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File: 1484897007044.png (443.56 KB, 658x524, spoonie ASD.png)

No. 237479

Over-The-Top Spoonies/Munchausen By Internet Attention Whores General #3
Previous Thread: >>201162

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Some of the more notable cows from the previous threads:
LifeUndiagnosedd, aka Hypermobilegeek on IG (and a shit ton more accounts). Robyn Brown is the milkiest munchiechan we've ever seen ("Kadeelyn on steroids" as another anon put it) and has her own threads now (original: >>197138 ).
MyLifeStruggles on IG
JourneyToEmma on IG
Jonzie08 on IG

What Is A "Spoonie"?
People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.
The 'Spoonie' Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?
From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
"…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support."

LINKS to articles and info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 237480

File: 1484898915687.png (703.68 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20170120_0001.png)

>> I hate my doctors
>> nobody is helping me

No. 237490

it's terrible when you're not sick enough

No. 237510

File: 1484915176411.jpg (116.54 KB, 500x667, tumblr_oirpr8dOVX1v4vtk9o3_500…)

Angie Dong is still having s screaming tantrum about donations for her condition of being compltetly paralyzed, and yet not yet being in a hospital. Oh, and she can write multiple tumblr posts a day and bitch about Sherlock.

Here is one of the pages of her "doctor's" letters about her health. It's supposed to be proof of her disability.

Here is her tumblr: http://glugged.tumblr.com/

And her auxillary tumblr: http://fnugg.tumblr.com/

and her Sherlock tumblr:

No. 237512

Shit grammar, run on sentences, and no header or signature to verify its authenticity. Easily could be typed up. Also, what the hell is "she feels a sense of the nerves drawing up into her head" supposed to mean?

No. 237525

I agree that these letters look faked. It just doesn't read like something a medical professional would write. Medical reports tend to be brief and specific, not a catalogue of the patient's anecdotes.

I also have no idea what the nerve thing means.

No. 237531

This is way too long, doctors don't have the time to write this much. This reads off more as a dictation, there's too much about how the patient feels and what the patient said.

No. 237538


Fake fake fake. Reads like a book when in reality, it would only be two or three lines.."Patient displays abnormalities of Spine, located at vertebrate <blank> at <blank degree and blank intensity>, Diagnosis: <blank>"

At least thats how it always seems to read when I check up on my med records and I have tumor. lol.

No. 237545


Some doctors do write very long letters. It's not the length but the wording; "unfortunate" and "extremely severe"?! Not to mention the grammar and spelling errors and the unusual terminology.

No. 237550

File: 1484927307210.png (159.32 KB, 640x1068, IMG_1219.PNG)

Chronicallybeautiful aka healing.roses is now disrupt.ed is include pictures of self harm to get those pity points.

No. 237560

File: 1484929535132.png (140.55 KB, 640x1079, IMG_1233.PNG)

Jk she's back to chronically.beautiful again. I wonder if she caught wind of this thread?

No. 237576

90mg is the highest dose of Cymbalta/duloxetine that'll be prescribed for depression or pain management in the UK. Could be higher in the US, but seems off.

The wording "she has just been started on Valium" also sounds really unprofessional. Fuck it, all of it sounds off. She's written this and printed it off herself.

No. 237577

I have seen unfortunate written in many medical records (I think doctors are told to use an adjective to describe the patient - the person is either pleasant, cooperative, unfortunate, etc..). That being said the "extremely severe problems" doesn't sound typical of a medical note. Plus there is too much detail in the history (they type of stairs she fell down) - it just doesn't read like most medical notes I have read

No. 237606

File: 1484939901551.jpeg (206.11 KB, 749x1200, image.jpeg)

are those commenters fucking with her? There was a screenshot in the last thread of JTE laughing about throwing a cup of water in the head nurses face as a "joke". Quite hypocritical of her to say other patients aren't "mature".

No. 237629

Missouri is a farmer.

No. 237636

Is Jonzie a munchie or an ana-chan?

No. 237638

Yesterday I was watching a Netflix documentary featuring mentally ill teenagers, and there was one girl who stood out as being a big fake faker. Her name is Kristal Fisher.

The show is called Don't Call Me Crazy and Kristal claims that she has the exact same symptoms and characters as famous schizophrenic, Jani Schofield.

Anyone else seen it? I was also wondering if anyone knew anything about Kristal and where she is today.

No. 237647

She is both.

No. 237652

File: 1484948549162.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1269.PNG)

Lol ok hi Nicole

No. 237674

She's probably so happy people are posting about her, so she can post it on her insta and get some pity points. God it must be so sad to rely on attention from random instagram strangers because you literally have nothing going for you in life.

No. 237675

I saw it! Was super weird, she definitely seemed like she was doing it all for attention, to me. She didn't get loved as a child so she makes up all these "hallucinations" so people pay attention to her.

No. 237681

Whyyyy do these munchies never pick common diseases, but rather trendy, fashionable diseases that are actually quite uncommon? You can get asspats for asthma and diabetes.

No. 237716


Nicole seems genuine though. She seems genuinely ill. To what extent I'm not sure but she doesn't seem to be faking her symptoms. I'm unsure what anyone else thinks?

No. 237721

File: 1484963382874.png (172.33 KB, 640x1079, IMG_1243.PNG)

MLS is in the hospital and is milking as many hospital selfies as she possibly can.

No. 237722

That greenhair makes her look sick….lol

No. 237736

Whats she in for this time? I swear the only time she ever looks happy or isnt moaning is when shes in the ER!

and yes anon, JTE is a hypocritical malingering bed blocker and she seriously needs to be discharged before she becomes a 'lifer'. There is no clinical reason or risk that is keeping her sectionsd and in a private specialist ward other than she likes to relapse or act out just as soon as a transfer or discharge are mentioned. Enough is enough Emma - GO HOME ALREADY.

No. 237737

Woah, i was scrolling down for a second I thought i was in the trans thread (not trying to derail about trannies, but damn lol i thought she was one). Yikes, she's ugly

No. 237743

File: 1484967117479.png (16.92 KB, 488x142, Facebookrrrr.png)


No. 237761

File: 1484969087470.png (323.27 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1274.PNG)

Then she posts this. lol Nicole you're so boring we don't care about you but you make it so easy by being ridiculous and over the top

No. 237774

File: 1484971157553.png (1.55 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-01-20-23-58-27…)

No. 237789

>This girl is obsessed with my tube and wants one too!
Doubt it
>And her hair is blue!!
Am I missing something here? Why does it matter what colour her hair is?

No. 237797

I hope this doesn't sound too power levely. I'm just really annoyed with this. What's up with all of these girls saying they have gastroparesis lately? I actually have it and I remember years back I couldn't find anything online. A lot of people had never heard of it. Now if I google it I see snowflake after snowflake showing off their feeding tubes like fashion accessories. I don't have a tube. I was told by several doctors that having one put in was something they only do in the worst case scenarios and I definitely didn't want one no matter how sick I felt at the time. It's the same with liquid diets. They try to keep you off of them unless you have no choice.

So now I feel like I'm not "genuine" because I don't beg for a tube then parade around in a crop top with a fancy cover over the port. I know I shouldn't feel that way. But when I see these munchausen girls with all of these medical devices and taking selfies in hospital beds and doctors offices. I guess it grinds my gears because they are taking beds and appointment slots away from people who need help now because she really are sick. This Chronicallycrystal is complaining she isn't sick enough. It's like she won't be satisfied until she's weakly typing updates from her bed at the long term care home or something like that.

I'm just curious about the tubes. How many of them just went to a medical supply store and rigged up something that looks genuine enough for selfies?

That letter is so fake. And with no signature how are you supposed to know if it's a genuine doctor? Anyone who donates to her is a total idiot. Bitching about Sherlock? Let me guess, a Jonlock shipper right? I heard they flooded the BBC website with so many complaints that it crashed. This is why I'm glad they didn't get their ship. crybabies like that don't deserve their wishes granted.

No. 237808

I definitely thought something was fake about chronically.beautiiful's mic-key tube. The more she posts about it, the more I think it might be real, but I just don't trust her because she goes out of her way to lie about everything else.

No. 237809

Photos of her tube/gear from the last thread:


No. 237821

Basically she's been dizzy and lightheaded for a few days so that totally necessitates an ER visit, not waiting until the morning to go see her GP. Then complaining about how she's been there for so long and hasn't been seen yet, and there are four people in front of her, maybe more if someone gets triaged in front of her. Why does no one understand how ill she is!

No. 237847

She does kind of have a point, the disorders aren't the same thing so shouldn't be treated as such

No. 237855

Hi Nicole…..
Only Nicole describes herself as "genuinely ill", ever since she first started samefagging up a storm here. But it's more that she tries to be "anti-munchie" now and preach about how she's REALLY sick and has evidence just to cover up the fact that she, herself, is a huge fucking munchie.
>genuinely ill

No. 237860

Fucking WORD.

No. 237863

File: 1485004074917.png (21.47 KB, 634x193, shitbird.png)

Christ. Has anyone noticed that Nicole's fucking description even says she is both a "tubie" and a Health Student science major in college?

FFS. I'm really hoping that in her life, all her schoolmates and professors think she belongs in a fucking mental ward. She's giving me Annie Wilkes vibes.

And what IS IT with these cows claiming epilepsy?

No. 237866

I don't get why some people on here have an issue with Nicole. She's been open that her sickness is due to somatic/psychological issues. Also, she gets admitted to hospital which isn't done in the UK unless you're super ill. She clearly has had asthma.

No. 237867

**bad asthma

No. 237870


Now, my little chubby princess, I realize you're here because you have a pathological need for attention and you're probably diagnosed with at least one cluster B personality disorder, but the cold hard truth?

Because your low-effort, ham-fisted attempts to garner attention don't even have conviction. You're so damn lazy, you can't even commit to actually looking sick. The photos of you at the pageant with a breathing tube shows off your chunky little round arms, and couldn't fool a toddler in coke bottle glasses that you don't need a feeding tube.

The fact that you play up your "functional vomiting" only means you're too stupid to understand what that diagnosis means. Basically, you are a malingering fuck who throws up for pity points.

No. 237881


Aw bless

No. 237883

I thought she'd pissed herself or something when I saw the photo.

No. 237891


Nicole's got a feeding tube not a breathing tube? Unsure if you've got that confused

No. 237896


And on previous letters it says it's not epilepsy anyway but more likely to be seizures from hypoglycaemia

No. 237899


She doesn't want a diagnosis of a somatic disorder that doesn't make her ill enough despite having had tests and a physical cause being ruled out it's not good enough for her. People can be genuinely ill and exaggerate it and be fixated with it to get sympathy and feel special

No. 237900


She has a mixture of hypoglycemic seizures, non-epileptic seizures and epileptic seizures

No. 237905

File: 1485014679771.png (141.73 KB, 640x1080, IMG_1253.PNG)

I love when she claims doctors won't see her because her "past medical history" no it's because you're a malingering munchie fuck.

No. 237912


She's angling after a gastroparesis diagnosis.

No. 237951

Yes but she's open about having somatic vomiting, she doesn't lie about it

No. 237955

Doesn't mean she doesn't demonstrate attention seeking behavior elsewhere. Posting a bunch of shit on IG after like one or two posts on here is making a big deal out of practically nothing. Hardly anyone was even talking about her but she's making it out like the whole thread is on her. Again.

No. 237956

To be fair someone on Instagram had posted a post about it after seeing the post on here and other people commented about it so it was quite a few people talking about it

No. 237957

Mainly because she put herself under the microscope when trying to "defend" Robyn the munchie queen and people caught on to how fake her illness is. There are a good number of people with chronic illnesses that follow this thread that are annoyed that people like her who vomit for attention make everyone take real chronic illness less serious.

No. 237960

She does have other issues than vomiting and vomiting has to be pretty bad to warrant a feeding tube though?

No. 237964

Seems pretty cruel what your saying about Nicole.

But I agree what you say about illnesses being in fashion, EDS, gastroparesis are deinstalled ones. I think mast Cell Activation is too because it's hard to diagnose so it's easier to say you have it when you really don.t

No. 237971

I honestly don't think Nicole is even that attention seeking compared to a lot of other IG users - just take a look at healingplanets/plantbasedal/chronicles.of.alex/a.inw0nderland (Alex). I think Nicole is genuinely wanting to raise awareness of somatic symptom disorder - it's not exactly a well known disorder, is it?

No. 237973

If you cry and fake hard enough, they'll give you what you what you want to keep yourself from hurting yourself seriously to get it.

No. 237974

She doesn't vomit for attention. There's no physical reason for her vomiting but that doesn't mean she does it on purpose. It's a functional disorder which means that she has no control over it. It's related to psychological issues which need addressing.

No. 237976

Ah yes. That mysterious "somatic disorder" where she only vomits when she needs to show how sick she is and has no issues posting all the solid food she eats to instagram. Funny, my chronic illness shows up all the time and flares at times that are inconvenient, not just when I need an excuse to attention whore and flash a shiny new feeding tube to win a beauty pageant on pity points.

No. 237979

I'm not trying to white knight or anything, it's just that I don't see her somatic vomiting as being faked. She has to continue to eat solid food to keep her stomach working but the consequences are throwing up her feeding tube. From what I've seen, there have been inconvieniences in her chronic illnesses. She had to pull out of a pageant due to asthma a while ago.

No. 237980

Hi Nicole. Quit spamming the thread by white knighting yourself.

No. 237986

What I don't understand about Nicole is that she can tolerate tube feeds but she couldn't tolerate a liquid diet?!

No. 237987

Tube feeding is going in at a very slow rate compared to normal eating so may have something to do with that

No. 237990


Can we go back to the aiming for an EDS diagnosis?

Hilarious and predictable. Has she uploaded any pics of pharmacy purchased splints yet?

No. 237994

She has no joint problems from what she's posted, no hypermobility or joint instability or soft tissue injuries but they may well now appear.


If she wants to raise awareness why is she trying so desperately to get a change of diagnosis away from a somatic one? She seems to think a mental health related diagnosis is beneath her


Meg/ Alex the ultimate account deleting victim who will block everyone that suggests she's a lying, whining, hypocrite

No. 237998

Meg/Alex's posts about her health have always seemed a bit off to me. Plus, she's always talking about being really depressed because she has no online friends, but I know a few people who've reached out and she never, ever responds to them.

No. 238000

Tbh I'm her best friend and will defend her to the hilt ages an anzing girl with a lot going on I've been through when she's puking bad etc she dosent have or want a diagnosis of EDS it was merely suggested. Tbh I know what ages been through and you's don't so don't skate and pick apart someone who you don't know or understand

No. 238004


Problem is with JBN she posts those hypermobile pics and then deletes it when she gets called out. So who knows what she has posted.

No. 238008

She has never claimed eds or hyper mobility she was nearly asking as it had been suggested

No. 238009

File: 1485038390302.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, sure jan.gif)

No. 238010

I'm sorry but someone known for attention seeking behavior suddenly jumping on the bandwagon of EDS, a disorder known to be a fashion statement by Munchies, is really suspicious. And if you're actually her best friend, which I have suspicions about anyway, we really have no reason to believe anything you say considering you just confessed you'd defend her to the hilt. You could be lying about her not wanting a diagnosis or that it was "merely suggested" and we'd have no way to confirm it considering she has a habit of lurking and deleting shit immediately.

Also…. not claiming any associated symptoms of EDS before suddenly investigating the possibility? Yeah that's suspicious as fuck. A lot of people do that with fashionable diagnoses.

Seriously. Two people on here posted about it. Then she posted about it on IG, full of woe-is-me-so-bullied, and now the thread blows up with people white knighting her. This is eerily similar to what happened in the first Munchie thread when she started white knighting Robyn. How do you not see how bizarre and fucked in the head that is.

No. 238011

File: 1485038907828.png (835.92 KB, 720x1280, 1484691684218.png)


No. 238018


No. 238020

I don't follow this thread religiously anymore because I haven't had much time but I popped up to tell you the obvious: save your own time and stop defending your munchie friend. First, because no one will care unless you bring us interesting news and milk. Second because, you're just exposing yourself. Delete the posts with your name, if you still have 30 min

No. 238021

Why'd you tell Kristen Scott to delete her rude posts about Nicole? Nicole dserves to know what kristy_scott@hotmail.co.uk really thinks about her.

No. 238037

Thank you! Fucking THIS. Obvious self-posting in 3rd person singular is obvious. Really, it reeks in here.
>"Not trying to wk or anything…"
Hmmm, where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, in nearly every fucking self-posting wk attempt on the farm!

No. 238038

No. 238057


Sage for my opinion…

I believe Nicole is sick, I don't agree with her sticking her nose in where it's not wanted. I understand her desire to find a diagnosis or answer to the somatic vomiting malarky. But stop poking the damn bear Nicole, no one here is going to agree with you or stop talking about cows because you think it's 'nasty'. No one cares and they don't talk about genuinely ill people so if you hadn't jumped into the spotlight no one here would even know your name, yet you feel it appropriate to march in and try defend people you don't even know.

No. 238149

It's because Nicole literally lives for attention. She wants to be mentioned on here or else she's just another fat girl faking an illness and crying out for attention on the internet.

No. 238157

Sure, Dani. You have anorexia. Totally.

No. 238236

What about those who use their illness to become like an inspiring famous person or a sporting celeb even though apparently they are really really sick?

Like Hunni you can't be a pro sports person yet really sick at the same time it makes so sence

No. 238254

I agree that Nicole isn't a cow. She has real health issues. She may not always go about things the right way in that she becomes defensive, deletes posts etc but I don't think she's faking her conditions. I think we all agree that Robyn is different in that she exaggerates the smallest thing into a medical crisis and a lot of her diagnoses seem orchestrated. Not to mention her obsession with anything pill or medical related is a bit creepy. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here, other than that the best thing Nicole could do right now would be to stop posting here and the storm will die down. Robyn on the other hand. I don't think that shit storm will ever go away.

No. 238266

Fingers can be bendy, big surprise.
I see absolutely nothing weird with those legs or forearms either.

No. 238279

Right? (sage for semi blog) In reference to the two first pictures there, with the thumb touching the wrist, EVERYBODY in my middle/high school would try to do this and at least ~50% of them could do it, including me, and I can bend all the fingers on my left hand back like pics 3-4. I don't have EDS. it's just called being flexible, or y'know what? just being double jointed without having some poor widdle spoonie disease.

I don't even know what the fuck is going on in the leg pictures. Am I supposed to be seeing something shocking?

No. 238281


Hello, Nicole here. What I was doing was the Beighton scale for hypermobility. I'd posted to ask about if my elbows or knees hyperextended which as I've found out they don't. I never claimed this meant I have EDS, all I posted was showing me doing the Beighton scale

No. 238293


No. 238299

>Hello, Nicole here
No one cares. Take the tube out and stop being such a chubby attention whore.

No. 238300


It's been determined without the tube I lose weight. I also have no quality of life without it. You're lucky enough to not be in my situation though

No. 238301

They don't just give feeding tubes out for the sake of it. Oh and as for chubby I'm actually a healthy weight and below average UK dress size :)

No. 238303

Calling Nicole chubby isn't fair. She's a healthy weight and that's thanks to her feeding tube. Without the tube she'd be underweight and malnourished due to vomiting.

No. 238309

Nobody's asking for your story, the details of your issues or anything about you. Stop giving it.

No. 238311

Ha funny thing is the 3rd comment wasn't even me :) as for not asking for my story people are talking about me so you know

No. 238315


I'm passing no comment on your weight but in the UK, 66% of adults are overweight or obese, so saying you're less than the average UK dress size is not an achievement!

No. 238318

I'm not overweight or obese though…I'm a healthy weight for my height

No. 238320

What about morbidly obese?

No. 238325

Stop being so ridiculous. You can see that she's a healthy weight in her photos.

No. 238330

You know what, while we're all waiting for Nicole to get tired of white knighting her awful Munchausen behavior, why don't we cover a few fun stories that are already really established and she doesn't have a chance of tipping?

How many of you are familiar with Ryan Buell, of Paranormal State. He had a ghost hunting show for several years, and as of 2012 claimed he had pancreatic cancer. And right up until this past fall, everyone believed this.

Right up until Ryan Buell was arrested for stealing a rental car, among other charges:


But this was just the tip of the iceberg. Over the past several years of e-begging after his cable show was shut down, Ryan Buell has arranged events, charged for them and taken money from many many Paranormal State fans, only to never actually host any of these events. And never returning any of the money, to the continued ire of thousands of fans.

Here's a fun recap: http://www.inquisitr.com/3535367/ghost-hunter-ryan-buell-arrested-mother-asks-fans-to-stop-enabling-him/

Right up until his mom got fucking desperate and spilled that hey guys, Ryan never had cancer.

Even Jason Hawes, of Ghost Hunters fame, gets in on the action, and reposts Ryan's mom's plea, and confirms Ryan never had cancer:


Even Ryan, after having been jailed for a felony theft charge, and probably going to rehab for a while, admits he was an addict. So far, he hasn't fessed up to faking cancer to support his drug habit, but he does admit to being a drug addict.

Here's his FB page, where you can see varying levels of enabling asspats for being a druggie, and waves of outraged from people he's conned and never returned money to:


No. 238334

I'm clearly stating when it's me saying the things I'm saying. The person who's also commenting is messaging me on Instagram so it's genuinely not me

No. 238344

And who can forget about Cara Goodman? The cancer faker, who managed to swindle actual breast cancer sufferer Nikki into believing in and supporting her.

Nikki re-hosted her account here, after having gone dark from the deluge of people contacting her about Cara.


The fascinating thing about Nikki's account is that she'd been duped by two different people, the first being Sydney, who also claimed having cancer and then followed the natural route of the munchie queen and an heroed, and then had "a relative" update Nikki about Sydney.

However, once Sydney was exposed, she lurked Nikki until Cara, the second munchie douchebag emerged from the shadows like a lumbering shitlord. And Sydney, having caught wise to Cara's scammin' ways (having been a scammer herself), outed Cara.

So that just goes to show you, fellow investigators of the smelly holes of munchies' domain: these crazy assholes will out each other and follow actual sufferers and survivors just for a little whiff of that sweet, sweet attention they miss so desperately.

Feel free to link to others, friends!

No. 238349

File: 1485107482896.jpg (568.67 KB, 1079x1459, IMG_20170122_105030.jpg)

Is this an admission of guilt?

No. 238355


Since Nicole and whatever other randos are tottering around and relying on people's relative ignorance of their true diagnoses, let me offer people here an actual, accessible medical resource.


Under the somatic symptoms and related disorders is "Factitious Disorders imposed on self." Which is a dead ringer for our girls here.

>>>Factitious disorder is falsification of physical or psychologic symptoms without an obvious external incentive; the motivation for this behavior is to assume the sick role. Symptoms can be acute, dramatic, and convincing. Patients often wander from one physician or hospital to another for treatment. The cause is unknown, although stress and a severe personality disorder, most often borderline personality disorder, are often implicated. Diagnosis is clinical. There are no clearly effective treatments.

So yeah, Nicole. You're "sick". But only in the sense that no person in their right fucking mind want to be physically healthy and otherwise jam a feeding tube down their fucking gullet to get pity bucks.

No one here is going to bow to your pathological need for validation. You aren't sick.

No. 238356


No…it's saying that the title annoys me because it does. Munchausen syndrome isn't the same as somataform disorder. People with a somatic symptom don't make up what they have, it's not fake

No. 238365

It's fake and so are you.

No. 238370

Factitious disorder is a somatoform disorder though, where symptoms are deliberately produced. Google it, seriously.

