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File: 1461477105088.png (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0933.PNG)

No. 123694

Brand new thread on this relatively undiscovered cow - introducing Kadee. In the past, has been known as savingkadee, kadeesrecovery, healthyhappykadee, etc. Currently goes by the name of recoveryandkadee on Instagram.

Kadee is around 130 kilos and has claimed to have anorexia, bulimia, and EDNOS at the same time. Has starred in several posts on FPH and a 20 page thread on MPA.

Also - pretends to be IP and drinks Ensure every day despite registering a BMI of over 35.

No. 123699

Thanks for the thread, I still think it's a bit soon but she definately has the potential to be a cow… I mean besides her physique.
Let's hope it doesn't get nuked or abandoned.

No. 123706

http://kadeesfight.tumblr.com/ That's Kadees tumblr, doesn't look like it's been updated recently though.

https://www.gofundme.com/helpingkadee That's he gofundme. She lowered the amount to 50k (not happening) and she's gotten a call out comment.

No. 123708

No. 123709


Thanks for thread. If you dig through her instagram there is some real good milk.. Does a lot of pity party "am I too fat to be anorexic?" shit.

All her latest posts are exactly the dialogue you hear from someone pretending to be anorexic - "I was so worried about the calories…" "Feel so fat after 20 calories…"

No. 123715

Is this the same girl who claimed to have lost 100 lbs in the past 2-3 months? Or is it the other one in the ana thread, I mix them up a lot.
Screenshots would be helpful too if you want this thread to take off.

No. 123717

Yeah, that's her. She claimed over 70 pounds lost in 2 months..from anorexia. I second the screenshot idea, she went private and I can't view her stuff anymore.

No. 123718

>>123715 good idea. screenshots of the instagram, mpa threads or both?

No. 123720

never mind. i'll go get some pix of the instagram.

No. 123723

Yeah I think re-posting them is fine since this a new thread. Or at least linking to them.
I wish this had a different OP pic though, too many of these threads lately, I always scroll past them because I think it's that FAS chick from mfc.

No. 123727

File: 1461482247755.png (220.5 KB, 359x640, IMG_0934.PNG)

No. 123728

File: 1461482266953.png (214.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0935.PNG)

No. 123729

File: 1461482283916.png (284.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0936.PNG)

No. 123730

File: 1461482305238.png (324.29 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0939.PNG)

No. 123731

so i think that sums up all the drama regarding her ip. sorry for spam.

tl;dr - hospital won't take her because of her size. among other things, probably such as the fact that she doesn't actually have an ed.

No. 123733

Damn this girl is so full of shit.
You got rejected because you're fucking fat. And while that's very unhealthy and you obviously have an eating disorder, well you're not going to die any time soon because of it. You're just a regular fat ass, millions of girls are exactly like you and they're just fine.
Maybe if you were like 700lbs you'd get some attention. Probably easier for you to reach than being actually underweight heh.

No. 123755

Young drug seeker. Addicted to opiates and benzos. Asks for Dilaudid by name. You can hear her haggard, shallow breathing from too many vicodin and xanax.
She'll grow up to be a leech on society, and a pain in the ass to every hardworking medical Profesional out there. I hope someone cuts her off and puts her into detox, soon.

No. 123758

For any of the non-MPA users on here. You have to have an account to view this thread or else you can't see the thread. I was having dumb moments until I signed in and it finally showed up.

No. 123759

good lord i don't think she could pack in any more drama if she tried
>'my own gramma told me she is going to kill herself because of my eating disorder'
sure jan.
>'my parents refuse to help me raise the money to go away'
because you don't NEED TO.

No. 123761

> They are trying to discharge me from medical to psych today but they won't take me because of my eating disorder and refusal to eat.

She needs to be in psych badly and why wouldn't they take someone with an eating disorder?

No. 123763

File: 1461492634739.jpg (125.58 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

This fat cunt pretended to have cervical cancer too. Lasted only two posts before she never spoke about it again. The her next maladies were chronic illness, kidney problems, brain surgery, seizures etc.

No. 123767

Because she allegedly eats too little to be in psych. But she's also too mentally ill to be on the medical ward. Lmao

No. 123778

If too few calories is over 4000, which she clearly eats daily, I'd hate to see what she considers too much.

No. 123780

Oh so she's like an obese version of Jenna

No. 123782

She is definitely not mentally ill enough not to be kept at a ward or hospital. She'd be given a sitter/1:1 companion due to her being suicidal, and she'd have a consult for whoever is on call for psych would evaluate her.
Nothing keeps you out of a hospital. They have restraints if you're too rowdy. Just another bullshit story!

No. 123794

>her latest posts are exactly the dialogue you hear from someone pretending to be anorexic

The difference is that most wannarexics aren't morbidly obese. Kadee doesn't even bother shooping her pics to make herself look small enough to not have her own gravity well.

No. 123824

I honestly just don't understand how her followers can believe all of her lies. You think they would notice that she switches diagnoses and stories like a pair of socks.

Are the majority of instagrammers really this stupid? Is the new generation full of people who don't question or suspect anything anyone says? I'm so confused how all these people can scam their followers so easily.

It's so obvious I can't help but cringe and feel embarrassed for all of them.

No. 123828


So many believe her it's ridiculous. She does block people who directly call her out and on some of her "feeding tube" pics after surgery people are going "are you SURE it's not a drainage tube? I've never seen them that thick/placed like that/taped like that"

No. 123835

Can this be the Kadee / Kelly thread now? They're both essentially the same person.

No. 123836

I feel like the majority of her followers don't believe her and are just humoring her.

No. 123839

Was this also the chick that was doped up on all the pain killers and was claiming to be a spoonie? I would actually like to see a fake-spoonie thread pop up around here.

Seems like there would be quite a lot of them, but I don't know the first thing about that community so I wouldn't feel comfortable making a thread/calling people out.

No. 123841

File: 1461514513859.png (246.3 KB, 750x1334, When the Anorexia Story Breaks…)

I'm gonna post what I have.
(Forgive the Platoon quotes on all the pictures, its just she always calls herself an ED Warrior, so I thought it was funny.)

No. 123842

File: 1461514537054.png (722.74 KB, 640x1136, Y'all take a good hard look at…)

No. 123843

File: 1461514582525.png (693.6 KB, 640x959, You ever seen an Eating Disord…)

You ever seen an Eating Disorder come apart like that?
Take a good hard look at this lump of shit.

No. 123844

File: 1461514618911.png (737.98 KB, 640x1042, You post this shit to escape R…)

She posts this shit to escape reality, Fat is her reality.

No. 123845

File: 1461514688921.png (833.1 KB, 640x1043, Anorexia didn't ask you to fig…)

Food didn't ask you to fight its battles for it, and if their is a treatment facility, and I hope to God there is one, you ain't being treated for Anorexia.

No. 123846

File: 1461514725829.png (716.68 KB, 640x1043, Eat Up all your extra calories…)

No. 123851


That's a lot of crap, yuck. A donut or pizza or whatever doesn't hurt once in a while but eating all that junk constantly would really upset the stomach.

No. 123853

File: 1461515396900.png (1.28 MB, 1393x885, Fucking hell, she's laughing a…)

I should have gone with Apocalypse Now quotes, given her Colonel Kurtz physique.

No. 123855

She looks disgusting and smelly. How hard is it to wash your face?

Truly the face of an anorexia patient on the brink of death.

No. 123859

She acts like she's Aly. Holy fuck.

No. 123862

Weight-wise she is Aly times 3. Fuck. How can you be so fat at a young age?

No. 123865

Aly ×5 more like.

No. 123882

File: 1461519792885.png (410.31 KB, 825x601, 3WZfw5u.png)

old but wow, she can't even make the most basic shots look good. her fingers are so stubby and her hand so wrinkly.

also: friends bringing you iced tea from dunkin donuts when you're supposedly hospitalized for SEVERE ANOREXIA. kek.

No. 123887

That's the other fat girl claiming to be ana, Kell Bell.

No. 123892

As someone who loves pills and medical stuff, I'm surprised she hasn't asked for anything for her acne by now. Cutting sugar out of her diet would probably help too.

No. 123913

She's very vague about her "medical instability". I suspect she self harms and ODs loads, hence why she is always on a medical ward. Proper anas snowflakes brag about their heart rate of 30 and blood pressure of 80/40, their potassium of 1.9 and their haemoglobin of 8.

No. 123918

File: 1461525710600.png (771.3 KB, 640x1036, Y'all loved your pancakes. I s…)

She'd post pictures if she self harmed. She Clearly yearns for any sort of legitimacy and posting scars would be so easy.
She's really fat and unhealthy and clearly goes to the hospital over every little thing. (Remember in her video- she went to the Emergency room because her glucose was low)
> Tl;dr She never give details because she has no details to give.

No. 123954

She's not fooling anyone with that fat hand.

No. 123960

People like that really suck. No wonder ER wait times are long. The ER is meant for real medical issues. Like if she were diabetic and couldn't control her blood sugar levels despite insulin or whatever, fine.

No. 123963

She self-harms, guys. Here:

No. 123968

#Battlewounds Yuck.
A Whale Cutting her wrists with a straight razor. That was my dream, that was my nightmare.

No. 123969

That's a drainage tube, not a feeding tube

No. 123972

File: 1461532886482.gif (488.39 KB, 500x250, self harm.gif)

No. 123983

I don't want to get too graphic here, but it looks like whatever she was using was dull as fuck. They almost look like irritated/swollen deep scratches.

It's pretty depressing that instead of getting a new razor blade she used the same one or used something like a broken piece of plastic or mirror to hurt herself.

She's obviously fucked in the head some way or another. I wonder if it's possible that the self-harm is a by-product of Munchasen's instead of depression/suicidal thoughts. Like she wants to appear more mentally ill so she hurts herself in order to be taken more seriously instead of being in so much emotional pain that self-harm is the only way to ease it.

I don't want to get to crazy here. Like I said it's clear she is mentally not well, but I highly doubt she has every mental/physical illness she claims.

No. 123986

They look like Eraser burns tbh, or like she scratched herself just then with her nails. (Some of them are red but without scar tissue)

No. 123991

She made a new account that's locked.

No. 124000


Shit, really? what's it called?

No. 124013


No. 124027

Yeah, I agree. At first, I was like, "Wow those are actually bad" but they look weirdly shallow. I think they're only in the pink healing stage because they're wide. Otherwise they would have just healed like a normal injury. Hell, give it a year and those wounds might not even be visible.

No. 124035


Those actually look like cuts which are more grazed, like as if she's used a disposable razor. The skin around the "cut" is red and flaky so it looks like it was a deep cut trying to knit together but isn't.

No. 124036

"i dont want to go and get fat"
my sides

No. 124046

Hmm maybe you're right. It's just that the cuts to me look like they're too large/wide to be from a razor blade. But I'm not an expert or anything.

I kinda feel like an ass if they're actually deep cuts like you say they are.

No. 124060

It doesn't really matter if they're deep or not. You don't have to be mental to cut into your skin. This bitch says she's got everything wrong with her, might as well throw self harm into the mix.

No. 124065

I didn't mean to imply that she wasn't obviously mentally ill. She obviously does have some mental issues going on, but like I've said before I/m wondering more if it's Munchasen's self-inflicted wounds vs. depression that's causing it.

No. 124067

Not only do I think it's Munchhausen's, I think she did them right before taking the picture. That's why they're so red; they just started healing. I think she did it with her nails, but she could have done it with an eraser.

No. 124077

You anons sure are quick to call Munchhausen's on everything..

No. 124078

As much as I hate when anon's do this it describes and fits this chick almost perfectly. She has gone through so many phases of almost every disorder from cancer to anorexia she has had it supposedly. Just scroll up or check out the other pro-ana threads.

No. 124086

She's addicted to being cared for intensely. I've never read up on Munchausen so idek if that's what it is. Loads of these snowflakes appear to be faking illnesses because they want personal attention constantly and want to delay independent living as long as possible. They're at the aphex tier of people I've known who go to their GP every fucking week because they want to have tests and have something to talk about.

That's what I think her problem is. Being obese she's going to have fat people complaints she's going to be overdramatising. Something like self harm is just another sickness that'll get her attention and concern. (Waiting for her to come out ad DID).

No. 124089

I agree with the anons this time about Kadee but Munchausen's almost seems like the anons' way of pushing away the possibility that any of these cows have any real issues.

Obviously Kadee is obese, and I'm sure those self harm scars look like scratches, I wouldn't be surprised if Kadee actually had depression at the least. Though there's definitely no denying she doesn't have anorexia. No way in hell.

No. 124091

She's a rather useless person (not even being mean, just objective) Because of that no one in her life loves her romantically (admires) or respects her.
She doesn't feel worthy of that adult love, and so she approaches people like a child. She regressively looks for sympathy and attention, like a toddler.
That's why she wants to be anorexic, she wants to be a weak child that has to be fed.
>Tl;dr She never grew up psychologically.

No. 124121

She talks constantly about anorexia and eating disorders for someone who supposedly has multiple physical health issues. I have a theory… is it possible she's banging on about the eating disorder so much to shame people telling her to lose weight/eat healthier things into silence. Being that big can worsen all sorts of health issues. I wonder the same about Kelly the 17 year old obese spoonie who sometimes uses a wheelchair and then posts a pic of herself on IG eating a pint of ice cream with the hashtag refeeding.

Before Kadee went private she had a pic on her IG with a guy saying they got engaged. She had a ring shot too. This was awhile before she was hospitalized. Maybe things didn't work out and this is a way to get attention and care.

No. 124131

they won't be, they're wide but they're shallow. she's definitely used something like a blunt pair of scissors, these marks will fade into nothing. she's got some decent sized scars there already though so i'd say she's been at it for a while.

i think >>124086 has pretty much hit the nail on the head. this girl gives me the vibe that she doesn't want to grow up and be an adult, she sees herself as small and frail (like that kelly girl) and thinks she needs to play up being sick so that she can be looked after and put off facing the real world for as long as possible. i don't doubt there's something wrong with her, but i also don't think it's anywhere near bad enough that she needs to be in hospital all the time, she's too self aware about her supposed eating disorder. she needs an apple and some therapy, not the psych ward.

No. 124154

Look at


Not a scar to be seen.

No. 124155

File: 1461582345050.png (288.69 KB, 476x257, image.png)

Kadee be like

No. 124198

From what I can gather, the "cuts" are on her left arm, and the first 2 pictures show her right arm. The last one does show her left, but only the top of it, so the scars could be hidden.

However, I agree with the others saying that
they looks shallow and more like scraping/eraser burns than actual cuts.

No. 124200

it’s weird she has scars like that but doesn’t post more often about them. she didn’t even take pictures while they were bleeding. she does everything for attention but she won’t post about self-harm? makes me think the scars were very shallow and disappeared immediately.

by the way it isn’t that easy to self harm. as a teenager i had an attention-whore phase and I tried. didn’t manage to cut deep solely for attention. I can’t imagine a hypochondriac like Kadeem could do that.

No. 124266

Agreed. I've gotten that feeling for awhile now.

No. 124267

"think I might have just punched anorexia in the face" more like, I think YOU may have just punched ACTUAL ANOREXICS in the face with your bullshit.

No. 124268

KEK, you just took the words right outta my mouth.

No. 124270

That's actually a very fucking depressing theory.

No. 124316

There aren't many happy mental illnesses. I feel especially bad for her because hospital treatment would likely just feed her weaknesses. The more "support" she gets, the less likely she is to make any real psychological progress.
On the other hand, I really can't stand her self obsession. She wants to be put in Anorexia treatment so badly, without thinking about how bad that would be for the other sufferers who are afraid of becoming fat. Kelly's the same way. They both never talk about other people.

No. 124319

File: 1461626019210.jpeg (192.11 KB, 640x921, image.jpeg)

Apparently her latest update now cries about how she was rejected from starting an ED therapy group because shes "too high risk" , her explanation for this is in the comments included in pic.

No. 124322

Why doesn't she try to get some general mental help? That's what she actually needs, not refeeding, but a structured environment to learn coping mechanisms and a less self-centered approach to social interaction.
Besides, I thought she was already accepted into IP? >>123727
Furthermore if she's so deathly ill why the hell is she at a Starbucks?

No. 124396

Isn't it really easy to get into support groups? It doesn't have the costs and qualifications of IP, they're like weekly meetings. WTF?

No. 124398

i lost it at
>sitting at starbucks

No. 124410

She's high risk because seeing someone so fat would send all the anorexics screaming and wanting to restrict so they don't end up like her…..

No. 124428


Yeah, at least the ED support group I went to for a while was that way, anyways. It was like going to an AA meeting basically, but it was held on Saturdays in the same space where an ED partial program ran during the week. You didn't have to be in the PHP to go to the support group though, it was open to anyone.

No. 124440

I think it's so weird how she gives percents for everything, like how she supposedly told by her doctors that she has a 90% chance of dying this year.

I think she thinks that it makes her sound more credible, but it actually does the opposite.

No. 124452


Sounds like a weather forecast, kek

No. 124453

sage for OT but this is a slightly burnt and nearly ready to be discarded applie pie from McDonald's

back when I worked there as a teen we only gave these shitty pies to people with an attitude. the nice people who bought pies got the pretty golden ones. eat that stale, gross pie you fat slob, I know you would even if it were two days old.

No. 124455

you're right, it's not easy to cut deep if you're not intending to really harm yourself. kadee posting photos of her cuts proves she want trying to actually hurt herself but just needed validation from strangers on Instagram because she has a complex about needing to feel like the center of attention at all times. people who are really struggling with self harm don't tend to show it off because it's gory, heartbreaking, and shocking. people who need attention however will go to any lengths to get it.

No. 124462

File: 1461653302253.jpg (48.98 KB, 754x272, lower.jpg)

Kadee has lowered he gofundme me amount again. First it was 100k, then 50k and now down to 20k. She also deleted the negative comment she got.

No. 124464

I thought she wasn't going to treatment anyway?

No. 124485

Its really just for drugs and ensures.

No. 124502

Posted it in the Pro Ana thread already but there is no one on this board I hate more than this fatass, malingering junkie pig. Reading about her literally brings my blood to a boil.

Sage for raging.

No. 124508

File: 1461669574349.png (432.39 KB, 600x515, 1444218596916.png)

No. 124520

File: 1461672477499.jpg (405.22 KB, 1242x647, ohdear.jpg)

kek some bitch who browses lolcow and brags about it on mpa had the audacity to defend kadee.

No. 124521

File: 1461672587722.jpg (413.42 KB, 1246x698, EMBER.jpg)

went to rant about ember right after.

No. 124550


> OMG don't b mean she obviously has EDNOS!!!1

> Dunt fat shame guiz!!1 (on an pro-ED forum)

> has a picture mocking Aly in her signature

> Tries to change topic to Ember even though she's been discussed to death

What a hypocritical bitch. And use the search feature on MPA, honey. If you want to talk about Ember there's load of threads, just bump one up or start a new one for fuck sakes.

No. 124563



>>gw 1: BMI 21,6

>> 15 lbs in 15 days

I mean, whatever, but it really shows what type of girls frequent the ana-thread.

I’m wondering if she's the anon who flooded the threads with ember and emily posts.

No. 124573


"LW 150"

Really??? So anorexic. Many sick.

No. 124620

I think she says she has ednos, but whatever. Not eve one on mpa claims to be anorexic

No. 124641

like, seriously, whenever things like this happen, people completely forget that ednos/atypical an exists.

No. 124684

File: 1461693653320.jpg (120.74 KB, 748x1120, 9dc42c2e-6b3c-4bd2-a550-ff57ce…)

what a serious, deadly ED. She might starve to death from such a small meal…

No. 124690

Don't expect hospitals to put their foot down, either. They make their bread and butter through nationalized survey scores. People working in the health care field have been completely neutered, and are scrutinized for not giving the patient the best enviroment possible.
It's disgusting that someone can't just tell her to knock it the fuck off.

No. 124692

You've done your country proud.

No. 124709

The difference between her and Aly is she actually gorges on all the food she posts(and them some). Makes me wonder if Aly would be obese too if she ate everything she posted

No. 124721

>there is an 85% chance my therapist is quitting on me tomorrow


>Kadee, you're obese. You're not anorexic.
>Kadee, you need to work with me to overcome these harmful behaviors of yours. You can't keep pretending to be ill and abusing the medical system.
>Kadee, I can't treat you if you refuse to be treated.
>By working with you, I'm inadvertently providing you with "proof" that you're ill. You are ill, but not in the ways that you claim. If you continue to use your privilege as a patient to further your lies, and continually show complete unwillingness to get better, I'm going to have to drop you as my patient.

No. 124784

And so do the people on MPA. So many people on MPA cling to the Anorexia board and claim to have "atypical" anorexia when you can tell that they belong more to the OSFED or Bulimia community

The reason why people are being so harsh to Kadee is because she's claiming to be anorexic. She wouldn't even be on here if she just admitted she had OSFED or BED.

No. 124796

It looks like she's eaten out today a lot and her latest post (on her new account) it seems like "recovery" is coming easier to her then we thought. This girl doesn't fit anorexia requirements at all and she's dumb enough to prove she doesn't by posting what she eats. If she was recovering she wouldn't be eating those type of foods. Mozzarella sticks, alcohol, etc… Really?

No. 124867

Perfection: I can envisage it all so well!

No. 124963

File: 1461747645160.jpg (87.67 KB, 741x478, fund.jpg)

She's lowered her gofundme amount again. It's a far cry from the 100k she needed last week because her doctor told her she was going to DIE without treatment.

No. 124968

I wonder why she's doing that. Is she really so delusional she thinks people would give her money? If I was her and it was all an act I wouldn't create such an opportunity to show my followers no one really believes I'm going to die. But maybe she thinks it will give her more pity


No. 124980

Fuck me, $2,500?! But you guys, how will that measly amount stop her gramma from straight up killing herself because of Kadee's totally severe and life-destroying anorexia?! Why is everyone so meeeeeEEEEeeaaAAAnnnnasdfajlfkjajflkajf???

No. 125027

File: 1461764195028.jpeg (325.65 KB, 1138x1707, image.jpeg)

No. 125049


it'll be down to 500 bucks within the next 24 hours

No. 125080

my laughter is slow and sustained. thanks anon

No. 125096

>spends it all on donuts

No. 125101


She needs weight watchers, not IP treatment. This disgusting gremlin is taking a bed away from someone who might actually starve to death without help. She would outlive all of us in a famine. There's plenty of meat on her bones.

No. 125105


"it would truly mean everything to me and I wouldn’t know how to thank you besides doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing when I get better - going to school to be a psychologist and helping people like me, who have struggled with major depressive disorder, an eating disorder, anxiety problems, post traumatic stress disorder, and self injurious behaviors. I want to get better so I can give back and help all those girls and boys out there that are struggling now, or will be one day in the coming years. Please help me get the help I need and that is being suggested by my treatment team as I cannot afford it."


No. 125113

Oh man, she'd be the worst psychologist ever. Luckily she probably doesn't have the brains to become one anyway.

No. 125116

I love it when mentally ill people want to become psychologists/social workers/therapists. If Kadee can't even handle life without painkillers and being in the hospital how the hell is she supposed to cope with hearing stories daily about her patients being raped as children, being physically and mentally abused and everything else that comes with it.

