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File: 1439232709019.jpg (444.03 KB, 960x1280, 1439002150140.jpg)

No. 155743

Introducing the Finches!

>Erika: Recovering angel? Or something far more sinister?!

>Emma: Who is she? How did she got involved? WHO CARES?!

>Forest Cat: Our favorite autistic! What stupid thing will she say or do today?

>Jackie: Poor Jackie just want to be loved.

>Jess: Jess been too quiet lately. Perhaps she have been selling owls! When will she return? Stay tuned!

>Sprout: Little Sprout have left The Finches and begin her journey towards recovery. We wish you well, little one.

And of course, our star, ASHLEY ISAACS! This spoopy skelequeen need no introduction!


THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK! We return after this commercial break.

No. 155750

I'm glad Erika was proven to be a drama llama. Anyone associated with Ashley cannot be a good person.

No. 155827

what's ash been up to?

No. 155956

Posting negative questions with such witty responses on tumblr hoping me talk about it.

No. 155964

Sending self asks.

No. 156024

File: 1439245552405.jpg (250.97 KB, 1488x2915, tumblr_static_gp1w1r0tio00goo8…)

Emma's new Tumblr default pic. How fucking borderline can you get?


>my father never he said he loved me

No. 156046

File: 1439246804672.jpg (63.08 KB, 638x651, haters.JPG)

Don't go h8in' in Emma, even though she wants you to h8.

No. 156048

on not in

No. 156049

Emma's boyfriend is the only one allowed to hate IN her.

No. 156051

So, Emma

What's the deal? Do you want to get spoopier like Ashley? What's your UGW? Not h8ing here, but don't you think 23 is a bit old to post hickeys on tumblr?

No. 156055

No. 156056

File: 1439247218281.png (20.8 KB, 451x310, selfash.png)

So what do we think? Selfask, or real?

No. 156069

I have anon enabled on my Tumblr if you really want to know anything about me. Not too keen on answering personal questions here.

No. 156078

We don't actually.

No. 156086

Nah. I'd rather not contribute to a proana blog, but thanks.

No. 156094

How the fuck is my blog "proana"? I don't even post about eating disorders.

No. 156102

God you guys.

No. 156105

Throwback / late reply!
I just like how Lisa calls people on their bullshit, and the quote I used is a good example. Don't use vague descriptions to diagnose yourself and all that.
I had more to add on to that thought but I forgot it while waiting for a new thread haha.

No. 156131

She has such crazy eyes.

No. 156138

It's the ears that bother me.

No. 156139

Her ears are disgusting. Get that shit fixed

No. 156148

It's funny because you don't see many keloids on white people compared to other races. But hers are GROSS. Also, she should ditch a lot of her piercings. They are not a good look.

No. 156154

Most reputable doctors won't attempt to remove keloids. When you cut them off, they'll often grow back bigger.

No. 156157

Poor Emma. She used to be one of us.

No. 156182

Do keloids ever go away naturally if you leave them alone or is she just fucked at this point? The only thing she can do is use her hair to cover it

No. 156183

I'm bored so I'll bite. What's your/her tumblr url?

No. 156187

there's lasers and steroid injections

No. 156189

No. 156191

I'm actually kind of concerned about you. It seems like you could easily end up like Ashley. That would be quite sad. Massively hypocritical statement here, but should probably leave these forums and try to do something healthier.

No. 156203

she'd probably be a lot more popular online if she cropped her face off of pictures

No. 156213

Just because I'm not a spoopy skeleton doesn't mean my life isn't irredeemably fucked.

>inb4 well, that's your fault!

Never said it wasn't.

No. 156217

You're 23. You're too young for your life to be irredeemably fucked.

No. 156220

This isn't going to end well, you coming here and trying to get people to talk about you…it's really awkward. I get that you want to be part of the ~drama~ but you aren't even being subtle about your attention-whoring. C'mon. Let's not do this.

No. 156222

Anon is right. Noting about this is going to turn out good.

No. 156230

This isn't going to turn out "good" or "bad". People making fun of me on the internet is entirely inconsequential, and there's nothing more that can really come from this.

No. 156244

Well at least you're not having an Erika-style meltdown.

No. 156248

this girl gives me the sads because she is doing everything she can for attention with alternate beauty standards but her face is ugly and then that nasty fucking ear makes her unbearable. She needs to spend her time saving money to get that shit fixed instead of dressing and acting like an edgy 14 year old.

No. 156253

u cant fix ugly

No. 156254

someone want to update me on erika?

No. 156256

She bawleeted herself from the Internet and took her donation$ and ran.

No. 156267

I get that my ears are fucked. If I could throw money at the problem to fix it, I would have done so years ago. I'm pretty competent at fixing things in that manner. But I've consulted multiple surgeons about the matter, and no one is willing to take the risk of removing them.

No. 156268


don't do this to yourselff

No. 156269

tie a string around it

No. 156287

The reason surgeons don't want to remove them is due to the risk of them growing back larger. Talk to a dermatologist and discuss alternative treatments, like steroids, lasers, or silicon gel sheets.

And I'm sorry, but ffs, don't get more piercings until you learn ways to avoid getting keloids.

No. 156295


Hey Emma. >>156287 is right, surgery will only serve to fuck things up even harder.

Three aspirins + a little water or lemon juice, whichever; crush the aspirins and mix with liquid to make a paste. Apply to the scars on your ears daily, they should go away soonish.

It works, you just have to be diligent about it.

No. 156345

what the FUCK is going on with her ear? Holyshit. Not even the gross stretched jewelry, but the very top is making me want to puke.

No. 156347

How do you even get them? jfc that's horrifying and now I'm paranoid.

No. 156350

This does work. I'm glad someone else knows about it, but i wonder if it will fix someone's keloids that are -that- huge?

No. 156389

Months of this never made any difference.

Can we just accept that I've explored my options thoroughly? If pictures showing my ears make random people "want to puke", is it really that hard to believe that they bother me enough to have put YEARS of effort and research into fixing them?

No. 156413


you're not "competent" at all. Why would you stretch your ears if you don't know how to do it properly. You have some gross blow outs. Take those out, downsize unless you can keloids AND WORSE cat butt lobes.

This is RETARDED. Keloids are not 'fixed' by aspiring and lemon paste. They are only removable by surgery/medical treatments. Keloids can be genetic, and black ppl are more prone to keloids. The only way to truly prevent them is no piercings or body mods if you are keloid prone.

Second, don't fucking put shitty lemons on your skin, the ph is too high and you risk chemical burns jesus.

Third, you seem to be thinking of hypertrophic scarring, which can occur with piercings that have too much pressure on them/irritated. Do not put aspirin or lemon on them. This will irritate your skin/piercing. Sea salt soaks and chamomile tea bags will bring these down, and they should go away within a few weeks most likely.

No. 156444

Does anyone have a documentingreality invite for me?

No. 156445

Im watching the degrassi summer special and the girl maya is babysitting looks like ashley.

No. 156446

I've got a spare invite, but not sure how to send it. Lemme see…brb!!!1

No. 156447

I need an email address. You could make a throwaway email account and I'll post the invite to you.

No. 156476

Ok, sending the invite now. Let me know you got it.

No. 156487

I want an invite too ):

No. 156488

None left. I only had two and I'd used one. Not sure if anon I invited gets an invite to send out.

No. 156501

Another day, more Ashley threads on MPA. It looks as though that YouTube picture compilation got her a lot more exposure.

It's interesting that some of the commenters seem to be versed in their Ashley lore.



No. 156510

File: 1439307420319.jpg (353.38 KB, 1600x1108, T8cL3Cc.jpg)

>CW: 68lbs
>GW: 65lbs
Nope I'm outta here.

No. 156513

I want to see photos of this skel.

No. 156515

"friend" defending her
> she's HUMAN and not a walking eating disorder


No. 156519

It's weird how there are skellies like that on there along with people like "5'5, CW 190lbs, GW 120lbs" Bitch that's not ana, that's normal dieting

No. 156522

File: 1439308493298.png (41.16 KB, 670x468, Untitled-2.png)

No. 156525

I wish that site would get nuked.

~My Story~ posts are always so dull as fuck. Self indulgent twats.

No. 156526

there is an anorexic girl inside
fatty just ate her

No. 156527

i always thought it was funny that a good portion of the people posting there are quite fat.

No. 156534

It might not be ana (I'm not sure if ana diagnosis requires a certain weight?) but if they're losing the weight in a disordered way it's an eating disorder all right. Not all people with EDs are spoopy, most bulimics for example tend to be very normal weight or even chubs.

No. 156535

people commenting like
> omg this is so disturbing
well what did you expect girl? that you would -finally- be beautiful and someone would love your spoopy soul when reach UGW

No. 156536

Why do they say ana? Why not ano? It bugs me.

No. 156538

Because we say 'anorexia' with the 'o' muted to almost an 'a' sound. We don't say 'ann-oh-rexia,'

No. 156542

Sure, but I always associate eating disorders with WANTING to be extremely thin, even if you aren't at the moment. Some of these girls have normal goal weights.

No. 156547

Predictive texts make "ana" come up as "anal".

No. 156551

File: 1439309863230.gif (457.87 KB, 500x279, 1429657767874.gif)

Ash buys lotto tickets? But I thought she was soooooo poor.

No. 156557

Seriously though, how the FUCK is Ashley still alive? It's fucking insane. People drop dead from anorexia at much higher weights.

No. 156561

File: 1439310138658.jpg (10.11 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

$10. wOw!!!

See pic.

No. 156567

The DSM V changed the criteria for anorexia diagnosis. It is now more mental based than physically based. You can have anorexia and menstruate according to the new DSM V diagnostic criteria. Previously, you could not be diagnosed clinically anorexic if you still had periods. (If a woman)

No. 156589

The menstruation criterion was ridiculous. It varies so much from person to person. I was having perfectly normal, regular periods whith a BMI in the 11s (no one believed me, doctors were perplexed) and stopped getting my period after I gained weight. Some people stop getting their period when they aren't even underweight. It's weird.

No. 156590

who ARE these people that pop out of the woodwork to tell sick, suffering people "you are lovely and beautiful inside and out. dont change!!!"

No. 156593

Because "Ano" isn't a real name, so it doesn't work as well with the personification of saying "ana", "mia", "sue", etc.

No. 156598


They need to stop that shit.

I had 3 periods stop when I lost a large amount of weight through illness (not intentional). I wasn't even spoopy, but I guess it was how fast the weight dropped that must've stopped the periods.

No. 156600

>buying scratchies
>bragging about winning $10


No. 156606

Bringing up a subject from the previous thread, but:
What's wrong with naming your child something from your country of origin?
I'm a first generation Mexican-American and I really like the name Gustavo. If I want to name my son (if I have one) Gustavo then I'll name him that. Not doing it because "mug heritage", in doing it because I like the name, and it just happens to be in Spanish.

Anyway, carry on.

No. 156610

Fuck mobile

No. 156612

I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Any kind of shit that could be hurled at Erika was being hurled that day.

If I'd had kids, I would've given them a middle name from the country of origin of my dad. I think it's nice to do that.

No. 156630

Yep. When my BMI was 16 something, I was still having periods. Glad they got rid of it.

No. 156631

I don't think there's anything wrong with it. My grandma's brothers all had traditional Swedish names. The problem I have is that Erika tries/tried to make people think she was someone is not. She had an accent despite being born in the US, wrote like a foreigner would, and so on.

No. 156642

I don't like when people come over all pretentious and give their kids foreign names because they think it's something "cool" to do. I mean, when they haven't even got a drop of Italian blood in them (for instance) and call their kid AMBROGIO or something. That's pretention.

Erika's just really, really fucked up. Idk why she wants to come across as German (particularly when she hates her family). In the same way I hate when people say, I'm a sixth Dutch, a sixteenth Venezuelan, a milienth Irish etc. Fuck off. It doesn't make you special.

No. 156649

Well, isn't Erika first or second gen German? I think Edeltraud is a stupid name but not because it's German. I think it's stupid to name your kid something exotic knowing there's a good chance said kid will get made fun of for having a "funny" name.

No. 156650

Because then you can't personify your disorder and act like it's an evil human that abuses you helplessly!11

No. 156653

seriously though who is even driving her around all day

No. 156658

>particularly when she hates her family
That's what gets me. I'm 2nd generation Polish and have a very Polish sounding name because my mother wanted to name me after her beloved grandmother. If Erika had a good relationship with her family, I might assume that's why she'd pick such a name as Edeltraud (especially with how incredibly ugly it sounds).
>it's stupid to name your kid something exotic knowing there's a good chance said kid will get made fun of for having a "funny" name.
Not to mention it really sucks when people who are from the country of your namesake assume that you're fluent in the language, but you're not and so you seem like you have a gołąbki as a brain.

No. 156661

but shes a genius!111!11`11!! Doesnt she speak like 900 languages!11!

No. 156665

Or when people confuse your German last name for Heiniken beer and assume you're related to the beer company. If only! I'd be filthy rich if that were true.

No. 156668

Also meant to add that Heiniken = Dutch and my last name = German so it's completely differemt as the Dutch language does not have umlauts.

No. 156669

ugh those keloids make me feel sick

No. 156671

How are we so sure she's even german at all

No. 156677

Oops, I forgot. She's an omniglot genius who needs help delivering pizza and can't figure out that she should divorce someone who is as heinous as the Yustas she talks about. (I'm really doubting that he's all that bad or if it's just her BPD talking.)

No. 156679

Her maiden name is Peterson. IDK about her mom's maiden name, though. Doesn't sound German to me but I don't know what her dad's makeup is.

No. 156682

i wonder is she ever even ACTUALLY read "to kill a mockingbird"
like i don't understand why she keeps using the name "atticus" and "the Finches"
like, why? because it sounds cool?
like, to kill a mockingbird is my favourite book. But i wouldn't use the character's names everywhere on the internet. wtf

No. 156685

sorry, i over use the word "like" so much, i'm just super confused

No. 156689

I though the Atticus part was a Blink 182 thing. I know Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird and I don't know why'd she choose that.

No. 156690


No. 156691

Now that's a name I haven't heard in a while. Has she left the interwebz?

No. 156692

She probably had to read it in school. Almost everyone does, at least around here. Same with shit like The Great Gatsby and Catcher in the Rye. I wonder if she's even read another book since then. Maybe TKaM is all she knows, so she thinks she's being all highbrow and literary and shit and doesn't realize what a pleb it makes her seem like.

No. 156694

I had to read the same books! (I live in NY.)
Also had to read Of Mice and Men, one Shakespeare book per year, Lord of The Flies.

HATED Catcher and the Rye and TGG.

No. 156695

Has she fuck read it. It's because of the Blink 182 reference.

No. 156700

I think it's on the required reading list for NY from grades 6-9, because I had to read it every single one of those years. Hated it.
Ash doesn't seem very literate, so I highly doubt she read it. Plus, it's not childish enough for her likes.

No. 156704

I hope so, but that means that it's unlikely.

No. 156708

I'm tellin ya https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atticus_Clothing

I doubt she'd like the book. It deals with racial inequality and if she read it, it certainly didn't make her more tolerant to black Americans.

No. 156709

I'm sad that Mena got beat up, but I am glad the truth about Shmegeh was revealed because of it.

No. 156712

Did you also have to read The Old Man & The Sea? I did.

No. 156720

Yes! And A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises, but tOMatS was pretty torturous.
Have you read Go Set a Watchman?

No. 156721

Haven't read it. I've got it on my kindle, but my TO READ list is the size of Kilimanjaro.

No. 156727

>my TO READ list is the size of Kilimanjaro
Mine too, so I understand. Not bad, especially if you remember how torturous To Kill a Mockingbird was.

No. 156730

I need to make a priority list and delete things off the kindle. I still prefer paperbacks though. I'll read them when I get them whereas an ebook can be sitting there for months and months before I get around to it.

No. 156758

Or the band Atticus
Or the band Finch
Since she's stuck in that 2006 era

No. 156765

anyone else notice that tfc has a rainbow shirt that says "mia" on her redbubble page? this girl is such a tryhard it makes me sick, although if she was bulimic it would explain why she's not losing weight.

No. 156766

For some reason when I scrolled past this I thought it said "Shrek".

No. 156768

Omg that reminds me of when Urban Outfitters got shit because they tried to sell shirts that said "Don't eat"
Which makes sense bc stick-thin people who survive on cigarettes and bitter coffee and have a lot of money, are the only ones who shop there (probs bc they're the only ones who fit into their clothes)
But still, that's fucking harmful and she's stupid for that.

No. 156773

>Which makes sense bc stick-thin people who survive on cigarettes and bitter coffee and have a lot of money, are the only ones who shop there (probs bc they're the only ones who fit into their clothes)

Fatty pls go

No. 156774

im not fatty lol

No. 156781

LMAO this is what I thought to. If you can't fit into the clothes there then you must be quite large.

No. 156782

If u liked Lord of the Flies you should read Ralph's Children
OT but Ash is boring

No. 156783

Muh skinny shaming

No. 156784

>Ash is boring

Yeah, I was surprised this thread popped up. I thought we were done with her

No. 156785

Not the anon it was pointed at, but I read that book in high school and was upset after piggy died (i'd say spoiler alert, but I think everyone read this book)

No. 156787

I think the only reason she has like 10k Instagram followers is because people are intrigued by her, not because they like her

No. 156789

They're just waiting for her to finally croak is all

No. 156792

>stick-thin people who survive on cigarettes and bitter coffee and have a lot of money

and bad breath

No. 156794

File: 1439328439461.gif (933.31 KB, 500x270, mia.gif)

You're kidding, right? I haven't seen her shop. That's gross.
Who the fuck would wear a MIA t shirt??

No. 156808

new wig for Ashley pls.
In the three years that I've known about her, she's had the same hairstyle.
Tfc, if you really loved Ashley then you'd buy her a new wig.

No. 156814

File: 1439331132051.jpg (68.02 KB, 375x360, ffs.jpg)

She sometimes wears the blue one. Don't know why she sticks with that one she wears though. It's disintegrating as quickly as she is.

Is HAMSTERS the name of fourassedcat's shop, because the t shirts are the twattiest thing I ever did see.

No. 156856


No. 156875

Thats her yep.

No. 156880


No. 156881


kawaii mia shirts for every1!!!

No. 156882


No. 156883


No. 156885


No. 156886

Mia is quite a common name though (at least where I'm from)

No. 156908

Reason I asked the name 'Amanda' is because I was ruling out people she's known for approx 3 years

No. 156921

File: 1439341747449.png (707.26 KB, 706x917, 23989f7c722jxbg97sd.png)


From what I can see, it just looks like they sell a bunch of t-shirts with assorted female names. Mia happens to be one of them, and is indeed a common name depending on where you live.

No. 156923

lmao "Ocean," for all the children of hippies out there

No. 156940

Oh god, I thought I was being tragiccally unhip not recognising the illness as female names thing. I'm like, what the fuck could Maria be, and wondering where Deb and Sue were.

No. 156942

Did Adam (bunny) die?

No. 156945

Those shirts are obnoxious.

No. 156947

File: 1439342527138.jpg (15.61 KB, 290x130, um.JPG)

If Adam dies, Ashley dies. I hope not. I like her bunny.


