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File: 1485613437502.jpg (63.65 KB, 200x200, IMG_0223.JPG)

No. 241176

Please be respectful when discussing Kadee or her death, or the thread will be locked.

No. 241177

Someone contacted her mom and her mom basically confirmed that she's a massive attention whore.

No. 241189


Omg yessssss I've been waiting for this shit to happen for so long! What was the coma thing at the hospital about??

No. 241210

Is this a recent photo? cause damn she gained weight again

No. 241214

at least link the old thread in OP if you aren't going to add info

No. 241244

File: 1485630122921.gif (1.98 MB, 268x268, milk.gif)

No. 241265

File: 1485634794886.png (365.49 KB, 972x974, Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 7.26…)

No. 241273

So where's the rest of the screen shots?
What is with the teasing

No. 241278

File: 1485636266732.png (346.67 KB, 1004x998, Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 7.26…)

No. 241279

It said I was "flooding" and wouldn't let me post.

No. 241280


Bless you,Anon
I can not stop reading this
Can't wait how this will turn out

No. 241289

Sorry. I'm just an impatient junkie for kadeecow's milk.

No. 241290

Has she always been so yellow? Or is it the cheeto-coloured hair that's making it seem that way? She looks so ogre-esque.

No. 241291


What Facebook is this in?

No. 241295

It's from a group called "eating disorder (anorexia bulimia bed ednos) recovery & mentalhealthsupport", it's a private group and I want in but I don't want my friends think I'm one of them.

No. 241297

File: 1485638826121.jpg (40.32 KB, 604x403, 283057_242437862446596_3151333…)

Kadeelyn Konstantino's face while she was pretending to be Cassie

No. 241298

You're doing gods work son

No. 241299

Happy to be of service.

No. 241302

I just got added, it's nothing interesting and kadee deleted her post. It's just a bunch of people talking about how shitty it was of her to do that (although I'm not entirely sure what she did)

No. 241303

Here's the best part: Kadee didn't remove the post. The admins removed it and BANNED her from the group.

No. 241305

What did she do? Claim to be in another coma? It was a little vague from what I was seeing in the comments

No. 241347

Hahaha YUSSSS this makes me so happy. Kadee is one of my faves cause she's so batshit crazy.

Does anyone have access to her Instagram yet? Would love to see the shit she posts.

No. 241674

Basically (for anyone who wants to know the story), Kadee posted this pathetic post about how she was about to die and was slipping into a coma at the hospital. Then she pretended to be her sister and "update" everyone on the situation. People were legit worried about her (it's a really supportive group and they didn't know about her shenanigans).

I'm so glad we have more info on her family! I was wondering if they indulged her fantasy.

No. 241675

She has an emergency therapy session today (which her mom set up) to talk about the lying and manipulation and how NOT okay it is.

No. 241685

Why doesn't her mom take away the internet or something? Jesus, does she not realize how many people her daughter has lied to or scammed?

No. 241694

I don't know if her mother knows how many people she scammed. She took money under false pretenses. Wonder if someone should mention this to her mum.

No. 241719

You guys, be careful talking to her mum. That shit kind of crosses a line. Let the one anon do it. Otherwise mamma is probably going to start plugging her ears.

Also, Kadee is 25, I thought. I don't think her mum can boot her off the Internet.

No. 241770

I mean she can certainly change the wifi password and not give it to her or something. It's just crazy to me that after hearing all the stuff she's been doing her mom isn't doing something more drastic.

No. 241784

I can think of a hundred ways her mother could enforce some boundaries and responsibility on Kadee.
Remove her devices, change the wifi password and don't allow kadee access.
Get a job or get out of the family home.
Kadee doesn't get given things.
Kadee now has to pay rent or bills or for her food
Kadee is now banned from using any devices or computers her family owns
Kadee isn't allowed near the marshmallows unless she completes a task appointed by her mother
Kadee can't use the car
Kadee has to go to therapy

A million things her mum could enforce just by either taking away one of Kadee's privileges or by making her do something other than eat and whinge for privileges.

Make her earn some of her stupid goddamn clothing back by not being retarded for a week, or earn back access to the kitchen by sending out a decent resume every day

No. 241844

No. 241896

This girl needs so much time away from the internet its not even funny anymore omg.

No. 242459

Welcome back, Kadee! My favorite munchie.

No. 242612

Does anyone have any updates?

No. 242897

File: 1485915763107.png (138.03 KB, 640x972, IMG_0990.PNG)

Here's some stuff from her instagram

No. 242898

File: 1485915865991.png (109.54 KB, 640x905, IMG_0991.PNG)

No. 242899

File: 1485915954781.png (123.4 KB, 640x759, IMG_0992.PNG)

does anyone here give their therapist gifts? I'm in uni for psychology & it's been my general understanding that gifts gross a line

No. 242912

No, that isn't a thing. Doctors and medical staff of any type really aren't supposed to accept gifts of any kind.

No. 242913

There's literally no difference except the fact that her face is caked with make up in the second picture. Aw Kadee what happened to the coma you were in?

No. 242916

and lighting yourself from below makes you look haggard as shit, she's so dumb

No. 242930


She's gotta make everything sound dramatic.

No. 242932

Ten days and she's acting like she's a recovered meth addict. Goddamn she's desperate for someone to pat her ass. Why doesn't she make the tiniest effort to not be a pathetic lump instead of investing years in faking and excuse making?

No. 242955

the only gift my therapist accepted was a replacement for the blanket my anxiety shredded

No. 242978


I got my therapist a $4 block of chocolate on our very last session ever (I was with him for 2 years), but I'd never do it while I'm under their care

No. 243060

no you can do it if it's something symbolic (like a drawing you made) + you have to talk about it )what it means to you, why you decided to give it, etc

i dont think you can give them gifts like cups :/ the therapist doesn't seem too professional if they accepted it

No. 243071

i agree with the sort of symbolic meaning behind gifts, it could strengthen the therapeudic relationship but like someone could want to buy their therapists favor or if the gift was rejected, that could make the client think that they arent wanted anymore. or i imagine someone could be giving things because they are in love.

kadee seems like the type that would feel spurned at a rejection of a gift, but on the other side, she's most likely get way to fucking attached, like omg my therapist is my friend we give each other things.

No. 243523

I gave my old therapist some flowers on our last session as a polite thank you, but a gift like that while under their care just seems extremely informal and out of place. It's almost Alexys levels of 'trying to befriend the care workers'.

No. 243543

Interesting. Every time I go on vacation, I bring my therapist a souvenir.

No. 243572

None of that would work, she would just fake a heart attack and use the hospitals wifi.

No. 243678

Whoever the person is that has access to Kadee's instagram please keep posting screen caps, you're our only lifeline to the munchie queen right now!

No. 243696

This here. Attempting to cut off an MBI's access to social media at home is going to be difficult as hell. Her mom can try but Kadee will definitely pitch a fit. Just because you can think of the boundaries, that doesn't mean they'll actually be effective. The only one I see actually having an effect, though probably short lived, is removing access to the physical devices she uses to post because if she doesn't have a phone, faking a heart attack and using wifi will be a lot harder. For a while.

What she needs is therapy but getting munchies to actually go /and maintain/ the appropriate therapy is almost impossible.

No. 243711

Kadee was using the Instagram account @thedemonsarewinningagain up until it was deleted a couple days ago. Initially, I wasn't positive it was Kadee as she hadn't identified herself anywhere I could see. I was suspicious, however. The story was just almost too tragic. There were screenshots and captions about a therapist who asked TDAWA to sing to her and said "I love you." Overall, there were just a lot of odd things on the account. Anyways, I had my suspicions confirmed when Kadee posted a picture of her hospital band with her name visible. She was wearing it because she was meeting with her oncologist. Cause you always get one of those bracelets for an outpatient appointment. Uh-huh. Kadee was using the account to claim she had an eating disorder, depression, multiple melanomas, drug addiction, suicidal tendencies, self harm behaviors, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. Interestingly, it looks like she threatened suicide on this account at the same time as she was in the FB group. I guess it's easier to keep it all straight that way. MBI probs, y'all. Hopefully, Kadee will get some help now that her mom knows what she's been doing.

No. 243712

and hell, even if she doesn't find a loophole, when she eventually tricks her mom into thinking she's learned her lesson, she will use her time away from the internet as proof she was in a coma or some shit

No. 243716

Yes she will pitch a fit, and yes she will make all kinds of dramatic threats and fake all sorts of rare and dire diseases but her family or carers if she's handed over need to not give her the reaction she wants.

It's much the same as when a toddler throws a tantrum before they understand that they can't always get their way.

When Kadee decides she needs to go to hospital she won't be given her phone, or any other device because she's clearly too sick. If she wants her phone that badly she can't be as unwell as she says so they stay home and Kadee loses another privilege for lying.

I'm saying her family needs to enforce therapy as well. Sit in the waiting room after walking Kadee in there and then driving her straight back home without stopping for McDonald's like the misbehaving five year old she is.

Everything she says should be treated as a lie. Right down to asking her if she did her chores for the day, and then making her show them after she says yes. Make her feel like the liar she is.

Let her have her phone for an hour a day with monitored use once she's stopped her histrionics and manipulative bullshit. Maybe in a couple of years she will have earned enough trust for the family to not always check when they ask her if she ate all their sweets. for as long as she acts likes she's developmentally between 3 and 6, she needs to be treated like it.

No. 243733

I'm not saying they shouldn't try. I'm agreeing that they should. What I'm cautioning against is the effectiveness when you consider MBI behavior patterns and their general tendency to bypass efforts to get them the appropriate help they actually need. Any interventions have to be tailored to consider those possibilities as a result, many blanket suggestions that would work in other cases will not work for them.

The reason why there's so limited understanding of just how many cases there are of Munchausen's (and especially MBI now) is because they have a tendency to abandon ship as soon as they're caught. In the vast majority of cases, they do not actually follow through with the therapy they need, they find a new way to get unnecessary medical attention. This is a systemic problem that has plagued the medical communities whenever they're faced with a munchie. 9 times out of 10, when they're caught and someone attempts an intervention, they find a way to run away somewhere else and just continue indulging their need for attention or whatever other gain they are getting from their antics. If they do try to get her help, they will have to consider this when shaping their intervention, or else it will fail.

No. 243734

And just so you know, several of your suggestions are actually incredibly easy to bypass. I'm not going to explain how because I don't want to give her ideas. But many of your suggestions are not foolproof in the face of munchies. They are very, very good at what they do and if they have the drive (which most do), they will find a creative way to bypass boundaries set. What will work for the average teen or a toddler will not work on munchies.

No. 243744

eeeh, i don't know anon, kadee never struck me as particularly bright. so she shouldn't be that hard to contain. that and she has no useful life skills so she has no other choice than obey her family.

No. 243751

Omg lololol how do you guys find these accounts?! She's literally never going to stop. It's so easy for her too because no one bats at eyelash at a new instagram account. Jesus she honestly needs help. She just makes and dumps new accounts like nobody's business.

No. 243784

I tried to get her to add me to her real account, but she wouldn't. I was kind of surprised cause another follower could be more attention.

No. 243816

File: 1486090849242.png (37.2 KB, 870x178, sober.png)

No. 243825

She doesn't accept anyone that she doesn't know personally

No. 243827

Always wondered why people have to put their friends and/or who they "love" in their bios.

No. 243838

I'd love it if her ig name "wewriteourstories" is a play on words & she is actually referring to her munchausens?!

No. 243843

The last time I saw someone need to name all the people they 'love'd publicly online MSN still existed and Bebo was the hottest social networking site, how fucking old is this woman

No. 243887

My 10 year old sister does that stuff lmao, she's probably just trying to prove she has "friends"

No. 243889

How many of those people do you wanna bet are made up? Remember that fake account she made a few months ago claiming to be a deathly ill anorexic that Kadee "knew from treatment" and it was actually just Kadee herself trying to get attention?

No. 243958

>She doesn't accept anyone that she doesn't know personally
Sorta, she definitely only knows people like dkitty93 and hey.shelby through instagram, yet she let them follow. I think her policy is more like "must be 100% sure they're not a farmer"

No. 244483

File: 1486208551907.jpg (201.16 KB, 750x1116, IMG_6890.JPG)

Kadee has begun claiming gastroparesis
>this is in the group she got booted out from

No. 244661

Lol gotta catch 'em all! I feel a new 2017 version of MBI bingo coming on…


No. 245015

Hell yes! Do it anon! Do it!

No. 245026

Chronic Fatigue
"Medical Mystery"

No. 245681

File: 1486341043409.png (85.2 KB, 640x754, IMG_1048.PNG)

No. 246867

File: 1486519682871.png (259.78 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0071.PNG)

No. 246869

what the fuck

No. 246870

Jesus. Wonder if it's true or another one of her lies.

No. 246871

Is she dead or

No. 246872

File: 1486519953059.png (112.03 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0073.PNG)

No. 246873

I was just gonna post this…

No. 246876

Is it bad that with all the shit she's pulled I honestly don't know if I believe this or not?

No. 246878

I don't know if I believe it either honestly. Not sure if she's trying to find an out and a way to start over. Im wondering if anyone can check public records eventually to look for proof

No. 246879

Nah, it's hard to tell because she's cried wolf so many times and self-diagnosed a lot of bullshit to make people sympathize with her.

No. 246881

Pffffffffft sure.

Just like the time she shot herself, or the comas she was in, or her dead baby that totally existed.

Somehow I really doubt she remembered bullets this time lmao.

No. 246882

I can't tell because it's Kelly who posted it. So weird. But at the same time it almost sounds like something Kadee would write. I feel bad saying that, but its her own fault people are skeptical about it because of how many times she's lied about it.

No. 246883

That's the only slight credibility it has, that Kelly posted it

No. 246884

File: 1486521610505.png (180.3 KB, 1242x2066, IMG_7602.PNG)

No. 246885

She also liked Kelly's post, but idk if the accounts legit. We know kadee makes fake accounts sometimes, I wouldn't put it past her faking being her sister to back up her stories

No. 246888

Sorry but i wouldnt believe it just cos its coming from kelly… she has probably been guilt tripped into posting this for kaydee as a way of trying to close the chapter of kaydees MBI and 'kill off' the character that everyone has now outed so she can go into metaphorical or maybe even literal (lol yeah right!) witness protection and start again.

Did she never hear of the story of the boy who cried wolf??? Doesnt matter how
Many times she tries, it will be impossible to ever believe anything said about or on behalf of kaydee

No. 246890

That's really her sisters account. Honestly I hope this is another one of Kalee's lies. Like shit I don't want her to be dead

No. 246892

They might be co-operating to help Kadee wipe her history. But I hope she is alive anyway.

No. 246898

So how do we find out if it's true or not?

No. 246900


I did a Google search of her last name, in quotes, and "death" for the last week. No death notices, funeral arrangements, or anything like that so far.

No. 246901

Wait a while and check the obits in her local papers. (Easton Connecticut) she's probably not dead.

She's so fat it would be really hard to fatally OD, hang herself or find an artery to open. Unless she found a gun with a generous trigger guard and pre-loaded she'll be just fine, gorging herself and reading up Wikipedia entries on diseases she can pretend to have and shopping for more neon lipstick and floral tents.

No. 246903

Shoot dude. Kadee has done some messed up things but I think it's for real this time

No. 246904

Holy shit. This better not be Kadee on Cassie's account.
That would be super fucked up.

No. 246905

No, it's best to be cautious with Kadee.

No. 246906

Didn't Kelly help spread that fake coma story too?

No. 246907

Dude, how many times has she does this?
Until an obituary is seen she's faking it like the greedy attention pig she always is. It's not exactly a tragedy or huge loss if she did anyway. she does literally nothing but her bigger and bullshit on social media.

The gelatinous disease queen is alive, faking it between servings of melted marshmallows, wallowing in her sweaty bed until proven otherwise.

No. 246909

She sure did, then played dumb when called out.

No. 246910

Is Kadeelyn her actual name? I thought she changed it from something else?
Would a death notice be in her real name or?

No. 246911

Her real name will be on a death certificate (which doesn't exist cause she didn't kill herself) and I think her family can call her by whatever in the obit. Usually a chosen name or nickname will go in like 'Kadeelynn "big fat liar" Konstantino.

No. 246913

Her mom confirmed it

No. 246914


No. 246915

Where, how?

No. 246916

Caps or it didn't happen. Obituary or it didn't happen. She's done this too many times to have anyone take her lies at face value.

No. 246917

Yeap, Kelly was playing reporter/superfriend with the fake coma. People actually messaged her with receipts from multiple instances of Kadee's malingering/MBI fuckshit and she suddenly went "oh well um IDK I don't know her THAT well" despite calling her a BFF the fucking day before.

No. 246918

Ask her mom. I'm not posting the screenshots

No. 246919

Troll harder, asshole.

No. 246920

Probably kadee trying to make it more believable

No. 246921

Why would you say it then if you're not going to provide proof?

No. 246922

Seriously? If her daughter is actually dead, she doesn't need a bunch of strangers inboxing her & asking her if it's true.
Post the receipts or you're full of shit.

No. 246923

Hi Kadee!

No. 246925


Um, unless she's fucking around on her sister's account, there's a very recent photo change with sadface reactions.

No. 246926

Sadface by KELLY

No. 246927

Because I don't want you talking shit about someone who's dead? Like boy I'm not gonna lie. I followed the kadee milk the past year and tbh I'm actually sad she died. Sure she lied and shit but she was actually really nice

No. 246928

Fuck off with the white knighting. Now isn't the time and this sure as fuck is never the place.

No. 246929

LOL, I just looked and of course.

No. 246930

Nobody is happy she's dead and nobody wished for her to die.
We just don't believe it's true because she's pulled this shit before.
If you have confirmation from her 'mom' we will have no reason to talk shit because it'll be real.

No. 246931

And now Kelly made a post on FB and tagged Kadee in it. Still means fuckall considering Kelly's track record of bullshit.

No. 246932

File: 1486526496037.png (164.15 KB, 1008x680, Recovery Warrior s Support Gro…)

this is from her group.

No. 246933

I still wanna know where this chick and Kelly got the "news"

No. 246934

For real. Could still just be Kadee on her sisters account messaging people, like before…

No. 246935

She to be Nicole but she changed that since it's triggering to her. Yet after the name change she kept Nicole as her middle name.

Kadee stop.

No. 246936

Sounds like something Kadee would write about herself tbh.

No. 246937

Also suspicious because nobody has said HOW she's died. Still no memorial on her facebook page, no obituary,nothing.

No. 246938

Kelley has been really vague and ignored the how part in comments on her IG post. I think she was told by the Cassie account, which is probably run by Kadee. Idk why on earth Kelley calls her her best friend when she knows damn well Kadee has lied to her face over and over again.

No. 246939

You don't want people talking shit about someone who is supposedly dead, but you're perfectly okay with sending a flock of them to pester a supposed grieving mother because you refuse to actually back shit up.

Kadee, if you're going to fake and self-post your own death, at least learn how to use the reply feature.

No. 246941

She never did last time. Hands are probably too sticky with melty sugar and cheap makeup to hit the keys properly.

No. 246942

Kadeelyn and I were in treatment together about 4 years ago and one of our friends from there posted about it, too. I'm not sure how true it is because over the years I've stopped trusting anything related to Kadee killing herself bc she's threatened it so much, but something is telling me that this is real.

No. 246943

File: 1486527410289.png (58.36 KB, 505x391, welp.png)


No. 246944

Already deleted, good catch anon!

No. 246945

What group is this?

No. 246946

Cool diary post proof or fuck off

No. 246948

File: 1486527787712.png (12.32 KB, 495x83, JFCthisputa.png)


No. 246949

File: 1486527876214.png (113.86 KB, 640x442, IMG_1065.PNG)

No. 246950

File: 1486527943447.png (186.47 KB, 750x1113, IMG_8889.PNG)


I did some digging on the internet and came across her grandfathers obituary, they used the name Kadeelyn so it seems legit at least a little. Might wanna keep an eye on this site if it's the one they may supposedly use for her as well.

No. 246951

We meant proof that she passed, you fucking donut.

No. 246952

No names or proof it's even a facebook post and not posted by Kadee pretending to he someone else. Obituary, actual solid proof, or fuck off.

No. 246953

I said post proof not some bullshit you screencapped from IG. Prove she's dead or take your diary posts about being in treatment for chronic faggotry elsewhere.

No. 246955

File: 1486528099140.png (87.26 KB, 640x575, IMG_1931.PNG)

The fact that Kelly refuses to answer is super sketchy.

No. 246956

Righto I'm calling it now and taking bets.

Kadee is selfposting and spreading the rumour herself.

No. 246958

I didn't post her name out of respect for the privacy of someone who doesn't need a bombardment of messages from strangers about someone she was apparently really close to. I brought up the treatment thing because it's other people she met in real life treatment, not just kelly, who she met online.

No. 246959


It says Highland Mills NY, nothing about CT. And that their last name is Konstantinov.

