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File: 1479536201475.png (839.86 KB, 663x653, spoo pretty sick advantages.pn…)

No. 201162

Over-The-Top Spoonies/Munchausen By Internet Attention Whores General #2
Original Thread: >>181656

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Some of the more notable cows from the previous thread:
LifeUndiagnosed, aka Hypermobilegeek on IG (and a shit ton more accounts). Robyn Brown is the milkiest munchiechan we've ever seen ("Kadeelyn on steroids" as another anon put it) and has her own thread now >>197138
MyLifeStruggles on IG
JourneyToEmma on IG

What Is A "Spoonie"?
People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.
The 'Spoonie' Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?
From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
"…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support."

LINKS to articles and info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 201192

Where you at, anons with access to MLS and JTE?

No. 201212

I have access to MLS but I'm still learning to navigate this site so it might take me a little while to get posting.
That girl is a goldmine though. Her attention seeking reaches new levels.

No. 201237

This one sets off my munchie-dar.
Blog: http://www.chronicspoons.com/thoughts
FB: thechronicpatientchronicles

Thank you! Since she's private we only see what followers choose to share here. There is a lot of info in the /meta/ section if you need help with posting rules and protocols here.

No. 201251

File: 1479561100677.jpeg (186.36 KB, 768x1280, 1449436888061.jpeg)

Not that milky, but does anyone remember this bitch, there was a thread on her a while ago.
-Claims to have adult-onset low functioning autism, that causes her to shit herself
-Argued with her Doctor about putting a feeding tube in, got her way
-PCOS and sleep apnea
-In her 30s

No. 201263

OMFG yes, Amanda Baggs! She has her own thread here: >>>/pt/207383 Someone systematically analyzed and outed her on her medical bullshit. People who went to school with her said she didn't exhibit any of this crap back then. She is definitely an attention whore. The feeding tube saga is ridiculous and totally belongs in here if someone wants to write about it.

No. 201265

Idk man, that doesn't look like a normal human being to me. That looks like someone with a range of genetic abnormalities and probably a malady of medical conditions that go along with that.

No. 201278

there's evidence she is/was high functioning but just took a shit-ton of lsd. she's just unfortunate looking and has a raging case of pcos, thus the beard.

No. 201280

I have a personal cow for whom I think it might be time to shine.

No. 201281

File: 1479566662576.jpg (12.27 KB, 156x314, 919076904_36b77a119c_o.jpg)

She doesn't have any genetic problems, she's just ugly. But even that is her fault, if she lost weight, controlled her PCOS and didn't dress like a mountain witch Hagrid she wouldn't be so stand out ugly.
Here's an old picture, she looks pretty cute in a unique odd way

No. 201282


No. 201287

Cute???! Even if she waxed that stache, still hideous.

No. 201376

Thanks, I'll have a read through it.
She literally adds anyone who requests her because she's so starved for attention.

No. 201415


I can't wait for this thread to kick off. The Munchie's are the most interesting bit of snowflake subculture imo.

No. 201417

Er, no.

No. 201431

I friend requested Journey to Emma but she hasn't accepted. My insta has been running for a while and doesn't have anything ED or health related on it. It's just my regular one.

No. 201477

File: 1479601005884.jpg (469.85 KB, 1039x768, meh.jpg)

i'm not sure about cute, but a chin and a haircut would definitely help.

No. 201481

Me too. I am fascinated and furious with them at the same time. They're just so milky, they needed to be shared here!

No. 201483

I know this is going to sound weird, but this outfit kind of reminds me of something a Ghibli character would wear. But of course they wouldn't look like this unfortunate cow

No. 201489

25 new posts. buckle the fuck up for MLS multipost

No. 201494

File: 1479603146403.jpg (406.57 KB, 2048x2048, D4CF8AEC-4C0D-432F-9C22-165D9A…)

this is MLS. ongoing saga with her right wrist. p1 - claims triggered needs to self harm. magically within two hours has fallen and damaged R wrist

No. 201495

File: 1479603423020.jpg (649.02 KB, 2048x2048, F28B23C2-54F1-4C22-9D6F-7CB38C…)

p2. posts super srs pics of damaged arm poor me (boring post and slightly bruised)
p3. 11th november was original injury date. two days ago - posts healing ok (bruise wise - x-ray still hasn't been read by the ortho is seeing them monday). then 12 hrs ago v similar nothing to report except ~*supr srs pins n needles*~. 5 hrs ago magic new bruises occur.

No. 201496

File: 1479603723714.png (1.96 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4037.PNG)

also throughout parts 1/2/3/4 constant posts about MUH pain. then gets these

No. 201498

I also have access to MLS but she is batshit crazy like she posts about her self harmed soft tissue damaged limbs every 5 hours. I'm not sure what she's doing to them but she's not managed to actually break anything as of yet. Also there's a lot of greasy ass selfies, she's fully disgusting as human beings go.

No. 201499

Fucking great, more drug seeking. I hate bitches like these.

No. 201500

what's up with the spoonies and tramadol?? when I had to take it after my knee had broken, it did diddly squat for the pain.

No. 201501

File: 1479604160606.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0225.PNG)

Like this, this is not attractive lady

No. 201502

The IR versions (instead of extended release) can provide an easily accessible high since it binds to opiate receptors like narcotics do, and it's a lot easier to obtain than opiates are.

No. 201504

File: 1479604463434.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0226.PNG)

This guy used to be more munchie, shaved his hair and told everyone he had leukaemia but has calmed down a fair amount now, mainly sits in his assessable flat and feels sorry for himself

No. 201505

Got more info on that by any chance, anon? Because that's one of the guys that's buddy-buddy with Robyn…

No. 201508

File: 1479605136872.png (691 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0228.PNG)

His account isn't private, seems to suffer with the same/ similar chronic illnesses than Robyn. I.e epilepsy, eds and so on. He used to be so much worse in and out of a&e various casts and problems, I'm willing to believe he has the condition though but aggregated it on purpose unlike Robyn who I doubt even has the condition at all. The leuekmia was the only thing that lasted a short about of time and even that just_breathe_nicole who was defending Robyn in here tried to call him out in one of his posts about leuekmia.

No. 201509

He makes banging knitting and crochet animals though I'll give him that. Top marks.

No. 201510

File: 1479605572362.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0232.PNG)

Oh and this random ass feeding tube that lasted about a week

No. 201511

Can verify his EDS is legit, he has evidence of cigarette paper scarring. Can't say much about the rest of it though.

No. 201520

They're her dead dad's clothes. She wears them all the time. Creepy af.

No. 201521

File: 1479607263424.png (503.41 KB, 1019x655, spoo TCP spooniegods.png)

Dis bish…
"…my zebra stripes…they are a part of me by the grace of the spoonie gods."

YAY MLS anon is here!
>buckling the fuck up, ready for the crazy train

No. 201523

wow this guy reminds me of robyn but with a less annoying face and it seems they actually try to get better? but like they're hospital posts etc look so identical if he really is ill then robyn could just totally be ripping him off .

No. 201524

omg got a tattoo for the fake leukemia saga!!!


No. 201525


I don't understand. What does being a spoonie have to do with stretch marks?

People get stretch marks from growing, eating too much, having a baby, etc.

No. 201526

File: 1479607808205.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0229.PNG)

Someone tried questioning him on chemo and basically called him out on it and some posts disappeared and it's never been mentioned again

No. 201527


lol ok

No. 201528

Dude. HMGuy and Robyn are thick as thieves on IG. He is her most frequent/loyal commenter and supported her through even the worst of the Appy Saga! He's also the one to whom she said "I should be more like you!" Jesus fuck. He has been her inspiration and source for symptoms. I am sure of it.

Oh, and FUCK CANCER FAKERS. That shit is so so wrong.

No. 201529

Doubt he would lie about cancer, even munchies know that's off limits

No. 201530

her hashtags are identical to his! idk how i never noticed this guy. she probably hates him and needs to have the most attenshun and has copied him completely
nothing is original in her posts, statements etc she just copies him ad goes off her microtia that doesn't affect her life at all this is so milky

No. 201531

She blames ~*muh medz*~ as the reason she's so fat. She's a "HAES spoonie." Oxymoron much?

No. 201532

Sadly, no. There have been several cancer fake outings. Fucked up isn't it?

No. 201534

i want that milk

No. 201535

Nope not true, this guy and his friend irl who was formerly watchthewater had a massive shitstorm on IG about 6 months ago where they basically called each other liars on certain things. Anyway watchthewater had 3 types of cancer at one point and had relapsed six times. Unfortunately there's very little evidence of any of it anymore

No. 201537

Nah, nothing's really off limits for people like that, cancer's just fucking hard to fake compared to other disorders, because you're not going to be able to get chemo drugs without it, there's obvious signs for most forms of treatment (surgery isn't ever an option for those sorts of people, not exciting enough),

But it does happen, there was a huge story about some girl that wrote a book faking it wasn't there?

No. 201539

HMG claims to have ALOT OF SEIZURES omg he has lots of injuries from them but theres like multiple a day how do you live like that and wouldn't you have some level of brain damage after so many????

No. 201540

There's also a fairly famous MIB which invaded a Macmillan cancer support group and faked an entire child who had cancer, tricked everyone in there, people themselves who are very sick and when the child died of said cancer. The group was so grieved by this loss they found contacted the church in Paris, where they found no record of such child. These people are way worse than Robyn.


No. 201541

Wow. HMG is as milky as Robyn! His IG is major munchieporn. Tonight is gonna be a long night!

No. 201543

i think there has to be some reality to it like i think he does have EDS they dont talk about begging at the hospital etc they're legit disabled but they do glorify and yes apparently they faked leukemia?
agreed, bursting with milk… if anyone finds other account of his post it!

No. 201544


Dr. Feldman (guy who first described MBI) talks a lot about the cancer faker cases on his website:

This is a good article as well:

No. 201545

I doubt he's got multiple accounts like Robyn. I do believe he has EDS too, but he for sure used to play on it in earlier years. He's also a transguy, I've got nothing against that but I find it interesting.

No. 201546

Yes. He is definitely in the "exaggerating and/or deliberately worsening legit illness" subset of MBI. I am sure some of his shit is real, but he is definitely sensationalizing, caricaturing, embellishing and romanticizing the ~*Spoonie Warrior desu*~ role a LOT.

No. 201547

gonna look for a tumblr or whatevz

No. 201548

File: 1479610104681.gif (2.98 MB, 500x368, 8E1ZpwL.gif)

>mountain witch hagrid

No. 201549

No. 201551

Don't forget to screenshot the shit out of whatever milk you find. This tribe tend to delete and run.

No. 201555

lukes had the same insta for 3 years he must delete every bit of hate he gets cuz you dont see much that isn't obvious sarcasm he mistakes for attenshunz

No. 201556

This is torture to read. His grammar and punctuation are absolutely horrid!

Doesn't this dude crochet a lot? If so how in the fuck does he do it if fastening a button is an issue?
>"I then go through the choice of do I pt jeans on which hurt my hips and are harder to put on as I struggle with the button or do I wear joggies which are lose around the hips and comfy but make me feel uncomfortable around others due to how they sit on the body."

No. 201557

I give it less than 24 hours until HMG is tipped, he's friends with JBN who defended LU so valiantly.

No. 201558

So JBN is aware he faked leukemia but they're still friends? WTF

No. 201560

omg all 3 of them in here at once claiming not to be each other
the sickening

No. 201561

I can't believe he still has evidence of the leuekmia fraud on IG, surely if he actually had it, it's slightly more important than EDS and would feature quite highly on the illness bio list

No. 201563

Not to mention a permanent tattoo! The fuck was he thinking!!! I wonder what else orange means actually…

No. 201564

for tha tr00ps

No. 201565

Okay so at a push he could blag that the orange ribbon means self injury awareness but he does/did self harm. But an orange ribbon is most commonly identified as leuekmia.

No. 201569

File: 1479612326100.png (113.36 KB, 600x580, hmg.png)

wtf is that tho kind of OT but what i'm confused and cringed to like 100

No. 201570

Ergonomic crochet hooks are out there, they don't always help though.

No. 201572

WTAF?! Who does that? adikarsapriambada is off his/her rocker.

No. 201573

the internet has made people SO WEIRD

No. 201658

File: 1479644039123.jpg (130.55 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

How does someone manage to "accidentally" take 3 days worth of medication? 2 days I can understand as you've maybe forgotten that you've taken your daily dose but 3 days…she's either done it on purpose or she's talking crap.

No. 201660

such accident, much spoonie, very sick.

No. 201665

It's fairly common for people with EDS with skin involvement to get stretch marks for no reason (because the skin is so stretchy).

No. 201688

She's just so desperate for attention. She probably took her normal dose but hasn't been to hospital for more than 48 hours and is in need of some validation. Literally all she does is go to hospital. For everything.

>> I don't want a psych hold

So tell them plainly that it was accidental and that you thought it best to get checked out. But no, she'll go in ther acting all speshul and spoonie and they'll call psych anyway. Especially with the state her arms are always in.

No. 201692

File: 1479650000473.png (703.83 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161120_0001.png)

Okay so Just_breathe_nicole is someone we mentioned recently and who also came on here to defend Robyn from LifeUndiagnosed.
I don't doubt that she has the conditions she says she has but I do find her desperate need for attention odd, especially this. She regularly posts asking people if they have any questions for her regarding her feeding tube. On one hand, it could be that she truly is just trying to help people but I can't help feeling that she does this mostly as a reminder, a "look how sick I am. Ask me about it!"
What does everyone else think?

No. 201694

too bad we cant ask her questions on anon

No. 201720

File: 1479655300821.jpeg (205.1 KB, 750x1264, image.jpeg)

I'm here anon, thanks for making the thread.
MLS changed her profile pic to the time she inserted an NG for a few hours, because she looks pretty sure

No. 201721

File: 1479655442432.png (236.27 KB, 529x940, image.png)

How does one "accidentally" take 3 days worth of meds at once?

No. 201723

File: 1479655710651.jpeg (253.9 KB, 1080x1659, image.jpeg)

Who wants to guess how long her "Apple mono fast" lasted?

No. 201730

File: 1479656536068.jpeg (281.74 KB, 745x1272, image.jpeg)

>takes $500 from charity
>buys more ugly lip rings
>will prob never get service dog
also doesn't need one

Wonder if she'll give the donations back when she never gets a service dog? Jk, she'll spend it all on garbage trinkets and hair dye.

No. 201732

File: 1479656802276.jpeg (188.89 KB, 750x1300, image.jpeg)

This one..wasting millions living in the hospital and acting like she's at summer camp. She posted it a while ago, she deleted most proof of her acting like an ass in hospital after being called out, but she missed this one.

No. 201733

File: 1479657155509.jpeg (197.67 KB, 747x1216, image.jpeg)

But anon, she's going to become a model!

No. 201737

What the actual fuck

No. 201739

File: 1479658643603.jpeg (194.32 KB, 750x1202, image.jpeg)

Oh please god no. She wouldn't be able to take care of a service dog, or a goldfish, I hope her doctor leaves that IUD right where it is.

No. 201740

File: 1479658820367.jpeg (266.12 KB, 750x1200, image.jpeg)

Other than bitching about strangers judging her disabilititties, she does everything Robyn does. How they are both allegedly in long term relationships is beyond me, I have a feeling MLS is the side chick and we never see a pic of him.

No. 201743

File: 1479658976233.jpg (55.06 KB, 480x637, Drawing_162120.jpg)

This comment! Notice she hasn't replied to the commenter.

No. 201744

File: 1479659114742.jpeg (171.17 KB, 750x1102, image.jpeg)

She already has tramadol but of course it's not enough (it's never enough)

No. 201747

File: 1479659704695.jpeg (261.01 KB, 749x1205, image.jpeg)

>I prob won't be kept on disability forever
I have a feeling her sudden increase in attention seeking and malingering has something to do with her disability recertification. I can't believe she got it in the first place. She's said she needs to lose weight before her recert. She's an interesting combo of munchie and malingering.

No. 201751

File: 1479660946074.jpeg (317.73 KB, 746x1213, image.jpeg)

She either won't reply, or she'll get defensive and act like a victim. These are her morning meds, so she accidentally took 42 pills this morning if it's supposed to be 14?

No. 201760

That's a lot of pills even for someone with genuine health conditions. Do we know what she actually takes?
I have no doubt that she took three doses of her meds purely for the excuse to go to hospital. Especially because a little while ago she posted a photo of some pill containers her dad bought her to put her different doses in.

No. 201761

File: 1479662166660.png (849.48 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161120_0004.png)

This was it.

No. 201777

Researched the pill I could find, we have here

Pfizer PGN 200(orange one) is Lyrica 200 mg : Lyrica is used in the treatment of neuropathic pain; fibromyalgia; diabetic peripheral neuropathy; neuralgia; postherpetic neuralgia (and more), and belongs to the drug class gamma-aminobutyric acid analogs.

93/12 yellow one is Pantoprazole sodium delayed-release 40 mg, used in the treatment of barrett's esophagus; gerd; zollinger-ellison syndrome; erosive esophagitis; duodenal ulcer (and more), and belongs to the drug class proton pump inhibitors.

10 rectangular could be Aripiprazole 10 mg - ripiprazole is used in the treatment of bipolar disorder; major depressive disorder; depression; autism; agitated state (and more), and belongs to the drug class atypical antipsychotics.
Not sure, tho.

E 14 pill is Meclizine hydrochloride 25 mg - Meclizine is used in the treatment of vertigo; nausea/vomiting; motion sickness and belongs to the drug class anticholinergic antiemetics.

54 543 is Roxicet 325 mg / 5 mg.
Roxicet is used in the treatment of chronic pain; pain and belongs to the drug class narcotic analgesic combinations.

AN 627 is Tramadol hydrochloride 50 mg.

832 (green)is Clonazepam 0.5 mg.

50 mg blue is sertraline (AD)

So, that's a LOT of pain meds and some psych meds thrown in. No idea about the unmarked pills, tho.

No. 201781

File: 1479664673131.png (643.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0237.PNG)

Arguing to waste more money

No. 201782

That pile includes a form of Oxycodone. When was it posted? She really shouldn't be seeking out stuff stronger than tramadol if she has access to Oxy… That shit is strong stuff

No. 201786

File: 1479665793256.jpeg (171.56 KB, 750x1200, image.jpeg)

That pic of 14 pills was taken October 21
But months ago, sept 1, morning meds" were 9 pills.

No. 201789

so brown pill is Amitiza 24 mcg : used in the treatment of constipation, chronic; constipation, drug induced; irritable bowel syndrome; constipation.

I guess it's hard to poop when you get so high everyday.

No. 201791

File: 1479666150091.jpeg (206.93 KB, 750x1196, image.jpeg)

"Modeling" medical equipment? She's a speshul kind of delusional.

No. 201793

holy shit, what an absolute cunt

No. 201794

orange dan 5554 is propanolol - so beta-bloker, off brand psych med.

No. 201795

File: 1479666422082.jpeg (144.94 KB, 750x1209, image.jpeg)

>it's hard to poop when you get so high everyday
Yes! She's always crying "distenshun!" Trying to claim gastroporiasis I believe. I so want to tell her she can't take a shit because of the pain killers.

No. 201796

she's either retarded or has autism if that's mischievous and funny to her. holy fuck I'm seething.

No. 201798

File: 1479666661271.jpeg (297.07 KB, 750x1205, image.jpeg)

>no one is giving me attention so I'm gonna be self destructive

No. 201865

File: 1479678422473.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.07 KB, 741x1195, image.jpeg)

What tf could cause this during a "blackout"?
Someone else with MLS access could do a burn healing saga. They constantly reopened and had trouble healing, very much like queen munchie Robyn.

No. 201875


That is blatant (and gross) self harm

No. 201893

Holy shit, I am so happy the MLS Anons are posting! You are the best. She is definitely a munchie horrorcow. If someone is up to the challenge, go back through her whole IG and start from where her b.s. begins. There has to be milk for years in there.

That fucking innocent "gee, IDK how it happened!" shit they pull…ugh punchable behavior!

No. 201894

Just wow. I wish so much I had access. I would chronicle it all.

No. 201933

>go back through her whole IG and start from where her b.s. begins
i think that'd take forever, but i'll try to post the most amusing. I think theres another MLS anon or 2, so we should be able to post a lot of it. Have you tried adding her?

>That fucking innocent "gee, IDK how it happened!" shit they pull

I was half expecting her to jump on the DID bandwagon and claim an alter did it when those burns happened and she had no idea how

No. 201936

File: 1479691861328.png (676.48 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Gotta catch em all!

No. 201937

File: 1479691885021.png (649.24 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 201939

File: 1479692156063.jpeg (146.6 KB, 749x1205, image.jpeg)

>GI said liquid diet
>orders $27 of Chinese food
>but still super anorexic

You know she ate all this in one night. She thinks she has gastroporiasis but really, she declares "relapse", fasts/goes on a mono diet for a day, binges, and repeats. Plus all the pain killers; and she wonders why she's bloated? This one has no self awareness at all.

No. 201941

File: 1479692279226.jpeg (153.31 KB, 744x1201, image.jpeg)

And these are totally the shoes I'd wear if I was constantly "dizzy" and suffered from "vertigo". But she needs a cane when begging for donations? Ugh.

No. 201942

File: 1479692485472.jpeg (206.63 KB, 749x1190, image.jpeg)

>needs permenant IV and tube
>keeps throwing up
>has gained 20+ pounds since summer

No. 201943

>"joint pain"
Think I found the cause of the joint pain….. Those heels are killer on knees and hips.

No. 201946

File: 1479693181808.png (192.04 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

OR, maybe your doctors know you don't need a fucking feeding tube? And let's pretend she was throwing everything up.. An NG like she placed herself goes to the stomach and so shed puke anyway, she'd need an NJ tube.

No. 201950

Lol and the meclizine is OTC. I have severe nausea/dizziness/vertigo and I take prescription anti nausea meds usually phenergan which is insanely expensive with/without insurance. If I took meclizine if I'm broke, I have to take at least 100mg dumb broad. Surprised she didnt throw some lame. Vitamins in there.

No. 201953

Fucking retard you have to be severely dehydrated for them to put a simple IV in which is just legit saline and sometimes dextrose (form of sugar) go drink a Gatorade or pedialyte you dumb cow.

No. 201954

That's classic constipation bloat

No. 201955

File: 1479694397173.jpeg (175.07 KB, 750x1199, image.jpeg)

She does throw Vitamin D on the list

No. 201960

Jesus fucking Christ. She is batshit crazy!

No. 201983

When confronted with facts,the typical MBI individual will blame the doctors.

Does anyone remember the blueeyedbarbie girl? Sarah or something?

No. 201984

No, what's her story?

No. 201989

So I was right…
We have here a neuroleptic, an AD, propanolol for anxiety, trazodone to help sleep and clonazepam, a benzo-like.
That's a weird cocktail honestly.

No. 201993

Yes, I remember Sarah. I guess she was both a Munchie by Internet and a malingerer, because she got so much in money and gifts in addition to attention? She was definitely extreme. She faked CF?

No. 202002

File: 1479701732588.jpeg (177.91 KB, 747x1208, image.jpeg)

Her wrist and ankle are always so bruised and swollen, she's constantly using crutches/boots, but these are her "workout ideas". Also this looks like something a 12 year old wrote.

No. 202011

Is that a FtM? They look like a lesbian.

No. 202024

How long has MLS been active? How old is she? FFS I thought she was in the hospital. She just injurs herself several times a week to go to the ER? Damn. I am surprised she hasn't been refused care.

No. 202043

I remember one time she posted about how much 'fun' her and a friend had stealing staff portable emergency alarms and setting them off.

