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File: 1476145402158.jpg (148.42 KB, 728x546, IMG_2012.JPG)

No. 181656

A thread for all those ~fragile IG accounts~ who post countless hospital pictures, document their pills, IVs, equipment all for IG asspats and donations for their GoFuckMe campaigns.

Think Kadee but, since she has her own thread, I figured I'd start a general one. If anyone has any IG accounts that fall under this category, post away!

No. 181823

File: 1476186740917.png (773.49 KB, 1033x651, Spoonie 1.png)

OK I will start:
Dis bish. She is all fit gym booty selfies galore, but also a "spoonie" and legit sick yewguize don't judge her by her appearance! I love the hashtag bait menagerie as well.

No. 181825

File: 1476186904941.png (602 KB, 1013x633, Spoonie 2.png)

"My fellow spoonies get it"

No. 181835

Fuck this bitch and everyone else who self-diagnoses with a chronic illness.

No. 181844

is this supposed to be about shitting yourself?

No. 181848

This is such bullshit. First, I hate the term spoonie. I don't even call myself anything but disabled, but most people who identify as spoonies have pain and fatigue problems that are made worse with activity. No way someone who has ailments that affect stamina and pain would be going to the gym for hours on end.

No. 181849

IBS-D and/or colitis can make you shit yourself sometimes.

No. 181850

What muscle? Those thighs are fat and gross. Wtf is this. Leg day? Is this bitch for real?

No. 182020

Same. Also goes for mental illness. I'm so tired of people saying I'm 'ableist' for thinking this way too. Like, no. Fuck you. Of course there is nothing wrong with looking at symptoms and seeing what you could do to help them, but there is a reason doctors go to school for so long. I don't trust anyone who is like this.

No. 182044

YES! Because that is totally awesome to share on Insta!

No. 182047

THIS! It drives me batshit!

No. 182194

Fucking this. Introspection is a really important part of improving yourself, finding what your flaws are and trying to fix them is great, and everyone should do it.

But picking symptoms and labeling yourself with a disorder you don't really understand is fucking retarded. As you said, there's a reason doctors are in school for so long, and that even then diagnosis can be difficult and take months, if not years. Some random person isn't going to be able to do it in a couple days with a pdf of the DSM V.

No. 182226

File: 1476236361530.png (Spoiler Image,566.69 KB, 1233x595, spoonie chronicallycurious col…)

Jesus tapdancing Christ! Who posts images from their COLONOSCOPY on social media?!
This gem comes to us from www.instagram.com/chronicallycurious
Note for prospective #spoonie lolcow hunters: If their screen names start with "chronically," there is a very good chance you'll find ample milk and snowflakeyness.
This is another one who uses a whole slew of hashtags (including, of course, Anorexia/ED recovery and all the common chronic illness special snowflake ones in there too).

FUCKING #UNDIAGNOSED again! That shit makes me rage.

No. 182229

File: 1476237104196.png (568.75 KB, 809x655, spoonie chronicallycurious blo…)

And here's ColonChan's blog. She has a whopping 4 followers. Keks abound in perusing the About section: She has 'undiagnosed mystery symptoms' and wants to be a woo practitioner! Enjoy.


No. 182348



No. 182349

File: 1476257066538.jpg (286.99 KB, 962x964, SHE-KNOWS.jpg)

No. 182382

I'd assume it's the same person who told Kadee, seems too weird to me that there's someone going around tipping off every munchausens cow that they can find if it wasn't.

I really wish that admin could find a way to rangeban cows that post and redirect them to a picture of a field or something, so they can't keep coming back.

Hard to stop the anon doing it unless they post about it though.

Though I don't understand why you'd come to a site like this, and then spend your time telling everyone about how they're on it. Why come here at all? It doesn't hurt anyone.

No. 182430

Candice was the one who told Kadee but I haven't seen any sign of her in awhile

No. 182436

Eh Wordpress blogs have IP trackers/google analytics on them that tell you where traffic to your blog is coming from. Linking to it directly on here and people clicking the link (like in this post >>182229)
will tell cows and provide them with the exact url.

No. 182463

This thread is ridiculous. Just because someone has undiagnosed illnesses doesn't mean that they are making it up. Some illnesses are genuinely hard to diagnose.

I don't see how someone posting about their illness makes them a cow but oh well. If any of you have had or known anyone with chronic illnesses then you'd know that it's life consuming and it's literally the only thing on your mind and the only thing you can talk about and post on your IG about. Esp if it's severe

Maybe it's just me but I really can't see how chronicallycurious actually has any milk.

Trying my best to be honest without white knighting here. Also I'll save anyone the effort of saying that I'm her. No I'm not.

No. 182468

This. I thought of Kadee right away. She was so obsessive about being here and I bet she is still here; just a hunch. Everytime someone posted that she changed her IG profile she immediately edited it again, even though pics were private and the only thing to change was the description . I could see her wanting to be hero to all the cows.

No. 182469

go back to Tumblr

No. 182499

Anon, do you know why those illnesses are hard to diagnose? Because they're fucking hard to pick up on, and hard to differentiate from other disorders.

If it's hard to diagnose for a doctor with at least 8 years of study behind him, and years of practical experience, then some random retard with access to WebMD isn't going to be able to do it.

And it sounds to me like you're either the tard tipping them off, or one of them yourself.

Go back to Tumblr if you want people to constantly fellate you over how hard it must be to live with this disorder you don't even have.

No. 182519

Nope. Every link here goes through anony.link first, which prevents that. They shouldn't even see anony.link in the referer.

No. 182556

Yeah, she's definitely still lurking, and I imagine a thread like this would be something she'd jump on immediately to make sure no-one was talking about her, because you're right, within an hour or so of someone finding her account, she'd just swap it again. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one who actually posted the most recent pics of her account in the thread honestly. I'd be even less surprised if this >>182463 was her, it's not like she's never swapped up her posting style a bit to defend that behaviour before.

No. 182563

File: 1476332081257.png (653.93 KB, 1257x597, spoonie cc woo treatment.png)

ChronicallyCurious' Woo treatment: "My healers don't kid around ?. I honestly don't know what to call what they do…"

Damn, you said it honey. I don't know either but looks like a lot of bullshit to me!

No. 182600

>13 different disorders listed
>most of them have overlapping symptoms
>basically all of them include pain and/or tiredness as symptoms
>tags include #undiagnosed and #medicalmystery


No. 182607

I wonder how much money they are cheating her out of for that bullshit healing therapy

No. 182609

Enough everyone <\3 This was such a disturbing forum to find out about. I'm not sure what personal reasons have brought you here to bash, spread hate, and tear down other people, but it can be very damaging. People have taken their own lives because of cyber bullying. Getting enjoyment out of saying such nasty things about other people is really hard to understand. There are other outlets for relaxing, getting anger out, venting, than complaining and attacking others
:( Especially young people who are feeling not the best, and reaching out for emotional support online.

No. 182610

The girl has obviously found out about the forum and you continue to post cold hearted and judgmental comments that she can probably see. Have a little compassion please.

No. 182612

File: 1476340880115.gif (526.54 KB, 240x240, mCiNBgx.gif)

>reaching out for emotional support online

They're being whiny little fucktards for attention and ass pats, and, by doing so, they make it much harder for people who actually have "invisible" illnesses to be taken seriously.

>Have a little compassion please.

Liars, attention whores, and malingerers don't deserve compassion.

No. 182619

>People have taken their own lives because of cyber bullying

How do you suppose they'd even see this site unless people told them it was here? Blame whoever keeps tipping people off, a self contained site making fun of retards isn't hurting anyone.

I'd also wager that more people have taken their lives because people don't take their illnesses seriously and assume they're not that bad or are lying than because of some random forum, so maybe going around faking having all these disorders isn't the best idea from that angle.

>Especially young people who are feeling not the best, and reaching out for emotional support online.

I don't see anyone who's reaching out for emotional support. Not a single thread about someone who just came across as a bit melodramatic in a couple posts when they were going through a hard time, and threads about people who are legitimately just unwell people who sometimes talk about their illnesses get deleted.

As >>182612 said, people who lie and attention seek or try to get out of work or get drugs from faking illnesses don't deserve compassion.

Nice samefag.

No. 182621

If it wasn't for attention, why post it ALL online? Or even a locked private community, or group chat for Christ sakes. Coming from someone with a legitimate chronic illness I've been on a solid treatment plan for, for 8+ years (and have kept it 100% private and personal), you malingerers make me absolutely sick. If you genuinely are sick, why not keep it offline? Because it seems very obvious to most that this is all for attention, ass pats, and using the internet to connect with other people suffering from the same delusions. A constant circlejerk of positive (delusional) feedback results in shitty sympathy craving "communities" full of attention whores (such as your self) where you literally take the spot light away from ACTUAL sick people, which makes us suffer because doctors don't take the real cases seriously!! If you want this to stop, grow up, take responsibility for yourself, and stop fucking posting! /rant ugh sorry

No. 182631

I agree completely anon. Admittedly, I don't have any chronic physical health issues, but it's the same with mental health issues.

People don't take them as seriously because literally every retard who wants to be a bit special self diagnoses with one, and because they're surrounded by a community of armchair psychologists (this place does it too), everyone will agree with them or make things up for them.

It takes away from people who do struggle with those issues, because either people are on a witch hunt for you to slip up and say something that doesn't fit their idea of what the disorder is like, like you say you went out one time with a friend and they jump on how you can't really be that bad, because you must be unwell all the time, or they just assume that the whole disorder isn't really that bad, so they don't understand how you can't always do stuff.

You see it on Tumblr and places like /r9k/ all the fucking time, whole communities of people jerking each other off about their mental health conditions and how bad they are, while still romanticising them and using it as an excuse for any shitty behaviour.

It's not as bad for as for physical health though, I can't imagine what it's like to have people just flat out ignore that you have a condition like that, at least people get that the main mental health conditions exist.

That's why I don't get how people like that can come into the thread and say how terrible we are for the communities of unwell people, despite their entire fucking lives taking away and making living with those conditions, and being trusted by doctors if you need certain medications so much harder.

Just recently they made it much, much harder to get alprazolam in my country for example, which had been a really important medication in the maintenance of my disorder (other similar ones didn't work or made me feel confused and upset), to the point where doctors can now only give it for panic disorder (though they just say people who need it have panic disorder), and have to call a central office to give a security authentication, and then the pharmacy also needs to call that same office to ensure it's for you, with you needing to present ID and the script (not always ID, depends on the pharmacy). All because morons faked illnesses to get given it for almost free, now doctors are much less trusting of patients (thankfully not me with the doctors I've known, but new doctors are insanely suspicious). I can't even imagine how bad it is for people with chronic pain, stronger painkillers were even more heavily locked down.

Fuck those people, they don't deserve sympathy when they have no sympathy for the people with the illnesses they're faking.

And yeah, this was a rant too.

No. 182633

If it's especially hard to diagnose how is an uneducated shmuck with little to no insight on their behaviour, cognition, or rationality be more qualified than a psychiatrist?

'Muh experiences' don't amount to shit. Any mental health professional worth half a wet shit will tell you that self diagnosis is indulgent bullshit.

No. 182652

I love this one, mylifestruggles. Sad she's private, she'll probably add you (until/unless she sees herself posted so plz no cow tip)
I'm trying to figure out.. Does she truly believe she has all these "illnesses" OR is she exaggerating. I think it's a little of both. I think she has BPD, but she'd rather say she has severe ana cuz it's more socially acceptable, or something.

No. 182653

File: 1476360284101.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 182655

File: 1476360418387.png (933.4 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Trying to raise 15k for a service dog with safety pins and beads isn't gonna work, just a hunch.

No. 182656

Yes they are, and that just makes it worse. You can suspect you have something and try to find a doctor who can confirm it for you, especially if it's a rare disease, but you can't diagnose yourself as a layman, especially not if you're going to speak about it on social media like you know shit.

No. 182662

what, you don't want a dozen safety pins with beads on them? what is wrong with you?

No. 182669

I think I've spent too much time trawling for trash on Etsy because I was actually pleasantly surprised she's offering a dozen pins for $8 instead of selling a single pin for that amount. She's still a delusional person selling garbage but it could be worse…?
>definitely too much time on Etsy

No. 182674

Shit, you're right. My bad, anon. I was gonna say maybe a whole load of potential cows lurk (especially if there's people posted here pulling the same shit they are on their social media accounts) and that's how they find their threads? But it happens a bit too often for that to apply to every case. Maybe it's someone like Ember tipping them off: someone who definitely lurks/shit talks about others very like them on here while playing the innocent saviour/victim on their official accounts?

No. 182675

>>182612 Everyone deserves compassion. Even you, after you've chosen to say such hurtful things about these people.

No one here is a doctor or psychic, there's no way of knowing that these people aren't legitimately sick and struggling on a daily basis. It's ignorance to just call someone a liar, or attention seeking when you have no idea who they are, all the symptoms they have, no real evidence except a few pics to go off of.

>>182619 Just because you can't "see" these people getting support doesn't mean that it's not happening. A lot of the posts I've seen where these people have been hospitalized or put on drugs they are just scared and needing to talk with other people that are going through the same.

>>182619 I'm sure there is a small percentage of people that do actually fake being ill, maybe for attention or for some other unknown reason. But I think those people probably need the MOST compassion, because obviously they are unwell mentally.

I'm sorry you all are so damn angry :/ Trying hard to see where your coming from.
Someone talked about blame the people that told these people about the site. I'm not gonna "blame" anyone. Blaming doesn't get anyone anywhere, or do any good, ever. It just sucks some of you have chosen to spend your time hating and complaining about them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 182775

Don't some particularly ~alternative~ hipster types use safety pins as earrings sometimes? Still, an $8 price tag is ridiculous but it is Etsy so that's to be expected.

No. 182807

>I have 18 different undiagnosed medical conditions that there's absolutely no way I could detect, but I swear it's legit and I'm not attention seeking!

How retarded are you?

And seriously, there's not a single post here that's just about someone who acted melodramatic while venting, or someone who thought they might have a disorder and went and saw a doctor about it, these are pretty obvious malingerers.

>But I think those people probably need the MOST compassion, because obviously they are unwell mentally.

No, I think the people who actually have the illnesses need the most compassion actually. People who have Munchausens or a factitious and refuse to admit it's an issue or seek treatment for it should not be given reassurance and treated like a victim. It's why Kadee got told to not go back to that hospital, because by going "Oh you poor darling you must really be sick!", you just enable their shit.

If someone had one of those disorders and fully admitted it and sought treatment I don't think any of us would be shitting on them for it, they have an issue they're trying to fix.

But the ones in this thread are just faking illnesses for attention, drugs and money, and wasting medical resources and valuable hospital beds that people who actually are sick need, and as such they don't deserve any compassion, because they've shown none for anyone else.

No. 182808

yeah, they stole it from the punks

No. 182819


Obviously the people with disorders need compassion. But the small percentage of people possibly fabricating physical illness clearly would have some sort of emotional problem or mental issues, aka a mental disorder…disorder. Hence needing compassion. Stable and emotionally well/non mental disorderer people wpuldnt make fake medical accounts. Does that make sense?

As for "spoonies" self diagnosing, it doesn't make sense to be upset about someone
Doing so - because they weren't properly diagnosed by a doctor - and then in the same breath say they do not have a disorder. Both parties would be making assumptions about diagnoses when neither are doctors ??.
All anyone can see are several pictures and a couple paragraphs, yet that somehow qualifies people on here to make the call of "no diagnosis"?? Whattttttt. Come on now.

No. 182821

Meant to say illness, not disorder. That they would both be illnesses, just physical vs mental.

No. 182822

>But the small percentage of people possibly fabricating physical illness clearly would have some sort of emotional problem or mental issues, aka a mental disorder…disorder. Hence needing compassion

No. They need treatment. If you buy into their shit and go "yeah it's okay you probably do have that disorder", you're enabling their behaviour.

These aren't delusional people who have no idea what they're doing, they're knowingly going out there, finding disorders and faking having them, for personal gain, with no regard to the actual sufferers.

They don't deserve sympathy any more than a drug addict who chooses to steal from his family and fuck over everyone around him for a fix. If either went to treatment and was seriously improving, sure, they would then, but before that, they absolutely don't.

And make no mistake, they're very similar groups. One's addicted to a substance, one's addicted to playing sick and getting attention, and possibly the substances too.

>Doing so - because they weren't properly diagnosed by a doctor - and then in the same breath say they do not have a disorder. Both parties would be making assumptions about diagnoses when neither are doctors

No anon, that's not how it works. This isn't some Schrodingers diagnosis shit, they flat out do not have the diagnosis until they are told that they do. This is even more the case with the sort of exotic rare diseases people like that fake, that are hard to pick up on and to differentiate from other stuff even as a professional.

You can't just make things up and go "You don't know!", that's not how it works.

>All anyone can see are several pictures and a couple paragraphs, yet that somehow qualifies people on here to make the call of "no diagnosis

You realise that they actually say #undiagnosed in the picture, right? None of these spoonie retards are just a bit iffy about if they have it or not, it's insanely obvious like it was with Kadee, or they just flat out admit they're undiagnosed, or they show absolutely no signs of the disease and just make things up as they go.

Seriously, why are you defending this shit? Are you one yourself? Because you're clearly not from here, with your emoji shit.

No. 182825

OP I love you I've wanted a spoonie thread forever.

Ehlers Danlos is a honeypot of attention-seekers. Don't even get me started of #hospitalglam.

No. 182829

Something I've noticed with these spoonie cows is the most common trend amongst them is they're "eating disorder recovered," but given that they're prone to whoring their entire life on social media, you can go back through their tumblrs to find their so called ED days where they were ~so anorexic,~ not unlike Kadeecow herself. They realized no one bought that they were anorexic being of completely average or above average weight and no one gives a shit unless you're spoopy anyway, so they switched to "invisible illnesses." No one could say they didn't have them because "YOU CAN'T KNOW" and they get the attention they craved.

And yes, they absolutely NEED those mobility aids, it doesn't matter why a doctor wouldn't provide them or insurance wouldn't cover it if they're so medically necessary, please donate to their gofundme.

No. 182832

File: 1476419912183.jpg (252.72 KB, 935x600, 10-UNDIAGNOSIS.jpg)


Been an asshole who lies to get sympathy doesn't make you mentally ill. Stop making excuses for yourself if you're one of this people, or for this people, get over yourself.

Also, if you want to convince people you actually have been diagnosed with any of those 13-15 illnesses in your tags, don't follow it by "undiagnosed", or even "mystery illness". That literally takes the credibility right off of you.

No. 182835

File: 1476420107329.png (131.18 KB, 1440x871, Screenshot_2016-10-13-22-39-50…)

EDS seems to be the flavor of the month right now. I think it's because it's rare enough that people who actually have it aren't in enough numbers to call them out. I don't have EDS, but I see a lot of their shit because of a huge overlap with something I have. SocialMasochist is the worst offender, clogging up the tags with her selfies and "kitchen witch" bullshit. Here's the tags from her latest selfie.

No. 182836

File: 1476420325689.png (2.16 MB, 1440x2396, Screenshot_2016-10-13-22-44-11…)

No. 182839

File: 1476420958447.png (506.48 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-10-13-22-52-04…)

I am SO goddamn tired of the phrase "professional patient. Just for curiosity's sake, how many posters in this thread have a (diagnosed professionally) chronic physical illness? I don't need a giant story behind it, lest the thread turn into a hugbox, but it might get the fakers to shut the fuck up.

No. 182855

I don't know why anyone would identify as a "professional patient." To the rest of the world that just reads as "doctor shopper."

No. 182862

Yeah, this. I've never met a person with a disability who says a patient as an answer to what they do, they just say they're unemployed or say whatever their main hobby is.

As you said, it just reads as them being doctor shoppers rather than people who legitimately can't work due to long term illness.

No. 182870

>tfw you first thought this thread was about the /cgl/ tripfag Spoony

No. 182878

File: 1476432256587.png (2.43 MB, 1280x1280, UwjZCNx.png)

I'd pay good money it's Kadeelyn, the ultimate "Spoonie Justice Warrior." I mean yeah, it could be Jolty the cow groupie or whoever, but I'm not sure whether even she is as obsessive about this place as Kadee.

Wow. Who is this "professional patient" cow? This mentality is pathological in and of itself. Clinically, individuals whose whole life and identity revolve around being sick is actually an indication for psychotherapy.

>how many posters in this thread have a (diagnosed professionally) chronic physical illness?<

I do, and this #spoonie #chronicallyfabulous uwu shit pisses me off to no end!

No. 182883

Enabling people by going along with their delusions is not compassion. It's harmful and unhelpful.

No. 182943

It seems like she doesn't know what professional even means - makes it sound that she earns her living by claiming to have #undiagnosed illnesses on Instagram…unless she's claiming benefits for it…in which case why would you brag about it?

No. 182946


It boggles my mind how people seem to be wishing this shit upon themselves for attention. Like, do these morons know what it feels like to stand up and dislocate an ankle for no reason, or to have to keep popping back in a shoulder? Why the hell would you want to experience this?!

Moreover, it really minimises the stuff those with the actual diseases- be it EDS, anorexia, autism, BPD, whatever- have to go through, because these fakers will post "Oh no woe is me so sick!! :( :( :(" and then an hour later post themselves eating a fuckin' slice of cheesecake and a latte or something and having a grand old time.

They ought to be smacked roundly about the head.

No. 182949

Reminds me of journeytoemma who has been in hospital for years now. She posts pictures of her piss, her puke, her infections etc.

I don't understand the need to share this kind of stuff?

No. 182956

If someone is undiagnosed, then why does it even matter if they have an illness or not? They're not getting treatment for it and just using it as a special snowflake way to get attention and sympathy without actually doing anything significant.

No. 182966

This. If you're not treating your illness, or trying to get treatment what's the point?

No. 182994

I think what bothers most of us about the "spoonie" and self-diagnosing community is that it takes away from people who legitimately have chronic pain and mental illness. I get that it's not fun at all to go through the process to get diagnosed, but there's a reason why it's a long and tedious process.

Getting the wrong diagnosis and treatment is most of the times worse than not treating the illness/disorder and waiting or doing more testing first.

If you go to a doctor or several doctors and they do tests on you and you don't end up having said condition or disorder. You don't have that condition. End of story. Don't act like you're a medical mystery because you're not.

Like, you're not believing someone who has gone through 12+ years of education and has scientific proof because you somehow know more about the human body than they do? I just don't get that mentality unless you have hypochondria or an illness similar to Munchhausen's.

Also I've realized that quite a few of these people in the spoonie/munchasen community also tend to like to try alternative and new ways of "treatment." This leads to even more stigma for said groups and now with the added bonus of spreading misinformation and harmful treatments. These treatments are harmful because they DO NOT work and scam people out of thousands of dollars when they could have used that energy and time on stuff that's been tested in labs and in focus groups.

No. 183223

I'm friends with a woman on Facebook who's convinced her and her 3 children are sick with everything. If anyone wants to see some of it. She's looney too.

No. 183224

I wanna see!

No. 183225

Please do share anon!

No. 184075

File: 1476684717913.png (852.85 KB, 1333x653, spoonie LU attn seeker chimpou…)

Alright. This one could have their own thread tbh. I screenshotted a lot of pics in case our cow tipper decides to tip this one too. I think of her as the UK Kadeelyn of the UK. She's definitely Munchhausen By Internet tier batshit and posting about a laundry list of physical and mental illnesses, 90% of her pics are blatant attention-seeking posts and she has admitted to ditching several previous profiles so I am sure she's been at this for a long time. Frighteningly (but one classic feature of factitious disorder cases), she works at NHS. Oh and she's ~*Non-Binary*~ (I have no idea wtf that means but it's definitely tumblrina speak).
Here's a taste of "LifeUndiagnosed," chimping out about not being the sickest (or projecting about someone else trying to be sicker than she is) in some spoonie support group.

No. 184097

File: 1476689009057.png (679.56 KB, 1027x661, Spoonie LU cool pic LOL.png)

>cool picture …not attention seeking at all

No. 184099

holy shit

No. 184100

I always wonder, do you think they type out all of those tags each time they post, or do they just have it saved somewhere in their phones?

This is pretty great so far though, please do post the rest of the screenshots you have. First time I've seen one of these cows leave their mental illness diagnosis at just "depression and anxiety" too.

No. 184108

File: 1476690955150.png (90.18 KB, 971x287, spoonie LU IG profile.png)

Here's lifeundiagnosed's IG profile.

No. 184109

File: 1476691039213.png (1007.77 KB, 1033x657, spoonie LU pill words.png)

Spells out screen name in pills. Really?

No. 184110

LU seems to use the same set of tags on virtually all posts. Sometimes she will add specific things but otherwise looks like she pastes the same block of tags.

No. 184112

Diarrhea is so ~tragically beautiful~ uwu

>Chronic Allergies

Poor baby.

No. 184118

>Look at this cool picture of me :)
>with bandages and pills so everyone knows I'm ~sick~ :)
>pity me :))
The worst kind of attention whoring honestly.

No. 184119

Only a true sociopath could think someone posting about a physical illness is "copying" them. Jesus christ, this shit is so sick.

No. 184120

Why do people like this always feel the need to chuck "severe" in front of anything they can think of, but not put the effort into finding the actual diagnosis? That shit's like a google search away, and they research other disorders to add them on.

Either way, that's an insane amount of pills, who stockpiles tablets to write out their name? Like, that's a sure sign you're not taking them.

No. 184123

File: 1476696877752.png (597.66 KB, 1027x653, spoonie LU tiny finger cut sz.…)

No. 184124

Since its been almost exactly one year since her passing, I'd like to mention Stormy (One of the original suicide girls back in the early 2000s) who I used to communicate with online, lost her battle with pancreatitis just after turning 30. If you want to see the profile of a legitimate sufferer of chronic illness document a bit of their struggle, while still living her life and posting (mostly) about things other than her illness, check out her her instagram (It's still up); Stormy_Electro

She is greatly missed, and I can't believe it's been a full year since her death :( I mean no disrespect, I just think she's the perfect example of a chronic illness sufferer on the internet who didn't use it for money/attention.

No. 184125

I bit myself! I can't go to work now! Oh my gooooodddd.

Could these people get any pussier? They need to buck up and stop complaining.

No. 184126

>my rapist ex teaching me how to spot sociopaths

Yeah, good on you. Dropping the 'I'm a rape survivor' in there with 'chronically ill' as well. Good on you. Get those asspats, girl. You certainly deserved it lying about your life and crying about how victimized you are. I have no OUNCE of sympathy for someone who won't even go to the doctor to find out if she even has these diseases.

No. 184128

Right? I had the exact same reaction. Moar asspatz plz.

No. 184133

File: 1476702566969.png (757.72 KB, 1029x641, spoonie LU card bandage bracel…)

One of many pics of LU on the bus, ranting about muh inviziblul disability" and people judging her for sitting in the handicap seat. It just so happens that she is totally accidentally on purpose casually posing to make sure the photo is of her medical bracelet, bandaged hand and her finger splints (which she posts about all the time too).

No. 184138

File: 1476704572170.png (1.08 MB, 1025x641, spoonie LU BPD.png)


No. 184139

>could have borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder

Yeah, because those disorders are even slightly similar to each other. It's like saying "I could have a broken leg or it might be lung cancer, they aren't sure".

This chick is way more irritating than most of the spoonie types that have been posted so far for some reason.

No. 184140

File: 1476705583267.png (735.28 KB, 935x599, LU kadee tier drama whoring.pn…)

She is by far the worst I've encountered apart from Kadeelyn. She's like the UK version, down to the over-dramatizing of conditions and injuries. Like in this post, she says she is worried about possible amputation of her finger for a joint abnormality? No. Just…no. She ended up getting a fancy splint for it, that's it.

No. 184141

File: 1476705945460.png (886.76 KB, 930x597, LU muh breakdown 1.png)

No. 184142

File: 1476706329065.png (646.27 KB, 931x597, LU withdrawal pillz.png)

I am wondering if I should make her a separate thread, there is so much milk with her!

>muh withdrawalz

No. 184145

File: 1476707095703.png (485.23 KB, 935x599, LU dat comp.png)

Because, ya know, if you're going to a seminar about one of your chronic illnesses, your biggest concern would be the COMPETITION! Projecting much, sweetums?

No. 184146

The only thing that is really sick here is her sense of fashion. That hair does not work for someone with her face

No. 184150

god it triggers me when these snowflakes claim to have ehlers-danlos syndrome
it's an actual disease with real diagnostic criteria not just "lol im double jointed im so speshul"

No. 184151

What's wrong with her pointer finger

No. 184153

File: 1476707919220.png (60.99 KB, 2000x800, 2000px-NHS-Logo.svg.png)


you know what's funny about this? All NHS letterheads are in COLOUR. Makes it look like she mocked it up herself

No. 184179


Wait, wait, this bitch is in the UK and is still un diagnosed? We have FREE FUCKING HEALTHCARE. There is NO EXCUSE not to go to your goddamn GP and get tested for all the myriad of diseases she thinks she has.

