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File: 1650625751365.png (2.31 MB, 1065x1438, logo.png)

No. 1508644

Kathy is a scammer "showgirl" and Twitter "findomme" extraordinaire. She is commonly found loitering in front of shops, trying to catch the eye of a Forbes list billionaire. Her bird-faced beauty sets many hearts a-flutter and her Amazon-wishlist Old Hollywood Glamour makes "grown men blush". She is collared and owned by a particularly repulsive neckbeard who simps over cosplayers and collects funko pops. She not only looks like a carrion bird, but is a true culture-vulture with a discerning fetish for Black women.
Recent milk from the last thread >>1456358:
>Blesses us with an uncanny valley photoshoot and low-effort domme videos
>Hangs around at Skirt Club, maskless, after screeching about mask requirements and performer safety
>Pretends her stockings are fully fashioned, fools nobody
>As part of her findomme larp, exploited a psych ward patient for Laduree merch
>Later said psych ward patient didn't respect HER boundaries
>More social media activism for the disabled and neurodivergent (lel)
>Abuses glue and rhinestones
>Increasingly unhinged walls of text
>Commissions a "logo" for her burlesque business
>Fetishizes black women (again)
@TheMadameBlush and @parkavenuepinup on Twitter

No. 1508728

File: 1650638920287.jpg (74.21 KB, 737x715, lol.JPG)

im sure the psychward "femsub" agrees

No. 1508759

File: 1650641274597.jpg (118.98 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

She's again encouraging political inaction. For someone who claims protesting doesn't work, what the fuck does she think direct action IS?

No. 1508775

She thinks direct action means bombing their houses and shit, which is hilarious considering she'd never actually do what she "isn't allowed to talk about" because she's larping communism for the clout and superiority complex it gives her. I can't get over her communism larp when she thinks survival sex workers should shut the fuck up about wanting sex trade abolished kek it's all wahoooo communism until someone wants women to stop being trafficked and dehumanized and literally sold for their bodies, then it's "you're literally killing twitter sex workers and you are an enemy to the communist agenda"

No. 1508785

Kathy's style of activism:
>don't vote
>protesting is useless
>give me mutual aid

No. 1508815

File: 1650648783913.jpg (266.81 KB, 2160x1920, screenshot.jpg)

In case anyone needed a reminder, she's "alternative", not like the other girls.

No. 1508817

I bet Kathy believes in the Courtney killed Kurt conspiracy.

No. 1508833

File: 1650650784226.jpg (434.52 KB, 2156x1920, screenshot.jpg)

More disability things.

No. 1508835

File: 1650650879946.jpg (61.46 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

She's been trying to "manifest" two boyfriends for a while now. And somehow, amidst her thinking she's so desired and desirable, her main guy still won't commit.

No. 1508853

She probably thinks demonstrating is the only form of protest.

No. 1508860

File: 1650652501484.jpg (288.3 KB, 1634x1080, screenshot.jpg)

For burlesque ranting, disabled performers know how to put on a fucking show. To point out history, the old "parade-and-peel" routine now is mentioned for history's sake but gets discouraged for being boring AF.

No. 1508939

First thread >>1259829
Second thread >>1299249
Third thread >>1348150
Fourth thread >>1405537
Fifth thread >>1456360

No. 1508940


Petulant Excuses from a malignant narcissist.

>Flexibility in burlesque is extremely ableist

Anything Kathy can't do automatically means it's ableist.

Even if people have sacrificed their time time and energy to mastering something - if she can't do it instantly, it's deemed ableist and exclusionary.

She's retardedly grandiose in her autovulnerability kink.

No. 1508966

>When I was coming up
Bitch, you haven't even started.
>It's about the art of the tease and fun clever tricks, and blowing people away with glamour.
Kek, you don't do that either, Kathy. If she spent half her e-larping-as-a-disabled-queer-radicalcommie-no tankies uwu!-sex-liberationist time doing simple exercises and like 3 dance lessons she could maybe gain the confidence she so desperately wants her 2 twitter fans to think she has. I never say this but bitch needs to touch grass. Get a waitressing job for a couple months and you'll get over your chronically disabling anxiety. But who am I kidding, that would require her to admit that she isn't immediately the best ever at everything she does.

No. 1509100

how tf is what other people choose to do for their shows ableist, there are things i cant do but people who can arent somehow oppressive. has she even taken the time and effort to idk do some fucking yoga or something and see if she gets anymore flexible or stronger? it really seems like she just sits on her ass all day, of course youre gonna be in pain and stiff. what disability does she even have anyway?

No. 1509143

>predisabled people
As if everyone is guaranteed to become disabled one day. Fucking nuthouse.

No. 1509149

Literally the plot of the dystopian short story Harrison Bergeron

No. 1509171

My burlesque friend does a few of her pieces en pointe as she’s a classically trained ballet dancer. Funnily enough no one she’s worked with has moaned at her for this “exclusionary” performance because they all have their own unique parts too. Doesn’t Kathy study the greats? Does she not remember the advice given in Gypsy? “You gotta have a gimmick”, Kathy, and apparently yours is being boring and terrible.

No. 1509192

>trying to profit off the work of a chronically ill woman

Reminder that your favourite finsub was institutionalised while subbing to you and gave you thousands until you cut her off, and not because she's mentally ill, but because she became overfamiliar.

No. 1509370

OP artist, you are fucking amazing!

No. 1509471

File: 1650730148616.jpg (2.06 MB, 4312x3824, screenshot.jpg)

This. Fucking. Rant.

No. 1509473

You know how people talk about being a white savior? Is "crip savior" a thing? Because this reads less like allyship and "I want to be the monarch that others must speak through."

No. 1509476

Performers who incorporate gymnastics/acrobatics into their numbers do so not because they want to flex (no pun intended) on other performers, but because they know that audiences get excited by splits, handstands, aerial work, etc. But Kathy only knows how to put an audience to sleep so she’ll calling ableist.

No. 1509478

Why is she appointing herself the spokesperson? Like, who appointed her?
She can't claim to speak for everyone.
If you speak on behalf of other people, you have to have some kind of accountability to those people. She's an accountability disaster because her history doesn't show her being accountable even for HERSELF.

No. 1509479

Saying she's literally willing to work for free reads more like she's willing to work for clout and social capital to establish herself–so she has an "in" to the scene without doing anything to improve her own shoddy work.

Advocacy is serious work, but she wants to be an advocate without putting in work or NETWORKING or even trying to work accountably with others.

Fuck, people have paid jobs and do actual fucking WORK in disability advocacy, accommodations, and accessibility enforcement. If she wants to work for free on this, she's invalidating and erasing the paid work other people do!

No. 1509480

Audiences are probably also willing to pay way more for a performer who, you know, actually performs. I've been invited to one show like that and the amount of creativity and work that goes into it is admirable. Trying to time a handstand or split with the music, coordinating with the person doing the lights etc. It also feels a lot less sleazy and more like you're going to cirque du soleil.

No. 1509483

>She's retardedly grandiose in her autovulnerability kink.

No. 1509495

we all know the only person she wants to be an advocate for is herself

No. 1509513

I was the anon who requested the one glove, thanks so much OP image anon - it's perfect.

No. 1509604

I think the drawing is really cute and flattering

No. 1509688

If getting to the venue just to watch is such an obstical how does she expect to go on a regular basis to perform?

No. 1509785

Looking at the I’ll edit…I think she’d be smart to lean into the bird beak, just really embrace her different features and make it part of her schtick. It could work for her if she wanted to do the work of being a real performer.

No. 1509788

If you can't even audition, don't perform. For fucks sake. I hate this stupid bitch.

No. 1509828

Look at the tag in the last image. The whole deal is Kathy trying to prove she's worthy of a $5k grant for uh being an advocate of some sort.

No. 1509851

File: 1650758294011.png (212.83 KB, 468x650, Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 4.58…)

Really? She's going to try to come for two drag queens? Kek never change Katherine

No. 1509862

Isn't the pink one Ojibwe?

No. 1509868

…. Chadwick Boseman had stage III colon cancer. Disease =/= disability. Can she stop using the deaths of black people when she spews her insanity? Fucking weirdo.

No. 1509890

It really explains why shes so fucking broke. She really thinks people want to pay to see people do shit they toddler can do? Bob around with no rhythm and nonsensically fling dusty fans? No I want to see some chick on point, or a bitch who preforms in a hand stand. If a performer is disabled they need charm, to be able to flirt or joke well enough to be worth the time. It isn't a volunteer talent show, performers need to be interesting to make money. Katherine doesn't consider the audience at all. It's just about her feeling special on a stage.

No. 1509912

File: 1650762397026.jpg (84.31 KB, 810x592, screenshot.jpg)

Funny how she talks of tyranny when she wants a social coup herself.

No. 1509924

File: 1650763372857.jpg (67.8 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

She can't even do the right thing when it's to pass the mic and shut her damn mouth.

No. 1509940

Is her plan to try and complain her way into a career?

No. 1509945

File: 1650765466144.jpg (513.85 KB, 2148x1920, screenshot.jpg)

She wants to be loved through coddling and catering to her every whim, we get it.

No. 1509950

She literally calls for in-action and does fuck all herself. What planet is she on?

No. 1509952

So who is she vague-posting about now? A real domme or burlesque dancer that put her in her place?

No. 1509954

File: 1650765823110.jpeg (151.65 KB, 750x1334, 278939568_704933670628487_7687…)

What the fuck

No. 1509958

Nothing about this is appealing, full offense to the artist and Katherine. The coloring is absolutely atrocious, looks nothing even remotely like Katherine, and it looks like she has on khaki skinny jeans. Can't wait to the see finished mess the findom logo will be.

No. 1509959

File: 1650766024700.jpg (166.02 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)


"Here’s my finished burlesque logo! It’s so perfect I could cry! Thank you so much @ink_stasy for making my dreams come true!

It’s me in my signature burlesque costume with my pageboy, my ostrich feather fans, and my crystalized Louboutins, atop a pistachio @ladureeus macaron—my favorite!"

Well then.

And yet, she still shared THIS story after.

No. 1509960

No. 1509961

The piss yellow hair was uh, a choice. $200 down the drain like everything else she does kek

No. 1509963

> I will still be using this logo as well, of course!
Someone doesn’t understand branding. Katherine, is there anything you get beyond a superficial level?

No. 1509969

this one is a zillion times cuter wtf

No. 1509976

File: 1650767442271.jpg (12.35 KB, 342x507, 71WLj4TuzeL._AC_UX342_.jpg)

why is she wearing Dickies to do burlesque? also she's so late to the macaron trend. also these >>1509959 aren't logos reeeee I thought this bitch claimed to be a designer

No. 1509988

Oh my god she pisses me off so much. Yeah, disabled /chornically ill people can be terrible at planning ahead and it can be hard to predict when we're going to be well enough to go out let alone for how long.

This is why I don't attempt to have a career as a fucking burlesque dancer. I work from home, and make sure my work has a flexible schedule because that makes me about 500% more reliable than coming into the city every day to do the same thing from an office in set hours. If Kathy really is disabled, or utterly determind to LARP as disabled, then she needs to get that wake up call that she can't have it both ways. She can't be both a poor sick little kitten and a glamorous showgirl because clients will not rebook if she lets them down for being too ill to turn up to a booking. Is there a WFH option for Burlesque? Webcam shows? OnlyFans?

No. 1509995

I think it's a last ditch effort to get that nightlife grant!

No. 1510008

Speaking of logos, aren't Louboutin's red soles a legal trademark now? She's got someone else's intellectual property in her "logo" kek

No. 1510021

File: 1650771241272.jpg (123.71 KB, 1080x1220, screenshot.jpg)

Seems like Little Miss "Haters Are My Motivators" is on another tear of insisting anyone without fawning adoration is unworthy of the dirt beneath her Louboutins.

No. 1510027

File: 1650771649921.jpg (182.75 KB, 748x1044, screenshot.jpg)

Looks like her domme "logo" is as good as the burlesque one. Too many colors, too busy with patterns, too much going on to have a good impact.

No. 1510038

NONE OF THESE ARE LOGOS, KATHY, they're illustrations!

speaking of, Kathy absolutely told the artist what colors to use here, they're absolutely atrocious. the artist should've said no or suggested something else

No. 1510040

>agenté provocateur
>bergdorf goodmen
Avoiding copyright infringement or just Kathy being an illiterate poser again?

No. 1510041

> Illustrations
YES! It’s one of my pet peeves, I was reeeee’ing right along with >>1509976

What is she using these ON? She now has at least four fucking “logos”.

No. 1510044

I'm sorry, I work in graphic design and I'm just dying inside

she has absolutely no idea what she's doing, you can tell from the total lack of unity or ANY brand direction – she's a hack

I swear it's just going to go on little message cards, mark my words

No. 1510066

Kathy is the most ignorant and bigoted person here. See >>1509851 >>1509862

No. 1510070

File: 1650774696360.png (431.63 KB, 587x660, 5F25D184-BA03-46C4-B0B9-8627B3…)

>just going to go on little message cards
They are and Kathy will just add them to her ever growing stacks of stationary she has and doesn’t use with 5 different “logos”. These two new ones make it four this year alone and were only four months in.

No. 1510074

The artist ripped off an older fetish illustration, gave Kathy bangs which she’s never had, and put two brand names in there, one of which your eye immediately goes to. Kathy and the artist should both be embarrassed and ashamed.

No. 1510102

Oh no, Nona, there’s no need to apologise, I was dying alongside you and I fully agree with you then and now.

No. 1510103

This looks so dated and bad, just plain bad. I’ve seen MLM mums with better business cards.

No. 1510135

it looks like she is sitting on an iceberg lettuce

No. 1510181


Do these flop ass bitches ever stop whining? Only people you can be mad at in life are yourself and your loser ass parents. And if your parents aren't the losers it's you, so Kathy. Be mad at yourself for being larping bald broke loser that can't even be the token skinny white girl in the sea of fat PoC and make a buck. Literally your white privilege is failing you because you're too dumb and lazy to use it, bitch like her could jiggle her jugs and take it the fuck up just by not being obese and old.

Burlesque is not what the pretty in shape survival sex workers flock to.

No. 1510425

It really is and idk who the fuck she thinks she is. If she wasn’t the most insufferable cow posted here I’d give the fucking peasant 5 grand myself just to get her to shut up. I don’t mean to downplay endo, I know personally how difficult the symptoms can be to manage but it is in no way a disability. You lose no mobility whatsoever. You can do everything a non sufferer can do and ultimately you can live a normal life with no adjustments needed. In what world does she get to speak for disabled people? She has no idea what they need. Same as she has no idea what prostitutes need because she will never have to be an actual sex worker. Awkwardly walking around a dive bar in a chap tacky basque is to sex work what endometriosis is to disability.

No. 1510464

Artist anon who made the OP image, please edit this one too! (love your work)

No. 1510521

Shit thread. Anon that did the first five needs to come back for #7.

No. 1510534

File: 1650831618517.jpeg (552.92 KB, 1242x1196, 896B4872-B9D8-4382-8AC6-528694…)

Oh please if she wasn’t mid-twenties and hadn’t already had daddy pay for college, she’d use that as an excuse for e-begging. Her “small business” is so bad she doesn’t even remember she says she has one sooo kek Dumb bitch should focus on having a four figure bank account instead of having the lowest of the low online buy her knock-off pleasers and ugly ass hats.

No. 1510592

Girl please, you can’t even sub-fund a block of cheese from the farmers market let alone “four figure handbags” kek

No. 1510603

File: 1650835300701.jpg (112.23 KB, 748x640, screenshot.jpg)

She's projecting again.

No. 1510607

reminds me of when the 'Foxtrot' cartoons would have the teenage girl shopping at Meiman Narcus or reading Logue magazine kek

as anon up there said though, the red soles are still a trademark!

No. 1510608

Cards with her cashapp details on. I'm dying.

No. 1510666

It will never not be funny that she thinks the REEEEEEEing she does is educating anyone on whatever topic she claims to be advocating for. She was interviewed last thread and it was just “poor me me me me me me me”; she adds nothing of substance or value to any conversation, whichis why she wants to live in an echo chamber where she is the only speaker that gets to dictate everything.

No. 1510685

File: 1650841155106.jpeg (238.04 KB, 1242x436, A97797C8-3378-4405-ACE6-BD72AF…)

This is direct opposition of what green anarchism is. You can not partake in capitalism and industrialism then call yourself a green anarchist. Green anarchists do not support the fashion industry - doesn’t matter if your shoes are $3,000 or $30 it’s all fast fashion.

No. 1510750

File: 1650848154164.jpeg (143.18 KB, 750x1334, 75B3DC9F-0E15-406F-916E-2DAAA9…)

Kathy’s way of thinking is so fucked. She ostracizes pretty much everyone with a huge focus on non-disabled people and then questions why more non-disabled people aren’t sharing a post she made of someone else’s experience with only a couple hundred likes. Her self-aggrandizing is out of control.

No. 1510826

This is so hilariously deranged. So now people in athletic/dance-based professions are being “ableist” by…having athletic/dance skills? Doing the most to win the Oppression Olympics even though she’s a rich white girl too lazy to get a job.

No. 1510831

Lol no

No. 1510835

File: 1650855963739.png (116.2 KB, 390x724, Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 7.58…)

She's right in that women should be taken care of financially by men but she doesn't have a high horse to sit upon when she herself is chasing after a neckbeard that doesn't even acknowledge her and is receiving way less than minimum wage a month pretending to do "findom". Regular healthy women do not envy or wish to be treated as objectified and commodified meat.

No. 1510837

Lol secure and valued women aren't selling their wares for chump change and bitching 24/7 online but keep projecting Kathy.

No. 1510842

Kathy most of us aren’t ‘enraged’ about you getting $20 tributes from a scrotes on twitter, nor are we ‘giving away free sex for dinners’. Some of us are actually successful in our own right completely independent from whatever man or woman we are fucking. Some of us make more money in a week than you see in a year and still have wild sex lives without them being transactional or needing $3 AliExpress collars.
It says so much about herself that she cannot imagine success without men somehow paying for it.

No. 1510865

File: 1650858929985.png (209.71 KB, 584x677, Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 8.53…)

Katherine McMahon you're accepting WOODEN SPOONS as payment from SISSIES. Your "boundaries" are below Hell. Don't ever come for other women. Don't make the mistake of throwing stones the most fragile of glass houses.

No. 1510871

I will bet a cool 50 bucks that Kathy has never heard of Ed Roberts or made any effort whatsoever to delve into actual disability studies academia. She didn't 'identify' as disabled (because she's not disabled obviously) while at university so will now reee that they were ableist because they're not fucking psychic.

No. 1510873

This is the same woman who claimed to crawl into bed with her friend's fathers when she'd stay over at their houses aged 18 or so, guess you gotta send an invoice to those old (fictional) scrotes.

No. 1510877

She sure talks a lot about respecting boundaries while shattering everyone else's. High chance she did not do that but it's still crossing and breaking boundaries publicly putting out that fantasy about your friend's fathers.

No. 1510898

This is so fucking funny

No. 1510920

Those mean talented bitches putting on real shows making it hard for the Kathy's of the world to waddle onto a stage and expect praise for the bare minimum. Do you know how hard she worked on her single rhinestoned glove?!?

No. 1510998

The way she calls women civilians as if she is somehow above us all. Kathy McCawface doesn’t realise that most women have too much pride and dignity to ever beg a scrote to pay our bills. She has no idea what a relationship with someone who loves you is like because she is completely unloved. Even her fat neckbeard would rather embarrass himself by simping for twitch thots than claim her. And he’s a man who unironically wears robes. She is not thriving.

No. 1511023

Kathy is giving away free sex to a literal neckbeard that doesn't even take her out to dinner. Kathy is giving away free sex to a literal neckbeard that has her e-whoring for his dog's toys. Bottom barrel mentally deranged men that call themselves sissies have access to Katherine after buying her a wooden spoon.

Talk about projection. She's as low-value as a woman can get.

No. 1511028

Sex work is as misogynistic as anything could get but sure, it's the women against women selling themselves sexually online for $3 that are misogynistic. Either get a fucking grip retard or stand on the corner for a night.

No. 1511131

File: 1650891400890.jpg (194.46 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

She regularly tells people to fuck off and often uses the gaslighty "I have nothing but hope for you to do better" afterwards to make it seem like other people are morally rotten to the core, but sure, other people need to learn to be kinder TO HER.

No. 1511143

File: 1650893624960.jpg (64.27 KB, 1080x524, civilian.jpg)

I thought this bitch went to college. Or did I miss when e-begging cows became part of the military?

No. 1511251

Kathy, your man 'spoils' you with less than a food bank donation and publicly engages with twitch thots instead of you; the one whom which he places a precious symbolic consoomer collar of ownership.

Kathy, you take advantage of emotionally unstable women and then publicly gaslight and harass them on your "professional" account when the scam runs dry.

Kathy, you're nothing without the abilities of 'civilian women' who work jobs and maintain creative hustle despite their monthly pains and insecurity.

No. 1511262

In Kathy's utopia there would be no accomplishments in high art, theatre, music or any other skill that she doesn't directly leach from.

All performing arts would be an auditionless shortbus that pays into a community mutual aid bucket to cover the consoomerism of every rhinestoned mediocrity with a victim complex and an owie-kink.

Need a new instrument? Sacrifice your physical personal autonomy in exchange for money.
Disabled or chronically ill folks to the front of the whore-line. Dick's won't suck themselves.

Above all, Don't you dare practice with the hopes of improving your quality of life because time and preparedness is entirely ablest.

No. 1511268

TBF she's using it to differentiate between people who are in the sex industry and people who aren't. I don't think it's a superiority thing per se, although everything she writes does tend to have that tone.

No. 1511277

> TBF she's using it to differentiate between people who are in the sex industry and people who aren't.

Yes, but it's still a binary used to validate her larp/ superiority.

No. 1511331

File: 1650905942270.jpg (155.77 KB, 810x1017, screenshot.jpg)

So she doesn't like it when people say she has no fashion sense or taste! According to her, she's an ARTIST, which makes us all losers who are clearly too stupid to get her art.
What a tantrum.

No. 1511344

Yeah but she's using the word incorrectly because she thinks "civilians" sounds more bougie-Manhattan-heiress than what she really means which is "normies" or more specifically, "women who aren't prostitutes"

It's extra funny because she larps as an anti authoritarian commie too

No. 1511358

What Kathy doesn’t understand is that “civilian” women get paid to exist all over the world. It’s called marriage - something she hasn’t managed to secure yet from her neckbeard, which is why she’s stuck writing grants and e-begging from strangers to pay her rent. Imagine letting a man “collar” you who isn’t paying your bills or contributing to your lifestyle in any way, and then having the nerve to believe other women need financial advice from you! Lmao

No. 1511409

She thinks prostitutes are somehow superior to women who aren’t prostitutes when literally every single woman on earth has what it takes to be a hooker. Every one of us could lay on our backs and take dicks all day if we wanted to. The best bit about her asshole wording is she can’t even bring herself to be one, she just larps. She is the literal perpetual civilian she hates so much and that’s hilarious.

No. 1511470

That quote doesn’t mean what she thinks it means

No. 1511473

File: 1650918764144.jpeg (427.71 KB, 1242x1057, 1D723F86-7695-4E9B-B93C-0D10F9…)

The best is when she contradicts herself within one sentence kek

No. 1511531

She co-wrote an article on some random site in early 2020 about disability and sex with a heavy focus on "inter-abled" relationships. This is where she pretty much told on herself that she can't/doesn't have penetrative sex often. Contradicts herself a lot in it - "communicate with your disabled partner about what they like!" "But research about their disability on your own, it's not their responsibility to educate you." Ends it with desperation about how sex doesn't always work out and to never "express disappointment, frustration, or annoyance, we can tell even if it is not expressed with words" because that's healthy, right? It really puts into perspective how deep her world-revolves-around-me thinking goes. Will copy and link it in the next post.

No. 1511543

File: 1650923605513.png (442.73 KB, 617x632, Screen-Shot-2020-02-05-at-12.4…)

From Elle: I am a regular sex education contributor to Confluence but was woefully unprepared to discuss the topic due to my own lack of knowledge or experience as an able-bodied person, and thusly I outsourced for this inquiry. I’d like to thank Katherine Harlow for writing the following and sharing these resources, you can contact her on Instagram @parkavenuepinup, or email misskatherineharlow@gmail.com

KH: A key to understanding the intersection of sex and disability is understanding disability theory. Disability theory is complex and nuanced, but essentially: all disabled people are different, our needs are different, our needs deserve to be met, and that we are not a burden. The onus for unlearning ableism, such as unfavorable conceptions, or treatment of disabled people is on abled people.”

Regarding language: some language has changed regarding this issue. We no longer use the phrases “handicapped/handicapable,” or “special needs”. Our needs aren’t special, just different. this also implies our needs are a privilege, not a right.

“Differently abled”, can be euphemistic, and implies disability is a bad thing.