No. 238371

Any Kadee sigthings lately? Seriously, Nicole is starting to bore me. Do y'all remember Megfindshersmile? Did she ever fix her eyebrows?

No. 238372

Meg is now Alex. She has several accounts, including healingplanets and a.inw0nderland. No change to her eyebrows that I've noticed, but even more posts than before about her health.

No. 238382

She's a tranny now? Haha, I did not see that coming. Girl's ugly, but all she ever needed was to lose weight and fix her eyebrows. She looks like a typical asspurger girl.

No. 238386

Oh, my bad, she's not a tranny. She's a "transitioning vegan".

No. 238389

Gender queer rather than trans, if I remember correctly. She is also trying to lose weight on slimming world, and is vegan twice a week (which is what she's often harping on about now). Unfortunately, most of my ig feed is filled with her posting posts headed 'major tw'

No. 238391

That is the exact reason I unfollowed her. She was constantly posting picures of herself crying.

No. 238393

Now it's about 50% crying and 50% smiling and making a 'peace' sign. Or just photos of her body to show off her weight loss.

No. 238394

>vegan twice a week


No. 238398

Let's not forget the post at least once a week asking for a real online friend she can talk to everyday. Then when people reply, she ignores them and posts about how nobody replies to her requests for a friend.

No. 238402

Oh fuck. Now I remember. Yeah, this girl needs to join a youth organization or after school program. She's obnoxious.

No. 238408

She couldn't possibly - according to her, she can only manage school half days and that's it. Plus, even though people do try to befriend her, she just ignores them. If she can't manage online friendship, how will she manage real, walking, talking humans?

No. 238415

File: 1485114363993.jpg (455.22 KB, 1078x1552, IMG_20170122_124423.jpg)

I get that Nicole is trying to win pageants based on pity points, but jesus learn how to do your makeup. She looks so dirty and unpolished.

No. 238418

I mean, I guess the flyaway hair adds to the impression that she's a poor little handicap who just wants to be beautiful, but jesus.

No. 238419

Seriously, drop JBN. Posting about her summons her from the nether and she'll start derailing all of the related Munchie threads to bask in the attention. She's a cow sure but it's not worth nuking all of the Munchie threads. Some of us would like to read them without her constant sperging.

No. 238465

Damn that's some crazy shit, anon.

No. 238772

Agreed. Stop talking about her, she's so fucking irrating when she waltzs in and spews shit no one cares about

No. 238856


>Anyone else seen it? I was also wondering if anyone knew anything about Kristal and where she is today.


She has a youtube channel. I just found it but there's a lot of Q+A videos and some other stuff. Not sure if there's anything recent.

I found her channel because she commented on the "Don't Call Me Crazy" episode 2 of 3 on youtube saying that's her in the video and "ask her anything".

No. 238861

File: 1485192864068.png (122 KB, 640x1077, IMG_1320.PNG)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole purpose of her having a stomach tube to provide her with liquid nutrients? These girls look for any reason to be admitted into the hospital, Jesus.

No. 238937

That post annoyed me beyond belief she can't make anything not about herself.

No. 238943

I added her on Snapchat and she's the same exact way, she has to make everything about her, she's an attention starved little child which is weird seeing as her mom seems to bend over backwards and spoil the hell out of her.

No. 238986

There's something very peculiar about meg/Alex. She posts all these screenshots of 'texts', and then half the time claims her phone clock isn't working properly which means that the date on the messages is wrong, whereas other times the time and date match up with the current time/date. It's as though she's using screenshots she's found online to make it look like she's got a girlfriend when she doesn't, or to make others feel sorry for her or whatever. I'm not sure anything she says can be taken seriously.

No. 238990

Being below the average dress size isn't an achievement or proof of thinness in a country where the average dres size is for the obese.

No. 238992

Why bother? She knows pity points are all she's got on the pageant scene. Her body is dumpy and soft, her face is average, her teeth are horsey, and she has no personality outside of her identity of spoonie.

If she wasn't 'so sick' she'd never get past the first qualifiers to do pageantry. All she can do is play up the sick role and hope for pity points amongst the tall, fit, pretty girls.

No. 239003

Srsly she said she just got her dress for Miss Galaxy? Girl please

No. 239005

File: 1485221033587.jpg (3.29 MB, 2400x3600, IMG_1194.JPG)

She'll fit right in I'm sure

No. 239010

I mean, horses are just skinny hippos.

No. 239024


No. 239113

What is her snapchat ?

No. 239184

File: 1485262961940.png (215.18 KB, 640x906, IMG_9047.PNG)

Anyone remember Cassie, the worlds most speshul DID snowflake? She's now jumping on the Ehlers Danlos/PoTS/Dysautonomia bandwagon

No. 239192

tinadaao, she'll accept anyone. Go figure her name on their is "princess Tina"

No. 239237

File: 1485277139457.jpg (12.97 KB, 240x65, oh christ.JPG)

Thanks for the Cassie update, anon. I'm always logged into a different account on IG and so haven't kept up with her (her face depresses me). She's upped her ahem "alter" count and she's morphing into a spoonie!

Great life she's got there. Wagamama outings, Starbucks addiction, bragging that she has to get the most expensive meal deal and brand name snacks. In the real world we're buying generic shit from Home Bargains and drinking HOME MADE instant coffee. These twats piss me off so hard.

No. 239258


I'm ashamed to have EDS. I might pretend I don't have it now.

No. 239259


We don't use the term 'dysnautomnia' in the UK, I call bullshit.

No. 239260

"While I still have spoons left" …….
Is it that fucking hard to hold up a cell phone and type a caption on a selfie?! Jesus these girls act like the simplest of tasks is so physically draining.

No. 239271

To be fair, if I was low on energy, I wouldn't bother wasting the little I had left on IG. I'd either be resting or doing something actually productive while I still can. When it comes to the concept of "spoons" and reserving energy, it's less about how much energy an activity like IG would take and more about priorities for rationing the little amount that's left. Though Cassie is full of shit, so that logic doesn't actually apply in her situation.

No. 239293


It must use a lot of "spoons" wasting your life in a psychiatric unit to get IG asspats.

No. 239296

File: 1485292628641.png (95.1 KB, 640x1087, IMG_1364.PNG)

Think I may have found another munchie while creeping on CB's page. She seems a LOT like Kadee to me. Claiming she has anorexia (there's no way she'd be diagnosed with a body like that) that she "hears voices" and lately has been posting a bunch of pill porn and self harm images and talking about wanting to be admitted. What is with all these munchies having "chronically" in their usernames?!

No. 239354

File: 1485299582900.png (1.92 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-01-24-19-11-55…)

She's such an insufferable cunt to her poor mother all the time.

No. 239356


How old is she? Why are all these ana chans surgically attached to mummy?

No. 239439


"oh god I'm losing control and I don't know what to do please anybody help!"

>posts a filtered glamour shot


No. 239450

Cow from last thread.

No. 239455

File: 1485312755281.jpg (445.62 KB, 703x979, lowcow.jpg)

Sorry wrong button.
Cow from last thread.
Keeps whining about how fat she is, but can't stop eating ice-cream in the middle of the night. Claims to have facial pain, but can easily apply make-up and it doesn't look like applying the make-up itself hurts. But on other posts she kept whining about how bad it is, that she can't apply make-up without triggering pain. Regulary cuts her hair and dyes it pretty often, even though it triggers pain. She keeps making insta stories about herself while driving, while sitting in the ER or in the infusion center and regulary films total strangers. She often has new chronic illnesses, so she never gets boring. Most interesting thing: After she got enough asspats the illnesses disappear. She makes me cringes so hard.

No. 239475

File: 1485315635030.png (20.64 KB, 504x389, gkjrgkjr.png)

Honestly, the sort of money Angie has pulled in from this scam over the various accounts she's had, she could easily have outright BOUGHT a flat, then she wouldn't be having a housing crisis every 5 seconds that needs donations "absolutely in the next 0.4 or I will be homeless and my legs will fall off"

No. 239715

File: 1485353935522.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2495.PNG)

Some other munchie jumping on the cfs bandwagon.

No. 239718

Fucking hell

No. 239784

File: 1485367620238.png (557.75 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1367.PNG)

Oh god, wonder what she's going on about now

No. 239785

File: 1485367753572.png (9.55 KB, 393x151, benadryl.png)

Why is she taking Benadryl, an antihistamine for pain?

Does she also have ~chronic allergies~ or some shit or is she just retarded?

No. 239786

I read that as her saying she'd taken Benadryl to help her sleep, as she hadn't managed to get any shut-eye due to pain. I don't think she's taking it to help with the pain itself. The active ingredient in Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) can also be used to treat insomnia, as it can make you drowsy.

No. 239799

Thought that she is taking it to reduce the side-effects of the narcotics and the magnesium?

No. 239898

MLS/Dani/MyUpandDownJourney is diagnosed with gastroparesis now.

No. 239928

Oh screen shots pls… does this mean she can finally get a tubie legitimately instead of one she bought online? Bet shes a happy little thing now. Its only taken how many different doctors to persuade them for a diagnosis?'

No. 239939

Oh god how long before she demands a g or j tube? She thinks she's the most severe anorexic to ever live in her entire state so surely she will now be the most gut-paralysed?

No. 239979

Careful I'm fairly sure someone gets a notification when their insta story is screenshotted

No. 240025

It doesn't, I've tested on my accounts multiple times before to make sure! Even if it didn't I wouldn't care, I use my throwaway account for following her.

No. 240333

File: 1485459283369.jpg (234.12 KB, 1073x1678, IMG_20170126_123214.jpg)

She blocked me? I've never even interacted with this witch. Anyway, there was a post about it last week and now she lists gastroparesis in her profile.

No. 240339

Don't think she's blocked you. Her account is set to private. Try adding her. She accepts everyone.

No. 240364

File: 1485463265595.jpg (340.01 KB, 1079x1595, IMG_20170126_123118.jpg)

No. 240365

File: 1485463354471.jpg (541.36 KB, 1079x1684, IMG_20170126_134205.jpg)

No. 240366

File: 1485463454119.jpg (388.72 KB, 1079x1569, IMG_20170126_134345.jpg)

No. 240367

File: 1485463582869.jpg (560.73 KB, 1079x1693, IMG_20170126_134554.jpg)

No. 240370

File: 1485463738008.jpg (452.75 KB, 1079x1538, IMG_20170126_134748.jpg)

He's probably just sick of you taking selfies and whining.

No. 240372

If someone ever asks me for an example of a punchable face I'll show them this picture.

No. 240373

Is gastroparesis the new must have diagnosis for these girls?

No. 240378

Is she still on narcotics? They caused delayed emptying.

No. 240383

I think she's on tramadol and lyrica. She takes so many pills that it could be side effects, you're right. She probably doesn't provide each doctor with all the facts.

No. 240385

>>#doctor #nurse #help me

Notice how no doctors or nurses ever comment.

No. 240392

File: 1485465524475.png (740.58 KB, 706x988, wp_ss_20170126_0001.png)

>> pharmacy gave me the wrong meds. What a waste of money.

No honey, getting children's paracetamol on prescription is a waste of NHS money. It's not gonna kill you to swallow some pills. But I suppose special liquid medicine makes you more special.

In the comments someone asks if she's allergic to the orange one and she says that she's not allergic but can't have citrus flavours due to interstitial cystitis!

No. 240408


Tramadol is an opioid and they can slow gastric motility. Like Robyn, she probably selectively shares info. She should be off all opiates before a gastric emptying study. I bet she wasn't.

No. 240409

She probably did research and doctor-shopped so she could get a gastroparesis diagnosis.

No. 240434

Did she take this photo in her hamster's cage?

No. 240480


Literally all of Robyn's pictures catch me that way. That smirk. Dani has that same smug, smirky self-satisfied face. In this latest set she's over the moon because she's finally gotten the diagnosis she's been chasing for weeks.

No. 240494

Seriously I can't stand to see how stoked she is over this bullshit

No. 240520

Seriously she's way too stoked to have a diagnosis under her belt. Someone even called her out on it and was like "no offense but is that really something to be smiling about?"

No. 240536

Agreed. "I'm sick, look how happy that makes me!"

No. 240549

Munchies should get badges for their "illnesses" like Girl Scouts

No. 240572

that's quite a good marketing concept actually. collectable badges / pins for your ednos, fibro, gastoparesis etc.

No. 240691

Technically they already have a variant of this. Awareness ribbons.

No. 240734

She's another wannarexic and general bitch

No. 240773

Awareness ribbons
Warrior beads to hang on iv poles
Survivor tattoos
… making all the genuinely ill & struggling people with severe illnesses look like attention seeking munchies

No. 240778

It's enough to have made me rethink my tattoo design, that's for sure. I'm just glad I rethought it before getting it. Munchies have ruined awareness ribbons for me.

No. 240788

File: 1485541430467.png (Spoiler Image,118.43 KB, 640x1080, IMG_1493.PNG)

Apparently MLS wasn't getting enough attention so she had to post pictures of her "cutting" (looks more like aggressive rubbing?) her skin open.

No. 240830

Looks more like she scratched herself.

No. 240974

Dont let a bunch of fakers take something from you or lessen the impact the of your illness. I feel that this is what makes chronic illnesses so isolating is because these munchies make it to where everyone has to be skeptical and those who are truly ill have to pretend to be okay even more so they dont accidently get grouped in with a bunch of attention whores. Forgive me im not saying that this is exactly your case but just knowing you hate the ribbons because of them causes me to really dislike them even more.

No. 241087

I'm usually not bothered by cutter arms but hers are super gross.

No. 241524

This post has been circling the spoonie community… i first saw it here but i have recently seen it in more threads …

No. 241730

Stop reporting your screenshot. We didn't remove it the first 5 or 6 times you did it and we won't do it now. Be more careful in the future.

No. 241805

i actually didnt notice this farmer's carelessness till now when i was wondering why they freaked! tip: always use a password on your future posts in case of moments like that so you can actually delete your post if you want.

No. 241862

File: 1485749430163.png (210.07 KB, 640x1065, IMG_1578.PNG)

Did we call it or what? Attention isn't on her for 5 seconds and she's gotta throw a pity party and "go on a fast"

No. 241876

> it's just called being flexible, or y'know what? just being double jointed

It's just called being flexible. Double joints aren't real.

She's imagining a competition where there is none (who can eat less - her or her sister?) and then getting mad at her sister for not losing. What a petulant child.

No. 242180


I don't understand. She has a G-tube for supposed gastroparesis, yet she can eat enough to "fast".

No. 242183

Who is the chick in the profile picture? She looks familiar.

No. 242233

is it the posters pic or is it someone elses profile pic in the form of a minimised facebook messenger chat?

No. 242245

waitingforsomething_ on insta. she recently changed her profile picture but i'm positive it's her

No. 242265

She's lying. G-tubes are best used for draining your stomach (in which case she would have another tube for feeding) or for bolus feeds, which kind of defeats the point of trying to mitigate the problem. She has a tube because she either ripped out her NG too many times because of her ED or because she begged a doctor for it.

No. 242266

Me either, you dun did fucked up anon lol

No. 242277

File: 1485819547092.jpg (96.09 KB, 720x960, nVAf5wG.jpg)

lol hi Louise!

>Possible POTS

No. 242351

File: 1485824726579.png (117.17 KB, 640x1052, IMG_1603.PNG)

CB just posted this, can't tell if it's shopped or not?

No. 242355

Couldn't believe that it's not. She's a notorious shooper.
That bracelet makes it look she's chained in a basement somewhere in Eastern Europe.

No. 242361

Why is her forearm wider than her bicep

No. 242364


No. 242368

FotoForensics to the rescue!



The white parts on the arm when you look at the ELA version suggests those areas are heavily edited. We can't argue that it's because of contrast to the background because the bottom half of her forearm blends in with the background in the ELA, but the bottom half of her upper arm does not even though in the original image, the coloring is similar.

No. 242428

File: 1485833547498.png (1.48 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-01-31-12-27-43…)


Definitely shooped or she's really fucking tensing up her arm in some weird position. She posted pic related only a little over a week ago and her arm isn't nearly that spoopy. You don't loose fat, especially arm fat that fast. It looks fine in every other picture on her insta. She's just upset she's not getting enough attention. She doesn't even seem anorexic the way she eats, and her body only looks spooky when she shoops or uses ana angles, orherwise she just looks normal Asian skinny.

No. 242455

File: 1485839134974.jpg (30.65 KB, 261x275, 1448240492912.jpg)

No. 242458

File: 1485839724449.jpg (10.15 KB, 241x231, shrek kek.jpg)

holy fuck

No. 242482

File: 1485842386870.png (39.87 KB, 914x227, feminsit.png)

You forgot to mention
Think she's buttmad because these other chicks are stealing her special spoonie snowflake spotlight?

No. 242485

No. 242606

File: 1485871379573.jpg (156.17 KB, 1920x1080, spurdo ameribear.jpg)

And as usual, the full body pic shows the truth.

No. 242765

Has anyone seen celebratinginsanity on Instagram? She's nothing special but if you like vanilla ~#anarecovery~chan turned chronicspoonie warriors, then she's slightly milky. After half-recovering she seems to always be in a GP flare and has been begging doctors for a tube for at least a month. She's constantly moaning about how horrible her symptoms are but insurance just booted her out of the hospital for being a useless brat and doctors won't give her a tube despite her desperate nutritional situation.

No. 242767

File: 1485901883509.png (563.78 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1649.PNG)

Should be called "my munchie story"

No. 242942

I can't think of a single psych ward that would take someone in 43 fucking times and not just put them in a long term care facility, because at that point you're clearly not able to function in the community.

Do they just count every time you go into the ER as a full on hospitalisation?

No. 242947

Some of the snowflakes even count the times they just go in for an infusion as a hospitalisation. In her description she wrote hospital x42. Did she really went 42 times? Thought that the number is "too many to count".

No. 242956

Who honestly counts how many times they've been to the hospital? If it was 1 or 2 times then I can see knowing the number but the fact that someone knows offhand how many times they've been hospitalized just screens that they want attention to me.

No. 243598

File: 1486053152702.png (825.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-02-11-28-05…)

She's so sick she can pole dance while she's in so much chronic pain kek

No. 243608

File: 1486054552868.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1748.PNG)

No. 243872

ugh. shit like this grates me because of my own personal situation. what i would give to be able to dance again. ;.;

this looks like the description for some edgy OC.

No. 244113

File: 1486149605951.png (631.17 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3283.PNG)


She obviously put those bruises there herself.
"Oh let me bang myself with a hammer and then post a picture on instagram claiming its some weird medical condition"

No. 244118

I thought that people with semi functioning stomachs still use G tubes for feeds. My niece had a G tube for feeds. I dont know why she has one though

No. 244122

File: 1486149982535.jpg (245.97 KB, 960x720, IMG_0511.JPG)

I found this pic on her main instagram account. Shes skinny but her face is so disproportionate to the rest of her body. I wonder if its from purging

No. 244125

File: 1486150128600.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3286.PNG)

Not sure if shes a munchie, but all she posts about is hospitals and tubes and how sick she is. Kind of seems attention seeking. Why glamorize being sick @clofights

No. 244129

Ugh yes I've been thinking this too! I just recently unfollowed her because she kept posting videos on her story of her tube and all that stuff and she's like "it's not something to aspire to" like get over yourself. Don't think she's a munchie but she definitely is desperate for attention.

No. 244135

Anytime she posts a body checking photo and takes it anorexia I laugh a little.

No. 244136

Like yesterday on her story she posted graphic pictures of her bleeding oozing g tube saying its not desireable, but why does she need to show eveyone?

No. 244138

Have you seen her hashtags? #gastroparesis? #anorexia? I doubt it

No. 244145

Jesus she's only 14 years old wtf. Hopping on that attention train reaaaaal early.

No. 244148

I'd like to know what an underwear pic with her clearly sucking in her stomach has to do with acid reflux.

No. 244155


No. 244157

#anorexia #bulimia #osfed? really? How can you manage to have all 3? Oh thats right, you cant

No. 244193

Didnt think underage people were allowed to be discussed here?

No. 244226

File: 1486162751005.png (661.96 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-02-04-07-58-36…)


No. 244233

I actually found her too somehow, she can't ever enjoy sometime it's always got to be a disaster. On holiday… got spiked and attacked…

No. 244236

Well theyre all underaged so…

No. 244239

There's nothing about it in the rules. We just can't drop dox on people under 18.

No. 244251

Well clofights is 14,
Chronically.beautiiful is 16,
And im sure that other chick is like 16

No. 244253


Rule number 2. https://lolcow.farm/rules
Don't post her underwear pictures anymore.
We're revising the rules at the moment; for future reference, posts about people under 18 may be deleted at our discretion, and posts about people 16 or under will likely be deleted.

No. 244274

So the girl in her underwear is 18,
Chlofights is 14,
And chronically.beautiiful is 15

No. 244275

File: 1486169782744.png (83.55 KB, 640x532, IMG_1805.PNG)

Pretty sure chronically.beauitiful is 17 turning 18 soon.

No. 244277

File: 1486169934659.png (64.71 KB, 640x436, IMG_1806.PNG)

And mentalfights aka girl in her underwear is 19

No. 244330

Regardless of her age i see no milk from her - she is just another agsty girl trying to lose weight and abusing the hashtags on social media.

No. 244369

Shes claiming to have gastroparesis, takes pics of meds, and have you seen her story? Posts about meds and her "diagnosis" all day. Definitely a munchie

No. 244380

She always was claiming to "hear voices" and see things that aren't there, and was posting about also having DID…definitely seems munchie to me.

No. 244800

File: 1486242710657.jpg (327.57 KB, 1805x1596, IMG_3334.JPG)

CB's spam acc

No. 244809

I love how the caption is "look at that arm flab" she must have been running low on attention hence her posting this picture, waiting for people to tell her "you're not fat you're so super duper skinny!"

No. 244825

It is flabby though

No. 244868


jesus her neck is so long

No. 244950

File: 1486261232573.jpg (338.64 KB, 1071x1552, IMG_20170204_191840.jpg)

Is this chick autistic or slow in some way?

No. 244978

I think she killed all her brain cells from her "suicide attempts"
Aka overdosing on vitamins and then calling EMS

No. 244982

File: 1486266396192.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3346.PNG)

Munchie or no?
sounds sloppy drunk
"Guys something isnt right… i dont know… ive been getting worse all day.. ive been feeling really lethargic… and really dizzy.."
Claims her blood sugar dropped to 32

No. 244983

Instead of posting on her story why doesnt she call 911 ?

No. 244985

File: 1486266652808.jpg (412.57 KB, 2048x2048, 79D39A86-42EA-4187-B20E-DAF2CF…)


No. 244986

File: 1486266717583.png (848.06 KB, 949x591, whaaat.png)


Judging by her instagram - yeah she's a munchie alright.

No. 244988

File: 1486267079395.png (275.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3350.PNG)

Girl in underwear aka @mentalfights:
"…which was perfext because the lax started to kick in and it was awful. Last night was just magical✨"
Im sure shitting your guts out at 3 am is "magical"

No. 245008

Dispatch doesn't validate the need for attention.
I can't imagine how unbearable these munchies must get when they catch a cold or gastro. What a nightmare.

No. 245046

No, just stoned as fuck.

No. 245098

She looks like what Lola Hartley might've looked like if she wasn't massively deformed and brain-dead.

No. 245178

She lives in a town near me? It's weird to have a cow so close.

No. 245200


No. 245206

anyone remember Eli Stewart who was posted a few threads back?

people who know him irl have been saying this for years.

