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File: 1446094227146.jpg (491.85 KB, 1280x1707, deathspo.jpg)

No. 197629

Ashley was hanging from a rope, but somehow managed to undo it while telling us about it on tumblr. Phew, no an hero!

Another friendship has bitten the dust. Was it Jackie? It is not clear. Not sure if she has any friends left to discuss.

She has become an ASMRtist and has revealed she wears a bunny on her head and NOT a wig.

Ashley WILL have a good October 31st even if she is dressed as a fox alone.

Another birthday approaches. We will share her birthday celebrations (but we'll only be there for the free food).

Previous thread >>155743

No. 197646

File: 1446099316060.jpg (95.06 KB, 700x651, anna-rexia-site.jpg)


No. 197721

what's her tumblr/instagram again?

No. 197722

File: 1446125999949.png (586.04 KB, 603x605, jaggd.png)

I hope it's Jackie. She's looking pretty bad lately.

No. 197735

File: 1446131549932.png (558.55 KB, 843x535, purple.png)

New instagram updates.

No. 197736

File: 1446131608371.png (540.93 KB, 835x539, fuCK.png)

Her arm scares the shit out of me.

No. 197737

That's a cute rabbit. The fur looks a little bit matted, but it is pretty old. My gerbils lived a really long time and started to look like that towards the end.

Also, can you guys that follow her on Instagram possibly post all of the pictures she's posted on there? Specifically the selfies, of course. Our Ash collection must grow.

No. 197738

File: 1446131759437.png (499.82 KB, 841x545, spooks.png)

All of the pictures? Is she a private account? I've followed her for so long, I can't remember. I'm posting the new ones that I don't think were in the last thread. But I can also dump my Ash collection as well.

No. 197739

Never mind, I'm retarded. Her account was made private almost a year ago from the initial wave of stalking. I never bothered to check to see if it was public again, but now it is!


No. 197744

No worries! You did inspire me to go hunting through her tumblr though. I know that it makes Ash's #assholegap tingle when we talk about her, but she's the craziest skelly ever.

I guess sh's 'coloring" her "hair".

No. 197745

File: 1446132479439.png (16.67 KB, 517x253, skellywigs.png)

>dropped file

No. 197747

Aka getting a new wig. Let's see how this plays out.

No. 197748

File: 1446133548185.png (46.86 KB, 511x627, lookingforanewvictim.png)

I hate the way she talks.

No. 197749

File: 1446133605483.png (27.9 KB, 515x471, oceansized.png)

No. 197751

File: 1446133734820.png (19.62 KB, 511x303, halloween.png)

Who the fuck would 'take away' her ~super special halloween plans~ of rolling around her apartment in her wheelchair in a dead fox costume screeching at her mother to buy her candy?

>answer: no one

No. 197752

File: 1446133794331.png (15.58 KB, 518x251, sigh.png)

Oh look, Ash is sending herself hate again.

No. 197753

Can't wait to see her trying to pass off a purple wig as "hair dye"

I've never understood why she lies about her wigs.

No. 197754

File: 1446133901219.png (44.72 KB, 523x603, skellyfwiends.png)

There are so many other annoying self-asks from her to herself, but I'm not going to bother posting all of them. Here, have this super aggressive hangry skeleton note instead.

Sorry if it's already been posted.

No. 197755

Yeah, it's not like it's not obvious or anything. She should just own up to it instead of pretending it's her real hair.

No. 197763

Imagine being a kid in your costume walking down the street on Halloween and seeing her. My blood would run cold.
Think of the children, Ashley.

No. 197769

File: 1446138853840.png (376.46 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-10-29-13-10-44…)


No. 197770


No. 197772

So either she got a new wig in a purple color and make it look similar to her old one, or she used a photo editing app to color the hair. Hmmm.

No. 197773

What's the splotchy area on her glasses near the right lens? color editing mishap?

No. 197778

She's dyed her hair blue before, my guess is that she has a white wig similar to the one she usualky wears

No. 197779

Dear lord save us

The skeleton is sentient

No. 197782

Can you even dye a synthetic wig? and can you dye it more than once? I was under the impression that it doesn't really take dye the same because synthetic wigs are basically plastic fibers.

No. 197783

No The blue one was a wig, she told everyone it was dyed but it's a wig.

This looks like a really cheap wig from a Halloween store that she's cut really badly.

If she was using purple dye on her "HAIR" first she'd have to bleach it for purple to show.

That is a badly cut wig.

No. 197791

No. 197807

Granted that it looks healthier than her hair here
it clearly hasn't been bleached. there's absolutely no question here. it's a wig.

No. 197811

It's the friziness that gives it away. Normal hair doesn't fray like that. Ash should invest in a human hair wig. It's more realistic and can be shampooed/conditioned/styled like regular hair.

No. 197813

Her own hand looks more spoopy than the intentionally scary cartoon one on the side.

No. 197835

God that is so obviously a wig that it's just embarrassing. I'm second-hand embarrassed for her.

No. 197839

She's so disturbing. How did anyone tattoo her arm? Ugh

No. 197859

dying a synthetic wig is actually a complicated process that involves sharpie markers. I am positive she does not have the energy to attempt that.

And even then, you would not be able to achieve that level of purple with the sharpie dye method. To even get a semi-rich color, you need to start with a white or almost white wig. Oh, and purple sharpies are red dye based, and bleed like no other onto fabrics and skin. It is almost not even worth trying to dye a wig this color with this method.

No. 197862

do u cosplay anon

No. 197879

i thought her leg was her arm and she was wearing an armwarmer

No. 197880

Not sure if it's the same process but when I dyed my synthetic wig I had to soak the core of the sharpie in rubbing alcohol (i think) and use a spray bottle to distribute the color. The whole process took almost a week

No. 197899

I was talking about Ash to my bf the other day, and he's seen her come into his work and order a pound of Mack and cheese. This was two weeks ago. He hasn't seen her since. But that also isn't the first time his seen her on there though also.

No. 197902

And holy shit. So she is still purging…

No. 197907

Get your bf to take her photo next time.

No. 197908

That's illegal.

No. 197909


No. 197911

Why would you talk about ash to anyone lol. Must reallllllly have nothing to talk about then.

No. 197912

File: 1446177125721.jpg (13.21 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

Sorry its been a long day.

It pisses me off that she still begs people for money just so it can go down the drain.
Also, he says she uses those electric scooters to get around the store.

He said he would try when he's not working.(He was on the clock both times)

Yes, I am super boring.

No. 197913

Target. Near the millenia mall/Orlando.

I'm not sure what location you were wanting.

No. 197915

I hope she doesn't find this thread.now she's going to be afraid to shop there. We're fucking scaring her to where she's not even going to leave her home :/

No. 197916

She knows about this thread.

No. 197917

According to an anon, Ash actually likes to draw attention to herself when she's out.

No. 197918

> :/

Get out.

No. 197919

totally off-topic, but yes, yes I do.

No. 197921

According to another anon, no one likes to be stared at, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect. No matter what their past was like.

No. 197923

Well that anon needs to give her followers some respect then, doesn't she. Doesn't it feel good to take your wig off and give your scalp a good scratch!

No. 197925

What happened to the Aly Fake Recovery Girl thread? No-one has bothered to make another one yet?

No. 197926

No one tell them.

No. 197927

Ikr. Pft. Keep up, bitch.

No. 197932


Did she died?

No. 197933

Don't know how long you've been gone but Aly's threads are in /snow/ now;
Do what I want.

No. 197934

I bet it was one of her secret boyfriends.

No. 197935


Thank you. Still trying to figure this board out.

Carry on.

No. 197939

File: 1446187609065.jpg (13.77 KB, 397x74, wiggy.JPG)

Her friend Hank called it a wig. Ha.

No. 197957

It's tru tho. Even if it IS a wig, how she wears it sorta makes her.. Idk, striking?? Like. Not in a bad way

No. 197961

Too funny.

No. 197971

What the fuck is he even trying to say though? Maybe it's just me but it really doesn't make sense. Is he just saying that her hairstyle is unique? Why bring up older pictures?

No. 197973

All the Sage anons are Ash.

No. 197977

Why are you even bumping this thread? She's not interesting.

No. 197994

The cut and style isn't bad, but her normal wig looks gross af and really needs to be washed and conditioned. Wouldn't look so bad if she actually took care of it. I also dislike that she pretends her hair is real, it's painfully obvious it's not. She should own up to it, she'd get a modicum of respect.

No. 198016

This post makes me feel so embarrassed for you.

No. 198023

File: 1446221703764.jpg (59.23 KB, 320x240, 1444844274824.jpg)

smells like a rotting corpse and mac & cheese vomit in here. stop self-posting you stupid fuck.

No. 198026


No. 198027

You wouldn't understand. Don't worry about it.

No. 198029

Hey Ash, since you are literally here right now, I thought you may like to know what's become of your competition for 'spoopy skelequeen'
I bet you think she's fat now, don't you?

No. 198032

If a certain spoopy anon didn't want to be stared at, she wouldn't purge herself into oblivion.

No. 198034

yes. Please continue to speak as if you know what you're talking about. Much interested. Much knowledge.

No. 198038

if you didn't love being such a massive (kek) attention whore, why would you try and come in here and stir the pot when your thread was wasting away (double kek).

No. 198128

You're the one embarrassing yourself, Ash.

No. 198133

5'7" and 40-something lbs? That's a BMI of 6.3-7.7. I'm pretty sceptical of that. Really interesting article though, she seems to have recovered really fast, compatatively.

Sage because irrelevant.

No. 198135

I believe it, since it has been stated that most places saw her as a liability because of her low weight. It's good she was able to find help eventually.

No. 198142

All the Sage anons are Hank.

No. 198144

Funny tho how ash isn't the one that made a new thread lol. Must suck to have nothing else to talk about. Your lives must really be nothing better than compost, yeah?

No. 198158

What are you even talking about Vivian?

No. 198159


Ironically, in order to deem her uninteresting, you'd have to have some initial interest in her, as illustrated by the fact that you keep frequenting this thread.

She's boring, predictable, etc, but we all find her interesting to some extent, even if it's mainly in a "horrible accident" kind of way.

No. 198166

No one's innocent. Don't pretend you don't like idle gossip and bitching.

No. 198176

I mean, I check this thread on mobile when I'm like, going on the train to my job or to meet people, or if I'm waiting to be served at a shop, or hanging out at home with my husband waiting for him to pick a movie or something. Sooooo I guess what I'm saying is I view this thread while I'm actively living my life, whereas Ash watches this thread from her chairgrave in her mom's living room, where she does nothing but wait to die. Sooooo no, reading this thread isn't evidence of my life being compost, but I would say that being the topic of a thread is.

No. 198177

I get so much second hand embarrassment from her when she comes in here like this. I literally wince when I see a comment thats so obviously hers. God even if she was weight restored she would be so unbearably immature to be around.

No. 198178

>Asked to explain
>no you don't understand!!!

Literally retarded.

No. 198191

Hey, does this girl live in Florida/has she mentioned going to Orlando?

I just ctrl+f'd for Orlando in the thread and saw someone else mention the Millenia area, but I actually work at Best Buy there and saw this girl a few months ago. This was before I was aware of her on /pt/. Small world.

No. 198192

yep she's lives in Orlando. Actually reaeeeeally easy to find her real address.

No. 198193

Yes. She lives in the Orlando area.

No. 198194

Did she walk at all or was she using a wheelchair or scooter?

No. 198195

What did she get at best buy? they don't have purge food there…

No. 198197

>best buy

Holy shit Ash killed Hae Min Lee.

No. 198199

There's a wheelchair at the front of the store. Our Best Buy doesn't have an electric scooter (I've never seen one that does tbh). She used the wheelchair, but instead of sitting in it she pushed it around to support herself.

She didn't buy anything. She did wander through the gaming section, for the most part. What was crazy is that it was hot as fuck, at least 95 degrees that day and she was wearing a sweatshirt. But I've got no clue how easily cold anas get

No. 198202

Anas get really cold.

No. 198203

Becky needs to buy her daughter a walker. That's not right.

No. 198204

It's also unfair to let her go about alone - what if she collapsed? I know Ashley has brought it all on by herself but I can't help but feel sorry for her - something must have really affected her in her life to make her do this to herself.

No. 198205

She sneaks out. She takes expensive cab rides to her favorite binge shops before her mom gets home.

No. 198207

Where does she get the money? Her followers?

No. 198212

She must get at least some money from disability. Hasn't there been talk about that being why her mom doesn't kick her out? That her mom can only afford their apartment if she has Ash's disability money? Not that disability is like a jackpot or anything.

No. 198219

But she doesn't even have a bank account. Does her mom give her an allowance or does she use her mom's card?

No. 198250

>rolling around her apartment in her wheelchair in a dead fox costume screeching at her mother to buy her candy
fucking lol

No. 198264

she can always cash disability checks at a check-cashing place, or maybe SSI gives you a card to use like SNAP. Come to think of it, she probably does have SNAP, which she uses to buy her binge food.

Also her mom might get money from the state for acting as a caregiver for a disabled person. Not sure how Fl is.

No. 198270

The Orlando fag here.

She lives in the MONTEVISTA AT "WINDERMERE" apartments (kek). Down the street from the Bubbalou's, and CVS. She hits up the target and walmart on that side of town.

No. 198271

Oh I would also like to point out that she was seen the other day at coliseum of comics, which is right next to the krispy kreme,and target. For someone sooooo poor she sure does get around.

No. 198272

why the hell would you get a pet when you could die a any moment? What will hjappen to that bunny when she passes away? She's a dumb egoistical cunt, tbh.

No. 198273

cause she's a selfish cunt who only cares about herself.

No. 198292

I think she's had the rabbit for a long ass time tbh

No. 198294

The rabbit is over ten years old.

No. 198295

Nope. Never been to that comic store.

No. 198317

She lives in an apartment complex that has a pool, tennis court and gym… with lovely lakes and scenery around her to explore. Yet she chooses to starve herself, rot in a recliner and whine about how she has no friends and how everyone should feel sorry for her pathetic life.

Bitch is spoiled as fuck.

No. 198324

Yeah, isn't Adam 14 years old?

No. 198329

Chooses, yeah. Lol.

No. 198332

The first time I saw Ash's face looming on the board I nearly shat myself in fear
10/10 spooky, nice work Admin

No. 198334

Sorry but you don't choose to have a mental illness.

No. 198337

No, but you can choose to make things better, you stupid shit.

No. 198338

You are doing fuck all to make your situation better, Ashley.

You're not the only person out there suffering from a mental illness, a majority don't want to live their lives that way any more and take steps to recovery.

You, however are a lazy, boring sack of bones that blames everyone else for your problems except for yourself.

No. 198340

Not exactly. Some people are in deep denial that they have something wrong with them and will never get help.

No. 198342

But she's not in denial that something is wrong with her, she KNOWS she has mental illnesses because she doesn't ever fucking shut up about them. She won't get help because she has no intention of getting better and brushes it off with stupid excuses.

She'd rather exploit herself for as much attention that she can get, there's even been proof in the past that she -wanted- to be anorexic and she certainly did her best to achieve that goal.

No. 198345

Yeah, I am aware. But she still does not want help for whatever reason. Some people simply do not want to get better and eventually, Ash will die and that will be the end of it.

No. 198359

I wanna know more about her camwhore days and what happened that set her off.

No. 198364

She would post on 4chan and earned the nickame Hamtaro-chan due to her love for Hamtaro during that time. I don't think much is know about why she was doing it.

No. 198367

File: 1446306488582.png (17.2 KB, 688x224, 1430851563225.png)

I'mma just leave this here. What a piece of work.

No. 198368

That is like the biggest thing I hate about her. If she was someone who had partial paralysis she would go to a physical therapist and doctors and work at improving herself. I'm someone with depression and i took the time to go to a psychiatrist for meds and a counselor for talk therapy. You are sick but you work to overcome it so you don't stop living life. Ash just fucking languishes and makes ZERO attempts to get better. Even Aly pays lip service to self-improvement (even if its liea). Ash just wails about mental illness not being a choice and does nothing. And then wonders why people criticize her. There's nothing I hate more than a whiner who just makes excuses for herself so she can keep whining.

No. 198370

Also her mom found out about her underage nudes and she put a stop to it and made Ash go inpatient. That's where her hate for her mom probably came into play.

No. 198371

…there are Ashley nudes out there? does anyone have them or was she underage?

No. 198372

there's a link somewhere to all her 4chan camwhoring, the link was posted in one of the older Ash threads.

No. 198373

>her mom found out about her underage nudes

No. 198374

I should add that Ash tried to kill herself after her mom found out what she was doing, hence the forced hospitalization.

No. 198377

Yup and as anon posted just above yours, it -was- her personal choice to be anorexic.

She has access to all sorts of help, but nope - she's dead set on being an "e-famous anorexic" because it's just sooooo hard and inconvenient for her to buck up, swallow her pride and work at recovery.

Bitch just wants ass-gap pats, and money… lots of free money to spend on useless, banal shit that really has no value in the real world.

No. 198382

Her mum is such an abusive bitch.

Forcing poor Ashley to live in a beautiful area with fun, on-site facilities, close to Disney World and other interesting locations.

Putting a stop to her only child sexually exploiting herself online to seriously fucked up individuals on an imageboard infamous for being the cesspool of the internet.

Taking her daughter to the hospital when threatening suicide for not being allowed to bare her body to pedophiles for attention and gifts.

Sick and tired of her daughter doing nothing to prepare for adult life, and putting up with her selfish lifestyle no matter how detrimental it is to both of their sanity and health.

She sounds awful, simply awful… I'd hate to have a mother like that.

No. 198388

File: 1446311740033.jpg (447.25 KB, 1280x1707, last year maybe.jpg)

Why add the year? My theory is that this will truly be Ash's last year and she knows it.

No. 198390

Her glasses are probably just dirty, when mine get dirty and git the light a certain way they get a bit of a purple shine in the light

No. 198391

Temporary or drawn on? Also, what's in the heart? A skull?

No. 198394

She claims they're real tattoos. Yikes.
Also I forgot to mention that those are the worst spiders I've ever seen. It's like it gets worst as it goes further down too.

The heart with the skull in it is an old one. An Alkaline Trio symbol I guess?

No. 198397

It is sad to think this is prolly her actual final halloween. I can't imagine her body taking well to recovery at this point. But she's a bitch for refusing recovery … I don't care how cruel it sounds, I can't believe she shit talks her mom even after all the shit she's done for her.

And I'm not entirely aware of ash's age, but is she really underage? Otherwise I'm not sure why I haven't been linked to said pictures since this is the first I've heard of camwhoring. Then again I don't follow ash news too closely.

No. 198403


I'm married to someone with a mental illness that has to deal with the 'freeloader' stigma people like you help perpetuate. My wife works her hardest with her disability and explored her options because she wanted her life to be better. You're just rotting away for pity and asspats because you know you'll get sympathy from the younger Tumblr crowd.

No. 198404


They look like actual tattoos to me (since you can see the reflection of the skin above the ink).

I wonder how many quarters this cost

No. 198407

Ash is 24 or 25. She was 14 or 15 when she started on 4chan.

No. 198411

No. 198412

Ash was born in 1990. So yeah.

No. 198415


This. My friend's ex fiancee was a huge malingering freeloader as well, and shitsux when you our someone you're close to are also dealing with mental illness, but busting your ass to be a productive member of society. You still get looked down on by colleagues, bosses, society in general because they expect people like Ash or D (friend's ex fiancee) when the truth is that most people with mental illness actually want to live a normal life. And all this malingering and blatantly not wanting to get better just seems way more prevalent since tumblr's been around, although there was a bit of it back in the myspace epoch tbh. Sure you're garner sympathy from your tumblr stans, but there's a bigger world out there.
Anyway I wish you and your wife the best. The fact that she's even trying to be strong means a lot.

No. 198418

Ash is born in 1990

No. 198424

You're right that she's 24 (soon to be 25). However, the 4chan pictures were from when she was 16. (People say 17 because it was 2007 and she was born in 1990, but she didn't turn 17 until November.)

No. 198426

Also, fun. She has her own Wiki page: http://www.lurkmore.com/view/Hamtaro-chan

No. 198429

File: 1446320083042.png (76.72 KB, 482x492, Capture.PNG)


No. 198432

Its ash's asshole gap…

No. 198435

oh thank god its not just me

No. 198436


Sorry, don't know why that replied to you as well. Kudos to your wife

No. 198442

Maybe its her recovery day.

No. 198443


It's fine, and thank you.

No. 198467

File: 1446331653151.png (120.94 KB, 312x450, wp_ss_20151031_0001.png)

What the fuck is this?

No. 198469

I think it's supposed to be a spider.

No. 198471

How does that resemble a spider? Holy shit. The other things that are trying to pass for spiders look like close ups of pubic lice or ticks. These are worse than prison tattoos. Jesus wept.

No. 198472

No idea. I could be wrong thinking it's a spider, but it would fit with the theme of the other ones.

No. 198473

Cant link directly to the pics seeing how she's underage and therefore Cheese Pizza. Try goofling HAMTARO CHAN MOTHERLESS.

The reason ash is on /pt as opposed to being a special snowflake with the other spoops is because of her past as half Chan camwhore.

No. 198474

Autocorrect wants you to goofle not google.

No. 198480


I was like "gdi why would you get one bad tattoo after another, you're going to run around with them for the rest of your… oh wait."

No. 198481

I don't understand why anyone would agree to tattoo someone who looks like they could keel over at any moment. She has practically no subcutaneous fat so it must feel really weird when the needle punctures her skin

No. 198482

shitty black widow spider

No. 198483

She wants it 'filled in' along with the other outlined 'spider'. Maybe it'll look better then? Idk. The first two so called 'spiders' look alright I guess. And by 'look alright' I mean that I can tell what they are lol. Shit my post looks like ash with all of the fucking ''''''''' everywhere

No. 198484

lol, refresh the thread and look at the top

No. 198486

are those real tattoos? I can't imagine being a tattoo artist and trying to work on that arm… seems like it'd break off

No. 198487

They look like basement tattoos also tbh.

No. 198488

Oh my god.
I'm going to hell.

No. 198490

I'm listening to Duran Duran's "Notorious" right now and it goes along really fucking well with the song. D:

No. 198497


Looks like a five-year-old's rendering of a black widow; no way would most people look at that and see a spider. I thought it was a beetle with long antennae.

No. 198499

Huh, explains why she heads over to Millenia. Not sure what the other side of that area's like, but if you're getting off of Americana it's a shitty neighborhood and still pretty damn expensive considering. If the other side's any nicer she's gotta live in a relatively pricey place.

No. 198505

Thinking about it now, it's really no wonder her mom spits into napkins and feels nauseous when going out to eat with her.

I wouldn't be able to bear it as a mother, having my only child starving herself to death; sitting opposite from me and watching intensely at every bit of food entering my mouth.

Fuck that, I'd find any excuse to not be in the same house if I could help it.

No. 198516

Wtf? Shut the absolute fuck up, you are Ash. I see that fucking sage.

No. 198518

Plus otherwise how would you even know she wants them filled in if you're not her? She hasn't said anything about it outside of the threads.

Just… ffs comment on your own thread but don't try to pathetically pretend you're not yourself, Ash.

No. 198523

It's Haaaank.

No. 198544

Its either a white tattoo or one of those glow in the dark ones, but yes its a skull.

No. 198547

File: 1446351476187.jpg (21.86 KB, 435x323, Feilich spider image.jpg)

All joking aside its supposed to be a black widow without the "black" in it.

No. 198560

Is this Sheena?

