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File: 1466069721976.jpg (118.82 KB, 540x540, kadeeee.jpg)

No. 140393

Last thread reached limit: >>>/snow/123694

Morbidly obese but is in "recovery" for her "anorexia" (binge eating disorder). Has also claimed within the last few months to have: cervical cancer, alcohol addiction, brain surgery, constant seizures, blood clots, clots in her lungs, heart surgery, bowel surgery, kidney problems - just to name a few!

No. 140398

Good job dickhead. You're just as stupid as Kadee. Get your personal crusade the fuck back on tumblr where in belongs.
You've ruined this for everyone, Wendy Wasteful.

No. 140403


Yeah they're a fucking idiot & now they're trying to defend themselves. Obviously some 16-18 year old from MPA who's like "lol I'm gonna call her out!"

>doesn't even do it subtly & ruins it

No. 140407

>Wendy wasteful
Kek, wtf

I wish we could get a rule in here about this shit. Not sure if this would count:
> in any way are also not allowed.
No egregious stalking or harassment which crosses over into the real world. Just use common sense.

No. 140408

24 yr old nurse actually. Never heard of MPA & don't use Tumblr, but nice assumptions.
I got sick of seeing this fat bitch lie about shit so I said something to her. I didn't mention lolcow. She found it herself.

No. 140409

Candice go. Nobody wants your stupid little vendetta and nobody wants your boring life story. Take your overly obsessed self away from the Internet for a while if you're this upset over it. Having this tantrum isn't going to make Kaydee stop, you're just being as retarded as she is.

No. 140410

Ngl, I kinda like her…

No. 140411


An actual retard. When you call a cow out you do it subtly. "Oh so why are you taking ____? I thought they only prescribed that for _____?" watch them fall over their lies.

No. 140412

Nah, I prefer to be upfront to see how they react.

No. 140417


Lol nah you're just an idiot who's too fukn autistic to understand not to mess with the milk.

Anyway, sage for thread derailing. Back to the topic at hand…

No. 140419

Maybe I'm just ignorant, but in the UK supplement drinks like ensure, fortisip etc are really quite expensive and people usually are just prescribed them on the NHS. Living off of expensive junk food, ensure and the numerous trips to hospital how can she afford all of this?

Most people in the UK would be in severe debt if they had to pay for their NHS treatment, considering inpatient costs what 1-2grand a week?

No. 140421

Ah, the classic 'you're an autistic' remark. So original.
This is the topic at hand. Giving Kadee a fucking reality check.

No. 140425

Nobody here needs to be calling her out on anything.
You're not her fucking therapist. you're some angry random who's gotten too emotionally involved and is acting like a self-righteous faggot.

Do you really think that because someone started being an ass on Instagram, Kaydee is gonna 'see the light', realize she's a fat sad histrionic loser and stop? Are you honestly that deluded?

Quit the autism crusade and let us watch the train wreck in peace.

No. 140426

File: 1466074228215.jpg (12.11 KB, 195x259, images.jpg)

>mfw haven't checked in on cakedee in a while and some newfag sjw ruins the milk

No. 140431

File: 1466074750568.jpeg (60.61 KB, 549x434, image.jpeg)

Yesssss. Speak the gospel anon.

No. 140432


I'm assuming she can't afford it, probably just accumulating a massive debt.

No. 140436

> got sick of wayching her lie
Well what the fuck are you here for ? If cows arent lying or doing other idiotic shit, this forum is pointless

No. 140437

In the US the drinks are around $10 for a 4 or 6 pack i think. Kinda pricey. Only old people buy them lel

No. 140441

File: 1466076103626.png (478.91 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Idk, I've never had them and have only seen them at the grocery store and such. They're not expensive. This is what you're referring to, correct?

No. 140446

You can also get them prescribed so insurance can cover it.

No. 140455

File: 1466081579682.jpg (141.11 KB, 803x688, 0444 - 3bniMcR.jpg)

No. 140458

No. 140469

God am I the only one who doesn't care about Candice, I liked kadees little rant about "YOU SICK FREAKS WITH UR MPA!!" and I'm excited to see her wriggle around knowing now that everyone knows she's a liar

No. 140509

You're the only one. Now the milk is tainted by her self-awareness.

No. 140510

Candice, are you aware that the friend that messaged you asking for the link then went and gave it to Kadee? She was baiting your dumb ass. You fell for the bait and ruined the milk. Gtfo back to MPA where you belong, summerfag.

No. 140515

how edgy of you

No. 140527


underrated post

No. 140529

I didn't give her the link. I didn't give anyone the link or mention lolcow. I didn't even reply to the message, dumbass.

No. 140532

Y'all I've been following Kadeelyn since 2011 on tumblr so get ready for some goddamn tea bc she's been pulling this shit for YEARS. The reason I followed her was because she posted a suicide note in 2011 and it went viral so I messaged her to see if she was okay. She followed me back and responded (the night of her attempted suicide ???) and I was like ok cool you're fine. I was 13 at the time so the whole night she attempted suicide thing did not register as bullshit with me until later. Anyway I had been dealing with anorexia since I was 11 (idk honestly how I developed it at 11 but it was there) and I saw that she had it too so we kind of bonded because this was before she posted any pictures of herself so no one could call bullshit. She also claimed rape back then but her list of shitty life things were confined to anorexia, rape, ptsd, and depression (all of which are disorders that can be linked to rape - more on that later). Anyway in the middle of high school, I was hospitalized primarily for a suicide attempt but they treated me for anorexia too. In the hospital I was diagnosed by their psychologist with Bipolar Disorder and generalized anxiety. I was in this hospital for about 2 months until my weight was restored and I got my period back. I was REALLY doped up at the time and don't remember much. On my 16th birthday, I was drunk, unconscious, and my ex best guy friend raped me. I have no real recollection of the actual event but I remember the blood on my sheets because I was a virgin and I had no panties on. It took me a while but when I was sober enough to piece everything together, I was destroyed so I talked to Kadeelyn about it and she kind of dismissed it and said it was really triggering for her. I understood that. I never brought it up again. I've been in intensive therapy for about 3 years now. I've never texted my therapist and we're obviously close but within a patient/Doctor relationship. I feel weird even emailing her. Even calling her. It's just odd to me to speak with her outside of our sessions unless it's an emergency.
Anyway among the list of Kadee's ever growing ailments, she's left out rape victim ??? If you want validation and support from the Internet, claim rape!!! Because people feel like assholes if they question you (side note - I have not once mentioned my rape online and have told 3 people about it besides my father & therapist…not exactly something I like to flaunt around like a trophy. I'd like to forget actually, as it seems Kadeelyn has forgotten about her own rape)
Now for the ensures: I was a prematurely born baby & severely underdeveloped in terms of muscle tone. I was given ensures until I was able to sustain my own life. Then it stopped.
When my mother had cancer and whatever meds they had her taking depleted her nutrition, she drank ensures. They taste like chalk. Idk how Kadee can drink them more than once a day when she's clearly not malnourished. I didn't want to drink them when I was being forced to. Neither did my mother. I've never eaten ass but I'm assuming that's what it tastes like.

NOW HERES MY BIGGEST ISSUE WITH HER: shortly after I came out of inpatient, she tried to check into the same exact facility I was in. She told me they put her on a 3 month wait list. I said that couldn't be true because they literally admitted me within 12 hours of me being in the ER after swallowing however many pills. She said, and I quote, "idk they won't admit me because my case is too severe"
When I checked in, I was literally 6 months away from DEATH (approximately, according to my physician). My roommate was 3 months away. Literally no case was too severe for this hospital. Because it's a hospital. Hospitals literally exist to make people better. Hospitals exist so that you do not die. It was SUCH bullshit and I was so fucking pissed off because there I was, dealing with something that has almost killed me and it felt like she was making a mockery out of it. Her insta followers who give her attention make me sick. It's people like her that make the people who have actually been raped, the people who ACTUALLY SUFFER, look like liars and jokes. It disgusts me beyond belief. And yes, she has changed her name from Katelyn to Kadeelyn because her name was triggering bc of the rape that she no longer talks about or even claims happened.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 140536

Good post apart from the personal blog part.

No. 140545

I truly have no fucking idea what this site is idk if y'all have things against personal anecdotes I literally found it from her insta lmao I just needed to rant. Noted tho, no personal sob stories.

No. 140556

Also at some point she was claiming paranoid schizophrenia and bpd. Does she still? I kinda skip past her posts now

No. 140592

And it's advisable to leave the email section blank (unless sage-ing)

No. 140596

See also the meta board for clarification on self-posting (and unintergrated users)

No. 140601

File: 1466098223823.gif (706.33 KB, 255x245, image.gif)

No. 140606

Anything else you can tell us about Kadee's earlier days?

No. 140608

Paranoid schizophrenia? Lmao, oh Kadee.

No. 140610

File: 1466098738515.png (129.46 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 140611

File: 1466098766773.png (104.07 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 140614


No. 140618

Shut up.

No. 140619

This is so funny

No. 140620

File: 1466099358634.gif (367.49 KB, 297x195, DisneyNoCurr.gif)

No. 140630

Stop it, you Aussie faggot.

No. 140633

Keep posting, you beautiful Aussie faggot!

No. 140646

Kadee's earlier days were mostly focused on rape and self harm and then bipolar anxiety and PTSD and then she went through the whole process of changing her name, said she tried to kill herself but that they wouldn't admit her to a psych ward (???? She was a minor at the time so I really don't get it)

No. 140807

I don't care either, as long as nobody gives her the link to this site it doesn't matter to me.

No. 140877

Oh man, Tumblr anon, you've missed some gems. Just a few weeks ago, Kadee claimed that she tried to kill herself but that "the gun was out of bullets."

No. 140948

All Kadee's asskissers have stopped responding to her on Instagram. Pokr Kadeecow.

No. 140949

How you gonna try to kill yourself with an unloaded gun?

No. 140987

coincidence? or did they all google lolcow after she posted about it and understood that they were being duped?

No. 140989

Ask Kadee.

No. 141035

Shut the fuck up, this is some of the most interesting milk in ages. If you don't like it that's your issue. It happened regardless.

No. 141047

You ever gonna learn to sage or…..?

No. 141053

>the most interesting milk in ages
none of this is milk you stupid cunt all you did was curdle what milk we did have

No. 141058

Here, here.
You're dumbass is clearly not integrated so stfu before you get banned. You wouldn't know milk if it came running out your asshole.
Tell us, what fantastic sperging did we get from this? Nothing has resulted from this, not even a woe is me baw fest from her. You idiots just force others to come here and talk shit, resulting in making her look good/gain sympathy cause she's being ~bullied~. Fuck off.

No. 141085

Candace, you're a worthless cunt.

No. 141088

File: 1466120924448.jpg (172.05 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I'd say "bowel surgery" is pretty major so why is she being let home allegedly 4 hours after it happened? Oh that's right because you had a colonoscopy Kadee you obese lying fuck.

No. 141090

File: 1466121054899.jpg (141.95 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Just mere hours after "bowel surgery for her internal bleeding" she is downing bottles of sugar flavoured milk. Seems legit!!!

No. 141091

Agreed. I have three degrees, and I honestly think it's funny when people on here like to assume we're pathetic, old, creepy men with no social life. I've done my hard work, I have a good life. I can choose what to do with my time. I cannot STAND to see people like her clogging up the system and making it more difficult for people with actual problems to get help.

So yeah… I don't use tumblr and I am certainly not on MPA. I won't pretend to not know what it is. I googled it after seeing it on here so many times. That doesn't make me a member.

No. 141092

You're the one having the tantrum.

PLEASE stop before this gets moved to manure.

No. 141094

Inpatient typically costs at least a grand a DAY. It's insane.

No. 141095

Agreed. I'm in the US and ensures are expensive. I'm supposed to drink them, but I don't because I don't want 350 extra calories per meal. :/ It blows my mind (i have anorexia) that someone would willingly drink that shit for the "nutrition" and extra calories. Actual anorexics don't want to gain weight, KAYDEE.

No. 141097

Um. I consider that quite expensive considering that's over $1 per drink and how many of those does she drink EVERY DAY???

If she actually needed the extra cals, she could just eat food. Food that isn't $1.25 per beverage per meal.

Do you pay your own bills? I'm supposed to drink ensure and I keep a pack in the fridge to make it look like I drink them frequently, but I would never buy them reguarly. Too pricey and unnecessary.

No. 141098

You're not the only one! I don't care about Candice. I'm actually glad that someone is finally calling her on her bullshit.

No. 141099

Give Candice a break. She didn't link lolcow. I think it's actually funnier that she does know now.

No. 141100

Am I the only one who assumed she knew about this thread all along?? Same with Kelly?? I thought they were lurkers and kept posting ridiculous shit to prove to us how "sick" they are whilst providing endless entertainment.

Sometimes I just thought they were trolls. No one could be that stupid… yet they are.

No. 141101

Thank you for writing that.

No. 141102

> i love coffee
pretty sure those drinks are just coffee flavored sugar water lol

No. 141103

Her future is FUCKED!!! Even on job/rental applications where she can put a new name, there's always a section where you list your previous name. I was an employer for two years and we would only google search the names that were TOTALLY different (the ones that didn't get changed because of marriage, etc) to see if they were hiding anything. A few times we didn't hire people because of their past that we found through the former names.

She can't NOT put her previous name down on an application because it would show up on the background check. Most background checks show a lot more than people realize.

Basically, she's fucked. Her name is ruined and she's never going to be a professional ANYTHING. You search her name and all this comes up.


No. 141106

No, she's not. Stop throwing a tantrum unless you want to be banned.

No. 141107

haha this chick is delusional. she just ruined any chance she had at getting a real job. Her friends, therapist, doctors could google her name and THIS will come up.

my friend's mom is a therapist and she googles people before accepting them haha.

No. 141108

can you imagine if her doctors suspected munchausens or malingering and searched her name? HA that would be all the info they need.

sorry, kaydee. your lying days are over. we all know.

everyone in your life will know

No. 141109

Even if she killed herself, she would be searched even more and people would realize what was actually going on. No sympathy for her, I'm afraid.

No. 141114

Please fuck off wth your blogposts, no one gives a shit about you.

Similarly, if everyone wants to let the Candice thing go, just stfu. We don't need 10 posts chiming in to say the same shit.

No. 141117

this thread has gone to poop. why farmers why?

No. 141121

Lol you typically stay for 6-8 days after bowel surgery. 3-5 if its done laparoscopically. >>141090
Aaaaaand here she's not supposed to have milk for a few days yet.
Surely her surgeons would have told her its a clear fluid diet after such a major procedure. She's such a lazy faker. At least other munchausens faggots research what they say they have.

No. 141239

Most fragile anachans would be sobbing that their leg is busted (like aly) because it means they cant walk or exercise properly to burn their few calories they intake. Kadee is a lying fuck.

No. 141281

Candice is really OBVIOUS when she samefags because she has THIS HIDEOUS TYPING QUIRK and spergs out in a really meoldramatic tone ALMOST COMPLETELY unprovoked. Also definitely unintegrated, I don't remember her posting much at all before her cow-tipping. Get tae fuck.

No. 141294

Nice try, but that wasn't me writing those posts. I use proper spelling and grammar.
But can we get back on topic? This isn't my thread. Kadee is following Kelly on Insta now.
So I'm assuming she told Kelly about lolcow.

No. 141338

I hope they make out.

No. 141344

File: 1466187349259.png (140.62 KB, 622x670, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.18…)

So apparently Kadee broke her ankle in SIX places and also has a fucking therapy dog. I think she doesn't know getting a therapy dog can take years, a shit load of money and it means something completely different from having a pet you like.

Kadee annoys me but she's still my fave new cow. Hope Candice didn't ruin her. Time will tell.

No. 141345

File: 1466187405918.png (1.25 MB, 1596x788, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.19…)

Muh therapy dog

No. 141356

I love how she posts pictures of everything medical related she can for attention (ie laxative) but hasn't posted anything relating to her ankle like a cast or x-rays.

No. 141357


I would love to see an ankle x-ray with six breaks on it.

Her story reminds me of this morbidly obese woman (500lbs+) who fell from a standing position and basically amputated her foot. I won't post the image here because gore but I'm telling you it's fucking nasty.

Just goes to show that being fat will fuck you up in so many different ways.

No. 141381

Maybe she meant an emotional support dog not a service dog. All you have to do is register it and have proof that you have some mental health issue.

No. 141384


lol I wonder what issue she'd go with for the registration.

I sincerely doubt she has done that though, I'm 99.9999% sure it's a pet.

No. 141396

File: 1466196387769.png (1.81 MB, 1568x806, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 4.48…)

So she's gone from anorexia to EDNOS to OSFED. At least she's starting to do her research.

No. 141397

Oh definitely, I think it's a pet too.
You can get one for depression.

No. 141398

That or she's just getting closer to accepting that she's a binge eating fatass.

No. 141406

>> 141396

I like how 12 hours after surgery, this scam-orexic is running around on a broken ankle to go to a restaurant.

It's a horribly genius move to claim anorexia while being obese, now everyone claps and praises you for eating like you're a damn hero.

No. 141412

Just spoiler.

No. 141428

kadee really should be congratulated for eating vegetables for the first time in her life.
I'm sure she followed it up with a coffee flavored milkshake from sbucks or something equally high in sugar..
I'm convinced she claims that she's going to purge so she can get more asspats and comments of concern. bitch wouldn't be so fat if she actually did successfully purge or restrict

No. 141429

File: 1466203807180.png (Spoiler Image, 2.13 MB, 1258x1310, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 6.52…)


The view is from the back/side of the leg with the foot itself facing forward.

No. 141437

It's great she knows what lettuce is now but she should have waited to post it until she'd be allowed to have real food after her 'super serious bowel surgery' and internal bleeding.

Are all her asskissers just really really ignorant about medicine and the human body?

No. 141445

Jesus christ that looks painful.

No. 141460

Probably asskissing for milk

No. 141466

Christ, that leg looks like a dead person's.

No. 141469

Post a link or something, you can't leave us hanging like that.

No. 141471

No. 141481

File: 1466223851902.jpg (131.52 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Hmm no cast on that ankle

No. 141482

File: 1466223898627.jpg (228.15 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Broken in 6 places but no cast? No boot? No surgery? Not even a fucking bandage to pretend with? Christ this pathological liar must think her followers are dumb!

No. 141493

File: 1466232012615.png (183.19 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Nah I'm gonna need an x-ray or something to believe this shit.

No. 141500

You know if she had x-rays she would have posted it

No. 141505

From what I'm gathering, she's taking a bath at a hotel… eek.
Though maybe as a new (fake) twist to her story, she'll catch an STD from it. Or anal foot fungus.

No. 141514

Sage for off topic but over at the Trashley thread in /pt they're slagging Candice for interfering with the cows and ruining threads top kek.

No. 141517

ugh dem cuticles.

No. 141520

Lmao stop derailing. This thread isn't about me. + I never go to the Ashley thread (I don't keep up to date on her either) so it's not even me they're talking to. I've only ever called out Kadee.

No. 141563

File: 1466248789523.png (1005.42 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Much anorexic

No. 141565

File: 1466248908977.png (898.38 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

She really belongs to a goddamn gym. I bet she went once.

No. 141568

from my understanding (aka googling and reading the wikipedia page) osfed and ednos are the same thing? is there a difference?

No. 141569

>foot/ankle broken in six places
>had a bath

sure fucking thing kadee, how would she even get in the bath if this was true? she'd need a whole system of ropes and pulleys to do it on one leg lol.

No. 141611

remember her 6-minute run on the treadmill?

No. 141616


The old medical term was ednos but apparently the new recently changed medical term name is ofsed. There's no difference, just name change, it's the same thing.

No. 141625

File: 1466268761352.gif (1.33 MB, 500x272, giphy.gif)

> edge
what an appropriate name. also her fingernail

No. 141626

broken in 6 places from a simple fall? wtf

No. 141634


My god her fucking nails are disgusting.

No. 141650

I noticed this too anon & it just proves she has spent time reading this thread thoroughly even though she claimed she couldnt care less, as i posted here a while ago about how she was using the #ednos tag which is no longer medically recognised!

Sage for non-contribution

No. 141653


this is a good article (if you can be bothered to read the whole thing) about the differences between ednos & ofsed.


No. 141654

>I've only ever called out Kadee
True, but you've been spotted making your little round on other cows' IG. Saw you in the Margaret thread as well.
Stop messing with the cows.

I thought the point of a cast was so that you wouldn't shift the bones too much and mess with the healing process…? And if it was broken in such a way, wouldn't she be required to technically be in a wheelchair…?

No. 141657

Yes, working out with a broken ankle. Seems legit.

No. 141659


Also no swelling or bruising… AND as other anons have correctly pointed out, she ALWAYS post pics of anything remotely medical at every opportunity, so where are the pics of her boot cast, and also the pics of her op site wounds from her colon & stomach surgery?!! Come on Kadee, if you want to disprove us as bitter haters then you need to work a little harder!