You have to be mentally stable and very mentally and emotionally strong for years before you're able to handle giving advice and listening to these stories if you're a survivor of trauma/mental illness yourself. It's not as easy as taking a four year course at your uni and BAM! you're saving people's lives left and right. You see the worst and will always see the worse and hardly ever hear a positive thing or see anyone recover and move on with their lives. It's tough shit.

Ugh. Rant over.

No. 125117

Same anon as above. I also love that YET AGAIN she's making up some sob story to get more money thrown in her direction for "serious inpatient care". Like fuck off already. There are people who really need that shit and would never start a GoFundMe and take money from people, instead they wait on lists for months and years while suffering even more. Some even continue to live with their abusers during this time because their is no safe place for them in their local community.

Like, fuck. I'm so fucking angry right now.

No. 125132

her teeth are so yellow!!!!?? i'm from the uk so i'm used to seeing bad teeth but they're literally the colour of cheese. how can she not realise that???

No. 125140

yellow teeth are actually color of teeth. but i feel like she drinks to much tea or coffee so it makes it more yellow. like brushing them keeps them slightly yellow (like the real color of teeth) maybe she doesnt brush her teeth and thats why their yellow? its kinda gross tho

No. 125144

She'll just take their stories and claim them as her own. She'll egg them on to get more details in order to tell the story better.
I know this because I knew a girl who did this. Took my roommate's bad childhood story and retold it to a girl down the hall as her own. It was messed up, and it's exactly the type of thing Kadee would do.

No. 125154

I'm not a native speaker but her English seems to be really bad (?). Like a 14 year old trying to sound intellectual and deep.

No. 125159

File: 1461781070468.jpg (109.73 KB, 281x318, bones.jpg)

Does she really study Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology?!

No. 125160

File: 1461781341355.jpg (126.84 KB, 1024x768, 1039582_443673599063658_690988…)


No. 125161

File: 1461781487472.jpg (Spoiler Image,163.91 KB, 2048x1356, 178306_285423874888632_6257962…)


No. 125170

She hangs that insult to rulers and maturity in her room. That's so much more aggravating and sad than her cat scratches.

No. 125172

i thought the exact same thing. she would be so toxic to anyone trying to legitimately get help - such a lack of understanding and empathy. sorry about what happened with your roomate, that's creepy.

No. 125175

This legitimately makes me upset. I don't know any anorexic people who would post so confidently about eating something so fucking huge and greasy and fatty like this. I've seen bulimic people post like this about huge binges, I've seen EDNOS/OSFED people post about eating something like this after fasting for a week, but… not someone claiming that they struggle to eat. God. Anorexic recovery, huh. Shit, I'm mad.

No. 125187

File: 1461784003139.jpg (96.64 KB, 960x720, 12369192_876455462452134_60744…)

what’s up with her friend’s face? she looks like the moon.

No. 125188

Plain old fatty or Cushing's disease.

No. 125189

They all look like one woman getting fatter from left to right.

No. 125267

File: 1461790172330.jpeg (162.02 KB, 634x998, image.jpeg)

her followers are apparently as delusional as she is

No. 125277

Wow. I understand trying to raise somebody's self-esteem, but why would you tell her to send her shots to a modeling agency?! That can only end badly, and I'm sure Kadee will make a big shit about how triggering the experience was and how she's totally going to starve herself forever now.

No. 125279


Is it a real account? I'm assuming it's a troll or someone from here trying to lead her on.

No. 125286

I'm not 100% sure about the first person, but the second one backing them up seems legitimate.

No. 125292


OHH MY GOD bitch is on Medicaid, which is for really poor people, yet going out every day eating at restaurants and Dunkin Donuts?!?? Fuck her!

No. 125293

Modeling for what?
Muumuus? Before pictures? Toe-fungus-treatment products?

No. 125305

She'll never get a job. She'll use illness as an excuse to be a slacker all her life.

No. 125309

Of course the person suggesting modelling is a troll or maybe they're visually impaired? She's not completely fugly but she ain't no model!

No. 125311

I've been meaning to say; what is up with her name? Were her parents illiterate?!

No. 125339


Sounds like my ex who claimed to be sooooo anorexic at 5'4" and "lowest weight" of 150 fucking pounds. She's an epic hamplanet to this day, well over 200lbs. Total lolcow herself and extremely histrionic.

No. 125342

I bet that's exactly how it went down.
Nice one, anon!

No. 125345


No. 125346

Oh my fucking god. Beg much?

No. 125347

This is exactly what I'm thinking would happen too. And it's fucking disturbing. I've seen it happen before as well. Fuck, some dumb bitch took details from MY life and tried to pass them off as her own personal experiences to people. JFC. I hate people like this.

No. 125348

She's got thick skin all right. She's got thick everything.

No. 125350

That trigger warning was a joke, right? I mean, yeah, it's self harm, but not what I'd personally call extreme.

No. 125351

What do you think, anon?

No. 125357


She should never, ever, EVER go into the mental health field. Luckily she seems to be extremely lazy and unintelligent, so maybe we don't have to worry about that.

I had a mental health worker (not going to name the job title because it turned into a big "thing") who fucked me up BIG TIME because of her borderline personality disorder. She was supposedly treated for everything under the sun and "didn't have BPD anymore" and was allowed to work with mental health patients. I am in therapy to this day because of her- no joke.

This Kadee girl can NEVER be allowed to be a mental health professional.

No. 125358

Listen Kadeelyn Nicole Konstantino, you need to get off the internet. Get off the internet, join wweight watchers, get treatment for your obvious personality disorder and Munchausens, and stop pretending to be anorexic. You're literally fooling NO ONE.

No. 125361

I 100% agree. I was the Anon who wrote >>125116 and >>125117

Sadly, if she ends up being serious about this profession choice most schools really like to hear that you have been mentally ill yourself and have recovered because it counts as some sort of relatable, real-life experience. And yes, she should never ever be a mental health professional unless she is absolutely 100% recovered and can have people vouch for her being mentally stable.

Especially because I have a sneaking suspicion she has malingering behaviour and her doctors and treatment team (if she has one) may or may not be aware of it.

It bothers the shit out of me when I see mentally ill people go through schooling to become mental health professions when most of them will not be able to handle it. You have to be completely honest and open with yourself and know yourself really really well before you commit to being in charge of people's lives. Most of these people sadly do not this type of self reflection.

I'm so sorry you were abused and manipulated by someone who was supposed to help you heal. I hope you're in a better spot now and that you're getting the help you need to move forward from all of that.

No. 125363

Apologies. I had a tard moment.

No. 125390

File: 1461806832660.png (30.71 KB, 613x482, 1461801190175.png)

Is this Kadee too?
I saw it on FPH.

No. 125470


OP here. You're absolutely right.

But then again, her name is Kadeelyn. It's like davidismus on steriods.

No. 125490

itsalwayssunnyinautimn has got to be a shit stirrer. You don't cheer up a friend by setting them up for failure.

No. 125546

Kadee has a boyfriend?! I thought she was dying in hospital of "severe anorexia".

No. 125552

He dumped her for a skinnier girl, that's why she's obsessed with the anorexia diagnosis

No. 125596

it's Kadees sister I believe ??

No. 125618

Shit anon, I'm so sorry about that,
Can I ask what she did? (In broad terms)

No. 125629

sage for personal blog but I get so irritated with mentally ill people talking about how much they want to recover and be MH workers because I know it's rarely a legitimate dream. Even when you aren't whoring all your disorders out on the internet for attention, I've found that it becomes really easy to get obsessed with the disorders you have when you're doing quite badly with them. I think a lot of those people only want to be mental health workers because that's what their life is currently revolving around.

It's like a kid who loves drawing wanting to be an artist. Except that their "hobby" is their illness.

No. 125758

Say waaaat?! There is SO much inconsistencies in Fakedee's last ig post. 1) 'dinner' is raw veggies despite having posted junk food, countless starbucks and other crap for days on end. 2) after a "ferocious workout" ? When she was so medically unstable a few days ago she was refused ip treatment on those grounds! 3) her post is also now tagged with #bipolar

…So has she just lay claim to another diagnosis or is this one shes previously used?

No. 125783

She's shopping around for diagnoses - clear MUNCHausen (heavy on the munch…)

No. 125856

She also has a macbook, which confused the hell out of me.

No. 125878

Kadeelynn is absolutely the most trailer trash name ever.

No. 126122

I wish her IG wasn't private. Can someone fill me in please? Is she out of hospital?

No. 126139

File: 1461975338122.png (500.94 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Ur not missing much anon - shes home & been moaning still bout how IP, ed group therapy & a few more therapists have all rejected her for being "too severe" or "medically compromised"… Which we r all assuming means they cant & wont work with a patient wanting them to reinforce her delusions of being spoopy & ana & on her death bed! Last ig post was this screenshot of a convo between her & her new therapist! Enjoy.

No. 126149

Who the fuck texts their therapists?
In my country, that's a breach of ethics that will get you fires and never hired again.

No. 126151

>bmi over 35


No. 126154

i'm from the uk, i text message my psychiatric nurse on her work phone and so do many other people i know with their cpns. usually things like having a shit time mentally that day or appt details. never anything chatty or clingy on either side of the conversation.

No. 126159

how . . . how is this real?


>magical unicorn

No. 126162

Maybe she paid for one of those online "therapists"

No. 126163


Mine will text me the occasional "call me as soon as you get this." But that's really it. I do email a lot with my therapist though…

No. 126164

File: 1461984110092.png (364.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-29-22-37-55…)

So… she got "rejected"… from a support group… because she's so severely anorexic? Not inpatient, not outpatient, not residential treatment… but a SUPPORT GROUP.

I've never seen someone this delusional. She has no grasp on reality.

No. 126198

sometimes I wonder if she's trolling us.

No. 126204

It was the
>Puh leeze
that got me. It's just so unprofessional. It has to be something like >>126162 said…

No. 126208

If she actually got rejected from a support group maybe she was being disruptive and they told her the group wasn't suitable for her needs or something like that.
She's exaggerating how sick she is and little help is being given to her. She has some goal in this like getting money or soaking up support. The thing is her lies are so obvious that it can look like trolling.

No. 126211

Wow, in Australia we straight up do not do this. I'm a dual diagnosis social worker and its worth my degrees to even suggest texting with a client.

Damn uk, that's some unprofessional shit. If our clients have a bad day they have psych triage, make an appointment or use the network therapists are supposed to help you build so you don't need them when not in session. Wouldn't being allowed to call your psych just to say 'its a bad day' be counterproductive?

No. 126212

Was she on it for more than 4 minutes this time?

Does she think ensure has few calories or that wobbling on as home for a few minutes burns thousands or calories?

No. 126220

It sure is stupid. Especially with BDP/malingering. You're supposed to teach them bondaries not feed their desperate need for attention. Seems really counterproductive.

No. 126223

If they can't go a few hours without needing support(read: being a malingering little bitch) she should be in some shitty little clinic for psych-lifers. She's never gonna choose anything but dependency, why bother with her?

No. 126228

Orthorexia??!! The hambeast looks like she hasn't eaten a vegetable for months! I do feel a bit sorry for her because she is likely mentally ill with a delusional disorder.

No. 126235

Anon seems confused, though they did say they're working with a community psychiatric nurse. BACP registered therapists in the UK have the same ethical obligations and boundaries as everywhere else in the Western world. We might confirm appointment times or set emergency appointments if really necessary via the phone or email but we don't chit-chat over text.

>>126139 this is just completely bizarre, and though it might be some kind of professional in the mental health or social work field, I don't believe it's a therapist.

No. 126238

I think that's really really weird too. I only text with my therapist when the next appointment needs to be moved for some reason. She said if I'm really struggling I can call, which I think is normal, but other than that? Nope.

No. 126240

She should really come up with more realistic lies. This piggy lives of Starbeetus, donuts and other junk

No. 126244

When I was in an intense DBT program I was required to email my therapist my charts for the day and the coping skills I used. She also texted visual representations of coping mechanisms to cope with shit. I think this technology is a good tool, especially for people needing help building support systems, but using it to befriend your therapist is unhealthy. I think it's called transference. One shouldn't feel that comfortable with their therapist, especially within days of meeting them (as the mental health professional with not feel filling comfortable with the client) You can feel the manipulation billowing for her Internet recorded interactions with others.

No. 126256

It freaks me out that in the US patients seem to call therapists by their first name? Is that normal or just something weird wannarexics on Tumblr or Instagram do?

No. 126257

It's pretty normal here in Canada as well.
It creates a feeling of trust on a first name basis, while calling your therapist "Mr. Smith" puts them in a place of higher authority.

No. 126258


Exactly what I was thinking

No. 126259

File: 1462021760041.png (19.46 KB, 628x226, kaydeegfm.png)

lol, just saw this comment on her GoFundMe page too.

No. 126266


Kek! I wonder if she will delete that comment once she sees it?! I remember something similar being said to her on an ig comment & she went ballistic & was so rude to the person basically saying she wasnt even going to dignify their comment with an answer lol!

No. 126270

Thought: do we reckon she is the type of delusional faker who wuld jump at the chance to get more media coverage? Im just imagining this being a pretty controversial story to run with on Dr. Phill!

No. 126279

Lol literal cabbage patch dolls

No. 126289

I'd love to see 'not my first rodeo' Phyllis take her by the horns, It's clear malingering at this point and any genuinel professionals that spend longer than two minutes with her would catch on to this.

Britfag here btw and see an NHS therapist for trauma and ED related schema therapy. I'm encouraged to e-mail for support but don't, I don't feel it's appropriate and would feel clingy or like a pain for pestering her. It's encouraged but there are obviously boundaries. It's a work/mental health system e-mail address and certain swears/curses are blocked and innapropriate e-mails are taken seriously. They do protect therapists from abusive clients.

It really frustrates me that people with EDNOS/OSFED have to cling to inappropriate diagnostic labels for attention and because certain hashtags and labels garner more sympathy, attention and funds from the gullible idiots who pander to people like Kelly.Sorry for crap blogpost but her posts are so shameless. Speaking from experience, Atypical anorexic (purging subtype)who identifies honestly that their diagnosis is, in fact EDNOS/OFSED; Atypical anorexia (b/p), but y'know… that's not trendy enough. Call a spade a spade and an obese bmi an obese bmi. Other EDs are just as dangerous, she's contributing to the stigma of BED despite clearly suffering with it. She's not exercising that much, either. No way.

No. 126296

>She's not exercising that much, either. No way.

is she the same cow that posted a picture of a treadmill after a workout and it said she ran for like… 4 minutes

No. 126301



"Kick ass work out!"

No. 126302

I don't even think she's that mentally ill. She seems like a spoiled and stupid person who thinks she's clever. That's why she makes up stupid, obvious lies and thinks nobody can see through it.

No. 126304

you'd be surprised, anon. a lot of mental illness presents itself in ways that makes it look like people are just being bratty

No. 126305

It's really weird. doesn't psychoanalyses exist anymore? Psychoanalysts don't even decorate their rooms so their patients don’t get ideas about their personality. They're supposed to be neutral mediators. I'm aware psychoanalysis is deemed outdated and there are many other forms of therapy but I wouldn't have guessed they abandoned all its principles.

No. 126307

idk from my experience with mentally ill people those who act bratty are bratty.

No. 126310

Well, it's different. Someone with anxiety could beneficit from this kind of relationship with a shrink because they would need support and wouldn't seek it out themselves. Malingering and bpd will abuse this because they WANT attention. There is a therapy for bpd based on this where witholding contact with the therapist is key. Like, you can only contact on certain conditions or you can't contact for x time after doing stuff for attention (like cutting), ect

No. 126312

Claims she did "15 miles on top of other shit". Not even bitching but she's just exaggerating and lying through her yellowed teeth. Also attended an AA meeting, suddenly talking more about smoking and claiming to be a recovering/ex alcoholic. It's a new 'disease'/'condition/'disorder' with each new post. Each trying to be edgy, and I suspect she's making up behaviours that some of her followers/followed are engaging in. Except she's clearly faking things. I think she's just histrionic and has few friends. Her posts really annoy and wind me up but I do think she's a little sick to need so much attention. I can't imagine the nurses and doctors working and what they must thing when people like her and Kelly claim ~`muh ana is so severe and speshulll'~ that they can't be treated. It's sickening when over here the only real support in most catchment areas are refeed and release with so few beds that only the dying recoeve any support at all and it's often too late. Malingering/hypochondriac and histrionic would be all over her file notes here and she'd have access to (and would obviously) read those. It's sad that she wants friends but acts the way she does but her behaviour is so unreasonable, it's no wonder sje has trouble making friends. Tumblr/Insta tags are so ridiculous.

No. 126320

Would also like to point out that diagnoses change - a diagnoses of A/N would be changed to OSFED; Atypical Anorexia (subtype or not) based on BMI and disordered behaviours or patterns changing. Anorexics can become bulimic and vice versa but don't keep their initial diagnosis. It's a bit pathetic to cling to a diagnosis that is no longer valid; moreso if you clearly and undeniably don't meet the physical characteristics in the DSM. It's just how diagnoses work. Kelly is avoiding the real help and support her mental and physical health would benefit from in favpur of more fashionable illnesses to fit into (multiple?) MH and sickness related communities online. I hope she does manage to find appropriaye support for the illnesses she seems to have and stops chasing treatment for things she thinks she has.

No. 126348

File: 1462038294971.jpeg (177.81 KB, 640x941, image.jpeg)

Have we discussed the fact she now also has a "service dog" ?? Wtf does she need that for - to remind her to go for a walk 2 x a day to LOSE weight and become healthy?!
And can anyone not just get a dog and stick a special harness/jacket on it & call it a service dog?!

No. 126350

I have a service dog; you can't get the vests for them just anywhere, I don't think. Did she post a pic of the dog in a vest?

No. 126367


Tenner bet it's just her pet dog. Maybe an attempt at justifying getting her own pet. Her parents would probably have a hard time believing that she'd give it regular walks. Having issues and owning a dog does not a service dog make. The therapeutic aspect of owning a dog/animal companion is not exactly the same as a trained therapy animal. Likely just another exaggeration to warrant a pity-hash.

No. 126368

Yeah, you can get fake vests and bullshit permits for your pets. They are legally meaningless but some people don't know that, so you can sometimes get away with it. There are lots of tumblr attention whores with "emotional support animals"

No. 126390

That's so weird.
No wonder all these crazyingering bitches are American or British. I'm pretty sure they don't even use the harm reduction principles, so they're super backwards.

A personal relationship with a therapist is just wrong. After a long working relationship first names can be okay but everything else should be professional.

What's next, no dual diagnosis?

Back OT, how long until kadee starts scraping the bottom of the DSM barrel and has to try and get attention on just pica and trichotillomania?

No. 126407

No. 126408

fuck, forgot to type before posting. This thread always makes me think of the video above, kek.

No. 126413

File: 1462058299804.png (59.54 KB, 671x313, kaydeetumblr.png)

Pic related? I don't see why she would want to go to the gym if she can barely hold down food. There's also pictures of plates of vegetables she's been eating on her tumblr, which would all make more sense if she were trying not to binge and lose weight instead.

No. 126419

>15 miles

Of course you did. In four minutes as well.

No. 126537

LOL at "lucky to be alive".

No. 126570

Morbid obesity is a very serious issue anon.

No. 126636


Well, yeah but the hambeast doesn't think she is "lucky to be alive" because of her obesity, she thinks it's because of her super serious anorexia.

No. 126637

It was a joke.

No. 126650

File: 1462140139003.jpg (65.89 KB, 482x434, meds.jpg)

So she just decided to increase her meds without talking to her doctor. I guess she knows better than everyone who treats her.

No. 126704

120 mg of Prozac and 50 mg limictal? What an idiot…. What symptoms is she treating? Manic? Depressive? Mixed??

No. 126707

All those drugs will be making her feel worse especially if she doesn't really need them.

No. 126709

Ahahah what a retard. She'll eventually manage to overdose her gigantic body. She's gonna make herself mentally ill by gobbling down pills as if they were cakes.

She doesn't want doctors she wants enablers with prescription pads and food.

No. 126712

I hope this fool didn't increase her lamictal on her own. You can LITERALLY fucking kill yourself doing this because you increase the risk of a deadly skin rash.

No. 126714

What the hell.

No. 126716

If I also remember right isn't lamictal also an anticonvulsant, of which fucking with can actually induce seizures? Although given here blatant malingering, she'd probably be thrilled to have that happen then blame it on her ~severe~ anorexia.

I also feel like her physician is ignoring her because they're aware to an extent of her dishonest intentions.

No. 126797

That dose is comically low though, as long as she waited two weeks it isn't super bad. I'm more concerned with her increasing her prozac dose. Shit can cause serotonin poisoning and the max recommended dose is 80mg. Plus if she was actually bipolar it could send her into mania really quick.


No. 126892

is there anything this hambeast hasn't self diagnosed herself with??

No. 126903

Honestly seeming more likely with each new post that Kelly (ab)uses prescription medication, which is probably causing most (of not all) of any symptoms or illnesses that require genuine treatment and the medeical attention she craves. She's constantly self-diagnosing and gathering labels. It's pretty much undeniable that she's suffering from a degree of Munchausen's syndrome. She makes herself sick by going against medical professionals' advice and self-precribing higher amounts of meds that she likely doesn't need in the first place. It's all about attention. Her posts are needy and she's always whining that she needs a friend.

No. 126914

I think you mean Kadee.

No. 126915

(Unless Kelly is back from IP? Ugh, sorry for stupidity if so.)

No. 126978


No, my mistake, anon! Sorry, they're too similar! I can't wait for that either. I follow both but have been wary of getting too involved in case of spoiling any milk. I can say I do suffer from both an eating disorder and a chronic pain condition myself (and no, I don't appreciate the 'spoonie' trend, it's ridiculous!) so find them interesting accounts to follow. I've noticed that both happen to imitate their followers and desperately try to fit in to 'sickness communities' (at least on IG) and seem obsessed with posting hospital/waiting-room and goofy selfies replete with as much medical paraphernelia as possibly so I get confused. Both are equally frustrating to me so I extend my deepest apologies for the confusion in getting them mixed up! Both 'K' names too, huh?

No. 127002

>Worse in the evenings than the days
Twinkies get harder to resist at night?

No. 127008

Binge eating disorder. The one thing she actually has.
Do you guys think she thinks anorexia is 'only eating 1000 calories a day'?

No. 127017

She's probably one of thoee tards that thinks anorexia is nothing but a psychological disorder. I.e. EDs are about what's 'up here'. If she agreed that anorexia had a lot to do with weight loss and body dysmorphia, then she'd have to do even more mental gymnastics to be able to argue that she even has the disorder in the first place.

No. 127022

She probably thinks anorexia is being ashamed of one's weight / trying to lose weight unhealthily.

No. 127059

If her mental gymnastics burned calories she'd be anorexic.

No. 127112

It's quite alright, anon! They are very similar, but Kadee's drug issues stand out more to me, so I wanted to check.
It's fascinating to me how similar they are too. I'm surprised they aren't best friends or something. Both obese, chronically ill anorexics.
(And best of luck with both your eating disorder and chronic pain condition. I hope you're doing okay.)

