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File: 1478937755873.png (843.19 KB, 937x603, lu who fkn does this.png)

No. 197138

Munchausen By Internet: The Sickening

Previous Thread: >>181656
Robyn Brown ( @LifeUndiagnosedd on Instagram) is the epitome of an attention-seeking, sick role-obsessed person with Munchausen By Internet (see links below for more info). People with MBI either fake illnesses or exaggerate/deliberately worsen existing illnesses for attention. She has a laundry list of alleged mental and physical illnesses and conditions which may or may not be legit, and has been caught in countless examples of lies and inconsistencies. She is a frequenter of chronic illness/spoonie communities online for nearly every vague, questionable disorder, especially the "trendy" ones. She sees doctors constantly and blows the tiniest of issues into mountainous "crises." Virtually everything she shares is related in some way to her illness and suffering.
Some of her hobbies include: taking selfies that showcase her alleged illnesses, disabilities and medical paraphernalia; making "pill art' (spelling her screen names out in meds); taking pictures of random people on the bus and ranting about how they are glaring at her for sitting in a disabled seat or how much they trigger her, how much she loves work, collecting braces and finger splints, making her illnesses worse, creating more drama than Lifetime, collecting medical alert necklaces, bracelets, wallet cards and used EKG stickers, fucking with her wounds to keep them from healing (she kept a laparoscopic appendectomy wound open for MONTHS) while claiming her body is shutting down, and ranting about social injustices toward young people with disabilities.
Robyn has a litany of social media accounts with multiple aliases and profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, going back years. All are sickness-oriented,.and she seems to change them whenever she has some sort of "crisis" or people catch onto her bullshit. She lives in the UK and works for the NHS as a ward clerk in the maternity dept. She's in her late 20's and engaged to her fiance, Zak (who seems to avoid mentioning her on his Facebook account).

From Dr. Marc Feldman, who first described Munchausen By Internet:in 2000:
"…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support."

LINKS to just a few of Robyn's accounts:


LINKS to articles and info on MBI:

No. 197140

File: 1478938165103.png (601.14 KB, 865x557, lol.png)

In this post she said her family don't believe her.

No. 197141

File: 1478938283788.jpg (197.36 KB, 1000x1000, pjimage (2).jpg)

She kept two Instagram accounts running at the same time in 2015.

One account was her retelling the story of a chemical burn that happened in 2014 allegedly.

The other account was her real time updates of an emergency appendicitis surgery and the failure of that wound to heal.

No. 197142

File: 1478938405055.png (813.26 KB, 865x554, youdontlookthatdisabled.png)

Each account starts with an introduction post that lists her conditions and persecutions from people who don't believe.

No. 197143

File: 1478938558880.png (282.12 KB, 865x539, brain tumor.png)

Along with the countless instagram accounts, tumblrs, facebook pages she kept her facebook account public and told different stories of brain tumors.

It's important to note that cysts and tumors on the pituitary gland are often non cancerous and treated with simple hormone replacement pills like birth control.

No. 197149

File: 1478940343553.png (555.04 KB, 865x503, Doctor.png)

"Doctors" diagnose her with conditions but the scripts come from a Nurse Independent or Supplementary Subscriber which means a Nurse or Pharmacist.


No. 197152

also instagrams - Nybieana and nybiesnoms and chronically_robyn

No. 197153


Instagram accounts found so far

No. 197156

No. 197157


of course she is.

No. 197158

>going to all that effort just to get ibuprofen gel and a piece of paper you could post online

Does she pay for her prescriptions? If I were her pharmacist, I'd be rubbing my hands together whenever she came in.

No. 197159

i found another twitter account https://twitter.com/spoonierobyn

No. 197160


if she really has been diagnosed with epilepsy she will be exempt from paying for prescriptions

No. 197161

Another instagram: https://instagram.com/chronicallyrobyn
Another facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chronicallyrobyn/

Really the amount of abandoned social media pages she has is incredibly suspect: it's not like you can't change your instagram or facebook handle on your current profile so I do wonder what her excuse for it is. If she claims it was because she was bullied than she's dumber than I thought: anyone who has legitimately been bullied so much wouldn't keep continuing the process and keep creating new instagram accounts using the same information.

No. 197162

No. 197163


£984 a year? No.

Anyone getting more than 2 prescriptions per month buys a yearly certificate which costs £104

No. 197164

No. 197165

File: 1478949439364.png (697.64 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1380.PNG)

No. 197171

also if you are receiving employment support allowance, prescriptions are free.

No. 197185


Here's the link to her Deviant Art which includes a link to her 'Modelling Portfolio'

No. 197186

File: 1478962790334.png (1.33 MB, 764x1030, Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 8.59…)

This angle is not flattering at all. She looks like a pastel hunchback

No. 197187

WOW look at all of these pages! Insane! I don't think I've ever known of anyone who made this many accounts. Robyn you da illest pagemaker online fo sho.

No. 197188

File: 1478963492135.jpg (159.01 KB, 450x600, microtia_tattoo_by_nybie-d3est…)

>This is the Tattoo I got as a reminder that even though I'm having surgery to correct my Microtia, it will always be a part of me.

Um no offense but that's maybe one of the worst tattoo ideas I've ever seen kek. She really does make her entire identity revolve around her illnesses, what a sad existence.

No. 197189

Dude. I am absolutely horrified about the extent to which she fetishizes everything medical! WTF, so you get a cosmetic procedure to make your microtia look better, but then you get a voluntary tattoo pointing out the microtia? I have never known anyone this positively obsessed with being sick.

No. 197190

How many Youtube Introduction Videos does on hambeast need?? 1 of 3

No. 197193

2 of 3

No. 197196

No. 197197

In loving memory of my retard ear

No. 197199

File: 1478966137133.jpg (Spoiler Image,12.74 KB, 250x201, 1478398119281.jpg)

How can someone have such dumpy a down syndrome potato body

No. 197210

Watching her introduction videos is like watching her evolution into a munchie twat. In the first video she seems down to earth and interested in helping others, in the second she's really taken on the spoony identity but still has a personality beside that, but by the third she's insufferable. I stopped watching after she started talking about how she's in denial of her illnesses and puts on a brave face for others - yeah Robyn, having several social media accounts detailing every moment of alleged illnesses is totally reflective of being a selfless victim. Try again.

No. 197212

Well from the outside, minus that she looks like a bit of a weirdo with piercings and tattoos and dyed hair and shaved head, most people just think she's your everyday garden variety 26 year old person.

No. 197215

omg this is horrible!!!!!!!!!!! I'm screaming.

No. 197217

https://twitter.com/Nybie - another twitter, the ig links are broken and there's only a few mentions of microtia

https://nybiesnotes.wordpress.com/ - incredibly short movie review blog

seems like she's been doing this shit for a long time and i don't know how or why this dude's stuck with her b/c she gets like, more aggressive and snow flakey as the years go by.

No. 197219

I think you'll find there's a perfectly valid medical reason as to why her body looks the way it does. Perhaps her bone structure is different to that of you or I because of some rare condition she was born with. Perhaps it's a result of the many medications she's forced to take daily to combat the severe and often debilitating symptoms of the many chronic illnesses she suffers from. Who knows?

No. 197222

This is either someone taking the piss or queen spoonie herself lol

No. 197223

Oh you're so right. It has nothing to do with her crap diet and lack of exercise.

No. 197229


Looks like the coke-bloated lovechild of Roseanne and Courtney love. Does she know how to style her hair in a way that isn't so hideous?

No. 197233


>Perhaps her bone structure is different to that of you or I because of some rare condition she was born with.

Ironically people with genuine hypermobility syndrome tend to have bodies pretty much the opposite of hers - they tend to be tall and slender, with long limbs and long, slim fingers and toes, high foot arches etc. Look up "Marfanoid habitus".

No. 197235

While that is true, there is one person I know with EDS who is short af.

No. 197244

okay LU

No. 197254

File: 1478981708237.jpg (18.93 KB, 552x109, reddwarffanfiction.JPG)

buckle up team, she writes Red Dwarf Fanfiction! Age protected for mature content~

Found on her DA >>197185

No. 197258

oh no i cannot handle that i'd rather read Soren's trauma story (jk never again)

No. 197270


Or it's from generations of inbreeding

No. 197277

>born 04/01/90

Wow, she's aged terribly.

No. 197284

>bone structure is different to that of you

No. 197289


No. 197298

File: 1478992783644.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0183.PNG)


No. 197304


is bestiality cute over there or something???? disturbed and it's not even her fucking face

No. 197325

hey robyn whats your new username??

No. 197326

yeah hey robyn what ya doin? creating a new hospital trauma dialog for us?

No. 197329

File: 1478999125929.png (909.41 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0957.PNG)

One of her old accounts. Uploaded 3 videos of her faking a "wheeze" where she is obviously straining. Fuck her lips look so retarded and punchable.

Anyway then she got a script for some antibiotics and it was "a successful visit!"

No. 197332

how is her mouth even worse than her nose damn

No. 197333

who would bang a woman who fucks with her wounds to keep them from healing? sounds unhygienic as hell

No. 197342

IG account here. Found another one:


No. 197343

Interesting how her "IRL friend" that posted here has basically stopped posting.

If anything they would know what her new Instagram or Tumblr is.

No. 197345

IKR? As soon as we asked them a question, s/he noped the fuck out!

No. 197348

could the friend be Robyn herself?

No. 197351

Man, I hate when people use "breath" and "breathe" wrong. Like when someone is attempting to be dramatic saying "i love —-so much i can hardly breath."
You can hardly BREATH? what?
they're not even pronounced the same.
sage for O/T

No. 197356

No. 197359


How many instagram accounts can one person have?

No. 197362

File: 1479004744980.png (73.65 KB, 1136x640, IMG_1079.PNG)

No. 197364

probably i doubt she has friends. like can you imagine hanging out with someone like that?
regular person: "awwww man work was so exhausting today"
robyn: "I'M CHRONICALLY ILL!!!11"

No. 197369

This is sad, she barely even mentioned being sick on these accounts, what happened

No. 197407

Alright farmers, time to continue the now-infamous Appendectomy Saga. To recap, Robyn exaggerated "muh bloated stumik" symptoms and kept pestering doctors for over a week until they finally admitted her to try and solve her alleged abdominal issue. They ran a bunch of tests over several days in hospital, but when nothing was definitive they decided to do an exploratory abdominal laparoscopy to see if they could find what was wrong. In that op her appendix was removed, which if I recall correctly she said it was abnormally long but that was it. If they go in, they take your appendix either way. It's pretty standard…so one has to question if this was all bullshit, like so many other "illnesses/crises" Robyn has. They also found a single ovarian cyst but left it alone. I suspect she had some pain from that but bitched, moaned and baaawwww'd about it once she was warned to look out for appendectomy symptoms and got her ~*glorious surgery uwu*~. She posted an ungodly number of selfies while in hospital, and another anon discovered that she was also blogging at the same time on another account about some [almost certainly self-inflicted] chemical burn wound which occurred a year before the appy event. Around the same time she blogged about both, she also wrote on her Facebook about potentially having a benign endocrine tumor.
We last left off at Part 15 of the Appy Saga, wherein Robyn began to have "complications" with her central laparoscopic incision. Allegedly the wound wasn't healing because ~*muh fragile EDS skin*~ despite the fact that the other two incisions healed without incident and the wound she had problems with was clearly being messed with to keep it open. It's all too shady. Strongly-adhering dressings "came off" for no apparent reason and the wound gradually opened more and more despite a normal healing trajectory at first. She had to have been debriding it to keep it widening and bleeding fresh blood.
The following are links to The Appendectomy Saga, Parts 1-12. Her initial abdominal "complaints" begin with exaggerated stomach-pushed-out bloat pics, through multiple doctor visits, to eventual hospitalization, exploratory surgery, post-op and discharge.

No. 197408

>>197351 THANK YOU! I always feel like a nitpicky OCD freak when things like that bother me, but oh man it irritates me to no end.

No. 197411

File: 1479020778976.png (735.11 KB, 1029x651, lu appy13.png)

The Appendectomy Saga: Post Hospital Discharge

Part 13: This is when the wound fuckery begins…

No. 197412

File: 1479020925342.png (885.39 KB, 1013x749, lu appy14.png)

Part 14: Surgeon CYA's with prophylactic antibiotics in case it's a legit infection. LU makes this a crisis and thinks "My body really is giving up!"
> #bitchPLEASE

No. 197413

File: 1479021017766.png (Spoiler Image,884.93 KB, 1027x655, lu appy15.png)

Part 15: Shit gets gross and super fucked from here. She starts fucking with the wound and posting very graphic pics.
You have been warned.

TEXT: "TMI Warning: So the #scar from my #emergencysurgery/#appendectomy keeps opening up more and more and bleeding whenever I move around and I'm super scared I'm going to have to get it stitched up! You can see the fat it's opened up that deep and I feel sick looking at it! I'm so fed up of #doctors and #hospitals I don't want to go back but I'm worried it's going to keep getting worse :( fuck #spoonielife and #spoonieproblems - I just want to be normal and heal normally :( it's been 12 days since my #surgery - it should NOT look like this ???"

No. 197415

File: 1479021141956.png (110.27 KB, 631x420, lu appy15.2.png)

In the comments on the above post, a few things were revealed.
1. The story of the wound healing fine until a dog jumped on her wound and opened it is incongruous with her erroneous claim that it's ~*muh EDS*~ causing problems with wound healing. So which is it Robyn? Mechanical injury (what a shit story, too), or delayed healing from EDS? And if it's the latter, how was this incision healing just fine until the alleged dog incident, and how are your other wounds healing normally? What a load of horse shit.
2. Now she suddenly has had IBS for years! She just appropriated an illness in writing. Before, it was a suspected possibility for her vague abdominal complaints. Unbelievable.

No. 197416

File: 1479021321843.png (Spoiler Image,656.57 KB, 1025x657, lu appy16.png)

Part 16: More wound fuckery. She gets "rushed" back into a room "before the coughs and colds." Well, she certainly has a flair for the dramatic.

No. 197420

File: 1479023471805.png (Spoiler Image,739.75 KB, 1029x659, lu appy17.png)

Part 17: It's from ~*muh EDS!*~

No. 197437

This looks like an email, I'm pretty sure the hospital wouldn't email results, also why would you want specific results for a normal eeg?! Chances are you know fuck all what they mean! Wonder if they'll do an ambulatory eeg, she would milk the shit out of it

No. 197463

>I'm so fed up of #doctors and #hospitals
Bitch please.

No. 197467

I've been shown something like that before. It's usually private but if there's nothing heavy in it you can sometimes get it by request.

No. 197531

Ugh I don't want to imagine her in anything from Ann Summers…

Her mouth looks like she forgot to put her dentures in.

No. 197539

um no. That's generalising to rather an extreme degree don't you think? Actually I think if any of you took the time to get to know Robyn you'd realise there's more to her than she chooses to share online. And there are countless ailments or illnesses she may be suffering from in silent. You cannot possibly know someone inside out from hate viewing their social media profiles and jumping to conclusions. She has never claimed to suffer from the condition you referred to, but that does not in any way mean that there isn't another diagnosis that she is dealing with and chooses not to broadcast online

No. 197542

Not Robyn. And I really doubt she even reads here to be honest.

No. 197550

Bitch she shares what's essentially a paper cut on Instagram, I doubt there's much she's ~suffering with in silence~.

No. 197552

so she's obliged to share every detail of her life online with you is she? So you can all rip her apart hear on this image board like you're so high and mighty? I'm sorry but no, I don't think so. You cannot possibly know the ins and outs of her life, only what she chooses to share with her audience. And when I say her audience I mean the rest of the IG Spoonie community - I think she'd be sickened if she read the awful things you were saying about her here, and I think honestly her suicide attempt alone is enough damn proof of that. Some of the people posted on this site have bullied others and been racist and homophobic. These are things worthy of criticism. Sharing her struggles online with a community she trusts and wants to give hope and strength to is NOT enough reason to pick her apart. Sorry not sorry.

No. 197555

I know what it's like to be genuinely ill and genuinely keep to myself with symptoms instead of making a pity party on Instagram. I seriously, seriously doubt she has EDS. Anon wasn't 100% on point regarding Marfanoid habitus, it doesn't affect everyone, but the lack of it in combination with attention seeking behavior, frequent and unnecessary hospital trips, and purposefully eating food that would make her symptoms worse points to not having EDS or any of the other shit she claims. People with EDS tend to turn their lives upside down to improve it, she does the opposite. She is not sick.

No. 197557

And you have the education and intellect to back that up do you? I'm not buying it.

No. 197558

Stop being so mad, Robyn. If you were that sick and hiding many more ailments, you would actually be in the hospital. You would have an actual nurse to help you.
You wouldn't have to harass the A&E so they check your mostly healthy body out of duty before sending you back to your home so you can rant on Instagram.

No. 197560

You say people being racist or homophobic is worthy of criticism. What about when people purposefully fake illnesses for social or medical attention, and the impact that has on doctors' perception of patients who genuinely have those conditions?

Because that's part of why people who actually have EDS often go decades without being diagnosed or treated, even if their symptoms are present since childhood. Doctors see patients that come in repeatedly, patients like Robyn, and the hassle that they come with. The flaunting of pill hoarding or purposefully messing with surgical wounds against medical advice. These people make those doctors miserable, they get cynical, they start assuming that most patients complaining about those symptoms are just as fake. That is a huge problem considering EDS can be fatal.

I'm guessing you don't have EDS. You don't know what it's like to be written off because Munchies make you look like a hypochondriac. You don't know what it's like to have to jump through so many hoops just to find a doctor that will actually listen, because they assume that you're just drug seeking or making a big deal over nothing. And that's not even going into the sexism behind the whole thing, considering EDS primarily affects women after puberty hits and women are taken much less seriously in the medical field.

Munchies like Robyn affect the livelihood and health care of people who are genuinely ill. That's worthy of criticism. Sorry your head's too far up your ass to see the impact it has on others.

No. 197562

ovarian cysts are often left alone. they heal/dont cause much problem after a while. Unless they're huge and must be operated on but we're talking like the size of a bowling ball pretty much. I've had them chronically since puberty and i don't even bleed due to hormones. so that is debunked, otherwise, you do great work anon!

No. 197563

robyn go away you're such a bummer

No. 197564

so it was a suicide attempt?

No. 197565

not robyn…

No. 197567

Got the education and intellect to back that up?

No. 197568

Well by your 'She's such a faker!!!' logic she must've had all that ear surgery and those lengthy hospital stays for shits and giggles right? No other explanation. Doctors who have spent years at University training for their qualifications and prescribe her the pain management medications she needs must be wrong right? I'm sorry but until I see your degree and diagnoses I'm not inclined to believe you over the opinion of trained experts in the field. Not buying it.

No. 197570

we really don't care if you're robyn or not stop white knighting for this girl and her actions that DO deserve criticism. They do affect other people as >>197560 mentioned.

you also don't sound like you're regularly on this site pls take your sjw ass back to tumblr, not-robyn.

No. 197571

What kind of hope is she providing? All she does is lament about her countless self-diagnosed illnesses and imagined slights from random people on the train. Not to mention posting self-harm pictures (what a shining beacon of hope for her potentially vulnerable "audience"), her hoard of pills, and disgusting amounts of junk food. That isn't hope, that's the worst case scenario for people with health issues.

No. 197572

Sure, Robyn. You have someone believing you're even more sick that all the shit you display daily for everyone to see. It's totally not you at all.

No. 197573

Um if I was suffering as a victim of countless years of bullying and had nowhere to turn I'm pretty sure I'd find comfort in her posts. They aren't intended for those of you who are able bodied and minded - perhaps that's why the message is lost on you folk. By sharing her story I believe she has shown incredible strength in the face of adversary and that alone is more than enough for me.

No. 197575

Hi victim of countless years of bullying here, and I don't find comfort in her posts. She doesn't show incredible strength in the face of adversary, she imagines or fabricates adversary in order to play the victim card. She can't even go on the bus without suddenly being super oppressed by total strangers, even though EDS is not visible to most people and they wouldn't know what ring splints are anyway.

No. 197576

Hey Robyn, do you remember when you made that video about how tortured you were in school for your ear and how much trauma that caused, yet you later said children with the same condition shouldn't be sent to specialized schools because the bullying "builds character"? What great advice

No. 197577

you can judge all you want but until you've spent a day in her life I'm afraid I don't hold a great deal of weight to your allegations and mistruths.

So now you're acknowledging that she has indeed spent a lifetime suffering from Microatia and all the complexities of the illness that come along with it (including but not limited to: hearing impairment, disfigured ear proportions and complications from complex and intrusive surgeries)?

One second you say she's a liar and making up her illnesses for attention, the next you acknowledge she's a victim of circumstances beyond her control - which is it??

No. 197578

Learn to read, boo. I said she made a video (as in she talked to a camera about her supposed problems without offering any proof, per usual) about being bullied. Did I say shit about her actually having these issues? Nah. You can add shitty eyesight to your list of issues

No. 197579

What more proof do you want? A copy of her medical records? I don't see how she has anything more to prove. In documenting her struggles you call her attention seeking and mock her, and in not doing so you call her a liar and demand more proof. I want you to seriously think about this next question and come to a logical answer before you attack me again and accuse me of jumping the gun and not having the capacity to read your initial comment: Do you honestly believe Robyn would be on as many medications as she is if your allegations held any weight? Lets play devils advocate and go ahead and assume that 1-2 of the pills she's posted pictures of are readily available in-store or over the counter… that still leaves many that would be unavailable without a legitimate prescription from a trained doctor who likely has come across many malingering patients in their time and knows how to spot a faker. I find it hard to believe she would have acquired any of her medications via illegal means or illicitly, which further proves my point.

No. 197580

Sure I would believe it. People harassing doctors to get meds and doctor shopping to obtain the diagnosis they want happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME.
Lenient doctors exist, so do naive or plainly incompetent doctors.
Most of the shit she shows is actually otc supplements anyway.

No. 197582

I don't think you understand how Munchies work.

Here's the thing about Munchies: They are extremely good at getting what they want. They know precisely what to say and how to act in order to convince medical professionals that their symptoms are legit, and they self-induce symptoms by doing things like taking unnecessary or conflicting medications, eating junk that will inevitably make them ill, and messing with open wounds so they get infected. If a doctor starts to suspect them, they jump ship and find someone new, often with entirely separate records. They are very, very good at it and it can be difficult to actually catch them since they'll just up and leave once someone starts suspecting them.

Also, things like posting records and other such proof is classic Munchie behavior. So is hoarding medication that she hasn't finished. We have no guarantee that she has to take all of those meds /right now/ and every day. They easily could be old scripts that she's been keeping for pictures. And depending on the country, it's easier to obtain some meds than others. In the UK for example, it's much easier to obtain pain medication than it would be in the US because the social dynamic in the medical field is different. There is less focus on drug seeking behavior in the UK, so it's easier to get unnecessary pain meds. If she was in the US, she'd likely be breaking the law with her drug hoarding since there's state laws limiting the number of pills you can have for opiates. Hoarding suggests intent to traffic and she could get sent to jail. Meanwhile, patients that actually need that pain medication are denied it because they're assumed to be drug seeking or looking to sell their meds. So yeah. I have a problem with her.

No. 197583

Are you from the UK? Are you aware that the British healthcare system is dramatically different to that of the US and in other areas of the world. It's not possible to 'doctor shop' like you claim in this part of the world. As has been mentioned before on this thread (multiple times I believe) - in the UK you can only be registered at a single GP's practice at a time, and all your medical records are kept on a computer file and transferred over to any new doctor you choose to see. All it would take is one doctor to question her story and she'd be screwed forever. Clearly that hasn't happened yet or she wouldn't be on as many prescribed medications as she is. And all the surgery she's undergone? That was all for 'fun' and 'attention' was it? I find it extremely hard to believe anyone would induce an anaesthetic state and slice open an otherwise healthy 20-something year old if it wasn't absolutely necessary. Your logic is flawed.

No. 197584

Not the Anon you're responding to, but I'm going to throw in my own two cents.

Munchasen's is hard to diagnose and often even if suspected (or having legitimate proof) doctor's and therapists will not tell you you have it. Reason being it can through the patient into a crisis state (an actual mental health crisis, not the type of "crisis" Robyn talks about). I can imagine that she may actually have BPD or that may be the disorder they think she has rather than Munchasen's. Whether we like it or not there are people with BPD who are manipulative, and do a lot of things for attention.

Doctor shopping and manipulation is quite common, though I must admit I don't know how it works in the UK and how prominent it is. And there are some doctor's who would rather give their patient a pill then have them come in on a bi-weekly basis taking time away from people who need it.

The fact is that there is a lot of red flags with Robyn. She has probably one of the largest collection of online profiles a lot of us have ever seen. Every new account either adds someone of her older "diagnoses" or scrubs it away.

Let's not forget this is someone who has claimed she may have a tumor and at one point claimed to have an eating disorder.

No. 197585

Agreed on the pain meds in Europe. You can easily get codeine for unprovable headaches if you don't look like a tweaker. It's so easy it's actually scary.

No. 197586

Plus the fact that I think she posted having Tramadol, which docs hand out like candy. In large part because they believe it's /less/ addictive and dangerous than opiates, so it's given as a first choice to avoid giving out opiates. It's ridiculously easy to get a script of Tramadol.

No. 197587

Yeah, yeah, I'm from Eu, and we also have to register with a GP. But you know what? They don't give a shit if you go elsewhere. There's no database to keep track of that stuff. This system is only in place to incite you to have continuity of care, nothing actually prevents you from going elsewhere. You're spouting bullshit Robyn and we all know it.

No. 197588

Aha drug trafficking? I've honestly heard it all now! You'd have to be a bonafide idiot to believe she would actually go as far as to flaunt all those pills as openly as she has done via social media platforms just in order to drive more sales to her apparent drug dealing business? Give the girl a break. If I recall correctly she once called out a user on Instagram who had messaged her in an attempt to score free Tramadol medication they wouldn't have otherwise be en legitimately prescribed by their family doctor. Pull the other leg, I don't believe that for a second!

No. 197589

You misread what I said. I didn't say that she has intent to traffic. I said if she was in the US and kept a stash like that, she could be prosecuted for intent to traffic. They don't care about whether or not you actually intend to do it, they only care about the number of pills you've got. Go over the limit and you're breaking the law, and can get prosecuted for it. It's a way to point out the differences in systems and why she'd have an easier time obtaining unnecessary medication in Europe than she would in the US. Catch up.

No. 197591

I really don't like that she posts pictures of her medication like it's some collective haul. There is literally nothing to gain from posting that other than asspats. So fucking stupid. She pisses me off the most out of anyone in this board. And who the fuck are you?? >>197588

Way to strawman the other anon's argument. She didn't say she was selling drugs just that she would be busted for intent to sell simply by having that many. You are supposed to toss or return medication to the pharmacy

No. 197592

She doesn't live in the US! Once again, your logic is flawed. And you know what? I'm done arguing with idiots. This board is a cesspool of corrupt lowlifes who have nothing better to do than to tear apart a clearly unwell individual who has done absolutely noting wrong to provoke any of you. I for one am glad she has deactivated her Instagram and I'm sure she'll be much wiser in future of what to post and how not to attract fools like you lot who gossip, bitch, document and mock each of her actions and screenshot all her posts like psychotic stalkers in an attempt to feel better about their own pathetic empty lives. At least Robyn has a partner who loves her, a home to call her own and a job she excels in. I'm sure thats a hell of a lot more than can be said for the majority of you lot.

No. 197594

Oh, yeah, an idiot doctor handed me tramadol for what were most likely stress headaches. I was young and didn't know better, he didn't even warn me and I got hooked on that shit. First withdrawal and I had no fucking idea wth was happening.
They are truly careless with that crap, here.

It's only the really heavy stuff they watch. And even then, if you're good enough at faking, do your research beforehand and pick something that is hard to diagnose, you can get through.

No. 197596

OK Robyn, enjoy that twisted partner of yours who lets you fake and steal precious medical resource instead of getting you the psychological help you obviously need. He sure sounds like a gem.

No. 197605

Fuck off, Robyn. Don't you have some feces to smear into your self-harm wounds or something?

No. 197610

I like how you just imply everyone here is ~able bodied and minded~ and thus can't see what a brave warrior you are.

>Wah wah I packed a fork instead of a spoon, very mental illness today

>Look at this closeup of my surgery wound I'm fiddling with so it won't heal
>"This is what a severe panic attack looks like", posts the same picture of her punchable potato face as usual
>I arranged a year's stash of pills in a kawaii way ugh so tired of doctors and hospitals
Such incredible strength. Fuck off.

Sage for being this mad.

No. 197615

The most annoying thing about Robyn self-posting here is that she reads a comment and completely misinterprets it.

- "She said she has __"

Bitch, learn how to fucking read.

No. 197616

Yeah, Im disabled and despise the spoonie comm due to all the whackos. It's about status, showing off who is the worst, etc.
It's like a sick competition.

No. 197632

Agreed. Online disability communities, especially communities like the one on Instagram, are a major factor of why MBI is such a problem. So many people are trying to prove that they're sick and that they have it worse off than someone else that they're constantly trying to 1-up each other. Who can have the most or longest hospitalizations, the most surgeries, the most co-morbid illnesses… And the sympathy they get for being oh so ill breeds attention seeking behavior. Sometimes it's hard to tell who is actually sick and who is blowing shit out of their ass since there's so damn many of the latter.

No. 197650

for real like half this board is actual disabled people and many of them actually have the diseases robyn pretends to, they've been able to call her out no problem.

also, like, how can you argue any of this after that blatant explanation and photos of the nasty things she did with her appendectomy wound? photos of her literally stretching the "unhealable" wound open, if any doctor saw that they would recommend serious therapy, for that is a very dangerous form of self harm, to fuck with a surgery wound and open your body for all sorts of infections it's literally a miracle she didn't go septic…

and then posting her self harm wounds on LU and stretching them open and putting a filter on it with the highest contrast? for attention.

I have no pity for her at all. She's done vile things for attention and she is honestly giving actually ill people a bad name.

Like really, whom does her instagram really help? her.

No. 197671

I have one of the conditions you go on about Robyn it's not a drama or a death sentence or a need to go to countless medical professionals for tests.

Your behaviour is attention seeking and abnormal. You need therapy and to focus on the real world and stop making internet accounts.


I had a health account but it was more about healthy food, exercise, meditation and things to help me get better with my condition. I shared with people who have the same condition as me things we did that helped.

After reading everything in the other thread and how bonkers people are in that community I deleted it.

No. 197673

No, you CLAIM to be suffering from one of the same symptoms as mRobyn is. But are you really? I mean… can I see some proof? you must be lying, I don't believe you. You're clearly suffering from Munchausen. You must be faking it. It's all just for attention. Stop posting about it on the internet. You need therapy and you're doctor shopping…

See how ridiculous you sound :)

No. 197679

File: 1479071514004.jpg (5.76 KB, 299x169, imgres.jpg)


Go rub some OTC ibuprofen gel on that bursitis and enjoy your KFC in the middle of your IBS attack.

No. 197691

lol robyn, I think all of us in this thread combined could not add up to how ridiculous you sound and act. you're gonna kill yourself accidentally, taking all those prescriptions, mixing meds, changing your doses (may i quote - "took an extra setraline because today was really hard, when that is clearly not how that med works!) and putting your body through all this shit just for attention, treating yourself for diseases you don't have, aggressively working towards worsening your situation.

also it is so very blatant that your IBS is self inflicted you literally have only eaten junk for years you only post junk food, wouldn't you want to… feel better?

Like eating like shit is ok occassionally but if you're getting the shits everyday, maybe try some fruits and vegetables?

No. 197695


And tbh, I really don't need support. I know my condition, I know what makes it worse or better so there's really no point for me to join any kind of support group anymore.

However I think with something like CF, it would be helpful because I believe people who have CF cannot hang out with each other unless one has had a transplant or something, because they can spread infections and bugs to each other and heaven forbid you culture b. cepacia…

No. 197700

This is so ridiculous. Of course you'll be seen immediately at an urgent care center if you have an open wound. I cut my finger recently making dinner and needed to go there to get actual stitches, and they took me to the back over the people with "coughs and colds" because my hand was wrapped in a bloody fucking rag. It's nothing special about you, Robyn.

This girl is incredible in her delusions. I can't believe how deep the rabbit hole goes for her. Does anyone think that she's aware that she's really not sick and she purposely does this as a sort of desperate ploy for attention, or do you think she genuinely believes she is sick?

No. 197711

sage for OT but I caught up on this thread before going to sleep last night, and I had a dream where my knee dislocated and I started yelling about muh Ehlers-Danlos. Woke up with a terrible leg cramp. Fuck you, Robyn.

No. 197715

Robyn, you are obviously ill– mentally ill.

You don't seem to excel in your job since you're always leaving it for some "medical emergency" or another. Your boyfriend looks like a rat, just like you, and if he really loved you he would tell you that you're an attention-seeking faker and that you needed therapy for it.

I hope your new therapist can help you with your attention-seeking and pill addictions. Many of us here are actually disabled and chronically ill. Check the threads in /g/. But we don't let it overtake our lives. We want to be healthy and normal. You make a mockery out of our struggles. You are absolutely pathetic.

No. 197757

oh drop the patronising tone you evil wench

No. 197758

and yet you're still posting her continually. If you don't care about the girl leave her be and go bitch about how you can see Dakotas extension tracks or how Venus Angelics mum photoshops her behind to look bigger.