No. 156948


No. 156951

Prefer that to Ana

No. 156959

She made a post about dead pets. :(

No. 156968

He was fucking old though! Sad news. I feel bad for her. First time I do, and probably the last. RIP Adam.

No. 156980

The videos of her bunny :c

No. 156983

And that cute pic of him wearing a dress at Easter :(

No. 156987

Could she even take care of him, though? I don't see her having the energy to get up and clean his cage and litterbox on a consistent basis.

No. 156991

Momma isaacs probably took better care of the bunny than she did Ashley (assuming someone had to take care of him)

No. 156992

File: 1439344072670.jpg (19.7 KB, 837x96, lel.JPG)

Ma Isaacs probably did it.

I've been looking on mpa. This is the first rule of the bonespo thread.

No. 156999

It doesn't get bonier than Ashley.

No. 157002

Not even Russian skeletons from a few threads back?

No. 157004

Their bonespo is gross. I don't like bones. It makes people look like chicken carcasses.

No. 157009

Doesn't help that many of those dress like children

No. 157017

awww. As a fellow bunny owner, I feel bad for her. Bunnies are the best.

No. 157038

File: 1439346078855.jpg (27.03 KB, 540x540, 11203001_10155652092745484_420…)

Did Emma have cancer at some point?? Or pretend to have cancer?

No. 157040

Or maybe she just decided to shave her head jfc. Don't shit stir.

No. 157053

File: 1439346769585.jpg (26.46 KB, 647x340, WITNESSME.jpg)

No. 157057

How dare you he's a cutie

No. 157062

Ok I don't know anything about eyebrows because I honestly don't care or understand the eyebrows trend, but those eyebrows are scary

No. 157065

It's true that eyebrows can transform your appearance (they do frame your nose and are one of the only central things on your face you can easily manipulate with cosmetics) but the whole "eyebrows on fleek" thing is so obnoxious. Most of these eyebrow-obsessed people look like shit.

No. 157070

her shitty eye-liner job makes her look more wall-eyed than she needs to. Brows are not helping either.

She looks like she has an intellectual disability, honestly.

No. 157075

Hi Emma

No. 157079

Someone with an intellectual disability wouldn't have facial piercings.

No. 157081

that would be a strange coincidence that she so happens to use the two names alot

No. 157082

She like it because of Blink-182. That's the only reason.

No. 157086

wait, what?

No. 157087

just searched it, your right
it seems blink 182 named their brand after the character from the book and she just took it. Probably never read the book though

No. 157088

Retards dont typically pierce their faces.

No. 157089

File: 1439349047144.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 1438053427588.gif)

No. 157091

File: 1439349096425.jpg (10.1 KB, 293x200, 5551458 _d9bfe6f80ae9d7e7fef89…)

No. 157098

is she growing an ear on her ear?

No. 157104

No. 157107

Gosh darn it, I hate this stupid phone.

I was going to say that about a year ago I messaged Ashley about her chosen username and asked her if it was from the book, because I'ma vverybig fan of it. She said it wwas, so it seems like she had read it before.

I don't have caps because my messages won't go back that far right now :/ but I could get them in a few days.

Poor Ash. I really hope that her bunny is alright.

No. 157108

She looks about 20% less crazy in the first picture, even with the shaved head. What gives?

No. 157121

Looks like she was still digesting her food in the first pic.

No. 157131

Who's Emma?

No. 157185

I asked her about the TKAM references as well, and it was a long time ago but IIRC, she doesn't particularly like the book, but she was reading it, presumably in school, at a time that holds great significance to her (I think it involves her ED, shocker), therefore this book she doesn't like holds great significance to her. But I bet a lot of it has to do with those bands, too.

No. 157197

so she uses the names because her idols, blink182 love the book
yet she doesn't really even like it.
Essentially I think she does it to look like some sort of intellectual who reads big girl books, as well as trying to look like she is on the same wavelength as blink182. Because she holds the book dear to her like they do (although she doesn't even really like it)

No. 157219

So why are you friends with an other lolcow, "princess doll", on facebook?

No. 157220

How does it feel being part of the lolherd?

No. 157226

? It's not like she hid that she was born and raised in US. She doesn't sound like she's pretending to have a German accent, she sounds like she used to have a speech impediment or something.

No. 157230

Amuritard here. I remember when I was a tween, I thought it would be so awesome if I spoke RP and wrote words "the British way." I eventually moved on to be a Finnophile, so I mimicked how my Finnish friends wrote. I was so goddamned obnoxious. So, yes, it's an immature and annoying affectation that Erika should drop.

No. 157266

She had a stroke and was a mute child

No. 157296

Because she picked a name that no german is called.

No. 157299

…is what she'd like you to believe.

No. 157304

Does any body else find that rule completely hilarious? Wtf hahaha. I can't even explain it's just so ridiculous.

No. 157305

…Except for old people. Edeltraud is a legit german name, but it's way outdated and does not sound very pleasant at all. I can understand wanting to pick a baby name that reflects your roots, but choosing such a grandma name makes you look pretentious as fuck. No idea why you'd do that to your kid.

No. 157316

>post thin people but not actually what happens when you have Anorexia ok lol
They are shits

No. 157317

I love coming up with such names
Hildegard-Elfriede Isolde von Rundestedtl

No. 157319

Actual German here and I don't even come across old people called that. Why is she torturing that kid.

No. 157320

I posted it because I thought it was wtf too.

Pics of anorexics in wheelchairs isn't sexy, although there's a thread where people post pics of girls with NASAL TUBES.

No. 157350

Austrian here, I know two Edeltraud, both over 80.

No. 157385

Edeltraud = Gertrude

No. 157389

this is my baby "gertie"

No. 157390

mai = mia = bulimia kek

No. 157394

File: 1439390379600.jpg (469.8 KB, 1280x720, Edeltrauds Mai .jpg)

I love these two ladies' names

No. 157402

There's no cute form of Edeltraud, unless Edie is an option. But even that sounds old fashioned. Poor girl is going to be stuck with a terrible name. At least Mai is somewhat of a cute name.

No. 157412

You're really stretching a bit there, anon.

No. 157434

I…I kind of like that. But I would never name my kid that.

I did name my kid something unique as far as America goes but his name is slightly more popular in Europe. Definitely not an ugly grandpa name though.

No. 157469

Are you the anon who gave croissant guy his name in the aly thread?

I don't like the name Edeltraud. It's the guttural sound on TRAUD, which she shortens the name too that I don't like. Sounds like a dominatrix name.

Old people names have been too popular in the UK for a while. Some sound cute when the kid's like two, but when they're teenages they're going to be stuck with names like Freddie and Archie. Ruby's a nice name, but it's become one of the chav names.

No. 157640

I like stretching bc my muscles havent atrophied yet

No. 157646

I looked up the pronounciation and apparently Traud is pronounced trout? Wtf the kid's nickname is a fish…

No. 157658

Correct. Only at the end of a word though, not at the middle or beginning.

No. 157661

You can listen to someone say it here

Erika always did the phlegm thing on the TR but this robot doesn't

No. 157702

File: 1439410706719.jpg (48.04 KB, 497x465, as.JPG)



No. 157706

ok, this photo pretty much confirms that she is wearing a ratty old wig. You can also see where she tried to edit/blur her scalp to make the wig blend in better.

No. 157744

It must be terrifying to see her without the wig. Just imagining that picture is nightmare fuel.

No. 157752

No. 157769

How do you guys feel about the fact that you're killing her with stress?

No. 157777

she's killing herself. not us.

No. 157780


she's living the ana life and doesnt seem to be doing much about it

she'll be dead by 30

No. 157785

Theyre codes. Trust me I was involved with some of these kids for a while.
Mia = bulimia
Sophia = Schizophrenia
Ellie = EDNOS
Isabella = Insomnia + Borderline??
Ocean = OCD
Olivia = OCD
Emma = Emetophobia

This is common on mentalhealth forums and Insta.

No. 157787

Is emetophobia really common enough to have a cutesy name like that??? I feel like it's not a 'cool' or 'trendy' illness to admit to having. I try not to look up stuff about it because it feeds into the problem.

No. 157788

ugh this is disturbing.

No. 157800

It's from a book called My Secret Family by John Walker Lee. I havent read it but theres guy versions too, sam for self harm, rex for anorexia, etc.

No. 157822

File: 1439419269756.jpg (13.91 KB, 225x224, tumblrrrrrr.jpg)

No. 157827


I really want to believe you guys, but what about the other names on the shop like Charlotte, Olivia, Andrea, and Hannah? Also… these shirts they're selling are all tagged as "babyname". They're selling them on baby clothing. Are we implying that people actually use their babies as billboard signs to broadcast their eating disorders to others? Is that a thing that happens?

Sorry for being so skeptical. I'm not trying to be argumentative for the sake of being a dick. I believe that some names are used as code words, but I'm still trying to be convinced that this seller is using them that way.

No. 157828

File: 1439419983709.png (24.35 KB, 310x567, notcodewords.png)

Stop making things up.

No. 157829

File: 1439419994318.jpg (103.89 KB, 500x371, decode-your-teens-texts.jpg)

this reads like one of those cringeworthy psa's for parents, i doubt many people use anything besides ana and mia

No. 157831

Beat me.

No. 157837

I've seen Ana, Mia, Deb, and Sue. The last two I've only seen on a few 3edgy5me teenagers' Instagrams, and Ana and Mia go waaaay back. These are super common names. I would be much more inclined to believe that, for example, "Sophie" was referring to a person instead of schizophrenia…

No. 157845

Hannah might refer to that Skins actress they get moist over, Hannah Murray.


No. 157846

I thought this too.
They're (plain and boring) popular BABY names on BABY clothes. Smart move on her part because she knows basic ass white mothers will eat it up since they're the ones who give their daughters those bland names.

No. 157849


Yeah. The designs are not tagged as anything targeted towards people with eating disorders and whatnot. It's all like "newborn", "mommy", "infant", "babyname", etc. I really doubt anyone looking for a bulimia t-shirt is gonna be searching for "mommy" on RedBubble. Lol.

No. 157980

Ash seems a lot more active lately.

No. 158056


She has a thread (an audience) again. She has to give the people what they want.

No. 158062

This thread should have never been made honestly, should have kept everything in the Aly one.

No. 158071

If it wasn'tfor the last thread Erika would still be Jesus. This thread is pointless now since we are just talking about Emma and whether little girl names are secret code.

No. 158101

it is actually ridiculously common, but many sufferers do not realize it is a legit phobia with a name.

No. 158109

File: 1439443551432.png (215.2 KB, 1780x412, Are you fucking serious.png)

Revising my answer. I just found this gem on Instagram: https://instagram.com/_.slowly_dying_angel._/ (I didn't request her as a friend, so I don't know what she actually posts, but dat Instagram bio…)

No. 158116

~slowly dying angel~
Why are so many anorexics so fucking melodramatic?

No. 158117

What the? I can barely guess what some of those are euphemisms of.
I find it so strange that people want to advertise their (probably self-diagnosed) mental illness. Imagine going up to a new acquaintance and saying, "Hi, I'm in therapy for anorexia, depression, suicidal ideation, insomnia, catatonia, bulimia, and anxiety. Let's be friends." All the while holding your arms out in an unnatural position to show off that you're all these things.

No. 158119

Hello, nice to meet you. These are my cuts.

No. 158130

I've had emetophobia since around age 8. It's quite mild compared to how it was when I was younger, personal blog, blablabla, but anyway, yeah, I didn't realize until about 5 yrs ago how common it is (seems like celebs have been coming out about it lately), even though I was in a large support community for it about 10 yrs ago. Now, we did call ourselves "emets," but only as a shortening of the condition, not like calling it "Emmett" or some shit. I cannot imagine people calling it "Emma" or competing to be the sickest!

No. 158137

It is really weird. It's like,

>this is my profile, with my crazy resume. Am I accepted into #secretsociety123 nao? #blithe

No. 158174

Hello fellow emetophobe. I was in a support group around 10 years too, how weird! Mine was through MySpace, and yeah, we did the same thing, shortening it to "emet." I can't imagine anyone trying to call it Emmett and personifying it…

No. 158179

Did you find that support groups like that helped you? Seeing all the anorexia communities and how they all seem to just feed the ana mentality more, the thought of joining an emetophobia group worries me. I'm scared that I'm just going to find more weird rituals and habits to pick up.

No. 158222

I'm >>158174 and hmm… it did help if I was freaking out. I also enjoyed helping people when they needed it.
But yes, I did pick on some habits, like washing my hands more than usual and constantly carrying around hand sanitizer. Nothing too obsessive.

The support was worth it though. At the time, my phobia was at its worst, and none of my friends or family could understand. For example, they didn't grasp that I couldn't handle them talking about it. I needed somewhere to talk about my fear and be understood.

(Thankfully, I'm in a much better place than back then, but I still have bad days.)

No. 158345

Hey, >>158130 here. I think it was somewhat helpful, I don't remember too well. Like the other anon, my group (it was a listserv) was mainly used to give support if someone was panicking or in a crisis. Or general things to think about, like that some people just never puke after childhood, or that a lot of nausea is actually from postnasal drip.

No. 158471


Thanks! I might look into it. At the very least, it's good to know others are struggling with it too and I'm not just some freak that has all these weird rituals and panics the second I get a little bit of nausea. It's really reassuring.

No. 158641

i miss erika :(

No. 158642

What is blithe?

No. 158653

>>it means happy, or being happy and coming off as callous.

No. 158654

why? she is not a good person.

No. 158655

on IG: It's the tag that was created when instagram and tumblr began blocking tags like #selfharm #cutting #suicide, etc.
It's used as a way to get around the blocks. Like a secret code word so that you could still look at SH pics but under a new tag.

No. 158665


I think secretsociet123 is the same kind of thing (?)

Don't know if this is any help, but I haven't puked since childhood. I can feel nausea but never puke. Even if I eat things that're off or I have a stomach bug I don't vomit.

It kind of made me feel scared (not phobic though) of puking, but one time I felt nausea and actually thought I was going to do it and dry retched. To be honest, it was reassuring that I went through the action of almost vomiting and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.

Hope that isn't #triggering, but if you actually did have to puke for some reason, you'd probably find it isn't as bad as you imagine.

No. 158686

No one is a good person.

>person is triggered by vomiting
>talk about vomiting

Definitely helpful :D :D :D

No. 158737

Back to your chairgrave, dear

No. 158750

I'm not Ash. I was a former fan of Erika who is disgusted with her behavior. After her "bye guts!" thing and attention whoring on Instagram, I started disliking her.

No. 158761

You might want to check out www.emetophobia.org

No. 158762

Everytime I see ash I just think of rotten.com like i just cannot..

No. 158774

Sorry, comments like that just always make me think of when Ash posted a cryptic message along the lines of "Erika is far from a perfect angel, just wait and see…" - I still wonder exactly what Ash was thinking was going to be revealed or whatever that would make Erika look so bad

No. 158779

I actually had a stomach bug bad enough where I did v two years ago. Before then, it had been 9 years since it happened. For a while, I felt better about the possibility of doing it, but then it came back worse than before. So I don't know! It's not triggering, I can talk about it but seeing it or hearing it is a different story.

Thanks for the reassurance anon, and sorry for OT guys, I'll go back to Ash now.

No. 158795

Her 'big reveal' was that Erika filed a personal injury lawsuit against Target because she shattered her hip slipping on an unmarked wet floor. That was her proof that Erika was really a terrible person.

No. 158796

File: 1439507710565.jpg (22.74 KB, 477x210, as if.JPG)

>seeing it or hearing it is a different story

I know :/ I was thinking that while I was typing it. Phobias are fuckers. Don't know if you have CBT, but it's good if you can get some. I have every faith in your recovery powerz, anon.

As for Ash, she self asked herself a question so she could feel a bit famous with her response.

No. 158806

No, I'm sorry, but it's not like that with a phobia.

I vomited for the first time in 15 years a few months ago. Granted, it was over quickly, but it was just as terrifying as I imagined. I felt out of control and as if my body had betrayed me. I had a panic attack during and afterwards and had high anxiety for quite a while afterwards.

No. 158808

Right? lol. Worse because they added so many details.

No. 158811


Jesus Christ, I wasn't writing it to be a bitch. The only phobia I had/have to a much lesser degree now was/is agoraphobia. I realise that it's easier to deal with in therapy because they can either get you to go out in bite size pieces and build up confidence or hit you full on with flooding technique. They can't do that and make you barf until your CBT techniques make your anxiety less every time.

I never felt bad reading/talking about going outdoors or anxiety attacks in general and didn't know that reading the word would be triggering.

I didn't bring up (sorry!) the subject and there's been far worse come out of the mouths (sorry!) or the bulimics in the ED threads.

I really am sorry if it caused anxiety. I was really clumsy in an attempt to try to help.

No. 158823

Me too. :<

No. 158842

Dear sweet Jesus, NOT TARGET! Say it ain't so ;_; Erika, how could you be so cruel? Target has feelings, too!

No. 158891

i havent been on here in weeks, can someone give me the rundown on why Erika is apparently a terrible & fake person? what did she do?

No. 158905

Drama starts here >>148125

No. 158925

Pretty sure it was 1-2 anons directing the take down of Erika.

No. 158926

File: 1439518801041.jpg (85.47 KB, 449x750, tumblr_nb89iuaoSU1qkkjtwo1_500…)

No. 158930

Is that Ashley 2.0 that everyone is obsessingly hating on now?

No. 158937


Yeah, I got that impression, too.

No. 158938

Looks like a lifter lol

No. 158939

The rate of the posting, the outright lies (people here usually aren't that sloppy; looking at old threads quickly showed me the things they said were false) and the viciousness made me think it was a small group of people or one person.

No. 158957

That's why it's unfortunate. Erika probably thought it was everyone.

No. 158960

Different anon here - I was getting that vibe as well, but who knows

No. 158965

i thought she had a stroke?

No. 158967

She didn't know what she had.

No. 158974

File: 1439523230668.jpg (62.27 KB, 638x479, bmi.jpg)

the DSM 5 still requires someone be significantly underweight for age/height for a diagnosis of anorexia. all anorexic behaviors, but person is normal weight is atypical anorexia and is under ODFED/EDNOS. a lot of people like to think the DSM 5 removed the weight criteria, but they actually added bmi guidelines.

No. 158977

I'm from NY too, you can't compare our pubic schools to FL.. they're trash

No. 158986

I don't know who she is but some anon is trying to make it happen, it seems.

No. 158987

I was annoyed that she called herself Atticus because she's racist but it turns out that Atticus' character is racist in the "new" sequel to to kill a mockingbird lol.

No. 159001

Wtf, is that Emma? How old is this picture, if you know??

No. 159014


Yep, feeling that way too. Some could be summerfags who came in since the previous Ash threads, but I wouldn't be surprised if a large number of those were Ash herself getting vindictive about her thread returning. Like this shit about how Erika "betrayed" Ash and shittalked her?? No one would think that ever happened except Ash herself.