No. 198565

File: 1446353676929.jpg (10.16 KB, 223x200, FB_IMG_1446353593780.jpg)

No. 198567

File: 1446353995788.jpeg (23.34 KB, 460x325, image.jpeg)

No. 198568

Yes, actually. She has. Weaaaaaaak. Lurk moar

No. 198570

Hank can barely understand Tumblr. There's no way he could navigate this forum.

No. 198571

Bullshit, Ashley. Do tell me where.

No. 198575


No. 198576


I thought you were planning on wheeling around your apartment in a fox costume instead of spending Halloween on lolcow.
Was Mother Dearest mean again?

No. 198580

The hourglass on a black widow is on their underside………………

No. 198611

this honestly did startle me yesterday when scrolling

No. 198615

File: 1446367692740.jpg (38.55 KB, 400x283, black-widow.jpg)

Oh god you're right! I'd say its legs are still its greatest tragedy though.

Screenshots or it didn't happen because we know that shit ain't completely public.

No. 198646

Ash dancing with Aly is fucking killing me

No. 198652

I'm new to Ash, how in the fuck hasn't she been forced into a hospital yet? Idk how old she is, but shouldn't like social services or something be involved?

No. 198655

She's turning 25. Florida does have involuntary commitment for 72 hours, it's called the Baker Act. But I guess her mom doesn't want to bother.

No. 198701

a bunch of farmers contacted APS but they didn't seem to do anything, other than maybe make her go to a crappy psychologist who appeared to work out of a closet and for some reason agreed to record Ash singing the pokemon song.

No. 198702

That was funny and sad at the same time.

No. 198715

i imagine why the reason her tattoos are so bad is because this person is the only one who will tattoo her. i know nothing about tattooing but isn't that pretty dangerous to do on someone like her?

No. 198721

Yeah it has to be some guy who bought a tattoo gun on amazon, no actual artist would tattoo her because they would be too afraid of getting sued if she has a heart attack during the procedure or gets some horrible infection because her body is fucked

No. 198722

>she can always cash disability checks

Theres a good chance she can't. I think its very likely that mom is ash's "rep payee". Which means the SSD checks go to Rebecca, as Ash has been proven incapable of managing her own $$. Which I'm sure was easy to prove. "She will take that check and b/p it all within days your honor," judge takes one look at ash/medical records, and grants rep payee status to mom. So checks probably go to Rebecca, she gives ash an allowance, and uses to the rest towards rent and other household needs. Because I'm sure Rebecca can't afford that apt without at least some of ash's SSD money, which is fair, Ash DOES live there. But if the check went to ash, you know none of that $$ would be left to go towards the rent.

No. 198723

I think it's more likely Ash gets SSI. She's not eligible for SSDI under her own work credits and her mom probably doesn't have enough credits for both her (for when she retires) and her daughter.

No. 198724

Meant to add that yes, I think you're right in that the mom is the payee.

No. 198745

I don't get why her mom gives her any fucking money at all.

No. 198747

Good question. I have to wonder if Ash's mom is a much better person than Ash makes her out to be. I mean, her mom lets Ash live with her, gives her money, drives her to freaking Disney, etc.

No. 198754

That's the elephant in the room that ash foolishly pretends to hide. She is getting a pretty good sum of money (regardless if she "saves up") regularly if she can afford weekly cab rides, tattoos and binge food, on top of all the useless goods she hoards. She claims she "coupon clips", but we all know how improbable that is when she can barely stay conscious. She is definitely getting a steady income from somewhere, let it be from the government, her family or victi-… Friends.

No. 198781

Easy. Ash refuses to eat otherwise. If her mother gives her b/p money, at least some of it stays in. Horrible, manipulative, emotionally scarring. Fits her M.O..

No. 198864

I honestly can't comprehend how a human being could do that to another person.

No. 198866

No. 198881

Yup. I've known people just like that, horribly manipulative when it comes to fueling their ED and/or getting money to b/p, regardless of how sweet/intelligent/upright they were otherwise.

Like, lying to their spouses, throwing tantrums, playing the sick victim card, giving empty promises, making threats, making up friends as alibi, stealing from family, emotional blackmail, etc.

No. 198885

That's sad. More and more, I'm feeling bad for Ash's mom. Imagine that demon sitting in her chairgrave and screeching day in and day out after a hard day of waitressing. Like, Ash will never do anything nice for her mom considering how nice Rebecca is under the circumstance. I mean…she takes Ash to Disney ffs.

No. 198886

prison tattoos look 1000x than this

No. 198887

File: 1446434345329.png (12.42 KB, 623x320, ashumscreen-0.png)

her personality is so grating. her sense of humor is not funny at all.

all her posts sound like they were written by an immature teen.

No. 198894

she is trying to be an edgy scene kid circa 2007. Kiki has this same vapid annoying pseudo edgy personality.

No. 198903

No. 198905


a self portrait

No. 198953

File: 1446470476821.jpg (206.9 KB, 361x509, ashfox.jpg)

Gee Ash, if you hate depending on someone else so badly, why don't you do something about it like get real help?

No. 198954

how can she still fucking stand up

No. 198958

I don't know. But man, when Ash said she was looking for penapsl, I sent her a message asking her if she wanted to be mine. She never responded, and that was four days ago. I guess I am not ~kawaii~ and ~thin~ enough to be her penpal. Whatever, her loss. I was willing to mail her items every so often but I guess she would just be ungrateful in the end anyway.

No. 198959


No. 198960

Why would you want to interact with this attention whoring skeleton, much less send gifts to her? You sound like a cow yourself.

No. 198961

Two reasons:
1) to be nice
2) as an experiment to see what would happen.

Just because I am nice doesn't make me a cow. It was out of morbid curiosity.

No. 198964

So just because she didn't respond to you, you go have a hissy fit? Good lord.

No. 198965

Also shit. My reply was rude, but I'm sure not everyone alive responds to everyone else ASAP.

No. 198966

No, I just thought it was slightly rude that she told me to message her and then never responded back.

No. 198967

I'd ask for your username but lol

No. 198968

Also, normally I'd agree with you but I know she's been on tumblr every day since so I think it's on purpose. She could have said that she wasn't interested instead of leaving my hanging.

No. 198969


No. 198970

No way. You think I am stupid enough to put my tumblr URL on here?

No. 198971

Well damnit. Fuck idk how else to shsddjfjdnnn never mind

No. 198993

Lolol she depends on people for literally everything. Her mom houses her and the government feeds her and taxis drive her and strangers send her shit. There is literally nothing she can do independently. Does she think she's dependent only when her mom drives her somewhere?

Being "independent" is a weird hang up that an ex-friend of mine with a personality disorder and burgeoning eating disorder had, too. She was obsessed with not depending on anyone for anything, but it just made her isolated and fucked up. Where does that hang up even come from, its so counter to survival.

No. 198995

look at her moms legs her mom a skelly too

No. 199004

I don't think that's her mom.

No. 199021

No, look at the hair. It's Becca.

No. 199023

If that is Ash's mom, she must have a hell of a time working at Chilli's FT.

No. 199042

She does it to herself, just like ash does it to herself. She'll pass out at work one of these days, and it'll be her own fault.

No. 199053

Why…is Ashley posting so often on this board? It's bizarre

No. 199057

Because she literally has no life. This thread is the last kick of attention she's getting until she kicks the bucket. Which judging by her lack of self-care will be pretty soon.

No. 199058

Why do you insist in talking in third person? You're not fooling anyone, Ashley.

No. 199088

File: 1446497801842.png (56.72 KB, 731x575, alrightythen.png)

I'mma leave this here.

No. 199089

Stop obsessing over her. Obviously she's dealing with some bs. She doesn't need this thread making it worse for her. In b4 white knight etc. also sage because it doesn't deserve to be bumped.

No. 199091

Not saying ash has an excuse to be an attention whoring spoopy skeleton that refuses to get treatment but can't believe that people think her mom isn't a piece of shit. Getting raised by a mentally ill single mom that is a fucking waitress must have really fucking sucked. And it's why I think Erika is 10x worse than ash because at least ash never had kids to bring up in this terrible environment.

No. 199092

Yeah except Ash isn't the moral police and it's not her business what her mom does.

No. 199093

Ash at least stopped the cycle

No. 199094

She is going to get her ass chewed out for slut shaming and std shaming her mom (yes it's a thing). I get that she doesn't like her mom. Maybe she did do some shitty stuff. But come on ash … are you fucking serious? Just get over it! You are an adult now who doesn't even need her money because you are on benefits. You don't need to talk to her or acknowledge her and yet … most of your tumblr is dedicated to talking shit on her.

And so what if your mom is anorexic? Does that make you any better? If anything I figure you would try your hardest to be nothing like your mother and get treatment and be real about it.

God … it is so hard to feel bad for her. Her personality is the most toxic thing I've ever seen.

No. 199098

You're right on a million notes, and wrong on a million notes.
You make some great points, and also fail to see points.

No. 199104

why does she write like that?

No. 199105

Who cares

No. 199113


If she had guys willing to bone her, it would be the same history kek

No. 199116

Ash did want to have kids, though…I remember her freaking out a while back about how her ED left her infertile boohoooo. You think she wouldn't have brought kids (or at least one) into this world if she'd had the chance? And I bet she would have been 10x (at least) worse of a mother than Erika ever was, honestly. Can you even imagine having Ash as a mom?

No. 199118

Yeah, I mean Ash was already camwhoring on 4chan when she was underage; if she hadn't turned into a spoopy skeleton, I doubt she'd be living a life of impeccable moral purity right now. She sounds pretty bitter that her mom's sexually active, which I guess is understandable considering that the only sex Ash could get at this point would be from supremely fucked-up fetishists.

No. 199125

Whoa…Ash as a mom? She's better off not reproducing. Even if she got to a healthy state, she's so crazy she'd pass her unfortunate genetics to her children.

Besides, if she ever got her crap together she can adopt or foster a child.

No. 199128

But according to her, you're not a ~*~real woman~*~ if you can't bear your own biological child. I can't imagine someone as selfish as her adopting or fostering, even if (lol) she ever was in the position to do so.

No. 199132

Well that's the male to female transgender issue all wrapped up then.

The infertility thing is a pity card.

No. 199133

Yeah, and it's not like it's some great mystery that starving yourself for years on end can lead to fertility problems. There are plenty of women out there who are infertile because of factors completely out of their control. Ash has chosen to devote her life to being a spoopy skeleton, so it's pretty ridiculous for her to whine about being infertile because of it.

No. 199140

Wait, are there pics of her pre-spoopy?

No. 199143

File: 1446504644605.jpg (6.71 KB, 184x184, a6ec776c19747ac331984ea57f9b65…)

Yes. Just search for Hamtaro-chan.

No. 199144

File: 1446504811243.jpg (51.93 KB, 206x275, 1419560572048.jpg)

Another. Some have been posted in previous Ash threads.

No. 199152

Still wearing the same wig, I see.

No. 199155

I doubt for one second Ash's mom has an STD. Ash is just pissed her mom may be seeing someone and staying out of the house longer than putting up with her immature bullshit. Really Ash? Making up shit about your mom having an STD? Just so you know your mom needs to see other people instead of your whiny self. She needs some dick in her life to relieve her of the stress that her daughter is fucking dying and won't seek help! Think about that for a second. You're just mad you're probably still a virgin. Ffs. I don't even consider Ash an anorexic I think she is too self aware of her state to truly be anorexic. She has something else wrong with her in the head that makes her use her "eating disorder" as an excuse to be a dependent on the couple of people left who still care about her and for those to care about her. Ash doesn't have an eating disorder she has an attention needing problem. She needs attention and the only way for her to get it is to be this way. It's honestly sad.

I know lots of you will disagree with me on this but trust me she is too damn self aware to have an eating disorder. She has something else wrong with her like I said. Ash chooses to be this sick she knows she's this sick. We've seen her acknowledge it many times. People who suffer from eating disorders usually don't see how thin they're getting all they see is fat but we've seen ash acknowledge that she's this sick. It's scary that a person would do this to themselves.

I honestly want to send her Christmas gifts this year because I think it's factual to say she won't see next Christmas. The poor girl. She's hurting her mother and making up shit about her. It's pathetic. She needs treatment and a good ass whooping. It is all up to her. Get treatment and live or let this be her last year. This is just past sad. It's pathetic even beyond pathetic.

If you read this Ash please go get help. Please.

No. 199160

>I honestly want to send her Christmas gifts this year

There are fucktons of charities where you can send a donation to buy deaf/blind kids a special toy, or others for kids with illnesses who'd appreciate a gift. It's not like Ash doesn't have cash, we've seen the shit she spends it on.

Seriously, please do something more worthwhile with your money.

No. 199162


I was being a little sarcastic. I'm not actually going to give this girl a penny of my money. I've had jobs to get actual cash that I worked for not by developing issues to get money from the state.

Chill hunny but thanks for the feedback.

No. 199164

I was all confuse!!

I wouldn't even mind people sending her shit, but from past threads anons have said that if she felt their gifts weren't worthy of her attention, she'd stop writing or sthing.

It's odd that we were saying last Christmas would be her last, and here we are again… It's like a tv series that doesn't know when to end (ie "Lost").

No. 199166

Well there's no way Ash can carry on forever. Frankly, I'd be surprised if she lasts a couple of more years, especially if she's binging and purging. That takes a bigger toll on the heart than plain restriction.

No. 199168


It's all good hunny!

I know but let's face it this girl won't live to see the end of the decade at least. It's sad but true. Do I want her to die? HELL NO! I want her to recover and become a strong woman and live a happy life! I want her to be able to share a story one day! I really do! But by her attitude and judging by her past and current actions. It's unlikely. I have a little hope for her I do but she's honestly just bringing so many problems on herself I think she loves having them. I think she honestly loves this state and maybe not even therapy or treatment can save her. I think she's in love with being mentally ill. I mean she lets it define her, who she is. When she shouldn't. She loves it. Deep down she isn't battling it. She's loving it and loves how much it hurts her. It's masochism and sadism and whatever else.

Again Ash, please stop choosing to be this way. You know fully forward this lifestyle is all your choice. Get up and get help. Shock us all and let us give you positive attention or do you just love the negativity too much?

No. 199169

this is disgusting.

No. 199179

I don't even understand her logic in posting this. Is she trying to say that because her mom sleeps around and has STDs and also is underweight that Ash shouldn't have to "live her life like an open book"? I literally don't even understand what I just read, aside from some kind of attempt by Ash to make her mom sound like a jerk (and by extension make us pity her or something?)

No. 199180

someone should send this shit to her mom

No. 199181

yeah how does her mom not know that Ash is out there defaming her all the time?

No. 199182

Omg someone please send that screen shot to her mum on FB! Farmers with sock puppet accounts pleasssseeeeeeee

No. 199193

You're psychotic

No. 199196

oh man, at least one of erikas daughters is going to turn out just like ash with a mom like that….

No. 199198

If you plaster your personal information all over the Immortal Internet, then yes. Your life is pretty much an open book. Sorry bout it.

No. 199204

Ugh, I tried not to judge Erika as a parent but man….those kids are going to be so screwed up.

No. 199208

jfc learn from the recent drama and don't do that. ur a lolfarmer not a lolbutcher

No. 199209


Stop samefagging for some Erika bitching.

No. 199210


Some petty middle school shit, I'd say.

Everyone is talking about the bad stuff she's done and saying they feel bad for her mom, so Ash grasps at straws and tries to make her mom look bad. "bawwww no1 gets sympathy if I don't!!! Especially mommy!"

Which makes no sense because by posting her bullshit over the web Ashley is opening herself to criticism. Rebecca, even if she is doing less-than-reputable things, is NOT being so frustratingly vocal and ignorant about them online. Ash is making herself look really bad for posting someone's alleged "dirt" to the public.

And I say alleged because who tells their gremlin daughter, "Hey, guess what? I'm positive for like 3 STDs!"

No. 199212

Answering machines lol

No. 199215

plz no, we don't need her mom coming on here and sperging out

No. 199217


Leaving medical information on an answering machine is ILLEGAL. All they can do is say who they are and ask to be called back.

Nice try though.

No. 199218

Nobody gives a fuck about your mother's vagina, Ash. Even if she has STDs it not like chlamydia is the worst thing to have ever infected her reproductive system.

No. 199238

The answering machine also told you that she doesn't intend to tell her partners?

No. 199267

"Hello Rebecca, I'm calling regarding your vajayjay? I know we discussed how don't intend to tell your partners, but I thought you should know that you have 3 whole STDs!"

No. 199274

No. 199282

Well, actually, even if someone 'decides' to be anorexic, for whatever reason, there is a certain point when you realize that it really is hard to change. Your mind fucks with you, repeating invasive thoughts, extreme guilt over eating. Your body fights back against the food, you throw up in your throat a little and feel like shit. It really is mostly mental though, even if it is subconscious.

No. 199336

Sorry, your samefag detector is broken. Only one of those posts was mine (>>199116), and I wasn't trying to get anyone to bitch about Erika…?

Hi Ash
inb4 my Ash detector is broken

For the record, it's not illegal for a healthcare provider to do that if the patient has signed a waiver that says the provider can leave messages. There's a checkbox for that on like every form I've filled out when I've gone to see some new healthcare provider.

While this is true, anorexia doesn't completely rob you of your agency, and you're still capable of choosing to at least TRY to recover to some extent. I'm not saying that the choice or the road is easy, but it's there.

No. 199337

You can be self-aware and still have an eating disorder. It's simply called choosing to not recover.

Like you said, she has an attention-needing problem. By choosing to stay anorexic, she continues to get the attention she gets for that. If she were to recover, that specific type of attention would stop, PLUS she'd have to take on grown-up responsibilities. The pros simply outweigh the cons for her, pure and simple.

No. 199339

Well no one knows the entirety of the situation, except for the family. Everyone seems to like to think that it's simply 'one or the other/ she's not recovering because of ___' when really, there could be more SKELETONS in the closet kek

No. 199340


This is true. I actually remember her making a post about how her eating disorder didn't develop because she was scared of growing up and becoming an adult but that's the exact reason. Firstly, she didn't have to respond to that post in one of the earlier threads passively aggressively on her blog because there was a whole lot of other stuff she could have replied to but she chose to reply to that because it was right. This woman shops at Claire's a store for preteen girls mostly. She is obsessed with child and teenage toys and items in an unhealthy way. You can like to dabble with these items even into adulthood but not in the way she does. That's all she spends her money on besides her food.

Her mom doesn't have an STD at all probably. Ash just needed to make up a rumor to get her negative attention again and she's probably pissed at her mother for not giving her any attention either. My guess is Rebecca has come to accept Ashs fate and has actually found comfort in someone else who is supporting her since her daughter won't. Ash probably found out today her mom has been seeing someone probably and got mad that she's never actually had a boyfriend so she's trying to make her mom look like a whore. Nice try, Ash. Nice try but next time try harder.

No. 199341

I don't think anyone implied it was just one single cause. Also, why are you pretending not to be Ash?

No. 199342

She doesn't get it, anon. We've told her to stop talking in 3rd person but she keeps doing it.

No. 199368

I was the last commenter, the other replies were someone else. There's no samefagging going on.

No. 199382

This girl is pathetic. It's almost sad.

Almost. Let the milk flow

No. 199396

Even if that's true that there are more reasons, Ash, that makes no difference. At the end of the day, an eating disorder situation (even yours!) is simple: you either choose to recover or you don't. You choose to not recover because the pros outweigh the cons, just like I said. You know that, and we know that.

No. 199399

I wonder what happened to Ash at such a young age that she developed anorexia. Like, it doesn't happen for no reason. Sometimes it's the result of a trauma, although I guess if her mom has an ED then Ash is much more likely to have one too. That's what happened to Brittany from Thin. She said her and her mom would spit and chew together and whatnot.

No. 199401

It can totally happen for no reason, though.

No. 199404

Of course it can, but usually it's caused by something else.

No. 199406

Nothing happens for no reason. Nothing.

No. 199407

Uh, plenty of things happen for no reason, Ash. Stop trying to romanticize your mental illnesses.

No. 199412

Agreed. But I have a feeling Ash didn't develop anorexia for no reason. She has a long history of attention whoring and manipulation. I wouldn't be surprised if Ash is borderline. I mean…singing the Pokemon theme song at a therapists office (supposedly) is not normal.

No. 199423

File: 1446572305019.jpg (8.1 KB, 300x168, stop romanticizing it.jpg)

So mystery. Such enigmatic.

Pic related.

No. 199432

I wouldn't say she was Borderline, more histrionic…

No. 199435

If you hate this place and what we do here so much, why do you stay and further the drama thread about yourself?

No. 199436

Hey Ash.
Did you ever listen to that song I sent you? Nightmare lullaby? If you couldn't be arsed to fix the url in my ask, here it is:

P.S. I'm that anon from about a dozen threads and a billion posts ago that has been, and still is, praying for you every single night. <3

No. 199437

The reasons I think she is borderline:

-using anorexia as a method of self harming
-unstable personal realtionships (loved Erika, then harassed her after Erika stopped being friend with her)
-pretends everyone has abandoned her when in reality, it's not true
-she's a bitter and angry person

and there's probably more than I am missing.

No. 199438

She loves it don't be fooled by her. She loves the negative attention. She loves starting shit about herself.

No. 199440

Yeah, I know. It's just fucking annoying that she acts like she's so above coming here and that it's this horrible cesspool of evil, and then she clearly comes here to keep stirring the pot.

No. 199446

Well what else does she have to do to pass the time? She only goes out on taxi rides every so often the rest of the time she's in her mothers apartment. This is her only source of contact with people besides her mother.

No. 199454


>ash pls respond

No. 199463

:^) Ain't even plussed 'bout it. Have a wonderful day.

No. 199467

Willing to bet that every ana chan and wannarexic ever discussed on this site is borderline. BPD and eating disorders go hand in hand in many cases.

No. 199472

I agree it does go hand in hand the majority of the time. Wannarexia is it's own thing though, most wannarexics think it is a lifestyle, not a mental disease. Or they think it's ~cool~ to have a mental illness and play it up.

No. 199473

She has her tumblr friends still.

No. 199476

File: 1446584855266.gif (608.94 KB, 320x240, ghostinmypocket town.gif)

Ashley's tumblr "fan base"

No. 199478

Gross, she puked an entire Halloween cake. What a waste of food.

No. 199483

She didn't say she had any, like she used to say with food photos. Also nothing was tagged binge, purge etc. all she did was post a cake photo. Clearly you have some sort of 'assuming' disorder, since we all like to diagnose people here.

No. 199501

Ash's mom was overweight in the 2008 video when you saw a glimpse of her. Her mom lost weight after Ash.

I think Ash has always had self esteem issues and it led to her eating disorder. And she found the attention of pity soothed her.

No. 199507

For fucks sake Ashley, we know this is you and has always been you, and we know you barfed up that cake like you do everything else because let's be realistic, you probably couldn't have kept it down even if you wanted to these days.

No. 199512

Let's so that if the mental part of Ashley's anorexia was cured overnight, with the wave of a magic wand, realistically, would she physically be able to put on weight and then go on to live a normal life? If so, what method would she need to take to put on weight?

No. 199521

Of course she would be able to put on weight. But whether or not her body could handle it is another story.

No. 199560

Ashley pls stop

No. 199561

Yes. Increasing her caloric intake. Probably while being monitored closely by doctors.
Ash, I've asked you before and you haven't answered. What is it that you think makes you so special and different that you alone among all other anorexics are completely incapable of recovering, at least to some extent? Sure, you'd have to deal with permanent health consequences, but you could increase your quality of life a hell of a lot.

No. 199575

in all technicality, my anorexia was cured over night. You'd be surprised how fast the mind can flip when it comes to this stuff. So even though people think this is a dream scenario, it can totally happen and usually does for anorexics that have a change of heart.