We largely prefer identity first language: for example “disabled person“, over person-first language “person with a disability”.

Abled vs Able-bodied: Also there has been a shift in referring to non-disabled people as “abled” instead of “able-bodied” in order to acknowledge the existence of mental disabilities. However, if you are speaking about physical disability particularly, it is okay to refer to non-physically-disabled people as “able bodied.”

Access needs: are a need that a disabled person requires to enjoy, experience, or perform something with the least amount of pain, stress, duress, or burden upon them. For example, some folks who have trouble standing might consider needing to sit through the work day is an access need.

Inter-abled sex and/or relationships: This means when one person is disabled and one person is not. Even if this is not the case, here are my recommendations for someone having sex with a disabled person:

Firstly, unlearn your ableism: all people are socialized to be ableist until we actively unlearn it, and even disabled people can have internalized ableism. Unlearn preconceived notions, stereotypes, misunderstandings, and misinformation about disabled people. (Resources for doing this are below)

Research your partner’s disability: do as much research as possible on your partner’s disability. Educate yourself as much as possible without putting the responsibility of educating you onto your disabled partner. Research via reliable medical sources, or attend doctor’s visits with your partner, if your partner sees a doctor, and if your partner is comfortable with that. Ask the doctor questions with your partner’s consent.

Learn your partner’s limitations: have a conversation with your partner in which your learn their limitations. This is similar to a “negotiation” in BDSM, if you will. If they are open to discussing limitations, ask them what is painful, may cause a flare-up, etc. For example, vaginal or anal penetration may be extremely painful for someone with pelvic floor disorder.

Be creative: disabled people are some of the most creative people in the world from how we have learned to modify certain things with regard to our limitations and the largely inaccessible world. For example, if someone has trouble with penetration, explore outercourse, roleplay, sensation play, etc.

Spotify (podcasts):

-Disability After Dark with Andrew Gurza, Katherine Harlow is a guest on episode 171.

-The Sex Ed with Liz Goldwyn episode with Dr. Linda Mona, who is a disabled clinician.

A lot of this work has yet to be acknowledged by the mainstream or published in books or large media outlets. That being said, there is groundwork being done on social media. On Instagram, check out:

– @crippingupsex: Eva is a disabled sex educator.

– @laraeparker: Lara lives with severe endometriosis and pelvic floor disorder and speaks often about sex and disability, her new book “Vagina Problems” will be out soon.

These IG accounts are not necessarily related to sex, but they give excellent groundwork for disability theory:

-@itswalela is a Non-binary POC femme, community organizer, writer, and activist with cancer.

-@_sambosworth is a disability activist with peripheral neuropathy, who is also a wheelchair user.

-@hot.crip is meme account related to disability and ableism, run by a disabled person.

-@plsdonttouchmycane is another meme account related to disability and ableism run by a disabled person.

-@invalid__art is a Disability activist with over 30+ conditions.

-@wheely_good_time is a Disability activist specializing in graphic design, who designs small graphics about the disabled experience.

Lastly, Never make your partner feel like a burden: even for the most well-prepared, thought-out sex with a disabled partner, things will not always go to plan. A lot of disabled people have fluctuating access needs, which means that our access needs change, sometimes day to day. Perhaps on a good day, a disabled person can be gently and slowly penetrated, but on a bad day, it is not possible. Sometimes the person does not know until it is attempted and it does not work out. Don’t express disappointment, frustration, or annoyance, we can tell even if it is not expressed with words. Understand that bodies are complicated, especially disabled bodies. Find and suggest another activity, ask if your partner needs a break, check in, etc.

Katherine Harlow is available for contact at misskatherineharlow@gmail.com and @parkavenuepinup on IG.



No. 1511560

The fact she did this whole thing as a "disability expert" but her disability is… endometriosis and pelvic floor dysfunction (iirc) which so many women have and would never consider themselves disabled? Basically meaning she will be more sensitive to pain and have less control than someone without it.
It seems she's fine with everything except dick based on the, as always, Kathy-focused bingo, like a dildo and fisting and whatever is just as intrusive as dick. Seems like an elaborate way to avoid having intimate sex with the gross scrotes she dates.

No. 1511567

File: 1650926234255.jpg (127.18 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

So again, she directs her anger at hating other women, and projects her own seething rage at people "faking" being abuse survivors for perceived clout.

No. 1511569

Kek how predictable.

No. 1511571

Without saying she's stanning Johnny Depp, she's clearly buying into the narrative that the rich white guy is the beleaguered victim.

This shows that when push comes to shove, she's willing to defend anything the most powerful and privileged people will tell her is worthy to them.
Handmaid to the status quo right there.

No. 1511575

Context for shitty people!
Without trying to hijack shit, Elle Stanger aka @stripperwriter has a history as a manipulator who uses being a cutesy-alternative white lady that strips to claim herself an authority on the scene while behind-the-scenes being abusive, racist, and transphobic.

No wonder Kathy, too, gets caught up in the bitchy assholes who want to declare themselves the mouthpieces of an entire movement while doing the least but wanting good optics.

Sources on both these IG pages (second is backup for the first b/c she bullies her victims into silence, such a great ally! /sarcasm)


No. 1511577


No. 1511584

If she was paying any sort of attention instead of parroting what Twitter tells her, she'd know both were highly abusive to each other. They're both perps and victims but of course let's take the man's side. Johnny Depp isn't going to get with you Katherine.

No. 1511585

A goddess also should never have to e-beg online for virtually zero engagement and money kek

No. 1511587

File: 1650927683861.jpg (195.04 KB, 744x1224, screenshot.jpg)

This again.

No. 1511588

Didn't want to spam the thread but fuck it: around the same time as the last "article" posted she also put out a whiplash of a rant on another random blog where she proclaims that "I wear makeup, pin curls, and lingerie because my appearance is the only thing about my body that I can control. I do these things because if I don’t, I spiral into the abyss of feeling powerless in my body"

No. 1511589

File: 1650927748030.jpeg (145.4 KB, 1600x1066, katherine.jpeg)

So, let’s talk about something serious–ableism. Lately, abled people have had the audacity to tell me I’m “not disabled,” because I “don’t look sick.” Look at this photograph. I was five weeks post-op from a surgery for advanced endometriosis. I was having a flare up the day we took these photos. I was very sick in this photo. But since I was wearing makeup, with pin curls, and lingerie, nobody knew I was sick.

Abled people tell me “you don’t look sick.” Tell me, what does sick look like? Can you see my uterine tissue cementing my organs together? Can you see the cytokines attacking that tissue because my body thinks it’s a pathogen? Can you see the constant autoimmune response of my body fighting itself? Can you see my chronic nausea and vomiting? Can you see my nerve pain that shoots so far down my legs that I’m unable to walk some days? Can you see my pelvic floor dysfunction. or the permanent muscle spasms in my pelvic muscles that causes me unending pain?

I wear makeup, pin curls, and lingerie because my appearance is the only thing about my body that I can control. I do these things because if I don’t, I spiral into the abyss of feeling powerless in my body. Would you rather me perform your idea of “sickness” for you—no makeup, messy hair, and sweatpants, so that you can pity me and subsequently feel like a good or superior person for helping me?

Abled people only want to respect, validate, or accommodate disabled people if we are disabled in a socially acceptable way—if we shrink ourselves and never ask for anything, including accommodations, if we never complain about our illnesses or our pain, if we never call out ableism and discrimination, if we never lament the injustice of being disabled, and accepting that we will be sick and in pain forever.

Abled people want inspiration —short tidbits about disability that cab be reduced to a Pinterest quote about "perseverance," or "bravery" that they can apply to their lives. Abled people want to look at us and feel grateful for their lives and for their health. Abled people do not want disabled people to challenge their beliefs, or force them to confront their ableism.

I do. Look at this picture of me. I am sick. I am suffering. I am in pain. I am beautiful. I am strong. I am disabled.


No. 1511640

It's a common porn industry term, it refers to people who haven't cross the threshold of performing in pornography/fucking for money. I've only ever heard it used for dating tho, like "she started dating a civilian and he told her she can only do girl on girl now", the way that she's using it here makes no sense to me tho. I've never heard domme/finndommes use that word. Blog but IDK how, I somehow ended up knowing people in both industries and they are very different. The guy who worked with porn actresses describes a dystopian hellscape of drugs, broken relationships and pedos asking for girls to film custom content in their friend's teen daughter's clothing whereas the domme is happily married, shops at luxury grocery stores, lives in a doorman building in the middle of manhattan, and seems like she basically gets paid to be rich lonely men's friend. She is how I know Kathy will never be even remotely successful at being a luxury findomme because they couldn't be more different kek

No. 1511673

wtf even is a "FemDomina" and how is it different from a dominatrix?

No. 1511820

File: 1650942532924.jpg (304.3 KB, 2160x1920, screenshot.jpg)

From what I know of luxury in tattoo art, you save up to work with a specific artist (or a few), and commission them to design with you a custom piece.
In a way, you pay for the gift of becoming THEIR canvas, with a unique artwork designed to you.
These are not luxury tattoos.

No. 1511835

Kek once you get those seam tattoos you can never wear actual seamed stockings again because it'd be impossible to keep them lined up with the tattoo.

No. 1511837

The sparkles around her already tattooed nipples sound really hideous to me

No. 1511859

She will forever be Long Island trash kek there is nothing classy, luxury, or attractive about nipple and tit tattoos and dark black lines down the back of your legs. Might as well add those horrendous bows while you're at it.

No. 1512076

these are always going to remind me of aggy's infectious-looking face sparkle tattoos

No. 1512077

We’ve seen the atrocious tatted nipples in the previous thread. Can not wrap my head around how the fuck SpArKlEs would aesthetically or anatomically work. They wouldn’t. She has the brain of a troon. Wouldn’t be surprised if one of her sissies gave her this idea.

No. 1512079

Her nipple piercings are infected too so it would continue the pattern kek

No. 1512081

They’re infected?!

No. 1512111

File: 1650975723811.jpg (772.01 KB, 4288x1888, screenshot.jpg)

Too bad she's playing at indignant ignorance to recognize that her obsession with luxury screams classism.
Getting salty about costumes and classism feels like a new way to burn her burlesque bridges.

No. 1512113

shes really been insufferable since she got those pills back. i can hardly make it through her paragraphs upon paragraphs of rants

No. 1512114

People with little money and resources can make amazing and artistically brilliant costumes, but the higher-class/elite/privileged people who can afford better quality stuff are basically being bitched at here because Kathy glued all her rhinestones by herself.
News flash, many higher-ranking burlesque queens do the same, except you don't hear them whining about it for social media attention.

No. 1512115

Just an idea here, but if privileged people can afford to not make their own costumes and buy the costumes "rhinestoned already", they're likely paying professional designers or makers for a custom order that they're co-creating WITH the designer, or maybe they're hiring a colleague who does custom rhinestoning or corsetry or whatever to use those skills and let the performer then focus on their own act development–not in physical ability, but in ARTISTIC ability.

No. 1512117

I've heard some burlesque performers speak of "selective stoning", meaning that they choose rhinestone placement for maximum impact.
The disco ball look alone is NOT as alluring.
Selective stoning can mimic the designs of the fabric it's being glued onto, or be scattered or patterned, but it has to be effective to catch the light and look pleasing to the eye.
Kathy looks like she's wearing a bunch of broken glass for how haphazard her style is.

No. 1512119

File: 1650976699001.jpg (155.15 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

If educators still choose not to be ableist, why are you brandishing the proof that some DO choose not to be ableist as if it's some kind of lie?

No. 1512121

File: 1650976794478.jpg (220.41 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

That's not even a boundary–that's saying "I want control, so you all better be MY adoring fans".

No. 1512143

If she wasn’t insecure and truly stood by her “values”, she wouldn’t neurotically write off-base paragraphs spanning multiple story posts in reply to a single sentence DM. Retard Kathy won’t accept that conversations about one topic will lead to others and people will have their own thoughts and opinions. She so desperately wants control over everything because her entire existence is a narcissistic farce. She’s one of the very few showgirls that hand-encrusted their costume? That’s a delusional lie that everyone knows isn’t true.

No. 1512147

> political radicalist
Aligning herself with Hitler and Stalin while becoming the dictator of her Instagram page

No. 1512153

I can't imagine she isn't losing followers by the minute. No one wants to be screamed at over delusional nonsense 24/7. She acts like her followers, along with everyone else, are the enemy.

No. 1512161

File: 1650981137941.jpeg (200.14 KB, 1091x1091, 61FDED8F-DA9B-46E2-B53A-AC5BC2…)

Nothing she says about other people’s costumes and craftsmanship can be taken seriously when her stonework looks like this. The implication that this is 5x better than professionally made costumes is ludicrous. Entitlement is thinking your work is better solely because you claim to disabled.

No. 1512170

They are the enemy so long as they are free-thinking. She wants her own hivemind. Her pathological egocentricity leans more sociopathic every time she posts.

No. 1512173

Kathy, get the tattoos!

You will be pure untouchable top-shelf glamour.

Keep up the amphetamines, hun. Your thin glass house needs some more of your 'brilliance'.

No. 1512176

File: 1650982238641.jpg (50.89 KB, 800x450, agree.jpg)

>thinking that acrobatics and not being disabled makes you a good burlesque dancer is exactly like white men who think their bare minimum and mediocrity are enough
So you agree that acrobatics and being able bodied is the bare minimum for burlesque?

Kek she's high as a kite and dunking on herself. She can't decide if she's the best so everyone should worship her, or the littlest sickest victim that everyone should feel sorry for.

No. 1512207

kathy: "im a costumier who makes bespoke rhinestoned costumes for performers!"
also kathy: "if you dont rhinestone your costume yourself, youre buying ready-made crap. you lack artistry!"
the burlesque equivalent of being tone-deaf and on autotune, but being pretty and looking hot on stage. "i hate people who can sing. they dont even need to put effort into looking good to make up for their lack of talent and skill!"… its like people making fun of susan boyle for being ugly.

No. 1512217

The thing is, there are disabled burlesque dancers who are successful. Kathy just isn’t successful, and has chosen to blame it on her “disability” rather than admitting she’s lazy & entitled and refuses to put the bare amount of effort into improving her craft or booking shows. She publicly attacked a big name dancer for making her (gasp) take the train to audition for a show rather than booking her sight unseen. That’s the type of shit that makes no one want to work with you. All she can do tweet into the void now, since the people who actually want to succeed in burlesque are hustling for it and she’s sitting on her couch high as fuck playing with her phone and eating cheese.

No. 1512218

I missed the part where she’s a pill head, what exactly is she taking?

No. 1512309

File: 1650992169924.jpg (267.42 KB, 2160x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Hasn't this straw woman also performed without wearing a mask?!

No. 1512381

File: 1650997787203.jpg (214.9 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

It's almost comical here. She's not "extremely reserved", she doesn't really have or keep friends because people get tired of her act and eventually see through her.

And let's be real, she doesn't want people to respect her, she wants them to treat her as some kind of authority.

No. 1512384

She posts long text-wall stories complaining about everything and everyone excluding her.
She burns bridges left and right and shits on the communities where she could network or try to find friends.
She directly pushes people away with boundaries that say "I don't want any of you in community with me" in as gaslighty a way as possible.
She keeps framing her place in the world as one where other people are always the problem, while she's just a smol bean innocent victim.

After all of that deliberate self-alienation, she goes and posts recruitment-like
"I want YOU to be my friend!" stories.

No. 1512460

Kek at her telling on herself again, admitting that she can't meet deadlines. No wonder she couldn't make it through her Master's. It also makes the claims about getting fired from all her jobs make more sense, even though we know those were lies for her grift. Maybe she knew she was on thin ice each time and left before she could get fired?

And here she is admitting she has no friends who want to hang out with her. You're absolutely right, saying that she's "extremely reserved" is a cope she tells herself when she thinks about all of her failed friendships and how it's never her fault uwu. The fact that it's the first thing she put in her friend finding post makes me think that it's going to be the excuse she falls back when she ends up being flakey or anti-social towards the very people she's trying to befriend. Especially if they're not willing to coddle her and accept her bullshit with no questions, or don't "materially add to her life"

No. 1512461

File: 1651005132191.jpg (42.93 KB, 750x274, screenshot.jpg)

She's genuinely showing us all the kind of person she really is, for once! /sarcasm

No. 1512463

>I love it when a woman is being delusional, entitled, and an absolute bitch
Fixed that for you Kathy. We all know the moment someone, especially a woman, rubs you the wrong way you run to cry about it online.

No. 1512468

So since Kathy loves non-disabled “privileged” burlesque dancers that do not make their own costumes (she called them entitled), why did she write paragraphs earlier about how much she despises them?

No. 1512471

Yes and she did so when mask mandates were still in place

No. 1512519

File: 1651010064455.jpg (102.42 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

There's a lot below the surface here where she's telling on herself, because any good performer knows the value of having their own gimmick, which can make their work unique and interesting regardless of what they're doing. It's branding through performance, not just in having logos or artwork, because the performer has their own style. Doing a specific style or act because she thinks it's what people want says there's nothing unique to her, that she doesn't have a personality of her own as a performer. She's trying to cater to what she thinks others might want from her, and it's all derivative and uninspiring.

No. 1512526

Why does she refuse to complete one act/costume before moving on to another? She literally has a gravesite of partially-worked-on acts displayed on her website.

No. 1512549

…then make pretty pastel things then? So she's admitting she doesn't know what she's doing, has no idea how to draw on ideas for inspiration, doesn't know how to plan a burlesque act out and gets by just copying what others do

No. 1512587

Today is World Burlesque Day and instead of uplifting other dancers, she shits all over them. It's covid's fault she can't get booked though, right? What an insufferable fool.

No. 1512690

Kathy is quickly becoming my most-hated cow. Minor PL but I have a physical disability and with new partners this definitely means talking about how do this without accidently causing harm before we have sex. I wouldn't dream of sending them off to research for themselves because 1. it's rude (just like Kathy) and 2. my specific needs are just that- my needs, that an info page on This Disability won't cover. I get that it's annoying to have to explain shit to people over and over again, but before sex is a pretty important time to make it personal and not just hand them a website about disability and relationships.

No. 1512694

>-@invalid__art is a Disability activist with over 30+ conditions.

Is this a new munchie thread? kek

No. 1512740

Tramadol (and likely still 'self medicating with weed on top.)

No. 1513037

Ayrt, oh I absolutely agree. Just pointing out how illogical her rants are.
She's definitely angling for some free meals lol, if anyone takes her up on this we'll see some vents about how ableist and disrespectful it is to ask to split the bill on a "friend date"
Ohh shit she's on opiods? That explains this new hostility. Opiods take narc egos up to 11 while rotting them from the inside out, every time.

No. 1513095

File: 1651066513188.jpg (288.97 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

And it seems like she can't even handle what she takes.

No. 1513104

File: 1651066925240.jpg (984.22 KB, 5380x1906, screenshot.jpg)

All this tells us is you're a wannabe coquette/doelette/nymphette and that you failed miserably at it.

No. 1513105

Curious how long the new bestie Sarah will last for, since up through 2020 Alexis was that best friend.

No. 1513149

>Advice for me?

Eat actual food.
Take the pills on full stomach.
Shut the fuck up about your problems.

No. 1513180

File: 1651072507212.jpg (255.37 KB, 746x1834, screenshot.jpg)

She's determined to go through with this.

No. 1513183

Oh I can't wait, they're going to look terrible! Straight lines rarely work out in tattoos

No. 1513184

can't wait for her to beg for the money for a laser removal, kek

No. 1513204

Bet she threatens to sue the artist when it ends up looking like shit. Pro bono, of course.

No. 1513235

>Giant blueish-black artery line tattoo on the back of the leg

Her transformation into a veiny disabled bird is almost complete!

No. 1513292

>For two straight lines
I really hope she's pulling another exaggerated number out of her flat ass

No. 1513333

Kek she's about ten years late to this trend, I thought she was this unique bespoke creature? If you know 10 dancers at least one will have this tattoo, and it's always the basic messy one who posts Marilyn Monroe quotes.

No. 1513449

File: 1651091220552.jpg (717.96 KB, 4320x1900, screenshot.jpg)

More deflecting of "I've been a victim, and abusers are bad!"

No. 1513450

File: 1651091362362.jpg (233.11 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

It's pretty common knowledge by now that dieting is often disordered eating with a good press campaign, she's not some whistleblower on the subject.

No. 1513459

It’s almost as if you shouldn’t mix several opioids, weed, and alcohol together. She posts her bad drug habits consistently, how could she be shocked her body is rejecting all that? Put down the bong loser.

No. 1513470

File: 1651093033189.jpeg (108.46 KB, 685x1024, 5C175BD1-76F5-4295-97FE-F87BA0…)

Doesn’t this completely ruin it for people that do truly have a stocking/pantyhose fetish? Pretty sure fabric is part of the fetish like a latex fetish. It’s also just downright trashy and never looks in real life. She needs to figure out her angle already because a “living doll” would not be covered in black tattoos like she is.

No. 1513477

File: 1651093299240.jpg (97.25 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Is she REALLY gonna stay offline?

No. 1513481

File: 1651093447403.jpeg (48.27 KB, 750x1334, C8EE4CC9-5DA4-4392-AEA4-A56D58…)

> health scare
Lol just like Shayna she is trying to pass of the affects of her drug abuse and shitty diet as a vague ~illness~. There’s a reason why she was cut off from opioids before and had a hard time getting her hands back on them from any reputable doctor. She’s so textbook.

No. 1513483

File: 1651093619499.jpg (74.54 KB, 748x444, screenshot.jpg)

I can't help thinking this is a desperate beg for attention from the guy who "collared" her, since he's into nerdy hot online types who would cosplay very slutty versions of these characters.

No. 1513490

About a decade late Kathy. Also yes this is 100% a scrotal fantasy but remember she doesn’t do anything for male attention!!

No. 1513625

File: 1651103799754.jpeg (776.18 KB, 1242x1500, 3FF6ACF5-09B9-4DAD-9B83-42C857…)

Kathy’s pea brain still doesn’t understand what doxxing is. Someone telling someone else in real life your occupation is not doxxing and it’s certainly not illegal.

No. 1513628

I really hope Kathy starts telling the girl to get a lawyer and sue. She's so goddamn stupid it's astounding. If she ever gets her wish to have a KF thread granted, that's gonna be when she learns the actual definition of doxxing.

No. 1513635

and she'll learn that she can't do shit about it

No. 1513657

File: 1651106681608.png (807.62 KB, 1242x3156, A744AA8C-4E46-4295-97E1-8F5FDA…)

Um, this absolute retard paid either $750, $1,147, or $1,197 to take another findom “course” when she was just crying about not being able to provide for herself.

What a great scam that is for the other woman though kek get dumbasses like Kathy to believe they’ll get a return on investment for taking her thousand dollar course

No. 1513677

lmao, did kathy just get findommed? These reads like one of those pyramid scheme "get rich quick" classes.

No. 1513848

>why do we center the abuser? i only want to center survivors!

I mean, maybe because survivors of rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence etc don't want to be known for being a victim/survivor of that shit? Take down the perp, live your life without being a victim. Except Kathy wants to center herself as the perma-victim.

No. 1513851

Ow yeah, you'd have to wear heels all the time if you had your legs uncovered. Bunion surgery fundraiser when?

No. 1513968

Yep, this is what someone would see from someone who wants to dominate them financially

No. 1514017

File: 1651149031641.jpg (289.36 KB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20220428_142333.jpg)

Oh she definitely got the course for free because lil' miss "ethical findomme" gives out pity spots when she can't fill her classes. She was reposting this two days before the classes started so it's likely nobody is actually buying her thousand dollar packages kek
That's why Kathy posted the public pricing page and not any proof she paid for the course.

No. 1514020

File: 1651149281357.jpg (18.73 KB, 400x400, 6vR--D1q_400x400.jpg)

These are not the eyebrows of a woman running $10k+ workshops

No. 1514054

Why would you try to sell a class on sex work and not wear a little bit of makeup? That boggles the mind.

No. 1514080

Everything about this lady looks like she's about to start shilling her oil diffuser mlm products at you before she tells you it helped her fibromyalgia

No. 1514108

she looks like a smelly Renaissance Faire worker. such findomme

No. 1514114


>she's about to start shilling her oil diffuser mlm products at you before she tells you it helped her fibromyalgia

Kek, perfect read of so many #bossbabes…

No. 1514152

File: 1651159780199.jpg (384.98 KB, 748x2087, screenshot.jpg)

"As I read through the tweets, I couldn't help but wonder…wtf even IS this?"

No. 1514166

File: 1651160680205.jpeg (259.73 KB, 828x1590, 2486CEB7-B2FB-406D-AA86-1A5FE5…)

>most precious and perverse Mother and daughter


No. 1514184

>23 hrs ago

Kek, the sextpanther page.

Her health break is spent editing and uploading literally the only second of a somewhat flattering angle from her unmasked tater waggle performance.


