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File: 1652407289936.jpeg (397.13 KB, 1080x1736, C95B9938-7E83-4E3E-AB61-1721C6…)

No. 1527230

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1520151

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Last thread:
>Shayna posts photos of bite marks from "The Dad" two days after testing positive for covid >>>/snow/1520697
>The photographer of her Mount Rainier shoot teases us with a single unedited shot of Shay looking huge >>>/snow/1520216
>Shayna's "nazi" callout post keeps making the rounds, a twitter user calls her a "literal neo-nazi!" >>>/snow/1520168
>This sets her off, she gets into a massive slap fight with them >>>/snow/1521118
>Shayna calls the user "queen," which she thought was fine because her "genders" are they/she, making Shayna a transphobe as well as a nazi >>>/snow/1521140
>She then resorts to suicide baiting her followers >>>/snow/1521155, drinking away the pain >>>/snow/1521207 and deleting the whole interaction
>Thinks that other sex workers go out of their ways pick on her just to make a name for themselves >>>/snow/1521226, and that she doesn't win MV awards because of the haters >>>/snow/1526462
>After a day of silence, Shayna reveals herself to be in the hospital again >>>/snow/1523001 with "Cycling Vomiting Syndrome" >>>/snow/1523026
>More bitching about the "haters" from the hospital >>>/snow/1524461
>After 3 days she finally leaves the hospital >>>/snow/1525412 with a large mystery bruise >>>/snow/1525482
>Confirms famers suspicions that shes been diagnosed with Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome >>>/snow/1526217 and has to quit smoking weed for 6 months >>>/snow/1526226
>Starts to lean more into fat acceptance, tweeting about "fat babies" >>>/snow/1525210 and starting a thread for "fat bimbos" >>>/snow/1526371
>Next week, she will be visiting her Mom in Massachusetts for 6 days to attend her little brothers graduation party, the first shes seen her mom since November 2019 >>>/snow/1526008 when she was significantly smaller.
>A week later she will be going to Ireland for 16 days >>>/snow/1526239 with "friends" >>>/snow/1526966

Mike Slack/Gnotold Saga
>old greyhair makes a gross comment about strapping Shayna into a high chair >>>/snow/1521850, leading farmers to dig back into his past tweets about his daughter >>>/snow/1521856, >>>/snow/1521881
>A farmer finds an interview with him >>>/snow/1521945 leading to his facebook page >>>/snow/1521949, full of right wing boomer memes >>>/snow/1523388 in contradiction to everything Shayna believes in
>Also on his page is a very creepy photo of his teenage daughters in his lap >>>/snow/1523400 this leads to his oldest daughter, the ex-sex worker's facebook >>>/snow/1524298 Her sex work twitter account is quickly found because…
>Mike Slack follows his own daughters porn account >>>/snow/1523443
>He buys her sex toys, interacts/comments on all of her porn >>>/snow/1523455, >>>/snow/1523478 watches her cam shows >>>/snow/1523493, >>>/snow/1524418 and buys custom videos from her >>>/snow/1523560
>Within the hour, someone cowtips and she deletes her twitter >>>/snow/1523607
>A farmer finds Mike Slack and his daughters Suicide Girls pages, where he comments on her photos using this real face as his profile picture >>>/snow/1524096, leading farmers to question weather the situation is consensual or not
>Mike continues to interact with Shayna as usual, his daughter likely hasn't confronted him.

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

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No. 1527233

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No. 1527245

Other relationships:
”The Old Man"
>Max R Cameron, @maxrcameron on Twitter, married, polyamorist, “bdsm coach,”
>has the dungeon she visits on occasion in his house >>>/snow/1372838

>A simple google search reveals Shay's good friend Max R Cameron to be a known abuser in the Seattle BDSM scene, who ignores safe words and pushes woman into non-consensual acts


”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to d

”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
>Jason R Womack
@okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter
>Pays Shayna’s rent through Ellen’s Venmo account

”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
>Michael Slack from Missouri >>1521896, >>1524173,
>Truck driver, US Navy Veteran
>Works at CFI
>Usernames consist of: Gray Hair, zapman68,
>His Twitter handle is @GNotold
>known as the “Monsters inc gif” sender
>Proud Trump supporter on Facebook >>1523388,
>Had a sex worker daughter, consumes Shayna’s “incest” roleplay porn.
>Daughter quit sex work in 2020
>Mike made a Twitter account to follow his blood related daughter’s sex work account (without her knowledge) >>1523443, >>1523483,
>He’s shown holding her in his lap >>1523400,
>Selfie posted on Facebook and sw Twitter account, proving that she’s his daughter >>1523449, >>1523455, >>1524298,
>Buys things off her wishlist >>1523459, and watched her cam shows >>1524418,
>An anon must have cowtipped because she started deleting all of her pictures and >>1523551, deleted her whole account

People who have worked with Shaynus:

Russell Harmon
>Bald man who punches and slaps Shayna, doesn’t do sexual things to her on camera

Mt Rainier Photographer
>Responsible for the iconic “hog in the fog” silent hill forest photos

>the company binkieprincess works with notorious for having a full sized child nursery and creating graphic diaper porn and simulations of child abuse >>1349720,

Strictmore “Academy”
@MissMatthews123 on Twitter
@MadameSamanthaB on Twitter

No. 1527246

File: 1652408777853.jpeg (230.87 KB, 1109x1458, BECEBD49-87C9-45EF-AD0A-D214D6…)

Why is she always getting that duck out and looking like mother goose

No. 1527248

this lady kind of looks like vivi

No. 1527284

God why is she typing like a My Immortal character

No. 1527301

File: 1652415272822.jpeg (176.33 KB, 750x607, DC103F98-1341-4378-9454-4B0D1A…)

how can you be proud of yourself for taking photos dressed like a giant baby

No. 1527306

File: 1652415689444.jpeg (449.35 KB, 1242x1208, 0F8D4AF3-93F8-4880-939B-701A48…)

No. 1527307

Is she joking??? Pot calling the kettle black come on now shayna

No. 1527308

She deleted this so quickly. What a hypocrite. Is that not exactly what she was just doing with all her “I can’t afford my rent cause of the haters buy my porn!” “I was in the hospital but my porn!” shit?

No. 1527324

File: 1652417396547.jpeg (130.94 KB, 750x548, 268047C0-1456-45E2-97A1-7888CE…)

not having her crutch drug is going so well for her

No. 1527325

She is going to be such a bitch now.

No. 1527326

But she always does this? Why is this time any different?

No. 1527327

i think reality is hitting hard right now so she’s doubling down on her “i built a successful business, respect me” delusions.. her family trip is not going to go well at all, and i’m sure she’s going to be a huge cunt to her family as usual. she has nothing to take the edge off anymore or numb her already volatile emotions, except more alcohol and she’s already swimming in it. seeing how bleak and lonely her life is must be painful and she lurks so i’m sure this is weed hiatus is going to destroy her mentally.

No. 1527332

she has done this at least 20 times in the last 6 months, and literally JUST did this last night whining about never winning a contest. her brain is FRIED!

*literally pisses dark orange dehydrated pee into a XXXL adult diaper and then takes a photo of her diapered crotch
"my content is amazing! i'm so proud!" the mind of shayna clifford is just astonishing…

No. 1527337

File: 1652420014900.jpeg (225.39 KB, 750x963, D43BA593-FC10-439E-A56E-5C4577…)

XS??? She has to put these in her cart just to screenshot and then order a bigger size right? There’s no fucking way

No. 1527338

File: 1652420205027.png (508.43 KB, 720x1061, 1523636024267.png)

Was reading through the beginning of the Fupa saga and saw this and thought how she should really take her own advice

No. 1527346

XS??? Come the fuck on. No adult woman wears XS unless theyve always been petite and/or anorexic. There is no way she isn't at least a Large. She could struggle into Medium. I dont know how she manages to squeeze into small honestly but its not the flex she thinks it is. I bet she has to exchange shit all the time because her delusional ass just wont size up properly.

No. 1527347

File: 1652421301335.jpeg (763.72 KB, 1139x1735, 12A630B4-DF53-4333-8BFA-F7B668…)

The sizing is definitely designed for bigger women. Also, a specific circumference applies to 4 sizes (if you are 30 inches (which is kind of a large) you fit the XXS, XS, S, and M sizes)

No. 1527348

Designed for bigger women? Nah, the sizing is that way for male coomers/sissies/trannys

No. 1527355

Can this bitch get hit by a car already? Seriously no patience for this pedo

No. 1527365

File: 1652423502210.jpeg (592.59 KB, 1170x2532, 0660F493-004F-44A8-ACFC-FE8FDE…)

So if we compare this to a more standard sizing (looking at this onsie vs Gap clothing)

A 34 can be “extra small” in the onsie, but XL in Gap clothing. Gap clothing is more representative of typical women. Shayna Is XL trying to larp as a smaller figure

This is designed for big women and troons

No. 1527366

The disgusting measurement we aren't taking into account is the fact that these are meant to go overtop of gigantic comedian fart diapers, so they might still be too small in that regard. Things I never thought I'd have to think about, I feel violated.

No. 1527378

File: 1652425124888.gif (966.75 KB, 200x115, 95F53A69-2992-40BE-87B7-C4D258…)

No. 1527420

Weed definitely causes withdrawals, what are you talking about? Just because other drugs are worse doesn’t mean Shay won’t be crashing hard when reality hits her. Sorry the heroin made you retarded anon

No. 1527462

it's just easier for ex addicts to exclude weed from any addictive behaviour, because this way they can act like they are sober while still consuming something. They will also tell you that weed is 100% harmless, which isn't true, but sure, let them believe it.

No. 1527464

she just won't pull through, she doesn't have any willpower whatsoever. i give her two weeks max before she starts smoking again

No. 1527467

Nonnie you're a real one for this.

No. 1527545

This is what happened with her 2017 CHS syndrome saga. She was back on it in less than a month. I have no hope she could ever stay away from the things that numb her to her grim reality.

No. 1527574

File: 1652451245249.jpeg (212.45 KB, 554x699, 081FD859-AF51-4F19-A7AB-C9465C…)

saged since its not new, but i don’t get it, does she know these clothes don’t fit her at all? once you can see that your cooch is about to fall out of your shorts maybe consider a bigger size

No. 1527585

I try to tell myself “hey maybe she just clicks xs for screens to share and doesn’t actually buy them and gets the right size” but I know she doesn’t. She totally doesn’t.

No. 1527588

File: 1652452269325.jpeg (383.16 KB, 1242x1228, 53457058-FCCE-44E2-B566-179970…)

No. 1527595

What happened to the big, ugly animal print one she was just using like a month or two ago? It's more than enough to shove a few velour tracksuits and flip flops into.

No. 1527596

Didn’t she buy suitcases on one of her last trips?

No. 1527614

I really hope she doesn’t bring her nasty sex toys and diapers when she goes to visit family and Ireland

No. 1527626

Yes I seem to recall her posing with a set of suitcases with the conehead getup.

No. 1527632

If her parents find diapers in her bag they’re going to be concerned and ask her about incontinence and it’ll be so much worse to find out it’s all for fetish kek

No. 1527636

it's big shaynus we're talking about here kek of course she will do that. she didn't stop talking about ddlg shit when she visited her dad either

No. 1527641

Usually so they can use weed when withdrawing from smack. Shayna is going to feel rough. She's got a family trip to enjoy with nausea, sweating and being irritable as fuck

No. 1527642

File: 1652458663292.jpeg (302.57 KB, 1242x1449, 0168DBC0-AD16-4205-B499-1D860D…)

“Sugar dads” such a dumb term she uses why do they never send more than $200. A real sugar daddy would send $1,000

No. 1527644

File: 1652459045387.jpeg (989.6 KB, 1228x1441, E201DB51-10EF-4793-AECE-960F6F…)

omg wht was tht 4!!!

No. 1527650

You know she will and she will make the obligatory post on twitter about how airport security totally went through her luggage and found her shit stained dildos and diapers and how they think she's a super kinky baby bimbo barbie.

No. 1527653

Let's also not forget how she will get free drinks in the airport bar from old men and then free drinks on the plane cause the flight attendants think she is soooo hot. If I was creative / cared enough I would make a Bingo card for when she travels kek.

No. 1527675

haha what a lie. she’s doing this because yesterday the thread mentioned she hasn’t begged for money yet for her ireland trip with “friends”. she’s so transparent.

No. 1527677

anon why would her parents be going through her luggage? that’s creepy, she’s not a teenager.

No. 1527682

>obligatory bathroom selfie
>"should I make mile-high porn, guys?"
>airport mimosas x3
>filthy lowrise tracksuit pulled down with exposed paunch
>"flight attendant gave me a free drink! It's cuz I'm cute"
>"everyone is staring at me hehe!"
>rank airport nudes
>rank airport nudes +obviously someone in stall behind her
>stuffed animal for some reason
>no bra or cami in public, tits akimbo
>"my flight was delayed! Send money for drinks while I wait!"
>edits porn on the flight
>turd bun free space

No. 1527683

ntayrt but they definitely should be doing that because shayna never exceeded the mental capacity of a teenager

No. 1527685

NTA but she wouldn’t be digging through, but having your luggage and belongings out is pretty normal when you travel. And moms are moms and always grabbing dirty laundry to wash. Seeing Shay’s gross things are bound to happen without snooping. She nails her dildos to walls as decor. She’s very far gone from reality and likely doesn’t have a very strong filter around her family.

No. 1527691

Ayrt, I didn’t mean go through her luggage as in sift through it, but when I vacation with my parents or family, I’ll often ask them to check my bag/belongings for something if they’re close by. Hell, idec if my parents go through my luggage looking for things on a family trip in case something’s out of place and we’re sharing space. That’s normal and not creepy. If they happen to do that and find a diaper (other things notwithstanding), I think it’d be normal to be concerned and ask questions. Sorry for not being clear.

No. 1527701

Bless you.

Keking the hardest at "turd bun free space"

No. 1527720

>tits akimbo
Ugly snort laughing here

No. 1527764

>>has sugar dad
>> shocked when he sends her money because apperently he doesn't give her sugar often.

She's telling on herself.

No. 1527766

She made a post on tumblr during one of her trips that she asked her brother to get something out of her bag and he was like “why do you have this” and she panicked thinking he found a sex toy

No. 1527806

Most of those adult babies are obese women and men.

No. 1527808

File: 1652469681639.jpeg (182.56 KB, 750x666, A9E92941-613D-4287-B714-187338…)

No one is doing this. You’re really not that important. Her delusions of grandeur are wild

No. 1527827

You definitely have to be fucked in the head beyond repair if you think your mother would be jealous of you degrading yourself in porn instead of feeling guilt and shame and sadness lol

No. 1527828

Shayna cannot wrap her brain around people genuinely not liking her and meaning what they say about her that she assume they are doing it for "clout". Just like she assumes that we try to "convince " ourselves she's unattractive instead of so anons genuinely thinking she is. It's always interesting to see the ways Shayna tries to cope and change shit. Nobody is getting attention from hating shayna. She acts like people are making YouTube videos and blowing up from it.

No. 1527830

File: 1652471461230.jpeg (641.4 KB, 1170x1770, C6BBBD67-781F-43DE-9ECF-996C32…)

“Razor burn” okay Shay

No. 1527836

>lightning bolts

No. 1527878

popular kek the cope she isn't even particularly popular amongst her target demographic of coomer boomers who wear shitty diapers all day and like seeing fat women degrade themselves for pennies

No. 1527918

File: 1652476120434.jpeg (673.41 KB, 1284x1876, B84C083C-B650-4796-AEC2-AC1413…)

her and her pedo followers will literally sexualize anything

No. 1527939

"stache" KEK

No. 1527994

My Shayna lore may be a little rusty but didn’t she recently ebeg for a new suitcase set after she “lost” her luggage on a train a few months back? And her degenerate daddies crowdfunded her a new set AND a new expensive vibratory?

No. 1527996

I also remember this whole thing, so you're not the only one. She claimed that she lost her luggage.

No. 1528002

Get one of your sugar dads to pay for a wax you filthy animal. The poor person doing it for her could even give her advice for keeping the pussy boils at bay.

No. 1528004

File: 1652481635915.jpeg (291.01 KB, 1425x1080, CA47B512-4F6A-46B7-BD80-197D23…)

No. 1528007

File: 1652481753608.jpeg (650.97 KB, 1170x1137, 7C5FE1E9-F731-4552-A4FB-E82414…)

No. 1528008

File: 1652481757976.jpeg (162.49 KB, 750x528, 943ED912-6920-47F8-9547-8359EC…)

No. 1528012

>children in 2012-2016
God I can't believe how much older these girls feel. Sex work really does steal your soul.

No. 1528013

File: 1652481893901.jpeg (194.57 KB, 1170x402, FF80CAA1-EF2D-4077-98E4-82E30B…)

No. 1528017

File: 1652482093060.jpeg (190.91 KB, 750x641, 3ED9BD51-EEF4-467E-876C-B9D9C7…)


No. 1528020

But no one will ever address the pedo shit she does

No. 1528022

File: 1652482364069.jpeg (241.96 KB, 750x1138, 497BBF70-2189-4234-9B16-C2E985…)

Lanas completely right here, but the “doxxing and stalking” aka lolcow threads have absolutely nothing to do with the dumbass nazi joke

No. 1528030

Isn’t this the bitch who did pedo porn in front of a park full of kids?? There was a thread on her

No. 1528038

I think that was Lana Rain. She wouldn't even look twice at Shat and her antics.

No. 1528058

File: 1652484536717.jpeg (221.15 KB, 750x1494, 8356B243-1549-497E-981B-798E59…)

This is the thread that’s triggering her. It’s so stupid but it will be endlessly funny to me that she’s never going to escape the Nazi label

No. 1528060

File: 1652484613845.jpeg (270.33 KB, 750x725, D1CDD84F-208E-4C3D-8C34-6BEFE9…)

No. 1528065

She said this last time someone sticked up for her and I love how she always pretends like Bratty wasn't sticking up for her and fighting her battles for years. She's very ungrateful for the people who help her. Does this Lana chick have a lot of followers or something?

No. 1528067

She needs to stop linking people to that apology video. It’s not a good apology and comes off as totally insincere, especially when she links it with no context

No. 1528068

I hate that this is what they've pinned her with but it's good enough I suppose

No. 1528071

As much as it's fun watching her being picked apart it's so ridiculous that they are doing it for something she said when she was 15 kek just nuke twitter.

No. 1528077

File: 1652485044024.jpeg (340.53 KB, 1080x1261, C5DB4395-2AA0-4685-9A38-DF44CF…)

Sol is never going to escape this kek getting his dick sucked by Shayna was the worst decision of his career

No. 1528107

File: 1652486121737.jpeg (185.11 KB, 1170x767, FF9C34CA-B950-442C-88B7-5B722F…)

why has she been retweeting old replies from people like mike slack whiteknighting her? kek. does she think it makes her look better?

No. 1528114

Why do some of you get so defensive about normal family interactions lmao

No. 1528118

Oh please, squirt. You know damn well you don't go to temple anymore and haven't since you were forced to as a child. Can everyone stop.

No. 1528120

File: 1652486612602.jpeg (74.91 KB, 750x1117, D57C6C46-F4E6-49A3-8A6C-3F69D5…)

Is it just Instagram fucking up or did her pedo Instagram get deleted?

No. 1528129

File: 1652487165179.jpeg (89.9 KB, 1170x360, 5437F70B-C93D-491A-9C81-09DE0B…)

Here we go again.

No. 1528135

and all your grandmothers are rolling in their graves watching their young granddaughters spread their legs for pedos and scum…

No. 1528137

File: 1652487486400.jpeg (131.24 KB, 750x721, 94EF4445-6D16-405A-855D-BFD807…)

Yeah her abdldollymattel insta got nuked. It was up yesterday she posted those disgusting baby bonnet pictures

No. 1528150

Ohh, that is really satisfying

No. 1528152

since when the fuck is lana bee a jew? or is it just a lie to fit the narrative?

No. 1528155

Bitch. Just log off and get a normal job. Your life is literally crying, barfing, and begging. Help yourself.

No. 1528159

did she actually post anything against TOS on there? I know she posted creepy shit, but none of it seemed to break any of IG's rules. did enough people flag her account that it just got taken down or something?

No. 1528160

File: 1652489500514.png (249.1 KB, 474x265, monky fight.png)

Never change, SWtwit. Bless.

No. 1528165

One thing I cannot fathom is how she just… Cannot network? I understand she's a lonely retard whose only social interaction is greasy coomers punching/biting her, but like… Can she not find a single group within this community that she can network with? That initial "me and my jewcestors forgive Dolly Mattel" tweet had like 50 likes at the time the screenshot was taken. Can she not just make a networking discord server?

No. 1528172

Knowing these people most likely have lurked here for info and dirt, and her retweeting his replies right after the whole "I jack off to my biological daughter's masturbation videos" fiasco… If someone were to bring that up, receipts and all, I genuinely have no clue how she'd defend herself.

No. 1528194

ABDL shit will absolutely get you banned from Instagram. I remember when she made that account she was asking her adult baby followers if it was allowed and they were telling her no so be careful what you post. I guess that last disgusting post was the nail in the coffin

No. 1528233

Dont believe her at all. She didnt drink while she was at the hospital is all. I guess a couple days feels like a week for an alcoholic.

No. 1528235

File: 1652493886879.jpeg (727.42 KB, 1170x1302, 609069C5-40DF-4E93-8846-306A32…)

No. 1528239

Kek accept it already. These whores hate you just to have someone to hate. They will never let it go, you can’t convince them with reason.

No. 1528248

File: 1652495082002.jpeg (186.11 KB, 750x1762, 064418EA-C0A4-447B-BFD0-FDA0DF…)

She got the same nails and same made the tweet last month. Her life is ground hogs day

No. 1528263

Or how he’s a trump supporter kek

No. 1528268

>No adult woman wears XS unless theyve always been petite and/or anorexic.