And honestly despite being as small as she is, she is out and about. Not a ton but she is still walking around unassisted. If she started even just eating that things she wants like cakes and frosting and fatty sugary foods, her body would take and run. The point of no return is immobility and even then recovery is possible but you have to be careful.

Once I saw my grandmother cry at my bedside and scramble to look through a bunch of printed out papers from the internet (which she didn't know how to use making her effort all the more heart felt) I flipped instantly, and after she left I went to the kitchen and ate blueberry muffins. Didn't weigh myself again until months later to make sure I was still a healthy weight. I didn't even need a recovery process, it was instant. Ash could be like this too … if she had someone like my grandmother … but from the sounds of it, her mom is never going to be that person for her. Her mother is too far into the situation to have this effect on ash. Ash is gonna need someone that is already very close and nice to her and "motherly" to a point to change her mind. That girl in the disney pictures? I could see her having a major effect on her recovery if she had a one on one intervention in person with her.

Hope she gets it. Honestly I think the only reason she is such an angry person is because she is so hungry … I know I was a bitch when I was ana.

No. 199577

sounds to me like you didn't actually have anorexia

No. 199588

Maybe she believes her body is possessed by a demon and that's why she says she "can never recover"

No. 199591

A friend who didn't have the disorder who came to visit maybe.

No. 199592

Bulimics can often fluctuate in weight.

No. 199593

File: 1446599726522.png (14.69 KB, 286x200, 1401767650714.png)

Holy shit son are you serious?

No. 199594

What girl in what Disney pictures? Are you okay there?

No. 199596

That doesn't sound right. It took months for me to get even slightly better and 3 years after starting therapy and meds it's still a daily struggle. I still freak out about food and am prone to restricting.

No. 199597

I think they're talking about the photo of Jackie and Ash at Disney she posted recently.

No. 199599

Ohhhh, I thought she meant Snow White or something.


No. 199604

that is INCREDIBLY atypical.

Someone as far gone as Ashley cannot just pick up a box of cookies and start eating. The stomach and digestive system has been abused for so long, that it no longer knows how to process solid food. It would send the body into shock and many people with eating disorders die from this. Refeeding syndrome is a very dangerous thing.

When the concentration camps were liberated in WWII, the prisoners wanted food but could not be given large portions because their bodies could not handle it. Many prisoners died when they were given food from well meaning soldiers.

No. 199608

Yeah, the idea of Jackie helping anyone is ridiculous. I don't think Ash has ever had a normal "friend", right? Erika has issues, Jackie I think has an ED too, etc.

No. 199609

Bitch is so incredibly dumb and/or misinformed.

No. 199610

Jackie's mentally retarded too. They're not friends anymore though anyway.

Yeah, I can't think of any of her friends past or present who aren't mentals.

Even Neckbeard fucked off after he was with her for a few days.

No. 199613

Ash would just cling to her friends issues and make her friends issues worse than her friends somehow magically curing her anorexia lmao.

No. 199616

I forgot about Sprout. Yeah, out of the ones we've discussed here I think Sprout has the greatest chance of getting her shit together. Because of that, I hope she has little contact with Ashley.

No. 199621

Oops, I deleted my comment. It said Sprout was the most 'normal', but I deleted it because I realized that I really want her to have nothing to do with Ash.

No. 199624

Don't worry. No Sprout hate here. There never was.

No. 199626

Aw, I wonder what happened.

No. 199627

Jackie or Neckbeard?

No. 199629


What about Jolograpy

No. 199630

Oops, Joltography(?) I think that's how she spells it?

No. 199631

Idk, she's a bit of an ED sufferer slut. She's befriending all the ones we talk about and commenting on their pictures.

No. 199632

I don't think she's rescuing anyone.

No. 199633

Jackie. Hadn't they been friends for some time?

No. 199634

Yeah, a LONG time considering her friendships don't usually last longer than a couple of months.

No. 199636

So the rant Ash posted about not being friends with someone anymore meant Jackie. And that Jackie is selfish and opportunistic.

Which is funny because Ash depends on EVERYONE. And didn't Jackie drive Ash down to Disney?

It's funny how everyone is her ~friend~ until it's no longer worth it for her. What a manipulative piece of crap.

No. 199637

I just feel bad for Jackie.

No. 199641

I wonder if Ash has ever possessed enough insight to talk to her therapist about her "friendship issues." I had two friend break-ups in a period of three years and that sent me straight to the therapists' to figure out if the problem was with me. Ash seems to always think the problem is other people but never seems to consider if the problem is her (which, coincidentally, is the same problem those two ex-friends of mine had).

No. 199642

she totally could. Raechel Farrokh did it and she was possibly even worse than Ashley (non-mobile). And she did it in less than 6 months. Someone like Ash would have to go to really intensive IP first to avoid re-feeding syndrome and start with PT, and then transfer to another intensive IP therapy to work on the mental health aspect and the rest of the weight gain.


No. 199645

This is true. Even friendships that went bad in the distant past I STILL think about them and see where I went wrong and where the other person went wrong. Usually it's down to drifting apart, but yeah bust ups are something I think most people would think about deeper than IT WAS THEIR FAULT.

Well, we've seen her do a Pokemon song in her therapists room, so who knows what goes on in there.

I think the anon you're talking to meant it couldn't be done overnight, like a miraculous epiphany where Ash suddenly wants to eat and get healthy.

Of course Ash could get treatment to improve her quality of life. Her disease isn't terminal and there's help there but she doesn't want to help herself.

No. 199647

oh I see what you mean. Yeah, I doubt Ash would ever have an epiphany moment on her own. She might have one in treatment, though. But she's someone who will probably need to be weight restored to get to that clarity of thinking, rather than the other way around.

No. 199664

It's seriously fucked up to post your binge food online, because you actively used it to harm yourself.
Are you 12 and thinking it's somehow ok to publish your self-harm to your following?

No. 199665

Refeeding syndrome is actually rare, but it is made out to be a common occurrence by those stereotypical anas on instagram who need a reason as to why they eat so little during "recovery" from their ~thuper severe anorexia~.

And don't even get me started on the good ole comparison with concentration camp liberations from 70 fucking years ago that somehow relates to medicine today how exactly?

No. 199690

You're also not like…continuously at risk of refeeding syndrome, like some of the #edfamily shits I've seen on Instagram act like you are when you're ~in recovery from severe anorexia~. If you've been eating like 1500+ calories/day for months (hell, even weeks, you're not going to suddenly get refeeding syndrome and die.

No. 199701

>you didn't have ana if you ate junk food at the drop of a hat after you realized it was killing your family.

Mental stuff don't work the same for everyone. At the end of the day no matter how much anorexic people hate the effects of food, they crave the taste every day they are alive. I would dream of all the food I was never allowed to have. And seeing your grandmother break down and have a one on one intervention can do a lot to change your mind. weight loss programs have to keep close eyes on clients to make sure they don't become anorexic because the mentality can take a 180. Same applies the other way around. I over ate like crazy after I flipped. To the point where I was obese and had to lose weight again. Mental disorders are weird man, no one handles it the same way.

Also, I like how everyone on lolcow is a psychology professor now.

No. 199703

you obviously were not anorexic.

No. 199706

she sent herself and ask saying "You are my favorite thinspo!". No one would ever look at her ans any type of inspiration.

No. 199708

Not that anon, but you obviously can't diagnose or un-diagnose someone on here with anything from a handful of sentences.

No. 199710

As someone who has an eating disorder and is seeking treatment i can definitely tell you you don't just flip in one night and suddenly you're okay.

No. 199712

As someone who has an eating disorder and has been in treatment on and off pretty extensively, I can definitely tell you that everyone is different, and also that >>199701 didn't indicate that they were completely "okay" after they "flipped." They still had issues with food.

No. 199714

"in all technicality, my anorexia was cured over night." Thats why i said anon never had anorexia because of this stupid little statement. That's not how eating disorders are, they never fully go away. They're life long.

No. 199715

Even if most don't, some people do get over their EDs. If that anon met the diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa (which don't mention anything about how difficult it is or how long it takes for a person to "recover"), they were anorexic. Maybe they weren't a ~true ana~ in your eyes, but whatever. If they really were able to get over their anorexia like that, then more power to them. I wish I could do the same.

No. 199717

You never get over it. Yeah maybe you become stronger than the voice telling you not to eat or puke but it will always be there. That anon sounded like a wannarexic, like one day she decided to be anorexic and then she realized she didn't anymore and stopped.

No. 199721


Well if they were her friends they would help her not watch her die. Friends don't watch friends die. Sorry, Ash.

No. 199742

I've asked her numerous times how many followers she has and she never replies. She must not have as much as she claims she does.

No. 199747

Why does it even matter to you?

No. 199749

what up, ash

No. 199752

F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

No. 199754

File: 1446625707423.png (78.12 KB, 1440x1030, Screenshot_2015-11-04-00-22-24…)

No. 199761

File: 1446626885246.png (1.11 MB, 1440x2435, Screenshot_2015-11-04-00-46-11…)

Try to become healthy and you can find the one who will love you and want to touch you all the time.

No. 199777

>>And don't even get me started on the good ole comparison with concentration camp liberations from 70 fucking years ago that somehow relates to medicine today how exactly?

I was making the point that you just don't hand a severe anorexic (at Ashley's level) a chocolate bar and tell them to eat it. The only people that come to mind that are similar to her in weight, are concentration camp and prisoner of war survivors. That is why I mentioned it. It has nothing to do with how advanced our medicine is.

No. 199780

applauds I hate how sarcastic that looks, but that's a reasonable answer

No. 199787

How do you know it's that way for everyone, always? I've encountered people who really, truly seemed to have "gotten over it." Anyway, whatever. I don't know anything about that anon's circumstances aside from what they wrote here, so who the hell knows if they were or weren't anorexic.

No. 199791

You guys have never heard of the abc? ana, bulimia, the compulsive over eating?
I was ana, didn't eat anything, wanted to convince my family I was better so i would binge in front of them then go throw it up after I felt bad about it. Then after my grandma gave me an intervention I over ate myself into obesity. Now that I am a normal weight I hate myself. a lot. When I said I was better over night I meant in my restraint of food … not my self control or self worth.

When I say it "stopped overnight" I meant that that day I suddenly stopped counting calories and weighing myself 5 times a day. And even though I still have a lot of mental shit and still had an unhealthy obsession with food while gaining weight … I would choose morbid obesity over ana anytime.

and btw feeding sickness is kinda bull in most cases. for ash yeah it may happen. also, I doubt ahs is binging and purging or if she does it is on a rare occasion. even if you vomit right after eating your body still maintains 40% of the cal. let alone after 30 mins, when it retains 60%. So lets say she is binging and purging on occasion, that alone has prepped her stomach for normal food and she wouldn't get feeding sickness.

No. 199793

Actually, you're incorrect about that process of food digestion.
You are also incorrect about the absorbing of calories. Also coming into play is that every physical body is different.

No. 199794

This. I mean your experience doesn't speak for everyone.
I get where you're coming from, but it's a little patronizing and you're basically implying that you'll ~suffer for the rest of your life~ and anyone who doesn't to that extent is a fake wannabe. I guess that's kind of mean of me but I can't phrase it better right now.
My point is, recovery, including mental, IS possible and it happens differently for everyone.

No. 199795

Yeah a lot of that is BS. It's based on one study where they asked a bunch of bulimics to binge and purge in front of a panel of people paid to weigh their intake and vomit basically. I'm not shocked it isn't too accurate hah.

No. 199806

I looked at the tags and threw up a little bit.

No. 199810

Lolcow where everyone suddenly becomes a doctorate expert on whatever issue comes up.

No. 199812

It's honestly sad because humans are social creatures. We need to be shown love, affection, given cuddles, and more romantic lovey dovey stuff. Ash's tags show that it's finally cracking down on her since she doesn't have one real life friend to give her this and has most likely never had a boyfriend. The only people who give her attention are the ones with the extreme fetishes probably.

No. 199819

Anyone remember Tiffany, the Starbucks barista that Ash was obsessed with for some time? I don't know why, but I found that funny. Especially after Ash gave Tiffany a bracelet and Tiff rejected her.

No. 199820

I thought her rabbit passed away?

No. 199821

File: 1446641824037.png (791.32 KB, 921x772, tiff.PNG)

No. 199822

Yes! That's the post I was looking at earlier. Can't believe Ash thought she had a chance with Tiff.

No. 199823

>humans are social creatures. We need to be shown love, affection, given cuddles, and more romantic lovey dovey stuff.

I hate that shit though.

She doesn't seem to get that people are nice to her because they pity her. A pity fuck would be stretching it a long, long way

No, that was a cry for attention. She was reflecting on what it's like when pets die, even though Adam is very much alive.

Ash actually has good taste in women.

No. 199824

(Just defending here.)
[Tiffany] actually texted quite a few times drunk/high with messages that didn't really make any comprehension possible. She went to raves quite often, and even invited me to a few. I obviously wouldn't have been able to attend very long, but she actually really wanted me to go. After I have her the bracelet in return for her gift to me, she just started acting weird. She also switched jobs and asked her to-workers to let me know, and asked me to visit her at work. She was a server at a restaurant- but the venue she worked at caused me anxiety to visit, because it was more of a 'bar and drinking' atmosphere. I'm not posting this on my blog because I feel like I'll just get hounded there. The majority of my followers are new, and don't really know of my old 'ghostxperfume' account. Say whatever, but that's the story, and I'm done here.

No. 199826

*gave her
Fucking autocorrect.
Also, we haven't spoken since. I'm not sure if she works at the same restaurant anymore.

No. 199827


No. 199828

Well, thanks for the explanation.

No. 199829

Can you also tell us about why you and Jackie had a falling out? she seemed like she was friends with you for a very long time.

No. 199831

I can answer that in an ask. But please don't include names. I really don't like being here (despite what everyone keeps assuming.)

No. 199833

Ok, will do. I appreciate you at least answering.

No. 199836

What is ash's tumblr url?

No. 199837


No. 199840


Would you be willing to answer other questions though? I feel like the amount of assumptions we have about you honestly leads us to just assume you're an awful person, but I actually think if you'd do an honest q&a we could understand you better and possibly help you. Most of us here just want to see you get better, Ash. I promise. I know you don't think so but we honestly do. Just let us know, please?

No. 199841

Agreed. I'd have a lot more respect for Ash if she elaborated on stuff rather than write vagur things that give us the wrong impression.

No. 199842

Everyone claims to know everything on the internet lmao

No. 199843

Typical Ashley. Nothing is ever her fault. No way would it be "tiffany didn't want to be in my life because I am a horrible spoopy skelecunt who uses and abuses people"
Its "oh she did drugs and ofc my anxiety"

Do not even begin to believe the shit that ashley comes up with. She is always speaking about the ~real truth~ and how none of us know anything but she refuses to ever talk about it
She looooves coming to this site (she has been since her first ever thread!) because she looooves the attention. She will come here, defend herself, try to get on the good side of a few farmers, and then leave again.
She will never tell anyone the truth/real story/whatever
She will never be a good person
She will continue to use and exploit people
And then she will die.

No. 199845

She will never tell anyone the truth/real story/whatever

TBH though, she doesn't really have to.

No. 199846

Sorry, Ash, but if you really don't like being here, then why are you… here? Why have you responded multiple times in this thread, watching it like a hawk?

I really wish you could get better, Ash. You deserve it. You're probably going to reply to me with some snarky comment, but really. You need help, and you need to get better.

No. 199847

No, you're right.
But when someone says something about ashley, and she says "YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING YOU DONT KNOW THE REAL TRUTH YOULL ALL FIND OUT ONE DAY" then where does that leave everyone?

No. 199848

Ashley has been here since her first thread and we are on what, 14 now? She loves it.

No. 199849

You're right, I forgot about how often she used to reply in the earlier threads.

And you say that you 'hate this place more than anything'?

No. 199853

Yeah, and she wont get better. She refuses to get better. Dr fucking Phill was going to help her and she refused him. She does not WANT to get better. She wants to sit around and post ~kawaii~ pictures, ruin her poor mother's life, and get people to buy her things on her wishlist/send her money while she withers away.
She has been stuck in a 15/16 year old mentality for the last 8-9 years.

No. 199854

hey ashley, your way of responding to that question was a real upgrade from your previous posts. I enjoyed reading what looked like an actual heart felt response, as opposed to the typical style you often use. Please tell us why you don't want help.

No. 199865

as someone who feels a strong urge to be "self-sufficient", independent, not rely on anyone etc, I think some of it comes from feeling guilty for taking up anyone's time, taking up any space, or taking up any resources at all. I wouldn't be surprised if Ash felt something similar.

No. 199869

I really like your new way of speaking and responding to questions, Ash. The response to the last ask was mature and much more interesting to read, because it feels honest and open, not bitter and childish. I hope you keep it up.

No. 199877

File: 1446652054593.jpg (83.96 KB, 655x414, ashscreenshot.jpg)

>Well, her ‘thought process’ was quite a bit for me to handle mentally. It was almost like taking care of a small child. I had to constantly be there at any given time, or else I was deemed 'unfair, toxic, a bully, selfish’, just to name a few. I won’t, however, say that she is to blame for her actions. Actually, the majority of the time I’m not even sure if she was aware of what she was saying. We would get into an argument, the next day apologizing, and it just starting all over again.
>As fucked as it sounds, I do miss being there for her, though. The feeling of being 'needed’ by someone can sometimes be a positive one. We still communicate through other outlets, and I still consider her a friend- just not quite what it used to be.

I can't fault her for this tbh.

No. 199882

I'm sure this is how Rebecca feels about Ashley.

No. 199886

It is understandable, but Jackie is mentally slow. What did Ash expect?

No. 199887

Her real answer should have been "Jackie couldn't do anything for me so I had to let her go, because the only person I care about is myself."

No. 199888

If Ash got better, she could finally have real life friends. Not "friends". But actual friends. And she could get a job, be independent, live away from her mom, etc.

Ash, isn't all of the above enough to want to get better? Wouldn't having a REAL life be so much better than wasting away in your chairgrave?

You'd actually be able to go to Japan. To walk around the country and enjoy every second of it.

No. 199891

Is Jackie actually slow?

No. 199896

There are a few videos of her on insta and tumblr, and it certainly seems so.
(Sorry, I don't have any links)

No. 199897

This website is really quick to label anyone with mental disorders and or mental retardation, which is why I ask. It wouldn't surprise me if Jackie was challenged, but I'm also skeptical.

No. 199898

Oh gosh…I just realized how thin Jackie is. No wonder Ash and her were friends, she only picks people who have ED's or some other kind of mental illness.

No. 199900

No. 199902

that would actually be a cute photo if she wasn't a nasty skeletor.

No. 199923

What's her insta?

No. 199925

Yeah, it's never your fault, Ash… Everyone else always lets you down.

No. 199928

animalovers1979 on IG.

No. 199929

animallovers1979, the other one is missing an l, sorry.

No. 199930

So I get that people are mad at her for being a bitch to people and always being on the defense even to nice people. But like … why are yall so fuckin mad? At first I was too but you gotta think about it … she's anorexic for a reason. She fuckin hates herself. Like absolutely despises herself. She prolly assumes everyone hates her too. In her mind she is constantly on the defense because she assumes everyone hates her as much as she hates herself.

I hate that she tried to use her mom as a reason for why she has anorexia right now, that fucking awful and she knows she can't blame this on her. But she feels like her mom hates her. usually most families, since they have to deal with it first hand and on a daily basis, get annoyed and angry at the person harming themselves with ana. Anger is the worst thing for people that already despise themselves to deal with. anger adds so much fuel to the fire. People see ash and they get angry. I showed my boyfriend a picture of her and he felt horrible and shocked that someone would hate themselves so much. Granted, pity still isn't the right response to people like ash because it reinforces the idea that they can continue to hate themselves and people will help only when you hate yourself.

It's a really tricky situation, there is not one answer or way to help. But why yall gettin mad? Not like she's starving you. Hell she's actually kinda nice lately aside from this whole mom with std's shit.

No. 199932

Holy shit I just had a nightmare about being friends with Ash and going to take a Snapchat video with her and I was like holding my phone out and using the inside camera so I could see what we looked like on the screen and I started recording with both of us in the frame and she smiled and kinda posed for a second and then quickly LASHED the fuck out like a a demon and screeched before smacking my phone out of my hand.
It was so fucking scary you guys, omg I'm still in a daze.

No. 199933

I have bad news for you.
Ash is a high skeleton demon.
It wasn't a dream, anon.

No. 199934

Thanks! Ash isn't following her anymore.

After looking at her profile, she does look kind of… Slow? I'm not sure how to put it. How old is she?

No. 199938

after creepin through this thread last night i did have a bad dream of her approaching me while i was in bed… her skeletal body reminds me of christan bale in that one movie

No. 199939

That spooky skeleton is cuter than Ash.

No. 199945

If her birth year is 1979, she's 36 or so.

No. 199946

I once dreamt that I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and there was this horrible zombie Ash thing in the corridor, lurching at me. I ended up stabbing it in the head repeatedly.

I didn't visit these threads for a while after that.

No. 199972

Okay guys, chill with the dream posts and shit. We know she reads these threads and posting this shit makes us look more like bullies and shit then having a discussion. Our top goal is to save her and encourage her to fix herself even though she probably won't. Not fucking bring her down even more – if that's even possible. But for real lets actually get back on topic on how we can get Ash to communicate with us better and in an honest way. Not make her resent us and come on here just to defend herself and stir shit up.

I know I'm probably sounding a bit to hopeful and optimistic but hopefully she can work with us for a bit.

No. 199980

NEVER…I repeat..NEVER link Ashley with The Christian Bale. Oh, and it was The Machinist.

No. 199981

>Our top goal is to save her

This is lolcow.

No. 199985

If you want to save her stay out of her threads, the attention is just making her worse.

Though I wish It was against the rules to have severely ill/disabled cows I think Ash is much past savingTBH.
It breaks my heart to see young girls lives fucked up by ED's, but unlike Aly, without her ED Ash would still be a lolcow so I think she's fair game.

No. 199986

We are not Ash's therapy. She wants someone to save her? Maybe she should save herself an seek actual help. We aren't here to help her work on her communication skills. We are here to observe the spooky skeleton.

What the fuck is with all these fucking moralfags?

No. 199994

MPA and dumblr escapees, most likely.

No. 200001

Let her find in you, Lord, a fortified tower, in the face of the enemy.

No. 200006

Hi Ginge! Nice quads.

No. 200009

Let the enemy have no power over her.

No. 200023

Wow you guys are cunts. Leave her alone, what did this poor dying girl ever do to you?

No. 200028

Hi newfag. Who brought you here?

No. 200029

Btw, we're all dying but most of us, even severe anorexics, try hard to deal with it.

No. 200047

File: 1446678314328.jpg (106.14 KB, 698x658, 1446408609436.jpg)

We've never said anything to her face. We haven't done anything to offend her upfront. If she lurks here and cares about what we have to say, that's her problem, not ours.
>giving her sympathy
She's dying because she let herself get like this. As someone with an uncontrollable chronic illness, it's PROBLEMATIC of you to assume that "oh she cant help it!!!!!! she totally couldnt have saved herself before she turned spoopy!!"

No. 200109

I wonder if she's scared to die though…. What is she doing to keep herself alive this long in this state….?

No. 200127

Wipe your tears with your hamster.

No. 200138

she probably gets regular IV treatments for fluid loss and to keep her phosphate levels from bottoming out completely. I wouldn't be surprised if she has a PIC line somewhere on her so she can be administered IV's and drugs more easily.

No. 200144

For some reason I thought she got regular vitamin shots.

No. 200159

This isn't tumblr.
This is lolcow.
We are here for the milk.
Now gtfo.