No. 159026

Yeah, so much if it pertained to Ash. Like the phone call? Ancient history. I would not be surprised if it was Ash. I mean, it's not like she holds grudges. And the person posting the other day saying the thread as giving her anxiety…? Like we haven't heard that before like 6 months ago when she was posting here.

No. 159029

Although, I'm glad that Erika took her shit offline. I understand her desire for support, but she shared a lot of sensitive info (esp. about her kids) with complete strangers. I just hope that her trust in people wasn't destroyed. But she needs to make connections with people offline, with people who don't have eating disorders.

No. 159045

File: 1439534587492.png (48.9 KB, 256x260, oh.png)

I would be entirely unsurprised if, knowing that she was not long for this earth, Ash turned to places like this and tried to shit-stir in a desperate attempt to remain relevant.

No. 159053


I think Erika's just as bad as Ash and I know for a fact it's not just me you're all buttmad af.

No. 159060

Speak for yourself, my butt's pretty calm right now

No. 159093

I'm >>158806 and I didn't call you a bitch. You do have a point that some phobias can be cured with exposure, so I should have specified that emetophobia doesn't work like that. It's unfortunate but usually true, though I have heard of people trying for use exposure to get over it.

As for triggering words, I understand that can be a bit confusing. It does depend on the person too. Some can handle "the v word" whereas others can't. For example, it was the "dry retched" part of your description that was the worst for me.

>I didn't bring up (sorry!) the subject and there's been far worse come out of the mouths (sorry!) or the bulimics in the ED threads.
Kiiinda being a bitch there, lol. Purposely pointing out the puns and wording it like that is not helping your apology, but I'll accept it anyway.

No. 159097

>pubic schools

No. 159099

Okay Ashley but at least we have butts

No. 159102

This is hilarious, I'm not Ash, try again, hoe.

No. 159117

Sometimes I wonder if Ashley has a high school degree. Or whether she got too sick to complete her high school years.

No. 159121


"Waaaah – Erika is a big stupid poopy head, why can't you all see that?????"

Cheesy cripes anon, you are saltier than a shaker of salt.

No. 159185

Right, but it still doesn't invalidate what I said. You can have anorexia now and still get periods, when you could not previously. Absence of menstruation was a criteria in the DSM IV.

No. 159198

File: 1439560627912.jpg (22.69 KB, 468x205, phobias.jpg)

(Only linking to this post because it's the closest to the end of the thread).

Pretty damned bored with anyone with disorders or phobias who expect the rest of the world to adapt to their problems.

The world is harsh. There are open space, closed spaces, fat people, skinny people, germs, food, spiders, snakes, calories, blood, scars, canned foods not lined up with labels facing forwards EVERYWHERE.

I don't expect anyone to not mention the things I have issues with and neither should anyone else. Trigger warnings are bullshit if you go to sites like this one or mpa or any other dealing with disorders.

No. 159201

ok but have of these seem like general fears.
yea talking about enclosed spaces or vomiting might freak out those people, but i've never met anyone who goes into convulsions, crying and screaming they see/hear an airplane or cancer talk (that one sounds like hypochondria anyway)

No. 159203

I wish that worked with my vertigo. I think that made it worse.

No. 159204

I avoid things that make would give me anxiety attacks. Never been outside the UK because there's no way I'd get on a plane or a boat. SO I avoid them, but I don't expect anyone else not to talk about them just because doing them would give me massive anxiety.

No. 159205

Are you stupid? Do you acknoledge that Ana and Mia are actual people's names aswell?

No. 159214

Are those t shirts for babies or children? Apparently you shouldn't give any indication of a child's name because then it'd be easy for paedos and other bad people of bad intention to go up to them and say, "Hi, you're Mia. Your mum told me to collect you from school today", or some other scenario where it looks like you know a parent.

/child safety announcement

Totally OT, but this thread hasn't been about Ash for ages.

Relevant post about Ash: posting screenshots of positive messages to prove to us they're not self asks (although we know what sock puppet accounts are so still not buying it).

No. 159215

can someone link me to the thread with the erika info? i was reading the aly thread so much i missed it :(

No. 159216

Not this shit again. In previous threads anyone who said a single critical thing about Erika would be accused of being Ash but once a couple people started noticing Erika's shady behavior more people started coming forward about it. People who were thinking those things all along but couldn't say anything before because the only response would be "hi Ashley." It's not just summerfags or Ash but multiple people who called her out on valid issues. Maybe a couple people being salty but definitely not everyone.

No. 159217

fuck yea, its called exposure therapy.

No. 159219

Erika's greatest sins (as gleaned from the drama)

1. Giving her kids unusual names. You're right, should've gone with Kayleigh and Nevaeh.

2. Improperly describing a medical procedure while under the influence of narcotics and dealing with a family crisis.

2. Having a kid while suffering with an eating disorder

3. Oversharing. Yeah, when you have hoards of followers begging for more information, you should post less.

4. Having a slip-and-fall in Target and breaking a bone.

5. Having an idiosyncratic writing style.

6. Not getting a divorce fast enough.

7. Being conventionally attractive. Because no one would care if she looked like Ash.

8. Talking funny.

9. Being in treatment too much

10. Not being in treatment.

No. 159220


Also, FWIW, I thought you guys put this poor girl on a pedestal and I'm not a stan. I just think the way she was torn apart was ridiculous and the evidence of the horrible things she's supposedly done was fucking weak.

No. 159224

1. Not everyone cares about the names
2. Implying she had serious surgery when she did not is wrong
3. She got pregnant the first time with a gay guy and knew she wasn't in a good place
4. Oversharing isn't a big deal, but manipulating is
5. Pretty sure no one cares about the Target incident by Ash
6. Again, not everyone cares
7. Erika shouldn't be stuck in a crappy relationship. Divorce will get her hell of a lot more benefits.
8. Never saw that as an issue, other than posting her bones and cuts everywhere
9. It's really stupid of Erika to talk with an accent when she was born in the US, raised in the US. Never lived anywhere else.
10 & 11: never saw any complaints about that

No. 159225

*but Ash

No. 159226

You left out actively encouraging people to starve on MPA, like flat out telling them to not eat, which goes beyond hurting yourself. And covering up her BPD with bullshit excuses. And more I won't bother to list but were mentioned earlier.

No. 159227


No. 159228


She already said she was embarrassed by shit she did online in the past. What else is she supposed to do? I guess she could log-in and delete the old posts?

No. 159231

She could have… but an anon has already said that she deleted her account. Those posts are there for as long as mpa is there, I imagine.

No. 159232

How is it ok to bring up shit Ashley did years ago online but oh no, Erika's embarrassed so leave her alone? I don't get it.

She's not immune to criticism and frankly the things she said on MPA were horrendous and harmful to others not just embarrassing. She already deleted though.

No. 159233

Not that I disagree, but I guess the difference is that Ash has no apologies, while Erika said she was sorry.

No. 159235

The best part of this thread is the introductions in OP.

No. 159244

So.. It's alright to bring up someone else's past and make fun of their expense..

But god forbid someone does the same thing to someone that's 'liked'.
That's where you all made this pretty lame :/

No. 159248

>Kayleigh and Nevaeh.

I fucking laughed so hard.

No. 159249

Idgaf about any of this (maybe 2, but…). She can name her kids ToiletNigga and Sprout for all I care, women spawn for dumb reasons every hour of the day, people stay in shitty relationships and it's their business, she can be as affected or pretentious as she likes


my problem in the whole ~drama~ is that while Erika posts about having her guts out, having a stroke, having a brain tumour, oversharing (what's new on ig), there are really gullible people who believe EVERYTHING they're told.

Okay, so Erika gave out incorrect information about her illnesses/ops/non ops because of meds/being mental, but she should stay the fuck OFF internets if she says she's desperate for cash because she needs money for ops she hasn't had and posts a link to her gofuckme/whatever it was.

Jackie, for example, is mentally challenged. She gave 100 dollars. She's not even of sound mind to question what Erika does with the money.

I gave some first time around because I thought it was for treatment for her ED. Now she's saying her medical insurance is okay and she needs the money for food, feeding her kids, etc. Sorry, but that's not my place to feed and shelter someone when their husband is working.

Idk, I don't even like her or dislike her. She's gone now anyway hopefully sorting herself out.

As for mpa - I've said before, that site needs to be NUKED. It's dangerous as fuck and ALLOWS fucked up disordered people to make a dick of themselves when they're at their most fucked up.

No. 159254

I agree. It was the 100 dollars from Jackie and the repeat donations from some other followers that got to me.

No. 159262

This. Jackie gave over 100 plus she was always commenting on Erika's IG about sending packages so who knows how much all that was worth.

The worst part is this isn't the first time Erika's done this and it won't be the last. She vaguely mentioned a previous fundraiser she took down due to "bullying" which in reality was most likely people catching on to her.

And last time she posted here she was already talking about her next blog idea and what online persona she would create next. So she claims to be upset because her kids got dragged into her mess and she's talking about making a mommy blog? Seriously? It's like she can't survive without attention and drama at any cost.

No. 159267

She said she would create a private mommy blog. Whatever that means.

No. 159271

She also gave Ashley level bullshit excuses for not helping herself. People here tried to help her by pointing her to assistance programs and she said she couldn't because Yustas isn't a citizen. Well look up the requirements for things like food stamps in Florida and that is NOT true. Unless he's an undocumented illegal immigrant he would still be eligible.

No. 159286

Mommy bloggers are the fucking worst.

No. 159288

I love grandma names. Esther, Agnes, Eleanor, Edith, Prudence, Agatha, Mildred, Eunice. _
It's certainly an affliction

No. 159291

I don't know if people have already seen this but seeing her pre-ana fucked me up.

No. 159305

>over here as soon as you're admitted to a medical ward you hand over your clothes and shoes and have to wear a gown if you haven't brought your own pyjamas or w/e. Yes, they even give you paper knickers if you were brought in without any to change into. You get your stuff back when you're discharged, they bring it to you in a Property of the NHS green plastic bag

but Erika is not "over there," she's in the US and thats not how it works here. I spent 4 days in a medical unit bc i needed IV antibiotics, oral wasn't working and if the infection got worse id have needed surgery on my eye. i had my own clothes the whole time. The NHS, while great that its free, seems to do some really strange things.

No. 159309

File: 1439576790797.gif (489.19 KB, 209x200, childish i know.gif)

>oral wasn't working

No. 159310

yeah, but fuck Erika. She's gone.

No. 159314

When I had my kid I was allowed to wear my own clothes in the hospital as well (USfag here)

No. 159315


This thread was about Emma's stupid face, then TFC's shitty baby cloths, and now we're talking about Airwrecka again. Can Ashley just do something already?! Ash I know you're reading this make a video k??

No. 159317

I cant deal with that autotune whining music in the bg. Can someone remake it with LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR

No. 159323

This thread should just die already. Ashley isn't remotely interesting and there's already an Aly/general ED thread.

No. 159373

yes, that is Emma. It's from around a year or a little more than a year ago.

No. 159458

Same here, but I think it's different for people who are in the ward for birthing vs. inpatient for mental disorders. Cause clothes can be a strangling risk, even shoelaces are taken away in psych wards. (Not that Erika was in one, but you know what I mean)

No. 159474

That makes sense

No. 159475

Ashley should use autotune on her voice in her videos… it might make the audio portion more tolerable.

No. 159476

which one would you choose?
be a spoopy skeleton or a lardass tumblrette?

No. 159483

Lardass Emma looks less disgusting.

No. 159505


There are speech pathologists with videos on youtube to help women with chipmunk voices. Katie Couric saw one early in her career. Ash should look into that.

No. 159523


Just going through her old photos from December last year and earlier and damn, girl…

No. 159591


No. 159618

Those are December 2014? As in 7 months ago? Emma you needed to lose weight but you're going to be the next Ashley.

No. 159619

I'd shag the old Emma over the new one any time. True fact.

No. 159627

I'm not sure why you're saying she "needed to lose weight". She looked fine before. Not thin, but not grotesquely fat to the point where it morphed her features.
She certainly looked nowhere near as terrible then as she does now.

No. 159635

I can't get over how Emma's head looked too small for her body before o__O

No. 159641

I'm not American so I can tell she was fat.

No. 159642

Nah. Ana is horrible but that doesn't mean being fat is ok.

No. 159644

Neither am I, retard. I'm just not delusional.

No. 159645

Holy shit nvm I'm a faggot, I was only looking at the tagged/me
Bitch was fat

No. 159742

File: 1439610601897.png (442.66 KB, 538x484, emma.png)

Are we going to get a tragic backstory now, or…?

No. 159749

She looks like the average woman who doesn't exercise to me.
>but then again, I don't have an image or eating disorder

No. 159759

>Ashley and Emma were both fat girls who loved Hamtaro and developed BPD and anorexia

No. 159765

I don't exercise and my eating habits are fucked to hell and back, but I look nothing like that.

No. 159766

She was a cute kid. How come she got so ugly when she grew up?

No. 159769

..So you don't eat like a normal person does and are probably low bodyweight because of that.
Of course you wouldn't look like her. Women who eat normally but do nothing aside from sitting in front of their tumblr dashes all day tend to look flabbier than their fitter counterparts who bother to take an hour walk a day at least. That's the point.

No. 159774

Emma MAKES herself look far ugly than she really is with her poses and clothing and makeup and facial expressions and really everything she does. She has the potential to be pretty but instead she would rather be fugly.

No. 159777

Seriously this.
>stretched lobes
>stupid piercings
>consistently bad hair

No. 159810

File: 1439615445425.jpg (39.59 KB, 403x604, 1909917_6247360483_4738_n.jpg)

She def had qt potential before she went full edgelord

No. 159815

Short hair is not for her.

No. 159828

No. 159857

She really does have qt potential. It's unfortunately ruined her face with the terrible piercings.

No. 159861

*unfortunate she

No. 159915

Hamtaro, not even once.

No. 159917

I can't unsee CBT as "Cock Ball Torture"

No. 159946

File: 1439627545684.jpg (75.64 KB, 1440x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


Not sure what CBT stands for here, but I'm gonna guess 'Cognitive Behavioral Therapy'

No. 159985

Emma's transformation reminds me of my Maltese whenever I take her to get her haircut. Except my doge is cute.

No. 160001

File: 1439640284869.jpg (415.18 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ls6myzV1IR1qkkjtwo1_128…)


She legit looks good here… but then she got dreads and shaved her head and gained weight and got shitty tattos and lost weight and became spoopy.

(Wtf is this guy's bridge piercing all about tho? Looks worse than Kiki's nasty hip piercings…)

No. 160016

My God, she looks… healthy

No. 160018

Is he wearing a BP shirt?

No. 160057

Emma is loving this. I'm wondering how long she's been self-posting.

No. 160095

seems like she doesn't want people coming up to her in public so she actually has to be nice

No. 160096

haha I sued FAO when I was younger since I broke my nose and cheekbone on a wet floor

No. 160097

she probably pretends she is healthy by doing that roller derby

No. 160100

All those piercings…..

No. 160140


and now they're CLOSED YOU MONSTER

j/k FAO is overpriced shit

No. 160277

The whole fucking time.

No. 160322

File: 1439673658001.jpg (102 KB, 500x625, tumblr_m179nbpB7s1qkkjtwo1_500…)

so she was skinny, gained weight, then lost it again? Because this is a photo of her before she had leg tattoos and they look about as thin as they are now.

http://my-soul-to-reap.tumblr.com/post/19638585260/first-day-of-shorts-weather-this-year-i-hate-how (source)

No. 160326

Is…is that shoop? Are peoples legs really shaped like that?

No. 160328

People's legs can be shaped similarly to that when they're very thin. It strikes me as shoop in this picture because she doesn't seem thin enough to have legs like that, and the lines are pretty weird.

No. 160330


regardless, she was thinner than she was here >>158926 so i'm just wondering when did she gain/lose all of that weight? like how many years?

No. 160337

Looks like her knees hyperextend. She doesn't have Ehlers Danlos, does she?

No. 160341

File: 1439675127083.png (152.24 KB, 622x397, Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 5.43…)

For comparison, here's a picture of a girl's knees who weighs 85 lbs at 5'4".

Taken from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXMcEwgHXMg

No. 160343

I have somewhat thick thighs (thanks, mom's genetics) but I have a natural thigh gap similar to hers in that picture, except my knees look less weird.

No. 160436

I think she she's just really knock-kneed. Like, her knees touch even when she has her ~thigh gap~ showing. Before she lost the weight I doubt she could even stand with her heels touching.

No. 160437

File: 1439682045835.jpg (54.27 KB, 259x750, tumblr_nswdb1R02F1qkkjtwo2_500…)

pic related

No. 160439

Okay, I'm sorry to cry shoop for like the fiftieth time ITT, but what the fuck is going on with her knees? They like meld together. It doesn't make any anatomical sense. I also wonder if those wobbly lines on her legs are shoop too. Also, arms don't naturally curve and then have a dead straight line down to elbows.

I know she's really thin, but she definitely shoops herself to be thinner.

No. 160440

but why not shoop the ugliness out of her face somewhat while she's at it

No. 160456

anyone care to share their opinions on the champion anorexic e-begger? Rachael Farrokh?

she said she needed $$ to go to Denver ACUTE, raised six figures, and from what i understand, hasn't done much of anything treatment wise.

No. 160501

no this is way shooped

No. 160838

Just noticed the ED recovery symbol tattoo

No. 160859

IDK anon, but my knees are the same way and I hate it.

No. 160883

File: 1439744677830.jpg (150.34 KB, 1180x896, mpa.jpg)

thats not true though, look at the facebook they set up for her. she was transferred to another facility just a few days ago.

on a related note, what a strange site

No. 160891

I cringe so hard for people with ED recovery tattoos. Mostly the ones that have no intention to recover. Is it like the new red bracelet thing? Fugly logo.

No. 160921

I feel like it's a "I was once a spoopy skeleton and I have to show the world" thing

No. 160930

What is with the word "spoopy"?

No. 160943

Unsure about the origin tbh but I've known about it since 2014, though there's record of it being used years before

No. 160947

I'm pretty sure it originated from a picture posted somewhere of a Halloween decoration that misspelled "Spooky" as spoopy.

No. 160958

File: 1439749762549.jpg (71.55 KB, 640x480, fc6.jpg)

No. 160961

File: 1439749838353.jpg (78 KB, 603x656, Capture.JPG)

It really worked for this woman:

No. 161041

Getting a recovery tattoo is jinxing yourself. Like tattooing the name of a lover. I don't know anyone in recovery with a recovery tattoo. I think it's because people who are truly ready to move on do not want to be reminded of when they had an ED.

No. 161122

I check her facebook and she;s been consistently in the ICU and is about to transfer to ACUTE (I think, or a program like ACUTE). She doesn't update often enough but she's def in the hospital and has been for awhile.

No. 161136

My vacation would be ruined if I saw her on the beach. I wouldn't be able to get the image out of my head

No. 161202

tf is wrong wth her lower stomach

No. 161205

File: 1439765186617.jpg (7.08 KB, 223x206, fca1eba316fcd5d1593956499eed8c…)

I have to agree. If you're so obsessed with your ED that you actually want a fairly well-known symbol representing it permanently inked on your skin, especially if it's in a visible place, you probably aren't as "recovered" as you think you are. I see those damn tattoos so often on photos of spoopies on the internet and it's just…awkward. Plus, they usually look like shit.