No. 197763

I'm sure Robyn will appreciate your diagnosis Dr. Anonymous. Now do tell me… aside from the fact that she has already publicly shared her physical and mental health problems via her IG profile (in hopes of inspiring others and removing some of the stigma attached to such illnesses I hasten to add), how did you come to the conclusion she was mentally ill?

She has BPD and she owns that. I think a whole lot of you are raging narcissists and insecure bullies who could probably benefit from a diagnosis yourselves. Or maybe we should tie your fingers together even though you don't struggle with any chronic pain in them like Robyn does, just so you'd be unable to spew any further bollocks.

No. 197768

We post about her because one, it's funny and interesting to watch her think she's got everyone fooled, and secondly, it's frustrating seeing people abuse the medical system like this.

>how did you come to the conclusion she was mentally ill?

Gee, I dunno, maybe her constantly making up diagnoses and then dropping them as soon as she doesn't feel like keeping it up anymore? Maybe her abusing medication to seem sicker (no doctor would recommend you take another sertraline when you feel shit)? Maybe her fucking with wounds to make them look worse?

She very clearly has a fictitious disorder, and you're a fucking moron if you believe her despite the insane amount of evidence posted in this thread.

>She has BPD and she owns that

Nothing about her says BPD, you don't get diagnosed with a personality disorder within your first meeting of a specialist, and it's very clearly just meant to be there as an out clause, like it was with Kadee.

No. 197769

You talk about narcissism, yet you're the one pretending to be "not Robyn". At least own the fact that it's you. Everyone here already knows, so you may as well give up the act. "In hopes of inspiring others" Oh please

No. 197774

Yes I'm 'pretending' to be 'not Robyn'. Did it ever cross your mind I might actually be telling the truth when I say with certainty that I'm genuinely not her? First you accuse someone who is a victim of circumstance of lying about her illnesses and exaggerating her symptoms to traffic drugs and gain sympathy, then you have the nerve to accuse me of being said person, just because I have enough common sense to come to the conclusion that her symptoms and diagnosis are most definitely legitamate. Sounds to me like you're salty and paranoid as hell.

No. 197782


hi not-robyn.
I have bpd. I own it. I don't use it as an excuse for bad behavior (because i'm a responsible human) (sage for blogging) and honestly if you don't seek therapy and you have BPD I think that is pretty much a crime, BPD takes literal years of working on your personal self, not being self involved, but being mindful and learning to rationalize. She doesn't do it. And she will blame her shit behavior on BPD and not even apologize.
I don't believe she has BPD she doesn't show 6 out of the possible 11 symptoms, that's the general rule. She needs validation and acts irrationally, but that doesn't mean she has BPD.
She has Munchhausen's and she shows narcissistic qualities that come with being a munchie.

I bet she tortures her boyfriend, I can't imagine. #FreeZak>>197774

No. 197784


hi not-robyn.
I have bpd. I own it. I don't use it as an excuse for bad behavior (because i'm a responsible human) (sage for blogging) and honestly if you don't seek therapy and you have BPD I think that is pretty much a crime, BPD takes literal years of working on your personal self, not being self involved, but being mindful and learning to rationalize. She doesn't do it. And she will blame her shit behavior on BPD and not even apologize.
I don't believe she has BPD she doesn't show 6 out of the possible 11 symptoms, that's the general rule. She needs validation and acts irrationally, but that doesn't mean she has BPD.
She has Munchhausen's and she shows narcissistic qualities that come with being a munchie.

I bet she tortures her boyfriend, I can't imagine. #FreeZak

No. 197785


hi not-robyn.
I have bpd. I own it. I don't use it as an excuse for bad behavior (because i'm a responsible human) (sage for blogging) and honestly if you don't seek therapy and you have BPD I think that is pretty much a crime, BPD takes literal years of working on your personal self, not being self involved, but being mindful and learning to rationalize. She doesn't do it. And she will blame her shit behavior on BPD and not even apologize.
I don't believe she has BPD she doesn't show 6 out of the possible 11 symptoms, that's the general rule. She needs validation and acts irrationally, but that doesn't mean she has BPD.
She has Munchhausen's and she shows narcissistic qualities that come with being a munchie.

I bet she tortures her boyfriend, I can't imagine. #FreeZak>>197774

No. 197791

I mean then who else would it be? Who cares this much about whiteknighting a pathetic fat failure of a human being

No. 197792

Do you even know how to use this forum? I haven't accused you of anything besides being Robyn because this is my first time responding to you. And I can say "you" with certainty because YOU are the only person defending her / yourself

No. 197793

gossiping about someone does not equal caring about them, what a concept.

the fuck do you care why anyone talks about this waste of air? does it impact your life that a bunch of anons are discussing a lying fake?

don't care who you are but you're talking out of your ass as much as robyn is and it's just the same boring, useless shit over and over. btw, i don't need some fucking sad ass doormat ~partner~ to be happy in life but please keep pretending i like pointing and laughing at this trainwreck b/c i'm ~jealous~ or whatever.

No. 197795

sage in all fields

No. 197800

never accused you of jealousy, that'll be your own insecurities spilling out in to your posts. And it's really not a pretty look believe you me

I'm merely trying to be a voice of reason and call you (coll-ec-ti-vely, NOT individually) out on your b/s reasons for hating on her. I'm not 'whiteknighting' Robyn, nor am I Robyn herself but I refuse to buy into the pack mentality of bringing down someone who as far as I'm aware has done absolutely nothing to deserve such hate and abuse.

And if she's so irrelevant and pathetic then perhaps it's time you all left this thread to die or deleted it. She's deactivated all her social media profiles as far as I'm aware and is taking a much needed break from the internet to destress and get away from the toxic comments which if anything I'm sure were only prolonging her agony and feelings of helplessness.

No. 197801

you don't need a partner? where did that come from? did I miss something?

I'm sure you absolutely 100% need Zak and that you almost definitely decrease his quality of life.

Did he finally dump you?

No. 197802

you do realize it's impossible for us not to know its you, robyn, because of your details of her personal emotions. And if you're not her, your white knighting is failing completely. You're not making yourself look better.
We don't care if you delete all your social media, I mean, you can only go so long without validation and attention right???

No. 197803

>And if she's so irrelevant and pathetic then perhaps it's time you all left this thread to die or deleted it

Haha i bet you would like that huh? Too bad you stupid bitch this will be on the internet forever attached to your name.

No. 197804

if you're not-robyn or a white knight (so you don't know her personally at all?), you're defending her terrible behavior. That what white knight is, defending the OP against their shitty behavior.

also, you're not commenting on any other threads? even the other munchie one? or ash? why are you ONLY defending robyn?

Literally all we do is point out how vile she is as a person.

if you wanna make fun of us for being petty n shit go to dakota's thread and call some people out for hating on her nails that need to be filled in. hahahhaha

No. 197806

who said I don't post elsewhere? Sorry, did I miss something? Do you have the same insight in to my posting habits as you all claim to have about each and every one of Robyn's documented conditions and ailments?

No. 197807

sage for double post

but not-robyn, you don't know what sage means either, clearly. there is no excuse for you.

No. 197810


omg did you just speak in first person, really? Not-Robyn is slippin ya'll.

No. 197812

Oh my god. I suggest you re-read my post and the post I was referencing. I did not 'slip up' at any point in my response. But go ahead and call me Robyn, 'n0tr0byn' or 'whitekn1ght3r' till the cows come home, none of it is, nor will ever be true, and it doesn't change a thing.

No. 197814

whatever you are, you're really boring.

No. 197815

I could say the same for you. sage please.

No. 197819

File: 1479080580112.jpeg (28.8 KB, 275x183, image.jpeg)

>sage goes in all fields

No. 197834

Post a picture of your hair with a time stamp. Or just the lower half of your face.

Be really cool and post with a shoe on top of your head with a time stamp. Because otherwise every single one of us will continue to remain convinced it's you, Robyn.

inb4 "i won't do that, I don't need to prove myself to you mean bullies"

No. 197841

File: 1479081884385.gif (989.83 KB, 450x254, 1RuaI5I.gif)

>>197774 Oh cut the shit already.
"someone who is a victim of circumstance"
>a victim of circumstance
>a victim
Sure, Jan. There's a subset of people with MBI who have legitimate pre-existing conditions or experience with medical drama and attention/sympathy received; often in childhood, and crave the speshul-ness of that time. In Robyn's case, it was microtia which got her the most attention and sympathy. She went to a super-important prestigious hospital in London to see the top doctors in their field; she had a news story done on her; she became the queen of inspiration in a microtia support group, basking in all the attenshun and loving it - until people dared to not take everything she said as gospel ("but those parents should be listening to MEEEEE!"). No one is claiming Robyn has not ever dealt with medical problems. What we're saying is her melodramatic behavior and ever-increasing repertoire of uber-dramatic, severe and life-threatening and progressive illnuhssez and kryseez are over the fucking top. Every single tiny thing is blown into a huge fucking soap opera with her. She has been definitively caught in lies, and photo evidence along with her own text have proven she has exacerbated and tampered with her wounds on multiple occasions to prolong the sympathy saga. Even the DOCS tell her to STOP wasting their time and go home and stop fucking with her wounds! Multiple docs, multiple incidents. Nearly all of them. You think we're all wrong though?
If you cannot see the mountain of evidence in support of Robyn making everything as severe as possible and being the bestest most frajul delicate suffering ~*spoonie angle desu*~ you're duped beyond reason. But sure, Jan, we're all wrong. Robyn's family is wrong. Robyn's doctors and hospitals and every fucking medical scenario that doesn't go according to her romanticized, fetishized plan is against her, the whole world is out to get her, everyone on the bus is so obsessed with glaring at her or somehow marginalizing her because ~*invisubul disuhbilititties~* reasons, she is forced out of every fucking support community she has ever joined because she's a huge manipulative attention-seeking "must be the sickest" bitch. How many accounts does one need? How many clean starts after you fuck over everyone who trusted you? Why are there always problemz with everyone, everywhere?
When she doesn't get the response she wants, like super special treatments from doctors for her blown-out-of-proportion complaints, she threatens to stop caring for herself because "Why should I care about my injuries if they don't?" Does that sound normal to you?
Or how about the time she threatened to TAKE A KNIFE TO HER WOUND to make it bad enough to warrant the level of care she was seeking! Really? Nope, nope and nope.

TL;DR anons, this one is gone hook line and sinker. She has well and truly drunk Robyn's Kool-Aid.

Meanwhile, back to the wound fuckery saga that is sadly, disturbingly, 100% Robyn fucking with her central lap incision to keep it open and bleeding…

No. 197848

I'd bet anything she has Zak pigeonholed with "if you leev me I'll an hero!" and uses that regularly to make him jump through her fucked-up delusional sick-role hoops.

No. 197850

>sage plz

Wtf. Lol. Why do cows fail so hard at trying to blend in, you would think they would put in some effort

No. 197853

She's not trying to be a hero, merely a survivor and living proof that you can hold down a job, a relationship, and support others while dealing with health problems beyond your control.

Also I don't think it's any of your business to drag her partner in to this or speculate on the status of their relationship. But then again I suspect you're running out of things to gossip about now that your favourite subject of bitching and scheming has taken a much needed break from the internet. Clasping at straws much?

No. 197856

First off, I love how you've ignored any posts you can't just act condescending in response to, such as >>197768

And secondly, no, that's not what she's doing. She's presenting herself as sick, not as a hero or proof that you can fight through illnesses and that they don't control you, everything she posts is about how her illnesses control her and her life.

Also, she blatantly misuses the word "disability". If you can work and hold down a job and partner just fine, with no actual disabling going on, you are not disabled. This supports the claim that she's lying about her illnesses to play up the victim.

No. 197866

Girl, PLEASE learn how to hide your self-posting.
- "She's not tying to be a hero, merely a survivor,"
- "… taking a much needed break from the internet to destress and get away from the toxic comments"
- "In hopes of inspiring others"
- "… I'm sure she'll be much wiser in the future of what to post"

How would you know this? You claim we don't know anything about her from what we've seen on social media, yet you somehow naturally know her personal thoughts and emotions? Sure, not-Robyn

No. 197878

>completely clueless about an hero

No. 197882


No. 197886

Robyn's posts are just straight up whingeing. They are not intended to empower anybody, nor do they.

No. 197890

yes please Robyn, please post them all.

No. 197892

File: 1479084343078.png (599.93 KB, 1260x744, jim.png)

agreed. far more harm than good, not just for her but for others.

it's comparable to pro-ana blogs it's really just informative about how to fake illnesses and get attention from doctors, which she's not even good at. I hope she is not inspiring anyone.

No. 197895

okay that Jim Halpert was accidental some how. sorry for double post/garbage.

No. 197906

Hi "not robyn" . You literally have access to exactly the same info / 'evidence' about robyn as the rest of the world did (including those of us posting here) before she went and deleted her ig posts… therefore your argument that its "common sense" to believe robyn is totally legitimate based on what you have seen is completely INVALID - We too feel we have used our own common sense based on what wehave seen to conclude that robyn is at the very least malingering, if not suffering from some sort of ficticious disorder…

Personally, i believe that she does have some of the diagnoses she claims, but others she has aquired when they may have merely been suggested as a differential at various points in her life. Also i believe she genuinely believes she is a sick as she is claiming 90% of the time, but it is also very clear that she gets a perverted thrill from the attention she gets by publicising her dramas which is clear from her obsessive use of social media and constant exaggerations. She reminds me more and more of kadee (especially both their use of super dramatic wording!)

No. 197917

You can also have a disability and not be disabled. I think the most sense Robyn ever came out with was when she said her birth ear deformity wasn't a disability (which it isn't, unless it causes hearing impairment). The rest of the chronic illness saga I believe to be mostly true but extremely fucking exaggerated to the point where I think she even believed it ruled over her. When in fact she isn't that sick at all.

No. 197921

>Did it ever cross your mind I might actually be telling the truth when I say with certainty that I'm genuinely not her?
Do you know how statement analysis works, Robyn?

No. 197923


if you're not robyn, then say one negative thing about robyn.
i honestly think she is incapable of doing that, she thinks shes a #victim #warrior #survivor etc

so if you're not robyn, be honest with us? and how do you know so much about her like right now, why she deleted her social media etc, who could you be to know so much? I'm sure it isn't Zak and I don't think you/robyn have any friends so, prove it.

No. 197926

All it takes is one timestamped photo covering her face and showing her hair to prove us wrong but she won't even do that.

Not-robyn, take a sheet of paper and write lolcow Nov 2016 on it, cover your face with it and post a picture. Nobody will recognize you if you aren't actually Robyn.

No. 197934

File: 1479088981492.jpg (54.18 KB, 536x506, sagesage.jpg)

I hope you bullies are happy now.

No. 197936

i laughed OUT LOUD
nice one, anon

No. 197939

I was waiting for one of you to do this! LMFAO

No. 197941

"Not Robyn", the reasons for "hating on" her aren't exactly b/s. They're clinically validated signs of Munchausen's, including Munchausen's By Internet.

To summarize:
* She works in a hospital, giving her access to information about the medical field and how the system works, as well as convincing medical terminology. Many Munchies work in health care on some level, making it even easier for them to deceive people because they know the ins and outs of the system.
* Medication non-compliance such as doubling up on meds that shouldn't be doubled up on, and hoarding meds instead of actually taking them while posting photos of constant refills.
* Eating food or taking medication that induces symptoms, or doing so with all knowledge that it will actively make the condition worse.
* Admitting to wanting to or actively fucking up her surgical wounds against medical advice because it gets her the attention she wants.
* Constant emergency room trips for minor issues. Munchies in particular are well known for being frequent fliers at the ER, especially rotating between different ones.
* Purposefully denying herself care or rejecting medical intervention because she didn't get as much attention as she wanted.
* Escalating to crisis state when confronted or questioned.
* Sock puppet identities and impersonating multiple people to keep the story going (see: your posts here versus on IG)
* Represents EDS as a caricature instead of the diverse spectrum that it is, and possibly other conditions she claims to have as well
* Constant drama, moving from one crisis to another, often ones that are fabricated or exist only in her mind
* Defending her innocence when a couple people confront her, then disappearing from all of her public social media accounts without a word

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3510683/

There's probably more but I'm tired right now. I'll add more later.

And yes, it's entirely possible to convince medical professionals to do unnecessary surgery. Medical professionals are human, they can be manipulated and deceived just as much as any other human being. There's no magic power that allows medical professionals to be objective 100% of the time. Some people even manage to convince doctors to give them unnecessary chemo, despite how dangerous that treatment is for people. They are not infallible.

No. 197943

oo that's good work,anon. gotta save that one. i have a feeling she's not gonna take this well the first time around. lolz

No. 197944

>disappearing from all of her public social media accounts without a word
I wonder if some of the disappearances from past accounts represent promises she made to her partner or her family that she would stop the bullshit.

No. 197945

Thanks, and you're welcome. Have dealt with a lot of MBI cases, came prepared. Robyn is a classic example.

It's possible. Sadly, we'll likely never know.

No. 197950

>Well by your 'She's such a faker!!!' logic she must've had all that ear surgery and those lengthy hospital stays for shits and giggles right

Munchies jump at the opportunity to have medical tests and procedures. Look at what happened with her Appendectomy - tests were done, and nothing was found to be wrong. An exploratory laparoscopy was performed, and nothing was found to be wrong. She kept acting like she was horribly sick until the took out her appendix, which is an organ that was considered completely useless until fairly recently, and many have argued should be taken out as a routine procedure. It's not like the were removing a kidney. The wound then magically failed to heal properly, and she took lots of pictures, including ones wherein she was clearly pulling it open. And now she makes sure everyone knows she had surgery.

That is textbook Munchie behavior.

And her ear surgery, whoopty fucking do. It was a cosmetic surgery. And of course she calls it "Microtia" because that sounds much more serious than "deformed ear." And doesn't she claim to have hemifacia microsomia? Yet her face is symmetrical in all but one picture, which just happens to be the one where she's claiming she has the condition. It's also not a big deal at all.

>So now you're acknowledging that she has indeed spent a lifetime suffering from Microatia and all the complexities of the illness that come along with it (including but not limited to: hearing impairment, disfigured ear proportions and complications from complex and intrusive surgeries)?

It's a deformed ear that doesn't require surgery at all, you fucking retard.

"Stop bullying Robyn! Go bully other people instead!!!!"

Wow, you are just overflowing with compassion, aren't you?

Kek Of course she ignored this post completely.

No. 197953


lol she kinda shut up huh lol bye for now not-robyn

No. 197956

Am I the only one who thinks 'totally not Robyn' might be her boyfriend's poor attempt at white knighting?
If he's the type who gets off of taking care of the victim, then it's in his interest that she appears sick and isn't found out.
Or he legitimately believes her because she's likely an amazing manipulator. And he probably lost his balls long ago so now all he can do is follow her orders and defend her against the haters.

No. 197960

Also found some old facebook profiles of here. Have they been posted yet?

No. 197974

Don't give her any ideas, Munchies love pretending to be their hubbies or family.

No. 197977

File: 1479096907999.gif (480.46 KB, 500x281, dhurrrrr.gif)

Still waiting on this one, "not-Robyn"

I'll post one if you do.

No. 197980

This is what I thought of immediately when I seen she had multiple past accounts. She's been hiding her social media usage from someone. Why would a munchie build up a sympathetic following only to just ghost it and move on & start again? I struggle to delete accounts never mind someone who genuinely thrives off of the attention.

No. 197984

197956 I dunno but it's weird, she writes about him almost like a caricature of a real relationship, but I found his FB (ostensibly the only one?), and he rarely mentions her. When he does, it's something minimal like "check out Robyn's blog." back when she used to review games or whatever. I mean she has pics with him so he's obviously real, but something feels off.

>>197980 Fucking this!

No. 197985

File: 1479098461656.png (751.95 KB, 1317x659, lu appy18.png)

The Appy Saga, Part 18: Fuck, I put this excerpt on 16 but goes with this one. This is when she got "rushed back "before the coughs and colds." Fucking kek. Dat dramu! She's so excited, like manic that they are taking her seriously. The smile on her face, it's like seeing an addict get their fix.

No. 197993

File: 1479099716676.png (770.44 KB, 1023x653, lu appy19.png)

Part 19: "Let's hope the #steristrips help my #appendectomy #laparoscopy finally heal! Gotta keep them dry for 5 days and if no improvement gotta go to my #gp!"

>dem exclamation points

Of course, by now you all know they won't because she will fuck with them…

No. 197995

Robyn, what type of EDS have you been diagnosed with?

No. 197996

Her tagging pattern suggests type 3, which is conveniently the one that has no genetic test and has to be diagnosed with a clinical exam. She tags hypermobility syndrome and EDS as being more or less the same, which is common behavior for type 3.

No. 197999

Confirmed, claims type 3, the one that can't be tested for. https://www.facebook.com/chronicallyrobyn/posts/528366330674028:0

No. 198003

Many thanks, anon

I've been worried for a while that EDS would become the next trendy spoonie diagnosis, now that fibromyalgia, CFS and the like seem to be falling out of favour. I'm just waiting for some dumb munchie fuck to claim type 4 EDS while being a hamplanet with zero of the typical facial features. Nothing garners sympathy like "my heart is gonna explode before I'm 40".

No. 198005

You and me both. Sadly it seems it's already the flavor of the month. Type 3 is especially common to claim because it's easier to fake (lots of people are hypermobile, not everyone has EDS to go with it) and because claiming frequent dislocations and subluxations can bring in a lot of attention. It being such a huge trend in certain circles really sucks because it makes people with legit EDS doubt themselves or delay seeking medical attention despite the risks and severe pain. Part of why I'm so pissed off at her.

No. 198006

They're all having to learn the hard way that people generally are not that sympathetic about Fibromyalgia (source, I live with it) and you can't put a splint on or whatever to make it look more dramatic. EDS gives them something more "concrete" to carry on about.

No. 198007

File: 1479101571052.png (1.31 MB, 2035x647, lu appy20-20.1.png)

Appy Saga Part 20 (L): Sensationalizes normal exudate post-cleaning/dressing change.
TEXT: "Always good when 15 mins later you're already starting to bleed through! Can I just have a body that heals properly. The #surgeon told me I could work after 1 week… 3 weeks later and my #appendectomy/#laparoscopy #wound just keeps getting worse!"

Part 20.1(R)
TEXT: "The casualty from my shift and the reason I finally went to the #minorinjuryunit. 3 weeks #postop from #appendectomy/#laparoscopy should not cause this!"

No. 198008

I would have thought tramadol is a big fat no-no if she actually had epilepsy, that shit lowers your seizure threshold something fierce. Can any medical anons help me out here?

No. 198009

File: 1479101795280.jpg (97.77 KB, 1200x616, fetish.jpg)

fetishists unite

No. 198010

Doctors do not understand tramadol and will prescribe it regardless of the risks. Some aren't even aware the risks are there. Mine was actually shocked to hear that it had severe withdrawal symptoms that some compare to heroin withdrawal and can cause serotonin syndrome if combined with certain meds.

Source: was prescribed it, doc didn't know enough about it except that it was "safer" than opiates, it fucked up my life

No. 198013

File: 1479102979282.png (109.72 KB, 647x434, lu appy21txt.png)

Yet more Appy Saga drama: Following >>198007, she has another "crisis" and gets a script for antibiotics, but "need #spoonie haaaaalp!" because they bother her tumtums and taste bad! Oh no!

No. 198029

Whoa, is this summary transcribed from an earlier post? It looks like something I wrote. If not, GMTA I guess!

Med anon here. You are correct that there is a risk of seizure with tramadol and that risk is increased with a pre-existing seizure condition and with concomitant use of SSRI's the risk of serotonin syndrome is elevated. There are quite a few pharmacological contraindications in Robyn's pathology list and med regimen. Tramadol was widely prescribed before the seizure correlation came to light and it is possible, if she has been on it a while, that the pharmacy overrode warnings and it was missed by her care team, but I have no doubt if her chemist looked up the contraindications, they would red-flag on tramadol, epilepsy and sertraline at least.
Can verify that your experience has been similar to many patients'. Tramadol was initially marketed as an "opiate-like non-opiate" and touted as an alternative to opiates in at-risk patients and/or an option for docs who didn't want to prescribe scheduled drug alternatives. I am sorry this happened to you anon, you're not alone and this is why reclassification efforts have taken place in recent years. It became C-IV in the U.S. (and Schedule III in the UK I think).

No. 198036

The blood splotches don't match the shape of the wound.

And knowing her, why didn't she take a picture of the supposedly bleeding wound itself?

No. 198041

Argh, again she is stretching it a little, here, for the pic. If it's a fresh and painful wound, why keep poking around it constantly? You don't touch it or the surroundings at all, and you refrain from movements that would make it worse.
This shit is making me so mad.

No. 198068

Lol I just imagine half the people who put poly on their profiles just aren't but want them special snowflake points for being so 'cool' and 'accepting'.

No. 198070

I bloody wish her drs could see these pics.

No. 198071


Girl bye. Have you even been reading this thread? You know, like the parts where several of us mention that we're NOT able-bodied and that we DO have some of the conditions crazypants has a perpetual hard-on for?

I say this as a disabled woman: attention-seeking behavior, self-diagnosing behavior like Robyn's, changes the perception of my conditions. People like HER make it harder for people like ME to find treatment.

So get on out of here with your ~uwu u ableists don't understannnnnn~ bullshit.

No. 198080

Right she's obviously not coming back so time to delete this thread now?

No. 198081


No, Robyn.

No. 198085

File: 1479126562942.gif (489.43 KB, 275x207, image.gif)

As a chronic dual diagnosis person your posts mostly inspire me to smack my face into a brick wall because 1) your medical knowledge is pitiful 2) you communicate like a self righteous, narcissistic cunt and 3)that gloating toad smirk is unbearable.

You're not inspirational Robyn. It might make you feel better to tell yourself that but in reality you're a malingering dumbass who's too lazy to grow up and move forwards into real life. Making up medical crisis after new condition after disease-focused account is just how you put off the responsibilities and expectations that come along with adulthood.

The actually disabled or ill people who are quietly struggling to live would kill for the things you're running away from by faking disease. Grow up you pathetic, overgrown baby. You don't need another pity party you need someone in your real life to call you out and force you into accountability.

No. 198088


Fuckin' hell Robyn if you can't fake a myriad of illnesses very well what makes you think you can't fake being "Not-Robyn".

No. 198092

Remember when Robyn tried to start a pro-ana secret Instagram and then couldn't stop stuffing her face to actually keep it going for longer than like 2 days. Why defend her

No. 198095


You must be new here.

No. 198105

don't some medications have averse effects if you don't really need them? i've heard of people taking antipsychotics and they weren't really ill, but actually started having psychotic symptoms

No. 198112

Yes and no. Taking meds someone doesn't need is a common way of inducing Munchie symptoms that can pass clinical exams, since odds are the doctor won't know that it was self-induced.

No. 198114

Omg thats pure gold Robyn, you do realise these threads are permanent?!!!

No. 198117

Nah, just keeping up with the saga and hoping to go into a specialty field, gotta be aware of how Munchies work if going into specialty medical fields. They're drawn to those areas like flies are drawn to politicians. Glad we're on the same page.

And can verify several of the risks of tramadol you mentioned, she also shouldn't be combining that with amitriptyline because it increases the risk of seizures and potential serotonin syndrome. Tramadol is more dangerous than people give it credit for because it affects not just opioid receptors but has similar effects to SSRIs, causing withdrawal from both if someone goes off of it and increasing the risk of interactions between a wider variety of medications. This is why I'm wary of people claiming to see specialty nurses instead of MDs, less education in pharmacology and dangerous contraindications. Nurses are also often much more sympathetic as a general trend and therefore are easier to manipulate by Munchies like Robyn.

No. 198136

before I was mentally ill I tried seroquel(antipsychotic) for sleep and it knocked me the fuck out, for a day and a half. Now I take 3x that amount to sleep/function like a normal person.
(sage for da bloggin)


SO yes, most meds have adverse effects, especially if you don't need them.

What I'm thinking and have repeated before is that she's giving false/leaving out some of her medical history to get more medications and then she is mixing them and I think that one day she will do this stupidly and she will die on accident/from being THAT dumb.

and I believe that's what social darwinism is..

No. 198148

File: 1479141441827.png (1.13 MB, 1033x1302, lu appy21.1-22.png)

Appendectomy Saga Parts 21-22: More drama and fuckery afoot…

Part 21: "MY QUALITY OF LIFE is SUFFERING yewguize!! ARGH! FUCKIT I wana rip my dressing off and glue this thing!!!"
TEXT: "Changed the dressing at 9:30pm and this is what its like at 1:30am. Back at #doctors at 2:30pm for my 3rd appointment in regards to this. Its been 29 days since my emergency #appendectomy/#laparoscopy and I've still got an open wound on my stomach! This is bloody stupid and if they give me #steristrips one more time I will tear them off and fucking superglue the damn thing shut. They arent doing anything and I'm stuck with a gaping hole in my stomach that is affecting my quality of life! Argh! #spoonielife #spoonieproblems #spoonie

Which multi-pic format is better, anons? Left-Right or Top/Bottom?

No. 198150

if i was a doctor in the emergency room that she probably visited 20 times during this period by the 2nd or 3rd time i probably would have handed her some super glue and handle it her fucking self.

she really does know how to waste a doctor's time when, you know, they could be saving lives etc.

No. 198158

Newfag detected. These threads are forever, sweetiepie. Kthxbai!

No. 198160

File: 1479143146046.png (986.71 KB, 1033x653, lu appy23.png)

Appendectomy Saga Part 23: So they've started making her go in for dressing changes daily now. Translation: they don't trust her to do it herself. They're onto the fact that she's fucking with it!

But score for more appts and yay get to see some more specialists!

No. 198166

File: 1479144263404.png (Spoiler Image,841.95 KB, 1313x649, lu appy24.png)

The Appendectomy Saga Part 24: Fuckery unbridled.
This graphic wound progression compilation reminds me of Chrischan's taint-gina wound, complete with her grubby hand spreading it open! WTF!

No. 198170

>I have a vague idea why it's not healing but it's the first time it's happened.

Yeah that's a large part of why I don't believe she has EDS - if she had healing issues because of the collagen dysfunction, this wouldn't be the first time. She's what, 20 something and this is the first failure to heal? Other wounds would have done the same thing. Collagen is present in a good 80% of connective tissue in the body, something somewhere would have had difficulty healing in the past as well. Not everyone with EDS type 3 has problems with wound healing, but those that do find it's not a one time thing. Pulling open a surgical wound with EDS and poor healing is one of the worst things you can do for it, because if it was struggling to heal already, no way it would after fucking with it for a month.

No. 198171

No. 198172

especially since she's a self proclaimed "self harmer"

haven't heard anything about those kitty cat scratches she contrasted the shit out of.. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

robyn, are you all better? no more fake diseases? ya'll i think she's cured (or literally making up/planning her next medical trauma that she'll pretend she's been in the hospital with for a week lolz)

No. 198173

File: 1479145570440.png (793.2 KB, 1029x655, lu appy25.png)

Part 25: Baawww still bleeding no idea why!

No. 198174

she isn't cured. That's entirely ignorant on your behalf to assume so, especially after collectively obsessing over her religiously and posting so many old and irrelevant alleged screenshots from social media past. While the symptoms of many of Robyn's confessed conditions can indeed be managed, many of her diagnosis' are unfortunately going to be a lifelong struggle for her.

No. 198175

Welcome back Not-Robyn.

History of social media accounts is a necessary component of detecting MBI because it demonstrates the behavior patterns that make MBI a thing. They are not irrelevant. You only wish they were because then people wouldn't see you're lying through your teeth.

No. 198177

I have no agenda here. I'm not Robyn, though I do suffer from some of the similar conditions as she does. SAGE FOR PERSONAL BLOGGING PLEASE.

No. 198178

hi not-robyn

how do you know she's "not cured" and of what?
and none of this is irrelevant because she is guilty and should be highly ashamed of her attention seeking behavior and realize how this impacts other actual disabled people.

No. 198181


>sage sage

>sage PLEASE
>don't block me i need to blog
>sage sage sage
>look at me

not-robyn is just as dumb as actual robyn INTERESTING lol

No. 198182

So do I. So do several others in here. We all see she's full of shit. Much, if not most, of the "symptoms" she's complaining of are likely either self-induced or exaggerated for internet points. If she'd stop hurting herself and cut back on the drug cocktails, she probably would get better. Just saying.

No. 198184

because I'm certain (and I think she's said this herself before) that the vast majority of the invisible illnesses she suffers from impact her life on a day to day basis and that most if not all are incurable. Yes, she is able to manage them with medications, as are myself and many others dealing with similar circumstances - but the bottom line is that as much as people will her to get better, or worse, outright deny that there's anything wrong with her, despite medical evidence and diagnoses on the contrary, and just because her illnesses aren't visible from the outside and she puts on a brave face and goes about her day unfortunately she will likely suffer from them for the rest of her life.

No. 198185

also like, maybe ate a green vegetable like at least once.

>lol at not-robyn not realizing that she's milking herself
she really can't help it, so desperate.

No. 198186

she not brave shes not sick

No. 198187

you realize you talk about her with personal info only robyn would know, right?

like you know we all know, honestly it would be really easy to mark your posts if you didn't make it so obvious/we cared.

