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File: 1421535535421.png (635.59 KB, 592x598, ash.png)

No. 40939

Ashley thread #4 so you guys stop posting in the autosaging thread smh.

Tumblr: http://sealed-up-tight.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

No. 40940

At 17 she looked 12
At 24 she looked 65

No. 40941

Actually not 65, 85

No. 40942

File: 1421536063977.jpg (16.77 KB, 393x319, donskoy.jpg)

No. 40946

Aw man OP did you have to use THAT image, I don't want to see the face of death every time I'm eating my lunch and scrolling lolcow.

No. 40949

those wrinkles dear god she really looks like a grandma. she needs to get one of those perms grannies get

No. 40954

File: 1421539273051.jpg (36.24 KB, 600x338, TheWalking.jpg)

More like 85 and buried for the past two months. Some of the zombies on the walking dead look in a better state than her. Maybe she could audition? Think of all the time and money they could save on make up!

No. 40956

Just hide the image. That's what I do dor most of these threads. I can't look at her. It's too creepy.

No. 40964

Lel this is exactly what I think about when I see her pics. Just need to draw some shitty eyebrows on that cat.

No. 40969

File: 1421542827784.png (200.41 KB, 592x327, catshley.png)

heres your shitty edit enjoy

No. 40975

You just changed me life anon

No. 40983

File: 1421549210454.jpg (22.91 KB, 584x226, ffs.JPG)


No. 40984

File: 1421550333719.jpg (59.54 KB, 521x476, 1396062996186.jpg)

She's getting better, trust me! She's struggling to recov- oh wait.

No. 40997

i feel so bad for laughing at this omg!!

No. 41024

Yeah she in getting better, that is why she still binges and purges and tells everyone she is refusing recovery. But we have to believe guys, she if getting better.

Unless magic exists she isnt getting better at all

No. 41060

Getting better at being passive-aggressive and manipulative for fun and profit…

No. 41078

File: 1421601114230.jpg (37.31 KB, 638x478, Mary.jpg)

No. 41461

File: 1421712973383.jpg (256.43 KB, 1167x632, Screenshot (17)_meitu_1.jpg)

Her ugly ass bags…

No. 41462

File: 1421713016225.jpg (249.47 KB, 1060x631, Screenshot (18)_meitu_2.jpg)

how much longer does she have?

No. 41463

File: 1421713532107.jpg (13.69 KB, 517x118, iiii.JPG)

Could be dead in days. She looks like she's got HOURS.

I notice she deleted this comment. If I'd seen this on one of my pics if I was her I'd feel like I'd done some good helping someone realize they need to get help, but NO, she didn't want to see it.

No. 41465

She just likes recovery accounts when she can get shit out of them

No. 41467

Or people in recovery she can send binge food to. So fucked.

No. 41470

Damn, she is horrifying. Does she have her life story posted i can read somewhere

No. 41484

She sends binge food to people in recovery? That really is like an addict buying a drink for a sober friend or bringing drugs to an NA meeting. I thought she was just trying to befriend people in recovery to make herself look good, not to sabotage them. She really does just want to drag as many people down with her before she dies.

No. 41485

Her eyes scare me. They don't shine, they look dead. A lot of darkness is behind those eyes.

No. 41487

You'd think it would give her a reality check when she has to use mega filters to soften the bones sticking out of her skull and blur those odd liver spots she has on her face (I thought only old people get those but I guess her body is similar to a ninety year old woman's).

No. 41493

File: 1421720060309.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.77 KB, 515x326, benetton-pieta-david-kirby.jpg)

Every time I see her, it reminds me of this old advert of the man dying with AIDS.

No. 41495

Ewwe this looks so gross.

No. 41497

File: 1421720182540.jpg (111.73 KB, 595x556, spew_food.JPG)

That's what the giveaways are. She sends someone "recovering" a parcel of binge food.

No. 41498

Yeah, it was controversial at the time. That's his family and he died within the hour of the photo being taken. The days before there were good drugs for people with HIV.

No. 41503

i bet the cheez its and luna bars have gone off

"Binge Giveaway!!" is a great cover for "Expired Foods!"

No. 41506

I just don't understand why it's called recovery ghost? Like, yes, that's usually used in reference to herself and her handles, but she isn't in recovery.

Does she not realize how retarded it sounds to be so gung-ho about recovery when she herself is not? Bitch I see you. I wouldn't trust this bitch trying give away fucking junk food to sick people.

No. 41508

I assumed it was like she's some kind of friendly "ghost" that helps those in recovery by sending them care packages or something stupid like that.

No. 41509

It's exactly how anon >>41484 says. It's EXACTLY the same as some chronic heroin addict who doesn't want to kick the habit getting to know addicts who're trying to get off it and sending them bags of smack.

If you want to win that shit you have to leave a message on her comments. That way she gets to look at the recovery accounts. Idk how she chooses the winner.

No. 41511

File: 1421721745225.jpg (124.48 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

"Let me innocuously remind you of my ED"—every fucking time

I don't get how one person can crave so much useless crap. There is always something new up on that thing. And it's all trash. What a childish woman.

No. 41512

She'll likely look at the accounts to see the most recent into recovery, or what she deems weakest, easiest to get off the wagon type and pick them.

No. 41513

>@ghost.in.my.pocket's Christmas Recovery Giveaway! Okay! So! JUST LOOK AT HOW AMAZING THIS IS! I literally spent the rest of my birthday money on this lol so this is actually pretty important to me- ANYWAYS! RULES! 1. You MUST BE following me. 2. You MUST be in some sort of mental recovery- does NOT have to be an eating disorder. (I will judge based on your account) . The giveaway IS INTERNATIONAL. 4. You MUST repost this image, and use the tag #recoveryghostgiveaway AND tag me, @ghost.in.my.pocket 5. You MUST leave the photo up until the contest is over. 6. The contest ends on the stroke of midnight, Sunday night, US Eastern time. 7. You may only enter ONCE. 8. Once I see your entry, I will comment a number- KEEP THAT NUMBER! . That number will be your identification! . I will then use a random number generator to pick the grand prize winner!

Oh you can be recovering from any mental health issue, but it's odd it's always a b/p girl.

No. 41514

I low key want to buy her all of the junk food on her wish list. If the birch doesn't gain a lb. then she can no longer claim she's not purging her wish list items.

No. 41515

> I will judge based on your account

No. 41517

Shame they didn't keep her in the hospital.

No. 41518

Put your money where your mouth is guys….
I'm gonna bet its a b/p girl before an AN girl. Doubt it will be a different mental disease/disorder.

No. 41519

No. 41520

File: 1421722230592.jpg (83.76 KB, 607x567, Capture.JPG)

I mean predictable.

No. 41523

lol of course she would be.

No. 41524

Idk why it bothers me to see recovery blogs with so much junk food posts. Maybe I just don't get that mentality that Ashley and ppl similar to her have(the fear of gaining weight and being fat but devouring hoards of junk food).

No. 41525

She's married with a kid. Probably resented her having someone loving in her life.

I don't understand (because I've never had the problem) why bulimics in recovery eat SHIT. I've noticed this with a lot of them. When I've been underweight and wanted to gain (just because I've lost weight with illness or poverty ha), I buy healthy stuff. I eat muesli and porridge, but these people eat sugary shit cereal. That's really unhealthy isn't it?

No. 41527


No. 41528

I don't get it either. I'm a recovered anorexic and my case was eating healthy/raw when I had to and literally bawling and hurting over being exposed to crappy food. Like that food gave me nightmares. Still does.

No. 41531

there's one of her followers in England who eats nothing but sugar and chemical shit then complains she's hungry. even i know that you can fill your stomach up with something substantial with the same amount of calories than in a cake and a Starbucks thing with whipped cream.

i'm sure they get a nutritionist to work with, why don't they follow advice? i know sugar's addictive, but if you wean yourself off it, you get to the stage where the thought's repulsive.

No. 41533

No. 41535

When everything on your plate is brown you got problems.

No. 41537

File: 1421723664135.jpg (57.84 KB, 583x590, breakfast.JPG)

Although I'd ditch the white bread she eats for brown.
< her breakfast. She wants to recover to try for a baby. She can't even feed herself.

No. 41544

i seriously don't even know what that is. it looks like a bag of gravy sauce half melted in a bowl. what the fuck…

No. 41546

When did she get a boyfriend?

No. 41550

Not Ashley!! That's one of her followers who's trying to recover but eats only crap.

No. 41551

Chocolate and caramel mousse.

No. 41552

The recovering anorectics/bulimics who are now super-duper health and fitness-obsessed (in other words, people who swapped their old disorder for orthorexia) and who blog their food and selfies are far more disturbing, imo. Not only do all those overnight oats, baked quest bar mystery concoctions, protein powder potions covered in nut butters and so on and so forth (usually so many sweets! Sometimes some chicken and veg, usually with no spices—I'm trying not to make a white people joke now) look disgusting, but they actually encourage ill health; a woman is not supposed to have 5% body fat. I could go on, but I've said too much as it is.

No. 41553

Her latest tumblr post
>pic of her looking like death, tells us she's bravely booked a psychiatrist appointment, tells us she feels like giving up, LET'S US KNOW SHE'S "WINDOW SHOPPING" ON AMAZON

No. 41555

I notice they all like those protein bars. Looking at those recovery people accounts it's like they want to be bodybuilders.

No. 41557


I spy at least two lotions. Ash has said that she doesn't use lotions herself… She didn't say why, but I'm assuming it's because she's convinced that she'll absorb the oils through her skin and get fat (which isn't uncommon in anorexics)

…which, along with the foods, makes me think that these giveaways are for her to try to watch someone get fat (less competition? She's competitive about everything), maybe. Even if the winner ate and digested all the food in one sitting, she wouldn't get fat, but Ash's brain isn't working properly. Maybe I'm being too cynical.

No. 41566

>which, along with the foods, makes me think that these giveaways are for her to try to watch someone get fat (less competition? She's competitive about everything)
That's probably true. When you're stuck in an eating disorder, it's like a competition with everyone else who's sick. And that kind of petty spite just makes me really hate Ashley even more. Like good grief, could you be more disgustingly vile?

No. 41574

How do they encourage ill health? If they post it as a small piece of shit excuse for a portion, then yeah, but if it's just clean eating, why would that encourage it?

No. 41575

File: 1421729783554.png (1.02 MB, 1039x623, ryujjvfghbv.png)

She didn't send her fat friend any lotions. Maybe you're into something. I never heard anyone think they could get fat from lotions though.

No. 41576

Better othorexia than anorexia don't you think?

No. 41593

This cunt went to our dollar tree.
So she spent 4 bucks and this person wont know.

She needs to stop playing and acting like shes spending big bucks.

No. 41598

Lmfao. All that shit is straight up Chinese dollar store crap.

No. 41599

I agree

No. 41608

Well of course. I still don't think it's something to encourage, though.

And then there are all of those ED treatment facilities that serve mostly junk food and that allow no exercise, even for patients who are weight-restored and medically stable, which i don't understand either.

No. 41625

Yeah. The giveaway was supposed to be random but somehow the winner was one of Ashley's BFFs. Gummybear_princess11 is trying to recover but has recent posts about binging and purging. It seems insensitive for Ashley to send her junk food when she's still currently binging. But she also sent Ashley cookies so maybe they're happy enabling each other.

No. 41626


No. 41640


Aka girl who preached about being totally better now guys, lied about having an ED and then went on to definitely have one. It's basically telling people they can still eat very little and maintain a low body weight, as long as they eat at all.

No. 41647


That wasn't Freelee, it was "TheBlondeVegan" (now TheBalancedBlonde) on instragram that ended up lying. I never followed her, but apparently from what people were saying she had posted very small portions of food. A lot of it was sugary "healthy" looking crap and mostly raw. So instead of eating a mars bar they eat a chocolate smoothie with cacao nibs and a hunk of almond butter, soooo much better for you right?

No. 41689

My problem with that is that she's not into legit proper health foods. Like >>41647
Stated, it's just a bunch of junk marketed as health food or thought to be healthy by uneducated ppl. That's the only danger.

No. 41699


I guess the point is to desensitize you to your fear foods with exposure therapy wherein eating them enough might make you comfortable with them again (since many people with EDs fear things like butter, cheese, sweets). And as others have pointed out, it's not uncommon for people to wean themselves off of bulimic/anorexic behaviours with orthorexic ones, so maybe they're trying to lessen the possibility of that. I agree that serving mostly junk foods isn't helpful either though, there should definitely be more of a balance.

No. 41917

Its like she wants to ruin their recovery!

No. 41919

The girl who received it has spoken to Ashley before and has also sent Ashley cookies in the mail

No. 41921

She wasn't really lying she was more in denial that she was developing orthoexia and has since gotten off the vegan diet and found help

No. 41980

is she dead yet

No. 41985

Not yet.

No. 41989

File: 1421824771169.png (6.75 KB, 607x144, 33333.png)

Nope. But her addiction is on full blast, so it won't be long now.

No. 42110

Lol she added Chan to her name. Maybe she's going to go back to camming

No. 42118

She better be quick, I don't think she makes the weeend

No. 42327

To be fair, she's been looking like she's about to keel over for ages now. It wouldn't surprise me if she somehow managed to survive out of sheer irony.

No. 42339

Hell, though. I've seen people on the brink of death (mostly cancer) live for ages. At some point her body is just going to give out. But I mean… If she's gotten to this point without dying I wouldn't be surprised if she sticks around for longer than it seems she should be able to.

No. 42348

I would pay good money to see her camwhoring.
Seriously, I would send whatever binge food she wanted so she wouldn't have to enlist the allowances of pre-teen wannarexics.
Imagine her fingering herself with those knobby protrusions.

No. 42353

Well thats if her china hasnt turned into a black hole or just dried up like a prune.

No. 42354

Ew it really must be grosser than grandma clit.man that is nasty

No. 42357

When I had my ED my libido was -0
Maybe if you show her a picture of food it will turn her on

No. 42658

Eww. But I'd definitely send her binge food if she agreed to stay the fuck away from recovering people.

No. 42686

Imagine the shit that's going to go down when Ashley dies. Aaaall the blame is going to be piled onto lolcow.

No. 42718

Nah it should go straight on her "therapist"

No. 42721

Well, let's not kid ourselves here. Lolcow hasn't exactly done anything good for her.

No. 42726

Lolcow hasn't affected her at all. If anything it gave her even more white knights and pity. When she dies it's not cuz the mean old Internet bullied her, it's because of her myriad of unchecked issues that turned her into a walking skeleton.

No. 42756

I mean it's not like this forum is roasting a fucking crusader or anything. She's no saint and has never contributed anything of value to society. Not even with her bullshit #mental #health #awareness garbage. She just does the tags to attract sick people.

No. 42758

She posted some new video on her tumblr about going to therapy for a second time.


^^ is the video, for those of you who don't tumblr. I must say, her hair looks better than in OPs pic.

No. 42774

That hit looks the same dude. It's bad lighting.
Fuck, those teeth…looks like they're shaped like a boomerang.

No. 42827

File: 1421978728527.jpg (97.52 KB, 1415x1061, ugh.JPG)

I am honestly surprised she has any teeth left at all. Also, she talks to weird and tries not to move her lips a lot because she is missing teeth up front.

No. 42832

holy shit, she looks like a 60 year old crackwhore.

No. 42840

I still think those snaggly upper incisors are a bad partial denture. Her mother's an Applebee's waitress, i don't imagine that that job comes with a very good dental insurance package..

No. 42849

>those teeth
>how does she eat?
>oh yeah, this is ashley

No. 42865

Skeletor face aside, those "eyebrows" bother the ever loving shit out of me, holy Christ.

No. 42893

I want to believe she'll change. Probably not but I still want to believe.

No. 42897

I wonder if her mother bathes her. She's mentioned she's terrified of seeing/touching her naked body.

No. 42899

Nah, I'm pretty sure she just doesn't bathe at all.

No. 42901

Imagine that putrid smell of days old vomit on clothes/skin along with the stench of sweat and rotten puke breathe with rabbit shit and moldy junk food laced with bath and bodyworks scented lotion over it all.

No. 42903

I wonder how bad she smells

No. 42912

>>I love having a private Instagram finally,
Another good decision of 2015-
along with blocking people out of my life that actually needed out in 2014, HOLLA.

Hope someone is following her on instagram and will be willing to report back!

No. 42923

omg does it matter? shes just going to undo it in a day or two.

No. 42933


Too true. She usually changes it back to public after about a day. I hope she keeps it private this time, tbh. She'll still gain new followers, but maybe she's "saving" (haha) a few naive people from getting sucked into her parasitic vortex by not having it public.

No. 42938

HamtaroChan. :(

No. 42959

It really is so fucking sad. As much as I don't like the way she operates, there's got to be something that makes a person get that mentally fucked.

Not WKing, but thinking of her as ham-chan and seeing that pic puts her disintegration into perspective.

No. 43043

For me it's before the hamtaro chan disaster. When I think of her as hamtaro chan I just think of a prepubescent camwhore looking for validation from scum by exposing herself and sellin herself short.

When I saw her playing with her bff in her youtube videos, it was jarring. She seemed happy and rambunctious. Now she's so full of rage/hate, and dead eyes.

No. 43070

she has actually mentioned that she has some kind of nursing/support staff. They probably come once a week and bathe her, much like they do for the elderly and paralyzed.

No. 43182

No way. She's probably just talking about her mother taking care of her. She wouldn't admit that though because it doesn't fit with the whole omg abuse story.

One reason she avoids seeking professional help is someone might call the authorities and have her hospitalized. If she had nurses visiting they'd have to report her because it's a liability issue and they're legally required to report a mentally ill person who is an immediate danger to herself. Not sure how she managed to find her gem of a therapist who's too stupid or irresponsible to put her in the hospital. I'm guessing it's the same way she shopped around until she found a shady tattoo artist willing to work with her.

No. 43203

she doesn't use chapstick either. heard her tell some black chick bullying her about her raw looking lips on twitter once that she didn't like using chapstick or lip stuff because "too many calories lololol"

No. 43207

Shes a racist nigger.

And how fucking dumb can you be if you think lotion and chapstick is gonna make you fat. No one is saying eat it you dumb cunt.

No. 43244

This is the one time I'll defend her on this but it's not necessarily being dumb,it's just an anorexic (or eating disorder overall) mentality.
But she is pretty racist

No. 43324

How is she so broke yet just got a new iPhone? Did she "save up?" If she complains about not having money for food and medical treatment while she's "saving" money for frivolous purchases she's not saving, she's just terrible at managing money and has fucked up priorities. Didn't she go on Twitter badmouthing people who complain about being broke while buying expensive things?

No. 43329

where did she post about her new phone?

No. 43336

File: 1422141841232.jpg (189.39 KB, 1020x610, lol.jpg)

but she DOES eat chapstick.

No. 43344

She upgraded, idiots

No. 43354

Upgrades are still $200.

No. 43370


But she's probably on her mama's phone plan, so her mama probably paid for her upgrade. I won't believe otherwise unless she posts a kawaii pic of her phone bill.

No. 43373

50$ with tax

No. 43397

Depends on your plan. With Verizon my iphone upgrades are like $199.

No. 43400

Yeah I'd love to know where you can upgrade to a new iphone for 50 bucks. Unless you're talking about the monthly payment plan/lease shit, which still winds up being 200 bucks. That's like all carriers.

If she didn't upgrade to a 6 or whatever that's a different story, but upgrading iphones is pretty much always 200.

No. 43425

Ok so I get how other anorexics think that wearing Chapstick or lotion will cause them to absorb calories but what about the ink from her tattoos? It's just as irrational so…? But she obviously has tatts so she may not believe you absorb cals from shit like lotion.

No. 43429

Lotion has oils, imbecile :-)
Oil = fat

No. 43436


But how many calories does ink have?

No. 43438

File: 1422164227058.jpg (56.24 KB, 634x354, 1277683476068.jpg)

oh god not the lotion!! the horror!! I'll gain 0000000000000000000.001 calories!!!

No. 43441


She doesn't swallow because sperm has like 15 calories worth of protein per jizz.

You have to be a morbid fuck to fuck a skeletons face btw.

No. 43445

This reminds me of another batshit insane anorexic/bulimic that appeared on a show that didn't bathe for 2 years because she was afraid the "salts" that came out of the water from the shower would make her fat

could you imagine the putrid stench coming out of that girl?

No. 43447

I'd rather leave a forkful of macaroni cheese/few bites of a cupcake or pizza to use some chapstick on horrendously dry lips . Does she not think of the calories she's actually consuming and not getting rid of while purging? USE SOME FUCKING LIP BALM.

No. 43449


It sounds like she's chronically dehydrated. Probably lives on diet coke and purging. Purging will also make you lose water, while consuming calories at the same time.
Chapstick will not work on this girl. She needs to drink water. Lots of it.

But honestly, idgaf. She's going to end up choking on her own vomit or her heart will give out during one of her purging sessions.

No. 43452

Doesn't she know that you begin to absorb calories as soon as you put food in your mouth? Why are anorexic people so retarded? I understand it's a severe mental illness but really. Absorbing oil from lotion will make you fat???? What?

No. 43453


I met a girl at work that was anorexic. She told me that when she was in HS, she would rub bile on her stomach so it could eat up the fat and make her stomach more sunken in.

You guys can use your imagination and figure out where she got the bile from.
She also said she kept it in a jar inside her closet.

Reminds me of those intervention episodes where the bulimics hid bags/jars of vomit in their closets under a pile of junk so their significant others wouldn't see it.

Anorexics/bulimics are just as crazy as HAES advocates.

No. 43457

File: 1422166468868.png (12.3 KB, 468x425, 129742112757.png)

jesus fucking christ.

No. 43468

File: 1422169133689.jpg (322.23 KB, 600x852, White-Russian2.jpg)


Yup. She really believed the bile would be absorbed into her skin and it would eat the fat (she had a flat stomach idgi).
Like, she came across as a smart person, we get closer, and she starts confiding in me. I'm totally OK with her having an ED, but when she told me this story I couldn't help but think there was something very wrong her.

She was thinking about doing that again, she stopped because it was irritating her skin badly. NO SHIT DUMBASS, IT'S ACID.

Anyway sorry for going OT have a recipe for The White Russian. You'll need it with all the crazy shit you read here.

No. 43471


It puts the lotion on its skin
if it wants to be fat again

No. 43474

Stfu Ash, you're a fucking retard. You absorb calories whenever you put any binge food up to your lips. You think you puke it all out? Lmfao, nah bitch, you are gaining some calories from all the fatty trash you eat.

No. 43476


She must know. I mean, that's what causes bulimia cheeks. Often when people vomit a lot, the salivary glands swell up as the digestive system tries to start absorbing nutrients as quickly as possible. Or something like that.

Although, HamtaroChan Ash had the cheeks but ghastly Ashley doesn't? maybe her digestive system gave up on her. She's still absorbing sugars and fats and what-not before she purges, but I wonder if she would even be able to digest food if she tried.

No. 43477

How many calories do you need to just live every day? You know, to work the body?
She mustn't purge everything she eats if she's still alive. Either that or she's really shit at getting it all back up.

No. 43480


Naah, if she was shit at purging she'd be average weight.

No. 43484

Doesn't matter. At some point your body becomes desensitized to the puke triggering. You build a tolerance to it. She can't possibly puke up everything she consumes. And we all know she costumes high calorie foods.

No. 43489

Omg you are so pathetic to come in here just to confirm your psychosis. BUT you don't want anyone to know your "triggers" and shit. Ok bitch.

No. 43518

I was wondering this morning. If Ash believes that using body oil counts as taking in calories, does she use toothpaste? My god if she doesn't brush she would really screw over the last pair of teeth she has.

No. 43531

File: 1422182396291.jpg (76.46 KB, 640x480, 1366838644935.jpg)

Are you seriously this retarded?
Oh my God I'm laughing so hard. It's almost 5am don't fucking do this to me.

No. 43563

Depends on your weight and height. For most averaged sized people it's around 1100-1600

The thing is the human body is really good at coping with starvation.

No. 43576

tbf anorexics do get delusional enough to believe that toothpaste has calories… oh my god

No. 43594

A lot of them believe water has calories too

No. 43596

jfc that reminds me, i knew a girl 10 years ago back in high school that thought that. she was even afraid of swallowing her own spit, fearing any food/taste left in her mouth after purging was still in there and she would accidentally swallow it.

she would carry an empty water bottle every day and spit into it. i had to sit behind her in a class once and she would always turn to the side and sneak to spit into the bottle thinking no one could see or hear. every single time that cap opened, a horrible stench came out…

No. 43597

Fuck man, reading that instantly made me feel nauseous, ugh.

No. 43602

A lot of them literally won't touch high calorie foods either because they're afraid it'll soak in through the skin.

The thing is, it's not really a matter of being so stupid that they truly believe these things. Most people with EDs are fully aware that these are delusions, but can't go against them anymore. It's the same as people with OCD who think that not tapping a doorknob 10 times will have a negative effect on a family member. They know it's not true, but they do it anyway.