The NHS isn't perfect but come the FUCK on. If she's really in this much pain there is no freaking excuse.

No. 184180

I would say you're on the money, but my NHS letters have had black logos before so IDK.

No. 184205

This. None of them have the vascular form either, which is deadly. I know someone who does and it can cause fatal vein ruptures and they probably won't live past 60. Everyone who claims to have it just has the relatively asymptomatic form

No. 184213

To be fair, I think the hypermobile type is the most common one. I have EDS too and it's more than double jointedness. Dislocations and stiff joints is not fun.

No. 184233

Oh yeah, I'm not saying it's not common (testing for it was actually suggested to me!). But i only ever see people complaining about it display symptoms that are fairly common with day-to-day fatigue, like soreness from working an 8 hour retail job

No. 184261

Ahhh yeah, that's true. The other thing is, EDS symptoms can overlap with other things like MSAC [mast cell activation disorder], Marfan's etc. So lots of testing is done to confirm or exclude diagnoses but lord knows the ones claiming to have EDS or whatever most likely don't.

No. 184383

File: 1476725819699.png (165.33 KB, 750x1082, IMG_3859.PNG)

Kelly is now claiming to have EDS with some #severehypermobility, yet calls being able to do the splits a perk.
For fucks sake there are no perks to EDS.
Not to mention that none of her joints are hyperextended in the slightest.

No. 184423

hell, she's not even fully down. her fat's getting in the way.

No. 184536

>people glare at me for sitting in the disabled spot

No they fucking don't. She just thinks they do because she knows she's lying about her disabilities. Nobody cares if a teenager sits on a seat meant for elderly if there are no elders or healthy people sitting on disabled seats.


>I am so oppressed!!11

No. 184549

Why is EDS the latest 'in thing' for these people to claim they have?

No. 184553

File: 1476738684440.gif (111.84 KB, 500x372, 1462992361761.gif)

off to bed after two vyvanse.
why the hell do they always throw in vitamins or otc shit?

No. 184555

No fucking way is she 17

No. 184572

Jesus this pisses me off. My SO has diagnosed EDS and it's not fucking quirky or cute. They probably just like it because it's rare, and has hidden symptoms AKA harder to call out.

No. 184594

I'm so worried that my EDS won't be taken seriously with all the people self diagnosing. I took me years to get my diagnosis and I now these fucking cunts are bitching when they don't even have POTS or heart defects?

No. 184606

True. I have POTS and electrical issues with my heart, but I don't complain because it's not worth complaining about in the first place. I take my meds and go to the cardio regularly, that's all I can do. Sorry if you have either one of those, though. I know how it feels.

No. 184610

mate, I have real fibromyalgia. the disabling, properly diagnosed type not the tumblr type. it's a hard illness for people to take seriously anyway then these fuckers come along…

No. 184644

This is how I felt when autism was the hip diagnosis. It's really disgusting and disrespectful. People suffer their entire lives with this shit

No. 184646

"Im silently battling"…. UUURRRRM no love you are constantly whining and having selfpity parties on public social media accounts for anyone and everyone to see and give you the attention you so desperately crave. SILENTLY battling is getting on with life despite having an illness and not moaning about it daily on your social media or sharing it with the whole internet every five minutes.

Also cringing that this girl also apparently works for the NHS…. hope she doesnt have much patient contact cos she would probably turn any interaction she had with them into a one-up competition!

No. 184654

File: 1476746457861.png (314.72 KB, 935x595, LU spice sperg.png)

Holy crap LU chimps out a lot, and over the tiniest things! She certainly doesn't miss an opportunity to bemoan and showcase her super special snowflake suffering.
Check out this spergfest response to someone who merely offered a suggestion. She definitely gets off on drama and really does think she's a brave badass 'Spoonie Justice Warrior!"

No. 184659

Gotta slip that med count in there lol

No. 184705

It's really not that uncommon to have actual professionals recommend "natural" treatments rather than prescribe pills for problems where I live.

Sleeping issues? Try melatonin first and see if that helps?
Anxiety disorder? Here's an anti-anxiety med and some therapy, but you should also try to increase exercise and lay back on the coffee and excess sugar.
Acne? Try Benzagel for a few months + regular cleansers and come back if it's worse.

It's in the patient's best interest to try cheap alternatives that have been proven to work rather than be pumped full of meds and have to go through withdrawals or the pains of changing meds.

No. 184755

Why would be possibly need different strengths of the same medication? If you needed a lower dosage at times your doctor would just show you show to split a pill.

That's a pretty good sign she's doctor shopping a lot to me.

No. 184764

File: 1476754108586.png (837.14 KB, 937x605, LU bus drugs box.png)

She sure loves pic whoring all her ~*DRUGS*~…and works in a medical condition or two during the oh-so-casual hum-dee-dum dialogue. There are only a handful of posts on her two accounts that have no mention of illness…mostly pics of her dogs. This girl's life is "MUH ILLNESS PILLS DOCS APPOINTMENTS BUS WORK PILLS MEDS APPOINTMENTS DISABILITY HOSPITAL MEDS DOCS ILLNESS ~*Brave Fighting Warrior*~ uwu!!!"

No. 184775

Fuck I am so sad Kelly went private. I miss her drama. Any anons still following her, please post updates in here? So happy we have Spoonie General now!

No. 184809

What I want to know is when did this trend start? Almost everyone on my personal Facebook is battling hashimotos or babesia or chronic Lyme or fibro…it's a trend beyond snowflakes which baffles me.

No. 184822

It's the downside of spreading awareness about illnesses.

People hear the basic symptoms, don't understand the normal presentation of them, or what severity they need to be at to be actually clinical or symptomatic of something, and then assume they have it, or start going "Oh, I read a wikipedia article, so I'm an expert and can diagnose myself and other people now".

It's the same mentality as those armchair psychologists that crop up here sometimes have, just directed towards themselves.

No. 184826

I have the same problem with my newsfeed except all of a sudden it's anxiety and depression. It's pissing me off but I can't tell if they're actually suffering or not.

This is probably why

No. 184827

File: 1476767437611.png (608.54 KB, 935x599, LU ignore ankles.png)

> Lookie my EDS ankles!
> Muh hypermobility makes me speshul!

No. 184831

File: 1476767696881.png (725.11 KB, 929x597, LU holter 1.png)

>lookie my scars, and cool heart monitor!

Jesus fucking Christ. This level of speshul medical attention seeking is so OTT

No. 184838

File: 1476768721012.png (923.92 KB, 929x599, LU baw notice me.png)

BAAAAAAAAW if I an hero no one would notice

>mfw no one ever replied

No. 184854

God just Die already you worthless cow. What is that stupid fucking haircut? If you're so "sick" why you so fat and doughy?

No. 184856

Omg I'm cringing so hard at this hambeast. I hope she eats all her pills and dies.

No. 184860

File: 1476771496289.png (625.22 KB, 925x597, LU yay epilepsy card.png)

Dafuq…I have no words for this.

Dis bish is so obsessively enamored with everything medical! I can't. I just can't.

>mfw I realize she's WORSE than Kaydeetard!

No. 184864

The fucking hashtags. JFC what a waste

No. 184865

So…. Wtf do seizures have to do with IBS? Nobody fucking cares about your bowel problems.

No. 184866

File: 1476773287790.png (616.07 KB, 932x449, LU more pill art.png)

Even more "pill play."

> Yet despite all this, I try to live a normal life!

Top fucking keks! No, honey. No you don't. There is nothing normal about the way you think and post. You live in obsessive medical fantasy land where you're the sickest most fragile snowflake spoonie warrior uwu and EVERYTHING somehow relates to your spoonie sick speshulness.

No. 184868

>claims to have been crying and flipping out a few minutes ago
>face isn't puffy
>eyes aren't bloodshot
>makeup isn't smeared
>is calmly taking a selfie


No. 184869

B-but, if she doesn't put every fucking hashtag for every single issue she may or may not have, how can she reach as many of her fellow super duper awesome #SpoonieFamily warriors as possible?!?!?

>I feel you!

No. 184870


Yeah I can attest even just from personal experience of googling symptoms. They're always so vague and almost all of them are also symptoms of stress and anxiety

No. 184871

Fucking THIS!

No. 184873

Hey, diarrhea is deadly guys.

No. 184874

Man I have lupus and like 2 people know.

No. 184888

Look I just have to say this shit makes me so livid. I have fibromyalgia. I was properly diagnosed. I not going to turn this into my own blog post, but I LIVE MY FUCKING LIFE. I work a full time job on my feet, then come home to take care of family and household. My body hurts like a bitch sometimes, l like it does right now. I keep going. So sitting on your instagram, posting baw baw pictures, is a total crock of shit, and they need their mental health observed asap. Thanks for making life harder for those of us living with these conditions. Yes, living,not suffering. Baw baw poor fucking you.

No. 184895

If you want mad spoonie points all you have to do is take a trip to Walgreens, stock up on vitamins and OTC pills, take a picture of them, and post it on social media with vague commentary and tags that avoid directly stating which illnesses the pills are meant to treat.

It's an easy way to make idiots think you're sicker than you actually are.

Eh, it's aggravating when randos suggest "natural" (and usually disproven) treatments. They're usually just trying to be helpful, but it's comes off as condescending. It implies they think you and your doctors are all too stupid to have tried your super easy solution.

But she's an asshole for A) putting the person on blast without being courteous enough to at least hid his name, and B) saying that males are incapable of knowing how to help with problems that are exclusive to female anatomy. That's not how medical knowledge works.

Some pills shouldn't be cut, usually because they have a special coating that keeps them from dissolving too quickly. In those cases, you can end up being prescribed 2 or 3 pills, each of a different strength, to get the right dosage.

No. 184902

File: 1476776280232.png (934.34 KB, 1031x595, LU cute meds wtf.png)

Jesus fuck. I can't. I just can't.

>meds look super cute now! uwu

No. 184904

They really are, it's extremely easy to apply a whole heap of different disorders to yourself. Particularly mental illness wise, with no frame of reference, people have no idea what's normal and what's a serious illness.

>Some pills shouldn't be cut, usually because they have a special coating that keeps them from dissolving too quickly.

I can't think of any situations you'd need an extended release and an instant release version of the same pill, no doctor would give you say a 80mg extended release Oxy pill (which just from memory, it looks like she has, I'm probably wrong there, just remember them being round and a light blue colour), and then go "Also if you have stronger pain take this other dose on top of it to manage it", because that's really not safe, or responsible use of medication.

I can imagine it's possible if you have to take them throughout the day if it's like a heart medication or something that can have impacts on your ability to function normally that you might need a lower dose at daytime than at night, but that seems pretty unlikely, I've never heard of it.

It tends to be more "Take one in X situation, half in Y situation and 2 in Z situation" more than "Here's 3 separate scripts for different strengths of the tablet".

I could be wrong or not thinking of some situation, but that really makes no sense to me, it sounds dangerous and unnecessary.

No. 184905

To clarify, with the closer picture, I can see that they aren't Oxy or anything like that (can't actually see the small blue ones unless they were Tramadol), but also can't see any double dosages, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

No. 184906

>Ignore my stupid EDS ankles
>that I've made sure to include in the shot
>and I'm making specific mention of

Imagine being such an attention whore that you willingly mix up your pills and put them on the floor(?) just so you can take an ugly picture. She had to re-sort and dust off every single one of them. That would be a total pain in the ass.

Never mind, I guess this is what she considers fun.

>Good thing I did it, because I'm running out of some medication

How did she not know this already? If you're that sick, and obsessed with how sick you are, you don't accidentally nearly run out of pills without noticing.

>multiple forms of the same pills

Pill hoarder confirmed.

No. 184908

>I can't think of any situations you'd need an extended release and an instant release version of the same pill

I don't think she said that. I think she meant she has [Medication X] in 100mg and 50mg tablets, for instance.

>It tends to be more "Take one in X situation, half in Y situation and 2 in Z situation" more than "Here's 3 separate scripts for different strengths of the tablet".

>I could be wrong or not thinking of some situation, but that really makes no sense to me, it sounds dangerous and unnecessary.

More like the doctor wants you to take 150mg of [Medication X], but there are no 150mg pills, so you're prescribed 100mg pills and 50mg pills, and you're supposed to take one of each at a time.

No. 184911

>More like the doctor wants you to take 150mg of [Medication X], but there are no 150mg pills, so you're prescribed 100mg pills and 50mg pills, and you're supposed to take one of each at a time.

Oh, I hadn't thought of it that way. Yeah, that definitely does make more sense, I assumed it was her needing to take two different dosages.

No. 184927

HO SHIT she lives near me! Whoa, okay. Surreal. I've never been so close to a cow.

No. 184942

File: 1476789607040.jpg (159.33 KB, 301x688, Herb_Kazzaz_001.jpg)

Her doctor

No. 184968

she's 30

No. 184979

Bitch, no one is going to amputate your finger for such a minor problem, what the fuck.

She's projecting because she's the one who competes to be the sickest of them all.

No. 184982

You can diagnose yourself with almost anything. When I was a teenager I used to read through tons of wikipedia articles of different illnesses for edgy writing "research" and it's really easy to warp isolated issues or common traits into "symptoms", especially if you want to find something wrong with you.

No. 184983

Who throws their pills in one big pile on the floor?

No. 184987

Imagine being so boring and attention starved that the only thing "unique" or "interesting" about you is your list of symptoms and self-diagnosed illnesses. These are the type of people no one wants to hang out with because they'll always find a way to insert their made up issues into every conversation.

No. 184988

I wonder what that hair style looks like from the back… Also, why does she line underneath her eyes but not her actual lash line? This girl is such a fucking mess

No. 184996

File: 1476803267223.png (698.42 KB, 937x593, LU bodyfail pill goblet.png)

>Look at my cool goblet!
>It's like I'm in Game Of Thrones or something!
>Gotta slip in, casual like, that my body is >failing, and GOTTA MAKE SURE TO MAKE IT ABOUT >MUH MEDS (which are mostly run of the mill >pills btw)!

I really think LifeUndiagnosed could actually be the biggest Munchhausen By Internet lolcow ever. She makes me fucking rage! Sweetums the thing you need help with the most is your obsession with medical attention seeking.

No. 185010

That's constipation medication.

No. 185069

Let me guess, her chronic IBS is acting up after eating fast food 2 days in a row even though said fast food is supposed to be avoided at all costs for chronic IBS sufferers? Either she's lying about having IBS or she's a fucking idiot who doesn't actually give a shit (pardon the pun) about her actual health - just how it appears on Instagram. Probably not IBS at all, just a shit diet.

No. 185114

Can we pretty much assume that the majority of these Instagram Spoonies are fakes at this point?
I know three so-called spoonies irl, and the only one that has actually been diagnosed with actual illnesses doesn't post about it for attention online.

No. 185137

Eh I'm not sure if we should. There are some instagram spoonies that post about their usual lives, adding in stuff about illnesses because it's something that's going on. They don't usually have an account 100% for medical shit though.

No. 185195

I can't read most of the labels but no way all of these are prescription, right? I can only get my stuff in bottles of 30-40 pills. I see folic acid and that's definitely available otc.

No. 185199

File: 1476828890090.png (705.09 KB, 931x599, LU fastfood binge.png)

BINGO! She posts fast food and #bingeeating all the time! But oh noes my IBS!
This was the day she was told she might have Borderline Personality Disorder or Bipolar.

No. 185203

No, there are definitely legit people who are actually sick and connect for support through illness groups, but it sucks for them because of the drama whores who make their entire social media existence all about being sick and medical paraphernalia, and make the entire community look bad. This is why people rage at the fakers.

No. 185254

What the fuck? How is she getting so many pills? That's way more than a month's worth.

I can't read the labels, are these all vitamins and supplements?

No. 185259

>binge eating
>one hamburger, fries, and a soda


No. 185260

I just realized that there's only one person there. Whoops. I thought it was a picture of her point of view and someone was sitting across from her.

No. 185261

Are those actually surgery scars? They look like weird dark pink script tattoos. I've never had a surgery so idk what they should look like honestly

No. 185265

That's what I thought to. Or some fading henna. The definitely do not look like surgery scars and I can't find any other noticeable marks on her body.

No. 185266

No, you're right. They're not surgery scars. I've had a few things in my lifetime, scars that are old tend to vary between pink and white, new ones are red. A surgery scar should look like a thin line, assuming there was a scapel involved.

In procedures that are done laprascopically, scars are very tiny and may look almost invisible once fully healed.

No. 185269

Yeah, I have scars from a surgery and even the bits that got infected are a weird purpley white now, not straight pink or red. Those are tattoos.

No. 185278

File: 1476838682558.png (952.01 KB, 1217x597, LU mh awareness.png)

Nope. This is not an attention-seeking, overdramatic and stereotypical wackjob portrayal of mental illness at all.
This was for #MentalHealthAwarenessDay.


No. 185302

>says that people are glorifying mental illness by talking about their own struggles on an awareness day
>posts about her mental illness and chronic illnesses almost everyday

Yeah sure. You have depression, anxiety and a panic disorder but posted a selfie with a clean face and no make-up. And shame people who don't want to be super personal every fucking day of their lives.

I can't even bring myself to have something like Instagram because I'm so paranoid and anxious. And this is after I've had therapy and take medication daily. Not everyone is going to exhibit anxiety like me, but you don't just fucking take selfies all day long like it's your job if you struggle with shit like that on top of depression and a panic disorder.

No. 185312

wait how can she have a full time job like she said in >>184109 pic if she doesn't shower for over a week and hasn't got the energy to do anything? what employer would put up with that?

a lot of non-EDS ppl can do splits too though. this isn't a sooper special proof of yr eds thing, and neither is having weird turned in ankles while watching tv. sorry.

No. 185336


Wow what a selection of vitamins and over the counter pain killers.


No. 185344

File: 1476844665036.jpg (53.09 KB, 523x354, snowflake.jpg)


Finally a Spoonie thread! I fell down the spoonie hashtag a few months ago and the Ehlers Danlos girls are bonkers.

There's one girl Jaccustice. Who is apparently homeless and in need of money but has money for weed, acupuncture, stem cell treatment in Jamaica and whole foods.

She posts yoga poses and nude pictures talking about how miserable she is.

I think she latched onto the genuinely disabled EDS girls early on but now they seem to have blanked her.

No. 185356

I love how she says she hadn't showered since the 3rd when she took that photo, yet her hair is still clean, not at all greasy or anything, it's just not been brushed that morning. Maybe this was a photo she took on the 4th? Because that is not how anyone looks after two weeks of not cleaning themselves at all.

It's fucking infuriating the way she acts like she's the real deal, despite her obviously bullshitting about how mentally unwell she is and creating these stereotyped caricatures of the illnesses. Then to lecture people about how it's not something you want and faking it is a bad thing? Legitimately makes me angry, I think she's the first cow that's ever done that. Even Kadee was just silly and kind of sad how she thought she had everyone fooled.

It sucks how people like this turn things like mental health awareness day into jokes. Turns what should be something that helps people with these disorders into some retarded special snowflake contest, while the people who struggle tend to get ignored.

No. 185358

File: 1476847554491.png (841.05 KB, 1011x633, LU mh rant.png)

Yeah okay…

No. 185359

No. 185366

Why do I feel like this is going to go exactly how it went with Kadee with this girl? I keep waiting for that idiot (or Kadee herself) to tip her off and she's going to come visit us and lecture us about her totally believable illnesses.

No. 185377

Huh, what's she taking the cabergoline for? It either means she'll be announcing she has Parkinson's soon or that she has a minor pituitary tumor/hyperprolactinemia (lactation issues), probably the latter going by that dose. Also, the NHS really doesn't like to prescribe it since it's fucking expensive (that bottle in the photo is 8 pills and $140), old and it can screw with your heart so they make you do yearly echos.

No. 185400

>one missed dose of D3
>life-threatening low levels.

No. 185402

>kept asking if I was okay
wow these co-workers sound like utter arseholes. how can she even cope?

No. 185409

>my partner has stuck by my for 8 years

She must suck dick like a Dyson.

>how can she have a full time job like she said in >>184109 pic if she doesn't shower for over a week and hasn't got the energy to do anything? what employer would put up with that?

Good question.

Vitamin D deficiency causes soreness, fatigue, and brain fog. That's what she's so scared of. kek

Bonus stupidity: Obesity and lack of sun exposure both contribute to lowered Vitamin D levels. She seems perfectly content with being a pasty lardass, so I guess she's not too worried about her suuuuuuper low D3 levels.

No. 185421

I know what vitamin D does if it's low (even anxiety, depression etc) but missing one single dose does not make you plummet to drastic, health compromising levels. Who am I kidding, the story is so dumb anyway, pull another one out and take it then, love.

No. 185422

Low vit D can happen for all kinds of reasons so whatever. If hers was really really low her hair would probably be breaking off etc. It's the way she passes supplements off as life-saving medications.

No. 185435

File: 1476861965963.png (789.24 KB, 935x599, LU more fastfood.png)

Seriously, she eats like shit. If someone is this obsessed with medical issues you'd think they'd eat better. But oh wait, everyone wants a magic pill.

No. 185447

File: 1476865591551.png (810 KB, 933x597, LU muh fragile skin.png)

IDK man.

No. 185448

These people are the reason I never ever talk about my medical condition online and only within my support group.

Selfies of your flushed cheeks and a bleeding bug bite is total and complete bullshit attention seeking behaviour.

No. 185453

fexofenadine - allergy
tramadol - pain
pregabalin - pain
sertraline - zoloft
amitriptyline - mental health
cabergoline - hormone imbalance
betmiga - overactive bladder
levetiracetam - anti-seizure
mebeverine - ibs treatment

correct me if i'm wrong on what these are used for.

No. 185456

Amitriptyline can be used in pain management, as I've been prescribed it before, but it's not some crazy heavy med. Her meds are not anything that indicates something big and serious, but what do I know. Ive just seen all of them before.

No. 185461

File: 1476872699546.jpg (75.89 KB, 1203x313, nowords.jpg)

I'll just leave this here. Seems pretty spoonie-esque. And weird. Very, very weird.

>of course they have a tumblr too!

No. 185466

Eh, I don't believe everyone who says they have a chronic illness (like that girl going to the gym is pretty.. suspicious), but having a close friend who has a chronic illness made me at least think twice. Her whole life after puberty was riddled with her feeling pain, feeling weak/tired, having stomach problems, and having blood pressure problems, and no doctor could figure out why.

Everyone just assumed she was making it up or that nothing was wrong, but it turned out to be a diagnosis that's fairly infrequent and somewhat newer, and most doctors she went to never even heard of it (in fact, some parts were only caught by chance). She turned out to have an autoimmune disorder, POTS, and some other crap.

Just makes me think twice before I judge "spoonies".

Sage for blog post.

No. 185471

File: 1476876475978.png (870.4 KB, 1025x659, woochan update.png)

Our woo queen's "healer" says she has a "weak spleen and pancreas."

No. 185473

File: 1476876753846.png (955.83 KB, 1333x671, woochan ionic bath.png)

Next day woochan's "healer" has her do this totally legit "ionic foot bath" that "draws out toxins like parasites"…riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
But wait! She feels tired during it and more lively, energetic and has less pain the next day!

No. 185474

"EDS" right… bitch just needs to use some hand cream

No. 185477

File: 1476877139133.png (560.96 KB, 1321x643, spoonie bridancypants 3.png)

Meanwhile, "bridancypants" (gymchan) is SO sick she feels like she might pass out, but makes it to the gym for a gun flex selfie, and don't forget all the cutesy girl tags!
What a load of bullshit! This girl irks the shit out of me!

No. 185481

i know mylifestruggles and she is every bit the joke on face and in real life

No. 185482

File: 1476877494835.png (9.81 KB, 307x214, jkj.png)

meant to include this with that last post lol

No. 185483

She is private though. If you follow her IG please do share screenshots!

No. 185487

I mean, it's silly, but I kind of think that if the biggest deal in a photo is that she's into alternative medicine, it's not that big of a deal?

I swear she's the only one of these tards who just flat out admits that they're undiagnosed though. Like, how fucking retarded can you be to think you can diagnose yourself with all these different things, including complex internal disorders that require heaps of tests to detect?

>Not many of you know
>Is literally in her fucking intro

How do these people manage to not accidentally off themselves each day? Like, how can you be so shit at lying, yet make it your whole life?

No. 185491

Who is mylifestruggles and why is she a Munchhausen By Internet drama cow?

No. 185492

lol she wasn't getting the asspats she wanted from real doctors so she went to a fake one?

No. 185497


No. 185498

File: 1476884196747.png (479.61 KB, 897x653, spoonie gymchan just because I…)

Fucking gymchan I swear to god. Boo fucking hoo bitch. Nice hashtag abuse as always.

>#rant #chronicillness #chronicpain #spoonie #sick #ibs #fatigue #undiagnosed #medication #life #love #laugh #konfidence #fitness #health #fun #happy #curls #browneyedgirl #weimaraner #puppy #smile #selfie #follow #pose #flexfriday #bikini #curves #fluffy #booty<

No. 185515

good catch ahhaha

No. 185517

she really has a homely Robin Williams look when she doesn't wear the stupid eyeliner, maybe she knows this and that's why she lines her bottom lids

No. 185663

>falls down
>everyone laughs
>cries the whole day infront of everyone

1. Nobody probably laughed
2. If she had anxiety you wouldn't spend the whole day crying infront of people because you would know if causes more attention and focus on yourself

You would go to the washroom and put yourself together and then get back to work. Not milk it for everything it's worth. All you would want is for people to forget about the whole thing.

No. 185664

Almost every fastfood place sells soups and salads. Or have some healthier alternative like a baked chicken sandwich or similar things.

She has no excuse to eat like this and trigger her IBS and "chronic illnesses."

No. 185667

iirc the "toxins" are just the iron or copper wires reacted to the water and salt.

No. 185680

Tesco does a meal deal for like 3 pounds or less too, which is cheaper than BK/KFC, and you can choose a sandwich or pasta salad with veg in as your main, like none of their mains are greasy i duno this is what really triggers GI stuff for me tbh, and fruit as a side if you're into that. And water for a drink. Flavoured water even if you're too much of a big baby to just drink regular water. IIRC (but it's been years since i lived in the UK so I don't know for sure) other supermarket chains do a similar deal. Like the Co-op for sure does. And also there are little tiny hole in the wall Tesco Express stores goddamn everywhere that carry this, and in any case grocery stores are a lot more plentiful than fast food.
Like yeah best if you're insides act up a lot is to just make your food at home and bring it into work, but if you're in a bind it makes more sense healthwise to go to the grocery store for a lunch than McDonalds.
She really has got no goddamn excuse. She just likes being miserable, or playing miserable for pity points on instagram or w/e.

No. 185712

File: 1476917184739.jpeg (164.59 KB, 745x1205, image.jpeg)

What is she like IRL? It seems like being "chronically/severely ill" is her identity, but she also relies on govt $$/housing so feels like she has to stay sick to maintain financial security?
Also she went right back to the hospital maybe 48 hours later.

No. 185735

lol and of course she's gotta have ugly text tattoos

No. 185826

Y'all make me fuckin sick. Bottom feeder, trash talking, fucking pessimistic garbage excuses for human beings. Who the fuck goes on a forum to bash other people like this. Do something fucking productive you fucking fucks. This is what you do with your fucking time? Ugh, FUCK you. FUCK. Disgusting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 185827

eat some more oxycontins and settle down, spoony-chan

No. 185832

Fuck yewwww. You asshat. Get a fucking hobby. ??????

No. 185836

File: 1476933519504.jpg (1.12 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161019_231501.jpg)

This one has a 'rare blood disorder' yet wonders why the nurses wonder why she takes so long taking 'unique selfies' in the bathroom..

No. 185837


WHO THE FUCK CARES. Mind your business and go read a fucking book or something. Nobody likes a gossip slut

No. 185839

Attention whore much?

No. 185840

Where did the term 'spoonie' even come from? Like how Ana comes from anorexia, and Mia from Bulima.

No. 185841

Difference between Kelly >>185836 and Robyn >>185447 is that as annoying as Kelly can be at times as her account is basically dedicated to her illness, is that if she stops transfusions she would actually die. While if Robyn stops taking her over the counter "life saving" vitamins, nothing would happen to her.

