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File: 1415152897481.jpg (11.85 KB, 240x240, sml_gallery_20565_4429_72725.j…)

No. 21279

Can we talk about this girl please? She keeps popping up as a suggested Tumblr.

How old is she? How is she not dead? Why does everyone tell her how beautiful she is??

No. 21280

holy shit she is still alive? i remember a thread about her on SR

i didnt know people could live months at a time in such a state

No. 21281


Her Instagram keeps getting deleted. She complains about her mom not buying food for her to eat. But would she eat it anyway? Is she anorexic or bulimic?

No. 21287

I keep seeing her talk about her instagram getting deleted because people are reporting her for self harm, and every time she flips shit, but what she's failed to realize is that it's literally in the signup agreement and the site rules that if you see someone self harming and/or with a clear eating disorder, you need to report their account immediately.

No. 21288

What I know is that she and her mom both suffer from an ED and that they will even compete to see who can lose more weight.

The human body is rather resistant, so I suppose it's taking every fiber of her body to avoid death.

No. 21291

For a minute I thought it was a picture of that poor girl who has that rare "can't produce body fat disease". But no, it's just some skin stretched over a skull.

No. 21292

>with a clear eating disorder
Wait, so that means that the huge fattasses shouldn't be allowed to play in the sand box either, right?

Was this thread really from SR? I can't believe it was that long ago but I remember the thread. Shmegeh was also getting posted if I'm not mistaken.

No. 21293

I dont get why shes bitching about it she wouldn't eat it anyways, or she would just throw it up.

No. 21296

File: 1415158764908.png (78.39 KB, 1153x645, instagram.png)

I'm going to assume they don't.

No. 21298

So what's this chickie's name?

No. 21307

Holy shit, I thought someone posted a picture of a corpse. Someone PLEASE get her help, this is really sad.

No. 21311

Her name is Ashley, not sure on her last name though.

No. 21312

nvm I'm dumb. It's "Ashley Finch" apparently.

No. 21313

it's bad when the hardcore thinspo girls are terrified of her.

No. 21315

I remember her from this thread >>9230.
I still can't believe she's still alive.

No. 21317

File: 1415167474906.png (722.8 KB, 1169x651, jesus christ on a bike.png)

holy shit, this is genuinely scary.

No. 21318

Is she just eating enough so her body doesn't shut down?

No. 21321

this makes me soo uncomfortable holy hell

No. 21324

I have to hide most of her pics when they're in a thread because I'm physically repulsed. Even QR doesn't do that to me.

No. 21352

File: 1415186531595.jpg (170.29 KB, 536x587, ash.jpg)

No. 21353

File: 1415187646950.jpg (105.98 KB, 536x728, yup.jpg)

No. 21362

File: 1415198005867.jpg (246 KB, 855x773, jfc how.jpg)

This is the twat shes hanging out with. http://emergencymittens.tumblr.com/ (pic related that's her new "friend")

I don't see how hanging out with someone who has the same ED as you is going to help fix your ED.

Also shes so slow as to not getting why her instagram keeps getting deleted.

No. 21364

Worst thing is this chick has two daughters, who are at a very impressionable age.

No. 21365

Lol in the comments of her wish list someone said. >Are you going to be alive long enough to receive anything? (kek)

No. 21367

Ma anaconda don't…

No. 21368

File: 1415200055817.jpg (80.53 KB, 640x640, 10802776_959648834063734_44680…)

She plans to go to Mega.
I'm sure she'll stick out like a sore thumb with the way she looks and plus in cosplay(seeing how it wont fit her.)

If I see her around I'll take pics.(Its a few months off though)

No. 21369

It's such a shame because this woman is beautiful.

No. 21370

Isn't this that ghostxperfume girl or whatever? Yeah, I remember her being posted long after SR's death, too.

No. 21371

What the fuck are you so upset about? At least she's actually made a new friend instead of being lonely and around her disgusting mother all the time. Not only that, but they actually understand each other and have similar struggles.
This is probably the only time I've been pushed to whiteknight someone who's been posted on this board, jfc

No. 21372

I'm not even mad.
What crawled up your ass and died.

No. 21374

Jesus christ. I feel bad for her though, she is very clearly in deep with her ED.
How the fuck is she not on a peg feed yet? Legitimately, she needs medical attention.

No. 21376

Ashley is kind of a mental and isn't actually a very nice person, but that's definitely down to the fact that she has permanent starvation-rage.

She'll be dead soon anyway.

No. 21377

She can be a jerk, but I can't help but feel badly for her because she is clearly so sick.

Her mother could absolutely have her committed and save her life, but clearly doesn't care enough to do so, which is terrible.

No. 21378

People always say 'she'll die soon' but she's been like this for a few years now at least so who knows. We had this discussion in the last thread.

No. 21383


Yeah I've followed her for a few years and although she has always been bad her present state is the worst I've ever seen her.

Even if she decided to recover right now she probably wouldn't live for very long after; the damage is done.

As a Human Physiology/Biochem student I can tell you with her confidence that her emaciation has reached such a point that it appears her body is in the final stages of catabolising her organs and it doesn't look like there's much left to devour. I'm actually amazed she's still moving around as I can tell you she will be in enormous amounts of pain some days from joint pain to peptic ulcers and constipation and anal fissures.

She's got a heart attack in the mail and I wouldn't be surprised if it's due any week now. Unless she gets help now she'll be dead before 2016, that I can guarantee.

We really are a resilient species aren't we?

No. 21400

>We really are a resilient species aren't we?
It's kind of amazing in a way.

No. 21401

I think her mother has given up trying to help her seeing as she doesn't want to help herself so she just keeps falling back to her ED.
She doesn't want to stop having the ED.

And too the people who think her mom is a massive cunt, we don't know this. This is coming from someone who lies, and more likely than not, bitch aint getting her way so she calls her mom a meany butt pants just like every other cow.

No. 21404

i'm friends with her on facebook, her name is ashley isaacs. i really just feel terribly for her because she must be in a lot of pain on a daily basis..

i wonder how those morbidly obese fat acceptance movement swj's feel about her. they're probably cunts about any other eating disorder than their own.

No. 21406

>they're probably cunts about any other eating disorder than their own.

I'm kind of curious about this. I think anorexics and the super morbidly obese are two ends on a spectrum of disordered eating and I think they can tend to dislike each other (with plenty of exception, of course).

I kind of wish though that people would see the super morbidly obese the same way we see an anorexic–as someone with an eating disorder and possible mental illnesses. It seems, to me, like it would end up with better ways of treatment and rehabilitation than "just eat less fatty lol" type advice which means nothing to someone like this. It's the equivalent of someone telling this girl to just eat a sandwich.

Anyway, I find these pictures very sad. Aside from her eating disorder, how exactly is she a lolcow? I missed the SR thread.

No. 21410

Yeah, it's ok when ugly people get eating disorders, lol.

No. 21411

Someone told her that before.
>"You won't live to 2014"
and yet here she is

No. 21413

>Aside from her eating disorder, how exactly is she a lolcow? I missed the SR thread.

I don't think she is one? The only reason why she's posted here is for us to marvel at her ability to survive at such a low weight. Kind of like how those bbw cuties pictures are posted in the fat thread; so we can marvel at their disgusting obesity.

But I guess some people think Ashley is mean or something, but like >>21376 said, she's probably just has starvation rage. People will go insane when they are starved.

No. 21420

Her old pictures though. She was so pretty. ;-;

No. 21422

From what I read her mother probably has a huge hand in keeping her from getting help. If I know anything about abusive mothers is that they will manipulate you until you feel like what is happening is normal. Basically the bitch is trying to bring her daughter down with her.

No. 21428

File: 1415217728505.png (5.92 KB, 517x128, l.PNG)

Yes of course other people acting bad is making your bad behaviour acceptable

No. 21429

Ummm it's HER fault. She is letting herself rot away and she doesn't expect people to stare?

If she doesn't want people to stare then get help.

No. 21431

She is posting thinspo(pic with fingers around leg captioned 'sorry not sorry' etc) and is generally really cunty
She once posted her japanese takeout and made it all cute and said she threw it all up and is always posting food and saying 'down the toilet it goes' It makes me mad that she portrays her ed like she does tbh

No. 21446


Yeah, when I was anorexic I used to be SO. FUCKING. ANGRY.

Like you couldn't talk to me. I was short and snippy with people and would get mad and throw tantrums every fucking day. I was a nightmare to be around.

No. 21447

I was never anorexic, per se, but when I had a mental breakdown a while back I wouldn't eat and counted my calories. All that jazz.

I fucking hated everybody. It took all I had not to snap at my customers and my boyfriend.

No. 21448

I'm anorexic and I'm not angry at all. Just angry at myself lol. But I was never an angry person to begin with I guess it depends much on a persons character, too.

No. 21449

Is that supposed to be her ass?

No. 21450

I guess so
At first I was like 'wait where is her head'

No. 21452

Good for you, go be snowflakes else where.

No. 21455

y u mad tho

No. 21457

She's underage, isn't she? Where are her fucking parents?

No. 21459

if so, her mother needs to be reported.

No. 21460

actually, i want to ask why the fuck that hasn't been done yet. they are both clearly in need of mental help. someone needs to call the police or cps or something.

No. 21461

I thought she was older, in her 20s or 30s?

No. 21463

apparently her mother is just as bad & they treat their anorexia like a competition with each other.

No. 21464

Maybe I haven't dug far enough into her Tumblr, but the only thing I found kinda disagreeable about her is the fact that she's breastfeeding a 3 year old. Other than that, it sounds like she's well aware that she has a problem and that she wants to recover to be a better role model for her kids. That sounds like someone who could potentially be a good influence on Ashley.

No. 21465

>go be snowflakes
>on lolcow

What do you think most of us catty bitches are, honestly?

No. 21466

>Lists their illnesses first and foremost in their About

Always a good sign.

No. 21468

How does she produce milk? Is it like evaporated powdered milk that puffs out

No. 21483


Thank you for that mental image anon.

No. 21520


Fatass detected.

No. 21528

Nope but I take you are one of the faggy snowflakes.

No. 21556

File: 1415236749739.jpg (16.71 KB, 267x200, unnamed.jpg)

Everyone on lolcow is a snowflake?! SAY IT AINT SO

No. 21566

I have followed her for quite a while on twitter as well as tumblr. It is really fucking sad, because she does seem like a nice girl who is literally at her breaking point. She comes off as brash most of the time, because she is just sick of being sick.

I have always wondered why she was not admitted to some sort of treatment facility? I know she is over the age of 18, but surely someone would be able to convince her, or get some sort of court order.

No. 21572

File: 1415241136999.png (25.21 KB, 610x409, black person is scary.png)

>I can't be racist, I know a black person! Plus a black person was mean to me once so it doesn't matter!

No. 21762

At least she's being honest and entirely self aware.

No. 21765

..Anon, I was upset about how often I get shit for being skinny.

Thank you for making this thread, I'm going to tell my "friends" to fuck off now.

No. 21766

I wonder how long this new friendship of Ashley's will go on .

none of them have lasted longer than a few months, as Ashley unfortunately becomes extremely attached/clingy/obsessed REALLY quickly.

No. 21767

oh, forgot to add, and then becomes disinterested just as quickly, but even faster if you don't instantly return all her misplaced affections..

No. 21770

File: 1415356475655.png (1.3 MB, 1242x627, ohman.png)

No. 21782

new tats!
i don't know a thing about tattoos, but isn't there a weight limit or something on getting them? i've heard stories of petite but healthy people passing out during/after getting tattoos. she is literally just chicken skin wrapped over a skeleton, there's nothing under there. what artist would be comfortable tattooing her?

this is legitimately frightening, oh god

No. 21783

File: 1415364906618.jpg (76.95 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nemu9mFvjL1rsdowgo1_500…)

forgot pic

No. 21784

I know that there's a weight limit on tattoos when it comes to really fat people. Even then though it depends on the artist.

Most don't want to do it on fat people because the skin is so stretched and fragile that the ink won't hold well and it'll look like shit.

I don't think anorexics have that problem, but passing out because she's already so weak in the first place could be an issue.

No. 21785

Yep, I think the only people that hate on her are those used to the saccharine sweet fake personalities of pronana kawaii bloggers. She doesn't have that personality, so when people ask her a rude question, she'll respond in a legitimately lulzy way instead of moping around.

I feel really bad for her, and I don't understand why she isn't in an eating disorder clinic. She needs help ASAP and her mum isn't helping her obviously, I think she mentioned a few times that she got her eating disorder patterns and such at a v young age from her mother, who would starve, throw up etc. to look skinny, would have competitions with her to see who would lose more weight. It's messed up.

No. 21786

How is being scared of black people racist?

In the area I live in, most black people I see are from the asylum centre in my city, which is a crime hotspot that has recently even had a stabbing. It's to the point that the police had to make a public statement that they will increase patrolling around the asylum centre, after a teen girl was molested IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET by some ghanaian dude.

Whenever I see a black male, I know that there is an extremely high probability that they're from the asylum centre. My heart rate goes up, I become afraid. They're the ONLY men I've seen bother random women in the street in an aggressive manner.

I'll be afraid if I want to, if that makes me racist, or if that makes that proana girl racist, so be it.

I hate how due to PC nonsense we're not even allowed to be afraid or careful anymore.

No. 21788

>How is being scared of black people racist?
>How is being scared of a race racist?

are u shitting me

No. 21791

>being this naive
you know where you belong.
If I see someone behaving dangerously on the street time and time again of course I will be scared of similar looking people in the future.
Don't bother, anon. I had to move to a different area because my part of the city was overrun by immigrants who were harassing people 24/7, but when I say that to people I get called the next Hitler even though I'm an immigrant myself, just not an illegal like most of them.
Let it go, you can't reason with these people and they'll always find a way to strawman.

No. 21794


>Hurrrr you're not a SJW, go back to Unichan

>Hurrrr you're not racist, go back to Tumblr/PULL


No. 21795

you're not even making any sense

No. 21809

So, let me get this straight, if around 95% of the black people I see are from the asylum centre and thus more likely to commit a crime, I'm racist for getting antsy when I see them?

They are less that 2% of my tiny city's population and manage to commit most of the crimes. It's impressive in a way.

My definition of racism is not the SJW one, so I guess in that sense I'm racist.

For what it's worth, I don't think blacks are inferior at all, if we had a huge flood of white blue eyed nordic asylum seekers that commited lots of crimes, I'd be antsy around blue eyed blond nordic men.

No. 21810

It's pretty sad, have you seen what happened to sweden? Your country is next.

No. 21811


I know exactly what you mean.

The city I live in in the UK has a really high percentage of immigrants living here, particularly from countries like Nigeria, Senegal, Pakistan etc. and let me tell you, these fucking pigs have absolutely no respect for women and even less so if you're a white woman, and then even less if you happen to be blonde haired as I am.

Whenever I see one coming towards me down the street I actually anticipate some form of interaction from them, be it them trying to pick me up, catcalling or just leering at me. I used to be really timid about it when I first moved here but now I respond to it really aggressively, screaming and shouting and swearing at them.
Like, it makes me so fucking angry that I cannot walk the streets in my OWN FUCKING COUNTRY without enduring harassment from immigrants.

I am actually considering purchasing a survival knife and sewing a hidden pocket into my coat because I feel like I'm going to be bundled into a car one day walking home.

Even today I was doing some shopping in my local Tesco and I had some guy from Africa come over and start hitting on me, in the middle of the fucking aisle whilst I'm clutching bread, milk and salad cream.

I don't think this is racist in the slightly, it's a developed reaction to past experienced. People who try to deny that these types of people from certain countries aren't vile, rapey little cretins aren't living in the real world because you can fucking guarantee that they would pin you down and gang-rape you in a second if they could.

No. 21814

As soon as you start assuming that all black people are from the aslyum centre, that they must have been a criminal (and you can get into how black people are disportionally in the prison system because of racism too) you are being racist.

You are 100% racist too mate, although it is obvious as soon as you call the immigrates pigs. There is a lot of racism in the UK because of people with your mindset, and it has nothing to do with the immigrates having 'no respect' for women, as white boys are just as fucked up.

There is a big difference between saying that you are scared of a particular situation happening (rape, mugged, etc) and saying that you believe a whole group of people, whether it is a race or gender or culture, etc, is going to do it to you.

No. 21815

I don't want to derail the thread with this nonsense, so you're welcome to make a thread to soapbox your views on /b/ so we can respond.

Let's stop this now though, because we're ruining the thread for everyone else.

No. 21816

File: 1415375629246.png (289.73 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nel5plZP661u1ezuko1_128…)

lol she's doing that thing smegheh does, where they lean forward and tense up so they'll look skinnier in the photos. Top kek.

No. 21817

File: 1415375694150.jpg (338.39 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nekwa8M7o31u1ezuko1_128…)

Ermergherd so skinny, plz pay attention to me.

No. 21818

File: 1415375878496.jpg (18.03 KB, 480x360, karenanorexia.jpg)

You know even if these chicks start eating again their hearts might still give out from their past anorexic behavior. Isn't that what happened to Karen Carpenter?

No. 21819

File: 1415376276577.jpg (55.79 KB, 620x388, rochdale_2214849b.jpg)


kek, point out for me where I denounced all immigrants as pigs? Protip: you can't because I never said that

>that you believe a whole group of people, whether it is a race or gender or culture, etc, is going to do it to you

In my area there was a recent nationwide scandal in which the lid was blown off of an enormous paedophile ring that had been kidnapping, drugging, raping and forcing young, British, white girls into prostitution, but despite numerous reports to the police they refused to properly investigate for fear of being branded "racist".

Picture related are the mugshots of a HANDFUL of the ringleaders. Every single person involved was an Asian male immigrant.

You look at that image and you try to tell me one more fucking time that I am being paranoid. You are not living in the real world.

Also if anybody is interested:


No. 21820

Yeah you can use this example but most serial killers are white males. You scerd now?

No. 21821


I legitimately hold serial killers in higher esteem than I do rapists and offending paedophiles.

Killing a person is one thing but overpowering somebody and forcing yourself onto them sexually is a whole other level of repulsion that I cannot articulate properly.
There seems to be an enormous problem in the UK with Asian sexual offenders, the whole affair makes me sick to my stomach and is a damn fucking shame to the genuinely decent people who come to the UK for educational/career prospects.

No. 21822


This conversation is stupid. You are stupid. Take it to tumblr.

No. 21823

almost all serial killers are rapists too though.

Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer… the only one I can think of from the notorious U.S serial killers that didn't rape anyone is the only female, Aileen Wuornos.

No. 21825


Yeah and they are fucking gross too. They don't have to be non-white in order for me to be reviled by them, all I'm saying is that there is a weirdly strong connection with men having come from Western Asian countries and Africa and being sexual offenders and paedophiles. Like, you seriously cannot deny that this is a thing if you live in the UK because it's fucking every where.

No. 21826

Yo all you guys who are going around the threads and derailing the conversations with issues of race need to cut the crap. You guys need to make your own thread to release your pent up racist thoughts honestly. Now then, this thread is about some skinny bitch. So please stay on topic.

No. 21833

I am pretty sure that Ed Gein wasn't a rapist. Not all male serial killers are rapists. You are just as bad as the people you brand racist by labeling all killers as rapists/pedophiles

No. 21838

I just feel super bad for Ashley because she's so obviously sick and in need of all the help that she can possibly get. My situation was never as severe as hers, but I see a lot of my past self in her. I know her life is none of my business, but despite that, I sometimes send her nice anon messages. She has never replied to a single one, but I guess I'm doing it more for my own gratification anyway. It makes me feel better to think that I at least tried to write words of support to someone who really could use some.

No. 21850


I'm making plenty sense. That's what every single fucking discussion about race here boils down to.

No. 21852

Can we stop the race talk please? i'm a damn tumblerina but this is about this girl with E.D and i want to read about her not this race talk.

No. 21855

Maybe we are being racist. But racism, even in the UK constitution, is literally defined as "anything a person deems it to be" so who the fuck knows anymore. I don't care that I'm racist, so be it. I just want to be left alone in my own country without illegals and welfare leeches calling me a whore.

No. 21856

I hope I'm white enough to call you a whore. Stop posting.

No. 21857

No. Fuck off back to Tumblr.

No. 21858

I call bs on that last part.

No. 21859

P much, but I would assume if they just started eating normally, and not work up to eat like a normal person.

But then again I aint a doctor so I don't really know.

No. 21860


Goddamn she does have a beautiful face though.
If she put on even just 20lbs she would be gorgeous.

No. 21864

File: 1415394309025.jpg (304.86 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_neojzv8cHR1u1ezuko3_128…)

You should have these discussions on /b/. I know you're butthurt, but it's really offtopic so please stop.

Oh ya, too bad about her shitty personality. Why do people attention whore like this, I don't get it…

Like in this photo, she's hunching over so her spine sticks out more in the photo. Why does she want us to think she's skinnier than she actually is?

No. 21865

>BAWW you're so mean…You're a whore!

PULL, stop shitposting.

No. 21866

File: 1415394661413.png (939.76 KB, 1242x627, ewwwwww.png)

Another example of her messed up narcissism. This is a nude photo she took with her CHILD. Yes, it's her child.

Can you imagine? She has 2 kids so it's possible she made the other one take the photo. "come cuddle mummy now, and don't move. Johnny can you take the picture?"

Fucked up.

No. 21867

Technically speaking, yes, you are being racist. You can argue about it being reasonable or not, but it is simple racism. That's off topic bs though.

I wonder if she is one of those people that will always have a fuller face no matter what (so, if she gained weight she might end up with a moonface). Her face just looks so normal compared to the rest.

I think it's an issue, yes, they need to be really carefully monitored because their hearts end up really screwed up.

No. 21870

whaaaat the fuuuuck

No. 21872

What makes you think I'm butthurt? I'm actually talking about how pointless and off-topic these discussions are.

No. 21873

what the fuck what the fuck what the fuuuuuck
it kind of looks like the kid is breastfeeding too? this has to be some kind of abuse

No. 21874

Most likely just mental, but it doesn't seem like she cares if her kids end up with the same ED.

No. 21881

She looks very corpselike, but at the same time I'm kind of jealous.

No. 21892

File: 1415400986379.jpg (34.8 KB, 455x319, 1387684207074.jpg)

Jesus christ, how horrifying. Don't you have police? I feel so bad for you guys.

No. 21893

The police won't do anything they too scared of being called racists.

No. 21896

That's her 3 year old that she's still breastfeeding :')

No. 21916

You're jelly of a fucked up bint that photographs herself naked with her kid?

No. 21917

no, because you'll get called racist for basically anything, even for being scared of black men after being assaulted by them i.e see this thread

No. 21918

How does she have anything to breastfeed it with?

Also, I bet she does it purely for weightloss, breastfeeding helps you to lose weight. What a cunt.

No. 21919

File: 1415406873276.png (45.29 KB, 834x640, oooooooooooooooooo.png)


is the only lolcow here. She's hurting her kids, I'm amazed CPS hasn't gotten involved.

Also lol, IQ 170 apparently. Einstein move over.

the ghostperfume one is at least not hurting anyone but herself.

No. 21921

are those huge veins on her chest from breastfeeding? i've never seen that before. she doesn't even have boobs, she just has milky veins and nipples.
i'm scared for her kids, honestly.