No. 1514290

Imagine thinking this is a flattering angle

No. 1514383

Those heels are hideous. Did she steal them from someone’s dead grandma? She looks so fucking cheap, constantly. What a ~fashion icon.~

No. 1514413

File: 1651179239505.png (1.38 MB, 1500x1334, F8AC68B4-F8CF-45FF-88E1-099242…)

She’s talking about herself. Deflecting is a narcissistic trait.

No. 1514414

File: 1651179287000.jpg (103.54 KB, 898x529, screenshot.jpg)

Aspiring to cult leadership feels surprisingly on-brand for someone who can't create a consistent brand.

No. 1514415

File: 1651179300320.jpeg (100.87 KB, 750x1334, 14721B2A-A426-42F0-8DD1-E58573…)

The irony in pretending she’s not the narcissist while saying, once again, that she knows more than all educated professionals.

No. 1514419

File: 1651179408440.jpeg (127.1 KB, 750x1334, 79EA88FF-1AE7-4B4E-9235-391053…)

And of course she had to put a “fuck you, unfollow me if you don’t agree with me” at the end

No. 1514420

File: 1651179541914.jpg (81.73 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

She really wants to be taken as an expert on her own condition, clearly.
All while projecting that others who are like her are probably evil and deserve to be stigmatized.

No. 1514433

She's actually right for once(!) in that we shouldn't start coddling abusers because they are mentally ill uwu.

No. 1514443

File: 1651180870016.png (64.66 KB, 949x168, Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 2.14…)

When >1507257 was posted in the previous thread I wanted to post the following but stopped because it wasn't really on topic at the time. Since Katherine wants to bring up narcissists and pretend like she ins't one…


When anons say she is textbook narc they are not joking. She truly is. The comment from the previous thread talks about how she used to at least do things and have something going for her. The research in above link goes into great straight to the point detail about why narcs "kill off" their old selves for whatever reasons ad create a false self. This false self is obviously very fragile as it's not real or sustainable. It really helps one understand Katherine's bizarre actions.

>The False Self is everything the narcissist would like to be but, alas, cannot: Omnipotent, omniscient, invulnerable, impregnable, brilliant, perfect, in short: Godlike. Its most important role is to elicit narcissistic supply from others: Admiration, adulation, awe, obedience and in general: Unceasing attention.

Doesn't need much explanation of why this fits miss "much of the Forbe's billionaire list have attempted to wine and dine me"
>The narcissist copes with this painful and ineluctable realization of the divorce between his self-perception and this less than stellar state of affairs by first denying reality, delusionally ignoring and filtering out all inconvenient truths.
>They get rid of any information that challenges their grandiose self-perception and the narrative they had constructed to explicate, excuse and legitimize their antisocial, self-centred and exploitative behaviors, choices and idiosyncrasies.
Her "not in community", "you're wrong if you don't agree", "brainwash your liberal friends" behavior
>The narcissist experience his own life as a prolonged, incomprehensible, unpredictable, frequently terrifying and deeply saddening nightmare.
That's where her "PTSD" comes from

No. 1514457

thanks nonna for that link (very informative), it reads like they described my mother and saying that, I would call Kathy a narcissist herself. I've had the pleasure with one for over 25 years and it's easy to spot them if you know how they behave and speak.

No. 1514498

Just wondering, why do you think Kathy isn't a narcissist?

No. 1514504

She said she would call Kathy a narcissist

No. 1514524

Oh, I misread. Now I mean do you ask, why do you think Kathy is a narcissist?

No. 1514538

File: 1651188617276.jpeg (34.47 KB, 750x1334, 279368245_943672719646205_7132…)

The narc deleted everything on her story about narcissism and she replaced it with "I will no longer engage in discourse I don't believe in"

No. 1514543

The pills wore off I see.

No. 1514546

Announcing your plans to block more people and burn as many bridges as possible before establishing oneself as a somebody, that's a great way to go about making people want to interact with you. /sarcasm

No. 1514553

File: 1651191116488.jpg (105.29 KB, 660x660, tin-foil-cats4.jpg)

>Anon misread and believed that someone here actually thinks Kathy isn't a narc, asks for clarification
>Once corrected the follow up question makes even less sense
>Seriously asking as if there isn't 6 threads full of proof showing Kathy's awful narc behavior
>So anon hasn't lurked at all or they don't see any narc tendencies in the threads/don't believe the countless other anons who've commented about it
>All of the deflection posts about narc abusers deleted from her stories shortly after they're posted here
>Unsaged and bad grammar (yes I know it's minor but tinfoil)
Anyone else smell something fishy?

No. 1514615

She's been reading and making small adjustments to her behaviour since these threads started, we are unironically the most useful thing in her life: honest feedback. So I couldn't say that post was her but, yeah some posts ITT definitely could be.

No. 1514714

Oh hell yah.
The flow up question had me cackling.

She can't get enough of this thread!

No. 1514753

File: 1651203708906.jpg (108.13 KB, 816x606, screenshot.jpg)

Somehow, the lack of specifics in this answer that tries to shoehorn everything she likes or aspires to as sexy just screams "basic bitch".

No. 1514756


lmfao, she's just rambling about the clothes she likes to wear

No. 1514783

>ethical findom

are we sure Kathy took this course? because if so she sure missed the bit about not financially exploiting the severely mentally ill…

No. 1514785

Why is every single instagram story her screenshotting something, then repeating the exact same sentiment but longer and worse underneath.

No. 1514786

She's hardly overweight (just has rolls having no muscle tone) so I'm surprised she manages to have such cankles!

No. 1514787

I think these are the ones she made a sub pay for the postage from France for! They look like Irregular Choice cast offs!

No. 1514798

Honest feedback that she can't delete or argue with, or blow up at on her stories.

No. 1514830

Those were also Miu Miu shoes (the pink satin ones with gumball pearls), but the silver/blue ones in the photos there are a pair she's had for at least a couple years.

No. 1514835

You're definitely on to something, miss Tinfoil Kitty Anon.

All these Twitter "findoms" look so fucking trailer park.

Bitch I thought you were going offline for a while? Guess she didn't get enough attention or "tributes" for mah mental health scare.
>Makes 50 posts including involving herself in discourse

Truly a narc.

No. 1514978

Every time Kathy rants about people being vAnIlLa I’m going to bring up that she has, on multiple occasions, unironically said she has a hat fetish. She can call the sex I have vanilla all she wants but at least I finish while she has to get sexual excitement from a hat because she’s so sexually repulsed.

No. 1515150

sorry for lack of screenshots. but a long time ago she had a phase of calling herself "autosexual" lol

No. 1515174

She still does

No. 1515176


She definitely lurks here. She started photoshopping the bottoms of her Louboutin knock-offs once an anon pointed out why they're fakes. Hilarious.

No. 1515181

File: 1651245455191.png (7.91 MB, 1242x2208, autosexual AF.png)

Here’s one, Nona

No. 1515222

File: 1651248943952.jpg (506.97 KB, 1075x1445, screenshot.jpg)

Just going to link to >>1275050 for the "real" story: She probably met the guy on seekingarrangement.com and "he was just a regular hispanic guy that is a modern jazz basement musician."

Bragging that her guy takes care of her is not a flex when the guy never mentions her at all, avoids any and all connection to her on social media, and openly drools over or ineptly tries to flirt with more attractive or popular women that are even out of 'her' league.

No. 1515227

She's so insanely retarded. Why does she think that she can make a shit ton of posts about muh narcissistic aboose and how she can spot narcissists easy peasy and then say shit like this as if it doesn't make her look like a psycho narc.

No. 1515318

Because she is a narcissist and won't spot one if he would stand right in front of her, because she doesn't care for other people and everything is just about herself.

No. 1515441

I get more of an “asexual narcissist” vibe

No. 1515459

Her neckbeard buys toddler-level books for her as a valentine's day present and she once tried to fund her engagement ring by donation from her pseudo-johns. Such care. Wow.

No. 1515518

File: 1651268739524.jpg (158.3 KB, 750x1334, XINtSaiwDN.jpg)

This was posted about 20 minutes ago. Are these the same pair of shoes?

No. 1515531

File: 1651269690486.jpg (91.65 KB, 750x1334, 2snLEqYrkY.jpg)

The irony.

No. 1515542

She keeps buying massive heels and forgetting that she can’t walk in anything taller than 2.5”

No. 1515717

File: 1651282402059.jpg (82.31 KB, 1124x411, screenshot.jpg)

She's back on the "don't hate me 'cuz you ain't me" projecting.

No. 1515916

Kathy, no one hates you because you have poor taste in fashion and bad makeup. You have six threads in under a year because you're a monstrous narcissist with horrendous views on women and other large groups of random people as well as holding "values" that put children at risk. You know we're all right too because you make small but meaningless changes constantly.

No. 1515917

He pays for everything which is why she's currently squatting and has to beg for grocery and weed money online.

No. 1515920

Lol I'm the anon that posted that and yep that's him. It's hilarious that even though she's exposing him as a deadbeat, she just has to make him sound way more important than he was. This is also the guy that put a lock on her vibrator plug that she posted for the whole world to see.

No. 1516057

THANK YOU for confirming, anon!

The lock on the vibrator plug is kinda sad–she really wants a guy to "own" her for the perceived value or desirability upgrade in displaying "See? SOMEONE wants me!"

It's a comical attempt to define financial abuse as standard slimy fuckboy shit" from the kind of guy who probably wouldn't commit, much less pay for anyone but himself, but would keep showing up if the other person would be desperate enough to entertain him.

No. 1516058


Tinfoil: from looking at both the musician and current "neckbeard who ignores her while simping for e-thots", is it also notable that she might have a thing for Hispanic guys?
White girl desperate to spice herself up again…

No. 1516140

I'm not Kathy ha. I guess I didn't make my question clear. I wonder why the anon >>1514457 thinks in the context of her mom being a narc as well. Or I was just looking for tips how to spot narcs. I thought that someone said that Kathy wasn't a narc, so I asked for clarification.

No. 1516399

File: 1651349117367.jpg (236.37 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)


From another thread 4 years ago, behold! It's the Return of This Bitch (TM)!

I have legit been WAITING for something with Hagelin and Kathy to happen so I could share some more recent dirt, from noticing or recognizing how easily Kathy supports/is mutuals with abusive "social justice/r@dical" figures.

Kathy just posted a mututal aid call for Karina Hagelin, aka "femmesupremacy", someone who's been a mutual follow for Kathy and a bunch of people I know–but a very brief amount of digging online shows that Hagelin's got a long-ass history of abusive, predatory behavior, and they keep moving around and repeatedly changing their name/story to play "I'm a soft femme uwu and these bad, mean people are obsessed with me" to get fans/followers to bully Hagelin's victims into silence. It's pretty gross.

A more recent call-out is HERE below, documenting multiple examples of Hagelin's harm.


No. 1516412

Yikes, found a Twitter thread about how some people have been privately warning around Hagelin for years, because any public confrontation leads to Hagelin dirty deleting accounts and blocking anyone who doesn't unquestioningly "love" them.

No wonder Kathy can be friendly with that, she loves people who don't question her own manipulations!

No. 1516441

Nah, this is the Kathy thread. Nobody cares abour vague allegations of not showing up to a zine fest from twitter trannies nor do we validate NLOG they/them pronouns. Put her in Personal Lolcows if you think she's so interesting.
I assume those Grammies are 100% fabrication, too

No. 1516447

I'm inclined to believe the Grammies but more like "played session on an award winning album in an obscure category".

No. 1516550

This is giving me flashbacks to Erin Painter’s “dinner was five strawberries… i ate them slowly with small bites uwu” ana larp if anyone remembers that kek

No. 1516634

File: 1651373835080.jpeg (330.43 KB, 1539x2048, FRoJBUTWUAAoA3M.jpeg)

What the actual fuck

No. 1516635

File: 1651373881406.jpeg (322.89 KB, 1587x2048, FRoJBUUWYAAmW41.jpeg)

She went hard with the body altering filters

No. 1516638

This is so badly edited, her shoulder on the left has a weird dip in it..

No. 1516639

The return of the Michael Jackson glove!

No. 1516659

Just doing normal makeup would go such a long way. It's 90% filter but the 10% drag granny makeup is too strong.

No. 1516713

nitpick but I hate how I can see her real eyebrow covered with concealer right below her fake eyebrow

No. 1516739

File: 1651394423448.jpeg (499.16 KB, 1242x1053, 39D68028-9CCF-40DA-8713-0B104C…)

Sure Jan

No. 1516783

Yes her eyebrows make me want to a-log - why not just pluck or shave them in that shape? It's not like she ever leaves her house barefaced anyway.

No. 1516785

If she's going out with another woman they're probably going to get dolled up to sit at a hotel with a bar in the lobby until someone's white collar dad pays them some attention

No. 1516843

I’m sorry, but going for the vintage glamour look when she has kind of matronly looks already just makes her look like she’s 80 years old. She’s giving me Fancy Granny.

No. 1516854

It's so bad, it looks more like a robotic arm than an actual glove because of her hack job at bedazzling it.

No. 1516954


The face shoop is almost as odd as the function of the hyperextended leg spread.

Even with a muffin top wedgie-thong her boyfriend still doesn't want to hang out.

No. 1517063

Such an unfortunate hat. It looks like she’s balancing feathers on her head, no shape at all.
Also I’m almost certain that’s a framed picture of herself on the wall behind her. Humble af.

No. 1517212

File: 1651438423593.png (128.85 KB, 464x595, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 1.52…)

She self-diagnosed. She has said that multiple times kek keep trying to change the narrative and prove >>1514443 right

No. 1517214

File: 1651438454665.jpeg (218.37 KB, 750x1334, 279580348_4877518602317565_845…)

The neckbeard isn't even around for their "anniversary"

No. 1517228

File: 1651439408867.png (832.03 KB, 1183x769, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 2.08…)

He cares more about the mutt he had her e-beg toys for kek

No. 1517417

>wastedfrank for a Twitter handles
You got yourself a real classy daddy dom, Kath

No. 1517430

wow. so loved. so appreciated. kathy, get a grip! no wonder she's so bitter.

No. 1517495

I'll be sure to keep her advice in mind next time someone I know learns their child has autism. She's such an idiot.

No. 1517498

That tulip is getting old and on its last legs. The petals get wide/droopy like that just before they drop off. Either the flowers were an old gift or her neckbeard got her the shabbiest flowers at the gas station.

No. 1517581

Why does she try to pass off other people’s dogs as her own? The ugly mutt is very obviously his and lives with him yet she tries to pass it off as her own. She did the same with the roommate that kicked her out. Does she think it’ll make her seem more human or something?

No. 1517716

File: 1651498479739.jpg (566.59 KB, 4320x1920, screenshot.jpg)

More of the same–and didn't she already fail as a producer before when she pocketed the money for herself and was late to compensating her performers?
The "petty dressing rooms" are often performers focusing on their own work–they're doing an act to get paid, they're not there for a social get-together like the audience is.

No. 1517731

File: 1651500168540.jpg (191.77 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Another insufferable bio.

No. 1517734

I used to work in theatre too (real theatre, not whatever fan waving and walking around she does) and you learn pretty quick that an audition doesn't entitle you to a casting. Sometimes you're just competing with a more talented pool than yourself. Get a grip, Kathy, or a day job. I've never met a performer without one until I saw her!

No. 1517740

>I’m devoted to disability
sounds about right
bitch where?

No. 1517750

"a muse to fellow artists" everything you do is half assed, cheap, lazy and dirty kathy

No. 1517757

File: 1651504302430.jpg (121.96 KB, 1048x589, screenshot.jpg)

And she's really telling on herself that she can't manage not to take it all ASAP.

No. 1517765

hey kathy, if you took them the way you’re supposed to and filled them as early as possible you’d actually have a few extra each month, idiot. you might as well just admit you abuse your scripts.

No. 1517825

She finally has health insurance after "struggling" for so long without it (but was somehow able to afford to self medicate with weed), which is free and still finds away to complain. What an ungrateful wannabe whore.

No. 1517865

File: 1651512854081.jpg (58.98 KB, 750x1334, 279757352_410002643936087_7748…)

I think someone's lurking. Keep telling on yourself and stay mad Kathy, kek!

No. 1517878

Okay this is one (1) good point even though she isn’t affected by it kek

No. 1517922

broken clock, twice a day, etc.
not to mention how med students have a well-earned reputation for being party animals. they binge drink, take drugs, and ingest enough adderal to kill a horse. if they dont respect their own bodies, why would they respect those of their clients? sperging saged.

No. 1517925

Here, I translated:
"Unless you are hiring ME, then your show is not diverse".

No. 1517926

"Muse" meaning she's paid artists to flatter her in pictures.

No. 1517936

>costume maker
kek, honey, you can't even sew some masks or why aren't they up for sale by now? Sewing glittery stuff on some fabric has nothing to do with costume making.

No. 1517989

File: 1651527787054.png (816.31 KB, 789x697, she's a star!.png)

Nah, Kathy. Ain't happenin'.

No. 1517992

She really needs to get the correct foundation. It looks like she photoshopped her head on someone else's body.

No. 1518007

Uh, controlled-substance laws are not "ridiculous" or "arbitrary". People die, Katherine. Prescription addictions are very serious and not always the person's fault. Way to admit you are indeed a doctor hopping pill seeker. The current group giving her these pills are going to wind up cutting her off just like everyone else. She's abusing her pills 100%; you don't have to ration painkillers when you're not treating them like candy.

No. 1518010

Lol the same 5-10 get booked for a reason. They're good at what they do and are professional. It's really that simple. She's done one woo-woo show that the creator let anyone who paid her for lessons in and now expects to be let into anything she wants. Could you imagine her trying to make it in the real NYC theater world? She'd combust lol also, dressing rooms aren't for socialization. Never have been, never will be.

No. 1518109


Too disabled to do anything but WILL travel all over the U.S. or internationally.

No. 1518129

Loving the comparison between
> don't book me at short notice because I'm too sick to leave the apartment uwu
> high class jet setting showgirl

Pick a lane, Kathy.

No. 1518172

File: 1651541927546.jpeg (65.55 KB, 1500x1334, ub2.jpeg)

The last hour's timeline has gone like this:
> The MET Gala isn't about celebrities - it's about the craftspeople. I'm supporting them today
> But I wouldn't wear any of the gowns but one because they're all mediocre and the stylists are incompetent
> Mediocracy being rewarded is a pet peeve of mine
> The theme is wildly inappropriate
> Vanilla people are so sad and so boring. Only sex workers and drag queens should be invited - THEN we would FINALLY see some goddamn looks
> Anyways, I'm looking forward to the end of Anna Wintour-esque toxicity, bullying, and abuse within the fashion industry. It's because of this that I quit and I've never looked back

Katherine… you are the abusive bully who can't even keep her opinions straight kek

No. 1518173

File: 1651541997570.jpeg (186.71 KB, 1170x902, 53BBBA42-0C30-444D-93A7-49B260…)

She deleted that last one by the way lol

No. 1518174

File: 1651542040442.jpeg (606.56 KB, 1170x1650, 7E1D5B53-0815-4E23-82A2-83FB5E…)

No. 1518202

>but make sure you give me all your money, icky cishet vanillas! but don't hire me or follow me, gross

No. 1518209

and we all know sex workers are so well versed in fashion. just look at kathy and shayna! icons.

No. 1518229

Kathy is literally gagging to be seen as an Anna Wintour type. AW sucks but Kathy seems even more bitter and ugly

No. 1518231

Because celebrities 100% across the board have completely quaker-like sex lives and the only people who don't will parade it around like Kathy does.

No. 1518235

File: 1651547652525.png (335.42 KB, 589x470, Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 8.11…)

The only look she liked was Billie Ellish's so uh, everything she said above is null and void

No. 1518236

File: 1651547700997.jpeg (230.52 KB, 1500x1334, 1111.jpeg)

Retard also actually believes Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn's dress despite very obviously wearing a recreation

No. 1518244

She can not be that dumb. MM had to be sewn into that dress like 60 years ago. Kim’s lard ass isn’t wearing the OG dress no matter what Kris’s paid for press says.

No. 1518252

Someone stop this bitch from wearing cream skin tones her pale skin would look better in bold dark cool colors or bright ones.

No. 1518253

Quit, never got a footing in in the first place, same difference right?

No. 1518254

i think the dress would've been decent without the choker or sleeves. not surprised that kathy thinks this is good though.

No. 1518285


Kathy, to artists you are the opposite of a muse. You suck the life out creativity with your incessant whining and self victimization ad nauseum.

You suppress artist talent by labeling their superior abilty as ablest and publicly make that your soap box hot topic.

No. 1518567

File: 1651591690519.jpg (50.02 KB, 748x500, fascist lol.JPG)

the founding fathers of gommunism were fascist btw

No. 1518578

File: 1651592746980.png (44.93 KB, 649x721, my muse katherine harlow.png)

no idea what youre on about. her elegance, sophistication, intellect and mysterious feminine charm inspire me as an artist.

No. 1518583

File: 1651593204869.jpg (139 KB, 1269x556, screenshot.jpg)

The whole "walking piece of art" sounds like an impossible and unreachable standard. Not a fan of how she treats the concept of glamour as if it's some kind of magical superpower that elevates those who wield it from the powerless masses.

No. 1518584

Amazing work. Inspired by the most elegant, luxourious, diasbled class warrior muse.
Did you pay her the 1,99$ tribute for daring exploiting her of the labour of being your muse? Or you wanna get your ass sued by her probono lawyers?

No. 1518587

File: 1651593537380.jpeg (27.75 KB, 236x287, 31A86907-881B-48BC-B3CD-DA4330…)

“encapsulate glamour”

No. 1518591

Kek now that you posted this she's gonna search for the taobao bootlge version of this, ingest it. Ges sick from wathever shit chemical they did put inside the 99cents one she bought and so kickstarting her new, improved munchie saga. She would finally get her much desired kf thread too.

No. 1518593

kek, if I might win a very big amount of money in the lottery one day, I will buy those as a present for her, hope she will post about it then and we will have glittery milk.

No. 1518605

File: 1651595129169.png (896.87 KB, 1440x696, 20220503_182329.png)

You made me look closely to this picture and I just noticed…. wtf is this? Is that supposed to be her brow OR is that supposed to be the hair clip? Because it looks transparent and different on her face than on her hair. Loooks photoshopped in? Wtf is this???

No. 1518607

Those type of clips have a splayed end, so that's the hairclip, just poorly placed for the photo (also those photos make no sense since you obviously take the clips out before being seen…and it's an artificial wig which generally you can't heatstyle, a lot wrong with those photos)

No. 1518616

>If you're not a sex worker or drag queen you're vanilla

Kathy's three braincells working hard today

No. 1518846

File: 1651616891158.jpeg (86.96 KB, 750x1334, 279808776_415664039955684_3817…)

Kathy thinking she is some radical rouge living individual just because she very stupidly quit her job to play domme online kek

No. 1518872

Imagine being naive enough to believe people in Hollywood, one of the most decadent degenerate communities on the planet, are remotely "vanilla" - ESPECIALLY compared to Kathy who thinks sitting on her couch smoking weed and tweeting counts as kinky sex work lmao

No. 1518875

Does she think she's doing something by adding those clips to that clearly cheap and synthetic party city wig?

No. 1519036

File: 1651630908139.jpeg (60.53 KB, 750x1334, 279597378_525297142462937_1822…)

At this point exposing herself is her only real hobby kek

No. 1519103

Giving it a half-hint of shape?

No. 1519218

Sage for wig sperg, but you can absolutely heatstyle modern synthetic wigs. Not to mention this style is usually achieved with rollers and steam, which is gentle enough even for chepo fibers usually. She still is behind on maintanence with all the frizz

No. 1519297

It's wild she even considers being booked sight-unseen and flown out internationally as something she's entitled to… Kathy the only scenario that would happen is somebody trying to steal your organs.

No. 1519536

It wasn't a recreation. it was the actual dress, and Kim had to lose about 20 pounds to fit into it. She only wore it for the carpet and photos, and changed out of it immediately and had to handle it with gloves. Ripley bought it for their museum, and had Kim wear it for a few hours. They also gave her a piece of Marilyn's hair.

No. 1519643

File: 1651695225187.jpg (1017.85 KB, 5400x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Broken clock, twice a day, and somehow in correctly displaying someone else's facts on the Marilyn dress, Kathy still manages to be a complete bitch about a much more famous person's snark implying that the "OMG iconic" dress is honestly meh.

No. 1519723

Why does she keep going after RPDR queens? Is she jealous that people actually pay to go to their shows?

No. 1519764

Watch Kim block her kek

No. 1519933

File: 1651712819008.png (8.21 MB, 1170x2532, 4847058A-985B-4198-944B-1C525A…)

It was a recreation. Kim attempted to try it on at Ripley’s and it wasn’t even close to fitting her fake ass kek they showed the actual dress next to the recreation. She didn’t wear it anywhere but Ripley’s for a few minutes.