If she was in a psych hospital over here in Aus I guarantee she would have been kicked out long ago for behaving like a child. Involuntary hold or not.

No. 202045

That is so beyond fucked up. She would be kicked out of most places for that kind of behavior I'd think.

No. 202046

She faked CF and scammed a lot of people for donations. She stole a lot of hospital pictures from other people too. I wish i could recall more.

No. 202049

Sage post for the Sarah smith/cf chick
She was mentioned a bit in this thread: >>>/pt/86418

No. 202051

OK so she was more a case of malingering then (faking/causing illness for financial or material gain such as drugs, disability benefits or donations). MBI is for no personal gain other than attention. What a deplorable human being though. Fuck them all.

No. 202064

TY anon, going to read.

No. 202105

File: 1479717554915.png (680.61 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161121_0001.png)

This one actually tags her instagram posts with munchausens and in her bio admits to factitious disorder.

No. 202106

File: 1479717618492.png (735.18 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161121_0002.png)

Here's an example.

No. 202110

Jesus fuck, she admits it? Reading this IG should be an interesting adventure…

No. 202145

Honestly in Aus there'd be no way you could get those alarms because they're nearly always locked in the nurses stations, and they can see the whole ward from their stations.

Most anyone got away with when I've been in hospital was throwing things over into the adult ward and sticking beanbags under the kitchen metal curtain thing.

You're right that if you were stealing alarms you'd have consequences though, they'd honestly just move you to a harsher ward if you were being disruptive to other patients all the time.

But yeah, throwing shit at nurses is a great way to get all your privileges taken off you and end up in an even shittier situation than a ward normally is.

No. 202183

>How long has MLS been active?
I'm not sure, a long time, I haven't found the beginning of her IG feed yet

>How old is she

She'll be 31 in January

>I am surprised she hasn't been refused care.

I guess they technically can't refuse care, on the off chance its the one time something is really wrong. She has medicaid and medicare, so she pays for none of it and tax payers cover all of it. She has posted about going to the ER, being put in a room and being "forgotten about", as well as the ER doc actually telling her its not helpful to keep coming in and to stop. but she continues. I posted a few of those screenshots in the 1st munchie thread.

No. 202185

File: 1479737932025.jpg (641.95 KB, 926x539, nobodycares.jpg)

I'm making my way back in her feed, its basically the same whining "I give up. nobody cares, my doctors don't care" shit over and over with various munchie antics.

No. 202190

File: 1479738398113.jpg (247.93 KB, 530x462, ill.make.them.care.jpg)

I know EDs can't be a subject here, i'll only post this one for my compilation of her doctors won't give me attention so I'm gonna hurt myself until they do posts, of which there are so many.

No. 202194

File: 1479739626285.jpg (459.15 KB, 805x481, wtf.is.she.saying.jpg)

>My wounds aren't healing right they are actually getting worse
I wonder why the weren't healing I won't horrify you guys with more pics of those burns unless you want to see it.
>didn't know if I should of or can ask about skin grafts since they are self Inflicted
Pretty sure her doc would mention skin grafts themselves if she needed it, unless they thought she'd fuck with them and it'd be a waste of their time and tax dollars.
>I was told long time ago that if I ever needed an organ transplant I would never get one cause of my anorexia
She just cannot/will not let go of that speshul ana identitty, even though she is and has been a healthy weight for years. I wonder if treatment for her drug induced anorexia (she admits to being a recovering addict occasionally, i assume something like adderall/coke had a lot to do with her ana) is what started her munchausens? like Robyn with her microtia, she got a taste of that attention from being sick and just couldn't get enough?

No. 202195


Moving wards only really happens in the youth system in Aus. Once you hit the adult system they don't take any crap, especially not from borderlines like Emma who treat the hospital like a hotel instead of somewhere to get better.

No. 202199

File: 1479740528008.jpg (544.75 KB, 735x483, fromthestart.jpg)

>I can't find the picture of me as a baby hooked up to every tube and machine possible
Like Robyn again, the boohoo I'm sick and fragile stories start in the womb.

No. 202206

I tried to go right back to the start of her IG last night but my phone was playing up too much. I did see that at one point she worked in a hospital and several times she posted about training to be a pharmacy technician. Jesus, imagine her having access to all kinds of drugs. Scary.

No. 202208

File: 1479741815030.jpg (144.46 KB, 754x218, makethemcare.jpg)

If i posted all the times she declares relapse in an attempt to "make doctors care", I'd be spamming this board all day.

i think her more recent posts are more interesting. She's jumping on the EDS/POTS bandwagon and copying the symptoms and posts of someone else on IG.

No. 202212

File: 1479742449948.jpg (466.58 KB, 785x521, medmixing.jpg)

I wonder if some of her dizziness is related to the amount of meds she's taking, meds that are contraindicated together. America is working on an electronic medical records system, but we're not quite there yet. She does need referrals for specialists because she has medicaid/medicare, but that doesn't mean she has to tell every doc what the other is prescribing her.

>my body hates me

>my docs are horrible
i think "I am horrible and my docs hate me" would be more accurate.

No. 202215

File: 1479742964356.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

She should've been kicked out for so many things by now. Again, wasting millions of NHS $$, while actively doing things, or planning to do things, that will make her more medically unstable. (And keep her in her current ward where she's comfy, instead of being moved to The Retrea for her BPD where I hope they won't tolerate this shit. Then again she was supposed to be transferred forever ago)

No. 202221

File: 1479744551666.jpeg (152.11 KB, 750x977, image.jpeg)

First she requests a tube, now she's having nightmares about it? Because that makes sense

No. 202249

File: 1479749106722.jpg (560.05 KB, 683x438, igiveupimdone.jpg)

I wish I could know how many times she's said "I give up, I'm done, I'm relapsing" since she started IG. I'd have to take at least a week off from work to count them all.
>The doctors here don't care about me or my care….So I'm eat this huge salad that is gonna make me sick because my stomach can't digest it and my severe gerd will b worse then ever.
Because that'll show those meanie doctors. Again, same logic as the Munchie Queen, "if I don't get the attenshunz i want then I will make my symptoms worse until i do!!"
>it's invasive and i have anorexia so no doctor wants to operate on me cause I'm high risk
I'm sorry what? If it was Ash, I could see docs refusing to do invasive surgery. I can understand not putting someone severely underweight under general anesthesia, but MLS has been a healthy weight for a long time and was never emaciated either. I assume she didn't need surgery and is using her imaginary ana as the reason she can't have it.

the rest of her silly post
>and this isn't for any one person it's general god if u have the help and the chance to use it then h damn well use it. I might not want to live or get better but my boyfriend does and we made a promise he would never leave me and I would never leave him(thru suicide but we can't help it if my anorexia destroys it's) but no body wants to help me figure out the complications and what's wrong with my body from my anorexia that I don't see point anymore.

Its amazing all these extreme munchies are in long term relationships. Emma and Robyn are engaged, MLS has been with her bf for years. I wonder if any of these munchies started living healthy, normal lives, would the relationship end? Is codependency what keeps them together? Im still not sure about MLS's BF, we never see him, on insta or Facebook. But if he does exist..
>we made a promise he would never leave me and I would never leave him(thru suicide
I wouldn't be surprised if she threatened sudoku if he does leave.

No. 202255

It pisses me off so much that she's this much of an attention seeker. It's fucking gross. There are people who would give so much for NHS treatment and here's this cunt causing trouble and wasting money that could be put towards treating someone who is GENUINELY sick and who would be eternally grateful. I hope she kills herself.

No. 202259

Not defending her, but new specialists do ask what medications you're on in the US in the event that they need to prescribe something themselves. Alternatively, some doctors will refuse to treat certain patients who have a history of using a specific medication. So she does technically have to tell each new doctor what she's on, it's part of the intake forms you get when you start with a new doctor here.

No. 202260

She's not getting NHS treatment as she's in the US rather than the UK. I think someone already said that because she's on disability benefits the tax payers are footing her bills though.

No. 202261

Yes, MLS is in the US and on Medicare/Medicaid. People like her are why US politicians won't shut up about Medicare fraud and why they are constantly trying to audit it to weed out frauds, and increasing the regulations or requirements that make it harder for genuinely ill people to get the care they need. It's pretty bullshit. Actual percentages of fraud are fairly low but it happens, and she's a perfect example of it.

No. 202271

The amount that gets spent on her each time she goes to the ER must be staggering. I'm a UK anon but I used to work in a biochemistry lab at a hospital so I have an idea of the pricing of blood tests that she'll be getting. I don't even want to begin thinking about the costs of the xrays and other tests she convinces them to do.
Looking through her IG I can't believe she admits at one point to trying to break her foot because the pain makes her feel alive. I'll try and find the post and share it.

No. 202281

File: 1479753175087.png (429.02 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1659.PNG)

JtoE is full of shit.

No. 202283

File: 1479753300148.png (1.24 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1660.PNG)

This is what she eats the next day.

No way does someone go from oral intake (mainly food) to needing TPN and then eating a salad the next day. In the UK, they trial full liquids then NG in case you tolerate slow dripping of feed into your stomach, then NJ if you can't and then permanent J feeding.

No. 202285


Use the Wayback Machine instead, it's less work: http://archive.org/web/.

No. 202291

What fraud? only people who are entitled to SSDi get medicare. so you have to pay into the system through taxes from working in order to get benefits. medicaid is entirely different.

No. 202296

Is she listing off every disorder referenced in her vicinity ever or does she think her followers are so stupid to believe she is currently diagnosed with both major depression disorder AND bipolar type 2 because have news for her…

No. 202305

File: 1479758209350.jpg (249.43 KB, 583x433, firstgiving.jpg)

>only people who are entitled to SSDi get medicare
She gets SSDI, somehow, through her parents i believe since she doesn't have a work history.

>I am on disability for pretty much everything mentioned below but more psychiatric wise. To be honest I don't know the exact reason I was approved

I can't imagine being on SSDI and not know the reason. Her recertification could be interesting. She's said she needs to lose weight before it and seems to be having way more injuries/illnesses lately. I have to wonder if they're related.

No. 202306

Top kek.

No. 202308

>does she think her followers are so stupid to believe she is currently diagnosed with both major depression disorder AND bipolar type 2

I think she may actually by dim enough to think she currently has both, and everything else listed.
>because I have news for her…
She doesn't respond well to questioning, let alone corrections or criticism. She jumps right to "I know I'm not sick enough!" or "my illnesses don't count and I'm just not sick enough to be a spoonie!!"

No. 202313

Leave her alone, anon! She is a Warrior

No. 202314

File: 1479760393124.jpg (71.69 KB, 526x526, uuuum.jpg)


dropped pic

No. 202315

File: 1479760541348.jpg (429.16 KB, 1107x534, wellokthen.jpg)

I just can't help myself anon.

>doctors blew me off

>i know more than them but i need advice
>gets advice
>is bitch to random commenter
this is what i meant, she gets nasty over the most harmless comments, which she requests. Idgi.

No. 202319

this depends. if she is under 22 when she became disabled then yes, she can qualify under her parents work credits if the parents have enough to spare. i believe for adults with a disability after 22, you have to qualify on your own. Im not a hundred percent sure, though.

No. 202321

File: 1479761197642.jpg (334.1 KB, 1033x270, disability.jpg)

>I get 916 in disability
plus $86 in food stamps, pays $266 a month to live in gov't housing, and goes to countless doctors/is professional patient with gov't benefits. She is exactly the type of person the government needs weed out and cut off, send her to a vocational program, this learned helplessness shit can't go on forever.

No. 202326

Does anyone have the story about the girl who killed her mother because she spent her daughter's entire life making everyone believe she was deathly ill to get attention and money? Like even the girl thought she was ill but found out nothing was wrong with her at all, it had all been faked by her mom.

No. 202331

File: 1479762048361.jpg (616.61 KB, 1113x586, tubeplz.jpg)

>just give me a tube please
I guess that would help her SSDI recertification, too bad she eats food, mostly junk, just fine.

>if she is under 22 when she became disabled then yes
She claims she's been suffering from severe ana for 16 years, and alluded to AN being the reason she qualified, so that'd be well before age 22. I think she went to a treatment center for her ED in her 20s that did a really good job filing for her gov't eligibilities, plus some dumb luck. Though she does come off as a little…cognitively disabled? I wonder if that contributes to her qualifying?

No. 202334

I'm sure she would normally be charged with assaulting a staff member and be put on 2 to 1 or 1 to 1 observations, no pass etc. Honestly she comes off as an arsehole, who doesn't want to grow up! She is endangering herself, other patients and staff and all in all just being selfish. Sorry but even those who are ill can be jerks. I guess her team just don't know what to do with her, the only inpatient option would be on a secure ward and being sedated. It costs around a thousand every week to keep someone in an nhs unit, she is taking the piss.

No. 202341

File: 1479762704267.jpg (445.88 KB, 1099x396, ANdisability.jpg)

>I've keep major guys updated on my other doctors it's gonna be fun cause they want to help me cause most of them don't listen or really believe that I chose anorexia
what is this word salad supposed to convey?

>they don't believe I should be on disability for anorexia

Neither do I and I can't believe it ever happened. Fucking America, people who really need SSDI get denied and spend years in appeals, and this one gets it because some social worker filled out it for her while she was in treatment, which makes the case look better. Is it evil that I'm looking forward to her recertification?

No. 202342

Dee Dee and Gypsy Blancharde?

No. 202418

omg >.<

No. 202438

File: 1479774909724.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0239.PNG)

Classic suspected scaphoid fracture. Not easily identifiable on X-ray, you can break your scaphoid by falling out onto an outstretched arm, if the radius and ulner don't break sometimes the scaphoid will. If a scaphoid fracture is suspected the ortho will schedule a scan normally a CT but sometimes MRI which will determine the diagnosis.

Tl;dr she's faked a scaphoid fracture, she ain't broke shit.

No. 202458

yes that looks very normal. cough.

No. 202721

Thank you, MLS Anons! She is so into being ~*da illest*~ and 3dgy5me. I wonder how much of this behavior is hidden when she seeks help. How much do her IRL docs really know about how munchie and malingering she is? Of course she could be fabricating nearly all of this stuff.

No. 202731

File: 1479860199349.jpeg (54.83 KB, 504x304, shite nation.jpeg)


No. 202751

File: 1479865301029.png (181.79 KB, 750x1090, IMG_1495.PNG)

What's wrong with gallbladder

No. 202762

is this woman really putting two barbell piercings in her mouth just to sit it on her lips? it doesn't even look like there's a piercing there..

No. 202870

Maybe it's legit, but who knows with these munchiechans. Vague abdominal/GI pain complaints and everything else ruled out? She's always bitching about pain. Cholecystectomy and appendectomy are the top 2 surgeries (gallbladder and appendix are the top 2 organs to go) when munchies surgery-seek so maybe it's just next on her spoonie list?

No. 202949

>(gallbladder and appendix are the top 2 organs to go) when munchies surgery-seek so maybe it's just next on her spoonie list?
I wouldn't be surprised. Her and Robyn are so similar, except MLS will never have a job. I'd still like to know the mystery behind how she got those massive burns on her arm, or even a theory. How does one get such huge, severe burns and not know how it happened. Even if she was dissociating (big if) wouldn't that level of pain bring someone back?

No. 202952

looks like two bcrs with the balls over the holes to me, anon

No. 202953

File: 1479906307982.jpeg (232.6 KB, 750x1200, image.jpeg)

Not only is she doing it, but she thinks she has model potential. She pulls that weird face all the time too, but the barbells in her lip really annoy me.

No. 202954

Maybe she was aiming for an epilepsy diagnosis? She claimed she blacked out, maybe this was her way of hinting she may have had a seizure, probably of focal type, burnt herself during it and doesn't remember how.

No. 203130


To be fair to her she does get a lot of questions about her feeding tube as people see her eating food and people are naturally curious. Could just be down to that as to why she's made the post

No. 203169

I think she admitted the burns were self harm. Let me try find out for you.

No. 203177

I kind of wiggled my head like a black woman while reading this; Like, gurl, please.

No. 203180

File: 1479939878661.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0247.PNG)

No. 203181

File: 1479939945086.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0248.PNG)

Pt. 2

No. 203236

Has she ever been put into a ward for this shit?

I might've missed it but there are so many whackjobs posted lately I can't keep track of who has done what.

No. 203248

File: 1479952624734.png (3.27 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4076.PNG)

think i've found MLS significant other

No. 203351

It's really shit though, at least what I took. I was given it in high school and I just couldn't stomach it. It made me so nauseous and didn't help me much more than plain ibuprofen+acetaminophen

I gave some to my mother once (who has more health problems than these spoonies could ever dream of) on a bad pain day and it made her very sick too.

No. 203372

I was given the solution no questions asked once. I'm not backing her up or anything though.

I was dehydrated to the point that I felt loopy and was acting strange and anxious/shaking so I think that's why I was given it probably.

I was even drinking those things plus protein shakes but my ibs meds backfired and caused extreme diarrhea. My bowel movements looked more like piss than anything else, similar to after taking a colonoscopy prep…

I've had to be given it on two more occasions but I was already in the hospital those times so I can't say about that.

I'm so glad I didn't fall hard into this spoonie shit. I want to be able to talk about these things without the ass pats though, but I just don't know where?

No. 203387

Yay so glad you're here JTE anon! Post moar plz, she's private and we miss out on most of the milk.

Yeah…I call major bullshit on this. If you have GP high fiber is contraindicated anyway. What a dumbass. You don't go from TPN to this to TPN. Fuck her.

No. 203388

File: 1479973702388.png (757.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1520.PNG)

No. 203403

File: 1479975196187.gif (989.83 KB, 450x254, 1RuaI5I.gif)

Did she mean PPN? WTF is she even talking about?
>Feel so guilty
Nah bitch you are so institutionalized, being a needy patient is your m.o.

No. 203404

File: 1479975414937.png (878.22 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1519.PNG)

No. 203426


PRN is short hand in hospitals for patient required need. It's medication that's prescribed as and when the patient needs it. Chances are that it's something like diazepam or something simliar (could be totally wrong on what drug it is) but that's what she means by PRN

No. 203431

i dont know, having prn meds when you actually need it shouldnt make someone feel guilty for asking for it. seems like she just guilty about being attention seeking so hard.

No. 203432

File: 1479985056340.png (814.77 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4077.PNG)

she's on ssdi or whatever for super severe ana ~*~*~*~
MLS again ofc

No. 203433

File: 1479985458654.png (2.28 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4086.PNG)

MLS pic dropped

No. 203448

there's a lot of study jobs linked to the medical world here.

No. 203459

File: 1479992809313.png (2.99 MB, 2000x2664, photostudio_1479992635774.png)

No. 203467

File: 1479993713656.png (2.46 MB, 2000x2500, photostudio_1479993534144.png)

Is anyone interested in Kelly or "mending our selves" ??

No. 203468

File: 1479993995437.png (136.68 KB, 750x945, IMG_4769.PNG)

So severely hypermobile guys !!!

No. 203479

Definitely interested in both of them tbh.

It's been a while since Cassie has been posted.

No. 203480

How is this hypermobility at all?

This is a stretch I had to do in physio from a lifting injury, not some freaky shit, from memory they called it a figure 4 stretch or something.

Almost anyone should be able to do it.

No. 203481


Is she implying she was sexually assaulted while being in the hospital/in a psych ward?

That's some pretty horrible stuff to make up. I don't really want to say she's faking something as serious as a sexual assault, but she has lied a lot about stuff in the past.

No. 203482

Is it really that normal to go to a doctor for one check-up and get like 3+ diagnosis'?

I find that strange, but I've don't have much experience going to a doctor for diagnosis' just regular check-ups and med refills.

No. 203483

seems like doctor shopping to me.

No. 203488

All it takes is a TTT [tilt table test] to diagnose POTS. Stop acting like it takes 5 million years for a diagnosis.

No. 203502

>she's on ssdi or whatever for super severe ana ~*~*~*~
Which is why I'm so looking forward to her recertification. She's not anorexic anymore, she was never emaciated even at her lowest, and no doctors believe her EDS/gastropariasis bullshit, they've even asked her to stop coming to the ER. I'd like to think theres no way she'll stay on the free ride she has now once she's up for recert, and if she does I will be so pissed because all she does all day is try to make herself sick.

No. 203510

I think it probably happened, or she's claiming it happened, while out on leave or a pass. Not 100% sure, but I'm also not sure it happened at all because this is cassie/eva/sam/bear/etc we're talking about.

No. 203537

Not typically, no. Doctors don't like dropping a bunch of diagnoses at once, especially for routine check-ups. If it was a referral to a specialist though, they sometimes will add multiple diagnoses then.

No. 203548

File: 1480010871648.png (330.74 KB, 1440x1822, Capture _2016-11-24-10-06-01-1…)

Ya dont say!!

No. 203549

It was a rheumatologist appointment. Not unusual to get more than one diagnosis at a time with a specialist.
Although I sincerely doubt she has EDS. Probably has a bit of hypermobility and some joint pain from being a whale and blew the symptoms up to get diagnosed.

No. 203643

What's with these "oh noes, I don't have a doctor because I'm too complex and speshul" twats?! Perhaps no doctor will deal with you because you're a massive pain in the arse. Consider that, eh?!

Kelly is really damaging her joints by sitting in a wheelchair and not losing weight. She probably didn't have a rheumatologist because she refused to do the most important thing for her joints; lose weight and exercise. Jesus.

No. 203655

Jonzie08 on Instagram drives me insane with her poses and her refusal to do anything more than pay lip service to recovery whilst still begging for anyone to say "so brave!"

No. 203657

This is a spoonie thread, not an eating disorder thread.

No. 203666

yeah i've been told that BMI of 20 is best for all patients with connective tissue stuff. apparently reducing your body weight by 10% reduces pressure on your joints by 50%.
kelly is allegedly in her wheelchair because of POTS not for her super spesshhl 'undifferentiated connective tissue disorder'

No. 203667

she needs to be doing physio on all of her hypermobile joints at least 3/5 times a week to keep her muscles strong to prevent the joints from moving too far. people w hypermobility need to have stronger muscles round their joints than non hypermobile people

No. 203681

File: 1480038666995.jpg (619 KB, 2048x2048, C913A5DA-FF7A-49DC-95D8-31AB16…)

So sick. Need much attention. Look at my ouchie.

No. 203714

oh no, she leaned on her elbow

No. 203749

Is she fucking serious?!

No. 203750

There is already a DID thread.

No. 203751

Oh whatever bitch. She has hopped from the ED to the Spoonie community and is collecting diagnoses like pokemon. Why do I think her doctor sounds like a caricature, like her "therapist" from her ~*atypikul ana*~ days?
>too unique/severe to treat
Since when do Rheumys diagnose POTS? TTT or GTFO bitch.
Now she's looking into MCAD as her next pokeygnosis but doesn't know much about it. "Please share your experiences!" = munchie data-mining for upcoming medikul cryseez.

No. 203779

Anyone who has missed Kadeecow will relish the sweet cream that has been posted in her thread these past few days! She was Lolcowchan's first SpoonieMunch and definitely needs mention in here. For the uninitiated, this thread is an MBI goldmine: >>>/snow/155642

No. 203793

THANK YOU! cardiologists and/or electrophysiologists diagnose POTS, not a rheumatologist.

No. 203794

File: 1480080438563.jpg (101.34 KB, 1024x375, image.jpg)

Finally admitted she has an eating disorder lol!

No. 203809

She's not really saying she has an eating disorder here. Her nausea and vomiting has been diagnosed as somatic, meaning that it's psychological rather than due to a problem with her digestive system. She's been referred to Psychological services and because her condition relates to food, she will be seen by the ED team, despite not actually having an eating disorder.