Not sure what to think of this?

No. 246960

File: 1486528193915.jpg (75.76 KB, 496x363, k.jpg)

Kelly will notify us of the death but she doesn't have to do anything like give details.

This is happening on Kellys fb page


No. 246961

Also weird the fact that everyone is just posting hearts on her sisters pic…not one single Rest In Peace or sorry for your loss? Sketchhhhhh.

No. 246962

File: 1486528298717.png (38.47 KB, 482x298, arshrlrhrerhmegehrd.png)

Karen's "The school told me" is….fucking weird. Ain't even gonna touch Babs.

No. 246963

Lol harassing Kelly, nice.
For real though, she's not gonna spill because she either knows nothing and is legit sad because she thinks her friend is dead or she's in on it just like the coma thing.

>>246958 nobody cares about your treatment. Nobody cares about anything you're posting until you back it the fuck up with solid proof, not just a screenshot of some comment Kadee wrote somewhere.

You've got to be Kadee or you're just stupid.

No. 246964

Plus her mother has said absolutely nothing.

No. 246966

File: 1486528469629.png (102.48 KB, 1440x351, Screenshot_2017-02-07-21-32-58…)

Can somebody tell him she's done this at least a half dozen times before?

No. 246967

So by his logic if I post online I'm a rainbow-sharting unicorn that means I am one? FUCKING SWEET

No. 246968

There's still nothing on her personal fb page as far as I saw

No. 246970

Okay, I think it's actually true.
"Karen Woodford" who is commenting on Kelly's stuff, said Kadee is in fact gone.
Karen is friends with Kadee, Cassie, and their mom. She knows the whole family. Seems to have personal ties with them.

No. 246971

I'm baffled as to why the "school district" would be the source to a now legal adult's death? Like wouldnt' that be the sort of thing you'd hear from actual family or at least her MOTHER?

No. 246972

But she seems unaware of kadees history of lying for attention so she could just be falling for it

No. 246973

File: 1486528802846.png (28.46 KB, 543x483, erm....png)

This was on my FB feed as well. Not sure who this girl is or if she's been mentioned, so I blurred out the name just in case. And the pics.

Though anyone who has Kadee on their friends list should be able to see this. This girl tagged her mother in the post…

No. 246974


Sorry, her mom was tagged in the comments

No. 246975

If it's fake, redeem.reclaim.recover is in on it too.

No. 246976

Post the caps oh my god its so simple why won't any of you supply a goddamn image to back up what you're claiming?

No. 246977

We fucking did with the Karen broad, take the razor out of your cunt.

No. 246978

"Cassie" speaks.

No. 246979

File: 1486529102516.png (17 KB, 502x100, oh what.png)

Dropped pic, muh bad.

No. 246980

File: 1486529201006.png (53.39 KB, 884x521, the actual fuck.png)


And this was posted on her wall….with a like and response by Kadeelyn herself?

I'm starting to smell bull

No. 246981


jk I'm an idiot. This looks like a repost from March

No. 246982

I really hope she's not dead.
Maybe she's just killing "Kadeelyn" and going back to being "Nicole Konstantino".

No. 246983

File: 1486529464617.jpg (27.65 KB, 432x119, goodpoint.jpg)

This person brings up a good point here, if your sister just died internet drama should be the least of your troubles.

No. 246984

If she is it will ironic because she killed herself because she got caught faking her death too many times.

No. 246985

>>246977oh get the sand out of your vagina and suck the queens ass you pommy sounding walnut

Half the posts ITT are probably Kadee herself trying to stir the pot. Who the fuck sits around posting to Facebook when a family member has died other than narcissistic sickos? As if Cassie would be online if her sister was really dead, unless she hates Kadee. (Which would be pretty reasonable tbh)

No. 246986


This is the supposed boyfriend. Not even in the same state.

No. 246987

idk, still sounds like Kadee to me.

No. 246988

Kadee probably had a personality disorder. She killed herself because she was mentally ill.

No. 246989

It's in direct relation to her mom finally finding out she's been doing all this so it kind of is the instigating factor.

No. 246991

Kadee has some histrionic issue sure, but her mental illness doesn't make her unsafe it makes her melodramatic and obnoxious. Her mental illness isn't an excuse for her having been a purely shitty person or for accidentally killing herself (if she did which I still doubt)

No. 246992

Fair enough, but I mean, she's got accounts going back ten years under both of her aliases talking about her mental illness and addiction issues and depression.

No. 246993

but clearly the internet wasnt curing her. instead of writing lies and getting people to follow along, actually fix yourself. call me callous but i have no sympathy for her

No. 246994

She also has accounts going back years and years about illnesses she has never had too so that isn't exactly proof.

No. 246996

The addiction and multiple mental illness (including anorexia nervosa) that she absolutely didn't have?
Kinda like the comas, hospital admissions, tape, dead baby, and familial abuse she pretended she had?

No. 246997

I'm going through her followers trying to find any more posts about her death. So far, nothing.

I found her boyfriend's account, though.

No. 246999

wouldn't it be a little funny if after all her bull she got hit by a car or something?
i mean… just a little funny.

No. 247002

If it turned out she did have an undiagnosed illness nobody caught because she was faking so much. Kind of poetic justice.

No. 247003

I feel like IF she is actually dead it was either suicide or overdose, seeing as no one will post why or how she "died"

No. 247004

I'm not gonna be sad if she offed herself because her mom finally read off the laundry list of her MBI/internet attention whoring bullshit and she couldn't face consequences. She's a fucking adult and any mental illness isn't a free pass to be a cunt who manipulates people for sympathy and money.

No. 247005

I'd feel worse for the driver with the now destroyed car. He'd have done less damage hitting a crowd of Asian tourists

No. 247006

File: 1486530086199.png (822.03 KB, 924x571, huh.png)

Something was going on a week ago??

No. 247007

I'll bet it was another super hardcore 5000 "coma" for the sniffles or a tummy ache like every other goddamn time.

No. 247010

File: 1486530349123.png (160.75 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9693.PNG)

Could this be real?

Couldn't be..right?

No. 247011

Probably when she was claiming to relapse from her super serious drug addiction

No. 247013

File: 1486530413653.png (951.13 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9692.PNG)

This is the pic that it was written under.

It's on kadee's tubie friend, Kelly's Instagram

No. 247014

Have you not been reading the last 50+ posts on this thread…

No. 247015

File: 1486530474561.png (9.63 KB, 277x94, cancide.png)

Candice, if Kadee really did commit suicide, it's on you for inviting her to Lolcow.

No. 247016

Is the person who posted this logged into Cassie's account?

No. 247017

File: 1486530555106.png (19.35 KB, 597x223, kd.png)

i want the fucking proof! someone say she killed herself! The suspense is killing me. this ig/fb poetic round a bout stories are so dumb

No. 247018

No, I'm just "friends" with Cassie too.. for maximum milk.

Sorry I didn't read the posts above. Was just excited to share the news!

No. 247022

Ughhh of course that toad joltography is shoving her unwanted self into the spotlight as usual.

No. 247029

So with the obituary, do you have to prove a person is dead? I'm only asking because if this is fake, then she would be crazy enough to submit her own obituary to keep up the ruse.

No. 247031

im pretty sure with an obit its confirmed. they use the date they died, time, maybe the hospital they were taken to or where it was confirmed, funeral info. where im from sometimes it is the funeral home themselves who report the obit if you dont take out one in a newspaper or something

No. 247032

File: 1486531923708.png (87.72 KB, 640x591, IMG_2357.PNG)

"I don't think she killed herself"

No. 247033

You have to be dead to have an obit.

No. 247035


No. 247036

Has she ever faked her DEATH before though? She's faked comas and illnesses but that's not a crime. Faking your death is actually a crime. If she is alive and crazy enough to do this, she'll prob be locked up in a ward for a long time and not one of those private expensive wards. A state one.

No. 247037

People with factitious disorder have been known to make "cry for help" sucide attempts when outed as fakers or malingerers. If Kadee is dead, it's because she was making an attention ploy that would focus attention on her mental illness rather than the fact that she is a miserable liar.

Or she manipulated naive people into helping her kill off her Kadee persona, stating that she get herself painted into a corner with her lies and wanted to stop but didn't know how. But if she kills her sick persona she'll be just fine, she promises, Mom, no need to lock down her social media and send her inpatient for intensive psychiatric help.

I will believe Kadee is dead when an obituary linked to a funeral home is online. Just an obit won't do it - you can salt an obituary in most newspapers these days if you pay. No one double checks. Wait for a funeral-home-linked-obit before believing any of this.

No. 247039

I meant to say she made an attention ploy or redirection suicide attempt and accidentally succeeded. Most factitious disorder suicides are accidents when the patient overdoses for real or cuts too deep by mistake.

No. 247041

It's not illegal to fake your own death unless you break other laws in the process of doing it or attempt to profit from it in some manner. Planting a fake obituary online doesn't count as illegal and unless Kadee somehow staged a fake suicide that required public services to help, like EMTs or police, law enforcement will not give a single shit that some MBI tried to off herself.

No. 247042

Are you new here? Also saying you're dead on the internet isn't a crime lmao

No. 247043

I truly hope she's just manipulating the others into going along with her. The only people that have spoken up about her death come across as vulnerable and desperate for friendship, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's orchestrating this whole thing from her living room.

Kadee may have scammed a lot of people out of money, but I truly don't want her to be dead.

No. 247045

Kadee's last Instagram post was one day ago. If she was really dead, would word really get out that quickly?

No. 247046

You fucking idiot they don't have state wards anymore. God you talk like it's still the 50's and the men in white coats come to lobotomise you between Thorazine doses.

No. 247049

Do you have access to her IG? What was her last post?
It would seem strange that her family would jump on FB and tell Kadee's online friends if she had just died…

No. 247050

This is derailing but there are public STATE wards and privatized ones. People w/o insurance typically go to the public ones.

No. 247051

File: 1486533110483.png (97.37 KB, 640x954, IMG_1067.PNG)

This was her last post

No. 247052

I don't think anyone wants her to be dead.

The whole thing does smell fishy though. Like what's with the weird posts in this thread and why is her family all over facebook talking to internet randos

No. 247056

When Kadee was in her coma, was she using Cassie's phone?

No. 247057

Thanks, Kel.

No. 247058

Kadee got left home alone for a few days and everyone else in the house leaves their accounts signed in.
Kadee is sat on her giant ass with a laptop, iPad, and a phone pretending to be her mother and sister, feeding Kelley and Karen fake info because nobody is there to check.

Once the family gets home she just throws a fit over how she was "lonely and afraid and couldn't help it brb cutting myself so you all have to stop being mad and coddle me again."

No. 247059

Those wards are part of regular hospital systems not the kind of state wards anon was talking about. They were acting like Kadee is gonna be shipped off to nurse ratchet for lying on the internet.

No. 247060

she seems to die every time a new thread is made about her

No. 247062

Wait, is https://www.facebook.com/kelly.klarman fucking Candice? Why are you leaving hearts on Cassie's Facebook?

No. 247064

More like she makes a new selfpost every time she pretends to die. She'll come back once she realises nobody really got that upset beyond a couple of chicks writing posts along with a selfie. More people doubt her than have commented anything resembling condolences, which says just about everything that needs to be said about her as a person.

No. 247065

Take screenshots. Not everyone uses trash like Facebook, so the link is half useless.

No. 247069

File: 1486534465484.png (13.83 KB, 489x132, popularsearch.png)

No. 247071

File: 1486534678471.png (1.43 MB, 925x1257, kandicefacebook.png)

No. 247075

I've only seen two people actually post about her.

Come back, Kadee. We miss you.

No. 247076

Exactly. Two people seem a bit sad about it. Not sad enough to get off their phones, just a bit down in the dumps.

Imagine how shitty it must feel for poor fat Kadee having to see that nobody even really mourns her when she's told them she's dead.

No. 247077

Damn why do you kids always bring me back up. I'm here for the milk just like you.
I commented on Kelly's shit and called her out with my own Facebook- Candice Alyce. There's even caps in this thread of my comments lol.

No. 247078

Ahaha. Well we all knew fanfics was a huge attention whore and pot stirrer from the beginning.

No. 247082

Isn't she the cow tipper?

No. 247084

Candice, not fanfics goddamn.
Legit tho, you get brought up because you're an autistic cow too candice, you brought this all on yourself by being a tard last time.

No. 247087

>you kids
says the person who's too dumb to hide their identity on an anonymous image board

No. 247090

Yeah she was one of the biggest tippers the farm has had. Then she came and self posted for a while to defend her need to focus all the attention on herself, then she bitched out and was pleasantly silent for ages.

Now things got interesting so she's presumably decided that once again, she needs to compete with joltography to see who can deliver the most tender licks to the anuses of cows whilst basking in the glow of lolcow attention.

Overall yeah just a pitiful gross tipper.

No. 247091

I never once mentioned lolcow to Kadee.
+ I don't give a shit if people know my identity. I haven't got anything to hide lol.
I just enjoy the juicy drama Kadee provides, I don't want her to be dead & need to get to the bottom of this !

No. 247092

I never left, actually. Regular poster!

No. 247093

Because only an adult would forcibly insert themselves into other people's humiliation just to be noticed by a bunch of gossips she attempts to condescend by saying 'you kids'

No. 247095

'You kids' because this is a thread about Kadee yet you keep bringing up my name and won't get over it!

No. 247097

File: 1486535645557.png (754.4 KB, 931x573, zmara.png)

A third follower has posted regarding Kadee.

No. 247098

post if you have milk (and dont namefag) or shut up. no1curr that you're still here being just as autistic as ever

No. 247100

Oh piss off you narcissistic little goblin. You're not interesting, important, or lolcow a goddamn private detective.
Being a cunt to people isn't gonna get you to the bottom of anything and you know it.
Admit you're just as much of an attention whore as the cows and crawl back into your anonymous hole. You're just an interfering old harpy with an ego too big to match the Mousey face.

No. 247102

Girl you're talking to different anons here. Also this >>247098

No. 247103

Oh look you're making this all about you again what a surprise.
Kys if that's what it takes for you to stop reaching for attention, just don't post about it here.

No. 247104

Does anyone have access to @lifeaslindsay? Is she posting about Kadee too?

No. 247105

Obviously you do fucking care if you keep mentioning my name lmao.

I'm not anon tho :^)

Can y'all just shut up and get back to KADEE and not me.

No. 247106

Nah, you keep making the thread about me. I didn't post shit about myself until someone accused me of being some Kelly chick commenting on Cassie's shit.

No. 247108

File: 1486535912789.png (6.42 KB, 560x50, kd1.png)

ahhh! i need more….

No. 247110

You're the one who forced their way into shit by being a shitty cow tipper and making a million comments through IG.
Nobody cares about anything you do or say unless it's fucking off because you're a nuisance who should know better since you're clearly over 30. Stop talking about yourself and acting like you didn't force the spotlight on your haggard face

No. 247112

It wasn't much. Some rude comments from retards demanding Kelley prove that Kadee is dead as if the onus is on her. People are getting carried away and speaking to the cows friends and family directly. The best milk has already been ruined now that candice has been a cockgoblin again.

No. 247113

If Kadee has truly offed herself, her obituary should be up in a day or so.

No. 247116

Man imagine how much it would take to OD when someone is morbidly obese like this. How did she get her hands of a half pound of morphine??

No. 247124

It seems strange that people are only posting hearts on Cassie's photo. Could it be that she's messaging people asking them to post hearts to prove something or for some game?

No. 247152


Karen actually seems legit. She seems to be in her 40s or 50s and works for the school. Maybe she's one of Cassie's teachers?

No. 247177

Been following her drama for a while and I think she mentioned being on amitryptiline at some point? That stuff can be dangerous as fuck in overdoses, even considering how fat she is a decent amount of it could pretty reasonably take her out.

No. 247182

Maybe, but there's no reason to think she was ever on any medication she claimed. Not one of her diagnoses have been proven extant but a lot have been proven fakes, or require no proof other than looking at her, like when she tried to convince everyone she was an anoretic.

I think she's just back at her fake profiles, stealing more photos of sick women like her last account with the feeding tube pics.

No. 247270

File: 1486560205668.png (160.35 KB, 640x901, IMG_2358.PNG)

Damn, I think she may really be gone this time.
I mean, people who know her family IRL know.. how would she ever show her face again if she faked her death?

No. 247285

Its possible these people are only responding to what they see on fb and haven't contacted anyone irl yet

I don't personally believe this, shame on me if it is true i suppose

No. 247303

If she did die, that is pretty sad. She's only young. I know she was a massive munchie liar but still, she doesn't deserve death.

No. 247315

File: 1486569622838.png (24.46 KB, 505x271, kadee.png)

I really hope this isn't for real, but I think it is. Even random friends who don't appear to have any immediate connection are posting about it

No. 247318

I'm pretty positive it's true. Condolences are flooded on her moms facebook. I hope it isn't true though

No. 247323

Well, if it's true, looks like she's finally getting the genuine attention she always wanted.

No. 247324

This is horrible.

No. 247328

shes been running wild for years. im sure it wasnt a secret from people she hung around the most that she has/had a problem with lying or making up drama. there were people that could have helped. so no, i dont feel bad for her. i hate that mental illness takes another blow, i dont take away from the fact that she probably was in a terrible amount of stress from shit going on in her head, but 1. it hasnt been confirmed 2. she could have actively done something to help herself 3. she wasnt silent about her struggles, someone close could have intercepted something or at least stepped in about her mbi shit.

but it comes down to this is the fucking drama she wanted.

No. 247329

because Kadee's mom couldn't possibly had left her facebook open by accident on one of the devices in their home. You all are so gullible

No. 247331

For fuck's sake Kadee, since I suspect you're self-posting a shit ton of sympathy, a bunch of people talking about something is not evidence that it's true. A bunch of people claim the earth is flat too. Objective reality differs from that fantasy land you're crafting for yourself.

Quit posting a bunch of shit about people talking about you being dead. None of it is actual proof. It's a bunch of he-said-she-said. Facebook regularly circulates lies parading as truth because people do not fact check. A bunch of people taking the bait is not proof that you're dead. You're literally pulling the same shit as you always do, and as a bunch of other cows here have done. This is why you have to self-post your sympathy, because people here aren't buying that shit.

No. 247332

I'm fairly confident those aren't farmers, she just wants you to think they are. The typing style doesn't change between posts and she still hasn't figured out how to use the reply feature.

No. 247333

so this 'you're the cow if you don't agree with me' meme is tired, but it's been a fair few hours. I think if it was suspicious or unexpected someone would've rung the family?

that said, i'm still banking on them all being in on it to kill her munchie persona

No. 247335

It's not a matter of "you're the cow if you don't agree with me." It's a matter of several posts maintaining almost the exact same typing style while presenting as if they are multiple people, which is classic sockpuppeting for MBI cases when they pull a stunt like this. The only difference is that instead of pretending to be family or friends on here (like she probably is on Facebook), she's pretending to be farmers because that's the targeted demographic. The presentation of a sockpuppet changes depending on the environment in order to cater to the specific audience the munchie is attempting to deceive. We'll need Admin to confirm it, but I'm pretty sure at least several (not all) of the sympathy posts on here are Kadee or someone who is helping her.

No. 247338

Damn, I hope she isn't dead. I just wanted her to get help.

No. 247346

You make a good point, but that Karen person from Facebook seems like a pretty reputable person, and she says that she heard it from the school she works at.

If it is fake, Kelly and Kadee have really outdone themselves. I wonder who all is in on it.

No. 247349

I can't really speak for the situation with Karen because we really have no idea how she accessed the information of Kadee's supposed death. I have suspicions regarding why the school would supposedly notify her, but I haven't put much thought into that and probably won't dig too deep. My primary focus has been on posts here. I used to run sockpuppets to troll a long time ago so certain behaviors stick out to me like a sore thumb since she's too stupid to figure out how to disguise them.

No. 247351

When I was in high school, a former student passed away in his 20s, and they still notified the school.

No. 247355

Keep visiting this thread waiting to see she's lying yet again

No. 247356


I've literally never heard of this before. It's not a common practice.

No. 247358

Guys it's so obvious she's lying. Don't fall for it. If it were a suicide, there would have been a LOT of blame on "cyber bullying" and lolcow in general. Notice how no one flat out says how she died. It doesn't look like any of them are shocked. There's no cause of death, nothing in the news (if it were an accident or a homocide), and she didn't have any real medical problems that could kill her.

She's trying to erase her identity and posts here and on facebook trying to get people to think she's dead. She's not.

No. 247361

This is my criteria for detection. It's not perfect but it's helped me so far during my time here. Some of them are scientifically supported too, folks have done papers on detecting sockpuppets.