No. 43607

Huh? Uh, anorexics and bulimics are not "just as crazy" as HAES people. They're legit mentally ill, so no shit, of course they're insane. HAES people are just stupid and in denial.

No. 43620

She's jonesing for negative comments to be pissy about now she's not getting any on ig.

No. 43627

Lol she must be upset that this thread is dying. C'mon Ashley, you know you want to be shat on, you revel in it.

No. 43662

File: 1422232382337.jpg (563.91 KB, 720x1178, lolotion.jpg)

No. 43675

tbh regarding the whole "lotion makes you fat" thing, I can kind of understand that.

I used to be anorexic, nowhere near the state Ashley is in but my lowest point was about 102lbs at 5'6".
I've always had the lifelong habit of biting and chewing up my fingernails, right up until I started to consider that maybe eating my fingernails could make me fat. I stopped that day and I haven't nibbled my fingers once.

Anorexia makes you legitimately crazy.

No. 43676

top kek

No. 43681


I know I shouldn't be laughing at people that are dying, but fuck my sides are on the floor right now.

No. 43757

File: 1422262611996.jpg (122.25 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Can someone explain to me wtf "soft grunge" means? She's such a bandwagoner poser.

No. 43762

It's the shit Tumblrcrowd is trying to pull off right now with Doc Martens with skater dresses. Doe Deere fancies herself to be the same shit. None of these people are grunge or understand the concept of what grunge was. They're a bunch of miserable adults who get obnoxious about their nostalgia.

Not even trying to sound hipster, but it just pisses me off because I've been a long time fan of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Soundgarden and these edgy, self diagnosed cunts like to cling to anything that makes them seem different.

No. 43771

Original grunge fan checkin in too. It knocks me sick to see Nirvana tshirts being sold in shitty clothes shops (like Ramones/Stones t shirts) and the girls who buy them probably could only name ONE song.

No idea what "soft grunge" is. It's all a fashion thing for too many people, and like you say, with no idea what "grunge" represented.

I'm here anyway to ask wtf did hamchan mean when she wrote that LOL@ANOREXIA comment on her old youtube?

No. 43780


for what I've seen, it's 90's stuff mixed w/pastel vomit and Nirvana plastered all over it

No. 43824

I can't tell the difference between "soft grunge" and "pastel goth".

No. 43828

neither can tumblrinas

No. 43830

….now what the fuck is "pastel goth"? bad enough i am still trying to understand "soft grunge" but now that bullshit? jfc

thanks a lot, tumblr.

No. 43843

Goths that like to look like they took a swim in a sprinkles and frosting factory.

No. 43845

Like that shit goes against the goth manifesto. The heart of goth is the dark aesthetic. Wtf. Aspie logic.

No. 43847

Lmfao @ that new video.

bitches, whines, and moans


No. 43892

this bitch is disgusting and is obviously just posting pictures of herself for attention

No. 43934


According to the internets, yesterday was National Opposite Day. She posted her video a day too late.

Seriously, though. I find her personality abhorrent (but people can change, even people like her), but i still worry about the bitch. If she's honestly seeing a therapist, that therapist should have his or her licence revoked, as many anons here have already stated. I wish she would comply with some treatment, but what are the odds of that? And how the fuck is she not seen as a danger to herself?

No. 44048

Seriously, any therapist with a shred of decency would immediately hospitalize her. What is having a dying person who doesn't even want to recover sit in your office for two hours going to accomplish? You can't talk away immediate physical danger. "Okay your electrolytes are fucked and you're at risk for a heart attack. How do you feel about that?" Who is her therapist? He needs to be reported because that's just pure negligence.

No. 44070

Massive LOL at all you going on about her therapist being neglectful and unprofessional.

Guess it never occurred to you lot that Ashley is a fucking liar. There is no way in hell she is seeing a therapist, if she had gone to see one even once she wold be in a care facility right now, not attention whoring on tumblr by pretending she has one. The only reasob she's doing That is because we scared the shit out of her by reporting her to adult protective services. She thinks that claiming to have a shrink is gonna make us leave her alone and stop reporting her, so she can go back to pretending to be a poor little abuse victim for sympathy points online.

No. 44112

You could report her to adult protective services for her therapist being negligent and see what they do about that. That should clear up whether she's lying and if she's not it'll take care of her therapist being an irresponsible quack.

No. 44126

i wonder how is it possible for her to puke at this stage. Does she even have the strength to cough or even breathe? This really scares me.

No. 44137


Poster of 43934 here. I think that most of us who question the ethics of this supposed therapist also question whether said therapist actually exists. Our minds are just boggled by the "what if?"

(Speaking of therapy, real or pretend, I love that tumblr post talking about how she doesn't flaunt going to therapy like some people do. WHO THE FUCK FLAUNTS GOING TO THERAPY?? "mental illness is so romantic" tumblrinas don't count.)

No. 44140

Pastel Goth has nothing to do with Goth. It's basically a type of aesthetic where girls try to do "creepy cute" outfits, and this is achieved by mixing black and pastel colors. Imagine Lolitas trying to pull bittersweet.

Soft grunge is basically wearing docs, skater dresses, flower crowns, plaid shirts, those circular frames, etc. One is trying to look "creepy" while the other is trying to approach an "I could pass off as a hipster but I'm gonna try so hard to look like I don't give a fuck and in fact I'm super hardcore" aesthetic.

No. 44141

Bitch look at some replies above and people already suggested she didn't go to a therapist and probably went to binge to a restaurant.

No. 44143


Here's a helpful link for that person! Keep in mind that it's not as easy to "section" a person in the US as it is in the UK, tho.


>The Adult Protective Services Program is charged with protecting vulnerable adults from being harmed (Chapter 415, F.S.). These adults may experience abuse, neglect, or exploitation by second parties or may fail to take care of themselves adequately.

No. 44155

Reporting back in here again to say it's easy as shit to get committed in Florida.

It's happened to me twice so far in the last year. All it takes is for someone to sign the form and get you to the hospital - they can even lure you there on false pretences - and then you're locked up for at least three days no matter what you say or do. Then you're charged an enormous fine.

No. 44201

Who I charged an enormous fine?

No. 44278

… What?

No. 44287

Lolll p sure anon meant "who IS charged a fine?"
Answering first anon's question: if you are committed you have to pay for your stay. It's the same as being put in a general hospital. The cost of attending staff, food, bedding, medication, room and board, etc. etc. becomes very, very expensive. If you're there for more than a week you can be looking at 10k in bills depending on the facility if you're uninsured. Fortunately there are often charities that will pay these for you if you apply for community assistance early on enough. But ironically, the people who were mentally ill enough to be committed in the first place often aren't fit to handle their own medical documents and will be severely in debt…

No. 44298

Thanks anon. I didn't know that shit. I first received care for therapy/meds through govt assistance. Isn't that available for such a case?

No. 44435

Any updates on her instagram? now that her tumblr is just kawaii binge food

No. 44458

On her instagram she had a winner for her second giveaway but is declining to say who it was. I think she checks this site frequently and after the first winner and our discussion about her trying to sabotage the winner with binge food shes keeping it a secret now.

Which kinda just confirms her trying to sabotage winners with binge food and lotion.

No. 44619

Lmfao at the whole lotion thing. I mean, I get mentally ill people are mentally ill, but the lotion thing I just so fucking retarded. Eat something healthy and keep it down Ashley. You're mind is clearly wasting away more than your body seems to be.

No. 44714

Probably that girl with the bulimia cheeks. She's been WKing Ashley a lot recently. I cba to look up her name.

No. 45040

Beautifulttragedy won, fwiw

No. 45222

She has posted 3 instagram pics in the last few days. some one update us!

No. 45439

…lolita chiming in here
bittersweet's been a thing for half a decade now and even though i'm not crazy about bittersweet i hate the copycat pastelgoth faggots

No. 46122

She seems to have won an instagram contest of a book. Must have felt sorry for her

No. 46139

Lol half a decade is still only 5 years, I can garuntee 'pastel goth' has been around on tumblr that long.

It's the same shit anyway, so calling them "copycat pastelgoth faggots" is hilarious because it's not like two similar things can evolve based on the same inspiration, right?

No but seriously I'm sure I can find 'pastel goth' stuff from 2010 easy, or do you not know what year it is?

No. 46141

Bittersweet always was only black sweet lolita prints, nothing that is similar to Pastel Goth in any way.

No. 46340

she wants people to snap. she gets a sick satisfaction out of sending eating disordered girls shit like that and see them go off the rails. that's all she has left. she know's she's too far gone. at this point, all she can do is drag people down with her.

No. 46344

Pastel Goth and bittersweet look totally different
Besides which, most girls consider bittersweet to be a load of utter shite and don't recognize it as a legitimate thing just like wa.

No. 46355

TBH, that's what I'm doing right now - weaning myself off of my old eating disordered behaviors with borderline orthorexic ones. It still doesn't feel right but at least it doesn't give me anxiety attacks every time I have to eat. And I actually do eat without purging/overexercising for the first time in years. Swapping one eating disorder with another is probably the easiest way out (did it once before and in hindsight, it horrifically backfired on me) but it works for the moment so I can't really blame these girls.

No. 46358

Among camgirls, her breed is actually quite rare and would give her a good chunk of money if she decided to profit off of it. At my lowest, I actually made 5k from one binge/purge session on cam. But that requires some effort and not being a colossal bitch and scaring potential clients away before any magic even has a possibility to happen.

No. 46364

I'm the poster you're replying to, and no, it has not "been a thing" for half a decade. In fact, a lot of lolitas don't consider Bittersweet to be a thing, simply because it's sweet lolita prints in black colorways mixed with creepy cute shit. Just because you like it doesn't make it a substyle. It's Sweet, deal with it.

And besides, when I said to think of lolitas trying to pull bittersweet, I was referring to the creepy cute factor, not to the silhouette nor was I saying both things were the same.

Also back to Ash. I'm kinda glad there's been some updates on her. I was starting to wonder if she had died or maybe finally went to therapy.

No. 46367

> But she is pretty racist
how so?

No. 46373

File: 1423091601393.png (28.48 KB, 731x277, wat.png)

>"my friend comes to visit me next week; someone that.. WANTS my company?? That.. ISN’T afraid to be within 500ft of me?? This person exists?"

why does she always say the exact same words every time she goes out with someone? It's like a script or something.

No. 46378

Because she wants to victimize herself and look like everyone abandons her for no reason. She's one of those "but I'm a monster!!"2!" kind of people.

No. 46386

can't wait to see the fallout from this new BFF relationship.

No. 46525

>I actually made 5k from one binge/purge session on cam
Uh, any tips on how another one of us could make that happen? That sounds way too good to be true, even if it would probably be psychologically scarring.

No. 46526

i wouldn't go near her either bc she's gross af.

No. 46651

yep. we used to be friends but now she only interacts with me when i mention eating too much/feeling fat … so fucking transparent.

No. 46662

wouldn't that be uber niche though? who wants to fap over an anorexic girl throwing up?

men are mysterious creatures.

No. 46709

She says the same bullshit every time she befriends someone. "Nobody EVER wants to be around me wow" except she says that every time. It's a manipulative way to make her friend of the week feel special and to make her seem like a victim when she sabotages all her relationships.

No. 46714

Am I the only one who thinks this guy visiting is a fetishist? I wonder if she'll ever come back.

No. 46718

You're not the only one. So is he staying in a hotel for a week or is he crashing in her mother's apartment? That would be interesting.

No. 46737

Maybe it's that weird Hank guy

No. 46740

What if they have sex and that's what ends up killing her?!!!!!

No. 46744

She'll end up in a shock if she swallows.

No. 46745

I remember her posting on her tumblr a while back (before the whole Erika saga) that she was in a long-term, long-distance relationship with a guy. Guessing it's him. o_O

No. 46746

>Each teaspoon of ejaculate has about 5 - 7 calories
>It contains fructose sugar, water, vitamin C, Citric acid, Enzymes, Protein, Zinc

Better purge that shit, Ash

No. 46845

Seconded. I remember this too. I thought she hated men/ large authority figures?

No. 46849

There's been some screenies from her Twitter talking about black people. It's in the old threads.

No. 46890

Being bullies by rude black bitches makes her racist, how? And I think she was joking about the the calories or trying to make her uncomfortable. Inb4 whiteknight.

No. 46928

She wasn't being rude, she said racist things to them. She said something like "how are you able to tweet in prison."

No. 46929

Who is Hank?

No. 46995

this sounds like a predator. We'll see her online in porn soon enough.

No. 47089

In her old tumblr she had 2013 posts about how she was struggling with racism and how it was "deeply embedded" in her upbringing. Go figure.

No. 47117

How does that make her racist?

No. 47121

For a anorexic, she's quite the fatty.

No. 47132


She said something like, "I didn't know they have wi-fi in prison" and was speaking about the black twitter users who were making fun of her (implying black=criminal)

No. 47134

But they are criminal, it's a healthy thing to assume if you want to keep yourself safe. Same reason why it's not unreasonable to avoid being alone with men you don't know.

No. 47137

She was a /b/tard so no wonder

No. 47200

wtf anon?

No. 47202

"Of all the people who are criminals, [x] amount of them are this race" does not mean "[x] amount of this race are criminals".

No. 47230

I'm hoping anon means criminals in general and not meaning all blacks are criminals.

Her friend whose name I shall not mention was a /b/tard and she doesn't come out with racist shit like Ashley does.

What is it about camwhores and EDs? Btw, is the guy in the pr0n shots with nameless friend her husband? Just curious.

No. 47264

>recovering from bulimia: anorexic tendencies
>sucks in stomach while lying down to emphasise ribs and hipbones

>posts photos of her bandaged cuts

These people should just fuck off the inernet. You know, just…fuck off.

No. 47265

File: 1423349054680.jpg (113.53 KB, 608x582, junk.JPG)


sent a jar of Nutella, hershey spreads, lindt chocolate, etc etc. way to go.

No. 47273

>sending all that processed sugary shit

Oh come on Ashley, don't be so obvious

No. 47274

At that point, it's actually hard for them to keep their food down. Recovering anorexics should only eat light food in small amounts at a time to avoid upsetting their stomachs. That's why her binge problem is so worrying, there's no way she can eat like that and hope to keep it down.

No. 47275

But black people have a hugely inflated crime rate, so it's safe to avoid them.

No. 47277


My ex best friend developed a really bad ED and I remember sometimes when she ate she would literally vomit as she ate by accident, it just came back up
In social situations she had to swallow it back down so people didn't notice

No. 47289

That's because they are put in jail more often than any other men, especially white men, for committing the same or a lesser crime.

You sound pretty racist yourself.

No. 47293

I'm not even the same anon but the reason they have higher sentences is because 90% of the time they're reoffending.

No. 47298

Educate yourself

The problem lies with the system and views like yours only exacerbate it.

No. 47299

My former friend who I'd class as bad as Ashley (and she's survived that way for over a decade) binges ridiculous amounts of food. She can only just keep one kiwi fruit down and often, like anon said, starts retching to vomit even when she hasn't been eating.

I'm surprised every time I see her after a few months of no sightings (when I presume she's died). Her kidneys are fucked, her whole body's fucked, but she's still here.

Disgusting info here you might want to skip if you're squeamish, but she regularly blocks the toilet system in her whole building with the amount of puke. The stuff comes up through her neighbours sink.

No. 47305

I would be pissed as fuck if I were her neighbors.

No. 47319

They were. She has issues about letting people into her flat so it took weeks for them to get a warrant to gain entry. Also, she keeps her food stash in the bath.

No. 47354

bye anon you're being offtopic and annoying

No. 47355

wow, hope she gets help eventually and isn't as resistant to it as ashley is

No. 47405

She had help for years but the psychiatric system more or less gave up on her because she wasn't good at keeping appointments (free health care here, but shit with mental health issues). Her life story's really tragic so I'm not surprised she's so fucked up.

No. 47415

Anon, pls.

I'm so high and this gave me the worst mental image.

No. 47436

I did give a warning!

No. 47445

File: 1423418034773.jpg (163.93 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

She has pretty good taste in eyebrows when it comes to other people. Wonder if her own squiggly lines are just another form of self deprecation.

No. 47466

People who are in early refeeding need to be careful about overdoing it because it could kill them to eat the kind of stuff Ashley's sending. But there seem to be a lot of "ED soldiers" who are way beyond that or were never underweight to begin with but still think they deserve an award for eating Nutella.

Some of Ashley's fans seem to hang on to the "recovery warrior" identity because it makes them feel special the way their ED used to. Plus Ashley won't talk to them unless they're "struggling" so they have to cling to their illness or else they're not worth her time. She's so toxic to be around. A good friend is happy for you when you succeed, not resentful.

No. 47512

I feel like those brows would look shit in real life though.

No. 47513

Agreed, too much drag queen-ness going on.

No. 47546

She probably hasn't got the face padding for good eyebrows seeing how she's basically skull with skin stretched over it.

Ugh at her posting cutesy lingerie and tagging it #want. Really?

No. 47547

(or she just might be shit at make up)

No. 47549

I'm glad someone else feels like half of the people who claim to have EDs have never suffered with one a day in their lives.

As if not eating for 12 hours makes you an anorexic. Seriously some of these people look like a healthy size 12, far from anorexic. Or at least, far from danger.

No. 47571

I I agree with you guys, but i would never admit it if this wasn't anon! Everyone thinks you're being a snob if you suggest that maybe skipping a couple meals or inducing vomiting a couple times isn't an eating disorder, or that if your BMI is 25, you are NOT anorexic, regardless of your intake, exercise, etc. (EDNOS/OSFED should be taken as seriously as AN, but self-diagnosers don't seem to like the idea of not being anorexic)

No. 47621

Seriously. One of Ashley's online friends makes a huge deal on IG about everything she eats, which is always packaged processed snack food/candy or takeaway, literally no fresh vegetables ever, and gets praised on every post by her followers like "way to go, ana isn't welcome here!"

She's also one of those ED people who posts photos of herself sucking in trying to show off her ribs…except her pictures at her thinnest are just…normal weight. That's not to say she isn't sick, and EDNOS absolutely should be taken seriously, but her constantly playing up how "anorexic" she is and exaggerating how doctors tell her she's sooo skinny when she's average weight and eats nothing but junk food just minimizes the severity of AN and portrays an unhealthy image of recovery.

No. 47636

Self diagnosed mental illness people are irritating as fuck. As irritating as people with a mental disorder who are diagnosed then bang on about it as if nobody else in the world understands their suffering, or they've got it worse.

The girl who won that giveaway was posting the lying down/sucking stomach in thing but when she took a body shot in the mirror (still sucking in) she had these…normal thighs (normal as in not as trim as someone who works out). If I lie down I can make myself all ribs and hipbone, but the thighs don't deflate with any amount of sucking in.

It's fucked when people think there's glamour in illness.

No. 47663

File: 1423445287737.jpg (111.16 KB, 926x526, bs.jpg)

Am I being too harsh here or is this girl an asshole?

No. 47664

The woman who won her first giveaway is just as bad but in the opposite way. She's very underweight and posts daily photos of her thigh gap acting like they're OOTD/fashion photos even though she's usually wearing sweatpants. But she claims to be in recovery while surviving on almost nothing but diet froyo and hasn't shown any improvement in weight. Not sure which is worse, self diagnosers who exaggerate their symptoms to feel special, or "in recovery" people who aren't getting any better but act like they're champions.

No. 47700

she looks normal and healthy. A girl in my middle school did the same thing. She was naturally skinny but played up that she was anorexic to make others around her feel worse for being naturally chubby around a time when we were just hitting puberty

No. 47705

She's got another IG friend, I can't be bothered to look for her name, but she's a teen and she posts all of these super skinny OOTD photos. Apart from the clothing, it's basically the same picture over and over again. The worst part is that in her profile, she claims to be weight restored, which is obviously not true.

No. 47735

Ten bucks says she's tensing her neck in the right pic.

No. 47751

Wtf she's fine lol.

No. 47810

You can't invalidate someone's eating disorder just because they are not severely underweight. Maybe they don't fit the criteria for anorexia, but to just completely invalidate their struggles is just ignorant and rude.

No. 47812

However I do Agee that all these IG whores just want attention. Someone with an eating disorder who didn't quite look the part would probably be too ashamed to admit to it for fear of being ridiculed.

No. 47828

>can't invalidate someone's eating disorder
>they don't fit the criteria for anorexia

they just aint trying hard enough.
seriously, that girl on ig posted above DOES SHE LOOK LIKE SHE FASTS? DOES SHE LOOK LIKE SHE RESTRICTS? She looks healthier bodywise than 90% of people I see in a day.
Still, if that's her idea of being anorexic then good for her because she looks healthy as fuck.

No. 47838

Anorexia isn't about weight, it's about bad eating habits and often a need for control. Someone could be overweight and losing weight dramatically due to anorexia, but no one will treat them for it until they're at a critical point. This is why people get to where Ashley is now. No one takes anorexia seriously until the person is already so consumed by it that there's no going back.

Also people with EDNOS can suffer with anorexia, bulimia, and BED all at once depending on the day. That can cause weight to fluctuate dramatically.

>they just aint trying hard enough.

fuck you, honestly.

No. 47839

Sorry if this is OT, but why do you guys think that so many anorexics are into childish things? IE, family movies, toys, cutesy things, stickers, etc.
I remember someone mentioning how some girls starve themselves to try to delay puberty and its effects, do you think that's related?
I've never really noticed it before this thread and looking at some of these girls accounts, and I was the same way too when I had a ED at ~13.

No. 47852

I think in the first thread it was mentioned?? My memory is hella shoddy but I think part of it had to do with wanting to stay pampered and taken care of, instead of having to grow up and deal with the responsibilities that come with growing up. I guess they indulge in childish things because they just want to stay a child mentally, physically, and with their habits and interests too. I could be totally wrong, I'll try and see if I can find the posts about it again…..

No. 47859


For me it was about not wanting to transition from childhood to teen years because I felt I never had a proper childhood in the first place and I thought that's why I shouldn't really grow up, so I just kind of… regressed. Idk some messed up preteen logic.

I'm no doctor but it could be that 1) when these girls develop anorexia at an early age, the development of the brain slows down because of the lack of nutrients needed to make it develop, or 2), maybe it's just that people who have severe eating disorders during their teenage years are so consumed by their EDs they miss out on their youth, mainly socialising with other disordered people, if anyone else at all - this was certainly my own case. I was too busy counting and burning calories, binging, purging, weighing myself etc. to even care about anything or anyone else around me. In my own little world it was just me me me my weight my "fat" 24/7/365.

…really cluttered response, sorry about that kek. I should go to bed.

No. 47868

aren't eating disorders like anorexia about control? Not in the sense of not being able to avoid aging, but things like growing up in an abusive household, bullying at school, etc?

No. 47873

It probably has to do with the idea they're fragile and the reluctance to assume responsibility of themselves.
The disorder is mostly related to a warped perception of your body.

No. 47879

People can develop EDs for multiple reasons, but for me (currently EDNOS) it is definitely about wanting to return to childhood. I hated my breasts and curves, and I don't care if my period never comes back. Really messed up way of thinking, I know. I also love disney movies and stuff. I think it has something to do with what >>47859 said: unsettling childhood and wanting to go back in time to fix it.

No. 47904

Y'all know you can have an eating disorder and not be skeletal, right?

No. 47914

The girl posted above, the "recovery" girl who is actually healthy looking

I don't agree with public "recovery" accounts where the people behind them look like your average healthy human being. I know food struggles are a real mental strain but that girl is working to fix her struggle with food. She's not in the danger zone like Ashley is. Ashley is literally on the fucking brink of death and the girl from Insta is just another fucking snowflake looking for "ur a strong warrior so beautiful" comments because they satiate her need for attention. Sorry, but it's true. I'm not invalidating her struggle with food, I'm sure she is struggling, but if the girl is following Ashley then she has seen the actual face of Eating Disorders.

What gets me about people like that is that they post pictures of their bodies, and they normally are healthy and their hair is healthy and their skin looks good, you know, and stupid kids spot these pictures and think "to look like that, all I gotta do is NOT EAT!"

And it keeps that vicious cycle going. These "healthy anorexics" are basically selling their anorexia like a product. They don't mean to (maybe), but they are. How many people on instagram do you think look at Ashley and think "I want to look like that"? The hardcore anorexics do, and such people normally have private instagrams because pictures of them at the depths of their struggle normally garner negative attention. "Fucking eat", "how are you not dead yet?", "stick a burger down your face"

And it's because eating disorders leave you a mangled fucking mess and I really think it invalidates the seriousness of the whole thing when healthy kids are bitching about how they are so thin and sucking their fucking stomachs in to accentuate their claim of EDs, when the REAL result of it is Ashley.

I have never ever seen Ashleys figure posted on a "Pro Ana" site because she is the human embodiment of anorexia and it's not to look like a victorias secret model. Most of the instagram "anorexics" are just vain and insecure.

They sell it on to young morons.

No. 47929

File: 1423531548351.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.3 KB, 900x1200, uh.jpg)

That ig girl isn't in recovery, this is her

The pic I posted, what's happened to make the girl's stomach like this?