No. 203829

File: 1480088678341.jpeg (216.81 KB, 750x1199, image.jpeg)

Sage for not sure she should be in this thread (yet), she's such a pathetic little shit I honestly wish she had her own thread, but Jonzie is starting to rack up more diagnosis, not just ana. We can add chronic renal disease "stage 2, with stage 3+4 flare ups" and ptsd now. I'm sure the list will grow, bc she'll never be anything but a professional patient.

No. 203831


Does Jonzie still call her doctor "mama bear" or whatever it was and go to the paediatric hospital despite being an adult? Kek

No. 203839

File: 1480092758396.jpg (68.34 KB, 1024x292, image.jpg)

JBN is really getting annoying. As usual attention seeking behaviour. No hospital admittances for months. Seems she wasn't getting enough attention so decided to have an asthma attack lol

No. 203840

File: 1480092809125.jpg (75.21 KB, 1024x317, image.jpg)

Oh look yet more attention seeking! I wonder if she's really asthmatic or if she's faking that too

No. 203877

Quit selfposting. You're boring and no one cares.

No. 203878

My asthma never hurt. I've been close to death and there wasn't really any pain.

No. 203890


Anon JBN is blocked from posting here for white knighting Robyn

No. 203949

if she's not being a complete fucking liar, it probably hurts because of an upper respiratory infection or pneumonia. Asthma causes hypoxia, not pain.

No. 203965

File: 1480114540198.png (979.54 KB, 1440x1943, Capture _2016-11-25-14-53-40-1…)

As long as it was the "disabled toilets"

No. 203967

File: 1480115290461.png (2.91 MB, 2000x3552, photostudio_1480115192130.png)

#hospitalglam just why… Stupidest tag ever!

No. 204130

agoraphobia? really? she seem pretty calm for someone who is soooo distressed about being put in these horrible situations over and over.

No. 204132

Who put on such an elaborate makeup for an appointment at the hospital,? That's ridiculous.

No. 204186

I posted it, not alexys. Many people find her pathetic attention seeking antics entertaining, there wouldn't be a satire account on IG about her if they didn't. Sorry you're not amused anon.

No. 204216

Doing makeup can be pretty relaxing and maybe she had other things to go to
The people who use tags like that are the same ones who complain when doctors don't treat them because they don't look sick

No. 204283

Who takes a picture of themselves wetting themselves in public, especially when it's all over the floor?

No. 204319

but anon, she is facing her invisible illnesses publicly! How brave! How inspiring! No Filter!

No. 204330

Admittedly, I am one who is interested in her antics and glad you posted this. She's a pretty lulzy spooniecow even if she's not worthy of her own thread.

Tinfoil time:
W-what if…what if attention-whoring spooniemunchies start competing to be posted here bcuz ~*bulleyang, judjmunt persekushun*~ points?

>mfw I realized she meant urinary cath.
Okay no. This is just fucking nasty. MY EYES!

No. 204557

Makes me more suspicious of her cause she probably has reference or knows how to play to drs etc to get attention

No. 204589

Classic Munchie move. Work/aspire to work in medicine; learn enough to fake whatever ailment-du-jour is on their list.

No. 204748

File: 1480270908094.jpg (82.41 KB, 305x435, disabilityscam.jpg)

>knows how to play to drs etc to get attention
She certainly tries really hard to get drs attention, but seems to fail miserably and cries about it constantly.
This is the post I was looking for, where she admits her plan to lose weight so she can stay on disability, or so she hopes.
>i'll make them care!!
>ana picked 70 lbs, not me, I'm innocent victim
>disability review in a year
>scared ill lose it if I'm not sick fragile snowflake

So if disability review was "in a year" 27 weeks ago, it should come up in 6 months, maybe less. I wish it was sooner. Making yourself sick for financial gain = malingering. But she also loves medical attention. I wonder, can you have munchausens and be a malingerer at the same time?

No. 204762

She's really abusing the anorexia and eating disorder hashtags at the moment, posting pictures of "how fat she is". She's like a caricature of ED right now.

No. 204767

No. It actually takes years, SSA is backlogged. Mine was scheduled every 2 years but my first review was actually in 5 years.

No. 204904

File: 1480286461099.png (248.84 KB, 1265x1475, IMG_4173.PNG)

Posted over 9x today. Mostly about being in pain, yet goes to get cheap peircings. This chick kills me,

No. 204905

I hope she gets an infection.

No. 204957

I follow her too, she makes me so mad

No. 205995

They all infuriate me!

No. 205996

Shh don't give her ideas!

No. 206016

disgusting. face and piercings. And ridiculous hair. Also, ugly glasses.

No. 206313

File: 1480458116605.png (5.19 MB, 2000x4000, photostudio_1480458034400.png)

I find her annoying AF!

No. 206352

File: 1480463817704.png (611.07 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1686.PNG)

Ugh JTE is at it again. Thinks this is so funny - even anticipating the staffs reactions, meanwhile her idiot followers (who im srsly hoping are actually trolling her) are commenting about using an actual noose like its all a massive joke. Once again shes pissing around like her private £1000 per night pysch hospital is some summer camp for people who cant be bothered to adult.

No. 206359


I work hard and people like Emma fuck around spending my precious tax money. Don't get me wrong, I have no issue with people who need £1000 per night of mental health treatment. I'd happily pay for genuine people to get good treatment. She's an attention seeker who loves it. I don't know why she denies having BPD. She is a classic BPD case! Where is she in hospital btw? It is Cygnet Hospital in Ealing? I've known a few people go there to the ED ward but really, their main issue is BPD but the doctors don't want to trigger the special snowflakes.

No. 206361

File: 1480465092160.jpg (116.1 KB, 640x602, IMG_1689.JPG)

And totally as predicted, she agrees with the sick suggestion of putting a noose round its neck and reckons it would be funny… loving the added mention of "making sure she would do it somewhere where she wouldn't trigger any other patients"…. THATS NOT THE POINT bitch - how on earth is this even funny to you let alone something you think is appropriate to do at all when in a psych ward?!! This sort of attitude and flippant behaviour just proves you have far-outstayed your welcome in psych services. There are people out there that genuinely are dying because they cant get the help you are taking the piss out of.

Saged for personal rage fest.

No. 206366

Has anyone else noticed as soon as a transfer is mentioned she suddenly stops eating again/threatens sudoku/has a medical crisis?

No. 206368

is she a cow, though? not all spoonies are.

No. 206371

YES!! I even commented (in a genuinely 'just wondering if you noticed?' sort of way) on a few of her posts whenever this has happened and each time she has either deleted my comment or totally ignored me. IMO She is 100% aware of what she is doing and the patterns of her behaviours, she just loves using her super spechul case that is so chronic and complex as the reason why she cant move on with her treatment let alone the rest of her life.

No. 206372

She's nearly as jaundiced-looking as the elder Hartly Hooligan.

No. 206375

Honestly I think it's more than she realizes she wouldn't be able to get away with half the shit she does now. From what she's said the place she's going to will actually get her to recover. No more dicking around playing dumb 'practical jokes', no more baking sessions, no more ward decorating just actual hard recovery work

No. 206391

I actually quite like Kelly, she doesn't unnecessarily hashtag or waste everyone's time and money like Robyn or MLS. She has a genuine illness with no cure and she could sit and mope about that but instead she goes to ballet and does things she wants to. The thing with Kelly is she needs blood to survive, cows like Robyn need the attention to survive.

No. 206642

If someone annoys you, then quit trolling them! This thread isn't intended to talk shit about sick people, it's for cows! Don't be a low life? I kind of feel bad for her, she looks sick like hell.

No. 206866

File: 1480546384264.jpeg (Spoiler Image,300.94 KB, 1440x1920, Capture _2016-11-30-17-45-18-0…)

Why post stuff like this? I doubt anyone genuinely following her gets enjoyment out of viewing this kind of shit.

No. 206896

Dude, she's actually sick

No. 206921

Nobody gives two shits that you think she's annoying. She is legitimately ill and is trying to make the best out of her situation.

No. 206936

I actually had to unfollow her, it was so often and painful to handle

No. 206937

File: 1480555704726.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, spew.jpg)

No. 207085

File: 1480600691411.png (1.34 MB, 1440x2097, Capture _2016-12-01-05-54-09-1…)

O.m.g an attention whorring elf! It doesn't get much better than this! She can now live vicariously through a fucking gnome!

No. 207732

File: 1480725059907.jpeg (554.5 KB, 1440x1874, Capture _2016-12-02-19-23-22-0…)

Dear lord please don't let her be pregnant (99.9% sure she is just over exaggerating/ has notbing else to complain about/ no one fucking cares)

No. 207735

She is such a stereotypical borderline. Old as fuck with ragged dyed hair, constantly whining about how hard her life is, oversharing and begging for attention. I don't believe that 99% of the younger cows on this site are BPD, but this dried up old prune is for sure.

No. 207737

Glad I'm not the only anon who thinks so. She is clearly a classic case.

No. 207744

File: 1480726713435.jpg (889.22 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161202_195636.jpg)

Comments from a post from earlier today.

No. 207748

>Dear lord please don't let her be pregnant
I would cry, both for the baby and my tax dollars. I really, really hope she's not, though I know she'd keep it if she is. She's not gonna get re-certified for her *~*ana*~* so maybe she'll stay in gov't housing/receive checks for a baby instead.

No. 207749

File: 1480727831536.jpeg (199.83 KB, 750x1106, image.jpeg)

She posted this pic on Nov 17, I wouldn't be surprised if she got pregnant on purpose but that'd mean she got the mirena removed at some point, right?

No. 207755

She's probably lying, but if shes not, then isnt being pregnant with an IUD a big deal?

No. 207764

Pregnancy with an IUD is pretty much life threatening, so not something you'd celebrate with a goofy selfie sticking her tongue out or a gross ass grin. So either she's lying about the pregnancy, or is building up for a future medical crisis.

No. 207769

This is my guess. Disgusting as it is, I would bet my bottom dollar she would get pregnant and milk it for as much attention as she can.

No. 207791

>my gi won't do anything says im just trying to get away with stuff.

You think?

No. 207795

Jesus Christ. Wash your fucking hair and clean up that mess!

No. 207824

This is probably pretty tinfoil-hatesque, but if she knows that she probably won't pass re-cert for her ~ana~, wonder if she's amping up for a life threatening crisus wah to seem sick enough to stay on them. Especially if it doesn't get pinned on the IUD and gets chalked up to her laundry list of conditions.

No. 207832

File: 1480740088866.png (867.05 KB, 1024x660, MLS tmi.png)

Jesus fuck. Why? cringecringecringe

No. 207884

jeez she's like the poster child for BPD.

No. 207909

Gross. Why does she feel the need to post these kinds of things?

No. 207928


Oh god that's not what I needed to see when eating…

No. 207929

>if she knows that she probably won't pass re-cert for her ~ana~, wonder if she's amping up for a life threatening crisis
I don't think its tinfoil-hattery, its what i've been saying the whole time. She's terrified of being cut off. She's started posting about fibromyalgia, which I think is new for her, someone correct me if I'm wrong. She seems to be grasping at every illness possible.

I tried to count all the times she's said "my doctors don't care" and "won't do anything" once, it can't be done. At least, I'm not capable, its like her favorite thing to say.

No. 207962

She's kind of late to the game to start jumping on fibromyalgia. I don't know why she's clinging to that one now of all times considering it's extremely difficult to get approved for SSDI based on it. The government /hates/ having to deal with or approve fibro cases and they get a large percentage of them pretty much all the time. It's unlikely to work.

No. 208050

File: 1480803173730.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0268.PNG)

Oh god

No. 208092

Obvious self post is obvious

No. 208167

I tried to go through her whole instagram last night when I couldnt sleep and I spent 3 hours and never got to the end. She would post like 20 times a day for three years. The ones from three years ago are all the same attention seeking bullshit and self inflicted sprains, fractures, bruises, burns. She had a boot or brace on every limb in every photo. Plus I found a picture of a tube with her saying she wished she was sick enough to have one which as we all know had the self tubing follow.

No. 208168


She is the most non "just bones" person ive seen on her. Besides Kaydee. How do you guys find these people?

No. 208205


Shit. I wonder what she could have possibly used to get those burns. She was 'dissociating' and claims not to know what happened. Now those are some #fullthicknessburns #thirddegreeburns.

No. 208248

Did you screencap anything? I want to see that tube pic!

No. 208331

>picture of a tube with her saying she wished she was sick enough to have one
ah i wish you'd taken a screen shot of that one, and maybe kept a tally of how many times she said "my doctors don't care/refuse to help me" (its impossible, she posts too many pity party rants per day). Also, how many times she declares "relapse!" "thats it, sorry guys, I'm going ana again" and then orders dominos that night or the next day. And just like Robyn, its always justified by "I'm only eating this cause the bf bought it for me". She's like a 13 year old pro ana.
its like every time she declares ~ana relapse~, she gains a pound, and i laugh. She's gained at least 20 lbs since June.
>I wonder what she could have possibly used to get those burns. She was 'dissociating'
I really want to know too, and I bet Robyn would LOVE to know, so she can copy it.

No. 208365


I don't for one second believe that this caption is real. No one could lose that my he we guy in than the spacd of a month!

No. 208367

File: 1480871637633.jpeg (232.88 KB, 750x952, image.jpeg)

I always knew she was making herself sick so she could be admitted to the children's hospital and coddled like a baby as much as possible. My friend and I have been joking for months that she must be "eating tide pods or something" because there's no other reason for her organs to be so damaged, or her vitals to tank so fast. We were half joking, but as it turns out, she HAS been eating detergent. I don't believe it's PICA, either. I think mama bear was starting to get suspicious, how could she need an admission so soon after a month in IP? Poor baby Alexys had to choose between being caught out as a munchie, or claim she's unintentionally been making herself sick because "pica". Wow.

No. 208478

File: 1480888984461.png (641.19 KB, 907x565, pregg.png)

She's pregnant.

No. 208487

No way. Damn. Explains her distention that she's been trying to starve away. Bless her goddam heart if she really is.. And if she isn't; she's a mess.

No. 208493

>She's pregnant.
I don't believe it until she takes a test. I want to believe she's not, but if she is, wouldn't her cocktail of meds hurt a fetus? The baby would be screwed in life regardless, though.

No. 208494

Jfc this woman shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children. Hope she's not knocked up

No. 208496

You know, I have a few, very real burns and they've left bad scarring. One was a chemical burn [medical malpractice] and the other one was from a motorcycle exhaust pipe. So I dunno why her and Robyn cry about their oh so awful burns. Real burns hurt like a mofo and I wouldnt wish them on anyone.

No. 208501

I really want to know more about her MBI-ness!

No. 208504

She's certainly leading up to implying that she is. Keep in mind she is a manipulative piece of work and pregnancy dramu is another common ploy for munchie attention-seeking.

No. 208510

File: 1480892946778.png (Spoiler Image,1.87 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161204-180242.png)

Not gonna lie; mls's were really bad. They took half a year to even close up, and she sure bitched about them a lot.
Fucking spoiler!

No. 208516

I'm sorry you've been through this anon. This is what infuriates me so much about people like Robyn. Bitch should visit a burn unit and get a fucking reality check.

Jesus fuck. Looks like she used a lighter.

No. 208526

Huh. Don't know why I didn't think of that. A lighter makes sense. It explains the shapes and different sizes. They probably didn't look so bad at first, so she burned three more spots so it looked serious enough.

No. 208538

For the sake of the child's safety, I seriously, seriously hope she isn't pregnant. That way she doesn't have a proxy to turn her Munchausen's toward.

No. 208539

Thankfully one happened when I was very little, and the motorcycle pipe burn happened when I was 12, so Im over it. But seeing these idiots going "muh burns!" and obviously doing it to themselves for attenion pisses me off.

No. 208540

Cant wait for her to get a massive staph infection…..

No. 208547

>She's certainly leading up to implying that she is. Keep in mind she is a manipulative piece of work
Now I kinda want her to fake a pregnancy for the lols. Part of me can see her doing that, while the other part thinks this is all a sad attempt to convince herself she's gained 20+ lbs since summer due to something other than copious junk food. Either way, we'll find out soon.
They're all healed now anon, but it took fucking forever.

No. 208558

Actually mentally ill person with a dark history of self harm here: definitely done with a lighter. I've burnt myself like that before.

Pleaseeee don't let her be pregnant. For the sake of that poor fetus.

No. 208574

File: 1480899003498.jpg (655.27 KB, 2048x2048, BA1BC807-D389-4441-9A2C-83AEBF…)

The tube saga

No. 208575

File: 1480899054651.jpg (621.3 KB, 2048x2048, 2B03855F-2CC1-4F36-8AD7-F25D3C…)

Tube saga part 2

No. 208576

File: 1480899162522.jpg (540.89 KB, 2048x2048, 5974345A-599A-4930-945A-2F3DCF…)

Tube saga part three

In between all of this was a lot tube photos with ~cute~ stickers holding it in place and ~ugh weight gain~ complaints. And lots of begging for asspats and sympathy.

No. 208656

Can someone link the satire of jonzie08 her whole persona is so yikes

No. 208734

I've had burns from an electric grill like that. Definately something involving heat.

No. 208768

I want the full workup!

No. 208806

it's not connected to anything…..?
this thread is a wild ride wow.

No. 208813


Wait what?? She fucking ordered a tube off the internet and put it in herself??

I can't stop reading her username as
>muh life struggles

No. 208817

>'not many of you know i suffer from many severe chronic illnesses'
>spends all of her time posting about said severe chronic illnesses on social media

No. 209829

File: 1481082061325.png (74.02 KB, 640x750, IMG_0787.PNG)

No. 209830

File: 1481082417017.png (202.06 KB, 640x914, IMG_0784.PNG)

the most severe case of anorexia in new jersey! (posted in an ED group full of other anorexics whom i am sure all loved hearing that. she posts constantly and gets no replies if that says anything)

No. 209882

As a spoony I thought this thread would be funny but tbh these perks are depressing as fuck.

Being mentally stunted like them is 100x worse being crippled imo, at least we can live normal lives regardless. This is just sad.

No. 209886

Wow this is a whole new level of pathetic. She thinks she's the worst case of anorexia in an entire state, and she's barely emaciated??
She's every pro-ana blogger all grown up.

No. 210010

File: 1481124238022.jpeg (114.14 KB, 746x1105, image.jpeg)

>barely emaciated
She's not even a tiny bit underweight. She posts screenshots of her BMI app all the time, she's like 5'3 125 lbs.
>worst case of anorexia in NJ
Kek. NJ has 2 inpatient programs for EDs, but she's def sicker than all the girls in both of them.
And why the fuck is she wearing a waist trainer when she supposedly "can't keep anything down" and is so sure she she has gastro she tubed herself?
>every pro-ana blogger all grown up
I don't think MLS will ever "grow up". She claims every illness trending on IG, but not BPD, which is definitely the most fitting dx for this mess.

No. 210309

It's definitely a mixed bag of emotions: you either want to laugh, cry or wring their necks!

Fucking this! Every word!

No. 210926

File: 1481269143752.jpg (358.89 KB, 1680x1260, Phototastic-09_12_2016_5905800…)

Someone called MLS out on her priorities and she threw a tantrum…

(apologies for the quality of the image, I'm using my phone)

No. 210928

Okay I am a tech-clueless fag for this, but cool you can make messages with clipped replies stacked on a phone. I have to use my PC to do that. Quality is good, no worries mate.

No. 210957

I used an app called phototastic for windows phone, if that helps.

No. 211540

It's been a few weeks, this may be a record for MLS not going to the ER.

No. 211541

File: 1481386736948.jpeg (164.7 KB, 750x1200, image.jpeg)

Dropped pic

No. 211543

File: 1481386998281.jpeg (199.83 KB, 750x1191, image.jpeg)

But she's obv dying of ana, so, need to go to the ER. I don't even know which thread she belongs in now that Ana scum bags is back, but I think Munchie is more appropriate for her overall.

No. 211576

I just saw this on her IG and I'm not even sure why she's gone to the hospital. Is she just having withdrawal from the medical attention?

No. 211579

how has any doctor or any reasonable person reinforced her belief she is dying of anorexia???
dear god, someone show her Ash. (jk cuz pls don't tip the cow but seriously..)

No. 211609

there was another pic on there of her blood pressure being low and she said it kept dropping so I assume she thinks shes about to die and went.

No. 211618

Apparently the hospital wouldn't help her and said she's too "chronic", whatever the hell that means.

No. 211620

hahahahahahahahahaa. I can't think of any reason a doctor would say "too chronic to treat". What does that even mean.

No. 211624

A polite way of saying 'stop malingering in our ER when we have patients to treat'

No. 211630

That's the thing. ER = emergency rooms. ER's are equipped to only handle real emergencies like trauma, heart attacks, etc etc.

They can't handle chronic illnesses. Even people with true chronic illnesses like Cystic Fibrosis and whatnot have special clinics to deal with their illness and then their admittances are usually through their CF doctor, not an ER.

No. 211633

I wonder which chronic illness she tried to go in for. I know her ana is "chronic" but she's obviously not in a life threatening state with that.

No. 211635

She also may use the ER a lot since she has medicaid.

And lest we forget her horrible, uncaring doctors who wont help her

No. 211640

That's true. I've ended up in A&E for seizures before (I have a diagnosed seizure disorder) and other than basic obs and dealing with any injuries the most they can really do is say "see your GP as soon as you can" and maybe get you in to see your consultant.

No. 211712

This can actually happen in the US. As another anon mentioned, our emergency rooms are meant for acute and immediate emergencies. Unless the chronic illness is causing an acute problem that they can and should assist with, it can result in being turned away. I've been turned away without treatment after heart tests ruled out things like heart attacks. The ER is not meant to be a replacement for a GP but some people treat them as such. It's very exhausting for ER staff to deal with chronic issues that they have limited to no means of actually helping, and it would often take too long to obtain and review records for certain complaints. It's why many chronically ill people try to keep ER trips to a minimum - it costs a lot for something they may not even be able to assist with, and that's not even going into the stigma issue.

No. 211736

usually there's two main reasons people treat the ER like they are their own doctor

-they dont have insurance, and thus cant be turned away

-they're people like robyn, aka MBI's.

No. 211787

File: 1481423262081.png (199.36 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1912.PNG)

No. 211788

She should go to a walk in Urgent Care clinic instead, they're all over her state and open like 8am-8pm. But they'd probably turn her away too, because she's a delusional munchie.

No. 211797

File: 1481424448874.png (544.37 KB, 739x473, mls.png)

In almost every comment she has to make sure to mention her anorexia

No. 211878


Hi Laura Ingram

No. 211918

Definitely belongs more in here. Fuck she's impossible.

No. 211972


No. 212074

File: 1481481529317.png (175.27 KB, 640x986, IMG_0659.PNG)

Wait she's actually claiming to have anorexia…..???????

No. 212152

is anyone else curious about the boyfriend she claims to have? No photos of him at all on her facebook or insta.

I often wonder if he's made up too.

No. 212168

I've never used this site before but I have some dirt on journeytoemma.
I was on the same ward as Emma for a long while. She is currently on a mental health rehabilitation ward at the Cygnet hospital in Sheffield.
She is full of shit. That photo that she released of herself in a coma? She was placed in a medically induced coma because she took a Paracetamol overdose and refused the antidote. She wasn't comatose due to her "super severe anorexia".
She treats these wards like a holiday home. She's well enough to be in the community, there's no doubt about it. I think that she just enjoys the hospital environment.
She also tells everyone that she is a nurse - that isn't true. She was once training as a student nurse, but she has never qualified.
She is a classic textbook Borderline Personality Disorder patient.
Feel free to ask questions; as I said, I spent a long time on the same ward as her but luckily I'm one of the few who saw through her lies.