* Repeat use of key words or consistent typing patterns (such as grammar quirks unique to the puppeteer). This is one of the most common points of detection if the puppeteer isn't skilled in disguising them.
* Repeatedly dodging around specific requests for a particular kind of proof, instead focusing on speculation that has less clues to give their lies away (or simply because such proof doesn't exist).
* Related to the last one, repeatedly avoiding specifics in terms of things like cause of death. That is very suspicious.
* Being known for sockpuppeting in the past. It's easy enough to fall back into old habits. Same thing with being known for faking deaths or other medical crises like comas.
* On Facebook, pretty much all of the speculation praises her highly, especially on family accounts she could have access to. While they could be rightfully upset and focusing on the good if she is dead, high praise of the puppeteer is also a known sockpuppet behavior. It's commonly used in advertising through fake reviews. On here, there's a slight change in that the posts contain some element of support while also making sure to include some element of criticism, in attempts to fit the farmer profile.
* Consistent behavior patterns such as still not figuring out how to use the reply feature or how to sage. Ties in with the first criteria.
* Kadee herself fits the MBI profile, and MBIs are known for sockpuppeting support for their own fake deaths. Not conclusive on its own, but supportive when multiple other criteria are met. We already know that she stalks these threads and this supposed death came out of nowhere. However, it was revealed a bit more than a week after she was revealed in the group to have faked her coma and after people on here were talking about how her mom can try to get her help. How do you get people to stop discussing a faked coma? Get them to talk about a death. Works for both here and on Facebook. When munchies know they're about to get an intervention, they go into crisis mode and pull dramatic stunts. Like this.

Karen's posts may well be legit. The problem is that we don't know how the school was notified so she could still have been mislead. If it was a phone call, it's really not hard to pretend to be someone on the phone. MBIs do this all the time when they pull dramatic stunts like fake deaths or comas. If they were notified in person by a family member, it could be legit or they could be in on it. We have no way to know either way. So the only true confirmation would be an official obituary through the funeral home handling her funeral or cremation.

No. 247365

She "died" late Monday night. Wow, word got around quick. That woman, the teacher, how did she hear SO FAST?

Also, Kelly's posting about lipsticks, food and there's a ditzy pic of her having fun with a face mask. I know some people take longer to grieve than others, but…y'know.

Yeah, don't post in this thread much, but if she isn't dead (which I suspect), it's time for a mental health section. This is sick (in the bad sense).

No. 247368

Any possibility the family and Karen are in on it due to hospitalizing Kadee long term so when she gets out she can start fresh without this stigma following her? The whole coma thing should have been a wake up call that this girl needs some serious help.

No. 247371

By pulling the same stunts she is known for? That'd hardly be an intervention, that'd be becoming an accomplice. If they were getting her help, why on earth would they then proceed to add gas to the fire by faking her death on the internet?

No. 247374

This is not funny anymore, Kadee please tell us it was all a sick joke or something.
I honestly would be relieved to read that, no one should die at such a young age and death in general is such a sad and depressing topic, even on lolcow.

No. 247376

Hi Kadee
No one believes your attention whoring.

No. 247380

File: 1486575845232.png (2.42 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170208-183949.png)


Not Kadee, have been following the drama myself from a pretty early point. I just don't want anyone to die or anyone to such an asshole to actually fake their death, however I would be relieved, as a wasted life is a wasted life

Also: I don't think this was posted before, it was in her linked instagram photos

No. 247381

I really think it's for real. Probably suicide, or accidentally overdosed.

No. 247382

Kelly is fucked up.

No. 247384

If she's really dead this is fucking hilarious.

Goodbye to our beloved munchie milkbag

No. 247386

Suicide is unlikely. People would be blaming cyber bullying for it. People love to pin that stuff on cyber bullying, especially family. Accidental OD could theoretically happen but why isn't anyone actually mentioning this? One would think that someone would mention an accidental OD because that's a tragedy, but we've yet to hear a word about it.

No. 247393

Kadee's supposed suicide is about as believable as her anorexia. The only "evidence" is a facebook post and a few acquaintances taking the facebook post at face value.

No. 247394

And Karen.

No. 247397

Why do some of the photos only show little black squares with x's in the corners? I wanna see! Lol.

No. 247398

Yes, a random acquaintance with a fishy story.

No. 247400

That happens with me on my phone. I have to wait til I get home to see them on my laptop. Only started happening recently.

No. 247403

Wtf are you talking about? Clear you cache and/or lrn2internet.

No. 247408

I'm the 2nd anon with the problem. Clearing the cache does nothing. There's no way to see certain pics that come out as an X.

No. 247411

There are still no news on any Kadeelyn Nichole Konstantino dying in Connecticut.
No funeral services etc.

No. 247418

Don't know about the US, but it takes a while for an obit to appear over here. First you've got to make all the funeral arrangements and it's the funeral people who post the announcement in newspapers. I saw an old friend's sister's obit only AFTER the funeral, which was almost 2 weeks after she died.

Idk, I was VERY sceptical until I saw the cousin post. Either way, I'm not affected. It's sad, but she wasn't happy in life, so…

No. 247419

Kadee shut the fuck up about Karen, one 40 year old woman who found out "through the school" isn't a legit reason you're dead. Not one post actually sounds like a mourner in action, waaay too rainbows and butterflies. People dont react to death with paragraphs about how amazing you are, it's normally a brief sorry that the family is going through a loss - I've not seen a single post empathising with the family, it's all ass pats for Kadee.

No. 247421

I just tried a different browser and can see them now. Maybe that will help you too.

No. 247422


I am not from the US either (and also the one who posted the cousin thing) however there are extremely recent death posts up on some of the websites, I guess we just have to wait this out, after all it's only speculation

No. 247423

Was meant for
Sorry I'm on my phone.

No. 247424

Mine's a sucky Windows phone with IE. I never tried Firefox or w/e, but I'll give it a go. Duh I'm thick me. Thanks, anon.

No. 247437

When I was in high school, two current students died, 1 from suicide (never announced or otherwise acknowledged by the school) and the other died from leukemia (publicly announced by the school and given an epitaph in the yearbook). At least two alumni died, but their deaths weren't announced.

>Suicide is unlikely. People would be blaming cyber bullying for it.

Excellent point.

>Accidental OD could theoretically happen but why isn't anyone actually mentioning this?

Accidental OD = dumbass druggie. A lot of people wouldn't want their loved ones to be perceived that way.

I can definitely imagine Kadee accidentally killing herself by ODing in an attempt to make herself sick. Self-harm is normal Munchie behavior, though ODing is kind of extreme. But Kadee's completely blown her credibility lately, so doing something so drastic would be "logical".

sage for anecdote and spitballing

No. 247449

If it was suicide, Kelly and Cassie would have gone after the trolls asking for proof, and said something like "this is the type of bullying that caused her to take her own life!!" So this leads me to think she either ODed on accident or her weight/diet caused some sort of complication.

Also, Kelly is all smiles and face masks the day after her best friend dies?

I am skeptical she is actually dead but as everyone else has said her Kadee persona is dead and this is her way to "recover" and start fresh.

No. 247450

I'm not convinced that she will actually stop though. She's done this far too many times and then proceeded to keep up the games under a false identity. Even if it's not associated with her name, I suspect she'll still be a munchie. The attention is too gratifying to abandon. Killing her "persona" through a fake death is too convenient of an excuse and it definitely doesn't make it okay, because if people wound up actually believing it can you imagine the pain they'd feel when they found out they'd been duped again? Seriously, that shit hurts. It's an extremely manipulative thing to do and that'd do major damage to any friendships or relationships she still has.

No. 247455

File: 1486584876664.png (114.33 KB, 750x743, IMG_4508.PNG)


I don't think she will stop either. Or she will relapse a few times.

It's possible the Mom or sister messaged a few people about Kadee recovering and to say good bye to who she once was. And the rest are following by what they read.

The way they're all saying she's gone is worded on a way that makes me believe she's not actually dead. Like pic posted…"whatever services are held in her honor". Uh…a funeral? Maybe I'm tinfoiling too hard.

No. 247463

I love everyone here just making up all these crazy stories to what's going on. If this is fake Kelly and everyone else is not in on it.

No. 247464

And if she is faking this I will personally kick her ass.

No. 247469

I don't see how that's funny? Nobody here wants kadee dead dumbfuck.

No. 247471

I do, she had her chance to fix herself many times. Besides she's faking it anyway, wouldn't be surprised if she was the one making "poor Kadee she's dead can't you see the proof" posts. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if she posted her new accounts here herself either.

No. 247474

Kelly is probably orchestrating it.

No. 247480

File: 1486588360482.png (164.02 KB, 750x994, IMG_7096.PNG)

Her mother made a post and her aunt shared it.
A few friends mentioned being called by her mom to tell them.
I think she's actually gone this time.

No. 247481

Kelly is my best friend and she isn't orchestrating shit.

No. 247483

Kelly was told via Kadee's mom on the phone. Kelly has face timed with her mom and knows her voice.

No. 247484

I just can't get over how weird these reactions are/oddly worded the consoling posts are

Not gonna believe this just yet, but damn. Time to move onto new milk, I suppose

No. 247485

call me an insensitive edgelord but I'm loling so hard at 'beautiful angel'

Girls so fat she'd never make it to the skies kek

No. 247486

I think you're just suspicious and reading way into these posts because of kadees history, and I don't blame you for it but all of these posts were made after the people saw all the posts on kadees page so they're genuinely how these people are responding

No. 247487

By all I meant most. Some people were called by kadees mom and told the news as well.

No. 247488

Yeah, you're right

Even if it had been fake, those are their genuine reactions

No. 247491

For the record, I'm Kelly's best friend (briana) and have talked to kadee many times and as far as I know this is for real this time. I obviously had my doubts upon hearing the news but I know Kelly and know she isn't orchestrating shit and is genuinely upset because her friend died.

No. 247494


Prove it.

No. 247495

Idk how you want me to prove it? I'm just saying I've known Kelly for years and I'm best friends with Kelly and all these accusations saying she's orchestrating this are outta fuckin pocket. As far as I know it's real this time…if I find proof I'll send it your way

No. 247496

Isn't this the 5th or 6th time that one of "Kadee's friends" has showed up here to tell us how everything Kadee says is totallyr real

No. 247497

Did I ever say everything kadee says is real? I'm not an idiot I know damn well she was a pathological liar

No. 247498

These are good posts, they're making me skeptical. Even if it were something like a car crash or an accident like that, wouldn't someone say something related? Someone I went to school with had died recently, and I found out how right away because someone mentioned she "lost her battle with an addiction." But there is nothing like that in any of these posts. And it's so weird to me how everyone is writing paragraphs saying how she's beautiful and an angel and being super cheesy about it. And being dramatic
>I promise to live for both of us
>We didn't stick to the deal but I'll stick to it for both of us

Like do people really post shit like this? And they keep saying things like how she doesn't have to struggle anymore. Struggle from what? Her illnesses were faked? Even if this is real, nobody seemed to give a flying fuck about her before this. All of sudden everyone was best friends for life with her.

And this is suspicious. If she were planning on doing something, I'm sure it would be posted all over the place or if she were in the hospital it would be posted as well. How would she pass away so suddenly?

No. 247501


People aren't posting about it because Kadee's mom hasn't disclosed the cause of death. Due to what I know I think it was an accidental OD

No. 247502

Am I the only one wondering why this thread is suddenly full of abloobloo sympathy for this wastes death?

Where did this influx of overly sympathetic breeding hearts come from to invade lolcow?

No. 247503

no kidding, its weird

No. 247504

this is the first post/picthat has started to change my mind to think it might actually be for real this time. As to cause - we never knew for sure what 'drugs' she did do and there were the issues with abusing pain & psych meds so maybe the cause of death was accidental drug od (the recreational/addiction kind) hence why family are reluctant to disclose the reason??
Either way if this is or real or not, you sorta cant help but feel bad for her + her family after all the shit she put them through and the stigma and lies that will forever be associated with her

No. 247505

the cause of death might still be unknown. Sorry for blogpost but relevant, someone I know passed and it would've appeared to be just like Kadee's passing. Tons of messages of remorse and "beautiful babby" etc, it took a month for the autopsy results to reveal what happened. that could very well be happening here.

No. 247507

They are in fact waiting for an autopsy

No. 247509

Probably died from weight related issues tied in with complications from medications she didn't need

No. 247510

maybe the fatass read about all the other munchies eating laundry detergents to cause illness and downed a gallon of bleach.

No. 247511

Insta is blowing up now. These are all genuine reactions.

No. 247512

probably OD'd on cocaine since she was "addicted" to that at one point, too

No. 247517

You guys are giving her ideas to dodge the death cause issue "accidental OD so her loved ones don't wanna reveal it" "unknown cause of death" etc. Concerning the whiteknights you won't be believed until you provide a valid cause of death.
I mean you never know what's going on with meds but it's pretty straightforward to confirm she wasn't hit by a car or died of cancer. Like, did she die of heart failure or what?

No. 247522

Well yeah that's the thing. If it were as simple as "she was hit by a car" then they could just say that's what happened/ we would find some sort of news about it somewhere probably. If it is a little more complex like "she died of a heart attack in her sleep" that will take more time for us to learn, and that's assuming her mother is going to post her autopsy results to the world or bother to tell Kelly.

No. 247524

Screenshots please.

No. 247529

Happened over on KF (RIP) when Julie Terryberry killed herself. It would be hard to find a more doomed, unpleasant, stupid, gross, self-destructive girl than Julie yet when she took her life suddenly people were overwhelmed with sadness that their beautiful shed princess had died, such a waste, rest in power sweet angel.

Kadee was deeply troubled. She was a compulsive liar, suffered either from Munchausen by Internet or was an IRL Munchie - probably both. She lived a truly unfortunate life and if people in her real life made much of an attempt to get her real help, it wasn't evident in her behavior. No need to be cruel or to celebrate her death, but she had been a ridiculous spectacle for a while. It's hard to express much sadness when a person who loved being sick, bragged about addiction and faked eating disorders suddenly succumbs in some manner.

The only thing that might be the least bit funny is if Kadee had a genuine undiagnosed disorder that was overlooked during all of her manufactured for attention illnesses. As they were struggling to save her life from end stage embolisms and anorexia I wonder if she didn't have some sort of a heart valve issue that killed her organically or was triggered when she used medications she didn't need.

No. 247532

>Happened over on KF (RIP) when Julie Terryberry killed herself. It would be hard to find a more doomed, unpleasant, stupid, gross, self-destructive girl than Julie yet when she took her life suddenly people were overwhelmed with sadness that their beautiful shed princess had died, such a waste, rest in power sweet angel.

Julie's death was a completely different case, though; Julie was literally mentally retarded and KFers were getting directly involved in her already fucked up life and probably had a pretty strong influence on her decision to commit suicide. Her death probably gave some people on KF who had their doubts about what was going on to express themselves without getting dogpiled for once. Or people got troll's remorse because they'd had a hand in her death.

Kadee was deeply troubled as well, but she had the cognitive ability to discern right from wrong, wasted perhaps millions of dollars in the healthcare system, and likely died as a direct consequence of her attention-seeking behavior/malingering as opposed to by her own hand as a result of feeling hopeless and trapped. As such, the sentimental comments are far less warranted here.

That said, it's just human nature to look at someone with rosy red glasses when they die. It happens when people get caught in shitty situations as well, e.g. Billie's stay in the Onision household, and death is the ultimate shitty situation. And death causes people to reflect on the life one lived, and on reflection, Kadee wasn't evil, just very, very, very broken.

No. 247533

File: 1486593889054.png (206.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1077.PNG)

No. 247535

Told ya guys Kelly wasn't orchestrating shit

No. 247536

No. 247537

Assuming this is real, please have the decency to not contact friends and family and to refrain from posting unnecessarily vitriolic comments or requests for proof in this thread, at least until further evidence comes to light.

If future evidence shows that it was a hoax, by all means continue as usual.

No. 247540

i wonder if she was trying to make herself sick for attention and went too far

No. 247541

Let's consider this sufficient proof that Kadee has passed away. Be respectful if you need to discuss it or the thread will be locked.

No. 247542

What the fuck.

Admin, can you blank our IPs on these Kadee threads? I don't want law enforcement showing up at my door because I "cyberbullied" some chick.

No. 247543

Damn, just woke up and yep, Kelly posted the obituary.
I think we can all agree that we didn't want Kadee to die.
It doesn't sound like suicide though surprisingly.

No. 247544


No. 247545

Maybe her heart just gave up?

No. 247546

Fuuuuuck. RIP Kadee.

No. 247547

Kadee's dying thoughts:

>I told you assholes I was sick.

No. 247548

Wow what a ride. I'm genuinely upset. Kadee was a liar, but not in the sense that it hurt anyone and her antics were ridiculous more so than dangerous. A true lesson in be careful what you wish for. RIP

No. 247549

She was fat, so maybe obesity related issues.

No. 247550

Whatever you think of her online antics, she didn't deserve to die and her family don't deserve this pain.

No. 247551

oh man, been following her for ages, no matter how dumb I thought she was I didn't want things to end up like this :( RIP

No. 247552

Not that that's how life works but I don't think they're considering suicide. It's says "passed away suddenly" meaning, ironically, probably underlying health related.

No. 247553

she didnt cause pain before??

death sucks but its an everyday thing. she just lived a chaotic life and death is a side effect of it. i hope her family can find a little peace. and i agree with >>247542 i dont want a surprise..

No. 247554

At 22, though? Problems with obesity don't usually cause death so young…I think it was one of her munchie tactics gone wrong.

No. 247555

I never thought I'd feel the slightest bit bad for Kadee, but here we are. Damn.

No. 247556

obese people in their 20s do die if there's an underlying heart condition.

No. 247558

It's very unlikely that she decided to off herself; people with dramatic cluster personality disorders almost never actually attempt suicide with the intention of it working. It was probably a medication interaction, and/or an underlying medical condition, or a suicide gesture or munchie thing gone wrong at most.

She caused her friends and family a lot of pain and stress and cost the healthcare system lord knows how much money, so it's not exactly a tragedy that she's dead. However, her life was a tragedy given how desperate she was for constant attention, and I'm glad she's no longer suffering. Hopefully her friends and family find peace.

No. 247559


Any screenshots?

I'm not disbelieving this, just curious to see it(read the thread)

No. 247560


I don't have kids but I'd imagine your kid dying is much worse than finding out your kid a liar.

No. 247562

Way to act like a bratty child.

No. 247564

No. 247567

im not discounting the pain of child loss, i have two kids and i wouldnt know what to do with myself if they passed. its difficult to even imagine.

but it is also a horrible thing to see your child in and out of hospitals, therapy, taking meds like candy. then to find out that there are these stories of comas and miscarriages and whatnot. that has to be awful too.

i do hope well for the family, they were bystanders in a very sick girls world and she only acted for herself. she was selfish and they are paying for it. that is why i am not sorry for HER but the family, absolutely.

No. 247568

Kelly seems to be over Kadee pretty quickly. If my "best friend" died, I wouldn't be posting pancake photos less than 18 hours later.

Shallow is as shallow does.

No. 247570

Not acting like a bratty child. I just really didn't appreciate everyone blaming my best friend and calling her a liar while she's fucking mourning.

No. 247573

Because completely shutting down and not having a friend go out with her to keep her safe and get her mind off shit was the better option?

No. 247574

Like, take some time to grieve. Get your ass off of social media. Wtf.

No. 247576

People deal with shit differently. Judging and putting someone down for how she is dealing with her friends death is really really shitty. You don't know anything about her or what she's going through.

No. 247577

yeah she was a liar and bad person and all that but some of ya'll are going to hell for what you said haha

No. 247581

Aw man this is fucked up. I didn't want her to die, just get some help. I'm very curious to know what happened. What a mess.

No. 247582

Yeah but everyone who has a thread about them is gonna die sooner or later so , eh

No. 247583

I'm sorry she passed away.
To those affected by it, take some time to yourself and try to think of good memories.
Don't disconnect or repress per se, let yourself feel the emotions you need to feel.
However this place is not the best place to come for sympathy.

Also to those saying that people are getting over it really fast I think it's important to remember people have other responsibilities they have to tend to and can't freeze time to mourn.

No. 247584

forget what site youre on?

No. 247585

It's kind of odd that this happened 2 weeks after someone contacted her mom and she confirmed all the BS though.
I really hope she didn't kill herself. RIP Kadee.

No. 247587

i thought the same thing. maybe the weight of what she did really hit her? but whose to say. her cause of death hasnt been confirmed..

No. 247589

This thread isn't about your friend. Its about someone who just died, so have some motherfucking respect.

Maybe anons didn't want to believe she's dead because they didn't want to see her dead? And here you are jubilant that what info you offered - that she'd dead - is true. Smfh.

No. 247591

Oh yeah, I'm absolutely jubilant.
It's funny how all of a sudden the very people who ripped her apart and said the worst shit about her suddenly want to feel bad that she died and want to try to say IM being disrespectful. Oookay.

No. 247592

>this moral highground

No. 247593

Uh, okay. I'm definitely not Kadee, I'm a random Canadian who just looked up her name in the search bar. I didn't say anything was proof. I was literally just making a note of what someone said. Please calm your rage boner, ffs.

