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File: 1485759971919.jpeg (299.57 KB, 512x512, 1463554740920.jpeg)

No. 241927

Ashley hasn't updated her instagram or social media in almost 3 weeks.

Is she dead? Is she attention seeking?

Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/
Tumblr (2): http://guts-spilling-over.tumblr.com/
public & anon-enabled (both)
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket

Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

Previous thread >>160803

No. 241929

Why did you make a new thread when there's literally nothing to discuss you tard?

No. 241930

What's the longest she's gone without posting prior to this?

At least she got to see the new year, I guess…someone should check the obits for her name.

No. 241936


haha what? she tweeted yesterday

No. 241938

You must have only looked at her instagram, because tumblr and twitter have been active as recently as yesterday.

What a shame.

No. 242017

I remember all the comments in her old threads saying "She won't live to see 2015 if she doesn't try to fix her health." It's 2017, she's just as unhealthy as ever, how tf is she still alive?

No. 242040

No. 242046

Maybe she's actually a lich.

No. 242075

File: 1485787671193.jpg (53.56 KB, 541x607, roth.JPG)

Henry Roth saying what we've all been saying for a gazillion years.

Idk. Ash doesn't bother me any more and I don't really check on her often. She stopped scamming, so I'm happy about that. I'm not arsed what she does so long as she's not fucking people over.

No. 242136

It's been so long since we started discussing her.. I can't even remember what her scamming antics were anymore. Was it just getting people to buy stuff of her Amazon wishlist?

No. 242188

aren't her threads supposed to be in pt?

No. 242197

They were but she was demoted to snowflake.

Pretty much getting people to buy her wishlist stuff. She also had people send her things if they wanted to be her penpal. She used to receive a lot of things from her followers and she didn't even bother to thank them.

Then there was her using people irl to buy her binge food. She's shitty with "friends" but I don't think anyone bothers with her much now.

No. 242217

Compared to all the other snowflakes she's kinda ok in my book.

If those suckers thought they were helping her by buying stuff off of her wishlist, let them be. She wasn't even pretending to be in recovery sooo … She was kinda upfront in a shitty way.

I'd love to see Ashley on a documentary though. She's amazing just by being alive honestly.

No. 242231

not to be dramatic but if she did a documentary and spoke with professionals she could help them learn more about what lead her to starving herself into such a state, so no other human being ends up the way she is now. if she had an ounce of selflessness in her, she would publicize her final days to shine a grizzly light on the reality of anorexia so others don't suffer the same fate.

No. 242353

As great as this would be, we all know that Ash isn't that kind of person. She doesn't want to recover and she's relentlessly pro-ana no matter what, so her response would likely end up like "eh, I wanted to lose weight and die so I did. Peace out".

Even MPA users don't like her and think she's gone way too far. Can't imagine any other ana-chan wanting her as #goalzzz, but also I can't imagine that she would put people off either. Maybe I've just become desentitised to her spoopiness through exposure.

No. 242371

even then she should just offer her way of thinking and what traumas specifically brought her to it. maybe go to a university. she's practically a specimen. she'd be the most extreme case of anorexia ever documented if they just let them document her instead of dying with all her secrets.

but like you said, she'll never.

No. 242372

Not to mention, wouldn't she contstantly discourage girls who were in recovery??

No. 242374

I don't think she has the energy to be a troll anymore, like she did when we first learned about her. She's too far gone.

No. 242619

>so no other human being ends up the way she is now

As if some documentary from a 20something toddler is going to end all eating disorders kek get a grip

Saged for dry cow

No. 242750


What a waste of space bringing her name back up! The only person attention seeking is the person who made this thread!

No. 243752

File: 1486078051601.png (1.83 MB, 1440x2271, 20170202_172544.png)

Well, OP, she updated her IG. Happy?

No. 243754

No. 243767

that caption though. she's such a bitter, hypocritical, pathetic excuse for a human

No. 243781

"Knee-high socks"
It took me a moment and realize those bulges on her legs were her knees-

No. 245728

I thought those were flower vases at first.

No. 246704

File: 1486498280375.png (2.12 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-02-03-12-28-41…)

Is anyone bothered by how she yells at her cat? She's done several instagram vids where she sweet-talks her cat while it relaxes on the floor and then suddenly SCREECHES at the poor thing, startling it. That shit ain't cool. Here's a lovely sample of her screeching at her sleeping cat.

No. 246712

It looks like Hiccup. What a lucky girl.

No. 248081

How is she even alive?!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 248123

No creature is allowed comfort and happiness around her

No. 248197


hi newfag.
first: delete your email.
second: nobody knows…maybe she´s already dead

No. 248210

I guess she's so far gone the poor cat it's all she can take her vile personality out on

No. 248223

She's screeching at her rabbit on those old youtubes. I suppose she gets off to tormenting anything living and breathing. Disgusting behaviour.

No. 248244

She'll be dead soon, fortunately.

No. 248323

omg yes she does the most horrible fucking "angry yelling" voice at it too. If that cat sat on her chest at night it would probably weight enough to suffocate her.

No. 248356

We've been saying that for I think 2 years at this point and she still goes on her target trips

No. 250661

File: 1487029153624.png (280.86 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3351.PNG)

No. 250685

Even though she looks weaker, I've resigned myself to believing that it's possible she could still be living ten years from now.

No chance of recovery, but goes to show how resilient a body can be. Don't know if any anons recall that I used to post about an Ash tier bulimic I know who clogged up her neighbouts sink with vomit. She's still around and she's early 40s (ED started at 18).

Ashley's responsible enough to have bought her plot though.

No. 254583

Ooh. I hope that happens. Fingers crossed.

No. 254801

File: 1487611909247.png (592.89 KB, 673x962, Screenshot_2017-02-20-20-17-41…)

She got yet another stupid toy. What's her obsession with childish stuff? Adult people don't buy themselves kids' toy, nor ask for it as a gift unless they suffer autism. It's Chris Chan tier of infantility.

No. 254806

she lives in a delusional world

she thinks how she looks is attractive

she thinks she is healthy and is going to live a long time

she thinks it is normal to live off her mom and the government at her age

she thinks every day is about going to target and scamming her friends into buying her plastic toys and binge food

it's a sad existence

No. 254896

It's just a toy, man.

No. 254908


Are these the things she trades with kids at Claire's? At least she has an interest even if it's toys for under 10 year olds. I don't like Ash but these are all she has in the life she chose. I don't get it, but the longer she lives I imagine what she could've done with life in her 20s and it's really sad all she has are plastic animals.

No. 256155

It's just a toy, but everything said here >>254806 is true.

No. 256168

I don't believe she doesn't need a walker or wheelchair. she's used one every day up to this point? with no pictures of her walking or out and about recently. she's such a liar.

No. 256246

No. 256525

She uses a chair

No. 256644

File: 1487882417946.png (227.1 KB, 750x1095, IMG_9591.PNG)

She does use a wheelchair although human is debatable

No. 256646

I know she does, my point was that SHE recently said on her tumblr she has ditched the chair or any assistive device. this is why I said I do not believe it and that she's a liar, because she hasn't taken any pics recently of her out and about or a video of her walking on her own.

No. 256647

No. 256769

File: 1487896683498.jpg (141.21 KB, 992x1034, ash.jpg)

No. 256772

She'll be grabbing the wall or whatever. It just means she's avoid devices not that she can suddenly walk. Perhaps Ash doesn't think there's anything odd about riding in a shopping trolley…

No. 256773


No. 256775

How does her body physically carry her? She's just bones. I feel like even the soles of her feet wouldn't even have any meat at this point, she'd be walking on the bones of her heels, right? Those extra calories she's burning, even if just 100 a day could kill her any second.

But seriously, how is it physically possible for her to walk, or catch herself if she fell?

No. 256780

>>two whole months of not even being able to get out of bed.

No. 256784

No. 256787

ah, thanks for screenshotting it. my pc doesn't always do it when I hit print screen.

No. 256788

that's probably it, tbh.

No. 258340

>gross blob


No. 259706

Has Rebecca finally given up, packed her bags, and moved to Vegas? I thought Ash moved from Florida to Mississippi.

No. 260854

What, why?

No. 261360

Four months ago there's this >>181312 in another thread.

Then come February of this year, her mom is posting about life in Vegas and missing Orlando.

No. 261387

Perhaps they moved to Vegas all along. Rebecca apparently visited the place and Ash was crying about how she'd deserted her and she was all alone at Christmas. I hope R's got a man there, she needs something else in her life apart from Ash.

In other news, Ashley's starting up her phone case decorating business again in summer. She's asking what model phone her followers have (probably so she's not stuck with 1000 iPhone 2 cases nobody uses like last time.

No. 270679

U guiz a conspiracy theory
There is no Ashley she died
Becky is spoopy skeltal from grief

No. 271268

I fucking hope so.

No. 271405

Why would she lie about where she moved to?

No. 271409

Because she knows we're excellent at tracking cows down and wanted to throw people off her scent. OR she lied because a) that's what she does b) she's deluded most of the time nowadays.

No. 271420

Jesus Christ. That webbed elbow gets me every time. Also, kek at her Lainey-face space prince expression.

No. 273835

some people get bursts of energy before they die, maybe thats it

No. 278189

File: 1490583195019.png (374.33 KB, 780x928, ashley.png)

I got the crap scared out of me scrolling down my instagram feed

No. 278198

File: 1490583692409.jpg (64.74 KB, 960x960, 7576575.jpg)

You got my hopes up, anon. I thought this was a pic of Ash finally going towards the light.

No. 278287

literally a 110 year old woman who sucked on a lemon

No. 278336

Still not dead. Ash, this is getting boring. Entertain me, please.

No. 278339

So, did she add the flash effect herself, and if so, is that a massive bruise on her forehead behind it? Either way, this pic is pretty sad, you can kinda tell how cute she could have been, were it not for her spoopery.

No. 278356

it just looks like hair.

No. 278551

Amazing how she's stretching her ears paper thin when she barely has any skin on her to spare

No. 278575

Aye shit, you're right. Serves me right trying to postpone charging my phone by keeping the screen on the lowest option

No. 283933

Is this skeleton still breathing?
She hasn´t posted in a while…

No. 283948

>>278551its not like she's ever been interested in doing anything but trashing herself so blowing out her mummified lobes is nbd. She's not gonna mature enough to care about them looking like anuses without jewelry in.

No. 285298

I have also noticed the lack of posts

No. 285299

File: 1491441464032.png (608.07 KB, 993x621, llllllllll.png)

Literally about 10 seconds ago she posted a video. Archived by the spergs at kiwifarms for you all <3


No. 285300

samefag, forgot to add that Ashley removed this moments after posting it

No. 285302

Can't blame her. Those tattoos are embarrassing.

No. 285403

She's barely posted anything on her social media accounts in the last few weeks… i wonder what she's been doing with her time since she has nothing else besides social media going for her in her life

No. 285411


Her arm looks relatively full for her body, maybe she's gaining weight?

No. 285425

It's just the angle.

No. 285557

her voice goes through me, so painful to listen to her. why the fuck does she shout at her cat so much? sage for non contrib

No. 286113


spiders? i only see black blobs….. if she is lucky enough she catched some hep from the backyard scratcher who is responsible for that

No. 286120

I'm still amazed that there's a tattoo artist out there that would actually work on her. Her skin looks like rice paper, I'd be afraid I'd puncture and her whole skin bag facade would crumble away to only show a skelly animated by tiny spiders inside.

No. 286130

do we look at the same picture? how can you assume a "tattoo artist" has created that?

No. 286153

She's probably going to a basement scratcher. No reputable tattoo artist would work on her.

I think she's addicted to pain. It would explain the ear stretching, tattoos, wanting to never recover, etc.

No. 288468

File: 1491834825175.png (8.8 KB, 531x249, addicted.png)

>I think she's addicted to pain. It would explain the ear stretching, tattoos, wanting to never recover, etc.

She admits to that in this post. She also self-harms sometimes by literally ripping off her nails from her fingers.

No. 288530

I didn't see that, whoops. Gosh, living with Ash must be utter and total hell.

No. 288976


Right, because people who gauge their ears and get tattoos are usually addicted to pain.

I think she'd love to think she's "addicted to pain" because ~emo tragedy~ BS.

No. 289411

hope she gets an infection

No. 289484

well she still has that never-ever-healing wound on her right cheek, which exists for more than a year already iirc, so probably she will.

No. 293522

File: 1492473328105.jpg (78.42 KB, 701x452, screencapture-instagram-p-BTAQ…)

lich queen is still alive.

No. 295837

File: 1492782592812.gif (1.96 MB, 195x195, sexe skeletons.gif)

I finally have occasion to post this

No. 295844

Her getting all these tattoos is just convincing someone to drill right into her arm bone

No. 296489

File: 1492844671405.jpg (289.03 KB, 985x936, IMG_20170422_005619.jpg)

I found this in one of the old Ashley threads and it gave me a chuckle. Ashley looked normal when she was 16, so she can't have neonatal progeroid syndrome.

No. 296543

Plus her facial features would look abnormal as well. She has a normal face, only emaciated.

No. 296551

>pulls dusty crap out of the attic

No. 296674

This is probably meant to be sarcasm, no?

No. 297002

I think solostinmymind scares me more than ash now. Ash ran out of powdered milk.

No. 297005

It was a relatively recent post in a very old, saging thread, Ashley.

No. 297956

It's weird that everything she is into is like from 10+ years ago.

