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File: 1439479639573.png (486.32 KB, 450x598, 1439413590236.png)

No. 11

No. 12

guys she has no little brother, she's the youngest child.


what do you mean by 'nice fucking try'? i'm bringing reason into your damn head lol it's not credible enough.

No. 13

finally, that last one was giving me hemorrhoids.

No. 14

lol why did she unpin the "wishlist" tweet?

No. 15

Where's ur pink hair ouji?

in indonesia, he'd surely be called ''gay''

No. 16

Are you new? There is a little brother. There are pictures of them together like the one with horse masks and mirror pic (although you can't see his face in those pics)

No. 17

i hate how she says "Hey guys if you sign up for this you can get so much off!" as if she's helping her followers, but in actuality she's the one getting benefited when they click the link or use the code

No. 18


that wasnt luke?

No. 19


yea of course lol
she wont do anything that wont benefit her

No. 20

it's sad really… Her followers being blind
They don't realize they're being used for money and fame by a girl who doesn't do shit in return

No. 21

lol she's even put the link to the otakumode shit in her instagram description too

No. 22

I think that was luke. lol

No. 23

That was luke.
Her older brother is [name removed]

No. 24


i thought luke was her big bro?

No. 25

you're the new one.

No. 26

File: 1439482048313.jpg (40.01 KB, 341x604, QARBQPH7msA.jpg)

lol when berry forgot to whiten the other hand

No. 27

I think so too

No. 28

So in order you're saying its

Luke> Berry> Myk> Levin?

No. 29

Nope, her older brother is [name removed]. There are screenshots of his fb acc few threads back

No. 30

File: 1439482214882.jpg (213.6 KB, 1242x2208, image.jpg)

keeps drawing attention back to her old tweets lol

No. 31

Isn't it like Berry > Myk > luke > Levin?

No. 32

idk anymore i'm confused lol

No. 33

File: 1439482350159.jpg (23.24 KB, 183x275, 1420131817359.jpg)

Dude I'm not a newfag lol, been here since the first thread
This is her older brother and he's married
The correct line is levin>myk>berry>luke

No. 34

Idk but I called her out on it last thread lmao
I think berry is the youngest, hence why they spoil her so much.

No. 35

sHE WAS BARELY AUDIBLE LMFAO people are dumbasses

No. 36

Dude I know levin is her older brother tho.

No. 37

I also think Berry is the youngest. Luke seems older than her.

No. 38

File: 1439482625214.png (10.45 KB, 307x87, ss (2015-08-13 at 12.16.52).pn…)

Back in 2014 Berry said Luke was 22.

No. 39

you sound fucking new lol berry is the youngest child, luke comes next, then myk, then levin.

No. 40

Sorry I'm really tired, i think i qted the wrong person lol
I followed her since 2009 and she'd sometimes post pics of her little brother luke, thats why i said he's a little brother.

No. 41

File: 1439482713904.png (186.95 KB, 262x349, Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.1…)

ouji a few days later

No. 42

Lmao we know Berry sometimes post pics of Luke but why do you claim he's her lil brother tho? Did she mentioned like "Luke my lil brother" or something? I hope I don't come off as rude tho

No. 43

lmao made my day

No. 44

File: 1439483109677.png (15.76 KB, 342x178, ss (2015-08-13 at 12.23.06).pn…)

Berry is turning 22 in nearly a week and she doesn't even know how to do fucking laundry. Good luck becoming a doctor.

No. 45




No. 46

she probably just want to show she's like Umaru who let her brother do all the house work.

No. 47

>>42 no you're not loll now i'm really confused as well.. back in 2010 she posted a picture of some random guy in a garden, a really blurry one at that and called him her little brother luke so i've always remember him as the little brother

No. 48

i've been following her since 2009 too she never said he was her little brother, just brother

No. 49

I like how she changed her title name to umaru-chan lol fukin weeb.. what happened to "I don't watch anime lol 3edggy for that"

No. 50

i pitched down her voice as we think she pitched it up to sound 'fucking kawaii' so this is probably how she sounds like https://vid.me/Cg7O

No. 51

Lmao nice vid pic. Isn't this an old recording though? Sounds like her

No. 52


yeah but i pitched it down 1x

i laughed when i pitched it up 4x lol no shit

No. 53

how was her voice sounds like during streaming? is it like the vid you shared?

No. 54


i've never watched her stream though, but some anons here might have

No. 55

Guys, I just thought of something.

You know how Berry loves to be vague and imply things (like take pictures of gadgets and give the impression they are hers but never explicitly says they are hers so if she gets called out she can say they aren't hers)?

Well. What if she did break up with Ouji but actually does have a boyfriend right now? I mean think about it, she NEVER seems to refer to Ouji as Ouji. She just says "my bf" all the time. Do you think that maybe she has a boyfriend but wants to give the impression it's Ouji? That way she's technically "not lying" and also if her bf ever checked her twitter he wouldn't be suspicious either? Also would explain the lack of pics of them together being posted yet her tweeting that they're doing x-y-z at that moment in time.

No. 56

File: 1439491156682.png (283.9 KB, 386x461, Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.31…)

hmm what if

No. 57


lets wait a few days until ouji takes a selfie with his pink hair that is as pink as his waifu's shooped vag

No. 58


could be. but nvm. i think its impossible for a guy besides ouji to fall for her in rl

No. 59

and she never leaves the house so

No. 60

Berry has small lips , her upper lip is almost non existing and her bottom lip is small to average >>56

No. 61

This will too, eventually

No. 62



i didnt do anything to her lips lol (it was mirror-ed and darkened only) thanks for pointing out that her lips are naturally big and not as small as she shoops it to be

No. 63


hope your "existence" here could prevent it from happening, sir

No. 64

The show is cute, but Umaru is actually really, spoiled, selfish, and bratty. She's a slob when she gets home and puts on a cute face for outsiders but is shitty to her family…..oh wait.

No. 65

Ofc, lets talk about how omg she photshops her pictures or whatever petty shit you come up with. Berry threads are doomed to cancer.
Dont bother answering pls

No. 66

File: 1439496607035.png (160.09 KB, 551x642, Capture.PNG)


No. 67

File: 1439496621859.png (48.18 KB, 552x274, Capture1.PNG)

No. 68


doomes to cancer?
yeah ofc, because people like you still bother showing up in berry threads lol

No. 69

File: 1439496680960.png (434.27 KB, 529x769, 2.PNG)

No. 70



No. 71


said the girl who is chocolate physically and fooling her fans

No. 72

I lol when korinne tries to claim the japanese part which doesn't fucking exist

No. 73

File: 1439496797152.png (125.77 KB, 536x412, 3.PNG)

No. 74

Is she saying Quinceanera dresses are ugly? lol talk about bashing someone's culture

No. 75

That tweet literally is korinne…
the hypocrisy continues

No. 76

Show me what fucking photo she has without her "double J" boobs aren't hanging out

No. 77

File: 1439497028219.jpg (26.04 KB, 356x344, 1428753433866[1].jpg)

No. 78

File: 1439497177531.png (1.11 MB, 747x596, 1429024176395[1].png)

No. 79

File: 1439497214154.png (27.09 KB, 114x128, uh.png)


ok burry i believe :^)

No. 80

File: 1439497313781.jpg (26.4 KB, 400x562, 1429064773985[1].jpg)

No. 81

File: 1439497344431.png (147.71 KB, 540x960, 1428508379472[1].png)

No. 82

File: 1439497469053.jpg (68.99 KB, 570x656, 1429135660272[1].jpg)

No. 83

File: 1439497472818.jpg (43.35 KB, 343x604, fpVQmGsJCWs.jpg)

look at that head's shape

did she cry in photo because someone hit her head? :^)

No. 84


the old berry kept insulting the current berry

No. 85


lol saying "tits" doesn't fit your kawaii aesthetic, curry.

No. 86


she is dumb af, I checked her lips in her video and it was wiggling

No. 87

in the bottom tweet she's doing the same as you guys lol insulting someone who "deserves" it

No. 88


wheres the vid of you jiggling your boobs?
make sure you aint gonna drop something from your bra when ya jiggle

No. 89


means she claims to be as desperate as dakota koti lol

No. 90


at least dakota has something going for her in Japan

berry even doesn't go outside

No. 91

I remember that time when she said she was disappointed of an ulzzang who photoshops her face
because that ulzzang looks different in real life
as if you're in a right place to say that jeez

No. 92

her head looks like a rugby ball

No. 93


or a mountain

No. 94

Lol we did check your gifs and they do in fact wiggle

No. 95

im pretty sure she has some type of personality disorder

No. 96

its cool to imagine yourself as super successful, rich, beautiful, and with a "hubby" but when you go so far as to fake it as reality, it's near insane.
People like Korinne need mental help
It is beyond me how she can function in society (she probably doesn't)

No. 97

shes reposting her singing on all of her social media. why is she so proud of it? its not as if you can even hear her? she might as well just post a video of the original OP.

No. 98

berry deleted her singing video off of facebook right after i posted this LOL maybe it wasn't getting enough likes quickly enough. maybe she'll repost it when more people are online so she can get more likes.

No. 99

wonder whats gonna happen if someone hacked her twitter and fb and delete everything, shes gonna cry blood lol

No. 100

i'd start posting her old pics and shit lol

No. 101

File: 1439502093781.jpg (235.75 KB, 800x1000, lol.jpg)


No. 102

Her and her twitter minions are arguing with some other person. It's pretty funny actually

No. 103

Oh you beat me to the caps. Are you going to post them all?

No. 104


I don't have the other caps D: post em pls

No. 105

File: 1439502978719.png (484.62 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-36-19…)

The replies to that

No. 106

File: 1439503060613.png (430.84 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-36-27…)

Sorry but I was on mobile

No. 107

File: 1439503177389.png (482.32 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-36-34…)

No. 108

File: 1439503240402.jpg (15.42 KB, 635x414, Alg-crying-baby-jpg.jpg)

"you kept talking to her in a weird way" oh my GOD

No. 109


YASS that girl is doing god's job

No. 110

File: 1439503358031.png (433.27 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-36-44…)

No. 111

File: 1439503415034.png (406.25 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-36-50…)

No. 112


"don't bring my followers into this"

Is this chick really that retarded?

No. 113

File: 1439503481799.png (395.88 KB, 1080x1730, Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-37-54…)

The girl that was supposedly attacked.

No. 114

File: 1439503538275.png (316.46 KB, 1080x1660, Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-37-58…)

No. 115

File: 1439503604101.png (223.51 KB, 1066x704, 263748547362.png)

The account that attacked breaksticku/sunny aka berry's new kiss ass/"squad" member

No. 116

why the hell are they even fighting? lol

and berry was trying to look like a "good friend"

"omg look!! im defending this girl!! praise me more!"

No. 117

idk why berry jumped into convo
did sunny asked for her bcz berry is so ~famous~

No. 118


yea i think
"pls defend my ass i've kissed your ass for a long ass time so repay me"

No. 119

still waiting on someone to take a pic of her walking out of her house

No. 120

File: 1439510985353.jpg (12.55 KB, 480x360, hqdefault[1].jpg)

found it

No. 121

Someone should have sent her the screen shot of korinne calling ami a monkey if there was one

No. 122

but really though, someone get a pic of her, and then we can really expose her once and for all

No. 123

this so much, there are always anons saying they live near by but nothing juicy ever comes out

No. 124

You guys actually think someone is willing to stand outside her house or hide behind a bush or something for AGES (because god knows when she comes out) to try to get a picture of her?

No. 125

File: 1439516976420.jpg (48.9 KB, 581x644, lol1.jpg)

No. 126

File: 1439517018051.jpg (46.29 KB, 580x640, lol2.jpg)

No. 127

Korinne is also a bully tho

No. 128

in YOUR "warzone"? ha like when you messed with Ami so bad that the moment someone says something about her, she deletes all her social media? what a dumb bitch

No. 129

why is she making it all so public with knowledge of how many followers she has berry a "20 going on 22 y/o" attacking another girl is so childish she is pathetic all of them could settle this privately

No. 130

going on 21**

No. 131

why do people retweet tweets of people bashing them
It's not cute fam

No. 132

nothing is private with korinne… she lives off of people knowing every little detail about her "kawaii" life
it's pathetic

No. 133

i've seen people who sound like they'd do worse on here, so yeah why not?

No. 134

if someone is actually willing to do that then they're at least partially insane tbh

No. 135

it would prove a lot of things though lol
but i agree i'd be pretty concerned about the person

No. 136

File: 1439521189175.jpg (38.68 KB, 684x649, Clipboard04.jpg)

just like that it's over and everything's okay lol wow

No. 137

File: 1439521222075.jpg (11 KB, 574x181, Clipboard05.jpg)

No. 138

In the end, that person was a suck up to berry as well lmfao

No. 139

"you haven't step foot in my warzone bruh"

lmaoooo, oooOOooOoohh..so scary omg…

No. 140

I'm working on a Twitter to expose Korinne since we need to start spreading the truth on social media. Do you guys have anything you want me to post? Photos, evidence? Any ideas?

No. 141

All the racist bullshit

No. 142

Find the posts that point her out as hypocrite
Like the ones that have her saying stuff but then later she says something different

No. 143

her old threads have really great evidence of her bullshit
tbh i think we should all make a twitter or something because only one will be reported in no time like she did with the other two that existed before, so we should have backups in case she makes her idiot followers report the account

No. 144

File: 1439525911505.jpg (14.38 KB, 198x275, image.jpg)

someone posted this in one of the old threads

No. 145

File: 1439526634429.jpg (78.69 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

Korinne just uploaded this. Her lips are disgusting as usual…

No. 146

File: 1439526850984.jpg (54.01 KB, 626x358, image.jpg)

Is that why you and your friends lurk here, Korinne? Get over yourself.

No. 147

File: 1439527411703.jpg (47.29 KB, 437x656, image.jpg)

its all the same shit, damn

No. 148

File: 1439527538519.jpg (12.36 KB, 206x183, image.jpg)

I can see your real nose Berry

No. 149

they look similar

No. 150

File: 1439528098701.jpg (66.9 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Um? Why is berry's hairline fucked?

No. 151

what do you mean by that?
it looks pretty normal, not everyone has the same hairline

No. 152

File: 1439528965796.jpg (42.33 KB, 640x354, image.jpg)

Of course Ouji would say this. Such a ~*perfect*~ boifrandu.

No. 153

Korinne wouldn't be able to hold a conversation with anyone in real life, because all she talks about is her fabricated self 24/7. She needs that validation and reassurance everyday since she has such a low self esteem.

No. 154

That animes main character so far is annoying as shit. Why anyone would like to be compared to her is just beyond me.

No. 155

Well Burry is a desperate idiot and the more annoying she becomes the more attention she gets. Even if it's negative it validates her boring existence.

No. 156

File: 1439538970806.jpg (64.12 KB, 720x960, rm.jpg)

whenever i see the photo at the top of this thread, i cant help but think of this ugly kpop dude

No. 157

She projects herself onto Umaru. That's the only reason.

She believes she's a kind, beautiful girl when in public, but is a kawaii kind of lazy when she gets home.
In reality we all know she's ugly as sin and is just straight up lazy and gross.

No. 158

File: 1439541458217.gif (158.72 KB, 334x399, soconsistent.gif)

barry, how did your nose and chin shrink so much in one day???

No. 159

busted lol

No. 160

It's called angles and lighting you crazy cunt

No. 161

her jaw and eyes align you stupid cunt

No. 162

burry stfu

No. 163

cause angles an lighting makes ur nose wider and the two photos are literally at the same angle so lighting makes her nose smaller?

No. 164

You sure are insecure about your nose, berry.
Jfc, sperging EACH time everyone says something remotely negative about it.

No. 165

File: 1439551436289.jpg (47.39 KB, 629x566, image.jpg)

she acts like she doesn't know the price of makeup probably cause she buys shitty eBay knockoffs what's the point of wasting 30 dollars on a compact when your just going to edit your skin later

No. 166


No. 167

she know damn well that she didnt pay for it herself why is she such a pissbaby over a compact that she can DEFINATLEY AFFORD with her mansion and her car her doctor mother bought and her two six thousand dollar bracelets

No. 168

I've more than one cushions and honestly IOPE cushion is good but it's not as bad as Berry mentioned. Probably she's just used to cheap makeups that now $40 cushion isn't for her.

No. 169

" ゲームと寝ることが大好きなオタク" her japanese is so bad….. If she really wants to speak Japanese at least learn properly before throwing Japanese words. As a Japanese speaker, I can't help but to laugh at her.
Wth is "Gemu to neru koto ga daisukina otaku"
= About game and sleep favorite otaku
I bet shes trying to say she's an otaku who likes to play game and sleep but failed miserably.

No. 170

Even japanese won't easily claim themselves as otaku, what is this girl thinking claiming herself as an otaku? Does she think otaku is viewed highly in Japan? lmao. At least learn some of their culture first before saying she loves Japan and so on.

No. 171

Berry : I don't really watch animu
Burry : I'm so umaru, I'm animu, I live a kawaii laifu, I've big oppai but small slim fake body, I'm lazy at home play game 2/4 hours my bro does all the laundry just like umaru but at med school im a genius

No. 172

I've never heard anyone to say that iope would suck. Maybe she just bought the wrong shade since she's darker and iope doesn't have such a wide range.

No. 173

Actually it means "I'm an otaku who loves sleeping and (video) games"

If you think that sentence is wrong then you're the one with questionable Japanese.

No. 174

Maybe she tried to buy it cheap off some knock-off site and thought she bought the real one, lol.

No. 175


yea she could just DM cosjpn
but bruh berry is an attention whore she at least wanted to show that she was cool enuf to defend a "friend" eh.. i mean her loyal kissasser lol

No. 176


*asskisser lol

No. 177

she's puffing her cheeks a little in the oreo pic that makes the nose wider, the angle is the face expression(?) is different

No. 178

She could just be using countouring on her nose though

noses look slightly different when different shadows fall on them, no huge discovery

No. 179

some people just dont wanna admit that her nose is wide

lets just say she has the most kawaiiiiiii nose and smalllessssstttt nose to make them happy

case closed

No. 180

File: 1439568901082.png (28.59 KB, 527x118, ew.png)

and she is not tan

and she is not a hermit

and she has rl friends

and she's not living a fake internet animu life

No. 181


and she is rich

and she is naturally cute

and she's not an attention whore

ew fuck this shit my fav character is being called burry
my image of umaru is ruined now thanks burry
stop desperating to look anime when all you can do is photoshopping yourself beyond recognition and taking selfies near the window to get good brightness so no one could see your disgusting tan skin

No. 182


tan skin is not disgusting you absolute twat

No. 183


every tan skin is beautiful
except for berry's

No. 184


"black is beautiful" she said but she covers her tan skin with thick foundation and meitu's brightness
you hypocrite shit

No. 185

it's not that we don't admit it, we acknowledge that, but some of you blame it on PS when it could just be a natural reason like how this anon >>178 said it could be shadows or contouring

No. 186

just because she appreciates the skin tone doesn't mean she has to be like look i'm tan i love it!! jfc people

No. 187


are you kidding
she hates her own skin tone thats why she tries her best not to show it

No. 188

how does that relate to her saying that black is beautiful and anything like that? so if you love all body types but you want to exercise to make yourself fit because you don't like your body type, that makes you a hypocrite?

No. 189

It might make her nostrils flare up, but as far as her whole nose getting magically bigger? No dude lol. No amount of contouring and angles and lighting can make your nose change like that. Clearly she is photoshopping it. This is Berry we are talking about, she photoshoops everything. Why are we suddenly doubting this?

No. 190

bullshit. puffed up cheeks wouldn't bulge so close to the jaw.
do you think we're blind?

No. 191

No. 192


if she thinks black/tan is beautiful then she would be super fucking PROUD to SHOW IT, wouldnt she?