Can anyone confirm whether her excuse for not having a cast is legit? (Claims its cos heel is broken too)

No. 141661

File: 1466276637184.jpg (380.37 KB, 2048x1536, New Cast Calcaneus.jpg)

She is abso-fucking-lutely full of shit.

No. 141669

> broken on my heel
> not on my foot or ankle

No. 141671

And with no worry about her colon surgery too! Isn't she brave and dedicated?

No. 141677

Fairly good medical knowledge
If she broke her foot in 6 places they would definitely put a cast on, no matter if the heel was broken or not. If you fracture something in your heel, you will get a cast.
Can this bitch at least do research to give out correct information on all her "illnesses and problems"? Pathetic.

No. 141683


Thank you kind anon :)

No. 141695

read it and it was pretty clear, thanks.

No. 141696


Physical Therapist here! Even if she had a boot that she removed (which they tell you not to do), there's no way she could lower herself into a tub and get out of one, especially at her size. It's really odd how she mentioned she takes a shower with the shower chair, since shower chairs are designed for people who aren't able to lower themselves into and out of a tub. Bathtubs are super dangerous for anyone with an injury and pretty much anyone over the age of 65… also many foot fractures are "open" since there's not much fat on the foot, which means bone cuts through the skin. She'd likely have open wounds if she broke it in 6 places, which means soaking it is NEVER allowed. No bruising, no open wounds? I call flaming bullshit.

No. 141698

>there's not much fat on the foot

Well, there is when you're talking about Kadee. I agree, though. Her behaviour is nonsensical, and knowing her, if she was really injured she would be constantly posting pics of her injuries for attention.

No. 141700

>no bruising
Fuck, really? I can't seem to load the entire thread to check properly but I could maybe kinda sorta give it the benefit of the doubt until this point. Hell if I take a clumsy step and twist my foot the ankle immediately goes nasty purple even though there's no real injury. Multiple fractures and there is NO bruising? How stupid is she to lie that poorly?

No. 141703

Even when I broke my toe I had to keep it buddy taped to my other toes for support 24/7 for 8 weeks. There is literally no way a doctor would go "well your foot is completely destroyed, no cast tho you're fine"

No. 141707

File: 1466292786215.jpg (134.57 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

There's a boot in the background!

No. 141710

that looks like something you could buy at Walmart, not something you get when you break your foot in 6 places

No. 141716

Absolutely killing it with 4 minutes of jogging. Careful kadee, you might burn a calorie.

No. 141736

I'm guessing she went out and bought one. There's no way she wouldn't have a cast with so many fractures. 6 breaks would typically result in zero weight on the injured foot. Boots are designed to start bearing weight while still being supported. It's the same concept as getting a brace after a cast when breaking your wrist.
The only time I got a boot instead of a cast was when I fractured my growth plates on my foot, so basically where the toes and actual foot meet.

No. 141740

So glad she's got a boot on, at least this should mean a break from pics of her gross feet.

No. 141802


hi kaydee :)

No. 141835

Lol its obviously not kadee because you can see the persons icon the bottom right

No. 141836

What anon meant is that kadee only posted the picture with the boot because the story was questioned on here.

No. 144462

The pro ana cow thread was permenantly locked because of emily c. You DISGUSTING cunt.

Admin, why do we all have to suffer because of her actions? There were so many of us who all followed the rules.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 144468

the pro-ana thread was complete garbage regardless of emily's posts. please go back to MPA, and leave this thread alone, it actually contains milk instead of a bunch of 13 year old wannarexics calling each other fat

No. 144469

there's a manure thread where you can ask questions about the thread moving/deletion instead of shitting up this one

No. 144471

Yeah, please go beg admin and ask all your stupid af questions over there. Hope you get banned.
We get to keep Kelly though. Thanks be to based admin.

No. 145716

Actually there is a difference. Binge-eating disorder is its own category now. The standards are also a smidge more lax.

No. 145727

BED has been its own category for awhile

No. 145779

so had kaydee still got her "job" since she hasnt mentioned it at all for weeks?

No. 145788


Looks like she has warts on her finger

No. 145793

I don't think Kaydee works…

No. 145794

how could she, with life-threatening anorexia/collapsed lung/bowel surgery/broken foot in 6 places/cancer/ptsd/depression/anxiety/whatever the fuck else she claims to have

No. 145797

LMAO… You forgot brain surgery!

No. 145798

She deleted everything about the recent hospital visit on her Instagram ..

No. 145799

do you think she wants to be a professional sick person forever? She's literally contributed nothing to society. What would that give her? A feeling of being taken care of? It sounds like doctors have caught on, and it's going ot be in her charts forever that she's a malingering Munchausens case.

No doctor has ever taken her "anorexia" seriously (I assume). Shouldn't that have been enough of a red flag for her to stop with the bullshit? It's really transparent. It's like me saying "I have foot cancer" when both my feet were amputated. Does Kaydee/Nicole realize that's what she sounds like?

No. 145810

She mentioned working at cinnabon about a week before pretending to shoot herself.

No. 145836

i'd try to kill myself too if i worked at cinnabon

No. 145840

So it is her first day of paleo and she has already added "paleo princess" to her bio

No. 145929

File: 1466451610821.jpeg (183.41 KB, 640x902, image.jpeg)


Lol this is hyterical - shes gone from the only veg she would eat being deep fried in batter, to being a "paleoprincess" and posting seemingly ACTUAL healthy fruit & veg meals non stop all day like shes totally committed and the best Part is shes using #fitspiration tags!! ? Wonder how long this new phase will last before she tells us that her dietician is worried about her #relapsing and her anorexia is lifethreatening again, when in reality her dietician has probably been advising her to eat this way for years because her morbid obesity is the only thing thats life threatening and is the reason she is so unhealthy!!

No. 145956

Did she delete everything medically related that she ever posted?

No. 145959

It's been so long since I've seen a snowflake completely change their personality so dramatically in one go. IM SO EXCITED FOR FITFATKAYDEEED PHASE

No. 145963

This is too funny.

No. 145966

I give her one more day before she breaks down and eats another 5 foot wide funnel cake

No. 146007


No. 146032

Both of those salads look store bought. How does she expect to eat a paleo diet if she can't even make a salad from scratch?

No. 146033

b-but ensure isn't paleo kadee. how will you survive?

No. 146037

File: 1466472670805.png (577.66 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

But what about all her life threatening illnesses?! You can't just switch those off Kadee!

No. 146038

File: 1466472713078.jpeg (71.59 KB, 640x749, image.jpeg)


No. 146042

She will tho! Its real recovery!

No. 146045

File: 1466473552079.png (163.86 KB, 689x1198, bitchneedshelp.PNG)

No. 146046

she got called out for the health BS so now she's made up a whole new scenario for attention

No. 146053

File: 1466475768819.png (231.19 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Looks like she is claiming she was assulted

No. 146064

>> 146053

Check it out, it seems that lack of attention literally causes her pain!

No. 146070

lol i really wish we could find out her real weight

No. 146073

Is she saying she was assaulted by a family member she lives with? Is she kicked out/ran away? Otherwise, why wouldn't she just go to precious Gretchen for counseling. Now she's gonna take up the shelter of a desperate person in need.

No. 146109

where is the marvellous Gretchen anyway? We haven't heard anything about her for ages now.

No. 146135

Oh holy shit I can't believe this cow was 7 minutes away from my house.
I should ask my sister's yale nurse friends if they've ever had her as a patient.

No. 146152

File: 1466516971954.jpeg (38.06 KB, 640x204, image.jpeg)

Poor Kadee just can't catch a break, can she?

No. 146160

You can ask but they aren't allowed to speak about patients for privacy reasons.

No. 146167


No. 146173


>apparently has OSFED, Anorexia, etc

>Dietician okays a limiting diet that cuts out major food groups

Seems legit

No. 146193

And now she's goven paleo up after speaking with her dietitian because she was "under her calories"

No. 146196

"I'm always under my cals by a lot"… It was one day, Kadee.

No. 146201

File: 1466529988293.png (730.84 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Who called it

No. 146205

>too little calories
>can't do paleo
>better get frozen yogurt to celebrate and show how #healthy I am!

Seriously. This bitch is crazy.

No. 146219

So does she post any pictures of her friends or are they "friends" aka she bought two frozen yogurts for herself?

This crazy reminds me of a girl I went to school with; always had something horrible going on with her. She has had a grandmother die conveniently when she wanted attention or to get out of school stuff. One time she claimed she was pregnant, walked down the street to get an abortion, then walked back for the rest of the school day.

Good times.

No. 146223

File: 1466533448841.jpeg (151.74 KB, 640x965, image.jpeg)


Lmao she definitely lurking here - as if by magic suddenly theres a pic of her and her 'best friend'

No. 146225


I called it! Shes so predictable its funny! Ive met a few 'Kaydees' in my lifetime but she is the worst at trying to appear legit.

No. 146230

They both look like wackos; probably feed off each other's delusions. Kadee should spend less money on frozen yogurt and more on an exfoliant.

No. 146234

ok. she HAS to be fucking around now.

If she wants to claim to have anorexia so bad, she can at least stick with it. Like no one is going to know your eating habits unless you POST them.

It blows my mind that she chooses to post this shit and claim to be anorexic at the same time.

No. 146235

that was fucking fast

No. 146250

They look like crazy trashy girls that live in a poor area and whore themselves to dudes with bad tats who listen to limp bizkit or whatever the UK equivalent is.

No. 146251

Don't pin this on the UK, Kadee's a yank

No. 146255

Shit thought she was from the UK. How the hell does she claim to be able to afford all this medical shit then?

No. 146256

she's making half of it up completely, the other half is insurance

No. 146259

Are you guys aware of that "blue eyed Barbie", or something, girl? I believe she had access to medical rooms because she knew someone who was getting treated or something…she also stole a lot of pics off the internet and climes they were hers.
Do you guys think that some of Kadee's pics might have happened because of the same reasons? I just can't believe that she's not on some malingerer list.

No. 146266

Honestly I think as long as she can pay the ERs they would be more than happy to have her, malingering or otherwise. Hospitals are a business, right? Who cares who's really sick or not as long as they're forking out for beds and medicine?

No. 146268

The hospital knows she's malingering. The issue is that malingerers can still develop legitimate medical issues and are entitled to the same medical care as others. Sure, all of her hospital visits so far have been bullshit - but they still have to work her up, because there's a potential that she might actually have a real disease (especially considering how fucking fat she is).

No. 146293

Y'all her snap story today was "fuck paleo" and then her shoving a mozz stick in her mouth lmao that's why her skin is greasy and gross as shit. She eats shit food

No. 146294

I'm pretty sure she just deleted another post, but I didn't catch what it was.

No. 146299

She's a laugh-a-minute this girl!

No. 146301

What's her snap

No. 146317

She has SC?
Come to think of it, I've never heard her voice. Does anyone have a video where she's speaking or something?

No. 146318

i remember a video of her shaking around something called a 'damnit doll' had her voice in in

No. 146321

totally devoted ~paleo princess~

No. 146323

Do you think she deleted all her hospital & "near death" pity posts because now shes exposed to all her followers that she is being called out as a malingerer on lolcow that shes worried they will start to see sense and agree with us over her, so shes go rid of the incriminating evidence of her malingering and exaggerating to try to keep them on her side?!

No. 146324


Ah found a video of her talking on her old Insta. Still a lot of hospital pics there. I wonder if she'll clean that account out too? Sitting at 3849 posts now, for future reference.

No. 146325

No. 146332

She'd benefit so much from a 1000-1200 calorie diet. As stupid as paleo is, she could of actually lost some of the weight she desperately needs to lose.

Who the hell is telling her she doesn't need a calorie deficit? She's literally eating herself to death.

No. 146334

She is fucking priceless. Such milk she provides!

No. 146339

File: 1466555248458.png (652.18 KB, 643x666, kd12.png)

her face takes up the entire giant cutout hole
>dat comment

No. 146344

File: 1466556015313.png (110.02 KB, 250x243, 1331065440070.png)

Props to nieceypuddinpie

No. 146345

HA! And the old collapsed lung! Not to mention she's looking awfully chirpy for someone whose suicide attempt was only foiled by the gun having no bullets mere weeks ago. To think, if someone had thought to load that gun, our generous cow might not be with us right now.

No. 146348

I'm waiting for all her followers to ask about her deleted posts, pictures and her backpedaling.

No. 146351

Wait this girl is 21?
Jesus christ…I thought she was 16 or something.
What is she doing with her life?

No. 146361

File: 1466560647636.jpeg (112.88 KB, 640x1040, image.jpeg)


Apparently she's done all this. Does she even study or work anymore tho? She never mentions any of it.

No. 146363

>> 146351

This is all just retail too!

Anybody else notice how it says she "studies" as opposed to "has a degree"? I also love the irony that she "studies" anything related to psychology! lol

No. 146368

File: 1466561593945.jpeg (208.39 KB, 1536x721, image.jpeg)


No. 146377

Have you guys noticed kadee calls every single person in her pics her "best friend"!

No. 146379

?* not that excited lol

No. 146392

Damn, she gets fired a lot.

No. 146403

File: 1466569813305.png (364.52 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

>tfw you just fucked yourself with a bottle of ensure and ur on cloud nine
justkadeethings <3

No. 146405

File: 1466570129103.jpg (175.51 KB, 813x604, image33.jpg)

i'm lurking her old account and i found this lmao. have we talked about her schizophrenia diagnosis?

No. 146408

got bored of faking it i guess

No. 146410

File: 1466571398067.png (468.93 KB, 499x604, BED.png)

I'm confused as to what ED she was pretending to have back here….

No. 146412

How can someone possibly look like that and think calorie restriction is a bad thing?!?

I think dieting got too hard for her so she pretended to have some ED in order to get asspats and not have to lose any more weight.

On another note, what drives someone to publicly post a photo like this, knowing they are grossly obese in both images?

Why not wait until you've actually suceeeded to do a before/after?

No. 146416

I've seen anorexics who are dangerously ill getting less treatment than shes getting

No. 146425

She isn't actually getting ED treatment. She just makes shit up and occasionally goes to the emergency room to beg for painkillers and free food

No. 146437


I expected smoker voice for some reason.

No. 146451

File: 1466586445790.png (475.28 KB, 812x596, Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 6.35…)

>another heart attack
so…. she's already had one? THE RIDE NEVER ENDS

No. 146454

well, obesity does heighten your risk for heart attack…

No. 146458

Where is the broken foot? How is she running?!!!!

No. 146490

Doubtful. If she had a heart attack so young, she'd be in medical journals and crap.

Yeah she is obese but everything she says about her health is a lie so far.

No. 146501

Having a heart attack at a young age is uncommon, but it does happen, it's not so rare she's going to be a case study for a medical journal.

But yeah, she clearly didn't have a heart attack.

No. 146514

>my calories are too low


I'm done. I'm done with her. God. She makes my blood boil.

No. 146521

That picture is old. But I wonder how she managed to walk around a zoo with a broken foot…

No. 146583

Wonder what would happen if someone were to… accidentally send screenshots to her dr or parents? I don't think they realize the extend to which she's faking this.

No. 146588

i'm sure they know, but there's probably not much they can do short of cutting her off entirely, which you know would give her more fuel to her delusions

No. 146590

This bitch is straight up Dr. Phil material

No. 146594

Her parents really couldn't do much because she's an adult, except for cutting her off (insurance wise maybe?) and kicking her out, which would make the pity posts increase dramatically.
As for contacting doctors, that will not accomplish anything. They are bound by HIPAA laws and cannot legally discuss patients without said patients consent.

No. 146596

someone should ask her about an illness she claimed way back but has since abandoned. it would really throw her off

No. 146598


Like her "seizure disorder" that she mentioned one time and then never again after.

No. 146599

id like to see her talk about the schizophrenia. thats not something that suddenly just disappears kadee!

No. 146631

No honestly what about the collapsed lung? That wasn't too long ago. Did she ever even update on that after claiming a broken foot and being assaulted?

No. 146638

I don't think she did update about her collapsed lung. I think she just deleted all of her medical stuff and has been pretending it never happened.

No. 146639

File: 1466626128193.png (321.93 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

They can legit lose their job for this

No. 146641

i dont think they can?

No. 146643

The people I know who work residential can't even say hi to former patients if they see them buying food or walking down the street. But who knows? Maybe it's different for each center but it's kind of like seeing your therapist in public. You shouldn't do it. It's weird.

No. 146644

I am so confused about this. This actually makes it seem like she is saying she had binge eating disorder. But knowing how delusional she is, she was probably expecting asspats and people to say "OMG YOURE GETTING TOO SKINNY, STOP LOSING WEIGHT"

No. 146653

File: 1466627560109.jpeg (170.24 KB, 638x911, image.jpeg)

She's been in treatment at an expensive inpatient facility before for months. Supposedly for an Ed

No. 146654

File: 1466627586784.jpeg (132.59 KB, 634x908, image.jpeg)

No. 146655

File: 1466627640507.png (604.25 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Also her parents paid for an apartment? Seems like the kind of person in need of women's shelters

No. 146677

That's a group home for tards and crazies, not an ED center. https://www.fulsheartransition.com/our-program/

No. 147044

"However, we do not work with women who are currently pregnant or who struggle with issues that would prevent their success or create a hazard for themselves or others, such as:

Active Psychosis
Current Violence
Low-Functioning Intellect
Conduct Disorder
Medical Instability"

No. 147048

Heh, they don't accept patients who are medically unstable, but for some reason they took Kadee despite all her totally real and serious medical problems

No. 147050


I watched this video a few times, something about it irritates me so much. It's the self assured tone and smugness in her voice. I can imagine this ham planet on a hospital bed during ward rounds arguing back and forth with the doctors. "Kadee, you don't have anorexia nervosa… Anorexia is classified by…" "Um my CALORIES WERE UNDER GOD DAMN IT YOU STUPID DOCTORS MY CALORIES HAVE BEEN UNDER TWICE THIS WEEK."

No. 147058

That's exactly why I feel bad for the medical staff that has to deal with her.

She's definitely one of those patients that uses the call button every 5 minutes and gets pissy when they don't come check on her right away.

No. 147061

I bet she's actually the type who only hovers around on the ward during medication hours, then treats it like a hotel and fucks off for cigarettes all the rest of the time. Even worse than the "woe-is-me so fragile baby~~" fakers imo.

No. 147086

File: 1466639469437.jpg (12.77 KB, 305x303, babby3.jpg)

>That skin

No. 147091

File: 1466641092944.jpeg (174.4 KB, 640x992, image.jpeg)

Healthy happy Kadee didn't last long.
She sure is getting around well with a broken foot.. in 6 places.

No. 147102

File: 1466645503426.png (898.15 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Wait so someone actually diagnosed her tho

No. 147105

Well. I actually believe that she has bulimia. Not all bulimics are skinny and it makes sense in an odd way for her to have it.

No. 147107


Yeah a lot of bulimics are fat because it's hard to purge everything up. I can buy bulimia, it's her #anorexia tags that made any diagnosis of an ED questionable.

No. 147109

No. 147116

going through her old instagram for the first time is gold. almost four THOUSAND pictures. also saw that one of the "therapists" name was cornelia lol okay

No. 147120

This kind of makes me feel bad.
Bulimia is a beast. Way worse than ana

No. 147122

File: 1466647481739.jpeg (24.49 KB, 502x417, image.jpeg)

Fuck she lives so close to me

No. 147125


I feel kinda bad for saying this, but it's completely possible that she lied in order to get diagnosed with bulimia. She does mention purging/wanting to purge quite a bit, but I tend to not believe anything she says by default.
It's possible that she is actually bulimic, but it's also possible that she's faking/lying in order to get more medical attention and time in a treatment environment.

No. 147129


Don't feel bad, anon. I don't think anybody here would put it past her.

No. 147145

I don't think she's purged a day in her life. She probably counts "fasting" (aka the 3 hours between meals) as purging.

No. 147146

Or she considers 4 minutes on the treadmill a purge. Either that or she's straight up lying.

No. 147149

I can't imagine the conversations her doctors have with her. "Nicole, you're healthy. There are ppl dying in this hospital. You're lucky" Her: "You don't understaaaaaaand. I have schizophrenia, anorexia, ptsd, bpd, brain cancer, other cancer, broken foot x6, bulimia, blood clots, annnnnd whatever else I can think of"

Doctor: ….

No. 147150

Her skin is atrocious.

No. 147151

Has she EVER addressed the lying? Has Jenna Lewis addressed her lying problem? It's so disgusting!!!!! I know people who have died of cancer and it makes me sick knowing there are stupid girls out there trying to profit off of lies. Ugh. Like, trust me… I wish Jenna/Kaydee had gotten cancer and not my friends/family who have died from it.

No. 147195

you're in a little too deep

No. 147219

File: 1466663462451.jpg (97.05 KB, 844x577, Kadee's heaven.jpg)

Apparently they do treat eating disorders in addition to a number of other things. In fact, they say they'll treat 9 or 10 of the things Kadee claims to be diagnosed with!

No. 147222

you sound like gomi tbh.