>>why the fuck does she shout at her cat so much?
S-she does? This is so upsetting, especially because her cat in the photo looks like one of my cats. I can't imagine shouting at a fucking cat. This bitch ugh

She tags all her shit #eatingdisorder it's obviously an idiot anon or sarcasm.

No. 297962

she wants to stay a child forever, so of course all her interest go towards old stuff that was around when she was young.

No. 298033

Plus it's not like she has actually engaged with the world or anything meaningful outside of herself and her eating disorder for the past 10 years. She's like a time capsule from when her anorexia developed.

No. 298296

she's usually doing that in her instagam stories circa starting with a soft voice saying "awww little kitty are you tired?" and then screeching "DONT CLOSE YOUR EYES, STAY AWAKE" or something like that. I'll record it next time.

No. 299477

The bandaid is back!

No. 299501

File: 1493262611659.jpg (245.68 KB, 1500x1000, TK-2015-05-23-016-005-Harajuku…)

Maybe there's nothing under the bandaid.

No. 299519

Ashely, you do not look like that.

No. 299532

File: 1493268871259.png (127.6 KB, 347x302, ok.png)


nice try

No. 299558


welp, guess i won't be sleeping tonight

No. 299578

Here. I made it 100x worse (I can't embed it)

No. 299606

Yeah and it's totally NOT that old non-healing sore on her face you haters. She ACCIDENTALLY SCRATCHED HER FACE trying to rub her eye (lol such a silly thing you guys omg) so shut up and quit pretending you know all about her cause you don't know shit!!

No. 300058

oh god, i feel so sad everytime i see a picture of her, remembering the eniwekwe videos on youtube back in the day. she goes quite into detail on how it feels like with anorexia, like that she continously broke her rips by simply bending down, broke bones from only stumbling her toe on a furniture, constant aches in her stomach, and her joints, her hair and toenails falling off and losing the control over her bladder. her teeth rotting, infected kidneys, heart attacks and needing enemas every few days because there was too much stomach acid in her intestines. the girl in the video (kat) is a sweet soul though. she disappeared around 5 years ago and i think she might have actually died.

it is absolutely beyond me how ashley can be in that state for so long. it just boggles my mind.

sage for useless blog post

No. 300338

This made me sad. I didn't come here to be sad.

No. 300348

Why does she sound 50% like she's at a poetry slam and 50% like the "I wish we could bake a cake made of rainbows and smiles" girl from Mean Girls

No. 300413

i think she was just emotional about her eating disorder ruining her life

No. 300495

File: 1493402186753.png (309.27 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4419.PNG)

This kind of struck me as maybe a childhood friend. Idk kinda sad.

No. 300506

she posted a new pic with the bandaid on her face saying she scratched her self trying to get something out her eye and someone commented that she had the bandaid before and she went nuts at them it was pretty confusing

No. 301263

I guess they've been friends for a while too. It's not like the girl is lying. Ash has had that bandaid on her face for a while now. There's even a spoopy bandaid edition thread.

No. 301271

I wonder if it's the same Brit from Ash's old videos? On the witherxwings youtube channel, there was a girl that did videos with Ash named Britt.

No. 301416

I was thinking it was that same Brittany too.

No. 304017

File: 1493867822082.jpg (152.94 KB, 1080x1080, legs.jpg)

she is soooooo proud of her legs.

No. 304021

Ugh no wonder she can't walk. I've seen better looking legs in photos from auschwitz.

No. 304023

She goes off on people like that often.

No. 304037

She is going to die soon. For sure.

No. 304041

How is she even alive at this point? I know others already pointed this out, but I am genuinely searching for an answer. She is the literal definition of skin and bones.

No. 304044

u guys have been saying this for years but here we still are

No. 304046

Isn't this photo several years old? Where did you find it?

No. 304047

Stop she gains a year of life every time someone says this at this rate she can't die. Stop before she becomes our cockroach powered overlord.

No. 304049

It was just posted to her Instagram, keep up. Also her old photos are here, tumblr, and probably a few old hard drives belonging to /b/tards.

No. 304051

File: 1493870841570.png (952.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170504-000339.png)

Ashley's body still really freaks me out, but as someone else above said, other people like solostinmymind and especially smorven get to me a lot worse. Smorven completely denies having any eating disorder, is almost as spoopy as Ashley, and yet spouts off wisdom and advice to everyone else in the community. For some reason, denying that she has an ED is worse to me than being pro-ana. Her ask.fm and Instagram in general really shock me with how out of touch she is. Reminds me of ashley with the face sores and showing off bones etc.

No. 304063

It's one of God's sick jokes,Anon.

It's like a creepy pasta I read that was about a dad whom was living with two of his kids that were already "dead", but they continued to be conscious even though they were rotting away.

No. 304065

You mean Scott with Claire and Lola?

No. 304134

Lmao this shit killed me

No. 304136

Holy shit that's terrifying

No. 304144

Holy fuck, if she denies ED, what does she claim is the cause of her deathly thinness then?
Sage because OT.

No. 304196

File: 1493884155572.jpg (16.58 KB, 295x261, Clipboard01.jpg)

Dont be so optimistic. Even the medical professionals knowing her blood works are saying that since 2011 and yet she is still alive.

Makes you wonder how long she wouldve lived if she would never have been anorexic.

She is rotting inside. So much is obvious.

No. 304463

Says increasingly spooked anon for the 7th time

No. 304476

I guess that can also apply.

No. 304554

When the cats paw (you can tell by the claws) look giant compared to her leg…

No. 304562

and what quality of life are you living? really showing those doctors being pushed around in a wheelchair looking like a holocaust victim and scaring little kids

No. 305131

File: 1493992336532.png (366.87 KB, 568x454, 1482344914846.png)


Ugh. She doesn't even hide the fact she loves to trigger people with her bonespo.

No. 307713

File: 1494292035235.png (301.57 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4545.PNG)

Roommate lol

No. 307724

File: 1494292729567.gif (1.61 MB, 372x201, 1424321913443.gif)

>when the thickest part of your legs are your arthritic knees

No. 308194

Wow this thi- I mean this girl is still going strong… Natural selection should get it together already

No. 308219

Becca left her?

No. 308225

Not exaggerating when I say that I sought help from seeing her bones. Even anachans don't want to look like this spooky skelly.

Sage for blog post bs.

No. 308229

Is this all she lives for at this point? The "pride" of how skinny she is?

I hope she gets reincarnated into a turtle or something similar that cant possibly be as fucked up as she is in this life time. Maybe she can live at the zoo and be a turtle with a cutesy name like Sheldon and she can get all the attention she craved in this life time without fucking herself and other people up.

No. 308234

why'd you like the photo then

No. 308282

natural selection already won because she's not going to reproduce

No. 308327

I remember she commented on a woman's picture of her dinner that she enjoyed eating and it was a "recovery win" saying she had the same ready meal and it was so disgusting and smelly that she had to throw it out of the house. Just horrible really, the girl seems really rude from what I've read but now seeing a photo of her the girl is clearly ill with zero insight.

No. 308346

thunder thighs

No. 308359

File: 1494356585294.jpg (54.21 KB, 302x252, ol3XZDD.jpg)

No. 308363

Make a thread about smorven if you want to talk about her

No. 309183

File: 1494429556232.png (297.84 KB, 480x360, thicc inverted.png)


No. 309243

underrated post, I lold.

No. 309294

Yes, Rebecca is in Vegas.

No. 309321

Maybe Ashley has a live-in nurse or is in an assisted living facility and Becky really did move away. Are we sure that's her mom's cat? I thought she hated that cat.

No. 309331

Does she do meth? I've met a lot of junkies and the face pickers look exactly like that.

No. 309332

thunder knees

No. 309534

smorven goes in the pro-ana thread

No. 310384

Holy shit I can't believe she got away. Did I miss the discussion on this? Because I have so many questions.

No. 312884

I think she's so disgusted with her mom that she refuses to even mention her and just calls her "her roommate"

I highly doubt Rebecca left her, Ashley depends on her pretty much for everything.

No. 312889

A mother's love…

No. 313268

Is there concrete proof that Rebecca left Ash in Mississippi? because if Ash's mom did that, I have a feeling that Ash would turn it around and whine about how her mom is a horrible human being who abandoned her.

No. 313269

Also to add, there was a pic of Ash in a grocery store with slot machines in the background so it def. looks like it could be she's in Vegas with her mom.

No. 313393

Ive wondered that too and only noticed becca mentioned being in vegas in a comment on her profile picture in the beginning of april, and ashley mentioning being in Mississippi 7 weeks ago. But the car seat that is in the background of some of her selfies is still the same as around 7 months ago, so she still seems to be with becca.

No. 313915

File: 1494920620512.png (105.74 KB, 1230x523, IMG_1386.PNG)

I happened to see Ash post this in response to a food blogger reviewing a flavor of ice cream & I LOLed.

No. 313923

File: 1494921087101.png (3.63 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1387.PNG)

I wonder if this guy notices the skelly user pics and LOLs or feels sympathy? She says she DMed him in another comment. He is a body builder and she a grown woman who weighs as much as a two year old. What does she have to DM him about? Lmaooooo

No. 313938

His profile gives her binge food ideas and she wrote to thank him for his recommendations (probably). Ice cream is maybe the only thing she can purge without dying at this point.

No. 313949

File: 1494928620992.jpg (79.44 KB, 529x789, AAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)

From her tumblr.
You are now imagining what those nudes look like.

No. 313950

I doubt she can digest much st this stage so purging is probably no effort. Sorta like a regurgitation machine

No. 313958

File: 1494932222600.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.94 KB, 750x562, skeletal-vag.jpg)

No. 315164

File: 1495080515958.gif (537.3 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_nvixwpXi2K1s670f…)

No. 315454

There will never be "concrete" when it comes to Ash. She's going to show people only what she wants them to see.

In my personal opinion, I think Becca left her in some kind of care center in MS close to family. There has been zero talk of Vegas from Ash, but there has been MS talk. I think something as big as moving across the country would be a topic she'd want to share. Who knows though.

No. 315461

>some kind of care center
probably hospice care

No. 315954

lurk much, ashley? I guess that's settled.

No. 315961

More like an undertaker at this point.
Gotta keep her bones bleached.

No. 316030

What did she say?

No. 316106

It would make sense if she left her in a nursing home. It is probably a burden to care for Ash herself. Although I wonder if a nursing home would accept her. It would be a crazy plot twist if she was actually in residential treatment but trying to hide it.

No. 316115

File: 1495168300781.png (654.26 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0087.PNG)

Rebecca's Facebook seems To confirm that she's living in vegas:

No. 316376


Oh my god, guys. She wasn't lying. She really does have a roommate. She's definitely in hospice care.

Damn. We're in the end times for real now.

No. 316427

Lol I'll finally be able to go to Target without the looming fear of skeleton jumpscares

rip tho, ash :(

No. 316450

Wait, how do you know this? I don't see anything on her IG or tumblr.

No. 316459

She described satan's butt hole dry heat on her ig. one can assume she's talking about Nevada weather.

No. 316486

She keeps complaining about dry heat, so she's definitely in Nevada. You anons are crazy.

No. 316489

File: 1495202272611.jpg (74.81 KB, 638x479, black ash sings the song of he…)

>Dry heat

No. 316549

File: 1495211439663.png (2.43 MB, 1080x2424, vegas confirmed.png)


She's definitely lying.

No. 316560

File: 1495212007110.png (160.11 KB, 1600x1064, map.png)

I'd also like to add that this was the reason she was posting pictures of a bunch of resorts and hotels months ago. Rebecca was crossing states all the way to Nevada since Ashley can't fly on a plane.

For reference to all Non-Murican farmers, Nevada (yellow) is hella far from Mississippi (red), which is actually quite close to Florida (blue).

No. 316613

yesterday is the first time she has posted anything public about life in NV. And only after discussion about her location fired up here. Coincidence? Hi Ashley!

No. 316841

Nah son, right now it's 86 degrees in mississippi, 78 f in las vegas. Some parts of the US are getting really high temps. Hell, it was hotter where I live [east coast] than it was in the south.

No. 316855

>can't fly on a plane

No. 316856


because of the anorexia i think it's something about blood pressure

No. 316867

Cabin altitude is usually 8000 feet or 6000 feet on a 787. That might have something to do with it.

No. 316934

maybe ot, but isn't secret.livez the 42 year old who posted ashley's weight and olive oil habit on here?

No. 316959

Olive oil habit… not even sure I want to know what this habit includes.

No. 316979

She most definitely is on here & She outted Ash in an old thread, but SL is just as disordered these days. Honestly she isn't much different from Ash, just older really and less negative than Ash even though she is spoopy and doesn't hide it much.

No. 316985

ash has really shit friends

No. 317078


No. 317081

I do
Did she chug it to help her purge or shit or what? I know she wouldn't use it topically because ~lotion makes you fat~

No. 317084

Secret lives is fucking weird. I can't tell if she's 17 or 37, and she's almost as spoopy as Ashley is.

No. 317200

Why are all the spoopy skelets womanchilds? It's a disturbing trend, maybe they all have some sort of grade of autism?

No. 317251

Common theory is that girls with anorexia are likely to have mothers who are also anorexic that have showed them first hand disordered eating, and anorexic girls usually start to have disordered eating around the start of puberty - likely because they don't want their body to change (hips grow wider, breasts grow, get taller, etc.) and that want to still have a prepubescent body stays and is why they're womenchildren.

No. 317282

>humid head

No. 317289

Can you guys post some secret.lives screenshots in the ana-chans thread? I'm really curious.