I can understand some of the reasons behind wanting to get such a tattoo, but fuck, no, it's still a bad idea.

No. 161207


No. 161211

It's just loose skin over tensed muscles. It folds into wrinkles like that if you've lost just about all your body fat, like that woman has. Her ass is probably even worse ;_;

No. 161212

I bet she has a glorious #assholegap though!

No. 161215

File: 1439765419310.jpg (5.32 KB, 236x236, b507e31c3bce78f258491cdba48f0e…)


No. 161218

File: 1439765523495.jpg (100.01 KB, 500x667, tumblr_np2lcs7l451rex7s1o1_500…)

what a waste of back space

No. 161220

It's also an impersonal corporate logo.

No. 161224

File: 1439765646929.jpg (12.66 KB, 320x320, 928857_945722535490845_2043537…)

holy fuck

No. 161229

I bet half these bitches didn't even have something wrong with them.

No. 161232

this photo is creepy.

No. 161235

Jesus Christ, Dave and Henry are just the creepiest of vultures, aren't they?? Probably freakin' necrophiliacs, they are…,

No. 161269

I've seen similar (actually a lot worse) on a coworker who'd had two kids. She was naturally skinny and one day she showed me the skin she has to tuck in her jeans from when her stomach expanded having the kids. Not even stretch marks, just this hanging loose skin.

I get why breast cancer survivors and family get pink ribbon tattoos, but this I can't. Not because it's a mental illness, but because it's mostly on people who HAVEN'T recovered.

No. 161274

File: 1439768787896.jpg (62.9 KB, 601x429, ass.JPG)

Here's a baggy ass shot courtesy of our vk friend

No. 161300

Her asscheeks are melting. It looks like she bought her bathing suit in the kid's section

No. 161417

Is anyone else morbidly curious about Ashleys #assholegap?

No. 161432

Ashley pls do something OMG we wanna talk about you

No. 161434


wait, wtf is that symbol they all have in common? Is there an actual LOGO for eating disorders now?

No. 161435

No one wants to talk about her, this thread needs to die. It shouldn't have been made in the first place

No. 161459

No. 161491

It's literally the logo for the National Eating Disorders Association. I have no idea why people decided that would be their I-have-an-ED tattoo.

No. 161497

You got your wish. She's bitching about >>161417

No. 161512

Are you same anon that sent the last thread to Airwrecka?

No. 161524

Last time I talked to Erika was when I sent her an anon on her tumblr back when she had one, asking about her paintings

No. 161528

File: 1439786476953.jpg (167.81 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

"Thank you anon for linking me"
lol no one sent her the link to this thread

Ashley pls

No. 161536

Lol anon, good show. What was the post she's talking about?

Ashley is like Beetlejuice. If you say her namethree ttimes she will magically appear!,

No. 161564

It was >>161417

I find it funny that she's taken to complaining about boards not unlike the ones she used to attention whore on a few years ago.

No. 161571


I thought this person was being facetious. I agree, this thread should die. Everyone knows about Ash and I think that even her former minions have distance themselves from her.

No. 161718

I don't think tumblr lets you put urls in messages.

At least anon who posted #assholegap comment isn't responsible for making and distributing illegal nudes of him/herself. Those pics are still out there, Ashley. You could still get in a lot of trouble for that. Just sayin.

No. 161799

I just don't understand why Ashley is so upset/whiny about that comment. Omg someone is curious to see your ass, or lack thereof. Big deal.

No. 161865

Right? No one wants to see my ass!

No. 161881

And skull and gums. I feel like it's gonna be too late too soon. Since she's pretty committed to not recovering, she could at least show people the worst of her and become an ED-martyr, to warn others about how serious eating disorders are.

No. 161965

Professional photoshoot!
idg why she pretends she hates the attention so much

No. 162094

>I don't think tumblr lets you put urls in messages.

It's not that hard to change url so there wouldn't be any problems with putting it in a message. Not saying that she lied about it, but it's pretty easy to believe that there's people - "haters" or fans - who would like her to see all this.

No. 162100

I don't think she is actually upset. She just used that post as a way to present herself as poor victim :-((( and get attention

lolcows gonna cow

No. 162111

She F5s her threads. She knew it was here ;)

No. 162116

I'd do it, too, honestly.

No. 162130

File: 1439840741079.jpg (17.36 KB, 222x176, follows.JPG)

Who's this Hank guy? He's the one who wrote that message where Ashley blocked his name out. He follows eating disordered girls and had his last account deleted.


No. 162131

He also follows "Super Skinny Sluts"

No. 162145

So she follows herself, Emma and some pervs.

No. 162147

Wait nm that's hank. The only people who still talk to ash are the pervs then and her ana power girl army is gone.

No. 162150

Except theforestdingleberry who is still commenting.

No. 162153

Hank looks like Dave Carlson.

No. 162160

Uck. That's creepier than usual. Anorexic guys have grotesque rib cages.

No. 162171

Maybe it's one of those elf ear surgeries gone horribly wrong.

No. 162390

Oh shit, he's still around? I first saw his Tumblr yeeeears ago when I had an ED-based Tumblr (forgive me). He's around 60 or 70 years old and creeps on young anorexic girls' Tumblrs.

No. 162401

No. 162442

File: 1439856243822.jpg (17.75 KB, 404x317, dirty old fucker.JPG)

No. 162448

File: 1439856391666.jpg (45.24 KB, 503x539, sweet jesus.JPG)

Go for it, Ashley.

No. 162464

Ugh. I wonder if his family and friends know about his preying on young, sick women

No. 162472

I remember him too! I didn't have an ED tumblr, but I followed Ashley on tumblr, so I inevitably discovered that weirdo. I think they are, or were friends. Maybe he's the "friend" who sends her gifts.

No. 162474

Ashley, block him.

No. 162478

Or take advantage of him and get him to send you money.

No. 162484

If Hank is as old as you guys say, then why doesn't he go after women his own age since they usually look the way anorexics do? I mean, from the neck down, Aly looks about 65.

No. 162506

This Hank guy is really creepy.
He's at least sixty and he's preying on young Anorexic girls.
His blog is interesting though. Adds some perspective.

No. 162508

>Adds some perspective.

Explain pls

No. 162523

Because he's an old man sharing his perspective on Tumblr.
An old man on the Internet alone is strange.
Read through it. His opinions are interesting. I won't say he has a wisdom but it's very different from your every day Tumblr.

No. 162524

Good point. Apparently he's married, and his wife is likely as old as he is. Perhaps it's some twisted version of the fantasy of being an older man scoring with a younger woman.

Older women don't look exactly like anorexics, and perhaps that's the issue. For example, Aly's limbs do remind me of my grandmother's. However, my grandmother has looser skin and some weight around her midsection. That might be the issue for Hank.

No. 162525

Okay, Emma. I know older men on the internet who aren't Republicans but they don't perv over vulnerable, sick young women so I'll give him a miss.

No. 162526

Dude, I didn't tell you to go talk to him. I just said it's interesting.
I personally don't even own a tumblr.

No. 162527


Pervy old man on the internet? What a rarity! Even more rare than pervy old men irl! Enlighten me, dirty old zen master!

No. 162534

it's not though. he's just a perv with liberal attitudes who likes to smoke weed.

No. 162535

omg he's still around? i used to talk to him when i had an ed tumblr. idk why, morbid curiosity about wtf these fetishist guys are thinking i guess. that was years ago.. he was always spouting some rhetoric about the govt and conspiracies at me, it was really weird.

No. 162548

Did he give you any money?

No. 162553

no, now I regret not asking. i probably would've gotten something from the old geezer, esp if id said they were for diet pills or a gym membership. i was pretty spoopy back then.. :::looks down in shame::: at least i never, and would never, tattoo the Ed recov..i mean, the NEDA logo on my body.

No. 162558

I might follow him. I need some cash and if he's into conspiracies I'll say it's for some occupy movement or I'm Anonymous or sthing

No. 162559

Wait, I'll say I was MK utra'd

No. 162625

Hank is really a nice guy. People tend to assume he's a perv just because he's male and older than most bloggers.

No. 162638

Are you brainwashed? What's nice about trying to gather an ano cult?

No. 162646

He's not a perv, just an old man version of ash.

No. 162647

> assume he's a perv just because he's male and older than most bloggers

no, assume he's a perv because he's an anorexia fetishist who pervs over young female skeletal bodies and follows them. Jesus wept.

No. 162664

I somewhat regularly correspond with him. He's just another person dealing with anorexia. Nothing pervy about it.

No. 162670

Ok, Emma.

No. 162675

Hank is another human being and that's that.
He is dealing with his own addictions and disorders.
He is not a perv- he needs help just like everyone else.

No. 162680

File: 1439871421201.jpg (83.94 KB, 1200x1200, iz a cult omg.jpg)

No. 162684

I'm a Stan 4 U

No. 162700

Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one with empathy for him.

No. 162730

That dash tho…

No. 162809

It's less that she's ugly, and more that her face just does not suit an alt look. She's got the kind of face your slightly bookish preppy styled girl would have.
Her face is just cute in a average/normal kind of way but the make up and her style do her literally no favours.
The ears are a mess though.

No. 162815

If that face is average, every lolcow is fucking model tier and Kotex is the next Gisele. She's gross even in the before pics and you don't get much uglier than her unless you have some kind of syndrome.

No. 162835

Can someone explain to me how Ashley hasn't been committed to a clinic for re-feeding?
Granted I know she's extremely severe and re-feeding her would be way different from doing so with a person who's 20~30 lbs underweight, but surely she could easily be involuntarily committed no?

No. 162850

I never really understood what the symbol was supposed to actually be. Like it just kind of looks like a thumbs up.

No. 162863

Has no one doxxed him?

No. 162866

She is average, if it weren't for how she styled herself, she'd be perfectly cute in a normal/average. As is she is below average.

No. 162868

In short, because no one gives enough of a shit to involuntarily commit her.

No. 162889

File: 1439880271898.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lw2qzggOPa1qktwa0o1_500…)


What's so special and ~harmful~ about the #asswholegap comment that she chose that one, out of all the comments posted here, to acknowledge that she's still reading these threads?

No. 162892

spoilers exist for a reason

No. 162894

thank you for nightmares

No. 162898

it looks like a dog's ass

No. 162902

i still am tryign to figure out what im looking at

No. 162912

What about her isn't average? Without all the piercings and shit I think she would be pretty generic. Not beautiful, but also not fugly.

No. 162918

I went up to look at her original pictures to argue my point but she actually wasn't that bad. I can't believe somebody actually spent that much money and effort to make themselves hideous and for what, sort of get some attention on an ash thread. Jesus.

No. 162928

Fuck, Emma is just seriously, seriously fucking ugly. I didn't have this opinion until I saw her old lardass photos, and sadly, she's actually cuter now as a spoopy Shooped skellington, TBH.

No. 162929

… But even still, she's still uggo AF. She needs to get proper coverups on all her tats, get a high quality wig, learn to makeup, and learn to alt fashion. Also remove all her fucked up piercings and start hiding her ears again. FUCK. Her ugliness isn't just ugly, it's fucking irritating.

No. 162941

File: 1439886891291.jpg (294.13 KB, 640x640, emma.jpg)

She could be decent looking if she tried.

No. 163028

I wanna stroke it.

No. 163084

Just saw a girl on the metro with tge ED tattoo on the back of her neck (and a big scar on her wrist). Guess she wanted everyone to see her to know she used to be super fucked up.

No. 163125

Not about the tattoo but this kind of makes me feel like shit when people make fun of other people for having self harm scars…

like yeah, I made some bad ddecisions when I was 15, and now I have to deal with them for the rest of my life. Sorry for not wearing long sleeves when its 110 degrees out just to make you feel better.

Fuck, try tohave some sympathy. It sucks to know that people snicker and make snide comments about you because you did stupid shit as a teenager, regardless of the person you are now.

Inb4 "stop crying, you should have known people would look down on you " "no1curr"

Sage for ot faggotry.

No. 163201

Sucks. xDDDD

No. 163208


Sorry you have to go through that, but I'm sure all that anon meant was that in combination with the ED tattoo it looks kinda snowflakey
I get what you mean though



I hate to be that one faggot that replies to every newfaggy post instead of ignoring it but seriously??

No. 163210

I respect your opinion and understand what you're saying, and do have empathy and sympathy for those who I see with self-harm scars, but personally I've found the stigmatised attitude towards self harm beneficial. 5 years self-harm free and the one thing that holds me back is thinking I don't wanna be seen as an attention seeker nor do I want my employers or strangers to see self-inflicted wounds and make assumptions, nor did I want to upset my friends and family. I'm a big girl and if it gets that bad, I will go to my doctor or therapist and make productive steps rather than hurting myself for either the world or at least my boyfriend to see.

Sorry about the scars Anon.

No. 163211


People are going to judge you for everything you do, no matter what it is and no matter what the circumstances are. You just have to accept it and move on.

No. 163215

I think what's special about it is that it's about her ass, so at a stretch it could be considered a lewd/suggestive comment, and that makes Ashley feel like she might actually be attractive. It's the kind of thing normal, attractive girls with an online presence experience - people saying online they want to see their pussy or boobs or whatever. It is gross but some kind of twisted compliment. She posted about it with fake indigence as if she felt violated, but really, she wanted to publicise to the world that someone wants to see her ass. Hahaha. Disturbing.

No. 163216

god what the fuck thats not even recognizable as an ass

No. 163221

oops, I meant indignation.

No. 163223


Unless you're Hank, the poor, misunderstood, emo, anorexia fetishist. Slobbering over the pictures of adolescents but wait! No! You don't understand he's not a perv!

No. 163226

I've also been self harm free for a while now, for a lot of the same reasons (even though you sound rather condescending about it. ) I'm not talking about fresh wounds or whatever. I just think its shitty of people to make fun of people who used to self harm and now can do nothing about the scars left on them.

Additionally, yes I know people are going to judge you no matter what, and I wouldn't be here today if I hadn't learned to suck it up abd accept it. But it gets me real buttmad to see people making fun of others for something they just awant to forget about, and I think I have the right to feel like its shitty of people to do that. Even though my feelings don't matterbecause its the real world and no one gives a shit about how others feel.

No. 163227

I wear long sleeves whatever the weather. Nobody should have to see that shit, especially kids.

No. 163228

i bet she went into the bathroom and took photos of her ass after reading that comment

No. 163229

>because you did stupid shit as a teenager

I'm the one with the long sleeves. This comment pisses me off. The presumption that it's something TEENS do. I'm wellll over 30 and I still do it. People think it's a phase emo kids go through for fashion and it fucks me off.

No. 163230

No. 163231

File: 1439925280385.jpg (93.26 KB, 275x687, anorexic.jpg)

No. 163232

Ot but how do you manage that anon? I try to wear pants and long sleeves as much as possible, but sometimes I just can't handle the heat and have to roll up my sleeves.. I once got a heat stroke from wearing clothes that were too concealing on a hot day.

No. 163233


Anyway, Hank should join fetlife if he wants a skinny fetish relationship.

No. 163236

Okay but.. Its something I did when I was 12-15 so that's why I said I made stupid mistakes as a teenager… Never said it was trendy, its something I still struggle with today (20 now.)

Anyway, no one gives a shit about my opinion so here's my last post. Have a good time with the #assholegap.

No. 163237

God, so fucking gross. I can't believe some people strive to look like that. Quite sad.

No. 163238

Yeah, he should. I feel kinda bad for him cos he's just a dude that had a kink, that became a fetish, that eventually became a behaviour incredibly detrimental to himself and others. I still think his behaviour is super fucked up, so yeah, he should keep his fetishes solely on fetish sites.

No. 163239

Long sleeve cotton t shirts or a vest top with a light cotton cardigan on top.

No. 163240

Is that a wig?

No. 163243

Do anorexics poop? If someone like ash who doesn't eat for days on end until she's almost dying and eats the bare minimum to survive, where does that waste go? Does the body absorb everything or…?

No. 163244

File: 1439925704581.jpg (21.6 KB, 619x127, hi hank.JPG)


>sultry skeletons

No. 163245

now i'm morbidly curious. i remember marya hornbacher (sp?) saying in her book she used to just shit straight blood and water, but she abused laxatives.

No. 163246


No. 163248

No. 163264

i signed up for fetlife to check that out and it's fucked

"looking for ana dom to make me 70 lbs"

there are people who get off on making others fat, so i guess this isn't that surprising, but… ugh

No. 163281

Ugh now I have this image in my head of some spoopy af Dom sticking her bony finger down someone's throat until they puke everything they can

No. 163298

i wonder how many people are actually into it as a fetish and how many just want someone to encourage their disorder :/

No. 163315

I cant see anyone wanting to encourage it if that isn't their fetish…

No. 163439

Did anyone else notice her rockin' sideburns on this thread's header photo?

No. 163452

Ashley: the next Elvis impersonator?

Can someone shoop it omg

No. 163457

Holy shit I didn't. That's severe lanugo, the body's last ditch attempt at keeping itself warm.

No. 163467

I used to shit mucous with a tiny bit of feces through it. Sultry skeleton indeed.

No. 163494

Looks like a shadow, not sideburns.

No. 163495

Oh whoops! I clicked on the pic and saw a bigger version. Yikes.

No. 163527

>Ash I know you're reading this make a video k??

Ash delivered. A few seconds singing inside a food store on tumblr.

No. 163536

She wouldn't have been a terrible singer if only she took a choir class back in HS tbh. Probably a distraction from her ED, even.

No. 163544

Holy shit how have I never noticed those side burns before haha you could seriously braid those bad boys

No. 163546

I have no idea who this girl is, but I literally cringe every time I pass her picture. Holy shit, why is this girl not locked in a psych ward before she starves herself to death?

No. 163548

Because her mom doesn't care enough.

No. 163817

i wonder if the scooter in the background is one she's using to grocery shop…

What's worse, a morbidly obese person riding the grocery scooters and piling more junk food in their carts, or a spoopy person piling in junk they'll barf up later?

No. 163820

File: 1439962672398.jpg (86.55 KB, 499x562, wat.jpg)

I think ash scares me more. It's kind of funny how she calls it "grocery shopping" when it's just food to puke.

No. 163848

Someone needs to call Adult Protective Services on this girl. I'm being very serious.

No. 163851

We tried. :(

No. 163852

As sad as it is to say, I really, really don't think that there's much that can be done to help her at this point…

No. 163866

We already took away her friends and messed up her relationship with her mom- yeah, we've done everything we can to damage her.

No. 163873

Who contacted her mom?!

No. 163875

Nice try ash

No. 163878

I think that post defending hank was hers. She has a lot of typing tells. She lurks.

No. 163881

always a victim huh?
you narcisstic bitch

No. 163940

Jesus, that looks so painful. She must be in agony all the time. I was never anywhere near that spoopy and it still hurt to sit down or be in pretty much any position whatsoever.

Depends on what you're eating and how much. Sometimes you poop like, once a week or even once every few weeks, unless you take laxatives, but that's a whooole different ballgame.