No. 193


well its just weirdly hypocrite because she doesnt even appreciate her (tan) skin tone but she pretends to appreciate other people's skin tone that is even darker than hers
thats what happen when she's tryin to gain attention to look like a good wise fucking person but end up failing because shes a total hypocrite to begin with

No. 194


so if you say all body types are beautiful and you're someone who's not exactly skinny
and then you want to better your body type through exercising, then you're a hypocrite for wanting to better yourself
okay then
i see your reasoning 100%

No. 195


I bet you are fat and lie yourself about how comforable with your body and still try to be skinny smhhh

No. 196


typo :(

No. 197


pfft what the fuck
lets just say im berry
im fat and i say fat body is beautiful
but then i take a photo of myself/my body
well i look fat there but i dont want to show my fat body to everyone (i need to look as animu as possible to gain attention sry) because i dont wanna people think im fat even though fat is beautiful.
exercise? hell no aint nobody got time for that? i'll just photoshop myself and scretch my picture and tell everyone instead that this is my real body and this is the body i get for exercising
i'll make sure my photoshopped body look as perfect as i wanted to make other fatties insecure but im a "good person" so i'll just tell them fatties that fat body is beautiful

No. 198


and i'll still proudly say that im not hypocrite at all

No. 199

nah i'm average

there's still no solid proof she's tan in this present day lol i knew some tan people who became pale after a few years so?? and she doesn't even look as fat as you guys say, just a little on the chubby side

my point is that she can support skin color/body types/whatever the fuck she wants to but it's okay for her to not like it on herself because there's no obligation to do that

No. 200


there's also no solid proof that she's as pale as she claims to be now pfft she wouldnt go through all the photoshop work if she wasnt as tan

"doesn't even look as fat as you guys say" have you seen her body? its obvious that she covers her fat everytime she takes selfies and some body parts on some pictures she took are always blurry as fuck because she photoshopped it too far

my point is that she's a fucking hypocrite who is in no place to support others who are in the same boat as her but somebody else got offended so ok

No. 201

she can just be using a brightening effect, you don't have to be super tan to be able to brighten her skin.
have YOU seen her body? none of us has seen her full on body with no photoshop

anyone can support anything and who are you even to say that lol are you God? there's no solid proof of anything, this thread isn't stupid but some of the people here are.

No. 202

please someone send her this on twitter hahaha

No. 203

File: 1439580475191.jpg (46.03 KB, 335x394, ss (2015-08-14 at 03.24.03).jp…)

She really has no new pictures does she..? Shes been rehashing old pictures a lot lately. I remember her posting that picture of her dog a long time ago.

No. 204


pfft too much for only a brightening effect, dont you think? maybe your eyes are getting blind for staring at her bright pictures for too long lol

i havent seen her body, i only assume she isn't as skinny as she claims to be because all of the OBVIOUS things she does
at least i didnt say "she doesn't look as skinny as you guys say" as if i've seen her body with no shoop

hell no i was only pointing out how hypocrite she is, get the point already wtf
thanks for making it clear that you're one of those people

No. 205

do you realize how much she shops her photos and videos do you think she only uses some cheap app brightening effect

No. 206

why would she get her dog a chocolate cake

No. 207

i was only referring to her skin when i mentioned the brightening effect

No. 208

why do people keep replying to the WKs?
she eats it afterwards (probably with her family) lol

No. 209

>why do people keep replying to the WKs?

No. 210

umaru isn't rich, she lives in a small ass apartment with her brother. She lies about being rich at school, that's in the first episode.

No. 211


well i do realize thats why im saying shes tan :^)
why would pale person shoop themselves to look pale if they're already pale in the first place? :^)

No. 212


her dad is rich

No. 213

bc some people don't know when to stop and dude i'mnot saying she's pale af, there are other skin tones that are in between pale and tan
i'm chinese and my skin is considered "bright colored" but it's not exactly pale. it's not tan either, and i use those "cheap" brightening effects to make myself look paler

No. 214


OHHHHHHHHhhhh but but but she said that she was born pale :^)

No. 215

I'm actually in awe at how desperately you're still at it.
You think, your posting here, throughout all these threads will shift people's perceptions? To be frank, the best options for you at this point are, to completely come clean or to disappear from the internet for a while.

No. 216


but its good to see them speechless and make them see how futile it is to defend burry that doesnt deserve their dumb efforts

No. 217

File: 1439589939762.jpg (45.38 KB, 599x399, 11694064_909907122423650_72646…)

berry and her "kawaii" squad be like

No. 218

what the hell even is this

No. 219

it could be pale in filipino standards :^)
why would i disappear from the internet? lol and what do i have to "come clean" about?
it's good to see you guys try to defend your opinions too, i don't even follow her much lol

i'm only posting here bc it obviously annoys you guys, why do you keep responding? if my opinion is really stupid and irrelevant, why do you reply? you should just ignore me, duh. but nah you want to prove yourselves right when you have no solid evidence of anything, nor do i. i'm offering a different stance, and i'm not saying she is this or is that, so i will continue to post here as i please.

i don't want to change people's perceptions either – that's something they can do on their own, it's not my objective because i don't really care about them.

No. 220


you should go to her fan page instead and hail burry maybe that way she'll notice you

No. 221


or make a twitter acc and kiss her ass all day lol

No. 222

damn go to a reading class i said i don't follow her lol i have my social media accounts this is just a different perspective, sorry for intruding on your VIP only club jeez

No. 223

Shut your godamn bitchass up, berry french kissingass retard

No. 224

why is everyone replying to this annoying person
stop giving them attention wtf????

No. 225

itd be funny if anon here tried to kiss berry's ass on twitter with the name "korinne tigno" lmao

No. 226

File: 1439603824583.jpg (24.92 KB, 640x200, image.jpg)

Regarding her fight on Twitter… Lol like you're the one who started this shit in the first place gtfo of here

No. 227

File: 1439603998824.jpg (18.71 KB, 640x178, image.jpg)

And then this shit like????????
Writing tweets like this trying to be cute is annoying.
Why do people who follow her ignore this bs

No. 228

Her mentality cant stand rudeness lol fragile berry we know ur trying ur best to chill so that u wont lose any followers asshole we know u have rage issue

No. 229

File: 1439604603008.jpg (63.83 KB, 640x533, image.jpg)

You can love Japan and Japanese culture without being such a weeaboo, which you are, Korinne. I clearly remember you saying on Twitter how people mistake you for ~*Japanese*~ all the time. You aren't happy being a tanned ass Filipino, lol. You aren't even fluent in Japanese and use google translate to make it seem like you know your shit. You make your voice higher than it is, because you want to be seen as 'kawaii'. You're so beyond pathetic. I'm not white and here I am calling you a god damn weeaboo. Just because you're 'Asian' does not mean you get a free pass to fetishize on other Asian cultures and people.

No. 230

i shut up when i want to fat bitch

No. 231

>implying white people actually pay attention to her

No. 232

ikr?? wtf everyone stop replying to them and leave them alone, they'll go away eventually. getting mad is probably something they want you to do

No. 233

Is it me or she seems to hate white people so much? Lol did she get bullied or something in school for being a tan filipino?? She seems to have grudge on them which makes her look like a racist bitch

No. 234

People: i love america
Berry: ewww fatass white american go away #badbitch #raging #korinnepoop

No. 235


>implying people actually pay attention to her

No. 236

it's that thing on tumblr/twitter where other people make fun of white people so she's probably following along

No. 237

Since she's a Filipino wouldn't she be a feeaboo instead of a weeaboo?

No. 238


No. 239

weaboo just means wannabe japanese right?

No. 240

Can't wait for the day a Japanese person rips this bitch apart. I hope it'll be a slap in the face and that shes extremely embarrassed.

No. 241

She has fans in Japan you know

No. 242

pretty sure her japanese fans were the ones that made her more popular on twitter

No. 243

the amount of racism she's posted today against white people is really sickening..and she's acting as if it's okay wtf?

No. 244


No. 245

Silly anon, you can't be rayciss towards the whities. Tumblr told me so.

No. 246

tbh if you think you can't be racist against white people that just shows you're racist yourself lol. only ignorant people would think racism against whites doesn't exist

No. 247

Sure buddy.

No. 248

you can't be racist towards whites cause they are the oppressors but back onto topic now

No. 249

You actually can be racist towards whites just like you and korinne are but back onto topic now

No. 250

diff anon but whites are huge oppressors towards POC groups (you sound like you're white lol) so suck it up and go reap what your kind sowed

No. 251

No matter what you say it's an obvious fact that you can be racist towards whites. You're just ignorant and racist yourself if you think otherwise. Your parents must be proud knowing they raised such hateful scum like you.

No. 252

I think these tumblr ppl are looking for the term "discriminated against" rather than "racist". Anyways, care to screenshot, anon? >>243

No. 253

mhm you keep thinking that
now back to the real topic

No. 254

we have found our fanatic anti-white person
or berry herself

idc both of them sucks

No. 255

wow how does it feel to step into the shoes of a POC?

No. 256


go cry somewhere else, I think being anti to ~~~~any~~~~ racist is dumb, immature and downright shitty

No. 257

File: 1439616564456.jpg (88.18 KB, 640x647, image.jpg)

Someone took the lead

No. 258

we have found our fantastic unresonable whitey or donald trump himself

idc both will probably become president

No. 259

can't tell if you're the same anon or not but i'm not crying i'm laughing at this person lol

No. 260

you guys are way too easy to bait, jesus…smarten up

No. 261

I don't care about your black vs white thingy(you forgot world =/= USA), just stop being dumb and talk about berry

and now to berry plz

No. 262

talking about berry IS being dumb i mean, what's new?

No. 263


berry finding out there is a korrine tigno twitter lol

No. 264

that's not really new lool it's not like that twitter is the first of its kind

No. 265

File: 1439617651388.jpg (76.11 KB, 640x518, image.jpg)

yes berry keep going on oujis acc to talk to yourself

No. 266

File: 1439617841708.jpg (145.34 KB, 640x1032, image.jpg)


No. 267

and if ouji is real he is admitting to lurking

No. 268

Guys.. He's not real. How the fuck haven't youall rrealized this yet.

No. 269

did you not see the pic he added in to their convo though

No. 270

can't upload bc i have laggy internet right now, someone else upload it

No. 271

He's thinking that he's so smart lmfao.maybe maybe berry and her minions are posting bad things abt them supposedly and thinking that they are like fucking agents,it's just a theory though.

No. 272

Better yet a picture of them actually together

No. 273

it was very vague the only way I will believe it's ouji is if he posts a photo with writing on himself saying lolcow or I'm not berry

No. 274

File: 1439618387153.jpg (67.1 KB, 555x796, image.jpg)

The photo

No. 275

File: 1439618476038.jpg (48.52 KB, 640x519, image.jpg)

even berry's best friend admitting they sound alike

No. 276

Oh wow anon, thats really proof positive. Im totally convinced now.
eye roll

No. 277

File: 1439618528539.jpg (86.19 KB, 640x688, image.jpg)

I am dying. I was still in the process of adding things onto the Twitter and Korinne already found it.

No. 278

he used 'qurl' of course they'd sound alike if he said 'qurl'

No. 279


Shit, you guys are quick.

No. 280

he also said hurr but your right its a reach but there is a lot of evidence to say ouji is berry so it could be notable

No. 281

File: 1439618680777.png (8.2 KB, 349x285, 02_35.png)

No. 282

hmm that picture though, and his hair has been cut

No. 283

you spelled toms river weong in your location but remember to ask berry how rich she is

No. 284

no it hasnt

No. 285

I can't stop laughing. Korinne is flipping her shit after finding the Twitter. We need to start making more accounts because that's bound to get deleted.

No. 286

yeah it has it's been shaved on the side

No. 287

in his levi cosplay his has was like levis levi has shaved sides he just flipped his hair over and took a picture

No. 288


No. 289


I made the account yesterday and was sleep deprived. I had just started adding stuff onto it. I didn't think she'd find it so quickly, lmao.

No. 290

that was a while ago though, his hair now looks better than the one in his default twitter pic

No. 291

tag her all her kawaii friends and her a lot more and question her cartier braclets

No. 292

Sudden hair cut

No. 293

ok whatever if you want me to agree i agree but posibly he took it while the were together and she saved it only using it now

No. 294

if you need any help im down

No. 295

i don't want you to agree but it almost sounded like you wanted to argue about his hair lol
it looks relatively new imo but we'll see

No. 296

File: 1439619208954.jpg (161.33 KB, 580x343, kissass.jpg)

the biggest ass kisser of them all though
his edits suck

No. 297

thats so shitty he probably wants to be the next ouji look berry a REAL boy a real live boy!!

No. 298

he's done more edits lol it just looks like stamps placed over her pictures
and he's gay apparently

if i were berry i'd rather date myself than to date this suck up though

No. 299


I need all the help I can get tbh.

No. 300

how should i contact you, through twitter??

No. 301


Sure, that'll do,

No. 302

you need to follow back to message

No. 303


Followed back

No. 304

Alright I got blocked. Her friends know she lies and are still completely ok with it. That's pretty sad.

No. 305

you could still mention her fans and it realy contradicts her i dont care style when she blocks

No. 306

File: 1439624888687.png (43.23 KB, 400x228, 5764432.png)

just for the record: i was saying, that you're berry
(my post:

>i don't even follow her much lol

no shit? because you are her.

why else would someone keep posting in nearly ALL of the berry threads (that i'm aware of), defending her/your lies and getting butthurt. and then in part pretending that you're several people or "one of us" or someone completely unaware who just found the thread.
jesus christ, some of us can actually tell which posts exactly came from you.

No. 307

File: 1439626016906.jpg (128.51 KB, 640x903, image.jpg)

No. 308

File: 1439626139984.jpg (99.77 KB, 640x848, image.jpg)

No. 309

File: 1439626176271.jpg (86.14 KB, 640x895, image.jpg)

No. 310

I'm the anon who post the last pictures and I don't understand why she keeps whining always about haters if she doesn't care.

No. 311

I think you might have quoted me by accident. I'm not the same person I've just arrived home from work.

I was talking about the shitty umaru anime is and why berry would want to compare herself to such a shitty character, but I guess sit makes sense

No. 312

File: 1439632489201.jpg (72.2 KB, 640x517, image.jpg)

Alright. Got help from someone and we tweeted a lot of photos and evidence of Korinnes lies. I'm not sure how long it will be up, but it any of you guys have any ideas or want to join in let us know.

No. 313

File: 1439637726896.png (13.42 KB, 543x132, 34567654.png)

dude, isn't she actually 20, graduating high school?
it would make sense, going by her intelligence, or rather lack thereof.

No. 314

File: 1439654562578.png (26.17 KB, 1045x441, loocey.png)

Hey Twitter anon, thanks for posting up the blog!
I'll post up your twitter right now, I'm glad you're doing this. You're really active and I like the way you speak.

Looking through your posts right now to see if there's anything that I can write about more later, like how ouji is the same person; I think there's their twitter analysis in the last thread.

Also, Korinne never said she was in Med School, she stated in one of porkypanda's gaming streams that she was in Pre-Med. Which isn't true, but there's a difference. Porkypanda said that he recorded the whole thing and it's up on his twitch account.

Also, got some good quick dirt.
Some of her "fans" follow my blog, lmao, while they're trying to defend her.


No. 315

It's not really dirt, when in return you follow all her social media when you're not even a fan.

No. 316


I don't follow any of her social media, I don't have a twitter, facebook, or instagram account. I have the ichigofaker tumblr, and I blocked her and ouji on there.

Only considered it "dirt" because it's slightly hypocritical, to love her to her face but still look around for her lies and inconsistencies.

No. 317

previous full of evidence thread:



No. 318

If she didn't care about what she looked like she would be more honest with her photo shop
Remember that one photo of her showing off her nails but her finger was so warped to be long that it looked alien?
why do people think thats okay?

No. 319

whose twitter is this?

No. 320

her followers are saying that berry is no different than supermodels in magazines when it comes to editing… bruh supermodels do look slightly different when they have their pictures taken and edited, but for the most part they look the same. They don't use their fan base to get money, and they don't link wishlists to get free things from people who support them. They make their own money, don't lie about what they have and don't have, and they actually live life. if you ask me korinne is the exact opposite

No. 321

if you saw a celebrity in real life you would think they look the same, maybe their waist was a few inches bigger, but if you saw korinne in person, you wouldn't recognize her at all.
everything would be opposite of how she portrays herself

No. 322

also why is she trying to act like she's proud of how she looked before?
we all know if the people on this thread didn't find those photos, you would have kept them hidden from the world

No. 323

When you pretend to be something you're not, you aren't proud of who you are.

No. 324

If you "don't care" about how people view you, you wouldn't edit yourself into a whole new person get the fuck out of here

No. 325

those pictures are from a few years ago and you're comparing them to her now, people change and can better themselves, you don't even know what she really looks like now

No. 326

But we've seen all her mistakes in photo shop
you're the one who doesn't know what she actually looks like

No. 327


No. 328

Why are her followers trying to say they're roasting us? lmfao
You're not roasting anyone, you're just saying ignorant shit like "ITS OK IF SHE LIES AS LONG AS I CAN KISS SOMEONE"S ASS"

No. 329

its a shame that they see the evidence of her being racist and they say " no it's fine"
Our world is officially fucked

No. 330

berry's followers are so fucking dense lmfao. it's so sad.

No. 331

You act as if the world isn't already messed up. This website is one of the very many reasons lol. A website to make fun of people, and you sit here saying our world is fucked as if you're some sort of saint? LOL.

No. 332

I never said i'm any better than anyone else on this site.
Of course there are other things that contribute to the world being messed up, but people like korinne and her followers aren't exactly helping
btw this thread exists to call people out on their shitty behavior and show people that the online "celebrities" they worship aren't as great as they seem to be

No. 333

i don't know but you don't know either

No. 334

Something that berry's followers never do is actually react to the issues at hand.
So tell me how do you feel about her harassing Ami?
Berry sure acts like a saint now, but before she bullied people and covered it up. She never apologized for what she did. If she said "Sorry for calling you a monkey" I would be completely fine and I would leave that alone. But she hasn't, so it stays valid

No. 335

I never said I knew?????
But I have a pretty good idea (doesn't mean it's accurate but it's all I need)

No. 336

Instead of saying that lolcow is here to laugh at people
You say that we are here to call people out…Or that we laugh at people, and in the process we find out more shit, and end up laughing even harder….

>the day that someone indirectly admitted lolcow is turning into PULL 2.0 or whatever version that site is on now

No. 337

*or instead of saying

Like I meant the thread is to laugh at Berry's fake bs.

No. 338

That's exactly what we're doing here
we find evidence of bullshit and post it here
so I guess we are pull 2.0 idk

No. 339

aren't most people here because they have some kind of grudge against berry? like they hate her?

No. 340

File: 1439664792356.jpg (232.72 KB, 1271x820, lolcow.jpg)

Yeah and apparently they're land whales constantly judging another person's weight and looks when they don't got much going for them either lol

No. 341

Exactly my point. At least you admit it unlike other anons who try to deny it.

But honestly? I liked it better when we were bitchy ass anons having a good time laughing at her ass. Not those anons who laugh at stuff she can't change, or stuff that's fake, But genuinely laughing at shitty shoops and shit she has done.
Not trying to shit on anons on this thread because it's not even my main one anymore, but there's a reason that site has/is going to have a 2.0

No. 342

but i don't think they're lying about who they are

No. 343

Yeah, i don't know what pull is, or what the website does, but I simply stumbled across this thread because I was once a fan of berry, but some people on tumblr linked me to the very first thread. I'm kinda ashamed that I followed her and was so blind. Not to write a whole book here, but like a lot of people on this site, I'm reasonable. If someone does something wrong and apologizes, it's completely off my radar. I forget it entirely because they regret what they did, and they've grown from it. But berry keeps creating bigger and bigger lies which is not ok. I just want people to see this is bs, and thats where I'm coming from

No. 344

We dont laugh at Berry for being overweight, we laugh at her for desperately trying to cover it up, we laugh because she Photoshops herself a thig gap but then tells people that she "isnt perfect and doesnt have a thig gap" just for damage control after people startend to Expose her.

No. 345

a grudge? i doubt that anyone here has one against her. besides, we don't do personal army threads.
i'm on here for entertainment, which probably goes for most people. and it is entertaining to make fun of people who act like her. and since she's very active, there is a lot of material.

i wouldn't be so sure, that she actually used her own pic. and even if she did, kudos to her for transparency. she might be as big as berry, at least it doesn't look like she hides it.

No. 346

And if that's pull behavior, then so be it. I just don't think it's right to take money from followers, lie about your life,and bully other people

No. 347

I was just saying because previously people said they had contact with her and she was rude so they like exposing her but idk

No. 348

How does she takes money of her followers?

No. 349

but i mean exposing her does give us a good laugh

No. 350

Uh huh, just look through all the threads. I can easily pull up when people call her sausage fingers, fat legs, fat arms, fat this fat that. Calling her a list of derogatory names regarding her weight and you're saying they don't make fun? Okay ..

No. 351

she started selling cheap ipad drawings on twitter because she knew they would buy it, she gets links from sponsors and tells her followers to click it saying that it will benefit them, but fails to mention some of the money goes to her, and she constantly is linking her amazon wish list to get people to buy her stuff. And when people say they can't buy the stuff on her list because its a little too much money, and says "I also accept gift cards in any amount"

No. 352

They act as if she is robbing their banks, when it's that own person's choice how they want to spend their money lol.