You want to know why people care about this vile people who lie on the internet about being sick? Because while this people waste doctors' time and hospital resources, there's somebody out there who is actually sick who isn't getting help. That's disgusting, and they should feel ashamed of themselves. That's why people care.

No. 185842

The term "spoonie" comes from the Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino. A friend once asked her how it felt to live her life while having Lupus, to explain her energy levels she used spoons. How she only had a limited amount of them while healthy people have unlimited spoons, and daily routine stuff such as showering, going to work, school, cooking, etc… would cost her a spoon, or energy.

Here's a link to the full story if you wan to give it a read, it isn't too long.

No. 185852


You bash just to fucking bash. Don't kid yourself and make this pathetic trash talk circle jerk forum into some sort of justified agenda. It was said this Kelly girl would die without transfusions, yet here you crusty creepy shit stains are, talking about how annoying she is. I wish I could "Wanted" style slap you all across the face with your fucking keyboards.

No. 185855

if you keep talking like that the nurse isn't going to give you your free dilaudid and ginger ale :'(

No. 185856

No. 185857


You gonna burn in the bad place bitch

No. 185858

Top fucking kek!

No. 185862

Wow, you're so well spoken. That thoughtful and constructive criticism has truly changed my mind about the brave, humble, selfless cows on this thread.

At least our hobbies don't include wasting time and money from hospitals. Oh, and taking edgy pictures of our meds to post on Instagram with 50 #'s

No. 185864


Thanks anon. It's kind of interesting how they appropriated the word. This trend must be the new 'ED recovery' instagram trend. All in all, these people need mental help.

No. 185869

>Complains about this forum bashing other people
>Takes their time to come to said forum and specifically bash people


No. 185870

No need to thank me, man. I myself was confused to hell as to why chronic ill people were using the term. Quite sad that many people used this woman's struggle with such an awful dissease to get attention from strangers over the internet.

I guess the difference with the ED recovery community, an "invisible illness" is much easier to fake. To the medically uneducated, or to even to sombody who doesn't suffer from any medical condition they mention or otherwise, it would be easy to fall for it. Personally, I think the best medicine for this kind of people is to just ignore them. They work like bullies, if you don't pay attention to them and don't give them power, they will bore and move on. If you don't pay attention to their brave uwu war, they'll eventually stop posting because they're not receiving the attention they crave.

No. 185872


Yeah, when you're chronically sick I can see being a goof or doing silly things to keep your spirits up. My problem with this is that no one should ever be barefoot in a hospital bathroom. The nurses are probably wondering why someone with a blood disorder would want to traipse around barefoot where sick and potentially dirty people piss, vomit and shit. Talking time to take pics in your leggings is probably the least of the nurses' concerns if they see you wallowing in a public toilet with bare feet.

No. 185911

sub 100mg (I think that's the boundary) amitriptyline is definitely for chronic pain, is taken at night to ease sleep. at that dose she's got (50mg) it doesn't have an antidepressant function.

No. 185914

also it's very easy to get if you complain of pain keeping you awake at night. my arthritic gran takes it.

No. 185946

File: 1476961683171.jpg (33.08 KB, 651x657, 6357184736508490781834828182_m…)


those are NOT scars. those are drawn-on squiggles with a brown felt-tip pen.

see how her skin isn't puckered into the 'scar tissue'?

No. 185950

File: 1476962319995.png (624.43 KB, 1180x554, Snapshot(7).png)

I can't even

>entitled man with a pushchair politely asked me to move so HE CAN STEAL MY SEAT

No. 185951

this gal just keeps on giving

No. 185954

They're not squiggles or scars. They're words written in cursive. Not sure if they're tattoos or if someone was writing on her for whatever reason.

I have no idea what scars she's claiming are visible.

No. 185956

is that a herpe on her lip?

No. 185961

Don't bring her into this. She is legitimately sick and has to have blood transfusions every other week to survive.

No. 185966

HAH WOW what an assault on the eyes.
she looks so grimy and kind of like she'd smell of must and patchouli.

No. 185970

I hate this malingering bitch tbh. I really do. BUT she's got a valid point about entitled parents with strollers. Here if you've got a stroller you're supposed to fold it up when you get on the bus and have the child sit on your lap. OFC that's never enforced and I've seen packed buses with 3,4 unfolded, behemoth jeep-style strollers on them while a wheelchair user gets denied transit on that bus and has to wait for the next bus. And it's shitty when you're legitimately disabled or injured (me with a visible giant bulky knee brace a few years back that was an absolute bitch to move around in) and some lazy ass person with a stroller wants you to move because reproducing automatically entitles you to every extra inch of space on the bus.

LOL she totally looks like she smells like patchouli. And vitamins.

No. 185975

Yeah, it seems to me that if she's actually having blood transfusions, there's probably something up.

It's hard to draw the line between someone just trying to be positive with their illness and trying to be able to have fun in bad situations and someone who's playing it up though, unless it's super obvious like some of the cows in this thread.

No. 185983

to add to that, whose first instinct is to post a selfie after a freakout?

No. 186012

Why didn't she tell him she's "disabled" and needs the seat? She spends her life complaining about being sick online but the one time she's in a situation where it's justified to talk about it, she doesn't. She's probably scared of being confronted about her bullshit in real life.

No. 186018


No. 186021

I don't see scars? Where are they?

No. 186022

ok I stared at this pic forever and I think I finally figured out what she is bitching about. She does have a FAINT scar going from her belly button downward. Honey if you didn't specifically mention it no one would have noticed, as is clear from all the reactions in this thread!

No. 186023

File: 1476982639741.png (914.09 KB, 929x595, LU stupid face.png)

Again if she didn't make a post drawing attention to this condition would anyone have noticed?

No. 186029

Here's the thing: the online spoonie/chronic illness community started as a legit support network, and remains so for many people. This is what makes spooniecows even more shitty than their behavior alone: it has stigmatizing consequences for the entire community. Look at how most of us think of ED recovery accounts in general now, all because of horrorcow wanarexics and fake recovery peeps like Aly and Ember and Shmegeh et. al.
Even though the cows in this thread may have actual mental and/or medical issues, it's the over-exaggerating, always-dramatic, attention seeking, shameless glamorization and obsessive asspat-pandering that is most disturbing.
People like this who make entire accounts dedicated to "look at me! Look at my kawaii pillz! Look at my IV! Look at my hospital bracelets! Look at my bandaid, my brace, my tube, my craycray attentionwhoring contortionist or sillyface pics I take at every appointment/admission/infusion/etc.!" That shit that is appalling and frankly an offensive caricature of the hell so many people deal with. There are too fucking many legit people who have just stopped posting in previously helpful groups altogther because now they get shitted up by all the "LOOK AT ME ~*chronic illness #HOSPITALGLAM #MEDICALAESTHETIC desu! Sick fragile warrior!" uwu *~ and compete to be the sickest most fucked up special snowflakes in there!

TL;DR: Don't assume everyone using the #spoonie tag is a faker, but realize it has attracted some really fucked up attention-seeking people.

Oh settle the fuck down spergyspooniechan. GTFO if you don't like it. As >>185841 so eloquently stated, we care because all these attention whores stigmatize the entire chronic illness population!

No. 186036

I agree entirely anon. Like, everything you said, down to them probably having some medical or mental issues of their own, I agree with.

I think that the worst part is this though
>and compete to be the sickest most fucked up special snowflakes in there!

As I stated earlier on in the thread, I think it's this competitive nature that's most damaging, at least for people with chronic mental illness. It ruins shit like mental health awareness day, because it turns it into just a "Look how much worse I am than you" contest, where the people who actually need help and what the day is intended to (Personally I don't like awareness weeks, but the intent is really excellent, and I think most people appreciate what they people who push for awareness, as in the named people in organisations are trying to achieve) help. It results in people at best realising that the day's been ruined by people like that, and at worst going "Oh, I'm not that bad, I have no justification to feel the way I do, I'm even more pathetic and useless than I thought", and then feeling significantly worse about themselves.

I can't speak for people with chronic physical illnesses though, as the worst I've had there was wisdom teeth.

Apologies if this is incoherent or some shit too, this is half a bottle of vodka later, so it's probably a bit ranty.

And normally I don't bitch about the cows looks, but what the fuck is going on with her eyes in >>186023 ? It's like she has two different peoples eyes completely.

No. 186041

File: 1476986320851.jpg (816.43 KB, 3021x2266, Vladimir_Putin_12020.jpg)

this 'LifeUndiagnosed' trainwreck is so butthurt about people TRYING TO OUT-DO HER, and MAKING IT A COMPETITION, and that others HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE GENUINELY ILL it makes me wanna puke my fucking guts up. She is perpetrating the very same behavior that she complains about. No one's allowed to be sicker than her, and if they are she tells herself they're faking it for attention.

she goes on repeatedly about LIVING HER LIFE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON, how she doesn't let her myriad of chronically illnesses TAKE OVER HER LIFE, but it's pretty clear that she's made a few small, common medical niggles into a huge dark cloud on her entire life.

undiagnosed? more like unaborted

No. 186074

Omg google the actual condition she says she has here. Unless she has a VERY VERY minor form there's no way in hell.

No. 186076

File: 1476995583994.jpg (56.16 KB, 667x404, symptoms-of-hemifacial-microso…)

I dont really see it. She should stick a popsicle in her mouth but then i would just think she edited it

No. 186088

I love you anon! You nailed it. This should be in /cream.

She just has to keep finding new illnesses and conditions for even more ~*special snowflake*~ points huh?

No. 186091

File: 1476998875528.jpg (43.32 KB, 635x455, vladimir-putin.jpg)

No. 186097

I have sat in the handicap seats plenty of times as a young, healthy adult on the train/bus. No one actually gives a shit or even notices. What kind of world does she think she lives in?

No. 186098

Very rarely is someone's face perfectly symmetrical, bitch needs to chill

No. 186114

Every slightly abnormal thing about her is automatically a disorder to her: the most chronic form at that. Like >>186098 said, she needs to fucking chill.

No. 186116

File: 1477002407994.png (152.44 KB, 640x914, IMG_1514.PNG)

omg lifeundiagnosed is hysterical! Flicking through her profile to see for myself & she seriously takes the spoonie lyf attention seeking woe is me thing to another level…for one hour long mri scan she had she posted 11 photos & captions on her ig ?.

Also loving some of her earlier ig posts accidentally highlighting how even drs refused to give her the treatment she is trying to get cos they see through her BS and told her it was all psychological!!

No. 186118

File: 1477002810282.jpg (688.97 KB, 1073x1828, IMG_20161020_173003.jpg)

Sorry it took so long. This is the crazy mom I'm friends with on Facebook. The one with the 3 kids. Keep in mind, the majority of the shit she's diagnosed herself and kids with is self diagnosed. I have more screenshots if people are interested. I don't want to be found out so names are censored. Her daughter may come on here.

No. 186290

She is the ultimate MbI cow isn't she? She is the worst I've ever found, blows even Kadeelyn out of the water.

Holy fucking shit. Her #Hashtag #abuse is #so #fucking #bad. This reads like a nearly-indecipherable melee of pseudo-sick speak. Damn how sad. That poor kid. Yes please share more screenshots!

No. 186314

OMG she's like a goddamn pokemon master except with diseases. Gotta (pretend to) catch em all!

No. 186317

why is is so prominent in this pic but not in others like >>185358 ?

No. 186323

because she's faking, plain and simple.

No. 186330

File: 1477014934768.jpg (355.63 KB, 1200x1535, IMG_1522.JPG)

Its all blowing up on her ig! Defensive much? Another classic trait of the MBI "spoonie"

No. 186340

File: 1477016498641.png (891.81 KB, 1235x1019, lu what a bitch.png)

What a judgmental cunt. Ironic coming from the uber-spoonie justice worrier she fancies herself to be. Her fucktardedness just gets better and better.

Damn she is a scourge upon the chronic illness/spoonie community…no wonder even other people in the same communities she purports to fit into are calling her out!

No. 186368

Her piggy fingers trigger me.

No. 186373

Those poor kids. Keep an eye out for when they start getting "strange, unexplained illnesses!" because I see this evolving into full munchausen by proxy. Mummy gonna start adding her "special medicines" to their meals.

No. 186393

Wow you guys are pathetic. Firstly you are completely ignorant about those who are affected by chronic illnesses. My suggestion would go to college and take a psychology class and if you have a degree, burn it because it's clearly not doing any good. Secondly have some compassion. I don't know when the world turned to shit to make you think it's okay to make fun of people who suffer everyday and have life threatening comorbidities. I'm glad you all think it's so hilarious to make fun of spoonies and those with eating disorders. Class Acts you are hiding behind anonymous titles. Here's the thing disabilities can affect you at anytime, at any age, so for your sake let's hope you won't be eating your own words. Simply pathetic. Oh let's be reminded that people would pick rare diseases, get real treatments for the fun of it, and post it on social media. Not everyone is attention seeking. 80% of people with chronic illnesses feel better being able to express themselves online and to connect with others facing similar issues. I refuse to reply to any ignorant posts trying to pick a fight because I don't have time to fix idiocy.

No. 186395

>I have invisible illnesses that make it so that I can't drive
>you don't have invisible illnesses so you can drive so you should!

like if she's going to preach about people not seeing her as a sick person, she needs to not talk about other people that way…she doesn't know that guy's life, he doesn't know hers, it's all ok

No. 186399

Go drown yourself

No. 186403

You can shove it. I have chronic illnesses. I live my life. I don't go around throwing pity parties online to gain attention. My illnesses were properly diagnosed by a doctor. I don't go around throwing out the word "spoonie" to describe myself. If you think your most redeeming quality is that you are mysteriously ill and people should give you attention for it, seek REAL help.

And those splints on her fingers. kek they're ridiculous and nothing but a "ask me what these are so I can tell you how sick I am" joke.

No. 186408

File: 1477024066026.png (999.03 KB, 935x597, lu allergy drama.png)

Fucking dramu.

No. 186411


>80% of people with chronic illnesses feel better being able to express themselves online and to connect with others facing similar issues

that's a pretty specific made up statistic

No. 186412

File: 1477024357394.png (760.66 KB, 939x599, lu start.png)

Her previous account is still up and it's a fucking goldmine of lulz and rage-worthy bullshit. Here's the first super-dramatic majorsick spoonie uwu post.

No. 186420

Honestly I do not understand her hair. It's the most baffling thing about her. Kadee and Kelly Belly showed us that every Münchausens by Internet cow is essentially the same, but… How? Why?

Also, and I'm sorry that I'm too lazy to link a relevant post, but I have literally zero sympathy for people who don't eat in accordance with their "disabilities." I have severe GERD. The consequences of eating things I knew I shouldn't were awful and debilitating enough that I gave up everything that provoked symptoms. If you're shoveling two meal's worth of fast food down your gullet with your fat piggy fingers and simultaneously complaining about the effect of it, why would anyone pity you? Moreover, why would anyone take you seriously? Surely it cannot be that bad if you choose to inflict that pain upon yourself and then BRAG ABOUT IT.

No. 186425

Okay. This bitch.
If you were really 100% truthfully sick, and standing is absolutely not an option, you would just tell them so. And from her other photos, she has a bracelet and a card saying what she "has". Just show them that? I don't understand.
And secondly, what if theres an off chance the person that took her seat had an invisible illness? How would she fucking know? Oh right, she's the only person allowed to be sick and have problems. Such a hypocritical bitch.
The first time I saw this thread, for a second I was like, well, what if there's a small chance that these people are actually telling the truth? But this bitch belongs in this thread for sure. I think she even needs her own thread like Kadee.

No. 186431

>can't even walk for 2 whole minutes without coughing and wheezing, supposedly
>stops to take a smug selfie
What the shit? Who does this?

No. 186432

File: 1477029928796.png (733.71 KB, 939x603, lu fucking bitch.png)

Dude she is the biggest fucking bitch! She whines on and on about how people should be compassionate to her gazillion little symptoms and struggles, and talks shit about everyone on the bus. Here's another example of her nastiness. Like seriously?

No. 186433

Wow, what a rude bitch

No. 186434

File: 1477033525242.png (533.76 KB, 929x595, lu muh disability.png)

Once again, she's fantasizing about all the persekushun for being disabled, poor young warrior desu!


No. 186435

because of a finger splint…

No. 186437


I would have loved to see what would have happened if someone on crutches or heavily pregnant got on board.

No. 186441

File: 1477037607264.png (652.32 KB, 1499x501, lu more bus fucktardery.png)

>>186435 Her fingersplint obsession is pretty extreme. She's like manically into them. Here's another fingersplint whoring pic and another bitchy bus rant, this time about ~muh anxiety triggers~ when people sit near her!

>Oh fuck off already!

GOD SHE INFURIATES ME! Not only is she an insufferable attention whore, she's a cunt to boot.

No. 186450

>I may have a condition that will make me drop dead at any minute

Yeah, okay, lol. That sounds so highly unlikely that it's not even funny. She really is just out for asspats and sympathy. I honestly cannot stand her. People like this are the absolute worse.

No. 186458


Lmao she really is insufferable.

No. 186459

' I really hate it when pregnant women take up the space meant for disabled people. Why should I have to stand, me who has knees that dislocate!, have to make space for someone who decieded to get pregnant? Pregnancy is NOT a disability! Obviously your body is healthy enough to carry a child, so you should respect the actually disabled. Ignoring my needs because my illness is invisible is ableism.

#spoonie #spoonielife #invisbleillness #anxiety #invisbleillness #IBS

No. 186463

LMFAO! This!

No. 186464

File: 1477048385405.png (721.15 KB, 937x1008, lu bp hr device 1.png)

Girl, you are making up stories in your mind about why you need things like this. You get called out by legit patients often, but always manage to rationalize your b.s. anyway. Sure thing, MbI chan. You go on with your badass spoonie self, buying medical paraphernalia which your docs say you don't need, in order to stroke your sick ego (and unlike most of your insipid drivel, your ego pathology is definitely genuine).

No. 186466

Am I crazy or is that bus practically empty? Smelly people are a part of public transit, unfortunately. Move yourself, or if the bus is full, stand in the front. Of course she can't because her knees will break if she stands for more than 5 minutes.

No. 186470

File: 1477050151600.jpg (93.25 KB, 800x558, Vladimir_Putin-6-e145207036783…)


this is too accurate.

No. 186478

I have POTS too and one thing people don't seem to get is being stuck in bed for 80% of the day and losing a lot of your independence is not a fun thing. Also the people who claim to have it and work retail or as waitresses crack me up. I had to drop out of cosmetology school halfway through after developing it and that was my dream.

Certain places will script you for 90 days. The VA does it for me on things they know I'll be on for the long run.

Did you miss the part where most of the people posting here have REAL diagnosed disorders? You and your Munchausen's by Internet friends clog up the tags, waste valuable hospital beds for people who actually need them, cause MORE stigma for people who legitimately have whatever illness you pretend to have, and waste specialist's time which causes actually ill people to go without treatment for months at a time. I could go on and on about what's wrong with you fakers, but I think there's a maximum character limit.

No. 186482


Hi Cassandra Robinson,

>Firstly you are completely ignorant about those who are affected by chronic illnesses.

but I am one…? and i've known some straight up malingerers too who just make the rest of us look like we're faking for attention when they get outed, so yeah, some of the girls in this thread really steam my beans tbh. they make those of us who are actually dealing with illness get taken a lot less seriously tbh, and yes, they do make everything into a contest where they have to be THE MOST afflicted and THE WORST off, because that makes them look SO SO BRAVE.

>Oh let's be reminded that people would pick rare diseases, get real treatments for the fun of it, and post it on social media.

everybody lies. some people actually are fucked up enough to lie about this. lots of things are easy to fake on social media too. i could covertly send insta posts from my boss's corner office pretending it's mine and that i don't just work in a cube, and no one following me would be the wiser for it. medical equipment can be ordered off amazon, but a few featured here are also willing to waste doctors' time and healthcare systems' money to fuel their ruse. lifeundiagnosed has contradicted herself so many times that it's hard not to smell fish. or if by some miracle they're not so unfuckable that they've got kids, they pretend that their kids are sick to garner sympathy. munchausens by proxy is a real thing. look at gypsy rose blanchard's mom.

> don't have time to fix idiocy.

lol. not even your own if you're going on an anonymous imageboard using your name and email address. no one expects you to be able to fix others' idiocy if you can't even fix your own.


No. 186488

Gosh I wonder if the buses by her are always this empty when she's on them, like if this is her normal commute time, and every other "OMG I HAVE TO STAND ON THE BUS" first world problem story is just her fucking around too.

This. I've looked entitled stroller space-hogs right in the eye before on my worst days (when i'm wearing bulky af knee braces over my clothes), when there aren't any other seats on the bus, and said "sorry bruh, i can't move." I've gotten dirty looks for it, but it is what it fucking is. Strollers can fold. And usually someone more able bodied will give up their seat. On better days, or when there's seating elsewhere on the bus, that's even been me.

Lol what goes through her head tho? Like i've never thought if i had to stop walking halfway to a shop because asthma/allergy/etc "ohhhhh shit better take a selfie!" No! more like "ohhhhhh shit better sit on this bench/planter/etc and take a rest" or if it's really scary breathing problems "ohhhhhhh shit better call mom/brother/boyfriend to bail me out of this." what an attention whore.

No. 186491

she's not even on the disability ass seat on the bus too! but it's empty over there, and whenever she "has" to give it up for someone else she complains about it forever. that's like the best goddamn part of this.

sage because double pabst.

No. 186492

so i have a pretty debilitating disease (paranoid about saying what is bc my online friends know i come here and i've linked them to threads in the past) that went undiagnosed for 4 years while i asked doctors what the fuck was up with all these symptoms.
i'm fairly young so i was underage at the time it first started happening and i ended up being directed to some spoonie groups by a concerned disabled friend who thought i might benefit from them while trying to figure out what was wrong. tl;dr when i was a stupid teenager a couple years back this type of attention whoring was my introduction to the disability community so i did it too bc i thought it would make me feel better or help me cope, because why else would all of them be doing it so much? it just made me feel way fucking worse and i feel so guilty for it now, and embarrassed as well. maybe i have no room to talk with my history but it infuriates me that they have no guilt or shame for doing the exact same obnoxious and harmful shit that i did without even being fucking disabled at all.
wallowing in how sick i was only made me feel like a failure and miserably depressed, i don't see how other legitimately disabled people do this whole spoonie warrior princess shit in all honesty. i still post about it sometimes but moreso advice to other disabled people, joking about my illness in a lighthearted way, and providing resources so they don't have to be initiated into the spoonie sjw cult like i was. there's a tag based on a certain disability 'movement' on tumblr i think you guys would get a kick out of because it attracts some of these pieces of shit, but i'm kind of on the fence about it because it's mostly legitimately disabled people and i don't want them to be caught in the crosshairs because it wouldn't be fair.
sage for blogpost, very sorry for rambling just glad i found somewhere besides private conversations where i can commiserate with disabled people who also hate this spoonie cult bullshit.

No. 186494

Can LifeUndiagnosed get her own topic? I feel like she needs one with the amount of bullshit she says/does.

No. 186500

This will probably just become a life undiagnosed thread like that YouTube weebs became a yumi thread (at least up until recently). I think td fine to just leave her here.

No. 186503

File: 1477058964230.png (160.02 KB, 750x1123, IMG_3913.PNG)

100 BPM isn't tachycardic, dumb bitch. 60-100bpm is perfectly normal. Tachycardia isn't a joke.

No. 186504

If I had Instagram I would tell her off.

>anxiety, panic disorder, etc

As someone who has an anxiety disorder you have to constantly expose yourself to these things in order to get better. For someone who constantly talks about her anxiety, you would think she would also be getting therapy for it and medication to help deal with it? She goes to the doctor for everything else so I don't see why she couldn't easily get an anxiety med and something for panic attacks.

>She doesn't have a disability so she can learn to drive!

Most people who take the bus aren't disabled. Shocking, I know. There's lots of reasons why people take public transit. Low income, car's in the shop, students, or people who just feel like it's safer and cheaper to ride the bus.

And the rules of the bus go like this: If someone's pregnant, has kids, is elderly, or a visible mobility problem you move out of your seat and give it to them. End of story. Try arguing with a pregnant lady that you have epilepsy and finger splints and see who the bus driver gives the seat to. Epilepsy doesn't impact your need to sit in a larger seat for fuck sakes.

No. 186509

Ah yes someone who's elderly and may be drunk (smells of vinegar? probably more like wine or beer) should drive because my poor allergies are acting up and I can't sit near someone who isn't upper class and classy like myself.

No. 186510

No. 186512

if she's so incapable of daily activities maybe she's a prime candidate for natural selection.

i swear people didn't behave like this before the internet. ugh.

No. 186519

Guess what not the only one there too! I have a chronic illness that has devestated my life but I choose not to bash a whole community based on a few poor choices of others.

No. 186520

>Being a lazy twat is the only reason not to drive a car
Yes, because gas is completely free and driving is wonderful for the environment. Car insurance is also free, of course.

The level of delusion is incredible.

No. 186524

File: 1477061900888.jpg (243.81 KB, 1481x2000, putin.jpg)

> For someone who constantly talks about her anxiety, you would think she would also be getting therapy for it and medication to help deal with it? She goes to the doctor for everything else so I don't see why she couldn't easily get an anxiety med and something for panic attacks.

she has no excuses for not being medicated. She lives in the UK; free health service.

In-fact, she has no reason at all to be 'undiagnosed'; the only thing she genuinely suffers from is severe and chronic hypochondria. Her entire life is for and about being ill. Can you imagine having to put up with her irl? I feel so bad for her colleagues, family and partner

one anon pointed out that she must suck dick like a champ

No. 186525

Omg this cow is unbelievable! Now she wants a spechul disability card so that the rest of the world doesnt get too close to her and trigger her?!!!! If your anxiety is that bad luv do the world and yourself a favour and STAY THEY HELL AT HOME!!! The only extra spechul card she needs is one that says "WARNING IM A PRECIOUS B*itch : STAY WELL AWAY OR RISK MY SELF CENTRED, IGNORANT & JUDGEMENTAL WRATH"

Also… has 'major panic attack' - takes selfie. 'Cant breathe' - takes selfie. sits on disabled seat on half empty bus - takes selfie. Collects meds from pharmacy - takes selfie….. gtf over yourself!!!!!

No. 186526

Funny as its also a favourite quote of kadeecow!! ?

No. 186529

She's in the UK, right? isn't it really hard to pass a driving test there? From what I've read, you need a lot of hours behind the wheel and the test there is easy to fail.

My friend lives in the UK and she also said that petrol is the equivalent of $6 per gallon where she is. So it seems like driving may not be worth it if you have a good public transport system.

No. 186530

Yeah, I can't stand for very long because I massively overheat amongst other things. Sorry you have to deal with it as well.

No. 186531

Trust me, as someone with a diagnosed anxiety disorder this girl either has a very minor case of it, or doesn't have it at all. One of the tell-tale signs is her not being on medication or in therapy for it.

I spent the last two years barely leaving my house and deleted all of my social media because I was so scared of being stalked. I'm not saying every single person who has anxiety needs to be this badly off or act like me, but someone with anxiety usually doesn't post too much personal info, goes out much, or tries to draw attention to themselves. Took me a few months of therapy and I'll probably have to be on the anxiety medication for the next two years if all goes well.

To her she probably feels nervous being confronted so in her mind it equals a super serious anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a normal emotion to feel in life, it's when it controls or disrupts your life that it becomes a disorder.

All of her pictures of her panic and anxiety attack pictures scream fake to me. When you're having an attack you're flight response is triggered, you want to run away and hide, you're jittery, sweating, emotional, etc. The last thing on your mind is to take a picture and type a coherent post.

No. 186535

Jesus, if she hates taking the bus so much, she should get an uber/taxi instead. But I suppose she's too entitled to pay for that out of her own pocket. All I see on her SM is constant complaining, no solutions.

>>awkwardly avoiding eye contact might give you the hint
>>FTFH: will not make an attempt at communicating and hoping the person next to me can read my fucking mind about what I want
Christ on a bike, she's so fucking self-centred. Here's a fucking solution for you: don't want to get trapped in the inside seat? Don't sit there!!!

No. 186541

It's not really that bad. The test is hard to pass but you should have enough hours/training to pass as long as your teacher has actually bothered to teach you correctly. I passed mine rather easily (BUT I also already had a US license and knew how to drive).

It's true gas is kind of expensive but it's not that bad. But you are right, our public transport is good enough that many people choose not to have a car or use it often.

No. 186554

This fat bitch with the awful haircut triggers me so much
Her bloood pressure and heart rate are healthy and fine.