No. 317294

What a load of bollocks you wrote there.

Hormone deficiency stunts them, plain and simple.

No. 317378


…..what are you trying to show here? that she kept the same chair when she moved?

No. 317402

…that's not her chair anon.

No. 317404

Then wtf is it?

No. 317444

It's the inside of her mothers car.

No. 317449

Yeah, this.

No. 317454

Ash consumes olive oil and uses it to purge, I think? something like that.

No. 317465

It's the inside of Rebecca's car. Ash used to take all her pics and videos on the inside of it for "privacy" reasons so they always had that same polka dot background thing.

No. 317733

Maybe it's a specialty disabled seat that she took with her and had installed in her caretaker's vehicle.

No. 317769

File: 1495332146060.png (176.33 KB, 727x960, IMG_1376.PNG)

Incoming dump

No. 317772

File: 1495332207818.png (122.37 KB, 750x1019, IMG_1378.PNG)

I'll post the caption that goes with this one, she had a heart attack.

No. 317774

File: 1495332256571.png (238.11 KB, 750x1104, IMG_1379.PNG)

No. 317777

That dried out crispy thin upper lip and cleft chin. Thank4thenightmares

No. 317778

File: 1495332586982.png (80.55 KB, 430x617, IMG_1380.PNG)

Crusty you say?

No. 317782

I can smell her thigh gap from here.

No. 317790

Mirin' that jawline. This is what all true incels strive for.

No. 317792

Okay Im not trying to whiteknight anybody, but I think writing about crusty lips and smelly thighgap after somebody with anorexia had a heartattack is a bit too much even for this board

No. 317914

File: 1495342451944.png (47.79 KB, 155x275, 1453340068397.png)

Don't worry man, it's cool. We've stooped lower. Even Secret.Lives/Jamie has stooped lower.

She probably should be discussed in the ana-chans thread, though.

No. 317917

The fuck cares? Nobody bats an eye when we make fun of morbidly obeast cows eating themselves into the grave.

No. 317919

Yes but the morbidly obese cow didn't just have a heart attack

No. 317926

People shat on the Slaton sisters when Tammy got put into the hospital when she nearly died after pneumonia.
Try again, moralfag.

No. 318046

Waste of life and medical resources. She should have been left to die

No. 318086

gtfo moralfag

No. 318290

Doctors love special cases like Ashley.

No. 318431

I honestly don't think she's seeing a doctor, especially since she moved.

No. 318435

where do you think you are?

No. 318443

Most doctors would be frustrated as shit if they had to look after her. No doctor or nurse likes a non-compliant patient, and everyone hates screaming toddlers. Ash is both

No. 328326

File: 1496487928314.jpg (111.23 KB, 926x592, wr.jpg)

not yet dead

No. 328523

I miss all the drama.

No. 328534

Me too, I miss all the dramas and milk

No. 331430

I'm willing to bet my left ovary that the entire reason Ash can't recover is that she has gastroparesis and refuses a tube.

No. 331620

I agree

No. 331675

Ive never heard this theory, care to elaborate?

No. 331756

Pretty sure that here in the UK refusing a tube in her condition would get her sectioned. I'm guessing that's not the case in the US?

No. 331776

The sectioning thing has been discussed to death in every single thread for years. Stop asking this asinine fucking question and read a previous thread before posting in current ones. This is why hellweek has to exist in the first damn place.

No. 331791

Calm your fucking titties. I've been here since thread 1. Sectioning hasn't been discussed with ref to her refusing life saving treatment. Read the threads!!1

No. 331798

Sage exists.

Sectioning and ash refusing treatment has been discussed as nauseum. Sectioning and ashs refusal of medical/psych care isn't a different discussion because it's still about sectioning, which isn't happening. Being salty doesn't make a dead horse spring to life.

No. 331812

Drop it ffs.

No. 332123

File: 1497048339226.png (702.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170610-004406.png)

No. 332124

File: 1497048368981.png (110.5 KB, 480x266, voldemort-under-bench.png)

No. 344766

Still not dead………………(noncontribution)

No. 344771

Thanks for the riveting input.

No. 344782

Imagine constantly being so exhausted because of your weight that you literally cannot enjoy anything in life

No. 352012

You're welcome. That's how this whole thread is anyway.

No. 352034


There won't be any more milk from Ash. She's obviously too exhausted to do an irl friends thing which was the cause of her sperg outs. Even her outrageous lies aren't interesting anymore.

Now this thread's hanging around and the next big news about her will be her death. The whole skele thing's not worth commenting on because everyone's used to her being bones.

Idk, as much as she's been a bitch and used people I hope her final months are peaceful if only as thanks for past lols.

No. 352321

File: 1500029668751.png (371.46 KB, 2411x1251, Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 7.22…)

She had a date with some dude.

No. 352327

Awww think she and hank will fall in skeleton love?

No. 352992

File: 1500138221093.png (942.6 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20170715-175835.png)

I know she's leaning but it's pretty amazing she can stand on one leg.

No. 353004

That's a really old pic. I remember the first time she posted it.

No. 353015

File: 1500142286131.jpg (37.48 KB, 467x546, spirit hood.JPG)

(Investigations confirm that picture is 2 years old.)

No. 353059

I wonder if it was a pity date or if the guy is really after some sticky, dry skeletor puss

No. 353092

Gotta nitpick this, her hood is a cheap, poor quality knock off. Maybe 25 bucks.

No. 353123

can you not properly fucking link something?

No. 353124

No. 353141

although i dont see the picture anywhere. You know, she isnt tuna. It's possible she just took that thing out of her wardrobe again.

No. 353162

Holy shit, this is a horror movie tier image!

No. 353223

File: 1500162314247.jpg (20.07 KB, 524x800, flamingo-on-one-leg.jpg)

No. 353232

I feel this too. Holy shit, it's horrifying!

No. 353240

There was no point. The pic wasn't posted (her posting of pics was a lot more active then) and I just ss the relevant post. The comments beneath are the comments from the instagram post of her wearing the hood the first time. Can you not properly fucking comprehend or something?

No. 353283

A comment saying, "this is an old picture," and then a screenshot of her just saying that she owns the damn thing isn't proof.

No. 353285

It's not meant as proof. I know it's old , Idgaf what others think.

No. 353303

That's not how image boards work, bub.

No. 353930

I was googling garigari and got this, lol. Big in Japan.

No. 354099

And this is why you shouldn't skip leg day.

No. 354123

File: 1500312270064.jpg (12.24 KB, 320x320, bigarms.jpg)

She's just cutting breh, gotta get that bf down for MAXIMUM AESTHETICS

No. 360063

File: 1501003549085.png (46.01 KB, 590x565, welp.png)

…and lasted 5 full seconds.

No. 360072

File: 1501004825397.jpg (44.66 KB, 615x808, Jonathan Hill.jpg)

>tfw when youre wondering what ashley judges as good looking.

No. 360115

she's going to literally die from having sex, isn't she?

No. 360116

she doesn't have a libido.

No. 360258

File: 1501019065446.jpg (84.4 KB, 960x608, An ash love story.jpg)

Hey there good lookin, wanna go back to my crypt and BONE?

No. 360273

At this point if someone wants to date her, wouldn't you have to wonder if it's just a necrophilic who found a save way to satisfy his kinks?

No. 360290

Not a necrophiliac but someone clearly creepy and predatory. No normal person wants to date a bile-scented, incontinent monster who spends the majority of their time slumped, mostly dead, in a dirty armchair.

No. 360532

i feel like it's more likely that she's lying about dating someone. there is no fucking way that anyone could find that attractive.

No. 360768


does no one remember Henry from vk?

No. 361091

File: 1501098162584.jpg (38.96 KB, 400x316, 1316646423588.jpg)

They're not dating her, it's just one of her many BPD delusions. This has happened many times before. Every time someone is remotely friendly with her or takes her out on a friendly outing, she completely OBSESSES over the person for weeks/months until the person does something she doesn't like and then she flip-flops her obsession into PURE HATRED.

No. 361096

Maybe her partner is ill too?

No. 361261

Yeah I wanna see these photos she wants to take

No. 361335

File: 1501123475271.gif (64.83 KB, 400x303, giphy_s.gif)

Tee hee this Ash is (sorta) back. I hooope it lasts!

On a side note….please post receipts that Ash is indeed in NV, if there are any.

You goombahs, that'sa child car seat, NOT Rebeccah's actual car seat. Ash doesn't meet the minimum weight requirements to ride like a big girl without one so she gets the toddler seat.

No. 361345

File: 1501124385851.gif (4.3 MB, 800x332, giphy.gif)

She's been liking/reblogging Vegas pictures with tags and commenting how hot it is where she lives. I think you can piece 2 and 2 together.

No. 361469

File: 1501145529645.jpg (422.83 KB, 960x1280, 1438060622723.jpg)

In this pic you can clearly see that she is in a child's car seat. In most states you have to ride in one if you weigh less than 80 lbs. So what >>316549 said is technically incorrect. This could be in any car in any state.

No. 361470

File: 1501145620603.jpg (10.46 KB, 336x336, shopping.jpg)

^^Samefag, but the child's seat she is sitting in is somewhat similar to this.

Sage for samefag.

No. 361498

Not sure why it really matters where she's living, but isn't there something you can do on her facebook pictures (I know ig wipes all the info away) to see where it was taken? As you can tell I'm not technically minded, but I'm sure I did this once by looking at "properties" or sthing.

As for the affairs, Idk who she hangs out with these days online. Her last "affairs" have been abortive as anon above said, and end with drama. Was it a year ago when she was having a so-called romance with a neckbeard and the next minute she was calling him a cunt on tumblr? It'll happen again.

No. 361545

you're talking about geotagging, right? Im pretty sure fb and ig strip photos of exif data, so that won't work.

No. 361555

Who tf keeps being willing to tattoo her? I feel like it's a liability at this point.

No. 361961


Only if you're under 12. And if you're an adult no one cares how much you weigh.

No. 362034

File: 1501217309631.png (829.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5769.PNG)

Looks like it matches the driver seat… so…

No. 362102

Still not convinced. She would slip right out of a seat belt. They do make polka-dotted car seat boosters, after all. I could be wrong though, of course.


No. 362188

Her eyes are really pretty here. Maybe she dreams of a future without the exhausting and pain everyday hmmm

No. 362206

Nah, she is addicted to the pain and really wants to die. I think she likes it at this point and forgot how it's like to live without physical pain. I remember on her first blog when an anon asked her if she had a magic wand would she use it to make herself healthy again and stop the pain. She freaked out and spammed "NOPE" as a response. She got what she wanted, I guess.

No. 362211

Oh well, then good for her, I guess

No. 362366

File: 1501266702045.jpg (815.26 KB, 1079x1709, Screenshot_20170728-132919.jpg)

Why do I get the feeling that she's always trying to show off? And HOW can she think she doesn't need a wheelchair? Her legs are literal toothpicks.

No. 362381

Oh god, the coloring of her legs is scary. The bottom part is covered in that fur too. I love how she trademarks her pictures, like the only time I'd see someone stealing them is for a medical journal ffs.

No. 362417

Why has society? You did this. At some point you gotta own your own shit.

No. 362473

She is SUPER PROUD of them. Ash has always been obsessed with having super thin legs and called out random pictures of models calling their thin legs "fat". I think her body dysmorphic disorder is very severe on her legs.

No. 362485

I don't even think it's bdd tbh. I think she's completely aware of how this she is, but it's let's the only thing she had anymore and she loves getting attention for it. Which makes sense considering her primary dx should almost certainly be BPD, with the eating disorder as a really entrenched extension of that.

Sage for armchair lol

No. 362750

File: 1501303271486.png (13.2 KB, 537x272, faint.png)

First needing the wheelchair again, now this. I'm scared for Ash, tbh. :/

No. 362779

The excitement of new love with her first ever bf and the health scares are probably making her quickly realize her own mortality.

I think there's a tiny part of Ash that doesn't want to die, that leftover caveman instinct we all have or whatever, and it's starting to make itself known.

No. 362825

It's a crying shame that at this point even if she did become weight restored, the terminal damage is done. How much time she has left is debatable, but her lifespan has definitely been abbreviated significantly. Sad,really.

No. 362847

Why are you scared for her? She's chosen this for herself and she knows full well what's going to happen to her. I doubt she's scared. At this point surely she's got to have come to terms with it.

No. 362881


She doesn't understand why she does it? Because she decided to commit spite-suicide in the slowest and most emotionally punitive, excrutiating manner she could think of, in order to "punish" her mother. Imagine the type of person it takes to force their mother to watch them slowly kill themself. That's Ashley.

I think it's kind of sad that she's finally realized what many, many people over the years have tried to tell her (only to have her say amazingly cruel and shitty things in response), but I don't feel particularly bad for her. She has done everything in her power to achieve this outcome, including deliberately sabotaging any help she's been given, and, well, here it is.

No. 362944

mortality affects everyone in the end, anon. no need to be so edgy.

No. 363332

File: 1501396875729.jpg (258.23 KB, 1239x643, combine_images.jpg)

She could recover. She hasn't gone "too far". Rachael Farrokh is 5'7 and 40 pounds (was around 35 pounds at her worst) giving her a BMI of 6.3 which is lower than ashley who is like 5'1 and 40-45 pounds. As you can see in the picture Rachael's face is more emicated than Ashleys, more bones etc.

In a recent video it shows that Rachael Farrokh's heart is healthy so that proves not every organ is effected so if Ashley did choose to recover she would have a better quality of life for sure.

So if Rachael can recover? why can't ashley?