No. 247596

Two suicides I've known had "passed away suddenly". It's usually that or "after a short illness" or "after a long illness patiently borne".

She was troubled. Maybe the exposing of lies to her mum did something to her. Maybe that and an argument with her online bf.

Idk. It IS sad for her family and because the girl didn't get psychiatric treatment. She was a scammer, but it was part of her illness. Not wking her, just feel bad for her sister.

No. 247597

I understand where you're coming from. You're just trying to defend your friend and let people know she personally wouldn't lie for Kadee. Your intentions are good, but not everyone is going to see it that way.

I don't think this is the best place to be hanging out at right now as you and friends need time to digest this death. I wish you well.

No. 247598

Yeah, just fuck off. Do some pouty ig pics or sth.

No. 247601

I wonder the same thing whenever a cow dies or goes to hospital. Loads of anons start posting about how they feel so bad for them and it's like, why?

Kadee chose to ignore her actual eating disorder to get asspats for lying about another. Kadee chose to use images of desperately sick or dying women to portray herself as a sick person. Kadee chose to fake severe illnesses and trauma. Kadee chose to not attend college, or to work, or to do anything but binge eat, fake being sick, and justify herself to anyone who'd listen without ever even considering change.

She chose to make a mockery of mental illness and the suffering that goes along with it so why do people suddenly feel bad about her killing herself? She got what she wanted if she's dead, because now she's forever gonna be seen as genuinely sick and a representation of the mentally ill population. She was an absolute disgrace and she gleefully participated in the actions that make the mentally ill community (especially those with BPD or an ED) look like attention desperate tools who can never be looked at like real people. She chose to be total scum every single day and y'all are suddenly jumping on the 'precious beautiful struggling angel warrior' wagon as if she mattered. As if she could have ever done something that mattered.

The sympathy here for the dirty dregs of humanity is nastier than half the cows. Don't be dishonest cause she's dead. Shitbitch to shitbitch, dust to dust. Good riddance.

No. 247602

Please read >>247537 and >>247541

No. 247604

I'm really sad that she died before she got better. I wish she could have been open to receiving therapy for her numerous underlying issues. She could have dug herself out of the hole she was in; and now she never will be able to. It's pretty depressing.

No. 247607

So admins jumped on the 'special inspiring fighter angel baby' bullshit too. Death doesn't automatically make someone a good person when they weren't in life. The fake mourning and compassion is of far poorer taste than some honest vitriol.

No. 247608

stop being edgy dude

Yeah, she wasn't a good person and was consumed by mental illness. But it's common decency to feel bad when someone dies. I think it's pretty surreal to see this happen.

No. 247612

It's honestly not edge. It feels disgusting to lie about someone after death. We've spent months picking apart her screw ups and tearing down everything we find of hers. The fact that some of those very same people are now acting like they cared for her is disgusting. Maybe it's to do with very different values and ideals around death but I feel that it's way less offensive to remember that she chose to do bad things than to pretend she was the victim of some larger force. Different ideologies aren't edgy. I think we're equally disgusted and uncomfortable with our different approaches to death and remembrance. Where I'm from common decency and lying are mutually exclusive things, I guess you guys are way different.

No. 247613

Nobody is saying that she's 'inspiring' or a 'fighter', it's just kind of a shock to farmers that it's actually real this time. Stop being an edgelord, it's a natural human reaction (well, for most people, can't say the same for you) to feel sympathy when someone dies- no matter how shitty of a person she was, she was still a person.

No. 247614

Kadee was a shitty person, no disagreement there. But her family still loved her and she was young enough to get help and change. It happens sometimes, even to real scumbags. Doesn't change what she did or who she was but it's still a sad thing.

No. 247615

Thank you anon. I take back my earlier statements. I still have a weird feeling about this, there's a couple of things that feel off to me in that obituary but at least for the time being, that's about as real as it's going to get. I didn't like her or what she did but she didn't deserve to die. Even munchies deserve a chance to recover if they are willing to try. I hope the family is able to grieve and heal soon.

No. 247623

i agree it is really surreal especially after all the times she's faked similar things, and maybe some behave hatefully because it's easier to act like she's lying than to admit that she actually may be dead

No. 247632

aw, this means no more threads about Kadeecow.

No. 247633

File: 1486601101928.jpeg (117.24 KB, 800x450, IT'S A CONSPIRACY.jpeg)

guys what if she never had munchausen and was actually sick and that's what killed her

No. 247639

Can still be a munchie while sick though. The current diagnostic criteria allows for exaggerating current symptoms to unrealistic degrees.

No. 247641

i am assuming other anon isnt being hateful as well, but im on the train that i am not going to fake this weird sympathy for her, her family is another scenario but whatever. we can see our own mortality in this, the fragility of life, so we reflect. take your time to feel bad, is it guilt? but dont think that just because someone isnt repenting for saying things on an image board doesnt mean that they are less human.

No. 247647

The saddest part

No. 247650

She wasn't a paedo, a sex offender or a granny basher. Those are the ones I'd be happy to see dead.

I honestly thought Ash would be the first to go, and when she does, for all the slagging off I've given her, I'll feel sad that even though she's a nasty bitch because she didn't ask to be ill (although she never asked for recovery either). I'll feel bad for her mother.

I don't feel anything about Kaydee tbh. Lying about multiple instances of sexual abuse and anorexia is really disgusting. I do feel sad for her family though, so that's where my sympathies lie.

No. 247657

I really feel bad for Kadee's family. Her poor mother who probably dealt with her munchie outlashes and fake cries for attention for who knows how long now, actually has to face the reality that this time, it's for real and it probably kills her. I am sorry for that family. For all that Kadee put them through. Of course none of us wanted her to ACTUALLY die, but let's be respectful to the people this impacts who are still here, who had a real connection with her regardless of her munchie shit.

No. 247684

All the suicides I've seen had "suddenly passed away" or "left unexpectedly."

I hope she didn't intentionally off herself.

No. 247688


I'll join you and kick her ass tbh.

No. 247689


ohai kadee

No. 247695

I felt like Kadee would have made an online post like a suicide goodbye note or post. I truly think it was an accident or unknown medical condition. No one ever wants to see another person pass away - it's very tragic.

No. 247696

ooh, uh, not sure about that there bud

No. 247703

No. 247707


who said she's a paedophile tho

No. 247710

It's Cristina.

No. 247713

It's also the language used for other embarrassing deaths, e.g. drug overdose. As this anon >>247695 said, she probably would have posted a suicide note if that were the cases. She was obsessed with getting attention by any means necessary. There's absolutely no way that she would off herself without milking it for attention, and people with dramatic personality disorders rarely commit suicide despite how many times they threaten/"attempt" it. Her poor health probably made her unable to tolerate her munchie meds or something along those lines.

No. 247726


No. 247730

I truly feel bad about this. Like fuck, yeah she did messed up things but at one point I had befriended her and tbh she was actually a really nice person. It's no excuse for all the things she did but it's kind of just sad to see that she became a statistic. She didn't have to be - she could've got help. I wish she would've. In the end we were all here for one thing: the milk. That doesn't mean we can't feel remorse. She was obviously sick, she did deserve help. It's sad that her death just goes down as another life taken by a mental illness(?). I don't think anyone here actually wanted kadee to die. Tbh I'm in shock, it's so hard to wrap my head around the fact that this is real. Most of us have been following her closely on the internet for what, a year? It just sucks she couldn't get it together and save herself

No. 247731

>Really nice person
She abused other's trust, she abused drugs, she abused medical resources, she made a mockery of people with illnesses, and she was a compulsive liar.

What a nice person.

No. 247734

File: 1486609421122.gif (565.52 KB, 461x271, giphy.gif)

No. 247743

She was not a nice person don't be so ridiculous. She put her family through who knows what kind of hell, she stole money from people, she constantly lied to people who cared about her for her own narcissistic need for attention and she freely used people because they never mattered to her. Kadee hurt a lot of people and not once ever did she show any kind of genuine remorse or attempt to change.

What happened is extremely sad, but to pretend she was something she was clearly not is just stupid.

No. 247752

This makes me sad

No. 247761

i think it is guilt, a bit at least. i responded to her when she posted on here; i was not as mean as some but i guess you're right about death putting things in perspective. i don't necessarily think that the suspicious and angry anons are less human, maybe just overly passionate.

morality aside hatred seems to keep lolcow lovely at least

No. 247762

Small side note - her boyfriend was at least 38, why did her mother ever allow that to happen?! he was previously married too.

I didn't really speak about kadee ever, but it's always a bit sad when someone dies

No. 247771

Why did you befriend her? What was she like 1-on-1?

No. 247772

Kadee was 22. Her mom had no control over who she chose to see.

No. 247776

I really hope Kadee's family doesn't Google her name. I don't say this because I feel like this site (or any of the other sites or blogs that discussed her demented behaviors) is culpable or added to Kadee's MbI. Rather I don't think her family has any real idea of the scope of Kadee's mental illness and how it manifested.

We are not the only ones to have discussed Kadee, not by a long shot. Blogs and message boards, as well as more obscure illness-related message boards, have screenshot after screenshot of Kadee lying and malingering. I can't imagine losing my daughter or sister, Googling her name, and finding all that evidence of her bizarre life.

I have such sympathy for them and I sort of hope they never find out the scope of Kadee's toxic life because how on earth can they cope with the devastating reality of how sick Kadee was now that they really can no longer help her.

No. 247797

There are ten years of her behaviors online. It would destroy her poor mom and sister.

No. 247821

True she's on KiwiFarm's, random peoples tumblrs - even found a Reddit post about her.

No. 247827

File: 1486621125895.png (407.25 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2989.PNG)

Connecticut news page has posted the obituary also :/

Also side note: when you search her name on Facebook, a public group she made with Kelly comes up where they send out packages to lucky winners. Last night Kelly is seeing commenting on the post all happy someone has won - no mention of the founder (or co-founder) of the groups demise :/.

Just to reiterate, not doubting Kadee is dead but why is Kelly off sending packages for winners like her best friend and other admin didn't just die? Food for thought

No. 247829

I think Kelly is very emotionally shallow.

No. 247832

I hope Kadee's family and friends are able to find peace and closure. If they do find stuff by Googling or whatever, maybe they'll have comfort in knowing that's just one part of who Kadee was… I also hope Kadee's at peace. She did seem to have some issues, but I wished her well.

No. 247839

Kelly is a shallow bitch. Read >>246867 .
>I promise to never give up for you.
>I promise to live for both of us.
>I promise to fight and I promise to win!
She couldn't even make a post about her friend's death without talking about herself and her ~struggles~ and ~strength~.

No. 247841

kiwifarms is the real thing to mourn over. r.i.p

No. 247848


Late to this, but I've been seeing my therapist for 10 years and I get her a card or some candy on holidays, but that's it. I didn't for the first few years, but since I've been seeing her so long, I do that.

No. 247854

cryin irl now

No. 247857

I hope this doesn't sound edgy, but her death left a weird impression on me and I can't stop thinking about I. Do you guys think that she was aware of what was happening? That a few moments before her death she realised that what she faked and wished for so many times was finally happening?

No. 247858

>realise Ash has outlived Kadee
guess we know who's ana truly was the worst

No. 247861

Who knows? I guess it would depend on what actually happened. If it was a sudden death, I doubt she knew anything. If she accidentally ODed or something and she was aware of what was happening, I think she probably felt regret. Maybe in her final moments, she realized how ridiculous it was to give into her mental illness instead of taking the help that was offered to her. Maybe her last thoughts were how much she had hurt her family and friends.

Personally, I'm not upset by it and don't feel bad for her, but it did leave a weird impression on me as well. I never expected her to die. I figured we'd keep seeing her come up with new attention seeking bullshit for years to come. You expect Ash to die at some point and can only sit back and wait for it, but this was just out of left field and was weird. Oh well, I guess. I don't care that she's dead but I feel bad that she put her family through so much and now they're paying the price.

No. 247863

Ash is the one where I'm actually hoping for her death, like a zit that never popped turned into a giant cyst and it just has to go.

No. 247864

haha people dying who deserve it is hilarious, am i right fellow arashi ^_^

No. 247885

She had a history of blood clots in her lungs , in someone her size and poor lifestyle choices (diet, lack of exercise and smoker) its highly possible she got a massive PE and thats what killed her :/.

No. 247899

File: 1486646103776.jpg (99.62 KB, 1300x866, 12597972-35-years-old-man-eati…)

No. 247930

I forgot she actually had a legit medical condition like that. Well, that would certainly explain dying suddenly, like her obit said. If it was that instead of one of her said attention-seeking attempts, how ironic honestly. lol

No. 247973

I wonder how big her coffin will be.

No. 247981

She could be cremated. if you're really big, you have to be cut up a bit first before you're cremated. also, there have been fires at crematoriums as a result of being morbidly obese.

No. 247988

That would make more sense. Aren't coffins meant for obese people incredibly expensive anyway?

No. 247995

Omg no mortuary anon here and you NEVER cut up bodies for any reason ever. Also a large person can take as long to cremate as a smaller person it takes longer than you think and yes bigger caskets are more expensive but I still think she would fit in a standard casket

Where do you get this information my god

No. 247996

Same fag but also
There would only ever be a "fire" (lol of course there's fire???) if the retort or the crematory were doing something WRONG the worst thing I have seen is that black smoke was coming out of our chimney because the heat was up to high and there was something wrong with the retort.

No. 247999

Oh and cuz we're in America and people be fat as hell, there's larger retorts so we don't have to CUT PEOPLE UP omg

I am an embalmer and even embalming is considered an "act of mutilation", we pretty planely state that and the family will sign it, often after an oral permission statement cuz it's best to embalm bodies when they're freshly deceased, if possible.

So no there is never amputation or mutulation For cremations or anything in our line of work that is so irreverent(sage for feelings)

And funeral service law is not only local and state law but also federal law.

In school we're taught to treat them like our loved ones and most of us do.

Of course there's always acceptions. There's a pretty good book about the underground body trade I forget what it's called. There's some real life 3dgy shit in there that might satisfy y'all with your dismembering bodies thoughts..

No. 248001

just some edgy kids thinking they know something because they read a diply article or some shit.

take it easy guys, lets not lock a thread because youre immature..

No. 248003

Thank you mortuary anon, I was the one who asked about the coffin in the first place and I appreciate the info.

No. 248004

Except this is actually true, sorry to say. There is a reddit thread about someone who is an embalmer with a friend in a crematoriu who did have to cut up a body.

And there was a grease fire in a creamatorium in Austria….

No. 248005

Here's the except:

""All this burial stuff is too complicated," you say? "Isn't cremation the same for a morbidly obese person as it is for a skinnier person?" Well, sometimes, no. You've no doubt heard about the Austrian woman whose body was so fat it started a grease fire in a crematorium two years ago. I have a friend who is a crematorium operator, and he once had to cut up a super-morbidly obese man and cremate him in three separate parts, because he would not fit in the chamber"

You can see the whole thing here: https://www.reddit.com/r/fatlogic/comments/23z5ce/embalming_the_obese/

No. 248010

" i saw it on the internet so it MUST be true"

Jeez i worry for our future.

No. 248012

Why would a random anon who works in a morturary have a reason to lie, though?

No. 248014

File: 1486662149409.jpeg (59.23 KB, 600x450, do you.jpeg)


>There is a reddit thread about someone who is an embalmer with a friend in a crematoriu who did have to cut up a body.

No. 248015

reddit is now being used for facts? jfc

No. 248018

Lol I'm not lying I'm just calling y'alls shady shit, don't be so nasty it's not 3dgy
~mortuary anon

Yes that's happened occasionally but it is not common at all I'm 7 years in the business but my colleagues have many more and have seen some shit

You're fake 3dge bullshit and Reddit posts are not very convincing and I personally think you are soft as Fuck, mostly because you are clearly uneducated and claiming you know shit to some one with several licenses and a degree for this??

Like please I see dead bodies everyday, 3dgy Tumblr fucks just annoy me like please stop sharing pics of someone dead grandmother and whatever. Fake gore is more fun. Get a personality, and please please read a book.

No. 248019

Thanks. I don't even post here I just saw that and had to get REAL MAD and state some actual facts.

No. 248021

Isn't her family Roman Catholic? Catholics don't like cremation.

No. 248022

Yr welcome. It's hard to find these facts online cuz casket company's can hide them and we legit learned out of books that are not obtainable(I mean you could tru) to peole openly.
What we do is secret.

(Lol am I 3dgy yet??!!)

No. 248024

Like, sure Kadee was heavy but not morbidly obese. She would not need to be cut into pieces Jesus Christ.

Her obituary clearly stated there will be a burial. If her parents need a larger coffin, they will get a larger coffin.

No. 248025

Kadee-sized. What a question.

No. 248026

In the 60s (I think?) the reform was put in place by the pope and they allowed cremains into churches for funeral services.

Even reform Jews cremate now.

No. 248027

Her obituary says burial.

No. 248028

Kadee was for sure morbidly obese. Morbid obesity starts far far lower down on the BMI scale than the people on My 600lb Life, unfortunately, anon.

No. 248029

Has anyone got access to the fb ed support group she was banned from before she died? Have they been saying anything on the matter?

No. 248030

True they don't make a big deal of it casket companies deliver within two days (batesville does anyway) and depending on where she lives they might have them in stock. I've put 300+ lb 6 ft men like big heavy dudes in a regular casket but that can make the body look bad, depending on if they have a viewing.

Anyone else have questions before ya caught posting 3dgy alternative facts on this thread? Death is innocent, stop saying god awful shit I know it's lolcow but even they Admin said something so chill, pls

No. 248035

None that I've seen

No. 248041

>death is innocent

Right? Nobody should be humiliated for dying.

No. 248051

I 100% agree with the sentiment.

Kadee is now passed away. You're out here shitting on a dead girl who really did not have a very big impact on this world outside of her media circle.
This doesn't mean she wasn't important to people who knew and loved her, but she held no major influence over the general population. There is no reason to be shitting on her now. She is dead.

No. 248065

am i the only one that thinks the picture they chose for the obit is a little…. bizarre? If you notice on the site, all the other obituaries have portraits taken by other people but kaydee's is a selfie with a vibrant filter. just doesn't fit in imo

No. 248067

they probably used it because it was a picture she liked of herself. why not?

No. 248078

By that logic wouldn't most people/families use pictures from social meadia instead of portraits?

No. 248084

lots of them do

No. 248111

Most people do these days. especially when a young person has passed away, most of the nice pictures of them are going to be selfies.

Police even use selfies in missing persons appeals and so on these days.

No. 248114

It's what makes most sense really, usually the selfies used tend to be pretty recent except in cases of long wided diseases like cancer where the person looks very obviously ill.

No. 248127


why? She just died, she doesn't deserve to be in pt.

No. 248128

you're argument's a bit weak givem most of the obituaries on that website were for much older people.

No. 248193

This fat pig is dead?

No. 248194

read the fucking thread perhaps

No. 248204

And don't be a disrespectful cunt or the thread will be shut down

No. 248209

THIS is your priority?

No one would find it there.

No. 248216

I rarely ever post here, but now i'm so baffled. Stuff like "She should just kill herself" "Drink bleach" "Poor parents/friends have to deal with that" "kill yourself" "she should just die"… is something you read all the time here, not just this thread and previous ones. Then, when one actually Offs herself everyone's all sad and "i wished her well" "have respect" and whatnot?! Seriously, that's hipocrisy at it's finest, sorry guys.

No. 248219

It isn't confirmed that she killed herself and one of her friends even said she doesn't think she killed herself. And if you notice, plenty of people are happy to see her die. Read the thread before you start spouting bullshit.

No. 248240


Agreed. The only people I feel bad for are her family who has to now deal with her shit.

I think those that have been following her for years here feel a decent amount of guilt now. So they're trying to make up for it.

No. 248260

People can have more than one feeling, interestingly enough.

No. 248282

Here, let me explain:

You sound like Onision, who also likes to rail against the hypocrisy of social and cultural mores surrounding death. We didn't know David Bowie or Carrie Fisher, why feel bad when they died? We didn't like Kadee, so why not continue to discuss her aggressively after her death? Human feelings, what are they, beep bop boop?

People alter their behaviors regarding dead people for a number of reasons. Kadee is no longer alive to change her ways or to create new crises to entertain us, so discussing her in that regard is a fruitless endeavor. Her family will be the ones who have to cope with negativity should they find it and that colors how people discuss her because we know they will be the ones to suffer should they read us gloating over Kadee's death, and they did nothing to earn such negativity. Plus Kadee is no longer alive to defend herself.

We reserve the right to speak ill of the powerful dead when their legacies live long after they are gone, tainting our lives. There is also a sense that certain powerful dead people can never be redeemed for the terrible things they did to humanity. Kadee was an MiB, nothing more, and now that she's gone none of us are affected by what she did when she was alive. She didn't kill our grandparents, she didn't wage war that killed millions. She didn't even have sex with underage teens in the wild 70s. She was just a sad girl who annoyed or entertained us when she was alive and now that she's gone continuing to be unkind isn't avoiding hypocrisy - it's being an asshole because of hidebound adherence to past behaviors because somehow that's more honest and it's certainly more edgy. Grow up anon.