No. 47935

Oh wow, thats actually more disturbing than Ashley to look at. Maybe its a burn? But its pretty large for that, I would assume some sort of medical issue in her stomach area that caused scaring.

No. 47937

I was thinking maybe it's something to do with blood vessels? Maybe something happened with her stomach and that's why she's hospitalised. This picture is so sad. I get what you mean about it being more disturbing than Ashley. She looks so young.

No. 47941

I just reverse searched that image to see if there're any details, hits are for myproana in someone's BONESPO folder and this: http://leaamalie.blogspot.co.uk/2012_01_01_archive.html (scroll to near the bottom). Looks like she got well!

No. 47944

maybe she smears her bile/vomit on her stomach like someone mentioned in this thread believing it will somehow make her "thinner"?

No. 47945

It's been a while since ash has updated… maybe that man really did something to her.

No. 47949

Lol one would hope.

No. 47950

No details on her blog.

Her latest blog update says "Doctors do not know exactly what to do to help me with my stomach either.
It has gone five weeks without going to the bathroom"


No. 48078

I was at the doctor's yesterday because I'm having trouble keeping my food down. Like, every time I eat, afterward I feel super sick and throw everything back up. I usually throw up like twice a day. And I fucking hate it. But when my doctor asked me if I was bulimic I couldn't help but think of Ashley. I am like a slightly chubby girl and everything and my doctor still asked.. I just can't imagine Ashley walking into a clinic. She'd be immediately sent into intensive care or something.

I know I feel bad for her, I mean, how much can that shit hurt every day to be a walking skeleton? But I wish she would realize she needs to help herself before she dies. I understand how it feels to feel like you don't deserve help because you hate yourself.. But seeing her just makes me so sad. She's a human who has almost completely withered away into nothingness. She could've had a bright future, gone to college, done something that makes her happy. And now she probably won't end up seeing 27. Her body and mind is ravaged..

It's fucked up but I keep checking out her life just to see if she's still alive :/

No. 48276

A girl in the clinic I was in had similiar scars and it was because her stomach hurt so bad she always had a burning hot heat bottle pressed against it

No. 48395

I was reading her blog and she mentions she's had 30+ stomach operations and she can't have anymore because of the scarring inside. The google translation isn't bad, but she says her stomach problems were caused by "self harm". Not sure if she means purging by that, or if she was drinking toxic substances or w/e.

Could be hot water bottle then because of stomach pain.

No. 48397

My sig other throws up randomly most days. He's been like that since he was a kid. The docs have always said it's a nervous tic thing in his stomach. Hope you get some help with that. Throwing up is hideous.

No. 48459

i think ash died u guys. she normally gushes over her dates and reblogs daily, but there has been no word from her in over 3 days?

No. 48461

I really hope not, she was fucked up but seemed sweet.

No. 48479

Wouldn't her bff on ig be spamming tribute posts?

No. 48483

I noticed she's friends again with that Jackie (?) lady again. Lol she throws like the biggest bitch fit when she believes her friends are being rotten to her and then this. Beggars can't be choosers ashley.

No. 48484

She is not sweet and she's probably just busy with her boyfriend or whatever. He's visiting for the whole week.

But there is always a chance she could die at any moment. Has she been active on Instagram? Do you think this guy actually did something to her? I'm assuming it's some man she met online who either has an ED fetish or a mental illness of his own. Not sure how many days she needs to be offline before someone should maybe call the police or something.

No. 48501

She doesn't need internet attention if she's entertaining this guy for a week. Good luck to him.

No. 48504

Does he have a IG?

No. 48507

What were the "extremely torturous thing that have unfolded"? Is she being dramatic about her therapy or sthing?

No. 48509

She added something to her Amazon wishlist yesterday so she was alive as of yesterday at least. I guess even when she's too busy for social media she can still beg for free stuff.

No. 48523

Could be there is nobody and she's making it all up. She's lying low so we think she's out socialising?

No. 48624

ashley….boyfriend.if this creature can get a boyfriend, why can't I??? wonder if he's decent looking at least.

No. 48660

File: 1423655195723.png (17.65 KB, 450x450, tfw no bulimic bf.png)


I'm sure you're lovely but the whole "if this cow can get a bf why can't I?" thing is getting sort of embarassing

No. 48663

i don't think you'd want to be liked by someone that only likes you because they're a fetishist.

also why be desperate for any bf? bad relationships are a huge waste of time

No. 48687

It's most likely not romantic, but Ashley might act like it so she can use this guy to get things she wants, and for attention. That's what she did with Erika. She'll end up turning on him when he flips from being all good to all bad in her mind. All her relationships end up like that, it's a characteristic of borderline personality disorder.

This new friend is probably some guy with an ED or depression or similar issue that she's latched on to because he's vulnerable and likely to do whatever she wants until she discards him. They have plans on get together allow week which means she gets free transportation and possibly free binge food.

No. 48692

File: 1423671301327.png (1005.68 KB, 784x754, wat.png)

she's "alive". but apparently something is going to happen to her? i hope her friend is helping her out or getting her treatment, but judging by those butters she's going to go into binge/purge mode all week. :/ disappointed.

No. 48694

What's with her alomond butter obsession?

No. 48695

I can't decide if her boyfriend is nice for dating someone as ill as her, or if he's gross. Like, is it like he can see past her skeletal body and fucked mindset and loves her for her personality (lol) or does he have a disgusting fetish?…

No. 48699

Imagine if he was a guy who has been following her since her Hamtaro-chan days. That'd be freaky.

No. 48700

That's probably the case here.
>friend for 7 years
>hamtaro-chan phase was around 7 years ago

No. 48702

As an emetophobic, that would be a nightmare to deal with.

Disgusting info: My sister is bulimic and used to hide her puke. She lived in our basement at the time and would hide it under furniture down there. I came across a large mixing bowl with moldy vomit in it while cleaning. It was terrible. There were several of them around her bed filled to the brim. She also ripped up the carpet to puke under it and hid it that way. It was terrible.

No. 48704

My mother has MS and has been throwing up pretty much every single meal for the past two years now. It's terrible watching her struggle to keep her food down. I hope what ever is causing this for you stops and you get better, anon.

No. 48713

It's popular in the recovery community and she likes getting whatever seems cool even if it makes no sense (Cards Against Humanity, lol wat). I'm guessing the almond butter is for another giveaway so she can take credit for someone else's generosity.

Love how in this post she refers to 'home' in quotes. Like seriously you get a free roof over your head thanks to your mother who is under no obligation to support you and you're going to act like a whiny kid about it. So ungrateful.

No. 48757

File: 1423686272800.png (998.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-02-11-12-21-40…)


No. 48769

File: 1423687802555.png (584.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-02-11-12-21-50…)

No. 48772

File: 1423689095160.png (50.79 KB, 200x195, neckbeard.png)

I hope he actually gets her the help she needs.

No. 48791

Lmfao. Omg anon, I thought the exact same thing!?!

I'm just kind of confused about how she can be around someone who is fat. If she's afraid of lotion making her fat, wouldn't rubbing up against a fat person make her think it's contagious or something?

No. 48795

fuck, when that neckbeard makes ashley look more attractive in comparison, you know what time it is

No. 48800

Christ, if I befriended or did something nice for someone and they became all creepy and obsessive like that I'd start backing the fuck up tbh. I can't imagine how her "friends" don't become super uncomfortable reading her weird tangents about them.

No. 48807

Maybe she sets it to private so only they can't see them.(not sure if you can do that on IG you can on FB)

No. 48825

Thanks for posting, anon.

You can see how yellow she looks next to this hottie. Her liver must be fucked.

She probably likes fat men because they make her look even thinner.

No. 48833

They do.

No. 48837

Wow, so NOW she cares about other people's safety/privacy but somehow she couldn't begin to grasp that concept before and was all "you just don't want to be seen with me, waaaah, you monster."

No. 48838

I doubt this relationship is romantic, at least mutually. She seems to have a thing for him. Otherwise, why be so heartbroken over him leaving before valentines day?

No. 48839

Lmfao, truuueeee.

She most likely means her safety. Like not wanting to jeopardize this set up of her getting free shit from some clueless neck beard.

No. 48840

Let's face it, it's highly likely he's pervert. His privacy = so nobody can identify him on the sex offenders register.

So into protecting his privacy when there was that issue with friend (senior moment, forgotten her name) with the HOURS of texts trying to convince her to remove her photo from ig but Ashley wouldn't.

THAT BUTTER STUFF. What do you do with it? Do you spread it on toast? Never seen it before.

No. 48845

Its a fancy peanut butter is all. Eat it with PB&J's, toast, anything really.

No. 48847

Must be difficult hurling that shit up. Almond's gross. It's the one nut I won't touch.

How long before we get the bff fallout? Not too long I hope. I don't think I can stand any more of Ash posting girly lingerie on tumblr.

No. 48906

I'd be surprised if she doesn't use it for a giveaway. I'm guessing she's been purging for longer than I did, so maybe it's easier for her, but I used to have an eating disorder. From my experience, and from what I've heard from everyone else, purging nut butters is awful.

No. 48907

If she is so fucking poor, she shouldn't do giveaways at all. I would feel SO guilty if i won a giveaway and then found out that the person sending me the giveaway stuff was so bad off that she should be saving the money to take care of herself.
I think it's equal parts "look how selfless I am," "look how positive I'm being," and leverage for when she starts thinking that everyone's fucking her over.. "I do so much for you all, i buy you expensive things, and this is how you treat me?"

No. 48915

She's not poor poor. She has enough to do giveaways and "pay" for her own therapy sessions out of pocket, plus buys a ton of b/p food and weeb junk. It's all shit she says when it's convenient to say.

No. 48916

basically made from almonds instead of peanuts

No. 48917

Almond butter is really good actually, assuming you keep it down. You can substitute it wherever you'd use peanut butter. She got some of the good stuff too.

No. 48920

She probably doesn't even really care about his "safety" but is saying that now so she can remind everyone "I'm being threatened and harassed" and get sympathy.

No. 49023

Did this guy travel thousands of miles just to visit her or is he on a family vacation to Disney and decided to see her while he was in town? Because it would suck for him if he came all that way and spent money on airfare and a hotel just to give her a ride to buy binge food and drop her off back home so she can have a date with her toilet.

No. 49093

Sign up to some fetish communities and advertise yourself. That's all I did. Tag your pics accordingly. Sooner or later the sick fucks will find you. shrugs
> psychologically scarring
Lol, not really. I just did what I do every evening with the webcam switched on. But then again I've been eating disordered since 15 years and really don't give a flying fuck anymore. It paid my bills for a good while so who am I to complain.

It is a niche just like every other. Some guys fap to girls pissing themselves, others fap to lactating breasts, others get a boner from women in diapers and high heels who dance macarena while sticking a candle up their asses.
Mysterious creatures indeed.
Bottom line, if it's sick, there's a sick fuck to fap to it. Use it to your advantage and make some cash with it.

No. 49096

Looks like burn to me; I have similar scars on my stomach, also from hot water bottles.
The "self harm" she talks about could be burning herself with them. I do that as well. And because it kinda helps with my stomach cramps. But mostly because it hurts like hell. Especially those rubbery ones. Feels like they melt into your skin after a while.

No. 49108

Ffs why does this thread always bring in people sharing personal anecdotes and their struggles with eating disorders. It's fucking annoying, the thread is about Ashley not you. Fuck off.

No. 49151

Cause they must share their special snowflake problems.

No. 49189

Well.. rather than bitching about them, howzabout you talk about Ashley?

No. 49190

kek it's like the 28inch waist chan of mental health

No. 49430

Just took a class about eating disorders, some points that prove she isnt in therapy.

1. She would not be able to have a regular session because talking would be exhausting. She is straight up lying about having an hour or 2 hour therapy session, it just would not be physically possible at her state. You can see how bad her voice in with the videos she posts.
2. Indiv therapy for girls in her situation doesnt happen until she is doing a bit better. She is too severe to actually be in therapy like that, it just wouldnt happen. This has been said before with how the doctor would be negligent if they did, but I want to stress that it isnt even an option.
3. She would need to be hospitalized. They wouldnt do outpatient for her, not until she was far heavier than what she is.
4. Therapy would be weekly for sure, just because it needs to be that often for eating disorders until they are in remission. You dont start off with every month or so.

If she did do therapy with would be CBT or family based.

No. 49439

All of this stuff has been pointed out before and we all agree, however…

Her voice sounds like shit from a combo of destroying her esophagus with puke and her phony whining/"woe is me" charade she puts on for everybody.

No. 49458

You have valid points and i believe you're right on most counts (and i find it very hard to believe that she's in therapy), but certain things vary from region to region, or healthcare provider to healthcare provider, for instance the individual therapy part. She definitely wouldn't be allowed to to OP group therapy, though. They're starting to use DBT for EDs more now, especially with bulimia and binge eating… that could be a good option for her down the line (if she lives long enough), since DBT is also the go-to therapy for BPD.
She definitely needs medical IP, though. Too bad it can't be forced on her like that lady in the UK.

No. 49463

She's apparently taking some sort of medication though. Good for her.

No. 49465

Isn't the therapy for anxiety though and not her ED?

Medication could be anything. I doubt it's anything that she knows is going to help with her ED.

No. 49549

What medication? Is it a laxative?

No. 49550

File: 1423876442076.png (16.18 KB, 749x239, ashiskill.png)

No. 49666

I am not a medical doctor and am pretty clueless in regards to refeeding in such severe cases. With that being said, would Ashley benefit from gastric tube feeding? It would essentially bypass her stomach, and go straight to the small intestine. She would not be able to purge anymore.

No. 49679

No, she'd be able to purge better with the tube in her belly.

No. 49808

What is the end game with anorexia (or eating disorders in general)? I know they all want to be thin, have 0 fat, but they all KNOW they're going to die if they get even close to their goal, and even if they did get close they still wouldn't be happy with what they saw.. they all know it.. So what is the end game? Or am I missing something?

No. 49811

they hate themselves and want to die. no matter what else they might claim they want, that is the beginning and the end of it. deep down they want to die, and that is their end goal.

No. 49818

For some the endgame is definitely death. For others, though, it's just an addiction and bad coping mechanism. Mentally their logic is so twisted that they feel they can't stop, or that they'll be fine. Or they just do want to die.

No. 49827

You're missing that it's a mental illness. I'm not saying that absolves them, before someone accuses me, but that the behaviour doesn't actually have to make logical sense.

No. 49828

I guess so. I just can't see it from their point of view, you know? But then I've never had an eating disorder so I guess I wouldn't. Do you think Ashley looks in the mirror and considers herself fat still?

No. 49838

I can't imagine she'd think herself fat, but I can imagine that she'd see areas where she thinks there's even a minuscule of fat she could lose. Even if you saw on the scale that you were 30lbs that's 30lbs too much even if it's the weight of your skeleton and organs etc. Can't say how she feels though because I've never had an ED, just basing this on what I've heard others think.

No. 49839

>others think
others SAY.

No. 49848

LOL well, if you're going to get bent out of shape over semantics like that, it should really be 'What I've read others write' since unless you're blind and have one of those computers that read to you and you're using it to shitpost here: there's a good chance you read it online.

No. 50000

It's pure denial. Then when you reach your LW you stop caring about your health altogether and the only two options left are a) starve to death or b) recover

No. 50050

Huh? 'Heard others think' doesn't make sense unless you're telepathic, it's not being anal about semantics or anything. Chill out.

No. 50127

It has been described as a slow suicide. Looking back, it makes sense. I never had te guts and felt too guilty if I an heroed. I really did think I was fat. Looking at old pics made me realize I never was fat. It's a trippy state of mind.

No. 50131


No. 50135

That was me, and so was this
should've added a * after SAY but I was tired as fuck and half asleep, so that's that one cleared up.

No. 50137

File: 1424030337756.jpg (44.04 KB, 570x570, how-to-girl.jpg)

Honestly, I think that most skeletal anorexics do know how thin they are (unless they have severe BDD). It's not like that whole "look in the mirror and see an obese person" thing which is commonly believed, but more like what the anon above said where they look at themselves and still see areas with fat that they don't want.

No. 50228

File: 1424047234227.jpg (118.13 KB, 1021x588, bff.JPG)

Ash is being very sociable. Here's another bff. Is this the one on that social cam video with Ash where she's wearing a Pokemon badge on her "bog fat boobie"?

Post above: I can imagine an anorexic would think the skin you can pull would perhaps be fat and not just stretchy skin. There was this really toxic tv ad years ago for breakfast cereal saying IF YOU CAN PINCH MORE THAN AN INCH YOU NEED TO WATCH YOUR WEIGHT. Can't most people pull a load of skin? I'm slim, but I can still stretch a good amount skin on my middle…and elsewhere.

No. 50229

Big* fat boobie

No. 50234

>starve to death
but could you eat enough to just maintain at that point, and actually become healthy? like, if Ashley stopped purging and just started eating the amount her body needs to sustain life, would it be possible for her to stay at her current size and still "recover"?

I've always hated this picture because it makes the girl in the mirror out to be "fat" which I don't really think she is. She seems pretty average to me.

No. 50238

American average sure

No. 50334

Average, maybe. Fat, yes.
Seriously, even if she doesn't have rolls hanging out look at how big her whole midsection and thighs are.

No. 50340

Jesus Christ, people carry their weight differently.
>murrika hurr durr
The girl is not at an unhealthy weight. Holy crap. Can we just stop judging people so fucking harshly? Sure, she's not at an "ideal" weight but not everyone has to be. I personally would not approve if I looked in the mirror and saw that and maybe you wouldn't either. But to say that there is something fundamentally flawed about that image is really unnecessary.

No. 50344

agreed, anon. i don't think she looks bad at all. people on here get real catty and go ham on the whole americans are fat schtick. which, i mean, they are, but c'mon. she's chub at worst. it's not likely that she'll die from her body comp/weight. girls get too crazy about the 'fat' namecalling. there's a stark difference between being fat, and chubby. this is "girl fat".

chub, not fat.

she's got a high % of fat, on a relatively small frame, but she's chub, and she doesn't look bad. and obviously, it's not everyone's priority to be hot all of the time.

No. 50358

File: 1424080586785.jpg (47.4 KB, 397x295, image.jpg)

That bish is fat as phuck. I'm just gonna assume you're a fatty yourself because anyone with a working pair of eyes can see she sure as hell ain't skinny or "average" lol

No. 50362

She doesn't look that fat because her belly is sorta flat and she seems to carry her weight pretty well. It's like those Dove beauty ads, where they showcase fat people who, surprise surprise, don't have any rolls or much showing cellulite (they purposefully targeted fat women with good skin and good weight repartition).

We're "tricked" into thinking she's not fat but she's still overweight. I wish my fat didn't like hanging out around my butt/belly because it makes me look chubby from the waist down.

No. 50366

She has weird as fuck proportions. Legs and arms of an overweight person, belly of a healthy person, but her torso is also really wide.

She looks like she's got a BMI of 24 or 25, so she's a high, healthy weight, or a low, unhealthy weight.

People calling her a fatty have a warped idea of what healthy looks like. She's chubby/fat by society's standards, but that means jack shit.

No. 50372

To me, it's only her legs and arms that look fat. Maybe it's shopped to fuck. It's not like she's obese though and I think that's the only time I'd bother to diet because of all the health issues.

No. 50497

Yeah, it looks kinda shopped to me. I think they took an average-skinny girl and made her a bit bigger.

No. 50547

What I don't understand is her constant whining of being poor yet buying/giving away Quest bars that are almost $30 for a box of 12

No. 50565

What happened to the guy visiting her?

No. 50647

ash killed him and binged on his body

No. 50713

Sounds like he might come back to help her when she gets surgery this month according to her Tumblr. She must be freaking the fuck out about how she'll be able to purge after oral surgery. Wonder what the surgery is for. If it's to fix her teeth it seems like a waste of money (government/charity money no less because I highly doubt she has private dental insurance) since with her mental condition she'll just ruin whatever improvement they can make.

No. 50725

Must be something urgent needs doing because that's a massive risk putting her under anesthetic. Her teeth are probably all rotten. I wonder how much emotional blackmail she dished out to get Neckbeard to be with her.

No. 50754

I… I actually had a dream last night where Ashley showed up and even though she was thin and veiny she was a lot bigger than what she looks like in her pictures. So i dreamt that i took pictures for you guys. I think i need to stop lurking this board.

No. 50787

Is it possible that the hospital will keep her in once they have her in? I don't know how these things work but I would imagine any doctor that fixes whatever is wrong with her mouth, then sends her on her merry way in her condition wouldn't be a very good doctor.

No. 50789

There's no way they'd put her under unless she would die without surgery and that outweighed the risk of dying under anaesthesia. It must be just a minor dental thing like having rotten teeth pulled with local anaesthesic and she's just exaggerating about her "mouth surgery" for get well soon gifts and attention. They also do simple extractions at free dental clinics for indigent people so that would explain how she could afford "surgery."

No. 50791

I feel that most HAES people hate binge eating disorder.

When you consider that the food that goes into your body effects every aspect of your mental health it's no surprise that obese and underweight people are cray- Cause they're not getting essential nutrients

No. 50807

She's probably getting all her teeth yanked. It's not unheard of for this to happen to people who purge for years. I wonder how her dentures will look, and how she'll react if people mention her teeth looking different… I doubt she'll be telling everyone if she gets dentures.

No. 50843

Wait, if ash sleeps in a recliner chair, where did mc.fedora sleep?

No. 50934

A motel probably. Don't think her mom would allow some strange neck beard pedo to stay over.

No. 50940

Who knows though? I doubt her mother is as horribly abusive as Ashley makes out, but I think she's somewhat fucked since she let her daughter get in this state. Not to mention possibly having an ED herself.

No. 51027

File: 1424235099450.png (539.09 KB, 728x420, mum.png)

I'm pretty sure her mum is disordered as well. here's a screencap from one of ashley's vids back in 2007 compared to a more recent picture of her mum. You can tell something is going on there.

No. 51033

Or it could be stress aging her and making her look ill from the burden of her insane, dying daughter. That is far more likely than her mum having an ED.

No. 51047

Yeah, I think if there's any competition, as ash once mentioned, it definitely is all in ash's head. Like, my mum will shit on fat people, but isn't disordered. Apparently her mum does the same.

No. 51113

I wouldn't believe anything Ash says. Her mum looks like she's lost weight, but it's been 7 years after the shot in the car and she could've lost it or many reasons. It's her hair colour that's aged her. She's either dyed it blonde, or it's grey. It makes her look older.

No. 51152

Really bugs me how she reblogs completely normal posts, like the shapes of peeps, and tag it with "eating disorder"

No. 51223

She wants people who look for the #eating disorder tag and find her so they'll buy her some shit from her wishlist.

I'm really curious how many calories she actually keeps down in a day. It was after anon said she could maintain the weight she's at and to me she doesn't look like she's gained or lost for a long, long time. She MUST be getting at least 500 calories a day?

No. 51224

I was looking at her ex bffs ig. Lol that she tags a selfie "dissociated". Yeah, because when you're dissociated you still manage to take a selfie to upload. Not knocking her recovery attempt, but shit like that just makes me roll my eyes.

No. 51256

guy here. I've read the whole thread and it makes me wonder what the hell causes anorexia. Is it really modern media and the portrayal of women like the tumblrites say? That they develop body disorders because of skinny models?

No. 51274

Its complex because you cant say one thing is the reason why these things happen, and there are cases of people starving themselves in the past. But for sure media is a big part of it, and the increased interest in how people look, which didnt happen as much before.

I wouldnt say it is just skinny models, because girls compare themselves to anyone else who is skinnier than themselves, but the ability to photoshop yourself skinnier than you are does make it seem like something that is unattainable is.

There is no way that she could maintain her body as is without doing all the purging and starving she is doing. You also cant be considered recovered if you are at a crazy low weight because part of the process is not only getting out of the disordered eating but also being at a better weight.

If you are bulimic only, as they tend to not be as underweight, then you wouldnt need to gain weight necessarily to be recovered, but you would just by changing your diet to be eating better, which is a fear that people with eating disorders have.

No. 51297

maybe she is getting those fake teeth put over her real decaying ones?

No. 51298

someone mentioned in a past thread that moms also try to eat what their daughter eats so they can show their daughter what is happening to their body since the daughter can't see it on themselves.
But Ash's mom looks like she was overweight before and now looks normal

No. 51299

Judging by the old picture of her mom where she is obviously overweight she might have been scared to get that big and thought it was genetic if she ate normally so cut back into an anorexic caloric intake

No. 51300

it really isnt one trigger for everyone, some it can be they are scared to get really fat so cut back, they've been abused so want to remain childlike as most familial sexual abuse starts when child hits puberty and anorexics generally have delayed onset along with reduction of breast size if they have grown, others it could just be since it is the only thing they can control in their life is their food, I can go on and on but there isn't just one thing that causes it

No. 51369

Men have anorexia too.

No. 51386

File: 1424323276264.jpg (111.59 KB, 619x477, 01.jpg)

Felt like making an attempt to add some poundage.