No. 21922

even though it's culturally thought of as gross, breastfeeding a 3 year old is v good for the 3 year old, from a purely scientific perspective.

We all know she's not doing it for the kid though lol, she just wants to lose more weight.

No. 21923

I think she had said that she was taking some sort of supplement to be able to breast feed.

Traditionally the average age to ween off of breast feeding is 3 years, verses our modern day timing of like 6 months.

No. 21924

File: 1415407878669.png (36.24 KB, 917x365, no.png)

Her 8 year old cooks, cleans and plays left 4 dead. You know, that super violent zombie game (I'd know, I spent countless hours on it and it's NOT suitable for a child this young).

No. 21925

File: 1415407991815.jpg (294.73 KB, 1600x1000, c5m2_park0005.jpg)

for those who live in a cave deep under a rock and haven't played left 4 dead

No. 21926


No. 21928

File: 1415408315699.gif (238.66 KB, 406x304, hmm.gif)




No. 21931


In terms of the number of serial killers, you are correct. However, when you take into account the percentage of the population that's white, whites are less likely to be serial killers.

No. 21938

please take it to /b/, hell I've even made a thread for you


No. 21939

what are those names from?

No. 21951

She has children?

No. 21960

Karen Carpenter also abused ipecac as a purge inducing agent and unfortunately it weakens the heart as a side effect. It is very likely that even if this girl starts eating again that the damage is already done however.

No. 21963

Same anon who said earlier in the thread that emergencymittens wasn't so bad. Can I take that back? This is absolutely disturbing.

No. 21983

File: 1415449569927.png (58.62 KB, 1208x530, 1212.png)

For someone so smart she sure says some stupid shit.

No. 21984

the needs would puncture bone.

No. 21985


No. 21987

and lol, she cashed out her kid's college fund for the acupuncture, because 'a mother is more important'

No. 21988

Ughhh. Cunt needs to eat so she wouldn't have to do this shit, she obviously doesn't care about her kids if she can't take care of herself.

No. 21989

the best part is that it actually doesn't do anything, acupuncture is glorified quack medicine. She'd be better off spending her 8 year old's money on food for herself, as you've said.

No. 21991

Lol in one of her posts she claims that her doctors say she has an iq of 170 or some bullshit.

No. 22009


I'm gonna be that that one person that steps up and announces that they don't actually have a problem with exposing children to this kind of stuff.

When people talk about sheltering them from "violent movies" or "violent video games" I always have to question why? Like, what do you think will actually happen to them? They'll be what, temporarily afraid? Ohhh nooo so terrible, much scare, so protect.

When I was younger my mother was pretty liberal when it came to this stuff and today I'm an extremely brave, creative person with a broad imagination, zero phobias and an ability to remain calm in what would otherwise be a traumatic/frightening experiences.

Things like that are extremely character building. Children that grow up without this kind of stimulation in their lives often end up developing personalities akin to that of cardboard.

Trying to steer your kids away from this kind of stuff is kind of emotional abuse imo because they're gonna grow up thinking the world is sunshine and rainbows right up until reality smacks them in the face like an iron bar and they won't be able to handle it. THAT is exactly how you end end up developing a mental defect.

No. 22010


honestly, I'm more concerned about an eight year old cooking without adult supervision. When I was that age, I tried to make pasta by myself. I ended up dropping a pot of boiling water all over my stomach because it was too heavy.

I just don't see eight year olds and open flames really mixing well.

No. 22012

Honestly I agree. I play L4D and I don't see the big deal with a kid playing it, it's really not that big a deal.

It's funny, when you actually talk to them about it most kids (as in, every child I've spoken to about this stuff) understands that it is just a game, something depicted on the screen that isn't real. If they don't like it then they can stop watching/playing it. I was raised the same way and it didn't bother me at all, I was always given the option to obviously step away from something I didn't care for. When things are placed in the proper context and with explanation/discussion (as need be) kids are really good at understanding things and their place in the world.

As >>22010 said though the cooking thing is a bit troubling. As a very responsible and careful adult I've had a few accidents in the kitchen, it would be a bit scary and potentially a real problem if it were to happen to a kid.

No. 22014

This. Not to mention knives. I am an adult (although a clumsy one) and had my share of cutting in my fingers when my hand slipped or accidentally dropping the knife and it almost plunging into my foot. I don't really kind showing kids these games/movies as long as they understand that it is not real and in most cases not acceptable behaviour. When i was young my dad and I watched the Rambo triology together and it didnt turn me into a violent monster or anything. I am actually a pretty normal human being.

No. 22021

I really hope that Ashley meant that her eight year old just likes things tidy and tends to straighten up her space (hey some people are like that) and prefers to prepare her own lunches (some kids are picky). I reeeeally hope this child isn't cooking her own dinners.

No. 22034

Ashley doesn't have kids, the other girl, emergencymittens does.

No. 22036


Oh I guess I misunderstood! Oops! Either way, does anyone have the link to her current instagram? I think the one I had got banned.

No. 22045

File: 1415494978870.png (22.04 KB, 581x559, wut.png)

this girl is beyond saving.

No. 22046

how is she hurting her kids…?
also unless specified then I'd imagine that 'cooking' as far as a kid is concerned means something along the lines of 'I microwaved a thing and made myself a sandwich'
honestly don't see the problem with mittens as much as ghostxperfume.
all I see is a girl who's so pathetically wrapped up in the sympathy she leeches from her followers that she refuses to do anything but anhero via ED. she pins all the blame for her behavior on her mother's 'abuse' but all we have as far as evidence of this 'abuse' is concerned is ashley's own severely warped perspective.
even if she was everything ashley described her to be, if the situation is so bad then she should have even more incentive to get better, find a job, and move the fuck out of their house.
but no, it's too easy to keep complaining, wringing sympathy from a fleet of tumblrinas, having all your meals cooked/bought for you by someone else, having your rent taken care of without ever having to life a finger because you're 'too sick'–Ashley's mom sounds more like an enabler, along with the rest of her supporters, for Ashley to ever get better. it's the only way she knows how to get attention by now. if she recovered, the only 'interesting' quality about her would be her rancid personality and fascination with anime.
plus, imagine being ashley's mom, dealing with her fits and tantrums on a daily basis, seeing your daughter waste herself away out of basic spite…and then, probably after she's dead, finding a tumblr full of posts that direct all the blame for her behavior towards you.
nobody deserves that kind of shit.

No. 22048

This is so fucking sad…

No. 22053

Ignoring the cooking, I think the whole situation is pretty damaging to her children. She cant hide her disorder, but she seems to flaunt it a lot, and she cant really know how that affects them down the line when they get to puberty. The whole relationship with a girl who is so much more worse off than her (likely going to die anyday..) while still being with her husband alone will be a lot for children to deal with, and idk how much they are aware of that. The husband has a tumblr so he must be aware of not only the relationship with Ashley but the stuff she posts, which does include her blaming him for her relapse. You have to wonder how aware they are.

It also says a lot that the 8 year old needs to make meals. The husband likely is working since someone has to, and with the mother pretty much unable to do a lot of basic things the 8 year old has to learn faster than a lot would like to be independent.

No. 22055

File: 1415499854520.png (23.04 KB, 571x240, Capture.PNG)

Seriously? Does she think people look up to her? God damn, she's delusional.

No. 22074

File: 1415522647749.png (13.73 KB, 582x325, holyshit.png)

Posts like these make me seriously question what exactly she tells her followers is true.

No. 22075

Since there is no proof (such as, we actually have proof that Debbie is sort of unstable and speaks harshly to PT at times) these over the top things lead me to believe it's all lies. Who knows of course and perhaps her mother abusive but a lot of this stuff sounds like something made up to me.

No. 22076

That, or her mother's totally fucking batshit and states these things as fact … And Ashley's so far in and so far gone she honestly believes them.

No. 22098

To be honest, I'm not surprised. What she says is consistent with her mum being a total cunt, which is a possibility. We can't know if this is true or not, I welcome evidence of her mum being 'nice' or of the skinny girl lying, but until you have that it's insinuations.

No. 25184

File: 1416416736835.png (155.61 KB, 768x1280, Screenshot_2014-11-19-08-53-39…)

Christ, this just makes her seem even more delusional with her mom.

I know she's around 26/27 so chances are she was on her mother's insurance. Which the cost is deducted from your parents paycheck, so YES her mom was paying for her insurance.

In the US you are removed from your parents insurance when you are 26, which is why she has to pay out of pocket now.

No. 25195


I was removed from my parents insurance when I was 21! lame. :(

No. 25197

Doubt it. Ashley's mother had cosmetic surgery recently, I think a few months ago. IIRC, it was breast implants. That's probaby the debt.

No. 25207

Ew didn't know that.
I'm not nitpicking the debt tho, just how she tries to seperate herself and act all independent with "her money". If she had insurance and didn't have a job (Obamacare definitely wasn't around for most of her medical treatment and incidents) then her insurance that was still paying for it; is an expense that was deducted from her mother's paycheck until she was 26.

No. 25211

Don't get me wrong, her mom is probably a cunt, but how delusional she is just replying to asks it seems like she's so far gone and everything now is an extreme.

I really want to see her room/living room situation. If it's some house or 2BR and she had to stay in that area then that's fucked up, but if they are living in a one bedroom apartment then she needs to get a grip.

I know that won't happen though cause we're seeing her at her worst mentally and physically.

No. 25215


You guys have to keep in mind the way that PT used to make out that her mother was this horrible, demonic, bullying wildebeest and we all believed it until multiple sources cropped up disproving this and actually suggesting that in fact she was an okay mom who just wanted the best for her daughter but was frustrated by her often pointless and stupid choices.

This could all just be bullshit being spewed from a disordered mind.

No. 25225

Does anyone know what Erika does with her daughters when she's going to Disneyworld with Ashley? Does Erika drive?

No. 25229

She probably gets disability for her mental illness. She would have Medicare in that case. Or Medicaid, depending.

No. 25237

File: 1416429084747.png (20.82 KB, 568x527, ss (2014-11-19 at 08.27.48).pn…)

No. 25240

It could also be true. A lot of people refuse to believe stories of abuse because they cannot fathom how someone, especially a parent, ESPECIALLY a mother could be that much of a cunt, but it happens even in the best of families and is often a result of mental illness.

You don't have proof her mum is a saint, nor that she's a devil, so there's no point mulling it over either way.

No. 25264


Oh I can fathom, but that's the thing. As someone who came from an abusive household, you get the fuck out of there as soon as you can! People who go through this kind of shit don't stick around only to vent on tumblr. I could see if she was an underage teen who's venting but this woman is in her mid-late 20s.

I know shes way past the point of leaving and surviving on her own now, but she had 8 years to get away from this.

Not the other anon but I'm just mulling over it because it's someone who's already accepted defeat and just wanted to document it when she started tumblr and Instagram.

No. 25265


My mom is a narcissist and dated a pedophile. When my sister and I told her he raped us, she told us she was we were lying, after all, why would he want underdeveloped girls when he had a real woman at his side. She left him a week later.

YEARS later she told us that she knew he did it, but didn't go to the police because it would make her look like a bad mother.
I can't wait until she dies.

I left as soon as I could, I don't get why this girl doesn't either.

No. 25449

File: 1416496432865.png (323.92 KB, 614x358, june-shannon-pic.png)

Dang. Is your mom June Shannon?

No. 25462

It's not as uncommon as you might think, it's really sad :/
I've got a friend who had a mom who almost did the same thing. Except she didn't call the police or report it because she wants money from the dad and if he gets thrown in jail he can't give her $$. I love my friend to death but she's messed up from that and rightfully so, she still has to deal with her mother though.

No. 25514

yeah, it weirds me out how she doesn't want to leave. I mean, she could probably scrape up some sort of accomodation, maybe go to a women's shelter, get a job etc.

No. 25515

Damn, you're lucky she left him, I can't stand pedo scum.

No. 25520


The only reason she left him was because he cheated on her (with us). Her mind is warped and fucked. She wasn't mad that he raped her daughters, she was mad that he cheated. I mean is it cheating if you rape someone? WTF.

I didn't mean to derail the thread, just putting my two cents out there.

I can't believe being 400lbs+ will give you a disability check but you get shit for being on the verge of dying because you're anorexic.

This fucking country, I swear.

I wish I could help her, I know she sounds like an awful person, but sometimes when people have been abused and broken, they develop claws of steel and use them on everything and everyone.

No. 25522

Oh ya, she gets into rages (a common problem with anorexics) but is generally more level headed and well mannered than most tumblerinas.

Don't worry about derailing, your experience is pretty relevant, she may have gone through something similar you went through, maybe she's doing all this to make her mother pay, iono

E hug anon, you're an amazing and strong person. I know this is nothing but light patterns on a screen, but someone out there, a real person, means it, and will be thinking about you and hoping you rise above what happened.

No. 25523

>I can't believe being 400lbs+ will give you a disability check but you get shit for being on the verge of dying because you're anorexic.

this, a thousand times THIS

Why can't she get disability? can an american anon explain this? Anywhere else she'd either be in a treatment facility, a mental ward or have at least financial support and a counsellor.

No. 25533

She is on disability; that's how she can keep buying shit and shipping out packages every damn day even though she talks insistently about how broke her mom is.

You definitely can claim disability here in the states when you have anorexia, the thing is the process is exactly the same as anyone else who applies for it; it takes fucking forever and you may need to do it multiple times before it's approved.
As for why she isn't in a treatment facility, I couldn't tell you since I don't know her personally or anything, but I'd imagine it's because she absolutely refuses her mom has given up. I do know, because she said this on her tumblr, that she has a care team and a counselor.

No. 25534


Thanks for that anon, I legit thought you couldn't get disability for anorexia.

No. 25538


Hey anon, thanks, that made me tear up some. I hope you win the lottery someday.

No. 25541

If I win the lottery, I'm sending PT to japan with a reality tv crew

No. 25559

My dad said something harsh about girls like this that I somewhat agree with minus the "go die" part

He says everything these people do is for attention. They want people to feel bad for them and take care of them so they don't have to do anything. He has never seen an independent person with an eating disorder. To him they are a waste of space and they should hurry up and die since he personally finds them selfish and needy creatures.

For me, I would just hope they get out of that "Take care of me" or "Look at me" mentality.

No. 25564

As someone who used to suffer from a combination of anorexia and bulimia, I agree with you about the part where anorexics want people to pay attention to them, they want someone to take care of them, perhaps they even want to make someone who was wronged them feel bad.

What I think you don't realise however is that it's not something people just decide one day to do. It's an observable disorder with biochemical causes that has been long outlined in medical literature across the world. It's not something someone just decides to do just because they're a whiny cunt.

It's like being on drugs all the time. It causes you to be paranoid, lightheaded, afraid of everyone and everything, it makes you feel hideous, it makes you do completely insane things that at the time make sense.

These are mentally ill people, and as much as I welcome you linking a personality disorder such as narcissism or hpd to anorexia, just saying 'they do it for attention' is not really helpful. Ashley needs help, just like a schizo or a person with OCD need help, so she can become a useful member of society.

Although at her point organ damage is imminent, the damage is irreversible, so even if she gains weight she doesn't have long to live. I think she's just waiting to die.

No. 25568

you should check out 'whinorexics' usually young women or teenage girls who are slim or skinny and pretend to have anorexia (or delude themselves that they have it) for attention.

These aren't actual anorexics. Smeghmeh (not sure if I spelt that right) is an example of a whineorexics. She's skinny, but takes photos specifically to make it seem worse, even paints bags under her eyes.

No. 25625

This 100%. Same as other anons, I grew up in a very abusive household, my dad being the main instigator of all this stuff (he was mentally and physically abusive). Ever since I was very young I would always say to myself that as soon as it was physically possible I was leaving and never speaking to them ever again. I tried to spend as much time away from home as physically possible, I stayed in my friend's house most days of the week.

I'm 22 now and haven't spoken to my dad since I was 16. I have never been happier being away from such a damaging house, I am allowed to feel happy and not have to be surrounded by constant screaming, shouting and having panic/anxiety attacks because you knew shit was going to go down every single day, you just sat around waiting for "the reason" for the house to be smashed up.

I can't imagine how someone could claim to live with someone so awful, horrible and abusive and willingly stay there. I can't understand it. Your constant thoughts are that everything will be better if you leave, that is your goal. It is the thing that gives you hope. That it will be over someday. You will do anything to achieve it, even if it's difficult.
No one in their right mind stays there. No one.

No. 25630

Some people definitely do it for attention. But I don't think that's the majority. I have had many friends with EDs and to be fair they have just been very messed up people in general (lying about having cancer (yes, really), being overly sexually promiscuous (not because she enjoyed sex but because she liked attention/being desired), tricking men into falling in love with her and then breaking up with them in horrible ways to hurt them)… all these from different people I've known with EDs. There is something wrong with them. They are ill.

>He has never seen an independent person with an eating disorder.

My ex best friend was an independent person with an ED. She never brought it up, she never burdened anyone else with it even when she was B/Ping everyday for weeks on end. She never relied on anyone else to help or fix her. She started off overweight and then became underweight. She just wanted to be liked and accepted. She had gotten harassed/bullied many times growing up and she snapped I guess. It was actually the opposite of wanting attention, she wanted to be left alone.

No. 25682

Assuming she isn't lying about her mother, it seems as if the abuse is insidious little comments and barbs that are less dramatic (excluding the fact that she also helped her daughter develop an eating disorder and probably fucks with her self esteem).

I think with more…dramatic (for lack of a better word) and explosive abuse (as you suffered, and I'm sorry for that) people are a lot more willing and able to get up and go. But the emotional abuse combined with their possibly mutual issues regarding food and self esteem makes me think it's one of those abusive relationships where people are just stuck together and can't quit each other. Plus if her mother is that manipulative I have to think she has all sorts of mind tricks to keep her daughter there, and the ED is just making it worse.

No. 25689

it was hard for me to leave because my dad would be abusive half the time and a normal and caring person the other half of the time. it made me keep thinking things would get better eventually or that maybe it was my fault when he would be violent (because he wasn't like that all the time so i thought i might have been triggering it or something). i would have panic attacks because i didn't know if the day was going to be awful or good; it was unpredictable. it took me a long time to realize i needed to leave.

No. 25842

In some ways he's right. I suffered from bulimia and anorexia at different times during my teens and while this doesn't describe me, it does describe some of the girls I met.
I did ballet seriously, had strict teachers that started policing our weight at about 13. I had a perfect body but got paranoid that I was going to be told to lose weight, this grew into bulimia by 14. Nothing for attention or anything, I just wanted to be able to dance without get pulled over after class and told I need to stop eating as much. Funnily enough, when I managed to get some sort of hold on this at 16, I put on enough weight recovering to be called over after class and given a diet plan.
During this time one of my friends noticed that people were talking about how I must be anorexic cause I was so skinny and I never ate in front of people (had a why eat if you're not gunna binge mentality). Suddenly she decides she's anorexic and starts flaunting her fake ED, all the while, not losing more than 3kg the entire 6 months she did it. Another one of my friends followed her but ended up falling into legitimate anorexia. Served her right for pretending to have a serious mental disorder for attention.
My anorexia was something I was in the depths of when I moved out of home for the first time. Aside from the ED, I was a normally functioning human who was desperate to hide that she was in any way sick and even deluded herself into thinking wasn't actually anorexic. I got scouted for modelling (I'd stopped ballet by now for various reasons and had gone back to what I weighed post-bulimia) but got told I had to lose 15lb or so before they'd do anything with me. My desperation to start working faster and my history with bulimia cause my plan of losing the weight healthily to go out the window. I only became dependant again and moved back home once just how ill I was hit me and needed my parents to help me through recovery.

Sorry for the life story, it's just not all anorexics/bulimics (ha)are doing it for attention. One reason many girls do end up with an ED though is because they're scared of growing up and starving allows them to get rid of their womanly features, these types are legitimate sufferers but do fall into the needy, selfish type your dad is aware of.

No. 26427

File: 1416943669199.jpg (599.4 KB, 1280x1707, someone feed her.jpg)

Her knees…

No. 26430

The hair's a wig right?

No. 26434


No. 26445

Jfc, I want to puke. I don't really follow this girl so I'm still kind of horrified every time I see one of her pictures. Is this recent? How is she still alive?

No. 26462

This scares me so much. She is a living skeleton with a bit of flesh put over the bones, it looks so bizarre.

No. 26472

fuck. if your knee bones are wider than your thighs you should probably be dead, wtf. how is she alive?!

No. 26572

Your dad sounds a lot like my mom anon. Its terrifying when someone in the position of a parent is so unpredictable and I really started to blame myself because surely there had to be a reason for her to flip the fuck out like she did. When I really thought about it I knew I wasn't to blame but that made it even more scary and unpredictable.

No. 26763

Life must be hell for her. I heard that anorexics have a hard time sitting or laying down due to having no protective fat cushion. But I also wonder how the hell is she still able to walk around or even keep herself up for more than a few seconds?? There's zero muscle, and so much damage to her body, how des this work? How is she still alive, after all this time and in this condition?

This is so fucking scary. I feel sorry for her.

No. 26786

I think she uses a wheelchair most of the time, but then gets up briefly for photos etc.

But yeah, still surprised she's still alive, same as everyone else.

No. 26795

File: 1417045587565.png (31.22 KB, 567x644, wtf.png)

>I think she's just waiting to die.

That's exactly what she's doing, anon.

No. 26854

>I think she's just waiting to die.

Isn't that what many anorexics do? To die, or simply "fade away"? To some it can be a slow approach to suicide.

No. 26864

Most people don't do it for attention, definitely not. Most girls do it out of insecurity that spirals out of control and lack of people who are supportive, which turns into depression and an ED.
I've heard of an 8yo girl who suffered from anorexia. It was terrifying.
For a lot of them it seems to stem out of this obsession with being skinny and petite. The attention whoring is just… well, a lot of teenage girls do it, it's definitely a part of growing up for a lot of people whether they like to admit it or not. Faking an illness to have someone take care of you isn't really alarming, just annoying, until they get out of hand of course but I think a lot of them are just so starved for positive attention that they resort to such things.

No. 26938

Yeah… I think she really is just waiting to die. I've been there once with a combination of anorexia and bulimia, but hid it from everyone. It was just my way of trying to commit suicide since I felt I deserved to suffer since everyone close to me abused me so much, maybe I deserved it because of how badly I was treated.

Anyway, that was years ago. I really do hope this girl can get some help… I genuinely feel sad for her, I feel like crying.

No. 26945

I don't know, I've seen tons of girls do it for attention, or repeatedly imply disordered eating for attention. It's not normal for people to be complete attention whores (so I'm sorry if you had to grow up around such people), and faking illnesses is a shitty thing to do (so again, sorry if you grew up around such fuckheads to think it's common or normal).

Some girls don't even really have the disordered eating necessarily, they just imply they do and then (as someone else upthread mentioned), try to make themselves look thinner and weaker than they really are for their profiles.

I'm not denying that eating disorders can't exist on their own, they do, but I do think a lot of self destructive behaviors can be for the purpose of getting attention and ED related stuff is now among them.

No. 26968

If she was in the UK I'm pretty sure she'd be sectioned and eventually force fed.

No. 26969

Yeah, I'm amazed that she's allowed to be out and allowed. Why isn't she on an IV drip and being force fed?

No. 27062


She needs to be reported I think, her mom doesn't give a fuck so she doesn't call the proper channels.

