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File: 1642583602149.png (1.18 MB, 526x874, 1641693471744.png)

No. 1032560

Talk about consumerism, criticize consumerism, talk about niche and fandom specific consumerism, talk about consoom tendencies, collections, hoards and addiction. If you are a consoomer yourself feel free to talk about it in this thread, same with people who are now reformed consoomers. And if you did get over it, tell us why or how it happened.





No. 1032563

We’re going to start racking up consoom threads huh? I bet LC will have 200 threads by March.

No. 1032631

File: 1642590374862.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.1 KB, 600x450, bolognabob.jpg)

All hail the consoom threads

No. 1032652

File: 1642593351445.jpeg (27.58 KB, 281x274, 9584BD05-6398-40CD-8EE7-7109CF…)

Staring at OP's pic in my My Melody t-shirt.

No. 1032667

File: 1642595342079.webm (12.23 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1642584666.webm)

happy 3rd thread, nonnies! <3

No. 1032695

If they're so stressed they needed so much fidget toys why they just dont go to therapy

No. 1032718

File: 1642599663759.png (125.31 KB, 608x694, a05a84078617fbb3e9423ae4b77e01…)

Pretty much everyone on TikTok with their shitty hauls

No. 1032721

All of them feel annoying when you use them, specially the poping ones. Who tf needs that many anyways? Why are tiktokers obsessed with this shit?

No. 1032751

Kek great thread title

No. 1032753

A single t-shirt doesn't make you a consoomer

No. 1032759

File: 1642602281485.jpg (162.48 KB, 1200x800, ryan.0.jpg)

Have toy review youtube channels been bitched about yet? I can't even imagine how much shit this kid wastes

No. 1032761

File: 1642602310535.jpeg (250.09 KB, 828x1074, 9CD8A499-7D87-48A5-8B5D-2703CC…)

not me remembering i had the same fucking merry-go-round thing you could put your my little ponies in and spin when i was a kid…. ugh why did moids online have to ruin MLP for me ? anyways picrel is a ridiculous squishmallow collection.

No. 1032763

KEK I love this, also very true

No. 1032770

I pity Ryan so much. Their parents are so hungry for money, they threw him into the lion's den shithole that's youtube to get some income. Sad.

No. 1032773

i've watched this shit before when babysitting, and the kid doesn't even seem to want to be there. his mother is the main focus of a lot of the content and you can tell she is money and attention hungry. poor kids gonna end up like macauley culkin and get emancipated when hes 15…..

No. 1032786

What’s fucked is Ryan’s parents were already well off to begin with. His mom is a teacher who has since quit her job for YouTube and his dad is an engineer.

No. 1032790

File: 1642604450896.png (240.01 KB, 320x381, 81586A5F-1DB5-4743-92D1-62F054…)

Bro wait I guess his mom was arrested for shoplifting once kek. She actually went for prison once she broke probation.

No. 1032795

People in these threads think anything is consoomerism. Like someone in the previous thread asked if buying ergonomic equipment for WFH is consoomerism. Of course it isn't. And buying merch doesn't automatically make you a consoomer as long as you don't go over the top.

No. 1032838

Every YouTube video I watch lately, there's at least one comment like
>I love when you add an egg to the recipe! Plzzz make "And then I added an egg" merch I would totally buy it!!
>I need "I can't talk today" on a T shirt RIGHT NOW
>Sitting here watching this in my "Hey Guiz" hoodie!
Why do people think shitty slogan shirts is the default way to "support creators"? With Patreon and tip jar apps, why do people need slave labor polyester shipped across the world to them to feel close to their parasocial besties?

No. 1032845

I fucking hate youtuber merch. I have youtubers and streamers that I actually really like to watch because I think their content is good, but the merch is awful. I'm tired of graphic tees and graphic sweaters. Those YooTooz are probably the most criminally offensive things I've ever seen and I hate that one of my favorite streamers basically only has that as his merch. Awful. A lot of their graphic printed shit just screams 2006 hot topic anime shirt garbage to me. I hate the need to show to the world that you're a fan of XYZ.

No. 1032848

File: 1642609435061.webm (3.92 MB, 576x1024, 1642584366.webm)

i always feel a bit sorry for people who buy these things off of amazon because they could get them for half the price off of aliexpress, but instead they fall for resellers on amazon who easily ask for 5x the original price. or maybe it's divine justice? consoom shit and get hit?

No. 1032854

ugh the thumbs up, why does it irritate me so much. looking at these hands i feel like this could be a 14yo girl or something. brain rot.

No. 1032870

I hate YouTuber merch so much as well, they always add irrelevant shit to their tshirts that no one cares about. Seriously I don't need a tee with something a random piece of shit said. I pity anyone who buys that crap

No. 1032871

Anyone who buys shit from Amazon deserves to pay more imo. The only thing I can maybe excuse is books, but local bookstores and libraries also exist.

No. 1032897

half of it has chinese characters on it, you'd think that'd clue people in.

No. 1032926

the chubby hands make it funnier/worse kek

No. 1033014

i must admit, these were simpler times. i kinda miss this era.

No. 1033374

Although I’m not an uber capitalist, as a person who usually listened to audiobooks and borrowed books from my library mostly, I feel like vid rel is blaming their inability to stop consooooming social media and books more so on capitalism rather than themselves. Although capitalism enables and supports businesses to create consoooomer mindsets into their customers, I believe it’s ultimately the decision of the customer to chose to become a consooooomer, and relieves the burden of responsibility consoooomers have for themselves

No. 1033453

Tiktok anon are you here?

No. 1033478

If i ever had a chance to visit this room irl, i cannot promise you I will not steal one my melody.

No. 1033549

If someone reads 50 pages every day they can read 52 350-page books in a year. It takes people about 1-1.5 hours to read 50 pages depending on the book and their reading level. There are people who truly don't have that amount of time to spare for reading but there are also many people who waste at least 1 hour on social media every day. If they choose to prioritize reading over scrooling for 1 hour everyday they can read a lot in a year.

No. 1033562

Sad that I now scroll this website more than reading my books. Sigh

No. 1033563

File: 1642653422216.png (781.9 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20220119-2…)

Saw this and it really made me cringe.
>that gen z sticker
That's totally not self centered and narcissistic at all… Lol

No. 1033583

>gen z among 90's/00's stickers
so those are for people who haven't been around for tamagotchi mania and the y2k bug? Fuck off, stop appropriating my life
yes I know there is no such thing, but I can still complain

No. 1033629

>gen z
>everything 1:1 recycled from previous generations
This is just sad

No. 1033841

File: 1642676396316.webm (3.84 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1642676204.webm)

always! i also made this thread kek so sorry if anyone hates the op pic

No. 1033844

The OP pic is fine, dear nona.

No. 1033846

Why is this sticker making me so angry

No. 1033868


No. 1033874

Why does this type of tik tok videos always have the most obnoxious music?

No. 1033892

Same. For some reason my monkey brain tends to be more addicted to imageboards than social media, even if the latter is built to be the most addictive possible to monkey brains. Is there such a thing as lolcows consooming? Especially when I lurk in the Shaynus thread, I'm going there for the disgust induced thrills. It must release some dopamine in my brain, because I keep wanting more.

No. 1033920

Imagine fixing yourself to a soon-to-be-dated generation, or associating with any zeitgeisty media, or taking part in group identification. Could never me! I’m unstuck in time, unhinged along its axes, dizzy and swarming with hereness and un-hereness, nowness and un-nowness. I never suffer its passage, because it does not exist for me; Time is not linear, it’s a stack folding on itself in parallel frenzy, and then giving out in dough-soft yieldedness, to cease to mean now, and only mean here. No more time, no more generations

No. 1033933

I wanna think she works at some autism center or with kids so she can justify needing so many but I know I'm wrong kek

No. 1033936

Holy fuck who tf needs this many ugly stickers??

No. 1033939

Zoomers love to be obnoxious

No. 1033980

I think she's the autist, anon

No. 1033984

File: 1642687037717.png (726.79 KB, 828x575, gay-funko-pops-png.png)

This is how hypocrital people who claim to be sustainable on twitter / tiktok sound

No. 1033986

Samefagging just to say
I honestly wish someone could come out with a trend on how browsing tiktok and twitter damages the earth (not just psychologically) like NFTs do. Seriously I think it does but everyone just turns a blind eye

Or like, people who bitch about NFTs but consume shit from AliExpress… Kek

No. 1033993

File: 1642687426888.png (352.33 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20220120-0…)

I found something worse… Lol

No. 1033995

File: 1642687454587.png (299.21 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20220120-0…)

Yeah this is very sad to me lmao

No. 1034011

I don't entirely really agree. It's near impossible to be perfectly sustainable. You can stand up for sustainability and still admit; hey there's some things I can't be perfect at. Not to mention that word would never get out if people who stand up for sustainability weren't allowed to use technology because technology is inherently unsustainable. I would've never tried to be somewhat more concious of what I consume if I hadn't come across zero waste and minimalist videos on youtube. As been said before, we need many people practicing sustainability to their ability, not a small group doing it without fault.

>people who bitch about NFTs but consume shit from AliExpress… Kek

Hard agree with this tho

No. 1034046

The thing is nonni, when people on twitter/TikTok claim to be sustainable they do it to feel superior to others and not because they actually care, and then demand others to be sustainable when they themselves are not. Like pixielocks

No. 1034058

Knowing zoomers’ moronic slang I would have expected it to say “WE DO BE THE FUTURE”.

No. 1034077

all right, that's fair

No. 1034102

Sperg incoming but this reminds me of that infuriating walking in place TikTok with the zoomer girl listing off all the reasons why gen z is superior and why they can single handedly save the future. Their narcissism makes millennials look humble
t. Millennial

No. 1034165

Which one? I need to watch it

No. 1034253

Seconding this lol Please link!

No. 1034388

This argument could probably work better with streaming services, especially with Netflix, Spotify and Youtube.

No. 1034433

I tried to dig up that particular one but couldn't find it, but I don't doubt that there are at least 100 of similar videos out there or it's in hidden in some cringe comp. That dumb walking in place while complimenting yourself trend is very common and zoomers are full blown NPD so you're bound to find one.

No. 1034479

Why would someone spend all of their money on stickers? You might as well spend them on artbooks instead.

No. 1034530

I am honestly kind of surprised all of that was $300?? I feel like that should have been maybe $100 AT MOST.

No. 1034882

File: 1642726203132.png (624.76 KB, 535x537, sticker.png)

I found this person's page and they sell some sort plastic holder with decorations. So at least they're making money back from their purchase. Personally I would rather just make my own instead of buying from instagram but more power to them if they're making a profit.

No. 1035153

This is so ridiculous to me. Do kpop zoomers REALLY buy decorated albums full of their favorite koreans? that's kinda creepy.

No. 1035156

Gen z think being gen z is aw personality type kek. Truly the worst gen

No. 1035165

Damn, 300 dollars? I do stationary hauls for a tenth of that and get the same amount of items. It lasts me a year of writing to friends and family.

No. 1035168

I've seen them do trades, too.

No. 1035216

They think being young is some kind of virtue or inherent personality trait, it's weird

No. 1035425

I have so many toploaders and I've been thinking of doing this just to get rid of them. I have no use for them…

No. 1035610

File: 1642782714340.jpeg (200.34 KB, 1080x1156, C5D13A3B-B58B-4CCD-A41E-F02638…)

Annoys me that they associate with core millennial adolescence/late millennial childhood so much, they’d be better off with a sticker like picrel or smth

No. 1035622

i mean amazon gets things to you in ~2 days, aliexpress can take 2 months. but yeah it's not like anyone needs 50 types of washi tape by tomorrow.

No. 1035626

They're all so tacky too.

No. 1035640

Off-topic but thinking about it, gen z really lacked some countercultures and subcultures that aren't 99% shallow aesthetics with nothing behind it. That's probably why they latch into previous generations that much. I guess if everyone is an unique and special snowflake, then no one is.

No. 1035641

It's all shallow because everyone is online, the land of virtualdom where the same 20k people shout in the void and dominate the discussion

No. 1035784

TFW you're no longer the worst generation. Glad zoomers are taking the heat off us millennials

No. 1035847

What are your opinions on small uwu artists nonas? Are they consoomerist for ordering tons of cheap plastic keychains and buttons made in China to sell and getting their art designed on wholesale fast fashion sweatshop apparel to sell? I find it annoying when a Twitter artist will share posts about sustainability and ethics and then posting about their new merch drop

No. 1036301

File: 1642815083742.jpeg (530.51 KB, 1170x2138, 612AC85F-516C-4547-858F-DE05F6…)

Saw this on Instagram today. I know those pusheens reek of cat piss.

No. 1036310

cats don't just piss everywhere unless there's a medical issue, anon.

No. 1036319

Drop in the bucket compared to big corporations. They have to make a living somehow and commissions alone aren't sustainable.

No. 1036323

File: 1642816858738.jpg (682.24 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_0423.JPG)

I recently bought a tamagotchi for the nostalgia, and it made me think about this thread. I don't understand virtual pet collectors, how do you keep up with them all? I feel sad for the pets. Yeah I'm the kind of person who ascribes feelings to pixels, but isn't that kind of the point of virtual pets?

No. 1036329

I have a collection of around ~20 tamagotchis and I've been collecting since childhood (both eng and jpn) and when I have time I run them on a rotation, usually 2 at a time. To be fair a lot of them are genuinely collectors items because they're old and increasing in rarity/price by the day. If you like tamagotchi, getting rid of one from the mid 2000s is a bad idea let alone one from the 90s. I think it's different from having a million retarded squishmallows since tamagotchis can connect with each other and there's so many different shells and characters

No. 1036340

are ya'll ready to rage nonnies?

No. 1036346

File: 1642818700229.jpeg (222.84 KB, 1000x750, huge-ganz-webkinz-lilkinz-83-p…)

This reminded me of the Webkinz obsession in the 2000s and how people collected so many of them. I was a spoiled kid and had 15-20 Webkinz and when I think back on it I feel guilty that my parents spent so much on that (each one was $10 so for 15 it would have been $150). If I had a kid and Webkinz were still popular I would only get them like 5 at the maximum and spread out between holidays and birthdays.

No. 1036372

For whatever reason I still collect webkinz with unused tags, especially if they're retired and extremely old. I got a cheekie monkey from the thrift store recently and I've been over the moon since.

No. 1036449

Pretty sure this was posted in the last thread

No. 1036481

>ayo collector check

this voice is gonna haunt me in my dreams, nona

No. 1037278

Why are you people writing sage when sharing interesting shit? Come on how else am I gonna see the awful consoom collections

No. 1037280

I don't get tamagotchis, they're annoying af

No. 1037297

Nonnies have social anxiety

No. 1037309

I'll never understand spending a lot of money on and proudly displaying ugly mass-produced chunks of plastic.

No. 1037365

The fact that there are multiple people out there collecting empty cans of energy drink is fucking insane.

No. 1037381

The Webkinz discord/kinzcord is full of webkinz hoarders and zoomer types that have giant webkinz collections. Safe to say the plushes are still being collected and many go for hundreds now even without the code

No. 1037386

File: 1642890708860.jpg (705.8 KB, 2592x1936, 93e64ae84cf8ac81c959ce5e0388bd…)

This doesn't surprise me because I know boomers who collected beer cans. They dedicate whole conventions to it.

No. 1037457

File: 1642895257361.jpg (1.18 MB, 2848x3806, 0zinp1j0m2a51.jpg)

gotta make sure i can see all my identical cans of beans and condensed fucking soup or i might not remember they're there!

No. 1037458

File: 1642895352539.jpg (1.33 MB, 3024x4032, 9hzv4gzh69p61.jpg)

No. 1037459

The cursive writing makes this so tryhard.

No. 1037461

File: 1642895542852.jpg (231.33 KB, 1224x1508, ch7l06ejmlz21.jpg)

No. 1037462

File: 1642895581755.jpg (584.85 KB, 3024x4032, uw7xex6q6w651.jpg)

No. 1037469

The most elegant way to admit you have herpes.

No. 1037498

That is so fucking tacky I'm sorry lol

No. 1037506

I kind of like this, but I also hate not knowing the expiration dates of my pills, and it could be dangerous if some asshole visits your house and mixes your pills. Well, if you don’t already know the difference between the shapes, colors and such.

No. 1037528

I thought those were candles at first, the fucking prozac, kek

No. 1037541

File: 1642900433433.jpg (1.6 MB, 3024x4032, 4ubxnhxd1dy31.jpg)

No. 1037545

File: 1642900566632.jpg (191.39 KB, 1125x1488, y7bfnxhno4i41.jpg)

"I'm proud that I found a system that is sustainable for me and that even on my bad mental health days I have been able to keep my bathroom cabinets organized." so much wasted space. maybe you just need less fucking stuff if you cant keep up with it because of your mental health.

No. 1037546

If they are sewing for profit i don't see how this is bad? If not, i'll be quiet.

No. 1037549

I detest how satisfying I find this to be.

No. 1037553

mostly the whole "stash accumulated beyond life expectancy" idea. this is a crazy amount of fabric. i dont have any more details, idk if they use it all or not. i am just sperging out on organization subreddits.

No. 1037555

this is the one that gets me the most. posting a pic of how proud you are that you got a fucking silverware organizer for your fast food condiment collection.

No. 1037575

… I like it.

Grew up in a roach infested hoarder house, nothing's too organized to me

No. 1037599

This grosses me out for some reason

No. 1037619

This would fuck with me when my vision is blurry. It's so much easier to find stuff when the shapes and colors are unique

No. 1037634

i did too nonna. there's nothing wrong with wanting your space to be organized and clean, that's normal. but buying new containers and all the little matching things and posting it on social media is what makes it consoomer imo. you can have a clean, functional space without needing all new everything. you can even leave the pasta in the box.

No. 1037684

kek taking pasta out of the box or bag to put it in another container has always baffled me

Logically I can’t think of a reason that putting meds in aesthetic containers is bad, I have even wanted to get a cute pill organizer for my meds when I travel as a consolation for having to carry them around in the first place — and because it would be more organized and convenient than throwing all my different pills into one old Tylenol bottle — but that set up just screams ‘romanticizing my illness’ for some reason

No. 1037700

>Logically I can’t think of a reason that putting meds in aesthetic containers is bad
you won't be able to see the usage and warning labels or the expiration date. even with the ones i take regularly sometimes i forget how much I'm supposed to limit so labels are handy.

No. 1037838

>kek taking pasta out of the box or bag to put it in another container has always baffled me
pests/humidity. I don't anymore because I cook for one and shop weekly but my family growing up had pasta containers because we'd always buy so much and hoard it lolol

No. 1037859

>kek taking pasta out of the box or bag to put it in another container has always baffled me
there's stores in my country where you have to take your own containers and have them filled! they're literally called "unpackaged (goods) stores". you bring all your containers and they fill it with rice, pasta, flour, sugar, oats, etc. that way you can avoid plastic packaging and stuff like that. it's super annoying to haul all your stuff around though… and i'm betting picrel is not that way because the owner goes to a zero waste store for their pasta kek

No. 1037950

Why the hell is this person showing off their pills??? If this were tea and the tabletop/bench top was a space for a kettle this would be cute.

No. 1038133

File: 1642949207773.png (382.77 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20220123-0…)

It's an autism thing!

No. 1038151

You know what, I can get behind this. If you're going to have to take a shitload of pills anyway you might aswell organize them and make it somewhat pleasant to look at.

No. 1038190

File: 1642952029093.webm (14.42 MB, 576x1024, 2895498(1).webm)

how many single purpose gadgets does a person need…

No. 1038261

This is definitely an advertisement lol

No. 1038273

I liked some of this stuff… Ngl I like shit that makes your life easier

No. 1038288

All these luxuries but her living space looks so sterile and unhappy. It's like she lives in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world and not in a good way. No greenery in sight. I'd rather live in my grandparent's old beat down farmhouse with no luxuries beyond warm running water and electricity than this.

No. 1038307

worst part for me was the romaine lettuce in her soup lmao. majority of the products seem pointless but some I understand. this video is fascinating to me and reminds me of the "house of the future" ads from the 50s and 60s lol but way more depressing.

No. 1038318

That's an ad, but I wouldn't mind living in a small appt like that. Minus all of the gadgets it seems cozy and modern. I'd certainly prefer it over having roommates.

No. 1038322

what are the little device things she puts in the strawberries and her fridge??

No. 1038323

I used to do it in middle school. We'd also collect tabs from drinks and stack as many as possible on a keychain.

No. 1038343

my mum works in the sewing sector, I can assure you they need a ton of material to be ready for any request. She has a lot more pure color/textiles than mixed patterns though, those are hard to sell and go out of fashion too easily.

No. 1038410

Did anyone else notice how the food looks foreign in the appartment? Everything is that plastic-y.

Also if this is an ad, why doesn't it have proper grammar..?

No. 1038431

Because it's auto-translated from Chinese?

No. 1038511

This. I lived at a dirty old farm and it was the happiest I felt in my life. I feel like I would off myself just 2 days in having to live like her. She looks lowkey germaphobic with all that obsessive cleaning. Also why did she cook rice and all the other stuff when she just ate instant noodles in the end? So many cooking gadgets and you eat the one thing you only need a bowl of hot water for. Also she put like three pieces of clothing in the washing machine, wtf, what a waste. I truly hate this video.

No. 1038537

As someone who comes from a hoarder home where nothing is taken care of and dirty, living in a place like this is very appealing. Obviously much less gadgety and with more personal effects to make it more homey would be ideal. But while some anons see it as soulless, I just see a space that is clean and looks easy to take care of.

No. 1038680

File: 1642974067441.png (45.15 KB, 540x102, imagen_2022-01-23_154110.png)

No. 1038684

File: 1642974234204.png (226.64 KB, 374x370, 9867859469089.png)

No. 1038726

Turns it into vor-mag water

No. 1038770

Because it’s foreign lol?

No. 1039034

what does half the shit in this video even do? i don't even know what's going on

No. 1040277

File: 1643081482126.jpg (157.22 KB, 600x800, R (1).jpg)

>Moids don't think this is consooming

No. 1040283

File: 1643081692605.jpg (1.15 MB, 3130x4965, bj2h36y6fvc81.jpg)

they all have the same shit

No. 1040287

File: 1643081876814.jpg (420.17 KB, 2048x2064, co618zonspb81.jpg)

"I have all the stuff to pursue my streaming career" because you have to buy all the shit before you can do anything ofc

No. 1040406

I don't see anything wrong with this but I don't understand why you have to write what something is on a clear container where it's obvious. Differentiate flour, powdered sugar, pancake mix so you can tell at a glance, okay, but labeling a container full of cereal "cereal"…

No. 1040408

>streaming career
get a real fucking job

No. 1040417

okay what is that fake fucking window, it's creepy

No. 1040420

It's just the wallpaper of the second monitor, which is set up vertically. Nothing sinister about it

No. 1040438

>sits in front of huge tv screen
>watches video on her tiny phone screen instead

No. 1040439

Every time I see that cloud stuff I just imagine how many bugs probably hide and get stuck in there.

No. 1040444

I personally never met a moid with such a gaming room, I'm curious about the people you hang out with

No. 1040499

The dust bothers me more. Imagine how dusty that gets and it just kinda snows down on you

No. 1040512

I think the containers are pre-written on, like the person who set up the pantry didn't write it, but the factory which made the container stamped it on the container. Also yeah, I like it. Seeing everything at a quick glance means less waster when shit gets pushed to the back.

No. 1040647

This account and another one called rosswang post tons of videos like this, I love how they get increasingly bizarre

No. 1040664

What do farmers think of gachashit? In previous thread some anon posted about her buying packs in gachashit and the replies were mixed: some approved, some said that at least it's not wasting natural resources and others said it's pure retardation. So what's the verdict?

No. 1040670

This looks like a store. So cold, sterile, and unwelcoming.
I absolutely love this but hate the cursive on the containers.

No. 1040892

File: 1643130092267.jpg (41.46 KB, 313x300, 1615210568293.jpg)

I sold like 6 old games for 40€ today and the guy who owns the shop confirmed that I have like 250€ worth of coupon in total for the whole shop after spending the last two years decluttering (and that's after I spent 50€ worth of coupons on a game I've ordered last week), I guess I won't have to spend money on games for the next few years.