No. 163941

Not much more that can be done to help her?

Why not end this thread trashing her… pretty sure posting mean photos comparing her to hurtful things and laughing about a serious illness she suffers from is NOT going in the direction of trying to help her.

Not saying the person I'm replying to posted those things. But I know that people have. Just let the thread die. What more could possibly be said about her that hasn't been said already, you know? :/

No. 163948

pretty sure her ED messed up her relationship with her mom.

No. 163951


U guys always say she just wants attention. Then stop giving her attention on this thread and let it die. Move on to another lol cow. Theres nothing else to say about ashley anyway.

No. 163954

you cant expect people to look away from a trainwreck. You either stay til the body is pulled out or the mess is cleaned up. If Ash doesn't want people to look she'll stop posting online. Erika withdrew her online presence and no one discusses her anymore. It's that easy.

No. 163963

Your mother doesn't even give enough of a shit to force you into treatment (again). That relationship was messed up before we even acknowledged your existence.

No. 163964

Now that you mention it, yes, >>162675 was definitely Ash.

No. 163986

>took away her friends

What friends? The ones who sent her stuff until they found out how manipulative she was? If there were other friends who went away, they weren't friends then were they.

No. 164000


That anon was confirmed to be Ashley anon.

No. 164002

I like that the spoiler image is the complete opposite of the one hidden under it.

No. 164003

This thread was obviously a self post. Ashley missed the concern of her core group of girlfriends. Be supportive fag.

No. 164004

Honestly the petty pointing of fingers at her mom is getting old. Ashley is old and decrepit enough to make her own adult ass decisions. Her mom can't force her to do shit. Most parents will find it difficult to turn you out when you're dying anyway.

No. 164045

Yeah I do think she's been bumping the thread and that ember has been bumping hers.

No. 164084

My point was that the relationship is already messed up. We didn't do shit.
And honestly, if her mother really cared, she'd find a way to do something. Even if Ash is an adult, there are steps she can take. I don't blame her mother for giving up, but she definitely has.

No. 164086

That cylinder shaped thing in the OP photo, please don't tell me that's an arm with a tattoo please don't tell me someone has arms like that it looks horrifying.

No. 164087

Bullshit, Ash is an adult. And all the mother/daughter relationship shit came from Ash anyway, we don't know the actual dynamic of it. Her mom can't do anything about Ash's condition and saying she doesn't love her daughter enough to do anything is horseshit. Ash made herself this way and she's the only one who can get herself out (even though it's too late)

No. 164094

Her mother is her "caretaker" though, providing housing, working to support them both, and driving her to appointments, and who knows what else behind the scenes. (ie helping with personal hygiene, etc.)

I've known people of age in less dire states than Ashley who were deemed incompetent or had guardianship signed over to their parents in order for them to receive the proper treatment they weren't able to assess and accept due to the ED screwing with their cognition and perception.

No. 164096

I actually disagree here. Ash is in the same position as a drug addict. She needs recovery but her illness is preventing her from choosing that. Her mom is enabling her by letting her live in the home so that Ash can continue to engage in disordered behavior. Ash's mom might love her but like almost every parent on Intervention she is ultimately complicit in furthering Ash's illness. I mean my god any judge would hand over legal guardianship in a heartbeat after looking at Ash. After that it's a matter of physically putting her in the car and going to the ICU, because it's not like Ash is in any shape to fight back or run away.

No. 164097

You can't understand what it is like to have a chronically ill child or an addict for a child until you've experienced it yourself. You get all fucked up, emotionally and mentally, and it doesn't help that people with eating disorders and addictions are incredibly manipulative and vile by nature.

No. 164103

File: 1439999797018.jpg (19.52 KB, 484x245, twat.JPG)

At least Ash can laugh about bulimia. Hilarious, innit.

No. 164104


Sure that's really hard. But hard choices have to happen if her mom wants her survival. No one is saying that they think this is easy on her mom. The financial aspect of recovery alone probably prevents her from doing a lot. But she's still ultimately an enabler and as the HEALTHY adult caretaker it is her responsibility to get Ash care. If you have a toddler who cries and lies when they want cookies at the store you don't give in, do you? You have to be the stronger one who thinks about long term.

No. 164108

I feel bad for Ma Isaacs, but can't forget the time she drove Ash to the donut place for 24 free donuts.

No. 164115

do you think she is putting on an act half the time? i get that people dont wanna recover but arent there times you are damned pissed at yourself because you are constantly in pain, teeth falling out, want to enjoy hobbies/life but gotta listen to ED, etc?

No. 164118

its literally her arm bone
humerus isnt it

No. 164120

SSI is paying for her housing.

No. 164135

I understand what you're saying, and I totally agree her mother should never have let it get to this stage because she is supposed to be her caretaker but what can she even do now? Imagine how difficult it is to cope with Ash. She probably makes all kinds of pleas and promises to keep her food down, and her mother doesn't want her to starve to death, so she gives her the food. Then Ash voms it up. But her mum doesn't want her to die so when Ash inevitably asks for food again, she provides. I'm sure she's starved her out a couple times then felt awful and given Ash food or drink. Idk, can you imagine how fucked her head must be?

No. 164148

>She probably makes all kinds of pleas and promises to keep her food down

Can't see that happening.

No. 164149

This argument has been repeated ad nauseum in the threads.

No. 164150

Ya I was actually just about to apologise for basically musing aloud to myself in the form of what looks like an argument but didn't want to spam anymore. Sorryyy

No. 164151

Agreed. I am not saying Ash's mom is the greatest but given how many years of Ash she has been through I can't even get a little mad at anything she does. I imagine in the first year(s) she did try to fight Ash and really tried but at this point I am sure she is likely burnt out and sadly waiting for Ash to die. Not saying she really wants Ash to die but just wants some peace for the both of them bare minimum. Or maybe she does just want to be rid of her but I can't say I fault her for that either. I cannot even begin to fathom what their lives/relationship is like.

No. 164173

>humerus isn't it

But shit that's terrifying. I don't think I've ever seen it this bad.

No. 164201

File: 1440006487295.jpg (41.27 KB, 786x512, sexy shrimp.JPG)

Oh, there're loads of girls like her. Check out (or don't) the skinny fetish pr0n sites. She likes to think she's special, but she's far from it.

No. 164209

Ash has said before that she is staying alive to watch her mother suffer ~as much as she has~ so I'm sure there isn't much pleading involved on her part.

No. 164211

Good God…

No. 164217

Fair enough, I was imagining a scenario like say with the krispy kremes - maybe she promised she'd eat a few and actually keep them down, and out of desperation her mother believed her. Never knew she said that in regards to staying alive.. ugh every new piece of information confirms what a disgusting human being she is.

No. 164218

It's also great fun being the adult child who has chronic illnesses and is constantly reminded of how they're a horrible burden and a monster who's ruined the lives of everyone around them by simply existing and having been born with "problems."

inb4 "hi Ash" - not her, just someone else who's seen both sides of a situation like this

No. 164224

"Born with problems" lol

No. 164225

Agree so much. Ash's binge purge issues complicate things because she needs food to survive but she'll puke it all up anyway so what can you do? I'm sure her mom has tried to keep her from getting binge food like you try an addict from getting drugs but in this case it's like having to give a junkie just a little heroin every day and expecting them to stay in control.

And if she tries to keep binge food away then Ash accuses her mom of starving her and adult protective services shows up. It's not working keeping her at home but there's no winning with someone that sick and manipulative so it's really not her mom's fault. Being around that craziness really does mess with your mind and make you do things you normally wouldn't. Her mom didn't want to become an enabler. I would bet Ash definitely has done things like promise to keep food down and then just purge it or other lying to get her way.

No. 164227

Considering how vile and manipulative Ash is I would take anything she says with a fuckton of salt

No. 164230

>adult protective services

That's another thing, if anyone had the authority to make Ash get help it would be them.

No. 164233

And multiple anons have contacted them but even they haven't put her in a facility. For all we know this entire time her mom's been trying to get Ash institutionalized too but the same thing happens where APS doesn't do anything.

No. 164234

This fucking thread is like déjà but fucking insanity.

All this shit has been said and discussed before.

Report back when this bitch croaks or her mum smothers her to heaven.

No. 164238

Which is why this thread needs to go away

No. 164266

Honestly keep contacting them ubtil they do something or she dies because they won't

No. 164305

nothing is stopping you from doing that yourself if you think it's an urgent matter.

No. 164321

looks 'shopped, but okay

those cheeks though

No. 164324

Yeah, it's fun being born with congenital defects and being blamed for having them. I've let this farce of a life go on for too long anyway, though, and I'm offing myself, so laugh it up. My poor caregiver parents won't have to live with me being a burden anymore. Ash should do the same.

No. 164332

She posted a new video and I found myself seriously thinking that she looks better now. Have all these threads fucked me up or?..

No. 164378

Ashley did? Where?

No. 164381


I honestly want to know why APS doesn't take action on her. I know it's really hard to section an adult but she definitely falls into the category of being gravely ill. My best guess is that the sheisty therapist she went to was ordered by APS and so if she goes to that then they wash their hands of it.

No. 164395

File: 1440020293286.jpg (131.62 KB, 497x881, wut.jpg)

On tumblr. It's a video of her singing, somebody already mentioned it a few posts ago.

No. 164405

She does look healthier than she used to. Maybe imaginary therapy does help.

No. 164406

I was going to say the same thing. She looks less spoopy.

I'd be really happy if she recovered.

No. 164437

she does look like she's figured out the eyebrow thing.

No. 164438

She could honestly be really cute.

No. 164440

oh, that. OLD NEWS.

No. 164446

oh anon….i cannot imagine how bad your prescription must be. yeah, she probs used a stencile to make it straight or she tatted them, but they are still the same nasty strings.

No. 164453

Well that's what I was getting at - it's not that you or someone suffering mental health issues are a burden, but with long-term things the stress, worry, energy and sacrifice required to care for someone you love can break you down and make you irrational. Ashleys mother isnt in the right frame of mind to provide appropriate care for her - just as I guess your parents aren't providing the adequate care (emotional, at least) for you. Sorry about your situation. Don't kill yourself.

No. 164455

you are being way to0 dramatic about that comment, i was talking about ashley, not you. ashley being anorexic isn't a congenital disease. go get help and stop making this your personal blog.

No. 164456

this is shooped.
The girl is definitely underweight, but the arm is shoop

No. 164472


Yeah, this has been done too. Stop bumping the thread.

No. 164479

Sorry, deleted.

No. 164487

Oh Jesus Christ, Ash has whined about exactly this shit over and over. But honestly, she IS making everyone in her life miserable and refusing to do anything to make it better because she's selfish. That's not a monster, I don't know what is.

No. 164488

Sorry, I meant to say "IF that's not a monster, I don't know what is."

No. 164492

She's one of Boneskine's models and a "famous" skinny pr0n model.

No need to say NSFW

No. 164494

bitches like this make my kidneys hurt

No. 164501


The pic where her spine's sticking out really bad…it makes my skin hurt seeing bones stick out. I imagine the bone bursting through her skin.

Some fetishes I'll never understand. This is one.

No. 164798

File: 1440039710284.jpg (199.69 KB, 499x609, ayylmao.jpg)

She looks better without the rotten wig.

No. 164808

She… She actually looks really nice here.
As far as Ashley goes. I know whatever I write will be taken the wrong way, but Jesus Christ, she would look so much better if she just gained some fucking weight. You can still be horribly skinny but weigh enough to function and be able to live, and even look nice.

No. 164817

Yeah, all ana sufferers would look better if they gained weight. That's the POINT of them struggling with that disease and doctors trying to help them.

No. 164822

i hope saying Ashley doesn't think it's "triggering" to call her healthier/less spoopy. like, the anorexic mind is a twisted thing.

No. 164831

File: 1440040369673.jpg (70.8 KB, 527x800, mastr_stl_5_h.jpg)

No. 164833

That's what I'm concerned about.

But by 'healthier' I just mean she looks radiant, almost. Like there's a kind of light in her face and eyes that makes her look so much better, and that would only make her more beautiful as she recovers. I still have a lot of hope for her.

No. 164846

She'd never fully recover unfortunately, but wouldn't it be better for her to get help and live her last few months/years with less suffering and actually enjoying life? I also noticed that her face looks brighter.

No. 164929

Oh, come on. Can her behaviour be any more fucked up?

She looks better because she isn't wearing that disgusting pink eyeshadow. Also, filters. She said a while ago she just realised she had filters.

No. 165044

She looks more hydrated and less tired, that's all. I don't think she has put on any weight.
Would be nice if she did, but we all know she won't and doesn't want to. :/

No. 165061

if i was ash's mom, and id been trying to get her institutionalized but APS wouldn't cooperate, id keep meticulous records of all my attempts and when she does die, id sue them.

No. 165067

That's so mean…

No. 165086

I dunno. I kinda like it.

No. 165194

I hope nothing but the best for her. Everyone who suffers from this deserves to beat such a horrid fucking illness. I wont lose hope for her. Anything is possible. I wish her nothing but happiness.

No. 165334

She only said that after farmers commented on her last selfie that she looked more hydrated/better to show us that ~NOPE I'm still as much of a corpse it's just filters~

No. 165371

She said it way before that pic.

No. 165851

File: 1440120464978.png (93.18 KB, 935x760, ashleys-shadow.png)

I think I saw this in a nightmare once.

No. 165857

File: 1440120865445.jpg (83.52 KB, 500x509, DRRRR.jpg)



No. 165861


No. 165868


made my day anon.

No. 165884

No. 165921

Actual fucking lol

No. 165940

Oh my sides

No. 166045

OH GOD. I was just reading some Junji Ito and joking that I was going to get that panel tattooed on my ass. This must be a sign…

Original shadow pic is fucking terrifying tho

No. 166341

No. 166875

Anyone know anything more about hank? Are there other old men still buying wtuff for her since the minions went away?

No. 167362

I've never known him to buy gifts for girls on the internet. He just likes talking to other people with anorexia.

No. 167364

File: 1440300352457.jpg (14.03 KB, 521x165, hm.JPG)

But she isn't anorexic, she's a human being (even though she tags selfies #eatingdisorder).

No. 167410

>What color are your eyes
>They're eyes

No. 167614

So motion to discuss Ash&crew in /snow/ from now on?

No. 167647

Motion to never talk about Ashley again?
She obviously wants to disappear, so we should ~*respect*~ her wishes.

No. 167652

No. 167798

I get my morbid fucking jollies from this thread. The only other cow that makes me feel this way is Asha.

No. 168236

fucking kek

I think she's experimenting with different personas to determine which one gets her the most asspats.

No. 168258

File: 1440389443891.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.7 KB, 1100x1113, 1439873927218.jpg)

Nah, Ash is my favorite lolcow.
nice try, ash :^)

No. 168328


Why would it be Ashley? Seriously, we don't have anything to discuss about her anymore. The Aly thread is more than enough.

This thread was gone for a while and it was just fine until someone created a new one without any reason.

No. 168336

They recreated it because people were bitching about anorexics comparing bodies or mental illnesses. Apparently that's an Ash thread thing rather than a Aly thread thing. Whole thing was fucking stupid if you ask me.

No. 168402

File: 1440419780943.png (108.43 KB, 564x502, Untitled.png)

No. 168534

I really just wanted to psychoanalyse her followers but theyre all gone now and they were more interesting than her.

No. 168990

There are a bunch of freaks posting in the Aly thread

No. 168991

I suppose we still have TFC, Emma, and Jackie? But they're all legit retarded and I feel bad milking them.

No. 169149

Yeah but Emma has funny ears so it's ok.

No. 171012

She looks really pretty here imo. I want to see her recover, even if it's only to a weight where she can actually function.

No. 171079

Agreed. Her life must be fucking shit.

No. 172526

File: 1441053713719.png (332.72 KB, 362x590, aus.png)

No. 172581

Sorry, but whats this mean?

No. 172587

'Piece of shit'.

No. 172590

I wonder how erika is doing

No. 172599


Hopefully focusing on her recovery.

No. 172612

File: 1441058619650.png (488.13 KB, 528x704, #ashforsanta2k15.png)

i was looking through her personal tag and i

No. 172772

File: 1441090809748.jpg (406.16 KB, 497x881, 1440020293286_mr1441090752459.…)

Shitty edit I do on my phone.

No. 172938

omg anon that is so damn cute, I wish Ash would see this and realize that if she just put on some weight, a shit-ton (admittedly not ALL) of her problems would be solved ;_;

No. 172975

>>172938 I hate when she alludes to permanent complications making recovery not worth it. Is she not aware that millions of people live with manageable permanent disabilities and their lives aren't all worthless?

No. 172976

>I wish Ash would see this

She'd puke.

Although, what's with the 'would'? She will or already did see it, no doubt.

No. 173058

I know I'm late but regarding Erika - her insurance is probably asking for a lot of proof she has to go to ED treatment centers and etc, but an emergency hospital stay is going to be a lot easier for the insurance company to swallow. I don't think people should idolize her like it comes off but trying to scratch up any possible drama is really annoying. Having to read like 1000 goddamn idiot posts of 'um that blood pressure cuff looks strange' and other 'I don't work in a hospital but doctors don't do that!!1' type of shit is so stupid.

No. 173089

She'd be absolutely adorable, holyyyy shit.

No. 174158

Can someone please tell me how she got 'em cute little mamegoma stickers on her pic?
Damn her hair is fried. And her lips are so cracked and her skin is so awful. That's why i slowly got out of anorexia, i was stick thin and that was super cool but i was looking like total shit and a zombie.

No. 174169

>mfw i used to think this was a perfect body two years ago

Woah she would be such a cutie…Also a softer body, that would cute af.

No. 174231

She was absolutely adorable before anorexia. I still have trouble realizing Hamtaro-Chan and Spoopy Skelly are one in the same.

No. 174267

File: 1441310007465.jpg (346.92 KB, 960x1280, h-c-34.jpg)

No. 174287

The veins under her skin are not a normal colour…

No. 174290

Not sure about the stickers, but that's not her hair. We all think it's a wig. A ratty, smelly, old wig.

No. 174294

idk, they seem normal to me.

No. 174302

dear lord, her stomach is repulsive…

No. 174320

I think the app she uses is aillis

No. 174323

Well, my veins are blue, not purplish red. I guess it could be it looks like that because she's so thin

No. 174331

Might be lighting. If I bend my wrist right back I can see some very think purplish red veins but they're not in the same place as hers and they're nowhere near as thick.

No. 174352

There's a pinkish filter on the photo which probably emphasises them and gives them a purplish tinge

No. 175404

File: 1441502387451.jpg (39.94 KB, 665x530, image.jpg)

Different skin undertones make veins look different colors. For example, I have neutral undertones so my veins look dark purple and green.

But I know what you mean, those veins look abnormally dark pink, but like >>174352 said, it could probably be the filter that makes them look like that.
(I don't post on threads as much as I lurk so idk how to not bump this thread, oops)

No. 175469

File: 1441513252334.png (145.67 KB, 772x488, Screenshot 2015-09-05 at 11.20…)

Okay so Sprout's recovery is still not going well, she's made this fake 10 calorie frappuccino to indulge in

No. 175502

Wait, Sprout's back? I thought she quit her social media?

