checked out near the end of her pregnancy, didn’t ask how she was feeling, would go out at night and come home in the morning, didn’t say where he was going, and would just generally treat her coldly. She said her family made a bunch of excuses for him, “oh it’s hard having a pregnant wife” and she felt guilty, but she eventually divorced him when their kid was like 2. It kind of stuck with me because he was definitely cheating and upset because she was needy and wasn’t “available” anymore, but even her own family defended him because “it’s best for the child” or whatever.

No. 1228501

abuse often starts or escalates during pregnancy.

No. 1228559

File: 1655452701541.png (136.78 KB, 1428x592, There is not enough nudity in …)

Redditor mad he can't jerk off to his favorite actress' uncovered breasts

No. 1228572

I can bet he doesn't actually want to see dongs. Especially if it's more dongs and man ass than boobs and woman ass.

No. 1228575

Many people say this exact thing but I don't understand. Movies and shows for adults are downright pornographic. The average hbo show has nudity and porn sex every episode. I bet this guy only watches marvel shit and wonders why nobody's bussing it open in there. Look literally anywhere else and you will see obnoxious levels of nudity and sex

No. 1228594

I thought the same thing anon, so many shows seem so damn porny nowadays. I could really do without the gratuitous sex scenes. I also watch a lot of older movies and I have no idea what he’s talking about. Not every movie from the 80s is Porky’s, kek.

No. 1228607

There is porn on every crevice of the internet but apparently even that's not enough. He has to see it on tv too. He wants porn to be everywhere. Men are such apebrains

No. 1228608

File: 1655458547965.jpg (465.11 KB, 642x1645, Screenshot_20220617-113401_Chr…)

No. 1228611

And of course the reddit mods locked the thread for making fun of her pathetic husband

No. 1228614

I've been watchig a lot of old horror movies from that era too lately and there's a LOT of unnecessary nudity there, and also a lot of actresses that stopped acting soon after making these specific movies that really makes you think about abuse that was going on behind the scenes. But moid has to have his fix of booba on the screen I guess

No. 1228616

What is it with males and their autistic aversion towards pads?? Are they THAT afraid of a piece of cloth and plastic and blood when most of them are obsessed with violence and porn, and even enjoy watching gore? I swear even my father was annoyed by the presence of pad envelops even if he was used to slaughtering animals. Should I start waving pads at males to shush them away?

No. 1228618

Is this a new phenomenon with scotoid behavior? I've always hung around predominantly men and I'm married, but I've never once heard them bitch about pads before. She should smite his ass out of their household.

No. 1228623

She should just free bleed on the guy, bet the pads won't seem so bad then.
>He firstly complained about me not "consulting" him first

No. 1228641

Men were always weird about periods, but there are so many different insane urban myths/misunderstandings/magical thinking involved that it's hard to categorize the behavior.

No. 1228656

I think that guy is just weird, I sent that screenshot to my husband and he said it was bizarre. Never met a man who was that weird about periods, all the men I have been with had no issue with a little blood or even period sex.

No. 1228659

I don't get what is so hard to understand about this, he's obviously asking for her to free bleed on the bed and the sofa.

No. 1228674

I'm confused, why is using pads worse than tampons?

No. 1229214

File: 1655497126943.png (48.38 KB, 775x558, firefox_mL6WxVYbpq.png)

No. 1229221

Maybe men should stop raping children, do their fair share in parenting, and stop being so emotionally constipated, simple as.
>Hair loss
Boohoo. Your beauty standards are have hair, don't be fat, be tall. And even then you can probably still date up with some low self-esteem cock worshipper. Journo mode life.

No. 1229257

File: 1655499860564.jpeg (91.57 KB, 640x568, E03EF063-C1DA-4C0B-B4E0-EE83DA…)

No. 1229282

This isn't the problem from the original post at all though. The husband is trying to be there for her and be supportive, she is just not allowing him in the room for a retarded reason.

No. 1229291

>My mom has been staying with us since I went on bedrest because I need so much help with pretty much everything. She was an ER nurse before she retired and has been a godsend. I know we couldn't have made it work without her help.

>The hospital I am giving birth at is still using Covid restrictions for the delivery room. We are only allowed one other person besides me. Because my mom has been with me for the past month, taking me to the doctor, taking care of all my needs, etc. I am feeling much more comfortable and at ease with her. I decided that I want her to be in the delivery room with me because she's been so much more present for everything than my husband has.

Lol how is this retarded? She feels safer with her mom. It's childbirth, not a fucking dress recital

No. 1229311

Here we go

No. 1229324

Men should be stripped of the right to voice their opinions publicly. The Manson thing is going to be even worse than Amber vs Johnny.

No. 1229332

File: 1655505871829.jpeg (330.19 KB, 1170x1218, 7ED2DD4D-8E0D-4B3C-99A7-FCF2F3…)

Every time, without fail, when this question or something similar is asked, this is the top answer. It’s mentioned in more than one comment. Meanwhile, let’s compare what the worst things are about being a woman… Fears of being raped, impregnated against your will, dismembered and put into a trash can, etc. Like, I couldn’t find one legitimate answer in this thread. It’s all mundane shit that really doesn’t even matter. More than one man said something about hair. Fucking hair. Imagine if that were the biggest worry you had as a woman.

No. 1229333

Ha didn’t notice you posted it too, anon. Let’s a-log together.

No. 1229337

Ugh and more than half of these moids don't even care about kids if it's in a non-predatory way. Just look at how many complain about their own children "stealing" all the attention from their moms and how scrotes will try anything to avoid paying child support.

No. 1229341

>his username

No. 1229356

wtf i only heard his name, didn't know the details but it's so scarily similar
>When describing a 1989 incident in which he was charged with battering her, he said she was the actual aggressor but nobody believed him. He said the only time he touched her was to subdue her and stop her from hitting him.
>Similarly, when describing a December 2015 incident Amber says Johnny "headbutted her" (which he admitted to on tape), Johnny testified he'd only been trying to subdue her (or "bear hug" her) to stop her from hitting him

>When shown photos of Nicole's bruises, O.J. said it was makeup.

>When shown her diary entries recounting the abuse, he said she made it all up to void their prenup.
>Like with Amber, O.J. and his team played up Nicole's "violent past," including a time Nicole allegedly slapped the couple's maid. The maid was later quoted as saying Nicole often started her and O.J.'s fights and that he always tried to walk away.

>In the weeks after Nicole's murder, Denise Brown insisted her sister wasn't a "battered woman." While Nicole's family and friends had known about the abuse, the extent of it was hidden from them as she'd covered her bruises with makeup.

>Johnny's fans often bring up Amber's parents texting him that they loved him; they bring up his generosity to Amber and her friends and the fact he let them live rent-free in his penthouse apartments.
>O.J. was similarly generous, lavishing Nicole's family with gifts, giving her parents and cousins jobs, and paying her sister's school tuition. He was so generous, her family encouraged her to stay with him, despite knowing of the abuse.

>Similar to how Johnny and his fans cling to Amber's purported affairs (James Franco! Elon Musk!), Nicole's promiscuity was blasted in the tabloids and the fact she (gasp!) dared to have sex with another man under the same roof as her sleeping children.

>Like how Johnny's exes Vanessa, Winona, and Kate defended him, O.J.'s first wife Marguerite, after hearing of Nicole’s abuse, said he never touched her and that she'd be willing to testify for him.
>Johnny's fans will point out Amber said she still loved him and continued to text him after filing for divorce, but after Nicole and O.J. divorced, she wrote a letter pleading for a reconciliation - just a year before she was killed.

>Like in the Depp-Heard trial, crucial evidence outlining the extent of Nicole's abuse was kept from the Simpson jury due to "hearsay," including Nicole's diary.

>Texts from Johnny's assistant to Amber, apologizing for Johnny's kicking her, were kept out for the same reason.
>And like how Johnny's kept Amber buried in legal fees for years, in the last days of Nicole's life O.J. threatened Nicole financially, telling her he'd report her to the IRS.

ironically many moids and handmaidens try to reach for parallels between her and oj…

No. 1229358

I feel like this is literally a non issue irl? never in my life have I heard anyone male or female accuse a man of being a pedophile for being around children, it just happens to creepy redditors in discord servers with 12 year olds in which case they deserve it
>weak connection with male friends
bet he turns around and talks about how all women are fake friends and secretly hate each other lol. anyway I'll never get over how guys on the internet they think loneliness is a male thing because they only acknowledge the women they want to fuck as female lol

No. 1229372

The fact that pedos are so caped for and covered up for by even the women around them tells us that any man complaining about being perceived as a pedo must be displaying exceptionally creepy behavior around kids publicly.

No. 1229374


And that's not even a "male" thing, same for the lack of "respect" as a parent (this one always grinds my gears, women do so much more for their families than their moids, yet are still expected to be maids and everyone's therapist). Moids are such pissbabies. These cave dwellers are too autistic to interact with people irl, don't even bother to make an effort but then complain about loneliness.

No. 1229382

I've never seen or heard a normal man complain about this, to be honest. It's always a certain type.

No. 1229420

Does anyone else feel like the exact opposite of this is true? I feel like most families will bend over backwards to make excuses for their creepy family members, even if they’re caught abusing a child or looking at cp. There was another post on reddit with some woman who found out her father in law had raped his daughter when she was a kid, the family basically covered for him and said the daughter was lying and never told her about it, even though she had a young daughter herself. Even having a “creepy uncle” who touches you too much is a common trope in media. This behavior almost never gets called out.

No. 1229421

just like all of men's complaints about being men, it's not true

No. 1229556

I hate when subreddits are clogged with screenshots from Twitter and Tumblr. Banning those and encouraging more original discussion would improve the quality of a lot of subs.

No. 1229648

File: 1655529301052.jpg (191.55 KB, 742x884, 1639507585338.jpg)

Moids are pure evil, always playing the victim about other's concern for children's safety. If paranoid nosiness protects even one child from being harmed, it's absolutely worth the awkwardness of being side eyed at a playground.

Not that it ever actually happens, they just heard made up stories about it on reddit and took it as a personal affront that anyone would dare notice or publicly stand up against male pedophiles. Their guilty consciences are so blatantly obvious that an imaginary situation that almost never occurs is their deepest fear and worst nightmare. Everyone knows men get overpraised for being good with kids or acting like father material, while it's the bare minimum for women. If anything, we need to be MORE suspicious of them.

No. 1229678


No. 1229744

There's only one movie I can think of that has more dongs than boobs and that's Das melancholische Mädchen. Germans make weird movies.

No. 1229812

File: 1655545452350.jpg (107.23 KB, 1080x623, _20220618_114207.JPG)

Majority of replies are like nooo he was just drunk and feeling very protective but isn't it actually creepy as fuck?

No. 1229824

It is creepy as all hell and everyone there is ignoring that the 14 year old girl was really uncomfortable with it. No strange non-familial 27 year old ale should be texting a 14 girl period.

No. 1229833

Some people bring her discomfort up as they should since it's the most important part of it, but I still can't believe there possibly could be any innocent explanation to why

No. 1229836

Reddit moids on r/greentext literally cheering on an incel who threw a rock at a girl's eye and blinded her, calling her a roastie cunt etc. I mean, what the fuck did I expect from a garbage sub like that but anyway lol.

No. 1229840

4chan subs on reddit in general make me cringe. I hate redditors, and those faggots need to be shamed more.

