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File: 1482633374824.jpeg (22.73 KB, 275x275, 1476618985208.jpeg)

No. 221185

Continuing on from >>>/snow/198249

About Sindy:
>cringy as fuck
>complains when you bring up old drama about her, but will bring up old drama about other people
>banned from selling at some conventions for traced work
>has accused people of sexual assault in attempts to slander them
>likely to have a previous thread due to having issues with the three people initially posted on it
>wants to be a professional cosplayer or model
>slut shames and fat shames people but complains when others do the same back
>generally hypocritical, she can do something but when someone else does it it's a crime
>claims to be all for sharing opinions but then shouts down anyone who has a differing opinion to her
>still traces and sells other peoples art

You guys know the drill by now

More about her on >>>/snow/43108 and >>>/manure/516






No. 221379

File: 1482660493193.jpeg (117.59 KB, 720x1280, image.jpeg)

I was sent this screenshot, I really wanna know what those 183 other comments are because fuck me Sindy is a piece of shit.

She claims to be pagan, but part of being pagan is leaving others along to believe what they want and not shoving your paganism down their throats.

But she's doing this all in fucking Christmas, too. Why are people still friends with her?

No. 221380

Some of the comments are in the last topic

No. 221387

File: 1482666324174.png (54.46 KB, 640x500, IMG_4198.PNG)

So do you see why you were posted here then? Or is this trying to justify her posting laurel, Henry, beks and several others?

No. 221388

You're = You are
Is she honestly that slow?

No. 221389

Shes a disgrace to pagens and the pagan/Wiccan religion and what we stand for.

No. 221390

File: 1482666455816.png (49.36 KB, 627x373, IMG_4197.PNG)


No. 221392

Makes me think she posted about David on that other site. And then told him she "found" it to make it seem like someone else did it.

No. 221487

It's not even worth seeing the comments. Her level of intelligence is frighteningly low, like she can't even be trolling at this point. She's just copypasting shit about Paganism and then rolling onto talking about Egyptian mythology. It's a fuckin' mess.

I wouldn't put it past her doing something like that at all. I'm pretty damn sure she's always the culprit when I see Scottish cosplayers in the bad cosplay threads, because 99% of them are complete nobodies to /cgl/ and I severely doubt anyone else in the community really wants to waste their energy posting on 4chan at all.

No. 221546

Honestly I still question what she was doing on the /cgl/ boards in the first place that she was just so able to "find" a picture of him posted conveniently. I mean, unless she was looking for herself, or was posting about other people…

No. 221558

>donate money to me and get a free photo
That's not how free stuff works, Sindy.

No. 221589

File: 1482708235502.png (9.16 KB, 490x110, wat.png)

Sorry, what?

No. 221600

she's fucking dense, OF COURSE
it's not your art, learn to draw and you won't have to steal other peoples art you stupid fucking cuntflap

No. 221615

Not sure if dumbass or trying to cover her back

No. 221812

No. 221820

Hey look at that file name, the App_Data bit…
Looks just like the file names from the other thread she made that was supposed to be a vendetta thread…

Sindy you never learn

No. 221822

File: 1482755692065.png (127 KB, 359x529, sindysindysindy.PNG)

kek. anon, if this is you, good job

No. 221830

File: 1482757699816.png (26.76 KB, 548x290, takeyourself.png)

Take yourself to these conventions.
Asking people to "take you" sounds needy af, and like you cant function as an adult on your own.

But then, I doubt you'd actually get Kita tickets on your own, so of course you'd want someone else to try to get them for you.

No. 221832

Since it's now coming up with a 404 error on the original link:

No. 221855

File: 1482762892826.png (228.58 KB, 1439x1441, 20161226_143441.png)

Why is she salty about deecon this time?

No. 221856

DeeCon rejected her stall application. I think it was because people contacted them about the whole tracing fiasco.

No. 221862

Actually, I know the VP if the DeeCon committee. It wasnt to do with anyone messaging them about her - the VP saw the lolcow and tracing, and is also friends with her on Facebook and saw the shite she was posting constantly.
It was a decision made by their own research, nothing to do with people messaging them

No. 221863

File: 1482764327339.jpeg (31.74 KB, 480x640, received_1403259216391799.jpeg)

No. 221864

File: 1482764381728.jpeg (143.87 KB, 787x2048, received_1255172434598853.jpeg)

I give it a day before she makes a comeback

No. 221872

That group is completely dead and her post is completely unnecessary. But oh look, just another opportunity to cause some drama amongst a group of people who never asked for it nor know what is even going on.

Fucking props to the DeeCon organisers. I wish RaiCon would follow suit. What kind of image does it give a con to allow a seller to sell blatantly stolen artwork? It doesn't have to be "muh drama" or anything, because if this was any other person stealing art, then the same should happen. They shouldn't hold back from banning her from selling because she's a snowflake.

She's posted it on her cosplay page as well, so it's totes official guize! Not gonna lie, I wish she would just fuck off from the community. She's not the only toxic one, but it would help a hell of a lot if she just disappeared. Most of the other cows have a connection to her anyway, I bet they would calm the fuck down if she just stopped.

No. 221889

File: 1482768062793.jpg (32.09 KB, 496x147, deleteyourself.jpg)

What is so difficult to understand about not getting to sell stolen art? There is literally dozens of documented cases of her tracing. How on earth does she think she has a case here? I hope the organisers just flat out ignore her.

No. 221910

i would think the Mp would be more interested in why someone who claims they are unfit to work and unable to get a job due to medical reasons is suddenly fit enough to travel across the country and make money.
Me thinks Sindy will cause herself more harm than good here as she literally be exposing herself as a benefit thief.
Also just cause you apply for a table does not make you entitled to one. Bitch needs to calm her non existent tits

No. 221915

Wasn't she trying to blame people for it? Like Karli, Hollie and Kay too?

No. 221919

She did, because it's everyone else's fault and she did nothing wrong anon!

No. 221923


No. 221925

Oh look, she deleted her comment because she obviously didn't want her arse completely torn apart. She had posted up a status literally minutes after she uploaded the screenshot of the DeeCon email claiming that if Karli, Hollie and Kay had anything to do with it, then something would be happening on the 8th. I wish I had screenshotted it now.

No. 221990

I just went and told Karli and shes literally crying with laughter and said Chindy can try if she wants, she'll just counter for harassment as we all know sindy has harassed her when shes had nothing to do with anything posted.
Sindys blocked Karli so she cant comment. Kek

No. 222003

wheres Caitlin in all this?

No. 222027

File: 1482780367747.png (17.16 KB, 503x227, screenshot.png)

Ok, lets explain it to you step by step Jenny. I want to note i'm not involved with the DeeCon panel at all, but I am knowledgeable on how the panel works because friends have worked on it in past years.

Any organiser has the right to refuse you the chance to participate in an event. You have not been banned from the event, you have had your table booking rejected. There's a pretty large different between them.

They haven't publically responded to you, Facebook or email or otherwise. You personally have made your rejection public information by posting a screenshot and proceeding to post multiple statuses about it. They are highly doubtful to now give you any kind of response at all, as your behaviour shows that there is a large chance you will not accept an explaination anyway.

And back to the reason of your "misconduct" in the first place. The organisers are aware (and have probably been given further evidence from third parties) that you have been confirmed to be selling art which is unoriginal. This includes traces and quite obvious rip-offs. There have been several individials and groups who have provided solid proof of this. No event wants to affiliate themselves with a party of this kind. It is harmful to the con and also to the individuals whose art you are tracing and reselling. Also, due to DeeCon being a fundraiser for DoJ Art College, this is an even greater reason to distance themselves from someone like you.

There, it wasn't that difficult, was it? You don't need to force them to reveal anything. All the "evidence" you need is right in front of your eyes.

No. 222046

They obviously held her hand down and forced her to trace, ink and sell all that stolen artwork. God anon, learn some Sindy logic

No. 222048

Yes bitch, take your shit and leave, finally. Ill personally hold a party at Dee-con to find celebrate this.

No. 222058

File: 1482782730573.png (47.72 KB, 491x678, followup.png)

Kekking to the bank

No. 222061

But sindy you have threateded several times to fight and attack Karli , and recently too, threatened violence to anyone who approaches you, and threatened to attack others , all of this is saved by several people who seen it.
Shut up

No. 222069

So DeeCon give her an honest response and she flat out doesn't believe them? And is still threatening them?

Fucking wow girl, get a grip

No. 222070

Airs everything publicly, screeching in defiance because any evidence unless manipulated to fit her narrative is lies. Blacklist her from selling at all conventions, possibly ban her if she continues spewing toxicity toward innocent bystanders.

No. 222078

She also went around in the last few hours messaging a bunch of artists to see if they had anything to do with getting her table revoked.
Girl has some serious tunnel vision.

No. 222079

How fucking dumb do you have to be to think that this is an issue to raise to an MP? I wonder if her Mp is as fed up with her shit as everyone is.

No. 222080

Which ones do you know?

No. 222093

File: 1482784715075.png (10.4 KB, 510x135, lol.png)

She posted this literally three days ago

No. 222099

Not one of the artists but I'd highly recommend against naming them publicly. She already has beef with them, don't drag them into further sperging with her

No. 222104

Agreed, they don't deserve it.

No. 222105

Has she made her profile private again? Can't believe she still won't accept that Dee con just don't want her to sell at their event and actually thinks an mp will take her seriously. She's such a joke

No. 222110

Was just more to see why she asked who she did as i know the majority of the sellers and none have ever bothered with her , so was surprised

No. 222112

File: 1482785575705.png (20.37 KB, 550x164, 1111.png)

Literally scrolled back a few days and found her threatening violence.

But here's the thing - DeeCon staff can refuse anyone they want to, for whatever reason they want to. And they arent obliged to give her a reason as to why, no matter how much she may gripe.
They could ban anyone for the simple reason of "We don't like you" and there's nothing anyone could do about it. Honestly her threatening them is going to get her into an even deeper hole.

On another note though, if she goes to her MP, how is she going to explain it? If she mentions selling at a table, they're going to ask why, because she gets benefits because she is "unfit to work"…So they'll ask why, if she can't work normally, she can travel all the way to DeeCon, and manage to sit for 6+ hours in a shitty plastic chair with no mandatory breaks. Basically will out herself for benefit fraud.

No. 222136

File: 1482787396663.png (46.53 KB, 504x615, lol2.png)

Well, where's the so-called screenshot? Oh, there isn't one?

No. 222137

Pretty sure the VP is on her friends list but OK.
Plus, the "portfolio" she linked to in her email was her fucking Facebook.

Also 0 evidence her art is traced or stolen…eh, DeeCon is run by art students? They looked at the art and could tell from a mile off the art was traced, without even seeing the gifs.

No. 222141

Aw naw she's gonna go to the con police and get Dee con done for rejecting a table on the grounds of discrimination!

Oh wait no, this is the real world. She's gonna do fuck all and nothing is actually gonna happen.

No. 222142

And she'll probably go crazy when they say that nothing can be done, or that they did the right thing in not letting her sell.

No. 222143

>they have utterly let DeeCon down

Yeah, really sure everyone is going to miss your shit table anyway. Maybe someone with talent will actually get an opportunity this year.

No. 222148

>no evidence

Excuse me while I laugh over here at her sheer audacity and delusions, next she'll start tracing animations and claiming they are 100% her own anime content do not steal

She could have tried rationalising with the organisers but in typical sindy fashion sperges out instead, flailing around like a spoilt brat in a toy shop

No. 222149

She still thirsty for David's cock after he rejected her lololol

No. 222154

File: 1482789559977.png (130.51 KB, 504x562, dc.png)

So someone saying they spoke to their buddy who's on the committee construes DeeCon being in this thread. I seriously doubt any of the team care enough to browse here.

No. 222156

File: 1482790127547.png (7.55 KB, 188x163, 15722625_1340377439339614_1306…)

showed this delicious milk to my partner and they had this to say
that's the case though, she can't backpedal that statement now

No. 222157

like no matter how much she tries to sugarcoat it, it's still art theft

No. 222162

I thought if you redrew something, the lines would match up maybe…less than 5% of the time? But in those gifs, more than 90% of the lines match up. I mean, even famous artists cant redraw their own piece with such accuracy, what makes Sindy think we'll all believe she can?

Unless of course, redrawing is a code word for tracing…

No. 222171

'Your' artwork is all online for all to see and the fact it conveniently matches up against not a couple, but near enough every single sketch you claim is your own with the artwork of actual artists pretty much proves your blatant thievery.

Honestly she'll try pulling the disability card and claim dee con kicked her for that, when it's not just the stolen artwork she has on her file - it's the transphobia, homophobia, racism, ableism (this is the funniest one tbh), slut and fat shaming and continued harassment of anyone she can try sink her beak into. Prime and most recent example being her harassing Sean on a fucking Christmas status, on xmas day no less. But nooo everyone bullies her and won't let her aloooone

No. 222177

File: 1482794521596.png (15.87 KB, 547x173, 12121.png)

Another status saying she's gonna quit. I give it a day. On the 2nd January she'll be posting about some new cosplay she bought or whatever

No. 222180

But what else will she spend her hard earned benefits on?

No. 222187

File: 1482795905768.png (77.57 KB, 545x524, 1121.png)

Several things to address:

1. That image could be from anywhere, there is no url to prove it is showing up for lolcow or 4chan.

2. Pretty sure, although not 100% certain, that being banned on one doesn't mean you're banned on the other, there isn't any affiliation. Or is this Sindy thinking all imageboards are the same again?

3. For Sindy to be banned from 4chan, she'd have had to have used it, right? So she's basically admitting to it now.

No. 222191

Pretty sure this is bollocks. I know it's not 4chan, because I've been banned in the past and you used to get an actual page relating to your offense. I really doubt lolcow is much different. She's also gone from making backhanded comments about every single post she's seen to supposedly having to get her lapdog to show them to her. I'm going to assume she was just postbanned because her contributions to the board weren't even entertaining.

No. 222228

File: 1482797695560.png (14.29 KB, 548x176, 1112.png)

How many is "a lot" though?

And like, pretty sure if it's "people you know" they're probably the same kind of shitty people like you. Give some names, at least. Caitlin? Probably won't go because you're now not going (you weren't banned, just weren't given a table, that's it). That Kerr dude you constantly go on about, he won't go because he's all buddy buddy with you and ~solidarity~ is a thing.

No. 222232

She's also bragged on here (earlier in this thread IIRC) about how easy it is to change IPs to evade a ban on here, so there's that.
So yeah sorry Sin but your being banned doesn't mean shit.

No. 222236

>poor management

She gave them a 5 star review and was talking about how it was a good con about a week ago, talk about throwing the toys out the pram.

No. 222238

File: 1482798272478.png (49.13 KB, 549x491, 11415.png)

>meh, i dont even know why i give a shit deecon rejected my application

Explains why you freaked the fuck out over it earlier but OK

>in 2016 they had the single worst communication/ mangigment i can tell

The staff changes every year, you get some good years and some bad years. It happens.

>and the prices shot up from £15 per table to over 35 now inc insurenac

They also now have to rent out another building to prevent the old one from being over capacity and dangerous, but it's all about how much you have to pay, right?

>And deecon is not a huge event, deecon is a very small event that is sort of badly orginized. its allways cramped way beyond health and saftey, nobody i know that goes to it enjoys it.

It's actually pretty well organised considering it's students that run it. Plus, you evidently don't "know" a lot of people because a lot more people enjoy it despite the cramped-ness

>with sttaff that DONT watch your profile, or discriminate on you, or post you on 4han

It's Chinese Whispers with Sindy time. First it was staff watching her lolcow, now she's twisted it to staff posting on 4chan. Also pretty sure any employer will check your Facebook and other shit to see what kind of person you are and to see if they want that kind of person representing their company. Same applies here. Also, again, the portfolio you gave was your fucking Facebook page, and the person "watching" your profile is on your fucking friends list, it pops up in their news feed for crying out loud.

No. 222242

A small vocal minority complained about the extra £10 for the insurance, most people earned enough that it didn't matter. Unlike Chindy Poop and her 50p profit she made last year.

No. 222243

File: 1482798669905.png (34.38 KB, 547x351, hahahahano.png)

No. 222246

Funny, i've been in the Scottish community for about 8 years now and i'm yet to encounter anyone like this.

No. 222247

You mean aside from Sindy?

No. 222250

DeeCon is probably one of the best cons i've attended and that was even back during the couple of years where we were all sardines in the union. I find it's also the friendlist, it seems everyone is just there for the fun of it.

Of course, anon.

No. 222261

File: 1482799709986.png (2.98 MB, 1439x1975, 20161227_005000.png)

all of there top quality cosplays are for sale.

Who would want her rejects.

No. 222337

File: 1482804066859.png (35.88 KB, 551x429, lel.png)

In the case of the top post, wasn't she going on not to long ago about how much she didnt care about what was said on the lolcow anymore? She was pretty vehement about it, too.

In the case of the bottom one, I mean, not if the organisers of that get wind of both her tracing, and how pathetic she was acting today over not being allowed to sell at a convention.

No. 222353

I'm always amused at her attempts to insult people's intelligence when she can never spell or use proper grammar. Especially when she can't spell the insults themselves.

No. 222371

>deviod of serious levels of mental inteligence
i lol'd.

DeeCon is so good that when I'm visiting friends in Dundee, I try to make my visit on that weekend. It's a really fun con and very well run for something that's being put on by final year students. And yeah you're allowed to have the opinion that anything is shitty, but you know Sin is only suddenly just now saying it because she didn't get her table to earn 20p selling tracings.

No. 222521

I just love that now itll be easy to ban her from any con now she has had previous problems . Ah karma is great

No. 222527

Eating all the Christmas pies

No. 222548


No. 222574

File: 1482846689270.png (219.78 KB, 640x1055, IMG_4214.PNG)


No. 222576

File: 1482846752335.png (230.95 KB, 640x1036, IMG_4215.PNG)


No. 222578

File: 1482846809492.png (250.96 KB, 640x1063, IMG_4216.PNG)

3/4 ~

No. 222579

File: 1482846846167.png (215.22 KB, 640x1060, IMG_4218.PNG)

Word vomit ahoy

No. 222580

Not able to get a response from artists to sell tracings of your work means you don't have permission too. But you went ahead and did it anyway.

No. 222581

File: 1482847012944.png (145.6 KB, 640x832, IMG_4213.PNG)

No. 222582

David rejected you and he never wanted you and you asked him kek

No. 222583

Probably about David. Problem is, trusted source tells me she asked him out, and he rejected her, so…
Telling lies again, Sindy?

No. 222584

She can't even spell gif correctly kill me

No. 222585

Hes gonna cringe so hard when he sees this. Seriously shes trying to make him out to be desperate and want her to make herself look better

No. 222586

And to make it out as if she didnt get rejected cause we all know sindy is a man magnet

No. 222587

>our vp had been investigang you for some time, and found you to be diffult to deal with, and that you were selling Traced/Copied artwork at the convention

That's not what the committee emailed you and you know it. Stop telling lies and twisting things to make yourself look like a victim, Sindy, you even posted what their response said YESTERDAY!

I mean it's been posted here already, a screencap of it >>222058

Fuck off with your lies

No. 222594

File: 1482848692955.png (104.82 KB, 637x931, IMG_4219.PNG)

a pretty Chinese boy.
Oh lord

No. 222618

I want her to post the actual response email and not word vomit, because I bet their response was more solid than that. As usual, she's hiding the truth so she can make someone else look like the bad guy.

No. 222619

But we all know she won't because then she'll out herself as a liar and prove she was stirring shit/overreacting for no reason, which is likely to get her banned from other conventions too.

No. 222620

I hope she does get banned from other conventions. Not because I'm full of salt and hate her as an individual, but because I'm an artist and fucking hate when anyone pulls this bullshit. If you knowingly sell someone else's work without explicit permission, you're a scumbag. Good riddance to her.

No. 222621

Claims to be banned from lolcow but continues to address content posted on here with bullshit and make belief stories. Thing is, no one is sad enough to screenshot and send Sindy of all people everything, except for her flying monkey of which we know is preoccupied in a food coma from the numerous Christmas feasts she hamburgled

No. 222629

Claims that the drawings are her own AND that they belong to other artists and boohoo she couldn't get permission so went ahead and did it anyway within the space of three paragraphs

She's basically just fucking admitted to it and denied it all in one status. What a complete trainwreck of a person

No. 222630

Constantly claims she's a lesbian / doesn't want dick / will only fuck Asians / virgin(lol) and of course she's tried to suck David's dick. Girl can't keep up with her lies.

No. 222635

This is like some posting 'fuck my boss' when they have their boss added in their friendlist then becoming outraged when said boss fires them for posting said status.

No. 222644

She constantly claims to be a virgin now, but used to tell people she'd been raped.
So either she's lying about being a virgin, or she's lied about being raped…

No. 222646

File: 1482859613844.png (9.38 KB, 505x126, cri.png)

A tragedy, how am I ever going to get over this?

No. 222649

Place your bets now on whether or not she actually goes to London for the concert instead of RaiCon.
But that means she'll have to give up her table…what a bummer

No. 222671

Thats how the shit with Karli kicked off, because Sindy said she got raped and abused and Karli tried to help and talk to her.

No. 222672

File: 1482864305604.png (108.51 KB, 640x766, IMG_4220.PNG)

Anyone else get 12 yo lashing out vibes from this? What age is she Jesus

No. 222675

Acting like half her age, then

No. 222693

I forget she's only 5 years away from 30 sometimes

No. 222714

File: 1482869283599.png (12.36 KB, 547x149, Untitled.png)

RIP all our eyes

Although, this is literally a day after she insisted she was quitting cosplay in the new year. Using a woman's death to backtrack on it? Makes me sick

No. 222777

File: 1482879997776.png (44.33 KB, 551x448, 11121121.png)

The top one makes me curious

The bottom one makes me laugh because again she is describing herself

No. 222811

Ah yes, Leah Skyewaker. Remember when she was captured by Jubba the haunt? Or that time she kissed Hand Silo? Such an epic role. Sindy clearly is a big fan and not just bandwagoning here.

No. 222829

I find it really tacky she chose Leias slave outfit. Why not choose her also highly iconic white dress? Carrie just passed and she chooses that to cosplay to honor her. Kek and ew

No. 222875

File: 1482894202236.png (55.23 KB, 547x616, lel.png)

People we know she doesn't like are out at a club drinking tonight - aimed maybe?

But let's break this down anyway:

>no amount of booze is ok for you

Wrong, it's been proven fact that people who drink a glass of wine or beer or something a day are less likely to have heart problems.

>and each time it does it leaves its tiny little marks on your exterior, your breath, your eyes, your skin your teeth. not talking full blown jaundice but you dont just toxify your insides with that crap

This only really becomes apparent if you are drinking in excess on a daily basis. I've been drinking for ages and dont have noticeable issues with any of these things. A weekly or monthly binge isn't going to cause any of this.

>so seriously, seriously, help me understand this so called enjoyable passtime

Because not everyone gets flat out drunk when they drink, most people know their limits and often stop right before drunk, remember the night well, and there is no issue.

Also, little bit of science knowledge, but the liver can repair itself for the most part. Unless you suffer liver failure or cancer or poisoning, it can heal itself to some extent. Have a family member who drank a bottle of wine a night for 15+ years and never suffered liver failure, their liver was a bit damaged but once they stopped, it gradually fixed itself. The liver can deal with the alcohol, and again, if you're not going on a binge every single night, you really aren't doing major harm to yourself - it loosens people up, makes them have more fun, get over it?

Sounds like a jab at the people you don't like who are out drinking, and a bit of the no-fun police kicking in. Just let people enjoy themselves and live life as they wish - I don't understand why you're a vile piece of shit who basically admitted to deliberately starting drama on Christmas day but I'm not stopping you be that way.

No. 222938

Now she's making up shit about Kita too? No-one was sent to hospital for alcohol poisoning last Kita. Even the year before when there was the one night where a bunch of idiots who didn't know how to handle their drink created issues, I don't think anyone ended up in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning. There was someone who was taken to hospital but alcohol wasn't a factor in that.

No. 223027


I'm fucking cringing so hard right now. When has there even been a con where at least one person we know has had a little bit too much and ended up off-the-rails vomiting? I don't really drink all that often because it doesn't appeal to me, but I don't think that gives me the right to police everyone else's drinking habits. Standard Jennifer who thinks to make everyone else's life her business and, oh look, some shit psuedoscience from her own textbook chucked in for good measure!