No. 1041036

relying on the dopamine rush makes you no different from a drug addict

No. 1041751

File: 1643181019402.jpg (121.38 KB, 799x532, 1592990784_5ef31c40da3d9.0.jpg)

I used to consoom Pokemon Go a lot, spending money on in-game coins so I can expand my Pokemon inventory and buy Raid Passes for the chance to catch Legendary Pokemon. Even bought a bluetooth autocatcher that cost 50 bucks so I didn't even have to switch on my phone screen.

The amount of time and money I wasted trying to find fake pixel animals makes me want to cry. I think I latched on to it because anyone can have it on their phone, my workplace is right in the middle of a major city with a ton of gyms, stops and spawn points, and it was also the only thing my poor overworked wageslave brain could play on the commute. Even spent some of my weekends at parks trying to hunt Pokemon with perfect stats or shinies. Only after the pandemic hit and I couldn't leave home that I realized that mindlessly walking around with my face in my phone wasn't that fun after all. Maybe I just wanted to have the strongest or the shiniest Pokemon to show off to my friends who lived out in the sticks and were still at level 17 while I was level 43.

Even then I didn't even have a fraction of the commitment some of the people I saw at some raids did. I'd see people tapping away at two, three or even up to eight phones - they'd be wearing one of those grocery store sampling trays, phones splayed out in front of them, each having their own autocatcher. Then they'd pile in a car and drive off to the next raid. Maybe that was why I kept playing for so long, in my head I thought, well at least I'm not like those people, I'm being sensible and getting exercise. But nah, now I really wish I spent that time learning something actually useful.

Every once in a while I open up the app and idly think of selling my account to recoup some of the costs. Maybe if I can get a few hundred bucks back it might be worth it.

No. 1042209

>The amount of time and money I wasted trying to find fake pixel animals makes me want to cry
How much was it in total? Please be honest, I want to know. I've never ever thought about spending money on mobile games because I always felt that if I started doing this just once I probably wouldn't stop myself from doing it even more and I want to know how that works.

No. 1042226

File: 1643215674441.jpg (135.44 KB, 422x750, tumblr_inline_oeua8emgZD1rscym…)

nta but i used to be addicted to sb69 and wasted between 300 and 500 euros on it. i was also unemployed at the time which makes it even more stupid. i still regret it. after that i never spent money on gacha games again because i knew i only needed to hit that buy button once to fall into that trap again.

No. 1042304

File: 1643218480977.jpg (92.21 KB, 1280x1053, zezn9celuor71.jpg)

I've been playing it since day one and somehow still play it daily. For me it's handy because I have to buy 20 euros worth of phone credit every month in order to get a 'free texts and internet' deal so I use that spare 20 euros to buy stuff in the game. I otherwise don't know what I'd spend that credit on so it's like free money to me. I've rarely gone over that allowance.

I moved from a city to a rural area in the middle of playing and yeah it doesn't work out great here. I leave pokemon in gyms and they just sit there forever. Kick me out already, I want the coins lol. On the odd occasion where I travel to bigger towns I don't like having my head stuck in my phone so I don't even take advantage when I travel.

Basically I refuse to spend 'real money' on it and I refuse to travel somewhere cool only to then stare into my phone. It's a alright way to pass the time but not worth investing too much in.

No. 1042507

File: 1643227218587.png (21.7 KB, 300x250, mk95sFL7LL-2.png)

This game was actually good until, weirdly enough, COVID hit and after a huge success it turned into nothing but a fortnite-tier game with pay to win - all of these Ed Sheeran and co. collabs no one needs, battle passes, and such. There's no point in walking, let alone playing this game for about two years now. They kept saying how x legendaries will be time-limited one-time-only raids because of which you'd have to drive for half of an hour to find a raid location (back then), and now you can do all of this shit without raiding at all - just buy a 'bonus box' that contains everything you need. Soulless game. I only see consoomerfags and normies that never got to play it before play it.

On top of that, they never, NEVER fix their shitty bugs. There are still glitches and bugs that are from 3 years ago that they never bothered taking care of. It's not worth playing it.

No. 1042528

This is peak millennial. Gotta make sure everyone can see your SSRIs right next to your weed and birth control whilst you wonder why you have so many mental health problems.

No. 1042541

File: 1643229154859.jpeg (8.34 KB, 210x240, download.jpeg)

Nta but at the time I started playing I was a newly recovering agoraphobic and using the game as some sort of autists motivation to go walk places. Worked. This was back when the store didn't sell many shortcuts or special boxes.

There's something fucky about buying things to now play at home. It's already an outdoor game so the risk of covid seemed like a convenient excuse to just push more in game purchases. Just sit at home with incense on community days… set off your 3 fucking hour long incense and wait around while say in one spot, fun lol! IMO people are lazy about the walking aspect and willing to pay up to skip it. They're cashing in on that which I guess is fair but it's not how I want to play.

No. 1042606

>in my head I thought, well at least I'm not like those people, I'm being sensible and getting exercise. But nah, now I really wish I spent that time learning something actually useful.
Do you think if you'd spent less or no money on the game, you might feel differently? I fall into this "I could be doing something useful right now" mindset a lot and I struggle with identifying whether the guilt I feel is proportional to what I'm actually doing. We only have so much free time to learn new things, but sometimes just having fun doing something is ok. The exception of course is if the time you spent playing was cutting into your studies or something.

No. 1042930

File: 1643239784114.jpg (152.06 KB, 1200x1200, Aloy_HZD_Cosplay.jpg)

Am I the only one triggered by the peak cosoomerism that is cosplaying? If you can't sew you're buying premade costumes, wigs, wearing them a few times, or in some cases once if you're one of those people who always plans for new costumes. If you're a regular con goer, that can mean 3+ cosplays per con. Not to mention makeup or contacts which you need to replace regularly.
If you're crafting, it's even worse. Buying a bunch of different materials and tools, some that you may use just once in order to make one small detail on a costume. Unless you plan to resell your cosplays right away, it adds up, on top of going to cons in general and buying merch there. I have done less than 10 cosplays in my life but the consoom for those alone was enough for me to stop and never look back.

No. 1042943

It's fun to look at but I'd definitely rather make something I can wear everyday.

No. 1042983

I wanted to get into cosplay a few years because I go to a lot of cons with my friends and thought it'd be a fun thing to do together. It really wasn't. I was constantly getting stressed about having the right pieces and not having the skills to create the costumes that I wanted to wear, and then possibly being faced with having to spend hundreds of dollars to buy them. If you're good at it then maybe it's a different story but I hated it, kek. I feel like the community is so pressurised too.

No. 1042995

File: 1643241608560.jpg (149.46 KB, 960x960, D0Bl4hBWkAATblh.jpg)

Modern cosplay is peak consoomerism. People just hop on uwowo, buy, wear, then sell or throw it away (literally, sometimes)
I also feel that flawed cosplay, sometimes, have more earth and "love" to it. Shit like picrel makes me sad because wow, you just commissioned someone, or an underpaid chinese worker, to make the outfit for you and you ended up looking like a default patreon thot. Gross. The first pic is cute and comfy.

No. 1043000

Stuff like 2nd pic looks cool in my opinion but where is she gonna store all that big bulky armor after? Not to mention that series and anime trends come and go. Not sure about girl in picrel but so many social media obsessed cosplayers want to keep up on the latest anime trends (read: latest shonen jump garbage). Nobody is gonna care or recognize some of these characters a few years down the line, so they need to stay fresh. What a waste.

No. 1043003

>Put together an easy and cute costume with the girls, have a fun time at the convention, no worries

>Purchase an expensive costume for a wide intenet audience, pose meticulously, dedicated photographer and Photoshop, get involved in an annoying online "community", constantly worrying about the next con and doing "better"

No. 1043011

I think the whole point of the picture is to show how she progressed with her craftsmanship, just going off of the dates and the fact the first looks handcrafted. Still a lot of resources and materials to spend though.

No. 1043017

you are so right, it's downstream from consoomer / influencer culture. the whole point of cosplay is an excuse to get together with your friends to craft and sew something passable and then debut your goofy creations together.

No. 1043027

Using her is a bad example anon, she(and her husband/boyfriend wtv) have been making her own cosplays. Otherwise, your point is very uwu valid.

No. 1043180

I mean if you’re making the costume yourself or commissioning a cosplay maker (not from taobao) directly then I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s leagues better than buying stuff like figures or merch, you actually have to learn and hone your skills to make a decent costume versus clicking some buttons on a website. Buying cheap mass produced aliexpress costumes is peak consoomerism though.

No. 1043235

Two years playing before COVID hit and I might have spent a few hundred dollars with all the raid passes, ticketed events, transport costs, battery pack, autocatcher, all that. My emails are full of receipts of $0.99 purchases of 100 PokeCoins, i.e. the cost of one Raid Pass. During raid days of popular Pokemon like Mewtwo or Rayquaza, I'd keep buying Passes one raid after another thinking the next one I'll catch will be shiny or have perfect stats…

I don't think I would feel differently, honestly. The game itself is a huge timesink if you went out of your way to minmax it. I think my approach with the game shot past what would have been considered fun into really unhealthy territory - I'd go on websites which actually show you what Pokemon encounters you can get at certain stops, then after work I'd eat some takeout and spend an hour or two walking all over town trying to catch some of the rarer Pokemon instead of going home, having a proper home-cooked meal and getting a good rest. I've spent thousands of hours in some videogames and thought all the fun was worth it but for Pokemon Go I really wish I could take all that time back.

No. 1043364

File: 1643277036261.jpg (121.93 KB, 640x640, ef86d5bc912bcad0d4768263b28f54…)

What does this thread think of collecting knick-knacks and antiques? I recently got my own place and couldn't stand the idea of filling it up with target and kmart crap, so I started checking out antique dealers and thrift shops to find good furniture for cheap. The big pieces like couches and tables tend to be overpriced, but I've found the most amazing little trinkets while browsing in there. It's only been a month and I've already got a steady collection going, including but not limited to two little ceramic polar bears, a cat statue I'm using as a ringholder, and a set of S&P shakers shaped like snails.
I used have consoomer tendencies and this is giving me the same rush as an amazon package arriving but for different reasons. Every find feels like a victory because I actually have to go looking and put in effort to find something I like, and it feels like I'm really curating my decor. Since they're all second-hand they cost almost nothing but don't feel like (completely) worthless crap. Plus they're already here, so I don't feel guilty about my money going to junk factories in China, and most of the shops I go to are either small businesses or charities.
Would highly reccomend to any nonas struggling with consoomerism and fighting/recovering from the urge to decorate their rooms with useless crap. It's also a neat way to socialise, the shopkeepers are usually older women or retirees and sometimes I'm the only person they've seen all day, so they're alway eager to chat.

No. 1043380

I own all my furniture second-hand from my granmas, except the sofas as those are better bought new for hygiene concerns. I get your hype, anon. Me and mum often visit a local thrift shop to look for cute things, the temptation is strong, but I always need to justify its use. I pretty much buy only cups and sauce/rice dishes, as I always need them, and sometimes landscape paintings, as they are a cheap good decoration that doesn't take long to dust off.

No. 1043383

My friend's house had a little shelf like this filled with little trinkets from places they've travelled. I think it's a cute idea as long as you don't let it overtake your house. I have quite a few little sentimental items from my grandmother (she def over collected a lot of things) but I see it as if it means something to you and wasn't bought on a whim to fill space its okay to have a few things like this (just don't let your house look like a Goodwill)

No. 1043415

Is collecting for the sake of collecting enough of a utility, if its like one of your hobbies? Like I like to collect these little sculptures by a local artist, and also cat figures. But I try and limit the amount I have because I don't want it to be all cluttered, I can't really appreciate them that way. I try not to get any new ones unless I've decided to get rid of old ones. I pick a few of them every year or so and donate them and then get new cuties to display. When I buy figures and stuffed toys I also try and learn about them, that's where the hobbyist part would come in I guess.

No. 1044097

Sell it anon, otherwise one of those days you idly open up the app will turn into a relapse

No. 1044504

File: 1643351383510.jpg (1.89 MB, 4032x3024, 2m2z1ug5yal61.jpg)

dont need a personality when you collect hot sauce!

No. 1044507

File: 1643351475891.jpg (1.9 MB, 4032x3024, daebrqrl2s671.jpg)

No. 1044509

File: 1643351540852.png (1.94 MB, 1077x1329, gza106xfcuw21.png)

No. 1044511

File: 1643351650061.jpg (1.42 MB, 3024x4032, oyxkiv2d7kb31.jpg)

No. 1044514

File: 1643351896125.jpg (1.54 MB, 4032x3024, csfzmwnhjfi21.jpg)

No. 1044545

File: 1643356904477.jpeg (34.18 KB, 480x480, 1602187345679.jpeg)

i can understand all the other collections (the horse one gives me tina belcher vibes) but why hot sauce? are people… fans of hot sauce? is there a hot sauce fandom?

No. 1044597

Anyone feel a sense of sadness watching this video, this man doesn't seem happy at all, he seems like an addict really

No. 1044601

anon in the first thread we discussed tinned fish consoomers, of course people collect hot sauce.

No. 1044605

Oh yeah, it's a combo of gastronomy nerds (like wine buffs) and the masculine pain endurance element. There are entire companies making profit off selling almost inedible hot sauces so moids can try them on YouTube or give 9 trillion Scoville bottles as gifts, which sets off much merry banter about how much diarrhea that guy is going to have.

No. 1044609

When a display becomes cluttered like this I don't even know how they can stand it. If I was Goosebumps guy I would stick with just the back packs because that seems like a cool collection plus it would be very limited.
At least these horses are well organized.

No. 1044621

might be an unpopular opinion but this one honestly doesn't seem as bad as the others

No. 1044675

I see this a little better because I love horse girls

No. 1044717

> give 9 trillion Scoville bottles as gifts, which sets off much merry banter about how much diarrhea that guy is going to have.
why do men think violently shitting is funny?

No. 1044726

Because it's funny and low effort.

No. 1044853

kek nonna im inclined to agree with you but we have to admit our own bias here, its exactly the same as all the moids with their little plastic marvel figures. this woman has a room just for her horse figurines.

No. 1044873

File: 1643386731633.webm (9.05 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1643386335.webm)

way to be dramatic over a store that sells overpriced disney merch.

No. 1044879

God I hate American male soy media. I hate comics and marvel. Anything star wars, capeshit, 80s horror movie, funko pop, Rick and morty literally makes me want to throw up.

No. 1044891

>just taking videos to show to my kids one day
kek it's a fucking disney store, there are thousands like them!

No. 1044900

one of the comments also claimed that it's cruel and unfair of disney to close canadian disney stores because for some poor families that's the closest they'll ever get to disney. like damn, if you really wanna go to disneyland, save up for a trip instead of wasting money every weekend by going on a pilgrimage to the disney store?

No. 1045003

These people spend so much money on Disney crap. They could save the money up and buy something actually nice and high-quality, but no it all has to go to cheap ugly overpriced plastic crap.

No. 1045842

Same here, cannot think of any worse aesthetics

No. 1046364

File: 1643500877949.jpg (1.32 MB, 1499x2000, rng2k5latmz01.jpg)

record collections are always displayed like shit, just a bunch of records jammed on shelves and you look at the ugly ripped paper spines instead of anything nice. the emphasis is on how many records are there and how big the collection is, not actually enjoying it.

No. 1046369

File: 1643501117769.jpg (1.04 MB, 3024x4032, 6u3ohcf4t9401.jpg)

No. 1046372

File: 1643501290126.jpg (817.74 KB, 2268x2179, nnj6pn5areb41.jpg)

No. 1046377

File: 1643501754048.png (1.67 MB, 749x947, remy lacroix.png)

Hope this fits ITT. How much money would you need to be offered to have this permanently inked on a very visible part of your body?

No. 1046382

File: 1643501933866.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_2022-01-28-23-46-54…)

Someone posted about zoomers "appropriating" millenial culture and after a couple of days I see this. I could say this is a ~quirky~ idea but it's also so strange.This was actually a device and now it's a hairclip.

No. 1046393

>Vintage hairclip
I’m so fucking old.

No. 1046396

Kek anon relax. I feel vintage has lost its meaning especially considering how much more consumerims and passing trends we have. "Vintage" can be anything that was made bf you were born even if it's 10-15 years ago now and can also be cheap shit while vintage was usually old,high quality stuff

No. 1046406

do they mean teen zoomers using these as "vintage accessories"? because im in my early 20s and had one of these.

i hate marvel/dc fags. what is the point of even having this many? and they're all cramped together. i just see tons of colorful plastic. seeing a guy that collects to this extent sets off a fight or flight response.

No. 1046408

I remember winning one of these in a claw machine game and thinking I had won the lottery cause it was so advanced and worth so much money….

honestly I think it’s so cute as a hair clip though kek

No. 1046421

That would never work as a hairclip, it's too heavy

No. 1046428

It's not that bothering imo, you gotta stock them somewhere, not everything needs to be displayed aesthetically.

No. 1046454

File: 1643508851453.jpg (755.83 KB, 1080x1865, IMG_20220130_030901.jpg)

I get that safety is a big deal but this bitch keeps popping up in my fyp on insta. She basically assembles keychain from aliexpress items and sells them for 50 fkn usd and makes a living out of it. Do you really need a big ass pompom to feel safe? OFC these things are targeted towards rich yass queens, who most likely live in nice blocks, ride nice cars, have nice security measures, not to poor people who, you know, need to protect themselves like in the hood. Anyway, pink markble or blue butterflies doesnt matter, since the blood of someone will permanently stain them.

No. 1046468

she has the face of a scammer

No. 1046490

Neon Genesis Evangelion zoomer edition Asuka Langley.

No. 1046503

The faces she's making set off my rage response

No. 1046508


Yeah those shelves are the most efficient way to store records. IMO some record collectors ARE consoomers though, because they buy them just to show them off and not play i.e. hunting down every variant; but if you're actually listening to and enjoying the records that's not awful.

No. 1046510

Disney store has been shit for years in North America, there’s basically nothing for people over the age of 8 there.
I say this as someone who likes Disney merch.

No. 1046514

That’s a big deal! I’m happy for younger you.

No. 1046539

File: 1643518350480.jpeg (1.41 MB, 2468x2075, 0621E656-884F-4B54-A420-177562…)

Playing card consoomerism is a new one I just discovered. I think it’s cool to get a few fancy artistic decks if you’re into that but this is overboard. I bet they don’t even play with most of them because they might rip or be ruined by oils in the fingers.

No. 1046555

I dated a tcg fag. wouldn't pay for the $250 repo fee for when he parked my car next to a hydrant or take me anywhere fancier than buffalo wild wings but had a 50k+ collection

No. 1046604

>penguin books used to be not so popular because some covers were ugly
>dark academia aesthetics made them popular again
>now i want to buy more of them

i know tastes change and are influenced all the time, but damn girl. just because it's fashionable now because of some 15 year olds on tiktok pretending to be secret history characters?

No. 1046609

i always thought penguin book covers looked nice and mine look nice lined up on a shelf. the sun discolours them though so mine are in varying shades of orange and yellow

No. 1046614

it's horrifying since if you play those, you are pretty much pushed to buy more and more cards every few months since the playing format changes. I know that there's is like one or two for people that want to play old cards (at least in MTG), but they are not as popular as playing new sets. It's a black hole of consumerism even if you just want to play with others and you don't need to own every card ever or collector ones etc.

No. 1046630

as long as it's this small and I can make it brown and pass it as an unfortunate looking birthmark, I'll do it for 100.000€

No. 1046678

I'm maybe retarded but I don't get what is the relation between a pompom keychain and safety? How are keycains supposed to make yo ufeel safe ? wtf

No. 1046722

Maybe it has some self-defense item hidden in it?

No. 1046733

Maybe it's actually a fuzzy grenade

No. 1046765


If this person cared at all about their records they'd be in plastic sleeves. Why spend so much (or so little, these might be all dollar bin yard sale grandma musicals lol) and then not care for your investment?

I bet they don't have any 8tracks for that Weltron either

No. 1046799

So you can feel rawr badass while being girly uwu
Anyway, if they actually had the chance to use it, the pompom would get in the way. Not safe at all

No. 1046808

enough money to buy a farmhouse and a couple of acres of land + a lifelong supply of heavy duty concealers

No. 1046819

i worked in a nintendo store when amiibos first released and there is nothing worse than the autism of amiibo fanboys. This is so pointless and hideous

No. 1046844

If by very visible you mean her placement? I'll let it go for $1mil,but if it's somewhere like forehead, hands or neck… I could make it work for $20mil, upfront after tax of course. Only place I wouldn't is actual face like cheeks or chin. Somehow my forehead is for sale though, maybe cos I've got so much real estate there

No. 1046856

File: 1643558557689.png (105.11 KB, 313x156, 1ab39221478d7fd3ad7eba1f043535…)

i think picrel is the self defense item, you can buy these for cheap and in bulk on aliexpress kek.

No. 1046870

Punchable as fuck face

No. 1046872

Same, I think they look great. What counts is in the inside anyways

No. 1046944

I should clarify that the card collection I posted was of standard 52-card decks like used in casino games but with different fancy designs. TCG consoomerism is pretty bad but at least each card has a different use. People collecting these are just buying the same exact shit over and over.

No. 1047804

File: 1643642497276.jpg (2.34 MB, 1920x1080, d6zBArF.jpg)

This is a little different so I hope it’s allowed here.

The Destiny 2 subreddit and community will drive me insane. No other game studio outright deletes the content it publishes. The amount of bootlicking I saw from the Bungie Defense Squad is insane. How can anyone justify paying up for expansions and DLCs knowing that that it will get deleted in a few years.

No. 1047825

Level of butthurt over ancient DLCs when you get new free content every few months, that's the top tier retardation for me.

No. 1047960

Please watch an autistic anime fan explain the latest toy craze.

…but for real though, why is this toy the one that is popular right now? I simply don't get it

No. 1047967

That shopkeep made me laugh. Honestly who wouldn't be giddy as fuck that some dumb kids got memed into spending their parent's money on silicone shit at their store.

No. 1047979

>"I got RARE ONES!!"
How lol
Also this reporter bitch is really there comparing them to pokemon cards and tamagotchis. Last time I checked, to play pokemon you actually had to learn mechanics and then you would go out to play with your friends, same with tamagotchi, the outcomes were endless, now you just…touch a piece of silicone.

No. 1048038

>what do parents tell you when they walk in
>that they hate me

Going back to the toy though, like he said if someone shills it on tiktok people will instantly buy it, I was working at some store for a short amount of time and even then almost every day people were asking for the same item because someone mentioned it on tiktok.

No. 1048190

Maybe I’m just out of touch

No. 1048509

>Anime Fan
You only need to say it once anon.

No. 1048521

Kek, the guy in the video sounds like a super villain with that manic energy. The Toymaker.

No. 1048524

>Anime profile pic
How the fuck are those things even functional.

No. 1048851

Are you really defending a company outright deleting content people paid because it’s old on a thread that talks shit about consumerism?

No. 1048938

Big Elzani energy

No. 1048944

File: 1643720810950.jpg (132.3 KB, 1200x675, file-20220112-17-6htq2t.jpg)

Can we talk about the Metaverse? It feels very much like IMVU rebranded. And I'm guessing that everything will be pay-to-enter. Like a 3D extension of NFT pfps for moids who wanna have a digital pissing contest.

No. 1048947

Looks like every other lame avatar world. What's supposed to make it special?

No. 1048958

File: 1643722644226.png (976.49 KB, 1302x1216, Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 09.3…)

The consoom aspect lol. Buying a digital property next to Snoop Dogg using crypto.

No. 1048959

I don't understand why Zuckerberg didn't just buy Second Life.

No. 1048974

Kek my sides

No. 1048981

It feels like an online game without any of the game parts. I don’t get the hype either.

No. 1048989

I think it's because Second Life is considered outdated now, and that's not very profitable/exciting in the tech world. Also I feel like it's fair to try to come up with a new system that's compatible with modern computers/phones without the legacy code/UI. It doesn't seem like Second Life is very mobile-friendly but I might be wrong about that.

No. 1048993

the graphics at imvu look better than this.