No. 1229863

Yes. The subs are like retarded FAS children of two retarded parents, taking the worst traits if both

No. 1229873

File: 1655552128598.jpeg (267.84 KB, 667x1280, 7F753C44-69BB-4A8C-8972-6D11D4…)

No. 1229874

I hate this shit so much, 16, what the fuck.

No. 1229876

There is no good reason this random guy should have had her niece's phone number in the first place. She's a sucker for dating someone like that. Bitch is clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation but chooses to allow it to happen anyway because god forbid she has to be single for a little while.

No. 1229878

Yeah, if you go to a playground to play with kids you're not related to, people will think you're a creep, but it wouldn't be normal for a female stranger either. Never have I ever seen a man be told off for playing with their kid relatives or childred, what the actual fuck

No. 1229881

Unsurprising, yet I'm sure that if a mainstream movie has just as much male nudity as female moids would complain about there being "too much male nudity" and yell about "feminazi sjw double standards". For a non-movie example, I think this already happened with Mortal Kombat 11? The men's outfits became a little skimpier, the women's outfits got toned down a little, making them pretty much equally covered, and the moids threw shitfits about "muh double standards!!" "why are the men more naked than the women??" even though they literally were not.

No. 1229886

>Never have I ever seen a man be told off for playing with their kid relatives or children

Exactly this which is why i think the men who say those things about being scared of being seen with kids are hiding some disturbing things and are creeps.

No. 1229897

Wow, I went through the thread, OP wasn't kidding, it's not even just the top comment, 90% of the comments are about kids. And most of their "villain origin stories" is about one rude mom saying something when they took their kid to the playground. The other honorable mentions are male pattern baldness and having to initiate dating.
Also lol at men thinking "loneliness" is a male thing.

No. 1229908

Don't tell me they threw a tantrum because Shao Khan's pecs were visible while female Kombatants like Skarlet were fully covered…

No. 1229980

Men and their insatiable lust for teenagers barely out of childhood will never fail to turn my fucking stomach. This is literally the beginning of grooming behaviour.

No. 1230008

Some ladies did accost my dad when I was a kid, but we were walking through a dilapidated ditch (looking for snakes) so I can kinda see how they might have thought I was kidnapped kek my dad didn't get all butthurt about it like these weirdos tho

No. 1230048

>it just happens to creepy redditors in discord servers with 12 year olds
This is almost always the context in which they mean it and it took me a while to catch on to that. As a normal adult you don't even think of being in some internet chat group with kids. I could never figure out why so many of these reddit men would say they have this problem, because I have never seen this kind of thing happen to a man who spends time with like, his nieces and nephews or something. But it's all about the part they're leaving out, which is where they're "being around children" and why. It's like the "peeing in public" argument redditors love for the sex offender registry, it's always what they're not saying.. Pedophiles are manipulative and the ones on reddit like to manipulate with lying by omission to attempt to paint themselves as the victims of some societal cruelty.

No. 1230283

I can't find it but I remember a post from an L&D nurse saying that men who act right during labor and delivery are rare. A lot of men ignore the mom to flirt with staff, complain about everything, sleep the entire time, etc. What's the point of men ~insisting~ on being in the delivery room if they just act grossed out and complain the entire time anyway? Like make yourself useful or don't expect to be there

No. 1230290

Scrotes always react like the manchild they are when they don't get what they want.

No. 1230294

What I hate about the whole subreddits like AITA and relationships, is that they're filled to the brim with women on their late 20s, early 30s asking if they're in the wrong for pushing same boundaries or being upset for completely valid reasons. And they're always dating/married to some idiot scrote that is around 10 yrs older than them, and has the maturity of a 12 yr old. Worst part of all, since reddit is full of mods and scrotes, they're always in support of said overgrown manchild, and bash women for whatever reason.
"Omg reddit, am I wrong for not having to want sex with my partner who's my dad age after I was assaulted on the bus?" And the answers are literally "You dumb bitch, men will literally die if we don't have sex, you're selfish, and I hope your scrote leaves. This is why feminism is wrong".
And the mods will NEVER fo anything, cause that shit gives them views, and whatnot, and they're probably scrote themselves.
And if you point out that it started badly when they accepted to date a predator on the first place, you will have scrotes at your throat defending dating minors jfc.
We should just nuke reddit.

No. 1230297

There's a whole joke of men fainting on the delivery room, or acting gross and saying awful stuff during the birth. My older sister has 2 kids and she also said to her husband that he would only be a burden if he was on the delivery room. If the women birthing doesn't want them there, must be for a reason.

No. 1230304

This is so true. My cousin's husband swore that he wanted to be in the delivery room, then as the birth started, he supposedly had an anxiety attack. He left and ended up calling my cousin's mom to come be with her instead because he couldn't handle it. My cousin originally wanted her mom there for her own comfort, but her husband talked her out of it, which makes it even more pathetic that he had to call her to admit he was unable to comfort his wife or see her in pain. Luckily her mom had predicted this and was practically outside the hospital the moment he called, kek.

No. 1230398

It's all fake anyway.

No. 1230410

Reddit: fake stories, real misogyny

No. 1230839

Holyshit, it's not about you, Steve. Women already have to deal with so much during pregnancy. they dont need a moid there being useless and taking up space. Let the medical professionals do their jobs.

No. 1230866

I mean I really don't even get it. They must be retarded or something. Oh yeah, I totally want my pubes to get stuck in some girl's braces while she scrapes her teeth on my cock because she doesn't know what she's doing. So hot. I think "men" who are attracted to teenagers are those guys no one else would be dumb/naive enough to fuck. Seriously why wouldn't a girl in her 20's be good enough.

No. 1230870

>"Pissing in public"

Come on, no one gets arrested for pissing on the side of the freeway or some shit, these dudes are doing it in front of people on purpose and that's how they end up on sex offender lists and shit.

No. 1230909

ntayrt but that's what she was saying.

No. 1231136

ata, I think maybe the ayrt anon knew that but was just ranting kek. And I don't blame her, only reddit men are stupid enough to believe their own pissing excuse so of course it sounds outlandish when you hear about it

No. 1231169

File: 1655639869984.png (112.21 KB, 920x710, limpdick.png)

No. 1231188

Not to be a heretic but they both sound like assholes. I do not want to see the fucking comments though lol

No. 1231196

Nart but both women and men here get heavily fined and might get arrested for pissing behind a bush in a secluded park late at night after a night out.

Yes the police have nothing to do, even though there are many rape cases they just drop bc apparently they have no resources. Plus there is no sex offender registers here.

No. 1231197

Wife is based for making fun of her limpdick porn addict husband. You know he doesn't suddenly have "anxiety", he's just jerked his dick raw and numbed his brain with porn for so many years that regular sex doesn't do it for him anymore. he deserves to be publicly humiliated for it.

No. 1231210

Yeah but why just not dump his ass

No. 1231216

Imagine getting married at 23 and not knowing that within just a couple of years sex will be going downhill fast and you can't even make a joke about it because of course your husband wants to class it as a super serious medical condition that you have to tiptoe around.. God I'm sick of men pretending their deathgrip porn addiction is something you can't ever challenge them on or complain about. We have to give out sex on tap but they can break their own dicks and you have to just accept that as your life now?

WHo cares about a joke when this woman is stuck commited to a man who can't satisfy her all while she's only in her mid twenties.. weird priorities given where this marriage is likely headed.

No. 1231222

No. 1231223

Never date old scrotes

No. 1231226

>I need men’s rights because when she changed her mind the next day, I went to jail for 5 years;

No. 1231247

> I need men’s rights because it is fine to call me a “dick”, a “cock”, or a “prick” on the street or on television; a woman must never be called a “cunt”
Ah yes those strict laws that exist where you can't ever call a woman a bad name.

No. 1231248

32 isn't even old yet by today's standards, which is why it's tragic. ED should be something for 45+ men and now it affects men as young as 25.

No. 1231252

All this shit they are whining about comes from men being toxic to each other, lol.

No. 1231254

We have 26 and 32 year olds out here acting like old married couples in their 60s, this is embarrassing as shit and is obviously a health problem and not to do with his partner. Men can get it up for a passing breeze if they're healthy.
This is the first AITA I've seen where he used a name, which makes me think it's a real bitter moid and not fake, like most of them.

No. 1231258

Alot of it was him grasping at straws, making up shit that's just not true to reality or him blaming society for his own personal issues but this has to be my fave
>I need men’s rights because, if I am killed in an accident, people will care less than if a woman or a child is killed.
He begrudges kids being mourned over harder than he would be mourned for? Who the fuck sits around thinking about this shit and who the fick minds that yes kids dying generally hits harder than adults.

No. 1231270

Samefag, Just checked the comments for this and the pickmes are out in full force. It's obvious the wife was desperate to say something about this problem to anyone, bet the moid has not-so-subtly implied she was the problem many times, shot her random glares for making his penis sad at the very minimum, and made the home environment awful for her, if you blurt out something like that in public it's not to shame the poor moid (uwu) but because you're desperate to mention it. It's embarrassing for her too but he makes it all about him.

Stay sucking on those musty reddit dicks, reddit women.

No. 1231285

What are even "male gendered slurs"? Dick?
Also where are all the men organizing the male-centered rape/DV-shelters they so desire? It's almost like men don't give a shit about other men, and especially won't do unpaid and ungrateful work for society in the same numbers women do.

No. 1231290

>I need men’s rights because the type of car I drive does not give you the right to shame me or belittle me;
This seems personal, kek

No. 1231291

I just had an argument with an old friend about how useless men are. They can do shit for themselves and get themselves help, but they don't want to because they're lazy and violent. They rely on women to do everything for them.

No. 1231292

This. Men dont give a shit about each other really. They would rather shoot themselves in the foot and then blame women for some reason.

No. 1231342

>severe psychological symptom
Men really do live life on easy mode don’t they

No. 1231566

And the stats they loosely pull up about violence that happens to men and how they need shelters… they always fail to mention it's men commiting that violence too. It's male on male and generally it involves drugs and robbery. These men aren't going to a shelter if you build it.

I'm not in a big country with alot of crime but when you hear of women being murdered here it's by their husband, their ex, their adult son, a guy who fancied them at work.. on and on. When men are murdered it's because they're criminals and they dived into a lifestyle where they could've just as easily been killed or been the killer. That's what bugs me about men pulling up half the story as proof of male suffering. Help yourselves.

No. 1231828

>Who the fuck sits around thinking about this shit and who the fick minds that yes kids dying generally hits harder than adults
For real, they're so unaware of how terminal their male autism is to be writing this shit

No. 1232015

>Getting anxiety when trying to fuck wife of several years
They really think we're that stupid huh? Interesting how moids anxiety related EDs magically go away when they stop watching porn

No. 1232632

File: 1655716517777.jpeg (536.77 KB, 1125x1732, 338A6098-4A8D-46B8-A5B3-872CDD…)

Male gets his rape fetish found out, personally my favorite part was at the end where he clarifies he only likes “consensual” non-consent. https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/vg0jhz/tifu_letting_my_fianc%C3%A9_use_my_computer/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

No. 1232636

What a great find, Nona.

At one point he says, “It's important to note that my fiancée, while she's into nerdy stuff like science and mathematics, that's pretty much where her nerdiness ends. She isn't into the part of nerd and weeb culture that involves Sci-fi, Anime, Video games, etc, so trying to explain all my weird kinks and fantasies to both her and my very straight laced family is not going very well at all…”

How does being into nerd culture have ANYTHING to do with understanding rape fantasies? Redditors / moids are so willing to believe that their thoughts are normal because they surround themselves with other degenerates like them, and then they end up conflating nerd culture = kinkiness.