No. 212176

If he's real at all he's probably some feral looking dude who fucks her on the down-low and ignores her the rest of the time. She look like a moped so it wouldn't be surprising.

No. 212178

Me too. I think he's part of her b.s. fantasy.
Ooh gonna make popcorn! Can you share some stories with us?
Topkeks anon I laughed so hard and picture him the same way!

No. 212180

She was saying that they very rarely see each other and that she was "desperate for sex" because it had been so long. Sounds like he feigns being busy most of the time, bangs her when it's convenient, and fucks off the rest of the time. Hardly what I'd consider a real relationship.

No. 212190


Ooh. I have one; does Emma really have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome? It seems like she manipulated doctors to obtain that little diagnosis.

No. 212196

Sorry, I'm trying to figure out how to use this! I'm a bit of a technophobe.
She has health problems, that's undeniable. But I never heard anything mentioned about her alleged Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is odd when you've been on the same unit as each other for 8 months.
I think that a lot of her health issues are caused as a result of anorexia complications or from self harming.
She has claimed in the past to have Gastroparesis, which is also a false claim. She is perfectly capable of eating and drinking, her only issues around food are ED-related. She frequently goes out to restaurants, cafes, Starbucks, Costa etc. There is also a McDonald's a five minute walk away from the unit and I have seen her in there before.
She doesn't have any joint problems and I never once heard her complain about pain. We heard about her bladder problems often enough (it's hard to ignore when she constantly talks about it) but I never actually found out why she self catheterises.
She's also told a lot of people online that she has a PICC line (there may still be evidence on her Instagram) but she didn't have one the entire time that I knew her!

No. 212202


Thanks for the response. I have doubted her for a while. I think her physical health problems are self induced, lies or due to her eating disorder. I don't believe her gastroparesis claim. She posted one day that she might need TPN and 2 days later, she was eating a salad. That is the worst thing and even those who have mild gastroparesis know this.

No. 212204

Is JourneytoEmma on an eating disorders unit or just general psych?

No. 212207

I don't get why she made such a scene over not getting funding for the Retreat a while ago and threatened suicide, got the media involved and kicked up a.stink over how unfair it was and how she was being left to die etc etc etc if you Google her name you'll see all the articles about it all.
And yet now they actually want her to go there, she won't fucking go and just keeps pissing about where she is because she doesn't actually want to leave hospital and would rather stay where she's gets attention.

No. 212209

Her diet mainly consists of fish, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. She also drowns everything in sauce and drinks Pepsi Max constantly.
I knew that her Gastroparesis claims were false the moment I met her. I have my own gastro issues and I was extremely confused to see her eating fresh salad all the time.
It's a mental health rehabilitation ward. You can look it up, it's called Shepherd ward and it's at Cygnet hospital in Sheffield. They don't specialise in any specific area, it's just a general ward for long term patients. The majority of the patients have personality disorders and I met a couple with mild psychotic disorders.

No. 212210

That stay at Cygnet must be costing a bomb. I work hard and I don't mind knowing that my taxes go towards helping people who are very ill and need that level of care. It pisses me off when people like her mess about with Elf on the Shelf and play pranks with the staff. What a waste of resources.

Does anyone know why they aren't just forcing her to go to the Retreat? I think her treatment team are indulging her behaviour. It's not that difficult to say "hey Emma, funding has ended. This is where you are going." Why the fuck aren't the doing that?

No. 212229


Hi new friend, so glad you posted here - journeytoemma has been pissing me off more and more with her attention seeking ways and blatant lies, exaggeration of everything and her refusal to take responsibility for her own recovery and actually get out of hospital. What anhers me the most is her 'holier than thou' perfect patient attitude, moaning about all the other pts on her ward, yet she treats the place like a holiday camp and plays "jokes" on staff etc.

Would be really interested to hear more from you - what did the other patients think of her, what did the staff seem to make of her? Does she seem to copy others or act out when other people are gettjng more attention than her?

No. 212232

File: 1481500839481.jpeg (15.13 KB, 265x190, image.jpeg)

>self catheterises..holy shit why do these guys want to stick tubes in themselves so much?

No. 212240

OMG anon you just made my day! Thank you for making the effort to learn about posting here. I can't wait to hear more about this wackjob. What is she like, is she nice? Is she competitive? Do you have any stories about her from IP? What is the general consensus in the community about her? JTE is one of my top 'I always wanted to know more about…' munchies.

This. I fucking hate when they pander to manipulators. After the media shitshow she kicked up, I can't believe she has snubbed the very treatment she baaaawed about not getting!

No. 212531


Piss tubes are the new NG tubes.

No. 212538

If they wanted real attention they'd get a pegj tube.

No. 212540


No, no, TPN is the real goal here. Only fatties with normal stomach and bowel function are fed via a tube into their GI system.

No. 212704

I wanna know more about JTE too.

No. 212744

File: 1481578660173.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0306.PNG)

Fuck me, this lady the most most pathetic malingering excuse of a human being there is.

No. 212746

nah they won't survive if they can't eat McDonald's and shit off camera. It's much easier to just stick tubes everywhere, take some selfies, and then take them out for dinner with a friend.

These psychos don't want any of the real inconvenience and suffering just the look.

No. 212805

im not sure why she thinks people on instagram need to care

No. 212812

I love how she has 362 followers and 0 likes.

No. 212813

File: 1481586323367.jpeg (251.08 KB, 750x1194, image.jpeg)

not just care, but compliment her too.
>no one did my compliment hour
Well what are people supposed to compliment her on? Putting beads on safety pins, e-begging, wasting the ERs time? like wow! Good job!
I wonder if she'll be giving that $500 donation back to the rotary club, since she's "not getting a service dog anymore"

No. 212814


ahaha yea i love her "jewelry" she makes

No. 212815

They should compliment her on her talent of going days without showering and making a frowny face.

No. 212823


I just want to scream at how fucking dirty looking she is. I can smell her through the god damn screen.

No. 212826

did you guys ever see the video she has on her instagram? She talks as retarded as she types, i seriously think shes missing a lot of brain cells.

No. 212828

Link plz?

No. 212833

No. 212835

I did not expect that shrill voice to come out of that face. Oww, my ears.

No. 212859

Has anyone ever noticed how disgusting her tongue is, thick white/yellow coating all over it…and yet she loves sticking it out in most of her selfies. Makes me literally gag when i see it. Cant even begin to imagine how bad her breath is :O

No. 212862

gross, maybe she has thrush

No. 212866

oh god no dont give ideas!

#thrush #spoonieprobs #invisibleillness #17moredrvists

No. 212867


No. 212873

I don't think she does much for hygiene considering how greasy and dirty she looks in ever selfie so it's possibly 'brown furry tongue' aka massive plaque buildup.

No. 212901

No. 212908

>I eated McDonalds aaaaaah help me help me help me I hadda chicken sammich it was so scary

No. 212921

cap please? the account looks to be private.

No. 212924

She will accept you asap and follow you back as well. She's hungry for the followers.

No. 212936

What's up with the baby voice!?

No. 212996

I just lurk on insta, I'm not active. and it's an imageboard…

No. 213062

File: 1481632764060.jpeg (194.16 KB, 750x1063, image.jpeg)

>no doctor will help me
>look at my bag full of prescription meds

No. 213064

File: 1481633161126.jpeg (204.35 KB, 750x1116, image.jpeg)

much like how Ash gets at least a month added to her life every time someone says she's "about to die," MLS gains weight every time she declares "ana relapse" or swears off food.

No. 213144

I legit can't tell which end is which.

No. 213145

well yea if youre actually out of food youre going to be done with eating..
but i guess if she posts #ana~~~ 70 more times it will come true, she will wake up delicate and sick but so strong and brave


No. 213146

Glad I'm not the only one

No. 213148

File: 1481647577736.png (705.87 KB, 754x505, anatomy.png)

I think I got it right.

No. 213156

she must be eating herself out of house and home cuz a few weeks ago you could see hip bones still

No. 213159

i realize that in order to be insta famous you have to have anorexia if youre going the sick route, but some anon said it awhile back, id be more interested and frankly would believe a handful of people like this if they were just honest about how much they actually binge and shit.

but of course the comeback is that ed comes in different sizes dont assume my disorder….

No. 213192

'Putting beads on safety pins'

oh my hahaha

No. 213252

File: 1481655497694.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0311.PNG)

It's not really a secret though is it?

No. 213505

File: 1481669661380.jpeg (156.4 KB, 748x1108, image.jpeg)

I feel like MLS is missing enough brain cells to be in opiate withdrawal and not even know it. She had tramadol in her pill porn yes?

No. 213558

Not defending her, I hate the bitch, but to be fair people can mistaken tramadol withdrawal for the flu. The symptoms can be fairly similar and people often don't realize that tramadol comes with serious withdrawal symptoms. So it's possible to miss it for a while even if you know what you're doing, and tramadol withdrawal isn't really addressed by doctors because they present it as a non-addictive alternative to opiates. People may have no idea that the opiate withdrawal they're going through is connected to the tramadol unless they look it up themselves. She definitely has talked about needing tramadol before though, and those symptoms are the same ones I would get when I missed a dose, so odds are that's it.

No. 213612

Oh yea, people definitely mistake opiate withdrawal for the flu, even with "real" opiates, not just tramadol. Opiate withdrawal probably wouldn't have occurred to her with percs or oxy either, she's just too dumb. I've seen Roxicet in her pill porn, only once though, I'm sure she was really pleased with herself for getting that script.

No. 213824

File: 1481691676365.jpeg (188.05 KB, 750x1105, image.jpeg)

>only gave me Percocet
Poor baby.

No. 213836

She's such a frequent-flyer. Fuck, every ER in her state has to know her by now. How is she still able to score CII drugs?!

No. 213864

wow thats some intense amount of pain, look how out of control and severe it is! but bless her she so strong and resilient she can use her phone and pose and everything.

No. 214038

File: 1481730275643.jpeg (157.73 KB, 750x1107, image.jpeg)

Think she'll ever regret this? Or will she never have the insight to realize how awful this ink is? I guess ignorance is bliss?
>Don't be afraid about not fitting in.
>It's hard not to pay attention
>to that when you're young,
>but being different
>means you're being you.

No. 214087

Depends on what procedures she's had done. If she was able to talk them into surgery, like she did with checking her gallbladder for what's probably opiate withdrawal, they'd have to give her something even if she's got a history of drug seeking. Otherwise they open themselves up to lawsuits for not providing the minimum standard of care. Percocet is what they gave my brother after his surgeries, so it'd fit. Do we have any more pictures from this time frame to help clarify what she got the meds for?

No. 214108

Depends on the surgery, too. Sometimes I've gotten nothing, other times, percocet or oxycodone. But those were for major surgeries.

No. 214172

File: 1481742312850.jpeg (214.54 KB, 750x1111, image.jpeg)

I'm looking. She got morphine about 6 weeks later

No. 214173

File: 1481742528269.jpeg (194.98 KB, 742x1099, image.jpeg)

>in the ER 3 days prior
>gets dc'd with Tylenol 3s
>told coming in alllll the time isn't helpful

No. 214175

File: 1481742929205.jpeg (150.43 KB, 750x1094, image.jpeg)

So back in sept she got the percs for her gallbladder? And 6 weeks later, morphine for her back pain. Plus her tramadol scripts, sometimes I wonder if she's seeking drugs more than attention, or are they equal highs to her.

No. 214185

I wish ERs had to the power to turn away malingering patients. But I think for liability reasons, they must at least take a complaint seriously.

No. 214189


sorry for this blog post but
I have a similar tattoo (writing all down the inside of my arm) and it was the worst fucking decision of my life. Saving up money to get it blacked out now. I doubt this girl is physically capable of feeling really remorse for any of her actions what with the way she is documenting every second of malingering bullshit.

I wonder what her parents think of her. Do you guys think they believe this crap or do you think they have disowned her?

No. 214190

FUCK I forgot to sage. Sage for not saging.

No. 214192

well in one post she made with the tube she said shed have to remove it before visiting her parents, so they probably think shes full of shit

No. 214202

File: 1481744957441.jpeg (155.78 KB, 750x1089, image.jpeg)

I think her parents tolerate her. She's mentioned them helping her out with cash, food shopping, rides to the ER… It's probably easier to deal with her since she's in her own apt and not their house.

>they won't give me stronger meds

Yea, drug seeking confirmed.

No. 214271

she look strung out. i guess when the fog of drugs wear of, the weight of her shitty existence crashes down and she has to reach for more so she can live with herself. what a fucking waste of life.

chronic pain sure looks easy huh

No. 214274

Maybe her parents have just given in and accepted that she's probably never gonna function, just jump from made up crisis to crisis until she inevitably OD's. It's kinda sad for them.

No. 214279

File: 1481754975064.jpeg (223.95 KB, 750x1110, image.jpeg)

Apparently they kicked her out, I wonder why. And god forbid she saves any money she gets, the way she spends on dumb shit she doesn't need you'd think the $ has an expiration date.

No. 214289

Yea she ordered hair growth oil off of amazon and now she said she cant afford food.

No. 214291

I can barely understand that. Jesus what a long run-on sentence

No. 214294

File: 1481756948336.jpeg (216.82 KB, 750x1106, image.jpeg)

I can usually figure out what she's trying to say but not this time
>fsmily doc Losing weight no rice

No. 214297

File: 1481757065927.jpeg (233.56 KB, 750x1110, image.jpeg)

This one also took me a minute to decode.

No. 214299

I can't blame them at all. Living with her must have been a nightmare. She's like a caricature of personality disorders.

No. 214309

I knew there was something up with her! We were in the same ED recovery group. She literally sold her story to the papers and she wasn't that sick at all (sorry but she wasn't)

So weird seeing her on lolcow.

Here's the link if anyone wants a read, she was trying to scrounge up a million quid to get treatment:


No. 214311

File: 1481758781122.jpeg (204.71 KB, 745x1096, image.jpeg)

Plz tell me stories about how much of an attention seeker she is IRL. And no, she was never that sick, what paper was desperate enough to buy her story? How did she get approved for disability? Why did her parents kick her out?
(To sage, just put sage in the email field only)
Did she come off as a pro Ana trying to imitate Winter Girls in group?

No. 214313

MLS appears to be one of the cases where Factitious Disorder Imposed On Self is comorbid with BPD. Drug seeking in general can be part of the Munchausen experience. Every time they get a script for anything, their sick role efforts have been reinforced/rewarded. I think with MLS she has a secondary gain issue with opiates and her upcoming disability recert eval though.

No. 214315

Ah sorry you're talking about JTE, yes, she's an interesting mess as well. I love how they made it seem like she was in a coma due to ~severe ana~ when it was medically induced after an OD.

No. 214320

File: 1481759216508.jpeg (203.45 KB, 750x1104, image.jpeg)

Pretty much. Does she actually think she's severely anorexic?
>want them to not just see the anorexia diagnosis
I'm sure no doctor looks at her and thinks that

No. 214322

File: 1481759382379.jpeg (279.82 KB, 750x1100, image.jpeg)

>meds for dizziness cause retention
>take insane amount of diuretics a day
Like she doesn't realize dehydrating yourself will make you dizzy? She must not make the connection or she wouldn't have posted that. Just, wow.

No. 214327

Oops! Sorry, I actually deleted that previous comment because I put sage in the wrong field. Also added the news link.

She was constantly trying to paint herself as a do-gooder which meant she was always getting involved in projects at the ED charity we went to - but she would always use it as a platform to tell her own story over everyone else's. Which incidentally is what her profile picture is from, it was somebody's photo project that she took credit for.
The charity was really well intentioned but it ended up getting run mostly by ED sufferers which meant it had the potential to get really competitive and nasty at times, and Emma was usually at the heart of it all. She would always be posting pictures of her body in the Facebook group when there was a rule against it, talking about how disgusting she was and fishing for compliments. I think she's part of the reason the admins closed the group. The whole group actually was full of personal lolcows but Emma stood out because of the damn e-begging.

She has a friend called Sarah who is equally as suspicious but don't know what she's doing nowadays.

When I knew her she was a healthy weight but she couldn't drop the ED identity and her whole life was centred around proving that she was still sick.

Also note that her and her family were trying to raise a million for her care, when her maximum care bill would have been around £450,000 if she had to go private.

The thing is in Derbyshire, the ED services really are shit and that's why we had to rely on a charity - but it was a fucking joke that Emma made so much noise and got so much medical attention when girls I knew from the same group who needed serious help have literally died waiting to be seen.

These philanderers aren't just annoying, they are genuinely dangerous.

No. 214329

The only disability this bitch has is being a fucking retard.

No. 214331


Double-posting because I realise I didn't answer some of your questions.

We parted ways a couple years back; the e-begging was the final straw for me. I'm afraid I don't know why or even if her parents booted her out, but she was definitely a BPD nightmare so that probably had a lot to do with it.

She got disability basically because she made being sick her job. I know a lot of people like it, having gone through the mental health olympics you meet all kinds.

These people - Emma included - get isolated, get obsessed with being sick because that's the only thing interesting about their personality, and convince themselves and others that they're worse off than anybody else in the world. Her and a few others would obsessively document their ED by taking pictures of EVERYTHING, self-harm, the hair that falls out in the shower, pictures of them in their underwear looking scrawny, vomit - everything, and then use it as proof that they were deserving of disability.
Unfortunately a lot of it is easy to fake and very very easy to exaggerate.

No. 214335

She literally looks like a thumb. Enough neckfat for her to get through a cold foodless winter.

No. 214342

compared to the pic where she is complaining about ivs and dvt she sure has packed on a few. wow much anorexia.

No. 214353

Fuck, this is why I hate nursing. They have no choice but to take everyone seriously or they risk huge lawsuits. But that unbearable pain sure as hell didn't stop her from taking a selfie.

No. 214354

I wonder if they call psych down at all if they sense malingering

No. 214358

Complicated. Calling psych down without solid proof can spiral the patient into a crisis and they can demand to be discharged, threaten to sue, or hurt themselves. Unfortunately, handling malingering cases in the field is often not as simple or clear cut as it seems from the outside. Plus, if the assessment turns out to be wrong, the person's records are contaminated quite possibly for life. Again, lawsuit material. Malingerers can become genuinely ill sometimes too.

No. 214381

I hope psych doesn't get called, getting admitted to inpatient psych would only better her chances at getting re-certified for SSDI. I'm obviously really looking forward to that day. I'll feel bad for her parents if she moves back in with them though.

No. 214388

File: 1481769872717.jpeg (209.62 KB, 750x1093, image.jpeg)

Jfc, the ER staff must hate her

No. 214410

They probably see her for what she is: an addict.

No. 214415

File: 1481772208701.jpg (60.98 KB, 625x416, 92e9f13a099118db17d6c576b447fa…)

holy fucking shit this makes me rage. What did she do ??threaten the hospital with a Yelp disaster? Of course they arent properly equipped to deal with your bullshit because youll never be happy with anything.

I wish hospitals could refuse patients like this. Like its not a hotel you can just go to whenever you want its an EMERGENCY resource.


No. 214420

File: 1481772943644.png (444.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-14-22-31-18…)

And of course this drowned rat in a deep fryer looking bitch has a amazon wishlist, filled with just the bare necessities that you need to get by with you know? Although the masks would actually help her out a lot so what do I know.

How can you fall asleep at night knowing all you do is take and take and take? The only thing wrong with MLS is her shitty attitude and entitlement issues.

No. 214469

>design your own mask
Just the thing for someone with a personality disorder.

No. 214537

>transported to an hospital in fucking GHANA
>they'd never seen someone so skinny

No. 214542

LMFAO! Right?

No. 214574

I'm in Ghana. Generally, people aren't starving lol.
Doesn't mean she isn't exaggerating to hell and back, though.

No. 214614

She was on an humanitarian mission feeding people. Seems to me like she was in a place where people are starving and hospitals see more serious things than skinny white girls who don't want to eat.
She probably only fainted or was dizzy, they would have med-evaced to her country if it really was anything serious.

No. 214620

Oh my god, is she still in a ward? Last time she was mentioned here was last year, I think it's sad that she doesn't want to exist outside of a psychiatric unit. Honestly, those places can be hellish why would you want to be a life long patient?!

No. 214661

that letter was basically letting her know that they're on to her shit, it's so diplomatic but fucking incredible

No. 214683

File: 1481823444237.jpg (557.6 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_2016-12-15_17-35-52.JPG)

The tube is back!

No. 214685

File: 1481824234446.jpg (7.6 KB, 350x224, 12342546_419622218245376_12663…)

No. 214689


She doesn't want to.. Drink? What? Is that the new ED?

Also why on earth would anybody voluntarily upload a photo of them that makes them look like an 80 year old man? Why do people do that forehead wrinkle thing

No. 214707

She looks so satisfied with herself in that pic. Like, she looks the way people do when they're posing for s picture with a brand new trophy they just won or something. She looks so happy and smug about giving herself that tube

No. 214709

Ew. Notice how they gave her a preemie feeding tube. If she actually needed the nutrients/calories, they would give her a normal sized tube. BEEN THERE DONE THAT i know how this shit works.

No. 214716


No. 214731

omg she looks so fucking ugly… it's like she only knows how to take incredibly unflattering selfies with wrinkled forehead, no neck, and disgusting everything…
she just looks gross all around, like she hasn't taken a shower or changed her clothes in days.

No. 214737

she ordered it on amazon haha

No. 214741

File: 1481837465635.jpeg (292.81 KB, 749x1111, image.jpeg)

>I get under $1000 a month
Right, trying to make it seem like she gets so little, she gets $960 something a month PLUS low income housing, govt health insurance, food stamps, and I'm sure help from her evil parents.
>cable/internet/HD boxeS $150
Why does she need 2 boxes? The triple play is $99, plus tax $107. But no, she needs high def boxes, 1 in her bedroom+1 in living room, bet at least 1 of them is a DVR which costs extra. I only have 1 box, tf she needs 2 for?
>around here doctors don't believe in being on disability for anorexia
No, they don't believe her chunky malingering ass should be on disability for anorexia, or anything else. I'd love to meet the winner who filled out her disability paperwork. Her LW wasn't that low and it was short lived (and I think aided by stimulants) I know 15.1 isn't a "healthy" weight but come the fuck on, and her BMI is 22 now so yea, doctors are going to disagree with her getting so much govt $$ for anorexia.
I'm sorry, she just makes me so angry. And she has no money, but she's constantly shopping online for the ugliest things and now more feeding tubes/formula? Ugh.

No. 214747

File: 1481838111258.jpeg (257.28 KB, 742x1107, image.jpeg)

>I'm done. I'm relapsing
>repeats above in almost every post
>orders+places NG tube herself
Contradicting much? I've tried to count how many times she "declared relapse" in 2016, but it's impossible. Can't keep anything down, but the NG works even though the food/formula goes to the same place? How does one gain 25 lbs in 5 months if they can't keep anything down?

No. 214750

I highly doubt anorexia was the reason for not doing the surgery. Usually the GERD surgery isnt done because it fails 90% of the time.

No. 214837

File: 1481850444213.png (619.2 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1809.PNG)

Been debating whether or not to mention this next cow here for a while now but her latest posts made my mind up… this is another uk ex-eating disordered ("atypical ana" & bpd/mental illness 'warrior' who recently broke her knee requiring surgery which she milked for all it was worth and now (despite having family and a boyfriend who seem to visit her in her council flat everyday, she has a package of care for 4 visists PER DAY (courtesy of tax payers) as she is such a helpless snowflake who cant even attempt do anything herself. Anyway she moans and posts crying videos of herself constantly, threatening suicide as she "isnt getting any help". Also feels hatd done by as she does get the maximum amount of disability benefits and claims she doesnt have enough money to live yet posts hours later about buying more stuffed owl toys for her collection!!! She is a massive hypocrite and used to moan and bitch about people posting triggers without any tws and now she is demanding that people who moan about being triggered should just get over it like she has done ?