No. 245228

Man I've been gathering more recent screencaps of his crap, not even a week after the fiasco of his ventilator apparently being turned off and him somehow miraculously coming back to life, and the video of his "mum's heartfelt response" (That was monotonous and was as if they were reading off a script), he is now able to go play lacrosse on the national team?

No. 245243

Does he have an insta

No. 245248

It used to be watchthewater, but it was deleted. I think it's "thepunkinthemonk" now? But it's all private


No. 245305

File: 1486309745459.png (103.66 KB, 640x728, IMG_5768.PNG)

I wanted to put this MBI on here for a while and now she's talking about this /chronic illness/ she has more and more
Back ground: she also claims to have did and says she has lost a baby and been abused from infancy so I think we have a new Cassie by the looks of things

No. 245328

she has fibro, she's talked about it for as long as i can remember. same with the baby and abuse thing, if anything cassie is copying her

No. 245338


She talked about having "FND" a bit. Anyone know what that is?

No. 245345

Functional neurological symptom disorder, a bit like conversion disorder. if shes not lying about her trauma history it would definitely fit

No. 245373

File: 1486318215325.png (845.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3379.PNG)

Her photos are so heavily edited

No. 245378

Are we upset when things are not about us, Chronically.beautiful?? you forgot to crop out your profile pic Don't bother deleting, I already saved it.

No. 245379

I'm surprised it's taken it this long for the police to get involved, honestly. He's gone beyond munchie and into actual criminal territory.

No. 245411

You know you fucked up when the police get involved ?

No. 245422

This one ( >>244988 ) is also her by the looks of it.

No. 245428

Lol someone make a new thread

No. 245448

Hahaha, I bet this stupid munchie has been posting herself this whole time too.

No. 245452

I fucking knew that prick was lying about having cancer!!! Scumbag, it was all 'too much' to be true. Love it when they get formally outed!!

No. 245453

File: 1486326944680.png (23.2 KB, 375x360, sticker,375x360.u2.png)

Wtf, she looks like Gondola.

No. 245455

LMFAO YALL NEED TO CHECK YOUR SHIT BEFORE YOU POST. I'm sure Gwen would love to hear that her insta is posting about her

No. 245460

Wew looking back through old threads now missed this one

The article says he was asked to leave his college course? I'm not familiar with how this works- what are reasons a person would be asked to leave? Inability to do the coursework or…?

No. 245463

I don't know the exact details, but he did make a petition against them, and gave his side of the story on it.


No. 245468

I am so overjoyed at this news! The police are gonna make him pay charges back to the charity because he didn't deserve that guitar! He/she doesn't deserve anything lying scum. My only regret is not screenshotting all his blatant bullshit, but I did not post on this site back then. Don't forget he faked CF as well as cancer and heart failure.

No. 245470

File: 1486329058669.png (99.49 KB, 750x727, IMG_0563.PNG)

Lol looks like he's hiding

No. 245475

Try upload again, it's potato quality

No. 245476

File: 1486329369363.jpg (71.44 KB, 491x601, 16521821_10212525083548997_187…)

Any better?

Point stands again if it is:

"The reading age of the Sun is 8"
"The Sun refused to print it because they knew it was a load of slanderous nonsense"
The Sun printed it today, though, despite apparently knowing it was "slanderous". Dunno why a paper would do that if they already KNEW?

Continuing on next post

No. 245477

File: 1486329404212.jpg (86.71 KB, 495x627, 16522831_10212525083588998_283…)

The top point he is trying to refute is reported as being made by his own mother, so his attempts at refuting it seem…misplaced? Obviously didn't actually read the article?

No. 245478

Yeah much better thanks anon

No. 245481

Are there any comments?

No. 245484

>Don't believe everything you read

I guess that includes your many statuses from supposed nurses telling us all how you've gone missing/nearly died/ACTUALLY died/been fucking resurrected then?

No. 245485

None that I can see, I didn't take the screenshots. I'll ask my source if anything has popped up.

The fact that the post isn't public speaks volumes that it exists only to dupe the asspatters again, but not actually clear his name properly

No. 245487


No. 245488

He's so vehemently attacking the newspapers that published it and their reader base that it looks suspicious.

Also, anyone notice that he changed his name on fb? May or may not be related to the police investigation, the timing would definitely suggest it was.

No. 245491

He changed his name right after his "mum" posted on his Facebook that he had died and his former asspatters started calling him out on his shit once it turned out he was very much alive.

No. 245492

He actually changed his name after the last almost dying fiasco, after he got called out. The one where his mum posted about how his ventilator was being turned off, but then an hour later or so he was back at home, alive and well?

No. 245494

File: 1486330226923.png (177.27 KB, 1080x877, IMG_20170205_212439.png)

In the comments of the Daily Record article on Facebook.
Regardless of how much truth is behind Eli's illness(es) this is fucking awful.

No. 245495

Man I wish I had access to this milk, I've followed his lying ass for so long

No. 245499

Basically his "mum" posted saying he had been ventilated and was going to die. Later he posted saying he was back at home, alive and well. Few hours later everything was deleted and a long post and video of his "mum" (which many people are claiming was not his mum) was posted, including gems like how his mum had been told he was on a ventilator when it was actually a BPAP machine, and he only thought he was home but wasn't actually.
After that he changed his name and has posted very sporadically since.

No. 245508

So full of shit it's hilarious

No. 245511

File: 1486331557370.jpg (41.79 KB, 540x960, 11088337_941519649213707_91639…)

Anyone remember this gem from April 2015, when he was very into having Cystic Fibrosis? If you look at the bottom of the image you'll notice it looks an awful lot like his mask is connected to his arm - that's not a treatment for CF afaik

No. 245528

File: 1486332706094.png (18.75 KB, 746x176, IMG_0564.PNG)

Talk about self indulgent

No. 245539

File: 1486333198936.png (1.62 MB, 1176x950, Untitled.png)

The insta screenshot is of a totes legit injury he got not too long ago
The image on the right is his current profile picture

Where'd the scar go? Must be a miracle for that bad of a scar to heal that quickly.

No. 245545

How can he even play lacrosse if he has V-EDS like he claims to have? Surely his doctors would advise against that.

No. 245546

If he did have cancer, he wouldn't have been given a heart transplant, due to the drugs used to prevent the donor heart being rejected suppress the immune system, which would make him succumb to the cancer even quicker.

So he's either lying about the cancer
Lying about the heart transplant
Or lying about both

No. 245549

He claims to have
-bone cancer
-lung cancer
-stomach cancer

Pretty sure his doctors would advise against playing lacrosse with any of those, too

No. 245554

File: 1486333836030.jpg (87.54 KB, 1200x630, 521-1.JPG)

I'm not kidding, I thought this was Lola Hartley at first.

No. 245567

He also stated his cancer had spread to his brain/spinal cord

No. 245569

File: 1486334338228.jpg (648.73 KB, 2560x1341, IMG_20170205_223327.jpg)

Potato quality but compare and contrast what he claimed to have in 2013, and what he claims to be diagnosed with now.

No. 245571

That is some shit tier special effects makeup.

No. 245578

Interesting that "moderate asthma" became cystic fibrosis and joint hypermobility syndrome because vascular type EDS? I wonder what's next.

No. 245590

My hero I've been looking for that make up picture for so long. Who the hell was he trying to kid. It's meant to be the 'scar' from his osteosarcoma surgery. It's the fakist shit I've ever seen. It not even real butterfly stitches!!

No. 245591

lol that's hypermobileguy in that instagram profile pic

No. 245592

If someone finds that fake ass letter from his 'consultant' listing all his alliments I will love you forever. From memory it consisted of acute lymphoblastic leuekmia, acute myeloid leuekmia, osteosarcoma and cystic fibrosis.

No. 245593

File: 1486336434759.jpg (127.06 KB, 960x960, 16522734_733017530188275_17328…)

You mean (possible potato quality, if it is my apologies) this?

No. 245594

Omg hero!!!!!

No. 245595

Ya dancer.

No. 245596

Cerebral fucking palsy, I've never ever heard of anyone faking cerebral palsy lel

No. 245598

lol his physician claiming they "looked after" him, that doesn't sound like anything a doctor would ever say.
Also thank you for posting this, if been looking for it but to no avail - thought it had been lost to the nether

No. 245606


We don't use the term "primary care physician". We say General Practitioner aka GP.

No. 245607

It was lost in the nether that is my "receipts" folder, but I did manage to dig it up.
Too many people have been hurt in his web of lies over the years, hopefully it comes to an end soon.

No. 245608


Are Elliot and hypermobileguy the same person, or have I got confused?

No. 245609

Eli is thepunkinthemonk
hypermobileguy is an ex friend of an ex of mine, called Luke
not same person, but are in the same "community", so to speak?

No. 245610

Nah they're not hypermobileguy is like 90% legit and knows Eli irl

No. 245613

They're not the same person but they know each other irl. They've flip-flopped between being best friends and sworn enemies many a time.

No. 245617

According to https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.findlay.75/posts/10154742148750339
his mum is the one who makes him think he's sick, so Munchausens by Proxy?

No. 245624

Munchausen's by proxy much?

No. 245625

Actually now that I think about it, he's run away from home loads of times and has posted statuses on fb asking if anyone had somewhere for him to stay, MBP wouldn't be too much of a reach

No. 245628

File: 1486337751236.png (103.75 KB, 750x908, IMG_0567.PNG)

Mummy tell the news I'm not lying about the cancer

No. 245630

Munchausens By Proxy, currently factitious disorder imposed on another, involves "exaggeration, fabrication, simulation, and induction" [DSM 5 diagnostic criteria]. Simply convincing someone they're sick when they're not would not qualify. It has to actually be fabricated or induced by the guardian or caretaker. Either way this one post would not include enough information to make such a call.

No. 245631

Bollocks did he mum make him post pictures of himself dying of cancer on his instagram though, he bathed in the attention by proxy or not

No. 245639

What a prick getting someone fired because they didn't believe your fake ass chronic illnesses

No. 245643

Wow that's bad make up

No. 245645

File: 1486338380731.jpg (90.22 KB, 666x1184, IMG_0568.JPG)

More milk!

No. 245650

Why would you have picture frames lying about if you were prone to seizures? What the fuck

No. 245652

Holy crap

Yeah just take a picture for Instagram instead of seeking medical attention and covering the wound. It'll be fine.

sage because passing through. Ow

No. 245654

File: 1486339063874.jpg (74.25 KB, 540x960, IMG_0569.JPG)

The comments on Facebook on the various news articles are pure golden milk.

As if a nurse would do this, they would be struck off for breaching confidentiality

No. 245655

It's make up anyway

No. 245667

anyone remember when Eli was totally supposed to be on tv for got talent live auditions?

No. 245672

File: 1486340395440.png (14.23 KB, 509x162, 3.png)

also i still have access to view all of his accounts. This happened remember, it totally did. Also an instagram post of him in a f.o.b onesie now just says best onesie instead of "The Nurses bought me the best onesie"

No. 245675

scrolling instagram the majority of posts that had anything to do with cancer or hospital are gone. Any one that mentioned cancer in the description has been changed…a wee bit ashamed eli?

No. 245680

He needs to stop

No. 245691

"I am embarrassed and upset to learn the circumstances of which I have to write this letter", said no doctor ever.

No. 245697

Jesus Christ this is pure gold! Thank you anons with account access, please share more! So this Eli dude's MBI antics are ongoing? Crazy shit.

No. 245703

TBH I highly suspect hypermobileguy is a munchie as well.

No. 245706

He is a munchie, yeah, but I don't have the in depth deets for that

No. 245709

There's stuff about HMG further up, he's nowhere near this level though

No. 245711

Hmm I am skeptical on whether he is or not. I believe he is chronically ill and used to very much make his condition worse on occasions and quite blatantly faked leuekmia. Jumping on Eli's bandwagon I believe. But the past year or so it's been pretty legit, no real muchie activity anymore.

No. 245712

I'm out of milk I'm afraid. I have one more of a guy who actually had leuekmia comparing his diagnosis letter with that fake ass letter Eli tried to forge off as proof

No. 245714

You (or anyone else) got the deets of that oh so totally legit scan image he posted when he first started claiming osteosarcoma, that also happens to be one of the first images that pops up when you google "osteosarcoma"?

No. 245731

lel as someone who is constantly in and out of hospital under the same hospital and thus receives a lot of discharge letters, that's not how they look. not to mention why would an A&E doctor be writing a yearly review on him?

No. 245732

that's so clearly make up

No. 245736

He's annoying as hell and constantly talks about his illnesses but as far as I can tell he's legit, just exaggerates or never shuts up about them.

No. 245741

Went to Kitacon and got an ambulance called because of a dislocation. Despite the fact the first responders, the paramedics and the doctors all said it was in place, he kept insisting it was dislocated.
Kept on faking having seizures around people who do have seizures, and other people who work with those with seizures.

No. 245743

Tina (Chronically.Beautiful) has been banned for violating global board rules 10 and 8.

No. 245746

Top fucking kek, wtf is with these cows

No. 245748

Oh yeah he throws one hell of a pity party for himself no denying that lol

No. 245759

What's your source?

No. 245770

I wonder how these people come up with letters like this. Do they just google smart people words and medical terms? No report copies I've ever been given look like this at all.

I see Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) here. This is one of the go-to chronically ill tumblr diseases. Just about every snowflake that gets a bit dizzy claims to have it. That along with gastroparesis. a disease that suddenly everyone seems to have as well. I want to know though, how on Earth would you manage to fake cerebral palsy? It's a lot different that saying you are dizzy or have a stomach ache therefore are chronically ill. I'm surprised that fibromyalgia isn't on there.

No. 245778

Munchies faking POTS is so obvious and hilarious, but I have moderate to severe POTS in which my heart rate increases to 140+ despite my resting heart rate of 60BPM and I still have less symptoms than these snowflakes claim to have.

No. 245786

There was a big fiasco where he had a seizure so severe that it damaged his brain and left him with a stutter. Posted a video where he could barely talk. Said stutter lasted two or three days, and then he was somehow performing again and going out with friends. Dunno if someone has the details on this, I'll check tomorrow but I would definitely not be surprised to find he deleted it

No. 245806

She's changed both her profile image and her username now, probably trying to avoid being outed lmao. Her new insta name is ti.fights now.

No. 245816

I was going to say did he really try to claim that he had Lennox Gastaut Syndrome - that is a very rare but very serious form of epilepsy (multiple seizure types that generally don't respond to medication). Most people with LGS have some form of cognitive/developmental delay.
Then I looked at the rest of the list and thought that the chances of having even a quarter of that list is unlikely and surviving would be impossible. If you are going to fake an illness - pick one or two not ALL of the illnesses.

No. 245874

When will these munchies learn that medical notes are short, full of abbreviations and use medical lingo - no doctor says "cardiac arrest" it's a fucking MI (myocardial infarction).

Seriously all they ever have is Dx, Hx, Rx cya later not these fucking essays.

No. 245921

My source is that I went, and I know the people he went with. I saw him claiming his arm was dislocated myself, before he got in the ambulance, and can say for sure, it wasnt dislocated, and the first responders were saying it too. The folks he went with passed on the fact the paramedics and doctors also said it wasn't dislocated

No. 245930

Fair play anon wasn't doubting was just curious

No. 245948

not true for discharge letters, that may be true for the US but I'm >>245731 and mine are written in a similar way, although a lot more impersonal and no way in hell would they ever write anything about being "embarrassed and upset" (what the fuck has that got to do with the patient?). no way in hell would an A&E consultant write a history letter like that, it would be their primary care doctor not someone who's seen them for one acute inpatient session lmao.

No. 245967

I'm pretty sure it isn't supposed to be a discharge letter, it was supposed to be his medical records for college, related to the petition here >>245463

But there's so much wrong with it, as mentioned, the college obviously realised it was fake and kicked him out.

No. 245969

really? medical records look nothing like that LOL and again, you wouldn't go to an acute doctor for it, you'd go to your primary practitioner. i'm loving this

No. 245971

Well the first paragraph under the list of diagnoses does seems to say:

"I am embarrassed and upset to learn the circumstances of which I have to write this letter. (As?) Elliott's primary care physician, I have looked after him for 18 years and am well briefed on his current medical situation. I have documented below the previous diagnoses, procedures and admissions that Elliott has endured over the years. This will also serve as Elliott's annual review as he is due to meet with myself at the end of this month."

So the acute doctor is his primary practitioner/primary care physician?

No. 245973

The best part is, in the UK we don't use that phrase. We use General Practitioner (GP) for the doctor you see for most of your life. Can't even get the basic terminology down.

No. 245974

I read it to mean that the doctor writing it is his consultant at s hospital. A paediatrician maybe?

No. 245979

yeah that's not how it works at all, the more I read it the worse it looks
but it's come from the acute department, not a paediatrician

No. 246014

File: 1486399225892.jpg (1.5 MB, 2560x2560, 17-02-06-16-35-22-255_deco.jpg)

Shitty quality but here.

No. 246022

What did he change his instagram to?

No. 246023

No. 246029

It used to have more, but now it's jut two posts, one trying to get him to see Fall Out Boy, the other was posted 4 days before he "died" again.


No. 246041


> "I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009"

That's not what you told the charities you defrauded though is it lmao

No. 246051

Any chance you could mark her posts? I'm really curious.

No. 246052

I have type 1 diabetes and I'm just waiting for these munchies to latch onto it. I guess the stigma is just too great.

No. 246053

I have a mutual friend with him on Facebook and he's still commenting on his posts like nothing happened.

No. 246062

Mama: "'This is a young vulnerable man, who has Aspergers, and he's getting death threats.
'He's confused, he doesn't know what's going on."

It's in the Daily Mail as well. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4193136/Police-probe-cancer-sufferer-accused-faking.html

No. 246066

One minute it's low functioning autism and the next its aspergers… A real miracle

No. 246070

And also hard to fake I'd imagine.

No. 246072

This guy has claimed to have type 1 diabetes though haha

No. 246128

You can't be low functioning and have Aspergers at the same time. The diagnoses (when Aspergers was still an accepted diagnosis) are mutually exclusive. They're kind of impossible to confuse for each other too.

No. 246147

I hate that, I work with autistic children and adults all the time and it is not an excuse. Especially if they are low functioning they can not be exempt from taking responsibility for their actions.

No. 246201

Eli's mum put out a status saying that the ventilator incident was due to someone hacking Eli's FB and posting it, either she's trying to cover her own ass or she has no idea about the damage control he attempted later.

No. 246282

omgg….the worst excuse ever…

No. 246312

The evidence is overwhelming it would be better for them to give up the fiasco and pay charges back to the charity.

No. 246314

File: 1486435821018.png (104 KB, 750x936, IMG_0573.PNG)

He knows he must of fucked up his story is now in Spanish

My limited Spanish can translate it as "teenager wanted gifts so fakes terminal cancer to get them"

If anyone is better at the language than me, feel free to better translate

No. 246324

"hacking" accounts is a lousy excuse particularly now most people aren't stupid enough to give guessable passwords. Standard excuse to use when someone cocks up with a post and it's too late to backtrack.

Is that from a webpage? You could use google translate if you c+p

No. 246336

File: 1486437176382.jpg (82.04 KB, 705x609, in sk also.JPG)

No. 246339

File: 1486437496424.jpg (21.04 KB, 855x133, china or sth.JPG)

Ok, the last of my news spam (apologies), but this is from somewhere that has Chinese type writing (excuse my Western ignorance)


No. 246483

File: 1486469529805.png (89.33 KB, 750x1166, IMG_0574.PNG)

Someone didn't like us talking about him

No. 247235


He's not even a cow.

No. 247251

That's out for debate, regardless that statement is not incorrect

No. 247718


For those of you who didn't see the new thread, Kaydee just became an hero.

No. 247719

Please help, I'm retarded

No. 247760

Shit son!

No. 247927

>We don't have tubes, IVs because they're cute
Since when are tubes and IVs considered cute? I can understand the fishing for sympathy aspect of these people's fake diseases, but the chronic illness as a fashion statement thing is so bizarre to me as someone who's spent years trying to keep my illness on the down low and struggled with self esteem issues because of it.

No. 247972

File: 1486657916773.png (514.28 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20170209_0001.png)

So Emma has a rat "visiting" her hotel, I mean hospital room. She's leaving out food for it and posting videos of it on instagram. Meanwhile she's claiming to be at high risk of infections. Maybe allowing yourself to come into contact with a rodent isn't the best idea.

No. 248042

I thought this as soon as I saw it. I really wanted to comment something like "ya know they carried the plague once"
They for sure could make her ill and she shouldn't be feeding it.
She made another post today how her abscess has worsened to a bone infection, lets feed a disease carrying rodent that shits in my bedroom

No. 248200

File: 1486682547946.png (137.98 KB, 640x1064, IMG_1960.PNG)

CB has been eating mustard packets to lose weight as attempt to be the most Ana princess and get admitted.

No. 248453

Mustard packets? Is that a thing???

No. 248499


No. 248500

She posted it on her story, I didn't have time to screenshot but yeah her sucking on a mustard packet and saying "dinner!" Or some shit

No. 248535

Apparently it's all good because she bleaches the bathroom daily and the rodent piss has nothing to do with her infections

No. 248541

File: 1486748214442.jpg (161.96 KB, 540x788, IMG_20170210_173323.JPG)

I can't tell if Alex/Meg is a munchie or just out for attention. I get the feeling that she expects loads of sympathy by posting this though (like JBN got when she posted that she was being discussed here).

No. 248582

File: 1486754248350.png (150.28 KB, 750x1043, IMG_9637.PNG)

New milk

No. 248998

File: 1486794746718.png (49.93 KB, 1198x594, IMG_0342.PNG)

well angie got tipped by someone i guess, and flipped urls for the 50,000th time. she's currently trying to raise another $1,473AU.

No. 249037

Fairly sure she is a munchie, she claimed to have chronic EBV (not sure if she still does), which is usually fatal and the only known treatment being a stem cell transplant. She said she wasn't aware of this though, somehow.

No. 249053

I don't understand why these morons can't mould the wire in the mask to their face, wearing it like this protects you from fuck all

No. 249070

It looks ridiculous worn like that. And the fact that she's wearing it in her own bathroom alone.. can never be too careful I guess. Moronic.

No. 249075

File: 1486829949761.jpg (718.16 KB, 2400x1852, IMG_9649.JPG)

Gotta catch em all

No. 249147


Angie is so fucking mystifying to me. I don't even think she has the self awareness to realize how insane she seems from the outsider's perspective.

She posted this little gem of a court order against (presumably) her dad, which is basically a restraining order. Given that it was filed 10 years ago, and since she has no other similar documents, I'm guessing this is when Angie's speshul snowflake brain veered off the rails.


Judging by the timeline, as this happened in 2007, and as she's vagued in the past that her parents tried to oh noes force her into walking after her accident of falling down some stairs, it seems the court order is related to her accident.

I don't really blame her parents; it sounds like she was a shitty teenager who fell down some stairs, sustained some minor injuries, and then became a dramacow over it. If her dad forced her to try to walk, it's likely her dramacow nature let her screech to the police that oh noes abuse!!!11!

And after that her family sort of gave up, because it's unlikely she's actually in any physical danger, she's just being an insufferable douche and generally shameful. And all the while she boohoos on her tumblr that she's been "abandoned" by her family when in reality they've stopped trying to redirect her attention seeking temper tantrums because she's a fucking adult.

Like, just by her fucking stamina alone for shilling for money and attention, I seriously doubt she's anywhere near as injured as she claims.