No. 1232641

File: 1655718047338.jpeg (530.08 KB, 1125x1575, 856A5BD9-DFB5-4000-8D36-E9BFBB…)

I wish I could take the credit that this was some deep dive find, but alas, it was on the popular page. I read that, kept scrolling, and a few posts down there was a woman asking advice for her problem. Sometimes it’s fun when the universe juxtaposes men’s issues compared to women’s and by fun I mean incredibly depressing also it was too fucking much seeing all the comments defending the wannabe-rapist. I’m so glad that woman aired him out to his family, absolutely based and I hope she did it with the intent of causing him the most pain and making his life as difficult as possible.

No. 1232646

File: 1655718812860.jpeg (363.34 KB, 640x851, 639716D3-A9A7-438E-BA37-A6AD0A…)

No. 1232648

File: 1655719083008.jpeg (334.38 KB, 640x846, FA3EDF89-CED6-4F5D-A03C-41F32D…)

No. 1232651

File: 1655719448855.jpeg (362.8 KB, 640x900, 553F4A7D-5217-40A5-98E6-BC72F7…)

No. 1232652

Ex-fiancee is so based, not only she left him but also humiliated in front of his family. I'm sure it was painful for her to discover but at least it happened before they actually got married. DIsgusting, and the fact he kept it all makes it clear it's not just some "phase from the past" (not like it would make it much better though)

No. 1232654

File: 1655719544341.jpeg (351.48 KB, 640x865, 8EF50B8D-3164-448D-8BC7-F02024…)

Very telling how vague he is throughout

No. 1232655

File: 1655719580008.jpeg (346.39 KB, 640x859, E494AD91-3FF5-4E9C-A0F0-C1874A…)

No. 1232657

File: 1655719671531.jpeg (314.66 KB, 640x887, 7639C7C1-00F1-40B0-AFDD-3BB0EA…)

“As far as rape, incest and paedophillia goes, it’s really very mild!”

No. 1232662

It says at the end they broke off the engagement because he wouldn't get help aka she would've stayed with the wannabe rapist if he'd gotten "help" for it. Based otherwise tho.

No. 1232664

I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was mistakenly hanging on to the hope that there was some way she could have saved the image of her fiancé that she had in her mind and would have wised up before getting married even if he had gotten help. If it bothered her that badly there’s no way it wouldn’t still be keeping her up at night even if her moid did go to counseling or something.

No. 1232665

File: 1655720348384.jpg (497.24 KB, 1080x1094, Screenshot_20220620-031425_Red…)

This genuinely gave me the creeps.

No. 1232666

the way the comments are overwhelmingly in his support… even if you're a hopeless coomer how do you not understand that women doesn't want to be with men with a RAPE FETISH? redditors are so far gone it's crazy

No. 1232668

Serial killer vibes

No. 1232669

This is a creepy post but there’s something strangely hilarious to me about seeing the phrase “I need to cuddle” in such an aggressive tone lmao pathetic loser

No. 1232672

Men think women are asexual, we're not we just don't want to be used as your living sextoy. They're apes.

No. 1232674

He probably wanted to make it more "pure" and sweet by using the word cuddle but speaking about needing to "feel the hips, breasts and body in his hands" and "women liking being handled by man" makes it pretty clear there's nothing cute about what he wants. Disgusting moid, I hope he explodes as he foretells

No. 1232677

File: 1655721046179.png (40.6 KB, 1718x216, TIFU letting my Fiancé use my …)

OK, can anyone tell me where this whole "CNC is actually really common" thing is coming from? I see it parroted on Reddit all the time but I refuse to believe that rape fantasies are that common, especially for women

No. 1232679

>women liking being handled by man
yeah that part makes it so blatantly obvious this isn't about loving sex focused on each other's pleasure and emotional intimacy. No wonder he can't find a woman who wants to fuck him, he deserves to die sexless.

No. 1232687

It's a cope, just like when they claim that women are just as bad when it comes to domestic violence and things like that. Even if the cnc
thing was true, who cares? It's his fiance who's uncomfortable and her feelings matter over any other rando because she's the one who's engaged to this moid.

>or I will fucking explode.

Good and I hope he does it without hurting any innocent people. Men are so pathethic. They'd watch the world burn just so that they can coom. I hope no woman will ever have the displeasure of getting to know this scrote.

No. 1232717

I do have compassion for men who are so undesirable that they will never find a woman to be interested in them. In the animal world it's quite common to have males who will never reproduce, because the females keep choosing the better males to have better offspring.
In humans we have monogamy which is good for lesser males, but still, a lot of women don't want to be in a relationship with a man at all. For women it's easier as we show affection with each other + don't usually go crazy from being horny. I do wonder why the undesirable males wouldn't have a lower sex drive naturally to allow them to be content with being alone.

No. 1232724

I'm not convinced there's a lot of males who're truly undesirable if they put in the effort to train their bodies and dress themselves well. A fit, muscular body can make up a lot for an unattractive face and a fit body is 100% a choice.

No. 1232747

File: 1655732269126.png (256.04 KB, 1282x636, Capture.PNG)

Anons idk if this is an appropriate thread for this I don't post here but it's fucking vile and I need to rage. I was Googling some infographics about vaginal discharge and went too deep and found a subreddit for used sanitary products. I hoped it was women sharing to normalise our bodily functions- foolish of me. They're literally prowling local businesses and stealing from the women's sanitary disposal units in the bathrooms.

No. 1232749

I was looking for period pad brands in my local store that I never been to and ended up stumbling upon a subreddit where people take pictures of their used period pads (With blood, of course) and sell them.

No. 1232752

Red pepper your tampons as a safety precaution.

No. 1232762

Ayrt out of curiosity was it r/pantylinersandtampons? I just scrolled lightly and basically every post was a scrote gloating about a new "hault" from, mainly, coffeeshops like Starbucks.

No. 1232767

no, it was named differently

No. 1232769

but.. why?

No. 1232771

Isnt that the most pathetic thing, he whines that she broke it off, but if he had just went to therapy he would still have a fiancée. But he didn't bc he must know that what he did was wrong but he cant handle hearing from a professional and its easier to pretend his fiancèe was the unreasonably one.

No. 1232778

Interesting how womens CNC involved them enjoying it and is often painless. Men's? Involves almost killing the woman or doing intense bodily damage

No. 1232780


Men hate women, I wish more would realize that those weird fetishes are rooted in hatred and act accordingly. And by accordingly, I mean chemical castration and suicide.

No. 1232798

File: 1655736812669.png (38.14 KB, 1108x272, image.png)

Redditors either aren't smart enough to see the difference or are willfully ignorant about it

No. 1232801

I see it parroted literally everywhere on social media as well (especially tiktok, to add another layer of horror) and it makes me rage every time I see it. It reminds me of this bullshit narrative of "akshually women love dominant (read: abusive) men who take control!". Men have been telling these kinds of lies to excuse their behavior for centuries, cnc is just its new, modern flavor. Domestic violence was often excused this way, too.

It's genuinely fucking insane to me how popular this "take" currently is. It also purposefully ignores the fact that nearly all women who are "into" cnc have a history of sexual abuse/trauma and mental illness.

This is some actual soon-to-be rapist psycho shit. Hope he offs himself - and only himself - before he inevitably sexually assaults a woman. Animal.

No. 1232810

nitpick but why do so many moids use "she decided to do x" instead of "she did x"? I've started noticing it

No. 1232817

notice how his fiancée "decides" to do everything, while everything he does is "caused" by an outside force

No. 1232819

It's to do with accountability. Subtle changes in language like that can place heavier accountability on one person and downplay the their own actions. You see it alot on reddit when creeps are caught or when people post in AITA and they clearly are the asshole.

No. 1232820

I don't understand how males can be this delusional tbh, I just don't.

No. 1232962

File: 1655745754959.jpg (40.8 KB, 595x342, kjsgdfkhaljdsñhfks.jpg)

Am i dumb for getting mad over this? They know why. Oh, it's so sad that mothers, who do more unpaid labor and take better care of children, are more celebrated than fathers! We deserve to be praised for doing the bare minimum! Be grateful I didn't abandon you! I changed a diaper once!
Sorry for sperging out. I hate men.

No. 1232967

Fathers day shouldn't even exist.

No. 1232970

Why is he even complaining that his sister didn’t tell him happy Father’s Day? Did he fuck and have a child with her? And he’s still complaining about actually spending time with his child for one day which goes to show how worthless of a father he is. Males are so whiny.

No. 1232973

No you're not dumb. This obviously divorced retard isn't even in his children's life and he's crying about not being showered with gifts. He's mad as hell that his ex wife, who actually raised his kids, is getting a mother's day acknowledgment so he forced his son, who's obviously not comfortable around this reddit using degenerate deadbeat, to have an awkward dinner with him. kys my man

No. 1232982

>I had lunch with my son but it was like pulling teeth and I had to pay.
>and I had to pay

Ffs, that's YOUR son. What's he gonna do? Pay for himself with Monopoly money? This is why men don't deserve Father's day. They make it so apparent that even their own kids are nothing but a burden to them.

No. 1232987

Had a fathers day lunch with his kid.. how awful. People dealing with death on fathers day need to all stop and have a moment of silence for this tortured man.

No. 1233000

His son could be a grown man

No. 1233003

What a fucking faggot. He’s gonna poison his son’s mind with with selfish scrote shit.

No. 1233004

I dated someone who had a son with his ex wife (I know, my mistake) Fathers day and special occasions were interesting and usually unpleasant. He was gifted a t-shirt and a mug the first fathers day that I was with him… the kid had no money and no filter so he told the dad the ex wife had obviously been so kind as to actually take initiative and buy him that stuff.. I thought it was nice given they didn't exactly get along. He never wore the shirt. The mug that said dad on it became my mug for some reason? The shirt eventually ended up being a nightshirt for me on nights when the kids wasn't with us. I lied and told him the dad wore it when he spotted it in our clothes hamper at last. It was like a peace offering given he actively still fought with the wife at any chance but he couldn't even be grateful and the son could pick up on the vibe. It got worse later on.

We were another couple years together and it was always him huffing and being unhappy with the lack of generosity somehow. When the mom told the kid one year to use his own pocket money to start buying the dad gifts himself… the kid bought him nothing and there was world war 3 over it. A kid.. a kid who didn't see him enough was being made miserable all weekend because he came empty handed. This man admitted to neglecting his basic duties for much of the kids younger years before I met him. He owed the child more than the child could ever owe him. It was nuts. A shitshow that opened my eyes about single dads who whinge about not being appreciated or put on the same level as mom. There is a good reason why that happens so they can seethe all they want.

No. 1233008

Kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself

No. 1233012

Could be but it's still weird how much scrotes complain about "having to pay" when it involves their own offspring. It's lunch, not a loan.

No. 1233017

File: 1655749030037.jpeg (143.55 KB, 639x689, D00E6AA8-0625-49F3-AA93-755422…)

What in the actual retard??
>Daughter is a TIF
>class is going on a trip with unsupervised rooms to stay the night
>TIF wants to stay in a room with her guy friends
>teacher says she should stay with the girls
>mom is pissed
>Teacher is like wtf, are you legit braindead?
>b-but the 5 other boys are fine with a female sleeping with them!
>Mom screams to Reddit about le evil twansphobic teacher
At least a lot of the comments are reasonable, suggesting the mom offer to chaperone or get the TIF her own room.