I'm going to call this was partly targetted at someone and also just because she wants to have a bitch about another con. For being so desperate to be a vendor and sell her "work", you would have thought she'd work just a bit harder to look as if she supports the events. That's RaiCon, DeeCon and Kita she's shat on now for no reason. I bet MCM is the next on the list, it's not as if she hasn't whined about it before.

No. 223066

File: 1482939139874.png (101.3 KB, 640x934, IMG_4221.PNG)


No. 223068

If she legit tries to cosplay that I will rip the skirt away from her to embarrass her in front of EVERYONE. Bitch needs to learn some humility, and we all know how easy a skirt like that would be just to rip

No. 223070

File: 1482939420114.png (196.21 KB, 638x1088, IMG_4223.PNG)

Oh honey. No one would care if you died. Most people who have you just have you as a friend to watch anaigh like some like sick fish in a bowl, cause thats all you are. A show, something to poke fun at.

I wish she would try to talk to Karli, Hollie and Kay, cause they would all rip her apart in 2 minutes. Karli would probably shatter her chin and jaw, girl can throw a punch like a dude.

No. 223082

So much for quitting cosplaying

No. 223113


Big bad Sindy blocked them because she can't actually hold her ground against anyone with a spine and has to resort to pathetic shitty status posting

No. 223118

I can bet this is going to be disgustingly bad. The funny part is that i'm pretty sure she made a snide comment about another cosplayer for wearing this not long ago.

No. 223126

Does she know Carrie Fisher hated that costume? What a true fan. Totally not trying to benifit from a dead person.

No. 223131

What is Sindy's highest education level? Did she even finish basic public schooling? Or is she some weird home schooled nut job (which could explain her severly skewed world/social perspectives)

I can't get over the grammar errors cosidering someone her age. Like, I'm and adult and can hardly spell too, but daaaaaaaayum son.

No. 223142

File: 1482951837456.png (8.84 KB, 508x106, wat.png)

Dommy isn't by any chance in charge of organising the trading this year?

She spent at least 4 years doing absolutely nothing at college (she was meant to be progressing from NC to HND art - which is roughly last year of high school to 2nd year of uni level for non-Scottish people, best way I can explain) and I don't think she even qualified with anything in the end.

No. 223145

>Karli would probably shatter her chin and jaw, girl can throw a punch like a dude.

Egh that's so cringey. I don't know if it's all one anon or multiple, but the people in this thread who are implicating physical violence over this literal tard need to stop. I imagine you're some friend of those girls, but you sound just as stupid as Sindy when you say crap like this.

This too, I literally shuddered. Is this some kind of subtle troll?

No. 223151

So we now we're probably away to see her try and drag another innocent person through the dirt. Dommy was nothing but considerate to her for the entire time Sindy had her on her friends list. Even when she did post any comment on her sperging, she only did it to be constructive and show some sort of kindness towards her.

I'm seriously doubting they were actually advocating any kind of real violence. The truth is I doubt Sindy would have any chance in a real fight, I think anon is just trying to illustrate that. The skirt comment however was a bit strange.

No. 223159

I doubt its Karlis friend because she hates when people try to "big her up" as a fighter because shes trying to move away from how people used to see her now that shes sorted herself out. Shes so sweet these days, I have no doubt she can still fight like a pro , but she personally doesnt want people to see her like that.

No. 223160

Someone send this shit to leafyishere, she'd fit right in on his collection of freak hate videos

No. 223161

Agreed, as someone who knows her kinda okay, I know she will defend herself, and even said if sindy wants a fight she can approach her, but Karli would rather not fight anymore if she doesnt have to, she says shes bored of it and it isnt how she would like to handle things.

No. 223164

I think anon who said that knows Karli from years ago, because Karli wouldn't start a fight for no reason, and wouldn't hurt anyone first like that.

No. 223165

No ones implying any violence towards Sindy. All thats said was Karli would shatter her jaw. Which she would if Sindy tried to fight her. Calm down.

No. 223168

From what I know, Kay is also non violent, and doesn't get loud or angry in arguments. That doesn't mean she won't beat Sindy in an argument, but she'd be terrifyingly calm and relaxed whilst doing it.

Though if you tell her Sindy is still going on about her she'd probably laugh in your face about it.

Don't know about the other lassies though.

No. 223268

File: 1482964739434.png (16.29 KB, 499x221, really.png)


Another wonderful case of Sindy bitching about people but describing herself in the process

No. 223273

File: 1482965290069.png (30.47 KB, 461x492, mkaaay.png)

Oh look, Muh Scoliosis

But lol, never brings up her weight or scoliosis, right? That's why there's so many screenshots of them being brought up, right?

No. 223276

File: 1482965458800.png (14.44 KB, 501x202, Untitled.png)

Pretty sure you have to be good at something before you start taking commissions for it?

No. 223637

Why did you blur out one person's name but not the rest lmao

No. 223644

Perhaps it is because the person whose name is blurred is a good person who doesn't deserved to be brought into this crap? Just a thought.

No. 223679

Then why not blur out that Robyn girl's name too and just focus on sindy

No. 223701

Why you getting so offended over it? They didnt, deal with it.

No. 223753

It's possibly because this Robyn girl isn't even a cosplayer and the other girl who's name was covered is. Said person also wouldn't want any drama.

No. 223777

File: 1483039140769.png (13.84 KB, 549x142, racist.png)

Cute guy, but let's use a derogatory term to refer to his race, right?

No. 223783

She has the face and vocab of a 95 year old man

No. 223806

Is that not highly offensive to mixed race people?

No. 223809

From what I'm aware, from asking mixed race friends, it's highly offensive.

But this is Sindy we're talking about here. Like she gives a shit

No. 223812

I mean the bigger issue is, how - unless she was told by them - does Sindy know the waiter is mixed race? Surely assuming someone's race like that, based solely on their appearance, is even more racist than just calling them "half-caste"?

No. 223813

I feel like she assumed he was mixed, and who even compliments someone with something highly offensive ? He wouldn't have took it as a compliment

No. 223814

lmao what fucking racist decade did she travel from

No. 223815

I bet that food and shit she's buying right now is even better because it's from Taxpayers money.

No. 223821

I dont get why she can't just say "The waiter in Nippon Kitchen is cute"? Like, aside to further prove her obvious yellow fever, what does his race have to do with anything?

No. 223887

File: 1483056986968.png (121.42 KB, 637x913, IMG_4239.PNG)

Yet you slut shamed a 15 yo?

No. 223888

And we didnt call you a slut for wearing that. To be a slut, you need to be attractive to men and/or women, which you are not

No. 223889

A 15 year old who was wearing a canon cosplay, no less

No. 223911

quick question, is Sindy actually retarded or have fetal alcohol syndrome?

No. 223921

It's been covered before but, not that has been diagnosed or brought to anyone's attention. So, not that anyone knows of

No. 224118

By the look of that chin she could belong to the Habsburg Dynasty.

No. 224123

It's sort of confusing me how she's claiming to start buying front lace wigs from places like Arda and Coscraft. Doesn't she realise how expensive they are? And how is she getting the money for said front lace wigs?

No. 224158

Her benefits for muh scoliosis

No. 224175

File: 1483101576605.png (14.54 KB, 549x168, good medical knowledge.png)

Another fine example of Sindy's "good medical knowledge"

Funny, I thought there were multiple ligaments connecting the bones to each other.
Plus she only "thinks" she's torn a ligament? So much for her self-proclaimed good medical knowledge.

No. 224176

File: 1483101759435.jpg (21.22 KB, 549x208, 16364.jpg)

Y'know what else is a bad "personality trait"? Sleeping with a 14 year old girl when you're 22! Or better yet, being Sindy and sympathising with a paedophile

No. 224179

File: 1483102227643.png (13.18 KB, 548x150, 6764.png)

I can only assume that her asking this question means she's going to cosplay Angewomon. So much for quitting cosplaying in 2017. Now as per the drinking games rules, it's time to drink again, for this is another time Sindy has claimed to be quitting cosplaying with a long winded rant only to NOT quit cosplaying.

No. 224197

The real question here is, since she thinks people are calling her a slut because no one wants to fuck them, does anyone actually want to fuck Sindy?
yeah didn't think so lol.

lol. you would know if you tore a ligament. that shit hurts. you wouldn't be typing about it on fb, you'd be running off to see doctor if it actually happened.

No. 224262

File: 1483119609435.png (169.6 KB, 640x1055, IMG_4241.PNG)

Emma honey, stop being a drama mongrel and away and suck your creepy peado boyfriend , k? Shes another one who should be euthanized.

No. 224263

Sympathising with a pedo after claiming she was sexually abused as a child.

That creep should be castrated honestly though. Poor Sindy doesn't seem to realise that no matter how much she tries to suck the pedo's chode, she's way too old for his tastes.

No. 224264

Sindy was bullying the ever loving shit out of Emma earlier this year for her pathetic attention seeking statuses/messages (honestly, who hasn't had the cringey pms where she complains constantly but takes no advice). It's so funny seeing how two faced these cows are

No. 224270

Emma is a lost cause and really just needs to sterilize herself and never show face again, shes a filthy enabler who clearly approves of her darling kiddie fiddling boyfriend and sindy is just as bad.
Looks like childish minded girls go after the pedos eh. Sad

No. 224278

I love how her Facebook is full of asspatters giving her compliments for her mediocre cosplays and telling her she's the "best". No wonder she's so deluded.

No. 224564


By pedo you mean 'poor misunderstood' manchildren who can't get women their own age as they've seen this controlling creepy bullshit all before, so they pick up stupid little girls with daddy issues (Emma's dad gives her his credit card to play around with and buy a new cosplay outfit every week, guess money can't buy you love afterall)

No. 224584

File: 1483145197053.png (88.03 KB, 640x1054, IMG_4243.PNG)

No. 224586

File: 1483145243711.png (104.99 KB, 640x1050, IMG_4244.PNG)

Look how horribly shite her non traced stuff is.
Makes it even easier to tell when shes traced.

No. 224588

>legs extend up to bottom of ribcage
where he dick supposed to go

No. 224619

The bases still look traced. I like how she's suddenly trying to prove her art is all her "redrawing" and not tracing art.

No. 224638

File: 1483150852866.png (115.22 KB, 640x1051, IMG_4253.PNG)

No. 224640

File: 1483150874908.png (73.4 KB, 640x1054, IMG_4254.PNG)

it looks so bad

No. 224641


Legit looks like she used a base tho. Also what went wrong with the back leg? It looks fine in the "base" sketch but as soon as clothes and stuff were added it went to shit

No. 224693

File: 1483155290005.png (1.25 MB, 1150x962, lol.png)

She honestly still expects people to believe that the likes of these two pieces are drawn by the same person? Even if the one on the right was a "redraw" (which it isnt, it's a trace and it lines up perfectly with the original), it would still match her normal skill level. Unless those redraws are actually tracing.
Ability like that doesn't jump up and down so frequently, not does style, unless you're tracing.

Plus the one on the right was supposedly 'drawn' in early 2015. Her drawing skill has deteriorated so bad in just under 2 years despite her drawing often? Doubt it…

No. 224696

File: 1483155477759.png (9.6 KB, 448x124, problems.png)

I mean unless she knows everyone's lives so very intimately in that she knows every little detail about them, how does she know someone doesn't have "real problems"? What even are real problems anyway?

No. 224721

She's definitely just drawing over those mannequin like bases

No. 224943

File: 1483196095766.png (159.98 KB, 447x548, Untitled.png)

I mean you can literally set up your phone with Facebook Live and do it that way but OK? Give more excuses?

Also dunno who she's proved wrong? If anything, the drastic dip in quality is actually proving the idea/fact she traces right

No. 224945

File: 1483196391509.png (186.13 KB, 448x491, erm.png)

[muffled laughter]

No. 224954

Sindy says she's single by choice at least bimonthly

No. 224964

She just sounds so insecure, who cares if you have a bf /gf or not? smh

No. 224965

This is one of those things that only bitter people make/repost. You know somebody's salty when they yank out the horoscopes, blame America and get legitimately mad about cars and drinks.

No. 224966

But she put a video up before? The one where Karli gave a video response and literally tore her a new arsehole

No. 224968


These honestly just look like she's traced generic body forms…

No. 225001

I mean, I can't overlay the images currently, but the basic human form looks a lot like one of these:
Could be a coincidence, could be using that pose as a reference, or it could be more tracing?

No. 225017

File: 1483205750933.png (16.53 KB, 451x245, omfg.png)

So, after complaining about that Katy girl using two accounts at once (even though she was only moving accounts), and bitching that the names were different, Sindy is posting on two different accounts at once, both with different names.

The hypocrisy never ends

No. 225029

Katy was one of Sindy's white knights as early as summer this year, started sending rage mails to people accusing them of making the first lolcow thread and demanding they leave poor bbu Sindy alone

When did this cow alliance fall apart?

No. 225042

File: 1483213134273.png (13.94 KB, 506x179, ha.png)

How can I possibly turn down this excellent offer? Sorry Jenny, but this time I sadly will. I think I know people who are more talented and diverse after doing art for less time than you. Six whole years of "anime" and you're still mediocre as fuck.

No. 225045

The best part about this is that the tracing is still pretty bad. Some of the lines make no sense and the shading is complete horseshit.

No. 225046

Drawing someone in their cosplay, in anime style… so basically drawing the anime character then?

No. 225048

Alliance maybe fell apart when Katy realised how much of a cunt Sindy is?

No. 225070

Well she, Caitlin and Katy were all frontline defenders of Amber after she took foot pics of her friend so they're all cunts anyway

No. 225097

but before that alliance she bitched about sindy to everyone else and joined in with everyone else

No. 225117

File: 1483219318470.png (17.46 KB, 546x204, Untitled.png)

[hysterical laughter]

No. 225120

Yet she calls herself an otaku and that is literally an insult and considered cringe by Japanese people who she worships so

No. 225128

First the "gamer girl" comment and now this, i'm gonna guess this is aimed at someone.

No. 225441

File: 1483235524334.png (454.08 KB, 488x745, lol.png)

If it's as good as this, i'm game.

No. 225459

RIP those fucking hands tho

No. 225495

File: 1483241699851.jpeg (52.3 KB, 524x541, image.jpeg)

Pooh, sweetie, sorry, but you didn't fool anyone. We've all known it was you who created it for a while. I mean, you made it obvious enough with the godawful spelling on it.

And honestly though no one cares enough to bother making a Wiki about you, you're nothing special in terms of drama, and everything is either archived or on the threads anyway.

Plus you're basically outing yourself as being a liar (I thought Aries didn't lie omg!) and for trying to stir shit. Oops?

No. 225497


>"that encyclopedia dramatica you keep using to insult me"

I haven't seen it get brought up once but alright hen.

No. 225566

All this time I thought the misspellings were on purpose to mock her. Well now.

No. 225664

File: 1483280373605.png (49.05 KB, 472x704, Untitled.png)

So basically the "I'm quitting cosplay in 2017" was an attempt at guilt tripping people into giving her asspats so she wouldn't "quit".

Also, you art is stolen. "Redrawing" it, as you claim, and then selling it without the original artists permission, which you admit to, is stealing artwork. The only issue with that though is it isn't "redrawn", it's traced. But regardless of that, you've been stealing artwork and selling it, and you can't STAND that you've been caught.

You also won't be vending at any cons at this rate, because all that needs to be done is for one convention to show the proof of your tracing to the other conventions, and also show them your absolute chimp out reaction to being denied a table. No respectable convention would want someone who acts like that to sell at their event.

No. 225706

File: 1483293449569.png (103.19 KB, 640x1046, IMG_4265.PNG)

No. 225731

but the article isn't even 2 years old…

No. 225734

It's not even one year old. But then we already know Sindy doesn't understand the concept of time.

9 days is two weeks
A few hours is two days
2 months or so is 3 to 5 months
And now 9 months is 2 years…

No. 225787

File: 1483307467556.png (14.7 KB, 549x137, Untitled.png)

This seems well beyond unlikely. So either Sindy is telling lies, or she's being scammed, or just being plain stupid. Typically trains from Glasgow to London, for a SINGLE, are minimum £65. A return can be up to £100+. Nowhere near £15…

No. 225790

£15 sounds like bus/coach prices. Megabus is cheap af if you pick the right times.

No. 225792


No. 225794

No. 225795

Aren't those singles?

No. 225814

That's also $15, not £15. Also considering the thing she is apparently going to London for is in March, and after checking, those prices are $27
Along with all those being singles, not returns…

I still don't see it. I've looked at MegaBus prices in the past to places closer than London and even then, it's £55 for a return at cheapest (and that's a bus that you get off of at 3am, and on again at the same time too)

No. 225815

File: 1483310678158.png (99.96 KB, 928x976, Untitled.png)

A quick look on the Ryanair website at the dates she would need to fly on to attend the event. So, definitely not £15 for a return flying then.

You also can't book that far ahead on Megabus' site, so there's that too

No. 225816

File: 1483310775787.jpeg (80.45 KB, 1002x642, bus.jpeg)

its all to do with when you book you can get to london via megabus for like £2 if your booking months in advance also who the fuck cares about how much shes paying to go to london? like surely you guys havent milked her that dry yet?

No. 225819

Usually the milk is daily, and based on what she posts, as she posts it. Today has been a drier day, it would seem.

No. 225833

As a frequent user of Megabus Glasgow-London, you can get returns for £15.
I think Sindys a cunt as much as the next guy but how about you find some actual milk instead of the straws you're currently grasping at? Just makes you look bad tbh

No. 225847

It's alright, the fact she's going to Kupocon at all is the biggest laugh because she's not even a FF fan, she just likes completely ripping off the characters for her "OC"

No. 225849

Pretty sure she's only going to it because it's a convention and it's on at the same time the KH Concert event is on. But even then I don't think she's ever played KH either

No. 225857

File: 1483313780425.png (1.04 MB, 982x760, uhh.png)

Speak for yourself.

No. 225887

even the tiny comic is all floating head panels, fucking kek

No. 225900

File: 1483316420078.png (1013.96 KB, 1000x905, shitson.png)

How does someone who has supposedly been studying art for over 6 years fuck up so badly? How on earth has she made such a humongous fuck up on the ink work?

No. 225931

File: 1483317611474.png (479.59 KB, 550x556, cringe.png)

So cringe.

No. 226460

File: 1483391576857.png (342.95 KB, 549x539, lel.png)

The same way you trace someone else's art and try and claim it as your own, Sindy

No. 226485


ryou actually became less of a douche after he became chairbound though.

No. 226757

tempted to make fake account , join group and question if they condone tracers and art thiefs and show all the gifs from here.

No. 226848

Do it, record the results

No. 226858

File: 1483470335744.png (11.04 KB, 504x208, no.png)

No you didn't.

The creators of "Antreya Chronicles" are some indie developer who completely failed to meet anywhere near their first funding target on Kickstarter. They want to raise something like ~€1.5M for some horrible looking MMO that has zero interest from anyone.

Also, it's like 1-2% commission they wanted to pay out to their team, so she's literally gonna get paid pennies, if anything.

I wouldn't even be surprised if she's bullshitting about it anyway, because of all the artists they could have found, I bet they'd more interested in someone with actual talent and background in gaming concepts if they're really trying hard to be successful. I notice she's just uploaded a piece of text instead of a screenshot of the actual email, so i'm going to say she's just lying.

No. 226859

File: 1483470459643.png (254.44 KB, 983x694, no2.png)

Proof incase she tries to delete it

No. 226863


yeah, this block of text reads like something she typed up herself

No. 226864


No. 226869

Ok, so if she's got a job as this, how can't she go out and get a normal job? Anyone wanna forward this to HMRC because chances are she's not going to announce this "job" to them

No. 226890


For anyone wanting to report her for benefit fraud, she's posted her address amongst other personal information before so isn't too difficult to do

No. 226933

File: 1483482776997.png (16.93 KB, 546x167, Untitled.png)

I mean for one the generator itself isn't called Rinmaru, the artist is.
And maybe, just maybe, Rinmaru is their nickname or is related to their real name.

But regardless, by the same argument, you, Sindy, stole your name from that line of dolls that exists. Oops?

No. 226934


in all honesty if they're only paying 1-3% commission it's likely she's not going to be making enough to impact her benefits. i'm not sure how it works over there but in canada you have to make a certain amount of money before it impacts your benefits. its intended to be supplementary income.

No. 226938

It's not so much impacting it, but she still needs to declare any money she makes, which is beyond unlikely she does. I've heard through the grapevine that in college she said to her class something along the lines of why should she work when someone else can pay for her.

It's also slightly different because I believe she's maybe on benefits because she "can't" work, which would explain no signing on or anything, but this, and the fact she can go to conventions miles from her to sell (traced) art proves she can work. If that makes sense?

No. 226948

File: 1483484315997.jpg (39.87 KB, 504x403, IMG_4278.JPG)

A little help

No. 226963

she talks tough but i remember hearing that she pissed off someone who she didnt know actually knew her family and when they showed up at her house to talk she shit herself and refused to answer the door.

No. 226964

Wtf happened to Siday that caused her to be such a spiteful, ugly cow?

No. 226968

Anyone else thankful to see she isn't going to kita afterall, happy fucking days

No. 226972

probably her ugly as sin face

No. 227300

Yea sure did you not hear about the time her brothers girlfriend had a go at her for the way she was treating people and she had a lock put on her door after it? She likes to talk big but in reality wouldnt do anything at all

No. 227374

File: 1483547350754.png (177.21 KB, 503x554, dll.png)

Oh man she could easily just Google it to find out the issue but nope, gotta get someone to download a whole client instead.

Legit though, if the .dll file is "missing", typically that means something happened with the computer that either removed or corrupted it during the install. So, a hardware issue, or a malware issue. So either Sindy's computer is physically fucked, or she's got a virus.

But legit Googling a solution would be a whole lot quicker that getting someone else to install the same client which will likely cause no error. It isn't the client at fault, it's the PC….

No. 227382

Arc is absolute shit ngl
But it's incredible how lazy she is

No. 227406

Maybe she should try not running it on a George Foreman grill.

No. 227462

Are those screenshots just sitting on her desktop? Can someone zoom in on them?

No. 227511

'Once we get money coming in our team will be paid' no. This is basically shoving a big red flag in your face along with flashing red high beams. As a freelancer, anyone who says this is trash. There's 0 guarantee that you'll get paid. Plus if she did get 'hired' I doubt her concepts would be used. There's more to being a concept artist than just drawing animu pictures. Plus if they're in the early alpha stages then they probably have some stuff locked down. Getting to the final product may take 3-5 years depending on their work speed. Is it really worth waiting that long for a potential payout that may end up being nothing? Nope.

No. 228034

File: 1483646027726.png (21.72 KB, 504x321, where to begin.png)

Where to even begin explaining how stupid the first one is.

As for the second one…an AA in Spring? The only two I can think of are at Rai, which she's supposed to not be going to because of that KupoCon thing and the KH concert, and DeeCon, which she's banned from selling at…

Unless she was bullshitting about KupoCon which is entirely possible

No. 228037

File: 1483646382870.png (16.43 KB, 504x224, lol.png)

I feel like a broken record with this, but if you're redrawing something by eye, it will almost never match up line for line with the original. Heck even famous artists like Da Vinci couldn't make copies match up.
And also, regardless of whether it was traced or "copy art", if you don't have the original artist's permission to resell it, like you admitted in one of the rants about DeeCon, then you DON'T RESELL IT.

Also nice how she mentions "another" artist who apparently does the same as her yet doesn't get called out for it. Name and shame, Sindy. Otherwise it's just like all the "proof" you supposedly have for multiple things but have never shown people. It's very easy just to say "oh someone else did the same thing as me" but without any proof to back it up, it holds no grounds in an argument.

No. 228038

File: 1483646610563.png (12.33 KB, 503x160, aimedmuch.png)

Seems aimed. I have a feeling I know who it's about though…

And if I'm correct, it's even sadder that you still have such a massive hateboner for them months after you two stopped being friends.
What's sadder than that, too, is that Nanashi was almost a month ago. So why bring up your spite now?

No. 228057

Is she jealous though? seems it

No. 228209

Is she trying to compare herself to Michaelangelo or Donatello holy shit this is gold

No. 228231

i have no idea who she is on about and i was at the last Nanashi.
all i remember is people having fun and sindy flashing everyone her cheap ass bloomers.

No. 228267

I mean I could probably take a guess at who it is she's talking about. But they weren't drunk, and whilst they were being a tad clingy, it wasn't "sexually rubbing thenselves off every guy that spoke to them".
Sindy just has an unrequited hateboner, but bringing up something that happened at Nanashi, which was a month ago, just seems beyond petty and downright reeks.

No. 228318

Who is it she's implying then if you think you know? Curious

No. 228490

Starts with a B, ends in the word for a large body of landlocked water.