No. 147289


I bet she's giddy she has to have all these tests done. She can milk those hospital photos for all the sympathy they're worth now.

It really really is. That'#s why her claims of an ED are hilarious to me. Her bad eating literally shows in her dimpled gross skin.

No. 147298

Well, I'm not. I don't even know who that is. Did you know there are lots of people that hate other people who fake CANCER?

No. 147303

did you mean "cocktail of things bad for your stomach"?

No. 147306

I don't think any normal person is pro cancer-fakers. This girl fakes all of it… even a broken foot.

No. 147315

We all hate people who fake cancer, but we still wouldn't wish it on them. That's just taking it too far.

No. 147342

File: 1466697048738.jpg (69.62 KB, 1080x1080, pEtZTL4.jpg)

am going thru her old ig account and am surprised that she had a boyfriend who apparently gave her a promise ring [pic related] back in dec. anyone know what happened with that?

No. 147420


I will never get over her nails.

No. 147455

The nails are horrific but I'm pretty sure she has a boyfriend now

No. 147460

we're here to laugh at the cows, not to throw a temper tantrum over them. settle down

No. 147462

Brave dude. Dating her must have been hell.

No. 147474

I mean, besides telling a doctor about purging and such, how else is a doctor suppose to diagnosis that?

No. 147479

Exactly. Unless a doctor watches you binge and purge theres no way to confirm youre bulimic. If its early on, a patient might not have esophogeal erosion or other observable symptoms at that point so its just going off her word

No. 147482

No. 147483

If its been less than three months, and/or less frequently than 3x a week its not bulimia.

If she's legit bulimic, her bloods should be off, her salivary glands should be enlarged, and she'd probably have issues shitting.

I've never seen Russell's marks on her hands but her teeth are gross enough.

No. 147491


I was in residential treatment for a while and we discussed this. You were allowed to make an agreement prior to being discharged that you would be ok with speaking in public setting. It's not completely unallowed, but a staff member would never initiate a conversation with an ex-client.

No. 147494

she lost weight at one point. if you go on her old IG and go way back, there are progress pics. seems like she gained it all back though

No. 147498

btw her facebook lists almost 10 different employers. surely this doesnt look good? and shes doing that lame 'i dont have real work experience so im gonna make up cool sounding job titles' lmao

No. 147508

File: 1466731366464.png (1.01 MB, 768x1024, image.png)

So she's been "restricting" all day and craves unwarranted worry and attention, who'd have guessed it. But then she had a salad for dinner with "not too many" calories, or whatever, supposedly…

Calorie count comes to 700+ from what I could find. Right Kadee, right.

No. 147509

File: 1466731588666.png (151.72 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

No. 147511

Dressing, cheese, avocado, beef… yeah okay, "low calorie".

No. 147512

Looks like fried tortilla too.

No. 147518

There's like two pieces of lettuce in this salad. 773 for one salad is ridiculous, especially because we all know that isn't the only thing she ate today.

No. 147530



This cunt tho

No. 147536


I've never met a person with an actual eating disorder give it a name and then pretend like it's some other person running around inside their head. Such annoying wannarexic bullshit.

Sage because butthurt

No. 147556

i think kadee is starting to get "atypical anorexia" confused with dissociative identity disorder

No. 147574

Don't insult people with actual DID lol.

No. 147577

This is so annoying. When I do something disordered I don't pretend it's someone else controling me. Disordered people, eating or otherwise, know when theyre doing something disordered. That's why its a disorder, they can't keep from doing it because its a compulsion. The only compulsive thing Kadee does is eat.

No. 147579

You're right, there's next to no disorders that cause people to not know they're being disordered, even psychotic individuals generally know past their first episode, but I do think sometimes therapists will encourage people to give names to stuff so they can more easily understand it. Turns it from a scary unknown to something more easily grasped. And it's also easier to tell people about it in some situations if it has a name. It's much easier to tell a support system in public that Paul is bothering you than it is to explain what's actually going on.

Though I doubt this is the case for her, she's probably just pretending it's actually another personality.

No. 147580

Most therapists will tell you tod document during an episode, like writing how you feel in a diary or something not pretend it's someone else doing it. They want you to ground yourself so you know its you and that you're okay, you're just having a Moment™. I've never had a therapist tell me to name or pretend my disorder is someone else that seems very backward.

No. 147591

Yeah, I worded it badly. You're not meant to pretend it's someone else, it's more like a codename when you need to talk about it in public or to your support network, it's much less intimidating to use a normal name than it is a clinical one, or attempting to explain what's actually happening.

Also, as I said, it's a way of making it a bit more normal. That's not the right word, I can't think of the one I mean, but it's making it so it's not "I'm out of control and don't really understand what's happening with me", it minimises that aspect of it.

It's way more common with children or the intellectually disabled though, I've known maybe one person who was ever given that strategy as a capable adult. And that person had huge issues with who they actually were, and had started to assume they were their own illness, so using a different name separated it to some degree.

No. 147594

That makes more sense! Ive always been told to document my disassociating so I know that I'm still myself so I was confused as to why someone would call it something else but different strokes for different folks. Sage for blog tho.

No. 147598

Yeah, I doubt it applies to Kadee anyway, she's probably just going to pretend she has DID instead. I mean, it's possible, I guess that trying to separate illness from her personality would be important, but she's not even using it that way.

No. 147638

I dont think it has anything to do with DID, it's probably just something she picked up from the pro ED community on tumblr as its fairly common there or at least was a couple years ago when i was around

No. 147675


Agreed. It's a wannarexic thing.

I also highly doubt someone has told her to name it for therapeutic reasons.

No. 147679

especially since stuff like "ana" and "mia" circulate around the ed community

No. 147700


"The only compulsive things Kaydee does are 1) eat. 2) LIE !!"

No. 147724

File: 1466798774465.jpeg (96.2 KB, 749x350, image.jpeg)

Can she get any more pathetic in her attempts to get attention?

No. 147726


She is literally the stupidest liar I have ever seen.

No. 147727

I would love to know, for ballistic science's sake, what would happen if she were shot. like let's say a .22 was used on her abdomen. would her fat make the small bullet's path end short? what are the odds of her fat acting as a vehicle for the bullet to ricochet in? we need some answers. sage for off topic discussion of a block of lard being shot

No. 147729

She's so dumb. It'd be on the news if true.

No. 147739

File: 1466802847376.jpeg (159.6 KB, 750x1091, image.jpeg)

Checked her Facebook and saw this.
Still a major overreaction on her part.

No. 147742

That looks like a security cam image from a news article. Doubt she was actually there.

No. 147743

i don't like kadee either, but come on that's an incredibly reasonable response to being in a store that was held at gunpoint.

that's just my humble opinion though

No. 147744

There was a robbery at a CVS, and the website uses that exact picture


Why do I feel like she saw this news story and decided to put herself in the aituation? Just compare the times.

The current time on EST is 5:30pm
Article says robbery at 1:30pm
Kadee posts a picture of her Diet Coke 4h ago, according to IG, so around 1:30 when the robbery occured. No mention of anything crazy happening.
She then posts the image of her bootie 2h, so 3:30pm, most likely when the story broke.

Bitch pls.

No. 147754

Wow. Great detective work anon.

No. 147756

wasn't that hard, just googled easton Connecticut news and that website was the first one with the story of the gunman. then just common sense with times lmao

No. 147758

File: 1466806302008.jpg (26.65 KB, 480x313, promopic2.jpg)

Everything she writes sounds like dialogue from one of those awful anorexia movies where the writers probably knew little to nothing about EDs outside of common-knowledge and stereotypes.

No. 147769

She probably is stretching the truth. She probably visited the store earlier that day before the robbery happened and now she's "triggered" because she almost was there during the time there was the robbery.

Either that or she's completely lying about the whole thing like you've said.

No. 147794

File: 1466815792473.jpeg (202.11 KB, 640x917, image.jpeg)


i thought the same as you anon.

In other news, did anyone else notice this yesterday? Wonder what new health issues she is setting her followers up for next…
(See pic related)

No. 147796

Well, this depends on a lot of factors, such as range, type of cartridge, location of entry wound etc.

Her fat would slow the bullet, much like other tissue does and absorb a lot of the force.
Close range would probably cause a cool looking blowout from the gas.

I doubt it would richochet simply because of how much force would be lost after penetrating 7 inches of fat and then some muscle tissue before it could hit bone.

Birdshot would just get stuck in her ass, (poachers ass) buck shot would be fucking fascinating.
Overall its probably a lot like shooting a thin-skinned seal or an obese cat.

No. 147833

Shes not even trying anymore.

No. 147892

File: 1466844687185.jpeg (598.78 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Beautiful how the friend's is clearly just a plain yoghurt and Little Miss Starvation has plumped for chocolate hazelnut with all the toppings

No. 147916

>not enough food
ok kadee

No. 147917

>6 california rolls and froyo
>not enough food

Surely she doesn't mean full-sized sushi rolls?

No. 147918

Nah she means pieces.
And then later in the evening she had pizza. Because she's a starving anorexic.

No. 147919

That's her sister

No. 147932

if she eats so little why doesnt she lose any weight though
surely shes not ana but if a fatty eats on an ana diet, they should lose weight

No. 147937


but furreal furreal, frozen yogurt sounds delicious

No. 147944

why does she even drink ensure I mean - there are people going on extreme and crazy diets like a kiwi mono day or cabbage soup crap without becoming eating disordered and they survive? A day or two of undereating wouldn't do any harm to her at all tbh.
Maybe her doc is a feeder.

No. 147946

because Ensure is what ~sick anas in fairy recovery~ drink!! all the instagrams and Marya Hornbacher say so!!!

(Her doctor probably doesn't have a thing to do with it, she buys them herself to fuel her delusion of being ill).

No. 147950

She asks for support and says she'll support you back, but when you actually message her and talk to her it's constantly such and such happened to me. She only asks how you're doing to try and one up you as being the most "sick" (mentally and physically).

No. 147951

see how she reacts if you tell her it's not a competition

No. 147984

If she's eating AND drinking ensure she's going to blow up even fatter. I think one bottle is like 250 calories.

No. 147990

File: 1466880273607.png (7.25 KB, 514x83, kd13.png)

yet she chose to only post pics of junk food? ok kadee

No. 148005

Eh, my dietitian was cool with my veganism during recovery. Typically as long as youre eating again, they'll work with you.

But hers is probably like, "yes, eat a fucking vegetable. Lose some weight, free willy"

No. 148006

I think she saw people getting ensure for not eating enough. When I was in hospital, people get offered/forced to drink ensure when they don't finish enough of their meals. She might associate it with being severely ill

No. 148012


Exactly this. She thinks it adds legitimacy to her claims of illness.

No. 148021

The people who they offer them to are (nearly) underweight though. It won't make her any more credible at her weight. I heard they are really disgusting too and are seen as punishment.

No. 148027

Omg I hated ensure. If you can't or choose not to finish your meal, most places will make you drink the remaining calories in ensure. It's to make up fro the calories you didn't eat earlier. My doctor keeps pushing ensure on me outside of treatment because "drinking is easier than eating" and I have to say I agree.

She's such a cow. I would never voluntarily drink the stuff, ESPECIALLY vanilla. I legit gagged on it once when I tried chugging it to get it over with.

No. 148029


Yeah but she's super anorexic and doesn't eat enough because she's super anorexic so she needs liquid calories to bring up her total because, she's super anorexic.

See her logic?

No. 148030

File: 1466890376675.png (90.99 KB, 251x251, icon08leatherlabel_with_pen_3_…)

No. 148031

B-b-b-but 400 pounds is practically wasting away!

No. 148032

That's really rude. I was using my own experience as an example to support my Kaydee theory.

No. 148033

You were kadeeing [verb: to kadee, to ham up own illness for attention from strangers online]

No. 148034

She wants to be anorexic so badly… it's hilarious.

No. 148035


>[verb: to kadee


No. 148036

no one here gives a shit about personal ED experience
good call

No. 148037

I don't want attention. I posted it to show what ensure is actually for and how it worked for one person. Fuck you.

No. 148038


If you're not going to take the time to learn how the site works then don't post. It's called lurking. Try it.

No. 148053

File: 1466894650903.jpeg (134.15 KB, 640x915, image.jpeg)

interesting revelations appearing on her ig. I cant believe people are falling for this.

No. 148058

I feel like they're just making fun of her…

No. 148064

I'd wonder if it's a competitive thing, and following her makes them feel like they're "better" at their eating disorder.
I don't know. A lot of the comments seem kind of… disingenuous to me.

No. 148073

most of her comments are from farmers

No. 148076

Haha she hasn't figured out that all the comments are from us making fun of her.

No. 148117

File: 1466902469807.jpg (149.37 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Posts veggie wrap after someone comments on her pizza photo telling her to eat more vegetables….

No. 148118

File: 1466902636696.jpg (488.8 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)


Subsequently followed by Starbucks, a fucking huge s'mores thing, apparently 330 calories. Dat anorexia. Still don't understand why she doesn't pretend to be anorexic by not uploading ANY photos of food?

No. 148119

File: 1466902739710.jpg (635.76 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)


She then decides to have some yogurt and mentions in the comments she melted her own marshmallows and chocolate on top. Not only had she already had a fuckload of calories I would be my money on it she's not uploading everything she eats throughout the day..

No. 148120


No. 148121


So shes claiming to have had "atypical anorexia" since she was 9 ?!!! Sorry but even if that diagnosis does take into account that you dont need to be underweight to have anorexic thoughts and behaviours, there is NO WAY that for 13 years that she claims to have had this restrictive disorder, she would STILL be so obese…if you engage in behaviours associated with atypical anorexia for over a decade Its biologically impossible to gain weight and then remain OBESE as kadees past pics prove.

No. 148126

when she refers to her ed as a person, it made me think of this book:
I briefly had a therapist who tried pushing this book on me, so it is believable that she got the idea from a therapist. still stupid af in my opinion.

No. 148129

Lmao its not even yogurt its marshmallows and chocolate on a plate

No. 148134

this is shit i did in high school when i was stoned as hell, what kind of desperate fatty do you gotta be to microwave a fucking pile of marshmallows and eat it? sober?!

No. 148140

File: 1466909688314.jpeg (112.41 KB, 750x423, image.jpeg)

Cough, nausea, pain, anxiety, and sleeping medications all at the same time. That just screams addict.

No. 148143

You can tell when she posts before (or maybe after) a complete binge and tries to play it off as a "recovery win". marshmallows microwaved with chocolate on a paper plate? A huge slice of pizza after an exhausting day of (thinking about) restricting? I just don't get how she thinks people don't see how ridiculous her entire Instagram feed is

No. 148146


I wonder if her attention seeking could be partly driven by drug seeking.

No. 148147

Shut the fuck up before you get this thread locked too. You added nothing to the conversation. Most of us know what ensure is used for and how disgusting it is or is said to be.

No. 148149

those fucking shameless tags. this ham with hair seems to have this weird cycle of 'a bloo bloo i'm so sick and in pain and i just want to be normal give me prayers and pity and me me me' to having no problem packing her face with whatever while pretending she's such an ~edwarrior~. i don't get how her parents and sister haven't just slapped the shit out of her already and tell her to do something with herself.

thank-you for saying this b/c i thought that while going thru her old ig and couldn't believe she had such a lengthy documentation of shitty food while trying to convince people she has any form of anorexia. at once point she was claiming to work out and be losing weight, so what happened with that?

No. 148157

I can guarantee that the drugs are not helping.

No. 148185

How the fuck has she convinced ANYONE she's anorexic, let alone needing to be drinking ensures. I mean, it just seems insane. I know you don't have to be underweight to suffer from anorexia, but there's "not underweight" and then there's this.

No. 148188

Read the goddamn thread, holy shit. She can purchase ensures without a prescription, and she's never gotten an official anorexia diagnosis (only bulimia). She isn't fooling anyone, but hospitals legally have to see you.

No. 148190

late, but selfblogging is banned here, even if you thinly veil it as a supporting argument for something. read the rules.

No. 148197

hot flashes, lol. early menopause maybe?

No. 148198

I'm new to Kadee. Does she always post shit like this (robbery trauma) then move onto something else virtually the next day (flu)?

No. 148200

samefag, I am following the thread btw. just wondering if this recent rash of things (colon "surgery", foot, robbery, flu) is the normal rate of change.

No. 148201

Lol, I read the whole thread. I was talking about her followers as the people she's fooled. Seems like they're not as convinced now though. (Saged for no new contribution)

No. 148212


Yes this is her 'M.O.' If you read back far enough you will see all the drama that seems to happen is constant and ever changing. I mean how much bad luck can one person get?!! Cant be bothered to go back and find it but her old tumblr listed literally every pyschiatric diagnosis in the DSM!

No. 148226


Yeah except lately it's going a bit up and down crazier quicker. I predict in the next 48 hours she will be back in hospital. She normally posts a vague "feeling ill" post before "ended back up in hospital". She'll claim she's having a surgery (brain, heart, bowel) and get discharged the next day. Then she'll go on a positivity spree, healthy eating, "oh noes mah ED thoughts", "recovery win" junk food binges… And back in hospital again.

No. 148283

You would think someone who has had cancer, brain surgery, a broken leg wouldn't bat an eyelash at something as common as the flu.

No. 148288

she's probably suffering from BED and by posting her food and acting like she's an anorexic in recovery she has her food / eating legitimized by people telling her to make sure she's eating enough so she wouldn't feel too guilty about it maybe that's how she copes with her guilt for binging?

No. 148300

You DO still have to be underweight to be diagnosed as anorexia. The DSM 5 worded
It differently. Basically a distorted body image DESPITE A SIGNIFICANTLY LOW WEIGHT"

Atypical "anorexia" is osfed/ednos. It's not anorexia.

Just clearing the air for the wannarexics from MPA who want to pretend they're anorexic.

No. 148321

its really awkward when over-weight bulimics or bingers post the same kinds of lush, treat-yo-self meals as the skinny ana butterflies in recovery.
i know it still might be 'challenging' to eat an ice cream without binging/purging but i dont think anyone sees it that way. they just see another fatty eating an ice cream

No. 148326


did anyone watch the next video of her burying her razor blades? with her mom there and sayin how proud she is of Kadee? This is just so laughable.

No. 148327


She actually does have self harm scars (though nothing serious) so at least one in her litany of ailments is true.

No. 148338

No. 148340


No. 148341


Bitch can't even spell her own name lol

No. 148346

link it

No. 148363

No. 148365


If she were skinny I think she'd actually be really cute

No. 148372

Her skin looks much less fucked here, maybe it's the natural light

No. 148382

ew is that poor in her nails
also thats probably her brother lol

No. 148402

oh man I would love to see that

No. 148421

bitch held a funeral for her razors this is too good

No. 148430

from reading her insta captions i figured her voice would be way more shrill and whiny than it really is. but damn, if that video isn't begging for attention idk what is

No. 148463

I just feel like her family is super enabling tbh

No. 148468

who do you think pays for all of her hospital stays/binge food hauls?

No. 148470


No. 148475

No. 148499

She doesn't strike me as someone whose family is loaded. She seems really white trash. Kelly's family is loaded.

No. 148508

Kadee looks like she smells like piss, unwashed vulva and cheap deodorant.

Also think it's hilarious how Kadee and Kelly think they are skinny and look like anorexics, while anorexics think they look like Kadee and Kelly

No. 148514


>unwashed vulva

lol gross

No. 148515

File: 1466981826788.png (180.46 KB, 250x320, meitu.PNG)

i think so too. her eyes are pretty cute. she just has moon face and a pretty strong chin but somethings under there

No. 148516

is that really her?

No. 148517

File: 1466982026614.gif (Spoiler Image, 431.1 KB, 500x375, image.gif)

rare gif of kadee eating nsfw

No. 148524

File: 1466986238830.png (211.07 KB, 287x323, kad.PNG)

heres the original

No. 148532

Well someone is paying for all the hospital and rehab bills. Could just be they have really good insurance/ benefits.

No. 148540

File: 1466990078701.png (152.62 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

The #2fab4ana hashtag tho.

She's made 2 posts saying 'fuck you' to her ED. But what illness will she come up with next?!

No. 148542

she only says "fuck you ED" so she can claim relapse 15 minutes later

No. 148554

Even if i didnt know her id hate her tbh. She seems so self righteous and pseudo grown while being and looking like a 12 year old fat blob

No. 148563

i think #2fat4ana would be more appropriate. if she's so fucking ~pro recovery~ why the fuck is she dying every other day?

No. 148566

this is beyond the cringiest thing i've ever seen, how can this girl take herself even the tiniest bit seriously?

No. 148584

Girl is gonna have a hell of a time tapering off of all that. When she gets dopesickness from not getting her painkillers, she's going to realize what real pain is. And if she's on benzos, those are hell to get off of too. But I'm pretty sure you can't get prescribed painkillers while on benzos, so she's likely on an SSRI for anxiety and trazodone for sleep, neither of which get you high.