She is completely and totally mentally unstable, there's just no way any sane person would willingly starve themselves to the point she's at right now.

She's going to die.

No. 27077

actually it's a little harder than you might expect the uk has a really good reputation for mental health services but I think trying to get somebody sectioned quite difficult i have an older sister who has schizophrenia from abusing drugs and 1 day she is going absolutely crazy throwing things around in a real manic state and was screaming about how there were cctv cameras in a computer and aliens were spying on her. My mother and i called of the doctor to try and get them send an ambulance over let me to section her for the doctor told us that he will do not do anything unless she is actually making an attempt on her life how f* up is that that they wouldn't take action until she was really trying to hurt herself? also i apologize for any mistakes in this post i'm browsing the web site from my phone and so i'm using the microphone function to speak and make my posts.

No. 27080


>Look guys, you've had your fun with the sectioning. There's going to be no more sectioning today.

No. 27574

File: 1417492414508.jpg (119.33 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nfx42fixAr1rsdowgo1_500…)

No. 27576

The absolute definition of a shudder cow.

Seriously, how can anyone not feel terrible for this poor girl? She's probably not going to live that much longer at this rate. It's horrifying to watch.

No. 27577

Reminds me of concentration camp liberation photos from ww2.

I just want to take her home and feed her, how does her own mother not cry every time she looks at this emaciated shell of her daughter?

No. 27580

I have this strong, maternal urge to prepare a nourishing stew for her.

No. 27592

Her mother is a malignant narcissist.
I don't know if she has other siblings, but she's definitely the Scapegoat, and she most likely has a brother or sister that is the Golden Child.
Narcissists don't care. They have no empathy. She wants her to die and then milk her death for her own pity party. Narcissists do love the attention.

No. 27603

A lot of narcissistic and generally shitty parents revel in the attention, loving and adoration they receive for raising a sick son or daughter. They're touted as pillars of parental love, perseverance, and compassion even if behind the scenes they don't give a fuck about their child being sick (or, in the case of Munchausen's By Proxy, even though they caused the illness in the first place).

No. 27631

It would probably kill her at this point.

No. 27648

No it wouldn't.

No. 27666

actually yeah. when you've reached that point, if you suddenly eat something rich it can make your body go into shock and you die. haven't you heard of the soldiers giving jews candy bars and other foods to jews after freeing them from the concentration camps only to have them die because their bodies couldn't handle food that complex?

a person who's been starved like that needs to be slowly given simple foods, very small portions at a time, though frequently, until they are able to handle something more. half their organs aren't working properly any more, a hunk of fatty beef in a stew would fuck her up all to hell.

No. 27669

Indeed, they're only able to eat very small portions, all that happens if they eat too much is that they will throw up. If they eat a lot frequently after not having eaten anything they can have severe gastrointestinal problems, which combined with their alread pitiful state can put them in 'shock' and kill them.

Thank you for the info about the jews being given candy bars, I legit did not know about that. I'm still sceptical about the candy being outright deadly to them.

The 'complexity' of the foods they eat isn't an issue because they have the same enzymes and stomach acids as we do to break down their foods. The body doesn't "forget" what to do with a complex carbohydrate.

Iono I'm just not convinced a beef stew would kill an anorexic, can anyone else weigh in on this?

No. 27672

nope. they can have a heart attack and die.

its called "refeeding syndrome"

>During prolonged fasting the body aims to conserve muscle and protein breakdown by switching to ketone bodies derived from fatty acids as the main energy source. The liver decreases its rate of gluconeogenesis thus conserving muscle and protein. Many intracellular minerals become severely depleted during this period, although serum levels remain normal. Importantly, insulin secretion is suppressed in this fasted state and glucagon secretion is increased.[4]

>During refeeding, insulin secretion resumes in response to increased blood sugar; resulting in increased glycogen, fat and protein synthesis. This process requires phosphates, magnesium and potassium which are already depleted and the stores rapidly become used up. Formation of phosphorylated carbohydrate compounds in the liver and skeletal muscle depletes intracellular ATP and 2,3-diphosphoglycerate in red blood cells, leading to cellular dysfunction and inadequate oxygen delivery to the body's organs. Refeeding increases the basal metabolic rate. Intracellular movement of electrolytes occurs along with a fall in the serum electrolytes, including phosphate, potassium and magnesium. Glucose, and levels of the B1 vitamin thiamine may also fall. Cardiac arrhythmias are the most common cause of death from refeeding syndrome, with other significant risks including confusion, coma and convulsions and cardiac failure.

>This syndrome can occur at the beginning of treatment for anorexia nervosa when patients have an increase in calorie intake and can be lethal.[5] The shifting of electrolytes and fluid balance increases cardiac workload and heart rate. This can lead to acute heart failure. Oxygen consumption is also increased which strains the respiratory system and can make weaning from ventilation more difficult.

basically their insulin freaks the fuck out and they go into a coma / have a heart attack


No. 27673

Whoaaah. That's pretty nuts. It's so tragic too, the prisoners were liberated only to be killed by their saviours, the poison being something they daydreamed about for years.

No. 27716

Insulin is the only thing in that sequence of events that isn't fucking up, lol. The problem is the lack of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Lack of potassium is the problem here, without them the body can't use electricity to send signals (I'm not going to bother explaining in depth, because if you were going to understand you would have by reading that paragraph) the heart becomes arrhythmic and fails because there isn't enough potassium for the heart to signal to itself properly.

No. 27750

because at any time she could fucking change. this is a self-inflicted state.
but she's very clearly made her choice to die instead.
I don't feel sorry for people who commit suicide. That's their own choice. if they found their situation in life unbearable to withstand but were too lazy or stupid to figure out how to escape it, well, they probably weren't improving the gene pool anyways.
like seriously, in her condition? she could start a kickstarter or some shit probably and raise enough sympathy cash to move out of her mom's place, if her family is really that awful. but she won't. she thrives on the negative attention she receives on behalf of her condition.

No. 27757


She can work up to the stew then. Maybe we'll just start with some beans and rice…

No. 27760


I think you're probably bait, but people like this are ridiculous.

What you're conveniently forgetting is that if you're already depressed it's very, very hard to dig yourself out of that hole and make any steps toward changing their situation. People who are depressed enough to think about killing themselves feel like there's no escape. That's actually one of the warning signs that someone is suicidal. She probably doesn't have the energy to do much, either, seeing as she's practically a walking skeleton at this point.

8/8, I replied

No. 27768


I'll make her some homemade vegetable soup with barley.

No. 27837

I don't know, I don't see this as so different from someone who is morbidly obese. Yes, you see this type of self destructive behavior as a result of mental illness but at the same time, it is up the individual to pull themselves out of it.

I do think she is suicidal and this is her way of killing herself, hasn't she basically admitted to that already? At a certain point it really is up to individual choice.

No. 27840

Anorexia is way more serious than obesity, it's much more psychological, brain and hormone based. Being a fatass has only slight roots in genes.

No. 27841

I just don't want her to die. But what can I do?

No. 27842

It's more immediately dangerous without a doubt, but someone who is hugely obese is probably just as nuts as someone who is anorexic. Just a different end of the spectrum (I'd say the same for various types of addicts).

No. 27924

The most obvious difference between obesity and anorexia is the thought behind it. Anorexia is more pre-meditated. It arises from the desire to be thin most of the time, which is not something you achieve immediately as opposed to eating which is instantly gratifying. Anorexics are sacrificing the feeling of immediate satisfaction in order to gain a greater feeling of accomplishment later down the road. They hurt themselves in order to fulfill a mental need. Fat people are fulfilling a physical craving. They feel good when they eat, which numbs the discomfort and disgust with their appearance. They will sit around instead of exercising because they get the instant fix of lazing about all day. The guilt kicks in after the fact but can be continually covered up by more eating.
The two are complete opposites. They both have similar effects; the sense of well-being and satisfaction for the anorexic is more of an indirect result. For the obese, the feeling of disappointment or remorse is also an indirect result that comes along further down the road.
The difference is much like 1st or 2nd degree murder; one is pre-meditated and the other is acting based on emotion.
Someone who commits pre-meditated murder can be considered psychotic but most of the time it's just accepted that they were just "not a good person". That's why anorexia is so looked down on and discouraged, while obesity is more easily forgiven. But our society has begun to cater to these people as well. It's corrupt.

I agree with >>27750 to this degree. Most people who commit suicide are in fact beyond helping. But then there are those who have a disorder and deserve to be treated because they have so much to give the world. I knew someone like this and unfortunately the person did commit suicide and I would never think for one moment that they deserved it or it was even their choice. It was the mental illness and society is too pre-occupied with feeding attention whores and victim-fetishists like Orange Citrus that they can't even see a real, genuine psychological disorder for what it is; sad and tragic and entirely treatable…if given the right care.
SJW tumblr shit is just hurting the significantly ill more than anything. No one even takes people seriously when they come out about their disordered feelings and thoughts. Society feeds off of turning someone's misfortune into a front-page selling point.

No. 27935

I didn't grow up around those people, I am talking about faking being sick to get out of chores/homework which a lot of children do. I did it.
And I don't know if I'd still call that attention whoring, these days anyone who DARES ask for attention in a negative or positive way is labelled an attention whore and it's not as simple as that. People don't just do things to get noticed like that, there's usually an ulterior motive.
For these girls I don't think it's attention, it's either insecurity or wanting to be special and unique like all the other self-diagnosed tumblrinas. But this girl doesn't seem to be one of them, her issue is very real.
Your view on this is very simplistic, you're basically implying people with eds are attention whores and no other option is possible, which is just bullshit.

No. 27939

File: 1417614500871.png (221.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-12-03-08-36-06…)

No. 27940

File: 1417614538493.png (632.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-12-03-08-44-42…)

No. 27941

I didn't know who's thread to post this to but I laughed and then felt awful. What different extremes.

No. 27958

not bait.
yeah, depression is hard to get out of once you're in the thick of it. that doesn't justify resigning yourself to suicide. most likely, a large part of this girl's depression can be directly attributed to her environment, but she's decided that she's incapable of escaping it (even though escape is literally at her fingertips) and would rather die in one of the most excruciatingly drawn-out processes ever. if she really wanted to end her life, taking sleeping pills with a glass of wine would be much easier. the method she's chosen is simply to make a spiteful statement.
depression's not a 'hole' that you have to live in the rest of your life, esp. when your condition is at the point of garnering such strong reactions from total strangers, as this thread demonstrates. you CAN get help. we've all got our demons, but very few people allow themselves to self-destruct over them.
if Ashley was actually trying to recover from her ED I'd have all the sympathy in the world for her, but I don't see any evidence that she wants to.

No. 27975


I didn't mean depression was something you had to live with for the rest of your life, just that it's pretty hard for people to work up the motivation to bounce back, but I see where you're coming from.

I dunno. Maybe at this point she knows she's probably damaged her organs beyond repair? I wonder when the last time she saw a doctor was.

No. 28257

File: 1417743561938.png (352.6 KB, 660x576, ohgod.png)

cringing the fuck out

No. 28289

I had a nightmare about that once. I was doing something with my fingernails -painting or something- and a few just slid off. Ugh. I don't know what wrong with this girl but I imagine it just came off.

No. 28291

File: 1417760097120.gif (1.23 MB, 285x212, 111.gif)

No. 28293

Ugh, me too. My grandpa was born without a nail on one of his thumbs and I almost lost a toenail after my other grandpa accidentally stepped on it with his workboots, so it's not an unusual nightmare for me.

Severe vitamin deficiency can cause you to lose your nails. So can going into space, apparently. Either way, you can take comfort in knowing that your nail will probably grow back; it just might not look exactly the same as before.

No. 28294

Fingernails being pulled off just remind me of this:

No. 28295

But why would you put a band-aid that's unsanitary af.

No. 28315

Nails falling off always reminds me of Kelly Brook. After she got kicked off Channel 4 for being too much of a ditz she hosted an MTV TRL type show and one time she talked for like five minutes about how her toe nails always fall off.

No. 28322

D-did she mean fake nails? Like >>28293 said, she'd have a vitamin deficiency if not.

No. 28348

Could her mom possibly be charged with neglect of a disabled adult if this was brought to the police's attention? Because I'm genuinely concerned and I think that most of us here are.

No. 28353


Yes actually! Yes she can. We should say something, this is a life or death situation.

No. 28419

I think we should normally I'd be a no go on contacting friends, family or people who would interfere with lolcows lives. Buts she's definitely not a lolcow. Then again how hasn't any therapists intervened. We should get her on intervention. Is intervention still a show?

No. 28422


no, it got cancelled after 14 seasons. :(

But I agree, she's getting out of hand. Something needs to be done. This is too much.

No. 28424


It's back on again, just on a different channel.


No. 28426

Doesn't the family/friends have to submit them to those shows?

No. 28429


yeah I think so. Too bad her mom utterly sucks.

No. 28465

File: 1417889479526.jpg (102.27 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ng63ntLG2g1rsdowgo1_500…)


No. 28468

How much do you guys think she weighs?
I have no idea how she even holds herself up…

No. 28469

Re >>28348, it appears that the thing to do would be to contact the Adult Protective Services for the Orlando area here: https://reportabuse.dcf.state.fl.us/

You can file a report online and don't have to provide a phone number. I didn't submit anything because I feel like I don't know nearly enough about the situation (I haven't been following any of this very closely) and wouldn't be able to answer followup questions.

So if someone else who has a better idea of what's happening with her wants to take the time to do this, that would be fantastic.

No. 28471

I just thought of how she could be considered a depressed, alternate universe Quirky if she owned a "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" shirt.

No. 28474

Yeah, definitely. I'm worried for her too.

No. 28475

File: 1417900462680.png (37.49 KB, 560x854, welp.png)

welp, that relationship with >>21817
sure lasted.

No. 28483

And she used to post a lot of pictures with two of them, calling her a "special person" and how life without Erika makes no sense to her.

No. 28520

I also want to add to your post:

Eating disorders are not always related to wanting to lose weight or be a certain weight. They are often times the byproduct of another underlying mental condition.

I've suffered from a fear of throwing up since I was a small child. As a result of this, I restricted my eating because in my mind I thought "well, if I don't eat anything, then I can't ever throw up." Doctors did not believe me when I told them I did not want to lose weight and that it had nothing to do with self-image. It actually was not until years later that I realized what exactly was causing it, but thankfully by that point I was eating again.

It sucks though, because I will often times find myself slightly reverting back to that behavior and it freaks me out.

No. 28537

I understand how you feel, anon. Ever since I was a kid I've been terrified of throwing up. I ended up struggling to eat a single meal a day out of fear that I'd vomit and when I did eat I felt like I would. I ended up dropping 50+ pounds from this. It was probably the most miserable year of my life. The only plus was I stopped being a fatty-chan.

Sorry for the ~mememe~ blog post, but it feels great to come across someone with a similar issue.

No. 28538


I think I'm going to file that report. I know it sounds weird, but I feel like this is a see something, say something situation. She's not well, and she needs help.

No. 28539

Does anyone know where I can find her dox info? For the report, that is.

No. 28540


supporting this. Also emetophobic here but not related to ED (that only really makes me not want to eat in restaurants). My ED was caused by OCD, not really because I wanted to lose weight but because my routines made it really difficult to eat without triggering bad panic attacks, so I was about 34kg (I am a migit so its not that bad).

Later I did develop a real ED after majoritively beating my OCD and being able to eat again, after not eating so long I ended up getting chubs pretty fast, tho that point it a bit moot ATM.

Went from 32kg - 48kg - 42kg

No. 28541


I messed up my own food timeline I was 35kg between the two 40's. I wish we could sage ;( (tho admin-chan is doing a hella job)

No. 28542

sage in the email field should work no?

No. 28545

Damn. street address is required for a report. :( I tried.

No. 28546

There's an address cached by Google on the 2nd to last result on this page: http://tinyurl.com/nnbqwwj

No. 28551

We wouldn't happen to know her mom's first name, would we?

No. 28554

No. 28555

Thank you all. I have submitted the report. Pray if you are religious/spiritual, cross your fingers if your superstitious, or just hope for the best if you're neither. If someone else wants to submit a report, they're more than welcome to.

No. 28559

Bless you, anon!

No. 28600

How do you know you used the correct address …?

No. 28613


Through my sneaky trollin' skillz! aka her amazon account that she posted. Also this has been a PSA: Amazon info is super easy to find. Hide that shit.

No. 28614

She deleted her tumblr….

No. 28622



No. 28623

Instagram's gone too. Twitter is still up though.

No. 28625

No. 28626

I guess she reads this thread, huh? I wonder if she's ever replied.

No. 28635

What's her twitter yo?

Atticus something?

No. 28636

She doesn't even need to read the thread, if someone legit reported her, her reaction would be the same whether she would suspect that the person who reported her is from instagram, dumblr or any other website.

No. 28639

Ashley, if you're reading this: We had to do something. It felt irresponsible to just sit back and watch when somebody was so greatly in need. We have only the sincerest intentions, despite the name of this board. I truly hope the best for you because nobody deserves to go through what you're going through. Please don't give up.

No. 28640


I did legit report her, and I'm not sorry. But I feel like even if I didn't, someone else would have. I mean, look at her! She needs help and lots of it.

No. 28642

Ah, didn't realise she'd moved to a new Instagram.


No. 28654

Is this girl a minor? Can the police/hospital/whomever even do anything to her if she's not underage?

No. 28657


Thank you anon, don't you dare worry about what anyone here says. You did the right thing, it's the humane thing to do. I really wanted to report her myself, but know literally nothing about her private life (address, anything that I could give the social worker that could lead them to her).

I kept watching in horror, and I don't want to watch someone kill themselves, even if it's in slow motion.

Thank you

No. 28660

File: 1417982358321.png (35.22 KB, 784x573, ohshit.png)

Yep. I'm pretty sure authorities contacted her mom somehow. And her deleting her tumblr only re-enforces the theory that she was probably exaggerating about her mom. Maybe she deleted it to erase all evidence?

No. 28670

I hate when people act like people had ~no business~ butting into ~private matters~ when they post on very public forums about how they are basically being abused or something.

No. 28671

I agree. I can sleep a little easier knowing it has been reported, even though in all probability it won't help her.

If there's even a minute remote chance that she can be saved by this, then that's enough justificatoon to have done it.

No. 28672

kind of upsetting that she has deleted her stuff, not because she deleted it, but because i had hoped that being reported would result in her being taken into some sort of protective custody or hospitalized

if she is able to be online and delete her social media, then she hasn't been taken out of the situation she is in

No. 28673

Agreed. It just means her mum made her delete her stuff or she did so in a rage, either way, she's not in a hospital bed.

I like to hope she's in a safe place where she happens to have wifi internet on her phone or whatever, but that's probably not what happened.

No. 28674

i can guess that if police came to the door, her mother said that she wasn't home or made excuses so that they didn't get to see her. i have no doubt that if a police offer saw the condition she was in they would call an ambulance, not shrug and say "well you say you're okay so i guess i'll be going now"

No. 28680


They had to have seen pictures, ffs I'll report her again and send them pictures if someone tells me how I can go about getting info on where she lives. I don't want her to get doxed (if she hasn't already).

They have to see her, they have to, then they'll feel as horrified as we do.


No. 28684

yeah i mean, i cant fathom someone with any kind of medical training seeing her and not trying to get her to a hospital, she seriously looks like she is going to drop dead at any second. i've seen pictures of holocaust victims with more flesh on their bones for christ sakes

No. 28691

I think the issue is the process of forcing someone to be in the hospital. Anyone can see she is very ill, but if she refuses to get help, what can they do? They need to be able to get around that and force her. Which requires either having someone get medical rights to her, or have her seen as medically unfit to make her own choices.

I dont know how much those options require the mother to care and take part. If we go with the assumption that mother is abusive, then that is another obstacle or go around.

Also being in the hospital does not mean she will get better. A lot of anorexic girls die while in treatment programs.

No. 28696

new tumblr: http://sealed-up-tight.tumblr.com/

Don't jump the horse yet and start sending her asks. I want to see what she says about the issue.

No. 28697

File: 1417988623234.png (14.33 KB, 691x267, goodrolemodel.png)

From emergencymittens. Oh, please.

No. 28698

She's obviously really sick and I do feel really bad and want her to get help. I understand why she feels victimized – most people do when they have convinced themselves that they are getting better on their own time when they really aren't.
Maybe one day she will realize that it came from a good place…
I do wonder if this more or less confirms that she perhaps exaggerated about her mom, though.

No. 28762


I sent them pictures! They asked for several pictures (including a close up of her face) so I sent them. I imagine it was very shocking for who ever managed the report. Most people aren't used to such things.

No. 28764

Good job, anon. You did the right thing.

Are they actually keeping in touch with you?

No. 28768


No, they just needed the pictures to make sure they find the right person. Apparently mistakes have happened with the elderly and some random granny ends up being temporarily abducted into custody.

No. 28769

Thank you anon. Maybe this time she'll go to hospital. She needs to be under strict medical care.

No. 28770

I wonder if her mother will still try and keep her home 'No officer she's perfectly fine, just a little on the slim side."

If this were my child she'd be dragged to hospital whether she liles it or not. She needs to live. Fuck her mum for lett8ng her die.

No. 28817

File: 1418058550310.jpg (42.21 KB, 630x335, 7.JPG)

I understand not liking someone taking your URL, but she is being overly dramatic in my opinion

>you tainted it

No. 28821

>That URL was my life

If she was so bothered about it why the fuck didn't she just reserve the URL as soon as she changed it like everyone with half a brain?

No. 28822

More drama this way.

No. 28826

Yeah, it's pretty obvious she did it on purpose. She knew full well someone would take it.

No. 28852

I dunno man, I've sent this girl a bunch of positive messages and she has never answered them. I've noticed she's done that to A LOT of people. She cherry-picks her asks and answers mostly the negative ones instead of the positive ones. I think she just likes victimizing herself. :/

No. 28895

am I the only one who's kind of bemused by the fact that she's a) asking for people to buy her shit off've a wishlist because everyone's entitled to 'need' something and b) then asking for weeaboo candy and a gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory on it


No. 28901

What? It sounds like the anon is willing to return it if she wanted it back too.

>That URL was my existence

Okay then.

No. 28902

she has answered a ton of mine privately. I honestly think she just gets overwheled with the sheer amount of stuff sent to her.

No. 28903


No. 28912

Same, I've only messages her once but she answered me

No. 29083

File: 1418179460357.png (323.53 KB, 519x530, 546333.png)

You're not alone. It unsettles me when I see her post things like this. It's sad to know she's going to puke all those donuts and all those candies people buy her.

No. 29163

well, if the refeeding shock stuff people were saying abovethread is applicable, keeping it down would probably kill her.
I wonder if she gets a rush out of constantly skirting around the edge of death.

No. 29236

File: 1418274950195.jpg (725.46 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_ngbq0hGdWe1u5s8g7o1_128…)

I really don't get why she deleted her old tumblr if she's doing everything the same on her new one, even watermarking her new photos too.

No. 29242

How does she walk around when it seems like she has literally no muscle mass?

No. 29243

I'm surprised no one has called the police on her when she looks like she could drop dead at any moment. So sad.

No. 29245

I'm guessing because most of the time she's in a wheelchair, she gets up long enough to take selfies then sits back down.