I say that mainly because they were tipsy, not full on drunk, and they were being a little clingy to one guy in particular, at least from where I was sitting for part of the night. And Sindy has an obvious grudge hateboner for them ever since they stopped being friends.

No. 228504

How did she even notice that when she spent the entire night glued to her DS ignoring everyone to the point even her lapdog wasn't sitting with her and moved seats to be with other people

No. 228516

File: 1483708156932.jpeg (160.64 KB, 1242x1289, image.jpeg)

I urge others to do the same it takes minutes

No. 228518

File: 1483708302219.png (19.46 KB, 502x290, welp.png)

Seems like someone was lying about not going to RaiCon because they were going to London instead.

But here's the thing, Sindy. If finishing your shitty manga is THAT important to you, then don't come online? Surely blocking out distractions on your end will help you finish it, instead of complaining about your time not being well spent on people who "arent your friend".

No. 228528

>It's also slightly different because I believe she's maybe on benefits because she "can't" work, which would explain no signing on or anything, but this, and the fact she can go to conventions miles from her to sell (traced) art proves she can work. If that makes sense?

It does but it doesn't? Like I can understand being disabled enough to not work but still wanting to go to a convention. What I don't understand is how she's able to do it alone. Like she's usually not meeting up with anyone, doesn't travel with anyone, hasn't got immediate support if something happens to her. I've got physical and mental issues myself and can't go to conventions or large crowded events alone. I always go with friends, or my brother, or even my parents if they're up for it, and that's in case something happens. I can still hold down an accounting job tho, so uh… I duno what Sindy's excuse is. I think she's just lazy tbh.

No. 228556


I think it could go either way. I know a lot of places see distant travel/vacations as "you should be able to work"

Story time: not quite the same but I remember seeing a news story a few years back about a guy who was on some sort of sick/disability leave from work and went on vacation to Australia, he was at a beach and somebody was attacked by a shark and somebody had caught him on video trying to help the person. He ended up getting fired and losing his benefits because they thought if he was well enough to 1. Go to Australia and 2. Try to fight off a shark he was well enough to work.

No. 228567

Ahhhhh gotcha, thought so.
Why does she even care

No. 228568

File: 1483720453912.png (141.89 KB, 640x1037, IMG_4279.PNG)

No. 228585

This girl could perfectly cosplay Ruffnut from how to train your dragon

No. 228595

Was brought up before, she threw a fit about how shit HTTYD apparently was

No. 228626

File: 1483729301724.png (14.1 KB, 509x170, 1.png)

She's really just digging herself a deeper hole with these kind of statuses.

No. 228630

But if you stand in front of her still that technically is a model so?????

No. 228631

Why the hell would you make it sound so petty and vendetta like by mentioning the tracing. Stick to the facts that DWP are interested in: she's extensively travelling for freelance work whilst claiming she's disabled and cannot work. That reads like a petty child wrote it and I'm honestly embarrassed for you

No. 228639

This is cringe

No. 228644


I mean the whole point of commissions is to have someone come up to you and ask you to draw them something. Often times it'll just be "can you draw this character". And from what I know a lot of people who sell at cons take commissions and draw them after the convention.

No. 228648

Shit like this will get the entire case discredited down to the obvious personal vendetta. Why the fuck did you think DWP would care about art tracing when it's focused on benefits?

No. 228653


Have to agree, I reported her too myself and only put down that she was claiming she couldn't work because of her scoliosis, but managed to sell artwork at an event, sitting in a shitty plastic chair for 6 hours+ too, and also that she was now claiming to be working as a concept artist for a game.
In retrospect I should maybe have put in that the events she sells at are miles from her home, and she manages to travel to them unassisted, but too late now I guess.

But putting in that her art is traced is meaningless to the DWP, they only care about the benefits part, and it comes across as petty, and like you have a vendetta against her. It could fuck the whole case against her because the other reports could also be seen in a similar light now.

No. 228730

This is Lewis

No. 228731

If you're all so bothered then why didn't you put up a general paragraph for people to copy like the person who you're all moaning about? Smh don't complain like petty little school children, cringe

No. 228733

Yeah also convenient how only one has explained what they wrote? The other two either have not sent a report yet, or just want to sit on the sidelines and moan when they see something they don't like. Embarrassing

No. 228750

Cant. Her art is so shitty, i draw my self and it hurts knowing that there is some one like her..

No. 228752

Her excuse pretty much boils down to "please don't come and commission me because I don't have anything to trace it from"

No. 229120

Or maybe the other two did report and they don't wanna post here?
Adding in the bit about her tracing made it sound like a shitty vendetta. The DWP don't care if she's stealing art, they only care that she's a benefit fraud. If you wanna do something about her art theft you write to every convention she plans on selling at, and inform them.

I don't see you providing your post showing what you wrote to the DWP when reporting her, so seems like you didn't report either.

Anyway enough of this crap, back to posting about Sindy.

No. 229121

File: 1483787048770.png (37.8 KB, 498x564, Untitled.png)

Like this

No. 229133

I don't understand how she can be so wrong about stuff yet state it so matter-of-factly? Sindri isn't a female name and the meaning isn't anywhere close to that afaik, it's more along the lines of shimmering or sparkling.

Also Scania isn't exactly a destroyed Kingdom and "av" literally means "of", so "av Skåne" is more a title than an actual last name. I wonder what kind of sources she must be using to get everything so wrong.

No. 229157

So you must be the anon who reported first if you're so certain I havnt reported her, and besides, why would I if I did? I would just look catty and petty like the rest of you, because to be honest reporting her in the first place is just as bad because you all feel the same about her to report her.
Congrats for making you all seem petty now

No. 229175

Yeah, agree with this.

No. 229362

File: 1483829668356.png (100.19 KB, 640x1029, IMG_4305.PNG)

No. 229363

File: 1483829719055.png (98.75 KB, 640x953, IMG_4303.PNG)

so thats what her untraced art looks like. A pile of shite

No. 229402

OK? who is this and why is sin fighting with them?

No. 229423

pedo paul went by that name for a while after he got called out for his pedo ways.

No. 229430

so sin's actually done something useful for once by getting him removed from facebook. ok. thanks, anon.

No. 229434

File: 1483844119589.png (18.23 KB, 505x253, Untitled.png)

Well, so much for Sindy claiming to be banned from the lolcow to the point where she can't see it. And so much for her claiming she no longer cared about what was posted on it.

The fact this is the newest thread, too, means she either sought it out, or actively went on the old one and clicked on the link to here.

No. 229437

File: 1483844441938.png (37.72 KB, 447x561, Untitled.png)

Going from "I don't care about the lolcows about me" to "send me screenshots of them to gain my love".

Girl is fucking flaky as hell.
Also, hey look, it's the mole who sent Sindy the screenshots of the drama in the MCM group. Way to lick a cows arsehole.

No. 229438

File: 1483844581123.png (22.58 KB, 448x302, Untitled.png)

Time for the "So Much for Not Caring" saga

No. 229441

File: 1483844898471.png (638.81 KB, 872x980, literallycantbookthosedates.pn…)

Also in response to the Megabus thing, for the event she's supposedly going to in March, you literally cannot book those dates for tickets yet.

No. 229454

Better get the hard liquor ready

No. 229455

File: 1483845904094.png (27.41 KB, 445x400, Untitled.png)

Have seen you plenty at conventions, no obvious anxiety disorder there. Not one that would be so crippling that you couldnt work, at the very least.

Fit enough to travel one day a month to a convention…and every other day or so to Glasgow.

Only one person it seems reported the tracing to the DWP so have fun with that bit.

Selling at tables…once a year…that's right because RaiCon, DeeCon, MCM, and all those little events in Glasgow all fall on the same day, yeah? Also don't get up and lift anything, just sit at a table? You wanna know who else does that? Office temps, people working in call centres, online customer service jobs.
And even if it's "only" £40 at a time, you still have to fucking declare it.

Also, to add on because it's in a comment and not the screenshotted post, a lot of people with "severe IBS" still manage to work, god just look at some of the Munchies.

No. 229461

File: 1483846106844.png (68.02 KB, 450x477, Untitled.png)

I dont even know where to start with this bullshit. Sympathising with a pedo, wonderful.

But hey, Sindy, Amelia could well have been pulling strings but the thing is, at 22, Paul should have KNOWN BETTER than to sleep with someone who was 14. Regardless of consent or whatever.

No. 229467

File: 1483846419167.png (39.13 KB, 450x530, Untitled.png)

C'mon Sindy, come back to us. Post on the cow again like you know you wanna.
Instead of chimping out on your Facebook.

No. 229469

File: 1483846565106.png (29.33 KB, 448x443, Untitled.png)

I just can't anymore. Just can't.
Victim blaming at it's finest.

But the thing is, at 14, she has no "responsibility" in the eyes of the law. At 22, he did. If she shouldnt have been seeing a 22 year old at 14, he, at 22, shouldnt have been even remotely interested in a 14 year old.

No. 229476

File: 1483846986970.png (34.08 KB, 449x496, Untitled.png)

None of the other anons can ban you on here, Sindy. That's left up to the site admins. Over whom the farmers have no control.

So come back, try and slaughter us like you claim you can. Because as far as I can recall, you've never done that once before.

No. 229479

File: 1483847650059.png (31.04 KB, 451x459, Untitled.png)

Someone else cosplayed the same character too, we never tried to kick them out. It's been explained to you before, but clearly all the information is reaching your chin and won't go any further.

It wasn't the cosplay that was the issue. It was how you behaved when wearing it. It was where you decided to do that shoot, and what you decided to do during it. Blake's photoshoot was done in a private location, with only the photographer and the other model. Yours wasn't. It was a public playpark, with minors around, buildings surrounding it.

Also, as far as people appearing on 4chan or on here - 4chan at best it is a fleeting post on the Britfag thread. At worst, it's you posting a vendetta thread against another person.
On lolcow, aside from you, there's only one person who's been posted here from the community who wasn't posted here by you. Blake, Henry, Jem, Jennifer. All posted by you. The one about Amber wasn't.

So, I mean, unless you're the one posting about everyone on the threads…there aren't really many people from the Scottish community who show up on these places.

No. 229480

I actually can't believe that she has posted over 20 statuses in the last couple of hours defending herself.

I genuinely want her to seek professional help and get of the internet so she can better herself and take some time to grow the fuck up.

She wonders why so many people don't like her, she needs to take a look at herself and realise that, y'know, maybe there ARE places where she can improve. Or just stop being an over-reactive, hypersensitive, manic bitch.

No. 229481

i feel bad for the ppl on her feed. it's a near constant stream of verbal diarrhea.

No. 229482

File: 1483847755490.png (20.89 KB, 449x301, Untitled.png)

You want people to come to you, yet even in the screenshots it shows you have it set so only friends can comment. Hence the missing "comment" button between the "like" and "share" parts.

Or are you that fucking dumb not to realise that?

No. 229484

B-but… Muh scoliosis!! :')

No. 229487

File: 1483848043311.png (21.45 KB, 450x308, Untitled.png)

>"thier is no milk from me"
>receipts everywhere showing otherwise

No. 229490

File: 1483848170859.png (20.32 KB, 448x316, Untitled.png)

Lol I'm actually from the UK but shows how much you know. I mean I even brought up the UK community and people in it who you've made threads about.

No. 229492

File: 1483848493741.png (21.74 KB, 449x299, Untitled.png)

You literally put that you were a "kawaii african child" in the caption of the photo of your mudmask. But OK, sure, we'll go with your definition of not being able to live in the real world.
Coming from the person who doesn't have a job, still lives with her mum, gets super upset at a convention not accepting her request for a table, doesn't understand basic laws, doesn't realise that she's living in the real world and no one wants to deal with the whiny baby of a 24 year old she is.

No. 229495

Sindy, please get help!

To be honest, I WOULD pm you but last time I even so much as liked a comment from someone providing honest, sound and fair advice that you disagreed with you went and "sad faced" a bunch of my photos. Not such a big deal, but it indicated to me that you didn't WANT help or support so I left it at that.

Make your profile private or at least make your posts private so you won't have to deal with people screenshotting your shit and making fun of you. You shouldn't need to do that, but you're the one who instigates more shit by stirring on FB.

No. 229496

Wow Sindy, just fuck off to bed already. No one cares about your whiny ass statuses.

No. 229497

>tfw your own anxiety is so bad that you can't go to cons or events or even the bar but you can go to work
>tfw this bitch can do all the fun shit she wants but can't work because "muh anxiety"

Oh man I'm glad I'm not in the UK, because I'd be upset having to pay taxes into a system so that people like her can just do fuckall.
She'll be adding scoliosis on if she gets reviewed, but hasn't got it on now, because she legit just doesn't want to work.
Sorry I just don't get the whole "Having to do a task for someone makes me soooooooo cripplingly anxious but I can just go out and party whenever I want no problem" attitude that a lot of snowflakes have.

>thinner, sharper and take a lot less bullshit than any of you.
>take a lot less bullshit
>has a major meltdown on fb about this thread, and has come on here and even evaded bans to tell us to "fite" her

No. 229498

File: 1483848933584.png (21.42 KB, 446x325, Untitled.png)

Those laws you don't understand, to name a few, would be Statutory Rape, Copyright, thinking that it is illegal for an employer to look up the social media or google a potential employee before hiring them (here's a hint, it's not illegal)

Far as I can recall, your mother kicked you out, so unwanted, maybe? But because you got kicked out of a hostel, she took you back. I sorta pity her.

No. 229501

She's actually sympathising with a pedo…well no surprise there. Fucking hell. This bitch is pathetic.

No. 229503

File: 1483849290181.png (37.95 KB, 445x551, Untitled.png)

The word vomit is painful

Pretty sure the person who mentioned Kay said she was non-violent? Also pretty sure neither of them have threatened you, just other people saying that if it came to a fight, both could beat you.

And Kay wasn't even at RaiCon this year so of course she couldn't be within 20 feet of you there? She'd just been at another, more expensive con and was nursing an empty wallet.

Fucking hell your hateboner for these two girls is off the charts.

No. 229507

File: 1483849753471.png (21.95 KB, 448x358, Untitled.png)

Oh boy oh boy.

See, thing is, I know some HR people. They'd tell you differently on that bit about it being illegal. Heck it's even in a friends contract that they can't badmouth any customers on their Facebook, and that if they do, they're fired.

But here's the thing. You applying to sell at DeeCon is a contract. If you were accepted, it would be a contract.

Fanart isn't illegal either but shows how much you actually know. At worst it's a grey area, at best it's encouraged by companies. But anything someone draws, be it fanart or not, is copyright to them. You can't trace or redraw it (you yourself admitted to the latter) and sell it without the original artist permission (something you also admitted to). That's art theft.

No. 229510

File: 1483850356946.png (24.55 KB, 453x339, Untitled.png)

If we're going by your excuse after being rejected by DeeCon, that you "redrew" the art and tried to get the original artists permission to sell it but couldnt, then you still decided to sell it, that's art theft regardless, Sindy. Whether it was "redrawn" like YOU claimed, or whether it was traced like the gifs and lineups show (The gifs can be remade bigger, the gif maker used for them just made them a little small, can use the same overlays as before, just with a different gif making website)

No. 229519

How can anyone be this illiterate? Ugly as fuck and dumb, man that sucks.

No. 229520

I have no idea how you guys can understand what this trash bags says

No. 229521

No. 229522

File: 1483852715909.png (310.43 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170107-211711.png)

No. 229524

It's like 5am where she is. This is just sad.

No. 229525

Sorry to samefag but that is taken from a US site. I'm sure it's the same but she's just going to turn around and say that it's incorrect.

No. 229526

File: 1483853015788.png (436.32 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170107-212135.png)

No, you brain dead cunt. You weren't discriminated against. You didn't get a table because you're a thief, not because of your age, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

No. 229528

but it said on the form that the us prohibits it against discrimination laws

wich is what she was saying

its not allowed

No. 229529

True, you're right. Discrimination isnillegal, but this literal shit stain thinks she was discriminated against.

No. 229530

Okay fine you want me here, her ei am.

deecon didnt not alow my because of thieving, when i asked for evidence they failed to show a single peice i had copied. they didnt have evidence, they had 300px giphs that were not solid enough to send to me. so instead they tried to say that it had been a reserched matter

truth is deeocn are full of shit. they had thier vp watch my facebook and decide to join in with all this hating shit. they aint my employer and they dont insure me. i know you want them to be, but 4 hours 1 off cash in hand, isnt employment. and it isnt regulated, and unfortuntly. thier a chartiy company, so they CANT watch my eeds and make decisions about me

you know deecon shoulda just banned me for all the shit with karli, make up some crap about threds, id have understood this, but when you say that that dommy idiot it the vp, makes sence. this is the same idiot that thinks a 6 year degree is a qualified expert, lacking the other 14 years it takes to be an expert in anything.

yea ok, i was making redraws and that was shitty of me, but honestly. deecon new about this all 4 years i went. infact i even showed deecon the ones i had blatently redrawn, they didnt care because they were so cringly bad (2014 here)

honestly. they enw everything iw as selling, this miscondiuct shit, sorry doesnt wash with me, and if any other cons try to deny me a table, really thell wqualcky be set right in the poor example of deecon. you dont send some idiot in the college to watch domebody who gets alot of online hate, and then decide to belive everything written about her. they recieved complains before, and they didnt give a shit.. know why (£££££)

they only reason they care now is cause they know somebody who doesnt like me, listned to ehr shit and now they gina ct on it. but honestly. really. its no loss to me, ill just go to the edinburgh con, not as a dealer, just as a con goer, its a far superior con with better audiences anyway, and ill actually be in the company of a fucking friend or 2, who ill be staying with

and once i get some decent following from my manga. ll apply for the bigger cons like mcm, and if they even dare bring up deecon ill show them the messages here that prove decons attroutious missconduct. not to mention every single wip base ive been drawing, really. the only thing you can show cons now is historic. so sorry.

No. 229531

and the only reasons i have bad Spelling is because i have the curtosy to type fast for you, so sometimes i hit keys in the wrong order

like with here and ehre

No. 229533


that was me btw. wanted to try a little test to see how easily you'd agree if you thought it was anon

No. 229535

Sid. Im gonna give you one word of advice and just tell you to get over it. We all make mistakes in our lives and we get caught for cheating. Take this as a lesson and move on and try to be more original with your works. Take this an opportunity for growth.

No. 229537

No I knew this was you, it was easy to tell by the typing.

No. 229538

Please dont take this comment as resentment or anything. If you are truly better than deecon and people on this website take it in stride and try to contradict this negative image of you.

No. 229540

Took me like 3 tries to understand this jumbled mess. You're just illiterate as fuck.

No. 229542

Spell check is also good…

No. 229544

Honestly, i would love to sit and argue why you jealo9us fucks need to get a life and over me, but the admins here simply cant stand when somebody denfends themselves in a way that makes the OP look like a fucing 8 years old
this thread IS cringy, but not because im in it, because its people desperatly grasping at straws of drama, taking literally ANY and every screenshot odf my timeline to disagree and bitch in the most juvinile way possable, truely acting like selfish brats,

honestly. idk why you were so afraid to just out with me on fb, like i said. i wouldnt have blocked you if you actualy acted like adults, karli is blocked because she was looking at my timeline and liking comments on my stuff, and as were not on ok terms, i wasnt ok with her on it

kay only got blocked when she kept jumping on my facebook after we havd actually sorted things out, or at least, said our defens. honestly karli is an idiot and i dont dispute that, but what kay got herself involved in in the last thread was utter stupidity.

acting like a 3year old, apparently showing me for the liar i was. true is you guys blame everything on me. oh a uk cosplayer is being shamed. itl be that sindy, ah nah. belive it or not i have a manga to make, not drama. dont confuse me for you idiots

as for raicon, ive already got my invoice and payed for my table. so sorry but youve lost that, and as i have no record of missconduct with them, they cant deny me a table on those grounds. so your complaits will have wait till raicon 4

i will be applieng for deecon in 2018, and i will get in. because deecon will not have a leg to stand on. you could im deslusional but you cant have delusions with dreams. and if others can do it i will too

i think you should just go back to insulting my one or 2 bad cosplays from 2014, like the oanty mark 1 or the kagura mark 1

because slowly but by bit, i am going to take away everything you have over me. but hey. ill allways have this chin, so you can still talk shit about that. if you feel you need to hateboner that badly

ill be watching this thread for the remainder of the time its on, goodluck with your pettyness, and ill see you, in cosplay, at cons, or no doubt on here or 4chan :>

No. 229546


thats exactly what i have been doing anon, i changed the venue i would be at, i applied for a different con, i started posting my artworks in thier most basic forms, and ive been gathering a slow stead supporting on groups. really. for me its still raw. and i am pissed of they let drama dictate. but its fine. i know it wont last. i know eventually when i apply for deecon again, they wont turn me down.

im one of these people, i dont bottle shit up. i get pissed i shout and scream about it, i get over it something else. so honestly. you might not like the shouting. but its not for your benifit.

its for mine. and really. all this is going to do is benifit me. sooner or later

No. 229548

You are truly delusional. Try looking at it from an outsider perspective. Not everyone on this site is a meanie weenie. You cause your own drama and people will flock to see it because drama for girls is FUN. You yourself can admit that. If you cant. Youre lying.

No. 229549

i dont deny it. fuck i used to love comming on ere and having a good old slaging match,

but what you dont get, is that its the meany weenies that count, those people that call caitlin a christmas ham, or maira a mole, or my a crack adict, and report me, send my numbers to sites. those people count. cause those are the ones who take it too far

And now lets b frank on the delusions, 7 years ago if you told me id be cosplaying and selling at tables, nearly finished writing my manga, id have thought that was never gona happen. life is all about doing what others say you cant, or atleast, mine is

No. 229550

Maybe you should find another outlet.

No. 229551


my ruling planet in both my sun and moon is mars afterall

(it basically means im just agressive as hell and love arguing)
which i do. idk why but i vitilizes me, makes me feel the blood in my body and the breathe in my lungs, some could understand.

i dont see anything wrong with arguing and fight. its animal nature too. but honestly. even bloody wars have points they consider too far.

No. 229552

Who cares what random people on the internet say?

No. 229554

Who cares what random people on the internet say?


most people

humans are social creatures and any form of social rejection is damming, people especially girls are hella image conscious. i dont want to care, i know i shouldnt, and i try not to. but just like if it was, or anybody else. yea i care, and thiers norhing wrong with it, at least i care?? and try to betetr myself. im not some lazy alcholic fat slob on my sofa watching jezza saying, whatever i am who i am, and i wont change. thats not being alive mate, thats existing

No. 229555

My point is that you shouldnt care.

No. 229556

Maybe you should find another outlet.

why, it works just fine for me, yea people are drawn away because of how agressive i am, but maybe they arent worth it, if they are so fuckle? maybe i dont want spineles people around me who want accept my temper?

Im not voilant. i dont plan on killimg anybody. i just get pissed of and i dont mind releasing it.
it may not be your thing. but it works for me. id rather be alone than surrounded by puddles

No. 229557

Unless its constructive criticism

No. 229558

Then dont complain when people talk shit about you after you post your whole life publicly.

No. 229559

My point is that you shouldnt care.

And my point is that regardless of wheter or not i should, its not really a choice, its part of what makes me human. is caring. its instinct, like eating or drinking.

you would care if it was you. infact you wouldnt be on this site if you were either attacked or insecure in a way or another.

people cant not care, because that means they dot care about themselves.

get it?

No. 229561

Then dont complain when people talk shit about you after you post your whole life publicly.

i wouldnt say complaining as much as, not impressed at alot of the lies that circulate,
i mean that stuff with me wanting david, honestly. i had told people that i had been trying to talk to david about NOT wanting to go out woth him, because i felt him comming onto me a few times. and for fuck sake if you care about him, keep this ehre. because he doesnt need to be let down again. or atleast belittled like that.

i dont fansie hom and regardless of trying i simply cannot make myself want him back.

No. 229563

im pretty sure davids glot interest in me anyway so it really makes no odds

No. 229565

im also gona take a sec aswell to

*compliment the chef on a pretty cool thread picture

* point out that 12 and 48 is not the same as 14 and 22

* point out that the base drawing on my artworks are pretty solid and proportioned, only flaws being the superficial faceial work, but hey presto no real inker likes leaving works pencilled

* ask if people leave paul and emma out of this as theyre trying to move on with thier lives.