No. 353

lol she doesn't have a job where she makes her own money

No. 354

i personally never used any derogatory terms talking about her weight. i just say its a pity that she has to lie about it so much

No. 355

That is still taking advantage of them and their trust/friendship.

No. 356

I never said she had a job? If her fans want to buy her doodles or get her stuff from her wishlist, that's their own choice how they spend their money. It's not like she's forcing them.

No. 357

her whiteknights don't understand anything lolololol just ignore them guys, no matter what you say they still love her

No. 358


I'm the girl in the photo and unlike Korinne I am not hiding anything. I find it so hilarious that you have to bring my photo up when it's completely irrelevant. Is that all you got? Whale or not, I love myself and I know I'm beautiful. There's not much you can do about that. I'm not hiding behind a lie unlike Korinne. Have a good day, anon!

No. 359

How does she take money from her followers? It'll be one thing if she made them order something, and not give them their product while she keeps the money, but if she draws (shitty or not), and she gives a price and people pay that price or more, then so be it. That's their money, and if they're stupid enough to waste it on her, then that's their business.
Same if she opened a PayPal or whatever people use for donations. Its not like she's lying about who's it going to, or what it's being it's being used for like let's say Venus or Miss. StripScammer(I forgot her name. I think she's called Scamada?).

Either way, it's their money, and we can't exactly tell them what to do. Tumblr people do it all the time, she ain't special. Lol.
Yeah, it will benefit them, if they want to buy it. Lol
And most people already know if they are getting discounts by using their codes and such, then most likely they are getting money. Should everyone who gets sponsors reveal that they are getting money off of clicks, or is it only Berry since moat people here have a grudge?

No. 360

Yeah, I also find it hilarious seeing what the pathetic anons on here look like.

No. 361

Actually it's not taking advantage of it, since again, it's /their choice/. They don't have to buy her doodles or gift her. No ones forcing them with a knife to their throat. If they want to, then they want to. It's their own money. How hard is it to understand that concept?

No. 362


No. 363

It's still wrong no matter how you look at it imo. Even if she didn't force them to give, they give because they like her or want to help her because they like her and the person they know isn't even what she is.

No. 364

i know who >>350 is, but who are you?

obviously berry had to jump on the only pic that she saw of someone here, to take out all of that frustration, she has, since there is no real bf she can give the meat to :(

No. 365

Its only wrong because you dont like her.

No. 366

Seems like only a few people are butthurt about her life since your Twitter raid didn't do much.

No. 367

what do you expect? the president to intervene? lol it did as much as they expected it to do probably

No. 368

Awww did me saving that pic of the anon offend you? I guess even though you like to make fun of other people, you can't handle the same treatment back. :'( Aw so sad.. Too bad.

No. 369

File: 1439667748544.png (74.79 KB, 191x218, khekh.png)

mfw seeing these posts.

looks like burry's butthurt level reached another high today.

No. 370

lets stop trying to expose her on twitter and stuff because her followers don't care if theres proof shes shitty
lets just stick to chillin here and pointing out her bs for fun

No. 371

Butthurt vs more butthurt in this thread. You know it's serious when she gets her friends to fight her own battles for her. She must be in New Jersey seething in her big sweater in 91 degree weather.

No. 372

lol the twitter is probably being reported as we speak so that will happen anyway

No. 373

You all wanted attention so badly and posted your thread link on Twitter, so you got it sweetie

No. 374

I can't stop laughing at Korinne and her friends. Today is a good day.

No. 375

File: 1439668133653.gif (260.88 KB, 150x107, berry ITT right now.gif)

part of what makes these threads so fun is, that it's obvious what riles you up.

No. 376

File: 1439668141279.gif (656.85 KB, 500x648, 1436270472191.gif)

Nah, I just love shitting burrys thread for fun.

No. 377

File: 1439668170784.jpg (26.07 KB, 499x499, image.jpg)


Please tell us more.

No. 378

>doesn't even have a Twitter or Facebook
>isn't even her friend
>still sticks up for her
Is it that hard to comprehend that some people don't have to care about her vs to see the bs in this thread? Lmao

No. 379

File: 1439668519504.jpg (40.91 KB, 314x250, thisistoogood.jpg)

wasn't aware anyone posted a link to this site.
but you're right, looks like we got her hella mad.

No. 380

technically in her pics she wouldn't have a thigh gap if she stood with both her ankles touching – they weren't (if my memory serves me right) so in a way she wasn't really lying about that
and she did say she uses PS, what more do you want?

No. 381

Oh okay, that means all popular beauty bloggers and regular bloggers have to be exposed now because it's wrong, right?
I don't get your logic here, really.

Sorry for samefagging, I have yet to learn to sage properly (if you can) on this site.

No. 382

I don't get your point honestly. Care to elaborate?

No. 383


all beauty bloggers/vloggers who are sponsored earn commission from the links they post up, that's the point of the whole thing

diff anon but i really don't get why it's an issue for her to post links that earn her credit and such, if the followers didn't care then they would just ignore it and move on. so why is this any of your business?

No. 384

Ok, next question.
How is ouji not real?

No. 385

I mean that a lot of beauty bloggers/fashion bloggers/whatever the fuck bloggers aren't sunshine and rainbows. A bunch of them lie too–Does this mean we should expose and criticise them and their fans for buying and clicking their sponsored stuff?
Are the other bloggers technically stealing too? Or is it only stealing because it's Berry.
(Honestly, I know Berry is shit, and if we knew each other irl, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't stand up for me like this, but I could be wrong. I just don't get you logic. I would understand if y'all admitted you guys are going this far because it's Berry, But to defend a pretty hard allegation is pretty unnecessary to me, especially if it weren't true.

No. 386

There have been plenty of people who aren't so great and in return people try to convince others to not click their links or watch their videos etc. Berry is no different from that. She is not an exception. Also, isn't stealing, because people do not forcefully get their money taken, they give it. But that doesn't mean it isn't wrong or unfair.

No. 387

No one has said that. What is in question is if his twitter is being controlled by him or not. He is a real person.

No. 388

lets play a game of guess which of berrys followers are here

No. 389

Hey i have been following Berry for a while now and just came here because of the drama that has been happening on twitter.
I actually took time to read the threads and honestly thanks for opening my eyes.

No. 390

i guess berryelectric, jeonhayen, daniexao, and breadstiku!

No. 391

well if all of berry's whiteknights took the time to actually read the precious threads, they would have some type of clue but they want to keep ass kissing

No. 392

if it's so wrong then they wouldn't be doing it, it seems like it's only "wrong" to you guys
that's how the world works though how else would money circulate and how would businesses work?

No. 393

this. plus, her sister.
does anyone know if berry or anyone in her immediate social circle has a blackberry?

No. 394

pro tip: most of the posts are made by berry herself kek

No. 395

We are not related to burrys, just calling you out on your bs, stay deluded

No. 396

I would be considered a white knight, but I've been here from day one. Its just that her 'drama' is really old, and have been done by so many people I have desensitized.
She's just a shitty person now, but that doesn't make her bad for expose blogs abd shit. For people who says she's not special or below average, making all of these fake accounts and such to expose her are making her seem special lmao.
(The only drama that is actually drama, was already moved on from. Yes, even if she didn't apologize)

^^ This
Its only wrong to you guys because it's Berry and because 'I think she's a shitty person,then everything she does is wrong, and I must expose her for it!'

No. 397

That type of behavior isn't just wrong to us, and it isn't exclusive to Berry. Plenty of people who are less than savory get 'exposed' or people make twitters, tumblrs, any type of social media to 'out' them on it, and in return ask people to not watch their videos, or not support them in any kind. Of course people don't want people spending money on her when she's a lying fake. It's nothing new. Plus she knows what she is doing is wrong, it's not like it's one of those 'oh I'm an innocent young racist (i.e. Nash Grier or some other eceleb douche) that young girls look up to and are racist as well. These are girls that consider her nice to talk to and think she's oh so kawaii. I think it's wrong overall.

No. 398

Besides the quinceañera and black-face comments, how is she racist? Just curious here.

No. 399

she made racist comments about white people as well

No. 400

Just used that as an example. Those are the only receipts of her being racist iirc. I'm just trying to compare her situation, which is not so great, to someone elses situation that is not so great and they had a 'smear campaign' of sorts and "fans" to say that they are innocent etc. etc.

No. 401

Yeah, all that oppression because they don't have a top lip and don't season their food.

No. 402

you can go back to tumblr

No. 403

How is she lying again? She's not lying about the products or anything, they aren't hers anyway, she just promotes them.
Clicker gets discount, she gets money. Win win.
I don't see what is so bad about her shopping really. Many ulzzang/cosplayers call themselves cute in their pictures, even if they're shopped. Do you go around obviously shopped pictures on the internet and scream out, "FAKE!!1!"
Calling herself kawaii is typical weeb behaviour, and yeah it's annoying, But hey whatya gonna do? She been doing it for years, and I doubt she'll grow out of it soon.
Her racist shit is terrible, and I agree to that. But its not like she's hiding her racism, so If people don't unfollow her then, why unfollow when you have what she says over and over stuffed in their faces?

Also, Ot, but what did Nash do exactly? All I remember is him saying he would want his girl to shave and people got offended. I don't know much about him, and I didn't find what he said douchey at all.

But on a side note, I'll start saging my 'wk' messages whenever I post, so you guys can choose to ignore them or not. Because honestly, I don't see Why it's so bad to not make here an echo chamber. Can't have differing opinions on Berry like the Kota thread?

No. 404

So she made a few unfortunate comments and you are labeling her as "racist", thats pretty terrible imo

No. 405

Do I really need to go into detail about how much shit she's lied about or…? lol. That's how she's a liar though. If you need detail just, check the threads here about her. I didn't mean she is lying about the products, I mean her herself is a liar. Actively lying. Actively participating in things, not realizing what she is doing is wrong etc. her character is still flawed and still continues to do what she's been doing since the beginning. Why would anyone want other people to actively click her links? When they can help something else, something better, you feel?

No. 406

If she isn't a racist then she has nothing to worry about then.

No. 407

so you're just going to toss that to the side then? you don't care that she said racist things?

No. 408

lol so what she made some racist comments
as if you need to make a certain amount of comments to be racist wtf

No. 409

>people arguing with wk
please, it's not worth it

No. 410

woops, quoted wrong post. sorry

She's being called racist because of the content that is in the few "unfortunate comments" she made and the fact that she does not see ANY problem saying those things. You can say she was joking or w/e but that's still pretty cringe.

No. 411

idt her sister cares this much to be on here

No. 412

diff anon here
"when they can help something else, something better" i agree with this but that's up to her followers isn't it? you can't force them to not click a link if they want to.

everyone makes a racist comment at some point, you can't stop someone from being racist. she's not even that much of a racist, at least she's not actively saying things like damn i hate white people! they can burn in hell! shit like that would be major.

No. 413

its called Marketing when it comes to sponsors. And it does benefit them, like the otaku mode gives them $5 off. Shes recommending them good shops that she recieves items on and reviews them for people who are iffy about it. And she gets money because theyre using her photo with her consent. They need someone to advertise their item, and in return they get paid. If the person looks good in it people buy it Like how people hire models, etc. Its the same concept. So yeah, if you dont have fans, why would they want to sponsor you? Its an extra boost for more audiences to see their product.

No. 414

yall are salty about a girl doing business (not serious business but it's a way to make a small living nonetheless)
photoshop or not, the shops like her, her "shooped" face sells the store and they don't care otherwise. she didn't do anything drastic (i.e. have childporn on her computer like that subway guy) so they don't really care about all these petty problems.

No. 415

Sorry, this >>403 anon.
I left to do something else, but in the meanwhile, these anons summed up my thoughts on the "stealing" and faking very well.


No. 416

File: 1439676176291.jpg (42.06 KB, 409x604, Xg2DcmGPckA.jpg)


Berry posted more photos like this. And she does damit to use PS but at the same time she ließ about it. She posted a photo of her bidy saying it was real , but it was clearly photoshoped and streched. She also posted a pic of her fake big lips eith the Quote " thanks mum and das for these genes" when in reality her lips are small to average.
I could go on and on

No. 417

Why are u replying this to me thats what im saying its all busniess im just explaining how its business and not "stealing money"

No. 418

i know i was just adding onto it

No. 419

@fakemiruku twitter

I was the mod of the first twitter and that reply that berry mentioned me was something like "why do you keep spreading my private info" (there are caps in older threads); this can only mean that the shit I was saying (and you're now) is true. Good job, keep doing it.

Also, let's not forget that time someone pretended to be her on instagram and she sent her army of fans to report yet there's a exposing account on IG about her and she never did nothing to report it, making it seem she doesn't want her followers to know about her lies.

No. 420

the point is that you POSTED that it was you on the last thread for attention

>look guise haha im so brave I called her out haha say im cool haha yes that is me

No. 421

File: 1439677503894.jpg (88.67 KB, 640x667, image.jpg)


It's actually pretty funny because I had no intentions of going public with this Twitter so quickly. I barely uploaded much content and only hash tagged a few photos with her name on it. The next thing I know, I get an e-mail notification saying Berry responded to one of my posts. It just shows and looks through her #berrytsukasa #korinnetigno tags.

No. 422

File: 1439677872005.jpg (61.17 KB, 640x409, image.jpg)

Your life is based in complete lies there's not much to understand, Korinne.

No. 423

funny how she's now re tweeting pictures and videos of black people now that we called her out on being racist.."I'M NOT RACIST GUYS I SWEAR THIS GIRL IS SO PRETTY"

No. 424

File: 1439678178389.jpg (66.23 KB, 640x633, image.jpg)

No. 425


You posted some of berrys old pictures to compare them to her New ones but forgot to mention that her old pictures are photoshoped as well

No. 426

can you specify which tweet it is

No. 427

File: 1439679774535.jpg (74.87 KB, 640x457, image.jpg)


That's the best I can do since I'm not the only person running the Twitter.

No. 428

File: 1439682384370.jpg (58.77 KB, 341x604, Ubp4b4ExLcI.jpg)

was digging some old shit of her vk fan page and came across this and after some research I just found out this is from a book that is supposedly taught in highschool. This was posted around February and I know the vk page mods update her page frequently, so this is a proof of her being in hs until this year.

(The book is Youth by Joseph Conrad I think; I'm not american so feel free to correct me on this)

No. 429

File: 1439682752281.jpg (64.58 KB, 640x463, image.jpg)

nice timing

No. 430

this is such bullshit bc how many times has someone said this too her and she replies with some stupid shit like "lol I'm just so kawaii?!?!??!!!!!"
obviously trying to cover her tracks

No. 431

She will probably begin again once the twitter stuff blows over.

No. 432

true, everyone probably does make an offhand comment once in a while. However, they usually don't have a large following like berry. (she may not deserve it but she is still a bit of a public figure)

You can say she didn't ask for people to follow her, but the fact is that many impressionable tweens are exposed to her and look up to her as a role model, and because of this she needs to act like it. If a celeb were to say something like that, you could bet there will be backlash. Berry may not be famous to that level, but she still needs to be more careful of what she says.

tl;dr she's somewhat a public figure/role model and needs to be careful of her words

No. 433

no famous person asked for this and honestly i think it's restricting to say that they should be careful.
actually idk if i'm wording my thoughts right, i do agree that yes, she should be careful, but she isn't saying super harmful things that are extremely rude to a race
cmon look at miley cyrus lol she was a huge role model for little girls but now she's living life the way she wants to
i don't think she should live in a restricted manner online..i may be going a bit off topic at this point but i hope you get the gist of what i'm saying

No. 434

this is just like the time when lolcow was exposed to korinne's followers months ago.
she became crazy nice to them to try and divert her lies, until the hype died down.

now tell me korinne, how you don't care about all the negativity :)

No. 435

Yes, it's restricting but it's literally what you get with the package. You can't want publicity and privacy at the same time because it doesn't work that way.

She may not be saying super harmful things (i.e. BURN ALL INSERT RACE) but she's still giving off a message that certain things from other cultures can be taken lightly and made fun of. For example, the Quinceañera tweet makes light of the ritual of girl -> womanhood.

For the Miley thing, off topic but note that she lost followers and also received major backlash.

I kind of? get the gist of what you want to say. Yeah, Berry's an adult and she should live how she wants BUT she's also a spoiled liar who preys on her followers and we're on a thread that's making fun of her sooo there's that.

No. 436

i think she made the Quinceanera tweet without really thinking about it, she was probably talking about the dress colors as opposed to the style and such because damn those dresses are no joke, they're nice.
true miley did receive backlash but now it's been cooled down and such (for the most part)

Well I'm don't have a burning want for this thread to be shut down, honestly this thread would be better if people can discuss like this lol each to their own

No. 437

File: 1439689659716.jpg (25.34 KB, 480x125, image.jpg)

"What people said about your lies, I don't care about it"
This is from one of her followers. Wtf.
You should deff care if someone lies to you are you stupid or are you stupid

No. 438

someone take a pic of her without shoop and post it and see if they still won't care when their kawaii uguu animu waifu is a fake

No. 439

can someone give me the sceenshot of when she said she wanted to be adopted into japanese culture if they thought she was japanese

No. 440

Berry seems two faced ….I guess her life sucks so bad that she has to create a new face and a new life on the Internet ….

No. 441

Sad how she has people blocking accounts.She probably doesn't want them to find out the truth.

No. 442

File: 1439696389856.jpg (95.42 KB, 640x984, image.jpg)

i guess her story is just so sad that it would invalidate what a shitty person she is!


No. 443

also asked her to speak with me personally and she refused i guess she is too scared to be faces with her own lies

No. 444

Dude, not even trying to wk or anything, but this looks sad.
If they don't want to hear what you have to say, then let it go. After They said no, they already heard her story, you should have said okay and moved on.
Some of her followers don't care if she says shitty things and shoops. Some people just like her because anime and pretty pictures.
And really? That's fine.
Idk, how you responded made it seem like that popular bully girl from a cliche movie, who is desperately trying to get people to hate on the other popular(sweet or not) girl.
Some people just do not care, Idk why that's so hard for some anons here to understand.
I can imagine it must be really annoying to have an agenda pushed into your face constantly*.

*I'm not one of her followers on FB or Twitter, but I still follow her on Instagram/Tumblr
I see this type of 'exposing' of 'problematic' people all the time, and honestly, when it keeps getting pushed even when people have already stated they do not care, it'll get annoying.

No. 445

i don't care for berry but this is pathetic and lame. some people just don't care at all. you're not going to ruin her life by making one person 'hate' her.

No. 446

whk said i wanted to ruin her lmao

No. 447

File: 1439701196632.jpg (59.12 KB, 640x404, image.jpg)

If he is real or not (as in running that twitter)
he can proof us really wrong with just a simple pic.

No. 448

why would he waste his time proving anything to anon scum? lol

No. 449

shut up berry

No. 450


"waste his time"


No. 451

File: 1439707998818.jpg (44.68 KB, 640x474, image.jpg)

Look at how Berry's 'friends' need permission to talk to us, lol. She's such a control freak.

No. 452

File: 1439708160321.jpg (91.9 KB, 640x766, image.jpg)

Apparently we made Korinne cry due to posting nothing but the truth, boohoo. She can't live in her bubble full of lies,

No. 453

Wow, this gif takes me back to 2007.

No. 454

File: 1439708299343.jpg (75.58 KB, 640x768, image.jpg)

She lied to this kid and said she lived in Philly, then she said New York and how her brother lives in New Jersey.

No. 455

why the fuck is she trying to play the victim? she's the one that always says "I GO SO HARD FAM DONT FUCK WITH ME BUT IDGAF ABOUT WHAT ANYONE SAYS ABOUT ME BUT DONT FUX WITH ME BC IM TOUGH"

she's a piece of shit
she's racist and fucking back pedals all the time

she wants to say the n word so bad and called amikoto a fucking monkey
fuck this ugly bitch

No. 456


No. 457

if she's crying from something like that I wonder how she would react if someone showed her parents all the shit she says, especially regarding them and how she bullied another girl and is racist trash

No. 458

Hey idk anything about this girl, and typically ignore this thread but saw this comment. What racist things has she done in conjunction to what you've mentioned?

No. 459


No. 460

well this racism but colorism as she lightens her tan skin

No. 461


No. 462

To whoever is running the tweeter account, good job keep up the good work and everyone here

No. 463

>>454 who is this guy you're talking to?

No. 464


KOUSAAKA – one of berry's fans/ass kissers.