No. 198189

and her doctors are liars and she cut her own ear up as a child and all her medications are vitamins from Superdrug with fake prescription labels on that she printed off at work.. yup, sounds legitimate

No. 198190

The people that put on brave faces are the ones that go through their lives without detailing every minor issue on Instagram and Facebook for internet points. The ones that don't advertise their pill counts, that don't advertise their "diagnoses" in every single post, and that don't abuse hashtags for irrelevant shit. Crying and complaining over every tiny imagined slight is not brave. Living every day in excruciating pain without a neon sign saying you're sick is. Get over yourself.

People like Robyn destroy online disability communities. Actual disabled people have every right to be pissed off about it.

No. 198191

lol ya'll i'm googling her, (this thread comes up first, you're welcome robyn) but robyn brown is also a "sister wife" ahahaha
sage for OT, gave me a laugh

No. 198193

agreed and so many people who are actually disabled have deleted their accounts, are incredibly insulted and triggered by her (its hard to avoid someone if you're looking for hashtags of your disease when she literally attaches them to Every. Single. Post. even when they have nothing to do with them??) and have stopped seeking community just because of her and her nastiness..

No. 198195

none of us said that her ear deformation was fake. but it's over. like 10 years over. she cannot develop anymore congenital diseases because she's already been born? I feel weird trying to get down on this level and explain such obvious and easy concepts..

No. 198198

You think she introduces herself to anyone she meets with a link to her social media and a list of all her diagnoses and medications? I think not. Do you actually realise how ridiculous you sound? The posts she made were hashtagged for a reason - to make them easily accessible to the rest of the chronicillness/spoonie community. They were never meant to be shared on this pathetic board. I'm pretty sure that Robyn, nor any of the other women posted in this thread ever asked to be - in fact it is my personal opinion that discussion of the weak and vulnerable (ie. those suffering from mental health isues - we know Robyn has a history of self harm, major depressive disorder, eating disorders and also a recent diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder to come to terms with) should be banned from this board. You've seen first hand how your cruel words in these posts can have a severe effect on those struggling, and yet you continue to goad and mock these individuals. For all you know Robyn could have ended her life or be in a secure psychiatric unit right now because of the harm your words have caused. I urge you to think about that before posting anything further.

No. 198199

>[25/03/16] So due to Mental Health reasons - I stopped taking my medication because I felt like my family didn't believe me and didn't think I deserved it!

oo that's a great reason to stop taking your meds…

No. 198200

is that what she's pretending to do? be a psych unit? how long is the hold there? she should be back soon then with lots of great stories of all the 'crazies' i can't wait

also I am 100% positive she shares all her illnesses and symptoms to anyone that will listen, I feel bad for those who sit near her on the bus.

No. 198203

have you even looked at any of the other threads on this board? why are you only white knighting robyn? there's a whole other munchhausen thread and Ash.. you should check out Ash, I would love to see your opinion about her and the thread..

No. 198205

I have no idea. I know nothing more than anybody else here, I am simply another garden variety bystander. But if heaven forbid that is where she is right now then I hope you all realise that it would most definitely be your cruel words that contributed in a large part to her being there.

No. 198206

>You think she introduces herself to anyone she meets with a link to her social media and a list of all her diagnoses and medications? I think not.
Who knows? Lots of MBI cases keep their shit primarily online. Problem is that she introduces pretty much every new social media account with the same bullshit, and she's got dozens of them.

>The posts she made were hashtagged for a reason - to make them easily accessible to the rest of the chronicillness/spoonie community.

Why tag completely irrelevant conditions in new posts then? She tags shit with her finger splints with things like #IBS and #epilepsywarrior. There is no point to that except attracting more attention for internet points.

>They were never meant to be shared on this pathetic board.

Welcome to the internet and the consequences of publishing your entire medical life in public spaces. Private accounts exist for a reason, you know.

>I'm pretty sure that Robyn, nor any of the other women posted in this thread ever asked to be - in fact it is my personal opinion that discussion of the weak and vulnerable (ie. those suffering from mental health isues - we know Robyn has a history of self harm, major depressive disorder, eating disorders and also a recent diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder to come to terms with) should be banned from this board.

Lots of people claim mental illnesses they don't have for brownie points too. Being mentally ill is not protection from being called on being a lying bitch.

>You've seen first hand how your cruel words in these posts can have a severe effect on those struggling, and yet you continue to goad and mock these individuals.

Nope, we haven't because all we have is Robyn's word that she's in crisis over people not believing her, which she does pretty much every day from things as minor as a look in her direction. All things considered, I've got no reason to believe she's actually in crisis, especially considering Munchies do that when they're caught all the time. It's actually one of the major red flags of MBI.

>For all you know Robyn could have ended her life or be in a secure psychiatric unit right now because of the harm your words have caused. I urge you to think about that before posting anything further.

Oh look another red flag, new medical crisis lul

No. 198208

so you are pretending to be in a psych ward?

No. 198209

File: 1479147961928.png (Spoiler Image,929.38 KB, 1027x615, lu appy26.png)

Part 26: Constant wound fuckery at the surface has not deterred the body from doing all it can to heal it from the inside out. Her body is working fine. She's just fucking with it. Meanwhile the docs are onto her and making her come in for daily changes.

No. 198210

>One of the other doctors had said she was going to reduce/take me off my pain medication - which I take for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. And I was so upset about it, I refused to see her again!

lol "the doctor gave me advice so I never wanna see her again!! I'd rather be unhealthy than see that doctor or listen to her!"

No. 198211

that doctor knew nothing probably. Why assume Robyn's the one in the wrong? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty huh?

No. 198212

Because she doesn't have EDS.

No. 198213

doctors.. go to medical school.

also this is her follow up on that comment:
> So every month I asked for a prescription - she thought I was getting two lots of Tramadol; the repeat dose and the dose she was prescribing - hence wanting to take me off it! I still don't like her - but at least I know why!


No. 198215

not-robyn, do you have a personal explanation this this sort of reaction to a life long and debilitating disease?

>[24/92/16] This is the face of someone who…. Just got their #ehlersdanlossyndrome diagnosis!!!!!!! I nearly cried! I'm so happy!

No. 198216

Not being Robyn and not being a mind reader I can't state for a fact what the quote you attribute to being written by her meant. I can only assume that after years of going to various doctors to try and find answers and suffering for such a long time without knowing what was the matter with her that it came as a relief to finally have a concrete diagnosis. It's not uncommon in suffers of chronic illness or rare inherited conditions such as Ehlers-Danos Syndrome to have to undergo many tests and see many doctors before getting an official diagnosis.

No. 198217

I prefer top/bottom. I really appreciate how you spoil and copy the text next to the pictures. It is a lifesaver if you browse this thread when eating.

No. 198218

Same anon she doesn't have it. That kind of reaction is actually fairly normal. Getting a formal diagnosis of EDS is a bittersweet moment for many because of how long it takes, and how long people are suffering for before people finally identify EDS as the potential cause. It's validation that it's not all in their head, which is a very common accusation. But it's also a crushing sense of defeat because EDS is effectively progressive (not in the degenerative sense, in the repeat-injury and accumulating damage sense). People detail their emotional reactions to getting a diagnosis and the end of their diagnosis saga in support groups, which she could have copied from.

No. 198219

"we know Robyn has a history of self harm, major depressive disorder, eating disorders and also a recent diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder to come to terms with)".

ROBYN: if you want to defend yourself on here at least stop doing it under the guise of being someone else - you are just making yourself look worse!! It is totally obvious that this is you because once again you have worded something almost identically to ine of your ig posts you deleted. We also dont aknowledge your "history of eating disorders" just because you tried being pro ana for 3 days… unless you are going to admit to BED which is the only ed you appear to match.

No. 198220

Well, the damnest evidence for this is her ear. It has scar tissue from previous, failed attempts, but seem to have healed quite nicely.

I think the biggest thing is that Robyn tampers with wounds she can 'afford' to irritate. Her fixed ear was an actual big issue, so she didn't touch it. Her whole appendix journey was her medicate crusade, so she interferes with healing.

No. 198221

but I thought there wasn't an actual test/you can't be sure of EDS 3? a doctor probably just said the word and she was like OMG YES AN ILLNESS I CAN BRAG ABOUT FOREVER AND EVER or whatever goes through her fucked up mind when she blogs about her awful life poor cow.

No. 198222

Not gonna lie, the fact that this thread exists, and the main photo.. it triggers the fuck out of me. I'm boiling with anger.

No. 198223

I thought her ear was a congenital birth defect due to microtia which was all taken care of when she was younger, she must of really loved that attention and wanted to keep going..

isn't she awful!

No. 198227

There isn't, but people still have to go through hell and back to access a geneticist for a medical opinion actually worth any salt on it. Clinical exam by a geneticist is about the closest you can get to a concrete diagnosis for type 3, and even then you might get your type changed later if someone actually checks for the others. I doubt any doctor even uttered it around her, most don't even bother mentioning it or even know what it is. A rheumatologist might have brought up hypermobility syndrome though. Google search does the rest.

No. 198228

you know how easy it would be for us to find out that you are in fact robyn?

we just don't care because you make it SO OBVIOUS
robyn, no one cares about you this much besides you, sweetie honey bear freak bat.

No. 198229

>I'm hoping the consultant wiill diagnose me with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome! But I'm also not getting my hopes up - because things like this don't usually go well for me!

lmao. not-robyn how do you take her seriously?

No. 198232

Her ear went through 3 operations: two as a child that failed and resulted in scar tissue and one as a uni student that was successful. She wrote the whole story on her hypermobilegeek tumblr.

No. 198235

I personally first read her story in Take a Break magazine and thought she was tremendously brave to share it. It's really the biggest 'fuck you' she could possibly give to all the lowlives who bullied her through school. Actually speaking of bullies, this community sure does seem to be full of them. Just saying though.

No. 198237

Literally shut up.

No. 198241

Any anons up for analyzing/comparing Robyn's IG rants with not-robyn's typing patterns? I would but have to go out. They do feel a bit familiar.

No. 198245

Her Instagram posts have been deleted and there's no proof that any of the screenshots posted within haven't been tampered with in an attempt to make her look worse. I wouldn't bother, you'd be wasting your time.

No. 198246

Nah man, it's Robyn. I doubt she even has friends, and if she did,I doubt anyone would be willing to put in this much effort to defend her.

No. 198252


she has at least 7 other accounts that still exist, some twitters, tumblr, facebook…. we have an unlimited source of her bullshit really, the milk never stops.

No. 198262

Why would anyone tamper with the screenshots? Why'd you even assume that? I don't think anyone would want to make her look 'worse' since she has been trying to show herself at her worst anyway in those posts…

No. 198264

lmao yeah she's the one who puts filters and hella contrast on her self harm cuts to make them look worse. if anyone is tampering/lying it's her.
why would we come here to make up a bunch of lies about someone? that's so silly
we're not all Kiki..

No. 198266

everything i needed to know about this bitch is summed up by her using sertraline as prn, lel

No. 198267

I know right!! lmao what..
you think she'd be more educated on all her medz
but she truly is a dumbass does she have any diseases that cause her to have such low intelligence?

No. 198269

Robyn get off the internet and get help. Borderline Personality Disorder is very curable and isn't a life sentence. You're lucky you don't have any actual chronic illnesses, your life is something that has the potential to be wonderful but you're squandering it for attempting to get the validation and sympathy from strangers on the internet. You're still young so it's not too late to turn your life around.
But who am I kidding your victim complex is overwhelmingly immense and you have your head so far up your ass you think you're some kind of saint for suffering.

No. 198270


They haven't been "tampered" with. She's actually that munchie.

No. 198271

hi robyn stop trying to blend in

No. 198272

shut up Robyn, you can't throw us off the scent that easily

No. 198274

Those kinds of 'you are all bullies' posts are literally only posted by cows themselves… or are you that new to Lolcow to actually not know what this is all about?

No. 198275

kek im not robyn that reply just sounded forced like something she'd say

No. 198276

I've probably been here longer than you, son. And certainly much longer than that silly girl Robyn who I'm not.

No. 198283


Except that's not how it goes. That's not how a mentally stable person reacts. Sage for blogging, but when I was diagnosed with ADD I felt relieved. Because now I finally had confirmation that yes, my attention problems are that bad and no, it's not all in my head. I didn't feel happy/ecstatic. I didn't rush to post my Adderal rx to social media. I didn't talk about OMG NEUROLOGICAL EXAM SO EXCITING111!!!!1 like it was a party instead of, you know, the closure it actually was.

You can stop making excuses for your malingering anytime now.

I mean, for "her" malingering. Because you're totally "not" Robyn.

No. 198285

Wow scar tissue? After surgery? That poor little fighter!!

>>198276 10/10 attempt
Pack up the thread guys. Not-Robyn sure showed us.

Topkeks at still obsessing over primary school bullies in her mid twenties though. As though further evidence of her personality void was needed.

No. 198287

not-robyn is boring me now. She's just repeating the same shit without reading the replies.

No. 198291

File: 1479155730419.png (754.66 KB, 1024x610, lu appy27.png)

Part 27. Mommy had to pick me up 8th dressing dressing change!

No. 198292

then get lost you twat and quit responding to her. sage in each field please.

No. 198293

Okay Victoria.

No. 198295

this girl is ridiculous i literally read it in her steeeewwwpid acceeent

No. 198297

you have no idea what I even sound like. somebody's exhibiting symptoms of being highly delusional and it isn't me

No. 198298

it seriously just looks like she tried to cut the wound open further in the third photo. It seemed to be healing fine in the previous two, but in the third one you can see small hesitant marks on the left side, like she tried to cut it and brought her hand away quickly at the end. And of course she's trying to pull it open and make it gape..

I don't know why she gives a fuck about the scar when she looks like such a disgusting flabby cow. She just wants an excuse to whine and malinger for attention online and off.

No. 198299

File: 1479156230739.jpg (52.74 KB, 580x365, IMG_1627.JPG)

No. 198302

then keep it shtum

No. 198306

File: 1479156480770.gif (1.59 MB, 325x235, 1437030109841.gif)

robyn please get out of here and post more malingering nonsense for us laugh at or leave and get help for your decaying sense of self

No. 198311

>sage in each field

No. 198316

Lol I know what the fuck is with her crying sage

No. 198319

this is probably the first time she's ever been to an image board lol

No. 198322

it probably isn't even Robyn, it's probably just a troll. Lets ignore them and let this thread die. She isn't coming back anytime soon and theres no new 'milk' to post about.

No. 198324

"let this thread die" LMAO shut up robyn

No. 198327

Um I think actually you're all just playing into her hands because you're all giving Robyn the attention you claim she so desperately craves. It'd be such a massive 'fuck you' to her to let it die and leave her without any attention. And maybe then there'd be a chance she'd return. And if not? Hey, plenty more fish in the sea :)

No. 198329

File: 1479158499753.png (41.77 KB, 400x300, 38564623.png)

"For all you know Robyn could have ended her life"

No. 198331

Kewl story bra but robin doesnt have histronic personality disorder. try again plz. kbye

No. 198335

>history of eating disorders

You mean that one Instagram account with ana in the name and a goal weight of 45kg where she gave up after two posts?
Gee I sure feel like a meanie for picking on her now that I know she's also pretending to have an ED.

No. 198339

robyn go away. can the admin just expose her so she scurries away like a frightened roach?

No. 198350

Jesus fuck she thinks she's so smart. "Just let it die." Dream on honeycakes. There's plenty milk left to be shared. Beg all you want, the rest of the fuckery is coming anyway!
Funny how Robyn dump accounts every time each of her particular "medikul kryseez" is over. The Internet is forever, even if you delete shit it can be archived somewhere else. Ain't it a bitch? QUIT DRAMAWHORING OR FACE CALLOUTS.

No. 198360

>you have to idea what I sound like

robyn you make all those stupid videos.. which also still exist for reference y'all

No. 198363

>probably not robyn
>let this thread die
>ignore her
>sage in all fields

this is fucking gold i don't even care that the cow is in the farmhouse right now she's really letting the milk flow.

No. 198364

now you just look like a crazy person talking about themselves in the third person hahaha

No. 198366

for real and the longer and louder robyn/not-robyn screams on here, the bigger it's gonna get, i'm practically evil laughing right now at the hole she'd dug herself and she just keeps going

No. 198369

File: 1479161740327.png (44.17 KB, 444x287, image.png)

No. 198386

To the best of my knowledge Robyn has never and probably would never stoop so low as to post here. It sounds to me like you've all been fooled by a troll and are clinging at straws as you're having withdrawals from the so called 'drama' you associate with her online presence.

No. 198391

kek robyn you sound so insane right now.
congratulations you've stooped low~~
it's obvious you're robyn you even have had the same annoying phrasing in all of your posts. the more you try to blend in the more you stick out like a sore thumb. sort of like your hair.

No. 198398

Newfag here. What the hell does 'sage' mean?

No. 198401

Oh my god, Robyn. Just quit while you're ahead. Not that you can call this "ahead".


You know "newfag" but not "sage"? Sage is a plant.

No. 198406

And yet again "not robyn", how is it that you have all this supposed superior 'knowledge' about robyn that is any different to ours?!! Ofc: ITS ROBYN FAILING AT BEING A WK

No. 198418

i'd like to offer you to post a selfie hiding your face if you want with a time stamp/lol cow dated sign

No. 198419

but that obviously won't happen because you're! not! robyn!!!!!!

No. 198428

File: 1479167205655.jpg (40.81 KB, 381x254, surejan.jpg)

>would never stoop this low

what about as low as to pull open a gaping wound for.. how long is that saga? too. long.

or as low as to post altered photos of self harm to make them look even worse?

as low as to call an ambulance every time you have a stomach ache?

as low as to filter through and scam doctors when you dont get your way???

No. 198451

You are the worst sort of pathological liar. We know it's you, you know we know, yet you still say things like "Robyn has never and probably would never stoop so low as to post here," AS YOU'RE LITERALLY POSTING HERE.
The worst part is you're sick enough to believe it too. 3/4 of your issues stem from creating a fake problem in your mind and then believing it.

No. 198452

File: 1479170108817.png (593.83 KB, 1027x961, lu appy28.png)

The Appy Saga Part 28 (it just gets more and more fukt): The I GONNA AN HEROOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW NOT ENUF ATTENSHUN post!

No. 198454

She's certainly not dead if she's been posting on facebook js

No. 198462

I c…can't figure out what's going on in this picture…

No. 198466

>When should I kick up a fuss?

Um, bitch never. They work hard enough as it is. Go see another specialist if it's necessary, don't be a bitch. Wow 4 euros a day? That's nothing. I broke my ankle and had to pay a few hundred out of pocket for the xray alone, but whatever, worth it. Robyn you should make your husband start working double shifts because being petty about money isn't a good look for a professional patient. Oh and, SAGE PLEASE IN ALL FIELDS PERSONAL BLOG

No. 198479

Robyn, if you post again staff will reveal all of your posts. Please stop.

No. 198485

File: 1479174574013.gif (4.67 MB, 512x283, this is getting gud.gif)

No. 198487


No. 198488


No. 198490

Bows to Admin-sama.

>There are people out there jealous of me being ill
Bitch WHERE? fantasy projection much?

No. 198501

File: 1479175696194.jpeg (127.36 KB, 500x333, image.jpeg)

Based admins strike again

No. 198504

File: 1479175814798.gif (103.77 KB, 437x430, pyFY72V.gif)

No. 198510

Praise to Admin.

No. 198511


I'm so sad this hairy gutted cow (weird the wound pics didn't get to me as much as that dark belly hair) got tipped. This was the best thing since fat liar Kadee!!!

This cow is hilarious and hopefully will get mental help.

PS Hey cow don't confuse criticism with bullying. No one here is demanding you junk food money.

No. 198513


it's just an appendectomy holy shit

No. 198520


This is such a good example of how you know she doesn't struggle with chronic pain or any of the illnesses she claims to have.

She's literally threatening suicide over an open appendectomy wound(that she tampered with herself) and how many times she has o dress it. Something that she had operated on over 6 weeks ago. The pain would have been gone quite a while ago so there's no reason to really be complaining. This should have been a breeze for someone who goes through so much "pain" on a daily basis.

She must really be shitting herself over how this is all now connected to her name.

No. 198525

Praise to Admin and their generosity to keep Robyn's posts anonymous (until she fucks that up herself).

Though I'm pretty sure we can already guess which ones are hers.

She has to be in such a horrible state right now. All of her outlets for attention have been taken away from her. She knows she can't ever have a social media account again or post her face or stories for sympathy anymore.

She's either going to vanish or turn into the next Kadee.

No. 198526

This, she wouldn't last a week if she had all of the issues she claims she has. Also the constant hospital trips - most chronically ill people I know (myself included) keep hospital trips to a minimum and reserve them for emergencies because in the vast majority of cases, there's really nothing they can do for us. All it does is wrack up debt and stress.

No. 198528


No. 198563


Also not to mention her ~le chronic pain~ but then she has 1000 photos of her standing and walking around the whole day at Harry Potter world……. seems legit

No. 198564

Robyn, just be yourself. Write "Robyn" in the name field, address us directly. This sock-puppeting is useless.

No. 198568

How is having an article in Take a Break magazine a big fuck you to the bullies who probably haven't thought about her since they were 12

No. 198573

No. 198581

this thread was totally worth it anon, kudos.

No. 198587

Obviously if White Knight doesn't reply then we all know the cow came to be milked herself.

No one with a normal disease or whatever has so many accounts. She's messed up and now no matter what she does thread will be bumped with new info.

I have a chronic disease, but livable and not bad like others. If you have RA or whatever worse you would not tag seasonal allergies like this cow. You also don't roll out the pill porn with almost all OTC drugs.

Cow, this is coming to light in a big way. You're in real life folks are hearing about it now if the cow tippers have their way. Best to fess up, your munchie ways will ruin you.

Lol props to those who took screenshots, lords work!

I miss big ole Kadee… she at least lied about changing her ways…

No. 198609

>>198581 Thanks mate!

No. 198621

It seems like the overlap between Take a Break readers and people who would come across lolcow is kind of small or nonexistent.

No. 198637

I know right? That was the biggest red flag. Just no.

No. 198671

That was the best part!

No. 198690

File: 1479200663810.png (Spoiler Image,649.68 KB, 1025x671, lu appy29.png)

Where were we? The Appy Clusterfuck continues…Part 29! SERIOUSLY FUCKING GRAPHIC. This post was a fucking bleeding video. Seriously?!
TEXT: "Sorry if this is gross and understand if people report it or whatever but this is how bad the bleeding has been today :("

>Totally normal; not bloody wound-whoring at all. Nope. Just #spoonielife!

No. 198694

File: 1479201618661.png (734.88 KB, 1021x597, lu appy30.png)

Part 30: 7 WEEKS post-op. They finally trust her to do her own dressings again.

>Big fucking mistake…

No. 198696

File: 1479202775893.png (573.1 KB, 1025x617, lu appy31.png)

Part 31: Sick of this story? So are her docs. Thankfully we're nearly to the docs' diss-down and Robyn's subsequent miracle recovery. "Major allergic reaction" to her dressings. Nope dramacakes, that's a bit of skin irritation; totally normal after seven fucking weeks of dressing changes.

>I love how she counts every #doctors appointment.

No. 198711

File: 1479205450318.png (Spoiler Image,535.44 KB, 1023x615, lu appy32.png)

Part 32: But first, more wound fuckery!
TEXT: "Man fuck this! 7 weeks since my #appendectomy and #laparoscopy and this should have healed!!! I'm glad I only have to go once a week to the doctors now because I can do my own dressings but still! I'll post a pic of my other incision as a comparison of 7 weeks post op!"

God damn, her poor body is working so hard to fight her munchie manipulations and heal despite them. Ugh, that dirty grubby finger pulling it open makes me gag every time!

No. 198726

File: 1479207480882.png (Spoiler Image,657.47 KB, 1017x717, lu appy33.png)

Part 33: The grand finale of horror pics: this one is the worst of all [Graphic af].
The wound has freshly been manipulated to be gaping and showing obvious tearing (cutting?) at the corners. She makes a joke that it's screaming. She is so sick. I am legitimately beyond further words…

TEXT: "My stomach is screaming haha! But seriously this is my surgery site 8 weeks after my #laparoscopy and #appendectomy! Later today is my 16th doctors appointment regarding it not healing. Is it worth going to the hospital? Or do I keep going to the doctors and hope it eventually heals? The swab they did about 10 days ago was positive for bacteria, which is the 3rd infection I've had in it. I'm changing dressings regularly and using steristrips and a special silver dressing to absorb blood and I'm on antibiotics. The site is hard directly around the wound and it's all still pretty painful. Going to ask to be prescribed stronger pain killers. I'm just at the end of my tether. I'm sorry I've not been around for my followers and I've not replied to your messages etc. I do feel super bad and I'm sorry! I'm not being rude or ignoring you I'm just struggling a lot and finding it hard to do anything that isn't work! But I'm reading all your messages and I appreciate all of them so much and all of you who are struggling are in my thoughts, sorry I've not been more vocal in my wishing you speedy recoveries - I love you all #spoonie #spoonielife #spoonieproblems ❤️❤️❤️"

>Going to ask to be prescribed stronger pain killers.

No. 198733

File: 1479208176940.png (807.13 KB, 1025x615, lu appy34.png)

Part 34 (we're nearly done thank Christ):
"If there's no improvement by Monday then I'm being referred to a specialist about my poor healing! Because of how much my #laparoscopy/#appendectomy is bleeding they've given me 5 dressings to last 2 days and my current one has to stay on till 5pm tomorrow. Had another swab done and if the infection is still there I'm either going to be put on a stronger dose of antibiotics or I'll be admitted to hospital for #ivantibiotics!"
>dem manic ecstatic exclamation points! Moar attenshun from moar doctors!!!

No. 198742

File: 1479209734694.gif (393.67 KB, 500x200, tumblr_mjnda50uth1qcga5ro1_500…)


MFW reading this.

No. 198753

File: 1479210688964.png (558.01 KB, 1027x613, lu appy35.png)

Part 35: How fakeychan copes with working. Now waiiiiitaminute. Wasn't she bitching and moaning about how hard work was before? Now that wound is way worse and she's happily working away?

No. 198762

File: 1479211826994.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, Girls.png)

No. 198766

>16th doctors appointment
Maybe if you stopped doing whatever the fuck you're doing to it it would heal. But oh, you won't have any instagram content. I wonder how much time and resources she's wasted with her attention whoring.

No. 198769

File: 1479213131445.png (368.61 KB, 1353x611, lu appy36.png)

Part 36: The Penultimate Post, including a thorough diss-down from the surgeon she finally managed to worm her way in to see, and ends with extra creamy drama:
"So i sat sbd cried in the hospital reception. Zak made me ring #saneline because i wanted to take a knife to my wound because an inch deep isnt deep enough apparently."
Then, silence for 3 weeks, followed by a cheery comment that she's finally healing! It's a fucking miracle!

No. 198770

I tracked down this site after LifeUndiagnosed posted a screenshot of someone telling her there was a forum about her (I'd had suspicions there was something off about her behaviour for a while and when her "crisis" and ridiculously quick bpd diagnosis happened I knew I had to find the conversation!)
I've never posted on one of these sites before but after reading through everything and lurking for a while I couldn't resist throwing my thoughts into the mix.
I've followed LU on instagram for a little while now. I first stumbled across her because of her incessant hashtaging of her posts and followed her out of curiosity more than anything. I was fascinated by her self diagnoses and for me the first alarm bell was the ordering of multiple medic alert tags after a "tentative diagnosis" of temporal lobe epilepsy. I couldn't help thinking that she'd manipulated the neurologist into that one and also into giving her keppra. From experience, neuros prefer to test and then diagnose and treat if necessary. I have a vision of her telling her boyfriend exactly what to say when describing her "seizures" to ensure it sounded like TLE.
She seems to just be digging herself into a massive hole here and I'm itching to see how this pans out. I've even been searching insta for any possible new accounts. I may be a little obsessed but I just hate the way she's conned people into believing her lies and wasted so much medical resources. I honestly think this bpd diagnosis is another twist of the facts. I think they sent her to see a Liaison psych nurse which is standard in the UK after presenting at A&E with self harm. They probably said she had traits of a personality disorder and she appropriated it into her shopping list of "chronic conditions". I highly doubt the person she saw would adjust her meds either. For bpd they would send her for specialist talking therapy, possibly a long term group therapy programme depending on her local pct. I think with her threats of suicide and history of self harm they would be trying to reduce her access to meds, not increase it.
Anyway, apologies for the long rant and for any format mistakes. Keep the dirt coming.

No. 198775

welcome aboard m8

No. 198777

So… what happened during the three weeks? Voluntary\unvonluntary psych admission with constant monitoring so she won't self mutilate and keep agravating the wound?

No. 198778

Where the fuck did she get the maternity pants from?

Don't tell me she went out to buy them just for this shit.

No. 198782

File: 1479216597408.png (526.03 KB, 1027x619, lu appyfinal.png)

FINAL PART of The Appendectomy Saga: Munchiechan disappears for another 5 weeks after >>198769, then posts this cheery update about how she's been loving her new job and hanging out on [drumroll please!] ~*Tumblr*~, avoiding mention of her appy drama until someone asks about it:
>"It finally healed after 16 weeks!"
MFW she dragged this shit out for FOUR. FUCKING. MONTHS. I feel angry and frustrated for the myriad doctors, nurses and other personnel who had to deal with her antics. God help her current victims…er…healthcare professionals burdened with her case.

Until the next saga, Farmers!
Up Next: The Chemical Burn Fuckfest!


No. 198783

It really wouldn't surprise me if she did. Either that or she bought them that time they were going to start trying for a baby.

No. 198784

Don't get me started on that one. How does a McDonalds employee sustain a chemical burn? And who the hell fails to clean it properly and ends up with the acid eating into their skin for hours?

No. 198785

Right? Where the flying fuck did she get the acid anyway?! Any McDonald's worker anons out there who know whether McD's uses strong acid for anything (cleaning maybe)? Sounds like OSHA would throw a fit but I had to ask.
Okay we should hush about spoilers; I'd hate to ruin the story for the rest of the Farm! I've been up all night finishing the Appy Saga so need some sleep but we'll get into the burn fuckery later on.

No. 198786


does she have downs?

No. 198788

Nah, in this pic she's just drunk on the thrill of having discovered Tumblrina Land, insinuating herself into an alt community and posting about her ~*polyamorous genderfluidity.*~

No. 198790

ILY anon for doing this. My fav thread right now.

No. 198791

can't wait!

No. 198795

The wound fuckery and burns sound like self harming. Pretty hardcore self harming (for a normal person, some horrorcows make this look like nothing).How is she not in a mental hospital?

No. 198796

I love how Robyn never shuts up about her hemifacial microsomia/microtia, but it's not, like, actually a disease. There are no symptoms. She just has a wonky eye (that you can't even see in most pics) and got an elective surgery to fix her weird looking ears. How does that make you chronically ill? Like, my nose is kind of big, I guess I'd better check myself into the ICU

No. 198798

not true. only people with marfans have that body type. yes marfans is a connective tissue disorder like EDS/HMS and has hypermobility as a symptom but EDS/HMS do not have a particular body type. that's incorrect

No. 198799


Man, I'd love to shake this surgeon's hand. Saw right through her bullshit and her demands to get it stitched/packed/dressed (seriously she whined until the junior doc brought the head surgeon in as if he doesn't have better things to do?!) and told her exactly what was what. And guess what, it must have worked if she dropped all the "waaah look at my terrible wound!" posts immediately and the incision suddenly started healing! What a shame none of her regular doctors/nurses were prepared to get tough with her for wasting their time repeatedly.

No. 198800


I'm not familiar with her chemical burn story but I've known a couple of self-harmers who've used chemicals to injure themselves. One of them needed a skin graft afterwards as it was so bad. Neither of them were admitted to psych wards at all for those incidents, they were just treated for the injuries.

No. 198801

omg where are youuuu not-robyn? no more posts? did we scare you? we're not gonna hurt you cow, you obviously do that yourself.

No. 198807

>>198770 Thank you for taking the time to post. You are not alone. A good number of people in this thread are dealing with legit chronic illnesses and her bullshit factor is personally infuriating as cows like Robyn make life harder for them. I would love to know more about all that bracelet ordering and what else you may have discovered. That stuff happened before I discovered her. I have a feeling more people may end up here and chime in about their own dealings with Robyn. I'd love to be a fly on the screen in communities she has alienated herself from in the past! Typically munchies tone down the dramatics and become more conservative over time to seem more legit, but I think Robyn is way too far down the rabbit hole for that. Thanks again for posting, I am sorry you crossed paths with someone faking a problem you deal with personally. It sucks in the worst way.

No. 198808

Kadee was a prime example of that, wasn't she? Burning herself with cigarettes and claiming it was chemicals and random blisters and stuff.

No. 198818

It's nothing good, she's just shared some videos not really worth screencapping

No. 198819

No worries. I agree, it can be so infuriating when you actually have a chronic illness and get treated differently in A&E etc because doctors are so used to dealing with pricks like Robyn. A paramedic once told me that they're so used to people faking seizures that they tend to disbelieve the real ones.

No. 198820

no like… for evidence she's "still posting" right?