No. 1233019

Wtf I hope the teacher doesn't get any shit from this (other than the mom complaining). Kids are under their supervision and they're responsible if something happens to them. I don't care about the age, I'd never trust FIVE boys to be alone with a girl.

No. 1233020

An 11 year old girl in a room with five boys unsupervised would be a nightmare, it's actually fucking dangerous. How can the mom not see that? Five (pornsick and unstable) boys alone with a girl jfc.

No. 1233021

This is horrifying. Bitch could let her 11 year old daughter just have short hair. She's probably just a regular gnc or tomboy with male friends. I hate this kind of brain washing on kids. Wtf . No 11 year old boy is gonna think she's a boy, especially while going through puberty.

No. 1233026

Kids of 11 are watching porn on their phones already and have no issue getting around parental tools to try and stop that kind of thing.. I hate to say it but 11 year old boys aren't so young that you can even do this without rape or molestation being a genuine concern. Sad but that's reality.

How do you raise a girl and then lose touch with all the usual safety concerns the moment she dresses like a tomboy?

No. 1233029

Why the hell would you be advocating for your DAUGHTER to stay in a room with boys? The amount of brain dead morons acting like they are so progressive is astonishing.
>I don't care about the age, I'd never trust FIVE boys to be alone with a girl
Especially in this society we're living in, this is red lights flashing dangerous.

No. 1233032

>Has sexual roleplay chats still up that "he use to do"
Why would you have old chats up unless you were still participating in them? Does he think redditors are that stupid?
>Erotic roleplaying with strangers
What is he? An obese teenager? Every single person I knew who did sexual roleplaying online was a fat greasy teen, it was probably with fat greasy teens over discord too. Not only did he cheat on his fiance and expects to manipulate reddit to be on his side but he's a major cringe lord too. His fiance is based for exposing his discord pedo tier shit to his family

No. 1233034

>Why the hell would you be advocating for your DAUGHTER to stay in a room with boys? The amount of brain dead morons acting like they are so progressive is astonishing.

Agree, especially when it comes to sleeping?? They probably spend enough time during daytime with each other, so why is the mom so set on her daughter having to SLEEP in the same room as them?

No. 1233038

>How do you raise a girl and then lose touch with all the usual safety concerns the moment she dresses like a tomboy?
Mom is 100% a "not-like-other-girls" handmaiden with internalized misogyny who worships maleness and hates femininity. That's how she ended up with a TIF daughter to begin with. She doesn't think boys would ever hurt her daughter cause she thinks all men are misunderstood angels and it's women who are bad and deserve it when they get raped.

No. 1233039

His kid probably made him a handmade card or something and he didn't mention it because it's not an actual consoomerist item. So many single moms go through mother's day with nothing other than a crayon drawn card and don't complain. Does he seriously want it to be some crazy large event??

No. 1233113

File: 1655754988205.png (35.69 KB, 698x164, incel2.png)

I went to OP's history and found this when he went to "defend" himself.

No. 1233143

He got a little drunk and horny. The first person he thought about when horny? A 14 year old.

No. 1233146

he probably thinks a "5" is emma watson kek

No. 1233149

Name of subreddit? men never cease at amaze me with their depravity

No. 1233158

Anon what in the actual fuck

No. 1233170

This made me think. What are husbandy things to do? It's not even a used term and I can't think of anything.

No. 1233198

Not raping you I guess.

No. 1233214

File: 1655759519283.png (49.18 KB, 627x412, vanilla he says.png)

Sort the comments by controversial if you're looking for sane responses. Some male avatars telling him he's a freak and needs help, sadly dwarfed by the amount of people telling him he's innocent, but it's something.

No. 1233219

moids love marital rape though

No. 1233237

File: 1655760709087.png (283.98 KB, 737x837, 0321564.png)

Kek I just tried googling "hubby things" and "wifey things" – the latter brings up "How to tell your girlfriend is wifey material" and the former brings up "25 Things You Can Do For Your Hubby!!" Literally all men have to do is make money and most of them don't even do that kek.

No. 1233290

Unfortunately very true

No. 1233327

lmao, bleak af. Men still whine about how they're expected to "build the house" or rather, provide a living space because they're men but let's be real, they never do it. Yet woman is still supposed to perform these "wifey things"

No. 1233334

I fucking wish men were expected to provide. I've met men who live at home well into their 20s and still get laid by multiple women. I've met men who are complete losers that haven't worked or been in school for several years who have their girlfriend pay for everything and someway, somehow, still find women to cheat with. The bar is in hell for men now, if the lowest of low neets can find girlfriends willing to pay for everything AND still cheat on said girlfriends, what are the absolute minimum standard for them to not be able to get women? Just don't act like a YouTube addicted toddler every hour of the day and shower sometimes? uwu so hard for men

No. 1233350

File: 1655767699194.png (196.43 KB, 1440x552, trust violation.png)

In the comments, he didn't violate her trust by keeping video porn of his ex and lying about it, she violated his trust by mentioning it. Moid logic

No. 1233359

File: 1655768332710.jpg (68.6 KB, 735x723, 3d0cc2f4be535baf378f0bbe634868…)

Moid brain makes trust, logic and honor concepts that are completely turned upside down and then thrown around to distract from personal accountability.

Imagine the manosphere reaction to a woman keeping a sex video of her ex and then talking about violating trust when he sees it.

No. 1233361

I don't feel sorry for men who can't get laid or can't get a woman, for exactly this reason, the bar is in hell which means if all women won't touch him with a bargepole he's most likely very violent/hateful/insane/rapist etc, women overlook so much shit from men so if a man is getting a wide berth from all women, it's because he's legitimately dangerous.

No. 1233370

File: 1655769714984.png (143.33 KB, 645x841, i9.png)

Woman supports the entire household, pays to renovate the pool so their kids can swim, husband disallows them and invites his friends to use the pool instead. This shit made my blood boil

No. 1233381

People have mixed views on snooping but lets be real.. If something bad is found while snooping that makes the snooping a non-issue.. the least of your worries.

No. 1233383

“idk what’s up with that” somewhere in her subconscious she knows her moid is a lazy POS, god my blood boiled too reading this. He’s the shameless one in this situation.

No. 1233403

Reddit is always amazing at reminding me why I should never marry.

No. 1233414

Switch the roles and everyone would be yelling that she's the POS/gold digger/asshole but Reddit never fails to deliver straight male misogyny when it comes to the xx chromosome. Fuck Reddit. I feel bad for all the women on there.

No. 1233419

i read all the top replies and all of them are calling her husband a leech and a piece of shit. what point are you trying to get at?

No. 1233467

yeah even when you sort by Controversial, the only posts "shaming" her are saying "shame on you for marrying a 12 year old". This post comes off as karma bait to me, honestly.

No. 1233572

File: 1655792607568.jpeg (114.58 KB, 1125x456, 06F50952-BD65-451B-958C-773761…)

I got overwhelmed with curiously and had to dig up this subreddit for myself. I’m no stranger to just how fucking weird and gross men can be, but this just blew me away. I’m tempted to round up some of the grossest comments but I fear the ick factor would be too high even for lolcow. They take their daughters, wives, coworkers dirty pads and tampons…some even hang out in cafes and wait for women to leave the restroom to see what they can “harvest.” I use a menstrual cup but if I did use pads/tampons I would absolutely be freaked out to throw them away in public now. I wish these freaks would be put down. Picrel, comments like this are a dime a dozen on that sub

No. 1233593

Like troons, they seethe that well aschually you paying attention to their vileness is the real vile thing to do and proves in fact you are the bad guy and not them, so no one should not date them/serve their manchild scrote retard self.

No. 1233626

I just don't get why is snooping break-upable offense. It imo warrants a stern talk. Like it's not a diary, it's just phone. I have nothing bad on my phone and wouldn't be offended if my partner snooped because he'd find nothing I think mostly people who keep weird shit, personal shit they shouldn't keep in their phone in the first place because and are ashamed of themselves make it into unforgivable villainy.
And if you actually find shit like cheating there it's automatically forgiven in my eyes and justified, at least you found out and don't have to be chained to a liar.

No. 1233633

>I had lunch with MY son and I had to pay!!
It's your fucking child! Why are scrotes so insane when it comes to money? Who else should've paid, the kid? Mind blowing. Stingy scrotes are the worst.

Getting your gf flowers or complimenting her I guess. It takes very, very little effort to be considered a "good guy" nowadays. The bar is so damn low and they still complain. In the 50s (the time a lot of men ironically romanticize), a guy had to spend quite a bit of money on dates with the same girl to even think of sleeping with her. Today moids go on tinder, meet up with some random girl an hour later, make her pay half, have sex with her and still complain how "hard" it is for men in the dating sphere. They're fucking crazy.

No. 1233635

These kinds of screenshots should be plastered all over billboards across the globe so that women finally wake up and stop being the foot soldiers for dangerous predatory male rapists

No. 1233667

I would be absolutely embarrassed if someone went through my phone because of the conversations with my mother. The lack of contacts, I have people on fb messenger but I only have a few people's numbers and even have a real phone book with work and coworkers numbers cause I don't want connected with them on apps lol. Also I barely take any photos and sometimes selfies just to see my own face omg and then my apps and lolcow and my Google history. No. No one is allowed on my phone

No. 1233669

Would it be as bad as cheating though, as some people like to portray it? Is it a breakuable offense if someone sees your conversations with your mother?

No. 1233671

What how lolcow? He won't be able to see your comments or anything.

No. 1233674

none of that is anything to be embarrassed over

No. 1233677

Always snoop on your partner's devices ladies if he doesn't let you look at them freely. The average person spends a 1/4th+ of their day on the internet. If your partner is gone for 6 hours a day every day you'd wanna know where he is and what he's doing too, that shit needs to be monitored for your own safety.

No. 1233679

I hope they all get some kind of infection and die like the pathetic animals they are.

No. 1233693

This is the kind of shit that makes me want to a log. Me first getting my period was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life and the thought of some 13 year old girl discarding her sanitary products in the bin in shame and pain only for some moid to get off to it breaks my brain. Males need to be culled and genocided asap.

No. 1233707

As much as I hate this, it's also the perfect example of the evil degenerate male nature and how women are treat in society. "We hate you, but we will also make sure that every last sex-based experience you have in life is fetishized."
Women disposing of their most likely overpriced sanitary products and having to go about their day being told they are overreacting about period pain, not even being able to talk about it in a lot of countries, or being seen as disgusting and unholy for it…and then degenerate disgusting moids coming along to fetishize everything they simultaneously despise us for.

No. 1233717

i don't understand posts like this and the point you're trying to make because clearly the moids that don't believe in cramps are completely different moids than ones who fetishise periods

No. 1233718

>clearly the moids that don't believe in cramps are completely different moids than ones who fetishise periods
NTA, but why are you so sure of that, lol?

No. 1233719

Isn't the common opinion on here that if you allow a man to provide for you then you're a dumb bangmaid who will me left broke and homeless? It is funny to see so many posts saying "Yes men should be the provider, they should pay for everything and the woman shouldn't have to work" but then whenever an anon on here says she wants to be a stay-at-home-mom or something like that she is torn to shreds for being stupid and told you have to work for your own money and not depend on men.