No. 1528270

Come on, don't derail the thread when there's actual milk to be savored. The sizes of these adult baby companies don't apply to real life either way.

No. 1528272

Publicly drags her mom for being a rebublican trump supporting bootlicker. I think shes actually done it to other random incels on twitter for woke points too.
But of course her #2 coomer, top commenter gets a pass. Even though hes a transphobe right wing actual incest pedo.
Thats how you know without a doubt she really is performative and self serving.

No. 1528277

When an anon has a different opinion, sometimes you should just do what so many of us do here: bite your tongue, remember it’s just a stupid anonymous online thread, and ignore the comment. Instead of infighting and annoying even more people.

No. 1528297

Surprised she’s isn’t having a fit over her insta being taken down

No. 1528307

I think she knew it was inevitable. Everyone was telling her diaper stuff isn’t allowed

No. 1528331

The fact she thinks going a week without drinking is a lot is truly bleak

No. 1528342

File: 1652502235200.jpeg (195.01 KB, 750x1216, D7FC6E44-76B7-498B-81C5-22BDB9…)

They’re so close to self awareness. Literally any man who says he’s a “dom” just wants an excuse to abuse women.

No. 1528345

File: 1652502347429.jpeg (347.07 KB, 1170x1023, C3B87247-9250-4AC8-8DC4-75363E…)

Truly sad

No. 1528346

Shay has no room to talk, she flaunted all the shit Fupa did and only condemned it when they broke up

No. 1528369

File: 1652504019004.jpeg (188.03 KB, 947x2048, 01B2E76F-774C-4F1C-BAB8-B25BC5…)

I’m going to post the rest of this Sol drama in the e-whores thread, but he posted his texts with this girl >>1528077, “Squirt” she’s referring to is this girl >>1528060.

No. 1528384

How do I find ewhore thread (Sage and sorry)

No. 1528387

No. 1528439

She says this and the only place she’s famous is lolcow.

No. 1528477

All of this will happen again and again and again infinity kek

She always seems to be way too excited for any money she gets like an animal slurping up itty bitsy crumbs. Like during her cam shows freaking out over pennies, too. She really tells on herself how broke her coomers are and how desperate she is

All of her coomers are disgusting but that Secret Fluidity makes me particularly seethe

The ridiculous little catfights they have publicly like this are hilarious

No. 1528497

>microdosing on mushrooms
the way she mentions that as if it's a necessary detail, does she know how microdosing works?

No. 1528542

I dont think so because my interpretation is that she’s alluding to having a bad trip aka not a microdose. She’s never claimed to have microdosed shrooms before only regular doses as far as i can remember. Maybe coming out her weed fog realizing that everyone can tell shes an addict/alcoholic and trying to downplay?

No. 1528562

File: 1652536349633.jpeg (Spoiler Image,214.33 KB, 1241x1262, 329705B7-B329-4C29-9F31-D14B23…)

Repost because it wasn’t spoilered.

Her MRSA boils look like eyes. How is she not ashamed to show her boils in even a deep fried Twitter quality video

No. 1528570

Are you from the future with the date on that screen shot?

No. 1528573

April 8th, 2022, anon…

No. 1528598

Month/Day/Year - USA & its territories
Day/Month/Year - Majority of remaining countries

No. 1528614

I know it’s from April but she retweeted it recently and it’s just too funny not to share how disgusting she is

No. 1528633

File: 1652545391580.jpeg (229.78 KB, 750x744, F82965D7-2001-4F34-9F29-4640B4…)

No. 1528648

File: 1652547769703.jpeg (689.31 KB, 1170x1717, 75158B2D-0EBA-4D45-99AB-C8BC2D…)

Any day now she’ll be back to smoking

No. 1528651

File: 1652548079808.jpeg (313.35 KB, 750x759, 04A443C6-1045-4F6A-9752-6AF75C…)

I do not like the implications of that title one bit

No. 1528657

I didnt want to be a mush/lsdfag but I also thought that was weird and retarded of her to say. Microdosing is something particular to be done to actually try to get some useful benefit from the substance and as the name implies, its not enough that you actually trip. Every time she posts about shrooms she posts several full mushrooms and then says "going on a trip" and there's no way she's not using them to get really high and trip, shes a retarded stoner. She seemed to be using them to escape reality and be one of those ~hurr pretty colors omg Im tripping baaaaallssss~ type of idiots.

No. 1528659

This looks like a still from “The Heart, She Holler.”

No. 1528660

The fuck is with those super dark big purple bruises? She had that one she supposedly didnt know how she got up on her side too.

No. 1528670

File: 1652549856234.jpeg (479.12 KB, 750x1016, B5AC9CA3-2669-4F04-B879-741861…)

They look like the fucking Ellen bite marks she had around Christmas. She loves chomping Shayna’s thigh fat for some reason

No. 1528674

so she’s officially pissing and shitting in diapers then?

No. 1528695

She's pissed on cakes before, so pissing in a diaper isn't that much of a stretch

No. 1528700

File: 1652552326611.jpeg (Spoiler Image,759.29 KB, 1242x1633, D1C6F9EB-DE57-474B-9698-0F8662…)

I wish I could see a description that says she’s actually shit in the diaper. This bitch… it wouldn’t even surprise me

No. 1528701

She recently pissed in diapers for that disabled doggy diaper video

No. 1528702

She literally showed sriracha mayo coming out of her ass and tried passing it off as cum.

No. 1528704

File: 1652552539561.jpeg (213.23 KB, 750x632, 4AE3779D-4846-40B0-87B7-D5224F…)

Thanks Mia. The last thing she needs is another addiction

No. 1528711

File: 1652552970650.jpeg (139.79 KB, 1108x604, 5482AE3C-C51E-4518-B3E4-A44C24…)

No. 1528717

File: 1652553485177.jpeg (725.5 KB, 750x1281, 845883E7-5E5C-4D44-884A-A08913…)

The callouts have their way to tiktok now https://streamable.com/8195k6

No. 1528718

File: 1652553485711.png (177.44 KB, 432x415, Zzdc7.png)

With how dry those toys always are, how hasn't she had an awful prolapse or something yet? Between the clear intestinal infection with the mayochup and her rarely washed ass I can't wrap my head around how her colon isn't literally falling out of her ass. I've known people (not men) who did less, were careful and still had anal prolapse. She's so lucky she only had the infection and boils. Ugh, not to mention her literal shit eating… How does she not have worms!?

No. 1528723

>opens with the threat of sex workers watching the video being labeled sympathizers if they don't immediately dogpile and ostracize two literal whos
Kek these people spend all day doing nothing but fucking panicking over how they're perceived by people who eat shit and fuck trannies. Shouldn't they be up in arms about Roe v. Wade and uplifting LGBTQIALMNOPOC+ voices?

No. 1528727

Kratom can cause seizures with prolonged use, which could happen to her because Shay is an addict and it causes memory loss which is the main reason she does drugs.

No. 1528728

File: 1652554114450.jpeg (484.21 KB, 750x1196, E6C712D9-C312-435F-9EAB-AEB640…)

Porn for racists? What

No. 1528736

I guess if they were talking about her right wing coomers like Michael (Mike) Slack, (@GNotOld / @Zapman68 ) Professional Driver and US Navy Veteran, who works at CFI and drove a True to The Troops Truck while committing incest and supporting his daughter’s sex work career in 2020 on Twitter and Suicide Girls, but they were probably just talking about Shay using a black dildo for the Trump video.

No. 1528743

I will never understand how wearing a “Fuck Trump” hat while using a black dildo makes her a racist trump supporter. Such a reach. How about the fact that she makes porn for pedophiles? Nope. That’s kink shaming!

No. 1528744

It’s because someone said “buying the video just for the Trump hat” and she said if someone bought her a Trump mask and black dildo, they’d get the video for free

No. 1528750

it was more insensitive/tone deaf rather than outright racist. she was trying to make a joke about trump getting fucked by black men but it just came across really poorly. her humor has always been “suburban sheltered white girl tries to be edgy” bullshit.

No. 1528752

Ew that bitch is ugly, all these sex workers are so hideous they try to cancel the other degens

No. 1528755

They're all just sharing one braincell between them, of course they can't read both of two words on a hat

No. 1528756

They know they have no value so they have to mud sling other troglodyte wasteoids so they can get their $5 subs and potentially put food on the table or buy more drugs. Doing this petty shit online is how they stay afloat otherwise they would just be 1 of the 9,000,000 wagies that threw their lives away to make nothing and exploit themselves and others.

No. 1528757

All porn is for racists, mainstream shit will objectify WOC and typecast black women as ghetto and latinas as crazy or whatever.

No. 1528773

I’ve posted the same myself a couple of times, it just blows my mind that these people have the reading (and general) comprehension of a retarded amoeba. And then, on the back of their total lack of understanding, they go on crusades against “literal Nazis” to “keep Jews safe,” as if Shayna and Sol got together to film themselves going on a Jew-murdering spree à la Natural Born Killers. Fucking bizarre.

No. 1528781

File: 1652558518001.jpeg (636.73 KB, 750x1016, C69F6153-422D-4AA9-B7CD-E6671F…)

>an actual Nazi

No. 1528800

File: 1652560389056.jpeg (315 KB, 1080x1357, 1691F4B0-105D-4FFE-95C2-B022FB…)

She looks ill. Grimy and lumpy too. Check out the open sore on her chest.

No. 1528814

I will never understand her penchant for hoodies with no cami or undershirt underneath. It does her boobs zero favors. Even when she was giraffe-mode skinny it looked gross

No. 1528819


It's a cute look for someone who is skinny and with large boobs, but she's the complete opposite of that.

No. 1528833

Nah a zip up sweater as a shirt with nothing under is retarded no matter what body type you are. Its just weird and crack whore energy.

No. 1528838

File: 1652563378019.jpeg (344.89 KB, 1170x996, 417B4C96-F768-4602-8F21-E396DA…)

Shay, you will always be a mean girl

No. 1528851

any time shayna is “nice” it’s to get something out of the other party. it’s only manipulation, and we’ve seen examples of it with her many times. she really tries to convince herself she’s a gentle kind soul when in reality she’s a mean girl dumpster fire of a human. she should just admit she’s trash and live her shitty truth.

No. 1528870

I imagine all her interactions irl are so cringe and fake. Shes too stupid to be an actual bitch, but she just seems like the kind of girl whos try hard to be funny and nice and its just awkward.

No. 1528874

her cellulite and soggy legs look like a rotting bloated corpse, nauseating

No. 1528899

Beep beep paging washcloth Anon! We got another to add to the list, girl. That washcloth has truly never even been in the vicinity of detergent. It needs mold control.

No. 1528905

What the fuck is happening to her face in the left image?

No. 1528909

Her acne looks really bad. No wonder she’s been wearing so much foundation

No. 1528922

Damn.. Methany looking rough today also that washcloth looks filthy too. Throw them both in the washer.

No. 1528951

File: 1652572509861.webm (3.49 MB, 360x640, TikTok - Dolly Mattel is a not…)

No. 1528960

File: 1652573009227.png (63.74 KB, 617x346, screenshot.png)

It’s a stretch but I’ve seen it elsewhere too and seems to be repeated a lot in woke circles (picrel) from >>>/snow/1528780

No. 1528969

You hear that everyone. White dildos only. You know we should only have white actors too, so we don’t profit off of black actors. Let’s do white everything, so we don’t offend and appropriate African American culture.
She sounds so retarded.

No. 1528976

That’s what I was thinking, is it racist now for a white person to have sex with a black person too? What the fuck

No. 1528980

I still don’t understand why do they need to hashtag cancel shart, she’s a literal who with no interactions with other than the 3 coomers that like her shit. These retards should try canceling someone with actual living followers.

No. 1528983

They can fetishize themselves and women, but can't fetishize the dicks of scrotes.

No. 1528990

File: 1652576196355.jpeg (204.15 KB, 750x1726, 1747996B-3F5D-417B-8F95-5BCAC3…)

No. 1528993

If you really loved your mom you'd stop talking about her on your sex work account to get attention from amazing people such as "Daddy's Tiny Toddler"

No. 1528994

Like interacial sex or attraction isn't allowed? Sounds fucked up.
Like if you use a colored skin tone dildo, I don't see the issue unless youre tagging or titling the video "BBC" or "interacial" or anything that is actually fetishizing it.

No. 1528998

Then dont go see her and waste her money just to shit on her on twitter and embarrass her in person, you fucking cunt.
Bet her mom is the one doing the ireland trip too. Shat hates her mom so much and bitches online, but she's right there to mooch a vacation.

No. 1529004

"Canceling" Shay isn't even fair, she's entirely washed up. Maybe this is more about Sol, maybe twittertards are just trying to redirect curious lurkers here for some reason. Either way it's jighly ridiculous. Not See–give me a break with the melodrama. These people have clearly never experienced trauma in their lives if the mere existence of Shaynus is so distressing

No. 1529012

Honestly. Shaynus isnt taking away any loaded coomers or sugar daddies from them or getting sponsorships or notable ~porn star~ gigs and recognition kek.
Shes not out there fucking through the community unlike Sol. You can count on one hand how many other whores shes worked with and she never actually got fucked by any besides Mia Buffoon lol. I understand cancelling Soy Sol like good riddance he seems like a piece of shit that needs to get deported. It is weird how they act like Shay is an actual harmful nazi. They dont get clout or anything from it like Shay thinks and ultimately her customers/scrotes dont care. But shes a nobody getting reeee'd at by even more so nobodies for no real reason or resolution. Despite what Shaynus likes to pretend, they arent ruining any opprotunities for her or holding her back in the shitty little ewhore industry. She is. She peaked already years ago and cant figure that out.

No. 1529013

And don’t forget children and animals, too.

No. 1529030

I just find it funny that the only reason this is picking up is not because, "they want to get attention from me!!" like Shayna thinks. Nope because someone who is kinda of known and active is involved.See Shayna? The only reason you have all this outrage isn't really because you are Infamous, it's because someone who was for some reason "respected* and liked in the community is ALSO getting cancelled.Shayna would never get this much attention about this if it wasn't for Sol.Even in her drama, she's never the main star.

No. 1529034

Agreed. Cute outfit, but why tf wouldn't you wear either a crop tank or a lace bralet. I mean, SOMETHING. Lol and I love how her phone is covering her face because she has no makeup on. The acne/cellulite/Ellen bite is just chef's kiss.

No. 1529046

File: 1652579962021.jpeg (348.08 KB, 1226x1207, BB137837-9C4F-4A29-A989-6174C2…)

Shayna’s troon “mom” really hates Shayna’s actual mom. Why is Shaynus such a hater? Why can’t her mother text her about what she’s doing? Like does she not give a fuck how her own mother is doing? I mean hell I’m not religious and I can get down with Jesus techno.

No. 1529047

>cute outfit
Not on her wide ass. That hoodie looks musty

No. 1529053

Cute outfit possibility. Not on her. Or the moldy everything in that picture. At least she's wearing Levi's, those will hold hold up for her next 20 pound weight gain.

No. 1529076

Since its tiktok I dont think she could just say sex worker. Remember that trend of them claiming they were "accountants" to avoid getting banned

No. 1529083

For real. Like I would want to listen to or take anything seriously from someone who looks and sounds like that. They are all chiming in to get noticed and be a part of trying to cancel some ess doubleyeww

No. 1529113

He saw this thing and thought of her………..

No. 1529114

Looks like a screenshot from her porn

No. 1529140

File: 1652585053058.jpeg (174.79 KB, 557x1280, 00B311E8-6790-4EE4-9452-0EBBB7…)

She finally noticed her pedo Instagram got nuked

No. 1529150

File: 1652586475366.jpeg (743.19 KB, 1170x1632, CFCA4A45-1854-4F47-9C59-AEE20D…)

I hate her

No. 1529151

>this sentence

No. 1529163

> Sadly in many ways it seems like every year we're going backwards in terms of acceptance of abdl and censorship and stigma is growing not decreasing.
As it should, degenerate monster.

No. 1529167

This self-righteous, broke whores are fucking infuriating, as a “generational jew”. 70+ of my family members died in the Holocaust so I’m not just bullshitting here. I have personally researched and read about my family’s experiences in the camps and it’s horrifying. Smart people can see right through these “woke” manipulators, who don’t give a shit about anyone except themselves, conveniently using peoples oppressions just to cancel whoever they don’t like. I wouldn’t forgive Shaynus on behalf of my murdered ancestors because that’s not my place as someone who wasn’t rounded up and gassed. However I would point out how dogpiling on a one-time edgy joke someone made as a kid is undermining the actual suffering of people in the Holocaust. You think people who were hunted, tortured, and slaughtered would care about some e-whore with a whole audience of 2 comers making a shitty joke as a teenager? Cut me a fucking break.
Also these lurking whores know that people besides Jews were affected by the Holocaust right? Kek. If they really cared so much about antisemitism specifically they’d go after 4chan and currently active neo-Nazi groups but then again 4chan is relentless against e-whores and some of those neo-Nazi moids are definitely their customers which undermines their below poverty level salary.
Sorry for rant but that “Squirt” bitch pissed me off and Lana’s tweet was dumb. There are actual issues in that depraved community (racism, pedophilia, rape & misogyny) compared to faux outrage against a fat nasty pedo pandering to her two Splenda daddies making a Jew joke as a teen.

No. 1529179

File: 1652588886651.jpeg (33.89 KB, 800x450, E5901716-85A0-4E2B-A31D-7D154B…)

No. 1529180

I know this has been said for a while now but this is especially giving Luna energy. Ew.

No. 1529201

I only skimmed this, but yeah agreed. I hate when people are so hyperfocused on little details, it ends up under minding the big picture and trivializing matters like the fucking holocaust. When I was in high school with edgy friends, most of the people I knew who made edgy jokes (like holocaust jokes) only did it for shock value and actually had a good understanding of the severity of the event, hence why they knew it was material for a shocking joke. Basically I’m saying these dumbasses think they’re making SUCH a big difference by focusing on the wrong people just because they want attention or woke points. If they actually wanted to help, they could educate themselves on the events and cultures of people impacted, donate to educational and recovery funds (because sw makes sooo much money) etc. this fake woke shit is like the liberal version of getting upvoted on Reddit.

No. 1529212

She knew. This is just her pretending that doesn’t lurk

No. 1529226

File: 1652594837866.gif (Spoiler Image,6.09 MB, 640x640, 9B1A59FF-005D-44ED-8099-766E49…)

“Dolly Mattel is a threat to the Jewish community!! She’s a literal nazi!”
The ~Dangerous~ nazi in question:(spoiler this shit.)

No. 1529233

This looks like her tits are trying to escape her body

No. 1529293

This was the worst shes ever looked facially. It was so awful how particularly homely she was looking then. I mean her face is always ugly but goddamn.

No. 1529303

If these idiots are literally terrified for the literal safety and literal lives of literal Jews, they should go to countries where the far right and neoNazis are rising in power and join the organisations who are trying to stop violent attacks being carried out on minorities. You know, instead of shitting up TikTok, Twitter, and the rest of the world with their LITERAL RETARDATION.

No. 1529306

Shatna’s dad sent her a picture of Lillee Jean?

No. 1529378

This has the same energy as the singing mouth superimposed on Nikocado's dick

No. 1529441

From what I’ve personally experienced it seems like a lot of trannies try to alienate people from their parents, but especially their mothers for some reason. Maybe because they’re creepy and cultish.

No. 1529496

It's like the only time he interacts is when she's talking about her ACTUAL mother. It's his fetish and Shayna is of course playing into it

No. 1529518

the way she says "soul salvadoor" lmao she doesn't even seem to know what his name is

No. 1529530

Yea, it seems ever since he “adopted” shatsquatch he’s been aggro towards her mom.

No. 1529533


No. 1529543

File: 1652634516817.jpeg (153.74 KB, 750x1298, B058B5D4-4275-43C0-BCCB-75EB2A…)

She’s such a retard. And she’s just gonna throw a fit every time it gets deleted too

No. 1529548

She is the definition of insanity… Doing the same shit over and over again while expecting a different result.

No. 1529550

Maybe if she didn’t put “diaper” on it….jfc she’s a full blown retard and since she’s cut on weed we now know she’s always been retarded and it wasn’t the weed.

No. 1529555

File: 1652635470836.jpeg (Spoiler Image,685.78 KB, 750x1186, 557A02A1-3A8E-4FF8-8975-271D13…)

Oh lord(spoiler this shit.)

No. 1529556

Is it gone already? Clicked on the link in her tweet and it immediately took me to a "sorry this page isn't available" page kek

No. 1529559

File: 1652635730470.jpeg (183.06 KB, 750x843, E9168DD1-DF65-4672-AF15-616F6A…)

Yes KEK that was FAST

No. 1529569

no more addictive than coffe nonnie

No. 1529573

File: 1652636996707.jpeg (102.83 KB, 455x501, 8F5DE8BE-4268-497F-A95D-BAF919…)

this is a new face, we should start putting numbers on them kek
this is face number 1 because it isnt filtered.