No. 51389

It's an illness that is wrapped up in so much self loathing that the anorexic is consciously aware or subconsciously unaware that they are slowly killing themselves. Many of the girls I've met are perfectionists and extremely good students. They never felt good enough for "this/that". They are constantly in reach of unattainable goals.

No. 51391

FUCK. That looks just like her in the youtube video. Nice work anon.

No. 51393

Wow she looks her actual age.

No. 51430

No. 51435

This is upsetting, she would've been pretty cute. 8/10 would've wifed.

No. 51481

She would've been so adorable tbh it's a shame to look at that.

No. 51732

holy shit.
it's a shame that she never wants to recover.

No. 51940

Not with that personality though

No. 51978

could she even recover at this point? she bouta die.

No. 52003

She could try, but… who knows how much longer she'd live even with recovery. Has to have messed up her organs pretty bad.

No. 52006

Yeah and her mindset is seemingly never going to change, at least not soon enough for it to not be too late. She doesn't want to recover. It must be frightening knowing you're going to die so soon.

No. 52069

Her mind is too far gone for her to understand reality. Whenever someone tells her she's going to die soon if she doesn't recover she just gets offended and says "you can't put an expiration date on me!" She is actually so delusional she must think she's fine. Some anorexics with extremely distorted thinking start to believe they are somehow beyond basic needs, they can survive without food.

No. 52685

You swear like we know the answer. How come you people never bother to research these things if you care so much? Especially since you have the answer at your fingertips but noooo. It's not like there are hundreds of websites where you could get a legitimate answer.

No. 52687

Above post was for this guy. My bad.

No. 52748

File: 1424569818005.jpg (362.19 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nk4ywp20Wn1u5s8g7o1_128…)

holy shit I didn't think she could lose any more weight, but she looks a lot, lot worse.

that's a lot of anorexia fur.

No. 52751

holy shit

No. 52754

she has lost a ton more weight. The eyeshadow is doing nothing for her eyes except make them look more recessed.
The facial hair doesn't look too too bad as it isn't super long which would be 'fur' but that looks normal for average people

No. 52841

does she wear circle lens?

No. 52855

i doubt they would stay on

No. 52862

do you think when she inevitably dies that we will find out about it on lolcow?

No. 52872

does anorexia make your eyeballs dry up or something? why wouldn't they stay in?

No. 52901

She looks jaundiced. Why is she FMLing? Is it over Neckbeard?

I'd say instagram first. Not sure though. I wonder if her surgery's going to be with novocaine because, seriously, would her heart not give out under a general anaesthetic?

No. 52902

Oh, just read her issues on tumblr.

No. 53065

> She looks jaundiced.

Look at that picture of her and neckbeard. She's yellow as fuck. Her liver is failing.


"A yellowish discoloration of the skin may result, which is induced by an accumulation of the yellow pigment bilirubin that the damaged liver fails to remove from the blood."

No. 53944

File: 1424744409096.gif (13.01 KB, 325x368, TubePlacement.gif)

There are multiple different placements for gastric feeding tubes. In a case such as hers, she would require one further down in her small intestine such as a Jejunostomy. This would not allow her to purge by throwing up, but laxative use would need to be strictly monitored.

No. 54020

Ugh. Who fucking cares? It's not going to happen. She's just going to keep doing the same old shit till she's gone.

No. 54024


I'd imagine that being this far gone, she'd need a heart transplant once she gets up to a safe weight.

No. 54059

I highly doubt she would even be put on the transplant list with her mental state. She did this to herself, it's no like she had a bad heart to begin with or it was damaged accidentally. Her being near death isn't going o make the transplant committee ignore the fat that she is obviously extremely disturbed mentally and would not be a viale candidate to recieve a donor heart. They're super careful with who gets vital organs, Ashley would never get a heart no matter how fucked her own is because there's a snowball's chance in hell she would even take her anti rejection meds in the fear they might make her fat. She would have to be in a hospial, away from the internet, in recovery, and making real progress before any doctor would bein to consider giving her a donor organ.

No. 54128

I hope they never give her a new organ. Plenty of people on the donor list are on it through no fault of their own, and are desperate for life. Ashley is obviously desperate to drive herself into an early grave so nobody should be trying to stop her. It's a waste.

No. 54147

There's NO WAY ON EARTH she'd EVER even be given 2 seconds consideration for a transplant (except maybe a cornea if she needed one).

Alcoholics who need a liver transplant are so heavily monitored while on the waiting list to make sure they don't drink and if they do that's it bye bye to transplant. Even getting to the waiting list stage they have to give so much evidence they're never going to drink again and attend AA etc.

ALL her organs are going to be fucked and she's not willing to even try to recover. No medic would suggest a transplant not only because of her condition but also ethically it'd be wrong. Who'd want their family member's liver going to someone who's going to continue fucking up their system?

I can't see her lasting until the end of the year. That yellowness of her skin is pretty disturbing.

No. 54277

I first saw her two years ago and thought "she won't make it till next year" and she always does.

Although she's lost more weight and looks like a rejected Simpsons character so.. maybe this time you're right.

No. 54287

Sorry I'm just catching up with ashley and this might be a little OT but when the heck did people finally figure out her age? Who finally disclosed it?

No. 54289

I want to know who discovered she was hamtaro chan! If I'd seen her on tumblr as Ash I wouldn't think it was her. I only remember her being on /b/ for a couple of months and I'd forgotten about her.

No. 54290

Oh, that'll be connected to her being hamchan 7 years on, but no idea who figured it all out.

No. 54302

No. 54325

You know I've been saying that for two years now,yet her she is still kicking it.
I don't wish death on anybody, but she really is a waste of space. She spews shit to people who are impressionable and trying to recover.

No. 54413

I wonder if this site will come under investigation when she dies.

No. 54416

Its not our fault that she isn't getting help.
I know for a fact that some anons have tried getting her real help and she just won't take it.

No. 54417

If she dies of anorexia-related causes, why would they investigate her death?

There would only be a slim chance they'd bother to investigate even if she committed suicide.

No. 54419

It just seems likely that one of her friends will report lolcow and try to place the blame on it.

No. 54421

Well she was anorexic before cow was even a thing, so

No. 54582

Idk if it does happen it wouldn't be an obvious link. She tries so hard to keep the truth from her audience that she can't link them to her "bullies" without linking them to the truth about her.

No. 54641

Not a chance. Her "friends" are a bunch of 15 year olds who aren't going to even know how to alert lolcow to the police. If she's actually seeing a therapist, her anorexia is going to be well documented, and lolcow hasn't even been around for a year, while she's been wasting away far longer. Probably nothing at all will get investigated since the cause of death will be quite obvious, maybe her mother will go under fire for abuse or some shit but otherwise no.

The most lolcow might suffer is a bunch of slacktivists popping up here calling us soulless and murderers but that's all.

No. 54642

When did she start popping up again in this state? I'm curious to compare pics from 2 years ago til now.

No. 54645

The oldest pic I've seen is 2 and a half years old now >>9347

No. 54646

I found out because someone I know pointed out it was her on fb.

No. 54649

she uses eye shadow, foundation etc
tbh i feel its pointless and a waste of time. why go through the effort in the state shes in?

No. 54730

Ashley is 'poor', so I was expecting cheap makeup like Elf or generic pharmacy brands… but MAC? Really, Ashley?

No. 54732

This bitch aint poor.
She just likes to play the poor victim and get her dumb nut fans to buy her shit.
Also if you look when she gives out gifts most is all form the dollar tree.

No. 54769

Aww cute!!

Nobody in the real world gives a fuck what this site thinks, anon. What do you think, the cops will charge us all with involuntary manslaughter or something?

No. 54771

SHE has disclosed it. Anybody who's been following her for a while knows. She just got weird about it in the past year or so.

No. 54845

I don't really join in here cause he existence makes me feel sad she's more horror cow bit like every time I see the cover picture I just think if yzma from emperors new groove

No. 54979

I was looking through her vids, and her face has definitely gotten more skeletal in the last six weeks, I'm sure it has.

Also, I know she's not a great person, but in the vid after her "first therapy" session I can't help but feel super sorry for her where she says "I wanna go home" then looks away sadly. Anyone else feel sorry for her there?

No. 55057

Does anyone have a good medical explanation for how she is alive at this point/has survived so long? I mean.. it's been YEARS

No. 55068

Scientists are baffled.
I sure as hell am.

No. 55086

Anyone know what kind of surgery she's supposed to be happening? Isn't she high risk for complications either during, or afterward? I'm surprised there's someone out there willing to operate on her at all.

No. 55087

*having, not happening

No. 55100

"Mouth surgery". My guess is something dental or throat related.

No. 55112

It's just going to be a waste of time and money if it's her teeth since she throws up her food.

But also, I would think her low weight and low blood pressure would make it hard for her to be under anesthesia.

No. 55149

I don't think it's possible for her to survive anything like surgery. What's ok for a normal healthy person must be drastic for her.

No. 55154

How the fuck is she even well… "allowed" to have surgery? Wouldn't they just hospitalize her the second she steps into a place with medical professionals?

No. 55162

File: 1425001069380.jpg (1.07 MB, 1230x820, 1424569818005_副本.jpg)

No. 55167

if EDs had never happened to her (and she grew out of the 'woe is me, emo kid' mentality/personality) I would want to date the fuck out of her.

No. 55170

holy shit this is the best before and after shoop I've seen on this site

10/10 anon

No. 55171


Holy fucking shit anon, that's amazing

No. 55173

You are seriously talented. Oh my gosh.

No. 55180

Lol thanks, guys.

No. 55192

File: 1425006771018.jpg (311.5 KB, 960x638, ash1.jpg)

Haha, I was also working on that photo. Oh well, here's another rendition. Do forgive the blurry lines, I'm currently photoshop-less. I feel like I can't capture that Hamtaro-chan essence, but maybe it's just that she doesn't hold her head at those extreme myspace angles anymore and is just older in general. Oh well.

No. 55196

Yeah ummm I really do not understand how anyone could safely perform surgery on her in that state and then just let her go, ignoring her SEVERE eating disorder and, I can only assume, the physical havoc it has done to her body. How has she not been deemed a "danger to herself" by this point, since she's been on death's doorstep for so long and has no intention of doing anything but continuing to slowly kill herself??!

No. 55197

File: 1425007842308.png (12.25 KB, 727x195, lol.png)

welp, looks like neckbeard will be out of the picture soon too.

No. 55198

IDK much about how anaesthesia might affect a malnourished, husk of a body~ would even a local anaesthetic be a risk? Some oral surgery can be done with just a local and no general and/or IV sedation.

No. 55203

He's not the usual gullible ana worshipper she preys on.

No. 55241

How sad. She would of been crazy cute if she had a healthy body image of herself… This is so depressing to work a girl vanish into nothing from her ED.

No. 55250

File: 1425016637321.jpg (494.15 KB, 1343x889, 1424569818005_meitu_1.jpg)

No. 55253

I'm sure this has been asked a billion times before, but how is she still alive?

How long has she been looking like this?

Any idea how much she weighs?

No. 55269

The human body can withstand Some shit. For real though, I've been aware of her looking like this since 2012. There has also been that model who lived a good while being smaller than Ashley. I'm more surprised that their brains are functioning enough to allow them to think/speak like a "normal" person.

No. 55270

She's so basic with/without an ED. And her attitude has always been too over the top

No. 55272

Aside from the obvious mental problems, I don't think the brain gets affected in the way her body/organs are. But I'm no doctor so idk

No. 55306

Isabella Caro? She was 30 when she died, which I guess is a long time given how thin she was. She was 55 to 88 lbs at various points in her life. And unlike Ashley, she had a book and talked about the horrors of anorexia and how awful of a disease it is.

No. 55317


it does tho. our nutrition can greatly affect the way our brain functions. it's like a shitty cycle, you get an ED because you're craycray, and the lack of food just makes your mental health even worse.

No. 55322

Cerebral atrophy (-> cognitive decline) is just one of the glamorous side effects of anorexia nervosa. Thankfully it is, supposedly, reversible if you recover, but Ashley…I'm sorry, but I really struggle to see her getting to a healthy weight at this point.

No. 55324

Even if Ashley was forced into a hospital and had a G/J tube (which you call still purge through, Shelley Guillory did this in the documentary Thin), re-feeding syndrome would be a very real risk and I doubt Ashley's body could cope at this point.

No. 55327

This is so sad… She looks like a happy and healthy cutie in the right.

No. 55353

A friend of mine became anorexic at 18 years old. She actually recovered, as in became a healthy weight and maintained it, but the ED damaged her organs so much she was forever ill with kidney problems, etc.

So she was in hospital for a routine operation and under anesthetic had a cardiac arrest and died. They put the blame on damaged done while being anorexic. She was only 41.

Idk how often this happens, but I sure as shit don't think Ashley would survive when my friend had been in recovery for around 10 years but still the damage killed her.

No. 55354

This reminds me of Hamtaro chan more than the first one. I think she'd still have a round face and she'd still look young for her age. Good job there.

No. 55404

So she started to mini rant about her mom's abusive behavior again. I'm surprised she managed to keep her insta private for so long and turn off anon as well. Probably doing it out of spite but thank god. It stops her from being a "victim".

No. 55511

It's kinda of like alcoholism. What's their endgame? Some people want to drink themselves to death, and others just get to the point to where they can't stop, or their brains are so fucked up that they're convinced they need it. It's the same thing.

No. 55512

EDs aren't restricted to women, nor are they easily identified. Most eating disordered people admit that their ED have nothing with media influence. It's a plethora of reasons. Why don't you google it instead of asking really basic questions?

No. 55513

It's like when you see the ultimate goal weight of people on ig or myproana and they say "to death". Others say Ash looks too skinny, but there are some who want their ED to kill them.

No. 55782

She's playing the sympathy card big time on her Amazon wishlist… "mouth surgery" is mentioned in the cookie butter comments and "bed rest" is mentioned twice in DVD comments.

No. 55815

File: 1425205231371.jpg (565.7 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nkhztaVaa31u5s8g7o1_128…)

Hey why donate money to a charity for people with eating disorders who want to recover when you can buy games and gift it to a whiny selfish asshole lol

No. 55817

If she doesn't have her own room and sleeps in a chair, where does she put all that useless shit?

No. 55820

She probably just takes pictures for the internet and then chucks it out.

No. 55823

It still amazes me how someone has the balls to expect strangers to send them things from their wishlist.

I bet she was gutted there weren't any edibles with that crap.

No. 55897

I wish she would stop plastering all that gay shit over photos

No. 55899


No. 55911

File: 1425236346243.png (422.92 KB, 1056x1672, shameless.png)

this is just an excerpt of her shameless e-begging.


>Perfect for after my mouth surgery ^_^ -Ash

>Priority: Highest

>"Perfect for puking it all up and ruining my new teeth after surgery ^_^ -Ash
>Priority: You better buy me binge food, bitch"

No. 55920

It's awful how she imitates a writing style of a 12 year old child. Isn't she like 24?

No. 55949

It's probably related to her obsession with cute and childish things.

No. 55951

i somehow don't believe cookie butter is a good idea after mouth surgery…

No. 55961

I know! That shit's going to stick.

No. 56003

>tfw when my family is friends with Krist Novoselic

No. 56013


wow cool

No. 56252

She's either deleted her Tumblr or she's been reported for something.

No. 56278

Her tumblr is gone??

No. 56279


Looks like it. Won't take long for another to pop up.

No. 56319

she deleted all her personal pics & videos from instagram too. running away from your problems instead of facing them head-on. this girl needs to get her life straight.

No. 56328

are we sure she hasn't suddenly died or something

No. 56337

File: 1425325213365.jpg (114.69 KB, 960x960, 10277147_10151988641091065_503…)

Everything on her Facebook is still up.

No. 56353

File: 1425326337316.jpg (15.48 KB, 351x82, Capture.JPG)

Not her "tumblr" wishlist anymore.

No. 56368

So she baleteed her tumblr. I wonder why.

No. 56369


No. 56377

Because I'm an awful person, and I wanted to know what she'd do, I tried to take the sealed-up-tight URL but it won't let me, looks like Tumblr deleted her this time.

No. 56479

Heh, now instead of linking to tumblr on her IG profile, she links to her wi$h£i$t. Cha-ching!

No. 56492

Most guys are idiots who think EDs don't affect them. I've spoken to a lot of guys who actually think EDs are a women only disorder. like what?

I laughed. Where is she getting this money from? (I love Lisa Frank and would take those stickers in a heart beat.)

No. 56493

No, someone has it, you were just late.

No. 56495

$14 for peanut butter??

No. 56527

Top kek, that one post
Whoever took the URL should post some of the facts about her, like her age, manipulations, chat logs with her '''friend''' from before, etc.


No. 56569

File: 1425360834593.png (1.24 MB, 1067x1484, omg.png)

Holy shit, this made my night.

No. 56573

The LF sticks are from our Dollar store.
They have a shit ton. (sorry for OT)

No. 56590

Eww she lives in Orlando? Maybe when Kiki gets back from "Japan" they can have a shitty lolcow meet up.

No. 56749

File: 1425413622878.png (839.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-03-03-11-59-44…)


No. 56784

Why the fuck is she complaining about starting over again? It's not like she's been deleted.

No. 56788

>…for ME and ONLY me.

Why not make it fully private and delete all your followers? Oh yeah….wishlist, silly me.

No. 56800

Im guessing she had been lying about the mouth surgery and needed to cover her tracks, so she deleted everything again. Eveytime something "important" is supposed to happen she cleans up then talks about how she can't trust anyone (all while still keeping her wishlist up).

No. 56804

pokemon is fucking stupid nowadays. can't believe grown ass people still like it.

No. 56809

Imagine if she's having teeth out. Her head's more of a skull than ever. Her whole bottom half of face would cave in.

No. 56811

sooooo is there any possibility that she could go back to looking somewhat normal or is she fucked

No. 56830

Learning to draw eyebrows would be a start.

No. 56833

She's fucked. Notice how she says "I am battling mental illnesses & I support YOUR recovery" but not hers. She doesn't want to recover. She straight up ignores anyone who asks her to recover or goes into insane fits on how she's sick and tired of people "harassing" her with get well messages. She's even said straight-up "I want to live, but I don't want to recover." in older posts, going as far as saying that the illness is what makes her complete. I'm pretty sure the system and her mother have deemed her a lost cause. She -wants- to live deathly sick and ill until she dies.

No. 56834

Also don't forget about all her "bffs" attempts at actually getting her legit help. She turns on them violently at the first sight that they're going to do something positive for her future.

No. 56845

I want to see this now

No. 56856

Poor Ash can't catch a break.

No. 56870

Pushing people away as a part of denile of illness isn't anything too new but it's more jarring when you see it with people as ill as Ashley.

No. 56919

I was always under the impression she's one of those ANA IS A LIFESTYLE CHOICE people rather than being in denial.

No. 56996

No, she's all about emphasizing how sick she is. "Look at all my disorders." She gets off on the sympathy and attention for being sick.

No. 57020

Can some/one of you post whatever pic and caption she posts on her Instagram onto this thread? I'm sick of following her and seeing her creepy ass randomly on my feed, but I still want to rofl.

No. 57023

Shame on you. Pokemon was the shit growing up. W/e is going on now probably sucks balls, but the o.g. Shit was amazing.

No. 57027

Pffft she's ALWAYS saying she's battling some shit. I totally doubt it, but if she is, and she's truly in turmoil over it, then hello…do something about it. She's done this for too long for her not to see the light and attempt it for real.

No. 57057

She definitely wasn't going to get mouth surgery. She was probably going to get some puke-rotted teeth pulled and exaggerated the situation (bpd people do that) to get sympathy. No respectable dentist would put someone like her under anaesthetic. Someone probably messaged her mother to "get her "family" involved!".

No. 57074

yea that's what i meant. the first season of the show and games were good. now it's like a never ending hell of the same boring shit over and over.

how long do you think it'll be before she bites the dust though?

No. 57091

No. 57100

jeez mcgeebs, just let the spoopy skelekin die in peace. I feel like all the lulz have been milked, and shes just gonna keep baaleeting everything from this point on so whats even the point anymore? She and her reputation have been picked to the bone you might say.

No. 57151

>wah wah in MY age there were only 151 pokemon

No. 57161

Can you stop shitting on so many threads with your lame-ass email address? Cheers.

No. 57182

How does puke rot your teeth exactly?

No. 57183

Stomach acid, fool.

No. 57205


The shit she eats isn't exactly helping either.

No. 57219


The bile from your stomach is projected into your mouth, and people who frequently purge will often brush their teeth following puking, which doesn't actually remove the bile and instead drives it further into the enamel.

After a year or two of this behaviour your teeth will have already rotted pretty badly.

No. 57230

File: 1425493485816.jpg (67.38 KB, 485x639, huh.JPG)

Can someone please explain this. What alarm? Does a bakery put their bread in alarmed things?!?

No. 57231

Lol no, anon. It's a buzzer that goes off when your food is ready. You take them to your table.

No. 57232

Jesus Christ, imagine being the person to get the buzzer after she's pressed her gross puke-stenched mouth all over it

No. 57250

on her wishlist there was a coupon for Panera and she wrote it's her fear food

No. 57254

She's eating her fear food? What does that mean? Like she fears it because it triggers a binge/purge or she fears it because she wants to fucking eat it and not throw it back up?

No. 57255

can you imagine being out to eat and seeing this skeleton monster? i dont know wether i would lose my appetite or order a shit ton and gorge myself

No. 57256

i cant imagine that her immune system is functional, with all the people who have been pawing those alarms they must be swimming with germs and shes pressing her lips all over it. gross.

No. 57259

I have to wonder who she's out eating with, I doubt it's neckbeard and she would have been posting all over if she had a new bff

No. 57265


I saw a woman as thin as Ashley once in public, just walking around and it's such a bizarre sight.

It's like your brain can't process what you're seeing since it legit does look like a skeleton walking around, and you want to stop staring but it's just so incomprehensible that you keep staring and staring and staring even though you know it's rude as fuck and you want to stop.

No. 57281

She's not eating out with someone and it's not "fear food" because that would mean she was trying to take steps in recovery. She's binging and purging Panera, alone, using gift cards from people who think they're helping. Probably people in recovery who understand how hard it is to eat fear foods when you're recovering, but Ashley is taking advantage of them for free binge food.

No. 57319

Stfu newfag

Anyway, I agree that most of the milk has been sucked out but like at this point most people are waiting around to see when she croaks.

No. 57325

So is she suddenly going on about having (more like wallowing in) an army of psychological illnesses because she thinks it will make people more likely to excuse her assholery? (yes, i know that EDs are mental illnesses, as is the BPD that I bet she denies having.) Or is it because most of the people she worships also have laundry lists of disorders in their profiles, therefore it must be "cool?" Don't get me wrong, she's batshit crazy for sure (untreated BPD, unrestrained b/p, and a starved brain will do that), but I feel like she's working an angle here.

No. 57461

She's always been that way. Talks about all the shit that's wrong but won't go into details.

No. 57775

When ahs was looking for penpals I wanted to write her so I wrote her a nice letter and decorated it and she seemed happy I was sending her something but I didn't send any gifts and she never wrote back or talked to me on tumblr again. Guess she only wants to interact with people who buy her stuff.

No. 57802

I had been meaning to bring up her pen pals. I messaged her about it one time, this was before I knew she was an ungrateful cunt, and I never recieved a reply back. Basically what I said was if I could be a pen pal and that I couldn't send gifts but maybe eventually once I came into more money. I like doing pen pals in general, I think they're fun but this isn't about me. Anyone else here her pen pal?

No. 57816

She gets really bitchy about pen pals. When people send her letters or even gifts and ask if she got them, instead of simply answering, she'll say "I can't check the mail because my horrible mother refuses to help me and it's too hard for me to go to the mailbox, waah" and acts like she's being harassed because of a simple question. And she complains about people expecting a letter back because she feels like she doesn't owe them anything, yet she acts more entitled than anyone else.

No. 57921

Her "surgery" couldn't have been too serious because she's already tumblring about it.

No. 57922

> I couldn't send gifts but maybe eventually once I came into more money

Why did you write that, though? Does she expect a gift to be sent?

No. 57923

File: 1425651287770.jpg (30.9 KB, 486x260, madeit.JPG)

Forgot the pic

No. 57931

It was probably a simple tooth extraction, doubt it was anything more serious than that. She just likes to milk the cash-cow tits for all their worth, wonder how many things have been bought off her amazon wishlist since posting that?

No. 57933

at that weight even simple tooth extraction takes longer to heal and is way more serious than it would b in a regular person

No. 57943

And in her condition actual surgery would kill her, but she's still claiming to have "mouth surgery" because saying she's having a rotten tooth pulled doesn't sound as impressive.

No. 57945

File: 1425659806863.jpg (17.22 KB, 491x187, insightful.JPG)

yeah, but it hurt :( It was the hurting mouth surgery operation.

No. 57949

At this point I come here to see if she's dead yet

No. 57966

She'll outlive us all. She'd survive an atomic bomb.

No. 57972

And probably still post online begging for binge food.