No. 127113

>She's probably one of thoee tards that thinks anorexia is nothing but a psychological disorder. I.e. EDs are about what's 'up here'
I'm certain that's exactly what she thinks. "I'm anorexic because I sometimes think I should not eat tomorrow" (even if it never happens) and such other ideas.

No. 127126


But then it's confusing because she talks about body dysmorphia, losing tons of (invisible) weight and knowing she 'needs' to gain weight. It's like she's deluding herself and no one says anything because they're part of the super supportive Insta ED community.

No. 127128

She might have body dysmorphia in the sense that she thinks she is wasting away. Before she went private on IG she kept talking about her body was rejecting food because it wasn't used to having any. I think at that time she was hospitalized and had recently had surgery which could account for some puking.

No. 127147


That's disordered eating, which is extremely common. Not an eating disorder. Or a severe one.

No. 127186

It's really only disordered eating or an eating disorder if you act on it. If you only think about it, it's disordered thoughts, which is probably more along the lines of what Kadee has. She thinks about not eating, but doesn't act on it.

Of course, I also agree with the idea that she has body dysmorphia in the way of thinking she's wasting away. So her mind seems to be a horrible mess of "omg don't eat" and always followed by "i must b/c i'm so thin!" Yikes.

No. 127261

Sounds like she has some mental issues and you guys are just sitting around making fun of a disabled person.

This site kinda makes me sick.

No. 127262

you must be new here

No. 127269


No, we call out the idiots who give themselves self diagnosis or fake diseases while playing the victim.

No. 127292

Some mental issues =/= disabled

No. 127340


Actual disabled person here. I approve of making fun of Kadee.

Fuck off nyao~

No. 127351

I think her problem is more in drug addiction than actual mental issues.

No. 127363

I wonder if she'll keep up the 'severe anorexia' lies when she has to go to therapy on a rascal?

No. 127369

File: 1462317230679.jpeg (108.35 KB, 612x868, image.jpeg)

This just in, folks- chicken is poultry, not meat

No. 127372

"the vegetarian laws"

No. 127373

Kadee gets to live by rules that may not make sense to other people. Like being an obese anorexic who will DIE within the year without inpatient treatment.

No. 127383

>eats the flesh of another animal
>still believes she's vegetarian

Is she even real? Sometimes I wonder if this is all just a big troll. She can't honestly be serious.

No. 127386

Trust me, she's not the only one. My bf's mom is the same way. Says she's vegetarian except for the odd piece of fish every now and then. I don't want to tell her she's wrong but well, she is.

I'm vegetarian and haven't had meat for probably a decade or so. It grosses me out.

No. 127395

She might believe chicken don't have souls.

No. 127443

I keep turning the idea of Kadee having body dysmorphia over and over in my head, but it still doesn't sit right. Instead, I wonder if she really kind of has an idea that she has BED but is trying to convince herself that she's too thin. That way, she can rationalize eating more and more, "to gain weight and treat the anorexia" and get away with not seeking treatment for her real underlying issue, the BED.

No. 127446

Hold the fucking phone.

>tried steak for the very first time ever in my 21 1/2 years

>first time ever

I call bullshit.

>I'm allergic to fish

So would she be eating fish if she wasn't allergic to it? I'd think she'd have said that fish is off-limits to vegetarians if she thought it was.

Has she ever mentioned her vegetarianism previously? I feel like she'd yap about that constantly. Hell, maybe she hasn't eaten beef or pork for the past week so now she's calling herself a vegetarian.

I fucking hate Kaydee.

No. 127449


She posted a body dysmorphia image on IG that was something along the lines of 'i feel HUGE even though I'm not etc etc' like the typical anorexia thing. And then that picture where she's stretching her pajamas out and says she lost 70 lbs. Just weird.

I don't even think she for sure has BED, just compulsive overeating and convinces herself it's super brave to feel better about it.

No. 127468

Having read her comment about chicken, I am more certain than ever that she has a delusional/psychotic disorder. She says the most bizarre things and I think she believes them! Why are these doctors indulging her pretend eating disorder when she's clearly batshit mental?

No. 127469

That's the stupidest thing I've read in weeks anon.

No. 127472

Nah, she's thick is all. There's meat, fish and poultry. She obviously thinks not eating what she classes "meat" as cow, pig, etc and things with wings isn't "meat". Her own laws of vegetarianism. Idk why she would accept poultry if she's doing it as an animal welfare issue, but then I don't get pescatarians who don't think killing fish is cruel/morally wrong.

No. 127486

File: 1462366062968.jpeg (612.88 KB, 1200x1800, image.jpeg)

Is anyone else as confused as i am about how badly she is doing at keeping up the 'muh anorexia almost killed me' thing? Its been like 2/3 weeks since she was begging drs to give her a feeding tube & for $ to get 'life saving IP treatment' for severe anorexia, yet here she is ever so easily chowig down on all these foods u wouldnt see someone truly entrenched in severe anorexia go near for months if not years into recovery!!

No. 127488

Oh my goodness. She really doesn't need that much food.

No. 127490

How dare you anon?! Thinking about being so anorexic she'd need a feeding tube or risk death made her really, really hungry!

No. 127511

Sickening! Not to mention her deleted posts! Pizza is always an anorexic's favourite… Either delusional or trolling. She's posting blatant proof against her own claims. It's bloody lunacy!

No. 127541


but don't you think she's being such a warrior by confronting her demons like that?

she just wants to be encouraged to eat whatever she wants and not feel guilt about it.

No. 127592

File: 1462388871200.jpeg (163.75 KB, 640x709, image.jpeg)


It gets worse folks: the more she posts the more i am convinced she is suffering from a delusional disorder. What makes me lol tho is she claims to be still following a meal plan her previous dietician set her in hospital, shes drinking ensures at least once a day & posting junk food for snacks/meals multiple times a day yet she STILL thinks shes not eating enough?! I wonder if her previous dietician was on drugs?

No. 127595

>im eating too much (but im actually eating too little)

literally wtf

No. 127600

>I've noticed that both happen to imitate their followers

Damn, I have a personality disorder (and yet - never bawwed about it on ig), and now I 'm dying to test your theory, like, make a few #muhdisorder #muchfighting #suchbrave posts on my ig and then leave comment on hers to make her notice me and watch if she shortly starts to claim she has this disorder as well (it wasn't on her list… yet)

No. 127606

I've been following her for a while now and just only realizing how crazy she is..like when she kept posting recently about her being on the brink of death i was like um..ok maybe its possible.. but shes not deathly underweight like severe anorexics are.

Then I looked at her IG and realized holy shit, she eats so much! and all unhealthy things! and multiple times a day.. That's so insane she still thinks she's undereating!

No. 127607

im tempted to comment something along the lines of "no hun you're doing great! you're eating so much and you look like you've gained a healthy amount of weight"

No. 127608

Omg pls do! im sure she wuld love to aquire a new label!

Talking of labels hav u noticed how shes not even consistent with her #tags? one post its #ednos #bipolar #anxiety. The next its #anorexia #bipolar #depression #ptsd

No. 127609

File: 1462392350721.jpeg (21.54 KB, 395x391, image.jpeg)

No. 127610

File: 1462392502980.gif (2.9 MB, 500x273, image.gif)

No. 127613

She is delusional.

No. 127614

File: 1462393062729.jpg (25.07 KB, 500x422, muh-ed.jpg)

Oh god I've been dreaming to meet a deluded wannarexic hamplanet like pic related and now I met Kadee and can watch her delusions online everyday thank you Jesus

No. 127617

Has she recently posted a full-body photo showing how "emaciated" she is?

She must know just by living in her body that she isn't skeletal. I mean when your clothes have the label extra large or large it's a dead give away, isn't it? I really don't believe she has "reverse body dysmorphia" either seeing as I'm pretty sure that's impossible.

At least she's starting to use the EDNOS tag instead of #Anorexia.

No. 127618

North America needs to have their own version of the "Secret Eaters" show. It would be a guaranteed success.

No. 127624

[muffled Ashley cackle in the distance]

anorexia recovering bs is a way to stuff her face without remorse

No. 127628

File: 1462394860095.png (127.77 KB, 630x670, Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 21.4…)

Are you fucking kidding me she might be halfway delusional but she's also lying

No. 127633

I feel like I've seen this before… maybe it posted some weeks back in one of the pro-ana scumbags threads? If so judging by this post >>127486 those baby steps have turned into a full jog towards lots of food! Also she's totally lying. I wonder if this is just online or if she's lying to herself to the point she believes this?

No. 127642

She has to be trolling, I refuse to believe an individual can be that dim. She makes Ember look like she has a few braincells!

No. 127645

not the anon you're replying to, but yes, this was posted in a previous thread. my hunch is she's being treated for BED and her therapist is trying to introduce more fruit & veg into her diet, but she's twisting it around to make it seem like she's struggling to eat a tiny amount. It would make sense with all the pictures of the fatty foods she's eating. as for the ensures, she's probably just buying them at the grocery store to help her play anorexic

No. 127649

What I don't understand is, of all the illnesses out there, why she chose to fake anorexia. There are so many other things she could fake for attention.

No. 127655

I would also like to know this. She could have faked one that's easier to fake. My guess is that she wanted the "e-fame" from faking the most ~popular~ eating disorder, Anorexia. Also maybe for the money as well. Eating disorder treatment does seem to rake in the money on websites like GoFundMe.

No. 127660

I think its like ppl have mentioned before, its cos she IS diagnosed with an ED but its BED and shes loving the fact she is considered eating disorderd but not the fact that she has the ed with the worst stigma and least public sympathy or attention, so shes twisted it in her head and is role playing having ana so she feels like shes at least telling half the truth!

No. 127670

Why not just pretend to be bulimic?

No. 127672

because it's not as glamorized ro coveted as anorexia. also, being overweight and bulimic has about as much negative stigma as BED

No. 127675

If I were an overweight attention whore on bipolar meds, I'd play up my weight gain as a side effect of that.

No. 127685

She's gonna be gaining like crazy with all those ensures. If she doesn't watch herself she'll be shopping for bariatric equipment within months.

No. 127688

She does

No. 127689

oh she's definitely going to gain. I wonder if she'll ever get so heavy that she can't delude even herself into thinking she's anorexic

No. 127695

She'll probably still be chugging ensures with pizza and crying anorexia when she's being fitted for her C-PAP machine and reinforced furniture.

Its as if she thinks feeling hunger is dangerous starvation. She probably missed a snack, felt hunger for the first time since infancy, and decided she was starving to death.

Nobody in her real life appears to be calling her out on her hypochondria.

No. 127702


That we know of. I mean she only shows us the parts of her life & interactions she wants us to see… I bet many a true friend or family member has actually tried to confront her about her delusional behaviour and hyperchondria /munchausens, they just probably got cut out of her life instantly. Havent u noticed how the only ppl she seems to talk favourably about or spend any time with are ppl who enable her, including medical professionals!!

No. 127718

Good point.
I think she's probably shopped around for doctors/enablers and if they suggest something that contradicts her personal diagnosis she goes and finds another.

I'm assuming she lives at home still. I wonder what her parents think.

No. 127747


I agree, anon - every other post begs for a friend to talk to. It seems a bit entrenched for her to have so few friends at her age. I think that most people either get too uncomfortable with calling bullshit or get shut out if they're too blunt about her malingering. This would keep only the exasperated and the enablers around. It's sad, I do think she had BED (no way is she under 2000 cals on any day she's posting food) and I think it's ironic that she's adding to the stigma of those with BED by claiming anorexia because it's more 'glamourous'. Medically compromised my arse.

No. 127816

File: 1462447702693.jpg (57.95 KB, 286x425, kadeetumblr.jpg)

1st post: Something terminal is happening to her or someone around her, I wonder if donations will be necessary?? She also has other posts on tumblr within the past day making references to terrible news…
2nd post: It's impressive that someone who said she was dying from anorexia less than a month ago has gotten a job. Good for her seriously but she'll be around food all day.

No. 127828

She posted that her 'gramma' died, not sure if it's the same one who was threatening to kill herself because of Kadee's life threatening ED or not. She's very demanding of affection on IG. Me, me, me; I'M having a terrible time, please asspats? I'd cap/screenshot but in a rush.

No. 127844

We did.

No. 127846

I think it got pulled/canceled because of people getting offended.

No. 127960

Hi anon,

This is the same anon that got fucked up by the BPD mental health worker. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really, really appreciate it. I'm doing better now and have had no contact with her since a brief meeting with her supervisor in which she tried to twist everything so that it was "my fault" (no one fell for it). My therapist is pushing me to submit a formal complaint with APA so that she will get her license revoked. I'm just worried about other vulnerable people who are in my old situation. She should NEVER work with mental health patients. EVER.

Thanks so much for your kind words. I know this is off topic from the actual thread, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate someone like you taking the time to say those things. I'm in therapy and it's helping to see things in a more realistic perspective. Finally realizing that it WASN'T my fault.

Kadee would ruin a LOT of lives and cause destruction if she were any kind of mental health worker. Luckily she seems too lazy to actually persue that kind of career.

SO yeah. Thanks for responding. Someone in a power position to help someone heal should never be abusive or manipulative or delusional. Kadee would be all of those things and from experience, it REALLY fucks you up. Doing much better now, but it was a good 2.5 years of abuse and manipulation that really didn't need to happen.

Much love to you <3

No. 127984

The hambeast got a job at a food place?! LOL

No. 127985

I see her desperately trying to relate to the people who comment on her IG photos. She strikes me as a very sad, very lonely person.

No. 127986

She'll be stealing bites off of customers' plates

No. 127994

Her job is apparently at "Edible Arrangements". Think flower bouquet but fruit and marshmallows dipped in chocolate on the end of fondue sticks. It's a stupid fucking business that somehow is still around.

No. 128129

$5 says Kadee starts fishing for attention by claiming being around so much food at her job is triggering her anorexia.

No. 128131

Anything to not have to work and go back to bed. She's not going to last if she's as infantile as she seems.

No. 128172

File: 1462553245708.jpg (499.44 KB, 1052x1508, IMG_20160506_104634.jpg)

She's role-playing so hard. I literally hope this chick gets eaten by a wolf.

No. 128178

Is it so hard for her to accept that she's just some fat bitch? Like, are you so boring and featureless that you have nothing else but feigning illness to get people interested in you? Its sad when "sickness" becomes a personality trait.

No. 128179

>>128172 it sounds from her caption like she thinks that chocolate marshmallow cereal is somehow healthy because it's gluten free…

No. 128184

File: 1462557133522.jpg (32.72 KB, 425x320, wheat_425x320.jpg)

Does she even know about calories and macros? Serious question.

No. 128192

Sadly, this is actually it, there's no mystery or anything to it and seeing all the other tumblr shit here on lolcow she sure isn't alone in this.

I'd pity her if she wouldn't make me rage with the force of a thousand suns with everything she says and does.

No. 128198

Just 2 days ago, Kadee said she was eating 2 portions of fruit for breakfast. Today, she's having cereal.

No. 128201

Fatties gonna fat.

No. 128204

Lol at a community college? Even if there was such a program, she can't do shit with it unless she got at least a bachelors degree too.
OT but it annoys me that standards for social workers are so low in the UK/Australia. 4 years of uni and some internship? If you don't have a masters, at the very least, you shouldn't be considering yourself a mental health professional of any kind.. Then again these are the countries that let Cassie, Emma, and others use hospitals like hotels :/

No. 128206

Newsflash! She has posted a slightly ambiguous update saying instead of therapy she went to the ER, has included the standard special snowflake canula pic for extra bingo points! Has tagged it with <chronic pain> . Here come the demands for that crazy drug she was trying to get last time she did this

No. 128209

I wonder how much triage nurses dread the sight of her lumbering up into A&E and passive-aggressively demanding dilaudid or whatever. I'd hate her so much for wasting my time if I was a nurse or doctor.

No. 128229

I wanna know how she gets away with so much meds/painkillers. I've been in legit pain before [broken knee in multiple places, bleeding in the knee joint, etc] and the strongest thing I got was tramadol, which doesn't do jack.

No. 128230

You should see in the last snowflake ED thread (#10) where there's a screenshot of Kelly(Kell.Bell)'s Instagram where she fell and wanted to get an IV and dilaudid and how she was complaining about how it was her worst visit to the hospital. Someone commented about how dilaudid seekers have basically become an inside joke at their hospitals.

No. 128236

It's actually an inside joke at EVERY hospital. Drug-seeking patients always demand it because it's the most euphoric painkiller and it's usually given IV. Mention dilaudid to any doctor or nurse anywhere, and they'll know exactly what you're talking about.

No. 128245

Fat people are fucking hard to dose. They need more than regular people because they're so large and IIRC drugs don't travel so well through fatty tissue.

Plus she's probably got the tolerance of a racehorse anyway since she's a prescription junkie. She'd abuse vitamins as long as the doctor said they're special vitamins.

No. 128246

Are pain meds given in some sort of hierarchy in the US? I am from the UK and it roughly goes like this;
Paracetamol and anti-inflammatories
Add codeine

Usually, if you're not managing with paracetamol and codeine, they try you on drugs like pregablin and gabapentin.

I've heard of people with chronic pain getting fentanyl patches but not sure how this correlates with dialaudid - are the similar drugs?

Just curious. It seems like some US doctors give out strong opiates like candy!

No. 128247

"Nothing else works/I'm allergic to other analgesics. I need that IV one, I think it starts with D…?"

Yeah sure buddy, sure. The best is when they just leave a&e because they can't or won't wait any longer.

No. 128283

She posted again since requesting prayers (not dilaudid ?) as apparently she has blood clots in her lungs now and might need surgery. Im no dr but how has this gone from being a chronic pain issue to blood clots in less than 3 hours… ? Also she mentioned having clots last time she was in hospital having her near death ana experience but for someone as young as her the only reason she would have clots this often is cos of her obesity !!!

No. 128285

Definitely not. She posts herself eating 3000 calories of shit, then goes online to cry about "muh anorexia!!!" and how she's only eaten "1000 calories!!!"

No. 128293

screenshots please

No. 128296

Blood clots can cause pain? It's 1000% because of her obesity though, no doubt in my mind.

No. 128302

I was just thinking what if these are old pics and she's not even in the hospital at all. She's just getting attention – but then I remembered she has her sister and friends on their so what's really going on..

I googled if they can cause pain and nothing came up about them causing pain.

No. 128305

File: 1462609314042.jpg (533.03 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)


Hey Fatty here's a news flash - you don't get surgery for PE. You get anticoagulant therapy aka some drugs to break up the clot. SOMETIMES they will insert a stent like thing that administers the drug directly next to the clot(s) to break them up but otherwise there isn't really a surgery - just a surgical procedure. In fact surgery for PE is VERY uncommon. Once again lying.

No. 128307


And anorexics don't get pulmonary embolisms, only obese inactive fat fucks do.

No. 128313

When she said "surgery" for a blood clot, I was reminded that she said "brain procedure" for an EEG. She's so thick.

No. 128316

Eh sorry but that's not true. Everybody can have them and even the BC pill increases the chance of getting a blood clot that can lead to a PE. My dad died due to a PE shortly after being woken up from an induced coma and he definitely was not an inactive obese fuck. It's not an uncommon complication from being bed ridden.

Though in Kadee's case it's probably because she doesn't move around much and vegging out in hospital beds is her favourite pastime. Regarding any pain, I've read that PE can cause shortness of breath and such things.

No. 128321


Yah that's what I meant by inactive. People with DVT and people who spend long time not moving (hosp beds), people who smoke etc. are at a higher risk.

No. 128329

We know she smokes and I'd like to add that those incredibly tight bracelets and hair ties look like they're cutting off the circulation to her hands… that 'stay strong'/whatever plastic one looks like it needs to be cut off! Makes me cringe when I see them!

No. 128334

<wipes chocolate from around her mouth> "Um, guys, um, we're gonna have to order twice as many chocolate-dipped marshmallows 'cause I uh … can't find like half the stock, inventory must be wrong or something."

No. 128365

File: 1462631519445.jpg (180.95 KB, 565x989, 'i googled it' yeah bullshit y…)

Are you mentally challenged?

No. 128373

Now she apparantly has another clot and requires open heart surgery? Wtf?

No. 128374

File: 1462634621324.png (272.86 KB, 480x604, Screenshot_2016-05-07-16-19-00…)

No. 128375

File: 1462634690017.png (112.65 KB, 480x645, Screenshot_2016-05-07-16-19-11…)

(Caption for above cap)

No. 128376

File: 1462634777129.jpg (19.13 KB, 206x275, image.jpg)

muh anorexia

Seriously though, it looks like a bug bite.
Open heart surgery, smh.

No. 128377

She probably has clots from being obese and she may or may not need heart surgery [if that's real] because she's fat and addicted to pills.

No. 128382

She's fat enough to be experiencing serious effects. She's gotta be in the morbidly obese category by now, and thats a serious condition to be in.
When you take into consideration her hypochondriasis and her frequent fake emergencies there's a pretty slim chance anything major is happening.

She knows exactly what symptoms she needs to say she has to get admitted to hospital and has a new diagnosis every few days. Plus, being huge and working herself up into a panic, her blood pressure probably reads stupidly high.

No. 128384

If there's any truth to this she must be ecstatic! Think of all the care, pills and spoonie points she'll be getting.
I see a small rash and hand swelling.

No. 128385

Yeah, I'm thinking the same - it'd be easy for her to exaggerate her obesity related conditions.

Blog posts and comments not long before this would suggest that her family don't believe or sympathise with her 'illness' (or lack thereof…) - I'm sensing passive aggressive "see guise I'm so REALLY sick and you didn't believe me, nuhhhh!" vibes.

She also responds incredibly vaguely to questions in her IG comments. I'm having fun watching the more skeptical questions roll in (some from people with actual medical training based on their own IG bios) - she can't lie to save her life, nor can she keep up with her own tags and she can pray for her own damn self!

Hashtagging 'inpatient'. Should have an 'm', she's just after drugs and attention.

No. 128386

File: 1462637918491.png (68.49 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-05-07-17-15-50…)


I'm guessing this is why there's the need for so many hospital selfies. She's trying to prove that she's sick since even her family aren't buying it.

No. 128387

File: 1462638006894.jpg (12.89 KB, 289x123, SICK.jpg)

This was posted just yesterday on her tumblr. Guess she is trying to really prove something to her family.

No. 128483

File: 1462654159932.jpeg (351.49 KB, 1200x1679, image.jpeg)

Im interested who took this pic of her?? do u reckon she got her mom to do it or did she slyly put her camera on timer. I mean who takes such staged pics of themselves in hosp like this? Its like she is trying to create some artsy pittiful online soap opera !

Also kudos to supersizeskinny instachan cos they r so tactfuly calling her bs & its a beautiful thing to witness. Wonder if they r a farmer ? Saw in another of her replies to someone else questining the detials that she wrote about her "severe blot clot causing me to be unable to breathe on my own". Kek! Having oxygen via nasal canulae is supplementary to improve ur blood oxygen levels snowflake, if she was unable to breathe on her own she wuld be intubated and on an automated respirator!!

The more she writes the more i feel she prob is having treatment for PE but shes just exaggerating everything to the most extreme so she can get more sympathy and appear more legit. Its exactly wat her m.o. Is with her ed.

No. 128487

>little fighter

No. 128489

1-She is clearly NOT sticking to that meal plan, not if she's eating all that shit she posts
2-She does medically need to lose some weight. In a safe, realistic, non-disordered way, yes, but she doesn't need to GAIN WEIGHT.