No. 1529579

File: 1652637217394.jpeg (93.26 KB, 640x841, 45E636A6-868B-4050-82BB-14B83E…)

shes just private or u got blocked

No. 1529582

File: 1652637306633.jpeg (35.07 KB, 479x569, 8D00F0E9-0CF1-4968-B897-769ECC…)

Her California Raisins face is my favourite, kek

No. 1529584

Yeah I see it again now I think IG was just fucking up

No. 1529588

The sensualight photographer doesn’t put filters on her. That’s just her face unfortunately

No. 1529590

Oh my god this looks like a retard

No. 1529595

File: 1652638276509.jpeg (33.22 KB, 600x600, E09C175E-6B53-4838-81E8-39818C…)

Why does she look so different is she not wearing makeup ? She looks hilarious, fat person sameface

No. 1529596

This is a repost from an old thread

No. 1529598

But why does she look so different

No. 1529600

When she was at her most fat and depressed in Oklahoma after her final break up with Fupa around thread #83 she really let herself go. She stopped wearing makeup for a while. We’re just used to seeing her caked in makeup 24/7 now. She’s also a little bit less fat now

No. 1529644

Kek no worries, at least no one made a jew joke or said no1curr ig
It's all fake and performative. These disgusting ogre ass hoes know that their clientele is probably the most Nazi-aligned of the degen community which is why they make these vague trigger warnings to Jewish SWs without actually calling out any real neo-Nazis. Also, I mentioned in my long ass post (which I don't judge you for skimming) that a lot of neo-Nazis are obsessive moids (think the doxing on KF and relentless stalking on 4chan) because they love to see women, especially e-whores, suffer. If these fake "allies" really made a statement that provoked that group, they'd immediately get their raunchiest content sent to their families and whatever jobs and education they have. That's why these virtue signallers are going after some fat handmaiden that no one cares about, who also can't retaliate.

No. 1529651

File: 1652643779965.jpeg (176.61 KB, 750x771, 3D1561BB-7605-465F-95D8-80113E…)

Tf is Ellen talking about? Husband? She only started tweeting about finding a scrote to dick her down like a month ago

No. 1529653

She’s probably using husband like some desperate people do and not in the literal sense.

No. 1529655

for a photographer, his editing really blows.

No. 1529656

it’s because she’s dumb enough to use a similar name and probably the same email, as well as posting the same pics she was banned for to begin with. the retardation is strong with this one.

No. 1529659

I love how neither of them TRULY show any kind of love or affection for eachother. Shayna only praises Ellen when she does shit for her, barely tries to sexualize their relationship (besides bite updates) and Ellen was just depressed/unloved posting but gushes about this scrote. I don't think it's because she's afraid Lolcow will connect the already connected dots. The just aren't that into eachother. Shayna uses Ellen and talks about her because she thinks it's a "flex" and people care. Ellen is lonely and a push over/pimp (weird combo).
Both love dick & men and not eachother. They are just friends.

No. 1529662

File: 1652644516922.jpeg (78.35 KB, 750x293, 51076290-5FDA-492D-A335-95CEE2…)

Womack also paid her again to buy Shayna groceries and board her dog

No. 1529672

File: 1652645380808.png (65.91 KB, 155x275, AF3EBBEA-93B7-447A-9D21-922BB3…)

Kek Jason R Womack aka okietwister85 is so fucking retarded

No. 1529676

She isnt gonna need groceries if shes traveling and leaving lol
But she'll use it for food regardless, just fast food.

No. 1529679

kek are you serious? the pics shes been posting are edited as fuck, thats why that sensuallight is taking forever to drop all the pics i cant with you all i swear you are like the people who believed Kylie Jenner was just make up

No. 1529683

The photos of her that the photographer posts he doesn’t edit her body or face at all. Check out the other photoshoot he did with her at the lake. The ones SHE posts are shopped to hell and back because shes the one doing the edits

No. 1529685

shaynas relationships are solely based on what the other party can do for her. when they can do anything else she comes up with an excuse to drop them, ex. saying they abused her.

No. 1529689

File: 1652646746986.jpeg (120.01 KB, 1169x700, EC6BF9E7-0580-42F8-9509-F1A9E8…)

No. 1529691

Nonnie, I haven’t seen the image you’re referencing — and I pray I never do!

No. 1529699

But these pictures look a lot different than the lake ones, and he obviously goes in with an editor for her boobs. It’s possible he edited other things too. Or I am just disappointed that she looks decent lol

No. 1529702

Look at her arm and wrist on the right side of the picture. This is edited to hell and back (poorly)

No. 1529703

Jealous of what lmao

No. 1529708

He means, "I try not to get mad you are ruining my fetish and hate for mothers (women) by saying you love your mother, it's killing my boner. I'm jealous of her & all women, the only way I'll EVER be seen as "Better" or a "Mom" is by a mentally ill sex worker with a "bad" relationship with her mom. Stop it"

No. 1529718

It’s just a weird angle

No. 1529720

He really does look like a long lost cousin of Lorne Armstrong here.

No. 1529728

They’re just low res because they’ve only been posted on his Instagram stories. The HD ones will be a lot worse

No. 1529735

Ayrt 100% most fetishes men of this type have just boil down to the different ways a woman can be humiliated or allow them to reinforce that they have more power than women. Beyond humiliation fetishes, they are just emotional and physical sadists who enjoy ruining womens lives and either observing or causing their downfall. They think it’s entertaining and it gives them a power trip. These camewhores are definitely problematic, but fuck these men particularly for how evil they are and for grooming so many women into the industry and brainwashing them into thinking that letting scrotes control them is empowering.

But yeah, it’s peak fake pick me behavior for the most bottom of the barrel men topkek

No. 1529742

Awww did he get his adult aide to type this up for him? It's almost grammatically correct! So many big words! Maybe next time they'll tackle capitalization. Second grade education here we go y'all.

No. 1529750

File: 1652650239332.jpeg (529.5 KB, 750x1038, A2BA7444-CA47-42F7-8CA0-7B8082…)

This is terrifying. It’s also super low quality and blurry

No. 1529755

Honestly looks like a lil goblin old lady dressed as a baby. Lmao shay I thought you were off the weed, what the fuck you thinking putting this monstrosity as a profile pic?

No. 1529757

not the comedian fart picture anon but goddamn this pic looks like some kind of joke, and it’s not even because of what she’s wearing her facial features just genuinely make her look like a creepy old man and the makeup and pink surrounding it just doesn’t make sense. i can’t imagine losing both the genetic and personality lottery like she has, bleak.

No. 1529760

The way that she and other coomers are sexualizing literal straight outta the womb BABIES at this point. She lurks here so she def knows by now that at least one of her customers raped his own daughters… The narcissism is off the charts with this one. I don't know if I'd say she has BPD personally, her intensity level is kind of low as someone who has BPD and experiences the extreme moods. She seems more similar to a narcissistic female that overlooks her husband's sexual abuse of the kids as long as she's living comfortably.

No. 1529766

File: 1652650984505.jpeg (28.39 KB, 385x487, 476127E8-8E22-47D1-A97C-B13654…)

Shayna spotted leaving the house for the first time in days in search of pink wine

No. 1529783


No. 1529788

>> Bob- "Shane..Shane?! What the fuck is going on? Why are you dressed like a baby?"

Shane smirks, leaning into the camera as it zooms into his face

>>"I'm a baby, a sexy man baby, Bob. I BABY!"

>>Laugh track plays
Bob shakes his head and throws his hands in the air in disgust. As Shane picks up a comically oversized bottle and began to drink.

No. 1529793

Perhaps is to truly drive home the point she’s not young? Kek. Her nose is specially tragic in this angle and because of her smirk. Shayna, please tell us again how we pick & choose your worst photos to make fun of you.

No. 1529796

Directed by Dan Schneider

No. 1529800

Those piss poor genetics are the only thing that fits her lately. That’s what you get for being pedo pandering scum, may karma continue to be a nasty bitch. Coomers are really so fucking foul that they’ll orbit this grandmother cross bred with a Shar Pei just because it’s stuffing itself into diapers. I want off this ride.

No. 1529802

She looks like a evil cartoon dumb witch who pretends to be a baby in a Disney film to try to (badly) lure the princess into coming near, so she can steal her youth.

No. 1529805

Baby costume sitcom anon > comedian fart anon

No. 1529807

Why does she always choose the worst most unflattering pics of herself as her profile pics(and most of the pics she posts on twitter), her main page and where she gets the most interaction? Her tumblr looks much better and appealing, if she posted the things she posts there on twitter she would get way more interaction and sales. Hell even the OP picture would be a better pf pic.

No. 1529822

It’s because of delusions

No. 1529826

Still can’t even be bothered to take the nose ring out for her larp I see

No. 1529831

File: 1652655405739.jpeg (472.59 KB, 1942x1903, 22F4B356-12B9-4C93-B4D7-6E38A1…)

No. 1529833

Nah it's always the most tatted alt fatties with facial piercings who are into ABDL shit, so I'd say she's pretty on the nose with the actual community kek

Does anyone know where she stands with ABDL cows like Binkie Princess?

No. 1529837

File: 1652655782970.jpeg (721.92 KB, 1170x1493, 52C62F60-00C5-451B-8D9A-FDF017…)

It’s hilarious how she thinks this is fancy

No. 1529840

It seems she has made the portions a bit smaller. But seriously why is she drinking all the time?

No. 1529846

because her life is empty of meaning and love, so she drowns her sorrows in booze and weed and food and shopping for cheap sweatshop shit

No. 1529850

Shayna is a nobody everywhere but here on lolcow

No. 1529894

The candle with a sharer meal but for 1 is so tragic

No. 1529900

File: 1652658790759.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1602, 3CDC7010-99A4-4B4D-BEBC-5D59D0…)

I see we’re back to this:

No. 1529906

she literally has the forehead of a Neanderthal

No. 1529928

File: 1652659989776.jpg (1.55 MB, 3412x4112, kunst.jpg)

This looks more like a historical roleplay of granny from the late 18th century than it does of a woman in her 20s pretending to be a baby.

No. 1529940

It IS fancy, anon. Just look that candle is in a jar and not just sitting on the table like she used to do! And shes using glass plates instead of plastic kiddie ones!

No. 1529941

Top right hand corner… Is that a fake fireplace?

No. 1529950

A Binkie/Shanya crossover would be milky, I think Jess is gone from social media or changed her name cuz I've lost track of her and don't care enough to dig that deep. Now I'm picturing Shayna in a ABDL documentary with some british bancroft narrator describing her life kek

No. 1529966

I'm glad we bullied her into getting slightly better at her portions, but she probably went ahead and made another plate of cheese when she finished the first one.

No. 1529969

She looks so troony here.

No. 1529978

pretty sure her apartment came with one of those shitty fake ones that doubles as a heater, I remember seeing it when she first moved in

No. 1529987

One of you art anons need to draw this picture

No. 1529992

File: 1652662663745.jpeg (251.12 KB, 1242x1707, F1C054B7-C6EF-4805-9F29-C3526F…)

It’s giving 19th century portrait vibes

No. 1530010

its giving old hag that bathes in the skin and blood of children to remain relatively young looking

No. 1530085

File: 1652665319393.jpeg (576.57 KB, 1242x1687, 985EAD31-6531-4307-AEAC-9D9C07…)

No. 1530097

Sol Twitter gone?

No. 1530099

There’s not, but there’s a grease factory on your head and a mayochup factory in your ass!

No. 1530105

No he’s still there

No. 1530121

File: 1652666160457.jpeg (178.76 KB, 750x1380, 64CFCF98-4602-4483-B624-5461CA…)

I give it a couple more days

No. 1530133

Vom…I’m glad I don’t watch the video recaps of her porn because this dirty talk isn’t sexy at all. I would cringe in discomfort, not even amusement. Holy shit Shayna get a grip this, is your job.

No. 1530135

File: 1652666400015.jpeg (323.06 KB, 1242x903, 7E94DA31-9BD4-4F04-A39F-A2547F…)

No. 1530143

File: 1652666581250.jpeg (187.12 KB, 537x444, EB60C390-04F2-4512-A214-98C15B…)

>There’s a lube factory in my cunt hurrr durrr >the dew fairies hurr durr

No. 1530147

File: 1652666662803.jpeg (360.53 KB, 1217x1071, 1FA6B38D-2D6D-4F6E-90F5-3CEE11…)

Yeah Shayna get all that mayochup out of your butthole

No. 1530251

>>1529750 she looks like a david firth character.

No. 1530330

File: 1652671957148.jpeg (203.63 KB, 750x707, 2C74E864-145C-43B2-9037-E1D9C1…)

No. 1530337

I really hate this bitch.

No. 1530339

what a vindictive cunt to point out she deleted

No. 1530340

If she did then she’s one step ahead kek imagine being someone’s wake up call to leave sex work and thinking that’s something to be proud of

No. 1530346

how are you crying about the struggle of detoxing from weed and think you're better than someone who managed to actually better their life. im no vivi apologist but even lying in a hole and waiting to rot is better then degrading yourself and your mental health to get some pedophile hard.

shayna is pathetic

No. 1530348

File: 1652672407833.jpeg (317.73 KB, 682x653, 1555739A-C4EB-4DC6-8056-BBA954…)

She did. And she’s a smarter and better person then Shayna ever will be for doing so

No. 1530356

Whats the problem shay? Upset someone you saw as beneath you quit sex work overnight and is likely turning their life around so they can happily thrive while you remain stuck and miserable degrading yourself daily for incestuous pedophiles?

No. 1530362

Someone’s feeling ~*powerful*~

No. 1530363

The world doesn’t revolve around you fat ass. Let her deal with her trauma and fuck off. Why does she even need to tweet about this? Get off your fat ass and do some “work” lazy invective bitch(post history of extreme butthurt caused by shaynas existence. take a break.)

No. 1530369

Nice to know you are keeping tabs on her, Shay. I guess we aren't the only ones "obsessed".

No. 1530374

She has the same forehead as Gordon Ramsey jfc. Bold of her to judge Vivis for quitting sex work when she herself doesn’t know when to stop lol. She’s a bottom of the barrel fat broke loser.

No. 1530375

Vivi living in her head rent free. kek

Hope Vivi is off to bigger and better things tbh. Meanwhile Shayna this past 24 hours:

No. 1530389

When are y'all going to learn to stop posting the cow tippers?

No. 1530394

File: 1652673809433.jpeg (277.64 KB, 750x655, 0BCBF29C-4297-4272-BEE9-F232B2…)

Cowtippers are retarded but this made me laugh

No. 1530396

It's so weird, why do you care? She's just happy she can finally call someone out by NAME and not have to worry about a reponse or backlash because Vivi is/was a literal who. Shay knows that. She doesn't call out Sol by name because she's afraid of a response or anyone else.
She's a weirdo. Now if Vivi comes back (I hope she doesn't and is doing better) and starts talking shit, She'll act like she's being attacked.
She never calls anyone out by name, it's telling she's doing so and still checking for Vivi. Probably to make sure she's really gone and feeling smug she "Chased" her offline. When hopefully Vivi is trying to find a better life that doesn't involved dressing like baby for pennies.

No. 1530398

I love how no one cares about these comments but us because of her low engagement

No. 1530399

@hdjfjfoif, you’re not as clever as you think and you’re not achieving anything by doing this. I doubt this affects her, if anything, you’re feeding her delusions of “I’m being stalked and bullied”

No. 1530401

she can't even pronounce the name of the dude she fucked, no wonder she has to sell her pussy for pennies. Somebody sign this retarded whore up for SSI so she can stop shitting up the threads with her cold takes

No. 1530403

Kek right it’s pronounced ~soy salamander~

No. 1530404

She’s still going off about Sol, she keeps calling him a “fascist fucker” for filming with Shay kek >>>/snow/1530204

No. 1530406

fascist fucker more like fatty fucker….

No. 1530415

shayna: “lol isn’t it great that I stirred up controversy and got some stupid bitch to quit sex work?”

also shayna: “omg I just LOVE being kind and sweet and bubbly and happy!!! mean girls are so lame!!”


No. 1530416

File: 1652676369460.png (65.65 KB, 273x275, 2A4B31AD-B631-4D75-ADFB-88570D…)

Shayna: claiming she doesn't pedo pander while larping as a literal infant
Also Shayna:

No. 1530419

File: 1652676631880.jpeg (99.53 KB, 750x1216, 075E3F8F-2A5F-4000-8B05-F8FA8B…)

Wow a whole $28. What a prosperous day. Defiantly worth flexing

No. 1530421

File: 1652677027725.jpeg (86.46 KB, 640x512, 0FEAA01F-BAE7-4D76-AAD1-918444…)

She even has the wrinkles down

No. 1530429

File: 1652680081484.jpeg (936.61 KB, 1242x1609, 9B676295-64C5-4AA4-A5D0-35CFB3…)

Her life is such a repetitive joke kek

No. 1530434

File: 1652680487104.jpeg (114.79 KB, 750x401, 0080549C-0554-4DDA-8939-C42272…)

No. 1530436

BITCH if Mike Slack and Jason R. Womack died of heart attacks tomorrow you'd be on the street eating dumpster charcuterie

No. 1530441

Kek, if she had gone to college after high school and gotten an actual job she would be making that every hour by now. But sure, sex work is real work.

No. 1530442

The cope of someone with that profile defending Belle dressing like a child/child characters and taking the classic aesthetics of being underage to the point of wearing children’s underwear for her onlyfans is creepy as fuck. What’s with acting like perverts are overly selective?? Pedophiles will take what they get and this shit is being thrown at them from every corner of Twitter, literally normalized in this generation of teens, also because young petite girls want the attention and think they can get a lot of money from said pedos.

No. 1530443

No she won’t and she knows it. She’ll always have mummie and daddy to fall back on. Fugly and coddled.

No. 1530448

OT but all of these fat ddlg ewhores only hate belle out of jealousy, they don't give a fuck about "cosplaying as minors" they're just mad she gets more scrote attention kek

No. 1530459

What bothers me the most about her bringing up the Vivi shit, is what she's trying to do to Vivi unsuccessfully, is being done to her, and it's getting a pinch of traction. She wants people to forget and move off from her drama, yet she's doing this. She's pretending to be concerned or genuinely wondering, "Where did she go?" when it's obvious she's trying to get people to talk about it, dogpile someone whose not even on social media and bring attention to it. Those weirdos who think she's a Nazi at least have a very small audience willing to entertain it and ONLY because Sol is involved.
Shaynas so irrelevant that even when she "wins" in her mind, nobody cares. You aren't going to get sympathy bucks or "Yass you chased that bitch off" points for what happened with Vivi. Nobody cares. I hope those weirdos never stop talking about that Nazi shit, because Shayna's not gong to stop bringing up Vivi. Its hilarous that she flew out, sucked Sol's dick and now it's months later Sol STILL is getting hate for it. Shayna is also getting dragged. Yet if Sol were to call Shayna out by name every week, she'd cry victim and suicide bait.

No. 1530519

this bitch makes me wanna a-log so bad, what a vile human being. she’s so unnecessarily mean especially when she has to constantly beg & degrade herself for pennies, but yeah you the real girl boss Shat, well done, you beat Vivi ~thriving~

No. 1530540

but this is shayna. i genuinely think she would rather get stds fucking homeless guys than admit her big evil hag mom was right. she would leech off of her dad though for rent money yeah, and he is an enabler in reality so

No. 1530556

File: 1652687704084.jpeg (773.15 KB, 1176x2048, 2FA54F00-1718-446D-B76C-ECF5CB…)

Kek this “ethical captions” page made stupid coomer captions on her post trying to make her seem bratty and spoiled and it’s just sad. They really didn’t need to add the “model is over 18” — we know, she looks closer to 40 than her actual 25

No. 1530557

File: 1652687756389.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1536x2048, 17F1913C-BDD9-4B9D-84A7-0C541E…)

These captions have to be snarky, she does need a new outfit and maybe a supportive bra to fix those wonky tits

No. 1530559

File: 1652687821230.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1536x2048, 1163CA22-AC87-4BD9-AEBF-2A26F7…)

“Thank you daddy for spending your unemployment checks on my shein haul, too bad you couldn’t afford a steamer/iron”

No. 1530562

File: 1652687898404.jpeg (602.96 KB, 1118x1621, 6AF12FEA-2021-46BA-B7C3-CF0C13…)

In what world does someone need to earn more than an unemployment check and throw $5 at her for afterpay doordash = rich sugar daddy. THE COPE.

No. 1530580

File: 1652689180135.png (152.46 KB, 593x860, BF70D958-5FC0-40F6-9718-6627EC…)

Wonder why shat is quiet about a literal pedo whose art she frequently retweeted recently

No. 1530624

Kek nonnie!
Shaynus homeless saga would be interesting.
Just my opinion, I would say sex work is real work, in my home country it is legal and is legalized in certain areas of the country I currently live in.
However, for those that it is real work they ACTUALLY do their job and put in lots of hours and it isn't glamorous work.
Shaytard and other OF whores expect however to do the bare minimum, e-beg, fight amongst and try to cancel themselves online and then expect to be taken seriously.
Meanwhile their coomers just wanna jack off and the rest of us just laugh at them.
Sage for blogposting and thanks for the keks Shay

No. 1530627

File: 1652697455096.jpeg (943.06 KB, 1536x2049, 829BF3B1-BEFD-49C5-8710-99040D…)

No. 1530637

Ah, so it IS pedo pandering, but when she made her Cindy Lou Who porn that wasn’t?

No. 1530652

How does this fat bitch still have any appetite while coming off heavy, chronic weed use?

Nah she has no self-awareness, this thread did nothing. It’s only because her munchies are gone

No. 1530656

Why is anyone praising that portion it’s still a grading platter for two maybe even 3 with all the fruit and nuts on the side

No. 1530657

Next thread pic please

No. 1530658

Because Shayna has 0 ability to give a shit about anything unless it directly affects her and since her name isn’t mentioned in those tweets she’ll be blind to it

No. 1530663

File: 1652702617464.png (453.19 KB, 710x872, fug.png)

The face of someone who is truly thriving

No. 1530666

you must be american because even though it's mostly fruit, that is still a huge portion.

fatties gonna be fat

No. 1530674

Back to this for a sec but it really exposes her for reading here and being a bully because why would she assume a fellow sex worker esp one who specialized in extreme things quit? Why not first think she got her account deleted by twitter like she’s had herself a dozen times? I feel like one would think vivi changed her porn name after all the harassment before they would think she quit sex work.

No. 1530679

I don't know why the "as I need a new outfit" is taking me out so much. That's so not bratty.
Don't blame that on Americans, kek. That's a huge portion for a single person. Just one of those plates would be well more than enough for a single sitting. This bitch has zero idea of portion control or moderation, and you know she's going to guzzle that entire bottle of wine to go with it.