No. 249161

File: 1486840939202.jpg (192.68 KB, 540x787, IMG_20170211_191402.JPG)

She doesn't seem to be claiming that now. Her list of 'illnesses' don't seem too out-there, but I'm really curious which illnesses she's grouped together as 'etc.' (maybe the EBV).

Her current thing is that she has inflamed ribs and sternum and can't possibly get out of bed or sit up for more than 40 minutes (except when she's going out with her grandma). She also says she had an asthma attack last night but sought no medical attention which strikes me as strange.

No. 249184

Usually asthma attacks require some sort of intervention so I'm with you there. Strange.

No. 249193

Depends how bad the attack is though really, some can be managed at home with medication

No. 249208

>Pain olympics isn't a thing sweetie

I'm sad she hasn't seen that video.

No. 249218

This is correct. Asthma attack don't always require medical intervention. Blogpost here, but I only seek help if my rescue inhaler doesn't work.

No. 249222

Same. Most asthmatics are able to deal with an attack at home as long as they've been shown what to do and are confident enough.

No. 249243

File: 1486850621831.png (689.04 KB, 1106x604, screenshot.png)

Every day is something new with this girl.

If she didn't want drama, she wouldn't post every other day threatening to harm herself. She feeds off drama and attention.

For the past few days, all she's discussed is the costochondritis, saying she can't stand for more than 10 minutes, or that she's been stuck in bed all day. Then she has an asthma attack, and today she seems to be all better - she's out getting coffee and hasn't mentioned it once. I struggle to believe it would be all better within 3 days.

No. 249246

This is textbook attention seeking. "An inflamed chest wall"? Give me a break

No. 249263

File: 1486854266311.jpg (624.18 KB, 2048x2048, 38A5D111-FB79-4225-8470-BF9C88…)

You know they're extra special attention seeking when they start wearing keychains, necklaces and bracelets telling people there's something wrong with them.

No. 249281

And t shirts.


Not sure. Kind of strange that she posts just about every time her heart skips a beat though.

No. 249282

Costochondritis is a bitch and hurts like fuck but you'd think they had fucking cancer the way they're acting. When will they get a fucking grip?

No. 249287

No. 249296

If you had Costochondritis I don't think you'd actually cope with an asthma attack. They're hard enough on the body without having costochondritis, I think that scenario would certainly require hospital care

No. 249297

That was so dramatic lol

No. 249341

And even if it didn't require hospital care, I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't be fit to go out and function normally the next day.

I've had both Costochondritis and an asthma attack (separately) and I agree - having one is hard enough, but both together would almost certainly require medical attention.

No. 249547

File: 1486903273610.jpg (756.5 KB, 2400x2248, IMG_9652.JPG)

Tranquilizers? Lol

No. 249673

File: 1486923930504.png (552.44 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20170212_0002.png)

Don't know if anyone's come across this cow before. She's pretty attention seeking, posts pictures of blood and self harm etc as well as how much she's drinking. She's dating a paramedic and he uses his supplies to treat her injuries. Now she's pregnant. I'm honestly scared of her being a mother.

No. 249683

Her account's private and her ask.fm's been suspended for TOS violations. Could she be lying about being knocked up so she fakes a miscarriage? I've seen that being done before.

No. 249693

I could honestly believe she's lying, seems way too positive about being pregnant for it to be truthful, even people who don't have MIs are more afraid when they're unexpectedly pregnant

No. 249703

You could be right. A miscarriage would be the kind of drama she loves

No. 250306

File: 1486976084830.png (121.6 KB, 652x509, wp_ss_20170213_0001.png)

At least some of her followers have some brains.

No. 250345

>2 month relationship
>Having a baby

…Welp. I hope she enjoys being a single mother.

No. 250826


Okay, this girl is a moron. Just because you have had an illness at some point doesn't mean you are actively fighting it. It is disengenous to present it as such. Heat intolerence? Impetigo?! For fuck's sake that's a little kid daycare skin rash! You treat it with topical cream. Anyone who's had a toddler knows this and wouldn't bat an eye. Guess what? I have seasonal allergies and an active cold or "rhinovirus" to sound super scary-serious. Must be dying. Gonna need a face mask.

No. 250840

#Spoonielife yo! Make an IG about it! kek

No. 250944

File: 1487079184966.jpg (127.38 KB, 540x781, IMG_20170214_132504.JPG)

Meg/Alex posted earlier that she was being sent to hospital because they think she has a blood clot in her lung. But first, she was going to go and have lunch with her mum. People commented that if doctors actually thought she had a clot, she would have been sent straight to hospital and would not have been told she could go out for lunch and head over there later.

I opened up the image to screen shot the image and all comments, but she deleted the post. A minute or so later, she's changed her story slightly to make her sound like she doesn't really understand what's going on.

The original post was worded in a way that made it sound like some kind of medical emergency, and was clearly looking for sympathy. I'm so frustrated I didn't get to screen shot it before it got deleted.

No. 250954

Its amazing how these munchies life threatening emergencies allow time for lunches and selfies and long winded stories. thats what is so wild about these types. if a dr lets you leave and come back a week later, clearly youre not in much immediate danger. but its always worded like, they wanted me to come back at the first of the week!! i have to rush to get this in, -insert a few trigger/medical words-, maybe ill get that diagnosis/major surgury its fantastic and everything i ever wanted.

they get so stuck in themselves that turns out, people in their right minds wouldnt be too thrilled to have procedures or be stuck with a life long illness.

No. 250964

File: 1487082014405.jpg (93.62 KB, 540x780, IMG_20170214_141708.JPG)

Now she's "not allowed" to leave a&e. Funny how she only went there instead of lunch after multiple people called her out on the fact she wouldn't be allowed to take her sweet-ass time to get to the hospital.

No. 251069

yeaaaa chickadee, thats not how that works. if youre not admitted im sure they dgaf if you leave. time to backpedal

No. 251123

No. 251131

File: 1487092442585.png (36.13 KB, 328x473, healing.png)

kek dr called her out

No. 251144

I was just about to post the same image.

I'm glad a Dr has called her out, but get the feeling that it's not going to stop her from posting dramatic stuff about how sick she is and how she has no friends. She will probably use the fact her Dr says she's imagining it to try and get more support and sympathy.

No. 251154


>guess I can just suffer in silence then, eh

Apparently not.

No. 251156

File: 1487093114910.png (9.06 KB, 569x88, healing2.png)

guaranteed thats going to happen. getting depressed about not having a clot seems really crazy and its wild to think this girl is so young.

that comment is about the nicest way to say shes pulling some munchie shit, but ofc thats the comment shes ignoring

No. 251217

One of my biggest gripes is people thinking people with psychosomatic symptoms and munchies are the same. A psychosomatic symptom is a real symptom, outwith the control of the patient e.g. non-epileptic seizures (real seizures which are not caused by epilepsy). A munchie does not have real symptoms- they fabricate illness e.g. actively pretending to have seizure. Someone with psychosomatic symptoms aren't imagining the things they experience. For example, someone who has psychosomatic stroke symptoms have the same symptoms as a stroke, have no control over it, and will be equally as disabled, but the cause isn't biological, it's due to trauma, depression, anxiety etc which the brain can't cope with.

Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS were considered psychosomatic (caused by trauma or psychological illness) for years.

No. 251222


She's just deleted the post. Clearly she didn't get enough sympathy or didn't like the comment about psychosomatic illness.

No. 251230

noticed that too, wondering what it will be replaced with

its not that i think she isnt feeling something. she really can be having chest pains and difficulty breathing, but considering that shes been posting about how depressed she is and stuff, what shes feeling could be anxiety related. but im not a dr so its all speculation. its not uncommon for a dr to prescribe someone complaining of the same sorts of things, chest pain, breathing issues and feeling anxious propranolol but its really just to treat a faster heart rate really.

her conclusions about what shes dealing with are just all over the place, so my mind will wander more towards munchie especially when shes claiming chronic illness

No. 251232

Don't get me wrong, I think she's a munchie. But the comment was about her symptoms being caused by depression rather than her being a munchie.

Either way, she would need psychological help.

No. 251279

"Lots of other symptoms and problems being caused by my undiagnosed problems"
She's got problems alright

No. 251287

File: 1487098665937.png (181.64 KB, 750x1103, IMG_9655.PNG)

Not everyone's buying her shit.

No. 251337

I am glad there are some on IG who won't coddle and enable these poor sick attention seeker types.

No. 251345

Fucking this. If you are suspected of having a PE you are not going anywhere until it's ruled out, and no they are not just going to send you for some outpatient lab at your convenience. These people need to lern2internet. Delete=it-didn't-happen action doesn't work on social media boo, people see that shit.

No. 251357

File: 1487101416240.jpg (38.64 KB, 540x282, IMG_20170214_185312.JPG)

Now she's not getting attention on IG, she's moved to Facebook. Nobody's engaging with it though.

No. 251410

File: 1487102753196.png (19.16 KB, 290x283, cb.png)

because the tail end of that didnt get weird at all

No. 251425

This bitch was banned for self posting. She knows she''s not really sick.

No. 251434

ahh i apologize, i must have missed it.

No. 251481

Alright Nicole thanks for the lesson

No. 251504

Damn that is creepy.

She was banned from posting, but we can still discuss her b.s. I believe.

No. 251697

File: 1487119646477.jpg (158.71 KB, 540x712, IMG_20170215_004150.JPG)

She's replaced it with an update that doesn't mention the fact that her Dr says she's imagining it.

She also says she can't go out for long, but today had planned on going out for lunch, and she went for coffee the other day too.

I imagine she'll milk the 'medical mystery' angle for a few days now.

No. 251846

Ummm… normal pcp clinic, the walk-in clinic, and the er all deliver you your x-ray results the same day. Why would she have to wait 3 days? Smh

No. 251851

TBH that sounds a lot like costochondritis… i just got diagnosed with it and people were starting to think i was faking too after three months of being useless and feeling like i was having a heart attack lol. just my two cents tho

No. 251884

Meg is from or from the UK though, in the UK you can be waiting weeks for xrays unless it's an emergency

No. 251887

That was her diagnosis, then she went back to her gp yesterday who thought it was a clot.

Could just be a pulled muscle though. They thought I had inflammation in my chest but turned out that I'd just pulled muscles around my chest by coughing too much.

No. 251916

Same here with the pulled muscle, felt like I was having a heart attack

No. 251924

File: 1487150341485.png (986.63 KB, 1440x2114, 20170215_091620.png)

Eli Stewart, notorious criminal cancer faker, is in hospital now, seemingly psych and seemingly for self harm

No. 252015

Picture is too blurry to tell if those are genuine injuries or not, but they don't exactly look like it. They'd be clean, with dressings on them, if he had been in hospital for the past week.

Not to mention, wouldn't he have one of those plastic medical bracelets saying he was a patient, instead of nothing?

The setting doesn't help because it just looks like a generic walk in shower/bathroom setting, and more than just hospitals have those.

No. 252026

He gave the name of the ward and hospital on Facebook so I don't doubt he's in hospital. it is funny that he's still trying to get attention though, practically showing off his wounds

No. 252027

Which hospital?

Still doesn't explain the lack of medical bracelet, and the fact he still has his normal bracelet. If he'd been sectioned due to self harm, that shit would have been taken off of him.

No. 252029

He's in the UK right? Psych wards don't have med bracelets and his own would be allowed. However, those wounds would have been treated if they're recent.

No. 252034

I originally posted her, not herself but I'm assuming she found out and then started self posting. But either way she's still funny to talk about because of her chronically lying.

No. 252039

File: 1487173667909.png (261.79 KB, 540x960, 16780333_10212611649593094_299…)

Samefag, someone passed a screenshot along to me outside of lolcow

Now, he claims he doesn't know what's going on but if he googled the name of the hospital and the ward he claims to be on, he'd get this description of the ward:

The ward provides care and treatment for individuals from 16-65 years of age who are experiencing wide ranging mental health difficulties of a severe and / or enduring nature.

Don't exactly know what they mean by severe, though. As in, psychosis? Schizophrenic? Literal Munchausens? Or is it just "I got upset so 'self harmed' and got put here"?

Because, maybe a little bit of blogging, but I never recall being sectioned for self harming or attempting suicide in the past? Even when doctors/nurses knew about it.

No. 252041

With all his name plastered over the press and everyone he knows knowing he's a lying scumbag he probably is a big risk to himself. Personally a psych ward isn't the way I'd go, you'd find me in Australia with a different name but hey ho

No. 252049

File: 1487175264294.jpg (227.77 KB, 2048x2048, 581AF668-FA3A-4C4D-84C7-305773…)

CB is lying about her height to try to make herself seem more underweight. She literally just changed her bio like 2 days ago and listed her height and weight and then someone asked her how tall she was and she adds an extra inch.

No. 252124

File: 1487184033643.jpg (372.31 KB, 1680x1260, Phototastic-15_02_2017_a1e17c2…)

Update on Battlingborderline's pregnancy if anyone is interested.

No. 252164

god borderlines are so fucking scary, i really really hope she's faking

No. 252174

I'm actually diagnosed borderline or was several years ago. I guess I'm high functioning and I've successfully been through intensive therapy to deal with it and change the way I think. I consider myself to be a recovered borderline as I am completely in control of the symptoms and haven't acted on any impulses for over 3 years. But I understand how rare it actually is for people to want to get better. Robyn is a prime example. As is this girl. I know that when I was actively borderline, the last thing I'd have wanted was to go through with pregnancy. I didn't want to be a borderline parent. I didn't think it would be fair to a child. Even now that I'm "better" I still won't have a child even though I wanted a family because I know the risks to myself and a baby.

Sorry for blogging but this girl just angers me. She's treating her unborn child like a magical cure for her mental health problems. I really hate the thought of her being a mother and really hope she's taking.

No. 252176

There's nothing bad about borderlines in general, but what I like to call "instagram borderlines" are scary fucking cunts

No. 252178

you should listen to your dr, if you cant take care of yourself, how tf can a helpless infant rely on you? and anyway, if you cant keep money then how in the world can you pay for diapers and food and babbie things. omg

No. 252281

You don't get medical bands when sectioned in psychiatric wards.

No. 252283

File: 1487198587100.png (565.06 KB, 1080x1046, IMG_20170215_223931.png)

I don't know what the reason would be but is this shooped? The reflection of the wall(?) next to his arm is warped as is the door frame next to his head.

No. 252309

It looks like it could be, but at the same time, a lot of psych wards have plastic mirrors instead of glass due to the risk of self harm, so it could be that too. Plastic mirrors give a warped reflection.
But his arm… the cut on his upper arm closest to his elbow looks fake, the mark just keeps going right through the bend in his arm.

No. 252331

Now you mention it the entire outline looks shopped. I don't doubt he's in a psych ward, but why would he shop the picture

No. 252712

Anyone see that JBN is in her local paper WITH the tube in?

No. 252857

The NHS doesn't provide medical bracelets for psych patients, just as the staff don't wear formal uniforms only their badges. Don't see why a beaded bracelet would be confiscated, it's hardly a sharp.

No. 252872

Of course her tube would be in. LOL Post pic please!

No. 252884

Nobody cared who she was before she put the tube in.

No. 252896

also going to point out

the bathroom door wouldn't be shut. If he's been sectioned for being suicidal (which is the usual case, they don't give a fuck unless you make an actual attempt) he would be on suicide watch - a nurse would be following him from at no more than 6 feet away. They keep you on 'observation' until you make relative progress. I doubt that's happened over the course of a few days.

No. 252897

I do like how his eyebrows have miraculously 'grown back' in comparison to the photo used in the news articles.

yet look at all his rabid little whiteknights in the comments of the photo praising him for standing up for himself and hoping he gets well soon

lol they should all be shot

No. 252927

Sage for blog, but how is citalopram "risky to get off" does she mean risky as in her mood/mental wellness would deteriorate? I'm on Citalopram and I've been on the highest dose allowed and randomly stopped taking it cold turkey for a week or so on occasions and never experienced anything "risky." it's baby's first SSRI

If you quit it, or other SSRIs, gradually you practically definitely won't experience any bad effects

No. 253170

Not true. SSRI's need to be tapered or you are at risk for a whole slew of adverse effects.

No. 253181

I've had to be off it for two or three days at a time before (generally just forgot to make an appointment for a refill) and have hit withdrawals with it complete with vomiting and the weird brain shocks. babbys first ssri or nah, bodies are different and it does mess with your chemistry

No. 253268

That really depends on the hospital. If he's in a low secure unit he likely wouldn't be on 1:1 obs unless he'd done something on the ward. Only in medium secure would 1:1 obs be standard.

No. 253302

The hospital he is in is for people who are a serious threat to either themselves or others. The website for the hospital he claims to be in, and the ward he claims to be in, even lists it as for those with "severe" or "enduring" issues. Doesn't really sound like low security?
Nothing online says for certain, but if it's for people with "severe" issues, I doubt it'd be low security.

No. 253322

All psych units here are defined as being for severe/enduring issues but the vast majority are low security. To my knowledge there's only one high security hospital in the country and it isn't Gartnavel.

No. 253420

Any psych' hospital treats people with "severe" and "enduring" issues by default. In Scotland there is only 1 high security hospital and that is in Carstairs "The State Hospital". Gartnavel is just a normal psychiatric hospital, like most it has an Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit which just means more staff, locked front door etc.

No. 253518

File: 1487366023620.jpg (414.27 KB, 1260x1680, Phototastic-17_02_2017_b467a34…)

More pregnancy drama. The next 9 months should be entertaining.

No. 253545

"I had to stop smoking weed for my child"

Mother of the year award goes to….

No. 253550

Breeders say some of the most idiotic shit.

No. 253551

Is that a razor blade as a necklace? is it meant to be some sort of 'look at me, I self harm/am a recovered self harmer' attention thing?

No. 253557

Fellow type 1, I would piss if I saw them with a small black box attached to a tube going directly 'to their stomach' or some shit

I personally can't wait to finally have some knowledge on one of these threads

No. 253558

do not.

No. 253562

Like referring to a 6 week old mass of cells as a "child".

Although…I'm still waiting hinking this is leading to a "miscarriage" drama.

No. 253616

>happier than I have been in a long time
until tomorrow hun- because you have Borderline.

No. 253621

Anon just means normalfag breeders, I assume.

No. 253838

As far as I know, low secure and medium secure are both your run of the mill psychiatric hospitals. Low secure take sectioned patients and those who go in voluntarily. Whereas medium secure only take sectioned patients. Both are locked wards, but security is quite a bit tighter in medium secure - More doors, more locks, and stricter searches etc.
I have no idea about high secure units, I think they may just be for the criminally ill, like someone who has committed a serious crime thanks to their mental illness.

No. 253896


>I have no idea about high secure units, I think they may just be for the criminally ill, like someone who has committed a serious crime thanks to their mental illness.

The high security wards, or forensic wards, are extremely locked down. There are usually multiple locked doors leading into the wards that have to be buzzed open. There's tons of cameras and no two doors can be unlocked at the same time. Even someone with keys to the low or medium security areas need to be buzzed in, and that's after either showing or scanning ID before they even get to the damn doors. It's fucking intense. These are at state hospitals.

sage for blogpost/OT

No. 254107

Severe in this context means you can't operate safely in the community.

So you're an immediate risk to yourself or other people, you're acutely psychotic, or otherwise incapable of looking after yourself at even a basic level.

Severe self harm can get you admitted if they think you're a risk of killing yourself, but you can just as easily get put in if you say "I'm a serious risk of killing myself in the immediate future".

Seems weird that he's got his phone aand open wounds though, as far as I knw, taking photos is a big confidentiality breach, and hospitals are generally pretty strict with hygiene, especially to do with wounds.

No. 254298

File: 1487513217092.jpg (305.85 KB, 1680x1260, Phototastic-19_02_2017_d262986…)

Remember hey.shelby? She's currently having a "breakdown" but can't seem to get her story straight. One day she said she's slept for 15 hours, the next day she says she can't remember the last time she slept. She's currently trying to get benefits so maybe it's to do with that?

No. 254299

That depends on his age and living situation. In the UK it's actually not that easy to get sectioned as an adult. Funding cuts and staff shortages plus cases of chronic bed blocking like Journeytoemma mean that most NHS trusts treat in the community unless a patient is a significant risk such as a schizophrenic off their meds or a person who has attempted suicide and has no support network to help ensure their safety. If you have family, a partner, a home etc you'll most likely be seen by the Psych Liaison team at your local hospital and be closely monitored by your GP and perhaps a Community Psychiatric Nurse while awaiting therapy.
But there are so many other problems with this image that who the fuck knows what's going on.

No. 254353

If she's actully having a breakdown, maybe she is just confused.

Or she's pulling an Erika Ovsyuk.

No. 254435

File: 1487533869548.png (763.47 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20170219_0003.png)

Looks like she's trying to explain herself as if she's been lurking here.

No. 254450

Of course she lurks, she's obsessed with this site and its cows.

No. 254464

We've already said she's not a cow. There's no milk here.

No. 254469

Anyone follow sorry_forexisting2?

No. 254470

All she does is preach yet she sits around all day posting photos of cuts and pretending to be psychotic. Kek.

No. 254483

That's right, nothing to see here at all. Move along. Go about your day and forget all about… Stephanie, was it? I guess it doesn't matter since it's been established that she is not a cow and never will be!

No. 254485

Hm, no, I don't think any of us follow you.

No. 254497

Ok Shelby

No. 254500

You're obviously new here. She was banned from posting way back. Come back when you find something interesting to share.

Anyone got any milk on the actual cows? This thread is slowing down.

No. 254506

As has been proven in the Sindy threads alone, bans mean nothing. She's permabanned on a regular basis and still crops up so using 'she's banned' as an excuse to dismiss someone is pretty lame

No. 254507

Nah, it's the same here, you only get sectioned if you're a serious and immediate risk to yourself or others, for whatever reason.

That being said, they legally have to take you if you seem depressed and say you're actively suicidal or can't keep yourself safe in the community. If they don't have any reason to think you're malingering or otherwise lying, they're legally bound to, which I assume is what's happened with him.

It's how people like Journeytoemma stay in wards for so long.

No. 254513

He or his family must of kicked off a big deal about being suicidal for him to be sectioned.
Sage for blogpost but someone I knew from my school who went missing was found by the police taken into hospital as suicidal, he was released in a matter of hours and then took his life straight away. The mental health system in the U.K. has it's failings and it knows too. I don't blame them by any means they just don't have the capability or the man power for the amount of mental health problems in the UK.

No. 254518

I can't believe meshandlace_ is still lingering around the IG community. Some thirty something year old woman posting cuts online, that's not odd.

No. 254530

recoveringindeed has more surgery coming up so she'll be sure to lap up the attention.

No. 254534

You're right, I'm just saying I think you're underestimating how bound they are to what you say.

If you say you'll likely kill yourself if they release you, they'll just keep you sitting in the ER until there's a bed free somewhere, because otherwise they're responsible.

In the same vein though, if you've not done anything to harm yourself and they take you in and you just deny being a risk to yourself, it's pretty much impossible to schedule you, and they'll have to release you.

It's not so much about funding as it is about them not always having much to go off apart from what you say is going on. There's no test to see if someone's really suicidal bar asking them stuff.

No. 254535

That being said, the only situation you'd be scheduled instead of a voluntary emergency admission in that situation is if you went into the hospital and started boasting about how you're going to kill yourself, but then try to leave anyway.

No. 254537

A&E in the UK, not ER. Also the healthcare system varies throughout the U.K, there is no "NHS" but an NHS board for each country. He may have already been with a CMHT, so not just a crisis at A&E, this would have made getting a referral and a bed more achievable as it could have been a planned admission.