I hate these spoonie fakefucks so much. I suffer from a chronic kidney disease and by 40 ill need new kidneys and the cysts are spreading to other body organs from my kidneys affecting everything. The best place I found for a support group was during a clinical trial of new medications that would help decrease the size of cysts not online where anyone can lie about what they supposedly have. Didn't mean to turn it into a blog post but my jimmies are very rustled.

Also, I bet she got a wrist band rather an an arm band because it won't fit her fat arm.

No. 186568


She's totally making up stories about people glaring at her on the bus.
Nobody gives a flying fuck if you sit in the priority seats in the UK,everyone is minding their own business. If an elderly person or parent with a buggy gets on and the priority seat is taken by some chick with a finger splint of course they're gonna ask her to move, but I've hardly seen other passengers glare at anyone.

No. 186596

I thought you were done here, Cassandra Robinson, because you didn't want to waste your time fixing idiocy?

No. 186603

File: 1477090824105.png (Spoiler Image,1.63 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2016-10-21-15-57-34.p…)

This one 'needs' magnesium infusions every week to "survive" first class complainer and pain med seeker!

No. 186606

File: 1477091685776.png (1.39 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2016-10-21-16-11-36.p…)

Ya it's odd!

No. 186608

Ahahahaha this bitch is TRIGGERED by having to say "excuse me" to the person sitting next to her on public transportation! Such a hard life she has!

No. 186609

Omfg check her account for lolz! Does anyone need a port to get magnesium? Can't you just swallow a pill?

No. 186612

Dis girl annoys me so much! Let ppl who really need the blood have it you fat thigh (her #) waste of life! Quit pretending to need blood then acting like a hero by thanking everyone for donating blood! If they knew it was for fakes like you they would be pissed! Quit photo shopping and using the internet to look sick!

No. 186618

Is there just a massive amount of samefagging going on, or is everyone really enthusiastic about this thread? It's kind of cringey.

No. 186619

It reminds me of the pro-ana thread tbh… a couple of weirdos sperging about attention whorey but boring instagrammers.

No. 186621

She may be an attention whore but you can't just walk into a hospital and ask for a transfusion for Internet points. Calm your tits. She's the most legitimate one in this thread

No. 186625

Definitely the spergy posts from the past hour reek of shitposting.

Jesus christ no one said they are all fakers, we're pissed at the OTT attention whores not every sick person; a point that has been made clear over and over.

>>186612 Settle down Beavis. No one gets frequent blood infusions if they are not needed. Clearly she is legit sick. She was posted for the excess of cringeworthy wacky photos which are attention-seeking.

No. 186692

File: 1477110045782.png (665.57 KB, 933x595, lu abelist oppreshun 1.png)

LifeUndiagnosed's chimpouts are so numerous it's sad. She will look for any possible excuse to work ~muh oppreshun~ into post material, but fails to invoke the desired sympathy pats due to her shitty nasty vindictive attitude toward the ~evul ableists~.

No. 186707

>someone like me (with a disability)

Bitch no. You dont.

This thread needs a good cleanup though, it's full of blogposts. Let's talk about the cows, not ourselves please.

No. 186718

So she's walking? She's not even in a wheelchair? Then walk the fuck around it, like everyone else.

No. 186728

File: 1477129651517.png (863.95 KB, 921x597, lu duckface fs.png)

Oh look, lifeundiagnosed does duckface too…but yewguize this pic is totes about being tired; not to attention whore her fancy finger splint and medical bracelet.

Robyn, you missed an apropos hashtag in that laundry list of yours. Here, let me help you: #bitchplease

No. 186729

LMAO! Preach anon!

No. 186745

Because you can totally walk into a hospital and ask for two blood transfusions just cause.
She's not even fat so calm your damn tits.

No. 186748

i like the thread, i've only posted 2x? LU is a mess, but id like to see other MiB's posted too, i know theres plenty.

No. 186757

Does she work in an office?

How can she type with that finger splint on?

I think she only puts it on for photo's.

No. 186762

Her hair and eyebrows are what catches my attention the most in this picture. Like, if you want us to focus on your finger splint at least fix up your appearance a little bit so I don't get stuck staring at the fucked up end of your brows

No. 186771

File: 1477153752805.jpg (12.3 KB, 460x287, vladimir-putin_1751954c.jpg)


The hair is beyond confusing. It's NOT doing her any favors.

In fact, the nicest she's looked is in that pseudo-rough, contrived-bedhead photo that PROVES just HOW INVISIBLY ill and DISABLED the poor wretch actually is

No. 186774

She works in admin at a hospital.

No. 186784

jesus christ i think those are some of the worst brows i've seen in a long time. it literally looks like she smudged her own shit on them

No. 186789

I decided to talk to my pharmacist brother (not a tech - he has a pharmD, so I trust what he says), and ask him for his thoughts on her meds. He said that many of her meds do not make sense. Many of them are starter dosages and many of them have bad interactions with one another.

Some interesting things he said:

>amitriptyline with tramdol can cause seizures. A person who has epilepsy, like she claims she has, should not be given this combo.

>Cabergoline and Betmiga should never be given to people who blood pressure problems. Yet she claims to have such problems to point of buying a monitoring bracelet.
>Tramadol interacts badly with the sertraline as well. Can cause seizures. Combo wouldn't be given to an epileptic person.
>Tramadol can cause blood pressure problems with pregabalin.
>She probably does have legit seizures, but their her own fault. She has probably gotten these meds from various doctors who don't know what meds she is taking (because she doesn't tell them). Docs prescribe her the meds and they interact badly thus giving her seizures - which is why she thinks she has epilepsy.
>Many of these meds cause bowel problems. She probably doesn't have IBS, just bad reactions from her med cocktail.
>If she drinks any caffeine, many of her drugs interact badly with it, causing blood pressure/heart problems.

There was more, I just can't remember. He said some of the meds cause anxiety, so they wouldn't be given to a person with anxiety. I don't remember which ones though.

TLDR - Pharmacist bro said many of these drugs should not be taken together. They can cause anxiety/seizures/blood pressure problems/fuck up your stomach.

So it seems like some of her ~*illnesses*~ are her own fault. They are caused by her being irresponsible with her medications and by taking med combos that shouldn't be taken.

No. 186793

I'm thinking she doctor shops and doesn't care about meds interacting with each other, she just wants pills and isn't honest with the doctor, she just wants what she wants and that's it.

No. 186798

I'm not sure but I don't think we can doctor shop here in the UK. You need to register to a GP and you only get one, if you move or are out of town for a bit you can do an emergency register for like 14 days but I'm pretty sure that they're supposed to send over all your medical history when you swap. You need to supply your old GP's address, phone number and how long you were with them when you registered to a new one.

I'm not sure how it works with hospitals, I've never been in ER so I can't say they'd have all your records so that's maybe where she's been supplied a few.

I think it's most likely she's been prescribed various pills and saved them up for the purpose of insta pics. Or she's taken them from various family members, etc. No way do I believe that she's actually prescribed to them all.

No. 186800

File: 1477160233474.jpg (17.69 KB, 460x287, putin_2778395c.jpg)

her face is so punchable

No. 186801

But it seems like she goes to different doctors. In some of the caps she's said that one dr would say she's fine, so she'd go to another specialist. Maybe she's not dr shopping with GP's but rather specialists?

No. 186802

File: 1477161607782.png (1.68 MB, 1440x2104, Capture _2016-10-22-11-36-45-1…)

Just to change the topic for a sec… This pic tho! Her whole Instagram is pics of her laying around in empty pill bottles! Great collection! Wtf

No. 186803

Even if that were the case, the specialists would have her medical records, and know what she'd been prescribed before by any other doctors. You can go to see, say, an Allergy specialist and they will update your medical records so your GP knows, and so any other doctor or medical staff know what your medical records are. Plus, I'm pretty sure you need a referral to actually see a specialist in the first place here in the UK?

No. 186808

lactulose is not even an extreme prescription drug, you can literally get it otc at the drug store (in germany) just to dissolve in your tea or whatever. it's just a type of sugar that helps with constipation. what she has there is just sugar syrup.

No. 186810

It's OTC in America, too.

No. 186831

I wonder what she would say if someone pointed all this out to her.

No. 186834

What's with you and putin

No. 186927

File: 1477186561576.png (15.84 KB, 568x208, mmmmooo.png)


JEEZUZ fucking christ I'm so late but I went to the same treatment center as this bitch. Been whining for years. 30 years old, on disability for something I haven't worked out yet, and desperately trying to relive ~ana days~

Aside from her plugging gofundme, usually her posts are like this.

No. 186945

File: 1477189852940.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Plz share treatment stories or any IRL experience with her. She claims so many illnesses/problems, but they're obv bullshit. My question is, does she know she's full of shit, or does she actually believe she's super sick?
I love how she's done nothing but balloon since posting these "rules" that look like they were written by a 14 y/o. I can't believe she's 30.

No. 186947

File: 1477190551747.jpeg (221.82 KB, 750x1244, image.jpeg)

My fave spoonie stunt from her has to be the time she tubed herself cuz doctors don't listen/refuse to help. She pulled it out a few hours later and ordered Thai food, but not before taking a dozen tube pics first, of course.

No. 186975

>elderly person
>smells like weed

You'd think LU, whose life basically revolves around her #invisibleillnesses, would realize that your average old person doesn't reek of weed unless they're using it as medication for their own invisible illness.

The cigarette and vinegar smells could also be indicative of an invisible illness. Cigarettes relieve stress, and are very difficult to quit even when your life is all rainbows and sunshine. A strong vinegar smell can be caused by poor hygiene, which can be the result of being in too much pain to do a good job washing yourself, or being too depressed to care.

LU expects everyone else to magically know that she has 4738984783 invisible illnesses, but it never even occurs to her that other people could also be suffering.

And fuck her for taking a picture of a stranger and posting in on the internet.

No. 186980

>i swear people didn't behave like this before the internet.

Munchhausen Syndrome was officially named in 1951, and existed long before that.

General attention whoring and malingering has also been around forever.

The internet didn't magically create this behavior. However, the internet allows them to broadcast their bullshit across the world, meaning millions of complete strangers with no connection to them can get a front row seat. It seems like the behavior has increased in frequency, but it's actually only our exposure to it that has increased.

If you actually had a chronic illness, you'd understand why we're so pissed off at people who pretend to have chronic illnesses.

No. 187019

File: 1477206600839.png (50.42 KB, 695x649, lu hmg cbd.png)

Oh it gets better! Bitch has an old Tumblr where she posted about MMJ…so let me see, pot products are okay for you but not anyone else? She is so fucked up.

No. 187020

File: 1477206749019.png (922.67 KB, 1331x563, lu hmg old tumblr.png)

Big shock, our ~spoonie worrier desu~ is a classic Tumblrina. LU is…"The Hypermobile Geek."

>gender fluid

>they/them pronouns

No. 187021

Jesus fuck that is so messed up.

Do tell. What else has she done?

No. 187038


How can she talk about someone else having a vinegar smell when she probably smelt worse after not bathing after 10 days??

No. 187041

File: 1477218039635.png (662.72 KB, 931x597, lu creepy guy.png)

This girl has one hell of a "people are glaring at me!" fixation. No one is thinking that shit Robyn. You are completely batshit.

No. 187052

Did she misspell epilepsy

No. 187053

This is beyond absurd. A guy looks at her; she interprets it as a glare. Interprets the glare as him thinking she is too young for private healthcare (what??) Jumps to the conclusion of wanting to tell him her reasoning of why she is there. Imagine if she actually did get up and explain why she is there. How absolutely batshit.

She is projecting her insecurities so hard. Likely she is self-conscious about faking illness to this extreme extent & it manifests as her thinking everyone is questioning her illness's legitimacy. If you are certain of something, you don't dwell on others assumed invalidation of that thing.

No. 187054

File: 1477223189995.png (478.59 KB, 991x661, Spoonie LifeUndiagnosed ultram…)

Why do I think she made this up just to bawww about her chronic pain?

No. 187055

Exactly. She is always imagining people staring/glaring at her for being young and not looking sick, like her comments about receiving "glares from other passengers" for sitting in the handicap spot on the bus.


No. 187056

File: 1477223961825.png (714.92 KB, 921x597, lu so brave.png)

Our poor brave ~*tragically young chronic illness spoonie worrier*~ uwu without her #fakesmile…

No. 187057

Also this is the first time she has ever taken a wheelchair pic. Since she works at a hospital I am willing to bet she borrowed it just for this picture.

No. 187062

… but who took the pic? Did she set up a self timed shot just so she could wheel over there quickly and look helpless before it goes off?

No. 187073

In my experience the NHS isn't that organised. I'm registered at my uni's doctors and when I go home I temporarily register there. The medical records don't seem to be shared at all and the temp doctors doesn't seem to keep me on file. Basically I go there and say "I suffer from X and am prescribed pills Y and Z" and they take it at face value. If the prescription was likely to be abused or especially dangerous, I guess they might check. But collecting random pills for spoonie points seems very easy.

She's definitely a pill hoarder though.

No. 187094

Most likely. Seems a lot of them do this.

No. 187098

This girl really needs a friend or two. She seem's so lonely and so stuck in her head.

Though I can see how it would be difficult to listen to someone who's complaining about their invisible illnesses all the time. I've had to deal with "friends" in the past who wouldn't shut up about their illnesses, and even their dead parents.

Try telling someone who's mom died over 10 years ago that you're sick of hearing about it and how it "inspired" you to work hard in life. Ironically I've heard from the nurses that actually saw her mother that she was a patient who was always in the hospital with something and abused pills.I guess her dad never told her the truth and I was too much of a "friend" to tell her.

No. 187116

This constant projecting of all her persecutary delusions and not being believed and being such a defensive, arrogant bitch also screams BPD, which figures as she already did a post on mentioning how she couldnt stop crying because now she was gonna be diagnosed with a "life changing" mental illness as her dr was looking into possibly Bipolar disorder or BPD…. well BPD is often misdiagnosed initially as bipolar2 due to similar rapid cycling mood changes, so seems to me dr is alreadypretty convinced shes bpd just wants to rule out bipolar just in case.

BPD would also explain (but NOT EXCUSE - dont worry guys!!) why shes so wrapped in herself and cannot see the world from anyone elses point of view…. ofc she will claim that its nothing to do with bpd but its cos shes so persecuted as a disabled prerson etc. Etc.

Ps. Im not trying to be derogatory towards those with BPD - as someone who had it and now (thankfully) no longer fits the diagnostic criteria thanks to a hella lot of therapy and generally managing to move on with my life etc, i (scarily) see SO many similarities to her hyper defensiveness and my own from back then :/ (saged for blogpost)

No. 187137

I wonder if she just rummaged through a hospital trash can or something to get these, or if she actually spent months/years collecting empty pill bottles for a shitty photo glamorizing her ~so sick~ lifestyle.

No. 187233

File: 1477267354024.png (27.41 KB, 562x312, mmmas.png)


I wasn't in with her for very long…iirc she left about 3-4 days into my stay. Pretty much everyone there was a cow in their own right, so she didn't stand out too much…crying over meals, temper tantrums over snacks, showing off feeding tubes…everything you'd expect from a bunch of anas under one roof.

Her fb used to be a goldmine. I'm trying to find all of her "conditions" but it's all vague shit like anxiety, "severe chronic anorexia", dysautonomia, and low blood pressure. She posts pics of her blood pressure all the time, I shit you not.

This has prob been posted already but this fundraiser lists all of her "issues".

>A litter more about me I've had a rough life even from the beginning of my life. I was born 3 months early weighing. 1lb 13 oz. I had a twin but she didn't make my parents call me a miracle. I was in an sexual and emotional abusive relationship But now I've been with the greatest guy ever for 13 years he's my world my everything. I'm trying to recover from a lot of conditions and a service dog would help me so much. Thank you for reading a quick summary of my life and reasons.

And thank you in advance for your donations. It really means slot every little bit counts.

No. 187303

she's annoying as shit, but i actually feel bad for lifeundiagnosed. she's so fucking ugly…

No. 187306

Who cares how she looks? That's not the interesting thing here, why bitch about it?

No. 187312

do you know where you are? have you read any other threads? or even this thread? her looks are fair game

No. 187331

Yes, I've read the threads, and it being there doesn't mean it's worth posting, same as people still making MPA style posts (bitching about what a cow is eating or something)

We all know she's not attractive. We can see it. There's billions of unattractive people in the world, and she's not insanely deformed or something, just not a looker.

So I'll repeat myself. Who cares?

No. 187335


I'm an Occupational Therapist and have made/fitted quite a few splints in my days. I've seen some gnarly shit and I would NEVER recommend joint fusing in all or even more than one of the fingers (seeing is that she has splints on every single one of her fingers, what the fuck). Fusing a joint in the finger is only used if someone has a bone-shattering break or unbearable, crippling pain. I mean, think about it: would you want to live your life not being able to bend your fingers? People have to decide between having a stiff finger that they can't bend or live with their pain. Most choose to deal with the pain because an unbendable finger is so debilitating.

As an OT, thinking about working with someone who has all their fingers fused… even with therapy, they wouldn't be able to feed themselves without a bunch of adaptive equipment, bathe themselves, dressing would be a nightmare… and wiping your ass! You can't wipe yourself if you can't make a fist!!

She obviously wants this SEVERELY debilitating surgery to become the most disabled, crippled person possible to get 24/7 attention and assistance. Disgusting. I've only had a handful of malingerers in the 4 years I've been working, but we all catch on immediately. You aren't fooling anyone, sweetie.

No. 187398

Curious, what purpose is there to ever fuse the joints in a finger instead of just amputating it? Wouldn't that be way easier to work with than a completely stiff finger, unless it was a thumb or something (so you could still grip stuff)?

No. 187406

I feel sorry for her because she's clearly mentally unstable and insufferable and probably won't be able to hold a job or form meaningful relationships with people that don't throw her a pity-party. Her looks are by far the least of her problems.

No. 187409

She actually does have a job, just likes to pretend to be worse off than she is.

Which is funny, seeing as her 'disabilities' aren't actually disabilities, legally speaking. It just sounds worse than "my illness".

See >>186728

No. 187414

File: 1477294181941.png (593.45 KB, 933x597, lu delicate EDS skin.png)

"Muh ~*super fragile snowflake EDS skin*~ look how easily I can hurt myself!" No way she was just casually itching a scratch. This bitch has admitted to self-harming in other posts and alluded to how everything takes forever to heal (probably because she fucks with it to make it worse). More Munchhausen characteristic points for you, sickochan!


No. 187422

Basically it comes down to having a normal looking hand and sort of being able to use the in bendable finger. Holding a cup for example.
So they fuse the joint in order to stop the pain from movement in the joint and the person doesn't have a disfigured hand.

No. 187424

So basically, she purposefully got a job that enables her to be as big a malingerer as possible.

No. 187426

Plus sweet stories about things that happened to patients and easy photos medical stuff for Instagram points. She's there to learn how to look even more mysteriously sick. If she wasn't so lazy/dependent on that stupid spoon thing she'd could have gone for nursing and mess about with insulin or something similar. Much more convincing illnesses to be faked when you've got access to tubes and syringes.

No. 187430

File: 1477299692172.png (427.21 KB, 727x589, Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 5.56…)

scrolled through lu's tumblr (surprised nothing really has been posted from it. check out the "my chronic illness" tag) and found a post about her having microtia as a kid

part of me thought "oh well if she had a reconstructive surgery at age three and follow up surgeries later while still a kid, no wonder she has a fixation on medicine and hospitals"

…but then i remembered that i also had a pretty major surgery at age three and later follow up surgeries and am terrified of hospitals so.

No. 187433

Thats such bullshit. I used to self harm by scratching and it looked exactly like that. No ones skin just does that by lightly scratching it through a cardigan

No. 187436

That makes sense from a social point of view, I hadn't thought of it that way. A non-flexible finger is just a bit weird, whereas as a missing one could be a really big deal.

Yeah, it looks nothing like the pattern when you lightly scratch something, it looks like you dragged your nails down the skin, hard, over and over.

No-one lightly scratches their entire arm.

No. 187439

File: 1477306423995.jpg (71.6 KB, 991x683, sQ0frIu.jpg)


>dear livejournal,

No. 187444

99% sure she just has a UTI.

No. 187457

To be fair, I do get here why she'd miffed.

Tramadol is a drug that has some street value that lots of junkies try to get their hands on.

No. 187501

What kind of itch requires you to scratch your entire arm? I scratch and skin pick a lot when I'm nervous and it looks exactly like that after like half an hour of heavy scratching.

No. 187649

File: 1477351307891.jpeg (259.85 KB, 750x1265, image.jpeg)

maybe she'll get that checked out while she's at the ER for the "3rd visit in 2 weeks". I'd love to know what the nurses think when they see her walk in (again).

No. 187667

Allergic reactions, possibly. Though there's no evidence of hives on her.

No. 187676

>You think they'll admit me?

Wtf. Pain med seeker much?

No. 187678

>my life struggles
clearly has no intention of being well, ever

No. 187885

File: 1477355571094.jpeg (201 KB, 750x1292, image.jpeg)

>no IV pain meds

how dare they, I can't imagine why they're ignoring her.

No. 187951

Maybe because idiots who don't get the flu vaccine and malingerers like her clog up the medical system every fucking day.

No. 187964

I've had marks like this after scratching when I had eczema or hives… I have pretty normal skin, not special ~*paper EDS skin *~
However, I also cover it up and don't post pictures everywhere because it's gross, and it definitely wasn't from a "little itch". My guess is that it was a more serious itch that she downplayed to seem sicker, or she did it on purpose

No. 188002

File: 1477374458512.png (Spoiler Image,398.6 KB, 926x598, lu not si.png)

Lifeundiagnosed: "THIS ISN'T SELF-HARM!" It's from a seizure (and said in another post she can't figure out how she did it though)!


No. 188012

>my boyfriend is gonna eat and show then drop me off at er
>then drop me off

If your boyfriend is taking his sweet time taking you to the ER, you either don't actually need to go to the ER, or he's a scumbag.

>is capable of taking selfies and kvetching on social media
>"needs" IV pain meds

There is no overlap in this Venn diagram.

No. 188090

Right? I thought that too.

P.S. Haven't seen the words 'kvetching' and 'Venn diagram' in forever!

No. 188095

File: 1477398300377.png (629.79 KB, 935x597, lu fs appt.png)

Dear god she milked the fuck out of that appointment (kek) and is legit obsessed with her beloved finger splints.
Pic 1 of several to follow:

No. 188097

File: 1477398409304.png (691.69 KB, 935x601, lu fs spock surejan.png)

No. 188098

File: 1477398625440.png (552.41 KB, 933x599, lu fs no1curr.png)

More fantasy about people 'teasing her' about her treasured, big, flashy attention-getting finger splint; this time at work:

No. 188102

File: 1477398932629.png (718.16 KB, 935x597, lu fs more imaginary confronta…)

Yet another imaginary incident on the bus!

No. 188104

File: 1477399093303.png (689.29 KB, 933x595, lu fs 1.png)

No. 188106

God what is up with this bitch? I can guarantee that no one gives a fuck that she got a boo boo on her finger

No. 188107

File: 1477399374435.png (555.41 KB, 931x597, lu fs 2.png)

She must have have been creaming herself over this thing!

No. 188108

File: 1477399480904.png (601.03 KB, 933x595, lu fs work.png)

Cool story bruh

No. 188110

File: 1477399942509.png (843.19 KB, 937x603, lu who fkn does this.png)

Look how sick I am! I take all these medz! ~*Don't judge a book by its cover!*~ uwu

Who the fuck does this?! #headdesk

>and of course she couldn't resist emphasizing her beloved finger splint again

No. 188112

File: 1477400336193.png (588.4 KB, 1047x784, trouble urinating.png)

>Trouble urinating

No. 188113

File: 1477400428179.jpg (159.88 KB, 1920x1080, 6DzBdcX.jpg)


>being perscribed Sertraline AND Amyltriptaline at the same time

what an idiot

No. 188118

I know extremely little about medicine but even I can tell at least three of those are just random shit that isn't even classified as actual medication.

>I need my fiber and vitamins just to get out of bed! I'm so sick!

No. 188123

File: 1477401773899.jpeg (249.58 KB, 750x1267, image.jpeg)

I guess he had time to eat, since she needed to change into whatever this ER outfit is.
I could kvetch about Danielle all day.

No. 188127

She's in that bad of pain plus being dizzy that she has to go to the ER but can undress, redress, and stand for photos?

No. 188129

Right? One time a broke a rib from coughing too much and hauled ass to the ER in the most unflattering outfit, but I didn't care because that was the most painful thing ever.

No. 188130


lol i love how she accuses everyone but her of faking. like in this one "incident" that was probably just someone stumbling on her, which happens all the time, the other person is "fake" limping. projection much?

i bet she just smashed her finger in a door frame or something. maybe even on purpose lol.

No. 188134

Maybe she wouldn't need so many fibre and vitamin supplements if she would eat something other than McD/KFC/BK? Just a thought.

sage for probably double posting

No. 188135

File: 1477402713012.jpeg (181.97 KB, 750x1213, image.jpeg)

>99% sure she just has a UTI

You are the winner anon.

>hospital is a piece of shit

I take it she never got those IV pain killers

>I should really just stop going to the ER

Yes, but I have a feeling she won't. I know hospitals have a duty to treat, but 3x in 2 weeks? (and counting) Can she really continue checking into the ER indefinitely? Even the ER doc told her it's not helpful to keep coming in. And since she has Medicaid, she's paying for none of this and tax payers are covering all of her wasteful ER visits. Tho I think she's desperate to seem as sick as possible, not just for attention, she's afraid she won't qualify for disability $$/housing anymore when she has to re-certify. Her sudden numerous ER trips and kvetching more than usual makes me think her recertification is in the not too distant future.

No. 188137

Sertraline and Amitriptyline both being antidepressants, and mixing them causes a potentially life threatening increase in serotonin levels which leads to high blood pressure and an increase heart rate that can cause shock.

Mebeverine is an anti bloating kind of medicine, for the symptoms, but not cure, of things like IBS. Can be bought OTC. Although her box does have a prescription label on it.

Folic Acid is a vitamin, usually taken during pregnancy or when someone has anaemia cause by a deficiency of the vitamin. Can be bought in most supermarkets or OTC.

Fybrogel is a laxative for constipation. Can be bought in most supermarkets or OTC.

Levetiracetam is for epilepsy. But she's got two or three different types of levetiracetam?Torrent, Lupin and Rivopharm. And only one has a label on it saying it's prescription.

Fexofenadine Hydrochloride is an antihistamine, for hives, seasonal allergy symptoms (like hayfever) or generally itchiness. Pretty sure it can also be bought in supermarkets or OTC.

Betmiga is for an overactive bladder. She has three boxes of it, two are the same one is different?

Pregabalin Mylan is for several things - anxiety, epilepsy and neuropathic pain. The neuropathic pain is stuff like shingles, diabetes, or spinal injuries?

I mean, only two of the items she has have (visible) prescription labels on them. Two of the things she is taking can be life threatening if mixed. And at least three items can be bought OTC or from a supermarket. And tbf, looking online, it's fairly easy to buy most of these without a prescription either.

No. 188151

File: 1477404892190.png (594.19 KB, 931x597, lu so much medz.png)

I am seriously uber legit sick youguize! Look how big my bag of meds is compared to my shoe!

There is literally NO reason to post this shit other than for sympathy points and attention. LifeUndiagnosed is unequivocally on biggest fucking MBI cows ever!

>>188137 Go figure. Why am I not surprised?

No. 188156

File: 1477405378268.jpg (49.44 KB, 500x388, original-photo-of-president-fo…)

let us all thank this anon for providing us with milk

without you, this enterprising young woman wouldn't have been brought to our attention

No. 188161

Anyone noticed how the thing with her fingers is inconsistent? In pictures where she's wearing the finger splints her fingers are straight and in pictures where she's not wearing them she goes for the Swan Neck Deformity look (and EDS) symptom. Occasionally though she seems to forget to arrange her fingers like that in non-splint photos and they just look normal.

No. 188167

How boring of a life do you have to have to be so excited for a custom finger splint.

Her being a permanent patient is literally the only thing that's part of her personality. It's literally her whole life.

No. 188168

You're most welcome, dear Putinchan. She gives the richest of milk; how could I keep her to myself?

No. 188169

IKR? It's disturbing and so bizarre.

No. 188170


But she showed a giant box full of medication being sorted already? She obviously didn't get through those 100's of pills already so why does she need to get another few boxes?

No. 188175

Can guarantee a pharmacy will never give you your prescription meds in a plastic bag, regardless of what they are. It's always a paper bag with the label on it. Plus it looks like more Fybrogel and Betmiga, so…more laxatives and overactive bladder stuff?