No. 175503

Baristasplaining incoming;
She thinks it's only 10 cals cause of the sugar free vanilla lmao, that barista has to use base to stop a frappucino from just being ice blocks. That 'blended iced americano" is just a coffee frap.
Even if they used coffee light base that thing is not under 100cals.

No. 175504

I hate customers like this. "Iced americano blended only some baristas can make it right!" Stfu you made this awful shit up, it's just a bloody coffee frap. Ugh.

No. 176087

what happened to erika?

No. 176101

She got caught exaggerating stuff and deleted her IG as a result.

No. 176106

what's sprout's ig/tumblr?

No. 176110

Sprout deleted ig after some drama. I've got her blog bookmarked at home but I'm out atm. If no one can pot it I'll do it later. Google sth like eilisheats.

No. 176113

She didn't have a tumblr, its sth like WordPress.

No. 176123

found it! thanks

No. 176231

File: 1441648575732.png (338.1 KB, 679x923, Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.5…)

Sprout figured out the base thing. I'm dying

No. 179790

so ash calls this jackie girl her best friend now? so sad.

No. 179796

Whoever pays the most attention to Ash is her best friend.

No. 180224

File: 1442360570628.jpg (384.64 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nup112yNOV1upnbl4o2_128…)

Here they are in Disneyland.

No. 180226

File: 1442360602422.jpg (381.42 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nup112yNOV1upnbl4o1_128…)

No. 180228

Wait, it's DisneyWORLD in the US. Soz I'm thinking of Paris.

No. 180268

What a little bitch.

No. 180271

There's a Disneyland in US, but it's in California.

No. 180283

File: 1442372927681.jpeg (29.89 KB, 320x320, oldsprout.jpeg)

She suddenly looks so much older than 16… holy shit.

No. 180348

nice buttchin

No. 180358

That knarly, ratty wig makes me cringe everytime - ugh ash just get a new one even a cheap one from a party store would be an improvement.
It must smell so fucking rank.

No. 180377

Why does her face have ribs
I don't understand

No. 180766

apparently she's homeless and her tumblr's running on queues

No. 180781

Really? is there proof somewhere she's homeless?

No. 180782

It looks like the same wig from her cam days.

No. 180790

BULLSHIT. I've been in hospital plenty (UK) and never had my knickers confiscated, wtf.

No. 180798

I just found this gem on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1H4IHf4Opk

Ashley was so cute before she became a spoopy skeleton

No. 180802

Well now I'm not sure if it's a wig or not. It looks like you can see a little scalp where the part is? I feel like the condition of her hair seems consistent with someone who's receiving absolutely zero nutrients. It's all dry and split and all that.

No. 180806

File: 1442523158723.jpg (192.06 KB, 540x720, tumblr_nuu9roq6XL1upnbl4o1_540…)

No. 180808

Lace front wigs have a fake scalp if it has a part. Just sayin'

No. 180830

File: 1442527506766.png (425.5 KB, 1280x805, tumblr_nabzchBPy21s2j8n8o1_128…)

No. 180836

This photo is proof that Jackie is retarded. Velcro shoes wtf.

No. 180839

jesus christ she's even scarier when you see her next to a normal person

No. 180840

Is there any other proof? I don't know much about Jackie.

No. 180852

I highly doubt Ash would have a lace front.

No. 180853

Well, non lace fronts also have a flesh colored scalp around the part. It's called a mono top wig.

No. 180918

It's probably a hole because this wig is so worn down.

No. 180936

She's a bit slow, you can tell by how she types on instagram. She's harmless, it's kind of sad.

No. 180937

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0zDuIkQWUc reminds me of ash minus the actual effort for recovery part

No. 180939

I know Ash's wig is ratty and disgusting..

But can you guys even imagine how fucking terrifying she would look if she didn't wear it?

No. 180940

File: 1442544423859.jpg (28.21 KB, 500x500, MelodySusie-Beautiful-Short-Da…)

the majority of cosplay and fashion wigs come with some kind of skin part nowadays.

This wig right here is SUPER close to Ashley's hair. Her's has been trimmed, washed, and fried though.

No. 180942

So many grey hairs…

No. 180973

So, someone made an Ashley montage. Was this made by a farmer? There's one for shmegeh too. Weird. https://youtu.be/q1H4IHf4Opk

No. 180984

i have a friend who had anorexia - very bad i may add - and even her hair stayed somewhat normal. she also straightened it.

then again, everyones hair type is different

No. 180986

what im saying is yeah ashley's has to be a wig because it is too far gone to be real natural hair

No. 180989

Ugh god, that fucking tibia is grossing me out man.
I feel like one wrong-footed step and it could just snap.
Jackie looks… uncomfortable.
That angled-eyebrow expression and her hand seems to be barely touching Ash.
Don't blame her in the slightest though.

No. 181058

Ehh… it was probably just some random who sees them as thinspo. Not necessarily a farmer–or at least, not a regular.

No. 181060

Aw, that's sad then. Wonder what she even sees in Ash.

No. 181062

Well, ash is technically the endgame of anorexia, maybe she wants to be a 'living' corpse and rot just like ash does.

No. 181137

She's also leaning slightly away from the Ash, probably due to the stench.

No. 181138

That's a lady that all the VK pervs post pictures of. I recognize her. Sad.

No. 181141

File: 1442611340793.png (234.24 KB, 617x630, ughity.png)

Speaking of VK pervs..

No. 181177

Ugh… she's fourteen.
Nasty bastards.

No. 182081


No. 182083

fucking disgusting pervs

No. 182087

the worst thing about this is that they attach their real names and photos to this. do you have no fucking shame?

No. 182091

I wonder if they can be reported to some law enforcement agency?

No. 182984

I didn't say they confiscate your drawerz.

>they even give you paper knickers if you were brought in without any to change into

>if you were brought in without any to change into

If you've had a suspected heart attack, they don't stick you in a ward bed wearing your day time clothes. You have to wear a gown until someone brings you PJs. My experience anyhoo.

No. 182986

lol the police won't care that someone is making creepy comments on the internet.

their friends and family might, though.

No. 182992

I think the fact that the site's hosted in Russia means fuck all could be done about it.

No. 183015

Who is this girl?

No. 183019


Okay, I've been going throught the ash threads trying to find this video of Jackie which shows she is mentally slow, but I can't find it. Seriously though, not being nasty, she is slow.

No. 183042

They probably don't know she's 14 tbh. They're making up a back story for these photos to fit their creepy fetish.

>Oh she's so proud of herself

>She loves that we're giving her this attention and she's totally starving herself because men find it sexy

Yeah. -rolleyes- Right.

No. 183051

Ugh pro-recovery just means pro-ana now, right? I'm totally pro recovery, btw check out my 100 calorie "meals" and these gratuitous pictures of my chest bones :) :) :)

No. 183135

looking at other severe anorexics, I have yet to find one with extreme or noticeable hair loss. I have however, noticed that the majority of them lose all of their eyebrow hair.

No. 183192

Actually, you CAN see she's desperate for attention, or else she wouldn't pose that ridiculous way in every picture of herself to show off her bones. I will say, however, that she obviously isn't trying to be sexy…
Weirdos, man.

No. 183205

Says it all.

No. 183207

It's really, really fucking creepy and gross that that's what those guys want. Plus, she's a fucking mentally and physically ill 14-year-old.

No. 183844

File: 1442794755466.png (24.33 KB, 566x430, welp.png)


No. 183865


>You are my friend. (I hope)

>pls respond ms skeltal

No. 183897

Whatever, just another way to get asspats

No. 183917


No. 184170

But he's totally not a pervert!

No. 184176

i'm seriously going to call the police holy fucking shit

No. 184178

Is it just me or has Ash been looking better recently?

No. 184180


Physically or mentally?

No. 184183


It's just u

No. 184187

I think she looks a little more hydrated maybe- her skin is less wrinkled looking in her face to me. Or maybe she's learning how to edit her pics so she looks less like a rotting corpse. However that would be impossible unless ya know… Recovery.

No. 184200

File: 1442877492355.jpg (294.87 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nuw03zTmWy1upnbl4o1_128…)


I mean, the grocery store video, I was almost thinking that maybe she looked a bit better, but this photo is more recent.

No. 184212

Soooo incredibly yellow…,

No. 184214

God… her skin tone looks normal-ish in her selfies but next to a healthy person she looks like a fucking ghost

No. 184215

She liked ghosts so much she became one.

No. 184216

File: 1442879706685.jpg (15.84 KB, 325x325, 1440355283328.jpg)

Her liver must be the consistency of apple sauce at this point.

No. 184219

No. 184220

When the fuck is she going to finally die?!
It's fucking crazy that she has been hanging by a single thread for so long. It blows my mind.
How has not even one of her organs packed in yet? It's insanity.

No. 184231

Can someone repost Ashley's really old blog back from when she was around a teenager? It only had a couple of posts.
Much obliged.

No. 184254

File: 1442887253677.gif (1.96 MB, 360x240, irecovery.gif)


I made an icovery gif.

There's an amusing part somewhere in the middle where it looks like she's just wiggling one bar back and forth between the frames.

No. 184315

lol I fucking love these, it's so creepy how they pose in almost the exact same way over and over and over

No. 184317

>having a nice kitchen and obviously never using it to cook delicious meals
>buys prepackaged pleb garbage instead

Check yer privilege, Skelly!

No. 184339

All the marked pictures, with the two stroke symbol are eating disorder recovery shit. Girl, you can't claim recovery if you aren't trying

No. 184343


Psych wards do that so you don't sneak in string, drugs, or weapons. They go through all your shit.

No. 184515

Here's a link to all of the threads >>145749

It's not in the first two threads but for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the blog. I know she's gone by dearxatticus, xxwitherwings (YouTube), ghostxperfume, and goodbye_atticus if you want to search. Otherwise, skim through the threads for screenshots.
Or maybe someone else will remember it. Who knows?

No. 184521

I found it, thank you!


No. 184532

No. 184699

>I find her very triggering. I would kill to look like that. but she suffers so much, I feel so bad for her. I know she b/ps often and cannot walk far, she uses a wheelchair to get around and just stands for photos.

No. 184710

mpa is such a shithole

No. 184712

The skeleton is giving out skull bracelets this is just surreal

No. 184713

Ash didn't make those shirts, that was one of her "Finches".

No. 184716

No. 184718

Holy shit did anyone notice what happened to Ash's voice in that new video? Anorexia, not even once.

No. 184732

You have to forgive me for asking a probably stupid question, I've never heard of this girl before… why hasn't anybody put her into treatment? Don't her parents care about her well being?

No. 184733

She says she's been in treatment before, she and her mom have some sort of toxic dynamic, and people here have tried to report her to adult protective services in her state but they've done nothing.

No. 184739

That is truly and honestly sad. I'm honestly not sure how she isn't dead. She needs help ASAP.

No. 184741

No. 184754

I think shes beyond saving now. If adult protective services had intervened when we discovered her in December it would be a different story. Shes been like this for too long now and shes on her last legs.

No. 184759

She's been on her last legs for years. At this point, I think she might be a reanimated corpse.

No. 184763

I'm telling you, she's some kind of undead mummy thing. She's going to out-"live" us all.

No. 184797

File: 1443001758679.jpg (139.37 KB, 540x537, ashle.jpg)

I know we shit on her a lot, but she actually looks so happy and cute in this photo!

No. 184841

I think she will outlive Aly.

No. 184844

I seriously would not be surprised. I want her to donate her body to science. Maybe the key to eternal life (although not youth; you'd have to "live" as an 85-year-old chairgrave denizen) could be unlocked thanks to her spoopy DNA.

No. 184848

Inject Grandma with her blood, Grandma gets to stay around long enough to see her grandkids grow up.

No. 184849

That would actually be pretty sweet. Ashley, if you're reading this, please donate your body to science. It's for the greater good. Not that you probably care about that.

No. 184850

>Nyyyyoooo. It's miiiiiine. Fuck you morbid assholes!

No. 184851

Ashley is not an anomaly. There are plenty of chronic cases like her, unfortunately. Go to any adult IP unit. She's deluded and she thinks she's special, maybe partly because of comments like this.

No. 184855

I lol'd too hard at this.

Oh yeah, I know, and I didn't mean to help prop up the idea that she's somehow special/unique. I wish those chronic cases would donate their bodies to science, too, TBH. It's morbidly interesting how some anorexics can keep going and going and going and others drop dead much sooner and/or when they're much less underweight. I guess a lot of that has to do with the behaviors they engage in and how severely they do so, but Ash seems like she's abused her body pretty damn well, and she's still kicking (or at least sitting).

No. 184949

While I don't personally have hypermobile type, I still know people who have hypermobile (worse joints, knee issues, the likes). Their legs look nothing like hers. I was at the lightest about 80ish-90lbs tops and my knees didn't even look 2like that then.
I only know of one tumblrblog/instagrammer that even has EDS and they (respecting privacy) don't tell anyone and are in the hospital a lot for treatment.
Not to mention how when we are anorexic, skin, esp on the arms and front, tends to hang a little even if we were skinny before (but not get saggy since it's elastic). Hers is too tight for either type.

In short:
She might just have pshopd them in that and it's a very common look with severe eating disorders.
Not to mention how rare our disease is.. so no it's definitely not EDS.

It pisses me off when people who choose to be PUBLIC about their medical issues do shit like that.
I'm sorry, but you chose to go out there and make other people seek help from you, but then you're too perfect and snowflake-y to answer them properly.. just what the f.

How do they not throw up eating things like this?

What the actual fuck? There's a fetish for this crap? I thought preying on teens was bad enough.. oh lordy.

Yes, the FBI has a cyber-crime division for it- unfortunately the FBI doesn't care as they have other things to deal with. Believe me, many kids and teens have tried with much worse. You have to prove they know your age, and even then nothing ever happens unless they physically act on the victim.

No. 185244

So she'll be sending a cheapo skull bracelet to eight people and will expect expensive shit in return. Nice move.

And yeah, her voice is fading.

No. 185250

She knows how to play the market.

No. 185401

You know since Ash is only 4'3 she could easily pass as a sick child and toss on a costume and go trick or treating with Jackie posing as her nurse

No. 185402

p-please tell me that's not her real height

No. 185405

supposedly she's somewhere between 4' 8" and 5' 1" (ive seen people say different heights in that range, but none taller than 5' 1")

No. 185406

> next to a healthy person

Don't forget that Jackie considers herself anorexic.

No. 185407

Oh lord how could we forget.

No. 185593

File: 1443227482972.png (28.82 KB, 567x476, kek.png)

This just in: Ash is going to guroriosu nippon!

No. 185608

You'd think she'd want to recover to be healthy enough to go. Doubt she even has a passport, tbh.

No. 185609

Nah she wants to go by air ambulance and ride around in a wheelchair and get tons of pity-points.

No. 185610

It's not like she could even survive an air ambulance trip. Her head and heart will burst like a melon.

No. 185614

File: 1443240213276.png (346.68 KB, 621x465, simpsonsejectorseats.png)

No. 185693

her fetishization of japan makes me so uncomfortable. Like does she think it's all lolita girls and kawaii shit 24/7? That's like someone getting obsessed with cowboys and needing desperately to visit america to see cowboys. It's not going to be what you think.

I bet she's applied to make-a-wish or something so she can roll her chairgrave around Japan before she dies.

No. 185739

Shes too old.

No. 185751

I think she does, because she reblogs mostly kawaii crap. Like yeah, Japan has some cute things but it's also like every other country. My music teacher was born in Osaka and she said she came to the US because she does not like Japan at all.

No. 185752

File: 1443305676263.jpeg (75.64 KB, 750x816, image.jpeg)

No. 185761

Seems I stepped away from here far too long just spent the last half hour trying to catch up. Who is sprout? Account name? Buehler? Buehler?

No. 185809

Sprout is a 16 years old girl with severe anorexia who Ash was friends with for a while and she ragequit instagram when someone went to family services and reported her.

No. 186102

File: 1443399840212.jpg (30.74 KB, 400x358, basically.jpg)

No. 186105

A.k.a. Eilish Brazell if anyone actually wants to look up her cringe-worthy blog.

No. 186135

I know everyone says it but seriously how the fuck has she stayed alive like this for YEARS? Whilst b/p-ing?? Howwww it freaks me out lol

No. 186369


What happened to the Aly thread? Also does anyone have any Erika updates?

No. 186372

Aly is in snow now anon

No. 186373

Aly's been demoted to /snow

Can't help with the Erika question.

No. 186864

File: 1443500631351.jpg (472.25 KB, 2048x1107, pandadog.jpg)

I've been trying to find Erika with no luck. Poor thing. I really want to know what happened to her.

Pic unrelated.

No. 186882

No. 186883

Erica is private now. Shes fine, things are difficult as usually with her h

No. 186921

I always figured it was the B/P behaviors keeping her alive. If she was only restricting, surely she would be dead by now?

No. 186970

I'm assuming this is her mother?
God, I feel bad for the people that had to put up with my anorexia when I still had it. But damn she is next level bratty about it, I mean I was bad but she is fucking rude as fuck to the people close to her and so easy to upset.

Imagine her mom taking her to disneyworld thinking, "welp, not sure when my daughter is going to die … prolly soon … better make the most of it" meanwhile, "You don't get me MAWM! You fucking hate me you ignorant pos! Fakk you MAWM!" all while throwing the nice food and drinks she buys her right back in her face or the garbage. What a fucking bitch.

No. 186975

The strain binging and purging puts on your heart and stomach is way more life threatening, especially at a low weight than continuous restriction (which she must do as well to be at such a low weight.) I'm surprised she hasn't died from a stomach rupture or heart attack yet tbh

No. 186992

That's her mentally challenged friend Jackie. She's only 36 but anorexia does age a face. It usually makes you look thin but Jackie isn't lying on her back sucking her stomach in here.

No. 187069

She used to have an instagram documenting all the gory shit that happened with her body. I remember seeing pics of her puking blood and shit like that.

No. 187070

I remember the blood in the sink. I wish she still posted those pics.

No. 187082

WTF, seriously? That's the first I've heard of this (not disbelieving you, just…wow). Does anyone have any screenshots or anything?

No. 187100

Can you see her? Is she close to weight restoration or no?

No. 187485

Old post I know, but I know exactly how you feel. I missed out on a lot of things because of my phobia ( trips to Disney, going overseas, etc.) despite the fact that I haven't puked in almost 10 years. I regret letting it hold me back still.

I wish we could make a thread about this, but I have a feeling someone would come along and spam it with pictures of vomit.

No. 187486

I can't even imagine how many poor children were terrified seeing her at Disney.

No. 187499

i think if i saw her in real life, my first thought wouldn't be anorexia, it would be that she has some kind of disease. i guess cause i've never seen someone like her in real life before

No. 187507

Seconding; I'd love to see those pictures. I've been in these threads since day one and never heard anything about this before.

No. 187520

Disneyland is full of diseased people.

No. 187526

If I saw her in public, I definitely would have thought she had some kind of disease, like Lizzie Velasquez who was in the news lately. She is just so much more sick looking than the popular image of anorexia that I think most people would think she was just extremely ill from something else.