No. 1048999

To be fair this is a ad made by Chinese taobao store owners to show off all their products but purposely made to go viral. They're made to farm both positive and negative attention
they get posted on weibo first, its just google translate so they can bait the foreigners on tiktok into paying more for it on aliexpress lol

No. 1049012

Call of Duty titles now carry over your progress between them and let you share content between them like some weird pseudo-metaverse. I wouldn't be surprised now that Microsoft own a bunch of top tier properties, they want to conjoin them into a unified system. The groundwork is already there with the Gamepass giving everyone access to all their games for no extra cost.

I think it will be a nightmare to make it actually work but if I was a Microsoft executive, this is how I'd try to sell it.

No. 1049014

this looks like south park

No. 1049233

Why is youtube recommending me this now

No. 1049441

This looks like an NFT version of VR chat.

No. 1049466

File: 1643765702222.jpg (422.5 KB, 800x1067, b917fef8c2214ca055e941d9fa11f2…)

Seeing all the images of cluttered hoards makes me really glad I started selling off my collection. Used to have 70+ Monster High dolls and I whittled it down to 15. It's satisfying to realize I don't need or miss anything I sold off.

To anyone struggling with an oversized collection of your own: it's not an all or nothing scenario. And you don't have to get rid of it all at once. Find the stuff you absolutely adore and make that the standard across the rest of it. Anything that doesn't elicit a similar feeling can go.

No. 1049501

A thing that strikes me as particularly ugly and stupid is how they have sometimes 2 or 3 of the SAME figure in different colors displayed right next to each other, 0 taste, peak consumerism. I fully agree on thinning out your collection, it's not easy to let go but once you do it feels like getting rid of a burden and makes you appreciate your items way more

No. 1049537

File: 1643770065553.jpg (65.12 KB, 640x640, 352a87aa25fa42e42a23986abe0b8a…)

I had a bunch of vintage MLP hand me downs that I sold to a similar aged collector a while back. It felt like a drug deal bc I brought them in a plastic bag and met her at Wal-Mart kek. I'm thinking of selling my LPS and Polly Pocket shit too if I can dig them out. I feel better if my stuff is making someone else happier than me hoarding them in a dusty closet

No. 1049826

File: 1643811215484.jpg (880.53 KB, 600x800, 7484726_orig.jpg)

Selling the stuff you feel less attached to can start a snowball effect and make you recognize you don't care about the stuff collecting dust on shelves or in boxes. And once the money starts appearing in your account, it's like you're being rewarded for getting rid of your crap, so it's a win-win.

So much shit with collecting is stupid. Getting involved with any online collecting community aka the worst enablers sets you up for practically throwing your money into the garbage. Limited editions! Alternative color releases! Buy two of the same thing to keep one in box and display the other! Look how much money I've wasted, fellow hoarders! I love X, look at how much I own of X!

The good thing about waking up from consooming like this is you can usually sell off your stuff and at least make back some of your money, maybe more if your hobby has the demand for it. Really proves the Funko hoarders are bottom of the barrel stupid since those things aren't worth shit.

Kek good for you. I'll admit to feeling the same way about the things I sell.

No. 1051151

File: 1643913955009.jpg (18.62 KB, 352x358, what.jpg)

I never, EVER, understood the appeal of youtube/idol merch.
Let me say this: I was a teen too. I used to follow a group in my teen years and I remember going crazy over it, I used to collect cut outs and posters but one day my mom (poor thing lol) got me a shirt with the face of the group members and I was SOOO ashamed. I wore it once or twice at best, then shoved it into the back of my closet. Listen, I love me some good design choice, maybe a design that can be taken separately from the artist (my current fav group has a moon as a logo and I would buy that because then only people who know it would recognize it plus is just a moon, nice.) but people's faces, random unfunny quotes, random slangs…they cost a lot and then they get donated because people grow out of it in a few months….
So wasteful, even worse than fast fashion

No. 1051256

File: 1643918385023.png (527.9 KB, 987x988, lingua.png)

yeah I can see how it can be cringe, I only own one piece of merch and it is picrel, I do it because everyday I dream about meeting another Lingua Ignota fan irl kek. I think merch is ok if it is something a bit more obscure or precious to you, like you said. I never saw anyone with a youtuber t-shirt in my life though, what kind of people buy them I wonder ?

No. 1051273

Youtuber merch is retarded because idolizing a youtuber is retarded and because they never put nice designs on the stuff. Your shirt is awesome and not only is it great because you can show people what music you like but also the design is beautiful. I think I'm going to make a LI shirt for myself too, I'm broke but I have a white fabric marker and patience. I don't think we will ever meet but you can know that somebody out there is wearing a LI shirt too because of you.

No. 1051299

File: 1643919944669.jpg (309.91 KB, 1125x1396, hug1.jpg)

>I'm going to make a LI shirt for myself
That's super cool nonnie! I really wish I could see you in the wild with your futur shirt nonnie, I'm wishing you well for your project!
Also if you feel ok with posting it, I would absolutely love to see the final result!

No. 1051303

I will post! But who knows when. I'll post in that thread that has Kristin as the thread picture.

No. 1051355

You should show it to kristin, she really likes all art/fanart her fans make, even the ugly anime ones.

No. 1051366

Really? I'm gonna make a real proper painting of her then, thanks

No. 1051920

File: 1643975989827.jpeg (237.39 KB, 1620x1080, FFCFA5AA-EF3A-42BB-96EF-DD880B…)

Is this romantic

No. 1051925

One for you and one for the discord pedo mod

No. 1051931

File: 1643977113370.png (38.37 KB, 800x308, 800px-Vinted_logo.png)

You know, after losing weight and thus having to re-do my wardrobe, Vinted saved my life. Cheap, once worn, nice clothing. Doesn't really help that I'm still losing weight but oh well.
I love Vinted but obviously the yas queens gen x found it and now they're treating it at some sort of mlm scam.
When I log on, I always find follow requests and notifications and I get that following someone is a thing, especially when they have your same size so you can keep updated but dropping in my dms telling me to buy from you? Nah son. It's not a race. I always find people claiming to "OMG, I sold 300 items!!" when they're circlejerking and buying from each other. You have no idea how many times I logged in to to find a new pair of jeans and being welcomed by a message of some rando saying "Hey baby, I have 50% off today!" or "Hey hun, today I've got these jeans!" because if you sell, Vinted most likely puts your stuff up in the feed.
Leave me alone, there's already depop for scamming people. I wish social media were more aggressive towards spam. Also, I've found some MLMs fucking products there, claiming to be "beauty packages". Sick.

No. 1051936

I always see ads for this. I used to use Depop loads. But got fed up after a while and the fact they take the % of what you make. How much of a % does vinted take?

No. 1051940

they take nothing, the buyer pays all the fees. Which is nice and I don't mind, in the long run.

No. 1051941

I only buy second hand rare books and video games on vinted, it's pretty good for that. I never tried to buy clothes though, I can't find my size in stores and there's even less choice in there unless you're perfectly average. Maybe it's for the best, that prevents me from buying clothes I'm not ever sure I would wear.

No. 1051942

Same but i also bought a bunch of stuff i don’t wear and it’s not selling back… Fml

No. 1051943

File: 1643978112819.jpg (164.11 KB, 845x734, yves.jpg)

Samefag and
Look at this shit. It's already annoying when I find Hey Huns in the wild while I want to apply for a job, getting my feed spammed with their forced MLM purchases really makes my blood boil. I want them to be illegal.

No. 1051948

You'd get that shit for cheaper in an actual Yves Rocher store if you go there with coupons because they will never stop sending you coupons with free stuff. And who the fuck buys second hand cosmetics, shower gel and shampoo?

No. 1051972

Isn't Yves Rocher just a brand? as in, not a MLM? that makes those kinds of shills even more baffling

I bought an eyeshadow palette on Vinted, back when it was Kleiderkreisel. I do not do my makeup very often and I can't justify dropping 50$ on some pressed pigments. Besides, eyeshadows can be disinfected with alcohol.

No. 1051978

Yves Rocher is an MLM. Maybe a less obvious one but yes, it is.

No. 1051980

No. 1051981

Samefag, apparently it depends on the country. Are you Italian, nonnete?

No. 1051983

I sadly happen to be. Anyway, at least here, Vinted is flooded with this shit. But I know that America is not in a better spot with MLMs.

No. 1051994

I'm the one who said you can just go to a store and buy that shit for cheap, I'm french. It really doesn't seem to be an MLM to me so yeah maybe it depends on countries. Anon posted a screenshots with the € sign so who knows.

No. 1051996

ayrt, I looked it up on google and reddit (kek) apparently it is a normal mall lower range drugstore brand but they are covertly branching into MLM, they also bought Arbonne (which is a big US MLM scam)

No. 1052005

>computer on the shag rug
Hello, dust!

No. 1052012

nta, i'm german and i'm pretty sure YR used to be an MLM in germany at some point while i was a kid (late 90s/early 00s). maybe this is like body shop, which is apparently partly an MLM in the US, but a normal store chain too. here in germany, body shop is a normal store chain and no MLM at all afaik.

No. 1052030

nta but I'm Italian too and I can confirm it is an mlm here

No. 1052102

I have a bunch of MLPs too that my sister won’t let me sell. They’re covered in mouse poop from being in a shed that’s actually a tiny house for 15 years.

No. 1052214

File: 1644001487377.png (15.86 KB, 1130x193, shame.PNG)

No. 1052241

Hideous and suffocating. Hoarding crystals is another one I’ve seen, most of the time they aren’t even pretty.

No. 1052518

File: 1644022091324.png (364.03 KB, 588x384, 2.png)

Step 2: make it even bigger.

No. 1052549

File: 1644026039879.jpeg (4.4 MB, 4032x3024, 776186F1-3A58-47FF-8AE4-30C325…)

I found them!! I’m going to fix blemishes and hair. I can’t wait for them to get new homes!!!

No. 1052564

I dunno, I think record shelves can look cool. The problem is when you hoard shit that isn't meaningful to you and you never listen to. Even then, you're supporting artists (at least when you buy new) so it doesn't bother me as much.

No. 1052602

Looks like a bunch of hoarded shit from a thrift store.

No. 1052638

I knew those anons tinfoiling Jenny posted here were right.
Have fun nonnie!

No. 1052681

That looks so bad. It looks like a big black mole on her neck.

No. 1052707

I hate most t-shirt merch because of the types of shirts they usually use. The neckline is too high for me and it almost feels like it's choking plus it looks weird.

No. 1052725

I really don't get this. people used to collect playing cards because airlines and places just gave them away. but going out of your way to buy them? what a waste of money

No. 1052738

The "helping artists" is such a consoomer cope. Aren't record companies getting most of the money anyway? Unless you are collecting indie vinyls. Still consooming if you buy them like retard

No. 1052774

I think it's like the body shop where they branched out to the mlm system to some of their retail workers but they still own stores. I might be wrong tho

No. 1052924

in italy they still have brick and mortar stores but they also have an mlm program that's open to everyone (not just their retail workers)

No. 1053526

i can smell these i wanna chew on the legs so bad esp the magnets oh my goooood best feeling ever ugh these old my little ponys had literally the best taste ever like sorry for sperging i also used to eat play doh these mfers were the shit the hair tasted good too ugh yummy plastic

No. 1053569

I just did a dramatic reading of this to my friends and I love you, holy fuck it made us all laugh

No. 1053572

I think this is very helpful.
I thought I knew all MLMs but then I realized some are under my radar, like Body Shop. I am trying not to consoom and this really opened my eyes to how underhanded they can be.
Sage for sperg

No. 1053686

Damn I ate play-doh too and liked to chew on rubber toys. Consoomerism Pica thread when?

No. 1053755

I never went back to the Body Shop after they shit talked JKR to tell her that transwomen are women. Same for Lush. If there are similar brands I wouldn't want to support for similar reasons, anons can give me brand names to avoid.

No. 1053924

i love you too

No. 1054299

I don't doubt Lush is legit in their views cuz of their drag queen collabs, but I think it's important to consider that a lot of these brands are probably pressured into openly supporting troonery just for the sake of good publicity. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a company that says they don't support the troons

No. 1054354

File: 1644176700454.jpg (83.02 KB, 451x780, Screenshot_2.jpg)

I love pretty rocks but sometimes I wonder how many small "businesses" are destroying the caves adn the earth with their crystal requests, selling them to zoomers who just throw them in a drawer after a few weeks

No. 1054361

>who just throw them in a drawer after a few weeks
this is me

No. 1054370

are those even real and not just glass or something?

No. 1054422

Where do these people eveb source their crystals from?

No. 1054434

i get this strange feeling that alo of the crystals they sell are fake.

No. 1054441

most likely bought in bulk from aliexpress or similiar sources directly from China

No. 1054480

oh then they are mostly fake then

No. 1054522

A clear indicator of low quality crystals is them being dyed. Notice how one is a neon pink? Yeah they'll colour low quality stones so zoomers will buy them. They may even be polished quartz with a splash of dye etc.

No. 1054992

That's the thing, many of these people aren't collecting "crystals" but glass waste someone resold

No. 1055370

I have a bunch of minerals half of which I collected myself waiting in a box in my dresser for me to find a good place to display them on

No. 1055537

Yeah I’ve seen TikTok communities where they collect glass stones (glass waste tumbled by the ocean)

No. 1055649

real sea glass (the kind that ends up on the beach after having spend decades in the waters) is really nice tho and hunting for it is a fun hobby.

No. 1056077

You can collect crystals from beaches depending on where you live. I collected some recently.

No. 1056999

Zoomers AND facebook moms

No. 1057002

Authenticity is dead, the new authenticity IS duplicitousness. We believe the lies, we want the lies, and we’ll pay for the lies. That's why buying shit from aliexpress is easier than paying an artisan.

No. 1057012

yesterday I got a tiktok ad and it said something along the lines of "Find authenticity on tiktok!" lmao.

No. 1057023

Kek, there's no way tiktok is authentic.

No. 1057025

did you maybe misread autism for authenticity??

No. 1057072

former consoomer

I used to collect kawaii stuff of all sorts, but usually plushies. and vintage stuff, usually toys. I thought they were neat and it made me happy, I liked just looking at them.

i grew out of tbe kawaii aesthetic (and also got severely depressed and lost all interest in anything) and threw it all out. the vintage stuff are in boxes somewhere. so much money wasted, smh

No. 1057073

Resell them, nonny! You'll gain money and space!

No. 1057232

Something like that happened to me too! I used to be into very cutesy and vintage stuff but gave it all away when I grew out of it in my early 20s. I still like cute stuff here and there of course but I would never hoard kawaii stuff ever again.

No. 1057393

File: 1644347944991.jpeg (732.53 KB, 828x1101, 5E8F4AF6-3FE9-4A43-ABFE-E77FB4…)

Only a year and a half. Honestly scary.
It's just a typical consoomer male weeb room but I still hate it. Absolutely shit taste in anime too.

No. 1057432

The fuck? I've been into manga and anime since I was a small child and I would never even think about doing this shit. It looks like some poser wants some internet clout among fellow fake fans.

No. 1057441

It looks like he just raided his local anime store.

No. 1057460

This has to be a mental illness. Splurging that much on an interest you’ve only had for a year? I watched anime since I was 10 years old but didn’t buy my first figurine until I was 15. I got like a total of 6 figurines now and honestly hate it. Overpriced, cluttered and useless.

No. 1057468

Does that even wall even make him happy or was he collecting all that for likes?

No. 1057508

I don't know why but I find it so creepy when men have anime girl figures. It just feels off. Why do they need to own miniature women? It's very off putting and weird to me. I don't feel the same way about women who collect them, although purchasing that much shit in less than a year is fucking unhinged for both.

No. 1057511

Also, dogshit taste in animes. All uguuuu nya "slice of life" self insert drivel, and other coomer shit. Fucking gross

No. 1057519

File: 1644351724456.jpeg (458.04 KB, 2250x3000, E915EE63-25EC-4379-8EB9-9047A3…)

It’s literal objectification in both cases, but only gross when guys do own it because we know what degen sick fucks they are.

Unless the woman owns picrel. Then you know she’s a pickme sex-work-is-work thot

No. 1057522

why is this so fucking true kek

every video i watched on how 'sex work is actually liberating and you can be in control!!' they've always had those weird ass anatomy candles in the background.

it's almost a very fitting metaphor as to how they just see women as bodies or maybe i'm just tinfoiling

No. 1057527

This could've been ok, yes I have bad taste, if it was shaped like a Greek structure or something more artistic but shit looks straight out of a Hentai wtf.

No. 1057549

File: 1644352658264.jpg (143.2 KB, 1707x2560, GF00107_R_01_1280x1280@2x.jpg)

I remember pointing out how weirdly pornofied these candles were and some scrote was like "some women are actually blessed enough to be built like that" what, minus a fucking ribcage?

I would absolutely buy candles with bodies like picrel and not whatever weird photoshopped shit the creator of the other candles used as a reference

No. 1057550

I think you are onto something kek

"anatomy candles" the waist is the same size as the fucking thighs but you're right tbh

I agree with >>1057527, it could be cool as a greek statue candle, but ofc they had to make it look like a failed coomer MOBA game character.

No. 1057551

I know what you mean, I originally thought it was some sort of jewelry holder thing, imo it'd make a cute one if the body wasn't so clearly catered for a male gaze. The naked female form is beautiful so I understand the fascination with it.

No. 1057574

>some women are actually blessed enough to be built like that
Maybe a very curvy chubby woman could have a similar body, like one in those prosperity goddess trinkets, with a much wider waist and much less pornification but the same scrote would probably hate on chubby women so…
Thank you anons for making me feel better, lol. I think nudity in art can be appreciated but female form is so sexualized and pornified nowadays anything is just made to appeal to the male gaze.

No. 1057601

Yeah, that's what I mean. Even in some places where women do have narrow waists and a very very slim yet curvy figure they still look real and like they actually have a ribcage compared to this shit.

Like you said that's not good enough for scrotes though. Even when they do have 'ideal' bodies I've still seen men make comments about how her boobs would sag or how she'd have big calves or a belly pouch etc…we can't win!

No. 1058242

>I got like a total of 6 figurines now and honestly hate it. Overpriced, cluttered and useless.
I just canceled some pre-orders I placed late last year of some figurines. It pains me a bit because they're really cute and I want to support the artist who makes them but I just know they'll end up faded and degraded in a box eventually.

No. 1058570

File: 1644412421450.webm (2.68 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_6940116085454720262_di…)

The retarded face expressions to appear "funny", the funko wall, the shameless confession of wasting money….
Girls you can have him

No. 1058577

who is "everyone"? who is desiring of men who collect funko pops?

No. 1058585

is dating Funko Pop men an actual thing or is this tiktok retardness? Anyway gross

No. 1058620

where i live i cant collect crystals and we only have one crystal shop and that shop is super expensive even though they get all their crystals from china for very cheap. I guess the owners want to make fast money or something because the prices are insane they also always tax you a additional 10eur if you buy more than than one crystal in their shop.

No. 1058622

>man bun
>floor to dingy popcorn ceiling funko pops
>scraggly uneven facial hair
>Hot Topic shirt
>admits to being broke and that he won't care about you
Wow, what a catch!

No. 1058643

sounds like he's trying to cope because nobody wants to date a manchild who is invested in ugly plastic dolls.

No. 1058996

>Hot Topic shirt
Even worse, it's a Loot Crate shirt.

No. 1059423

File: 1644455734752.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1799, 6EDAF5E0-EFEB-47FB-9598-0FFDF6…)

Someone got scammed for almost $1000 while trying to buy manga on r/mangatraders, and if they had checked beforehand they would have found out this guy has been doing it for months. Naïveté and consoomerism is a bad combo.

No. 1059913

In the past month I’ve made over $500 on selling my collectable stuff. Still keeping my nendoroids/crystals/plushies though.

No. 1059953


My ex had a friend who looked pretty similar to this guy, he had a wife 2 kids and a shelf of funkos. Their house was dirty and literally across the street from a drug rehab/halfway house. That's what I think of now when I see Funko pop collectors

No. 1059956

File: 1644505479590.jpg (545.21 KB, 1080x1964, Screenshot_20220210_100030_com…)

holy hell, this woman. not only she stands firmly on her tiny moral soapbox, but also looks deranged. top consoom right there!

No. 1060020

File: 1644507986461.jpg (25.64 KB, 408x550, serious_joker.jpg)

I talked about this in one of the previous threads but I think the majority demographics of certain consoomer sub-culture to be interesting

>Disney(overall as a brand) consoomers tend to mostly women of various age ranges and ethnicities

>Star Wars consoomers are males 35+ and mostly white, the only substantial females are the Reylo shippers(who now have also branched into stanning Hayden Christensen)
>MCU is rare mixed bag which appeals to pretty much to various groups at once depending on the exact film/series
>Pokemon is also interesting, the anime seems to attract women and sane with with the games however the hardcore/professional Pokémon players will be male(likely autistic) and the casual players women and girls
>sneakerheads, age range also varies, mostly black males but also quite a high number of asians as well

any there any other consoomer majority demographics you all can think off that I may have missed

No. 1060026

>Makeup consoomers are 20+ women and gay men
>Skincare product consoomers are women
>Harry Potter consoomers are 30+ women and men equally
>Romantic fiction consoomers are 30+ women
>Porn consoomers are men

No. 1060032

Samefag sorry, I didn't see the race demographics part but I'd say everything I mentioned is neutral race-wise except Harry Potter which attracts mostly white members of both genders

No. 1060042

as someone who was really into HP a couple years I have to disagree with you, the female to male ratio was definitely unbalanced, there were plenty of male HP fans but it was like still like 1:4 and demographic wise it was actually pretty diverse(at least here in the UK, I don't know what the case was for America) but yeah in all the togethers I could see at least 30% of the people were non-white and again mostly women

No. 1060043

When female demographics move away from a franchise it becomes worse in my opinion. You saw that with Sonic and while Pokemon has a lot of furfag autists it has enough female and normie fans to balance it out

No. 1060047

I live in America so it might be different. Here "nerdy" men definitely liked Harry Potter as equally as the women and consoomed the movies at the same rate.

No. 1060050

Thats because nerdy american men are affeminate which explains the high trooning out rates

No. 1060051

Yeah, can't argue with you there.

No. 1060052

okay but why weren't men in the UK in it though, it was rare for me to find dudes that weren't only there for the sake of either their girlfriends or sisters

No. 1060067

Found the sandnigger(racebait)

No. 1060076

File: 1644510050202.gif (848.52 KB, 275x177, 1644429017655.gif)

Found the butthurt affeminate american man who's gonna troon out soon

No. 1060112

don't bait with nana idiota

No. 1060117

Moids feel some kind of empowerment when women leave and they start to gatekeep ship, as if anyone wants to do anything with them. Then, when they see no attention, they start to crawl into our spaces, because they're immature and insecure as fuck, we get pissed, we leave and the circle repeats. They can't enjoy anything, they just want to control, their existence is a pity.

No. 1060123

So you admit that you are a fucking sandnigger?(Racebait)

No. 1060126

So you admit you're a future troon burger?

No. 1060179

File: 1644514392495.gif (2.58 MB, 206x216, amberlynn-reid.gif)

>kpop posting
>0 originality&creativity, straight up parroting the anon she responds to
>low iq radiating from her posts
As expected kek. What are you doing on such haram sites as lolcow in the first place? Gtfo roach

No. 1060193

File: 1644514898375.gif (7.63 MB, 480x480, 1644281163973.gif)

>projecting a fantasy of me being muslim and arab because you're bootyblasted you're an undesireable tranny

No. 1060200

Are American men so low iq they think "affeminate", an English word, is used exclusively by arabs? God what retarded moids.

No. 1060204

File: 1644515230127.jpeg (83.82 KB, 1920x1080, 1599589557425.jpeg)

You two need to have sex with each other, maybe that will help you calm down or something.

No. 1060209

youre that scrote who kept on spamming ambelynn and is obsessed wit fat women and poc, arent you?

No. 1060211

Typical tranny behavior, women don't want to have sex with you
We need to reclaim Sonic

No. 1060219

>having sex with a pig disgusting schizopergers american man with ed and porn addiction
n o

No. 1060221

Learn how to read, as a straight woman I wouldn't have sex with a kpoop fangirl and an autistic Sonic fangirl like you two even if you paid me a million dollars.

This is your punishment for shitting up the thread.