What the fuck is this? Are we in a alternate dimension right now??!

No. 128490

That has GOT to be it.

No. 128508

I mean we all know this meal plan is bullshit anyway but could she at least come up with something realistic? So a therapist who is supposedly concerned about her weight loss tells her to live off fruit, veggies and nutritional drinks? And aren't meal plans usually worked on with a dietitian…

No. 128518

God I love this type of drama. Chronic illness fakers are hysterical. If she goes the cancer route she can be the next alaska-says-sun (chick who faked cancer, bought medical equipment, SHAVED HER FUCKING HEAD, scammed thousands of dollars, even got into concerts with VIP passes). Come on kadee do it.

No. 128523

Did you see her "workout" post that was about 4 minutes at 6km/hour? Lmao

No. 128524

And then last week claimed to do 15 miles!

No. 128529

chill child, i'm sorry i didn't put enough effort into my googling.

No. 128532

>>128483Also kudos to supersizeskinny instachan cos they r so tactfuly calling her bs & its a beautiful thing to witness. Wonder if they r a farmer ? Saw in another of her replies to someone else questining the detials that she wrote about her "severe blot clot causing me to be unable to breathe on my own". Kek!

Supersizeskinny, keep it up! (and hi!)

No. 128533

File: 1462665379262.jpeg (76.95 KB, 640x407, image.jpeg)

No. 128534

>What illness do you have?
>All of them. I have all of them.

No. 128535

File: 1462666015959.jpg (35.85 KB, 800x627, housemd.jpg)

it's never lupus

No. 128536

Do you think she's aware of all the shit she's spouting and how ridiculous she sounds, or is she actually delusional?

I just don't understand how she can type all that without cringing.

No. 128537


i am always baffled by the people who list their illnesses as if it were some kind of trophy. how old is she though? is it possible that she'll come to her senses after her puberty is over?

No. 128538

Also I always wonder who the fuck takes all these hospital pictures.

Like, when I've been in hospital (genuine chronic illness shit) I've never thought "oh, i must get my mum to take a picture of me looking sick and unconscious in my hospital bed" and what kind of family member or friend would think it was appropriate or necessary to take a picture like that?

Do people do that sort of shit now, or is it just the attention whores? I think my mum would flip out if I asked her to be my personal sick-person photographer.

No. 128539

She'll hit 25 and realise that her life consists of nothing more than wishing she was ill and documenting how much her life sucks.

No. 128540

That macaroni looks like it's just had milk poured over it, not cheese.

It also looks like the macaroni is the only home cooked meal she has. (disinclining the ensure etc as that's a snack) - when I was disordered I couldn't manage more than a few bites of a pizza or takeaway meal, and when I did it felt like one of Ali's #RECOVERYWIN's. I'd of thought that she would be trying to post more things like the banana & yogurt snack even though it is about 509 calories itself.

It annoys me on a personal note but I'm so fascinated by what her thought process is, is it truly just an attention thing so she's saying whatever for asspats or does she genuinely believe she is fading away to nothing? I follow her on instagram, I'm going to infiltrate one day.

No. 128542

I really think it's an attention thing. I'm sure she wants it to be true, though.

No. 128543

She lives in a fantasy world inside her head where her weight-related medical issues are all ~mystery~ chronic illnesses, or things relating to her super serious anorexia that leaves her weak and feebly like a delicate baby bird.

She wants attention and she wants it now

No. 128544

Lol at "seizure disorder" tho

No. 128546

If she had anorexia and CVS she wouldn't be such a fatass.

No. 128550

If she really DOES have lupus (which it's likely she doesn't) I'm guessing some Doctor may have suspected it as they do when someones constantly complaining of chronic pain but instead was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But anyway, lupus does cause blood clots and DVT especially if you are inactive and obese. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is code word for 'one time my doctor checked to see if my cysts (that EVERY WOMAN HAS) were an ok size. (I'm assuming this is also how she pretended she had cervical cancer for approx two minutes) She definitely self diagnosed herself with CVS. Asthma I'm thinking is true, made worse by being inactive.

No. 128552

The level of delusion this girl is living is incredible. I've never seen someone think they're going to die from starvation whilst sipping a frapp.

No. 128553

Of all the diseases to pretend to have, she picks the least believable.

No. 128554

Exactly. When you're that miserable, taking dozens of pictures and having others take pictures of you is the last thing on your mind. But she has to get pity.

No. 128555

If you can't even spell a disease, chances are you don't have it.

No. 128558

Unless it's dyslexia. Then, being unable to spell it makes it more believable that you have it.

No. 128562

Okay, so my question is, if she has to fake anorexia for attention, why take photos of yourself if you're obese? Why take photos of every single fattening thing you eat every day? It really would not be that hard to lie about having anorexia and recovering from it on instagram. Just don't take photos of yourself and only take photos of small portions of foods. She's just downright stupid and delusional I guess.

No. 128565

The photos of yourself, assuming you're a normal weight with a bmi under 23 gain massive ass pats, even if you're like 25 bmi you look like a #edwarrior who is #kickinganasbutt. If you're like kadee then the photos are a terrible idea. She's probably just really fucking vain and loves herself, she seems pretty narcissistic in some of her posts.

Also the small healthy portions of food on recovery/ana instagrams take a little bit of work - cutting up all those vegetables and those pesky bits of fruit? No thank you! Takeaway for our recovering mammoth.

No. 128591


even when she does eat vegetables they're fucking deep fried - like her healthy lunch of sushi, tempura vegetables and spring rolls!

No. 128596

She gets more obnoxious every fucking day.

No. 128600

File: 1462706930339.jpeg (133.16 KB, 620x770, image.jpeg)

another pity pic.

No. 128602

Well, she's laying on her side comfortably so open heart and lung surgery were not part of her rough night.

No. 128606

I can see her making the nurses wait for her to get a few pity snapshots of herself pretending to sleep before letting them take vitals.
I hope someone at the hospital gets through to her that she's not sick and she's wasting time and care that should be spent on people who actually are unwell by constantly malingering.

No. 128608

File: 1462711114552.gif (2.47 MB, 480x279, giphy.gif)

No. 128620

As if you could have Crohn's, CV syndrome and anorexia and stil be morbidly obese…!!

No. 128628

File: 1462719381853.jpeg (104.93 KB, 638x469, image.jpeg)

No. 128631

Hah. Reminds me of the first time I took Adderall. Omg I'm gonna go into cardiac arrest and have a heart attack. What a lil biznatch. Kadee try to get on addy or vyvanse you will get anorexic. The more you know!!

No. 128632

Do Kelly and Kadee know each other? Serious question… They're both obese wannarexics with Munchausens

No. 128635

I thought they were the same person…

No. 128637

>Hey everyone who has ever given me attention, plz give me attention.

No. 128638

I can't tell the difference.

No. 128640

Me too!! its so cringey watching her say all this stuff. Im genuinely interested to know whether she says this stuff because:
1) shes stupid enough to think she can fool everyone
2) she has a low IQ or some sort of intelligence issue & literally mistakes everything the drs say to her as facts that r happening to her now, bearing in mind the drs will explain wats wrong with her, all the possible outcomes, all the possible treatments & complications of said treatments etc., so she has informed consent.
3) shes delusional and truely believes shes about to die
4) shes NOT delusional but desperately wishes all this was happening so just like cassie, thinks that the more she talks about it as if it is real, the more chance there is of it being real
5) shes got munchausens

No. 128643

Some combination of 1 and 4, it seems.

No. 128649

God, I'd love to follow her for the trainwreck but I don't want to inflate her ego/follower count.

>sage for noncontribution

No. 128653

Agreed, #1 is funny because she seemed to get legit frustrated when she put up her gofundme and the money didn't just roll in. She start that with 100k as the goal! I think #4 is accurate because she really wishes she were sicker than she actually is, #5 might apply to her too.

No. 128655

Nah, feed her ego. It makes more milk.

No. 128684

Gotta wonder if she just has munchausen's. My friend told me today her mom had it so my friend had munchausen's by proxy, and she didn't realize it as a little girl what her mom was doing.

Eventually she wisened up and cut off contact with her parents.

No. 128687


No, her MOM had munchausens by proxy. Your friend was a victim, she didn't have munchausens in any form.

No. 128688

This Kadee character is a giant (literal) waste of medical resources. Do you think all her doctors have caught on??

No. 128690

Unknown to us but most likely. If she keeps complaining about having hard times getting the meds/treatments she wants in the hospital then yes. Kelly, started having that problem at one hospital but finally they gave her the dilaudid just to get her out of there. This is probably what they'll start doing to Kadee so they can pay attention to the ones who are actually sick.

No. 128699

File: 1462744418564.jpg (961.42 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

After subtly being called out by her followers re:open heart surgery her story has now changed! She might have a clot in her brain!!!! seems legit

No. 128702

Huh? I thought if a mom has munchausens and tries to get attention for their kid then it's munchausen's by proxy. In whatever case, my friend realizes how screwed up her family is.

No. 128703

She's supposedly has arrythymias and she's going to go walking? whut?

No. 128704


going for dog walking sessions w/ her therapist? That's a little odd…

No. 128706

File: 1462745725474.jpeg (83.93 KB, 640x582, image.jpeg)


U forgot the accompanying pity pic!! Wat is it with grown ass adult snowflakes and cuddly toys?!!

Also if this PE was as life threatening as shes making out it is she would be in the ICU for super close monitoring- iv been googling the shit out of this! Anyways if she WAS in icu we would know all about it, as it would be her ultimate goal acomplished, so she blatently isnt very medically compromised or at least the medics arent concerned shes about to die from this!

No. 128708

I thought a blood clot to the brain meant you had a stroke?! She talks such bull.

No. 128711

File: 1462746303450.gif (455.25 KB, 400x226, image.gif)


Her ott emoji use is begining to look like another #recoverywarrior we know

No. 128713

Nope, you're wrong. >>128687 is right. People with Munchhausen's make themselves sick for attention. People with Munchhausen's-by-proxy make another person–usually their child–sick to get attention. Thus, the mom has Munchhausen's by proxy; your friend does not.
(Deleted and reposted because I misread.)

No. 128715

Gotcha. well the mom herself had munchausens before she had a kid but whatever, then afterward would do the same thing but with her kids.

No. 128733

I can see Kadee blurring the boundaries and expecting more from the relationship than most patients should. I hope she doesn't know the therapists actual address!

No. 128791

Her weird and unprofessional relationship with her makes me feel as though she isn't a real therapist at all. Or Kadee is lying. Probably a bit of both.

No. 128792

Who talks about their therapist like that? Sweetheart? Dog walking? What a fkn psycho. Is she like, lesbian or something.

No. 128794

Someone desperate for any sort of affection. I doubt she's a lesbian, and if she is, it has nothing to do with her behavior.

No. 128805

File: 1462760114960.jpeg (100.47 KB, 640x893, image.jpeg)

Im no professional but i was under the impression if u r on a ventilator , there is a tube down ur throat and u r sedated - but somehow shes able to post about it to ig?!! and surely she wuld hav posted a pic of the actual tubes and ventilator and shit if she was attached to one cos that what she gets off on?!!

No. 128807

she said she didn't get sedated because 'everything happened pretty quickly' as if hospital staff aren't trained to do things quickly

No. 128809

What the actual fuck. Who does she think she's fooling?

No. 128811

shes fooling the people who have no clue about ventilators . she's probably not even on bipap because at my hospital intermittent bipap requires ICU and we all know if she was in icu that would be the first thing she mentioned. what a fat liar.

No. 128812

and you definitely don't get intubated without sedation. so whats up kay

No. 128813

What the actual fuck.
This bitch will say anything for attention.
Next she'll be claiming the doctors are giving her #24hourstolive lol

No. 128814

Has she started asking for money yet?

No. 128818

Agreed. Just done more googling (of reputable medical source BMJ) and management of pneumothorax is as follows; observation and supplementary o2 where required. if significant respiratory distress then pressure is relieved with needle aspiration, if this unsuitable or ineffective then they insert a chest drain, if pts obs still unstable they use supplementary high flow o2 - which wuld be with a mask rather than nasal canulae…(probably what she is having but is telling everyone its a ventilator either cos shes that ignorant or she thinks she can make her situation sound more serious). Last resort intervention in life threatening /unresolving cases is thoracic surgery to repair the leakage in lungs.

Btw Kaydee is a smoker, has asthma AND is obese - all of which significantly increase her risk of all this occurring in the first place. It pisses me off cos shes #chronicillness when in reality shes just #chronicallyunhealthy due to lifestyle

No. 128821

I'm not surprised someone so obviously lazy can't be bothered to read a wiki page on the conditions she's pretending to have.

Does anyone actually believe her?

No. 128822

Forgot to add that shes NOT told ig bout having any form of operation yet, which if she had required a chest drain or needle aspiration she DEFINITELY wuld have ensured she posted about… Which leads me to think all thats really happened is shes now got a pneumorthorax which is being managed with high flow o2. This pneumothorax is a pretty standard complication of having a PE which is a pretty standard complication of being obese and eating massive amounts of fatty foods every day for years, being sedentary and self medicating with various prescription strength meds behind her drs back cos they refused to give her them or increase them cos she actually doesnt really need them.

No. 128830

She wasn't going to live to the end of the year anyway except by a 10% chance. Cuz her anorexia is so bad her doctor says there's a 90% chance she won't make it. So, I guess this is it, y'all.

No. 128838

RIP Kaydeevylin or whatever the fuck her name is.

No. 128870

Oh wow what a surprise joltography has jammed herself into this cows life as well.

Kay has done a good job not starving to death with fasting for surgery.

No. 128881

>this kind of diagnosis progression in 3 hours
idk what american hospitals are like, but i'm australian and when my appendix was about to explode it took the hospital at least 7 hours to fully test, diagnose and admit me. how the fuck did she get whatever scans/tests needed to find clots in her lungs in under 3 hours??

if this is legit i'll eat my slippers.

if she has PCOS she should be losing weight, not gaining it. this complete ridiculousness of this girl amazes me, it's fascinating but also disgusting. jesus i don't visit lolcow for a few days and this bitch just blows up.

No. 128882

Seriously what is up with jolt? Who cruises lolcow looking for people to befriend online? I hoping she's a research student conducting a study on cow psychology or something!

No. 128886

it's almost to a point where jolt deserves their own thread. Been seeing that bitch pop up all over the place for years now. Was it confirmed that she/he was that giraffe sperging on shmegeh as well? Either way, what a nerd.

No. 128887

She'd enjoy it way too much. She's such a creepy little fucker though. I still reckon she was the one who messaged a bunch of cows ages ago to tell them about their threads.

No. 128892

I think it depends. My bf's dad was on a vent and sedated, but then as he got a litle better he was awake on the vent and had to write everything down to communicate.

No. 128898

$10 that Kadee tries to fake her death because she realizes that more and more people are catching onto her bullshit.

No. 128901

They usually keep you fully sedated for awhile until the body gets strong enough.
I don't think she's gonna fake her death (yet) but the next post will probably be some shit about how she was fully sedated because of the vent
Her vent story has changed twice already. First she said no sedation, now in the comments she's saying they did use some sedation.

No. 128905

File: 1462806246755.png (79.36 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-05-09-16-02-06…)

…Tumblr posts are a breeze though.


No. 128907


I'm pretty sure that has been her intention this whole time TBH

No. 128912

Totally agree with u anon! Since people have been questionning her vent status. shes now gone for the longest time without replying to anyones comments on ig or posting a new update since shes been in hospital - 1 guess as to what the motive for this sudden silence is?! I give it a couple more hours, maybe a day at most until she cant keep off ig any longer and tells us that the reason she hasnt been online is cos shes been properly sedated and unconcious on a ventilator and almost died etc etc. What makes this all so entertaining is that shes carrying on with the dramatics and exaggerated claims even though shes constantly been a step behind her followers crying bs this whole time!

No. 128916

She liked one of my IG posts about an hour ago. No way she's as sick as she's implying. The next level sympathy hashtags are really something else. The level of skepticism has exploded too; lots of sarky comments about the ventilator…

No. 128918

Sitting at Starbucks sucking down frappes and sucking up cookies is probably what she meant.

No. 128952

She's now admitted that she was never on a ventilator to begin with.

No. 128953


No. 128955

File: 1462826013430.png (112.38 KB, 933x587, k.png)

No. 128957



Dilaudid in da house!

No. 128958

It's not good enough for her, though. It doesn't last long enough. She wants something stronger.

No. 128961

She should stop wasting everyone's time and just do heroin.kek

No. 128962

There's no pity points to be had from heroin, though.

No. 128967

Im guessing she has a high tolerance because 1. she's fat and 2. she's used to taking high amounts of painkillers. Im guessing she really wants morphine….

No. 128969

File: 1462831188132.jpeg (278.96 KB, 1276x1614, image.jpeg)

Jolt is either the biggest troll or the thirstiest human on the Internet/planet, & I'm starting wonder if she's the one who needs therapy… Or a hug, or something

No. 128970


"Blot clot in the brain" is a STROKE. she says the doctors say she's slightly dizzy because she's actively having a stroke in the hospital? nursefag here, worked in ICU 3 years, and everything she says makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

No. 128971

Right? She makes it sound like the clot's just chillin' there.

No. 128977


Im starting to be more inclined to go with option no. 2 now. Especially after the 'my bad im on an oxygen mask not a ventilator' revelation!

No. 128978

The way she described it, it sounded like she thought the mask was breathing for her. She must be stupid.

No. 128979

I don't think she's particularly stupid, she just thinks we are.
>turns out it was an oxygen mask not a ventilator oopsie
wouldn't someone who's chronically ill and in/out of the hospital all the time know the difference?

No. 128980

sorry, forgot the point. she's not actually mistaken, she's covering her tracks

No. 128982


Does this woman-child even know what a pulmonary embolism is? If you are going to make up an ailment for sympathy points, at least have the presence of mind to read up on the condition you are faking. As others before me have already mentioned, if this was actually going down, I highly doubt that she would be able to post about it.

No. 128993

The doctor probably said, "We're going to check you for a pulmonary embolism", and Kadee decided that she had one.

No. 128997

File: 1462840582244.png (140.79 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I've been stalking this cows Facebook because I'm simply just fascinated with her. I noticed this post and apparently she's a rape victim too? Am I an asshole for thinking she's lying about that too? She's a full time "victim" Jesus Christ

No. 128998

No, I think you're right. She's just a full time victim.
Look at how its written. She might as well have posted 'ask me about my rape :)'
Everything is a trigger for this fat fuck because being triggered gives her as excuse to keep acting like a greedy, worthless kid.

No. 129003

She's too fat to get raped. Penetration wouldn't even be possible wtf. Of ALL the things to lie about, why anorexia and RAPE???

No. 129026

Being a rape victim is the cool new thing.

No. 129035

File: 1462851852401.jpg (90.89 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Fairly sure I found out who her therapist is. Only 3 "Gretchen" therapists in Connecticut and one specialises in "eating disorders" (as well as addiction & recovery lol)

No. 129040

Please don't contact her therapist. Don't be that guy.

No. 129050

Lmao, anyone else think her conversations with her "therapist" are all fake as fuck> There's websites online which let you simulate imessage conversations - NO WAY any mental health profesional would let lardbag harpoon themselves to her

No. 129054


lol u fukn retard never said i would.

No. 129055

I've thought this. The texts are way too lax. She has only seen this therapist a handful of times, right?

No. 129058

Everything else she does is fake as fuck, so I wouldn't be surprised if her text messages are fake too. Maybe she doesn't even have a therapist.

No. 129062

She started seeing this "therapist" like 2-3 weeks ago and she said they were seeing each other 3 times a week in one post.

No. 129065


Also why is her therapist allegedly buying her stuffed toys? Who's god damn therapist would waste their time/money and breach a client/practitioner relationship like that?

No. 129075

Woooah that's a huge breach of appropriate boundaries. No legit therapist would ever buy a gift for a client. Some places you can't even accept a gift from a client.

No. 129077

I'm pretty much entirely certain that her 'therapist' is her grandma at this point.

Also, does she know that enoxaparin (the "blood thinner injection in my stomach") is given to literally everyone on an extended hospital stay with reduced mobility?

No. 129081

Maybe it's a trigger because she's a virgin and isn't going to have sex, and is too stupid to understand that rape isn't a good thing.

No. 129085

>Penetration wouldn't even be possible wtf.

Kadee's not too fat to penetrate. It wouldn't be easy to rape her using sheer physical force, but it's possible.

Also, rape can happen without using any, or minimal, physical force. See: date rape drugs, threats of physical harm, etc.

Kadee is the kind of person that would fuck her boyfriend when she's not really in the mood, without ever showing any sign that she wasn't in the mood, and then later claim it was rape.

She's also the kind of person that would make up a rape, full stop.

>Of ALL the things to lie about, why anorexia and RAPE???

Anorexia = dainty angel bby who has lots of self-control, thinness is considered conventionally attractive

rape = gets asspats and called a "survivor" for merely existing, gets to yell "Rape culture!" and accuse people of victim blaming if anyone dares to not treat her with kid gloves or fails to accept her claims as 100% accurate, implies someone (the rapist) found her physically attractive, gets to be a victim all over again by being "triggered"

>Am I an asshole for thinking she's lying about that too?

The fact that you asked that question is exactly why perpetual liars like Kadee pretend to have been raped. It's not at all socially acceptable to even consider the possibility that someone would ever lie about being raped (which is fucking stupid, because obviously lots of people are awful pieces of shit - if that wasn't true, rapists wouldn't exist in the first place. Why wouldn't awful pieces of shit be willing to lie about being raped?), meaning it's a relatively easy lie to get away with. This is especially true if the liar keeps the lie nebulous, failing to provide details or give the identity of the supposed rapist.

Actual therapists don't have cutesy text conversations with, hang out with, or bring presents to their patients. The therapist is either fake or needs to be fired.

No. 129089


She's a professional victim, yeah. She gets attention for being ill and rape and having an ED so she uses them all to get followers and sympathy because, let's face it, she has nothing else going for her.

I knew a girl exactly like that. EXACTLY down to the same disorders and pics of her in the hospital lying her ass off that she was in for severe chronic illness or getting beaten up and mugged and a bunch of other shit. And her tumblr 'friends' who eat it up and send her donations. Man, just thinking about this makes me mad.

No. 129092

she is not a snowflake she is a big fat cow, why is a good thread like this in /snow/?

No. 129118

>I have to keep fighting, got no other choices

I dunno Kadee (ugh, stupid fucking name), you could actually give in and die, like other people who ACTUALLY ARE SICK. Your #warrior schtick is pretty nauseating and pathetic.

No. 129123

File: 1462886707770.png (137.46 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-05-10-14-21-44…)

"What are YOU going to do about YOUR recovery?"

Punch you in the face if you carry on?

'My little warriors' - the only little thing she can claim she has and half of her followers and commentors are on here or actively questioning her bull in her comments sections. She's terrifying! Poor imaginary therapist!

No. 129127

Is this recent? With her hospitalization, lung problems and OMG possible clot in her brain you think she's have more pressing things to think about than so fat much ana.

No. 129143

Even when you have more important things to worry about, the thoughts and feelings from eating disorders don't stop (not to say that she has an eating disorder - if she does it's definitely not anorexia).