No. 254538

Not really, people can be sectioned despite not being suicidal. There are also various community orders as well as inpatient ones.

No. 254548

ER as in Emergency room, I have no idea what else it means.

But yeah, there's a chance it was planned, though I find that pretty unlikely with someone like him.

What? Did you read what I posted?

I was talking about if you come in saying you're actively suicidal, it's almost definitely going to be a voluntary admission, and that the only situation it would be different is if you walked into the hospital, told them you were going to kill yourself and then left.

My original post >>254107 covers other reasons you might be admitted involuntarily.

No. 254554

I think what people are saying is that it's VERY difficult for someone to plan to be admitted in the UK.
Most people who are severely self harming or suicidal don't even get admitted, there's a huge shortage of beds and unfortunately a lot of people end up taking their lives because they just can't be safe in the community but there isn't a bed for them.

Not that any of this is milk on this dude's situation to be honest. I'd say it's pretty clear he's IP because he gave the name of the ward and people went to visit him.

No. 254561

Well, people said they were going to visit him. There hasn't been any word on if anyone did or not. Nor any update screenshots from either his Facebook or Insta.

No. 254572

This is not true. I was in a low secure unit and after a suicide attempt before being placed there, was immediately placed on obs for 6 days.

No. 254573

They don't care if you take selfies whilst in hospital. If you take photos of other patients or staff however it then becomes an issue. Also literally everyone has their phone because there's nothing else to do in these wards but sit around listening to peoples' stories. The only thing you're not allowed is your phone charger in case you do some ligature shit with it. Those are kept in a locked room and you can get your phone charged throughout the day.

No. 254601

Yeah, it depends on the patient the level of observation they're on, if you're an immediate suicide risk, you're 1:1, but most people are just checked on every half hour to 15 minutes.

Might be different in my country then, you're not allowed your phone at all, and only electronics without cameras are allowed in the wards.

It's so that you can be in a completely controlled environment, not influenced by outside influences like pro-suicide sites or people being a generally negative influence on you.

No. 254640

The UK doesn't have " Emergency rooms though", Accident and Emergency is what the NHS uses.

No. 254642

Which is just the exact same as an Emergency room, which is what they're called in my country. Or Emergency department in other countries.

Are you saying you've never heard it called anything but A&E?

No. 254682

It's either Accident and Emergency (A&E) or Emergency Department (ED) in the UK. A&E is the most common term for the place though

No. 254684

You are the one who is trying to speak with authority about the healthcare systems in the U.K when you haven't even got the basics right. CMHT, Camhs, crisis teams etc are all part of our m.h care too.

No. 254689

The nurses eventually lost their shit when they realised I was using pro-suicide websites the entire time, accessing them through the internet but they couldn't really do anything, it was more 'please don't use those'

No. 254690

crisis teams are fucking awful ahahaha

No. 254702

Dif anon but no, it's never called ER here. You have Accident and Emergency for, well, emergencies and many counties also have Minor Injuries Units for things like sprains/back pain/anything that doesn't require immediate emergency care.

The UK health system is vastly different to the US.
Especially when it comes to mental health.
A girl I knew once attempted suicide, was taken to hospital to have her stomach pumped. She was given a mental health nurse to speak to before discharge where she made it clear she wished to harm herself further; she was given an appointment for CBT and her medication dosage upped and sent on her way. The NHS is vastly underprepared for dealing with mental health issues. I've been on a waiting list for more specialist therapy for 9 months now, I know people who have attempted suicide within the last 18 months who are still waiting too.
Sage for blogposting

No. 254705

I'm talking about how mental health care units work in every western country, and particularly in my country, which is the exact same as yours, bar the names.Hell, even most of the names are the exact same, we just call them all emergency rooms over here.

Don't be an autist.

I'm not from the US, I think they call it the ED for emergency department over there.

And yeah, it's the same in my country. Unless you flat out say you will kill yourself if they release you, and they have good reason to think you'll actually do it (so you have serious intent), you're unlikely to get put into a ward short of you coming in from a really serious suicide attempt where you clearly intended to die, or where you're in a state that makes you unsafe for the community in some other way (like severe mania or psychosis or something).

Often people who attempt suicide via stuff like pills aren't making serious attempts, and the psychiatric triage staff are trained to be able to pick up on that to some degree, which is why a lot of people don't get admitted after what seems like a suicide attempt. Generally they consult with other care providers to see if you've got a history of that sort of stuff too, or what you're generally like in your life (because there's a lot of other things that are indicators of suicidality).

That being said, I have no idea what we're even talking about now, or how it's relevant.

Mental health services are underpaid and too small, so they can't always give the best care to people, and they do sometimes get shit wrong which results in people doing bad shit to themselves. This doesn't really have much to do with the thread though, I was just making a comment about it with that particular cow.

No. 254708

Ok, euro fag here. Some hospital will take you in for a cat scratch and some will send you on your merry way after a serious attempt if you know what to say.
It's like this everywhere. Different hospitals have différents policies. Let's just agree on that and move on.

No. 254759

File: 1487604083485.png (528.14 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-02-20-15-15-40…)

Clearly she's not been getting enough attention for having a chest infection

No. 254780

Nice email Bobbie Victoria Rossiter.

No. 254910

It's called the ER in the US. It's for stuff where you're there unexpectedly, or for people who decide they don't want to make an appointment and just show up.

No. 254918

bobbie rossiter? as in bobbie "i'm so bpd i ripped off 20 plaster casts in one week" rossiter? bobbie "i'm jumping on the spoonie bandwagon" rossiter?

glass houses, bobbie. glass houses.

No. 254968

File: 1487628990918.jpg (343.09 KB, 1680x1260, Phototastic-20_02_2017_372e5c2…)

Battling.borderline is moving in with her baby daddy. And he's getting rid of two of his cats to make room for the foetus. Poor guy.

No. 254992

Wow. These girls really like to rip on each other. I guess there's a finite amount of attention to go around in their demented community. Just a shame none of them can remember to crop their user pictures out of screen shots or to leave the e-mail field blank. I can reach no other conclusion than that being a munchie makes you stupid.

No. 255026

Lol wait till recoveringindeed realises that yet another one of her friends sees through her shit attitude & attention seeking behaviours. Well done bobbie.

No. 255143

I give it a few hours until her mom is on here shouting and Shelby shows up to tell us about how sage goes in all fields.

No. 255325

File: 1487666803329.jpg (117.01 KB, 540x554, IMG_20170221_084105.JPG)

If you're going to post attention seeking captions, at least make them believable. Meg/Alex posted a photo of her solpadine box which was such bad quality that you couldn't see the active ingredient list and now she's trying to say it's morphine.

Solpadine is baby cocodamol - it's an over the counter painkiller.

I'm also curious as to how she can see one consultant for all her supposed chronic illnesses - Gerd, ibs, me/cfs and peripheral neuropathy aren't all under one discipline, are they?

No. 255385

While specialists may be retained long-term for treatment, it is typically more cost-effective to refer patients to a specialist for diagnosis and management of disease-related issues and/or complications. The specialist may then make recommendations to a patient's GP/PCP who can manage stable chronic illnesses.

No. 255405

A friend sent me this. Eli Stewart made a new facebook after the situation with the newspapers, and he posted this today in a support group for people with mental illnesses.

No. 255406

File: 1487691244063.jpg (85.16 KB, 505x619, 16195887_681566332013420_19384…)

oops I'm a retard and I forgot to upload the image. Here we go.

No. 255423

Of course he has to have the rarest kind lmao. No psychiatrist in their right mind would diagnose any form of schizophrenia after one brief psychotic episode, especially one that was likely stress induced.

No. 255434


Her story still does not add up. In Ireland there is no one hospital specialist that manages 'chronic illnesses' like she claims. Like everywhere else in the world there are specialists for different departments. She would have to visit several different specialists for her illnesses. GPs are not equipped to deal with, and cannot make decisions on treatment for, actual illnesses. They can manage treatment for minor illnesses like asthma etc, anything else would be dealt with by a specialist in hospital, and she has stated clearly she is not visiting a GP

No. 255436

Yeah, but she's going to a hospital 3 hours away to see this consultant for her 'chronic illnesses'. I don't know how it works in Ireland but here in the UK, hospital doctors usually have one specialty e.g. neurology, dermatology etc. I wouldn't be seeing the same Dr for ibs and me/cfs

No. 255465

File: 1487699043004.png (33.35 KB, 355x463, healing3.png)

a viral infection is not c h r o n i c illness unless you let that shit fester. shes fine, just a lot of inflammation of the chest cavity. im trying to figure out the bump in the road. treat this and youre fine, but i guess she was really hinging on the blot clots or something super serious.

No. 255502

I have a ouchie guise. Boo hoo. My lyfe is pain.

No. 255506

>locking himself in a room
Well, ok, sure.

No. 255511

File: 1487703767616.png (84.48 KB, 718x377, hp.png)

I'm curious to know why a consultant for whichever chronic illness it is would be testing for pleurisy at all, since it's not a chronic illness. She's been to the hospital about it already, why couldn't she go back there?

But I guess she's not quite as bad as some of these other munchies - the hospital she's at is a private one so it's not like she's taking up limited NHS appointments.

I still don't see how any of her supposed diagnoses could leave her hospitalised 24/7.

No. 255520

File: 1487704840249.png (13.41 KB, 303x158, healing4.png)

im betting the consultant in a gp that will moonlight in a hospital every now and then for pts who have surgery or something. its mildly amusing how munchies think that their gps and drs really care for them outside of a patient/provider setting.

she really is scraping the bottom of the barrel, mildly anemic? I'm anemic because of bad periods. anemia starts to affect your health once it gets out of hand, but even still, there is no way that her slightly out of balance blood count had anything to do will her super severe illnesses, so chronic, much mystery.

i know it makes me sound like an oldfag but fuck, shes probably bored or just desperate for an internet following, but just log off for awhile and get a job or make some real friends. a lot of these crazies just need a lot less internet.

No. 255525

The real question is, did she ever find her eyebrows?

No. 255527

I just found it rather creepy how obsessed with this doctor she seems to be. Maybe I'm just a robot who doesn't show normal human emotion, but I've never gushed about any doctor that much.

The anaemia thing made me chuckle - so many women are anaemic due to menstruation, and either take supplements frequently or add extra iron-rich foods to their diet around their period. It's not a big deal at all. Yes, if it goes untreated for years then it can be an issue, but why even mention it? She clearly just craves attention.

Even when she says she'll be taking a few days off Instagram, she's back within hours. She'll shut one account and make a new one minutes later.

I don't think it's possible for her to EVER lose her eyebrows.

No. 255537

She hasn't said anywhere it's a private hospital has she? I assumed she was going through the HSE (Ireland's NHS)

Also her diagnoses have changed. I deleted my screenshots but she used to claim she had more illnesses, including fibro which she has not mentioned in months. But yes none of them would hospitalise her "24/7" as she said

No. 255554

File: 1487708322229.png (299.42 KB, 994x598, hp.png)

She's tagged her location on one of her other accounts. If you google the hospital, it says it's a private facility.

No. 255566

its super creepy! ~i hope she thinks of me! muh progress, on fleek makeup!~ shes blurring the lines of treatment and actual personal involvement. hopefully she doesnt delve jonzie levels of creepy and start falsifying conversations between herself and her dr.

No. 255567

I wasn't following her on that account thank you
I thought she was wasting hse time/money

No. 255571

But he doesn't even mention experiencing symptoms of catatonic schizophrenia. What an idiot.

No. 255572

She's been to her local hospital and GP this week already, so she has wasted some HSE time/money.

No. 255582

Not even low enough for supplements and yet she acts like it's a medical problem? How pathetic.

No. 255597

Fucking mildly anemic you wouldn't even notice symptoms; sage for blogpost, my hemoglobin dropped to 7.2 and I was only mildly breathless when climbing stairs etc, I mean I looked pale as shit but physically I felt pretty fine.

No. 255604

ive been lower than that but its been see an OB for a consultation about getting on birth control. mild anemia is stupidly common among women who have periods, there is nothing noteworthy about it

No. 255630

He's not helping himself by adding all the people he had on his old account, including his mum (who he claimed didn't have social media but OK?)

I'd hope he hasn't deleted the other Facebook he has, for his sake, as seeing how he's still under police investigation, it'd be considered destroying evidence.

No. 255639

To me his most recent "psychotic" episode sounds like another textbook-style attempt at feigning a new illness to get a diagnosis of schizophrenia, which he will then use as his (insantiy) defence against the crap hes pulled and is being investigated by the police for. Also i have worked with patients who are catatonic and his description does not suggest ANY resemblance of catatonia!!! He also would have no recollection of those days either.

No. 255641

Wouldn't he also still be in the hospital until any meds given to him fully kicked in? Like, he was supposedly in hospital for maybe two or three weeks at most? I doubt that is enough time to fully/correctly diagnose him and for any medication to kick in so that he can be released?

No. 255646

Sage for blog explaination, but the hormones pregnancy induce do cause you to feel like the tiny bloodclot is a child. You can't really fathom it logically from an outside perspective. It's not just some skewed opinion based in lalaland.

T. miscarriage haver who used to think like you

No. 255678

>>255639 He also posted videos of him singing. And playing guitar. Not exactly catatonia, I have a relative with schizophrenia and all she done was sit in a chair and sometimes cry if you tried to move her - it actually got so bad she developed blood clots in her legs. And yet this kid can be in and out in five days, post photos and videos that completely contradict the notion of him being catatonic and is somehow diagnosed with schizophrenia after a five day psychotic episode? I can't wait to see what else he fakes

No. 255876

They just flat out can't, it has to be at least one month of active symptoms before they can diagnose it, not a few days of psychosis.

Catatonic is really crippling too, it's not something that doctors would just play off as your imagination.

Two weeks is a pretty standard amount of time for a hospital visit, but not enough time for an episode of psychosis to qualify you for a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

I mean, schizophrenia isn't always like that, but yeah, you're pretty right for catatonia.

He'd have a point if he had a history of those episodes, it can come and go, but I don't know of anything like that.

No. 255906

I've been in psych wards in Scotland a few times and have never been kept in longer than a week, obviously others do stay in longer but it's not unusual to be released in 2/3 weeks.

Also I was kinda given my "diagnosis" while in the ward but I pushed the doctors to tell me what they suspected I had, I had follow up appointments as an outpatient to continue my treatment, so it's possible someone's mentioned a diagnosis to him?

Though I doubt they told him he had catatonic schizophrenia.

No. 255927

File: 1487765108465.png (672.34 KB, 716x967, wp_ss_20170222_0001.png)

This is just gross.

No. 255933

>two people peeing themselves on the kitchen floor
>next morning photo
>there's a towel or two in the floor

Well I'm fucking disgusted now.

No. 255937

>these people are going to become parents soon

No. 255961

Typical chavvy behaviour…

No. 255964

File: 1487775165945.jpeg (111.7 KB, 749x1124, image.jpeg)

No. 256123

File: 1487801137531.jpg (68.38 KB, 540x322, IMG_20170222_215901.JPG)

So yesterday she found out she wasn't getting to keep the tube, today she's back in hospital with severe nausea.

No. 256165

Urgh don't talk about her it makes her come in and bitch and moan and ruin threads

No. 256177

She wants the sole attention of this thread, therefore she-
>tips cows without care for consequences (Robyn's self-harm)
>shits up the thread with endorsements of herself
>tries to bait us
>concludes by offering over and over again to provide proof of her illness

All of this is intended to turn the thread into being about HER. She's played her munchie games and destroyed threads on multiple occasions. Please don't summon her.

No. 256653

Any comments on his post? Curious to see what asspats he's getting from people who don't know any better

No. 256687

File: 1487888088958.jpg (32.57 KB, 502x143, ohaye.jpg)

His mother is just as much of a deluded cow as he is

No. 256885

File: 1487919759430.png (18.63 KB, 489x129, 015460531.png)

These are all the replies, nothing too interesting yet. I think he's trying to keep it all quiet now.

No. 256887

Way to be an enabler, mama.

No. 257021

I can't tell if this means he's lying to his mum, or his mum is lying to us. Not sure which is worse.

No. 257371

She's lying. She knows everything.

No. 257419

Angie has managed to raise another $50,000 through her ambiguous nerve injury that has left he bed bound, but she can constantly shill for money on the internet.


No. 257864

Unbelievable amount of money jeez

No. 257917

I need to start cashing in on this.

No. 258010

everything about angie's funds seem so shady. it all rubs me the wrong way because all she seems to do is post reblogs of her funds saying "____ needed in 4 hours or i will die!". guilt tripping galore, i just don't know how she's managed to do this for this long.

No. 258026

Init I'm in crippling student debt, 50k would do nicely

No. 258173

Is Angie Dong her real name? (I can potentially report her her in Aus).

No. 258215

Yes it is.

No. 258363

nice to know

No. 258920

File: 1488155304477.png (79.71 KB, 582x478, anqi.png)

On some of her documents she's posted as her proof she's got it as Anqi, I think Angie is just the Anglocised version of her name that she uses.

No. 258979

File: 1488161544759.jpg (58.3 KB, 307x449, dong adventure.jpg)

No. 259117

You have to be 18+ to post here.

No. 259914

File: 1488241529433.png (345.88 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170227-192435.png)

Still shilling if anyone is curious.

No. 259932

Seems Eli deleted his old account, and has changed his fake account (The Elliott Carter one) to Hunter Stiles.

Totally not trying to cover his tracks, right?

But, if his old account has been fully deleted, and he's being investigated by the police, that's considered destroying evidence, right?

No. 259942

If he's got nothing to hide then he's got nothing to fear so he's definitely not making himself look any less suspicious.

No. 260310

I'm friends on Facebook with the guy he's basically copied his medical records; with the heart surgery and cancer. I'll be able to find him through him

No. 260436

File: 1488306020495.jpg (222.67 KB, 540x783, IMG_20170228_180230.JPG)

You'd never know that the images were all taken on the same day though, because she always makes the exact same expression in photos, and she's wearing different outfits on in 3 of the 4 photos.

Also, I've never seen anyone call her out on wearing makeup. She is clearly fishing for compliments.

No. 260499

>Why do I wear makeup when I'm such a precious snowflake?

No. 261121

She'd be on a DSP so wouldn't have to pay much, if anything, for patient transport
what a lying cunt

No. 261127


Notice she said "free from risk of physical violence" she's probably been offered taxi vouchers before and refused them.

No. 261134

probably… but even so, she can still get specific patient transport ambulances that, AFAIK, are free or extremely discounted for people on DSP (disability pension).
And she would qualify for priority housing too, which, unlike normal public housing, can be within months (rather than 15+ years).
This fucking thing… she's got another $13,000+ on another gofund me too- it's linked in the original gofund me one posted, so $64,000+ and she's scamming for a couple of grand too?!
Cunt is too nice a term

No. 261135

Dong's other gofund me page;


No. 261170

Gofundme has an option of adding offline donations… Any chance she'd be doing that to create hype around her cause?

No. 261172

File: 1488360075165.jpg (179.63 KB, 1069x1768, IMG_20170301_091955.jpg)

She was hiring people off Airtasker to do stuff for her, like cleaning and getting her things.

No. 261203

>>261172 what?! how bad must it have been? what the hell is wrong with this chick? It's the first I've seen of her
$63,000 I want to drive up to Sydney just so I can rob her
sage for OT

No. 261784


Omfg ew! Every time she harps on about payment for her "carers" being late, this is what she's fucking referring to.

People she recruits on what amounts to craigslist basically as a 1 day cleaner. Not actual people from like the social works department, or even a private agency for people with needs.

Fucking Airtasker, what the ever loving fuck.

No. 261791

File: 1488425387782.png (275.45 KB, 629x503, angie bull2.png)

An old fundraiser of Angie's reveals some old, somewhat damning problems. Namely, she refused to accept help from qualified people, like social workers.


No. 261986


The latest from Angie D.

"i’m winding up the gofundme fundraising in a couple of weeks and it’ll soon be through a registered australian charity instead. basically the fundraising page will be shifted to a different website, but the nature of the fundraising will remain the same; it’ll also still be international. they would be paying the bills on my behalf based on the expenses listed on my fundraising page.

12 hours ago notes (10)"

No. 261991

batting.borderline's baby daddy of 2 months proposed to her today/yesterday, if anyone is interested

No. 262025

I chortled on my tea

No. 262032

I've seen this girls tumblr posts before, I swear she's been doing the "need money immediately or I'll be homeless" thing for 2 years straight

No. 263931

Check out leeeeeland on IG. I've figured they were MBI for a while.

No. 264086

File: 1488769858904.png (51.46 KB, 790x323, end this.png)

I'm so glad I found this thread. I follow an acquaintance I made through art school and he is a never ending snowflake fest. I can get more snippets from his blog but on his blog + in person he always goes on about how he will soon die and how he's cursed.

He once told me he almost died from vitamin d deficiency. He fell on gravel and covered his face with bandaids, the next day he said he was dizzy and might need to have a blood transfusion he lost so much blood from the fall. (I don't think the bandaids were even covering actual cuts)

His blog has some absolute gems which would be so hillarious if he wasn't so insufferable in person

No. 264113

Am I the only one who's always a little confused how people able to attend school and operate day to day manage to convince themselves they're so super sick, and amongst the worst off people out there?

Like, they get there's people who are so unwell they literally can't do that shit, right?

No. 264135

The worst part about this is he keeps going off about how his life will never get better and how he can't school and my very best friend is LITERALLY in the late states of ALS and can no longer talk, walk, or breath without assistance. Like please bring your pity party somewhere the fuck else because I'm not buying this bullshit. Catch me when you need me to help you to the toilet

No. 264158

Word. You are not alone anon. People who pull this shit make me rage.

No. 264159

Jesus fuck this IG is a goldmine! The MBI is strong with this one.

No. 264163

No, you're not the only one. I've been watching my brother go through aggressive chemo for stage 3 lung cancer for the last 6 months, and he is doing better than these fucking assholes claim to be. I hate these people. It makes me livid to read their oh so spoonie bullshit.

No. 264190

That's exactly it. If you're capable of having okay relationships with people and attending school, you're really not unwell enough you should be going on about how terrible you are, even if he was actually sick.

There's people with mental illnesses that leave them unable to even properly use a bathroom or care for themselves, or even just talk and understand reality, and people like you said who can't do anything without assistance.

Fuck, I'm sorry to hear that anon, I hope it's effective for him at least.

But yeah,if they were legitimately struggling and trying to push through it and still function, I'd be absolutely all for it, but when they just go "no I'm the sickest ever even though I can function perfectly normally all day, and have less issues than someone with a fucking flue", it pisses me off.

They're just so blind to how retarded they sound.

No. 264233

File: 1488811539866.png (1.19 MB, 1618x1186, Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.41…)

I get enraged by this as well. It's part of why I decided to share leland's IG. They no longer list some of the stuff they had been (ALS, Dementia, etc.) but they clearly have no understanding of medicine and have been scamming foundations and people out of money. I'll post a couple of screenshots.

No. 264235

File: 1488811723103.png (1.05 MB, 1618x1198, Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.42…)


AFAIK that's not how Mitochondrial Disease works.

No. 264239

Mito is inherited…

No. 264646

I started following MLS/endlessvoices recently, and I cannot get over the fact that every photo she takes is of her in bed. She must spend 99% of her day laying on her back browsing the Internet. No wonder she feels like shit.

No. 264745

ALS? like Lou Gherig's Disease? because that's fatal within 3-4 years. Wtf.