No. 1060224

>as a straight woman

No. 1060230

only kiwi fags sperg about k pop and sonic. how are you a woman giving a fuck if other women like it, seriously?

No. 1060231

File: 1644515942474.jpeg (33.5 KB, 258x258, saniccollect.jpeg)

What if my house is looking like picrel? Would you come by for lunch?

No. 1060234

Of course, provided that you are actually a woman.

No. 1060237

Then why did you beg nona to sex you?
And stay for dinner because I will help you organize and display them in a more cuter way

No. 1060239

If we was playing Sonic Heroes, which of you would be the bottom/middle/top? Would you switch? Would you all Team Blast at the same time? I'm sorry I feel a strong need to make these jokes
Then we have a date

No. 1060240

That's very kind, irl though my display would already be cute and tidy, picrel is just a hypothetical

No. 1060257

I don't see any chao in here, 0/10 would never come in your neighborhood.

>Then why did you beg nona to sex you?
I was telling two different anons to do it together far away from this thread, again, learn how to read.

No. 1060268

There is a chao though

No. 1060275

Wow, telling me to have sex with a cringe moid when you're another chao garden appreciator? i feel insulted smh

No. 1060281

File: 1644517038959.png (178.98 KB, 258x258, RIGHTTHEREGIRL.png)

Are you blind? Jeeeez

No. 1060290

It's too small, death penalty to both of you for giving me false hope.

My bad, if that anon is a man then I apologize for the terrible advice.

No. 1060297

Whatever I'm not here to please you, when I'm dead I'm going to come to your house as a ghost and fart on all your chaos and ghost farts are particularly bad.

No. 1060466

I would like to get rid of part of my plushie hoard (I'm not sure how successful at that I will be, because the goal is to cut it down by a half). I'm not sure if I should try selling it or give it to some needy kid or offer it for free to a local Facebook group? I need money but it seems like it will take a lot of time for most of things to sale, and selling a plushie for almost nothing is worse than giving it away imho.
Have any of you had any success with doing that? I'm also worried about selling something that my end up being sought-after soon-ish

No. 1060468

I hate the amberlynn psycho, should be banned for avatarfagging/ambersperging

No. 1060478

Try to sell everything, and donate whatever isn't selling after some time I guess? Maybe a garage sale would help you selling things faster than online but I'm not sure if that's a possibility where you live, especially with potential covid restrictions.

No. 1060508

Were you going to list the plushies one by one? Cause if so I think you should instead divide them up into smaller groups by company/color/theme/etc and list them as lots.

No. 1060623

File: 1644531522498.png (12.9 KB, 110x101, 1642028910611.png)

>in any way a real English word
The absolute state of muslimoid "intelligence" lmao(racebait)

No. 1060945

If your plushie hoard is like pokemon and they're in decent condition I'd list them on Ebay

No. 1060972

Can you stop posting Amberlynn for your scrote shit? The original reaction pic is funny and I don't want it attached to incels. Please 41%, thanks

No. 1060979

this picture just brought back the best memory of playing with these with a barbie dollhouse at my grandma's. thanks nonnie

No. 1061046

File: 1644556883427.jpg (180.86 KB, 960x530, clothesrack.jpg)

Next OP should have a list of sites to sell stuff so people can declutter.
https://www.ebay.com/ (best for selling/auctioning Items I've had the most luck selling shoes, collectables and game consoles)
https://poshmark.com/ (They take a 20% commission on every sale but good for selling various articles of clothing)
https://www.depop.com/ (for trendy y2k clothes that zoomers eat up, they encourage you to take "aesthetically pleasing pics")
Facebook Marketplace: Only good if you're keeping this local and don't want to pay shipping. (Be very careful doing this. I made the the mistake of agreeing to meet at someone's hoarder nightmare house kek)

No. 1061116

Thank you for this nonny, I'm always looking for places where I can sell clothing / accessories / shoes on the internet that are already well established.

No. 1061318

I just found it funny how zoomers criticize NFTs because they destroy the planet (and that's true) but then proceed to surf tiktok for minimum 6 hours/day and buy 500 dollars shein hauls.
At least say that you're against NFTs because it's a big scam lol

No. 1061323

this is how i feel about hardcore zero waste vegans who judge you for taking public transport because it's still bad for the environment!! but then they watch netflix for hours every day as if the servers don't affect the environment. like, good for people for being vegan or zero waste or both but it's pretty much impossible to live without affecting the environment in some kind of way.

No. 1061326

File: 1644579668453.jpg (50.01 KB, 400x376, b4329eef839806a4675e4835290a59…)

Buying art supplies in excess (more than needed/than it's being used) is top tier consoomerism.

No. 1061327

File: 1644579846560.jpg (188.87 KB, 1024x819, fukubukuro-lucky-bags-japan-3-…)

Also lucky bags and most subscription boxes.

No. 1061419

File: 1644586139465.jpg (183.06 KB, 914x718, baubles.jpg)

my hair is knee-length and I wear it in braids to keep it from wadding up and tangling into a big dreadlock-mass
I buy a shitload of hair ornaments, these are my favorites, but anything elastic in my hair snaps after awhile

No. 1061420

I had some of the red clear ones as a kid and I hated them because they were so pretty but I could never figure out how to wear them. I spent hours glaring at them in my hair box. I'm glad someone enjoys them to the full extent kek

No. 1061436

oof that's a shame, you got good taste though lol

No. 1061461

As a kid I discovered copics and my dad very kindly paid for a big ass set for me, one of the 72 market sets. It was like $350. I flip flop between doing art and not doing art but I definitely don't do it as seriously as I used to. I should really sell my copics and take my parents out for a nice dinner with the money.

No. 1061646

Copic sets are such a flex for teenagers. I read one of those artist pages on their website and they said they only use 24, over that is unnecessary

No. 1061757

Holy shit how many shades of black do you even need kek

No. 1061763

I don’t get why they’re so popular. I mean, I do because weaboos but markers must be the most boring color medium out there.

No. 1061798

Yep, I wanted a set because I was a weeb and thought better materials = better art. I find that I don't actually really like the look of them, even though copic sketch is supposed to give a watercolor look. I prefer the look and feel of just using regular watercolors. It's also kind of annoying buying inking pens and paper that can withstand the alcohol.

No. 1062176

I'm almost 100% sure this person bought most of this from yahoo auction lots who tend to sell almost exactly everything I can recognize in that picture.

No. 1062406

File: 1644653823978.jpg (44.54 KB, 500x495, tumblr_650aa544c46a7a5987e93b0…)

had a ton of LPS, sitting in my closet, so I sold them to an older woman. A few months later my appartment caught on fire. At least I got a profit out of them before it was too late

No. 1065130

Small Businesses are peak consoomerism. People don't buy it for the actual need of the items, they buy stuff deluding themselves into supporting people who can't get a normal job.
Almost everything in these small businesses is not necessary and unoriginal. People are out there shitting on Etsy shop that dropship but aren't these the same fucking thing? They buy aliexpress shit in a bulk and then resell.

Goes bad after a month, is expensive and pollutes
Phone cases?
You can make your own for basically free.
Do these people actually have a health and danger certificate? (eng is not my main lang so bear with me) DO they list the ingredients? All I saw was people buying clear formula and then putting glitter in it and labelling them as "Anime Inspired" lmao what the hell
Go to a local shop, it's prettier, maybe a bit more expensive, but in the long run it would cost less than paying a random girl who buys from aliexpress shipping and stuff.
Safety keychains?
Those things do not protect at all. They're cluttered, so you have to pray you don't get attacked, before you can access the pepper spray under the pompon, cute charms and such.
Resin jewewlry?
I have yet to see something different than anime pastel shit or flowery shit. Plus, plastic. Again.
Tiktok really ruined zoomers, pop culture and the planet.

No. 1065428

True you see twitterfags advertising all the time about their fucking jewelry or some shit and to support them meanwhile you can tell it’s all wholesale trash from alibaba lol just because I’m giving my money to some queer ethnic special snowflake doesn’t make it any less capitalist or harmful to the environment/cheap laborers. And then other people find it inspiring that you can also shill trash to your online platform because impulsive behavior is learned through social media

No. 1065524

Not to mention the crystals are usually fakes, and the plastic shit is usually super toxic and carcinogenic. Did ppl just conveniently forget that plastic that's cheap is toxic?

No. 1065571

All the packaging and freebies is what really gets me, especially. Semi-blog, but I take handmade commissions and I only ever shipped my packages in cardboard boxes with nothing but the order itself inside (My commissions aren't fragile). Not even a business card because I figured "these people already know who I am and how to reach me." Then someone I know started an online store and spent a bunch of money and time on packaging and freebies and it made me question if I was running my business wrong. But really this crap is superfluous, just give people what they ordered and leave it at that. Freebies are usually just extra junk anyway.

No. 1065595

i agree but these small-business sellers dont buy their crystals from aliexpress because its too expensive to bulk buy (and they are starting to avoid alibaba too) so they are starting to buy from even more sus and low-quality sources.

There are genuine crystals on aliexpress, the actual scam is not the crystal but your order never arriving, getting a smaller quantity than you payed for, getting a different crystal etc etc.

I say this as someone who used aliexpress to buy cheap shit.

No. 1065600

>Crystals? Go to a local shop, it's prettier, maybe a bit more expensive, but in the long run it would cost less than paying a random girl who buys from aliexpress shipping and stuff.

oh you naive child, you do realize that crystal shops also get their crystals cheap from china?

No. 1065658

Where I am from, nonners, construction workers often find crystals during digging and they sell the block to locale stores and they cut it themselves

No. 1065736

damn these skull crackers to hell and back. omg these things would hurt.

No. 1065754

File: 1645579430643.gif (899.89 KB, 500x363, C7D64289-037A-487A-8870-41003C…)

No. 1065838

Sorry if this doesn't fit here but the lolita girl from this video is currently getting over her consumerism and all of the "defined by what I own" thing and it makes me happy for her.

No. 1065841

File: 1645582611948.png (947.69 KB, 1037x861, rosie.png)

Samefag, her most recent instagram post.

No. 1065854

Could you please post a pic of her new styling? I'm curious

No. 1065861

It's funny how the Lolita girl grew into a more mature and happier person whereas the goth is a literal lolcow

No. 1065864

File: 1645584152070.jpeg (1.37 MB, 828x1337, 3C252F00-C623-47D5-B2CF-4AC60B…)

No. 1065867

File: 1645584476694.png (821.04 KB, 531x870, rosie2.png)

Her most recent selfie (that bunny pic) is from August 2020, this video cap from 2 weeks ago.

No. 1065885

Idk good for her for maturing but she still looks like shit.
Yeah, I found it funny too.

No. 1065886

I found her old thread if you're curious >>>/snow/780388

No. 1066028

Inversely has anyone tried the whole "not buying anything for a year" trend? Idk what it's called. I just see it pop upon my feed every so often.
I want to try because I'd like to save money and also cut down on frivolities and dopamine spiking myself with random crap.

No. 1066118

The ~freebies~ bother me a lot because its not even free stuff, is fanart they download from pinterest or order from aliexpress and then make them as a sticker. Plus I find freebies a bit manipulatory, like "Hey!! See?? We give You FREE stuff!! Please order from US! We're the best!"

No. 1066119

Tbh I think this is a lateral move, not an upgrade…
How many girls are into witchy and nature and cottagecore and plant shit? Its just a shift in interests. Good for her for giving away things but it feels like a formerà weeaboo brainrotting for kpop idols, its not that different.

No. 1066124

overall it's less wasteful then her previous aesthetic, maybe it is shallow but it's more sustainable and better for her overall

No. 1066135

Can't help but thinking this looks like Luna's house but less filthy lol

No. 1066144

File: 1645610205739.jpg (157.56 KB, 598x800, a36e801fcfa3d5175d2c0b7574f51a…)

I have got into doll collecting recently and it's making me anxious. I'm collecting Rainbow High, which kind of makes me want to get every doll so I have the whole rainbow uguuu. But I really do not want to let it get to a point of picrel. I have already decided I will only get "main series" dolls to keep it somewhat under control. But I do think I should just sell them all because this is fucking insane.

I also have a shitload of art supplies for customizing the dolls, a HUGE dollhouse etc. I love the crafting but it does make me feel bad for being such a fucking consoooomer tool

No. 1066145

File: 1645610226254.jpg (279.66 KB, 736x1324, 02c179aeda4ce9d68dba4f3cce428d…)

Another torture pic

No. 1066194

Im disgusted when moids post their ugly funko collections but somehow when its women collecting dolls it seems cute and harmless and I'm not gonna question that double standard because why should I, men never question theirs. Keep on consooming nonna we support you

No. 1066200

Have you considered getting into OOAK doll making? These are all popular bases. If you ever decide to sell too you'll make bank because they're highly sought after in the doll making community, Monster High in particular is rare now.

No. 1066227

You're good, doll/toy collecting is fun and if you enjoy it then go for it. If you're into customizing them it even adds a creative outlet which is always a good thing! Money are for spending, I promise you're not gonna sit there at 88 years old and be happy that you have a big ass pile of money you never used.

I also don't like it when collections are too cluttered so I've decided to not have complete collections of anything and only get the pieces I really like. If they're from the same series it will still look cohesive but let the individual pieces stand out more.

No. 1066314

Kek, me too. I laugh at the funko pop guys, and then remember my collection and start sweating.

Yeah I have! I am making OOAK dolls out of Cave Club and some other assorted dolls that I plan to sell at some point. Same with my dollhouse I am customizing. Dunno what the market is but we'll see! I'm also customizing the face of all my Rainbow High dolls, maybe I'll sell them once I get bored.

You have a lot of good points anon, thank you!

No. 1066349

File: 1645629276746.jpg (215.54 KB, 1080x1350, 71NQ9pi4DBL._AC_SL1350_.jpg)

I did this but specifically for clothing! It felt very fulfilling to complete, and has helped me reset my priorities when it comes to clothing. I used to feel like I didn't have enough clothes, especially work clothes, and was hyper aware of what people wore because I was worried about being judged for rewearing clothes a lot. I had to put a lot of my clothes away in a storage unit for 10+ months because of a bedbug infestation (don't ask why it was for so long, also I still don't have a chunk of my wardrobe back) so I was limited to a total of about ~15-20 clothing pieces including tops, bottoms, dresses etc. And no one cared! No one cared at all!

I have a habit of "saving" nice clothes for only nice occasions, but now I'm trying to wear them more. Every day is a nice occasion. I bought this dress, I'm going to wear it.

I've also become very picky about the clothes I buy. During my no-buy year, I would only occasionally window shop or browse online to limit the temptations, but after a while I found that I didn't really like a lot of the clothes. Certainly not enough to break my no-buy streak! There were very, very few pieces that I almost bought, but now I can't even remember them. Maybe the latest fashion trends just aren't to my taste, but a lot of stuff is very mediocre. Going forward I intend to wear my clothing to shreds, try buying natural fiber clothing as much as I can, making my own clothing, and and shopping only from small/handmade businesses. I know this last bit means shelling out at least a 6 month clothing supply from shein for a single piece of clothing, but I only want things that are well made and I intend to only buy clothes once or twice every few months.

No. 1066356

I throw stuff away constantly. I hate having tons of possessions, esp since there is a housing crisis here.

No. 1066366

every time i go to the goodwill i always bring a bag of clothes and housewears to donate because i hate keeping anything i dont use/wear all the time. im trapped in the cycle

No. 1066634

I seriously need to complete my wardrobe because I gained weight and I need more trousers, and I'll start looking for my own place very soon, but I'd like to try it after I've found an apartment and all the furniture I'll need for it.

No. 1066637

Why not go the reasonable middle road and only buy what you need lol. No buy for a whole year is just the other end of the extreme.

No. 1066640

no buys are only for things you don’t need lol

No. 1066760

Stupid question but is it comsoomerist to buy multiples of the same item if you really like it? In my case its a specific style of shirt, I love these shirts I have several of the exact same one. I'm mostly afraid they will go out of stock it so I hoard them whenever I see they have more at the store I work. I hate finding a product you love only to have it be discontinued later

No. 1066797

It's not as long as you use all these things you buy. I seriously regret not doing that for some pairs of jeans because finding my size now that one of my favorite stores closed down is nearly impossible.

No. 1066804

What do you think are going to be the consequences of this wave of "skincare" consumerism where people use too many products in their routine?

No. 1066809

I buy multiples of the same item too especially since my wardrobe is basic and I wear the hell out of them.

I regret not stocking up a few months back because my favorite clothing brand switched manufacturers from one country to another and apparently the deterioration in quality is noticeable.

No. 1066815

I don't think there's many consequences for the skin unless people are messing with acids and trets and such. But moisturizers and such are mostly just water, what serious harm can they really do?

No. 1066819

I have seen some girls on Asian tiktok apply mutliple masks at once, don't they have a bit of fragrance and serums?

No. 1067891

As usual it's short term gain for long term loss. Tret seems to have taken off, but it dissolves the fat in your face and makes your skin thin, making it sag and wrinkle more when you get older. Sunscreen has hormone disruptors and you get lots of health issues from not enough vitamin D.

No. 1068630

Would love to see your work sometime! I was into the hobby briefly and would hunt for bases at Savers, but fell out of it and gave most of my supplies away. Rainbow High is so cute and I'd love to get back into it for them alone but I don't need more art supplies gathering dust kek

No. 1068791

Probably nothing other than a waste of money, if anything layering too many ingredients makes each of them less effective.

No. 1069229

It just hurts their skin in the long run, which makes them buy more products to fix the problem and the cycle repeats.

A good thing to know is that your body is very reactive. If you strip your skin of the good natural oils it will react by going into an overproduction of oil to replace it all to make sure it will have surplus ready if it happens soon again, hence producing a lot more than it normally would. If you moisturize every day your body will notice that you already have a surplus and will react by stopping it's own production of it, leaving you dryer than usual. In both cases you mess up the natural production for the worse. Your body is quicker to react than to go back to normal productions afterwards, but it does eventually go back to normal if you just stop using the products.

It's as simple as "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Get treatment for your cystic acne, of course. Moisturize your dry skin, when it is dry. If your skin is fairly neutral and just has a hormonal pimple now and then chances are that you don't need to exfoliate it and strip it of natural protective fats and oils and replace those with perfumed irritating skin care products every other day. Sleep + healthy eating will do far more good and cost way less.

No. 1070369

I finally let myself be tempted and bought to buy or not to buy on amazon. I couldn't find it anywhere else where I live because it's not translated in my first language apparently. I'll see if it's really that good of a book once I receive it.

No. 1070776

Yes and No. In the short term (less than 6 months) tretinoin thins the skin. Past 6 months it thickens the skin. But you need to get your skin fully retinized. Lots of people are either not good candidates for it or are too skimpy with how often they use it so their skin never gets fully retinized and their skin is stuck in that stage where it is thinned and never get to the point where the tretinoin works to thicken it. If you keep up with longevity/aging research scene scientists are coming to think that aging doesn't necessarily happen at a steady, constant, gradual rate. So when people anecdotally say that they looked the same age for years and suddenly over the course of weeks or months, seemed to age years all at once, their experience is getting backed up by researchers in the field. I think this provides a confound, people start using tretinoin at the onset of this experience and attribute it to the tretinoin when they were already losing that facial fat due to natural aging.

With all that said though there are definitely anecdotes that give me pause and I've been trying to collect examples, it seems like there is a type of person where the tret definitely damages their skin and it can't be explained away by anything else. They tend to have really bad reactions to the tret in general and had sensitive skin to begin with and were often fair skinned as well. They react badly to the tret from the outset and the negative effects are visible within weeks. I think people with sensitive skin should stay away from it. If I had to hazard a guess I think the tretinoin causes inflammation that leads to apoptosis of the fat cells. Vitamin C serums, niacinamide cream, and perhaps EGF serums or topical hormones and botox would be safer. I think the sort of person to have a bad reaction to tretinoin would also have a bad reaction to laser facials and microneedling from what I've gathered.

No. 1070827

>It's as simple as "if it ain't broke don't fix it".
This. The skincare industry won't tell you the truth because they can't earn money off that.

No. 1073960

Which is better for getting rid of a hoard, selling through sites like ebay and mercari or just hauling it off to a place like book-off? I kind of just want to get rid of everything all at once without going through the hassle of online selling but I don't know if I would be ripped off selling it to a secondhand place.

No. 1073970

depends on what you are selling. What is it?

No. 1073986

Mostly old manga and comic books I don't read anymore. I don't have any figures but I do have a couple plushes from cons.

No. 1074010

A couple of anons were discussing this exactly in the previous thread. go there and Ctrl F manga to find them. some used ebay and secondhand stores.

No. 1074935

I have had consoomer tendencies ever since I was little. Back then it was collecting toys, plushies, art supplies, just colorful stuff that was nice to display and look at. When I got older it morphed into what I tried to excuse as a necessary shopping but now I recognize was a consoom all along. Body care products, clothes, accessories, food - I currently have five different body creams because what if I run out suddenly? These boots I have are so comfy and go along with many of my outfits so well, I better go and buy another almost identical pair or better yet, two pairs. No I can't stand having only one coconut milk can in my pantry despite most recipes calling for only one can, I have to have several at all times. I tried to argue with myself it's okay because I will eventually use up all these things which I guess is true, but I'm done. Recent political happenings switched something in my brain and I lost all interest in buying excessive things. I already started throwing out some old stuff and want to go on a strict no-buy until at least the end of this year. I have everything I could possibly need for a simple frugal lifestyle.
Sorry for blogposting, but I feel like writing it down like this will hold me more accountable. I have a lot of unnecessary but sentimental crap that will be difficult to get rid of, even looking at it makes me uncomfortable because I don't want it to waste space anymore yet I will miss it so much when it's gone.

No. 1075460

File: 1646065599864.jpeg (471.34 KB, 828x948, F8C93C51-879D-40B0-AFF5-BFA5E4…)

Does this fit here?

No. 1075623

The fact that it's off-center would bother me for life.

No. 1075653

I saw one similar to this except it was a fakboi with “boy” tattooed there

No. 1075654

I saw one similar to this except it was a fakeboi with “boy” tattooed there. These people love their labels so much, that they’re tattooing it on themselves.

No. 1076643

"Boy" is still better than "faggot" or "twink" and I can already tell there's fakebois out there with those tattooed.

No. 1082109

File: 1646327580786.webm (19.27 MB, 576x1008, skincare.webm)

skincare is the perfect consoomer hobby. there is always a new product, new packaging, a fridge for your products, shelving for all your products, mirrors, lights, products to make your other products 'work better', and even if none of it works and your skin only gets worse, you can always blame it on the fact that you somehow did it wrong or your skin just didnt perform correctly so you should try a different product that claims to do something else. and they are all little jars of goop. it is endless. this is the future.

No. 1082113

I agree completely and totally irrelevant but holy shit the way these asmr make up removal tiktokers clack their nails on the products makes me wish I was deaf, it's SO fucking annoying.

No. 1082124

all those products and she still has a pimple… I'm better off having 3 and saving my money.

No. 1082133

File: 1646328484070.webm (12.76 MB, 576x1024, skincare2.webm)

No. 1082141

1.) How does her skin survive all of these products.
2.) You have to be on something to think some goofy ass comb with LED lights that makes buzzing noises will bring back any lost hair, or do anything at all except waste your money.

No. 1082147

what are half of these tools? like the buzzing comb? the plastic spatulas under her eyes? wtf I really am out of the loop with skincare trends.

No. 1082153

Someone please explain, I'm retarded. What are all of these? Besides bio oil, I know that product. Why on the face? Because its like vitamin E + A? This would make me breakout like a preteen.

No. 1082160

File: 1646329655830.webm (13.75 MB, 576x1024, whisper.webm)

there is a whole category of pov asmr skincare videos and they are incredibly weird

No. 1082162

File: 1646329732908.webm (10.78 MB, 960x540, povspa.webm)

No. 1082169

Gotta love the face slimming filter jump when she takes off the mask kek.

No. 1082194

She shouldn't be offering skin care to anyone with a forehead like that

No. 1082195

I think she uses bio oil as a shaving oil since she shaves afterwards.