No. 200200

Do you really think she sees a doctor regularly? I'm not being sarcastic, I'm honestly wondering. I'd think she'd want to stay as far away from doctors and hospitals and shit as possible, for fear of being involuntarily committed. It seems like it'd be a huge liability issue for a primary care physician to take her on as a patient, with her being so adamant about continuing down the spoopy road to death. Unless she's actually in hospice, how could a doctor in good conscience continue regularly seeing a patient who's in Ash's condition and not force them into treatment/hospital/whatever, either by saying that they'd refuse to see her otherwise or by actually using the legal system to make her receive compulsory treatment? Seriously, how is this situation even happening? I don't fucking understand.

No. 200201

I really don't know. I hope she sees a doctor.

No. 200203

she has stated she has some sort of home care nurse that visits regularly.

No. 200206

>Our goal is to save her
No, it's not. We aren't her parents or doctors.

No. 200210

Ohh, I guess I missed that. How the fuck does that work? Maybe Ash really is somehow just opting for "palliative care."

No. 200231

I think she received so much help already, got inpatient so many time… After all that time she still is spoopy, they know it's not going to change so they let her be.

At a certain point, medical personnel, especially in psychiatry can't do anything if the patient is not trying. What's the point of force feeding her, get her a through a costly refeeding process if you know the patient is going to throw it away the minute you're not shoving the tube down their troat ?

I've experienced it. They just give up. They'll be here when you wind up dying in the ER, but otherwise well, they have other patient with an actual shot a getting better.

No. 200237

What are you talking about? As far as we know, she's gone inpatient once, ~8 or 9 years ago. That's not even beginning to put forth an effort.

No. 200239

Hospice, now there's an interesting theory. If she's been put on hospice-at-home, she's probably been given 6 months to live. (At least, that's how it worked with my grandfather.)

However, they also have at-home-nurse programs that are similar to hospice, just less frequent. As in, the nurse will still shower the person a couple of times a week and make them food or clean if necessary, but they only come once or twice a week instead of every day.

No. 200258

Just wait for her to die…she reminds me of that one model Isabelle Caro

No. 200274

She must be doing some kind of treatment to keep her living if she's made it this long in this state. She should let someone do a documentary on her.

No. 200276

if she has been given a "deadline" i wish she would tell us. i would be willing to help make her last months better. i really just want her to be honest about what the fuck is going on, i mean at least she could help saving someone else if she is so hell bent on offing herself.

No. 200313

Maybe she takes supplements like potassium, etc. If she binges and purges she def. needs electrolytes.

I never heard about the home health care thing before, anyone got proof?

No. 200323

I'd be willing to help, too. She may be considered a lolcow, but I think there is a lot more to the story that she isn't OK with sharing online and it honestly makes me kind of sad. I can't imagine what life must be like for her. I'd love to take her on as a friend just to comfort her.

No. 200324

Ash is the one lolcow I am truly torn about. She has prove time and time again she is a horrible person. She has said racist stuff toward black people before. She's only friends with people who have ED's themselves. And when her friends no longer serve a purpose, she moves on.

On the other hand, underneath all the hate, manipulation and twisted thinking is a human being who has feelings.

No. 200325


No. 200326

I feel bad for the pain she will experience when she does die. Surely she fears death a little. If her stomach ruptures that'd be so painful. A heart attack would suck too. If she wants to die so badly, I hope she blows her head off or overdoses on heroin or something, purely so she has more control and can die without a lot of pain/suffering.

No. 200329

She has to be in pain already. With no body fat, she has no cushioning around her joints. Plus her bones are probably protruding enough that it causes friction when sitting, laying down, etc.

No. 200331

Drug overdoses aren't as easy as they seem. The body tries to get rid of it by throwing up. My uncle died from an accidental speedball overdose and I'm sure it was gruesome.

No. 200334

Yeah, I know that. I was going to say she must be afraid of pain but then realized that would be very stupid to say because she must in constant agony already. And she stubbornly keeps it that way.

I know they're pretty hit-and-miss but I felt like Ashley might have an easier time dying from them considering she's already fucked. But I'm hardly a medical expert so I could be totally wrong.

No. 200347


With herion overdoses, usually you just.. fall asleep (nod off) and never wake up. It happened to my friend a few months ago. He and his girlfriend shot up and laid down in bed. Both of them nodded off. When the girlfriend woke up.. my friend was cold, blue and dead.

I'd really, really like to get you a new wig for Christmas, Ash. Do you have an amazon wishlist or anything? I just want you to stop wearing that ratty brown one.

No. 200350

Yeah, that's why I thought it might be nice for her rather than dealing with a heart attack or something. If you actually want to buy Ash something here's her wishlist as advertised on her tumblr. http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/108LNFR32SPJV/ref=cm_wl_sortbar_v_page_1 But she's already spoiled enough, and didn't ask for a new wig.

Meanwhile I wish she was less of a crazy cunt because I would actually have a lot of common interests with her.

No. 200352

File: 1446735662066.png (48.54 KB, 465x157, pls dont taint perfume.PNG)

Jesus christ I found this in her wishlist. Perfume is one of my only life passions and happy things for me. Please brain do not start associating Perfume with Ash

No. 200354

i want to snap her arms

No. 200358

That's sad.

In my uncle's case, he was alive but because he OD'd at a party, no one wanted to help him and he died on the way to the hospital.

My mom is a nurse and has told me about some of the OD's she's dealt with. Most of the cases involved throwing up because the body wants to get rid of the poision.

No. 200372

She said once that she had not signed a DNR and didn't intend to, so I don't think she's on hospice/palliative care.

No. 200376

Doesn't hospice require DNR's though since it's for end stage diseases? I mean…if you're drying and there's no hope of recovering then not having a DNR is pointless.

No. 200383

Do not resuscitate (DNR) and other advance directives

Q3: Legally, if a person is active under hospice services should there be a physician order for "DNR?"

A3: Patients do not need to have a DNR order signed at the time of their enrollment into hospice. Often, physicians rely on hospice to get a DNR order because they are reluctant to hold the discussion with patients themselves. If DNR were a legal requirement, referrals to hospice would be postponed and length of hospital stay would be even more dismal than it already is. However, staff should work at whatever speed the patient and family will accept to get a DNR order signed after enrollment.

No. 200410


She's anorexic. Anorexia isn't a terminal disease. She isn't hooked up to machines. She goes to Disneyland and shops for shit. SHE COULD GET TO A HEALTHIER STATE. Hospice is for people who are 100% going to die because they're incurable. Ashley is NOT incurable (except perhaps her shitty attitude is).

No. 200413

In the past, when I've started to feel sympathy for Ashley, she has said or or done something to make me remember who she is as a person. I'm guess a lot of these people fawning over her must be new.

No. 200414

Also, it would see, unethical and a waste of resources to provide ash with hospice care since she lives in Florida and I'm sure those resources are scarce and reserved for TERMINAL diseases

No. 200415

She DID say yesterday here that her followers don't know of her life as ghostperfume, so I take it they're new to her.

No. 200416

Not new to her at all, I just want to buy her a wig that isn't disgusting and crusted with skelly vomit.

>tfw you've been following ash for almost three years

>tfw she's still alive

No. 200418

A new crop to exploit
she can spend the money she uses to binge to get herself a wig.

No. 200419

Speaking of her wigs, that purple "hair dye" she used on her own "hair" washed out really quickly.

I don't understand why she doesn't buy a new one similar to the one she wears but isn't a decade old.

No. 200428

File: 1446749417212.png (1.19 MB, 2048x1536, image.png)

No. 200429

File: 1446749462436.png (713.09 KB, 2048x1536, image.png)

No. 200433

>unfair, toxic, a bully, selfish

As mentally challenged as Jackie is, she's got Ash sussed out perfectly well.

No. 200435

Normalcy. Yes, fuck that. Manners though, I rate highly.

Yes, I like ~the horror~ of life, but I also like Beatrix Potter and Charlie Brown.

What a cunt.

No. 200438

Ah, yes. It's still everyone else's fault, right Trashley?

No. 200449


That answer to that ask made no fucking sense. Basically, the way it translates out to is, "I love the negative attention."

No. 200454

My local libraries don't have any porn though.

No. 200469

Adult fantasy.

No. 200473

You mean like 24 year old women still pretending they're bratty 12 year olds and that their mother has multiple STDs?

No. 200498

The fact she is older then me and acts like that scares me about the real world. (I'm 19)

No. 200521


I was new to her once. I thought no way she would last six months. She's only gotten worse and worse and it's been over two years.

I don't try to guess how long she'll last anymore.

There should be one of those yes/no websites for "Is Ashley Isaacs still alive?" That's all I want to know.

No. 200527

This girl is obviously doing a lot of things to keep herself alive. I don't know what it could mean but sounds to me like she could want to actually live a long life but at the same time I doubt that.

Even then if she truly wanted to die she would just be able to stop getting those nurse visits or whatever right?

I don't know it's all confusing.

No. 200536


No. 200545

File: 1446762613606.png (88.31 KB, 1440x933, Screenshot_2015-11-05-18-16-49…)

Too many newfags in this thread, gtfo.

No. 200567

So Jackie has another IG for some reason. Animallovers1938. Weird. Does she have two IG accounts, then? I don't understand why someone would have more than one account.

No. 200595

File: 1446769891202.png (9.35 KB, 715x189, ok.PNG)

Ash posted this on the guts-spilling-over tumblr. So then why does she always use her mom as an excuse for her shitty behavior? How can she post these things and not see her hypocrisy?

No. 200666

Maybe that one was her secret one.

No. 200674

Why would anyone need a secret, yet public IG account?

No. 200675

idk, she's retarded?

No. 200679

She has to realise not all of her anons are farmers. She is being rude to people who actually like her or feel sympathy.

Like others, I felt sympathy until seeing her nasty personality.

No. 200724

File: 1446780698110.png (11.5 KB, 738x239, snowflake.png)

don't forget how ~mysterious~ she is

No. 200734

What a tragedy, the world will never know the story of one fucked-up anorexic out of all of the millions of fucked-up anorexics that have existed and will exist in the future

No. 200855

Her latest INstagram post shows she's doing something to keep herself alive. Eating hedgehogs.

No. 200859

She has said in the past, countless times, that she seriously has NO IDEA what drove her to anorexia. She didn't even use the excuse that it could be for several reasons, she literally said that she couldn't and can't remember the reason why.

There's no mystery about it at all, she's already confessed that she can't remember how she got here, she's fucking with people for sympathy and gifts by using her mom as the catalyst when the truth is, she's boring as fuck.

No. 200865

Give it another year (if she's even still breathing by then) and she'll shut down her shred-my-anxiety blog when her new followers start cottoning on that she's a fraud… just like she did with her ghostxperfume and sealed-up-tight blogs.

No. 200872


What do you mean she's a 'fraud'?

No. 200876

Are you new here?

She constantly berates and blames her mother for her sickness whenever she has a bunch of new followers, it's a cycle.

They then feel sorry for her and buy her shit off her wishlist, this works for her until those new followers learn about her from this site and the gifts and attention cease for a while.

She then deletes her blog, makes a new one and the process starts all over again.

Scroll up halfway up this page and you'll have noobs even admitting they want to buy her shit with more experienced anons telling them NO.

This is like the 16th thread about her on here.

No. 200878

If you dislike this human so greatly, why are you even here..? How is this benefiting to you? Isn't there something else you could be doing? You seem obsessed. In b4 hi Ashley. Just because there's sage.. we all don't want to bump this useless thread.

No. 200879

I think you're on the wrong website somehow

No. 200882

No, I'm going to say "Hi Ashley" because you literally type exactly like her. I hate to tell you this, Ash, but your typing style is very telling.

No. 200883

Just checked, she does not have two instagram accounts. She just changed the name of her original one.

No. 200887

GTFO, you clearly don't belong here.

No. 200889

Here's a welcome gift to all your new followers, Ash!

thread #10: >>99602
thread #9: >>94146
thread #8: >>89979
thread #7 >>81899
thread #6: >>76718
thread #5: >>66250
thread #4: >>40939
thread #3: >>34685
thread #2: >>32362
thread #1: >>21279

Some great screencaps in there, especially the ones that were taken of your FB before you went on a deletion spree! Tsk tsk, your poor mother doesn't deserve the shit you say about her for ass-gap pats from randos.

No. 200966

Are her followers here tho?

No. 201032

how the fuck is she still alive? I nearly died from an ED and I wasn't even close to skelltor Ash.

No. 201036

Sorry, I thought someone meant something else by the word fraud. I already knew all of that. I was confused because it was early for me when I Read that.


That's what some of us are wondering. She is rumored to have nursing help but still for her body to survive in this state for so long she must be doing other things.
Also, anyone find it weird how she's always wearing short sleeves when people with EDs who are really thin are always cold regardless of the outside weather. I know she lives in Florida and that maybe it but it always seems like she wears short sleeves everywhere she goes. Hmm.

No. 201070

So Ashley lives in Orlando, at Twelve Oaks Windmere. The apartments go for $700-1300 a month. Considering it comes with a lot of amenities and it's gated, that seems kind of cheap.

And it's close to Outback, Publix, and a bunch of other places. I can't believe she complains so much about her life while rotting in her chairglave. Ash, YOU are the reason you're so miserable. Not your mom, not all of your failed friendships. You.

No. 201071

One of the "noobs" saying I want to buy Ashley shit. I'm not new to her at all. I just think her wig is fucking disgusting as all hell and I want to vomit just thinking about it.

No. 201075

I'm sure she wears jackets, sweaters, etc. normaly anon, she probably just takes them off for her pics because she is a world class attention whore and you don't get as much attention if your spoopy skeleton arms aren't showing.

No. 201101

Yeah, I've seen pics of her at Target wearing hoodies and layers.

No. 201147


Yada yada, there are a lot of disgusting things we have to deal with but simply ignore; dog shit on the pavement, etc.
I'd rather you noobs donate wigs to children going through chemo or something instead.

No. 201148

i was thinking that a while ago reading about her
>After she died, the man who photographed her for the Nolita ad made some stunningly blunt comments. "I don't have happy memories of Isabelle," said Oliviero Toscani. "She was very selfish and full of herself, right up to her death," imagining she was a successful model and actress when "her only talent was to be anorexic."

No. 201151

Anorexia is ultimately a very selfish disorder.

No. 201152

Can you stop insinuating I'm a newfag? God, you're pretentious.

No. 201154

Lol salt

No. 201173

This is SUCH an Ashley thing to say, haha.

No. 201185

Holy shit:

"Her family only reported Caro's death to the media a month afterward, on 29 December 2010. Caro died in Paris and is buried in the Cimetière du Montparnasse.[6][7] On 18 January 2011, it was reported that Caro's mother had killed herself during the previous week."

No. 201187


>The notoriety that followed the poster campaign prompted Caro to start a blog and write her autobiography The Litte Girl Who Didn’t Want to Get Fat (both in French). In the book she blamed her mother for her eating disorder, describing Marie as a “depressed” woman who kept Isabelle in diapers until the age of 7, dressed her in clothing far too small and kept her locked inside their Rome apartment because “fresh air makes children grow.” Isabelle started to starve herself as a means of rebellion, wresting a measure of control from her domineering mother. At one point, she wrote, she lived on tiny squares of chocolate and self-rationed corn flakes.

>It was the strain of promoting her book that proved too much for Isabellle’s weakened body—she died just a few days after returning from the Japan leg of her book tour. And it was the content of the book that contributed to her mother’s suicide two months later. “She could not deal with Isabelle’s death and the terrible accusations that she caused it,” Marie’s husband Christian Caro told the Swiss magazine 20 Minuten. “



No. 201191

Isabelle Cairo reminds me so much of Ash.

No. 201193

>Just one year before Caro posed for Toscani, she said she was told by a Parisian modeling scout that she would have to lose 10 pounds to find work. Already well-versed in weight control, she quickly lost nearly 20, dropping to 55 pounds (she is 5 foot 4 inches tall).

She was 75 lbs and this man thought she was too fat to find work.

No. 201194

I want this for Ash ;_;

No. 201195

Her voice sounds so much better now that she's recovered. Ash, please watch this.

No. 201196

She has to want it for herself.

No. 201197

She looked like a fucking full face burn victim where they try to graph features back on. I honestly don't understand how her look was desirable for modeling what so ever..

No. 201198

Of course. Still, it does confirm that it's still possible for her to recover. She just has to want it. Unfortunately that's unlikely to happen any time soon.

No. 201199

She was way too short. I bet that scout was being facetious.

No. 201202

There is a video of Isabelle Caro doing an interview just before her death. They are at a restaurant. Isabelle cuts a tiny bit of food, then cuts it even smaller and lifts it sloowly to her mouth. When it touches her lips she visibly flinches, like it't burning hot. She chews and chews and chews, looking like it's taking all her will not to spit it out.

Seeing that made me realize how incredibly painful her life must have been, what a struggle. She died of pneumonia a few weeks later. Her immune system was shot.

No. 201203

Fuck, this is sad. What a good husband.

No. 201206

I dunno, something feels sketch about the husband that he let it get so bad even though he had to carry her everywhere full time. Like maybe hes one of those people who really get off on needing to take care of someone

No. 201208

I agree. He's like the caretakers on "My 600 lb Life." I bet he's in panic mode right now because if she recovers he probably won't feel as needed. I also don't understand why she needed 200k.

No. 201210

This is probably what ash aspires to. She wants to be pitied and seen as so sad and sorrowful in death.

There is nothing sad about people who have the opportunity to get help but refuse to make the effort. It's not just mental illness.

No. 201211


bit cynical, but ok

No. 201215

There is honestly only so much a legal guardian or spouse can do in these situations. If someone outright refuses medical care, then no medical care can be administered.

In order to get a mentally ill person committed against their will, they need to pose an immediate threat to the general public. I believe you can also get a 48-72 hour hold placed on persona against their will, but it is nowhere near long enough to be beneficial for someone suffering from such a severe eating disorder.

American healthcare is fucking ridiculous price wise plus she ended up traveling to Portugal for treatment.

No. 201216

Not just an immediate threat to the public but also to themselves which they will see certain specialists and they will decide if she's too ill to make rational decisions.

No. 201217

I think there was something sketchy about the place in Portugal, too. Although it's clearly working for her so whatever.

No. 201221

I honestly don't want her to die but there's nothing anyone can do but just let her live the rest of her life. No matter how short it might be. She's 4 years older than me it sucks knowing she won;t even make an attempt to get better.

No. 201240

Yeah, wtf? She buys new wigs in crazy colors like that purple one but a new wig in a similar style to the brown one made of human hair would be cute. Why wouldn't she buy one of those instead? I'd buy it from her if she'd let me.

No. 201245

Except it's sad and pitiful for Isabelle Caro because she had a very traumatic childhood and was probably never happy with herself or her family or her life, and possibly found comfort in her disorder as some trauma-induced anorexics do. Ashley is not sad and pitiful, just annoying and stupid and frustrating because she dramawhores and refuses to get better when she has opportunities. Also she's a shitty person. I know severe eating disorders give you shitty thoughts and stuff from the induced depression but it's not an excuse for how bad Ash is. Also she promotes her disorder unlike how Caro advocated against it and tried to get better.

No. 201250

Yeah ash claims she's "pro-recovery" for others and not herself, which is retarded logic. Also flips the fuck out when one of her ana friends accept recovery and does her best to sabotage it and bring them down with her. If anyone is pro anorexia, ash is the biggest there is.

No. 201251

Agreed, all we know about Ash is that her dad wasn't quite there for her or something? So, that's as traumatic as it gets… We know her mother may have some problems and could have struggled with an ED, but I don't think it's the main cause for Ash's ED or traumatic enough to make her this bad. – If anything it's Ash trying to get back at all the people who "hurt" her by making herself this bad.

No. 201260

I think her dad left the family. He was there until she was at least 4, maybe a bit older. After that, we don't know.

And yes, Ash, I know you think that makes you mysterious, but I'm going to have to quote another anon's thoughts: >>200734

No. 201263

No. 201264

No. 201286


No. 201293


No. 201304

Hank from Tumblr = Henry from VK?

No. 201474

File: 1446947425842.jpeg (30.36 KB, 750x239, image.jpeg)

Someone wrote this on Ash's latest Instagram update.

No. 201480

Oh well.

No. 201482

Henry's body seems younger than hank's would but it's difficult to tell when torsos look like unwrapped mummies.

No. 201483

Since when has stomach acid tasted sweet?

No. 201484

File: 1446948783405.png (142.8 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20151108_0001.png)

Not that she doesn't interact with the vk perverts. Maybe this is hank?

No. 201485

It didn't crop sry. I meant the hendriksen guy.

No. 201493

File: 1446951634295.jpg (122.4 KB, 643x300, kash.jpg)

Ash, your mom can spend her money on whatever she wants. It's HERS.

No. 201494

Isn't Ash's mom a waitress scraping to get by? This woman can afford a boob job? Yeah right. Try again Ash you're probably lurking this thread right now to see our reCtion.

No. 201495

Even your mobile ads think she's on her death bed.

No. 201499

>But that's none of my business
Yeah, it really isn't.

No. 201513

Apparently she used her inheritance. I don't know why Ash called it her "dead father's money" though. Is he supposed to be doing something with it from the grave?
As this point, it is Rebecca's money and honestly (as cold as it sounds) has nothing to do with the father/grandfather anymore.
Get the fuck over it Ash. Stop with this bullshit of trying to make your mother look bad because we're all so over it, and we're never going to believe you or support you in it.

No. 201514


When you are so self-involved
you binge/purge all of the food
you spend all of your single mom's money
you act like its nothing
sips wine
but that's none of my business

No. 201515

Awwrr, little babba Ashy wishes her momma spent more money than she already does on her instead.

Ash, you're gonna be 30 in 3 or 4 years time, even back at 21 years of age… you don't get a say in what you mother does with her own life.

Because, GASP! You are supposed to be sorting your own life out, get off your momma's dead, augmented teet already.

No. 201531

Hey hey hey farmers!
No, I'm not going to shut up.
Don't like fucking reading my blog? Then don't read it. Don't go near it.
I'll post what I want, what I feel, and what's making me upset- because, surprise! It's mine.
Say I lie, say whatever you want. Jerk off to those little fantasies of yours where you believe that you're correct about everything. You don't know what's going on in my life- you SPECULATE. You ASSUME. Keep at it, whatever helps you get on with the day or makes you feel better about yourself. Yeah, it's ash. Yeah, I'm on lolcow. Problem? I can be here just like anyone else k bye.

No. 201532


pure autism

No. 201537

Just don't even reply- if I'm so below you, just keep to yourself. Responding to me just makes you pathetic.

No. 201540

Or you could stop acting like an attention-starved child and self-posting in your own lolcow threads. I get that your e-fame has faded somewhat recently, but that doesn't mean you should come here to keep stirring the pot. Because really, that's what you're doing. Why don't you just keep to yourself?

No. 201541


No. 201564

your moms personal decisions are not your business you whiny fucking child. stop trying to score pity points, it's not working and your followers stopped caring a long time ago.

No. 201565

and bitch, please
all you CAN do is just sit there and rot away :)

No. 201568

File: 1446969700787.jpg (37.31 KB, 638x478, Imnotabouttojustsithere.jpg)

No. 201569

File: 1446969749273.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1421555262752.png)

No. 201571

Feel better? Cum yet?
I hope your repercussions visit you sooner rather than later.

No. 201572

Do you really vom it all back up, or do you just move the food back out like removing a connect 4 piece

No. 201573

File: 1446971093104.jpg (22.63 KB, 499x499, thankmrskeltal.jpg)

No. 201574

File: 1446971254190.jpg (59.39 KB, 700x1000, https://40.media.tumblr.com/31…)

No. 201576

God this is just sad. Thank goodness your mother actually has a life. Imagine if she didn't have to escape from your rotting, shrieking self! You'd have nothing to bitch about.
I'm glad your mother knows enough to go out and do what she wants to do, rather than letting herself be as miserable as you are.