And why the fuck is Kathy going on about drag queens? It makes zero sense in this context.

No. 1519935

File: 1651713007626.jpeg (827.96 KB, 1170x1850, D664EB53-347B-479E-B727-A27257…)

A day ago she was saying drag queens and sex workers should only be invited to the MET Gala. Today she keeps going after a world famous drag queen. She really does hate anyone that isn’t herself kek

No. 1519938

> No one is allowed to broadcast their opinions on the internet except me

No. 1519951

File: 1651713749984.jpeg (44.33 KB, 750x1334, 0F512E73-307C-4673-916D-491187…)

Katherine, you worked as an intern in a bridal salon for a few months. How about you actually put the degree your daddy paid for to good use and get a real job instead of butchering what other people say in an attempt to look more educated than you are.

No. 1519971

You DREAD the gala? DREAD?! To use an expression she loves using: Tell me you don’t have real problems without telling me…How is someone voicing their ~uninformed~ opinion on this stupid issue harming you, the dress or anyone else for that matter? She’s such an unpleasant asshole.

No. 1519984

Sorry but in the real world truly nobody gives a fuck what you went to school for if you’ve never actually used it and gained experience in whatever field. The first thing you learn in your career is that graduation was the beginning and you really don’t know shit. People who act like a degree alone should make people listen to them are just obnoxious and giving away their lack of experience

No. 1519996

File: 1651716113132.jpeg (167.7 KB, 750x1334, 8220FB85-213F-4EE8-AAAA-B9C998…)

> No one is allowed to have fun
She makes sweeping assumptions about every single group of people. Aren’t you tired Katherine?

No. 1520011

How are the visitors erasing the work? Surely there has to be some appreciation, even at the most superficial level, for someone to decide to go to an exhibit? Especially since they’re rarely free. Such a need to feel superior. Disagreeable arsehole.

No. 1520025

Wh-what? How are the people making donations to exhibits so they can admire the work erasing anyone? They’re directly contributing to the workers/craftsmen and their efforts. That’s the point of exhibits. Thinking people can’t appreciate something unless they’ve received higher education on the matter is, to speak like Kathy, classist. She is perpetually miserable. What an insufferable cunt.

No. 1520077

Not Katherine, a white woman in a het relationship, randomly yelling at a gay Korean man about how another (stright) white woman was a poc ally. How intersection. Marilyn is dead. I hate the Kardashians and what they stand for but if the dress was so important the met should have bought it.

No. 1520081

And yet, here you are. A bitch who couldn't work in that field if she wanted to talking like an expert.m Who cares if you "studied" it you aren't an expert. You aren't even a member of the field. Until you can put that shit on a resume shut the fuck up.

No. 1520112

Katherine is the same type of white liberal that she hates, the type that talks over POC and shushes them whenever they have a differing opinion than her own. Pass the mic , hypocrite

No. 1520133

an still she erases and minimises the work of all the people working in the fashion industry by telling everyone that her unskilled ass is a costume maker. She knows nothing about fashion and especially nothing about the hard work that is behind it, one day at a factory or as a seamstress and she would tell everyone that she is too disabled to be able to keep on working in that field.

No. 1520139

Says the hideous vulture that buys almost exclusively from Amazon and has a 100% fast fashion drab wardrobe.

No. 1520145

File: 1651727766200.jpeg (38.44 KB, 327x280, CD96011F-5058-4160-9E69-B089FE…)

Imagine trying to gatekeep the entire fashion industry and one of its most publicized events because you don’t believe people are “educated” enough to enjoy it and telling a drag queen their opinion on Kim Kardasian’s outfit is wrong because again, they’re not “educated” all after saying “I'm looking forward to the end of the Anna Wintour-esque toxicity, bullying, and abuse within the fashion industry.”

No. 1520158

A rather elitist and classist take from our favorite radical activist. As Mcqueen said, it's just clothes Katherine. Even if you view it as art it's not that deep

No. 1520172

File: 1651730719918.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1791, 97314686-2DC1-48E0-BF99-D58124…)

Reminder that Katherine went to the Dior exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum with her bra hanging out while wearing head to toe overpriced obnoxious fast fashion/knockoffs and a collar. This visit was also paid for by a friend so the people she tried so hard to take a jab at here >>1519996 have contributed more to the people behind fashion exhibits than she herself has (and no Kathy, kvetching on the internet does not count as contribution.)

No. 1520179

I am, for the 100th time, once again asking Katherine
1. What makes someone vanilla and how she knows every random stranger / group of strangers e.g. celebrities are vanilla
2. How she knows “everybody and their friend” know nothing about ____ topic

No. 1520205

why does she keep bragging about "I went to SCHOOL for fashun!" like… she didn't finish and she clearly didn't learn anything

No. 1520247

Fucking DISGRACE to Selkie. She prob bought an Xl.brand runs small even a size 0needs a medium

No. 1520300

Oh yeah, Irina Shayk's look was so vanilla, even though she literally was in all leather.

No. 1520359

She is so delusional.. Where I'm from something like that would be laughed out of the exhibit. Especially claiming to have so much knowledge as she has. The dress looks awful, the necklace way too cheap and the shoes go with absolutely nothing. Looks more like a clown and some weird imitation of what someone with no taste thinks high fashion looks like.

No. 1520374

Of course she wears Selkie. Overpriced made in China fast fashion.

No. 1520462

She deleted the grid post version of this seething about women who can actually dance kek

No. 1520529

also fashion is such a huge subject, what focus did she even have? Did she learn to sew, pattern construction, history, conservation, design, the basics of fabrics, textil technology, ecological factors, social stuff behind the fashion industry? Or did she just go to one course about history and that was it? I'd say that many people without the possibility to go to university or school know more about fashion as she ever will, she is to lazy to educate herself and is only there to insult other people.

No. 1520837

Not even a collar, but a gag, which is even more retarded

No. 1520894

File: 1651783281284.jpeg (204.39 KB, 750x1334, 279772130_1372645653254900_152…)

The narc believes this is the height of fashion

No. 1520899

not grandma's robe and a rusty collar around her neck KEK

No. 1520919

File: 1651784305362.webm (642.7 KB, 720x1126, JNmD-Z5v9dji8ZEr.webm)

Yikes not even a heavy filter can hide that she's aged practically overnight because of her pill popping

No. 1520934

File: 1651785040965.webm (780.95 KB, 720x1280, 1E44ADE8809D8A6568B68B76D40F8E…)

No. 1520940

I'm still not over the fact that she isn't in her 40s, her styling is like something out of Desperate Housewives and her trying to be not vanilla…

No. 1521056

File: 1651790987237.jpeg (111.76 KB, 750x1334, 279792280_5508088329224500_138…)

What is up with cows and awful nails? She can't even properly put on press-ons but sure, she is the queen of glamour kek

No. 1521057

Wow nice diy hardware store collar

No. 1521071

whats funny is that she actually paid for it. its from a "small company". so is that plastic pearl ball gag shes wearing here >>1520172
those things look so flimsy and cheap.

No. 1521091

she does that weird smirk thing, thay Shay does and pulls in her chin on her neck

No. 1521133

What the fuck is up with her in almost every video doing that look down then winking? It's so forced and it's obvious she's copying it from something else.

No. 1521325

I literally just bought one of these from Lowe’s to hang some flowers a day ago. It was $4 kek

No. 1521351

Not even a modicum of grace

No. 1521387

File: 1651814669146.png (36.55 KB, 591x113, Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 10.2…)

You can't have one without the other. They are not completely different things; it's all sexual exploitation and it overwhelmingly targets/victimizes women and children. Where does she get off on silencing and talking over actual sex workers when she herself is not one and never has been?

No. 1521407

I've been thinking this over for a while and it just has to be white feminism. Dumb fake victim "sex workers" always talk over black and brown women all over the world who do not actually want to be prostitutes but do so for money ( coercion ) the moment they utter anything pro-sex trade. They can't give ONE statistic on why it's good and actually different from sex trafficking! No evidence to back anything they say. She's the only cow that makes me wanna alog

No. 1521497

>b-but marlyn defend marginalized people unlike evil tan women like Kim K
Not saying that she has big influence or anything but Kim is a woman from an ethnic group that is still being genocided and remember when she openly talks about and donate for Armenian genocide only to be shamed and attacked by muslim men who said that she is the reason why Armenian should be slaughtered? Two people can play that game Kathy. Then again, the only thing matter in history for Kathy is just clothes

No. 1521507

and slavic women. dont forget that eastern europeans (especially children) are at the most risk of being forced into prostitution.

No. 1521715

File: 1651859376333.jpeg (197.51 KB, 750x1334, 280153412_673527790419094_6732…)

Heterosexual Kathy is "flagging"

No. 1521717

File: 1651859447887.jpeg (83.09 KB, 750x1334, 280072527_369463368477832_3601…)

No. 1521719

File: 1651859572496.jpeg (86.03 KB, 1500x1334, 717626283746234.jpeg)

INB4 inevitable giant melt down this weekend kek

No. 1521750

It's a miracle that she admits she frequently gets furious and pissed off at random things. She's still an insane narc, don't get me wrong, and there's no way she doesn't see how far off the rails she goes when abusing pills. The anon that said she was worse years ago because she was substance abusing was proved right; Kathy got ahold of some painkillers, blazed through them in less than a month, and posted the worst since the threads started. Scary.

No. 1521770

Surely the nails on her middle and index finger would still hurt a lot if they scratched inside? So she's being completely performative

No. 1521786

Of course she is. She doesn't sleep with women.

No. 1521801

These collars are always so hideous. Absolute outfit annihilators–not saying Kathy's assortment of pj's are outfits–and they make any woman who wears them look like a troon. Also for the love of God Kathy, GET BANGS.

No. 1521966

Yeah, those are nowhere near short enough to be comfortable.

No. 1522127

Don't say that anon because then she'll get those shitty Bettie Page bangs to keep with her vintage luxury domme aesthetic

No. 1522287

she would look so cute with bumper or bettie bangs.

No. 1522380

With her styling?!

No. 1522424

no lol no she wouldn't. she should do it anyway though because it'd be funny

No. 1522617

Bird woman will never look cute

No. 1522618

File: 1651959542103.jpeg (206.72 KB, 750x1334, 280114004_1438794873239790_919…)

No. 1522621

File: 1651959691531.png (333.25 KB, 584x560, Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 2.39…)

She's constantly re-doing her pinned tweet but it gets worse every time. You'd think she'd have a basic understanding of aesthetics after sTuDyInG fAsHiOn but nope

No. 1522659

her foot in that too small heel is hilarious, looks like she's trying to fit into a childrens toy heel from a disney princess costume or something

No. 1522661

when she says she's feeling "inspired" she means she'll rip it off, but shittily

No. 1522669

File: 1651965525086.png (255.19 KB, 522x556, 10000hrsmspaint.png)

Just don't line up the cut-off parts of each photo geez. I can't unsee it.

No. 1522674


I thought the same thing, I'm so glad someone drew it, bless you

No. 1522686

KEK the one on the left is too much

No. 1522749

Holy shit that is hilarious. All she has an eye for is sniffing out pills kek

No. 1522753

File: 1651973879182.png (48.78 KB, 590x194, Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 6.33…)

She reposted the video from >>1520919 with a giant watermark in the middle with this caption. She doesn't know what high protocol or domina actually mean kek Kathy's rules are just "send me money"

No. 1522764

KEK, I love you, nonny! I kinda unironically love the one on the right, if there’s an art nonny lurking, I’d love to see what you’d do to it on the /ot/ boards.
I had to Google what high-protocol and domina could mean in this context. Kathy is funny, would someone involved in the BDSM community, willing to pay as much as she wants them to, be satisfied with how little she “does”? Something tell me the answer is no.

No. 1522812

File: 1651982356141.jpeg (509.79 KB, 1170x1125, BD60F4E8-B48D-4EF6-90A3-E1AE42…)

She’s desperate again. For $300 shell unblock the loons. Nothing screams high protocol like breaking your own rules/boundaries because you’re desperate!

No. 1522822

Miss "I'm never working with mentally ill subs again!" will work with mentally ill subs for $300. Kek.

No. 1522845

Buckle up girlies! Kathy had her weekend meltdown as predicted kek she got called out for that BS burlesque post where she bashes anyone with better costumes than her (which is like, everyone) and is once again playing the victim and spinning it into something bigger

No. 1522847

File: 1651990913746.jpeg (538.62 KB, 1500x3112, image4.jpeg)

Pt. 1: the comments she capped (don't know if it is all them)

Harassment isn't okay she says after harassing an whole group of women for having better costumes and performance abilities than her

No. 1522848

File: 1651991197153.jpeg (147.32 KB, 1500x1334, image5.jpeg)

Pt 2.: Self-victimization and deflecting

She just gets so much hate for being a disability advocate! Sure she uses the excuse of "miswording" things when she's in the wrong but it's the abuse dancers that really tell on themselves for being good performers that work hard for their costumes and abilities for calling out her rude remarks!

No. 1522853

File: 1651991463339.jpeg (78.67 KB, 1500x1334, image7.jpeg)

Pt. 3.: Performative action

Please reach out to Kathy privately about her bullshit so she can promptly block you instead of publicly commenting. Oh, and she's dearly sorry for not putting a trigger warning on that hateful terribly abusive interaction that she could've just not posted or just ignored to begin with

No. 1522856

File: 1651991705589.png (21.63 KB, 328x127, Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 11.3…)

She also broke the fourth wall kek PLEASE Kathy keep redirecting your followers here

No. 1522858

File: 1651992133419.jpeg (68.55 KB, 323x710, 111.jpeg)

She left out quite a few of her comments. She blocked the other woman obviously so no caps of what she said.

No. 1522860

File: 1651992833738.png (26.11 KB, 320x158, Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 11.5…)

Stfu you ugly bitch. Was it mis-worded when you said that disabled people live in poverty in that very same comment section? Or is everyone just purposefully misunderstanding you?

No. 1522864

> A typical burlesque act usually includes striptease, expensive or garish costumes, and bawdy humor, and may incorporate elements of cabaret, circus skills, aerial silk, and more
The ‘majority’ have acrobatic skills and expensive costumes because that’s literally part of burlesque. Could you imagine saying this about another hobby? “The entirety of polo should change because I can’t afford a horse or possess any horseback riding skills. I expect to be put on x team however without trying out because I read about x team.”

No. 1522935

File: 1652012859491.png (2.09 MB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20220508-082431.png)

This internet "burlesque performer" who never performs is really trying to argue with an actual performer. And a queer one at that. Circle back a few days where she was lashing out at kimchi. It's like she projects her insecurities and then nitpicks actual LGBTQ performers that put in work. She's such a jealous Karen that wants so bad to be oppressed or talented.

No. 1522941

Selfpost, integrate - 'queer sex workers' are still fair game here

No. 1522953

Ayrt and fully integrated spectator. Not that profile but go off

No. 1522979

I wish these Twitter idiots knew the “disability” she thinks qualifies her to speak about disabled peoples lives is endometriosis. I don’t mean to be cruel here but why would an actual disabled person think stripping is a good career for them anyway? Who would expect scrotes to pay to watch some poor soul wheel around a stage taking her clothes off?

No. 1523002

idk men are generally sick fucks who like to watch women suffer (millions of men search out irl rape videos that are mentioned on the news for example, even when that woman was subsequently murdered) but an overlooked factor is most burlesque audiences are women and gays. Y'know the people who like glamour. And generally disability is not seen as glamorous, plus women and gays are less inclined to enjoy watching a woman suffer than a straight man, so yes there is no market for actually disabled burlesque dancers.

Aside from this, most people do not consider endo a disability in the traditional sense, more an illness or a condition, but Kathy loves to claim to be part of every marginalised group in existence so it checks out.

No. 1523070

She puts it so succinctly when she says that Kathy’s only “skill” is putting expensive LOOKING shit on her body.

No. 1523109

I fully subscribe to this tinfoil.

No. 1523250

File: 1652043760692.jpeg (135.31 KB, 750x1334, 280232618_1008751926419256_227…)

She's selling her boa that is quite literally falling apart at the seams kek

No. 1523258

I know this dumb hoe didn't use the swan emoji when describing something ostrich

No. 1523269

I’ve never seen a ostrich boa like that up close but I’m 99% certain that they don’t have seams.

No. 1523329

When will idiots like Kathy understand that just because sex work for someone is voluntary, it's not automatically ethical

No. 1523335

exactly. is selling your kidney for money ethical? hell no. youre still either a victim of VERY BAD circumstance, or lack self respect to the point that you are willing to sell yourself to afford vapid luxuries like birkins or an iphone. its consensual though!

No. 1523338

File: 1652051386255.jpeg (801.15 KB, 1170x2045, B57EE5E4-FF3B-4CB7-81D3-B1C8D3…)

It’s completely reasonable to hold people to the standards of something. Nothing of would be interesting if everyone was accepted into something. Imagine going to the opera and the prima-Donna wasn’t classically trained. Appreciation is earned. Thought mediocrity being rewarded was a pet peeve of hers? Stand by your values Kathy and cope harder.

No. 1523350

Not necessarily what you'd call a seam, but it's basically just like a twine-type of string that is twisted, with the ends of the feathers pulled into the twisted string. If you don't care for your boa, it'll gradually untwist and you'll lose more and more feathers. Someone getting that nasty boa will have to retwist and glue it.

No. 1523358

shes just mad she cant get hired after all the bad reviews kek

No. 1523367

I'm sure someone with limited mobility could put on an amazing burlesque show if they had a ton of stage presence and creativity, as well as the drive to practice and the self-awareness to improve with criticism.
Kathy has none of these things, so she can only aggresively guilt people into pity hiring her.

No. 1523370

File: 1652055886840.jpeg (31.78 KB, 750x1334, 5864B732-F45D-49AF-BA6F-5931CA…)

LOL WHAT? She can not be for real saying this after bashing a “non-performer” (who was actually a stripper) for asking if Kathy makes costumes, telling everyone: what they can and not feel, what political beliefs are acceptable, what kind of queer they can be, that they can not voice their opinions online, that they can not talk about fashion because they’re not “educated”… and that’s just in the last few weeks. The list is never ending.

No. 1523396

The history of burlesque in America isn't great. No one can change the past that neo-burlesque is built off of; not Dita Von Teese, not Katherine McMahon. Act, costume, and prop stealing/copying is deeply rooted in the history. So is vulgarity and literal sex acts being presented on stage. The neo-burlesque movement has definitely moved away from the days of shoving bananas up their cavities on stage but theres still things that make burlesque, burlesque. Wanting it to be recognized as legit performance art and entertainment comes with being held to the standards of the industry. Telling showrunners and producers that they need to cast you without auditioning or you even seeing the show in person (if it's already running) is absolutely ridiculous. So is expecting them always arrange and pay for your transportation. It's also ridiculous and downright offensive to go around acting like able-bodied people are always privileged and handed gigs while disabled people live in poverty and aren't appreciated. That isn't reality. There are burlesque dancers that perform in wheelchairs that bring crowds to their knees. Could things be better? Of course. But Kathy projecting her shortcomings and lack of talent on all disabled people in the industry is duplicitous.

No. 1523424

Kek the photoshop on her arm is so embarrassing. Her forearm is hammier than her upper arm. She has no literally skills except for being a narcissist prick and claiming to be a survivor of ~financial abuse~.

No. 1523446

"I deserve to be hired as a chemical engineer at a top firm with a top salary despite having no experience or degree. I have failed all of my chemistry courses and I don't even know what fluid dynamics is. All brains and experience sets are valid"

You're allowed to do burlesque and be bad at it. You just won't be paid to do it. Go find an at home data entry job to subsidize your bullshit if you're unable to leave the house.

No. 1523558

File: 1652070738333.jpeg (420.84 KB, 2250x1334, image.jpeg)

When nonita posted the clinical review article about narcissism, it wasn't a guide for Kathy to follow yet here we are. Kathy is perfect and everyone else is the problem.

No. 1523568

It almost as if you shouldn't make sweeping assumption about groups of people whether good or bad

No. 1523805

So weird a talented educated costumier wouldn't take 5 minutes to re-stitch a boa when it would obviously increase its value at least $50?
Tinfoil she's desperate for cash because she doubled up her opiod dose and now she's run out & withdrawing

No. 1524156

honestly, if she would re-stitch that boa, the value would decrease because we all saw how she sews

No. 1524239

File: 1652115032958.jpeg (150 KB, 1170x2064, 1638473521729 (1).jpeg)

A reminder that Kathy couldn't even wait until the dressing room to start being petty and nasty, reposted from >>1382534
Speaking of unprofessional, isn't that the Peach who was supposed to be in her show last time? How stupid can Kathy be, publicly shit talking someone who obviously has more experience and connections than her. Although I guess that's nothing new after the Rosie Cheeks debacle. Good luck finding a venue and anyone decent who wants perform at your Powerpuff Shitshow now kek!

No. 1524314

nice thing to talk bad about the people you work with for everyone to see on the internet, before you even have worked with them. If I would have to work with her, I would be the nicest, most friendly and most supportive person she's ever met and still I know that she would talk shit about me as soon as she can. Professionals tend to not work with unprofessional people and if you can't leave your feelings and berating at home for some hours, they will see it and never hire you again, might be the reason she has to sell her boa so fast

No. 1524441

>I hate working with petty, mean, unprofessional performers
>posting on your public account to say you dislike someone who can easily identify themselves is not petty, mean or unprofessional, apparently

No. 1524447

File: 1652130244943.jpeg (172.68 KB, 750x1334, DB221588-7A4F-4D37-B248-E7E2E7…)

> her death made me quit my job

No. 1524452

"BFF of some dead sex worker she’s never met” is definitely one of Kathy’s weirdest LARPs yet.

No. 1524463

She has like 20 slides again on her story right now about this. She’s insane.

No. 1524646

File: 1652147017472.jpeg (461.24 KB, 1170x1911, A893CF23-DCA8-4A2E-AFF2-C60046…)

Sure the family appreciates her talking about how V inspired her to quit her job, drop out of school, and attempt sex work

No. 1524648

File: 1652147105803.jpeg (247.64 KB, 750x1334, AA8FBC4B-4E67-4B18-9D0C-417CD4…)

Please Kathy go full on crunchy

No. 1524681

she’s really breaking her back for that $5k grant kek

>Nominations are now closed. The winners will be announced at the inaugural Nightlife Culture Awards show on June 7th, 2022 where they’ll be awarded a $5,000 grant.

>who you are.

>You have and will continue to contribute to building a nightlife where both patrons and workers thrive. Whether socially, economically, culturally, environmentally, or otherwise, you are driven to make NYC nightlife a place where people and community come together.

>You’re a changemaker. You take risks, you have that NY grit and see long-term benefits where others see obstacles.

>You’re doing it. You’re already a contributor, and whether you’ve been doing this for 20 or 2 years, your impact on nightlife is already felt.

>You truly deserve this award and we agree! We want to amplify your success and encourage others to learn from you.

wow! that’s our bird girl to a T.

No. 1524742

I’m so intrigued by her obsession with Velvet. Those who “know”, was she prominent at all? I know there was some coverage of her passing but people tend to be canonised when they die.

No. 1524842

People pretending they were your BFF and posting about you every week to try and bolster their own image after your death is certainly a strange one. A friend who can never speak up to say who the fuck is this

No. 1524847

The way she wrote this like the medicine and food are alive and personally responding to her needs, is this the narcissism coming out or just general delusion?

I'm here for the new-age/witch arc, it's more in line with her grip on reality than the attempts at social justice.

No. 1524867

Wait what? For someone who apparently changed her life trajectory, she doesn't even have a single photo with this woman? They never met in real life at all? Did they even interact online?
Sorry if this is a spoonfeed, I'm still catching up on older threads.

No. 1524868

>you deserve healthcare and medicine that believes you
Uh oh, has the Pills for Prostitutes charity cut her off already?

No. 1524888

No, remember her whole aboose bullshit where her mom and doctors gave her healthcare trauma because they didn't immediately know she had a weird womb? That's what she's talking about.

No. 1524972

I really don’t think they ever interacted at all

No. 1525026

chicaganon, I wouldn't say I "know" as I'm not super invested in the whole sex work side of the gay scene, but I'm pretty sure aside from domming she just emcee'd and DJ'd at a few of the gay bars here. Someone less lazy than I could go back and look at flyers from queen, Berlin, hamburger Mary's or the metro/smartbar if they're really curious.
TLDR; No more than any other hag/queen/stripper that moonlights and hosts club events

No. 1525037

Apparently Kathy booked a “mommy dom” session with Velvet that never happened bc she killed herself. I don’t think they interacted beyond that. I always wonder if she took Kathy’s money to the grave.

No. 1525233

I'm laughing with the dead, not at, when I say this is fucking hilarious

No. 1525301

So what happened to her mask business, her lash business, and the book she was writing?