No. 248301


Seriously if she killed herself she would have done a huge online post about it - just like all the times she faked it. I reckon it was an accidental OD or a medical issue.

No. 248302

I think you're being kind of unreasonable. Their point was that it's insanely hypocritical to claim that someone should just die already, or wish ill upon the person, then turn around and say how sad it is that the bad thing actually happened, and how they didn't deserve it.

And the people who are now acting like she was some great person are just as bad. She wasn't, she was a shitty person who honestly did ask for this to happen, by abusing medications, causing illnesses and all of that stuff.

Sad she died, sure, but it's pretty dumb to backflip on how you view a person simply because they're dead now. Just because she didn't personally hurt any of the users here doesn't mean she didn't hurt the people around her, and if I remember right, she did defraud a bunch of people not that long ago. I feel worse for her family for having to go through this whole ordeal with such a bad outcome than I do for her. I would like to know what actually happened though, because like a few people said, I really doubt she'd kill herself without making a huge deal over it, probably come here first and try to guilt this place over it.

Get off your high horse, not agreeing with you doesn't make people immature, and it sure as fuck doesn't make them Onision.

No. 248304

There have been very few "Kadee should die" comments, and they all just read as being edgy. It's a bit silly to act like hordes of people wished her dead, it's just not true.

No. 248307

True, there wasn't that many, but there was definitely a good amount, and the general attitude tended to be more "oh well, she's not seeking help, fuck her".

I feel like it's dumb to be sympathetic towards someone that's chosen to take a certain path that results in them hurting other people and obviously is going to lead to a bad place. It's sad, sure, but it's still a choice they've made.

Same as if an addict chooses to continue to act in incredibly risky ways and rip off those around them, and eventually dies as a result of it. Still sad, but I don't think you should act like they were good people who dindu nuffin, because they're not.

Bad things happening to anyone is sad, you don't need to lie about who they were in real life for that to be the case.

No. 248324

She still might not be dead… Her mom might be helping her start a new identity, get out of town, change her name, and start over. I wouldn't be surprised.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 248331

Are you fucking stupid?
Think about what you just typed for a moment. I mean really, think about it. She's having a funeral. And a public one at that. And funerals aren't cheap. Her mom isn't going to spend hundreds of dollars on a fake funeral with no one in the casket. Jesus Christ.
Your explanation is perfect.

No. 248335

Fake funerals are common in the witness protection program(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 248341

File: 1486698562122.jpg (111.27 KB, 500x336, stretch.jpg)

No. 248353

…seriously, anon?

No. 248355

Seriously, don't let me riding in on my high horse prevent you from sticking to your guns and talking poorly of a dead girl because muh hypocrisy. Few here have actually back flipped because it can be sad when cows die - there is no double speak in being shocked or sad when a flawed person dies unless you are really stuck on the idea that there are two feelings for every person and that if you deviate from good or bad and see down the middle you're somehow being disingenuous. If it makes you feel like you are above the cultural customs of not shitting on recently dead people who did you no harm, open your mouth wide and let the truth fall out, anon. Don't worry that the thread could be locked - Kadee's milk no longer flows so don't hold back. Engage in what you are defending and at least that way you yourself won't be a hypocrite in your own eyes.

Or just accept that other people are capable of feeling multiple emotions when weird, dishonest attention seekers die and stop calling them out because you somehow think your approach is better and makes you more whatever it is you think you are when you call out people for not being mean to Kadee now that she is gone. That would work too.

No. 248358

Same fagging and replying to myself because I'm having a pissy reaction to the calls to stop being sympathetic to a dead girl who was a sad mess when alive. Sorry and sage for derailing

No. 248390

I think you're missing what I'm saying completely.

Yes, it's sad she died, I'm not denying that at all.

My point is that her dying doesn't change who she was when she was alive, and she was a shitty person when she was alive. She stole from people, abused medical services that could very well have resulted in other people dying, abused medications, constantly lied about things, including impersonating other people, she defrauded a significant amount of money from people, at least a few of which were in these threads when it happened. She wasn't a good human being, and her dying from unknown causes doesn't change any of that.

Is it still sad for her family that they had to have such a bad outcome to the whole situation? Sure, it 100% is, and I feel for what they're going through.

You realise your options aren't exclusively "shit on her and say completely unnecessary and inappropriate stuff" and "Lie about who she was in life, act like she was some incredible person who dindu nuffin", right? You can think it's sad she died, however it is that it happened, and still be honest about who she actually was.

The whole point about how they can't defend themselves is kind of moot seeing as a major part of this forum is trying to make sure that the cows don't see it.

And the times she was here, people absolutely said shit like kill yourself or drink bleach, all that shit happened when she was more active. No-one called it out then, why is going "Hey, she was a shitty person who passed away in an unfortunate way, but probably doesn't deserve much more respect than just leaving her family alone to grieve" somehow a terrible thing to say?

Anyway this is a completely pointless argument, so more on topic, has there been any news about how she actually died? I get the assumption is suicide, but it just doesn't seem like that to me, no attention seeking about it, none of the posts from family seemed worded in a way like she'd taken her life or anything, so I'm not sure.

No. 248431

The awefulness of being human, and the fun of it, is generally self-hatred.

I wish I never existed.

Consider reading Schopenhauer.

No. 248459

I agree with all of this and no there hasn't been anything substantial to go off of

No. 248470

In the case of a redditor who committed suicide recently, friends of that person expressed things like "you're free now", "I wish I could have helped you", and posted links to help lines. If Kaydee did commit suicide, I'm not sure that a lot of people know it. I think the things they are saying (I've only seen what's posted here) speak more of a sad incident: medical or accidental.

No. 248502

No. 248508

You do realize that the anons who said she should kill herself and the anons who are sad that she died could be different people, right?

No. 248521

Yes. But this whole site is full of shit like that. And those who are now sad and all, surely didn't root for her and defend her when it was all "milky and lulzy" ffs. Some anons like >>248302 perfectly explicated this point. Feel guilty if you must, but don't be fucking hipocrites.

No. 248534

ok but why do you care so much?

No. 248544

Are there any hints as to what may have happened on her Instagram account?

Something about this really doesn't sit well with me.

No. 248562

File: 1486752130586.png (31.04 KB, 279x373, rrrcomments.png)

No. 248563

File: 1486752156721.png (486.92 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0458.PNG)

This Felicia person has commented this on tons of people's status about kadee and on her obituary sites. Wonder if they found this site?

No. 248564


Filicia, if you're reading this, please don't. Her family knows she had problems. They really don't need to know about her online activities.

No. 248572

Seriously. Maybe these threads should just be removed for the sake of her family. I know she's all over the rest of the internet anyway and lolcow is just a drop in the pond but still.

No. 248591

Yea I don't think they need to see what she's done or potentially suspect a cyber bullying incident if it was a suicide.

No. 248593

I guess I'm jumping aboard the moralfag train. What if admin just censored her name, or replaced mentions of it with a fake name? I mean, at this point it's not like she's going to be producing any more milk.

Not going to happen, I know. It just kind of sucks what she's done.

No. 248609

iirc, the "kadee go die" comments in previous threads were suspected to be no one other than Kadee herself stirring up shit so lolcow would look worse and she could get more sympathy. So I feel like the whole "people who feel bad now were once telling her to off herself!! hypocrites!!1" point is moot.

Additionally, as it's been shown, there's a lot of different people on this imageboard. The same people who derided her earlier may not be the same people expressing sorrow now.

Finally, people are allowed to change their worldview. I don't believe any of us truly wanted Kadee to die. And feeling sorry for her family's loss certainly isn't the same as erasing the terrible things she did and saying she's a good person now.

It's human nature to feel bad after someone dies. But I guess 14 year olds will continue to be edgy for the internet points.

No. 248629

She was a pathological liar and manipulator. The fact that we found entertainment in her bullshit isn't illegal. She went to multiplie sites/apps to lie and get attention and was caught multiple times lying. Not just about her health but also her going into a coma (the first time).

On the very small chance her family finds this site and reports it as a means for Kadee's suicide, literally nothing can be done. She created multiplied situations in which could have been the cause of her suicide. Maybe the embarrassment of being caught in her lie in the FB group sent her over the edge. And her mom finding out and forcing her to seek help.

No one here messaged her and told her to kill herself. We simply made fun of her antics and told her to get help. Have an opinion on her bullshit isn't illegal.

We've all done embarrassing shit. She could have gotten help and started fresh. She was still very young and the situation is sad. I made fun of Kadee and I don't regret anything I said. But I don't care to say anything worse about her either. She's dead and making fun of her now is pretty immature.

No. 248631

Seems like a lot of work and a lot of her story is told in pictures. I say just nuke it.

No. 248636

Yes we've seen it, ctrl+f motherfucker.

No. 248646

Quit moralfagging, if her family goes out looking for information about the shit she did online, they're going to find it on a heap of sites, deleting threads here is a stupid idea.

The thread will die eventually.

>It's human nature to feel bad after someone dies. But I guess 14 year olds will continue to be edgy for the internet points.

Not having the same viewpoint as you doesn't make someone a 14 year old.

The other position seems to be that she was a shitty human being who doesn't deserve much of any real respect from the people here, apart from not contacting her family, because they did nothing wrong.

No-one's against you saying we don't need to hassle the family, they're against the people acting like this is some incredible person who left us before their time, because she wasn't.

Kind of sounds more like a suicide with this stuff here though, but I guess it still could have been accidental OD or her unintentionally taking medications that had a lethal reaction.

No. 248655

It's stupid because they can find it elsewhere? That doesn't make much sense. Her family doesn't need to see all her degenerate bullshit and the less there is for them to find the better.

And it's not "moralfagging" it's just having a sense of common decency.

I don't think it necessarily matters if the threads get removed or not, but I do think it's the right thing to do regardless.

No. 248663

Her family has already seen a good amount of it, it's all over her facebook, and other social media profiles they're going to have access to.

It's a pointless thing to do, you shouldn't hide all the shitty stuff she did just because someone might possibly come across it and be upset, that could have happened when she was alive.

No. 248665

Idk, putting myself in Kadee's position– I would never want my parents or family to see these threads. I understand her internet presence is not limited to lolcow, obviously. But I feel like what she did in life in not heinous enough to exist in infamy forever. If admin nukes her threads, I wouldn't support it 100%.

No. 248666

*would support it

Goddamn I'm stupid

No. 248667

Yeah, neither would I if I was in her position, but I also wouldn't have posted all the shit she did on my personal facebook or other social media that family can easily see.

She chose to act that way, trying to hide it just seems dumb to me, it's who she chose to represent herself as.

No. 248668


An easy way to not have your parents or family see threads like these after your death is to not spend your life doing embarrassing shit publicly.

No. 248670

Eh, she just cried wolf too many times.
If it turns out that her last moments were about getting more attention and then failed by going a "litte over", I would have absolutely zero respect for her.
I'm not happy, I'm just relieved that somebody isn't abusing medical treatment reserved to ACTUAL suffering people anymore.
Her death doesn't make her automatically good.

No. 248671

Eh, she just cried wolf too many times.
If it turns out that her last moments were about getting more attention and then failed by going a "litte over", I would have absolutely zero respect for her.
I'm not happy, I'm just relieved that somebody isn't abusing medical treatment reserved to ACTUAL suffering people anymore.
Her death doesn't make her automatically good.

No. 248673

Well no shit, Sherlock. I'm just saying that I wouldn't have a problem with it if the threads were deleted. God you guys are fags

No. 248676


If this Felicia person is giving out these threads, would admin be at risk of being sued for emotional damage?

I don't know how american legal system works.

No. 248683

I doubt it. Besides, lolcow isn't American.

No. 248684


Cool, and I'm saying her life consisted of doing embarrassing shit publicly so why censor her bullshit because now she's dead? I don't feel sorry for her at all and her family should know how she spent her life instead of being told lies about how she was a "beautiful angel fighter".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 248687

That's cruel anon. Her family were aware of her bullshit. They didn't enable it either. Kadee was 22, her mother had no control over how she chose to behave online. regardless of the fact that kadee was a bad person, her mother lost a daughter and she is mourning. Considering she herself hasn't done anything wrong, I don't think being forced to discover the breadth of the fucked up shit kadee did is fair to her. Let her mourn the daughter she knew, not the bullshit online persona that she had nothing to do with.

No. 248689

Can't see why, all we did was repost stuff she made publicly available and give opinions on it.

You can't really sue people because you got upset they didn't like the content you chose to put out there.

This is exactly it. She spent her life making this shit public, why should we go out of our way to censor it just because she died?

If it was some secret that had been dug up by people here that she'd tried to hide, sure, there'd be a point to trying to hide it, but she put this out there so her family and friends, and at points everyone who wanted to was able to see it.

No. 248697

can the moralfagging stop? Just because she died does not mean all her threads should be locked or removed.

No. 248698


At this point maybe it should be locked just so we don't have to have the thread completely clogged with irrelevant moralfag bawww'ing. Everyone here was laughing when she was alive, stop acting like you're a better person now that she's dead.

No. 248705

sympathizing with the family of someone who died suddenly at a young age isn't the same as moralfagging, edgelords

No. 248709

Not a single person in this thread has debated that, but arguing we should censor all her content and not say anything negative about her (which includes just being honest about who she was) absolutely is moralfagging.

No. 248736

I'm actually in shock, I don't even know what to say.

No. 248743

She might have had pulmonary hypertension since there are tons of pics of her with blue lipstick.
Many young women in their 20s suffer from it… Rip Kadee

No. 248791

No. 248798

File: 1486776619294.jpg (7.36 KB, 400x400, tXMluTts.jpg)

Different anon, but it's an awareness thing.

No. 248825

She's done awareness stuff for all sorts of illnesses though, I find it really hard to believe that this one out of the heaps she's claimed happened to be true.

No. 248838

I'm pretty sure if she didn't die by suicide or an accidental OD it was a pulmonary embolism.

No. 248846


If she died by suicide I'm sure people would have mentioned mental illness/bullying more in her obit

No. 248921

Her descriptions of embolisms made no sense. She once spoke of having an end stage embolism in her lung - there is no end stage to embolisms. I don't know everything there is to know about Kadee, to be sure, but her descriptions of her clots never had anything close to a ring of truth about them. She may have had a clotting disorder but nothing she put online would have made me think she ever experienced a life-threatening pulmonary clot.

None of us know anything for sure but I really think she was engaging in munchie attention seeking and it went too far. Above there are screenshots of someone wringing her hands over not continuing to text Kadee on the night she died, that she felt responsible for her dying. That sounds far more like Kadee misjudged during a fit for attention than that a clot took her out.

And this site bears no legal or moral guilt if Kadee's family reads here or is directed here. I do hope that her family doesn't ever find out the truth of how Kadee spent her time and most of her adult life but this site has no legal or moral obligation to take down anything about Kadee. Kadee did weird stuff openly online and people talked about it. She wasn't a child, she wasn't bullied, she wasn't put in harm's way. But I really do hope her mother and sister don't look too deep into Kadee's life online. They don't need that pain.

No. 248941

>I'm sure people would have mentioned mental illness/bullying more in her obit

Not necessarily. It's poor manners to announce the actual cause of death in an obit unless it's something noble and already known ie. so and so "lost their eight year battle with cancer."
Most families of suicides, for example, I knew always said something like "passed away unexpectedly." They'll never say how sweet grandma Josephine actually died from cardiac arrest and shat herself, it's "died of natural causes."

The reality is we'll never know unless the family or friends blab.

No. 248947

Where did the anon with access to her account go?

No. 248948

I think Kelly will probably say something at some point once the autopsy is done and results are delivered to the family, if they tell her. I don't see why she wouldn't ask, and I'm sure others are asking her.

No. 248950

Slight blog post but my friend committed suicide December 20th & his obit said he "passed away on Tuesday December 20, 2016" but then at the end "in lieu of flowers please donate to the Mental Health Foundation". Pretttty obvious there what happened…

No. 248957

If it was suicide, I'm sure Kelly would be all "You cyberbullies did this to her, hope you're happy with yourself!"
But I am soo curious to know how she died.. do you reckon we'll ever find out?

No. 248971

Y'all are nuts for saying showing compassion for a family who have done nothing wrong and don't deserve to be subjected to their dead daughters online bullshit is just "moralfagging". Totally nuts. None of this affects Kadee anymore, it's 100% about her family and they should be allowed to remember her however they want. No good can come from damaging their perception of her because they can not help her now. It's just unnecessarily cruel and pointless.

No. 248973

How is it at all our responsibility to protect her family from who she really was? They've seen it already, she posted it on all her accounts, what possible purpose does it fill to lie about who she was, or to delete the thread?

It's moralfagging when you start lying about who she was, or acting like you're better than anyone else despite us all being here for the same reasons, which has absolutely fuck all to do with being as compassionate and thoughtful as we can.

No. 248975

while I too doubt any specific story kaydee told about her illnesses, she was very overweight and even a young person can die from something related to that.

No. 248982

But what purpose does it fill to leave the threads up?

No. 248987

Cautionary tale and could be used to study behavior of munchies online. Idk, basically educational purposes

No. 248992

same as always, people can read up on the old milk. what 'purpose' do any of the threads here serve besides drama? why do they need to serve a purpose? it's fucking lolcow. people die all the time.

agree it should be locked unless more info comes up just because this argument is tired though

No. 248994

File: 1486793769130.png (290.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9714.PNG)

No. 249000

File: 1486795278465.jpg (286.39 KB, 1612x1186, image.jpg)

No. 249109

Begging for money even in death…

No. 249116

What a waste of time trying to raise money for an expensive funeral and casket that's going to be waterlogged and falling apart anyway. Cremation is always the better way to go, coming from someone in the funeral home business.

No. 249180

Is burial popular in the US? Here in the UK most go for cremation. I've never known anyone be buried. It seems icky to me. Id rather imagine dust blowing free than a loved one decomposing under your feet.

Sage cos slightly OT

No. 249358

File: 1486869465469.jpeg (310.82 KB, 750x1195, image.jpeg)

>they've actually already managed to drive one person to suicide.
Chloe / recoveringindeed implying Lolcow *drove Kadee to suicide

No. 249360

File: 1486869555281.jpeg (205.73 KB, 750x1217, image.jpeg)

First part of post, love how she's bringing up ancient posts about herself

No. 249367

Yeah, it's still the most popular choice unfortunately. It's pretty much a scam in some places here with a lot of funeral homes steering families towards burials instead of cremation or just trying to rack up the expenses as much as they can.

I honestly doubt she offed herself, at least on purpose. A lot of anon's said that maybe she became more self-aware and tried to do herself, but I feel like she was still neck deep in her munchie shit. Especially when she came back "recovered" from "using".

No. 249403

Chloe really needs to fuck off. None of Kadee's friends have said she committed suicide. In fact, they're saying that she did NOT commit suicide.

No. 250409

Yeah but to be quite honest I think we all need to back away from Chloe. She's not a cow and we already said that in this thread. So why are we bringing her up again?
You're clearly rising to it, she's wanting you all to post about her because if you read the comments on the post. It stops us talking about other people. She doesn't care what we say.

No. 250412

Actually have to agree with you on that one.
Stop bringing up old shit.
She's old news and she is generally ill.
She ain't no cow.

No. 250413

Nobody knows the true cause of Kadees death yet. It may well have been down to everyone talking about her. We just do not know.

No. 250416

I think EVERYBODY should stop talking about Kadee. It's disrespectful.
She's passed away. Can we just leave her alone now?
What's the point in continuing to talk about her?

No. 250425

Yes I deeply agree.
Let's leave Kadee be.
Rest in peace.

No. 250432

Eh yeah let's drop this.
Can admin delete this thread please?
The thread in itself is disrespectful after the girl passed away.

No. 250443

She spent her life disrespecting people and abusing their trust. Is this thread not fitting to that?

No. 250444

Yeah ADMIN please remove this thread

No. 250445

She's fucking dead.
Whatever she did is in the past.
So just drop it. It's disrespectful talking about someone like that who's passed.

No. 250446

File: 1487000566616.jpg (78.32 KB, 1024x576, hitler.jpg)

He's fucking dead.
Whatever he did is in the past.
So just drop it. It's disrespectful talking about someone like that who's passed.

Sage for shitposting.

No. 250447

Did you just compare Hitler to a mentally ill girl whose worst crime was lying and scamming?

The weens are out in full force boys, time to shut her down.

No. 250448

Grow up.
Just be respectful and drop it.

No. 250449

Can't believe you compared a girl to hitler who's passed away!

No. 250450

Since the sage for shitposting apparently isn't clear enough, I'll clarify.

It's a joke.

No. 250452

How about you whiteknights begging for the thread to be deleted not fucking bump and draw attention to
the thread?