No. 1530695

exactly! i mean, when they were reunited Shayna couldnt even tag her right and now checks on her profile or what? i dont think people is talking about Vivi honestly, she wasnt a big sw so shes still butthurt that we backed her up and then she changes her way.
imagine being a “sw” for so long and still being a poorly broke bitch that ate herself.
WHERES THE CAR SHAYNAAAA where is the fucking Dollhaus kek

No. 1530707

she's one jealous bitch. vivi got her redemption and she can not STAND someone she thinks is beneath her doing better. deep down big shaynus knows that quitting sw is a good thing, so she has to twist it into some vulnerability on vivis end in front of her coomers to feel better about herself. vivi didn't deactivate because of you, fatty, she deactivated to move on from sw and to grow as a person - something that you won't ever be able to.

No. 1530716

Tf are those freckles? Looks so fukn stupid

No. 1530737

Reminder that Shayna Clifford the big fat hog went into the home of a survival sex worker on food stamps and disability, then proceeded to eat all the food in the fridge.

No. 1530754

Not only that but asked multiple times to take the medicated survival sex worker’s anti-anxiety medication.

No. 1530757

Oh no what Shat does it totally okay because she never explicitly states what age shes pretending to be and sexualize! Its a no go when scrotes message her for customs and ask her to say she's 16, but if she just pretends to be a baby, middle schooler, high schooler, etc – its just the implication.

Basically in her mind she can sexualize actual infants but since shes over 18 and doesnt say "oh Im a 2 year old" it works and she wont get in trouble and if anyone says anything theyre just kink shamers. She doesnt see the problem with pandering to csa and sexualizing children things and shows and everything else because shes a "consenting adult".

No. 1530767

No. 1530780

File: 1652717047504.jpeg (479.7 KB, 1170x1441, 3C2AEDED-96CE-4FCE-AB0B-892E68…)

Yes Shay, it’s the “haters” fault you’re Snapchat kept getting deleted

No. 1530781

File: 1652717095892.jpeg (440.97 KB, 1170x1253, BC7C8BA2-6126-452A-A9EB-ECC9C9…)

And I guarantee you’re just gonna sit on your ass and not get anything done

No. 1530787

It wasnt that selling nsfw snapchats is against TOS. It was just the haters, as with everything. Nothing is ever her fault.

No. 1530788

Cant wait to see what ugly poor fitting outfit she puts on to take 100 pictures in to release over the rest of the month. Im sure itll be new and exciting and not like her other 4000

No. 1530791

totally not a nazi but wears a hat styled after their uniforms.

No. 1530792

nah its working great tho, tumblr haterzzz gave her a week of depression last time kek

No. 1530796

why does she always look so greasy/sweaty? it’s called powder, damn.

No. 1530837

File: 1652722288285.jpeg (545.71 KB, 1170x1263, 4446EC0B-EC15-4CA4-9DFE-1CA870…)

Wtf with these comments

No. 1530843

File: 1652722480218.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1810, DF04C367-88FE-4FE4-832C-6FB6B2…)

This shows up if you search theirlbarbie on twitter. The account was made this month, so it’s obviously a farmer

No. 1530849

Retarded and cow tipping but can't say I'm mad about it. Somebody needs to call that gross scrote out.

No. 1530865

File: 1652724143589.jpeg (323.81 KB, 828x1040, 120A2C6D-F0DE-469B-8EE3-60817C…)

Shay deleted her tweet about Vivi.

No. 1530866

Yeah I mean she probably doesnt even realize, but its definitely not a good look for someone who gets blasted regularly for being a LiTeRaL NaZi.

No. 1530868

But Shat advocates for ~happy friendly nice bimbo never say hurtful things~ god these bitches are awful.

No. 1530871

Obviously, she dirty deletes half the shit she tweets

No. 1530882

no but imagine if she did. it would give the retarded twitter hoes a carte blanche against her because then "dolly mattel literally killed a sex worker!"
now if only vivi was jewish or not white

No. 1530896

Wtf is she talking about? OF seems like an easier platform. During the dum dolly saga she was constantly getting deleted for nsfw content being posted. And she would lose track of her customers, and scammed a lot of her scrotes. She offered lifetime Snapchat but it clearly wasn’t a lifetime subscription.

No. 1530938

File: 1652728683505.jpeg (Spoiler Image,870.88 KB, 1170x1632, 815926AB-006D-42BE-AD28-5C9815…)

Here we go again

No. 1530963

File: 1652731030409.jpg (218.73 KB, 425x282, bread kneading.jpg)

Reminds me of this.

No. 1530993

Why does she look like a cat hissing

No. 1531004

Fucking kek anon now I can't unsee it.

No. 1531073

Lmao nonna. I know it's early but I nominate this for thread pic

No. 1531084

File: 1652745409264.jpg (391.39 KB, 1536x2048, noodle.jpg)

Posting her poor pets on her pedo pandering Twitter again…

No. 1531086

File: 1652745454641.jpg (451.14 KB, 2048x1506, ribmeat.jpg)

No. 1531091

File: 1652745487169.jpg (438.21 KB, 2048x1300, mrpb.jpg)

No. 1531092

Pet spergs incoming..

No. 1531094

File: 1652745528930.jpeg (98.91 KB, 750x686, A12CC075-1B43-4091-B20A-E50411…)

God I’m sure the withdrawals are making her feel like shit but she’s being such a bitch

No. 1531095

File: 1652745542701.jpeg (201.73 KB, 1118x2048, A9776E0D-048A-4A48-85F1-2D8B4A…)


No. 1531096

File: 1652745578171.jpeg (203.23 KB, 1118x2048, 56313AA8-1555-4224-9BDA-C9D06E…)

w i d e

No. 1531097

File: 1652745582939.jpeg (90.6 KB, 749x455, 0E0B6975-3530-442B-8126-BA2E3F…)

She tweeted this and deleted it right after because some guy just asked her why she was quitting under her tweet about detoxing from last night. That’s it

No. 1531100

In before retarded noodle sperg

No. 1531118

She looks good here. I’m sure it looks bad in real life but the picture looks good at least. Her hair is clean and she shopped all her wrinkles and acne away

No. 1531126

‘I can overdose on weed’ kek. And it’s funny she’s acting all high and mighty. Yeah bitch, weed withdraw is nothing compared to coming off xani or alcohol. You’re still a fukn head.
Edited the fuk out of that waist

No. 1531139

Not a sperg, but the dog does look like it hates its life kek

No. 1531147

>hair is clean
Anon, her shit is all slick in the front.

No. 1531150

I will say, In the pet spergs defense, it’s been a while since some of us heard about her pets. I personally don’t check her accounts, only here, so I did forget she had them. Plus it’s been a while since the pets have actually been brought up in thread so hopefully it’s just a rare thing, not regular. But if this causes more fucking infighting I s2g.

No. 1531166

She must have shooped this to hell and back, but has her head always been disproportionately big? holy head batman, it looks HUGE!

No. 1531211

no they're specifically talking about the anon who comes around just to call the dog retarded

No. 1531212

why is she acting like a martyr? is she going to quit weed and then get a complex that she's 'better than stoners' now?

No. 1531214

>shay posts picture where she looks like shit
>one anon posts "she looks good here"
Every time

No. 1531216

She looks bloated and swollen, nothing youthful, cute or clean about her

No. 1531217

Go touch grass Helen Keller.

No. 1531220

No, she does not look good. She never looks good, or anything even distantly similar to it. She looks sweaty, and frumpy, with her dead beady eyes. She dresses like a child not only because she's a pedo panderer, but because she wants to forget that she's a whole ass adult with zero accomplishments that can't even pay her rent.

No. 1531227

lmao nonna it's not even just one of us. i admit i referred to noodle as retarded before, because she's untrained and clearly neglected, but someone else picked it up too.
if she didn't constantly rant about being off weed, nobody would even ask. i really wonder how this vacation with her evil mom will unfold. not only is shay off weed, but she won't be able to drink nearly as much with her family around. unless she does, and there's going to be a major fight about her alcoholism. regardless, there's going to be a fight. i wonder why she chose to still go knowing this.

No. 1531228

“I’m mad because I can’t drown out how my life is so shit”

No. 1531230

Kek personally my favorite memes to come from this thread are: thesaurus anon, the backrolls gif, gray hair monster inc gif, comedian fart anon, retarded dog, Shaynus, and that one Anne Frank anon sperg

No. 1531234

there is one user who makes it a point to call noodle retarded once in awhile even when nobody is talking about her pets though. its not "how dare you call shat's dog a retard" but there is a specific poster who does this in a specific style (i haven't heard from them in probably 3 threads now though.. i am waiting.)

No. 1531238

not the jojo siwa hair bows

No. 1531243

Kek I’m sorry but what is the context of the last one?

No. 1531245

they were pissed that someone compared shayna's face to anne franks. i think this is correct, unless my memory is playing tricks

No. 1531256

File: 1652753712423.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1805, E2C869E6-8885-425E-B79B-7C211D…)

Shayna’s whole “brand” (generic brand) is being a Barbie doll. She’s wearing a Bratz shirt and puts on a frumpy skirt, puts hair bows on and calls it a day. Like dolls are suppose to wear nice clothing? She’s always trying to seem like she’s so ~y2k aesthetic uwu~ But she never looks good like ever. She doesn’t know how to dress herself. I know we like to make fun of her AliExpress/Shein/Dollskill cheap clothing but I’ve seen people style cheap clothes and make it look more put together than Shayna’s tacky ass

No. 1531265

why did she put it as if shes quitting alcohol or all that shitty doordash food lol

No. 1531270

I just wanna know, why the ugly white skirts? Not even a black one or a printed one. I wouldn't even mind if all she had was frumpy skirts in different colors/patterns, but she always gets white or it's the same wrinkled white skirt. She's been wearing the same shit for years now but it's getting worse. Same ugly ponytails with bows, same make up, same skirt. Like come on. It's not youthful or stylish. It's repetitive and tacky. What is the vibe? It's not current or maybe it just looks outdated on her because she looks older.

No. 1531283

its like, she can copy the outfits straight up from Shein and order her size and probably it would look good but she really doesnt know anything about fashion or how to combine clothes. her outfits for her sex work are always the same and the clothes she goes out its just terribly.
like bimbo is not only about pink, its about styling yourself and shayna you’re failing at it

No. 1531294

Maybe I can shed some light on this (in before no 1 curr). I was petite as a teenager and then gained weight rapidly. Instead of buying new clothes and trying to dress appropriately, I just attempted to fit into my old size S clothing like Shayna is obviously doing. She used to be skinny/petite and she cannot come to terms with the fact that she is an obese ogre now.(no1curr)

No. 1531295

Fuck I forgot to sage my shit. Forgive me Nonas

No. 1531297


No. 1531299

Anon asked a question and I responded, but I know how much everyone hates blog posts. Just trying to understand the mind of Shatna

No. 1531307

I dunno why anons try to get inside the mind of Shat, she literally always does the exact oppsite of what we say would help her, make her less hambeast-y looking, etc. she’s does it to spite her haturz, she’s a moron

No. 1531328

nonni i get it and i was going to point out that she still dress as when she was thin because you dont have to put that much effort to look good when youre thin but when youre bigger and still on the same size i know a lot of bdp ex skinny girls irl that happen to resist to their new size i wonder why lol

No. 1531331

Samefag but i don’t think it has anything to do with her “resisting her bigger size” i honestly think she is so arrogant & narcissistic that she keeps wearing xs/s to show us mean nonnies that she can still fit into these sizes, even though the results is her looking like a wrapped pork belly roast

No. 1531332

File: 1652763031401.jpeg (Spoiler Image,26.21 KB, 679x452, 4C7C565B-0152-4643-A39F-091287…)

No. 1531338

She's still hideous but the purple does wash her out less than her favorite uwu baby pink so I guess that might be the improvement blind anon picked up on

No. 1531383

Because Shay's idea of what a teenager is comes from boomer porn tropes where the teen is usually in a mini skirt/tennis skirt, because you know, that's apparently all teen girls wear and have ever worn. Her coomers don't care about her fashion sense being shit. They see tiny skirt = accessible and they don't look at her spongebob face.

No. 1531452

File: 1652777331950.jpeg (54.14 KB, 738x415, B41A3445-CDFB-4CE6-96D0-534AAB…)

Just watched a video about the inbred Whittaker family from West Virginia and the guy I circled looks like Womack

No. 1531453

File: 1652777587408.jpeg (29.18 KB, 320x180, 4279230F-85BB-4917-8D34-80A273…)

Damn I thought that was a new picture of the unicorn ranch (aka the tranch)

No. 1531455

i guess "vivi might have killed herself" isn't the type of attention she was wishing to get from dropping her name

No. 1531649

ot but i love the dog guy.

No. 1531662

File: 1652801485133.jpeg (769.18 KB, 1228x1434, 3E93D62C-CE81-4CDA-B226-4E8EAC…)

She loves to make everything about her and she doesn’t even like anime? She’s such a fraud. It’s not that hard to be yourself

No. 1531669

The nitpicks in this thread are so strange sometimes

No. 1531672

did she even had a gay friend? or around gay people? shes always possing herself as this big gay supporter but i cant recall she having queer people around her just she pretending shes bi.

No. 1531682

How is it a nitpick if I’m pointing out her narcissism and her fake personality. She does everything in her life to fit in, but it’s so transparent and fraudulent. She isn’t a gamer anime girl so she needs to find hobbies she actually likes

No. 1531684

But anon she’s pan sexual uwu
And are you forgetting the Fupaul troon saga

No. 1531697

You don’t need to be a weeb to retweet sailor moon art kek

No. 1531705

Yeah the gay marriage thing so stupid. Like “…and?” What is the relevancy? Why is it interesting? Why should we care?

No. 1531709

You think it’s just a coincidence that gay marriage was legalized on her birthday? No, Slayna Luther King Jr is the reason gays can marry. Thank you queen

No. 1531714

File: 1652804740953.jpeg (239.52 KB, 750x905, 98D295DD-CCC1-4105-B673-40B2DB…)

The “friends” she’s going to Ireland with is definitely just Ellen, because she also will be out of town until mid June which just so happens to be when Shayna will be back from that trip

No. 1531744

Hope it's her trip and not something she's inviting Ellen to with her family.It either Ellen's going there, they planned it togeather or her parents.

No. 1531745


touch grass, the people who made sailor moon don't care Shayna is retweeting fan art of it. And she probably only retweeted because the room is pink and usagi is a blonde.

No. 1531748


she did. Congratulations shitna, you've scared a chick that was making vomit porn straight. And she'll probably live a better life than you, since her government name isn't attached to her filth.

No. 1531749

I definitely said slightly better and not good, but I forgot you europoors like to shit on Americans every chance you get for some unknown reason.

No. 1531750

File: 1652807349960.jpeg (247.05 KB, 750x722, E9D5EB44-F112-4751-AB10-CB9B82…)

No. 1531765

He’s the star lol

No. 1531815

And just like smoking weed was her entire personality, now quitting weed will become it.

No. 1531840

I made one comment and now everyone spergs about what I said. You could have just ignored it. All I’m saying is Shayna has no personality.

No. 1531891

File: 1652817315338.jpeg (273.84 KB, 750x1573, 11F3E834-FC89-4DA4-9EE7-A2226C…)

If it wasn’t for the fucked up caption I would think that this picture was supposed to be a joke

No. 1531898

File: 1652817647364.jpeg (37.84 KB, 512x512, 73412CCE-4CCF-447C-9ABE-F1975B…)

can't believe me and shayna have the same birthday kek, this is dreadful

No. 1531900

This entire get up and the fake freckles ages her… badly. She look like a sad failed comedian in her early to mid 30s playing a side character in an Adam Sandler movie

No. 1531917

the baby stuff is comical. she retweeted some fat positivity thing about how "fat babies are valid!" i don't think anyone in that permanently online twitter circle understands that a "fat baby" sounds like a grade school insult to normal people

No. 1531923

i like how you deleted and reposted this to lolcowify it

No. 1531925

Shane stumbled into the room wearing a tiny ill-fitting onesie and baby bonnet. He looks around as if in a panic, spotting bob

>>Shane-"b-bob…did you touch my bottle?"

>>Bob- "Shane! I thought you were over the "I'm a baby" thing. It's not funny.
>>Shane- "No, Bob…I mean, Da da? Did you..put something In my bottle? I don't feel so good"

Bob looks at the camera and smiles, as Shane sits on the bed his eyes going cross eyed and brings the bottle up to his crusty lips

>>Shane- "I don't feel so good Da Da, I feel kinda funny…"

>>Bob- "Good"

Cue laugh track and credits(autism)

No. 1531941

Omfg bleach my eyes. Who in the FUCK would ever post anything like this? She's post some really gross things, but this is literally making my skin crawl. What a disgusting human. No she doesn't even deserve that. Thing is better.

No. 1531943

This just looks like those generic joke adult Halloween costumes where it’s some dude in a huge diaper and bib, next to the inflatable sumo suit

No. 1531947

File: 1652822984621.jpeg (139.04 KB, 750x613, 3A082BF9-F9DB-48EE-BF90-67DC42…)

No. 1531951

drugging toddlers isn’t a cute sexy fantasy, idk why this even has to be said.

No. 1531954

definitely the nastiest and most deranged 'kink' (if you can even call it that, as its basically just pedophilia) she has ever partaken in. getting punched and pissing all over yourself like an invalid is embarrassing but toddler date rape fantasy? absolutely fucking deranged

No. 1531973

Why doesn’t she shave her head or get a bald cap to complete the look though, what baby has long hair

No. 1531982

Better idea, bald cap with a single curly hair coming out of the top like a cartoon baby

No. 1531983

Seriously fucked up, she needs to be locked away

No. 1531991

truly a comedian fart photo moment

No. 1532013

File: 1652827707909.jpeg (859.86 KB, 1170x1495, C9019E98-6176-4F8A-93E2-180100…)

No. 1532033

why do they always make her wayy skinnier than she is

No. 1532036

can't wait for a talented nonnie to make this realistic

No. 1532049

I think it’s a picrew she didn’t draw it

No. 1532054

kek this is literally from an app called Pastel Girls. no originality from shayna, or her asslicking followers.

No. 1532061


No. 1532066

File: 1652831392173.png (1.06 MB, 766x991, 6DE39FC0-C085-430D-97D2-27CB07…)

i mean… i tried kek

No. 1532086

File: 1652832515391.jpeg (348.24 KB, 1242x1608, 07013B5A-19F6-4754-9B05-6165E1…)

I hope you don’t mind the details I added, nonnie.

No. 1532096

File: 1652832881975.png (1.22 MB, 879x988, shayn.png)

Dangit nonnies you beat me to it

No. 1532100

File: 1652833158762.jpeg (224.71 KB, 750x708, 39E14292-065D-4345-8449-2E7635…)

What a cope. Or you could just get a real job

No. 1532106

Well done nona the agp smirk really brings it together, the others are too pretty.

No. 1532107

this one is the best interpretation. My vote for next thread pic!!!

No. 1532108

this bitch is really doing baby porn and tubgirl in the same week

No. 1532110

Just wait until the alcohol withdrawals kick in fatty

No. 1532111

File: 1652833893348.gif (Spoiler Image,3.13 MB, 428x480, D16E0009-1091-47BF-9C40-652521…)

It’s like she’s actively trying to turn her coomers off

No. 1532113

File: 1652833975788.jpeg (Spoiler Image,93.74 KB, 750x837, 501C9D14-B114-42E5-95EB-87749E…)

“How do people pee on themselves I’m so confused”

No. 1532117

I dunno why but the pennies are sending the most kek

No. 1532121

Tfw you start to regret all your life choices leading up to this moment

No. 1532122

File: 1652834368708.jpeg (176.73 KB, 750x613, 6B3CCECB-ED60-43DC-840C-97247F…)

Awesome. And you know she didn’t drink any water today

No. 1532124

Newfag and samefag but I forgot the word “me”
Sending me* i can’t delete my post forgive me nonnies

No. 1532129

File: 1652834893977.jpeg (480.77 KB, 1242x2047, 4A64C29F-3B29-4E1D-B74C-EF77BE…)

This gross degen is literally giving her advice on how to piss on herself. I know how you all feel about the word but it’s bleak

No. 1532130

This should be the next thread picture unless home visit delivers.
We truly need to start kink shaming again, I feel we are in a hellscape.

No. 1532134

This is beautiful, this has to be the next thread pic.

No. 1532151

File: 1652836484376.png (1.56 MB, 1184x1316, Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 11.1…)

Thriving successful bimbo baby but can't afford AC

No. 1532152

The scared cats and dog has me rolling

No. 1532165

As a recovering heroin addict, this sperg about being addicted to weed is annoying the fuck out of me. It's not a real addiction. Why doesn't shit quit drinking too? Or cut down, at least. Drinking is actually going to cause DTs for her one day. I'm going to laugh when she has to deal with real withdrawals from that shit.

No. 1532168

she’s happy about pimple patches? why?

No. 1532174

Weed is addictive nona. Just because it’s not meth or heroin, doesn’t mean that people don’t get dependent on it. I know plenty of people who can’t even function off of it. Anything can be addictive.

No. 1532182

No1currr and weed is a retarded drug to get addicted on. snoop dogg smokes everyday, which I guess is considered addicted and he isn’t lazy. He’s making lots of money with many side hustles. I think it’s just her shit diet and the weed/drinking making her feel bad

No. 1532183

Because some stupid chronically online people think it’s cute and quirky to have patches that look like stars or characters. These people do not go outside lmao like use a normal patch, cover your acne with makeup, learn to accept it, or actually treat it. they look so fucking stupid the one time a year they go out

No. 1532184

You’re suppose to wear them at night so your acne clears up while you sleep…. Are you okay?

No. 1532186

I’ve seen a lot of people wearing them out lmao if it’s just to sleep then why would I care

No. 1532187

Nta but why are you so angry about it kek go touch some grass

No. 1532190

Well that’s retarded. But you sound angry. Kek. You’re not suppose to wear them in public (unless they’re clear but you can still see them) I agree that she’s dumb for buying them when she doesn’t even do the bare minimum washing her face.