No. 1082207

My mother used to buy skin care products obsessively, she has spent thousands of dollars on products that she uses maybe once or twice before deciding they don't work for her skin, and then she buys more of something else. I remember her bathroom used to just be overflowing with skincare and makeup. She used to spend over and hour in the bathroom just washing her face and applying makeup. She doesn't even wear heavy makeup, no eyeliners or anything, just foundation and blush and maybe a mascara. But she had like a million washes, creams, oils, acids, toners, you fucking name it. She was also obsessed with tanning at one point and bought enough bronzer for the whole block.

No. 1082256

I was thinking this too! That shit is so expensive and it's marketed for preventing stretchmarks during pregnancy or diminishing the appearance of scars and stretchmarks. I don't know how effective it is for that but it isn't the kind oil you use in the way she's using it! Jesus just buy some cheapo non-comodogenic oil to use for this.

No. 1082310


wait skin consoomers are using violet wands on their faces now? lmao that's a bdsm toy.

No. 1082381

I used it for the stretchmarks I got during puberty it's very good nonna. I was also a dumb teen and used it on my face like the woman in the vid did and it gave me more acne than a greasy neckbeard. I physically recoiled when I saw her put that on her face.

No. 1082755

File: 1646345648622.jpg (1.64 MB, 4096x2731, FM3TytiWYAQlHYw.jpg)

No. 1082825

>book consoom (unless she actually reads all her books)
>candle consoom
>shirt consoom (these designs are sold on every single website like teespring or redbubble, and rarely if ever by the original artist)


No. 1083807

At least the ASMR ones are trying to make soft sounds and not using their hands violently like >>1082133 or >>1065130. They look and sound like greedy monsters grabbing products with their claws.

No. 1084126

This is nightmarish.
I'm european so I'm doomed to age like shit but I feel that getting your skin addicted to so much products is so unhealthy in the long run. I just scrub in alternate days, slap almond oil for my dry skin and I'm good, I don't wear makeup so I don't use any remover and I have only one small chin pimple on my period.
SKorea is the worst about this, parents out there gifting cosmetic surgery, shit's fucked

No. 1084186

>european so doomed to age like shit
not really, just wear sunscreen properly. I assume you meant white by European, you just need to apply the protection people with more melanin naturally have. Just because people in the past didn't (know to) do that, doesn't mean you have to age like shit.

No. 1084232

Seeing the filter distort every time she put her hands on her face and when she pulls of the mask is very funny to me. It isn't just face slimming either, it's smoothing her skin as well. That pimple on her forehead becomes a lot larger and a lot darker when the filter glitches. You can tell from the shelf behind her that she has got a fuck ton of product, maybe not as much as >>1082133 which is just a whole new extreme to me.

No. 1084381

What brand of sunscreen do you recommend ?

No. 1084402

In that video she Moved the camera and there’s a ton of “witchy” shit all over the place. Kek

No. 1084420

Seconded. I'm a pale eurofag but I find most sunscreens make me break out. I usually reserve to wearing it in the Summer and wearing foundation with SPF in the meantime.

No. 1084455

Are you polish? Idk what it is but polish have sudden onset ageing it's weird.

No. 1084457

Asian sunscreen is legit

No. 1084461

the fuck are you talking about

No. 1084467

I got memed into serunms and such and my fail proof skincare has always defaulted to an olay moisturiser (the pink bottle) and simple skin care. Their micellar water, cleanser and toner. That's it. I drink a lot of water and don't bake myself in the sun. I'm in my 30s and people always compliment my skin. Moisturising is the biggest thing. I get occasional pimples but I've just accepted they occur for whatever reason and just staying clean keeps my skin looking clean.

No. 1084474

it's our facial structure nonna, be kind

No. 1084645

I went from basic skincare, to consooming, and then toned it back down out of pure laziness. I just do wash, toner, and moisterizer and I use one of those microfiber make up eraser things to remove my make up (99% of the time only wear eyeliner and fill in my eyebrows). Once a week I'll use TO 30% AHA/BHA mask because I have normal to oily skin and it helps keep my breakouts at bay, and I'll add niacinamide into my routine that day.

I still consoom, but to a much lesser extent. I use a different morning and night toner and I have soooo many face washes that I switch between every morning/night because many of them were from my peak consooming days and I'm just trying to get through them. I still have some other masks I bought and want to use up and never buy again (I'll only ever buy the 30% mask consistently from now on). I cannot consoom moisterizers because my face breaks out and I get milia around my eyes. No idea why but I'm stuck using a specific moisterizer that I took from my mom. At least it's only $20 per bottle but she orders it from our local pharmacy and I don't know where to buy it in stores.

I still love to look at new things and debate adding them into my routine, but once the novelty wears off I just want to wash up as quickly as possible and end up cutting back down to my bare minimum. Sheet masks are always tempting but I always end up forgetting I have them, plus I've only ever used one or two where it felt like it made an improvement in my skin. I should really use sunscreen but I am just… lazy.

No. 1084721

The brands aren't the same everywhere so I can't really recommend one but I have some tips. First, find a sunscreen with SPF 30 if your skin is white, no need to go higher. SPF 50 is a meme, there is almost no difference between the two beside the price. Second, a lotion is better than a spray, you don't want to breath it since some sunscreens contain nanoparticles. Finally buy a brand that you can trust, you don't want to end up wearing sunscreen for nothing.

I got memed so much because my skin was a mess before. Now I only wash my face with cold water and from time to time with hot water and soap. Everyone think that I'm wearing a light foundation. I always massage a little bit of almond oil on my face before going to bed.

No. 1084753

File: 1646418657170.jpg (93.67 KB, 940x529, Deal-Gamestop-Plus-Sale-940x52…)

I've always liked to keep a clutter free home but I was in a relationship a few years ago where I ended up in the opposite. Financially I was better off living with him but I felt bored, empty and uphappy for most of the relationship. He would buy me small things all the time and initially I didn't think of it as anything more than a nice gesture but.. it never slowed down. Even when things turned bad.

Things kept going downhill, he wasn't very fair or emotionally mature in alot of ways but he'd bring me out for lunch, pay for more of our shared expenses and… was always buying me small shit and looking at me wantng to see my excitement. Night and day. Now I'm not a collector of things but I ended up with all this useless crap, toys, figures, there were funko pops at one point because they're an easy thoughtless gift to give to someone. All these figures and lil nik naks that I never would've bought for myself just accumulated in no time. We'd go to arcades and he'd win me multiple toys in one visit. It was too much of a good thing. I felt like I was being reimbursed for the youth I wasted on him (he was older) and the emotional chore of dealing with his anger issues. I would often think 'he doesn't act like he cares but then he spends all this money so he must?' I wrestled with mixed thoughts on what his motivation was when spending on me.

It was only towards the end that the hoard of arcade prizes and cheap plastic shit from gamestop really fucking bugged me. Waking up to it made me face the mess that was us. I felt like I couldn't downsize the collection because he bought it with his money.. it'd be rude and would likely cause an argument. I had long learnt to walk on eggshells with him. In the end I escaped the whole hoard and the guy. I know sometimes men love to rub 'I paid for x and y' in your face but tbh no amount of stuff makes up for an unhappy home life or the shit he did to you the night before. Ultimately I think it was an attempt to keep me feeling indebted to him. To get me to ignore major issues we had. I left with less stuff than I had when I met him and I was just glad to walk away feeling that much lighter.

No. 1084756

What do you mean? You have shit bones? I was talking about big forehead wrinkles and mouth folds.

No. 1084769

Samesies, diet and sleeping enough plays a bigger role than any skincare.

No. 1084820

Nonita I was just like you when I really got into k-beauty in the late 2010’s
Especially when the lioele triple the solution bb cream was still something you can buy (still haven’t found a bb cream American/Korean wise that’s compared tbh) but yeah I would over consoom skincare
Especially cause of the whole glass skin trend before it boomed here in burger land
Eventually I realized I couldn’t hoard skincare like I did makeup when I was younger bc of expiry dates! At least with makeup like eyeshadow I’m not too like concerned I guess with the shelf life, especially since palettes are so expensive, but with skincare I realized I was holding onto all the masks and serums that outlived their shelf life and wondered why they weren’t working or having reaction on my skin.
But same now I just have one face wash, an exfoliating face scrub cause I have oily skin so I can’t stand feeling dead skin on my nose and chin, and a toner. The only serums I indulge in now are just two the ordinary serums and the chemical peel serum from them and my skin has been chilling lol

But nona please get into the habit of using sunscreen trust me I feel like that’s something that should be stressed more in skincare

No. 1084826

Vidrel - I really do enjoy her animal crossing content and her vlogs are nice to have on in the background cause they’re calm but I literally cannot understand this squishmallow collecting and how people go fucking feral for it
The amount she has in just her background and buying even more is insane, granted I’m sure it’s nothing compared to other weirdo squishmallow collectors but I just don’t understand the draw, I guess they can be cute but they’re so … like the funko pops of cuter plushies out there
The only thing I like about squishmallows is the texture and how soft they are other than that I can’t bring myself to purchase one

No. 1084875

I'll do it just for you ♥

I should buy new sunscreen. I bought one from innisfree but stopped using it and I'm sure it's expired and not good to use now. Also I'm retarded and didn't realize I had to remove sunscreen with a makeup remover… I just used my facewash as usual but obviously that wouldn't get it 100% off so after a while I was like "why… does my skin feel like this…?" and then I realized kek.

No. 1085133

Me too! I used to have a skincare routine (wash, scrub, tone, moisturize, eye cream) and my skin looked okay but I still had some acne. I started eating less fat and cooking when I was hungry instead of getting chips and other fatty food. I only use facewash now (I 'scrub' the dead skin cells off my face with my hands about twice a week when I wash my hair and am in the shower for more than 2 minutes, so no more harsh scrubs!) and it works fantastic! I still have acne but it's way better than before. Skincare really is a scam. Just wash your face, moisturize if you need it and put rose water if you feel acne coming up (at least that's what works for me lol, sage 4 blog)

No. 1085191

Let’s kiss now

No. 1089869

File: 1646706804479.jpg (26.06 KB, 483x401, 41epFTJDV1L._AC_SY580_.jpg)

It's too easy to shit on funko pop but I hate more the cult of it, instead of the actual object.
Funko collectors can't just buy one funko, they need whole sets and Funko knows how much they're retarded and cultish, so they will release sets after sets, sometimes with the same characters, just to see them basically printing money.
Funkos can't be out of the box.
Funkos must take at least a wall in your house.
We should really tax the cost of plastic for this shit.
Ah, just in case, there are plastic protectors for your plastic box that's supposed to protect your plastic funko!

No. 1091404

File: 1646793628145.webm (2.19 MB, 576x1024, consoom1.webm)

No. 1091413

I'm over figurine stuff in general because while I think that keeping things in box looks bulky and tacky, you also need to hoard boxes yourself if you have any hopes of reselling the fig in the future. Either way takes up space and it's shitty.
I do hate the cult mindset about it but I also at least appreciate that pops are cheap and shitty as fuck. Better than hoarding $100+ figures. Though I guess a wall of funkos might be more expensive than a few decent quality anime figs kek

No. 1091415

They are actually just hideous as well.

No. 1091418

plant hoarders are the worst , this retard is going to wake up with bug eggs in her hair

No. 1091445

I admittedly have had issues with hoarding skincare. In my defence i would have this crazy of a routine, i only ever used one or two serums at a time. Nowadays, my skincare hoard is significantly smaller now, by the end of the year i should have nothing left. At least i get skincare consoomerism from the angle that everything you buy will get used no matter what, at at the same time, a lot of these people seem to have no skin problems and people who do have legitimate problems tend to not hoard as much as these people do. Videos like this help me to not fall back into the trap of hoarding skincare again.

No. 1091616

why do they both make that weird sound with their mouth?

No. 1091777

This looks disgusting

No. 1091780

I love all of the plants, but the entire room is too cluttered to have them in there. If I had my plants in a room like that I would have knocked all of them over.

No. 1092165

File: 1646854437534.jpeg (43.35 KB, 612x612, 30aafae2-5439-4b51-a8f8-d2c98d…)

I agree, squishmallows look very bland and have uninspiring designs.
So it's no suprise that they suit Raven this much.

No. 1092942

File: 1646921751470.jpg (368.2 KB, 1500x1500, P7730_701-29237_02.jpg)

The only squishmallow I've ever wanted is the pikachu one. They remind me of funko pops with the dead eyes. Works really well for some characters, bland for everyone/thing else

No. 1093453

File: 1646951871159.jpg (151.04 KB, 800x600, 1605592137856.jpg)

I know we already talked about weeb rooms in previous thread but I recently stumbled upon this abomination and wanted to share.

No. 1093455

I like this, at that point you are basically a cryptid.

No. 1093456

i vibe with this

No. 1093464

File: 1646952933315.jpeg (1.65 MB, 4754x2474, 9F2703AF-2E3E-4ACA-B802-EFD0F3…)

the weirder the squismallow, the cuter it is to me, usually. I like when they add a little more flair on the face or body or it's just something weird, I'm not a massive consoomer but I do own some ones I like, including bruce (the seal), a different tuxedo sam, and the fries here

one day I will find the devil bat for a reasonable price

No. 1093479

i can almost smell the mold

No. 1093567

File: 1646960373439.jpg (155.49 KB, 1240x1280, 098812200732__21630.1646671773…)

I don't really care about these plushes style but the orangutan I saw in vid above is oddly endearing to me. It looks better than the stupid plain faced ones and has cute embroidery and a little texture

No. 1093731

wow this is fucking adorable.. i love the few i got before they became “trendy” but the ones theyve released since are all so ugly to me, and it seems like most people just buy them because its a thing thats popular, because i dont know how anyone could find half of those things cute enough to spend that much money on.

No. 1094042

File: 1646999236163.jpg (264.88 KB, 1000x1000, 206344.jpg)

Ty the beanie baby/beanie boo brand is now making 'squish a boos' which are another bland and lazy copy of mallows. Selling them in a range of sizes to compete. The bigger they are the plainer they get too.

I was placing an order lately and needed something small to qualify for free shipping so I ordered a lil 4 inch one. The minis at least have the same glittery eyes as beanie boos but then the larger sizes don't even have the glitter eyes? I guess it's because the plastic eyes would take away from it being a cushion but.. they all look so same-ish when you remove the one feature that made them a recognizable ty product. Not a fan of how everything is becoming a blob with dots for eyes.

No. 1094052

it has an orangussy

No. 1094059

File: 1647000494015.jpg (17.53 KB, 249x437, 41QBqJqw02L._AC_.jpg)

You dumbass you could have said orangina

No. 1094062

The amount of toys I've seen with seams that make it look like a pussy.. I thought I was the only one sick to see this shit.

No. 1094071

Cant be worse than the gay furry Orangina ads I guess…

No. 1094073

Oh my fucking god. I’m dying, this is so fucking cute it made me do the soyjack face.

No. 1094120

I read this as moid

No. 1094136

Wow, there really are people on Tiktok who post their animal hoarding in the collection tags..

No. 1094142

Me too anon get out of my head

No. 1094155

this is fucking disgusting, we really do live in dystopic times where tiktokers see living creatures and beings as commodities to "collect" rather than living breathing beings who require actual care and effort

No. 1094164

Please post some examples, not all of us have that parasyte on their phone and I wanna see…..

No. 1094300

File: 1647019047999.webm (5.95 MB, 576x1024, resetday.webm)

i have been enjoying these #sundayreset videos lately, something about the stop-motion editing style and watching things be cleaned is satisfying to me. i do find them mildly motivating too. but they are also conspicuous consoomerism to the max. every video is exactly the same. everyone has the same items, the same routine, the same house deco style. the samsung washer and dryer set. the iced coffee in a starbucks cup. those plastic bins in their fridge. conspicuously buying fruits and veggies and putting them in little containers. the thing that stands out to me the most though is that everyone has white sheets. what happened to fun colors for your bedsheets? why does everyone's apartment have to look like a gray hotel? it kind of creeps me out, the uniformity. when you can peek into peoples' lives like this you should be seeing variety, the messiness of the human condition, instead everyone looks the same, owns the same things, does the same thigns in the same order with their routine. and let's be real these videos are mostly made by and for young adult women. the trend of trying to be 'that girl' is so obsessive and encompassing that there is no room for variation whatsoever.

No. 1094329

I live in a mediterranean country and ngl I have never seen people buy that many veggies for a week. Maybe it's because here people mostly shop at the piazza and have some fruit trees in their gardens, but I feel like tiktok really overdoes it for show. Especially when they slice strawberries and put them in the fridge.

No. 1094461

this feels so empty and soulless.

No. 1094464

Do they get paid for all that product placement?

No. 1094516

Anyway, Americans like to show off fresh fruit because to them, especially to bougies, it means you can conduct an almost luxury lifestyle, but since they cannot really preserve it or consume it in decent amounts, they have to put it in water in the fridge.
Cola and Juice are less expensive than bottled water, think about it for a second how much can fresh fruit cost.

No. 1094521

This is tiktok, it’s not real grocery shopping.

No. 1094553

I don't know why am I unnerved by this.

No. 1094592

File: 1647034605037.jpg (359.08 KB, 971x1302, 20220311_163251.jpg)

Movie just released…

No. 1094597

It’s not even a cute character, what’s wrong with people?

No. 1094598

LMAO that fucking scrunchie is cursed

No. 1094611

The artstyle for this movie is fug

No. 1094614

It almost gives stepford wives type of vibes, like it’s almost too perfect.
Idk ever since Kim K did that stupid kitchen tour I feel like everyone thinks that’s peak luxury to have perishables in excessive amounts.

No. 1094617

Top left plush is cute. Why can't people buy one figure or one plush per character? Find the nicest version and just get that. I see this with people on instagram who buy 20 versions of their fave pokemon. It only highlights how shitty some versions are if you have them all lined up on a shelf to compare. It's like spot the uggo versus ok designs.

No. 1094622

I wonder if Disney asked them to promote it on social media? Seems kind of suspicious, like the couple that hoarded merchandise of that gerbil thing from Star Wars

No. 1094634

File: 1647036861621.png (379.44 KB, 1000x411, vid.png)

That's why I've hated watching youtube in the past few years because everybody's rooms are so grey or white I feel depressed after a few videos. Not directly related to consoomerism but just something that's been annoying me.

No. 1094661

grey, marble aesthetics with some kind of gold "kintsugi type" decor is the worst, boring af

No. 1094704

File: 1647042305403.jpeg (114.89 KB, 1500x1173, 47511ba99ba113c3c69d6ee19c18e8…)

I have this one as a 12 inch. I love it because he's so big and soft to cuddle or use as a pillow, but I don't really get the function of the smaller ones. Are they purely for decoration? Surely they're too small to cuddle or lie on, especially the 8 inch ones.

No. 1095064

File: 1647075493543.png (24.99 KB, 150x150, 1475476529448.png)

This Raiho plush doesn't deserve this fate.

No. 1095082

Why do these tiktoks have that same obnoxious "music"? I was going to say I hope that girl is buying that much food for several people but maybe she lives with all these other girls, and they're roommates so they can eat all these fruits and veggies because everything expires. I hope I'm not wrong.

No. 1095384

This person is definitely serial killer.

No. 1095903


I was in Target today and they had just stocked a bunch of the massive ones. As much as I think they'd be great for pillows, the number of middle aged white women squawking over them and piling them into carts (probably to resell) killed any desire for one.

No. 1095961

god, have you seen the squishmallow swap meets? a lot of it is just adult women hoarding them even if they dont like them just to trade with kids for more “desirable” ones kek.

No. 1095963

samefag, the one i had originally seen was much bigger so i think squishmallows are losing steam but christ, imagine dragging your boyfriend to this sad event.

No. 1096331

File: 1647191032098.webm (4.57 MB, 576x1026, dogs.webm)

No. 1096332

File: 1647191075523.webm (794.43 KB, 576x1024, stuffies.webm)

No. 1096333

File: 1647191102828.webm (4.64 MB, 540x960, kpop.webm)

No. 1096339

Insta is always showing me squishmallow shit (I like plush so I guess there's overlap) and it's weird to me how there's always a bf who is dragged to the store or 5 stores to hunt for toys.. and then there's 'look what my bf got me' posts Lemme guess your bf bought you another giant squish to fill your shared space? Tbh I almost get abdl vibes at times..

No. 1096341

File: 1647191404688.webm (1.49 MB, 576x1024, raedunn.webm)

No. 1096347

That one is legit disturbing.

No. 1096353

File: 1647192371180.jpg (49.82 KB, 404x400, 2XM0PE0T4IfBj0f0zPbdMN.jpg)

I thought about making a thread for toy collecting but maybe it overlaps a bit too much with this?

I visit the one on 4chans /toy/ but god do I hate the moids. Always whining when fashion dolls are not sexy enough for them. There's also a schitzo with an obsession for short haired women, as her "militant feminazi lesbian" mom forced her to have a practical haircut as a kid. So now she is the ultimate pick me, hating those damn wokie wamen having short hair. A moid is constantly whining about not being able to get women because he collects barbies, despite been told time and time again there would most likely be many women wanting to share a doll hobby with a significant other.

Ok, rant over. That place just really activates my almonds from time to time. Thankfully there is at least one person telling scrotes to fuck off, if you are here I love you bby! Unironically Reddit is also pretty good for doll stuff, since it's just autistic women mostly and a minimal amount of politics.

No. 1096354

Everytime i see these webms i am reminded that somebody has to make these in unusually unethical working conditions.

No. 1096356

There’s usually a toy thread in /m

No. 1096359

File: 1647192749678.jpeg (104.03 KB, 619x593, img.jpeg)

You talking about moid doll collectors reminded me of this guy. Liked dolls so much that he stole a child in order to keep her as a doll?

Bratz attracts the worst men. I remember googling bratz a few years ago just for the nostalgia.. stumbled on vids of men jizzing onto the faces of dolls. Bratz dolls, baby dolls etc. What in the fuck.

No. 1096362

There was a toy thread on /m/ you can create a temporary toy thread if you want.

No. 1096365

Oh, sorry, I am blind and retarded then

Ewwww wtf I knew about that fucker, didn't know about the jizz videos. I fucking hate moids

No. 1096394

this is so creepy. but also that's how i imagine every bts fan would live if they weren't 14 and without a job.

No. 1096396

File: 1647195487866.jpeg (120.41 KB, 1470x1470, C3FDAD9C-5E5E-40FD-81B1-33FA18…)

I had one squishmallow and yeah they’re squishy n soft. I actually gave it to my infant niece the other day and it made me realize they’re just toys for babies and toddlers. Grown ass adults collecting them is fucking weird and it’s almost like the beanie baby effect from the 90s.

No. 1096405

I get you, sure, they’re kind of cute, you can have one or a few of them but more than that it’s just honestly a waste of money and dumb. I could imagine getting some random toys and posing them but that’s about it, most adults don’t play with toys the same way as kids does, or at least that’s how I feel, there’s a point in which it’s just sitting there collecting dust and looking pretty.

No. 1096523

File: 1647204250471.jpg (34.39 KB, 320x480, ac6eb6a9dee8b44810835e5c350a81…)

as someone who has autism levels of love for dogs I fucking gagged. Who the fuck does call their dogs items?? So disturbing.

No. 1096559

Oh i have one like this

No. 1096839

This made me laugh, sorry

No. 1097212

File: 1647253182318.jpeg (547.96 KB, 705x588, 41662DAA-3FA1-40A5-AD60-66316C…)

Dont laugh at my boy

No. 1097213

we all know that the most expensive dog is her favorite and she only showed all of them because she had to.

No. 1097234

File: 1647256063900.png (12.24 KB, 239x250, smooch.png)

No. 1097356

No. 1097366

File: 1647268007493.webm (1.94 MB, 576x1024, 3039087-e0ee4f261528ff89c878b2…)


No. 1097373

What if you randomly caught scabies from these type of meet ups.

No. 1097375

That's immediately where my mind went, too. All I can think about is how little I would trust a used stuffed animal to be placed on my bed or given to a young child. Ick.

No. 1097514

This feels like an alien wrote it

No. 1097533

"Item" fuck off, it's a living creature. People like this shouldn't have pets.

No. 1097549

cringe, no other words for it

No. 1097557

File: 1647280043572.jpg (32.85 KB, 710x444, thumb2-swiss-shepherd-white-fl…)

me too! Her name is Sami and she looks like winter personified

No. 1098229

Do you think these kind of videos push ppl into buying even MORE stuff they don't need?