No. 198824

Okay hold on I'll grab one, I'm only one of 100ish friends on this facebook

No. 198825

File: 1479222904772.png (125.99 KB, 750x1264, IMG_0199.PNG)

No. 198826

so she's only communicating with her poor man prisoner? lols

No. 198828

File: 1479223262219.jpg (62.98 KB, 447x400, 397.jpg)

He doesn't even seem to like or acknowledge them

No. 198829

What if the poor guy isn't even her boyfriend. What if he's just her poor unsuspecting friend who's been sucked into her bullshit. We only know they're together because that's what she tells us. But Robyn tells us a lot of things that are far from true.

No. 198830

there are quite a few photos of him together but you're right, no evidence of him fornicating with the cow..

No. 198834

File: 1479223937549.png (250.76 KB, 750x1266, IMG_0201.PNG)

They're getting married in 2018 lel

No. 198836

Sage for OT, but you're wrong. There is a difference between Marfan Syndrome and Marfanoid Habitus. Marfanoid habitus literally means "Marfan body shape" and /resembles/ Marfan syndrome without the presence of Marfan symptoms. This is because Marfan syndrome and EDS are associated and have to be differentiated between by specialists (see: geneticists). There are many people with EDS who have marfanoid habitus and many who don't. People assuming that all EDS incorporates marfanoid habitus or that it doesn't is actually part of how EDS takes so long to diagnose.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK1279/ plus others. Specifically notes that some people have a Marfan-like appearance without Marfan symptoms.

No. 198837

>if you want to defend yourself on here at least stop doing it under the guise of being someone else

she technically can't admit she's Robyn, because self identification can/will get you banned. I think Ash is an exception, and I'm sure not robyn is not pretending/lying about who she really is to avoid being banned. I'm just saying, if she did it as robyn, she could be banned.
It doesn't matter though, we all know its her.

No. 198838

That plus genuine MBIs do not like revealing their sock puppets because it undoes their lies and therefore years of work. Revealing she's behind the posts is further evidence that she's a Munchie, so she /has/ to defend her innocence in her mind because it's the only way to keep things going. Often times Munchies have to be forced to reveal their sock puppets, they won't do it willingly.

No. 198845

No. 198846

> I'm a natural blonde (So I'm allowed to be stupid).

LOL ok Robyn.

No. 198848

Oh god that's sure dug up. I'd be so embarrassed lol Favourite nightclub - The Park lel

No. 198871

I thought cows could participate and identify theimself, the nono was about them making thread about themselves ?

No. 198877

>Assuming Robyn read through the rules before posting

lol someone grab the picture of the panty shot, that's cringey as hell. She used to be a RWAR tryhard scenester.

No. 198882

Nah dude, rule number #8. Includes both scenarios.

No. 198889

I honestly don't understand why you all are spending your lives picking apart Robyn. What proof do you have that's she's not ill? None of you have any proof yet she has a great deal of proof that she is genuinely ill. As someone else on her said what else do you need? Her medical records? You know I honestly hope one day you all go through an invisible illness and when you do that people pick your illness apart like you're doing to Robyn.

Before anyone accuses me of being Robyn, I'm not. My instagram name is just_breathe_nicole and feel free to message me on that to confirm that I'm definitely not Robyn.

Robyn is my friend and I care about her greatly. I think it's disgusting what you're all doing. You are all sick and pathetic individuals.

Some of the comments you're making are absolutely beyond crossing the line of horrible. I genuinely have no words to describe it.

Say what you want about me I honestly couldn't give a toss but Robyn does have friends and people supporting her and she will continue to have those friends and people supporting her.

You may say I'm blind to her lies. I'm not blind I just know exactly what it's like to have countless medical issues and people talk crap about you.

No. 198890

No. 198891

that fact that her friend posts here just prooves that robyn herself has been posting on here all along, how else whould you have found this place

No. 198892


Like I said…contact me via Instagram to show I'm not Robyn

No. 198893


I found it because on the previous thread I myself was mentioned. I got the link to this thread from the previous thread. I received the link to the thread from other people who have viewed the thread.

Robyn doesn't know this thread or the last one exists.

No. 198894

but it states you can't self post "deceptively", if she was honest or like Ash, did not care how obvious she is, cuz we can always sniff her out/she has 2 brain cells left.

robyn is self posting "deceptively" or so she thinks lolz

No. 198895


>What proof do you have that's she's not ill?

See >>197941. Robyn fits the profile to a T. Feel free to read up on the source too.

>None of you have any proof yet she has a great deal of proof that she is genuinely ill.

No, she's got proof that she's "convinced" enough doctors into believing she's ill enough to need pills or pointless surgery. That's not actual proof of being ill. Remember, one of the conditions she claims to have /has no actual test/. People go in with a list of symptoms, supposed family history and if they can manage to pass the clinical exam, they may get a diagnosis. Or alternatively, she had a rheumatologist utter the words "hypermobility syndrome" to describe hypermobile joints and she did a Google search, jumping to EDS from there. There is no actual proof that she has EDS, there /can't/ be because /type 3 can't actually be tested for/.

>As someone else on her said what else do you need? Her medical records?

Posting her medical records would only further prove she's a Munchie. Munchies jump at the opportunity to prove they're really sick, it's actually one of the biggest red flags in the field.

>You know I honestly hope one day you all go through an invisible illness and when you do that people pick your illness apart like you're doing to Robyn.

Hi, actually chronically ill with some of the shit she claims. She's lying. Several posters here are ill and sick of her shit.

>Some of the comments you're making are absolutely beyond crossing the line of horrible. I genuinely have no words to describe it.

And yet here you are describing it. Hmm.

>Say what you want about me I honestly couldn't give a toss but Robyn does have friends and people supporting her and she will continue to have those friends and people supporting her.

IG groupies aren't friends. They're lapdogs. All bark, no bite. If she wants real friends, she'd have to… have a life outside of social media. Just saying.

>You may say I'm blind to her lies. I'm not blind I just know exactly what it's like to have countless medical issues and people talk crap about you.


No. 198896

I used to work at McDonalds and there was nothing that could cauae this.

No. 198897


Someone who has seizures fits the profile of epilepsy but they may not have it. None of you are her doctor so why not back off?

No. 198898

you're probably also a cow, huh?

shut up white knight and get the fuck out you're wasting more time than we are, atleast we silenced that bitch whose a disgrace to all of us who are disabled. she deserves hell.

No. 198899

You know it's funny I've not had any messages on Instagram yet asking me to prove who I am. Is it because you're all bullies who like to hide behind computers and wouldn't dare let us know who you really are?

No. 198902


No I won't. She doesn't deserve any of this. Even if she's lying she doesn't deserve this. She's also not a disgrace to everyone who's disabled. That's coming someone who's personally disabled and chronically ill. She doesn't deserve hell at all.

No. 198903

Because people like her mean people like me get treated like shit. That's why. What proof does she have that she's even having seizures? Remember, seizures can be faked or self-induced, especially considering her med cocktail and some of them have the risk of seizures on their own (tramadol).

No. 198905


The majority of people who have seizures don't have seizures that are witnessed by medical professionals. Before anyone starts with the "her EEG was normal" EEG's will be normal unless a person is having seizure activity at that exact point in time. Her seizures will have been witnessed by someone, probably her fiance. Neurologists don't just diagnose you because you've said you've had a seizure. They require someone who's witnessed the seizure to go with you to the appointment to describe what they saw.

No. 198906

True. I have seizures and when in hospital with an ovarian cyst was given tramadol by a nurse who didn't know better. After three days of seizures, I figured out the tramadol was causing them and requested they stop giving it to me. Tramadol, SSRIs and god knows what else she's taking can cause seizures.

No. 198907

File: 1479232453311.png (747.6 KB, 721x488, COW.png)

Confirmed WK is also a cow…

want us to pay attention to you now??? you're jealous and begging aren't you omg!

No. 198909


A lot of the time medical professionals don't look at the interactions that medication may have. A lot of the time they won't realise it so even if it's medication causing it doctors still put her on medication.

No. 198910


Anon just so you know I've heard all this before so please tell me something I've not heard before :) Say what you like about me but I'm standing up for my friend who doesn't deserve any of this.

No. 198911

They don't just diagnose on a witness though. If she had clear eegs and mri's then the next step would probably be video telemetry and/or ambulatory eeg. The video telemetry is the gold standard when it comes to a conclusive epilepsy diagnosis. Capture a seizure on camera along with a positive eeg and you'll get a diagnosis. I'm not a medic but I highly suspect she has non epileptic seizures based on her mental health history and the cocktail of drugs she is on.

No. 198912

It's because nobody cares. You're putting on an entertaining show here in the thread. Or people are too busy checking out your feed to see if you're just as much of a munchausen cow as Robyn is.

No. 198913

In which case she could have coached someone about what to say or how to describe her "seizures", or she popped a bunch of her IR tramadol and induced one herself for show. She's certainly got enough pills to do it, could pop them on demand and self-induce a seizure where ever she wants.

No. 198914


If that's what people wish to do with their time so be it but I'm sick of sitting around whilst people abuse Robyn like this.

Say what you want about me but I have A LOT of proof I am ill so don't even get me started.

No. 198915


Sorry to disappoint you but it's because no-one cares about you or who you are.

No. 198916


They may well be non-epileptic but those seizures are still seizures they just have a different origin.

No. 198918

File: 1479232771384.png (893.85 KB, 984x624, cowseekingcow.png)

this is embarrassing.

this cow has been mentioned before in the OG munchie thread?

Takes her feeding tube in and out all day but makes sure to have it in for 'inspirational' photos.

lmao I'm gonna start making sure my cane is in every photo maybe then people will call me "inspirational" and "beautiful"

No. 198919


I honestly couldn't care less if people don't care who I am but I'm standing up for Robyn because no one deserves this.

No. 198920

Robyn claims to have epilepsy. That is what people are arguing here. So your argument is kind of pointless.

No. 198921


Anon can I just say a few things. My feeding tube is in all the time. It's only not in when I vomit it back out. My dietitian advised against me taking it out. Taking it out is distressing. It hurts the throat and it also hurts my nose. I have a feeding tube for a reason, it's part of the person I am at the moment and I'm not ashamed of it.

No. 198922


I'm not doubting she claims to have epilepsy I'm just saying that even if it were to end up as non-epileptic seizures they're still seizures

No. 198923

I understand how NEAD works, having the condition myself. Like many others in this thread, I'm just sick of Robyn making a mockery of those of us who are actually chronically ill or dealing with health problems.

No. 198924

So that's why your account is private right? Because you're so "not bothered"

No. 198925

damn girl you made your profile private real fast!!!

I assure you, other anons, her feeding tube is in n out constantly varying from selfie to selfie.

No. 198926


I just put it private to work out if it's someone I follow posting things or a member of the public :) Until about 5 minutes ago my account was public

No. 198927

it was public until like 10 seconds ago when she was outed as a COW.

No. 198929


Funny thing is I have proof I'm genuinely ill :) So no I'm not a cow just someone who's genuinely ill

No. 198931


My feeding tube is out in some pictures because I've either vomited it out or I have severe nausea.

No. 198933

File: 1479233146369.jpg (176.2 KB, 728x409, 339_5.jpg)

>genuinely ill

No. 198934


sure do like to brag and beg for attention about it on the internet dontcha

No. 198935

Proof? Is it pile of medecine box you're stockpiling like a lunatics?

No. 198936

And? If she's self-inducing them such as, say, popping tramadol like Tic Tacs, that's not exactly proof that they're genuine seizures or proof that she has epilepsy like she claims. Robyn has a tendency to hear individual words and make assumptions. We've seen it with previous "diagnoses" and we've seen it here when she straw-mans arguments based on single words in the post. If she's self-inducing symptoms, if she stops doing the shit that induces them, she'll get better. Including these "seizures" of hers.

No. 198937


No actually it's not. I've got letters from specialists etc.

No. 198938

>genuinely ill

Mentally or physically?
Or both?

No. 198940

She has posted multiple pictures of strangers from public transport on her IG page and throws a tantrum and rants about them and insults them, how are we doing any different than she has?
She is an attention seeker and I don't even want to think about what she has cost the NHS with her attention addiction. If it was just her being sick or just her lying no-one would have cared about her.

No. 198942


Both. I have brittle asthma, multiple allergies, anaphylaxis, seizures (they believe them to be epileptic and non-epileptic), restless legs syndrome, essential tremor, polycystic ovarian syndrome and acute urinary retention.

Mentally I have somatic/functional vomiting. This is not self-induced. It's where whenever I eat food my brain tells my stomach it's harmful and so I'm sick hence the feeding tube. I'm awaiting psychological therapy for this as that's the way to treat somatic symptoms.

No. 198944

Sure unprivated fast after you got called out.

No. 198945

*hiding my milk

also how can you look at that open wound saga and believe its not self induced????? are you also into posting self harm to 'raise awareness'
do you filter through doctor's to find ones that will give you diagnosis and pills you want??

if you don't do this cow shit then I would suggest separating yourself from nasty ass Robyn who does. She's a monster who believes in putting her fictitious illness before people who are actually ill.

she's also conniving and cruel and begging for attention constantly.

she's not a good person, it's sad she fooled you into thinking so.

you're making me nauseous.

No. 198946


I have my account as public. I just decided to make it private to see if the screenshots were someone that is following me or a random member of the public. Turns out it's someone that's following me so I've made it public again.

No. 198947


No I don't post self harm images as I don't self harm…I never said I agreed with everything. I personally wouldn't post self harm images even if I did self harm as it may be triggering for other people but that's just me.

No she doesn't have me fooled at all. I just know what it's like to have lots of people accuse you of lying about things you're not lying about.

Even if she was lying she doesn't deserve this. Munchausen syndrome is a very serious mental health issue.

No. 198949

File: 1479233737417.jpg (26.16 KB, 399x295, bmvive3.jpg)

>Letters from specialists are undeniable proofs that definitely can't be faked and specialists can't be lied to.

You know pulling shit like that is a huge red flag right?

No. 198950

File: 1479233810185.png (514.07 KB, 588x545, pillartnicole.png)

sorry you're wrong.

>pill art: check

No. 198951


Well what do you want me to say? I've got prescriptions, appointment letters, hospital discharge letters, GP letters, dietitians letters, consultants letters…the list is endless

No. 198952


Yeah it's pretty awesome right? Am I not allowed to make my medication into a smiley face to make me smile? Oh sorry anon I'll stop doing it

No. 198954


Can I make a point if I wanted to lie it would be very easy. I could claim gastroparesis or another type of motility disorder to explain my feeding tube but I don't lie about the reason I have it. I'm up front and honest that I have somatic vomiting…pretty sure if I was lying I'd make up some elaborate story as to why I can't keep food down rather than it simply being a somatic symptom

No. 198956

It's another huge red flag for munchausen cows.

No. 198957


Read the comment I've just posted above…Pretty sure if I had munchausen syndrome I wouldn't say I had a somatic symptom

No. 198958

stop seeking attention on here and go back to your instagram where people seem to care and make you feel so speshul

you're boring and OT.

No. 198960

File: 1479234266988.png (Spoiler Image,218.13 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5739.PNG)


Why are you posting here if you've spent the weekend vomiting from Labyrinthitis?

No. 198961


I'm sticking up for my friend so no I won't just go back to my instagram. People started posting screenshots and comments so I've answered. I won't stop sticking up for Robyn. She doesn't deserve any of this.

I genuinely hope she never finds out about this thread or the previous one because people on here are so vile.

No. 198962

For someone who is sticking up for their friend, you seem to be doing a poor job of it. I keep trying to bring the topic back to Robyn and you refuse to engage unless it's about you. Transparent as fuck.

No. 198964


Like I said in the post the vomiting has stopped with anti-sickness…Also I'm not dizzy when I lay down it's only when I stand up to walk

No. 198965


You know I'd much rather people abused me than Robyn because at least I can see the comments, Robyn doesn't even know this exists.

I genuinely hope Robyn never does discover any of this, I really do hope.

No. 198967


is that the one where david bowie comes to you and strangles you with his bulge til you puke?

go. away.
you're definitely not helping robyn. and you're obviously begging for attention but sorry you're really boring and we don't want to talk about you..

No. 198968

Robyn already knows. She's been posting. Everyone here knows she's not-robyn. You're only here because spoonie communities attract people that rotate crises. When one person has all of the attention or a crisis going on, someone else develops one to bring attention onto them again. It's like clockwork.

No. 198969


Leave Robyn alone for the love of Christ

No. 198970


No she doesn't know actually. It's been confirmed to me by her fiance that she has no clue this exists

No. 198971

has it been you the whole time then??

you're admitting to being not-robyn? okay so we'll just have admin check yr ip and label your post since you're not robyn and not anonymous..

No. 198972


Nope it's not been me. I only started commenting tonight. Admin can check my IP address if they so wish it but it's not been me all along

No. 198973

that is hilarious her fiance knows this exists and he won't tell her

probably because she'd make a big stink and pretend to kill herself over it for more attenshun and he doesn't want to put up with her.

No. 198974


She shouldn't have to know this exists because no person should have to read threads like this about themselves. It would be enough to break even the most mentally stable person. Some of the comments are disgusting

No. 198975

Wouldn't blame him, dealing with fake crises from partners is tiring shit. Been there. Last thing he probably wants is an excuse for her to escalate yet again.

No. 198977

Maybe you ARE not-Robyn and you're trying to get everyone to attack some other girl.

No. 198980


Like I said message me on Instagram…I gave my instagram name so I'm definitely who I say I am

No. 198983

JBN should post a picture of milk to prove it's actually her.

No. 198984

ooo that'd be an excellent plot twist
but this nicole calf is totally boring.

like I said, does Admin wanna check their IP? settle this?

No. 198985

Post a picture here then. You're obviously not shy around cameras. Pics or it didn't happen.

No. 198986


Like I said message me if you believe I'm Robyn and I'll put your mind at ease :) oh wait…you won't because then you'll reveal who you really are

No. 198987

"Some of the comments are disgusting"
Like barely, about 99% of this thread is just screenshots of her posts, if you think that paints her in a poor light that's her fault

No. 198988

Timestamped photo is the best way to prove who you are. Hold up a paper saying the date and where you are posting. If you are who you say you are, it should be no problem.

No. 198989

we really don't care about you or want to talk to you at all

stop begging us for attention.

No. 198990

Like seriously do you guys like have lives? Legit seriousness here…it just seems you spend your whole lives trying to pick at Robyn(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 198992

lol I'm at work right now, this thread is just open on my computer like people have their emails up. i'm doing homework and working and asking you to please leave this thread alone.
you're so pathetic, don't you have a life??

No. 198993

Yes, my whole life. I'm 2 years older than Robyn, but I've been bullying her since before she was born.

No. 198994

Just breathe, Nicole. Just breathe. Just BREATHE, Nicole. C'mon Nicole, just breathe.

No. 198996

ever since she posted a selfie of those bug eyes in the womb. we have been here. sopping up her milk, for 26 years.

No. 198998

Just because you gave an instagram name doesn't mean that you are who you say you are.

No. 198999

File: 1479235680434.png (1.48 MB, 1440x1758, Screenshot_2016-11-15-11-45-56…)

She's still posting on IG with no indication of what's going on in the thread. This is really suspicious.

No. 199000

Hey Nicole, if it's really you, message me first. My username is recoveringemily.

No. 199001

nah I think it's her cuz she did make her insta private for like 5 minutes when she posted it here then made it unprivate

lol anon

No. 199007

File: 1479236770959.gif (887.26 KB, 500x280, aint nobody got time for that.…)


She wants us to ask for her medical records SOOO bad

No. 199009

I believe Nicole is actually sick but I Robyn is a disgusting drain on NHS Resources, with the array of self induced illness and disorders. If she grew up and stopped wasting her life on pretending to be sick we wouldn't have anything to screencap.

No. 199010

lol anon if this really is your insta, did she message?

i highly doubt it
anyway i hope JBN is gone she was so boring and a waste of energy

No. 199012

She got B& so unless she's crazy enough to ban evade, she'll be quiet.

No. 199014

how do you know she's banned? i don't see any red text from admin??

No. 199015

File: 1479238359916.png (94.06 KB, 1440x591, Screenshot_2016-11-15-12-30-58…)

It's this one. >>198990

No. 199029

File: 1479240478827.jpg (26 KB, 394x502, Bowie.jpg)

Pretty sure that's inflammation of the crotch.

No. 199034

I found another instagram where she is apparently 18 and a recovering anorexic. @chronicallyrobyn
In the description her name is Robyn Ember. Could be another persona she uses online.

No. 199041

Is that her though? The girl in the main photo doesn't look like her. The account is private though so I can't see more.

No. 199044

I'm pretty sure Robyn has had many people try to call her out. She just deletes their call-out. She has 11+ dead instagram accounts. Why would someone that's legit have so many accounts with so many different stories?

How do you explain her self diagnosis of an eating disorder and then her never talking about it again? How about how her two posts on the subject of her eating disorder sound like pro-ana shit?

You're really defending someone who continues the stigmatization of eating disorders? What about her 20+ photo's of her appendix surgery? How about her photo's of self harm where she filters it to make it look worse and stretches the wound?

No. 199046

File: 1479242869000.png (561.9 KB, 972x576, 1.png)

I searched "@chronicallyrobyn" and a twitter came up, @spoonierobyn
Definitely looks like her there, same pill art too

No. 199048

Fiancee confirmed for not-robyn?

It's not great to keep secrets from your soon-to-wife. She's going to find out eventually. Seeing as more and more of her "friends" are finding this site.

Probably some of her "friends" have even been posting about her or finding out the truth. This is getting so milky!

No. 199062

Severely underrated post!

No. 199069

Here here

No. 199090

Inflammation of the inner ear

No. 199114

File: 1479252099597.jpg (101.86 KB, 800x755, IMG_0203.JPG)

Not directly relevant but still relevant

No. 199124

when the fuck did she attempt suicide? i'm lost

also sage for blogpost but i used to fuck with my selfharm scabs and they'd look exactly like her lap appy scar/wound. scar tissue at the ends and round the edges.

No. 199128

That was her self harm the other day when she found out about lolcow - the self harm that required an ambulance cos she was so kritical she was gunna die!!

Also: this latest "mental health crisis" and subsequent bpd 'diagnosis' she posted about was all because she found out about lolcow so wtf is all this wk crap about her being oblivious to it?!! Additional proof - she follows Ash and a couple of other cows mentioned here!

No. 199137

and here you are, seeking attention in Robyn's thread. don't like that she got her own thread while you have to stay in the general Munchausen's one? attention-seeking is a disease you know.

No. 199140

I believe the feeble self harm on the lower part of the elbow was the 'suicide attempt'. Not exactly an ideal place to cut in order for it to be life threatening

No. 199147

God tier mods.
Robyn's self posts are all going to be labelled if she does it again (same as what happened in the proana clusterfuck thread) so she's gone.

No. 199192

Debating detailing the saga transitioning from her claims of "hypermobility syndrome" to EDS, and all the bullshit within. Interested?

No. 199197


Yes please.

No. 199199

Please do. This shit sustains me.

No. 199201

Works for me. In for a long night then because some of this shit is wild. The sad part is that it starts so tame too, then she goes batshit.

No. 199202

>period arriving even though I've lost weight


If anything, this fat fuck looks like she GAINED WEIGHT during the appendectomy saga.

No. 199209

She almost certainly has Munchhausen's syndrome. It's not unusual for Munchies to harm themselves and pretend the injuries have some external cause, rather than being self-inflicted, in order to elicit more attention and sympathy.

No. 199227

File: 1479270064475.png (531.62 KB, 928x595, screenshot-www instagram com 2…)

Okay I'm still working on the EDS saga but I want to get this out there.

A while before having posted this pic, she complained about a doctor that told her to keep taking her antihistamines despite them possibly making epilepsy worse. Including, and I quote:
>Seen as we don't know what the seizures are or what triggers it or it or what type of epilepsy it is yet, surely avoiding something that makes it worse would be a good idea? I need a new doctor like seriously!


Here's the thing. This is one of those meds that has a potentially FATAL reaction with tramadol. Combining tramadol and sumatriptan has a really high risk of serotonin syndrome, which can induce seizures along with all other sorts of nasty shit. So she'll bitch about a doctor not checking interactions, and she'll check it herself, but does nothing about her own mixing of drugs that could very well kill her. Fucking wow.

No. 199252

is there any evidence does she even get fucking migraines? triptans are not to be abused /salty migraine anon here.

No. 199253

*recovering from a migraine rn, fucked up my words

No. 199268

File: 1479275314237.png (743.58 KB, 929x597, screenshot-www instagram com 2…)

As far as I can tell, no. And she talks about taking naproxen to take the edge off, in order to keep them from escalating to a migraine. I wish mine responded that easily to OTC pain meds.

At a later point, she's shown advertising /5 boxes/ of sumatriptan for a month's supply. Seriously, 5?!

No. 199271


Says she smokes Marlboro's on this, but when the head surgeon told her her wound isn't healing because she smokes she lies and said she never has. More Robyn lies!

No. 199274

>posting about the start of a migraine
>yeah right
lots of people have bad headaches and call them migraines though.

No. 199280

I get that. But going from naproxen to five boxes of sumatriptans a month is pretty extreme. Especially considering stacking sumatriptan is dangerous too. Either way, my primary concern there is the fact that she'll chew out a doctor (a pattern for her, she seems to like tagging malpractice…) for not checking interactions but if we point out she's failing to do the same thing and could wind up killing herself, we're bullies boo hoo.

No. 199288

yeah, in Aus regular does triptans are sold as a box of four only, so you can't overdo it.

No. 199289

No. 199295

good thing she doesn't know about morgellon's disease yet… LOL

No. 199297

Some boxes of sumatriptan contain 2 pills and some contain 6 - I've ordered them online from Lloyds Pharmacy before and got 35 pills but it definitely lasted me more than a month.

It's very possible she's not even going to her doctor for a lot of her prescription medication and just ordering it online from Lloyd's Pharmacy - does anyone have the list an anon made before of all her pills? I can't find it. I'm going to check and see how many are available on the online service.

No. 199299

File: 1479279896073.png (846.4 KB, 936x597, screenshot-www instagram com 2…)

She's posting the boxes of 6 doses, and showing a full month's supply being 5 of those. It's one of the points where she really starts getting into the pill porn and showing her stash like it's some sort of haul. Kind of creeps me out, especially coming from someone claiming to be so sick of pills.

Re EDS saga: will post tomorrow or the day after. Got the proof I need but damn I need sleep. Will point out what's pretty strange or extreme behavior and what is fairly common for EDS.

No. 199305

File: 1479280667404.png (1.42 MB, 1440x1440, Screenshot_2016-11-16-00-10-05…)

Here's a zoomed in photo of the box. I'm unfamiliar with the pharmacist practices in the UK, but it seems like a massive medical supply company? It's weird that they do both prescription medication AND specialty medical equipment. Usually those are separate in the US.

No. 199307

File: 1479281325854.png (303.46 KB, 1440x1764, Screenshot_2016-11-16-00-25-02…)

Also, going further into that I googled her full name (on the script box) and found a google+ that had another online handle bunny trail: Robirawr

There's a post on patient.com about her gross stomach wound

No. 199308

>JBN: "NO! ME INSTEAD! A #spoonielife for a #spoonielife! I hereby sacrifice myself to the Farm! Anything, j-just…spare poor sweet frajul Viktum, kronikally body-failing-bawwwwwbawww goddess Robyn!"


As MBI case-cracking bloggers have explained, people like Robyn will almost always find a few stans. There will ALWAYS be a minority of people who, despite being presented with irrefutable evidence of pathological fuckery, won't change their minds about the MBI subject they've been supporting. Even the worst known cases of fake cancer blog schemes are no exception. When each of the malingering or attention-seeking fakes were definitively outed, someone, somewhere, continued to fiercely defend them.

>MFW I just figured out JBN was lurking SpoonieMunch General since she was posted in there…

She is the one who was trying to calmly refute everything anyone said against the spoo-cows and/or to answer/educate anons in reply to their comments. lel

I love you fam. Your posts give me life.

The Original Munchie General thread is full. Someone up to making a new one?

No. 199309

File: 1479281522696.png (2.14 MB, 1440x2081, Screenshot_2016-11-16-00-30-26…)

Looking like a 40 year old recently divorced mother of 3 in her #crutches#cast

No. 199311

You rock anon. Damn. Good sleuthing on the rx label, robirawr and supply house. I saw "New England" on the label and thought, like the region in the U.S.? But the phone number is not a U.S. number.

Jesus fuck. She is so gross.

No. 199312

File: 1479282360662.png (1.47 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-11-16-00-39-53…)

The supply house/ pharmacy is located in the UK, but it seems really weird to me the way the shop is really weird to me. Can any UK anons comment?

No. 199313

File: 1479283109295.png (1.15 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-11-16-00-53-08…)

Has anyone found this yet? It seems to be from before all the fake illnesses, though there is a small broken leg saga. no #poorhealing #eds #bodyshittingitself though.


No. 199314

File: 1479283171572.png (905.33 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-11-16-00-52-53…)

Of course the fat bitch gets proposed to via kinder egg.

No. 199317


UK anon here, it looks like a standard chemists to me. Nothing unusual

No. 199318

Ahhh I forgot about those! The #crutches which we never saw again! She admitted to ordering her wheelchair off the internet and then, being the dumbass she is, ordered a too-small one. Topkeks!
I wonder if it's from the same med supply store she gets all her meds from?

Tinfoil hat time:
What if she has access to a satellite pharmacy at work and makes fake labels and plays with pills?
That one pic of her in the wheelchair at work makes my tinfoil tweak, too. It's also the only one she ever posted of that scenario as well. Did it look like a med supply area to you, fam?

No. 199319

just 2 likes. lol

No. 199320

A-ha! So this must be where she got her beloved #ringsplints #fingersplints and probably most of her exponentially-growing collection of braces and other exciting mobility aid paraphernalia!

No. 199322

Hadn't read about the leg incident before. Good find anon!

No. 199323

>>199274 That irritates me so much, I get people at work go "ooh I've got a migraine coming on" pop a migralieve and are fine, whereas my mum is throwing up, shaking and can't see!

No. 199325

Different UK anon, just agreeing it's pretty normal. Dispensary is on the right hand side of the picture behind the cash desk & it looks like small medical equipment in the background.

No. 199326

More Tinfoil:
Has she ever posted pics with friends or family? This whole thing could be a catfish life fantasy. Zach's facebook page is so bland it isn't even funny. I wonder if she is using old pics of a McD's colleague or friend and saying it's her fiance. Dude has no interests of his own, everything is shit she's into.

>>199323 THIS. The word "Migraine" has been household-term bastardized and is abused so much. People have no clue. Real migraines aren't just "pop a pill and carry on" events.

No. 199327

Come to think of it, her "relationship" is too picture perfect. They never argue or fight, she never shares anything about his life day to day, it all reads like a fucking romance novel. He's such a hero! So romantic! So good to me! Bonus: he is always a convenient shield for anytime she needs an illness or symptom stan. "He knows! He'a been there through every symptom and diagnosis! He witnessed my bullshit seizures!"
God, the proposing in a kinder egg ffs? What fairy tale bullshit. Not buying it Munchiechan.

No. 199328

I get terrible migraines where I'm light sensitive to the point I have to lock myself in my (walk in) wardrobe with a blanket and beanbag to sleep cause it's the darkest place in my flat. I can take two sumatriptan and end up fine but I can still feel my migraine - it doesn't get rid of them it just kind of covers them up. You still feel the pressure but you aren't debilitated by it. Definitely get very disgruntled by people who're just "Fine" after it.

I also had a tinfoil hat moment earlier - what if the tramadol is her obsession's? And it's for erectile dysfunction?

No. 199332

thanks UK anon!
I'm working on a list of new stuff I found. Not a lot of it is interesting, but there is stuff.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/nybie/with/4824561721/ (Boring, a few gems like pic related)
https://nybiethenerd.wordpress.com/about/ (boring. Has she claimed "dyslexia yet anywhere else though?)
https://in.pinterest.com/hypermobilegeek/ (boring. "Bye bye to bacne" pin is pretty great though)
http://earcommunity.org/microtiaatresia/surgical-options/experiences/voices-of-courage/ (Search her name on there. A "letter of courage" to all the kiddies with microtia)

I'll post more if I find it. Sorry if any of this has already been found.

No. 199336

File: 1479286419576.jpg (184.15 KB, 480x640, MaximumMunchausen.jpg)

Dropped the photo

No. 199337

>got engaged in 2012
>still not married

If you listen hard enough, you can hear Zak crying and begging for someone to get him out of this relationship because he's too much of a coward to do it himself.

No. 199339

Judging by his facebook profile, he loves Undertale more than he loves her.

No. 199343

Is it normal to get married SIX YEARS after getting engaged?

Maybe it's just me, but that seems like a long time to wait, and they don't even have a reason for the large gap. They live together in their own home, seem to be financially stable, have been together for like seven years… so why wait? And as Robyn's sooo chronic, it's not like they're waiting for her to get better before marriage. I don't get it

No. 199344

Marriage in the UK isn't as rushed as the US. Not that you guys rush it but engagements aren't really as definite over here. It's not unusual for long periods between a proposal and wedding.

No. 199346

Wow even for the uk six years engagement is ridiculous. Either have the wedding or don't. Although let's be honest can you guys imagine Robyn melting down over wedding dresses? The brand new blog where she reveals she's also got Le severe anorexia relapse but only looks like she's 80kg because bloating and spoons. The goddamn hairstyle she'd go with, no bridesmaids because no irl friends, a tardis cake.
Fuck it I want it to happen now just to see how tacky it ends up

No. 199349

I'm British lol, I just don't understand why they would delay marriage for so long when there's nothing to stop them. Maybe they're saving for a big wedding, but if so it's odd she didn't brag about it. Personally I think he's trying to keep her happy while putting off the commitment. He seems like such a doormat.