No. 1233722

a moid that things periods are disgusting isn't going to simultaneously want to sniff your pads and tampons anon

No. 1233726

Do you know men? Just wondering. They constantly get off on gross shit, or things they shame on women. Extreme example: trannies who insult female genitalia and call it gross, but are also obsessed with it and insist their neovagina disasters are "designer fannies"

No. 1233728

Samefag: The type of guy who gets a boner about periods probably feels like women have some sort of "privilege" in getting them, so it'd make perfect sense for him to downplay things like cramps, because he doesn't give a fuck about your comfort and even finds the complaints annoying (or, worse, a turn-on). All he cares about is coom

No. 1233765

>but they just want to PEE
I hate men. Women need to peak more.

No. 1233769


No. 1233827

I guess there's some truth in what he says when it comes to moids, that's why I'm always wary of male weebs kek

No. 1234021

And other women's. Most moids have groomed teenagers at some point. They really cannot be left on the internet unmonitored

No. 1234022

File: 1655834694154.png (25.03 KB, 921x608, notwholesomeonehundred.png)

Not that surprising given any subreddit that doesn't outright ban criticism of troon gets it, and TiA has been on thin ice for a long time.

No. 1234031

Kek, it was only a matter of time. Meanwhile literal cp, racism etc related porn stays up.

No. 1234037

Oh no, I knew this day was comic but still its sad, I don't wanna reveal myself but I have used TIA semi-frequently for the past 2 years, mostly posting about feminism and troons and I think actually managed to pink-pill a couple of the users there, so sad to see it go

No. 1234042

I know some nonnies here don’t like menstrual cups but this makes me very glad that I use one now. This is scary as hell.

No. 1234046

They never want to take responsibility, you’re spot on.

I agree. I’m going to start making collages and hanging them in our stalls. That and caps from the troons who masturbate in women’s restrooms.

Kind of sad even though it was still a mostly moid sub. But it was nice to see people laughing at trannies there.

No. 1234090

Its funny how the literal only thing that can get subs banned nowadays is allowing tranny criticism. A subs connection to terrorist attacks gets them a quarantine at most

No. 1234186

You must not be aware of how close hatred and sex are for men, absolutely the men who are vocal about hating x secretly get off on x, see every man ever (fatties, gays, whatever they rant about)

No. 1234222

proof that being a female neet is based and safepilled

No. 1234244

Tbf we don't know if his son is grown or not, I would never make someone pay for a meal that's supposed to be in honor of them. He's still a whiny prick though, his son probably has a reason to not want to spend time with him lmao.

No. 1234285

i feel awful for pad users but now i feel relieved i am a shameless tampon flusher. fuck society i'm flushin em for life especially after reading this

No. 1234329

Don't feel bad for us, period panties has honestly changed the game.

I take so much joy in how much fear moids have of dying alone. Without a woman to enslave they are doomed to die a miserable life of resentment towards the same woman they hate so much and jealousy towards their male peers who live the lives they desperately want.

No. 1234348

Yes. They do.

No. 1234360

Yup, that's testosterone. What's making you mad?

No. 1234364

Difference is it has been proven with men, while men larp it is the same for women without proof to cope over being retards. Such is the xy mutation.

No. 1234393

you retarded fuck will you give it a rest with the ''femcel'' shit you moid.

No. 1234398

Men really trying to make femcel happen kek. Sorry women aren't violent fuckheads who will kill people and think rape should be legal and another human their property, femcels never going to happen failsons.

No. 1234405

File: 1655864067292.jpg (30.51 KB, 480x581, 1655455274627.jpg)

Just remember that 90% of the shit that moids constantly spout is projection. It just doesn't work out because we aren't disabled at gene stage.

No. 1234406

It is very funny, much in the vein of "You can't reject me women I don't want you anyway/you can't fire me I quit" kek.

No. 1234407

Another seething manosphere incel from Kaitlyn's article, lol. Sorry, but as long as you freaks rage over us not letting you slide in, "femcels" will always be a sad little fantasy
>dumb heteros
Are you this new, or one of those "Nooo lesbians can't exist, every femoid wants dick reeee"? Fucking kek

No. 1234414

probably larping as a lesbian

No. 1234442

File: 1655866526726.gif (4.26 MB, 514x640, 17A0E2E7-7B8F-402A-80F8-FBB902…)


No. 1234447

she is iconic

No. 1234599

File: 1655874096039.jpeg (289.12 KB, 750x762, 09B03660-425D-4DBC-A06F-F87310…)

A real ad I just saw. Kek. What the fuck.

No. 1234606

File: 1655874678002.png (99.82 KB, 1169x400, Capture656315.png)

No. 1234684

File: 1655879171060.jpg (297.73 KB, 1170x2214, uzs1oiktc2791.jpg)

Screenshot stolen from r/justneckbeardthings. Wanna take bets on if it's:
a) A pickme that considers other women as competition
b) A man larping as a woman on reddit to cover up his tracks
or c) A tranny

No. 1234701

I vote C.
Just look at how many synonyms for the word "women" are used in this paragraph - but when the author of the post describes themselves, they only use the word "girl".
Probably because they can't truthfully say they're a woman, but at the same time they want to think they're on their way to being one.

No. 1234717

B and C (same thing at the end of the day). Men are awful at larping as women. Everything about his writing style screams moid.

No. 1234727

>I’m a girl btw
Every man’s favorite phrase

No. 1234731

File: 1655881963122.jpg (5.29 KB, 200x133, 396.jpg)

if real, just sad. the pathetic thing is that there are women out there like this

No. 1234741

I vote for A

No. 1234751

My vote is C

No. 1234768

good find, nona. I have never seen this sub so it was interesting to browse through! When I saw this post and went to the profile of OP, it seemed to me as if she is genuinely just a brain-rotted, pick-me porn freak, IMO.

No. 1234778


No. 1234802

For me it has the pure pickme vibes, late teen/young adult girl trying very hard to be cool with the boys, so voting A

No. 1234808

File: 1655889026114.png (63.47 KB, 632x778, nd2.png)

Seems like a LARPing tranny
>I'm a cis girl

No. 1234815

this is that user? also i just realized original post was on /r/rightwingbdsm (wtf). that in and of itself is a pretty big warning sign

No. 1234818

Yup, it's the same person

No. 1234824

Definitely a tranny considering the 'I'm cis' thing. No women calls themselves cis.

No. 1234833

What pick me into right wing bdsm would ever call themselves cis? You need to get your scrotedar checked nonnies, this is 110% some flavour of scrote.

No. 1234881

In my defense I didn't read this specific sissy post before assuming it's a pickme; no real woman would say cis though I agree

No. 1234891

File: 1655901851974.png (582.15 KB, 543x2786, sadsadsad.png)

Crazy but sweet Japanese woman meets an American incel and you won't believe what happened next

No. 1234901

God this is sad. But part of me is relieved because reading "american incel" made me expect something more uhh violent? Not like wasting her time and being a degenerate is a good thing though

No. 1234910

R/TumblrInAction and R/SocialJusticeInAction got banned,
R/WatchRedditDie closed its doors too. Really makes you think.

No. 1234912

The fuck? I don't even use reddit and know they were staples.

No. 1234913

It's because they shit on trannies, and trannies are often reddit mods. They leave up all the subs purely about degrading and shitting on real women and the porn subs.

No. 1234915

They're censoring everything now. I'm tired.

No. 1234917

Fortunately none of the above, r/rightwingBDSM is a satirical subreddit.

No. 1234919

inb4 racebait I'm begging Asian women and all non-white women in general to stop pining over absolute bottom of the barrel white men

No. 1234921

Yeah no it's just the cliché white incel-to-troon + cute asian girl love story I didn't really mean to imply anything else, sorry

I hate how this girl gets no support whatsoever from the mtf handmaiden subreddit. Like 100+ people will love bomb her for pictures of her fugly crossdresser bf but no one wants to pick up the signs of how much she's struggling.

No. 1234932

I tried reporting a bunch of posts from r/UsedTamponsTrashCan the disgusting sub mentioned upthread and every. single. one. was accessed and considered not in violation of Reddit’s policies. Their priorities are extremely clear.

No. 1234965

fuck, rest in peace TumblrInAction.

No. 1235035

File: 1655914367496.jpg (99.57 KB, 1080x716, Screenshot_2022-06-20-16-51-13…)

On a lighter note, I present to you a tale in two posts kek

No. 1235040

>proud to have an intp boyfriend
you don’t even have to read more to know

No. 1235081

SAME, i never thought i'd feel so relieved to hear about a husband trooning out. i was expecting rape and prostitution and beatings.

No. 1235159

Sage for OT: Pit Viper is incredibly amusing as a brand. Their website is pretty interesting, as well.

No. 1235202

File: 1655921641203.png (26.87 KB, 737x200, killallmen.png)

men stop crying like babies about literally nothing challenge

No. 1235211

File: 1655921904302.jpg (547.03 KB, 2388x1074, S3hkpq9.jpg)

What the fuck is wrong with males? That sort of humor may have been funny at 12, but not as a grown adult. The y chromosome is an actual disorder.

No. 1235216

Is this guy making a subreddit about banning women hate subreddits about -himself-? The fuck

No. 1235223

All of those subreddits were scrote autist central anyway. Just because they also didn't like TRAs doesn't mean they were any good

No. 1235245

Honestly I find the most tolerable subreddits kuwtk and kuwtksnark. Reddit is majority just a scrote site, the subreddits they have no interest in are usually pretty fun.

No. 1235336

File: 1655925471916.jpg (517.37 KB, 1668x1016, KRTsntd.jpg)

It gets even worse. Really showing the XY here in his lack of accountability

No. 1235759

some obnoxious redditor got super mad that i told him he doesn't understand probability and has been dming me for hours trying to "prove" that hes right and im wrong. lmao

No. 1235773

Man moment.

No. 1235775

using all kinds of condescending phrases too like im a toddler. i suspect it was my avatar, bc its styled like a girl. i just threw it right back in his face saying he was very confused! and very wrong! oh no!!

No. 1236084

>brushes over the detail that its a lot less violent like its trivial
Typical scrote. Women should be banned for being harmless because scrote spitefulness.

No. 1236202

File: 1655992428285.jpg (74.23 KB, 497x741, g7.jpg)

Love when scrotes internalize the "B-Bisexuality is just spicy straight!" cope and then get burned

No. 1236204

>because a GIRL could take my love interest away from me!

Straight from the horse's mouth, a silly woman could never steal a conquest from a stud like him! Girls should just engage in sexual interactions when he thinks it's hot.
When it stops being hot, it's just not convenient.

No. 1236210

>dw im not homophobic just blatantly misogynistic

No. 1236211

>i can’t believe she fell in love with some girl instead of me
I know the dick can’t be that good Jimothy. I love seeing posts like this one, or the ones where a man wants an open relationship but is shocked when his female partner finds another person too, because obviously he should be the only one who gets to cheat and find other means of pleasure. Hope that girl is doing well.

No. 1236212

>I found it really hot until I realized she didn't mean making out with other women for my arousal
Anyway, serves him right

No. 1236215

File: 1655993579562.jpg (1.01 MB, 1196x1976, fakestory.jpg)

I hate how bad the fake story epidemic is, I blame retarded "story time" youtubers for it. I bet a lot of these are specifically written for some teenager's YT channel

No. 1236216

i hope she stays safe because men get very violent when they realize a woman is actually attracted to women instead of pretending since men think all lesbians/bisexuals are straight women who let them have threesomes and polygamy.

Just putting this in here for the brutality men do to homosexual women once they think they could be replaced
>A fired government worker in Missouri - unhinged over his wife's lesbian affair – has been convicted of brutally murdering his two teen daughters, spouse, and her grandmother in eastern Kansas.