No. 465


We'll keep running it for as long as we can. It's day 2 without any deletion so we will probably be around for a bit, hopefully.

No. 466

thanks babe

No. 467

This is kind of sad, really. She probably lacked the attention while growing up, seeing how many siblings she have in a family plus the fact that her mother need to work in order to cover her family expenses (i guess her father isn't earning much) i know how it feels to be a child of struggling middle to lower class immigrant parents.. she probably created an alter ego to fill the need of attention or as a coping mechanism. We don't even know what kind of life she's been living up to now.

I'm not excusing her behaviour tho just trying to understand her.

No. 468


I have tried to feel bad for her, but she's insufferable and her personality is so ugly. I do think she's mentally unstable to constantly lie without any remorse even when being caught. There's definitely something there, but as far as making a fake internet persona, etc, she has done this all to herself. She created this mess and now she has to deal with it.

No. 469

the person running berry's exposure blog is so wise, now that's an adult unlike berry

No. 470

File: 1439716949605.jpg (75.16 KB, 640x508, image.jpg)

lol she says she's ok "DOESNT EVEN BOTHER ME" while she's really crying

No. 471


Wtf I've just noticed on the cake "98".
What if possibly she was born in 1998 (17)?
What if she's not really turning 21/got left back few grades?
What if she's been lying about her age the whole time to all her friends?

No. 472

I think it's really her dog's cake. Someone here mentioned her dog being old as hell.

No. 473

I do believe that she is lying about her age, though.

No. 474

correct. afterall berry is a total retard.

No. 475

I. Think they were ing dog years probably. So when that pic was taken, the dog was 98.
And then if you're confused as to why they bought their dog a cake, And a dark chocolate one at that, I know many families who either have the money to spend or treat their pets like absolute family, and the humans simply eat the cake afterwards.
Or the dog can eat the cake too, depending on the ingredients(Obviously the dog couldn't exactly eat this cake though).
I don't think she lies about her age tbh, a and if she is, probably by one or two years, but many people do that And it isn't hurting anyone, so I don't see a problem.
I do think she was lying about her school status, because there could be a slight chance she was held back for
1.) being an immigrant and a potential ESL student
2.)Not passing
(They don't potentially hold you back for being an SL student, but it could be a possibility)

No. 476

File: 1439724932785.jpg (91.46 KB, 639x718, image.jpg)

she posted the dog photo last year i dont know why she needed to lie about this

No. 477

I actually looked up to this girl. Seriously thanks for opening my eyes to all the bullshit I believed for years. I knew something was sketchy first time I followed her. Thank you seriously. My little sister was actually becoming super insecure because of her from fb, now she can finally relax

No. 478

like to hate Berry, I also have a soft spot for her in a way. She's not too far off of my age range, but I somehow feel if I lived in the states or played more social video games, we could probably become friends. But that's my dream for almost every snowflake(mostly Kaka, Pixy, Venus, Berry).
I want to just sit her down, and tell her it's okay to shoop and make up a fake little world, But it's really unhealthy when it seeps into rl.
I want to tell her probably less people will hate her if she comes out on what she is doing, but why stop when you've been going for so long?
I know some people will know the feeling when you've been telling a lie, and then It comes to that moment where you have to own up to it, But the feeling of guilt or shame is holding you back?
Not saying Oiji is fake, but her also obsessing about her bf on a day to day basis in a kawaii anime shojo life, is also unhealthy.
I also feel that Berry needs therapy based on what she posts online, but I don't think she is full on craycray.

And for the record, for people who think if you don't exactly hate her, you must be a white knight trying to save their princess.
I don't exactly want to protect or 'save' Berry's fame from anons, But I just feel bad.
I feel this is no different than people saying they want to fix up Pixy, or people saying they'll let Venus move in with them if it means getting away from her mom. Sorry for the long post.

No. 479


No. 480


I'm so sorry you and your sister had to go through that. She doesn't seem to realize her actions lead to consequences. She's hurt so many people due to her lies and stupidity. No one deserves to feel insecure, especially over a girl that lives in complete denial and lives a fake life on the Internet with a fake persona she hides behind.

This is why we do what we do. If the Twitter gets deleted I will make another one. I am also looking into branching out in other social medias, but I'm still in the process of saving and screenshoting evidence to lighten the work load if I end up back at square one.

No. 481

Well at least this person is cooperating a bit

No. 482

Sounds like you need to talk to your sister and tell her that if you see someone who looks 'perfect' in photos, they are probably photoshopped and then move on with life.

No. 483

weird that she hasn't tweeted at all today

but I thought you didn't give a fuck berry???????????

No. 484

File: 1439742128185.png (10.2 KB, 574x205, tumblr_njhk3vSHTA1unvv8so1_128…)

When she said the N-word
Because it's not like she could have asterisked it out or anything

No. 485

and that was THIS YEAR
and she wants to be all "black positive"
this stupid bitch

No. 486

proud of my screenshot :')

No. 487

Yeah, I agree.
While I am happy you and your sister saw through Berry's photoshops, you need to sit her down and talk to her about about her (possible) insecurities.
What's going to happen if she comes across someone else on the internet who she deems as beautifull? Someone who is not Photoshopped or is not wearing makeup?
Even if Berry causes all of these insecurities, and people find out, she surely won't be the last, and not everyone is Photoshopped to oblivion, or Not everyone uses makeup, or not everyone has had plastic surgery.

I thought she was quoting (not on Twitter itself, but who's Tony?) someone else?
Either way, she shouldn't have posted it onlinr, period.

No. 488

the rest of the message ?

No. 489

File: 1439743788624.png (476.53 KB, 560x500, laughingwhores.png)

>People being offended by "nigger"
Lol tumblr

No. 490


yeah same here lol
if we looked at another way their dense fans couldnt see all berry threads are actually useful

No. 491

File: 1439744089648.png (54.52 KB, 665x178, Untitled.png)

thought this was kinda funny
she loves her followers sooooooooo much but doesn't accept them on facebook and only praises them heavily when all her shit starts to come out so that they'll continue to like her

that girl waited 2 years for her to accept her friend request wtf

No. 492


lol the struggle though

No. 493

File: 1439745160721.png (135.01 KB, 831x312, LOL.png)

LOL i got blocked
i aint even using her real pictures at all
i was testing if the name "korinne tigno" could piss her off so much
guess "korinne tigno" is really her name
ok its proved
her name is officially korinne tigno

No. 494

wasn't there a post of ouji mentioning wanting to go to NJ to see korinne?

No. 495

File: 1439745412740.jpg (60.39 KB, 640x677, image.jpg)


There's too much of us going back and forth. But basically she reached out to him when he started 'dragging' us. He knew barely anything of her lies and even with evidence he didn't want to believe us, Bevause apparently Korinne was giving him 'receipts' too. He said Korinne had told him her story and he didn't want to hear what we had to say anymore.

Tl;dr she manipulated him like she has with the rest of her fake friends.

No. 496

File: 1439745486870.jpg (81.89 KB, 577x784, image.jpg)

This is the only 'receipt' we got from him that was from Korinne.

No. 497


holy shit why is she so obvious
i thought she wasnt as dumb
I haven't done anything bad but use the name "korinne tigno" and tweeted her "hi berry im your fan and i made a twitter to follow you!"
you should felt fucking specialllllll
and i only commented "LOL funny AHAHAHAH" when she wasnt being funny at all. because she looked desperate to be funny so..
But Shit i thought she said "Im not the only one with the name korinne tigno"
but she called it as "harassing" wtf what if there is really a fan with the name "korinne tigno" ya really going to block her too?
So fragile and sensitive

No. 498

which one of her followers is this guy?

No. 499

File: 1439746411191.jpg (10.1 KB, 640x137, image.jpg)

No. 500


He started talking to her recently and his Twitter name is KOUSAAKA. That's all I know. He had no idea her name was Korinne Tigno or that she lived in New Jersey. He said when they had first made contact she said she live in philly to which she changed to NY again and said her brother lived in NJ. So this morning I sent him a link to the house property belonging to Joel & Agnes Tigno, how her brothers name is [name removed] which doesn't match up the story he's telling him. Really doubt he'll listen to me though.

No. 501

Have you told him to read the lolcow threads ? You should and we need to make an Instagram

No. 502

He's just another blind wk, especially since he's just became friends with berry. I feel like he's the m'lady type lmao

No. 503

File: 1439746752632.png (30.12 KB, 529x113, Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 12.3…)

bitch please
"you werent ugly when you were a fetus teen, you just havent learnt photoshop yet."

No. 504

Another berry asskisser

No. 505

File: 1439747727605.png (16.86 KB, 599x170, 675432.png)

here we have some self help shit (like with kaka before her last disappearance)
"I'm always going to make the best out of everything."
>My situation is so shit right now. I need to make the best out of it.

"Being sad is a waste of my time"
>I am so sad, I don't want to be sad anymore.

"I want fried chicken"
>I'm going to cope with it by stuffing my face with chicken.

No. 506


Yes, we told him about lolcow and the tumblr blog. I even tweeted the links so everyone could view the threads for themselves.

I am already working on an Instagram account. I'm laying low so I can get this situated before she blocks me.

No. 507

File: 1439747745571.jpg (24.47 KB, 347x457, image.jpg)

This is the closest we'll get to berry rl color, because even he she shoped it

No. 508

Her fucking chest looks fucking dirty as fuck, not even tan just plain fucking dirty

No. 509

Why bother saying you're laying low when she reads this thread

No. 510


Just because she reads this thread doesn't mean she'll know who I am on Instagram, lol. I haven't made myself known just yet.

No. 511

she doesn't just read, she also posts in this thread.

No. 512

File: 1439757328335.jpg (98.46 KB, 600x801, image.jpg)

Ouji just posted this on Twitter. Hmm…

No. 513


I thought he wasn't going to try to prove us anything and that he didn't give a fuck because we are lowlives?

and then he posts "proof" pictures of their webcam

ok yeah totally not trying to prove us wrong or anything

No. 514

did he really felt the need to print that old shit, why not show a new screencap of skype or something (also why do they speak to each other in that awkward position) and why's her ear so huge???
also why is his hair the same way before, even if he applied dye without bleaching hair it should be slightly colorful wtf

No. 515

when u need to photoshop yourself in your webcam pics LOL

No. 516

File: 1439758539173.jpg (137.27 KB, 595x858, lkj;2.jpg)

also posted this

No. 517

fake miruku was suspended time to make another one

No. 518

He looks different?? And why make it difficult to prove by taking a pic with old webcam pics? Wtf?¿

No. 519


thanks for pleasing us ouji! AHAHAHA!

i still have my korinne tigno account if anyone interested \( ᵔᴥᵔ )/

No. 520


I'll be doing that in a few hours or maybe tomorrow. Korinne can't get rid of us that easily.

No. 521


wheres ur fukinn pink hair

No. 522

My exact thoughts. Why is he using an old webcam photo? Have they not been on webcam recently?

No. 523

Its kinda weird ouji used such an old Screenshot, why not Skype ??
Well I never believed that Berry was faking ouji , this picture would be a better proof if it was a Skype Screenshot but idc it enough evidence for me

No. 524

even though he is real they still cant afford to meet each other up til now due to financial issues ok this is still sad

No. 525

Why the fuck would he post a selfie of him holding a printed out screenshot of him and Berry instead of just taking a picture with Berry physically fucking next to him.
I mean, they see each other in real life, so this wouldn't be a problem, right Berry?

No. 526

too bad they can not "prove" that one

thanks to that twitter for giving her fans a chance to kiss her ass more lol

No. 527

File: 1439759903021.png (174.49 KB, 531x312, eh.png)

shut up
take a selfie without photoshop/make up like fucking at all
as if there will only be a slight difference
just let your fans see your 'ANIMU GODDESSHIT' face clearly

No. 528

This time call it Despairedmiruku

No. 529

Lol it does matter if the accounts we make get suspended we'll just keep on making new ones, we should make like 100 accounts all at once or more so more people can see her lies

No. 530


Making more accounts would definitely help in the long run for sure.

No. 531

if possible a bitchigoflavor account

No. 532

Damn now that I know ouji is real I feel bad for them.they've been dating for like what 5-4years?and they're yet to see each other.why can't korinne save up to see him?this is so sad.

No. 533


thats why she begs for her fans money bit by bit

No. 534

On his recent selfie one side of his hair is shaved
Where did his shaved hair go then? lmao this doesn't match
what about the hair dye and bleach he has been trying out ?

No. 535

But why does ouji write like a 14 years old girl

No. 536

i still believe it's her using his accounts tbh those can be old selfies
i would only believe him if he posted something like, today's date or something

No. 537

i'm actually glad ouji is real. a bit of hope in a bad situation

No. 538

Bet you korrine is like "hah I overcame them again, everyone is kissing my ass" this is not even the beginning korrine

No. 539

Where did his half shaved head go

No. 540

File: 1439763672861.gif (731 KB, 500x280, asjfasdfhafh.gif)


And we are back! Currently re-adding stuff.

No. 541


oh shit i just realized

his shaved hair's gone lol

No. 542


why do i feel like i've seen this before

No. 543

if she thinks she's still "naturally kawaii"
why wouldnt she show us a picture of her with no shoops at all?
its ok if you dont look perfect without it
you said you are a fucking perfect kawaii goddess and look the same without shoops
then prove it :^)

No. 544

wasn't someone saying that it was his hair flipped over to the other side
it could be that

No. 545

B-but that would mean outing herself like the big fat liar she is and losing her fans and not receiving presents anymore!!

No. 546


I was thinking that as well.. like he just flipped his hair to one side to show the shaved part. the one he posted with the webcam pic is just his hair flipped back to that side.

No. 547

he got his new phone right

compare the photo quality ..hmmm

No. 548


No. 549

personally I think that picture of ouji is old and korinne was just saving it for the perfect moment. if it as really him trying to prove their relationship is still going on why not post a picture of himself holding a sign or a more recent picture of them webcamming? it just doesn't make sense tbh

No. 550

idk maybe just me but his hair doesn't look like it's from having hair flipped back to that side

No. 551

yeah its like his hair magically grew

No. 552

Complete proof that her whole "I don't care about the haters" deal is just a persona.
You do care because you know we know about your lies and are exposing your bs behavior

No. 553

Whoever is on that Twitter talking to kousaka please be reasonable with them. Because we could completely change their view of berry, but if you start saying "YOURE WRONG" and shoving it in their face, they will turn away and think we aren't being truthful

No. 554

it's probably too late to change his view now

No. 555

At 11:47pm est usa time his tweet pic was posted 8 hours ago. Which means sround 3pm. Indonesia is 11-12 hours ahead depending on where you are. Why is it sunny in the pic if it was around 3am there?

No. 556

Depending on where you are in Indonesia*

No. 557

this pic is about 2-3 years old. i remember him having his head shaved.

No. 558

twitteradmin here we got suspended again i say just we should all make several expose berry accounts she cant report us all

No. 559

we were being very reasonable and polite after we told him all the lies he was telling her even telling him he she was lying while he was talking to her he continued to stay her minion

No. 560

there's no escape from being brainwashed white knight

No. 561

File: 1439799431983.jpg (69.65 KB, 640x581, image.jpg)

Look at this poor ignorant soul. I'm surprised at how quick this one got suspended when it took 2 days last time. Do all social media accounts get deleted that quickly? Because I am considering making a tumblr/Instagram for this as well. I'm looking for a way where I can post things without the Twitter being deleted so quickly.

No. 562

Also who is down with making multiple Twitter accounts for this? I have at least 3 people that can make separate accounts since that was how many people were running Fakemiruku/despairdmiruku.

No. 563

"tbh I think that people can grow boobs lol"
why there's a lot of women with breast implants then if women can grow their boobs whenever they want? Unless stepmother gained lots of weight and has fat, saggy boobs now rip brain

No. 564

breast growth is a real thing but its hard, you can massage with flaxseed oil and take supplements that stimulate growth, although its quite a niche community
sage for ot

No. 565

just like in my h mangas! lol, no. no amount of massage or oils/supplements will make you go from an a cup to a d cup. that's not how bodies work.

No. 566

Wonder how many of her followers/close friends are sockpuppets. Would definitely explain some of the cringey sucking up. Right now for sure we only know that the ouji account is one.

No. 567

Am I the only one who thinks Ouji gained weight as well? he looks chubbier compared to before. I always think Ouji is real and they're still in relationship. It's just Ouji loves Berry so much and lets Berry does whatever she wants including her manipulating his acc.

No. 568

Why the fuck did people start saying Ouji was fake in the first place? Didnt we all know that they both had access to each others social media accounts? And that when people date or hang around someone for a longtime, they start talking like them.

What retards decided to say Ouji was fake/Korrine is using his identity? I feel like this was all a bait to make them look better and make her haters look stupid.

No. 569

lool a treasured msn emoticon

No. 570

I don't question the fact he exists, but the photos he's been posting lately are inconsistent.

No. 571

you're trying way too hard.

No. 572

um, i think ph is for philippines, and she did live in the philippines before she came to the US im pretty sure. if she wanted to say philadephia she'd say PA for pennsylvania or just philly

No. 573

Don't forget to make copies on a flash drive just in case

No. 574

File: 1439818013261.jpg (120.85 KB, 640x824, image.jpg)

Our suspicions are mainly based on how quickly his hair grew. Top two are supposed to be recent photos of Ouji. The second one he had the left side of his head shaved, yet in the photos of him in the bottom his hair has grown back again. Basically it’s: long, half shaven, semi-long again. How did Ouji’s hair grow back in such a short amount of time?

No. 575


He said yes when we asked him if it was Philadelphia.

No. 576


Don't worry. I have everything saved. I'm currently in the process of uploading content. I'm laying low before I make a Twitter again. So I'm working on two different accounts on two social media platforms.

No. 577

it's Berrys magic

No. 578

is it supposed to be in the screenshot where you asked 'ph as in philadelphia" because he never said "yeah she said philly", he switched topics and said "ok nvm i asked again and she said ny"

just saying this because it doesn't make sense for her to lie and say she lives in philidelphia. everyone figured she lies about living in new york because living in new york 'makes you cool' and philadelphia isnt exactly known for being glamorous like ny

it would make sense if it was philippines though since she did live there, and philippines can be abbreviated as ph, the phils, etc

No. 579


I didn't get enough time to screenshot the whole conversation before the suspension. I wasn't the one talking to him it was one of the other admins. Hopefully they wake up soon to confirm this. I'm simply going bases what was said to me. There were 3 people in control of the Twitter so I could be wrong.
If I am, I apologize greatly. Either way she lied to this kid about her actual location regardless.

No. 580


I'm simply going based on what was said to me. ** I'm on my phone. Sorry for the typos.

No. 581

yes, I don't doubt that she lied about NY

No. 582

What I want to know is how Berry is still using the 'we want to keep it private' shit with Ouji and her taking photos together when none of their relationship is private. Makes literally no sense.

No. 583

File: 1439825866071.png (353.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-17-17-30-41…)


Hello Ouji live in Java Island, Indonesia.
Evidence : he posted on the 24th Januar 2014 that there was an earthquake in his City , I googled : "24.01.2014 earthquake Indonesia" and everywhere it said that there was an earthquake in the Island of Java (Indonesia)

No. 584

File: 1439825987728.png (308.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-17-17-38-58…)


SORRY I meant 25th January !
Also :

No. 585

Getting ready to make things public soon. Do any of you guys know any instagram/tumblr accounts that also show evidence for Korinne's lies? I'm going to make a link page along with evidence links to here too. All I have is IchigoFaker on the list right now.

No. 586

Yes, he lives in Java island. To be precise, he lives in a city called 'Garut'

No. 587

she probably said PH meaning Philippines but he probably mistook PH as philly

No. 588

i think it's an old photo he decided to take out to post now, the two top ones definitely look more recent though

No. 589

i only know berrynot on instagram allthe other twitters before these were suspended

No. 590


ok chii-ass
why are you trying so hard to make berry's lies make sense when it doesnt
even if her boobs is rly that big, why cant you see that it was obviously fucking photoshopped? :^)
wtf you dont even know all of her "lies" yet, do you?
i'd like to hear you explain them all and make them "make sense" even more
if there isnt any people dumb enough, she might not be as popular as now LOL good thing dumb people still exist, lucky burry :^)

No. 591


To be honest, her popularity is nothing compared to the way it was back during Ichigoflavor. She made a bad move by abandoning her tumblr. Barely anyone likes her stuff anymore on twitter. There's a huge difference now. The numbers of favorites/retweets have dwindled down greatly.