No. 214838

File: 1481850578720.jpg (471.38 KB, 1200x1722, IMG_1806.JPG)

Following pics are related to 'recoveringindeed' & her sickening benefit £ moaning.

No. 214839

File: 1481850638527.jpg (192.93 KB, 1194x1348, IMG_1807.JPG)

No. 214841

kek look how sick she is! has a nasal cannula and everything!

No. 214844

what is with these fake spoonies and hybermobility disorders

No. 214853

seriously though, raynauds, broken bones, joint troubles, osteopenia, is she a fucking 90 year old?

No. 214870

Yup! And the nasal canulae were just a one off after her knee surgery yet she immortalises that precious spoonie-esque moment as her profile picture. She loves the attention.

No. 214871

~recovery owls~

No. 214875

Not even one point in and I want to scream. Why are millenials so fucking ungrateful? I doubt she even lives in a house she paid for and owns.

No. 214876

Me again. Finished reading it and, God, I'm so mad.

No. 214879

>ASD means I struggle going out in public on my own and using busses and that's a mobility issue

UM. No bitch it's not. "Mobility issue" means a PHYSICAL illness impairs a person's mobility. Autism does not in any way impact a person's mobility. Needing help with transportation is not the same fucking thing.

No. 214881

More comments on this post.. All wondering why she self tubed. What an idiot

No. 214882

YUP again!!! And the ironic/sketchiest part of that bs excuse is that just last year she was at college, had a job at greggs (a chain bakery shop in uk), yet suddenly all these issues she still had as diagnoses back then are somehow now so kronic that she claims to be less functional than most OAPs in britain.

She doesnt own the flat - she gets benefit money from government to cover her rent.

To me it seems like she is just absorbing behaviours and apparent 'trends' on ig like most of our cows here have done….they all have so many similarities. She also only recently added the "spoonie" description into her ig bio which i find interesting too. I just wish the benefits assessors could see the shite these people say and the numerous inconsistencies in their stories!!!

No. 214894

File: 1481858180976.jpeg (471.63 KB, 1440x2062, Capture _2016-12-15-21-37-07-0…)

Dropped pic

No. 215000

This makes me so angry. I currently can't work due to a neurological condition (used to work full time but lost my job due to being on long term sick leave etc) and I claim the minimum amount of benefits I'm entitled to. I claim only Employment Support Allowance. I could probably qualify for PIP but I don't feel like I need that and so I've never tried to claim it. My aim is to get back to work as soon as I can. These people who beg from the government for everything they can infuriate me.
Sorry for blogging!

No. 215018

god she's such a tit. she cannot seriously moan about what pepole spend their PIP money on. she also cannot fucking say other people shouldn't be on more money than her. she is currently yeah in her house except she isn't housebound, she went to her mates the other day. she really doesn't have it that bad. these spooonies need a fucking reality check jesus.
all she spends her fucking money on is tat and owl shit. also cos she isn't working she should be getting either money cos she's too sick to work or jsa???

No. 215028

File: 1481885110542.png (443.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-16-05-41-25…)

I didn't include the awful wrinkle head selfie that went with this but our fave is going for an mri for her ~s00per srs~ wrist sprain or whatever today and she had to take her piercings out. Her life is so difficult.

Meanwhile a family of four has just died in civil war or of starvation elsewhere in the world. God damn I hate her so much. This is why people hate milennials

No. 215032

Can't go out due to Raynauds… bitch please. I've had Raynauds for years. Wear thick gloves and socks, scarf, a warm coat and you're good to go.
Tha fuck?!

No. 215049

File: 1481895605137.png (412.08 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0333.PNG)

I feel like I've been blocked for some reason hmmm

No. 215053

same :( i think she lurks. HI MLS!!!!! I would usually tell someone in your position to get help but please dont. youre taking help away from people that really need it.

No. 215084

File: 1481901429205.png (578.9 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161216_0001.png)

Someone tipped the cow.

No. 215085

File: 1481901507825.png (488.23 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161216_0002.png)

No. 215087

Dude, being "weight restored" is different than "never had anorexia"


No. 215162

I am about 90% certain it was Jackie (nevertrustmysmile123). She lurks this site like a motherfucker and just started cuddling up to MLS.

No. 215206

How on earth can you side with her, if you fall for her lies, you are as deluded as she is!!

No. 215249

Side with who? I think anon was just making an educated guess as to who tipped the cow and Jackie is a pretty good guess. I don't think I've seen jolty commenting on MLS posts.

No. 215251

Sorry I meant who ever tipped her, not the anon

No. 215252

That's because Jolt only likes skinny anas.

No. 215699

Love it: either this is a major coincidence or a farmer has been calling Chloe (recoveringindeed) out… whatever happened shes pissed and has writtwn this massive, manipulative post which actually makes her look even more attention seekinf and self-centred. She comes across as one of these people that 100% will NEVER even begin to consider they might not always be right & so entitled in life.

Also kek at her claim she had to "go to hospital for her raynauds syndrome" just for them to put her toes in a bucket of warm water ffs. Talk about waste of nhs resources.

No. 215702

File: 1481936601460.jpg (409.66 KB, 1196x1638, IMG_1816.JPG)

Sorry dropped pic^

Oh and PS. Her original post she has up moaning about her benefits has suspiciously disappeared - so glad i screen shot that at the time….shes just making heself look MORE 'guilty' of what we are calling her out on!!

No. 215703

There are so many lurkers here, though. I don't think it's fair to blame Jackie without any admission from her. And I'm saying this as someone who isn't even friends with Jackie, I know nothing about her other than sthe Ash drama, which apparently they made up?

No. 215720

I don't think Jolt tips the cows. She's a dedicated troll imo.

No. 215722

Or Chloe follows MLS, saw the drama, and is now pretending that she's being talked about too.

No. 215801

OMG this rant. Fucking lel. This is an attention-seeking Munchie Proclamation if I've ever read one!

No. 215809

Oh my god. She really needs to get over herself.

No. 215919

Raynauds anon again. Who the fuck goes to hospital for this shit. There's no cause and no cure for Raynauds, you just manage it. What a waste of everyones time, when all she had to do was rub her feet and/or take a warm bath. When I first found out I had it, my Dr advised to wear 2 pairs of everything and just wrap up warm. Ie. Just get on with it. It hardly hinders ones life. My hands are like ice right now, you just get used to it. I guess she has a "supa cereal" case of it though of course. Who the hell writes in on a PIP form as a mobility issue… just imagine the assessor reading that kek

No. 215928

Jolt likes cows in general, see: Margo.

No. 215954

File: 1481993469279.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0132.PNG)

No. 215958

I feel like she needs soap for christmas.

No. 215965

File: 1481994665870.png (260.74 KB, 509x575, oh dear.png)

Irrelevant but a girl I'm friends with on facebook is starting to turn into a bit of a munchie. Constantly posting statuses about hospital visits, whining and attention whoring, and then posting her hospital med haul was the last straw.

Munchie in the making?

No. 215990

>1000 crutches down

Big fat lie, if she's as sick as she claims then there's no way she'd be able to start with 1000 crutches. Inactivity is painful to work through. Though she'd probably just pop more pain meds to get through it. Plus we see her stomach repeatedly, no sign of abs. Her stomach is too flabby to be able to pull that off.

No. 215992

Yes let's just advertise on a public Facebook post, that may be connected to a filled profile with location information, that your haul includes /morphine/. Brilliant move Natasha. Fucking brilliant.

No. 215994

Wow so hardcore

No. 216004

I wanna ask who told her


No. 216017

sage for blogpost, but these people make me so angry, I know a 16 y/o girl who's literally going to die within 3-12 months from her brain cancer, and these idiots are crying because they get cold and pretend to be sick.

No. 216019

File: 1482006075559.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0133.PNG)

No. 216022

File: 1482006598061.jpg (742.15 KB, 1440x760, 20161217_202452.jpg)

No. 216028

File: 1482007718345.png (67.14 KB, 640x790, IMG_1821.PNG)

Wow chloe has really gone overboard in the last 24 hrs!! Dont know if its coincidental that loads of her followers have suddenly been calling her out on her selfishness and general attitude, either way she has deleted the post about her benefits (which to me makes her look more guilty!) and today has posted another 2 crying videos, one of which is so forced its seriously cringey to watch. Aplogies i dont know how to post ig videos here, but have a screen shot instead.

No. 216042

all I see is a giant thumb with glasses

No. 216053

I hope this is what the anon who tipped her intended. I hope the person who messaged her intended to wound her severely and make her feel suicidal. This is what happens when you tell people they're beig talked about on Lolcow. They always, always cry about it.

No. 216081

File: 1482014088639.png (99.43 KB, 750x1083, IMG_5658.PNG)

Nobody tipped her. Rather called her out on her shit in comments on this post.
Can't get high enough quality images to post the screenshots so if someone else wants to try feel free

No. 216095

File: 1482015017486.jpeg (166.99 KB, 741x1204, image.jpeg)

Shes threatening sudoku

No. 216098

File: 1482015118957.jpeg (291.2 KB, 750x1198, image.jpeg)

Mostly just a spoonie contest

No. 216105

Depending on which hypermobility support group she's referring to, that's not really support for her being ill. Several hypermobility support groups online are filled with drama, people constantly feeding each other's thirst for attention, or one-upping each other. Some absolutely refuse to question anyone's claims because "like a zebra, everyone's stripes [see: symptoms] are unique", and will pander regardless of how obvious someone is in their faking. Also it's very easy to shop around for supportive ones.

No. 216111

I have Ehlers Danlos and I avoid those groups like the plague. I'm not a fucking spoonie. I'm a person with a health condition. Some of them need to man the fuck up and stop having competitions over who can bend their hand back the furthest or who has had the most Hospital admissions.

I think Chloe (recoveringindeed) is genuinely quite vulnerable though. I don't think she is the same as some of the others. She's not on Robyn's level. She seems quite young too.

No. 216124

apparently her mum is contacting the police about her going on lolcow so now her mum will know about the lies she's told too

No. 216126

Spoilt entitled little brat Chloe. I disagree with others that she DOES have autism, she has zero social skills and just the ability to get peoples backs up.

No. 216130

It seems to be a theme that these young women with anorexia (Chloe, Alexys and crying Emily)! haven't quite detached from their mums. They refer to their mums in the way that small children do. It must be linked to emir mental health problems.

No. 216134

People can have shit social skills without being autistic though.

This. The EDS or hypermobility support groups are a cancer and breed some of the worst sickness drama I've ever seen. All she's managing to do is claim that she talked a bunch of people into supporting her, which in those communities is not exactly hard. I've noticed that the ones that don't have a specific focus and strict rules to enforce said focus often breed drama and attract people like Cloe and Robyn.

No. 216138

Yacht accident says it all… Sorry didn't realise those in poverty had yachts in the family.

No. 216150

But she lived in a homeless hostel remember

No. 216152

Means nothing, all she needed was a note saying she could no longer live at her home before getting placed. She wasn't living the rough life and easy access to a free flat. I know people who do this all the time just for a placement on the list.

No. 216153

Bullying is disgusting!! Commenting about people's conditions saying they are lying is disgraceful. People who behave in this way are nothing but cowards! I've read your posts stating that Chloe's mother will now know her lies! Well egg on your faces she's not lying! You have caused Chloe and myself a lot of heartache and upset this evening!! I have had to come to Chloe to calm her down. Autism is hard and is a wide spectrum disorder many people with autism suffer mental health problems. Sadly Chloe has a lot of complex medical problems including a heart condition that could cause her to die prematurely! I have already lost one daughter to a terminal condition which has destroyed my family. Chloe has had many attempted suicides! Your vile behaviours have caused her great distress and made her feel low and yet again suicidal ! If I lose my last child due to your childish stupidity I will hold everyone on here that has commented accountable! So let's all say that's the end of it !

No. 216159

Oh and the flat isn't council it's private rented!! And she doesn't get full rent paid either!! So she wasn't homeless to get a free flat!! She was homeless as she had overdosed far too many times in my home and I was terrified of going in her bedroom as everyday I thought she might be dead!! She also wasn't able to cope with the memories in the house following her sisters death!

No. 216160

I just spent over twenty minutes talking to Chloe's Mum on the phone and I really think that you guys should tone this down a bit, or even better, just cut it altogether.
I can't say that I agree with everything that all of these people post on Instagram, but on the other hand, people probably don't agree with the content that I share on Instagram.
I can 100% tell you that Chloe is NOT lying about her conditions. I'm not going to share her personal details because it's up to her what she chooses to share, but her Mum has told me everything that Chloe struggles with and Chloe hasn't lied about a single thing.
This is a difficult time of the year for Chloe and she's finding things hard enough as it is without the added pressure of knowing that people are discussing her illnesses and questioning her on the Internet. If you knew anything about Autism, you'd know that individuals on the spectrum are more likely to fixate on certain things and that small issues can make it seem like the world is ending. Something that might not affect you could feel soul destroying to somebody with Autism, or any degree of mental illness. So before you try and pick Chloe apart further, THINK about what you're saying.
How would you feel if you discovered that somebody had ended their life after seeing the stuff that you are all writing on here?
Leave Chloe alone now. I've heard the truth directly from her Mum, the person in her life who knows her best. And her Mum has confirmed that everything Chloe has said is true.
So just drop it now.

No. 216162

File: 1482019981068.png (2.43 MB, 1280x1280, UwjZCNx.png)

No. 216164

Absolutely disgusting. I hope your settling day comes, and I sincerely that you can live with yourselves, when a victim of your bullying takes there life, and you are all held accountable.. jail time too. You won't go unheard, there are consequences of what you have done, and I hope you're sat waiting for that knock on your door. This website isn't all that secure, and your identities are there for those too see.

No. 216168

This is silly. Nobody wishes harm upon Chloe or anyone of these people in fact. She does need to step away from the internet though. It is clearly not helping her.

If you look through her instagram, she has had lots of times when she's become distressed from reading things online or getting into online disagreements.

If you love and care about Chloe, encourage her to use the internet safely.

No. 216170

File: 1482020525778.gif (495.05 KB, 500x375, MrW5mUX.gif)

No. 216175

Hello "Cloe's mom".

I have to wonder. If small things can throw Cloe into such a crisis, why haven't you taken a bigger role in encouraging her to minimize her internet trail? Instead of pointing fingers at complete strangers for doing little more than saying they don't believe her, why not teach her the importance of privacy?

People with autism are not fragile little angels. If given the tools and the guidance, we can fend for ourselves. Creating this bubble of acceptance for her is unhealthy and is going to do more harm than good. People are not nice to autistic people. This is a fact of life. Instead of bawwing about something that won't change, maybe actually teach her how to protect herself instead of posting attention grabbing crying videos on the internet.


An anon with autism.

No. 216176

Believe me I have spoken to Chloe many times about the internet and safety. But when people copy posts of hers not knowing the repercussion they cause to her and her family are disgusting. Chloe has been having a mental breakdown and people having a mental breakdown often type negative things. Chloe hasn't the ability to understand what she does at them points are wrong but they are a clear indication to her family that she's struggling and not coping well.

No. 216181

I've read many posts on here stating people are lying about their conditions exaggerating ect
Yet none of you know these people personally nor are you trained medical professionals. Just sit and think how you would feel if this was a close member of your family. And an apology for the horrid things that have been posted about my daughter would be appreciated! She's not an attention seeker she's crying out for help!! As she's not well please have a heart and think in future before you post.

No. 216183

What assurance do we have that you're not Cloe? A lot of cows come on here claiming to be concerned friends or family. We have no reason to believe a word you say if we have no assurance that you're not her.

No. 216189

Well I can assure you I am her mother!!! I should not have to justify who I am but if you are that pathetic you need to know email me ffs annmarie.cullen@btinternet.com or pm me on Facebook !!!

No. 216191

I kind of wonder if Chloe has been self-posting this whole time.

Crying Emily's mum

No. 216193

We don't believe you're a mother because you type like a teenager.

No. 216195

Were you the one who told Chloe about lolcow?

No. 216196

Chloe's mum, I mean this kindly. It's not a good idea to put your email on here. People may troll you or send you abuse. Just focus on Chloe and getting her the help she needs. At the end to the day, none of this really matters. There is a real world out there.

I live in the U.K. and know you do not get sectioned easily. I'm sure she's ill. I'm not sure her internet interactions aren't making things worse in that respect, to be honest

No. 216198

Email me for my phone number I would love to talk to you! would love to know who you are too. So a chat on the phone would be great. I'm a 42 year old woman I have much better things to be doing st this time of the night rather than typing to people that have caused me to go out tonight in the freezing cold to attend to a very distressed daughter who lives alone!

No. 216199

You've repeatedly told her the importance of internet safety and yet are perfectly okay with handing people your Facebook, email, other various personal info and even a phone number??

That… makes no sense. At all.

No. 216200

I don't care if I get bombarded with emails as long as the focus is off my daughter who can't deal with it. But I would much prefer to chat on the phone so people could just get to hear what it's like walking in Chloe's shoes and mine!! I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Please please just leave the negativity regarding Chloe alone. Try focusing your lives in a more positive manner. Try being supportive do a good deed anything rather than be a keyboard warrior picking on people.

No. 216201

I don't wish to cause you any pain because clearly, you have had more than your fair share. However, you might be surprised to learn that many people on here have physical and/or mental health problems. Personally, I don't disbelieve that Chloe is unwell. I do think that he internet is an unhealthy coping mechanism for her. This isn't the first time that she has become upset due to social media and similar. I know she lives alone and she's an adult, so you can't force her to be sensible online but she does need to consider how social media is hindering her mental health covers. I've been in her shoes which makes it all that more frustrating that she doesn't do positive things especially when she has the support of you and others.

No. 216202

I feel like I'm missing the part where we actually discussed whoever this Chloe is. I feel like she's a fairly insignificant character in this thread, it's mainly full of MLS and JTE….

No. 216203

My Instagram is @hey.shelby and I'm the one who spent over 20 minutes talking to Chloe's Mum on the phone. I wasn't going to put my name on here because I've been trying to lower my Internet presence but I can deal with that at another time.
I have absolutely no doubts now that everything Chloe has said is true. Her Mum wouldn't have spent so long on the phone to me if she was just spouting lies!
Chloe really doesn't need all of this negativity right now so I'd recommend just leaving this as it is.

No. 216204

Sweetie there are all sorts of people on this blog including medical professionals and most of all people who suffer from the illnesses at hand.

No. 216205

Yes I am happy to pass on personal details! As only an idiot would attempt to harass a very educated and professional person via these means. I'm happy if the conversations are polite and educate people. However if they are used in the wrong way I am fully prepared to make this a legal suit! Nothing would please me more that to sort this out via private means but if I have to take this to court I will !! Trust me !

No. 216206

I'm Sorry but How can you be her mom if it's nighttime where you are? And also you referred to her mother in third person.

No. 216207

Same I'm so lost

No. 216208

Cloe was barely even mentioned in here. Primary focuses have been on entirely different people. It only started blowing up when you came in here and started bawwing.

No. 216209


Um because sometimes people stay up late?! I'm not Chloe's mum or Chloe but I am in the UK and I a man awake.

No. 216210

Cloe = Recoveringindeed.

No. 216211

I agree with others that Chloe was barely mentioned. I actually think it was one only person who was talking about her. I suspect it's someone who knows her and has a grudge.

No. 216212

As someone with an overactive emotional disorder, getting off Facebook was a very healthy choice and I have had less break downs. Maybe discuss that with her because not none of this would have started if she hadn't given so much info out on the internet including her persona, life, etc. No one is making her do that and it's obviously not a healthy coping mechanism at all.

No. 216213

It's 1:15am in the UK. People are awake. Are you stupid?

No. 216215

Yeah I mean I went back and read but I guess I missed the part where ~we were so cruel~ and definitely didn't see anything suggesting she commit sudoku.
"Chloe's Mum" would you like to let us know what posts were actually so very harmful?

No. 216216

Like I have said before I have tried to teach Chloe the importance of not posting negative posts, but as I stated earlier when she is having a breakdown this is how she behaves to let people know she's not coping as she can't manage to vocalise herself in a crisis. And if you have been in the same situation as Chloe regarding internet not being good for someone's mental health you will understand when you are going through this process you can't grasp or believe it's having an impact on your life. But one day I'm hoping Chloe will feel much better and see things in a clearer way. Social media is Chloe's only social network as she rarely goes out and doesn't cope with social outings so this is the nearest she gets to having friends she can talk to. All Chloe needs is positive friends she can turn too and who she can trust to talk to.

No. 216221

>lost one daughter
>lets other daughter who's "attempted many times" live alone
>too scared to walk into her room
>can't handle memories in the house
So move? You chose to kick her out, so go chill with her step dad/your husband who caused the yacht accident in the first place, and stop bawwing. Mother of the year you are.

No. 216224


What the fuck is wrong with you? I haven't commented on any posts about Chloe and have no opinion on her but Jesus, this poor woman buried her daughter and her other daughter is clear mentally ill. You have no right to be such a twat to someone when you have no idea about her parenting skills. She's a grieving mother.

No. 216225

I forgot what time it was here my bad

No. 216226

I might not have been such a twat if I believed it was actually Chloe's mum, or if we'd actually said anything hurtful about Chloe on here. The comments that upset her were on Instagram and fb, Lolcow is innocent this time.

No. 216227

Yo the person who just put about a yacht accident it wasn't a yacht !! Secondly there was many factors in Chloe having to leave her family home, I just gave 2 reasons. Thirdly it's not just simple to up and move it takes finances, not only that my house is adapted for my disabilities so not a simple up and move!! Chloe moving out was my last ditched attempt to get her the help and support from mental health services as they were relying on me!! I had just lost a daughter I'm not in a fit state to give Chloe the emotional support she needs as I am finding things hard too!! Lastly you have no right to judge me calling me mother of the year!! Until you nurse someone for 20 years and watch them slowly die in front of you and at the same time see your other child falling apart don't judge!! I have gone through a mothers nightmare and each day is hard to get through! Shame on you who posted!!

No. 216228

I read back, the mention was fairly insignificant as I said before. She wasn't really discussed at all and what was said wasn't even that bad. I wouldn't try fight the cause on an anonymous image board because let's be frank you're never going to win…

No. 216231

The posts that offended me on here were posts copied from what my daughter had posted off this site, the fact that you call her a liar on here also referring to her as a bitch and a cow and other name calling!! The way you have spoken about my daughter on this site I find vile!

No. 216233

You don't need to enter an email. Just leave the fields alone and your post will look like the rest of ours.

No. 216235

Again, can I see them? I literally can't find anything anyone did that was so wrong? You may be in the wrong place, ma'am.

No. 216236

File: 1482025239057.png (135.88 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3401.PNG)

Here's an example

No. 216238

What she makes public is forgive me for being blunt is PUBLIC. We/ whoever the fuck posted about her has/have done nothing wrong, it's her choice what she portrays or puts on the internet. And what you've done was way more damaging to her, as mentioned she was really insignificant character in here and would have probably never of been mentioned again, but you've brought a shitstorm to the table and everyone is going to see this…

No. 216240

File: 1482025514194.jpeg (249.82 KB, 750x1189, image.jpeg)

The only really hostile comments I've seen towards Chloe were from this Blobbysrecovery person. I honestly don't think Chloe is a cow, I find her quite boring.
I'd like to know what MLS is up to, though.