You don't need to worry about Kadee looking down from heaven and telling god how mean you were. The thread should stay but people need to stop fucking bumping it if it isn't something interesting her family or friends said.

No. 250478

I don't think deletion is warranted or a good idea. Leave it be. If anything it could be locked but I personally don't see a need for that.
RIP Kadee.

No. 250518

This post is in bad taste but I agree with the message

No. 250669

Lock the thread when we get a confirmed manner of death.

No. 250715

No. 250721

ok but we will probably never get a confirmed manner of death.

No. 250893

I'm surprised she's been buried so soon, surely if they did not know the cause of her death they would do an autopsy and take her death to the coroners which would take weeks.
This makes me think that they know exactly how and why she died.

No. 250896

They most likely know how she died. I'm going to bet on a blood clot or something along those lines. She was obese, had a poor diet, and probably spent a lot of time sitting. Not much of a surprise she died, but it's too bad she died before she ever got her shit together. If she could see herself now, she'd probably feel feel her delusion is complete with such an early death.

No. 250900


There are instances when they aren't necessary. An officer of the coroner might have conducted an investigation with findings that deemed one unnecessary, there could be a religious exemption, her family could've had a private one conducted and the tissue samples are yet to be tested…

I also believe they know how she died, and while I'm curious, I'm also not toooo curious. She had a troubled life, this was a sad happening but not a shocker.

No. 250904

All I see is scared little anons wanting the thread deleted incase the police come knocking.
Its so funny, happy enough to say what you want about the girl but are shit scared in the face or repercussions. Hilarious really.

No. 250927

Okay this is a lie though. Kadee wasn't murdered anon. Autopsies do not take weeks and most people have viewings or funerals three to five days after their passing unless it is under suspicious circumstances. Has no one in your family ever passed away? For fucks sake.

No. 250948

>shit scared in the face or repercussions.
I don't think thats the consensus here, anon. Farmers aren't "scared" of repercussions because there aren't any. She put her life and lies all over the internet and when you do that, you leave yourself open for discussion and criticism.
You sound like Chloe or one of her delusional followers who say things like "contact the police" in regards to lolcow, as if they'd care about an anon image board.

No. 250965

>Kadee wasn't murdered
We have no proof of that.
She could have gotten boned to death by Ash to prove who's the most anorexic.

No. 250966

>>250432 your samefaggotry is showing

No. 250973

actually autopsies can take that long depending on where you live (high death rate + not enough people to perform them etc.)

sage for tism

No. 251026

Careful what you say. Chloe Cow is going to sart telling people Lolcow murdered Kadee.

No. 251210


I've just finished reading this all and I'm only for locking or deleting the thread, whatever the farmhands decide, because the girl's dead and there's no point at all to discuss her shitty behavior and activity when it's been stopped and won't be starting up again soon. It's just beating a dead horse at this point (no pun intended) and I don't really understand the point in keeping the thread open if all this thread has been is anons fighting amongst themselves over who's to blame and other pointless things.

No. 251529

Incredibly obviously too, you'd think you'd at least try to change up your formatting a bit, instead of typing in the exact same style straight after each other.

It's not like you'll fool the farmhands by samefagging to make it look like more people believe something anyway.

There's no point to discussing any of it, if people are interested in talking about it, why should it be deleted? Plus, people want to find out the way she died, which could absolutely happen.

No. 251580

In no way did I insinuate she was murdered. There's a number of reasons why a PM and coroners case may take place such as-
"The law requires that in certain circumstances a death must be reported to a Coroner for investigation. The Coroner will usually be notified by a doctor or by the police, where a death appears to be:
unexpected or unexplained;
as a result of violence;
an accident;
as a result of negligence;
due to industrial disease;
or from any cause other than natural illness or disease.
Deaths must also be reported when:
the cause of death is unknown;
a doctor has not seen and treated the person for the fatal illness during the previous 28 days."

Kadee was only 22 and that's enough reason to question how and why she died. However I'm not from the US though so things maybe different over there although I can't imagine they would be that different.

No. 251581

It's fun to watch your desperate, obvious samefag attempts to have this thread deleted. I hope admin/farmhands ignore you, we still don't know how she died. and the requests to donate to her sisters college fund seem a little odd, or is that just me?
Do you expect all the ash threads to be deleted when she dies too?

No. 251647

She's already dead. She's kept together by spooky skeleton magic, forever cursed to haunt targets.

No. 251659


Um, I'm a different anon from the one you're lashing out at and I don't lurk the Ash thread (I'm guessing you're referring to Ashley Isaacs or whatever her name is? Not a cow I follow.) so I'm guessing that's for the other anon too, along with the college fund shit.

Do you really think that just because multiple people share an opinion that's different than yours on an anonymous forum, we're the same person? okay then. And how exactly do you plan on finding out how she died? Asking the people close to her? Lurking facebook until one day, someone mentions offhand how she died? There's literally no point. But whatever. Hang on all you want.

No. 251665

Have you considered the point that if you don't like the thread, you don't have to be in it? None of this has any point bar entertainment, and if this thread is entertaining people, which it seemingly is, because there's people still posting in it, there's no reason to take it down.

If you don't like it, don't post in it.

I assume they're calling samefag because there's been a few really obvious samefags going on too.

No. 251905

No. 251919

Someone added a 'She killed herself. Hope all you assholes are happy' comment to her original thread.


No. 251942

Yaaaa because we're gonna believe an anon comment on an old thread. She wouldn't have deliberately killed herself without leaving an online post about it OR coming on here to go "ha ha told you so".

I reckon accidentally overdose trying to make herself sick. OR benzos and alcohol have been known to kill in small doses.

No. 251948


Oh, I didn't believe it. Just thought it was interesting because wasn't there someone who kept coming here saying 'hope you assholes are happy' every time Kadee freaked out about this place? Literally the same phrase, I'm sure of it. I always thought it was her posting but I guess it was one of her friends.

No. 252021

Does anyone know the cause of death yet?

No. 252046

Patton Oswalt's wife had a heart problem she didnt know about and had adhd meds and fentanyl which caused a fatal accidental OD, so I think you're right. Kadee probably died from either trying to make herself sick or a combo of meds + health issues from being morbidly obese

No. 252600


I remember on the old thread there were screen caps of her talking about upping her meds without her dr's approval (upped Prozac to the highest possible daily dose, I think it was)… if she was messing around with different medications like that she could easily have accidentally overdosed or taken drugs that shouldn't be taken together, etc.

No. 252827

File: 1487272428763.png (570.75 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9759.PNG)

This is actually really beautiful

No. 252840

File: 1487274328474.png (2.31 MB, 1886x854, 02.png)

No. 252841

This is actually the tackiest thing you could tattoo on yourself

her skin though so w/e

No. 252848

File: 1487274961532.jpg (56.86 KB, 640x640, 11378905_1005886599430888_3874…)

No. 252850

File: 1487275638010.jpg (52.69 KB, 720x960, tumblr_nexy3fKBD61qig9c5o1_128…)

never forget

No. 252852

"Maftt" actually sounds like the fucky way Kai mispronounces everything. Maftt, have you theen my Rothebud Thlave?

No. 252855

Did she do that tattoo herself?
Who ever did this should be banned from ever tattooing.

No. 252889

Probably the same one who did that tacky sharpie butterfly mess. kek

No. 255307

Did anyone see this vid Kelly posted? Less than a month before Kadee died, damn she had gained heaps of weight!
Does anyone know how she died yet? I'm still awfully curious.

No. 255374

File: 1487683532460.jpg (22.63 KB, 360x251, creosote.jpg)

Does anyone know how she died yet?
Like so.

No. 255378

Wow I didn't know there was a video of her. She did gain a lot, that or her IG pics were not accurately revealing her heaviness. I too am very curious how she died. The whole thing is shocking and sad.

No. 257379

It is appalling how all of you make fun of a person who clearly had a mental illness. In addition the level of disrespect might show how childish, mean and bullying you might be; I am referring to the one who made crude comments, such as "attention whore", and those who did not object. I wasn't aware that you had all graduated medical school two days ago to give your "diagnosis". Mental illness is a medical illness. Last I heard the DSM-V (and those prior to that) does not have "massive attention whore" listed at all, let alone as an illness. You might want to educate yourselves before making fun, demeaning, trashing and practically bullying a person with a mental illness. An uneducated person might diagnose you as a sociopath, or as someone who has a personality disorder. I believe you might not be happy if this type of "attacks" were directed at you. It is always easier to "gang up" and trash a person than be trashed. The consequences for persons being bullied by people such as yourselves are damaging and can be lasting. You might be having fun trashing a person with a mental illness; people like that often have a mental disorder themselves, they loathe themselves, one way to cope with it is by trashing and bullying a weaker person. No wonder suicide rates have skyrocketed since the year 2000. Bullying has also skyrocketed, specifically cyber bullying; both have gone up at the same rate (parallel). I believe that an anger management class, an anti bullying class might help you see the ugliness of your crude comments. Had you had a mental illness you would be mortified if one person made one of those comments.

As the moderator wrote, Kadeelyn Konstantino is dead. You might want to have some respect, and apologize.

Btw - I am aware that Kadeelyn had a mental illness, one or more. In all probability there was comorbidity of a couple or more mental illnesses. But that did not define Kadeelyn. She was also a wonderful kid who gave support to other kids with mental illnesses, she helped stop kids from committing suicide, she picked the phone at 3:00 AM when called by one of those kids. How many of you can claim that?

In the future instead of making fun, bullying, trashing a person with mental illness you might want to think "what can I do to help them recover?". Which is the most decent human thing to do.

No. 257389

One last thing; I wasn't aware that those who determined the cause of Kadeelyn Konstantino's death were medical examiners. You have no idea what it is to lose a family member, no matter how mentally ill. Kadeelyn Konstantino was not an unperson. She mattered. To mock her, to continue to trash her even after death might show that those who do might have personality disorders, they might be egocentric narcissists, sociopaths, or worse. People like that have no feelings they don't care, they have no remorse when they hurt other people. Which seems to be your favorite pastime. Congratulations to those who wrote the obnoxious posts; let's see if you would be laughing so hard if Kadeelyn Konstantino was your child. Or your sibling. You might've understood how difficult it is for a person with mental illness to even get out of bed in the morning. How difficult it is to do small tasks everyone takes for granted. Had you been taking a psychology test those who have no respect, those who bullied, and trashed a person would have flunked.

No. 257394

>and those who did not object.
Why would we object to the truth? If she hadn't cried wolf so many times, people wouldn't have questioned the validity of her death, she did that to herself. I'd bet most people still think it was a self harm/cry for attention gone wrong, myself included.

>the DSM-V(and those prior to that) does not have "massive attention whore"

no, but it does have Munchausen syndrome/factitious disorder.

>It is always easier to "gang up" and trash a person

So when Kadee stole pics of other girls and pretended to be an emaciated anorectic in the hospital, should we have told her how awesome she was?

>I am aware that Kadeelyn had a mental illness, one or more.

>But that did not define Kadeelyn
Actually, because of all the nonsense and lies she put all over the internet, it kinda does define who she was, forever.
But hey, if she couldn't be a good role model, at least she can serve as a terrible warning to other young munchies who may be headed down the same path.

No. 257399

For those who are curious about the cause of her death, I ask: what is the reason you are curious about it? Might it be to have more "juice", material to continue to trash a dead person? There is nothing to be gained by finding out the cause of her death, in all probability you are not the medical examiner (your posts indicate it), you are not in law enforcement (again your posts indicate that) and you might not be family members (if you are that would be surprising). You are not in the medical field. So what do you believe you might gain by finding out the cause of her death?
This type of curiosity (in top of the bullying, trashing, etc) might indicate that those who do the trashing, bullying, demeaning and crude comments might have traits of sociopaths, in addition to traits of other personality disorders. You might want to consider making your comments not as an anon, you might want to go to s therapist to be diagnosed. I believe you might not want to share with this group any diagnosis of any mental illness you might have: because you would become the next target.

No. 257401

It's appalling how Kadee used mental illnesses and disabilities as fashion accessories and abused the good will of others.

>Last I heard the DSM-V (and those prior to that) does not have "massive attention whore" listed at all


>You might want to educate yourselves before making fun, demeaning, trashing and practically bullying a person with a mental illness.

We did, and came to the conclusion that doing so would be entertaining.

>She was also a wonderful kid who gave support to other kids with mental illnesses

She was 22, which is more than old enough to know better.
She "Gave support" so she could leech attention off of them.

>I believe that an anger management class, an anti bullying class might help you see the ugliness of your crude comments.

Cry about it.

>I wasn't aware that those who determined the cause of Kadeelyn Konstantino's death were medical examiners

Even better, we're internet detectives.

>How difficult it is to do small tasks everyone takes for granted.

Maybe she could have used less energy for acting and more energy for those small tasks.

>they have no remorse when they hurt other people. Which seems to be your favorite pastime

Kadee loved to pretend to be hurt. It was her favorite pastime.

No. 257405

>I believe you might not want to share with this group any diagnosis of any mental illness you might have: because you would become the next target.

This is an anonymous board but ok

No. 257408

>I ask: what is the reason you are curious about it?

Me personally? It would be ironic if she actually died of some illness.

No. 257412

>you dont know what its like to have someone close to you die

whatever chick, maybe it would have been best for you to have just skipped over coming here. i image its pretty upsetting to see a part of her life you werent aware of. but now you involved yourself and will feel much more pain when it could have been avoided.

she had mental illness and painted a bad story of herself for the world to see. she set herself up to have people find the truth about her when she made up fucking crazy stories for likes and attention.

dont delude yourself. we mock celebrities and speculate. and when i say we, im ery sure it includes you. dont think that youre coming across as a saint standing up for her now. next time you find yourself gossiping about anyone ever, realize thats what this is but kadee lived a very colorful insane life and she did it full knowingly.

No. 257426

To the anon who responded still in an arrogant, childish way. You might want to see a therapist to get diagnosed. Your tone and replies, your lack of empathy might indicate that you might indeed have sociopathic traits in addition to other personality disorders.
You might want to think about this:
There is a difference between stupid and ignorant people; whereas the ignorant can get educated and cease to be an ignorant, a stupid person will remain stupid.

Your lack of empathy Is appalling. As to helping other kids with mental illnesses Kadeelyn Konstantino did not "leech" on them; I wasn't aware that you had interviewed those kids. Whereas I know a handful. I can call her and her peers kids, I have kids her age. As a therapist I can understand better cyber bullying; it continues to skyrocket due to people like you; who might not have much to do in life or be a "loser" as you might define. Because had you had something meaningful to do in life, you wouldn't be sitting in front of a screen on a Friday night at 10:30 PM trashing a dead person. Had you had a "life" putting it in a language for you to understand, you would be out with a group of friends. Whereas the purpose for me to be in this thread is for research, I believe yours might not be. Thank you for the material you have provided me with your comments. Anonymously. One cannot help but wonder - would you come off anon and make the same comments to her family's face? I very much doubt it. Research shows that anon bullies have been bullied themselves (and/or are still being bullied). Just so you know Kadeelyn Konstantino did not "leech" onto her friends who had mental illnesses. She helped many survive. Which is more than can be said about you; having analysed your comments I wouldn't be surprised if you kicked a person in the face to fall off the cliff. Again sociopathic, narcissistic traits.
As to Munschausen Disorder it is considered a serious mental illness, it is not something to be made fun of. The wiring of their brains is different. You wouldn't make fun of someone who has real cancer, (or perhaps you might), that you make comments dismissing Munschausen Disorder as a character flaw might show that you might have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Having said that I got enough material for my research, and will leave you to continue to post comments that "losers" would post.

No. 257433

Nice projections, you batted zero for ten on that one.

Kadee is being remembered for what she was, which was a manipulative liar who thought the misfortune of others would make a great personality accessory. If she wanted to be remembered as anything else, she wouldn't have acted that way, and she wouldn't make her entire online presence revolve around her lies.

If you're really a therapist, you have a worrying lack of insight into why people act the way they do.

No. 257434

Why are you pretending you know psychiatry? Why are you armchair diagnosing people with a very rare disorder that isn't even called 'sociopathy' anymore? Especially after ranting about how nobody here knew her and therefore can't assess Kadee's fake diagnoses?
Why are you here at all?

No. 257438

You realize this thread has been dead for 4 days? You're just brining life into a dying thread. No one cares anymore.

If you really cared about Kadee you'd stop bumping this thread with your attempts to armchair diagnose us.

How about letting this thread die? That's what a real friend would do.

No. 257443

To the anon who called me "chick" it's flattering. I hate to disappoint you but I am not a chick. Again your comments are the most helpful for my research. Of all the anons you might have demonstrated to have traits of pathological anger - there is no cure for that either, it might be managed with the patient's cooperation. I wasn't going to reply to your comment, but i found "chick" so amusing, and what you wrote in your last post is the most revealing about you. Congratulations, the rest of the group might have no qualms picking up on you. That might actually be interesting. Would the other anons dare to bully the biggest bully amongst them. This has been most interesting. I might return another time to see the progress of this string, and see who might be the ringleader then. Today it's clear that you are. This has been most interesting indeed. My colleagues will be quite interested. I believe they might come to the same conclusion about you having multiple personality disorders' traits, your lack of empathy is one trait of sociopaths (and/or psychopaths), which are far more dangerous to society than patients with Munschausen Syndrome. Btw, I strongly suggest you take an English class, your spelling, grammar mistakes, etc leave a lot to be desired. If you are going to bully, trash and demean people you might want to write properly, people might mistake your comments as being a description of yourself. My best wishes for a good night.

No. 257446

Nobody believes that you're an actual shrink.

No. 257457

>Friday night at 10:30 PM
Timezones exist.

Also maybe stop putting your email in? Just a tip.

No. 257462

>If you really cared about Kadee you'd stop bumping this thread
Even better, the pretend therapist keeps repeating Kadeelyn Konstantino making it more likely others will find this thread in a google search and find out who Kadee really was.

No. 257463


Your "colleagues" will undoubtedly tell you you're an idiot for stooping to our level and interacting with us.


No. 257467


No one here thinks you arevactually a shrink, no one cares about your sex, and if you care so much about Kadee you should be aware you necromancied a thread that had preety much died.

>you having multiple personality disorders' traits

There's no such thing as multiple personality disorder– it's not called that– and many actual shrinks think it doesn't exist in any caee. But you do you.

No. 257468

You seriously don't sound like you're in the mental health field at all, you're not only using outdated terms for mental illnesses and buzzwords; you're also being highly hypocritical.

No. 257469

To the anon who believes I might not be a shrink: come off anon, agree to be evaluated by a team in a private hospital and your 1st appointment will be free of charge.

No. 257471

>The anon
>Implying a single person here believes you

No. 257473

>come off anon

No. 257474

How about you tell us where you work? Why would we give our info to some strange man?

For a Psychiatrist you sure aren't very bright.

No. 257477

lol omg i'm not from this thread but it is hilarious

No. 257478

>To the anon who believes I might not be a shrink
Theres multiple people commenting and none of us believe you're a shrink.
If you want to do "research" on farmers so badly, post your contact info.

No. 257479

Very good. I can see you know something; yes the term "multiple personality disorders" is no longer being used. Dissociative Identity Disorder is the new term. Some of you have shown to have some knowledge as you have picked some of the wrong terms (written on purpose). Good. Now it's time for you to learn English, otherwise as I wrote previously, a reader might get confused and believe you might be self describing.

No. 257483

You clearly have a below average IQ.
It's ok. Your secret is safe with us.

No. 257489

My dear young men/ladies,
The whole purpose of this research is to analyze anons behaviors. As anons you have no qualms to trash, demean and bully other people; whereas in any society people would not dare [openly] to "entertain" themselves as you have been doing. If this is your idea of "entertainment", you might need more help than I believed. Have a good night, you may continue your ramblings, I have collected enough material for my research.

No. 257493

See, you're just trolling now… it takes two seconds to google what terms for disorders have been updated. You've shown yourself up by slipping up with outdated terms in the first place, you might want to throw a decent tarp over that tackle box full of bait next time - we can see all too easily.

No. 257494

I genuinely want to thank you for the entertainment you have provided us this evening. I had a sorta shit day, but now I'm laughing.
>it's time for you to learn English
Toda raba!


No. 257500

Your belief that I might not be a shrink is meaningless, and has no foundation. Your pattern of making baseless accusations, "diagnosis", coming to conclusions about Kadeelyn Konstantino's death without any evidence (law authorities have not
determined the cause of death as of today) proved my point.
Again you speculated, first you called me a "chick", now you are referring to me as a male. I have not given any indication as to whether I am a "chick" (most amusing) or a "man".
You have proved one important point of my research, thank you for that.

No. 257501

Is this Kadee's boyfriend? I'll bet it is.

You come off as a middle aged man with no drive in life, except indulging in extreme hypocrisy.