No. 1532195

Ayrt I’m not actually pressed, I just curse a lot so I see how it can come off like that but yeah the real crime here is shay buying them when she doesn’t even touch her washcloth. Like what do you expect the patches to do…?

No. 1532200

Agreed and no i'm not a smack head trying to be 3edgy5u, but I don't think shatna is having a trainspotting episode just because she stopped smoking weed.

No. 1532207

maybe its for her ass lol

No. 1532211

Going from using a mind-altering substance daily (or nearly daily) for years and then suddenly stopping cold turkey is going to be very uncomfortable, especially when (armchair psychologist here) you're using it as a coping mechanism. Not only is she not getting high, she has to see what her life is like sober. No, it isn't a trainspotting episode. No, it's not like quitting heroin (really weird to flex your heroin addiction though). It's still going to have adverse effects. It is a drug that she was obviously dependent on.

No. 1532217

Please for next thread pic the fucking frightened pets are killing me.

No. 1532223

File: 1652842777811.jpeg (376.9 KB, 730x951, 825E68B2-107F-40F6-9C5B-B963DA…)

This outfit is giving me flashbacks to when she met Fupa in the airport. She’s had this damn shirt since she was 18 in pretty sure

No. 1532224

Just need that stupid beret she wore

No. 1532230

She looks really old, even with the filter. Her arms are massive, the fat is starting to sag, looks like she’s 40

No. 1532231

MRSA ass boils are going to make direct contact with whatever she sits on. She is so fucking gross.

No. 1532233

File: 1652843673629.gif (9.2 MB, 270x480, 54B085FE-9B4B-4F40-A85F-F85667…)

kek I forgot about the beret

No. 1532235

She’s probably out by herself. Or else she’d mention “my gf” or “sugar dad”

No. 1532236

KEK in before uwu spongbebob stickers for my baby butt

No. 1532240

File: 1652844150265.jpeg (75.09 KB, 400x401, 04C28A3A-404D-42D6-95A9-4A58ED…)

Imagine being so stuck in the past that you’re still dressing in clothing from high school despite being twice the size you were

No. 1532242

i had the same h&m shirt when i was 16 or 17 and im born the same year as shay so im assuming its slightly older than you remember. its bizarre she still has it because i sold mine years ago thinking it looked outdated. not to mention the weight difference i dont know how it even fits anymore unless its being stretched to its limit

No. 1532243

I swear she begged for an ac last year or something and then claimed she was bringing it to Seattle?

Also surely she knows when summer comes around every year and would’ve saved/prepped the other 100 times she’s begged for money

No. 1532245

is the friend of hers that died of an OD not too long ago in this pic or is that someone else?

No. 1532246

This is at least a decade old because she was wearing this shit during the tumblr girl era and everyone and their mum had one or at least a knock off/variant. I’m about 2-3 years younger than her and had one in my teen tumblr gril phase. So you’re right

No. 1532247

Forgot to add there’s nothing wrong with wearing clothes from 10 years ago so long as they fit and can at least make you not look like a busted can of biscuits

No. 1532248

Im sorry but what apartment in the US doesn't have an ac? I'm calling total bullshit.

No. 1532250

i live a few cities away from Shaynus in washington and i can confirm that barely anywhere here has AC. you sound dumb

No. 1532251

It’s more common than you’d think. Most places where I live don’t have it either and it still gets pretty hot

No. 1532252

Yeah that’s Jess. It’s pretty sad, thinking of what becomes of them, they’re just happy innocent girls there. Not that Shayna hasn’t created this hell for herself. I hope the other girl one has a normal life at least.

No. 1532257

A/c is not a mandatory thing for any type of housing even in my state. You’re lucky if you have it.

But I’m pretty sure she begged for a heating unit not an a/c

No. 1532259

File: 1652845898369.jpeg (73.55 KB, 750x363, 78F0E8CB-B7B1-4D76-904E-6DDC1A…)

She begging for ac last summer but clearly no one took her up on it

No. 1532274

Womack already sent her $1k+, why didn’t she buy the AC then if she needed it so bad? She really is a fucking moron

No. 1532275

Are there actually men interested In Shayna’s baby larping other than men who also like to baby larp? Or are most of her followers just people who have a similar hobby and like to wear diapers etc. themselves? I feel like all the comments I see on her content are other sex workers, or men who post pictures of their own diaper stash (or are that old man with grey hair or Womack). I’m too disgusted to really look into this but want to know the answer

No. 1532276

Don’t worry Womack will send Ellen money for an AC to give to Shayna

No. 1532277

File: 1652848707169.jpeg (256.73 KB, 1080x1358, 5036824D-67CE-4612-990C-7D8184…)

Holy shit a dress that actually covers her ass

No. 1532279

Have to give her credit for wearing a dress that actual fits her.

No. 1532280

“The dad” was probably just as sick of that wrinkly white skirt as we were kek

No. 1532285

File: 1652850235534.jpeg (Spoiler Image,338.32 KB, 694x1280, 99A268DD-FE37-41D1-8322-C7C36E…)

There are some men who comment on her diaper pictures, including greyhair but not Womack. The majority seem to be sissy and tranny diaper fags. How the fuck can you sleep at night knowing these are the people you’re roleplaying as a baby for

No. 1532287

Hahahaha ew

No. 1532288

I made a comment on this one of of the other threads about how its weird that the coomers in the diaper fetish are like the only type who actively participate in the fetish as well and like made a disgusting community around it.
You dont really see coomers into school girl fetish dressing up as students or even like fully commiting to being a teacher or whatever. Its the whores dressing up and them just getting off to the fantasy.

No. 1532289

She's wearing a dress that actually covers her ass, so I don't want to nitpick but god, it makes her shoulders look huge.

No. 1532294

Way to go Shayna!! Keep it up, please I beg of you. More of this, less bratz tshirts

No. 1532296

nitpicking but the dress is ugly. as tasteless as shayna.

No. 1532299

File: 1652851616568.png (11.75 MB, 1242x2208, 21A51ADF-9769-4A38-B997-059BF0…)

Kek shay and the troons really love the retarded “arm warmers” look

No. 1532300

I don't think it's ugly, but it's definitely better suited for a woman with an hourglass/pear shape.

No. 1532302

She looks like a church-going 30 something mother of 5 with an alcoholic husband named Terry.

No. 1532304

This one is exactly what Shayna will look and dress like in a few years

No. 1532306

she looks like a literal troon here. still failing and flopping, sorry shat

No. 1532310

Idc about nitpicks. I’ll take it. Now cut off your hair and get a decent wig.

No. 1532312

a new hairstyle and getting rid of the agp smirk would do wonders for her.

No. 1532314

We truly need to bring back feeling shame and embarrassment. Society has made it acceptable for Bimbo Barbarella to parade around in a fucking Sailor Moon dress while sucking on a fucking pacifier and if were to say anything, like keep your depraved sex life behind close doors, we’d be classified as ~problematic~

No. 1532315

it’s refreshing to see her in something that fits for once, but she still can’t pull it off. there is nothing bimbo about that hair. nothing baby about that face either. shayna is just so unfortunate looking.

the employee that had to interact with the top left guy is a saint. i would die laughing if some old ass man came into the place i work at wearing dolls kill and sucking on a pacifier….wow.

No. 1532324

I could genuinely see shanya wearing this entire outfit but with her signature wrinkly white skirt instead.

No. 1532328

File: 1652856301179.jpeg (91.78 KB, 662x285, FCCA64B2-1619-4900-9A9C-1741D2…)

she's so fucking gross

No. 1532332

Pedophilia in full swing

No. 1532333

i just know that this top has armpit smell impregnated into it, it‘s old cheap tight clothing and she sweats like a bitch. it probably reeks real bad

No. 1532336

Fupa used to call her “kid” and “kiddo”

No. 1532345

Some part of me is curious if Vivi did kill herself, she seemed more desperate and pathetic than Shay, nothing good in her life, living in a shitty trailer, and her (now deleted) twitter was filled with her talking about suicide and how fucked up she is.

No. 1532346

I feel her boyfriend would have said something, didn’t he also have a Twitter presence?

No. 1532347

Seems like they both deleted when the shit with Shay went down, so I doubt he’d have a reason to tweet about it, if not looking for asspats kek

No. 1532362

I really hope not. I know a lot of anons were pissed that we were nice to vivi but hearing how she came from a fucked up past and seeing her believing that she had a friend in Shatna was sad. I have hope that she just realised how bad her life had gotten and deleting her sw twitter was the first step in changing it. Maybe she’ll come back happy and thriving to laugh at ugly shayna with the rest of us.

No. 1532363

I hope she's doing ok. Her circumstances don't compare to Fat Shat in any way. Shayna has had so many opportunities to not be a complete degenerate fuck up and even now her parents waiting for her to get a grip and take up their offer of paying for her to go to college.

No. 1532367

According to Vivi she lives in her parents’ house not a trailer, so at least she has that

No. 1532418

Shayna jumpscare

No. 1532436

Mia is that you? Asspats on your sobriety but seriously No1currr.("hi cow")

No. 1532437

She's going to put them on her mrsa ass boils

No. 1532463

oh yeah, that skirt used to be pleated

No. 1532473

> heroin addiction has actual horrible physical withdrawal symptoms
> weed has mildly uncomfortable at worst but mostly psychological withdrawal symptoms
Good god stoners are such giant loser babies, Shayna being a shining example.

No. 1532512

I honestly don't think it would make any difference if Shay was quitting, say, drinking coffee. She would still be crying how hard it is and how she has so bad withdrawals but isn't she BRAVE for doing it! No matter how hard/easy quitting a habit or addiction actually is, she'd made it into a huge deal, so can we please stop the infighting between ex heroin addicts and stoners

No. 1532519

i was just about to say the same thing. yeah there’s not really any actual milk at the moment but that’ll change as soon as shayna boards that plane to see her family, so will y’all just cool it with the retarded addiction debate please?

No. 1532593

File: 1652891855535.jpeg (Spoiler Image,113.42 KB, 750x1092, 16C4FF26-9486-474B-B1DE-B02323…)

This is so foul what the fuck

No. 1532597

Looks like they made Grandma's doily into a dress lol idk its better than the too small shein garbo she picks, but it looks like a weird combo of old fashion and modern.

No. 1532610

File: 1652892934088.jpeg (Spoiler Image,198.39 KB, 750x1646, E0D1E1F3-11B3-493B-9B8C-166FCE…)

The makeup situation is just awful. What is that nose highlight. No wonder she’s breaking out so hard that is too much foundation

No. 1532612

looking like a literal goblin in the last pic, kek

No. 1532624

File: 1652893759428.jpeg (Spoiler Image,890.95 KB, 1170x1700, DAF2B3A9-E484-48A9-B1C5-D0AE7A…)

These are so bad. It’s obvious she’s not into any of it

No. 1532625

why does she look so bruised and DIRTY she looks like fucking gollum or a sewer mole person jesus fucking christ. i didnt think anyone could be less sexy than kathy but shay always pulls it off.

No. 1532628

Sorry anons forgot to spoiler! Trying to get it deleted and reposted

No. 1532631

how does she not see that that makeup makes her look like a grimy grandma
real Angelyne energy

No. 1532641

This is exactly what I thought haha especially with Mia trying to push kratom on Shay

No. 1532652

File: 1652896449588.jpeg (179.45 KB, 750x1229, A0FF0846-137B-4D76-B392-1D82BF…)

Wtf is this thumbnail

No. 1532691

she used highlighter to accentuate the jew-ness of her huge nose.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1532693

her forehead looks like the surface of the moon, damn bitch

No. 1532696

She tried to make her nose look smaller but it just looks skinny and long and not good. Not highlighter anywhere else. What a mess.

No. 1532697

Contouring would make her nose smaller. The highlight just makes her nose look bulbous and obnoxiously bright/shiny

No. 1532725

Why the fuck does her face look like mommy fortuna from the last unicorn.

No. 1532732

>let me draw light to the largest and most awkward looking part of my face, that will be cute

No. 1532774

File: 1652904980107.jpeg (318.23 KB, 750x1358, A6ECEFD5-D8A3-401E-8DC5-862AFB…)

Look at all the cat hair on the back of the couch and the pilling and hair on the seat. No wonder she goes through couches so fast she doesn’t take care of or clean anything she owns what so ever

No. 1532790

nice alcoholism bruises shay. Drunks tend to have a lot of bruises from stumbling around and falling into things, and they bruise more easily. not cute.

No. 1532794

Using the same suitcase she always does, but was just begging for new luggage the other day

No. 1532802

I love you last unicorn anon

No. 1532816

File: 1652907694476.jpeg (404.17 KB, 1242x1279, D2F280A5-3789-469A-A88A-0178D0…)

The audacity when she takes snatch pics with two week old discharge with her double chins peeking out at the top. She does dick rates so why is she judging scrotes for their pics? Like way to lose more customers

No. 1532818

Samefag like I get it, it is gross, but what does she expect from her ugly old customers? Why talk about it on her sw twitter

No. 1532832

Subtle nod to her tranny diaper loving fans by calling them "penis owners" rather than men. And of course a tranny comments.

No. 1532846

She has to be inclusive of her spectrum of troons "fanbase" because that's really all she's got besides Jason Womack the inbred idiot and Mike Slack the pedo incest old shit.

No. 1532867

Shaynus owners please put lip chap on, stop making porn pissing yourself, licking shit off of dildos and doing porn in diapers.
also, this may be unpopular, but Calling men "penis owners" is so hilarious to me. It's such a demeaning way to talk about someone to try to be woke. If this was about women I'd be mad, but I think it's amazing. The men who send her nudes ARE just walking penises. I know it's to include TIFs and say "not all men have penises and not all penis havers are men""
Shayna didn't you misgender a they/them/she/her and then try to "Gendersplain" her when she called you out? kek.

No. 1532987

File: 1652919486097.jpeg (165.38 KB, 828x477, E5DEA252-1F95-401E-88F2-A5E5F6…)

No. 1532997

Oh you know why.

No. 1533001

File: 1652920106596.jpeg (155.38 KB, 828x491, E7F50956-72A8-41EB-AAAE-87DA5C…)

No. 1533002

I’m sure that if she was skinny she wouldn’t feel so shitty.

No. 1533006

You know she’s fat because in her face selfies she juts her head forward to smoothen out her Turkey neck double chin, fat people look like they have no neck in selfies

No. 1533025

She quit weed at the perfect time. Now she’ll go there brag about it but still have to drink bc I'm of the belief she’s physically dependent on booze for yrs now (it really doesn't take much to become so) i mean she basically tweets about drinking every day. So her family is still going to be like wow you're fucked up 24/7 yet quit weed and 10x more disgusting somehow and I'm hoping for an intervention but its probably hoping for too much bc she may not share if that ever were to happen

No. 1533027

Kek, I agree but what does her being fat have to do with anything, ana-chan?

No. 1533028

File: 1652921463863.jpeg (170.57 KB, 828x1581, 814E5ADD-106A-4812-BF48-BECCB8…)

Get ready for drunk tweets of things that totally happened

No. 1533032

Zip up your damn hoodie bitch! This isn't a bad picture though, facewise she looks normal. Filter working overtime

No. 1533037

She normally doesn’t wear makeup to the airport meaning she’s real insecure about seeing her family

No. 1533043

yet she couldn't fix that turd on top of her head.

No. 1533045

>shayna and the troons
Band name

No. 1533051

tbh i'd rather my daughter come home fat then come home STILL a 'sex worker'. it baffles me that she's clearly insecure about having them see her now that shes gained weight but she still seems to show no outward anxiety over the fact that any/all of them could have seen her shoving dry dildos into her ass. bleak

No. 1533053

they exclusively play dad rock and sissy hypno beats

No. 1533054

Never mind I'm a retard. It's because she's anxious about her weight gain, sorry for the ana-chan accusation!

No. 1533068

I think it's her weight gain AND her having nothing to brag about. Think about it what has Shayna done brag worthy that she can talk about?
>> "I did a shoot in the woods, naked with a photographer and I flew out to do a shoot with this tranny fucker and I sucked his dick, but then he tried to "Cancel" me because my stalkers doxxed him. Oh and I did a shoot for a professional company. One I pretended to be a school girl and got spanked, the other was me pretending to be a baby. Oh and I started getting into punching again after my ex "tramuatized me", speaking of Trauma, this sex worker tried to cancel me even though-"
All she can talk about is moving and having pets. Maybe Ellen somewhat. No car, nothing fun or normal. Nothing to "brag" about to show her mom she was all wrong.
I don't blame her for being nervous.

No. 1533072

File: 1652924523560.jpeg (139.33 KB, 828x553, 8F178CEA-B544-4B0E-AFDE-071D85…)

Not on your current life path. You hit your peak years ago and it’s only downhill from here

No. 1533073

File: 1652924602708.jpeg (493.13 KB, 1242x1390, 50E1A84B-8EBE-495D-9BD8-AE5249…)

No. 1533074

It’s true. I’m surprised she’s even showing her face. There’s going to be a lot of people she hasn’t seen in many many years that are going to want to know what she’s been up to. And what is she supposed to say? She’s had no accomplishments

No. 1533076

File: 1652924693274.jpeg (120.3 KB, 344x487, 206925F6-DFDC-42F9-9FA3-BBA174…)

We don’t call her big shaynus for nothing

No. 1533077

File: 1652924813142.jpeg (121.77 KB, 1083x819, 9D740833-1B51-4394-9F96-2E2578…)

No. 1533080

she can't say she does anything on the internet, because if they look her name up…
Like she can't be like, "I'm a model, I'm a personality" or none of that. The thing about Shayna is that even if her whole family supported her, I don't think she'd run around telling normies unless she was popular/rich enough that she could go, "I'm rich so i don't care, I can buy our house" or something corny. Shayna doesn't even have a normal social media they can keep up with. Her whole life and online presence has been sex work and weed.

No. 1533081

Girl, what? It's not even a matter of being rich, just get your shit together. Imagine having the mentality that flying first class is some kind of whimsical wealthy person only ordeal.

No. 1533083

LMAO! Bitch can't even spring for a window unit AC at her age. Whatever idiot in her family paying for this trip deserves the incoming shitshow.

No. 1533086

She’s probably going to say she’s a “graphic designer”

No. 1533091

It's not the prettiest dress out there but it's infinitely better than anything else we've seen her wear. IMO that makeup goes okay with it too, maybe a little less blush and a less pink lipstick. The problem is just the hair.

No. 1533098

… you don’t need to be rich to fly first class from time to time. And as if she would be allowed to board dressing like she does lol. She’s a subhuman fat roach

No. 1533101

File: 1652926901045.jpeg (209.77 KB, 1170x451, 54AFAA89-80B5-49BD-8DBD-69A130…)

Kiss her ass a little more there

No. 1533104

Turd bun free space.

No. 1533114

Tbh? I KNOW an anon is going to shit on me for this, but… Besides her hair, nails, and outfit (and yes, I know she’s going heavy on the filter), I genuinely think she looks okay here. She looks like an average woman you would see at the bar. Plus the white dress she wore recently… I know it’s not great, but it’s an upgrade. I think seeing her family makes her more self aware and she should see them more often for her own sake. Hopefully her brother has a gf or something she’ll compare herself to so she’ll start washing her hair and shit kek

Nb4 the “All the local women in my town are supermodels” nonie shows up

No. 1533116

kek this is so bleak

No. 1533118

Are the comments that say “no car” about 5 times per thread the same person?

No. 1533119

i know we’re kinda far from the next thread but i think this would make a great thread name, considering the community of degenerates she’s been interacting with recently. just a suggestion.

No. 1533129

Booze is free on long haul flights as long as you don't take the piss. When the trolley comes round you can get wine. Who's she tryna fool?

No. 1533131

I'm convinced people like you that write these types of replies genuinely spend their whole day reading lolcow

is there a big chungus shayna meme that exists

No. 1533133

I spend a lot of time here bc it makes me feel better about my own existence

No. 1533140

Same, also cause it's like the tabloids, except with regular people who think they're more important than they really are.

No. 1533148

Where’s that anon with the shaynus travel bingo?

No. 1533154

File: 1652932231934.jpeg (111.13 KB, 828x1119, F6C5FFCF-2F9C-4224-BD27-F10C97…)

No. 1533163

The way she gave herself a gigantic head with this wig will never fail to make me laugh

No. 1533168

the way she wears that hoodie is where she looks like straight white trash, never see anyone do that in my area lol sorry nonners

No. 1533185

Is this an anon edit or she really posted this retarded ass pic with that quote lol???

No. 1533186

She looks deranged here.

No. 1533187

>washed hair
>full face of make up and fake lashes
Yea she’s clearly insecure about seeing her family. They’re going to be so shocked kek
I wish I was a fly on that wall.

She picked a great white trash outfit too. I can only imagine that her gut is spilling over her too small sweat pants.

No. 1533194

She'll vaguely talk about her traveling and collabs and imply that she's now super successful as evidenced by relatively increased activity with other e-whores.

No. 1533196

She retweeted that stupid video right under that tweet which made me laugh so I had to include it kek

No. 1533204

but you still don’t have a car
It’s because the pic is filtered to hell and back scroll up a bit and you can see her giant nose highlighted or her crater forehead. She still looks trashy beyond that with the hair-those are the buns redneck bitches wear and track suit with no bra and her lopsided saggy tits.