No. 29257

File: 1418295037066.jpg (6.71 KB, 184x184, hamtaro.jpg)

She used to be a camwhore on 4chan called hamtaro-chan. She did the whole crack make up shit and nudes.

No. 29258

File: 1418295065633.jpg (4.34 KB, 320x180, ham.jpg)

No. 29259

File: 1418295166828.jpg (41.83 KB, 480x640, hamt.jpg)

No. 29260

File: 1418295222093.jpg (20.02 KB, 330x248, mt.jpg)

No. 29261

There's a bunch of hamtaro stuff you can find without much effort, e.g. motherless. She used to get naked on stickam I suspect she's borderline and her mum might actually be ok.

No. 29262

How'd you find this? I've always wanted to know what she looked like before.
Comments in this vid sound like she had a suicide attempt way back 7 years ago perhaps? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV6V6Rq-ZhQ

No. 29264

It's really sad to see her before and what she looks like now. I hope she recovers but I wonder if it is even possible at this point.

No. 29267

I wonder if she gets children freaking out when they see her, she is literally a walking skeleton.

Underneath the shitty makeup and the "I hate the popular girls" haircut she looks like she used to be pretty cute. So sad.

No. 29270

Omg, is it 100% confirmed it's her?? Sorry I don't want to question it, it's just that I wanna know how did anon make the connection, if it's their own theory or was it proven elsewhere… it could easily be her though, given her backround the whole 4chan/stickam whore thing would explain a couple of things… eg her need for attention and validation.

No. 29273

didn't she recently make a post on her new tumblr about how she had 'long, thick wavy hair' before the ED?

No. 29283

File: 1418318392989.png (104.06 KB, 998x593, ss (2014-12-11 at 05.14.29).pn…)

Screencap from her video.
Megacon is in Orlando, FL. Anorexia. I guess it's pretty likely?

No. 29291

File: 1418318741617.png (489.81 KB, 850x463, ss (2014-12-11 at 05.21.01).pn…)

Hard to read.
Director: Ash
Camera: Britt.

No. 29292

these photos are from about 6 or 7 years ago. she could have grown her hair out before ED.

No. 29293


Fuck, that's definitely her. Her voice is scratchier now, but it's her. Her mannerisms are kind of the same as well, which is weird considering how old the video is.

She had vlogs on her old tumblr and instagram. Unfortunately they're gone now, or I'd link them.

No. 29294

File: 1418320011246.png (835.49 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2014-12-11-18-37-16…)

there is resemblance

No. 29295

File: 1418320074689.png (332.14 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2014-12-11-18-36-59…)

No. 29296

This is her, yes. If you watch her rabbit videos, she just today posted a photo of her rabbit… It's the same one.
There is no doubt it's her.

No. 29298

Holy shit she was so cute. Did she have an ED page or something similar at this stage?

I feel bad for her though. It's obvious she kinda grew up on the internet, and on a nasty place like 4chan. I'm not saying that's entirely to blame but I can't see it really having any positive effects on her life.

No. 29300

No. 29301

I don't think that's her..?

No. 29302

File: 1418321841685.jpg (37.99 KB, 300x300, 300x300[1].jpg)


No. 29303

That's not her and that image isn't even on the page you linked?

No. 29304

File: 1418322440834.png (31.13 KB, 658x507, ss (2014-12-11 at 06.22.00).pn…)

Okay so I found a dA account from 2007-ish. I wanna know what went down on /b/. I'm assuming she was doxxed or something.


https://myspace.com/atticus_is_lost (her old myspace I linked above)

No. 29311

So she posted on and was raided by /b/ in 2007…man…

No. 29314

File: 1418325330777.jpg (17.83 KB, 537x403, 11adavo.jpg)

No. 29315

yeah, I don't think it was a proper doxxing. A quick search on a 4chan archive shows she pretty much just disappeared. (Whatever happened to hamtaro chan etc) Some tripfag on r9k has a few posts about her.

Also just found an archive of her pics. N00dz and all. (Tho I feel like I should delete those..)

No. 29317

wait wtf, this girl was seriously hamtaro-chan? holy shit. I remember seeing pics of her floating around for years.

she'd probably look gorgeous now if she were at a healthy weight. what a shame.

No. 29318


No. 29320

She was supposedly underage b& so Idk if some of this is illegal. Does anyone know how old she is now? (I've heard 25/26/27)

No. 29321

It says she was born 1990

No. 29322

She was born in 1990 so is 24 now. She would have been (just) underage in 2007.

No. 29323

Never mind – found it.

Here's the archive of all ghostxperfume/sealed-up-tight/hamtaro-chan's pictures and videos.


No. 29324

Welp, must've missed that. She was 17 then so I'll just get rid of those.

Torrent is dead though.

No. 29325

My mistake.

Here's the real download link to the archive of all of her pictures:


No. 29326


Selfies, screenshots, and a couple of few second videos.

No. 29329

As someone who has been a 4chan reg for at least 10 years, somehow this suddenly seems so much more tragic and real to me…

No. 29330

She just posted a video!


Compare it to


She's much croakier now. Her throat must be all kinds of messed up from purging.

No. 29331


Wow wow wow.

This is so heartbreaking. She was so cute and…wow.

I can't believe she was so pretty before.

No. 29335

She wasn't really pretty at all you fucks, she was average as all hell, you only think she was pretty because you're comparing her to the way she looks now.

No. 29336


Sensing a rustling of the jimmies…

No. 29342

jealous fatty detected

No. 29348

Holy fuck………

No. 29352

No. 29355

She is in an unhealthy state here, but god this is a million times healthier than the state she is at now, so sad.

No. 29358

it feels fucking surreal. I've been keeping up with this girl for a while know but had NO idea she used to be a /b/ camwhore. It's like I'm looking at pictures of someone who recently died, I just can't believe how she's tortured herself to the point that she has.

No. 29375

Is she 18 or older here?

No. 29376

Someone has a stick up their ass.

No. 29377

Yeah. She's just pretty flatchested.

No. 29380

Supposedly she was under 18 for part of the time she camwhored on /b/ though.

No. 29404

Huh, seems like a few years ago she didn't hate her mom.
Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she say her mom always had an eating disorder too? Cause if the person driving her to disney world is her mom then I'm really confused.

No. 29414

I got confused too, but that's definitely her mom. What is shocking is to see that her mom was actually kind of chubby in that video. What the hell happened in that family?

No. 29415

The youtube of her mom vs her mom's Facebook is a dramatic difference. Clearly her mom has lost tons of weight and went grey.

No. 29417

They both have extreme ED and are narcissists. Her mom loss weight, dyed her hair blonde, and took a loan out for tit implants.

I'm guessing the 6 years shes been gone from the Internet was the time her mom started "dieting."

No. 29427

After seeing that video, can someone post a pic of what her mom looks like now?

No. 29430

No. 29435

Send the authorities the old pictures of her face along with the newer ones.

No. 29444

Anon asked: "Please get healthy we all love you and want to see you happy now. /b/

Ashley's reply: "Thank you, 4chan. You were my home. I lurked for quite a while before posting myself, and I still actually talk to a few of you from many years ago. I have now changed, but will always be a /b/tard."

No. 29445

I never post here, only lurk but my god… I can't look at this girl without wanting to burst out crying.

No. 29448


Niggas I am anorexic too, it's just dumb when people see pictures of girls pre-whatever fucked up condition they have, like pictures of Pixyteri before she got even more fat and delusional, and go "OMG SOOOOO PRETTY, CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BEAUTIFUL", and it's like, nah man, PT was always fat and ugly, you's just less fatter and less uglier than she is now, exactly the same as this chick.

If she looked like this state today instead of the mess she is now, you'd all be scrutinising her "box body" or her "witches nose".

No. 29454

No, she's 17 here.

No. 29456

That blonde girl who stares at her in the first video. Man that must fucking suck.

No. 29457

Of course they're going to have this reaction toward someone who's suffering from an extreme condition such as hers, I don't know what's so surprising about that. It always happens.

No. 29465

I think Ashley has a personality disorder herself, I doubt her mum is abusing her also borderline runs in families. Her nudes posting and eating disorder are classic borderline traits. Talking about how ill she is is going to keep her ill because she's getting attention. Delete this thread or let it die or something this is exactly what she craves. Her mum is probably a regular human or just like her. You can't force a person to eat.

No. 29488

I honestly think she's cute. She had a cutely chubby heart shaped face, nice eyes, a perfect nose imo, and nicely shaped lips. But to each their own.
I hope you get better though. Best of luck.

No. 29489


Nah she was actually cute beforehand. Like I see where you're coming from but she really was cute.

No. 29496

Sorry for being full newfag, but who's this PT you keep mentioning?

No. 29501

File: 1418411849688.jpg (26.12 KB, 640x480, johanisdisappoint.jpg)

get out

No. 29502

anon pls

No. 29512

File: 1418414462235.jpeg (200 KB, 1000x1000, image (1).jpeg)

No. 29513

Oh dang, that's totally her.

IMO her glands actually look pretty swollen in that before pic (it's hard to identify at first but when you've been in and out of treatment/around a lot of bulimics, you learn to spot it right away). She's posing in a way that tries to hide it. I'd bet money on the fact that she was binging/purging even then.

No. 29516

File: 1418416544572.jpg (199.83 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpg)

No. 29518

Poor sweetheart.

No. 29519

File: 1418416771616.jpg (38.93 KB, 640x554, image.jpg)

No. 29521

It's sad to see the deterioration. She was happy to show her body. Full faced. Now She hates it.

No. 29522

Hamartochan is Ashley. If you look at the snapchats linked above from 2007, she was using the screen name Atticus_finch.

Also the myspace and deivantart have some form of atticus or finch in them.

Crazy that this girl was so outgoing and used to post nudes online. She's just a angry money person now.

No. 29523

That should say lonely, not money.

No. 29526

Man this is just fucking tragic….

No. 29529

No good mother would allow their daughter to get like this. She'd get help.

No. 29541



>hasn't even looked at the name of this board

No. 29542

File: 1418425531205.png (254.42 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2014-12-12-23-59-00…)

If this is true, her mom did influence her ED

No. 29548

I see the name of the board, but I assumed it got the title from the initials of a person by how people use 'pt.' I just wanted to know the origin of it.

No. 29551

Just so we don't drag this any further, Pixyteri.
There. Now let's keep this shit on topic.

No. 29557

Any news on the people who filed reports on her?

No. 29567

No news from me; I filed anonymously, though. Put it through yesterday afternoon. I know quite a few others did too.

No. 29570

You can't be sectioned for anoreixa, seriously. It's fucked up you're all fallinf for Ashley's mindgames btw I'm the anon who posted the hamtaro stuff, can dig up other stuff if wanted but this is exactly what a severely bpd person like her wants and it is not her mothers fault, Ashley has always craved attention in extreme ways.

No. 29576

If you could find anything possible to find, we'd all appreciate that here. The Hamtaro shit was amazing.

No. 29580

Can't find caps right now but know her through a friend blah blah blah her personality disorder is glaring all I ask is you leave her poor mother alone.

No. 29592

so her mother isn't really abusive then? figured as much.

No. 29593

Please post all information there is.

No. 29595

Gibbs us info plox

No. 29598

her mom is in this video here:

and judging by that video, it seems she was absent from the internet for over a year and states how her anorexia got worse. I wonder if she was in treatment at this time?

No. 29600

really? REALLY?

there is absolutely nothing wrong with her nose, at least when she was a semi-normal weight. The only thing "bad" about her was her shitty makeup.

No. 29602

File: 1418438530206.jpg (537.89 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ngi0tlBTAX1u5s8g7o1_128…)

New picture.

No. 29610

And her shitty makeup is probably because she was 17 and it was 2007.

No. 29623

I don't think that her mom is abusive, just neglectful. How can you let your daughter get to the point that she's currently at?

No. 29624

judging by her hiatus from the internet for a year (as stated in one of her videos) I think her mom actually did force her to go into treatment while she was still underage.

But once she reached 18, she was able to refuse intensive treatment.

No. 29631

File: 1418453928893.jpg (45.64 KB, 600x790, 1160362219218.jpg)

To explain her make up to any true newfag- Ashley was a camgirl in 2007, right? She was more than likely paying homage to The original Queen of /b/, Cracky Chan. (pic related)

No. 29636


U mad bro?

No. 29640

that's exactly what happened. she said so herself in >>22045
>"I've dismissed too many opportunities to regain any sort of "success" in my eyes…"

also in that bunny pic she said the following:
>"The little guy that’s kept me company after every hospitalization,
after every re-feeding…" not to mention the times she's mentioned going to her therapist.
she's definitely been getting help, she just doesn't want to get better.

No. 29646

File: 1418468057066.jpg (124.16 KB, 1000x750, BIKECAT.jpg)


Off topic but I wonder how the original Cracky-chan is doing. Anyone got anything? A thread about old time *chan camgirls (before Boxxy, etc.) would be interesting as well…

Pic sort of related except even better, it's BIKECAT. Still my favorite internet cat tbh.

No. 29666



No. 29668

Finding new info on Cracky is the equivalent of finding the holy grail to the internet. A chan thread would be cool, but I doubt the users here would contribute much.

No. 29675

I heard Cracky went into hiding/killed herself

No. 29677

Looks like a guy doxed her on /b/ and was threatening to rape her.

No. 29678

Why would you hold onto cp?

No. 29697

I didn't, when I posted that I wasn't sure if she was 18 or not, turns out she was 17 so I deleted them and uploaded the edited folder to mega.co.nz.

No. 29725

Please just don't post cp hamtaro stuff.

No. 29733

She look perfectly fine. I can say this because I've seen Hamtaro-chan pics floating around the internet for years before I've ever seen her look like this. So it's not like I'm being biased by comparing to how she looks now.

No. 29743

She has a fuckton of lulzy followers on Tumblr and Instagram.

No. 29768

A lot of her followers are really crazy.

No. 29779

I just wish her followers would have some fucking perspective, and not just listen to her deluded rambling. Ashley is an adult and her mother looks like she's way old now. She's been providing for her long after she's turned 18. Ashley is 24/25 and still expects her mother to provide for her and makes it public knowledge about how she decides to spend her own money (breast implants), and ignores the fact that she spends "her money" on useless, childish crap. Her mom isn't responsible for her anymore. I gather that it's not above Ash to want to punish her by burdening her for as long as she can. It's her way of getting attention from others. Good and bad.

No. 29805

Well thats why she hides her age, its easier to whine about how mommy is mean to teeangers. To her benefit, her ED makes it hard to pin an age on her because of how it fucked up her face.

No. 29832

Holy fuck. I had been following this girl for a while now and the discovery that she's Hamtaro-chan is kind of fucking with my mind. I was most active on /b/ around the time she was posting there.

No. 29848

Shit is about the hit the fan. Whoever took her old URL has posed the Hamtaro chan pics of her…
Watch this space ladies and gents.

No. 29850

probs did it herself

No. 29851

wtf? why would they do that
so it's someone who lurks here then?

No. 29852


I want to say, "Oh lel this is some good stuff better settle in and pop some popcorn" but knowing just how fragile Ashley is, this may send her over the deep end.

Shit is indeed about to hit the fan, sir.

No. 29853

>>29850 >>29848

Someone sent this thread to the ghost perfume ask box but they deleted it after a while because of the risqué pictures.

I don't think it is her. I think is someone trying to leach of the followers

No. 29854

My replies screwed up but you get the point

No. 29856

I have a feeling that's why she deleted her tumblr and all her Instagram pics before. Said she wanted a fresh start or something.

She'll either ignore it or completely explode.

I personally think it was a little too far. She's way too fragile at the moment

No. 29858


You'll bully other mentally fragile people but just because you can physically see this girls fucked up this is too far? What a hypocritical and hilarious stance. Push all these girls, mock them, deride them for their life choices and looks but when you can see the pain someone suffers only then it's too much?

You all need to look at yourself, you're either in this for quasi-psychopathic thrills or deluded. Also, /r/ in chansluts for more. I just wanted to see what would happen..

No. 29862

personally, I feel like Ashley's dug her own hole.
she'll either anhero or grow up a little.
and if the former, it's not like the world's suffering a great loss.
she's intentionally ruined her own life, why are we pretending it's a shame if she ends it? her only effect on the world has been posting some horrifying selfies and draining her mother's bank account.
if you pity her, you're only giving her exactly the response that she wanted.

No. 29867

I suppose she must have known this was coming

No. 29868

or being forced to see what she used to look like will make her realize what a wasted away skeleton she is now and that she needs to fucking eat

No. 29870


That will not happen. The eating disordered mind does not work in this way; it'll trigger her further to lose more.

No. 29871


Nah. She gets more attention being skeletal

No. 29872

nah, she wants attention, she isn't giving up her anorexia.

Also even if she somehow magically became 100% healthy, she would have to come to realization that she is 24, an adult, and tackle all responsibilities adulthood brings.

What I've noticed she still basically does the same things she did when she was a teenager (shopping at target, trips to disneyland etc).
In a way, her ED enables her to stay a teen.

No. 29876


The great irony is that if shed stayed 100% healthy shed still be pretty cute at 24, and would be able to find some man to keep her as a trophy, paying for all her shit while she sits and is worth nothing other than a cute fuck.

No. 29877


She'd be able to get a part time job at hot topic and still have her teenage fandom

No. 29879

Looks like the photos taken down before Ashley could see them

No. 29880

someone should inbox her them for the lols

No. 29881

File: 1418586722752.jpg (35.81 KB, 640x646, image.jpg)

You're not welcome

No. 29882


Where's her old tumblr like?

No. 29883

It's kinda sad that ghostly is clearly so obsessed with Ashley she spends ages on her blog and lurking here

No. 29888

Does anyone know if she's got a history of self harming?

No. 29890

EmergencyMittens is incredibly disturbing to me. Whereas I get the distinct impression that Ashley is just severely borderline and this was a natural progression–if you're this sick and it goes unchecked long enough, this is what happens–EmergencyMittens has been grotesquely and horrifically abused, she is unfixable. Not that Ashley's state can "happen to anyone," but in some respect, it can. That could have been me, you know? It's not, but I could see it happening. EmergencyMittens is like, A Child Called It who grew up and is now living a really fucked up, depressing life.

No. 29891


How do we know what emergency mittens says is true. She's so blunt it's hard to believe. I feel bad for her if it is.

No. 29892

She might be lying too they both strike me as borderline hence them getting along.

No. 29893

I buy EmergencyMittens' claims. She's stupid, but only because she's been traumatized into stupidity, if that makes sense. I've spoken to her over PM.

No. 29894

I don't buy it because of the extreme details as someone who was abused i can not remember my rape in such detail nevermind a childhood rape.

No. 29895

She isn't going into that much detail, for one and two, for all we know the details have been told to her

No. 29896

i read a post of her going into great detail about being tied up and what he would say to her. her behaviour seems borderline too she tries to look thinner than she is and wont stfu about her 'abuse' she quests for attention despite having kids who need her

No. 29897

Are Ashley and Emergency in a relationship or what?

No. 29898

Can someone do a summary of EmerengcyMittens? I never really followed her.

No. 29899

Ashley and Erika have like a classic BPD relationship. They're kind of deranged. Also, I should add: It's not easy to recover from an ED. Updating your blog doesn't necessarily mean you're not caring for your children. I update my blog constantly and have a full time job, am married, have pets, etc all which get proper attn

No. 29900

i mean starving yourself and attention whoring probably means you are not a good parent

No. 29902

I feel like she's not a good parent bc of severe mental health problems, not the fact she's on tumblr. Like, we can't possibly behave like her behavior is comparable to someone who is stable

No. 29903

She means well and clearly loves her children but she doesn't understand real love.

No. 29904

She doesn't understand real love because of trauma

No. 29905

Like, Ashley has the emotional capacity of a 17 year old, which makes sense and isn't rare. Erika is broken beyond repair.

No. 29907

Have you seen the blunt way Ghosy is writing, I'm convinced she's Ashley

No. 29912

I'm actually not Ashley.

No. 29913


That's what Ashley would say

No. 29914


No. 29916

Ghosty and Ashley don't mae the same spelling errors. They're not the same person.

No. 29917

She could be deliberately making the same mistakes

I mean. Anyone can take another identity ;)

No. 29918

Or deliberately making different mistakes

No. 29920

Well, Ghosty, maybe you are her.

No. 29921

Awe you guys are funny.

No. 29922

Ghosty, you forgot to change your name

No. 29923


No. 29924

Accept my friend request Ashley

No. 29925

"Ghosty now No. 29917
She could be deliberately making the same mistakes

I mean. Anyone can take another identity ;)

Ghosty now No. 29918
Or deliberately making different mistakes"

No. 29926

No. 29927

I didn't post that. They were making a point that anyone can change their identity.

No. 29928

I think you're just backtracking now Ghosty

No. 29929

Yeah, I think s too

No. 29930

It's Ashley, okay?

No. 29931

I want to be 4chan famous but I'm kind of old. Is it too late for me? I want 4chan to like me.

No. 29932

Ghosty. You're in way over your head. Go back to safe little Tumblr mmmkay?

No. 29933

If you were Ashley you wouldn't say

No. 29934

Want proof that it's Ashley?

No. 29935

Whatever you wanna believe.

No. 29936

how do I become 4ch famous!!!!

No. 29937

>>29934 only way we will believe is if you post it on your sealed up tight blog

No. 29938



No. 29939

Is boobs all it takes? Or can I just post selfies

No. 29941

It doesn't snow in Florida.

No. 29942

Sorry, need tits to prove it.

No. 29944

Cuz I was only outside for a second.

No. 29945

Should I post boobs in THIS Thread

No. 29946

File: 1418595196897.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1662, 2014-12-14 19.07.03.png)


No. 29947

where's that pic from omg

No. 29948


No. 29949

She has the same tattoo so I am guessing it's her.

No. 29950

She was so gorgeous

No. 29952

Fuck off ya silly bastard…

No. 29953

whats going on here?!

No. 29955

What the fack.

Have we been infiltrated?

No. 29956



No. 29957


Next time turn on incognito & adblock, you silly fuckers ^^ You've been 'infiltrated' for a while.

No. 29958

PS: You're not going to hurt me with the ham-chan pictures. I was a different person then. People change.

No. 29959


Another person pretending to be Ashley?

No. 29961

Adminsama, are you out there? Any way you can look into this spamming nonsense and… get rid of the retard doing it? I don't care if it really is ashley or not, its annoying as fuck.

No. 29962

I don't think Ashley would ever post here tbh

No. 29963


No. 29965

The police know avout this thread. I showed them and tbh that's why they didnt take me to the hospital n.n Because of your baseless accusations and lies. I get to be free for much longer.

No. 29966

>incognito & adblock

and what does that do exactly?

No. 29967

Where is anyone lying, Ashley?

No. 29968

Did you not notice the tracking script on my old page?

No. 29969

you didn't have one

No. 29970

Well no, I use an extension that blocks all that shite. And lolcow.farm uses linkonym so you wouldn't see referrals from the site.

No. 29971


she didn't have one

No. 29972

> ^^
Confirmed for retard.

No. 29973

morever ashley had easily 10,000 or more followers. a tracking script would be meaningless

No. 29975

I know, I'm just telling her how it doesn't make sense that she'd know we were visiting from this page. (obvs not everyone is gonna be using ghostery tho)

No. 29976

I use ghostery too. The only way she'd know is if someone posted a direct link and we clicked it, not if we were independently typing it in.