No. 257505

Yeah how's that "research" going, bud? Is this your post-doc then? You getting funded to scold anonymous people on the internet? Saying "very interesting indeed" ad nauseum like some lab-coat villain doesn't really convince anyone either.

No. 257507

>>self describing

The correct term you're looking for is "projecting", lern 2 fucking English.

Give us your contact details, your place of work and your name so we can volunteer to be part of your research.

No. 257511

For someone who supposedly has a higher level of education, you sure do use a lot of comma splices. Like… a lot. Your writing style is an awful lot like a typical high schooler's.

No. 257512

Children, children you might have a lot to learn. Starting with the definition of "middle age". I wasn't aware that Kadeelyn 's boyfriend was part of this string.
You have been amusing, but I have to go now, my shift starts in half an hour, and I need to eat. Some of us work in life, have weekend shifts, unlike kids like you who spend their Friday nights trashing, demeaning and bullying others. What is appalling is not that you do that, the fact that you believe there is nothing wrong with it - one anon mentioned you do this on a regular basis, with people that actually you might have never met (such as "famous" people). Goodnight

No. 257513

If it is, it would make a lot of sense; considering being in a relationship with someone with untreated mental illnesses can be influential on peers with weak minds.

She was prone to making shit up, and here we have Dr. Fuckwit PhD here looking for the same kind of attention.

No. 257516

>claims to be a therapist who works with young people
>patronizes assumed young people on this board

Jesus, you're really fucking bad at pretending to be a professional. I'd run for the hills if my therapist couldn't write a grammatically correct sentence.

No. 257519

Congratulations. One anon knows how to write. You picked up good points. Had I written properly, you might not have understood. I believe you might not be completely familiar with medical jargon. You might want to believe you are just because you know a few things, but as I wrote before: you would flunk any psychology test. I am being lenient here, you might not even make it to medical school, you might definitely flunk. I believe there might not be a future psychiatrist in this group. Bye kids, thank you for the insight.

No. 257520


Enjoy your miserable night shift at Walmart and microwaved frozen dinner.

No. 257521

They've said they were leaving four times in a row now as well, yet they still keep coming back for more.

They've also refused to give us their contact details when they've been asked multiple times by different anons…

See what I mean >>257519

No. 257522


Whatever. You say you're so concerned about how people are talking about Kadee (although she herself admitted to doing a bunch of shitty stuff on this very board) but here you are dragging her corpse through the mud. Maybe you should look in the mirror. She certainly deserves better than your pathetic attempts at whiteknighting her.

No. 257525

Well, seeing as I am in graduate school studying something completely unrelated: yeah, I'm not a future psychiatrist. However, my point regarding your writing is that it suggests you haven't had much schooling. I find it hard to believe that an individual with such poor grammar could make it through years and years of higher education, but perhaps I have too much faith in these institutions.

Have fun winning internet arguments with seventh graders on 9gag.

Oh, nice. I didn't read any posts other than Fake Doctor's before responding. top kek

No. 257527

In all probability you might not "survive" as a Walmart employee, you might get fired within hours You have shown to have contempt to a Walmart employee, you used that in the form of an insult.
As an aside you might not "survive" one night in the quiet room, as anons you are brave to say anything that comes up to your mind. In real life children, you might not open your mouths so quick.

No. 257528

Stop smearing poor Kadee's name.

No. 257531

Anons: I asked first for you to come off from anon. Once you do that I will.
The mistakes were made on purpose. It helps measure the level of your knowledge, what you picked up versus what you have not picked up. To the anon who believes I am "white knighting" Kadeelyn Konstantino; this research is about cyber bullying, trashing people online, demean, have no empathy etc. This is not about "white knighting" Kadeelyn Konstantino (you are on the defense, interesting), this is about your responses, your maturity level, among other factors.

No. 257532


You're a pretty terrible person for keeping Kadee's name on your responses. I wonder what her family will think about you interacting with this thread. Maybe your "research" should study that.

No. 257533

Alright, I posted my info, now you post your info.

No. 257535

just go like you've been saying you're gonna do for like 20 mins now omg

No. 257536

okay, it's here >>230801

No. 257538

File: 1487998536843.jpg (10.15 KB, 241x231, shrek kek.jpg)

Like the fucking meme? Chris-chan? Holy wow you're stupid. Post some actual proof.

No. 257539

clearly the joke went over YOUR head.

No. 257540


Well, Chris doesn't have a job and would only care about Kadee if she were trans, so.

No. 257542

This is hilarious.

Is this one of Kelly's friends? Why are you doing this to a dead girl?

No. 257544

I've been bamboozled!!!1!!1 (Couldn't tell if the post was serious or not, in all honesty.)

fucking lol

No. 257547

You sound exactly like an autistic fedora bro… you keep on using the same buzzwords over and over again, the repetition is really proving the fact that you have a low IQ.

Begone Dr. Fuckwit PhD, you have no power here.

No. 257548

It's probably Kadee's boyfriend. Typing styles are similar to his Facebook (I think anyways). The constant use of commas, run on sentences and quotation marks.

No. 257551

Why are you doing online bullying research in a thread that had no direct connections to her death.
She had a serious mental illness, clearly..but it was not bullying that set her over the edge, it was her own obsession with faking mental illnesses and getting herself into a lot of trouble with lying, scheming and various other things.
I dont think we know the reason for sure, but I feel confident in saying it was not bullying.
If anything people here probably cared more for her than those who were enabling her behaviour.
so piss off anon, stop bumping a dead girls thread and let her RIP damn

No. 257554

File: 1487999345753.jpg (47.93 KB, 960x960, 139350n.jpg)


No. 257555

A suggestion to those who might believe to care about Kadeelyn Konstantino: you might want to come off anon, print this entire string, visit her family, identify yourselves to her family, and show what you wrote about their dead child. I believe you might not receive the royal welcome. You haven't stopped trashing her, attempted to bully me etc.
Are you claiming to be a bunch of angels after what you wrote?
It's time to grow up children. Your sense of entitlement is laughable.

No. 257557


Huh. Well, he does look a little like Chris-chan…

No. 257558

Glad you're back. Nice walk to the liquor store? Hope you managed to not assault anyone on your way back home.

No. 257563

>might believe to care
>I believe you might not receive the royal welcome

You sound like a "gifted" middle schooler trying to sound intelligent.

No. 257573

I believe that might be your specialty (assaulting) since you shamelessly trash the dead, bully, and gang up because as individuals you might not be able to exist.
Enjoy your mean jokes while you can. At some point you will have no option but to grow up, get a job, come home so exhausted that you might not have time to eat and watch some TV; let alone to sit for hours in front of a screen on a Friday night to bully, demean and trash people. In this case you have been trashing a dead girl. I believe it might be a good idea to print this string and show to her family. Let them decide who desecrated their child's memory. Research after research has been showing the millennial as the brats they are, you have this sense of entitlement that no other generation has ever had, you want instant gratification, and see nothing wrong in trashing, demeaning and bullying people with mental illnesses and/or weaker than you. Research has shown that cyber bullying, bullying cause PTSD. Kids like you might push weaker kids, and/or kids with mental illnesses to commit suicide. But that wouldn't occur to you.

No. 257577

>But stop making fun of a milennial who acted more entitled than most

No. 257579

You'd traumatize her poor family further by showing them this thread? I believe you are the one suffering from antisocial personality disorder.

No. 257581

"Middle schooler" I love it kid! That's a great one. Actually I wish I was a middle schooler. That was light years ago. Time to leave folks, there's nothing more to gather. At this point it's redundant.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 257585


Get off the internet, Bradley.

No. 257588

File: 1488000893279.png (207.73 KB, 445x335, butthill.png)

>Light year
>A measure of time

No. 257589

I seen this scrolling and got SO EXCITED I thought the madman had faked her own death successfully. I'm pretty upset she's actually gone for good.

But seriously, showing this to her family? You're a sociopath lmao.

No. 257591

Yes I believe it was a good comeback. I believe there is nothing more to be believed by coming here, as my purpose is to be researching the millenials that believe that they are entitled to the redundancy of sociopathy and empathy. The lethargic questionability of accountability and perhaps even interest. Individuality marred by printing the string, and entitled to Wal-Mart and exhaustion. Perhaps I believe that inquisition and purposelessness galloping inanity. One day I believe her family memory child. The death of reason and the blooded trace.

No. 257592

Your insistence on patronizing us by calling us "kids" does nothing to further your cause. Moreover, it underscores your immaturity, as truly mature, wise individuals do not rely on condescension to get their point across.

>light year
not a fucking measure of time. top kek

No. 257594

>I believe it might be a good idea to print this string and show to her family.


Self-righteous cunt, don't pretend you care about her. You just care about being the hero.
Funny how you claim to be "grown up" and imply you have a job, but you find the time to come here for hours to read through these comments and project these little witty comments that you actually believe have bearing or truth.

No. 257595

Please learn to write proper english before posting.

No. 257597

Bradley, I believe that you believe that you aren't a predator that took advantage of Kadee, but I believe that her mother would believe that you are a stalker and a total fucking creep if you were to approach them with this string that you believed that you should print off.

No. 257599

>my purpose is to be researching the millenials that believe that they are entitled to the redundancy of sociopathy and empathy

Lmao, is this your sociology thesis or something?
You're not coming off as an intellectual. You are a dumbass.

No. 257601

That wasn't Bradley lmao, I was making fun of him.

No. 257602


Are you high? Seriously, this is word salad.

No. 257603

It's an anon trolling him lol

No. 257604

Whew! You got me gud anon.
Reading his previous comments he's still a pseudo intellectual dumbass. What a tool!

No. 257605

Did anyone else notice that the troll used the name "E H" and Kadee's parents are Edward and Holly?

No. 257609

Good observation. Wouldn't be surprised if her parents googled her name and stumbled upon this thread.

Sage for possible reaching, but I think it's plausible.

No. 257610

It might be a stretch, but according to this page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/KonstantinoConstructionCo/about/?ref=page_internal Her father also uses an aol e-mail address.

I still think it's more likely to be Bradley, though.

No. 257611

File: 1488002107184.gif (1.68 MB, 332x332, 1484196190910.gif)

>social worker wants anons to believe he's a post-doctorate therapist doing "research" and is going for an overnight minimum wage shift starting at 11pm on a friday night to support his kids that he doesn't spend time with but not before lecturing millennials how wrong it is to talk about dead people on anonymous gossip website

Kek, you're pathetic dude.

No. 257613

Unlikely this is her parents. If this was her parents, they wouldn't hide behind a fake PHD. They would be upfront about who they were to make you feel bad about what you did. Not tell you to print this thread out and present it to Kadee's parents

No. 257616

True. Plus, I doubt her parents would be so callous when talking about their own daughter.

If you actually read their word salad, though, they make it pretty clear that they knew Kadee.

No. 257619

I thought about that, and I definitely think you're right. However, I also thought that perhaps they characterized us as a group incapable of empathy, so they didn't want to rely on that. Instead, they opted for Tard, PhD here.

I'm sure you're right, but I think it's plausible that Tard PhD is her parents.

No. 257625

File: 1488003504004.png (111.85 KB, 1000x563, 09463859372682455.png)

True, plausible.

However, I will leave this photo here. Taken from Bradley's Facebook.
While Bradley refrained from using any caps lock (because what super smurt PhD holder would do such a thing?) his bitterness towards millennials and oddly placed commas and ellipsis sort of speak to me.

The way the troll talks just sounds like a sad, lonely middle-aged man. And that is exactly what Bradley is.

No. 257626

def him

No. 257627

Find a screenshot of him saying, "I believe".

No. 257630

>Research after research has been showing the millennial as the brats they are, you have this sense of entitlement that no other generation has ever had, you want instant gratification, and see nothing wrong in trashing, demeaning and bullying people with mental illnesses and/or weaker than you.
Lol what

No. 257631

This seems like him. Noticed the poster here has the same fond habit of calling the audience he's addressing "children" and acting like a condescending twat.

No. 257634

Nice. I'm definitely more convinced that it's him and not her parents now. Thanks for sharing that image, anon.

No. 257636

Funny how he refers to us as children and is totally fine dating Kadee. I'm also probably much closer to his age than Kadee's.

No. 257639

I feel kinda sorry for him seeing as all that drinking has obviously killed most of his braincells, I mean - if he came here to properly talk and grieve, I have no doubt anons would've leant an empathetic ear.

No. 257640

File: 1488004326166.png (41.28 KB, 916x101, 57329946682.png)

I'm recovering from the flu. I can do this all night.

No. 257646

File: 1488005194500.jpg (62.79 KB, 720x600, IMG_3849.JPG)

I do enjoy spending my Friday nights thrashing

No. 257650

Reading this thread while drinking my morning coffee was honestly such a great way to start my saturday.

At least he made us feel bad for kaddee by reviving this old thread and trying to white knight her so badly, he actually became the new lolcow of this thread. Ok he is no kaddee but still

No. 257656

So what's Bradley's real job? Because it isn't full time therapist with a schedule like what he described! Seems more like he might be in the service industry considering how testy he got when another anon mentioned WalMart.

No. 257750

File: 1488027013254.jpg (23.82 KB, 364x205, tumblr_static_tumblr_static__6…)

Anyone who's done any actual research for a thesis would know this troll has broken several key rules for collecting accurate and ethical data for research e.g. not getting consent from participants, baiting participants into giving more extreme responses by being condescending and name-calling, not being able to quantify how many participants are actually involved as, surprise surprise, this is an anon board and individual anons aren't marked/can't be counted without admin intervention. Of course, there's a lot more, but Jesus this troll didn't even try. Every single one of those posts reminded me of a 14 year old trying desperately to sound intelligent and older than they are, but failing miserably: it's actually cringy.

Also, didn't the troll say that "An
uneducated person might diagnose you as a sociopath, or as someone who has a personality disorder" before accusing other anons of being sociopaths or having/having traits of personality disorders >>257399 >>257426 and

No. 257765

It was the earlier posts that sent my sides into orbit. It was like a character from a bad b movie had come to life.

No. 257769

ily metal anon

No. 257802

im just horrified at the amount of times he uses the word "might". How obnoxious.

No. 257804

if you just want to study this thing why all the lame words and stuff like educating all of us here? Just do your research and shut the f** up?

No. 257805

Oh i love hebrew!

No. 257806

And over all: when will it be possible to like answers and cpmments here? Too late too late!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 258409

You can curse here anon

No. 259100

This. Also love how they assumed none of us are in the medical field. Top fucking kek.

No. 259132

this is a anonymous board, we are all uneducated, with no life and friends surely.

No. 259310

dude must have some issues, aside from dating someone half his age. his FB has people asking if he fell off the wagon.

No. 259634

what does this mean

No. 259692

read the rules and work it out for yourself

No. 261640

Kelly didnt post that vlog. she shared it off Alex's youtube

No. 261658


yeah, someone else posted it on youtube but Kelly posted it on Facebook. And?

No. 262022

What are ppl taking about?

No. 262023

>nice samefag

No. 262026


Um, no. I just wondered why someone was making the point that Kelly didn't post it, hence the 'and?'. I haven't posted on this thread in weeks.

No. 272661

Does anyone know the cause of death?

No. 273588

File: 1490010715588.png (654.27 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1246.PNG)

No. 273613

sage if you have no news.

No. 273766

That's not the cause of death, idiot.

I wonder if anyone has talked to her sister.

No. 282859

Admin- it might be a good idea to just nuke this thread. I'm sure the family has seen it by now, but just in case. I just don't think it's relevant or necessary anymore.

No. 282895

Don't bump it if you don't like it?

No. 285371

Dead or not she's still a fat ugly slut with daddy issues

No. 314765

No. 314767

holy shit

No. 314768

I feel really uncomfortable reading this. Kadee was a lot of things, but she didn't deserve to die.

No. 314772



No. 314776

Damn that's messed up.

No. 314782

File: 1495049225856.jpg (39.57 KB, 307x543, sonic.JPG)

I think she used to supply Sonic with amphetamines.

No. 314784

Okay that was bad taste but I found it on that woman's facebook page. She's actually friends with Kaydee's mother and sister.

No. 314786

Charged with manslaughter?
So… Kadee was essentially murdered.

No. 314788

No, manslaughter's when you do something for/to someone which results in their death but you didn't mean to kill them.

She gave her heroin which lead to her death, so it's manslaughter because that woman didn't want to kill her but she was responsible for her death.

No. 314792

Oh I see, thank you for clearing that up for me anon

No. 314793

Weird that she's a family friend.

No. 314794

Did the woman inject kadee? I'm not very versed in the law, but can someone actually be charged with someone's death if they introduce a drug to them and they die? I feel like I'm missing something.

But holy shit. That was unexpected.

No. 314796

>Lori Ledonne, 54, of Isaacs Street, was charged with second-degree manslaughter and possession of narcotics with intent to sell.

She was the last person to see Kaydee, so it sounds like she was her dealer.


No. 314798


She gave kadee too high a dosage and injected her so manslaughter seems about right

No. 314805


Uh… what? This is news to me. Did anyone else know she was doing fucking dope?

No. 314806

>An autopsy found that Konstantino’s death was caused by acute intoxication of heroin and fentanyl.

Holy shit. So this woman sold Kadee dope that had fentanyl in it, and she overdosed because she (Kadee) probably didn't know that her heroin was cut with it. This is why fentanyl is so dangerous. I don't have a lot of sympathy for addicts but I'm really sorry for Kadee and her family. That girl needed therapy, she needed help– not to die of an overdose because of a cheap dealer.

No. 314811


I doubt the dealer even knew. Fentanyl laced heroin is extremely widespread now. Usually people just think it's "super awesome dope" and the more people OD, the more addicts want that specific batch because it's obviously so much stronger.

The fentanyl is mostly coming from Dark Net Markets, and is also sometimes Acetyl-Fentanyl and other analogues which are easy to find even on the clear web. The toxicology results usually don't distinguish between analogues and regular ol' fent since they come up the same results anyway.

No. 314812

There're quite a few news items about it but most say this same. This one
https://patch.com/connecticut/norwalk/deadly-overdose-leads-manslaughter-charge-norwalk-pd says

>charged with second-degree manslaughter and illegal manufacture, distribution sale of a controlled substance.

Her Linked In says she used to work at Paisley Park

She had a good job but she was dealing.

No. 314824

Glad I'm not the only one wondering this…

No. 314829

Holy fuck. I remember some anons figuring out Kadee was a serious opiate addict, and obviously we all knew she overdosed, but I totally didn't see this coming.

No. 314831

holy shit. who wouldve known.
kek, do you think the investigation will be looking into lolcow?

No. 314832

This is still so bizarre to think about…Like, of all ways, who would have thought she'd go like this? Wild.

No. 314839

This is just sad. That lady is an idiot. I actually feel bad for Kadee. I wonder what the extent of her use was. and her tolerance level no matter what it was fentanyl will fuck you up.

At least she died peacefully.

No. 314843

seems unlikely because it's a drug-related death and not anything to do with the usual cyberbullying theatrics that might otherwise bring them here

No. 314857

>I actually feel bad for Kadee
why? because she was dumb enough to shoot dope up her arm?
I doubt that lady forced her to do it.

No. 314864

Well her death isn't really related to the internet, it was due to Heroin which like another anon mentioned, was laced with Fentanyl. If she was charged with second degree manslaughter it's highly possible that her dealer didn't even know that fentanyl was present in the drug. That being said, if there's an investigation it may only be about where the heroin came from originally and where she obtained it in the first place because she wasn't charged with first degree manslaughter or murder, so the investigation will go more towards those things rather than lolcow.

Honestly I feel so fucking bad for Kadee, i see people overdose on a daily basis especially with fentanyl so it must've been excruciating for her but wow, who would've expected a family friend would've caused this

No. 314867

this is wild

No. 314889

I know that. I still feel bad.

And this lady is retarded for not using a proper test kit to see what her product is laced with.

No. 314916

Lol, she's retarded for being a heroin addict/dealer at all.

No. 314969

>I don't have a lot of sympathy for addicts but I'm really sorry for Kadee and her family.
Can you only feel sympathy for someone once they're dead or something?

No. 315012

File: 1495066521255.png (301.56 KB, 1063x405, bestfriend.png)

No. 315015


>Ledonne is now charged with manslaughter, illegal manufacture, distribution and sale of a controlled substance.

No. 315017

I just can't believe she was doing heroin out of everything. I know we didn't know her but no one saw that coming.

No. 315021

File: 1495068127801.jpg (5.55 KB, 272x199, 457845.jpg)

But muh sacred death, anon. Everyone shit all over her when she was alive, but now we have to respect her and sympathize now that she's dead.

I mean, addiction is a horrible thing but you still always have a choice and she chose to do heroin and suffered the consequences. Unlike a lot of other addicts, she actually had a lot of support if she wanted to get clean but she used people and pushed everyone away instead. It's her own damn fault.