No. 1525477

maybe she realised she can't sew and can't write, but no, I guess the material she needs to start hasn't arrived or it's just not good enough for her to sell it and she ordered new stuff and is waiting on it.

No. 1525503

She said the material came like two weeks ago lol

No. 1525762

sry, should have put "sarcasm" behind it. I don't believe we will ever see those masks, she just realised that she can't read the manual of her sewing machine and therefore she hopes everyone forgot about the masks.

No. 1526116

File: 1652306020154.jpeg (143.44 KB, 750x1334, 9AFCE6E8-5D27-4637-A426-3E0703…)

This clown cunt made sure to go out of her way to erase the word women from the original tweet and image and replace it with “ menstruating people” and “people with periods”.

No. 1526135

Understandable with half her fans and subs being sissies, though utterly ridiculous of course. This type of language is used more often like people with autism or autistic people such inclusivity to suggest our normal bodily functions are disorders.

No. 1526250

saged for non-contribution, but i was just musing how much of a retard do you have to be to openly spread your instagram handle and swiftly block any woman with a normal account that DARES follow you. not only that, but doesn't she beg consistently to people go around spreading her sperging posts? what if the woman following you is disable and looking to drink from your fountain of unlimited knowledge? she can't decide if she wants all the attention or to not be perceived, so ridiculous.

No. 1526342

File: 1652319278844.png (4.49 MB, 1170x2532, C85E204E-089B-4827-92B4-4BB175…)

“You’re just jealous!!” Is the biggest cope for uglies kek Sure Kath, anyone who doesn’t like your Amazon wardrobe and lack of beauty skills is jealous of you.

No. 1526370

What I find hilarious about Katherine screeching (online) about basic people is how basic she, herself, is. Besides her degeneracy, how does she stand out? Yes, she has her shit styling but individually, the things she wears are fairly normal, some are trendy and all hideous but basic.

No. 1526560

You're 24 years old Katherine. Get over it.(so goes for the geriatric in the video).

No. 1526561

File: 1652343994270.jpeg (105.32 KB, 750x1334, 280492514_329762325947308_6497…)

I will never understand how women let themselves become brainwashed like this. Funny how their "inclusive language" never includes 'female', especially in this instance when only females are able to menstruate.

No. 1526568

Haven’t these super woke dolts learned about the reclamation of femme yet? Get with the times.

No. 1526569

We got both woman hating and muh endo, all this is missing is screeching at the normies and it'll have all kathy classics in one shitty insta story

No. 1526589

>The tard who unironically thinks the words woman and female need to be censored in 2022

So progressive, so woke. Also a stupid point since if you pass as a transman due to testosterone use, it's unlikely you will also still be having monthly periods. The only people helped by censoring woman and female are pressed troons who are jealous of cis females. Reminder that men are like dogs and spend money on women's dirty used shoes and underwear, among other things, there is not one part of being a woman they won't fetishise and be obsessed about and that includes pregnancy and periods. So all this REEEing about our bodily functions and "censoring" the name of our sex is only to please troons. It doesn't help enbies and transmen, who are as forgotten among trans rights as lesbians are among gay rights. Men lead the parade in all cases and all this "censoring" helps men, y'know the people Kathy is supposed to hate and subjugate via being a "domme" but in fact endlessly panders to.

No. 1526690


Well said

Kathy, you're the bootlicker.
Not your make believe male clients.

No. 1526787

File: 1652374733620.jpg (21.02 KB, 750x1334, kcKT5iM9pS.jpg)

She posted that together with this, which directly contradicts what she said a few days ago >>1524646

No. 1527000

File: 1652390399016.jpeg (233.97 KB, 1170x652, 814EF021-A747-44AF-AC40-43E6D0…)

Kek she’s laying this liberal ultra-woke shit on thick

No. 1527225

File: 1652406917964.jpeg (301.52 KB, 1170x302, ADAEB80A-9A6B-413D-9563-77C49B…)

The psychopath has added an instagram highlight for mistress velvet on her page. What a creep.

No. 1527231

Is there ANY evidence of them ever actually interacting in any way? They definitely never met irl.

No. 1527238

Tinfoil: Kathy's alienated herself from everyone, has nothing else going on, and refuses to help herself so she's latching onto the only thing she has left, her delusions. She's unwittingly showing off how bad of a state she's in by delving deeper into her fantasy parasocial relationship with someone who's dead and therefore can't object to anything she says or hold her accountable.

No. 1527239

Imagine going through and painstakingly censoring the word women every time like that

No. 1527373

It's kind of fucked up too because I can guarantee that Mistress Velvet wouldn't have even liked Kathy. A rich little white girl larping as an deeply oppressed and disabled sexworker. This is just as bad as Holly Conrad or Momo using Etika for clout.

No. 1527466

Yes, Kathy, those conservative christians and muslims who is the majority in that continent will definitely use the money that random white dudes give to black prostitute in the US for infrastructure in their country. Of course, every money that goes to a black prostitute in US go directly to African government bank or something

No. 1527787

File: 1652467517834.jpeg (118.81 KB, 750x1334, AFECFF84-7378-498B-ABC1-C27742…)

Kathy keeps using this quote for her own selfish cope but can’t see how insensitive it is

No. 1528061

I love how she added her own redundancy in that quote

No. 1528714

Waiting for a black sexworker/domme to call Kathy out for this shit virtue signaling

No. 1528780

File: 1652558422279.png (63.74 KB, 617x346, screenshot.png)

Kathy's been retweeting some fucking galaxy-brained takes to prove her wokeness, lmao.

No. 1528842

Lol this isn't going to get her that grant like she thinks it will

No. 1528845

>The United States of America was built on the fetishization of black people by white women
I'm sorry, what?

No. 1528881

Idk what to do anons. My bfs black but my dildos are pink/green/white. I'm clearly racist according to Kathy since the dildos I use don't match my bf.

No. 1528963

You forgot to add findom in there at the end, nonnie. Kek

No. 1529185

the real oppressors of the porn industry: women

No. 1529270

File: 1652598364636.jpeg (426.42 KB, 1170x1043, E5D44A44-79E1-4728-85C2-E385D9…)

How can one call themselves a disability advocate while actively taking advantage of disabled people living in poverty and bragging about it?

No. 1529276

Taking advantage? lmao won't someone think of the poor coomers, apparently being disabled means they're victims with no control over how they choose to spend their money

No. 1529278

Clearly irony is very lost on you

No. 1529285

ntayrt and I do agree in general with your sentiment but Kathy's taken advantage of disabled women in the past

No. 1529333

Lmao as if a man with “investment banker” money would choose this ugly redundant cow for his coom material. That’ll be the same investment bankers that walk up and down fifth avenue looking in the windows with her huh. How embarrassing that even in her internet fantasy life she’s still an ugly redundant cow that has nothing to offer anyone.

No. 1529379

Ah yes, I'm totally sure Kathy has a stingy investment banker submissive

No. 1529592

File: 1652637913021.gif (596.04 KB, 499x300, ksdnfjsf.gif)

wow Kathy,truly a brave historian unafraid of the consequences of her quest to teach the truth to the world. What a wise findom warrior

No. 1529745

File: 1652649808587.jpeg (171.61 KB, 750x1334, 12BE80AB-3FD0-44B3-B73A-18CDBE…)

She couldn’t be more creepy if she tried

No. 1529749

Was she this vocal (?) about Velvet before she died? I wonder if Velvet has close friends and family that have seen Katherine talk about her as if they were besties?

No. 1529771

She definitely was not. She wasn't even like this when the news of her death first broke. Wasn't present at any of the memorials. Don't even recall her sharing the gofundme.

No. 1529773

File: 1652651415459.jpeg (358.46 KB, 1170x1113, BE5C2C9C-DA75-443A-A6CB-D7EBC7…)


No. 1529781

File: 1652651891507.jpeg (723.64 KB, 1170x1653, 7331AE62-ECD3-41F5-9DCD-BE4E81…)

What was that about yt women fetishizing the identity of black people again Katherine?

No. 1529789

Thanks, Nona. It’s disturbing to witness, and I feel as time passes, she’ll continue to escalate her signifIcance in Velvet’s life. It’s what narcissists do and it’ll be easy because she’s gone.
Is drug induced dementia a thing? Because, girl…

No. 1529794

I wish people who knew Velvet IRL would call Kathy out on this shit, but she’s not important enough to show upon anyone’s radars. it’s seriously so fucking creepy and gross.

No. 1529795


Someone needs to start a running compilation of all these creepout Velvet posts and the dates, this is so weird (and just remembered she made a shrine for this woman as well) Like people don't make this many memorial posts about dear family who they lost. This was a stranger.

No. 1529809

File: 1652654170808.png (5.19 MB, 1170x2532, 8FE532B5-38DA-4F8B-8D8F-32584B…)

Here’s the shrine for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet

No. 1529810

File: 1652654246267.jpeg (216.99 KB, 1170x869, 1628890990838.jpeg)

They never met or interacted. I've been rereading the old threads and the first time Kathy mentions V is three months after her death (second thread). Picrel was posted around 13 Aug 2021 and is the first I spotted her mentioning Velvet. Around August is also when Kathy's IG story highlight reel starts. V died in May.

Kathy did nuke her old Twitter accounts after the first thread so it's hard to verify a negative. But my tinfoil is she never even knew who V was before she died, learned about her from farmers and decided to write herself some ghost fanfic.

V was mentioned in the first thread here >>>/snow/1270093
Kathy makes up bold faced lies like being wined & dined by billionaires yet has never told a single story about Velvet, not that they went for a cocktail, had a meaningful phone call or even talked about the weather in DMs. It's always vague "my dear friend was killed by sex work stigma" and "grief is so hard" as a platform to launch into talking about herself.
Prove you knew her, Kathy. Or STFU.

No. 1529828

Everything about this sets alarms in my head and I don’t know how to explain why. Perhaps they should be included in the summary of the next thread?

No. 1530091

File: 1652665430371.jpeg (741.62 KB, 1170x1730, 24E1038E-5F51-4854-B86C-52132E…)

It’s embarrassing, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic when heterosexual female sex workers won’t sleep with a ~queer~ woman. If you want n-log material, read the full article which can be summarized as a woman thinking she is entitled to an orgasm from female sex workers and then whining when they don’t want to fuck her.

No. 1530096

Meant a-log not n-log lol

No. 1530159

It’s actually quite fucked up for a woman like Kathy, who comes from a privileged background and whose “disability” is endometriosis, to speak on behalf of all disabled people and make sweeping generalizations like “disabled people live in poverty and can’t afford transportation.” Lots of disabled people are fully capable of living independently and don’t want to be treated as charity cases, but Madame Karen wouldn’t know that because she doesn’t interact with actual disabled people.

No. 1530391

I should have paid attention to your warning. Isn’t what she’s saying basically one of the main points prostitutes and escorts discuss? That they are allowed to set boundaries and reject men? I swear nothing means anything anymore. So, is Kathy agreeing or disagreeing?

No. 1530639

Didn't you hear? You're only allowed to say no to NPCs, not to Kathy or whoever she's sucking up to today!

No. 1530647

File: 1652700323086.jpg (156.22 KB, 1080x1144, sure jan.jpg)

Still hilarious that this whole findom larp is an extended narc tantrum about her dad kicking her off the phone plan.

No. 1530650

File: 1652700641883.jpg (270.41 KB, 1080x1920, inaccessibility.jpg)

You miss out on things because nobody books you girl

No. 1530682

File: 1652705988193.jpg (561.56 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220516-135709_Chr…)

…Kek so Vivien Leigh as Scarlet O'Hara, the fictional Southern belle living on a plantation with slaves? That's pretty problematic Kathy

No. 1530685

This is hilarious, what places are actually inaccessible to women who have endometriosis? How does having pain around your stomach area stop you from fitting through a doorway or getting up some stairs? What a ridiculous bitch, get a fucking job instead of trying to get paid to speak over actual disabled people.

No. 1530689

Pretty likely she's implying her "disability" causes her to have less money to go places

No. 1530779

Kathy is tone deaf like an boomer white man.

It actually seems chronic. I would assume it would be included on her munchie list of debilitating excuses by now.

No. 1530785

Kathy acts like she and Velvet were family when they were never in the same room, never talked on the phone, or even shared conversation beyond pseudo-sexwork.

A meaning of a receipt from a femfom workshop obviously got taken way out of proportion.

What's cringe, is the unrequited adoration of a deceased marginalized sex worker. It's peak virtue signalling and bordering on post-mortem public harrassment.

Let the spirit of a marginalized sex worker rest in a memory other than her "sex worker" title she survived with, and eventually met her end by, dumbass.

No. 1530933

File: 1652728459729.jpeg (445.36 KB, 1875x1406, 07C9FC3B-2C65-4FF0-AF70-B09752…)

She’s been trying to get the attention of a Chicago performer who actually knew Velvet for a while now, and never receives a response or even a like.

No. 1530934

File: 1652728577299.jpeg (357.96 KB, 1125x1766, 3EA32915-3B2E-4B38-9888-A8F269…)

Samefag, my favorite is this one where she mistakes Catherine O’Hara for Jessica Walter and then quietly deleted it a couple days after

No. 1530967

It's really gross, especially since "Mistress Velvet" died by suicide after struggling with mental health for a long time. And she's been memorialized as a "revolutionary sex worker", when she was an actually disabled, marginalized woman who likely had no choice but to do sex work since her mental illness would've made it difficult to work a conventional job. Kathy doesn't even know her real name, yet she's building altars to the persona she invented to survive. Fucking creepy skinwalker tier shit.

No. 1531054

File: 1652736682952.jpeg (111.89 KB, 750x1334, 1.jpeg)

YT is her new favorite term despite being white kek what a retard

No. 1531055

File: 1652736900001.jpeg (266.66 KB, 2250x2668, image.jpeg)

She must've got her grubby shaky hands on painkillers again because she's back to talking about her "memoir", telling people to sue their places of employment, and calling sex work a "tea party" that totally isn't more traumatizing, violent, degrading than a corporate job.

No. 1531065

Fucking hell she is so full of shit. No business can force you to sign an NDA about the way they treat you. That's not what NDAs are and are in no way legally enforceable. Please Kathy, write a memoir full of you complaining about how your place of employment wouldn't give you opiates when you demanded them. Tell the whole world how having to audition is abuse. What a miserable waste of space.

No. 1531069

I wonder how she would feel if she knew the type of people she’s pandering to with the YT stuff will hate her no matter how much she bootlicks? They just want to see how much she’ll humiliate and degrade herself for The Woke Cause(TM) and it’s fun for them.

No. 1531163

She dirty deleted this entire rant kek

No. 1531236

Kathy, you are insufferable, beak nosed & quickly gaining too much weight due to soft carbs. And oh yeah…you ARE WHITE!

No. 1531252

I'm guessing the NDA was part of the settlement from when she sued her ex employer. That's pretty common.

No. 1531293

File: 1652757664265.jpeg (27.93 KB, 750x1334, 281458136_168942842171015_5502…)

There actually is debbie downer but it requires 1. actually being a domestic violence survivor and 2. more effort than sitting on your iphone all day saying "give me money".

No. 1531301

File: 1652758629285.jpeg (410.34 KB, 1170x2228, 36D94680-CBDB-4AEC-B7B0-D5A8CB…)

What was that again about people buying their costumes not being creative? You would think someone who self-titles themself as one of the best costumiers in burlesque history would be able to make a copy of a basic dress with basic beading and basic fringe if they loved it so much. Lazy uncreative Kathy would rather have someone else find and buy her a copy.

No. 1531346

Oh, "accessibility" to Kathy means her place of work or anyone who books her needs to send her a car because she won't take public transport, and can't complain about her poor effort or just not turning up. Disability is her get out of everything free card but don't you dare say she's not every bit as capable as a non disabled worker/dancer.

Of course, her actual disability is her laziness and sense of entitlement.

No. 1531350

Holy crap this is great, she doesn't realise that she's using an expression that actual BLM supporters would consider racist while complaining about white people. She's my favorite cow, hands down.


No. 1531351

of course 'freelance sx work' is a tea party compared to an actual job - she never gets work so can just sit on her ass all day

No. 1531369

What is it about the craziest most narcissistic non-interesting/relevant people that they feel the need to threaten us with their memoirs?

No. 1531385

File: 1652767872829.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 341 KB, 1170x2532, B27ACFC5-7CFB-46EC-851C-E4FC5B…)

She calls this “the one that got away”, but on the Xtabay vintage Instagram page, it’s listed as a medium/large. XS my ass.

No. 1531388

She also says it’s circa 1960s when the post says 1980. What a weird detail to change

No. 1531391

I was just about to comment about that. What a totally bizarre thing to lie about. She can't go a single post without lying.

No. 1531417

If you're going to beg, why not beg for an actual Bob Mackie?

No. 1531444

She probably thinks she knows more than the seller who has held the actual dress in their hands because shes the worlds leading fashion history expert

No. 1531449

>my logic
god, she sounds like a redditor

No. 1531560

your profile picture is showing

No. 1531608

File: 1652798354203.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1755, B281AEA4-473C-4AB5-A5E3-B219DD…)

Fetishizing little girls getting kidnapped. Really classy, Kathy.

No. 1531611

Is this a Shatna & Skidmore academy crossover?!

No. 1531742


I don't understand how women like this can call themselves feminist, progressive or woke. You're fetishizing a young girl being kidnapped and sexually abused you fucking sicko. I hope the revolution she keeps meming about happens so someone snipes her or something

No. 1531959

File: 1652824309060.jpeg (72.83 KB, 750x1334, A61643E1-E423-4852-9BFF-2D3807…)

Katherine thinks everyone hates her because she’s ’autistic’ and a woman. Her telling large groups of people she’s not in community with them, stating she only wants people in her life if they are materially providing for her, calling full service survival sex workers SWERFS, calling gays that work office jobs bootlickers, her homophobia against butch lesbians, saying severely disabled people are the most ableist, and burning bridges left and right in her burlesque and “freelance sex work” larps is all just misunderstood social avoidance.

Get a grip. She uses autism as an excuse for her narcissistic personality disorder as well as DARVO.

No. 1531970

File: 1652824687292.jpeg (296.29 KB, 1500x1334, B385D252-BD57-45D0-9F7F-986AE1…)

> I do not want attention in public. Never compliment me. Don’t even look at me.
But also
> I love making all the old hag wives jealous when I walk down X street! Husbands break their necks and throw themselves at me! I love teasing finance bros with my birdwoman hats. Billionaires adore me.

Pick a larp

No. 1531979

Nice deflection, it definitely isn't because you're a hypocritical womanhater who claims to scam men for their money, but mostly scams other (mentally ill) women, stalks Black sexworkers from the grave, claims disability while talking over all actual disabled people, and posts things that glamorize abuse and pedophilia like >>1531608 among many other issues.

No. 1532286

File: 1652850466125.png (396.08 KB, 584x574, Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 10.0…)

So the anons who talked about her fetishizing latin/hispanic men were right kek

No. 1532290

File: 1652850685638.png (485.69 KB, 585x688, Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 10.0…)

>Almost all of them are rudeness, lateness, or inconvenience tributes.
Big fucking yikes. What happened to being "high protocol" and not tolerating disrespect? Girl is putting up with deviant men being rude for $2.50 nail polishes and amazon tiaras. At least get your rent paid shit.

No. 1532292

Don’t feed into her delusion you know she bought these herself

No. 1532295

Oh I 100% believe she bought everything for herself, especially since she's already posted the nail polish. Was just pointing out the ridiculousness in saying one thing then advertising another.

No. 1532320

>this man is a whole meal
What cheese would you think she'd pair him with?

No. 1532341

Something stinky enough to overpower the smell of her cheap perfume samples I’d imagine.

No. 1532352

Yes Katie! Wear that headband as a tIaRa! I'm sure it'll look so classy on you!

No. 1532397

24 years old larping as a high-class glamorous billionaire’s wet dream while showing off what looks like cheap gifts a pre-teen would get from her friends. This picture has an almost foreboding aura.

No. 1532579

Literally a plastic tiara from Claire’s kek

No. 1532676

File: 1652898230950.jpeg (532 KB, 1170x2055, A54A5893-4360-4B32-BF75-ADA0E5…)

the height of bespoke luxury, as always

No. 1532753

That's not lasting one wear with how shitty she treats her belongs.

No. 1532754

The most expensive thing there is the pillow and that's not saying much kek

No. 1532920

I wonder if it's going to be a costume piece, because that definitely worked out well last time lol (she got it caught on one of her feather fans mid-act and stopped to awkwardly remove it and then threw it off stage)

No. 1532934

One thing I find the most odd about her net presence (other than her fetishistic stalking of Velvet and constant hypocrisy surrounding “”tributes”” from subs) is the fact that she has no tagged photos on her Instagram. She constantly brags about being the muse of that one graphic designer, or how she’s a phenomenal nightlife performer, but no one has so much even tagged her in a fucking meme. I know lots of small time performers who barely have 100 followers and have only performed in two or three shows and they still have loads of tagged photos (even if it’s just a show poster where everyone performing is tagged.)

Obviously she doesn’t perform at all, and will continue to not get booked, it’s just funny that NO ONE acknowledges her on the net. She really has alienated herself from everyone in her “scene.” Btw what ever happened to her neckbeard? I haven’t seen one mention of ~DaDdY~ in forever.

No. 1533026

File: 1652921445681.jpeg (685.86 KB, 1170x1124, 767BC9D2-D657-4B75-A39A-D2220F…)

She posted the completed “logo” and somehow the colors are even uglier kek

No. 1533034

Is this bitch squatting? She tried to run a moving scam like two months ago.

No. 1533041

File: 1652921845454.jpeg (458.88 KB, 1147x2052, FD0351C7-989A-4DD6-A35C-8140F4…)

The neckbeard is still thirsting over e-whores that look nothing like Kathy and tweeting at Elon Musk. He doesn’t give a fuck about her if they’re still together.

No. 1533079

I'm absolutely convinced she's colorblind. Who told her that grey was purple? She always says her fans and purple or violet or whatever but even in this picture they're grey like mop water.

No. 1533219

Why would she accept a drawing, that’s supposed to be of herself, wearing black lipstick when she has never worn black lipstick? Terrible advertising. Anyone who sees this before they see her is going to be in for a shock when they actually see her and her mashed potato eyebrows.

No. 1533220

File: 1652938052639.jpeg (79.63 KB, 750x1334, 94E17182-FC86-4D0C-A25C-D11DEB…)

Not the Black Panther soundtrack KEK shocked she didn’t follow this up with a paragraph about Velvet

No. 1533374

File: 1652963294116.jpeg (308.5 KB, 2048x2048, 67FCF36F-6DC9-4393-B721-B9FF64…)

No. 1533458

Also the sudden DD cups there, just embrace your flatness Kathy

No. 1533484

Kek.She sure got the schnoz to be one of Cinderella's step-hags.

No. 1533578

File: 1652981680305.jpeg (475.8 KB, 1125x1198, C30C9E7D-7515-4DD8-AB3C-64F755…)

Says the woman who finds sexual (or at the very least aesthetic) pleasure in pedophilia, kidnapping, and child rape >>1531608

No. 1533599

File: 1652983096054.png (566.13 KB, 1170x2532, 7F0E384B-BAF6-4E96-84B7-3C3EEE…)

God she always is so incredibly judgmental.

No. 1533617

oh fuck off kathy. encouraging BDSM is a lot more damaging to real life women than listening to a fucking true crime podcast.

No. 1533620

Both the og tweet and her quote retweet are so fucking condescending. The true crime community is majority women BECAUSE they worry about that happening to them. So many women have experienced death threats and stalking, it’s a tangible reality. I’ve absolutely heard of women who consume true crime content because they feel it “prepares” them for danger in some way. There are a lot of creeps who are into true crime too (men) but true crime wouldn’t be so popular if the only people who enjoyed it were freaks. Kathy is so narcissistic and holier-than-thou it makes me want to a-log

No. 1533622

True Crime occupies the same place as battle stories and legends that end with a moral lesson: it teaches everyone else what to do and not to do. (ex: DON'T open your door to a stranger at 3 AM. DO call the police if someone bangs on your door at 3 AM. story about what happened to someone who did open the door) You feel entertained, but you're actually learning that you probably shouldn't get into a stranger's van/marry a guy who likes to torture animals/whatever.
Kathy is dumb as a stick, shaped like one, and needs to stop moralizing when she knows nothing.

No. 1533623

sage but that particular perfume is actually really nice
I have it and get tons of compliments when I wear it

it doesn't really go with her princess party aesthetic here though

No. 1533624

you have to laff at her getting the trial size and posting it as goals though. i've heard good things about the fragrance btw

No. 1533661

Fun fact that girl Gabby who got murdered by her boyfriend while on a roadtrip in the US was a fan of true crime, a podcast she used to listen to reposted her story after she went missing.
It is mostly women who are listening/watching with themselves in mind as potential victims as you said, the idea people are enjoying it in any kind of dubious way shows how out of touch Kathy is. Meanwhile she just reposted that photo of a girl chained to a radiator as aesthetic. You'd think it'd be tiring being so relentlessly wrong all the time.