No. 29977

It's pretty advanced to get someone's exact movements like that, not to mention ILLEGAL, if you are really in cahoots with the cops

No. 29978

This happens every time lolcow gets posted somewhere. Tons of people flood over thinking they've found our secret lair and spam us for a few hours. They go away but we carry on.

The good news is that these kind of events create a good chance to someone with new information will find us and share.

No. 29985


>confirmed for not understanding internet

No. 30013

Suddenly I'm so fucking lost as to whats going on here….

No. 30040

It just means we need to have an admin to come in and block an asshole.

No. 30041


Am I the only person still wondering where this picture of emergency mittens was found??!

No. 30044

But we have linkonym…She can't track shit. Not to mention that some if not most ppl posting here mean her well.

No. 30141

File: 1418684008707.png (32.36 KB, 571x461, wat.png)

A quick image search just left me with even more questions…

No. 30185


I think it just recognizes boobies.

No. 30190

She might have been pregnant; she is 28 with two kids at this point. BUT I highly doubt age did porn. This might just be a leaked photo from an ex of some sort. She has explained that she has a history of abusive relationships.

No. 30195

Weird, when I reverse searched I got links to rakuten, people selling watches, using her photo.

No. 30200

Did Erika delete?

No. 30219

Same. I'm pretty sure they shooped that picture.

No. 30221

Maybe she changed her url?

No. 30229


Her husbands Tumblr has gone too

No. 30231

She deleted

No. 30254

Has anyone who reported her heard back? Don't they have the Baker act down in florida?

No. 30258

And Ashley deleted all but one of her pictures.

I wonder if some shit went down.

No. 30259

Didn't they have a massive fight before Ashley deleted everything the last time?

No. 30263


A day or so before she dumped her Ghostxperfume blog, she seemed clearly upset by someone "betraying her trust" and being a "compulsive liar" around her. Ashley also mentioned she was extremely tempted to out this person's lies but held back for some reason.

It really could of been any of her friends, but from the sound of it; it sounded like someone very close to her. The only person I ever saw her mention a lot was Erika since November and how much she loves her… so I guess it's easy to assume it's Erika, but there's no way for certain to tell for sure except for circumstance and coincidence.

No. 30264

Ashley was pissed off Erika was recovering from her ed and felt betrayed. It was so obvious.

No. 30265

Good for her, it seemed like she really wanted to but was afraid of letting her followers down. Hopefully deleting means good things. I'm a follower of both of them and this is my two cents.

No. 30268

Maybe she was visited again because of more reports coming in?

No. 30270

If you guys aren't taking screenshots of every single thing she posts, you're failing at being Internet detectives and failing at trying to get her help. If you really want to help her, stop gawking and start taking action.

No. 30273

Do it yourself then.

No. 30274

File: 1418778247689.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1662, 2014-12-14 19.05.44.png)

I found this on 4chan a couple of days ago o: the thread was about Ashley and a dude started posting pics of Erika, but nobody seemed to care, everybody was focused in Ashley

No. 30275

File: 1418778304799.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-12-11-18-44-49…)

No. 30277

Holy shit, have any more? She's preposterously hot.

No. 30279

No, sorry :( I left the thread for a while and it was deleted when I came back

No. 30282


She looks nice but could the pics be more boring? What's the purpose of taking pics like this?

No. 30284

Well… I don't think she's the kind of girls who takes sexy pics, she was probably doing it for an ex as a special request from him and didn't know how to pose

No. 30288

Apparently Ashley deleted all of her pics and videos. She claims to know about people posting about her.

No. 30291


Earlier on in this thread there are screenshots of Ashley saying that she thinks it would be best to stay away from Erika because she felt hanging out with her/talking to her wasn't helping her recovery, so maybe she wasn't being totally selfish.

No. 30292

Is it coincidental that as soon as those photos of Erika in her underwear were posted yesterday, that today her blog was taken down?

For someone who has experienced a monstrous, sexually-abusive past, and seeing some people sexualize her on here, it's probably enough validation for her to run away from it all and delete everything.

No. 30297

File: 1418785851737.png (294.31 KB, 525x375, 1403559718977.png)

I saved the old ashley vids in case she deletes them.

No. 30298

You know what to do. Archive that shit on mega for us lazy fucks.

No. 30299

but they were posted after she deleted it

No. 30300

There was a previous post before these two recent ones that were posted of Erika. Its been up for a day or so.

No. 30302

I've been talking to Erika on tumblr for months in private, she's really a lot more level headed and capable than her blog made her seem. I know she's trying to fix her problems with whatever she can and I know she has help with her kids. It's not nearly as bad as it seems. I'll step out and try not to derail white knight the shit outta this, but she actually pretty cool when you know her. I've messaged Ashley dozens of times and she just doesn't give a fuck to respond. I'm glad they're through for her sake.

No. 30303

I agree. She did nothing to warrant any of these posts about her. Unfortunately she's associated to Ash. She's a pretty sweet person. Too sweet to not see how Ashley is dead weight that can hold her back from her own recovery.

No. 30304

Erika also visited ash last week

No. 30305

can someone write a robust summarizing report

No. 30306


Of Ashley or her relationship in regards to Erika?

No. 30308

erika lives in boca raton aka my hometown

No. 30309

ashley and erika

No. 30310

Shit, that's my hometown too.
I considered asking her to meet up, but she's significantly older than I am, and she'd probably think it weird to meet some random girl she'd never spoken to before.

No. 30311

Holy shit?? so many people from boca?? I kind of want to find her now

No. 30312

I swear to god, ever since I started following Ashley and Erica a while back I've been on the lookout. I stalked some hapless Germanic anorexic women picking out food at the Whole Foods on Glades from afar for a few minutes before I realised it wasn't her.

No. 30315


Regarding current events, it's going to be a bit difficult to because there's no real evidence of why Ashley deleted her last blog and why Erika deleted her current blog.

It could be either:

1. Both of them may of got reported to authorities and are pretty mad about that. Whereas Ashley has decided to delete vids/photos in an attempt to start over again but it would certainly be more difficult for Erika to do that, because children are involved…


2. Ashley possibly knows of this thread and in turn showed it to Erika. Erika may of seen the photos posted of her in her underwear last night and may of been triggered by the responses to photos she didn't want seeing getting exposure.

3: They're both had a logical moment of clarity where they realize their relationship isn't helping one another.

It's really hard to say so far. :-/

No. 30318

their relationship transcends tumblr tho. boca isn't so big, do you think there's a way to find her going on first name only

No. 30320

File: 1418793590426.png (104.24 KB, 1074x638, pts.png)


No, I got it too.

No. 30323

No. 30327

http://shellyhall.tumblr.com/ a video of her having a seizure

No. 30328

Jesus. Enough of the pictures, clearly these are very old and it's sad. You guys are claiming to want to help, but then you're talking about stalking someone at a grocery store? Who is the creep here man?

No. 30330

We're all sociopaths here. None of us really care about getting anyone help, we just want to see what drama will come out of the attempts to do so.

As it happens, divorcing Erica from Ashley would add even more drama, because we'd see Erica improving and Ashley getting even worse. So even wishing for Erica to improve feeds our sadistic glee.

No. 30331


Reversing that image reveals http://homemadecuties.com/my-suicide-gf/punk-couple/hankshoneys.html

So it seems like she posted these pics to /b/ back in 2008-2009.

No. 30333


Talk for yourself.

No. 30334

Holy shit, those are amazing. Great find, mate. Reverse searching doesn't yield anything for some of us, it seems.

No. 30335


I don't have any experience regarding sexual-abuse, but is it not unusual for victims to post sexual images everywhere for the world to see?

I presumed you'd be more careful of that sort of thing?

No. 30336

H o l y s h i t

No. 30337

Welp, I guess that's evidence now that she consented the photos to be on /b/ and wasn't coerced into taking them or just an angsty ex-boyfriend posting them around.

No. 30338

"I'm not sexual at all" "I'm traumatized by sex because of my abusive past" my ass.

Now wondering how much she says is true or bullshit.

No. 30339

she's not sexual NOW due to her ED

No. 30341


Nuhuh, I'm more than certain she's mentioned plenty of times before that she wasn't previously either.

That moment when you realize you caught a couple of lolcows too late, and have now deleted everything.

No. 30342

She HAD to be sexual before since her kids were not born from abuse (as far as I know), but… I'm not sure what to think anymore.

No. 30343

She said she got pregnant in the two times she was the healthiest, meaning that she was sexually active rather a lot. She simply isn't sexual now.

No. 30344



Okay, gotcha. The way she described the whole reproduction experience though was oddly clinical, like it wasn't a happy memory and quite boring.

But you're right, maybe it's just her health issues talking there.

No. 30345

also ppl have sex & aren't into it idk it's not SO BLACK AND WHITE nude pix don't prove a lack of asexuality

No. 30346

I don't think that the existence of nudes means anything other than the fact that like so many lolcows she's an exhibitionist who doesn't consider the consequences.

No. 30347

Something tells me that it's the same handful of people posting about it again and again. They're not even interesting tbh. She's just kind of standing there in her underwear.

No. 30353


They'll be back. Ashely at least. They LOVE the attention after all

No. 30355

File: 1418805539203.jpg (91.02 KB, 640x930, image.jpg)

There you go.
She's acknowledged this thread and deleted all her pictures
What's the next stage guys. Are you going to bombard the internet with what you already saved. Or do you feel like you've won now?

No. 30356

Hi Ashley.

No. 30357

we milk, ashley

No. 30360


Congratulations. You win the grand prize

No. 30362

I was the one who got 4chan interested in Ashley again. I posted the big mediafire archive of all her pictures, nudes included, and lots of her current pictures I saved for comparison. I encouraged them to file reports, and many did. There's been quite a few threads since, at least one every day for the last week or so. Everyone was so fascinated and revolted by what became of Hantaro-chan, and a few said they'd fapped to the old nudes while thinking about her demise – the camwhore of /b/ degraded to the point where she completely ruins her body and life. It's hot to think about having that much power over a pathetic little thing.

No. 30363

You sound like such a shit person, even by lolcow standards
>It's hot to think about having that much power over a pathetic little thing.
Unless you're implying camwhoring on /b/ caused her ED, that's bullshit too

No. 30364

That's pretty fucking gross. That shit has child porn in it.

No. 30365

File: 1418811064382.jpg (109.55 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She's definitely seen this thread. I only feel bad for Erika. She got dragged into this mess.

No. 30366

>No one wants me to be able to live like anyone else

Sorry, you ruined that chance yourself.

No. 30368

Glad to see you got your entertainment

No. 30371


I'm gonna go ahead and be "that" guy and say I HATE it when people refer to teen nudes as "child porn".

Let's be real, a girl of the age of 15-17, they're not children. A child is typically described as being between the ages of around 5-14 years old. At 17 years old you're no longer dictionary definition of child, you're a young teen bordering on young adult and you know exactly what you're fucking doing. She knew exactly what she was fucking doing but of course due to her age, that doesn't necessarily make her any less retarded.

Stop calling it child porn, it's not child porn and it's actually super fucking harmful to the way society looks at and treats actual, legit child pornography involving real real, actual children.

No. 30372


Ya done, pedo-chan?

No. 30373


Kek, another dumb American who can't differentiate between paedophilia and ephebophilia.

No. 30374

Semi-related, I just stumbled across an erotic photography website featuring anorexic women.



No. 30375

What do you expect when all their foods make the kids hit develop into puberty way faster than the rest of the world. There children look like teenagers by the time they're like 12, it's grotesque.

No. 30376


Nice assumption, too bad you're wrong about that too, pedo-chan.

No. 30377


Sorry, I'll use the proper term for your mental illness from now on, Ephebo-chan.

No. 30378


Ashley pls go. You can't hide behind your stupidity as being "child porn".

No. 30379

File: 1418822733816.jpg (18.34 KB, 210x240, char_52011.jpg)


You shouldn't skip your meds, paranoid-ephebo-chan.

No. 30380

This thread is technically a graveyard where two old /b/ camwhores have come to die.


No. 30381


Not even the same person even I can tell this reeks of Ashley trying to use the child porn defence as a barrier.

No. 30382


I see where you're coming from. Paedophiles (not ephebophiles) aren't going to look for teen nudes, but legally it's still pretty much seen as child porn. I know it's the teenagers distributing them by themselves rather than being exploited, and they obviously know what they're doing, but at the same time they're often too young and naive to realize how much they're screwing themselves over. It's not really as fucked up as actual child porn, but it's still illegal for a reason.

No. 30383


Anyone else think he sounds like he has a micropenis?
If you're that pathetic that you get off on someone else's destroyed life because it gives you a feeling of power you're obviously pretty pathetic IRL.

No. 30387

Not in general, it's a typical trait of someone with ASPD which you'll be happy to find out makes up 1 in 10 of us! Please also consider it is more common in men. This has been a PSA, please enjoy your day Ashley or other buttmad tumblerina.

No. 30389

File: 1418825820637.jpg (25.56 KB, 600x450, SKELALTIN.jpg)

>This entire thread

No. 30390

I haven't been following this thread hut was it confirmed that Ashley was Hamtaro from /b/?

No. 30391

No. 30393

YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANT NOW STOP. Pictures gone from the internet HamChan can live forever without the image being ruined by the bag of bones that remains.

No. 30396

Only a mentally retarded person would believe that and if it were true to ignore someone sending you gifts (having a wishlist just because a greedy, deadbeat bag of bones is stupid anyway) is pretty damn shitty of you. Makes Ashley look worse but we all know she's a selfish waste of space typical bpd bitch.

No. 30415


Hahaha fuck, what makes you think I'm a tumblrina? You totally pulled that out your arse
I could believe 1 in 10 guys have small dongs, yes.

No. 30416

File: 1418842479474.png (32.98 KB, 1032x602, thefuck.png)

These comments are disgusting. This shit is actually even more disturbing to me than fat fetishists

No. 30417

File: 1418842554428.png (222.53 KB, 365x524, thefuck2.png)

For those curious, this is the girl the commenter called "fat"

No. 30418

anyone encountered theforestcat yet? you can't say anything about ashley without having her dog jump at your throat

No. 30419

There's nothing on her blog now.

No. 30430

File: 1418852180453.gif (1.99 MB, 280x202, bpW6Xkd.gif)

No. 30432

Well it was fun while it lasted

No. 30440

What, last I checked it was still up

No. 30441

File: 1418860081466.jpg (171.28 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

So where does this girl get the money to do this but whines about her mom not buying her groceries so she can binge and purge on?

No. 30443

I've always wondered this. Where does she get any money from at all? She doesn't work, and doesn't do a damned thing to earn money. I imagine it's allowance from her mother, which she blows on childish garbage for herself and random people on the internet.

No. 30444

Lol, nooooooo not possible. her mum is so like, ~mean and abusive~ … She's a spoiled woman child that refuses to grow up.

No. 30445

Does anyone have any saved posts about her talking about her mom?

No. 30457

Whatever helps you sleep at night you pedo. Fact is it's against the fucking law. Nobody cares about how you classify children and nonchildren.

No. 30461

I agree to an extent, but it doesn't matter in the eyes of the law. Any picture showing anyone under 18 in a nude or sexual position is illegal. Child porn is the legal terminology, not moral terminology.


>Notably, the legal definition of sexually explicit conduct does not require that an image depict a child engaging in sexual activity. A picture of a naked child may constitute illegal child pornography if it is sufficiently sexually suggestive. Additionally, the age of consent for sexual activity in a given state is irrelevant; any depiction of a minor under 18 years of age engaging in sexually explicit conduct is illegal.

No. 30462

I mean, I remember what it was like to be 17 or 18.. Even if the law declares that you are an adult, it doesn't mean that you have the capacity to judge things like a grown person. Plus, she looked super young in that pic anyway.

No. 30475

I have gotten so may asks and responses from theforestcat. She is an obsessive little thing isn't she.

No. 30476

guys someone posted Ashley's picture on facebook and there are currently over 600 comments on it. I was shocked when someone shared it and it popped up in my feed.


No. 30490

her mom takes her to disneyland all the time, unless ashley can drive

No. 30502


No. 30528

No. 30540

I am not for defending Ashley, but tons of people from those facebook comments are retards

No. 30544

File: 1418918094726.png (339.37 KB, 534x537, grossgirl.png)


this is ashley's poodle…. gross.

No. 30552

Figured it would be a soulless ginger

No. 30554

If yall dislike poor Ashley so much, why are you all obsessing over her? Just let her live her life out the best she can while she can and carry on with your own lives.

No. 30555

Disability, I'm almost 100 percent sure of it.

No. 30558


she's freakishy thin, it's like a trainwreck and we're all rubberneckers. deal.

No. 30561

I don't dislike her at all. Just like I don't dislike a train crash, I only feel sympathy and pity and can't look away.

No. 30563

Nope. She posted a few months ago about not knowing how to get on food stamps, medicaid, or any of that stuff, and ignored everyone who tried to tell her how. I'm pretty certain she's not on disability.

No. 30568

I mean she's obviously lying about something, which could be her entire life at this point. Her dad seemed to abandoned her or is at least dead. Her mom couldn't have been around too often if she's the sole breadwinner and works at chilies. She lacked attention to some degree and now she gets it from being anorexic.

No. 30569

I personally dislike how she manipulates people into buying her useless crap because they pity her for something she doesn't want to get help for. Why? Because of enablers like you. I also don't interfere in her life at all. Go back to tumblr.

No. 30570

She hinted about benefits a while back. saying she saved it to spend on whatever she wanted or something. Damn I wish I saved the post

No. 30586

stop projecting lol. Jelly you dont have this much attention?

No. 30587

Yeah I remember that. She mentioned not having a savings anymore or using what little money she has on Penpals. I'm, gonna assume she gets a little disability money.

No. 30598


If even some of what Ashley says is true, I'm sure her mother milks her for disability.

No. 30602

She's obviously lying about her mom . There are pictures of her smiling with her mom on her Facebook. Ashely always posted photos of her out shopping , that someone else took (I'm assuming her mom) andddddd her mom takes her to Disney land apparently all the time . Her story just doesn't add up . She seems like a spoiled brat to me .

No. 30608

If she doesn't play the "poor me, my mom is extremely unstable and abusive" card, she becomes less interesting.

Same thing with Shmegeh. She'd just be an average person without an ED or without all these personal problems. That said, Shmegeh has at least admitted she's an alcoholic.

No. 30616

You get diddly squat from disability. What could she get from her anyway? She's 25 and I'm sure she doesn't pay for rent, and she has stated before about how her mom would rather go to a bar than buy her groceries. Her mom is an adult and should be allowed to live her own life and spend her own money.

No. 30618

Same. I don't get why people think shmegeh is super intelligent either. I've never read any of her posts and thought "wow, much genius." Guess it's easy to impress Tweens.

No. 30627

I'd rather go to a bar then literally put my money down the toilet too.

No. 30629

Lol she probably goes there to run away from her.

No. 30638

She whines that her mom spends money on booze instead of food, yet Ashley blows money on kawaii desu bullshit. Plus she binges, so her mom is having to spend way more on groceries than if Ashley ate like a normal person. She's a money pit.

Maybe her mom IS a cunt. A cunt that provides room and board for her adult daughter, but a cunt nonetheless. That doesn't mean Ashley isn't a massive bitch for expecting her mom to spend her own hard-earned money on food that Ashley will immediately waste.

She's codependent as fuck and doesn't have the decency to be grateful for the people that put up with her.

No. 30662

THIS exactly. I'm a recovered anorexic and I realized it is absolutely exhausting for your loved ones to deal with you at times. If her mom is not the nicest at times, I wouldn't blame her, but I doubt she's a huge cunt. She would've gotten rid of her already.

No. 30670

idk maybe this is a farfetched theory, but i think most of these chicks with eating disorders dont want to grow up. shmegeh is the same way. depended on her parents till she moved with mena, then depended on her, then went straight back to her parents. i've seen a lot of cases like this on intervention/ed documentaries. ash has said before that its not "that easy" to leave her mother. yeah, cause it means you gotta do shit for yourself.

No. 30725

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Michelle didn't depend on her parents that much. She held down her own job, appeared to live alone, went to college, ect.

No. 30728

mena said her parents came to clean up her mess when she got out of hand. pretty sure she had more to say but wasnt going to be a dick about it.

No. 30731

when she got out of hand. She was functional, although disordered, before being able to purchase alcohol.

No. 30736

functional doesnt mean independent. anyway, she never really said too much about that sort of thing. no one can really know.

No. 30767

File: 1419008781209.jpg (162.52 KB, 640x993, image.jpg)

No. 30768

File: 1419008801997.jpg (81.02 KB, 640x872, image.jpg)

Get the hint

No. 30769

Man, things like that are so stupid.

My whole life doesn't revolve around Ashley, and I don't hate her. I simply take a few minutes to enjoy reading about all the stupid shit she does and look at her pictures. I'm pretty sure it's the same with everyone here. Like someone else said, we're just the people rubbernecking at a car crash as we drive by, before speeding back up and moving on to our next destination. But it's pure, unadulterated narcissism to think that laughing at someone secretly means that our existence centres around them.

No. 30771

File: 1419009807223.jpg (192.14 KB, 473x1280, IMG_20141219_182134.jpg)

She receives enough money from her mother if she can do shit like this

No. 30774

I remeber that post being the one where I became disgusted with her as a person. I suffer from Anorexia with bulimic tendencies, too and to just post her binge food like that and add cutesy images and acting like that. Idk
I know many say 'oh that's a way for her to cope with it. it makes the illness less traumatic for her etc' but it's a terrifyng illness and such behaviour is gross.

No. 30777

Yeah, there's no need to take photos of the food and show off.

I'm guessing the binging and purging is a compulsion but even so, bragging about it is lame.

No. 30778

jeeez you should browse through instagram. there are A LOT of people out there who do that. and it maybe helps them or they just want to share their misery. what's the point of bragging about that one poor girl. yes, poor. because that illness is horrible. why judge them. just press the little X button if you don't like what you see?

No. 30779

>more experience with chopsticks
>almost a pro at picking up two sticks

what the fuck? does she have parkinson's?

No. 30780

>just press the little X button if you don't like what you see?

Maybe you should take your own advice?

No. 30781

File: 1419011913450.gif (1021.16 KB, 200x113, 1415554682210.gif)

>you browse through instagram

No. 30786

It's like she WANTS to trigger people.

No. 30787

"Omg, woe is me, ppl attack wittle me. HaterZ gunnah h8. Stop obsessing over me."
Holy fuck, pick one.

No. 30788

What's more obsessive, a group of people discussing a car wreck their passing, or someone who spends their whole day on social media, looking into these threads, whining about them, then petting their own ego, binge and purge, whatever else helps her live her static existence, rinse, repeat?

No. 30789

Over $75 on food? Just to post you purging it? How exactly would this help someone cope?

No. 30800

File: 1419018135640.png (51.88 KB, 690x454, 1413688976555.png)

From the Felice Fawn thread, one of Ashley's older posts.

No. 30801

Does anyone know why she left 4chan?

No. 30803

I wonder what happened that made her deteriorate now between her hamtaro-chan days to her current state. I don't buy the abusive mom thing so it must have been something else.