No. 129144

File: 1462893123535.png (92.37 KB, 503x433, Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 12.3…)

i have never had such vehement dislike for a person until this cow came along. almost every post on her facebook is a check in at the hospital or some variation of 'pray for me!!!' she's disgusting.

No. 129145

File: 1462893261736.png (82.7 KB, 512x400, Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 12.4…)

and apparently this isn't the first time a machines 'done the breathing for her'

No. 129149

I mean we all know Kadee doesn't have anorexia, but as someone else said a) the disorder doesn't take a break b) I can see someone's thoughts getting more intense in the hospital because they are forced to lie around in bed all day.

No. 129176

I just looked up the symptoms for Munchasen's and guess who nails almost all the symptoms?

Symptoms may include: clever and convincing medical problems, frequent hospitalizations, vague or inconsistent symptoms, conditions that get worse for no apparent reason, conditions that don't respond as expected to standard therapies, eagerness to have frequent testing or risky operations, extensive knowledge of medical terms and diseases, seeking treatment from many different doctors or hospitals, which may include using a fake name, having few visitors when hospitalized, reluctance to allow health professionals to talk to family or friends or to other health care providers, arguing with hospital staff, and frequent requests for pain relievers or other medications.

I would love if someone could make a bingo card version of this to use for all the "professional sick kids" that will inevitably be talked about here in the future. There's even more tell-tale signs that I didn't include that sum up these people perfectly.

No. 129180

File: 1462899642286.jpg (103.15 KB, 959x620, Capture.JPG)

#Pray for our #strong #anawarrior as she #tackles this #huge #OILY!!! #challengemeal :(

No. 129184

I'm dying to see how Kadee would react if someone outright asked if she has munchasen's. I'd do it but I don't want my sockpuppet acc to get blocked

she's got everything except the "convincing" part.

No. 129185

but 1000 cal starbucks is fine

No. 129188

She posted a "snack" of a chobani yogurt (220calories,) banana (89 calories) and an ensure (220 calories)

That's 529 calories for a SNACK but she's moaning over 285 for a whole MEAL?

Girl is fucked.

No. 129195

I didn't mean to sound dismissive of eating disorders. It's just something that baffles me about Kadee right now she's been in the hospital for 2 days so there are some legit health issues happening to her. If all she wants is attention and care she could get it from that alone. It's like with her gofundme she talked anorexia/eds exclusively but she had other health issues that seemed somewhat more believable. If she talked about some of those issues she may have gotten more funding. She's exaggerating and piling on more conditions to get a steady flow of attention as her audience is getting worn out and skeptical.

No. 129196

Her gofundme was to fund her eating disorder inpatient though, so it's natural that it would talk about just that.

Maybe she felt like if she added in bits about her other, obviously semi-real illnesses she would've been taking away the realism as she would look like she has too many illnesses. She never really talks about all her illnesses at once, so unless you actually pay proper attention you probably won't notice her 320948230 different mental and physical illnesses. Like she has different posts for different conditions, her PE, her ED, her pains etc.

No. 129201

She does genuinely talk about her therapist as though she's hr girlfriend, I'm a health professional if I were in that situation I'd feel VERY uncomfortable.

Although buying her huge teddy bears is a massive slight on the therapist's part (if it's really a therapist) so Kadee isn't the only one at fault.

No. 129203

>sweetened sorbet, jello, soup broth
>basically all pure sugar
>OMG why is it 300 calories???
>That's way too much for me :'(

please kill me I can't deal with her anymore

No. 129213

I really wonder if she's actually a licensed therapist or if she's not just one of Kadee's friends whom she confides in.

No. 129247

That "therapist" is NOT a therapist. If those kinds of boundaries are being crossed, this would result in their license being revoked. It's against the APA code of ethics. A mental health "professional" I used to work with was fired and had her license revoked for having a friend-like relationship with clients.

It's NOT okay.

Luckily Kadee is a chronic liar. This person isn't a therapist. Likely it's just a friend or neighbor.

No. 129254

File: 1462916715377.png (113.07 KB, 480x689, Screenshot_2016-05-10-22-43-03…)

Lol at sadthensadder's comment. Tempura dig. Reckon she's lurking or posting here?

No. 129258

>"I always get triggered here with Ed for some reason"
what does this even mean??

No. 129261

She was claiming to be purging with a collapsed lung??!! Wtf man, she's so stupid

No. 129269

I think she's saying because it's a hospital and she's inactive. definitely lurking

No. 129270


No. 129294

No she always gets triggered in hospital because its the perfect place to get even more attention and care and concern if shes seen or thought to be starving herself - and of course she knows she hasnt got the self control to starve herself, so its making her feel distressed and triggered for not being able to make the most out of all the attention she could get if she could only starve herself around the people whos jobs it is to care about that sort of thing!! Psycho-analyse THAT bitches ??

No. 129298

File: 1462929461612.png (473.77 KB, 943x455, delete.png)

You're in the hospital and you're asking your followers to tell you what's wrong with your hand.

No. 129301

File: 1462930102624.jpeg (76.92 KB, 640x521, image.jpeg)

Kek i know!! And look at this follower totally fuelling her bratty 'im definitely the only sick and suffering patient in this hospital so why arent you jumping to my every demand?' Attitude. its a scratch, probably mrsa - GET OVER IT. Theres more than likely a poor soul genuinely dying down the corridor from her, but she wuldnt even think of that wuld she!

No. 129302

File: 1462930159039.jpeg (91.38 KB, 640x546, image.jpeg)

Forgot to add this bit to last post

No. 129303

File: 1462930525663.jpeg (188.09 KB, 640x702, image.jpeg)

Whats with the random #lupie tag all of
sudden? shes mentioned it before i think but now shes tagging all her diagnonsenses in unrelated posts???

And the ever-changing ed diagnoses is the crown jewel to her charade. yesterday it was #anorexia later on it was #ednos and today its #bulimia. Make ur mind up luv

No. 129304

I can't sleep
Bitch what you posted three selfies of you supposedly sleeping last week. Keep up.

No. 129305

File: 1462930706059.jpg (152.21 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 129307

That's a fucking cigarette burn!! She did it to herself for attention.

No. 129308

File: 1462930864572.jpeg (402.51 KB, 1200x1800, image.jpeg)

I mean the entertainment value and never ending cringe factor is brilliant but im not actually sure how much more of this selfish entitled munchausens bitch i can take

No. 129311

Cos i swear she made a massive deal about she catagorically did NOT have bulimia or BED or ednos and that according to multiple health professionals her sysmptoms only fit into anorexia

No. 129313

"Nurses won't let me get pizza delivered and mum hasn't given me cake. Not eating is my biggest trigger so now I will pretend to starve myself.
Oh yes jello for lunch!"

No. 129315

Can you please type properly and not like you're on AOL in 2003?

No. 129318

Definitely a cigarette burn. When you google it wounds like hers are pretty much the only things that appear.

No. 129320

Really? ur calling out someones typing on an online image board when there is actual milk everywhere u look?!! If its 'kek' thats offended u: i like 'kek', in fact i think its perfect for this site cos it to me i associated it with someone trying to gag up their 'lol'.

No. 129323

File: 1462932731583.png (56.15 KB, 313x143, cig.png)

Yep. If you look closely you can see that she poked her hand with the cig a few times before holding it there to create a burn.
Munchausens as fuck

No. 129324

Not that anon, but reading posts with "ur" and "wudnt" make you seem really fucking retarded. It's not hard to spell out the word you underage fucktard.

It's not kek, it's "ur" "u" and "cos." You're (it's not that hard to spell out the entire word) the reason this website is shit. You are shit. I hope you die of cancer you fucking human equivalent of feces. Quit giving hand jobs you useless whore and spell out words properly.

No. 129328

Wow u must b so smart
Wats it like to b a genius?

No. 129330

I used to have compulsive rubbing of my hands and it looks exactly like that kind of friction burn. She's either an idiot, did that to herself for attention, or both.

No. 129334

i am the reason this website is shit & i am shit. 1. If u think this website is shit then why u here? 2. Things that make this place go to shit r overinflated trolls like u trying to derail a thread with some pathetic insults over spelling!! The fact u even felt the need to reply is making me KEK so hard. If u really think ur opinion is valued then i pity u. Btw cancer insults r pretty fucking degenerate even for here.(">If u think this website is shit then why u here?" i ask myself that every day.....)

No. 129336

Stop. Ignore them and continue the thread.

No. 129337

That's what I thought too, though I didn't clue in that it was from her cigarette. I thought she used her fingernails, but yup, I see all those different spots.

No. 129339

waits patiently for someone to call her out on this Looking forward to the resulting tale-spinning about how the drs have just told her its definitely MRSA and 'send prayers and teddies pls cos i might have to have my hand - no, wait - my ARM amputated' ?

No. 129341

>>129339. Oops looks like i just discovered bold text i was wanting the asterix for a different reason!

No. 129358

"kek" is a joke from 4chan that originated from World of Warcraft. I realize you're mentally challenged but please try to keep up.

No. 129374

Can you guys seriously stop? You're clogging up the thread. No one cares.

No. 129375

THISSS! It's so obviously a cigarette burn. It really bothers me that she feels so entitled to special treatment and instant "wound" specialists. Meanwhile down the hall, someone might be recovering from a stabbing or major surgery. Your little cigarette burn is nothing. Munchausens as fuck. What kind of normal person in the HOSPITAL inflicts teeny injuries on themselves and insists they be seen immediately? It's just weird. And really fucked up.

There are actual sick people in that hospital. People who are dying of cancer or some other awful disease. Kadee needs to find herself a life.

No. 129379

Everyone please take solace in the fact that there isn't a single nurse or doctor that is advocating for her selfish as fuck demands. Trust me.

No. 129380

>wound specialist


No. 129381

File: 1462950176974.jpeg (220.42 KB, 1237x1740, image.jpeg)

Okay, I went back and looked at this post and the photo behind her on her headboard. Is that of Charles Manson or not?
It's such a perfect circle shaped burn it has to be a cigarette.

No. 129383


Uhh….I think that's Jesus.

No. 129385

i wonder what ashley would make of this. someone should show her.

No. 129387

I'm laughing so much "I think that's Jesus"
It's definitely not Charles Manson

No. 129392

Are you sure? I mean obviously she's lying or overreacting about something but I've had a few cigarette burns and they never look that much like grazes. They blister over then just kind of hang around weeping until they scar over.

No. 129397

File: 1462958959266.jpg (83.07 KB, 728x546, albany-lecture-03-81-728.jpg)

I'm more positive it's caused by rubbing her hand. It looks like a self inflicted friction burn. The wound is supposedly new, but it's already scabbed over. I'm not seeing any weeping like you said.

No. 129407

OCD hand scratcher and I can confirm that it looks 100% like a friction burn.
I also think she's too pussy to actually burn herself with a cigarette. That shit hurts way more.

No. 129409

sage bc nothing to contribute but I HQVE to say this entire thread is the best milk I've seen from anyone anywhere sorry guys but I'm loving this

No. 129410

File: 1462964225721.jpg (130.66 KB, 640x732, image.jpg)

It's old as shit but more relevant that you spelling obsessed retards.

Excellent old photo of kaydee desperately struggling to get her daily calories.

No. 129413

surprised her boobs didn't fall into the bowl

No. 129414

File: 1462964577016.png (684.29 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

still my favorite kadee moment

No. 129415

You guys I think she shaves her hands.
Does it look like stubble to you guys?

No. 129416

File: 1462964776413.jpg (41.08 KB, 414x391, image.jpg)

Dropped the picture

No. 129420

Kadee, food in the hospital isn't that appetising. It's actually pretty easy not eating it without an eating disorder. I wonder why she hasn't posted about losing weight yet

No. 129421

looks like it yeah. i don't think it would be sebaceous filaments.

No. 129436

Fucking kek I'm getting Aly vibes from this. #RECOVERYWIN with this luuussshhh cereal #BOMB!

No. 129460

File: 1462979172874.png (121.15 KB, 480x694, Screenshot_2016-05-11-15-53-06…)

I have some caps of someone calling her out after she said her therapist knows she's purging with a collapsed lung in the hospital but neglected to let anyone know but there are a few and I'm only able to post one at a time. Happy to drop 'em but don't wang to spam. She's so defensive and 'me, me, me' people are commenting less on her posts and those who are are getting more dubious and skeptical with each post.

(Apologies for accidental post in PT, hoping I deleted it successfully, spazzing out a bit today - will pay more attention next time :s)

No. 129472

dump em

No. 129483

File: 1462984034651.png (128.95 KB, 480x687, Screenshot_2016-05-11-15-53-11…)

No. 129484

File: 1462984111758.png (124.09 KB, 480x687, Screenshot_2016-05-11-15-53-20…)

No. 129485

File: 1462984267735.png (124.59 KB, 480x691, Screenshot_2016-05-11-15-54-42…)

No. 129486

File: 1462984382171.png (118.15 KB, 480x683, Screenshot_2016-05-11-15-54-47…)

Last one

No. 129487

I'm convinced most (if not all) of the people commenting on Kadee's insta are farmers and sockpuppets. And she takes every scrap of bait they leave her. bless this cow, she lets the milk flow freely.

No. 129488

>but i mean i'm not going to die
b-but the doctor's said she wouldn't make it through 2016… your bullshit's showing kadee

No. 129489


I've reached the same conclusion, anon! There are so many snide sounding comments but she acts so aloof. I honestly think that she's convinced that people believe her every word. She's very manipulative, it seems that some of her followers are baiting her or leading her on until she gets caught in her lies. The ventilator back-pedalling for example!

No. 129491

Always relevant.

No. 129495

Why? What's the caption?

No. 129509

I'd say the majority of them are reading this thread, giggling to themselves, and then leading her on.

No. 129511

It's such a white American name. No one in the UK would be called something so stupid. They're always calling girls some variation of Kaylyn/Kaytlyn

No. 129512

Kadeelyn. Is that pronounced "Katie Lynn" or "Kade Ellen"?

No. 129516


I could be mistaken but I believe it's "Kay-Dee-Lynn" phonetically. Needs a 'Spears' on the end of it!

No. 129518

Her Facebook says "KAY-dee-lyn"

No. 129534

File: 1462993701513.jpeg (191.17 KB, 951x1148, image.jpeg)

Now that nobody seems to be dumb enough to buy her bs and donate her money she's asking for presents and get well messages?
Just who the hell does she think she is? She's no way a celeb (not even a "e-celeb") to expect complete strangers give her shit

No. 129535

I can't believe this girl is still going. I followed her for a while when I was ana-chan (2011-13) and she was always claiming to be on the brink of death back then. What the fuck is she even doing with her life.

Also I might be thinking of someone else but I thought Kadeelyn/Kadee wasn't her birth name? Not 100% sure but I think I remember her posting that she changed her name because her birth name was triggering. Does anyone know if this is true?

No. 129540

How old does she think she is? I think most kids won't have 3 stuffed animals keeping them company in hospital and this one is nearly adult

No. 129541

wasn't she saying how she couldn't wait to leave 2 posts ago and now she's asking for gifts

No. 129542

if a munchausen's patient is in the hospital, and no one sends them gifts, were they ever really hospitalized?

No. 129548

She's been doing this even since back then? Wow…

No. 129551

>triggering birth name
? did she explain this??

No. 129556

If that's true it's no wonder her family isn't very supportive anymore.

No. 129561

I thought she had just started this like last year but if she's been around where can we find her old posts…?

No. 129568

Cmon anon, you've gotta provide us with this milk!

No. 129573

File: 1463004881069.gif (1.83 MB, 200x200, wow.gif)

No. 129575

No. 129593

File: 1463009036561.png (197.56 KB, 435x595, 02012kadee.png)


This is what my fuzzy ana-brain remembers:

I found her instagram in 2011/12 and was initially sympathetic because obviously it would take a while for an obese person to lose enough weight to "look" anorexic. Months go by, she's always posting Starbucks selfies and pictures of junk food, she's still huge. I don't remember anyone confronting her, possibly because she was so delusional. She seemed popular judging from the gifts and get well soon letters she would receive, but her only selfies were with her moonfaced sister/ other family, rarely any with a friend, which made me think she was sending shit to herself, especially as the letters would read a lot like her IG posts. She constantly complained about physical illnesses too and was hospitalized a lot and no one wanted to question someone who appeared to be so sick in other ways. The only real milk is that she's been doing this for 4+ years. 2016 Kadee is indistinguishable from 2012 Kadee, she hasn't even got smarter or more convincing.

One weird thing I do remember is she claimed to be pregnant but miscarried. I searched and the only thing I could find was a user called savingkadee on a pregnancy countdown website, I don't know how to link but there's nothing worth seeing on there anyway, just her username and due date of January 2014. I guess she deleted all of that drama.

Her current tumblr kadeesfight dates back to June 2012. The archive is full of ED/anorexia/self harm/recovery etc posts right from the beginning. She has always used the usernames mentioned in the OP and she was kadeekat/savingkadeekat for a while too. Pic related (if it works) is 2012 Kadee being a #recoverywarrior, the date is in the bottom left

(I'm usually a lurker so sorry for not knowing how to do photos/links properly)

No. 129594

File: 1463009057836.jpeg (296.98 KB, 1200x1707, image.jpeg)

Uk farmer here - for us any supplement/nutritional drinks such as ensure or fortisip are prescription only. I may be wrong but is it true in US that you can just buy them from many stores no prescription needed? Asking as im wondering if shes asking the drs at the hospital to prescribe her them or if shes just decided she needs them and has got a visitor to buy them for her?!

No. 129596

You can buy them all from almost any grocery store

No. 129597

You can get them in stores.

No. 129598

you can buy them at any grocery store in the US. a lot of old people drink them, or athletes trying to gain weight

No. 129600

She's not hot enough to be a Spears, she doesn't deserve that.

No. 129601

File: 1463009793877.jpeg (281.53 KB, 1200x1707, image.jpeg)

omg she just keeps it coming!! added bonus = joltography and her comment ?>>129596
Thanks for clarifying

No. 129603


iirc she vaguely alluded to having been abused as a child in some way so she associated her old name with that. As I said I'm not 100% sure but it might explain why back when I followed her she would often speak in third person and other people would overuse her name in letters and when she quoted them, like people would always say "you're doing so well Kadee!" rather than just "you're doing so well!". The emphasis on her name was always weird

No. 129605

She's gearing up to fake her own death.

No. 129607

This convo is so pathetically fake.
That, or she has the world's least professional therapist with no sense of boundaries and the texting habits of a teenager

No. 129609

Yup, it gives me the creeps.

No. 129610

Her therapist can't be real. It must be Kadee texting herself or some other device she has. I would never want to be that close with my therapist.

No. 129612

it's like she's writing a john green book

No. 129617

File: 1463011524486.png (30.88 KB, 717x179, 026.PNG)

she's putting almost no effort into keeping up the lie at this point. and if she's been at it for 4+ years, that makes sense. also lmao at the username change

No. 129620

>this therapist of mine
creepy? your therapist doesn't "belong" to you. unless she's made up i guess

>if that is what u require


what even is this. seconding anon on the John Green book kek

No. 129621

I don't read enough John Greene but someone please do a short excerpt of Kadee in a John Greene novel setting please.

No. 129622

a budding romance between kadee and her fake therapist

No. 129624

File: 1463013081752.jpg (42 KB, 783x508, 34989.jpg)

>emotional hospice

Are you fucking kidding me? For anyone unfamiliar, hospice care is for people who have terminal illnesses and are expected to die soon. It focuses on keeping the patient's last days as comfortable as possible and avoiding drastic measures to keep them alive. Obviously there is no such thing as an 'emotional hospice'. I guess she just thinks the word hospice makes her sound really sick and will get her lots of attention.

No. 129626

I think this is more proof it's possible Gretchen is Kadee.

No. 129627

File: 1463013910712.jpg (118.82 KB, 540x540, kek.jpg)

I found this on her tumblr. Gotta get that Ensure in every pic to make sure everyone knows you're sooooo sick!

No. 129628


im inclined to agree with you anon, but didn't someone post recently here that they looked up her 'therapist' online and has worked out who it actually is?! I remember them saying there were only 3 in her area with the first name begining with 'G' (Gretchen). Although, just because a plausible therapist exists in search results, it doesn't mean they are actually working with Kaydee in a professional context - maybe she is actually a friend of a friend or something and when Kaydee heard she was a therapist she begged her to be her friend and this poor woman had no idea what she was letting herself in for and has now become trapped because shes not actually K's offical therapist but K is manipulating the "friendship" to become a dependent one where shes the patient and this poor woman is the unpaid professional with none of the protection or boundaries that an official patient-therapist relationship would have. ??

No. 129631

Ugh shit you're right I forgot about there actually being therapists names Gretchen in her area. Maybe it's how you said it is. I don't think this G therapist would actually break protocol for Kadee over her job.

No. 129632

It's also possible that kadee is working with a real therapist, but impersonating her on the side to validate herself online with screenshots of conversations between "them"

No. 129634

if true, it's a whole new level of delusion. the time, effort and dedication it's taking her to weave this web of lies and forced sympathy is astounding.

No. 129636

File: 1463014854544.jpeg (232.18 KB, 750x924, image.jpeg)

Gotta be a farmer

No. 129637

I agree with this comment. Those messages clearly aren't from a real therapist. She posts these faked convos so her followers will think a therapist working with her is giving her all this extra special attention as proof that she's really ill and in need of more care.

No. 129638

She sounds like she's writing a monologue to convince herself she's sick.
Her doctors would be happy she's losing weight, any medical professional would be.
She's probably begged them for a NG tube and mad about not getting one.

No. 129639

You don't get a NG for barely eating for a few days unless you're at a weight where that would be life threatening. People don't eat for 5 or more days sometimes when they have the flu you don't see people being shipped in to be tubed. It's completely crazy MAYBE if she hadn't had a single thing since she got there they'd tell her eventually if she doesn't start eating then they are going to tube her but it's just ludicrous what she's suggesting. Not to mention the tube picture is a fucking drainage tube from when she had pancreatitis or whatever the fuck it was which is a complication of obesity

No. 129640

Hahahahahahahahahaha that tube.

No. 129641

Did you see Kadee's response? I'm howling. I can't post a screenshot from my phone, but she basically said she probably won't die, but maybe.

No. 129646

File: 1463016783411.jpeg (35 KB, 400x710, image.jpeg)

No. 129648

File: 1463017207619.gif (497.46 KB, 145x147, image.gif)

I cant even.

No. 129649

Sage for diary post (sorry guys I promise its relevant)

I got outta hospital a week ago for dental surgery and ate about 1/4 of all my meals post surgery because ew hospital food. Four days of this at low/normal bmi and its no biggie.

Its no big deal to not eat much for a few days unless you're a dying spoop or diabetic. In kaydee's case its a good thing because she needs to lose about 60kg to be healthy. She just wants someone to pat her lumpy ass and say something to make her feel less guilty about being an overeater and malingerer.

No. 129650

Is joke anon. Point is you can doc anything without an extra device. Google fake iPhone messenger.

No. 129651

I know it's been said before but any real therapist would get fired for this and have their license suspended. It's a massive breach of professionalism. You'd think Kadee would at least do a little bit of research to make her munchausens delusions believable

No. 129653

No. 129654

Oh lol. Well it's perfectly believable that she would post something like that. The conversations she posts with her "therapists" are ridiculous.