No. 148595


No. 148612

File: 1467015973176.jpeg (123.53 KB, 640x898, image.jpeg)

At this point she is basically just skipping meals (or claiming to) in order to binge in the evenings. Even if she was a spoopy skelly this wouldn't be ~recovery~

No. 148629

It's as if she thinks that deciding not to eat something that she sees is skipping a meal.

No. 148675

She added in the comments that she was making gnocchi for dinner after that lol so no skipped meal. Then she said she also had fruit. No way she was under any calorie limit for the day

No. 148677

File: 1467039517597.png (387.05 KB, 647x674, kd14.png)

her sister looks so done with her lmao. I'm still surprised she's 21, she has such a childish demeanor I still peg her as 16-17

No. 148681

She's literally a cow. All she does is consume dairy. Frozen yogurt, ice cream, yogurt, ensure.

No. 148682

She's such a fucking idiot. Nausea and flu like symptoms, chills, hot flashes? Sounds like fucking withdrawal symptoms to me.

No. 148691

lmao normal busy people forget meals too. its not ED, kadee
lmao true

No. 148701

You can be prescribed painkillers and benzos together if you're trusted enough to not take them at the same time.
I agree that she probably has a standard SSRI for her "anxiety" med. She's likely trying to play it up for attention

No. 148709

File: 1467046679117.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-06-26-21-18-06…)

i found this while lurking her old IG. 2 minute work out to burn off 2 sips of her ensure

No. 148710

I'll bet she'll try to convince people that's 2 hours and 31 minutes

No. 148733

File: 1467051384460.jpeg (167.79 KB, 634x984, image.jpeg)


Anyone else notice this?! She lies so much she cant keep track of them - slipped up for all to see kadee, which was it, gnocci or a salad, or both ?!

No. 148734

she probably had both

No. 148739

Wonder what her chicken to salad ratio is. A whole chicken and half a lettuce leaf? Or maybe potato salad….

No. 148754

why are they both fat? i blame the mother. HOLLY WHAT DID YOU DO

No. 148755

File: 1467055985937.png (2.5 MB, 1860x1184, TREAT YO SELF.png)

who tf is so sad they have to buy themselves flowers lmao she's literally giving herself her own asspats

>All the hard work I do in my recovery :)))

>hard work

No. 148770

File: 1467058496654.jpg (59.2 KB, 812x555, Capture.JPG)

Uh… does she REALLY think she's in a position to comment on others' appearances? Pigs in glass houses shouldn't throw Ensure bottles.

No. 148771

File: 1467058530667.png (767.51 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Wow. So low-cal

No. 148776

No wonder she has no friends and needs attention online. She treats her friends like crap.

No. 148777

her face always looks so dirty to me. Is it just her bad skin/makeup/filter combo or what

No. 148779

File: 1467061953190.jpeg (817.04 KB, 863x938, image.jpeg)

No. 148795

I agree! There's like… an uncomfortable amount of shadows happening on her face at all times. Maybe it's "contouring"? Or she just cakes foundation on so it looks textured? The ungroomed eyebrows and bleached hair don't help though.

No. 148796

I think it's the filter/editing since in her video taken in natural lighting those shadows aren't there. She probably thinks it gives her a sunken-eyed, prominent-cheekbone sick ana look but in reality she just looks like a filthy animal with a big round ball of fat on each side of her face.

No. 148818

You know someone is super fat when their shoelaces are tied to the side. Can't bend down straight, too much gut.

No. 148819


Oh man this is so true

No. 148823

File: 1467078966923.png (755.84 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Aaaand after complaining of stomach pain for a few hours she's back in the hospital.

No. 148826


Isn't that the gym that gives out free pizza and bagels to their members? That's probably the real reason she joined.

No. 148837

Jesus, I never considered that. It's interesting how she makes up all kinds of fake medical problems but never talks about the real problems she must have from being obese. Not glamorous enough I guess

No. 148840


will they ever end? probably once you stop making them up kaydee

No. 148842


She probably has indigestion

No. 148864

hey lots of people buy themselves flowers because they are nice, we're just not pretending that we deserve them because we're super mentally ill and we're working SO HARD to recover from all our fake illnesses lol.

her eyebrows are so triggering fucking hell.

No. 148870


Literally called this a few posts above. Said within the next 48-72 hours she would be back in hospital. It's her M.O - go to hospital, get released, "ED thoughts" & "starve", binge because "recovery win!"… Few days later complaining of health aaaand…. Go to hospital… The cycle continues

No. 148872

File: 1467089653972.jpg (171.18 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


Lol you were fucking right - sent home with meds for some indigestion!

No. 148893

Yup, free pizza on the first Monday of the month and free bagels on the second Tuesday of the month. Basically, free binge nights for Kadee. I'm sure she burns it all off in her two minute workouts though!

No. 148940

This thread belongs to /pt/.

No. 148941

I mean, thats what happens when you eat nothing but junk.

I honestly agree tbh. Kadee is a total lolcow and actually produces milk almost every day. I thought that was the point of the new set up, hue

No. 148942

Does she not read this thread? How can one person set themselves up to be laugh at like she does… And she wonders why doctors don't take her seriously.

No. 148943

Wait, DO doctors take her seriously??

No. 148944

This is random but does anyone know if Kadee ever actually got her GED? I remember a while ago that she said she was studying for it but I don't ever remember her saying she passed and I also don't ever remember her talking about college, despite what her fb says. I stopped paying attention to her though because her story became too hard to keep track of but I really am curious if she got her GED. Because to be 21 and consistently failing your GED test is kind of pathetic. That test is so easy as long as you have the mental capacity of a 12 y/o.

No. 148946

I'm pretty sure we would have heard about it if she passed. "I defied ALL the odds and now have a GED. It's like a PhD except with different letters"

No. 148956


She definitely knows about it but I don't know if she keeps up with it. It looked like she delete all her pics from the hospital when she found out, but you'd think she'd stop being as much of a cow eating giant ice cream and drinking ensure with the knowledge that so many people are making fun of her.

No. 148964

holy shit i thought its a myth that people go to the hospital for anything

if you randomly feel shitty in the middle of the night, who immediately thinks "I NEED A DOCTOR" ? especially in fuckin america. a hospital visit is over $3000

No. 148969

I don't think she knows about this thread at all. I think she probably deleted everything to have a "fresh start" or because people were leaving her messages all over her instagram calling out her bs.

I'm pretty sure if she knew about this site she would play the victim card and try and get people to raid it.

No. 148970

some dumb cunt earlier in the thread commented on her photos telling her about lolcow, but i doubt kadee could figure out how to use the site let alone keep up in a thread. although there has been some things like >>141707 that point to her lurking

No. 148976


I wonder what she'll do when mommy's insurance won't cover her anymore. I'm not Amerifag but I'm pretty sure they only cover children up to a certain age and given that she's 21 she must be nearing the limit.

No. 148998

Unfortunately I think she's covered until she turns 26.

No. 149006

under Obamacare it is until you're 26. so 5 more years of faking illnesses and unnecessary hospital visits for KaDeeLyn

No. 149007

I think most places you're covered under your parents if you need to be until 26 so you're right.

No. 149039

How can her parents afford such good insurance???? We have the best insurance offered through my parents' company and the copays STILL end up costing a fortune.

No. 149040

It makes me mad because there are some seriously ill people out there who deserve help and don't get it.

No. 149041

Exactly. A 70 lb anorexic vs a 400 lb cow. Who needs the encouragement and support to eat more??

No. 149042

In America, someone who weighs 70 pounds and doesn't have insurance cannot get help. That's fucked up.

No. 149043

i think she lives in southern CT which is pretty wealthy
hence #whitegirlproblems

No. 149044

She seems like such white trash tho..

No. 149045

How much do you guys think she actually weighs? I would say above 300 for sure. It's hard to see in some of her pictures, but hoooooly cow… in her videos/pictures from fb, she's MASSIVE. 300-350 lbs?

No. 149046

She's on the run again. Had to run away to NY because she needs to "get away" but has no place to stay when she gets there. Isn't this how she landed in inpatient the last time around?

No. 149047

Cough manipulative borderline chick cough

No. 149048

wealthy white trash
because CT is backwoods

No. 149054


The last time she went to NY is also when she shot herself but the gun was out of bullets.

No. 149055

She is obese, of course she will get chest pain, this girl is ridiculous, 2 weeks after my surgery I could go out for 20 min walks will small discomfort, sage and sorry for mini blog

No. 149065

I'd say about 130-150kg.
She's a really big girl. If she keeps up the ice cream and ensures she's gonna need bariatric services for her 'anorexia'

Do you think she'll still pretend to restrict when she's in a "big-boy-bed"?
Theryre equipped for 250kgs

No. 149066


I seem to remember seeing her mention a "boyfriend" in NY ….cant remember where i saw it though

No. 149076

She is a VERY large person. Honestly bariatric surgery is going to be her best chance at survival if she keeps eating the way she is. If the family is obese, she probably grew up not knowing normal portions or healthy food.

No. 149080

I'd say her entire family eats crap because they don't know any better, but she's got all the information at her hands about nutrition and weightloss and still chooses to suck down ensures and 700 calorie salads.

Two more years of this and she's gonna need bariatric surgery to survive. Her heart must already be huge and working harder than a Clydesdale. I'm amazed she's not prediabetic.

No. 149082

I want Kadee and Ashley to be friends

No. 149088

>She's a really big girl.
for you

No. 149090

What does that even mean?

No. 149092

it means you need to go back to PULL/MPA

No. 149093

>on a chan
>not know what bane posting is

Get out.

No. 149094

Oh jesus I didn't even catch that haha

No. 149095

Nobody knew who she was until she put on her oxygen mask

No. 149125

is it the edit or was she really so much better looking than now?
also: her old username "kadeethin" kek

No. 149131

No. 149132

No. 149136

>Planet fatness
No wonder she's such a whale.

No. 149139

No. 149150

She's not wealthy at all. Look at her. She looks poor as fuck. She's also said before, when asking for treatment centers, that she cannot afford any of the ones suggested

No. 149155

her chest pimples match her hair kek

No. 149159

File: 1467184382880.png (193.13 KB, 819x615, Screen shot 2016-06-29 at 7.08…)

Saw this on her new tumblr account, apologies if someone else had already posted it.

No. 149183

>'i am not my diagnoses'
but let me tell you about all of the things that are wrong with me and how my entire life and existence revolves around them.

No. 149207

Dude, cows produce dairy, not consume it (apart from calfs). Not that I disagree with the first part of your post in any way.

No. 149212


Omg she STILL has the audacity to claim she was tube fed when ALL her followers quickly called BS on that pathetic lie when she posted pics of her "ng feeding tube" which was actually an ng drainage tube she had after surgery!! She even tried to cover her lies by saying that the nurse had put the wrong type of tube in but it was definitely a feeding tube!! ? Yet despite her usual ability to post a pic of literally anything medical she has done to legitimise her claims, she never once posted a pic of her connected to any feed!!

No. 149213


Also, where is the list of all her phsyical health illnesses and complications which she contasntly claims are such a big part of her life?! - she cant even keep up with all her malingering ailments and must have forgot she "almost died" and nearly had to have open heart surgery and a "brain procdedure" and bowel surgery and cervical cancer….

No. 149225

You calling her SKINNY?? I'm not on MPA or PULL. I don't even know what PULL stands for… I think we're all in agreement that she is, in fact, a very big girl.

No. 149239

AHAHA WHAT. Lies. Utter lies. My friend who is a LOT like KD also lied about stillbirths and having twins and a bunch of other crazy shit.

She's a pathological liar and that's the only thing wrong with her.

No. 149240

I was going to call her a baby calf, but she's too fat to qualify as one.

No. 149245

I remember seeing this "about" before, so I think it's slightly old/out of date.

No. 149246


I scrolled back pretty far on that tumblr and she never once mentioned she was pregnant. And AFAIK she has never mentioned it since. I literally hate her for this lie, it's just so gross.

No. 149248

File: 1467217249066.jpg (12.12 KB, 478x361, i was so focused on finding ch…)

assimilate pls newfag

No. 149256

age limit is 26 iirc. tick tock, kadee!

No. 149261

Three people in a row said that yesterday, right under the comment you quoted…

No. 149263

Maybe she has the sense to start hoarding her meds now.

No. 149267

i posted >>149256 right after the post it quotes, i have no idea why it just now went through. sorry for the redundancy

No. 149319

File: 1467231727700.jpeg (195.15 KB, 640x731, image.jpeg)

Notice how "the whole nine yards" doesn't involve binging at all, it's the one behaviour she refuses to admit to. Girl has some serious denial issues.

No. 149321

it's a meme you dip

No. 149337

It's from her tumblr which she only recently remade, but I thought she might've just copied and pasted from her old one. It must be hard for her to keep track of all of the details of her tragic life.

No. 149338

was she serious when she claimed to have had a stillborn? that's fucking creepy as hell

No. 149355

File: 1467241446018.png (167.61 KB, 968x524, angstsomuchangst.png)

Shitty mspaint collage of Kadee's super serious anorexia.

No. 149362

poor kadee. there is no cure for being a chronic attention seeker

No. 149363

>you look more like you gained seven pounds, not lost them
even her parents dont buy into the bullshit

No. 149364

File: 1467244114559.jpg (32.75 KB, 400x224, image.jpg)

Calls her parents mom and daddy.

At least her dad calls her out on her steady gains.

No. 149374

Why does she even bother trying to manipulate others? It clearly doesn't work. The people who comment on her insta are making fun of her. Literally no one falls for it.

No. 149375

Yeah I've thought that too about her instagram. When people say "omg ur soooo brave" or "please eat, don't restrict, food is good" they're making fun of her. I think she believes they're all serious. :O

No. 149380

According to KF she's also notorious in chronic illness/disability communities. Most of her followers are probably in it for the milk

No. 149412

File: 1467259397832.png (905.59 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I'm only in it for the milk.

No. 149414


Umm… wasn't she melting chocolate and marshmallows on a plate and eating the goopy remains a few days ago??

No. 149425

is it…strange to call your mother "mom"? also I don't think it's strange to still call your father daddy or papà or anything but I'm very thrown off by the mom thing

No. 149426

>"daddy" ok
>thrown off by "mom"

No. 149429

>Calls her parents mom and daddy.

How is this strange? What would you call them as an alternative?

No. 149432

I don't think it's that deep and she just wants attention or to pretend she has some kind of daddy issues.

The only thing weird is that "daddy" and "mommy" are more endearing terms and usually you'd call your parents something consistent. If she called them both mommy and daddy that'd be childish but it's fine. In this case however she's painting her dad as someone who antagonizes her so it doesn't really make sense. But when does she ever.

No. 149434


Mom/mum is normal. Calling your father daddy is just infantile if you're older than 6.

No. 149435

It's not though, sorry you have daddy issues.

No. 149436

She probably said "daddy" to make everyone think she has daddy issues.

No. 149438

Is daddy a trigger word now?

No. 149439

I dont think daddy is weird if you call him that all the time like, to his face? But saying it on a blogging platform is kind of weird like when girls are like OUT WIF MY MUMMY I LUV HER feels really weird but just saying it OUTLOUD isn't strange to me.

No. 149440

"Daddy" is a very southern thing to call your father. It's pretty common here. My grandmother refers to her late father as "Daddy" ffs.

No. 149443

Hm, that's odd and goofy, though the redundancy was kind of funny. No worries!

That might have been where I saw it. She flips illnesses so much that it seems like we've been observing her for longer than we have.

No. 149465

agreed. I call my parents mummy and daddy at age 21 however if im discussing them on a public forum or to anyone other than my siblings i refer to them as 'my mum/mother' and 'my dad/father'

by saying daddy im sure she was trying to infantilize herself so she seems even more of a innocent victim to all her "illnesses"

No. 149500

>you look more like you gained seven pounds

Dad's a bro

No. 149526

No. 149558

You know the milk is drying up when people start nitpicking over stupid shit like the word daddy.

No. 149567

lol just by her food captions you would've expected her to be so small and frail and skinny jesus

No. 149578

File: 1467310688529.png (1.61 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-06-30-20-15-09…)

No. 149579

File: 1467310727891.png (1.04 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-06-30-20-15-12…)

No. 149584

So now she's obviously sooooo "sick" again. Ambulance and all.

Why the desperate need for attention??

No. 149587

File: 1467312478107.jpg (40.28 KB, 500x369, VJRIvU4h.jpg)

i hate people who are wasteful and abusive of our already fucked health care system.
you dont need a fucking ambulance for a cold.
you need an ambulance if you have major trauma or need otherwise urgent care (chest pain, stroke, etc)

No. 149589

Can't wait for a rerun of the classic "fluid on the lungs" episode! I wonder which random treatment she'll pull up from google this time? $5 on holding a 10ml flush syringe for a selfie claiming they just did a pleural effusion aspiration with it.

No. 149591

Not too long ago I saw her claiming that she's looking into getting a permanent morphine pump after seeing another girl (who's basically on her death bed) post about it. Like……does she think people are stupid??????
When asked what she would need the pump for her reply was "I am pretty sick".

Such BS.

No. 149603

Just so you know, everyone uses the ER as their personal doctor. That's why urgent care is better. It's not clogged and unless it's a real emergency like chest pain, car accident, trauma, etc, fine. But for sprains, ear infections, coughs/colds, etc, urgent care is perfectly fine.

No. 149609

So I'm pretty new to Kadee. Sorry if it has been discussed before, but what is the general consensus amongst you guys - does she have an actual problem, like Munchausens, or is she just an attention seeker?

No. 149610

Hard to tell. I think she does have some issues from being obese like chest pain, but she def. abuses the hospital system and lies about nearly every other medical problem. Maybe it is Munchausen's…IDK.

No. 149612


I think she's just desperate for attention. She's a sympathy-junkie.
Her lies are just outrageous.

No. 149613

I'm convinced that she genuinely believes she has an ED/mental health stuff, because a lot of that's easy to talk yourself into believing if you repeat it enough, but the general medical stuff is largely bullshit and. At least, the way she frames it is bullshit - she might take herself to hospital for a cough/cold and post on instgram saying she's being seen by respiratory doctors (true) for lung cancer (lie).

No. 149618

Agreed. I've seen plenty of grown men call their dad "daddy" here. It's just the norm.

That's my idea too. I think she just loves getting sympathy from everyone. It makes her feel special and important.

No. 149643

I think it's Munchausens, obesity, and self delusion. She obviously consciously fabricates stories, but like someone said, she might honestly believe the ED part. And by ED I mean her binge eating, not "anorexia"

No. 149647

Yeah..I mean originally I just thought she was in it for attention but she's 21 years old and I just can't believe someone would choose to live like this.

I feel like she HAS to have something wrong with her to be this delusional and obsessed with all of her "conditions"

No. 149649

Oh, so that's her endgame. She's just another malingering drug-seeker. Bet it'd be a dream for her to be hooked up on a dope drip for life.
There should be fines for people like her that waste medical resources honestly.

No. 149652

I think Munchausens is definitely possible. She's not just seeking attention over the internet, she's constantly going to the hospital and her family are clearly aware of everything, so it seems like she's probably inducing symptoms to some extent rather than just straight up lying about them.

No. 149653

File: 1467332211060.png (473.77 KB, 943x455, 1462929461612.png)

She does induce symptoms. A while ago she posted a pic of obvious cigarette burns and claimed it was a mysterious rash.

No. 149654

I'm sure it's been discussed before, but
Are her followers mostly skellies? I can imagine them being disgusted by her. She's huge, and her small meals are heavy in the calorie department.

No. 149661

I think her followers are mainly farmers of all shapes and sizes from lots of different platforms, like did her and Kelly not get discussed on MPA? So they must both have a following from there. I'm guessing she follows a lot of skellies too.

No. 149663

Most of her followers are just there to laugh at her. If ana-chans follow her it's probably to feel better about themselves

No. 149668

stigmata obviously

No. 149677

That's what I'm thinking as well. The
"I'm fat, but not that fat." Mentality.
I cannot imagine anyone diagnosing her with anorexia, and this is why it's just so outrageous that she claims to have it. Tricking herself into thinking she can eat badly because her body is "starved" of calories.
It's interesting to observe overall, but she's infuriating at the same time.

No. 149680

I feel like it's extreme avoidance of growing up/having responsibilities. She'd rather fake being sick the rest of her life and enjoy the attention and drugs it brings her rather than have to go to work every day.

No. 149698

File: 1467348372312.jpeg (126.42 KB, 640x644, image.jpeg)

No. 149699

File: 1467348416958.jpeg (118.02 KB, 640x655, image.jpeg)

ig memes were dead on tonight

No. 149703


well stay off high buildings and you'll be fine Kadee

No. 149704

she must know the key words / symptoms to describe to where they can't refuse the first line treatment.

No. 149726

It's really embarrassing and pathetic how she begs for asspats.

No. 149734

File: 1467379358873.jpg (245.57 KB, 700x397, WHALE.jpg)

No. 149736

I'm guessing anytime she goes she says she has chest pains. At her size, it's the magic words to get medical personnel forced to take care of you.