No. 1533695

>someone has needed to say this for a long time
People DO say this. Constantly. It's the main criticism pointed at the true crime community. God, this bitch has such a main character complex.

No. 1533708

it's also a form of trying to understand "why" and like you said, what to look out for. I learned to tuck my ponytail into my shirt while walking home alone in the dark, I learned to not going near a car to give someone directions and I learned, that if I would ever become a victim, I can't tell my story calm and rational, I have to be a "mess" for other people to believe me. Also, if she would be so interested in the behaviour of narcissistic people, she should watch true crime, she could learn a thing or two. The only thing she ever does is complain about things other people might "enjoy", because she has no joy in anything she does. Wonder where her face mask are at, would love to see people buy and review some, kek.

No. 1533744

File: 1652997569087.jpeg (94.61 KB, 750x1334, 2.jpeg)

But partaking in BDSM, watching porn, and using sex worker's bodies is not consuming someone's real life trauma for entertainment. The hypocrisy.

No. 1533803

File: 1653003458840.png (38.31 KB, 588x152, Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 4.37…)

No. 1533807

People have always, always been fascinated by crime, aberrant behavior and depravity of one kind or another. Kathy thinks enjoying true crime means being giddy over gore and pain because she has no real curiosity about anything and only understands the surface level. Kathy already knows everything, see, so it’s her job to tell the rest of us peons how to think and act. As far as building careers off of suffering, you could make the same argument for people who teach history, give tours in museums, anybody working in any healthcare facility.…it’s meaningless.

Does she have any irl friends besides her moid who ignores her? You’d think she’d figure out eventually that once you’re offline nobody actually likes a constant scold picking apart anything you might find interesting or fun.

No. 1533808

File: 1653003676447.png (281.87 KB, 584x690, Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 4.38…)

I know Kathy is at a pre-school reading level but if she at least tried to read the article, she'd know it's not "irresponsible and unethical journalism". It's actually an interesting read. Calling it SWERF sensationalism is ridiculous.

No. 1533813

honey, burlesque is a form of sex work, that's why every burlesque show you will see in the city I live is located somewhere around the Reeperbahn. And all that doesn't mean that people aren't respectful towards sex workers, I know that the girls working on the streets next to where I live have my full respect, more than you will ever get. You don't work at all and are not forced to do a job you hate just so you can survive or have to set a foot into a car of a guy that just wants to fuck you for money and maybe get killed by doing so.

No. 1533818

So…how is this journalist a radical feminist? Sorry if I’m derailing but I hate the way SWERF and TERF now refer to anyone who’s not a TRA or pro-sex work, and yet the woman-blaming language is still there. Her wokeness is just repackaged misogyny and she’ll never figure it out.

No. 1533821

The article isn't even anti-sex work. There's nothing in it that would imply that. The writer investigated an "agency" headed by men that run young women's OnlyFans. Katherine is just joining the hivemind because people in the replies are upset the writer used the word pimp, even though it's by definition pimping.

Here's something for Katherine to sit on since she wants to pretend she's just oh so woke: There is a huge consent issue here; the customer consents to interacting with the young woman in the picture, not to a random middle aged man.

No. 1533829

File: 1653005003972.png (336.24 KB, 591x715, Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 5.02…)

New exploitation target acquired

No. 1533832

I wonder if anyone is gonna warn this dude about Kathy's penchant for stalking & skinwalking random black sex workers…

No. 1533860

> it doesn't really go with her princess party aesthetic here though
All Katherine had to read was
> in […] collaboration with Dita Von Teese

No. 1534003

File: 1653025518005.jpeg (490.94 KB, 2250x2668, image.jpeg)

She really thinks the world needs to revolve around her and bend to what she deems as correct.

She also keeps talking about abusers in burlesque and BDSM yet won't call anyone out.

No. 1534004

File: 1653025555083.jpeg (237.03 KB, 2250x1334, image1.jpeg)

No. 1534007

What a huge cope "I don't get many gigs because of my ethics. That's why I'm not financially stable" is. Get a real job Katherine.

No. 1534009

But anon she did have real jobs in the past! And she was in academia, which traumatized her! Please act and be respectful accordingly.

No. 1534016

Katherine staunchly supports the most unethical industry on Earth: sex work. Not far behind is the fashion industry. Want to talk about ethics? Start there because those two things will never be ethical. You are a significant part of the problem.

No. 1534189


>My ethics are so strong and it makes me unable to work

Lil miss grand-holy-vulnerability invests a lot of time on her excuses like a classic, studious and insufferable narcissist!

It's a shame, she'll never be on a real job around real performers or sex workers, so no one will be ever put her in her place.

No. 1534215


>'Domestic violence survivor'

Never used to doubt this label until seeing types like Kathy exaggerate someone else's right to personal boundaries as a 'direct abuse inflicted onto her'

See: friend/roomate chooses completing her nursing exam instead of cleaning Kathy's house post endo surgery.

No. 1534483

It's a sneaky way of trying to claim victimhood. The new definition of 'violence' is 'anything I don't like', so I'm guessing her parents shouted at her a few times when she was a teenager and now she's framing it as "I escaped domestic violence".

No. 1534510

Same with this referring to people who don’t meet her standards as ‘unsafe’

No. 1534526


how can someone be such a cunt? you have to be on another level of narcissism to post this type of shit and not think for a second how you come across as the biggest fucking bitch that has ever existed, oh my god. she blows me away.
sage for non contribution ofc i just couldn't go on with my day after this without saying something. sorry nonas

No. 1534587

So according to Kathy
>Men using millions of women's trauma for fucked up fetishes like those she markets to = apparently kind, thoughtful, and considerate
>Woman listens to podcast in car = unkind, inconsiderate, not thoughtful
How interesting!

No. 1534690

Oh, that's no surprise. Everything about Kathy screams "I hate other women".

No. 1534793

File: 1653107624562.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 375.89 KB, 1170x1692, F22A425A-1B79-4494-A70C-F6AFAB…)

Kathy showing off her sausage toes kek

No. 1534834

File: 1653113415307.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.28 KB, 1080x1158, 82505039_2528794860726045_5071…)

Who wore it better?

No. 1534889

Unironically Lillee lol

No. 1534893

File: 1653121952174.jpeg (105.9 KB, 750x1334, 928D565D-EEA4-41DB-BC15-49514E…)

She honest to god thinks black lines down the back of her flabby pallor legs is a good idea, just like nipple tats

No. 1534904

bragging about some cheap nail polish is real something. that looks thin and lumpy and the nails look too small for her toes

No. 1534955

she looks like she bites her fucking toenails

I knew a few people who had this done in like the 00s. I thought it was cool then but it just looks dated and out of place now. If you're a burlesque performer you don't want them on your legs 24/7, it'll look retarded because theyll show next to the actual seam on your stockings, and ruin the big reveal of taking your stockings off as well. It literally screams that you don't perform and can't afford good stockings and don't wear stockings on the regular, lmao

No. 1535022

I read an issue of Inked magazine a long time ago (brazilian edition of about, idk, ten years ago) that has an interview with Dita Von Teese and she says in the interview that she had this idea of ​​tattooing pantyhose seams on her legs, but she gave up later because of the difficulty she would have matching the tattoo with the actual seams of the pantyhose she would have to wear. She got this idea from the fact that during WWII, for lack of supplies for pantyhose (and other things, war after all), women had to paint the seams on their legs to pretend they still had pantyhose on. I don't doubt that our Walmart Dita took the idea from the real one, seeing as all these burlesque wannabe's are carbon copies of Dita (who is also the copy of the copy of the copy)

No. 1535171

I always wonder how she'd dress if she was actually rich; it's impressive just how terribly she dresses. I don't just mean because the clothes she buys are cheap - I mean because she can't match anything. A good example is that she buys the most ugly LB. Anyone with an ounce of style who wanted the "vintage" look would go for something refined such as a So Kate or Miss Sab.

>>1520894 This is a shirt you'd see on Jerry's mum in Seinfeld.

>>1516635 Absolutely nothing here matches

>>1502256 Goes for a butterfly look (which is very dated regardless) then adds etsy earrings

>>1457120 Wtf was this

I guess I'm sperging because she's so boring right now. She's not even dressing up.

No. 1535191

Kek. Just shows miss luxury, totally stealing millionaire husband's has worse fashion sense than Helen Keller.

No. 1535300

>Mistress' milky feet

Mistress toe cheese, perhaps

No. 1535355

File: 1653162262679.jpeg (454.06 KB, 1125x1979, E7EF0A6C-1459-4DC9-9ABC-2AE597…)

Kek which one of you bitches sent this in? Love that she’s so latched onto this idea that’s not even concerned and just thinks she’ll figure it out later. Massive regret incoming.

No. 1535394

waiting for her to beg for money to get a laser removal of that tattoo, kek

No. 1535407

File: 1653165044118.jpeg (198.79 KB, 750x1334, 1A93DE07-42D0-4A7E-8059-EEF05A…)

No. 1535423

Not to defend Kathy, but I don't see what's wrong with this reply.

No. 1535443

Didn’t say there was but she’s lurking because anons were just talking about this

No. 1535468

And especially because beak nose doesn't practice what she preaches. All the crap she wears or posts is sweatshop/knock off & TJ Maxx shit.

No. 1535478

Bold words for someone whose entire aesthetic revolves around cheap amazon shit, kek. Also, she definitely sent this to herself (and added the bit about uwu bigger bodied people for bonus socjus points)
She's so transparent.

No. 1535508

File: 1653170393674.jpeg (1.93 MB, 2250x4002, image.jpeg)

Here's more of her replies to questions that sound like she asked herself kek

No. 1535537

Basic and ignorant people. How fucking rich. Also, might wanna lay off the carbs or those pantyhose tattoos are going to be hilarious.

No. 1535658

kek, when is she going to worry about problems with the lines? after she’s already put them on her body permanently of course.

No. 1535674

Just went to see if the signed prints were still up on her site and the store section is completely gone. Speaks for itself kek

No. 1535700

And those tacky ass "sparkles" she photoshops onto everything. They make it look like she's got sores.

No. 1535702

You know she's nowhere near flexible enough to bite her toenails, and if she was she'd be claiming Ellers Danlos!

No. 1535710

Lol, good luck to 'bigger bodied people' fitting into vintage fashion.

No. 1535712

File: 1653185373278.png (587.7 KB, 429x764, Screenshot 2022-05-22 at 03.07…)

This one tickles me especially.
Nothing I've of her says "i care about other people", only about how other people are affecting HER. Every time I read this answer I find someone else to laugh about.

No. 1535780

She speaks of her values, ethics, and sense of justice like she is 100% correct and can not be challenged. Fine that she has all that but the problem lies in “everyone else is wrong, only I am right” and then bashing on iGnOrAnT bAsIc CoRpOrAtE gAy LiBeRaLs.

No. 1535784

File: 1653188868909.jpeg (607.66 KB, 1170x1803, 65D829CD-FAED-433B-A011-0D6DFD…)

How many more times is she going to regurgitate this stolen verbiage?

No. 1535804

The passion comes from care. I care about people and do not want them to suffer while a nice sentiment, is phrased in an incredibly awkward way.
Also she definitely sent nearly all, if not all of these asks to herself.

No. 1535887

The way I can tell she sent all these to herself is how she wasn't rude or scolding to any of them like she is when a "normie" asks her an innocent question.

No. 1535909

I'm so sorry for not contributing, but is there any other cows I can read about like her? She's vastly entertaining

No. 1535997

How the fuck is pandering to coomers on twitter a healing space anyway

No. 1536010

I can't wait for her to get these tattoos and then to see the massive regret when the novelty wears off when she realizes how trashy it is and that she can't wear real stockings with them.

No. 1536150

It’s weird watching people with no friends irl become obsessed with twitter cOmMuNiTiEs and who are constantly on patrol looking for members saying the wrong things and dictating who should and shouldn’t be ‘in community’ with them and in their ‘spaces’. Maybe I just don’t understand the parasocial shit but it all just seems so meaningless to me. Go outside.

No. 1536514

File: 1653257571882.jpeg (37.67 KB, 750x1334, CF174CF0-7C82-4D49-8027-44035D…)

Such a deeply caring person telling people to cut off others income!

No. 1536521

Is this stupid bitch that has only been in hetro relationships,still calling herself queer?

No. 1536531

File: 1653258836189.jpeg (138.52 KB, 750x1334, 6F1D7802-B1EF-4E3F-8E69-42DCCD…)

Begging for friends

No. 1536537

File: 1653259098699.jpeg (823.12 KB, 1170x1641, D517E707-5E4F-4F13-8297-1FDDD0…)

Lol girl does two local dive bar and apartment shows a year but sure, she’s a traveling showgirl. Good thing though because that luggage wouldn’t withstand a single flight kek

No. 1536547

File: 1653260105226.jpeg (312.18 KB, 1125x2004, 16DEBA63-25C4-43C0-B7AD-75A7CB…)

Oh god she found out about the femme nail polish flagging which was a thing for a hot second on tumblr in like 2012.
For the uninitiated- glitter nail polish on your ring finger was supposed to mean “femme for femme.” Until having your ring finger painted in an accent color became a trend among straight girls and made this null and void.

No. 1536550

Hoe hasn’t even touched another woman. Why is she like this?

No. 1536571

File: 1653261656255.jpeg (883.85 KB, 1170x1311, C171C8E3-4E6C-40FD-A820-8B284F…)

Tacky and cheap

No. 1536572

That’s literally discrimination Katherine

No. 1536573

Well at least we now know she does her nails herself.

No. 1536695

Before the first thread was made and she was on her “dollification” kick, she was talking about getting lasering off several of her tattoos. She didn’t do it but that means she already has tattoos she doesn’t want on her body. She is going to hate having black lines extending down her legs… and so are the wealthy men she claims to attract kek

No. 1536696

File: 1653272480700.jpeg (85.3 KB, 750x1334, 65E3B7C2-F33A-4460-BB71-09C9D3…)

Is this her way of telling everyone the hideous neckbeard is fucking other women?

No. 1536829

Polyamory is trendy now, nonny.
But I can imagine her being jealous AF if he dared actually date another woman.

No. 1537387

File: 1653340081643.jpeg (71.07 KB, 750x1334, 344F0A56-B11E-43D0-89A4-BD5DF5…)

Love how this gets posted after her begging multiple times for friends to hang out with and burlesque gigs.

No. 1537468

You don't get PTSD from Daddy not paying your bills, Kathy. I love how this broke ass copy thinks she contributes anything to anyone. Untreated personality disorder is a helluva drug.

No. 1537483

File: 1653347102779.png (74.19 KB, 590x302, Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 4.01…)

Let's see here someone that has PTSD, is a financial abuse survivor, domestic abuse survivor, workplace abuse survivor, is chronically disabled with endometriosis and PFD, and is autistic… thinks sex work is the right career choice?

And then is a white woman 'sex worker' tweeting absolute dog shit takes like picrel? Girl is so full of shit. Untreated personality disorder is a helluva drug is right.

No. 1537489

File: 1653347250188.png (35.29 KB, 590x111, Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 4.07…)

and then once again ties BDSM to queer and trans people

No. 1537592

>I need a break from socializing if we do not already have plans
Kek she's so narcissistic she's announcing she made plans with a friend or two. Thinking her presence is simply too much to give to icky vanilla people. Lazyass

No. 1537594

The best thing this idiot could do is draw a shitty line down her thighs and see how much she likes it while the ink still will come off.

But beaky thinks she knows best, so even though I'm posting this she probably won't do it.

No. 1537622

Oh come on Kathy.. you're white and don't know or care about the actual statistics of the sex trade – how it is 100% tied to sex trafficking and how that affects black and brown women all over the world. Simply looking up the stats on young black girls in US prostitution will make your fucking skin crawl, but nah these retards think it's literally made up and deemed to be "carceral feminism" propaganda. It only makes sense she's a retarded anarchist, actually complete make-believe and will never be a real communist

No. 1537663

Dirty deleted, as usual.

No. 1537664

File: 1653361782937.png (90.11 KB, 585x405, Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 8.09…)

> I’m going through some difficult things in my personal life
Once again why is she announcing this on her sex work twitter? Also 99% sure she got evicted.

No. 1537673

>considers herself commie
>government regulation is bad

0 days without Kathy posting something hypocritical

No. 1537717

My money is on her neckbeard finally being done with her shit

No. 1537799

Isn't she an anarcho-feminist?

No. 1537934

You know, I don’t think she has ever referred to herself as any kind of feminist. She’s labeled herself an anarchist, communist, anarcho-communist, and whatever name she listed off for eco/green anarchism.

No. 1537966

Sex workers are the experts in care? Let’s just ignore that the care sector exists. Women giving their pussy for cents on the dollar to unhinged men are the carers of the world.

No. 1538559

If that's the case, get ready for the abuse accusations to flow.
Kathy loves to shit on white people, but when she posts shit like that, she sounds as delusional as the idiots who still think Trump won. Sheltered, never experienced true hardship, doesn't have to work to survive…a spoiled white bitch.

No. 1538569

>Body as pink as the suitcases
>Chooses yellow foundation
Why is Kathy like this?
This is the style women get when they are engaged/know they are about to be proposed to in my region. Her neckbeard would never.

No. 1538619

I've always assumed she picks the palest shade of foundation in the shop - for cheaper brands they're usually very yellow and don't suit most people. She's got a complex about being the lightest person in existence so it'll make sense.

No. 1538638

No. 1538744

I remember she gets most of her info and opinions off retard libfem anarchists on twitter, I think she's just one of those. + Possibly whatever velvet would say and do.

No. 1538838

File: 1653428098847.jpeg (65.24 KB, 750x1334, 283293221_360872182802611_6703…)

No. 1538883

well, when you believe everything at once, eventually you’ll be correct about something. But I wish these types would be more sparing with calling things ‘abuse’

No. 1538950

File: 1653434917122.png (132.16 KB, 589x628, Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 3.19…)

No. 1538992

Translation: Offer me enough money and I'll post your name on my social media and say you're a good lItTlE pEt.
That's all you're getting from me or I'm bLaCklIstIng you, aka block you on my 3-likes-per-tweet Twitter!

No. 1539181

File: 1653455766533.jpeg (691.75 KB, 1170x1360, CD81AD4D-FE7A-415D-A218-D590A6…)

And now we know why she publicly canceled on everyone else the other day Mel

No. 1539243


In what world can you afford champagne, macarons AND fresh flowers for 100:-?
Chose ONE and maybe but all three? Lolol she really is the definition of a poor person ideas of what rich is

No. 1539272

Not to wk but this is a tweet, not a DM, anon. She's expecting (or at least hoping) that more than one person will send that amount.

No. 1539317

>unethical bratting
Imagine talking about this shit and not only thinking of yourself as a serious person but someone smart

No. 1540118

File: 1653528601156.png (326.48 KB, 589x523, Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 6.30…)

Pillsbury Dough Boy realness

No. 1540123

File: 1653528649433.jpeg (324.82 KB, 1578x2048, FTpZO3iXsAEeDpv.jpeg)

No. 1540127

File: 1653528681112.jpeg (369.69 KB, 1660x2048, FTpZO3kWUAAuG-l.jpeg)

No. 1540133

File: 1653528811351.gif (1.4 MB, 400x300, americas-next-top-model-antm.g…)

Oh hell no… hope she knows she attracts sissies because she looks like a little boy playing dress up

No. 1540161

File: 1653529277844.jpeg (236.93 KB, 1080x1349, 283846691_584349852879250_5712…)

She gets free personalized makeup tips in these threads yet each time she changes her makeup, it gets worse. Also the carbs are quickly catching up kek

No. 1540244


that eyeliner is so Shakey and tragic.

Kathy they make stencils/stamps for this type of shit. It's better than what you got going on.

No. 1540252

Has she shooped her tits? Because on the (our) left her rib tattoo seems to be on her breast as well, but IRL that would make for horrible placement and an artist would actively try to avoid putting part of a tattoo , especially a text tattoo, on a part of the body that changes size and shape so much.

No. 1540253

She can't even invest in a plain backdrop to hang. It looks so unprofessional, even if the pose is fine the cluttered and obvious-living-room background is so distracting and makes it seem seedy.

No. 1540256

Panty straps all the way up to give her the illusion of a waistline. I’m sure it’s giving her a massive wedgie.
The ill-fitting bra gets me every time. My tinfoil is that she purposely bought a base bra a few sizes too big with the intent of getting a boob job to fill it in. By the time she backed out of wanting a boob job she made too much progress on the stoning to restart on one that was her actual size. Also the stones weighing the fabric down can’t help. She looks like a tween girl trying on her older sister’s bras.

No. 1540258

The placement of that tattoo near her chest is truly tragic.
Katherine, plucking your eyebrows is not necessary but at least glue them down to achieve what you’re trying to.

No. 1540277

A face not even a mother loves

No. 1540286

There's several huge photoshop mistakes but I'm not going to point them out for her lol

No. 1540311

Can she suck it in any harder? If she's insecure about her toneless torso, she can do yoga and resistance exercises, maybe learn how to dance, and reduce the frozen pastries, cheese, and pasta.
In these images in particular, you can see just how hard she's trying to look like Dita even though she could choose a different look to flatter herself more. At least the heavy editing blends the stark difference between her skin tone and her straight yellow foundation.
What's with the joker mouth on the left side of the image? Is she spending her rent money on fillers, now, too?

No. 1540316

Oof it's painfully obvious how much she's sucking it in

No. 1540474

File: 1653538676246.jpeg (721.66 KB, 3222x3222, A31DCC2D-4DBC-44E4-BD88-B8B164…)

Her boobs are so small

No. 1540593

Going to need her to beg for $50 to get a color analysis done because this beige, dishwater grey, and Amazon pink are not working for her. Neither are the colored and blonde wigs. As someone who “studied fashion” and claims to be a “Hyperfemme living doll” she should know that already and should know her Kibbe body type.

No. 1540599

This is the bra and panty that Katherine proclaims is one of the best costumes in burlesque history and cost six figures (when including the fans). That’s as laughable as her saying billionaire men throw themselves at her. The only thing creative about Kathy are her delusions of grandeur.

No. 1540608

File: 1653541879386.jpg (252.64 KB, 1322x1104, 00490-Street-Pigeon-white-back…)

she’s called Park Avenue Pinup because she's a street pigeon

I’m sorry, street pigeons

No. 1540737

She looks so much like Casper the Friendly Ghost in this one

No. 1540751

File: 1653570486220.jpg (971.85 KB, 3917x2160, WAT?.JPG)

This Casper? Nona, tell us more, please take me on this journey.

No. 1540880

There's nothing wrong with small boobs, and she is short and (despite some weight gain) still petite so they look fine on her. The problem is the costumes she "creates" are made for larger busts and look ridiculous on her. She could be wearing cute little bras that only look good on small breasts or sheer stuff because she doesn't need the support, but no. It's a bejazzled monstrosity or nothing for our Kathy.

No. 1540881

Pigeons have colour coordination.

No. 1540906

It’s not that she has small boobs, that’s fine. It’s that she’s so insecure in her body that she photoshopped herself with giant tits for Twitter.

No. 1541104

I dont understand the highlighter on the nose. It's so curved. Is it because she's photoshopped her nose from its original beak shape?

No. 1541121

File: 1653597180039.png (357.63 KB, 590x729, Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 1.33…)

Lol @ $200 when she was begging for $600

No. 1541122

File: 1653597235952.jpeg (383.63 KB, 1937x2048, FTqaC3uWQAAiBLo.jpeg)

Nothing about this image says biologically female

No. 1541126

YouTube is free Kathy

No. 1541141

File: 1653597874678.webm (3.59 MB, 720x910, Pigeons have colour coordinati…)

The video does answer >>1540252 the tattoo is indeed tragically placed. Perhaps she’s gained weight since getting it?

No. 1541158

This look ages her already mature so much. It looks odd with the small breasts and overall pudgy body. I wouldn't continue pushing this image if I were her, since none of it works

No. 1541163

has she got 4 different text tattoos? kek she couldn't be more basic if she tried

No. 1541214

Yep, just what millionaires are looking for…a beak nose with makeup by Baby Jane Hudson, "jewels" by Hobby Lobby, pudgy from too many carbs,and shitty/badly placed basic bitch tattoos.she loves to use the word luxury but everytime she shows off like this, it just shows she has NO understanding of the word & moves like Peggy Hill in her full-body cast.

No. 1541220

Yikes, this whole photo shoot is just a mess. She constantly goes on about “the art of the tease” but teases nothing in these FREE photos. Burlesque is about building a character. There are performers who are goofy and circus themed, performers who pay homage to vintage glamour, goth performers who act out pagan rituals. They hone their craft by spending hours practicing poses and movements, on top of researching whatever vibe they’re going for. These photos say absolutely nothing about what her performances “offer” other than “I liek to wear shiny bullshit.” If I was a booker and sent these photos it’d be a pretty much insta delete of an email, or maybe a small throwaway booking to open for competent performers.