No. 216241

This anon is correct. You're making her more and more significant with every post and these threads are forever. You're doing much more damage by yelling on here. Also people mentioned most of her hate was via instagram and not lolcow.
You're just attempting to bully us now(which will not work I promise). Full circle.

No. 216242

I really don't see what damage that does at all? Again, you're shining a spotlight on her now, definitely making it worse for her and you.

No. 216243

Awwh man me too, wish she hadn't blocked me :(

No. 216246

She hasn't posted anything since her 1000 crunches ;(

No. 216247

The posts of Chloe's that were copied and posted on here were on her private FB or instagram page. Only visible to friends ! If you had a problem with her posts instead of copying them and causing all this you should have private messaged her telling her! But no you go behind her back and do what you did!! I'm off to bed as I have better things to do than sit up all night typing to people that are trying to justify their nasty name calling posts! i would never bully I'm nothing like the people who posted on here. My intentions were to hope I could make you realise you were wrong and that you would leave my daughter alone and at least have to decency to apologise for the upset that has been caused by the above posts regarding chloe!

No. 216248

It's absolutely someone who knows her. I don't give a shit about Chloe. She's irrelevant. She's not funny.

Someone she knows posted her here and then told her about this site. Either that, or she posted her damn self here. Either way, it's someone known to her.

No. 216249

Chloe and Chloe's mum: I would look very very closely at her friends who are on both facebook and Instagram. One of them did this. Probably someone with an eating disorder too. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

No. 216251

Well who ever it was I'm sure the police will get to the bottom of it.
Please to all that have posted about Chloe please think in future before posting the type of posts you have. This has impacted on me as well this evening. I'm deeply upset that human beings can be so thoughtless and understanding

No. 216254

You posting here isn't going to make anything better for Chloe, like others have told you, you're creating a bigger spotlight on Chloe with every post. You aren't going to teach farmers here anything nor are you getting apologies.
>the police will get to the bottom of it
Right, sure, and good luck with your Lolsuit. Do yourself and Chloe a favor, go to bed and don't come back here.

No. 216256

It was probably blobbysrecovery or whatever her username is.

No. 216260

I do feel a bit bad for Chloe's mum, even if she did unknowingly make it 10x worse for her daughter. It must be hard trying to manage her, yeah she shouldn't have even tried to fight for her. Heck I didn't even know who Chloe was until this kicked off and I post in here fairly often.

Also fuck CF, horrible disease.

No. 216261

We know who one of you are as you said you've been blocked and chloe hasn't blocked many people and only blocked two people lately. So we know who you are.

No. 216263

Stop pouring gas on the flame if you want to help Cloe. Help her distance herself from such a public presence on social media. The thread was starting to die down when you stopped posting.

No. 216265

what the fuck happened here, oh my god. If you are her "mother" go actually parent her for once in your life.

No. 216267

I'm not her fucking mother. If I was her mother I'd be 4 years older than her. Definitely had a baby at 4 years old

No. 216268

congratulations, fck off then. literally nobody cares about some kid throwing a tantrum online.

No. 216271

The one of the two blocked persons is probably innocent. I doubt it was more than one person. Chloe isn't the kind of person this board is interested in, and the person who posted her types like an underage crybaby. Definitely a vendetta.

No. 216272

Actually MLS blocked me, how many times I don't give a fuck about Chloe I've never mentioned or discussed her in my life. She is incredibly insignificant to me

No. 216274

Chloe shouldn't even be on this board she's not MBI type. She's actually got illnesses and is struggling a lot and she's not making them up or exaggerating them. She wouldn't be on as many meds as she is if she didn't have these diagnosis'. I've followed her for a while and her journey is incredible. I've seen her posts after she's had all her surgeries, I've seen forms with her diagnosis' on on her ig. And her mums backing her up. So clearly she's not the usual attention whore you lot all post

No. 216275

Me throwing a tantrum?!. You wanna check yourself. Do you know what a tantrum is? Haha

No. 216277

That's the problem with this page there is no compassion or care to others. It's full of people who want to judge others they don't know and have a moan and bitch about them. I truly feel sorry for people like that as it must be awful to have to be so mean to make themselves happy. So sad to have that kind of mind set that this is ok behaviour. I hope you all never have to suffer in your lives and watch loved ones suffer and die. I hope that you all find peace in your hearts. Happy Xmas everyone!!

No. 216278

File: 1482028651179.jpeg (117.79 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

Kek. anon was talking about MLS, one of the actual main topics of this thread. See, you don't even know how to use an image board and you're making things worse for your daughter. It's almost 3am in the UK, go to sleep.

No. 216279

Exactly that's why she was mentioned once then never again cuz she's not a cow.. and if someone told her about this thread it was almost definitely them who told her since it happened so quickly. This site isn't that heavily trafficked.

No. 216280

She's not my daughter. I'm a ig follower of hers.

No. 216282

Totally agree with you. They all a bunch of sad cunts with no lives. Clearly says something about them bullying others. They're just trying to make themselves feel good. When they all look like a bunch of idiotic stale bitches.

No. 216283

Why are you here then? Go back to instagram

No. 216284

What is a cow?
Is that short for something?
Or are you just calling people cows as in offensively(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 216285

Backing up someone I think is being unfairly treated. It's called being a NICE human being with a ACTUAL heart and conscience!

No. 216289

No. 216290

TihanK you for caring

No. 216294

Ah yeah she definitely isn't a cow. Why the fuck was she posted in here. So not right to make comments about someone who's actually ill and struggling. So wrong

No. 216295

Cows produce milk and Chloe does not.
You on the other hand..

No. 216296


No one asked you to white knight anyone, you've actually made things worse so congrats with that. We don't care about Chloe, she's not even interesting, she's not even a real cow, so has little to no interest in being here in the first place.

Just leave

No. 216297

She was posted here because one of her friends or ex friends had a vendetta. Probably that blobbys person. Jesus Christ.

No. 216299

Well done you know what cows produce. High five for that discovery.
And what about me?

No. 216301

THIS you should be messaging that person if anything they're the one whose actually cruel and posted about her where she shouldn't have been posted.

No. 216302

Jesus Christ facepalm

No. 216303

The person who told her about this site is most likely the same person who posted her here. Chloe is a nobody.

No. 216305

Why should I leave? Am I not a nasty spiteful ugly troll like everyone here? Do I not fit in because I'm, do I dare say the word you all don't understand 'NICE'. Oh no I just said it. You lot wouldn't know what nice means anyway. Google the definition of you're stuck(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 216306

I want to stop but I just can't.

No. 216307

You know what the real tragedy is here…

Some many posts wasted on this thread, it will reach its limit soon :(

No. 216308

You should type your insta handle in the name field so we can tell the difference between you and Chloe's fat mum.

No. 216310

But she's blocked so how could she post screenshots?

No. 216311


You should leave because you're not welcome. You're not contributing to the thread, you barely know how the image board works. Regardless why do you want to be here if we're not 'nice' people?

No. 216314

Calling her mum fat? Why do you think she's fat?

No. 216315

She posted them before she was blocked / she has an alternate account / magic.

No. 216316

Oh I'm not welcome because I'm nice. That makes me sad

No. 216317

Some of them were recent posts. Chloe stated she blocked her over a day before alll this shit hit the fan.

No. 216318

Cow stands for 'chronic oxygen waster'

No. 216319


Bye then 'nice' person.

No. 216320

She has an alternate account / magic? IDK man.

No. 216321

im getting quite comfy here. Might stay thankyou

No. 216322

Orrrrr it's someone else who follows her

No. 216323

Just stop replying to this attention seeker, guys.

No. 216324

This is boring me now. Good night

No. 216327

How's it attention seeking. Jeeeeeez you guys are mega judgemental

No. 216328

No. 216330

Chloe should delete her IG. She has 3000+ internet strangers watching her struggle. That's dangerous. Of course something like this was going to happen. I bet some of those 3000 are sick perverts, too.

No. 216332

File: 1482031580921.gif (695.32 KB, 245x160, tumblr_ogd8zu6UIr1rba34go1_250…)

>This thread

Munchie cows are the best cows.

No. 216334

Why should she delete her page because of some bullies? Chloe uses her land as a place to vent what's going on in her life like a diary. And besides people should just grow up and stop being pathetic bitches.

Like for example people could get attacked over anything. For example a vegan may attack a meat eater online because he's eating meat and a vegan might notlike that he's eating meat and proceeds to lecture them all and be okay. Someone might go shooting as a hobby and then someone might not agree and attack you. No matter what someone does someone will always find something to attack them over.

No. 216336

Because Chloe clearly can't handle criticism.

No. 216337

Because she clearly can't handle it.

No. 216339

You clearly don't know what criticism is. People were saying she wasn't autistic. How is that criticism?

No. 216341

For the record, diaries aren't supposed to be public, let alone visible to thousands of followers.

No. 216342

Think if you were autistic and mentally ill you'd find it hard to handle. Instagram is Chloe's only way to connect with people as she struggles with communication. She's made a lot of friends on there and even met a bunch and mde friends for life. And people on there are nice and supportive to her majority of the time apart from when cunts start being dicks to her

No. 216345

People can have online diaries. Google them.

No. 216347

Chloe is too autistic and mentally ill to handle an Instagram account with 3000+ internet strangers who may judge and/or insult her. It's too dangerous for Chloe to have all these randoms in her life because clearly they can wound her deeply.

No. 216349

Totally this. If you're going to live your life in public you're going to come across "haters". It's just how it is. If you're too emotionally fragile for that then you're in the wrong place.

No. 216351

Maybe she should go to group therapy then lol. If you post on the internet it's pretty much public domain. The world isn't a hug box.

No. 216365

o.O i hope she's ok! 1000 crunches is a lot for someone so ill!

No. 216367

If she absolutely needs to vent, and have support from these positive friends and followers, then perhaps she should make her profile private. She already has 3000+ so it isn't like she needs extra randoms being able to see what she is posting.

Ultimately she should be getting the help and support she needs from trained professionals who are knowledgeable in autism and her various issues, so that she doesn't need to rely on the acceptance of random people on the internet. They have many day programs for autistic people to learn social skills and interact with one another (so people who would understand her struggles perhaps better than random people on the internet).

No. 216368

Bit late to this thread, but why is she paying for private healthcare when we have the NHS? Especially when she has an unstable income! If she does have life limiting conditions and ASD then at the very least she would be seeing the CMHT and have regular GP appointments.

No. 216380

File: 1482037311484.jpeg (200.65 KB, 750x1110, image.jpeg)

I thought that too and all of a sudden, she's liking MLS posts. Weird.

No. 216401

Jolt was a hanger-on to Margo when shit blew up this year. I think (her?) cow tastes are broadening

No. 216405

Her mum said her profile has always been on private. It was Simone she trusted who posted in here.
And she isn't getting support for her autism, her mums been fighting for support but they haven't been able to get it yet they had a meeting this week to get chloe some extra support because of her recent breakdown and someone was meant to see her last week but nobody came.

No. 216407

Chloe stated on Instagram she had to go private because she wasn't getting the help she needed. She's still under her stepdads work insurance for another year. They only have to pay £100 excess then all the treatment they get is paid for by their insurance.
I can vouch for chloe. I have autism and I don't get support, I have mental health problems but my team are so useless and barely see me and cancel all the time. Mental health services are not good in some places

No. 216408

The NHS is based on need, not want though.
Why do you know so much about her healthcare and family background, it's a bit rude for you to be posting her private details like this.

No. 216413

Because she said on a post in the comments when someone asked her about it.
The NHS mental health service is failing a lot of people, chloe was taken to her old psych unit by crisis team Wednesday as she was meeting with her old consultant because he left her care in the hands of her outpatient team but they didn't bother with her since she got out of hospital in june despite her overdosing and things. She never got help, and she's not the only one from where she lives who isn't getting support from the team, her consultant said that he had been getting a few similar calls about her team lately from other people.
And she went private because her doctor wasn't taking in to account her physical health conditions and was wanting to take the wires in her knee out this month and if that happened it could of been serious, she could've rebroken it because it wouldn't of healed properly and her bone has shifted out of the metal wires they put round it. I've seen the X-rays and everything and she wasn't making it up. The fact her bone shifted shows that the bone hasn't healed and if the wire was taken out then it would of broken so quickly.

No. 216414

Besides it's a bit rude you commenting about her when she's not a cow or MBI she's genuinely ill

No. 216415

Getting bored of this now.
She isn't a cow and not the sort of person who should have been posted in this group.
So can everyon just stop talking about her. Because it's not nice. She isn't a cow

No. 216424

She is a drama cow crying on Instagram. You can whiteknight and same fat all you want, it won't change that fact.

No. 216436


No. 216482

>Because it's not nice.

Oh, I didn't realize. I'm sorry. I have autism.

No. 216487

She's had autism all her life anon. If her mum's just looking into it now…

No. 216493

Yeah she's had autism all her life. You don't just suddenly get autistic at a certain age. It's something you're born with. But her autism was overlooked when she was younger due to her terminally ill sister, so she didn't get diagnosed later on in life.

No. 216494

Till later on in life*
Wrote that wrong there

No. 216495

Please stop discussing Chloe she's so boring

No. 216511

Well Dr Freud, I think we've found the root of her attention-seeking.

Anyhoo, what's MLS up to???

No. 216528

She doesn't attention seek.
There's a lot people don't know about her struggles and other conditions

No. 216531

Yet apparently you do? If you are her friend why are you gossiping about her here and sharing her private details to anyone who can access the internet?

No. 216534

I think an NHS consultant who has a decade of training plus experience knows best.

You are aware that some people find the prospect of being healthy and well and undergoing recovery to be frightening. She isn't a bad person for wanting to be ill rather than making the leap into healing her body and mind, but you aren't doing her any favours by indulging this behaviour

No. 216541

File: 1482069331161.jpeg (141.64 KB, 750x1101, image.jpeg)

She fell and got a boo boo.
See, MLS is a cow, Chloe is not. But if you're going to continue white knighting her here, I might as well include more screen shots from her. I hope you're done now.

No. 216555

"i hate fluids"

I actually laughed out loud. She acts and talks like a child who's having a temper tantrum.

No. 216573

shelby you're such an unlikeable nosy cunt aren't you

No. 216591

Leave Shelby alone she's a lovely girl unlike some of you guys

No. 216602

No. 216618

Go back to IG if you're going to kiss ass

No. 216619

Jolto still uses lolcow like a friendship directory. Post them here and she will eventually send a follow request.

No. 216624

Go make some friends IRL you stupid sperg.

No. 216625

Jolto follows everyone Jackie follows. They might as well be the same retard.

No. 216626

Is it true that Chloe has an intersex condition and conjoined twin myopia? I heard somewhere that she did.

No. 216640

We've said in here to stop talking about chloe because she's not one of the real cows that's talked about in here. She's boring. Didn't you get the memo?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 216641

Can we stick to talking about the main cows please?

No. 216643

Chloe's old news. She ain't a cow someone has a vendetta against her and posted it like some sad individual.
Can we just drop the chloe stuff she's actually ill and I feel sorry for her getting all these comments

No. 216651

Moralfag gtfo

No. 216653

File: 1482089398503.png (96.33 KB, 240x320, Untitled.png)

Can we talk about Shelby "The Sperg" Myerscough?

No. 216654

No. 216659

Bash people who are cows that's fine but don't bash people who aren't

No. 216660

Stick to the main topics. Jesus Christ nobody cares about Shelby on here

No. 216677

File: 1482092226588.jpg (13.3 KB, 300x200, 05sa02shelby_v01.jpg-pwrt1.jpg)

Idk mang, you should give her a Google.

No. 216692

I am publically apologising on here for my part in bringing chloe up. I did not have a any personal vendetta against her or claim she was faking things. I was following her on ig but did not know her in person. i had issues with her moaning about not getting 'enough' benefits but then going and buying toy owls, when she had just bitched about other people "wasting their benefit" money on non essentials. It pissed me off so i brought it up here - obviously not a good decision and i genuinely regret bringing her up and ultimately bringing someone with genuine serious illnesses into a topic about people who do fake illnesses. I feel like a 1st class turd for doing so. I have not been the only one posting about her but this has all spun out of control very quickly. Ive made a big, shitty mistake and i am owning it.

I realise this is not the best place to post such an apology and will more than likely cause more annoyance for adding to anything to do with chloe, but to those i have upset im sorry and i will not be posting again.

No. 216732

You're not owning up to fucking shit if you're posting anonymously.

No. 216818


It's not much of an apology if you don't admit who you are. Hopefully, you have contacted Chloe directly.

No. 216836

I read all the stuff on there and I don't get why you've posted it on here. Can you explain

No. 216852

Shelby Myerscough is Chloe's white knight.

No. 216862

I wouldn't even bother starting on myself. I'm skulking on this forum and I doubt you've got much on me anyway, it really isn't worth it. I'm really not that interesting. Come to me directly if you have a problem with me.
Also, please keep my blog out of this. I spent a long time building up my audience and I don't want negativity associated with my site.

No. 216871

File: 1482110713167.jpg (32.43 KB, 280x210, 13063373_1737840536432213_8999…)

Sure, hun. I'll leave your blog out of it.

No. 216872

damn you self posting sons of bitches this is why these threads always get nuked. First it's the fake anorexics now it's the munchausens pity partiers.

No wonder OG admin nuked all this shit. Self obsessed fags ruining it all.

No. 216873

My family don't need to be involved in this, either.
Don't be so petty.

No. 216876

File: 1482111034670.png (86.54 KB, 280x213, 20161217_032526.png)

No. 216908

File: 1482113458820.jpeg (217.37 KB, 750x1116, image.jpeg)

why would you ever post your Instagram here?
>posts herself on LC
>then makes herself a victim

No. 216918

All is fair in love and-thisisafuckingimageboardbitch

No. 216954

File: 1482116299678.jpg (29.45 KB, 180x320, 20160821_162015.jpg)

I posted your mum because she was in the first photos of you that popped up when I googled your ass. It wasn't intentional.

No. 216959

It wasn't necessary. There are plenty of photos of me on Google and you didn't need to use that one. I don't want photos of my Mum on a vile board like this but now I have no choice.

No. 216965

Can you both fuck off because nobody cares about either of you.

Where are the farmhands?

No. 216966

File: 1482116817212.jpg (311.41 KB, 716x1217, IMG_20161218_200523.jpg)

Shelby Myerscough really needs to stop sticking her greasy nose in other peoples' business.

No. 216970

I've been butting my nose into people's business for as long as I could use the Internet and I'll continue to do so, sorry.
I don't understand why you are unable to message me privately, or comment publicly on my Instagram.
Do you have confidence issues? Are you too shy to talk to people directly? Were you bullied as a child?

No. 216972

This thread will auto-sage very soon anyway. It's toast.

No. 216973

Are you mocking bullied children now?

No. 216976

Thank god. These self obsessed faggots are just painful. Imagine being so attention starved that your spoonie account isn't enough.

No. 216978

I'm afraid that your mind may be twisting my words. Maybe you should seek some assistance next time you use the Internet.

No. 216986

File: 1482117571816.jpg (24.94 KB, 280x210, 20161217_031932.jpg)

No. 216995

Unnecessary. Grow up.

No. 217000

File: 1482118140363.jpg (24.97 KB, 280x210, 20161217_031644.jpg)

No. 217013

Right. Let's get back to posting the cows who belong here and report any further derailing shitposts.
What's the latest with MLS and Jonzie and JTE?

No. 217020

Cute picture, right?

No. 217024

File: 1482119778264.jpeg (321.55 KB, 750x1189, image.jpeg)

JTE is planning her Xmas leave and reminding everyone how sick she is and how long she's been in hospital, the usual.

No. 217027

Does screenshotting somebody's Instagram post and reposting it make you feel like you've achieved something?

No. 217029

File: 1482120220605.jpg (61.14 KB, 280x213, BeautyPlus_20161218183850_save…)

God damn it Shelby, just stop. You're digging your own grave here, again.

No. 217032

PS: I tried to edit away your moonface here. This is what you'd look like if you had cheekbones.

No. 217033

Wrong person but well done for trying.

No. 217036

File: 1482120649586.jpeg (138.91 KB, 750x1098, image.jpeg)

isnt that what you and your friend Jess want tho?
>we finally made it
To the attention whore hall of fame.

No. 217037

Thanks, I appreciate it! Although maybe you could edit my recent photos next time and not one that's 18 months old.

No. 217043

I think at the end of the day the important thing is the person themselves knows the truth, their medical team knows the truth and those who matter know the truth.

You're all anonymous users on a stupid and pathetic anonymous board. None of you would post any of this if you had to reveal who you really were. I honestly think it's sad that you have nothing better to do with your lives than pick apart people who have enough problems.

No. 217045

Is it Cushings?

No. 217046

Oh and for the record that comment wasn't from Shelby or Chloe it was from Nicole who was mentioned further up this page. Say what the heck you want about me because I know that's what you'll do but you guys can't hurt me

No. 217047

Just breathe, Nicole. Just BREATHE.

No. 217048

Stop feeding this, moonface. If want it to stop, stop grabbing at the attention. Fuck you're as stupid as the newfag who's posting about you.

MLS seems to have been unusually quiet. She normally posts multiples times a day fishing for the days catch of attention. Seems like there's not been an update since. She's due for another two anorexia relapses and a hospital visit by my watch

No. 217050

Seriously what do you guys get out of this? What do you guys get from picking apart us all?

No. 217051

I'm afraid not, anon. That one photo was swelling. Now? Now my face is fat because I used to eat far too much. No shame.

No. 217053

I don't really care that much, to be honest with you. I've received 30 follow requests tonight alone and plenty more views on my blog! Thanks for the attention. (Ooh, are you ready for this one? Wait for it… Garnering attention isn't a bad thing! Wow! Who would've known?)

No. 217054

What do you get for asking?
What do you get out of any of this other than attention?

No. 217055


I am just genuinely curious as to what pathetic and sad individuals like yourself get out of this

No. 217058

It's not about you and your feelings, it's about you and your spoonie mates shitting up the site with your needy look-at-me bullshit as if anyone cares beyond having a chuckle at how needy you all are despite claiming to be "warriors" and "fighters"

Congrats on getting more strangers to kiss your ass. I'm sure it's similar to a sense of achievement and the closest you'll get so enjoy. God knows you and your online mates need it.

No. 217061


I am just genuinely curious as to what pathetic and sad individuals like yourself get out of this


You know I've achieved many things in spite of my illness. It's not like I'm sitting around doing nothing. You know something else? I've lost so much as a result of it. I lost my part-time job, I lost my place on my full-time university course, I've lost my independence…yet I've never given up.

I'd never wish this on anyone but sometimes I wish you could all walk a day in my shoes then maybe you'd understand

No. 217062

Congrats. Every single one of those people is on here laughing at you tonight.

No. 217063

You act like you're the only one here that's sick. Most of us in this thread are disabled in some way, and yet we don't parade it around the Internet asking for ass pats and going to the news asking them to do a segment on our ~*struggle*~

No. 217065

I don't use the term 'spoonie' to identify myself. I personally don't like it, but if others do then so be it. That's their decision.
I feel a sense of achievement through plenty of things outside of the Internet. Unfortunately, you don't know me outside of the Internet so you wouldn't know things like that. You obviously feel like you're achieving something by posting on here, so how are we any different?

No. 217066


I'm not the only person that's sick. Yet you all sit here and judge me and others when you have absolutely no clue just what it's like

No. 217067

That's why I asked why you're still here. So, why are you so sad and pathetic? Why are you still here? You're not proving anything other than that you're a screechy little whiner just like the other spoonies. Do you not see that or do you think that you're gonna make someone have some introspection and feel like spending 10 minutes a day having a laugh at some dumb kids is evil and instead we should all join in the pity party and tell you that you're an inspiration when you've never done shit but exist.