No. 1098231

I have NEVER understood the hype of rae dunn stuff. I see it so much in tjmaxx/marshalls and similar stores en masse and always thought it was the most tacky and ugly shit ever. Fine if you like the wierd minimalist aesthetic of it and plan on using it for a functional purpose, you do you, i don't see the appeal of collecting them when they aren't visually stimulating in anyway. They can't be worth anything second hand either. I wonder if in a couple of years they will be taking up space in second hand stores or if this is already the case since i don't go there often.

No. 1098239

definitely, and i fucking hate you for posting this because now i want to buy some of it..

No. 1098244

oh shit, sorry nonny

No. 1098245

Seeing people spend money sorta checks off the portion of my brain that wanted to spend money and I end up overthinking my wants due to it. This shit is tacky, and shilling for Amazon nonethess. Ick.

No. 1098248

i forgive you, i just hate my desk chair and seeing the armrests you can flip up made me go starry eyed even though its just as ugly as my current chair kek.

No. 1098249

I just looked that brand up and for some reason it gave me existential dread. I'm imagining being trapped in a doorless room where every wall and object is white and labelled in that Target chic handwriting

No. 1098251

I have something similar to that red panda / racoon. I don't buy plushies often but I like having cool ones, and I agree

No. 1098252

I like this. Will get one if I see a cute one.

No. 1098255

File: 1647315007135.png (1.89 MB, 700x1200, gggggggggg.png)

This character is cute and I would buy one of these plushies but I don't like how retarded everyone else in this movie looks. Very punchable faces

No. 1098258

I love that sloth

No. 1098271

The calarts style in 3d is so… repulsive.

No. 1098273

whenever i come to this thread i just can't possibly imagine these people exist. it's so beyond my comprehension that they'd pay retail prices, on top of it, for cheap literally toxic stuffed animals destined for discoloration and grime in no time

No. 1098278

File: 1647317078877.jpeg (688.11 KB, 3315x1865, 222EEA64-D2EF-44F1-85DA-48C5DE…)

They remind me of Wallace and Gromit but more unpleasant and less charming looking. I hardly believed it when I read it was Pixar. Looks like the garbage Illumination puts out.

No. 1098280

how and why is there already a funko pop out for it…

No. 1098281

My god, what kind of beams are they emitting into people's minds for them to do this?

No. 1098285

Men are broken humans. Every single woman is able to enjoy dolls without doing shit like this whereas if it's a man that's already a red flag if he has dolls, because they always make it about their dicks. Years ago I would've said it should be treated equally but men can never like something normally without it involving getting off somehow.

No. 1098335

CalArts needs to be nuked, as does every "artist" who perpetuates this shitty style. Pixar is fucking done, they dug their own grave.

No. 1098358

Lord forgive me nonnies but I just splurged on some cute blindbox vinyls. I hate that I'm mostly anti consoom but occasionally something will just activate the primal urge within me

No. 1098364

this movie is also weirdly obsessed with butts. It also prominently features boy bands, and that's fucking cringe.

No. 1098366

and there's also this clip where the girl, with a fluffy tail and ears, says "my body my choice". Rip

No. 1098368

File: 1647327000055.png (1009.67 KB, 1318x801, what in the actual fuck.png)

god why did you make me have to discover this channel

No. 1098370

File: 1647327068875.png (57.68 KB, 1099x642, just why.png)

and the comments

No. 1098371

what the fuck? I didn't know this was a thing when I linked the video, sorry for the ugly rabbit hole

No. 1098372

ugh I'm sorry. I was just searching for "turning red scenes", didn't bother even checking the comments. That's fucking gross

No. 1098373

it's k, degenerates are just everywhere apparently

No. 1098376

also I want to add… she looks like a kid (I think she's supposed to be 13? but looks younger) and there's this scene where she twerks on stage… sits wrong with me

No. 1098377

I wanna hug your dog anon

No. 1098378

>kid screams "destroy her with your thicc butt"

I realize kids like a certain amount of butt humor (to kids butts = poop/fart = gross = funny) but this just feels weirdly sexual

No. 1098383

wait until you see this. So the main character and her friends are into this boy band, and they want to go to their concert because they're super obsessed with the boys. Then, one of the girls says
>my parents called it stripper music. What's wrong with that??

No. 1098388

wtf. I know people used to talk about how disney animators were perverted/started going crazy from so many hours of animation that they started putting sexual things in cartoons (one of them wrote "sex" in the sky in the lion king, then when people realized they had to fix it) but they're not even being subtle about it now. furries def made this movie.

No. 1098424

File: 1647333865841.jpeg (31.38 KB, 500x564, wAYzNAA.jpeg)

It is not "sex", it is "sfx" for the special effect department.

No. 1098430

>one of them wrote "sex" in the sky in the lion king
It's one of those bullshit stories my teacher was telling us about in elementary school to prove Disney is satanic kek

No. 1098431

Aliexpress is the best tho. Does this person believe in shops that just dropship from aliexpress? Kek

No. 1098440

The fuck was going on in your elementary school

No. 1098442

That one teacher was fucking crazy and I still remember what she was talking about because of how stupid I thought it was.

No. 1098541


I just can't get over how grotesque this artstyle is. I've seen it being compared to or be inspired by 2D Ghibli films but no Ghibli film's artstyle has ever made me feel repulsed by it.

No. 1098553

This shit looks so hideous it's an insult towards anyone with eyes a'd good taste. I told me friends I'd never pay to watch this but since it's on Disney+ a friend of mine invited us to watch it at her place so I'll save my money and hate watch it.

No. 1098874

File: 1647373100002.webm (6.44 MB, 576x1024, 7066843108381642030.webm)

i feel bad for her family who has to deal with this insanity.

No. 1098897

Her poor husband has to sleep on Mickey sheets

No. 1098928

This is legit mental illness, spending all that money on a bunch of botched Korean men is lunacy.

No. 1098932

I've met a lot of retarded people like this who buy their shitty pure breed dogs just to whore them out for attention and then can't handle all the dog shit and hair everywhere. They're living creatures ffs

No. 1099054

File: 1647382517647.jpg (203.13 KB, 1005x1119, e286f6e8-6ebe-4988-956b-7e548d…)

Oh lol that's Alice Payne, i remember reading in a Facebook group that she brings her family to Disney almost daily

No. 1099059

>her poor husband
nah. mickey sheets > men

No. 1099077

holy shit her kids are gonna end up brianlets. take them to a library bitch

No. 1099081

Lmao nonnie

No. 1099246

Kek true but if my partner was constantly bringing Mickey shit into the house I'd leave them. Imagine being cucked by Mickey mouse

No. 1099426

I think the boyband thing would have been cool if it was an actual 2000s western boyband instead of having this stupid faux-kpop cop-out to appeal to modern audiences.

No. 1099520

File: 1647421015486.jpg (343.9 KB, 1600x1600, efihef.jpg)

honestly the style mainly reminds me of a 3D rendered doctor slump kinda deal. It's so butt ugly though

No. 1099531

everything is so fucking… unnecessary

No. 1099547

Akira Toriyama knows how to draw though, unlike whoever is responsible for this abomination.

No. 1099587

Some of your reactions to Turning Red are neckbeard weeb levels of autistic. The style is the standard Disney/Pixar/Rubber Hose influence with a tiny bit of hyperactive anime-like SD. They’ve all been around for ages so getting this fucked up about it now only looks like retard bandwagoning. Wallace & Gromit has always been the ugliest, most grim use of beanmouth ever and Pixar characters usually look like goofy caricature art anyway. If Arale and Ghibli characters were 3d, they’d look exactly like the TR girl. This cognitive dissonance and outrage has to be some kind of childish japonism, right? It’s also not at all cringe for a movie about little girls to feature boybands. It looks like they made the band very generic and non-descript anyway? It would be completely disingenuous to straight up to use NSYNC etc because the kids like kpop and that’s obviously what they were getting at. Why wouldn’t it appeal to modern audiences? Should Pixar make ~nostalgic kids movies for adults? There could be a lot of things worth criticising these this movie for but the things you all worry about are stupid. You want to nuke people for a silly panda girl movie? Also “my panda, my choice”, RIP? RIP? Chillout.

No. 1099612

>b-but what about, uuuuh…..
You talk like you think you know any of us. Wallace and Gromit is ugly but it's not MEANT to be cute, for one. Try a better comparison with older Pixar movies or 2D western movies, I'd rather binge watch 90s Disney movie or French animation than touch this red panda shit with a ten foot pole. The character design is ugly in a "non-offensive and non-problematic doodles from a teenage tumblr artist who draws on her notebooks during class in high school" way AND the facial expressions, body languages and behavior of the characters are so obnoxious and exaggerated I want to teleport myself to the movie's setting and bitch slap all the charcter. It's as annoying as watching kawaii uwu Kyoani series with normal movements being way too detailed for not reason whatsoever to make the female characters look cute, sinve you mentioned anime. It's like the designers and animators tried to hard to use some lolsorandum humor and utterly failed. Anyone who think this is a "relatable" movie for teenage girls are insulting teenage girls as a whole because not everyone is an obnoxious retard like the MC. I'm just saying this based on the many trailers I've seen, I'll watch it later this week.

>If Arale and Ghibli characters were 3d, they’d look exactly like the TR girl.

Yeah, I think Ghibli tried to make a 3d movie recently and everyone hated how it looked, and rightfully so. Terrible example, once again. As for Akira Toriyama in general, I won't complain about his art style because it looks like he knows how to draw and his designs for Dragon Quests 3D games seem ok to me. But then again, video games and animated movies are very different.

No. 1099619

File: 1647430196173.jpeg (193.08 KB, 750x500, 31D8F0D9-B801-4482-96D0-92E723…)

Bump doughnut scroll really nasty CP below

No. 1099639

File: 1647431415225.png (26.34 KB, 478x153, a2e634d7347cb6ee91d3b8692388ae…)

not sure if i should respect the hustle or just cringe, but you can consoom usernames now. i say this as someone who got offered some hundred bucks for certain urls on tumblr back in 2012.


No. 1099823

File: 1647445658222.jpeg (163.55 KB, 1080x1080, 1_RI-3mGniH32jJiBpQKn6nA.jpeg)

they're chinese canadian, it makes sense they're not into western bands. and it's not set in the 2000s why would they have 2000s music? a modern movie wanting to appeal to modern children with modern media, how dare they. sorry not everything is made to appeal to your nostalgia, nonnie.

the faces do give me chihiro vibes, which I did find a little weird looking when I first watched spirited away. I haven't watched the movie but I've heard the faces aren't as ugly when they're in motion.

Thank you anon, you worded this better than I could have. They really sound like fucking boomers just hating whatever new thing is released for children because it's not made to appeal to them as adults.

>I'd rather binge watch 90s Disney movie or French animation than touch this red panda shit with a ten foot pole
Did you ever stop to consider that maybe this movie wasn't made for you? Maybe, just maybe, it was meant for actual children? And the reason you prefer 90s Disney is because it was made for you when you were a child?

No. 1099841

Of course I considered that, but I also think about how I became more open minded as I got older, and if you showed me just the movie trailer when I was a kid, so as part of the target demographic, I would have disliked it even more just because of how ugly and obnoxious it is. I remember how my tastes were back then and this is the exact opposite of what I would have liked. Just hating the art style isn't related to being the target demographic though, you either like it or dislike it regardless of age.

No. 1099844

I knew two guys who were in that whole username business on Instagram, it's so funny and bizarre. One of them had the username 'tough' for a while.

No. 1099845

> it's not set in the 2000s why would they have 2000s music?
Haven’t seen the movie so I’m talking out my butt but I thought it was set in the 2000s? One of the screen grabs I saw had the protag with a Tamagotchi on her backpack.

No. 1099861

Fake 1990s and 2000s nostalgia is trendy these days so I'm curious too, when does the story happen?

No. 1099876

can you report back? the group of misfit nerd girls is making me nostalgic for my middle school years. we weren't into boy bands tho

No. 1099882

> Set in Toronto, Ontario, in 2002, Turning Red follows Meilin "Mei" Lee, a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian student who transforms into a giant red panda when she gets into a state of strong emotion. Inspired by Shi's experiences in Toronto, the film began development in 2018 after she pitched it to Pixar in October 2017. As Pixar's 25th feature film, it is the first Pixar film solely directed by a woman and the second to feature an Asian lead character after Up (2009).

No. 1099884

til the kid in up was asian

No. 1100001

I will report back. I don't mind having to watch this ugly as fuck movie because it'll just be a pretext to hang out with my friends anyway.

No. 1100029

Nta but I nanny occasionally so i watched it. The girls can kinda be relatable but they’re all stereotypes. They’re terribly boy crazy too. Before the whole boy band plot they were obsessed with a seventeen year old that works at a drug store. It’s wack

No. 1100070

They're right though it is ugly as sin.

No. 1100073

Like other anons pointed out the movie is set in 2002. That's why I thought it was silly. I actually like kpop but why even set the movie in 2002 if it's not going to be accurate to that time? There would not have been a popular western boyband with a member named Taeyong back then kek.

No. 1100163

lmao so they're just a bunch of femcels?

No. 1100182

Personally I don't even think it's ugly. The cartoony models fit the exaggerated movements. And the colors and environments are pretty as always. It just reads as cute to me.

I thought it was nice that they showed teenage girls liking boy bands, without it just being a joke.

No. 1100224

Chill nonny, maybe the story is good, I don't know, I won't watch it 'cause it's a children's movie, I just think that the artstyle is really ugly.

No. 1100247

File: 1647469569031.jpeg (52.87 KB, 458x374, 69FCB990-1D83-45AF-8E9A-CE5E66…)

>neckbeard weeb levels of autistic
She literally turns into a catgirl

No. 1100253

It might different in the US but in my country Amazon has a lot of fake products so I would never buy make-up or personal care products from there. Some of the other stuff is useful but not necessary. And notice how they keep mentioning links in their description, so they of course they're trying to get people to buy stuff with their affiliate links and get a cut.

No. 1100329

its no different in america. no way to tell if products are legit or not

No. 1100358

In the ads they had flip phones, so you could tell it was going to be set in the pas.
Being obsessed with men is cringe.

No. 1100460

Yeah, I stand corrected then. I haven't watched it I assumed it was a current setting. I agree that it's silly. If they wanted to keep it true to the time and not western they should have done j rock or visual kei, but maybe that's a little too obscure.

No. 1100480

I love this kind of videos because they're absolutely insane. There's a woman who has an entire closet filled with baskets of creams, perfumes and god knows what else.

No. 1100502

File: 1647489627864.png (729.37 KB, 774x658, fdgiig.png)

>and it's not set in the 2000s why would they have 2000s music?
anon… the director literally confirmed it is set in the 2000s

No. 1100507

>Being obsessed with men is cringe.
that's literally all of /g/

No. 1100522

this is just normal hygiene, they're literally bathing themselves in cheap, skin drying scented piss water. No normal hygiene tips.

It's always funny to me when I see women having tons of heavily scented nonsense but have disgusting nails that they don't know how to clean under, scalp problems from not washing enough, bad breath, skin infections galore. Just call it scent consoomerism instead of hygiene

No. 1100630

Np anon, and honestly the fact that you didn't consider for a second it was actually set in the 2000s and had to be corrected just goes to show what a poor job they did asserting the setting LOL. I've heard that people who grew up in Toronto in that time period felt the area was depicted accurately in the film but idk about that because I'm a burger.

I love smells and used to compulsively buy body washes and shampoo based on the smells, but watching these videos helped curb the impulse immensely and I always go back to the mega pack of unscented soap bars I bought on sale last year.

No. 1100844

File: 1647520750578.jpeg (103.41 KB, 640x640, iu-103.jpeg)

I hate witch consoormerism so so much. I hate how spirituality has turned into materialism, that's not what it's about at all. Even if your altar has just two candles and a smudge stick, it's your intention and trust in mother nature that counts. blog but I was scared to get big into spirituality for years because I thought I'd have to buy so much stuff which I didn't have the money for and din't fully know how to use. I've finally set up an alter recently and the only thing I had to buy were smudge sticks, candles, a few candleholders and dishes which cost me next to nothing at the thrift store. The rest of my collection (like tarot cards, incense and most of all knowledge were acquired through research. Sage just in case because this is the longest bloggiest post I've ever made lol.

No. 1100852

"Hygiene tiktok" girl, just wash ur ass, you don't need tiktok to teach you that.

No. 1101056

File: 1647537158402.jpg (37.96 KB, 500x375, lenny baxter.jpg)

>literally a ppg villain

No. 1101429

File: 1647557993078.jpg (260.19 KB, 993x759, 72469044.jpg)

I'm a cringe consoomer. I used to make fun of my mom and granny for having curio cabinets full of vintage plates, but now I have a bookshelf of weeb figures and little toy knick knacks.

No. 1102083

File: 1647595123593.jpg (67.08 KB, 559x960, Backpacks .jpg)

More Disney adult stuff

No. 1102095

that episode was so relevant about Consoomerism

No. 1102123

Oh boy I’ve seen those kind of videos too! Like women who have an entire closet full of usually VS brand scents, body butters, exfoliators and stuff. I enjoy high end body creams and shower gels and regularly use them and I can say there’s no fucking way to go through all that without majority of those products expiring before hitting the pan. A couple of shower gels and body creams are enough at a time.

No. 1102126

>A couple of shower gels and body creams are enough at a time.
One of each is enough at a time.

No. 1102128

You do you but for my own personal needs I need more than one. The point is to not let them expire.

No. 1102167

Damn this brought back some memories I forgot I had

No. 1102247

I totally agree. For a couple of years I got really into the 'idea' of witchcraft, but mainly the tumblr idea of what it was meant to look like. I completely missed the mark, as you said, it's more intention and trust in mother nature than any certain 'look'. I just bought a bunch of books, expensive crystals and was more concerned with creating an aesthetically pleasing grimoire than practicing actual withcraft. I wasted so much money, even bought a special abalone shell for my sage stick over just an ashtray or somthing. I ended up selling it all except for a few crystals. I got caught up in the whole witchcraft asthetic over actual witchcraft which is sad. I'm glad you've managed to create an alter without getting sucked into consoomerism nona.

No. 1102248

first one isn't even disney though, it's Harry Potter.

No. 1102435

How do you need more than one? I can see the cream one maybe if you have more than one skin issue but in what situation do you need more than one shower gel? One shower gel does what it must do, clean your body.

No. 1102509

File: 1647622332374.png (486.39 KB, 600x674, Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 9.51…)

lol at the chubby hands refilling the sugar syrup

No. 1102819

Thanks nonna! Glad you've been able to narrow down your collection, I can totally relate in the sense that I liked the idea and looks of being a witch more than I actually cared about nature. So glad I'm over that bullshit now. Actually practicing a faith is so fulfilling, all the crystals in the world couldn't make me nearly as happy as a meditation session or full moon evening walk!

No. 1102879

>I got caught up in the whole witchcraft asthetic over actual witchcraft which is sad.

I think this is what happens when you find an interesting hobby then consoom the hell of it when the community eggs each other on. I used to collect fountain pens, inks and writing journals for a time before I realized I never wrote anything and even if I did I had nothing interesting to say anyway so I sold off everything.

No. 1103013

Nta but I can see having a regular wash and an exfoliating wash, and maybe different scents vs unscented depending where you're going in the day. As long as it's being used why does it matter?

No. 1103024

it's always fat girls obsessed with taking shit out of the og container and putting it in some other one. my roommate was obese and did this to EVERYTHING, laundry, food, cleaning products,etc

oddly enough she had terrible hygiene and never did any actual cleaning, her side of the room collected dirt and grime for months

No. 1103037

what's wrong with promoting the fact that young women should have bodily autonomy though?

No. 1103038

Sugar syrup? What's that used for?

At least some of these girls must be unintentionally abusing their skin with all that product. There's no way the overuse of various cleansers, exfoliants and scented creams/serums in one routine isn't harmf.

No. 1103042

File: 1647647517038.png (98.42 KB, 271x399, Screenshot 2022-03-18 7.51.26 …)

Kek it's so true

No. 1103083

sugar syrup aka simple syrup is for like iced coffee or tea, you dissolve the sugar in hot water so that you dont have to deal with it not dissolving it in a cold drink but i wouldnt be surprised if she over uses it

No. 1103225

File: 1647666521691.jpeg (562.53 KB, 828x1312, 0FD968AA-822A-40CD-9014-3D1FFD…)

Some of these are really dumb
Why the hell would you need this shit in your car? Unless you’re homeless maybe??
It’s all very unnecessary.

No. 1103235

I really hate car accessories vids and tiktoks. They advertise such ugly, dumb crap that only would impede driving. Especially the steering wheel crap, i cringe when I see them wrap a premium package steering wheel with the fuzzy shit, and even the decorative crap like the push to start button bling is known to interfere with the electrical signal and thus block your engine from starting.

No. 1103241

People who put all this shit in their car are always terrible drivers LOL

No. 1103305

File: 1647673982377.png (220.69 KB, 254x448, kek.png)

>it's always fat girls obsessed with taking shit out of the og container and putting it in some other one.
lmao you're so right, it's always the fateez

No. 1103307

File: 1647674221380.png (213.5 KB, 254x452, kek.png)

This fucking stupid idea of using new containers for everything is perplexing to me. Watch this and tell me if this ain't the perfect way for someone to burn their intestines with this delicious "blue juice" (aka detergent). Dumb choice.

No. 1103308

A kid would seriously mistake that for some kind of koolaid or powerade drink. A lot of kids die like this actually, when they mistake bottles of chemicals for drinks. When I was in elementary, one of my classmate's silbings died like that.

No. 1103311

File: 1647674778540.png (474.62 KB, 504x444, ivifgii.png)

This is something that seriously pisses me off. The original packaging this shit comes in is perfectly fine and was designed to keep the products fresh. People work on packaging for a living. And if you're going to do this shit, at least label your jars. I thought this shit was granola bars but it's fucking dog treats.

No. 1103317

How many of these people have kids/are frequently around kids in their own home though. Most of them are probably single or living with an adult partner because that's when you have the time and money to care about the aesthetics of your detergent.

No. 1103322

You would be suprised at how stupid some adults actually are

No. 1103323

Sorry nona you do you but having multiple showergels is consoomerism in my book. Or at least makes you a victim of succesfull marketing.

No. 1103326

That's a fair point actually.

No. 1103333

dog treats in some fancy schmancy glass jar… ok

No. 1103345

File: 1647676847068.png (151.01 KB, 254x394, tidepods.png)

These look so edible and if I was piss drunk I would surely grab one and snack on

No. 1103363

They're kids…

No. 1103411

Am I the only one who watched this episode as a kid and actually wanted stuff from that collection? Lol

No. 1103446

so uhhh….
what do you call a manlet named brian?

No. 1103511

shit you're right, I thought this was some kind of blue slushie drink or a smoothie before I read your post. I mean I would make absolutely sure before drinking but many kids wouldn't.

again at quick glance I thought these were gummie sweets! stop this madness!

No. 1103528

>The original packaging this shit comes in is perfectly fine and was designed to keep the products fresh.
That's not necessarily true. Over here it's perfectly normal to keep your biscuits/cookies in a biscuit jar otherwise they go stale in their original packaging (provided you're not eating them all in one day). Same with sugar bags, the sugar will go hard if kept in the flimsy paper bag it comes in. Most 'resealable' bags just come with a sticker that loses the sticky as you keep opening it up, making the food go stale. When keeping them in airtight jars they last much longer. I do think it's dumb putting cleaning products in alternative jars however.

No. 1103721

They clearly fuck up the condition of their skin and body with these collections of products and then have to add even more products to their routine/collection to fix the issues they created themselves. It’s a vicious cycle.

No. 1103725

Oh I see, I had never heard of syrup in drinks before.

No. 1103750

my theory is that they are midwest housewives, hence why they need everything in their homes to look ~aesthetic~

No. 1103772

File: 1647710109785.jpg (198.11 KB, 1640x1088, 1330324.jpg)

1/3 Khloe Kardashian's pantry room. She lives alone with her toddler.

No. 1103774

File: 1647710135805.jpg (387.73 KB, 1640x2460, 1330323.jpg)


No. 1103777

File: 1647710236514.jpg (481.87 KB, 1640x2467, 1330325.jpg)


No. 1103781

She probably hosts parties for the kids of her toddler’s school, or has a bunch of maids and gives them the food of the day… right?