No. 1236221

You aren’t kidding. Not to get too bloggy, but when I wanted to break up with my ex because I wanted to focus on dating women rather than men (since every moid relationship I’ve has been drenched with their inevitable stupidity in one way or another), he nearly broke his hand punching the bed frame. This was someone who had never been previously violent with me in all the years I’d known him, and he knew I was bi from the start since I like to be upfront about it. Something about it being reality and not just some playful fantasy for him truly sent him over the edge and it was scary. Obviously not to the extent of murder which is horrific, but just seeing someone you thought you knew turn so fast because of that.

No. 1236272

He clearly thought of you as property and not a person. I’m sure most men view women this way.

No. 1236293

Post a fucking link

No. 1236297

A cross dressing scrote 100% wrote this.

No. 1236298

calm down, jesus

No. 1236310

Yeah and I thought I was in the clear as far as domestic violence goes bc he felt like “one of the good ones” and had different patterns of behavior than more outwardly violent men I’d dated before. I’m convinced now that there really are no good moids out there, even if their hatred of women isn’t apparent it’s still lurking somewhere.

No. 1236421

So that the comments won't blame her for choosing a violent douchebag, since people always wanna blame women.

No. 1236434

>a GIRL could take my love interest
>I feel robbed of my dignity

It's so obvious they see us as inferior, how is your dignity robbed because someone you had not even started a relationship with chose someone else? Because she's female.
Also hate the retardation/coomerbrain of bisexuality being 'hot' when he thought it meant threesomes for him.
So interesting, lesbian-induced moid rage is new info for me, I'll bear that in mind (srs) as a bisexual, I thought they didn't take this stuff seriously

No. 1236590

I've never heard someone refer to a real life person as a "love interest" before

No. 1236597

She’s just a character in his story anon. Her only value is as a “love interest” to the main character. She has not served this role he has assigned her so he’s malding

No. 1236744

There's a subreddit called ImTheMainCharacter where they post examples of dumb attention seekers on social media but the energy there is unhinged. Ostensibly the commenters are making fun of the people in the videos but it seems like they just use the forum as a way to vent about all their anger in life. It's unpleasant to browse.

No. 1236938

There’s no way to look at that sub regularly without getting annoyed and jaded tbh. Most of those videos are dumbasses doing dangerous shit in public (like riding their bike into traffic) or inconveniencing some poor retail worker for a dumb video.

No. 1237040

File: 1656041021530.jpeg (369.41 KB, 1125x1709, 5390D04B-2E98-4E94-8BB9-CC6A17…)

Blacked it out because the poster was a woman, but holy shit the Regal employee saved everyone who went to that screening.

No. 1237059

What movie were they talking about?

No. 1237072

The Thing. Imagine being in a theater with literal kindergartners watching a bunch of dogs get shot or turned into tentacle goop with 2/3 of the movie to go.

No. 1237079

KEK I laughed out loud reading that. Any time I read something so blatantly fake on reddit that's not sexist I imagine it's that one nonny who confessed to writing fake reddit stories for fun. This reads like something of hers.

No. 1237093

File: 1656046545464.jpeg (480.46 KB, 828x960, 1656021170552.jpeg)

I hope that this is a troll story written by an anon here or some nasty masturbation fantasy about "owing terfs" by some loony tranny, because that woman awfully sounds like a farmer

No. 1238224

File: 1656101753193.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.98 KB, 750x846, RDT_20220624_23053593572704928…)

No. 1238245

I can't even comprehend how messed up must be a mind of a person to even come up with something like this, it's terrifying.

No. 1238283

File: 1656102670871.png (346.44 KB, 1152x835, Capture.PNG)

Wanted to report this comment, found this sub, scrotes write the vilest stuff under fully allowed degrade her tag, how the hell female spaces are banned and this is up
(unfortunately its a rhetorical question to which we know the answer is misogyny)

No. 1238332

Men love to think typing like this makes them look like edgy le randum trolls like this isn’t an actual concern

No. 1238354

jesus christ. subs like these make me paranoid and wonder if my face was ever posted there before

No. 1238369

Sorry but allowing them to do so because "they're just being edgy uwu" is only enabling them and encouraging this kind of thinking as acceptable

No. 1238398

Sorry you misread me, I wasn’t saying “this isn’t an actual concern” I meant they act like that—as if it isn’t a real concern, when it’s a very real issue. That was disgusting and I don’t think it should be dismissed whether a troll or not, I was just thinking about all the males who use that sort of prose on shitty troll accounts not giving a single fuck that they’re emulating actually horrifying men. It’s unacceptable either way.

No. 1238456

>Watches porn and becomes trans
You think this would be a wakeup call to him?? He seriously didn't put two and two together that the porn was damaging his brain?

No. 1238595

Ah, I'm sorry nonna! Thanks for clarifying

No. 1239550

File: 1656144951592.png (36.61 KB, 901x723, Banned.PNG)

No. 1239719

File: 1656155225613.jpeg (309.58 KB, 2216x1536, tommy-lee-jones.jpeg)

There is no way that someone who fantasize about such violent action has not already commited crimes. It legit sounds like a serial killer, I know there is shit on his hard drive at this point.

Honestly, I'm not mad about this. The only thing I know about this sub reddit is that moids use to write all sort of fake stuff just to be posted on here and shit on the "sjw's". I hate when men create their own fake and stereotyped version of their enemy just to be angry at it and "win" in a debate kek

No. 1240426

File: 1656190177476.png (991.6 KB, 960x768, a4he7bto5l791.png)

i hate when people post this shit on r/progresspics.

No. 1240429

r/TumblrInAction has become less and less about being "anti-SJW" recently and more and more "TERF"-friendly, which is also why it took them this long to finally ban it.

No. 1240489

Troons that take a lil detour and become gym bros first.. might be my fave subtype of totally valid tran. It just proves how unstable their self image is. How they view men and women as these caricatures and they can't make up their minds on which stereotype they want to overperform for the world.

Couldn't take a head on pic in the last pic because y'know .. as women we're just sticking our asses out all day long begging for someone to notice it. How accurate to womanhood. Nailed the performance!

No. 1240549

Males should have their social media accounts searched on a regular basis, no one who makes this shit up and gets off to rape and violence should be allowed to wander in public civilization. It’s crazy to me that someone like this can easily get a weapon because background checks don’t extend to social media accounts. all these extreme porn subs do is normalize it by introducing guys to other extreme comments in what’s basically a safe space for sex offender and rapist fetishes. Sometimes I wish the Internet never fucking existed with all the brainwashing and radicalizing it’s done to mentally weak males from a young age.

No. 1240705

Men who post shit like this should be forcibly castrated and have at least 6 of their fingers cut off.

No. 1240792

File: 1656216199114.png (54.38 KB, 718x456, painfortheebutnotme.png)

i thought the same for awhile but the subs are littered with shit like this. a lot of posters are brain-dead beyond realising that the kardashians are fake. they excuse them using surrogates because it must be 'tough' on them to be shamed in the media or have their brand/body 'ruined' by being pregnant and fail to see how expecting another often significantly less fortunate in life woman to suffer the burden they're unwilling to carry is normal and expected when you're "above" the rest of the world. lots of posters have this mentality about themselves and it's frustrating to see.
those subs give me 2010s lipstick liberal feminist all grown up vibes. they can be fun but not when the topics constantly centre around appearances and nit-picking.

No. 1241016

File: 1656235996439.png (130.65 KB, 1412x682, image.png)

No. 1241029

Ew. This is one of the most grotesque looking moids I've seen in a while. Hope he kills himself soon.
For real, hows does even become gym bro to tranny?? It almost makes sense with weebs and faggot incels,but I've never seen this before. I guess no man is excluded from their delusions.

No. 1241053

He'd have a woman/man attack him and leave him disabled if he even tried to do his first step and drug her, lol. I've seen a bunch of edgy tards try to do this shit just to get beaten by the husband/brother/female friends of the victim.

No. 1241111

File: 1656244850969.jpg (122.19 KB, 1070x786, troons.JPG)

A post like this shows up every other day on female subreddits. I wonder how many male oriented subs have a TIF ask this question all the time? At least the users are slowly getting more and more passive aggressive about this. Most of the people defending him seem to be other troons.

No. 1241114

They do this because they feel prideful of their mental illness and happy that they can just shove into womens spaces, and want to hear the women say “uh… I guess you can join”

No. 1241116

Wish they would just delete posts like that and not give him attention.

No. 1241117

>Sub is called r/girlgamers
>Folks of all genders and identities are welcome
Women really can't have shit for themselves huh

No. 1241121

I was so excited to find this subreddit but of course it's filled with troons. Are there any similar subreddits where it's just biological women? I want that so desperately.

No. 1241123

File: 1656246059984.png (89.37 KB, 1234x552, Are trans girls welcome here_ …)

Also found this drama queen in the comments. Imagine being this dramatic over joining a gaming subreddit lmao

No. 1241125

trannies deserve to die so at least he knows his place in the world

No. 1241132

if they really were the most murdered population, they wouldn't constantly announce that they're "trans girls" and wouldn't run around decked out in pride flags all the fucking time.

No. 1241146

God I fucking wish they were

No. 1241150

Do you think they get off on this murder victim LARP? Of course it allows them to emotionally manipulate people into doing what they want but with some of them there seems to be more to it. One crossdresser I know talks about how afraid he is to get stabbed in the street every single time I see him, but he’s never actually suffered any kind of violence and “transphobic” (homophobic) hate crimes by strangers are incredibly rare in our area. It’s gotten to a point where even the handmaidens have started rolling their eyes and ignoring him when he starts in on his “I could have been killed on my way here!” spiel.

No. 1241181

File: 1656251182908.jpg (2.57 KB, 126x126, 1398593054973.jpg)

Some retard posted "come to lolcow!" on Reddit >>1240985

No. 1241202

Right? For a group of people constantly in fear of being attacked they have no issue forcing themselves into women's spaces and prancing around in aliexpress school girl costumes.

No. 1241221

>drawn porn has no misogyny in it

No. 1241496

Murdered…by girl gamers? I mean it's a retarded comment anyway, but it makes absolutely zero sense in the context of it being a group for nerdy women. Don't be a South American prostitute, and then as a troon your most likely method of being killed is by your own hand.

No. 1241820


This comment section is something else. An old man is trying to hook up with an 18 year-old girl. Can you predict how the men of Reddit feel about that?(imageboard)

No. 1241906

File: 1656279471593.png (197.87 KB, 720x1070, Screenshot_20220626-163604.png)

This is what "sex posi kids curriculum" does to people

No. 1241908

Blame it on society but my immediate thought is this is a pedophile because no woman would be this fucking strange with their own baby.

No. 1241909

that person sounds like a pedo and should have their child taken away.

No. 1241912

Fascinating that on lolcow anons quickly point out this is a pedo. Did this get genuine responses on reddit from it's majority male userbase

No. 1241915

It almost sounds like a moid writing out some weird pedo fantasy. Who even posts this on the internet? She couldn't even have said "my kid touches their privates, how do I talk to them about doing this privately?" but no she writes some weird paragraph describing her toddler "discovering herself"

No. 1241918

Probably not. I was the OG poster and it's from a parenting sub. I got hate from the same said parenting sub because moms were complaining about finding innocent pics of their kids swimming and stuff being found on pedo boards and I told them that they shouldn't post pictures of their kids naked on the internet. Of course "there's no shame in nudity! Youurreee the one making it weird ree these are just the perverts fault"

No. 1241922

>Sweet spot
>Baby getting diaper changed

Definitely a pedo, what mother says her baby is looking for the "sweet spot" when you're just changing her diaper!? WTF.