No. 264750

I just needed to say that I had a pleurisy from a pulmonary embolism last year and all they gave me was Paracetamol OR Metamizole… not codeine or amitriptyline… whiny bitch is whiny

No. 264806

File: 1488902803901.jpg (488.88 KB, 855x1600, lowcow.jpg)

Her are older posts contain a lot of milk. She tends to make herself sick to get all the attention she needs. It seems like for her ice-ceam is a healthy snack and mac'n'cheese? Also not crappy food.
Like other special snowflake spoonies she claims to have IBS.

No. 264818

File: 1488906808755.jpg (117.78 KB, 712x1135, Screenshot_2017-03-07-10-07-53…)

This post made me laugh
>fuck the cdc they won't tell me my fake illness is relevant!!
>muh big pharma

No. 264868

She's still "too sick" to go back to work. I had it a few years ago and continued going to work and uni every day because it hurt, but wasn't that bad (compared to other respiratory things I've had like chest infections or whooping cough)

No. 265402

File: 1488983606419.png (263.1 KB, 723x599, HP screenshot.png)

At least she acknowledges she is being over dramatic.

No. 265422

File: 1488986538099.png (384.3 KB, 609x960, 17198599_792782837546828_19587…)

Eli Stewart's new instagram.

No. 265474

that dry, swollen hand.

No. 265484

I guess he decided that documenting his supposed journey with cancer was too far and that a journey with schizophrenia was the next best thing?

No. 265497

You'd think that even a basic google search would show it's the opposite, schizophrenia has a way bigger impact on how people act than cancer does.

You could probably get away with just knowing a few symptoms and treatment names if you wanted to fake cancer, you do that with schizophrenia and it's insanely obvious you're putting it on, it's not easy to fake having a break with reality that ebbs and wanes significantly over time.

No. 265505

It's amusing how he leaves his face out of every selfie on that account, as if he doesn't want his identity found out by the likes of friends or the police who are still investigating him.

Too bad someone posted one of the selfies further up that has his face in it. This one (>>252283), right

No. 265513


So much crap in her posts lol.

No. 265517

File: 1489001353978.png (478.8 KB, 1574x514, 1.png)

How genius - use the profile picture from one account on the new fake account (that's under a completely different name). So if anyone pulls you up for it, you're either a completely fake account using someone else's pictures, or you're that person, trying to lure in a new crowd of unsuspecting victims?
Just, crop the face out, of course

No. 265525

How long before he starts claiming DID and insisting it's not a fake account/name?

No. 265526

It would make him a munchie through and though. Although I'm curious how his real life friends feel about all this…

No. 265530

The ones who aren't sick of his shit are white knighting him

No. 265623

>>265526 >>265530
There's definitely a lot of white knighting going on. Though there's also a lot of people perfectly aware of his BS and are maintaining a facade of friendship just to be kept in the loop.

No. 266076

File: 1489069983652.png (29.33 KB, 595x319, HP screenshot.png)

I was about to screenshot another Meg/Alex post, but she deleted it as soon as comments started appearing on it. She said in it she wouldn't be online for a few weeks/months because she's so unwell with the pleurisy and bronchitis, and because when she posted the medication she was apparently given for sleep (which isn't even used for sleep problems off-label) people commented that she should watch out for dangerous side effects.

Within 20 minutes, the post where she spoke about her new medication has disappeared along with the one saying she wouldn't be on Instagram until she was better, and she's now put up 2 more. So much for staying offline!

No. 266194

File: 1489085024365.jpeg (208.1 KB, 749x1093, image.jpeg)

I think this is the now deleted one

No. 266250

Yeah, that's one of them. There was also one about her Topamax prescription. I imagine we're going to get loads of 'I'm so drugged up' posts in the coming days.

No. 266265

>Show concern for me!
>No, not that kind of concern. Shallow concern only plz.

No. 266297

>And get well soon cards and gifts

No. 266299

File: 1489094187691.png (6.78 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1476.PNG)

Here's a fantastic one. She claims scoliosis, liver damage and an inability to gain weight and uses these to claim benefit money from the government, claiming she is unable to work due to these illnesses.
She also talks about being molested and raped, yet claims she's a virgin and brags about said virginity.
She's a classic attention/virtue signaling freak, slut shaming others (especially cosplayers) for wearing revealing outfits or being attractive in general, yet buys the same clothes/costumes as said cosplayers and posts images of her in them on a separate Facebook account (she has 3, plus 3 instagram accounts).
She does tend to talk about her scoliosis a lot. There are a few posts about it.
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/TheInfamousSindyPop?ref=ts&fref=ts

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/sindy_pop/

All her profiles are public, too. Or mostly anyway.
But yeah.

No. 266302

File: 1489094488952.png (624.49 KB, 571x611, Lamar Gant.png)


No. 266332

Boy of boy bringing Sindy into the munchie thread. She did have a post in the previous thread about her, where she claimed to have different things. I rebuked her claims in it, but I'll dig them up for reference:



No. 266334

I was one of the people that questioned the topamax. I've taken it for migraines for many years and there is no way a doc would write it just for sleep. It is also a mood stabilizer… maybe they TOLD her it was for sleep but we're actually trying to calm her the eff down?

No. 266337

I told her to watch for side effects. I had it for migraines too, and although it made me tired, it never helped me sleep. If she has "severe depression", they are unlikely to prescribe it either because it causes depression, suicidal ideation and anxiety.

Maybe they've diagnosed her with bipolar or something (which can be treated with topamax) and aren't telling her because it wouldn't be in her interests to know or something.

No. 266339

File: 1489097694586.jpg (162.2 KB, 540x711, IMG_20170309_221226.JPG)

I have seen other people ask her this on other accounts she's had in the past, too. Never seen her get to angry about it though.

No. 266860

I mean, not defending her, but severe scoliosis can for sure be a disability, that shit can stop you from being able to realistically walk without massive surgery.

It's not for most people, sure, but for a some it is somewhat disabling.

No. 266879

File: 1489153733874.png (236.29 KB, 496x1724, asasa.png)

She made a long-ass post about it on her own Facebook.
Whilst I do believe she has scoliosis, she claims she can't sit for very long, but applies to sell at conventions, where she'll be sitting almost all day, and claims she can't stand for long either, but can manage to do so at other conventions and cosplay meet ups. So there are inconsistencies with what she says in her long post, and what she actually does. But she's using her scoliosis as a reason not to work.
She claims to have a bunch of other things though, anon further up linked to them

No. 266880

File: 1489153817307.png (622.5 KB, 924x598, klklkl.png)

Hey look, taking cancer to his Hunter account now, eh? He's making it far too easy to identify who he actually is now.

No. 266885

File: 1489155637301.png (587.33 KB, 936x502, 17230011_10206683049353981_213…)

Samefagging, someone commented on it calling him out, the post then gets deleted and replaced with something new and non-cancer related

No. 266889

File: 1489156135655.png (440.77 KB, 988x540, aaaa.png)

Note that the middle image is him saying he had an interview for college, newest image is him saying he had an interview for college. Huge change of clothes just to be back from a college interview, it seems?

No. 266955


>she can't sit for very long

>she can't stand for long

I mean, these aren't crazy "claims" to make if someone has scoliosis. She probably means that you isn't supposed to sit for too long but you -can- do it (at her "severity" at least) although it's not good though. That being said the "not working" part is just being a lazy fuck if she can sit/stand for fun all the time.

No. 267209

He's so thick it's unreal. He clearly shows no remorse for what he's done. He's still using this cancer facade to get what he wants from charities or to maybe meet FOB, I wish they knew!

No. 267237

Apparently they're still raising money for a stem cell transplant for their Lyme disease. I don't even know where to begin here.

No. 267573

stem cell transplant for lyme disease… right… that's like saying you need chemotherapy because you have a cold

No. 268723

File: 1489409312525.png (367.49 KB, 929x596, aaaa.png)

Seems he isn't even trying to hide the connection now, since he's using his previous instagram name as his new tumblr url.

Wonder if he had the wherewithal to turn off anonymous messages on Tumblr

No. 269458

sitting all day for one-off special occasions isn't the same as sitting for 8-9 hours 5x a week indefinitely

No. 269743

File: 1489524336364.png (711.52 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1206.PNG)

I could've sworn this chick had a thread but I can't find it so I figure this is the closest thread to post this in.

For anyone who isn't aware, Emily LeRae Smith has a Facebook following on her page where she posts dozens of photos of her arguably showing off her body that is covered in self harm scars. She regularly does live stream videos as well where she discusses her mental illnesses and experiences etc. lots of controversy. Anyways, she posted today that she was on Dr. Phil and the episode will be airing in two weeks

No. 269746

File: 1489524439713.jpg (Spoiler Image,162.68 KB, 958x959, IMG_1207.JPG)

^ same fag.
This is what she looks like.
Spoilering just in case since she has a lot of scars

No. 269754

IDC about 'survivors' and shit those scars are fuck-ugly and should never be shown off. Laser that shit, or cover up forever.

No. 269774


the scars paired with that smile is creepy as shit

No. 270133

File: 1489592394959.jpg (66.28 KB, 1000x666, No mom its not a phase its who…)

No. 270542

Parsley for off topic but it's glorious when the cows use the hashtags like "#actuallyocd" or #actually" anything. Your insecurity is showing, Bessie

No. 270649

do you know what sage is? google it

No. 270672

This chick seems like she's had legitimate issues with mental illness for a long time. Whatever other drama she has, I don't think it's because of her being a fake spoonie. She doesn't belong in this thread.

No. 270702

sooo the ehlers danlos society just came out with new, much stricter guidelines for diagnosing hypermobile EDS, the most common form of EDS. if you don't meet the criteria then you'll be classified as having a 'Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder' rather than hEDS proper. i wonder if this will impact anyone featured in this thread. having ehlers-danlos syndrome sounds much more dramatic than a hypermobility spectrum disorder

No. 270711


Oh I'm pretty sure it will. hEDS will be rare again and HSD is common.

I'm very happy with the new criteria :)

No. 270728

I'm a little iffy about it, mostly because there are a couple of minor loopholes where people that definitely do have it might not technically fit the criteria and fall through the cracks, as it were. And I definitely feel like patients who get the HSD diagnosis won't be taken as seriously as EDS, despite having their symptoms be quite serious. :/ The sooner they can find a genetic basis for hEDS the better imo

No. 270740

Just an unnecessary joke

No. 270758

Actually, I always wondered what it actually meant in this context. I know what sage is, but why is it used as an apology?

No. 270766

"sage" isn't an apology. how long did you lurk before you started posting?

No. 270865

HSD will include both benign hypermobility and symptomatic, only difference being that symptomatic HSD is limited to musculoskeletal issues, where hEDS is multi-system.
The new classifications will probably lead to HSD not being take seriously, but the same thing was happening with JHS.

A lot of munchie cows don't qualify anymore, that's for sure.

No. 270984

File: 1489703395554.png (1.7 MB, 1440x2230, 20170316_172756.png)


Im a bit late but I've been following for years..I love that she posts how bad her GES was but her actual test results show she hardly has delayed emptying and I'm 90% the majority of that is caused from medications and her diet. At this point I just find all of her recent posts offensive and insulting for honestly sick insividuals.within days of her diagnosis she scooped the ER to try out her new dianosis while complaining her GP diagnosis is going to cause enough trouble..umm what?
she had a sudden GP flare within a few days of her test, it magically went away until her GI appt. And now suddenly everything is GP related. Every picture has GP and anorexia tags. I don't imagine it will be long before she develops super special GP and be the worst case NJ has ever seen just like her special anorexia!

No. 270985

File: 1489703508838.png (2.04 MB, 1440x2050, 20170316_172818.png)

No. 270993

That smug goddamn grin as she makes up more bullshit crises for attention. How does she live with herself knowing her peers are all real people and she's still begging teenagers on Instagram to worry about her? Are her parents still around?

No. 270994

Damn MLS and her 'super severe anorexia', I've never seen someone in the ER so much. I can't believe the hospital haven't got totally sick of her shit yet.

No. 271001

Oh the hospital staff are almost definitely sick to death of her histrionics and demands to be admitted/tested/treated for shit she doesn't have and extremely obvious drug seeking but they can't tell her to fuck off either.
I hope she gets put on the bottom of the triage list every time. She'd have to wait hours and hours for her fix.

No. 271043

Chpice typos omg y visuon

No. 271741

What's everyone's opinions on rebuilding.gem? She got a year's worth of inpatient BPD treatment at a personality disorder specific private clinic, paid for by the NHS, where she done fantastic, came out and immediately started her old behaviors again. It makes me sick that she had all that money spent on her and then come out and make absolutely 0 effort to use the skills that other people will literally die trying to get access to.

She's also doing slimming world and keeps foisting it on her followers because the fat cunt is too retarded to do CICO

She's currently bitching that she's getting discharged from hospital after OD treatment 'without any followup' even though she has a psychiatrist, CPN and (i think) an OT.

No. 271766

She's private you stooge. Screenshots/summary of why she might be interesting, or stop plz

No. 272024

she's not "foisting" slimming world on anyone, what would you rather she did? starve herself and fake an eating disorder like so many other girls do on instagram? "what's everyone's opinions" this isn't ask.fm. fuck off.

>inb4 "hi gem"

No. 272028

Yeah I didn't get the Slimming World insult either. Like good for her for losing weight? From my experience it teaches healthy food habits by encouraging more vegetables and fruit and not restricting treats entirely but limiting them to avoid binge; would you rather she "foisted" ABC diets or water fasting on people?

No. 272034

File: 1489837372975.png (188.75 KB, 630x738, IMG_0291.PNG)

Here is a photo of MLS's grocery shopping post-GP diagnoses… Pretty strange diet for a super severe case of anorexia and GP.

No. 272377


Literally some of the worst foods for GP.

No. 272408

It just looks like a binge haul photo lmao,
Super srs muh anorexia

No. 273266

She should just buy bags of sugar and cut out all the filler.

No. 273308

ugh no wonder she looks greasy as fuck.

No. 273408

I feel constipated just looking at this.

No. 274339

File: 1490123498514.png (254.23 KB, 956x1124, Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 3.04…)


And yet apparently they got approved for a 'stem cell transplant'. My bet is that this place is one of those clinics that takes stem cells from fat to then inject intravenously or what have you. Mind you, I've only ever seen stem cell therapy research with burns, spinal cord injury, parkinsons, cancer and a handful of autoimmune diseases so chances are this clinic and the 'detox center' is as much of a scam as Leland is.

Sage for Blogging (I'm new, let me know if I did it wrong)

No. 275702

That's exactly what it is (lipo followed by imjection). This 'clinic' and others like it are bullshit and none of these therapies have been proven. Ironically, even the prices quoted on the link he provided are much lower than he is claiming. Scammer through and through.

From his youcaring discussing his condition…

No. 275967

File: 1490300758093.jpg (573.77 KB, 853x800, lowcow.jpg)

On facebook she wrote, that she will get a MRI for her fingers. For me they look awfully normal and I can't see RA fingers?
And the usual pill porn, minus all the stuff for flare-ups. She keeps mentioning all her illnesses, even when no one asks.
She won't go to an ENT-specialist for her chronic sinusitis, because she keeps forgetting to make an appointment. And according to her the attacks are getting worse. And still no news about her brain problems. She gets the "attacks" on a nearly daily basis, so it's kinda odd that she isn't even trying to get help asap.

No. 276158

Her fingers hardly (if at all) look inflamed. It looks like she does have minor ulnar deviations. My guess is that if she has RA it is minor and/or well controlled. I'm not an expert though.

No. 276164

How can someone be this bored with their life? Cant she read a book or something instead of running around amassing pretty pills? I mean it must be a pretty boring hobby

Actual ill people aren't this obsessed with their diseases. I know someone with lupus and NOWHERE on her Insta does she talk about it

But to a munchie every papercut, tremor and sneeze must be documented

No. 276174

my little sister has rheumatoid arthritis; her fingers are almost always inflamed and often her left knee as well. i'm not sure which knuckles this lady is trying to emphasize but they look nothing like my sister's fingers during a flareup. maybe in this photo she's experiencing pain(??), but trying to show physically inflamed fingers and posting this makes me pretty mad.

No. 276193

according to her it's severe and not controlled. Even on her other pictures her joints aren't really swollen or red. Besides that: She is still able to play guitar and crochet with rather thin needles.

What really bugs me is, that she tries to get care packages from charities and that she tries to get donations from other people for her own project. Some days ago she even posted her adress and wrote, that people can send her birthday cards.

No. 277865

File: 1490562305635.jpg (427.46 KB, 943x613, lowc.jpg)

deformed fingers. And they are so swollen and painful. Wondering how she interacts with other patients? Does she compare her normal looking joints with the deformed ones of other patients?
She is an advocate/spokes-person for RA for an organization called limipi. I feel sorry for the organization, that they ended up with someone like her

She has gastritis type C and I really wanna know how she managed to get it? She is still young, so it's kinda odd. And how can she eat a plate full of oranges(instead of lunch!), with such a disease?

No. 277915

File: 1490565449216.jpg (22.44 KB, 400x343, IMG_1305.JPG)

Severe and uncontrolled RA indeed. There's practically no difference between her hands and pic related

No. 278256

I'm pretty sure she is currently doing everything she can possibly think of to make sure her super duper severe GP worse(diet meds booze probably additional pills from RN uncle purging..)..medical wise:doing everything she can to make sure any future testing, repeat testing, therapies/treatments etc show this major DELAY again so she may get away with faking such a serious and life changing disorder for more time until she gets bored and decides she has something "better" to fake and completely forget about her fake GP. Grr..it's so insulting. I'm so curious what is going to be killing her after her gi does another upper GI on her soon. She claims he will be giving her botox to treat her gp. I'm seriously wondering if her gi is actually going to do that treatment or just saying it to shut her up some lol.
Anyone else notice she hasn't complained about her throat in a long time? In the past she had an upper GI and they had to stretch her throat some and all she did after that was complain about it and cry the whole my drs don't care (could be her personal theme song) more like they didn't need to repeat the stretching yet..she was convinced it was going to turn to cancer..I guess she got bored with that cry for attention.

I don't think she understands that her gi will be able to see the paralysis or delay or over working by her involuntary gi muscle contractions..

No. 278392


Agreed. I also am fairly certain that any "treatment" for her GP her doctor is suggesting is a figment of her imagination. My GE results were nearly the same (a little slower than hers) and I was just basically told not to eat like an idiot and keep up with my dietitian. Botox for results in her range seems wildly unlikely. Sage for blogging.

No. 278416

File: 1490627249701.png (11.67 KB, 460x101, cunt.png)

Eli Stewart: I have catatonic schizophrenia
A month later, it's now schizoaffective.

No. 278425

He admitted that his cancer went into remission four years ago…

No. 278436

Fucking lmao, is he trying to say his "schizoaffective" led him to fake cancer for years because I don't think that's how that works

No. 278569

File: 1490645791946.jpg (1.3 MB, 1532x2450, 20170326_223446.jpg)

No. 278718

Well you already said the answer, it's the BPD. It's like that stupid Pringles ad "once you pop you just can't stop." It's basically hospital addiction. Imo keeping gem inpatient for so long whilst knowing her axis 2 diagnosis was just a terrible idea. It actually goes against the gunderson approach, do not hospitalize except for short periods in times of extreme crisis.

No. 278836

Why cover up his cancer tattoo then?

And, that doesn't explain why everyone and their dog had those little cancer ribbons on their profile pictures on Facebook for Eli back at the start of 2016 if he was "in remission" for 3 years beforehand.

No. 278853

She's way too dumb to realise that doctors know she's a huge faker and aren't just dismissing her to be mean. She seems to start believing her own lies after a while which is kinda sad tbh.

She's obviously got some learning disorder or very mild retardation but it doesn't excuse her from being a gross sack of shit.

No. 279066

Oh god, did she fake a fainting spell?

No. 279140

I think this is a fairly old screenshot as she's now Endlessvoices. Her current crisis is her super mild Gastroparesis.

No. 279153

No no anon, i think you mean super severe/life threatening severe GP
Probably the worse in her entire state!

No. 279288

He's been admitted again - let's see how much he milks this.

No. 279290

Well, he claims he's been admitted again. Could just be him bullshitting for sympathy points.

No. 279545

Ah of course, I don't know what I was thinking.

No. 279582

Anyone want to go and dissect piercedangel96's social media?

No. 279632

Do it yourself, newfag

No. 279644

Lurk moar. Assimilate. Post again when you know why this post makes you a newfag.

No. 280028


wrt Angel and this vid on her insta… I've dislocated many things before, and it's not exactly something you get used to/don't notice unless you're intoxicated, so I'm finding it hard to decide whether this is really a dislocated shoulder or her bones jutting out because she's decently skinny. She has believable documentation about her knees being prone to dislocation though, so I don't think she's necessarily a liar/an extreme spoony, or at least not to the same degree as some of the other people on here.

Someone should bring some of the JoySparkleBS stuff over here though and talk about that Copper Toxicity business, because that is fake as fuck.

No. 280030

File: 1490809184031.png (2.53 MB, 1244x1224, angel.PNG)

>> 280028

samefag, forgot to upload the fucking screencap from Angel's IG of her dislocated shoulder

No. 280036


Angel's vendetta/selfpost is here:

Don't fucking spam her all over the site. She's not special or interesting and no one wants to hear about her.

No. 280052

Comparing that to their pictures/videos on their account I'd say it's dislocated or subluxed at least. They've posted videos showing exactly how far they can move their joints before they start to come out of their sockets and one is worse than the other. I somehow don't think they're a munchie.

Joy sparkle on the other hand I believe is 100% a munchie since the copper toxicity she's claiming to suffer wouldnt come from an IUD since an IUD doesnt contain enough copper to poison the body.

No. 280304

Joy's being discussed to excess already though.

No. 280451


Previously known as Jessi slaughter to the internet, faked being raped by a band member or something, anyway she's now faking being chronically sick, she's a renowned compulsive liar and 100% munchie, there's quite a lot of fun juice on her page if you want some entertainment. Happy hunting guys.

No. 280709

can you supply some specific examples of what you see as her munchie posts?

No. 280757

She was mentioned quite a bit on some older thread (not sure which one). It was about that youtube of her crying and her dad being abusive and she went off to be trans or w/e.

No. 281038

No. 281050

Samefag here.
from her Tumblr


More munchie goodness.

No. 281052


I missed this one, do some digging, you'll find plenty. I'm sure.

No. 281092

how about you provide the images since this is an image board.

No. 281360

Just took a look through her Instagram and tumblr. DefInately munchie, I guess it was true when her dad said consequences would never be the same. Her wheelchair is second hand off Craigslist, hence why it's not measured to fit her body, I somehow think she's faking fibromyalgia for the Munchie points

No. 281399

I don't think so. She doesn't seem to be milking the wheelchair for any sort of attention and has been in it for a while.

No. 281410

>bipolar disoder, borderline personality disorder
what a fucking idiot lmao you can't have both. they're often mistaken with each other. bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance of the brain bpd is just a personality disorder like narcissism. also "occasional psychosis" is so fucking stupid that's not a mental illness. it's a symptom OF mental illness like paranoia and aggression except you lose touch with reality and become a danger to yourself and others. it's not "occasional" it's characteristic of a deep relapse and calls for hospitalization. jesus what a fucking cunt lmao i bet she only gets social anxiety for being ugly.

No. 281412

Fibromyalgia is a hard illness to live with and can come with the assumption that one is faking because it goes up and down, among other reasons.

Show some specific examples as screencaps here to support your points.

No. 281414

>you can't have both
Citation strongly needed.