Also lol at a “Findomme” putting this content out for free. She really has no idea how to formulate any mystery or hold herself to any standards

No. 1541264

Weight gain wouldn't account for it, my rib tattoo was done when I was 10 kilos lighter but it hasn't somehow migrated onto my breast when I got fat. She just has a terrible idea of placement - but at least with small tits there'll be less sag as she ages.

And the background is worse here, she has no sense of staging!!

No. 1541341

File: 1653615707761.jpeg (366.22 KB, 1170x1640, 629BFB59-2693-46F5-ADC1-453863…)

She should be worried about growing her bank account

No. 1541342

File: 1653615864332.png (663.99 KB, 487x711, casper.PNG)

I think this is the Casper she reminded me of specifically in that picture

No. 1541369


Kathy the ethical dom making fun of a mentally ill former client. Kek

No. 1541402

File: 1653622476403.jpeg (149.55 KB, 750x1334, C57B94C2-66BB-4C94-9B5B-1BE654…)

Bitch seriously thinks her dishwater bra and panty is lavender. Get your eyes fixed hon for your next ~body modification~

No. 1541406

File: 1653622645418.jpeg (125.41 KB, 750x1334, 187D865D-382E-4D19-A2FE-8C89D9…)

“A showgirl is a female dancer or performer in a stage entertainment show intended to showcase the performer's physical attributes, typically by way of revealing clothing, toplessness, or nudity.”

Just say vedette since zero effort is being put into it

No. 1541410

Weirdly enough, I think I see what you mean, nona.
I’ve come to believe she might be colourblind, like >>1533079 suggested.

No. 1541411

File: 1653622947471.png (1.05 MB, 1507x861, 911AD1B2-BEB6-4654-813A-0ADD63…)

She can not be serious

No. 1541416

She’s a spectacle alright, just not in the way she thinks kek She has absolutely no stage presence with videos showing the crowd being more interested in the floor than her. She thinks the drabbest shades of grey and beige are lavender so aesthetics is out the door. When you look like the evil witch from Snow White with the body of a little boy, calling yourself precious and girlish is just a sad cope with creepy connotations. Very delusional and on brand for this narcissist.

No. 1541419

She might be tetrachromatic, where you see more colours than most people because it appears all of us are just seeing grey, yet she is convinced it's lavender

No. 1541425

Her being colorblind would make sense except she bought feather fans labeled ‘silver’, underwear that was no doubt sold as nude or beige, nude shoes, and whatever brand of rhinestones she used were definitely not labeled lavender or purple. The pasties she had someone else make are silver - that person was told to make silver pasties. Throwing on a party city plastic purple wig and and robe called “powder lavender” doesn’t make the whole thing lavender. I know she’s a narc but saying something doesn’t make it magically true.

No. 1541428

inb4 she claims to have this kek
You’re right. She also had to tell the woman who drew her “logo” what colors to use and obviously she knows the difference given the original had purple hair and macaroon with a silver costume.

No. 1541432

File: 1653624787260.jpeg (43.1 KB, 400x400, D9CCAAF1-D955-4DAC-BB70-7FB9A0…)

Her pfp also shows how Not Lavender everything is

No. 1541454

I'm no fancy showgirl or historian. Kek. But are you supposed to leave those clips in that hideous wig? They look like something my great Auntie used when she did her home perms.

No. 1541466

You’re not, they’re used for setting the waves. I think she thinks it makes her look glamorous as it’s not unusual for models to be photographed wearing them behind the scenes. Also, I wouldn’t doubt she uses them to pretend she styled the wig herself.

No. 1541469

So are these the "professionally shot" photos she talked about in >>1539181? Because they are clearly not shot by anybody but herself.

No. 1541481

Nope, because I am tetrachromatic and that shit is grey

No. 1541482

Sorry, OT, but a macaroon is a flaked coconut cookie. The word you're looking for is macaron, which, although very similar sounding, is a completely different confection.

No. 1541487

No one cares

No. 1541579

I guess shes IS as much a professional photographer as she is a professional performer/showgirl

No. 1541612

What a great advert for her services - "buy me shit and then I'll never talk to you again".

No. 1541686


> The crotch discoloration

Definitely smells like a burger king. That's why she needs perfumes lately.

No. 1541698


Sage for useless info, but fat bitches in the vintage community love to complain that there isn’t enough authentic vintage clothing for them. But the market is definitely saturated with plus sized garments, it just gets them pity points to say that. There’s also a hoarding problem with vintage collectors too. They perpetuate their own problems.

No. 1541963

File: 1653688279264.jpeg (163.4 KB, 750x1334, E29E0E46-458A-477C-AA70-C0878B…)

She is 100% sending herself questions lol

No. 1542017

What the fuck is a fine glitter wig?

No. 1542028

File: 1653692951850.jpeg (65.72 KB, 782x782, A070700D-263A-4779-BEB8-20B504…)

kek does she mean a tinsel wig? Such a way with words.

No. 1542092

She doesn’t even wear these or any wigs with “glitter” wtf is she on about

No. 1542100


it tickles me everytime she posts about her expensive gifts and they end up being cheap shit. this full sized perfume cost $100.

No. 1542138

I'm sure in the picture of her actual perfume she posted it wasn't even the full size!

No. 1542163

It wasn’t lol

No. 1542237

It seems like she draw her eyebrow on pointed down to look like her bitchy persona. It kinda looks like it’s melting off her face

No. 1542254

She’ll never be truly beautiful but good fucking grief; the way she styles herself is just getting worse. Pictures of her from a few years ago are so much better. This twink drag queen look is not doing anything for her. She’s obviously trying to do stage makeup but the problem is it’s done with horrendous application and absolutely does not work for up close iPhone selfies and whatever apartment appearances she considers shows. The internet is full of free comprehensive beauty guides/tutorials but the living hyperfemme doll can’t be fucked to watch a 10 minute video.

No. 1542285

File: 1653717865784.jpeg (724.48 KB, 1170x1651, 490AF7AA-7C0B-4D1D-9908-368F5C…)

Real interesting comment from the “domestic violence survivor”

No. 1542473

How on earth can Kathy call anyone else a pickme girlfriend when she's a polykinkfag and her bf is literally simping for twitch streamers publicly all the time? kek

No. 1542548

You beak nosed cunt,you are literally the definition of a pick-me. And while you shitpost your scrote doesn't even want to spend his birthday with you & pays more attention to any other woman but YOU!

No. 1542642

both of them sound like fun and you can see how the only way they can view problems is from a very superficial point. World is horrible because of boy moms and pick-me women, so in the end, women are the worst.

No. 1542646

The mom was also being evicted from a home by the grandmother while the shooter who killed the grandmother was allowed to stay (according to the most recent things I read- I know more comes out as time goes on). There was definitely a situation going on in that family, and the mother's plea for the dead children to forgive her (rather than saying something which centers the victims) does not paint her in a good light. I think there is something going on there, but it's not "boy mom" stuff which generally comes off totally differently. Apparently, this shooter, like the one in NY, was already known to police who did jackshit about it once again.
Kathy, however, is a drive-by attention whore who should stick to quietly practicing her dance and makeup until she is competent in at least one thing in her life. She'd benefit from making a private account for her political opinions and life problems so that she doesn't alienate her few customers should they happen to fall on a side other than "bougie hypocritical anarchist leech".

No. 1542701

Mom was getting evicted cuz she was a drug addict from what I've read. Grandmother survived as well.

Of course Kathy would jump on hating a random woman who didn't even know the shooter but is being accused of being his gf cuz he tagged her in a photo.

No. 1542705

File: 1653761483318.jpg (88.63 KB, 660x660, tin-foil-cats9.jpg)

I thought the same thing. I think it's because advertising herself normally doesn't work (because she has no redeeming skills or qualities lol) so she's attempting some reverse psychology/trying to keep up an appearance of exclusivity. I also have the tinfoil that she has only one reliable whale, the one she calls best boy. She doesn't care about the long term consequences of constantly complaining online about clients and her inability to keep them because in the short term it makes the whale feel special and they give her more attention.
The sub didn't even get her the full size, and it's on sale too. She's showing off the mini size which was 30% off. It's the most expensive thing in that sad collection of "gifts from men who don't respect me but still want to use me for sexual gratification". Such luxury.

No. 1542841

Yeah the poor girl got sent his gun pictures and is being dogpiled by idiots like Kathy because he randomly chose her on Instagram.

No. 1543044

I wonder how old she was. He apparently had contact to a 15 year old German girl for some weeks and I can only imagine how horrible it must be to know that the guy you talked to did something like that. Kathy is an idiot if she things that instagram girl was his girlfriend and she plays into the hand of someone abusing another person if she spreads the imformation that this girl was his girlfriend. But she hates females, so why not hate on someone who didn't do anything, after all it's a female person.

No. 1543104

Katie's bEsT bOy is herself and if she's lucky, also her robe-wearing FrankTheTerriblyEmbarrassing.

No. 1543188

File: 1653803381227.png (3.2 MB, 1170x2532, 47ED30DC-A9CF-478E-8DC6-6206E1…)

What a humongous cope this is. She isn’t labeled a liar because she “uses too many words”; when she talks too much her stories start to not line up because she lies. Shes posted a few times about how misunderstood she is while being very too the point telling people she’s not in community with them and how evil, horrible, and uneducated they are because they don’t share her exact viewpoint. It’s quite disgusting she’s using autism as a scapegoat for her unchecked personality disorder.

No. 1543301

Yes, it would be completely out of character for her to place the blame on the men who do these things. The absolute hilarity of her not getting that this is the definition of pickme

No. 1543409

File: 1653836880270.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1458, AADB31CC-5A47-456F-B77F-FB8FC2…)

I don’t know what to start with this one.

No. 1543410

God damn she’s working hard to get that shayna body to go with that shayna personality kek

No. 1543431

Watch out Park Avenue wives…Baby Jane Hudson is coming for yo man!

No. 1543499

The gloves make it look like she has some kind of skin disease

No. 1543562

the way the cupboard is cluttered and the board on the wall, it looks like she took those at Ikea. And let's not talk about her costume that doesn't fit anywhere. I'm happy and okay with women gaining some weight, showing that they have folds and curves, but the bra is way too tight and the gloves are way too big. Also, the tattoos look trashy, like single mother of 4 gets a tattoo with her oldest daughter. And her bended knee looks like a chicken. And to finish this, the colour of her legs looks so different, upper part looks alive, lower part looks like 2 hours in the freezer.

No. 1543565

Vanity shots like this are supposed to show the reflection of the person or their 'toilette' in the mirror. This reflects the photos of Kathy and the neckbeard on the wall lol. Then again she took these "professionally" on self timer.

No. 1543586

> the photos of Kathy and the neckbeard on the wall
Even worse… it’s her Velvet black power altar shrine thing kek

No. 1543599

File: 1653851749840.jpeg (362.34 KB, 1170x1051, 8FA880FD-3DFD-47F3-9AE6-72A994…)

She acts clueless about how her family finds her address yet continually posts her apartment layout publicly because she’s so wrapped up in herself. The glamour and mystic of a toilette scene is lost on her.

No. 1543607

File: 1653852153887.jpeg (45.72 KB, 750x1334, 53A666B7-A59D-4BEF-8CB5-694F68…)

Stranger Things is too scarewee because she can’t sexualize the relationship between a child and her guardian this season it has always been horror dumbass

No. 1543653

Her body type plus the way she smooths her skin out gives her the weirdest look. No shape or muscle tone whatsoever, just fleshy and pink and pudgy. I don’t know where to start with her face.

No. 1543664

>it's too scary for me!
I'm a bitch for this but this is kind of pathetic kek.

No. 1543684

It's so so so so so creepy to have photos of Velvet on her wall.

That nose edit has sent me though.

No. 1543713

File: 1653862962830.png (17.88 KB, 210x36, wtaf.PNG)

What the fuck is this? I hate to nitpick but this is the worst backwards Z shape she has ever done

No. 1543751

She should probably tone her muscles. Nothing graceful about 0 muscle definition. It's literally her job…

No. 1543769

The fact that she keeps wearing these too-tight costumes in hard materials with no give whatsoever make her look so much worse too. They create weird creases and bumps and make her look way fatter than she is because she’s not dressed for her size. That plus the filters make her look weirdly flabby

No. 1544044

File: 1653902809889.jpeg (600.5 KB, 1170x1110, 54522370-6EC0-4D19-8809-F5E314…)

She’s been asking for a “fur submissive” to buy her fur for almost a year. You’d by now it would click that uh, what’s she’s asking for doesn’t exactly exist. Men are freaks but what man is going to have a fur fetish that only goes as far as buying some random woman online a $5,000 fur coat that he’ll see her in once via a horrible selfie posted publicly?

No. 1544046

maybe the fetish is the sheer absurdity of buying a fur coat in late may

No. 1544048

File: 1653903390329.gif (1.69 MB, 960x1200, 83599408-8064-49CD-8BE1-571574…)

What the “photographer” posted vs what Kathy posted. Biggest changes being her whitening her skin and editing her beak kek

No. 1544050

She edited her wirey eyebrows out. Just pluck them bitch.

No. 1544052

The stoning on that thing is atrocious and she’s gaslighting herself saying it’s lavender. That leg creeping into the shot is real professional.

No. 1544056

File: 1653905329008.jpeg (395.64 KB, 1170x740, 789B904A-8ABB-4598-B3AF-DD3724…)

Would love to know what she has done in order to make her a ‘harm reductionist’ since she’s added that to the never ending list of random terms used to describe herself.

No. 1544191

Don't you get it, nona? She publicly shames and shuts down survival sex workers who talk about how horrible the sex trade is because of the ebil SWERF boogeymen who want to shut down her barely nsfw twitter and prevent her from making, at most, 30$ a week from mentally ill subs. She's a god damn hero!

No. 1544284

File: 1653930220089.gif (607.69 KB, 500x282, 609584BD-0ADB-4E3E-9738-32236B…)

Narcissist. Misogynist. Hypocrite. Crone.

No. 1544473

File: 1653944281305.png (172.84 KB, 591x650, Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 1.55…)

Going on 25 with zero clue how a two second video on loop gets views. 1,000 of those are probably her watching herself over and over kek

No. 1544477

A green anarchist that is begging for fur. That makes a whole lot of sense. The vintage angle doesn't work for this Kath.

No. 1544487

File: 1653945674029.jpeg (65.12 KB, 869x743, image1.jpeg)

Oh honey this is just embarrassing. Yeah not only does she not know how social media video views work, she really can't put two and two together that the FREE content on her "sex work" advertised account is being viewed by coomers that'll never pay her a cent? No couldn't be that. It's 1219 stalkers!! She turned the narcism up to 1000 for this power thought.

No. 1544495

File: 1653946397170.png (426.13 KB, 587x639, Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 2.28…)

Oh my god Katherine shut the fuck up you are not special. Here's a video with over 8,000 likes and 200,000 views. Are you going to say they have stalkers too? Fucking retard try to use that "autistic" brain for once.

No. 1544497

I'm not going to A-log over her eyebrows. I'm not. Really I'm ok. I'm not going to. I'm really really not going to. But I am SO CLOSE

No. 1544574

It's okay, anon. You're not the only one who thinks this. We can start a support group in OT for people personally victimised by Kathy's brows.

No. 1544752

She shooped an inch off her hairline

No. 1544780

It’s even funnier when you take into consideration that she hopped onto the “DONT GIVE THESE PAYPIGS ANYTHING FOR FREE/NO TRIBUTES UNDER 200$” train that more successful findommes are on… until she realized she wouldn’t get any attention without the free photos, and then started e begging (oops teehee demanding) for 5 dollars again.

Other swers in the scene denounced dommes taking small donations because it lowers the overall market value of their labor, to which Kathy gleefully retweeted with her overly-worded MaRxIsT tHeOrY, until she sheepishly resumed her coomer attention whoring(learn2sage)

No. 1544797

Will you learn how to fucking SAGE for fucks’s sake you goddamn retard

No. 1544877

i think she's kinda pretty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1544880

Go get your fucking eyes checked & learn to sage.

No. 1544895

It’s Mr Burns with a wig on anon

No. 1544925

She should be glad she's getting views at all considering how dull her content is, but yeah the view to like ratio is perfectly normal for any post on the internet (and actually on the better side, 10% interaction is considered good)

Lolcow most definitely are not the majority, when someone posts a direct link to lolcow to something (e.g. cow content reuploaded) it will get 20-150 views, so she can be rest assured the majority of her views are from lurking coomers and not us.

No. 1545116

File: 1654019054394.jpeg (344.85 KB, 828x923, C7491F82-D4E1-4B13-854E-243E67…)

she really has no idea how to market herself. Gets annoyed with subs, then immediately starts tweeting for people to tell her their fantasies. I thought people couldn’t communicate with you without tributing first?

No. 1545222

File: 1654024671109.jpeg (64.78 KB, 750x1334, 284474021_1492200387865353_571…)

Hey retard he asked you that because first of all, you pretend to have girl friends that you go out and make fun of subs with. You even claim to talk and laugh about findom with a female therapist. Secondly, you were just thirsting over a man a day ago and another one not long ago. Don't want to entertain men's fantasies? Don't call yourself a sex worker and pretend to be a domme; every aspect of it is catering to men's fantasies. Women are not in charge there no matter how much you lie to yourself.

No. 1545231

File: 1654025014110.jpeg (117.67 KB, 750x1334, 285062204_698709318077079_7398…)

Ngl I had to search what this meant because I'm not a druggie but uh, she's gotten so low she's asking people for free weed. Didn't she used to brag about the neckbeard going out and buying it for her? Guess he ain't doing that or sharing his anyone. Get a job and a real life Katherine.

No. 1545270

File: 1654027206507.png (78.7 KB, 592x334, Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 12.5…)

When was she doxxed?

No. 1545271

so basically “He wanted me to entertain a fantasy, but the fantasy was not true to life or accurate for me personally, so I told him no”
does she not know the meaning of the word “fantasy”? she’s not just bad at her job, she’s plain stupid

No. 1545272

File: 1654027305818.jpeg (22.38 KB, 750x1334, 285008639_122327963808393_7810…)

Does "name them" not apply to her because she was just screeching that. If this person is just sooo bad, name them publicly Kathy.

No. 1545293

File: 1654028630577.png (230.88 KB, 595x496, Katherine.png)

No. 1545298

She would love Boogie.

No. 1545340

File: 1654031489631.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.63 KB, 636x333, 3231735A-65DF-4F7C-8035-06BF8A…)

Older - yes
Fat - yes
Neckbeard - yes
Fucking retarded - yes
Internet famous - yes
Paedo accusations - yes
Money - yes, more than her
Boogie is Katherine’s dream man

No. 1545345

File: 1654031783463.jpeg (50.62 KB, 750x1334, 285178348_459342342622954_6832…)

Ever stop to think you're the problem? Of course not because the self-diagnosing of autism is a cover for her multiple unchecked personality disorders.

No. 1545371

Lol she didn't even get it right. The phrase is "smoke me out" not up

No. 1545372

File: 1654033201355.png (366.85 KB, 863x1132, Screenshot_20220531-163940.png)

No. 1545389

File: 1654034321949.png (86.62 KB, 588x399, Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 2.58…)

No. 1545396

File: 1654035145509.jpeg (191.56 KB, 750x1334, 284823791_738226497212920_6243…)

She is so far removed from reality. Katherine you are an entitled white woman with an education living in NYC that is choosing not to work because you'd rather rot in your apartment all day getting high. You think suing is a form of income and tell disabled people all they are good for is sex work. You expect men to just hand over their money to you for nothing, you expect showrunners to cast you just because you said so, and you expect everyone to follow your words, thoughts, and opinions - going as far as telling other people to brainwash their friends in order to align with you.

If a victim god complex didn't exist before, it does now and she's the index case.

No. 1545417

File: 1654036566261.png (245.06 KB, 490x843, Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 3.09…)

She posted this then immediately deleted it

No. 1545443

NTA but you can say both, and I've mostly heard smoke me up, because the phrase "smoke you/her/him out" has another more common meaning totally unrelated to weed.

No. 1545450

Jobless broke bitch things. Get a job.

No. 1545510

Malcolm X had things to say about white women like cunthy here.

No. 1545554

Grand Rising, Kathy! Her LARP as a black person is almost as entertaining as her LARP as a disabled sex worker.

No. 1545610

File: 1654053882702.jpeg (64.71 KB, 750x1334, 7D35FA1D-3705-45C8-8E89-67DCB2…)

Seek rehab Katherine

No. 1545611

Chicaganon? I think smoke me out is mostly a thing in chicago

No. 1545643

As someone facing life with a clear head for the first time in a while I really think, rather than helping with psych disorders, weed just delays learning actual healthy coping mechanisms because it gives a sense of calm on demand. Then you stop, and realize you can’t deal with the pain and stressors sober as well as you used to. It’s like how they say antidepressants should help you get back on your feet, but they won’t do the work of achieving contentment for you. Weed does, and as a result you learn nothing. The nausea and food aversion are obviously just part of the mild withdrawals that come with stopping suddenly. Imo as much as she wants to make it sound medical, she just sounds like she’s jonesing. And yes, I know a lot of this is subjective.

No. 1545647

>Can't function = no weed/day one

Get off your shitter and live up to your SeaWorld grand-destiny, ya flabby ol' bird.

No. 1545648

A more experienced sex worker telling a wannabe how her own stupidity led to her being doxxed =/= victim blaming. The woman was trying to help her not make the same mistake again. But any criticism to Kathy is a narc injury and therefore any critic is an abuser. One day she will 100% call neckbeard an abuser, probably when he tries to get out of the relationship.

No. 1545651

The thing about being autistic, which i'm sure many of us on here are despite it being way less frequently diagnosed in girls (in childhood at least), is most of us learn how to mask in social situations. Kathy just uses it as an excuse to be a raging cunt all the time.

No. 1545652

Honestly I find this super hard to believe. I’m a PNW anon and heavy weed smoking is very common here (wake n bake and a dab before you’re out the door kind of usage) and I’ve literally never heard of anyone having this type of withdrawal before. This just reeks of sympathy and money grabbing.

No. 1545653

She hasn’t talked about DaDdY lately and her e begging posts are getting more desperate (uh excuse me findomme) and scattered. I think the breakup is coming soon and I can’t wait to see how she tries to frame him as being abusive.

No. 1545658

I'm guessing she's also out of tramadol again too. She does seem more concerned with remaining mellowed out, I mean … pain free. Except actual chronic pain patients don't expect any medication, even morphine, to remove all the pain. They're still in pain they're just bumped a few notches down the pain scale to the point where it's tolerable. Kathy can't tolerate discomfort.

No. 1545680

File: 1654061673778.png (444.62 KB, 885x2047, Screenshot_20220601-012725.png)

Really sorry for the derail, but holy fuck it is so worth looking through that Romina account's links. I highly doubt she's a licensed therapist, super unethical. Literally scamming mentally ill women. probably poor prostitutes that don't think they should say no or that they can even exit the sex trade. They come to her with trauma and she just tells them to stay in it. Really weird to have a "crisis relief" session when you're not even licensed, but I guess she gets around that through the language? There's more she's offering but these were the most egregious. Kek at "John school".

No. 1545700

I have mixed feelings. I don't think she understands what DBT as while it can be done in group, it's also way more than just "better coping mechanisms". I do like the fact she's offering How To Human classes to Johns though, but I'd be surprised if she gets many clients for those.

No. 1545715

This is so embarrassing, pretty girls don’t have to pay for weed let alone beg for it on instagram. She’s wont shut up about how she’s a goddess personified but can’t even get a scrote to do the bare minimum for her or afford weed, lmao. I’d delete this self own so fast.

No. 1545726

Just looked through the posts and honestly she's just fleecing prostitutes and strippers. Which is really pathetic and evil. No man is paying for someone to teach them how to be respectful lol. There's horrific stories in the comments and you just know this bitch is charging 100+ a session for basic breathing and yoga. Of course Kathy looks up to this weirdo.

No. 1545856

>Immediate crisis relief (DM me now!)

What a scammer joke show!

No. 1545867

Calling other people uneducated when all you "educate" yourself with are cringe revolutionary larper posts and meme books that validate your delusions of grandeur and nonexistent victimhood is sure an interesting take

No. 1545950

File: 1654098283802.gif (731.21 KB, 498x276, adventure-time-lumps.gif)

I misread and thought she had the audacity to ask people to send her literal flowers. Although the reality is she's begging for drugs, which isn't much better. Did she already get booted from that free healthcare for SWers program she was raving about? She's probably flailing hard because the NYC United Nightlife awards show is next week and she finally realized she's not getting anything.

She's definitely getting less attention from him. On stream he mentioned having 2 girlfriends, which would explain >>1536696. A while ago she posted a couple of salty LSP memes about "putting a ring on it" (picrel) but I didn't think much of it at the time kek.