You kids need to stop being rewarded for literally nothing. You sound like a spoiled little brat, and your morally superior act is weak.

No. 217069

I don't really care if they're laughing, all I care about is that they've bumped up the view count on my page, so cheers!

No. 217070

We have no clue what what's like? Being attention-starved? Literally, just go fuck yourself, you self-important twat.

No. 217072

You sound very bitter.

No. 217074

Okay Jan. Go get some asspats for having an inconvenient health condition and having done a couple of college classes and shifts running a supermarket cash register. So amazing. Totally not just regular life for millions of people who are sicker. You special little munchkin it must be so hard to think about doing regular shit and pretend you're the only disabled person. So sad.

No. 217075

And what, exactly, does that get you? Invisible Internet points? I'm so glad people are hate-reading your attention-whoring piece of shit blog.

No. 217076


You honestly don't have a clue how much I've given up, how much I've sacrificed on accounts of being sick.

No you have no clue what it's like to walk a day in my life or a day of anyone else who's been mocked in this pathetic forum

No. 217079

I think you're replying to the wrong person. It was me (Shelby) who made the bitterness comment. I can assure you that up until four weeks ago, I worked 6 days a week and attended college 4 days a week, and I'll be returning to that in January.
No woe-is-me here.
Props to you for making an effort with your comment, though.

No. 217082

>No you have no clue what it's like to walk a day in my life or a day of anyone else who's been mocked in this pathetic forum

I have an ileostomy because I was in a car accident that killed my best friend. I was sexually assaulted twice before I turned 20. I can't have a job because I'm in severe pain, I have PSTD, and I'm addicted to opiates. Get over yourself. Other people have struggled much worse than you have. The problem with your kind is that you turn your struggles into some big fucking production and expect some sort of recognition for having gone through tough times. Guess what? Nobody cares about your problems.

No. 217083

No. 217084

Can I mock your disability? You've just posted on a public thread about your disability, you're obviously seeking attention.

No. 217085

File: 1482123796858.jpeg (28.31 KB, 324x226, image.jpeg)

So special. Literally nobody suffers as much as you. So hard to do nothing but cry online. Cant believe anyone is being mean to the worlds most disabled person which is clearly you you poor fragile bby.

No. 217087

As soon as I go to the media about it or make an Instagram chronicling my daily activities, sure, go for it.

No. 217088


What I'm trying to say is in spite of all that you don't know what someone else goes through

No. 217090

Hopefully at work and school you'll have an aide to crawl along and smooch your ass like you need and you can stop begging for attention here.

No. 217092


I'm not saying I'm the world's most disabled person at all. What I'm saying is you have no idea what I or anyone else goes through daily

No. 217093

this is getting very ooold

No. 217095

It's fine! I'll stick to garnering attention from the likes of people like you, thanks. I'm perfectly capable of fending for myself.

No. 217096

Don't fight with the tards, farmers. They collect disability, they literaly have nothing else to do all day apart from picking up giant bags of meds, endlessly scrolling instagram and drama whoring.

No. 217098

it must be really hard to be obligated to do literally nothing but lie around taking selfies and ask people to feel sorry for you. So hard. Nobody knows what it's like to have disabilities. Especially worse disabilities that impair day to day mobility and functions. So much worse for you, poor poppet. How do you cope?

No. 217099

Hence why I keep replying. I can't sleep and this thread is rather entertaining.

No. 217102


That's the thing though I don't sit around doing nothing? I have chronic illnesses, yes, but I have a life out with them. I'm in a long-term relationship; I study part-time; I compete in beauty pageants; I write poetry…I don't just sit around I also never once said you don't know what it's like to have a disability. What I stated was that you, or anyone else actually, doesn't know what it's like to live my life or live the lives of people you're mocking. You don't know what we feel or what we experience

No. 217103

Nothing else to do, no! Nothing like spending time with friends, going to parties, having an education, contributing to society, gaining knowledge, paying our taxes, travelling, donating to charity… Nooo, we don't do anything like that! Not at all.

No. 217104


Just a thought it could be because it's nearly 5:30am here…

No. 217105

>compete in beauty pageants


No. 217106


It's a hobby what's the issue?

No. 217107

Nothing. I just realized I'm probably not talking to Shelby.

No. 217110


You're talking to Nicole

No. 217111

>>217106 >>217102

please refrain from blogposting.

No. 217112

That makes sense.

No. 217117

How many of you spoonie faggots are diary posting here? My god Nicole did you invite the whole gang you tipped?

No. 217119

Everyone knows about this thread now. It's not exactly top secret. There's not really much point in you all posting shit anymore because we all know about it and we're not going to stop hovering around here.
It's actually rather entertaining.

No. 217120


I have never tipped anyone actually. I wouldn't subject them to your vile and disgusting comments. They've found out via others who have shared the site with them

No. 217127

Bullshit. If you didn't tip them, who did?

No. 217128


Anon think about this. I didn't find this site by mistake, I was given the link to it by various people who also proceeded to send me screenshots so lots of people know about it without me mentioning it

No. 217129

Helloooo, Shelby again. Plenty of people asked me for the link after I posted screenshots of the thread so I gave them the link. There's your answer!

No. 217132

And you realize that those people only knew that you were posted here because they also post here, right? You realize that they're talking about other people here, and probably even you.

No. 217133


It doesn't bother me who talks about me to be perfectly honest. They don't know me or my life

No. 217136

Okay, but it doesn't bother you that those people who messaged you are on here shit-talking MLS and Emma?

No. 217140

It bothers me that they're talking crap about other people, yes

No. 217141

Jesus Christ what the fuck happened to this thread

No. 217142

It got interesting

No. 217152

Why don't you tell them to fuck off? Or expose them? Seriously.

No. 217155

How about that? You're enjoying yourself here too!

No. 217157

Yep! It's quite nice knowing that I've filled this thread with shit-posts, rather than you lot continually picking apart people's lives.

No. 217160

Pissing in an ocean of piss.

No. 217163

Maybe. But it's entertained me for the last 5 hours of being unable to sleep, so who cares?

No. 217178

Attention seekers figured out they can get even more attention by posting here and "exposing the boooleez"
Petty little kids pretending they're winning something because they don't have anything to do other than malinger, beg for someone to call them special, and pat themselves on the back for temporarily inconveniencing a couple of people who know that they're a bunch of wankers wasting the time of doctors.

No. 217195

If someone was talking shit about a friend of mine - especially if my friend was vulnerable and had mental health problems - the LAST thing I'd do was show them. That's just stupid. I'd advise them to lock down their social media and be careful about sharing but I wouldn't show them. For fucks sake.

No. 217200

Right? I have never understood that shit.

No. 217216


As I don't know they are the ones saying things? I'm not going to expose someone who's actually probably innocent

No. 217271

Not that one shouldn't have a serious approach to one's health, but even if the Munchies actually were sick, I couldn't take them seriously! They're so funny! With their ~*uwu fragile snowflakes*~ attitude.

I know a girl who's had open heart surgery (at 25), who's taken a selfie, looking like absolute death, blood everywhere on her bed (blood thinners) and making a joke about it. A mother. fucking. joke.

Those are the kinds of sick people who inspire. Not idiots who slather on makeup and go running to the ER with the vapors.

Buuuuut, now that I say that, I don't want to give the Munchies any ideas…

my precious little cowherd, never change pats lovingly

No. 217288

The girl on the right looks like she has downs syndrome.

No. 217296

File: 1482164749224.jpeg (201.11 KB, 750x1100, image.jpeg)

>I must have done something to throw the universe out of balance.
Your delusions about how you've made any impact on the world are entertaining. Just like you're not going to change the way farmers talk about people. I doubt you're smart enough for college, maybe you should give that up and just try changing your weight instead. I bet your professors find you incredibly annoying too.

No. 217300

that's some serious narcism.

No. 217301

File: 1482165525857.jpeg (246.71 KB, 750x1197, image.jpeg)

since Jess is just dying to be included; whales are supposed to be gigantic, you and Shelby are just obese.

No. 217314


excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one's physical appearance.

Maybe use your nouns correctly next time. I certainly wasn't feeling any amount of self-love or admiration in that moment so your use of the word is incorrect.

an idiosyncratic belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.

You are completely incorrect about my supposed delusion. I have made an impact on the world, maybe a miniscule one but it is also an obvious one.
I was born and immediately made an impact on the world by upping the population count. I have raised money for charity, I have met people all over the country and beyond, I have opened a blog that has been shared and viewed by thousands. I am making an impact on the world right this very second by commenting on this thread.
By no means should I have to prove my intelligence to you, as I'm sure that my high grades and achievements speak only to the ones who matter most. I had the ability to find myself a job in a highly competitive field and although I am working slowly in order to make myself feel comfortable, I am slowly working towards a Masters. That statement should speak volumes on its own.
Lastly, it's none of your business regarding what my lecturers think of me.
Whales are the greatest mammals on the planet in size, sure. But they're also one of the greatest mammals on the planet in terms of intelligence. I would hardly be offended if somebody referred to me as one of the most magnificent creatures on Earth, and I know that Jess certainly doesn't find the term offensive either.
I like that you're resorting to using weight as an insult now! Evidently, you've run out of intelligent replies.
If you're referring to medically defined obesity, I'm sorry to tell you that you're using the term incorrectly. A persons BMI should be above 30 to be considered obese.

No. 217315

sage for semi blogpost (although with what happened to this thread who tf cares amiright?)

But I agree. I know a 16 year old girl who's going to die before next christmas from brain canacer and she doesn't ask for anything for her self, she asks for people to go do good deeds for others instead. She's so selfless.

These spoonies, even if there is some truth to their health complaints.. they're so narcissistic.. bratty, overly dramatic, waste hospital's time with stupidly minor complaints, etc.

No. 217322

>I like that you're resorting to using weight as an insult now!
It was your dumbass friend who made the whale comment, all I did was post and comment on it.
>I was born and upped the population
That's not necessarily a good contribution, there aren't enough resources to go around.
>I've raised money for charity
But more than likely, cost way more than you've given back.

You know I'm not reading everything u wrote right? (of course u don't, u actually think u have important, useful things to say) we don't write walls of text around here, use the green text.

No. 217324

File: 1482169226025.jpeg (254.41 KB, 750x1113, image.jpeg)

>lies to doctors
>self sabotages
>you think I want to be sick?!
Yes, yes I do.

No. 217326

And proceeded to (incorrectly) call the both of us obese. At least use the word in the correct context.
The resources are there for people like myself, and I have never benefitted financially from charities. Please don't make assumptions without knowing the facts first.
I didn't use this board before I began commenting and I'm not particularly interested in learning how to use it 'properly'.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217328

Nobody has mentioned a thing about me 'wanting to be sick' up until you made the comment.
It was hardly self sabotage. It was me replying to my body. Unless you've ever experienced a crisis as a result of your body not producing sufficient steroid itself, you don't have any right to judge.
If you want details of the situation, message me privately, because I'm unhappy to discuss this matter on such a vile board.

No. 217329

Another thing: I told them the truth. I kept it under wraps for the grand total of two days before guilt got the better of me and I told the truth. I couldn't keep up a lie for that long.

No. 217331

>I'm not interested in learning how to use the board properly
Ok, so then I'll continue believing you and Jess are obese. You don't use the board properly, I won't use words properly, we'll just shit up the entire thread then make a new one where your stupidity will be recorded forever, ok? Ok.

No. 217332

You know how you can tell that these special snowflakes make being sick the entire identity for pity/attention?

They have nothing more important in their lives than to come here and defend being sick online.

Legit unwell people wouldn't waste their breath because they've got more important things to do and they don't need to convince strangers that they're sick.

No. 217334

That's fine. My inability to use a board online isn't exactly going to affect my career prospects. Your inability to use words correctly will. You can continue living with non-factual beliefs, it won't affect me.
Any person with a single shred of sanity can interpret who the idiotic one is here, and it's certainly not me.

No. 217336

>my ability to use a board isn't going to affect my career prospects
But having your attention whoring immortalized here and available via simple google search will.
>your inability to use words correctly
You mean my refusal? It won't do anything. Unlike you I already have a masters and a job, things I doubt you'll ever have.
You are boring now though, if our fave cows hadn't been spooked recently no one would've given you any attention at all. You're welcome.

No. 217340

Wait, so what you're saying is that by standing up for people and spamming an irrelevant board online, it'll harm my career prospects? Wow, who would've known! Note the 'anonymous' tag? I could be anyone, how are my future employers to know who is writing this? I could be Kim Kardashian for all you know.
Thank you for your concerns about my future, but I already have two secure jobs. It's nice to see that you possess some abilities though, such as jumping to conclusions.

No. 217348

remember when i said shelby was an insufferable nosy cunt lolololol

No. 217349

This is getting pathetic now. The more you try to defend yourself, the worse it's going to get. The most sensible thing to do would be to leave well alone, be careful of who you accept as a follower on instagram and just get on with life. This is simply going to get you more negative attention.

No. 217352

Cunt is my favourite word. I think it's incredibly diverse and descriptive. It sounds boring coming from you though, I'm yawning over here.

No. 217353

I don't really care. I'm more interested in spamming this board because that way you aren't being malicious about others.

No. 217356

>>how are my future employees to know who is writing this?
It's not the fact that you're commenting on here, it's that if a future employer googles your name, it may lead them to this site where there are negative comments about you. It does happen. Search Robyn Laura Brown and you find this site listed.

No. 217362

I searched my name and scrolled through 10 pages on my search engine yet I couldn't find this site.
Even if my employer did see negative comments about me on this site, I'm not sure that they'd really care. Why would the opinions of some anonymous millennials matter so greatly? My employer knows that I am hard working and dedicated and they certainly know me a hell of a lot better than strangers who have read about my life through the screen of their smartphone.

No. 217364

Wait a few days. Google isn't instant, Shelby Myerscock the Aspergers Troll.

No. 217366

It was certainly instant last year when my newspaper article was published. I didn't realise that the Internet had changed so much in so little time!
And here we have a prime example of somebody who evidently has so little intelligence that they resort to using disabilities as a means of insulting people.
Honestly, the longer I spend scrolling through this site, the more my brain turns to mush. I really cannot comprehend where you people get your ideas from.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217368

"anonymous millenials" as if you aren't also a millenial shelby, your problem is that you're too fucking dense to know how much of a cunt you really are…. i mean you voted leave for fuck's sake you stupid fucking bitch. like how can you be so oblivious to how fucking embarrassing you really are for continuing to answer back to people here

No. 217371

Emily Crocker
Ember Whann
Kadeelynn Konstantino
Erika Ovsyuk

Shelby Myerscough

Dumbass "millenials" who decided they'd participate in this site.

No. 217375

shelby why does your sister look so normal when you look like you ought to have several satellites orbiting your almost spherical head? like i understand some people are unlucky when it comes to genetics but your face is so fucking round, you look like a moon emoji. is that normal in your family or are you being punished from a past life?

No. 217377

I actually didn't vote at all, thanks. I would have if I could have done, but unfortunately I couldn't.
I can see that you're getting frustrated and it actually just makes this even funnier for me.

No. 217379

Guess what, Shelby? "Millenials" are old enough to be the person considering hiring you.


No. 217380

Neither. That would be the result of being on high dose steroids for such a long time. Two of the side effects are weight gain and "moon face", which is generally pretty common knowledge.

No. 217382

That all depends on which source you gather your information from. Note the date range. One site says that the 'millennial' age group ends in 1995, and I highly doubt that a 21 year old is old enough to employ me (in my line of work). Unless of course they were a child genius and started university at the age of 15.

No. 217383

No. 217386

Ends in 1995, starts in the early 80s.
Fuck you're stupid.

No. 217388

I admit and apologise for accidentally providing you with false information. I'm not perfect. Admittedly, I binge ate right up until June this year and the only reason I stopped is due to circumstances beyond my control. My large physique earlier this year was due to obesity caused by stuffing my face and I'll admit that. My "moon face" is now steroid related and I'm no longer considered obese, or even overweight for that matter.

No. 217392

Are you really trying to stir shit over when the millennial period started and ended? It all depends on personal opinion and which source you gather your information from. Some sources say that it began in the late 70's, so I could potentially say that your statement is wrong.

No. 217394

To be honest, I don't really understand why my weight and physique has become a subject of conversation in the first place.
You're the one hiding behind a screen. Sure, I can't see your face, but your personality sure is ugly as fuck.

No. 217395

how on earth does one need 3 front tires…??

No. 217396

JEesUS fucking christ. I leave this thread for 2 days and come back to this bullshit?

MLS plz

No. 217397

Oh my god, Shelby. You are so fucking pedantic and you've completely missed the point. You really are insufferable to be around, you know that? God, how do you have any friends at all?

No. 217398

This thread ha turned to shit.

No. 217401

rather have an ugly personality than no personality tbh

No. 217402

And you do realise that I'm only spamming this thread because I can see people getting wound up, right? This thread has gone to shit and I'm glad that I have contributed towards it. It's nice to know that rather than you lot continuing to make malicious comments towards vulnerable people, I've just engaged you all in some form of conversation instead.
It's the holiday season so there's no college and I'm not at work. I haven't got anything better to do with my time so why not wind up some fools online instead!

No. 217404

It is impossible to have no personality.

No. 217406

File: 1482177429745.jpg (26.94 KB, 480x640, dws.jpg)

Guys, just stop responding. Plz.

There is no milk lately, but I thought I'd post a pic of MLS actually being normal and not shoving her thrush moss-covered tongue in the camera. She looks like a normal girl with the potential to be very pretty. Why does she insist on contorting her face all the time?

No. 217408

She looks so different when she's not acting out for attention.

No. 217413

File: 1482178225208.png (251.94 KB, 600x600, shelbyxierscough1.png)

I know you think you're some sort of master troll right now, but for your own sake, quit while you're ahead. If you can really call this "ahead".

No. 217416


What about the people who set up projects to help other people? Are they still selfish?

No. 217418

Aw, thanks for using that picture. LOVE my hair colour.

No. 217421

Don't feed the cow. It'll self-milk on its own when it stops getting attention.

Too bad MLS is quiet. I looked forward to reading her latest crisis every morning.

No. 217423

I'm sorry to hear that you feed off of other people's ill health. Maybe some Coco Pops would be a bit more nutritious.

No. 217424

You're right. It's already milking itself.

Did you see MLS's shoulder injury? It looks like she scratched herself through her sweater rather than fell.

No. 217426

No. 217427


No. 217428

No. 217429

No. 217430

No. 217431


No. 217432

I think I may have missed that in the flood of posts I tried to wade through from the past 24 hours but it wouldn't surprise me. Seems like almost everything with her is self inflicted to a certain degree. I mean you have to be desperate for sick points to buy a tube online to cram up your nose against medical advice because they wouldn't give you one.

No. 217433

The photo is here >>216541
I don't know, it just looks really suspicious to me.

No. 217435

File: 1482179321314.jpg (36.47 KB, 480x640, rug-burn-arm.jpg)

Looks like carpet burn to me. That shit hurts and can scar too. Not sure how she managed to get it on her shoulder though.

No. 217436

Fair enough. She blocked me on Insta so I've no idea what she's posting anymore.

No. 217437

Same fag but I'm also on mobile so I could be wrong. Hard to tell on a smaller screen. Definitely doesn't look like a "whoops fell on the floor and got a little booboo" type of thing though.

No. 217438

We're the pathetic ones yet you're the ones analysing a bruise.

No. 217439

Wow why is that girl so desperate to be mentioned here? Imagine being surrounded by people that self absorbed and calling them friends. Her supposed mate is so devastated about being mildly picked on she thinks that she has literally altered the balance of the universe, and then the supposed friend can only ask about herself and make it about her weight.

These girls are becoming a goddamn tragedy.

No. 217442

That post that mentioned throwing the universe out of balance had absolutely nothing to do with being "mildly picked on". If you have the ability to read, please note the date (10-12-2016). That was NINE days ago (I thought that I should probably do the math for you since it's unlikely you can do it yourself).

No. 217443

sage for no contribution but i have to agree that it looks kind of odd and deliberate. marks kind of looks like the underside of a no slip mat with all those little spikes. i would be interested to know what exactly she 'fell' on

No. 217444

Shelby, who is Simone?

No. 217445

I mean, with her history of self harm and her desperation for attention, I wouldn't be surprised if she creatively hurt herself somehow.

No. 217446

I wonder how long until the first festive pill/medical gear photo goes out and by who.

Any guesses, farmers? I'm thinking a tree shaped arrangement of empty prescription bottles with tinsel around it.

No. 217447

Wow good trolling10/10 showed me. Said I can't maths?! How will I go on with the shame. A fat wanker with no life outside of malingering says I'm bad at maths due to overlooking a date.

Hey if I take a photo of myself ugly crying and hashtag a bunch of diseases will I get constant praise for doing nothing too?

No. 217449

No. 217450

Paracetamol wreath. Stockings stuffed with vitamins and stool softeners. Blinking lights wrapped around feeding tubes, and a thousand reminders that they're so delicate and more special than you. It's a very spoonie Christmas.

No. 217451

Conveniently ignoring everyone else directly addressing the malingerers. Keep trying.

No. 217452

We forgot taking pictures of letters to Santa asking not for him to bring a cure or other relief to their ailments but instead new attention grabbing accessories so everyone knows just how sick and special they are. Light up medical bracelets to start.

No. 217454

Spoons hanging from the Christmas tree. But not too many.

No. 217455

Elaborate? I don't know anyone with that name.

No. 217456

She was the person who posted Chloe, apparently.

No. 217457

Shelby Myerscough
Shelby Myerscough
Shelby Myerscough
Shelby Myerscough
Shelby Myerscough

No. 217458

That's my name, don't wear it out.

No. 217465

File: 1482181509405.png (175.75 KB, 526x522, sp00nz.png)

No. 217467

You really wounded me there! Ouchy! Obviously I don't work or study, and I didn't go out with friends last night! No, no life at all outside of my alleged malingering, not at all.
You sure can try hashtagging your posts to shit but I don't use hashtags so I'm afraid that I can't give you any advice there.

No. 217469


No. 217472


No. 217473


No. 217476

Doesn't it bother you, as a person will an actual illness, that there are people in your country faking it, taking legitimacy away from those who are really suffering from said illness?

No. 217478

In short, yes. But the only reason I can think that these people would feign and exaggerate such illnesses is if they were lacking care and attention in other parts of their lives. It doesn't justify their actions but they need psychological input, not abuse on the internet.

No. 217480

Okay I understand spoon theory but how is taking Meds worth anything. That's not hard it doesn't take energy. The person who invented the spoon theory must be so embarrassed about what it's turned into.
She made a legit thing and people raped it until it was a reason to demand rewards and praise for taking some vitamins and panadol. The entire community is fucked, no self respecting or legitimately ill person would associate with that mess.

No. 217483

Common argument. Just one problem: Munchies rarely, if ever, pursue the actual help they need. They find it less distressing and more rewarding to keep the ruse going, even if it requires moving communities to find people that don't suspect them. They are extremely unlikely to pursue help for Munchausen on their own and will typically jump ship and move on when others try to intervene. It's sad but there's little point in pitying them because they choose to keep deceiving people instead of getting actual help.