No. 315034


No. 315049

I remember reading in Luna's thread an anon mentioned you're more likely to OD if you're a new user or something. Kadee used to try to convince people she did coke and whatever made her sound like a ~*ugu troubled addict*~

It's mean to speculate this when she's already gone but I don't think she was addicted to heroin. Seems like another one of her cries for attention similar to how Luna started doing heroin for aesthetics. Except Kadee actually passed away from it.

No. 315065

Her shit was laced with fentanyl which is up to 100 more potent then regular heroin.

She may have been a first time user as well but a lot of people have been dying from that sort of OD

No. 315072

You really think that hick synthesized it herself? Get real. That charge can also mean packaging a drug

No. 315075

File: 1495072659223.jpg (24.76 KB, 512x288, IMG_1372.JPG)

For reference on how potent fentanyl is vs heroin.

No. 315078

>I mean, addiction is a horrible thing but you still always have a choice and she chose to do heroin and suffered the consequences. Unlike a lot of other addicts, she actually had a lot of support if she wanted to get clean but she used people and pushed everyone away instead. It's her own damn fault.

Many addicts have people who support and love them. Shit on her all you want for things she did when she was alive, but you can't seriously be putting the blame on her for being addicted to heroin and suffering the consequences because she "had a choice" about that. I bet anyone in this thread who got addicted, no matter how well-off, could die of an overdose or have their life ruined.

Heroin addiction often isn't a choice even if you're a millionaire celebrity with adoring fans and a great family.

No. 315086

Oh fuck off, dude. Heroin addicts are losers and you're a loser too if you defend them. I don't feel sorry for those ~poor little babies~ for being addicted. But yeah, I do feel sorry for their family once they finally OD. Kadee also obviously had more problems than drug addiction.

No. 315088

I admit that I don't know much about drugs, but could Lori have been the one to add the fentanyl to the heroin?

No. 315095

Well if it's second degree manslaughter then she may not have done that but I'm assuming that they will dig deeper into it since I'm sure Kadee's friends and family might want a more thorough investigation

No. 315114

yup. I bet it was the first or one of the first times Kadee did it. I feel like if she had an actual habit, she'd have made 50 #jfam instagrams whining about her heroin addiction and the suffering it caused her.

No. 315117

is it difficult to grasp the concept of attempting to sympathize with a complex situation, and as a result, empathizing with a person to a certain point because of the pathetic nature of it all
people are idiots and addiction doesn't make sense. It makes sense to emotionally detach to people that are killing themselves but I'm not rocking back and forth sobbing hopelessly about "poor little babies". Try and see things from a less hyperbolic view. Shit, you're embarrassing me.

No. 315118

I highly doubt it. fentanyl is in nearly all dope nowadays, it's sad and really scary.

No. 315130

>Ledonne texted the woman’s mother to say that Konstantino had a nose bleed and that the “blood was frothy,”

Doesn't frothy blood from the nose usually mean the individual has died?

Imagine being her mom…

No. 315134

This is all pretty sad. Wasn't Kaydee prescribed opiates? Maybe she ran out and this happened. Same story that's rampant everywhere lately

No. 315138

Yep. Aside from idiots like Luna who get addicted to heroin for "the aesthetic", people commonly get to this level after being prescribed opiates for things that probably don't need opiates.

No. 315151

Even when needed and used as prescribed, it can still happen…
I don't see why some anons can't have a little empathy here, especially since we're actually familiar with her medical history and opiate usage. This shit is an epidemic.

No. 315152

Especially if they have mental health conditions like Kadee did. She was a prime candidate for developing a dependence on prescribed opiates. I don't pity her but she wasn't some evil junkie psycho, she was given an incredibly addictive drug and expected not to self medicate with it despite having seemingly no healthy coping mechanisms.

No. 315156

Addiction does make sense if you know anything about it tho? It alters your homeostasis which is why alcoholics and heroin addicts can die from sudden withdrawals. There's also heaps of psychological stuff going on, usually to do with a lack of self soothing or coping tools, and frequently a history of MI and trauma.

Addiction is it's own entire field of study but it's really understandable.

No. 315166

I hate heroin dealers almost as much as I hate out of control doctors. The ones who overprescribe opiates, or worse, illegally sell them out to dealers in exchange for money which just perpetuates the cycle.

>Fentanyl laced heroin is extremely widespread now.
Exactly. And these retarded dealers have no idea what the fuck they're handling.
My hometown county is being investigated because too many influential peoples' kids are dropping dead from their closeted heroin habit.

Less than in the bottle pictured actually.
Imagine two grains of salt killing you.

I don't know why some of you are being so salty and acting like Kadee isn't part of a bigger trend of white, well-to-do Americans who are finding themselves with opiate addictions after their negligent healthcare providers cut them off without proper weening and consultation.

She's not like Luna. At all. Kadee was murdered.

No. 315168

File: 1495080746916.jpg (82.46 KB, 715x517, sub-buzz-9645-1494014446-1.jpg)

Dropped my pic because internet is faggot.
But it only takes a few grains.

No. 315175

Is that really fentanyl? I know theres some opioids so strong that you can die from inhaling a few stray grains, thankfully those aren't in the market.. yet

No. 315176

I actually feel kind of bad for her dealer "friend" too. Dealers on the lower end have nothing to do with the product or cutting it, she probably didn't know. Reckless but she didn't force her either.

No. 315177

Yep. You only need 2 milligrams of fentanyl to OD and die. Presumably even less if you're smaller, ill, and have zero tolerance.

No. 315182

Hey dumbshit you know they can buy a test kit for like 5 dollars right? Don't be a dumb bitch

No. 315185

not everybody is a druggie like you, so yeah. why do you expect that to be common knowledge among people?? what're they even going to look for dumb shit?

No. 315186

Anyone with a conscience isn't a heroin dealer. It's one thing to use, it's another to be supplying knowing what your actions could do.

No. 315193

If she's not a druggie and has no street smarts about the product she's dealing, she had no business selling it to Kadee. It's pure greed, laziness, and carelessness.

No. 315196

Those aren't that accurate, they don't measure potency or anything. They're far from common, maybe you should blame Kaydee for not using one too. Addiction makes you stupid, more news at 11
Most lower end dealers are junkies themselves, common sense and empathy go out the window real quick when you need money to get high.

No. 315197

She's obviously an addict too, she didn't OD and figured it'd be fine. It's not like we know any details, maybe Kaydee insisted on a stronger dose or whatever.
I mean she's still a piece of shit though because it sounds like she was there and didn't call for help? It's not clear.

No. 315198

Dang. I was here for the first few threads, and Kadee seriously had some issues. I had a family member overdose and pass away from heroin last year, so I know the pain her family is going through, since my family is still having a hard time dealing with this. RIP Kadee, even though your problems were easily treatable. Such a shame she passed away so young, for such a crummy reason. I feel bad, but it was out of our hands. No one deserves to die so young, regardless of the shitty choices they make. I hope her family finds some closure and peace. Sage for stupid blog and feels.

No. 315203

>even though your problems were easily treatable.
I don't think so. It's not exactly a shocker that she got addicted, she had serious emotional issues which are difficult to solve at best. Other than that there's no real treatment or understanding for the sort of coping mechanisms she engaged in because it used to be so rare before social media. Munchausens or similar.

No. 315211

>she's obviously an addict too
Doesn't justify dealing even if she thought her batch was good. I doubt she's an addict because she's not dead from the fent either, and she would've used the same batch. Even seasoned addicts OD from fent.
>maybe Kaydee insisted on a stronger dose or whatever
She could have said no.

Will agree with you that the bitch def abandoned her, and probably tried to cover up by being shocked by the news. A shame, because Narcan can bring people back from fentanyl ODs.

No. 315212

I know here in Canada we just passed a law that if you or someone else near you ODs you won't be charged, don't know where Kaydee lives or what the laws are over there.

No. 315213

you're all horrible people and you lead to her death.

No. 315214

Nah, just her shitty dealer. I mean, "best friend."

No. 315215

You can pretend that this doesn't effect people but it does.

No. 315216

We didn't give her laced heroin buddy

No. 315217

if that helps you sleep at night

No. 315224

Go wash your mouth, Kelly.

No. 315225



No. 315227

You're right. I need to go wash the yellow lipstick off of my face at this moment too.

No. 315228

Sure they don't tell you the potency but they tell you what's in it. Dumbass

No. 315229


Does it make you feel happy knowing other people are sad?

No. 315230

Lori is a horrible person who lead to her death, as well as whichever friends she texted telling them that she just scored a bunch of heroin. Lolcow had nothing to do with it. It was the negligence of the people who supposedly cared about her.

No. 315232

No. 315234


You must be a delightful person.

No. 315235

didn't see this coming

>investigation revealed that Ledonne had befriended Konstantino; introduced her to, and supplied her with heroin on several occasions. K abusing prescription pills at the time, police said.

also she texted a friend to sort of brag about "three bundles of heroin" and ironically that coupled with the woman admitting she bought it for K to use is what lead to the arrest.

No. 315236

Did you know Kadee was doing heroin?

No. 315237

I don't think so.
We didn't help for sure, hundreds of anons talking shit about someone sucks for anyone.
But attention, even negative attention is what she fed off of. I highly doubt we made any of her issues worse. That's the thing about lolcows, they need to be milked regularly or problems occur.

No. 315239

I did know that. Did you know drug addiction is something you only understand once you've experienced it? and your sad, boring life, only made better by watching other people suffer, can't possibly relate?

No. 315240

Negligent doctors handing out painkillers like candy are also to blame for Kadee's death.

No. 315243

Who says I've never experienced drug addiction? I understand plenty.

No. 315244

You're all right though. She wanted attention. Don't we all?

No. 315247

Clearly not a drug that can kill you. Not even samefagging.
Shit happens.
Wow just test your shit before you consume, like it's so easy! Because going through withdrawal lets you be 100% rational or even have access to that sort of thing without waiting for days or weeks.
Let's be honest probably half of heroin addicts don't give a shit if the next dose kills them anyway. Which is fucking tragic.

No. 315249

>assuming you're only talking to one person

No. 315250

Don't you only get immunity if someone called emergency services to try to save the ODing person? It's not like you won't get charged if the house you're in gets raided and it turns out someone is ODing in the bathroom.

And I'm pretty sure those laws don't apply where Kadee died, seeing as how the woman being charged was the one who called 911.

Kadee was a drug seeker and ER regular. She had Munchhausen's or something very similar.

Kadee might have doctor-shopped, or she might have managed to manipulate an opiate prescription out of a responsible doctor who fell for her bullshit. Being an addict was part of her Munchie shtick. I honestly wouldn't be wholly surprised if she intentionally ODed because she stupidly thought the experienced junkie she was with would be able to save her.

No. 315252


Ctrl+F "heroin" in the older threads. Kind of eerie.

No. 315254


That law was literally passed just the other day. Why is it even relevant? She's dead. What does she gain from this?

No. 315255

How long had Kadee been using heroin? A couple weeks?

No. 315257

3 weeks I think

No. 315259

Doesn't invalidate anything I said.

No. 315261


Agree. It sucks, but you're right

No. 315262


Most people on this dumb fucking website don't know what addiction feels like.

No. 315268

You'd be surprised.

No. 315269

File: 1495087956923.png (2.54 KB, 421x75, sugar.png)

this one is my favorite. will luna die of sugar now?

No. 315270

Yea, blame the anonymous board who laughed at kadee's PUBLIC attention seeking and not the woman who is literally being charged with Kadee's death.

No. 315272

Shitty. Kadee would still be here if it wasn't for this shitty Lori lady that she met at a NA meeting. Lori preyed on Kadee. She's much older and she could probably tell that Kadee was vulnerable. I wonder how much of Kadee's money Lori took.

No. 315274

Considering she eats like shit when she does eat?
Maybe. We'll call this "Kadee's Wager."

No. 315275

Luna will die of scabies.

No. 315276


Exactly. Blame you. You decided to exert your energy negatively. You consciously chose to make someone feel bad. Glad we're on the same page.

No. 315278

Kelly, I'm totally not judging, I just want to know. Did you and Kadee shoot up together, or was it only ever just Kadee and Lori?

No. 315280


Hi. My name is Becca. Dox me, I don't care.

No. 315281

I sleep fine and I stand by everything I've said about her. I didn't kill her and I didn't make her who she was. I didn't make her do what she did. Blame the woman who gave her the bad dope, blame the dope, blame Kadee herself, but don't climb up on your high horse and act like criticism and laughter killed the girl.

No. 315282

Sweetheart, you're not even on the same planet as me. You're living in a delusional world where everybody you love is a victim. Grow up.

No. 315283

You can't convince me that Kadee didn't enjoy the attention. Evidently, her online antics were only a glimpse into her actual problem, which was her opiate addiction.

It's tragic, really. Kadee wanted attention, yes. That's why she posted online. But what Kadee really wanted, more than attention, was drugs. That's what motivated her to go to the hospital with all these inexplicable ailments.

Dude, we have the same name. Don't you hate it when people call you Becky?

No. 315288


Says the dip replying to me.

No. 315290



No. 315293

I'm genuinely surprised that Kelly isn't in this thread yet.

No. 315301


wait. Who's this Lori cunt?

No. 315303

Read the thread..it's been posted and discussed for hours now.

No. 315304

Lori Ledonne. Watch this. Give me two days.

No. 315308

Go focus on your Ana recovery, Kelly. And stop coming here when you feel like you need to feel like a victim because your life is meaningless and lacks substance.

No. 315310

Are you going to do something to her?

No. 315311


is your whole life just hanging out on websites like this? and trying to call out people? Tell me who Kelly is so I can at least be on your side.

No. 315312

yes, I am

No. 315313

already did

No. 315314

Kelly was Kadee's best friend a for few months before Lori stole her and killed her.

No. 315316

Good luck m8. I assume she's probably in custody right now. I won't pry for any more details, though. I'm intrigued but skeptical.

No. 315320

File: 1495089846018.jpg (27.51 KB, 450x300, IMG_1373.JPG)

No. 315321

You sound jealous Kelly.

No. 315324

I mean, I'm not wrong. Lori took advantage of a vulnerable person and caused her death.

No. 315331

there's a lot of people accusing others of being other people here. Sad. Adios, kids!

No. 315333

None of us know the circumstances of their relationship and none of us know for certain how Kadee got into heroin, or the exact circumstances of her death. It's unlikely that she was forced to do it or given it under duress so it's a huge reach to say it was murder.
Lori hasn't been charged with or accused of kidnapping so saying she stole Kadee is senseless unless you had some relationship with her and feel that Lori ruined it. Make it less obvious if you're gonna pretend to be a random

No. 315338

Hey Steph! Hey Anne! Hey Jess!

No. 315343

Heroin is the dumbest drug ever. It's like doing crack but dying eventually. Kadee was dumb.

No. 315344

who else wants to comment?

No. 315346



Oh shit, must be Bradley. Kadee's 45 year old alcoholic boyfriend. He loves that word.

No. 315347

Huh. Probably doesn't have anything to do with me, but being a CTfag with one of those names has piqued my interests. What's up?

No. 315351


Hi, kids. Like I said, my name is becca. Anon, it's going to start raining on your end.

No. 315352

someone is watching netflix. the office

No. 315356

someone is on tumblr. I see you.

No. 315357

should I share your name?

No. 315359

Because apparently that's so funny to you.

No. 315360

What is even going on in this thread anymore. Is there one anon pretending to suddenly be a psychic?

Oh oh, do me next. What's my name? Am I browsing tumblr? Is it going to rain here?

No. 315365


Kiss your dog and say it's from me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 315368

Kadee whiteknight is having a full blown meltdown. This could be incredible.

No. 315369

I don't have a dog.
>now I'm disappointed.

No. 315370

File: 1495092564165.jpeg (51.28 KB, 923x1000, johnedward.jpeg)

No. 315372


No. 315373

now I'm just sad. Everyone needs a dog.

No. 315378

Some of you are touched in the head. Damn.

No. 315387

we're all bad people

No. 315415

honestly can admin lock this thread? we got confirmation of her death and all it's doing now is attracting white knights that are going to blame everyone else for her death because they would rather project on anyone else than feel guilty that they knew she was shooting up and did nothing to help. its sad she died but no one is at fault besides the woman being charged for it. it's over and done with.
sage for no real contribution

No. 315443

File: 1495106608714.png (8.7 KB, 1021x63, creepy.png)

What is interesting to note is that even in her very first thread here: >>>/snow/123755

Someone "guessed" (re: KNEW) she was an opiate addict within just a few posts of the creation of that thread… but it seems as though it was just brushed off by other anons as perhaps tinfoiling as it didn't get any worthwhile responses.

Which makes it sound like this anon was someone close to her who knew she was a smackhead since the start of Kadee's threads… if her family didn't know she was on heroin, why would that anon keep it to themselves?

No. 315447

She had posts and pictures where she was complaining about not receiving dilaudid and other drugs in some of her deleted accounts. Nice reach but not quite.

No. 315450

That still wouldn't excuse the fact that if people close to her knew she was an opiate addict, why wasn't her family informed of it?

If people are coming into the thread claiming it was the "negativity" she was receiving from the farms "that killed her"; then why didn't they inform her family of her problems when it had already been summarised she was an addict when it probably could of been prevented if her family intervened.

No. 315452

I'm not "defending" them, i just think you're a retard if you feel sorry for them and their families once they're dead but not when they're alive. So edgy and cool.

No. 315453

Then you're just as responsible as everyone else in here if you seriously believe it was the farms fault for her death; you knew she was an addict yet didn't even care to inform her family of her problems.

You can get off your morally-high horse now.

No. 315472

What the fuck, I,posted that. And someone told me that I was wrong and getting her and Kelly mixed up. Guess not.

No. 315477

this is the same thing prince died from last year. weird :(

I obviously thought kaydee was very problematic and some of the things she was doing could have put her own life in danger (mixing RX meds when she might not have needed them). but I never wished anything bad on her. I just wanted her to stop lying. my boyfriend's brother died of a heroin OD one of the first few times he ever tried it, so I feel terrible for her family

she just didn't seem like the heroin type but I guess that's why it's such an epidemic in the US

No. 315479

not the same anon but I always did feel bad for her when she was alive. it doesn't excuse the shitty thing she did, but I always got the sense that she was looking for something (comfort, reassurance, friendship?) that she was never going to find.. hence the lies, attention seeking, malingering, etc

I don't think anyone on here was responsible for her death though obviously

No. 315509


So if Luna gets a bad batch are you gonna screamed she was murdered too? I actually have pity for Luna since both her parents where addicts and the reason she's with lurch is because her drugged out mother didn't protect her as a child.


Kind of agree with this, the morality police are stomping their feet and insisting we feel bad for an attention whore who threw her life away for drugs and interwebs credit. Sad she's dead but if her shit was laced but she still lives half the people here would be calling her stupid for not checking with a kit, or even starting this addiction.


Alright, say this Anon was the only person close enough to kadee to know this, if they weren't close to the family, what's the likelihood of them believing the anon? Would you believe it if some rando who you vaguely remember tells you your kid has a heroin addiction? Iirc I think her mom knew she had some issues but kadee liked to fake everything so she'd be skeptical anyway.

No. 315538

>she's with lurch is because her drugged out mother didn't protect her as a child.
Oh cut the shit, she's with Lurch because she wants to be.

Anyways, this thread should probably be locked, just a constant back and forth about stuff that isn't even relevant now. It'll just turn into even more of a shitshow.

No. 315561

Does anyone else remember a post Kadee made on Instagram about the doctor/nurse accused her of being a heroin addict? I can't find a screenshot but I remember it.

No. 315581

>must have been excutiating
For who? Kadee? OD'ing on opiates is probably the most peaceful way to go, not that I'm glad it happened.
She's being charged with second degree manslaughter, but i wonder if/what she'll plead down to, which will very much depend on if she flips/gives up her supplier.

No. 315584

I remember that. She talked about what horrible service she received from that hospital. I think that was the rant where she said she was going to sue the hospital.

No. 315620


Peaceful? Have you ever seen anyone die from opiate OD? The body fights death every step of the way. She probably died in a puddle of her own vomit.

I think maybe one or two people on here know what they're talking about regarding drugs and the rest of you are clueless. If you've never seen drugs or drug addicts outside of the movies, please just keep the comments to yourself. You look retarded otherwise.

This thread should definitely be locked. Nothing knew to be gained and now people want to talk about Luna on here.

No. 315671

I remember her saying she was going to sue them but I thought it was because they wouldn't believe her/treat her? I don't remember any mention of heroin

No. 315684

Bradley… whoops, Becca… is complicit in Kadee's death for being aware that she'd begun using heroin and not alerting her mother.

No. 315699


Which one is it anon, you can't just put these two together.

No. 315746

File: 1495136950102.jpg (169.02 KB, 1075x885, IMG_20170518_134734.jpg)

No. 315820

I'm locking this thread because it's growing pointless and no longer has a place on a light-hearted gossip site. Further discussion is unproductive since there isn't much you can mock a dead person for. Armchair homicide detectives pls go

Don't post any new threads about her unless staff says otherwise.

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