No. 1241927

File: 1656280688581.jpg (688.83 KB, 2160x2880, RDT_20220626_23575926504394030…)

Late to this but look at the state of this thing. Ugly fucker. Smug ass face.

No. 1241936

>freud wrote much worse a century ago
True, which is why someone should have taken out the Freuds and Foucaults of the world before it became this mainstream. All these scholars of the past defending pedos has given the sickos so much plausible deniability in the modern world

No. 1241948

This post has intensified my inexplicable hatred for the term 'sweet spot' in a way I didn't think possible.

No. 1241955

You're probably right but sex posi push in kids definitely made this kind of thing more normalized. If it were a decade ago everyone would be spinning their heads at how disgusting the post was but now you can't say anything because somehow you're the perv who's sexualizing kids

No. 1241960

>baby smiles… I think we all know what's going on here
Babies smile after they touch their ear lobes too

No. 1241982

And in their sleep, and kids play with their feet, hands, nose, belly button etc. It's fucking creepy how the poster made normal baby behaviors sexual and borderline romanticized it. It's like this was posted by Freud's reincarnate

No. 1241983

this is the worst thing I've ever read in these threads, I can't stop thinking about it. There are men in real life who think things like this and you will never know. It makes it hard for me to trust any man who has ever had a porn habit (which is genuinely like 99.9% of men where I live) because I know fetishes like this don't just go away. This is an extreme case but associating sexual attraction to hatred and viewing sex as an act of degradation against the woman is actually so normalized, it's so sick and unnatural and there's nothing we can do about it

No. 1242451

this is a fucking predator jfc

No. 1242486

File: 1656322192708.png (69.57 KB, 540x431, 20220627_112632.png)

Good news! The most important subreddits remain dedicated to preserving high quality of posts. There's hope for the website.

No. 1242496

>associating sexual attraction to hatred and viewing sex as an act of degradation against the woman is actually so normalized
It's true and it's sick. It's not an act of love or intimacy for them, or even just pleasure for both parties, it's about power and degradation.

No. 1242547

It's not surprising considering the sub literally called TwoXchromosomes accepts not only troons, but also regular moids

No. 1242616

File: 1656337621279.jpg (50.15 KB, 828x761, jp679b12891.jpg)

Fucking gross. But of course redditors are jumping in to defend the professor with "b-but they're all adults!!"

No. 1242618

File: 1656337689224.png (106.05 KB, 1276x646, cry more.png)

Apparently he got fired for it and of course redditors were pissing their pants over that

No. 1242621

Any time porn gets brought up they all have to go into coping overdrive and make a bunch of excuses like the hare-brained apes that they are.

No. 1242625

Imagine being a busty girl in his class, it's like indirect sexual harassment.

No. 1242631

Thing is he's not being punished for watching porn, but for his porn addiction being so out of control that he couldn't have a single browser tab open for work without cooming in the background.

No. 1242703

I hate seeing viral videos on reddit of women getting hit by a man no matter the context. I don't care if she hit him first or that she's being a "Karen" because she almost always goes down hard. Then all the moids in the comments saying she deserved it for starting it or whatever. Then they use these videos as examples that women are abusive too.

No. 1242738


Porn on the work computer? Men are dumber than apes.

No. 1242763

You know these men are just waiting for the socially acceptable opportunity to hit women, it's disgusting.

No. 1242778

File: 1656349237315.png (72.6 KB, 923x417, 30932049_HFE.png)

No. 1242780


I don't understand why men like this aren't pro-abortion. If she aborts the baby you don't have to pay child support, everybody wins. They just want to fuck women over for the sake of fucking women over, even if it also hurts them in the long run

No. 1242790

It’s like a zookeeper taking a chimpanzee’s banana away and then the chimpanzee rips the zookeepers face off.

No. 1242799

Even worse when you know that the full title of the video is busty college girl fucked with her hands tied behind her back

No. 1242827

LMFAO men are upset over not having abortion rights or bodily autonomy? BECAUSE YOU LITERALLY DONT NEED THEM RETARD ITS NOT YOUR BODY. Hilarious how they’re so shameless and not embarrassed at how hard they reach to be victims. Imagine being such a weak useless pathetic piece of shit you cry about having to pay money to the woman you decided to have sex with that’s sooooo unfair. If men don’t have ultimate power over everyone and everything they think it’s an oppression.

No. 1242835

How can someone be this hopelessly retarded? This is embarrassing.

No. 1242841

File: 1656352527329.png (40.41 KB, 415x706, GJKD.png)


No. 1242849

Think he has a girlfriend??

No. 1242856

Why the fuck does reddit love Christ watts so much? Imagine admitting to murdering your wife and kids and people think you're a hero and that it wasn't even you who murdered your kids. They hate women so much that they love men who achieved nothing but murdering a woman

No. 1242861

Their defense of him from the very beginning has been so creepy and sick, it makes me worry for any potential wives that these men could have

No. 1242877

There's a weird part of youtube that's like this too. They hate shannon with a fiery passion because they think she wore the pants in the relationship. That's it… that's her horrific crime that outweighs him killing her and the kids.

No. 1242883


I just found this site and one of the first post I read is "Hope he kills himself soon".

You guys are really sick. You need some serious help(then leave)

No. 1242889

Go back

No. 1242890

Fuck off

No. 1242891

You should too

No. 1242897


Gotta go talk to some people who are not full of hate.

Also you admins should follow your own rules

"5. Don’t post about wishing bodily harm on a subject or group. (a-logging)"(halt die klappe)

No. 1242901

You're gayer than the slashfic I write

No. 1242909

"just found this site" and already ban-evading, hmmm

No. 1242921

anons shouldn't respond to bait like retarded fish.

No. 1242927

I don’t remember where I heard it but someone said before the internet, all these weirdos were isolated but now they can find other like minded people and create fucked up communities and expose more people to gross shit. Overall I think the internet is bad, mostly because of male degeneracy, if you have a Y chromosome there should be a required internet license to be online, those gross fuckers are only driven by horniness and rage.

No. 1242930

No. 1242944

Meanwhile women can't kill their abusers because "what he did doesn't constitute murder!1!! but killing an innocent pregnant lady is fine because she was bitchy sometimes

No. 1242984

That's the worst part of the internet, all the degenerates who should have died insecure broke and lonely now have an opportunity to make friends and profit off their sick fetishes.

No. 1243009

File: 1656360290383.png (144.17 KB, 1037x576, n9.png)

No. 1243074

Because they're all either already with or believe they will end up in an unhappy relationship with kids like Chris. They defend their fantasy by pretending Chris had good reasons to annihilate his family in pursuit of the life with the woman who he actually wanted to be with.
All these moids wish for the same thing because none of them truly believe in obligation.
Notice that Chris's affair partner had no kids, caved to his every sex whim, and while she wasn't conventionally attractive (just done up bc she had time to focus on herself imo) he was willing to kill for her. Men just want young hot women who service their peepees. Shanann was a threat because she constantly called Chris on his incompetence and made demands of him. She wasn't the "fun" wife because she had to hustle on the side and shoulder the burden of parenting her girls alone. She didn't always flatter Chris with validation and sex because clearly he was useless and barely deserved it.

The unfortunate part about Shanann, based on her texts is that for as strong a woman she was, she was a massive pickme. She tried too hard to salvage things with the bastard when the writing on the wall was clear that he had checked out. But she had low self-esteem and was pregnant with their third, it probably would have taken serious violence for her to leave him. Chris beat her to the punch there. Her video of the pregnancy reveal with Chris's horrified expression while he could barely crack a smile and say anything should have scared her shitless–that was not the cutesy shy-husband reaction video she thought it to be. That was a man calculating his next move.

No. 1243095

Not just that, they're conspiring how Shannon killed the kids and framed him for it, claimed that she abused the kids because she had one of the kids sit on Santa's lap while crying (seriously? Everyone has crying on Santa's lap pics as a kid). It's stunning the hoops redditors will go through to consider everything women do to be abused but then go out of their way to claim anything men do is never abuse, even when it's murder!

No. 1243159

I don’t understand mothers like that. I am not a mom myself, but if I ever became one I’d never post my child online anywhere because I want them to be kept safe. Obviously child nudity is not inherently sexual, but you have no idea who on your FB friends list might be a closet creep and use those pictures for deranged reasons. After seeing someone here posting a cap from a Bondi beach video and learning that moids were getting off to see a child in pain from a jellyfish sting, it’s not worth the risk. Men will and do sexualize anything and everything, and no one’s child is free from that unfortunately. Best they can do is keep their kid’s face off the internet to prevent pedos from easily getting material.

No. 1243173

It's unsettling how they encourage other women to do it and then claim people who raise an eyebrow are actually wrong. I hate how pedos have successfully manipulated the crowd into believing that if they call out any suspicious pedo shit, it's actually them who's a pedo. Gaslighting and the reason why I believe people are too scared to call out pedos like the toddler post

No. 1243207

Me too. Like what happened to “stranger danger”? You don’t have to be or think like a creep to understand how they operate, and for safety purposes it’s better TO know how those people think, even if it’s disturbing. I have no idea where the thing came from of “oh, you’re thinking that so you must be x”. No, I just have seen the patterns enough times to recognize them and don’t want children to get hurt. I think it’s incredibly naive for people to assume that everyone out there has pure intentions.

No. 1243242

she should have ran his ass in the ditch. scrotes have no self awareness

No. 1243270

No. 1243280

Damn what a stupid bitch. Really went all out for this 20 year old tranny loser.

No. 1243298

File: 1656378765281.png (89.94 KB, 787x545, sdfiojfsodijdfiosdfjoiodjf.png)


No. 1243318

checked this dude's post history and jesus christ it's all parenting subs and """actuallesbians""" so it's gotta be a tranny. also not the first horrifying comment he's made talking about toddlers' privates. very unnerving shit.

No. 1243322

I read the first fucking sentence and nearly threw up. These are literal fucking pedophiles holy fuck. I can't. I'm literally laying in bed and started flailing and threw my phone out if spite like a toddler. Fuck men and aFuck Reddit. I hate this world. NSFL NSFL NSFL
And I asked my bf (>>1241922 samenon) and both times we agreed this is a fucking pedophile. Holy shit(integrate)

No. 1243331

Holy shit if my parents said this shit to me I'd be scarred for life wtff

No. 1243335

there's way too much parenting stuff that they've written out in the comments for this to be a moid. they've written like literal guides of their parenting advice which a moid would never do kek.

No. 1243342

fair enough but some of what they've written has a creepy almost fetishy feel to it. if it really is a woman that's even more strange to me. how does a woman not know implicitly that the line "Does it feel nice to touch?" is suuuper fucking sinister??

No. 1243352

File: 1656383096400.png (254.31 KB, 738x1182, terribleunit.png)

i think this was just a random post since im not in this subreddit. Everyone hated him. also kek and thinking he's high functioning

No. 1243353

File: 1656383198978.png (117.82 KB, 1080x550, highfunctioning?.png)

No. 1243355

File: 1656383267020.png (233.58 KB, 1266x1164, Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 10.1…)

Ah, great. Another entitled moid who's going "but mUh DiCk!!!"

No. 1243356

>Saving a life adds +1 to the population
Moid tries to use math to back up his "logic" but adds 0 to 0 and gets +1… what do you say to that kek

No. 1243357

That’s fine, you can still eat her out if sex is so important! There are so many other options besides PiV so the whole intimacy excuse doesn’t really work and is used only as a coercion tool in a lot of relationships.