No. 1533228

Has she not seen her family since she got fat? That would be like 3 years right?
I thought she saw them more recently but maybe that was just her dad

No. 1533234

Ayrt, reread what I said, I was basically talking exclusively about her face in the picture. I know she’s ugly, but in that specific photo I think she looks pretty average. I also know she was using a filter. The bar is pretty low for her, so she can still look better while looking bad or average overall. I’m moreso impressed by her posting a photo that looks better than usual rather than her actual appearance. I know she’s ugly irl, but I feel like it shows a bit of self awareness

Unrelated- I know it’s unrealistic, but I root for a shayna redemption end game. Goes to therapy, realizes her wrongs, gets a real job, cleans up physically, better lifestyle, healthy relationship with family, etc. I think the only thing better than her forever suffering for all the shit she’s done is her becoming redeemed and realizing how fucked up she was, then using her personal experience to warn other young women going down a similar path or just trying to do good deeds to make up what she’s doing now. Plus In warning other women, she’d be the center of attention and get to talk about herself lots. Anyway I know it’s unrealistic, but I think her story would be a great cautionary tale if she became better.

No. 1533242

File: 1652941361106.jpeg (358.99 KB, 1080x1113, 6ED6F742-2490-4E2D-A14F-F09518…)

She saw her dad, stepmom, step sister and her brother for Christmas but she hasn’t seen her mom and grandparents in Massachusetts since November 2019, thread #43, she looked like this

No. 1533248

Shaynus would rather die than be anything other than who she is right now. It’s literally the hill she’s chosen to die on.

Back when filters were more forgiving to her and she only had 1.5 chins. I was under the impression she hadn’t seen her brother since this photo. Her brother lives with the dad?

No. 1533270

I found her little brothers LinkedIn, obviously not gonna post it but it says he’s graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Information Systems & Business Analytics with a Minor in Spanish. She talked about being able to drink with her siblings when she visited her dad in New Hampshire over the holidays

No. 1533304

Is her brother cute I’m just wondering

No. 1533306

are you for real? considering how her dad looks and what poor genetics he passed onto shatnus, i'm 99% certain it's a no

No. 1533307

He’s not ugly but he’s nothing special. Just looks like a normal white blonde 22 year old kid

No. 1533312

He has beady eyes like Shatna and that wide nose too. He looks kinda gay kek

No. 1533320

I bet she’s so jealous

No. 1533322

lets see him.. post just his face

No. 1533323

i'm not getting banned for doing that but it's really easy to find him with the description >>1533270 posted

No. 1533328

wouldn't surprise me if he is gay given that shay is his sister

No. 1533338

pretty soon ver younger brother will be able to buy first class tickets. imagine your younger sibling having an education and learning from your mistakes. so cute.

No. 1533348

Just look up university of New Hampshire, LinkedIn and then put Shaynas last name, it should be the first result. The other Clifford’s live in Seattle or are women

No. 1533350

I’m worried now that her brothers name is out there his potential colleagues will one day be sent/stumble across his gross sister and ruin his chances at succeeding

No. 1533355

Where is his name “out there”?

No. 1533358

you know that you have to be signed in and that LinkedIn shows who visits your page, right?

It's bad enough being related to Shay, leave the dude alone.

No. 1533360

No you don’t have to be signed in I found it too and don’t have a LinkedIn. It’s not even milk he’s just a regular guy that’s had a normal life despite being related to that lmao

No. 1533366

Funny that shaynus family can afford to pay for her education if she chooses (she won't), pay for holidays fairly regularly to multiple different countries, they probably have nice houses and her siblings go to decent Uni's and actually have a good education but Shayna has to beg for shekels to pay rent and get an AC or food.
She tries to one up her own mother by saying she's jealous and continue this path out of spite it seems yet everyone in her family is extremely well off and seems to have fuck you money while she's in a dingy apartment that's not even in her name while she bounces her zombie tits for joy over $20 and has no education and nothing to show for her years of.. 'work'

Oh the life she could have had if she weren't a SpEd.

No. 1533368

> It’s not even milk he’s just a regular guy that’s had a normal life

exactly he's just trying to live his life but this thread is also full of degenerate cretins that don't understand boundaries so his info should never have been dropped here.

It's fun and easy to rip shit into Shanya but searching for her family members and posting their info here is pretty sick and ya'll should touch grass then seek help for obsession.

No. 1533372

you don't remember thread #1, huh

No. 1533378

Tbh trying to get info and pics on her brother and posting her degenerate buyers with such vendetta (Womack and gray hair sperging) comes off a bit doxxy and its likely a sour sex worker (who is probably as fat and gross/in the same caliber as shayna herself)

No. 1533396

>posting her degenerate buyers with such vendetta (Womack and gray hair sperging) comes off a bit doxxy
Fuck off, we’re making fun of retarded ugly old moids who openly post degenerate pedo shit and interact with Shay with their full faces and names easy to find and connect. They deserve EVERY bit of it + more. A sour sex worker would probably do what you’re doing - defend and cape for the gross old moids’ pRiVacY, which they sacrificed themselves forever ago by being stupid coomers.
I agree that family should be left out of this but Shayna is the one who offered up the information that she’s visiting her mom and her brother for her brother’s graduation. She’s the one who brings specifics up about her family members on her sex work account knowing that ‘haters’ watch her every move and discuss it at length. She could’ve just said she was visiting family and left it at that but she chronically overshares on her sex work account because she has no friends. She’s the one who sparked conversation about specific family members by mentioning them repeatedly in relation to this trip. That being said, unless she posts about him again, I’d say we shouldn’t discuss him further. He’s unrelated and as far as we know, innocent in all of this.

No. 1533429

i'm so ready for this saga. she just quit weed, and now she's going on a trip with her family she hasn't seen in years. to a country thats KNOWN for its alcohol consumption. this is going to be a two week long bender for her, she's gonna be fiending for dabs/weed, AND she will probably embarrass herself in front of her family (assuming they're not all messy alcoholics too kek). this is gonna be fun.

No. 1533430

No one is defending moids. Her buyers are degenerates and if they don't buy from her they'll buy from some other sw making similar content. Like?? that's a given.. Some posts in the thread are giving vendetta tbh especially after a couple fat cow swers were outed posting here, so much so we made a thread for them and others like them. Doxxing, cowtipping etc It comes off as a mad sex worker in the same caliber as shayna. I could care less about her buyers its just the fact that salty ass sex workers keep outing themselves in here and there's all this doxxing and cowtipping going on. Theres obviously newfag sex workers in here for even trying to coax us into spoonfeeding them pictures of her brother and shit. Im just here for shayna milk, to observe my prized cow but some of you won't let the milk flow naturally. Shayna is naturally milky you don't gotta doxx her family and buyers.

No. 1533440

Yeah, the family doxxing of all her siblings is what got these threads perma-deleted in the beginning. "Thread #1" is technically like Thread #4 but farmhands DFE and made us start over on the condition of no further doxxing. Let's agree to not go through this again. It's nice to hear her brother is normal and successful. If she feels like liveblogging from his party, she'll post it herself.
My laptop is broken or I would have made it because I'm pretty sure she ticked off half my points!

No. 1533461

Shayna wouldn't have these issues if she didn't talk about her personal life on her sex work account to coomer. Even if lolcpw didn't exist some angry scrote could connect the dots and contact then. Who cares about Womack and Greyhair though. They shouldn't interact with weirdos using their real faces and be creeps. Nobody is digging up deep info about those creeps. They put it out there. Shayna could literally makes a normal Twitter and post about her family.

No. 1533474

Doxxing and cowtipping are against the rules. The Twitter faggots in here have no sense of board culture on this site. Just let the cow be a cow so we can all gather here to laugh about it. Its nbd to post about her coomers for keks but trying to cowtip them and get them fired and now trying to get pictures of shaynas family??? Its obvious many of you are new here its probably that fat goth sw again or somebody in the same vein in here with a strong vendetta. Honestly its fan behavior because shayna already provides milk on her own. "She wouldn't have these issues if she didn't talk about her personal life" shayna sadly hasn't changed in years, shes always talked like this..she's only really had these problems lately because of other sex workers getting their crusty panties in a wad and coming here to take their vendetta out on her. We nipped the doxxing thing in the bud in the first few threads dont ruin it again for everybody

No. 1533494

> trying to cowtip them and get them fired
When did that happen ever?
> shayna sadly hasn't changed in years, shes always talked like this..
and that’s why she’s a fucking idiot cow and deserves all of this. a normal person would’ve learned by now to stop catering to the lowest common denominator and being surprised when nobody likes her for any real reasons. nobody is a fan here.

No. 1533495

My post wasn't saying, "yeah go down and contact her family!!!! It's her fault!" I know that. I've been here for years. I'm just saying nobody would even be bringing up Shays brother if she ddidn't. It's weird but that's how Shayna is. Hopefully nobody does anything and we should just stop talking about it. Unless Shayna does.

No. 1533505

Somebody found grayhairs place of work and was teasing about contacting his job, id go back and screenshot it but I dont feel like searching for it tbh. Any contact with the cows, their jobs,their families etc is cowtipping. You can stop moralfagging like you aren't here for the same reasons the rest of us are. Shayna is not going to change, she and the trannies are single handedly keeping snow alive right now just let us enjoy observing her spiral into madness

No. 1533532

This. I guess every family has to have a disappointment kek.

No. 1533545

She used the most speddy fake voice in the vid with that Winnie the Pooh scrote. Like there's exaggerating and playing up sexy tones in bed and then there's just full on awkward faking it like that thats so obvious that it becomes unsexy. She sounds special needs or trying to be way to ~uwu baby~ like youre already pretending to be turned on, just use your normal vocal range.

I just realized she licked her piss fingers and dildo in this vid and that made it all even worse. This vid was also incredibly lazy and she disgusting as it is, she couldve angled it and done it way better. But nah. Just stuff herself uncomfortably in a tub in the sane position she does all her porn and thats it.

No. 1533552

She isn’t going to Ireland with her family, she’s just there for her brothers graduation party for 6 days, then she’s going to Ireland with “friends” as she said, aka Ellen

No. 1533560

she's a fat greasy slob and her whole family knows she's a an e-whore. They probably know she wears diapers and pedo-panders too. I wouldn't even show my face around them if I was her.

No. 1533593

no no no, she's visiting her mom. she's going to ireland with mUmMa

No. 1533656

has she specified where in Ireland they're going?

No. 1533721

No she hasn’t specified many details about the trip yet, just that she’s going next week and she’s going with “friends”

No. 1533753

so glad someone said it, that “ouch” she does towards the start of the preview sounds so fucking fake and nasally, timmy turner sounding ass

No. 1533759

File: 1652999808445.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, 449C2087-DA36-4F3A-B200-AE8150…)

Ew at this fat bitch walking around with her gut exposed and no bra shuffling in the kids section to take a pic of this and post this

No. 1533771

Skirt looks ironed.

No. 1533774

As usual shit tier children's items worth $20 or less.

No. 1533801

File: 1653003414716.jpg (26.1 KB, 474x307, oogabooga.jpg)

No. 1533811

stunning contribution

No. 1533842

i think its a new one, not the wrinkled one

No. 1533852

Where would her and Ellen get the money to travel to Ireland for 16 days? I feel like she'd be hyping up her big vacation with big mumma. The Ireland vacation is probably a present for her brother's graduation and Ellen is leaving town around the same time for some of her weird sex degenerate shit like she did a few months ago.

No. 1533855

same, I feel like she’s being vague about it cos she’s actually going with her family. if her brother just graduated I can see their type of rich white family doing a big trip. her family has taken her to italy and paris and other places so idk why it’s not feasible.

No. 1533889

I saw the skirt she’s wearing at five below yesterday this cheap bitch

No. 1533900

It was weird they both mentioned being gone during the same time. But also I definitely feel like Shay would be hyping it and bragging more if it was with Ellen or friends. Its possible Ellen is butthurt and going off to suck dick or whatever like she does sometimes. Third tinfoil is its Shays parents funding the trip but theyre letting her bring her "friend" Ellen Degenerate kek

No. 1533923

did she buy a new skirt instead of ironing the other one? kek

No. 1533928

File: 1653015292820.jpeg (87.01 KB, 672x935, F4A18BED-DB1C-40CF-9885-A83FE7…)

Yeah it’s a different one, the other one was trashed I hope she threw it away it was beyond saving. It’s from Amazon she has a bunch in different colors on her wishlist

No. 1533935

She might loose weight on the trip. The portion sizes are a lot smaller in Ireland and she will probably be outside and walking around more.

No. 1533937

I know this has been said many times, but her outfits always look like something a person pretending to be female would wear. Like there they always look uncanny and kind of costume-like

No. 1533939

Don't hold your breath. The trip is only for 16 days.

No. 1533942

That’s fitting because Shayna is a caricature of a woman at this point. She’s performing a pornified version of feminity for pedos, I doubt she really knows who she is beyond being a three buck SWer.

No. 1533943

She’s just going for 2 weeks and any portion control would be offset by alcohol. You’d have to be very naïve to think she isn’t going to be drinking on this trip.

No. 1533998

Kek she removed the washcloth. It’s too late Shaynus. We know you didn’t bathe for weeks. No point in hiding it now

No. 1534080

it would be so milky if some shit went down and they decided to not take her with them. i think it's not that unrelalistic

No. 1534104

You can still over eat and get obese in Ireland. Most people there live off dense meals and pub food.

No. 1534123

She’s being surprisingly quiet on twitter during this trip

No. 1534142

Having trouble with my screen recording app. But she posted on Snapchat saying she’s in Massachusetts and had to go to the hospital yesterday cause she wouldn’t stop puking

No. 1534150

File: 1653054823736.jpeg (85.27 KB, 934x810, A9DCE11A-BBAA-483E-8EDF-8E5C82…)

Someone screengrab it

No. 1534151

File: 1653054884687.jpeg (166.89 KB, 1242x380, 473FC9AE-E421-48A8-922C-A20B5B…)


No. 1534152

>Implying she drinks water at all

No. 1534161

I’m guessing alcohol is what is making her puke so much, and she doesn’t want to admit it.

No. 1534164

Its most likely the lack of smoking weed. If you go from being a daily smoker, and a heavy one at that, to not smoking cold turkey there will be repercussions. It’s like the worst hang over ever.

No. 1534184

And she thought drinking alcohol while flying and nervous was a good idea kek. Her body is desperately trying to tell her to slow down but she doesn’t listen.

No. 1534186

imagine having gone to school with her and seeing this, from the account name to the pfp to the tweet content. honestly every day I can't believe she isn't embarrassed

No. 1534191

we're the second fattest country in Europe iirc, huge takeaway/junk food/"as a treat" culture combined with fuck all else to do and empty calories from drinking. Without knowing whether she's coming with friends or family, she could go either way lmao, her family might eat like normal people but I can see this bitch eating 4 kebabs in one day because convenience

No. 1534197

100% correct. The British/Irish part of Europe has seriously high obesity numbers. I actually think she’ll gain weight because she’ll be over eating to cope with the lack of weed

No. 1534198

She’ll probably get hooked on curry and chips

No. 1534199

tweets about Venmo for babbys uwu Centra chicken roll when

No. 1534213

Can’t believe I’m asking this but isn’t her birthday soon?

No. 1534221

There’s no proof she said this….

No. 1534222

It was already said… read >>1531662

No. 1534230

She needs to stop wasting ER doctor's time and get a prescription for some anti-emetics.

No. 1534256

Her family must be like "oh great, here we go" lol as soon as Shaynas ogre ass lands, shes gotta have drama. Imagine going home and having to immediately go to er because youre still a chronic pothead at almost 26.

No. 1534258

Not only that but she’s taking away the attention from her little brothers accomplishments. There is literally no fucking reason for her to be in a hospital because she’s puking she’s just a jealous attention monger who can’t face the reality that everyone she knows from her youth has moved on and attempted to make something of their lives while she rolls around her filth encrusted apartment pissing in diapers and punching herself in the face for pennies.

No. 1534306

This bitch goes to the hospital for every little thing. She's just hung over from drinking on the plane, I'm sure.

No. 1534310

at first I thought this was one of those awful roleplay blurbs like >>1534151
this is absolutely foul, a new low for her

No. 1534316

File: 1653071265618.jpeg (459.04 KB, 828x1077, BFB80731-45EA-4383-BDC6-39B5B2…)

Please don’t drag your brother into your baby roleplay

No. 1534319

Imagine if Shayna discovered our spice bag

No. 1534323

Gross I can’t believe her family even associates with her. They’re giving her a lot of grace by not never speaking to her again.

No. 1534329

Kek at her doing body checks when she looks like Patric star.

No. 1534331

ma’am that’s literally a reusable travel coffee mug, stop trying to sexualise everything. If he’s taking the piss it’s probably the fact you’re filling it with sugary shit not coffee(learn2sage)

No. 1534336

How could that possibly be considered a body check?

No. 1534350

Imagine sexualizing an interaction with your brother, then posting it on your incest diaper sex work account. She's disgusting and this feels like a violation towards her brother in a way.

No. 1534357

Guarantee this is the last visit for a while. I couldn't stomach being near my sister if she roped me into her sick fantasies. Nasty trollop

No. 1534359

Tbh I didn’t see it like tht until someone said “body check” and it flashed my brain back to being 12 and all those weird “skinny” challenges like standing with your feet together but thighs not touching etc etc

No. 1534411

this is actually disgusting

No. 1534468

Do you guys think she genuinely wants to fuck her brother? I’m on the fence honestly but leaning more towards yes since she constantly brings him up on her sw account

No. 1534480

No, she just can't have any interactions without thinking to share it. Shayna is just like those, "oh my god, let me share this picture of my food, oh my god take my picture, oh my god thats so funny, let me tweet!" people.
Except she isn't posting this on facebook to friends or family, or twitter. She waits for someone to say something vaguely sexual so she can post about it to coomers.
She's so used to talking to gross people and "kink" talk and sexualizing the "idea" of family members, that even when she talks to her own brother, she can't help but think, "this will go viral, oh my god, even he thinks I'm a baby and he doesn't even know!!".
Plus she's actually attracted to men and likes her brother & dad. All her interactions with men have been sexualized by her or them.
If I was her I'd feel like shit. My brother is actually doing something with his life, at his age what was Shayna doing? The same shit she's doing doing now but thinner.

No. 1534487

File: 1653084031456.jpg (217.73 KB, 1080x1950, XRecorder_20052022_225741~2.jp…)

Since no one else grabbed it.

No. 1534491

I wonder if the puking could be triggered by anxiety

No. 1534493

Nasty diaper freaks will literally take pictures at actual fucking parks where real life fucking toddlers play.
Everything is a photo op to the mentality ill

No. 1534499

Taking dog filter selfies about vomiting while clearly sitting on the shitter. Shayna never changes.

No. 1534500

Its extra disgusting because its not only on her diaper pedo account but she refers to him as "lil bro". She has no shame. She makes vids calling herself lil sis too and her brother is almost and adult so theres no reason to call him a kid type reference other than to be nasty

No. 1534506

She has troon fashion sense because she's terminally online and because the majority of her online interaction is with mtf troglodytes. It's amazing how a woman can regress to acting like a troid but not impossible when you consider how much of a pickme she is. She lives for male attention, not even in a sexual way but because she's a narcissist.

No. 1534511

I think she would. She’s nasty

No. 1534515

her brother is an adult already anon. they’re 5 years apart or something.

No. 1534516

It's been said endlessly Shayna seems to avoid fashionable attractive sex workers/people because she's insecure. Which is why she dates Ellen and a reason she likes older men. For sure if she followed people with style she'd copy. She claimed she doesn't watch other girls so she won't copy, but it's because she'll get jealous.

No. 1534518

She’s fukn alcoholic. That’s why she’s puking. That and her trash diet consisting of sugar, coffee and pills

No. 1534527

My bad. I wasnt sure if this was graduation from HS or college. I mean that just makes the lil bro thing creepier, the older he is. To actively call them "lil bro" on your pedo accounts featuring your incest porn… she knows what shes doing and shes fucking awful for it.

No. 1534529

File: 1653086842973.jpeg (25.61 KB, 600x600, 763B4BD9-772D-4120-B2E0-ECC5FE…)

No. 1534531

Thanks nona. Some anons just say she did something without proof. Like some autist claimed Shayna said she was preggo on her discord two years ago. Idk why she hasn’t stopped drinking if she’s puking a lot ?

No. 1534534

it's only bad because of who she is and where she is posting it, but it's pretty normal for middle siblings to refer to their siblings as 'big' or 'little' no matter the age.

No. 1534552

At this point her parents get what they deserve for not handing her the ER bills & continuing to fund her degenerate life. Must suck for her siblings and especially the one graduating.

No. 1534554

because remember, none of shaynas problems are ever her fault, it’s always a mysterious illness or something someone else did.

No. 1534562

Exactly this. alcoholism will wreak havoc on your digestive tract, to a way more severe degree than anything else she’s blaming it on. It irritates the lining of your stomach, and gets worse over time. Not trying to medfag but I feel like she lied to the doctors at the hospital about her alcohol intake like anons above have suggested. She is blaming it all on weed so she doesn’t have to address what is, at this point, severe alcoholism.

No. 1534564

I believe he’s 22 since linkedin says he’s a 4th year so they’re more like 2-3 years apart

No. 1534572

>make fun of your sisters tacky coffee cup
>unaware she has a diaper fetish account and has now sexualized the encounter to trannies who shit in diapers

Idk why but the “lil bro” thing really made me feel sick.

No. 1534575

Taking a picture where your thighs happen to be showing doesn't really count as a bodycheck, unless you're a bone-rattling anachan.

I doubt she actually has thoughts like that, but it's still really gross that she panders to people who do by posting about her close family on her SW accounts. I just wish she was normal and had friends so she'd have someone else to talk about. She's so lonely it's sad.

No. 1534593

it’s not severe, y’all keep saying that but severe alcoholics don’t drink sugar wine. she’s an alcoholic sure, but she’s not quite at the level of even hard liquor yet. calm down.

No. 1534594

that makes it even funnier that she claimed her parents “abused” her by “forcing her to take care of her little brother” when in reality it was just picking him up from the school bus and maybe giving him a snack, if that.

No. 1534596

I agree, but I think her being a daily smoker makes the alcohol stuff worse. I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure if you smoke every single day, and drink on top of it all, the two will affect each other. Having to quit/cut back on both at once is gonna affect her more than it would someone who only uses one of the two.