*wish everybody a happy 2017 with los of shitty tier cosplays from me to come

No. 229570


hey that was the 1 time i drew a hibi to fit inside my keyrings, cause really thats all their good for.

i originaly posted the status after seeing an artist constantly post requested chibis thatwere coloured lined and drawn beautifuly. when i asked about propertioned work he said he didnt know how to. so i felt it was an utter waste

And as part of market reaserc, my chibis didnt sell anyway

No. 229575

Oh and we got our tickets for london on the national express website. (they are 27 for 2 people, so if your going book em now) maybe ill see you scubs at kupocon

youll never guess who im going as

No. 229582

>youll never guess who im going as
Probably not as a functioning adult.

No. 229595

Classic victim blaming Sindy phew boi

No. 229622

Kek Karli wasnt there either and she hasn't bothered with sindy in ages, hate boner

No. 229624

Why is she bringing up Karli? And Sindy threatened her on her Twitter, it got posted all last thread

No. 229627

Also it was proven you were talking shite about her liking comments when she didnt, that was just your excuse to drag her back into things.

No. 229628

But Karli hasn't said two words to you and yet you're still obsessed with her ?
Also we all seen, she did speak to you about the issue like an adult, you couldn't handle it and blocked her on FB, on Twitter aswell after you cant handle arguing with her, and when someone tagged her on your status you shit yourself commented "no" and blocked her, so really your mindlessly bitching and look petty as all shit, and practically harassing her more than before.
Telling her this .

No. 229629

Oh Sindy. So much for not bothering with this "drama"

No. 229631

See you bitch and talk a big game about Kay and Karli, so why not unblock them and actually deal with the issue? Seems to me like you're scared of them , and cant handle them when they put you in your place.

No. 229632

Yeah why talk and bitch about them knowing they're blocked? Someones scared me tninks.

No. 229637

As far as I can recall you blocked Kay mid argument, not after you had "sorted things out" (if you had, why the hateboner?), or said your defences. Plus she only jumped on shit that you were posting about HER, so I'd say that's reasonable, considering you jumped on someone else's status about you using Caitlin's account and went apeshit.

No. 229638

But no one has said Karli is an idiot either , so there's nothing to dispute?

No. 229645

File: 1483883307765.png (16.97 KB, 847x286, Untitled.png)

Deleting your account and jumping back on the original to try and hide evidence? Wow, gg.

But of course you can't just leave it and not post about stuff from here on your original account.

Looks like you do live for the dramma, hun.

No. 229646

File: 1483883555378.png (31.42 KB, 446x475, Untitled.png)

[muffled laughter in the background]

No. 229647

File: 1483883648830.png (266.93 KB, 420x567, cokenail.png)

Also what is with that fucking coke nail. Seriously, who needs ONE nail that long aside for using it to scoop up coke?

No. 229658

See you bitch and talk a big game about Kay and Karli, so why not unblock them and actually deal with the issue? Seems to me like you're scared of them , and cant handle them when they put you in your place.

because thiers nothing tTO deal with, its over. what could possably argue with them about, as far as karli concerned im just bullieng craig, yea that could hold up in court,
nobody even likes craig anymore because hes a cringelord

as for the kay shit, i blocked mid arguement #5. then she came on ehre going off on which to which i didnt retort. i just left her too it, know why, cause its rediculous,

not to mention the hateboner hoollie still has for amber taking snaps of her feet, like. wow. do people REALLY care about that? really! no. they dont. hollie is just mad somebody put her to use

No. 229660


correct me if im wrong here but drug takers cant grow long nails because they dont have enough calcuim in thier bodies? i drink a pint of milk a day, thats why i have long nails? im sorry you dont like that, but its not reall a just reason to bitch about somebody. its fucking stupid

No. 229663


see this is why i came here, and why i dont just ignore this, because of the way you see something and instantly asume its got to mean im hiding, my account got reported by one of you lot last night because sindy isnt my real name, so they mesaged me asking for id and temporarily closed the account untill i send it. which i will when it loads up for me to send. at the end of the day all you made me do was use my maiden last name, youre really sticking it to me because sindy is my artist buisness author name/ so as long as my sindy pop page is still active, i can still use that… god are you lot thick

you know what

dont answer that

No. 229665

see what i dont get, is why the places cares about ME. as far as the last scottish cosplay thread showed, thiers far worse cosplayers and even people in this comunity than me. all i ever did was look a 5/7 and shitpost complain

lets take lisica ok, not that i hate her or have any issues but. she posted nudes of herself - worse than me

Laurel. well apparently laurels been a massive controlling cunt to people pre my existance.
im sure thiers others like craig and even karli you could rant about. but the fact is im not even that great of a specimin to shipost about.

i almost and entirley feel unworthy of being on this site.

No. 229671

File: 1483888225193.jpeg (14.74 KB, 155x275, sindy.jpeg)

Im glad youre here just so i can tell you how much i hate your godforsaken, ugly face.

No. 229672

Nobody cares about them because theyre not as huge a cunt as you. Most of them are pretty okay. We all know your hate boner for Karli and Hollie so anything you say about them just makes you look even more jealous

No. 229674

File: 1483888381945.jpg (141.77 KB, 643x960, 15940885_1872632302984683_9107…)

also, tell me in what planet this is a step back? this is one of my best peies so far and i have the base to prove i drew it,

its maybe not leaps and bounds nbetter but you can i drew it. you say my art is shit, but never specify why
the leg on my top voltana one was curved and closed in to much, and i said next time i would fix that. but i mean i actually cant see how these are WRSE than say that god awful satilizer one.

my artwork is allways improving and you are constantly fail to show me examples of it worsening. AAAAAAAAAAAAnd. this shit about me not having a style, look at the hair on my character,s look at the eyes, look at the sketching lines, the smiles. my style is and has allways been right infront of you. if you cant see it thats your problem, not mine

No. 229675

Actually Karli didnt care if you "bullied" Craig.
She cared you were talking shit and being contradicting, so your comment just makes it seem as if you don't really know what your talking about, and basically talking shit again.

No. 229676

Actually Craig is fine and no one cares too much, you're the one who makes him an issue because you're obsessed

No. 229677

Ew who the fuck takes pictures of someone's feet while they're asleep? Creepy as fuck, I forgot this happened, thanks for reminding us sindy !

No. 229678

Also Karli can pursue harassment from you, now more because you have ONCE AGAIN mentioned her name when shes had nothing to do with you, same as Kay , you're just making this worse for yourself.

No. 229679


i love that logic of, bringing up a girl whos a cunt, makes me jealous. we all saw what she did to amber, now shes starting on me because she can. i dont even talk to amber. i just defended her. doesnt that show exactly what kind of rat hollie is.

and hey, im glad you hate my ugly face so much, but if it bothers you, why come and constantly look it

you know anon if by your own logic - saying why you dont like somebody = jealousy. then doesnt that mean every single one of you are jealous of me. and really. id ask why. youre lives are probabbly leaps and bounds better

No. 229680

Actually the feet thing is way fucking creepy and Hollie has every right to be angry still, thats weird and you condoning it? You nasty little freak

No. 229681


i dont think you know what harassment is lol, harassment is threating to punch people on thier twitter (check)

spreading stories around facebook groups (check)

comming onto somebodys timeline to start shit with them uninvited or provoked (checkkkk)

really. if karli did persue harassment, shed be digging her own grave. but i mean, sure. incourage her. itl be funny

No. 229683

Jealous? Of what? A benefit scrounging art thief with no friends, no career aspects, no job, your family openly states they dislike you, no money, ugly af, poor fashion taste, looks dirty , greasy and flaky?
Yeah, totally jealous, keep telling yourself that to make you feel better.

No. 229685


its getting salty in here now lmao

listen to me, fet are feet, and i dont see a problem with sending pictures of feet, yea ok amber betrayed her trust as a friend. but hollie could never take it to a federal court and have a serious case, she bullied amber into the ground after, and really. amber could have taken her to court, she left enough evidence she made that amber thread. its so sad honestly.

and ooo strong words there kid, sorry i dont see life the same twisted little way you do

No. 229686

You threatened Karli on her Twitter, on FB, involved her in something you started, threatened to attack her recently …… Yeah, we all seen the screen shots, you talk about her and obsess over her.
If she pursued charges it would ruin you, and she can use your own posts against you as being a racist, homophobic cow.

No. 229687

Thats actually called perversion and chargeable in court as amber had a fetish and that was taken without hollies consent.
So please keep arguing this because you're making amber look worse.

No. 229688


Jealous? Of what? A benefit scrounging art thief with no friends, no career aspects, no job, your family openly states they dislike you, no money, ugly af, poor fashion taste, looks dirty , greasy and flaky?
Yeah, totally jealous, keep telling yourself that to make you feel better.

no you honestly sound it, weither that or salty. i recieve nothing but compliments on my bold fasion, my art is not traced and ive proven it, im not on imcompacity benifits so im not thieving anything.

your so wrong and miss guided on everything you think about me

and serious, lets see your face, it bet its not any better. i could pick shit wrong with your life if you had the balls to show any of it

No. 229689

Also, the "stories" she told were factual pieces of evidence what got said, so thats not stories she just showed what you tried to twist. Good try though.

No. 229691

*You threatened Karli on her Twitter, on FB, involved her in something you started, threatened to attack her recently …… Yeah, we all seen the screen shots, you talk about her and obsess over her.
If she pursued charges it would ruin you, and she can use your own posts against you as being a racist, homophobic cow*

anon youre so delusional. i havent threatened karli a single time., when did i say, i could break your jaw, never, but oh didnt sehe say she would go for me, infact she tried to say she went for me at auchy, whats to stop me reporting that?

and again im picking up vandetta here, a court only cares about the defendants in question, they dont care about a status saying the word half - caste. which he is btw (half japanese half carribbean)
honestly. you lot on ehre would damn karli to prison before i evenm took the stand. you seriously think you are her friends and helping her. even my friends dont get involved in my drama and fight my battles for me, youre not her friends, youre a ball and chain around ehr kneck dragging her down

No. 229693

You followed Karli on FB trying to be sneaky and got caught out, you're obsessed with the girl you mad freak

No. 229695

and yet you have a go at MY grammar, at least i speak in the correct fucking tense

what got said

No. 229696

>>229693 i send her a friend RQ and it auto followed her, nothing sinister to it, i tried to move on and invite her back, like i did alot of people, sbut she was to immature and up ehr ass to get over it, who has the real hateboner here?

No. 229698

Well actually if you look on prev boards you can see the screen shots of you threatening her several times, she said she pulled you up at auchi (which she did, I seen it) and you ran away, so no, she didn't, nice try thought.
And Caitlin was your lap dog and you tagged her to defend you several times. Where she at now? She done with your shit too? Good.

Actually Karli doesn't care, you're the one who keeps talking about her she finds it funny you have such a hate boner for her

No. 229699

You didnt even send her a message and tried to follow her, and that was your own sad attempt at trying to get her to help you get people to leave you alone.
She would never even associate with someone like you, don't flatter yourself

No. 229700

Well, clearly you, given all evidence, given YOUR always the one bringing HER up and mentioning her……… Yeah

No. 229701

Dif anon, and actually, the grammar used was correct due. Try again.

No. 229702

Yet you bitched about her right away, and would she accept your apology? You're literally nothing to her, and not good enough to take up her time? She's said this, you're literally the only one who keeps mentioning her. Get over it.

No. 229703

Karli would laugh in her face if she tried to apologise.

No. 229706

how old is she? she looks like she's 50 wtf

No. 229712

>mad someone used her

Soooo like someone used you for their own sexual pleasure, Jennifer? You're honestly such a victim blaming piece of shit. No one who had actually been molested as a child would constantly go out of their way to defend pedos and perverts. Unless it's just a fetish you have, you goddamn freak.

No. 229719

>Hollie making one status calling Amber out for what SHE did and posting a screenshot evidence in same status is apparently relentless bullying

Amber just lacks any accountability for her own actions and relies on whiteknights like you to defend her inappropriate behaviour.

I don't see why you persist in bringing up something which happened nearly two years ago. None of these people even speak to each other anymore. You're just nothing more than a hungry drama leech who has nothing else to do with her pathetic life than post empty threats and edgy statuses in an attempt to validate your worthless existence.

Stop harping on about Kay, Hollie and Karli. They are infinitely better people than you ever could be. Sort your life out.

No. 229720

the screenshots that were twisted to make it look liek i thretened her, yea weve all seen those

and nobody said anything to me at auchy (which she did, I seen it) dont fucking lie hunny, karli never approached me a single time. and im not denieng it, we have NEVER been wothin 20 feet of each other.

No. 229723

Soooo like someone used you for their own sexual pleasure, Jennifer? You're honestly such a victim blaming piece of shit. No one who had actually been molested as a child would constantly go out of their way to defend pedos and perverts. Unless it's just a fetish you have, you goddamn freak.

Sorry but this is just sad. a 48 year old man sexually grooming kids and teaching young boys how to do it, IS SO FAR FROM TAKING A PICTURE OF FEET unlike me, hollie was locked in a room and thretened, amber never psyically touched her, unlike me, holly wasnt thretened with being stabbed if she told the courts anything.


Please, please never have children. Please!

No. 229726

Hey Sin,
What's it like being able to travel all around the country for conventions, alone, but not be able to work because of ~*~anxiety~*~? Asking cos I'm in the opposite situation where I can work but can't even go to friends' parties without freaking out.
And why are you still tracing so much when you've got ALL DAY (on account of your free money gained thru possible scrounging) to perfect your art and learn to draw properly?
And how are you able to call the rest of us childish when you've come on here and had a shitfit, have had multiple shitfits publicly on facebook, and just keep throwing tantrums everywhere?
I'm so confused.

P.S. kinda glad you're on a hate campaign against DeeCon, so maybe I won't see you there and have to play nice for the sake of mutual friends (I'll be going with friends because I cannot conventions alone because it does me a frighten). One less thing to stress me out.

No. 229727

Says other people are the ones holding grudges

Is the one with obvious grudge hateboners for Kay, Karli and Hollie, despite none of them having contact with you for months and who have all clearly moved on with their lives.

No. 229728

>Hollie making one status calling Amber out for what SHE did and posting a screenshot evidence in same status is apparently relentless bullying

Amber just lacks any accountability for her own actions and relies on whiteknights like you to defend her inappropriate behaviour.

I don't see why you persist in bringing up something which happened nearly two years ago. None of these people even speak to each other anymore. You're just nothing more than a hungry drama leech who has nothing else to do with her pathetic life than post empty threats and edgy statuses in an attempt to validate your worthless existence.

Stop harping on about Kay, Hollie and Karli. They are infinitely better people than you ever could be. Sort your life

god the rosey tnted glasses and visions of delusion are stong here

holly went throw her, posting shit about her everywjere. she acted like a bully, not a victim. holly never called the police cause it was a bullshit case.

and holly could never stand up in court now. i get it, you think amber did wrong. but i mean at what point in your human integrity did you think bullyong nf fat shaming, was the correct way to deal with that, really!?

and i only mentioned it, you guys went on about it, infact YOURE STILL GOING ON ABOUT IT

No. 229729

You're lying, we dont believe it anymore, your talking shit about what happened tp you, you sick vile peice of shit

No. 229730

No. 229727

Says other people are the ones holding grudges

Is the one with obvious grudge hateboners for Kay, Karli and Hollie, despite none of them having contact with you for months and who have all clearly moved on with their lives.

are you stupid or something, read the full fucking thread ok, there constantly mentioned above even when i never took a damn thing to do with them, when you say shit like, karli could av you son, yea, you and karli are full of shit, karli has never came near me, and never will. because she knows whats good for her, and im not it

No. 229731

your the only one going on about them, fuck off

No. 229733

Karli did approach you at such and several people seen it, and Karli has approached you and you always shit yourself, dont think your immune to her

No. 229734

>> 229729

you dont know anything though, really you dont, dont sit and tell me im lieng when you just want another person to sit and talk shit about, the trail in 2007 found the guy guilty of grooming on multiple girls. not just me, nice

No. 229735

If she knows ways good for her?
Oh look another threat, after saying you havnt threatened her.
Well done

No. 229737


Karli did approach you at such and several people seen it, and Karli has approached you and you always shit yourself, dont think your immune to her

NO she fucking didnt lol. auchy was a great weekend for me, nobody gave me shit. i had beks and david as witnesses! Stop making crap up to make your mate look big, she never came near

No. 229738

Lies, all lies , you obviously watched too much Jerry springier and had victim complex. What a sick bitch lying about something so traumatic

No. 229739

But Beks and David all told me that, its true that Karli did approach you?
So, your witnesses say otherwise

No. 229740

ask yourself this, why would i deny it, if she did threten me, i would have told swecurity, i would use it even now. why would i deny it. what would i gain. its not like im scared of this stupid bitch. its really not. everytime she talks to me i answer her, thats not what a fearty does mate

No. 229741

Its obvious you're scared of Karli, everyone knows it.

No. 229743

You answer her yet you always block her when you cant handle her putting you in your place, boohoo

No. 229744

>> 229739

Dont belive you, so show some pictures

And then EVEN IF right, HYPOTHETICALLY TALKING she did talk to me, if beks and david were around, they wouldnt have et her be agressive or threten me, theyd have stepped in. so again. karli didnt threten me. youre lieng

No. 229746

Everyone knows your a liar about it now, sick twisted individual.

No. 229747

Well actually they both said YOU approached her , twice, once inside when she and her friends were getting their badges, and again outside when they had a cigarette, and she wasnt aggressive, so yeah, more lies

No. 229748

No. 229741

Its obvious you're scared of Karli, everyone knows it.
Anonymous 01/08/17 (Sun) 04:15:38 PM No. 229743

You answer her yet you always block her when you cant handle her putting you in your place, boohoo

heh, honestly, send the stupid bitch to my table at raicon, or to see me at mcm. shes had so many opertunities and she did nothing. im far from scared of a dumb bimbo with no mental inteligence. really. i could have her in a shouting match any day. she cant even defend half of the shit shes done, in person where she cant side step out of it, i would go through and destory her .

No. 229750

Actually, they wouldn't have, I know this because im close to them both, they knew Karli before you and know what shes like, so they would have actually took her side over yours………

No. 229752

Kay and Karli were brought up in passing comment, and you went ape on it because they were named

But you brought Hollie up all on your own. No one else did.

No. 229753


Everyone knows your a liar about it now, sick twisted individual.
Anonymous 01/08/17 (Sun) 04:17:42 PM No. 229747

go drink some bleach anon, im not arguing a this with a fool

Well actually they both said YOU approached her , twice, once inside when she and her friends were getting their badges, and again outside when they had a cigarette, and she wasnt aggressive, so yeah, more lies

At auchy, a girl gave me a cheeky Hello sindy when i said hi to who i thought was chris, and i asumed that was karli, i took it and left, and i that wa who i has thought karli was because only she would. nobody else bothered me the whole weekend. its not that im lieng i literally thought thatw as her

karli tried to say she aw me when she was smoking, ut i barley ent outside, and i hate smoke, so i wouldnt have went near anybody smoking. nothing happened.

No. 229754

Sending her this.
Also, she has approached you several times, like at deecon when you got Rachael's mum to protect you (pathetic) so she has, thats more lies from you, and shes far from dumb, if you knew her you would know that.

A shouting match? Honey, she wouldn't stoop to your level because thats ugly and childish, she would just put you in your place and be done with it.

You really are obsessed with her and want her attention dont you?

No. 229755

But this is coming from the two people you claim would defend you, but they openly said that your wrong, so thats that done we know your lying there again

No. 229756

She cant defend anything shes done? Like what exactly? Cause she hasn't done anything she needs to defend herself over.
And in person, shes much more of an issue, so choose where you want to take her on wisely.

No. 229757

Another threat there, oh wow so much for not threatening her

No. 229758

These three girls aren't even active in the cosplay community for what I can see. Shouldn't you go back to hating on actually active individuals? you need to stay relevant somehow Sindy

No. 229759

>>229754 the only person who approached me was shannon, and she was nice to me. i quote her sying. i dont understand this srama its stupid, you seam like a nice girl really. and if this is you shah, deny that. but then why be my friend on facebook for 3 years.

i didnt get or even ask hibaris mom to step in, but iw as greatful anyway. again. no shit went down at tht deecon either. stop making shit up

No. 229760

So much for being banned from lolcow lol it's just an endless stream of lies as per usual

No. 229761

File: 1483892808782.jpg (20.93 KB, 600x315, 92678e99776c774b56c996cce46052…)

No. 229762

Kay rarely cosplays, and only goes to certain meets and conventions.
Hollie as far as im aware doesnt even go to cons anymore
And Karli only goes to conventions because she works a lot and has said she cant be bothered with meets, so none are overly active, Karli I would say is most active, but even then, only updates her cosplay stuff when shes attending a convention.
I wish she did more , she cosplays a lot of characters from fandoms I like and looks amazing

No. 229763

beks was not with me when i got my badge, she arrived 4 hours later, so thats utterly false.

and when they were outside, they were getting shoots, not concentrating on the door. so they cant provide a single valid statement, your lieng about them saying this.

No. 229764



Fucking kek

Rachel is an edgy little neo nazi who lives on 4chan, she literally befriended you for the fucking lulz

Caitlin seems to have wisened up and is keeping herself locked away in a pie factory away from the drama this time at least

Sooo aside from her, who actually is your friend, Sindy?

No. 229765

But you did though, and stop making shit up about Karli , Kay and Hollie thinking no one will point out your contradictions

No. 229766

Considering they said themselvs , okay sindy, cause your logic is correct over the actual people who gave statements

No. 229767

I think it's hilarious because none of these girls have even done anything to Sindy whereas people who have actually went out of their way to start fights she totally dismisses

No. 229768

No. 229764



Fucking kek

Rachel is an edgy little neo nazi who lives on 4chan, she literally befriended you for the fucking lulz
( she seamed nice enough to me, but maybe thats cause i wasnt a bitch like you)
Caitlin seems to have wisened up and is keeping herself locked away in a pie factory away from the drama this time at least ( she still likes my posts and comments, and follows my art on the artist groups, we were speaking last night)

Sooo aside from her, who actually is your friend, Sindy?

i have a lot of friends but none who would join in thisn kind of immature bs. fighting your shitty mates battles doesnt make you a friend. it makes you a dead weight. caitlin realized that and did the right theing

No. 229771

No. 229767

I think it's hilarious because none of these girls have even done anything to Sindy whereas people who have actually went out of their way to start fights she totally dismisses

the only people who have ever gone out of their was were holly kay and karli.

and ofcourse you lot. but even kay and hollie keep thier traps shut around me. they aint as stupid as they think they are

No. 229772

Karli even tried to help her and be her friend and get her more liked in the community. She's such a bad person isn't she.

No. 229774

But none of them did though, they havnt posted here, and Kay has pulled you up, so more lies.
And are you implying Karli is the only one ~brave~ enough ? Please.

No. 229775

No. 229772

Karli even tried to help her and be her friend and get her more liked in the community. She's such a bad person isn't she.

karli did nothing for me but lie and bleed anything she could from me. i saw thought it and deleted her.

No. 229778

And Karli actually went out her way to tell people to let it die because you're not worth it, to let you stew. So she went out her way to help YOU again.

No. 229779

Well thats a lie. She tried to help you after your comment about being abused and then you put all her personal stuff up after she tried to help you, so no, you fucked her over .

No. 229780

No. 229774

But none of them did though, they havnt posted here, and Kay has pulled you up, so more lies.
And are you implying Karli is the only one ~brave~ enough ? Please.

kay only pulled me up on facebook after i caught that it was her shitty spread sheet. if anything she was defending ehr sorry ass.

if by, say i dont like you the end, you class that as pull up, then god, forgive me if i didnt feel all that showed up

No. 229781

How can she bleed you when you were literally nothing to her, and that was just her being nice and giving you a chance, which you threw back in her face.

No. 229782

No. 229779

Well thats a lie. She tried to help you after your comment about being abused and then you put all her personal stuff up after she tried to help you, so no, you fucked her over

no thats actually a liel. i only said we went through the same thing. her mates kept pulling it on and on dragging her down. like i said. you are the problem. not me. i feel bad for all your friends

No. 229783

We seen her at deecon in person pull you up, so?

No. 229784

Considering you made the comment that made people aware she was abused, and laurel and Sophie coming onto the status asking you to delete the comment because that was her personal business ? Or do we need to bring that evidence back?

No. 229787

No. 229781

How can she bleed you when you were literally nothing to her, and that was just her being nice and giving you a chance, which you threw back in her face.

because shes nuts, she tried to bleed stup about my court case and ex boyfriend off me, only to connfuse the two entirley thinking i said my ex raped and abused me.

No. 229789

You blocked Kay after argument number 5, and it only got to that because you kept posting about her on Facebook. Heck she only started posting on the original thread under her name after you blocked her, christ.