No. 199353


>a tardis cake

Oh man I laughed out loud at this. I can just picture it.

No. 199355

File: 1479292230816.png (107.83 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0175.PNG)

I just went to creep on her facebook to see if she'd ever posted about wedding planning as it's almost 2017 and making arrangements now would be cutting it fine…

I don't even know anymore. Did they get engaged after dating for a year? Did they really plan to get married a decade in advance? Or is she just crazy?

No. 199366

There's something not right here. UK migraine sufferer, started on sumatriptan a while ago. I have a repeat prescription for sumatriptan so I can get it pretty much as and when needed, but it took a decade of other treatments before it was offered to me and as with all medication for migraines I was warned initially about overusage. When I mentioned concerns about how much I was taking (12 a month, or 2 of Robyn's boxes) to my neurologist the other day, he said that sumatriptan specifically has a 'golden number' of no more than 6 tablets a month, or you're running the risk of either causing bounce-back medication induced headaches, or of reducing the effectiveness of the sumatriptan until it doesn't work at all. So why would the doctor put 5 boxes on the prescription, and if they did, why did the pharmacist dispense it?

It's also strange she'd get prescribed 5 boxes of 50mg - because I tend to get 2-4 boxes of 50mg myself and sometimes have to double dose, doctors have offered twice to change the prescription to a 100mg dose so I can just get one box. Although this post is already blog-tier territory I have one more piece of information that made this weird to me - I recently mentioned to someone the cost of the 2 different medications I use for my migraines, and they said they could get me multiple boxes of legitimate sumatriptan for much cheaper than the prescription price very easily online if I wanted them to.

No. 199370

That's quality blog posting though anon. I wonder if she is buying meds online?

Seeing as she doesn't research contraindications she's a legit risk for accidentally killing herself. If she decides to get herself hypnotics or strong painkillers she's at least going to wind up horribly dependent.

No. 199375

Yes this. This is what felt off to me. Thank you for putting it much better than I apparently did. Overusage of sumatriptan is extremely dangerous for migraine sufferers and non-sufferers alike. I also suspect that she's not actually taking that much a month, but is just referencing the actual pill count and assuming from there. I mean, she stock piles other pills for pics. This wouldn't be that much different. Taking that shit all the time is legit dangerous and she is gonna wind up ODing on something, getting a really bad mix or inducing serotonin syndrome in herself if she doesn't watch it.

No. 199376

I doubt she takes any
meds, she seems to like storing them in boxes and making "pretty" artwork

No. 199377

she had a wedding ideas planning journal, or page in a journal, on her lifeundiagnosed insta.

No. 199378

I can only take two a month and not too close together; the blowback headaches are excruciating. Also more than 200mg in a day does something fucked to your blood I think? That's why in Aus we get it in four-packs only.

Incidentally anon, try the Rizatriptan wafer if you can get it. Same med, different dosage method. Works better than a tablet imo. /saged for migraine sperging

No. 199381

Chemists do everything in Aus too, it's probably that way in Britain as well. You can buy crutches, medical electronics, perfume, whatever.

No. 199382

I believe the list you are talking about is:


If so, I did some searching while I compiled it originally, and whilst some things are OTC, a lot of others do require prescriptions to buy from pharmacies online? There are other sites offering them though that didnt appear to require a prescription, so I don't know…?

No. 199384

Hey just a heads up, go really carefully with Topemax / Topiramate. I just tried it and it was a fucking nightmare. Basically it 'agrees with you' or it doesn't, and if it doesn't, ease back off your dose carefully but don't fuck around waiting to see what happens. Sorry to derail, I'll stop now.

No. 199385

Okay shit, I'm still blogging, but I just realised something else which could be pretty big - I've recently been offered Topiramate for my migraines. This is a medication you take every day as a preventative (sumatriptan you take as an abortive medication) and is pretty serious stuff; I've done a lot of research into it recently because I'd have to change a lot of lifestyle factors to use it, like coming off the contraceptive pill to change to a coil and stopping drinking. Topiramate is used for migraine sufferers, but by far it's most widely used clinical application? is for epilepsy. It's an epilepsy medication.

If she suffers such bad migraines she's on 5 boxes of sumatriptan a month, and is epileptic, why isn't she taking the epilepsy medication also used in chronic migraine sufferers?

I'm not doctor but like I've mentioned in the diary entries, I know a lot about migraines, prescriptions and sumatriptan specifically in the UK. As with most of her medical maladies, something is definitely not right here.

Very true, it's a medication with a lot of risks that shouldn't be taken lightly, and it's a weird one to hoard as it has no recreational benefit whatsoever. In fact a lot of people get very strange and uncomfortable side effects from it. I almost hope she doesn't take it, especially not 5 boxes a month alongside any other medication!

No. 199386

No. 199387

oops sorry, I deleted and reposted to correct topiramax to topiramate. Thanks for the advice, I have found that there's a huge dichotomy in people saying it was a life saver or absolute hell. So maybe I'll take other anons advice of looking into Rizatriptan wafers.

I will also stop derailing, but at least if Robyn ever comes back she can't sit and say "bloobloobloo nobody here knows what it's like to be sick!!!"

No. 199390

Ha, same anon. I saw all the comments about it too, you will find you'll be in one camp or the other. Just protect yourself if it goes bad. I got three weeks into it and it took three hellish weeks to get out, I waited too long. I will really shut up now though, I sound like a fuckin spoonie.

No. 199391

…and we're giving Robyn ideas of things she can fuck herself up on.

No. 199392

Ugh the entire bottles of vitamins and stool softeners arranged to spell this months Instagram name. For such a #professional patient she doesn't know shit about storing drugs.
If she needed those and they weren't just otc nothings she'd be damaging them beyond the point of taking them by all the exposure to air and light she gives them by playing with them all the time.

No. 199403


yeah it's really weird, if you have serious IBS or IBD you take something a little stronger than the equivalent of a bowl of bran

also in OP's photo fexo is a super market grade antihistamine, do the flowers come out and attack her so much that she needs 3 months worth of mild allergy relief?

No. 199406

I'll give you one better, anon. In one of the photos I'm adding I'm pretty sure she's included fucking mints. No joke. They genuinely look like mints.

No. 199414

I just want to reach out and slap her Louise Belcher style. You can easily weed out the fakers bu how much they constantly talk about their illness and post pics of hospital rooms, test results, scars, wounds, rashes ect… Most actually disabled people don't do this. Even the educational and inspirational blogs tend to be far less explicit with this stuff.

I have it for gastroparesis. And if you look around tumblr everyone seems to have that now. And most of them have feeding tubes, which I was told was a last ditch effort and not to be taken lightly. I wonder when we'll be seeing the "I need a feeding tube" post.

No. 199432

does robyn actually take any of the medication she acquires? is it literally just used for #spoonie #pill #art?

No. 199442

File: 1479306999152.png (900.08 KB, 932x597, screenshot-www instagram com 2…)

Well she's got pics with the stuff on her tongue…. so if she's not taking them at least some of the time, seems like a pointless extra effort. Especially given how she complains about how bad they taste, letting them dissolve on your tongue for selfies is a damn good way of making them taste like shit. Plus there's the whole medication interaction thing, and she's already been shown to research medication interactions, so she'd know that certain combos can induce seizures. If she needs seizures on demand, popping those pills is the easiest and fastest way to do it.

No. 199445

I don't find it hard to believe that she maybe on 2-3 daily medication, but half the time they parade 10 boxes of the same drug in different brands or dosages to prove how #spoonie they are.

If they were genuinely taking 20 pills a day of hardcore meds outside of a heavily supervised environment they wouldn't have kidneys left at 25. Hell I have to be careful taking prednisone, Celebrex and fluoxetine everyday and get regular blood work done to make sure I'm not fucking myself up

No. 199449

File: 1479307814267.jpg (346.66 KB, 404x404, 22591_1466651975502502.jpg)

Okay, so I'm a migrane anon, those pills are usually very small, her's look kinda big? (might just be that I've never compared it to my tongue tho)
Here's the only pic I could find on google of the size.

And they do taste really shitty, having them sit on your tongue is pretty gross.

Also if she takes it before the migrane hits, she's not gonna get a migrane so hoping it's gone by the time she wakes up :( isn't really something you'd say, chances are you'd just have to take a second one when you wake up. Unless the pills aren't right for her then ofc. it's a different story.

No. 199458

meeting spoonies irl is awful. I already posted my story in another thread but omg…it was a competition between who was the sickest. this one girl had a feeding tube for gastroparesis and loved showing it off and legit wore a bikini in cvs so everyone could see her g/j tube.

she also complained about how beta blockers never work on her and how omg!sick she is. i hope she enjoys her eventual heart failure from constantly overworking her heart because she refuses to be medicated.

No. 199460

eta: think 3 robyn's irl at once and that was my experience. all the girls were crazy and religious fanatics and stuff. it was living hell for an entire week.

No. 199466

Okay. I still got a lot of work to do on it, but I can at least get the first 15 or so parts up. After that point comes her first medical crisis and shit really starts.

The “Spoonie Life with EDS” Saga

I’m only focusing on one account right now, her IG hypermobilegeek. There’s probably more to the story elsewhere but there’s plenty of milk for the saga in this one so I haven’t bothered digging deeper yet. The harder she tries and for longer, the more shit falls apart. Her story is pretty much rags by the time she gets to lifeundiagnosed. The sad part is how badly this escalates within the span of a few months.

There will be some repeat images, the time line puts them into context and helps to reveal the lies as she gets more and more involved in her story. It will be long as hell too, my Word document detailing the whole thing is close to 50 pages long and has close to or over 60 parts. Please have patience with me, I’m a newfag and this is my first saga on an image board. I’m still not entirely familiar with what is good quality milk, I’m more used to formulating timelines than anything.

Summary, then the saga with proof and commentary follows.

What’s fairly normal behavior in the EDS communities:
• Going long periods before being diagnosed with EDS. Research in the field has advanced considerably over the past couple of decades, and if she was active in things like sports, injuries would have likely been blamed on that and not anything genetic.
• Starting from the claim of hypermobility syndrome to EDS, especially after others in the community suggest she look into EDS. This is pretty common, as many people with EDS are dismissed as having “hypermobility syndrome” long before realizing they actually have EDS. It usually has to take finding or lucking out with a doctor that knows enough about EDS to realize that their problems are more than just lax joints.
• Starting with supplements and then moving on to actual meds. A lot of people with hypermobility syndrome or EDS do this when they realize that it’s not something fixable with OTC supplements or pills like many other advertised conditions. Even the obsession with advertising what’s essentially her vitamins isn’t all that odd when it comes to EDS communities, a lot of people there count their vitamins alongside their meds.
• Giving her doctor notes. This is actually a crucial component to getting diagnosed for a lot of people when they’re finally able to get to specialists because it helps demonstrate the pattern of events that led them there. The specialist is then able to interpret the symptoms, check them against other possible conditions like Marfan syndrome, and work out a differential diagnosis from there. Additionally, notes can assist family members in getting diagnosed themselves. It’s not her having notes that is odd, it’s what she does with them that’s the issue.

What is batshit insane:
• The pill porn. Dear god, I have never seen anyone with a genuine case of EDS do this. What the fuck. We hate being dependent on so many pills, it sucks ass.
• Going to the hospital for every little sprain or dislocation. Most people with EDS have found over the years how to put things back into place themselves. Hospital trips tend to be reserved for… actual emergencies, or needing assistance setting the joint. Living in the UK with free health care is really no excuse to pester doctors with every little booboo, it’s a huge drain on NHS resources and they’re swamped as it is. As someone who works in the NHS, she should know this.
• Her dedication to being a ~spoonie warrior~. “Zebra strong EDS warriors” are the kinds of people I avoid like the plague. They are often insufferable and always make their shit out to be the worst there is. Robyn is practically their queen on IG, she’s taken their game and gone pro.
• Related to previous bullet, blowing up at people for making valid suggestions. I get people being rude and dismissive, I get being tired of dealing with them and possibly getting snippy. She takes it to the next level and really rips into them for no particular reason, all while advertising how truly sick she is and how she’ll NEVER GET BETTER!!1!11
• She looks a good decade older than she claims she is. This is pretty odd for EDS, including type 3. Folks with EDS have a tendency to look /younger/ than their chronological age because of the impact on collagen in the skin. I get carded when trying to buy a lighter. I’m nearly 30. It’s one of the very few “upsides” of EDS, so her claiming to have such advanced connective tissue symptoms but not having this feature sticks out like a sore thumb to me.
• Stopping with relevant specialists not long after being “diagnosed”. Really strange. EDS affects every system in the body since it’s essentially a defect in the glue holding the body together, and is known to come with several congenital defects or risk of some very serious comorbid conditions like craniocervical instability and heart valve prolapse. As far as I can tell, she never got this shit checked out. She saw the rheumatologist, got the “diagnosis” she wanted, and throughout the rest of the account doesn’t even bother to investigate other possibilities associated with the condition. Which is pretty much necessary when it’s impacting a person’s quality of life as badly as she’s claiming.
• The notes I mentioned. She advertises them on IG to all of her followers as well as showing them to her doctor, including in-progress shots and updates when she forgets something on the list. This is really, really strange and a definite attention grab.

No. 199468

File: 1479313766062.png (974.92 KB, 935x600, EDS saga pt 1.png)

Pt. 1. Where it all begins. Here Robyn introduces a new IG, focusing in large part on her hypermobility syndrome. This is June 29 2014, before EDS becomes the Flavor of the Month and everyone’s pet issue. Minus the hashtag abuse, the account is fairly normal at first.

No. 199469

File: 1479313806073.png (879.28 KB, 936x597, EDS saga pt 2.png)

Pt. 2. The pill porn starts. July 12 2014. Those are OTC supplements for her super bad pain. This becomes relevant later when the pills start to multiply like rabbits and showing the transition from “just trying to live” to “batshit insane”.

No. 199470

File: 1479313841619.png (924.66 KB, 933x597, EDS saga pt 3.png)

Pt 3. Next day, July 13. Already claiming a history of surgeries and daily subluxations that require constant bracing. Later she starts claiming that she needs to wear it daily and for any long distance walking… but will post selfies where they magically disappear despite spending entire days out walking around or after long work shifts.

No. 199471

File: 1479313894912.png (477.49 KB, 935x608, EDS saga pt 4.png)

Pt. 4. Same day again, July 13. This is where things start getting fishy and it’s clear she’s embellishing – the idea that her bones break before her fragile connective tissue gives away?! Yeah no, those ligaments would tear before “ripping away” any pieces of /bone/. If she has delayed healing, that suggests more involved connective tissue symptoms, and that suggests that things would tear in such an injury before her bones get involved. Bone is significantly harder than collagen defects and will take her tendons out in a bar fight. The reason why EDS comes with so much soft tissue damage and things like torn ligaments is because the connective tissue in those ligaments is so fragile that they cannot handle the pressure. That’s the entire point behind connective tissue diseases. Also it’s a bit suspect that she’ll buy this brace online instead of getting properly fitted for it, that is not a standard brace you just pick up at the store. Braces like this one are designed to treat specific issues, and using the wrong brace for the job can actually make an injury /worse/. She should not have just bought this online.

No. 199472

File: 1479313937112.png (665.19 KB, 927x599, EDS saga pt 5.png)

Pt. 5. July 25 2014. Starts claiming to have such bad dislocations that she needs her crutches to go up the stairs. Yet there’s only one shaft there, and the material is not the same as her crutches (which will be shown in a later part). Her crutches were a dull grey, this is a shiny silver. Pretty sure that’s a generic cane, not a crutch. Easily purchased at any pharmacy, you just walk in and buy it. For the record, it’s a hell of a lot easier to take a selfie of your feet when using a cane than if you’re using forearm crutches.

No. 199481

File: 1479315370724.png (839.53 KB, 931x596, EDS saga pt 6.png)

Pt. 6. July 30 2014. She starts using fancy medical terms for everything. Honey, “soft tissue damage” is a sprain or a bruise. And they’re standard procedure with EDS, not anything worth splurging on pizza for. If she had daily dislocations and subluxations, sprains and bruises are routine and after a while you just kind of move on. Maybe treat them with things like ice or heat, or maybe topical gels, but it’s really not comfort food worthy if it’s routine for her.

No. 199483

File: 1479315446229.png (1004.39 KB, 1607x598, EDS saga pt 7.png)

Pt. 7. July 31 2014. First picture wearing her braces. A commenter shares their story about having to be in a cast because of a dislocated thumb. This becomes relevant later when Robyn starts detailing a long medical crisis involving being rushed to the hospital for seizures causing her to dislocate her thumb and requiring a cast.

Regarding the braces: Really not a good idea to be wearing those every single day. The muscles no longer have to work to overcompensate for the ligaments, and they get weaker. Dislocations will occur more frequently if she wears them daily. This is pretty common knowledge in EDS circles. Braces should be reserved for activities that would increase the risk of subluxations/dislocations and hyperextensions, or for help in recovery from acute injury. Wearing that shit daily is asking for trouble. Also, they can be a pain to wash. Reminder that she worked at McDonalds during this time frame, where there’s lots of gunk and messes to clean up. That shit gets on braces and they’re really annoying to clean, you can’t just throw that left one in the wash. Robyn admits to buying them on eBay too.

No. 199485

File: 1479315507551.png (964.42 KB, 1871x589, EDS saga pt 8.png)

Pt. 8. August 4 2014. Remember the random drama about wanting to have kids? Well, there’s more to it than that. Included it because it’s evidence of her fishing for social interactions with people from the HMS/EDS community on IG, which is where she could be getting her myriad of symptoms from. Considering pt. 7 (>>199483), she could be actively copying parts of their story. Wonder if that’s why she has to keep jumping accounts. She escalates into more and more crises the longer she interacts with the community.

No. 199486

File: 1479315578670.png (1.14 MB, 931x596, EDS saga pt 9.png)

Pt. 9. August 6 2014. Mentions she needs the braces for any long walks, and asks people to please ignore them. Subtle way of drawing attention to them. Also, she’ll use them for walking the dog, but they’ll disappear during day-long events at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and after 9 hour work shifts in food service. Yeah not buying it.

No. 199488

File: 1479315652658.png (1.13 MB, 933x596, EDS saga pt 10.png)

Pt. 10. August 26 2014. The super special knee braces start disappearing. Probably realized wearing them constantly wasn’t worth the trouble. Relevant because later on lifeundiagnosed, she starts reverting to advertising her ring splints for attention and hum-hawing when people don't notice she's ~disabled~ enough to sit on the bus. Here it’s like she just can’t be fucking bothered until she realizes that braces gives her attention she craves.

No. 199501

I'd agree here. Yet another UK Chronic Migraine sufferer. It was several years of escalating migraines before I was given more than just Migraleve (co-codamol based tablets). Then I was given Sumatriptan but advised to limit my use due to the risk of it increasing my seizures. After a while, my Neurologist put me on Topiramate and then switched to Sodium Valproate (Epilim), which are both anti-epileptics used in migraine prevention. Surely if she had presented to a Neurologist with both seizures and migraines, they would have gone with a drug to treat both rather than Keppra?

Sorry for the journal post here, I just find this girl infuriating.

No. 199504

Notice how she deliberately wears them OVER her clothes so that they're totally noticeable. Not the actions of someone who's trying not to draw attention to them.

No. 199505

Do we know what these pills actually are? I would guess the greeny coloured one on the right is a supplement of some sort, maybe glucosamine? People take that for joint pain etc. No idea about the other two though.

No. 199506

Doing an excellent work here, farmgirl(boy?). As always, very impressed with how thorough you are with your chronicalling all of this, looking up info from multiple accounts and platforms.

Brava! 10/10, would read again.


No. 199508

File: 1479317088124.png (1.06 MB, 932x596, screenshot-www instagram com 2…)

All three are supplements. But that's the tame part. It gets worse, she just keeps increasing the pile. It never goes down. So she starts from a fairly sane albeit Spoonie Warrior Luls front and then progresses to full on Munchie Queen.

No. 199514

File: 1479317348558.png (627.16 KB, 936x595, EDS saga pt 11.png)

Thanks. I should point out in case there's confusion that I'm not the same person that was behind the Appendectomy Saga. Reading it was sure helpful though, so props to whoever did it.

Okay. Couple more parts, then I get back to work on the rest of it. I just didn't want to flood the thread.

Pt. 11. September 3 2014. She starts latching onto other members of the community and their stories. Relevant because personal relationships like this is probably where she gets her material from.

No. 199516

File: 1479317408878.png (620.26 KB, 933x593, EDS saga pt 12.png)

Pt. 12. September 4 2014. The pills start escalating, now we’re moving on from OTC supplements to actual pain medication and antihistamines. Is it just me or do two of those look like mints? I swear those are mints. Obligatory mention of hating taking so many pills, yet seems to relish in them later.

No. 199519

File: 1479317460789.png (810.81 KB, 940x596, EDS saga pt 13.png)

Pt. 13. Same day, September 4. They’re fucking multiplying /in the same day/. Talk about rapid escalation. Like, I get bad pain days and needing to take more one day than another. But she doesn’t stop here. They just keep multiplying. Escalating to higher uses every day is actually suggestive of potential drug use, so she really needs to be careful about waving her stash around. That’s behavior that gets you flagged at doctor’s offices.

No. 199521

File: 1479317545668.png (545.21 KB, 1232x596, EDS saga pt 14.png)

Pt. 14. September 5, 2014. Starts posting proof of her hypermobility through party tricks and showing her fucked up index finger, saying her hands are one of the worst areas affected. Later she says she’s a gamer for over 20 years, including console games (which can be really hard on the hands, I can hardly play them anymore). If her hands are as bad as she claims, how come she doesn’t cut down on the games or look into actual treatment for her hand problems until much later? Why the knee braces before the ring splints?

Something to note: the hypermobility here is legit, and hypermobility can result in permanent dislocations if they are not treated. However, I reiterate that not all people with joint hypermobility have EDS. Lots of people are hypermobile with little to no symptoms whatsoever. This is what makes EDS type 3 easy to fake, because people can make up or induce the other symptoms to pass the clinical exam or the random person’s eye. Note the index finger, that’s where the purple brace comes in later on lifeundiagnosed. Claims that it’s like that because she used to suck on her finger. I call bull.

No. 199523

File: 1479317656469.png (917 KB, 1546x594, EDS saga pt 15.png)

Pt. 15. September 5 again. She starts up with bitch mode. Someone tries to suggest exercises to help correct her flat feet, she blows up at them. Like, I get being annoyed, but this is seriously bitchy. Also, people in the EDS community give advice like this /all the time/. Folks with EDS often find that doctors are not knowledgeable enough to help them, so they have to help themselves and each other. So they share tips. Pretty routine.

Also, the specific tips in question? Exercises and physical therapy are standard procedure for EDS. The trick is finding someone experienced with connective tissue diseases, as standard exercises for people without them can cause injury to someone with EDS. She claims she’s had copious amounts of PT, yet later skips the PT part and goes straight to a hospital for a minor injury. The goal behind PT for EDS is to help the muscles keep the lax joints together, so that dislocations are less frequent (therefore requiring less surgery) and to improve posture that facilitates the dislocations in the first place. There’s even an entire PT protocol specifically for EDS in order to address this problem. She really does come off as not even wanting to try, she’s just bitchy someone called her on that fact.

No. 199525

The one's that you think are mints I believe (I might be wrong) are Ibuprofen. I take them for headaches occasionally and they look just like that - they have a sugar coating on the outside. The scored ones are Co-codamol I think, or possibly Co-dydramol. All over the counter stuff

No. 199528

Gotcha, thanks. Yeah the ibuprofen we've got around here is usually red, not white. They look really similar to Scotch mints so I wasn't sure.

No. 199529

those two shiny round white ones that look like mints are probably OTC ibuprofen. They sugar coat them to make them taste better. A box can be bought for as little as 29p in most UK supermarkets, chemists and even local newsagents.

No. 199532

Sage for OT but… that sounds really dangerous around kids. What if kids think they're candy? They really do look like candy, and ibuprofen can be really dangerous to pop like candy.

No. 199535

File: 1479318800622.jpg (41.85 KB, 300x225, IMG_3509.JPG)

Those two bottom ones look just like mentos mints. But I could be mistaken.

No. 199537

File: 1479318847205.jpg (141.91 KB, 625x659, CxucMlU.jpg)

>close to 50 pages long and has close to or over 60 parts

PT bless you, anon.

No. 199538

What exactly contributes to the development of Munchausens? What could have possibly happened/not happened in Robyn's life to make her do this shit?

No. 199541


She had a genuine medical issue/deformity she was born with (microtia) - I wonder if she became addicted to the attention and special care she got from parents and doctors as a child?

No. 199543


yes that and the internet!!!
people think that because they have access to all this info about diseases that they could easily personify them for attention.

No. 199544

Kek, I can do these with my hands (except bottom right) pretty easily, as well as bend my arm almost all the way around my elbow. Did it a lot in elementary school to freak out my friends. This seems like a pretty easy thing to fake, like you said.

No. 199548

lmao I can do all these things too.. it doesn't hurt.. i had no idea it made me chronically ill!! lolz

No. 199579

I found a few more accounts / sites. Apologies if any of these have been mentioned before.




This girl has far too many abandoned accounts and blogs.

No. 199581

Lmao. She's claiming that that's proof of hypermobility?

No. 199583

File: 1479323795594.jpg (67.18 KB, 1023x781, angry soni.jpg)

This bitch pisses me off so much.

No. 199593

another twitter:

No. 199613


This particular tweet cracks me up. Apparently scents can trigger IBS now…

No. 199635

Damn, the crazy just keeps getting crazier! She might be the munchiest of the munchies afterall?

No. 199676

File: 1479327890825.png (734.65 KB, 1544x597, EDS saga pt 16.png)

Well, people seem to be enjoying the milk so I might as well post a couple more! I have to leave shortly but I can at least get the first ~medical drama uwu~ posted, where she starts messing with open wounds. Think that'll put us at… 21 out of 60 or so parts I've got going?

Yes, yes she does. Interestingly, none of those are actually part of any of the diagnostic criteria of conditions she's claiming. The ones on the left, she's bending them in the completely wrong direction to count. Her fingers do demonstrate /very mild/ levels of hypermobility in later pictures, but I've got no reason to believe it's as bad as she claims when she uses /that/ shit as her proof.

Actual diagnostic criteria includes tricks like the following: https://www.ehlers-danlos.org/about-eds/getting-a-diagnosis/beighton-score/ (Note: The pinky one is supposed to be bending back. Hers shows her bending it to the side, which isn't worth anything.)

Okay. Next up. Then will get more up after I get home.

Pt. 16. September 9 2014. First advertised medical drama. Repeat image, sorry, but it's necessary for the timeline to show her progression. She starts complaining loudly about useless medical staff, even though soft tissue damage is pretty low priority on their list. ER staff have better things to worry about. When she doesn’t get the attention she’s striving for through stunts like this, she escalates to things like actively fucking with open wounds.

Here’s the thing about hospital trips for things like EDS. There is almost nothing they can even do. It's a genetic defect of connective tissue, it's not like there's a treatment or cure for it that they can do. This is why many people with genuine EDS don’t bother going to the hospital unless it’s actually an emergency or they have type 4/vascular. The most the hospital staff can really do is make sure that things aren’t actually broken, help put the joints back if they’re stuck and suggest heat/ice/anti-inflammatories etc for the surrounding tissue. Anything after that point is taken care of by people like physical therapists to reduce the risk of the injury happening again. Hospitals are generally useless in those situations, there is no reason to throw a hissy fit over it. We learn and move on. Also, most hospital staff (let alone ER staff) aren’t going to know anything about connective tissue diseases. Their primary focus is triage, they do not have specialty knowledge in the treatment of connective tissue diseases and the impact of repeat injuries. They turned her away because they want her to stop wasting their time and money. Standard procedure would be to go to someone who knows more about the injury and connective tissue diseases, and get that under control to try to reduce dislocations.

No. 199682

File: 1479328065555.png (775.03 KB, 929x593, EDS saga pt 17.png)

Pt 17. September 9 2014. Another repeat, but related. She gets home, is so depressed that she ~wasn’t taken seriously~ and proceeds to go against medical advice for treatment. I feel bad for the pup and for Zak for having to put up with this cow. First evidence I’ve found of her blatantly and purposefully going against medical advice and of her blowing minor issues out of proportion. This whole thing sets the stage for the infamous Appendectomy Saga as she realizes that mere complaints won’t work, she needs evidence to get what she wants. She's depressed that she didn't get special treatment for having some super rare disease, when the hospital provided the same standard of care as can be expected in that situation.

No. 199684

File: 1479328118667.png (557.1 KB, 923x597, EDS saga pt 18.png)

Pt 18. September 12 2014. Goes to wedding reception, avoids bringing super necessary knee braces. After all, it’d spoil her outfit. For the record, she’d need them that day. Wedding receptions are long, often involve very uncomfortable chairs and those shoes look like dress shoes. There is not a whole lot of support in those and in later posts seems to not know or care about orthopedic shoe options. Wonder if she managed to dance and enjoy herself without paying for it later.

No. 199688

File: 1479328210570.png (705.43 KB, 933x600, EDS saga pt 19.png)

Pt 19. September 28 2014. The attention starts rolling in. People start recognizing her and her story, while lavishing her in attention for how strong and inspirational she is. Remember how I mentioned crutches versus canes in pt. 5?

Compare the finish between the wheelchair’s frame and the crutch. The mobility device she used in the selfie over her precious dislocated hips was not her crutches. She seems to collect medical devices and pills like Pokemon, it’s fucking ridiculous.

No. 199690

File: 1479328281213.png (1.02 MB, 932x595, EDS saga pt 20.png)

Pt. 20. September 29 2014. Can spend all day at the Harry Potter Studio Tour, seems to forget her super necessary knee braces. No way. If her knees were as bad as she claims, she would absolutely need them for an event like that. That is a ton of walking and I did not see mention of her needing a wheelchair during the event (these are sometimes available, if she used one she’d probably have shown it off somewhere).

No. 199691

File: 1479328356826.png (761.76 KB, 929x597, EDS saga pt 21.png)

Pt. 21. October 8 2014. The wound fuckery begins a month after her last failed “crisis”. This is before the Appendectomy Saga, so she was already in the habit of messing with her wounds by the time that saga started. Dude, clean your fucking nails. No wonder shit gets infected. Getting an infection under your eye would not be wise, let alone one that’s your own damn fault.

No. 199696

File: 1479328512736.png (559.76 KB, 935x596, EDS saga pt 22.png)

Okay I lied, I guess it's up to part 22.

Pt. 22. October 9 2014. Starts claiming another new symptom, transparent skin. That’s the symptom where you can see your veins through your skin. A lot of people have it if they spend too much time indoors, which she seems to do plenty of and admits to being a gamer for over 20 years. Not always pathological. My fucking /doctor/ has see-through thighs. For the record, transparent skin can happen in type 3 but is much more prominent with type 1/2 (classical, has more skin and connective tissue symptoms) and especially type 4 (vascular, one of the hallmarks). At this point I think she's honestly just coming up with symptoms she thinks should fit the EDS profile.

No. 199716

God damn. Robyn is Kaydee on steroids. So milky even if she is MIA currently.

No. 199721


Seconding, anon is god. Who needs Netflix when you get regularly updated drama on the farm.

No. 199767

So not long after this was pointed out to her, Nicole deleted the two instagram posts about her "labrynthitis". Interesting.

No. 199783

God I'm so jealous of this bitch. Also interestingly enough the WB studio tour here in LA has no walking portion, just have to sit in this little trolley the entire time. Murica. Bet Robyn would have preferred that kek. /blog sage in all fields please guys

No. 199791

Goddamn, those are some harsh anglo genes!

No. 199808

Wait, so she walked around all day with her super srs EDS?

No. 199811


These spoonies are so predictable

No. 199815

you're not crazy, I think I even see a bit of a lunastache on her…

No. 199834

Okay, I can probably get the saga to about part 32 before needing to rest for the night. Got 3 hours of sleep last night, need to make up for it! Rest will be spread out tomorrow, it's almost completed.

It gets better, anon. I've got pics where she admits to going out after a 9 hour work day in fast food, and then goes out to a Machinehead concert. No braces in sight.

No. 199840

File: 1479337589216.png (1.14 MB, 2140x597, EDS saga pt 24.png)

Seems I messed up, so I need to do 24 and then 23.

Pt. 24. October 15 2014. The spoonie oppression IRL begins. Construction happens. This is something most of us have to just get over and walk or roll around. Not throw a hissy fit on IG for asspats. This is when she starts going batshit about how complete strangers hate her for being ill, or how they don’t understand her super difficult life as a Spoonie Warrior. To be perfectly honest, genuinely ill people often have too much actual shit going on to waste energy campaigning every slight, life is tiring enough. Pick your battles. Further evidence to me that she’s not actually sick. Also includes people commenting about how she should go on benefits, she dismisses the possibility (I wonder if this makes a comeback later) with a joke about how since she’s paying taxes, she’s paying for her own medical care. Um. Not with how much medical resources she uses, she’s not.

No. 199843

File: 1479337777464.png (1.03 MB, 2179x1106, EDS saga pt 23.png)

Pt. 23. October 14 2014.