No. 217486

Shelby, I want to give you some honest heartfelt advice here. Please read what I have to say. I've just googled you out of curiosity and discovered that you're only 18, so this advice comes from someone over a decade older than you.
The internet can be a great way to connect with people going through similar life experiences. It can help you tell your story and inspire people. But the thing is, in a few years time you may find you no longer want all of that deeply personal information out there on the internet where anyone can read it.
A few years ago I had a blog where I shared my experiences of life with a chronic illness. One day my boss called me into her office and informed me that she had been told about my blog. I had a bit of a dressing down for mentioning my place of work and something that had happened during the work day. What had begun as a cathartic experience, a way of connecting with others suddenly felt like a big mistake.
On your blog you have a photo of yourself in your work uniform. I would advise you to check your contract of employment as there is sometimes a clause which states you are not to mention your employer on the internet, as was the case for me. Even listing your employer on your facebook page can sometimes be a no no. I'm in the UK and my employer was the NHS, in case you might be thinking this was a big American corporation situation or something.

The last thing I want to say is that I found my way to this site via the whole Robyn fiasco. I've stayed because I've found this anonymous "bullying" community to be far more supportive and understanding than the competitive spoonie community.
Take my well meaning advice and move on from here.

No. 217498

Even if their emotional needs are not being fulfilled, getting unnecessary treatment and receiving sympathy from nurses and on social media, that void is not going to be filled. If anything, it will reinforce the adverse behavior. Doctors are often prohibited from challenging patients in case there is a real emergency, even the ones who are there for attention. I feel like this problem is worse in the UK since the healthcare there is easier to work with. The only real treatment is to address the underlying problems and get their family involved, which isn't always possible.
I would suggest you research Munchausen's Syndrome.

No. 217504

>Getting called an faget on the internet
>Not "psychological input"

No. 217509

Right? It's such a fucking disaster.
For a laugh, search "spoonie" on Redbubble.
How fucking embarrassing.

No. 217515

Wait is Shelby the samefag that gossiped about journey to Emma?!

If that's her pictured outside the cygnet hospital?

Bit fucking rich tellling us we're terrible people when she herself has spoken about someone they know in irl

No. 217517

Who is Simone

No. 217520

Simone is the person who posted Chloe.

>>Her mum said her profile has always been on private. It was Simone she trusted who posted in here.

No. 217527

Nah lad it wasn't

No. 217534

are mods dead?

No. 217535

Nah but this thread is

No. 217574

Sure, Simone.

No. 217610

can we just make an MLS thread so we dont have to watch this bullshit anymore

No. 217623

just report

No. 217624

good idea anon.

this thread is great for bringing up-and-coming cows to our attention though.

No. 217629


I support, do it pls

No. 217650

alright someone do it. i dont feel like it. hahaha

No. 217991

YAY the banhammer is falling! Thank Admin and Farmhand gods! Byebye shitposters. :)
Staff are doing their job fam. Just keep reporting the fuckery-posters. Letting infiltrators drive us out of our own thread? Nope. Fuck that.

That MLS injury looks like a self-inflicted sweater burn. She is so full of shit.

No. 218014

File: 1482245421278.jpeg (290.06 KB, 750x1173, image.jpeg)

>hqpuddin is nothing but nice
>says she doesn't want SSI for herself
>MLS jumps to playing victim
I'm so glad she came back<3 no updates about her shoulder rug burn though

No. 218017

I was about to post this. That girl wasn't saying anything negative about people who claim benefits but MLS immediately took it that way.

No. 218022

File: 1482249164096.png (138.07 KB, 636x935, IMG_0779.PNG)

She's trying to look less like a potato. If she washed/styled her hair more often she honestly wouldn't look so bad.

No. 218025

The change is already amazing. Just need to wash it and she'll actually look so much better

No. 218045

Maybe being tipped/reading the thread gave her a bit of a wake up call, or motivation to not be the US version of Robyn. Entertaining as she is, I'd love to see her turn her shit around.

No. 218086

Of course she's watching Grey's Anatomy. I know millions of non-Munchies watch that show, but I've noticed the very worst Munchies I've come across through support groups in the past are all obsessed with that show. In fact, the worst MBI's I've seen are all obsessed with watching mainly just medical shows.

No. 218088

U know what I don't feel like being talked about. U don't know me or my life or what I've been through and sorry that I'm not one of those girls who gets all dolled up everyday I don't see the point. I shower everyday so stop calling me sorry and gross and ugly and potatoes and everything and don't make a thread just about me u guys are bullies full on bullies I'm relapsing into my anorexia cause of all this shit so F off and stop it before someone really kills themselves over what is said here. I'm done good bye I'm not reading anymore and I will
Start blocking people and hopefully get all the people blocked who talk about me here and who the f has my Facebook page friend like really.

No. 218089

literally all you need to do is not friend anyone you don't know IRL. but you probably won't.

No. 218135

Oh my god, people need to stop tipping the cows.

No. 218143


You're talking on a website openly available to the public…why do you care so much about people knowing their being talked about? Does it take the fun out of it as the person can finally actually say something about it?

No. 218147


This doesn't read like MLS to me.

No. 218149

The spelling is too good

No. 218194

File: 1482276562216.png (762.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0162.PNG)

ER agaaaain

No. 218195

The one who never fails to make me laugh is Eleri Steele. Super serious anorexia my ass.

No. 218196

THIS. She should be ashamed of herself for taking a bed away from a sick person when she went to residential. Maybe it's befause she's from the south and she's skinny in comparison to people there? She's far too fat for IP where I live.

No. 218198

No, because then they come and sperg all over the boards and it's equal parts cringey and telling of how actually useless their lives are. You might be sick, but you could actually have hobbies or interests if you weren't so fucking lazy and didn't bawwww over everything. That desperate need for attention you have that makes you post about your illness online in order to get followers who will give you asspats? That's actually the empty feeling that comes with being a lazy shitstain who doesn't do anything to enrich their lives.

No. 218200

lel, isn't that a normal heart rate?

No. 218218


yes lol

her %spO2 makes me wonder if she has the lead on her finger properly as well

No. 218225

If she shampooed regularly, washed her face at least daily, and took out those hideous piercings she could look like an average 40 year old. Pity she can't wash off the shitty personality as easy as the grease.

No. 218226

What's the go with her? Her Instagram looks normal but I'm too lazy to go through every caption.

No. 218303

ooooh man MLS got special treatment at the ER for her special snowflake syndrome.

What kind of doctor gives morphine on a wim before diagnosing any issues? I've never gotten anything that good in an ER.

No. 218305

File: 1482294962754.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0166.PNG)

No. 218308

File: 1482295165091.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0167.PNG)

Sorry didn't expand the caption

No. 218316

>look at my new hospital band!
>hooray I got morphine! And phenergan!
>in a motherfucking IV!!
>and more medicine! And tests! Awww yes #the catscan machine makes you more specialer
>see how sick I am? Do you fucking see?!!
>please look at me
>a DOCTOR said I'm legit bitches
>but also feel sorry for me and the extreme medical neglect I pretend I get cause the GI doctor doesn't treat me special enough.

No. 218317

i like that she mentioned how shes a potato

No. 218389

im so sick! despite a complete battery of blood tests etc showing nothing of significance.

No. 218431

Nope. If she was in the ER we'd see pics from the hospital, isn't that her MO? What, no hospital gown shot or IV picture or shot of vitals monitors etc? I mean maybe but this is what happens when you [make everyone else] suffer with Cry Wolf Syndrome. I wonder if she really went in at all. Certainly her description of being treated oh-so-speshul and scoring her favorite IV drugs is suspect. That or she went to a new ER who did a full workup. Not sureif it's like this everywhere but I'm pretty sure if a doc wants to admit even just for obs <23h they don't need a prior auth.
Why am I not surprised that one of our favorite MBI cows makes being discussed here into an ongoing self-milking ~*Imu viktum*~ sympathy grab?

No. 218435

Hahah she said decided to use her account as a recovery account so now shes posting ED symbols, her recovery buddies and inspirational BS

No. 218436

Oh and shes also danisrecoveryjourney now.

No. 218563


Funny that as I'm talked about on these boards and I have hobbies and interests. I also help other people so I wouldn't class myself as lazy at all. I talk about my illnesses not for attention but because it's my way of coping with it. We all have different coping mechanisms

No. 218565


It's a normal heart rate but her oxygen levels (%spO2)is lower than it should be

No. 218566


I've been given morphine before seeing a doctor (I live in the UK). The nurse obviously has a doctor prescribe it but it's normally to do with screaming in agony

No. 218576

File: 1482330425017.jpeg (133.2 KB, 750x1081, image.jpeg)

Idk, MLS doesn't usually post a ton of hospital pics. She tends to just post a pic of her hospital band/allergy bracelet and the comment "yup". Looks like the same hospital, bands are the same.

No. 218581

I've not been given morphine before seeing a doctor but generally the triage nurse will evaluate pain level and need for pain relief and prescribe accordingly. A lot of the time they're nurse prescribers.

Also those medical bands can be pretty generic. They look similar to ones I've had in two different hospitals and I live in the UK.

No. 218585

I've gotten dilaudid before them diagnosing me with anything, but that's because of my medical history. MLS probably complained of some generic pain (kidney stone, abdominal pain/appendix) that she knows they give pain medication for.
Sage for blogpost

No. 218657

File: 1482346729530.jpeg (Spoiler Image,201.46 KB, 1536x2048, 1482346362564.jpeg)


Is it just me or does it look like she edited her scar to look wider..?

so far this is the only questionable picture on the account i've found but she posts extremely graphic self harm pictures with fat spilling out its horrifying

it's obvious she does serious damage to herself so why the hell does she feel the need to make a scar look wider than it is

No. 218668

Nah I think it's just not healed all the way, she's a picker right? The wound probably starts to heal around the edges but she's still picking the scab.

No. 218713

i agree that it looks edited. the top where it starts to get wider looks noticeably more blurry than the rest

No. 218752

that blurriness is strange. it's like a smudge circle.

No. 218780

Actually looks like she's just blurred out the unhealed area in the middle.

No. 218801

the orange band in >>218308 looks worn compared to the one in >>218576. it has a crease in it.

No. 218809

I got morphine when I presented with Ludwigs angina before seeing the doctor but its not usually given until you're admitted to triage.
If she had a broken limb or something sure, but knowing Danielle she'd have made a big scene wailing and flopping about claiming she's an 11/10 on the pain scale and bothering the nurses every few minutes until she gets her fix. It's a pity they can't call psych down and get her taken in for her drug problem and histrionics. A week in a shitty psych ward with a doctor that doesn't pansy her along might do some good.

No. 218831

Who does this chubby think she's fooling with her super serious anorexia.

No. 219805

Good eye, you're right about that band looking worn. This would support my suspicion that she insinuates ER visits that never happened. It's easy to keep bracelets and then put them on whenever you want to take a batch of kool pikz. It's a common MBI tactic.

No. 219990

File: 1482428648710.jpeg (145.27 KB, 750x1107, image.jpeg)

Fair point, I'd hope at least this one is real.

No. 219996

File: 1482429986858.jpeg (212.9 KB, 750x726, image.jpeg)

You can tell by her ink it's in a different spot. I don't think she lies about going to the ER.

No. 220003

Yes, she's definitely a frequent flyer. These pics are obviously from legitimate visits, but if you're an attention-seeking MBI type, you can also create 'extra visits' with vague bracelet shots that can be staged virtually anywhere.

No. 220077

At least she's too old and greasy to have stand.

No. 220080


No. 220631

File: 1482531015439.png (933.21 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161223_0001.png)

Knew someone would have to go there.

No. 220642

Oh FFS! Really? Guess it's just dat #spoonielife yo. Gotta have illness or pill-themed EVERYTHING!

No. 220646

Nearly spat my drink everywhere when I saw it while scrolling through my IG feed and knew you guys would appreciate it.

No. 220659

Because obviously, instead of actually taking the medication to help with actual symptoms, it's totally worth the waste to stick them on a tree.

For that record, where does this poster live? Because in the US, RA meds cost /thousands/ a year. A person could easily spend over 10 grand on pills alone. And here is this asshole putting shit in an ornament.

Though at least two of those (the light blue and orange gel caps) are OTC. Gas-X or certain vitamins I'd wager.

No. 220711

According to her website she's LA based.

No. 220715

there's a fecking Nurofen in there

No. 220717

her website irritates me. She writes in the third person.

No. 220719

Oh… it's /that/ asswipe. Well that explains a lot. Her flippant attitude toward meds pisses me off to no end. She must have amazing insurance or be in serious debt because the about page mentions Still's disease, which is treated with similar or the same medication as RA. So just as expensive. Not sure why she tagged it with RA and not Still's though, they're not the same thing.


No. 220722

Yeah cause doctors are gonna ignore cardiac issues in a 30-something year old woman. That's what they do.
Poor Danielle, such a victim of medical neglect wherever she goes. I hope she tries to sue for neglect or malpractice.

No. 220730

File: 1482541337676.jpeg (210.52 KB, 750x1103, image.jpeg)

And of course it takes like 2 months for an MRI to be read.
But seriously, I miss her posts, these other munchies just aren't the same.

No. 220841

I was following her to make a gif but could only handle it for like, 3 hours before her constant posts and retarded captions make me hope out.
She only ever smiles in her selfies when she's getting/just gotten medical attention. Otherwise she's usually crying or doing that deadpan nothing expression everyone on Instagram does.

No. 220880

What the fuck is medical PTSD? Different than spoonie/fake PTSD??

No. 220888

I've tried googling it and all I'm really finding is stuff about kids who've been traumatised by medical procedures. My best guess is that people like her claim they have it when a doctor doesn't give them what they want. Oh poor me, the doctors tell me I'm taking, I'm so traumatised I'll never trust a doctor again.

No. 220934

Well shit. I'm the OP who wondered how long it would take to see someone do this and I still didn't guess pill bauble ornaments.

Still hoping someone makes a tree with old prescription bottles.

No. 220935

I don't think any of us thought someone would do something as bizarre as put a bunch of pills in a plastic bauble to be honest. I've been looking through that girl's instagram and holy cow she's weird. She has this obsession with what she terms "medaesthetique" and takes super posed "hospitalglam" selfies everytime she visits a doctor. I don't understand it. She's a trained lawyer but because she gave up work due to illness she's now obsessed with being sick and being a patient. It takes up all of her time and energy.

No. 220999

File: 1482599284153.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3574.PNG)

Idk if anyone's still frequenting this thread, but has anyone heard of Winter Rose? She was on Godawful back when that was a thing for her weird fantasies that were near psychosis, and people generally left off her when they realized she's basically harmless fluff.

Recently, her story's gotten a bit more sad. Both her parents died (one following the other in short order) and suddenly a slew of medical conditions popped up for her. She was "having seizures, fibromyalgia, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, epilepsy" and a ton of other things. Constantly making whiny "I'm so ugly, tell me I'm pretty, pay attention to me!" posts. Eventually tried to "suicided" with an overdose of insulin (she was actually just trying to induce another seizure and misjudged). Every so often, she'll come clean and confess to all her Munchie behaviors, and then delete the posts shortly after.

She's lied about her and her husband's names for the longest time, and currently claims to be called ~*Gwyneira*~ (which means "Snow White" in welsh). Contstantly demands asspats and people to compare her to famous historical beauties, Lily Cole, and Queen Victoria and her sprog.

Pic related, it's her. She photoshops the absolute fuck out of her recent photos, trying to enhance her "~*mystical faye eyes*~ Also claims to have Turners syndrome, and a shit ton of other crap.

No. 221001

Why are all munchies/spoonies really overweight??

No. 221011


Not every person is overweight/obese. Some people are on medications which cause weight gain (steroids an example). Also some are restricted in mobility. Other's may have thyroid issues etc.

No. 221012


If her parents have really died the seizures could be dissociative. That's where the body is under so much stress that it has seizures. They can occur as a result of somebody experiencing a bereavement. I can't explain the other things though.

No. 221055

File: 1482611623197.png (271.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-24-13-29-04…)

I'm not sure if this girl has been mentioned, but she seems to fit in here. She complains constantly about her doctors, always says she's bleeding, etc etc…

No. 221056

File: 1482611716579.png (826.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-24-13-30-32…)

Of course she loves taking pictures of her pills like a good munchie.

No. 221058

File: 1482611826817.png (617.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-24-13-35-48…)

Her meanie GI doc doesn't believe her (or is completely sick of her).

No. 221065

The GI doctor is right, for the record. Vomiting blood is a serious symptom. Directing her to the ER is SOP for something like that. I suspect he didn't actually hang up on her and that it's her own colorful interpretation of what really happened.

No. 221066

Medication doesn't have calories. Slow metabolism is a meme.
Munchies are often fat because they suck at self control and gratification delay. The meds are just a convenient excuse.
Cico exists.

No. 221073

You do realize that there's more to weight gain than calorie intake, right? Medications influences how the body functions, that's the entire point behind them. Weight gain is a common side effect and a common reason for dropping or switching meds.

No. 221080


If she wants to butcher the Welsh language and complex use of grammar, fine. It would be 'Snow White' if it were correct to directly translate but technically it would be 'Eira Gwyn'

No. 221087


Medication can cause weight gain as a side effect. Things like steroids are notorious for causing weight gain (even google it). Lots of people with chronic illnesses end up on steroids for various reasons. I'm not stupid in thinking it has calories in it as it doesn't

No. 221129

Hi shelby

No. 221138


It's not Shelby :) it's actually Nicole

No. 221149

Weight gain is caused by eating too much, not medications.

No. 221152

some meds stimulate appetite~ is an accurate way to describe it.

No. 221156

Ew even worse!! Go away!!

No. 221159

Are you being dense on purpose? Medication induced weight gain is a common and widely accepted medical phenomenon.

No. 221189

Because people don't adjust their calorie intake for medications.

No. 221207

There's also a slowed metabolism thing that makes the increased calorie intake worse. I used to think it was bullshit, then got on seroquel and gained suddenly 20kilos in 6 month. Even trying to restrict was useless, there was nothing to be done except stop the meds. Took 4 month for my metabolism to kickstart again and shed the weight.
Bottom line is, med induced weight is more than "you should just eat less, lol".

No. 221209

Call CERN. If you or someone you know can make energy without calories science deserves to know. Keeping the ability to break physics and biology to yourself is selfish. This magic power could save the world anon.

No. 221211

Yeah sure, that's totally what anon said, Ana chan. Thx for your input.

No. 221212

No. It doesn't. Learn to basic science or take misinformed excuses elsewhere. Anyway back on topic after the fat-and-stupid memes.

Which munchie will be first to have a Christmas meltdown and get to see Santa from a hospital bed this year?

No. 221213

Kek anachan. Why? Because I know how energy works? Take it to the diet thread in OT. I'm not dragging this on trying to explain to idiots that they just eat too much and pointing out why every excuse is broken. The information is there in abundance but fatties never listen because it's harder than eating more tiramisu. Keep reaching butterchan, soon you won't be able to reach your toes so do it while you can.

No. 221216

Seconding this. Seroquel fucked my shit up and it took me a full year for my metabolism to go back to normal. Not only did I gain fat and water weight, but I gained fat only on my waist which is unusual for me because when I gain weight in the past they fat was more evenly distributed.

No. 221224

Never acknowledging the part where seroquel rampant up your appetite just blame the drug and say it magically makes energetic stores out of no energy. Jfc you guys this is embarrassing.

No. 221337

It's both. Medications absolutely do change how your body handles calories, meaning you convert it to fat is changed.

Obviously you can handle this by just adjusting your diet accordingly, but it's just retarded to claim that medication can't cause weight gain, because it's a well recognised fact that they do.

No. 221359

Okay butterchan. I'm not fucking the thread arguing with every candy golem that thinks calories are magical ans not a standardised unit of energy. Im not being paid to teach you year 8 science, or derailing further.
Enjoy your sad excuses.

It seems like the spoonie community is largely well enough for Christmas. Tbh I half expected a meltdown from MLS since she's the only one (I think) who doesn't have a good relationship with her parents. As far as I know the rest itt live at home.
There's still enough time for one of the club to decide they need an er visit for Christmas and set off the whole gang.

No. 221364

It's on the fucking leaflet that comes with the med, you moron.
>I'm too stupid to understand that increased appetite and slow metabolism go hand in hand and make it real easy to gain a lot of weight for people who never had any weight problem before taking the med.
>med induced increased appetite is totally the same as normal appetite, just put down the fork, you whale, it's not like you're actually feeling like you're starving all the freaking time to the extent of sleep-eating
>countless anecdotes from people about gaining massive amount of weight and losing it after stoping the med means absolutely nothing.
Wew, you sure are dense for an Ana chan.

No. 221366

Take it to OT. This thread is about munchies not your waistline and whining.

No. 221381

What the fuck are you even talking about? Calories are a standardised unit, but to claim that every body is exactly identical in how it handles input energy is just fucking retarded, let alone to claim that chemicals can't impact that.

You don't know more than all the doctors that have researched this.

And I weigh like 60kg at 6', hardly overweight.

No. 221383

But you're right in that this isn't really on topic for the thread, so I'm going to drop it. There's really nothing to argue anyway.

No. 221441

Ok this is ridiculous, can we change the subject???

No. 221869

I've been on quetiapine for over a year and not gained a pound. Bottom line, eat less.

No. 221870

You get that side effects like that don't happen to everyone, right?

It's like saying that because you didn't get sexual dysfunction from SSRI's, that it doesn't happen, or any number of other common side effects.

No. 221890

Please stop blogposting.

No. 222983

Updates on JTE or MLS or anyone else in here?

No. 223004

MLS has asked people to take her to the ER multiple times for her stomach issues but her mom refused to take her.

Her doctor she saw today said she has "cells" in her liver they need to watch and that theyre assembling an ED team for her super serious anorexia.

No. 223140

How can she claim to be weight restored when she didn't restore any weight? She's just always been fat.

No. 223202

The most likely reason for any liver issues MLS might have is from her misuse and (secret) addiction to prescription pain meds and any psych meds she can get her hands on.

JTE has posted multiple updates about her xmas - nothing new, still a fragile little snowflake who "only just" managed to get leave from her hotel…sorry, hospital, for 3 nights over xmas. Claims her gasteroparesis was triggered by her eating too many veggies and her tum rejected her xmas dinner ob boxing day night! Oh and she had to use "loads of lorazepam" just to get through time with her family.

No. 223330

File: 1482968627113.png (5.41 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0093.PNG)

She wasn't always fat.

No. 223341

But how can she still claim anorexia though?

No. 223346

This is blatently MLS self posting here and pretending to not be!!!

No. 223347

Yup, we all know

No. 223348

Well she is (according to herself) the most serious case of anorexia in the history of her entire state.

No. 223350

have you ever actually seen MLS end a sentence with a period, though?

No. 223377

I'm actually starting to think she's got a learning disorder at this point.
Her posts are nonsensical, she can't spell, can't string together a coherent sentence, and can't seem to live entirely I dependently or work.
I really think she's like, mildly retarded.

No. 223386

midly retarded lel

No. 223395

I thought this too especially when I heard her speak in a video. She slurrs a lot and talks the same way she types.

No. 223398

Or shes just constantly strung out on prescription meds?! She does have a bigger collection of them than the meds-queen herself; robyn!

No. 223399

If she was seriously addicted like some of us think she'd be fairly normal even with a large amount of drugs in her system. Homeostasis fam.

No. 223440

what ever happened to kadee konstantino? she was my favourite munchie :(

No. 223445

MLS is unquestionably mildly retarded.

No. 223461

No, this isn't MLS. I was just pointing out the fact that she has been underweight.

Chances are she probably still claims anorexia because that is what she was diagnosed with and it's pretty retarded to have to change the name of your eating disorder the second you go a pound over underweight.

No. 223463

she's keeping a low profile right now but here thread is still active at >>155642

No. 223465