Well that's mean no more attention from looking like death, free gifts & getting back at her mom.
So of course she isn't going recovery so I don't understand why she is crying & complaining about fainting & being in a wheel chair. Oh well she made her bed tbh.

On a side note Rachael is looking great all thought not fully recovered yet at least she is trying.

Rachael will be a inspiration to people suffering from eating disorders, unlike attention seeking Ash who promotes them.

No. 363335

It's sad. Ashley is like 15 years younger than Rachael yet her skin appears older even though they are around the same weight. Maybe this has something to do with purging?

No. 363336

I'm sorry if this sounds insensitive but I just genuinely don't understand and am curious. How does anorexia get so bad like this? How do they think this looks good? I thought anorexia was becoming skinny to be beautiful like models not like this… they Rachael looks scary.

No. 363337

Rachael also has her hair unlike Ash who is wearing a wig. This is strange. My theory is that Ashley doesn't have enough vitamins to grow hair due to her purging. As far we know Rachael doesn't suffer from bulimia so she probably has enough vitamins in her system to maintain her hair. It also explains why her skin appears healthier than Ash's.

No. 363340

Ex-ana-chan here.

It usually starts with feeling like you aren't good enough, and that can come from comparing yourself to skinny models. However, once anorexia consumes you, you can even quite literally begin to think skeletons look good. Also, there can be a lot more at play, such as punishing your loved ones and yourself. It's a really long-winded suicide. It's definitely not as simple as "wanting to look like supermodels".

No. 363342

File: 1501399166564.jpg (133.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I agree. Rachael looks scary… She appears more skeletal in the face as Ash. How is this possible?

No. 363344


Spoil that Jesus Christ why don't they just mercy kill them at that

No. 363347

Ex-ana-chan here as well.

For me it was about control. Everything else in my life was chaos but the one thing that I had control of was my food intake. It made me feel powerful and disciplined.

Also, I wanted to feel light as air and portray an image of being venerable so that amidst the chaos the people around me would want to take care of me and be inclined not to hurt me or hold me accountable for anything.

Weird, and disordered thinking, I know, but it's true.


No. 363348

only now?
anorexia doesnt have a 10% mortality rate for nothing. girls and women die from starvation sooner and with more weight than ash. it's a miracle she's been alive for so long. some kind of junko furuta miracle.

No. 363349

i dont think "punishing her mother" is doing the deed anymore. It might have started with all this and there surely is a distorted mother-daughter relationship as Ive seen it with every anorexic patient, but there is more to it.

No. 363354

This is the part I don't get. If Ash started to make a sincere attempt at recovery, she would be SWARMED by the attention, validation, and love she so blatantly craves. If she started a recovery Facebook page, a medical Gofundme, whatever, she would have thousands of people cheering her on. She'd have people celebrating and encouraging her at every turn and falling over themselves to help her. So much help and encouragement is within Ash's reach. If she would only say "Please help me, I'm scared" she would be handed everything she needed. But she won't. It's like she is fully convinced that the only sense of validation she'll ever have in life is through destroying herself and luxuriating in peoples' horrified reactions. She's such a tragic case. I get that a lot of farmers are long past empathy for her but I can't help but feel so fucking sad for her. She is easily one of the most mentally ill people discussed on this site, if not the most, just for her sheer, dogged pursuit of her own death.

No. 363356

yeah it's almost as it's not about the attention and validation, duh!

No. 363367


Pretty sure she's had Dr.Phils people contact her and numerous journalists and people seriously offering to help her. She doesn't want to get better. She wants to die the sickest anorexic. She's such a child, but shes not stupid, and refeeding could kill her, but in her eyes she'd be fat. Ash would claw her ass right out of the grave if she was anything over 48 pounds.

No. 363371

am i seeing this right or is her arm literally see through. it looks like gauze or cloth

No. 363373

That's what I'm saying.
It's the fact that she vehemently doesn't want it and doesn't even seem CAPABLE of wanting it that makes her whole situation so mortifyingly sad to me.

No. 363381

Her arm is wrapped in gauze. That's not her skin you're seeing.

Ash, fix your eyebrows. You look like a clown.

No. 363383

You sure she has the muscle power AND the brain power to draw them on decently?

No. 363384


I'm not sure why she even bothers drawing on the fake eyebrows. They look ridiculous.

No. 363387

>some kind of junko furuta miracle

junko furuta was killed by her captors so what kinda miracle are you talking about?

i thought they were tattood

No. 363397

Ash pulls her hair out. She's mention it/alluded to it on Tumblr in the past.

No. 363406

Maybe they were referring to the amount of time junko furuta survived as a miracle? I wouldn't refer to that as a miracle considering what she dealt with but…

No. 363524

Holy shit, she's finally starting to crack. Getting to see a glimpse of the real person inside the angry skeleton is jarring. Think of the quality of life she could have had if she started letting this stuff out years and years ago.

No. 363525

I don't think she ever chose it. I think the "this is what I want" act has been a deeply damaging teen edgelord coping mechanism.

No. 363843

I wonder what Ash thinks when she looks at Rachael.

No. 363846

She moves her mouth area exactly like Ashley. This is so uncanny.

No. 363849

She even has the lump between her nose and her mouth. Do Rachael and Ashley know about each other?

No. 363863

It is. No sane person in the world would do to themselves what Ashley has.

Anyone who thinks that her condition is solely fuelled by willful spite and is not the culmination of many factors, primarily an extremely fucked up mind and unfathomably complex mental illness, is legitimately mentally retarded. Talking to you, "I don't feel bad for her because she's an asshole who chose and enjoys this!!!!" anons.

No. 363864

File: 1501488856410.png (9.84 KB, 564x271, rachael.png)


Yeah. Ashley has heard of Rachael.

I'm sure Ashley is relieved that Rachael is recovering as Ash wants to be the sickest anorexic out there & Rachael was probably competition for her.

No. 363891

Here's a video of Rachael explaining the physical symptoms of her eating disorder as she is around the same weight as Ashley we can assume Ashley is going thorough similar symptoms.

"You have to lay on your organs, because I don't have any muscle to protect".

No. 363926

It's not the first time someone's tried to use the Ash thread as a cover to derail about their favourite anas.

No. 363956


Tbh I don't think any one is comparing Rachael to Ash they are simply just stating if Rachael can recover than so can Ash. Alot of people are saying the damage Ash has caused to her own body is 'too much' so there is no point in recovering. In fact I believe even Ash has claimed she has gone too far to recover. I think Rachael was only mentioned as an example to prove it is possible to recover & have some quality of life & that Ash hasn't gone too far.

No. 363963


They're only comparing Rach & Ash as they have similar weights/skeletal bodies. It has nothing to do with "favourite anas" or who is the "skinniest".

It would be foolish to compare some one like Eugenia to Ash as their weight differences.

We can learn alot about Ash's physical symptoms through Rachael as Rachael is more open about her eating disorder.

No. 363997

I didn't suggest a comparison was being made

No. 364026

This. A lot of the questions we have about Ash and her life can easily be answered by Rachael. I don't give a damn about Rachael except as a medical specimen.

No. 364045

File: 1501521362345.png (9.9 KB, 535x262, selfharm.png)

she most likely hates her guts because of competition.

No. 364276

File: 1501550193588.png (995.9 KB, 501x884, posted505.png)

She just posted a picture of her boyfriend on tumblr.

I wonder how long it will last?

No. 364292

Omg goalzzz!!!

No. 364299

Does he have a bone fetish or something? How can anyone ever date her. I mean, we know it can't be for her shitty personality so…

No. 364549

ohhhh no. when he realizes he cant be with someone whos slowly killing themselves and breaks up with her shes gonna have a huge breakdown

No. 364638

File: 1501603807018.png (326.51 KB, 512x512, bryce.png)

No. 364816

I dont want to sound like an asshole (i say as I post on lolcow) but like….ashley has such a bad personality and she is toxic to everyone around her. she just uses people to get food so she can throw it back up. idk how she roped in a dude when shes a screeching skeleton but ok ash just know we're here to laugh at you when yall break up.

No. 365002

Which of her former instagram buddies are you, and what did she do to you?

No. 365007

File: 1501648766246.png (8.89 KB, 514x249, ashley isaacs.png)

She "loves" him but is cool with absolutely dying in front of him. How fucking selfish can she be?

No. 365022


I think that's him.

No. 365025

Did this thread become autosaged?

No. 365029

File: 1501650636241.png (132.46 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20170802-010148.png)

He certainly isn't all aboard with that idea, it seems.

Also his blog was barebones (kek) when I found it; he had only reblogged 2 of Ash's posts but as soon as I posted his blog here, the account started reblogging random shit. Coincidence?

No. 365043

I wonder if Ash has a DNR or DNI in place. Usually people that medically fragile end up having something like that and I'd she'd be furious if she ended up in the ICU and they tube fed her while she was unconscious.

No. 365191

Call me crazy but I think this is a sockpuppet account… His text posts are whiney and written in the same format as Ash's, even down to her tags…

(in b4 deleted blog)

No. 365196


What does sockpuppet mean? Sorry newbie here.

No. 365200

File: 1501686357632.png (8.02 KB, 390x170, likedthis.png)


I think you may be right! (maybe).

She liked 1 of his replies. I find this strange as she rarely will like a comment.

No. 365270


Gotta say that was my first thought too… it always looks suspicious when someone has pretty much nothing on their account except for likes and comments to one person. Has she mentioned how she met this dude?

No. 365276


Could be, but then where did she get the picture? Reverse image search turns up nothing. So this is a person she's met who has sent her photos, but wouldn't catch on if she made a sock puppet account?

No. 365441

File: 1501709687818.jpg (173.2 KB, 650x434, IMG_2600.JPG)

I think this is true. The guy exists, but the blog isn't his.

My personal internet detective conspiracy theories about this relationship:

1) Ashley is nearing the end of her life after a series of health scares. Rebecca has taken pity on her and made a plea to the public for someone to pretend to be Ash's boyfriend for the last few months of her life. The guy is either doing it for good karma/because the good lawd Jesus would want it/because he is being paid (pick any of the above).
2) This guy is willingly and freely dating her without prompting because he is almost or just as fucked up in the head as Ash is.
3) This guy is willingly and freely dating her without prompting because he has a severe paraphilia for women who are skin and bones, making Ash essentially a sexual object to him.
4) Ash is not in fact dating this guy; he is a cousin or family friend she asked for a selfie with, and she's spinning a fictional tale of love online because she has nothing better to do.

What do you gals think?

No. 365457

#4. We've seen it happen before with the barista lady and Erika. Anyone who gives her special attention immediately becomes a relationship to her.

This is what I think that's going on. She met a local dude who took pity in her and wanted to show her a good time and see her happy. She is so emotionally starved that her mind warps these friendships into idolatry and obsession. This may be how her damaged mind works, creating false scenarios and exaggerated reality which feel very real to her. Maybe she got so excited over this dude that she created this imaginary scenario where they're tumblr buddies and he reblogs stuff she likes. She's a compulsive liar. This is why she pretended to have moved to Mississippi instead of Vegas. She lives in her own warped reality, believing in her own lies.

No. 365815


Also the fact that he said 'Sailor moon' when she didn't even mention means sailor moon so he knows personal things about her & what she likes.

No. 366881

Probably not. Doesn't look the same at all…

No. 367725

deffo sock puppet vibes all over the place here. the pic of them together is so heavily filtered and edited etc it can easily be a shop of 2 people put together who weren't together at all.

No. 367891

The account looks very fake to me and the profile picture doesn't look like the guy in the picture with her.

I think the picture could be real though. I thought she said she met this guy through tumblr? I need to see another pic to believe it for sure.

No. 367892

Haha, seriously? If she met him through tumblr then why has he only just started posting this week?

No. 367915

File: 1502059394507.png (164.37 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5958.PNG)

Actually jk, I think this was about the "first guy"

No. 367993

File: 1502066600556.png (739.6 KB, 505x872, looks5.png)

wtf it looks like he is holding a kid, sure he must feel all bones when he holds her like that? He also looks different to the first picture she posted of them together… Perhaps it the angle of the photo?

No. 367999


I agree! The guy in this photo looks completely different to the other photo of 'them' together. Wtf is going on? does she got more than 1 boyfriend? LOL

No. 368154

She has a Snapchat now right?

No. 368155


Yeah her snapchat is on her instagram.

No. 368170

File: 1502094240947.png (495.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170807-040940.png)

No. 368339

I added her on snapchat. It's a completely different guy. Seems Ash gets passed around more than a bone in a dog park.

No. 368394

Nice to see Ash is still sporting that band aid for at least a year now.

No. 368398

File: 1502128350124.png (1.64 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170807-125018.png)

No. 368400

File: 1502128481913.png (1.81 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170807-124827.png)

It seems Ash's new beau is a greeter at Wal-Mart.

No. 368431

Thanks for finding that. So he looks nothing like "his tumblr" page and he doesn't look anything like the guy in the first picture…. but this is for sure the guy in the second picture….. weird. I wonder what his deal is.

No. 368995

You gotta keep us posted on that lol

No. 369038

The guy is not bad looking…just weird to see creepy Ashley and him together. He may have a skeleton fetish or something

No. 370224

does anyone have ash's snapchat? she just posted a video of some mac and cheese cheeto snacks.

No. 370405

File: 1502429553509.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170811-072941.png)

Oh my God he is real and legit (and of course looks anorexic)

No. 370408

File: 1502429706545.png (108.7 KB, 1080x564, Screenshot_20170811-073339~2.p…)


No. 370409

It's dearXatticus

No. 370457

So it says she's in my friends on Snapchat but I never see any posts. Does she have to add me back or what.