No. 229790

I asked her for the convo between you two, I see it now, and thats lies. I asked if I can post it, and she asked me not to, because as much a cunt you are, she still believes thats a private thing and even though you did it to her, she wont do it to you.

No. 229791

Shes not thought because your obsessing over her? She didnt even know your ex.And shes never made a comment about any of that actually, shes always kept what you two spoke about private.

No. 229792

god how sad is it you have a full livberary of for when you might wanna talk shit about sindy

and i mean, sure bring it up. but make sure you show the entire chat, not snippets. but dont think your doing laurel a favour. shes fucking over this. but your such good friends, right?

No. 229793

Kay never hid the fact the spreadsheet was hers. Heck she posted it publicly instead of friends only so it wasn't "hidden" and so you wouldn't chimp out the way you did over Carolyn status about you, when you used Caitlins account to comment because you couldn't.

No. 229794

I mean you posted a status last year saying you would fuck them and found them attractive (in a list of numerous other females too) soooo are you just blue balled and mad because they wouldn't look at you if you were the last human on earth or?

Oh and do please continue to shit talk david but then protest that he's such a good friend and boohoo he was soooo in love with you

No. 229795

>>No. 229791

did she fuck, bitch put those messages all over he feed, and sent them to every sad bastard needing the attention off her

No. 229796

No. 229794

I mean you posted a status last year saying you would fuck them and found them attractive (in a list of numerous other females too) soooo are you just blue balled and mad because they wouldn't look at you if you were the last human on earth or?

that status wasnt about david it was about connor, and it was easrly 2014

No. 229798

I mean there are multiple people who said she asked David out and he rejected her. But hey, according to Sibdy she did no such thing? Wonder what the man himself would say…

No. 229799

and i wouldnt FUCK anybody. love making is fucking sacred. dont shit on it like everything else in your life

No. 229801

She should just out her, I think you should just post the convo.
Im sure Karli would understand

No. 229802

No. 229798

I mean there are multiple people who said she asked David out and he rejected her. But hey, according to Sibdy she did no such thing? Wonder what the man himself would say…

yea because david would tell people that

err wrong. i have never asked him out, tlel you what, want me to message him asking if he remembers when i asked him out, and post it here. ? yea, show him how much of a good mate you are

like i said. i tried to like david, i tried to fansie him. but i didnt have it within me. i wanted to want him. because i new he liked me. but I JUST DONT FIND HIM SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE. sorry.

No. 229803

So is Karli hollie and Kay yet your still dragging them into this

No. 229804

what part of, thier mentioned above , dont you get you twat


No. 229805

She didnt actually, she never has.
Who told you that? Because thats just plain out lies, Karli kept that agreement she made with you and took it seriously because shes a good person like that.

No. 229806

Having sex isn't sacred you absolute mong. Virginity isn't a big deal and it's down to a patriarchal society that women apparently lose value if they have sex. Guess what? Sex is totally normal and shouldn't be stigmatised by scum like you.

No. 229808

So the Connor salt comes from him rejecting you? Sad

No. 229809

Sure go for it, we await his response

No. 229810

And what part of they were mentioned in passing did you not understand. Neither of them posted that shit, other people did. And you're the one who keeps on going on about them. You even name dropped them when you got rejected from DeeCon with absolutely no proof they had anything to do with it

No. 229811

No. 229806

Having sex isn't sacred you absolute mong. Virginity isn't a big deal and it's down to a patriarchal society that women apparently lose value if they have sex. Guess what? Sex is totally normal and shouldn't be stigmatised by scum like you.

maybe not to a filthy pig like you that has never had sex with somebody who actual loves her. but for me sex is not a dirty fucking deed. it should never be. sort yourself out

No. 229812

Just because they're mentioned above doesn't mean they're actively engaging in any of this petty shite. You are the only one going out of your way to continuously harass and hate monger these girls. If you're so annoyed about posts being made on this thread, clear out your friendlist of people you don't actually know and privatise your account.

No. 229813

This is really sad, how desperate are you? This literally is the playground mentality of "im a girl people need to fancy me"
Get a grip, what age even are you? Do you not understand how adult relationships work? clearly

No. 229814

Sex doesn't need to be about love. Stop watching shitty anime and grow up.

Also I'm engaged and have sex with my fiance soooo obviously we don't love each other. Marriage is null and void unless you're a virgin and in a crap anime trope guys

No. 229815

Actually its not, what age are you trying to live in?
No one loves you either, its why your ex ran away and went with another girl as quick as he could, because you wernt good enough

No. 229816

Same, married for 4 years now, with kids, and still very happy. Clearly we dont love each other

No. 229817

No. 229813

This is really sad, how desperate are you? This literally is the playground mentality of "im a girl people need to fancy me"
Get a grip, what age even are you? Do you not understand how adult relationships work? clearly


i said i felt bad iw asnt into david, and tried to settle for him. but in the end as i wasnt attracted to him. i didnt want to go for something lesser than what i wanted. its a sexual partner not a tennis racket

No. 229818

No. 229815

Actually its not, what age are you trying to live in?
No one loves you either, its why your ex ran away and went with another girl as quick as he could, because you wernt good enough

he made sure he got his fill of me though, wrong. i kicked the dirty little sob out after i found out hed been whoring himself out with my apparent BEST FRIEND. i got shot of them both, know why, hes a dirty little scumbag. lucky he didnt fucking give me something

No. 229819

You tried to force yourself to like someone so you could be in a relationship with them? How fucking sad

No. 229820

M No. 229819

You tried to force yourself to like someone so you could be in a relationship with them? How fucking sad

i tried to make myself like him back as i felt genuinly bad for him. but in the end i could no. what youve never felt bad about not requiting somebody love. were not all asshole heart breakers

No. 229821

Good on him, you deserve that, and yeah, he cheated because you were not good enough.

No. 229822

David is laughing over this, how sad is this girl……….

No. 229823

"Didn't give you something"

Implying stds
Implying sex

Ooooh sindy, thought you were a virgin though? Why you gotta play us like that

Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie

No. 229824

im still waiting for the emssages from beks and david that say they saw things happen from 2 rooms away

didnt know beks could see through 4 hours of distance, or that david could see through walls. full shit you are

Screencaps or gtfo

No. 229825

Well I can see David disowning her over this, this is cringe. Poor guy, bet hes feeling sick she wanted him

No. 229826

Except again, multiple people said he rejected you, so…

Just like the multiple people who remember you saying you were raped.

But of course, multiple sources are always wrong, right?

No. 229827

She lied about that, the abuse, all sorts.

No. 229828

No. 229823

"Didn't give you something"

Implying stds
Implying sex

Ooooh sindy, thought you were a virgin though? Why you gotta play us like that

Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie

he didnt put his dick in me. so he never broke me. biologically. i am a virgin as ive never been penitrated

emotionally. i stoped being a virgin at 12

No. 229829

So you're dragging people in again?

No. 229830

you've still not addressed my questions about your work vs. going to cons situation. i'm guessing because it's probably hard justifying being a workshy bitch?

No. 229831

Sindy has a law degree don't you remember? She can counter argue anything, including numerous sources of evidence, to fit her narrative and win the case. I'd hire her to represent me tbh

No. 229832

No. 229826

Except again, multiple people said he rejected you, so…

Just like the multiple people who remember you saying you were raped.

But of course, multiple sources are always wrong, right?

people lie and make shit up. again watch. ill ask david if he remembers this happening. you have only yourselfves to thank

No. 229834


What is your best dick sucking technique?

No. 229835

You cannot emotionally be a virgin.
What. The. Fuck.

So you DID lie about the abuse and rape.

No. 229836

No. 229831

Sindy has a law degree don't you remember? She can counter argue anything, including numerous sources of evidence, to fit her narrative and win the case. I'd hire her to represent me tbh

hey who was right about the work looking on social media shit here, oh yea.. me

No. 229837


Sindy confirmed to do anal boys

No. 229838

But we seen it. So we seen the proof

No. 229839

No. 229834


What is your best dick sucking technique?

the only sausages i suck are the hot and spicy peperamis. sorry. dont put me in your filthy book. id rather not get oral cancer

No. 229840

Oral cancer.

No. 229841

What a retard

No. 229843

PM No. 229838

But we seen it. So we seen the proof

So david is a liar. youre pathetic. leave the poor guy alone. if he still likes me. i feel genuinly bad for him. as now hell know he has no chance with me. youre all awefull people

No. 229844

I don't even like David, but I know the guy honestly can't be that desperate to want to put his dick in the gaping sewage works that is your cunt

No. 229845

No. 229840

thier is an established link you realize

No. 229846

No, you're the liar, and yeah, he is, leave him alone you creepy stalker

No. 229848

No. 229844

I don't even like David, but I know the guy honestly can't be that desperate to want to put his dick in the gaping sewage works that is your cunt

if you dont like him fuck off and stop talking shit about him.
and yea cause id just let people do that me. you may have grown up on the crazy farm being treated like a pig. but i wasnt xx

No. 229849

He never wanted you in the first place ? So yeah, he will be glad you're done with this obsession with him……. God you're sick…….

No. 229850

considering you used to say your mother abused you , sure

No. 229851

maybe ill ask david in public at the next seoul rish then, would you like that

No. 229852


no i didnt. nice try. i said she was an alcohil when she was younger. if i even said that. wheres the proof faggot

No. 229853


Uh, arguably it's better he finds out he has no chance with you, rather than you leading him on into thinking he does?
You saying that makes you sound like a manipulative bitch who can't get over the fact he rejected you

No. 229854

Sure then we can all see him put you in your place where you cant deny what happens after.

No. 229855

Its cringy as fuck, I feel sorry for him having her lurk like that…….

No. 229856

Hours of thrusting like this would leave any girl's vertical garden looking like a clown's pocket, and I was no different! By now, my fuck gutter was weeping like a slavering dog. I can't wait to consume the Da Vinci load from his greasy kebab skewer. Some girls are happy just to audition the finger puppets when they're alone, but I can't get off without having a number of chillies in my slime hole and a squash up my chocolate starfish. He munched on my hairy goblet, even though I'd had the painters in for the best part of a week.

No. 229857

No you also said she used to abuse you , there was screen shots on prev thread

No. 229858

This is actually better than what you normally write, and more artistic than your non traced art.

No. 229859

tell you wat. this is fucking stupid now.

stop draginng people into shit.
beks and david have never said i went up to karli. and ehres hoping they never get called as witnesses because of you idiots.
david was never asked out by me. and he has never diened this

as for all this shit i apparently said or done. some shots some proof. im upping my facebooks sexurity now, so youll have to scurry back to your little holes.

dont bother adding me cause ill know. killing thos off now because its just fucking boaring at stupid

Havent cosplayed - so you cant rip at that
posting base artowkr - so you cant rip at theft

honestly. you have nothing. admins should just move to this thread to manure. sit and threten me with karli and kay for the rest of your lives. they day they ditch your ass is the day ill respect them as people.

im out

No. 229860

Sad days when a shit post is better than anything you've previously written

No. 229861

The seemingly never-ending streams of cock snot emanating from his chorizo howitzer soon had me coated like a plasterer's radio. The feeling of his steamin' semen sliming down my throat got my beige slime flowing quicker than snot off a whip. I can't wait to devour the baby gravy from his purple beaver buster. Now, I've seen more helmets than Hitler, but the sight of his cunt plunger made my sex wee leach like someone had poured fairy liquid into Niagara Falls. When he removed his womb raider from my marmite motorway, he was pleasantly surprised to see a Mr. Hanky staring back as him. He knew I couldn't wait to chow down on the stink pickle off his batter blaster.

No. 229862

k bye then

No. 229863

You still going on? Keep saying what you want we dont care , we know the truth

No. 229865

i feel pity that you actually sat and wrote that anon

10 stars on looking like a retard.

to confirm for the record. sindy is leaving the thread now. buh bye

No. 229866

How many bets are being placed that she will comment in a few days time or make FB posts? Because we all know you cant leave it, you always go back on what you say, have some backbone, oh no wait.
Muh scoliosis

No. 229867

With my furburger now much like a bucket of smashed crabs, he thought it was time to start stuffing my tradesman's entrance. Is now the time to tell him I really need to cut a Mr. Hanky, I wondered? By now, my ground zero grotto was flowing like a slavering dog. My throat was so full of greasy slimelight and cock custard, the creamy load was draining down my chin and onto my droopies. Within no time, I could feel the shitty Da Vinci load dripping from my other vagina and all over my flappy meal. With his pink tractor beam thrusting deep into my hot pocket, the sensation of his washington monument smashing my cervix made me quake like Muhammad Ali on a tumble dryer.

No. 229868

No. 229869

k bye then you said that a few posts back ,
be gone retard

No. 229870

Ill take this as an admission sindy is admitting she wants Davids cock

No. 229871


Wow you made fun of a disbility. thats more like it, keep it up and this thread might actually live up to the standars of the old 1

No. 229872

Thought you were leaving?
And you said slurs about disabilities earlier, so yeah.

No. 229873

Get your next shot ready, she'll be back in no time to try and school us into being wrong again

No. 229874

When he removed his clunger from my chocolate starfish, he was pleasantly surprised to see a corn-eyed butt snake staring back as him. He knew I couldn't wait to lap the corn-eyed butt snake off his veiny quim prod. The seemingly never-ending streams of gentleman's relish emanating from his bugger king soon had me coated like a plasterer's radio. There was love mayonnaise draining from his long-dong silver and I was wetter than a spastic's chin. We were ready for more. After having my wunder down under pounded, he then proceeded to plow my fudge factory. The slamming of my rusty bullet hole was so vigorous, he soon found his hairy walnuts joining his stilton spear deep in my brown mile.

No. 229875

muh scoliosis

No. 229876

She said shes leaving yet immediately posts again.
Have some self respect for what you said

No. 229877

Not even 5 minutes.

No. 229878

Fuck it, I'm downing the bottle on that one

No. 229879

The unrelenting orgasms from his womb ferret fucking my moose knuckle made me come so hard, I began sweating like a blind lesbian in a fish shop. With my open-faced ham sandwich now much like a bulldog licking piss from a thistle, he thought it was time to start plunging my turd cutterr

No. 229880


Oh look, "a spastics chin"
You can't say anything about anyone using your disability as an insult

No. 229881

Still posting.
Sindy is leaving the thread , yeah? What a pathetic weak person who cant even stick to what she said not even 5 minutes prior.

No. 229882

Love that shes making herself out to be psycho.
You guys don't need to do anything , she does it all herself

No. 229883

File: 1483896238159.png (92.48 KB, 955x957, b607c53f.png)

No. 229884

The fucking of my balloon knot was so vigorous, David soon found his man berries joining his bald-headed yogurt slinger deep in my black hole. He munched on my flappy meal

No. 229885

this is 10,000 times worse than my immortal
0/10 would not read again

No. 229886

Yeah, I feel bad for David.
Shes mental, thank god he rejected her.
Is this what the ex cheated on her for? Just being a complete unhinged mess that drives everyone away from her? Wow. What a life to live. Even the homeless junkies have more friends than her

No. 229887

Stop lying, my writing is much better than anything you can do

No. 229888

Leaving my panties sunny side up on the floor was the least of my worries as his turgid terror truncheon plunged deeper into my chocolate starfish. If I don't audition the finger puppets to get my minge monsoon draining from my pink velvet sausage wallet, his eight inches of throbbing pink jesus is going to leave my spam castanets resembling a stuntman's knee. There was baby gravy leaching from his cunt plunger and I was wetter than an English summer.

No. 229889

Holy shit this thread

No. 229890

leaving the thread yeah? Okay then, more lies

No. 229891

My life is anything better than you could do

No. 229892

No. 229893

Damn son

No. 229894

No 229891

You take that back

No. 229895


No. 229897

to be fair it isnt hard to be better than sindy or her "creations"

No. 229901

No 29886
David wishes he could have me, your all jealous that he wanted me over you whales

No. 229902

Oh hey what did I mi-

Nvm I'll come back later

No. 229904

David is a sweetheart and everyone wants him to be happy and have thes best he can get in life.
you my dear are far from the best.

No. 229905

But the thing is;
David never wanted you, so he obviously didn't want a dirty looking coke gremlin as his girlfriend , he has standards which you don't meet.

No. 229908

Sindy, sort your grammar out.

No. 229909

I wish you'd just go die in a hole, you stupid cunt. You don't have any friends, only trolls who get entertained when they read your shit. Remember that time you said you were gonna quit cosplay and here you are making up more trashy cosplans and slut shaming professional cosplayers who, unlike you actually have tits.
Go to hell, you fucking pedo sympathiser.

No. 229910

I think we all wish she would just crawl in a hole and die.

No. 229915

File: 1483899382308.png (131.39 KB, 640x1016, IMG_4310.PNG)

Dont fall for it David.
Anyone wanna show him what shes said here about him?

No. 229919

Would certainly be interesting to see.

No. 229925

David is a cuck who has to be friends with everyone and ass pats even the shittiest of people, as proven by thiscreenshot

No. 229931

he really isn't. he is just a nice person with a kind heart.

No. 229932

Nah, kinda feel thats true unless he hasn't seen this?

No. 229936

David tends to stay out of drama/conflict. he is nice to everyone no matter what and tries to be friendly to everyone.
i really doubt he would come here as he was one of the people telling sindy to leave this alone.

No. 229940

someone please send screenshots, she deserves it

No. 229941


she could just deny she ever posted here, there's an anon here clearly talking shit pretending to be her, so it could be believable that she wasnt posting any of this

No. 229942

Anyone wanna show him what shes said here about him?

Unless you anonymously tell him, sindy will just ask who showed it to him, get names and start a huge facebook row. then block that person. If you want milk from her, getting her to block you is far from clever

No. 229948

No. 228568

this is really cringy, and the information is accurate

Working a table for 4 hours 1ce a year sadly isnt an income.
sindy said she recieves income support allowane. not disability benifits. and you can travel on esa. and as her tables only cost 40 at a time. she doesnt make enough back from tem to call it income.

also saying the whole, she travels are scotland selling traced artowrk, yea i think you just blew that for yourselves.
i really hope you werent stupid enough to use your real names, cause she could persue a police investigation about that.

however dwp probabbly wont do anything. you have to prove the person is at tables more than 1ce a year, and that she does travel all around scotland, which she actually doesnt. she only goes 40 minutes away to glasgow for cons (which is allowed) and she only deals at stalls in deecon once a year. shes not a constant selling artist.

seriously up your fucking game anon

No. 229956

Every time drama happens he HAS to make a status making it all about himself and being as pretentious as possible while trying to mask it under I'm just so nice hehe' which all the weebs believe. Every time someone posts their own status talking about their concerns about whatever, he HAS to comment and make it about himself because 'poor wee David the cosplay messiah'

He's honestly cringey as fuck and gives off an extremely creepy vibe to anyone who doesn't glorify cosplayers

No. 229961

If only. But the posts she made are obvious. Bad spelling and grammar, insisting certain things and knowing certain things.

No one cares enough to fake her awful spelling, it hurts just looking at it.

No. 229962

Hi sindy

No. 229966

Welcome back Sindy.

No. 229970

You lasted like half an hour before shitposting again, congrats!

Also to correct you, any money you earn no matter how irregular must be reported to the job centre. And claiming esa because your anxiety is so bad but sitting around shitposting and harassing people all day is okay? Maybe you wouldn't have anxiety if you left people alone so you wouldn't be feeling so anxious that you can't work. Most likely you just sat there bawling about how terrible your life is and they put you on it so no poor employer had to put up with your cringefest.

No. 229972

Directed at Sindy

No. 229973

Also Sindy, sure the small artists alleys you attend are in Glasgow, but DeeCon isn't. So, fuck up there. It's like, an hour extra by train.

No. 229974

Who tf says '1ce'

Your entire existence is cancer

No. 230023

I wanna see somebody make a thread about her lapdog

No. 230029

They dont act for names dipshit

No. 230030

Or could make an anymyous account, add him and show him.

No. 230056


so you're gona make a fake account, message david and tell him, sindy isnt into him? are you gona tell him that people have been spreading rhumours about who asked him out, or that hes apparently just in it for the fb likes.

gl anon

No. 230084

So much for leaving the thread. Flaky much?

No. 230088


i dont have to answer to you? im not on trail for personaly of the year
2016 addition.

if iw anna check, corct and reply i will.
im not the sad peice of shit making these threads and posting every aspect of my life on them, even bitching about my nails and jammies

thats fucking flakey fam

No. 230132

Translation: I em a sud pece uf shut dat kan't spel fuh shite

Learn some Loomis and stop tracing, Sindy ❤

No. 230158

Nah were gonna show him what you actually said about him and how you made him out to be.

Scared? Should be, he wont anything to do with you afterwards

No. 230182

>>Whatever happened to Sindy asking him herself if he remembered her asking him out? Oh wait what's that it didn't happen? Typical flaky Sindy.

No. 230184

Sindy, stop trying to make fam happen. It's not going to happen.

No. 230204

File: 1483928761058.png (31.13 KB, 421x569, Untitled.png)

Oy vey

No. 230212

so she just admitted to causing trouble, begging admins to let her back in and taking her "panties" off

No. 230305

I'd just like to say that I'm the first anon that reported Sindy, I dont know her, it's just a personal peeve of mine when someone is clearly taking the piss out of taxpayers money. In my report I didn't mention anything about tracing artwork or anything like that, I stated that I was concerned that she is falsely claiming benefits, saying that she is incapable of working all the while she has been travelling across the country to different conventions where she is able to stand/sit for hours at a time in a crowded room selling artwork. I linked them to various profiles of Sindys, and highlighted various times she's bragged about not working, how often she travels, how she is able to go out shopping with friends etc. I also pointed out that there are several jobs less demanding than what she does as a hobby that she could be doing instead of claiming esa. My report didn't go into depth about how little or how much money she was making, simply that if she was able to sit for that amount of time selling things, then surely it would be far more productive of her doing 16 hours spread over a week in an office or similar workplace

No. 230396

File: 1483970993080.png (137.67 KB, 640x1034, IMG_2348.PNG)

oh look lapdogs back

No. 230413


i wasnt awarded my claim on the grounds i was under house arrest, you are allowed to travel on esa, my mum is just back from greece and shes on it for her lung health.

going to a conventione for a day out doesnt mean you can hold a job down, iw as on jsa before i was esa and i had to quit because of the constant pain and hospital visits my ibs was and still IS causing me. i also had to leave because my anxiety was making it harder for me to apply for jobs. i do get anxious at cons and meets, im having a fucking panic attack right now? not cause of this, cause im just messed up with anxiety. im not going on pills that change my personality or thought path because the idea of not being in conrtoll of who i am terifys the living shit out of me. infact the only reason i have such bad anxiety is because my ibs drives me crazy worring it might be my appedix, or gallbladder. but you dont know or care about these things. you dont know my medical history, my constantly calling nhs 24 or going to dotors appointments, i dont tell people, because its not for them to know. its personal. like my esa. and i was NEVER NEVER awarded me claim on the bases i cant go for a day out


No. 230414


i was taking the proverbial piss out of them and myself. and doing a damn sight better job than any of your shitty photoshops ever could

No. 230416


all i said was i didnt fansie him?
i fail to see what i have done that warrents me not being spoken to again by him. youre so blinded by your jealousy is now sad. david and me arent BESTIES anyway. i dont actualy speak much with him. but honestly. at this stage in the game, nothing you say to david will push him away from me. its what i say to him. and as far as i checked. im not the 1 calling him the poor wee cosplay missiah

No. 230420

I should also point out that my unnaturally low blood pressure and meniers mean i get dizzy spells really easily i mean if i was working (in pain from my scoliosis siezing my back up) nd i had a dizzy attack, fell down smashed my head and passed out, idk about you. but nobody would go near that with a health and saftey risk book

im also currently being investigated for diabeties type 1 or 2 because of constant tierdness and dehydration, and another thyroid check is probabbly in order.

Welcome to the wornderful world of anxiety disorder people. its not fucking pretty. but you pushed and this is what happens.

No. 230422

oh and since you guys are travel genius's see if you can find a buss to macnhester and back for febuary 24th and 27th for elss than £20. cause its fucking chepeer to london than that shit

No. 230435

File: 1483982843720.png (184.77 KB, 1439x1135, 20170109_172620.png)

Btw if you go on Redspottedhanky.com and search Glasgow - Manchester Picadilly for those dates it should bring up a fairly reasonable train.. Not under £20 but <£30 at £13 each way+booking fee!
Faster and more comfortable than the bus for just a few quid more!

No. 230437

Oh wow some of the munchies on here have all these issues and more and can still work.