No. 1103783

Jesus fuck this is just a bleak, it’s like walking in a supermarket, not a pantry of a house with humans living in it.

No. 1103797

are you telling me this is not a super bougie supermarket?

No. 1103811

imagine her seething when someone misplaces a jar. Living with this type of mother must be a nightmare.

No. 1103815

Does she even eat all this shit?
I don't get people who buy this many snacks.

No. 1103820

What kind of rich person autism is this?

No. 1103821

Do you think she even ever enters that room? I imagine she has maids to fetch everything for her.

No. 1103823

I'm sorry anon. I can't report back because I couldn't watch the movie after all. The friend who invited us got very sick so we'll probably go to her place next week.

No. 1103831

I only put bagged stuff like sugar and flour in jars and it feels like it consumes a bunch of wasteful time. How much time could she possibly have on her hands?

No. 1103837

The episode really wasn't even saying that buying toys or products was bad, rather that making it your entire personality and life's purpose is toxic and pathetic

No. 1103839

They could have filmed Parasite in her house.

No. 1103843

File: 1647714842967.jpg (168.58 KB, 1640x1087, 1330327.jpg)

Enough time to meticulously stack cookies in a jar

No. 1103847

She's not doing that herself lol. When you've got the Kardashian kinda money you pay someone else to do that for you

No. 1103848

Am I the only one who instantly thought: That looks cheap? Maybe mass-production has become too convincing and wide-spread that everything looks cheap now because everyone has it now.

No. 1103849

i agree anon. i think without the labels it would look a bit nicer, but not by much. would look cute with actual homemade sweets

No. 1103852

i bet those are plastic cookies because no way are they eating them all before they go stale. slightly related, but there's this german beauty youtuber who has the ugliest house and like a kitchen next to the kitchen. one kitchen is in this giant kitchen/dining/living room situation and then next to the kitchen is a door that leads to a smaller kitchen which they actually use. i wouldn't be surprised if they had something similar to that in the kardashian houses too.

No. 1103857

File: 1647715793472.jpeg (60.04 KB, 564x752, CFEF7B69-F9DE-4D26-9129-29C10A…)

Yeah, it looks like an IKEA display where the cookies are all plastic. “We want you to know that these jars can be used for cookies, but we want to communicate that in an abstract way and also want you to know that these cookies are not actually consumable.”

No. 1103890

Nta but I like having two scented shower gels so I don’t go noseblind. The nice smell boosts my mood

No. 1104189

if you do watch it pls post here! good luck nonny

No. 1104192

I hate this pic, I want cookies now. GOD dammit

No. 1104199

this is a perfect example of how rich people have no fucking taste, even if they hired someone to 'design' this space for the house, it looks ugly and cheap and probably cost too much for cheap chinese light fixtures etc.

No. 1104210

This entire photoshoot looks fake. Like they photo shopped everything in.

No. 1104223

File: 1647741279638.webm (2.15 MB, 576x1024, Cards.webm)

When worlds collide..
link to video:

No. 1104225

They need to clean that carpet, christ.

No. 1104329

What did she even write in her planner? That she was going to go buy fruit and then attend a chipotle picnic?

No. 1104333

Reminds me of when I was trying to find a clip from The Great Mouse Detective and the first result was from a vore channel

No. 1104549

File: 1647771288074.webm (6.29 MB, 576x1024, Tranny Face Reveal.webm)

Apologies if he's already been posted in the MtF threads before. I don't keep up with it anymore, but he reminds me of this tranny on TikTok.

No. 1104551

File: 1647771387242.webm (3.32 MB, 576x1024, Tranny Bratz Collector.webm)

He's also a collector of Rainbow High dolls.

No. 1104552

File: 1647771458317.webm (2.98 MB, 576x1024, Traumatizing Bratz Collector.w…)

No. 1104786

or your skin just has different needs? if one works for you fine but don't act like having a couple different products that you actually finish is on the same level as the hoards posted in this thread. some nonnies in this thread act like owning literally anything that brings you simple pleasure is the greatest sin of all. get a grip.

No. 1104940

>doll collection i was forbidden to have as a child
Ah so this is just repressed trauma. Gotcha.

No. 1104976

>those random inappropriate moans
>body looks like a big sphere
>these teeth
>that lack of neck
>that lack of waist
>that awful wig
>"I feel kinda sexy today"
This guy needs to sell these dolls so he can afford a decent mirror.

No. 1105032

this made me homophobic

No. 1105101

why are gay men so obsessed with bratz dolls.
They make up the majority of bratz community.

No. 1105129

Yup. I see so many of them in the community on Instagram.

No. 1105640

I really hate the Kawaii ones where a lot of it is just replicas from aliexpress and a lot of plastic crap. Even the Japanese snacks she eats from the suspect plastic containers don’t look appetizing

No. 1105646

Japanese snacks are the worst meme. It's the same packaged crappy cornmeal snacks you can find here except with the added flair of rotten ocean pussy stank

No. 1105658

File: 1647838035577.jpg (67.19 KB, 723x717, E9wfJGWXMAUKWT_.jpg)

Dude, what is up with the moaning? I find it so weird when gay men attach themselves to women but only if they're a bimbo or sexual in some way.

No. 1105660

this video made me feel itchy

No. 1105688

Even worse are Japanese desserts, I have no idea how extreme weebs stomach mochi or that pudding they have over there.

No. 1105693

File: 1647842612203.png (294.17 KB, 430x416, tktk.png)

Those videos were all very retarded, but this keyboard was the absolutely most annoying one for me. How can you put kawaii shit over functionality is beyond me.

No. 1105721

I kind of put Amber's videos in the background for white noise but the motivations for her closet cleanout are wrong, and it's so sad how impressionable her viewers are in the comments. She justifies everything she does (esp the shopping addiction) and fails to see how much of a bad influence she is at times.

No. 1105737

I forgot women just make sex noises when they move their bodies. Like tennis.

No. 1105740

kek these creatures are so weird..

No. 1105747

seethe whitey

No. 1105750

File: 1647856156748.jpg (78.91 KB, 592x789, 5-bottles-of-ramune-soda-e1566…)

for real though, the majority of japanese snacks I've tried have been average at best with very few of them being something I'd try again. Pic rel is a drink I see EVERYWHERE on these kawaii tiktoks but it's the worst refreshment I've ever had and I've tried more than one flavour. People just have this stuff for the nice colours and the packaging imo.

No. 1105754

I like these but the price is always way too high for a tiny ant container like that t. a mental amerifat

No. 1105761

Japanese soft drinks are pretty good, Ramune is fine just too pricy. I also like Japanese taffies.

No. 1105766

i love these stupid things as a treat every once in a while, they're fun to open

No. 1105778

Watched the vid and ran here to complain about this too lmao. She can't be for real

No. 1105842

File: 1647871244784.jpeg (391.41 KB, 828x1200, 21ED61B4-5ADF-4657-9337-3DF080…)

>those containers full of sugar cereal and marshmallows
Well that explains why she’s a fatty-chan

No. 1105871

jookstogo really is the worst offender. i admit that i enjoy scrolling through aliexpress sometimes and marvel at all the cute stuff that's on there, even though i never buy anything. but do you really need all that shit? i can understand having one cute mug or treating yourself to a pink keyboard because you need a new one anyways and why not get your favorite color. but what does she need all that shit for? watching those videos just makes me want to clean my room and get rid of stuff.

No. 1105874

This one baffles me. I'd maybe understand moving the laundry pods from maybe a flimsy bag or something into a solid container, but these come in a solid container already!

No. 1105876

It's about the aesthetics

No. 1105882

kek i live in a dorm with a shared laundry room downstairs and just a short while ago another student living here had her fabric softener (white) in a clear glass bottle similar to those voss bottles. i thought it was milk and thought what a weirdo she was for bringing her milk to do the laundry until she poured it in the tray and the scent hit me and i realized it was fabric softener. so, chances are, if anyone sees that shit irl, they'll probably find it weird too and not all that aesthetic-y.

No. 1105897

Well duh, it's only ~aesthetic~ within the context of an equally decorated space. Of course it looks weird when you take it outside of that context into a space where people just use the normal packaging.

No. 1105901

This reminds me of when my cousin lived in a dorm and put her liquid detergent into a generic plastic water bottle so she could bring it downstairs without lugging the whole container down with her. That's the only acceptable time imo lol

No. 1105946

what are your impulse purchases when going to a mall? i always buy rings and little lotions and perfumes. through out my mall visits this month, i had made tiny purchases of rings and little lotions and perfumes that amass up to $200. a few days later i ended up not being happy at my purchases and think about other stuff that i could buy with the same amount if money.

No. 1105960

Manga honestly

No. 1105961

notebooks, stationery and tin containers.

No. 1105993

random articles of clothing, books, useless trinkets, stuffed animals. I don't like spending too much money

No. 1105996

It blows my mind that these people are billionaires and still eat nasty processed shit. They have more money than god but eat like they shop at Walmart. If you have that much money why not buy the best fresh shit possible? so retarded

No. 1106028

Your roomate is clearly retarded, I hate this shit.

No. 1106030

You would think they would eat fresher because they're anachans too

No. 1106202

Books and food.

No. 1106318

Coffee or tea. I'm good at only getting what I intend to buy when I go shopping in general, but it's hard to resist grabbing a drink somewhere when I'm out. Clearance items are another problem and I struggle with passing a good deal even if I don't need the product.

No. 1106325

File: 1647917166000.jpeg (21.75 KB, 279x291, 7AFB0FC3-BDEC-4EA7-9525-2EE22A…)

>tfw you love putting shit in cuter containers
I just like the less cluttered look, ok? All those words aren’t all calming and shit.
Plus I got all my cute containers from thrifting/candles/other products I’ve used up so it’s fine right?

No. 1106329

it’s ok cute nonny

No. 1106379

That's okay nonna enjoying a cuppa while you're out and about isn't consooming

No. 1106386

I do the same too. Plastic containers look tacky and I hate the bulk.

No. 1106533

everything is expensive here so i can only justify impulse buying something i would need to consoom during the day anyway.: pastries, and bubble tea. when i lived in the land of consoomption i impulse bought chocolate bars, sour candy, stickers, small plush animals, mostly keychains and necklaces.

No. 1106552

File: 1647942290875.jpg (235.67 KB, 768x1024, madeofstars.jpg)

i'll have a seasonal splurge every now and then, that i end up feeling bad about every time because my limit is like $200. i always buy a t-shirt or 2, funny and trendy socks, scrunchies, new nail polish (even if i have a whole box of unfinished colors) candles, and cute hair clips. it's been getting better though since i learned to draw; when i feel like reinventing myself, i draw ocs and dress them up instead of going to shop.

No. 1106578

>when i feel like reinventing myself, i draw ocs and dress them up instead of going to shop.
I fucking love that, what a great idea!

No. 1106597

it's totally fine, I do it for a few things too. I just think when people do it for literally every food item that'll probably be gone in 3 days in overkill.

No. 1106757

i bully moids for collecting funko pops and anime figures but i have a sizeable and growing max and ruby collection

No. 1106776

For me, it's usually snacks. Depending on the stores I visit I might buy some stationery, but I always snack up on candy.

No. 1106981

File: 1647962166947.jpg (106.88 KB, 794x1200, shutterstock_200659688.jpg)

I consoomed alot in my late teens and twenties, and as a result I had alot of stuff that I stopped using or wasn't interested in anymore when I hit 30. Especially since I wear uniform 5 days a week most of my clothes and shoes hadn't seen light in years.
For the past three weeks I've taken time out of my day to take out everything I haven't used for a long time and probably will never use, and figures/trinkets/kawaii shit and other junk I have no interest in anymore. I've gotten rid of most of it (trash, donate, sell) and my room feels so much nicer with all this space I have now. But the biggest hurdle I'm facing now is avoiding putting in new things I know will end up the same way.

No. 1107024

funko pops are 99% soulless and hideous, anime figures (especially what men buy) are coomer shit. it's not the most healthy to buy for the sake of completing a collection, but not comparable to those.

No. 1107039

I actually end up getting food or lush because no stores carry tall sizes

No. 1107040

I have too much clothes I need to get rid of. What's the best reseller site for getting rid of pastel fairy kei rainby crap? I use Poshmark but feel like there might be a site with a better audience. Wary of lolita centered sites in case they only care about high end burando

No. 1107056

Depop might be good also since it’s focused on trends and tagging styles. The best tactic is to have them listed on multiple platforms anyway.

No. 1107203

>except with the added flair of rotten ocean pussy stank
babe literally what are you talking about?

No. 1107208

nta japan has a lot of weird shit, such as perfume with the smell of used HS girls underwear, perfume with the smell of girls sweat.

No. 1107368

Random t-shirt, drinks, maybe a lip gloss or two. I used to consoom like crazy at the mall but lately the desire just isn't there any more and I am happy with that.

No. 1107376

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a space that's a pink void, the problem is that why the fuck you need 3 phones or 5 key boards? The keyboards was particularly triggering to me, especially the miku keys that where clearly pressing on other keys and rendering the entire keyboard unfunctional. It's just a matter of knowing when to stop because I know damn well a good chunk of the tat bought is going into storage never to be seen again.

No. 1107399

I think being a consoomer in those years are very normal. I practically owned nothing in my teen years because i would save all my money for huge purchases like gaming consoles and videogames. I also literally only owned pyjamas after high school because i never went out and never bought clothes and generally didn't care how i looked, i just wore whatever my brother didn't want. Fast foward to my 20s, i suddenly decided i wanted to be more feminine, got a job and found myself consooming cosmetics, skincare and clothes. I have slowed down now, but i still have an issue with consooming food and I want to stop.

No. 1107478

I literally can't with "that girl" trends. These houses are dull and boring and it's completely unrealistic for women who work, have kids, or are in school. I could only imagine it works for teenage girls who have rich parents

No. 1107746

I mean, the Ramune experience in Japan is children drinking it at summer festivals. You will hardly see an adult consuming it unless is for nostalgia sake. Also Japanese snacks and desserts in general contain less sugar than American brands that why they taste so bland.

No. 1107753

Lmao this is correct
In a similar fashion, those who consoome and hoard makeup products are always the fugly girls. Nobody can go through dozens of lipsticks without them expiring

No. 1107754

Food/snacks. I'm not a fatty I promise, I just hate going to the local supermarket which is poorly stocked, kinda too far away for what it offers, and staffed by bitchy 20somethings. Whenever I go to the nearest big mall I'll just go to the fancy grocery shop there, that I also have a bonus card for.

I used to consoom a lot when I got tired of being unfashionable and frumpy, but now I just channel all of that into food shopping and buy clothes second-hand online if I need any. I've saved so much money, enough to afford a solo trip to Japan for 3 weeks, but then the pandemic came along.

No. 1107757

I'm guessing anon is referring to fish-flavoured senbei crackers.

No. 1107760

she's just seething for no reason, probably wishes she was japanese

teenage girls making kawaii sanrio knockoff aliexpress diabetes snack tiktoks aren't the ones buying that…

No. 1107768

File: 1648032128489.jpg (336.19 KB, 1002x821, the_ultimate_consoom.jpg)

i saw these at the store in large ball shaped mystery boxes. they are at the kid's section, encouraging them to simulate shoopping. while shopping.
consoomception - the ultimate consoom.

No. 1107781

Eating healthy and pushing yourself to be a better version of yourself is all good, but what makes this trend cringe is it’s another one of those zoomer “aesthetics”

No. 1107833

i would buy this.

No. 1107843

This is so cute to me. I love miniature/dollhouse accessories, especially small food products.

No. 1107849

toys emulating shopping are nothing new, what's disturbing is the branding for a children's toy and the gacha element

you can check out sites like ebay to see if you can buy what you want or bigger lots for cheaper

No. 1107864

File: 1648043411346.jpg (78.06 KB, 425x810, 61a-4k-Sz7L._AC_SX425_.jpg)

I fucking hate "full size blind bag toys"
When I was little I collected puppy in my pocket but they were what, 2,5 dollars?
Now there are full dolls, for 30 dollars and whoops, they're a surprise!!
I know, you can trade them but the entire concept of blind bagging and gacha is so fucked up, from these to Lol Surprises…
I hate them

No. 1107882

To be fair, those dolls in your pic have a not-so-secret key for which doll is inside so that parents can pick but it’s a surprise for the kid

No. 1107889

File: 1648046465134.jpg (22.94 KB, 323x480, jmm.jpg)

Something about these dolls always reminds me of Junko Mizuno's art, but a bit more watered down

No. 1107893

File: 1648047305469.jpeg (93.51 KB, 447x752, 53A05E2F-0006-4A00-AAE5-EA5424…)

This reminds me more of novi stars

No. 1107988

I know it’s retarded but I love these

No. 1108029

Fuck yes, Novi Stars were so cool looking. It's a shame the brand didn't last very long.
Lol dolls are so ugly, and what a waste of plastic for packaging. My friend got one and we had to remove like five layers to get the tiny little toy.

No. 1108058

There's probably a lot of health consequences too. I can't imagine suffering because your cans are out of place, or how damaging it could be to eat nothing but fruit

No. 1108063

I would have wanted this so bad if i was 11

No. 1108066

The LPStubers would've lived off this.

No. 1108183

None of this is realistic and i'm glad she pointed it out. All this dumb bitch did was eat oatmeal, work out and journal. I work 8-5 most days and pay mortgage.

No. 1108333

Sage 4 blog but am I really the only one who enjoys being surrounded by mess? I used to be a shopping addict which is why I have so much stuff but I have barely bought anything in the last two years. I just like having a mess around me, a non-messy home feels so sterile to me. I have clothes hanging from my closet doors solely because it somehow gives me comfort to be surrounded by colorful flower dresses, my books, dvd's, cd's, vinyl and small doll collection (I do actually use them, except for the dolls lol). I couldn't stand to live in a 'minimalist' home. I just love having colors around me. I have no urge to buy new things but no urge to get rid of things either, I can't be the only one, can I?

No. 1108468

I get you! I don't really like it to be messy, but I do like a cluttered room, because it feels lived in and warm. I don't see a problem with it as long as you're not going overboard and buying tons of shit just to fill a room or for the instagram aesthetic. I personally feel very happy being surrounded by stuff I really like that I've collected over the years. I admire minimalism, but it's too sterile for me to comfortably live in.

No. 1108605

My niece loves these, so the grandparents buy them for her. But her reaction when she gets a dupe is "ugh, I already have this." thanks for teaching her how to gacha gamble, minibrands.

No. 1111146

You can if you eat them

No. 1111150

Not everything is meant to be realistic. If you cant do it then just look away. This woman is bitter and ugly lmfao im tired of people who are so insecure complaining about how unrealistic everything is

No. 1111157

I do, but in my case I was using the mess as a sort of cocoon to protect me from the outside world. But when my mental health began improving I started to get rid of things. It's still what some ppl would call cluttered but it's less insulating. Now it's just cozy.

No. 1111213

This is bait. She's not ugly at all and it was never about looks in the first place, just how time consuming and pricey "that girl" things are that are unachievable by normie women, calm down

No. 1111936

i've been meaning to make a 'that girl' starterpack since all the videos are so uniform, they even all use the exact same products

No. 1111950

i have mixed feelings about this video. on the one hand, 'that girl' tiktoks deserve criticism as another anon said, for the retard zoomer aesthetic and how tiktok zoomers don't have any creativity so the videos are identical. but on the other hand this woman comes across as so whiny. she has a lot of that vibe of women who have kids and suddenly they're too busy for EVERYTHING don't you understand how hard it is to be a mom!??! like they think suddenly because they have to care for a child that they can't have a clean house, or keep a schedule, they constantly have excuses for why they can't keep up with life and it's so tiresome and whiny. and this video starts with a 30 second commercial for a fucking protein bar lmao this woman has no right to criticize anyone

No. 1111955

File: 1648305228846.webm (13.24 MB, 540x960, restock_1.webm)

No. 1111959

File: 1648305419945.webm (11.36 MB, 576x1024, skincare_1.webm)

No. 1111963

At least they're labeled this time.

No. 1111965

What the fuck. She poured some crap onto her eye. WHy

No. 1111970

The digestive sounds make me cringe

No. 1111974

It's not just with having kids though, most women have some sort of occupation that takes up a good bulk of time and energy, it makes women feel like failures or like they're lazy if they don't have everything perfectly clean and organized at all times, don't go on their 5 AM jog and have a smoothie, don't wake up an extra hour to journal, etc. Realistically, most working women or women with kids are lucky to have an hour or two to themselves after work, waking up at 5 am would leave most people sleep deprived.

No. 1111988

All this shit when she could just drink enough water and eat healthy/less carbs.

No. 1111994

File: 1648308102631.gif (1012.51 KB, 400x225, 1585861352012.gif)

These noises… Her nails… Just no.

No. 1111996

ok and? why would someone like that feel like they need to conform to a zoomer tiktok trend in the first place? or are you suggesting that tiktok invented high standards for mothers? at some point you have to handle your own feelings of inadequacy as a woman and move on with your life instead of navel gazing and fixating on the young pretty girls and their stupid matcha lattes and being angry that it isn't attainable for you. 'being that girl' as a trend is just as retarded as any other hyper visible performative fucking shit and at some point you have to give yourself permission to stop caring about it at all

No. 1111999

Aren't these supposed to be tightly closed/sealed? Their laundry room must smell awful.

No. 1112002

I hope no small kids or toddlers live in that house. You just know a domestic accident would happen at some point, if that's the case.

No. 1112004

the containers look so hard to pour out of too and all the bottles she empties have nice little spouts on them designed to pour nicely

No. 1112138

I feel like you're underestimating how much influence the internet and TikTok have in real life. I also keep mentioning working women and you put it back on moms, why?

No. 1112161

what the hell did she put in her eye?

No. 1112163

my face itches just from watching her torture her skin so much. jesus christ.

No. 1112209

nta but “that girl” doesn’t have kids, so if you have kids and are trying to be her then maybe you are just retarded. I work but I can still do a lot of those habits. It’s glaringly obvious that everyone on YouTube is a rich kid. If you’re old enough to work I would hope to god you have enough brain cells not to try to copy the entire life of someone on the internet.

No. 1112219

I kind of agree with you anon, I think the inaccessibility of those trends can make them harmful to young women/teens so it's good that there are dissenting voices reminding people that you can't beat yourself up for not always having the time or energy to check everything off your to-do list, but if you're not a young student I don't know why you'd see that lifestyle as sustainable or realistic in any way.

No. 1112242

Ngl the liquids look refreshing in those glasses…

No. 1112275

File: 1648324893192.jpeg (1.1 MB, 828x1461, BB5ADE61-AB46-4BE3-8836-E8314C…)

It wouldn't let me upload the webm because it was too large rip
So here's this version instead: https://files.catbox.moe/xhz3yf.mov

No. 1112322

mte. let's get hammered on that fabric softener, nonny.

No. 1112344

Thanks to this post I just discovered those pink Star Wars funkos exist

No. 1112347

The fact that funkos are the top is peak consumerism kek

No. 1112354

Why does repackiging shit in decorative jars count as consoomerism? It's dumb but does buying jars one time count as consoomerism?

No. 1112380

no the consoomer part is buying products and repackaging them as your ~aesthetic~ and buying extra shit you don't need just to make your life presentable

No. 1112498

I've never seen any of those Kawaii aesthetic food tiktokers eat anything remotely healthy lol.

No. 1112510

>trying to make hamburgers look kawaii by putting them in a hello kitty bowl
Something about this deeply disturbs and disgusts me on a visceral level kek

No. 1112517

I do to nonnie but actual dioramas/miniatures made by adults for adults don't look like that. That shit doesnt even have a scale, is chunky, and the prints are mostly poor quality. I used to see minibrand videos some years ago and exepct some minitoys from a colab with Nickelodeon is mostly unusable for dioramas. I know it can be an overlap with miniatures & children's toys like with Sylvanian Families, but minibrands are 100% children's toys and a meme toy to make things worse, with 0 collector's value. Sorry for the sperg.

No. 1112518

which is dumb because it's so easy to make cutesy and relatively healthy bento boxes? it even goes with the whole weeb aesthetic

No. 1112520

Gacha in things for children would always be the worst, i wish that it could be regulated because it actually is giving gambling addictions to kids. And also always the lowest quality fugly toys/characters/games that no one would buy voluntarily.