No. 201579


lol ~accusations~.
Everything is oh so dramatic in spoopyland.

No. 201585


It's truly pathetic that you're a grown ass woman looking for sympathy going wah wah wah my mommy does what she wants to with things that's none of my business, as though you're some neglected child. Newsflash ash, you're a grown ass woman who CHOOSES to act like a spoiled brat. It's disgusting and grew old a long time ago, nobody is amused, take that from a former follower who got sick of your bullshit whining.

And no ash nobody is cumming in relation to you, pretty sure nobody here has a thing for a half dead spoopy skeleton. Get over yourself, you're seriously so narcissistic. I am repulsed.
>inb4 so mean

No. 201592

Just don't even reply to me. Go do something else.

No. 201596

If u don't want people to reply stop posting gdi

No. 201599

Why is spending her money on a breast augmentation a bad thing? It's not like decades down the road when she dies she'll have anyone to leave savings to.

I hope Rebecca finds some happiness. Being the sole carer of a difficult bed bound daughter she's watched dying for years she deserves to treat herself.

No. 201609

>not like she has anyone to leave her money to
AW SNAP. Face it trashly, you'll be long dead while your mom is still alive, why would she NOT spend her money? I hope once youre gone your mother can have some semblance of normalcy and happiness. Youre clearly just an anchor of bitterness, narcissism, and selfishness, with you gone maybe her life will be less shit.

No. 201611

Lolol bitch get a diary or something.

No. 201613

This sounds like something I would have written when I was 13. It's weird how emotionally immature she is. Ash just wheel over to a hospital instead of target today, its not that hard.

No. 201614

Why are you whining? you put this stuff out there for everyone to see. There is no expectation of privacy on a publc website.

If you don't want us to talk about you, then don't give us anything to talk about. Simple as that.

No. 201616

Gee I wonder how Ash would spend an inheritance if she got one? I'm sure she would put it towards something responsible like a down payment on her own apartment or treatment for ED or a college fund, and not at all on shitty plastic toys or cosplay wigs or anime DVDs or donuts to purge. Nope, Ash would never squander oppotunities, never.

No. 201617


I would say narcissism and histrionic, personally.

No. 201619

-Eternally stuck with a mentality of a stupid teenager but in a body that looks like an old rotten corpse.

-24 years old yet unable to take care of herself and instead sitting in a corner shrieking at her mother.

-While other people went through even worse hardships in life and still managed to become independent or get a degree, Ash never amounted to anything.

Congratz Ash…But hey, at least xou have all those instagram followers who send you stupid shit out of pity.

No. 201623

Borderline Personality Disorder. I'ts so blindingly obvious.

No. 201624

Does your mother know that you rail her on the internet constantly? I'm sure she's doing all she can under the circumstances given but you're so far up your own ass you can't see how hard it must be for her. No wonder all your friends left you. You treat everyone like garbage. Your mother should leave you too imo, but that just wouldn't be right cus ITS HER FAULT AHH SHE LEFT ME LOOK AT ME I AM DYING SHE LEFT ME HOW DARE SHE I CANT FUND MY GROSS HABITS ANYMORE I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!! But it's k, soon you'll just be a 2lb box of Ash (kek) sitting in your mothers apartment while she is enjoying her breasts and catching stds and being a bitch. just stop dis plz.

No. 201625

Earth to ashley!! Are you self-aware? Is your mind on Mars? Wake the fuck up, Ashley. You're dead. You say you want to live- but you're not living right now. You're dead. You wanted to romanticize your ~downfall~ and pretend to be a ghost? Congratulations. You are one! You live the same thing EVERY DAY. The same rituals, the same voices, the same actions. They say people who commit suicide end up as cursed ghosts, stuck in the place where they killed themselves, living out their most painful memories over and over again for eternity. But it seems… you're already living that now. But! You still cling on to life. Secretly, you wish you could get your first job, drive yourself to places. You want to be TOUCHED… you want to be LOVED. You desire these things, yet you stay standing still, frozen in fear. You've let every single opportunity slip past your fingers. Why? Because you are afraid of change. This goes deeper than healthy adipose cells nourishing your dying, decomposing body. This is why you remain rotting, frozen in time. And this is why you'll die, not ever knowing the happiness of greener pastures that lie beyond your chair grave.

No. 201640

Damn that was so blunt and honest. It basically sums up everything about her. She wanted to be a ghost so she's a living ghost.

No. 201649

Cue Ash making vague threats of suicide because of internet bullies

No. 201675

>She wanted to be a ghost so she's a living ghost.

She more than likely finds this a romantic idea. She's actually more like a zombie.

No. 201678

this is fucking awful

No. 201680

I don't get how some of you get so personally offended and huffy about cows. Just chill and enjoy the show.

No. 201688

Some of you are literally insane. Holy fuck this is scary.

No. 201689

The awful truth, yes.

No. 201690

File: 1447012069896.gif (837.32 KB, 500x380, skellyss.gif)

bahahahaha okay ash

No. 201691

Watch that hangry

No. 201692

File: 1447012844492.gif (996.46 KB, 500x276, hangry as heck.gif)

No. 201697

File: 1447013837978.jpg (33.7 KB, 300x222, jason-and-the-argonauts-battli…)

>this thread

No. 201702

File: 1447015207945.png (153.43 KB, 960x960, image.png)

You really do need to nourish your brain you fucking 12 y.o. Edgelord

No. 201704

File: 1447016121639.jpg (2.79 MB, 3024x4032, 14470160817901356263328.jpg)

No. 201706

I'm convinced that the entire fashion industry is just a tool for faggots to get back at women.

No. 201709

Some people enjoy getting all worked up. It's a sick thrill to them. As long as its contained within venting, it's probably okay.

Oh please, Ashley. No one has made any threats against you. We're just not buying into your bullshit.

No. 201715

No. 201717

Whoops; misplaced my sage

No. 201914

File: 1447079392548.jpg (534.75 KB, 443x923, whateveryousay.jpg)

No. 201918

So are you bitches going to keep this thread up once she dies? I'm genuinely curious, or maybe then you'll finally get hit by a hefty dose of remorse.

She's not lulzy, she's just severely ill. What next, making fun of cancer patients because lulz they have no hair?

No. 201922

Ashley is that you?

No. 201923

AIDF pls go.

No. 201924


Are you lost?

Also being ill doesn't mean you're suddenly excused for being a shitty person.

No. 201926

Not lukzy?
-camwhored on 4chan underage
-resurfaced after forced hospitalization after suicide attempt, became spoopy
-starts some tumblr blogs, says racist stuff about black people
-Latches on to friends who all have ED's. Slowly but surely, each friendship ends because Ash can't get anything out of them anymore (such as car rides, binge food, etc)
-Starts drama on IG for not cropping out her friend's face when she asked politely
-Whines that she's poor but buys weeb crap and spent $75 on Japanese food which she then binged and purged on, all while making cutesy photos out of the food
-Whines about how selfish and abusive her mom is, despite her mom letting Ash stay with her and providing for her

And there's lots more I am leaving out, I'm sure. She certainly IS a lolcow.

No. 201928

Cancer and ED's are not the same thing. People with cancer don't choose to get sick. People with mental illnesses don't choose to me mentally ill, but they also choose not to go to doctors or get help or not take meds.

No. 201934

No remorse, just relief and sadness for her mother.

Being severely anorexic isn't THE thing that makes Ashly lulzy. There are thousands of lulzy anorexics. It's the whole package that makes her a cow.

No. 201942

Why should anyone show remorse from someone who has no remorse herself? She is arrogant, rude, manipulative, racist and a bitter person.

No. 201946


Her mom is probably 100x worse tbh.

No. 201948

You don't know that. Her mom might be a lot more normal than Ash. My dad says stupid, racist stuff sometimes and I correct him and tell him it's not acceptable.

No. 201951

This sums up all of Ash's hubris, right here. "I'M SICK SO NO ONE SHOULD EVER MAKE FUN OF ME." She deliberately stays sick as a defense mechanism against self-improvement. If she's healthy she has no way to get people to pity her, which is the only way someone would ever tolerate her (and not for long, either, as evidenced by Erika, Jackie, etc etc).

Also I like how she turned it from "my mom is whore who is getting a second boob job!" to "PITY ME I have to care for a family member after SURGERY. I AM SO BRAVE."

Good god she is awful.

No. 201952

Actually, people do make fun of cancer patients who have easily curable cancer but refuse to get treatment for it. See: Steve Jobs, Christian Scientists, Jehovah's Witnesses.

That's what you are, Ash. You are a cancer patient with the easiest of curable tumors who refuses to see a doctor, because you like to attention that comes with being sick. I wonder if anyone's ever identified Munchausen's as the root of a person's eating disorder?

No. 201955

>a family member is getting surgery tomorrow and I'm going to basically be responsible for everything until they heal properly

Ffs Ash, you can help your own fucking mother for once in your life? You aren't thankful at all for what she has sacrificed for you? Oh and I know you're going to retort about how ~cruel~ and ~selfish~ she is abloobloo, but you're the fucking selfish one if you're making yourself out to be a martyr for taking care of your own mother for a week when you're in your late twenties and she has taken care of you since you were born.

No. 201956

Seriously, stop. She is fucking dying. If i was her i'd be a rude cunt as well 'cause i'm dying anyway.

No. 201957


"awww i'm crying so hard because i get to go to target and spend my disability allowance on stupid shit bawwwww"

No. 201958

Do you know where you fucking are, Ash?

No. 201963

I spy with my little eye, someone familiar.

No. 201964

Everyone is dying as soon they're born. You're not special. Neither is Ash.

No. 201966

Really? You'd spend your remaining time on earth being selfish and rude so people will remember you that way? And you also wouldn't spend your time trying to, you know, NOT die? It's not like she's terminal. She can literally wheel herself into the hospital at any point and start stabilizing herself.

No. 201967

I hate it when Ash's starving mutts come in here and bark at us.

No. 201974

I'm sure they have. And if not, at least with Ash, they have plenty of evidence to suggest it. Nobody would put up with someone so insufferable unless she was "SO sick PITY MEEEE wah wah!!"

No. 201987

>is already spoopy af
>poses to look even thinner


No. 201988

If a JW cancer patient refused treatment, I'd think they were a brainwashed dick, but I think that about all religious people with their ridiculous beliefs.

Still, I wouldn't have a problem with them unless they were a dick in other ways (see Ashley).

No. 201989

If you don't want to look after your mom Ash and don't want her to get implants how about you surprise us all and go get treatment. I'm sure your mom would call off her implants for you.

No. 201992

I'm sure she'd even use the cash from her inheritance to help medical fees to get YOU in a better place, Ash. You don't want it though, so…

No. 201994

I bet she would. She's spending her money on new titties because her daughter doesn't want the money for recovery.

No. 202004

why is she even a lolcow? looked up few old threads and all i could find was one racist shit on twitter and her buying kids toys and stuff? it's getting so lame here

No. 202006

You must not be reading the thread then. Pleny of anons have listed why.

No. 202008

This was explained about 10 posts ago, learn to read >>201926

>it's getting so lame here

Ash threads have been here for a very long time.

No. 202019

How has she not been forced into care?

No. 202020

She's not only a lolcow, she's /pt tier lolcow not just a /snow flake because of her history of being underage camgirl.


We've been pondering this for the past year

No. 202021

still lame
and yes!how and why? more disturbing than funny forreal

No. 202023

No one is really saying that this is a laughing matter, but as it often is in frustrating times, a sort of dark humor arises when you don't know how to react anymore. If there legit are people who wishes harm on ashley herr, then it's clear that they need help. I think this whole situation, the threads, the "yelling" and calling her out is a reaction to the whole "following someone for a long time makes you feel like you kinda know them", and after seeing ashley treat herself, and others, like she has for such a long time AND the fact that we know she reads all this shit… I mean, to me it's baffling really. How she hasn't figured out yet, that literally ALL her (spoken) wishes are within reach, if she only realized what most people her (our) age do. You need to become your own adult. That's how you make it through. School? Work? Love life? Recovery? You gotta realize that everyone on this fucking planet is winging it, and those who make it, who are truly independent, are those who became their own adult and took responsibility of their life. My childhood was shitty too ash, and school wasn't exactly a great time, but i got myself out. You can't rely on other people for your happiness, and that's not a sad thing. You seem to like videogames. Pretend life is like a game, you gotta feed to live, and you gotta grind to get the gold. Please ashley, make a god damn change for yourself.

No. 202025

>still lame
Then why keep posting in this thread?

>and yes!how and why?

If you weren't such a newfag you'd know people have tried to get her help.

No. 202026

Because she is an adult. And to force an adult inpatient is VERY difficult to do in the US. Florida does have a Baker Act, but you can only be held for 72 hrs. Longer if a psychiatrist deems you unfit to leave that early.

No. 202029

"mom, if i decided to go to inpatient, would you use grandpa's inheritance to help me?" "yes" "will you drive me to the hospital tomorrow?" "of course."

No. 202031

Please listen to me:
I am in a standstill.
I am not trying to come up with excuses for pity, for gifts, for attention. I am simply just being me right now. Living life better than I have been (do not judge my appearance. I am not a damn book.) by enjoying small things I haven't been able to in a while. Things will be slow. But don't ever act like you're above me. Because you aren't. We are all humans. Please treat me like one. All I can do is learn from mistakes. Want to talk further? Message me. Later.

No. 202034

And no. Sadly, this will not happen.

No. 202041

How can you be living life when you depend on a wheelchair? if you got better, you could freaking walk around Japan and live out your dream.

No. 202042

Not everyone gets to live their dream.

No. 202046


Not with that shitty attitude.

No. 202047

May I ask what your dream is? And your fool-proof plan to achieve it?

No. 202048

Oh please. You can have what you want if you're willing to work for it. Clearly you don't want to and that's your problem, but you can't complain about how crappy your life is when you refuse to do anything about it.

No. 202049

Why not, Ash?

No. 202051

My dream is that Christian Bale gives me a good hard fuck. Something really filthy.

No. 202052

sigh you don't know what I am doing/not doing. Please stop.

No. 202053

Dreams aren't foolproof. You struggle a lot to reach your goal. It's not easy. Doing the right thing is almost never easy. It's really hard to work toward the things you want in life. They are called goals for a reason.

You say you're in a standstill. A standstill of what? Lots of people are. You have to keep pushing through it. All you have to do is ask for help. If you ask for help, you will get it. You just don't want help. You don't want to be expected to do anything. You don't want to grow up. You don't want to live.

No. 202055

It looks like a court can do up to 6 months, and that can be extended in court

>Within 72 hours, the patient must be released or the facility must file a petition for involuntary placement.

>A psychiatrist or clinical psychologist must approve the patient’s release.

She can get put into IIP FOR 6 MONTHS AT LEAST

No. 202057

I'd even settle for watching him shower and me soaping his sexy ass.

No. 202058

Well then, Ash, what are you doing? Please enlighten us. Because we we can see is you wasting away and blaming others for the problems you refuse to seek help for.

Oh, is it not our business what you are doing? Then don't get angry when we discuss your very public life.

No. 202059

File: 1447110074524.jpg (7.14 KB, 201x250, ass.jpg)


For now, this is all I have. It'll happen though.

No. 202062

Yeah well obviously that's not happening. I wish it would for Ash's sake, but people have reported her to APS with no luck.

No. 202063

File: 1447110440113.jpg (60.33 KB, 500x400, christian-bale-the-machinis.jp…)

Doesn't this fit our thread a little better?

Gotta say, emaciated Christian Bale is hot af but that's just because I fetishize male weakness and suffering.

No. 202065

>I fetishize male weakness and suffering.

woah there satan

No. 202066

Lady Henry

No. 202067

I'll take him anyway he comes. I like ass though, so more into Bateman than Reznic. I mean, when he's skinny will he have the stamina for energetic sex?

No. 202068

Ash, please end all this and tell us why you won't go inpatient.

No. 202071

Maybe she'll faint in public and get commited, or have a heart attack or something that sends her on the LUSH (!) realrecovery road

No. 202073

She faints in public every goddamn day

No. 202080


It's her bullshit "lifestyle choice".

She hasn't got the bottle for it. She'd have to do as she'd told. She'd have to go through some tough shit. She thinks it's easier to decompose in her chairgrave.

No. 202082

Ash, you're being really vague.

What are you doing to get better from this eating disorder? What's your goal for the next few weeks, months, years?

No. 202088

She isn't doing shit. It's all a thinly veiled farce to keep people off her back and keep the gifts and ass pats flowing. She's such an attention whore with no redeeming qualities, all she has is her illness to catch a person's eye. And even that is boring, there are so many spoopy skeletons on sns.
Are you asking people not to judge your state of health by your appearance or asking people not to simply judge who you are based on the way you look?
Because 1. You aren't the picture of health, any idiot can tell you that your appearance means imminent death, and 2. Most people here don't judge you on your appearance, they judge you on your shitty behavior and attitude and the negative effect you have on others you call your friends

No. 202092

When she dies, she won't have the ability to con people out of their money anymore and hurt others with her deranged sense of what friendships should be.

I'd say that's a massive plus really if she does.

No. 202094

Fucking B.I.N.G.O and Ashley was it's name, yo.

No. 202096

There you go again, Ash… your family or peers being racist doesn't give you a free ticket to be racist.

No. 202098

There are literally thousands of people dying every day and a lot of them don't have a single mean streak in their bodies.

Your comment is moot as shit.

No. 202101

Remember when Ashley said she doesn't like to be on here in a post a week ago or so…
Why is she on here so much then? Ash, you're feeding your negativity by coming on here. You love it. You're not happy you're fucking miserable.

No. 202105

Haha, she's been saying that since thread #1 and she's appeared in every single one since.

I'm sure we're up to about thread #14 or so.

No. 202107

>> eats a bowl of home-made hearty, filling soup and dips some beautiful fresh, soft bread into it whilst reading this thread.

>> grins whilst doing so because they have been through more shit than Ashley could ever imagine and now lives a true life of luxury, with love, happiness and self-sufficiency.

U ok Ash?

No. 202112

It happens yes. I was diagnosed with Munchausen's, and I did have AN for a few years. Definitely was part of my ED at any rate, along with other issues. It was easier and more effective than a lot of the shit I've done to gain medical attention. It's something I am very ashamed of but what the hell, I'm anonymous.
Sage for off topic.

No. 202113

You're an adult Ashley. What you do with your life is your choice. You can get help. Please do. And then you can live and work towards your goals and dreams, it's not easy but it's not supposed to be… but it's worth it.

No. 202115

Nice A-Logging there

No. 202120

Iong post anon here. Please do not mistake my post as a "I'm better than you" thing, because that was the literal opposite of what I wanted to convey. I'm not trying to ~tell you how~ but rather that I believe in you as I believe in anyone that we are all capable of working on our stuff. You say you're at a standstill, i know you can push and fight your way to the next lvl. You deserve a body and mind who will let you realize your dreams. Malnourishment fucks so hard with your brain and if we're talking depressive symptoms as well… I mean look at it like this, if you're starting to enjoy things again, can you imagine how much easier it is to do so, sans the stuff that's holding you back today? I truly believe you can achieve great things Ash, you should allow yourself a shot at a better life. Maybe I will message you some time.

No. 202134

I needed this. You really don't have a clue how some posts like this impact me.
Oh, and to those bitching about me coming on here, I do so not to stir any pots- MAYBE CONTAINING MACARONI. But to stand up for myself when I can. And sometimes it's easier to communicate to those who actually want to know here.. Or something. Idk.

No. 202137

>you should allow yourself a shot at a better life

and a better wig.

No. 202139

Whatever you say, skelly.

No. 202143

See, now I didn't even do anything to deserve that. This is why I get 'hurt' and 'bawwwwww' about it on my blog that you like to rip apart.

No. 202144

Don't stir up shit? Why are you posting on other threads then?

No. 202147

Never have. Never will.

No. 202148

>I fetishize male weakness and suffering

Me too, anon.

No. 202149

You two should become dominatrices. There's big bucks in that.

No. 202150

Ashley why are you talking to yourself. If you know all of this stop being lazy and get better, jesus fuck. We want you to get better.

No. 202151

Yeah this is so unnecessary, the way you think makes me doubt any of that. If you've suffered a lot you could at least pity the condition she's in. I can maybe connect with you(all types of abuse and severely disordered but have come out the other side to an amazing life), but I feel pain for the fact that she is so fucking stuck she can't see that the grasses is fucking gold on the other side and it does exist. Like you should fucking remember where you've been you salty cunt.

No. 202152

She hasn't got Jackie to talk to anymore. That's why she's here. Loneliness.

No. 202153

I've been considering it actually. Seems like a fun job.

She has so many followers she could probably talk to though. If she got better she wouldn't have this depression, this loneliness, and could have quality friends and maybe even a nice relationship.

No. 202154


MY dream is to go to college, become an RN, and help children. I don't need a fool-proof plan to achieve that because I am right now because I'm working hard for what I want.

And guess what? My dream when I was a 13 year old weeb was to go to Japan, at least once, and guess what? My 'fool-proof' plan worked for me 3 times so far, wanna know what my 'fool-proof' plan was, spoop? Work hard and earn my way there myself, and oh my gosh what do you know, I'm getting there. I'm MAKING it happen because I WANT it. And after I get my RN? I'll make even more dreams come true by working for it. And my life sucked until I worked my ass off and did/got myself the things I wanted because I MADE myself, I won't let my shitty upbringing hold me back.

>inb4 blogging

I can't stand this entitled spoop, there's no excuse for being the way she is. No excuse.

You're fucking lazy, gdi.

No. 202156

Honestly Ash I'm unapologetic about making fun of some things you do, but like if there was a thread about me somewhere you can bet your last dollar I'd be all over it and self-posting 24/7. So I don't see why other anons are bitching about this when they'd do the same as well.
I mean your previous post was right, part of our fascination with you is your ED but how is that going for you so far? Not so well, right? We're strangers, we're not giving you the type of attention you need. Or the attention that anyone needs, it's not real.

No. 202157

Sorry, that wasn't Ash I swear.

No. 202160

Then why is your blog public…?

Why are you expecting fairness and kindness from us?

No. 202161

I just fucked this link up, probably will again

She's posting this shit everywhere. Stop it, Ash. Go watch a cartoon or sth.

No. 202162

File: 1447121529386.jpg (51.31 KB, 1286x234, takin down lolcow yo.JPG)

No. 202164

burrrrrps I can give her some amazing soup recipes if she wanted them.

No. 202165

Explain why you keep on posting if you don't want to be here then.

You've been on your own threads since the start.

No. 202166

File: 1447123109154.png (19.97 KB, 464x212, W1zk4ZF.png)

I think a lot of anons would let it be because this is pretty much the standpoint of mine personally.

No. 202167

I don't even know this person PERIOD, let alone 'personally'

No. 202168

You've talked in the past about sitting on your toilet a lot, is that how you prefer to purge? Taking a load of laxatives and shitting your guts out before it has time to digest?

I did that once, through a stomach virus and lost a lot of weight within two weeks…

Do you use a lot of diaper cream for your sore ass?

No. 202169

I wanna know what you think of wanorexics like ember Ashley.

No. 202170

Reading these comments to her actually makes me feel bad, because she has said and done problematic things, but jesus she is so fucking ill from her eating disorder. Like insulting her when she is likely going to die from it is pretty sick. I like the gossip at times, but taunting a sick girl like this… Idk, man. Human emotions and shit.

No. 202171

GTFO this board then, you dumb fuck.

No. 202175

I just feel for her. I like gossip and snark, but I can't be a complete heartless bitch and taunt someone who is dying. I hope Ashley realizes her life is worth more than her eating disorder and will make another attempt at recovery.