No. 370525

File: 1502452790383.png (12.65 KB, 517x293, ash.png)

No. 370603


If she doesn't accept you then you can't see her posts

No. 370611

Has anyone even thought about how her mom would never allow a boyfriend. Her mom controls her and if she's as competitive as ashley always says I don't see it

No. 371108

File: 1502517859647.webm (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, snapchat1.webm)

No. 371117

File: 1502518889378.webm (2.48 MB, 1080x1920, snapchat2.webm)

sorry about the audio. my phone a shit

No. 371438

I don't think her mom controls her or is competitive. Probably way back in the day but at this point ……. it just is what it is.

No. 371770

she legit told someone on tumblr she won't add black people on snapchat

No. 371772

File: 1502629788660.jpg (78.23 KB, 551x393, Untitled.jpg)

No. 371791

i think she meant nah, as in she isn't racist

No. 371800

this is totally a self ask. and notice ash isn't even sorry.

No. 372136

File: 1502685949306.png (8.26 KB, 525x258, ashley2.png)

What even kind of reply is this, does she take anything seriously?

No. 372141

File: 1502686417756.png (16.89 KB, 495x337, 112462017147.png)

Speaking of her Tumblr - she really hates competing with other spoops, it seems. Like you just know she hates how everyone pays attention to Eugenia when Ash is, of course, the spoopiest ana queen. She hates that Eugenia is more well known and still looks human. This is another reason she won't recover, she needs to be #1, right? I just don't get it. I really don't.

Sage for raging a bit, woops

No. 372758

anorexia is very competitive in nature. my eating disorder tells me i won't be the best at being skinny until i die from malnutrition or whatever.

No. 373171


She always seems to get defensive when some one mentions another anorexic person to her. Most of the anorexic's are very competitive they constantly feel like they need to be the "skinniest".

No. 373402

This guy is close to a necrophile as you can get without it being illegal. I hope he gets chemically castrated, tbh

No. 373480

File: 1502914399919.webm (9.79 MB, 1080x1920, vegas.webm)

Ashley lives in Vegas confirmed.

No. 373489

Fear and Boning in Las Vegas

No. 373514

File: 1502918831166.webm (7.39 MB, 1080x1920, bf.webm)

here's another one, you can hear her beau's voice

btw i'm saving some of her snapvids to archive the bonelord in case she dies or something since she's going out quite a bit (and this could potentially kill the spoop)

No. 373545

Does anyone think Ash is actually fucking this guy? I feel like if anything she's heavily indicated she has issues with sex and men

No. 373565

i can't imagine someone with such an advanced level of atrophy doing anything resembling sex, even starfishing.

No. 373702

Jesus fuck the mental image I just got in my head.

If this guy actually has a fetish for emaciated sketelons, he's probably just wanting to fuck her and use her as a sex object, and since Ash can't nor wants to have sex, what the fuck is going on?

No. 373986

goddam, I missed all the news due to the autosage.

excuse my lateness, I wonder if the first guy
>>364276 and >>364638
was her tattoo artist or something, just someone she knows and was crushing on?

new guy has the face of a definite creeper.

No. 373992

File: 1502962764822.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170817-113757.png)

No. 374017


Lol like a single shot wouldn't kill her

Also is Ashley's face just a fraction bit fuller or is that just the snapchat filter…?

No. 374018

File: 1502966120492.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.58 KB, 540x300, IMG_3143.JPG)

No. 374099

Her bf looks/acts kind of gay. He looks pretty emaciated for a guy too. I wonder if he's anorexic as well since ash mentioned he had anxiety problems.

No. 374431

File: 1503017097178.jpg (63.98 KB, 608x342, ht_squirrel_hair_kab_140317_16…)

I thought the same thing, anon. But man, that wig is getting so very ratty that I think squirrels might start making a nest in it soon.

Sage no contribution

No. 374768

Ash sucks but we don't know much about this guy. He's clearly not underweight as visible on his facebook and he doesn't look like a creep imo either. I'd provide caps but I don't feel like putting him here and you know where to find him.

No. 375776

I may just be growing immune to emaciation but I swear Ash looks healthier in that last instagram pic… her face and her arms.

No. 375959

It's just the filter that gets rid of shadows and brightens her face. Look at the pic before that.

No. 376350

You're on an image board ffs

No. 377921

File: 1503503149547.webm (4.02 MB, 854x480, binge.webm)

So the latest video shows them buying obvious binge food together. I guess >>374099 anon is right.

No. 377931

she's always buying binge food on snapchat. seems she's fond of cheesy stuff lately

No. 378408

how the fuck do you view her Snapchat?

No. 378645

you add her to your contacts bro, like any other person and then swipe right to view all your contacts' daily stories

No. 378855

I can't see any of these snap videos you're posting . Am I the only one ?

No. 378865

File: 1503606667751.png (852.72 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6290.PNG)

They are Facebook official….

Will shit hit the fan soon?

No. 378921

God this is just so fucking embarrassing on his part…. I honestly want to know what he possible could get from Ash. She has a shit personality and is too spoopy to fuck. So like… What do they do together besides probably binge and purge as a "couple"?

No. 379109

I can't see her posts and I've added her already. Sooo, idk. :c

No. 379179

He works at Walmart. I bet that's where they met.

No. 379233


She has to add you back in order for you to see her posts.

No. 379346

>Profile is public
>Posts are stupid shit like "what's your DNA ancestry based on your photo??"
>Nothing about his education but has still bothered to put that he's a Walmart greeter and is "boning" Ash
>Biggest shared interest with Ash seems to be snapchat filters and visiting Target

At first I thought he must have a fetish or something but now I'm betting he's a little bit retarded at least

No. 379408

File: 1503668294434.png (9.96 KB, 516x289, gross.png)

I think that's exactly the type of relationship they have.

No. 379413

File: 1503669569299.jpg (15.84 KB, 325x325, 1440355283328.jpg)

Could you even imagine them making out? That ammonia/bile flavored halitosis and flaky dry lips rubbing against his.

No. 379506

It seems like Ashley disabled questions on her tumblr page. I wonder why?

No. 379531

maybe reality was getting to her with all those hard-truth asks lol

No. 379610


Yup. Sadly ash lives in pretend land. She runs away from reality.

No. 379612


Alot of people have probably been asking her about her 'future' with her boyfriend. Such as will she recover to spend time with him etc etc. I'm sure questions like this are very emotional for her.

No. 380092

Does she dress up for Halloween?
I know it's her favorite holiday but I don't believe I've seen her in costume before.

No. 380221



No. 380410

No. 384336

File: 1505026844697.png (16 KB, 487x342, 1253709092017.png)

Welcome back, lolcow

Ah yes, Ash, punish your family and friends til you shrivel into nothing. That'll show 'em! Ugh why is she like this… Blaming everyone else and refusing any responsibility for her life and how its ended up.

No. 386621

File: 1505404844669.png (33.66 KB, 539x426, trashley.png)

Refusing any help too. How does she expect any kindness from others if this is how she treats people?

Also, time for a new thread? This one is on autosage.

No. 387421

Link the new thread? I suck at finding the new ones

No. 387485

New Ash thread? Where did you here that? This is the current thread rn, no new one. We haven't reached the post limit yet.

No. 389649

File: 1505871374557.png (21.82 KB, 641x309, dumbquestion.png)

What's the point when you're just going to throw it up, Ash?

No. 389723

She didn’t say she was answering it tho??

No. 394686

File: 1506672124881.png (1007.47 KB, 1134x760, extraspoopy.PNG)

I don't understand the angles in this pose. Also how is she even able to support herself?

No. 394720

She's a fucking miracle. All the people in her comments calling her cute and great looking is even more miraculous. I bet she's not able to stand or walk for many minutes straight tho.

No. 394814

oh, the irony of that skeleton

No. 397429

File: 1507064946601.png (8.37 KB, 514x229, ash chan.png)

how the fuck has this monstrously skeletal bitch ever had sex

No. 397613

You can be aroused and not have sex

No. 397880

If her body can't produce the hormones for menstruation I doubt she has any sort of libido

No. 403596

File: 1507982859212.png (1.06 MB, 1402x749, rachael505.png)

I don't get how Ashley's legs can look like that? It's like they're twisting in some way? Is it the angel? Rachael's is also similar

No. 405169

WTF is that Ash? She just posted another IG vid with that skelly loving BF.

No. 407671


that's rachel/rachael whateverhernameis

No. 409320

Imagine being turned on by Ashley. Jesus

No. 409673

I think i stumbled upon ashleys reddit by accident, /u/trashleyyashley. Typing style is so similar.

No. 410173

Holy shit, in one part of the thigh there is litterally nothing but skin and bone and even the bone looks too thin.

No. 420403

She can't recover. Too much damage is done to her body.

No. 420404

File: 1510334576337.jpg (2.03 MB, 5885x2000, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-wG16…)


I disagree.

Before & after she started eating again.

No. 420412


I disagree.

Before & after she started eating again.>>420404

Oh damn. She looks just as skinny as ashley and now she looks great once she started eating again.

No. 421031

Who is this?

No. 422938

uhhh is this actually an anorexic person? bc it looks like Somalia or possibly Ethiopia and famine is way more common there than eating disorders. not that it's impossible just unlikely, and it's also unlikely that this person has been that emaciated for like ten years the way ash has if so

No. 424121

It’s saida ahmad baghili, a severely malnourished person but not an anorexic

No. 429205

The relationship status isn’t on Ashley’s boyfriends Facebook anymore

No. 429872

File: 1511339031037.jpeg (244.97 KB, 750x1164, FBAA8DB4-7AE3-48BC-9816-E1875A…)

Okay so why do all anorexics just expect gifts and money to come wallowing their way? Because they are sick? Get a fucking grip. Asking for gifts and money from complete strangers IS selfish, well done. And shut up with those fake hashtags, you admitted recovery isn’t “for you” and you don’t want it.

No. 430169

I don’t think anyone sent her money because the balance says zero. Ugh who would send her money seriously.

No. 433160

Some articles stated that this Libyan girl Saida weighted only 11 kg/24 lbs. She's most likely very short (growth stun), but it's shocking that anyone could be that light. And she was probably half dead at that point. The weird part is that Ashley doesn't appear much heavier. I know her weight has been discussed billion times but it's just so mindblowing.

No. 433445

Lol, just in case anyone still wants to send Ms. Skellington money she now has her PayPal address listed in her Instagram bio as well!

No. 434320

File: 1511971413370.png (1.92 MB, 1210x1211, jackie 1.PNG)

I suddenly thought of Ashley today after seeing Eugenia Cooney's recent YouTube videos - anyone been keeping up with Jackie Douglas, the supposedly mentally challenged "friend" she was apparently thinspo for?

That poor lady looks terrible now, seems like she did start losing a ton of weight. Ashley is literally toxic trash.

Wonder if we'll see her boyfriend become a skeleton too..

No. 434322

File: 1511971535845.png (3.69 MB, 1209x1206, jackie 2.PNG)

No. 434334

File: 1511972199337.png (2.67 MB, 1201x1209, jackie 3.PNG)

Even using those stupid slimming bug eyed filters Ashley uses on her instagram posts


No. 434735

I don’t think Ashley is going out with him anymore. They aren’t friends on Facebook now, and the relationship status is gone. I’m surprised it didn’t blow up.

No. 435347

Wait, who is this? I've never heard of her

No. 438851

she's a racist too(sage this)

No. 441262

Does anybody have any idea what happened?

No. 446049

File: 1513551788721.png (108.18 KB, 750x1055, IMG_1624.PNG)

I've been looking for obituaries etc but can't find anything. Did she pass away?

No. 446057

She aint dead. She posted a new toy on her kawaii toy instagram like an hour ago.

No. 446576

File: 1513606294846.png (197.63 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20171218-090501.png)

I believe that she was deemed beyond help by doctors. She always dodges the question, but sometimes little nuggets of truth slip out. That would explain why she doesn't get taken away and put into emergency care. I wonder if she has a Do-not-Resuscitate as well.

No. 447994

she's not "beyond help" if she accepts it. that's her twisting the story to victimize herself and sound like the Sickest Ever. she's def done irreparable damage but there are many other anorexics/people in famines who have been as thin as she is and gone on to gain weight and lead reasonably normal lives. there are other anorexics in this thread and earlier Ash threads who were as thin or thinner who are weight restored.

pretty much everyone who goes to denver ACUTE is her size, it's literally designed for "severe"/medically fragile cases.

there are people who have been sick for longer than she has who can and do get better.

it's not a guarantee and recovery is tricky for any ED, let alone one that's gone on this long and has been severe, but the only thing that makes her "beyond help" is her own refusal to accept help.

she can't be forced to get help at this point though. she's 26-27 (?) and not suicidal so the best they could do is put her in a 72-hour hold.

imo her only external hope at this point would be her mother kicking her out unless she got intensive tx. she wouldn't be willing to be homeless or give up her kawaii shit and internet attention.

her main issue seems to be bpd and her ED is entrenched so recovery would be complex but she's only as hopeless and helpless as she wants to be.

(which is a lot. this is all she has and she knows it.)

No. 467623

File: 1515699845277.jpg (103.5 KB, 694x818, pacifier.jpg)

It looks like she's ordered a custom adult pacifier.

No. 467967

What are those even for?