Bitch mode returns. She starts claiming that she’s getting bullied and abused on social media because people don’t understand how hypermobility syndrome works. Boy she’s in for a surprise isn’t she! This is where she really moves on from being the typical Zebra Strong Spoonie Warrior™ to batshit toward anyone she thinks is suspecting her. Because with the shit she claims, of course people will start to doubt its validity.

Age is a factor in how someone with chronic illnesses is perceived, but I’ve found over the years that the ones that complain the loudest about such injustices are the ones that are least likely to actually deal with the issues. They’re just responding to a potential threat toward their story. People like this are constantly looking for conflict and will stir it up themselves if they have to. Commenter makes a comment about wheelchairs. Guess what starts magically making appearances.

No. 199844

File: 1479337834782.png (740.93 KB, 1238x597, EDS saga pt 25.png)

Pt 25. October 17 2014. Starts crying bully and claims of being suicidal because people don’t believe her. For someone claiming to be doing her best to hide it, she does a piss poor job. She glamorizes it. Still feel bad for Zak. No wonder it’s taking forever for them to get married, he’s probably looking for an out the poor sucker.

No. 199845

File: 1479337895339.png (988.69 KB, 932x599, EDS saga pt 26.png)

Pt 26. October 31 2014. Robyn, wheelchair wouldn’t be necessary if you actually needed and used your knee braces while working. Fast food is really hard on the joints even for healthy people. Considering the claims of needing to wear them daily or near daily, this is hardly a “woo selfie with happy thumbs up” moment because even if you were actually sick, the pain would be /your own damn fault/. Even people with genuine EDS lose right to complain when they make no actual effort to protect their joints and just complain or make selfies all the damn time. Take care of your shit. Further evidence to me she’s not actually ill, or else she’d know this stuff and have learned it the hard, painful way.

No. 199846

File: 1479337987234.png (588.97 KB, 1234x598, EDS saga pt 27.png)

Pt 27. November 4 2014. She’s already started claiming poor wound healing that takes months to heal, yet during the Appendectomy Saga, claims it’s never happened before and that she only has a vague idea of what’s wrong. See:

Also, derma healing poorly isn’t because of collagen defects, it’s because of infection and people actively interfering with the healing process (albeit unintentionally).

No. 199849

File: 1479338107596.png (812.83 KB, 1228x597, EDS saga pt 28.png)

Pt 28. November 26 2014. Starts complaining about how the shoes are making her feet hurt, when /anyone/ standing in new shoes for 9 hours in food service work will have sore feet. Commenter suggests she find better shoes, she complains that her work is too restrictive for this and that such shoes are rare. Thing is? They exist, and yes they can be found in women’s styles or sizes. Only way I got through retail for years. There are entire brands designed specifically for orthopedics. Abeo comes to mind. https://www.abeofootwear.com/ They’ve got designs for dress wear, sneakers, slip resistant… Such shoes exist, she’s just unwilling to track them down in favor of bitching on the internet (while completely ignoring the fact that she managed a long wedding reception in dress shoes that are notoriously uncomfortable, without any complaining).

No. 199853

File: 1479338281437.png (658.78 KB, 932x597, EDS saga pt 29.png)

Pt 29. December 1 2014. Why the hell is that bruise even worth sharing? It’s barely noticeable. A tiny bruise like that is not a big deal. I doubt anyone would have even noticed there was one there if she hadn’t drawn attention to it. There is nothing here that actually serves as evidence that her finger ever dislocated. A tiny bruise and stubby fingers does not a dislocation make.

No. 199856

File: 1479338380177.png (785.56 KB, 1223x583, EDS saga pt 30.png)

Pt 30. December 13 2014. She adds hypermobility syndrome to her medical alert tag. There’s not much point in doing that, especially with so little information. Adding hypermobility syndrome or EDS to medical alert stuff is handy when trying to articulate that the patient shouldn’t be given sutures (causes tears and/or scarring), that they are prone to fatal organ/vein ruptures or because they’re on certain meds with dangerous interactions. But unless you spell it out for them, most hospital staff are not going to know that EDS/HMS patients need specific special treatment. Vaguely amused at the fact that a commenter noticed she missed a tag and added it for her.

No. 199858

File: 1479338455903.png (982.73 KB, 932x597, EDS saga pt 31.png)

Pt 31. December 17-18 2014. Admits to working a 9 hour work day at McDonalds, but she still won’t have her braces in the next photo. Hmmmmmm. Here she does directly admit to walking around a lot.

No. 199859

File: 1479338524828.png (650.16 KB, 927x597, EDS saga pt 32.png)

Pt. 32. December 17-18 2014. Manages to go to a Machinehead concert without knee braces after a full night of work. Claims a subluxation. Thought the brace was supposed to prevent that, Robyn? Why not try using it and save yourself the trouble??? Especially since concerts fucking hurt.


And with that, I am resting for the night and will get the second half spread throughout tomorrow.

No. 199860

Could also be iron supplements, but the dose is never 2 at a time.

No. 199865

File: 1479339620220.png (180.26 KB, 277x268, Screen_Shot_2015-05-12_at_3.31…)

I legitimately do feel bad for Zak. No matter what he does, he loses. Staying with her means being a witness to/enabling her batshit antics. Leaving her makes him the asshole who left his ill, suicidal fianceé. He's likely "locked in" at this point and has convinced himself he's okay with this life.

No. 199904

As a UK anon, I can confirm that the Harry Potter studios tour is a fair whack of walking and the majority of the studios is wheelchair friendly so it wouldn't have been an issue to have used one. P.s I love the Harry Potter studio tour.

No. 199911

God damn I am glad I'm not alone in my spergy hate for her munchie pornfest.
Good job EDS Saga Anon! Get some sleep, the farm will still be here when you've rested. :)

No. 199928

Does she really not understand that anybody would bruise quickly with a bad cut? It's not her ~super fragile EDS skin~.

No. 199934

You're a hero, anon. Bless you.

No. 200067

>if you pull it apart

well don't do that then ffs.

wahhhh, i sat in the cold for three hours b/c ~lyfe sux~ and threatened to kill myself so my doormat made me food to shut me up.

>99% of the time i have seizures my doormat is there

that's not suspect at all, and i def don't feel sorry for someone who at the very least is enabling her behavior.


also thought that those three small ones were iron, and i doubt she even takes all the pills she shows so wouldn't put it past her to just having them out for show of how sick she is.

sorry for being all over with the comments but this is like, gross and amazing all the time and thank-you kind anons for making these sagas.

No. 200070

Has she brought up any of the usual hypermobility comorbid skeletal issues like scoliosis or pectus excavatum/carinatum? That swan neck deformity is so weak, it looks like she manually moved her joints into place and took the photo.

Someone should ask her if she can take a video of wagging her distal phalange as a test.

No. 200082

Appy Saga Anon here. EDS Saga Anon, you are amazing. Mind officially blown on how deep this goes and how much glaring evidence you have found. Piecing together the chronology and evolution of her MBI is fascinating, disturbing and ire-inducing. It's not just sick-role attention-seeking with her, either; it's like there's a hostile competition element with her against other patients. I don't get that part, it doesn't seem to fit.

I am genuinely baffled by how stupid Robyn is to have not deleted this legacy of attention-seeking fuckery and how no one has called her out all these years. Most e-munchies destroy all previous evidence of their excess-bullshit failures over time, and refine their game to assimilate better in the next chronic illness community they target. She just can't help herself, becoming hostile and judgmental though. Her Internet footprint is a rare glimpse into how this form of catfishing escalates and becomes sensationalized beyond belief. She is definitely addicted to the "zomg yer so brave and strong!" and the extra asspats when she has severe kriseez. "Poor thing so much ~*suffering*~ uwu!" She went too far over the moon even for the spoonie community though, especially with the Appendectomy Saga, as evidenced by the fact that very few followers stuck around for that entire macabre 2edgy4me debacle.

No. 200086

>So I was wondering why the side of my hand was so painful… Only to discover a faded #bruise

How would she know it's faded if this was her first time noticing it? Why not say light bruise or minor bruise? Why assume it must have looked worse before?

Oh, right, because this is Robyn we're talking about.

>I only pick wounds
>I heal slowly

It's almost as if these two things might be related.

No. 200100

Oh god almighty the milk is thick and delicious

thanks to the lovely anon bringing this to us

No. 200108

what a bitch. fuck you robyn!

No. 200114

I am curious if Robyn ever posted on other spoonie accounts. Did she ever support others or was it all about her?

No. 200138

Saying that Zac is there 99% of the time she has seizures is not only highly suspect but also directly contradicts something she says during the temporal lobe epilepsy debacle where she states that she's had these episodes several times but that this was the first time he had witnessed one.
Also, if he were there nearly all the time, she wouldn't need to wear these tags but for Robyn I imagine they're some kind of badge of honour. My boss insisted I wore a medic alert because my job involved me working in different areas of the building where people might not know about my condition. I hated wearing it and once I was out of work and on my way home I'd take it off and shove it in my pocket. She's a barrel of contradictions.

No. 200147


The constant, ridiculous overuse of hashtags in her posts just kills me.


>#leftover #pizza

No. 200153

This is pretty suspicious as well, people in chronic pain are usually willing to try anything to stop it.
She was probably worried about being caught out lying if she tried it

No. 200154

Fucking THIS.

THIS too! It boils my blood!

No. 200161

File: 1479380706187.png (1.08 MB, 1025x657, lu hmd hashtag hell.png)

I don't think I've ever seen anyone commit this grievous a level of #hashtag #abuse ever before. She's so OTT in every fucking way. This pic is from her 'hypermobiledork' IG. She pisses me off to no end!

No. 200174


Reminds me of "my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way…" in terms of details nobody gives a fuck about.

No. 200197

Ausfag here and that looks like a standard chemist here. Britain is probably the same.

If that is weird I'm curious as to what US chemists look like? This one is exactly how all chemists here look.

No. 200231


No. 200273

From my experience, she would reply to select comments on her pictures but would ignore any that weren't pandering to her crises. I don't remember her voluntarily commenting on other people's images and she didn't seem to follow back the people who follow her. Except for the cronies who gave her the speshul attention she wanted.

Has anyone picked up on the stuff on one of her blogs about microtia where apparently she was supposed to be a twin but her mum miscarried the other baby? Seems to me that one of Robyn's main problems could be that from early childhood she was told how incredibly special she was and now that she's an adult she's desperately trying to recreate that specialness via her super serious chronic illnesses, or "debilitating" illnesses as she likes to refer to them. Of course, we can only assume that she's telling the truth about the miscarried twin…

No. 200286

I think US pharmacies look generally the same. But sometimes they only take up a counter at a local grocery or general store, so maybe that's the difference? Although I saw some pharmacies in the UK that sell other things as well so

No. 200290

I expected as much. It's all about her, all the time. Fucking bitch.

No. 200324


mad how in a few years she's gone from two mildly serious conditions that are actually interesting to hear about living with to needing to take the drug store home with her.

a guy i lived with in college had pretty serious munchausen, he literally faked a seizure at work and then drove back to the res hall. a few weeks later he kept dropping it into conversation about how he kept forgetting to take his new meds and how he could die without them all the meanwhile fucking driving everywhere despite that being illegal if he had a real seizure

No. 200340

how many accounts did she make ffs?

so i know this is petty compared to all the fuckery from her presented so far, but i couldn't help noticing the amount of times she reminds people she's #genderfluid/#genderneutral yet people referred to her with female pronouns and she didn't seem to care. like, if you're going to constantly lie for super special snowflake points, you might want to keep track of those things so that you're not as transparent as your invisibullshit illnesses.

could a kind anon also put together the saga of her 'head bump' where she constantly claimed it was due to a seizure and she assumed it was epilepsy even though the tests were all fine and she was out with the doormat playing in the snow right after like nothing happened.

No. 200342

>how many accounts did she make ffs?

She has at least three Facebook accounts as well.

No. 200355

Yeah I would love to see the epilepsy saga posted as well. I have so many opinions and issues with that one! I would try and do it but I'm not great with sorting screen shots and posting images etc.

No. 200359

lol i just imagine
>"zak take a photo of me while i have this ~seizure~"

No. 200370

>tfw have bursa in hip
>tfw they basically just give you stupid strong ibuprofen

shit sucks

No. 200379

EDS saga anon here. Some US pharmacies do look like that, so that's not what's suspicious. When I picked up stuff for my cat, I had to go to a medical supply store that also had a pharmacy in it, and it looked pretty much like that. However, it's pretty damn convenient shopping. She could get whatever she wanted for her Munchie Adventure there. It's a Munchie wetdream…

No. 200382

File: 1479396820289.png (746.56 KB, 1544x599, EDS saga pt 33.png)

Unless I missed something, in all of the screenshots I've collected I have seen no such claims. Nothing about some of the more common or serious skeletal comorbidities like scoliosis, congenital hip dysplasia, craniocervical instability, etc. Not a word. She brings up her finger (which could have been injured by anything) and her knee (which again could have been injured by anything). The other laundry list of conditions that come with EDS and have actual tests for like x-rays or MRIs are not mentioned or given proof for.

Okay! So this batch will be a bit short, still getting coffee. But we start with one that puts more of her ~symptoms~ into context and then start going into a medical crisis that I swear was copied from a commenter. In the upcoming crisis she really goes batshit on the number of posts, including /live-blogging standard procedure/. Step by step. It's fucking ridiculous.

Pt 33. December 19 2014. Here she admits to being friends with our recent WK JBN, having played video games for over 20 years, counting the number of tattoos and piercings she has, the number of hospitals she’s been to (not hospitalizations, different physical hospitals), and the number of surgeries she’s had. For extra brownie points, she makes sure to add how long one of those surgeries was. Things of note on here:
• Being a gamer can contribute to hand problems, especially console gaming and especially if you have even mild hypermobility. Doesn’t mean it’s EDS. Just her own damn fault. Cut back on the games or find something more adaptive, they’ll probably be a lot better.
• Speaking of the gaming bit. Staying indoors for hours on end to play games obsessively can lead to someone being pale as a sheet. Including transparent skin. Still not EDS.
• She tags almost all of her medical conditions except for bodily dysmorphic disorder and the short term memory loss part of her dyslexia. Considering she will tag shit like “bruise” and four different variations of the tag “medical bracelet”, seems strange for her to suddenly be leaving some out.
• Counting like this is often a red flag in these communities. If someone is starting to cite exact numbers of surgeries, injuries, time spent in a surgery, and the number of different hospitals they’ve been to, odds are high that they’re full of shit. That’s something that medical doctors have business knowing, outside of that it’s really not necessary to share except as a way to 1-up others in the community or prove how sick they are. The 1-up drama becomes relevant in the next part, when she adds yet another hospitalization to the mix and really goes to town with it.

No. 200383

anon, you are an artist. i hope some how in the real world you make money doing research/journalism/writing/etc.

No. 200384

File: 1479397212889.png (508.7 KB, 931x597, EDS saga pt 34.png)

Pt 34. December 29, 2014. Remember pt. 7?

Where a commenter tells her about needing a cast for a dislocated thumb? Guess who dislocates her thumb and will go to the hospital for a cast, milking the attention from peers and staff for all its worth. This starts her first extended medical crisis saga before escalating to the Appendectomy Saga later. Also, she fucking turned the brightness up to make the bruise more obvious.

This entire “dislocation” saga of hers here is such bullshit. It really is. Who the hell takes mini snapshots of what is supposed to be a daily occurrence?! Joints dislocate in EDS. It doesn’t need photo blogging multiple times a day. It doesn’t need constant drama with coworkers, friends, and hospital staff. It’s a fact of life. It’s not even one of the large joints, it’s her thumb and even then it’s on her right hand. She’s left handed. That’d be like me taking a daily photo blog of bowel movements. There is no point to it whatsoever. It’s just there to try to draw attention to how fragile and sick she obviously is if she can dislocate joints over minor activities.

No. 200387

File: 1479397400193.png (605.78 KB, 935x595, EDS saga pt 35.png)

Pt. 35. Same day. Bruise is barely noticeable without her filter. For the record, EDS bruises do not heal that fast, especially in people claiming to have delayed wound healing. Since she has claimed bruising easily, that means claiming at least some vascular symptoms. Which would not heal that fast.

The box thing. That I’m pretty sure is an attempt to try to fit the EDS profile. In EDS, yes dislocations can happen from minor activities. But given that she doesn’t have EDS, she has to come up with something dramatic sounding to make it look like she’s really ill. So she picks one of the easiest tasks out there to act like it’s causing her big problems. But she works at McDonalds. I’ve worked food service. There is a lot of lifting involved, including heavy boxes. She makes no mention of accommodations. There could have been a work place accident that she’s blowing out of proportion, or she could have fucked something up herself. We have no reason to believe it’s coming from a light box like she said. And how light is light anyway? Given the numbers she rattles off, let’s get some actual weight on that box, Robyn.

No. 200388

File: 1479397484691.png (616.16 KB, 936x597, EDS saga pt 36.png)

Pt. 36. Same day. She’s really spamming what she can out of this one. Yet another brace for her to drool over. I swear she has a fetish or something. Her fixation on braces is kind of creepy to be honest, but she probably loves them because they make it super obvious how ~sick she is~. It’s too bad this one is flesh colored, it’s harder for her to advertise it to strangers.

No. 200389

File: 1479397648791.png (956.89 KB, 932x595, EDS saga pt 37.png)

Pt. 37. Same day /still/. She won’t let up on it. They did an x-ray, which is again standard procedure. No surprise it came back fine. She is literally live-blogging what is standard procedure. Her level of obsession is mind-boggling.

Also. "[i]t went back into the correct place". If she did not get help putting the joint back into place, it was not a dislocation. It was a subluxation, which she shouldn't have needed to go to the hospital for. Subluxations are not medical emergencies and will correct themselves over time if you're gentle to your body. She went to the hospital over something that her body corrected itself. What the fuck.

No. 200391

File: 1479397820439.png (562.38 KB, 935x599, EDS saga pt 38.png)

Pt 38. December 30 2014. For the record, that doesn’t actually look like a dislocation. That’s called hyperextension and can often be done on command by people with hypermobile fingers. I can literally wiggle my fingers like that no problem and it doesn’t hurt. Back and forth between positions takes maybe a few seconds. A minor hyperextension like that is really no big deal and is probably related to her playing console games all the time. Joysticks makes thumbs worse.

No. 200392

File: 1479397868984.jpg (25.36 KB, 600x450, dislocation.jpg)

For comparison, this is what a dislocation looks like.

No. 200393

No. 200397


As an aside I had to laugh that she always drops that she has a #house in every single account, including her own WKing herself here. Lulz

She acts like she bought it herself. But looks like mommy and daddy gave her the money.

Robyn you can't go bragging about having life "sorted" when YOU didn't buy your OWN home!

Hmmmm could this mommy and daddy bought home be the one of the reasons her man stays?

No. 200398

Typically our pharmacies are part of a grocery store and the prescriptions are totally closed off to keep thefts from happening.If they aren't just a counter at a grocery store, they're a drugstore that's similar to a convenience store. Typically medical supply like wheelchairs, compression hose, and shower stools comes from a specialty store. Sometimes we have drive thru pharmacies though, which are pretty hilarious.

No. 200401

If they bought her house, I'm surprised they're still giving her money. Didn't she say they don't believe her? Have they cut her off between then and now? I fucking hope so.

No. 200408

File: 1479399661124.png (368.96 KB, 1440x1526, Screenshot_2016-11-17-09-17-04…)

Here's an add on gift from her facebook

No. 200411

File: 1479400093256.png (545.11 KB, 1440x2099, Screenshot_2016-11-17-09-26-41…)

And someone calling her out. I wonder if they're still friends.

No. 200412

I call bullshit. If she scored a 9, why didn't she show some of those on her "proof of hypermobility" photo set? Because that would have been the optimal time to do it.

No. 200414

Her friend is right. Yeah surgery won't fix the broken collagen, but /appropriate/ PT can greatly improve quality of life, and reduce pain, subluxations and dislocations.

Also? Ligament reconstruction surgery in hypermobile individuals is not ideal and prone to complications or failure because it's not just one ligament or tendon that is wonky, it's the whole package. Individual surgeries will not fix a global issue. All it does is address specific joints, whereas PT can be done to address the whole body.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2915391/

No. 200415

omg this is the #1 complaint of people who are prescribed physical therapy but refuse to do it because it's not a quick fix and it's essentially having a personal trainer and usually a list of exercises you need to do at home everyday. (not to blog but me and my dad are in physical therapy and it helps greatly but yeah! its hard! wah!!)

But absolutely DUH would strengthening your muscles around a problem area specifically a joint would help GREATLY she just doesn't want any fix that's not bed rest and a pile of pills. sicko.

No. 200416

Well that and if she opted for surgery instead of actually having to work at it, it's less effort for her and she gets to show off her scars to strangers for ~proof~ of how super sick she is. Even though lots of people with EDS avoid surgery when they can because slow wound healing increases complications and things like ligament reconstruction has limited success… what with it pulling from ligaments elsewhere in the body, which are /all/ defective so there's not much point in it unless nothing else works at all.

No. 200420

omg please no more surgery wounds for this girl.. please…

No. 200423

File: 1479401174422.png (689.1 KB, 932x599, EDS saga pt 39.png)

Okay. Couple more, then we get into her complaining about medical staff flat out calling her on her BS and her throwing a hissy fit over it (Ftr the staff was kind of on point, too).

39. December 30 2014. So things went normally at the hospital, it should have been over right? No, now she’s having seizures /because/ she went to the hospital. Maybe she realized that the fun ride was over and she didn’t want to get off, so boom seizures to set the path to go back to the hospital. She hasn’t gone yet here, but she will.

No. 200424

File: 1479401220423.png (799 KB, 931x596, EDS saga pt 40.png)

Pt 40. December 31 2014. “More bruising started to surface and it’s more swollen”. No, you just have a fat thumb and the bruising is healing normally. Like it should. It’s only been a couple of days. Large bruises can take a week or two to heal normally, and that doesn’t even go into whatever OTC drugs you may have been popping to impact your body’s ability to heal. Like… ibuprofen.

No. 200425

File: 1479401253847.png (546.86 KB, 935x597, EDS saga pt 41.png)

Pt 41. Same day. She’s so starved for attention that she needs to share “dislocations” she suffered from /three years ago/. I’m not even sure if that was a dislocation, she could have just sprained it and ret-conned it to be a dislocation for her EDS saga. Admits to having gone to work against medical advice, so that seems to be a trend for her.

No. 200427

File: 1479401313228.png (1.01 MB, 931x599, EDS saga pt 42.png)

Pt 42. Same day. How the fuck does she expect to play a console game with that brace on?! Plus that’s gonna hurt like fucking hell if the injury is as bad as she claims later, and it’d be her own damn fault. Also, the “swelling” from part 40? Yeah well, playing console games after an injury in a brace can do that… Especially if for some reason you put it on too tight. You realize that those braces are partially to encourage you to do activities that won’t aggravate the condition, right? Because doing some activities in them is a pain in the ass. Like playing your games obsessively. Take it as a hint and do something else.

No. 200430

File: 1479401460987.png (794.8 KB, 1553x598, EDS saga pt 43.png)

Pt 43. January 1, 2015. She goes back to the hospital because her thumb keeps subluxating on top of the supposed dislocation. You know what does that? /Playing console games with an injured thumb/. You dumb fuck. Side note: the person she's copying this from hasn't been commenting. I wonder if they realized she's full of shit and ran away. If so, good for them.

Next part she complains about the nurse, who calls her out (albeit not on being a Munchie, sadtear). I haven't finished it yet, will post more when I have. That rant is a long one, on both her part and probably mine. She shouldn't have treated that poor nurse that way, the nurse didn't deserve her shit and especially not for being right.

No. 200433

Is there a general munchies thread any more?

No. 200435

she's such a #brave #spoonie #warrior for going to #work against #medicaladvice


No. 200445

How come it always seems she has seizures in private places when no-ones around?

I assume in a place like McDonald's there is always someone near you.

No. 200447

Anyone who really has seizures will know you're not always lucky enough to be in private. They usually happen at the most annoying time possible.

Also, if she's just been diagnosed with epilepsy, she would have had a risk assessment at work. They probably would have stopped her from working with the friers etc until her seizures are well controlled. And I'd also imagine she wouldn't be allowed to be in an office alone. My risk assessment stated I could not work alone, at height or using any equipment that might cause injury during loss of consciousness.

No. 200449

If so, there needs to be more about JBN on it.

No. 200450


This was exactly what I was thinking.

No. 200452

There are just so many things about the epilepsy story that are off to me. Someone please do that one once we finish the EDS drama.

No. 200453


I thought 'lol boohoo I can do that too' but now that you say this is legit hypermobility… are you 100% sure? I know many people who can do those things, including myself, (besides the bottom right picture, but to make for it I can hold my thumb to the back of my forearm for example, which is cooler.)(sorry for blog)
Does it mean we are all hypermobile? I never had a bone dislocate, and my friends who can do those tricks didn't as well. I have a hard time believing this.
TLDR I kinda think she's bullshitting about the hypermobility. unless you have a more solid evidence.

No. 200458

Yes because like I said, plenty of people are genuinely hypermobile but have no symptoms of HMS or EDS. It's not indicative of an actual condition or EDS, it's just people being bendy. Certain demographics are more lax than others, too, and it's not necessarily indicative of any illness (Chinese acrobats come to mind). That's why there's a thing called "benign joint hypermobility syndrome", because there's evidence of joint laxity but not it causing any problems. People don't start having actual medical conditions until they exhibit other symptoms suggesting things like EDS. That's when someone previously diagnosed with HMS is moved to EDS, when there's actual evidence that it's more than just being flexible. Hypermobility on its own is not enough to be proof of anything related to EDS, hence her having to fabricate symptoms or blow normal body flukes out of proportion to fit EDS. She probably has genuine joint laxity but not enough to actually be symptomatic of anything, and any symptoms she does have are because she's not being careful about that joint laxity by doing things like playing console games for years. The actual laxity is real, the other "symptoms" are either her own fault or not even symptoms.

No. 200462

Medical source for my response:


>Generalized joint laxity is commonly seen in healthy individuals who do not have complaints. Hypermobility that is not associated with systemic disease occurs in 4% to 13% of the population.4,5 Hypermobility diminishes as one ages, and it also appears to be related to sex and race.5 In general, women have greater joint laxity than men, and up to 5% of healthy women have symptomatic joint hypermobility compared with 0.6% of men.6 People of African, Asian, and Middle Eastern descent also have increased joint laxity.7–9.

So her flexible thumb is probably normal and related to how much video games she plays. She just needed to fit into the Fad Disease of the Month by clinging to EDS, which is how a lot of online Munchies go with EDS. They take minor joint laxity that is pretty normal in the population and not indicative of disease, and then blow it out of proportion or try to make themselves fit the symptoms of EDS because claiming EDS gets a lot of attention.

No. 200469

Thanks for explaining about hypermobility for me. I really didn't know such a condition existed before hearing it out of Robyn. are you the OP too? you're doing a great job organizing all the info :)

No. 200474

I appreciate the compliment! No, I'm not the OP. Have experience with outing or documenting Munchies, but have never posted a cow here before. Robyn just pisses me off so much that I had to help out where I could. This thread and the general Munchie thread are the first threads I've ever posted in as anon.

Working on the part where she goes back to the hospital, complains about a nurse calling her on her shit and gets a cast. Will be long, that particular post and comment thread she has going on is just so milky on its own.

No. 200528

Like me, I'm hypermobile my elbows bend further back than normal and I can do the thumb to forearm gag apart from looking grim and being a cool party trick they've never caused me pain or ever dislocated

No. 200533

File: 1479412460015.png (1.39 MB, 2503x1150, EDS saga pt 44.png)

God damn, 55 pages in my Word document now and /I'm still finding evidence/. The milk never stops. She doesn't even need to be active, it just keeps flowing.

Okay. We're up to pt 44 now, where she's a bitch to hospital staff over being told it's nothing when it really is probably nothing. I'll put this one up and let folks discuss it before moving on because it's long in itself, and that alone will provide a lot of milk. It progresses into more drama like the Appendectomy Saga did, complete with online (and probably offline) bitching and repeat hospital visits.

I hope the image isn't too big, and please forgive me for the length of the rant.

Pt 44. January 1 2015. She has a long conversation with a commenter about how shitty nurses are about EDS. This rant will be long because there’s just so much milk in this IG post alone.

TL;DR version:
a nurse points out her behavior doesn't make sense for the condition she's claiming, she complains, gets a new nurse that gives her asspats, has a long conversation that undoes several of her lies, and admits to several things like not taking medication as prescribed and actively pursuing diagnosis/documentation in order to get medication for free.

Things of note:

• Commenter from Pt 7 with the story of a dislocated thumb and subsequent cast is nowhere to be seen. Might have realized Robyn is batshit, ran far away. Not even sympathy comments about how the situation sucks because they’ve been there. Nothing.

• The nurse kind of has a point. If it was a subluxation, like I suspect supposing anything was wrong to begin with (since it likely went back in on its own, it just took time), she shouldn’t have gone. Many people that are hypermobile never even notice subluxations because the body corrects them, often the only clue is pain and even that's not always there. They are too busy to deal with her Munchie shit. Ice/heat, brace, take it easy and not play video games, she would have been fine. Nurse is probably exhausted and doesn’t want her shit. Minor dislocations or subluxations like this are not a big deal, she’s blowing it way out of proportion. There was no reason to go to the hospital.

• Not being offered pain meds. If they suspect that she is doing this to herself, they will not offer them immediately. Even in the UK. I point out how they take her blood and may have been testing for drug use in a later post. Also, the pain scale is fairly useless in EDS cases, nurse may have known that and didn’t bother trying to use it. Pain and tolerance is completely subjective, and when it comes to conditions like HMS and EDS, there will be a constant level of pain so we just kind of.. numb it out after a while. Taking regular pain medication (which most EDS cases do, often daily) also influences perception of pain. It’s hard for these people to actually measure their pain on the standard 1-10 scale, the number would be useless to someone without it (since we’re often so used to it, other people’s 9s can be our 6s), and we have a tendency to downplay our pain. So administering it is kind of pointless in those cases. If the nurse’s daughter has that, they’re probably fairly familiar with the condition and it’s influenced how they handle standard of care for other patients claiming joint hypermobility. If I was in the nurse’s position, I probably would have denied her too.

• Robyn didn’t like the first nurse’s answer, gets a different one. Probably complained. Nurse shopping! Didn’t like that someone who has knowledge in the condition she’s claiming didn’t take her conditions seriously, so she found someone who probably didn’t. Would also explain her rotating circle of friends and accounts. Because people who either actually have the condition or who have loved ones with the condition can see she’s lying. She has to depend on people that don’t to keep the lie going.

• She starts dropping number of serious injuries again, and brings up the “dislocations resulting in broken bones” bullshit again. Yeah no. She’s lying. Joint laxity would not result in broken bones. Bone is harder than ligaments, let alone lax ligaments. I call bull on her only going to the hospital for “new” or bad dislocations again. Her behavior suggests she’s a frequent flier and that people are getting sick of her shit.

• Yes, there is general advice that setting your own dislocated joints is risky. People who have actual EDS know that. They will tell others that it comes with risks. We do it anyway, because there’s little point in racking up debt or bothering the hospital staff for something that’s just going to happen again and that we can handle on our own. It cuts down on the cost of going, the resources consumed and their time that they could be spending on handling things like actual emergencies. And there’s not much they can do anyway. Doing things like PT helps reduce us having to set things ourselves or go to the hospital because it reduces the frequency of the dislocations in the first place, which she doesn’t even bother with.

• “I get bad anxiety about hospitals” REALLY NOW, BECAUSE I CERTAINLY COULDN’T TELL. Nothing about hospital glam selfies in hospitals suggests that they make you anxious.

• Commenter talks about how dislocations and subluxations are a part of the condition and that they don’t bother going every time. Which is the normal reaction. There is no point in going all the time because it’s not like they’re ever going to stop for good anyway.

• “I also avoid doing a lot of things to stop stuff happening” No you don’t. Otherwise you wouldn’t take a selfie of you playing console games while wearing a brace for an injured thumb. Dumbass.

• “I need to be more like you!” Uh oh. Now there is a dangerous statement. Which part is she referring to, the part where people still go out and have a life outside of EDS or the part where the commenter dislocates several times a day? Her posted notes for the rheumatologist starts to suggest the latter, which is a scary thought. Because so far I've seen no evidence of her working to have a life outside of EDS, quite the opposite actually.

• Admits to being sun deprived, and probably low on vitamin D. Remember what I said about her playing video games indoors for years and probably not getting enough sunlight? That’s probably what her ~transparent skin~ is from. Go outside, walk your dogs in the sunlight, do something other than sit on your ass. The skin transparency will probably go away.

• Claims she’s crap at remembering to take pills. Since when? There’s phone apps for that. Reminders. Alarms. Life hacks like turning your bottles upside down when you take something, so you have proof you did it. There’s so much out there to remind you to take meds. They’re not that hard to find. Explains why she has a stash that she can fill entire containers with though, and is pretty much proof that she does not comply with prescribed directions and makes little to no effort to.

• Says she’s not on prescription pain medication. Which means either she’s faking the seizures outright, has a different way of inducing them, is lying about not being on prescription pain medication, or is accessing medication online without a prescription. Any of those is a possibility. I'm sure an epilepsy anon can fill us in.