No. 1112522

Do you think you can coonsom (paid) virtual goods? Like those who are obsessed to have all the skins of their waifu or all the characters of a gacha game. I want to hear your thoughts nonnies.

No. 1112530

I miss Claire's jewelry

No. 1112532

>>1112518 Because it actually takes time and effort to cook a cute and healthy bento, something TikTok influencers and their audiences don't have the attention span for lol.

No. 1112534

thats like the most consoomer thing you can do, buy things that you dont even have. you could get locked out of ur account randomly and lose it all. whenever my bf talks about wanting skins or emotes i clown tf out of him, and when he talks about like the csgo skin market and how much people will pay for a fucking knife skin im convinced those people are genuinely retarded.

No. 1112591

someone had to render that valorant skin or draw that hot waifu card. Still consooming

No. 1112618

File: 1648346918594.webm (1.16 MB, 576x1024, perfume.webm)

No. 1112655

Me too, nonnie. Remember those rings that came in heart shaped boxes? Those were my fucking shit I had sooooo many of those things. So many rings I never wore because I was like 7 but man they were dope as fuck.

No. 1112696

It's sad how after every action in the video (like going for a walk and buying healthy groceries) she had to reassure the viewer it's okay if you don't do that. People must be so mentally weak these days if they take these teenagers videos so seriously and need this level of validation.

No. 1112887

File: 1648377136556.jpg (169.59 KB, 850x850, childrens-cutlery-set.jpg)

some of the stuff used reminds me of children's tableware

No. 1112893

"Kawaii food" sounds almost dystopic lmao
Anyway, the food carts always scream ED to me, if I saw a snack corner in someone's room I would laugh
I'm seething at how Animal Crossing went from comfy game to kawaii girl staple uwu

No. 1112952

It's either an ED or they just buy it for the TikTok and throw away half of it as it goes bad. I notice these influencers are weirdly wealthy. They legit own like 3 iPhones and 2 of those samsung flip phones ($1000 each). So they can afford to splurge on a stupid amount of imported snacks. Meanwhile people struggle to afford healthy food. Its a weird attempt to appear relatable ('we are just like you we like kawaii stuff too') while flaunting their wealth.

No. 1112986

File: 1648388574017.jpg (67.81 KB, 600x800, P1110165.JPG)

Snacks with weird flavours. I am also a sucker for a good limited edition snack.

No. 1112993

Does this taste any good? I know chocolate with chilli is crap

No. 1113199

I think I may have gotten over toy collecting. Used to post a lot in the /m/ thread and constantly was on the lookout for vintage dolls and MLP. It's been like 3 months since I last did that.
It may be medically induced chemical changes in my brain, so I cannot be too sure about it… but God, I hope I'm done with collecting shit. Will make saving money so much easier, even though I still plan to spend on clothes, concert tickets, books (I download most via b-ok.cc, but some I want to have on my shelf or aren't available as ebooks) etc. It feels good to no longer obsess over random things that my mind comes up with! It also feels weird to not give a fuck about something that gave me joy and was important for a long time.
I'm also the anon who has wondered about giving up/selling plushies >>1060466. I haven't done anything by the time the Ukraine war hit, so I was able to give them away for the immigrant children. IDK what to do with the rest of my stuff, like G3 My Little Pony. I'm not super attached to them (contrary to G1/G2 - those are staying with me and I may buy a G1 or two in the future when I'm feeling nostalgic and sure it will not jumpstart consooming), but I don't want to sell them for next to nothing. I have considered renting a storage for all the clutter I'm not set on selling yet. Same with dolls - I probably LOVE LOVE only a half of my collection, but I'm not ready to make any decision. I'm not exactly in the right headspace, to be honest.
I know that it's a waste of money, but I'm considering renting a storage. It's not THAT expensive, and maybe some distance would help me decide if I want to keep those things or not (and if I want to sell them, what should be the starting price).
I no longer have the urge to consoom, but I still feel connection to some of my posessions or they bring me visual pleasure. I could probably get rid of most of them, but… yeah. Too much of a hassle and an emotional strain when I have plenty at the moment.

No. 1113239

Anon, how much stuff do you have in your home that you're thinking of getting rid of? Is it really enough for a storage unit? One thing that has helped me downsize has been setting things aside in a box in a closet (only works if you have room, though) and then seeing how it feels to have those things out of sight. If I don't miss them or need them after 30 days, I sell or donate them. If you have the space I'd try something like that first before spending more money on storage. But I definitely think getting some distance from your belongings helps, as long as you don't fill the space with new stuff.

Good for you for donating your plushies and prioritizing on what you want to spend money on, though. That feels like great progress and I'm happy some kids in needs can get some comfort from the plushies. Personally I think things like books and music (especially digital) are a great substitute for buying physical items to collect. I don't think you'll regret spending money on experiences like concerts, either.

No. 1113311

The storage units are super cheap, like $20 for a month of using the smallest one (which still gives you a lot of space). I'm living in an cluttered flat, about to move (not chosen a place yet so IDK about space). I have a lot of my items in boxes anyway, but it may help to not have them around. I also don't want the next place to be as cluttered as this one.
A storage will also give me a place to store my anime figure and appliance boxes (question, do other people keep those when buying a vacuum cleaner? I'm not sure if I can get rid of them no problem).
Still kind of stressing about keeping Vs selling items, though some certainly should be resold if I want to get rid of them (90s Barbie dolls, for example).

No. 1113338

I spend too much money on buying coffee out rather than having coffee before I leave the house. Or I'll look at my travel mug before I leave and still think 'nah I deserve a proper coffee out' it's small but then it adds up like crazy when you find endless excuses to treat yourself. I'm so cheap with my food groceries but I'll grab overpriced drinks no problem?

There's a clearance store near me where the toy section always gets me seeing as it's mostly licensed toys selling cheap as it's last years stock. I don't even hoard it, I do clear outs and feel stupid when I hand over my donation bags.

No. 1113407

I'm bad for this. I have a boring life so I treat brand new chocolate bars like an adventure lol.

I remember as a kid new releases were rare. It was the same junk food options week in and week out. Now my small country has started importing options from America and other countries without the big price mark ups that specialised import stores used to have. Like a kid in a candy store..

No. 1114042


No. 1114046

File: 1648440139420.jpeg (78.47 KB, 495x369, 8810C87F-3493-4F71-9D7E-A75897…)

i want to buy costumes for my pet but we dont have in my country

No. 1114565

Hello nonners, just came here to say that I've donated half of my wardrobe and a lot of my plushies to Ukr refugees (I live in EU). Seeing this much more space, plus their happiness, mostly of the children that took the toys and not feeling the need of getting money back is so nice.
I'm thinking about decluttering a lot more! Thank you based consoom thread for making me feel better about this, my bank acc is happier too.

No. 1114590

Awww nonita this is really sweet and heartwarming to hear! I’m glad you felt inspired and were able to donate your items to those in need! Super proud of you nona

No. 1114977

That's so nice nonna! Thanks for posting this, I really need to clean out my wardrobe and this way it'll actually go to people who really need it

No. 1115133

Aw yay, proud of you Nonnie! I've also been donating stuff to Ukrainian refugees, such as plushies I've been thinking of letting go of. For some reason I've hoarded colouring books and markers/coloured pencils so I donated those too. I totally agree with you about giving stuff away to those who need it and will appreciate it feeling fulfilling!

No. 1115326

This is just… a very sad and poor attempt at obento… it's not even healthy in most cases

No. 1115334

oh my god, I actually wanted to post something like this in the diet and fitness thread. The amount of refined sugar, trans-fats and calories they pack is fucking insane. And for a child nonetheless.

No. 1115380

File: 1648525092936.jpg (6.56 MB, 3024x4032, Mematic_20220328_223703.jpg)

No. 1115895

File: 1648562286753.jpg (115.18 KB, 1000x1000, egg.jpg)

Call me a tard but I'm a functional adult with childhood neglect in my past, all the way down to medical neglect and lifelong physical affects it left me with. I often see extreme examples of "I'm an adult toy collector and proud" and I cringe but I also have my own lil nagging voice in me that spots kid crap and wants it. I understand the driving force behind it but refuse to go crazy wth it as a cope. I keep it small and cheap. When I lived with an ex he would indulge my liking of plushies too much and I wasn't complaining at the time but I don't want my living space to be like that again.

These fucking things though lol. Any time I go near a mystery type toy or egg it's always expecting a lil licensed figure. You also expect that it'll be of questionable quality but that's almost part of the fun… I got a lil nub of a crayon instead?? That's just cruel. No child would even be happy with that. Where's my shitty figure? kek

Kinder natoons were good. I've stopped spotting them in stores here but the last one I bought had a beaver in it so I don't think you can top that.

No. 1115963

I hate these "storytime" videos. Kids watch them all the time and the stories are so fucking questionable and it always has some young girl opening the door for strangers or letting older men talk to them. And if the kid has headphones, when family members walk by all they see on the screen is someone doing crafts or cooking and they're none the wiser. I'm worried about my niece watching shit like this

No. 1116050

The grooming has amped up so hard with gen z. Wouldn't be surprised if next gen will listerally just outright be sold as kids.

No. 1116063

Why would you chew on ponies lmao, those were the toys I treated the best.

No. 1116075

Holy shit, I never thought about it this way. I saw a storytime with a nail painting video in the bg describing how a girl discovered her sister who was 16 was in an incestual relationship with their father and she caught them fucking and how they did it every week. I wished in my heart it was made up but it is so insidious… people in the comment section didn't see how the sister was a victim to her father and how it was her fault. It was sick. I can imagine some kid innocently watching that… horrible.

No. 1116092

I bought a mini brand on a whim one time and I got the little shopping basket, soo cute and it made me want to buy another one instantly LOL, though I resisted. I put the basket in one of my gunpla's hands so it looks like he's shoppin

No. 1116306

File: 1648585109954.jpg (44.78 KB, 989x622, 6f708c11.jpg)

It's difficult to say where one video ends and another one begins, they are all the same

No. 1116426

I always wanted one of the How to Train Your Dragon ones like in that pic because I'm so autistically obsessed with HTTYD. I could never find them in my area though kek

No. 1116586

kek I thought "wow I have the same bath mat this person probably pretends to be poor or something" enhanced the pic and it's mine lol.

No. 1116792

No. 1118908

wait what?

No. 1118916

File: 1648764853078.webm (3.8 MB, 576x1024, poop.webm)

this fucking video freaks me out. The emotionless voice. The need for aesthetic. The baby looking at the camera. The empty feeling. The collection of "happy" pictures in the back, all looking perfect like out of instagram.

No. 1119004

It gave more chills than any recent horror movie. This video wasn't about the baby, it was about the chair, the baby is just the accessory for the chair. I hate how everything on social media has to be involved with products, it feels like a dystopian society.

No. 1119011

That chair is ugly as shit and has almost no padding.

No. 1119411

>the baby is just the accessory for the chair.
fucking exactly
this. these chairs are supposed to be comfy for the baby, but in this case the fucking aesthetic was more important to the mother. The baby even looks a bit uncomfortable.

No. 1119413

>have you ever considered a high chair to be dreamy
>I couldn't had asked for a more aesthetically pleasing baby item for our home
>not only is this high chair to look at

…yikes. The lack of emotion and absolute consumerist narcissism. It's not about the baby, she's clearly focused on keeping her "aesthetically pleasing" stepford smile facade.

No. 1119415

File: 1648812411151.png (130.38 KB, 218x388, obsessed.png)

>fucking emotionless and souless death stare
Peak consoom.

No. 1119417

File: 1648812678118.png (114.76 KB, 216x388, tf.png)

these tide pods literally look like marshmallows

No. 1119423

ugh i hate these videos so much they literally have people sitting watching pure advertisements for 10 minutes thinking it's content

No. 1119424

File: 1648813308783.jpeg (434.19 KB, 828x876, FD358756-E36C-4930-8D14-30262F…)

don't mind if I do

No. 1119431

The robotic voice sounds awful, it's like someone is forcing the woman to film this video at gun point.

No. 1119460

This reminds me of my own personal cow

>Interior designer, runs an insta account

>The ONLY color allowed in her house is a shade of beige
>Is obsessed with this and even decants toiletries and other household goods into "pleasingly neutral" containers
>Had a baby, at the baby shower everyone had to tiptoe around what kind of gifts to give as anything not neutral will not get brought into the house
>People had a frustrating time finding beige baby toys and books, but she gleefully accepted them
>Her Christmas tree was white with white ornaments
>Her baby's nursery is beige and colorless

This sperg has already iced me out but from what I've heard people still ooo and ahhh on her insta about how aesthetic she is

No. 1119470

Did you post about this in one of the previous threads? I feel like I've read a similar post about beige baby stuff kek

No. 1119560

gals it's just an ad for the chair. don't u hear the sigma grindset music in the background? girl is hustling to get that amazon commission from the affiliate link.

No. 1119571

This terrible '''beige nursery aesthetic''' is bordering on child neglect. Babies need a mentally stimulating environment with different colours, textures, and sounds to develop properly, and what do these poor kids get? A room as stimulating as a bowl of oatmeal, with the bonus of featuring in an unpaid ad spot for some shitty Amazon furniture. I don't even like kids but shit like this just makes me sad for the upcoming generation.

No. 1119714

Yes I have. We're all here forever kek

No. 1120016

File: 1648849928598.jpeg (3.05 MB, 4032x2268, 4ADE7646-191A-4B91-A6E8-A35BF4…)

Reading this thread and watching some documentaries recently has given me the motivation to finally get my shit together. I knew consumerism was bad but I never considered I was part of the problem because I never did those big ass shein hauls that got tossed a week later. I went through my bathroom and am throwing away (or recycling/giving away, if able) all the shit I thought I would need one day or I could fix. I used to be such a makeup hoarder and the fact that I’ve hung onto to much of it for so long is embarrassing, especially considering I’ve had this shit for years and most of it is expired. I’ve been trying to be more thoughtful about my purchases for the past year and this just reaffirms my feelings. It’s fucking gross how wasteful I was.

Here’s to doing the rest of my apartment and not burning my money!

No. 1120020

File: 1648850015196.jpeg (3.57 MB, 3817x3024, 81FD15D4-27EA-46C4-AE04-BFBF1B…)

Part 2. I shouldn’t have taken these pictures on my bed because some of the nasty crusty shit got on it and now I wanna puke lol. Crazy how I held onto some of this stuff despite how gross it was…

No. 1120036

Love your bedsheets and caboodle.

No. 1120091

you need to post a cringe pic from her insta, now I'm incredibly curious

No. 1120095

smells so fuggin good

No. 1120097

I'm so happy I don't wear makeup holy shit, looking at this makes my skin itch

No. 1120116

Good job nona! I destashed my bathroom a while back and it's so freeing. I'd realize I was only ever using some eyeliner, mascara and a hint of tinted lip balm yet I had a ton of palettes, blushes, bronzers, gels and other shit I never touched. I don't miss them a bit and frankly forgot I even had them most of the time.

No. 1120133

I fucking love them, I buy way too many lmao

No. 1120251

ugh some of the stuff you're throwing out is so cute to me. i'm careful no to be a big hoarder either but those sailor moon brushes would have been really tempting

No. 1120269

Kek I know this is ironic but you gotta tell me where you got those bedsheets nonnie because they are so adorable.

No. 1120294

your brushes are so cute. I've been hoarding mine for a while and i really need to replace them.

No. 1120322

how was the Milk stick? also holy crap you have so much shit. i don't advocate for just throwing things out that aren't expired though, try to get your use where you can because it truly is wasteful. but yeah just pare down where you can. makeup can become unhygienic so fast that unless you're doing tranny lewks on the daily you're going to still be hoarding

No. 1120325

File: 1648879347571.jpeg (160.88 KB, 828x820, 99F0E4F4-84B2-4AEC-B087-90A25A…)

She scares me.

No. 1120427

I’m giving away what I can to coworkers and friends/family or donating. If you’re talking about the green and pink milk bottles, I think they were okay. They made my skin nice but were about on par with cheaper face masks; I don’t think it’s worth the extra cash for a brand name. They also dried out fairly quickly.

Tysm! I got them from sin in linen. It was more than I wanted to shell out, but the pattern had been stuck in my head for months and I couldn’t find any alternatives that quite did it for me. I’ve had it almost a year and have 0 regrets, it’s my favorite part of my room

No. 1120541

You just reminded me that I've done the same thing with my own make up and skin care, I threw away anything expired or that looked awful on me, kept what I liked and wanted to keep using, and after that someone in my family stole and most likely threw away most of the things I wanted to keep for some reason, probable to """help""". I'm 100% sure it's my mother who did this because she's extremely retarded and can't help but take other people's stuff and "tidy" things up without permission and once I'll finally make her admit it I'll make her pay me back the 150€ worth of makeup she threw away. I'm still salty. I don't think I've ever owned as much makeup as you have all at once though, but when I started buying stuff I bought semi-expensive brands that my sisters recommended to me.

No. 1120617

Sharing some things that helped me stop consooming:

- delayed gratification. I journal and I'll make a 'wishlist' page of stuff I'm currently wanting. Every time I see that page I can cross off if I no longer want something or if I bought it. If it's something generic like 'bubble bath' I'll get it somewhere I know is cheap like Home Bargains, and if it's a big purchase I'll keep checking depop and online sales. Sometimes I keep checking and it never goes down enough in price for me, and eventually I no longer want it ha. This originally started off as something to refer back to when people ask me what I want for Xmas/birthday but it turned out really useful in decreasing impulse buys.

- charity shopping with a specific thing in mind. Like I wanted a couple good quality white t shirts to wear under strappy dresses for a more modest look at work, so I was checking all the labels until I found 100% cotton ones

- I take photos of cute shit I would be tempted to impulse buy. I can send it to my friends but I also can look back through my photos and see kawaii goods and plushies and stationery and it gives me just as much as a !! feeling as when I first saw it

- I recently got some cold water fruity teabags which are a good healthier option if I'm craving a kawaii drink. I can brew some in the fridge in a cute reusable glass bottle I thrifted and it turns out all pink and yummy. And if I'm wanting a kawaii snack I just take effort to make my meals that day cuter. Like cutting carrot slices into stars or making an aesthetic side salad.

- my biggest downfall is clothes because one of my biggest thrills is finding something unique in a charity shop. I have to be so stern and think 'can I wear this for work?' because at least then I can get a lot of wear out of it. I wear a limited colour palette so I can mix and match, but I've always had a sense of pride about being fashionable and finding unique pieces so it's hard to undo that in my sense of self. The only way I can validate it to myself is by limiting myself to 5 new clothing items a month, only shopping second hand (apart from underwear and stuff obvs) and regularly going through all my unworn/unfitting stuff to donate back.

- the only thing I want help with is binge eating. Denied a lot of food items growing up so there's specific things I can't help but binge on. Random stuff such as sandwiches, soft cookies, exotic fruits, muffins. I'm doing a lot of mindfulness and spotting my emotional triggers and stuff, and I'm getting better but I'm not fully there yet

No. 1120637

File: 1648909514536.png (1.17 MB, 884x1247, Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 9.23…)


No. 1120639

«he» deserves it.

No. 1120642

Why do all french males look the same it's really uncanny

No. 1120708

Kind of dumb question but I have a bunch of barely used and probably expired by now Too Faced pallettes and was gonna keep them for the packaging but I need to declutter. Do gutted eyeshadow palettes have any resale value for packaging collecting alone?
Might try to think of some DIY use too

No. 1120713

You could paint with them but it would kinda suck

No. 1120724

Not as far as I know

No. 1120790

File: 1648916699983.jpg (132.94 KB, 859x1024, 47200500371_6d277b0e2e_b.jpg)

why the fuck would you collect empty cosmetics packaging

No. 1120793

Have you never kept a useless trinket box just because it’s cute or sentimental?

No. 1120795

File: 1648916836259.png (448.92 KB, 580x386, 1572686154808.png)

why not just use them for the intended purpose to like… buy more eyeshadow pans and put them in?

No. 1120796

People do this for branded stuff all the time. Also you have people like pixielocks who use it just for kawaii junk. Yes, I'm aware it's pretty pointless. See why I want to declutter?

No. 1120803


No. 1120821

File: 1648917197866.jpeg (72.31 KB, 341x353, 1616867995518.jpeg)


No. 1120846

not when it's empty packaging with no makeup left in it??????? what, you're gonna pull it out of your drawer once in a while and go "wow look at this cute packaging" and then put it back? is this what passes for a hobby with zoomers?

No. 1120916

Nta, trinket boxes yes, empty make-up packaging? no.

No. 1120917

Maybe anon will refill it with something? If not it's pointless.

No. 1120922

OP here. I'm not even a zoomer. Like I said there are people who do collect packaging just for the branding. Had some gay scrote friend who hoarded designer crap just for displaying and flex purposes. This is hardly a zoomer thing.

No. 1120935

zoomer consoombrain mindset at any age i guess, get a real hobby

No. 1120936

> delayed gratification
What I do is I make a list on my phone or an online wishlist and, if I don’t actually need the item, I’ll try and let it sit on the list as long as possible. If I still want it after a while then it isn’t an impulse buy and thus not a waste of money.

> I take photos of cute shit I would be tempted to impulse buy

I also do this. I would rather be a photo hoarder on my phone where it’s all digital and easy to manage than in real life. It’s similar to the delayed gratification; this also helps me avoid impulse buys. Plus I could always try to make the item at home with stuff I already have. Anytime I have really sentimental items but I’m trying to declutter, taking a photo also helps. I make a little sentimental folder on my phone and it gives me the peace of mind to get rid of it

> binge eating

I also struggle with binge eating. Most of my binges are in the evening/at night. try to set a reasonable time that you stop eating at 2-3 hours before bed. I’ve been doing it for a while and now I’m nauseous in the morning if I eat too close to my bedtime, which makes me not want to do it again. If certain foods trigger your binge eating, stop buying them. I’ve tried so many things to stop binging on those certain foods but nothing has worked for me beyond not buying them anymore. My trigger foods are not healthy and it doesn’t sound like yours are not either, so I say focus on cutting them out of your diet. If you’re ever tempted to buy it, ask yourself if you’re really okay with eating x amount in one sitting and remember how shitty you’ll feel physically and mentally.

I personally have an issue with clothes. I have a lot of cute outfits, but when I moved to my current city I stopped going out because… I have yet to make any friends. I don’t want to get rid of them so recently I’ve been trying to dress up a bit more when I leave for little things like getting groceries. I’ve noticed it helping my self esteem and making me more social, too. Who would’ve thought not dressing like a homeless guy anymore would’ve made me more confident…

No. 1120975

-put new makeup inside or try making your own (if your feeling ambitious and really want to)
-use it to store items like small jewelry, paperclips, mints, medication, etc
-put pictures in it
-not sure if this is possible, but try to turn it into a journal somehow?
-mini sewing kit
-if you like painting, put some paint in it
-idk add some magnets and stick it on your fridge

If you genuinely can not find a way to repurpose it, snap some cute pictures of it and do yourself a favor: toss it. You don’t have to hold onto everything you like and, no offense, you kind of seem like you have a hoarder mentality for holding onto it just because it’s ~pretty~ despite a majority of people thinking of it as trash. It’s not going to hurt like you think to have it gone.

No. 1120990

I live somewhere where in-person shopping is tricky. I only have grocery stores nearby. I don't drive, I'd need to get a train if I want to clothes shop and since covid it feels like it's not worth facing the crowds to travel hours just to shop. I fell into a routine of ordering online more. I've anxiety too so I was like… this is ideal.

I now have developed a sort of dread or self consciousness around the fact that it's the same 2 guys delivering all my parcels and I'm almost embarrassed by the amount. Maybe it's not even that much but it's everything that I buy that's not not food so it feels like alot some weeks. I'm also fed up of not being able to go for a walk whenever or pop to a shop for food because I'm home all day expecting that parcel. A few deliveries have gone wrong and wasted my time or stressed me out as I chased it up. It has started to not feel worth it. I might try and turn this into a good thing. I need to get out more again and in-person shopping is less impulsive than the habit I've entered into. I would place an order and sometimes an hour later I'd start to dread it arriving, resent the waiting around or get stressed because they sent it via an unreliable method.