No. 592

here's a crazy thought, maybe she doesn't really care

No. 593

File: 1439830308792.jpg (24.8 KB, 400x386, 1407641598729.jpg)


She definitely does care. Her whole internet persona is based on attention. She lives for it. Korinne cares a whole lot despite trying to act like she doesn't.

No. 594

delet this

No. 595

Oh, if you say we have to then I guess we should!
Sorry guys, party's over! Delete the thread! Anon said so!

No. 596

delet this

No. 597

File: 1439832383733.jpg (474.18 KB, 761x1733, moonclip1.jpg)

@ this one anon
why don't you just focus on battling your thyroid disease :)

No. 598

Why the fuck are you shitting on this person, what did they do???
in the first screenshot wasn't she linking someone to a berry truth blog
why are you ragging on her now wtf

No. 599

what? but berry is impersonating him. there is no doubt about it. jfc, even the twitter statistics support that.
i mean, surely it's still possible that he is somre kind of mail order husbando for her, who lives a life off the internet. doesn't change the fact that she is using "his" twitter account.

No. 600

just interesting to find out what kind of life an anon lives :)

No. 601

fuck off berry, they don't need to fake their appearance like you

No. 602

that thought is indeed crazy.
the stuff she posted/posts on twitter reveals that she does.

No. 603

that's OT, fuck off.

No. 604

ok cool, im sure yours isnt any better
this is a thread about berry you wanna talk about other bitches make a new thread

it's fucking ridiculous how she's on our side that girl, and you're being an asshole anyways????????????
she's not lolcow worthy take it somewhere else\
you sound butthurt, like you're one of berry's minions and making fun of the anons in this thread

No. 605

lol if she was berry then in her little review video for a pain relief powder(?) you'd all jump on it and say her voice was pitched higher and fake as fuck
it's not that fun to be unmasked now is it

No. 606

never said mine was any better, obviously it's because i'm on here

No. 607

You ain't funny.
Stop trying so hard to fit in.

No. 608

hahaha…This should go in the HAES thread

they posted on here for attention and asspats

No. 609

where was i trying to be funny?? lol

you guys really can't ignore OT stuff

No. 610

Nice samefag.

No. 611

i'm only >>597 and >>609 lol

No. 612

File: 1439833801362.gif (989.83 KB, 450x254, surejan.gif)


No. 613


I did not expect any less from you. You're simply proving to me and everyone here how immature you are. Why does my lifestyle or autoimmune disease concern you so much? I'm not hiding anything unlike Korinne. I'm proud of who I am. There's not much you can dig up on me, but I sure hope you have fun. You messed with the wrong person. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Tell Korinne I say hello.

No. 614

why dont you just focus on kissing berry's ass even more

No. 615

its somewhat funny because all her fans are so fanatic with berry like "no she isnt a liar!!!!" "pls STOOOOP i dont wanna hear any of your BS!" "I wanna believe she's real!!!" which is sad
and here we are anons exposing her lies like a boss as they get crazy getting rid of our absolute proofs

No. 616

Dude, just ignore them since you'll open an immature can of worms.
Honestly, you could have blocked you name out, but now it's too late and what has been seen is done. Just stop replying And they'll look stupid.

Replying like this just makes you look…weak(I can't find the right word)? So try to be the bigger one, okay? It'll just make the whk look stupid a'f.

If anything, you can report the messages if they go.too far, but you did say you had nothing to hide, so that may be deemed useless.

No. 617

How does this bitch have 9 threads?
All she does is photoshop and lie, that's it.
tons of people here sound like jealous fatties holy shit

No. 618


Lmao, sorry to burst your bubble… But that's kind of… My actual voice. Why would I try to be kawaii desu over a pain relief powder review. You are truly reaching. The difference between me and Berry is I don't have a mask on. There's nothing to unmask. Try again.

No. 619


ok so what kind of life does your burry live?

oh right. she's living a lie. omg very interesting. !!

No. 620

Stop replying to the WK.
You are giving them the attention they want.

No. 621

Shhhhhhh! don't say anything, or you're automatically a white knight who kisses Berry's ass!!
But yeah, I agree. Idk why they're acting like she needs to be 'exposed', but I'll just leave it as it is.

No. 622

Can you stop acting like a special snowflake and how sooo much better you are than Berry?
You sound like a lolcow yourself.
nobody gives a fuck about your fat ass.
can we go back to berry please?

No. 623


You're right. I really do have nothing to hide so I'm not concerned. This will be my last response on any of this. Like I said, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Korinne will see what I mean very soon.

No. 624

i agree anon.
i mean i could understand 2-3 threads but 9?
even scamanda or kiki doesnt have 9 threads. wtf is this

No. 625


I agree too. Korinne is the one that brought me into it to begin with.

No. 626


exposing lies from a person who tries hard to cover them up is fun

"jealous fatties" lol so creative

No. 627

what area does berry live in? i saw someone who i could've sworn was her the other day.

No. 628

No offense but that whole
>"Korrine will know what I mean soon" sound so try hard and 3edgy5me. Lmfao
Sorry, not sorry. Should have just not replied.

No. 629


Toms River, NJ

No. 630

where did you think you saw her?

No. 631


That's your opinion. Let's go back to talking about Korinne.

No. 632

loool you privated your ig
looks like miss i don't have anything to hide is feeling exposed and uncomfortable

No. 633


seems like you're having a stalker now lol

No. 634

this is why I hate this cunt. so fucking annoying, constantly posting about herself being better than burry, omg 2edgy4m3 come at me trollzzz….

one of those was me. And no I love shitting on burry, do not like her but seeing this fat cow in burrys thread is getting annoying

No. 635


I might not have anything to hide, but why would I give them anymore fuel? Back to Korinne.

No. 636

>exposing lies from a person
this is lolcow, not PULL.
most of people here sound jealous and overweight. seriously berry is not that much of a lolcow, this is fucking desperate.
inb4 whiteknight!!!! STOP KISSING BERRY'S ASS

No. 637

>back to korinne

Bitch you're the one who keeps talking trying to get the last word. You sound upset as fuck please stop

No. 638

"This will be my last response on any of this."

No. 639

with this 3edgy anon, this is the worst berry thread ever.

No. 640

lol no, she posted on burrys facebook page last threads lolcow.farm address, then posted on here

"haha look guys I exposed her IM NOT AFRAID im so brave :^)" with her full name and picture lmao

No. 641


Back to Korinne.

No. 642

why do some people act like they own lolcow? are they gonna rule over it or something lol? what a waste

No. 643

Are you new to lolcow?
We HATE people who self-post here.
seriously, congrats anon for not being berry but youre more of a lolcow than her.
seriously who the fuck would be proud to even be here?
it's like those bitches on PULL that have selfies as their profile pic.
we're all catty bitches. i dont know why anyone would think it's good for others to know they go here

No. 644

ah nvm then, couldn't have been her

No. 645

We're all anon for a reason
But nah here's my face look I commented on this fb post to expose Berry, praise me! I'm better than her!

No. 646

well i took breast pills and theyve grown so its possible lol

No. 647

wait what DEETZ please

No. 648

poor anon

if only you could've shooped yourself to be as fake as berry maybe they wont go ragging on you lol

No. 649


Congrats for being the exception.

No. 650

this is why this bitch is annoying. jesus.

and no, I dont even care if she is ugly but shes an annoying self poster who wont fucking stop jesus

No. 651

;-; so they don't work?

No. 652

I think it's something to do with wanting to uncover the mystery (if there is one) of Berry's real face and if her bf is real/living with her/in control of his accounts or whatever.
She's really not that interesting apart from that.

No. 653

>not understanding that having unwarranted self importance and self-posting will get you hated
i think you should go away

No. 654


can breast pills make breast as saggy as berry? lol hentai boobs and big boobs are… SLIGHTY different.

No. 655

im sorry for being OTT (this thread is going downhill anyway) but i took bountiful breast.
theyre basically ovarian pills (ive heard theyre safe so yeah).
I went from A cup to B cup in 6-7 months

No. 656

nah. ive heard breast pills help boobs to be more firmer.

No. 657

lol they posted once like a week ago and wk's keep bringing her up out of nowhere and doing the most so what do you expect
maybe, but from a flat chest to a d probably not

No. 658

She has stopped though? People stopped talking about her self-posting last thread and then you brought it back up here for no fucking reason. She repeatedly says "let's go back to talking about Berry". The only one who won't stop is you.

No. 659

who needs breast pills/other ways to make breast bigger when you can photoshop? im sure berry could only show off her boobs on the internet, because her life is on the internet so, she uses sweater all the time in rl to hide tan skin lol

No. 660

File: 1439837254248.png (285.77 KB, 583x468, GOOD.png)

No. 661

i didn't bring it up retard someone else did. It's so fucking annoying and then seeing her retarded lel beryy will get wat is coming to her hehe :^) self righteousness when SHE decided to self post in the first place .

No. 662

lol, beats are shit and a waste of money.

No. 663

i thought those were dildos

No. 664


was it from walmart lol

No. 665


Korinne got herself some butt plugs. She sure needs it for all this butthurt.

No. 666

Oh god these threads have been embarrassing from the start. Can people who engage in this thread answer this question:

Do you visit PULL?

No. 667


No. I don't even know what PULL stands for.

No. 668

the omg exposing her haha fatty does

No. 669

they might have self posted once in the last thread but some white knight keeps trying to dig her back up. her replying back was just cause and effect from that, not because she wants attention. lol she's just some random chick not some wannabe eceleb weeb, so what do you think will happen? i think you need a break.
yeah i really doubt she tried that hard. at most a push up bra and shoop.

No. 670

Nobody here is a white knight.
you're embarassing if you think anyone that isnt batshit hateful toward berry because "she lies and photoshops omg lolcow" is a whiteknight

No. 671

I've been following this thread since the first one and the threads should've stopped 4-5 threads ago after the first time burry got dragged and started staying low. After that she hasn't produced any good milk

If anyone is up just for "justice" and "exposing", you should be posting in the PULL threads instead of lolcow.

No. 672

whatever helps you sleep @ night

No. 673

a song about berry wow

No. 674


This made me laugh. Way to lighten the atmosphere in this thread.

No. 675

File: 1439840251363.jpg (43.89 KB, 640x397, image.jpg)

Racist little shit trying to backpedal.

No. 676

>>675 That sudden race appreciation, give dat bitch a medal

No. 677

File: 1439840529606.jpg (52.03 KB, 640x378, image.jpg)

Photoshopping yourself to oblivion isn't confidence, Korinne.

No. 678



No. 679


does she need supports from black people or what

No. 680


No. 681

she's just making it seem like she isn't racist for all the shit she said

No. 682

ot but son u dont need to write anonymous in every message u post lol

No. 683

They aren't…they're using sage.

No. 684


lol this

No. 685

File: 1439846612337.jpg (58.1 KB, 640x436, image.jpg)

Ok, Korinne.

No. 686

File: 1439846698428.jpg (25.03 KB, 400x673, B3f9b0oCIAApIdg.jpg)

nice meme korinne

No. 687

focusing on being a doctor what a joke

No. 688

File: 1439846792770.jpg (132.73 KB, 640x995, image.jpg)

Finally, someone telling Korinne like it is.

No. 689

File: 1439846851096.jpg (88.06 KB, 640x638, image.jpg)

lmaooo they know her lies. Everyone is catching on.

No. 690

File: 1439847242442.jpg (19.9 KB, 634x178, image.jpg)

Korinne is extra salty today.

No. 691

and now she's asking to report accounts aww korinne don't cry

No. 692

sounds more like one of those easily offended tumblr faggots

No. 693


Paci, you rock!

No. 694

Can we all report berry's twitter for being a racist shit and who knows she'll get blocked lol

No. 695

omg yes. if enough people report her she will get deleted. lets goo

No. 696

>>689 Paci, mah man/woman, you get mah brownie points! All of them!

No. 697

yeah lets goo
report her with korinne twitters before that acc get suspended/blocked

No. 698

File: 1439849609434.png (25.51 KB, 527x99, Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.11…)

ok look whos talking :^)

no hypocrite at all

No. 699

File: 1439849773983.png (38.2 KB, 525x143, Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.14…)

said the one who's disappointed with an ulzzang for shooping her face :^)

No. 700


I think she meant plastic surgery

No. 701

Honest question here guys, no white knighting or anything.
But do you guys how know how milking works?
Usually you don't try to report a cow unless they're doing something terribly terribly wrong(ie: I want to say Nick Bates, but I don't ever want to compare someone so little to what he did. Probably Pixy will be better to, But I think the long breaks she has are good for her own well being, but sadly on the other hand: no milk).
You keep them around so you could milk them for the laughs, and distribute fucking lolcow butter.
When you have no cow, you get no milk.
Why would you want no milk?
Then when you realize she become irrelevant (imo, she already is), you guys will say she's boring, or some will even want her to come back on social media to laugh at her again.

(Tbh, I feel that there is nothing to milk, and you guys just have some personal serious vendetta you guys don't want to admit. But I'm not gonna stop you from doing y'all things. Report her if you'd like, I just want to know your reasoning. Your personal amusement is your personal amusement, and that's cool.)

No. 702


she made a complaint of that ulzzang having a plastic surgery on her blog lol

No. 703

she would probably be back, but it would be great to see her lose all those followers lol

No. 704


lol i thought so too
but nah berry cant live without internet life
she'll probably make a new account and produce some better milk (even though she will have to start from zero again on twitter)
she and her fans will probably go rampage on us though
I'm curious of how long berry can fake the "dont care" attitude

No. 705


and she will surely say "i dont give a fuck"

while crying

No. 706


Berry will def be back, like 10000%

No. 707

what is everyone reporting her account as the reason why let's do it

No. 708

Thanks guys. I used to follow Korinne/Berry on Tumblr and Twitter, and she used to follow me back on my old Twitter account. I used to admire her a lot until I found proof of a lot of her lies. To be honest, I could care less if she photoshops or lies about photoshopping, but I no longer stand for her being a hypocrite (sexualizing/fetishizing Asians, ragging on girls for their body proportions/style choices) and I think taking fake house pictures from the internet is pretty creepy. The cult following she has is laughable to me. I followed her through all the drama (I found out about her lies about a year or so ago) but once she started retweeting that stuff I got really confused. xD And everyone who follows her thinks I'm so bothered but I'm honestly just sitting here playing League/GTA45. >_>

No. 709

lol korinne you can still fetishize another culture. you're Filipino not japanese.
you're a filipino fetishizing japanese culture and people

No. 710

So berry's followers didn't think that her saying she lives in philly and then quickly changing it to ny was strange?

No. 711

File: 1439853663504.png (26.61 KB, 575x225, ss (2015-08-17 at 04.20.01).pn…)

"Straight ping pong." You may be Asian but that doesn't give you the right to be disrespectful. Mocking a language/race and thinking it's okay because it's a joke it's just.. sigh

No. 712

"I don't have time for negativity"
here we go again with the "I don't care behavior" lmfao

and yet she has time to lie around all day and just play games.

No. 713

I wanted to report her fb for using fake name and photo but fb didn't care

No. 714

what about her saying she's "part Spanish" lmfao

No. 715

Can anyone reply to this with receipts on her asian fetish and racism? I need to compile some of her Tweets for a little project.

No. 716

PH meant the Philippines, not philly

No. 717

she still lied

No. 718

File: 1439863494669.jpg (43.01 KB, 640x399, image.jpg)

No. 719

File: 1439863532333.jpg (25.34 KB, 640x331, image.jpg)

No. 720

File: 1439863588659.jpg (29.42 KB, 640x321, image.jpg)

No. 721

File: 1439863690086.jpg (35.7 KB, 637x242, image.jpg)

No. 722

berry has a private rant account on twitter @pinkochinochin

No. 723

"my parents wont let me buy chips and moutain dew fuck them i wish i was born japanese i hate my life"

No. 724

berry and her minion @kungfllu were bashing a gross transethnic girl but once he was shown information that she herself has said things like blend me into your culture japanese people i want a japanese sugar daddy he decided to ingore it……

No. 725

Can you screencap please?

No. 726

? how does saying that she lived in the philippines before, which is true, lying?

No. 727

I find it funny how in the middle of all her lies and being put on blast she's still sitting there crying to her friend saying she lived in PH but now lives in NY like bitch give it up you live in NJ stop already

No. 728


No. 729

she said philly not philippines, duh

No. 730


what does being a japanese have anything to do with it? lol shut up emo penis

No. 731

i keep looking back at the screencaps, that kevin guy said that she said PH
PH =/= philly

No. 732


that kevin guy asked her if PH is philly and she answered yes

No. 733

where are you seeing this?? did i miss something?
i'm not trying to wk but really i don't see it

No. 734

No. 735

someone please follow her and post the deets on here

No. 736

dunno though

No. 737

Philippines or Philidelphia, it doesn't matter. She still lied about her location.

No. 738


Really doubt we'd be able to get into her private. She seems very suspicious as of late. Unless you act like that most disgusting Korinne ass-kisser there is, then maybe there's a chance.

No. 739


She said she lived in PH to him as if she still lived there. Then she changed her story to him and said she lived in New York and her brother was the one that lived in New Jersey. She's still lying.

No. 740


Kungfllu sounds like a hateful little piece of shit, just like Korinne. Misery sure loves company.

No. 741


What's everyone reporting her for? For being racist and attacking others?

No. 742

File: 1439878008350.jpg (92.21 KB, 640x869, image.jpg)

She keeps talking to the people that blindly defended her when Fakemiruku was around, it's cracking me up. I barely see her talking to her regular old friends anymore on Twitter. All her old friends legit broke down after a while saying she did photoshop and lie a bit, but what we were doing was wrong. Especially Michyuu. Whatever her name is now. I wonder if Korinne is mad at them for that.

No. 743

Stop bullying this girl

No. 744

Lol. Also nice email.
How do you know it's really her's? Can you screen cap pls

No. 745

File: 1439878741626.jpg (105.71 KB, 640x921, image.jpg)


I can't confirm if it's really her. But it seems like it could be.

No. 746

according to your mail you are photographer Louise Vessey and you have wannabe kawaii lolita daughter https://www.pinterest.com/pin/111956740709781747/ don't post you mail man lol

No. 747


Damn, you don't play. I'm over here laughing.

No. 748

Right like put her straight on blast

No. 749

I have no proof. Just following what >>734 said, maybe that anon can give proof? It definitely seems like its her though. The profile picture is a picture she took herself and "pinkochinchin" is definitely some weird ass weeaboo name she'd use. "Pink Miruku" and "Pink Ochinchin"

No. 750

it is her pinkochinchin is one of the usernames she uses its also the username of her twitch

No. 751

Oops. **just following what >>722 said. my b

No. 752

is berry an atheist

she seems to like making fun of God a lot

is she not happy because she wasnt born as a japanese kawaii desu girl but a tan filipino ?

No. 753

I'm not sure if she openly calls herself an atheist but she makes fun of god believers/christians yet celebrates Christmas anyways just for free presents (good luck on finding her old tweets for that). And yes on the second question lmao

No. 754

this. unless you REALLY like bass. do some research and get good headphones for less money.

No. 755

Are you from the future?!

No. 756


hueHUE aren't you funny.

yes, that really did contribute something.

No. 757

Berrys family is definetely babtized

No. 758

"emo penis"

No. 759

Christmas is christian? kek

No. 760

burry stealing the "haterz" ideas lol

No. 761

I saw the twitter convo with Michyuu and FakeMiruku, Michyuu was agreeing with some of the claims and she didn't sound like she was blindly defending Berry

No. 762

I went off this thread to realize that I just misread your post lol ignore this

No. 763

was it always on private? if not, has anyone saved it?

No. 764

looks more like berry posting this: >>730 being all butthurt. she's such an idiot.

No. 765

Berry would probably commit suicide if she woke up with the skin tone of a black person. Who is she trying to fool?

No. 766

File: 1439920381548.jpg (43.87 KB, 750x265, image.jpg)

No. 767

Still doesn't mean that you HAVE to be Christian to enjoy or celebrate Christmas. Many of my friends and I aren't Christian, but we celebrate it for the presents, singing, and get togethers because it's fun.

And honestly, her family may be Christian, but she doesn't have to be neccessarily. But I do find it kind of two faced if she called hherself Christian, but went ahead and dissed the people And religion anyway. Unless she was joking(which I doubt).

No. 768

Enjoy dragging in your pagan tree and decorate it.


No. 769

I noticed it too
Berry said something kinda atheist (it was awhile ago so i don't remember) but then later started posting all this stuff about jesus and god in her tweets. Like if you don't believe in it just leave it alone no one cares

No. 770


Probably because she's sitting in her room crying about how everyone knows shes a lying tan Filipino

No. 771


she thinks she's funny

what a "A++++++++ personality" she haz there

No. 772


lmao a "fighter" who "doesnt give a shit"

No. 773

File: 1439926191944.png (132.41 KB, 528x654, Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.28…)

who would say that?