Plus, Sindy, pretty sure if you had type 1 diabetes, unless it was a very recent occurrence, you'd be dead by now because of lack of insulin. Similar issue with type 2 except you'd be quite ill, because of low insulin.

No. 230438

File: 1483983271053.jpg (453.85 KB, 1079x2173, 20170109_173257.jpg)

Also Megabus is currently £12 (i really like searching for travel deals…)

No. 230439

This sounds so creepy and possessive, thats fine ill take my chances telling him and showing him you made him out to be a sniveling little man

No. 230440

More lies yawn

No. 230442

How do we know that wasnt you? It might have been since you try to post anon and proved you say shit about people a anonymously

No. 230449

Sindy: legit question I am curious about. Why are you posting here?

No. 230501

File: 1483997254019.png (66.23 KB, 640x865, IMG_2353.PNG)

No. 230522

My favourite thing right now is the fact that's been trying to preach positivity yet has done nothing but talk shit about other cosplayers the past week

No. 230523

File: 1484000127224.png (26.07 KB, 450x414, Untitled.png)

So you go from sending RaiCon staff stuff that was said on the lolcow, and now you're bitching about them? Way to flip flop.

No. 230524

File: 1484000168772.jpg (179.35 KB, 770x433, shots_fired.jpg)

No. 230525

File: 1484000172360.png (11.12 KB, 450x114, Untitled.png)

Stop wasting money on shite you don't need then

No. 230526

Also lol at the account jumping and reinstating of the Popz account. Get banned from your original account again? Seems likely

No. 230527

File: 1484000320908.jpg (172.35 KB, 667x800, 235948.jpg)


Never mind travel btw, I found you a really great offer that you can't possibly say no to.

No. 230528

File: 1484000372606.png (10.54 KB, 448x145, Untitled.png)

[muffled laughter]

No. 230529

File: 1484000572443.png (16.95 KB, 448x140, Untitled.png)

"I'm in debt, but lemme just go to this other convention that I don't need to go to."

This is exactly why you're in debt, Sindy.

No. 230531

This is just extreme victim mentality right here, no one has ever said they want you dead, you stupid cunt.

She won't go at all. She's talked shit about MCM before and claimed she was never going again. Yet, she decided to go to Glasgow last time round with her terrible OC and cried about how no one noticed her.

No. 230532

Oh Sindy you moron.

Anyone can go to the doctor every other day or phone nhs24 with a new made up symptom/condition it doesn't make you entitled to esa. I know someone with severe scoliosis that works as a massage beauty therapist 5 days a week and she manages to get by just fine. You don't have anxiety, no one with anxiety would post the shit that you do. If you have ever felt anxious (there's a difference between feeling anxious and suffering from an anxiety disorder) then it's been brought on by your own stupidity. You can't provoke people in to an argument and then call anxiety. Type 1 diabetes - you'd know about it long before now if you had it, it develops during childhood, just because you're a man child doesn't make you a medical snowflake. Type 2 - you go to the pharmacy in the morning after doing an overnight fast and they'll test you there and then, it takes about 30 seconds, there's no long drawn out "investigation" honestly, do your research before you start spouting your shit. Also why are you even justifying your claim, if you're so sure you're not claiming falsely then try having a dignified silence about the matter and the benefits office will do their research and find there's no case to answer to. All this arguing and defensivness about it screams that even you yourself know you're fraudulently claiming. Either way the reports been sent so you'll just have to sit tight and wait for them to do their job.

No. 230539

Manchester people will rip her up, they know about her too

No. 230551

the thing she was bitching about was on a post in the raicon group
she got in trouble for posting table info that she heard from someone else

No. 230555

File: 1484003336033.png (52.47 KB, 492x621, bigbadraiconmeanies.png)


No. 230559

Has she been banned from the groups on all her profiles? But because if not, they why? All she has ever done is cause bother, anyone else would be chucked out immediately for making the same kind of comments. I don't see why she always gets a free pass when it comes to this sort of thing.

No. 230569

A few people got banned last time just for standing up to her after her posting her "muh defense they bulleng me 11!" on her telling autistic people to hang themselfs

No. 230589

File: 1484010044110.png (23.98 KB, 450x339, Untitled.png)

Got herself banned again? Let's see how long it takes her to worm back in. Or just respond to everything on Facebook and provide more milk regardless?

Also, lol, it's just as easy to email every AA event in the UK and warn them.

No. 230590

does this confirm her as the speger who was in /pt/ earlier?

No. 230598


No. 230599

Honestly, she could just be lying about getting banned so she doesn't have to face it head on. I wouldn't put it past her, at the very least

No. 230606

thats a lot of cons mate

legit tho, sindy is pretty unknown to most events, so they will just ingore that claim.

And then what if she doesnt call her chindy pop. how are you gona stop somebody getting in whodoesnt use the name they are warning about.

No. 230608

what happened in pt?

No. 230609


Her real name is known to us though? She even posted it along with her address telling people to come fight her at her house.

No. 230621

>Welcome to the wornderful world of anxiety disorder people. its not fucking pretty.
What does blood pressure issues and 'beetus have to do with anxiety disorders …..? I'm still confused.
Maybe I am a bit jealous since my own anxiety puts me on a bit of "house arrest" too outside of the 9-5 that pays the bills. Must be nice to not be afraid of going out and doing fun stuff.

Thank you based anon. I'm having trouble properly articulating my thoughts on the matter because yeah, I mad, but you just hit it right on the head.

In fairness, she's got no skills whatsoever.
Taking education seriously so you can gain a skill and sit at a desk all day and not interact with strangers really helps a lot.

No. 230762

I feel like everyone wants to know this.
But yes, what happened in pt?

No. 230772


You might not have been awarded a claim under the terms of house arrest, but if you really had bad enough anxiety to the point where you couldn't work, you'd be putting yourself under house arrest because of the anxiety. Not going to conventions alone or making shopping trips to Glasgow alone, or eating in a restaurant alone. No way.

I mean, IBS is an easy fix, take the right meds for it. IBS is also not really a good enough reason not to be working.

Anxiety pills don't change your personality or thought path you dumb cow. You're refusing treatment for something because it scares you? Try receiving treatment for something where one of the potential side effects of the meds is live failure. That's more terrifying than what little anti anxiety meds actually do.

As for IBS being to do with gallbladder or appendix, sure, whilst there are shared symptoms of IBS and appendicitis, I'm pretty sure you'd know, and your doctor would know, if it was the latter. IBS is also bowels, so intestines (mainly large) and colon, not gallbladder.

Low blood pressure and me ores causing dizzy spells sure, but the pretence you're using is that all jobs require you to be standing up, lifting heavy things, moving around. Which isn't the case - there are plenty of desk jobs, and jobs where you don't need to do those things, like working in a call centre. And actually, employers would go near it, because it'd be discrimination not to.

Another anon has already gone over the diabetes thing, you'd know if it was type 1 already, and it takes a day or so to get tested and then wait for the results. Your tiredness and dehydration is probably a Vitamin D deficiency, nothing more.

You also clearly don't have thyroid issues because if yours was underactive, you'd be putting on weight constantly, and if it was overactive, you'd be constantly losing weight. None of the normal fluctuating weight that you have documented yourself as having.

None of these potential issues have anything to do with an anxiety disorder, I have one myself and know that much. It seems more like you're trying to use all this medical jargon to garner sympathy, but unfortunately for you, some of us are medically trained and know better than to believe the lies you're spouting.

But oh well, so much for that "good medical knowledge" you claimed to have when you were berating that trans guy. Because it's evident you have none, and that was just an excuse to be transphobic.

Fuck off, Sindy

No. 230774

take benadryl, you retarded fuck. it'll help your anxiety.

No. 230779

Samefagging, but to clarify.

The line between personality and "disorder" is a slightly blurry one. So when I say anxiety meds don't change your personality, they obviously affect it in terms of, you're less anxious, less shy, more bubbly and open even. But they don't change you from insufferable cow to person of the year. And you're very much still in control. If you're worried about your personality changing, you tell your doctor, and family, and friends, and they will tell you if they notice a change, since it would be easier for them to tell than for you. And if you feel yourself changing, or don't like the potential changes family or friends mention they see, you can come off that certain line of meds and try a different one, rinse, repeat.

If your apparent anxiety is so bad that you can't work, then it is at a level where you NEED to be on meds. And if you need to be on meds, then you need to be on them. No monetary excuse either, since prescriptions in Scotland are free.

No. 230780

File: 1484058524378.png (352.95 KB, 447x568, Untitled.png)

RIP my eyes

No. 230781

she looks like a fucking quality street.

No. 230782

Put a bra on, Sindy. The saggy granny tits you can see through the dress are gross

No. 230785

Post of the year material right there!

10/10 anon!

No. 230789

Harps on about how she hates nen looking at her like a sexual object
But posts photos like that anyway

There was no reason to hike the skirt up, and even less reason to take a photo of it.

No. 230794

It looks like shiny wrapping paper

Did she ever say why she doesn't wear makeup? I mean, at least try to salvage somehow that face instead of letting yourself go like this

No. 230804

File: 1484062728269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.29 KB, 833x1025, merenptah-face-processed.jpg)

why does she look mummified?

No. 230808

In the second photo…… where are her tits???? Shes pulled the dress down for more "cleaveage" but now it makes it painfully obvious shes as flat as a fried egg

No. 230810

File: 1484063470670.png (103.38 KB, 640x850, IMG_2354.PNG)

Now that you mention it…… It looks caved in?

No. 230811

There's no tits and just looks like her ribcage? Ew

No. 230812

File: 1484063637148.png (155.15 KB, 640x919, IMG_2355.PNG)

So much for not cosplaying…. Also, there's 2 league cosplays in there, ahri the generic weeaboo fox girl, and Rengar in scantily clad armour and is also a cat…….. Okay. So much for not liking league aswell.

No. 230816

I just laughed so hard I think I busted a kidney. Can someone pretty please make this post into a banner?

No. 230847

Is that in her living room???

No. 230849

Why are her tits so saggy if shes so skinny? Only anorexics tits sag like that

No. 230851

I imagine her tits to look like a half melted bath bomb.

No. 230852

Probably because she either doesn't wear a bra, or when she does, the bra doesn't fit her properly. Which has been show in previous threads

No. 230855

Just look at her face, she lost the genetic lottery big time

No. 230857

File: 1484070160202.png (321.94 KB, 452x561, Untitled.png)

It got worse

No. 230860

File: 1484070578121.jpg (38.23 KB, 480x640, 15940667_370020886723847_81265…)


The bottom one enlarged.
It just looks so wrong…like the "bodice" starts where most normal breasts have nipples or are ending in general…

No. 230886

File: 1484075773363.png (11.1 KB, 451x162, Untitled.png)

No. 230887

I used to love the coconut eclairs but this has put me right off

No. 230888

Two WoW cosplays yet she's never touched the game. Granted, one is a HotS design, but she claims to hate mobas so much that she likely hasn't played that either. I bet she has no idea who half these characters fucking are. You can so tell she's just desperate for attention instead of actually giving a fuck about the characters.

No. 230901

File: 1484076956958.png (490.29 KB, 434x434, delicious.png)

No. 230902

that actually looks better than the original

No. 230904

That's just……. disgusting. The fabric, the cut, the lack of structure ………..

No. 230907

So much for being banned

She just has no spine (kek) and can't defend herself when evidence is slapped in her face time and time again

No. 230911

Honestly it looks like she isn't wearing underwear in these pictures. Which might explain the camel toe in the bigger one…

No. 230971


No. 230972

Actually yeah, for such a skinny little runt she does have a fupa, thats nasty ewwww , usually skinny women only have fupas like that if theyre abusing their vags , and thats sick

No. 230973

Ohhhhhhhh my goooooooooddddd thats fucking nasty

No. 230975

Thats made me feel sick.
Thanks anon for pointing that out. My dinner thanks you.

No. 230985

Skinny women only have fupas if… what? Is r/incels leaking?

No. 230986

retard detected

No. 231003

File: 1484089842069.png (9.86 KB, 451x148, Untitled.png)

I fail to see where anyone in the thread called her a slut but OK?

No. 231004

File: 1484089912828.png (216.05 KB, 350x594, Untitled.png)

Looks like we struck a nerve mentioning her FUPA. But of course, instead of just ignoring it, she has to try to prove the fact she has one wrong

No. 231006

No. 231007

File: 1484090633735.png (52.78 KB, 406x406, Tumblr_inline_o4d5jg4Ola1qccrw…)

Her chin reminds me of a yaoi characters.

No. 231010

oh my god, Sindy…do you really live in a reality where you think we're jealous? holy shit lmao

No. 231028

I can't believe I'm saying this but after reading her most recent posts here I actually think I'm coming to like her… or understand her better?

I've even noticed most of the shit being said negatively in reply to her are people misunderstanding her?

And the other posts making mention of 'how can she really think we're jealous?' - I don't think she does. If you scroll up and actually read her garble, when she first mentions jealousy it's to mock an anon claiming she's jealous of someone. From there out all her mentions of jealousy have been reference to that: sarcasm to prove a point.

Don't get me wrong she has some flaws in her thought proccesses (ie. Thinking her being banned from a con is illegal or that it was a personal vendetta).. but when she posted about explaining enjoying arguing, admitting to tracing previously, how she was trying to improve in her own way, that humans do care about internet strangers collective opinion, etc, well, I for once saw some inkling of logic/intelligence in it. I… I actually think a lot of farmers posts here have been completely assinine in reply.

Sweet lord, help me.

No. 231036

If you knew her irl, you wouldn't feel that way at all. She's a professional victim, please don't fall for it anon lol

No. 231052

She looks so much like PeacockFeather here it's ridiculous. (Separated at birth?)

No. 231057

This is one thing I can never fully wrap my head around. Is it really just shit genetics she looks the way she does? She has the body type of margo with extra sag… It feels odd for there to be no real explination for this. Her appearance is so off…?

No. 231065

Ahat do you think it is anon

No. 231066


No. 231067

I'm curious anon, do you talk to her irl or do you just know her from her shit posts

No. 231069

I have a feeling several anons here besides myself do actually know her irl. Can vouch, she is a professional victim irl, has been for as long as I've known her. I even semi-sided with her at one point because I fell for the act, but boy was I proved wrong.

No. 231071

i need deets, what happened between you guys

No. 231076

File: 1484097973335.png (33.33 KB, 451x492, Untitled.png)

Oh but Sindy, everyone has given you multiple chances to change and improve, and yet here you still are.

Also, took long enough for you to admit your reselling of art was wrong. How long until you admit that art was actually traced and not just "redrawn". Because compared to the guy you're talking about, his redraws have flaws, and don't line up perfectly with the originals.

No. 231077

Honestly I don't even have a proper guess, which is why I'm so perplexed by it.

No. 231078

to be fair, some of sindys redraws are utter shit.

No. 231079

File: 1484098045594.png (12.23 KB, 448x158, Untitled.png)

Yeah, you did change - only not for the better. Your behaviour got worse, so much worse.

No. 231080

are you one of the guys shes talking about in her post kek

id love to know who the people shes talking about are because as far as i can see, sindy ties harder than anybeody else in the scene to be the best

No. 231082

Unfortunately providing deets would give me away, and since Sindy is still lurk-watching, I'd really rather my identity be revealed.
Let's just say we all gave her a few too many chances, and yet she only took that as a means to get worse.

No. 231084

Lol no, I don't see the point in trying to be the best. Cosplaying's just a bit of fun for me. But even at that, she was never friends with any of the people I saw as being "try hards". She tried to be, sure, but they didn't want her. And she's still salty about them to this day.

No. 231085

why do people give a shit if she knows who you are? like, hat is she even gona do? block you. oh boo fucking hoo

No. 231087

Sindy is a sperging retard, she constantly thretens people who talk shit about her, but once she knows, she just complains and blocks them after people stop giving a shit

No. 231088

sounds like you're salty about drama from the past anon. does she even look at your group anymore?

No. 231089

What group? Lol I'm not who you may assume me to be. I just hear a lot through the grapevine. But no, she is still salty about those people. Complains about them every time she complains about League.

No. 231090

you talking about Blake and Sara?

No. 231091

to be fair sara is a one trick pony, people only follow her cosplay page because she runs around like a delusional retard at conventions barley covered up, half her fans are middle aged guys fapping over her pictures. she thinks this great cosplayer

No. 231095

Not Blake, but yes Sarah. And the other League girls who rejected Sindy.

No. 231098

i dont recall her trying to crawll up anybody else the league community.

Sindy was mostly just trying to get off with blake all the time i was around her, was pretty hard to watch, i dont know if blake knew she fansied him or not. he should have told her to fuck off months before he eventually did

No. 231099

the league girls are fucking cringy as hell though. why the hell would anybody wanna go near them. sindy must have been pretty up herself to try and get in with their group

No. 231104

i kinda feel like bekumura should be up here, not because hes a bitch or anything, but just because of the way they go on, a year or so ago he had this wierd girl sending him hate mail because he couldnt take any critique on hiswigs.

I also hate the way he only posts about how annoying hes trying NOT to be on his facebook. it pisses me off alot

No. 231108

Well I mean, Sindy tried that, and tried to deny it was her, but as you can see, it backfired on her and this is the result.

But the difference between Blake and Sindy is, you can tell Blake your gripes about their behaviour, and for the most part, they take it well and to heart. Sindy, you tell her your gripes and you get shit thrown at you.
So, actually, there's less of a reason for Blake to be here, because OK they have faults, but at least they're trying to work on it. Whereas Sindy claims she is trying, but really isnt.

No. 231112

well sindy doesnt really invest herself in cosplaying as much as bekumura does. instead in her manga and art. and to be fair on her she has sttarted posting untraced artwork, or so we think it is, it mught be traced

No. 231113

Did anybody manage to find out if shes using bases

No. 231114

Are you kidding? Sindy's life revolves around cosplay.
If you don't attend meets, or go to conventions, or if you do but don't cosplay to them all the time, she thinks you should be shunned from the community.

No. 231120

cosplay is for autistic people anyway

No. 231123

idk. ive beenw atching sindys posts for a while. she doesnt talk about it that much anymore, i mean other memebers like david spend every last second going on and on and on about it. sindy only mentions it when shes buying/making one or thinking about buying/making one

No. 231124

>(ie. Thinking her being banned from a con is illegal or that it was a personal vendetta)
She wasn't even banned from the con is the worst part. She just wasn't allowed to sell her "artwork" at it. She's still allowed to go to the con, but is probably (hopefully) too salty to actually do so.

Is it a fupa? i thought it was just the dress being made of stiff cheap mylar.

I just don't get this mentality, but I guess it makes sense if you're perpetually unemployed and scrounging. Normal people, even most nerdy dweebs in cosplay groups, have jobs and friends and lives outside of cosplay and can't always make it to every meet. Shunning everyone who couldn't always be there would just weed it out to proverbial basement dwellers like Sin.

No. 231126

she said in a comment it was made of cheep pvc she bout. must have thought that would look good, kek

No. 231129

the only reason she isnt going to deecon is because she has no friends thier. everybody at it hates her. if she went she'd be totally alone. and i was watching her running around herself at coscon, which was sad enough

No. 231131


Smells like a chin lurking

No. 231142

Shh, let it think we haven't noticed.

No. 231213

File: 1484115154458.jpg (7.58 KB, 240x200, images-27.jpg)

No. 231339

kerr wont go because last year he got chucked out the afterparty for rubbing a girl's thigh under a table. not even the worst he's done imo.

No. 231350

Sindy will probabbly follow him to Edinburgh comic con

No. 231361


there was spam threads of some nude pic of an indian dude on /pt/. Don't really see why >>230590 thought it was her though.

No. 231405

I wish she would fucking stop, jfc it's so obvious.

This is awkward as fuck, I remember he asked me for a photo last year and I didn't click at the time who it was. Me and my pals just thought it was hilarious that someone was getting kicked out.

No. 231413

his phone is full of pictures of girls asses he took without their concent.

No. 231417

Whilst I don't doubt this is true, how would you know?

No. 231418

The part that makes me laugh about her the most is that she's got this massive chip on her shoulder with anyone of note. She's always talking about how negative everyone else in the community is towards each other, yet I never see a single person shitting on anyone else like she does. Don't get me wrong, I always hear the odd dig at someone, but no one is more malicious towards people than Jenny is.

She wants there to be drama in Scotland, but there really isn't. We're not big enough for anything to really kick off and even if something does happen, no one has the energy or gives enough of a shit to keep it going. As far as I know, like 90% of the recent drama has been due to her either trying to start shit with random people or her dragging up old drama from beyond the grave.

Oh hey Jenny, stop trying to derail your own thread by talking shit about other people. We know you have a vendetta against everyone in the Scottish community, no need to keep making a big deal out of it.

No. 231423

Oh man the more that comes out about the kind of guys this girl is friends with, the less I believe her claims of being a victim of abuse. If she really was, I seriously doubt she'd be friends with, or defend so vehemently, a paedophile who actually slept with a minor, and a guy who is known to have inappropriately touched women without their consent. In the case of the former, she certainly wouldn't be blaming the victim if she herself was a victim.

No. 231438

File: 1484161802031.png (235.9 KB, 451x363, Untitled.png)

I genuinely hope not. Keeping it attached with masking tape? This is going to look worse than her bought version of DMG.

On another note though. Sindy, if you're trying to sound smart by using armor terminology, make sure you're using it correctly. Because that's definitely not a pauldron. If anything, it's a bracer.

No. 231460

She's probably just using the tape as a place holder for actual straps. So it wouldn't be 100% finished. I'd say it's at 80% until she gets an actual strap system in.

If she doesn't then
Er… o k a y…

No. 231462

anon, none of sindys cosplays have visable masking tape on them. its most likley just to test if it will stay on.

No. 231464


Also, probably because like 80% of her previous ones she's bought. Ignoring the masking tape tits fiasco from RaiCon, of course.

No. 231465

File: 1484165366555.jpg (28.23 KB, 333x532, 149001_v0_600x.jpg)

If that's dark magician girls glove it's nowhere near finished. it needs the hand flap, the pink trimming and the gems.

No. 231469

This looks terrible

No. 231532

File: 1484174714349.png (443.72 KB, 450x552, Untitled.png)

Looks OK from a distance but…

No. 231534

File: 1484174847906.jpg (326.48 KB, 2048x1150, 15936544_370722083320394_23068…)

…enlarge one of the bottom two images and the truth of how bad it is is revealed.

Not to mention that horribly rookie mistake of putting the side with the lines used to cut out on the outside…

No. 231545

Do you cosplay yourself anon, or do you just put foam on and call it finished.
im not defending this idiot or anything but it's fucking obvious that it's just a base

No. 231554

I do cosplay myself, actually. But even so, this looks like a child made it. Also, lining "finished". Arguably if it were just a base, you would say "lining base" finished, but that's just semantics. Still looks god awful

No. 231555

people need to back off of sindy. you're slamming her cosplay before its even finished. you look like idiots from here
to here

No. 231557

I think people were supposed to be inteligent enough to work out for themselves, that considering it has no gem, or paint. that it's cleary just lining, and not the finished thing.

i really hate seeing people like you complaining that somebody doesnt buy enough of thier costumes, but when they start making them you dont like thier either.

You have the worst vandetta iv'e ever seen. this is cringy as fuck

No. 231558


No. 231559


No. 231568

Sh'es moving over to private again. are any of the anons still no her friend list

No. 231572

Watch out
There's a chin about

I give it two weeks

No. 231574

I swear you're Mira's long lost deformed twin, Chindy

No. 231690

File: 1484191297698.jpg (841.78 KB, 2480x3508, When i trace you cant tell lol…)

No. 231695

>I change just the face

Wow fooled us. If we overlay the original and your trace on top of each other now we won't know the pose was stolen because the face shape was changed. It's 100% fool proof guys. We've been bested, time to pack it up and go home.

No. 231727

Teeny tiny query for the anon that posted this but, why are there remnants of blue writing just above the "you cannot reply" part.

How old is that screenshot supposed to be, anyway? I get the message was sent in 2012 apparently but…

No. 231932

Anon in /pt/ necromanced an old Sindy thread with this
I don't know if it's legit since there's no timestamp

No. 231935

the blue thing I am not sure what that is really, I am sure it was behind the message and it is legit, it was in 2012 but it is just proof of her admitting it before, I mean if she was stupid enough to admit it to people she seen as friends back then who is to say nobody can get her to admit to it with recent work?

No. 231936

Looking at the images metadata, it was screencapped in 2013 (2013/08/15) Same as the one in >>231690 (which was 2013/11/17).

Everything else is pretty similar in the metadata too, both used Photoshop to crop the image. It's probably the same anon.

I do recall her name being that at one point (the Sinder Arcannia), there are screenshots on her own Facebook showing it too.