No. 30809

Does anyone remember her and a ton of her little minions trying to justify her anorexia by comparing it to cancer?
"You look sick get help"
"STFU you wouldn't say that to someone with cancer it's the same thing!!"
Idk quite stupid totally not the same thing at all

No. 30816

What does this even mean? It makes no sense. Bias is bias? She clearly is ill, and anyone who follows her or discovers her posts about her disorder can surmise that she's anorexic/bulimic.

No. 30821

My best guess is a combination of her father not being present→ camwhores for that missing male attention→ something fucked up must've happened (I read on somewhere that a lot of the ex 4chan camwhores are really fucked up now).

I also followed her and remembered her making a post about how when she was a small child she was afraid to poop. The dr. Told her mom that her butthole was unusually irritated or something. So she was alluding to sexual abuse, but who knows by whom. It's just strange because even though she was an ~emo tween~ she was still pretty vibrant (see her youtube vids).

No. 30835


But if someone had cancer and by their own free will wasn't getting help for it you WOULD tell them that

I'm so confused jfc how can they think that's a logical argument?

No. 30836

I think most, if not all, 4chan camwhores were pretty messed up to begin with. There has to be something not quite right for someone to think it would be a good idea to vie for attention on a place like 4chan's /b/, and especially to post identifying pictures and information there. I remember being a dumb 14-year-old thinking /b/ was such a cool edgy super sekrit club lol maymays and wanting to be popular with the cool kids but I still realized that posting myself there would be a terrible idea that could end up fucking me over.

No. 30838

You probably didn't thirst for the attention and adoration of fucking creeps like these girls did. Ashley felt undesirable or at least unlovable then (she posted a video talking about not having mutual love), these pedos gave her that.

No. 30840

So many times I took pictures and didn't post. I kept thinking about my future. These girls didn't see a future for themselves. Sad existence

No. 30848

File: 1419031642451.jpg (144.35 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

So I just saw this. Shit has erupted.

No. 30851

There was definitely a thirst for attention/adoration there, but it was fortunately overridden by a sense of self-preservation. These girls seem to lack that, as well as any hope for a future for themselves like >>30840 said. I doubt any of the active /b/ camwhores came from a happy home or were mentally healthy and it doesn't surprise me they ended up in a bad place.

No. 30858


why have they hashtagged emergency mittens tho?

No. 30860

Why do all the pictures look like they were taken on a camera phone shooting at a computer screen?

No. 30864

do you think whoever made that Instagram ACTUALLY knew ashley ?

No. 30865

Not at all. It's someone who found this thread or the 4chan one. The person who took over ghostxperfume was willingly giving this thread away to anyone who would come off anon to reply privately.

No. 30866

Idk but it's so fucked up because I've never seen her fuck with anyone. She's just guilty by association at this point. So fucked up. Shes actually trying to turn her life around.

No. 30900

man, i like to discuss lolcows as much as the next person but this is kinda fucked up. especially the creepy picture "screenshots" taken with a camera, i mean what the fuck..

No. 30907


Too far, man. Too far.

No. 30914

they're turning it into a recovery blog ????

No. 30917

No Michelle is 100% dependent on her parents. Her parents bought her plane tickets the DAY she left rehab and was talking about how she was "homeless" and a "fugitive of the law". In reality she was sitting at home. She also knows she triggers people and admitted that her online persona is calculated and she "forced" her alcoholism onto herself to be more tragic.

No. 30919

Where's the proof? Or screenshots?

No. 30929

Mehhh I just remember her getting gifts for moving out from ppl

No. 30932

yeah sigh it's one thing to want her to get professional help, out of genuine worry for her own well-being, but doing that is kind of cruel.

No. 31010

File: 1419095416541.jpg (205.06 KB, 640x946, image.jpg)

She's back and somehow thinner.

No. 31028

File: 1419096558681.jpg (131.29 KB, 656x1000, 1413844431888.jpg)

>if anyone stares, it's obv because we're mad gorgeous

So she knows she looks absolutely disgusting to other people but she doesn't care because she loves the attention. I see.

She acts like one of those 2006 11 year old wannabe scene kids. Just the way she types and the "deep" captions she spits out says it all. She's just all around a really stupid and ignorant person.

No. 31031

who dun want to be like receiving all those free stuff from people on the internet.

No. 31032

not if it means deteriorating my health to a fatal state. seriously, if i saw this girl in person i would fucking throw up. i feel bad for anyone who's had to see her out in public, especially young children.
she's so inappropriate.

No. 31033

Definitely didn't think this person Just wants to warn ppl

No. 31037


Fuck, man. She's obviously not going to last much longer.

No. 31038



No. 31040

whatever. she's just another annoying attention seeking person who uses others' sympathy in getting something she cannot afford.

No. 31049

That's what doctors say but idk man, I think I've known about her for at least a yr. her body is fucking holding out.

No. 31050

I don't think she's thinner. It's just how the skin stretches across her face when she smiles.

No. 31051

Lol hit the nail on the head. She was and still is that way. Seriously. It's so sad.

No. 31052

Didn't last 3 days without attention on instagram

>>31031 If i needliterally destroy my body and look like a 105 year old grandpa in my twenties just to receive some free kawaii shit I don't actually need from strangers on the internet who pity me, then I refuse.

No. 31056

Ughhh. That caption is so cringy. No nO NO!!! People stare because they can't believe you're alive! I really don't think it's ludicrous to stare at someone in such a deteriorated state. It's so rare and jarring. She acts like she has Down syndrome and people are ignorantly staring at her.

No. 31061

Where did she get this new friend. She's popped up a few times but no link to tumblr.

Also she doesn't obsess over her like she did Erika.

Maybe it's because she's healthy?

No. 31065

File: 1419108093996.png (510.91 KB, 687x561, ash.png)

No. 31066

She is being so overly dramatic about everything. And also very rude to the girl in the picture.

No. 31068


I've been following her for a long time and this is the skinniest I've ever seen her.

No. 31071

File: 1419109019138.png (57.59 KB, 512x440, ash.png)

No. 31073

What happened here??!

No. 31074

File: 1419109461338.jpg (90.5 KB, 640x963, image.jpg)

No. 31075

Looks like the comments on her Instagram have been purged, lmao. What happened with this, her 'bff' didn't want to be caught seen with her?

No. 31076

Apparently @hypodermicutopia didn't want that picture of her up online either because a)she didn't like how she looked b)she didn't want to be associated with all the ashley drama or c)whatever else or all three. Ashley got pissy and started being mean to her.

No. 31077

File: 1419109646050.jpg (129.94 KB, 640x671, image.jpg)

She didn't want it up because of us

No. 31078

Holy fuck, I never would have thought Ashley would have such gigantic man hands.

No. 31079

@hypodermicutopia didn't want to be brought into all the negativity and it took Ashley forever to delete it and when she did she just covered up her face and started spreading rumors about her.

No. 31080

Can someone post @hypodermicutopia's comments? They've been deleted.

No. 31081

Bit late it's already on here…

No. 31082

File: 1419110116850.png (10.53 KB, 484x74, ash.png)

No. 31083

So wait, that girl didn't want her face shown - could be because tons of people posting it on various sites or simply because she didn't like how she looked - and ashley goes full bitch on her?
Shows Ashley's true colors.

No. 31084


No. 31085

File: 1419110375301.jpg (118.99 KB, 640x796, image.jpg)

So this girl has an ED too, apparently. I guess Ashley didn't latch onto her like she did with Erika because she isn't thin at all.

No. 31087

>nobody sees me as a fucking person :(((

stop with this shit ashley

No. 31088

File: 1419110673617.jpg (106.45 KB, 640x448, image.jpg)

No. 31089

Oh god. Everything is so 'woe is me everyone's so mean'. Typical of these Tumblr types - never even consider that maybe their behaviour is pathetic because let's just blame other people instead.

No. 31091

File: 1419110969362.jpg (44.13 KB, 640x212, image.jpg)

Apparently …

No. 31093

Because she isn't a person. She's an attention seeking bonebeast.

No. 31095

File: 1419111773218.jpg (45.83 KB, 640x241, image.jpg)

When I look up hypodermicutopia, I find this. Florida matches up, and the age seems to fit. I'll see if I can find anything more later when I'm not on my phone, but if anyone else wants to start it up, go for it.

No. 31096

How cute- she uses the name of a anxiety and depression drug as her live journal name

No. 31097

File: 1419112106310.png (70.42 KB, 400x323, 137773115263.png)


Don't bother doxing her. She's not causing any trouble.

No. 31098

File: 1419112183544.jpg (72.26 KB, 640x866, image.jpg)

From the blog yoy posted

No. 31099

File: 1419112243501.jpg (31.3 KB, 640x500, image.jpg)

No. 31100

Hold on now, that's just the info that comes up when you google it. It might not be her blog, but I'm sure you can link her through it somehow.

No. 31102

Looks like her

No. 31103


Fucking hell. I've done that before (actually ON sertraline, coincidentally) and it's nothing to brag about. It's stupid and all it does is make you sick/shaky/whatever depending on the meds. Edgy as fuck.

No. 31108

File: 1419113034007.jpg (131.48 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpg)

No. 31110


reading the entire thing and damn. i guess what this thread said is true.

No. 31115

File: 1419113928283.jpg (45.11 KB, 640x469, image.jpg)

>last edited: 20 december 2014
She's onto us, save her shit while you can!

No. 31117

She's not an lolcow, leave her out of this shit.
She has followed ashley on istagram for a while now. They're Friends through there. She's a recovered anorexic & it's pretty fucking rude to say that type of crap about her.

No. 31120

What is the slander she's talking about?

No. 31123

File: 1419114922717.jpg (183.5 KB, 640x1078, image.jpg)

No. 31124


What's with her bangs? Genuinely curious. Is she trying to look like Yolandi Visser?

No. 31127

File: 1419115582320.jpg (258.95 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 31128

File: 1419115614546.jpg (265.99 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 31130

Yeah, whoever's posting her here should stop.

No. 31131

File: 1419115702916.jpg (255.21 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 31132

"I'm sorry that wasn't the myspace angle you wanted" wow.

No. 31133

File: 1419115872765.jpg (245.92 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 31134

File: 1419115914803.jpg (205.83 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 31135

File: 1419116021031.jpg (200.45 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 31136

What did she post originally????

No. 31137

Oh shit, Ashley absolutely BTFO.

I don't regret posting hypodermicutopia's pictures, but I really do find her beautiful, both sick and recovering, and her old blog posts make her seem like an interesting person. I'm glad that she's free of Ashley now, and I can only hope that emergencymittens follows suit.

No. 31138

File: 1419116145792.jpg (200.68 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

This girl was so nice and good to ashley! And it just proves that she is mentally unbalanced! If she talks this way and says those kind of hurtful things to someone who was her "friend" I know her mom is probably the nicest person EVER. She is just completely delusional. Sad sad.

No. 31139

Post all the comments on those pictures, please. This is delicious. And since Erika reads this thread, I hope she'll read all of these too.

No. 31140

I'm surprised Erika is going to continue supporting her through this tbh.

No. 31142

No. 31144

Omg this is just the cherry on top, proof in the pudding kind of shit everyone needed to see to confirm ashley is fucking delusional and a liar.

No. 31145

Nah Erika is sucked into abusive relationships. She may see it but she'll stay.

No. 31150

I have no doubt she says horrible things about Erika to others.

No. 31154


Holy fucking shit.
I feel SO sorry for Erika and ash's mom.

No. 31155

I wonder if anyone has mentioned Ash's blog or instagram to her mom. All those terrible things she says about her…

No. 31158

File: 1419118329601.png (3.28 KB, 430x373, 1418785890103.png)

>"I've done nothing but try to help you and make you happy, even driving you to buy food to binge and purge even though it makes me worried and sick"

Good god. I'm repulsed beyond belief. How can a person be this selfish?

No. 31167

Gia (her name) went too far to post the personal conversation between herself and Ashley on her profile, knowing her profile is private and that Ashley can't defend herself. Say what you want, I know I'm the minority, but that's what I see here shrug.

No. 31169

Ashley went to far when she posted that picture. Ashley went to far when she refused to delete it. Ashley went to far when she covered up her face and reposed it with a mean comment. Gia is defending herself from people like you by posting those.

No. 31170

It isn't nice of you to post your 'BFF's' name here, Ashley.

No. 31171

Given what the texts say and how ashley handled herself in them, there's little to defend. What she did was inexcusable.

No. 31173

Defend whoever. I'm done. Just stating here are always two sides to a coin- and in this case, an unfortunate event.

No. 31177

Ashley also took down the photo (eventually, after dealing with many things during the time it was up- not just Insta BS. But yeah, could have been done sooner) and also deleted her caption. All to Gia's needs and wants. Never brought anything back up. Gia is stretching out something that's done and over.

No. 31183

Ashley, stop it. You're making yourself look embarrassing.

No. 31190

The photo of her with a sticker over her face is still up. She is disrespectful.

No. 31191

Ashley loves the attention. She would throw anyone of her friends or family members under the bus to achieve that.

No. 31198

File: 1419122144776.png (255.13 KB, 432x230, fuckinglol.png)

No. 31201

>because she isn't thin at all
are you and i looking at the same picture or…?

No. 31213

Lol except in her texts it's clear to see ashley doesn't give a fuck and misinterpreted what Gia was saying. And on Instagram she doesn't have a real defense for her actions. She was disgusting towards her friend and then just says that nobody understands her and defends herself by simply stating that she took it down to make her happy. She still doesn't understand Gia's concerns and feelings. She only cares about the bullshit front she puts up.

No. 31216

File: 1419126362344.jpg (50.14 KB, 384x365, 1416032144606.jpg)

Fuck off, Ashley. You're a prick and you don't need to pretend to act like you're a random anon in the thread. If you're going to act like you're someone else while defending yourself, at least learn to type without those fucking dashes. As usual, your grammar is terribad.

No. 31218

It's her private Instagram. If ashley is so adamant about ppl being allowed to post what they want, then she can't harp on about Gia posting the TRUTH.

Do you see how rabid Ashley's infantile followers are? They won't listen to reason, so they will go after her if. She was just trying to show how she's not the villain and how ashley isn't this innocent victim.

No. 31220

Why are you defending yourself on here ashley? We all see through your lies. Nobody pities you for anything else besides your delusional empty existence.

No. 31222

File: 1419127053191.png (286.87 KB, 988x588, Caught you fgt.png)

No one else types like this.

I found you nigga

No. 31223

The people who defend her all have names like 'ana.the.walking.dead''striving.to.disappear''reduce_reuse_restrict' or '94.lbs' on instagram.

No. 31227

Stop obsessing over Ashley? Maybe? Nah. omg dinner is done- where was I at on lolcow

No. 31228

File: 1419127706183.png (268.85 KB, 450x488, 1386128121759.png)

>omg dinner is done- where was I at on lolcow

was that even english? ashley you need a dictionary seriously. nice jew nose by the way.

No. 31230

>All to Gia's needs and wants.
Did you read the texts, though?
Not only did she take forever to delete the picture, she made it all about herself, and even though the girl didn't want to be part of the drama she still got sucked into it, just some posts above where people were trying to dig for her info.

No. 31231

File: 1419128035802.jpg (159.29 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I just saw this on the comments. Honestly, I am surprised she talks shit about Erika. She's got a creepy obsession with her.

No. 31232

You're hurting people, Ashley. If you want to hurt and kill yourself, fine; it's your decision. But to trigger and manipulate people who are desperately trying to recover for your own selfish reasons?


No. 31233

>referring to yourself in third person

You are pants on head retarded coming here and being the only person defending yourself. How sad.

No. 31237

Lol. I'm so confused by that comment.

No. 31239

/pol/ is leaking. :V

No. 31241

File: 1419129597307.jpg (214.79 KB, 230x456, 2dtzuio.jpg)

Lol i love this i made one too. Alien in my pocket.

No. 31242

Pretty sure they were confused about the dinner thing that Ashley said, not the jew thing. And that meme has nothing to do with /pol/ so I have no idea where you were going with that.

No. 31244

Exactly what I was asking. I don't give a shit about what you want to say about her appearance. Means shit when you're talking about someone who is such a nasty person.

No. 31246


go away and never come back.

No. 31247

I have no idea what this says. Are you a native English speaker? I'm confused.

But thanks for shitting up the thread with that awful post.

No. 31248

File: 1419130384828.jpg (89.53 KB, 600x750, butthurt-form.jpg)

You're still here ash? They were saying you have a big nose you retard. You don't need to cry about it with your shit grammar.

No. 31249

hypodermicutopia if you're reading this don't worry about being torn apart on this thread. You're a warrior

No. 31250

I'm not considering she took just one argument over texts to start talking shit about this girl and trying to play victim.

No. 31251

How about nobody gives a shit if you don't understand. It's not directed at you. If you want posts that stick to the thread topic then shut the fuck up instead of making your own useless post.

No. 31252

Do you have downs? Can't understand basic English? Just trying to understand what she meant by the dinner comment you dumb fucks.

No. 31253

That anon was talking about this phrase:

>omg dinner is done- where was I at on lolcow

Which was nothing else but some dipshit trying to make fun of people in this thread. That's it, nothing else.
And the jew nose comment isn't a meme either, Jesus Christ.

You guys should stop fucking this thread up with this retarded shit. If you don't understand the way someone words their shit then deal with it.

No. 31255

Thanks but I think it's wasted on these tards.

No. 31257

Is that really Erika's Instagram? She said that she wasn't ready to immerse herself into social media

No. 31258

Gia has some real woman-balls to mention Erika. hm. And this is all very sad. All of you are so quick to hate ash without seeing any other aspect. Lil' horses with blinders. Continue replying.

No. 31261

File: 1419131349895.jpg (166.84 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Wahwahwah… Lol @ her bottom comment.

No. 31262

Yeah it is. She's commented to Ashley who has replied. She's posting never before seen pictures and writing in her style too. That is emergency mittens on Instagram. She's baaaaaaaaccccck, and hella brave. Bless her.

No. 31264

wait, where's erika's instagram?

No. 31267

happy merchant is definitely a meme but alright

No. 31270

File: 1419131899576.gif (1.94 MB, 235x180, 1411434894769.gif)

>And the jew nose comment
let's just move past this okay? okay.

No. 31274

Gia sounds a bit insecure if I may be frank.

No. 31275

File: 1419132604664.png (172.71 KB, 355x362, 1410289627034.png)

I could pick apart all of the hypocrisy in these and both of you would still be raging about how the people in this thread are "tards". Do us all a favor and leave then with your shitty logic.

No. 31277

Round of applause for this badass right here.

How does she seem insecure?

No. 31283

File: 1419136283922.jpg (12.87 KB, 400x400, 138092365865.jpg)

we know. >>31242 already stated that you were talking about the dinner thing. you are literally going apeshit over nothing.
again, lurk more before posting.
you're literal trash for supporting this fuckery. at least check your shit before calling others stupid when you're pretty autistic yourselves.

No. 31286

File: 1419137465525.jpg (33.83 KB, 1024x768, Rage_Against_The_Machine_005.j…)

Whoaoaoa watch out we got an internet tough guy over here
Babby's first day on lolcow

No. 31287

I hope ashley gets some composure soon, and that Gia (I think??) has the maturity to close this, or at least not drag her 'followers' into it. Ash is at least not bringing it up anymore

No. 31288


I hope you can get some composure, too, Ash. I also hope you can get some serious psychological help. A little DBT could change your life.

No. 31289

Lol she isn't dragging her followers into it. She clearly is mature. Ash tries soooo fucking hard to lobby her own followers to back her invalid feelings.

No. 31291

You guys are all fucking retards. Refocus your animosity back to ashley shitheads.

No. 31293

Ew where did all these white knights come from.

No. 31294

There's only one, and it's all confirmed to be Ashley.

Might be one of her loyal little poodles here too, but I doubt it.

No. 31295

They aren't. It's ashley

No. 31299

Isn't funny that ashley abruptly stops posting shot about her mom?

No. 31302

Woah… I am speechless… I always knew Ahsley wasn't very kind, but doing this to Gia and talking shit about Erika behind her back… she's being a colossal bitch.

No. 31307

I'm curious as to what Ashley has said about erika to her. I think her mothering instincts make her put up with mm with all of the bs, personally.

No. 31313

File: 1419145157717.png (29.04 KB, 682x164, Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 1.57…)

What a pity. This poor girl got sucked into an abusive relationship with Ashley so easily.

No. 31316

Ash and Erika just need others out. Understanding them is apparently impossible. Gia was jealous? I duno. Maybe because she never got 'as far' as they did. And yeah, Gia posted info about ash on her IG.. knowing ash couldn't see it. That's a bit immature.

No. 31317

You really think she was jealous of Ash's and Erika's relationship. I highly doubt it. If Ashley doesn't drive Erika into the ground then they are going to drive each other into the ground.

No. 31318

>Gia was jealous? I duno. Maybe because she never got 'as far' as they did.
Why the fuck would Gia be jealous over someone else getting more of the bonebitch's attention? This just rings of that middle school apologism: Y-YOU JUST DON'T LIKE ME BECAUSE I'M PRETTIER THAN YOU AND YOU'RE JEALOUS!

No. 31325

I guess if Ash really wanted to be exclusive with Erika and felt she needed to get everyone else out of the way to do so then openly bashing her in front of her crazy fans is one way to do so. She knew her crazy ass fans would flip out and attack her.

No. 31326

I could've worn I saw a screenshot on here just now with it, but it's fluffykittenandbunnies . She commented on Ashley's photo.

I doubt she's jealous. She obviously doesn't want the negative attention associated with Ashley. I don't really see what she could be jealous of. She's recovering and seems to be doing well with her life. IMO, I think her putting it up on her private IG made it at least a little better than blasting it out to the whole world of IG and even hashtagging it or something. Regardless, we get to see how much more immature and selfish Ashley is.

No. 31327


No. 31329

nvm, I'm retarded

No. 31330

Ash, you're completely delusional. Get help.

No. 31331

I think everyone here is less appalled at Ashley's behaviour and more appalled at the fact that it's Ashley doing it.

Because honestly, asking that someone you claim is your friend not post a picture of you two together just because that friend is being shit-talked on the internet…that's pretty horrid. It's like saying, "Oh, no, don't sit with me at the lunch table because you're being bullied!" Sorry, but actual friends stick together no matter what.

Besides, let's not kid ourselves. If like, Quirky or Star was demanding one of their friends not post a picture of them together because of ~AMG INTERNET BULLIEZ!!11!~ we'd be all up their asses for being shitty and unsupportive.

No. 31332

I started to follow Ashley one year ago. First I felt pity for her, wanted her to recover etc, but when she started to post shit like this >>30771 I couldn't help to completely stop feeling pity for her and it pissed me off so hard and I knew she was a spoiled bitch.
I experienced real hunger when me and my family lived in my home country which (back then) was in a war.
I understand what an eating disorder is and I understand it's horrible ..but when you post about how you bought $75 worth of food just to throw it up, and you fucking brag about it on your blog…and then you fish for pity and attention but when people send you wishes to get better you shit all over them (as seen here >>30800 ), and then disrespect and are a bitch to your IRL "friends" (Gia and Erika)…This is where I stop feeling any pity for you and realize you are a spoiled bitch hungry for attention and pity that brought this upon herself.