No. 774

omg!!! very "cute"!!!

No. 775

that haircut

No. 776

Sorry but Ouji is still together with Berry ,I mean oujis facebook is still friends with many of his Indonesian friends who DEFINETELY know him in Real life because you can find photos of them hanging out together. Why would they still be friends vier FB if Berry took over his account ? And wouldnt it be weird , because his friends know that his account is controled by his ex gf ?
Just doesnt make any sense to me

No. 777

But the photos of him and his friends are from a while ago, and his Indonesian friends don't comment much on his posts anymore. I don't believe that Berry controls Oujis accounts either, but he seems sketchy. His personality from his older posts and now are so different. He is definitely suspicious.
Does anyone have more info on Ouji?
I consider contacting his Indonesian friends who commented on his posts often in the past and ask them about Ouji, but I don't exactly know what to say.

No. 778


I can translate them

No. 779

I agree with you.
Some anon said they were "exposing Berry" lmao this is lolcow not PULL you dumbass.

No. 780


exposing while laughing at her lies

No. 781

What if Ouji is like Berry an anti social shut in who only has online friends AKA Berry
And those old pictures of him could be from his middle school years or something

No. 782


Yep do it

No. 783

and screencap them too

No. 784


I'd like to translate only, i'm too lazy to ask and i dont even know his rl friends lol im not that interested in him actually
but what needs to be asked about him anyways? its not like his friends would bother to answer questions from a stranger?

No. 785

ask them how's ouji and that he's kind of off from internet life and what is he doing these days, start from there idk

No. 786

Christian here:
Christmas is NOT a Christian holiday. I'm sick of people using wikipedia as a RELIABLE source for everything. It is a pagan holiday observed and practiced by Catholics and CALVINISTS. The bible Strictly forbids the celebrating of pagan holidays. Also Jesus wasn't born in December its been shown he was born in September.
Jeremiah 10:2
Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

No. 787

of course i meant to reply to >>784

No. 788

why does she think saying things like this is cute? your friend told you were upset about the twitters exposing you; or was that another lie?

No. 789

File: 1439938234922.jpg (167 KB, 1189x746, 218217_1658360786479_3973109_o…)


No. 790

File: 1439938379062.png (10.77 KB, 58x57, uhm.png)

No. 791

wow her first picture top left face is so close to the 2006 school photos in these
the rest of them seem to resemble the face shape she has now, but they look like they were taken w/in the same day so wow what angles will do for you

No. 792


or maybe she shooped it a bit lol

No. 793

If these are really what she looks like naturally
She look fine why does she photoshop to hell and back

No. 794

yeah she's not that ugly, but it looks ugly to us because of what she now portrays herself as with shop
like she set herself to a super high standard by editing herself to something shes not

No. 795

How wide is her face because that's so much hair being used as a cover, it's a style that resembles the girl from the ring + she's constantly at a very strategic angle

But, I never thought she'd look ugly, I think she looks like a normal girl and there's nothing wrong with that. To berry: you don't need to be a 'real life anime' to validate yourself.

No. 796

glorious anon thank you for blessing us with this ugoo

where did you get these wtf

No. 797

please post more of these presents i love them

No. 798

she looks cute as fuck.
she just needs a different makeup style

No. 799

Omg, Korrine is so cute! ♥
Why Burry, why? Why do you shoop yourself into an anime sex doll monkey girl??
If you want to slim your face, then so be it, But overall you're so cute!
Also, I guess this debunks that she's not as tan as Dora, as what De-Photoshop anon believes, right?

Also, are these recent, or old pictures only a few people bothered to find?

No. 800

She just looks like every other Fillipino girl. And the fact that she shoops herself so extensively just makes her real face look worse in comparison. There's nothing wrong in looking like a normal human being, Berry.

No. 801

I agree.
I think Berry is light.
Sure, she's not very fair but shes not as dark as Dora lol
people here think that pale = milky white skin lmao

No. 802

I think Ouji lives a socially awkward life now since he's dedicating his life to berry. Since he has to stay up just to talk to her etc, its possible that he shut himself and technically lives like a hermit now. He'd be too tired to do anything let alone hang with his friends since he has to stay up the night before and gradually, his friends start to leave him. Idk this is just my impression from stalking his friends facebook lol.

Also I speak Indonesian. I can you guys translate if you'd like to talk to his friends etc

No. 803

yeah because pale does mean milky white? tf she has a normal skin tone for a pinoy but she isn't milky white nor pale

No. 804

I think she is "pale" in asian standards (more specifically, filipino standards, because most of them aren't really light skinned)
I'm vietnamese and I don't really think that my skin is light but my family always compliments me lol? I believe these paleness standards differ depending on country of origin.
So she's not dark, but not pale in worldly standards either, but pretty pale in comparison to some (most?) filipinos.

No. 805

how did you find these? omg lol

No. 806

File: 1439952240413.png (100.14 KB, 574x873, party.png)

No. 807

shes going to find a way not to meet up with them
something is suddenly going to come up when they're suppost to meet

No. 808

that catsgomao guy is annoying so i wouldn't blame her not wanting to meet with him anyways

No. 809

true, yeah not pale but shes lighter than the majority (i could be wrong, all the filipinos that live in my area are all tan though)

No. 810

catsgomao is always desperate for attention from every popular girl on twitch/twitter/IG, etc. wouldn't blame her for avoiding him either tbh

No. 811

(same anon you replied to) sorry everyone gonna go OT for this because he really is annoying
he always befriends all the girls who are popular, seems like hes thirsty af for attention
and he always gets them into league if they aren't playing yet..lol

how to befriend catsgomao in 2 steps:
be a popular girl on >twitch/IG/twitter/tumblr/whatever
>play league

back to topic though, needed to get that out of my system

No. 812

lol she didnt need to reply to him though
of course she still wants people to believe she lives in ny

No. 813

From where u got these ?
I guess they arent that recent since msn is rip
but still this is how most likely she looks like with no shoops

No. 814

No one who lives in NYC drives tho.. There's no point in having a car if you live in the city

No. 815

Lol Burry be thinking of some bs for all three of those days

No. 816

not true for everyone. i know a doc who owns a car. the only thing different between new yorkers and angelinos is the fact that new yorkers don't sweat someone grazing their shit as much. everyone in la shits bricks if you so much as scuff their car.

No. 817

i love when fags make themselves "anonymouse"

No. 818

Filipinos are the trash of Asian societies…thats why she tries soooooo hard to be anything but. its cause she knows its not kawaii desu desu.

No. 819

just because myspqce angles and prep doesnt mean "fine"

No. 820


"Trash"? That's a little bit too much. There might some Filipinos in this thread who might get offended.

No. 821

OMG I can't believe you just said that!

No. 822

People, please do not generalize too much. Not all Filipino stereotypes apply to all of them.

No. 823

well obviously no stereotype applies to all, but mostly the majority. thats why it's a stereotype lol

No. 824

Umm please don't bring race into this. What that anon said is just ridiculous and hateful. Trash? Dirty? The fuck is wrong with you?

No. 825

racist-chans go back to /pol/

No. 826

We talk about how she's racist and yet some people here are also racist lol the irony

>>824 is right don't bring race into this.

No. 827

the screen is illuminating her face tho but yes she is no Dora

No. 828


Exactly. She looks like your typical Asian girl and there's nothing wrong with that. But apparently Berry can't accept the fact she's average.

No. 829

File: 1439967817071.png (475.36 KB, 558x280, lolok.png)

Ah, just 17 hours ago she was calling herself fat and now she's tiny again.

No. 830

it's Berrys magic

No. 831

>country economy is sex tourism
>immigrants work minimum wage mexican type jobs
>marry old white men to get out of shitty, poor country
Calling them the same as other Asians, should be offensive to asians kek.

No. 832


gag. Your comment is gross.

No. 833


who gives a shit, this isn't tumblr.

No. 834


I felt the same way. That comment sounded way too forced. It sounds like someone Korinne knows.

No. 835

That doesn't mean it isn't banned here.
>Discussions of race and ethnicity are banned in /pt/ unless the posts are 1) very relevant to the thread and the discussion, 2) not hostile, inflammatory, accusatory, or targeted at other posters, and 3) as objective as possible. Even in those cases, such posts should be made infrequently, and you should not post about it in a particular thread multiple times over short periods. This also applies to blanket stereotypes suggesting that a certain culture or nation is inferior or superior.

No. 836

it doesn't need to be. turn your cunt dial to low.

No. 837

Um, excuse me? Why is it when it's a nice comment, it always have to be, someone Korrine knows? Is it really that hard to believe some people find her some people think she's cute? She isn't ugly in my opinion, she's just an averagely cute asian girl.

Also, my comment seems forced? So all of those all caps comment claiming to laugh at (imo) unfunny things that aren't funny isn't forced too? Or is it because it's a compliment?

This whole thread doesn't have to be vendetta and white knights yknow. It could be like any other thread, which has different opinions on the people they talk about.

No. 838

Forgot to add, that I don't live in the same area as Berry, I was once laughing at her completely in the first 3 or 4 threads when she stopped being funny (again, imo), north do I have Twtter or FB.
Also, vendetta wasn't the right word. Well, while it is, I also wanted to use hate.

No. 839

it isn't a love thread, if you want to kiss her lying ass, become one of her stupid white knights and contact her in private no one wants to read stupid comments like yours here
omg she is so cute asian girl kawaii desu!!!!oneoneomg also learn english please

No. 840

So only hate is allowed? No thanks, lol.
As I said, people are different with different opinions. Why can't I say I find her cute? Can't it be like the Dakota thread where some people think she's cute, And some people think she's Not? Do you really want this thread to be known as the vendetta thread of the board?
I don't condone her hypocrisy, and I don't give a fuck about her lying and Photoshop (Also the fake picture thing is creepy)
Are you also telling me to learn English?? Please, at least I don't have fucking run-on sentences. Jfc, some of you guys are ridiculous.

No. 841

Some people find Dakota cute, but it isn't only "she is kawaii" posts more like "she is cute, but…", your post was only "berry is cute asian gurl, she shouldn't photoshop herself, she is so kawaii", just go away.

No. 842

Nope, I've seen posts in there that says she's cute, just cute. Some posts said she's cute, and she shouldn't Photoshop to such extent because it'll make her look ugly in rl(Like Miss Korrine here). Some people say she's cute, but XXXX. Some people just find her ugly, as I said, people have differing opinions.
Why do you think you have control over this thread? Pretty sure I've left both criticism And compliments alike in most of her threads, but the moment I think about something completely good I should leave?
As I said before, no. Unless you're the admin, or I'm breaking any rules (in which I don't think I am), I don't have to go anywhere.

No. 843


I don't trust webcam shots of people because it is so easy to make yourself look super hot with right angles and make up, especially in dim light / dark room, with a lamp somewhere in front of you and plus the bad video quality tends to hide skin imperfections.

My best friend looks quite average in real life, but when we were in a group chat in tiny chat one time, she managed to make herself look somewhat like Megan Fox with some dramatic make up (which looked horrendous in real life, but looked smoking hot on webcam, cause shit video quality)

Also, Korrine is obviously either hiding a wide face or a double chin with that hair and where did her huge plump lips go XD

No. 844

hair hair hair oh Berrys face! hair hair hair hair, everyone would look great if they have face nearly 100% covered with hair

No. 845

It's relevant bitch. She fucking deplores her ethnicity so she tries to be everything but Filipino. As an Asian, she harms the race more with the bullshit she spews.
For sure pull fag, but no1currrrrrr.

No. 846

File: 1439986526259.jpg (6.87 KB, 80x80, images.jpg)

PLOT TWIST: berry made these posts herself

No. 847

Sorry dude, different poster from the pictures. :)

>I'm not even Asian

>I don't even live in the US mainland
>I have no social media that I actively use
>I dont even use the same typing style as Berry
>I said something nice about the person in question
>I'm automatically Berry

Try again, and sorry to ruin your plot twister bubble.
Regular people can't check IPs right? Somehow I wish we had ID's, but I don't because it'll ruin the anonymous feel

No. 848

you can stop now.

No. 849

Do you really think that's only one person replying to you? Lel

No. 850

No, I knew it was someone else. What would give you the impression that I thought it was the same person as before replying to me?

I was saying I wish people could check IPs because I don't even liv2 close to NJ, or have an ID So people don't think it's one person making these posts.

I will eventually, I just think that it's stupid to think that compliment=asslicker or Berry.
I'm pretty sure we could tell when Berry/asslicker is around. For example, in the beginning of the last thread, or the thread before(I don't remember).
It (imo) makes the Berry thread look bad and like a major vendetta thread.

No. 851

There's too much derailing going on in this thread as of late. We aren't here to fight with one another, we are here to talk about Korinne.

No. 852


cool, great bro. nobody gives a shit about you friend.

No. 853


but but!! berry isnt 100% filipino (or so she claims) shes also a mix of spanish milk pancake etc!! :^) she wants to be an anime so bad so ofc what she means by "pale" is milky white, pale in "anime" standards lol

No. 854

File: 1439995239097.jpg (238.15 KB, 2048x1314, 11270337_10204471985667270_246…)

"b-b-but i dont give a fuck about haters!!" :^)

No. 855

File: 1439996316650.jpg (258.1 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Is this ouji or w/e the fuck his name is? And is that his real name? Is that a god damn name? I should probably ask my be who actually is Chinese Indonesian ?

No. 856

his hair looks icky

No. 857


Doesn't look like him at all…

No. 858

nah, not him, also this guy has "tired of girl and relationships" on tumblr, so nah

No. 859

I'm confused. Have you guys clarified that she in fact ISN'T catfishing her followers by pretending to be ouji?

No. 860

definitely not. the posts here, that are saying that he's real, ergo that she isn't pretending to be him, are probably made by berry, trying to change the consenus.
if you check their twitter stats, it becomes OBVIOUS though, that the ouji twitter is a sockpuppet account of hers:
and that's just one of the many indicators.

No. 861

stfu not all spanish and chinese people are pale af either, if she was claiming to be part korean or japanese then it'd be a different story for me

i'm talking about pale in asian/filipino standards (of course i'm no expert in that, it's just speculation)
i wasn't talking about pale in berry's standards so i don't need your but but!!

No. 862

hey guys
listening closely
do you hear that?

that's the sound of somebodies jimmies rustling

No. 863

i'm not defending berry lol i wasn't saying yes she is as pale as she says
i'm just saying and supporting what other people have also been saying, that shes not a Dora

No. 864

nobody gives a shit

No. 865

I know a couple of Filipinos and supposedly a lot of them are darker in skin tone, but it's also normal for some to be born with a lighter complexion. What I'm confused about is how berry went from super dark to super pale…
like her transition from that one photo of her and her family to her dressed up as umaru is ridiculous

No. 866

File: 1440004888117.jpg (119.93 KB, 1081x482, download.jpg)

this is what im talking about
its just too crazy…

No. 867

why are you so mad lol?

No. 868

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 869

>No sunlight
>Lighting creams or products that subtly have whitening creams in them
>Exfoliation (this one is questionable)
>lighting her pics in an editing app or something something
Although it'll be near impossible to reach that pale without skin lighting, it won't be be too hard to get a bit lighter.

No. 870

I think myk's skin tone in that pic is about what berry's skin would look like if she just stayed away from the sun give or take

No. 871

Every time I see this family pic I nearly vom

No. 872


hey calm down

spying berry instead will be more useful

No. 873

File: 1440007837870.jpg (23.84 KB, 300x200, image.jpg)

Idk….berry doesn't even look natural. If she did bleach or complexion lightening products, her skin would be more uneven.

No. 874

wouldn't her mom be quite pale as well? Berry claims that her mom is a nurse at a hospital so she would be staying inside most of the time right? it's just a thought…
berry said she was this dark because of spending everyday out in the sun swimming, but her mom is about the same skin tone, so…

No. 875

New fag detected

No. 876


>>866 ←—
"not a dora"

who would think of standards shit
even berry herself didnt think shit that far
she said "pale" so that everyone would think she was born naturally looking like an anime girl wtf
too much for "not defending berry" arent ya?

No. 877

I think its another reason she covers her body with sweaters in the summer, to not get darker, and to have less skin to photoshop lighter.

No. 878

where did all this "looking like dora" come from? lol her skin just has more melanin thats it

No. 879


maybe dora herself

No. 880

Ok whatever

No. 881

>baby first maymay

No. 882


(on the right pic)
ohhh so this is what they mean by "pale" in filipino standards.. ohhhhh
she doesnt look like trying to look milky pale with those photoshop works AT ALL. hmm thanks for telling us about fucking pale standrards

No. 883

Fakemiruku here. Sorry for the delay on making another Twitter, but I've been working on a tumblr and backing that up so it'd be easier to direct them to there before Twitter suspends me again.


And our Instagram is named Fakemiruku as well. Let me know if I need to elaborate on anything else on tumblr, or if I missed something!

No. 884

She's Filipino so she's bound to have those skin whitening soaps like Likas or Silkas. The thing is it only works if you were born pale and got tan from the sun.

No. 885

I'm thinking the same thoughts too. I don't think berry has a pale complexion even for filipino standards but more of lighter than average skin. Her (photoshopped) white skin is impossible to achieve irl with her genes as seen in >>866
even with the help of whitening products unless she has some kind of disease or bathed herself with bleach or something lmao

No. 886

Are these MSN Screenshots of Berry really unshooped? Can we really be sure ?

No. 887


She even probably used glutathione if her skin really got lighter. Who knows?

No. 888


We can't be completely sure, but it's the closest we'll get to seeing Korinne's truest form.

No. 889

File: 1440012762534.jpg (111.88 KB, 868x868, image.jpg)


It is possible but it can be very expensive.

No. 890

My ex's mum gave me likas soap toget rid of the hyper pigmentation on my elbows. It works but you have to be pale to begin with. I'm Mexican but look Asian so all it did was strip any tan I had (not much since I'm psycho about premature aging).

No. 891

But see, in my opinion this girl isn't even that pale. And that's the palest she can probably get without causing some intense damage to her skin. This shit is also a super high maintenance lifestyle

No. 892

Bless you
I love ichigofaker but it's usually so innactive that I'm glad there's another one exposing her shit

No. 893

File: 1440014360454.png (437.98 KB, 668x664, ok.png)

lol if ouji was a smart person

No. 894

File: 1440014365392.png (257.24 KB, 542x364, comparing her followers to ham…)

finally got aorund to watching some of umaru-chan.
her obsession with that infantile anime really makes sense to me now.
she identifies with the main character, wherein on the one hand they share commonalities (binging on fast food, gaming, being a shut-in) and on the other the popular/pretty side is what she strives for.

never heard of glutathione applications for the skin, only as a sort of hangover prevention.

No. 895


umaru is a character berry wishes to be

and also a character she can never be

thats why she claims herself to be umaru

she always tries hard to look like someone she's completely not

umaru isn't pathetic and shitty like you berreh

No. 896

Or you know there's this thing called photoshop

No. 897

File: 1440015794384.jpg (34.53 KB, 275x275, tumblr_nt88tlbosY1ue5x2io2_400…)

I was just checking the new tumblr and these prove how huge she is

No. 898

File: 1440015810310.jpg (98.49 KB, 632x840, tumblr_nt84wvUy7U1ue5x2io2_128…)

also, is this fat

No. 899

File: 1440017922842.jpg (69.29 KB, 640x740, image.jpg)

She's definitely lurking. I guess Korinne doesn't like us calling her stupid fans stupid.

No. 900

lol if someone is doing something stupid and gets called out, its their fault
you do it all the time korinne

No. 901

yeah she deff lurks…
she said "ignore the haters" and everything on twitter died down and now all of a sudden they're bringing it back up
I'm pretty sure berry complains about us to her petty followers in dm

No. 902


"look!! i just said something good didnt i!! defending my followers when i dont actually give a fuck about them asskissers! lol just wanna look like i care about them bye"

No. 903

File: 1440019435662.jpg (22.45 KB, 640x156, image.jpg)

Uh oh… Is there trouble in paradise? kek

No. 904


the fact is so shitty that you call it shit

hell yeah your followers r stupid af for believing a liar like you

No. 905


say shit to korinne

gets blocked

No. 906

How can you expect people to "say shit to you" if all you do is cry like a little babby and block them because you can't handle confrontation?