No. 1534612

She drinks that gross blue raspberry vodka too

No. 1534622

Idk even though it is just wine, she drinks it FAST in her livestreams. Probably achieves a high BAC. She has finished an entire bottle and opened the next in the span of one livestream

No. 1534652

It’s not normal to down multiple bottles of wine every other day.

No. 1534654

>severe alcoholics can’t drink sugar wine
tell me you’ve never been to skid row without telling me
absolute hobos swill Mad Dog and other sugary fortified wines all day every day

No. 1534665

so now “severe alcoholism” is just drink hard liquor? kek

No. 1534666

yeah, I didn’t deny she was an alcoholic. but she’s not even on hard liquor yet. saying she’s a severe alcoholic and her liver will go soon is just stupid.

No. 1534667

yeah, because they’re homeless and can’t get anything else, retard. shayna isn’t homeless and can binge on whatever she wants. severe alcoholics usually can’t get drunk off one bottle of sugar wine. they need hard stuff for a fix. some even drink mouthwash it’s that bad. she’s not a severe alcoholic, that narrative is just retarded.

No. 1534668

Anon I imagine you know this, but just to be sure… it’s the total amount of alcohol consumed in a period of time that matters. A person can drink a lot of wine and be severely alcoholic.

No. 1534673

she’s just a regular alcoholic, idk why that’s hard to fathom. at worst she’s like a shitty alcoholic wine mom. her liver isn’t shutting down like half you nonnies like to claim. it’s like when some of you claim she’s morbidly obese. it was a funny joke for a second but now half of y’all really believe it. this thread has gone down the shitter.

No. 1534674

Yes, and to add; no one is saying she’s gonna collapse from liver failure at any second, it’s just that she has enough of a drinking problem that it could very plausibly be the cause of her stomach issues.

No. 1534675

I hate to add but a real alcoholic will drink anything with alcohol content. Mouth wash, shampoos, I’ve seen it. That’s why people will say “oh I’m not addicted; I don’t drink hard liquor” but if anything the more sugary shit is probably why she’s retaining so much body fat; if anything she’s probably constantly dehydrated and malnourished

No. 1534685

Nyta really but I don’t think she’s having alcohol poisoning or liver damage it’s literally probably bc she’s admitted to not liking water& drinking nothing but sugar saturated juice etc. That’s the most likely cause of all the nausea and vomiting combined with the excessive drinking (literally saying from experience I also don’t like the “flavor” of water haven’t since forever but I literally had similar issues from consistently being dehydrated like bitch just get a water filter)

No. 1534689

Could definitely be a factor. I forgot about her water aversion, she’s probably dehydrated as hell all the time

No. 1534704

exactly. she eats like shit, drinks juice and sugar wine, probably rarely brushes her teeth, and all around doesn’t take care of herself. with the amount of times she’s been to the hospital, bloodwork would have shown issues with her liver if they were that bad. she’s just a drama queen.

No. 1534717

What do you mean “not on hard alcohol” are you forgetting the multiple photos she’s posted of those pink and blue vodka bottles she drinks? She takes shots of vodka when she’s on cam too.

No. 1534718

I used the drink about a bottle of wine every night for years, and I felt like shit constantly. Sometimes I would go to work and throw up the wine from the night before. It felt truly awful to have to move around and do things. My heart rate would spike if I walked up stairs, etc. It was really obvious that it was due to the alcohol - how can she not know? Not drinking water must make it so much worse. Shayna is a lot bigger than I am so maybe that helps?

No. 1534723


It doesn't.

Shayna obviously has a problem with drinking. Probably bigger than she lets on. She chooses to show the wine because it's "pink" and bimbo. Hard liquor? Not so much. But, I'm sure she does drink it. Maybe not everyday like wine, but she's had vodka bottles show up in pictures and videos before so there's that.

I do agree that her liver isn't shutting down though. I think Shayna has quite a few different things wrong with her, in another life she'd just be a munchie griping about her disability and getting Tumblrina coins.

No. 1534733

She could also have developed fatty liver. It’s super easy to get on a shit diet. And/or her gallbladder may be about to bust and is at the “sludge” part. Another anon brought up her not brushing her teeth, and we’ve seen the state of her tongue, it is full of bacteria and she’s constantly ingesting it. She’s a Petri dish of nasty. She has licked her piss and shit.

No. 1534738

I've been drinking more than a bottle of vino every night for maybe 3-5 years now. I don't get hangovers or puke. It's definitely made me a fat fuck. Alcohol is just tons of sugar after all.
I really don't think she's at a point yet where her boozing would be affecting her much. There are people who drink daily for like 20-30 years and ain't dead yet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1534743

anon, calm down. she’s 24, not 44. it takes a while of terrible eating to develop fatty liver, or irreversible gallbladder damage. it’s most plausible that her vomiting is from her terrible lifestyle and maybe some gallstones.

idk why some of you are so over dramatic when the reality is just as entertaining. it’s just as funny watching her spiral downwards without needing to make drastic claims.

No. 1534768

Ok congrats on your alcoholism not ruining your organs yet I guess but your anecdotal experience doesn’t discount that she is absolutely at a point where it COULD effect her. Your experience isn’t universal but thanks for the blogpost.

No. 1534783

>this thread has gone down the shitter.

It could always get worse, anon! We haven't even gotten close to the "fake dick vs real dick discourse" that went down in the Moomookun thread yet!

No. 1534784

> Alcohol is just tons of sugar after all.

Anon, alcohol is a lot more complex than that. Congrats your body isn’t completely destroyed, but your post is nothing to brag about…

No. 1534790

Anons admitting to their alcoholism is a new low, even for this cow.

She's in hospital for weed withdrawals bc she can't handle feeling uncomfortable, it's probably not any deeper than that. She's gonna be posting diaper rape fantasies in an hour or two, don't worry.

No. 1534799

*was, but she most likely will go back to hospital, possibly calling off the trip because of the sickness.

No. 1534808

I think she does and same with her dad, but last time I said that anons screamed at me. Its like they don't remember when she stayed at her dad's house and was posting about how she was "forgetting" that she can't walk around naked because her dad and brother were there.

But, sure. She totally isn't that depraved! Totally.

No. 1534809

Shayna is my primary therapy in ending my alcoholism. Currently drinking 2-3x weekly (instead of every single day, never a day off, for years) just from looking at her physical transformation over the years of her drinking. Did 14 days in a row with no alcohol last month. I’ve lost 15 pounds and feel a lot less anxious and out of control. Thank you Shay thread!! (Will shut up now)

No. 1534814

I think she just knows it gets her coomers going and wants attention for it. It’s definitely calculative and on purpose. It is so weird to talk about your family on a sex work profile. Just realized I think she must have autism of some social learning disability

No. 1534815

Get well soon, nonna.

She's mentally stunted bc she has no friends and has nobody else to talk about. I don't think she genuinely has any sexual fantasies irl, she just tweets whatever fucked up thing she feels her coomers will get off to. It's sad and desperate, yes, but I highly doubt it's truthful.

No. 1534820

People wildly underestimate alcohol bc of binge drinking culture. And severity isnt about what you’re drinking its about what you’ll do to get your fix and how it’s controlled your life and thoughts and then levels of consumption. As another nona stated she isnt at the point of being so broke she can only afford a huge bottle of vodka to avoid seizures, which yes she drinks enough for from her own sharing. Look at the vivi saga, she drank all day from noon on in a strangers house! Anyways its not that hard to google the diagnostic criteria. Also dont forget that addiction is a secretive disorder. She’s only showing and saying what she thinks is acceptable which is already a ton. Id also say mixing potentially lethal meds (xanax) with booze and who knows what else is a sign of it being pretty severe as well.

No. 1534837

Vivi is an unrealiable narrator at best, and I doubt Shatna is drinking from noon when she's not on scrote-funded vacations kek

No. 1534838

I agree with you, especially that last point. If she’s so desperate that she will risk harm by combining drugs, it’s a severe addiction

No. 1534859

She talks about ~brunch mimosas~ and day drinking all the time herself…

No. 1534863

Why doubt it? She's a drunk loser and alcoholic. It almost seems like some anons are defensive over their booze and cant't believe shat is just as much a wasteoid if not more than they are.

No. 1534865

File: 1653116614533.jpeg (38.29 KB, 320x240, CF504364-F529-4886-8C1C-0A91D0…)

No. 1534935

Sage for OT but there are cheap all day breakfast delis (they also have other foods like salad, pizza and sandwiches) available everywhere in Ireland, even in small corner shops. Everywhere has them even tiny villages. Ireland has as many fat people per Capita as the USA.

No. 1534943

This post screams pixielocks

No. 1535056

File: 1653146778626.jpeg (418.34 KB, 1170x938, D1D9CEFB-21CE-4FDE-9DEA-87438C…)

Her family is probably so sick of her shit

No. 1535066

If she knows what it is why go back to the hospital? Just drink some water and pedialyte while taking vitamins. It’s gonna be funny when she’s no longer on her dad’s insurance since her immediate reaction to not feeling well is hospital.

No. 1535069

Why do people keep acting like having insurance magically makes hospital stays free?
Even with amazing insurance - a 32k hospital stay is STILL a 9k hospital stay
Insurance doesn't make it free
I'd kill to she her MyChart

No. 1535087

ARE we still pretending it's weed causing this and not the liquor

No. 1535094

Im with you, nonnie. It’s not like Shay drinks enough to fuck her liver up just yet, but her shitty lifestyle + alcohol intake is definitely causing her stomach issues. Binge drinking will erode the lining of your stomach. And, it’s not just that, chronic daily stoners usually throw up when they’re withdrawing from THC.
(Let’s hope the heroin addict nonitas don’t get pissed and blogpost because I said withdrawal from weed)

No. 1535095

>I'd kill to she her MyChart
Same. I want to see the notes and recommendations. Kek.

No. 1535101

He actually doesn’t look bad. Not a model but he’s an ok looking guy, with his degrees and if he has a good personality he could pull any average girl. inb4 aNoN lOvE YoUrSeLf

No. 1535102

God she's so stupid. All she has to do is go to the hospital and ask for an IV and some medicine to stop the nausea. It HAS to be intravenous because in this situation everything you swallow you throw up, even water (that's why she needs the IV, the dehydration in her body must be very strong at this point). She should go home and eat light things 'cause the damage that vomiting non-stop causes in the stomach is very strong, she has to let her stomach recover but instead I'm pretty sure she arrives at her parent's house and starts drinking again and the situation is back to square one.

No. 1535109

he looks like male skinny shayna tbh. Nothing wrong with him. Educated and doing something with his life.

No. 1535147

>It HAS to be intravenous because in this situation everything you swallow you throw up
In this situation I've seen doctors use anti-emetic suppositories.

No. 1535150

She might not day drink every day but i'm sure she just views it as "normal" now and her BPD ass is also like fuck it and she believes she deserves to. Especially now that she cant smoke. It's very easy when you're home and bored all the time and I'm guessing more so when your aesthetic is being a stupid fuckin idiot whore.

Also sorry OT but I find it very interesting that there's a group of people who are checking their drinking problems due to this bitch (including myself).(Also for unrelated reasons I quit weed and it's making me feel better in comparison knowing she is so fucked from it).
I usually empathise with addicts but I hope this piece of shit is suffering. Pedo fuck.

No. 1535152

sorry same anon but please don't give her ideas

No. 1535172

Why the fuck does she keep checking herself into the hospital for this shit, the whole point is they’ll stop the immediate problem and then suggest further steps so you can manage it on your own or with your primary care doc. At least try urgent care first? It’s idiotic just check yourself into the hospital over and over and over for the same thing but not see a doctor to figure out longer term treatment.

No. 1535174

"My life and my body would give me a break" this bitch.
YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THOSE THINGS. Your body is fucked up from the choices youve made in life to dab, vape, and smoke weed every day. To drink entire bottles of wine regularly and more. To eat entire plates of cheese and salty meat and takeout every meal WITH cheap sugary wine. To not bathe or wash your hands and sex toys after pissing and shitting on them but to put them in other orfices including mouth. To live in a filthy apartment with animals you dont clean up after or brush. To not drink water because "ew no flavor" (like put some of those flavored electrolytes drops in it retard.) And lastly, to sit on your sore infected ass all day and do no excercises or outdoor activities that dont involve food/drinking or porn.
You're mid 20s, not 60s. Your body isnt failing you, you're the failure.

No. 1535180

And she's still planning on going to Ireland too. Can you imagine her on a plane experiencing this? They'd probably have to do an emergency landing before they even get out of the country.

No. 1535183

If she doesn't pull herself together and learn to deal with it on her own, she aint going.
Funny how she was fine at the airport and on the plane though. But as soon as she landed, to the er for vomiting.
She can't pull that shit in another country though.

No. 1535184

actually from experience pursuing basic medical care in much of Europe as a traveler is easier and cheaper than in the states. Now if her family will tolerate her bullshit is another question…

No. 1535185

Why? Because her idiot parents continue to foot her medical bills & allow her to never face true consequences from her actions. People that have to actually work & pay their own insurance don't pull this shit. It's her brothers graduation and yet this worthless pedo cunt has made it all about her with not one but TWO trips to the ER in under 72 hours.

No. 1535190

if she went to the ER here for puking she'd wait a minimum of 8 hours before being sent home I promise you

No. 1535193

ayrt and tbh if you’re low priority, which she would be, her wait time would be pretty bad here too. I don’t wanna turn this into euro vs burger sperging, just saying it’d be easier to try and pull this stunt on vacation than anon suggested. Kek if she does.

No. 1535200

Inb4 she starts ranting about how her mom is being so insensitive about her issue and how shes feeling like this because shes quitting weed so her family should be supportive and happy for her
Or worse, sexualizes her brother or other male figures comments or concerns.

No. 1535212

Maybe if her mom sees she's in this bad of a physical state she'll suggest she moves back in and quits sex work. Wouldn't that be a twist? If she can't make uwu *~content in all this time given her "condition" what's the point, right?

No. 1535230

Would be cool if you gave your life and body a break from treating it like shit 24/7. You only get one shot at it and you’ve already thrown half of your twenties away

No. 1535238

File: 1653156747213.jpeg (926.78 KB, 1167x1646, E5EF9EF8-AD87-4EC5-9D48-B73AFC…)

I can’t with this moid

No. 1535244

I think they mean since it’s on her dad’s insurance it would be paid for by the insurance and her dad

No. 1535245

the ultimate cowtip: dating Shayna’s brother to get insight to her family I’m kidding btw in case that wasn’t obvious

No. 1535253

kek i know you're kidding but can you imagine what that would do for shaynus' ego? she'd feel sooooo famous

No. 1535269

Don’t let her find out Pink Whitney exists…

No. 1535272

I can’t see shit, but I bet he’s ugly, shart would post 24/7 about him if he was even mildly attractive.

No. 1535277

idk if its because im a latinfag but i think hes not ugly, you kinda see hes like Shayna but not that ugly and not the alcohol bloating.
lets put it like this, Shayna would be better looking if she were a man.

No. 1535291

She's probably gonna ruin the family trip either her ending up in hospital in a foreign country or them canceling it early. Intervention saga

No. 1535313

I have a creeping suspicion that shayna is acting out her “medical fetish” and manipulating her family in order to do so. she keeps sneaking in all these kinks around her family to appease her coomers. it’s creepy. plus it gets her the attention she so desperately craves.

No. 1535318

That or its just munchausen's.

No. 1535329

sage for blogpost but it boils down to this:
> alcohol worse for your physical health
> weed worse for your mental health
> if you can't control yourself, don't touch either
I guess Shayna's purpose in society is acting as a walking PSA of how NOT to live, kek

No. 1535335

Gypsy rose realness

No. 1535337

A few threads back she posted a video and in it she 100% sounds like gypsy rose

It's a vibe I guess

No. 1535347

OHHHHH that would be such a good twist. And it’s not unlikely too. Her coomers, Ellen, and parents can only pay for so much without her even working. I don’t think they would do it for her for more than a few months. Considering she’s been to the hospital twice in 3 days for this shit, if she doesn’t actually address her shit then she’s going to lose her (small) income from sex work since she can’t work. She will lose coomers too because she’s putting out less content than ever.

Her parents always pay for her but between paying for her hospital bills, higher insurance rates, and paying even more of her daily bills due to lack of income, I think they’re (at least her mom) are going to be putting their foot down sometime this year. Make her move home for full time care and shayna either becomes a spoiled neet or her parents make her go to therapy and become normal. If she doesn’t recover from the vomiting any time soon, that is. I’m so curious what will happen…

No. 1535390

If you read withdraw symptoms for weed vomiting is not even listed. Why? Because it doesn’t happen. However if you read withdraw symptoms for alcohol vomiting IS listed. It’s not that hard to figure out what is happening ffs. She’s an alcoholic. It’s really obvious

No. 1535413

>you don’t need to be rich to fly first class from time to time
spoken like a sheltered kid, you still need a sizeable income anon.
i'll agree she is indeed a subhuman roach dressed like a cheap trashed up hooker and doesn't belong on there anyway

No. 1535419

I'm what you'd call a "severe" alcoholic (been sober for a year now). In the beginning I was pounding handles of hard liquor everyday, but my health problems didn't really arise until years later when I cut down to a 6 pack or two bottles of wine a day. That's when the seizures got really bad, had alcoholic hepatitis, gall bladder disease, nerve damage, etc.

Sorry for the blog, but nonnas don't realize that alcohol affects everyone differently. Shay is consistently drinking and that will inevitably take a major toll on her. Se doesn't have to be black out drunk on cheap vodka all day long having strokes for it to be a big impact on her health. Sage for no1curr

No. 1535454

she was probably just a dumb ass and tried to smoke week before her trip because she knew she couldnt smoke around her family - then her weed sickness made her ill.

theres no way a weed addict like her isnt sneaking in tokes while pretending to be on a sober streak.

No. 1535499

Are you the "as an ACKSHUAL junkie" anon again? You sound like Luna, constantly trying to compare what makes someone a "real" addict.

No. 1535504

i’ll admit it- the shay threads got me to quit drinking and it vastly improved my life. feels good to see other nonnies thriving too. could this be the most good she’s ever done just by reverse thriving in an extreme public way and drawing so much attention to wine-based face bloating?

No. 1535514

File: 1653171251067.jpeg (9.71 KB, 306x165, download (3).jpeg)

Girls, you're all equally valid as addicts, it's not a contest, you're all equally retarded.

No. 1535523

Lol yeah I never was an alcoholic, but shayna makes me never want to touch the bottle (along with some former classmates) mostly for appearances but going to dialysis and such sounds lame years from now
sage for blog no1curr

No. 1535524

Every time I think she can't get more vile she pulls some shit like "making up an incestuous interaction with her real life brother to post on her fetish account". This bitch can't get cirrhosis of the liver fast enough.

No. 1535551

File: 1653174418460.jpeg (197.86 KB, 828x1604, DC4799B6-5E3E-44B0-9950-6BEE6C…)

Ellen and Shayna share one brain cell apparently

No. 1535557

Yeah you don't just get to go straight into a bed and get treated. She'd be sat in a crowded waiting room barfing for hours. I doubt she'd bother going hospital if she had to pay for her stay or having to wait hours that could be in the double digits.

No. 1535576

The cyclic vomiting bullshit is a lie. It's mostly present in children (her LARP) coupled with being cared for by neutral people (her fantasy). If you go into the ER claiming stomach pain or vomiting, they take you and keep you.

No. 1535582

You new? Shay posts about brunch mimosas, brunch white claws, brunch pink wine or whatever the hell that pink shit was and has been doing this for so long.

No. 1535585

Her mom suggests that all the time that’s partly why she’s ~abusive~

No. 1535595

Sorry, and not gonna blog, but no they will not just keep you for vomiting mysteriously. You get fluids and anti nausea medicine and they send you home no matter how many times you go for the exact same reason with no diagnosis they do not keep you.

No. 1535615

The wait times for emergency room in Ireland at the moment are insane. People are being urged not to go unless they are severely ill. The average wait time is 13 hours. I really doubt they would even see someone like Shayna.

No. 1535623

UK hospitals won't admit someone for vomiting, especially if she knows what her condition is and to play up how 'WaHh SiCk' she is, she would state her condition because she thinks its 'serious'

fluid and rest can be done at home, it's dickheads like her why medical facilities are stretched so thin

get rekt shayna

No. 1535758

Why does she admit to cannabinoid hyperemesis, and also say that she has cyclic vomiting? Shouldn’t it just be one of them?

Also, with cyclic vomiting it is a long-term diagnosis and you have to deal with it and not go to the fucking hospital every time it happens. Usually a bout will last 24 hours and then you are fine until the next one. You really should only go to the hospital if it’s lasting longer than 24 hours and you haven’t successfully been able to hold down water. Not an expert but I’ve read about it bc someone im with regularly has it. He’s never gone to the hospital lol

No. 1535772

Straight alcoholic. Funny just a few days ago she thought bragging about it was cute.

No. 1535781

Kek tinfoil but what if Shay has been binge drinking to cope with her anxiety and the crushing reality of her life around her family, and that’s why she’s being a munchie. Intervention saga when

No. 1535811

Because saying cyclic vomiting is less embarrassing for her. She wants the pity points. Where as self inflicting her own problem isn't gonna get as much sympathy. She deleted the tweet about CHS.

No. 1535888


If it's her cannabis syndrome or whatever, shouldn't it be better since she's not smoking weed now? she's lying her ass off about whatever it is. I wonder what's going through her mom's head.

And she's probably going to ruin her brothers graduation with her shit if she hasn't already. I've said it before, but she definitely deserves to be cut off. She's not successful enough at sexwork to justify all of the embarrassment she's bringing to her family name, and it's not like she's just posting tit and asshole pictures. This bitch is talking about pissing herself in a diaper on the same account she talks about her little brother. And that's also the same account she peddles her incest porn on. I doubt her parents know the extent of her degeneracy. I know a scrote showed her Grandma her nudes, but idk if they investigated further. I can't imagine them wanting to, since they still talk to her and love her.