No. 149747

Well typically if you say you have chest pain, you'll get an EKG stat. Then she'd be told her EKG is fine and once a heart attack is ruled out, you don't get priority anymore.

No. 149752

Seasoned Hospitalfag here, going to clear a bit up on how it works when you go into the ER.
ER's won't take your word on absolute shit; it's all about the numbers and results. The first thing they always do to everyone who comes in is draw a CBC/BMP and if you're of reproductive age, make you piss in a cup to make sure you aren't pregnant in case they need to give you meds/narcotics. People purposefully lie or are unsure about their issues to ham it up, whereas results give you physical evidence and numbers that something is wrong. They wait until lab results come back, same with any imaging results. That's how they decide whether to admit or not.
With her obesity and poor diet, I'm sure she already has shitty baseline vitals, so that helps her get admitted. Claiming to be suicidal also guarantees that you will be held at a hospital for-at minimum 24 hours- until a social worker/case manager comes to clear you, or refer you to an actual facility that can deal with suicidal ideations.
Now there's 2 types of admitting that happens: Inpatient, which is pretty self explanatory (you get admitted and become an inside patient), and outpatient/observation. People who have something that needs to be observed overnight via round the clock bloodwork and vitals (not life threatening serious ailments) will always be observation. One of the most common ailments for being admitted observation? Chest pain.
Most hospitals have floors dedicated just to chest pain and heart problems, and it's VERY common for people to come in during the evening with chest pain, stay overnight for troponin draws q6hrsx3, do stress tests and EKGs, and send their ass out on their merry little way after everything comes back okay. I have no doubts that these hospital visits are just observation, and in now way as serious as she likes to ham it up.

tl;dr she's an overactive cunt that needs to stop clogging the ER (and her arteries) with her attention seeking bullshit.

No. 149766

Please learn how to do a tl;dr. It's supposed to be a summary.

A better one would have been something like:
tl;dr: ER looks at vitals and lab tests, and Kadee's are probably crap due to obesity. This is why they'll take her into observation if she complains about chest pain.

No. 149770


She'll be admitted immediately with a c/o chest pain. They don't wait on a CBC, they do the EKG to rule out heart attack, spot arrhythmia etc so they can administer emergency meds if necessary. When it comes to chest pain, they absolutely take your word, same with any other complaint that is potentially serious (for example searing pain in the right abdomen).

If the EKG is negative then she'll be made a lower priority as >>149747 said as they wait for bloods.

No. 149787


You aren't immediately auto admitted for chest pains, especially as a young person. I went to the ER with them because of a medication side effect and they immediately did an EKG. Gave me some IV meds to bring down my pressure and heart rate, left in a few hours. I'm guessing she knows how to describe it to make it sound more serious than it is so they stick her in observation.

She's so fat they probably put her in observation just to cover their asses in the tiny chance she IS having a heart attack. But nobody stays in obs more than 24 hours.

No. 149789


I think we mean the same thing. In my hospital we consider observational patients admitted (although not inpatient). Must be a regional/country thing but I think we're arguing semantics. Sorry if I was confusing.

No. 149796

She's out and snarfing down whipped cream already, LMAO.

No. 149797

Because when you have a "throbbing throat" what you need totally is fatty, sugary dairy. Instead of, I don't know, unsweetened tea.
I can see that fatass getting a sugary frap after getting cavities treated, "to cool and reduce the swelling" or something. She is absolutely delusional and addicted to sugar.

No. 149798

Screencaps? Not all of us can be arsed setting up a sockpuppet to follow her.

No. 149800

she talks about needing dialysis in the replies to her chicken wrap (or whatever it is)post for her blood disorder? what disorder is it that she claims having?

No. 149801



It's a fucking imageboard. Image.

No. 149803

All of them.

No. 149804


Well you provided the cap so I guess that.

No. 149805

The only thing Kadee suffers from is fat girl syndrome. They'll blame everything for their ailments except their weight and shit eating habits. I only know one fat person who accepts that she's fat and is in chronic pain because of it. All the rest will blame "genetics" or their thyroid or some shit.

No. 149809

File: 1467404432999.jpg (173.04 KB, 1066x1684, ydUHkD7.jpg)

No. 149810

File: 1467404498828.jpg (178.51 KB, 1080x1536, vtYkLuE.jpg)

No. 149811


HIT (heparin-induced thrombocytopenia).

Which is complete bullshit.

No. 149812

Most people would just have some tea or a lozenge but she needs to guzzle several hundred calories at literally any opportunity she gets of course. Her fat mom is an enormous enabler too. I can't imagine giving my own child this kind of slow-working poison

No. 149813


Yeah….I agree. Compete BS.

No. 149815

i just can't believe how blatantly this person lies…..and she doesn't even do very good research on what she lies about

shes is soooooooo sick yet she plans to go out tonight

No. 149821

File: 1467408003030.jpeg (153.33 KB, 640x986, image.jpeg)


Its beyond outrageous ! Dialysis is a LAST RESORT line of treatment this girl should be focusing on losing weight and reducing her cholesterol and doing more exercise instead of hiding her greed & laziness behind the guise of "ed recovery", and then she wouldnt be at such a high risk of clots in the first place. ALSO she only got these clots from having surgeries and spending time laid up attention & drug seeking in the hospital….therefore she needs to AVOID taking herself to hospital every other day because being admitted automatically increases your risk of clots & dvt!!!

No. 149830

Yeah, if you're on dialysis, your kidneys are failing and it's the only thing keeping you alive until you can get a transplant if eligible.

No. 149831

It's extremely unlikely that she even has a clotting disorder. You wouldn't get dialysis for that.

No. 149833


Medicalfag here. No, she wouldn't. This lie in particular is one of her stupidest. I don't know what she thinks dialysis is, but it is absolutely not for clotting disorders.

No. 149846

How isnt anyone calling her out on this lie. I feel that most people know that if youre going on dialys you need a new kidney. Unless everybody writing her actually is only farmers

No. 149859

It's insane how much sugar she consumes. Like jesus she probably does feel like shit, but it's pretty easy to see why!

No. 149860

Who the hell eats all this crap when they are sick??

No. 149861

loling at the mcdonald's milkshake and ceaser wrap. thats almost half an entire days worth of calories right there.

so healthy

No. 149869

File: 1467426833348.jpeg (169.25 KB, 750x1083, image.jpeg)

Aaand she's back in the hospital, most likely for her cold.
I can't wait for the day when the doctors set her straight on all her bullshit and refuse to treat her for things that aren't even remotely serious.

No. 149873

The way she words that reply sits very very uncomfortably with me. Like "I also have blood clotting disorder that would be treated using dialysis" then saying her appointment is the 20th, implying that's when she's going in for dialysis..?

It genuinely seems like she's thought up this medical ailment, googled how it gets treated for her replies and kind of said it to the person replying as if she were saying it to herself. "So that's how that WOULD be treated if there was anything actually wrong with me"

No. 149874


She didn't even do her research well enough. She won't get dialysis for a clotting disorder, especially not HIT which is drug induced. They would take her off the Heparin and give her another anticoagulant (if she even needed one in the first place).

No. 149881

File: 1467430814190.png (133.89 KB, 473x529, fb.PNG)

Is anyone keeping up with her facebook? she posts a lot on there.

No. 149887

Uh. No. They still draw an ED blue top (CBC and BMP), and an ED green top (troponin), so when they do the EKG and find something abnormal, they already have their numbers back along with physical proof of heart rhythm.
Also there's multiple EKG's taken, including ones pre/during/post being given a heart medication so they can see if said med actually helped.

No. 149888


If her EKG is normal they wait on bloods. Standard protocol. An EKG takes minutes, bloods take time.

We're also not talking about what would happen if meds were given, because Kadee isn't getting shit for her made up chest pain and normal EKG.

No. 149906

Unless you work in an ER like I do, then I have a hard time believing that you know what the fuck you're talking about.
saged for non-contribution

No. 149916

I'm betting that when she goes to the hospital she just takes multiple pictures so that she can use them whenever. She wouldn't go to the hospital as often as she claims to, especially when all she says is "chronic pain". You don't need to be admitted for sore joints.

On a similar note, does anyone know if she goes to the same hospital each time? Or does she go to different hospitals? She seems like the type to doctor shop and move around in order to get more treatment.

No. 149919

Correct. You can't have dialysis when you have blood clots. She's a fucking idiot.

No. 149931

Someone should go through her photos to see if there's any "revealing evidence," like matching ID numbers on bracelets >>149869
or dates.

No. 149937


Fairly sure she goes to Bridgeport just about every time. Has 1000 Facebook check-in's there and even a Bridgeport Hospital hoodie lol.

No. 149944

No doubt her google search history would be an fun read. She probaby runs to Yahoo answers and webMD for quick "fact-checking". Lard, lard, pants on fire.

No. 149955

All her shit comes up when you google "kadee Konstantino". She doesn't have her malingering attached to kadeelyn Konstantino yet, but that's a matter of time. I predict another name change

No. 149961


She'll fuck it up like she always does when she wants a "fresh start". She can't help but lie for attention. A new name (probably another horrific variation of "Kaydee" "Kaidee" etc. yuck), ten minutes of not incriminating or savotaging herself and she'll post another hospital visit on trumped up charges. She really is a cunt.

No. 149971

File: 1467459461370.png (881.87 KB, 543x694, 1267.PNG)

Her dating profile: https://www.onescene.com/profile/Kadeelyn/

She's a lesbian, claims to be vegetarian and, terrifyingly, wants kids.

She looks 70 in this photo.

No. 149972

There's already a stereotype of lesbians being crazy and I feel like if she really is a lesbian (I doubt it), she's be contributing to that stereotype because she's insane.

No. 149976

she looks like a darkspawn

No. 149977

File: 1467462085448.jpeg (539.77 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

I was searching through but she doesn't post the hospital bracelets often, so there's not much to compare.
I did find that she kept a hospital bracelet on for at least five days after she got discharged (you can tell she's been wearing it awhile because of how faded it is).

No. 149979

At least she admitted that her body shape is "large".

No. 149994

is a lesbian but claimed to be engaged to a dude and posted a photo of another dude she claimed was her bf.

No. 149999

I don't have anything against bi girls but at least say ur bi if u are. Ofc there's plenty of women ho realize they've never been attracted to men in the long run bc of social standards/etc making them think they need those things but most of the time girls who are bi and say they're lesbians are just looking for curiosities sake and will end up hurting someone. Nobody cares if you kissed a girl and liked it Kadee I bet you ate her afterward.

No. 150009


i want to confront her so bad but she would just block me and keep going.
(Besides, I wanna see what she makes up next! ha!)

No. 150011


yup supposedly she was engaged last year and she talks about spending time with her boyfriend in NY. don't know if it's the same dude though

No. 150033


ER nurse for 2 years, though I would go back to it if I could work in your magical ER where you can get blood results in the time that it takes to do an EKG. /sage for saltiness

No. 150046

it's a terrifying thought that actual nurses/ doctors / caretakers are active on a website created to hate and mock people… sorry for OT / rant whatever- but i had to say it. just no.(>implying this is the most concerning thing our health care providers have been doing)

No. 150047

Yeah, but they are people too, who get annoyed with fakers and attention seekers just like the rest of us. Maybe even more so because they have to put up with a lot of the same kind of BS in r/l at their jobs every day.

No. 150048

You act like this is anything other than a gossip site like TMZ or whatever. Just because they're more small time, doesn't mean they're not people who put their lives on display. Are nurses and doctors not allowed to be entertained too? This is like trash reality TV for us.

No. 150052

So you would rather this site be filled with uneducated moral fag cunts like you? Just no. A person's entire life is not defined by their job.

No. 150058

lol everyone's here is trash. exposing people and laugh about others lifes is not normal. it's a disgusting thing to do. i don't seperate myself from that, otherwise i would not be here. point is, you'd hope there are better people than salty farmers, especially if it's a person who chose a sensitive job like that. sorry for this rant again, but seriously- would you like a doctor who is actually a filthy judgeemental bully behind a screen, like youself…?

No. 150059

Yes, tbh, if that was their only fault. There are a lot worse doctors/ nurses out there than people who shit talk.

No. 150078

Medical professionals are human and they gossip about weirdos just as much as your local mechanic or mcdonalds server does. If you're as much of a whiny cunt irl as you are on this site, I bet your doctor talks lots of shit about you behind closed doors.

No. 150090

>would you have a doctor who sometimes laughs at people online

….Yes? Because they're still a doctor? With medical knowledge? And I would never do anything like Kaydee anyway so it's not like I'd be making their jobs harder than they anticipated so they'd have no reason to gossip about me anyway. What kind of leap in logic…

No. 150091


>laugh about others lifes is not normal

this just in everyone ever in the history of humanity is not normal thanks anon for the insight

No. 150092

Got to wonder what someone who disapproves of laughing at people is doing on a site like this.

No. 150101

And you're here because…..?

No. 150104

shut up before you get us moved to manure

No. 150106

File: 1467489145662.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Getting the thread back on track

No. 150107

File: 1467489165845.png (754.51 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Yeah, totally eating disordered

No. 150109

File: 1467489572801.png (567.28 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Pretty sure it was Kadee here trying to defend herself, lol.

Sorry for being way too fuckin lazy to crop.

No. 150111

Except she's almost definitely wearing foundation or something. I refuse to believe her skin's naturally matte and with consistent pigmentation, all things (diet) considered.

No. 150112

Pretty much thought the same thing.

Kadee you aint shit.

No. 150126

Can confirm. I follow her for the lolz.

No. 150128

Fucking Kek. It definitely was her.
Kadee, no decent healthcare professional gives a shit about malingerers. You're a waste of resources.
She definitely did something. There's multiple pics of her bare face in her threads that show the disgusting quality of her skin. Looking at her face makes me squirm.

No. 150129

Is anyone else worried
that this cow gets pregnant and becomes the next Lacey Spears?

No. 150130

I liked the full explanation.

No. 150131

Thank you for explaining. Don't listen to the lazy person who wanted a 1 sentence summary. I appreciate the details. Didn't know any of that stuff…thanks!

No. 150132

Someone has to be brave enough to touch it though.

No. 150133

ok…so she was TERRIBLY sick and in the hospital yesterday but now she's out and has got a wedding to go to.
and what about that ancle broken in 6 places? is it healed now? and wow she sure had a miraculous recovery after the "bowel surgery" she had last week.

she has no shame. lying the way she does.

No. 150134

File: 1467494640521.jpg (37.83 KB, 450x317, gedditcuzvagina.jpg)

pic related is >>150058

No. 150135

her skin and caveman brows gross me out

No. 150136

I want the HD version of this pic >>139851 so I can induce a trypophobia panic attack.

No. 150147

File: 1467498082878.jpeg (134.16 KB, 750x915, image.jpeg)

Loving the anons on her tumblr right now calling her out

No. 150152

>Broadcasts health/eating disorders/every single meal all on multiple websites
>"OMG why are you so obsessed with my eating habits?!?!"

No. 150153


That and she literally asks for people to send her prayers and give her support and good vibes like every other day. Sorry not everyone is an enabler Kadeelyn!!!!!!

No. 150154

I Never said you could get your blood results at the same time as an EKG.
Yes, they hook you up with leeds and use the 12 leed EKG machine to look for heart abnormalities. They draw the blue and green tops regardless, because then they have even if there's nothing abnormal on the EKG, they've got lab results for your blood count (they'd be able to spot an infection if your WBC/leukocytes were elevated) as well as H&H to see if perhaps, enemia?
And with a BMP, that would be able to tell them about glucose, creatinine, sodium… which for her are probably always elevated.
I did 5 years in ED and Trauma, we're on the same team, dude. No need to be salty, or do you need BMP too~

No. 150155

wow I can't even spell Anemia right.
I just can't stand this bitch who thinks it's so easy to fool the Healthcare System.

No. 150156


giving her "support" for eating that crap would be about as healthy as giving an anorexic "support" for restricting.

recovery isnt all about blind support and good vibes and lol youre a warrior and kick ass etc, its about being able to take criticism from others when you are engaging in destructive behaviors, admitting when you are behaving dysfunctionally, and actively work to change. regardless of what disorder or problems she has, she isnt doing that, shes just posting everything online and expecting people to coddle and validate her disordered behavior (which has been overeating and constant online attention seeking)

No. 150162

I didn't mean to imply she wouldn't get blood work done, I meant nothing would really happen treatment wise with a clean EKG before the blood work came back. I don't always English well. Apologies for the saltiness, we are on the same team.

No. 150166

File: 1467501693570.jpeg (92.04 KB, 750x736, image.jpeg)

No. 150167

File: 1467501748321.gif (687.35 KB, 320x240, image.gif)

No. 150169

I've read the posts here about how people think she's wasting resources regarding healthcare BUT I think what's even worse is that she's on Medicaid (according to her old tumblr) not private insurance.
So it's the state paying for it.

No. 150171

File: 1467503215338.png (683.8 KB, 1003x1100, screenshot1.png)

No. 150173

If she "listened to her dietician" she wouldn't be so fat. Seriously. She doesn't even need to work out to see serious weight loss–if she just cut out all this junk and ate a reasonable amount of calories, the pounds would fall off and she could stop faking shit for attention.

No. 150182

those eyebrows

No. 150189

i call bullshit on the dietician even existing. this girl sucks down her calories and pretty much eats sugar on top of sugar and no dietician would okay that shit.

No. 150191

File: 1467513040267.jpg (169.48 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

She's also changed her Instagram bio to "yes I know I'm fat"

No. 150192


Her tumblr blew up with trolls earlier bugging her about her weight. She thinks she's handling it gracefully but she just comes off as delusional.

No. 150196

Someone on kiwifarms just made a kadee thread so

No. 150200

'I know I'm fat but applaud me for eating a 1500 calorie snack and walking for two minutes on a treadmill. I'm severely disordered cause I thought about losing ten lbs one time'

If she knows how morbidly obese she is why is she still sucking down marshmallows and ensure? Does she have to lose her feet to beetus-necrosis before she'll stop stuffing her face?

No. 150205

Listen, I liked the full explanation too, and you completely missed my point, ya dummy. If a person is going to do a tl;dr, then they should do it correctly. It's supposed to be a summary. Their tl;dr made it sound like they were just restating stuff already said, which they weren't. They weren't giving themselves the credit they deserved.

Sage for explaining obvious shit and no real contribution.

No. 150238

File: 1467537440121.jpeg (139.79 KB, 640x861, image.jpeg)

Is she actually trying to eat healthier? I snickered a little when I read "zomg 16 carrots u guyz!!!" (damn, her stomach is so stretched she needs to eat freaking A LOT to feel full!), but hey, it is raw (?) veggies, so it's definitely an improvement. Too bad it's probably the first and the last time Kadee ever ate veggies, just to show us, ~the haters~.

No. 150242


(carrot & hummus pic related) Suddenly she's mentioning being scared of odd numbers…im now just waiting for her next psych diagnosis of "OCD".

No. 150243

lol, maybe her next persona is gonna be ~fat activist~. though i guess this wouldn't get her enough asspats, so she'd have to go full on tumblrina SJW. she could invent a bunch of new mental illnesses and maybe autism or something, like that tumblr woman with the beard and the feeding tube.

i love how she probably thinks this was such a healthy meal. she always mentions meals she thinks are small/healthy/low-cal and then talks about how proud she is that she didn't purge, implying that she's soo anorexic that she can't even keep down an apple because it's too much for her. (only that one container of this store-bought hummus has like 700 cals. and let's be real, if she ate 16 carrots with it, she definitely ate all that hummus.)

No. 150245


I assume she's gotta mean 16 carrot STICKS right? 16 actual whole carrots is a huge amount

No. 150248

>Manatees can eat 10 - 15% of their body weight in vegetation daily. A 453-kilogram (1,000-pound) manatee, for example, would probably eat between 45-68 kilograms (100 - 150 pounds) of food a day.

No. 150251

How did I not catch that?! Fucking hell, I hope so!

Actual lol

No. 150264

she probably meant baby carrots. Everything she eats is processed, carrots included.

No. 150266


I absolutely love the idea that it could have been actual full size carrots. Like she has so little understanding of what is a normal amount of food that she believed that was a small serving. Maybe it turns out she really does believe she's under-eating, and just her concept of portion size is completely warped

No. 150268

am curious as to if the engagement was real considering how much she lies. like, she posts about one dude and even tagged his ig but that was the only time she seemed to mention him at all, then he just disappeared. then with the dude she claimed 'put a ring on it', he was posted a few times and then the same thing happened, never seen again. it fascinates me that people who aren't her relatives could stand to be around her long enough for her to take/post a pic but then then seem to stop existing all together.

No. 150276

probably. obese Americans easily feel deprived
> i only ate 10 cookies and not the whole box :'(

No. 150286

No worries! She will probably make up for it tomorrow when she has to " challenge those ED thoughts" and eat crap at Starbucks! How can she afford eating out so much anyway? She can't work since she's so "sick".