No. 188187

She is so fucking ugly
I bet she's excited for the splint cause she can then fuck herself with it

No. 188188

Several anons have mentioned that LU is worthy of her own thread. If you all want, and if someone will help with a decent/thorough OP, I will make a dedicated thread for LU and put up all my files. I will keep sharing here if you all prefer though.

No. 188190

File: 1477410432405.png (768.38 KB, 931x593, lu meds.png)

More of LU's pill porn

No. 188192

I so wish someone would comment about her conflicting medications when she posts stuff like this.

No. 188194

Maybe it's just me, but her working in hospital admin makes me think it's possible she's making her own fake prescription slips and taking them to different pharmacies to pick up her "required" medication. It would explain how she's on both Sertraline and Amitriptyline without anyone questioning it - go to one pharmacy with one prescription, go to a different one for the other.

No. 188198

She must not be taking her medication regularly because this is like a huge stockpile of months and months of doses.

No. 188200

Yeah she has admitted to not taking her meds as regularly as she should in several other posts.

No. 188203

File: 1477411677440.jpg (82.78 KB, 1170x794, vladimir_putin_animal_lover.jp…)

will potentially lead to tipping the cow. Even if anon was really subtle, they'd probably be blocked faster than a tachycardic heart-beat.

I get the feeling she's not doctor shopping, but has simply stock-piled old medicine/boxes that she has never used (because, deep-down, she knows she doesn't really need it)
antidepressants are usually prescribed on a trial-and-error basis. There are so many different types; (Citalopram is like baby's first SSRI) and if your mood hasn't improved in six months or so, the doctor will start you on a different one. It's easy to stockpile medicine in the UK

No. 188215

Former hospital admin here, doctors keep those pretty well guarded because some nurses would steal them to fuel their raging opiate addiction.

No. 188224

Please do not risk tipping the cow! She's such a prime source of rich, creamy milk and it would be a travesty to lose our supply. If people would leave cows alone we'd have a much more enjoyable experience here at lolcow. Too many lulz have been lost to the ether due to farmers interfering and upsetting the herd.

While there is a greater risk of serotonin syndrome with combined amitriptyline (TCA) and sertraline (SSRI), and coadministration of these meds is not ideal, it is not an absolute contraindication. In other words, some patients do take both but must be monitored and dosing adjusted accordingly. I get the feeling her docs and local A&E's are onto her. She has complained about being denied treatment multiple times, and I am sure they pay closer attention due to her hypochondriasis.

No. 188232


I didn't mean for people to actual tip the cow here. It just surprises me that none of her followers have caught on to her.

Especially with the pill hoarding. I would even say that she probably doesn't take any medication whatsoever. She probably goes to the doctor and says "It didn't work!" so she can get something else to add to her collection.

The pill hoarding really freaks me out. Like all that medication costs a bit when you don't have health coverage and for it going to someone who doesn't take it daily and just collects it for brownie points. How can she not feel any guilt for taking all these resources away from people who need it?

If she actually had Munchasen's she would at least take the meds because they believe they have said disorder so I could excuse it.

I have no sympathy for people who have access to all those meds and treatments and don't want to get better.

No. 188259

Munchausen's is making yourself sick for attention. They would be purposefully taking pills that can cause seizures because seizures are what they're looking for, but usually only when they "need" to have them. Seizures send people to the ER and that's what gets them a fresh batch of attention. Maybe you're thinking of hypochondriacs, people who legitimately think they're ill?

No. 188264

My bf works IT in a hospital and they have special printers for prescriptions which have locks. But in my state, it's actually a law now not to issue paper pescriptions. Everything has to be done electronically.

No. 188275

I'm guessing she either buys them online or they're a mixture of hers and other people that she's lived with over the years, parents, friends, partner etc. It's pretty obvious she's a hoarder so it wouldn't be hard to collect other people's meds that they no longer use

No. 188284

I live in the uk and they only use paper prescriptions that come in like a pad to be written on. I've had a gp put a whole stack on a table in the room and left me alone with them to go into another room. I can't imagine it being that hard for her to get them if she wanted.

No. 188285

I'm the anon that brought up the fact that she could be forging her on prescriptions and that's why I was concerned, because all my prescriptions, be they from dentist or doctor, have been in paper form from a pad. And I live in the UK also. Things might be different in the US, but considering LU is from the UK too…

No. 188518

File: 1477434927100.png (1012.69 KB, 933x599, lu cake.png)

More dietary excellence for an IBS patient…

No. 188519

File: 1477435100643.png (859.71 KB, 929x593, lu cleaning.png)

This is how I have to clean because I'm a super sensitive sick spoonie uwu!

No. 188538

She hasn't adjusted the mask to hug her face, so it isn't actually protecting her from her made up allergies.

No. 188556

Yeah, Im in the US. My state switched entirely to electromic recorfs (emr), and now there is a law saying all scripts must be electronically submitted to pharmacies. No paper prescriptions are allowed anymore.

No. 188561

>folic acid
>for epilepsy

lol ok then. my best friend had epilepsy and i've never heard of this. i've heard, especially for girls and women, that certain epilepsy meds can make one deficient on folic acid, thus needing a supplement. i guess that's her "life saving vitamins" then.

No. 188563


That's not the case yet in my state. Guess I should get a job at a doctor's office so I too can join the spoony craz!

No. 188566

it's such a fetish for her, like playing with the pills and making patterns out of them.

No. 188568

it's means they think it's all in your head, love.

No. 188569

The amitriptyline is just for night/ sleeping pain relief, it's not an antidepressant dose.

No. 188570

ER ootd!

No. 188571

it's just like the one eye that's bigger than the other, except in every other shot they're the same size.

No. 188574

why not just use fucking hot water then?

No. 188590

File: 1477450241542.png (637.57 KB, 942x595, Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 7.48…)

I thought you guys were just cherrypicking her best posts but jfc everything she posts is so cringey and horrid

No. 188599

Her uvula isn't even swollen, and even if it was, cold and/or flu wouldn't be the cause. It'd be something along the lines of strep throat, tonsillitis, epiglottitis, physical trauma from burning it on hot food or drink, or from an allergic reaction.

All things you should really go see a doctor about and not just take cold and flu capsules which don't actually do anything but mask the symptoms of cold and flu - they don't actually do anything to combat the illness.

No. 188601

None of these are blog posts, are you high? And stop fucking avatarfagging idiot.

No. 188602

That's a lot of words to say "i'm constipated and I have the sniffles'…

Who's liking this shit? Who wants to see a gross close up of someone's grimy tongue and a box of cold medicine?

No. 188606

Not true in mine either.

No. 188609

Yeah dude. Her entire social media presence is near-pure gold. You'd have to be cherrypicking to find the pics that are NOT about her super special spoonie suffering in some way!

No. 188618

She is my new favorite cow. She deserves her own thread. I've never seen someone wear a medical alert bracelet AND necklace, not to mention add undiagnosed illnesses into it. Please observe from afar. She is my fucking supply of creamy goodness.

No. 188619

Hell fucking yeah! Mine too!

No. 188625

My offer stands. If someone wants to write up a good summary OP on her, I will upload my ever-growing LU image cache in a dedicated thread.

No. 188671

File: 1477462839071.png (423.88 KB, 931x585, lu rx mania.png)

"I could kiss this prescription!"

>Wow. No words for this level of craycray

No. 188674

File: 1477463750234.png (618.41 KB, 915x761, lu dermatillomania.png)

Oh look, another obscure illness!

No. 188675

Even saying OCD isn't enough for this special gal.

No. 188689

she's so smug about it

cmon mate, we believe in you. write the OP and post what you've got. she's threadworthy.

No. 188707

yeah.. surgical masks hace a wire on the nose part so you can adjust it, wearing it that way doesn't work… I know bc I'm a doctor lol … this thread is so funny I can tell this girls loves to be sick or seomthing weird bc most people don't even really like to talk about this stuff

No. 188708

No. 188711


Oh for fucks sake. Yes you can control your picking compulsions. It might take a little work and therapy, but it's entirely possible. I was diagnosed a couple years ago and with CBT I was able to virtually stop except under super stressful situations. (Sage for blog)

No. 188713

I worked in a pharmacy for a while and we used plastic bags when people where coming in for big scripts. People would also get their doctors to prescribe things you can easily buy otc so they wouldn't have to pay for them.

No. 188727

File: 1477489813843.png (230.27 KB, 747x1046, IMG_4108.PNG)

LU has a weight loss account as well. The first post on there is more pill porn. Can't risk not mentioning what a sick spoonie she is on an account unrelated to her health!

No. 188742


Pretty sure a lot of those pills can cause weight gain so she isnt really helping herself if she wants to lose weight but also keep taking all the unnecessary pills.

No. 188748

GUYS she has a youtube channel! Only two videos though.


No. 188749


Honestly, no wonder they feel sick when they take all thos pills for illneses they don't have.

No. 188756

it's probably just because your parents are siblings, you're just ugly, deal with it

No. 188762

Shes shameless - in the first video she actually says "im going to show you all my medications because i get a kick out of showing people how much im on"

No. 188763


Lol she probably made sure to pick it a lot before taking this photo so it looked ~really~ bad

No. 188772

This girls needs her own thread
everything she posts is SO annoying
"""Oh look at me I'm SO ILL I HAVE ALL THESE MYSTERIOUS CONDITIONS please don't sit next to me in the bus CAN'T YOU SEE I HAVE INVISIBLE PROBLEMS???"""

she's probably sick from all those pills she likes to pop in

No. 188774

I couldn't even finish one video. She's so full of shit.

Props to anyone who can finish both videos! I'm sure there's some milk in there, somewhere.

No. 188794

In all of these recent photos her eyes look completely proportionate even though in >>186023 she claims they're uneven. Is she just squinting in a few photos in order to claim yet another problem??

No. 188795

Omg the videos won't show for me. Did she put it on private? Is she on to us???

No. 188808

Nah I just watched them. Probs a browser issue? I couldn't get more than a minute into either one. Boring.

No. 188827

File: 1477512170265.png (132.74 KB, 961x753, spoonie.png)

Finally a place to post my personal lolcow. I first discovered this person on a forum completely unrelated to health stuff or social justice bullshit. She would constantly derail threads to talk about her made up illnesses or how some innocuous comment was triggering and problematic.

She's a fakeboi who believes she's oppressed for being part Russian, she constantly calls herself a 'faggot' to the dismay of actual gay men, and she loves to post about the drugs she's on and her fake health problems.

Pic related is some of her cringey
posts. Also she's 26, way too old to be doing this special snowflake shit.

I would link to her tumblr but she deletes everything whenever someone makes fun of her so I want to prevent weening

No. 188829

>Also she's 26

She looks 45

No. 188830

Yeah tbh she can almost pass as a guy because of how fucking ugly she is.

No. 188832

The grey hair and pale lipstick reminds me of Kadee way too much

No. 188833

Uh, real talk, as a Russian person it actually does get hard to sit through American Anti-Russian propaganda. It's basically okay to shit on us because our skin is white, even by the same hypocritical SJWs who defend ~PoC~ and shit. It doesn't matter that slavs have faced discrimination both historically and currently, and that in Europe a lot of people don't consider us white and thus we're subhuman. Maybe oppression is a strong word but it does get really fucking old. America literally hides their bullshit by changing the topic to "EVIL RUSSIA". The country is huge, but its citizens are reduced to the actions of its extremists, constantly. That'd be like reducing all Americans to gun-loving skinheads or something.

Sage because OT ranting, just hoping I can change at least one person's mind on this shit.

No. 188834

>That'd be like reducing all Americans to gun-loving skinheads or something.
people do that all the time and no one really gives a shit, it's not comparable to racism

No. 188839

Do people seriously not consider slavs white, or is that just a /pol/ meme?

No. 188850

what the fuck. thats a /pol/ meme but even they argue about it all the time

No. 188900

Okay fuck the derailment in here. Take it to /b/ or go back to /pol/.

Good find with the LU videos! Okay after watching the second one, yeah her microtia/hemifacial microsomia is legit. Basic summary to spare you 25 minutes: She talks about the conditions and that part is good and informative, but then she has to get into why she had problems in support groups. She feels people should have been more open to hearing her 'success story' and that it's better to listen to her, someone who has it, rather than parents of microtia children. Parents should let them be 'normal' children even if they have hearing loss; don't get them hearing aids and coddle them as disabled (ironic coming from Robyn)! Whatever problems and bullying she had has made her a stronger person so let the kids endure all that. The end of the video is all humblebragging about how she has a 'famous' microtia blog out there somewhere and once got 400 pounds for a story in a magazine. But people don't want the truth so people have issues with her.

No sweetums, that isn't the issue. The issue is you aren't the only sickest special starlet snowflake and resent when people don't worship your words as the end all/be all on an illness subject! Get over yourself!

No. 188902

Downloaded for posterity, but for those who want to watch the glorious spoonieness that is Robyn (and fuck that music intro it is jarring af)!

Video 1: Intro

No. 188903

Video 2: Microtia and Hemifacial Microsomia

No. 188906

Wow. Do tell more, she looks like a supercow and definitely belongs in here!

No. 188910

This is all I have right now because she literally deletes her blog every couple of weeks. I'll keep you updated if she posts anything else that's funny

No. 188914

How many of these people are just doing it for the attention, and how many are hypochondriacs who genuinely believe that they are ill?

No. 188916

It tends to be a combination of both.

They love the attention, which is why they post about it, but people like this as far as I know usually convince themselves that there is seriously something wrong.

It's why they don't feel guilty about it, because they tend to believe there's something wrong eventually.

Even if they cause it (by like poisoning themselves or something), they still convince themselves to some point that they've reacted worse than anyone else would, which is proof they're more ill.

This is with fictitious disorder at least, there's a certain belief on some level that they really are ill, and do need to be the patient. I'm not sure if there's a difference between it an munchausens or not, just talking from my experiences with people with it, and discussing how to handle people like that with doctors.

No. 188949

Basically, she's upset that parents in a Facebook support group for Microtia prefer to listen to other parents' experiences rather than her own.
She also says she developed body dysmorphia from all of the bullying at school, but at the end of the video says parents shouldn't send their children with hearing problems to deaf schools or specialist classes because bullying builds character.
Also she can't resist mentioning her blog which supposedly used to be popular

No. 188990

Wow she is batshit. Whoever has access to her instagram please keep us updated.

No. 188992

File: 1477541063265.png (805.48 KB, 937x601, lu sometimes I forget lol.png)

Nah bitch. You never "forget" you're "chronically ill."

No. 188997

>double dosing on sertraline

For what purpose?

And I love how some person is trying to one up her in the comment.

No. 189021

why does she need a double dose of allegra after socializing? were her friends covered in pollen or something?
also that's definitely not how sertraline works…any SSRI takes multiple days with the higher dose to have any effect. it's not a xanax, popping an extra one when you're feeling really low does nothing…bet she would love a xanax prescription though, not sure why she wouldn't find a way to get a few so she could stage some photoshoots with those iconic bars…

No. 189022

Xanax prescription is honestly really fucking hard to get, doctors generally only hand it out for long term panic disorder or cases where people need to handle severe distress, with a long history of this being the case where therapy has been ineffective, they can't risk the wait for it to work, and usually after other medication hasn't been effective.

No doubt she's tried to get it, but it's a pretty hard medication to get a script for.

No. 189082

some doctors are prescription-happy with it.

No. 189084

Well, well, well. The author of the Spoon Theory now has her own GoFuckMe page. How ironic. I am sorry but it reads so sappy and fishy. This just puts a bad taste in my mouth. Aren't there low-cost dental programs?

No. 189089

>converting to Judaism

Lmao well you haven't done much research or you'd know that it's not possible to convert to Judaism.

No. 189091

It's a meme but it's based it truth. Irish people weren't considered white until quite recently.

No. 189094

Actually it is.

No. 189096

Are you sure they had no idea, spoonie? Are you? Cuz she seems like the type of person when someone asks 'how are you?' they launch into a tantrum about what's wrong for hours on end before even considering asking the other person if they are okay back. Sooooo

No. 189097

I know right? Bitch please, she probably baaawwws to anyone who will listen about how sick and speshul she is.

No. 189098

Might be different in America, I don't know, but in Aus (and I assume the UK, we're pretty similar to them), Xanax has to be called into a central registry for heavily controlled medications (alongside some hypnotics, strong opiates), and to give a script for longer than a month the doctor needs to apply for a special license to be able to give scripts lasting longer than a month for it.

No. 189107

yeah I'm Aus too and no way would any of my docs have prescribed it, yet I know some quite messy people, who I guess just see the shitty drs, who get it… I couldn't even get a temporary script for a low dose valium. sage for whinge.

No. 189108

I mean, they could be messy because they do have issues?

My point was just that there's no way they'd give an obvious drug seeker like this any benzo's, let alone by far the most heavily regulated one.

No. 189109

Bitch you're not special. I take that many, far stronger meds, and you don't see me posting with them all the time. Allegra? Don't throw in your allergy meds for good measure, unless it treats something uber spoonie about her.

No. 189110

Kvetch on, anon! She is prime spooniecow material!

No. 189111

You can convert to Judaism. I did when I first got married, to raise our son Jewish in my husband's family. They cut that off when my son was put in a church for early special Ed, and they thought it was my choice. It's not easy. You have to go through one full year, observing the culture as you go. It's a beautiful religion, just no longer for me.

No. 189114

yes they do have issues but they're trashbags as well. hard partiers 'too anxious for this world'. beats whinging spoonies I guess.

No. 189121


Taking a double dose of sertraline because you feel worse isn't gonna help unless you permanently double it up if necessary…. the effects take weeks to appear… so… wtf…


I can't with this woman

No. 189122

File: 1477568696930.png (829.06 KB, 933x597, lu admits lying.png)

Damn, she even admits lying to medical professionals!

No. 189124


Not every sprained ankle needs crutches
if you don't REALLY need them is better to not use them

omfg being a doctor and reading this thread makes me so angry lol

No. 189125

I nearly died laughing at that one-upping comment too!

No. 189258

File: 1477589625896.jpeg (209.33 KB, 749x1295, image.jpeg)

>21 years old (22 in 2 weeks)
>claims to have 2 yr old alter
>takes donation from charity meant for sick/disabled children up to 12 yrs old

Seems legit.
Anyone still interested in this one?

No. 189259

I am! Didn't she used to have a thread on here?

No. 189265

Her account's private, dump some caps here

No. 189269

ctrl + f "cassie"

No. 189278

Thanks for finding the thread for me. If the anon who dumped he cassie picture wants they could bump that thread instead.

I'm still interested in seeing what she's been up to for the past four months.

No. 189288

I don't think she's a spoonie. Just DID and eating disorder.

No. 189297

Not much. Amazingly enough since all the the talk about her stopped stopped her posting has been dying off. It's almost like satanists never made her eat her baby and it was all just a ploy for attention, believe it or not.

No. 189441

any minor problem that happens 2 them "off to bed!!!"

No. 189458

Can she have her own thread? I need someone to fill the void that Kaydeecow left.

No. 189484

What happened to Kaydee? I last tuned in when she made a massive apology owning up to lying but not sure what happened after that.

No. 189486

She threw a few more huge tantrums, proved her "apology" was bullshit, and then went private, sadly.

I'll never understand cowtippers.

No. 189689

File: 1477667238147.png (238.49 KB, 451x479, trungus.PNG)

Today she's posting about how totally not white she is

No. 189692

>a 2 yo alter taking Pictures of themself

No. 189702

IDK, I know someone who looks white, but she's actually part Australian aboriginal with papers to prove it.

No. 189741

File: 1477673822894.png (1.11 MB, 1440x2137, Capture _2016-10-28-09-47-50-1…)

No. 189742

File: 1477673875197.png (1.58 MB, 1440x2081, Capture _2016-10-28-09-53-23-1…)

Woe is me

No. 189884



I can't. I just fucking can't.

No. 189885

I have no words.

No. 189888

File: 1477691669656.jpg (187.69 KB, 800x1280, IMG_0603.JPG)

Which one of you fuckers tipped the cow?

No. 189889

File: 1477691730179.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.54 KB, 800x1280, IMG_0602.JPG)

No. 189894

You've got to be fucking kidding me. Why ruin such good milk?
Hopefully LU doesn't go private. She's the best cow we've had in a long time.

No. 189896

File: 1477692769246.png (45.83 KB, 640x514, image.png)

Cow tippers. All of them are pic related.

No. 189903

Sage for OT but that's pretty common for Aboriginal Australians with mixed ancestry. Idk about the people who claim to be 1/8th indigenous and the like though. Unless you've also been raised in the culture it seems like an insanely dodgy claim.
"I'm 1/16th Cherokee" and all that.

No. 189954

Ummm so it took some poor professional 2 hours to put 9 stiches in- yet again we think you are ever so slightly over exaggerating there miss munchausens!!! Also why the fudge did she require an ambulance for that?! what a total waste of resources… could her partner not have bloody driven her its not like she actually sliced the artery and was heamoraging pints of blood. and if shes going to call the MH crisis card on us, MH crisis or not, NHS ambulances are stretched enough as it is trying to get to ppl having heart attacks and strokes etc, so being selfish enough to utilise such a costly and over-stretched emergency service for 3 very minor cuts is infuriating (especially as she works for the nhs and should be more aware of the pressures on the resources and how it puts other lives at risk!!!) Also if ANYONE else in the "spoonie" or MH communities on instagram had posted a pic of their own self harm and it popped up on her feed she would have undoubtedly had a field day chastising and bitching about how inconsiderate they are for being so triggering…its just one rule for her and another for everyone else in this world. Never known a bigger hypocrite than her.

Would also like to point out that you could argue us pointing out her (already public on the internet for anyone to find) inconsistancies and infuriating behaviours and attitude on an online forum, is pretty much exactly what she does solo to poor unsuspecting strangers on the bus when posting pictures and ranting and raving about how ignorant and awful they are!!!!
Only difference being she is now aware of our bitching and her member of public victims are unaware of her bitching about them.

No. 189961

wait, since when is the internet a safe place???

No. 189967

Why does she say it was a "fellow Spoonie"?

No. 189976

Yeah post your self harm stitches so you can trigger all your followers. Why couldn't you take a picture of LITERALLY anything else? Why not a crying selfie?

I'm so fucking tired of all the selfish attention whores. "Wahhh people are so mean to me!! Better trigger my only friends because I'm so hurt right now!!"

Fuck off, you've had people literally call you out in your comments. Sorry you were too dumb to understand.

No. 190004

Ugh Candice

No. 190036

It's fucking Candace, who tipped Kaydee then came here to brag about it. She's an NHS employee (nurse I think) because she's sperged about it before.

Your lack of ability to control yourself is pathetic, Candace. You ruin literally every thread you touch.

No. 190039


No. 190048


Please unfollow me if you're hurting my feefees! Pls don't report this graphic selfharm photo!

lel does this bitch not know how the internet works?

No. 190049

let's report her then. she did ID herself after all

No. 190050

p.s. if someone calling you out on your shit (or even messaged you thinking they were calling you out on shit if you were actually being truthful) triggers you that much that you have to selfharm and cut deep enough to need stitches AND post a photo of it to the internet, guess what. You're fucking BORDERLINE.

No. 190054

one of Candice's posts: >>140345

No. 190172

It's this bitch! I posted some stuff from her tumblr earlier in the thread. She's the "professional patient"

No. 190174

File: 1477728658383.png (554.42 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-10-29-02-05-49…)

Socialmasochist: professional patient.

If you require a rollator, perhaps any height of heels is a bad idea. (I have the same condition she does and it's not a good idea at all) Not that she actually needs one. All those standing on one leg photos proves she she doesn't need that shit for balance. (Note that she even talks about using the rollator on days she does those poses too)

No. 190176

File: 1477729028994.png (1.52 MB, 1440x2245, Screenshot_2016-10-29-02-16-09…)

Those tags…

No. 190177

Does she really think this is more authentic to anyone? Like, she admits to writing it up herself, anyone could do that shit, just pick your GP's name and a local hospital and go nuts.

I really don't get these people.

No. 190179

What gets me is that she's got the billing code in there. Even if she was going to use it as emergency medical information, why include the billing code?

I also keep wondering why she doesn't wear compression stockings if her POTS is that bad. They're kind of indispensable. I guess because if you aren't really sick using an uncomfortable, expensive, medical device is a no-no.

No. 190182

Yeah, that's what made it stand out as weird to me. If it was just a list of symptoms or medications she'd been on then it would still be bullshit, but just everyday bullshit for these sorts of people. I don't get why she needed to include all of the doctors info either (degrees and qualifications I mean).

I honestly don't know enough about POTS to say though, I'd never heard of it before. Why are compression stockings important for it?

No. 190183

The cow tipper is a cunt. LU may not be physically ill but she is clearly mentally ill. Sending her an abusive fucked up message like that was obviously going to trigger a mental health episode.

No. 190185

File: 1477733449306.jpg (37.75 KB, 415x248, snowflake.jpg)

"nearly" had a seizure and passed out from pain but still well enough to take a selfie.

No. 190188

I'd say she's a cunt for following these sorts of threads and tipping off anyone that gets popular honestly.

Sending the cows shitty messages is a dick move, but people are dicks on the internet. I don't get why you'd come to a forum like this and then actively tip cows. Like, just don't come here if you can't shut the fuck up and just watch it happen.

But yeah, I don't think anyone would recommend calling out someone with Munchausens, it's obviously going to make them act out to prove how totally unwell they are.

No. 190197


This, to me, is probably the most hilarious thing about these idiotic fucks. "Ooh woe is me I'm SOOOOO SICK!!! Now let me take a selfie while failing at a cute facial expression."

Sorry-not-sorry, but if I even take a picture of myself while I have a piddling little cold I look like some type of snot-dripping ghoul. How am I supposed to believe these people are at death's door?!

No. 190200

She's probably wearing slippers but didn't want to have it on in the picture

No. 190202

I detest all cow tippers, but whoever wrote this to LU is particularly fucked in the head. That message is brutal. Observing cows and talking shit among ourselves is a very different thing than directly engaging/taunting someone. Fuck that.

No. 190204

I really can't stand people like this. People like this are probably the types who pull out their phone and gawk at accidents or someone being robbed instead of calling the cops. "But I gotta get dat selfie first or put this video on facebook!"

No. 190411


I understand some people are sensitive, but the tipper never mentioned or linked the site. She just ravaged her own arm based off of some stranger's words about a forum.

If you're that sensitive to trolling, get off the internet.

I also expected Kaydee to be a cow tipper, rescuing her fellow spoonie friends. But that message is harsh and clearly looks like Candice's handy work.

No. 190446

I can't get over those two little dumb lookin stitches on the ends of the middle cut

No. 190467

don't wanna be rude but it loosk like that when they do intradermal stitching

No. 190498

File: 1477803973757.png (378.42 KB, 1321x657, LU report reply.png)

No. 190530

Sometimes docs prescribe immediate release for breakthrough pain if they're already on extended release oxys.

Saw none of the common pain killers in her collection but do see Keppra which is often for seizures.

Whatever this girl might have she must greatly exaggerate. A girl I know with a health issue who posts on support sites has mentioned that even genuinely sick people sometimes have these competitions on who is the ~*~sickest most snowflakey~*~ one.

No. 190554

I'm glad somebody reported her. Taking people emotionally hostage with her very public self harm pityfest is a massively shitty thing to do. Just as bad if not worse than that idiot cow tipper.

No. 190556

I really can't imagine a situation where a doctor would give a patient two strong opiates (or two doses of the same one) and advice mixing them really, that sounds way too dangerous, even just from an addiction point of view. Either way, they weren't Oxy's, so it doesn't matter.

But yeah, she pretty obviously is exaggerating and doctor shopping. The self diagnosing "I have to be sicker than you are" shit is what makes any sort of online support group recently.

I agree with reporting the post because it's inappropriate and a shitty thing to do, but I think the cow tipper is way worse. They actively try to stop the flow of milk, as opposed to her just being a cow, which is why there's a thread about her.

No. 190557

File: 1477820556895.png (733.04 KB, 1164x523, LU.png)

She's live and pretending like nothing happened.

No. 190558

File: 1477820618250.png (717.18 KB, 934x470, TAGS.png)

Why use those tags on a photo of your fucking dog? What do your dogs have to do with anything chronic illness related?

No. 190564

this 'seizure' sounds imaginary

No. 190606

Sounds to me like she was just super tired.

Also if she's trying to hint at schizophrenia, "hallucinations" at night don't typically count towards the diagnosis. You'd have to be seeing hallucinations during the day, basically when you're alert and present.

No. 190610

>"hallucinations" at night don't typically count towards the diagnosis. You'd have to be seeing hallucinations during the day, basically when you're alert and present.

Not entirely true. A lot of people with psychotic disorders experience them way worse at night, to the point where days are okay.