No. 232195

Her deletions off of her Facebook are strange. That profile is mainly a bunch of people she doesn't even know interspersed with about a dozen cosplayers and the rest asspatters. She seems to have just gone through her friendlist and deleted seemingly random people.

No. 232198

The number of deletions, too, is somewhat bemusing. She went from about 202 to 117. So, roughly 85 people removed? What, were they people she didn't actually know> (Why have 85 people you don't know on your friends list?) Were they people she suspected of being moles? Dead profiles?

No. 232255

i used to be friends with the guy, to the point where he asked me out (and got swiftly rejected.) and we used to be in a skype group together. he went to london expo and came back and raved about the pictures he took, those of us in the group not expecting copious amounts of ass were intrigued and excited to see what cosplays he'd found at expo, prior to knowing how much of a creeper he was. safe to say we learned our lesson after that and tried to avoid him a bit more.

No. 232300

File: 1484280902886.png (9.17 KB, 448x116, Untitled.png)

No. 232403

he tried to guilt trip me into letting him stay at my house after a convention the first day i met him, thankfully i've never spoken to him again.
i thought he was strange as he just came up to me and my friends after the cosplay contest and starting going "oh i wish i could come tomorrow, but its so far away,how close do you live, oh thats so handy, it must be so easy living so close to town. I wish i was staying somewhere like that tonight. Instead i have a long journey home tonight by myself, oh i wish there was somewhere i could stay"

also had friends try to be nice to him until he found the dude taking pictures of his girlfriends ass

No. 232443

Well, if this is true (I don't doubt it is, however), then no wonder he has been ostracised from the cosplay community. And no wonder Sindy is all besto buds "Kerr did nothing wrong you're just bullieng him". Seems she has an affinity for being friends with creepy guys.

No. 232463


No. 232464

File: 1484321618334.jpg (133.83 KB, 360x480, 15542108_371710669888202_75062…)

Oh fucking god

No. 232483

File: 1484324441573.png (31.86 KB, 451x495, Untitled.png)

Sindy's response.

That bit about her name on Facebook never being her real name is a total lie. Multiple people can confirm it has been "Jenny McGoogan" in the past, when she was in college.

Also going on and bitching about what this Angela girl did but she's also a "nice girl"?

No. 232507

The blatant shoop, dear jebus.

She did indeed use her own name. This is just more bullshit. I'm pretty sure that Angela girl is just another person who dropped her when she realised Jenny was a shithead. What even is she trying to communicate by bringing up the fact that Angela and Holly have an issue with each other. Not as if it's anything to do with Jenny, just trying to find a way to worm her way into that for attention then, ay?

Oh and look, admitting she wasn't raped once again. So what's she going to say the next time she gets asked?

No. 232523


Pretty sure all that was said about the metadata was the date the file was created. Not if it was edited or not. Christ she's trying to defend against stuff that hasn't even been said.

No. 232525

Because the last time that kay marshal girl tried to say the metadata showed whetter or not it had been shopped, sindy was probabbly thinking you were saying it couldn't be shopped

No. 232531

Hi Sindy

No. 232533

Actually Kay wasn't the one who said the metadata was shopped last time but OK?

No. 232549

>wrong spelling of girls name

Nice try, Sindy

No. 232554

File: 1484335507665.png (10.59 KB, 449x140, Untitled.png)

Assuming this is about the "shoop" comment.

Thing is, every other serious cosplayer either does it well (or their tog does it well), or people call them out on it.

Also no one is born looking 15 in general. Except maybe you, Sindy, considering you look like a middle aged woman and you're only in your 20s

No. 232567

She looks like the grinch

No. 232578

File: 1484341614037.png (14.5 KB, 451x199, Untitled.png)

So many as in what, two at most?

Also, you, Sindy, said yourself here >>228626 that people shouldn't come up to your table and ask for a commission. You said that, a week ago. And now you're backtracking because some old, "fake" screenshots came out?

Wow are you flaky.

No. 232580

File: 1484341797729.png (278.91 KB, 451x498, Untitled.png)

We've been over this so many times, you look nothing like Blake.

The fact you still go on about it proves your hateboner for them.

No. 232582

File: 1484341950065.png (11.25 KB, 448x142, Untitled.png)

All aboard the backtracking express

No. 232586

File: 1484342260406.png (29.82 KB, 448x321, somuchfor.png)

Lol at her deleting that post

On another note, so much for going friends only with all this public bullshit. It didn't even take a week

On another note

No. 232588

File: 1484342872677.png (20.53 KB, 449x300, Untitled.png)

By that logic you should be deleting everything you post, because it almost always gets screencapped.

Also, "popular" would imply people like you. The majority of the community doesn't. Dunno how you worked that one out

No. 232591

File: 1484342968703.png (19.68 KB, 402x571, Untitled.png)

Can't vouch for the rest of the anons, but I know for a fact I'm not on that list. Lol. But if you're so untrusting of the people following you, why not just block them all and see how that works out?

No. 232594

File: 1484343175738.png (15.2 KB, 403x148, Untitled.png)

Clearly you don't know what triggered means. If you're going to use internet slang, at least use it correctly instead of failing badly.

Plus, if anything, you're the one getting triggered, since you're the one responding to the thread, when you could just, oh, I don't know, ignore it?

No. 232595

Says the fool who's phone space is full of screencaps

No. 232597

Bitch you're not famous, you're infamous. Like trigglypuff and john sakars

No. 232598

Sage that shit

No. 232601

Of you want to reply to a specific post click on the post number sindy.

Also please for the love of god moisturise. Buy yourself a moisturising cream and actually wear it.

No. 232603

Himeko Reid is Kimberly from MiS/GCC using her 'maid persona'. For someone not interested in drama she always seems to be lurking (that Xion account from last year was her too)

No. 232604

Or the anon is using a computer and is saving over the same file, hence the fact all of the original files are named "Untitled". No phone space being wasted, just a few kb of computer storage.

I mean, the screenshots are laughable proof about how triggered Sindy is over the mere existence of this thread, if anything.

No. 232605

not gonna lie, i saw that a mile off.

No. 232606

Honestly I'm pretty sure all of these people were on her friends list before she purged? Hence, they're only "following" her because as Facebook friends they did, and it hasn't updated/they have to manually unfollow?

No. 232607

Himeko/kimberly never had sindy as a friend.
i know her irl and she told me sindy had added her maid account as well as a few of the other mis maid accounts. She told them to ignore the friend request.
also that himeko account is never active, she is supposed to be using it as a business account but its never online, great way to run a business.

No. 232608

File: 1484344129905.png (15.68 KB, 449x141, Untitled.png)

£150 on moisturizer that has no better than a 3.5 star rating?
Clearly it isn't working for you

And clearly this is the reason you are apparently in debt, if you're spending that much money on moisturizer.

No. 232610

File: 1484344496763.png (381.39 KB, 567x557, 5A28iqB.png)

That's a lie. She had a fake profile using a Kingdom Hearts character name added and used to frequently bait Sindy. Caps are in previous threads that include the baiting if I remember correctly.

No. 232613

I wouldn't be surprised if these names were random with a few throw in to cause drama

No. 232618

Nah, pretty sure they were all on her friends list. At the very least, all the names starting with L were.
Although judging from the names most of them were likely people she didn't actually know, they were just strangers to pad out her friends list so it wouldn't look so empty.

No. 232629

Himiko has sindy's main on her friends list, or she did… sindy may have deleted her, you'd have to check.

No. 232631

MIS is a failure because of kimberly, everybody sees them as the weebiest cringiest maid cafe because of this fat mess. She hasnt been going to MIS events for a while and the buisness is doing alot better without her. not like her sister is helping the image much

No. 232633

Business accounts don't need to be constantly active though? If it even is a "business account". They have the Facebook page, which is a much better thing to use than an individual account. And regardless, the account has been active in recent months, albeit not much, but still active nonetheless.

No. 232636

Stop sucking her and laurels saggy tits. its really quite sad, the have been on LC far longer than sindy has and thats because they have done much worse to other people.

And whats the point in even having a buisness acount if you have a page?
Laurel and kimmy use those pages to dress in weeby makeup, badly photoshop there fatness away and act like cringelord. nothing buisness about it they just wanna be famouz

No. 232642

The only thread about Laurel was made by Sindy

And unless you have some proof otherwise, there hasn't been anything about Kimi

But on another note, hi Sindy

No. 232643

Same im not there either

No. 232644

How could sindy have made it? Laurels thread started before sindy was ever posted on here. she didnt even know anything about laurel untill 2016

No. 232648

Well thats a lie considering she threatened laurel to spray her in the face with weed killer late 2014/ early 2015, plus sindy was posting before then.

Hi Sindy.

No. 232649

um Sindy has had a vendetta since she assumed laurel was the gcg admin that banned her for taking her underwear off in public.
Laurel wasnt even an admin just friends with alot of the people sindy was harassing at the time.
She threatened to throw weed killer in her face

No. 232650

lmao im not there and still on her friends list.

No. 232651


i think you might be confusing this with craig watson

No. 232652

Likewise, girls a retard, blaming people who arnt even here again.

No. 232653

No, that was Sindy because she also threatened Karli at the same time aswell.

No. 232654

Nah its not, its Sindy, that was big drama at the time

No. 232655

No idiot, it was craig watson she thretened with weed killer, not laurel.

No. 232656

No Sindy, it wasnt, it was Laurel.

No. 232658

Or do we need to get the caps from prev thread? Because its still there.

No. 232659

do you have an Screenshotted proof, anon

No. 232661

if you're on her friends list, can you post any picture evidence? like anything with the friends symbol on her facebook in the last day?

No. 232662

File: 1484348063177.png (15.28 KB, 448x215, liesandmorelies.png)

More lies on Sindy's part.

No. 232663

Sindy refers to lolcow as LC, anon here >>232636 does too.

Watch out, Chin's about

No. 232666


I know it's a few days old but, claims to have Blake and David as witnesses, another anon says they told a different story to what Sindy claims, Sindy is now denouncing them as not being there? I am confused, man

No. 232667

blake arrived at auchinawa at 5pm on the friday, sindy said she saw karli in the badge section at 12pm.

sindy and david were seen hanging out at about 1

blake and david couldnt have bene thier because neither of them were with sindy, but you should ask them and see what they say

No. 232669

So did she ever ask David if he remembered her asking him out, or was that just a failed attempt at covering her ass?

No. 232671

Actually, Sindy has claimed never to have seen Karli?

No. 232673


Does anybody even care about that anymore?
why do you have to go dragging david into this when hes a nice guy? oh wait yea you dont think that do you

No. 232674

Also, Karli and her friends didnt arrive until 3 because Karli was working, her friend was ment to meet up with me and was messaging me when they were coming in.

No. 232675


The plot of lies thickens

No. 232676

In the comments i saw, sindy said she saw a girl who she thought was karli, karli said it wasnt her, sindy never say anybody else and that she never approached or was approached by anybody

No. 232677

Actually we do because Sindy is talking shit.
Hi sindy.

No. 232679

Actually that wasnt what Sindy said. She said she thought it was Chris she seen, not Karli, and Karli never replied to her claims apart from she pulled her up, which we seen.

No. 232680

What exactly was the full conversation?

No. 232682

Got lost. Prob gonna turn around and leave now…..

No. 232683

File: 1484349336093.png (12.43 KB, 447x180, Untitled.png)

Uh, no one said that but OK Sindy, trying to get some asspats in there so you don't seem like a bad person

No. 232684

No. 232685

No one's "dragging him into this", we just wanna know if Sindy actually went through with what she claimed she was gonna do or not. Because if not, we'll all know for a fact she's full of literal and proverbial bullshit

No. 232686

Yet you made him out to be a creep?

No. 232687

if you showed david this entire board, and asked him whos comments he found to be more hurtful. i dont think sindy would be at the top of that list

No. 232689

Oh Sindy just give it up and stop trying to play anonymous. No one is fooled.

No. 232691

Well I mean, what's to say Sindy didn't post that pretending to be someone else? After all she was jumping from being "Sindy" to "Anonymous" around the time it was posted, anyway.

No. 232692

It's spelled to well
and it's not written in her general manner. its beyond obvious it was not sindy

No. 232693

sindy doesnt speak in scottish slang

No. 232694

A bit like you obviously being Sindy? Give it up, girl.

No. 232695

Plz lock this thread admin. the milk stoped flowing months ago

No. 232700


Learn to Sage properly


Nice try, Sindy

No. 232702

Please do show him, but you wont because he would ditch your ass

No. 232707

File: 1484351157664.gif (49.04 KB, 300x100, watchoutchinabout.gif)

No. 232718

Why is she bothered about the people following her if her profile is open to the world anyway?

This is hilarious, I can bet 99% of the shit that gets posted about Scottish cosplayers on here and 4chan is her. She can't keep her mouth shut, it's so glaringly obvious.

I wish someone still had the screenshots of the stuff that happened with Angela before because that was another drama that was getting spread all over her Facebook.

No. 232719

File: 1484352699532.png (10.41 KB, 503x128, a.png)

Hey Jennifer, where exactly did you get that idea from? How delusional.

No. 232720

I'm pretty sure the drama posts with Angela are still up on her original Facebook, in the murky depths of it. I could try digging a little, would be safe to assume 2012 is the year to go for?

No. 232723

File: 1484353712090.png (10.98 KB, 448x142, not caitlin.png)

So, not Caitlin then?

No. 232740

File: 1484356771384.jpg (94.25 KB, 540x960, 1.jpg)

This was related.

No. 232741

File: 1484356781824.jpg (98.15 KB, 540x960, 2.jpg)

No. 232742

File: 1484356827235.jpg (94.5 KB, 540x960, 4.jpg)

No. 232743

File: 1484356880939.jpg (62.74 KB, 540x960, 3.jpg)

No. 232745

File: 1484356927444.jpg (57.34 KB, 540x960, 5.jpg)

No. 232891

No. 232926

tbh that song did win oscars

No. 234537

>talking about the overpriced moisturiser we can't afford
>is on the fucking dole

lel ok. it is fucking hilarious when people who depend on government money go on about all the posh shit they've got. you fucking scrounger.

You could try maybe disabling the "follow" feature on your profile if you're concerned about strangers following you? You're not an actual celebrity, there's no reason to have things set so strangers can follow you. Seriously just change your privacy settings.

You don't even need to be on her friends list since she posts everything publicly lol.

Does Sin know anyone properly? She looks like she's got no actual friends like at all and just burns bridges with communities when they won't pander to her. And also complains about people bullying in her even though she posts about other people in the community.

No. 234712

She has maybe half a dozen people who actually talk to irl. Tbh not many people in the community actually know her, she's just one of those really lulsy people to laugh at.

No. 234745

Caitlin, kerr, Paul, lauren, some guys from the YGO com, and a bunch of english cosplayers. not alot but I think thats who she considers her friends

No. 234753

File: 1484427848875.png (23.2 KB, 447x338, Untitled.png)

I mean, you wanted to copy her at one point, before you gained a hateboner for her too

No. 234757

This is the most coherent, sense making piece of writing I have ever seen from this girl, to bad she's so hypocritical.

No. 234776

Our little cow is growing up :')

No. 234804

Did anyone notice Sara Rose Gunn commentng on her post Asuna post where she said i look like that other scottish cosplayer

fucking kek

No. 234807

Fuck off Sindy. At least spell names correctly, or don't fully name drop and give yourself away

No. 234819

Chin's about

No. 234869

No. 234870

No. 235074

File: 1484486536229.png (18.01 KB, 451x252, Untitled.png)

I mean there are reasons other than those two as to why people might genderbend - they really like the character but aren't comfortable crossdressing, for one? But of course if Sindy doesn't get it, it has to be a bad thing that gets ranted about, right?

No. 235076

File: 1484486700027.png (14.52 KB, 451x229, Untitled.png)

There is no bad blood between you and the convention, they just rejected your application to sell? Any bad blood came about because you were too salty to get over it and act like a reasonable adult.

No. 235079

File: 1484487073570.png (284.85 KB, 449x573, Untitled.png)

Ok, so Sarah made one comment, big deal? Honestly from what I know of Sarah, she was more likely being sarcastic than anything else, but since sarcasm is hard to portray through typing, and Sindy is also denser than neutronium so there's that.

No. 235086

File: 1484492086950.jpg (65.25 KB, 627x960, 16114409_1717579901796062_8029…)

Why does it look like she has eyeliner on one eye but not the other?

No. 235100


Sindy stop using the word "lel"
It's so damn cringe worthy

No. 235101

panda eyes thats not cute

No. 235102

If shes going to deecon so is pretty much everyone she has beef with, so shes going to get wrecked

No. 235104

Well I mean, no one she has beef with cares enough to try and start shit at DeeCon. It would just be somewhat uncomfortable for her, being surrounded by people she k ows dislike her. And she won't try and start anything herself because she's too much of a coward anyway.

No. 235112

Well , hearing from 5 people right away if she starts they will .

No. 235115

I'm having trouble believing she was actually invited to go as a cosplayer considering the massive amount of salt on her part after being rejected to sell this year. I hope they're not trying to pander to her to make her feel better or something just because she pitched a toddlerfit.

No. 235118

I don't think she means she was invited as a cosplayer. I think she means a friend invited her, and she's going as a cosplayer.

Her English is that shit it's easy to get confused.

No. 235151

"bad blood between me and the con"

You didn't got offered a table because you're a scammer and a thief. They didn't say you couldn't turn up. Fucking give it up.

No. 235152

File: 1484508074174.png (10.11 KB, 505x133, pls.png)

I 100% don't give a shit about Blake guiz, I don't care what they do, I have no beef with them whatsoever and this status is DEFINITELY not about them!!!11!!1!

No. 235153

Blake cosplays girls though?

No. 235154

File: 1484508510037.png (8.86 KB, 451x129, Untitled.png)

[muffled laughter]

But on another note, legit no one she has beef with cares enough to start shit with her, and only some care enough to respond to any shit she starts.
But if she starts shit, of course, it's a one way ticket out the door and she knows it.

Seems like she's trying to be all tough and intimidating but it really isn't working for her.

No. 235158

File: 1484508799140.png (10.18 KB, 453x148, Untitled.png)

Her response

Also, totally explains this post then too, right. If there's no beef? >>235079

No. 235159


I'm pretty sure she's just ripped ideas from other cosplayers because I have seen people posting up about doing most of these cosplays. I don't know if she's trying to make a point about something or what, because it's not even as if her armour is going to look anywhere near as good as this, so no one is going to give her attention for it?

Ngl, I hate JNig as much as anyone else, but this just reeks of pure jealousy. Who cares if she has so many million likes, it means nothing if the followers don't give a shit about cosplay anyway. If you really care that much, just ignore her and go work on your craft. Getting salty about someone else getting attention is stupid, unless of course you're only cosplaying for attention, which Jenny probably is.

No. 235162

File: 1484508978952.png (12.77 KB, 450x181, Untitled.png)

I'm laughing so hard at this my sides hurt

No. 235163

3rd, wow such ambition. How deluded is she to think that anything she makes will even get a mention, never mind win a prize?

No. 235168

File: 1484509992984.png (10.43 KB, 451x141, Untitled.png)

She's using the fact she won 3rd in another convention's competition as the basis for her ambition. Despite, y'know, that other convention being less geared towards cosplay, and to some extent, a lot less well known compared to DeeCon. Heck 2016 was the first year Play Expo was held in Glasgow.
Plus, how many people actually entered the competition? And what was the quality of the costumes entered?
Because I've seen the quality of previous DeeCon's third places, and they're way above her skill level.

No. 235182

Isn't Dommy running the cosplay masquerade? That would be horrifically awkward given Sindy has decided to have a massive problem with her recently…

No. 235188

File: 1484512537528.png (469.23 KB, 450x525, Untitled.png)

My poor eyes

>"i don't want men seeing me as a sexual object"

>posts pictures like that

Also, confirms she has a FUPA?

No. 235199

File: 1484514688548.png (24.64 KB, 450x336, Untitled.png)

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't abuse their power, although I can assume if you don't win you'll kick up a fuss anyway about how it was biased against you and how there was "bullieng" involved.

I'm laughing at the other post though

On an rather unrelated note, her excuse for shitty English is that she types fast, right? The why are words consistently spelt wrong? Like "bullieng", "seams", among other things. You'd assume, if it was just fast typing, that at least half of the times, these things would be spelt correctly, or even close to correctly. But no, it's consistently wrong.
So "seams" less like fast typing is the issue, and more like she's a fucking idiot?

No. 235206

File: 1484515249079.jpg (44.67 KB, 600x693, body fat.jpg)

10% body fat? Is she retarded? She'd be fucking RIPPED to have 10% body fat. The lowest recommended % for women is 10-13% she'd literally be peak bodybuilder material if she was 10%. She'd definitely at least 20% which isn't even anything to be ashamed of considering 14 to 20 percent is athletic and 21-25 is healthy.

No. 235211

Honestly, with no excess muscle in place of fat, at 10% body fat she'd be under the minimum needed for basic survival.
If she only had 10% body fat, she'd have so many other health issues along with it, like reduced fertility, for one, and amenorrhoea, which she clearly doesnt have because she's updating us monthly on when she's having her period anyway.

No. 235213

>I literally couldn't care less about these people
>I'm gonna travel across the country to laugh at them


Oh gosh she totes will. Even though her cosplays are shit she's gonna chalk it all up to bullying and have more reason to campaign against the convention her dumb ass keeps going to anyway.

Reduced fertility wouldn't be the worst thing for Sindy tho honestly.

No. 235214

From previous years I recall there being more than one judge though so like, does she assume one of them will have ALL the power? Or will she claim all of them are "bullieng" her (assuming it remains the same with multiple judges this year)?

No. 235261


from what I remember there's about 2 or 3 judges and one is usually a cosplay guest

No. 235286

File: 1484525932531.png (20.42 KB, 452x303, Untitled.png)

I mean, for the second one, probably because the anon here >>235261 is not the same anon as the one here >>235182
So, y'know, the person you're quoting didn't bring Dommy up, someone else did? Christ are you really that thick? Also, the first post said Dommy was RUNNING the competition, not judging it. You're the one who assumed there would be foul play involved from that information.

I don't even wanna bother getting into the medical/science shit behind body fat and whatever, because it would be pointless, would argue otherwise, not wasting my time on that. But on a basic level, BMI isn't entirely accurate or reliable, as it doesn't take into account pure genetics, muscle mass, etc.

No. 235303

File: 1484527507997.png (12.32 KB, 450x182, Untitled.png)

Proof or it didn't happen.
Or, you posted it yourself and it got removed. Actually, that seems more likely because why were you on 4chan looking in the "sex board" anyway? Which board is that again? /soc/? /r/? Maybe /s/?

No. 235306

samefag from >>235261
I saged my post when >>235182 didn't
but for all Sindy knows, we're the same people

No. 235312

She has a shitton of fat on her body. That's what "body fat" is lmao. She's flabby. It's called skinny-fat.

You'd have no period, your muscles would be super well defined and you'd have that gross vascular look if your bf was that low. She's so fucking retarded. Nobody cares you're underweight when you have the saggy flabby body of a fat chick.

No. 235327


She's the one running and organising the competition, so yeah, she does play a pretty big part in it. Last year was the organiser and two guest judges, that's how it's usually run.

No. 235330

File: 1484530140847.png (10.04 KB, 451x163, Untitled.png)

[audible groan]

No. 235344

File: 1484530790019.jpeg (130.18 KB, 639x830, 1478906699867.jpeg)

Bringing this back from the first thread because Sindy herself said she had "good medical knowledge" and yet clearly can't understand the concept of skinny-fat…

Unless, of course, her saying she had "good medical knowledge" was in fact an excuse to cover up her transphobic remarks? Wouldn't surprise me, to be honest.

But for the thicko who I obviously still lurking, lemme explain:

Skinny fat is where you have low muscle mass in your body, but lots of body fat. So whilst you appear relatively skinny, you aren't actually, and carry about a lot of fat, especially in the tummy area. Lacking a lot of muscle, too, since it is denser than fat, would explain the "I'm 14 lbs underweight". Hence, again, why BMI is not an accurate way to judge whether someone is overweight, underweight or average.

No. 235381

File: 1484533301530.png (8.78 KB, 452x126, Untitled.png)

It's been used a total of two times in this thread, stop making such a big deal.

But on the other hand, you spelling "fucking" as "fuccing" makes you seem like totes an idiot now.

Oops, that makes the count three, my bad?

No. 235386

File: 1484533851270.jpg (94.21 KB, 682x500, seme chin.jpg)

I wish She'd go to Korea already and shave off her seme chin already.