No. 187541

I worked at Target a while ago. I have no doubt the employees all know her on sight and probably treat her extremely kindly (genuinely or not).

No. 187598

that's probably one of the reasons she keeps it up. cause people feel bad for her and have to treat her nicely.

No. 187606

Did anyone watch Ash's latest video? Jackie confirmed for being mentally disabled, I feel really sorry for her. Having ash as your only friend is a death sentence.

No. 187609

Well, according to them chatting on social cam a few years back, they've been friends for a while.
At least this proves Ash has SOMETHING of a heart.. Maybe. Lol.

No. 187610

No. Link plz!

No. 187612

Never mind, saw it on Tumblr. Jackie def. sounds disabled.

No. 187621

No. 187622

lol, def her
who else would bonepat her?

No. 187637

It was that plus the typing style.

No. 187644

Same, especially considering she uses a wheelchair which people would associate with a physical illness.

Even in general, I think most people assume underweight people have cancer or some kind of similar illness before assuming AN, but I guess it depends where you live.

No. 187647

I think people's perceptions go like
Too skinny, but not skelly tier, and stylish = anorexia
Literal skeleton, or super skinny but unkempt and poorly dressed = physical illness

No. 187669

Disney is a popular destination for terminally ill people (esp. children). She probably gets very good treatment there.

No. 187676

Maybe that's why she's the way she is.
With no friends bc people can be cruel to disabled people, she developed her mental illnesses…? Idk I'm no expert but I bet we have some psychology major here to explain

No. 187677

Samefagging here, but jeez, you're right. I wonder what it's like to work as a Disney character and to see all those weak children with terminal illnesses and thinking "damn they're going to die soon…" As they jump up and down to see you and ask for a picture/autograph. Like, I couldn't do it, even if it did mean being a princess. My heart would ache too much.

No. 187678

Probe. Her ED does make some people think she is above criticism and a lot of people felt that way until everyone found out what a terrible person Ash is. Even the truth blogs won't defend her and Shmegeh also let it be known that she didn't want Ash to befriend her.

No. 187679


No. 187716

>Shmegeh also let it be known that she didn't want Ash to befriend her


No. 187722

Shmegeh is also a horrid cunt. No loss for either of them.

No. 187723

lmao, cause meesh is such a great person.

No. 187724

Yeah, that was my point. Shmegeh is human garbage and even she didn't want anything to do with Ash.

No. 187766

am I losing my mind? where is the Aly thread now? I know it's been on /snow/ for a little while but I feel nuts because I can't find it on /snow/ or here anymore. Someone please tell me I'm retarded and that the thread is still up somewhere obvious.

No. 187771

It's here >>>/snow/37087
It shows up in the catalog but not in the pages at the moment for some reason.

No. 187774

thanks a million

No. 187885

Never heard shmegeh knew of ash before. Pretty sure shmegehs recovered and isn't ana queen anymore.

No. 187888

Probably, I wish we knew more tho

No. 187929

I really doubt that. Shmegeh posred a video of her making some weird face on IG, I doubt she's recovered.

No. 187930

No. 187932


No. 187935

File: 1443824409909.png (2.02 MB, 1892x1218, Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 3.15…)

You really can't tell if she's "recovered" or not from a closeup of her face. All you can really tell is that she's still doing that same hideous makeup. Wonder if she's decided to come back and try her hand at ~internet fame~ again now. Hopefully not.

No. 187940

No longer skeletal.

And I don't have a source on the shmegeh because it was a series of posts and an anon message that were from her deleted tumblr. Basically, ash said she wanted to hang out with shmegeh in a few posts and then ash got an anon message from a "friend of shmegeh's" who told ash to back off because ash was "triggering to shmegeh."

No. 187941

Is there anywhere to read about Shmegeh's internet infamy? She doesn't have an ED page.

No. 187942

She has a thread here but tumblr is your best bet.

No. 187959

How can you tell?

No. 187973

i remember seeing that post too, since shmegeh was in the florida area at the time, ash wanted to hang out but an anon told her it wouldnt happen bc ash triggered shmegeh

No. 187983

I doubt Ash triggered Shmegeh, Shmegeh is just too stuck up to have friends.

No. 188002

Correction anon, I think she's too stuck up to have ~non-aesthetic~ friends. Ash is too obviously ill, shmegeh only liked the glamorously underweight.

No. 188020

File: 1443854887798.png (382.45 KB, 535x501, bald.png)

The debate is over!
It's a wig.

No. 188029

I wanna see her without it in her true skelly form so bad.

No. 188030

She does look like she has gained in her pictures, although she's still really emeciated just a little less than usual. She looks really sick

No. 188052

File: 1443870486799.png (5.97 KB, 566x111, lok.png)


No. 188056

File: 1443871926290.png (1.6 MB, 994x2370, shmegeh 6-10-2014.png)

I didn't know there was ever any debate about that…makes me think of shmegeh's shaved head since she was just being mentioned (can today be the day when my creepy screenshot archive becomes relevant/useful?)

Also thanks for driving me to Ash's blog again, now I found this - shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/post/130167890156/i-save-old-messages-from-you-to-hurt-myself-with - and I'm stuck wondering who the hell she's referring to (Erika?) and it's bugging me

A few minutes before midnight, go into your bathroom, shut the door, and turn off all the lights. At the stroke of 12, look straight into the mirror and sing the original Pokémon Theme. You'll get your wish, although you may regret having made it

Agreed, her face looks a lot more full (omg ~triggering~ I'm sorry). The "sick" look is her gross makeup, though, which makes me think she still wants to come back to the internet and try to be the #1 Ana Scene Queen at age 20-how-the-fuck-old-would-she-be-now?


No. 188070

Nah, I think it's more like Ash is such an infantilized, petty, deep, dark hole of need that no sane person would want to be her friend. Besides, didn't Ash become friends with Erika because of her looks? Your use of tildas seems oddly familiar…

Her face looks the same as it did when she was posting pics with her underage girlfriend and hiding behind her. She looked to be at a normal weight then. Plus, she's taken so many pics from that angle in the past, it's not hard to see the change. She looks healthier.
I think she's 24 now? She posted a text update in a comment on IG.

No. 188081

I don't think she wants a loads of attention like before. Read her little essay:

No. 188085

She looks less dehydrated and papery but we'll have to wait to see if she posts body shots. I hope she gets better, even though she's a confirmed bitch, I've always liked shmegeh for some reason. She's mean and the way she portrays herself is very different from the "delicate fragile little angel child" ana types, to my knowledge she does not encourage people to starve themselves, at least on her tumblr she doesn't really discuss her ED. I think she's probably matured somewhat, hopefully she can continue to do so.

No. 188090

did she ever trigger people on purpose like Ash does?

No. 188095

i felt the same way but then she beat the shit out of her girlfriend at the time and faked being "on the run" from the police when it turned out she was safe at home with mummy and daddy

and i think she forced herself to become an alcoholic because she wanted to seem more tragic, according to a close friend of hers to took it to a truth blog

No. 188098

Is there a link or anything where I can find out more info about the alcoholism?

No. 188112

File: 1443901293923.png (568.64 KB, 993x5624, shmegeh 11-14-2014 2.png)

Have a screenshot, anon. I dug it up and dusted it off just for you.

No. 188113

In hindsight, I wish I'd made the text bigger before I took a screenshot. Sorry. I'm not sure if anyone else can even really read that. It might just be that I don't have my glasses on, though.

No. 188119

Would you rather be trapped in an elevator with Ash, Shmegeh, one of the "Finches" or Aly?

No. 188120

I'd pick Shmegeh because she'd probably rage her way out of the elevator.

No. 188122


Fucking hell.
Probably Aly because she seems like she'd be the easiest one to break mentally and force to face up to the reality of her situation.
After I was done with he she's either be on her way to recovery or going home to go hang herself.

No. 188123

Shmegeh, because she seems like the least worst person to be with.

No. 188126

Gotta also go with shmegeh here, because it seems like I could at least carry on a decent conversation with her. She appears to be trying to put all of the shitty internet drama behind her, which is a good sign. Ash and Aly only seem to be regressing/growing worse as time goes on. Also, at this point, based on the little information I have, I'd put my money on shmegeh surviving the longest, and being trapped in an elevator with a corpse sounds like a fucking nightmare.

No. 188138

Whichever "Finch" bathes the most. Probably Sprout.
Ash and Aly probably smell like ammonia and Shmegeh probably smells like unwashed vagina and cigarettes.

No. 188211

Being near Ash would give me so much anxiety. If I knew I was going to be stuck with Aly the id probably buy a box of Twinkies so I could shove those down her throat.

No. 188236

What, so she'd purge on you? Bad idea, pal.

No. 188355

I imagine tying ash down to a comfortable bed and force feeding her healthy delicious food as she screeches like a ghoul.

No. 188363

If you could deal with Sprout's flatulence, good luck to you. I'd rather take the stairs 100 levels than risk being trapped in a lift with any of those. Mostly the smell (vomit, flatulence, ammonia), plus conversation. I couldn't deal with Pokemon, Disney, and ~my stories~. I'd just be in hysterics over Smegma, sorry. She's so ridiculous I'd piss myself all over her.

No. 188371

easy there, Satan

No. 188571

She can prob purge without her hands.

No. 188573

>comfortable bed
>healthy, delicious food

What? How is that evil?

No. 188582

Eh, she kind of anti-triggered. She never glorified it or anything. She'd do her make-up to look gross and corpse-y and make weird face. She did show her bones but in a too-far, is-this-what-you-want? grotesque way.

No. 188592

Idk, most of her pics were classic thinspo poses (hunched over in a mirror, holding the camera super far away with muscles tensed to make arms look skinnier) and she wore her jeans hanging off her ass to make herself look skinnier too.

No. 188618

I'd die for some new scoop on shmegeh. Watching her story unfold gave me so many keks and then it all abruptly stopped:(

No. 188619

File: 1444018082461.jpeg (10.06 KB, 194x259, micass.jpeg)

i miss her. girl had issues but i always enjoyed reading her blog and all the tacky 2000s stuff. she seemed pretty down to earth in a crazy way.

i like her style, like its shit but i wear the same sorta stuff so i dont care~~

No. 188621

I liked her style too tbh. I wish she wasn't a crazy alcoholic, but everything else about her was kind of intriguing in a way.

No. 188633

File: 1444023512430.jpeg (41.61 KB, 640x309, image.jpeg)

That just means you use your left hand to help you purge

No. 188637

Not true. She admitted to a few of her close friends/gf that she purposely posed and triggered her followers and lived for her thinspo icon status

No. 188639

This is also extremely true

No. 188644

Please, she obviously did trigger on purpose. It's not just the thinspo shit either, I mean pictures of her gaping wounds for example… But maybe a lot of that stuff is when she was drunk, not really an excuse but as a raging alcoholic myself, whatever. Obviously, beating your SO is way, way above that line.

No. 188652

File: 1444028690128.png (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 1009x1108, shmegeh 1-11-2014.png)

Yeah, she clearly was intelligent enough to be able to comprehend that she was constantly doing "thinspo pose" shit, plus she always did her makeup to accentuate how "sick" she looked. And yeah, then there was the other fucked-up shit, like pic related (omg ~tw blood~)…

No. 188710

Must be some triggered Ana, kek

No. 188874

BPD is as BPD does.

No. 189068

File: 1444148420602.png (33.26 KB, 530x527, wut.png)

latest mama drama

No. 189074

… The image of Ash's mother in a furry cat thong is not one I wanted…
God damn, though, she looks so much older than 50. I thought she was in her early 70s. I guess having a loveless shrieking bonebeast ghoul lurking in a filthy tiny flat really ages you quick.

No. 189080

This is a prime example of ash being a selfish shitbag. Her mom isn't allowed to dress up because her mom has made fun of other people and also this is somehow triggering to ash? She always makes it about her and finds ways to dodge responsibility for her illness. "My mom dressed up as a sexy cat for Halloween and this is why I'm a skeleton." No one can ever judge ash but she can always judge other people.

I told her as much in an ask, I'm sure it will be ignored.

No. 189108

I'm still surprised that a severe anorexic who is probably as weak as an 80 year old could even succeed at beating someone.
Like if I got beat up by a spoop I'd be too embarrassed to admit it

No. 189147

When did she beat up her mum?

No. 189176

Just let your mom have fun, jeez. Hopefully her costume will be successful in helping her find a millionaire man that wants to marry her so she can have something to look forward to after you die.

No. 189223

Except once they find out that her apartment is haunted by a screeching chair ghoul they'll head for the hills posthaste

No. 189355

Does Ash see any resemblance between herself and the spoopy skeletons in stores right now?

No. 189365

Well she did give out skull bracelets so

No. 189530

Her new tumblr profile pic has a skeleton sitting on her shoulder.

No. 189547

File: 1444238900579.jpg (45.89 KB, 442x448, over 9000 hours in ms paint.jp…)


Shit, you're right

No. 189551

so, she wants to die, right?

No. 189580

No. She just can't save herself.

No. 189586

Stop romanticizing your illness, Ashley.

No. 189590

no she wants to visit Japan lol

No. 189591

File: 1444250106510.jpg (120.23 KB, 736x858, Screenshot_2015-10-07-21-33-15…)

Looks like a Halloween prop! Imagine this grabbing your ankles!!

No. 189604


>I'm so sleepy

Ashley, that's fatigue because you're fucking starving and vomiting yourself to death

No. 189629

File: 1444261166734.gif (486.04 KB, 483x325, ankle grabber.gif)

fuck you, man..

No. 189650

Is she selling this shit?

No. 189652

Is Ashley autistic, or something? Is she just stuck in the mindset of a 14-year-old girl? She seems a little too old to be wearing bead bracelets and half of the other weeby shit she wears.

No. 189666

I don't think she's autistic. I think her brain is underdeveloped because she developed anorexia at such a young age.

No. 189669

She's afraid of growing up. It's safer to stay child-like and to live off of mom.

No. 189678

she's one of those anas who became ana partially out of fear of growing up

No. 189821

File: 1444288739565.jpg (22.17 KB, 543x280, ash.jpg)


No. 189842

ash you butt ugly you look like a dying fish

No. 189957

hey ash, so when are you planning that trip to japan?

No. 189963

Ash you are the queen of anas and we love you, literally dying of thirst here please enlighten us then. Or not.
Ana or not weeb histrionics are still funny.

No. 190014

I'm pretty sure her reasons are petty as fuck but she tries to be all ~mysterious~ and be a special snowflake to cover that up.

No. 190020

Ash doesn't seem to have many followers.

No. 190051

Yes, we know that you also did it to spite your mom.

No. 190057


Hahaha, exactly.

I'm not denying her mum might be a huge piece of shit for all we know, but for fucks sake, it's hard not to feel sorry for her. Imagine living in a house occupied by a screeching, bile-spewing skeleton.
That's some haunted house level shit right there.

But seriously, she talks about how abusive her mum is but doesn't she often blame her mum for her ED or at least imply it's her fault? That's abusive as fuck.

No. 190138

Ashley's mum is a 50 year old woman who listens to 5 Finger Death Punch and apparently pukes into napkins.

No. 190140

its so weird what stuff she chooses to respond to or not. I think basically if she thinks she can sound wounded or victimized in her response then she'll answer publicly.

I once sent her a message off of anon and she responded to it privately. So she might answer more things privately. But also the night after that happened I had a nightmare that she was doxing me and sending me threatening videos to my facebook account. I don't want anymore nightmares so I won't be messaging her anytime soon.

No. 190143

She probably exaggerates everything like most anorexics. Her mom bathes her, gives her an allowance and lets her 25 year old bone-ass stay and live for free at her apartment. Her mother has no obligation to do so and can easily throw her out on the streets if she wishes so, but she doesn't. She's not as bad as she makes her out to be.

No. 190199


I'm sure even Ashley does say some things about her that aren't completely fabricated, but yeah, exactly. Her mum hasn't kicked Ash's spoopy ass out yet, and that doesn't mean she's automatically a good person, but I don't see what she'd have to gain from letting her stay at her house for free. Doesn't she look after Ashley's pet rabbit, too?

Personally, I wouldn't want my house smelling of puke 24/7 and occupied by a hangry skeleton who mooches off me.

No. 190200

File: 1444339115509.png (1.15 MB, 863x955, ohjoy.PNG)


Oh snap, you sure gave us the finger.

No. 190202

I had a really long, boring dream with Ashley in it this week. Weird because I don't pay much attention to this thread anymore. The only thing that I thought was weird was that she was walking and not in a chair. A really boring dream and so long.

No. 190244

Its nice to know that the spoopy skeleton still lurks here. I wonder if Ash is one of the Ana Chan shit posters.

No. 190246

W-what is Ana Chan, anon?

No. 190247

it's what fat people call people who think being 200lbs is bad

No. 190260

I think it's pretty likely her mother mostly enjoys the attention she receives from taking care of her skelly-daughter. She can still, for the most part, love her daughter and simultaneousnesly exploit her condition, or even exacerbate behaviors on purpose when she is in the mood. Somewhat like Munchausen by proxy. She'll endure the strands of vomit in her hair and shrieking because it makes her the long-suffering and selfless mother. Not to excuse Ashley's horribleness, but I just can't feel sorry for her mom at all because I don't believe she is much different than Ashley with manipulation.

No. 190269

File: 1444354094084.jpg (21.83 KB, 480x450, analogic.jpg)

Oh shut your whore mouth, Ash. There are people on this site that think if you weigh anything over 95 pounds and if you have anything over a 22 inch waist, you are fat.

Having a bmi of anything over 17 is obviously obese to them. Don't try to pretend there isn't multiple ana-chans going around spewing their shit. Yeah, there's a few fatty chans and closet fattys on here, but I've never seen anyone defend 200 lbs. 115 lbs, yeah.

But I forgot, I'm not a spoopy skeleton munching on baby food and puking into the toilet, so yo won't listen to me.

No. 190279

you're just mad that someone told you your bmi of 24.999999999999999999999999 wasn't super skinny and hot lol

No. 190290

Lol, are you trying to make me angry with the insinuation that my bmi is 25? Sorry, but you're overestimating.

I've never claimed I was super skinny nor hot. However, I think it's wrong how much promoting of eating disorders goes on here. And I wouldn't be surprised if Ash was behind it. I mean, does anyone still have that screencap of her calling that really thin girl's thighs 'too fat' for her tastes or whatever?

Sage because this is offtopic.

No. 190299

File: 1444359801156.jpg (7.05 KB, 233x328, fa11a-anorexia2.jpg)

Jesus christ ana-chans just fuck off already, this isnt hot

No. 190300


No one wants you exposing your candida swamp ass.

No. 190301

File: 1444359972422.jpg (29.3 KB, 320x480, 2H1rhXQ0cL8.jpg)

This is hot.

Im sorry the boys bullied you for not having ass or tits and being spoopy, but this isnt your fucking hugbox, idfk get a girlfriend or something or drink a protein shake.