No. 281419

because the symptoms of bipolar disorder are characterized by sudden extreme changes in mood as a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain whereas bpd is a consistent steady flow of emotions and reactions that basically never change it's always the same. you're needy, your immediate reaction when you're upset is to be angry, you confuse yourself, etc and you're always like that. but if your mood shows extreme polarity ie for a few months you're depressed and doing poorly in school before suddenly thinking you're the hottest shit in the world and you're gonna spend all your money gambling before regrettng everything you did and snapping at your friends and making offensive comments you won't agree with in a few more months then it's bipolar disorder. you literally can't have both because while the symptoms are similar their regularity and triggers are fundamentally opposite. no psychologist would EVER diagnose you with both. they would correct their initial diagnosis and give you the other. so she's just speaking complete horseshit by saying she has both for extra ~broken soul~ points and being a fucking liar.

>citation strongly needed

i have bipolar disorder, dingus, and was previously diagnosed with bpd until i had a manic episode followed by a deep depression.

No. 281423

I said citation, not your blog and general description. I can find tons of people online posting they are diagnosed with both and not one source where it officially says there's zero possibility of such dual diagnosis.

No. 281426

Sorry you didn't google well enough to realize your WebMD cocktail diagnosis was wrong, Jessi.

No. 281429

I can see the bitch part doesn't change with either diagnosis.
Thank you for the blog, though.

No. 281434

wasn't me, you autist.

>Borderline personality and bipolar: These two disorders are often confused. They both have symptoms of impulsiveness and mood swings. But they are different disorders and have different treatments.

>According to a study published in Psychiatry, a large number of bipolar patients (up to 69 percent) are misdiagnosed initially, and up to one-third remain misdiagnosed for a long time afterward. Many bipolar patients are first diagnosed with depression and prescribed antidepressants — which can actually be dangerous to bipolar patients, since they can induce hypomania and trigger the mania to depression cycle over and over again. “Missing the diagnosis of bipolar illness is all too common in clinical practice with devastating consequences for patients and families,” said Dr. Prakash Masand, CEO of Global Medical Education. Bipolar disorder is often confused with borderline personality disorder, so here are the things you should look out for if you or someone you care about is experiencing these muddled symptoms.

>Indeed, Deltito and colleagues2 as well as others have argued that borderlinity is just another version of bipolarity or at least that the “broadening of the bipolar diagnosis to include a spectrum of poorly defined conditions has added to the plausibility of this idea.”3 In refutation of this notion, data that demonstrate a clear difference between the 2 conditions—involving interpersonal trust—have recently been published.3

literally the first page. protip: when a professional talks to you about the difference between two things, it means that they're not the same. when they mention misdiagnosis, it means that one is not interchangeable with the other. i can tell you didn't google. like. at all.

No. 281439

Aahh a simpler time.

No. 281444

>I guess it was true when her dad said consequences would never be the same.


No. 281450

Oh, jfc. You mention "WebMD cocktail diagnoses" and then link me to the first article "proving your point" directly from WebMB, I'll take a moment to back in the delicious irony.

>they let this slide by, because it's impossible



But I mean, we could go on in circles, because you talked to a professional and any other professionals - and there are professionals writing these articles too - are wrong.


Kinda cringy you'd think I'm her, kek - but I won't further interrupt this 6 year old comedic gold that was mainly entertaining to 14 year olds.

No. 281465

As far as i know, it's possible to have both. I've worked with two patients who have a dual diagnosis. The bipolar dx was treated with appropriate medication while the BPD dx was dealt with using intensive group therapy.

No. 281469

Lol try again idiot. I have a dual diagnosis of BPD and bipolar 2. In fact, dual diagnosis of both is extremely common

"Borderline personality disorder (BPD) and bipolar disorder are frequently confused with each other, in part because of their considerable symptomatic overlap. This redundancy occurs despite the different ways these disorders are conceptualized: BPD as a personality disorder and bipolar disorder as a brain disease among Axis I clinical disorders.
BPD and bipolar disorder—especially bipolar II—often co-occur ( Box ) and are frequently misidentified, as shown by clinical and epidemiologic studies. Misdiagnosis creates problems for clinicians and patients. When diagnosed with BPD, patients with bipolar disorder may be deprived of potentially effective pharmacologic treatments."


You should do some research before you embarrass yourself.

No. 281483

Let me get this straight, someone exposes her as a munchie and she's suddenly in here white knighting herself? What an idiot. Shows how self obsessed she is, wouldn't surprise me if she posted herself here for Ttention the morbidly obese freak

No. 281563

Eh, I have been diagnosed with both, first BPD when I was much, much younger then BPII in my 30's.

Both my psych and GP say the symptoms overlap so much that there can be a lot of confusion wrt diagnosis but I exhibit symptoms of both classic BPD and cyclical depression and hypomania

I'm in my 40's too and have lived like this since I was a kid, so it's certainly not spoonie bullshit or some teen angst phase

Sage for self blogging

No. 281565

IDK she doesn't seem to be doing anyone any harm, she's not admitting herself to hospital multiple times or scamming donations $ for her terrible illnesses

And even if it is all psychosomatic I wouldn't be surprised given the complete lack of functional parenting she received- remember that shit was pulled when she was 11/12

WRT the rape claim some say was actually started by someone else, I feel no pity for Dahvie fucking Vanity, scene teen molester extraordinaire;

No. 281677

Alright, here's one for you.

3 girls, all linked, all with "service dogs" that are all about the same age, they bought and trained them theirselves

They all claim to have the same lists of illnesses and seem to thrive off each others bullshit

Kudos to them training their dogs, but at the same time their stories don't add up, how the fuck can someone who's so debilitated and exhausted and on the brink of death train a dog?
It just doesn't make sense.


Are all the Instagram accounts that are linked together with this little circle jerk of service dogs for attention.

No. 281683


>symptoms of bipolar disorder are characterized by sudden extreme changes in mood


>thinking bipolar disorder normally cycles this rapidly or means random violent swings of emotions


either way you can have co morbid personality disorder and bipolar

No. 281690

Try again, dumbass. I was diagnosed BPD when I was 23, and diagnosed bipolar 2 some years later. They don't cancel each other out.

No. 281696

Anyone have any thoughts on why Ehler's Danlos Syndrome is the new hip thing to (claim to) have? I don't get why it's cool to think you have an illness in the first place but I find this one particularly strange.

No. 281699

I haven't been able to figure this one out. I imagine it's because the symptoms are vague enough that it's easy enough to fake.

No. 281814

>>281677 Please post screenshots of their posts which you see as attention-seeking. This is an IMAGEboard. Please contribute accordingly.

No. 281831

File: 1490992227738.png (2.26 MB, 1612x1178, Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.29…)


chronically-jaquie shows up in my instagram explore page sometimes because a friend of mine (also a ~spoonie~) follows her. i agree that there seems to be something a little off about how she's able to do all the things she posts (her recent photos include pictures from disneyland) when she also portrays herself as seriously chronically unwell

which then makes me wonder about my friend lmao

No. 282110

Kindly fuck off already with all the blogging and autistic arguing over diagnoses in here!

No. 282192

File: 1491047104888.jpeg (292.25 KB, 1080x1920, image.jpeg)

Eli's continuing to try and fake a new identity but failing at the first steps (scribbled out is mutual friends)


No. 282193

File: 1491047131004.jpeg (255.68 KB, 1080x1920, image.jpeg)


No. 282269

Don't care that I'm late, but I'm telling you now that little cunt never had cancer

No. 282328

He is really excruciatingly stupid, isn't he?

No. 282358

Maybe if I say I'm from Chicago people won't recognise my face…dumbass

No. 282363

File: 1491083797499.png (490.62 KB, 873x593, 14364346542.png)

Can show his tattoo as a "new one on his Insta, but can't hide the fact it was a cover up of his cancer tattoo because of the post the Tattoo company made


No. 282365

File: 1491083817744.jpg (138.35 KB, 960x960, 17362710_1290209941026622_2351…)


No. 282366

Samefag but since he's only 19, he could only get the original cancer tattoo about a year ago. Why cover it up?

No. 282391

I couldn't agree more. Her attention seeking makes me feel sick, there's a group of them and it's disgusting.
I am seriously thinking she's faking all of it, she claims to be autistic too.

No. 282392

Waiting on the police to find out if he's actually got cancer he lives about 10 mins away from me and he's a fucking freak that always struck me as an oddball. I refuse to speak to the prick

No. 282423

He's trying to disassociate himself from ever having claimed to have had cancer, maybe.

I like "it's a metaphor". What's a metaphor? Cancer?

No. 282424

Since this new update can let us see who posts what … aren't you the same person in joys thread who said they were friends with her?
How many cows do u know lol …

No. 282437

File: 1491092209998.png (289.36 KB, 1008x608, Untitled.png)

I had a look because I knew his friends all had a yellow ribbon on their profile pictures for him 'recently' (within the last sort of year and a half or so), and, picking two people at random, I find both of them added the ribbons on January 3rd 2016. Why have all his friends do that if he'd been in remission for 3 years prior to it, going by his claims?


No. 282439

File: 1491092283198.png (345.17 KB, 1074x586, Untitled2.png)

(2/2) I mean I could probably pick more people who were his friends at the time and chances are they'd have ribbon-adorned profile pictures too.

No. 282493

The update is a random name generator if you've not signed up.

No. 282502

From what I understand, he's basically trying to say that he genuinely believed he had cancer when he was in remission due to his schizoaffective disorder. Thats definitely not how it works, so it seems he's faking schizophrenia to justify faking cancer

No. 282516

ur username stays the same for ur IP address.
its an april fools thing

No. 282652

Chronically jaquie is an attention seeking pile of shit. I can't believe people fall for her being sick. Her boyfriend is enabling her, "quick she's having an 'allergic reaction' I may as well record it instead of helping her"
It's disgusting. She's an insult to people who are sick.

No. 282730


For some perspective, I don't have EDS, but I do have Loeys Dietz syndrome, the two syndromes are fairly similar in some respects and my family were classed as having marfans/EDS before the correct gene change was identified. The affected people in my family have had some catastrophic bad times, multiple strokes as teenagers, sudden aortic dissections etc and for many years we had no idea why. Research into connective tissue disorders has been slow and most of the gene markers for them are fairly recent - I think the marker for my own mutation was discovered in 2009.

There are few specialists and conferences for specific connective tissues disorders – most specialists know Marfans and treat all CTD as such, but as the genetic research is progressing there does seem to be more awareness and more people getting diagnosed. EDS has seen a huge increase in awareness and, unfortunately, self-diagnosis. I've had lots of people say “oh I have hypermobility too, look I can bend my thumb back to my wrist!”, which isn't the same as experiencing knee dislocations every few days. A genetic test is the only true diagnosis but LOTS of people claim to have these things without. I guess people faking it pick EDS over Marfans or LDS because there are facial and skeletal markers for both of those but less so for EDS.

Like all conditions, these things are on a spectrum so symptoms vary wildly. EDS can mean anything from minimal symptoms to being housebound. Lots of kids I've seen with LDS are seriously, seriously sick and won't live to adulthood, I have the same gene change and have some problems but live mostly normally, work, etc etc. I will probably die suddenly and youngish judging by my family history, but not a lot I can do about that.

I find it quite stigmatising having a genetic disorder, only my close friends know and I would never, ever publicly admit to this shit. I find it utterly insane for people to be divulging this much of their medical info on instagram tbh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 282731

I was wondering this too.

No. 282866

>>it's a metaphor
a reference to cancer kid book The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Guy with cancer likes to have an unlit cigarette on him at all times as a metaphor.

No. 283021


holy fuck. i feel bad for her but i also want to puke. i've seen less scary horror movies ffs

No. 283032

And yet here you are blogging like there's no tomorrow

No. 283274

He went into remission 4 years ago, yet the incident at the Clutha wasn't even 4 years ago, so he's basically now admitting to lying to the man in charge of the Clutha Trust? Since if he was in remission 4 years ago, he couldn't have been terminal after the Clutha Trust was set up? Or if he had become terminal, it would've been mentioned in his blog post?

No. 283374

pretty sure that the group with ''service dogs'' are all fake and doing it for attention since they trained them theirselves and its a lot of energy time and effort that they clearly wouldnt have if they were generally sick

No. 283524

The most is weird and vague as fuck (as is most of Eli's stuff) but it reads as if he's saying he said he had cancer because of his schizoaffective disorder.
It makes no fucking sense, I think he's faking schizoaffective to get away with faking cancer. What a mess.

No. 283531

Is just something about the little prick that really rubs me up the wrong way. Lying to cover your lies is just digging his dug hole deeper.

No. 283681

But he still then lied to the Clutha Trust people. If it was a legitimate thing, he could come out and make a statement, apologise, and the whole thing would seemingly be over. But he's just digging a deeper hole for himself. If I had a case number to refer to, I'd be passing all of his new accounts and Facebook posts on.

No. 285468

File: 1491465127109.png (469.11 KB, 800x480, Screenshot_2017-04-04-17-41-15…)

You're in your 40s and posting on lolcow?…..

No. 285474

I remember the site survey (with old admin). there are a number of older women here (40s, 50s). Lolcow is lolcow.

No. 285481

>mfw 40+
>loves lolcowchan
Yes, believe it or not, plenty of 40+ year olds enjoy milk, too!

No. 285517

Anon it's going to suck to be you when you turn 40 and suddenly don't allow yourself any fun anymore

No. 285521

…Actually, I agree with anon. If I'm 40 and still entertaining this stuff or giving a shit about this in any way, I would rather an hero.

No. 285522

Oh my god, you're all over the site lmao

I actually feel better knowing older women are active on here since a bunch of anons think 25 is old and and the site is infected with a bunch of obvious minors. I'm still in my mid twenties but I don't wanna give up on fun stuff because of my age. Of course, you need to have some self control not to look ridiculous but overall just enjoy your life

No. 285566

I'm 40 something. Just because you hit 25 doesn't mean you lose interest in gossip. Once a bitch, always a bitch.

Hitting 30 doesn't automatically mean your life is a monotonous routine of house, husband, kids and floral print frocks. You also don't lose your ability to detect internet wankers and feel the need to call them out.

No. 285573

ahh yes but this is lolcow, 25 is middle aged and 30 is ancient.

No. 285604

This. I was literally suicidal on my 30th birthday because I thought I wouldn't be able to have fun anymore. Sage for blogging. I swear I'm not PT.

No. 286320

File: 1491596524782.png (85.37 KB, 703x551, hp1.png)

healingplanets (Meg/Alex) has bronchitis and is milking it for all its worth.

No. 286671

Funny how she's so weak and yet she can write huge paragraphs about how sick she is. Poor Eyebrows.

No. 286672

This is the most cringe thing I've seen this week.
"Medication to stop my airways narrowing" is so fucking dramatic, they're called corticosteroids and everyone that has a chest infection or asthma has taken them, fuck off Meg.

No. 286924

File: 1491659027604.jpg (403.66 KB, 889x575, lowcow.jpg)

Healingplanets seems like a loveable, nice person compared to this cow.
She finally found a doctor, who diagnosed endo and she only had to use ultrasound to find 2 abnormal growths(?!). And she claims that her endo is really bad, so she probably needs surgery for it. A lot of people have endometriosis and it can be really bad, but she just got the diagnosis and started treatment?! So I doubt that hers is really this bad. Someone pointed it out with the surgery and she got really defensive.
And her rheumatologist was able to diagnose Morbus Tietze and he only touched her rips. And she already added it to her list of diagnosis.

I've never came across a spoonie who milks a simple sinusitis so much like she does! And with all her other illnesses it's kinda weird that she writes about several sinusitis attacks every week? Oh sorry, sinusitis frontalis attacks! And she has to wait until may to see a neurologist. I always thought that for sinusitis you only have to see a ENT-specialist? And she wrote it on facebook that the attack is really bad(yesterday) and today she wrote it on instagram. Isn't it kinda weird that her attacks only last a day?
And she got an UTI, because she gets chemotherapy for her RA and had to use a public restroom :D
(Sorry for the lack of images)

No. 286992

Just shy of 30 here and justice should always be served. Age only makes the outing skills improve. Bitchiness is a fine wine.

No. 287007

One of the problems is that, while most types of EDS have a gene mutation (or multiple) associated with them, hypermobile EDS doesn't, so it's a clinical diagnosis. With the new diagnostic criteria out, it should make it easier to distinguish EDS proper from benign hypermobility or JHS from EDS.

I assume people talk about it a lot on social media because chronic illness and pain can be isolating and frustrating.

No. 287181

You can't use ultrasound to diagnose endometriosis, it has to be surgery or no official DX. Also "abnormal growths" = probably cysts, very common growths.

No. 288681

Just saw a commercial about her on Dr Phil. It's airing tomorrow, the 11th, and the previews make her look anything but sympathetic. All she did was whine about how people are trying to petition to get her off the internet because of her glorifying self harm.

No. 288824

No. 289111

but you don't get spoonie points for this :( It was her 4th doctor, who diagnosed it. When every doctor think it's Endo, it's kinda weird to not get surgery for it. And even when the first treatment option fails, they normally won't remove the growth(unless it's really bad). But considering that they might drill one of her sinuses it seems kinda boring, so I guess she needs to get a good story to keep her followers entertained.
Right now she is wearing a really crappy mask to prevent infections. But she can walk through grass without shoes! Or stand in a bathroom stall in the hospital without a mask.

No. 289524

"over 500,000 times"
who the fuck counts the amount of times they cut

No. 289852

Eli based story time;

I was part of a youth group he used to go to occasionally because his then best pal was in it. We held a charity night he refused to take the money, but he DID do a "cancer q+a" then his best pal fell out with him cos eli had been lying. He supposedly went into remission for a while (according to the friend it was actually because his mum had found out) but then claimed he had more cancer.

Most of the other stuff has been posted here that I've got, and unfortunately he removed me from his new facebook last month so i have no access to more milk.

But i will say, if you look at the diagnosis list he posted a pic of, it is basically a list of stuff from grey's anatomy episodes. And he claims to have li-fraumeni which is super super rare and is genetic, with the need for multiple people in gour immediate family to have specific kinds of cancer.

No. 290128

For fun everyone should check out alithezebra on IG …. she "has" 30+ diagnosises, now saying she is throwing up undigested food - trying for a gp diagnosis, has a go find me page to raise money for a service dog …. she's entertaining, also wishes she could go back to professional acting lol…. also JBN no longer receives her feeds or her supplies …. it's funny because when will she admit that she has an eating disorder?! She obviously started to lose weight and got all the compliments and whatever bc now she's posted photos concerned about gaining weight from medication and how food is the enemy (that post mysteriously disappeared) and she once after someone told them their story about how they developed atypical bulemia after severe food poisoning (fear kept them vomiting after everything she ate even after recovering from food poisoning ) JBN did post and then immediately deleted how she thought she may know when this all started … JBN also posted pics of her most recent pageant and the girl doesn't even know how to stand up straight! She looks ridiculous compared to the practiced pageant girls in the background who are standing tall with there legs together - JBN is standing legs apart pigeon toed looking like a hunch back…. but hey whatever floats your boat! She needs to stop lying to herself and yes maybe she has severe asthma and allergies but if she's so concerned about her vomiting and quality of life without her tube, why doesn't she get a second or third opinion ( oh wait when asked that she said it was because of money or something, should your health come first?!?!?) also eyebrow Alex/Meg (sadly I've been blocked after calling her out on medications) now is on nebulisers bc of severe viral bronchitis or pleurisy but is acting like she has cystic fibrosis or lung cancer posting how you should enjoy every breath you take and bs like that …. anyone have any good screenshots??

No. 290144

File: 1492039087419.png (29.26 KB, 322x390, jbn.png)

JBN is getting her feeds back - there was a mix-up apparently. She'll lose them when her therapy with the ED specialists starts though.

As for her pageant, I think the problem was her high heels - she was struggling to walk in them if you looked at the video from the pageant (she's since deleted the video).

No. 290233

Oh so is that what the issue was? And in the still frame group shots? I'm just sayin if you, I mean she, absolutely adores pageants and being a "pageant girl" take a little more pride and show some self confidence bc you, I mean she, looks as though you're (or she's) trying to shrink away..
(this is the infamous Nicole herself responding right?)

No. 290253

don't fill in the name field or title your posts. we're all anon here

No. 290261

File: 1492046647438.jpg (5.51 KB, 259x194, images-2.jpg)

Sigh. Hi Nichole (again).

No. 290282

File: 1492047678456.jpg (90 KB, 365x603, LWfgA91.jpg)


She's been triggered by Robyn deleting her from facebook.

No. 290292

OMG. Thanks so much for posting this. You just KNOW it was the Spoonie Queen Robyn herself that unfriended her. Heuheuheu.

No. 290338

Maybe Nicole should stop being a cow-tipping little busy-body, then. Maybe Robyn caught on that Nicole's little crusade against Lolcow is more about Nicole than any of the people she's contacted. Good for Robyn. Nicole is a toxic little bitch.

No. 290343

Kk new to this … didn't know … thanks

No. 290360

How do we know it was Robyn? Hasn't Nicole tried to befriend several tipped munchie cows?

No. 290361

Lurk moar.

No. 290362

yet you are still namefagging. stop. try looking at how every other poster does it.

No. 290363

Oh, Nicole tips and befriends them all. That's her game plan.

No. 290364

Maybe Nicole posted it herself, since the person isn't logged in. Maybe Robyn posted it.

No. 290391


I went to Robyn's Facebook and Nicole is no longer on the friends list. Her Facebook is on the Robyn thread.

I used to post in the Robyn thread and now just lurk. These new spoonies are boring.

No. 290404

Oh wow you are friends with her on FB? What's her latest munchery? Please update in her thread!

No. 290419


No im not. Her friends list is still on public. ?

No. 290438

Do you know the name of his then best pal so they can corroborate what you've said?

No. 290469

File: 1492088765537.jpg (936.21 KB, 1076x1688, 2017-04-13_14.04.20.jpg)

Feeds are back.

No. 290471

I'm not jbn, not sure why you'd think I am.

I think that she is standing that way because she just can't balance properly in heels. I stood with my legs like that the first time I tried on heels. The video reminded me of the film Kinky Boots when the factory owner wore his design down the catwalk. Sage for blogging.

No. 290479

Was probably Luke (hypermobileguy). They were pretty tight for a while and Eli copied a lot of his illnesses, just made them more severe (Luke has epilepsy, T2 Diabetes, EDS and asthma - Eli supposedly has epilepsy, T1 diabetes, vEDS and cystic fibrosis)

No. 290480

File: 1492092413645.jpg (149.48 KB, 575x844, eli.jpg)

Eli/Hunter posted this on ig a few days ago then deleted it. He also posted some vague suicide-related shit on his fb but deleted it then went to normal posting hours later (no screenshots unfortunately).

No. 290482

He's also talking about how he needs more tests and scans.
Wonder if the "cancer" is going to come back?

No. 290490

Nah, it wasn't Luke. But the dude has asked me not to give his name.

No. 290492

>I'm not jbn, not sure why you'd think I am
making excuses for her foolishness doesn't help. you're borderline WK'ing her.
>sage for blogging
but you didn't sage. why do people say this shit when they clearly have no clue how to sage??

No. 290495

Hardly making excuses. I think it's rather amusing that she resembles a bloke trying to walk in heels. She should have worn flats if she couldn't walk in heels properly.