No. 129655

for sure! looks like more farmers have been commenting since this too!

No. 129657

GUYS, I found the website she uses to talk with "Gretchen"


No. 129658

I AM DYING!!!!!!!

When you use the wbesite to create fake iphone conversations, you can't change the battery percentage. It's ALWAYS set at 85%. bAM you've been caught! She uses that fake website 100%.

No. 129659

LMFAO. The battery percentage is the ONE thing you can't change. You can manipulate the name, conversation, time, carrier, wifi/no wifi, but you can't change the battery percentage. It's always fucking 85%. You've been caught KADEE.

No. 129660

File: 1463019833708.jpeg (72.96 KB, 750x819, image.jpeg)

Seems more likely that she is texting herself and then deleting the doubled responses & put her number in her contacts as 'Gretchen'. These texts had 24% battery, which wouldn't be possible with that website.

No. 129661

That's true. I DO think the one where her therapist said I love you was made with that fake website. Unless she edited the picture.

No. 129662

File: 1463019998401.jpeg (113.93 KB, 640x855, image.jpeg)

Was just looking back through her ig - anyone else notice how she even has a Bridgeport Hospital hoodie?!! Reinforcing to us all that she cant get enough of anything remotely related with being in the hospital!

No. 129663

If Gretchen the therapist really existed, I don't think she would be very happy to learn that one of her clients has been impersonating her.

If Gretchen's organization found out about the texts and thought they were real (they're not), Gretchen would be fired and have her license revoked.

Should someone say something to the organization? If she has Gretchen the ED therapist in her area (this person does exist), she could be fired and lose everything if someone sees those texts and thinks they're legit. I feel really uncomfortable seeing this online and not reporting it to someone. Gretchen could end up in SERIOUS legal shit because of Kadee's actions. I don't know. I feel like a really bad person if I don't say something. What do you guys think?(personal army)

No. 129669

Don't interfere with the cows or their families/associates. Never. Its creepy af.

No. 129670

File: 1463022531933.png (23.74 KB, 382x300, therapy.png)

You can change battery level on other sites, but i wouldn't be surprised if she was just texting herself. Probably easier.

No. 129671

She must have deleted this post !! Maybe people gave her shit for how unprofessional it would be for a therapist to say 'I love you'

No. 129672

File: 1463022843302.jpg (47.23 KB, 488x240, g.jpg)

According to her she only met Gretchen at the end of April and now she texts Kadee daily and tells her she loves her. Sure Jan!

No. 129675

It's fake.

No. 129676

She's having fun with her dammit doll. So happy for her. She posted a video of it because she was tired of her nurse being slow with the pain meds. In b4 dilaudid post.

No. 129684

Why is her mouth so tiny? How do you get so fat with such a tiny mouth to cram food into??

If you go back to her posts from 2012 on tumblr, you can find selfies where she is the EXACT same weight as she is now. Much anorexia.

No. 129687

File: 1463024872949.png (124.87 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20160512_0001.png)

When worlds collide. Aly is her inspiration…

No. 129689


'Image wouldn't load. Tap to retry.'
Damnit Damnit Damnit, instagerm, I wanna see the doll vid! Is she flipping out? Clearly after pain meds big time!
(Vid isn't gone, my IG is being a dick and only loading certain posts…)

No. 129690

File: 1463025020363.jpeg (187.36 KB, 750x1095, image.jpeg)

Okay so the 'feeding tube' she had was mysteriously placed for one day, coincidentally the day after her surgery for for gall bladder attack and pancreatitis. (Aka it was a drainage tube) She then claimed she ripped it out and they never replaced it.

Even more proof Kadee is 'secretly' a binge eater:

Pancreatic secretion of digestive enzymes in the body's vital organs, which secrete the pancreatic juice contains a variety of enzymes that can digest protein, fat and carbohydrates. When people eat too much, it will stimulate a large number of secretion of pancreatic juice to the pancreatic duct pressure suddenly increased, causing rupture of pancreatic acinar. They are activated and turned into the digestive enzymes that can digest their own organizations and have different degrees of pancreatic damage and inflammation reaction.

Binge eating or eating excessively large meals. Eating more food than your digestive organs can handle is a risk factor for developing gallstones and a major risk factor for developing a gallbladder attack

No. 129692


Saw ? this ☝ one coming from a ? mile away! Both so opposite but also so similar! Aly posts more than she eats and Kaydee posts less than she eats. Both anorexic (kek) but who would you say would be more realistically in need of residential eating disorder treatment? Who would be more likely to be refused due to being oh so 'medically compromised'?

No. 129695

File: 1463025539187.jpg (43.8 KB, 490x297, name.jpg)

I found a reference to her changing her name. Nicole > Kadeelyn

No. 129697

Most obese people look like they have tiny little mouths because their cheeks are so round. They get the same pout babies get.

No. 129700

Is she telling the truth though..? This could just be for attention.
It wouldn't load for me either but finally it did… This new IG is bugging a bit.

No. 129702

I found a longer entry talking about the name change:http://kadeesfight.tumblr.com/post/33660665285/my-story
However she could be lying, when someone lies as much as she does you become skeptical about everything unless proven.

No. 129704


I just remembered something on mpa somewhat recently. Someone made a thread abou a therapy session she overheard at Starbucks. She said this girl didn't look like she had restricted a day in her life.

How WEIRD is it to have a therapy session in a public place??? Like eating out is one thing in treatment/with someone from the treatment place. But to TALK about it??? No thank you. I'm actually anorexic so maybe it's different when you WANT anorexia vs. have it.

No. 129713

You can find a lot of her stuff if you google "Kadeelyn".

No. 129714

Bet it was Kaydee. I'll look it up on MPA and see when it was posted.

No. 129715

So, Kadee has another gofundme.
She has the one we know about, here:
And she also has another one here:

What the fuck?

No. 129716

this bitch
And no one's donated in 15months… What.

No. 129717

>Any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated, as we have found out $40,100 isn't enough to send me to a long term program.

The fuck..?
Where does she think she's going to stay, and for how long?

No. 129719

An anonymous person donated $500… are you kidding me?! I only hope it was Kadee herself.

No. 129730


That was me anon. I used a fake website where you can change the bat life and a lot of other things too. Just gotta click on the second or third result after googling it.

No. 129731

I wonder if she still has her job.

No. 129733

File: 1463035173711.png (120.63 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

>admits to having an addiction
To food or drugs?

No. 129734

File: 1463035244014.png (607.04 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

In this video she just says ED instead of "muh anorexia!!!!"

No. 129737


Found an old profile of hers. She weighed a LOT less before her "anorexia" oddly enough

No. 129738

File: 1463035818896.png (116.9 KB, 480x690, Screenshot_2016-05-12-07-33-24…)

Ffs. Such lies. Her own boss, no duty of care, no boundaries, no way.

Not a real therapist, surely.
Britfag. Can any US farmers/anons clarify how therapists work with regards to qualifications; can anyone declare themselves a therapist and work without contracts, boundaries and safeguards for themselves and their mentally ill patients? If her therapist was surprised that "given her history" she's in a room without observation, alone, and choose not to inform anyone on her ward/in charge of her care/treatment that she's purging with a collapsed lung; wouldn't the hypothetical therapist have to take some action on behalf of the patient if their supposed mental illness is increasing the risk of a medical emergency? I honestly don't believe a word out of her mouth.

Also wouldn't put it past her to have googled a local therapist for eating disorders and is simply using the name as a basic proof for any skeptics who question the therapist's validity/existence? She's lazy. If anons/farmers found those therapists in a search engine, so could she. She likes to pretend.

No. 129739

File: 1463036685502.png (125.76 KB, 478x655, Screenshot_2016-05-12-08-02-36…)

Errr… think I found 'Gretchen'.

No. 129743

Oh fucking hell….

No. 129744

HOLY SHIT this is fascinating

No. 129745

Are you allowed to have multiple go fuck mes?

No. 129746

File: 1463037611431.jpeg (56.96 KB, 750x606, image.jpeg)

Who did this

No. 129747

Whoa, it looks like she weighed at least 100 pounds less, if not more. So much for that "anorexia" huh?

No. 129748


Thought I'd take a look at her Youtub account, saw the name and had to post. I think she's maybe modelled her perfect/ideal therapist out of a fantasy. It's too coincidental, right? It's not that common a name, is it?

No. 129749

File: 1463038894447.jpg (33.26 KB, 600x450, full (4).jpg)

No. 129755


Ring or band? (As in gastric)

Why no true transformation tuesday or genuine pre-ed pic like most generic ED accounts on IG?

Because it would be obvious that she doesn't suffer from anorexia.

No. 129763

File: 1463048623866.jpg (253.24 KB, 1500x1500, 1613.Jpg)

she looks like a fucking Chucky doll

No. 129765


THANKYOU, DEAR ANON! It's been bugging me for ages, knew she reminded me of someone and couldn't place who/what. Nailed it!

Chucky lives!

No. 129768


I never went to IP or IOP, and the reason was the cost. There were two places close to me, one was a volunteer run hospital who would be charging me 20K for a 3 month program, and the other location was to charge me $250/day for a bed, nutritionists, doctors, psychologists… etc…
During which I've already racked up over 100K in student loan debt.
I don't think the money figures are that far off, but like everybody else is saying, she needs to get treated for BED, not AN…

No. 129770


My old dietitian saw me outside of her normal practice, and since she didn't have a private practice office we would meet in starbucks. It was so fucking awkward, I hated it.

No. 129771


Damn, she actually had some good looking potential. While clearly above average, she definitely wasn't morbidly overweight.

No. 129772


Yeah, IP is like 2k+/day, Res 1.5k+/day, and PHP depending on intensity is like 1k+/day.

90 days racked me up to 130,000 (avg 1444/day), so not that off.

No. 129774

oh my fucking god, her face…

No. 129777

I love laughing at her but damn sometimes it just makes me sad.
like she was a slightly above normal sized, pretty-ish girl and then something happened to fuck her up to the point where she feels the need to balloon up to this weight and fake conditions and lie like this. or she just became intrigued by Ed/spoonie stuff on the Internet and she went psycho with it.
any way you look at it, her life is fucking depressing

No. 129779

File: 1463056275710.jpg (71.41 KB, 600x449, image.jpg)

don't worry about it. it's not like kadee is particularly believable

No. 129782


I feel conflicted too. She's clearly mentally ill and her Munchausen's needs treatment alongside her BED/OSFED (though that would require honesty and some insight into her genuine illnesses) It is sad but she is also clearly malingering and taking the piss with pain medication and lies for sympathy.

She's said she wants to discharge herself but they wouldn't let her go if she were that ill(?) so I think they're shipping her out and since she's exaggerated so much about how unwell she is she has to lie and claim a self discharge. It's entertaining, sad and morbidly fascinating all at once. I'd love to know how her brain works! Thought processes etc.

No. 129788

Do we know how old she is? If she's under 18, she isn't allowed to sign herself out. She'd have to get her parents because minors can't sign discharge paperwork.

No. 129809

Her old public Instagram bio says 21 so she's at least 21 - maybe even older now

No. 129815

these are basically more proof that the ED that "consumed [her] life" was BED and not anorexia. she could probably get genuine support instead of bait comments if she was upfront about the binge eating, since it really does seem to be effecting her health like >>129690 said

No. 129821

Goes to show the extent of how much she's faking. A few days ago she was gonna have open heart surgery and surgery to get rid of her PE, but now she's suddenly well enough to discharge herself? I understand that NG tubes are scary (even though she's never had one), but if you were really having that many issues you'd stay in the hospital until you were healthy enough.
The more she posts, the more her story falls apart.

No. 129838


what a sad transformation

No. 129839

File: 1463068008289.jpeg (29.44 KB, 728x262, image.jpeg)

She liked this movie on FB. I'm dying.

No. 129841

oh, so THAT'S where she gets her medical knowledge from

No. 129862

I know it's probably the least offensive thing she's doing, but I can't help sperging about her bigging up getting enoxaparin injections. She just posted a conversation saying there's a ~special technique~ to it that she's mastered when it's literally just one you jab into the subcutaneous fat (no special technique needed on her, lel). If it was particularly delicate the nurses certainly wouldn't be letting her do it.

No. 129863

File: 1463072456830.png (937.1 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

does she lie about cancer too? What medical issue would cause you to get an ugly hairstyle?

No. 129864

she must be incapable of making a social media post without mentioning her "health issues"

No. 129868

>Muh trama and medical issues turned muh hair Greg.

No. 129869

>*Grey, sorry, had a burger in muh hand.

No. 129870

We should put together a timeline for this cow. I found a post on Twitter the other night when I googled "Kadeelyn Konstantino" where her friend missed her because she was IP. That was 2013.

No. 129882

File: 1463076874637.png (453.24 KB, 1296x699, Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.11…)

weheartit account circa 2013 she says shes in recovery for bulimia

No. 129895

File: 1463080587191.jpg (16 KB, 513x147, kadee.jpg)

I wonder if this actress is who she borrowed the name Kadee from?
She posted that exact pic along with another on her tumblr with the following tags: girlswholikegirls, lesbian, bisexual, gay, girlfriend, sexuality, LGBT and queer

No. 129908

File: 1463082400099.jpg (259.84 KB, 1077x1413, IMG_20160512_134622.jpg)

No. 129935

>body type: a few extra pounds

No. 129938

>Do you do drugs?

No. 129940

Wait, Fairfield CA? HAHA shit I go to school like 30 min away

No. 129949

No. 129952

File: 1463088133183.jpg (61.86 KB, 695x547, kadeepig.JPG)

Check out the first thing she makes a beeline for immediately discharge, lmao.

>such ana

>so ED
>much restriction

No. 129953

immediately *after discharge

No. 129954

she's probably hungry after playing "anorexic in the hospital" for a few days

No. 129955

>That Teavana abomination
>That plastic frozen pizza
I'd kill to see this bitch eat a vegetable.

No. 129956

Worth noting the absolute minimum calories in that drink is 310, and I highly doubt she had a small size with nonfat or soy milk…

No. 129957


Given her "anorexia," I'm surprised she got whip…. No way would I ever get whip on my frapp if I were to get something like that.

No. 129960


Anyone knows the name of the other 300lbs anorexic we discussed some weeks before (I think she went IP too)….

No. 129962

that's kelly. her insta is nourishing.kell.bell

No. 129963

Starting to wonder if she is just a good old-fashioned hypochondriac

No. 129964

this fatty is absolutely disgusting and brings shame on people with genuine eating disorders, she has more fat cells than stephen hawking has brain cells

No. 129966

"very ambitious"

clearly not that ambitious about losing weight pahaha

No. 129971


Yes that's her.thanks

Too bad she is private

No. 129972


youd have to make your account private once you realised that everyone on the internet is laughing at you

No. 129973

File: 1463090929922.png (507.06 KB, 941x600, kb1.png)

oh i didn't realize she'd gone private, here have some screenshots. her "friend" made this most recent post in our precious fighter's defense while she's away in treatment

No. 129974

File: 1463091007143.png (36.02 KB, 566x416, kb4.png)

the rest of the caption

No. 129979

How does someone discharge themselves with a collapsed lung… What was she really in there for though.. I bet the medical staff was relieved she got checked out though.

No. 129986

alright, in the course of Kadee's 6-day hospital visit, we've seen
>in the ER :(
>blood clots in lungs, might need surgery
>CT scan
>possible open heart surgery
>needs 3x daily injections
>lung collapses (mistakes an oxygen mask for a ventillator
>reveals weird crush on therapist
>muh lunch is 285 calories :(
>emotional hospice "im not dying, but i might be dying"
>discharges self
>sucking down fraps and eating pizza

jesus christ that girl must be a pain in the ass to have as a patient

No. 129987

Don't forget asking her followers on IG about the cigarette burns on her hand and the wound care specialist.

No. 129988

that was the suspected MRSA

No. 129990

Lol, I missed that part! She wanted some horrible medical issue oh so bad.

No. 129991

i doubt she even discharged herself. they probably kicked her out

No. 129995

Someone on a socks upper account should ask her how she's been discharged with a collapsed lung????? Like how is she gonna explain that???

No. 129996

ah, someone beat me to it. kadee is the queen of giving vague answers though

No. 129998


100% they must have kicked her out for wasting their fucking time, they would have taken one look at her and walked her back out the door man

No. 129999

Legit surprised she's never said "I'm not fat, I have Cushing's!!"

No. 130001

iirc she blamed steroid use at one point. but her arms and legs are too fat for it to be cushing's

No. 130003


"im just big boned"

No. 130007

Yeah but she's also claimed all sorts of other stuff so I'm surprised she hasn't played the Cushing's card yet.

No. 130017


Nah, she'll go all in and claim Prader-Willi syndrome. Go on, Kaydee - go big or go home!

No. 130019

File: 1463099185678.png (132 KB, 480x692, Screenshot_2016-05-13-01-18-32…)

No. 130021

Hah.. what, she was out maybe 20 minutes?

No. 130024

She's so histronic.

No. 130025


Seems she said she was going home 4 hours ago as per the frappe pic

No. 130028

sorry for being annoying but why is this thread pink? don't hurt me

No. 130034

i've had threads randomly change color on me idk why

(sage OT next time though)

No. 130036

Okay so by tomorrow lets say 12:00pm EST. Kadee will be back in the hospital and we'll have dilaudid post and something about her therapist possibly coming to see her. Or we will have her at home complaining about how she may go back to the hospital and something about her therapist. I highly doubt she has a collapsed lung though pretty sure she was admitted for something else she just kept drawing it before they actually kicked her out.

No. 130041

File: 1463105311300.jpg (50.47 KB, 451x451, hollykonstantino.jpg)

I think this is Kadee's mom. I expected her to be hefty, but she's not at all.

No. 130045

She looks like trash

No. 130046

Not as fat as I expected but she still looks like pure trailer trash. Looks like she reeks of cat piss & smoke and holds up the line at the 7/11 so she can buy 50 scratch cards.

No. 130048

File: 1463105853798.png (152.44 KB, 536x589, 2013.png)

No. 130049

File: 1463105968721.png (26.4 KB, 453x379, 2007.png)


I can't figure out when this was posted, but Kadee mentions her grandma dying as the start of her mental health issues in a few of her monologues.

No. 130054

Heroin is great for weightloss though.

No. 130056

She has to deal with Kadee. Poor woman.

No. 130057


mfw kaydee released a hooters balloon for her dead grandma

No. 130064

File: 1463108136652.png (1.42 MB, 1640x2200, k.png)


Have you guys seen her Facebook? Holy. Shit. This isn't even all of the hospital check-ins because I got bored of pasting them. They must know her by name now.

No. 130071

LOL munchausens syndrome

No. 130074

That article. "We just want help", and attention and an excuse to check in on Facebook for likes and more attention.

No. 130077


do people even comment on these things? or have they given up and stopped caring??

No. 130085


The phone companies are different on each screenshot

How does it work in the US? Is it a solid proof that at least one of these are fake?

No. 130086

Oh my god. They're both fake. Keep up.

No. 130088

You are both retarded.
"Eat your Jello Baby"
Is a farmer testing the fake texting app out to show you can change the battery percentage.

No. 130089

Lmaooooo she's crazy if she thniks that "therapist" of her is believable. She doesn't exist, it's quite obvious.

No. 130090

File: 1463117792850.png (Spoiler Image,77.14 KB, 362x634, gretch.png)

Wow, Gretchen. Not appropriate for a woman in your profession at all. Sheesh.

No. 130093


No. 130094

Oh my god… I have no words for this bitch.

No. 130096

Okay… She went back to the hospital but i can't tell by her comments if she's already discharged again or still there.

No. 130098


i'm guessing in this one she did what another anon said and texted herself and then just deleted the duplicates. that or it's just someone else and she changed the name momentarily to pretend it was "gretchen"


now this one is absolutely fake lol some iphones have thicker font than others because you can change the settings for that sort of shit. you notice the percentage in the corner is thick as fuck but then in the real text message above, its back to the skinny font iphones have by default

shes fucking creepy

No. 130100

>>130098 we know that >>129646 is fake. This has been said literally two posts below it. Do any of you read this fucking thread at all? Can we stop discussing how fake the made up Gretchen texts are that other anons obviously or said they made themselves.

No. 130102

File: 1463122986269.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.87 KB, 400x533, goth chucky.jpg)

That second picture though…

No. 130109

Hah I knew she was lesbian. Nothing wrong or shameful about that but damn it's cringe when she acts so attached/in love with her fake therapist Gretchen/herself

No. 130110

> Can any US farmers/anons clarify how therapists work with regards to qualifications

Therapists are required to have a Master's Degree at minimum. Some states require a Doctoral Degree as well. Therapists must also be licensed, but I don't know what the requirements are beyond having earned a Masters's/Doctoral.

Counselors have to be certified/licensed, but, depending on the type of counseling and state, the certificate/license may be laughably easy to obtain.

No. 130112

It's Munchhausen's, not hypochondria. Hypochondriacs don't burn themselves with cigarettes and then post on social media about how the wound mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and has to be examined by a "wound specialist."

No. 130115

Jesus christ this looks like some found footage shit.

No. 130120

>>130109 Does it even matter at this point? She's so fat that I imagine she'd have trouble being attracted to women. Or anything at all, for that matter. I felt like my sex drive was affected when I was 25lbs overweight, can't even begin to imagine what it must be like for her.

No. 130136

When I was at the higher end of "normal" weight I had no issues being attracted to people, but couldn't fathom ever being with them because of how much I hated my body. I'm sure hers is the same type of thing, but I'm not sure if it is the hatred of her body (idk if she does hate it) or just society considering her fat

No. 130173

File: 1463157440176.png (9.82 KB, 558x80, kd1.png)

this makes no sense in conjunction to anything else she's said. she "doesn't want to be in the hospital" but she carted herself back to the emergency room less than 12 hours after a 6-day hospital stay, and the staff refused to admit her. Kadee's story is all over the goddamn place.

No. 130175

I'm betting the first discharge has something to do with the wound specialist calling her out on the self infliction. Has she followed up on that story at all?

No. 130178

People like her are gross. I've never met anyone who enjoyed the hospital. I've been in and out of hospitals for various, legit reasons. Sometimes only 2-3 days, sometimes outpatient procedures, and sometimes a week. It sucks and I hate every time and I just want to punch Kaydee in her fat face.

No. 130199

How the fuck does she manage to get admitted so much? I went to the ER puking from pain and they found a 6mm stone lodged in my ureter. I wanted them to admit me because there was a "strong chance it might not pass on its own" which could cause a kidney infection which can cause DEATH and they were like uhh well if you're still puking and pissing blood in a week come back and we might do something. Im seriously curious as to what symptoms she presents with that are so bad that they admit her. Unless that hospital is doing poorly and just wants her insurance money…

No. 130201

Idk about the states, but here in the UK if you present with certain symptoms (chest pain and breathlessness being the main ones) you're pretty much guaranteed an urgent admission. She's probably hamming both of those up as much as she can, given her updates.