No. 150294

medicaid has its limits surely

No. 150298

Yes, it has limits on both how many hospital stays it'll cover per year as well as inpatient stays for mental health reasons. Personally, I don't believe anything she says. The Medicaid thing could be a lie too.

No. 150299


How much you wanna bet she was whining about people calling her fat and her friend called her out on her shit finally and that's why they had a fight

No. 150301

I really hope she didn't ride that horse.

No. 150302

I think her sister is the one that rides horses. But she and Kadee are about the same size, so I digress.

No. 150305


Very true. I know first hand how strict Medicaid can be.
So maybe just another lie to come off as "needy".

No. 150310

File: 1467562794693.png (188.29 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Even if a lot of these anons have been condescending to her I don't get why she tries so hard to turn them into "haters" or take what they say as "hateful." Most of it seems like people trying to wake her up and she's just being a baby about not getting asspats for being a ~*warrior*~ u_u

Also, a bit OT but I actually like ensures lol. I just can't drink them anymore because they make me feel sick from how much sugar is in it.

No. 150315

i love how she just avoids the questions completely

No. 150320

Even if she ate 16 whole carrots with hummus that's still less calories than her one of her recovery win milkshakes. Also, it has lots officer so why would she need laxatives for that.

No. 150321

Lots of fiber*

No. 150335

I am that anon, I don't even think I was condescending, but of course she has to play the victim and won't address my questions at all. So I think we can safely assume a doctor did NOT instruct her to drink ensure, not that we didn't already. And if she claims to be on Medicaid, then her shenanigans are my business bc my tax $$ are paying for her ER adventures (I see she likes to repeat "why do u care!"). Well Kadee, I also care bc you're going to die before you're my age if you keep it up, and because I am in a helping profession (social work) I really don't enjoy watching you slowly kill yourself while theres so much time to turn it around, very much unlike Ash. And theres even more time for little sister :( wtf is wrong with their parents??
I love how she twists my words. I was implying its not all her fault, based on the size of her family, she likely never saw healthy eating in her home growing up and that makes me sad for her (and sister). I'd be happy to help the both of them lose weight on a healthy diet and exercise plan but she'd never allow it, she'd just call me a "hater" and tell me to go say nice things to myself in the mirror.

Curious farmers: If a child is starved to emaciation, child protective services will(hopefully) get involved and the child will be removed from the home. But if a parent overfeeds their child to the point where they're equally overweight as the emaciated child who is removed, should the same rules apply? Though if we did that, the # of kids in our foster care system would double..or triple.

…sage for some rambling plus poll, I hope I did it right, apologies if I didn't.>>150310

No. 150338

Why are you asking us this? You claim you do social work, shouldn't you know? Yes CPS absolutely should be involved if parents are overfeeding their kids into obesity. I believe the parents are given lots of orders and instructions if they are overfeeding them but the kid won't be taken away outright like if they were starving them.

No. 150341


You tried.
But I don't think she'll ever listen. She WANTS to be sick.

No. 150348


You all act like Kaydee is fat to the point of dying omfg. Yes she and her sister are obese but not fat enough to be taken away from their parents if they were underage. Poor people have fat kids because it's hard to find cheap, healthy food on a regular basis, especially if they work two jobs and don't have time to cook. Fat kids who are MORBIDLY obese with parents who don't try to help them lose weight after multiple government warnings can have their kids taken away, but not before multiple warnings. What are you, a freshman social work major? How do you not know this?

Anyway, like I said, Kaydee is obese but she's not on death's door. Bunch of ana-chans in here acting like she's about to die she's so fat. I'm not whiteknighting, this crazy bitch is a source of amusement for me every day when I wake up lol but I get tired of reading people saying ohh no she's so fat she's going to have a heart attack and die really soon we can save her!! Like have you ever BEEN to the southern United States??? Over 35% of people in Mississippi are clinically obese!

No. 150349

her fatness gets blown out of proportion mostly because she's constantly claiming to be on death's door anyway, so why not for a reason that's plausible? That, and I feel like the anachans flocked here after the containment thread got nuked.

No. 150350

I've never been to the USA my whole life. I only saw people that fat few times in my life and not at the place where I live now.

I think you should take into account not everyone that visits lolcow are from the USA

No. 150358

The thing is, when she goes to the hospital she probably is having real symptoms, she just acts as if they're serious rather than benign. Like when she went in for oh such terrible stomach pain and came out of the emergency department with some pepto, she probably was experiencing some mild discomfort.

If she were a healthy weight she'd probably have less of these symptoms and spend less time in hospital.

Maybe anyway. She loves the asspats too much to give up the hospital altogether, but she would definitely feel better overall.

No. 150369

File: 1467577128933.jpg (96.47 KB, 682x518, 1439739781764.jpg)

>diet: vegetarian
>drugs: never

No. 150370

>I'm fat, so what? Is the the worst thing I can be? No. I'm me.

Loving every laugh.

No. 150371

>You all act like Kaydee is fat to the point of dying

I don't think so, I said its the direction she's headed, like she could be on TLC's 'My 600 lb Life' within 10 years if she doesn't stop gaining. And I said she's wasting a lot of tax $, if I thought she was about to drop dead that wouldn't be a concern.

>Poor people have fat kids because it's hard to find cheap, healthy food on a regular basis.

I'm not getting into having kids you can't afford to take care of bc I'm really not trying to argue with anyone.

>What are you, a freshman social work major?

Sadly no, I'm a half burned out, often cynical LCSW at this point. I do still care/have some hope though, especially regarding younger people. idk what goes on by you, but CPS barely does anything here, the school might try to talk to a parent. I recall parents throwing shit fits when some schools started sending letters home regarding concerning BMI's. Americans are going to be paying for these fat children when they become obese adults.

>Over 35% of people in Mississippi are clinically obese!

Yes I know. I'm curious to see if the millennials will be the first generation to have a shorter average life span than the gen before them.

No. 150372

Bitch just posted an image of her with a horse that's presumably hers, I highly doubt she's covered under Medicare.

No. 150374

Shes gonna pretend to be OCD like Ember just wait.(We do not speak that name)

No. 150375

>talking about Ember

No. 150382

>Poor people have fat kids because it's hard to find cheap, healthy food on a regular basis.

Feed them less then? Teach them to exercise? Encourage them to play outside?

No. 150390


in b4
>but rice and beans are gross whaaaaaa

then youre not really that poor then lol. Who really cares how good something tastes as long as you are fed? I don't get people who complain about how eating well is expensive but make excuses when presented with options.

No. 150396

Even in Australia we don't often see anybody as big as Kadee. At least not out in the country. Tbh she absolutely looks like a deathfat to me.
My sisters body building ex didnt weigh as much as Kadee clearly does. How much bigger can she possibly get without starting to slowly die?

No. 150398

That's not normal, even for America. While obesity is a big issue, super morbid obesity in children and young adults is not seen that often.

No. 150400

File: 1467585754188.png (5.46 MB, 1936x1936, Z7uQuk.png)

Her skin is legitimately the worst I've ever seen on someone without a skin condition.

No. 150401

Poor hygiene and a poor diet will do that. And IDK, is she the drug loving one? If so, that may also affect her skin.

No. 150404

Kadee IS deathfat! She has youth on her side for now, but if she stays that weight for too long she will die from it.

No. 150405

Maybe she's trying to get diabeetus so she can spend more time in the hospital.

No. 150410

I don't think she's ever explicitly stated it, but did post a negative review of a clinic once with the reasoning that the doctors thought she was just a 'heroin addict' ie. morphine seeker.

No. 150411

No. 150482

Candice again? Seriously…

Sage for non contribution

No. 150523

I was just discharged from the hospital and I kept thinking "how the fuck does she like this place???"

Like does she not realize the doctors don[t like having their time wasted?

No. 150579

File: 1467650528803.jpeg (99.79 KB, 640x799, image.jpeg)

To answer the old question of "who the fuck texts their clients like that", I just saw this ad. How much you want to bet this is how she talks to "Gretchen".

No. 150581

plausible, but that doesn't explain Gretchen allegedly visiting Kadee in the hospital, and offering her "emotional hospice"

No. 150583


I don't think Gretchen even existed. Kadee hasn't mentioned her or therapy in months and I think she forgot about her.

No. 150585

oh yeah, there's no way she's real. nor is the dietitian that insists kadee needs to drink frapps for a sore throat

No. 150587


Apparently the dietitian also tells her to drink Ensures for the vitamins lol. I'm totally with you, he's not real.

No. 150590

if her dietitian wanted her to have vitamins he/she would just say buy some. The pills sort. I take a multi vitamin. (Well i used to when i had low levels in iron and other stuff lol!) pretty sure in the us you can buy the ensures at walmart. God shes almost as bad as ember(talking about ember)

No. 150602

Oh I'm sure the hospital visit was complete bull, but it would explain the screenshots she had posted of her conversations with supposed therapist.
And my guess would be she just ran out of money. Upwards of $32/week to play pretend is pretty hefty.

No. 150610

File: 1467657833650.png (1.12 MB, 1536x2048, image.png)


No. 150611

File: 1467657936731.png (253.28 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)


A broken foot AND ankle, in addition to bronchitis, a sore throat, and cough, which the hashtag chronic pain. Girl, what even.

No. 150638

i'm honestly waiting for her to die from complications of one of her many illnesses and put up a memorial page for herself on instagram

No. 150651

Has anyone ever seen any family members of hers post on her social media accounts?
(Except for her sister Cassie)
Wonder how aware her mom is……since she lives at home.

No. 150666

Does she realize how ridiculous she sounds? Who the fuck treats a broken bone with ice? You don't get a removable cast/boot for a bone that's actually broken.

No. 150675

Her mom has commented on her Facebook. She may be an enabler.

No. 150676

You get a boot when you're supposed to start putting weight on it, but before that it's a full blown cast that you can't take off.

No. 150684

i know,
i have a hard time believing that a foot broken in 6 places won't need surgery.
not just a soft boot.
i saw someone ask if she will need foot surgery and she said it's too soon to know.

No. 150685


is she just as ridiculous posting the same stuff on fb as she does on ig?

No. 150689

File: 1467674550416.png (85.86 KB, 1314x828, Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.26…)

She decided to end her gofundme for inpatient ED care.

No. 150696

>I no longer need the help.
As if she ever did (for "atypical anorexia". We all know she needs it for BED).

No. 150774

She raised 400 dollars (a good amount to some people) and it bugs me that she gets to collect that now

No. 150779

I hope she has to refund it. Otherwise some poor saps just bought that fat sack of pus a weeks worth of ensure and treats.

God she's disgusting. I'm not saying she should an hero but I'd sure as shit kill myself if I was even half as gross.

No. 150780

Her Facebook is public. See for yourself.

No. 150783

Candice has a raging fake-justice-erection for kaydee and desperately wants as much attention because it literally kills her to know some random fatty is cared about more than she is. Candice probably should an hero tbh. Pretending its about wasted medical resources is a slimy cover for seething selfish hatred and petty vanity because Candice happens to weigh at least 30 pounds less and thinks she should be more known and liked than kaydee.

Its a sick, tragic obsession. Candice can't live her life until she feels that she has made Kaydee cry.

No. 150875

I'm wondering if it isn't just stress fractures from being fat. A lot of normal women get them from regularly running on concrete with improperly fitted shoes, but being as fat and missing vitamins and calcium from poor diet as she is, I could see them just happening from just walking. They aren't serious at all though, just stay off the area that's cracked. I only had to have crutches when I did it to my hip and a couple on my feet in the military.

They're definitely not "broken" in that case, just a tiny crack here and there.

No. 150877

Holy shit her face is so ugly and annoying. Every time I come to /snow/ I see her face and I shudder.
OP pic is the most punchable thing I've seen in my entire life.

No. 150887


Lol I chose it because the last thread was just a stupid spoilered image. I feel like the red is really catching.

No. 150899

Is there any way for people to get that money back?!

No. 150901

Not unless they can prove she spent it on something else, at which point I imagine they could claim it's fraud.

No. 150903

But couldn't they say that since she says she no longer needs the treatment, the money is clearly going elsewhere.?

No. 150904

Probably not. Unless they make a complaint about fraud to go fund me.

No. 150943

File: 1467732758193.jpeg (190.09 KB, 1241x1465, image.jpeg)


i hope somebody who has donated reports it. its fraud according gofundme. (#2)

No. 150946

lmao pls, someone posted an old cap of what I said like a month ago. I don't even comment on Kaydee's shit anymore.

You're the ones who keep bringing me back up and 'giving me attention'. I don't want it.

No. 150956

If you really didn't want it you would have just let it go rather than post a retaliatory response bringing yourself back, once again, to the focus of attention. Just move on.

No. 150982

You need to take your own advice, move on and stop mentioning my name.

No. 150985

Possibly, but she could easily claim that that money already went toward the treatment.

But as >>150943 posted, #1 could also be correct. If they were to bother pressing charges against her, it would come out very quickly she wasn't having any of the issues or surgeries she was claiming to, and as such her campaign would have contained factually incorrect information.

It wouldn't be worth it for the amount people would have realistically paid though.

No. 150986

I wonder if getting reported for fraud would make her entire story unravel

No. 150991

She'd probably claim it was just haters and try to get sympathy from it. It would unravel if she got actually charged with it I think, but she won't be, there's not much to gain.

No. 150995

Agreed. Just wondering what she'd do if someone (innocently) asked why her gofundme was taken down.
Any farmers got a throwaway account?

No. 150996

Someone should just say they donated and want to know if they're getting a refund. Some of the donations are anonymous so she wouldn't know.

No. 150999

agreed. let her tangle herself in the web of lies

No. 151004

Does she have an askfm?
That might be a way of doing it without being blocked

No. 151005


No. 151006

She turned off anon

No. 151009

File: 1467743029412.jpeg (142.14 KB, 750x1069, image.jpeg)

Her phone was apparently stolen right after her gofundme was discussed.
Predicting she's going to lay low and then in a few days "attempt" to kill herself.

No. 151010

I love how it's probably between the couch cushions but right away she comes out with ~stolen~. Bitch probably didn't even leave the house.

No. 151012

Odds are that she's just making it up to avoid having to answer any questions about refunds that could lead to her being found out conclusively.

No. 151015

If her phone is stolen how did she make this post? Her computer? Well why does she have to leave Instagram than she can just post from her laptop.

I agree with everyone saying she's hiding out because of the gofundme page. (she's also going to use this "vacation" as an excuse to "relapse")

No. 151018

That's a good point all around. She's got an excuse to be able to lie about how much she ate, because having a huge gap in her posting her eating habits wouldn't be weird if her phone was stolen.

No. 151022

Whats weirder to me is that she saud "Kadee here" while posting under her account name. Obviously its you, its your account name? wtf

No. 151025

very good point

No. 151029

Well she's not very intelligent, we know that much. This just highlights that. What a cow.

No. 151032

Within a week I predict
>Kadee takes her $400
>My phone was stolen!
>Lays low 2-4 days tops
>Guys new phone!!! Daddy bought it 4 me ttly #recoveryWIN ?!!

No. 151034

File: 1467747562236.jpeg (221.85 KB, 750x1173, image.jpeg)


No. 151035


>smoked weed once


No. 151036

aw, she really should get help for her weed addiction

No. 151037

>addicted to drugs
>doesn't say what drugs
>uses bland descriptions of experiences with drugs

Sure Kadee. You were a drug addict yet you can't even name what you took for max pity points.

Also no mention of:
>eating disorder
>all of her mental illnesses
>all of her physical illnesses
>broken leg

No. 151038

Kadee's face is so fat that her forehead can't even wrinkle normally when raising her eyebrows that much. It just curdles. Yuck

No. 151047


And don't forget that she supposedly had a stillborn baby

No. 151054

File: 1467752024445.jpg (101.28 KB, 736x736, 3ae49df5ad2ffc3a1edf46f07903ce…)

But anon, her marijuana addiction is really serious. The munchies make her binge even more.

No. 151058

Hilarious, did Kadee find the Ginger Bronson thread while lurking?

No. 151067

File: 1467753822876.png (150.15 KB, 508x886, Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.22…)

Holy shit?? The milk is running over what the fuck

No. 151068

It's like she wants to give us the most milk possible in the shortest amount of time. She's so incredibly generous.

No. 151069

File: 1467753965643.png (2.56 MB, 1640x1236, Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.24…)

I guess this transpired sometime after her latest instagram posts? ALSO since when has she been an alcoholic?? What the fuck Kadee!!

No. 151070

>I guess it's time I update you guys…
it's been all of 10 minutes

No. 151071

>got black-out drunk
>no mention of hangover
>never mentions binge-drinking before
>never mention drug use before that other post

Kadee… try harder please.

No. 151072

How she called her mom if her cellphone was stolen?!

No. 151073

Also I would like to add that she much have drank a HELL of a lot to get black-out drunk at her size.

Just because you drink a lot more than everyone else at the party doesn't mean you're an alcoholic. You're just fat. Alcoholism would require you to drink every day.

Also, she types well for an "alcoholic."

No. 151075

Can't wait for some Kadee poetry

No. 151078

Depends. My mom is super morbidly obese and can't hold her liquor at all.

No. 151079

Lmao! Right??

No. 151082

Lmao, if you're an alcoholic, kadee get ready for the DTs. How much did she drink anyway? Half a 750?

If she goes to the hospital for alcohol withdrawal, they'll send her on her way to detox with some ativan or Librium. And she's going to have a hell of a time ever getting prescribed benzos or painkillers again.

No. 151087

Please don't scare off the cattle

No. 151089

Payphone maybe?

No. 151093


ukfag here but from what i see online, especially from the likes of lolcows here & on ig/tumblr, it seems WAY too easy to just doctor shop around for whatever meds you like regardless of any contraindications or history they might have, so unfortunately for whoever foots kadee's medical costs, its seems highly likely she will always be able to get whatever meds she wishes to abuse or misuse regardless of her "substance abuse" claims! (Correct me if i assumed wrong though…)

No. 151094


Yep, its sounding more and more like her mum is a huge enabler, unless kadee is just pretending its her mum forcing her into all these treatments!!

No. 151096

>easy to just doctor shop around for whatever meds you like regardless of any contraindications or history

depends. If Kaydee has medicaid it'd be on record and she wouldn't be prescribed narcotics anymore. Also, if you have Medicaid you can't just go to a specialist, your primary doc has to refer you. BUT if you pay cash…well then you can doctor shop around until you get what you want. Of course this varies by state. I know of people who've switched insurance so they could be prescribed benzos again.
I could see her getting mom to pay for doctors medicaid said she didn't need/they wouldn't cover

No. 151100

Kadee is an opiate addict. Literally everything she does is a farce to keep the lines of supply open. Just like Kelly.

No. 151104


she said her wallet was stolen too. but maybe you can still call collect from a pay phone…….

No. 151132

Well, its hard to say whether anything this chick says is true, but I'm wondering if her mom is a huge part in any of this? Two girls getting drunk on the 4th of July is nothing, the fact she claims her mom flipped and wants to send her to rehab… what if her mom is the one that makes her go to the hospital for stupid shit and she goes along with it because she likes the attention. Or maybe something more dark is going on in that house.

No. 151135

Nah, just proves she doesn't drink at all since it was easy for her to get so drunk.

No. 151141

She probably just used her friend's phone you gays

No. 151146

No. 151148

Does anyone remember Kadee ever bringing up alcoholism prior to today? She brings up literally everything else, but I don't remember this coming up in the past.

No. 151161


Ive been following her before she was talked about on lolcow and i can confirm she did talk about "substance abuse" problems/being an "addict" to both alcohol and drugs, i dont think she ever specified what drugs but it was implied that it was painkillers… It was definitely in her old tumblr bio or 'my story' - i screenshotted them a while ago and they were mentioned in a prior kadee/generic snowflake thread (i would reference but cba to go back through them and find it!) like another anon just mentioned, ive always thought that substance misuse - probably prescriptiob benzos/painkillers was actually realistically kadees main issue and everything else is just fabricated or exaggerated to enable medication seeking behaviours and medical attention.

No. 151169


she's probably lying about everything anon. its not that deep.

No. 151222

If she was an alcoholic it'd take a hell of a lot more to get her blackout drunk Coz tolerance. Derp.

No. 151265

Whatever happened to her being assaulted and seeking to stay at a woman's shelter?

No. 151273

She's going to a Demi Lovato concert tomorrow apparently

No. 151278

Omg shes comes up with so much new drama every day i totally forgot about that one! If its this hard for us so called "stalkers" to keep track of her life, It must be even more difficult for her to keep track of her intricate fabrications!

No. 151376


I don't think she has a drinking problem, but if you do and black out often it can actually lead to blacking out even more frequently and be very dangerous.

No. 151517

File: 1467780330311.jpeg (16.59 KB, 435x180, image.jpeg)



No. 151518

hi kaydee

No. 151519


Because that's exactly what somebody in desperate need of rehab would be doing… This fucking girl.

No. 151521

You are so fucking dense.

No. 151586

What`s the point of shitting up the thread then?