No. 291471

Question…more curious than anything, not that it truly matter but is Hypermobilguy an actual guy or are they a FtM??? And why suddenly are they in a motorized chair and unable to walk or bend their legs? Also if all these spoonies are so ill and have all this autoimmune crap why do they have tongue piercings and lip rings in shyt? I unfortunately have an autoimmune disorder and the first thing my gp told me was to take out my piercings becuz it's just another way to introduce bacteria into your bloodstream etc. and as for JBN she seriously did look like a dude trying to walk in heels and did anyone see her post today where she said she used to suffer with body image issues? Can she just admit to a bloody eating disorder already or does she need hypnosis from a therapist before she'll be able to admit that?! I mean she'll still get attention and be able to fundraise off of how bad eating disorders are, and she can have a prize winning story of her recovery and all that bs lol … bloody hell

No. 291487

>I unfortunately have an autoimmune disorder and the first thing my gp told me was to take out my piercings becuz it's just another way to introduce bacteria into your bloodstream etc.

But it's not. Piercings should be a healed fistula of scar tissue. Unless you had them done by a gun or are constantly breaking the healed tissue over and over. You have to take them out for MRI scans but that's it.

I get why people do it but can we stop with the
>My doctor told me
protip: your doctor thinks you are an idiot and will lie to you all day long if they think that's what it takes to make you behave in a way that doesn't get them sued.

No. 291541

Ty for the info… any answers to the first part?

No. 291549

To be fair, surface piercings tend to get caught in things and break.

No. 291592

He's trans.
As far as I know, he has functional neurological disorder, and his legs are paralysed. Not that that explains why every month he's getting a new wheelchair that costs twice as much as the last. His manual one was some insane shit like £1300, then he got an electric one, then another electric one because he decided he needed to have his legs straight at all times and have a head rest.

No. 291593

HMG doesn't have an autoimmune disease, he has EDS. And piercings are fine with autoimmune diseases unless you're on a treatment that compromises your immune system.

No. 291716

I think it's a load of shit personally

No. 291723

I also wanna know how he's got so much money, the amount of shit he buys, I wish I had that much spare cash

No. 291725

The best one was the fit bit, like a wheelchair bound person benefits from owning a Fitbit activity tracker kek

No. 291784

I saw the fit bit as well and was wondering the same fucking thing! And where does HMG money come from bc he can't work or go to uni or whatever? And does he live in some sort of assisted facility? Like he was complaining that the OT did not make his living area safe enough because he fell twice or whatever? Does he ever speak of his family or do they know it's all bs too?!

No. 291812

Used to be his pal, basically his step dad is loaded and buys him everything. His first wheelchair, second and probably his third - pays for his home care, he's very comfortable financially.

No. 291834

File: 1492220798012.jpg (617.95 KB, 810x1571, 20170415_114332.jpg)

Kinda surprised no one has posted about endlessvoices (mls) multiple posts begging people for clothes or link to charities who will buy clothes for weight restored individuals since none of her clothes fit anymore.

No. 291836

File: 1492220990693.jpg (464.87 KB, 810x1768, 20170415_114809.jpg)

No. 291837

Is there no value village or salvation army near this cunt? She's acting if second hand clothes are a fucking rarity. Not that hard to get your hands on some clothes you can wear without begging from online strangers

No. 291838

the wierd yellow neck role lol was this bitch ever seriously underweight? find it kinda hard to believe since the folds of her neck haven't seen soap for a while

No. 291840

Every time I look at her my eyes go right to that ugly piercing
Isn't this the one that thought she could be a model?
The necklace thing reminds me so much of my personal cow. One post is help me, we have no rent money. The next post is look at all of this crap I added to my wish list.

No. 291846

File: 1492222292809.jpg (486.01 KB, 795x1108, Screenshot_20170414-220757.jpg)

Someone bought this bitch a gift card to buy shitty clothes

No. 291849

What is up with her neck tire?

No. 292000

File: 1492254767058.jpg (246.08 KB, 745x1111, FullSizeRender.jpg)

I can smell her from behind my phone screen.

No. 292100

File: 1492272036499.jpeg (227.83 KB, 750x1195, image.jpeg)

Yes, she actually thought she could model about a year ago. She's really delusional. I think she actually believes she's super sick and all the other nonsense she says. I also love how she doesn't have the $150 flat rate for air conditioning to be turned on from May till August, she would if she didn't constantly waste $$ on junk. Such a good meal choice for her allegedly super serious gastroporiasis.

No. 292169

HMG claimed cancer and was called out on it then stopped claiming it. He was even kicked out a Facebook group he was admin in for it. People had phoned the centre he claimed to be receiving therapy at and they had never heard of him and other things about his story didn't add up either

No. 292173

Someone called her out on the salad in her post saying it was bad for any stomach issue let alone GP. She never replied to the comment

No. 292177

JBN admits an eating disorder looking at her tags and also a photo she posted a while back

No. 292180

She really is unfortunate in her appearance, and the hideous color choices for her hair, the smug smirk she shows in all her selfies, as well as that disgusting chunk of metal hanging off her lip don't help either. She might clean up decent, maybe, but right now, model material she is not.

No. 292228

lol if the bitch wants new clothes then she should stop sitting on her ass and go get a job, why are people so stupid as to send her gift cards? What a shameless cunt. Too lazy to earn her own money but too ugly to get a sugar daddy I guess.

No. 292259

I've followed him for a while even before I knew lolcow existed, that's why I don't believe anything he says, I watched silently as I saw him bullshit fake treatment protocols that I knew wasn't true. I lost my partner to leuekmia and we researched a lot about the different types and treatments so I can spot someone who is lying about having leuekmia a mile off. To have a tattoo stating that you're a survivor too is sick in the head.

No. 292270

I know this is damn petty too but can the guy learn to spelling fucking 'morphine' he gets enough of it to spell it right by now

No. 292273

I'm sure her mom gives her money for clothes, she just wants free handouts because she's so special. If she's really that poor, ten dollars at a thrift store goes a long-ass way.

No. 292760

Not in anyway petty! It's annoying as fxxk! He can't spell at all! Yet he somehow made it to college?

No. 293055

Eh I guess people will like what they like but I'm hoping 20 years from now I'm not cruising lolcow on my shutter and will hopefully have more meaningful things to do in my free time than look at people talk shit about a bunch of nobody's
I can't speak for anyone else but I only do this shit bc im sad and my life is empty lol

No. 293060

I literally get angry at the sight of her face
It looks like and anthropomorphic bowl of Mashed potatoes

No. 293065

File: 1492424893545.jpg (360.63 KB, 860x539, lowcow2.jpg)

Received Rituximab and groomed some horses the next day. And she managed to crochet a whole hat in one night! Don't think someone with severe RA or fibro or someone who is freshly diagnosed with Morbus Tietze can manage to do all of this. And still no fancy crutches or a wheelchair. Even her brace for her hand disappeared.

She wants to visit a neurologist for her chronic sinusitis and brain problems(because RA can attack the brain). Guess next diagnosis will be nerve pain in her hand. How can any person with RA believe her?!

No. 293093

>replying to an 11-day old comment
you realise no-one is actually browsing lolcow for 20 years, right?

No. 293118

fucking kek

No. 293221

You know what? I take offense to this. I work 60 hours a week, i am 35, and i have two children. I enjoy reading lolcow before i go to bed because it is a welcome bit of irreverence in an otherwise stressful day. Thanks anons for that. If would bet most "older" anons are the same. Do not project your pathetic existence and insecurities on other anons.

No. 293251

File: 1492453814091.jpg (461.4 KB, 1075x1254, IMG_20170417_122828.jpg)

Did she shoop herself fatter?

No. 293265

is she pretending to be pregnant or is she a mia-queen?

No. 293267


No. 293280

You all need to get a life and get off here and find something to do with your lives other than hate on sick people lmfao xoxox

No. 293286


Outfit of the day and my lovely distention all I had today was a freeze pop and some cranberry juice and I threw up and I'm still distended well off to my parents to do laundry #weightrestored #recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #anorexiarecovery #anorexia #gp #gastroparesis #gastroparesislife #gastroparesissucks

No. 293293

thanks anon, it does look a weird shape not dissimilar to bulimia guts as >>293265 pointed out, if she has GP then eating all the shit she does won't help

No. 293370

'Sick' people

No. 293371

Idgaf how old people who post on here are. I'm not that old myself but that's the actual point of an anonymous board no one knows how old each other are, no one should even care

No. 293386

File: 1492465989712.png (470.79 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2549.PNG)

OMG guys… have you seen this site? It's full of sociopathic bullies they have A lack of empathy for others. Been doing research on this website many are narcissists, they have feelings of self-importance and a need for admiration. They normally have little regard for the feelings of others. Underneath, however, a narcissist normally has extremely low self-esteem.
People who post on that website have extreme troubles with their self-esteem. They get a buzz out of targeting people, it makes them feel better about themselves. Many anonymous posters have physical and mental health conditions and they like to believe they know everything about the conditions despite every condition is different in individuals and there are different severities and different doctors serve out different treatments.
These people get a sense of power. They thrive off of it.
These type of people feel no guilt or remorse, they've formed an emotional attachment to this anonymous forum group.
It give them a sense of superiority, power!
Many post on that website out of pure jealousy for others that are receiving the help and support they want… it's the green eyed monster.
It's honestly so facsinating studying the behaviours of people on that website.
We're studying it as a class, and we're all doing our own individual research on the website.
Many people may wonder if bullying is related to sociopathy or psychopathy, there is strong evidence to indicate that there is a connection.
Narcissistic personality disorder, is a personality disorder in which there is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others' feelings. people with the disorder frequently do not consider themselves to have a problem. excessive need for admiration, and a disdain and lack of empathy for others.[8][9] These individuals often display arrogance, a sense of superiority, and power-seeking behaviors.Narcissistic personality disorder is different from having a strong sense of self-confidence; people with NPD typically value themselves over others to the extent that they disregard the feelings and wishes of others and expect to be treated as superior regardless of their actual status or achievements.In addition, people with NPD may exhibit fragile egos, an inability to tolerate criticism, and a tendency to belittle others in an attempt to validate their own superiority.
These people are pathologically narcissistic, they can be controlling, blaming, self-absorbed, intolerant of others' views, unaware of others' needs, the effects of their behavior on others, They tend to devalue, derogate, insult, blame others and they often respond to threatening feedback with anger and hostility.

What do you guys think about this?
It's so so interesting.

Many people are in denial over it. 'Any hide behind anonymous due to their lack of self esteem. They literally feed off of that website, it give them the power and the sense of superiority… and it's become part of their daily life to function.

Amazing stuff we're studying!!

Anyone else have any insights into the subject? Any thoughts? Anything that might help my class with our studies?
Would anyone be willing to email us about themselves and why they do what that do on that website? It would be a lot of help.

No. 293390


Go back to your bulimia Nicole

No. 293391

Someone needs to exfoliate.

No. 293394


Have you been triggered?

No. 293395

Probs just exfoliate your bullshit off me lolz hehe :)

No. 293396

How much time did you spend typing up this scholarly essay about your armchair bullshit lmfaO

No. 293397


Erm sorry it's not Nicole. But congrats on trying to pin it on someone.

No. 293398


Does the truth and reality hurt? Still in denial are we?

No. 293399

It's someone called Chloe apparently…. Don't know if it's recoveryindeed Chloe or what

No. 293400

About as much time as you spend searching for people to target to boost your ego and make you feel more superior

No. 293401

The real question is babe why do you spend so much time talking so much shit about people and bullying and harassing them when you could actually live a life, go for a walk or watch tv. Find a new hobby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

No. 293403


But chloe was blocked from the website? She couldn't have written it. In the previous thread she was removed and blocked. I remember because she posted about it and was messaging people to see if they were still posting about her.

No. 293406

I was going to screenshot it but healingplanets has removed the post. It definitely says "Chloe" wrote it.

No. 293410


I think it's Nicole sperging up again. The fake psychobabble and "babe" is just like her freak out on the Robyn thread.

No. 293412

No it can't be chloe.
Unless she's been unbanned but usually once you're banned you're banned.

I think Chloe may have seen it from another friend and copy and pasted it to her Instagram and maybe that person thought chloe wrote it?

It might just be some psych students actually doing a study maybe?

No. 293414

I think it's nicole again tbh

No. 293415


Psych students would know they're not allowed to do any studies without prior ethics approval of their university and prior permission of the participants.

No. 293418

They might not be uni students? Maybe college students. I studied psychology, and we just had to get people to sign a form to say they give us permission to use them in our study. It's a public website, it's on the internet so I believe they can do it

No. 293419

And you shouldn't be bullying and harassing people babe but here we are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

No. 293424

More likely one of Meg/Alex's friends - she made a post about being mentioned on here earlier and several people have commented on it.

No. 293433

I hate this xxx cunt. 'babe'

No. 293437


Maybe. Def not chloe. Chloe was never a cow anyway. It was that Bobbie rossiter that had it in for her. I feel bad for chloe in a way, she's actually got some serious health problems. I've spoken to chloe before, she's been under great ormond street hospital and she's closely monitored by a device in her chest due to her heart. She's already lost her sister to a terminal illness and then people started calling her a cow when she's far from it. I'm not whiteknighting, just saying.
Leave chloe out of this

No. 293440

Even first year psych students aren't that stupid though. That's like, read-two-Wikipedia-articles-and-a-psychologytoday-one' psychobabble. First year students know that they can't diagnose cluster b personality disorders via a snark website.

No. 293445

Meg/Alex actually seems genuine,what she says might not add up to what you all google/your experiences or my experiences but it doesn't suddenly make her a munchie. We're not all doctors here. We don't specialise in any illness but our own. She's going through a lot and I think y all need to lay off her a bit when we have people like nicole with her feeding tube and the big drama of her feeds being stopped but in the end it was all just a "mix up" days later?? And others faking cancer like??

No. 293447


Who cares?
Haha people reacting to it is just because they cant admit they're sociopaths remember!

No. 293448

I guess my narcissism made me forget about my sociopathy for a minute.

No. 293452


Have to agree with you.

And conditions affect people differently, it may be different to how someone else with the same condition experiences.
So you can't really judge.

You can't tell how much pain someone is in or their daily struggles from snippets from Instagram and Facebook.

People don't post every second of their life.

I understand about the faking cancer, yeah definitely munchies if they do that and faking other conditions.

But who are we to say people are exaggerating or faking?

No. 293454

Yeah definitely seek some help for that

No. 293455

Can't be Nicole either, she was blocked from the site like Chloe

No. 293471

>And conditions affect people differently, it may be different to how someone else with the same condition experiences.
So you can't really judge.

This is not how medicine works anon. A condition might be variable, true, but there is a hard line where if you vary too much you just simply don't have the condition. Medical criteria is pretty inflexible - it appears general to laymen because a lot of terms use words that already have a common definition, but in medicine and science actually have very specific meanings - and it's designed that way on purpose to make sure people aren't misdiagnosed. if you personally suffer from a condition, it's likely you know what those hard criteria are and can tell when someone is faking, even if you're not a medical professional.

No. 293476

The people on this site revolt me to the point and beyond. Do you have nothing better to do but put people down further than they already are ?

No. 293478

But you can really judge someone by what they post…
yes that might have the same condition as you but they may think their symptoms are part of their condition when really it's another underlying condition causing the pain/ symptoms.

They may be confused with which condition is flaring up/ causing a problem.

Like for example I was getting severe pains and they thought it was my liver (it was recovering after an overdose) and my levels for my liver were wrong and my liver wasn't responding to meds… but the problem was that I was retaining fluid because my kidneys and bladder wasn't working.

It's easy to confuse symptoms of conditions when they're similar

No. 293479

Nicole doesn't have bulimia. Someone with bulimia would avoid a feeding tube. She has an eating disorder, she admits to it, but it's not bulimia

No. 293481

I 100% agree with you! Like that person said, they're sociopaths and narcissistic!
They're also jealous too… they're like children in a playground, bullies picking on people because they infact are the ones with the issues and the low self esteem.
They want power. They want to be superior

No. 293483


Yeah Nicole has an ED and she's waiting for treatment for it and she wants to get better but she doesn't have bulimia.
Nicole had admitted about her eating disorder.

No. 293488

>But you can really judge someone by what they post…
Assuming that's supposed to be can you.
Yeah, anon. You really can. Especially when the posts are as detailed and longwinded as some of the posts on here.

One of the people is being investigated by the police because he lied about having cancer, and he was being posted here before that because anons could tell he was lying about everything from his posts. there are famous blogs like catsnotcancer who have been tricked by these people multiple times. If you couldn't tell from online posts, these people would have never been found out.

It's nice that you can give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they're simply making an innocent mistake like you did anon, but I just don't think that's the reality in 9/10 of the people we discuss here.

No. 293494

"Medicine doesn't work like that" grow the fuck up. You're on a site anonymously bullying and harassing people and now you think you're the world's greatest knowalagable doctor too. Just look at your life, spent on this website, judging other people's lives so really you're one to talk. We're saying all doctors have different approaches with medicine and your best resource is Google or experience so get a grip, move on and find a hobby instead of picking on people who are trying to make the best of their situations.

No. 293500

But what about Nicole, chloe, alex/Meg.

They aren't faking yet they've been talked about and judged.
They're not cows, they aren't faking or over exaggerating they've been unfairly judged and targeted.

No. 293502

if you're offended by people exposing liars, then you must be a liar. if you are a genuinely ill person, this thread is never going to post about you. You're boring and we don't care about your shitty life.

No. 293505

"These people" firstly it's one person don't get on your high horse babe. Secondly "if it wasn't for the anons" makes me laugh, who are the anons then if they're so angelic babe

No. 293506

Yay!!! Finally someone spoke up.

People on here are arrogant they think they're superior and they like to belittle people! They like to think they know it all!

No. 293509

But this thread has actually posted about some generally ill people who are not liars

No. 293510

"If you're offended by exposing liars then you must be a liar" or maybe just a decent person because they aren't liars cant find the logic babe xxxxxxxxx

No. 293513

Haha I love how you can tell who are the cows who end up being enabled the most in their lives. They obsessively track people who don't conform to their twisted world view. "Nuuu I really am sick!1! U guise r h8trz :(("

When will they learn that people who are actually sick don't have the kind of energy to psychotically police how they present their pretend funtiems sickums to the world?

No. 293514

File: 1492473051585.jpg (771.58 KB, 1070x1548, 2017-04-18_00.47.27.jpg)

Someone told Meg/Alex/eyebrows she was mentioned here. It's just given her something else to get sympathy for.

No. 293518

Or maybe this really is a bullying and harassment thread what a ducking ephipany for you all. Xxxxxx

No. 293520

No. 293521

Who even cares about meg/Alex or eyebrows why are you all so obsessed jeez

No. 293527

Unfollow her then. Pathetic posting about her. her accounts on private. So unfollow and then you won't be bothered by her posts. She's known she was mentioned on lolcow for MONTHS. Nobody's just tipped her off.

No. 293529

Really? You're so obsessed. Just leave it. Unfollow her?

No. 293530

File: 1492473531940.jpg (481.31 KB, 1078x1596, 2017-04-18_00.57.49.jpg)

I wonder how long it'll last for this time.

No. 293533


Um unfollow? Do you have some personal vendetta against her like Bobbie rossiter did towards chloe?

No. 293534


Wonder how long you'll last when I find out who the fuck YOU are on her follower list.

No. 293535

You're honestly so obsessed with her just unfollow/block her and stop posting screenshots that we don't want to see like we legit don't care. She's a bit dodgy story wise but seems fine so leave her out of it.

No. 293538

I agree. That persons so obsessed. They probably stalk her. What a psycho

No. 293541


Hahahahaha this is beautiful.

Oh, obligatory: you're not sick. You're a butt-hurt manipulative loser who would rather sponge off sympathy than claim responsibility for yourself and get your life in order.


No. 293546

Er are you talking about the person who posted screenshots or alex? If you're saying that about alex seriously leave it. She's actually unwell she isn't a cow

No. 293547

The samefag in this thread is pure cancer; the real kind, not the spoonie kind.

No. 293553

seriously where are the mods/admins.

No. 293556

Alex is actually very unwell at the moment so drop it kids and go back to the playground.

No. 293557


You're probably the one samefagging

I don't know who's who in this thread no more.

No. 293558


They're sociopaths so they won't leave it. They're the ones with the problem, theu need to seek help but sociopaths don't admit they're sociopaths

No. 293559

It is recoveringindeed, or Chloe who posted the armchair psychological analysis of us all … and funny how she's not even mentioned in this thread bc no one cares about her childish bs …. funny though how she just posted how she was lonely and now all a sudden she's trolling lolcow … she's just a child and it's beyond sad

No. 293562

But Chloe's blocked?
Do you have proof it's her?

No. 293563

Alex if you're reading this I think the best thing to do would be to acknowledge the criticism you are getting on here and respond to it. If you can back yourself up and defend your claims you will be respected more on here and people will probably stop talking about you

No. 293564


Naaaah man. Shan't. She hasn't changed her behavior at all, and just sent her flying monkeys over here to pile on. Here's the thing: if she bothered to take any responsibility for herself, she would stop checking, and boom! Mental health crisis averted.

But no. She expects the world to change around her and her poor sensibilities and how she's hurting so much worse than everyone else! Even people with actual illnesses!

So no. Narcissists and histrionics don't get their wishes.

No. 293565

Several samefagging newfags have been permabanned.

No. 293571


No. 293573

Maybe she just expects people to stop being arseholes?

I don't know but some people that are talked about in here aren't cows. It's people with vendettas that are posting about them to attack them.

No. 293593

File: 1492476504168.png (453.43 KB, 947x597, waaaaat.png)

GUYS the cows are starting to cannibalize each other. There are slap fights starting over who can pretend to be sick.

Pictured: a well known cow getting hangry that another faker has stolen her photo!

No. 293595


We have the Nicole obsessed anonymous person back screenshotting again.

Give it a rest. We don't want to talk about her on here

No. 293596


How many time have we said stop with the jbn posts. It just attracts her.

No. 293603

Kek, posting screenshots about JBN is like playing Quija and seeking audience with ZoZo on purpose.

No. 293628

Nicole is entertaining. If she comes here, just report her.

No. 293633

I honestly think the samefag was Shelby, as in hey.shelby. Her typing style is hard to mask.

No. 293660

Stop trying to guess who it is. Who cares?

No. 293661

And what makes you think it's Nicole you'll be reporting? What makes you think she posts on here?

No. 293676

fucking kek @ the sperg's tactic to get us to stop being Bullying Narssacistic Sociopath Meanies being to resort to (badly) trying to bully/shame us into stopping.

No. 293688

Don't these munchies realize that antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy) and narcissistic personality disorder are genuine illnesses and they're being very ~*ableist*~ by using them as insults?

No. 293696

She claims she's blocked everyone she can't trust, and yet I still have access to her account. Oh Meg.

No. 293708

Maybe don't give your email address to sociopathic narcissistic stalkers then?

No. 293742

Thank you, based Farmhand.

No. 293749

Wow I didn't know some of those accounts were so fake lol

No. 293783

File: 1492495722242.jpg (40.19 KB, 736x736, bc87ac1d11c064679a9fa83819537d…)

Greetings, newfriend. I'm guessing you came here because you were linked by Meg/Alex/Healingplanets?

Here is some further reading. Use ctrl+f to find specific users because these threads are massive. A lot of these people are mentioned in multiple threads. I've done you a gigantic favor and just linked to the ones you might find relevant:

First Thread: >>181656
Second Thread: >>201162

Fake Anorexics
(They overlap quite a bit with the Munchausen by Internet cows due to the ease in faking an eating disorder)
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Happy reading, and please don't reply to any of these old threads or you'll probably get banned. Don't forget to read the rules, and please try to get a feel for the site before posting, especially if this is your first image board.