No. 1243360

Kek, a woman can't even hit back her abuser without being called a sociopathic bpd-chan

No. 1243362

File: 1656383675018.png (157.84 KB, 1104x738, mathishard.png)

yeah people were like sir this makes no sense

No. 1243363

i refuse to believe this isn't a larp or coming from a severely overweight japanese woman with no self esteem

No. 1243383

This. Dude can’t just deal with oral or handjobs for a while? Moids are so selfish. All about their orgasm and it HAAASSS to be in the vagina or else. Maybe he should focus on getting her off for a while instead.

No. 1243395

what gets me about this is that reddit is completely anonymous. If you want to LARP as a woman on a girl gamer subreddit others on it aren't going to halt you and ask for your XX chromosome pass to post. Which means…….. it's purely an attention grab. I see it on lesbian subs all the time. When are you ever going to have to mention you're trans on a gaming subreddit? Stupid.

No. 1243404

>college student
>full time worker
>wants to have kids
I'm so sure he will.

No. 1243406

And game companies wonder why women don't want to play games with troons filling up their "gamer girl" groups…

No. 1243447

No, any subreddit that excludes trannies is immediately banned unless it's a porn sub

No. 1243490

>I sure don't want to pay child support, but wanna have sex
>better make sure the woman that also doesn't want sex can't get an abortion
What's the endgame for retards like these?
Also don't these retards understand that if child support is cancelled, the state will still need to find a source of support for single moms which just means they'll have higher taxes? I know that a lot of reddit man have some childish half-baked libertarian ideas, but no society just kicked off single mothers to fend for themselves in the wild.

No. 1243499

If your man wants to become a parent, but gets fucking traumatized over the childbirth of his own offspring, he should not be reproducing his retard genes, and you have picked the wrong moid.

No. 1243531

His gf is an absolute Stacy. I hope she dumps him.

No. 1243589

No game company wonders about that lmao

No. 1243594

This m*le is proof we should abort autistic males.

No. 1243595

this shit reminds me of that subplot in Solondz's Happiness where the pedo dad and his son talk about masturbation over and over in gross detail. It's so disturbing i'm gonna be sick

No. 1243618

I've met a lot of "just autistic" men who I'd rather think of as psychopaths or sociopaths.

No. 1243638

This is one of the tranny pedophiles larping as moms in parenting subs spinning a mighty yarn about their children doing some grotesque sexual act and how they need "advice" on how to deal with it. Cue excessive cooming when the actual moms in the comments are offering up detailed analysis and answers

No. 1243663

autists are so embarrassing, at least the good thing is they don't realize it, kek.

No. 1243777

>Because of this, I was somewhat happy with the overturning of Roe vs Wade because hey, growing up unwanted in an orphanage in the first world still probably has a net positive amount of utility. If it was negative, there'd be a mass suicide of orphans
This almost seems like a parody of that brain dead scrote or handmaiden from the first Roe v Wade thread who was like "If being raped is so bad, why don't you just kill yourself?", kek. I wonder if it's the same person

No. 1243811

that anon unironically btfo so many people in that thread and they had zero arguments in the rape-kill-yourself debate. it's funny how you think that anon was braindead and not the original anon that made the monumental claim that rape is worse than murder (actual murder, not abortion).

No. 1243837

File: 1656430668503.png (48.31 KB, 578x426, rf.png)

Your post and the Reddit guy make me very glad I don't have a son. Autistic men really should just be castrated and/or taken out back Old Yeller style. Since they're not self-aware and can't parse what they say or read the way a sensible human would, any attempt at understanding logic or human values gets twisted into deranged "takes" like pic related and the rape shit. I wish it was legal for parents or teachers to do the right thing

No. 1243839

Is this a thing? I always thought it was sus the weirdly sexual content posted in parenting subs but it was never confirmed

No. 1243965

I can't stand autistic scrotes. They're moids, but have all the scrotish thinking cranked up to eleven because of the autism. Every autistic moid I've ever met had childish manners, with an oversized ego, and I hate that people excuse their shitty personalities and behaviors just because they're on the spectrum and "don't know any better". People demand that you be overwhelmingly nice to disabled scrotes and even insist that you think of them as like CHILDREN, but with me, it's the opposite. I can't stand autistic scrotes.

No. 1244074

I bet you are that person kek. Embarrassing.

No. 1244077

File: 1656442857667.png (419.82 KB, 600x724, 1EABBDA9-5ED1-4C09-AC3A-B1F1D4…)

>taken out back Old Yeller style

No. 1244131

It baffles me because Chris Watts one of the dumbest motherfuckers in crime history. Of all the moids for them to admire, it's him?

No. 1244213

The first post is extremely autistic and I think there are probably chimps smarter than this man but this one honestly reads like a poor attempt at satire because men are genetically incapable of self-sacrifice and I’m assuming he doesn’t believe he’s exempt from donating his kidneys given that he’s certainly never going to procreate.

No. 1244215

I'm a female who is probably a bit on the spectrum myself and I'm wondering if autistic moids want/have children? I've read in research papers that if you're ND then it's near guaranteed your kids will have autism which is why I don't want any myself. But knowing moids they probably don't think of this, even if they are supposedly "more logical" and "devoid of useless feelings" compared to the average scrote.

No. 1244233

File: 1656450456548.png (143.76 KB, 817x790, coping.png)

This comment from their post history made me laugh but also kind of sad because it reflects the pathetic optimism of the general populace. Especially considering this woman is dumb as hell given her post history of getting knocked up by some guy who views her as an inconvenience and is trying to re-kindle the flame with his ex-wife.
> my kid is gonna be a supreme court judge
Sure, Jan. Here's what will actually happen: the elites who hoard all of the wealth will continue the intergenerational hoarding of wealth through their grandchildren, who will fill their place. The wealth and income gap will be much wider and your child will be even more pessimistic than you are and more depressed because the cycle continues. No they likely won't be a Supreme Court judge and even if they do, they'll keep the status quo. Likely they won't actually change anything because they learned from a generation of myopic servants who raised them to not actually do anything but to play pretend that they're going to be someone special. Oh and even if you try to protect your kid at home, they are more influenced by classmates around them and will be among a generation of desensitized, pornsick children. Good luck!

No. 1244309

File: 1656454633617.jpeg (951.48 KB, 1284x2102, ABBC2E4A-7586-40D4-B6C8-F8E0EE…)

Scrotes stay mad.

No. 1244312

So many assumptions in the first paragraph. What if the husband was actually trash and not a provider/protector, and Roe v. Wade was just the straw that broke the camel's back? Can't comment on the rest because I stopped reading.
Also, how many women are actually leaving their husbands because of this?

No. 1244314

Fucking KEK, I hope the male suicidal tendencies become too overwhelming for him until he grabs the rope and decides it's the only way. You can tell he's super upset with life, I'm hoping his mental anguish gets worse for him.

No. 1244316

You're putting too much thought into what a scrote is saying. It's generally the women who are the direct caretakers of the children. Look at statistics online showing that it's always women who know more about their children than men do. Even when a man wins custody, he's way more likely than a single mother to rely on another partner to raise the kids FOR HIM (they basically have their new wives take care of their offspring, just like the previous marriage).

That's not even getting to the other ways in which husbands fuck over their wives (like leaving them as soon as a life-threatening disease kicks in). Fuck that scrote, hopefully he ropes himself.

No. 1244328

I find it hard to believe that pedo was a female.

No. 1244329

So. He’d start seeing escorts. What if one or more of those escorts somehow got pregnant? I realize protection is likely being used but in the case that something failed happened. What then? He going to step up to the plate?

No. 1244335

He's gonna do the bare minimum for the family and spend the majority of his time either playing vidja, going out with the "the boys", or going to work. Scrotes are not family-people.

No. 1244354

Kek this. At least other murderers were cunning and hid their tracks enough to get away with it for years on end. They literally only like him because he murdered his family, buried them AT HIS WORKPLACE, and was retarded enough to do it all on the neighbors camera

No. 1244362

Also lol at him pursuing “hot conservative women” as if any of the hot ones want his divorced, used-goods ass.

No. 1244368

autistic men don't care about the world they bring their child into because they legitimately struggle to care about anything besides themselves

No. 1244370

Scrotes are not people

No. 1244386

File: 1656459715197.jpeg (208.23 KB, 1907x777, 74884D8A-C87A-49C3-9EE3-11B931…)

What is wrong with some of these people? Spicy straights like this need help. Everyone at the office knows your husband/boyfriend/whatever is still a man. Why would they say anything about it? They’re probably embarrassed for you.

No. 1244392

Kek speaks to how performative it all is and how they're the ones who treat actual same sex attracted people differently. Bet she deleted
her account because she doesn't have a place to admit her bf was an absolute pornrotted skinwalking creep.

No. 1244396

That's why they relate to him, they are also the dumbest motherfuckers who think they can pull everything off anyway

Yet another reddit moid screaming and writing walls of text because women won't fuck him. Hope he stays mad.

No. 1244416

He tries really hard to make these hypothetical women insecure about their appearance. Why are men so obsessed with attempting to make women they never seen the appearance of, insecure about their appearance? Surely they know that these people know they've never seen them before and therefore have no room to talk about if they're more or less attractive than "other women"?

No. 1244440

Because it’s what they think is most important about women and assume that that’s the harshest thing they can say to us, I guess. It doesn’t matter that he’s never seen any of the women he’s directing this to, he just assumes every woman who is upset over Roe v Wade or calls herself a feminist is ugly or whatever and that it will deeply wound us to be called that. I’m sure he’s a pinnacle of beauty too and all.

No. 1244441

>I realize protection is likely being used
Nonnie you're so cute to assume that degenerate men purchasing consent use protection

No. 1244482

Lmao yeah I live in the south and there's a lot of cute southern young guys who have conservatard mindsets. High school is always their physical peak, then they start getting uglier in their 20s, and age like milk. Matt Walsh is probably one of the better looking conservatard moids for his age just knowing how horrible looking they are on average.
So autist men who try to date women are always doing it to fulfill some sort of ultimately narcissistic and parasitic reason (moreso than other moids)?

No. 1244545



No. 1244630

Lol this. I'm southern too and all the conservative big truck dudes aged like shit. I saw one in the store when I was like 19 and he was like 17, huge trumptard back in the day and holy fuck I legit thought he was some methhead. Horrible aged skin from drugs, greasy yellow hair since blonde moids think using a purple shampoo would be gay or something, my friend also had a baby with another one of those country conservative moids and he went from 7/10 jock to fat gas station cashier and he's only 24 kek. Why do they think they're immune from criticism over their looks?

No. 1244638

Pissing off every married/boyfriended male redditor is the best thing to come out of all of this.

No. 1244672

>men didn't cheat, took care of you and did everything a partner should do!!
congrats..? you did the bare minimum. funny how women are obligated to stay with men for doing the bare minimum but men are allowed to leave for any reason because "trapping them is abuse" regardless of how much time, effort, or money spent. Hell you can give them a damn kidney and he can cheat and people will still say "wellll he can leave for any reason, no one is forced to be with you"

No. 1244707

Imagine how shocked he'll be when he realizes hot conservative women only date and marry rich conservative men.

No. 1244711

scrotes pay prostitutes more to rape them unprotected and this won't stop

No. 1244721

File: 1656491573836.png (333.38 KB, 600x646, Untitled.png)