No. 151607

They're shitting up everywhere, not just here. It's some waste of life on disability with a vendetta against… Taylor? Kota? Kiki? Whatever the fuck they're on about, who knows.

No. 151771

what the fuck

No. 151810


No. 151823

She must have changed her mind…..
New day. New story. Ha!

No. 151895

what just happened

No. 151899

There was some spammer making huge posts. I guess they were deleted, but that's what >>151586 >>151607 and >>151771 are reacting to.

No. 152135

I can't imagine why if I was apparently an alcoholic who'd just started recovering, my next choice would be "Hey, let's have a night out", which is pretty likely to involve alcohol in some form or another.

How long do withdrawals from alcohol addiction take to kick in, anyway?

No. 152137

Anywhere from 6 to 24 hours after the last drink, depending on how much an often someone drinks.

No. 152138

Seems to me like she'd be in absolutely no state to be going out much at all, let alone going out to a concert, which is exhausting even if you're in good health.

Especially seeing as she was claiming to be a really terrible alcoholic, not just someone with a bit of a drinking issue.

No. 152155

she supposedly hit rock bottom (for like the 5th time recently?) in the last few days and will update about it soon.

No. 152157

Screencap? I don't have a throwaway.

No. 152167

File: 1467916535459.png (303.05 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

the rock bottom she's referring to she talked abt on tumblr here:

kadee's phone has been replaced within two days via mail! she also went to a demi/nick jonas concert!

No. 152182

Hmm. Money to do all that shit and suddenly doesn't need treatment anymore.

No. 152185

This chick is terrible at scamming.

No. 152367

File: 1467960916112.png (284.51 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

Her most recent insta posts are so confusing - didn't she just get a sponsor/go to AA two days ago, rather than regularly?

No. 152369

File: 1467960960149.png (284.08 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

No. 152383

You have to wonder if her apparent drug addiction will impact her ability to get constant medical treatment, doctors would be suspicious of her already, let alone with her admitting to a history of substance abuse and addictive behaviours.

Or maybe she'll just use this to try to get suboxone or something off her doctor. Is AA treatment something doctors can find out easily?

No. 152389

>"…I'm drained, in pain, and want to use."

Has she been lurking more /snow threads to find that heroin addict who blogs about her addiction? Has she genuinely been inspired by the people discussed on this site?

No. 152392

>Anywhoozle, I hit rock bottom with my drinking and drugging

Sounds totally legit. She must have injected 50 whole marijuanas.

No. 152402

Rock bottom, drinking, drugging, huge fiasco, is drained, in pain, wants to use, is miserable, bronchitis, literally restricted all day, only had coffee and ginger ale, tempted, struggling and severely struggling. You go girl, you're worth fighting for!
Anywhoozle, someone give her a cigarette, lol

Is it just me or are her posts getting more more retarded?

No. 152416

>coffee and ginger ale otherwise 0 calories
>tempted to keep fast going

Well at least we found out why she's obese and thinks she has atypical anorexia. She thinks fasting includes soda.

No. 152425

she probably loads her coffee with cream and sugar too

No. 152428

I love the idea that after a concert, where anybody who struggles with substance abuse would inevitably be drinking/using drugs, she thinks the normal order of events would to be go back to your friends house and stay up reading books as opposed to staying up doing lines or drinking until you pass out.

No. 152448

Yeah, it's probably frappuccinos.
But, you know, the 900 calories from those doesn't count!

No. 152457


AA isn't treatment it's just a support group although some treatment centers have programs based on AA dogma.

No, a doctor wouldn't know about her attending meetings unless she told them.

No. 152462

File: 1467995417924.jpg (52.81 KB, 600x500, 8ca.jpg)

>every time i check this damn thread

No. 152464

File: 1467996645947.png (83.23 KB, 618x454, Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.5…)

Has she ever claimed to have bipolar before?

No. 152466

I mean, I don't know if that's a full on claim of having bipolar, you can feel kind of manic and not have bipolar, same as you can feel kind of depressed and not be saying you have MDD, but the choice of words is strange.

As far as I know she's never claimed to have bipolar before though.

No. 152470


I agree but given her history of ten billion diagnoses I had to ask lol.

No. 152475

No. 152478

Ugh that little cunt. I have such a hate boner for Kadee.

No. 152479

100% guarantee her only real issue is candida overgrowth which is completely treatable through proper diet. With the enormous amount of refined sugar and carbohydrates she consumes there is no way she doesn't have it (most people eating the standard American diet have it to some extent and unhealthy morbidly obese people like her generally have it to a large degree) and it would easily explain her hypochondria as it causes all kinds of mood issues, lethargy, headaches, bodily pains even to a significant degree, and so on. She would seriously get almost completely better overall if she just stopped fucking guzzling junk.

No. 152480

File: 1468002270973.png (20.23 KB, 518x82, Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.28…)

No. 152482

File: 1468002355653.jpg (154.88 KB, 925x599, aa.jpg)

I saw her posting a chip on her IG way back when she first appeared on the banned thread. But at that time so much milk was being discovered about her I was skeptical. I think anyone can just show up to AA meetings and she's so needy for sympathetic attention I don't know what to believe here!

No. 152483

Anyone can show up for meetings and pick up any chip that they like. You could literally walk into a meeting and get a six month chip and walk back out again while drunk.

They only give them out freely up to a year tho, to get your year one you have to have a "home group" and they do like a ceremony.

No. 152485

candida overgrowth isn't a real thing
you're almost as dumb as kadee

No. 152486

I remember her bitching about how her psychiatrist "sucks" so she upped her meds on her own and basically doubled her fucking fluoxetine intake. (80mg I think) I'm too lazy to go find it but it's either in this thread or the last. Withdrawal off fluoxetine sucks and will give you headaches and nausea pretty badly. But she's too dumb to figure that out so she begs for more meds.

She's such a stupid bitch and probably tried to get high off it.

No. 152487

(not to say that her awful diet and obesity aren't causing a lot of issues for her… but "candida overgrowth" is nonsense invented to sell people snake oil)

No. 152696

File: 1468006984724.jpeg (130.56 KB, 750x1083, image.jpeg)

Going through her posts to try and pinpoint when she started claiming chronic illnesses but I think she always has
Found this though. Kadee used to not be obese as hell. That's actually surprising.

No. 152697

Her knuckles are still indented, though. Ham hands. Gross.

No. 152724

We already knew that. There are pics in this very thread that show she was just chubby AF.

No. 152754

The only one I found in this thread that suggested she may have been less fat was the face picture that someone photoshopped to look thinner and better.

No. 152784

You know all of this reminds me of Marla Singer from Fight Club. The going to mental/physical illness meetings and claiming to have those diagnoses just to get sympathy and be able to let your emotions out and than becoming addicted to it. So than you go to more and more groups until one day you've tried all of them and people start to realize you're a fake scumbag.

No. 152786

File: 1468018206606.png (982.14 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

where the hell does she get all her money from?

No. 152788

File: 1468018439386.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1030, Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 5.51…)


Or the money for all her medical care? Honestly, she lives in a high-cost-of-living state, in addition to having all this stuff. It's bewildering.

No. 152789

She has the worst taste. Are those floral leggings? I know this is nit-picky but wtf everything she bought is hideous.

No. 152793

Wow she was salvageable here. Imagine if she had of lost 30lbs from this picture. She'd be cute as heck.

Is this meant to be super emaciated to Kaydee?

No. 152794

Wow you're retarded. Candida overgrowth isn't a thing, are you going to suggest she has gulf war or morgellons next?

No. 152796

But she's hashtagging BPD recovery? Kaydee get your fake diagnoses right.

Sorry to ask a retard tier question, but does obesity have negative consequences with regards to intelligence?
Or is the meme of big dumb fatties more accurate than thought?

No. 152798

Saves mad $$ getting her clothes made at surplus curtain stores.

Sew two picture-window curtains into a tube, BOOM! You've got half a pair of leggings.

No. 152804

Maybe they're super stretchy, but those clothes look way too small for her.

No. 152805

its pretty sad when clothes that look like tablecloths still look too small for someone

No. 152853

i'm going to find every disorder shes diagnosed herself with and see how long of a list its going to be just for fun

No. 152857

lol please do that would crack me up

No. 152867

Inside info ~
Snorts Coke. Still a whale. Withdrawaling at home. Having seizures. Sah legit.

No. 152868

Bipolar and BPD are commonly misdiagnosed as each other and can often be comorbid. They are both VERY similar with the differences mostly being what causes an episode (if it is a reaction to an event or not I think) and that bipolar is chemical but BPD is theorized to be linked to trauma. It's not uncommon for bipolar people with bipolar parents to end up with BPD as well.
Brain fog from lethargy caused by poor diet maybe?

No. 152875

You're right to some degree, that they can often be confused in a clinical setting, but they're pretty different symptoms wise.

BPD isn't really an episodic disorder as such, it's a pervasive set of behaviours that impact pretty much every facet of their life.

BPD is more defined by a deeply ingrained insecurity(fear of abandonment, no sense of self, often inaccurately blame others for their emotional state), highly impulsive behaviour(as a result of intense emotions, so stuff like drinking or self harming is common), and acting in completely contradictory ways (changing sexual orientation frequently, changing how you feel about people seemingly at random).

Bipolar is simply that you have both manic and depressive episodes of varying severity.

Both can be brought on by events though, bipolar's not just a random thing at all, no disorders ever really are.

No. 152894


Not necessarily true, that's a regional thing. Meetings here will give you a coin no matter how long you claim to be sober. I've seen an old guy in town from out of state say he was 27 years sober and get a coin. No 'ceremony' or anything. Meetings are ran differently depending where you live.


Dat GoFundMe money. Sounds like about enough for a concert ticket and this little "shopping spree"

No. 152895

Lol more like she fantasizes about being so special and damaged with a coke problem.

I doubt she's ever used anything other than pharmaceuticals and maaaaaaaybe some weed here and there. She's the type to watch trainspotting and get all dreamy-eyed because she thinks addictions are awesome. She wants one more than she struggles with one.

No. 152896

At least if she did coke she'd be skinny.

No. 152897

File: 1468041944233.jpeg (118.1 KB, 750x1104, image.jpeg)

She posted a boomerang on her Instagram giving herself "blood clotting medicine injections". Sure lol

No. 152898


what, she didn't have time to look up a name of a medicine to put in this post? put in a little effort here, kaydeee

No. 152900

File: 1468043512735.jpeg (561.19 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)


No. 152908

Try "suggesting" something that isn't a regular symptom of withdrawal by asking how she's handling it to see if she catches it suddenly. It seems she's just going with what you're saying right now.

>I had another seizure tonight

Love how casual she is about this bullshit.

No. 152909

Do you guys think the drs she talks about are real? She said a dr Carlson diagnosed her with bipolar w psychotic episodes and impulse control disorder. Where does she live? I wanna google her all the docs she ever mentioned diagnosing her.

No. 152910


those fat person nails

No. 152911

It could be doctors doing tests, and every test she gets she acts like it is a diagnosis

No. 152912


could just be a chocolate coin kek

No. 152913


either that or its all a lie

No. 152914


Please for the love of god dont wear leggings kadee

No. 152915

Could be both, she lies about symptoms to get doctors to do tests and then claims that all the tests are actual diagnosis. I'm assuming it's this, when doctors can't find an actual cause of something they start doing off the wall tests in the hopes they find anything.

No. 152916


How the fuck does she afford a coke habit?

Top kek at her not knowing what DTs meant!

No. 152923

No way

No. 152924

>How the fuck does she afford a coke habit?

She doesn't.

I've honestly never even heard of anyone but celebrities and other similarly rich people with coke addictions though, I've never even heard of anyone that knows a coke dealer. I get the feeling that shit like speed being available means that it's not a very common drug anymore.

No. 152929

Coke isn't that expensive/hard to find, there was a huge issue at my hair school with someone mainlining coke in the bathroom. It's for trashy girls who think they're something and "too good" to do any other uppers. But really, she's just full of shit.

No. 152938


Coke isn't hard to get but if it becomes a habit that's as bad as she's trying to make it seem it does add up. You don't have to be that rich for it but she doesn't even work does she?

No. 152965

well, i think we can all agree that this girl has never actually done a single illegal drug. the way she talks about "coke, pills, heroin and ecstasy" reminds me of those awkward "don't do drugs" campaigns and what christian moms imagine "taking drugs" is like. you know, stuff like latawnya the naughty horse.

i'm still a little confused what her moms true involvement is. she's obviously an enabler, and i wouldn't be surprised if she was actually just as batshit as kadee. when she was talking about her "relapse", she said her mom flipped and wanted to send her to rehab etc. etc… so my theory is that maybe her mom actually contributes a lot to kadees delusions by blowing things out of proportion and confirming that she has all those problems and illnesses, maybe even to the point of giving her more ideas.

i'm sure what happened was that kadee got wasted with her friend and did typical drunk stuff (losing her phone, falling over, acting stupid, the usual). her mom probably had to pick her up or saw her come home super drunk, and instead of just being annoyed and telling her to drink less next time, she went all OMG MY CHILD IS AN ALCOHOLIC! REHAB!!! i wouldn't be surprised if her previous "alcoholism recovery" was also just the result of her getting too wasted once and then convincing herself that she has an ~alcohol problem~. just like she doesn't eat for half a day and it's ~anorexia~.

No. 152997

Why does she never say what chronic illness she supposedly has?

No. 152998

Because she's not quite sure which chronic illness she wants yet.

No. 153023

Ah thank you for this. I was always told the main difference was bipolar can be treated with medication and is more about brain chemicals and BPD is as you said a pattern of behavior and is treated more often with DBT (I misspoke by saying episode but I'm not really sure what would have been the right word to use) but I think I remember something about how with bipolar mood swings can last up to months but people with BPD can have mood swings more erratically so that's more of what I meant by episode. I've never heard that bipolar symptoms could have to do with events other then thyroid health and vitamin deficiencies so that's good to know.
Sage for slight derailment.

No. 153043

File: 1468079463876.jpeg (198.52 KB, 750x1096, image.jpeg)

Went through most of both accounts and an old tumblr. Didn't go through everything because that would have taken me days, so it's a partial list of everything she's claimed to have

No. 153044

File: 1468079496885.jpeg (125.06 KB, 750x716, image.jpeg)

Here's mental issues she's claimed

No. 153048

Holy shit, I didn't think you'd actually follow through with it, that's a pretty sizable list, longer than I thought it would be. And that's just partial.

You have to wonder if she'll reach a point where she starts to run out of disorders and just loops back around again.

No. 153049

Omg. This looks like the list of disorders a therapist treats. You know how on their website, they'll have a list of conditions they treat?

You can't just check a box and say "all of the above" when it comes ot mental illness.

No. 153050

One thing that has been bugging me lately is that with all the "support" she gets on her ig, I've never once seen her ask someone how they're doing or offer anything in return. I thought maybe she was more giving in private, but seeing these DMs just confirms (in my mind) that no matter what she is an utterly selfish, whiney bitch with a serious victim complex. There is nothing redeeming about this girl.

No. 153051

Kaydee waddles into the treatment center in search of a doctor who will give her attention and pain meds. She leans on the counter, out of breath from the effort (or could it be the blood clot?) of walking 20 steps without assistance. Kaydee huffs and puffs and says "I am here for recoveryyyyyyyy." The receptionist looks up in surprise. "Any preexisting conditions?"

No. 153053

this is a great reference lmao. do you know what time frame all of these fit into? like how long it took her to claim all of these ailments. I kind of want to figure out the average illnesses per week or something

No. 153054

kek she's such a dumb bitch. Thanks for the list tho, it really puts her stupid in perspective.

No. 153057

I'm not even the anon that mentioned it in the first place but I figured I'd take the initiative

No. 153058

She's asksme how I'm doing in DM, but it's only to hear what I have going on and try to one up it.

No. 153059

This list is from the start of her recoveryandkadee Instagram account (2011) to present.

No. 153061

That sounds about right.

No. 153097

File: 1468095162489.jpeg (44.91 KB, 600x450, image.jpeg)

My bad. It was in the last thread.

No. 153124

Ive spoken to her a few times via DMs. She's a cunt. Never asks how I am, never provides any sort of support at all. She demands attention and kindness and gives nothing in return.

No. 153142

I almost wish she wouldn't ask me because I'm fairly certain she will claim to have some of my illnesses soon.
She will never be nice for the purpose of being nice. Not like anyone would believe her if she did.

No. 153173

If Kaydee had PCOS, she'd have sideburns and a full beard at her weight. Calling bullshit on this one.

No. 153184

File: 1468115241923.jpeg (225.56 KB, 747x1191, image.jpeg)

Not the most recent update from her Instagram but her nails made me fucking gag.

Will dump more caps shortly.

No. 153188

File: 1468115574989.jpeg (212.29 KB, 750x1287, image.jpeg)

No. 153190

File: 1468115617716.jpeg (182.71 KB, 750x1263, image.jpeg)

No. 153191

File: 1468115642278.jpeg (199.04 KB, 750x1255, image.jpeg)

No. 153193

#relapse? Wtf is she talking about?

No. 153194

Relapse from what, her binge eating disorder? That's the only thing she's got, not fucking anorexia.

No. 153197

Oh this one is too good.
>my family went to get food and I said I wasn't hungry and no-one pushed the issue
Spoiler: It's cause you're fat

No. 153199

Whenever people post sad/crying selfies, I always picture them taking it. Like, just imagine her flopped down in bed, as usual, thinking to herself "Gotta make people feel bad for me, look as sad as possible", then taking like 20 different pictures, flipping through them all trying to decide which one looks the saddest.

No. 153210

Omg her cleavage goes up to her neck

No. 153216

it's not the same for everyone. ot blog but my sis was big like this and had it but no real hair to speak of. just being so fat, she likely has it but that's like confirming she has some kind of overeating problem.

No. 153237

has anybody else noticed how recently kadee ends all her updates with some iteration of "give me support/good vibes/im struggling/etc"? it's a relatively new thing but i sense a pattern emerging

No. 153242

how the hell does she afford all of this fast food everyday?

No. 153248

did anyone see that she had a second gofundme up today? another recovery blogger i follow reblogged her post asking for money and asked her if she refunded the first one lmao but i went to check and post it all here and everything is gone

No. 153251

the plot thickens

No. 153253

Quite literally–this bitch is getting fatter and fatter every day.

No. 153259

File: 1468131513326.jpeg (113.34 KB, 750x814, image.jpeg)

She's now selling Avon products

No. 153260

What's this now about an "abusive situation"?

No. 153261

Has she even expanded on the "abuse" thing yet? She started bawling about it like two or three weeks ago and won't even specify.

No. 153264

the first post (with the gofundme link) went on about needing money to get out of her "toxic home environment and make a fresh start". wish i had screenshotted it before she got called out and erased all evidence
i give her a day before she has another one up

No. 153267

Just a few days ago she posted about how grateful she was for her mom and sister. I'm guessing her dad called her fat again.

No. 153268

"No eating disorder we can't listen to you"

honestly it's mindboggling that this girl can't see how embarrassing she is

No. 153290

I'm going to take a stab and say 'abusive environment' is her dad being a Coke head like she apparently is. Or so she says.

No. 153296

she is saying "we" more often. She's going to come out with DID soon.

No. 153297

oh wait, has she already? it is on that list.

No. 153298

Abusive environment is her dad doubting she is anorexic.

No. 153301

The "we"s make me laugh haha. I DMed her for a while talking about disassociating what it's like for me trying to get some fresh milk a month or so ago and its becoming more obvious that she's trying to ease us into thinking she has DID or alters.

No. 153302

File: 1468144300671.jpg (118.59 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

2013. She was actually really cute!

No. 153309


Who the fuck calls them "pills"? I don't think I've ever met a pill-addict who just called them "pills" instead of specifying what they were.

I know Kadee is lazy as fuck when it comes to her lies, but couldn't she at least be arsed to say "benzos" or "oxy" or something? "Pills" is such a massive category.

The Hollywood stereotype of bipolar disorder is far more similar to BPD, which I think is why so many people think they're so similar. Plus people saying, "LOL I'm so bipolar!" every time they're a bit more moody than usual. Bipolar episodes actually usually last at least 2 straight weeks, and there are usually fewer than 4 episodes a year. Bipolar people do not go from depressed to manic to depressed multiple times a day.

And yeah, environment can trigger episodes (such as sleep deprivation or having something really shitty happen to you).

>crying selfie
>stealthily showing cleavage (which is really just disgusting chest fat rolls)
>snuggling with a teddy bear despite being an adult

Jesus take the wheel.

No. 153338

she's just average there, anon. the only thing that makes her seem cute is the absence of ~100lbs

No. 153348

>Who the fuck calls them "pills"?

Not people that are addicted to specific things, but I've known people who are legitimately just addicted to whatever can get them high, as well as whatever their drug of choice is.

So they might be oxy addicts, but if they can get their hands on any other sort of pill as well, they'll take it without a second thought, instead of just taking the one thing. I think those sort of people are best described as just overall pill addicts when in recovery.