No. 58010

She was wanting to send gifts and saying she wanted to recieve gifts back. I just said that really so I could see if she was going to be a bitch about it and she was. I never planned on gifting her anything, I'd have to really know someone online before I would send anything of value to them.

No. 58016

I was pen pals with her for a while. She's not a good pen pal. She takes her sweet time writing to you, but rides your ass about being the slowest person in the world if you don't write back immediately. She doesn't usually acknowledge stuff you send her, or if she does, she acts like you think she owes you something, even if you've told her you don't need her to send you anything. The whole pen pal process felt like a big guilt trip.

No. 58085

This. Exactly. And then she tries to make you feel guilty for causing her "anxiety" because she freaks out about being abandoned if you don't immediately respond. And if anyone else did that you'd immediately cut them off, but since she acts like she's so weak and fragile, you end up feeling like you can't call her out on her bullshit because you figure it's the least you can do since she could die soon. She's pretty good at manipulating.

No. 58111

ohhhhh, is that what the wishlist is for?

>She doesn't usually acknowledge stuff you send her, or if she does, she acts like you think she owes you something

the abandonment thing I suppose is part of her BPD, but there's no excuse for being a total dick about not thanking people for presents. i notice she never names the people who send her stuff from her wishlist.

No. 58130

Actually the games are still really great and the competitive scene is really fun… maybe try playing them sometime before you judge people for liking them?
They're still selling in the millions so they're not selling for no reason at all

No. 58138

I feel bad but I can't help checking this thread once and a while to see if she's still alive because – HOW. Also, how does she sit at a computer or in a car does she have a special cushion for her butt cause those bones man

No. 58180

What does her full body look like?

No. 58186

File: 1425733611452.png (924.82 KB, 535x606, ashleyfullbodyshot.png)

Here you go.

No. 58193

Binging and purging after having teeth pulled sounds like a surefire way to give herself dry socket. Her teeth must have been really horrible for the dentist to decide pulling them was worth risking infection or delayed healing.

No. 58195

File: 1425737657532.jpg (62.82 KB, 538x864, valeria.jpg)

Fucking Valeria Levitin realness. At least with Valeria she knew how fucked up her body was and insisted that no one do the extreme dieting/methods she did, as it ruined her life.
This must be so terrifyingly jarring to witness in person, if you happened to pass her.

No. 58200

Man her hands are most grotesque I think, all those bones…

No. 58202

Maybe she had abscesses, because if you keep getting them they hurt like hell. Pain from toothache is so bad I think most people would risk death at times to have rid of it.

Valeria died quickly on holiday didn't she. I find it odd how in the months leading up to her death she was walking around. I know she'd be fucked, but I was surprised her mobility was so good. Sad when she spoke about getting better to adopt a child when it was kind of obvious that'd never happen.

No. 58208


I'm amazed that Ashley is walking around at this point.

I mean think about it biologically, it's your skeleton that does the supporting right? But what supports the skeleton? Muscle of course, and this point I imagine her muscular mass must look like clingfilm.


No. 58210

I thought she used a wheelchair and only stands for photos.

No. 58212


Does she? I didn't know.

No. 58214

File: 1425744558061.jpg (29.81 KB, 539x215, hamchan.JPG)

Yeah, she uses a wheelchair but gets up in Target for selfies. That's why it's odd that Valeria could walk around and Ash can't seeing how they're more or less the same weight.

This tweet makes it evident her "surgery" was using novocaine.

No. 58231

Well yeah, no shit, there's absolutely no way she's medically stable enough for general anaesthesia. But acting like she's had a major operation means more sympathy even though there's no chance in hell she'd be cleared for surgery. She's dodging questions about it because admitting it was just a tooth extraction might not get her as many gifts. Who even calls it "mouth surgery?" Typical Ashley.

No. 58404

Seriously! The whole "mouth surgery" thing makes extractions sound so very dramatic. I guess that it might have actually been oral surgery (an oral surgeon extracted my wisdom teeth, so… Although i didn't call it oral surgery), but c'mon.. tooth pulling.

I love that she calls her pain meds "surgery pain meds." Lest we forget, i had SURGERY, guys! Now time to stick some cookie butter in my sockets, lest they clot and heal properly.

No. 58407

Why did she wore the short pants? She must at least know she looks disgusting right

No. 58411

This is so sad. How is she even alive? She has absolutely no muscle left.

No. 58414

Can you imagine how the floor and cashiers at these shops feel when they see her? I'd be horrified.

No. 58600

She is raking up sympathy. Remind me that next time my wisdom teeth get pulled (Still one side left to go, joy) I will call it mouth surgery and claim to need bedrest. Because waa waa the hurtsies.

No. 58603

And refer to the handful of Vicodin you get afterwards as "surgery pain meds."

No. 58604

Lol Ashley's claiming the troll who took sealed-up-tight.tumblr.com is guilty of "slander." Nice attempt to learn a new word, Ash. Libel is written defamation, slander is oral. And in order to be considered libel or slander the statements need to be false.

Blogging about specific and real events that have been documented, like spending $75 on binge food at a Japanese restaurant (which there is a screenshot of you saying and a photo) is not slander, it's just the sad truth of your sad life. And maybe learn from what happened last time with Ghosty, or are you really leaving your URLs open for the attention and drama?

No. 58606

Seriously? Surely you recognise that something minor like tooth extraction IS a big deal for a body as compromised as Ashley's? If she looks frail enough to barely be able to walk then yeah, this procedure would take the stuffing out of her.

No. 58607

Then why not just say "I'm sick so something minor like getting my tooth pulled is very painful for me" like she says with everything else, like getting the mail or leaving the house? Sure she's weak because of the damage she's done to her own body, but it's obvious she hasn't had the major surgery she's making it sound like. This is a ploy to get gifts from people. She has reminders of her "mouth surgery" on her wishlist.

No. 58609

The funny thing is, is that her old URL has gained followers, most of which are her "loyal" followers. And since the Tumblr rules/guidelines have nothing written into them about this kind of blog (no personal information has been posted except age which is already public), six SJWs reporting it will do jack shit.

No. 58655

If the person who runs the blog under her ok URL is reading:

Tag her new URL, real name, etc to your posts so she can't run from her bullshit. It's really fucked up that people feel sorry for this manipulative girl to the point they spend money on her.

No. 58661

Tumblr doesn't usually do shit about reports in my experience. I reported someone for something a while ago and they just told me that unless it's affecting me personally they wont do anything.

No. 58703

>Tag her new URL, real name, etc to your posts

I think that'd make the page more likely to be seen as one to delete because she'd say it was baiting her/cyber-bullying.

As anon said, there's nothing to report on the page as it is now. It could refer to anyone.

I reported a page one time (dodgy images) and tumblr said I had to report individual images for them to do something. There aren't any images of Ash on there to report and no mentions of who she is so there's fuck all anybody can do about it.

I wish it had an Ask Me Anything button >;)

No. 58710

Ask Me Anything button added, I wasn't aware that it was disabled, explains the lack of hate from her faithful few.

No. 58739

I didnt even get vicodin. After sedation stopped working i had to take ibuprofen. I don't understand why someone needs heavy pain meds for pulled teeth. Sure it hurts like hell, but ibuprofen is strong enough to subdue most of the pain. The rest can be numbed with an ice pack.

No. 58789

Yeah but imagine how much she must have been crying and exaggerating how much pain she was in. Though I'm not sure if her body could even handle Vicodin much less anything stronger given how much stress her organs must be under. I guess her "surgery pain meds" could very well be ibuprofen.

No. 58792

Who calls a dentist a surgeon? Most dentists also due surgery, no?

+1 on the Vicodin comment. When I had abdominal surgery, one percocet did squat. Two did nothing either. Ibproufen worked like a charm though.

I bet Ash is seething due to someone taking her prior URL on Tumblr.

No. 58797

She could have held on to sealed-up-tight, just like she could have held on to ghostxperfume. In fact you would think that after how upset and violated she felt after Ghosty that she would keep anyone else from taking sealed-up-tight. Oh wait. Now there's more drama for her to get pity for.

No. 58816

She was crying and screaming when she had her collarbone tattoo. Tattoos on bone do hurt, but Jesus, that must've taken all of 3 minutes.

Yeah, ibuprofen is the only painkiller that works for me. When I had my wisdom teeth out I was stuffed in the chair, injected with a gallon of novocain, had those fucking pliers yank them out, had a swab the size of Mars shoved in my mouth and sent on my way. I just used salt water because there wasn't any pain.

I wonder if she bothers to take shit like iron capsules and other stuff to help complaints because of lack of nutrients. Sorry she's fucked her body up and is anaemic but she does sod all to help herself.

Love how she said her true followers will know that what's been written is slander. Ha.

No. 58817

Oh yeah, and that MY HERO blurb about how the surgeon held her hand and treated her like a normal person. Idk about dentists holding a patient's hand but of course he treated her professionally. It's his job.

No. 58825

M.A.C. isn't even expensive. I know, late to the party blah blah but you can pretty much get shit from them for cheap.

No. 58837

I got a Rx for a week's worth of hydrocodone when my wisdom teeth were extracted (I only took it for 2 days because I prefer pain to nausea). Maybe it depends on the person doing the procedure/writing the prescription?
What sort of dosage would you even write for an adult who weighs about 40 lbs, though? Not a perfect comparison, but didn't Karen Carpenter once accidentally overdose on one sleeping pill?

No. 58843

I tried looking for info but only found one thread on myproana where they're taking painkillers to curb their appetite. I doubt anyone there's as bad as Ash, so idk.

MAC eyeshadow here is £13 btw, so not so cheap.

No. 58930

Well duh, you're in the UK. MAC isn't a UK brand so it's more expensive there…

No. 59019

I doubt she cares enough to take supplements. She's a severe case of self neglect. For one thing, she might worry about calories in vitamins. Plus being sick is her identity so doing anything to make her healthier would take away from the pity and attention she gets. Making herself as sick as possible gets her what she wants.

No. 59074

About taking supplements, there would be no point because they wouldn't stay in her stomach long enough to do any things. If they did, it would be hit and miss. You need to take iron supplements regularly to reep the effects.

No. 59153

You also need to take certain vitamins with food to be effective and she made a blog post bragging about how she takes medication on an empty stomach even when it says "take with food." So if that's what she does with necessary meds she sure as hell doesn't take vitamins properly or at all.

No. 59156

£13 is dirt cheap, are you a student or something?
idk maybe I spend too much on makeup cause all my stuff is benefit/chanel

No. 59158


Different UK anon here (North) but fucking lol £13 is bloody not diet cheap for an eyeshadow.

Either you have rich parents or you live in London;which is it?

MAC most certainly is hella expensive in the UK. I don't know anybody that wears it that isn't middle to upper class.

No. 59159

>>59156 Another UK anon (Scotland), who on earth pays £13 for an eyeshadow?! If it was a palette then sure, but a single one? Hell no

No. 59172

A third UK anon (Midlands) Who on fucking earth would pay £13 for one eye shadow. It better be made out of gold for that price jfc.

No. 59176

Original UK anon here (North too). No I'm not a fucking student. I'm unemployed. Even when I've been in employment I wouldn't spend £13 on one poxy eyeshadow. Agree with other Northern UK anon. Nice that you can afford your status Chanel cosmetics but it's the packaging and the name you're paying for, not the product, so yeah…

No. 59249

Nah, if she's mental enough to think lotion will make her fat, she'd never willingly take a supplement for the same fear. I wouldn't be surprised if she was one o those people that thinks showering is going to deposit salt and other shit trough their skin.

No. 59252

MAC is w/e. Eyeshadow, fine. But girls, never use their foundation daily or most of the time. That shit will age you just like Ashley's unfortunate mug.

No. 59253

I agree. I've tried Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and Dior. They suck with the exception of the Dior foundation spray. Anyway, we all know Ashley doesn't have to worry about real life shit, unemployed or not.

No. 59271

If you want to get rid of old clothes or random stuff you don't want any more (books or whatever), I'm sure most people fill a charity donation charity bag at some point. You might do it because it's a good cause, or you might do it because it's an easy way of getting rid of crap that's a bit too good to throw away. HAVE YOU SEEN ASHLEY'S LATEST POST? She's actually POSTED A PHOTO of her dropping off some stuff at a Goodwill place. Who does that? Oh yeah, someone who wants to be seen as a kind little angel.

I've had samples of fancy pants brands but I've never been impressed. Unless you're buying cheap cheap, there isn't any difference at all.

No. 59310

Oh, vomit. Someone who feels the need to post a thumbs up photo in front of Goodwill is not selfless or generous. She's just a hoarder who I guess finally ran out of space and needed to make room for new junk. Or, more likely it's another attempt to create this new "nice Ashley" online persona. I can't believe people don't see how obvious it is.

No. 59311

And chances are she donated useless dollar store junk or broken toys. Or she didn't even donate and just bought stuff at Goodwill.

No. 59312

Awfully nice of her '''abusive''' mum to sacrifice her own day to drive the bonebeast around all day to shop, innit?

No. 59313

I give my old stuff to the goodwill all the time. She acts like she saved a life or something, but in reality she just did what a lot of people do.

Or her crusty puke clothes.

No. 59315

Yeah, it shows how delusional she is that she genuinely thinks doing something unremarkable like dropping junk off at Goodwill makes her a good person.

In her other latest Tumblr post she says people should leave her alone because everyone makes mistakes and has a past and she's learned. Um except she hasn't once taken responsibility for her scams and manipulation or apologized to the people she screwed over. Trying to cover up the bullshit she's done is not learning from her mistakes, it's just more manipulation. She's a legit sociopath.

No. 59317

> painkillers to curb their appetite
welcome to a whole new addiction
srsly though, why not amphetamines or ADD meds to kill appetite. that's what those drugs are known for

No. 59319

ikr. painkillers? rly? just go the Adderall route or something. yes, speed weight loss is a bitch but i think an even worse thing would be developing an opiate/benzo dependence along with an eating disorder

No. 59329

I live in the west midlands,i'm just a 25 year old with a job.

I presume you're under 20 or something

No. 59330

File: 1425934642779.jpg (42.12 KB, 500x435, tumblr_n7jgtvI8o51rleeblo1_500…)

kek must be hard being poorfags

No. 59332


Under 20? I wish.

You pay rent, council tax, electric bills, gas bills, water bills? Do you buy food/personal hygiene products/cleaning products by yourself or do you mooch off your parents?

No. 59333

Not at all.

No. 59334

No one cares, add each other on skype or something.

No. 59335


Must be hard living in the West Midlands.

No. 59336

Yup, living alone in my apartment too. I got a degree in mathematics and now I work for a pharmaceutical company lol. U mad cause I worked hard and I'm on £22 an hour?

No. 59337

No because you're alone, you have a dull as fuck degree and despite being massively successful you spend your time on lolcow. Now that's tragic :(

No. 59339

Even when I was in college paying my way through I could afford branded makeup on a mcjob. I bet you eat branded food and complain that you can't afford luxuries, like how poorfag hates on girls who save for burando

No. 59340

>Implying you aren't on lolcow too
>Implying i'm not just mindlessly browsing on my phone
I'm not even massively successful, I worked hard through my 20's, if you weren't so lazy you could be here too.

Mathematics is interesting as fuck, you pleb

No. 59343


Lol, find a fucking hobby yeah.

No. 59354

Can you bitches shut the fuck up and get back to Ashley? The thread has enough of these stupid arguments.

No. 59355

Quite a few penpals and gift givers coming out of the woodwork, makes you wonder how many people have given her stuff.

No. 59361

>she thinks £22 an hour is something to brag about

el oh el

No. 59369

Doesn't everybody give to goodwill (unless they're completely destitute, like our Ash claims to be)? Showing/bragging about how you've helped out or have given to charity is a pretty good sign that you're not really altruistic, you just want people to think you are. gag

I'd respect her maybe a smidge if she was bragging about giving to an ED or other mental health charity, since she claims to be sooooo pro recovery for everybody else.

No. 59373

I aspire to be this anon.

I don't know anyone who brags about giving to charity. She might as well have taken a photo of herself giving some coins to a homeless person.

No. 59374

She's talking about having made mistakes in the past, but not elaborating on this. I wonder what, in Ash's head, her mistakes were because she's still being the same cock I've witnessed in the past.

No. 59386

On sealed-up-tight an anon posted about sending a letter to Ashley and Ashley demanded to know if there was supposed to be a gift. When anon said "no" Ashley never spoke to them again. Ignorant enablers thinking they're doing her a favour and showing they care, she knows you care and that's why she's doing this shit, playing to the human conscience and knowing most people are generally good-natured and would worry and scramble to help anyway they can. She is pure filth, absolutely and wholly filth and I hate her. I genuinely hate her. She knows 100% what she is doing she just lacks the ability to care. She justifies it to the gullible masses who believe her "but i have anorexia i am so sad pls money gifts nao" kawaii bullshit, and she doesn't give a shit. If you had nothing but the shirt on your back, she would accept that shirt as a gift and leave you with nothing.

I can't wait for her to pass away. All the tat people buy her will be sold off or donated to goodwill (I doubt her mother is so self-assured and desperate for attention that she'd post pics of doing so, though, so who knows) and everyone who spent money on food will be happy to know that its currently blocking up sewage pipes and slowly rotting away. Like skeletor.

No. 59393

I caught onto her ungratefulness that time someone gifted her a $50 card for that wholefood place. She mustn't have even written to thank the girl because she commented on that photo of her pointing at Quest bars, "Oh you're using the card I sent", and Ash said Oh yeah, thanks all dismissively. Then another comment where the person said she didn't think the gift would ever turn up like she hadn't mentioned it to her. I mean 50 dollars is A LOT (to me, but I don't earn £20 an hour), and she didn't even get a thank you.

That comment on sealed-up-tight today though. She EXPECTED a gift. That's just…uh…

No. 59395


That has been the one that threw me the most out of everything submitted.

No. 59396

just wondering, what are the genders of most of the people on this thread? for some reason I've been assuming its 90% male, but it just dawned on me that it might not be…

No. 59398

I think generally, a majority of posters on lolcow are females. (Coming from girly based dramu places like cgl and PULL) The only reason I can really see guys here is if they knew her from her Hamtaro-chan days.

No. 59400

female here. i thought most anons were female just because of comments in all threads about make up, hair, fashion.

No. 59410

Female. Stereotypical drama lover, as long as it's not my own drama.

No. 59423

Man fuck her for being such a cunt.
Also Wholefoods is expensive as fuck.
100 bucks for a 10 lbs turkey.(Its just an example of what stuff goes for)
She should be so lucky that people still wanna send her shit.

I hope the people that are send her food are doing it thinking that it might kill her.

No. 59578

let's face it, we're all refugees from the great drama purge of /cgl/. nothing has ever been so good, never have the vaginas been so bedecked with sand.

No. 59590

u new? Ash or one of her followers? This entire chan is almost exclusively femanon.
Lol at people thinking sad autistic neckbearded men are the ones shitting on them, and not other girls/women who realistically maintain a better reputation than said lolcows…
If Ash hasn't realised this about us yet, then it's going to be funny to me if she does at some point. She likely assumed it was sad, lonely men who secretly wish they could date the girls that get posted here :') Of course a lot of us are jelly bitches, but it's still not as sad as a bunch of virginal betafags…

No. 59623

File: 1425960403630.jpg (12.48 KB, 162x247, Capture01.JPG)

No. 59627

Jesus tap dancing christ anon, this pic actually scared me.

No. 59642

And it's fucked up that she has the nerve to ask for Whole Foods gift cards claiming it's because she can't afford groceries when she is blatantly lying and using the gift cards for binge food. It doesn't even make any sense. She openly states she has no interest in recovery but also claims to be "trying." Even if she just restricted and used gift cards for low calorie food, there's no way it would add up to the large amounts on the gift cards she continually asks for. There's no way she would burn through all those gift cards that fast unless she was binging.

She also tweeted about her "addiction to expensive food" a.k.a. binging and specifically mentioned Whole Foods. The sad thing is the people buying these for her are probably in recovery and are too worried about her to question the inconsistencies.

Her most recent Whole Foods gift card request on her wishlist said something like "groceries are getting more and more difficult" and had it as highest priority. Someone bought it for her because it's not there anymore. She's a con artist and it's wrong that she keeps getting away with it.

No. 59647

Man she just pisses me off to no end.

No. 59652


Sweetie money can't buy class, or brains apparently.

No. 59688

they should use that picture for screamer videos.

No. 59711

old pic? she looks less terminal

No. 59713

She's not scared of getting fat from using lotion btw. If you go back far enough on her Twitter she writes "rubbing lotion on a fresh tattoo is the best feeling in the world".

No. 59716

Yeah. It's a screenshot from those old socialcam videos.

No. 59747

File: 1426004801220.jpg (43.85 KB, 600x339, raaaacheeellll.jpg)

she looks exactly like that creepy thing in pet semetary, the mother's sister with the twisted back


No. 59756

Ha! Uncanny.

I always think she looks like she's possessed, like Anneliese Michel or the face of the demon in the Exorcist.

No. 59764

You know, when I first found this thread I thought it was mean to make fun of her appearance, but after getting to know who she really is her personality is far uglier than whatever she does to her body. She's talking about how people shouldn't hold her past against her but it isn't her past. She is still doing manipulative nasty things and still feels like she's innocent. She is the ugliest person I've ever seen, and not because of her physical appearance. I don't think she is capable of feeling remorse and will die still believing she's done nothing wrong.

No. 59788


ditto. at first I was even of the mindset like come on give her a break, yeah she's being an idiot but clearly your brain can't be functioning correctly at that level of nutritional deficiency and of course you're going to think everyone hates you and focus on the negative shit, blah blah blah but the more I see the more I realize she's just a manipulative bitch that uses people's pity to feed her shitty addiction

No. 59822

I wouldn't make fun of someone's appearance as the result of an illness usually, and my Exorcist comment's probably the first time I've bothered to comment on how she looks. There's no need to be a bitch about her for her looks when her personality is rank as fuck.

I wonder if she was the same when she was younger - in her teens. She obviously craved attention because she was a halfchan camwhore, but I wonder if she was asking for gifts then in return for nudes? I wonder if she was a manipulative bitch back then. We don't know much about her pre 4chan.

No. 59932

Fresh batch of anon questions and experiences up, it all confirms what we already knew; Ash has a disgusting personality and will only really correspond with people if she is getting someone out of it. When she does get gifts she never says thank you and often ceases talking to the person.

No. 59938

>one day I sent her a message telling her that I thought she was kinda cool, even though she should look for help. I was not rude, just honest. She actually replied but with a very sarcastic attitude

I noticed she did that with ig comments. Even though the people were asking really sensitively about her health she'd be sarcastic.

It's amazing how many people have sent her stuff. It'd be good if amazon kept a list of the bought items and we could add it all up.

No. 59940

(although that wouldn't take into account any gifts sent not via her wishlist)

No. 59957

You know now she's going to completely turn around and start acting extra grateful to try to cover this up. Actually she started doing that a while ago in response to people calling her out on her woe is me victim mentality. It's obviously fake and looks so insincere.

Even when she's trying to sound positive she still manages to throw in some self pity bullshit like "thanks, nobody's EVER this nice to me" (despite evidence to the contrary). Now she feels entitled to have people leave her "past" mistakes alone because she thinks she can manipulate everyone into thinking she's changed.

No. 59961

I mean, even when faced with undeniable evidence of her being racist (twitter screenshots) she STILL refuses to accept that she's done anything wrong and tries to justify her fucked up actions. "Oh no I'm not racist, I'm just afraid of black people because they tried to kill me. It's not my fault!"

No. 60085

I bought her something. I did so without any expectation of a thank you. I didn't get one, I didn't want one. I bought the gift anonymously. Anyone buying her gifts expecting public praise in return is just as sick as she is.

No. 60096

Did you buy her that Domino's gift card that she's lying through her teeth about? Bread bowls might be soft enough after her horrible mouth surgery? BULLSHIT. Just fucking admit it's for binge food.

Anyway back on topic. The numerous people coming forward aren't talking about public praise for their gifts, but multiple people have independently said that Ashley not only didn't thank them in private, but would talk to them when they told her they were giving her something, only to ignore them as soon as she got her stuff. That is sick and wrong.

No. 60120

Someone should send her a bunch of Walden Farms butters just to fuck with her.

No. 60122

How is being frightened of black people racist? She never said she hated them. It's very reasonable to be afraid of black people. It's just being careful.

No. 60133


Anyway being afraid of black people was her way of claiming not to be a racist. Her actual racist tweets were implying all black people are in prison and shit like that. But I honestly can't tell if you're trolling or just retarded so.

No. 60140

Black people have a retarded high prison rate for their small population size, and she never said "all" black people, so she's right.

No. 60148

For fuck's sake. The disproportionate number of black people in prison is indicative of systemic racism and discrimination and isn't an accurate representation of crime rates among blacks versus other races. You can Google it if you care. I thought that was pretty common knowledge, sorry I didn't realize you were a retard.

No. 60149

Or I guess I should say, go to bed Ashley.