And yes, I realize you might have gone through some real hardships in your life, regarding your father or someone/something else but so did millions of other people and it still doesn't excuse you to act like a bitch towards others simply because you are a "victim". And fuck everyone who will still enable you and their retarded tumblrina way of thinking.

No. 31338

Ashley very likely exaggerated how severely she's being "harassed" and "stalked." I don't blame Gia for being afraid.

Anyway, this isn't like not sitting with your bullied friend. Not having her picture up doesn't mean they're not spending time together. That picture is totally inconsequential to their friendship.

Ashley is choosing to make herself available to the doxxers and "stalkers" and random internet sociopaths. Ashley might as well have painted a target on Gia by putting up that picture.

Ashley dragged Gia into this for no god damn reason.

No. 31342

So wait, when a friend posts a picture of you on social media and you don't like it, it makes you an asshole if you want it removed?
It's her right to ask her to remove it, doesn't make her a bitch. There were pictures of Ashley and her before online, she didn't ask Ashley to remove them.

>Besides, let's not kid ourselves. If like, Quirky or Star was demanding one of their friends not post a picture of them together because of ~AMG INTERNET BULLIEZ!!11!~ we'd be all up their asses for being shitty and unsupportive.

Wait what, explain how is the situation with Gia asking Ashley to remove that picture "unsupportive?"

I mean situation where it is shitty is when you are like Kiki and Kooter, trying to deceive everyone you are perfect elf doll, so you send copyright on every picture that shows some imperfections. But that's a totally different case.

No. 31344

And we all saw what happened when Gia got brought into this…
People started looking into her. Bringing up all her old stuff. She had a right to be scared some of the people on her are legitimately crazy.

No. 31347

Ashley just used that girl to show off on instagram

No. 31352

LOL, I'm looking at tumblr's help page: Ashley CANNOT complain about her url being taken for the record - this is a quote from tumblr's help section. "And by the way: after you save it, we still hold your old URL for 24 hours, just in case you change your mind, or you want to use it on one of your secondary blogs. After that, though, your URL is released into the wild. Wish it well."

No. 31359

It is just another way for Ashley to act like a victim
>Poor me, someone evil took my old blog url. They stole my identity, my life, even though I baleeted that URL, and didn't save it and made a new one. Oh who could be so soulless and hurt me so?? Bawwww, please attack that monster my dear followers.

No. 31392

Ding ding ding. That's exactly it. She wants to drag others down with her. She knew what she was doing.

No. 31395

hi ashley. you're a cunt. bye

No. 31410

You are all so quick to drive ash down. It's almost amusing. How you crave to see her hurt. I hope to god you're all getting pleasure.

No. 31417

Go to bed, Ashley.

No. 31489

play with your pokemon, ashley. this's no place for you.

No. 31495

File: 1419159933384.jpg (83.03 KB, 640x396, image.jpg)

If anyone is still lost about Erika joining Instagram

No. 31499

File: 1419160041953.jpg (199.04 KB, 640x1069, image.jpg)

No. 31503


i thought the anorexia somehow didn't show on her face but then i watched this video whoa damn

No. 31510

That woman has really won genetic lottery, what a shame

No. 31511

your guilt trip shit doesn't work here bitch

No. 31512

What shits me the most about this, is if it was the other way round and Gia put the photo up and Ash didn't want it up and Gia refused.. Can you imagine the shit Ash would start?

No. 31514

Lol Gia is a grown ass woman in recovery, with a fiancé, she getting places. But some dumbass wants to think she's jealous of a disordered, codependent relationship that's going to end up with ashley hurting that person, yet again?

Try again.

No. 31516

Wow, you blow shit out of proportion. We are only telling you your truths ashley. Go back to Instagram and tumblr to get your ass licked. We don't fall for your shit here.

No. 31518

Uhhh how does it show? I think she's got a normal face all things considered

No. 31519

her face in motion? her voice?

No. 31521

I see. But I think she's only anorexic so her voice shouldn't sound as croaky as Ashley's

No. 31522

Gia talks down about Ashley 'getting binge foods'.
Gia also admits, in the same text, she TOOK Ashley to get 'those foods'.
Uhhhh??? Not siding with Ashley.
Not siding with Gia. This is fucking lolcow for christ's sake.
Both chicks are disordered for whatever reason.
Obviously Gia still has some shit to manage, or else she never would have befriended a low-life that does nothing for her. Just pointing weird shit out.

No. 31524

You perceive an honest statement to be a talking-down-to? She's KNOWS ashley went to go get binge food so she could purge. It's a fact. There's no judgment In the statement.

No. 31525

You don't know if she lied to Gia about it. She could've told her "I swear to eat them all and keep it down"….sometimes you want to believe your shithead friend even when you know they're a shithead.

No. 31529

Obviously Ashley is a mess, but I feel like this board really cuts attractive girls a lot more slack.
Erika is stunning, but she is a mess. She isn't getting help and is rising her kids.
Don't know or care about Gia, but if she really didn't want internet attention, she behaved exactly opposite and blew things up to make everyone want to know who she is. She had to know when she took a selfish with Ashley that it would be posted. She brought this on herself.

No. 31533

I don't know if it was missed, but Erika is getting help with both recovery and her children. She's admitted to being a mess and needing help and has finally made strides to change her life. Posts like this can really hurt someone who is trying.

No. 31538

Ffs, is there a way to pull up past posts on Instagram accounts? Because Gia has posted on HER profile of ash and HER FACE. But obv the photo isn't going to be there anymore.

No. 31539

>She had to know when she took a selfie with Ashley that it would be posted. She brought this on herself.
OK then. What are you supposed to do when your friend asks to take a selfie with you? The polite thing is to accept, even if you look like shit, right? But if your friend is someone like Ashley, who has a reputation for the dramatics and would probably be offended and hurt and vent to thousands of followers/probably pretty passive aggressive about it if you rejected her, then what? Personally I think it would be worth the risk to take the photo on the off chance she thinks it's a bad picture of herself and doesn't post it online. And if you go into it assuming it's your friend, you might even genuinely think she would take it down if you disliked it.

We definitely don't cut pretty girls slack. Many of the most popular lolcows are attractive by most people's standards, like Kiki and Yukapon, and we don't really hold back. If you meant this particular thread…it might seem that way, but we don't really have any problem with Gia because we don't know who she is (and she doesn't do immature shit) and we can see Erika is trying to do better while Ashley is stewing in her misery and dragging her recovering pals down with her.

No. 31540


What are you going on about? Gia isn't/Wasnt ashamed of being friends with Ashley. And I have been following Gia for a long time on insta, she is super sweet and has come a long way with her recovery. Anyone can understand her need to not be swept up into the chaos that is Ashley. There is still a picture of them on her Instagram from over 4 weeks ago. This stupidity has been blown way out of proportion by Ashley and she lost a nice sweet caring friend but I doubt she even really cares because her "followers" are more important to her than her irl life friends which is just… Sad.

No. 31541

Not when Ashley had been crying for weeks about being harassed and going "in hiding." You wouldn't expect someone in that situation to go and post her friend's face in the middle of all that.

No. 31542

This. So much this

No. 31552

Erika is getting help? Or has at least. She talks about trying to get better, she did say she was going to outpatient treatments shortly before she deleted her tumblr, and wanted to get better. Where as Ashley vaguely talks about her issues to avoid the seriousness of them, but has admitted that she has turned down offers for help many times. We dont give her slack for being good looking, but for trying to actually be an adult at least and try her best to be there for her kids.

Idk anything about Gia, but the drama from the picture came from the fact that Ashley didnt care about Gia's feelings. It takes literally seconds to put a sticker on someone's face, people do it all the time. Yet Ashley not only refused to do it for Gia when she asked for a couple of hours, but also turned making her friend feel comfortable into her being the victim.

No. 31554

>I hope to god you're all getting pleasure.
Don't worry mate, I love seeing you hurt. As said before, it's all you're good for.

No. 31555

File: 1419187159419.jpg (35.43 KB, 428x573, S7257.jpg)

No. 31564

not sure if ashley herself or just a random retard

No. 31565

I'm convinced 90% of posts on this thread are Ashley.

No. 31567

File: 1419191357494.png (598.1 KB, 685x579, ash.png)

No. 31568

Oh my GOD you all are obsessed.

No. 31569

You know you like it Ashley…why else would you be here?

No. 31570

That's your 4th time saying that. Quit posting here if you don't have anything to contribute.

No. 31571

You know we don't care right. So maybe save your breath.

No. 31572

She is claiming she is a prisoner now on tumblr…doesn't she realize she is the one with the key.

No. 31573

>>31570 obsessed obsessed obsessed obsessed obsessed oops 5 times

No. 31574

Lets not forget you are here too.
Ashley or not you are obsessed with Ashley.

No. 31575

File: 1419193312716.jpg (186.8 KB, 900x896, 1361584255855.jpg)

whoa man. you really showed them. gud 1 bro

No. 31576

Congratulations. That's the biggest achievement of your life.

Bet it's the highlight of your day too.

No. 31577

loo ashley is reaching critical butthurt

if we bother you so much, go back to your tumblr hugbox, you can be the biggest bitch there and those asslickers will tell you you are perfect no matter what

we will just stay here and laugh at you

No. 31578

Plus that 5 times

Oops 10 times

No. 31580

So Ash. You mad about your blog being turned into a recovery blog?

No. 31581

File: 1419194200973.jpg (17.26 KB, 323x424, Alien-real.jpg)

ayyyy lmao

No. 31582

File: 1419194240658.gif (1021.11 KB, 200x113, 6579.gif)

No. 31585

Off topic - someone please explain this gif. creepy as hell.

No. 31586

File: 1419194789816.jpg (61.51 KB, 588x403, uglyashell.jpg)


No. 31588

I think its just supposed to be 2 girls gossiping and laughing at you ?
Apparently its supposed to make you mad

No. 31590

good observation.

No. 31591

>oh no! two girls gossiping! so creepy!

You've never seen a little girl before, mate? You got downs?

No. 31592

You guys are so fucking disgusting putting up these photos comparing Ashley to. All I see are a bunch of obsessed, pathetic gossips who have nothing better to do with their time. Have you ever considered you are hurting her feelings with the crap you continue to spew? Her existence doesn't effect you, so if you don't like her then ignore her. It's horrible Internet bullies like you that drive poor people to suicidal thoughts. And no. This is not Ashley herself. This is someone who is fed up seeing her hurt.

No. 31594

ikr? it's obvious what the gif is. i don't think that person has ever been outside in their life lol

No. 31595

Fuck off back to Tumblr, poodle.

No. 31596

File: 1419196686838.gif (498.97 KB, 500x281, HKS6qmo.gif)

Not speaking for all lolcow-ers but honestly, it was morbid curiosity that drove me to learn about Ashley. at first, I felt sorry for her. Wow she must be so misunderstood, etc etc… Now I see all the vileness she spews and nowadays I get small schadenfreude when she gets caught being the shitty person she truly is inside.

No. 31597

File: 1419196812301.png (172.78 KB, 397x261, merry christmas.png)

lol k

No. 31598

File: 1419196996237.jpg (71.9 KB, 537x399, qJFr0qe.jpg)

No. 31599

Vileness? Have you guys looked at yourselves? Look at the disgusting photos you are posting at attempts to make fun of her! You think she is a bad person then think that. But sharing your opinion has gone to gossiping which has then turned into flat out cruelty. You know Ashley might see this stuff and you continue to post things (like those horrid comparison photos) knowing that could hurt her feelings. So tell me again how vile of a person ashley is when she is minding her own business while you all are over here spewing hate.

No. 31600

Your dear Ashley isn't a saint.
Ever wondered why she absolutely refuses to recover or it still hasn't reached your tumblrina brain?

No. 31601

File: 1419197225935.gif (1.98 MB, 500x295, tumblr_ndha0u9K6O1tojzf3o1_500…)

Whatever makes you feel better hun. We're all just big meanies, bullying poor innocent Ashley. Yup. Mhm. She tooootally has no blame in any of this. Yep. If there was nothing to make fun of guess what, she wouldn't be a fucking lolcow. Fact of the matter is Ashley is fucking hilarious. And no, I'm not referring to her ~anorexia~ but to her shitlord mentality towards everything and everybody.

No. 31602

Ooooh poor Ashley, she is good girl, didn't do anything wrong, look at all these posts for proof:

No. 31603

Nobody is a saint. I don't even have Tumblr so I don't know why you keep saying that. But either way NOBODY is a saint. She doesn't want to recover. How does it affect you? She has people who stick by her. How does that affect you? Honestly she wants to just live her life. She is not asking for everyone to like her or accept her. But are these comparison photos necessary to prove your opinions? No. Because they aren't you guys sharing your opinions. They are you guys being cruel. If you can honestly explain to me how those photos are any better than how horrible you guys feel ashley is I'd love to here it. Because she just is minding her business. You guys are the bullies.

No. 31604

Where are you alien-chan? More comparison photos pls

No. 31605

I have said my part. I can't change people. They need to change for themselves. Hopefully some of you will start to consider her feelings. And if not, then that is on you. That shows your true colors hiding behind a screen making fun of someone. Like I said I can't change a bully. But hopefully you all can at least think of the hurt a simple anonymous can cause. Ashley is not perfect and neither are any of you, neither am I. We all make mistakes. But to make fun of someone's outward appearance because of your disagreement with their decisions is fucked up. And I think even you guys know that. I'm done here. Happy holidays

No. 31607

It's the fact that she knows she looks like absolute shit but she won't get better because she loves the attention of getting stared at and praised by her followers.
Someone has even already stated that here before. She's so easy to see right through.

No. 31609

File: 1419198717318.png (621.89 KB, 698x439, happy_holidays.png)

merry christmas with love and good cheer :^)

No. 31610

Okay no, the fact that you think the main issue with her anorexia is that she "looks like absolute shit" is ridiculous. Don't be such a shallow prick.

No. 31611

File: 1419199223401.png (21.16 KB, 502x85, 1465067390623.png)

No one ever said that was her main issue but ok.
Look at you go lol

No. 31612

"It's the fact that she knows she looks like absolute shit but she won't get better" So yeah the implication is there but ok.

Look at YOU go lol

No. 31613

That's how I read it too. Clearly you have no idea how the mentality of an anorexic works. It's not all about looks. But I don't expect ignorant bullies to grasp something so intricate

No. 31614

>How does it affect you?

How does us discussing it effect you?

No. 31616

Honestly you can't speak for Ashley. I'm convinced by her posting and gloating that people post about her makes her happy. She wants attention, a negative or positive.

An if she did have a problem with it she would probably say some shit about it. She's always venting and ranting on her tumblr or Instagram. She's just pissed she keeps getting baleted and can't spread her diseased self across a major social media platform. Baby doesn't get her attention.

No. 31617

File: 1419199505745.png (403.93 KB, 853x480, 1416685604795.png)

Don't think you know what implication means.

>look at YOU go

for when you have no comeback, copy the same thing the person just said lol rage more fgt lol

No. 31618

Who are you to decide how ashley feels? She does have feelings you know. She is a person.

No. 31619

Hey ashley…
Then why couldn't you consider Gia's feelings before? You just decided that she was being vain when she asked you to take down the photo.

No. 31620

Go away ashley. No one cares that you have anorexia because it's just all for attention. You're not very convincing with your shitty amazon wishlist. Go cry some more about how someone made fun of your looks. Cus that will happen when you're just skin over bone. People are going to say something about her appearance, dumb ass.

No. 31621


I mean I could resort to your boring pictures and tired old memes but I'm not a 12 year old with carpal tunnel so yeah, no. And I did it intentionally but the air I can hear flying through one of your ears and out of the other does point out the lack of anything in between and makes me wonder why I'm bothering with this. Point is, anorexia is about a lot more than appearance. If you're lucky maybe you'll learn that one day, but probably only when you grow out of diapers.

No. 31622

File: 1419199811572.jpg (88.28 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I'm asking you the same fucking thing dumbass. When she posts stuff like this and pretends to identify with it, what else are you supposed to think? She's eating it up.

No. 31623

This is not Ashley you moron. You assume anyone defending her MUST be ashley herself. Ever consider there are people above your level that actual care about her and her feelings?

No. 31624


I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing about "dumb ass". You go, little buddy. You go.

No. 31625


I haven't said a single meme at all. Again, you have no idea what you're talking about. You're just butthurt over your own appearance, ugly pig.

No. 31626


>Again, you have no idea what you're talking about.

>You're just butthurt over your own appearance, ugly pig.

Oh the hypocrisy. I don't know what I'm talking about, but you have some intrinsic knowledge of the appearance of the anons you've never seen in your life and never will? Keep going. Exacerbate that carpal tunnel of yours.

No. 31627

Looks like Ashley has sent her army of cocksuckers to fight.

Eat shit. Your guilt trip and "she is a PERSON!!1!" strawman arguments won't work here. Go back to whine on Tumblr.

No. 31628

What the fuck are you going berserk over? Go back and read what they said. Whatever you think people are implying, is not what they're implying. Fuck off you autistic little shit.

No. 31629

>Fuck off you autistic little shit.
How long have you been in the Navy SEALs for?

No. 31631


I'm not going berserk, unlike you guys who are all having palpitations over an anorexic trainwreck while telling yourself it's because you care about her friend's feelings.

No. 31632

Someone pushed a button and now you're whining over nonexistent things that didn't happen and weren't said.

Sounds like you have major self esteem and personal problems to deal with. No one's standing for your white knight bs here faggot

No. 31633

ebin may may broski! :^DDD

No. 31634

It's not like anybody's forcing Ashley to keep coming here and reading/replying to this thread, poodles.

No. 31635

We need more ayyy lmaos in this thread

No. 31636

File: 1419200253066.png (458.07 KB, 580x422, thisthreadsmellslikesamefag.pn…)

ayy you called? lmao

No. 31637

These white knight shitlords never have any good PTS to contribute. It's just the same as Ashley's bullshit whining.

Can we get back on topic please?

No. 31638

Ashley didn't send anyone. Maybe people are just fed up with your pathetic attempts at bullying. Post YOUR photos. I bet I could pick you apart. I'm sure you ain't so hot yourself. Lmao

No. 31639


I don't have self esteem or personal problems. I do have something most of you seem to lack which is common sense. All I pointed out is that Ashley's appearance isn't the problem here, it's that she's killing herself with her disordered behavior. But I'm glad you're all so allergic to actual facts that you're going crazy because someone pointed it out!

No. 31640

We are here to stay and take record of your bitch fits, Ashley :^)

No. 31641

File: 1419200345197.png (314.42 KB, 435x573, 1344390720456.png)

Slow down there, edgemeister!

No. 31642


This. I don't like the girl, I came here because I was curious about what she looked like before and I'm really neutral about her, but some of the things these morons are saying don't even make sense.

No. 31643

We can leave this thread. And then what are you left with? The satisfaction that you can make fun of someone who is ill. Dream big!! Lol your lives are really lacking. Which make you the sad case here. Not Ashley. So in a way…. Ashley wins. Because she is so much more above floor scum such as yourselves.

No. 31644

Sure thing bozo, maybe you should try to read the whole thread and see people weren't critical of her at all until she proved to be a huge bitch

No. 31645

File: 1419200497544.jpg (5.19 KB, 261x193, 138905230621.jpg)

>pathetic attempts at bullying
>not knowing you're on lolcow

No. 31646

Stop pretending to be a different anon.

No. 31647

That's even worse. Lol you aren't helping your case. You come to a thread dedicated to make fun of people. You are so sad. Lol. Again I say.. dream big! :)

No. 31648


Yeah okay true before that most of you were jerking it to her underage pictures.


Pretending. You're delusional.

No. 31649

Yeah someone who has a fatal sickness with a mental disorder and bitchy personality really wins. mhm.

No. 31650

File: 1419200609061.jpg (35.3 KB, 640x480, your-resistance-only-makes-my-…)


No. 31651

No, this is a whole website dedicated to making fun of people. What do you hope to accomplish by reminding people why they're here.

No. 31652


>We can leave this thread. And then what are you left with? The satisfaction that you can make fun of someone who is ill.

What are you on about? Are you seriously implying if you keep posting we'll all feel 'guilty' and stop talking about her? I don't even have anything against Ashley but I think you're retarded. Whether you're actually her or one of her white knights, seriously, if you stop posting there'll be a lot less to talk about and the thread will get buried.

>So in a way…. Ashley wins. Because she is so much more above floor scum such as yourselves.

Last time I checked I wasn't slowly killing myself tho

No. 31653

>Ashley wins

Yeah, she wins by starving herself for attention and shitting all over anyone who tries to be a friend to her IRL

What a winner.

Keep sucking her cock, tumblrinos

No. 31654

Ok you don't want to bother to read the previous posts detailing her shitty and delusional personality but you want to makes bullshit claims about what we are doing here. That's only some portion of lolcow posters. Personally just waiting to read some actual crap instead of seeing comparison pics or ppl going at it with white knights.

No. 31656

Nope. Not trying to guilt you into being nice. Unfortunately you can't change "stupid". You are stuck with your shitty personalities. And ashley is stuck with people who really love and care for her like us.

No. 31657

Ashley defense army preparing for countercharge.

Be ready for more "She is a person!!" and "You have no souls!!" shitpost spam.

No. 31658

I hope one day you get to meet your precious princess Ashley and she shits on you like she has everyone else in her life.

No. 31659

So are you @starvingforperfection43 or @doingitforana?

No. 31660

>like us

Earlier you said you were "not on either side, just tired of the bullies and bullshit people say about Ashley."
Get your story straight or at least make up your fucking mind retard.

No. 31661

>ashley is stuck with people who really love and care for her like us.


No. 31662

Wow good job, congrats. We can all see how your love is making her the happiest most recovered beautiful person that is kind and unselfish…oh, wait.

Try again.

No. 31663

Meeting her would be incredible. :) so sorry if you think me meeting her would be bad.

No. 31664

File: 1419201784282.png (580.68 KB, 654x474, selfie.png)

last one babes promise

hay ashlayyy

No. 31665

Oh it wouldn't be bad. She would turn on you. She would have her fan base turn on you. It would be funny.

No. 31666

File: 1419201937560.jpg (12.51 KB, 600x450, 173.jpg)

No. 31667

Now I get it. You're one of those sick in the head delusional girls with the pro Ana handles.

No. 31668

can you even honestly articulate what you find so amazing and beautiful about her? you've never met her in person, you have no idea what she's actually like, and yet you all worship her like some beautiful angel when you probably don't know jack shit about her in reality

No. 31669

All of her obsessive fans are delusional proanas.

No. 31670

Actual I'm just a regular person lol. Just because I love her and her friendship automatically means I too have an eating disorder? Maybe I am a regular person who likes her as a person.

No. 31671

Like you've already said…you have never met her. I doubt she has ever even acknowledged you.

No. 31672

What did she respond to you once on instagram and now you two are bffs?

No. 31673

No. 31674

Actually we talk quite often. I don't need to explain anything to you though. Carry on with your lonely bullying lives. ;)

No. 31675

Can't wait til she turns on you :3

No. 31676

Maybe, but you're not. You see, to be someone who feels that way about ashley, you must not know shit about her horrible personality. That or you're too stupid to see through her victim front.

So what is it about ashley that makes her such an exception?