Shayna is really lucky to have them, but she doesn't realize it. Probably won't ever realize it either.

No. 1535924

>Shatna in Ireland
>"UK hospitals"

Learn geography and history amerifat

No. 1535962


Irish hospitals barely care for people who actually are ill they wouldn’t even let her through the door. I’d imagine her trip over here will involve her being laughed out of the country because American tourists in general are pretty hated but if she pulls her dressing like a child bullshit she will be ridiculed

No. 1535970

NI is still part of UK is that really the hill you wanna die on eurofag(unsaged derail)

No. 1535986

NI and Ireland are different countries you absolute nonce, sage your shit

No. 1535989

Sorry but I imagine that you and I are the same, and you should probably shut up. I do not know why UK and England and all of the countries over there are countries and kingdoms at the same time, idk and you don’t know, but if it is a mystery stfu

No. 1535992

are you retarded

No. 1535993

not gonna beat a dead horse but this proves it's not the weed. time to dry out Shayna before the shakes start.

No. 1535995

Nope, but out of all areas i understand politically, the UK/England white people issue is not important to me

No. 1536013

How do you understand the area politically and not know Ireland isn't part of the UK kek.

No. 1536017

We need something milky to happen so people can shut up about stupid details. We all know what anon was talking about, this isn’t a classroom

No. 1536027

File: 1653224979690.jpg (255.18 KB, 1080x1995, XRecorder_22052022_140644~2.jp…)

Nice that she didn't even wash her hair or wear makeup to it.

So this is what the white dress was for. The fact she had to have "the dad" pick it out is weird.

No. 1536031

She looks better for the lack of makeup frankly, it's always badly done and caked on.

No. 1536032

she actually looks very nice here, I wish she would go barefaced more often

No. 1536036

She still misses the mark though. Would it kill her to just wash her hair and wear it down and put some chap stick and moisturiser on? She would look at least a little more presentable, especially if her family decides to take tons of pictures and she looks like this next to her brother

No. 1536037

She has such unfortunate features. She looks like a cartoon witch

No. 1536038

She actually looks semi-normal here. If you didn’t know who she was, you’d think she was just another average rat-faced greasy 27 year old.

No. 1536042

She’s got the filter cranked up so high she’s literally blurry

No. 1536045

i never imagined shaynus driving for some reason

No. 1536051

It's weird seeing her look so normal, bordering on average. She's not a stunner but she's not terrible here

>the UK/England white people issue is not important to me
Nta, but what does this mean? Ireland isn't part of the UK. It has nothing to do with people being white

No. 1536053

I imagine this photo is flipped so she’s not in the drivers seat.
She did have a car/have access to a car when she lived at home, she would post video on her tumblr of her smoking weed in it iirc

No. 1536085

she lost her license or got it suspended in OK if I remember correctly. I’m not sure whose car she was driving but I think it was for speeding? If someone wants to find the thread with pics of her unpaid ticket or whatever it was kek. she left whatever car she originally had(possibly shared) in MA when she first moved and hasn’t owned one since.

No. 1536086

I hope she gets insecure af seeing younger women getting their diplomas and looking better

No. 1536093

She won’t because she thinks being a tertiary educated woman able to make more money than she’ll ever see in a year even in entry level positions or non STEM fields is lame. She thinks the pinnacle of life is being a totes hot n sexy bimbo

No. 1536094

She will feel insecure about her appearance but not the accolades or achievements these women will be receiving.

No. 1536101


she looks like a cartoon witch. She couldn't be assed to wash her hair or put on some lashes to make herself look less dead. Sad. At least she's wearing something that fit, even though some gross old coomer picked it out for her.

She probably feels like that's a flex, but it couldn't have cost him more than $50 bucks at the mall. Not like a sugar baby wearing designer to a relatives graduation.

No. 1536106

nonnas, what? i swear this thread is desensitising people to all kinds of trash. if this wasn't shaynus and you saw a random woman in a nice dress, but looking like a homeless crackhead from the waist up in someone's graduation pic, wouldn't it look at least awkward to you? the way she looks is honestly kinda disrespectful to her brother. all she had to do was wash her hair and brush it out, then she'd at least look like someone's ugly mormon aunt

No. 1536110

no one mentioned white people so i guess you are just retarded. ireland itself isn't part of the UK, only northern ireland is.

No. 1536111

I feel like shayna thinks every normal woman is miserable. Like they may have success but, "debt. Oh they probably don't have any followers or sugar daddies! Ha ha their sex lives are so boring! They don't get bit or dress up like babies!".
She has to cope somehow

No. 1536112

She looks like shit with lashes on. I agree she could have done her hair properly given the event but just admit she looks better here than she has in a very long time and it's a blessing that she didn't do her normal makeup or wear an XS juicy couture tracksuit.

No. 1536113

why is her top lip seemingly getting smaller and smaller with each new pic

No. 1536130

It's slowly being absorbed by her honker of a nose. No known cure, unfortunately.

No. 1536145

If she lost the face bloat and eye bags she’d be fine. There’s no makeup that can cover the fact that alcohol abuse makes you look like shit.

No. 1536161

that ugly face and the fucking dress give major tradthot vibes lol

No. 1536166

It’d be a small flex if the dress was at least a Zimmerman or something. This looks cheap and flimsy and I 100% guarantee she’s not wearing any underwear

No. 1536186

Trad hoes have beauty standards too, no “kept woman” would go outside with dirty tangled hair and unmade face. Shayna looks like a mole-woman who just escaped from an underground bunker.

No. 1536191

You really think she can afford a dress that is 700$+? Fuck outta here. She’d look nice (not amazing) if she just brushed her hair and put on some light makeup.

No. 1536203

File: 1653240025825.jpg (536 KB, 980x1684, Screenshot_20220522-131643_Chr…)

The dress is from Express.

No. 1536207

File: 1653240177665.jpg (26.09 KB, 736x308, 509ec09aec4d9db4d113582701b0cd…)

Woah is that a cartoon-style filter? not only is it blurry to the point of being comical, but also it enlarges her eyes so much that she looks as if she's wearing 20mm circle lenses here.

No. 1536270

She looks shlubby and unkempt, but not whorish and retarded the way she would look in one of her usual pink horrors. So her brother probably thinks of that as a relative win.

No. 1536281

File: 1653243470557.jpg (176.15 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20220522-111728_Gal…)

Vintage Troll doll irl

No. 1536293

This dress IS a step up from tracksuits and tennis skirts with crop tops or the SHEIN/ DK trash she usually wears

No. 1536348

it’s so ugly though and made with the cheapest quality lace possible, it’s honestly worse she made her scrote pay $100 for it when it’s the quality of a $12 AliExpress find

No. 1536349

my god that sickly bloated face.

No. 1536383

Same crust level too kek

No. 1536396

Ew she should at least wear concealer and put some ice on her bags.

No. 1536402

why are people saying she looks good? her hair is tangled, fried, and stacked in a poop bun. how could she leave the house like that

No. 1536404

File: 1653250112071.jpg (117.48 KB, 1080x1103, Screenshot_20220522-150736_Chr…)

Imagine tweeting this shit at your brother's graduation while sitting with family

No. 1536407

Her family must feel mortified, not even fucking mascara to even pretend she isn’t a mess?

No. 1536435

The dress is ugly. Her fat is bulging out of the tacky cut outs. She should have had some decency and wore something more modest to a family event.

No. 1536502

Nonna this is Shayna, the dress is modest compared to everything else she wears

No. 1536511

Modest or not, she still looks like an absolute trainwreck & I’m living for it

Get rekt Shayna, she is gunna seethe at how good all the graduating younger women look

No. 1536530

File: 1653258802402.jpeg (172.79 KB, 750x1052, 2E7D03DE-70A4-4A73-B855-8F89E9…)

Much better then when she wore this to a family gathering

No. 1536590

Its like they made a doily into a dress but tried to ~modernize~ it kek

No. 1536603

repost and i know this is old but so weird to hang pictures of your children in the bathroom lol white people weird af

No. 1536635

blog but wait until you find out some families hang pictures of their naked grandchildren as babies (in the bathtub) in the bathroom lmao

No. 1536636


Her coomer overpaid for that dress. I feel like it'd be $45 at Burlington. $100 she could have gotten a dress and some shoes that aren't grimey, tacky and pink.


The standard for Shayna is below hell at this point. I remember the praise she got for finally wearing a skirt that fit her. (The flight attendant porn she did with the degeneracy academy). She looks better than she usually does, but it's still below standard for where she's going. Hopefully her mom forced her to run a brush thru her hair before they left but after she took that picture. She probably feels too shitty to be bothered with hair and makeup, especially since I doubt hope she won't be posting pictures from his graduation on her sex work account. She's so disconnected from reality it's scary. You don't have to wear makeup, but for someone who will at least do her shitty eyeliner and lashes combo, bare faced with dirty hair to a graduation is terrible. Luckily for her brother, he's not graduating from some small middle of nowhere school to go work in the same city, so Shayna's fugly crackhead in a "nice" dress won't stick out as much.

She's such a damn disgrace. I hope her grandma called her fat and ugly lol

No. 1536641


It's true she looks terrible in lashes, but this is the one time she could have watched a YouTube beauty tutorial and tried to look normal. I am grateful that she didn't whip out her tried and true white pleated tennis skirt, however.

She probably opted out because she's been puking her guts out though.

No. 1536709

File: 1653274009943.jpeg (Spoiler Image,479.02 KB, 1536x2048, E4ACA3C6-34B6-4ABC-8F3B-C82356…)

These smoothing filters are working overtime. She looks so bloated and grey.

No. 1536710

File: 1653274084681.jpeg (Spoiler Image,216.17 KB, 1241x1462, 1D73D4A3-F24B-44DA-8AD0-BE2A7C…)

I guess she’s able to be nice to her mother when she’s paying for her trip

No. 1536737

the placement of that watermark is so…bad.

No. 1536738

Wtf is going on with her tongue?

No. 1536758

scalloped tongue, it comes up every thread

No. 1536807

File: 1653281297176.jpeg (51.27 KB, 676x192, D39151BB-D63C-4E70-8C6B-8AD603…)

her family has offered to help her get her life back on track and help her in so many ways. what a tone deaf and stupid thing to retweet

No. 1536816

this fat bitch. calorie counter anon here. there's around 1950 calories in this meal

No. 1536819

Holy shit. How did you calculate that?

No. 1536820

She desperately needs a new skirt, it’s squeezing her stomach like a sausage casing. Why does she wear the oldest cheapest looking piece of trash when she’s always spending money on shopping online

No. 1536856

From the nuts and cheese? Kek, you're overreacting.

No. 1536864

nta, but after trying to gauge how accurate their count was I came up with at least 1,110 calories. The fruit/nut plate is roughly 330, while the other is closer to 640. The wine is an additional 140 calories. The highest calories are coming from the cashews and double portion of triscuits tbh.

No. 1536866


My count is below.
1 cup raspberries = 65 cal
1 cup grapes = 60 cal
.5 cup cashews = 400 cal
12 triscuits = 240 cal
1.5 oz Brie = 150 cal
1 oz cheddar = 115 cal
1/4 cup cheese curds = 110 cal
1/2 bottle pink wine = 300 cal
Thin slices charcuterie meats, 2 slice = 65 cal
Total = 1,505 calories

I am in between the two other anons calculations, so I imagine I am somewhere close to reality. Keep in mind she probably had more alcohol, and this portion is smaller than her normal charcuterie board

No. 1536869

Nuts are very calorie dense. She’s eating a serving for 2 as a lunch portion and 3/4 as a snack portion.

No. 1536870

I get around that calculation too. It would’ve be so bad if this was her only meal or she had a light meal for dinner AND worked out regularly but because of her sedantry lifestyle her TDEE is super low.

No. 1536871

240 for the triscuits,
40 for the raspberries,
400 for the cheese, (overestimating here)
50 for the grapes,
100 for the meat,
300 for wine,
400 for the cashews, that's what I'm guessing but I'm not an expert just a former anachan.

No. 1536874

Those mini bottles are 140cal. But everything else checks out tbh.

No. 1536924

>implying shayna would only drink one mini bottle of wine

No. 1536958

I just don't understand why this bitch is always eating what's supposed to be a shared appetizer as a meal. Obviously it's going to be high in calories kek it's supposed to be split between multiple people

No. 1536986

Uh oh, Shay’s trans mom isn’t going to like this

No. 1537005

I’ve never watched the show, why not?

No. 1537019

Because her trans mom has expressed being jealous about Shay’s actual mom and has “adopted” her

No. 1537020

File: 1653314625922.jpeg (343.88 KB, 1170x740, F9192452-0258-4FE6-B8C3-858EDD…)

Well gee here’s a thought….MOVE BACK HOME

No. 1537024

File: 1653314714864.jpeg (508.08 KB, 1170x1039, 7C1CBBDF-7AEF-4F7C-81B0-293C67…)

“The art” whatever you say Shay

No. 1537036

cyclic vomiting syndrome won’t kill you. nor will weed. what an over dramatic cunt.

No. 1537037

"the art and the money"
>all her pictures look like shit
>most of her concepts are retarded beyond belief
>most outfits are either cheap amazon shit or overpriced low quality dolls kill
>her whore money is laughable for someone who's been trying for so long

No. 1537041

>just setting up the camera from one angle n doing the sex
Bitch that is LITERALLY you but you don’t even do the sex, you just do a gross out comedy routine.

No. 1537048

The art!!! The money!!!! Toppest of keks, truly.

No. 1537050

Literally though. One camera angle, same position and routind every vid. Collabing with people would actually bring variety to her gross, stale porn kek.
And she couldnt last 20 minutes doing anything but laying there beached whale style

No. 1537057

Sperg but there’s been at least four deaths contributed to cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29768651/

No. 1537063

good thing she's actually an alcoholic. oh wait, guess that's not so good for her because that actually kills people in sizable numbers unlike her fake illness. can we move on now?

No. 1537076

File: 1653318724983.gif (464.58 KB, 201x275, D9481B8C-02F4-4CC9-B018-CCD9A5…)

THE ART!!! Coming from her, I absolute fucking cannot. This is the most delusional she’s ever sounded

No. 1537080

Cyclic vomiting syndrome can absolutely kill you, what in the autism is this post. It may not kill shayna, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen…

No. 1537097

File: 1653321318147.jpeg (848.72 KB, 1170x1712, 64EABDDF-C2DB-4975-886D-59A64A…)

No. 1537101

Damn she looks rough. And that swimsuit looks like its going to bust of she moves even slightly. What a mess

No. 1537110

thank god i cant watch her in motion, that bikini is so ill fitting i mean its like a bra and her boobs still looks plain af wtf is this failure of a body kek
i cant with the delusion of this cow

No. 1537112

File: 1653322470697.jpeg (466.8 KB, 1170x965, EE28BC38-9E21-4E76-B651-FCC624…)

Shay, you’ve gone longer than 3 weeks in the past without working

No. 1537113

hope they gave her some high waist shit im tired of the beer gut hanging

No. 1537123

Dolly's Schedule for the next couple of weeks:
Boston hospital, to Seattle hospital, back to Boston hospital, all the way to Ireland hospital and then probably a quick Boston hospital pop in and then back home to Seattle hospital.

No. 1537134

I find it so weird and dangerous she lists out the exact days and when she'll be home to coomers no less.Like who cares? This is something you text to someone or something. I never understand why she writes out her exact plans

No. 1537144

I assume she does it because she has no friends to tell. But you're right that it's dangerous, it's not that hard to find her info and knowing when she's coming and going, if someone wanted to they could break in or assault her or whatever

No. 1537197

File: 1653327003162.jpeg (233.08 KB, 1170x828, 677FCCCD-696B-4098-B7F9-E32669…)

She really brought Ellen with? Cause there’s no way she would call her actual mom “momma”

No. 1537206

Ellen is “Mumma” her mom is “Momma” apparently kek

No. 1537218


Here's hoping her mom buys her some clothes that actually fit. Wouldn't want to be seen traipsing around Ireland in her bimbo wear. She probably got a look in her suitcase and got a sneak peek at what Shayna would pack for Ireland and decided to take action.

No. 1537220

File: 1653328533307.jpg (132.69 KB, 1200x630, aw-billy-bear-ham.jpg)

That bikini looks like it's made of some variety of processed pork, as do virtually all her outfits. Maybe all this time she has just been dressing like her favorite food.

No. 1537231

Shayna, you literally don't have sex. Ever.

No. 1537244

CHS is not the same as cyclic vomiting syndrome, she just uses them interchangeably. she doesn’t like saying it’s CHS even though it is because she doesn’t want people to know it’s purely self inflicted. she wants them to think she’s suffering a mysterious illness so they’ll pity her, and she can frame it in her mind that there’s totally nothing she can do about it.

No. 1537245

I'm sorry if this is a Shayna newfag question but does her mom (or any of her family) know she does creepy pedo porn?

No. 1537247

yeah, overdosing on apple seeds can kill you too. stop acting like it’s common. no one fucking cares.

No. 1537249

They know she does porn and kiwifags have sent her family her porn before but I doubt they delve into what genres she produces

No. 1537262

File: 1653330437701.png (362.7 KB, 640x360, C633E3C3-4C76-452C-A8F2-E017FC…)

This picture is giving deja vu from pre-Fupa pussy boil in plastic pool era. She managed to lose weight before why can’t she do it again?

No. 1537264

I love how she said “lobsta” but when she was pack in Oklahoma she said she doesn’t talk like other Boston people because she’s “educated”

No. 1537305

She probably got told to either get actual clothes or to not go with them to the trip. Then we will have a series of tweets about how going shopping with her “momma” was sooper aboosive and bad for her “mental health”.

No. 1537320

Nah, Shayna’s love is based on materialism. Anyone who buys her shit she loves and keeps around. Also, I don’t think her mom is going to Ireland with her

No. 1537326

Nobody in Boston even says it like that unless they're Southie trash anyway. She just sounds like a fucking retard as usual. How she types is gross.

No. 1537361

File: 1653338346992.jpeg (358.54 KB, 1170x1083, A32002BB-8C06-4A51-9DF4-E8F571…)

Then just move back Shay if it’s so great

No. 1537402


Her mom must be so confused and concerned. I guess Shayna really is a baby a fat ugly baby because she needs actual adults to dress her stupid ass.

Hopefully her mom will get her to buy clothes in her actual size that don't give her rolls the opportunity to flop out

No. 1537411

This is what happens when you spoil someone rotten. Shay was spoilt growing up and her parents will constantly bail her out, thus enabling this shit behavior. When they croak, the burden will end up on her siblings if they haven't cut her off or if Shay doesn't get herself killed before then.

No. 1537426


Like anyone gives a fuck about her anywhere

No. 1537449

She’s definitely dropping hints about moving back home.

No. 1537450

Shayna, youre not a B cup anymore. Swimsuits always run small, but she needs to get at least a large if not xl then her tits wont look smooshed down and yet ready to flop out

No. 1537457

So this confirms its a family trip then, yeah? She wouldnt go back to boston before Ireland otherwise. The trip is definitely a family vacation/graduation gift to her brother combo then. She's such a mooch. Her Trump supporting fox news repub unsupportive cunty mom she blocks is okay when shes getting stuff though!

No. 1537464

File: 1653345670956.jpeg (202.2 KB, 828x632, D1E2B4C2-F5CA-4827-BDFF-813DE8…)

Actual prostitute saga on the horizon

No. 1537470

Your fatass wouldn't last 20 minutes either if your sexual partner made you actually contribute during sex instead of just laying there like a dead fish getting the Bobby Brown abuse treatment to the face. Let's see you put out a video or nonexistent cam show where you squat fuck for 20 minutes retard. I guarantee even if someone offered to pay per minute you couldn't even make the cash.

No. 1537472

"Bimbo wear" is too flattering. Actual bimbos wear quality or cute and on trend things. Not try to dress like retarded children.

Not really how that works. In that case the dom/spanker is providing the service. She thinks offering her boil infected flabby ass while she lays there like an idiot is something to be paid for? She obviously knows people in the seattle kink community. Either work something out or pay for a dom. People pay for sex and professional sessions of sexual activity.

No. 1537478

File: 1653346661061.jpeg (175.47 KB, 828x505, 1291BFFF-FE95-46F7-A3D9-97C9E7…)

No. 1537484

Reading between the lines, she's not making money doing porn. Her coomers have dropped off and no one is paying to see her half-assedly dildo herself and do fake orgasm faces anymore, so she's moving into FSSW. What's crazy with Shay is that it's usually poor & destitute women with no safety net who end up going this route. It's almost unheard of for someone with well-off parents who offered to pay for college to do this by choice. She really is that self destructive I guess, damn.

No. 1537491

She’s a retard, no one is going to pay Shayna Clifford just to let them spank her. If she’s letting Johns into her home they’re going to expect her to put out

No. 1537493

Professional submissives do exist, but if Shay is too lazy to cam she's definitely too lazy to show up for irl sessions. And she'd have to apply at a dungeon and get hired, no one will pay to drive to her apartment and wade through empty beer bottles & fast food containers to spank her while she lounges, dabs and tweets on her pet hair encrusted sofa. Well maybe a rapist or a serial killer.

No. 1537500

Does anyone from the Tumblr days remember what the drama between shay and keifeon was?

No. 1537505

was it something to do with weed and copying "aesthetics"?

No. 1537512

Tinfoil: the trip to Ireland is a scam to get her into rehab or a mental ward

No. 1537544

As funny and sad as a FSSW saga would be, I highly doubt it's going to happen. She already admitted she doesn't enjoy sex or kinks irl, and she doesn't know how to socialize. When has she ever had a successful collab or professional relation. It only worked with Fupaul because she got the BPD emotional benefit out of it.