/moralfag out

No. 202176

'another' attempt. she can't make 'another' considering she has never attempted to recover before. she's content to rot in her chair grave, she thinks it absolves her of any responsibilities of acting her grown ass woman age.

No. 202180

Ash, what doctors appointments do you have coming up? Can you explain in detail your healthcare schedule?

No. 202184

So you have Munchausens?

No. 202197

Honestly that's fascinating as hell. What made you come out of it?

No. 202201


NO. This is another bullshit defense mechanism. "You don't know me" is another way of saying "I don't want to examine that about myself."

Stop. Bullshitting. Yourself.

No. 202207


No. 202210

Therapy and medication, but I still struggle. Therapy helps a lot actually, since I get "medical" attention. I guess the difference is, I never thought I was fat. I had no problem eating something fattening every once in a while. It was a very conscious decision.

No. 202216

do you see some of your behaviors mirrored in Ash? Like do you think her ED is munchausen's motivated?

No. 202220

I don't think I've ever seen Ash display any sort of empathy. She uses other people's suffering to garner sympathy for herself. When her grandpa died, she went from never mentioning him to claiming that they were soooooo close and she was soooooo sad. IIRC, she didn't say any of the things that normal people would say - what he was like, how hard it was seeing him suffer toward the end / the shock of his sudden death, how other family members were coping, the time they spent together. It was basically just, "Waaaaaah, my grandpa died, I swear we were really close. Have I mentioned how sad I am? I'm super sad. Toootally sad. Me me me me."

No. 202221

I don't think so. She might have some similar disorder but Munchausen's disease sufferers specifically seek medical attention, and it doesn't look like she does.
Actually, I'm not sure whether I was diagnosed with Munchausen's specifically, or just a general factitious disorder.

No. 202227

Ash. You are not an eating disorder. You are a person who needs medical attention.

No. 202241


Why is this thread suddenly getting down right sadistic? You guys are hating a person who already hates themselves, do you not get that? Do you seriously think someone who is knowingly slowly killing themselves cares about free money and gifts? No they fucking dont! So fucking sue them if they actually try and get out of the house to enjoy life every now and then. You guys are talking to her like shes some fake ana like ember. She obviously is not! She isn't doing this for other reasons , she is legitimately trying to get better and you guys bitching at her like this isn't helping, but even in the face of it all she can say, "Hey … guys … this isn't neccesary. I'm honestly trying and I really don't need this shit anymore could you please stop?" and what do ya do? call her a lazy skelly who is selfish and hates everyone. And despite all the self hating she's been through she still has the guts to stand up to you and say, "hey now, I really don't deserve that"

I know you can make it ash. You've already made it through so much and you are being pretty open and honest right now. The hope is seriously overflowing, even if you don't see it right now. You can make it. Don't listen to these people talking about your death like it's already in the papers because as much as they like to think they know you … they dont.

No. 202242

Yeah, but you'd probably admit to self-posting. Ash doesn't. She pretends to be someone else and talks in third person when the sage stands out pretty obviously. That's why it's annoying af when she posts here.

No. 202243

if she was self posting so damn much admin would prolly point it out. believe it or not some people don't actually want to see a young girl die in the face of so much hate … there is milk and then there is drinking someones blood.

No. 202245

Confirmed for not knowing what self posting means.

No. 202246

Lmfao slow clap for your dramatic line. Wake up, she's already killing herself in this slow suicide. If her being revealed to be hamtaro-chan didn't mak her an hero, she's not gonna an hero just because we discuss her shitty behavior. Calm your histrionic tits.

No. 202247

How's that autism working out for you?

No. 202248

you are saying she is self posting and pretending to be other people responding on here siding with her. I'm saying, those people siding with her might not actually be her and might actually genuinely care about her. Are you missing something?

>wake up you sheeple
sure I'm the dramatic one here?
Listen, I hated her at first too. I honestly didn't understand why she was acting so mean about her mom… then it dawned on me, I don't fuckin know her. So I talked to her and she ended up being really nice and just a regular ole person who just so happens to hate herself, something I think a lot of people her might actually understand as well. on a side note, how the hell is that last line even trying to be poetic, you compare drama to milk, there is no drama here … just someone in a lot of fucking pain.

No. 202249

>Do you seriously think someone who is knowingly slowly killing themselves cares about free money and gifts?
Y-yes? She has a wishlist and brags about what's she's gotten. Even when you're dying (even by your own hands), you can't focus on that 24/7.

>she is legitimately trying to get better

REALLY? Do tell me how you figure that? The most she claims is that she's doing things that make her happy. That's not going to fix the fact that she's dying.
I do give kudos to Ashley for defending herself, but until she puts on actual weight, I absolutely refuse to believe that she is trying to get better.

I'll give you credit that Admin has pointed out self-posting in the past. However, in that case, it was because the lolcow made her own thread about herself and then stirred up the drama. Ash is not doing that, so Admin has no reason to point it out.

No. 202250

>young girl

Young woman, almost 25.

No. 202251

>she is legitimately trying to get better
Then she needs to fucking prove it. Show some real proof for once in her pitiful fucking existence that she is really trying to help herself.
>you are being pretty open and honest right now.
That is a gigantic crock of shit and you damn well know it. Every other sentence out of her mouth regarding what she's really doing to improve her situation is evasive and vague because news flash you autist, she isn't doing anything.
Don't you think that if someone like Ashley was getting real, honest to god, hardcore treatment finally, she would be shouting it from the roofs tops to prove all the big meanies on here wrong?

No. 202252

>she ended up being really nice and just a regular ole person
Oh wow, gosh, did she really? Is that why she's managed to chase off every single person who even attempted to be her friend in the last 2+ years? I'm sure it was all their fault, right? Every one of those ex-friends, they all were just shitty people and Ash never does anything wrong, right?

No. 202254

So now she's sending spergs here. Great.

No. 202255

>>202248wow you are as gullible as they come. Guess what, you're no closer to knowing her after that conversation because she's a know manipulator and exploits people's feelings/kindness. You're too fucking stupid to save and
You don't understand shit about cow and chan culture so fuck off. Be gone.

No. 202256

Why does she need to prove herself? Are you buying her things? Like, she is her own woman, by your standards you don't seem to care if she dies, why care if she gets better? She doesn't need to prove things to a thread that is dedicated to shitting on her. And nah, when someone tries to get better they are quiet about it for awhile incase they relapse and disappoint everyone. not everyone does this but some people are so afraid they will fail they don't let people know when they succeed.

It is really fucking hard to get close to people with this bad of ana. It is so hard to deal with, gets annoying very fast and tiring for those who try and help. It isn't easy for anyone. Was she mean to people? Yeah prolly. She was most likely very hard to handle because this disorder is taking her over. But do you seriously think this is helping?

Someone doesn't hate someone as much as I do? Must be retarded. Screw anyone for trying to be nice to people.
Yeah I don't hate her, so? Does this lack of social empathy help you very much in real life?

No. 202258

Seriously though, the woman has 14 fucking threads. Meaning she's been pretty active in accumulating an extensive rap sheet. At least read the threads and see the paper trail of fucking sperging she's done on people for no good reason.

No. 202259


No. 202260

>this bad of ana

Is that the medical term?

No. 202261

I don't feel like typing much.

No. 202262


Wanorexic detected

No. 202263

Lol you prove it quite well by posting your sob essays

No. 202266

File: 1447140270634.jpg (32.55 KB, 488x330, uh oh.JPG)

Death thread, guize.

Talking about your mother's vagina and breasts on tumblr is pretty disgusting but who am I to judge.
~sips wine~

No. 202267

death THREAT duh dslyexai >>202266

No. 202268

Triggering intensifies
You're online bullying us now Ashley!

No. 202269

Not the anon you were replying to, but I too have a complex relationship with Ash's life/death.
As in, if she were to die, I'd think, "Whelp, that's somewhat sad" but move on rather quickly because fuck, she did it to herself, and she knew that was the only thing that would happen if she didn't recover.

But if she were to attempt recovery, I'd love to cheer her on. I'd love to see her go live a fulfilling life. Because in the end, I think a lot of her shitty personality is actually a result of the anorexia.

No. 202271

File: 1447140721296.png (178.44 KB, 399x224, Crypt-Keeper.png)

>get a fucking live or maybe yours will be taken from you
careful y'all, crypt keeper gonna getcha

No. 202273

She pulls this bullshit often. She comes here and wants to talk to us, then goes to complain about us on tumblr. Then someone sees her post and comes here to defend her. Christ.

Thanks Miss Skeletal.

No. 202274

I mean, yeah it was fucked up for us to bring up her grandpa but all that the anons were discussing was the weirdness that she had never mentioned him and yet was somehow she was so close to him. No one insulted him in any way. It just seemed odd.

The fact that she tries to make it look like we were bullying her over losing a grandpa is truly the disgusting thing here.

No. 202275

more bullshit defense mechanism.

I'm really excited to see what other family members she is ostensibly close to as they die off and she claims to have really given a shit.

Can you imagine the pity cards she'd pull if her mom died in a freak boob-job surgery accident? MY MOM IS DEAD SHE IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO LOVED ME AND WHO UNDERSTOOD ME goes on deleting spree of every shitty thing she ever said about her mom

No. 202276

"get a fucking life or maybe yours will be taken from you"

Yeah Ash that's really good advice, maybe you should follow it?

No. 202277

She will always be the victim of everything ever. There are no exceptions.

No. 202316

File: 1447159422693.png (233.82 KB, 293x547, 1427347588633.png)

No. 202348

thanks mrs skeltal

No. 202354

thanks mrs skeltal.

No. 202366

Call me a hypocrite, but I've always felt this image going too far.

No. 202367

thanks mrs skeltal

No. 202369

thanks mrs skeltal

No. 202382

i agree. it's cruel.

No. 202395

No. 202398

Has Ash gained weight?

No. 202403

She posted something about how her mother got a second boob job, and ash is sooo pissed about it.
Hey ash, your mom should probably kick your ass out or use some of her money to put you in fucking in-patient treatment. You're a parasite, who's life revolves around fishing for free shit and diddling on the internet all day.
You won't eat healthy food, but you'll eat junk and throw it up.
You have little girls wanting to be like you, DEAD. Then you're a total cunt when people ask for advice. If you weren't so gat danged entertaining I'd say get the fuck off the computer and help yourself.

No. 202405

Ash, I have no idea what your life must be like. I can't imagine the sort of pain you must experience on a daily basis.

I hope you know that you can get better. I understand you're sick and in pain, but I wonder if you're Holding out with your illness to get back at people. I hope not. I think the only way you could ever get back at us, at everyone who has ever criticized you, is to get better. To be healthy. To be the person you wanted to be.

You don't have to be some tragic ending. Don't you wish, deep inside, that you were happy? I promise you it's possible.

I'm sorry if this is patronizing. I really do give a shit about you. Please think about what life could be like.

No. 202406

Not even. Her mom could just kick Ash out or put her in a home or something. Ash is si ungrateful.

No. 202472

Yes she's totally weight restored you asshat

No. 202483

She looks like a dehydrated monkey carcass wtf

No. 202485

>Her mom could just kick Ash out

We've been over this. No, she fucking can't "kick Ash out" if she needs some of her disability $$ to keep that apartment. And I'm sure that $$, and any other gov't entitlements Ash gets, go right to mom, bc mom is almost definitely the rep payee. Forget even managing the monthly SSI check, theres no way Ash is capable of handling the paperwork required to get those disability benefits (medicaid, food stamps, SSI, etc) without mommy's help. (and by "help" I mean mom does all the paperwork)

No. 202541

I feel bad for this girl, honestly. This is what happens when your illness takes over and runs your life, and the only contact you have with other people is online. You become angry and twisted.

Ashley, you have to stop. You have to get off the internet, stop posting publicly, stop coming to this thread. Social media is a trap for you and it's making you worse. I know how addictive it is, especially since this is your connection to the outside world and it's become a huge part of your life. It's so unhealthy for you though. How often do you think of checking this thread? Or what people are saying on your instagram photos? How much of social media consumes your life? You need to remove yourself. You don't have to prove anything to anybody, and you don't have to try and come up with sarcastic remarks all day. Just remove yourself from this.

You need real help. I'm not going to judge you for what's happened in the past, and I think it's kind of shitty for people to say "nothing traumatic has ever happened to her". Nobody knows that for sure, nobody knows what she's going through. 100% agree with other posts here saying she probably has BPD, because she exaggerates and seeks attention from people she knows don't even like her. It's a sickness and she's not getting any better by being here.

Take yourself off of the internet Ashley, seriously. Focus on yourself, on recovering. Work on your relationships. You know why people end up leaving you? Because you think only of yourself and your own feelings. That's not always bad. In your state, you have to think of what's good for you and do what's good for your own health. But that doesn't mean you can disregard your friends' or family's feelings, or that your feelings are any more important because you're sick. You'll never have meaningful relationships if you keep acting this way.

You can get better. Remove yourself from the internet, and get out of your mom's apartment. It's a bad space for you, and you're emotionally and mentally stunted right now because you're keeping yourself in a bad place. You can recover, you can go to Japan, you can be happy. You have to take yourself out of these toxic environments first though and work on yourself. Stop giving power to other people and take it back for yourself. Get some real help.

No. 202549

Better than the Eugenia Cooney one, imho.

I still pray for Ash, even if she resents me.

No. 202550

I don't know how much you think SSI pays but it pays at max, $733 a month. Also if you get SSI you are automatically eligible for Medicaid and food stamps. Which Ash should have, but denies she recieves both those things.

No. 202551

Also Ash refuses to get real help and one of the criteria for disability is proving you can't work. Obviously one look at Ash and you see she can't even stand up long by herself, BUT you need to have ongoing medical care or else you risk your CDR going out the window.

No. 202576

>I don't know how much you think SSI pays but it pays at max, $733 a month.

Thats actually exactly what I assumed Ash gets in SSI. Her mom is a waitress, and didn't someone recently post the rent in their complex is 700-1300?
..so, SSI + waitress at Chili's? =rent in a decent gated complex with a pool, gym, and tennis court. and extra $ for utilities, gas, and random useless junk for Ash.

No. 202580

>Also if you get SSI you are automatically eligible for Medicaid and food stamps. Which Ash should have, but denies she recieves both those things.

Sorry, i hit reply too soon. I know you're automatically eligible, but you still have to apply (fill out paperwork) and then recert every year. I don't think Ash is capable of even the simplest adult tasks. And I know she denies receiving both, I think she's lying through her rotten teeth. Normally a case manager would fill out such forms, but if a professional of any kind was actually involved, she'd be inpatient. So mom has to be doing it.

No. 202590

It's complicated because you can't also have more tha 2k in resources at anyone time, so how would that even work if Ash's mom is the rep payee?

I agree her mom is doing all that stuff for her but I don't know if automatically eligible also means automatic enrollment.

And there's still the problem of continuing disability reviews and the fact that you need to see a doctor to keep proving you're unfit for work. Normally reviews are every 5 years, but can be shorter or longer depending on what the judge said at the disability hearing.

No. 202594

Which one?

No. 202607

I'm on SSI and I worked 15 years before. I get $1600 per month. I'm over the limit for food stamps but I automatically became effective with Medicare after 2 years of disability per medicare guidelines.

No. 202610

That's not SSI. That's SSDI, I believe. Separate programs. SSI has a max payment of seven hundred-ish a month.

SSDI = work credits
SSI = no work credits + income based

No. 202615

The fact that you're eligible def. means you're on SSDI. SSI recipients are only eligible for Medicaid as far as I know.

No. 202659

File: 1447216105371.jpg (77.1 KB, 370x700, lol.JPG)

There is so much going on in this post to unpack.

The hilarious irony of Ash complaining that she has to take care of her mother like she's a child while simultaneously complaining that her mom does not treat her like a child by taking her everywhere.

The fact that she's bitching about her mom not taking her out over a year ago, tries to pre-empt criticism by claiming disability, completely ignores the fact that she had a whole fucking year durinh which she could become non-disabled and thus not have to rely on her mom the next year.

Says her mom hates her being alive but ignores the fact that her mom lets her live with her and can't take her out because she'll be WORKING to care for her.


No. 202660


No. 202663

i think ashley's mom would be mad if she went inpatient.

No. 202666

Okay, kinda off topic, but I keep focusing on all the [she]s. Why did Ashley type them that way …? Is it some kinda PC tumblr thing, orrrr?

No. 202668

Hahah oh wow this is just too rich.

I just had to take care of my bf for around two weeks after he got appendicitis and had to have emergency surgery. He was fine, and then an hour later, I thought he was going to die. I had to clean up his vomit, listen to his dry heaves (OMG SO TRAUMATIZING), get him dressed while he was lying on the ground writhing in agony, practically drag him out to the car, get him to the hospital, wait there shitting myself while they tried to figure out what was wrong with him, spend two days in the hospital sleeping in a chair, and then spend the next week administering his pain meds around the clock and helping him out in every way possible. And you know what? I'm fucking glad. It was grueling for both of us (mostly for him, I'm sure), but I'm immensely relieved that he didn't have to go through it alone.

Yeah, so I wasn't taking care of someone I hate, but still. I've been dealing with an ED for most of my life, I'm on disability, and I have a lot of other physical and mental health problems. None of those things prevents you from being a decent fucking human being. Taking care of other people is part of life. You do it and hope that someone will do the same for you if you ever need them to. I don't believe Ash's mom is the she-beast of pure evil that Ash portrays her to be, and it's pathetic that Ash acting so fucking put upon by her mom's surgery.

Oh, and guess what I did on my birthday? FUCKING NOTHING! I was sick and felt like shit, I'd just been in the hospital, and no one took me to fucking Disneyland, or anywhere for that matter. I bought myself my own goddamn present. And guess what I did on the birthday before that? NOTHING! I literally never get taken anywhere like Disneyland. My bf and I have been on ONE whole vacation in nearly a decade, and we saved up and waited for years to go on it.

My mom hates me being alive, too! She calls me all kinds of awful shit when we fight and it breaks my heart, but I still love her, I just know I have to keep my distance to protect myself. If something were to happen to her (or if she decided to get a boob job, lol - that would be so out of character for her), I'd put all of our past arguments aside and do whatever I could to care for her, because I'm her fucking daughter. She sacrificed a lot to give me a life, and I'm not going to piss it away.

Ash, you're choosing to live a life of misery and hatred. You don't have to do this. A lot of things about your situation may not be able to be changed or "fixed," but you can change your attitude and the way you react to things. That's really all you can control - you can't control other people, but you can control how you react to them. I know this won't get through to you, but damn, it pisses me off, because I KNOW you could at least improve your situation a LITTLE bit, no matter how far gone you are. I'm sorry for ranting and talking about myself too much here, but this just really fucking ticks me off. Yeah, Ash, you do need to grow the fuck up. Newsflash: most of those adults with restrictions/limitations don't act like you do. They DEAL WITH IT. They make the most of their lives, given those restrictions. You could do that, too, if you wanted to, but it seems like you'd rather just wallow in self-pity.

No. 202670


You do realize that your mother takes care of you like a child, right Ash? And has taken care of you your entire life?

I don't think your mom can control whether or not she works on your birthday. I had a working mother growing up, and the birthdays I had where she wasn't working were very few and far between. I only ever had one birthday party, when I was eight years old. You should be grateful that your mother is working for your ungrateful ass.

Maybe you should like, I don't know, stop blaming your mother for everything? Take a cab? You're right, you are an ungrateful bitch, she's your mother. And you're whining because you have to help her and she has to work on your birthday and has probably no choice in it if she wants to keep her job?

You are hangry as fuck. You're the only one who is putting limitations on yourself. Don't try to pretend that you're disabled and it's not even your fault. You don't have to be in a wheelchair.

Grow the fuck up.

No. 202672

lmfao because the 25 years she spent raising an ugrateful shithead is the same as you making sure she has access to the r.r., food, and meds for 2 weeks.
you are dramatic as fuck ashley. get a grip.

No. 202681

I agree with you a lot, especially:
>You don't have to do this. A lot of things about your situation may not be able to be changed or "fixed," but you can change your attitude and the way you react to things. That's really all you can control - you can't control other people, but you can control how you react to them.

One thing I have to disagree with though is the fact that you're saying she should be grateful for her mother. I also don't think Ash's mom is as awful as she tries to portray, but there are plenty of cases where it's just best to be apart.
My mother and I have hated each other since I was a child. She's no longer a part of my life. That's just the way it has to be. If Ash really hated her mother that much, she would have found a way to get out. As far as we know, Ash never even tried to move out of her mother's house. She stuck around for a reason, and it wasn't always because she was physically unable to care for herself. She couldn't have been as emaciated as she is now when she turned 18, considering she was a healthy weight at 17.

Lastly, I want to agree with the poster I'm replying to again about birthdays. I know you may have been planning this since last year, Ash, but good god. You have every right to be disappointed, but there is no need to be so melodramatic. You're fucking 24-going-on-25. Birthdays aren't as big of a deal at our age, okay?
How about you take care of your mother and then ask her if you two can reschedule whatever plans you had? You know, like a reasonable person.

No. 202683

I didn't think people bothered about birthdays anymore. I didn't even do anything for my 21st. I can understand why some want to celebrate their 21st, but after that it's just…a birthday. Wow?

A personal pet peeve is people who tell you it's going to be their birthday a month in advance and keep referring to it so you shower them with congrats on the day. How pointless. She might get some gullible young kids buy something from her wishlist out of this. Immature fuck.

No. 202685

My father was/is in the military and when I was growing up, he had only been present for two of my birthdays. And my mom usually worked on my birthday when I was a kid so most of the time I didn't even get to celebrate ON my birthday. I'm not bitter at either of them.

No. 202692

I honestly wonder what she actually thinks she does for her mom??? Like in her condition does she think she is an actual help? Maybe emotionally speaking she could be but with those posts, lol no. Like no one is going to believe you do housework or something Ash, get off your fucking high horse.

No. 202693

Tbh I far prefer people who make a big deal about their birthday than people who pretend not to and then act pissed that we didn't throw them a gigantic party or something. Ash seems like that kind of passive aggressive person to me, plus she has a single mom who supports her 100% and isn't she a waitress? It's not she can just pick and choose her days off.

No. 202694

Same, I've cut ties with my mom only a few months ago so I get it. My mom even supported me past 18, but you know… other things happened other than that. But yeah, I got my ass into gear GTFO, it took me a while but I did it. Ash could do it.

No. 202711

Anyone seen her latest text post?

No. 202716

When I read that part about "basically having to take care of a child" I was stunned for a second that Ash would possess so much self-awareness, but then I realized that she's actually talking about the other way around.
The pure irony, Jesus.

No. 202717

File: 1447244003349.png (504.56 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-11-07-07-46…)

>#personal #rant #lolcow #just stop #online bullying

Ashley shut the fuck up you're a grown ass woman whether you wanna admit it or not you aren't some helpless child, my mom has to work on my birthday every year and I'm younger than you, God if she's such a let down for you do something for yourself for Christ's sake.
The only reason you're helpless is because you refuse to get help, which is YOUR OWN FAULT, SURPRISE. I've been there with an ED and I chose to get the fuck over it and get better, for myself and my quality of life. God you're such a self entitled whiny bitch, I try to tell myself every time it's your ED fucking with your brain, but God damn it's hard.

No. 202718

I'm 31 and my boyfriend is turning the same age. We don't make a huge deal but we still go out for our birthdays and have fun.

No. 202721

Lmfao if they were lies they wouldn't trigger you to go so hard when it comes to "defending yourself."
You always target the comments that hit close to home, the ones that sting because you know they're true. You ain't deep girl, you're so transparent.