No. 60155

Shhhh shut the fuck up. We all know that's not true. The cops don't just run around arresting blacks for the fuck of it like black people seem to think they do. The parts of this countries with the highest homicide, burglary, and rates of crime in general are all areas with a large amount of blacks.

Remember Ferguson riots? This is the typical way black people deal with their problems, they see nothing wrong with violence and looting. Blacks have high crime rates because they commit crimes.

OT, but, my ex used to work security at gas stations. Almost every shopplifter was black and they had about nine shoplifts a night. And no, he didn't just ignore white shoplifters. They count inventory at the end of the shift, so they would know if unpaid for items are missing.
Another thing, every black he arrested accused him of racism. Then he would empty their pockets and find stolen shit lol.
It was also their policy for the security to go into the main store at nighttime whenever someone went into the beer cave (that's what everyone steals + beeruns)Black people would fill their arms with cheap ass beer in a hurry, run out side, see security, then drop all the beer and pretend to be too offended by da racism to buy anything. (In reality, they were just planning to steal and got caught.)

No. 60157

I encourage you to read up on things instead of citing your ex boyfriend's workplace, anon
>For example, in the summer of 2012, a 32-year-old African-American man sat in his car cooling off after playing basketball in a Ferguson public park. An officer pulled up behind the man’s car, blocking him in, and demanded the man’s Social Security number and identification.
>Without any cause, the officer accused the man of being a pedophile, referring to the presence of children in the park, and ordered the man out of his car for a pat-down, although the officer had no reason to believe the man was armed. >The officer also asked to search the man’s car. The man objected, citing his constitutional rights. In response, the officer arrested the man, reportedly at gunpoint, charging him with eight violations of Ferguson’s municipal code. One charge, Making a False Declaration, was for initially providing the short form of his first name (e.g., “Mike” instead of “Michael”)… Another charge was for not wearing a seat belt, even though he was seated in a parked car.

No. 60159

>>civil rights division
Look at dat bias, into the trash it goes. Learn how to science, nigger.
Aside from that, the cop probably recognized (or though he did) the mans face on the sex offenders list. He was camping out in his car outside of a park.

No. 60164

troll softer

No. 60165

>Look at dat bias
More credible than some grainy, unsourced or purposely misleading/misquoted .jpgs from Stormfront.

No. 60166

>Learn how to science, nigger.
a-are you retarded

No. 60167

I wasn't the spammer, thank you. And pretty much any credible source you got to will tell you that blacks have a disproportionately high crime rate.

No. 60169

lol hey Ash

No. 60170

No. 60171

does ashley atleast have any blk friends?

No. 60172

That's the best you got? Why am I ash now? Anyone with eyes will agree with me. Go chill in the ghetto if you don't. Black culture sees nothing wrong with theft. Black culture is violent and they feel that society owes them something, that's why they commit crimes.

No. 60174

Look. Black attitudes regarding theft.


I guess the racist cops just threw them in the car cuz they be all racist and sheet lol

No. 60187

No. 60191

No. 60194

Stop derailing the thread. If you wanna shit on black people, go make a thread on /b/.

No. 60195

She started it by being fucking stupid.
Look at this shit, what a dumb bitch.

No. 60198

No one cares. Take it to /b/. I'm here to read about ashley's bitchy, (probably) dying ass.

No. 60205

>implying Ashley will ever die
Her body must be powerful as fuck to be able to withstand all the malnourishment on top of the damage all the binging and purging have certainly done to her insides.
She's either a ghost or superhuman, I'm calling it now

No. 60208

I see it more as common courtesy. I mean, some stranger on the internet sends you $50 gift card you'd think she'd be more grateful, but nah. Jusy more stuff for her to binge on.

No. 60215

Is racist Chan the same one who was bragging about their £22 per hour job and over priced make up. They both equally have a stick up their ass.

Anyway back to Ashley. Her playing victim reminds me of drugs addicts who would create sob stories about not be able to pay rent or have food in order to get people to give them money so they can shoot up. She is literally addicted to binging. Must give her a rush too (especially when she said she liked binging on expensive food). People who buy her those food gift cards are just enabling her.

No. 60247

that's just wasting your money, anon. I'd get her self-help books for the kek.

No. 60478

>racist Chan…

(suspected the same while I was reading that shit)

No. 60575

make some screenshots please people

No. 60588

No, I don't wear much makeup.

No. 60590

Racist-chan sounds like a basic bitch working a dead end job so they invent some pharma job with a high pay rate whilst blaming their misgivings on minorities and brown people kek

No. 60592

She's not going to read them. I just want to see her reaction when she tries to eat it lel. Zero calories, so it should be appealing to her on some level, plus she loves butters.
(For those who don't know, all of their spreads are entirely made out of xanthan gum and cellulose gel with added artificial flavoring. They're practically inedible, you open a jar and all you smell is chemicals.)

No. 60595

Lol you can gather a lot of information on someone based on them being racist and that alone, gee wiz. Where did you get the pharmacy part from?. Lmao. I'm not actually that racist to tell the truth, I just hate the attitude that a lot of minorities have when they chose to live in a country filled with crackers. The reason we have different countries to begin with is so we can separate ourselves based on culture, gtfo if you don't like us.

No. 60596

I guess she feels like she doesn't have to thank people for stuff she believes she is entitled to.

No. 60598

Shut the fuck up already with your "go back to your country den XDDD" you retard.

No. 60599

stfu already with your racist chan butthurt you retard lol

No. 60603

Haven't you got a UKIP meeting to go to. Bye.

No. 60604


>gtfo if you don't like us


Well I'm British so if anything you're the filthy immigrant here cupcake.

No. 60638

This thread has become more pathetic and disgusting than Ashley.

No. 60665

Same, but like, it's easier to ignore the fuck, ya'll are just feeding the troll.

Now let's get someone to screenshot her Instagram on a regular basis. I'm sick of following her and being scared out of my mind when she pops up on my shit.

No. 60667

From an ask I'm about to post "and maybe she seems manipulative but so is literally anyone with an ed whether they know it or not" so they are admitting she is manipulative but they just trail along anyway?

No. 60676

That last post on sealed … is it me or does it sound like Ash?

No. 60678

I wouldn't say people with EDs are manipulative. Where did that come from? maybe some are deceptive to hide their illness, but ana girls I've known haven't been manipulative in any way I could see and I'm good at spotting bullshit.

No. 60682

that's me. I want to add that the only way I could imagine ana friends would be manipulative would be because they were lonely and sometimes needy, they could've pulled emotional blackmail, but I never got that from them. I know I'm basing this on my experience with 3 anorexic friends and not a massive amount, but none of them were manipulative.

No. 60702

I don't think it is, Ash usually has better grammar

No. 60737

My sister is bulimic. One time she told me she literally gets off on the feeling purging brings her. Vomitting makes her gasm. My sister is very fucked up mind you.

No. 60744

SOS he did it so much that she turned into emetophile?

No. 60758

Makes me wonder if Ash watches fucked up japanese vomit porn to get off.

No. 60799

She probably watches cookery shows on tv for her jollies.

No. 60817

That's a load of shit, nobody with any ED is as maniplative and vile as Ashley. It's not caused by her ED, it certainly effects it and probably caused it but there is something seriosly wrong with her the way she treats people. I'm extremely tempted to use the word 'sociopath' but I don't wanna armchair diagnose.

No. 60828

File: 1426130961081.jpg (67.3 KB, 881x348, huh.JPG)

What does the comment mean about her choosing vanilla?

>I don't want to make this post negative

read as I want to plant some guilt in your brain/doubts about recovery?

No. 60829

(excuse the wonky highlighting, my mouse is broke. I'll put one on my wishlist. Great for after my mouth surgery!!!1)

No. 60832

File: 1426131427833.jpg (14.26 KB, 577x110, froyo.JPG)

Comment on her ED recovery friend who eats nothing but froyo, commenting on a pic of…froyo.


No. 60833

I think she's implying that vanilla will taste better when purged

No. 60834

what a fucking bitch. "lol i bet i know why you chose vanilla cuz youre gonna purge it and it tastes better that way lololol GOOD LUCK ON RECOVERY :^)"

No. 60845

vanilla tastes better when purging since chocolate tends to change its flavor when it interacts with stomach acid.
Poor girl she got insulted by ashley and then is still sending her gifts

No. 60853

Holy shit. Ashley is a fucking bitch. Yes she is definitely being snarky and suggesting this girl who has just gotten out of inpatient is picking vanilla to purge. By saying "I don't want to make this negative" she means that there was a negative meaning to her comment. Ashley is a damn hypocrite because gets offended when people accuse her of things or don't give her the benefit of the doubt.

If I had just gotten out of rehab and someone who I thought was my friend made a bitchy comment like that I would be pissed. This girl is too naive and probably vulnerable to realize she's being shit on by Ashley. Fuck.

No. 60891

this picture could cure relapsing anorexics jfc

No. 60944


Thanks. I didn't think of that. I thought it was something to do with calorie content, duh. Seriously…how low.

No. 60959

Ashley Issacs/ghosty/AtticusxFinch/Ashley Finch/sealed-up-tight/shred-my-anxiety needs her own ED article, tbh.

No. 60965

Seriously, I don't know how there isn't one already. But then again I don't think I've seen full blown anas with ED articles. They usually do the pro-ana wannarexics.

No. 60971

The fact that she's dying and she doesn't wish to get better, I imagine that would make readers very uncomfortable. If Ash went for the "woe is me, i have no money, so I can't get treatment" route, she'd probably get loads MORE gifts. And donations of money for treatment that would get flushed down the toilet.

No. 60976

File: 1426172568428.jpg (15.09 KB, 495x164, ugh.JPG)

Looks like she made up with Neckbeard - the one she was calling a dick a few weeks ago. He's her bae. I wonder if he knows this?

When I first thought about it I thought, nah people are going to flip their wig over an ED article about someone so ravaged by illness BUT they've got articles on people like Emo Cutter Girl, so…

If you google hamtaro-chan you find a few boards where people ask what happened to her, so I think the fact she was a camslut would make it worthy of having a page.

No. 60977

I'm surprised she hasn't started a gofuckme page to raise thousands for "treatment".

No. 60982

People have said before that being sick isn't an excuse to be an asshole and it's true here. Ashley isn't ED worthy because of her eating disorders. It her vile personality and the way she treats people and milks her illness for personal gain that make her horrible. And sure starving makes you grumpy but I've never seen anyone else with an eating disorder who was anywhere near this manipulative and disgusting.

Plus her camwhoring was before she was skeletal so she's always been an attention whore and the anorexia is just a more recent way to get what she wants.

No. 60984

ashley is seriously fucking evil, she was trying to sabatoge that girl's recovery by saying what she thought would be a very triggerying thing and then playing innocent when the girl luckily didn't understand what she was implying. seriously i wish she would just die already because her presence is extremely damaging to anyone she is in contact with who is trying to recover. this hasn't been her only instance of saying fucked up things to recovering girls under the guise of being friendly. she is honestly seeking vulnerable people out to keep them suffering. i fucking hate her.

No. 60993

Seriously. This girl had just gotten out of inpatient treatment a week before Ashley left that comment. And the girl is still in partial hospitalization and is obviously trying to get better. And she's still sending Ashley gifts because she doesn't realize what's going on.

It's not enough for Ashley to shoot down people's attempts to help her. It is truly cruel to seek out vulnerable people to sabotage their recovery too. She wants to watch people gain weight but not be happy. I wish Ashley would be involuntarily hospitalized already not just for her but so she stops fucking up other people's recovery .

No. 60997

>neckbeard bf sending you hentai

how romantic

No. 61007

>How is she even alive?
Looking at some online posts it looks like she died last year.
>Her mother gave a telephone interview in Russian talk show (Pust Govoryat) on the 22 October 2014 and said Valeria has died on 1st of December 2013 in Panama where Valeria and her mother went for holiday, she weighted 25 kg.

It's too bad because she seemed like a nice person, but was aware that she was too far gone to recover.

No. 61024

File: 1426181678345.jpg (20.4 KB, 520x148, ugh.JPG)

> she's always been an attention whore and the anorexia is just a more recent way to get what she wants


No. 61071


I eat fear foods daily in recovery, fgt.

No. 61098

Lol at her latest Tumblr post. Mouth is still bleeding from "surgery" waah. You mean you couldn't go one day without binging and purging after getting your tooth pulled so of course it won't heal. Enjoy your Domino's. You're not fooling anyone into thinking you're planning on keeping anything down, you lying sociopath.

No. 61103

File: 1426193435365.jpg (71.67 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mw6ckuBsp51rsdowgo1_500…)

Anyone remember this? Sorry it's small. It's from Ash's original tumblr.

I think if I remember correctly, Tiffany (other girl pictured) was a barista that Ashley had a crush on. I vaguely remember something about a bracelet, I think Ash confessed her crush and Tiffany rejected her or something like that. At least Tiffany escaped the crazy.

No. 61105

I think Ashley just had this big fantasy play out in her own head and Tiffany probably had no idea who Ashley even was. If I had to guess Tiffany just said a couple polite things to Ash while ringing up her order and Ashley turned it into an imaginary love affair. It was probably all in Ashley's head and she just had a BPD love/hate flip flop like she does with everyone.

No. 61108

Ash had similar "omg I love you you're so hot" moments with the cashier at Whole Foods and her "mouth surgeon."

No. 61112

Yeah, that could be it.

Now that I'm looking at the picture again, I'm guessing her hair is fake because there's no visible scalp where her hair is parted.

No. 61116

I feel like if Ashley was going to wear a wig it wouldn't look like straw hair. Maybe it's just the heavy filters she uses making it hard to see her scalp? It looks like she tried to give herself some color but it made Starbucks girl next to her look orange as fuck.

No. 61117

Or she never takes care of it so it's ratty. Who knows.

No. 61119

I remember her thinking the girl was hitting on her because she let Ash use her employees discount on a cup of coffee.

No. 61120

She's had wigs in fantasy colours in the same style, so it's possible this one's a wig.

No. 61123

That's creepy. I guess it's her mental illness but Ashley can't just see the world normally. Either everyone is out to get her and abusing her or their her BFF/true love, even when it's just s regular person showing her a normal amount of politeness, there's no middle ground.

No. 61124

This anon here >>54655 claimed they've met her IRL and that the hair is a wig that stinks.

No. 61125

Has Ashley ever mentioned anything related to borderline/histrionic personality disorder? Her behaviors and the way she treats people are classic symptoms of BPD or maybe HPD. She's such a textbook case you don't need to be a psychiatrist to see she has some kind of severe personality disorder. I wonder if she's ever been diagnosed and just omits that part when she talks about her disorders. Or sometimes therapists won't tell a borderline patient they're borderline because they might react badly.

No. 61126


That anon needs to come back here.


I'm quite complimentary to people (yeah, I know right), and I've noticed that whenever I complement a man on something (not even in a flirty way because it's definitely not meant that way), most times they take it as a sign I'm interested in them and it goes all weird. It could be nothing to do with her being mental, just really needy and gets social situations all wrong.

No. 61128

I think it's something deeper than borderline. To me, who's not a psychologist, she really does seem to have sociopathic traits.

No. 61129

IMO she should go down the Shmegeh route (aesthetically, not mentally of course). Buy and wear longer wigs on a regular basis, get into proper makeup, get some bright-ass eye contacts, go hard on that emaciated witch look.
Shmegeh looked horrible but somehow she knew how to make herself appear interesting, almost delicate even.
It certainly won't fix her issues, but she'd look cooler.

No. 61130

Could be both. There's often overlap with those. Borderline and antisocial (sociopath) are both in the same "family" of personality disorders, along with narcissistic and histrionic. I know, I know, armchair psychiatrist, but her case is so blatantly obvious to anyone who's seen half the shit she does.

No. 61131

Ash isn't interesting though. She only seems to like bad kawaii crap and food. Not much to work on. She doesn't even seem to be into music, or a particular style.

No. 61133

Ash's issues are beyond that though. Even guys who mistakenly think a polite woman is hitting on them probably aren't also paranoid about people abusing them or abruptly flip their feelings from infatuation to hate. Ash's delusion goes both ways.

No. 61135

File: 1426196312429.jpg (43.98 KB, 562x320, this.JPG)

I was just thinking IS SHE PARANOID?

No. 61136

Paranoia under stress is a symptom of borderline, which is more likely with Ash. She meets literally all the diagnostic criteria for BPD.

No. 61139

Not sure why Ashley never addresses the obvious BPD though. She seems proud to display her other mental illnesses so it's odd she would hide this one. I would imagine Ashley could get even more attention for her "battle" against BPD so hmm. Maybe because it would mean accepting the problem is her emotional instability and she'd have to admit it's not really everyone else out to get her.

No. 61147

File: 1426197221954.jpg (42.46 KB, 561x535, this.JPG)


Here's that tweet.

No. 61152

File: 1426197925404.jpg (83.65 KB, 640x480, tmp_25904-http://41.media.tumb…)

Naw, she's wrecked. She just had to go Into rehab and shave her head because of that long word with a T that means you scratch yourself for no reason I think. She looks busted as fuck.

TBH I wish I knew how she lost all the weight, she was a fat girl in HS and now she's practically walking skeleton status.

No. 61154


She had to go into rehab because she is an alcoholic and beat up Mena.

No. 61158

she gave you that cakepop because she was horrified and wanted you to eat something, not because she was into your disgusting boney ass

No. 61159

It's quite easy. I went from 126 to 89 lbs in 3ish months. One word, adderall. Tons of energy, no appetite.. it's the gift that keeps giving.

Anyway, Shmegehs extensions are such shit lol

No. 61166

Just starving yourself and fasting for twelve hour intervals and only eating a small meal is working well for me. I lost 3lb in just 2 days so far.

No. 61167

why do this tho

then no ass & no tits

No. 61173

File: 1426199664510.jpg (214.14 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nhez9p6ERR1sttozoo1_500…)

Some people just prefer to be very skinny.

No. 61177

I already barely have tits/ass. I'm just sick of my thigh rubbing together. My thighs and my stomach are the only places I gain weight, I have long scrawny arms and my collarbones stick out like mad but my belly and thighs are redonk. My BMI is 23 at 5'3/130lbs. I just want my thighs to die.

How do I get this magic?

No. 61179

Charlie can never get tits and her head is huge and masculine so being pale and skinny is literally the only way she can et attention. And even that is not enough when you have horse face so she has to wear skimpy clothes in colors that don't match

No. 61182

Agreed, her face is basic af. But her stomach and legs is what I'm going for, I'm nearly there I just need my thighs to lose a bit more weight and to tone my stomach.

No. 61188

You… Have some issues. That's crazy
My BMI is 18~19 and my thighs almost rub.. Sorry, sister

No. 61189

Do this too much and you'll be fucked.

No. 61191

I envy you, I have Ritalin and it did shit nothing for my weight. I actually have ADHD which might be why. I thought I'd at least lose my appetite though. FML

No. 61193


Y'all need fucking help. Or you're gonna look just like ash. lol

No. 61196

>long, thin arms and collarbones that can slit a newborn's throat
>fat thighs and belly
>that nasty feel when your thighs rub as you walk, especially if you wear a certain type of skirt
I know that feel so hard. Even at my lowest weight I had to deal with this shit and I felt fat and disgusting.
You should realize thigh gaps are a bone structure thing, not a fat thing, though. Remember, thick thighs save lives.

No. 61199

I am 150 right now, wanting to lose 20 pounds is not going to make me look like Ash. Just less fat.

No. 61207

Your best bet is to get a doctor's prescription. You need a good reason however. Psychs are pretty reluctant to give them out easily anymore because it's basically meth. Otherwise, you can buy it off the street like any other drug

lol I really don't care. But Ashley is like how Quirky is to a lot of girls here- I def don't ever want to get as skinny as her. I like Johanna Herstedt however you spell her name. Ashley and Shmegs just look like shit and went too far

No. 61212

Yeah, that's fairly commom to be started on Ritalin. I had to do that too. But you know you can just tell them that it makes you sick/gives you bad side effects and they switch you to adderall right. You have to be on it for like a month tho,which sucks lol

No. 61213

I wanna get back on adderall so fucking bad. I was 95 lbs in high school :(

then I had a baby and got fat and I can't focus on anything and have no energy and yeah
I've been dieting but adderall would make it so much easier…

anyways this is hella off topic and we should make a diet thread on /b/ or something

No. 61217

your doctor might just be stupid. adderall isn't generally given out to adults vyvanse is. Also I was on adderall for off label and it gave me stomach ulcers soooo don't abuse it you just make it harder for the rest of us to actually get it for what we need it for.

No. 61219

yeah you were also in uh high school. Thats like me saying I want to go back to when I had stick thin legs and a visible ribcage way back before I even hit puberty but I got hit with puberty.

I think if you use a diet pill/ adderall to lose its just lame. Ashley probably didn't since she has the anorexic mind set. You should just get a mindset to eat healthy and not put crap into your body or boredom snack.
Why make a diet thread? So you'll be posted on here later as a comparison picture to ashley?

No. 61225


I mean I don't ever wanna be that skinny again honestly, just not fat anymore. it was more of kind of a "this is how much adderall will make you lose weight" kinda statement, the frowny face was because I didn't really enjoy being like that. I was naturally skinny and was on the swim team and couldn't eat during the day from my meds. I didn't take it to try and get skinny, I have severe ADHD. I want to take it again because I can barely function without it, the weight loss effects are just an added bonus. I hate they way it makes me feel though which is why I've been procrastinating going to my Dr

~and there's my life story since I know everyone cares so much~

No. 61226


and no, I'm 160 pounds at 5'4" because I've been a lazy fat shit the past two years, and I want a diet thread so we can talk about this shit without shitting up the thread.

No. 61229

so much contradiction. If you don't like how it makes you feel switch to ritalin or vyvanse. there is a reason why alternate medications are made

Relevant: Wonder if ash is on any medications or is she too scared of a weight gain side effect

No. 61231

File: 1426204146256.jpg (108.09 KB, 615x1279, 1279475606645.jpg)

This thread is slowly being taken over by crazy ana bitches. Want to lose weight and not end up a rotten skeleton like ash? Eat healthy and do cardio/exercise. That's it.

Now, back to Ash, please.

No. 61232


I was on both of those at some point and they both made me feel worse and didn't work as well. try harder.

No. 61237

I hate being skinny.
115lb and 5'1. Am content.
I feel bad for girls who don't gain weight in their ass

No. 61249

What if you get off to the buzz of losing weight and your whole life becomes consumed with wanting to lose more and more? Cut out sugar, snacks, fried food and you'll lose weight.


No. 61251

BTW, sealed-up-tight owner - MPA is myproana.com

No. 61260

to be honest i'm disgusted because i feel like her whole ED started for attention only like she really doesn't hate her body, she just hates no attention.

No. 61262

Seriously. What the fuck is happening here? Just eat some fucking vegetables instead of junk food and do a little exercise for a start. If you're overweight from poor habits then make better habits, not even more unhealthy habits. If you're overweight and lifestyle changes don't help then see a doctor or stop underestimating your calories. And if you're normal weight but want to be thin/fit then you'll need to do actual work. A thread about Ashley should make you want to never try any unhealthy weight loss including drugs, you lazy asses.

No. 61267

you're alright at that weight though I dont think youre very skinny

No. 61270

who the fuck cares?
>i dont think youre very skinny

comments like these are what poisons the mind of weak, impressionable girls. stop that.

No. 61276

Two years and a couple of months ago I went on a diet because for my height (5ft 1in) I was fat (168lbs). I'd be stuffing my face with cake and biscuits, white bread, crisps, snacks, etc.
I cut out the shit, ate lots of salads, soups, drank lots of water and two years on I'm 99lbs. I'm not dieting now, but maintaining this weight by not snacking.

You get used to not snacking after a while. I didn't do any exercise btw (although I want to tone up now but NOT lose any more weight).

It takes time and the weight loss slows down, but it's worth it.

Don't fuck with speedy meds or fasting (fucks up your thyroid/metabolism). Just be patient and stick to it.

No. 61278

(by fat I mean it was affecting my knee joints and I was out of breath easily).

No. 61286

Omg this place is going to shit. First no decent new cows. Now we have a little wannorexic club here. Seriously guys, wtf is so hard about peeling your ass off your mobile device to workout and eating shit that doesn't taste like a heart attack? I tend to think that lazy people don't want it that bad, ergo they're content with being the weight they currently are.

No. 61293

>all those assumptions

girl y u projecting so hard

No. 61326

In my personal defense: I made the comment about the vanilla almond butter because it has less calories and fat. I mentioned that I didn't want to be negative because I knew that she was in a recovery process. I have known her for longer than you are educated of, and I am concerned for her. Call me a liar, whatever you wish. I am making this comment solely because I will not have you all bashing me for false information.

No. 61327

Hi Ash

No. 61328

Oh, hi pretend Ashley.

No. 61337

Nah. No pretending.
Don't believe me, idgaf.
Not here to make anyone believe anything. Just stating my truths, and defending my ground. Peace.