It's just hallucinations as you fall asleep or wake up (hypnogogic and something else, just from memory) that don't count towards diagnosis, because everyone gets them to some degree (like hearing people call your name when you fall asleep).

But yeah, if you're getting hallucinations when you're just sitting there at night, that would be a sign of psychosis.

No. 190612

How many dogs does one need?

No. 190613

Yes!! Not all was lost. Fucking cow tippers. I don't understand that shit.

No. 190614

Sorry, I meant what you said

>t's just hallucinations as you fall asleep or wake up (hypnogogic and something else, just from memory) that don't count towards diagnosis, because everyone gets them to some degree (like hearing people call your name when you fall asleep)

I just didn't type it out as well. I was using night as a word for being in that sleepy-state, not based on the time.

No. 190616

"and this is my way of spreading awareness of mental illness and the harm cyber bullying causes." w/r/t straight out of the ER self harm photo.
So borderline. Wow.

"I couldn't sleep through because all this random nonsensical images kept flashing up brightly in my mind/vision."
Girl, there isn't anything special about that. That's what happens when overly tired and watching shit on your phone, small screen in a dark room and all that sensory input and then you dream about weird shit. Also all that medicine (if yr actually taking pills from your chemist hauls and not just hoarding them lol) probably makes you dream weird too honestly.

Someone who needs attention. That's who.

All of them. TBH the amount of dogs seems like a nice amount of dogs to me. They're pack animals and want to be in a group, and you get to hang out with a pile of dogs, which is nice.

No. 190617

Ah, all good, I just felt it was worth clarifying. But yeah, everyone gets those sometimes, there's nothing unusual about that.

Though if anyone knows more about why they actually happen, I'd be really interested in hearing it, most of the online resources kind of sucked.

No. 190720

Afaik it's the same reason you get sleep paralysis.

No. 190753

Lol I use finger braces like that on a few of my fingers when I draw, keeps me from hyperextending them for continual periods of time. They're kind of fun to wear but even if your fingers get stressed easily they're really not something someone would need to wear all the time.

No. 190811

File: 1477884760395.png (Spoiler Image,645.58 KB, 1029x659, lu sh wound2.png)

MILK DAT SELF HARM for all it's worth Robyn! Classy as always. Not attention-seeking AT. ALL. Oh and I notice her subscriber count has shot up since all this shit. She must be reveling in all the extra sympathy/attention.
Bets on whether she fucks with the wound to delay healing?

No. 190847

That tattoo makes me so fucking angry. Don't disrespect the good name of Rocky Horror with your "I has maybe illnesses" shit.

No. 190860

I had a severe lower spine injury, and the pain management doctor prescribed me Oxy, the blue coated slow release. If I had breakthrough pain during that period, I had Percocet that I could take.

No. 190866

From memory, blue is 30mg, which isn't a very high dose for extended release, and Percocet you'll generally get around a 2.5/325mg split for your initial dose, which is pretty low also.

It's very different to when I thought she had an 80mg extended release of Oxy and 15mg instant release of the same, which would be really dangerous to take unless you had some tolerance built up.

No. 190872

D-did she use a filter to make the bruises look nastier?

No. 190873

Sorry my 80s must have been green, I could be thinking about something else, like soma or Xanax. I had the 5/325 Percocet. Anything more than all of that, I wouldn't understand at all. Even if the instant release was oxycodone. I couldn't walk or sit up, much less do dumb shit like take selfies and make baw baw posts about it. She's just a fucking mess.
My bet is on her messing with her cuts to gain further attention.

On another note, a friend of mine and I were discussing this and we happen to know a woman that does this same shit. Apparently, there is a mental illness that will actually start you feeling the symptoms that you keep making up. Not Munchausen's, something deeper. I'll ask her if she knows more.

No. 190876

Like a somataform disorder? (Your mental illness makes you have physical symptoms)

I think she's just straight out exaggerating the stuff she DOES have and flat out making the rest up.

No. 190881

Yep, 80's are like a green colour, but there's an element of blue. Hard to describe really, I don't really know the word.

>Anything more than all of that, I wouldn't understand at all.

That was more my point. If they were lower doses I wouldn't really think much of it, like, the doses you mentioned (assuming it was 30mg) would make sense because the risks are insanely low, you won't have much oxy in your system at any given time.

15mg for someone with no tolerance would knock you on your ass anyway, that's a low recreational dose, even without an extended release of 80mg floating around in you.

And yeah, Oxy really knocks you around, it's a pretty strong opiate. No way you could be on as much as she says he was unless you're a serious user and be whining, you'd be feeling pretty fucking great. Hell, you'd probably have issues typing.

>My bet is on her messing with her cuts to gain further attention.

It honestly looks like she already has. That bruising is strange, it looks like she's gone out of her way to make it bruise up.

>On another note, a friend of mine and I were discussing this and we happen to know a woman that does this same shit. Apparently, there is a mental illness that will actually start you feeling the symptoms that you keep making up. Not Munchausen's, something deeper. I'll ask her if she knows more.

That's called a somatic symptom disorder and it's a cluster of disorders with similar styles of symptoms.

You mean one of these?

I think this one's just someone who has a factitious disorder, makes it up completely, or intentionally exaggerates them.

Anyway, I'm playing armchair psychologist way too much, and I don't want to do that really.

No. 190887

God I'd love to hear her reasoning on double dosing Sertraline.

No. 190898

Sadly people have this "more is better" mentality. If one isn't helping enough, let's try more! It's dangerous with some drugs and absolutely ridiculous with drugs that work over time, she is fucking stupid!

No. 190906

File: 1477910470210.png (959.58 KB, 1031x657, lu sh3.png)

MILK DAT SELF-HARM AGAIN! Oh and make sure you get your precious #fingersplints in the shot too.

No. 190908

"I couldn't sleep through because all this random nonsensical images kept flashing up brightly in my mind/vision."

Isn't that just having a thought?

No. 190919

So I decided to search the #spoonie tag on Tumblr. Hooboy. I thought IG was bad! Can we post from other sites in this thread?

No. 190923

i don't see why not.
has been one of my faves for years, she's calmed down on the hospital visits a bit in the last year, but she's still a cow

No. 190925

Please screenshot some of the highlights anon!

No. 190932

Ugh, I can't believe her when she's saying she sometimes double dose her AD. Everytime I accidentally double dosed myself, it was literally hell. The kind where you feel so bad you think you've been poisoned and that dying would be nice. Why would anyone would double dose that shit on purpose? It's fucking dangerous. It's making me guess she thinks AD work like benzos which is pretty stupid if you claim to be a "professional patient".

No. 190946


I know I'm behind, but can I just say she's copying House MD here? He's probably not the best media example to be emulating….

No. 190949

Looks like it. And to be honest, I'm not surprised if she banged her arm repeatedly to get those bruises even deeper. They don't look right.

The more I see of her behaviour, yeah, she has BPD and she has it bad. That sort of unbalanced 'I'm GONNA KILL MYSELF WEHHHH' screaming and crying and posting on social media throughout is so classic I'm having flashbacks to my ex-BPD friend who used to do the same. Suicide is literally the highest form of attention seeking a BPD person can do because they KNOW it'll invoke a reaction from normal, mentally stable people.

But, lemme say, after years of getting suicide threats day after day, the people the BPD person is trying to manipulate tends to grow numb and not give a fuck. People like this wear out their welcome really fucking fast.

No. 190954

For someone who's supposed to be an "advocate" for mental health she sure loves to not put #trigger warnings on her self harm photo's.

The reason her follower count went up is because self harmers and general mentally unwell people(including kids) follow this stuff to trigger themselves into hurting themselves. It's like a competition, similar to people with eating disorders following recovery and relapse accounts. So.. way to go Robyn.

At least with eating disorders you have an excuse(It's not like you can take a selfie without showing your body). Robyn can choose not to show photo's of her self harm.

No. 190957

Literally all we know about her is she likes to play the victim and self diagnose with different disorders and illnesses to fulfill this desire of hers.

It's a pretty big jump to go from that go being absolutely sure she'd qualify for a diagnosis of a complex personality disorder.

Not every slightly manipulative person has BPD, and I don't get why in what seems like almost every single thread there seems to be people going "yeah they definitely have BPD".

No. 190960

I totally hear you but in this case she has actually posted about being maybe diagnosed with it and made several dramatic posts about how upset she was. If you scroll back in the screenshots you will find them, not far from the top I believe.

No. 190967

I get you, it's not always the case, but all I'm comparing it is to my five years intimate experience with someone who had that disorder and a LOT of their attention seeking was from illness, as in, saying she had lupus and lyme disease, several miscarriages, PCOS, cystic cancer, chronic spinal issues and broken bones. Like, it was never ending and always hard to believe. Maybe it's just a chronic pathological liar thing, but usually people who are pathological liars don't try to commit suicide whenever they come close to the 'truth' since they can't stand how fucked they are.

No. 190970

Her whole thing is pretending to be diagnosed with different disorders anon, and taking potentialities and turning them into diagnoses.

You're not the only person who's known people with BPD anon.

But seriously, attention seeking behaviour isn't the main symptom of BPD at all. They might act out for validation and so people won't abandon them, but that's clearly not what the chick in this thread is doing, she's doing it to play the victim because she for whatever reason prefers that role.

As people have said, she probably has a fictitious disorder, but that's the only thing we could even hazard a guess at, because we only see that element of her life.

A personality disorder is complex as fuck, and is just as much about how they interact with people day to day as it is the huge outbursts they have, because a fair few could cause similar reactions to being called out.

I just don't get why it's always BPD people jump to. Like, the chick is going on and on about shit for attention, if you were going to make wild leaps off that alone, wouldn't you end up with at least Histrionic PD or something?

No. 190982

of course!!
her bruises wouldn't be so yellowy yet, that is the last color in the rainbow of bruises and only shows up when an area is almost healed
this bitch just threw on that X-PRO II straight up off the IG AND increased the saturation/contrast all the way, zero shame.

No. 190983

i think I have this but it's mostly manifested in chronic stressed tense muscle pain specifically in the shoulders, could be confused with fibromyalga for sure.
And its pushed my cervical vertebrae so my neck is actually bending in the wrong direction. I think this is pretty common though for people who either, just experience a lot of stressed or someone with a mental illness that causes the intense stress (i'm the latter).
>sage for blog post

No. 190989


Also, I think people always jump on the "They must have BPD" bandwagon because they don't actually understand what it is.

No. 191117

smeone that just wants the attention of a problem they don't understand and aren't having to deal with obv

No. 191130

File: 1477957792665.png (1.76 MB, 1440x1963, Screenshot_2016-10-31-17-46-35…)

Does she not realize that doctor shopping is extremely common and easily spotted? She needs to stop with the pill porn. She's trying so hard to be #notbothered it's almost sad.

No. 191132

Sorry for the samefag but I want to slap that shit eating grin right off her face.

No. 191135

Maybe because a lot of those pills are over the counter vitamins and fiber supplements?

Show us what's in the bag, Robyn.

No. 191141

Yeah, there's nothing in her posts that indicates BPD. Given the attention-seeking and the fact that Munchausen is associated with HPD, it's far more likely that she's histrionic if anything.

>I just don't get why it's always BPD people jump to. Like, the chick is going on and on about shit for attention, if you were going to make wild leaps off that alone, wouldn't you end up with at least Histrionic PD or something?

not many people seem to know about HPD, and it seems like people think BPD is an explanation for any sort of consistently extreme behavior. There's a ton of misinformation circulating about cluster B personality disorders at the moment (as can be seen by the wide swathes of idiots who self-diagnose themselves with BPD).

No. 191142

I know this is a bit paranoid, but posting about having a giant bag of meds and taking pics of your pill collection is asking for trouble. It's like advertising you have something to steal. My friend's dumb roommate posted about getting an Adderall prescription and the next time a group of people came over to her apartment it magically disappeared. I mean I know this girl probably doesn't have parties or enough friends for that but still

No. 191145

What happened to her fucked up wonky face she was crying about in that one post? It symmetrical in all of her recent posts

No. 191152

>Given the attention-seeking and the fact that Munchausen is associated with HPD, it's far more likely that she's histrionic if anything.

Even with that, there's no way we could accurately say if she has a personality disorder or not based off a social media account at all. All we can see is what she shows us, not how she acts around other people.

>and it seems like people think BPD is an explanation for any sort of consistently extreme behavior

It really does seem to be this way, like people just twist it to mean whatever fits the person in the thread, and it's silly. Even skimming the wikipedia article would show that she's doesn't really show any of the symptoms of BPD.

>There's a ton of misinformation circulating about cluster B personality disorders at the moment (as can be seen by the wide swathes of idiots who self-diagnose themselves with BPD

This sort of shit seems to go through phases I find. Like, for whatever reason, certain disorders become more popular somehow, and you see heaps of people diagnosing themselves with it based on a really just flat out false idea of what it is, then 6 months later it's a different disorder that's in, and people all have that instead. Depression seems to stick around though, any teenager who's unhappy and angsty will label themselves with that.

I'm always curious how this cycle changes though, like, what brought BPD to the fore this time?

But yeah, if you're going to be an armchair psychologist for a cow, at least put the effort into reading the wikipedia page for the disorder you want to stick on them, see if it even remotely fits them. Don't just pick a disorder that you've seen people mention before and go "yeah they're a bit crazy they probably have that".

Nah, that's not paranoia, it's encouraged really. You don't show off scripts for drugs with a high abuse potential, that's just asking for trouble.

No. 191160

File: 1477962520639.jpg (353.53 KB, 1194x1601, IMG_1552.JPG)

latest from
Journeytoemma… suspiciously she "predicted" she would have a "medical admission" less than 24 hrs ago. Now shes posting from a&e ( and failing to crop out unsuspecting strangers in the background), with what obviously sounds like low blood sugar causing her to faint - in other words shes been purposely restricting again because people were starting to forget she was a super spechul ana celebrity snowflake who is the sicklest of them all cos shes been IP for sooo many years and is STILL sectioned …..
sorry she just makes my blood boil. Absolute waste of nhs resources - she hasnt made any progress in yrs, if that was anyone or anywhere else she would have been given an ultimatum and discharged to free up the funds and bed for someone actually requiring it and willing to work towards recovery. She is one of the biggest attention seekers online that thinks she has everyone fooled with her holier-than-thou perfect patient act. Unfortunately she is just as bad as the people she passive aggressively rants about on her ig account.

No. 191171

Wait, has she actually been in a psych ward non-stop for years?

That's crazy, the only cases I've ever heard of that happening is like when people get put in forensic units from court orders.

How has she managed to not get kicked out?

No. 191183

maybe for her ED?

No. 191187

Well the fact she ignores the regulations on using phones in hospitals makes me writhe in discomfort. Like, calling family members is allowed on some occasions, as is taking photos in the maternity ward, but only as long as no staff or other patients are present in the photo. Same would go for any other wards I would assume.
And in general phones are to be kept switched off as there is the risk of them interfering with equipment.

No. 191207

This was the girl that had a gofundme right? I''ve seen pics from her before. Ignoring the ED thing (because it's a banned topic), I've seen her post pictures of her various procedures as well as pictures of her catheter, the bag full of pee and bowls of her vomit.

She's also recently jumped on the spoonie trend of claiming Ehlers Danlos.

No. 191216

Even then, if she's inpatient in an ED clinic instead of a proper psych ward, surely they'd just kick her out if she's making no attempt to recover and instead just milking the stay for as long as she can?

Like, if she's in an acute psych ward, as soon as it becomes evident she's not a serious risk of killing herself or someone else, they'd just kick her out, even if she keeps going "no I'm totally serious, I will kill myself!".

No. 191237

yeah, ok, I have BPD and I'm a psych student, so I'm not an expert but I know enough about it to know that "attention seeking behavior" and the like is really only a tiny fraction of what BPD actually is, it's more based on things that are done within a relationship (passive aggression, manipulation, etc) and then impulsivity and dissociation, which…sure, she can have that, but we don't really know

all we really know about her is that she's sort of a cunt about being a passenger on the bus and she's really into medical paraphernalia. none of that is anything related to BPD, it could be so many other things before that. I think she's depressed and likes medical attention, maybe from an illness as a kid (was that mentioned earlier? I think it was) and craving that sort of pampering. I definitely think she knows what she's doing, but I don't think she thinks there's anything wrong with it, it's just like eating candy to her, it gives her joy and that's all that matters to her.

anyway….my two cents idk

No. 191282

Actually she did post about BPD >>184138

She does it all the time! She posts pics with the bag on her lap on the bus (finger splints and medical bracelet always in the shot too), commenting how big the bag is, and even "unpacking/organizing my meds" photo ops once she's home. It's beyond bizarre.

Don't apologize anon! I wish you'd post more from her. She is someone I've always heard is batshit craycray but never could see her posts since she's private. Post away, update as often as you want. I know I'm not alone in wanting to hear more about her fucked up institutionalization fetish!

No. 191346

Robyn is absolutely reveling in the outpouring of attention since The Tipping.


No. 191356

those Instagram mental health messages are really raining on her attention parade.

No. 191396

Oddly enough, you'd think she's be thrilled every time one popped up because it meant someone was giving her attention and validating that she's sick. It's a wonder she hasn't started a count of them all and posting about it bragging about how many she's gotten.

No. 191405

File: 1477997988143.png (862.17 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-01-10-53-45…)

I found her old instagram which includes lots of photos of an open surgical wound.


No. 191410

Wow, that's a whole lot of crazy. Why would you be taking and posting so many pics of yourself at the hospital? Why take 3 pics of a fucking cast to show it at different angles?
Well, I guess at least, by the look of the belly woubd she did have a major surgery (and milked it for all all its worse)

No. 191421

gee, that's happened to me many times, I didn't know I could have started an insta about it…

No. 191460


Holy shit. Why would you post that? WHY. She took so many photo's of that open wound. She's very messed up. No wonder she has no issues posting her self harm on Instagram.

It reminds me of that girl who posted all of her self harm photo's and was supposed the "worst" case of self harm. She would let it get infected too. I think she actually ended up dying from it as well?

No. 191467

coldnessinmyheart? yeah i assume she is dead

No. 191475

yep that was the girl I was talking about. I couldn't for the life of me think of her username, thanks.

No. 191520

OT but Jesus I did not need to look her up. How. It looks like she used a chainsaw.

No. 191639


omg I just looked her up and read her lolcow thread and omg i'm so horrified i feel sick

and I'm a mortician. I can only handle this shit on dead people and not to this self harm extreme omg my stomach.

No. 191652

File: 1478034140593.jpeg (313.79 KB, 747x1296, image.jpeg)

>I wish you'd post more from her

Not the anon who posted her, but happy to contribute. So she's been in that ward for 2 years and is still nowhere near discharge, amazing.

No. 191667

didnt think you could ever really live in a hospital unless yanno…you were about to die.

No. 191683

File: 1478036298651.jpeg (201.16 KB, 750x1301, image.jpeg)

Right?! And if you've been in the hospital for TWO fucking years AND you're well enough to be going on "home leave" how tf are you not well enough to stay home and continue treatment in the community? Someone help me understand this system where someone is allegedly so ill they need to literally live in the hospital, but at the same time, they're well enough to go out, have a drink, go to weddings, etc. I just don't get it.

No. 191705

I wonder if some people..not scam the NHS but simply try not to get better because they'd rather live in the comfort of a hospital where they're waited on. And since it is the NHS, it's not like they're paying the bills for their stay.

No. 191716

In a legitimate case the home leave and days out would be a part of the patients exit plan from the system and hospital. The short trips are essentially 'real-life' tests to ensure they won't immediately relapse and require another admission.

I can't really say how legit journeytoemma is but it seems weird that she's still IP and apparently not transitioning to discharged despite being well enough for regular leave.
if she was constantly ending leave days in crisis the privilege would have been taken away until she stabilised emotionally enough to try again.

No. 191718

As for Robyn OMFG those old pics! She was 100% fucking with that lap wound. Period. You can see where it's trying to heal. Chronic wounds do not look like that. But ~*muh frajul slow healing EDS soft tissue!*~ No Einstein. Not how it works. Why do you have appropriate healing signs for your recent SI shenanigans, Sickochan? You know why Robyn abandoned accounts and switched to an entirely new job? Probably because of her Munchausen behavior. I bet she got discovered/called out and had to run/start over, or her work figured out her sick role bullshit was fishy and had enough.

TY anon! No fucking way. I have a million questions about JTE. What all is wrong/supposedly wrong with her again? I am shocked the NHS is paying for this. Does she answer questions? Has anyone done an expose-of-lies style blog or article or anything? What are people suspecting, that she is lying about actually being in hospital or she is manipulating her medical conditions to keep getting stuck there? Wow she sounds like a fascinating case to follow and pick apart.

No. 191722

This account is gold anon!

No. 191747

Re: JTE… in a nutshell shes been in the press in the uk (she & her family approached them!!) and has a gofuckme because of her super severe anorexia - claims nhs refused to fund her to go to a private hospital which was specialised in treating eating disorders AND bpd and that she would die if she didnt get this treatment… well shes still here now and BEING FUNDED BY THE NHS TO STAY ALL THIS TIME IN A DIFFERENT PRIVATE HOSP (Literally £thousands a night and shes been there over 2 yrs). she claims to be the worst case of anorexia her drs have ever seen (yes i know eds are banned here but her "ana" is just part of her saga and its her cover story as to why shes in hospital still despite it beinf stated in the press she had life threatening bpd and complex needs, shes now denying she ever had bpd yet curiously remains in a private MH hospital (she is funded by taxpayers) in a ward that specialises in bpd and complex cases!! She hasnt been in a ed ward for over 2 yrs yet that is apparently the reason she "cant be taken off her section" because she would relapse into her super serious ana if they gave her her freedom. To me the system/her particular ward is taking the piss… she should have been discharged at least a yr ago - her risk of relapse will never change so are they gonna keep her there indefinately?!! The coma she claims also is due to an overdose of paracetemol and then refusing the antidote so they sedated her for it; it is NOTHING to do with how super spechul and severe her anorexia was like she alludes to…
then theres the elhers danlos, the constant infections requiring iv antibiotics, the constant posting about how
Bad her life is and claiming people she barely knew were her best friends (but only when they die!!!)…. she likes to claim to know all the other "sickest" people, especially all the ones who died. And last but not least, she (just like so many other munchausen/attention seeking malingerers) used to work in the nhs, and part trained as a child nurse…. likes to use her medical "knowledge" to sound legit

No. 191753

File: 1478045372189.jpg (353.58 KB, 1196x1437, IMG_1558.JPG)

And as if by magic, her latest post on ig blesses us with her pity party misleading story, AND a reminder of all the best friends who shes lost!!!

No. 191755

File: 1478045641687.png (953.21 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6443.PNG)

Don't get me started on this one. Does beauty pageants with a feeding tube in despite being able to remove it herself. Gets super defensive when questions are asked. This bitch needs caught out. Anyone else got anything?

No. 191756

As someone with ACTUAL POTS I find this so offensive. Tachycardia isn't a joke and usually means 120+bpm mine has reached 260 before she needs a reality check

No. 191760

I've heard rumors those wounds were faked, which makes sense, I don't see how you could injure yourself that much and not go into shock, or not bleed out pretty immediately.

Which makes sense, they were insanely extreme.

I'm really curious too honestly, I have no idea how she'd manage to get herself kept in there for two years straight ,that's pretty much reserved for like dementia patients who get psychosis with it and people who get sent to wards instead of prison.

Is it possible she's actually just in an outpatient program at the hospital, and takes photos of herself while at that?

Because otherwise, public wards are pretty much to get you so you won't relapse and immediately become a risk to yourself or others again when you get out, and to stop you being that way in the first place. It's not to completely cure you, just make you well enough to be safe in community.

Plus, your mental state isn't decided purely by if you say you'll kill yourself or not, so surely that excuse would run out eventually, they'd see her day to day and be able to judge her state, and clearly tell she's malingering.

No. 191784

Everyone needs to stop and leave others alone. These people have enough going on in their lives! What pathetic individuals you all must be. Sitting behind your anonymous usernames and bitching about others on an anonymous site. You're all cowards. Until you've walked a day in someone else's shoes do not judge their life. Chronic illnesses manifest in different ways in different people. Just because someone doesn't have the same symptom as another person doesn't mean their lying. Just because someone posts a lot doesn't mean they're attention seeking. Everyone deals with things in different ways. Some keep it all to themselves whilst others find comfort in posting their journey. Not only that but it raises awareness and also lets others know they're not alone. I honestly hope that one day karma hits you all hard and you suffer with something in which people make an Internet forum mocking you about. What you're doing is cruel. You honestly have no idea just how disgusting you all are. I honestly hope these posts never get back to the people they're about because they don't deserve to be subjected to this.

No. 191785

>anonymous usernames

No. 191789

Tippity top fucking keks my sides! Same reaction to that!

No. 191790

>Just because someone doesn't have the same symptom as another person doesn't mean their lying.

Fuck, my leg hurts, must be a heart attack, right?

No. 191791

Hey anon, I have POTS too and I ended up having a hr of 260+ and had an ablation so be careful if you hr goes that high. 120-130 and higher is normal for me but 220-230 and up is pretty dangerous. I ended up needing a loop recorder implanted which is how I discovered I had AVNRT and needed an ablaton.

You may not have any kind of SVT, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

No. 191797

Is this Kadeelyn? If so please come back, I miss you bitch

No. 191799

Sounds like her, especially the "karma" bit as she used that before on here. Also wouldnt be a surprise as she has obviously been lurking here waiting to see if she gets mentioned again.

No. 191800

No it's not actually. It's someone who's come across the link to this forum via Instagram. Your little site is circulating round the spoonie community so all of you pathetic low lives beware. All the people you're being horrible about…chances are they'll be able to see this for themselves.

When does this become too much? I would have thought a girl self-harming over this would be enough. What about when someone takes their own life because of this? When does it turn from making fun of someone to ruining a person's life?

No. 191807

>When does this become too much?

No. 191808

Wouldn't the "spoonie" community be too sick to do anything to us?

Btw, we're anonymous they literally can't do anything to us unless Admin gives out out IP's.

No. 191812

File: 1478049970152.jpeg (32.59 KB, 275x230, image.jpeg)

Beware of what?
Diary shitposting by raging attention seekers typing the word pathetic as many times as they can?

Posts on your Instagram accounts of self harm in an effort to make le bullies feel bad?

Rattle your spoons as much as you like. The #selfdiagnosed army really doesn't sound like much of a worry.

No. 191814

>Your little site is circulating round the spoonie community so all of you pathetic low lives beware
Aw boo hoo, so scared.

Don't put all of your life on the internet for everyone to see if you care so much about random strangers saying oh so mean things about you. Or ignore it and carry on with your attention whoring. It's as simple as that.

No. 191816


I know Robyn personally and can say for certain she's telling the truth about her diagnoses. She's not lying. She's not self-diagnosed either.

No. 191818

Proof? Can't make a claim that you know someone in person and not back it up with hard proof, y'know

No. 191820

Do you have any proof that you know her?

Because literally anyone can say that they know her.

PS. I actually know her as well. What's your name?

No. 191825

I know Elvis personally and can say for certain he's telling the truth about his death. He's not lying. He's not in Cuba either.

No. 191830

No doctor prescribes medication willy nilly. Particularly a drug like tramadol. It's prescribed with caution for long-term use. Also yes lactulose can be bought over the counter but this is prescribed from a doctor along with other medication to sort the same problem. Leave her alone!

No. 191831

ZOMG what's he like?

No. 191835

Do yourself a favor. Read up on Factitious Disorder.

No. 191837

Literally googled the term "Tramadol buy" and it came up with several sites to buy Tramadol without a prescription. So there goes that defence.

No. 191838


I know what factisious diseases are. I've come across them as I have somatic symptom disorder, however I do not have the factisious side of it. My symptoms are induced by going through severe trauma and my body being unable to cope. I'm very aware what it is and Robyn is not suffering with it.

No. 191839


She's quite clearly prescribed it by a doctor…

No. 191841

Hmmm.. you seem to know Robyn awfully personally.

Almost like you're her.

No. 191842


I'm a close friend who has known her for a while. I'm definitely not her. I think things would get really bad if she were to find out so trust me I'm not Robyn

No. 191843

Still waiting for that juicy helping of proof, otherwise you're just bullshitting all over yourself.

No. 191844

Despite the deep fried sandwiches and advanced decay he's better looking, better smelling, and less of a selfish piece of shit than our resident overgrown child Robyn.

All around good guy.

No. 191845

Liar. You have no proof.

And the people on here are not going to stop posting about her because you asked nicely. Lurk more. This is literally a gossip site for internet persona's. And Robyn seems to be exaggerating her illnesses and straight up lying at times. Literally read the thread. She's highly suspicious, too bad you can't see it.