No. 469606

She would be an abdl ew

No. 470156

File: 1515968469073.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180114-181615.png)

Ash has been looking/acting deathly depressed lately. I wonder how her relationship with her mom has been like lately.

No. 473346

why can't she fly on a plane?

No. 473347

common theory is really definitely wrong.

No. 473972

#age regression?

Ash, why are you like this?

No. 475864

File: 1516414055967.png (96.95 KB, 1080x789, Screenshot_20180119-215502.png)

Not good.

No. 477243

Damn. This corresponds with when she finally accepted my Snapchat request!

No. 483634

Did she mention the subject in her snapchat?

No. 484654

File: 1517190892353.png (182.3 KB, 750x1334, 191A89C1-8A05-4F2D-9F68-FBDC46…)

Hmmm what do y’all think this means?
I thought she did live with her mother and didn’t believe her when she said she didn’t in the past. Also, who tf does she live with then? So many questions…

No. 484657

Wait , actually Idk if that was her mom… nvm.

No. 495182

File: 1517937514963.png (705.71 KB, 938x604, ashley isaacs insta.png)

she posted this 5 days ago so she is (presumably) still alive. she sounds more resigned to her illness and i imagine her breakup with that weirdo has only made things worse

man ash is one of my favorite cows but sometimes i'm just really fucking sad for her

No. 495905

I agree. What an awful existence. I've gone through some hard times in my life, but I can't even imagine living the way she does. Every day must be absolute agony.

No. 500598

File: 1518368101297.png (1.36 MB, 868x747, wow5.png)

Did any one hear about the japanese women who got starved by her grand dad? Apparently she was only 37 pounds…

No. 501519

File: 1518456691597.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1458, Screenshot_20180212-132733~2.p…)

>falling straight down onto your knee bones

Holy shit

No. 503504

Oh my God. I just looked it up. How horrible.

No. 503529

File: 1518685187799.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 5CCF70E0-67B0-42FD-B2E7-EA34E4…)

“Things are pretty bad here so uh if you could send positive vibes that would be great”
She looks dead inside. Kinda sad.

No. 504146

I honestly start to feel sorry for her. I know she's a bitch but she seems really different lately, as if she totally gave up.

No. 504164

File: 1518731450320.png (269.82 KB, 750x1334, 9F73036E-95EC-4A29-BFD3-CAF5FD…)

I wonder what’s going on

No. 504165

File: 1518731479631.png (490.69 KB, 750x1334, B60FAE89-5976-42C6-A107-3D552A…)

No. 504528

Maybe her mom (or whoever she's living off of) has finally realized they've been enabling her, and the only way to save her life is to give her an ultimatum – she has to actively try to recover, or she's getting tossed out on the street.

No. 507401

File: 1518981593384.png (215.97 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4263.PNG)

Alrighty then.

No. 508423

What exactly is she trying to say? Is she implying she's going out with a bang?

No. 508711

She posted story oninstagram in bed, really dark, saying "Sometimes you just need a hug " in a REALLY sad voice. Like legitimately sad. Jesus

Never thought I'd live to see the fall, after all those years

No. 509042

Wow, I'm really curious about what she means by this.

Can you post the video here?

No. 509045

File: 1519088986469.png (80.59 KB, 1440x1045, 20180219_180910.png)

Oh, and she just posted this. I wonder if she'll elaborate…?

No. 509205

I bet she’s getting a lot of asks.

No. 509206

File: 1519099853621.png (271.83 KB, 750x1334, 06531A8D-15D5-4D83-9B93-DFA722…)

No. 509355

She knows how to get attention…
Every 5 asks she'll slip in some new revelation on what is going on.

Also side note, is this threat temp saged?

No. 509360

Has it reached max yet?

No. 510060

File: 1519175016603.png (25.91 KB, 531x451, shitfaced.png)

You can't expect things to get any better if you don't open up and help yourself first, Ash.

No. 514222

File: 1519581524051.png (193 KB, 750x1334, BF6C84D3-F830-400A-BCC7-F0CC67…)

No. 514537

I wish she'd just spit it out.

No. 515106

She knows people will get bored faster if She spits it out pronto. Shes builiding up the suspense.

No. 516157


She's not referencing her death

No. 516551

File: 1519801863218.jpeg (587.55 KB, 1242x1407, 398D5CC2-64C4-4D21-B2EC-9D800B…)

I don’t know how she expects people to send her money on paypal when she tells them to fuck off when they show any concerns for her. troll or not sending the question here she’s making herself look pretty bad.

Though I really wonder if she is truly possibly facing homelessness because if so she could easily make some kind of emergency post on tumblr and post pictures of her ‘weak and frail body that couldn’t possibly survive on the street’ and she’d probably get donations out the ass since tumblr loves raising ridiculous amounts of money for mentally ill people.
Unless she’s actually planning on dying cold and alone on the street.
Knowing Ashley that’s probably one of the most manipulative ways she could die if no one tried to home her since all her friends and family would be to blame for letting her die on the street

No. 518122


She needs to help herself too or it doesn't matter if everyone in the world came to her rescue it still wouldn't be enough

No. 519268

File: 1520048798534.png (332.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180302-234514.png)


No. 519279

File: 1520049492041.png (355.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180302-235830.png)

No. 519282

File: 1520049585296.png (341.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180302-235659.png)

No. 519285

File: 1520049784976.png (352.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180302-235645.png)

It scares me to think that she's this immature and clueless on how to take care of herself as an adult.

No. 519286

File: 1520050004177.png (331.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180303-000658.png)

No. 519353

No. 519375

I actually feel bad for her. Bad living situations will make whatever bit of stability she has take a nose dive.

No. 519380

What is she gonna do!

No. 519977

this is so sad to me. so she lived off her mother all this time? she's so lonley too, she needs to go into a group home where she can have company, safety and maybe that hug she craves.

No. 520181

File: 1520137192809.jpg (40.21 KB, 852x852, FB_IMG_1520051630810.jpg)

I looked up her mom on Facebook and she looks absolutely miserable. Looks like she lost a ton of weight herself.

No. 520195


If everyone online helps her pay for a room the first month "WHO'S" going to pay it the rest of the time? Somebody on Tumblr said state but pretty sure one look and she's going to hospital

No. 520591

Yeah, that's the thing. She won't be able to stay in her anorexic comfort bubble anymore. If she's homeless, Nevada's baker act is valid. She's going to have to recover whether she likes it or not in order to survive. I doubt anyone will enable her to continue killing herself anymore.

No. 521088

no way she can continue to support her on a chilli's salary.. glad her mum is putting HER life first now. It's the best thing fo everyone.

No. 521399

Well I mean, not to be a support faggot here, but she should at least help Ash (some????) in getting out. Going from total dependence to nothing (even tho she’s a lych) can be difficult as all hell. But yeah, she should be able to live her own life.

No. 521423

I don't understand how anyone would let her to rent their apartment. I would be terrified to rent mine to a person who is in obvious danger of dropping dead soon. Or has she been put on some facility/supported housing?
Also she is turning into more and more of a nasty person. She is the epitaph of starved brains and borderline (and probably some other) personality disorder. She turns down all support and care, only donations will do, eagerly forming the bitchiest sentences possible if someone asks anything about her, even if the question is polite and helpful.

No. 521568


she's always been a waitress. Read the threads anon

No. 521576

Idk where you are but I'm surprised anyone would give her a room without a previous life. No credit history, job, bills. No thank you

No. 527861

File: 1520933025991.jpg (331.06 KB, 1400x1625, ash.jpg)

No further details but the plan trundles on. Ash is seeking tips for living alone but does she even know how to find a place I wonder.

No. 528014


Someone will save her. They always do

No. 528015

I honestly think this is the best thing to happen to her. She'll have no other choice but to recover to survive. There's virtually no way anyone will just let her live in an apartment in her current state.

No. 528277


I completely agree Anon

No. 529543

File: 1521082137998.png (86.37 KB, 1080x926, Screenshot_20180314-224842~2.p…)

Lmao what

No. 529556


Good god! As if she didn't feel entitled enough already kek

No. 530415

Lord. That's actually disgusting.

No. 533851

It’s called sarcasm

No. 533888

Did you even look up what Skinny Fans is?

Whether or not the ask was meant as a joke, it's still disgusting.

No. 537124

i have a hard time feeling bad for her. a part of me wants to feel sorry and donate money and send her shit, but another part of me is like…idk…

No. 540690

File: 1522296706813.jpg (76.39 KB, 1600x729, ash.jpg)

She remains really vague but insists she'll be moving out with no income.

No. 540847

She is a grown woman who chooses to live her life as a child. Life isn’t about handouts and she always has a choice. Most (if not all) people live with some type of mental illness. She is not special. No one is.

I hope you choose not to further enable her.

No. 540869


And only acts nice when she needs something. I can't believe ppl are still helping her after all this time.

No. 541354

I can't believe she doesn't seek welfare, she obviously cannot work. How will she even house herself?

No. 541700


I guess with online donations to paypal and Amazon gift cards kek! Let's be honest she won't get on welfare because it's a sure thing they put her in hospital. I'll be surprised she makes it 2 months on her own

No. 541747

File: 1522431892908.png (130.76 KB, 968x942, March2.png)

So she should be out by Monday right? If not, we can consider this just another BS ploy for attention, yeah?

No. 543247

Ya! I want actual proof thought. Pictures of her new place and a lease with her ame on it. Nothing she says can be believed as truth

No. 545275

Well I'm guessing she didn't get kicked out after all.

No. 546161

File: 1522859575342.png (46.63 KB, 964x374, 99problems.png)


If this is the worst of her problems two days after being on her own, then no. Not kicked out. 30 days of drama for nothing.

No. 547684


Typical trashy drama

No. 550074

she claims she's still getting kicked out. idk i do not like this girl and i don't feel bad for her at all. and she has a shitty attitude.

No. 550577

She posted a video on Tumblr. I'm on mobile so I can imbed it

No. 550981

File: 1523308904910.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1830, Screenshot_20180409-171634~2.p…)

If her mother hated her as much as she claims, she wouldn't write anything nice down for her. Also, "see you soon"… could it mean that she's actually being placed somewhere? She says "I won't be able to see my mom for a very long time". It sounds like she's being placed in some sort of facility.

No. 551085

File: 1523315792362.png (61.25 KB, 982x362, all grows up.png)

My guess is the mom went on vacation.

No. 551090

My guess is her mom is moving in with her boyfriend.

No. 551121

I'm confused because she claims she was being kicked out and now she's not? This girl….

No. 551602


Jeez, imagine being so narcissistic that this is your reaction to your mom going on vacation. As an adult woman.

No. 553220

she basically pleaded with her mother to write this.

No. 553300

That's what it looks like

No. 565753

File: 1524703128098.png (50.68 KB, 351x611, sad.png)

Even after all this time, even though it rarely updates - she still lurks here.

And her latest instagram post still mentions her moving out, posted 7 days ago (April 18th) which is well over the date she said. Starved for food AND attention as always.

No. 566924

File: 1524805181069.jpg (101.94 KB, 623x368, paypal.jpg)

And the relevant part.

Is this the first time in life she's had to deal with someting independently? And how does Paypal fix everything like magic?

No. 569266

Repairing things you can’t afford, and replacing things you’ve lost. Some people help, some people don’t. Obviously you can choose to ignore her asking, or point it out like an idiot because we already know???

No. 569301

File: 1525032120169.png (96.51 KB, 1080x818, IMG_20180429_215850.png)

what do you think, could that be it? the big move? without any tears on her insragram story?

No. 569623

Self posting again

yes of course you wouldn't do it for any of your followers. Go back to your video games now kek

No. 569756

oh boo hoo. grow up and get on welfare, you're sick and need financial support, not just paypal bonuses and whatever your mother is forced to spend on you. it's the adult thing to do.

No. 570282


No. 571063

how old is she? 70?

No. 580392


If you don't think she's on SSI, you're out of your mind.

And why is she so damn vague when it comes to talking about "real" things that are going on. I think she's full of shit.

No. 583247

Do you think she's lying about that?

I guess it's easier for me to believe that her mother has been housing her, feeding her and giving her pocket money all this time.

No. 584404

Her mom is a waitress, do you think she's reporting 100% of her income? Most career waitresses I've known don't claim all their cash income and thusly don't pay their fair share of taxes. Though, maybe I've just known a lot of shitty people. But I'd wager anyone making cash tips as their primary income is not being 100% honest with the government.

I know lazy people WITHOUT physical disabilities scamming SSI. Ashley would qualify in a hot second, there's no way she's not collecting. Also wouldn't be surprised if her mom wasn't claiming her as a dependent as well to get more back in tax refunds. And probably some local EBT bucks being brought into their household, too, for all that food Ashley throws up.

No. 585919

No. 587217

File: 1526641784697.jpg (343.69 KB, 1859x1183, ash.jpg)

So the question is, how is rent getting paid, food utilities on the new place?

No. 589475

mom moved in with the bf, trashly stayed at the same old apt that mom will cont paying for until the end of eternity and for extra money devoted followers will cont sending money and gift cards. Nothing will change. This book is so old and boring now

No. 591749


No. 594099

Ash is a pathological liar and exaggerates A LOT. I would take this "move" with a grain of salt. She claims she lives in a hotel, but I'm pretty sure it's a lie or a shitty crack motel. Y'all remember "Mississippi"?

No. 595050

Yes, you can't have no welfare or work but a new place of your own. It simply doesn't compute.

No. 595099

ever heard of disability checks

No. 595681

File: 1527485584276.png (50.7 KB, 553x807, Untitled.png)

new post on her tumblr…idk what to say. i still don't feel bad for her.