• She mentions pursuing a diagnosis about her joints. This is an allusion to her doctor shopping for an EDS diagnosis later. She does pursue it, sadly. Great way of creating suspense there, Robyn.

• “I guess if I had a seizure they would have seen me quicker lol” Okay 1. That’s not an lol moment and 2. Is that an allusion to her future faking of seizures for hospital trips, like the headbump-because-epilepsy saga? Maybe a future epilepsy saga anon can fill us in here?

• She does reference a medical certificate “proving” she has epilepsy so as to get all of her meds for free. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that count as malingering? She’s obtaining “proof” so as to obtain medication for free. That is material gain. That’s malingering.


I feel really, really bad for the first nurse here. Not only was the nurse actually correct on shit (especially if it was actually a subluxation, in which case she never needed to go and waste their time at all), but it was New Years. The hospital was probably swamped and really busy. It’s a busy time of the year for them, and here this bitch is bringing drama with her. The nurse was probably tired, frustrated and sick of seeing people like her come in for pointless shit when they have to deal with other matters. But Robyn makes it all about her, no consideration for the staff or their stress levels. What a bitch. Is it annoying that people who are drunk are given priority? Sure, maybe. But the priority is understandable considering /drinking excessively or things like drinking and driving can actually kill you/. Unlike a thumb dislocation. Triage priorities again. They have to treat the stuff that can actually kill you first. That's not oppression. Stop crying oppression because people aren't putting you to the top of the list, Robyn.

No. 200540


> Robyn didn’t like the first nurse’s answer, gets a different one. Probably complained. Nurse shopping!

Not trying to defend her at all, but it sounds like the first nurse she saw was a triage nurse. When you go to A&E/emergency in the UK (apologies if this is patronising if it works the same way in other countries!), unless you're a life or death emergency or need immediate treatment (usually if you've been brought in by ambulance and already assessed by paramedics as an urgent case), you see a triage nurse first who will talk to you, examine you briefly, and then determine how quickly you need to be seen compared to other people waiting (this is what Robyn is complaining about when she says the nurse only wrote her down as a 4, i.e. not urgent and perfectly capable of waiting for treatment - totally reasonable for a dislocated/subluxed thumb). The triage nurse will then send you back out to the waiting room and you'll be put in a queue to see a different nurse who will examine you further, do basic obs/tests if necessary, treat you within their capabilities, and either send you home with advice, or send you to a hospital treatment room to wait to see a doctor. This is standard procedure so chances are it wasn't that she complained or asked to see a different nurse.

In my experience, the triage nurse won't offer you any pain medication as this isn't part of their role - but usually if you're in pain and ask they will give you paracetamol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen to keep you going until you see the next nurse. If Robyn was in such #terrible #pain she should have asked for pain relief at this stage rather than just waiting or expecting to be offered it and huffing when she didn't get it. Personally if I was in such pain I was vomiting I'd definitely ask for pain relief (or you know, have taken some at home to try and help myself) but then I guess if Robyn had done that she wouldn't have been able to sulk about it on social media for sympathy.

No. 200541

Ah okay, that makes sense then. It works slightly differently here and may vary from hospital to hospital throughout the country. Sometimes varies from trip to trip, even. Here, the first nurse you get is often the one that sticks around. Does seem pretty strange to bitch about standard procedure for triage nurses on IG, though. And in the end she did still get treated, it's not like she was turned away entirely. If the triage nurse didn't take the injury seriously at all, she wouldn't have even gotten to the obtaining-a-cast stage.

No. 200545


Definitely, if the triage nurse had thought she didn't need to be seen at all, she would have been told to go home and make an appointment with her GP or a minor injuries centre and not even put in the queue for an emergency nurse. I have no idea why she complained about being assessed as non-urgent as clearly in the grand scheme of things an A&E department deals with, "my thumb is ouchy" is pretty low on the list.
Actually, scratch that, I know exactly why she was complaining about it - because she's a munchie who's convinced that her "#chronicillness" is so incredibly severe that she's automatically more important than anyone else waiting to see the nurse and should be fawned over by all medical staff because she's so #special and #brave and a total #spooniewarrior.

No. 200546

> Not being offered pain meds.

They don't do that because the doctor has to see you without any interference from medication, at least that's how it works where I'm from.

No. 200555

She is clearly just pushing her thumb into her hand to make it look dislocated. My hand looks like that when I tense my thumb. She went to the hospital because she bruised her thumb fuck

No. 200598

Yes there is and if it fills up, make a new one. Robyn was just worthy of her own, separate thread is all.

No. 200605


No. 200606

Let's not forget the time she got sent away from a&e to go to a minor injuries unit for the 'seizure injury' (which was clearly self-harm can I add). So she filed a complaint with the patient liaison services. The cut didn't even need stitching, she wouldn't stop whining about how if you're injured during a seizure you need super fast medical attention for every last bump and cut.

No. 200609

I'm actually a bit surprised she's even been demanding stitches and the likes. Stitches can actually tear the skin in EDS patients, or contribute to scarring. Things like the steristrips in the appendectomy saga are common for EDS because it decreases the risk of such complications. If she's claiming poor wound healing, the last thing she should be requesting is stitches.


No. 200610

File: 1479425853005.png (698.71 KB, 933x599, EDS saga pt 45.png)

Okay. Couple more.

Pt 45. January 2 2015. Goes in to the hospital for her thumb, gets a cast. Probably wouldn’t have even needed it if she didn’t play console games with an injured hand. Maybe stop making shit worse for yourself, Robyn. She must have loved this, instead of the flesh colored brace now she gets an obvious cast that will definitely draw people’s commentary. Literally. People actually draw on it. The cast should make it so she can’t play console games now and make it worse for herself – I wonder if that’s what the staff was thinking, give her the cast so she can’t get at her thumb and actively make shit worse. Considering the Appendectomy Saga and them requiring her to come in for them to change the dressing instead of trusting her to do it, it’d make sense. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. She plays the games anyway.

No. 200611

File: 1479425909383.png (841.35 KB, 1232x596, EDS saga pt 46.png)

Pt 46. January 3 2015. Shown still playing games on her laptop using a controller. Says that wearing a cast won’t stop her. Poor hospital staff, their efforts didn’t work, she’s still at it. Letting an injury heal is not letting HMS or EDS beat you, Robyn. Taking care of your body is important. The cast is supposed to help things heal without interference. EDS involves switching or adapting activities so as to take care of one’s body, not trolololing through things unstopped to ~prove it won’t rule your life~. There is a difference between ignoring your symptoms because you’re in denial or believe they’re not that bad and between actively engaging in activities that would make the injury worse because you want to ~prove it doesn’t rule your life~.

No. 200612

File: 1479425987684.png (994.84 KB, 933x599, EDS saga pt 47.png)

Pt 47. Same day. She’s basking in the attention and knows that having a cast will bring it in, so she milks it up for all its worth. Might have realized this from her knee injury a few years ago, where she had her crutches. People really respond to casts because they assume it’s a broken bone, so they shower the person with attention. Robyn laps this up and gets them to write on the cast, making it even /more/ obvious to people. And what’s with the fucking kiss marks?!

No. 200613

File: 1479426028289.png (824.91 KB, 1232x596, EDS saga pt 48.png)

Pt 48. January 5 2015. Posts about how her dad has been doing research on HMS and EDS, saying he believes her. I was under the impression that they don’t believe her. Does anyone have a comparison on dates between her statements that her parents don’t believe her and this one, where she says her dad does?

No. 200614

File: 1479426100122.png (731.86 KB, 1232x599, EDS saga pt 49.png)

Pt 49. January 9 2015. Remember my comment in pt 39 about her using seizures to lay the framework for getting back in the hospital?

Starts claiming that she had multiple seizures that caused her to dislocate her knee, resulting in another hospital trip. At this point she’s a frequent flier and the staff are probably sick of seeing her. For the record, in future pictures there’s no actual evidence of a dislocation and she does shit like taking a standing selfie with smiles and thumbs up, which is not the kind of behavior someone does with a dislocated knee. Just saying. See next part.

No. 200615

File: 1479426170750.png (647.59 KB, 933x599, EDS saga pt 50.png)

Pt. 50. January 9 2015. Dislocated knee due to seizure, stands up for a selfie with that stupid grin and without her knee braces no problem. If her knee was dislocated, she wouldn’t be able to tolerate the pain enough to stand up so straight and without support, let alone post a fucking hospital glam selfie. She’s not exactly thin and that’s a major mobility joint that takes a lot of stress, especially when out. Even if it had been set again by this point, she'd still be in a lot of pain because of the damage to surrounding tissue.

No. 200625

EDS saga anon. A point that I want to add to that last post:

Being able to fake a smile through the pain can happen, especially for people that are used to pain. It's one of the only ways to function in society, being able to pretend like the pain isn't there. People are much less likely to ask you what's wrong if you pretend to be fine, letting you go about your day and actually get stuff done. But there's still going to be subtle signs that there's something wrong, and the more intense the pain is (such as during a dislocation of a major mobility joint), the harder it is to hide it. Hiding pain is a coping mechanism in order to function in day to day life.

The reason why I bring it up here is because her behavior does not indicate that she's in pain at all, or if she is it's not nearly as bad as she's claiming, as we've seen in previous images where she says she's suffering from extreme symptoms but has that same stupid grin. It's something called la belle indifference and can be indicative of Munchausen's.

What the whole saga has shown me is that in various photos, there is little to no difference in facial expression regardless of how distress she claims she is. Like the gif someone did where the only shit that moved was her hair.

There's only a handful where she even looks remotely distressed, and even then it's fairly slight. It happening once in a while would make sense for someone in chronic pain. We're used to faking being fine. When it happens in the vast majority of interactions though, and the person is unusually excited or giddy about medical procedures or tests? That's not normal. Not at all.

Source: http://jemds.com/latest-articles.php?at_id=8091

No. 200626

File: 1479428626874.jpg (91.54 KB, 736x883, IMG_3287.JPG)

>tfw you visit this thread because you are in denial of your EDS and POTS diagnosis and fantasize about have Munchausen's because you can deal with the crushing reality that is live with an incurable genetic condition

No. 200627

since when is POTS genetic, other than familial dysautonomia? im the only one in my family that has it. I know EDS is genetic.

No. 200628

*having, can't, living

No. 200629

The EDS is genetic but it causes the POTS.

No. 200638

I feel you. I got diagnosed with IST and POTS recently after being sick for a year and it gives me something solid to direct my frustration. This bitch is perfectly healty and purposely fucks up her life. People like her are the reason it's so hard to get to a specialist.

No. 200652


In Australia triage nurses often offer pain relief - aka paracetamol - while you wait or if you have a temperature to lower it while you're waiting.

Another thing I've noticed about Robyn is her constant "bragging" about being admitted quickly.

The way triage usually works is:
1. Major hemorrhage and breathing problems = seen instantly.

OR they also triage metal health.. if you're aggressive, at risk of absconding or it's your first time presenting as a mental health patient they take you through to the ED straight away.

No. 200654

I kinda doubt that. They are strongly corrolated but I got POTS afte a viral heart infection [pericarditis]. And I didnt get diagnosed with EDS until years afterward. If everyone who has EDS had POTS then wouldnt there be symptoms at birth??

No. 200655

Oops sorry I meant it CAN cause POTS. Not everyone with EDS has POTS and vice versa. As for the childhood presentation of POTS. It can manifest as excessive thirst and salt cravings then become full blown POTS around puberty. The think is that estrogen and other hormones can weaken the collagen even more leading to more severe POTS symptoms.

No. 200656

TBH, I hate the myth that everyone with POTS needs salt and stuff. Im thirsty very often but I have hyper POTS so my bp is high and unfortunately need bp pills and a low salt diet.

No. 200659

Hyper POTS is a totally different ballgame.

No. 200666

File: 1479438671714.png (955.44 KB, 928x596, EDS saga pt 51.png)

Couple more to finish off the cast medical crisis, and then a couple that lead up to her pursuing an EDS diagnosis. Haven't finished the ones about the diagnosis seeking yet and will finish the saga tomorrow in all likelihood.

Pt. 51. January 9 2015, so same day as the last one. She’s just loving that attention. Can’t get enough. There’s actually several photos like this, I’m only including one because posting all of them would be excessive and they don’t add much. But the fact that she’s pointing out every little thing in the picture, tagging it and seems to do this multiple times shows the evolution into how she starts pulling attention onto her suffering. In the past, she was subtle about it by asking people to ignore it after she mentioned something was there, and she'd only include a small handful of photos from one medical crisis. Now she’s going out of her way to point out what’s in the photo and uploading them constantly. Guess subtle just wasn’t enough anymore. She has to go over the top now.

No. 200667

File: 1479438778090.png (706.64 KB, 933x596, EDS saga pt 52.png)

Pt 52. Same day. Still won’t shut up about her poor thumb among other issues. The ECG electrodes make a comeback. There is no point in keeping those. They’re trash. They don’t do anything except draw more attention to the fact that she was in the hospital, which the cast does plenty of. Most sane people just throw the stuff away. They don’t put them on display. Also, “[c]ould this arm look any more beaten up?” Yes actually, a cast and bandage for someone taking your blood isn’t exactly looking beaten up. All it is is evidence that you managed to convince doctors to give you what you wanted, Robyn. Again, the cast could be because they want her to stop fucking with shit, so they make it close to impossible for her to make their job harder.

The cannula: that is from a peripheral venous catheter, from my understanding. Someone please correct me on the term if I’m wrong. They are extremely common and given to most patients that stay for a while, useful for taking blood and administering fluids or IV medication if necessary. Using the cannula in a catheter is an easier way of obtaining blood than sticking the patient multiple times, it saves the staff time and it saves the patient multiple (potentially painful) needle sticks. Taking blood is standard procedure at the hospital, they do it pretty much every time someone goes if there’s specific complaints. Considering she’s complaining of seizures, they were probably trying to rule out drug use and low blood sugar. It’s not a big deal. She’s making standard blood tests into drama for no particular reason, when they were probably just trying to rule out drug use and low blood sugar for her seizures. Especially considering she came in with a minor injury, that was probably made worse by her behavior and history of causing drama for them, and her history of disregarding medical advice. They were probably checking to make sure /she wasn’t doing it to herself because she’s a Munchie/. The whole saga suggests that yes, they were starting to suspect her, they just didn’t want to tell her. Sadly though, the headbump-because-epilepsy saga takes place in the same hospital (she checked in on IG in both instances) so they must not have denied her treatment.

No. 200668

File: 1479438839254.png (1020.08 KB, 2214x599, EDS saga pt 53.png)

Pt 53. January 10 2015. At work, bitch mode returns, still won’t shut up about her damn cast. Cries suicidal again, blames it on medication this time and not drama. Triggering eating disorders with her bullshit is a pretty big concern, so it makes sense for someone to bring it to her attention. She blows it off, paints it off as the person being rude (we have no proof of this, the person could have been fairly polite about it or not coming off well because actively triggered), and manages to plug her HMS again while making sure to include her cast in the selfie. Calls her IG her dairy. That’s actually kind of fitting. The mention of her medication making her suicidal due to a side effect is a useful deterrent to discourage people from starting drama with her or calling her out on bullshit, considering she can just claim she’ll an hero like always.

No. 200669

File: 1479438878491.png (640.98 KB, 923x595, EDS saga pt 54.png)

Pt 54. Same day still. Calls a fairly small bruise “impressive”.

No, that bruise is not impressive for EDS patients, that’s actually fairly minor and bruises happen with cannulas. If she calls that impressive, she’s not used to easy bruising like she claims. Seriously, with the bruise fetishizing? Not all bruises are because of anything HMS or EDS related. She had a medical procedure involving her veins. Of course there’s going to be some minor bruising. Not always, but it’s common enough that it’s not evidence of EDS, let alone anything to get excited about.

No. 200670

File: 1479438910430.png (498.51 KB, 1547x599, EDS saga pt 55.png)

Pt 55. January 11 2015. She replaces microtia on her profile with EDS, since by now she’s realized that she gets a lot more sympathy with EDS than she does with microtia. Claims she removed it because she didn’t want to be around people who claim it’s a disability when it’s not… by replacing it with a disability that she doesn’t even have. She’s even going to get the tattoo covered according to her. She’s replaced her microtia identity almost entirely here to assimilate into the EDS community.

No. 200672

File: 1479439034920.png (688.61 KB, 929x599, EDS saga pt 56.png)

Pt. 56. January 13 2015. She posts a picture of her appointment confirmation letter. Now she’s basically liveblogging getting the cast removed. The level of obsession over a single injury is kind of creepy. It’s not even a post about how she’s /at/ the clinic, but that she’s /going to/ the clinic. She posts more where she’s actually waiting at the clinic later. I do not understand the obsession with documenting every tiny portion of her life, let alone within a single injury when those injuries are supposed to be commonplace. It’s mind-boggling. It really is. At this point, she’s posted dozens of pictures related to a single injury and all of the drama within, even though she claims to be going through these subluxations and dislocations every few days. She has a job, pets, and a boyfriend, how the hell does she have the time to document all of this shit?!

No. 200673

File: 1479439160748.png (664.11 KB, 928x597, EDS saga pt 57.png)

Pt 57. Same day. Fetishizing her experience so much that she keeps the cast. She’s treating it like a fucking trophy. Another prop to her collection to prove how sick she is, instead of actually managing to live her life. After the cast comes off, the thumb dislocation saga more or less ends, so she moves on to other things like fishing for a professional diagnosis of EDS, epilepsy sagas and the appendectomy saga. One ends, more and more begin. She just jumps from one medical crisis to another.

No. 200674

File: 1479439212801.png (714.76 KB, 932x595, EDS saga pt 58.png)

Pt 58. January 21 2015. She got the cast off, so she has to find something else to talk about. How about sharing a picture from two years ago where her injury is even /more/ obvious?! How does she manage to remember the exact day of specific injuries if they’re so damn common? After a while they just kind of blur together. The forearm crutches make a comeback, which suggests to me that she keeps medical devices she likes for years. This injury is probably what caused her to realize that big, obvious medical devices like huge splints or casts will get her the attention she craves, so she replicated that experience. It worked. We don’t have the details on this one, and she’s not tagging HMS or EDS, but given that she tried to claim a past ankle injury from several years ago was due to EDS, it’d stand to reason she’d claim the same with this one. It should be noted that a bad enough fall can result in a knee dislocation even without EDS present. Also, her knees could have been weak because of injuries like this and be prone to re-injury even without EDS present.

No. 200676

File: 1479439355175.png (646.32 KB, 937x597, EDS saga pt 59.png)

Pt 59. February 2 2015. Can’t even take a walk in the snow without making the whole thing about her super special hypermobility syndrome. Yeah, that’s so normal /s When someone makes an active effort to incorporate their illness into every conversation, no matter how unrelated, that’s a huge red flag that they’re full of shit.

No. 200680

Why does she always look high as fuck? Is she just bad at taking pictures or what?

No. 200683

she just has a tragic face

No. 200692

Sometimes my friends and I send snapchats making the "Robyn face". It's funny, but at the same time how would anyone think this angle + expression is a good look?

No. 200706

Maybe they don't give her more but (amurrican here) a McDonald's job or low level office worker (at least here and in most cities) don't get money to go to university and get a house so young. They maybe make the payments but doubtful. I bet they get help. Or at the very least can count on help should they need it, which is huge.

I mean she is crying about folks not seeing her invisible illness… not noticing or caring what they have going on…. but so not thankful to have a cushion to fall on should she not fly in the real world, bet a whole lotta bus folks would kill for that.

But good point on her parents not buying her pissing and moaning.

No. 200714

Is she still posting on Facebook?

Anything worth mentioning?

No. 200737


It's this one Anon.


No. 200738

This is an amazing post. You are absolutely legend for doing this, EDS Saga Anon! I can't enlarge this particular image enough to read the text though. I know it's a pain in the ass but when you have some time, if you'd be up to posting it in sections so the text is legible it would be a great help! I had to do it with the Appy Saga for longer entries.
I don't know if you'll find this useful, but thought I'd share…
Rules of thumb I've found useful for formatting:
1. When adding subsequent text columns, limit extra columns on the right to 2 at most (like you did in >>200670 ), so that the text won't be compressed too much.
2. If not adding additional text columns, maximum width for decent-sized text is two posts side-by-side. (Like in >>198007 ).
3. If there's a wall of text worth of columns, split into separate files (like in >>198013 ).

P.S. I will hold off on posting the burn saga until you've finished sharing all of the ones you've worked on. Your work is excellent and an indispensable addition to this topic! Please don't post more frequently than is comfortable though. Milk this good is fun to savor anyway! :)

Sage for replying to a specific anon.

No. 200741

I will work on the Epilepsy Saga if another anon hasn't already decided to do it.

No. 200752


>it made having a #dislocatedthumb that little bit more fun haha!

FUCK YOU ROBYN. Fuck you and your medical fetish.

No. 200753

Stupid question: How do you tell the exact dates of posts? All I ever see on IG are "so many weeks ago" numbers.

Sage for irrelevance.

No. 200754

not the same anon but if you control-click on the expanded version of an image and 'open in new tab'. you'll see the biggest version.

No. 200760

Bitch, you're left-handed. Why are you holding the control in your right hand? Oh yeah, the cast needs to be in there.

Make sure your cast is in the pic even though your post has nothing to do with your not-injured thumb!

Fucking THIS! She infuriates me to no end!

THIS shit. Heart anon here. At least in the U.S. the ekg tech pulls off the electrodes after disconnecting the leads. Normal people just take them off and throw them out before getting dressed again, and you know where to find them if you've had previous EKG's. It' not like oops look I missed ALL THESE! Maybe you miss one. Maybe. Knowing Robyn, she probably said she wanted to do it herself because ~*muh super frajul EDS skin*~ and then just got dressed and kept them on to wear home and save as fetish trinkets.
No munchiecakes, your arm looks pretty fucking good actually. Yano, if it were lacerated and bruised beyond belief, or worse, then go ahead and claim it's beat up. Fuck you and your need to sensationalize the tiniest boo-boo. A needle stick? Really?
You are correct about the IV. Unless it's contraindicated, like someone in fluid-overload heart failure or kidney problems or another fluid-restriction-necessary condition, nearly everyone gets an IV. It's SOP for the ER.

>"And now they're criticizing me for being a #trigger because they chose to follow my instagram which is my dairy!"

>my dairy
"I'm sorry but this is my instagram and my dairy."
>my dairy again
You got that right honey. Oh, the irony! Keksimus maximus!

Brilliant! Thanks anon.

No. 200766

She basically rage-quit because she wasn't getting as much attention as people whose children have Microtia. Pathetic.

>"I don't (as a person who actually has Microtia) believe it is a disability"

>has a Microtia tattoo


And who the fuck even gets a Microtia tattoo? Okay, you had a mutant ear when you were born, which has been surgically corrected. What kind of weirdo do you have to be to be so obsessed with it that you'd get a tattoo commemorating it??

>I'm not proud to have been born with Microtia anymore

Why would anyone be proud in the first place? It's like being proud of having had a surgically-corrected deviated septum. Wowwww, so strong, very brave.

Has Robyn ever provided pictures for her pre-surgery ear? I get the feeling the malformation was purely cosmetic, not even affecting her hearing.

>I'm a nice person and like to help people

99% of the people who make statements like this are, in reality, selfish assholes.

What hurts my brain the most about this is that she thinks having had a dislocated knee 2 year ago is such a massive deal. She gives no indication that it was her first dislocated knee, or a particularly severe one, or one that happened in an unusual manner, so there is really nothing notable about it.

>the ekg tech pulls off the electrodes after disconnecting the leads. Normal people just take them off and throw them out before getting dressed again, and you know where to find them if you've had previous EKG's. It' not like oops look I missed ALL THESE! Maybe you miss one. Maybe. Knowing Robyn, she probably said she wanted to do it herself because ~*muh super frajul EDS skin*~ and then just got dressed and kept them on to wear home and save as fetish trinkets.

Bonus weirdness for putting them all in such a nonsensical spot. I can maybe sort of understand keeping them, but why stick them all to the banister? Oh, right, so she can "unintentionally" take a picture that clearly shows them.

No. 200772

Her microtia history is actually legit. This was probably the pathogenesis for her medical fixation and MBI later in life; it made her speshul as a child, and some underrated magazine once paid her for an article on her story. You can read more than you ever wanted to know about her ~*Microtia Journey*~ with pics here:

No. 200777

I didn't really doubt that the Microtia was legit, but I assumed it wasn't particularly severe. Lo and behold, I was right; the malformation was minor and totally cosmetic, and didn't affect her hearing at all.

It sucks that her surgeons were shit and it wasn't until her fourth operation that her ear was made to look normal, it sucks that she was bullied for it (but kids will bully each other over literally anything, and I highly doubt adults mocked her when she was a child, even though she implies they did), and it sucks that her ear hurt (but, knowing her, the pain was either much more minor than she claims, or it didn't exist at all). But everything she wrote was so ridiculously dramatic. I mean, look at this

>It took me 7 years to get the courage up to go back to the doctors and ask if there was anything that could be done, even though I knew there was, 7 years of feeling like I wasn’t special enough to get the help I needed.


> he told me I had a condition called Microtia. I nearly cried when he told me this, finally having a name to put to what was wrong with me after 21 years. Something not many people can understand. It’s a strange thing knowing something is wrong with you, but not having a name for it. It feels like part of your identity is missing.

So tragic, boo hoo.

No. 200788

another youtube channel/intro video, the munchies is strong in this one!

No. 200803

I wouldn't base her financial situation too much off of the fact she went to uni/has a house. She very likely got student loans from the government (like everyone here apart from the rich) and she went when tuition fees were low. I'd guess she only owes about £24,000 altogether. Also there's an income threshold to meet before you have to start paying back, and I doubt she met that at McDonalds. She's probably paying back now, but it's 9% of her salary. So yeah, going to uni isn't a sign of wealth here because even the poorest can.

Also her parents didn't buy the house, and she doesn't even own it yet - she posted on her old facebook about applying for/being granted a mortgage from her bank. From the photos, her house looks like new-build low-income housing on a cookie cutter estate. It's probably also small and not in a fought over area. So I doubt she's paying whole lot on the mortgage.

She's definitely financial comfortable and doesn't have to worry about keeping a roof over her head or food on the table but a lot of it's due to where she lives. I can't help but wonder if she'd have started this spoonie shit if she actually had to face serious financial problems (or any other serious problems really)

No. 200809

This picture annoys me beyond belief, either the doctors really don't care about her circulation but I broke my wrist on a trampoline earlier this year and had a cast similar to that one but it didn't include the thumb part and I have kidney damage from an autoimmune condition I suffered with last year. And part of that kidney check up was blood pressure and they refuse to do anything with a limb in cast in case it causes swelling and the limb can't swell and causes compartment syndrome. I reckon she's put that blood pressure cuff on that arm on purpose to take a 'super I'm ill and in hospital pic'. As for the cannula I can't see why they would put it in that arm especially if she did have EDS because if she did bruise badly that could also cause compartment syndrome. OMG this single picture is so irritating.

No. 200813

Facebook is dry, nothing since the 15th of November. I wouldn't be surprised if not-Robyn told her to shut down on social media while we're active

No. 200815

it looks like she copied and pasted someone with bpd's testimonial.

No. 200819


>to take a 'super I'm ill and in hospital pic'

It's also really annoying the way she keeps saying she was "admitted" and on the "majors ward". She clearly wasn't actually admitted to hospital (which means being sent to an actual ward to be cared for and have a bed for a night or longer) as she says she was released after assessment and tests. And "majors" is not a ward, it's part of any standard A&E treatment/assessment areas - there's Minors, Majors, and Resuscitation. It's ridiculous the way she keeps saying "#majorsward", trying to make it sound as serious as possible, especially when putting someone into Majors for tests and assessment is completely standard practice for possible neuro problems like seizures.
Oh and speaking of standard practice, so is cannulating someone when they arrive in the treatment area. Makes it easier to take bloods, especially if more than one set are needed, and quickly hook up an IV if necessary. Again, doesn't in any way relate to the severity of a case, even though she's desperately trying to make it look that way.

No. 200821

It's disgusting how she's learnt to play the system to get maximum attention. If I says I've have a seizure, they'll have to give me this this and this. And omfg I know majors is not a ward you are not assigned to bed or have a specific doctor or nurse see you. You're just an attendee, until a decision is made if you're sick enough to be admitted or well enough to go home.

No. 200826

Not that anon, but if you're looking at the instagram posts via computer, hover the cursor over the "2 wks ago" part of the post and the exact date it was posted will pop up over it. Sage for OT.

No. 200832

>shut down on social media

You know she can't do that. At least it'll be super easy to find her even if she changes her trend of names by just searching the massive list of conditions she likes to brag about.

No. 200834

It's really sad that you can look at her cast and tell she wrote some of those herself. Look at the "Love You" and the "I love you :)" They're the exact same writing style but one is more blocky because to write it she had to do it upside down. They still share the same style for the E, Y, and U though.

No. 200840

I am surprised she hasn't popped up again yet so far. She's either well hidden or lurking somewhere dormant

No. 200841


Dude, sage for off-topic but I have a lot of trouble remembering to take meds and never thought of turning my bottles upside down. Thnkx 4 the tip!

No. 200879

Why the fuck does she think/act as if hypermobility syndrome would be the reason she'd slip on the snow? If she slipped on the snow it'd because it's fucking slippery because it's snow. She is so infuriating

No. 200885

Thank you for the tips, Appy saga anon! I will definitely have to keep that in mind, as there's still more to upload apparently. I might need to borrow some uploads people have done for the wheelchair posts (they're related to the saga apparently, it looks like she might have been prop shopping for pursuing a diagnosis), and there's more from her chronically_robyn IG where she admits that docs have been turning her away so she had to keep trying until she got what she wanted.

I was concerned about the formatting of the really long one, yes. I'll work on uploading a fresh version of it that is easier for people to read.

No. 200892

You're welcome! Courtesy of various life hacks groups.

Her reasoning is likely regarding the consequences of her slipping, not the cause of the slipping itself. This becomes more evident in the notes that she posted when she decided to pursue a diagnosis, since she added "panic attacks when faced with slippery floors" as a sign for "possible Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome" when it's not even a symptom. I have the parts with the notes coming up, they're taking a while because they're pretty infuriating to read and rant about. But yeah, it's just an excuse to weasel in how sick she is and how brave she is for daring to travel in environments that are supposedly dangerous for her. There wasn't even that much snow on the ground from what I saw, and again… slip-resistant shoes go a long way.

No. 200898

And this is why I hate spoonie warriors. Yes, it sucks not getting taken seriously and being misdiagnosed because of your age. Been there. Yes, being invalidated by medical professionals can hurt. But it doesn't mean people need to blow up about it on the internet through dozens of different accounts with contradicting stories. I'm starting to wonder how far back her Munchie adventure goes, and whether or not those previous doctors have suspected her being a Munchie. In which case, it's not ageism, it's them catching onto her bullshit /like they're supposed to/. God I hate her.

No. 200938

I just tried extending my thumb and it looked exactly like the picture on the left. "dislocated" my ass.

No. 200964

Something I just thought of re the hospital visit for seizures. She says she had several seizures over a 4 minute period. What kind of seizures? She conveniently never mentions whether she has tonic clinic, focal, absence seizures, whichever. Now, if it was so important for her to be seen at the hospital for these seizures (which are apparently still not officially diagnosed as epilepsy but she wears a medicalert bracelet saying she has Temporal Lobe Epilepsy)isn't it strange that the seizures stop once she's in the hospital. Is that because if someone witnesses her seizures they'll see straight through them or just because she got so giddy over the fucking hospital gown that she forgot she was supposed to be hamming it up?

Something else I picked up on but don't have the time to find evidence of (if anyone has the images please feel free to share them) is that her stupid unnecessary medicalert states "no codeine" as if she's allergic to it but at some point recently before she mass deleted her pill porn was a post where she moaned about how she needed to stop forgetting to take her meds at the weekend because opiate withdrawal sux boohoo spoonie life is so hard.

Again, contradictions.

Gah, sorry I'm useless when it comes to posting the picture proof. I just remember these things from when I followed Robyn on instagram.

No. 200969


I'm pretty sure I read that codeine gives her stomach cramps. Much drama, of course!!!

No. 200970

Of course, it would be something minor that just had to make it onto the list of problems on those tags. I swear, I've never seen so much information on one of those things.

No. 200975

i wear a discrete metal medical bracelet and all I had room for was my name, my dad's number, and 2 disorders I thought police or whoever would pay attention to. Specifically bipolar and ptsd. at the time of them being made i was misdiagnosed bipolar so its not a lie or nothing I just can't be bothered to fix it also nothing else fits on there. like it's literally in case of emergency they're not meant to like, show off? idk I hate it when people are like "omg whats it say whyyyy what's that for" god its not fair she basks in this attention when I honestly wish people would leave me alone about my shit forever lol

No. 200976

I agree anon. The one I used to wear had my name, my partners mobile number and seizures on it. When that broke, I went for an even more discrete silver one with simply the word seizures on it. I have all important medical info and contact details in the front of my planner which is always in my bag so I figure in an emergency, that's enough. Plus, I only wear it when I'm going out alone and not feeling my best. I hate drawing attention to it. Her obsession with the world noticing her invisible illnesses makes me mad.