No. 907


fights with ouji / breaks up with ouji

cries blood

No. 908

what if she knows she can't keep up the fake ouji hubby bullshit twitter any more so she stages some break up tweets and then deletes the account lmao

No. 909

File: 1440022015128.jpg (38.95 KB, 720x960, 11873507_10205128254073570_623…)

"look who's back with blonde hair"

ouji just posted on fb

No. 910


why no pink???!

No. 911

maybe he's waiting to dye it pink after dying it blond? idk

No. 912


Lol why is he a hovering head/neck? Weird pic….

No. 913


LOL he looks like a mannequin head

..oh wait..

by "mannequin" could it be…

No. 914

No. 915

facebook link?

No. 916

No. 917

>that weird blurry filter overlaying the picture
makes me wonder how fried his hair must be irl. kinda looks like hay.

No. 918

a lot of his old pics are like that

No. 919

No. 920

thanks anon.

what ethnicity does "ouji" claim to be?
he doesn't look indonesian at all.

No. 921

berry has been known to photoshop her hair different colors

No. 922

>>920 He's javanese, native to the island of Java. There are dark skinned and pale skinned javanese people, ouji is quite light skinned and he looks chinese but i'm sure he's 100% indonesian since i've seen his pictures eating indonesian food and wearing Islamic garments (most indonesians are muslim)

No. 923

This made my day

No. 924

>>922 isn't that a part of the country?
oh, then he may just be chinese-indo. i'm using my bf as a reference, they look/are chinese by blood and indo by nationality.

No. 925

File: 1440029705542.png (104.71 KB, 596x503, 657675646553.png)

she is aware

No. 926

What's ouji2015 mean his insta? Fb username??

No. 927

who threatened to rape her??? what a bunch of babies

No. 928


What the fuck??
Even I had 1000 dick, I wouldn't use any of it for berry

Reporting for abuse, abuse what?

and what will police do about it lol

No. 929


*even if

No. 930

>>924 There are many ethnicities in Indonesia, Javanese is native to the Java island.He could be half chinese since his features aren't typical but I'm just guessing.
I'm chinese-indo myself :')

No. 931

File: 1440033861755.png (64.9 KB, 579x511, ss (2015-08-19 at 09.24.04).pn…)

pinkochinchin isn't berry, it's that tiramicchan girl. zoe or whatever her name is.

No. 932

nah it's more like a "comeback"

No. 933

are we forgetting the fact that his hair on the side was literally completely shaved the other day and now magically its gone to full long.

No. 934

File: 1440034551190.png (14.74 KB, 575x94, ss (2015-08-19 at 09.35.50).pn…)


No. 935

Hey I'm the mod of ichigofaker.
I saw your blog and then this post just now, >>927
Was wondering if you want total control over my blog?
You could use it as a back up or main.

No. 936

you know you can just push your un-shaven hair over to the other side and style it so it covers your whole head right?

i knew a girl who shaved the side of her head, but her parents wouldn't approve of that style, so she hid it by doing that

No. 937

File: 1440035021714.jpg (29.23 KB, 480x518, image.jpg)

He doesn't look like he got a lot of hair .
If u style the hair thats set to the back
to cover the shaved side it wouldn't fully cover it all hmm

No. 938

even in the blonde hair pic, his hair looks a bit shorter near the back of his head, which makes it look like he tried covering the shaven part

No. 939

is this autist trying to say that thats not the real ouji because that ouji didn't remember her or several other old friends?

No. 940

I think this was around the time Berry and Ouji started dating. I guess this girl was an old friend of his and he didn't even remember her LOL

No. 941

you guys are forgetting he also uses photoshop lol he can just photoshop hair there..somehow

No. 942

Someone contact this person

No. 943

she seems to be inactive at least on twitter

No. 944


From what I've seen that berry can do to herself on photoshop and because of the blurry and fake look of this photo I think she could easily take an old photo of ouiji, color the hair, blur the fuck out of it on ps and publish it.

The "2015" i think is a very desperate way for berry to "provide" a timestamp. "i swear guise this is totally a rescent photo".

No. 945

that looks like his editing style though
but putting that aside
if this was berry photoshopping an old picture of ouji, why isn't his hair pink like he was saying it was going to be on his twitter? she can easily make it pink.

No. 946

not trying to be rude, but i think you should stop adding people on the exposing accounts who follow berry because they just turn around and tell her, and she gets everyone to report it faster

No. 947

ouji said "i don't need to prove to anyone im real!" but then turned around and posted a photo of him with berry screenshots… Seems like berry thought she needed some proof afterall

No. 948

I would agree but even if they didnt, it seems she's rallied people to report them by playing it as if the person hosting it is preying on young girls or some nasty shit as shown in

No. 949

plot twist: anon sues for libel

No. 950

i really think that ouji is fake or at least they are not together now, she ps his old photos to look like he is real and people couldn't find his photos via google search image

No. 951

File: 1440052495842.jpg (67.86 KB, 640x655, image.jpg)

You mean if people don't accept you lying as your way of life?

No. 952


Sure. I don't mind. I already have a backup set up as well. I came prepared knowing she'd be telling her 'friends/fans' some sick fake story. No one has threatened to rape her at all. No one had sexualized her. All we have been doing is posting evidence and now she's saying we threatened to rape her. Where's the proof, Korinne? Where are the receipts? There isn't any because you're a liar. I'm so disgusted that she'd lie to that extent in hopes people will believe her and attack us.

No. 953

File: 1440060311820.jpg (49.14 KB, 640x400, image.jpg)


Have a feeling she might be referring to this. You know this girl was sitting on her tan Filipino ass looking through this tumblr, let's be real here.

No. 954

I'm wondering why Korinne is so hellbent on shutting Fakemiruku down, of all accounts. Yet she's never really paid much attention to ichigofaker / other accounts. Or has she? Correct me if I'm wrong. I find it interesting how she feels so personally attacked by fakemiruku and they've only been around for a week or two. Yet the other accounts? We don't hear her speaking much about those.

No. 955

File: 1440061571024.jpg (80.57 KB, 500x758, image.jpg)

Here she goes again.

No. 956


That shirt looks really big. It just shows how fat she is, holy shit. She probably gained so much weight in the summer.

No. 957

that's the worst shop ever, she looks so fat and weird with small shopped face and big ass t-shirt

No. 958


Her lips look so disgusting… They look shiny and slimy looking. Was she salivating all over her lips?

No. 959

Her ugly lips remind me of kylie jenner challange

No. 960

nonono, anon, don't you know?
it's her huge oppai!

No. 961

File: 1440063236860.jpg (13.13 KB, 340x453, CM11DzIUAAA0gPJ (1).jpg)

These two are truly a match made in heaven. They're both fucking god awful at photoshop.

No. 962

No. 963

File: 1440063441526.jpg (17.71 KB, 300x400, ouji3.jpg)


No. 964


This looks horrible. Ouji/Berry didn't even try.

No. 965


Why does his hair look so weird and blurry? lmao Look at that dirty cracked corner behind him.

No. 966

does anyone else find it weird that berry and ouji seem to release new pictures of themselves close to the same time? ouji used to barely post photos and now he's a photo machine.

No. 967

He used a Meitu filter. They look shitty on low-res photos.

No. 968

when your girlfriend is a "millionaire" and you have old shitty doors </3

No. 969

This is not blonde hair. This is bright piss yellow hair that comes from bleaching and not toning. It looks horrible on everyone and is the sign of someone not knowing what the fuck they're doing. Highly unattractive

No. 970


when your girlfriends a millionaire but you use a shitty box dye at home instead of going to a salon

No. 971

File: 1440065182131.jpg (22.29 KB, 191x275, 1439758539173.jpg)

I vaguely remember I saw this picture years ago..
Who else followed them from 2009? Does anyone remember this pic?

No. 972


My exact thoughts. If she's so rich why isn't she keeping her man looking nice and groomed? Ouji is starting to look like a dog that hasn't been bathed in months.

No. 973

they both look like they need a good scrubbing. Berry looks like her breath stinks of shit. Soooo rich then why are they not going on days out together, meals, holidays or even moved out? Can smell the bullshit from here.

No. 974

File: 1440066765712.jpg (48.78 KB, 500x667, 1429461808309.jpg)

stop whitening for berry, we all know youre tan as fuck

No. 975

Is he 12 years old?

No. 976

this little virgin moustache hahahah lol

No. 977


It's really sad when your girlfriend can grow a better mustache than you. Korinne's mustache does not compare to Ouji's barely there peach fuzz.

No. 978

File: 1440069754638.png (285.87 KB, 533x263, lol.png)

moustache club

No. 979

somehow make a banner out of this pls <3

No. 980

No. 981

fakemiruku owner, get a statcounter for your tumblr so you can see korinne obsessively visiting your blog!

No. 982


Dat dirty wall

No. 983

I have a feeling that picture of ouji holding the webcam photo of them (which is clearly very old) is also an old picture ….

No. 984

yes this so much

No. 985


It's obviously old, it doesn't match up. I have short hair and once you trim the sides shorter there's no way to make it appear longer or fuller EVEN if you 'flip your hair to the side' using hair from your mid section, ESPECIALLY if you've cut the sides with a grade 1-2 length.

No. 986


Same anon—Wrong reply, ma bad. T'was for >>983

No. 987


If I remember correctly I saw this picture years ago. But my memories are hazy and I need someone to confirm that they've seen this picture too.

No. 988


I recall seeing something very similar as well. Its actually almost uncanny.

No. 989

this photo is so old, I saw it around 2010 I think

No. 990

File: 1440085749843.jpg (54.75 KB, 453x604, asd.jpg)

Is this ouji?

No. 991

i think its his new camera, it probably has a "beauty" feature or something

No. 992


Are we supposed to see through his hand to say for sure whether this looks like ouji or not?

No. 993

it's clearly berry shooping and using his old as fuck pics.
poor ouji is probably busy with his real life in indonesia, completely unaware of that crazy bitch pretending to be him. or maybe he died, which would be beyond fucked up; berry using pics of a dead guy.

No. 994


Just a question cause this popped up on the search engine.


Could be a fake though

No. 995


Tbh this looks like Him (well The chin and skincolor)

No. 996

why does he always turn his head to the side and put his one hand in his face? i honestly don't think he's that cute
not cute enough to pretend he's my boyfriend

No. 997

No. 998

Edited hair
His current hair is blonde
but this pic seems like his real hair is black colored
& the gone shave

No. 999

http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/127166352686/i-just-dont-even-know-where-to-begin-when-we one of the fakemiruku admins here. i made a post about the predator accusations.

No. 1000

Someone should make a facebook page and try to reach their parents/siblings (at least Levin, Myk is in that lie as much as Berry) and open their eyes about what she is doing online.

No. 1001

a reminder to our tumblr mods (they probably already know this but it doesnt hurt to remind them)
don't forget that tumblr only shows the first five tags on searches so when tagging try to use first the ones that get to more people

No. 1002

nah, that's not him

No. 1003

how do you know?

No. 1004

File: 1440091047344.png (60.59 KB, 315x270, Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.1…)

LEL I found this from their old couple fan page

it just doesn't look like him? And the hair is different. His main account in FB was sleepinprince but I guess it's private or taken down

No. 1005

she looks super qt

No. 1006

i still think that it's this guy, eyeglasses, indonesian, same name/nickname, he could change, the twitter account is old

No. 1007

in your dreams

No. 1008


Was just gonna link this but page is so dry…

I found it weird that she still kept her old link the same but he didn't though.

No. 1009


yeah i feel like i've seen it too

No. 1010

Jealous confirmed lol if you can't accept some people think she's cute, you're jealous.

No. 1011

inb4 "omG WHITEKNIGHT!!!"

No. 1012

why would ouji have the need to block me when i only used "korinne tigno" as my username on twitter after berry did lol i aint even revealing her lies betch

No. 1013

i am not jealous over photoshoped girl man

No. 1014

If you hate someone so much you can't accept some have different opinions about her looks, you are.
seriously, berry is just a weeb that photoshops.
the hate in this thread reeks of jealousy.
some of you are acting as if she was kiki or sheena lmao

No. 1015

You're the same person that posted "Berry's cute asian girl", yeah? I thought you stopped. Sad to see you again.

No. 1016

No I'm not.
There's different anons that think some of you are very desperate and that she's cute lol

No. 1017


You do know doing PS on a photo is so common now right and the only reason this thread should only really hate her for her shoops is because she has shamed those who aren't as 'kawaii' as her while her face isn't as perfect as she deems it to be, not to mention having a spiteful personality…

If people defend her for her bullshit, sure call them out, but if its about her face??????? Ignore it?????

No. 1018

this thread is basically
>posts a ps picture of berry
>gets comments like "omg haha so ugly shes such a liar"
>posts useless stuff about ouji
and the cycle continues.
is this what happened to lolcow? i dont get how this bitch is different from fetsu

No. 1019


thx a lot ur opinion has changed my life

No. 1020

and why are you so butthurt about people hating on her? you shouldn't care, people can post anything here

No. 1021

Nobody is butthurt. it's just hilarious how people hate her that much when she's not a big lolcow (compared to PT or kiki) lol this thread has gone downhill.
bitch needed 3-4 threads.
at this point, berry is just shitting on her twitter but thats it

No. 1022

still you shouldn't care, this is a place where people can post anything even if it's the same shit all over again, to some people she is big lolcow, to some not, let people post what they want to post about Berry

No. 1023

Yes, that's exactly what this thread is, like most of the threads on /pt/ and? What did you expect? fucking constructive criticism?

No. 1024

She prob said to her delusional fans "defend me on lolcow, but try not to be obvious white knight"

No. 1025

lol berry is awake and all of a sudden people are here calling her cute and stuff now ok

No. 1026

i still wonder why her fans are still so dense and dumb, i consider my self dumb (i used to believe her and a big fan of her) but once i discovered about her lies (thanks to fakemiruku/ichigofaker/berrynot for opening my eyes) i think its clear enough to see how petty she is? i never thought there are so many people who are more stupid than me, not to mention they keep defending berry and sending hate towards those hurtful truth just because they think she looks "kawaii" (thats why in this thread photoshop is a kinda big deal because without it her fans wouldnt come to like her this crazy)

No. 1027



No. 1028

File: 1440094553089.jpg (51.67 KB, 600x800, image.jpg)

Caption: "Goal: to become Hokage"

Ok, Ouji.

No. 1029

It makes me so happy to know thats she crying over everything lol

No. 1030

this is so true! If she would be normal asian girl without photoshop and she would behave like she does, no one would like her, she got fans only because she photoshops herself to look cute/dolly even if she has the worst personality

No. 1031

He looks so unshopped and ugly in this pic, Berry will be angry I bet ;;(((((

No. 1032

why ouji posts only when berrys online?

No. 1033


omg i'm so sorry
all of berrys fans were right
we are so jealous of a girl with moustache
i'm so sorry, pls forgive us, berry is our goddess

No. 1034

no one can have magnificent moustache like berrys but we as jealous peps can only try </3

No. 1035

File: 1440098358977.jpg (387.77 KB, 720x1026, 2015-08-20-12-16-08_deco.jpg)

I think we got to her lmao

No. 1036


ok now shes playing the "good girl" to gain "loyal" followers then after this she'll say something hypocrite again sigh ok burry

No. 1037


damage control

No. 1038

File: 1440101797575.png (189.92 KB, 334x413, burry01.png)

Some stuff I've been digging from her old tumblr/blog
(I added the date in this one)

No. 1039

File: 1440101860201.png (15.96 KB, 287x253, burry02.png)

part 2

No. 1040

File: 1440101897742.png (649.44 KB, 553x753, burry03.png)

part 3

No. 1041

File: 1440101923524.png (32.03 KB, 286x369, burry04.png)

and part 4

No. 1042


>#me #gross #lol

sounds right

No. 1043

and did she ps'ed her lip color

No. 1044


photoshop, lighting ie lamp light or laptop lighting

No. 1045

Actually umaru doesn't lie about it, the rumors just got that wild that they expect her to live in a mansion. berry, on the other hand…

No. 1046

Am I the only one who finds it super cringe that berry and her friends like posting hentai pics on their twitter? like…why are you publicizing that…?

No. 1047

For the edge.

No. 1048

umaru just doesn't want people to find out how she is at home because she is "perfect" outside, a very different reality from Berry

No. 1049

File: 1440122754265.jpg (79.08 KB, 500x413, tumblr_inline_n2uy3q9CHn1r0cgk…)

>I don't have a thigh gap

No. 1050

Those legs look so wobbly its so weird.

No. 1051

wobbly like her lies lel

No. 1052

the portion of the floor that is between her legs looks a little warped to me

No. 1053

File: 1440126815740.jpg (14.56 KB, 236x293, poliochan.jpg)

>those leg proportions
She looks like she has the polio. One leg looks gimp lmao.

No. 1054

How about the heart she used to cover her meaty sausahes. Lmao Why she didnt just shoop it like the rest?

No. 1055

File: 1440140945934.jpg (Spoiler Image, 191.83 KB, 720x848, 2015-08-21-00-07-24_deco.jpg)

Just going to leave this here…

No. 1056

File: 1440142752009.png (505.98 KB, 312x534, delusional.png)

These delusional followers are still at it.

No. 1057

File: 1440142773115.png (1.46 MB, 914x552, delusional2.png)

Delusional follower #2.

No. 1058

File: 1440148727598.jpg (10.68 KB, 300x199, 1435629751290.jpg)

i think we all know the answer to that.

No. 1059

there's no way out of being delusional white knight of berry </3 wish they would have their brains back, ooops they didn't have them at beginning like berry

No. 1060

Get outta here, robot.

No. 1061


Contouring can change your body shape..HAHAHAHAHAAH
I wish

No. 1062

Im still waiting for somebody to ask her why she wears nothing but sweaters and hoodies. Generally everything is over size and not showing ANY skin unless its her shoop cleavage with 3 push up bra undearneath.

No. 1063

I just think this is funny because that clearly isn't her real hair in the picture….
i think i remember someone confronting her about her hair being wigs, and she said "I never said any of my hair was real. I only wear wigs"

No. 1064

File: 1440170324289.png (54.24 KB, 538x385, 4598603.png)

>ur little chicken gonna fight anybody that fights mama berry

so fucking cringey

No. 1065

I don't get it. This girl obviously has some self esteem issues and photoshops herself to make herself happy.

I mean…idk she doesn't really -harm- anyone, so why do you rag on her about her looks?

Seems kinda cruel to chase her up for that, don't you think? I mean the compulsive lying about being rich and if she does bother other people, yeah, call her out but calling her out on her looks and how she choose to present herself when she obvs has a problem with herself.

No. 1066

so scary, no sleep from now
i'm waiting for daily white knights of berry
ooo here they are!

No. 1067


Stage 3 of Grief: Bargaining

No. 1068

Idk if it's possible, but I think someone should send her parents a letter about her behaviour. Include pictures of her saying the n-word, examples of her talking down to other women, examples of her calling her mom a "betch" - basically her whole internet life.
but I would leave out the photoshop, because who cares about that and it's nothing serious.

No. 1069

I don't think anybody here gives afuck. Bye.

No. 1070

File: 1440173183194.jpg (252.9 KB, 459x384, leave-berry-alone.jpg)


No. 1071


She has 'ragged' on other people's looks and had said degrading things to those who aren't as 'kawaii' as her. I mean come on she called that blogger a monkey because said blogger copied her (which I mean is so common in tumblr???).

No. 1072

ppl who rag on her mostly rag about the big picture. like sure her photoshops might not be a big deal, but she's still lying about everything else as well as photoshop, so why not talk about it in addition? just because you think she may or may not be insecure about it?

No. 1073

All the cows get the business. Korrine is not exempt.

No. 1074

Nah not a white knight, just asking a genuine question

3edgy5me m8

That I can understand, calling her out on her shitty af behaviour but she's admitted to using PS so why do people keep poking a dead cow? I mean, you'd have to be stupid to not know she does lol but I guess if she's dishing it she should be able to take it

I mean as shitty as she is, she can present herself how she wants but I guess people who have beef with her behaviour will also point that stuff out too hmmm

Thanks for the actual replies and not >hurr durrr burry white knighting herself again

No. 1075

yeah, she admitted to use photoshop after she tried to convice people that she doesn't use ps and she just "turned pretty" in no time

No. 1076

she has mentioned she uses photoshop but not to the extent she actually does use it. she said she uses it on her face but she 'still looks the same w.o it or better' and we all know that's a lie. she uses it all over her face, body, her eyes, changing colors etc. you can tell. so i mean she did mention it but…yeah it doesn't rly matter imo.

No. 1077

why would you go to the extent of telling her family?? is this even your business?