No. 595682

File: 1527485596464.png (51.69 KB, 526x850, Untitleder.png)

No. 596108

With the horrible way she makes her mom out to be, I thought she would be glad to have finally escaped her abuser. I'm glad she's out of the toxic environment, maybe this is the wake-up call that she needs to knock some sense and responsibility into her.

No. 598415

That's what I mean by welfare. Isn't that what the term encompasses? I'm not American.
She must be receiving a payment of some kind or there'd be no apartment.

100% of this is about what Ash wanted and wants and is pissed off she didn't get.

No. 608369

I know it’s unpopular to root for Ash at all, but I honestly wish she would realize that if she decided to recover, it would either be the ultimate “fuck you,” to her mother, or it would potentially be a bridge to the beginning of a real relationship. Either way, she would come out better. If she continues to deteriorate, the only person who loses is herself. I just know what it’s like to have a totally emotionally absent parent, and have to admit that I relate to her on some levels. Sorry for blogging and being a bit of a wk.

No. 612242

File: 1529135307470.webm (15.23 MB, 640x640, ashley.webm)

Ash is pleading for social support.

No. 612264

If u look in comments she notes that she is living on her own now. Wonder why she is so quite these days.

No. 615193

It’s all bullshit. No way she can live on her own. She’s probably in some kind of center with limited access to WiFi. She always posts on Fridays, that’s probably her alloted time for internet access.

And also, what was her mom supposed to do? Enable her, her entire life? It’s almost like an intervention with an ultimatum… you try or we won’t support you anymore. That’s why her mom is gone.

No. 616960

Tbh I actually believe that her mom probably is pretty cold, and probably moved on without Ashley as much for her own benefit as for her daughter’s. Not that I really blame her for doing it, but I’d buy the story that she’s a selfish person just by looking at Ashley’s situation. Her mother is the only person who could have forced Ashley into treatment, and she didn’t. She would have had to obtain a conservatorship to do it, but situations like this are exactly what conseratorships are made for. It would not have been terribly difficult for her to obtain.

No. 618083

Ashley is an adult. Her mother forced her into treatment multiple times during her teenage years and Ashley was never compliant at all. At this point, "kicking her out" isn't cold, it's reasonable and also would be recommended by many therapists etc–it's one of the only things that MIGHT push Ashley to make some effort at self preservation.

We really don't know anything about Rebecca because it's all filtered through a woman with a raging personality disorder and a starvation-atrophied brain. But for the mother of a mid/late-20s woman who has never worked, gone to school, or seriously attempted treatment… kicking her out is reasonable and does not make her "cold" or "cruel." Ashley is no longer her responsibility.

No. 618180

File: 1529684231051.jpg (31.84 KB, 305x289, Capture.JPG)

Skinny fetishist Henry Roth/Bill Bockman has posted on this video. If you don't know, he's into emaciated woman and used to be a phone friend of Ashley's.
If you want to see how tragic he is, this is his vk

No. 618855

She's enabled Ashley for way too long to be as cold as Ashley makes her out to be. If Ashley's mother was so cold, she would have kicked Ashley out the minute she turned 18. Especially after all the bullshit that went down when Ashley was 17. Instead, she put up with her for another decade. It's about damn time she put her foot down and said she wasn't enabling her anymore.

She was even nice enough to extend the "one month" thing to ~3 months afterwards. Until she wised up and realized that Ash was doing jack-shit to prepare and her last attempt to help her daughter was in vain.

Her mother isn't cold. She's surviving. I hope she continues being strong enough to hold on to her ultimatum.

No. 619522

I don’t disagree with either of you that her choice is reasonable. I just think it’s odd that she never secured a conservatorship to force Ashley into treatment. In all the many years that Rebecca was working her tail off to provide for Ashely and essentially enable her plethora of disorders, she didn’t do the one thing that would have forced Ashley into treatment and made her deal with reality. That just seems really detached, to me. Of course, as you said, there’s lots that none of us will ever know, and Ashley’s filter is one of tremendous spite. I also imagine that having the responsibility of caring for someone like Ashley for so long becomes a bit like loving a drug addict - one always hopes for the best, but at some point you accept that they are already dead, and grieve the loss so you can move on and live your life.

No. 620231

It baffles me to think she's still alive today when other anorexics die or end up in comas within their first years being like this…

No. 620263

File: 1529876831770.jpg (30.98 KB, 461x403, 6a010536fa9ded970b01b8d2565f14…)


Maybe if Ash stopped being so ambiguous about what was going on then people wouldn't make assumptions? Just state up front to people what is going on instead of stringing the situation along for months.

I kept wondering the same thing, WHY is Ashley not in a lockdown ICU? Why is there not a Gofundme made by the family that drives her around to mall and grocery store? You can have guardianship of an adult in the United States and court order them into a hospital. Ashley is in no mental state to make good decisions which will only affirm a judge's decision. If the people around her take care of her but haven't kicked her out on the street, then why do they not make an effort to let her live? Every family I've seen of people with EDs do make efforts to help them whether they want it or not. The people in Ashley's life have made none.

No. 623407


Rebecca is a waitress, there's a good chance she wouldn't know how to secure a conservatorship and put rules into effect/she wouldn't have time working all the time

No. 627707

Surely if she had time to push her womanchild around in a Target cart or take her to Toys R’ US, she had time to consult with a lawyer. She might not have considered a conservatorship on her own, but there’s no way she was never advised to pursue it. Yes she’d need a lawyer, but not an expensive one, and it wouldn’t be a very complicated process, given Ashley’s state. Inbred bluecollars sue each other all the time - so surely Rebecca isn’t so overworked and ignorant that at no point, in Ashely’s nearly ten years of adult life, did she do so. It’s just very odd to me, and when it comes down to it the most rational explanation really does seem to be “negligence.” I mean, how negligent does a mother have to be for her 14 year old to end up famous for posting cp on 4chan, to begin with?

No. 627708

(Sorry for reviving the “how is Ashley skeleton????” conversation, I’ve just been following her for like 3 years and don’t recall anyone discussing the conservatorship angle before.)

No. 629239

Maybe she doesn't want conservatorship of this toxic womanchild.

Maybe Ash doesn't qualify, as she's cogent and can express herself.

No. 630909

File: 1530974123501.jpg (184.24 KB, 2000x872, ash.jpg)

I guess someone else paid for her first rent and moving in costs? When she signed the lease a month ago, helped by a family member >>595681 but now they're all bullies.

No. 631194

It takes more than that to convince a judge you're competent. I knew a girl who was court-ordered into treatment, and she was perfectly coherent.

I think almost any judge would deem Ask to be a danger to herself. It's just weird that it's never (as far as we know) been attempted.

No. 631231

I'm only familiar with the Australian system, where you have to go to a court hearing and the person has to have had a neuropsych exam to prove their mental or cognitive issues. Otherwise, people can accuse anyone of being incompetent.

She's cogent but her mental illness alone might have been enough to do it. I don't really blame her family for walking away but I don't really get why she dragged it on so long, living with and feeding Ash.

No. 633772

File: 1531315058107.png (65.7 KB, 544x593, 5B6F3468-5667-43C2-8CEF-8B116F…)

I know Ashley’s mind is a distorted and angry place, but I do believe there is some truth to this; I can’t explain exactly why, but it just reads as a very sick person’s recounting of what is likely true.

I know this is probably major tinfoil and armchair, but I genuinely think Rebecca is both a narc and an anachan. She does appear very thin, herself, and narc moms are hyper competitive with their daughters. Anas are hella competitive about their EDs. And narc parents will never, ever admit that they’ve failed their children in any way - getting Ashley proper help would require Rebecca to admit that she wasn’t perfect or powerful enough to make her daughter well, and the more time went on, the harder it would be to admit that as the enormity of the failure grew. I won’t keep going on about this, but there is so much about this possibility that makes all the sense in the world to me, in terms of explaining Ashley’s situation.

No. 633907

Where is this from? I'm not seeing it on either of her Tumblrs. I want to say the layout is wrong too (sharp corners instead of rounded), but that might just be the way you cropped it or a variance of internet browsers.

No. 635960

It’s from the Felice thread. I remember seeing it on her tumblr back then, as well.

No. 635962

No. 635991

Considering how severe Ashley's case of anorexia is, it is a plausible explanation that her mom actually enjoyed having Ash around to bully because shes so miserable and lost inside herself as well, including blamung her problems and misery on Ash. That mental abuse in itself will mess with you internally for life.

No. 636089

That’s kinda exactly what I’m saying. Narc + anachan is a terrifying combination in a mother, and it really would explain a lot about Ashley’s history, especially if >>633772 is to be believed, even with a grain of salt.

It explains why she’d be on 4chan looking for that kind of attention as a young teen (Narc moms are sexually competitive with their daughters, emotionallly withholding, don’t respect boundaries so kids don’t learn to protect their own, and they’re often negligent), it explains why Ashley’s ED is so severe, why her BPD is so intense (emotionally abandoned by mom and literally abandoned by dad - plus narc parents are notorious for producing kids with extreme cluster B pd’s), and why Rebecca never forced her into real treatment through a conservatorship or other means, once Ashley reached adulthood, when Rebecca was no longer legally obligated to do so. An anachan narc mom would be callous and competitive enough to keep her starving and dying daughter around on her own dime for a decade.

i know this is huge tinfoiling and I’m not saying by any means that it’s necessarily the truth. Just that it fits.

No. 638838

It's still a possibility from what we have seen, though knowing how manipulative she is you can't entirely tell what's going on.

Much armchair.

No. 639916

Sadly she wasn’t born manipulative.
The manipulation comes with the shame of eating/starving.

No. 640923

The manipulation could come from a lot of things, for all we know the starving could be part of it. Chicken/egg - it’s impossible for us to know, with her. Likely it’s a feedback loop of both, at this point.

No. 643646

Random but Ash and her mom are still friends on Facebook so, as little as Facebook means, they still have some connection. Also Ash has "diagnosed with AN" as an event so LOL to that.

No. 644855

File: 1532327055428.png (619.05 KB, 936x599, leechonsociety.png)

I don't understand how she would find this to be an accomplishment. Ashley, you don't have a job. You paid your rent with your disability check. People work 40+ hours weekly, breaking their back, to pay their rent - that's something to be proud of. Not sitting home all day, crying by yourself, throwing up your food then receiving tax payers' hard earned cash in the mail to cover your rent. This is honestly such a disgusting post to me. She really doesn't get what being an adult is AT ALL so she should stop acting like she's doing anything of merit.

No. 644901

File: 1532332905104.jpg (93.67 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (6).jpg)

>"Diagnosed with AN" as an event

No. 644910

Welfare programs rarely puts checks through the mail anymore its all electronic now.

No. 645209

I have seen a documentary about an italian girl who suffered from anorexia and I thought about Ashley.. This girl lied about her name, her age, her sisters' pregnancy, her illness, her education. She asked people for money and car rides. She lied because she was ill. Maybe Ashley is the same?

No. 645421

Okay so she got it electronically. Still sat on her boney ass doing nothing and still coming out of tax payers pockets. Same shit.

No. 647534

What's the name of the documentary?

No. 647674

Apparently people still think she gets disability. She doesn’t. She’d have to see a doctor for that. gb2/gov’t pls

No. 648954

Then how is she paying her rent/bills? Where is the money coming from? Like is there someone else in the family giving her handouts or is it all from donations on paypal… Genuinely want to know because obviously she doesn't work.

No. 649262

It's probably some sort of inheritance or family money. She said a relative helped her move, so it's probably the same person paying her rent.

No. 649263

File: 1532748126413.png (51.71 KB, 1080x624, Screenshot_20180727-231934~2.p…)

No. 650519

File: 1532897230095.png (1.15 MB, 755x1554, 3876A258-93F0-4949-83DF-D13033…)

No. 651884

She's got to be in some kind of group accommodation or subsidised hotel room. Notice she calls it a "place" not "apartment". If it were her own place she could get internet.

No. 652040


jfc this is content i do not need in my life

No. 653943

File: 1533162907351.jpg (61.78 KB, 960x958, rebecca.jpg)

Ash's mom looks like she's lost a lot of weight.

No. 655621

It is from "LE IENE" show, it's not on youtube. The tile says something like "Morire d'anoressia". Try to google "mediaset le iene toffa, anoressia, sara" .. just a few hints because I struggled to find it again. I saw it on tge mediaset play website, free no registration

No. 655957

like mother like daughter i guess

No. 656858

Internet is expensive and lots of people refer to their home as their “place.” I would imagine that if she was in assisted living or a group home, treatment would be a condition of her receiving services.

This >>653943 really confirms the anachan narc mom theory for me. She’s a 50 year old woman posting pics like that. I can’t even explain how much this image is the perfect intersection of body checking and check-me-out.

Ashley is responsible for her own choices at the end of the day, but it really puts everything else into perspective and explains why Ashley has never gotten proper help and was never forced into treatment under Rebecca’s “care.” And how she was neglected and fucked up about sexual attention at a young age enough to end up as hamtaro-chan. Narc moms and anachan moms both fuck up a kid, the combination has got to be absolutely devastating. Imagine Ember Whann raising a child.

It also raises really dark questions about the kind of men Rebecca has probably brought home over the years.

No. 657028

Yeah ash is a POS, no questioning that, but you aren’t BORN that way. Only living with her mother for what, over 2 decades? Can you imagine that malfunctioning relationship? Jesus.