No. 130202

I have a sneaking suspicion some of the quicker hospital visits are just her posting photos she's taken in advance

No. 130204

In many cases hospitals are required to admit you if you have symptoms of certain conditions, e.g. a heart attack or stroke. Say "My chest hurts really bad" and you'll get admitted even if everyone is sure you're faking, because the hospital doesn't want a lawsuit

No. 130208

I wonder if she was asked what would she say her exact condition is that she is struggling with right at this very moment? She didn't need heart or lung surgery, she doesn't have a clot in her brain and no one would get admitted for that wound on her hand that she totally did to herself.
>I just don't want to be in the hospital any more.
She was allowed to leave yesterday and they wouldn't readmit her a few hours later. Kadee the hospital does not want you there either! Quit stalking the hospital!

No. 130209

Eh, depends where in the UK. In my area you pretty much only get an emergency admittionif your bloods come back weird, or your ECG is weird. It's fairly crap.

No. 130210

I mean I mostly work with the elderly, so we're pretty ambulance-happy whenever they start to show symptoms like the above because they're already so frail to begin with.

I have no idea what the admission policy is for hysterical obese teenagers claiming they have anorexia through mouthfuls of s'mores frappe, lmao

No. 130239

Or if you have a history of anxiety, they say it's a panic attack and send you on your way. Maybe a 5mg tab of valium to keep you quiet.

No. 130243

No. 130244

she doesn't seem the type to even know what opiates are. she seems the type to tell everyone shes addicted to prozac or something

No. 130264

"Kadeelyn" definitly triggers me.

No. 130267

"Bad Mr Kitty, that's my pot pie!"

That is one classy fat cow.

>Send prayers and love, bitches
Maybe people will do that if you deserve it as a person, and you won't have to beg for it you thirsty bitch?

Top fucking kek!

Same here.

No. 130305

put this thread to /pt/ btw she is way too good of a cow to stay on /snow/ aka containment for pull

No. 130310

I object. Many of the users here post like fucking retards. Must be MPA, instagram drama faggots who can't spell, write like morons, and think "kek" is a signature of lolcow. It's best to keep this one on /snow/ even if she's delusional enough to be a true lolcow.

No. 130312

Any predictions for her next trip to the hospital? I feel like she's going to harm herself somehow.

No. 130332

all she has to do is say she's suicidal, and they'll keep her in the ED for at least 24 hours. She'll even get a companion sitter to sit there and stare at her the whole duration she's there. She should do that, there will be someone who can take her hospital selfies for her 8-)

No. 130344

"Will you please take a picture of me pretending to be asleep with this stuffed animal, I– Gretchen, my therapist bought me?"

No. 130374

I want nourishing.kell.bell to come back from IP :(

No. 130400

No one cares. Stop blogging. We get it.

No. 130409


saaaame. she was entertaining. wish she hadn't have gone private.

No. 130423


I totally know what you mean :( feels really uncomfortable. Maybe saying something isn't a bad idea

No. 130434

File: 1463240258385.jpeg (86.24 KB, 640x444, image.jpeg)

Holy shit you guys she's now borderline
Remember earlier in this thread I said I wanted to test the theory that Kadee copies her followers?
I posted "muh bpd" picture on my ig and then went to Kadee's ig and left some likes and comments to make her notice me, and she liked & commented some of my posts back, and the first one she liked was that "muh bpd" one.

And just look at that, now Kadee's got ~abandoned~ by her therapist and her BPD (which she never mentioned before) has gotten worse!
I dunno, maybe she was talking about bipolar disorder, but as diagnosed borderline myself I know constantly getting the feeling of abandonment is one of the very basic borderline signs

No. 130435

Omg! Someone should make a sockpuppet with another illness and see if she co-opts it as well

No. 130443

then we need something more ~trendy~ than BPD to get results faster. BPD is pretty well known but it's not even nearly as ~popular~ as anorexia.

In fact, it's been like a week since she liked my bpd post and wrote "muh bpd" post I just posted. I got disappointed in this theory on like the third day of waiting for the results of this little experiment, but now I think she's been studying (= reading articles on the internet) this disorder to decide if it's trendy enough and how many asspats she can get from that and how she should act if she wants to appear borderline.

Also, to me she sounds just TOO self-aware for a borderline. If you're borderline, once you get the feeling of abandonment by someone you really, really like (like her imaginary therapist), you can't calm down that easily and be like "yeah i felt like shit but that's not surprising, cause i'm a borderline, I'm SO self-aware you know". Normally a borderline person would just burst with anger and then fell into depression absorbed in extreme self-pity.
I mean, even if I didn't know her and just accidentally stumbled across this post, I'd think "wow, she sounds to sane for a borderline, she regulates her emotions so well! Her therapist must be truly amazing"

No. 130452

>implying there's a single thing more overdiagnosed and ~trendy~ than BPD at the moment

With the exception of maybe gender dysphoria.

No. 130456


I love how this blatantly reads like she just googled "BPD symptoms" 10 minutes before typing this up.

No. 130458

She just reposted a BPD support group post on fb as well, how subtle. So hilarious that she literally just makes this shit up on the drop of a dime, someone give her something else to copy

No. 130477

do your own research and search through bpd tags on ig vs ed tags before turning your salty mode on.
I'm sorry that in my country it's no way trendy and is so barely known you have hard time seeking professional help, so I'm genuinely unaware how super duper trendy it actually is.

lol now i'm all for another experiment. Ideas? Volunteers?

No. 130483

>Do your own research
Does 5 years in the psychiatric system seeing all the people I know starting to get diagnosed with BPD (whether they fit the criteria or not) count? Or discussing the issue with various psychiatric and medical doctors and professors, who agree there's a huge overdiagnosis problem? Or are they completely irrelevant compared to the wealth of knowledge that can be gained from a look through tumblr tags?

EDs don't go out of style, but snowflakes adding ~BPD~ to their list of self-dxs is recent to the past few years. It's trendy.

>sage for rising to delicious salty bait

No. 130484

>sage for rising to delicious salty bait
>doesn't actually sage

No. 130486

I love you
Pls stfu panel of experts

No. 130487

thank you for information, your Saltiness, hope next time you'll be less of a salty bitch smelling your farts trying to prove your point.

No. 130491


DID. Omg, I would die.

No. 130494

this thread could have so much milk if only the retards wouldnt fuck it up

No. 130499

what ever happened to her boyfriend? she was dating some poor guy back in December

No. 130502

another story begging for money


also, she never graduated high school? that explains a lot

No. 130503

They need to have the anorexia version of Scared Straight, I'd love to see Kadee on it. They bring fake anorexics and wannarexics into a room with Ash and she just screeches at them the whole time

No. 130521

But she talks about college? Maybe she means she didn't attend graduation

No. 130558

Maybe we should use some obscure disease because it'll be so blatantly obvious (preferably with an organ she hasn't complained about yet, if one exists)

No. 130562

kadee is leaving for new york city watch out. hope she jumps off the train lol.

No. 130575

File: 1463263785830.png (9.64 KB, 575x68, sperg.png)

I see this person commenting on every ana-chan that gets discussed here. Does anyone know anything about her?

No. 130582

My first thought was cystic fibrosis because it's relatively rare and it affects lungs and the digestive system. But it's an insult to those who actually do have CF because it's very life threatening.

No. 130584

Liver cirrhosis.

No. 130586

Brilliant, anon. A sockpuppet should ask about how her liver is.

No. 130593

This is a good one. Or hepatitis maybe?

No. 130594

File: 1463267442423.png (58.67 KB, 512x471, kd3.png)


most of her delusions all in one neat text post

No. 130601

Oh dear god. She collects diagnosis's like a stamp collector.

Is there any post talking more about her DID? I don't believe she's ever mentioned having it before and I think it would be hilarious to see what she comes up with.

No. 130612

She's too big she would derail it

No. 130618

Fuck, she had a child??

No. 130622

>I was once dedicated to being sick and staying there

ONCE, Kaddyyyeee?

No. 130626

I want to suggest that someone sends this to her mom on Facebook or something to confirm all of this. It just sounds like a Lifetime Movie.

No. 130627

She's an Ana who lurks and has commented here in the past, she pissed off Ember and her little Ana army when she called Ember out regarding restricting on a Jewish holiday or some shit, cba to look up old threads though. I swear she's a less autistic version of Jolty.

No. 130628

Prolly a miscarriage or stillbirth or something.

No. 130629

No, we want to avoid Kadee becoming self-aware.

No. 130634

i really want to bring up the DID thing and see how she reacts

No. 130638


Leave the cows in their paddocks to happily munch and moo away and you get a steady supply of milk. Start running around the paddock screaming and flailing around like a retard and you disrupt the whole herd and now the milk is watery and shit.

Stay out of their irl paddocks.

No. 130654

has she ever mentioned the DID before? im so confused that she wrote that in there, it doesn't really seem like something (esp someone like her) would bring up and then forget about wtf

also it implies genuine trauma in childhood and lol of course kadee

No. 130655

lol holy shit if she came to nyc on a saturday night with no friends and no resources they she is pretty fucked. I can just imagine her roaming the streets.

No. 130660

Agreed. It was a suggestion I wasn't asking for someone to literally do it.

No. 130678

File: 1463280692497.png (995.03 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-05-15-10-47-58…)

She's hitting ~rock bottom~ guys.

No. 130680



No. 130681

File: 1463281675778.png (425.7 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-05-15-11-06-04…)

No. 130682


if this girl were really suffering like she says she is, it's amazing to me she has the wherewithal and presence of mind to blog about it near constantly. she's not going through actual rock bottom. she is just wanting attention and writing about what she thinks happens during a fall to rock bottom.

No. 130683

># hashtag # barely hanging on # :(
cant deal w this hoe

No. 130684

What's the big mysterious thing she did?

Ate another 700 calorie lunch? Drank a whole case of ensure and abused more medication?

Will we ever find out?

No. 130689


Idk can someone who is friends w her on insta pm her? She even says if we wanna know to just message her. Bitch loves to talk about her problems

No. 130696

Pots. It's rare enough to be really obvious, but has enough poor delicate bby points for her to coopt. Plus it takes forever to diagnose.

No. 130705

'I do not define myself by my illnesses'

No. 130712

How desperate does she want to look with the screenshot of that rock bottom song…
Anyway, do you guys think she is actually in NYC? Do you think we'll get pics of her actually there to prove it.

No. 130713

It's so weird to me that she constantly says "suicidal ideation" instead of "thinking about suicide." That is straight out of a textbook. No one except mental healthcare professionals say that to one another or in clinical notes. Nobody but professionals say the word "ideation," ever. When was the last time you heard someone say that word IRL in a casual conversation?

She's obviously a DSM-reader and/or reading Wikipedia all the time like it's a fuckin bible.

No. 130725



No. 130727

I know that term because of Marya Hornbacher. I doubt Kadee read "Madness" though, or she would have bipolar too, but maybe she picked it up on a discussion board or something.

No. 130730

i fucking hate this girl. she'll never kill herself, she'll just keep posting about how she's ~super depressed~ until someone either tells her to shut up or she wises up and realises she's being an idiot.

No. 130731

this. she won't be able to bask in all of the attention if she's dead.

No. 130732


Maybe she read Wasted instead.

Also, I thought at one point she said she had bipolar or hashtagged it or something along those lines? I can't even keep track of all of her 'diagnoses' at this point.

No. 130741

Pretty sure she's alluding to suicide.
That's why she says she's surprised she's still here eyeroll.jpg

No. 130752

File: 1463302392862.png (49.43 KB, 308x205, kkkkk.png)


I took the bullet and asked lel.

No. 130755

Holy shit lel dude

What kind of person says that shit

No. 130756

File: 1463303297235.png (688.62 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 130757

File: 1463303311749.jpg (33.12 KB, 206x275, image.jpg)

Holy shit this is fucking hilarious

No. 130763

Oh my fucking God. My sides. Who the fuck would try to claim that with a straight face? It reads like something from a parody account. She's the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 130767

>tfw you know no shit how dissociation episode really works & feels so you and your Munchhausen have to stick to very general depressive phrases instead #muhdissociation #prayersplz #suchbpd #muchbipolar

No. 130784

What the actual fuck. That card has nothing to do with disassociation.

I love how as soon as we start talking about her DID diagnosis she starts talking about disassociation. I'm just waiting for her to tag her next posts as #did.

No. 130786

>trying to breathe and hang in there

I guess it's hard to breathe when you're morbidly obese and have a #collapsedlung.

No. 130790

>she was dating some poor guy back in December

Do we know that for sure, or did she simply claim she had a boyfriend and never show a shred of proof?

>hysterically crying on the train
>while using social media

I love this mental image. Kadee wails and flails dramatically and makes sobbing sounds, all while holding her phone and stealthily keeping an eye on it. When she wants to write something, she tries to keep the "hysteria" going but is too distracted to do a convincing job. She finishes her message, then goes right back to flailing and wailing.

Ever seen a kid throwing a temper tantrum get distracted, then remember oh shit, they're supposed to be pretending to be upset, so they promptly resume screeching and flopping on the floor? It's like that, only it's an obese adult woman.

>I was 8 years old. I went to my first psychiatrist and therapist then
>I've been in and out of treatment since I was in 5th grade

>8 years old

>5th grade


Or a slightly heavier-than-usual period that was a day late. Or she's making it up whole cloth.

Not to stand up for Kadee, but I've definitely met a few people who genuinely were suicidal and used the term "ideation."

Just when I think she can't get any more ridiculous…

No. 130791

I'm pretty sure she's not suicidal but picking on someone for the choice of words they use to describe their suicidal thoughts is really scraping the barrel.

No. 130793

She should, but Hornbacher doesn't use that term in Wasted. Though perhaps she has read Madness, because you're right, she's used the tag "bipolar" before: http://kadeesfight.tumblr.com/tagged/bipolar

No. 130807

why would you not check the gun for bullets? unless… you're not actually trying to kill yourself!
implying she ever had a gun in the first place

No. 130811

Exactly. Like what did she do, find a gun in the street and decide to end her life? Buy a gun from a store? Have one on hand?

In any of the later cases she would have had to have bullets around somewhere, right? I'm no gun aficionado, but if I was going to commit suicide via gun I would make sure to not fuck it up.

This enrages me so much because it's like she's actively mocking actual mentally ill people that are suicidal, have eating disorders, bpd etc. I want to believe that she's just a really convincing troll because if she's actually like this she's disgusting vile human being. Even if she actually has Munchhausen's that's no excuse to act this ridiculous and manipulate people for money, drugs and attention.

You're still responsible for all the fucked up things you say and do Kadee.

No. 130813

>why would you not check the gun for bullets

you're right, no one would not check to see if a gun is loaded, whether you're using it for suicide, hunting, or target practice. And she lives in CT?? after the elementary school sandy hook shooting, CT passed some of the most restrictive laws in the country for gun/ammunition purchases. She's such a liar, she probably wouldn't know how to take the safety off if i handed her a gun.

No. 130822

Kadee being borderline makes the most sense. She lies exaggerates every little thing to hell. It also would account for her mood swings and creation of Gretchen, the fake therapist.

No. 130823

Borderline, no. Histronic, yes.

No. 130826

I disagree. Her mood swings don't present anything like what a person who has bpd would act like. Her sob story instagram posts are more about her "illnesses" and the need for pain medication and less about the actual emotion. The way she writes about her depression, anger, mania, dissociation, etc is very vague and, how do I put this?, lukewarm.

It comes off like she googled what these things meant and how they present themselves and she's trying to describe them without having a clear grasp on what her illnesses mean. It's more Munchhausen's or another factitious disorder than anything else.

No. 130827

i feel like a gun suicide wouldn't be in kadee's personality anyway. it's too quick and boring, what with her malingering attitude. she's more likely to slowly poison herself until she's IGing from her deathbed about how sick she is and then posting a RIP selfie from beyond the grave.

No. 130828

I don't want to get too cruel here, but it's most likely she will pass away from something Munchhausen's or weight related. One of the ways Munchhausen's patients can try to get attention is by harming themselves in order to need medical intervention. This includes overdosing, poisoning themselves, infecting their wounds etc. I remember their being a story about a mother who, I believe, gave their son a deathly infection by messing with his iv by putting things like fecal matter and poison into it.

I can see Kadee messing with her IV or feeding tubes or post-surgery wounds and going too far by accident (she's not the most clever lets be honest). She really needs some psychiatric help. I hope her doctor's are catching on to her or have already labelled her as malingering.

No. 130832

I don't see that happening, she doesn't actually make an effort to fake believable symptoms, just invents things on Instagram and adds new hashtags every post. She doesn't seem smart enough to be believable to a doctor, hence all the "I can't believe I got discharged! I need to see a wound specialist!!" posts.

No. 130838

She's shown in the past that she's willing to hurt herself in order to get medical attention though. For example her cigarette burns that she tried to get a "wound specialist" to see. I'm sure there may be even more stuff that she does in the hospital that she doesn't post on instagram like fiddle with iv's in order to get attention or to get more pain killers or mess with her dosages or drips.

And you're right she's an idiot, but she's proven that she'll actually hurt herself in order to get attention and medical help which is what is so worrying to me.

What's really unnerving about this is that it's really hard to "break it" to a patient that you know they're a malingering piece of shit. And a doctor can never really refuse treatment in an ER setting due to ethics and such. They have to treat the patient even if they know she's faking which just gives her more incentive to get up the behaviour. She could come in every day and they would never be able to outright refuse her.

No. 130845

so I guess she's not employed anymore?

No. 130846

on her facebook she claims to have ran a mile under 6 minutes. anyone believe this?

No. 130847

Nobody believes it.

No. 130849

I think her getting the job was the beginning of this "episode" that landed her in hospital and stuff. She doesn't want to be an adult or have any responsibility. So when she finally got a job she probably couldn't handle it or couldn't work appropriately and got fired so she imploded.

No. 130851

She's "knocking herself out" for the rest of the day. So no more updates from her. But on the IG post you can clearly see a paper plate with some type of oil/grease on it.

No. 130853

File: 1463342963883.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Just in case anyone not following her wanted to see the post.

No. 130859

The sad thing is I'm 99% sure she believes she's this sick, though. Yes she's faking it for attention, but I'm willing to bet she doesn't even realize that's what she's doing because she's so damn deep in her lie.

I work in mental healthcare and unfortunately, Munchausens isn't fixed by telling the person you know they're lying, because they will deny it and feel even more like a victim, spiraling them into an even worse state. Sucks that Kaydee thinks she's both physically AND mentally ill because many people tend to be one or the other… bitch is deeeeeeeeep in her [only] illness.

No. 130861

Very true, I forgot to mention that. There must be some sort of therapy that can help them come to terms with it though, right?

No. 130862

who the fuck actually tags with "#suicidalideation" though? most people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts don't even talk about it with people IRL, let alone parade it throughout the internet on hashtags and histrionic instagram posts
bitch needs to stop stuffing her face and clean her trashy room. i guess that wouldn't grant her the immediate attention she so desperately craves…

No. 130865

that greasy ass plate tho.
When she got home from fleeing home and "trying to shoot herself" with no bullets,I feel like her mom was like " Oh hun did you have an episode again? want some pizza and mozzarella sticks?they always calm you down" meanwhile kadee is breathing heavily into her phone 4 inches away from her face typing away a storm of #suicidalideation and she says "yeah just bring it to my room when your done" as she slams herself in her room and hides under her preteen-esque blankets

No. 130876

I can't believe this girl is in her 20's, she still seems like a young teenager

No. 130879

She's terrified of being an adult. I get the impression that she's regressing.

No. 130882


Unfortunately, there's no "best way" to treat Munchausen's. It's mostly damage control i.e. informing doctors so they don't give into their crazy demands and monitoring their medications. I had a lady whose husband kept all medications locked up in a safe because she thought she needed them all the time.

If a person admits they're lying, they're candidates for psychiatric treatment. But you can't fix someone who is so adamant that they aren't broken in the brain.

That's the odd thing though. Kaydee thinks she IS psychologically broken but for all the wrong reasons. I've honestly never had a patient whose Munchausen's manifested as thinking they were both physically and mentally ill because every Munchausen's patient I've had goes out of their way to try to prove they're NOT crazy. Which makes her case like 10000x worse. Honestly there's probably no hope for her!!!

No. 130883

File: 1463349747132.jpg (266.38 KB, 968x354, 1429851959548.jpg)


No. 130885

After seeing her 4-Minute workout pic where she claimed to have "kicked ass"… no.

No. 130887

>tried to shoot myself

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Why not say she "tried to overdose" or "tried to hang herself", or you know, something easier to fail at.

No. 130889

I'm stunned

No. 130890

because shooting yourself is super extreme and warrants more asspats than hanging or overdosing

No. 130891

It honestly sounds like something a 13-year-old would say.

No. 130893

File: 1463352225138.png (606.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-15-18-39-07…)

>whale watching

No. 130899

Gun control doesn't really work that well. I wouldn't be surprised if this actually happened, and by that I mean her unloading it, pulling the ~~trigger~~, then going online for asspats since she's so #damaged and #dying and #triggered

No. 130901

Aw, that's nice. I hope she enjoys her family reunion.

No. 130913

In all honesty she'd probably fuck it up if she tried to shoot herself. Instead of sticking a shotgun to her palate she'd do the melodramatic handgun to the temple, underestimate the kickback and make a non-lethal shot.

No. 130917

Are you serious? There's a huge concordance rate between mental and physical illness. Usually with stuff like anxiety and depression, which makes sense really. If someone is ill on a regular basis it's bound to bring them down.

No. 130920


Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant when people present with Munchausen's, they're often only only faking physical illnesses, or less commonly faking only mental illness, but not both. The fact that she thinks she has both physical and mental illness makes her 100x more difficult to ever attempt to "treat."

No. 130934

ER doctors can deny treatment. I've seen a few people get triaged and then get sent home because there was nothing wrong in the slightest, or something that wasn't ER "worthy" and would waste a lot of resources.

No. 130937

omg this

No. 130958

if she says she's having trouble breathing or says she's suicidal or smth they have to admit her though

No. 130971

No, she pretended to be pregnant and then "miscarried." She never had a child.

No. 130980

look at those gross nails. They're like serial killer nails

No. 131051

File: 1463414161693.png (687.56 KB, 646x632, kd4.png)

>going inpatient for ED today

No. 131098


What? Is she really going IP?!

No. 131101

She's probably going to the hospital and telling them she's suicidal and then she's going to take enough pictures to recycle for a few days and claim that she's IP but that she "discharged herself" when she gets bored of posting those pictures.

No. 131104

she claims she's going to Yale psychiatric hospital… i guess they have a good munchausen's program there

No. 131115

how long did she "run away" for? 2 hours?

No. 131117

I meant that the doctor's/nurse at least have to see and assess the patient. Of course they don't have to give them any medication if they don't think there's anything wrong.

This still feeds the munchasen's in these patients because they're still getting attention and validated some way. No doctor is going to outright tell a person to cut the bullshit or say they're malingering because it can cause more problems on both sides.

No. 131124

I hope they pretend they're accepting her for anorexia and then pull the bait and switch and put her in a binge eating program. Kek.

No. 131131

do you think kadee took a pic with her mom because kelly did? and she's apparently going IP now when kelly started posting about being out on a leave and looking really good and happy?

No. 131142

Do Kadee and Kelly know each other? I could see Kadee copying Kelly, though.

No. 131145

Kadee does follow Kelly on Instagram

No. 131148

She's going to become Kelly.