No. 200979

i'm allergic to most metal and of course mine is hypoallergenic and one of the only pieces of jewelry i own its silver and pretty and the name plate it hard to see it's definitely something that would have to be looked for i supposed by EMTs/doctors/cops are supposed to look for such a thing. Also didn't mention mine says NEEDS MEDS. i got it after i was arrested for some bullshit and they let me withdrawal from my medications in a cell and I almost died LOL anyway sorry for the blogging but that's why I got my medical bracelet and she has no reason to have one if she doesn't have epilepsy. it'd be hilarious if she put other diseases on it that don't cause emergencies like her microtia lol

I feel safer when I wear it and I feel it's discreet enough people don't usually notice it.

Also she not only has a bracelet but also a necklace and like some other shit? WHY GIRL WHY

maybe she hopes people notice it when she's being such a horrible bitch and people feel bad and decide not to knock her teeth in?? idk.

No. 200983

"Also she not only has a bracelet but also a necklace and like some other shit? WHY GIRL WHY"
It also makes me laugh that she attached the tag to a plastic choker so that it's blatently obvious above her work blouse.

No. 200997

>My name is Nybie

Ok I just lost my shit lmao.

No. 201007

I read the complete thead (this one and the old one) and I'm super mad. This milk is so rich in vitamins I can overdose

No. 201009

File: 1479508537471.png (626.6 KB, 1231x599, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

Being on tramadol for any extended length of time can result in opiate withdrawal, so that part may well be legit. Posts on chronically_robyn suggest she's been on it since at least February of this year, so if the posts about opiate withdrawal were after that, it could be from the tramadol.

No. 201014

you made me lol, welcome anon.

No. 201026

File: 1479510662017.png (765.52 KB, 1233x599, EDS saga pt 60.png)

Pt 60. January 26 2015. She finally starts fishing for an EDS diagnosis. We’ve reached the doctor shopping stage. This post will be long because it includes both a transcript (since her notes are hard to read) and the explanation about why this is such bullshit. I might split the explanation and transcript into two posts so as to be a little less wall-of-text.

Got my timeline mixed up a little, sorry about that. At this point, she starts posting her written notes for the doctor. Now we get to the shit that really pisses me off. When I said in a previous summary see that she represents EDS as a caricature instead of a genuine presentation, the following is what I mean. For previous summary see:

The notes are a little hard to read, so here is a transcript. The brightness is my doing, only way to make it legible.

>History of Major Dislocations/Hyperextensions

>>2003 – 2 dislocations, torn quadricep muscle, lateral release operation -> crutches for 1 year (right knee)
>>2007 – dislocation -> crutches for 3/4 months (right knee)
>>2012 – dislocation -> crutches for 1 month (right knee)
>>2013 – knee hyper extended backwards -> fractured fibula head -> 3 months on crutches (left knee)
>^^^ All caused by minor movements e.g. turning or stumbling

>1st of January – 26th of January

>>1st of Jan: twisted and subluxed -> little pain but weakness & nausea (right)
>>Subluxed when stood normally -> little pain but weakness & nausea (right)
>>3rd of Jan: Subluxed when walking to work -> little pain but weakness & nausea (right)
>>4th of Jan: icy and knee subluxed when walking (left) -> hyperextended
>>knee subluxed when standing up -> little pain but weakness & nausea (right)
>>7th of Jan: knee subluxed/hyperextended when standing (left)
>>9th of Jan: partial/full dislocation -> pain/weakness/nausea -> could just [can’t make out this word] weight bare but too painful to bend (right) (done during seizure)
>>subluxation when stood normally -> little pain but weakness & nausea (right)
>>10th of Jan: subluxation/hyperextension when turning (left)
>>13th of Jan: subluxation when walking -> little pain but weakness & nausea (right)
>>14th of Jan: subluxation when turning -> little pain but weakness & nausea -> caused knee to click when bent (right)
>>16th of Jan: knee subluxed/hyperextended when stood still (left)
>>17th of Jan: knee subluxed & locked when standing up -> pain & weakness & nausea -> couldn’t bend or put too much pressure (right)

Let me make this clear: writing a list of notes is not what is odd. A lot of people have to do that because there are so many symptoms with EDS and people may deal with memory loss for whatever reason, so the record makes it easier to communicate the exact pattern of events (as best as they can recall) to the specialist. They’re especially necessary in areas that do not have records that are easily shared, so the medical records and therefore paper trail of symptoms is a mess and sometimes several inches thick. Notes saves doctors and specialists time, digging through piles of records is exhausting and can include a bunch of irrelevant shit. Even sharing them with one or two close friends that you’ve discussed your issues with extensively isn’t that odd, since they can help you remember issues that you somehow forgot because everything blurs together into a mush.

What makes this odd is the fact that she goes through the process of publishing all of the pages, on a public account in public community tags, and then later realizes “OH SHIT THERE’S STUFF I FORGOT GUYS” and posts her updates with even more pages. That is completely unnecessary. It’s really only there to prove to her followers that she’s super sick, look at all of this crap she has to deal with! Those notes are meant to be for doctors, not random strangers. There is no point behind her publishing them outside of attention and trying to prove to everyone she really has EDS. It’s about the closest thing she gets to posting her records for proof, short of the photos of her prescriptions.

On top of that, in both this page and the next, one of her primary focuses is detailing every day that has dislocations or subluxations in a given period. Most of these will probably not be backed by actual medical records. When it comes to frequent dislocations or subluxations, medical records are important because it can show a pattern in dislocations in multiple joints, instead of re-injuring the same joints repeatedly. All of the ones she’s listed here are knee related, which doesn’t fit the pattern of a global issue. A large part of an EDS diagnosis is that multiple joints have to be affected and weak, not just after a prior injury. It also shows a pattern in whether or not the patient has actually been following medical advice and keeping up the treatment necessary to reduce re-injury, by adhering to things like PT routines or appropriate bracing and whether or not it worked. And as anons have pointed out with things like the “I have a migraine so I’m going to take some naproxen” posts of hers and “THIS THUMB IS DISLOCATED, SEE” post when it’s actually a hyperextension, someone can say that something is a specific medical issue and either be mislabeling it by accident or just flat out exaggerating it for attention. There is also the issue of x-rays. If there is documented medical proof of a dislocation, such as when you go to the hospital, they will often include x-rays to verify that the joints are actually separated. Folks don’t typically have portable x-ray machines in their home. Like with the thumb, any of these listed could have been a hyperextension injury instead of an actual subluxation or dislocation. It’s not a great idea, but some doctors will even move the joint around to see if they can feel it shift or dislocate easily, and then put it right back, which can’t be done at home because there isn’t an objective medical opinion from an outsider to document it. Patients suspecting a connective tissue disease have to be careful about what dislocations or subluxations they add to such notes if they do not have proof that they ever happened. It makes it harder to diagnose, yeah, but it also weeds out Munchies like Robyn. This whole page comes off as an attempt to be more like the commenter that pointed out that they have 30/40 or so dislocations on average a day.

No. 201028

She's got a fucking video of herself eating marshmallow fluff out of the fucking jar with a spoon. YUCK

No. 201030

File: 1479510846426.png (602.58 KB, 935x599, EDS saga pt 61.png)

Welp, looks like my little > things didn't all work out on that one, sorry! Still getting used to the format of things here.

Pt. 61. Same day. Brightness change was me again. Probably wasn’t enough and the quality of the image she uploaded was poor, so here’s a transcript as best as I can decipher again.

>19th Jan – knee subluxed/hyperextended when leaning forward (left)
>20th Jan – knee subluxed when standing up -> little pain but weakness & nausea (right)
>knee subluxed/hyperextended when leaning forward (left)
>knee subluxed when stood normally -> little pain but weakness & nausea (right)
>23rd [I think] Jan – knee subluxed when lifting a box -> pain, weakness & nausea (right)
>knee subluxed when stepping down a stair -> little pain but weakness & nausea (right)
>25th [I think] Jan – knee subluxed when walking -> pain, weakness & nausea (right)
>20 Incidents in 26 days

>What I Mean By:

>Subluxed: I can see the knee cap move out of its normal range of movement, like the start of dislocation but it pops back in straight away
>hyperextended: when the knee joint moves left/right/backwards past normal range of movement

>Problems this causes

>Cannot walk more than 5 minutes without pain
>Kneeling down is too painful & getting up from kneeling causes extensive pain & subluxations
>Causing back pain/problems from how I walk to accommodate
>Crepitus in right knee whenever it is bent -> had this for 12 Years!
>Cannot sit comfortably with knees bent or straight as I get pain/pins and needles after 2 minutes
>General pain/discomfort/stabbing pains constantly
>Cannot put shoes/socks on without pain

Okay recording how many minutes you can walk is not something that needs to be shared with the world, that’s the sort of thing that goes on disability benefits applications or parking placards for handicapped parking. It’s not relevant elsewhere, and they only ask for that information to measure your functioning level so as to make a decision about whether or not you qualify as disabled under law. Sharing that kind of information with strangers on IG is a huge red flag of embellishing and oversharing.

Still only talking about her knees, which could easily just be because they are weak and prone to re-injury after the initial injuries. Still no evidence of global issues as required in EDS. All of this could be due to early onset arthritis, sensitive or damaged tissue and not taking care of her knees despite knowing she’s at risk of re-injury. The list of problems it causes isn’t complete, it continues on the next page/part.

No. 201033

her diet is so horrible i'm convinced it could be the cause of all her ailments (if they were real)

like girl, you def don't have ibs, eat a vegetable.

No. 201036

With her poor diet I am pretty sure she has a number of deficiencies that might worsen her existing issues (imagined or not).

No. 201048

this sage thing is killing me, can we get it on a lolcow banner?

No. 201055

This entire post from her is so fucking cringy. I can't believe she's a real person. I almost wish she was a troll.

No. 201065

Not illness related but still made me chuckle https://www.facebook.com/nybie.alt

No. 201066

she looks like susan boyle and tumblr had a baby, jesus fuck

No. 201071

massive correlation with EDS POTS Dysautonomia autism and mast cell activation disorder and gastroparesis. many studies done on them all being connected too. the pots theory is veins are stretchy in eds patients. also because eds is largely asymptomatic til 16-21 it doesn't cause pots til eds has damaged your veins some. at least that was how it was explained to me by my rheumatologist

No. 201088

She was claiming HMS for awhile, but now is seeking an "official diagnosis" of it. Doesn't surprise me though. Her munchie self can't resist self diagnosis!

No. 201092

I agree that is corrolated, but I never heard of EDS causing POTS until the other anon brought it up. But maybe I'm not the typical POTS patient cause I was like, 25 when I got POTS and I have the hyperadrenergic kind, which also causes high blood pressure. I also had a legit electrical issue [extra pathway] in my heart and had to get that fixed with an ablation.

Maybe Im just unlucky, lol.

No. 201109

Some of us are really just unlucky. I think it's 1/3 of patients with POTS also have EDS. I got POTS and IST from a resperatory virus.

I wonder how long it will be until Robyn claims to have it and use it as an excuse to stay in bed and play vidya

No. 201111

Looks like she emptied the "life undiagnosed" facebook

No. 201143

Considering how overweight she is, I actually believe that she has knee issues.

No. 201159


Seconding this! I think we should make some and post them in /meta/

No. 201164

New SpoonieMunch General thread is up! >>201162

No. 201166

Banner thread: >>>/meta/962

No. 201182

File: 1479538862815.png (77.16 KB, 300x99, lu banner1.png)

Banners need to be 300x100px if anyone wants to make some more. :)

No. 201268


Sage in all fields but come on, you couldn't pick a photo that fully showcases how horrid her hair is? :p

No. 201333

File: 1479574706132.png (726.14 KB, 1543x598, EDS saga pt 62.png)

Pt. 62. Same day. Brightness is me again.

>Now struggle to put on: trousers, tights, leggings, underwear etc due to pain & lack of movement
>Can hardly complete 9 hours of work without the pain being so bad I can’t walk
>Too scared to do things in case my knees dislocate and I can’t work or pay my bills
>Struggle to clean my house because of pain/not being able to kneel down
>Spreading to other joints -> right thumb dislocated 4 times, hips lock into place & pain is unbearable/can’t walk, prone to sprained ankles, permanent mallet finger
>PAIN KILLERS DON’T WORK (taking 2x […] every 6 hours daily)

>Previous treatment/diagnosis

>>Told I have lax ligaments by a consultant
>>Lateral release operation (right knee)
>>2x MRI (right knee)
>>3x Physiotherapy (right knee) courses
>>Physio did Beighton Test/Score -> got 9/9, told I had hypermobility syndrome
>>Was referred for […] operation (not completed due to changing counties -> have hospital letter)
>>Was told by physio that he could only strengthen muscle & it could not help ligaments

We get to the third page of her notes.

Parts of this that are not unusual:
• A physiotherapist telling her that her joints are lax and that she has hypermobility syndrome. A very large number of people first find out that they have hypermobility issues this way, because an injury led them to go into PT and the PT noticed something was off about their joints. Happens all the time. I don’t doubt that her PT told her this, they probably did, my issue is with her taking things to extreme levels.
• Repeat physiotherapy courses in the same location. Once an injury happens, especially if the ligaments supporting the joint are lax, that location is more likely to be injured in the future unless the person makes an active effort to strengthen the surrounding muscles (and even then, it can still happen). That said, we don’t know if she kept up with the routine after leaving PT.
• Pain medication not working. That’s extremely common. OTC pain meds are pretty useless for HMS or EDS, and for people with EDS, they frequently report an innate tolerance to opiates.
• The PT saying that all they can do is strengthen muscles, not ligaments. That’s true. The point behind PT for HMS or EDS is to help train the surrounding muscles to help compensate for the ligaments not being able to do their job. It’s a long term process and may require life-long intervention on the patient’s part.

What I don’t believe or seems really strange:
• Saying she can barely make it through a 9 hour work day without severe pain so bad she can’t walk. See parts 31 and 32, where she spends the whole day at work, and then goes to a Machinehead concert that night. Concerts are painful on their own. I seriously can’t get how someone could tolerate going to one after being on their feet for a full shift at fast food, let alone when they claim it leaves them barely able to walk. And that’s not even touching the other events she went to that have a lot of walking.
• The idea of her being too scared to do things because her joints might dislocate. So, uh… why not ask for a chair for the Harry Potter Studio Tour? Brings me back to the la belle indifference point, where she says something is extremely distressing but demonstrates no actual behavior that suggests it’s distressing.
• Scoring a 9/9 on the Beighton score. Brings us back to the post where she tried to “prove” she’s hypermobile, but used a bunch of stuff that doesn’t correlate to the Beighton score at all. Still haven’t seen her post anything showing her fulfilling that criteria, either. Again, if she was aiming to prove she’s hypermobile, that would have been the best time to demonstrate her 9/9 score.
• In terms of her other dislocations, why didn’t she add these to the front page? Why leave them all the way to the third?

There’s probably more but I’m not entirely caffeinated this morning.

No. 201339

File: 1479575062188.png (534.06 KB, 932x597, EDS saga pt 63.png)

Pt. 63. She forgets to add what she’s tried, posts explicitly to state that. Now stuff gets really strange.

The stuff she added is at the bottom in blue, as follows (the quality of the image she posted makes it so I can’t read the other added lines, sorry – maybe someone can decipher them for us?):

>What I have tried

>>Exercise & walking (walk approx. 26 miles a week)
>>Vitamins & joint suppliments
>>losing weight/healthy eating
>>Numerous knee supports
>>^^ Doesn’t help at all

• /26 miles a week/?! If her pain is so bad that she needs daily knee braces, decides to /buy a wheelchair/ and says that she can’t walk 5 minutes without pain, how the hell does she manage /26 miles a week/?!?
• The knee braces aren’t going to work if you’re not wearing them, Robyn. They’re not magic. You have to actually be wearing them for them to do anything. Not just for photo shoots, actual use. Appropriate use, at that, since daily wouldn’t be helpful either.
• I don’t buy that she tried eating healthy considering she posted about her last binge at one point, and then no less than 19 days later, posted images of Dominoes pizza with melodramatic comments about how she shouldn’t even bother. The same pizza she said she wasn’t going to touch.

No. 201340

this is kinda nit picky but isn't it weird she wrote these out instead of typing them? doesn't have ~srs problemz~ in the joints in her hand???

she has to make everything physical proof.. except for the stuff she doesn't, like seizures. its almost as if it to compensate for the atenshun.

No. 201341

Yes and no. She does move to typing them in other accounts, but I've written mine by hand before and typed some up since writing things by hand helps with encoding memory. It's possible to modify pens or pencils with grips to reduce hand cramping and the likes. She also may not have been home or had access to a computer when she started writing them, and uploaded them on mobile.

No. 201344

File: 1479575806022.png (484.9 KB, 931x600, EDS saga pt 64.png)

Pt. 64. Transcript:

>Possible Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

>>Swollen Joints
>>Bruise easily
>>Always tired
>>Thin easily damaged skin
>>Tummy/digestion problems
>>Weak bladder -> coughs & sneezes
>>pins & needles from being in 1 position for 1 or 2 mins
>>knees worst but also affects fingers (mallet finger), hips, back, feet (flat feet), shoulder etc
>>*panic attacks when faced with slipper floors
>>panic attacks when snow or ice outside -> cannot leave house if it gets that bad
>>cannot go out on my own in case of dislocations

Some of this shit isn’t even diagnostic criteria of EDS. Panic attacks when faced with slippery floors?! It’s called slip-resistant shoes! She says she can’t go out due to panic attacks when it snows either, despite uploading a bunch of pictures of her being out and not showing any distress whatsoever while complaining about snow. And I call bull on not being able to go out alone due to dislocations. She works, possibly full time what with the number of hours in her shifts. NHS gig would also likely be full time. Zak doesn’t come follow her to her job to babysit.

The hyperfocusing on constant dislocations and subluxations every couple of days instead of incorporating other symptoms, and emphasizing that she can’t function in society alone because of them, is what makes this a caricature. There is much, much more to EDS than dislocations and subluxations. It affects every system in the body. Hyperfocusing on primarily subluxations and dislocations is actually a huge problem for the medical field (as is hyperfocusing on stretchy skin and the Beighton criteria) because it paints a shallow picture of what life is like with EDS. It’s also largely based on media sensationalism, as the extreme cases that make television are the ones that have several dislocations a week or even daily. Other symptoms are added more as a passing thought than actually considered in depth. This kind of behavior suggests that she researched the condition on medical sites like WebMD and the likes, where she got a particular impression of EDS and made it work for her. That’s what many lazy Munchies do. The smarter ones delve into actual research articles about the condition(s) they’re faking, which I don’t see her as doing. She’s too lazy for that.

Basically, when she hyperfocuses on highly advertised symptoms (dislocations/subluxations, easy bruising, slow healing, transparent skin) instead of demonstrating signs of less commonly advertised symptoms (such as body structure, clinical signs of connective tissue disease like piezogenic pedal papules, and a high/narrow palate), she runs the risk of looking like she did very shallow research regarding the condition and only shows signs that she’s read about or induced herself, but not the ones that can only be picked up on by specialists. This problem is what helps specialists differentiate between factitious or Munchausen cases and genuine cases. As she moves to different accounts, her behaviors change and she starts to talk about issues that are less commonly advertised, suggesting she either went further indepth with her research or it’s a consequence of the EDS community’s active efforts to spread awareness (which is both good and bad – good in that it helps people get diagnosed, bad in that it gives people like Robyn information to use to appropriate illnesses they don’t have). In this account with her constant counting and 1-uping, and with these notes, Robyn comes off as trying to compete with media portrayals of EDS like this guy in order to prove she’s just as ill and people should pity her.

PS: Coughs and sneezes are not indicative of EDS. Both of those can happen for lots of reasons. A common cause of sneezing in people who shop around for pills (we don’t know if she does at this point or not, but it’s theoretically possible so I can’t rule it out) is opiate withdrawal, which can happen from narcotic pain medication or tramadol. When I go into withdrawal because my meds wear off, I sneeze. A lot. Taking meds makes the sneezing stop. Both of these symptoms could just be because of recurrent colds or infections, or a consequence of the meds she’s popping. They’re not indicative of EDS. Being easily tired could be a result of a vitamin D deficiency, a very real possibility considering she stays indoors all the time and a commenter has already pointed this possibility out to her. She rejected it. Ironically, it can also cause chronic pain, and a poor immune system resulting in frequent infections or colds. Even frequent fractures. UK citizens are at much higher risk of vitamin D deficiency, which could account for her symptoms and is easily treatable unlike EDS.

http://www.bbc.com/news/health-36846894 < For the point on UK citizens being at higher risk

No. 201368

LMFAO to actually putting sage in all fields. I love you anon! I just wanted to make one, will try to do better. Given the dimensions we have to work with and my limited skills it was challenging. There are some actually talented anons around here, hopefully they will make us a/some better one(s).

No. 201375

>>PS: Coughs and sneezes are not indicative of EDS.

I think that when she mentions this it's in relation to her "weak bladder" as in coughing and sneezing make her pee herself.

No. 201422

Thanks for the clarification, that makes more sense. Her notes are kind of hard to interpret at times.

EDS saga anon. Sage for personal blogging/OT of sorts.

So I messed up my back trying to set stuff, and need to take it easy for a while. That tends to involve me avoiding sitting in computer chairs for too long. Unfortunately this means pausing or ending the EDS saga on a cliffhanger. As such, if folks want more milk, we may need another anon to pick up on a different saga while I rest up.

No. 201428

File: 1479592628089.png (35.95 KB, 300x100, lubanner.png)

this is awful but i wanted to play too sage in all fields pls

No. 201429

Mad respect, EDS Saga Anon. Your extensive knowledge of this condition, attention to detail and serious quality writing make you a pro at this!

Take care. Hope you feel better soon. I will start the Chemical Burn Saga in the mean time.

FYI on greentext: Anything following ">" will be in green. You can type as much as you like until hitting Enter; then it shuts off. If you want to make a spaced line, just put ">" where you want the green to start again.

Kek the papercut!

No. 201432

File: 1479592945935.png (402.87 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0224.PNG)

Still not dead

No. 201454

File: 1479598538698.png (75.62 KB, 300x100, lu banner3.png)

Okay I tried. I don't know how to improve the res given our size limit.

No. 201460

Thank you for the capture anon. What's her latest medical crisis on there? Has she mentioned anything about new accounts elsewhere?

No. 201474

It's all very boring, she's not giving away anything. I'll keep my eyes open for any new accounts though

No. 201476

gotta get that finger brace in!!!! nice

No. 201479

It must be killing her not to be able to post without being outed by Admin-sama.

Right? It's her favorite fetish splint! That duckface is timeless too. lel

No. 201579

EDS saga anon, you are the best.

I don't want to give her ideas, but I'm honestly amazed she hasn't tried to claim type 4 for maximum sympathy points, although with type 4 alone you don't get all the stuff that gets you immediate attention i.e. casts and crutches.

No. 201583

In the UK a minor
celebrity has just revealed they have been diagnosed with the same type of "brain tumour". Robyn was going on about maybe having back in March. >>197143

It's similar to the type I had and the Daily Fail backed up the that it's not a big deal. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3951136/Tara-devastating-secret-illness-Former-Girl-Tara-Palmer-Tomkinson-reveals-courageous-battle-diagnosed-brain-tumour.html

"Diagnosis is made using a blood test, then a CT or MRI scan. Very few pituitary prolactinoma need surgery as they often can be shrunk using medication. Drugs called dopamine agonists are used to reduce the amount of prolactin produced. Prolactin levels usually fall to normal within a few weeks, symptoms subside and the tumour starts to shrink."

No. 201585


Type IV has definitive diagnostic indicators though. Type III is the easiest form to fake.

>courageous battle
What battle? Taking a pill? kek

No. 201602

This is ridiculous. Prolactinomas barely count as brain tumors. I've had it for over 10 years and you literally just pop a cabergoline every so often and are done with it. It's not even something with many particularly noteworthy symptoms. What the hell did she mean going on about looking noticeably sick?

No. 201615


Later on in the article she also says she was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition at the same time which probably caused that issue.

lol, spoonie..

No. 201701

File: 1479651073403.png (268.97 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161120_0002.png)

This made me laugh so hard. A munchie watching a documentary about being stalked by your doctor.

No. 201703

File: 1479651621279.jpg (562.76 KB, 2434x883, AdobePhotoshopExpress_da363229…)

Really Robyn? But it's okay for you to post pics of your fat "dislocated" knee three times a day?

No. 201704

I feel like in Robyn's case it would be the opposite. Her doctors are probably like, 'Oh shit, it's this crazy bitch again. Lock the door before she begs for another prescription.' And Robyn would wait outside the clinic for hours taking sad selfies until they finally let her in

No. 201745

This is correct, type 4 is substantially harder to fake for Munchies because the diagnostic criteria has been standardized across the field and because the gene for it has been identified. Even though it's more rare than type 3, which would normally make it more attractive to Munchies (they love rare stuff), the fact that it comes with distinct physical features that are hallmarks of the conditions makes it much harder for them to claim it when they don't have it. They choose type 3 because the criteria for that hasn't been standardized or agreed upon, there is no genetic test currently and because there's such a wide variation in presentation that it's easier to slip in if you don't meet the standard presentation. It's also a lot harder to fake spontaneous organ or artery rupture.

No. 201780

She had a Twitter account for her deformed ear omg
Also on her blog that's linked on that Twitter she said she was supposed to be twins but one died, which is sad, but then went on to say her mom's body tried to abort her as well because of her Microtia. She's such a professional victim

No. 201810

We all know this bitch is watching EVERYTHING she can as long as there is doctor in the title.

No. 201825


I'm amazed that any farmhands still have access to her FB–seeing as she very very likely knows about this thread. If she actually didn't enjoy the negative attention from everyone who's sick of her bullshit, she would delete her FB account too.

But nah. If you keep your accounts up, sweetie, then you get to play one of your favorite cards: the "I'm not going to let anyone stop me uwu such a brave warrior in the face of muh internet bullying."

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, this girl is crazy.

No. 201829

KEK this is a lifetime movie where a doctor becomes obsessed with a patient (because he's literally the biggest fuckboy ever and freaks out when women won't agree to marry him on the first date) and ends up kidnapping her and faking her death so he can escape with her to Mexico. Of course she escapes because it's a lifetime movie but being kidnapped and taken away by a doctor would be Robyn's dream! She could get taken care of 24/7! Too bad no doctor would ever want to

No. 201902

Oh my fucking god. She went there! Black pot, meet black kettle. Hypocritical wench. She will SJW/~*trigger*~ the fuck out when it suits her, but when it's her ~*muh suffering*~ pics she can shit out a liveblogging tsunami it's okay because spoonie dokumentayshun raising awayrnus!

Fuck you Robyn.

This. God save the docs and nurses and other healthcare workers who have to deal with Munchie bullshit!

Jesus tapdancing Christ. She will pimp out any possible medical issue, with no qualms about going back to fucking gestation for poor-me points. What a pro! Such brave, much spoonie warrior.


>>201825 LMFAO god the sage thing! I hope it gets immortalized in a banner that Lolcowchan staff like enough to use.

This must be porn for her.

No. 201905

File: 1479684892782.png (663.12 KB, 1027x657, YDLTD cb saga day1.png)

Okay, the Chemical Burn Saga (I LOL'd that she named it that, too): This event was documented on her "YouDontLookThatDisabled" IG account, which she abandoned for her next attention-seeking account some time afterward.
Part 1: This image was posted on February 9th, 2015, but the description is dated June 26th, 2014. As she has done on other accounts, she is re-uploading her trophy pics long after the event.

Somehow, somewhere, Robyn encountered some acid and burnt her hand. We've established that this is not a substance that she would have encountered at her McDonald's job, so it is unknown where she obtained it and how she was burned. Her explanation regarding the burn is simply that she's an #accidentprone #spoonie, but being that she's a self-harmer and a munchie, we can infer that this was no accident. She documents the event with classic belle indifference (an inappropriately complacent attitude with respect to the injury and its potential severity). I highly suspect this was a deliberate experiment in how much and how long she could milk this burn for asspats and super-speshul medikul attenshun.
She diagnoses herself as having a second-degree/partial-thickness burn. She has not yet sought medical attention, and as will be clear shortly.

No. 201907

lmao i love that she calls it her chemical burn saga as well and marks it with (day 1) as if she is already planning out a very long aftercare/healing time…

No. 201956

That's a first degree burn that's been tampered with (had the blister burst and peeled) I've had two full thickness burns before and that is most definitely not it. Also had a chemical/acid burn on leg from corrosive liquid and it didn't look at all like this either. Grow up Robyn. You ought to see a real burn, but then don't want to give you ideas.

No. 202088

They don't take blood pressure on a arm that has a cast on it.

My guess this Fassy looking chick has other medical supplies and stages photos.

No. 202094

File: 1479715387853.png (733.11 KB, 1027x655, YDLTD cb saga day1.1.png)

CB Saga Part 2: Still Day 1, 12 hours later. She is so fucking obsessive. I could see her spilling acid on her hand, wiping off most of it but leaving some on the skin and then sitting down with some popcorn to see what would happen.
Initial treatment is flushing the affected area (most commonly, water) without too much pressure for at least 15 min, repeating every 20 minutes if a burning sensation continues. Flushing within minutes of exposure greatly reduces potential damage as it works to bring pH back toward normal. I could give her the benefit of the doubt on not knowing how much to flush, and it looks like she applied baking soda at some point (neutralizing may seem intuitive but can actually cause more damage), but the fact that she waited 12 hours is suspect. Every minute counts with chemical burns, and even if she felt nothing initially, she would have felt the burning as time went on. Acid will keep causing damage as long as it is in contact with the area/until pH is restored to normal. Something's rotten in Denmark already…

No. 202098

Uh that doesn't even look like much. I could sit on my hand for two minutes and have worse marks than this.

No. 202100

Oh just wait anon. It gets better.

No. 202128

File: 1479722230012.bmp (1.94 MB, 1029x659, YDLTD cb saga day2.bmp)

CB Saga Part 3: Day 2 (June 27th, 2014). Still looks innocuous enough. At this point one must question the degree of potency of whatever substance she was allegedly exposed to. Regardless, her self-diagnosis is laughable. She still has not sought medical attention, and I am now wondering what else she did to herself, as the subsequent images get nastier. The frustrating thing here is that this is a retrospective reveal from her; we do not have all of the information and she was not initially successful in attracting enough attention that questions which may have revealed more were ever asked.

No. 202129

File: 1479723578899.png (777.12 KB, 1353x657, YDLTD cb saga day3.png)

Chemical Burn Saga Part 4: Day 3 (June 28, 2014). Shit is looking a lot worse now. She admits doing this to herself but claims an accident. Still not enough info to know for sure what actually transpired. Given the look of the wound in Part 3, and her explanation of what happened to get to Part 4, it seems like some shit has been omitted. Knowing our dear Munchiechan, I am more inclined to believe she exacerbated the damage somehow.

No. 202130

File: 1479723806862.jpg (322.67 KB, 960x640, gPIJJii.jpg)

Oh and now she magically has #POTS and #colitis in her tags.

No. 202131

>moving all my medical stuff over from my other instagram, due to people in my real life being horrible about my conditions etc.
She admits hiding things from those in her life is why she starts new accounts.

No. 202132

this gonna get gross, I can tell.

No. 202133

And why does she need to tag chronic migraine in a completely unrelated post?

No. 202135

migraines obviously impact burns. Where did you get your medical degree?

No. 202147

Of course, silly me I was off sick with a sprained finger the day we covered that topic.

No. 202150

I hope that sprain didn't turn into something much more serious.

No. 202171

There is a good chance it resulted in a chemical burn. Poor anon /=

No. 202187

up until this point it just looked like she spilled bleach on the back of her hand [that's a chemical right?] and then fucked with it to make it worse b/c she wasn't getting enough asspats.

>i'm moving all my medical stuff over from my other instagram, due to people in my real life being horrible about my conditions.

i find this very telling, she's all but admitting that she was likely getting called out on her bullshit so is moving to another account where she can parade everything around to a new audience. #chronicallyfuckedup

No. 202210

You know what baffles me about all this? This is one of the very few posts she makes that actually gets comments. In the past sagas it's been 3-5 posts in a row that get nothing but under a dozen likes and absolutely no comments but yet she still drags it out.
You'd think if no one commented she'd grow bored but she's willing to keep at it just for throwaway likes.

No. 202217

sometimes people consider second degree burns as burns that cause blisters so that's where she got that bullshit from.

No. 202220

mortician anon here

bleach doesn't cause quite a burn like that even if it was still on the skin for 12+ hours. if you've ever bleached your own hair or forget to wear gloves when cleaning, the area just turns a little white but it doesn't really hurt.

this is too weak to be something as caustic as lye..

It also doesn't look like it blistered up so much like a burn..

(honestly i'm just trying to narrow down what she could have done this with)

Draino has lye in it but in a smaller amount maybe it could cause this?

honestly she could have just mixed bleach with windex..

she really states NOTHING about where the chemical burn came from? ever??
this is the part that's bothering me the most!

CB anon help.

No. 202231

I know, it's like a throwaway comment "look at my chemical burn" but never clarification of how or where she came to acquire it. The fact that she still had it on her skin for 12 hours also bothers me. If she'd sustained the burn at work then I'm sure the workplace protocol would have involved a thorough cleansing of the area. If she did it at home, then surely common sense or a quick internet search would make you realise you need to ensure there is no trace of the chemical left on your skin. Gah this cow annoys me so much.