But she'd still be stupidly self obsessed, an art thief, a crappy cosplayer and a munchie so I guess it wouldn't help much.

No. 235396

Totes sorry, Sin. Didn't mean to offend you like that. lel.

No. 235405

I totes can't wait for her to cry about how we're totes "bullieng" her kek

No. 235406

I know, right? It'll be totes cringy, that's totes for sure

No. 235414

"There's no milk", she says, as she packages the cartons herself.

No. 235575

Oh wow, seems like Sindy has a new best bud. And where might Caitlin be in all of this? I kinda feel sorry for the girl, she defended Sindy so hard and now it seems she's just been dropped for someone prettier and "better"?

No. 235602

File: 1484582904266.png (19.39 KB, 517x191, received_10211718112328252.png)

Wonder who this could be about?
Talking about burning bridges because she doesn't like fake friendships that exist only for personal gain…

No. 235647

File: 1484590519835.png (11.36 KB, 452x162, Untitled.png)

Related much?

No. 235672

Sounds like Sindy's only in friendships for the personal gain herself. A real friend forgives their best friend's fuck ups. But evidently Sindy doesn't know how to be a real friend.

No. 235721

File: 1484602022562.png (8.92 KB, 446x132, Untitled.png)

Oh boy what happened here?

No. 235723

shes an insufferable self absorbed cunt who fails to see her own hypocrisy so is that really a surprise? how she even still has friends is a fucking miracle

No. 235724

She's been making sly digs at Caitlin for a while, snide comments about her favourite shows and interests, sharing memes about having anime Facebook photos etc. She did the same with Blake before they fell out and before that with another friend. It's a consistent pattern when she's about to replace the current lapdog

No. 235725

I wonder if she stole her boyfriend. That's what happened last time, after all

No. 235816

File: 1484613856530.png (14.49 KB, 453x225, Untitled.png)

Hurr durr I totes don't make aimed statuses guiz
>makes a semi-aimed status

No. 235826

Sindy clearly doesn't know what a real, deep, meaningful friendship is. If you truly are friends, then you work that shit out. You don't just kick them to the kerb because they upset you once, not after so many weeks and months of them defending your bitch ass.

No. 236056

File: 1484660785932.png (35.93 KB, 448x571, Untitled.png)

Oh boy

> it was 2 months ago you were fat shaming my friend

Not everyone here fat shamed her, but of course in your eyes the actions of one reflect the actions of us all. Which is some bullshit right there

>where were you last nanashi? speaking to her NO I WAS

Wasn't at Nanashi myself, so couldn't exactly talk to her there, now could I? But from what I hear from basically everyone who was there, is that aside from at the pre-party bit, no, you basically didn't talk to her, you had your head in your DS all night like an antisocial person. So more stinky bullshit right there. I even heard she left early because of it

>where were you. when those weebs from the cosplay community were disowning her because she didnt agree with bullieng amber

Wasn't involved in the Amber shit, stayed as far away from it as possible. That includes both sides.

>you were ripping into her about her weight

To repeat the first bit, not every anon here was ripping on her weight. Maybe a handful, but the rest? Don't think so.

>and her choices in friends

I mean, people said the same to Blake about you, it wasn't "ripping" on their choice in friends, it was saying that they didn't think you were a good friend. Which is pretty evident by this.

>when you become her friend. i really dont think youll have the patience to stick through her for all of her problems in life. like i have

I mean, that's what friends are supposed to do? It also isn't just all about sticking through her problems though, there has to be give and take.

On another note, nice capitalisation of something that wasn't capitalised in the first place.

And, also, none of us claimed to be her friend beforehand, so where were we? Being with our own friends, evidently.

No. 236060

File: 1484661033924.png (14.52 KB, 451x240, Untitled.png)

Oh man she deleted it wow.

On another note, why would I wanna go anywhere near you at Seoul Rush, provided I actually go to Seoul Rush (funnily enough, not every weeb who goes to Nanashi will go to Seoul Rush, not all of us enjoy the constant K-Pop), considering you've already threatened to beat someone up at it.

Also, if I wanna have a conversation with her, it will have to be without you, because I have a feeling you would butt in or be hostile through it. Package or not (wow, not even your best friend but you're still technically controlling her by not allowing her to have a private conversation?).

No. 236124

Sounds like a controlling spouse. Even though they're only friends

No. 236127

This is so controlling and dominating holy fuck, what's next? The girls gonna get beat up for disagreeing with Sindy?

No. 236242

File: 1484690271843.png (495.78 KB, 404x579, Untitled.png)

Hanging out together…wouldn't that imply, at least to some extent, that Sindy has forgiven her?
Because if it was something so bad they can't be besto buds, then you would assume they wouldn't exactly be hanging out together.

That or Sindy's perception of friendship is fucked up too

No. 236266

File: 1484692388481.jpg (24 KB, 532x800, 15977557_1887720241465231_4818…)

No. 236268

File: 1484692510906.jpg (36.29 KB, 268x250, emma2.jpg)

No. 236269

What the fuck is that

No. 236273

I'm kink shaming

No. 236274

File: 1484693031478.jpg (42.04 KB, 460x427, 6a4.jpg)

No. 236286

Emma stalker Stanley strikes again

Also technically illegal fetish photos, as intelligent as ever that girl

No. 236287

File: 1484694703652.jpg (168.66 KB, 1080x1571, ZomboMeme 17012017231051.jpg)

No. 236290

File: 1484695710261.jpg (49.36 KB, 638x358, immah2.jpg)

No. 236297

Who the fuck

No. 236299

File: 1484696362044.jpeg (19.55 KB, 532x800, received_1753667108284915.jpeg)

I'm really looking forward to Mario's New Cat Costume in Mario Odyssey

No. 236300

File: 1484696399709.jpeg (37.78 KB, 780x774, received_1753877868263839.jpeg)

"Connor… I'm Moist"

No. 236310

File: 1484697877008.jpg (87.65 KB, 775x548, images (1)1.jpg)


No. 236325

This picture is so unsettling

Wtf is wrong with the hamplanet's hair, has she never heard of a hairdresser? And both of them are so greasy! You'd think they'd just finished a shift in McDonald's working over the deep fat fryers boke

No. 236332

No. 236581


German Dungeon Porn (Gone Depressing)

No. 236582

daddy's credit card has gone towards her boyfriend's underage bondage fetish, it seems

No. 236610

File: 1484753866711.png (251.74 KB, 405x541, Untitled.png)

I mean, if you wanna call your character looking like their skull has caved in "good", sure…?

But if this is the quality of your prints and manga…no one apart from ass-patters are gonna buy it?
You got caught with the tracing, so now you're seemingly trying things legit, and proving more and more that you did trace the other work.

No. 236710

File: 1484768617624.png (8.7 KB, 401x147, Untitled.png)

Aside from >>236582 , no one "wrote" anything about Emma or Connor? It was just the horrifying cat suit BDSM shit, and some memes spawning from that.

But OK, try and spin it as if we wrote wah wah nasty stuff about poor Connor and Emma.

No. 236711

File: 1484768923324.png (260.88 KB, 403x538, Untitled.png)

I mean, there are a bunch of issues with the 4 images you're trying to use as "my art has gotten better" that weren't present in the stuff you admitted to "redrawing" and selling without the original artists permission (aka tracing. Also, is that legit? I don't think so)

Foreshortening and basic anatomy, to name a couple of the issues. Like, heads being too big, arms not working like that, the hands in general, hair being drawn in a way that it looks like a concave skull

No. 236794

nt 2 fear Sandy 'defunder of justdis' wil prutact tha laytux pootietat and hur groomen toewner

No. 236801

Holy shit, did… did that last sentence actually have correct punctuation and grammar?

No. 236857

File: 1484781784692.jpg (39.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I came here to laugh at you all

No. 236858

Those Erza Scarlet traces though.. lol.

No. 236860

Her super power is the ability copycat

No. 237113

File: 1484834299170.png (173.8 KB, 403x473, 1.png)

No. 237114

File: 1484834404041.png (17.88 KB, 403x281, 2.png)

>go fk yourself anon, i dont cater to you and your bitchng
By responding to what is posted, you're catering, but OK hun, whatever you say

>i have a 50 page manga to finish by march

If it's so important that you finish it, why are you still lurking on lolcow? Get your priorities straight.

No. 237115

File: 1484834415725.png (35.21 KB, 404x566, 3.png)

No. 237125


Ummm £3 for the rest of the chapter??? WHY? Nobody's gonna pay for that especially if it's not high quality work.

No. 237135

File: 1484839139558.jpg (74.93 KB, 646x960, 15966097_1718408645046521_9665…)

RIP that photoshop job

No. 237149

File: 1484841796483.jpg (402.61 KB, 800x600, POW!.jpg)

New crime fighting team!

No. 237153

It needs a fanbase willing to pay for content?
More like it needs a fanbase willing to read it in the first place

No. 237158

christ, is her facebook dedicated to replying to people on this thread? how obsessive and annoying. Who the hell wants to see that shit who follows her on facebook?

No. 237340

File: 1484873707733.png (226.14 KB, 504x479, Untitled.png)

I mean, that face looks traced from something, can't put my foot on it.

Also, what the fuck does the text in the upper left say? I can just about decipher the rest, but that section? Nope

No. 237341

he's piteing me, kek

No. 237343

So it's not she types too fast and misspells things that way. She's just so goddamn stupid to begin with.
This along with bullieng…jfc girl

No. 237401

File: 1484883789287.png (1.26 MB, 1300x587, Untitled.png)

What even is anatomy, eh?

No. 237406

File: 1484884171753.png (9.3 KB, 450x125, Untitled.png)

Also, like, if I were her friend, and didn't know about the lolcow, this would make it seem like she had a crazy obsession with proving to no one that her art wasn't traced?

I've looked at 90's anime though, no one of it looks like the crap you spew out.

No. 237453

Hey Sindy,there's an important message in this video for you.

No. 237526


>I'm the strongest person in the entire kingdom.

>I'm feared by everybody.

Sinder confirmed for Ultimate Mary Sue. I can't even imagine what "character development" might entail.

No. 237537

File: 1484925129546.png (34.26 KB, 449x553, Untitled.png)

[muffled laughter]

No. 237555

>Sinder's name is a play on a Nordic name and Cinderella
>Cinder from Rwby is based on CINDERella

What a coincidence

No. 237569

This and all her other posts are completely cringe. Funny to see that's she's not coming back here because she knows she's going to get her arse torn apart again and again.

No. 237574

File: 1484933834675.png (87.25 KB, 580x572, Untitled.png)

Her twitter is worse

No. 237607

File: 1484939995416.jpeg (94.29 KB, 854x607, image.jpeg)

No. 237633

I'm too lazy to list off characters, but there are probably 1000s of shitty mary sue characters with these exact traits. A brat with extreme power - sounds like Sindy has a god complex and is portraying it with her shitty OC

No. 237634

Fan of Katie Hopkins

explains a lot

No. 237649

File: 1484948367653.png (28.52 KB, 452x464, Untitled.png)

[muffled laughter]

No. 237690

Christ, her twitter is cancer..

No. 237692

File: 1484957763969.png (308.29 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170121-001525.png)

No thanks, I don't want to buy shit off a tracer.

No. 237697

File: 1484958442629.png (11.3 KB, 454x186, Untitled.png)

No. 237734

it looks like she just took a shitty grocery store balloon and cut it up

No. 237745

those fucking sound effects for things that aren't sounds rustle my jimmies to high heaven and back. the overuse of manga sound effects is already bad enough in this weeb garbage fire but WHAT SOUND DOES BLUSHING MAKE?

No. 237751

No. 237772

Just like Marissa Picard and Marina Seadrift… actually I don't think Marissa's got a whole wiki devoted to her stories.
But yeah, an OC who looks just like you only better, is a huge brat, and has incredible powers, and somehow that's not a Mary Sue. Ok.

No. 237792

Don't forget, the OCs birthday being the exact same as your own. Basically Sindy writing a love story about herself in a dreamed up fantasy world because no real guy wants to legitimately date her.

No. 237915

File: 1485018100447.png (39.75 KB, 451x644, Untitled.png)

No. 237916

File: 1485018170328.png (19.41 KB, 452x293, Untitled.png)

No. 237932

Doesn't she usually not break even on her tables at cons anyway? What's the point of funneling more money into a printed manga that's not even going to sell when she can't even gain a profit from prints or commissions.

No. 237933

Duck i have the same b-day

No. 237937

"Dark Queen" "Nightmare"
I'm fucking crying, this sounds like it was written by a 14 year old emo kid. Not to mention the character "design".

You'd think that someone at this age would be able to create a better looking and more complex character than this. Also, the story seems to be an absolute cliche.

No. 237959

File: 1485030875118.png (250.29 KB, 448x403, Untitled.png)

But Kupo is in March
And Kita is in August
The weekend before?

The only other UK cons in March that I'm aware of are RaiCon, the thing Sindy wasn't going to because of Kupo but is now still going, and Liverpool MCM.

Plus, I don't think the dates are the most of your worries with Kita, this late after the tickets went on sale, you'll be so far back in the waiting list you'll never get close to actually getting the tickets

No. 237963

I find it utterly hilarious that she's going to Kupocon to meet one of the guests but they're only attending the NY one, the UK one has no guests.

No. 237970

>Because setting your characters with a zodiac helps plan thier general election personalitys out

Someone please help me understand what she's trying to say, "general election personalitys" has been bothering me for a while.

No. 237977

Possibly implying that your personality ties to your zodiac? So, all Libras will be balanced individuals, all Aries will be stubborn and confrontational, that bullshit?

No. 237985

Can someone literally bash her skull in? Fucking psycho bitch.

No. 237993

File: 1485036883423.png (25.44 KB, 451x388, Untitled.png)

No one "threatened" to bash your skull in, they just asked if someone could do it?
But I guess that's semantics?

No. 238005

File: 1485038065548.png (10.52 KB, 451x171, Untitled.png)

Evidence of her talking out her arse then?

Why be "so sad" you can't make something when you don't even know the dates? It's like she's just spewing words without actually checking to make sure her facts are correct.

No. 238022

File: 1485040590752.png (295.23 KB, 991x1394, SindyKinpatsu.png)

A cosplayer, Kinpatsu, had her FB page removed for some unknown reason and a fellow cosplay made a post on her page letting everyone know what happened, asking people to share it. While reading the comments on the post, I happened to come across this.

No. 238025

Cosplayer wants to help their friend
Sindy sees it as fishing for likes
Continues to accuse even after getting a reasonable answer

No. 238059

there is a term for people who believe in horoscopes.

single women.

just saying.

No. 238071

She's just trying to be like glorious nippon cause she's a fucking weeaboo.

No. 238265

File: 1485093406779.png (19.88 KB, 449x318, Untitled.png)

>even anime live-action adaptions like DBZ movie make you a weeb

No one liked the live action Dragonball movie, so…

Also taking a one line comment that wasn't even about her drawing her own manga and making a convoluted status about it…

No. 238269

Sindy must really care about us. She keeps responding to every single thing someone says. I feel sorry for her Facebook "friends" XP

No. 238273

can this girl not go a day without some kind of rage? Does have have something legitimately wrong with her?
How can someone have so much negativity all day everyday to the degree where she HAS it write about it publicly?
I know she loves attracting drama to herself but seeing these caps almost on a daily basis is honestly just sad on her behalf.

No. 238274

>heh ok
>70% of the planet are weebs
>I would be a NEET

1. gross. stop
2. Literally only ~50% of the population even has internet access let alone access to anime, let alone chooses to watch anime
3. Neet= "not employed, not engaged in housework, not enrolled in school or work-related training, and not seeking work" Why does she seem so proud and willing to admit to that, but is so offended by "weeb" lmao, NEET is much more of a derogatory term than weeb. At least you could be a weeb and have a job, do chores, go to school, etc.

No. 238359

File: 1485108130222.png (11.67 KB, 453x182, Untitled.png)

[muffled laughter]

No. 238375

>Shia lebouf has nothing going for him

lel you would know what that's like.

>if i was anything it would be a NEET

Eh well at least you're being honest with everyone and stating that you do nothing with your life. So that's nice I guess.

No. 238499

Sindy hasn't got around to addressing how Trump apparently is implementing the death penalty for peadophiles

Considering she constantly defends peados and pervs, Trump senpai must've struck a nerve. Will we see her political allegiances take a drastic turn back to Clinton (as she was early 2016), or shall she pick and choose the things that suit her self interests. Find out next week (or in 5 minutes when she stops jerking off over this thread)

No. 238501

A little bit late on the Sindy-DeeCon drama, but it took a little while to get what I needed.

Asked around to see if I could find another vendor who'd pass on the T&C DeeCon compiled for vendors to agree to upon applying to sell at the convention. A T&C is a legally binding contract, at the very least, so she did have a contract with them.

I'll try finding the bit about DeeCon having the right to reject any applications for any reason, but for now, at least, the Copyright part.

>3. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, DATA PROTECTION & THIRD PARTY’S RIGHTS 3.1 Each party shall satisfy itself as to the extent of and shall comply with its obligations and duties under the DPA and other applicable statutory or European Community provisions, regulations or guidance and each party shall ensure that it has given the relevant registrations and notifications under the DPA to enable it to comply with the provisions of the DPA. 3.2 Any use of DeeCON’s branding, logo or get-up shall only be permitted with DeeCON’s prior approval in writing. 3.3 Subject to any express provision of the Agreement to the contrary, none of DeeCON’s Intellectual Property Rights shall be transferred or affected in any way by the Agreement and no party shall acquire any right in relation thereto. 3.4 The Stall Holder will use its reasonable endeavors to ensure that the products they sell will not be in breach of any third party's rights including, without limitation, any rights in respect of defamation or reputation, confidential information or trade secrets, patent, copyright, design right, registered design, trademark, or other intellectual property rights. 3.5 The Stall Holder undertakes to indemnify DeeCON and to keep DeeCON fully and effectively indemnified against any claims by third parties for infringement of their rights by the Stall Holder as a result of the distribution or display of Advertisements under the terms of this Agreement.

I should point out 3.4 as the main issue for Sindy, as she has admitted to redrawing other peoples art to sell, which is still in breach of copyright. So, Sindy, having sold "redrawn" art in the past at DeeCon, was in breach of this part of the contract. DeeCon can, at the very least with that information, refuse to allow her to sell at the convention on the grounds that she has already breached a contract with them in the past and is likely to repeat it.

Sage for the fact it's a month old issue I was doing some digging about. Because chances are she's still salty over the issue.

No. 238513

File: 1485126996184.png (10.6 KB, 453x148, Untitled.png)

Oh boy who she vaguing about this time?

No. 238543

I assume Caitlin or Hollie

No. 238787

File: 1485178848899.png (88.59 KB, 351x549, Untitled.png)

>"I'm not pretty"
>"Lemme just post this Zodiac meme about how pretty I must be"

No. 238851

Funny that she's so concerned about a flippant comment on a site full of people she's never met, because she's constantly making violent threats towards people she actually knows.

She is stupid, because the sharing thing rarely works anyway. I know people who have had their cosplay featured on big pages and it's done nothing to boost their likes, nothing significant at all. People will genuinely stay around for the content, may it be good cosplay or just because they like tits. It's pretty much the reason why she's so salted, she makes shit content that few people are interested in. But oh yeah, lets blame someone/something else for the fact I have no followers!. She's just acting as if she's triggered here and being a victim as usual.

She's completely missing the point as usual. Lel.

You're 100% right anon. I don't think it's too late to still talk about it. I wonder if she will even turn up to DeeCon at all. I find it interesting that she thinks she has any kind of chance in winning in the competition, given the standard of entry that comes up every year. I hope she just doesn't bother, because we all know she's going to scream and shout if she gets nothing out of it and blame someone else.

No. 238852

I'm going to Deecon this year. I'll fill you all in if I see or hear anything lmao.

No. 238957

File: 1485212608552.png (27.7 KB, 453x428, Untitled.png)

[a mix of muffled laughter and groaning]

No. 238960

File: 1485212943492.png (19.58 KB, 451x304, Untitled.png)

The comments she makes on her own page after SHE shared the post are completely different though. Like, be vile on a cosplay page where next to no one will know who you are, but be all nicey nice and supportive on your private page so friends don't see how much of a cunt you are?

Also, that Kerr guy is the one who feels up women without their consent, so I can imagine that's more likely the reason his page got reported

No. 238965

File: 1485213145046.png (35.9 KB, 404x469, Untitled.png)

Also samefagging, but an additional two comments made to this chain

No. 239218

File: 1485274959370.png (31.24 KB, 451x472, Untitled.png)


No. 239275

But her gift is literally herself pushing people away, she doesn't "see" anything ? Oh gosh how can she be so deluded…….

No. 239276

Also, why not tag them or mention a name rather than be passive aggressive and think you look cool and not taking shit? Just looks as if your bitching and being passive aggressive and thats childish

No. 239287

I hope Sindy turns up to Dee Con, I want to see her face when she's turned away at the door

No. 239326

File: 1485296912561.png (79.78 KB, 454x263, hypocrisy.png)

>I dont like genderbends
>Let me just share this popular cosplayer who does genderbends page

Which one is it?

No. 239327

she only got told she wasn't allowed to sell this year because tracing, she's still able to attend the convention as a general whole

No. 239427

File: 1485308159722.png (9.52 KB, 448x128, Untitled.png)

Literal cringe

No. 239468

File: 1485315244657.png (31.45 KB, 449x563, Untitled.png)

We all know this shit's about Blake

No. 239471

File: 1485315348531.png (28.35 KB, 453x421, Untitled.png)

No. 239486

Thinking about it, obviously she doesn't really care all that much about apologising, since she's content to wait 2 weeks to do it.

If your desire to apologise is sincere, you do whatever you can to actually apologise - you go through other people, you try their twitter, their instagram, any account you know they have, and you apologise there. You don't just wait 2 weeks until you "forget".
And if you can't do any of those things, you set a reminder on a calendar so you DON'T forget.

No. 239709

File: 1485353639903.png (34.17 KB, 453x528, Untitled.png)

No. 239713

File: 1485353834050.png (25.44 KB, 450x403, Untitled.png)

[loud laughter]

No. 239722


>sending them a text, or going through other people, would be nothing short of insulting to them.

How is texting any different from sending a Facebook message?
Oh wait, it isnt any different. It would still be the same "insulting"

And I have a feeling it would be a lot less insulting than knowing you were content to wait 2 weeks because of that shit.

>i also think, in you putting my post on thier, the message will reach them anyway, as i think they may b one of the people talking about me.

Why, then, would you want to go back to being friends with them, if they're posting about you? And laughing at you? At that, obviously not someone who cares about you then

No. 239743

Her entire "style" or whatever you want to call it is shit so it won't be ģoing anywhere anyway.
There's absolutely nothing original in her story that would make people interested in the first place, not to mention make them stay to read more than 2 chapters.

No. 239992

File: 1485400004843.png (30.89 KB, 454x439, Untitled.png)

Considering you're constantly vaguebooking about people, and it's all been screenshotted and posted here, I doubt they'd want to accept any apology you might try to muster up, sincere or not.

Actions speak louder than words, you're more than likely going to have to prove you mean the apology. Which we all know you can't do

No. 240440

File: 1485469988064.png (10.05 KB, 452x144, Untitled.png)

Can't wait

No. 240531

File: 1485483805081.png (113 KB, 450x437, kek.png)

No. 240678


Found that old but gold shitfest of a profile

stuff like
>the awkurd moment wen u relise u been a bitch and its to late to do anything about it,

>wats up with all these teenage moms, buncha wee whores jeezo, ill make an accpetion for rape victims and actual cupples, but yeh wats up with all these whores

>AWESOME HAIR TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!! actually cant wait, hoping to impress the male friends in college

Seems she hasn't changed at all in the past 5 or so years

No. 240680

First thing that popped up when I opened the site "mercerinary" lmao. Also, the low quality and giant pictures

No. 240834

File: 1485548876619.jpg (24.71 KB, 506x256, knows.JPG)

soooooooooooo there's this

and here she'll come and say 'my fake friendships totally aren't for the sake of drama/gossip tehee'

No. 240837

File: 1485549146700.jpg (33.14 KB, 506x219, hmm.JPG)

No. 240851

File: 1485550458353.png (169.82 KB, 1240x1597, IMG_1962.PNG)

That page is gold

No. 240998

Jesus she looks so greasy and unkempt here

No. 241125

File: 1485594216072.png (32.46 KB, 451x429, Untitled.png)

How do words good?

No. 241132

Kind of amazes me how she misspells the simplest words and has so much trouble forming a coherent sentence yet uses the word 'than' correctly.