I wonder how it feels to have absolutely no identity of your own.

No. 131151

File: 1463432438001.png (42.28 KB, 312x424, phonenumber.png)

No. 131152

Except Kelly's family seems to have money whereas Kadee eats off paper plates and whines about not being able to afford treatment

No. 131162

Well, yes. She'll become the discount-brand Kelly.

No. 131177

Wait.. if she's had a mental breakdown and is suicidal they would give her a bed right away, right? You don't just let a suicidal patient walk out the front doors.

Is she planning it so she's going to "surrender" at the psych ward? She's making it sound so much worse than what it is, surprise, surprise. She's just going to admit herself to a psych ward. And I love that she came somehow muster the ability to type on instagram during her "major breakdown".

No. 131217

she mentioned that she won't have her phone in the psych ward. I'm guessing we'll know as soon as they turn her away

No. 131227

I can see it now she'll say, I was too severe for them they turned me down. Literally crying at Starbucks. I don't know what I'll do Gretchen won't answer my texts.

Like I doubt she's even going to IP she probably just took a pic of her bag and then will use old hospital photos off her phone to make it seem like she's going. Then she'll pretend to be her sister and post updates about herself.

No. 131228

"someone will be posting updates for me" is the hallmark of an attention seeker. an instagram account is the last thing someone needs to look after for you while you're in the hospital

No. 131229


My psychoanalysis of Kadees latest IP holiday, sorry, treatment, is this; she is institutionalised or at the very least, is addicted to being in hospital for the attention, fuss and concern she gets - it makes her feel validated and speshul and has over the years of countless life threatening illnesses (dont forget the cervical cancer 2015 guyz!) has become the best high she can get - better than her actual drug addiction (although having access to #dilaudid in hospital has its own extra high which she never fails to exploit). She lives for her next 'fix' of medical attention, drama and self pity, along with all the snowflake credit thats gets her. So this latest stint in hospital where she "self-discharged" from an admission where dont forget, she was unsure if she was going to make it and was THE sickest person in the entire hospital, then 3 hours after being back at home without medical equipment or drugs or professionals fussing round her, she realised she missed to hospital too much and couldnt wait to get her next fix, so she turns up at ER claiming shes dying again - but wait - they REJECT HER and refuse to admit her !!!!! THE ACTUAL SHOCK !!! She cant get over this rejection and decides shes "going to show them", but mostly she just NEEDS access to her next hosptial fix asap & if the medical stuff has run out of value, shes going to have to induce a mental breakdance, sorry, breakdown, making it as convincing & certain as possible to get a nice 'legit' stint in the psych ward. Its admittedly not as good a fix as she cant have #dialudid on tap, but theres plenty of other perks she can enjoy once she gets through those doors…! Shes orchestrated this last weekends events down to the last degree - she has known exactly what shes been doing and what the outcomes will be.

Sorry for essay- i got a bit carried away, but shes just so milky !!

No. 131233

beautifully said

No. 131255

Once she has 1-1 monitoring 24/7 she won't even need dilaudid. Being so special you can't take a dump on your own will become all she lives for. She will die happy as long as she can do it in a padded room with an audience.

No. 131273

The illnesses that she's faking are all the ones that are currently trendy. Were Kadee a few years older, I bet she'd be faking autism like Amanda Baggs.

No. 131290

Shes saying her followers can contact her sister and she's linked in her sisters ig account. I find it amazing that she so openly allows her family & friends IRL to witness her cringey, blatant attention-seeking material that is plastered all over her account…but i guess thats actually more proof she is an attention/illness addict - she probably knows it's not the wisest move to let her IRL friends & family full access to her all her munchausen's dirty laundary on ig, but she wont sensor their access or bring herself to lose whatever benefit she feels there is to them seeing all her pity posts because shes an (attention) addict ! Its the classic denial of the all negative consequences because the current benefits are too good to consider disrupting.

No. 131291

Attention addict
(self admitted) Drug addict
Hospital Addict
FOOD Addict

No. 131293

File: 1463450404021.jpeg (374.33 KB, 1200x1713, image.jpeg)


If any has the skills, maybe it seems like shes earned herself a lolcow banner?!

No. 131339

OH MY GOD this is her. That FACE.

No. 131415

>B-but my ED

Yeah. Never. When I was anachan I would never even dare to put this near my face. She's just a fatty playing make believe to get sympathy.

No. 131447

Kaydee is like Linda the fentanyl addict from Intervention.

No. 131829

BPD is probably the only disorder she's not faking

No. 131830

>last donut before shitty hospital food :(

No. 131955

Who posts pictures of massive donuts that normal people wouldn't touch LET ALONE ANOREXICS and claim you're starving to death??? Like wtf. Your morbid obesity will kill you long before you feel hunger.

No. 131958

Kelly and Kadee and other obese people who claim to have restrictive EDs (MPA, I'm looking at you) probably aren't used to feeling hunger. They probably haven't actually felt real hunger for YEARS so they think it's unnatural and unhealthy. They assume they're starving to death with the first twinge of hunger.

No. 131959

Yeah. I wouldn't touch half the shit she eats and I don't have an ED.

No. 131960

Kadee must REALLY like the taste of ensure. She obviously doesn't need to drink it. She's only making her obesity harder to overcome by indulging.

No. 131961

that's actually kind of sad

No. 131988

I think because she is either partway deluded/thinks she's believable to other people. She probably feels guilt eating so much junk and wants to feel good about it, so frames the natural guilt as 'ED thoughts' and gets to eat junk guilt-free.

No. 132022

You're probably right. It's crazy to me that NO ONE in her life has said "hey you're killing yourself and not in the way you think you are." She's probably one of those obese idiots who insist their doctors are "fat shaming" when they are told they're dangerously overweight.

No. 132048

They are practically the same person already. Hell, before this thread was made I had trouble discerning them in the Ana general.

No. 132069

In the Ember thread, I accidentally called Kelly "Kaylee" because I mixed their names together. "Kaylee" is now the generic name for an obese, delusional wannarexic.

No. 132070


I think you 3 just nailed it!!

Anyone else wondering how long she's actually going to stay in treatment before they kick her out for malingering there or she gets offended by them because they refuse to treat her for chronic severe life threatening anorexia ( even though her original admission reason was "massive breakdown") ?? Personally i give it 2/3 more days before we get an update via a friend posting on her behalf. Then i reckon another 2 weeks till she rolls back out and into the medical hospital for whatevers next on her list of illnesses to try out.

No. 132072

Is her 72 hours up yet? If so she'll be out shortly after that I'm guessing.

No. 132100


What does that mean? Is that like a 72hr hold? I was under the impression she was going voluntarily and checked herself in. She was in no apparent immediate danger to herself because she tried to "shoot herself" days before all this and hadnt tried to do so again, so she cant have been that intent on killing herself. She also told anyone that asked her over dm and mad sure enough people knew about it, so she obviously wanted to be 'rescued'.

No. 132132

She's lurking

No. 132183

It's a release from treatment that takes 72 hours to take effect so people don't sign out for emotional reasons and then regret it

No. 132185

My impression is they'll take her as long as she's paying/has insurance

No. 132211

You can't just walk into a hosital and say "yes I would like attention now and pain killers" and expect to be admitted. Being 5150ed is different and i don't think anyone will fall for her being suicidal.

No. 132212

She's just lurking. Her fb says she was active a few hours ago.

No. 132213

What a manipulative piece of shit.

No. 132227

Usually, you have to stay for 72 hours mandatorily before any checking out happens at all. You're there for 72 hours even if you want to leave.

No. 132245

I need more of these delusional bitches to follow. The milk is too good, but they always disappear to 'inpatient'. Leaving me thirsty yo.

No. 132262


these are some of my favorite types of cow tbh

No. 132322

But she's not even in the hospital…

No. 132346


No. 132352

yes, this is so true. they don't know what hunger is.
recently a group of fatties on mpa (yes I lurk mpa, kill me. I didn't find lolcow through mpa though) decided to fast. obviously, they all broke their fast on the very first day, one fatty proclaiming "I felt dizzy so I had to eat cheese". Enter spoopy: "I don't understand what you guys are up to, you're supposed to feel dizzy on a fast. You'll never complete a fast if you always eat cheese as soon as you feel dizzy". Fatties got angry and shouted spoopy out of the thread because thin-privilledge.

No. 132356

Hahahaha and this is why I left MPA. Too many obese wannarexics.

No. 132358

Hi Kadee

No. 132360

She's been active on at least one form of social media. If she were in the psych ward, she wouldn't have a phone. There's nothing wrong with her physically except her obesity so she wouldn't be in the normal part of the hospital.

No. 132361

does kadee even know about this thread?

No. 132475

No. Keep it that way.

No. 132522

They won't. Psych hospitals actually have criteria so there is space for people who actually need it.

No. 132886

any new social media updates on hambeast?

No. 132929

she's inpatient without a phone until further notice

No. 132975

So she's stopped using it to be more believable.

No. 133125

i miss kaydee cow when's she gonna drop the act and make more milk for us

No. 133894

come back to us, kadee

No. 133975

Just catching up on the thread and holy shit, before all the weight gain and massive attention whoring, she was actually kinda cute. Begs the question: WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!

No. 133977

3000+ calories a day happened.

No. 133979

sheeeeeeit theres an 81% chance i would die after reading that

No. 133985

? more like the sun you mean.. LOL

No. 134009


Found the cause of Kadee's and Kelly's chronic pain. Turns out being a whale isn't good for you.

No. 134105

Probably. They weren't slim when they first started having chronic pain, meaning weight is easily a cause. There could be other causes, but they would see improvement if they lost weight.

No. 134344

Is this thread about Kelly and Kadee? They're both cows.

No. 134349

Read the title you fucking tard.

No. 134355

Kelly is mentioned often. Read the thread, you fucking tard.

No. 134371

Why did this glorious cow have to go into hiding just after I've discovered her? I want mooooore milk. Come back, Kadee.

No. 135870

File: 1464649765214.png (782.39 KB, 648x680, kd5.png)

kadee's "sister" comes to us with an update. poor horse

No. 135882

>is a picture of a horse

No. 135884


So anorexic

No. 135897

I think that's supposed to be a picture of her sister "Cassie". It's the profile picture of the account and I'm pretty sure I saw it on Facebook. She looks exactly like Kadee so I'm not sure if she's even real.

No. 135898

I don't think Cassie realizes that she's being impersonated. I would feel SO violated if I found out my idiot sister used my name to fuel this attention obsession.

No. 135899

I don't normally say stuff like this… Do you think Cassie needs to know about this? I can't imagine how she might feel if she knew Nicole (Kadee) was doing this behind her back.

No. 135910

Leave it. Cassie follows the kadeebitesback account so it could very well be her.

No. 135911

File: 1464666279569.png (27.46 KB, 280x339, cassiek04.png)

Cassiek04 is the real Cassie. If you go back far enough on Kadee's account, they interact.

No. 135912

File: 1464666457661.png (316.27 KB, 928x566, cassiek042.png)

Even if Kadee was impersonating her sister, it's not our job as farmers to clean up her mess.

No. 135956

Got some great genes in that family, haven't they?

No. 135992

File: 1464705876772.jpg (541.39 KB, 1450x2048, genetics.jpg)

Oh yes.

No. 136004

i watched this when you posted and then spent like twenty minutes trying to find it again just now. enjoyed it, and yes very relevant

No. 136679

I wonder if Kadee and Kelly genuinely believe they are wasting away. It's like reverse anorexia.

No. 136945

Body dysmorphia can do that. Kelly may actually have BDD but Kadee doesn't. Everything Kadee does is for asspats.

No. 137048

True. I wonder if Kelly actually does think she's wasting away…

No. 137227

So kellys been called out for having her number hospital admissions as a trophy in her bio - interestingly shes pretending not to have noticed!

No. 137232

Screen cap it fag

No. 137236


At least Kelly stopped the hashtags #anorexia #anorexic #ed under her post

No. 137240

File: 1465064251969.jpeg (119.79 KB, 640x870, image.jpeg)


"edrecoverywarrior" yet counts how many times has been to hospital as desperate to prove she is actually such a fragile ana snowflake…

No. 137241

File: 1465064337073.jpeg (186.84 KB, 640x893, image.jpeg)


My bad, dropped pic from previous post calling out her hospital admission trophy count.

No. 137260

File: 1465066848236.jpg (281.81 KB, 931x599, originalcallout.jpg)

Here is the original call out, since anon didn't post it.

No. 137273

File: 1465069277359.jpg (119.04 KB, 934x377, nomedsnoway.jpg)

I know this thread is for Kadee and not Kelly, but I found this on Kelly's insta and thought it was kind of funny. Her dad pulled her out of Timberline Knolls because they TOOK HER OFF HER MEDS! I'm not surprised they did, because TK also treats addictions, and she was on addictive shit, so they did the right thing. Kinda too bad daddy dearest yanked her out of treatment. Getting clean probably would've helped her.

No. 137304

why don't girls like this just fake bulimia instead of anorexia? bulimics can be fat and still be bulimic, and they get the same amount of sympathy.

No. 137316

>And they get the same amount of sympathy

Not usually? Even within ED communities there's bias against bulimics (BED too but irrelevant). I don't think many people want to be known for pukey fingers without also being skinny.

Sage because irrelevant.

No. 137359

File: 1465096246004.jpeg (378.38 KB, 1194x1716, image.jpeg)


kelly replied to being called out on her ip count; 'tis a briliantly BS excuse, she deserves credit for creativeness at least!

No. 137361

It would've definitely helped her, her tubby little body is completely oversaturated with artificial hormones and narcotics. I'm sure her dad is fat himself, and doesn't understand that negative feelings like withdrawls are actually something towards a positive change. No fucking self control, these people.
Sage for talking about a different cow

No. 137368

Why would the dad prefer that his daughter stay doped up on unnecessary amounts of painkillers? Does he understand that that can cause serious long term effects? Or maybe Kelly has horrible temper tantrums or something when she's not a doped-up zombie, who knows?

No. 137369

She likely did throw a fit to him and he just responded in whatever way would sate her. Standard enabler parent behavior.

No. 137370

File: 1465101645390.jpg (80.09 KB, 661x619, Shota Kid grinning.jpg)


>She has been working hard on getting herself stable

>Has a horse in the picture

No. 137400

How can Kelly even think of herself as sick?? She's very overweight yet she thinks she's wasting away. I don't get it. Does she not realize that SHE is literally the only person who thinks she needs treatment? Attention seeking, yes. Anorexic, hell no.

No. 137432

I can sort of understand it. I have fairly serious health conditions and am in pain medications daily to be able to function, so people around me would rather have me on them because I can do more.
Kelly definitely has addiction issues, though. Ill people without addiction don't throw fits when they don't get their pain medications.

No. 137954

I'm not sure about that, I've been in a bunch of therapy situations where we were supposed to say that to clarify if it was just thoughts or also actions and saying it just sort of stuck with me. I know a bunch of people who say it too probably for the same reason

No. 138055

File: 1465319956172.png (434.99 KB, 663x450, kd6.png)

kadeecow is back!

No. 138068

Looks somehow slimmer actually

No. 138073


interesting how she has changed her tags from "#anorexia" to #ednos (which shes totally behind on cos its now known as OSFED anyways! Wonder if someone was finally brave enough at this last hospital to tell her she was not even close to being anorexic?!

No. 138210

wtf whitehouse in an lolcow thread
hell ye anon

No. 138560

File: 1465492140933.png (13.55 KB, 551x148, kd7.png)

Bullshit with a capital B

No. 138584

I'm looking at what she's eaten today and it seems like a healthy amount (although ridiculously high in sugar), making me question if she's eating more than she posts because she wants her eating to seek "disordered" on social media.

No. 138734

Eh. Sad to say that, but the thread is slowly dying. The bitch was gone for way too long to keep the interest unchanged, and now that she's back she only posts shitty food pics. I couldn't be more bored with this cow (and she had a great potential!). If she really does have Munchausen, she'd better turn on her lard-covered brains and come up with another shocking twist of her story. This, or she's gonna lose all her troll asspatters (because I'm positive 90% of them are trolls) and us. C'mon Kadee, no drama = no attention!

No. 138749

This thread's only been around for two months. Give it time. Milk isn't always instant, or constant.

No. 138759

File: 1465550816623.jpg (25.96 KB, 833x376, 2BSQBvC.jpg)

I searched kadeeandrecovery the other day because I forgot her newer IG username - turned up a great deal of posts from her on healthboards under simply 'kadee'. She seems to have been heavily involved with the addiction recover community there, mentioning alcohol and prescriptions explicitly (but also being deliberately vague at times, I feel).
Pic related is this thread http://www.healthboards.com/boards/addiction-recovery/508900-kadee-kadee-kadee.html
The magnitude of asspat.. Serene, poetic, inspirational, honest - Emily fucking Dickinson you are not, Kadee.

No. 138762

I really doubt that is our Kadee. Isn't she 20? 21?

No. 138802

>Join Date: Dec 2006
Shit you're right haha, aah, it just made perfect sense to me at the time. Never mind!

No. 138814

The oh so poetic Kadee might have been Kadee Cow's name inspiration though lol.

No. 138824

File: 1465581976789.jpeg (191.61 KB, 640x949, image.jpeg)


And just as you thought the milk dried up she posts this gem ?

No. 138825

bitch probably asks for morphine when she shows up to the hospital every other week, that's why they think she's addicted

No. 138831


How could she even manage to walk 1 hour and 50 minutes ?(there and back, 45 min each way). I bet she would be huffing and puffing and barely breathing the whole time

No. 138848

she probably has so many track marks from constantly demanding IV meds for her "crippling pain" that leaves her "moitionless" and if they don't she cries to her parents until they make the doctors give their poor sick baby meds. Considering she's a covered in layers of fat it's probably hard to find her veins which leads to a lot of unnecessary holes in her. Would be hilarious if she was actually on heroin lmao but frankly heroin makes people look emaciated from 0 appetite so thats not possible for her ,she binges everyday

No. 138852


I followed her (too much milk) and she follows back. I soooo wanted to mention that she looks like the antithesis of a heroin addict. Her face is a bit meth-y with thst scarring/acne but again; the weight? No way. Just a big pain-killer addict who's been sussed out by good staff. I doubt they even mentioned heroin. Just her legitimate addictions that are equally combatative to treatment (of both her real and imaginary issues). Sorry for mild blogpost. I'd sage if I knew properly how to do so and I'm expecting a fair roasting for not having learned already (long time lurket on here)

No. 138853


*combative (forgive shit grammar and spelling - cracked phone screen and need to stay away from lolcow when tipsy heh)

No. 138883

They probably told her she was addicted to narcotics and she assumed they meant heroin because she's stupid.

No. 138884

To be fair, I don't think she's a drug addict. She's just an attention addict.

No. 138892

Seems likely. I'm thinking she asks for the hard drugs to get more pity and attention. If you tell people you had to get dilaudid, they tend to think it's more severe.

No. 138894

Nah she's begging for dilaudid every time she goes in. Makes it harder for actually ill patients to get it when it's needed. >>138831
I find it hard to believe that she would walk that far. That's a longer walk for most people. Someone who had her "lung collapse" and multiple "blood clots", as well as the 50 other things she claims that she has wouldn't be able to complete the entire wall.

No. 138898

File: 1465601810014.png (79.29 KB, 661x294, kd8.png)

oh god she's texting herself again

No. 138899


She's a fan of ugly names.

No. 138910

File: 1465603941534.png (451.29 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

isn't an anorexic supposed to feel obese but look anorexic? Maybe if she had 20 more iq points she could actually be a decent manipulatior. Til then xoxo

No. 138911

File: 1465604004228.png (25.33 KB, 547x296, kd9.png)

what a joke

No. 138921

how does that even work
anorexia mind: "i am so fat holy fuck"
obese mind: "i am so fat holy fuck"

No. 138929

Wait is she now aware that she's a whale and not wasting away?

No. 138987


If she was just an attention seeker and wanted to be in hospitals surely she would just claim she's suicidal or something and enjoy the ride that is mental health detainment (or whatever the US equivalent is).

The fact she's making up all these crazy medical stories and saying she's in pain is because she wants the meds! Whether she's actively drug seeking or just thinks have an IV drug killer makes her look more sick is another story…

No. 138988

File: 1465633647243.png (188.13 KB, 519x495, milkyyyy.png)

some milk from her fb. fuck sake. video about heroin addiction.

No. 139003

It's not as easy to milk sympathy from people for constant ward admissions, and if you have a history of coming in for other shit and obviously faked suicidality, wards will refuse to take you past triage.

If it's physical illness, no-one can blame her for it, and emergency can't turn you down if you complain of certain things.

That's how I imagine she sees it at least.

No. 139011

Anyone else think some weird freak was shooting it into their penis?

No. 139015

I'm pretty sure her painkiller abuse/dependence was brought up, and that somebody tried to compare the opiates she uses as akin to heroin or something.

No. 139161

File: 1465700210819.jpg (976.07 KB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1465700108738.jpg)

Can we talk about this because I almost died laughing when I first saw it

No. 139165

>Muh ED thoughts almost didn't let me eat this huge pancake.

No. 139169

A fat woman holding a plate with some monstrous pastry/pancake/whatever (I have no idea what "pizza fritte" might be, but it looks as if it has like 10000 cals, lol) and grinning like a cheshire cat.

Soooo anorexic, now I understand why her doctors think she might not make it to the end of the year. If she continues like that, she´ll be a skeleton soon.

No. 139175

Does this pastry span three paper plates???

No. 139176

I had to google that monstrosity and apparently it's deep fried pizza dough coated in sugar. She basically ate an entire pizza covered in sugar. So anorexic.

No. 139177

This pretty much confirms the idea that Kadee thinks anorexia just means thinking that you're fat.

No. 139178

For those communist euros/canucks/notamericans out there, what she's holding is Fried Dough. Fried Dough is exactly what it sounds like; Dough fried in shit and covered in powdered sugar. It's about ten trillion calories per square inch, and usually only eaten at special gluttony events like fairs or sporting events. What's worse is that that's the hugest portion of fried dough I've EVER seen, and I've been to the big E. That's just about enough for four people.

No. 139187

File: 1465712904113.jpg (2.63 MB, 2069x2559, ED.jpg)

what she meant to type was "there is literally no Quest bars, mac n cheese or Ensure in the house, I need to go grocery shopping for some more junk food."

No. 139199

i am studing physiologiy in school it in becuase I need it to get into forseinc science but where I live in Canada you can not be diagnosed with anorexia unless you have body weight that is 15% below what is considered healthy

No. 139202

Thanks for that stunning bit of insight, Kaitlyn.

No. 139204

She's say she has no food at home, so she's saying that she will live off of some bananas and a punnet of strawberries, plus three sugary crap yoghurts…. as if.

Girl does not have a clue about nutrition, where are the greens, the actual wholefoods beans, grains etc it's all junk in that trolley!

No. 139207

So she's okay eating a dessert that could easily feed six but she has to point out that the ice creams are totally not hers because anorexia>>139187

What the fuck kadee.

No. 139210

this would be a huge challenge to eat even to people who don't have anorexia, jesus christ she's stupid. It's like she's eating the most fattening foods as a ed challenge even though not even normal people eat that stuff. Her diet is not recovery diet, it looks like she's trying to gain