No. 202725

Also, like seriously you're a grown woman, not a child. You can celebrate your birthday within a huge time interval, any time in the whole month in my book, so stfu about her taking the day to work and earn money as the single head of the household who actually has to work for their money—not sit around all day on their piss baby blog like, ya know, you.
So sorry to say, your time you set aside isn't valuable because to be frank, a disabled person like you isn't doing to much to contribute to society while bedridden.
Pretty sure you were just gonna go to Disneyland anyway so you can ask for a refund for that or w/e you supposedly already spent money on. It's not even your birthday yet, chill.

No. 202727

Yeah, true about her mother. We don't know the full story, and her mom really could be toxic. However, Ash is so dependent on her that it's not like she can distance herself from her mom even if she wants to.

And yeah, about birthdays again, I just remembered that, on my last birthday, my mom was on the other side of the country visiting my brother, too. We celebrated like a week early. Big deal.

Same - I read it at first like Ash was saying that her mom was "exhausted from basically having to take care of a child, but never.. Never getting a thank you." Yep, Ash, it seems like you hit the nail on the head there, but it's not you having to take care of a "child." Even if you wanted to, how on earth would you even be physically able to?

Also, a proper ellipsis contains three dots. Your writing blows, Ash.

99.99% of posts on here are lies? Top kek. Nice try. Your life involves us because you're choosing to make it public. You have public social media accounts where you document your slow suicide. If you don't want anyone else to see that shit or comment on it, fucking make it private for god's sake.

Also, I'm curious - what kind of physical work is Ash even capable of doing? Lifting a pill bottle? And how the fuck does she think she has an "income" when, to my knowledge, she's never worked a day in her life? Is she just counting gubment benefits? Being a spoopy is not a fucking job. And why on earth would anyone want to share their money with someone who will just flush it down the toilet?

No. 202728

Yeah, Ash can always celebrate her birthday the following weekend or something.

No. 202729

*And by "celebrated" my birthday I mean that I went over to my parents' house and we sat around the dinner table and talked for a few hours.

No. 202738

File: 1447248063841.jpg (23.6 KB, 400x324, endless.jpg)

No. 202741

File: 1447248542643.jpg (22.78 KB, 623x124, baw baw.JPG)


No. 202742

I think it's a PC tumblr thing, but she's doing it because she's a fucking idiot. Her mother is cisgendered. There is no reason to type [she].

No. 202744

Yeah, I haven't spoken to my mother in 8.5 years. I can't see anything ever changing that, and that's okay.
And if you never talk to your mother again, that's okay too. People are going to tell you otherwise (maybe they already have), but you did what's best for you.

No. 202748

I thought she was doing it to insult her mom, like [she who is so vile I cannot even bring myself to type her name] or something, or trying to be ~mysterious~. I've never seen a SJW-type use [she] like that…IDK.

No. 202755

What if ash has a sugar daddy? Like, a "feeder" who gives her money for binge food and she take pics for him or something? I have a feeling she might have a few people sending her money for unknown reasons.

No. 202766

File: 1447255315834.png (559.99 KB, 654x719, srthrt.PNG)


>>says "I won't point out all your lies and instead be the stronger person"

>>proceeds to list corrections to those alleged lies

>>picks and chooses whatever is convenient to how she wants to be seen, effectively encouraging us to make assumptions about the rest

>>never reveals anything uncomfortable or inconvenient BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH, YOU ARE ALL MAKING ASSUMPTIONS

No. 202768

That's it. That's the show.

Spot on, anon. Also don't forget how she's sooooooo sad and all alone because she never has friends.

She could have friends if she didn't use and abuse others.

No. 202770

…..i have no words.

An actual grown ass woman who constantly bitches about her mom and insults her (without giving her a chance to 'defend' herself, as that seems to be so fucking important for Ash to get to do) is now mad because mommy is working on her birthday?

She is bitching about having to take care of someone she hates while mommy has been doing so well past 18?

Chill sweetie, I've never had a single birthda. Party or ppresent in my life, but how idiotic would i look crying about that at 22, let alone however old you are?

I think this girl might be legitimately intellectually disordered. She is forever contradicting herself. Her 'arguments' make no sense. If it pisses you off so much that people are talking about you stop reading. Go somewhere else. You can't "win overc the internet" or w/e you're trying to do because you are a lolcow and continue to prove that point with your 7th grader attitude.

Get off the internet or accept that folks are gonna call you out. Do you not realize that your posts and tantrums are being used for entertainment? Do you know what a lolcow is?

No. 202771

It's a ploy to get people to feel bad for her so they buy her b-day presents. That's how Ash operates.

No. 202772

It's so funny going back to the first thread and watching people fawn over Erika. Hahahaha.

No. 202773

Hi Ash

No. 202776

Yeah, no. I am not Ash. Admin can check my IP. I'm a farmer who has been around since the StamRose/Maxfag days. I've been going through the old Ash threads and I was here when everyone started turning against Erika and Erika bounced and deleted her social media.

No. 202786

>admin can check my IP

should be on a banner. Also, who cares how "not newfag/not ash" you are, lel.

No. 202788

Pretty sure they mostly did it to piss off ash which it did and in the most effective fashion. I mean, some did genuinely like her, but that's cause she was actually going to treatment and some facility.

No. 202790

Oh, that could be. I didn't think of that.

No. 202797

Screaming at Ash to just get better isn't going to help and neither is writing her those sappy, cringe-worthy love letters of inspiration. She has to do it herself. But seriously, people need to stop sending this girl money to binge (if it's still going on, I haven't looked at her wish list) because that will kill her.

No. 202804

Nope. No food on there. Seriously. Bringing up 'stop sending binge money' is getting old. Going to make fun of ash? Use fresh milk.

No. 202808

>effectively encouraging us to assume the rest
who said you had to care about her life? Who said you had to fill in blanks about her life? She's not making you assume anything, she wants to be left alone but you try not going to a site that is constantly talking about you … oh wait … there isn't a site constantly talking about you …

So you're saying that because we made her our target that it's on her to completely erase herself off the internet? Why do you use social media? Why do you have a facebook or otherwise? Because it is nice and fun and allows you to connect to people. Same with her tumblr. "But were allowed to talk as much shit as we want and it's her fault" yae okay

I like how when I told people on here that I got over not counting calories and weighing myself 20 times a day and stopped being ana practically over night everyone on here barked about how I was "never truly anorexic" but when ash doesn't recover when you like her to it's all her fault cause she is a stupid bitch. This thread makes no damn sense.

And once again everyone is complaining, "but ash why do you read these threads?! If you don't like it don't go here! Meanwhile we're going to stalk your tumblr and screencap everything and extensively discuss it and type in all caps so she knows how angry we are for having to read her shit… No one sees the irony in this as well?

No. 202813

I fucking love you. You nailed practically everything.

No. 202815

File: 1447262155767.gif (2.31 MB, 390x277, laughter.gif)


Lmao Ash, if you were trying to be the 'bigger person' you wouldn't have made a text post about us and sent your skeleton army here to white knight for you

No. 202827

She wants people to stop posting yet she does everything she can to bump the thread and stir up interest…

No. 202836

Apparently you don't know what sage is

No. 202838

Ash doesn't recover and it is her fault. We don't prevent her from doing that, her BPD does. She does too since she REFUSES to get help. That's one hundred percent her and not the board's fault one bit.

No. 202839

It doesn't matter if she sages. If she posts here, people who don't use sage are going to respond. Obviously you haven't seen this happen 78464848 times among the threads.

No. 202841

She made herself a target, not the board. It started on /b/ when she was a camgirl. Since she refuses to see proper doctors and says/does really terrible things, she's fodder. Maybe if she got off tumblr and IG and actually went out and tried to get legit help, then she'd get some respect.

No. 202851

Can someone explain what sage means? I can never figure it out from the context

No. 202872

No. 202896

You have Whole Foods gift cards on there with the caption "No, I do NOT get food stamps, so these help tremendously", and another with "So I can pick out groceries- just thought of this to help with food!" so don't even pretend.

No. 202900

bless you

No. 202907

Notice that Ash always chooses to respond to really irrelevant details ("she CHOSE to work on my birthday that monster!") and not the larger picture issues (you would not have to act like a spoiled child over your mother's work schedule if you would WHEEL YO'SELF DOWN TO THE HOSPITAL TODAY).

No. 202917

Holy shit, she's throwing a tantrum because she hates to admit she's an over-dependant wreck of an adult.

No. 202920

here you go, kid. Residential treatment that offers medical stabilization for severe cases within spittin' distance of you. Call the cab. Prevent your dependence on your mother from ever impeding you on your birthday again.


No. 202939

File: 1447272083401.png (251.02 KB, 494x483, haaaaaaa.png)

No Ash, you need the socks that say "SPOILED DEPENDANT BRAT".

At least then you can get away with saying that you find irony funny.

Methinks, you're too fucking stupid to understand what irony is though, and probably want those socks because you feel they reflect you best.

No. 202940

I've noticed that she's referred or insinuated to all of her ex friends and mother are "like taking care of a child"

No. 202941

Not like she'd ever know what caring for a child would feel like, considering she's as barren as a desert.

No. 202946

Cue tumblr text post about being disgusting for mentioning the fact she can't have children.

No. 202950

Haha, she only has herself to blame for that… noone else made her ovaries shrivel up like prunes.

No. 202975

those socks will fit like thigh highs on ash

No. 202981

I'm proctoring an exam and this made me snort out loud in a totally silent lecture hall.

No. 202988

She's already done that, tho.

No. 203031

Ashley, please do this. It's so important.

No. 203050

File: 1447294598402.jpg (39.06 KB, 311x322, Capture.JPG)

Is this Jackie's sister?

No. 203057

Good job Ashhole.

No. 203059

>You are a selfish, very mean person. You get mad at your mom for not kissing your ass. Just so you all know, my sister was friends with Ashley. She is very negative and doesn't care about my sister, but she acts like she does. She always puts her down, and if she was really her friend, why would she go on lolcow and call her mentally challenged and retarded? She always gets boxes of goodies from my sister. Look everyone, she's just using you to get free stuff. You should take your money and flush it, since she's going to puke up everything you send her. Keep your hard-earned money. Get some help, Ashley. Not only for your eating disorder, but to learn how to be a real friend.

No. 203063

>better send me shit or else i'm gonna screech in my puke recliner.

No. 203065

I feel bad for Jackie. She only wanted a friend. She flies to Florida to see her and never bad mouths her and Ash just dumps her like the cunt she is. I feel sad she ever had to be her friend

No. 203069

Jackie flew to see her? WTF.

No. 203077

>hate free zone


No. 203078

Yeah, she lives in Pennsylvania. It's not the first time she's been to visit her either.

No. 203092


No. 203095

No. 203096

Went out of your way to welcome a friend who was visiting. How kind.

No. 203099

She was going to come here regardless of whether or not I lived here. Nothing more to say.

No. 203111

this is hilarious.

No. 203112

I feel like you always have more to say, Ash.

No. 203113

That picture of L Ash just reblogged is funny. 'I'm childish and I hate to lose.' Yes, that's you, Ash. You're such a fucking child you think anorexia is a game that you're winning.

No. 203114

File: 1447307928150.jpg (79.11 KB, 330x522, Untitled.jpg)

She's on an Aly-esque delete spree.

No. 203115

btw, what's not related? She IS Jackie's sister, Misty.

No. 203118

Literally what? You got to join her in going to Disney World. It's not like you had anything else going on anyway. How on earth is that going out of your way for her?

No. 203120


Aw, shit. I hate when someone you've made a good online relationship with travels across the country and wants to meet up with you in person because they actually like you and send you gifts. Such a fucking drag.

No. 203123

Funny thing is Jackie's sister comes across as way more challenged than Jackie.

No. 203124

How did you meet Jackie?

No. 203125

She's married with kids.

No. 203127

File: 1447309732746.gif (464.54 KB, 500x222, stop.gif)

>Nothing more to say.

See you again tomorrow, Ash.

No. 203128

Most retards can still reproduce. Just sayin'.

No. 203132

If you're gonna "defend" yourself at least come up with something good. Admit it, you can't even invent a good enough lie for this let alone the actual truth.

No. 203133

lol nice try, I don't have any social media accounts (nor do I camwhore). If I did, and they were public, I would be opening myself up to public scrutiny and possibly ridicule. That's how it works. If you want your shit to stay private, don't fucking go and make it public for the whole internet to see.

No. 203157

>I think this girl might be legitimately intellectually disordered.

Anorexia damages the brain's ability to function. Ash's brain has been chronically starved for years. She has literally starved herself stupid.

No. 203159

Pretty much.

No. 203175

>She has literally starved herself stupid

That's hilariously tragic.

No. 203177

oh snap.

No. 203213

Gia, Erika and now Jackie have all claimed to have given her gifts of food only for her to binge and purge them, Gia and Erika have both driven her around in their cars to places to buy binge food, and Jackie seems to have done the same but by post instead.

Fucking get off your lazy, bony ass and buy your own shit, Ash.

Stop using your potential friends to feed your addiction, you're worse than a heroin addict, I swear.

No. 203216

File: 1447342120579.png (6.13 KB, 263x60, 1.png)

Another one slipped through.

No. 203220

File: 1447343223226.jpg (87.55 KB, 528x548, omg the lies waaahhh.jpg)

I know Ash lurks here, but I'm placing my bets now:
1. The video tells us nothing new.
2. She just claims again that Jackie flew down here for Disney World alone
3. She makes herself out to be the victim

Bonus points if she claims to never have b/ped on food that Jackie bought her.

No. 203224

she chooses friends with problems because they are easier to manipulate

No. 203230

is jackies sister retarded? I can barely make sense of this mess. But, because this person is siding with you guys you're going to take it seriously huh? and you guys mock ash for hiding behind an army of sperg. God, this person doesn't even know how punctuation works. but nah, yeah, great evidence.

No. 203232

Yep. I feel bad for Jackie though. It's not her fault if she is mentally slow or a little off. I knew a girl who was mentally retarded and extremely naive and dealing with her was sometimes tough but I treated her nicely because she honestly couldn't help her thinking.

No. 203233

Yep. And Ash is shitty for trying to drag Jackie down with her. Really shows she only cares about herself if she's willing to throw everyone else under the bus in a lame attempt to make herself look better.

No. 203235

So it's okay for Ash to throw Jackie under a bus to clear her name, but anyone throwing Ash under the bus for all her bullshit shenanigans is a "bully" and "karma will get u!"

Bitch, if karma was real then it's 100% wrecked your life, so you must be a real grade A asshole to end up the shit pile you are now. So I guess by your logic you deserve it? Cause, karma? Lol

No. 203236

Why did these people think it was a good idea to send her food in the first place? If they knew anything about binge eating they would know that is THE LAST thing you wanna do and it will actually encourage her to binge and purge. Like giving cookie monster cookies; the fuck you think was gonna happen?

Also, where and when did ash ever call jackie retarded?

No. 203237

Jackie, Gia and Erika all have eating disorders so it was probably similar to getting high with another heroin addict instead of alone.

No. 203238

Have we pretty much crossed every friend off the list now? Holy shit.

No. 203239

That gummibear person did the same thing and she was a b/per. Sad, actually. Must be really lonely.

No. 203240

It's the BPD/narcissism. Only her feelings matter and it's always everyone else's fault. If she hurts someone else it doesn't count because she's the most hurt. It's extreme mental gymnastics the way her mind works.

No. 203241

Wow, I forgot about her completely.

No. 203243

There was a post from ghostxperfume where ash said she and Erika fed eachother expired Halloween peeps. I imagine what happened next was akin to a coprophilia fetish porno.


No. 203245

That's really sad tbh.

No. 203252

Why? so they can eat something and get sick? if they wanted that, they should just have eaten some sugar free candy.

No. 203254

Did you not read >>203213 Jackie is not the first friend that Ash has fucked over, it's a reoccurring habit of hers.

Gia and Erika were really mistreated by Ash in comparison though, being called "retarded" by Ash is tame compared to how she reacted with those two.

No. 203257

Have you had a loved one with an addiction? It sucks and you will be manipulated at some point. You can't win with them, you just stop putting up with their bullshit or cut off contact completely. If you buy a junkie heroin you know exactly what they're going to do but Ash's thing is to seek pity and claim she's "trying" to eat or that she has no groceries at all thanks to her horrible mother (see amazon wishlist). It's manipulative af.

Food addicts have the advantage of actually needing food to survive so if you cut them off they can threaten to starve to death. And with Ash she's two meals away from that so it's believable. It's easy to lie about what the food is for and give people false hope.

Look how many of Ash's online followers sent food or gift cards "because groceries are running low." All the people buying her food genuinely thought they were helping until they caught on and stopped. I'll see bulimics on IG talk about doing the same thing to their families to guilt trip them into buying them binge food even when they know they have a history of b/p.

No. 203258

>>Gia texted Ash over 20 messages (politely I may add) to remove a photo of her from Instagram, Ash refused and said her feelings basically rule over her feelings so she wasn't going to delete it, it wasn't until Gia had to resort to threatening legal action that Ash removed the photo and the friendship was ended.

>>Erika went into recovery and to get better, their friendship had to end. Erika then got a phonecall in the middle of the night telling her she was fat and hung up, considering Ash continually (and publicly) bashed on her since going into recovery and was the only person who had her number… it doesn't take much deduction to come to the conclusion that it was Ash that called her.

No. 203264

Ashley had herself a little freak out about her birthday on tumblr.
Like she deserves to be taken out on her birthday, she has a roof over her head and the only reason that she is alive is because of that.
How is she not getting benefits if she's so disabled? Oh, because the state of Florida would probably send her ass to an inpatient facility where she belongs. Recovering isn't sitting on tumblr rage posting about online bullies, get off the fucking computer and get your stupid life together you lazy pile of shit.

No. 203267

You don't act the part, but you are a grown-ass woman. You don't need to be mentioning your birthday all month long every November and posting the date in your profiles every November. You're not 10. Let Facebook remind your friends like everyone else.

No. 203270

File: 1447349645483.png (14.04 KB, 572x287, peeps.png)

found it!

No. 203272

It's to get gifts from people. I don't know if she actually even cares about her birthday except for the opportunity to get stuff on her wishlist. She's turning 25 and look where she is in life, I'd be depressed if I were her and had a reminder that another year's gone by.

No. 203274

Uh. It's called sarcasm.

No. 203276

That's what I've been wondering. Everyone is so sure Ash gets benefits but in order to keep qualifying, you must continue to see doctors. The SSA sends you a CDR and asks you about ongoing treatment, drs, etc.

No. 203277

Not to be an Ash apologist, but to take that literally is about as silly as taking Trump's snarky 'boycott Starbucks' remark literally. She was trying to invoke deadpan humour.

No. 203279

I thought you weren't going to post again, Ash. You really can't keep away, kek

No. 203283

Her mother could be sending for her. If Ash sees her quack "therapist" and gets him to sign off it could count as documentation. Not sure how the process works but she's definitely getting something somehow. Her mother couldn't afford her apartment on her own and Ash doesn't work so…

No. 203289

This post is like…I can see her brain having a breakdown as she types it. "I'll make a video of the TRUTH and that will SHOW THEM ALL"

Its like watching the unhinged villain breakdown at the end of a movie or something. She's literally incapable of processing criticism against herself. Her brain is grasping at any defense it can find to avoid introspection.

Honestly even if she gains weight, she's probably gonna be like this forever. Personality disorders are pretty ingrained and hard to treat. Can you imagine having to work with someone like her? She'll be that crazy co-worker everyone hates because she stirs up drama unnecessarily and goes off for no reason.

No. 203290

Yeah, I guess if the quack therapist fills out forms that would be it. I've been on disability for almost ten years and it's not an easy process. The CDR's are nearly the same as if you were applying for the first time. Each doctor gets about 14 pages of forms to fill out, plus Ash would get a 16 page RFC form, and then either Ash's mom or someone else she knows would each get long forms to fill out.

I'm all for people getting disability if they truly need it, but Ash is a waste since she refuses to get real help.

No. 203293

Jackie didn't fly to see her. I DM'd Jackie a long time ago bc i felt like she was vulnerable and should be warned about getting involved with Ash. She said she felt bad for Ash. She also said her family takes that vacation like every year (they prob have a time share) and it wasn't just to disney, they went to Atlantis in the Bahamas too. They wouldn't throw in a few days at Atlantis if she went to FL just to visit Ash.
Im glad they're not friends anymore, Ash was taking advantage of Jackie and probably verbally/emotionally abusing her too. I hope Jackie stays away from Ash in the future.

No. 203294

The irony of Ash ragging on her mom for getting a boob job when Ash spent her teenage years knuckle-deep in herself on cam for 40 year old creepers.

I'll also bet money her asshole gap is chapped because Mommy dearest isn't spending the money on taking Ash to Japan to buy even more overpriced plastic toys.

No. 203295

It sucks when people who really need disability get denied while people who abuse the system get approved. I mean anorexia is a serious illness and all but disability benefits for it should be short term, only given while seeking real help. It's not like an unchangeable lifelong disability, you can recover unless you're like Ash and you get lazy and decide it's easier to stay sick and collect disability for life than have to work and learn to function with other people.

No. 203298

I love whenever Ashley buys something she HAS to mention that she has coupons.
We're not stupid, we know the money you get from others you waste it on shit you don't need. Your mother picked up shifts to pay bills, that's what you have to do Ashley. I know you're a completely inexperienced adult and this concept just goes over your head. Rent, utilities, cellphones, and food costs money. We can't all live off of pity on the internet, clearly all it has afforded you is shitty jewelry from Claires and games.
I hate that people feel sorry for you, your popularity is harmful and disgusting. If anything, I hope your followers stumble across this and see you for who you really are.
A parasite, a shitty person.

No. 203300

Hopefully but I think you're right about Ash emotionally abusing her. Ash has done this to Jackie multiple times and Jackie is vulnerable enough to keep coming back when she should stay far away. Remember the whole "I tore that bitch's friendship bracelet off" drama? Jackie should learn from this but she could go back hoping it'll get better or being convinced it really was her fault and not Ash's.

No. 203308

Guess I missed something. What's the "biggest lie ever"? That her friends bought her binge food? Also,
>implying that Ash doesn't keep stirring the pot herself
>implying that it isn't Ash herself who is (nearly) "expired"
>"Only my opinion matters"
Top fucking kek, Ash.

No. 203309

Disability is fucking weird. I have heard stories of people who were legitimately very disabled and had to keep appealing and went through years of shit only to get denied benefits in the end. But then some people get approved right away. The application requires statements from doctors and shit, so maybe it depends on how convincing they are in what they say about how disabled the person in question is. IDK. And you can't get disability benefits for anorexia forever - you have to be suffering symptoms so bad that they interfere with your ability to work, so if you get treatment and recover, no more benefits. That seems like a bit of an incentive to not try to recover, though, TBH…

No. 203312

The melodrama of it all. She's totally insane but thinks she's so smart and in control.
It's like the way she addresses her 'fame' in some posts, as if it's something to be proud of but really everyone either pities her or laughs at her and neither of those are things to be happy about. It'd be sad if she wasn't such a bitch.

No. 203313

This reminds me of Isabelle Caro… after she died the photographer who took the pictures of her for the "anti-anorexia" campaign said about her that "she was very selfish and full of herself, right up to her death, imagining she was a successful model and actress when her only talent was to be anorexic."

No. 203316

Yeah, it took two years for my case to be approved. It sucks but I have no alternative. I'll never be able to work again. And I've only been reviewed once and it's so anxiety inducing and scary.

It pisses me off Ash gets disability for something she refuses to get help for. If she won't get help, she should not be getting anything! The rest of us have to continue seeing drs, adhering to treatment/meds, etc. And here she is, getting a free ride for not having to do anything at all.