No. 31677

lmao at least we're doing her more good than all her loyal fans honestly. we're not afraid to call out her bullshit, and obviously blindly supporting all her self-destructive decisions is just allowing her to keep killing herself and become an even more terrible person. you guys are feeding an endless cycle that's going to destroy her

No. 31678

Regular people don't defend people who intentionally try to hurt people. Unless they too are looking to cause pain.

No. 31679


No. 31680

>Just because I love her and her friendship automatically means I too have an eating disorder?

Implying that the majority of pro-anas have legitimate eating disorders.

No. 31681


are you fucking twelve? lol you can always tell who's new. that shit doesn't fly here

No. 31682

Follow me on insta like and subscribe my yoitube followbme on twitter and facebook!!1 ;^dDDD LISen to my dank new mixtape bruhh oya and folo my tumblr lolbthx :')))))3

No. 31683


This just in Anon, apparently not enabling someone to resume their downward spiral toward utter self destruction and refusing to feed someone's harmful delusions is bullying now.

Real friends and fans would be critical of a person's actions and call them out on their bullshit. I would rather that than have a bunch of ass lickers coddle me and say that everything is okay when in reality I am just fucking everything up for myself and those around me.

No. 31685

what's even more fucked up is that I guarantee she's aware of her actions in the same way we are. she even flaunts it and uses it for more sympathy, "oh I'm so fucked in the head, I push everyone away, why am I so unstable :( :("

I know this exact type of person. looking at where ashley is at in this spectrum of shit personality vs. self-awareness, and considering how long she probably has to live (not fucking long at this rate), she'll never change no matter what anyone does. coddling will never help her, calling her out won't help her either because she already knows what she's doing. she's going to die a miserable and delusional bag of bones

No. 31688

Yes, she has feelings, as any other person; and her feelings are not more or less important than anyone else's, are they?. Then, why does she have the right to disrespect everybody's feelings, like Gia's, Erika's…? Seriously, don't treat anyone the way you don't want to be treated. And if she won't be a kind person, you can't expect us to be kind to her either.

No. 31689

Wait, what did she do to Erika?

No. 31691

Supposedly Ashley talked shit about her and sent her rude messages in anon when Erika still had a Tumblr

No. 31693

How did you know about ash sending the Erika anons?

No. 31694

Pretty sure it was last Sunday Ashley and her 12 year old army descended on the thread.
Is that when pre-teens get internet access or something

No. 31695

Gia is a woman in recovery from an ED, I think she fucking knows what it is like to binge on food.

She knew that Ashley was going to binge on that food and then purge herself, but she also knows that Ashley is too deep into her ED than applying "tough love" is not going to help her either. So uh, yeah nah, that's not talking down about her.

No. 31697

>using that old ass copypasta in an attempt to sound like you know what you're talking about

No. 31698

Okay so you have been whining about "bullying" yet you want to show them all their place by ~bullying~ them while also priding yourself for being *~above the rest~*

Just fuck off.

No. 31699

This has just turned into a bunch of whining White Horses. I'll be back when someone has some new information.

No. 31703


Ok then, we will. Now fuck off.

No. 31705

>people above our level that care about her feelings
Oh boy, that moral high ground! :^)

No. 31711

I don't get this place anymore. I'm all about the cgl cattiness, but I am so sick of these threads devolving into hoping people get worse or deserve to have bad things Halen to them, calling people cubs, accusing everyone of being from tumblr or PULL, and not knowing how to handle trolls or white Knights.
When did it get so dumb in here? Eh, what could you expect, I guess.

No. 31714


I think the people hoping bad things happen to lolcows are a relatively small minority. The tumblr/pull thing is more or less spergs sperging at spergs they disagree with and I think the white knight thing is mostly just people prodding them to piss them off. I guess everywhere has its tards.

No. 31731

I can't wait until she dies of heart failure and all of her "friends" realize it was their fault.

Gtfo enablers.

No. 31738

Just because some of us are her friends does not mean we support her illness. Being a friend is just that. A friend. Someone who cares and loves her for HER. and for you to say you can't wait for her to die is a disgusting, terrible thing to say. I can't wait for her to recover just to shove it in your ignorant face

No. 31740

You have never MET her

No. 31743

Not a requirement for friendship. And that doesn't erase the horrible things you have said. Saying you can't wait for her to die. Sickens me there are such people like that.

No. 31745

And because we have not met in person doesn't mean we never will. And when I do we will have lots of fun and I will be sure to take her mind off of people like you.

No. 31746

Is Ashley from Orlando?

No. 31747

Seriously though she is dying and needs to be involuntarily committed. I'm guessing adult protective services didn't do anything because she was lying about her mother. Is there a way to have her hospitalized other than calling 911?

No. 31749

That's sweet of you, but… saddly, she doesn't want to. She's so deep into her anorexia that has lost every hope (and it's totally understable). So… let's be real, she doesn't have many years left unless she changes her mind, which she doesn't seem to be interested in.

No. 31750

It is unfortunate that she won't get help. It really is. But why make fun of her for the time she does have left?

No. 31751

Yes, she is.

No. 31752

I don't share these people interests in making fun of her, that just makes the situation worse. I won't defend her either, though, since she's not an angel and I certainly don't like her, but I agree with you. I'll just stay impartial and let everyone's conscience be their guides.

No. 31755

Ya I know not everyone is making fun of her. And you are right. It does make the situation worse. Some posts on here go beyond sharing opinions and straight into cruelty

No. 31758

I think Ashley's dad's name is Richard.

No. 31759


Some anons are harsher than others, but I think that one in particular that said they want Ashley to die of heart failure was just trying to wind you up.

No. 31760

File: 1419219831547.png (337.76 KB, 456x406, navi.png)

Which one of them is lying?

No. 31761

I am so tempted to contact her mom and tell her about what Ash has written about her online. Has anyone done that already?

No. 31762

I've thought about doing it too. I am not aware that anyone has but I wouldn't be surprised if they had.

No. 31764

Someone already told her mom.
It's why she won't post crap about it anymore.

No. 31765

Someone posted videos of 2007 Ashley on tumblr.

No. 31769

She's such a vile person. I stumbled across her tumblr a little over a yr ago and I felt bad for her but I'm not a fan of anime or that kawaii bs so I didn't follow her blog. Awhile later someone I was following reblogged one of her text posts and I ended up following her,at the time I thought she was interesting and I felt bad for her blah blah blah. (And no,not interesting solely because of her ed,I thought she was a genuinely interesting person. I feel stupid for that,but whatever.) I sent her like maybe two anonymous asks at different times when she was "struggling" just saying I hoped she had a good day/felt better/etc. She never replied but I didn't think much of it,I just figured she wasn't feeling well or had to many asks to get to mine. Fast forward a few months,I was at a pretty low point and doing something nice for someone else usually makes me feel better so I decided to send her some kind of gift anonymously. I wanted to send it anonymously because I feel better about doing something nice for someone if they don't know I did it. (I don't know why,I know that makes no sense but it just feels better to do it without getting credit for it,idk maybe getting credit for it makes me feel like I did it for myself and not the person I guess.) So anyways I sent her an anonymous ask to get an idea of what I should send. I forget exactly how I worded it but it was something along the lines of
"hi love,I'd like to send you something,are there any specific things you want or don't want? I don't want to send anything that might trigger you so let me know what not to send and a few ideas of things you might enjoy. Have a great day"
Again,I'm sure those weren't my exact words word for word but I know it was something very similar. So she replied to it really rudely,something like
"ha,not falling for that I'm not going to list my triggers so that you can purposely trigger me I wasn't born yesterday. People that want to send me something can read my wish list."
Maybe not word for word but very close. I was shocked,one because I had thought she was a nice person and two because her answer made no sense to me,like if she thought I was trying to trigger her or whatever why would she bother saying the thing about her wish list? I feel dumb because she hurt my feelings,letting such a shitty person get to me makes me feel stupid. Whatever though. It's her loss,I was planning on spending around $50-60 on her but I donated it to a no kill animal shelter instead. I unfollowed her and basically put it out of my head until I started seeing a few random posts about her not being a nice person. I never said anything because I felt like I was the dumb one for falling for her shit. Plus I figured no one would believe me and I didn't think to screenshot the ask she answered so I thought I'd just get attacked for it,not to mention it just seemed like a pointless thing to "tell" anyone. Started seeing more negative stuff about her recently and I got bored and curious and Googled and found this last night. I wasn't going to post this because judging just based off of the way a lot of people word things on here I feel like you'll all think I'm just a dumb gullible tumblr asshole,which may be true but I decided I wanted to post this anyway after I saw people defending her. To the people defending her,she's a mean person. She was needlessly rude to me when all I wanted to do was send her a gift. If you want to continue to be a fan of hers that's your choice but I think more people should realize what a jerk she is.
And this is unrelated but something that never made sense to me about her is how and why she posts so many photos of herself and her body online,and whyyyy she constantly uses the "anorexia" and "eating disorder" tags. As someone with an eating disorder I can't imagine posting so many body pics or using those tags. I'd be mortified if there were pics of my body on my blog and I'd feel really weird and stupid posting in those tags. I use my blog to write and reblog pics I like but I can't imagine posting the stuff she does. That alone isn't really worthy of judgment,everyone's different but when you combine it with everything else,like constantly posting about stuff she wants or her wishlist and all the other pity party crap she says its just pathetic and gross.

No. 31771

Oops,I forgot to add that the reason I asked her if there was anything that I shouldn't send because it was triggering is bc there are certain foods/candies that tend to trigger binges for me so I wanted to be sure I didn't send her something of that nature. Thought I wrote that in the first post but I guess I forgot

No. 31772

Not reading THAT essay.

No. 31774

wow she's so good at playing the victim that she can twist a simple kind gesture into something malicious that hasn't even happened ?? she's skilled I'll give her that much

No. 31775

Maybe she thought you were someone like some of the mean people above. She can't really tell who to trust and is sensitive. If I were in position I'd feel like there'd always be a possibility that someone WOULD be trying to pretend to be nice to in turn use information to get to me. I mean look at all these people constantly making fun of her. Put yourself in her shoes. It'd be hard to trust.

No. 31776


No. 31777

ok but this happened what seems like about a year ago, how long have people been "bullying" ashley? and if there's such a long history of her being "bullied" that really indicates something about her personality that either brings about people criticizing her, or she's clearly embellishing/dramatizing for sympathy.

not to say blame the victim, but in this case I think it's fair considering all the evidence of her being a shitty person in general

No. 31778

let me clarify a bit more–she's probably not actually the victim as much as she paints herself to be. there's less of a reason for her to distrust people in reality, but she's constructing a world for herself where no one can be trusted and everyone is the enemy for sympathy. which brings on actual enemies. she seeks it and gains from it

I've been up for the past 36 hrs straight I might not be making a whole lot of sense but I know the Ashley personality alllllll too well

No. 31779

Hasn't anyone noticed that the only people who seem to 'trust' and 'love' Ashley are those who follow her online and have never met her?

No. 31780


You don't seem like a 'dumb gullible tumblr asshole' at all. You just seem like someone who was trying to be friendly and nice to her and got snapped at for no apparent reason.


Even if she was paranoid because of trolls, she could have just mentioned her wishlist or given a couple examples of what she likes without bitching that person out? I know her bitchiness probably has a lot to do with being malnourished but fucking hell she seems rude.

No. 31781

So you are saying that people who are bullied must somehow be bringing it upon themselves? Wow…

No. 31782

no I specifically tried to make it clear that's not what I was saying. I'm saying IN HER CASE there's a lot of evidence that she's not the ~totally perfect innocent victim~ that she plays and that you all buy into so fucking easily

No. 31783


Are you talking about >>31777 ?

>not to say blame the victim

It's right there.

No. 31784

Well if she thought that there are a million other much nicer ways to respond. If she'd responded nicely I'd understand,it's how she handled it that I have an issue with not what she may or may not have thought. I could understand being suspicious but I don't understand being nasty about it.
As for proof,if you'd read what I wrote you'd have your answer. At the time I saw no reason to screenshot it,why would I have? The thought didn't even cross my mind. Besides,I don't feel the need to prove myself to anyone. I added my experience with her to this mostly because a good amount of the posts aren't really saying much about personal one on one experiences and I feel like it's relevant information. If you believe it you do,if you don't you don't,it doesn't change what happened and it doesn't bother me either way. Also,not sure if you're one of the people defending her but if you are I'd be willing to bet that even if I had a screenshot you'd still find some excuse for her behavior so it really doesn't matter.

No. 31785

Maybe she comes off as rude because she has a lot of hurt inside. Sometimes the people who are hurting the most can be the people who seem mean.

No. 31786


that makes being a cunt ok then

No. 31787

but then she can't act all surprised when people call her out on being a bitch. if you're acting like an asshole, get prepared to be treated like an asshole. no one gives a shit what the reason is

No. 31788

Ya I defend her. But I didn't understand the proof post either. I believe that you had that experience. I just think that a lot of her hurt and pain can come out as rudeness.

No. 31789

Not making excuses. But some people don't have proper coping mechanisms and I believe this could be the case.

No. 31790

then you learn how to cope or stop putting yourself in situations where you're under public scrutiny. again, she creates these situations for herself. I feel like if she really had a lot of hurt and pain and anxiety from such things and doesn't know how to cope, then maybe you start avoiding the things that make you feel that way?

No. 31791


This. It's fucking sad. This girl has months left, and she's spending it being bullied online. The internet is all she has.

No. 31792

Condensed version just for lazy fuckers like you:

>anon tries to send gift to ana girl and ana girl acts rudely to it and then tries to play victim

No. 31793

>The internet is all she has.
that's way sadder

No. 31797

You know how dr Phil is always going off on people for using the word "but"? Like how he says it's basically canceling out/disregarding the behavior? Well that applies really well here.

No. 31798

How does it come as a surprise that she's bitchy and unpleasant? She's literally starving 24-7 and is more or less dying in slow motion. Being bitchy and aggressive is pretty much par the course for any dying animal.

No. 31799

I haven't kept up with anything surrounding this girl, but every time I see her, I feel so sad. I have an ED so I understand some of it, but I can't imagine letting it get to that level. I hope she gets some help but at this point, I don't think she can live much longer like that.

No. 31800

File: 1419224305827.jpg (32 KB, 126x95, 1237418146035.jpg)


Haha, you watch Dr. Phil.

No. 31801

It's easy for people to lie online about their family and overall persona, which is why she still gets the benefit of the doubt and why people believed her mom was such a monster, too.

No. 31805

Not me, you're a liar. I would never reply to someone that way. Twist your garbage elsewhere. I am very thankful for EVERYTHING I receive.

No. 31806

ashley is white trash wow

No. 31809

Wow. You guys are still on a site (dedicated to making fun of people) bashing someone who minds their own business. Get a life. I am assuming a good amount of you are adults. Act like it.

No. 31810

File: 1419226734404.jpg (240.88 KB, 800x600, 961636.jpg)


guys we just got told

No. 31811

File: 1419226752240.png (289.06 KB, 676x541, Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 4.33…)

Why the fuck do these cunts keep sending her food to chew on and throw up? There are people starving because they have NO CHOICE and you tumblr fucks are spending $30+ on food for this bitch to chew and spit out. You are not being kind to her, it is literally killing her, you are enabling her behaviour. If you guys stopped doing this she actually might have a chance of recovery because she wouldn't be able to afford this. You guys doing this will be the reason why she dies

No. 31812


If she had no food she'd starve.

No. 31813

It doesn't affect your wallet so why do you care? First you make fun of a girl with an eating disorder then you bring down syndrome babies in to it. You must really feel like the cool kid in class.

No. 31814

Oh I'm sure she has food in her house, and probably healthier than japanese candies and other shit with little nutritional value.

No. 31815


You know what else cracks me up? Amputees.

No. 31816


Um… she's starving herself already. And I don't believe her shit about her horrible meanie mother not buying her any food. She doesn't need amazon wishlists to get food to purge.

No. 31817

No. 31818

She'd have to eat like a normal human and eat what's in her house instead of indulge herself with hundreds of dollars worth of chocolate, lollies and junk just to be thrown up in the toilet.

No. 31819

Gosh I hope Ashley recovers not only for her health but also to shove it in all your bully faces.

No. 31820



No. 31821

Well, some people genuinely care for her and… as rude as it sounds, it's true… gifts like that might bring her a little happiness to her day, but hours of misery while purging. I think it'd be bettet if we all stopped sending her food and start sending her other kind of things to show her our support and care, like plushies or things that won't vanish in her toilet and can be with her for the rest of her life.

No. 31822

Send her some self-help books

No. 31824

Oh geez can you imagine the im such a victim feel bad for me shitstorm shed start if someone actually did that?

No. 31825

Ashley is awesome.

No. 31826

Send her to a psych ward.

No. 31827

Why would she play victim if people got her something other than food? She's actually thankful for everything her followers give her. Hell I'm pretty sure she'd be thankful for a plain old compliment. All that poor girl gets is harassment. It must feel good to actually feel human kindness once and a while

No. 31828

The problems with any ED is food. You have an absolute obsession with food. All you can think about is food, I had nervosa so I don't know what BP is like, but I would wake up in the night crying and in horrible sweats because I had nightmares about weighing food incorrectly and accidentally eating an extra 10g of zucchini. - I am now very recovered and in body building and have a healthy relo with food. - do not count calories, honestly eat whatever as long as I get a good amount of protein… If you guys want to send gifts to her, you have to send her stuff that has nothing to do with food and should really send her stuff that isn't childhood related. Send her books about the world, different places, shit she could do or see if she didn't have an ED, you guys need to start sending her shit that isn't revolving around stuff she can indulge in with an ED. Stuff that she could only experience if she was recovered. It's motivation.

No. 31829

She does not just get harassment. She chooses to focus on the negative attention and exaggerate it for more sympathy.

No. 31830

>>31827 This this THIS

No. 31831

So people give her sympathy or gifts or whatever. It doesn't affect you. Why would you care if she got sympathy or not? That is between her and her followers.

No. 31832


She has deleted most of her instagram, but in the past, the bulk of her comments consisted of compliments from her followers

No. 31833

So… the gifts and support from her followers aren't 'humand kindness'? because you say all she gets is harassment. Let's be real, not everyone hates her as she wants us to believe, she used to answer rude questions on her old Tumblr instead of kind messages, the people here are probably nothing compared to the number of people who blindly like her. And she's not a 'poor girl' at all, she is manipulative as fuck.

No. 31834

My gosh. There is an entire thread of people posting humiliating photos of her. Comparing her to aliens and other creatures. Laughing at her. Making fun if her. Even posting old photos of her underage in her underwear. All for pure humiliation of her and sick gratification of cyber bullies and jerks like (some of) you here. How could she NOT focus on the negative? Come on. Let's see your photos, post them. Let's see what YOU look like. Let's see what creature we can find that looks like you. I'm sure most of you are lonely, overweight, unattractive, whatever. You hide behind your screen but I'm sure your shit stinks just as bad. Let's flaunt all of YOUR flaws. I guarantee nobody will. Why? Because you know it would hurt just like you hurt Ashley.

No. 31835

Because it affects the people who get suckered into giving her gifts or caring about her when she's actually incapable of caring about anyone but herself and uses people.

No. 31836

Gonna pick on someone's appearance then at least level the playing field and post a photo of yourself.

No. 31837

She cares about a lot of people and I know that for a fact

No. 31838

Fucking hell, can the admin just ban this idiot? Admin, please?

No. 31839

Obsession =/= Care

No. 31840

So people stick up for her. You don't like it and you want them banned. Classic case of I didn't get my way.

No. 31841

Some of us are still waiting for photos of you guys. Lol

No. 31843

Us? How many personalities do you have Ash?

No. 31844

Funny that you think anyone who defends her can't actually be someone other than her. But whatever

No. 31846


>Say she's ugly?? Post a picture of YOURSELF!!

What is it with people throwing this around when someone makes a negative comment about someone's appearance? She chooses to post her picture, she chooses to allow everyone to see her in this condition. She does look terrifying. When I first came across her pictures I was shocked.
She let her body deteriorate. Of course people are going to comment on it. If this is such an issue for her then she shouldn't be posting her photos on the internet. Just because little miss ayy decided to throw her face across social media pages does not mean every one has to follow suit.

No. 31848

This thread may be about Ash, but it wasn't made for her, or to "bully" her.
It's for us and our morbid curiosity.

No. 31849

Unfortunately some people have turned it into bullying though. If you read previous posts they are pretty horrible and down right mean.

No. 31850

Where are these people coming from? Did Ashley baww and link this on her page or something?

No. 31851

Yup and I wish I could do something to stop it.

No. 31852

I can't say for anyone else defending her. But personally I am done on this page. Just seeing the cruelty of people sickens me and I am done with it. I said my part. I am finished with these jerks.

No. 31853

Find a way to lock her in a hospital for a long time. She won't be able to keep drawing attention to herself. And hopefully she won't look as horrifying after so there's nothing to gawk at anymore.

No. 31854

Other than her ugly personality at least.

No. 31856

Just let her enjoy whatever she has left. She's shut up about a lot of shit.

No. 31858

it's always funny when self-righteous moralfags mob us with the belief that calling us "jerks" enough times will get us to see the error of our ways

bitch, you're yelling into the abyss

No. 31860


you know she benefits from the negative attention anyway. the fact that this post exists can be leveraged to get even more of the attention she craves from her followers. she probably even likes it. attention whores love having an excuse to play the victim, so here it is.

No. 31861

This article is fucking retarded.

>The first reason is that we like to have tangible, physical evidence of an illness before we take it seriously, which is why unhelpful attitudes still exist around mental health issues including depression. Anorexia manifests itself in evident weight-loss while bulimia sufferers can often be at a normal weight. The idea that if you’re not unhealthily thin, you can’t possibly have an eating disorder is hopelessly outdated but still widespread.

Anorexics that are a healthy weight aren't taken seriously either, whereas bulimics that are underweight ARE taken seriously. People need evidence to believe that a person is sick. If you're a healthy weight but claim to have an eating disorder, you look like a liar. No fucking shit, Sherlock.

> The anorexic part of my illness was treated by some friends as praiseworthy and I was repeatedly given positive reinforcement in the form of comments like “oh wow you’re so skinny” and “you’re so lucky, you can wear anything you want”

So, people weren't saying "Yay anorexia!" Yet this author thinks they were praising anorexia, because, what, all skinny people must be anorexic?

> However, when the impulse to eat (and then binge) became too strong and bulimic behaviours began to surface, the negative and unkind responses were overwhelming. What I was doing was ‘disgusting’ and ‘wasteful’ and ‘selfish’

If you're going to buy food and then waste it (purging IS wasting), give it to a food bank! Bulimia is wasteful, period. It's selfish if someone else is buying your food for you. And it's definitely disgusting, because puking and inducing diarrhea and disgusting.

> The iron-willed control and denial of anorexia was fine, but bulimia was seen as dirty and shameful, to be hidden at all costs.

This woman is either dumb as hell, or desperate to be a victim. One, nobody said her anorexia is fine. Two, this article centers around the perception that anorexia is treated as a more important issue, so how the fuck can the author also claim that anorexia is treated like it's "fine"?

I went from bulimic to anorexic because I felt like a shithead for wasting food. I remember thinking that I might as well just skip the eating part and dump my meal directly in the toilet. Bulimics ARE wasteful.

Such a stupid article, holy shit.

No. 31864

What would happen if I sent Ashley some self help books, how to beat ED books etc?