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File: 1468203805548.jpeg (136.93 KB, 640x641, image.jpeg)

No. 153504

New life in korea

No. 153506

File: 1468203984083.jpeg (61.25 KB, 640x527, image.jpeg)

Lorena loves to samefag at the gaijin in japan thread

No. 153514

Thread exists at >>142781

Stop wasting peoples time.

No. 153515

Didn't went up anymore

No. 153516

File: 1468206138936.jpeg (136.5 KB, 639x778, image.jpeg)

Look at me
I'm a failure but I'm soooo rich

No. 153519

File: 1468206285018.jpeg (23.14 KB, 640x170, image.jpeg)

Top kek

No. 153520

Veeeeery long 'holiday' lol

No. 153524

Can someone please ban lorena on here
She's fucking annoying
Because she is a failure and doesn't have any real friends she have to vent her frustration on here

No. 153530

File: 1468208197635.png (3.3 MB, 1732x919, 8787.png)

All this and more in only a week's time. It's no wonder she's got such a gut.

No. 153870

her life sucks. food helps lol

No. 154020

File: 1468273466190.jpeg (105.05 KB, 750x1161, image.jpeg)

Boytoy in Korea?

No. 154044

Seems he is lol that pic she posted in that bar with his hand the other day also indicates as such.

No. 154048

Next victim of that ugly old ho

No. 154049

I guess she hopes with him, she can easily enter again.

No. 154056

Probably knows his easy income will stop if she isn't there so had to obey sugar mama's demands.
The only kind of mama she will ever be.

No. 154222

I wonder why the caption says 'irony'?

No. 154223

File: 1468321704099.jpeg (15.4 KB, 281x248, image.jpeg)

Old but gold

No. 154224

File: 1468321716134.jpeg (44.98 KB, 281x408, image.jpeg)

No. 154225

Go back to PULL idiot that shit is old as fuck and we've all seen it

No. 154260

All her friends worked for her. That's why all her friends are prostitutes

No. 154277

Cause hes skinny and probably doesnt eat just downs alcohol

No. 154425

Why doesn't she go back to australia

No. 154430

Right? There's even plenty of Asian cock for her in Australia to suck.

No. 154568

File: 1468368870004.jpeg (72.44 KB, 550x885, image.jpeg)

No. 154694

she really has ruined her chances of ever having a normal job cause she's posted her pictures and nudes on every escort site, her Tokyo adult lguide posts, her porn. At least Gaya covers hers face and is good at keeping up her privacy. Sere fucking uses her normal email address which is linked to her real name and real social media for her prostitution. Lol dumb

No. 154771

Both are known under there real name in the prostitution scene

No. 154782

No she's not though? Sere is known as Jennifer maddingly and Gaya as Alice.

No. 154818

The problem is if a possible 'work place' would google their legal names they'd be able to find all this and about 60% of workplaces DO google their possible future employees

No. 154897

That's what I was saying in my first comment Einstein?? That she hasn't hidden anything it's easy to find

No. 154910

That's why I haven't replied to you but to >>154782

No. 154911

File: 1468425193956.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_2016-07-13-17-50-47…)

Either my English isn't good enough or I've missed something. Is this about ryoya? Is this about boytoy? Or what? Help me

No. 154919

A brothel is also a workplace. Her career will be alright.

No. 154921

We were talking about serious work outside the sex industry

No. 154923

Yes I'm aware as I wrote both the first comment and that other comment about their names in the escort scene.

No. 155017

P sure its ryoya. Shes pissed she cant get back to japan

No. 155021

But why is she ranting right now? Do you think he got through with his reports? Or has something else happened

No. 155035

I migh be wrong, but i think its cause she finally realised her visa situ is fucked up. Shes just using him as an excuse because so many people are asking about her "holiday" in korea

No. 155036

I see. Or maybe he got through with his demands and she really got banned.

No. 155126

She is the queen of bullshit though because we all know she refused to sign the divorce papers for TIME and even faked her marriage documents. It was all over her instagram… so it wasn't sped up at all. She ran away from signing for almost a year.

No. 155139


Changed her insta name

No. 155158

She had to sign the divorce papers in March and is not married since then anymore. Then she started to jump to Korea.

No. 155316

Toyboys twitter is out0805

No. 155361

I wonder if Shiena is bitter that Sere named her dog the same name as Shiena's dead lover.

Pretty weird thing to do. And super inconsiderate. Sere is that dumb though she cant think of a better Nipponese name than Ai.