No. 203323

She posted her video

No. 203331

Slow clap for that video. It hit all the notes of every narcissist I've ever known.

"She chose to make it public"
That is HYSTERICAL because the first time I heard about their fight was from ASHLEY'S TUMBLR. Ash, YOU, made it public. Take responsibility.

"I'm not sorry"
Why are people with personality disorders obsessed with not apologizing when NO ONE ASKED THEM TO APOLOGIZE? No one ever talked about an apology or sorry from Ash. All anyone has ever asked of Ash is to a) own up to her illness b) take steps to get healthy c) not manipulate people.

So. Freaking. Hopeless.

No. 203336

What is her Tumblr link? I'm having trouble finding it.

No. 203340


No. 203341

Don't forget Neckbeard as a failed relationship. They spent a few days together then she sperged out calling him a dick.

No. 203342

I wish neckbeard, Gia, Jackie or other ex-friend would come here and spill the tea, tbh. Ashley would seethe forever.

No. 203343

File: 1447361240388.gif (494.41 KB, 475x355, spoopy.gif)

If I were them, I wouldn't bother. Why bother seething over some skelly bitch when the best revenge against her is to just live your life independently and forget she exists. eventually ash will just (finish) wasting away kek

No. 203344

File: 1447361372841.gif (411.91 KB, 460x254, Qx7N8JZ.gif)

I miss this gif

No. 203345

>Erika then got a phonecall in the middle of the night telling her she was fat and hung up,
That is so fucking fucked up.

No. 203354

I'm procrastinating on work I don't want to do. Full transcript of the video:

Hello everybody, um, I just thought I would do a video just about uh, I guess, what has been going on, um. I don't even really know where to begin with anything, um. The, uh, incident that happened between me and, uh, a woman that I'm not firends with, um, anymore, is between me and her. And, uh, I am actually a bit disappointed that she chose to make this public and make me out to be a bad person and I'm not. Um, a lot of things that have been going around the, uh, the internet are falsified and um, you know, I thought this video was going to be very long but, uh, I'm gonna cut it short because I don't owe an apology to anybody and, um, you know, I know what's true and, uh, I know in my heart that I'm a good person and I haven't done probably a good amount of the things that, uh, I've been accused for. So uh, I'm not really gonna say sorry here, I'm just gonna keep going on about my life, living day to day, and, uh, you know, enjoying what I can. If you personally have any questions you want to ask me, you can hit me up on my blog, uh, you know how to get in contact with me, and, um, thats about all there is to say. So, uh, have a good day, uh, enjoy it while you can because tomorrow is not a promise, so, um, peace out.

No. 203355

Ashley, can you please explain why you think we want you to apologize?

No. 203358

And why make a video about it? Why? Jackie was posting comments on your ig about how she's always going to consider you a friend. She hasn't been nasty about you ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Oh god the ego.

No. 203360


No. 203361

Summary of video:

"Wah wah wah, nothing is ever my fault!"

The end.

No. 203365

LMAO, well that's one of the odds that >>203220 won on.

There's is no "truth" just her prety much demanding that everyone should believe her because she's "right" with absolutely no proof that she is.

1. Jackie hasn't said shit about her all over the internet, I don't even think she posts here because there's been no bean-spilling.

2. Jackie's sister is the one who called her out on her bullshit.

3.You can't just say "everything is falsified because I SAY SO! Everyone else is wrong because I SAY SO! My opinion matters more than everyone elses in the world because I SAY SO!" she's totally suffering from delusions of grandeur here.

4. "Abloo Bloo Bloo, I might die tomorrow - I hope not before my birthday!"

Also she's already deleted the post that >>203220 screencapped.

No. 203391

For someone who doesn't give a shit about the opinion/feelings of others, she sure like to address and dismiss them a lot.

No. 203392

No. 203393

Duck dude, she's better at this than Felice was.
"Baw baw much responsibility"
"Baw baw my bday is ruined"
"Baw baw they attacking and spreading harmful tumors about me"
"——did I mention my bday is the 21st!? Cause if you don't catch that every fucking where, it's the 21st"

Please won't you help restore this woman's pleasure in bdays again? They were robbed from her since she was a child by her mother, and definitely not her raging eating disorder and personality disorder.

No. 203394

>I know in my heart that I'm a good person
Okay whatever you say Trashley. Your actual physical heart is screaming otherwise in its terribly weak, shrunken state in a constant reminder that you're killing yourself for attention. Have fun with that.

No. 203406

neckbeard? who's that? deets?

No. 203409

Well that video was a non-event.

If you don't owe people an explanation, don't make a video about how you don't owe them an explanation.

If, bew hew hew, nobody understands! Then explain it.

No. 203414

How the doctor words things on the disability application definitely matters. You can't "get disability for anorexia forever", but at this point, Ash has definitely done irreversible damage to her bones and probably organs. So even if she recovered, she still might be able to claim she's unable to work.

>if you get treatment and recover, no more benefits. That seems like a bit of an incentive to not try to recover

There are a lot of disincentives for people receiving benefits to not work, its extremely fucked up.

No. 203418

Yeah, there are definitely plenty of incentives not to get better, I mean that free cash flow and being a baby bitch forever sounds sweet, but it's nothing compared to actually living life and going/seeing new places.
I'm a BPD/AN fag too btw.

No. 203419

It was some Canadian dude who flew down to see her.

No. 203421

I think it happened after Erika right?

No. 203422

Yes. Shortly after she started posting about how much of a dick he was.

No. 203428

>living day to day

No. 203429

She was reblogging sexy lingerie on her tumblr the weeks before his visit.

No. 203451

File: 1447378539769.jpg (Spoiler Image, 206.14 KB, 800x447, sexy-skelly.jpg)

Pic related, leaked photo of Ash in some sexy lingerie.

No. 203480

Oh look, she "dyed" her hair cough blonde!

No. 203569

What is the truth on why this girl won't get better and what started it. I figured she at least revealed that. There's no way this chick is happy. All the people who do or use to struggle with ED back me up. Were you happy during your ED?

No. 203573

What with these influx of people who can barely even read the thread before asking stupid questions?

Of course she isnt happy. She wants to die. She believes she will die soon. We believe she will die soon.

No. 203574

Newbie, there is no truth and no one knows what started it. Ash will never get into it.

No. 203575

That skelly looks better than Ash imo

No. 203579

Excuse me, I was right about two things. We learned nothing new, AND Ashley made herself out to be a victim. She just repeated everything she's already said, and then she had the audacity to blame Jackie for spreading information about their unfriending. As someone else said, I learned about that shit on Ashley's blog.

The thing that gets to me is the idea of "I'm right and I know that and that's all that matters." Like, no, Ash. This is what you're leaving behind. You're going to die soon. You should clear your name while you still can. Otherwise you're just leaving behind the idea that you were a terrible person–to the people here, to your mother, and to all of your ex-friends. The only person who might say otherwise is Jackie, and that's because she's too nice to you for her own good. Clear your name while you still can if you honestly think you're a good person.

No. 203581

Um, she IS a terrible person though. Her personality disorder makes her a terrible person. There is no clearing her name because she's rotten to the core.

No. 203582

File: 1447432217702.jpeg (37.83 KB, 346x342, image.jpeg)

Rare photo of Ashley not throwing a temper tantrum and enjoying something that isn't bingeing/purging.

No. 203600

She seems to thinks otherwise. My point was that if she really thinks so, she should at least attempt to prove it. Her own opinion isn't going to matter for much longer. Once she's dead, all these "lies" we're telling become absolute truths. That's how the world works.

No. 203602

Jackie's not retarded, she's just too fucking nice for her own good.

No. 203605

Aww isn't she cute

No. 203607

Of course she does. But she is also incapable of telling the truth, so anything she says is automatically false. She probably has no reciepts and that's why she's unwilling to get into it.

No. 203625

She could get help for her personality disorder. It's entirely possible.

Speaking as someone with BPD, yes, you can learn how to not be such a crazy, unstable asshole. Or at least to recognize negative behavior and thought patterns and try to change them.

Ash just doesn't want to change.

No. 203627

I never said she couldn't. I just know she won't, and everyone here thinks the same thing. This is how she'll be, this is how she'll stay until she dies.

No one should bother being nice to her. She now has a small list of people who are ex-friends because Trashley has ruined every relationship she's ever had. I wonder if she was difficult as a kid and that's why her dad left.

No. 203630

File: 1447449649185.png (54.05 KB, 657x388, Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 4.16…)

This post made me feel pretty weird. When I was little and lived with my grandmother, I would always wake up with bruises on my legs, back, and hips. She would tell me it was the spirits laying their hands on me to protect me from the evil ones as I slept.

Obviously, when I was older, I found out that it's just something that happens when you're very thin – your bones protruding through bruise your skin with the pressure of your body laying on top, with level of severity increasing with your weight loss.

Way to evoke the nostalgia, Ash.

No. 203643

>blaming a child for divorce

No. 203650

I guess you've never heard of Jani Schoenfeld, 'cause that kid is the reason her parents are divorced. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was in two documentaries about it.

No. 203651

I mean Shofield

No. 203653

That case is valid, but I'm willing to bet Papa Finch didn't leave because Little Ashley had a personality disorder.

No. 203655

January Schofield

No. 203658

Yes, January. But in her documentary they called her Jani for short. In fact, the foundation her parents set up for her is called Jani's Foundation.

No. 203659

Yeah well, you don't know what she was like as a kid. What if she was a hellion?

No. 203661

That family was always headed for divorce anyway. That dad is crazy as hell.

No. 203663

I thought it was a valid case watching the documentary, but then I read the dads book, 'January'. Family are fucking nuts. I had a creeping suspicion towards the end and after finishing reading it that if they solved Jani's issues, then her brother Bodhi would mysteriously develop psychotic symptoms or some other extreme mental health issue. They didn't solve Jani's issues but got them under control, and last I heard, her dad was talking about the son having some kind of severe psychotic autism.

No. 203665

So if their first kid was born then diagnosed schizophrenic as a child, the parents thought it was a good idea to have another???

In an AMA, the father says both kids have chromosomal depletions but supposedly the drs don't know how that's affecting their kids.

No. 203674

I like your grandmother. I love when people have these kind of beliefs. Would've spooped me out but v interesting.

No. 203695

Ashley, you could cosplay L. Lawliet like you used to do with no knowledge of detective work whatsoever.

You can be anything you want to be, you gotta get off the training restraints.

Noone else is doing this to you but you.

No. 203715


I know I'm flogging a dead horse here, but putting this out to Ash:

It's very unlikely you will travel to Japan if you don't recover, so aim lower for now.

You love cosplay. You buy bits for outfits. You want to go to a cosplay convention. If you attempted to get yourself healthiER, you could do it. This isn't beyond reach. You don't have to get to a safe BMI within a year or w/e, but it's HIGHLY LIKELY you could attend a convention if your health improved.

Unless your interest in cosplay isn't as huge as you say, why isn't THAT something to aim for?

Personal info: I've been in a situation where I thought something which seemed an enormous step for me was IMPOSSIBLE. I booked tickets 9 months in advance, train tickets, booked a hotel room. All my savings. For those 9 months I tried every single hour to get myself well. It was fucking difficult and even up to the week I was due to go I thought I'd fuck it off. I DIDN'T. I wanted to see this event MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON EARTH and I did it.

You could do it too. You'll be thinking Oh but I'm different. No you're not. The buzz you get from going will maybe even encourage you to HELP YOURSELF to do more.

You're almost 25. You lost your teen years/early 20s to severe illness. You can either sit there feeling sorry for yourself and angry at the world or WORK ON YOURSELF FOR YOU. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed (or w/e you say), but it'd be worth it if for ONE DAY OF YOUR LIFE you gained some REAL PLEASURE.

Think about it.

No. 203720


I truly believe Ash doesn't think anythings wrong with her. I think she believes in her world of standards she's fine and healthy. It's everyone else who needs to "reach" then to fit her norm…

No. 203726

Well, that's really sad then because she won't do things she could be capable of doing. She said she's at a standstill. Everyone would be if their life was the same old routine.

She doesn't have to rot, which is what she's doing. If she isn't willing to make an effort to do something she'd love to then there you go. Nothing more to say. Life will be as it is for her now until she dies and regrets never reclaiming her life again.

No. 203740

It's become that way hasn't?

No. 203743

I know schizophrenia is genetic but it's hardly any chance for the second child, come on now.

No. 203763

there are all sorts of heightened risks for mental illness in subsequent children, not as a result of the sibling having it, just as an indicator for faulty genetics in the family. Those siblings are more likely than the gen pop to have schizphrenia, autism, bipolar, etc.

No. 203814

Hahaha, she's sending herself asks again… you're so transparent, Ash.

You've basically reiterated everything you said in your video, word for word and called your sock-puppet "Katie" how sweet.

No. 203845

Wow, no kidding!! Ash, babe – too obvious; if you want readers to believe "Kate" exists, ya gotta be more subtle. Thnx bby ♪

No. 203847


i was totally thinking the same, she is only fooling herself tbh

No. 203858

File: 1447532165713.jpg (64.23 KB, 455x765, psycho.JPG)

"my savior"

wtf. Ash meets a tumblr follower once and this person is her "savior." That is insane. Ash, this is exactly why you can't keep any friends.

No. 203859

Anyone know who it is?

No. 203865


Idk who it is, but Ash probably thinks this girl is now in love with her like she did with the cafe girl who showed her some kindness.

No. 203866

Hey Ash, your borderline is showing. Wait until this "friend" does something Ash doesn't like, then it's "wah wah I am so alone, I never do anything wrong, why does this happen??"

No. 203875

shit. i haven't looked at any ash threads since #6…….. i really wish lolcow parknotes were a thing

No. 203879


>your borderline is showing.

I was thinking the same thing. Holy shit, I know a lot of people play up their gushing over people on tumblr, but jesus christ

>she's beautiful and funny and perfect

>She's my damn savior

That's a pretty fucking intense way to feel about someone you just met unless you have BPD

No. 203884

For the record, cerebral atrophy due to anorexia/starvation IS reversible, at least to some extent. I refuse to believe that there's something stopping Ash from working toward recovery, even if she'll still have lifelong health problems.

No. 203885

Neural plasticity will only do so much in her favor. I think she's beyond fucked up her brain. Like it can bounce back better the younger you are but this woman has aged her body to that of a 80 year old.

No. 203886

Lmfao, Erika part II, but the straight to video version with a bootleg Erika.

No. 203887

Yeah, but I'm almost certain she could improve her quality of life at least a little bit if she got proper nourishment for long enough.

No. 203888

I think BPD is Ashley's main problem and the anorexia is just a symptom of that.

No. 203892


I'd almost feel bad for her, but as with anyone with a personality disorder, she doesn't really deserve any sympathy when she refuses to get help and decides to live her life abusing people and feeling sorry for herself.

Ash, I know you're reading this. Please get your shit sorted out.

No. 203894

I'm pretty sure this is something the farmers all agree upon. It can't be more obvious.

No. 203903

File: 1447541277995.jpg (135.44 KB, 930x583, really.JPG)

IT'S ALMOST ASHLEY'S BIRTHDAY (if you hadn't already gathered).

No. 203905

Either one of two things will happen:

1. She'll complain she didn't do anything/get anything

2. I managed to have fun on my birthday despite a family member having surgery

No. 203906

She'll drag out her mum's surgery despite it only being a breast enlargement.

No. 203912

File: 1447542875771.png (260 KB, 563x542, 1416533490185.png)

I give it 3 months.

No. 203913

Oh yeah, she'll drag it out. Funny, she's kept it to herself since. But keep using old milk, it's funny how everyone here is grasping at old news that isn't even lolcow worthy.

No. 203915

hi Ash.

No. 203916

Oh my god Ashley, shut the fuck up. The only reason you haven't 'dragged it out' since is because you didn't get the attention you wanted the first time you tried it.

No. 203917

Ashley's happy enough that the mother she had to DO SO MUCH FOR that day can drive her craggy ass to Target and Whole Foods.

No. 203924

I think I know who Ash's "savior" is kek

No. 203927

Anon. You can NOT come here and casually drop a comment like that. SPILL!

No. 203930

I don't wanna post who it is here cause clearly Ash is stalking this thread, but I'm willing to put it somewhere she doesn't check

No. 203932

File: 1447546380919.jpg (9.21 KB, 225x224, shhhh.jpg)

Dang! Tricky…

No. 203934

But yeah this chick clearly has an ED.

No. 203937

Purge parties ahoy!

No. 203943

PS quick fave can anyone following Trashly on insta SS the list of people she follows? I just wanna confirm something

No. 203944

No. 203946

oh nice, thanks!

No. 203949

Did you know that you can recycle milk? It's called pasteurisation.

No. 203953

Her palm looks like it's afflicted by eczema. The red patch underneath her two little fingers looks like peeling skin and the rest looks dry and cracked. I only know this because I have the exact same thing on my right palm and it's aggravated by my ED.

No. 203955

Pull the other one, it's got bells on it.

This is board where you're anonymous, nothing is gonna get traced back to you.

Not nice to attempt to tease.

No. 203956

It's genuinely sad to see history repeating. I just hope that her new bff isn't shafted as bad as the others were.

No. 203957

I'm not worried about anything being traced to me, I'm more worried about blasting the info and her friend scampering off and nothing getting capped, so that's what I'm doing atm

No. 203958

Of course she will. It sucks innocent people get hurt due to Ash's selfishness.

No. 203959

not getting capped?

No. 203962

I'm guessing it's secret_livez/secretlivez76

No. 203965

File: 1447549689115.png (161.87 KB, 918x656, dingdingding.png)


No. 203966

She's 25-26 I think.

No. 203967

Yeah, I noticed she follows them on ig and tumblr and this
>secret_livezI still cant believe you found these local! Ugh, i hate paying s&h! I'm thinking I might just do a Christmas giveaway with the ones I have…tbd ..

Her profile's private tho, so no idea what her face looks like.

No. 203970

File: 1447549849291.jpg (77.63 KB, 500x375, truluv.jpg)



Nevar4get Erika I.

No. 203973

File: 1447550186448.png (72.25 KB, 956x702, livez.png)

hope someone is following her, or gets in! I wanna see what sad puppy Ash found this time

No. 203974

she links to this instagram on older twitter posts if that's her. This IG looks blonde, too.

No. 203975

No. 203976

File: 1447550408282.jpg (92.78 KB, 898x532, Capture.JPG)

No. 203977

I removed that twitter cause I'm not 100% that's her yet, but yeah, this is all pretty convincing

No. 203978

No. 203979

this girls from the UK. Wonder if she happened to be vacationing in Fl and met up with A? Surely she didn't fly all the way over here just to meet A.

And this girl seems exactly like an Erika clone. Down to the exagerrated romanticization of illness, long blonde hair, and all.

No. 203980

I don't think it's her. She says she's in the UK and was still in the UK four days ago.

No. 203982

File: 1447550780456.jpg (45.95 KB, 514x315, ugh.JPG)

Whoever the twitter girl is I'm appalled she wastes NHS money pouring her Fotisip down the drain.

No. 203983

Even if that's not her, she did tag her so they're prolly following each other on twitter or IG, so wouldn't be hard to narrow down easily

No. 203985

File: 1447551489176.jpg (25.44 KB, 298x215, proofs.JPG)

They're friends on insta

No. 203986

Okay, guys look closely at the chest region that's showing on the picture. It looks like it might be boney. Her hair also looks brittle and thin. She may also have an ED…

Also, guys look on posts Ash is tagged in on Instagram. The first one with the child in the fox costume is posted by some grown woman with kids and a husband. I wonder if it's a family member of Ash she follows Ash. Her name is em_chicken.

No. 203990

>Her palm
>implying she has a "palm"

this shit is still freaking me out honestly. :(

No. 203991

Oh that's definitely a prominent chest bone.
Big shock. What is it with tumblr anas only befriending other anas? Sure they relate to each other but… nvm I get it. Reinforcement or something.

No. 203992

Mrpokemon or searching.for.mel, maybe?

No. 203993

I'd bet my life on secret_livez.

No. 203994

I'd say it's obviously this person secret_livez/secretlivez76 >>203965
cause what are the odds that 1 day before Ash posts her "omg savior" secre_livez posts how excited she is and only 1 person likes it, and it's… ashley! The secret_livez tumblr only has like 5 things on it, so why would ash follow/like it if not for that?

No. 203996

That's probably not mrpokemon, she has better hair.

No. 203998

It's 100000% secret_livez, highlighted the pertinent bit where even 4 weeks ago they mention wanting to meet up

No. 203999

File: 1447553677948.png (803.22 KB, 938x601, duh.png)

forgot my pic

No. 204000

8 weeks**

No. 204001

Of course she does. Ash is too good to associate with 'fatties' and non-spoopies.

No. 204003

There's Ash with yet another victim of her viciousness.

No. 204004

File: 1447554028045.png (657.56 KB, 934x600, ride.png)

Also, she seems to only live a "ride" away from ash sooo

No. 204005

She gets rid of one friend, then immediately becomes bff with someone she seemed to have a fairweather relationship with beforehand.

No. 204006

Ash could never be friends with a healthy person.

No. 204007


Skellys gotta skelly together.

No. 204008

She's probably just using this new "friend" as a taxi.

No. 204037

You're too kind. I give it a month.

No. 204055

File: 1447566814489.jpg (50.23 KB, 537x227, wtf.jpg)

jesus christ, what the FUCK.

No. 204061

File: 1447567399676.jpg (116.96 KB, 1056x634, OOZING.JPG)

No. 204075

And in a few weeks shade will be thrown and the cycle continues.

No. 204090

No, no guize, can't you see?? This is different! Really, this is the one perfect savior who will soothe all Ash's ills and make her whole. Ash will be all strong and happy from now on – just you wait and see!! And that will show all us mean poopy-head farmers, boy howdy!!

No. 204102

omg..does that mean shes a scorpio

No. 204105

Ash, is in love with this girl.

No. 204107

Lol ash you are never afraid to take the first step, in fact that's all you do and that's always as far as you get. You're incapable of moving on with your life & that's the problem.

No. 204136

You can see how her brain just switched to the very extreme emotions just like she was with that barista and Erika. Could you imagine meeting her for the first time? You'd go home after hanging out and find all these insane obsessive messages in her blog about how perfect and beautiful you are and how you're such BFFS forever and ever.

That's some scary shit.

No. 204143


This made me kind of sad considering this is probably what Ash actually believes.

No. 204145

That's a common symptom of a couple personality disorders (namely BPD but sometimes NPD, to no a couple).

I don't think she has a PD, however I'm not surprised that her severe ED is giving her delusional and black/white thinking like that

No. 204147

I disagree. Here are the symptoms of borderline:

Fear of abandonment - check. "wah wah no one likes me"

Unstable or changing relationships - check. She's ruined every relationship she's had.

Unstable self-image; struggles with identity or sense of self - check

Impulsive or self-damaging behaviors (e.g., excessive spending, unsafe sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating). - anorexia and purging, check.

Suicidal behavior or self-injury - anorexia is a form of self harm, plus she had a suicide attempt when her mom found out about the camwhoring on 4chan

Varied or random mood swings - check

Constant feelings of worthlessness or sadness - check. Ash writes about this all the time.

Problems with anger, including frequent loss of temper or physical fights - check. She has a snotty attitude and is an angry and bitter person

Stress-related paranoia or loss of contact with reality - blames everyone else for her problems and not herself, and is incapable of telling the truth. She doesn't live in the real world, that's for sure.

No. 204154

hey look, it's me

No. 204155

File: 1447606590790.png (707.83 KB, 1044x691, wow.png)


Gasp, nobody cares!

No. 204160

File: 1447606798603.jpg (92.97 KB, 640x640, 1428356794076.jpg)

Yeah, you're right. Sorry.