No. 657329

Uhhhh yes you are. People with personality disorders can show signs as a young child. A child with bpd (which cannot be diagnosed under 18) may be manipulative and cruel/violent.

No. 657518

But you can not deny that one’s environment and surroundings impact the development of a child as well. So UHHHHH yeah.

No. 657776


I completely agree. That photo looks like something a teenager would post on MPA or something. It's really disturbing to see a middle-aged woman taking photos like that. It just reeks of so many issues.

No. 657947

Personality disorders Iike BPD require social and psychological triggers to manifest, having the genetic predisposition only loads the gun, so to speak. People with BPD are often described by treating clinicians as “emotional burn victims” because of the severity of the trauma most have endured and the utter lack of emotional “skin” they have as a result.

No. 659420

Exactly. Something has to light the fire, so to speak.

No. 662597

File: 1534052259564.png (449.1 KB, 590x444, Untitled.png)

Reminded of Pamela from this old video. Anas with boob jobs. She recovered once but then relapsed. She is deceased.

As for Ash and her mom toxic personalities feed off each other that woman is responsible for being a shit parent. There is no doubt she is abusive to her daughter.

No. 665922

If I could “like” this post, I would.

No. 672349

Ashley has made another "friend." Already she is talking in an overly attached manner and worried about fucking up the friendship.

Armchair but I can't help but wonder if Ashley is attracted to moms (Erika and now this girl) because she's hoping they'll be her substitute mom.
Or it could just be that most people are moms at Ashley's age. Who knows?

No. 673323

Where did it say the girl was a mom? I did see the post but missed the mom thing

No. 673511

"I spent the rest of the evening in her company (with her cute as Hell daughter)"

No. 673513

I forgot to sage. Sorry!

No. 673629

Thanks. And ugh, no kid should be around Ash.

No. 674216

I agree. I hope the mom uses it as a lesson to be kind to sick people, but on the other hand, I'm certain that little girl will have nightmares about the experience.

No. 674437

File: 1535387863328.png (950.36 KB, 523x925, ok.png)

I'm surprised she can walk on those legs.

No. 674884


yah i don't think she really can, that's why she has the wheelchair

No. 675062

she can't. she can't even sleep flat (that's why she needs the recliner), how could she possibly walk?

No. 676900

I thought it was confirmed years ago that the mother also has some form of eating disorder which tended to result in a competition between them? But I don't have any of the images any more.

No. 677192

You're correct. Ash has posted about the competition between them before, including above: >>633772

No. 678194

Look at the fuzz she has a ton of lanugo

No. 678249

I think a lot of anorexics idolize other women and want to be mothered by them.

No. 680924

No they're just co-dependent and manipulate everyone in their lives regardless of gender

No. 684071

Remember when Ashley RPed as her own pretend boyfriend?


That was weird.

No. 685698

File: 1536644159426.png (595.86 KB, 548x921, legs.png)

wtf here legs some one pls help her!

No. 685699


Lol yeah. It was so obvious it was her. The way they typed was way to similar not to mention when others found it was her on the account she stopped RPING on the fake bf tumblr.

No. 687228

she doesn't want to be helped, anon.

No. 690437

this b is whack. you guys are all feeling sorry for her bc her mom sucked? lots of people grow up with severe abuse and don't turn into manipulative rude little brats like her. many years ago i fell for her shit and almost bought off her wishlist, she stopped talking to me as soon as i questioned her mom's "narcissism" as i had a 'mom' who came back into my life when i was nearly a teen and abused me severely. and i wanted to let her know i knew what she was going through.

when she is questioned, she has no answers, but can only offer vague things about how her mom sucks? doesn't add up. and she turns on people at the drop of a hat and she can be quite judgmental, quite vile, and seems proud that she's mean.

she's a selfish little brat, and obsessed with attention, and i can't stand her.

No. 690834

she's not obligated to explain her situation to a stranger on the internet even if you're dumb enough to try buy her stuff

No. 691666

If I could applaud you, I would.
Spoopy-skele Ash doesn’t have to really tell anyone anything lol. People who were ‘hurt’ by her need to just vent it on their online blog or some shit.

No. 704625

That's not her leg, it's her skele-penis.

No. 716763

Hola, oi. My name is stells. o.o(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 720505

File: 1540425290973.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20181023-230426.jpg)

It's weird to see her acknowledge how much she has actually fucked up her body.

No. 720695

tfw a ghost beats up a skeleton happy october

No. 722688

She's living alone but posts videos of Bella the cat sometimes, so she's still definitely visiting her mom. This girl needs a team of caretakers like that other anachan Morven has or else I fear they'll be finding her mummified remains soon.

No. 724468

I know this is stupidly nit-picky but the last sentence is either her misusing the word "repercussion" or just poor phrasing. It sounds like she's saying anorexia is the result of her mutilating her body, when it's actually the reason she did it. Maybe she meant the fall is the repercussion of her anorexia? Just trying to figure out whether she's finally realizing her responsibility in allowing her anorexia to fester as it has.

Unrelated but her most recent instagram post features her Halloween tattoo from 2015. Fucking crazy because I remember when she got that, and we all theorized that she knew it'd be her last Halloween. Three years later and she's still creaking.

No. 732604

Is there any chance for her to recover and look alive again?

No. 733994

She does not plan to recover, nor wish to. A selection of her thoughts on the matter: https://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/search/recover

No. 734112

Anyone have Erika's new instagram?

No. 734154

No, she's in far too deep. That said, she won't die that soon either, the human body is pretty incredible at keeping you alive no matter what, there are quite a few extreme anorexics who make it into their mid-30s. It's only after that that they start dropping dead.

No. 734482


she doesn't use it anymore. only facebook which is private.

No. 740252

I still find it nuts that she loves to be literally slowly decomposing and wants nothing to do with getting at least slightly better to ease her pain. It's just sad that a human mind can get to that point of insanity.

No. 742460

I don't think she even could recover at this point. Even if she did, she still couldn't lead a normal life.
I don't know if not just ending it all right now makes her seem weak, or if it makes her seem strong for enduring all this pain from day to day.

No. 742520

Once the small part was sewn on the how And I did so must go breasts

No. 747502

File: 1544546829791.jpg (18.19 KB, 292x175, free stuff.JPG)

After she chipped in a comment on Cooney's ig she's had some attention. Looks like she'll be getting binge food from some poor naive guy soon.

No. 749107

File: 1544795020024.jpg (839.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181214-074227_Ins…)

New ig post and you can see her wig slipping off. She is totally bald under it.

No. 772023

Her Instagram is deleted, did she die?

No. 772091

Unless her latest bff doesn't gaf then Ash is still with us. Her friend's been posting merry things on fb, although that could be a celebratory thing idk. Probably deactivated her profile for some attention or in a hissy fit. Remember, Ashley will never die.

No. 772133


Her Twitter and Tumblr pages are still there and recently updated. She's fine, just looking for attention like the other anon said.

No. 772307

File: 1548558358980.png (939.7 KB, 1242x2208, EA61532F-8C80-448C-A663-D3217C…)

No. 772422

WTF, why her insta is deleted? I am scared.

No. 772557

File: 1548619935639.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.96 KB, 600x450, ham.jpg)

I've been obsessed with filling in the blanks between camwhore posts and skelly status, and it's taking quite a bit of digging. Of course we all know the nudes are available, but I think I found something new? I didn't bother to scour the lolcow threads of her again to be positive this hadn't been posted, so sorry if it has. But I found this image from hamtaro days on a russian forum? Was posted 2009. Reverse google searching it brings up this youtube account, but not the full sized image.
It has 2009(ish, maybe earlier) videos posted in 2011, and the handle reads as a throwaway, so I think it was one of her orbiters who posted it when she returned to the internet. I also reverse searched her handles and it looks like they had accounts on a few different websites but are all sense deleted.
Sorry to sperg. I'm just extremely curious as to why the known deviantart account and youtube account are still up if she deleted others. Maybe she changed the passwords to something random so her mother couldn't go through them and read messages? Just a thought.
Also would love to skim through russian forums more to see if I can find more, but god it's kind of mind numbing when it's all in russian and there's no readable context.
Hope this is allowed!

No. 772676

Does anyone has more pics of smolven? Can't see her instagramm profile.

No. 772966

Her new instagram while she is trying to get her old one back:

No. 773098

great find, really depressing.

No. 773136

It affects me emotionally lol. Slight whiteknight, but I know some users from here came here from 4chan and can understand the mentality of being bullied their whole lives so they bully back. I just feel slight compassion.
That being said, I encourage others to search the forum quickly, before it gets taken down, or her pictures do, especially if you feel like copy-pasting into google or getting a friend to translate. I say this because it looks like a lot of images get taken down. Also when the picture that I reversed searched on Yandex.com, before things get taken down. It looked like half of my hamtaro-related results sometimes had been removed. Good luck everyone! I hope some one else tries~

No. 773139

I was talking about another person, but I still very appreciate your link. Thanks.

No. 778541

File: 1550263501343.jpeg (336.87 KB, 1207x1265, EC16F733-2192-43CC-AE92-3A3CA9…)

No. 778542

File: 1550263540227.jpeg (312.7 KB, 1242x966, D9A84288-2A13-4021-9D4D-04A57A…)

No. 778548

File: 1550264291113.jpeg (518 KB, 1800x1471, D08479B0-C929-4828-9BC8-B3EE00…)

Ash two months ago and Ash a couple of days ago…

No. 778747


It's amazing she's even coherent at this point.

No. 869613

This really hasn’t been updated in 7 months?

No. 876119

File: 1570135914043.jpg (363.43 KB, 1080x1527, IMG_20191003_224929_728.jpg)


No. 876121

File: 1570136170248.jpg (279.27 KB, 1080x1571, IMG_20191003_225549_691.JPG)


No. 878030

I didn't want to necro this thread but she apparently lost her front teeth, they rotted off. You could tell in one of her insta stories around a month ago where she was obviously hiding it from view by moving her topic lip in a weird way. Apparently Vegas people are reaching out to her every time she goes out to buy purge food so she's dressing in baggier clothes to detract attention.

No. 880545

the baggiest of jackets isn’t going to stop attention to her legs in shorts. where did I see a video a long time ago of her in a therapists office p

No. 880553

sorry sent that too soon. just wondering if that was the only video like that. I just wish I knew more about what she does everyday. I don’t understand how she can do Anything.

No. 885248


No. 889672

File: 1573029469441.jpg (574.49 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20191106-163448_Ins…)

No. 889674

File: 1573029510403.jpg (201.4 KB, 1068x493, Screenshot_20191106-163510_Ins…)

Posted 23rd Oct

No. 889676

File: 1573029640389.jpg (784.42 KB, 1076x1712, Boo.jpg)

Posted 5 days ago

No. 900941

File: 1575374572971.png (468.6 KB, 716x891, Screenshot_20191010-135741~2.p…)

Don't mean to necro, but has anyone seen her trainwreck of a mom?


No. 900942

File: 1575374598041.png (157.13 KB, 720x1359, Screenshot_20191010-135729~2.p…)

No. 919827

she's really STILL alive. she's an absolute medical miracle.

No. 935759

Damn I just read this entire thread and I’m shocked to learn she’s still alive. I checked out her insta and two people I follow follow her. It makes me sad because I wonder if they look up to her in any sort of way.

No. 944495

Will she survive coronavirus? Sure, she's survived flu seasons and winter, but her heart has got to be weak af by now and that's who is getting taken out by covid-19.

Her survival is amazing, it's hard to not be obsessed with her dead pool.

No. 947229

HOLY SHIT. I remember her from tumblr all the way back in like 2012….. lost track of her insta a few years ago. I am truly amazed she is still with us. She truly looks as malnourished as children in Yemen. It is literally a miracle that she is alive and walking…. how is she not committed? I always wondered this like she’s in FL she needs to be Baker acted and put in a state hospital immediately

No. 971695

I’m pretty sure she gained weight tho, no? I mean look at the pic at the VERY start of the thread, from 3 years ago, she looked absolutely horrid! And I’m not saying she doesn’t now, but her veins are showing a bit less

No. 977621

is she dead? Her instagram is deleted, nothing has been updated since 2019

No. 979489

She's not dead. She last posted on April 28th 2020. Current insta is bury.wingless.crows. She seems to post only once a month, which is just little enough to keep people checking to see if she's still alive, but it doesn't really matter since she still drops shitty memes on her story lol.

No. 1264678

File: 1624707743211.png (701.69 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210626-073926.png)

She's still alive, last post was this 2 days ago. Saw her name mentioned in the Jonny Craig thread & cannot believe she's still alive, though her post from April talks about accepting the fact that she can die at any time.

No. 1299822

File: 1628937826876.jpg (515.68 KB, 1080x1597, 20210814_124014.jpg)

Coming on here for a lack of a new pro-ana scumbags thread kek

It blows my mind that is a tattooer out there who would actually dare to work on her?? I would be scared of breaking her bones just from leaning on her too hard. The things being desperate for cash can make you do.

No. 1327845

File: 1632016606807.jpg (386.96 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20210918-205543__01…)

New update. STILL LIVES. She busted her ankle but her body can't heal itself anymore. She's wearing a brace that's as loose as an old stretched out sock.

No. 1327846

File: 1632016670118.jpg (262.97 KB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_20210918-205534__01…)

No. 1386161

Is she still alive?

No. 1386894

yeah she has been posting on her instagram

No. 1782253


No. 1843847

File: 1686360764062.webm (1.03 MB, 720x1346, XRecorder_09062023_182944.webm)

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