No. 191848

Robyn, you don't have friends outside of some Instagram accounts run by people as thirsty as you. if you have one person you see more than weekly who doesn't find you insufferable and attention seeking I will buy you an even more noticeable splint for your hand. Like with a horn you can honk when someone's existence triggers you on the bus.

No. 191853

Okay I seriously just laughed my fucking ass off very loudly.
>mfw my door is open.
Ah, the joys of the wrong side of the Net. Brilliantly said anon. LMFAO!

No. 191860

So is she really this bitter self-entitled bitch she appears to be or is that just her internet persona?

No. 191865

I'm just going to point out epilepsy patients faking extra seizures for attention is a classic example used in the case of patients with factitious disorder who have an actual underlying medical condition but exaggerate the severity.
>Robyn is suspicious af.
Robyn works for NHS. Many factitious disorder patients work in healthcare.
Robyn had to have exploratory abdominal surgery because of undetermined abdominal pain and lo and behold the wound has problems healing (and was even TOLD by surgeons to stop fucking with her wound and stop bothering doctors! Once denied further enabling, magically her wound healed no problem. Huh.
Robyn takes pics of every fucking doc appt, mobility aid, symptom, anything possibly even remotely related to medical or disability shit, tags every drug including #paracetamol, heavy stuff.
Robyn is so textbook it's scary.

Guess what, it's suspicious as fuck when people romanticize and glorify and attention whore like crazy for every tiny little thing (look at my small cut!).

Are most spoonies legit? YES. We are not calling out spoonies in general. Are there some who use the community for attention? YES. Are there fakers? YES.

Munchausen By Internet is REAL. Deal with that reality please.

Yes, people are going to call out people who seem to blatantly pimping every single tiny remotely ailment-related thing for pity points. Don't like it? GTFO. It's the Internet and you post publicly. Fair game sweetiepie.

No. 191867

File: 1478053564610.png (1.62 MB, 1440x1717, Screenshot_2016-11-01-20-23-40…)

>best post

Bitch, you forgot your super srs finger splints. It's almost as if you don't need them aside from instagram pics.

No. 191869

Wastes of skin like her make it hard for actual epileptics to be taken seriously. I don't understand why people want a bullshit condition like that, I have it and it sucks.

No. 191875

She seems pretty legit and it looks like she's actually working towards recovery, like resisting the urge to self harm, instead of doing it and then posting it online for asspats like the other girls ITT. I wonder what the back story to her cptsd is though. When people dissociate from severe trauma, they can get the body memories and the pain coming back at a later time, which I guess could be diagnosed as fibromyalgia

No. 191883

God, maybe it'd heal if she stopped gaping it like that. It looks like Chrischan's taint. Not including photo out of common decency.

No. 191884

File: 1478056539050.jpg (71.9 KB, 537x399, qJFr0qe.jpg)

Then they should find a real life, one that isn't online. Picture highly related.

No. 191908

Somatic disorders aren't the same as fictitious disorder, fuck off retard.

Fictitious disorder is when you make shit up, or cause yourself to be sick to assume the role of a patient.

Somatic disorders are when you have physical symptoms with no physical cause.

You can get a script for a drug like Tramadol insanely easily anon, literally all you have to do is go "I have consistent pain from X area, and Codeine doesn't work for me at all", and you'll get a script for it. No doctor would doubt the codeine thing because it doesn't work for like 10% of people anyway.

It's not some super strong opioid, you're not getting a 6 month script of oxy or some shit.

No. 191967

Holy fucking shit, have spent the past hour scrolling through Robyn's old IG and damn. Yeah she is definitely obsessed with illness…like the worst I've seen in attention-seeking land.

No. 191995

File: 1478087624723.jpg (600.98 KB, 2048x1536, tmp_12436-PicsArt_11-02-11.48.…)

Couldn't help but #spergout with some #lowkeystalking.
'Likely' has epilepsy, so a few days later she needs a medalert bracelet. Bonus lol, fattie thinks she has small wrists.
And guess what, months later still nothing officially diagnosed but cow is of course too self absorbed to actually care.
Gotta milk that #spoonielife #almostepilepsylife #ormaybejustmixingthewrongmedslife #anywaypayattentiontome

No. 192001

File: 1478089540806.png (737.51 KB, 929x595, z.png)

is this her 'partner' that puts up with all of her shit?

No. 192011

THIS! All I can find is they suspected it from what she told them! IDK man. Shady af when they have to go on subjective reporting alone. Pretty sure none of her scans showed anything. I think if they mention something as a potential diagnosis she jumps at it and POOF she has it. She is mostly being treated based on reported incidents. The way she takes pics at a fucking blood draw, before during and after with the bandaid, believe me if there was a medically documented etiology and definitive diagnosis to her seizures, wouldn't we hear about it? Bitch legit makes me rage!

No. 192012

Yep. Beta as they come.

No. 192014

Who the fuck unironically uses the word "beta" to describe someone? Let alone just based off a picture where he doesn't look amazing.

Leave the /r9k/ shit back over there.

No. 192031

nice summary anon. I wanted to answer other anons questions about her yesterday but i was so tired. I think she has a video on YT about how super sick and speshul she is. I think the title is "i didn't eat for a year"
>she should have been discharged at least a yr ago - her risk of relapse will never change

true. I think she makes sure her "risk" is high so they won't/can't discharge her. Like not eating, refusing fortsips so she needs to go to the ER for IVs. And the constant infections, anyone think she's causing them somehow?
Another thing, she is ALWAYS baking cupcakes and shit for other patients and staff. Do they not know thats a big ana behavior? and they just let her keep doing it? If my taxes were going towards JTE, id be so pissed.
I wonder if the private unit still gets thousands a night when she's on home leave, probably, bc they still have to hold her bed. ugh, what a waste of resources. JTE and Cassie together have probably cost the NHS millions by now, though the NHS should never have allowed them to become so institutionalized.

No. 192033

>it raises awareness

kek. no, those posted in this thread do not "raise awareness" for mental illnesses, they make people with mental illness look like histrionic attention seeking drains on society. There are plenty of people "posting their journeys" online, yet only a few are posted in this thread…i wonder why.

>What you're doing is cruel.

funny, I think setting tax $$ you don't contribute to on fire is kinda cruel. Theres no reason to keep JTE+Cassie in hospital for years. In fact, its counterproductive as they're now institutionalized and afraid of life outside the safety of hospital and constantly do things to make sure they STAY in hospital. Idk who's fucking up harder, the NHS or JTE+Cassie.

No. 192048

she's finally not living in hospital and it seems like she's improving, I guess its true BPD tends to become less intense with age. If you go to her posts tagged "hospital" or "inpatient" makemehealthyplease.tumblr.com/tagged/hospital you'll see more of her history and info on cptsd and bpd. She's another one that is fine to go on holiday when she wants to, but will "crash" and end up inpatient when she gets home. I think she may be done living in hospital, since she's moving to france to be with her fiancé, but she will always be a professional patient.

No. 192102

File: 1478106308110.png (426.09 KB, 1274x1384, IMG_4167.PNG)

I'm so sick of people trying to justify posting photos of their self harm wounds. For Christ sake girl, you ARE a piece of shit person & you're not bringing awareness, you're just looking for asspats and validation.

No. 192116

I agree with you. it comes off as attention seeking and tbh, if anyone sees self harm they should report it to IG.

No. 192117

Exactly!! And im curious - is her profile still public? If so she needs to stop whining and playing victim and just put her account to private which is what any other normal person would do. Did she really think that 100% of the public would fall for her malingering and attention seeking ways?…if you put your life out there for the world to see, dont expect them all to stand by and encourage your behaviour.

No. 192172

This girl is completely self absorbed. She acknowledges that people are telling her that her posts are triggering, but doesn't at all care about their wellbeing. What about HER and HER feelings?? How have any of her self pitying posts spread awareness?

No. 192317

I honestly have never seen such disgusting comments in my life before. Even if these girls were lying about their physical health, even if these girls were exaggerating you have no right to say things like "waste of NHS resources" "she should just go kill herself". You know if anything happens to any of these girls because of comments about them you potentially could face jail time? Don't think it can't happen because it has happened before. If the reason someone commits suicide is due to comments on this forum then it actually would become a police investigation. Slate me all you want and give me hate but none of these girls deserve what you're putting them through. Honestly I hope karma hits you all hard.

No. 192348

Show proof that someone from an anonymous imageboard has ever been charged for someone else committing suicide?

Also you do realize that people from all around the world use this site? Please tell me how someone from Canada, USA, Japan etc is going to be charged for a comment that, you have no proof that that was what triggered her by the way, was sent to someone who lives in another country?

No. 192350

did you actually read the thread?

No. 192356

Here's some tips since you seem to be the same person who's "personal" friends with Robyn:

1. She continues to post on social media without taking limitations to help make her feel safer and more secure (going private, reporting messages, leaving social media)

2. Robyn has posted self harm and has mentioned she doesn't really care if some of her followers are triggered so I guess she can be charged as well, right? Especially seeing as she has kids as followers. Everyone discusses here at least has to be over the age of 16.

3. I would love to see an investigation. All of Robyn's (and others) bullshit would finally be professional investigated for potentially being someone who doctor shops, lies about symptoms and disorders, and possibly abusing the benefits she's been getting.

Be aware that literally everything you've posted on the internet is reviewed in these type of cyber bullying cases. But let's be real this will NEVER become an actual case.

Sites that still are up even with member deaths/lawsuits/threats of legal action: MPA, SkinnyGossip, WikiLeaks, 4chan, self harm and pro-eating disorder chat rooms, etc You can go on forever, really.

No. 192358

Hell even pro-suicide websites are still up!

No. 192419

Bloo bloo bloo welcome to the internet cunt.

No. 192421

A girl could potentially end her life over this and none of you think that's a problem? What is wrong with you all!

No. 192432

If someone is willing to end their life over criticism and jokes at their expense then that is no one's fault but their own for taking everything to heart and thinking they're immune to criticism. Strong people don't let what others' say affect them so badly. Why coddle weak-willed idiots? If Robyn were REALLY concerned with what is said then she would stop having an internet presence but she LOVES that she's being talked about here because it gives her a new way to fish for attention. Frankly, I think lolcow is doing a publc service by giving these histrionic bitches something new to bitch and cry about instead of imaginary illnesses that waste their doctor's time.

No. 192433

I live in the land of the free, and the home of the brave, so it's all good.
They're a waste of NHS resources and should an hero post-haste.

No. 192434

That's the problem.

No. 192438

Lol if she suicides it's not because she was called out for being an attention seeking tard.

No. 192461

The thing is, she will never truly attempt suicide. She doesn't ever intend to die during her attention grabbing "suicide attempts" When people like her attempt "suicide" it's to get a reaction out of other people. It's an "I'll show them!" gesture and it's considered a trump card to make yourself untouchable because of people like you who go on screaming about how their manipulation marks are totally "Forcing their hand" and "making them commit suicide." This is all part of the scam and you're falling for it, hook, line, and sinker.

If you notice, people who make frequent, grand, and massively public suicidal gestures aren't the ones who actually die. You should really look into suicidal gestures as a form of Emotional Blackmail.

No. 192464

kill urself faget

No. 192640

Anyone got anything on just_breathe_nicole

No. 192642

File: 1478128525946.png (694.01 KB, 669x595, Snapshot.png)

going through her old Instagram, her boyf is actually sorta adorable? Compared to her, I mean. Nice teeth for a limey.

her blowjob skills must be second to none

No. 192681


all her effort in "lifeundiagonosed" is to get BETTER, right? at least that's the idea, she doesn't ignore the slightest thing, she immediately goes to the ER over literally anything. She would never actually intend to kill herself although she might on accident mixing all those meds like that.

did yall see this? she's going on about how people who are triggered need to fuck off and die she is SUCH a shit person oh my god i feel bad for her partner unless some how he is also shit but at least he doesn't post it on the internet (that we know of)

No. 192682

File: 1478130624790.png (33.43 KB, 286x498, TRIGGER.png)

oh sorry, this post.

No. 192686


Can I ask where she states that people who are triggered "need to fuck off and die"? I must have missed that part as from the screenshot posted nowhere does she say those words.

Thing is it's the internet, there are triggers everywhere. Robyn is right, lots of people post far worse than what she has posted. Lots of people post proana things or post about their weight loss journey when they have a BMI of 16.5 or under. It's Robyn's Instagram and she does have a right to post whatever she wants to it.

No. 192687


LU flips shit when she's triggered she's calling the kettle black, you know what i mean?

No. 192688


You've still not answered my question. Where does she state people need to fuck off and die?

No. 192689

> It's Robyn's Instagram and she does have a right to post whatever she wants to it.

Arguably, no she doesnt have a right to post whatever she wants to it, heck even the second point of the ToS (which is a legally binding contract, mind you), lists the things you cant post, even if you "want" to. I might want to post porn to Insta, doesnt mean I have the right to.

No. 192691

omg ok i exaggerated obviously, please calm down

No. 192697

she's pulling the wound open in every picture, so stupid looking

No. 192701

Yep she does indeed have the right to put whatever she wants on her IG just as we have the right the say whatever we want about her on here.

No. 192706

So she has the right to post whatever she likes regardless of if it's "triggering" or not, but we have no right to post whatever we like here on lolcow in case we "trigger" someone? Come on honey.

No. 192711

Even with that, if the hospital picks up on the fact that you're just doing it so they can't kick you out, surely they would have to kick you out?

Do we actually have any evidence that she's inpatient though? There's lots of outpatient programs in psych wards too.

No. 192728

Her house and the area don't look too bad for what they're paying for it (£127,000). But oh, that council tax looks mean (£1114). According to the 2011 census the area consists of mainly white and well educated people. But apparently that doesn't include Robyn since she kept her address on one of those many alleged nhs letters.

Her address also leads to an old domain (hypermobilegeek.com) and she used to use the name Nybie Brown online. So far I've spent about 10 minutes finding these things, so let's see what some time investment can bring. Great procrastination. And maybe a good lesson why you don't post shit like that online.
She has an old tumblr which is usually great for some milk.

No. 192855

Well, let's see, an eating disorder affects the whole body so not posting your body on Instagram which is essentially a selfie machine is a bit odd.

Not posting a picture of the arm you just sliced open is more possible. Just don't fucking take a picture of it or crop it out, or censor it? Lots of options here. There's no excuse to be honest.

No. 192858

"It's not my job to avoid posting what is happening in my life on my page so you don't get triggered- just like I don't expect other people to stop posting pictures that trigger me."

So I guess she shouldn't be complaining someone sent her a message that triggered her, right? She could've just ignored it and deleted it. And also she basically gave this okay to insult her here because she can just ignore it so little WhiteKnight can leave now.

No. 192861

New comment on LU's big bad bruisy cut pic:
"What filter did you use?" Top fucking kek!

>callouts give me life

No. 192904

File: 1478155279153.png (908.66 KB, 933x597, lu baww dont forget me.png)

God damn it she is such a fuckin martyr!

No. 192906

File: 1478155570525.png (574.49 KB, 931x593, lu mh referral.png)

"Lookie they're rushing me in I am so in crisis!"
Jesus christ. I think she is thriving on all the new attention over her self-harm. She's the poor cyberbullied speshul frajul spoonie hero now.

No. 192910

Just wow. Below is a link to the video that goes along with >>192682
"People need to stop trying to make MY MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS and other people's ABOUT THEMSELVES."


No. 192913

"mental health crisis". this is a new one. she seemed fine and dandy until the arm pics.

No. 192915

That's the crisis she is talking about.

No. 192921

Yeah I know, it's just her carrying on that gets me… like everything, she takes a thing and blows it up and up. It's a mental health issue, not a mental health crisis. And the fucking appointment turnaround time is probably normal.

No. 192934

Right? She is high on all the extra asspats, amping up the 'woe is me' and milking this incident for all it's worth. How ironic. Gotta love when cows milk themselves.

No. 192938

>waiting lists are long and appointments are sought after
they are telling you not to fuck them around, is all. it's not a special message to you.

No. 192939

>I honestly have never seen such disgusting comments in my life before

It must be nice being so sheltered.

>you have no right to say things like "waste of NHS resources" "she should just go kill herself"


And I'm pretty sure no one has actually said they should kill themselves.

>you potentially could face jail time

If any of us were actively pushing them to hurt themselves, yeah, we could potentially face jail time. But we're not. No one is going to be charged because some dipshit sought out a gossip site and chose to read the mean things that were being said about them.

>none of these girls deserve what you're putting them through

The tax payers don't deserve to have their money wasted on malingerers and liars.

Real sick people don't deserve to be assumed to be malingerers or liars because these jackasses have poisoned the well.

Real sick people don't deserve to be triggered by assholes who plaster their self-harm wounds all over the internet.

But we're the meany-heads because we don't give the Munchies all the ass pats and pity they want.

>Honestly I hope karma hits you all hard.

So if we say Munchies and pseudo-Spoonies are liars, on a forum they won't even see unless they choose to seek it out, that means we're monsters, but it's totally okay for you to come to us and tell us you want bad things to happen to us?

You're a hypocritical cunt.

No. 192941

She looks like a bridge troll next to him.

No. 192942

File: 1478160343462.jpeg (59.33 KB, 640x456, image.jpeg)

Sorry for potato quality all my apps suck

No. 192947

What is this? Link please!

No. 192948

why the fuck are you blocking the account name?

No. 192950

So that it says Robyn rights activist?
It's birdrightsactivists originally calm down there anon.

No. 192952

@ProBirdRights On Twitter.

No. 192958

oh I'm getting it now, thanks (and facepalm).

you're not lying though, your apps do suck.

No. 192976

File: 1478172592183.png (303.5 KB, 1242x1910, IMG_4480.PNG)

What about this one anyone have anything to say about her…pathetic , supposedly had all these rare conditions

No. 192978

I wish she'd come down off that cross because we could all use the wood.

No. 192979

Pretty obvious she's has a legitimate reason for being in the hospital that's taking it seriously unlike Mrs "Look at my splints, look at my meds, look at me!! How dare you glance at me on the bus, you're mocking me!!!"

There's a massive difference between having medical conditions and using social media to bring attention to them for education/support vs using medical conditions to get attention on social media for yourself.

No. 193020

File: 1478183129857.png (573.14 KB, 840x376, LU.png)

I think this has been mentioned before but the hashtags on EVERY SINGLE PIC like why would you put #seizure on a snapchat of you and your boyfriend???

she's infuriating and disgusting
she's gonna accidentally kill herself trying to be so sick

No. 193029


Reason she puts that hashtag is so she can find support and because her account follows her health journey. I hashtag the majority of my pictures with "feeding tube" even if it's not mentioned in it because I'm looking for support and my account follows my journey etc. She can hashtag seizure on every picture if she wants, it's not doing anyone any harm

No. 193050

For someone that apparently works in the medical field she really needs to learn her terminology.

If she was in a mental health crisis she would have been sanctioned in a psych ward. Actually she should've been there if it was a suicide attempt in the first place.

When you're in a mental health crisis you wouldn't be able to take selfies, go to work, fucking complain and post videos. You're literally in a crisis that's life or death to you.

You can't say that you're in a mental health crisis for a fucking week and act like everything's normal up to your appointment. Like I said if she was really in a crisis she would've been held in the hospital and transferred to a psych ward.

No. 193053


Not everyone who attempts suicide is admitted to a psych ward. Oftentimes the person is just received by psychological medicine when they present to hospital and they're discharged and referred to community mental health services.

No. 193063

Hmm, well I guess it's different where I live than.

Basically if you attempt suicide you're placed in the ward or hospital for at least 72 hours until you can be cleared. At the very least they'll hold you for a night.

Also that doesn't change the fact that she's not in crisis right now. She's just had a self harm event, but she seems to be fine now. Taking selfies, posting videos, replying to comments, it all doesn't add up to a super traumatizing current mental health crisis like she claims.

No. 193064

That's how it is where I live. I cant even TALK about having self harmed or suicidal ideation to a doctor without being threatened with hospitalization. It's the law here. I've never heard of it being surpassed. But also this is the US, I guess in England they just let them run around and be completely fucked in the head.

No. 193075

>looking for attention*

No. 193082

she posts like 10 times a day I'm sure all those other munchies will find her if she keeps those hashtags only to medical related posts…

No. 193101

Where I live (I don't even live in the same country as Robyn. I live in a different part of the UK) you aren't always placed in hospital. I was admitted with an overdose and I wasn't admitted because I said I wanted to go home and psych cleared me. My friend had the same thing happen to them. Every hospital has different procedures and particularly with mental health, they're under-resourced to deal with it.

No. 193106

In the US they put you on a 72 hour hold. There is literally no way to get out of it if you admit that you tried to kill yourself. They won't even let you out unless you have an appointment set up with a therapist. And they won't let you have a phone in the psych hospital because if you take pictures of someone else it's a violation of privacy.
Robyn would probably have a conniption from not being able to get her internet attention.

No. 193133

File: 1478202024164.png (923.36 KB, 931x591, lu 11.3.png)

I will pay you to take my chronic illness!

No. 193142

>I cant even TALK about having self harmed or suicidal ideation to a doctor without being threatened with hospitalization.

Being threatened with hospitalization isn't the same as being forcibly hospitalized. In the US, it's really not easy to get an adult involuntarily sectioned unless they're a clear and present danger to themselves.

>Even smiling is an arduous task

Yet she's fine enough to get fully dressed, style her hair, put on makeup, take selfies, and whine on IG.

No. 193146

Opposite true in UK.

No. 193147

So if she wasn't considered a risk to herself even with her stupid pity party cutting it wasn't a mental health crisis.
Duty of care means if she was suicidal and actually going to kill herself she has to be sectioned. Even Americas awful mental health system says that.

No. 193149

Nah it's different in UK, this part sounds legit. You've got to be walking into the hospital with a noose around your neck to be banged up in a psychiatric ward

No. 193159

Her hair triggers me.

No. 193162

File: 1478206151452.png (879.48 KB, 933x593, lu such a bitch.png)

Wow. Just wow. She really is awful.

No. 193168


How old is LU again? Why couldn't she just nicely ask the lady to stop vaping?

Why does everything have to be so dramatic with her? Also. taking pictures of people on the bus without their permission is so fucking rude.

No. 193170



To be fair she has a valid point. I'm someone with severe allergies and severe asthma and people are very inconsiderate about this type of thing. They'll smoke without any thought to other people. Other people smoking has put me in intensive care before so Robyn does have a point here.

No. 193175

But this is a vape? Are you telling me that water vapor can trigger allergies?

Also, like I've said she could have just asked the lady to stop?

You don't go and take a picture of someone, write a long caption and then post it on instagram o shame them. That's fucking crazy.

No. 193177

I agree with you, inconsiderate smokers are the worst (I try my best not to be one and it's really not hard) and vaping on the bus is just rude. Personally my issue with her post is:

1. Every time Robyn sees or smells someone doing anything that bothers her she takes a photo of them and writes an essay on Instagram about how she COULD HAVE DIED and ALMOST GOT A HEADACHE.

The woman smoking on the bus is one of very few legitimate complaints, and so many of the things she bangs on about could be solved by her politely asking someone to move away/stop.

2. I just read all her captions coming out of her punchable face in her whiny voice complete with uppity facial expressions, it makes me rage-cringe lol.

No. 193182


Yes vape can trigger allergies. Most vapes are a may contain nuts. I have a severe allergy to nuts and blowing your vape in my face could potentially trigger a reaction. Some people are also sensitive to particular smells or just ingredients in the product so yes, vapes can set off an allergic reaction.

The good thing to note is Robyn hasn't included this person's face.

No. 193183


I personally don't agree with the posting other people on Instagram but the good thing, in a sense, is that their face isn't included in the photo. I personally wouldn't post about it on Instagram but everyone has a different outage and hers is venting via Instagram. She's not really doing anyone any harm. If people are unhappy they can easily unfollow her account

No. 193186

Okay, my apologies than.

But she still could have asked the lady to stop. There's no excuse to let her continue to vape when you have allergies and than take her picture and post it and complain when you literally did nothing to help your situation.

Even if she has an anxiety disorder, you learn in therapy that you have to talk to people in order to help conquer it (source: I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, currently in therapy and on medication).

I find both things almost equally rude to be honest. Smoking on public transit and posting a photo online shaming someone when you did nothing to help the situation (even if you crop out the face).

No. 193193

She never ever speaks up she is just a haughty judgmental bitch about every single fucking thing . There are so many of her shitty rants about other people, and it's fucked up.

No. 193195

Wow if those are her views on the nhs stopping treatment for smokers, i wonder what her thoughts would be on the nhs stopping treatment for self harmers (just as self induced as smoking related illnesses)…
what an egocentric, hypocritical bitch.

No. 193198

Maybe it's just me, but I know many people who smoke to relieve anxiety and/or stress. Y'know, one of them invisible illnesses she claims to have.
OK smoking isnt great, and smoking on the bus is probably worse, but that's their coping mechanism, that's how they treat themselves.

No different from her taking a multitude of pills she doesnt need

No. 193199


I live in hope that one day the #nhs will refuse to provide #medicaltreatment to anyone that injures themself for IG asspats

No. 193202


Please don't even compare self-harm to smoking. Don't even start comparing them as they are completely different. Smokers make a choice to start smoking. Self-harming is often seen as the only way out by someone suffering greatly with mental health.

No. 193205

Suicide is seen as the only way out.
Self-injury is a maladaptive coping mechanism. Don't try to correct people when you're wrong plz.

No. 193206


You may think you know she doesn't need the medication but doctors don't just prescribe medication for the fun of it. Particularly things like keppra, which by the way has severe side effects so a neurologist wouldn't prescribe it unless they truly thought she was suffering with epilepsy. I know this as I'm under neurology and have myself suffered seizures. You're not given an anti-epileptic unless there's a strong suspicion that you have epilepsy or there's confirmed proof. They need someone who's witnessed your seizures to go with you to talk about what happens during your seizures, they don't just think "oh this person says they've had a seizure let's put them on an anti-epileptic drug".

No. 193208

I dont know about the UK, but anti seizure medications such as gabapentin is also used for pain and even bipolar disorder.

No. 193209


Sorry maybe I phrased that wrong. Self-harm is often seen as the only way to cope with mental health. Self-harm is often a cry for help when someone is suffering so much. Self-harm can often be used as punishment as the person believes they need to be punished. Self-harm can be the only way I person can turn mental suffering into physical suffering. Self-harm may be the only way I person can stop feeling their mental suffering as the pain from their self-harm is too much.

No. 193210

You can buy Keppra online without a prescription, so…

No. 193211


She's posted her prescription for keppra online so it's definitely prescribed by a doctor.

No. 193212


Gabapentin is used for a variety of things in the UK. Although initially designed as an anti-epileptic it's actually now rarely used as one as in most people it's not effective. They use it for nerve-ending pain, tremors, restless legs syndrome etc. Keppra is solely designed for seizures, not anything else so she's definitely on it for seizures.

No. 193217

I'm on Lamotrigine for nearly untouchable depression. (I have what used to be called depressive personality disorder)

Don't be an idiot. A lot of people take up smoking specifically to break habits like self harm and extreme anxiety. I was on several miligrams of xanax a DAY, now smoking a pack of cigarettes a week I'm I go through 10mg of xanax every three or four months. I also haven't cut myself or attempted suicide since I started.

No. 193219

Thank you! That was the most disturbing part of that post! So someone has a problem but they are a pathetic human being who doesn't deserve healthcare at all, but baawwws about people not being more sensitive about her alleged problems? Such a bitch. I can't.

No. 193221

This is not a mental health hugbox

No. 193222

Going through her IG, it looks like she has not ever shown clinical signs of epilepsy? They are treating it subjectively based on what she has said but her eeg was clear. Hmm.

No. 193223


Keppra is solely an anti-epileptic drug, it's not one used in other things. I know some can be used for other conditions, Gabapentin being a big one alongside things like Primidone, Lamotrigine etc. However Keppra is one that is used solely as an anti-epileptic. It's also one doctors do not prescribe lightly.

As for the don't be an idiot part self-harm can be a person's way of coping with their mental health. Yes smoking can help a person cope but the reality is they made a choice to start smoking.

I am personally of the belief that anything self-induced should not cost the NHS if they refuse to try change things. Anyone who inflicts their own problems should have to pay for treatment like other places in the world. If someone smokes, drinks, eats excessively, self-harms etc. I believe they should pay for their treatment or at least pay towards their treatment as it's not fair to people who are genuinely ill.