No. 61365

didn't realize someone with an eating disorder as bad as Ash still has the mental capacity to write long sentences

No. 61368

Bullshit. You're not "concerned." You don't know how to care about anyone but yourself. All the Justin's nut butters have very similar calorie amounts and even if the vanilla is 10 calories less than a few other flavors and that's what you meant, your tone was undeniably snarky. If you were genuinely "concerned" about her having 180 calories instead of 190 you wouldn't be like "wink wink lol" and if you actually were worried about a 10 calorie deficit you wouldn't just drop the issue because you don't want to be "negative."

Whenever someone has made a real effort to help you, whether it's encouraging you to get help or alerting adult protective services when you said you were being abused, you've only fought back and been nasty.

You do not understand how to help or support someone because you can't help yourself and you lack real empathy and awareness of what it means to help. You only damage people who are vulnerable. Stop.

No. 61372


aww, are you scared someone will post this to your old URL and your fangirls will see it and stop buying you shit?

No. 61374

She's deleted most of her social media shit so there's not a readily accessible pictorial timeline, but does her hairstyle ever change? It's gotten rattier, but it always seems to be the same length.. or am I wrong? Maybe she trims her head hair as often as she plucks every eyebrow hair out.

Classic borderline trait: identity issues. They often have no real sense of identity, so they end up adopting interests, styles, mannerisms, etc from the people around them. The closest thing to people around her is her internet "family." I noticed how when she started befriending a lot of girls with stuff like tattoos, stretched ears, and colorful hair, that became her thing. She also seems very, um.. basic. which is an easy thing for someone like her to pick up, because it's mostly just liking the most popular things and trendy things. She seemed to get into nut butters and protein bars after befriending some of the #strongnotskinny type of #edsoldiers.

No. 61406

Ashley you have some nerve trying to claim you're just "concerned" when your bitter and snarky attitude is so obvious. Stronger_without_ana is doing amazing going through treatment and making real changes and really fucking trying to get better, which is more than you can say about yourself. It's pathetic that you're trying to make a ridiculous claim that you're worried about her for eating 180 calories instead of 190. You need to worry about yourself because she's doing way better than you ever could.

No. 61414

> I made the comment about the vanilla almond butter because it has less calories and fat.

You're still being a piece of shit right there you dense motherfucker.

Also stop suggesting retarded shit like Adderall and lose weight like a normal person instead of being an impatient little bitch.

And not everyone gets thigh gaps; those are determined by how wide is your pelvic area, so stop it.

We're all talking about how this bitch has very little time left for herself and yet you all go full retard giving each other stupid suggestions and going full pro ana. Visit /fit/ at the very least.

No. 61445

What assumptions? You don't want to do it the right and only way so you want to make yourself sick? Ok, please force an ED on yourselves. That'll leave less tards on this earth for the rest of us.

No. 61446

Preach girl

No. 61450

Lol this is not ashley. Bitch has a nervous breakdown and loses her shit when she feels attacked.

No. 61454

Not the anon you're arguing with, but all /fit/ is gonna tell you is to lift because muscles are sexy, they don't really give a shit about losing weight unless you're trying to gain muscle as you lose fat. Everything they tell yiu is focused on building muscle either directly or indirectly.

No. 61477

But muscle burns fat so why wouldn't you want to gain some?

No. 61484

A lot of people don't know their drugs 101. So i guess they think opiate/benzo are easier to come by. Which is kinda true, you can easily get a prescription for lighter opiates like codeine.

No. 61502

>3lb in just 2 days so far
That's just water weight, hun. You'll plateau a lot now, if you don't exercise.

No. 61505

I have been exercising each day also, I know it's not water weight because I always make sure I weigh myself on an empty bladder.

No. 61508

You sound like you're developing an ED.
Please, anon, don't fuck yourself up. Exercise a few times a week and eat healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, etc.
You don't need to take this route.

No. 61509

Oh good lord. It's nothing to do with the water in your bladder.

No. 61516

Thanks anon,as you can tell I know nothing.

No. 61517

Anyway, back to Ash.

No. 61553

Anyone know why teeniet0ttie on tumblr links to ghostxperfume? it says "recovery blog". Is that who took Ash's old url?

No. 61555

No it was some random who goes on here that took ghostxperfume

No. 61557

Must be, though she's deleted all the recovery stuff and only has asks now.

No. 61559

You need to take a step back and stop this. I'm not going to coddle you. This disease is the most fucked thing in my life right now and I've been recovered for 3 yrs after 10 year of being Anorexic. Idc what they say, you can't recover an anorexic mind, you can only modify behaviors. Please get help. This disease will bury you either physically or mentally.

No. 61560

Lol what? An anorexic girl took over a recovery blog? A bullshit one at that….or was she always the person behind it?

No. 61588


So the only misinformation we've given in these Ashley threads is a comment about the vanilla butter. Or did she come here because she smells the scent of an ana-in-waiting? (Of course, IF that was her, which it wasn't).

Person with ED tendencies here - see a therapist before you think about controlling your weight. Go down Ashley's route and you might as well wave bye bye to the rest of your life, or the very least to good health.

No. 61589

(I meant TO Person with ED tendencies here*, NOT that I'm the one here with them).

No. 61596

If it was Ashley trying to defend herself, it was pathetic back pedaling. It's a stretch to say she was trying to show concern. Even if she wasn't referring to purging the vanilla, her comment was still snarky and backhanded.

When this girl posted her before and after weight when she got out of inpatient, everyone in the comments congratulated her and encouraged her progress except Ashley, who basically ignored the point of the post, which was to accept her weight gain and be happy with recovery, and just said "nice hair lol." Even giving Ash the benefit of the doubt and ignoring the things she does to try to sabotage people's recovery, at best she's totally oblivious and has no clue how to have a healthy relationship or be supportive.

No. 61616

She knows the girls in recovery are fragile and I think maybe that's the reason they befriend her because their fragility makes them more gullible to her "support".

I really do think that if you want ED recovery buddies, do it with others in recovery and not some bitch who obviously doesn't even value recovery and talks about bingeing constantly. Same as if you're a recovering alcoholic or addict - get toxic people out of your life.

No. 61628

Yeah, I've heard a couple people mention they used to be friends with Ashley but she turned on them when they started doing well in their lives. There was an anon here who said Ashley would express jealousy and almost blame her for doing well because it made Ashley feel bad. Ashley tends to be envious and bitter rather than supportive the way a real friend would be. With Erika, Ashley would take digs at her recovery and try to belittle her and actually mock Erika's efforts to get better.

I've noticed Ashley doesn't pursue friendships with people who are doing really well and are successful because she can't be happy for them, she just feels inadequate and resentful. So instead she goes after people who are struggling and fragile because it makes her feel better, plus they're easier to manipulate.

No. 61634

Muscle weighs more than fat

No. 61636

File: 1426270548335.png (47.63 KB, 936x248, Capture.PNG)

Found this on MPA, Ash seems to have some deluded fans there. There were threads about her in the past and iirc a lot of them 'sympathized' with her. Tbh I thought she was a nice enough person and kinda felt bad until I discovered this thread. All my sympathy for her has now turned into morbid interest, I had no idea she was such trash.

No. 61637

That MPA user's a twat. She was all paranoid that it was her mum who'd "leaked" the pre-ED photos of Ashley (in another thread on there). Of course she's going to comment on how delicious food looks. That's what she does all day every day.

No. 61638

Oh wait, looks like a different Omniscient. How can they have two of the same username?

No. 61639


Fucking hell. Ignore me. I didn't understand that's some kind of status thingy at that site. The paranoid bitch is here http://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/324633-dearxatticusghostxperfume-ashley-issacs/ eggsalad

No. 61643

lol I'm pretty sure you get that title once you hit 1000+ posts or some shit.

Who did leak those pics anyway?

No. 61654

Someone mentioned she was Hamtaro-chan and I found an archive of her pics from her camwhore days, I removed the nudes and posted them here.

No. 61686

Dude, get out. Bringing pro anorexic shit into a thread like this. Google if you're so keen on ruining your body/life/family's lives.

No. 61710

Looking back over old pics Ash's eyebrows have always been fucking horrendous.

No. 61726

The anorexics on this board are ridiculous.
Gtfo. We're here to laugh at you.

No. 61734

So have her make up skills (lack of)

No. 61738

Crap I didn't expect the sealed up tight blog was going to get so many asks sent. Hopefully these morons all wake up and smell the bullshit Ashley's been cookin up for years.

No. 61748

Imagine the ~drama~ if her followers found this thread.

No. 61752

Yep, probably about 80 asks published. I've had about 10 non-anonymous ones as well, which I have answer privately.

I'll never be linking anyone here like Ghosty did, it would be Hell.

No. 61753

Second one was for anon above.

No. 61758

The anon who wrote about how they think Ash's mum's an alkie based on her facebook is a dick.

Just because she doesn't have anyone named Isaacs (except Ashley) as a friend, she has a tattoo and and works at a food bar makes her mental? Wtf?

No. 61759

let her do what she wants. she wants to fuck up her brain and body, let her. there are plenty of people in the world that wish they had access to healthy food, clean water, etc. these people are too short sighted to care about what it does to their bodies, so let them. there are better causes to work for.

No. 61760

That's why I said at the very least.
Also the point of exercising is literally to build muscle and resistance [in the case of cardio]. You just need to know the kind of exercise you're going for, and you won't get buff and he-man like for lifting weights, which is a wide misconception amongst women.

The shit these bitches are promoting is actually the opposite, you're losing fat but you're also losing tissue, which is counterproductive, like this retard right here >>61166 >>61505

You're not supposed to lose that much weight in days; losing 2 pounds per week is recommendable, even less than that. Drastic weight loss is harmful for you, and in the end you're going to suffer from ballooning up or developing an ED because of your poor life choices. You're also using your body's reserves when you exercise, so expect to feel weak and tired as you keep doing this.

I get it, some of you want to be super dainty and soft and with small frames, but a]be realistic about your goals and b]do it the right way. At the very least do cardio and eat right, which isn't hard at all.

I seriously can't believe that we have had more than one thread discussing how Ashley is going to die and how she's fucked up even if she tried to recover, and yet you're discussing this kind of shit as if you should even feel proud of it. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 61766

I think we should just ignore the proana comments? We've given advice, but what more can you do. It's just really fucking up this thread now.

No. 61772

File: 1426289924779.jpg (15.79 KB, 516x102, beautytip.JPG)

Back on track, here's a beauty tip from Ashley (although I find salty tears can be rather drying).

No. 61779

Lmao, tears make your face feel crusty and gross. Okay Ash.

No. 61783

File: 1426290567737.jpg (64.13 KB, 1004x498, ashleissacs.JPG)

I was looking at her old deviantart page. Unless she's moved since 2007, she does have her own room.

No. 61784

Maybe her tears are pure almond butter, soo smooooth.

Here's another pic from deviantart where she's bragging about how much money she spent at a bookstore.

No. 61786

File: 1426290688654.jpg (22.07 KB, 684x193, 2.JPG)

No. 61788

Failing at posting tonight. #struggling

No. 61791

Did she ever make money from camwhoring, or did she just do it for fun? I can't work out how she ever had/has money.

No. 61794

They were only posted on 4chan, as far as I remember, so I doubt she made any money.
She probably just lives off her mom's money, same as half the lolcows.

No. 61796

File: 1426291066183.jpg (102.77 KB, 1014x611, cooney.JPG)


I wonder that a lot. She used to get nekkid on stickam.

Eugenia Cooney is getting even thinner. A lolcow in the making, I feel (just for flaunting her thinness and being thinspo fodder).

No. 61798

her face is fug and her body looks like shit

weird how her face is as fat as a normal sized girls but her body is skeletal… i'd refrain from posting my face if i were her, and obsessed with weight

No. 61803

File: 1426291484807.png (271.16 KB, 531x321, 1407615656811.png)


She's another one who insists her hair isn't a wig.

She just looks really dated. The two videos I've seen of her were deathly dull. Maybe she's only popular with anorexics and men like Neckbeard.

No. 61805

i didnt know people still wore their hair like this/dressed like this

No. 61808

YOOO I watch her on YouNow occasionally, but she never has flesh showing or tight fitting clothes on when i've watched her. I didn't even realise she was anorexic.

No. 61809

Haha, I know! It's like stepping into a time warp.

No. 61848

Maybe they became anorexic later in their lives, and when all their clothes got too big, all they had left to wear that fit them was clothing from when they were in middle school.

No. 61851

Post shoe on head pic if you're really ashley. C'mon, just like the good ol' days. :^)

No. 61868


No. 61873


Her hair isn't a wig but I can tell you that she is wearing extensions.

No. 61966

File: 1426306591745.jpg (20.88 KB, 484x222, ooo.JPG)

She's jonesing for some negativity. We know how you operate Ashley Isaacs.

No. 61972

File: 1426307672814.jpg (48.59 KB, 522x398, yup.JPG)

Okay, bae.

No. 61974

You just can't live without ~drama~ can you? Don't you like your followers on ig and tumblr being nice to you all the time? :(

No. 61979


No. 61994

well now we know for sure (as if we didn't already) that she whiteknights herself on here constantly. gud 4 u ash!1

No. 62017


Eugenia Cooney is famous from Younow rather than Youtube. She's pretty bubbly and not as cringey on Younow compared to her awful Youtube videos.

But I don't think she's a lolcow because she's not milkable. /b/tards try to troll her on Younow every ten minutes and she's so good at brushing off hate it's pretty admirable.

No. 62018

LOL "revenge." Although… if she really thinks we are seeking revenge, does that mean that she's admitting, in a tacit way, that she fucks people over?

No. 62019

File: 1426315118886.jpg (66.38 KB, 600x549, 3859157429038752904385.jpg)

Yes, please keep on topic here. Create one for her on /b/ or /pt/ if you think she's milky enough. This thread is about the wondrous sparkle pony, Ash.


No. 62021

Hey, since we have Ash's blessing, howzabout someone post some instagram screencaps?

No. 62054

File: 1426325391309.gif (972.92 KB, 312x213, 1370056267969.gif)

Yep. The subconscious speaks, anon.

Also, it's kind of funny that this is sort of a dream come true for her, y'know. This thread is like a treasure trove of attention. All the delusions of persecution have come true! Will she milk lolcow out of its drama milk for her own gain?

No. 62056

I scrolled past this thread, saw that GIF and thought Ashley was finally dying. Don't get my hopes up like that, anon!

No. 62058

ayy lmao

But seriously, even if there are some people here that legit hate what's left of your guts and want you to die, most of us just wish you would snap the fuck out of it and start recovering so you stop hurting yourself and other vulnerable people, Ash.

No. 62064

>what's left of your guts

No. 62070

At first i wanted her to recover, but once she started keeping other girls with bulimia sick by targeting them. Just no. Now i just want to see her spiral out of control and let karma do its work for once.

No. 62107

File: 1426336255830.png (4.46 KB, 440x64, well done.PNG)

I meant to post this yesterday. An ask that really made me smile. I didn't post it as it was a private communication but I'm so happy for this girl.

No. 62122

Wow. Un fucking believable. Someone on Tumblr asked Ash what happened with Erika and instead of taking any responsibility she just blamed it on this thread. Are you fucking kidding me? Hey Ash, what about how you would talk shit about Erika behind her back, say manipulative mean shit to her face and act like a jealous brat instead of someone who actually cared about her?

No mention of how you USED her, how she would drive hours to see your ungrateful ass and you'd just use her to get binge food and blame her for leaving you when she had to drive back home for hours to take care of her own family. And you STILL manage to blame someone else? Fuck you, Ashley Isaacs. You are the worst kind of person and its has nothing to do with your face or eating disorder.

You are toxic scum, you have no empathy. I want every one of your fans to know how disgusting you personality is. You may have some of them fooled but I know deep down you realize everything I've said is true. You should hate yourself, at least it would be a start to admitting your wrongdoing.

No. 62123

Yeah, and you are thinner if you weigh a certain weight that's majority muscle versus majority fat. Fucking dolt, how old are you? This is 7th grade health right there.

No. 62127

You should submit this to sealed-up-tight.

No. 62128

How long on average can you live like this? When will she finally die?

No. 62138

Isabelle Caro lived quite a long time. So did Valeria Levitin. Of course they had health consequences and stuff, but they still managed to survive at least a decade or two at very low weights.

No. 62139


yes ashley, lead all of your fangirls here so they can see all of the fucked up, triggering, manipulative shit you say to people. that'll totally show us.

No. 62144

I've used to support her, but thanks to this thread I finally swe ahe's full of shit. She's a bad person and it's not tied to her eating disorder.

No. 62176

File: 1426358561158.jpeg (124.54 KB, 400x612, 2010-11-12-10-40-24-4-nicole-r…)


>I don't want to build muscle because muscle weighs more than fat


So you want to look like this then right? kekekekek

No. 62195

how friggen creepy is it to ask for a selfie with the chick who serves you coffee who isnt even your friend and doesnt even know you?

that girl has the kind of smile on that people have when they are around the mentally disabled or very young children and they are being peppy and overly nice to them because they know the person they are dealing with isn't all there. she probably thought ash was a terminally ill retard/child "oh this poor thing. sure i'll take a picture with you sweetie!" and ash thought the girl actually liked her rather than pity her lol

No. 62256


Muscle is DENSER than fat. If you had a lump of muscle and a lump of fat that were the same weight, the fat would be bigger. Unsurprisingly fat makes you look fat.

No. 62260

File: 1426369679617.jpg (42.79 KB, 475x374, 1.JPG)

agh. not this shit still.

let's all think about how odd it is that suddenly Ash's put in words the answer to our question about her mental health. she named depression…so what about the other disorders hm? odd seeing how we've been talking about how she never addresses this issue. can't she see how transparent she is?

No. 62261

for someone with social anxiety and all her issues, she hits the shops more often than I ever have.

No. 62267

I waa thinking about that too. She also asked a random starbucks barista to take a selfie with her

No. 62302

Yeah, I'm a confident person but I don't think even I could do that. I only know one person from online with social anxiety and he's that way with everyone, all the time. I don't think it's something you can switch on and off like Ashley seems to do.

No. 62304

Sometimes she will post status updates about how nervous she is to go outside/get a taxi/talk to someone, so idk.

Though it is weird how much she does go outside. I have social anxiety and hardly leave the house once a week, but maybe it affects people differently. She has been saying she's trying to work on her anxiety (i'm pretty sure), so maybe that has something to do with it.

No. 62309

No idea. Seems odd though, unless specific situations give her anxiety attacks. Not even sure if she gets them.

No. 62314

I don't know.

For me, I can kind of gauge a situation and come to the conclusion if it's going to make me feel too anxious or not. Like I can handle going shopping for maybe one hour if the store I'm going to isn't popular or I go at a slow time. But while i'm outside/shopping I do feel anxious and if something embarrassing happens the anxiety skyrockets and I probably won't go out for the next two weeks. I'm basically a shut-in though so I'm not the best example.

So maybe she's able to do certain activities depending on who's she with or where/what the task is?

No. 62321

No. 62340

That girl has a significant amount of muscle anon. Look at her thighs, sumach and chest. You can also see a lot of her tendons. That's not what skinny-fat looks like, that's skinny-muscle.

No. 62347

File: 1426379335313.jpg (113.99 KB, 612x612, zerobodyfatmuscle.jpg)

lolno shes has no fat left so you can clearly see her feeble, wasted muscles. if you take a weak, flimsy wimp and remove all their fat of course you're going to see the muscles, that doesn't mean they are strong or have more muscles than a normal person

that chick is just plain gross skinny

pic related is a chick who is skinny muscle. she's muscular but with no body fat. just big muscles with skin stretched over them.

No. 62349

File: 1426379407274.jpg (82.52 KB, 612x612, 1367650444821.jpg)

It's about looks, not weight. Working out will make you look thin, picture related is what happens when you work out.

No. 62352

That's not how it works you retard. Her stomach is both flat and hard, she clearly works out. She's not thin enough to have "no fat" left. At her size, she would be skinny fat if she didn't workout.
The girl you just posted also has fat. She would look disgusting if she didn't. Do you not understand how the human female body works at all?

No. 62357

File: 1426380538712.jpg (50.68 KB, 634x432, article-2384755-1B272520000005…)

anon, everyone has body fat. some have low percentages than others. if you have zero body fat, that is literally a disease. pic related, someone who does have it.

No. 62358

i dont think that anon meant literally zero body fat

No. 62363

i look at this and somehow think, of all pictures you might have saved on your computer, that is the best example you have of "pic related is what happens when you work out"

No. 62367

This ask is totally self sent.

Yeah makes sense to want to avoid negativity and postin #positive things then looking at lolcow. Bitch you are so transparent.

No. 62368

Are you kidding? She's DYEL as fuck

No. 62370

Do any of you remember her having a Starbucks gift card up where she commented something along the lines of: "I'd like to try one someday ^ - ^"?

I found that odd because like why else are you going to Starbucks if not to gawk at the poor barista and force interaction with her by ordering a drink?

No. 62377

File: 1426382559266.jpg (19.19 KB, 472x100, ew.JPG)



No. 62378

Lol is this from your fap folder?

No. 62381

I know this is harsh, but what made asley think her wrinkly skeleton ass has any chance with her. Appearance aside, she is a total cunt. If even it happened, she would make it a toxic relationship.

Are there any caps of her talking about the rejection?

No. 62383

A week or so later there was a tweet about how "she's straight, he's gay", so idk who the male was she was into, but I take it that was Tiff's rejection. I'll find it.

No. 62385

File: 1426383352061.jpg (17.24 KB, 461x84, ocd.JPG)

Oh, here's another disorder.

No. 62390

how awkward. i feel bad for that barista having to turn down a creepy skeleton for being a skeleton as well as explain that she's straight and not into chicks even if they werent creepy skeletons

No. 62396


The number of selfies she takes in public is amazing for someone with social anxiety. Especially if she's getting out of a wheelchair and pushing it out of the way before every selfie.

No. 62397

File: 1426384133585.jpg (17.2 KB, 465x76, this.JPG)

Here's that tweet.

No. 62398

File: 1426384175866.jpg (13.48 KB, 456x60, cunt.JPG)

Here's another one for the hell of it.

No. 62410

who is the guy shes refering to? another cafe server?

No. 62413

She doesn't seem to mention anyone. Have a look around if you're bored sometime http://new.tweettunnel.com/reverse3.php?ga=0&b=y&tz=-14400&id=43482010&pn=29
It's easier to follow old tweets to new on that site.

No. 62414

Maybe the chick really did like her. You don't know.

No. 62415

No. 62416

Can anyone explain the whole Hamtaro Chan for me and the proof for that??

No. 62417

She was a cam girl on 4 chan. She was named Hamtaro-Chan because she posed with a Hamtaro stuffed toy. I can't post proof because the screenshots are from when she was underage and I can't link because it's linking to underage titties.

No. 62430

Thanks for the caps anon!!

This was posted two weeks after the Starbucks tweet. I'm sure this is a reference to tiff rejection. I could only picture her reaction when this spoopy skeleton confessed her feelings. I mean, how would you guys feel if this happened to you?

No. 62454

You both sound jelly. My point is that working out isn't going to turn you into a buff monster like a lot of girls seem to think. It's good for girls who want to look thin. The girl in the picture has an ab roller in her apartment that she never puts away because she uses it so much, hence why her tunny is so flat and hard.

No. 62455

Well, the girl in the pic above it looks gross as fuck. I think this picture is more inspirational. Bitches need hips.

No. 62457

If you google "hamtaro chan camgirl" you will have your answers.

No. 62458

Can you stop already. This isn't the thread for your stupid arguments. Move on. Get over it. No one cares.

No. 62465

is it just me the only one not buying the suddenly "new attitude" she has right now? like being so friendly with recent asks she is getting on her blog?

No. 62485

OT as fuck but does anyone know where to buy lingerie for dfc like this? I gave it a good go on taobao but almost all the results I got were for titty monsters so I feel like I'm just using the wrong terms.

No. 62486

She is doing this because someone from lolcow took her old URL and is using it as Ashley truth blog.
She's so goddamn transparent.

No. 62487

No dude, it was on her wish list.

No. 62506

Nah leave Erika out of it. She is in the hospital to recover and has lot of anxiety lately she doesnt need this drama right now.

No. 62518

here's a link with no underage titties.

It's pretty obviously her, she's always had those dumbass eyebrows. Also you can find stuff like old dA accounts,and a youtube account where the /b/tards found her and would refer to her as Hamtaro-chan etc.

No. 62524

>that chick
I feel old.

No. 62546

jesus she looked so much healthier.

No. 62566

File: 1426431577363.jpg (24.78 KB, 261x477, 263997.jpg)


"That girl" is Nicole Richie and those photos were taken when she was starving her and known to have an ED, and her stomach does not looking it's but fucking working on you obtuse tard.

You obviosly know nothing about actual fitness.

"Flat stomach means they work out"… oh my lawd…

No. 62569

…and on the webcam screenshots you can see her username atticus_finch.

No. 62577

I think she was developing her ED around this time? On a YT vid from this era she mentions being away from the internet cause of her ED.
You can notice how she has bulimia cheeks though.
Lol, yeah, that too.