I'm the original person who made the comment explaining bipolar to them too, and I couldn't have put it better than you did, I agree completely.

No. 153351

people have the weirdest tastes in this site, calling Taylor R ugly and this really cute

No. 153368

File: 1468163502970.png (149.28 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


This whole business about a "toxic environment" coincidentally started popping up about the same time as healthyacacia began posting about her toxic environment filled with toxic people causing her toxic illness.

No. 153372

I bet it's something trivial like her family not believing all of her diagnoses, calling her out on her eating habits, or trying to cut her off financially because they're tired of having a permanent "sick kid".

No. 153374

It's almost like… there's more than one person with more than one opinion on lolcow. How would have known?

No. 153381

and people who think taylor is ugly probably think kadee doesn't even look like a human kek

No. 153382

well, if you disagree, have your own opinion, like someone or post a new potential cow, you're possibly banned, selfposting, samefagging or whiteknighting. yawn

No. 153385

I would love to hear her family's perspective on her "illness" as she drains the insurance beneefits.

No. 153386

Hey, whatever happened to the proana scumbag threads? Just curious.

No. 153392

Admin removed them because they pretty much just attracted proana people over here, and the threads were basically just posting people and talking about their weight.

That's my understanding of it at least, I could be wrong.

No. 153394

They were just Emb*r threads where she'd selfpost and then make 25 #notbothered Instagram posts. Not much milk there at all. Plus a breeding ground for journaling 32" waist-chans

No. 153395

it was infected with underage anachans and emily crocker constantly self-posting so admin nuked it

No. 153402

File: 1468174831734.png (423.14 KB, 650x488, tumblr_inline_nu6dm673IY1sj0r4…)

No. 153420

so much for her #relapse only hours ago - shes now posting about #recoverywinning with a quest bar. Which seriously, why are quest bars such an important key recovery ingredient for social media attention whores? They are full of sugar and crap. Extremely calorie dense too. Kaydee you make no sense.

No. 153423

File: 1468181616136.jpeg (100.55 KB, 750x559, image.jpeg)

No. 153424

Just gonna leave this here.


Pretty sure this is a picture of Kadee. Acne marks and everything matches.

No. 153433

>and anorexia nervosa
i laugh every time

No. 153434

nah, kadee has more of a moonface than this chick. and if it was kadee she'd probably want her whole face showing so that everyone knows exactly who to give the asspats to

No. 153438


This is 100% NOT kadee because 1) if there were ANY pics of her with an actual ng tube (not the very obvious ng drain she pretended was for feed post surgery) then she would have already made very sure the whole world knew about them and would have plastered them all over her ig/tumblr. As other anon points out, she would have made sure her whole face was in the pic to ensure maximum attention her way.
2) kadee would never let anything this dramatic go around online without claiming her name to it. She would not be able to maintain being this "anonymous" friend deathly ill from anorexia.

No. 153439

Well it was posted two years ago, maybe Kadee was different then? Especially because the person who posted the picture had reblogged posts to savingkadee and kadeesfight. That's why I think it is Kadee after all.

No. 153440

Sorry but your logic does not equal proof! it just sounds like you are whiteknighting her now

No. 153442

File: 1468187818110.jpeg (47.11 KB, 640x425, image.jpeg)

Update on her 'abusive situation': she just posted this on tumblr.

No. 153443

She will fit right in with all the other Florida crazies.

No. 153446

>start my life over
Must be running out of doctors to beg for pain killers

No. 153450

Ahaha, no. I used simple logic to link kadee's tumblr accounts to the post. I'd never WK for anyone, especially Kadee. Kadee is a POS and makes me mad as a chronically ill person.

No. 153451

That's exactly what I was thinking. I know someone who was addicted to pills and booze and she said that there are buses that go from where she lives, all the way down to florida so that people can doctor shop and get all the pills they want.

No. 153475

someone add DID to the list

No. 153481

File: 1468198220764.jpeg (142.79 KB, 640x951, image.jpeg)

aaaand shes back in the ER… wonder how long the staff will entertain her malingering for this time? Has she even gone a week this year without taking herself to hospital?!

Will she claim its her mysterious "chronic pain" that seems to be unspeecified until she comes up with a new injury or illness, or will it be her ankle (broken in 6 places guys!) or maybe her blood clots or collapseed lung, oh hang on maybe its her detoxing from her pillz & alcohol…. U

No. 153483

What does #spoonie even mean?

No. 153484


Someone who has a chronic illness. Google, my friend, use it.

No. 153490

Someone who has a chronic illness. It's called spoonie because people with chronic illnesses tend to not have a lot of energy, so they have less spoons. Look up The Spoon Theory.

No. 153491

To add: the spoons represent energy. A woman came up with it while trying to explain to her friend what it's like living with Lupus.

No. 153493

A clothes shopping spree, overly priced protein bars, fast food and take out every day

can she make it more obvious that she is burning through that donation money? sure it's gone by now though

No. 153495

How can she know this little about the psychiatric system and still say she has 15 different mental illnesses?

I get it kaydee, you're insanely lazy. Obviously you'd have to be lazy to get as fat as you are but holy shit it takes 20 minutes on google to make up a decent lie.

No. 153496

That's a pretty interesting way of putting it, thanks anons.

No. 153498

Because she has no idea what she's even claiming to be addicted to. I'm guessing she's going for 'poly-drug-abuse' and saying pills because it sounds more edgy and pretty than 'I'm so sick I need oxy I can't stop shitting send help'

No. 153510

let's not forget she has claimed schizophrenia before! it's interesting because that's something you manage for the rest of your life but can't exactly tag as #recovery right? I would love to see how she's dealing with it now

No. 153521

File: 1468206746176.jpg (119.83 KB, 500x243, prayformojo.jpg)

>every time she asks for prayers

No. 153525

Oh my god she posted her medical record number and financial information number. Someone could literally look up her actual medical chart and see what she's actually diagnosed with.
Charts don't lie, either. They'll say polysubstance abuse, BID, etc.

No. 153526

But don't though, because it's illegal. Even if she posted that information put there herself, like a fucking idiot.

No. 153540

when you go to a new dr (or into an er) you can self-report past diagnoses. the dr will put them right in your file as you speak. there's no cross-checking, although if they see you long / consistently enough they might question a diagnosis and attempt to re-diagnose. even if she had an illness listed on a file it is pretty much meaningless if she just self-reported.

No. 153674

She deleted the photo of the ER wristband.. maybe she still lurks here and saw what you said? She didn't respond to any questions asking what happened either. Got the attention she wanted I guess.

No. 153825

>be nurse
>just started 12 hour shift
>already dealt with a 70 year old man who coughed up phlegm into my face, smelled like cat piss and cigarettes, and asked if I was a "wetback"
>already dealt with an 8 year old with a broken arm whose mom kept screeching that we were hurting her preshus angel and she was going to call the BBB even though the daughter was being super chill considering her injuries
>hear sudden wailing
>freeze like a deer caught in headlights
>make eye contact with another nurse
>they too recognize the wailing
>it's Kadee
>everyone knows her by now
>everyone knows that her medical issues are bullshit
>she will take time and resources from patients that actually need them
>we can't turn her away because she'll start screeching about having chest pain or some shit and then we HAVE TO make sure she's okay
>the wailing grows louder
>suddenly feel empathy for serial-killer nurses and doctors

No. 153826

Good, I'm glad she saw. She's a fucking idiot for posting that kind of personal/trackable information, anyways. Who posts somethong with their full name/birth date/MRN and FIN??

No. 153827

they just leave problem patients to sit and wait for ungodly amounts of time, hoping they'll leave 'against medical advice', because they can't tell her to eat shit and leave themselves.

No. 153834

File: 1468223364670.png (1.36 MB, 1636x1062, Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.47…)

It's an Ana-chan thing!! MPA's food photo thread always has a few dozen people posting photos of a microwaved Quest Bar. I'm guessing it's fitting into her #anorexia?

Pic attached as Kadee couldn't give 2 fucks about eating healthily.

No. 153837

omg yes thats exactly what I thought!!!!!!!

No. 153838


>"few" pieces of chocolate

>9 visible pieces

ew what a fatty

No. 153839

They're the lowest calorie protein bar and they're "supposed to" taste like desserts (aka chemicals).

No. 153844

>favorite challenging snack/dessert
>challenging dessert
Lmao, you're not challenged by any deserts Kadee, quit lying!

No. 153848

Euugh I feel sick just looking at it

No. 153849

That picture is totally her!! Compare it to the picture of her with that dumb grocery store scanner thing or her sulking on her bed. How did she gain a hundred pounds?!

No. 153850

I feel like this really could be her. The nose and lips look pretty similar. And she probably saw how many notes she got and just wanted all that attention even more.

No. 153853


Fuck it's not her. If it was her she would have her full face and spam the shit out of it. She's already claimed to have a feeding tube and everyone proved it was a drainage tube, if she had a REAL feeding tube we would god damn know. Also the face structure is nothing alike.

No. 153856

File: 1468230322969.jpeg (403.23 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Are you a Kadee expert

No. 153878


are you fucking retarded? different nose and philtrum, different lips and cheek structure.

No. 153879

I don't get why this is so revolutionary. Couldn't she just say that she has less energy? Why do you need the metaphorical spoon analogy?

No. 153883

It's because people when you say less energy, they just think you're a bit tired, and should just push through it. The idea of the spoon analogy just helps to explain that there's generally only so many things that people with chronic illnesses can do in a day.

That's how I understand it at least, it's helping people understand something they haven't really experienced and can't really understand as a result.

No. 153886

Do you think Kadee has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? Intelligence isn't her forte. There's something VERY off about her not being able to see reality- she's a morbidly obese binge eater, not a dainty little anorexic.

No. 153887

Who just eats marshmallows on their own? That's actually vile. There's probably enough sugar in that to give you instant diabetes wtf
And she has actually managed to twist that plate of sugar around as being "good" for her. I am fascinated. This is like watching TLC.

No. 153888

>all time favorite
Implying she has eaten this on more than one occasion

No. 153890


I have a 'chronic illness' and I think the spoon analogy is fucking stupid, and calling yourself a 'spoonie' is really cringy and embarrassing. Just my personal opinion.

sage for no contribution

No. 153891

>what are angles

Her lips in it are similar. They look flatter because on the right she's smiling. Also I flipped that picture but in both the upper lip is raised more than the other on her right.

The picture on the right is taken from a slight upwards angle while the left is downwards so your philtrum you're so concerned with is going to seem different.

On the left it's less the side of her face and between an 3/4 view and a front view. So her chin is going to protrude a little more.

Don't forget to check your blood pressure today. Don't want you dying while you rage over lolcow

No. 153892

I put it on the original list already.

No. 153900

Why does lolcow love FAS so much? It's really quite uncommon, even among white trash, not to mention very distinctive. She's just common or garden variety stupid/deluded.

No. 153905


So desperately want it to be her don't you, go back to MPA.

No. 153908

I'm surprised she hasn't claimed autism yet. You'd think that she'd don the autism hat for more support points.

No. 153909

File: 1468253493210.jpg (103.79 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Went through her old Insta and made this. Pretty interesting.

No. 153910

Also found this!!!
From February 2015. Where did this $$$ go?

No. 153911

File: 1468253565365.jpg (123.58 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Dropped pics

No. 153912

File: 1468253586550.jpg (179.37 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 153914

she got a new phone, concert tickets, and clothes. evidence of her fraud is all documented right there on insta
>inb4 kadee goes into DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING mode

No. 153916

why the vitriol? it's not that implausible especially with her weight gain affecting her looks

No. 153919

What's got you so angry about this? They look really similar, to the point where it could easily be the same person. And whether it is or not doesn't actually impact you, there's no need to get so angry about it.

No. 153921

The 'go back to MPA' comment makes me feel that they're angry because they think you're insisting that the picture is her because you're implying that fatties like kadee can be ana too, in an MPA-like fashion.

No. 153922

Sorry, not 'you're', I don't know why my brain assumed the post was either of yours.

No. 153924

nah i get what you mean. in which case >>153905 should take take their own advice because noone on here thinks she's anorexic

that last comment is either very generous or very sly kek

No. 153928

I think anon meant the money from the old gofundme which was over 1k

No. 153933


All fatties tend to look the same to me but I don't think it's the same person. Kadee looks like Quirky there tho lol

No. 153938

Oink oink oink oink

No. 153942

This makes me want to vomit. That's why I never give to these fundraisers. You never know what's really going on. Everyone's e-begging. I wonder when the bottom will fall out already.

Kadee just makes me sick. It's definitely Munchausen By Internet. I was looking it up and samefagging is one of the behaviors associated with it. I never thought samefagging would be a medical condition. It makes me wonder how any of her white knights are just sockpuppets.

No. 153943

Thank you. I'm the anon who first found the picture. If I did not think it was actually Kadee, I wouldn't have bothered to post here saying so.

No. 153944

Wut? no. She looks nothing like someone with FAS.

No. 153955

File: 1468263611359.jpeg (75.88 KB, 750x274, image.jpeg)

Claiming she got diagnosed with gastroparesis in the ER
Too bad the only reliable test is a gastric emptying study, which is never done in an ER. It couldn't have been done even if they performed the test in the ER because she went after a full day of eating. It's so pathetic to make claims of illnesses when you haven't even researched them.

No. 153956

Post was deleted after people commented asking what test they did and that they've never heard of an ER performing them.

No. 153957

'Ugh it never ends' My thoughts exactly.

No. 153958

ha, to manage gastroparesis you have to eat really small meals. no way kadee could give up her marshmallow plates

No. 153959

Small meals, motility drugs and stuff that's low fiber.

No. 153960

LOLOLOL they don't. Typically a GI doc will refer you to do at the hospital outpatient, it's never, ever done in the ER.

No. 153965

She hangs around and attracts people with a variety of health issues. What she doesn't realize is she can't just throw out a fresh diagnosis because the people watching have some of these issues and they'll know she's lying if she can't name the tests/treatments accurately.

No. 153973

wait is it wrong to eat marshmallows alone though?
what she ate used to be my no 1 fatty dessert when I was still overweight. it would be legit if she was actually in a need of calories. in an actual anorexia recovery. this will shorten Kadee's life by a couple of days probably. this will make her develop ACTUAL health issues - she will be goddamn surprised.

No. 153975

What an absolutely ridiculous lie to just casually tell like that. And it especially pisses me off that she just instructs people to send her their well wishes, not even asks for them. Self-obsessed bitch.

No. 153976

File: 1468268089974.jpg (Spoiler Image, 243.14 KB, 1280x874, ana.jpg)

No. 153977


No. 153978

Oooh, another fatty with "gastroparesis", just like Amanda.

Fatty, you DO NOT have gastroparesis. It makes eating so incredibly painful that most people lose a fuckton of weight, even with ensure supplements AND pain meds (which fuck with your gastro more, so it's difficult to even get pain control with it.)

Just because it's "invisible" doesn't mean you have it, land whale.

No. 153979


No. 153980

calm down a bit, damn.

No. 153981

I think it's more that Kadee claims to have anorexia and eats garbage like that. Plus most people get sick after a couple of marshmallows because it's just too sweet.

No. 153982

holy fuck her teeth. they seriously look like meth teeth

No. 153983

don't give her any ideas, she'll stop brushing and tell us meth is what she was struggling with all along and is making her #anorexia worse

No. 153984

File: 1468268813677.png (157.9 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Why Kadee? Maybe because they are sick of your bullshit too.

No. 153992

I don't think anyone but a fat person would think to eat marshmallows alone. It's like eating sugar cubes.
Even for actual anorexics, that's a plate of straight garbage that no health professional would get behind. Sure, there's calories, but that's literally all. No vitamins or minerals. No protein, unsaturated fat or complex carbs. And enough sugar to seriously mess with your blood composition if you're not eating a lot as is. That's something that nobody on earth should be putting in their body.

No. 154000


Her face is literally the moon

No. 154004

It honestly makes me rage how much of a waste of life she is. She literally spends all of her days on social media, making up illnesses, poorly attempting to manipulate people into pitying her, taking selfies and feeling sorry for herself. And it's been years now that she's been doing this. Has she done ANYTHING with her life? Does she have anything to show for it?
All evidence points to the fact that she is a perfectly healthy, albeit fat as shit 21 year old who doesn't have to pay for anything herself. She is so goddamn privileged and spoiled. She could do practically anything in the world, and instead she chooses to laze around in bed for years, pretending to be sick and wallowing in her own narcissism.

Kadee, since I know that you read this: You make me SICK. There are people out there with just ONE of the illnesses that you've faked who are in constant pain, who can't even see a reason to get up in the morning because of how shit their ailment makes their life. Your fakery and pathetic e-begging are insulting to actual sick people. All you want is to co-opt the attention that sick people get without any of the actual pain and suffering. I hope you choke on a recovery frappuccino, you fat bitch.

No. 154011

Bitch is infuriating, but most of all she's pathetic. She's fat, ugly, stupid, unpleasant and her personality is so fucking boring she has to pretend to be sick on the internet all day to get attention.

Seriously, the worst punishment for Kadee is …being Kadee.

No. 154014

It really makes no sense that her family would even call her out for her disorders if she was in treatment, that's like staging an intervention for an alcoholic that's already been in AA for a year.

The whole point of an intervention is to get people help.

I swear she just makes shit up randomly and gives it no thought at all.

Is eating marshmallows alone that weird though? I mean, sure, a whole plate like that is disgusting, but I don't see it as weird to eat a handful as a treat or something like that, and I'm not overweight in the slightest.

No. 154015

>Is eating marshmallows alone that weird though?
Imo it is, yeah. It's not so bad if you just have a couple and it's not a regular occurrence, but like I said, it's the equivalent of eating sugar cubes to me. Something that I would only think to do as a stoned teenager.

No. 154016

eating lone marshmallows isnt that gross, but it is when you're eating 15 of them melted on a paper plate with chocolate

No. 154017

I don't think eating marshmallow by itself is weird but it's still kind of gross. Like during Easter and Halloween when people stock up on Peeps. Sugar coated marshmallows… Nasty.

Although I've never had any gourmet marshmallows and wonder if those might taste better. So I'm not judging that kind of marshmallow yet. Lol

No. 154023

she is unfortunately quite ugly. and lol @ her wanting people to tell her that her face doesn't look fat (spoiler alert: it totally does)
it's blatantly obvious that she is obese, but the horrible skin, yellow teeth, caveman brows and creepy yet uncanny smile?
bitch fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down

No. 154024

>bitch fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down
so THAT'S what happened to her ankle

No. 154025

of course she lurks here. Its her fault kelly belly is/was private. Anybody follow kelly?
But the only people who have access to extracting her info are medical fags and wouldnt it be illegal if they researched it and posted about it?

No. 154026

i follow kelly, there's not much milk from her nowadays

No. 154029

File: 1468275631812.jpg (27.96 KB, 600x579, confused black girl.jpg)

like how is it a challenge if its your favorite?

No. 154030

thanks anon.

No. 154037

… Is that hair on her chest? Please god no.

No. 154039

looks like it. could be strays that fell off from styling. i dont think white people have asha level hairiness though.
but that could be the result of meds or some shit.

No. 154043

File: 1468278717382.png (13.11 KB, 280x185, kd28.png)

she's so lazy with her story it pains me

No. 154046

Hah, I thought that the "I relapsed pretty bad :/" comment was from one of her followers at first and was about to commend one of you for the brilliant sockpuppet. That would be a funny idea I think if anyone has an account to follow her.
Just pretend to be an overdramatic fake spoonie yourself, but be even more insufferable than her. Then befriend her and comment on her stuff with your own issues like "I was just diagnosed with emphysema and then relapsed so bad!! please pray for me kadee, i know that you understand. also, sorry to hear about your thing"
It would drive her nuts.

No. 154047

It really is like she just puts absolutely no thought into it at all, I mean, if you're going to malinger and spend your whole life pretending to be sick, at least spend 10 minutes before you post thinking about if it makes any sense at all.

No. 154053

First time I saw that pic I thought the same thing but if you look at her shirt you see hairs there too. I think she held a cat or dog before taking the pic.

No. 154058

Does she know that the 'drugging' she's claiming would likely kill her with pneumonia?
Considering she's likely referring to opiates, she should be suffering from respiratory distress and hypoxia.

No. 154074

I swear to god her family and therapist are constantly confronting her munchausen's/malingering, not for any other these illnesses she claims to have.

No. 154079

Wait so how did she relapse pretty bad if she was in hospital overnight? Are we supposed to believe that all of this- developing pneuomonia, the intervention, the relapsing, the test for the gastroparesis, all happened within 24 hours? Her story makes no sense. She's delusional. Maybe she really is sick in the head and truly believes these things are real.

No. 154081

File: 1468288929826.png (166.88 KB, 616x898, Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 9.01…)

No. 154082

File: 1468288945891.png (151.48 KB, 594x720, Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 9.01…)


No. 154085

It's like she's not even trying to sound convincing anymore…

No. 154090


"I've been drugging"


No. 154101

- Robert Kaydee Stiles