I have various chronic illnesses and am unfortunately frequently admitted to hospital and require a great deal of ambulances. I personally feel guilty about this despite this being completely out with my control. When I'm admitted to hospital I witness people who are drunk being violent towards staff; treating staff like absolute crap; making life hellish for other patients. I also see people with things like COPD, emphesemia as a result of smoking who are a health risk in the sense they smoke whilst having oxygen on. The list is endless and goes on and on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 193224


I'm being treated for probable epilepsy despite a clear EEG but I have definitely had seizures. EEG's are clear unless the person is having seizure activity at the time. A doctor doesn't just go off what the patient says. They need to take someone who has witnessed the seizures along to the appointment with them. Also they ask the person to try capture a seizure on video to show the neurologist as someone who specialises in neurology can easily tell by looking at a seizure if it's epilepsy or if it's non-epileptic.

No. 193231

File: 1478213570728.png (1.19 MB, 1440x2124, Capture _2016-11-03-15-49-11-1…)

Well there goes another 'ER' bed that could be used for an emergency. . and her next post says she will be in ER for a while. Ffs.

No. 193233

File: 1478213662311.png (786.27 KB, 1440x2109, Capture _2016-11-03-15-49-26-1…)

A regular hospital apparently can't meet her high needs! Kek! So long useful hospital space!

No. 193234

Okay so why you being melodramatic about it?
Anyone with a basic understanding of mental health knows why people do it. nobody cares if your fee fees are hurt about someone comparing it to smoking in terms of health care prioritisation or provision.

No. 193236

You are a fucking idiot. Self harm is a fucking choice. You can't villify one form of self harm while putting another one (shredding your arms into bits) on a fucking pedestal.

Also, as someone who WORKED at a hospital, shut the fuck up about the poor ER staff. Do you know who we hated the most out of everyone there? (I worked ER admissions and a few other things)

The people who weren't actually sick. The lonely old men who came in with "chest pain" so they would be forced to be seen and able to sexually harass the staff. The whiny teenage bitches who came in screaming suicide because their boyfriends broke up with them. The needy attention whores like LU who just wanted another bracelet to add to their collect are the absolute worst. Don't act like you know what's best for ER and Hospital staff. Also, fun fact: 1/3 of nurses smoke in the UK. So unless you think the people who save your fucking life are unworthy of the same care they give you, kindly fuck off.

No. 193240

I guess the self harm bug is goin around. Jeez they should offer a copycat or munchhausen vaxination… Or an anti trigger shot! Shit maybe I should get one if this crap is contagious!

No. 193247

For someone who needs finger splints she sure does braid her hair a lot.

No. 193248

Adding to my original statement that you are an idiot, Keppra is actually used for Bipolar disorder as well to stop mania and as a mood stableizer. So it's not this sooper secrit epilepsy club medication you claim it is.

No. 193253

I think we are getting a little off topic here, guys.

Smoking is a choice, yes, but it becomes an addiction that is very difficult to get out of. You still shouldn't smoke in public places where there could be children or people with allergies because it's rude.
Speaking as a former self harmer, self harm is also a choice that you make. It's also an addiction that usually requires therapy to get out of. But it absolutely shouldn't be shown off on social media for attention or to trigger others. If you're struggling, please get help. But don't rope others into it.

There are malingerers and people who are genuinely sick and need medical attention. Going into the ER because you have a tummy ache and you need attention for it is ridiculous and a waste of time and resources. Being dragged there because you attempted to take your own life shows that you need psychological attention, no matter if it seems attention seeking to others.

Anyway, that's just imo. I think we should focus on this milky Munchie lolcow Robyn. She's an obvious malingering brat and she needs to see a therapist for her attention seeking issues, but it seems like she's causing most of her own medical problems. Which is really sad.

No. 193255

FFS! Enough powerleveling journal entries!

No. 193258

LMFAO! Good point!

No. 193260

No. 193261

pls stop posting your opinions on how healthcare should work or your personal blogs about how you're a fragile little angel with 50 totally real diseases
no one wants to read it

anyway here's someone who bases their whole identity around the fact that they have diarrhea a lot

No. 193264

File: 1478216999536.jpg (215.56 KB, 767x930, image.jpg)

Admitted to hospital with seizures oh let's take a selfie with the oxygen on! What a fake bitch

No. 193268

Why is she fake? What's her story?

No. 193269

File: 1478217468618.jpg (341.3 KB, 919x1233, P1.jpg)

Nicole's story P1

No. 193270

She has a feeding tube for a somatic symptom. She always gets super defensive when asked questions. She competes in beauty pageants with a feeding tube despite being able to remove it herself, she says it's because removing it is distressing. Seriously she's another one who has a serious case of Münchausen and everyone falls for it

No. 193272

File: 1478217560577.jpg (307.02 KB, 1366x930, P2.jpg)

No. 193275

She has a feeding tube for a somatic symptom. She always gets so defensive when asked question it's hilarous. Honestly she's another one who's got a case of Münchausen syndrome. If you need a laugh check out her Instagram it's honestl hilarous. She competes in beauty pageants with a feeding tube in, says it's too distressing to take out

No. 193277

File: 1478217866152.jpg (718.29 KB, 1822x1197, FOOD5.jpg)

Thing is, she can actually eat solids. She has a bunch of pictures of her food when she goes out with her boyfriend and stuff. And like most spoonies, when she does eat, it's mostly junk food, and Starbucks.

No. 193286

How in the fuck is any doctor okay with this and still prescribing her a feeding tube? OMG can you imagine how badly patients who have no choice must feel seeing this?

No. 193289

Eating doesn't mean it doesn't make her sick. A lot of patients with feeding tubes will eat from time to time to help with cravings, even though it makes them ill.

No. 193290

She doesn't deny eating solids. In fact she still has to. To be honest she's trying to get better. She's trying what the doctors suggest. She's never lied about what she has or claimed it's something it's not. If anything she's been totally upfront and honest about it, not a liar

No. 193310

She vomits after whatever she eats. That vomiting is out with her control. Without a feeding tube she would become very unwell and end up dying. She's awaiting psychological therapy to try help as that's the way somatic symptoms are treated. She's accepted it's a somatic symptom and doesn't deny this. She eats because she still has to try. It's like if someone were to break their leg and be placed in a wheelchair, that's okay for a short period of time but if they don't get up and try walking again they will have great difficulty in the future and it may become impossible. If Nicole stops eating altogether and solely relies on a feeding tube she will have great difficulty with eating in the future. She's still trying.

Also anon those posts are taken very far apart. The one with the sandwich was July and she had a few bites of her whole dinner. The one with the burger was also months ago. The one with chocolate was a giveaway she won and she didn't eat it all at the one time and shared it with people. The toast and jam was the most recent and was because she had low blood sugar and toast and jam helps bring her blood sugars back up. Also as for Starbucks everyone deserves a treat now and then. She doesn't post all her food she tries as she tries a range of different foods, most of which are healthy.

Just because someone has a feeding tube it doesn't mean they're incapable of eating. Most people with feeding tubes can in fact orally eat. There's a lot more to digestion than simply putting food in your mouth. Most patients experience difficulties when the food enteries their system. In Nicole's case she can't keep the food down.

Say what you want about her but the reality is at least she's trying to get better.

No. 193311

I was given epilepsy meds for mental health so you can get them.

No. 193313


Patients are given feeding tubes for a number of reasons. However the thing they all have in common is without their feeding tube they're at risk or malnutrition.

Nicole has a somatic symptom. That symptom is still very real. It's not self-induced and it's not fake. If she were faking this the medical staff would have cottoned onto it as she's been hospitalised for weeks at a time with severe vomiting which was witnessed by the medical staff.

Her consultant made a medical decision to give her a feeding tube. It was a last resort as she cannot get adequate nutrition by mouth.

Think what you like but Nicole's actually trying to get better. She's never denied what she has. She's never made it out to be something else. She's always been up front and honest that she has a somatic symptom.

Without her feeding tube Nicole would become seriously ill and would die. That may sound like an exaggeration however think about this: the treatment for somatic symptoms is psychological therapy. In the Uk there are extremely long waiting lists because it's an under resourced service so much so she could wait a year for an appointment. Taking away her tube would mean she's getting no proper nutrition. Maybe her body would cope at the start but what about the long-term? Even when she gets an appointment it's not an instant fix. It'll take a lot of time and hard work which Nicole is willing to do.

No. 193327

seconding this, i take lamotrigine for bipolar disorder

No. 193328


Seems like we have a lot of samefagging going on atm. Its getting very boring because it just sounds like someone trying to whiteknight the lolcows whilst still trying to assimilate into this forum & not ruffle any feathers here.

No. 193329

No. 193332

OK so let me get this straight: she self-inserts and removes her feeding tube at will but leaves it in for a fucking beauty pageant? Nope, not attention seeking whatsoever.

No. 193350

Passing feeding tubes sucks. Doing so more than necessary can lead to a build up of scar tissue, so I do get why she wouldn't want to take it out for a pageant.

No. 193418

File: 1478241677679.png (695.27 KB, 1327x653, lu finger drama.png)

BAWWWWWWW not enough attention at the ER!!!

No. 193421

File: 1478242970521.png (638.9 KB, 1023x651, lu pity party.png)

Jesus fucking christ. "I even took my #sling off because I couldn't see the point of helping my #injury if the #hospital wouldn't #helpme."

No. 193437

so basically she sperged at them about 'crepitus', they said some pretty normal things about it, and wouldn't grant her a 'second xray'. life is tough.

No. 193439

>dog sat with me the whole time
the dog wants out, clearly. what a lovely bf to take this photo for her. I wonder what her tantrums are like and how often he has to do this (take a picture) for her.

No. 193441

What the actual fuck
I've got crepitus from my jaw to my toes. Every joint cracks and pops it's literally nothing but shifting gases and fluid. My god what a malingering bitch. Does she think using terms like crepitus means everyone will just assume it's super serious medical drama instead of just cracking her knuckles? I bet she calls any bruise she gets a hematoma so it sounds worse too.

No. 193452

File: 1478255906571.png (827.97 KB, 1027x659, lu ekg collection.png)

Dafuq? Who does this?! Collecting ekg electrodes on your railing? Oh I must be silly, that's totz normal right guize? smh!

No. 193460

I bet she's also the kind of person who keeps on those hospital bracelets you get upon admission, and wears short sleeves for a week after every time she gets cannulated or a blood test.

No. 193461

Spot on!

No. 193512

File: 1478271096643.jpg (327 KB, 933x579, WftRz2m.jpg)

one time she [claims] to have had a seizure at work and hit her head, proceeding to make about 30 posts where she kept a log of how long it took to be treated at the hospital and her dumb fucking face [like pic related] where you have to strain to see where the fuck she supposedly has bruising on her head.

reading through her multiple woe-is-me posts about it, she claims to have been ignored by staff even though she was crying b/c she thinks she had a seizure b/c of "possible" epilepsy [diagnosed by herself]. like oh wow, you were there for a whole three hours and everything was fine but make it the most dramatic thing ever and go so far as to make a complaint against the people who treated you b/c they weren't fucking babying your grown ass for your head boo-boo.

No. 193515

File: 1478271783896.jpg (10.61 KB, 300x188, 300px-Oww_Papercut_14365.jpg)

i just sustained a laceration to the epithelial layer of the 2nd distal phalanx :( please pray for me :(

No. 193517

Did she seriously borrow someone else's phone so she could put it up to her ear just to take this selfie?

No. 193538

File: 1478276140669.png (103.33 KB, 371x659, LU is liar.png)

She's begging me to block her on IG but.. she can block me just as easy omg
I know this might make me less "anonymous" but i don't care look at this shit message she sent !

No. 193675

That's probably one of the nicer things she's said. Shocking. I thought she'd tear you a new one.

No. 193754

Let me guess. Fellow staff members find her crying and ask what's wrong. I had a seizure and hit my head, she says. Cries more. Staff members want to to the absolutely correct thing and call her an ambulance as they are worried about her. This sulky selfie ensues.

No. 193757

>I simulate attention giving
ha ha

No. 193761

The real question is, doesn't she work in a hospital? So why would they need to call an ambulance?

Couldn't an on-site doctor look at her?

No. 193778

I dunno, I thought she has a job in health / the NHS, but maybe it's not a hospital. she'd be talking about it I guess?

No. 193782


the uniform she's wearing in this is the UK McDonald's uniform. The photo's 91 weeks old so

No. 193785

I guess that makes the most sense.

Does anyone know for sure where she works or what she actually does?

No. 193800

I think someone had said she was an admin at NHS and so the office is mostly likely to be off site any hospital facility.

No. 193801

I know she was a ward clerk, not sure if that's still the case though

No. 193802

prays 4 anon
we can start a papercut support group. i used to get those fuckers all the time when i was a file clerk, and they hurt.

No. 193803

Ward clerk in a maternity unit …cant remember where i saw it but its somewhere on her ig. I didnt have to look very hard. But this is the girl who continues to leave her account public and continues to post letter after letter containing her id details etc. Shes obviously leaving it in on purpose because if you look through her old ig account (still also public), any time she put up pics of letter etc. she would cover her address & id.

No. 193804

This. I definitely think so. When she was explaining her history she said she had like 8 episodes but thought she was #fainting. But then it happened at work, probably exactly as you said, and then supposedly in front of her partner another time – before The Tipping/self-harm "crisis" that ensued, and then she had a bad seizure that night I guess? Anyway yeah smells as fishy as vaginosis.

No. 193805

That was her previous job. Now she's ward clerk in maternity.

No. 193806

Top fucking keks!

No. 193808

File: 1478311649508.png (1.04 MB, 1025x651, lu 11.4.png)

So nervous about mental health appointment! No matter what she's going for she is always so scared! Oh noey noes!

No. 193821

I hate her hair.

No. 193822

Pretty sure it's a cheap wig.

No. 193830

Sadly it's real.

No. 193861

that doesn't look like any ecg sticker i've ever seen in the UK. Ours are circular.

No. 193900

Admittedly, I agree with the first post, people who smoke on buses are fucking annoying, and the girls face wasn't in it, but the rest are pretty fucking obnoxious, and pretty obviously a samefag, with the exact same formatting, writing style and all defending the cows.

Probably the person who threw a tantrum even earlier than you quoted too.

No. 193909

I assumed it was the same person trying to do a better job of assimilating.

No. 193932


Definitely ECG stickers. Different hospital use different ones. My hospital uses a mix of ones this shape and circular ones

No. 193949


Agreed on the allergy thing too. To some it can cause allergic reactions like wheezing and other irritation but considering her past and tendency to fabricate things and overreact I wouldn't even be surprised if this vaping actually didn't happen at all.

I wonder what her employers would have to say about having A VERY SICK PERSON working for them.

She made me think of an old rule about rescue/CPR that you should always prioritize the quiet ones. Loud ones usually arent in an immediate danger whereas LUD seems to be quite alive and well considering all the ranting she's able to do.

She's probably great fun at parties.

No. 193960

this fucking smug face she makes in her photos raises the urge to want to punch her, then she can have an actual facial disability.

also, if she's never gone anywhere without her man bitch, what about all those times she's on the bus bitching about how ppl aren't sensitive to her [made up] ~invisible illnuhsess~?

No. 194054

I am requesting that some kind Anon make a gif of all of her selfies with that shit eating grin.

It seems like that's her only facial expression when she isn't trying to fake a picture of panic attacks or crying tantrums.

No. 194063

I've just scrolled through her whole instagram and she literally doesn't have one picture of healthy food anywhere.

It's literally all cocktails, pizza, and other junky foods like candy and bubble tea. She probably doesn't have IBS, she literally feels like shit all the time because all she eats is crap food with no fibre or nutritional value at all. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of her issues come from malnutrition and lack of fibre in her diet.

No. 194118

File: 1478382170690.jpg (72.6 KB, 422x750, tumblr_n6gx9szPoN1sk2yajo1_500…)

It seems like a sad existence, pictures of junk food and medical stuff and not much else. No pictures of friends or family or any hobbies.
I found her old Tumblr by chance and she used to talk about hobbies and TV shows she liked and only mentioned the word Spoonie once, and now she doesn't seem to talk about anything other than being sick all the time

No. 194177

FUCKING THIS! No one would feel good eating that much shit all the time!

No. 194195

All of her selfies look the fucking same.

No. 194198

i fucking know her stupid fucking face jeez like she needs a post limit

theres a couple photos of her without her glasses and her hair is pushed back and like messy bed head no make up and she looks like someone i wouldn't immediately want to punch in the face, which would be a good idea for her ha

No. 194199

File: 1478389733521.gif (1.5 MB, 496x526, ezgif-891317813.gif)

Samefagging but I'm not even kidding.

No. 194205

its just that same smug as fuck smile god i could see why people are so tempted to tip the cow

No. 194207

that hair flipped over her head as a hairstyle is the dumbest shit ever.

No. 194217

the sad part is she could probably have a life with friends, but is too obsessed with being sick. she'd rather just get sympathy

No. 194219


Don't give her any ideas anon.

No. 194221

File: 1478392268901.png (881.26 KB, 1029x661, lu chill pill.png)

Goddamn, obsessed doesn't even seem strong enough a word for how over the top she is with her whole ~*most illest desu*~ schtick!

No. 194224

This reminds me of how people with eating disorder obsess about food and cooking. They'd collect cookbook, partake in baking, have a stash of food porn and even collect plushies or clothing with a food theme.

This is some next level obsession she has with being sick.

No. 194227

Seriously. I have found some really OTT munchies before but dis bish outdoes 'em all with the whole cutesy romanticizing. Fucking EVERYTHING is about illness, disability or her suffering somehow!

No. 194228

File: 1478392693147.gif (1.1 MB, 293x293, lu.gif)

Good one anon; literally just her hair moving.

I got into the hands/ fetish side of it. Things I learned (I'm just a casual): she self-harms regularly (is she pulling her toenails off?); she even fetishizes the envelope a letter comes in; her Dr cancelled her amitriptyline prescription on her; she takes 'funny' items about being a hypochondriac and uses then unironically.

(It's a big file…)

No. 194231

she plans to marry that guy according to her obsessive journaling. poor guy probably thinks she'll get better.

No. 194232

No. 194239

You .gif anons rule!

I missed that they cancelled her beloved "I could kiss this rx!" amitriptyline! What was the reason, did she say?

No. 194246

File: 1478394294391.jpg (98.86 KB, 500x669, IMG_0151.JPG)

Nothing is sacred

No. 194250

File: 1478394624201.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0152.PNG)

She has an unholy amount of IG accounts

No. 194252

thank you i lol'd

No. 194253

how many are active? the cow blocked me cuz i interfered with her attention addiction

No. 194255

I did not tip the cow tho! obv or she would have tried to cut herself again and blame it on the internet

No. 194256

File: 1478394938447.jpg (193.07 KB, 1400x1351, lu.jpg)

No reason, just cancelled. I suspect the doc decided it was no longer necessary. But don't worry, our fearless #spooniewarrior got justice!

No. 194261

She looks so much better with that hair, but obviously it wasn't as attention grabbing as her stupid red comb-over

No. 194262

lol i thought that was a pirate hat at first

No. 194267

I found a total of 8 IG accounts but only LU is active. She's pretty easy to trace she went by 'Nybie' a lot in the past. Then moved onto hypermobilegeek/dork. Now LU

No. 194272

Jesus christ!

Oh LOOK she had an ED once!

Lucking lel.

No. 194274

Damn that is a LOT.

No. 194279

I would love to see more posts of her #EatingDisorder seeing as that seems to be one of the mental illnesses she HASN'T carried over to her most recent instagram. I'm 100% surprised she hasn't been milking that #EdRecovery life!

No. 194280

File: 1478398119281.jpg (21.36 KB, 250x201, IMG_0153.JPG)

I can't even.

No. 194283

OT but I came across this thread on reddit. Has some of the spoonies screenshots itt https://www.reddit.com/r/Drama/comments/5af77m/munchausen_by_internet_a_case_study/

No. 194286

Right?! She seems so thirsty for attention I am genuinely surprised too that she isn't pimping the ED hashtags anymore. Fucking kek she used "nybieANA" as a screen name but she's always been fat.
I think it's interesting that there isn't a lot of mutual ED and spoonie community cross-over. I can't remember ever seeing the #spoonie tag on the old anachan accounts that used to have threads here, but have seen a lot of spoonies who say they are recovered from an ED.

No. 194287

No. 194288

What. the. actual. fuck!

No. 194290


No. 194291

I guess her disorder's about trying to recapture that feeling of having that special attention she got as a child.

No. 194294

A fascinating read, good find anon!

No. 194301


>your doctor is probably better than mine everything i have is the worst i'm the worst

No. 194302

That black eyeliner on only lower lid is not doing her any favours.

No. 194308

Ig: gherkin_faerie

No. 194321

oh hey, I wrote that!

No. 194325

File: 1478402844589.png (2.14 MB, 2136x1092, Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 9.22…)

She even has one for her dog too jfc

No. 194329


Those words have lost all meaning, haven't they?

And her septum jewelry looks like a booger.

No. 194333

File: 1478405671287.jpg (142.81 KB, 1080x1080, 11e30c32-60ea-4798-ab57-88b57c…)

>using my most hated "professional patient" as the cover

Ily anon.

New from her is a brand new way to defraud the government! A scam treatment for a scam condition.

No. 194334

File: 1478405983379.png (928.56 KB, 1440x1649, Screenshot_2016-11-05-22-17-32…)

>secret account

>weight loss: 0.0kg

Top kek

No. 194338

Haaaaaaaaaaha goal weight 45kg.
She's jumping on the ana band wagon God help us.

No. 194341

File: 1478407583467.jpg (62.06 KB, 768x569, Images-4-.jpg)

The only hospital these bitches belong in

No. 194343

Brilliantly done and yay for using some of my screencaps!

No. 194352

sweet jesus it reminds me of those old "celebrity doesn't change facial expressions" YTMNDs. i can even hear that background music in my head.

That poor pupper. It looks like it wants to run away.

No. 194358

lmao only 90s kids will get this!

No. 194485

hadnt noticed that #panicdisorder tag before. Is that something new too since that cringey pic of her "mid panic attack"?
Also lol at the 'eating disorder' - very interesting that she didnt carry that diagnosis over to her latest accounts…especially as she makes sure she includes EVERY illness she has in each post's tags. maybe she realised she wasnt very good at having an ed and gave it up.

No. 194494

Ugh her hair is so stupid. It's not doing her any favors in the looks department.
Also if she's always in so much pain and needing hand splints and shit, why is her hair always perfect? She's so full of shit, I hope someone punches that shit eating grin off her face.

No. 194510

yeah that hair with those bug eye glasses make her look like a cartoon character but not a cute one like a gross one not of the other cartoons want to be around

also i have never seen a post where so many people just really wanna punch her in her face i think it's the shit eating grin/bug eyes. i'm kind of pissed she blocked me on IG cuz it is amusing but it also gives me such nasty vibes my god

also I wonder what her bf is really like? do you think she could be abusive like she already is to all other people and is trapping him.

No. 194525

call on meeee

No. 194556

File: 1478452691039.jpg (63.44 KB, 400x299, IMG_0158.JPG)

I'm not sure if he feels trapped or thinks she's something she's clearly not. But they seem to have been together for many years.

No. 194561

File: 1478453145258.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0159.PNG)

Poor bloke imo.

No. 194648

File: 1478473789020.png (451.34 KB, 918x432, LU is ssooo dumb.png)

she probably dug that out of a medical waste container omg

No. 194653


Honestly, I don't get why people think he's a "catch". He seems to be kinda gross and unhygienic looking to me? I can see why they would be in a relationship to be honest, they kind of mesh together well.

He looks after her and doesn't call her out on her Munchasen's. And he gets to be a caregiver and have someone who will always be with him because she probably couldn't find someone who's that supportive/gullible again.

Plus a lot of people really try to make their "high school sweet heart" the one they marry. I don't quite get it, but it seems they've been dating for a very long time.

No. 194668

I wouldn't put it past her.

I don't know if it's just where I live, but patient's can't take anything that was used on or in their body in any medical or dental procedure due to hygienic reasons (I'm pretty sure at least). I couldn't even keep my wisdom teeth after they were removed.

No. 194671

I wanna shampoo them both. Also she looks like she stole jay lenos chin.

No. 194672

I got to keep the mouth piece from the entonox we tried as part of our trauma training, so they're not impossible to own. She could of snatched it from somewhere or hidden it once she used it for her super serious back injury.

No. 194673

'Jay leno's chin' lmao

No. 194674

I'd say she gave up on the eating disorder stuff because it was easier to use the spoonie tag to get asspats and this way she doesn't have to lose weight or do anything for it. Eventually the chubby "anorexics" have to lose weight or lose their followers.

No. 194687

worked at a hospital and i can tell you that unless it's soaked in bodily fluids or a sharp, stuff like that usually just gets tossed in the regular trash.

No. 194696

Jesus fucking Christ, she really, really, has to be the eye-catching center of attention. Her hair has to be attention-getting, her tats are the same, and she seems to jump on cause-of-the-month SJW shit. Her old account had a more diverse offering of her crazy. Now it's all spoonie, spoonie, disabled, spoonie, chronic illness, ~*so sick desuuuuuu!*~
Thank you! He looks as greasy and grimy as it gets. Also I get the impression he doesn't work at the moment? She said something in a comment about being happy to provide them a better life now that she works at NHS, I will try to find it.
What is she even trying to convey by showing us this filter? It makes no sense.
Fucking kek on her #weightloss. All she eats is take-aways! Her old IG is positively plastered with pics of junk food! You'd be hard-pressed to find a fruit or veg in there.

No. 194710

Does anyone else get seriously pissed off with hashtag abuse like this? Like her giant blocks of tags at the end of posts are one thing, but when they are inserted into her rants like this it is so much worse?! It's like when I'm trying to read an old comic and every second word is inexplicably bolded, my brain insists on emphasising those words and it's so aggravating and awkward to read.

No. 194711

I laughed out so loud to those teeny tiny stubby fatty toes

No. 194715

YES! Fuck it's annoying! Also when she puts everything on totally unrelated posts.
For example, "Look at my stoopid pupper!" #spoonie #sickasfuck #feelsorryforme #chronicillness #undiagnosed #fullofshit #payattentiontome #iamdaillest #supersick #feelsorryformesomemore #anybodyoutthere #damnitiamtalkingtoyou #fuckyouifyoudontbelieveme #howmanytagsdoesigallow #gottatagemall #attentionwantedgoodorbad #sooperfragulsickgirldesu #nofilter #lol #socute #selfharmmm

No. 194719

I get annoyed most by the way she sets them out like 'my #ibs (#irritablebowelsyndrome) would be so much better if I didn't eat garbage all day long'
most everyone knows what ibs stands for. It comes across like the crepitus/hematoma/paper-induced laceration dramatising she always does

No. 194727

File: 1478484547498.png (885.81 KB, 1027x655, nybiegetshealthy weightloss ta…)

Like this one? Kill me with a fucking knife! I can't take it anymore! #headdesk

No. 194729

What happened to 45kgs?

No. 194730

That came later, on her ~ana~ account. Kek

No. 194734

File: 1478485483961.png (808.46 KB, 1027x655, NGH eew.png)

Apparently she has always been #hashtaghappy.
Too many #words are #hashtagged in this #picture and #EEW her #tongue looks like #shit! Fucking #gross!

>I really cannot stand her

No. 194737

>fit a McDonalds straw through it
I gagged.

No. 194738

>I wanna fit a McDicks straw through my piercing

Robyn plz. You can't be that obsessed with soda and milkshakes and still expect to join the insta-ana club.

No. 194744

I did too, fucking gross. Do they have Wal-Mart in the UK? If so she could so be in a People Of Wal-Mart video.

No. 194861

Nah we have Asda owned by Walmart but its nowhere near as big.

No. 194991

File: 1478537088610.png (781.64 KB, 934x601, lu.png)

oh my.. is this LU saying she NOT disabled??

No. 194998

omg in @hypermobilegeek she states that her allergies are partly do to PETS

which she has like 5000 of. at some point she would wear a surgical mask ONLY in her home but obviously doesn't anymore and still has a million animals

liar lair pants on fire

No. 194999

File: 1478539063206.png (716.45 KB, 935x584, lu preggers.png)

thank the lard that never happened WTF

i bet she would do the same thing to her child and pretend it has all the health issures (which is abuse)i mean it might it might be born with congenital birth defects cuz robyn was obviously inbred.

No. 195024

There have been a few times that our doctor has said something like, "You can get this OTC but I'll write you a prescription so that your insurance pays for it." OTC meds aren't terribly expensive but I guess every bit saved helps. Could this be why she gets prescriptions for basic drugs?

Well, other than the fact the prescription bottle of antacid takes a way more sympathy inducing picture than a bottle of Tums.

No. 1950