No. 62663

So Ashley always talks about how she hates life, wants to die, etc. But then she says stuff like "I have to be positive".

If she truly was suicidal, why would she choose such a slow method of killing herself? Maybe a small part of her wants to live? IDK.

A lot of her problems do seem to be exaggerated, like with her mom and whatever, and she wants to be seen as a victim, and she whines about how people are repulsed by her, but she kind of brings it on herself. Not by looking skeletal but the racist stuff she says, pushing people who care about her away, and so on.

No. 62682

God damn, you're stupid.

No. 62708

Most people who starve also work out extensively, especially celebrities.

No. 62715

She had such a round face. What a cutie.

No. 62766

Lol you mean bloated bulimic face. She already had an eating disorder while she was Hamtaro-chan. She just looked healthier, except for the puffy face.

No. 62797

Anorexia is far more complicated than a slow method of suicide

No. 62800

i guess i meant "healthier" as in not moments from death

No. 62836

Dude. She's not doing it to commit suicide. She mentioned earlier that she has OCD, which isn't surprising and explains her irrational obsession with not getting fat. The whole "I have to wash hands 50 times a day or I'll get sick" and "If I eat the slightest amount of food I'll get fat" aren't very different thought processes.

No. 62851

So much this. I was going to comment on that person's post, but I couldn't think of the proper way to word it without going off the handle.

No. 62880

File: 1426458575462.jpg (136.42 KB, 640x480, Hamtaro Chan (22).jpg)

She was already tiny in that MEGA gallery and those are definitely "bulimia cheeks". What shocked me is seeing her legs, looking normal and slender to those sad knobbly bones that she lurches around on now.

No. 62902

idk, she's not like abnormally skinny as ham-chan in my opinion. Not fat, but just, skinny-teen skinny?

No. 62908


Whoops I meant seeing her legs going from normal to what they are now. And I agree, she's not abnormally skinny, but she is slender. I don't think she was ever chubby/fat/overweight whatever by a long shot.

No. 62977

I don't think anon meant that that's why she's anorexic. She makes some "kill me now.lol, jk jk"/self deprecating comments that sound like she doesn't want to be here. And when they describe it as a slow suicide it is meant to imply the phrase "you're slowly killing yourself by engaging in this detrimental behavior."

No. 62979

She was a little chubby to start with but like baby fat chubs, not cottage cheese belly chubby. Her face made her look fuller.

No. 62990

There was an argument unrelated to Ashley on this thread where "skinny fat" was mentioned. Hamtaro Chan is a good example of skinny fat: she looked fairly small everywhere but her face, but she also looked very soft, with no definition.

No. 62996

Can someone post some pictures here? On my phone

No. 63040

File: 1426466080716.jpg (77.42 KB, 478x668, Screenshot_2015-03-15-17-30-02…)

No. 63047

Male here, I didn't know about this girl before but I got sucked into lolcow because I liked reading about Kiki Kannibal and CreepItCute and now I browse here regularly.

No. 63092

I hate the term skinny fat. Who the hell came up with that?

No. 63103

That was me. I googled:

>Also termed Metabolically Obese Normal Weight (MONW) it is used to describe a person who is in an ideal weight range but has more body fat than is healthy.

So it's a BMI thing? I honestly don't get BMI. Mine's 18.1 but I don't exercise and my diet's good. I'm not toned. Am I skinny fat?

No. 63104


cuz I guess just saying "not being toned" didn't click like skinny fat did.

No. 63106

File: 1426469187108.jpg (20.9 KB, 312x240, hamchan.JPG)

I know people have said her hair's a wig now, but even in these old ones it looks really thick and wig like, so maybe what she has now is real. She still likes hairbands.

No. 63132

File: 1426470051856.jpg (37.82 KB, 562x163, this.JPG)

In reply to this on tumblr - so you're excused from being impolite if you're ill and "dying". People expect a thanks for their ego. Er, no. A thank you is what a grateful, polite person gives when someone's taken the trouble to spend some cash on them.

If she can spend her spare time shopping and writing tons of snail mail, then typing a short sentence and hitting SEND to someone isn't beyond her capabilities.

No. 63173

File: 1426471408952.gif (325.68 KB, 300x300, ash.gif)

No. 63177


ffs, anon! i almost had a spontaneous bowel movement.

No. 63190

fuck, I dunno now though.

Her hair now looks like a very poorly taken care of wig. The ends are frizzy in such a way that synthetic wigs tend to get after too much rough brushing and bad upkeep.

Her hair in her old photos looks pretty healthy and not dry/stiff.

The fact that her eyebrows have completely fallen out leads me to believe her hair has fallen out as well.

No. 63196

Yeah, you'd expect some thinning of her hair at least. That photo from a couple of years ago where she'staking a selfie of her back - her hair is SO THICK.

I've had acrylic hair extensions in the past and they ended up looking like they were crimped and dry after a while. The human hair ones I had more luck with because it was easy to wash them.

The sever anorexic/bulimic I know (the blocked plumbing girl I mentioned ages ago) had very fine, brittle hair and also had no eyebrows but tons of whiskers on her chin. Hormonal thing.

No. 63419

What gets me is the white knights who think that expecting a "thank you" is "satisfying your ego". If I send someone something, I expect a god damn thank you. It's not satisfying my ego, it's common courtesy. If someone gave me something and I didn't say thank you I wouldn't be opposed to them punching me. If someone spends their money, time, or even the slightest amount of effort, to give you something you want/need/like, you should say thank you. It has nothing to do with ego and everything to do with respect and not being a cunt.

No. 63421

I wonder who that is

No. 63432

Reads like Ash

No. 63475


YES. Thank you. That white knight pissed me off. So she has the energy to add all this shit to her wishlist, along with comments, and to go to the shops and spend giftcards on binge food, but typing out a quick thank you and hitting send is too much to expect from a dying girl. FFS.

No. 63485

They literally teach "please" and "thank you" in nursery school/kindergarten. Four year olds have better manners than this bitch.

No. 63512

Yes, you are correct. I just worded it poorly. I didn't mean to imply she's anorexic because she's suicidal.

I have had anorexia and I have OCD, but I don't go "omg lol kill me now", nor have I ever. She seems to make those kinds of statements a lot.

No. 63518

i'm currently in recovery myself, and have never said those words either. but then again i don't have a bunch of crazy "fans" who get off on hearing it from me

No. 63520

I think when she says stuff like "kill me now" she means that the situation is overwhelming for her and she just wants to get away from the situation.

I've had many moments like that when things just get too uncomfortable and you just want everything to stop for a second. And in those moments you do think that suicide/self harm is the answer and it becomes kind of like a fail-safe. Because you know that if things get bad you have a way out or are going to die soon so it kind of calms you down.

But I have an anxiety disorder so I can kind of understand those statements that she makes, I guess.

Also I don't really know the context of the "kill me now" thing, so forgive me if I'm over-analyzing this and just jumping to conclusions.

No. 63521


She looked so happy in this vid.

No. 63525

I might be able to see this if it weren't for all her attention whoring. Yeah, she's sick mentally and physically but the lengths she goes to for people to comment and white knight her is just ridiculous. I don't think she says "kill me now" because she's overwhelmed. She does it so someone will pat her on the head and say "poor baby".

No. 63526

I wonder where that girl is now and if she knows how Ashley's faring?

>lol aids
>lol gay
>Vans style checked shoes

Ah, what a time.

No. 63528

I guess you're right.

It's just hard to tell where her mental illness stops and where her real personality begins.

It's hard to say how she would be if she didn't have the eating disorder and other mental illnesses. I want to believe that she's a good person deep down and it's just the her disorders that get in the way of that, but I don't know anymore.

No. 63529

regardless- everyone deserves happiness and health and i hope she isnt past the point of being able to recover without dying

No. 63550

While I agree with you, I feel like gaining weight would be such a shock to Ashley's system that it could cause her to die. Refeeding syndrome is a very real thing.

No. 63551

I have to think that even if she did gain some weight in a healthy way her organs (and this is ignoring her bones and all that) are fucked beyond repair and she'd only live slightly longer anyway.

No. 63553

Could you imagine the amount of attention she'd get if she actually DID recover, the right way, and reach a healthy (well, healthIER) state? No doubt that some of the damage to her bones and organs is permanent, but she could seriously be a poster child for anorexia recovery considering the terrifying state that she's starting from.

I know it's unlikely, but I'd be in full support (and heck, even admiration) if she REALLY tried and succeeded in getting better in all areas of her life.

No. 63554

That would mean she would actually visit a therapist, psychiatrist, go IP, and take medicine for whatever personality disorder she has.

She would also have to apologize for the racist stuff she's said, apologize for being manipulative, and so on.

No. 63555

File: 1426520382796.png (161.59 KB, 431x409, Capture.PNG)

I remember reading about a male model named Jeremy Gillitzer who had died from anorexia. He was in and out of treatment for many years, and ultimately refused treatment which was granted by his treatment team (I guess because he was so bad off physically?) he posted it on his blog before his death but his blog has since been removed and you can't really read the scan on archive.org -

I wonder if they'd say Ashley is beyond help as well

No. 63558

Yes, I remember him as well. He was so young, only 38 when he died.

No. 63645

File: 1426531994256.png (226.45 KB, 1080x1357, PobodysNerfect.png)


No. 63649

>some victims have actually committed suicide

No. 63653

I think we'd all like to know.

Are more of her fans finding this thread, or is she just posting asks about it as damage control for when they do?

No. 63660

Ha, the issue isn't that she's just done things she isn't proud of. It's that she continues to deny she's hurt others for her own gain and still considers herself an innocent victim. Everyone makes mistakes, but she deliberately uses and manipulates people. The anons above who wonder if she's a good person underneath the eating disorder: no.

Even if she got treatment and miraculously recovered she has yet to address her underlying personality disorder(s) despite putting all her other mental issues on display, which shows she's in complete denial and won't accept that she would need major DBT and lifelong personality disorder management. Sociopaths don't often admit they're sociopaths.

No. 63663

>lurking on those forums
> recently realised how sick it is

Only recently realised? How can you come to this site and not realise straight away that it's where you comment on the shitty traits of other people?

>an heroed


No. 63665

Damage limitation. She said she was going to accept anon questions for one night, but she's kept it going. That's handy because she can post herself asks and it doesn't have to create other tumblrs to ask herself questions.

How long before ig's back to public.

No. 63676

I remember there was a Frank Wolf thread on Stamrose, but 1) there was suspicion that it was a farce and 2) it wasn't over him being posted there.

No. 63682

No-one, she's just making things up for pity. As usual.

>an heroed


Am I too old or are there a lot of kids on here these days?

No. 63701

She also posted an ask from someone who wrote that they cry all the time and can't be a grown-up. Ashley responded with some canned advice about having a support system. Like really, are you in the position to give other people life advice, lol. But I guess she's strategically posting these anon asks to to make herself look good. Damage control like above anon said.

No. 63764


Unfortunately I'm not a kid. I was uh? at the suicide on here, not what anhero is.

No. 63769

…also, if someone committed suicide because of a thread on a site like this, there were loads of other issues than a few people "picking them apart".

Why doesn't she ignore us? That's what I'd do. Oh wait, ~attention~ ~drama~

No. 63785

Ashley, turn anon off. You clearly aren't getting any direct criticism so you're starving for negative attention because nobody believes your woe is me sob stories because guess what? Your life isn't terrible at all. All the crap you so have to put up with has been directly caused by yourself. You are the one responsible for all the bad shit in your life, we just like to talk about it.

No. 63842

We need a new thread!

No. 64007

Can anyone vouch for this link? I'm intrigued to see what skeletor looked like years ago but I have no desire to see the attention-seeking nudes put on the internet for 4chan.

No. 64029

No nudes. 100% safe.

No. 64082

Thanks very much

No. 64110

You're dead. At least attempt to make others aware of your disease. Your existence does not matter, Ashley. You are a dead person. You have killed your organs. You have killed your body. Please help other people by warning them of your mental disease. You will die and you are going to die. Very soon. Do at least one good thing, girl.

No. 64113

gtfo tumblrfag

No. 64137

She's clearly got borderline personality disorder, i.e the ED, the manipulation etc

No. 64138

She doesn't seem like a sociopath, she doesn't take as many risks, she doesn't do drugs, drink, do sex work or anything like that. She just seems like a classic case of BPD but on over drive due to the anorexia.

No. 64140

I agree with you but will point out her 4chan days. That's got to be some sort of attention seeking teenage girl version of sex work, right?

No. 64145

Not really, it just comes off as BPD attention whoring. Diagnosis for anti-social personality disorder follows these guidelines and honestly, she's not as bad as this.

A. Significant impairments in personality functioning manifest by:
1. Impairments in self functioning (a or b):
a.Identity: Ego-centrism; self-esteem derived from
personal gain, power, or pleasure.
b.Self-direction: Goal-setting based on personal
gratification; absence of prosocial internal
standards associated with failure to conform to
lawful or culturally normative ethical behavior.
2. Impairments in interpersonal functioning (a or b):
a.Empathy: Lack of concern for feelings, needs, or
suffering of others; lack of remorse after hurting or
mistreating another.
b.Intimacy: Incapacity for mutually intimate
relationships, as exploitation is a primary means of
relating to others, including by deceit and coercion;
use of dominance or intimidation to control others.

B. Pathological personality traits in the following domains:
1. Antagonism, characterized by:
a.Manipulativeness: Frequent use of subterfuge to
influence or control others; use of seduction,
charm, glibness, or ingratiation to achieve one„s
b.Deceitfulness: Dishonesty and fraudulence;
misrepresentation of self; embellishment or
fabrication when relating events.
c. Callousness: Lack of concern for feelings or
problems of others; lack of guilt or remorse about
the negative or harmful effects of one„s actions on
others; aggression; sadism.
d. Hostility: Persistent or frequent angry feelings;
anger or irritability in response to minor slights and
insults; mean, nasty, or vengeful behavior.
2. Disinhibition, characterized by:
a. Irresponsibility: Disregard for – and failure to
honor – financial and other obligations or
commitments; lack of respect for – and lack of
follow through on – agreements and promises.
b. Impulsivity: Acting on the spur of the moment in
response to immediate stimuli; acting on a
momentary basis without a plan or consideration
of outcomes; difficulty establishing and following
c.Risk taking: Engagement in dangerous, risky, and
potentially self-damaging activities, unnecessarily
and without regard for consequences; boredom
proneness and thoughtless initiation of activities

No. 64156

Ashley is not a sociopath. A legit sociopath would never let their body degrade to such a pathetic state to be honest.

I used to know a guy formally diagnosed with ASPD and was on all these different medications which I'm positive he didn't take.
To say he took care of himself world be an understatement, he looked like a Greek God under his clothing, but he deliberately wore his hair long, wore glasses and massive, oversized tee's to make himself look like a fat, greasy nerd so that he could pick fights with people and absolutely fucking wreck their shit.

I remember being out in a club with him before I knew what he was like, him going into the bathroom and coming out with blood on his shoes from kicking some guys head in. Supposedly the guy bumped into him by mistake and it was a good enough excuse.

Most folk with ASPD, from what I know, do engage in destructive behaviours but two of the other hallmarks were a charming demeanour and desire to control every aspect of their life to a T, two things which Ashley sucks at.

No. 64157

This is not true at all, ASPD people do ruin themselves too, in fact, it's common for ASPD people to routinely have accidents: "This difficulty with impulse control results in loss of employment, accidents, legal difficulties, and incarceration." (http://www.sevencounties.org/poc/view_doc.php?id=564)

Plus, anorexia and ASPD do go together: http://www.vanderbilt.edu/AnS/psychology/health_psychology/pers_dis.htm

It's a bit of a result of hollywood to think people with ASPD are all charming and take great care of themselves like machines, some do like any other people but the vast majority are trainwrecks.

No. 64158

My post was OT as hell but I still think Ashley is BPD.

No. 64227

In terms of the mouth surgery, i'm not sure what the hell she's had done. I had teeth removed for bulimia a month ago and my face was swollen to fuck for a whole week, like looked like i'd be chris browned. Her picture immediately after is fine though so god knows whats she's had done. A filling?

No. 64253

Tooth extraction. She talks about how she's still bleeding, I wonder if it was wisdom teeth removal. Not everyone swells. Depends on the individual and what teeth are involved.

No. 64269

Yeah, Ashley has at least some strong sociopathic traits, if not full blown ASPD. There is overlap between the cluster B personality disorders, which include borderline, narcissistic, antisocial, and histrionic. She definitely has BPD but also has symptoms of other personality disorders in that cluster. She also has symptoms of histrionic and narcissistic personality disorder. She may have more than one personality disorder or have symptoms of multiple related personality disorders, but either way she is definitely somewhere in the cluster B personality disorder group.

I wonder if she's been formally diagnosed. Some therapists won't disclose a personality disorder diagnosis to the patient in cases like BPD so maybe Ashley was never told, or maybe she was and is hiding it.

No. 64274

Ashley is charming in the sense that she has thousands of followers, many of whom buy things for her and admire her. And anorexia is all about control, so she does have those two traits. She's just not the brilliant/attractive/rich stereotypical sociopath.

No. 64290

Really the charming thing isn't a huge factor in ASPD, BPD is actually very similar seeming to ASPD in some ways. She's deffo cluster B but she's such a text book BPD anorexic it's killing me, she reminds me of a girl I saw on Dr.Phil who was ruining her families life by staying at home and screaming at everyone about food and trying to control the fridge.

No. 64300

She could fit the criteria for ASPD but yeah, BPD is the best fit. I do think she also has strong histrionic and narcissistic traits though. But again, there's a good deal of overlap with those disorders. I just wonder she's never mentioned personality disorders, as she has no shame when discussing her other disorders. I suspect she wasn't told her diagnosis or she won't accept it. But I'm also questioning the therapist who allegedly treats her. Ashley claims she's currently diagnosed with both anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, but one of the criteria for bulimia is "The disturbance does not occur exclusively during episodes of anorexia nervosa.

No. 64303

Posted too soon. So technically Ashley has anorexia nervosa binge-eating/purging subtype, not simultaneous anorexia and bulimia. Maybe she was diagnosed bulimic at one point when she wasn't underweight but currently she'd just be a binge eating/purging anorexic. She seems to not know her own diagnoses which makes me wonder about her therapist she claims to have,especially if they neglected to diagnose her obvious BPD.

No. 64324

The thing about Borderline Personality Disorder is that it's BORDERLINE. It's a mix of everything so she's going to have different aspects of everything. It's hard to treat because not everyone has the same symptoms. It's almost like a Disorder Lottery. You get what you're given out of the whole pot.

No. 64325

That's so funny how she's getting pissy about the technical name for her eating disorder when she stated on Tumblr once that she had an "official" diagnosis of "Severe Anxiety." If you're going to get nitpicky over not adding "nervosa" after anorexia, then WTF with making up your own name for an anxiety disorder? And if you want to get really specific about diagnoses, when are you going to address your personality disorder(s)?

No. 64333

That's not it at all. The name "borderline" goes back to the heyday of psychoanalysi and refers to the border between psychosis and neurosis. That idea is outdated so it's a bit of a misleading name and in other parts of the world it's called "emotionally unstable personality disorder," which is a more accurate description.

No. 64335


No. 64548

Can we stop playing psychotherapist and get back on topic?

No. 64802

I don't know how to post the video here, but I assume everyone saw her St. Patrick's Day post on Instagram?

Shit, I know she's not exactly a ray of sunshine, but it's hard to watch her kill herself in front of us (even harder to look away) Her color is just… wow.

No. 64811

Can't see it, her insta is private.
Post screenshots if you can?

No. 64855

And everyone telling her how cute she looks on her new instagram video, like WTF 0.0

No. 64872

Yeah, I know those teen fangirls think they are being nice to her, but they're really just enabling her. If she's being told by the masses that she is sooo cute or pretty, why would she ever want to change and "get fat"?

No. 64881

Maybe they really think she's pretty.

That's almost as bad.

No. 64905

It's a combination. Some of the users with names like @ilovetostarve or whatever actually want to look like her, while there are other types who will say things like she's a beautiful person, not praising her appearance but trying to point out inner beauty (even though Ashley doesn't have that either). Usually the second sort of people are in recovery and trying to help her feel better. Too bad it's a waste of time because she'll just end up whining about nobody being nice to her no matter how many people are.

No. 64909

Not a white knight so pls back off. She actually responds to people now- fake or not, at least the energy is being put towards not being whiney. Idfk

No. 64924

It won't last.

No. 64928

She does it because someone from lolcow took her old URL and is exposing her, so she is tryong to prove them wrong.

No. 64932

It's obviously fake and she only started that to try to cover up what people have exposed here. Even when she's putting on her nice act she still manages to turn it into self pity. She'll thank people for gifts now, but not without mentioning "this made my day because everyone is so mean to me waah" and she just posted about her mother making fun of her cosplay and it just makes her want to give up waah.

Fucking Christ Ashley, you have bigger problems than your stupid cosplay. Grow the fuck up and deal with your actual problems instead of constantly distracting yourself with kawaii nonsense. Distraction is good when you need a little extra help coping, not when you never actually tackle your issues and live in a fantasy world instead of reality.

No. 64937

Lmfao you must've not read the other threads. This is what she does. She fake as fuck. She's only doing it because it drives people to buy shit for her and she has this huge desire to prove the opposite of the truth. If you tell her she's a dick then she puts a ton of effort into being a saccharin angel.

No. 64943

Her deadpan, lifeless tone of voice and eyes is what hits me the most. Her face is void of any life, it's like looking at an artificially animated corpse. It really triggers uncanny valley for me.

No. 64952

File: 1426705795034.jpg (199.89 KB, 483x565, Untitled-3.jpg)

Screenshot from the St. Patrick's Day video.

No. 64954

I dunno why, but it just hit me that Ashley may not have had any dental work at all and just made it up for the sympathy.

No. 64955

Why is she always filming herself in a car?

No. 64956

Supposedly because it's the only place she has peace and quiet.

No. 64960

Imagine a one bedroom apartment inhabited by two people, one of whom is a a hoarder who has massive quantities of binge food and one bathroom to purge in. I wouldn't want to film my home if I lived like Ashley.

No. 64965

i think she did. only cause i remember seeing her face in a diff video where it looked more deformed around the jaw area. it looks a little more normal to me now

No. 64966

With how jaundiced she already is it's a good thing she doesn't drink (read: binge/purge) alcohol. Her liver would finally croak.

No. 64968

i just realized shes posting all these videos from her wheelchair or a handicap seat. wow

No. 64970

So she wants to do yet another giveaway she can't afford using other people's gifts to her as prizes, "randomly" selecting a winner who happens to be one of her online friends and/or bulimic to send binge food. Okay. Pretty sure none of Ashley's previous giveaways follow Instagram guidelines:


Not sure if Instagram cares about creeps making informal contests on their site, has anyone tried reporting these giveaways?

No. 64973

It was probably a routine tooth extraction that she exaggerated for sympathy. She's dodged any questions about the specific surgery she had and just complains about wah so much pain.

No. 65070

>no alcohol for me
lel that will probably be instant death

No. 65074

File: 1426722180923.jpg (49.13 KB, 562x441, L.JPG)


It never occurred to me her giveaways could be Ig illegal, but I thought it was a bit dodgy to offer food when you're not an actual company. You could get a weirdo posting edible stuff that's been tampered with.

She's never said it's not ig endorsed, so that's a breech of rules. Other pics tagged #giveaway are from companies like Hot Topic and food companies.

Pic related: not very successful giveaway. I wonder if the person ever received her stuff?

No. 65076


I don't have an issue with her doing giveaways otherwise, but the system for choosing a winner is too sketchy.

No. 65077

(and I wouldn't eat anything a random stranger sent me)

No. 65080

File: 1426722660128.jpg (14.63 KB, 192x154, 1382195503053.jpg)

Someone should send her some poisoned food so she HAS to go to the hospital

No. 65091


I'd do that to a paedophile in jail, but I wouldn't want to kill Ashley! On the subject of hospital though, whenever she mentions that's she's (eg) fainted and paramedics are called out, why don't they keep her in hospital? She's obviously so fucked she's passing out, but they never keep her in a hospital.

No. 65092

(besides, the food you send might be resent to somebody as part of a #giveaway)!

No. 65161


She probably refused to be transported to the hospital? IDK what kind of protocols EMTs have to follow when someone refuses transport, but I'm pretty sure that if you sign their form stating that you refuse transport, they can't take you to a hospital, unless there's evidence that you're suicidal, homicidal, or mentally incompetent…

No. 65177

You're right. I wasn't thinking in Ash mode. If I passed out I'd want to be checked over, but…yeah. I suppose they'd only take her if she was unconscious. You can walk away and refuse to go. So wrong that someone so ill wouldn't be (for want of a better word) forced to go for observation/treatment.

No. 65181


too far….

No. 65183

That's a bit creepy, anon.

No. 65211

That's fucked up, even by anon standards. Enjoy your jail time!

No. 65246

AHAH i fucking died. do it anon.

No. 65249


What is irony?