I doubt this is the end for them. Look at him, he's pushing 40 and is probably very pleased with the fact that he managed to get a live-in submissive pickme girlfriend who's over a decade younger, wears a collar for him, calls him "Daddy" and is ok with him seeing other women. But he can only spare so much covering their expenses and paying rent for a 1 bedroom(?) apartment in NYC, while working a job that doesn't require an education. Along with the high inflation, money was bound to get tight sooner or later. This is just the natural course of supporting a delusional freeloader after so long.

No. 1546000

>any topic besides sexual assault
You should not be doing crisis counseling, let alone charging 225$ for it if you can’t handle talking about certain topics.

No. 1546032

lol nonnie you are my hero, I don't know how you could bare sitting through a FrankenNeckbeardroll stream but I'm grateful you did. Tell us more about it, I'm curious.

No. 1546077

So luxury, she can't even afford a blunt from the dispensary, and her scrote won't help her out. Kek.

No. 1546257

File: 1654119037286.png (3.04 MB, 2250x1334, 364C85EB-4B38-4067-A322-B16B81…)

She’s mad the neckbeard was brought up here and it going turbo pickme. She’s using someone else’s photos to once again talk about the ex roommate. If it was so bad, why didn’t she take pictures? Pot meet kettle calling the other one’s boyfriend a misogynist manbaby when that’s exactly what she has.

No. 1546261

File: 1654119117561.png (1.33 MB, 1170x2532, C119E5ED-5AEC-4875-944C-93A735…)

She didn’t have even money to feed herself (or for her drugs but that’s not a need)….

No. 1546267

Kathy, all your recent pics show you have NO trouble eating. And keep seething that your scrote pays more attention to any other woman but you. Unhinged pick-me.

No. 1546269

File: 1654119379322.png (478.51 KB, 1500x1334, ACA6B0BB-EC88-4AAD-B9CC-273013…)

… yet she wants to talk about how well the neckbeard takes care of her. Doesn’t sound like he’s doing a very good job if she didn’t have any food (or drugs for “pain management”). She always tells on herself. ALWAYS. When these two split she will without a doubt claim abuse. And for anyone thinking they live together or that he’s paying her rent, they don’t and he’s not. Can’t post the info here but it’s public information that can be found out if you know where to look.

No. 1546277

File: 1654119791168.jpeg (76.19 KB, 750x1334, 55142BBA-F3C1-439C-ACCF-BC2306…)

No. 1546290

Damn she really saw that the neckbeard was hardly being discussed here and felt she had to talk about how great he is despite not even feeding her. Bet the second girlfriend info coming to light is what triggered it. Bet that will also be the foundation of her inevitable abuse claims.

No. 1546297

File: 1654120596364.jpeg (139.02 KB, 750x1334, 285377514_143780908232797_3303…)

Funny how everything she has posted so far today is about what other people have done for her. How other people have wronged her. Who she will remember for doing things for her. Her entitlement and narcism is exhausting. I couldn't imagine how much of an energy vampire she is in real life. Remember the original ex-roommate story was "how dare she care more about her nursing exams than me".

No. 1546303

Where did the idea that she lives with him even come about? Their social media shows they live in two separate places. It was also given away when a couple months ago she was talking about the "acts of service" he does for her which included something in so many words like "bringing weed to my place".

No. 1546312

I think there was a misunderstanding when she had the falling out with her roommate. We all thought she was kicked out of the apartment since she was asking if anyone on her instagram would let her crash at their place. But she later revealed that the roommate left and took the dog with her, leaving Kathy in the apartment they shared.

No. 1546315

> We all thought
Not all of us lol

No. 1546325

File: 1654121611987.png (490.43 KB, 1063x652, Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 3.13…)

Posting only because she choose to talk about him: the neckbeard went public on Insta because he thinks he's going to make it big on YouTube and Twitch but looks like he did some wiping beforehand. Not a thing about Katherine kek


No. 1546329

File: 1654121786896.png (666.85 KB, 1165x758, Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 3.15…)

This is the second girlfriend. He leaves hearts on her posts but just likes some of Kathy's posts.

No. 1546420

File: 1654127409314.jpeg (127.6 KB, 1500x1334, image111.jpeg)

No. 1546428

>This is the second girlfriend. He leaves hearts on her posts but just likes some of Kathy's posts.
lol Wouldn't that make Kathy the second girlfriend?

No. 1546458

File: 1654129890060.jpeg (457.99 KB, 1170x2051, 9B06124E-0178-4334-A8EF-6DB869…)

His type is women with horrible brows and eyeshadow kek it’s actually hilarious that Katy has her hyperfemme crap going on and this one is dollar store goth just like him. Being a pickme isn’t working out very well for her, is it?

No. 1546495

Indeed. Kek. Won't even help her out, so she has to beg for weed on social media. Something a stupid teenager wouldn't even do.

No. 1546499

It cracks me up how much pick-mes stay losing. This guy isn't a catch in the slightest and she's a whole "collared sub" for him, only to get played and barely acknowledged in public.

No. 1546613

I'm guessing this ex-friend was being Kathy's "caretaker" as UNPAID LABOR. Kathy you bitch.

No. 1546616

Sorry for samefagging but the absolute audacity of comparing herself after a minor endometriosis laparoscopic surgery (a day procedure) to someone suffering from cancer.
My aunt had a fucking hysterectomy and was doing housework again after a week (thou she wasn't allowed to lift anything or get down on the floor).

No. 1546619

Oh fucking hell is this the "domestic abuse" she talks about escaping? Get some fucking perspective.

No. 1546666

El Globlino Neckbeardo got her literal infant books for Valentine’s Day, has her e-beg on her sex work twitter for his dog’s toys, strung her along with the promise of a ring which he also had her e-beg for (she never got it and never will), doesn’t feed her, is fucking another girl, drags her around on an Amazon leash and collar the one time he went out with her in public…. But sure, he’s a great caring boyfriend!! Get real. He’s a POS using two younger women for his sexual gratification.

No. 1546691

> It still shocks me that a boyfriend has been a better caretaker than a "best friend" and a "medical professional"
Your best friend, regardless of their career, shouldn’t be your caretaker, neither should your boyfriend but out of the two, it makes more sense he is?

No. 1546723

Agree, especially if she was upfront about her 'disabilities' or at least larped them from the start of their relationship. PL but I have periods of illness where my partner has to do things for me. Housework, cooking, but also getting me washed and dressed sometimes. It's not sexy, but it's intimate and requires a great level of trust. I don't see Neckbeard doing that for Kathy. She'd be talking about it or taking pictures nonstop adding to her "living doll" claim, so delicate incase she cracks her porcelain body.

No. 1546738

Blogposting, but I'm a volunteer text crisis counselor and I'm amazed this bitch has the audacity to charge $65 per hour for doing exact same shit lmao

No. 1546835

This is just bleak. At this point, Kathy is his simp while he uses her as a wet hole and dogsitter. There's no way she does not see how fucked her life is like she was just e-begging for weed and food while vouching for a man that is off with other women. There isn't even a way for her to positively spin her current life situation.

No. 1546838

This is a massive tinfoil but she's brought up moving in passing and was selling her green chairs on Instagram… Is she planning on living with the neckbeard and his girl? She hardly talks about polyamory but fuck that would be a milky saga.

No. 1546915

this is 100% about he talking of his second girlfriend on stream. She mad af

No. 1546997

I was thinking the same thing. What kind of mental gymnastics go into justifying a “caretaker” for endo? Probably a good amount of anons actually have it and still work through it. Not minimizing endo but we do what we have to do. I know sufferers that have multiple endo surgeries before the big one, usually as they are trying to protect their fertility, but they just go on with life and everything that comes with it. I’d be embarrassed to expect help tbh.

No. 1547163

This guy clearly has a humiliation fetish. He wants to be an overlooked servant while they talk about the types of men who would actually interest them. It's like some cuckold shit. How does she claim to be a professional Domme when she can't parse and work with a straightforward fetish like this? Even if she doesn't want to do the exact scene, she could still fulfill that underlying desire pretty easily.

No. 1547361

File: 1654205256563.jpeg (209.74 KB, 1500x2223, image.jpeg)

Woo is the narcissist. Are we supposed to feel bad for her?

No. 1547382

It’s so funny watching her own narcissism fuck her over. She claims her job is difficult then turns down any work that inconveniences her. If she still has that freedom then she has no fucking clue what struggling is.

No. 1547529

Everything is everyone else’s fault. It’s not like Kathy staunchly supports the sexual exploitation of women and tells large groups of people she’s not in community with them or anything.

Love how she’s talking about “the current climate around abuse and domestic violence” as if she didn’t just say she was wrong about Amber Heard after her remark about the situation. You contributed to that moron and you’re contributing to society being a hellhole for women by staunchly supporting the sexual exploitation of women.

No. 1547567

File: 1654220220581.png (66.68 KB, 251x275, 1646783302928.png)

No. 1547623

I'm sure this is more autistic than Katie will ever be but wtf is a "picgrmes"?!

No. 1547641

Perhaps you’re joking and I’m too autistic to get it but it says pickmes.

No. 1547643

Like, there's nothing wrong with asking a friend to help you out when you're sick or recovering from surgery but unless they're straight up stealing and selling your painkillers then bitching about the terrible job they did is just petty AF.

No. 1547644

FWIW I misread it at first too.

No. 1547651

A loved one helping after surgery should be normal but she is talking about her former bff being her “caretaker”. Maybe it’s me but a caretaker is more long term than helping after surgery. Idk. If you have had endo surgery we are talking a few days, maybe a few more if you also have ablation and/or a tube removal. Kathy here is talking like it’s lifelong caregiving and it needs to be top notch.

No. 1547654


Hysterectomy. Permanent solution. Covered by medicaid in NYC for endo. Two weeks to feel normal, six weeks out if you work a labor job and we KNOW Kathy don't fuckin work.

No. 1547671

File: 1654231776875.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1301, 5626029D-6B78-4135-BC61-F33429…)

What the fuck is this? She edited herself into 1D oblivion.

No. 1547682

She better get her dental situation figured out quick because it's getting worse

No. 1547700

File: 1654236552836.jpg (50.55 KB, 336x597, _80753754_josephofrancia.jpg)

why her teeth look like that lmao

No. 1547759

sweet christ, the cringe
he's almost a cow in his own right

No. 1547764

She's so fucking insecure about her appearance, it's so funny. Hey kathy, good job with the knife nose, try doing something for the horse teeth this time

No. 1547837

Tinfoil. Do we know the neckbeard is still with her? When wss the last time she posted a picture of him or even his dog. Could she be pretending they are still together?

No. 1547903

Yes, but they never were officially "together". she's just a fuck buddy to him, and it seems like he's moved on with that new chick. I bet he didn't even "collar" her she just wears a collar and pretends like it means something. She's a fraud through and through.

No. 1548048

They literally had a cringe ass “collaring ceremony”

No. 1548082

She feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere because it’s true. She does nothing for anyone, she contributes nothing to her “community” and she actively makes things much worse for the most vulnerable people in the world. She is so entitled that she is a draining presence at anything she tries to do. Imagine being so blind to who you are as a person lol.

No. 1548111

File: 1654277783467.jpg (12.97 KB, 361x128, thefuckisthis.jpg)

what the fuck is this shit? her bottom teeth are litterally the top part of a perfect sphere. How is this even possible? What happened here?(nitpicking)

No. 1548143

no money left for dentist bills.
little whore.

No. 1548206

glad i missed that one kek

No. 1548248

File: 1654286325974.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x1442, A9FD2BF5-F423-495D-B9F0-00A678…)

No. 1548255

I guess that is one of her better photos? I really hate her weird panty why is it shaped like that?

No. 1548345

Her body is so mushy, it really is off putting. She has the muscle definition of an elderly woman, without the wrinkles. No offense to elderly women! It also goes in contrast with her sculpted face, all in all just looks terrible, not sexy at all.

No. 1548392


That belt-straped crotch piece tho… It's like a 1950s menstrual belt.

Sorry Can't cap, but it's worth the Google.

No. 1548428

Yeah. It's stupid because all she needs is minimum effort at the gym to tighten up and not look so flabby.

Since… She chooses to make money on her body (or tries to), she could at least you know… Try to look good?

No. 1548495

The same exact decor in every picture with the same tired boxes and tchochkes and perfume bottles… she really needs to just rent some props since she has no creativity or eye for picking things out from a thrift shop.

No. 1548498

File: 1654309115057.jpg (15.87 KB, 237x213, images.jpg)

Gotchu, nonna.

No. 1548510

Ooo, mods are vendetta banning again. Fun!

No. 1548530

Awfully quiet today…. A huge meltdown will be coming shortly kek

No. 1548539

There's a pic in previous threads (it's been reposted a few times) of them fuckin cutting a cake together like they'd just gotten married lol (I bet she insisted on that part)
I remember a lot of discussion about the origins/era of Neckbeard's LARP outfit because that's naturally what one would wear to a collaring ceremony- that or furry ears.

No. 1548544

In terms of framing, set up etc it's a bit of improvement. However, as a semipro I want to remove the picture on the wall to the right of the mirror, and the one touching her reflection on the opposite wall. Also the way she's holding her legs is awkward af and makes her look like an amputee.

And those gloves, as ever, are wrinkled and ridiculous. She'd automatically look better if she replaced them with wrist-length ones without the dumb stoning.

No. 1548546

Not even the gym. Just some sit-ups, press ups, lifting weights at home.

No. 1548606

File: 1654319834296.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1350, B4479E15-0010-4DF4-B9E8-8AC6D7…)

She blurred the tip of her nose right off but kept the dog d in. Lovely.(weird af nitpick)

No. 1548611

she’s so proud of her “size 4 feet” but it’s so obvious these fake loubs don’t fucking fit.

No. 1548641

File: 1654324789355.png (241.91 KB, 500x371, yogatoes1.png)

This is the weirdest nitpick nonny. Do you want her to shoop out the dog's bootycheeks too? lmao

reminds me of cinderella's stepsisters

No. 1548655

It’s not weird when she bragged about this being a “professional photoshoot” while using the same chick that took the luncheon photos who doesn’t have a single idea about photography.

No. 1548673

If I wouldnt know her I would actually think that this is cute. She looks really happy in there. I also dont think there is something wrong with her body type but with her ill fitting clothes.

I think the ugly personality just shrines through so much.

No. 1548675

For those who haven’t seen the pictures of the collar ceremony (?)

No. 1548676

Literally nothing she wears fits her. The bra is so big it's falling off to the point her pasties are fully visible. The gloves are hanging off her arms. The shiny menstrual belt looks like it's giving her flaps a massive wedgie. The garterbelts are so tight they're digging into her skin.
High end, millionaire dating, richer than you, luxury whore y'all.

No. 1548705

Her legs are closer to that lavender colour she keeps trying to convince us her fans are kek

No. 1548730

File: 1654340670691.jpg (24.31 KB, 500x285, 1c3.jpg)

Kathy, one day without weed >>1545610
>begged for some the day before (complete with crying face emojis) >>1545231 but it must not have worked because she's doing it again with a sob story attached
>"I can't function"
>"please send mutual aid or free drugs"
Later that day >>1546261
>"thank you all!"
>"it means so much to me that you care about me and my health"
>"thank you from the bottom of my heart"
>"I love you so much"
>"I can eat and be in less pain today!"
>more emojis
One day later, probably high as a kite >>1547361
>"I don't feel safe in any community"
>"no one cares about me and what I have to say"
>"I can't be myself without fearing violence, predation, exploitation or feeling constantly defensive"
>"y'all make me feel unwelcome"

So Kathy's saying it's ok to lie in court and submit false evidence when you've been abused? The mental gymnastics are telling, considering how often she lies herself and claims she's an abuse victim.

No. 1548756

fr Why did I get banned for nitpicking teeth? I'm actually really curious about the fuck is going on here with her teeth. AND IT WAS FUCKING SAGED

No. 1548768

>I think the ugly personality just shrines through so much
This, honestly in those pics with the strawberry dress she looked fine minus the BDSM gear and the main issue with her other stuff is just that she gets/makes everything too small. It's really just once you read the things she writes that she starts to look ugly because you can picture her spewing all that garbage with her smug expressions

No. 1548818

File: 1654350903159.jpg (6.21 KB, 275x219, ohlord.jpg)

>the sad, empty bottle of cheap champagne sitting in the shelf in the place where normally should be a sculpture or (god forbid) more books.
That has to be one of her greatest memories, when she scraped enough money to be able to afford to buy herself a bottle of cheap champagne rosé. This memory is so dear and so special she had to keep this trinket and she "shows it off", because she really does think it is a flex. Bleak af

No. 1548881


There it is - add some bedazzling and it's like kathy. Musty flesh tone and all!

Thank you Nonna - your sacrifice is appreciated.

No. 1549160

File: 1654374384348.png (84.26 KB, 592x381, Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 1.26…)

And here we go with the weekend meltdown

No. 1549161

File: 1654374434525.jpeg (79.15 KB, 750x1334, 286072359_1469881620132510_793…)

No. 1549171

Katherine you are in all aspects a tenderqueer

No. 1549387

Like everything she posts, this could have been phrased positively, celebrating these ‘kinksters’ and talking about the good they did, but instead it’s just dripping with bitchiness as usual.

I agree anon. I find her profoundly ugly, it’s almost like you can see the nasty thoughts swirling around in her head.

No. 1549485

Sure, have kink at Pride, but don't then insist its a family friendly party for all ages. You can't have both, and I say that as someone who is pretty chill with kink up to a point.

No. 1549487

TRENDERqueer amirite tho?

No. 1549549

When did the 2nd girlfriend come to light? Is there a recap?(lurk more)

No. 1549592

It’s upthread, was only a few days ago.

No. 1549666

This post >>1545950 it didn’t receive much attention and OP didn’t follow up with details when asked. Beats me how this fat unemployed loser gets any girlfriends at all, let alone two.

No. 1549704

File: 1654406870301.jpeg (26.6 KB, 750x1334, F2C9A220-4C9D-4FAD-9EDD-1BF16A…)

Hey, at least she admits to having a lack of understanding!

No. 1549708

Does she mean gay people just living their lives

No. 1549717

File: 1654408485357.jpeg (193.6 KB, 1170x488, 826F2248-1A9F-41FA-B27E-553740…)

Does she realize she is not in the majority on this stance? And uh, someone would’ve definitely drove through crowds of people already if it wasn’t for NYPD putting barricades up on side streets surrounding the route. There’s history with pride and police but let’s not pretend she wouldn’t be the first person to find an officer because someone looked at her too long.

No. 1549927

File: 1654437186477.jpg (182.49 KB, 992x1016, c1c65047ab5d29a9b782b98aae78d9…)

Thanks nona, I do it because I'm an autist and for the sweet milk lol. You never know what you might find if you look hard enough…
I've been thinking that they live(d?) together going off of what I've noticed watching his streams and her stories:
-she constantly posts the dog in her room
-the green couch she used for photos was in the background of an older, now deleted stream video (sorry no caps, although the couch doesn't seem to be there anymore)
-in a recent stream he was talking about the dog and tangentially mentioned how he and "Katie" share a bed (which would explain why she was getting rid of her bed a while ago)
If you say you have proof I want to believe you, but things can say one thing on paper and be something else in reality. If they don't live together, how is she affording rent? She also hasn't love bombed or demonized any new roommates in her stories either.
He has a job, that's already a step above all of the maladjusted losers who still manage to date. Sometimes the bar just isn't that high, this meme popped up on the front page for me earlier lol. Anyways, like the other anon said, I find it hard to sit through his streams. I would have gotten it over with but my internet sucks (like stopping every few seconds to buffer) so I've been putting it off… till now! I'll post the proof soon.

No. 1549970

She doesn’t understand because she’s heterosexual. She has no idea how gay or bi people feel about anything because unlike the spicy straights, actual LGB people are not a hive mind of boring fucks who have no personality.

No. 1549984

They are the majority in NYC and in general actually, sorry nona. NYC Pride imposed a total ban on cops and are using private security instead for the foreseeable future since they can afford it.

No. 1550013

File: 1654443589276.webm (18.67 MB, 1280x720, THE LAST DUEL SUCKS _ DUAL STR…)

This was streamed about a month ago, from THE LAST DUEL SUCKS | DUAL STREAM WITH FREEDOMOFMAN– TEACHING ME ELDEN RING/MAYBE ART? The clip is from around the 19-20 minute mark and when things really start. He mentions having 2 gfs @ 1:40. Sorry the file is so big, I’m not well versed in these things and it’s already half compressed.

Recap (It’s long):
>gives a brief life update
>mentions going out for his birthday and getting sick
(That's probably how Kathy got covid)
>mentions having 2 gfs
>says he's interested in medieval culture
>proceeds to sperg about a couple of historical movies
>The Last Duel and The Northman
>admits he hasn't seen the Northman
>has no idea what it's about
>googles it and reads the wikipedia page on stream
>starts complaining about things that aren't historically accurate (in a movie that has magic and witches)
>"what does Slavic mean"
>spoils the movie for himself by reading the whole wiki article
>finally realizes it's a fantasy movie and seems hung up on the fact
>"Alright. I mean, it's not real, it's not based on anything… I thought it was based on Eric the Red or something. But no one told me that, that was just kind of what I figured. Alright, eh. Whatever."
>must not have read the literal second sentence of the article:
>"Based on the legend of Amleth" (medieval Scandinavian legend that was the basis for Shakespeare's Hamlet)
>complains more about how it was the Celts who fought naked and not the Norse
>seems unaware that fighting naked is a common element of Norse Berserker myths
>starts to complain about The Last Duel
>admits he couldn't finish it
>has to look up a summary for that too
>says movie isn't terrible, just boring
>"Idk why I'm bringing this up. It's an old movie, who gives a fuck"
>"Maybe I'm being too much, but why are there scenes where they're singing in French and then all the rest of the audio is in English? If you're going to say that the French language exists then why aren't you all just speaking French? Like I get it's an American movie, but then don't add any French whatsoever. It just seems really stupid."
>fire arrows are triggering to him
>Matt Damon's Plot Armor is is also triggering
>"It really annoys me. It takes me out of the whole fucking movie. It’s just so fucking annoying.. idk. Maybe I'm thinking too much. Whatever! Thinking too much!
>I really hate it. I really do hate it. It’s fucking… eh idk WHATEVER. I’ll get over it.
>I’ll get over it. I’ll get over it!”
>starts playing Mario Kart, finished 7/8th, 8/11th, 7/11th, 5/10th
>“Usually I’m like between 3rd and 1st, so I’m a bit upset right now”
>the other person he’s supposed to be streaming with shows up
>they can’t get the stream to work for both of them
>he spends over 10 minutes trying to fix it
>”Oh no… well, this is not fair. We should’ve uh… we should’ve done this beforehand instead of on stream.”

I lost interest at this point but from the previews it looks like what follows is almost an hour of them still trying to get it to work and failing. Then he plays Elden Ring.

No. 1550022

what a poser, he doesn't even know the correct lyrics to sugar we're goin down. also holy hell he's hideous

No. 1550160

Women need to stop giving bottom of the barrel men everything, ugly scrotes should have 0 girlfriends, not two.

Kathy, you know you can do better.

No. 1550221

I was talking about her not being in the majority that believes kink should be at pride.

No. 1550226

They’re in the process of moving in together now but that wasn’t the case for the past year she’s had threads. This is a new development like the other girlfriend.

No. 1550240

File: 1654459613020.jpeg (552.77 KB, 1500x2668, image.jpeg)

Why is she choosing to stay in a entertainment niche that requires people to perform if all she is going to do is bitch and moan about it because she can not perform? She's acting as though the burlesque legends just stood on stage doing nothing like she does and that is just not true. Some of them were trained dancers, by the way. Not one person goes to a burlesque show to see someone "tell a story" with "stillness".

No. 1550248

What planet is she on where most burlesque dancers are running into a backflip into a jump split on stage?

No. 1550269

She's actively punishing people for being different by saying standing still does so much more than doing backflips and splits.

No. 1550310

File: 1654462863542.jpeg (252.36 KB, 750x1334, 3C10CE0A-7350-459E-BEC1-A5386A…)

No. 1550364

>Vintage burlesque performers weren't trained dancers, athletes, or contortionists
…except they were? Many (whose videos exist and may be posted on youtube) show signs of obviously being trained in at least ballet at some point. They were fit enough to perform- so they were athletes (not competitive runners or swimmers, but still athletes.) These are generally the performers that Kathy venerates and posts images of.
Unless Kathy means the vintage burlesque performers that made just enough money to survive by shoving bananas in their orifices, Kathy is dead wrong.

No. 1550382

File: 1654467609659.jpeg (86.65 KB, 750x1334, 5.jpeg)

She's now claiming caretaker abuse from her ROOMMATE BEST FRIEND. Kathy is The Internal Victim.