No. 1078

because she needs to be called out on her bullshit and her family probably doesn't know the shit she's doing online

No. 1079

I'd say leave her parents outta this, anon. They already know about her photoshipping and FB page anyway. Sending a letter to her house would be creepy as fuck and so is sending an email to them.

No. 1080

This is wishful thinking but, how funny would it be to see Berry's face when she wakes up and nobody gave a shit about her. In one night, she'd lose all of her followers and sponsors.

No. 1081

I thought about this, like those "revenge" things parents do when their kids do shit online

No. 1082

They do? I don't think so. The only person that knows about it is probably her sister Myk.

No. 1083

a few threads ago there was a huge pulling saying they wanted someone to send berry's parents a letter
get out of this thread whiteknights

No. 1084

File: 1440179585818.png (187.42 KB, 558x104, oujidisgusting.png)

yes Ouji, because South Korea is just about kpop.

No. 1085

i think people mistake lolcow for tumblr and pull

No. 1086

Wtf anon, that's creepy as hell. It's none of anyone's business to contact her family, especially when you don't even know her or her family irl. That's just weird.

No. 1087

File: 1440181017646.jpg (64.05 KB, 559x122, 8878274924789234.jpg)

why don't you just get your rich gf to send you some?

No. 1088

what a dick

No. 1089

I wasn't saying it to be cute with you. Since when has anybody cared about being cruel in these threads? Its just truth.

No. 1090

funny that berry made a tweet like 'omg u koreaboos korea isn't just kpop'

No. 1091

No. 1092

> excuse for no pink hair picture because Burry doesn't have any


No. 1093

File: 1440188465911.jpg (46.4 KB, 501x451, image.jpg)

Someone going in on Berry

No. 1094

File: 1440188516358.jpg (164.74 KB, 640x975, image.jpg)

No. 1095

File: 1440188593273.jpg (40.97 KB, 640x267, image.jpg)

And of course this blind Berry ass kisser had to put his nose between her buttcheeks and get in her business.

No. 1096

"Since my bday is 2 days away, everybody is asking me for my amazon wishlist lmfao….."
More like "hey everyone my birthday is 2 days away ask for my wishlist so you can buy me stuff without people thinking I'm just desperate for shit by posting it myself"

No. 1097

God damn, normally it's be funny to watch a lolcow get ripped apart, but that sccuurr chick is just as retarded. Couple of great minds doing battle there, jfc.

No. 1098

ugh I swear berry doesn't know how to defend for herself lmao. i remember her rting something like "real friends defend you blahblah".

No. 1099

Has Berry ever defended herself instead of using her followers as bait? I wonder…

No. 1100

File: 1440190163833.jpg (63.75 KB, 640x434, image.jpg)


I agree, she's a hot mess. I understand where she's coming from but I think the whole back and forth bickering was unnecessary.

No. 1101

File: 1440190480220.jpg (59.03 KB, 640x432, image.jpg)

Such ignorant bunches. Let's see if she ends up deleting these tweets and tries to backpedal.

No. 1102

File: 1440190785239.png (50.97 KB, 625x402, eh.png)

No. 1103

File: 1440190803304.jpg (33.47 KB, 633x226, image.jpg)

Rolling my eyes so hard at Korinne.

No. 1104

File: 1440191018715.jpg (102.06 KB, 640x703, image.jpg)

Keep digging yourself a hole, Korinne.

No. 1105

File: 1440191209060.jpg (60.22 KB, 639x582, image.jpg)

No. 1106

i really wish someone would post the shit she said on tumblr. she would be torn alive by sjws and she'd probably be hated

No. 1107

"just wanted to lighten the mood with a joke" So she made the joke that Ouji posted or

No. 1108


One of Fakemiruku's tumblr admins here. We have posted most of the bullshit she has said so far on our blog. If anyone has anymore screenshots feel free to share them with us. We are currently screenshoting the shitfest that's happening right now and will have a post about it very soon.

No. 1109

Make sure to tag the post with "pray for south korea" and other similar things to make sure the post gets some visibility

No. 1110

Does she know Matsuoka is a fairly common last name. Not just some anime character

No. 1111

Meanwhile her name is berry tsukasa

No. 1112


she didn't come up with this tho. totally ripped it off from an insta post

No. 1113

and then she's like "oh no they're copying me better harass them"

No. 1114

Here is everything that happened on Twitter. We added the tags you guys said to use.

No. 1115

I've seen her do it a while back, but she was terrible at it and her ass-kissers had to jump in and do the talking for her
Wish I can find it again but she has a knack for deleting tweets

No. 1116

Berry claimed that her mom was showing her coworkers her pictures so I'm assuming berry lied about that too.
I don't think her parents even know about her double life at all

No. 1117

Oh! Don't worry! I don't find anything cute about the edge <3

No. 1118

Whoops pressed enter too early, but yeah just kidding, but it was just a genuine question. Looking for some serious answers (which I got anyways so it's all good)

No. 1119

why is korinne acting like if that girl came at them "nicely" she would have acted different? if you're being insensitive and ignorant, there is no reason for someone to be nice to you
you sure aren't nice when you and your punk ass followers brag about "dragging" people

No. 1120

> Support korea guys
> bf and herself makes joke over a serious matter
she be acting like a fetus because I think even a 15 year old have the right capacity to respect a situation like this

No. 1121

there was nothing edgy about what they said though? you should stop, sis. you're no good at this.

No. 1122

File: 1440232269132.jpg (100.97 KB, 600x800, image.jpg)

Ok, Korinne.

No. 1123

File: 1440232635495.jpg (50.7 KB, 640x407, image.jpg)

Is she seriously back at taking photo of houses in attempt to show off how 'rich' she is? Is this her brothers house or neighbors house?

No. 1124

File: 1440232682419.jpg (67.48 KB, 600x800, image.jpg)

Bigger photo of the damn window she took a photo of.

No. 1125

Sorry, should've clarified I also wrote the post below it.


No. 1126


that house was supposed to be a rich family house???*

No. 1127

I'm so bored of this Umaru shit.
It's so embarrassing. It reminds me of when I was little and would pretend to be my favourite cartoon characters.
She wants to relate to Umaru so bad. It's honestly cringey as fuck.

No. 1128

God damn it, Korinne, aren't you ashamed of taking stealth photos in your brother's kitchen just to prove a point to someone on the Internet? I mean, what it took you to stage this one photo? You probably had to sneak this fucking stupid cartoon hoodie in your bag, hide it from your parents and siblings, then crawl into the kitchen in the middle of the night and either begging your sister to snap a photo of you (or multiple photos so you can curl into a tight ball and no one would see your giant shoulders later). Maybe even worse - you've had to quietly put your camera on auto snap mode and beg for everything to look good.
Or even worse - forcing you niece into this ugly thing.
I am sorry, but I think you have a serious problem and it needs to be addressed by someone whose opinion you value. Oh, sorry, you don't have such people, you treat everyone like shit. A+++ personality, alright.

No. 1129

Pffft, this looks like a regular old ass country kitchen. You know,those houses where house developments replicate every house and they never go above 200,000 cause you're in bum-fuck-nowhere.

No. 1130

>>1128 bitch, are you 13? Nice comeback

No. 1131

Ok what? What's the caption?

No. 1132

File: 1440246137630.jpg (54.95 KB, 400x300, 1434774010817.jpg)

comeback to what??

No. 1133

File: 1440246214478.png (74.67 KB, 292x67, captionlolok.png)

No. 1134

So why would op state "ok korraine"…ok what?

No. 1135

(not the same anon) i think it was something like: ok korrine, same bullshit like always
also go away white knight no one wants you here

No. 1136


Op here and can confirm this is exactly what I meant.

No. 1137

Oh. Ok.
I get that her major issue is lying, but if the girl only alludes to something can you really shit on her? I almost feel like you can't really pity the pathetic souls that actually buy into this shit.

That house looks tacky as fuck anyway. Not impressive by any means.

No. 1138

daily fucking white knight
Korrine is racist, making fun of others, calling her mother "betch", bullying people, she fetishizes japanese people, she is sending her fans to bully others, she is telling lies about other people, she treats her own fans like shit when she doesn't need them anymore, and more. So now fuck off.

No. 1139

yes? clearly.

No. 1140

Damn sperg, I'm not even white knighting. This isn't pull. I don't give a shit about her offenses to any race, shit isn't lol worthy.

All I'm saying is that ninths bitch posts a pic of her in the kitchen of a tacky house, it means she's just being suggestive and its your own dumb ass fault if you buy into her being rich.

No. 1141

please stop posting.

No. 1142

this reads like it's coming from someone who knows her irl. kek

your butthurt is confusing.

No. 1143

I'm not gonna call you a whiteknight because I don't fully believe in shitting on Korrine either. I feel she needs help, genuine help. Only if she believes this irl, this could easily be only online because we have no idea what her real life is like.
I mean, she isn't Yuuhi bad (even she has turned herself around without help, I think), but I still think she needs help. Even if she wants to be seen as this kawaii-bad girl-chan with a hot animu boyfriend.
IF that kitchen isn't hers, I find it extremely creepy, if she's taking pics of other people's houses, that's really creepy and not normal.
Obssessing about your friend is Not normal.
If Korrine came out and said this was all a persona then it would be fine, but I feel maybe she has dug herself so deep she can't.

And yeah, I'm not going to pity her fans that believe into this. I'm sure she must be a better friend irl than what she shows online, and she seems nice at first glance, but hasn't anyone ever taught them not to trust what's on the internet??
On a side note, I like her pictures because sometimes you can't see the Photoshop mistakes unless you look for them. So all she is eye candy. Pretty pictures. I don't strive to be her, because I'm me, why would I want to be someone else?
Those girls that say that they starve themselves, lighten their skin, imitate her, etc imo have deeper problems than Korrine that need to be solved. When Korrine leaves, they'll latch on to some other poor girl who probably doesn't even use Photoshop.

So I don't pity them, and I don't feel bad for them either because most of them, like myself, probably know all her lies, they don't care.

Also, does anyone know if she's starting "college" this year since she just graduated?

No. 1144

Wow what is you reading level? Korinne photoshops herself to look pale! Nobody knows if she's taking pills or supplements to be pale, but we do know that she photoshops herself pale. So isn't that just as bad?

No. 1145

Ok but it's not like a total strangers house. She's not that autistic to randomly do that. It has tombs a family member's house or a friend's house, but we knew she ain't got none.

No. 1146

Excuse me, but what does my reading level has to do with anything? My point may not be clear, but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with my "reading level".
Sorry if it was a compliment or something, it's really early and I don't understand much this time of day.
Off of that, More one does not only shoop herself to be pale, but she goes as far are changing her hair color, warping her face, and making herself to be skinnier.

I thought it was confirmed that she took a picture off a real estate site or a really rich person's house she didn't know. I think the color was white, and a few threads back. Plus this one big picture she called her "living room"(or something along those lines, though I may be mixing shit up), was actually a resort somewhere in NJ.

Plus, Idk about other people, but taking pictures of your friend's house or family's house and passing that shit off as your own is really creepy.

Other than that, I don't hate Berry, but I think she needs help or a complete break from the computer.
Maybe If she starts school again, it'll be great to show her what REAL college is like, and give her time away from all her lies…. If she goes.

No. 1147

What still bothers me is how we still have no solid proof that she actually graduated high school this year
Is there no one that knows anyone that has a yearbook there or?
That alumni website isn't even a credible source imo

>inb4 gtfo whiteknight!

>are you new here?
>hi burry

No. 1148

there's no proof that she's been in college either. there is, however, ample proof that she's lied about many other things, so why believe anything she writes? what do you actually think is more likely and what do you gain by playing devil's advocate for her on this forum of all places? seems like a giant waste of time to me.

No. 1149

this is the second time someone has mentioned devil's advocate to me lol and that's because some people (not talking about you unless you identify into this group) want to expose her lies and shit
so if you are going to expose her, do it with actual information you can back up or we're all going to look stupid if it happens to be something she CAN prove wrong

No. 1150

well you all being here is also a giant waste of time for your lives too but i ain't complaining

No. 1151

not when i'm being entertained.

No. 1152

i never said i wasn't entertained either

No. 1153

File: 1440261398274.gif (496.57 KB, 500x303, tumblr_ma4bemk10n1qgf1i8o1_500…)

Can definitely vouch for her shitty and selective personality.

I used to be a follower of ichigoflavor until recently when I had finally decided to speak to her, or at least attempted to. I contacted her twice, a curious fan; the first time I was given probably… A four worded response, then when I replied, not assuming much of her cold demeanor, but I was just ignored. Then I tried again thinking maybe she was in a bad mood cause that's normal, but in my second attempt I was ignored blatantly.

At this point I'm just confused? None of my messages were even hostile, so I can only assume that she predominantly replies people nicely in public just for show or only really replies those who kiss her ass or is popular and she finds beneficial to her 'fame'.

And yes I'm salty. I'm practically swimming in salt.

No. 1154

what exactly is entertaining to you? you don't seem to think the threads are enjoyable and continue to nitpick other's nitpicking. it's unnecessary and boring considering the thread is for people who want to bitch about berry.

No. 1155

>and yes im salty, im swimming in salt

At least you admit it. Lmao
Unlike some in this thread whose only excuse is her lies, then talk about her lies to get people off their backs, and then go straight back to talking about her Photoshop and making fun of shit she's possibly really insecure about (not that I care, I make fun of all of my special snowflakes equally, and other can do whatever they want)

No. 1156

I think in order to be taken seriously we need to stop picking at her Photoshop jobs and ragging on her for potentially having "wide shoulders," "fat arms," etc. because that makes "us" look just as bad as her when she dumps on people for their appearance. How Berry actually looks and whether or not she's photoshopping herself excessively isn't what's important; what's important is that morally she's a terrible person and a terrible role model for all those who are part of her "internet cult following." She's racist, fetishizes japanese people, and is actually creating a lot of self hate with these lies about her house/wealth (we have enough proof on where she actually lives but she is too ashamed to admit it because she feels like not being part of the upper/upper middle class is something to hide and cover up). Yes, her photoshopping can actually create self hate, especially when it comes to skin color, but it's not really that important. Personally, I roll my eyes whenever anyone picks at someone who uses makeup or photoshop to achieve an ideal look because, honestly, it's none of their business. However, the racism, fetishize, self hate, etc. is a problem for how well known she is. There are these young teens and young adults following her and are being fed this idea that "because I'm Asian/a person of color it's okay for me to be racist/fetishize people." And I just have to constantly question why she has to lie about where her and her family is financially. If you're that ashamed or embarrassed, just don't share details about your house/things you have. For her to go as far as to take photos in other people's houses or even take fake photos off the internet just suggests that where she/her family is in terms of money is something to be ashamed of which isn't the case, ever. I'm not okay with her suggesting that the only way she'll be likeable is if her and her family is seen as rich. Whether or not she Photoshops her boobs or not isn't really something I care too much about but for her to rag on a girl who wears a push-up bra while Berry possibly photoshops herself to have big boobs just doesn't make any sense to me. She spews all this "love yourself" talk but how she behaves suggests that she must absolutely hate herself (more than anyone else) and is a bit envious of other people. The hypocrisy is a problem.

TLDR; How Berry really looks is none of our concern and her "poor" photoshop skills aren't something we should be focusing on. With how much e-fame Berry has, the real concern is that she's teaching those that idolize her really toxic stuff (racism, sexism, fetishizing people, self hate, etc).

Yes, I come from the time 2115. 8D For real though, f*ck typos. -______-;

No. 1157

This gif is all my feels about Berry, tbh. I used to idolize her. I'm a Filipino girl myself; I started using skin whitening products, spending all my money on circle lenses, etc. etc. I'm saying this because she turned me onto a lot of really cute makeup/fashion ideas and I followed her for that. Then once I started seeing the nasty tweets and her being two faced/hypocritical I just lost all faith in her and her internet fame. I thought she was going to do something good with what she had but she's honestly just another Dakotakoti to me.

No. 1158

i don't see the need to tell you what i find entertaining and not lol you can't judge me from only what i say on here
if it's so boring then don't reply and continue with the bitching, jesus, all i did was state something i was wondering about

No. 1159

i think you came to the wrong place. since when does lolcow care about that? i mean, even if people didn't call her those things, they'd still talk about her photos because irregardless, that's one of the things she heavily lies about.

No. 1160

I was brought here when someone told me that my Tweets were being posted on this thread. But, you're right. Most threads like this don't care but I'd hope that there are people out there who want to expose her for being problematic instead of keeping on with the idea that if you don't look amazing, people will dislike you. shrug

No. 1161

people should stop telling others what they can post, if someone wants to laugh at berrys photoshops so be it
same anons everyday bitching about people making fun of korrines photos lel

No. 1162

I actually REALLY liked her to the point that I even used her as faceclaim for an RP blog. Then the more I researched, I became weary for my liking towards her but when it didn't really cross the line until she showed me how unappreciative/uncaring she is towards her followers privately from first hand experience.

Then again I was too naive, the fact that all her giveaways are sponsored and didnt come directly from her pocket foreshadowed how little she actually cares for her followers who don't give her gifts and shower her with kiss assing comments. I even held my own giveaways with my own money and I barely had a huge following unlike she does. I was just really REALLY thankful.

But yeah, the disappointment is real with this one.

No. 1163

People can laugh at them if they want. I'm just saying for those who are trying to expose Berry and get her "cult" to listen, then you've gotta come at them just with the cold facts of her being a bad person. Once you attack her appearance, they kinda just roll their eyes and you lose all credibility.
Hell, I laugh at the photoshops because their silly but I'd never pull up her photos in an argument to tell someone why they shouldn't trust Berry as far as they could throw her.

No. 1164

we still can't force them to listen. they still might roll their eyes even if that stuff wasn't written. they'd probably find something else to say as long as they are in denial of their cult leader.

No. 1165

Of course. She's manipulative. You're not gonna get to the people she's closest with but you sure can get to the people who are on the outter circle (I was one of them, for example). I've seen tons of people come here saying they used to follow Berry and stopped because of the receipts.

No. 1166

>cult leader
Lol I like that new nickname for her, unfortunately it's pretty much true. Her fans are mindless fools who can't use their better judgement on who they idolize tbh

No. 1167

then for you personally, what made you realize the truth about her despite you not liking the things being said about her looks? i just know that it's impossible to control people and what they consider moral. why do you think it matters to change how people go about this when peoples opinions will be changed regardless of what is being said about her looks just like it happened to you?

No. 1168

Well first I was thrown off by her "Japanese sugar Daddy" tweet and then the tweet of her shaming some girl for wearing a push-up bra came. Then one day when I wanted to look at her Twitter (because at the time I kinda liked her tweets outside of the ones that bothered me) I found the blog Ichigofaker that exposed her for her lying about where she lives. Once all of that came together I stopped believing her and became hyper-aware of her lies in her tweets until one day she was being hypocritical and I called her out (my tweets were posted: >>688 >>162259 and I was told about this thread/saw it on a Twitter page).

I'm just saying, as a word of advice, that you lose credit when you bring all the attention to her looks. I'm not telling you to stop doing what you're doing (I'm not sure people are reading my post clearly). I'm saying that people won't take you seriously if what you wanna do is bash on her for how she "really" looks. I still followed her when the photoshop stuff was going around because frankly, I didn't care. If I never saw the stuff about her lying about how she lives, her being racist, etc. I'd probably still be following her.

No. 1169

File: 1440268376922.gif (2.79 MB, 377x240, how to deal with tripfags.gif)

No. 1170

Stuff like this actually matters? xD I don't see why if my tweets are being posted here why I can't just use my name. O well, I'm not familiar with these "4chan" rules. MY BAD.

No. 1171

I've been in a love and hate relationship with her for years lol I seriously looked up to her.. I was really insecure bc I keep comparing my features to her and getting really depressed later(ya stupid but 5 years ago i was 17) I was one of her chicken, going around kissing her ass but she'd always ignore me like I don't matter. The only time she responded to me was when I informed her of an existing fake account of her lol
but still I went around defending her ass & when I entered college I was actually too busy to keep up with her shenanigans so I only check on her occasionally. I used to think she's this chill girl with a bit of an attitude because there was no drama surrounding her (i thought she was never posted on pull, but i found out later that it was deleted) i keep googling her names and one day stumbled upon this thread soo thank you guys for opening my eyes!! Berry and I are the same age and yet now I have a degree in my pocket and a full-time career and I get paid handsomely. I'm not depressed anymore and I'm glad I stopped following her. I don't hate her tho I just pity her, clearly she has some serious issues going on.
Sorry for long post and bad grammar, I'm tired and its been a long day.