No. 190305

That's just, like, your opinion man, I think that face is busted af
Plastic niggerbait ass notwithstanding

No. 190306

Ignore the face, i can tell your a woman haha

No. 190307

Skinny is hot if that's your fetish. Some people think corpses are hot. Emaciated is repulsive. The people I've seen into skelefucking look like dirty old kiddie diddlers (see Dave Carlson et al). Children's leggings just don't get me moist sooo…

No. 190308

>this isn't a hugbox

No. 190310

Haven't you got a beta uprising to arrange?

No. 190312

Are you implying that I'm a robot? Men have no standards, they fuck unattractive flabby girls all the time. That's how you get all these 5'3 115lb-chans acting like they're hot and skinny

No. 190313

File: 1444362141723.jpg (53.05 KB, 582x402, lmao.jpg)

Is this easier? Or are you distracted by their hair or clothes? haha

And this is literally the first time i'v replied to anas, but im just so fucking tired of you teenage whores shitting up every fucking thread, drown in your own puke plz

No. 190314


Awe, are you sad only other women agree with you?

No. 190315

Im a dude… lmao

No. 190316

File: 1444362481648.jpg (509.71 KB, 1162x1599, 2vhsk01.jpg)

Try again.

No. 190317

Oh ok. I'm sure a fat girl will touch your penis someday, no reason to be so angry.

No. 190319

She looks better because shes wearing less clothes, has her hair down, and the photos are better quality.

No. 190321

No i hate fat chicks, their fucking disgusting, but skeletons are also nasty, i like flat stomach combined with toned thights, big ass and maybe average to big tits..

No. 190322

Lol no one asked or cares shithead.

No. 190323

No. 190325

You sound like you're 12 years old.

No. 190327

This shit happening again? In the Ashley thread now?
Holy fuck can you twats unbunch your panties and not shit up the breads with your fucking body weight identity crisis bullshit?

So to /b and cry about your eds there

No. 190328

No. 190329

Lol breads
See how mad u made meeee

No. 190337

Some women like women…? And also most people can tell when someone looks busted. Shes a butter face.

No. 190347

Stop shitting up the ash thread, all I want is her expired powdered milk

No. 190359

File: 1444374721523.png (691.17 KB, 670x955, fatlegsobvs.PNG)

Excuse you, Ash would like to stay relevant.

No. 190360

Thank you for providing this cap! I was looking for it.

"her legs are fat"

No. 190361

Hah. I thought anas were supposed to be critical about their own body but not about others so much. This forum has enlightened me to say the last. #notallanas

No. 190363

I believe Ashley also has a HORRIBLE case of jealousy. Like, deep down (or maybe not so deep), she wishes her legs looked like this.

No. 190368

And how are those stockings gonna stay up on spoopy skeletor. By sheer willpower?

No. 190371

fucking kek

No. 190372

You're kidding, right? That definitely wasn't Ash. She is one of the people who thinks any healthy weight is gross. Go way back to the first thread and you'll see comments on "thinspo-esque" pictures saying "I love her shorts but she can keep her fat legs" even though the girl is rather thin.

No. 190373

Ahaha, nevermind. Someone posted the picture I was talking about. Didn't see that. >>190359

No. 190376

Except for you right?

No. 190407

>she thinks these are fat legs

Makes me wonder how extreme her body dismorphia is. Her eyes must see everything like a fun house mirror.

No. 190416

Ash is such a bitch lol

No. 190418

I'm a guy and I just have to say… Why do some people want to be this skinny? I know anorexia and bulimia are very serious… (Mental illnesses? Is that what it is? I'm not sure what the general consensus is here, I'm asking out of respect) But if anyone does take this image seriously, please don't anymore. If you hate yourself because of your weight, please don't. If you are 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, fuck, even 100 lbs or more overweight, you can get to where you want to be, quickly too, but don't let it be discouraging from your goals.

If you added 50lbs onto each number of that chart, it's actually a body type I prefer on a lady. The majority of men I know actually prefer it, too. You are attractive to someone. Sorry for the stupid post, if it was, and you can tell me to fuck off if you'd like. I just think forcing yourself through that pain to be that skinny isn't something anyone should go through or feel the need to do. I am sorry and pray for the people that do.

No. 190422

Yea AN isn't just about weight or wanting to be attractive and skinny and for some people it's not even about body image on any level. It is a mental illness and it's not a choice to have it or develop it.

No. 190423

Eds have absolutely nothing to do with what you think is hot. Why can men never fathom that what women do with their bodies isn't about men??? You are trying to be nice but you are way way waaaaay off base.

No. 190426

Yeah, I don't understand it, and I mentioned that. Good to know the type of response I'll get from trying to say something decent here is commonly short fused and close minded.

No. 190428

no one cares what you jack off to lol
so butthurt

No. 190429

It sounds like you defend anorexia, because you like it, and you try to make it look like you have it. I wonder if you do it for sympathy, or to claim oppression, or to just try to act special. Why defend it like it's a positive character trait if it's a mental illness?

No. 190430

In fact, it seems like a lot of people here defend anorexia like it's a badge of honor when it's a mental illness, just like schizophrenia and bipolar… I get it now, the people who adamantly defend it really don't have it, and use it for attention.

No. 190436

On a board with multiple threads about how stupid/horrible eating disorders are…
What we're trying ti tell you is that we realize that you tried to be nice, but women are tired of guys always assuming everything being about them. I mean come on, read it back and tell me that doesn't basically say "i think you're hot so you don't have to have anorexia!"

Another tip is to use google tbh. Not even trying to be snarky here, but a quick "anorexia mental illness?" You'd be golden, and not shitting up our image board.

No. 190437

And if you and boychan up there aren't the same anon, please note only the first sentence. No one here glorifies Anorexia/EDs

No. 190438

Your intentions were good but they came from an ignorant place. It's the equivalent of calling a black person "articulate" and expecting them to be pleased with your compliment.

No. 190440

well she doesn't have to pay for food

No. 190441


No need to be so salty. Jesus christ.

But yeah, I can understand why people would be annoyed at what you said.

Like dude, it's a mental illness, there's more to it than trying to make guys want to fuck them, but at the same time your heart's obviously in the right place.

I had sympathy for you until you got all pissed off all of a sudden because nobody here is giving you a gold medal for not wanting to fuck spooky skeletons.


Exactly this.

No. 190443


LOL why do men get so fucking mad when people don't care what their penis thinks? Go back to /r9k/

No. 190444

Whoops, didn't mean to link that last post

No. 190445

Men need to stop shitting this up.

No. 190453

Great, just what this thread needed, a normalfag man coming in and educating us silly girls on what anorexia REALLY is, and why it's just so stupid to LIVE THAT ~LIFESTYLE~, because it makes his dick sad! :'^(

Seriously, just fuck off.

No. 190460

man if only every girl with an ED just knew that some random guy wanted to fuck them despite their weight then they would miraculously stop having a mental illness! amazing!

fuck off.

No. 190531

Quite honestly, because that's what men are taught. I really, really don't want to sound like a SJW, but yeah, most men are raised to think their opinion is logical and rational, no matter what. Based on this, obviously their opinions on bodies are more important than women's own.

No. 190548

Men jack off to Ash. Men jack off to Beccabae. Men like to jack off. It doesn't mean anything.

No. 190554

Haha that is the realest response, you get these guys in here trying to be white knights and tell us we're sexy at a healthy weight and at the same time you get these Ana fetishists. I'm like at a (6) right now so I can't verbalize the irony fully.

No. 190555

Don't apologize for "sounding like a SJW". I hate that a bunch of right wingers have coined that term and made it into a bad thing, like caring about social issues makes you a screaming harpy. It's like how Limbaugh coined "feminazi" and now people are terrified to call themselves feminists.

No. 190557

File: 1444448438894.jpg (460.41 KB, 960x1280, spooky.jpg)


Stop getting so triggered and take this shit to the Tumblr thread before the Ash thread gets derailed any further.

Anyway, to keep on topic, here's another skeleton picture.
I wonder if Ash will live long enough to watch the whole thing.

No. 190587

Good point, though it needs to be noted that there are some social justice people who do take it way too far. It is ridiculous though. There's always going to be people who take it too far.

No. 190590

This is beautiful and so true.

No. 191045

File: 1444505325734.jpg (14.32 KB, 496x168, fap material.jpg)

No. 191054

She can masturbate without having a heart attack? I thought she was on the brink of death since I first saw her.
Is she immortal, guis?

No. 191062

I hate myself for my imagination, good bye life.

(just wondering how stiff and bony an anorectic genital might be…
…and the stick like fingers.)

No. 191064

>I hate myself for my imagination, good bye life

I feel you
(while Ash feels herself)

I hope it's not while her mum's in the same room and I hope that recliner gets sponged down now and again.

No. 191102

File: 1444521660257.png (96.95 KB, 456x359, ded.png)

her clit probably is a loose skin flap

No. 191103

>tfw no pussygap

No. 191109

Wow, thanks. I'm fairly sure she might have lost a nail or two trying to masturbate. I'm sure they peeled right off into her cooch. When sucking her fingers for lubrication she probably dislodged a tooth or too.

No. 191114

File: 1444526200340.jpg (56.91 KB, 413x451, 1439240390537.jpg)

pls stop

No. 191150

K. who is hank59 and why does he like and comment all this anorexic girls stuff?

No. 191163

I really doubt Ash masturbates. She just said that to gross us all out.

No. 191168

You ever heard about fetishism?

No. 191208

Too many gullible anos in this thread, kek.

No. 191229

File: 1444584808676.jpg (58.34 KB, 510x503, h.jpg)

Why the hell did she tag this picture with "story of my life"? Did she do ballet? Or is it a hint that her feet just as screwed up?

No. 191234

i doubt she ever did professional ballet

No. 191235

I don't understand either. How does she walk? How does she still use social media? How is she able to still construct coherent sentences? The human body is more resilient than I thought.

No. 191236

Hank is a recovering angel!

No. 191242

Because it's a metaphor for how she feeeeeeels. Delicate outside, broken underneath! NO ONE KNOWS THE REAL HER

No. 191272

That foot looks like a hand. That's a weird foot.

No. 191282

File: 1444596892753.jpg (42.13 KB, 500x355, 593912888058085988UgjPKY7c.jpg)

It's weird because pointe really messed up the feet. Dancers regularly bleed and get callouses from their shoes, not to mention numerous injuries.

No. 191352

I can't believe this thread still even exists. What are you guys even doing with your lives?

No. 191353

Why are you guys so concerned with whether or not ger friends have autism or whatever? It's really irrelevant.

No. 191354

Also, I don't know about the others, but Jackie is definitely not mentally handicapped. :/

No. 191362

Meh, it just gets bumped every few hours or so. It's not like it's actually active, just flailing every once in a while. Like Ash.

No. 191364

Kinda reminds me of Chinese foot binding (thank goodness that's over)

No. 191447

Spending every second of it here, of course.

No. 191462

humans do some stupid shit

No. 192120

Looks like ash is sending messages to her old blog. Did she stop getting attention or something? Trying to bring attention to herself?

No. 192122

File: 1444790076368.png (61.21 KB, 739x780, cvbnm,.png)

No. 192143

File: 1444797019602.png (2.22 MB, 1836x1646, PhotoGrid_1444796782302-1.png)

off topic but ED related

No. 192163

I think you have autism. Get yourself checked.

No. 192340

No. 192511

Meh, I wouldn't call it a proof.

No. 192512

Too bad her health must be fucked.

No. 192715

My joints hurt just looking at her.

No. 192941

File: 1444947325758.jpg (19.02 KB, 281x160, no doubt about that wig.JPG)

Trich/wig confirmed (if there was ever any doubt).

No. 193057

I want to hang her on my porch for Halloween

No. 193091

Trichotillomania isn't just scalp pulling, idiot.

No. 193132

She was replying to her friend's caption about wearing a wif because she pulls her hair out. Idiot.

No. 193192

Got a little hair pulling problem, there, Anon?

No. 193398

File: 1445057042561.jpg (119.85 KB, 502x505, PALMS.jpg)

I just noticed Ash doesn't have any palms……


No. 193404


No. 193406

File: 1445060523321.jpg (28.39 KB, 400x300, Pale_Man.jpg)

FUCKING NIGHTMARE FUEL. She looks like that monster from pan's labyrinth.

No. 193410

I thought this was the back of her hand until you pointed out otherwise…and now my palms are tingling uncomfortably

No. 193422

what, the, fuck.

No. 193454

Holy shit I didn't even know that was possible. Like I knew she has super low body fat but I didn't know you'd be able to see her bones through her palm. Yikes and yuck.

No. 193465

File: 1445078346250.png (512.3 KB, 834x525, skeletondance.png)

This.. this is too much. I forgot that you had fat there. You know, padding to help you live and protect your bones.

This is getting way too fucking spoopy.

No. 193486

>I'll just dress up in my little fox outfit
As if she has to dress up at all for Halloween.
She is a living, breathing (fucking somehow) Halloween decoration.

No. 193487

Imagine Ashley showing up on people's doorsteps for Halloween like shit everybody would think they are in an actual horror movie.

No. 193502

I'm beginning to think that ash is seriously masochistic and gets off from her pain. There is no possible way a person who is as dead as she is would be able to function in any way without agonizing pain and daily bone fractures. She's also mentioned she takes absolutely no medication or vitamins. Living the way she lives without pain medication is unreal. She must really, really hate herself.

No. 193507

I can't imagine what it feels like, physically, to be this emaciated. Like, I literally can't imagine. Anyone got some medical insight or sth?

No. 193508

She just doesn't know any different. I wish I could let her see what it's like to have padding on her hands and feet. Jesus.

No. 193511

When I was emaciated my skin hurt where my bones protruded and I had bruises on my hips just from wearing pants.

No. 193524

Have you ever not eaten enough and ended up feeling really dizzy, shaky and weak from low blood sugar? I imagine that's what these skeletons feel like all the time

No. 193545

holy shit and i used to think shmegeh was uber thin

No. 193551

File: 1445105360591.png (155.54 KB, 416x339, bones-medial.png)

Oh my god if her hands are this bad… imagine her feet. There is SO much padding in your feet, and she has none of it.

Surely she must know different though. She had padding up until at least 17- or 18-years old. After that, we cannot confirm since she disappears but still.

No. 193559

wouldn't it be cheaper to watch that on netflix?

No. 193567

Ugh, it would hurt so bad.

No. 193569

She doesn't have a driver's license, or a bank account and she had to use Gia's credit card to buy stuff online. I'm guessing she doesn't have Netflix.

No. 193598

It's really like she's a child.

No. 193615

Imagine her heart. Her brain. Fuckkkk.

No. 193622

Imagine her asshole gap!

No. 193623

A statement on how her body must suffer for her art, maybe?

No. 193671

That's probably why she wear those sporty shoes.

No. 193701

>it sort of sucks I'm going to be left alone when I was promised I was going to be taken somewhere

Such an entitled cunt.

No. 193704

It's honestly frustrating, she could have ALL the things she's whining about, if she just gained some weight, got a job and moved the fuck outta her mothers place.

No. 193840

Yeah, sure, but that's where my imagination stops. I'm slightly underweight myself but not due to an ED or anything. I have no idea what it's like to be severely malnourished and emaciated. I can only imagine what happens to the brain under those conditions.

No. 193841

bones are fucking disgusting

No. 193846

Some people will just continue to blame their problems on other people no matter what.

No. 193943

Seriously. Like all this bullshit about "I can never recover" is just that: bullshit. Sure she's going to have lasting health problems, but at least she can still do something. Right now she's just rotting and stagnating until she finally dies.

No. 193955

Why recover when you can touch people with your palmless palms?

No. 193963

She really is though, but not in the way she wants. I've been in recovery for years, and now every time I start to feel like I'm relapsing I just look at her pictures… suddenly just eating that burrito, as much as I hate the idea, doesn't seem so terrible after all. I mean yeah I don't want to get fat, but I also don't want my husband and my mom to bury me before I'm 35, so yeah. Seeing Ashley and the other finches just reminds me how serious things can get.

No. 194034

I beg to differ. Mentally, maybe. Physically, I doubt it. Her organs are f–ked and she's at a huge risk for refeeding syndrome. I honestly think she would die trying to recover from all the damage she's done over the years. I mean….she has a yellow tint to her skin and you know why? because her liver is probably failing.

No. 194037

Meant to add that her off color is especially apparent compared to other people. See Jackie & Ash's photo.

No. 194060

What happened with Erika??? I havent been following this since like thread 3

No. 194069

She was exaggerating a lot of stuff and got called out and deleted all her social media.

No. 194071

Is it possible Erika's name isn't even Erika?

No. 194072

she's not actually german, yeah?

No. 194073

She's not actually German, but her name was definitely Erika Peterson.

No. 194078

File: 1445206594381.jpg (28.69 KB, 400x262, Anorexic foot[1].jpg)

google searched anorexic feet..

No. 194084

Not German in the sense she's from Germany, but German through her parents. Her name is indeed Erika.

No. 194108

Idk, she's been on the brink of death for so long that her body has been proven to be pretty resilient. Her organs can probably repair themselves.
As for refeeding syndrome, there are ways to help prevent it. She can either get doctors to help her or research it.

Honestly, I think the more difficult part would be for her to recover mentally. She has to get over her fear of growing up, for one. She also has to realize that life is more than being consumed by toys and anime and screeching at your mother.

No. 194117

Wasn't planning on sleeping anyway

No. 194159

File: 1445221975864.png (17.2 KB, 560x332, wut.png)

but anon, that requires putting an effort and working hard

No. 194160

File: 1445222292177.gif (582.11 KB, 500x330, 1444251814318.gif)

with exposed arteries like those you could bleed to death with any nick or scrape

No. 194161

Her grandma is german

No. 194162

I dont think her mum would expect her to grow up and get a job even if she did submit herself to hospital and get a bit better. She doesnt need to grow up if she recovers. She never needs to grow up if she doesnt want to. The only thing that would happen if she chose to go to inpatient and recover is that she wouldnt be hurting as bad every day. She doesnt need to change her personality to recover. She can still have her anime and toys… Look at PT for example. Shes not in pain and her mum still looks after her like she was a child. Ash could have that too. Her cake and literal eat it too.

No. 194166

That's very true. Plus then she'll need to earn money, not just mooch off the government or neckbeards or whatever.

No. 194167

She supposedly hates her mother though, so why wouldn't she get out of there if she could? Like you can enjoy toys and anime, but you have to be able to take on grown-up responsibilities too.
With how she describes her mother, the extreme emaciation is probably the only thing keeping her mother from demanding she gets a job. I mean, my parents love me and even they pressure me to get a job if I'm not in school.

No. 194232

Oh, and I know it's 7-8 hours later, but I realized that I forgot to add what I meant by not being consumed by her toys and anime. Basically, she'll have to realize that she can't spend all of her money on them. Some of her money will have to go to bills and other living expenses and then toys and anime. That's the sense in which she'll need to change her personality. Right now, she doesn't really have to deal with making a budget.

No. 194431

>When did she beat up her mum?

ash didn't. that was in reference to shmegeh beating up her gf at the time.

No. 194455


Someday she'll have to get off her lazy bony ass and get a job. People like this piss me off, you throw in "I gots depreshion" or "I has mental illness" at work and you're given so much pats on the head and coddling. Ugh.