No. 155381

File: 1468465879559.png (418.42 KB, 933x588, LOLOKAY.png)

Oh, so chest/pubic area is only reserved for those shelling out cash? Weird that it's red even for lovers, maybe boytoy is gay and doesn't actually fuck her…?

No. 155414

Was so even his real name? Don't think it was. But regardless yes inconsiderate

No. 155448

Why is she talking about
>can't wait to get home (to jpn)
On her insta?

If immigration didn't let her in last week, why will they let her in next? Or is she going to marry fucktoy in korea?

No. 155452

It wouldn't give her any benefit if she marries fucktoy because it still won't give her a spouse visa.

No. 155605

File: 1468506552097.jpeg (77.1 KB, 640x829, image.jpeg)

She is living in a dreamworld

No. 155634

How the fuck does she think she can return to japan? Are they really that stupid on the border?

No. 155635

I too wonder about that. I mean she got stopped from getting back in just a few days ago. Maybe she hopes that fucktoy can help with his nihongo skills to 'explain the situation'

No. 155639

Man i wish i wouldve been there to hear he trying to bullshit te customs officers with her horrific japanese.


No. 155695

File: 1468530887884.jpeg (107.61 KB, 748x1121, image.jpeg)

The caption here says she wants to go home.

No. 155700

It feels so good without her

No. 155712

You cant explain it since she already visa hopped once. If I were her ex-husband I would contact the airports with her photograph and information of where she is coming from to ensure she can't get back in, even if it meant contacting every single airport in Japan.

You think its ok to fuck your own childs life up then it is it totally ok to have your own life fucked up.

No. 155720

Children* The worst part is that this is the second child she has abandoned already. Good on Ryoga for giving her hell. She should stop being so desperate for Asian cock and, go back to Australia, and be a mother, get a life outside being a filthy hooker. She's such a mess already, can't wait to see what kind of a trainwreck she'll be after 30+.

No. 155722

I have so much pleasure in her being stuck outside of Japan. Her fucktoy will have to leave Korea soon too as he needs to run the bar.

No. 155741

Why did he visit lorena baba?

No. 155742

Because she is stupid and thinks she can enter Japan with boytoy

No. 155758

File: 1468549298487.jpeg (202.41 KB, 750x1168, image.jpeg)

It seems she changed the caption. I'm pretty sure there was something else standing before.

No. 155777

Old caption is posted here >>154911

Seems like she's just trying to stir up drama as she's butthurt he has her temp banned from entering Japan atm.

No. 155789

she has a child there right? she won't be able to avoid her child support payments or whatever she has been committed to by law there.

No. 155791

I think her parents have custody of the child, not the baby daddy. Not sure what the situation is with him.

No. 155809

Everyone saying she got refused from entering Japan or she's banned, do we actually have proof of this?? It seems once again people coming to conclusions just by looking at her Instagram pics.

No. 155810

Yeah she has to have been back to Japan and reached Japanese immigration for them to refuse her. And if they refused her they'd send her back to Australia surely? Not Korea. She's just scared to even try lol

No. 155813

It was in the comments under her airport photo where she said they didn't let her in again

No. 155815

They don't send people straight back to their origin country. Afaik they would let you chose. It just happens that most people go back to their home country.

No. 155818

Exactly your just assuming from one comment on her Instagram of saying she can't come to Japan. Not proper evidence dumbass.

No. 155819

Also it never said they didn't let her in it just said I can't go to Japan.

No. 155827

What a nonsense

No. 155828

Sere keeps making mentions of not being able to return "home" to Japan. Mentions that her ex husband called immigration on her and he "messed up her visa". Yet the samefagging anon is crying that we have no evidence. Lurk more anon.

No. 155831

Probably gaya or shiena trying to defend her

No. 155833

Can someone cap?

No. 155834

Yes I'm totally that fat porker shiena or gremlin Gaya. I don't like sere anymore than the rest of you but instead of constantly relying on Instagram, we can't really say for sure if she is banned. But whatever

No. 155835

If she wouldn't she would be in japan now

No. 155837

Sure. While we can't confirm it 100% that she is banned or not allowed back into Japan, we can more than safely assume via the evidence provided by the cow herself that something is stopping her from returning to Japan at this time. She said herself Ryoga called immigration on her. She is trying to make her stay in Korea look like it's just a holiday, but the reality is pretty obvious that she's at least temporarily stuck there.

No. 155857

File: 1468586139248.png (560.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-15-15-41-05…)

No. 155869

His name is Ryoya.

No. 155874

Lorena spagnolo messinger<3

No. 155895

Nemurinkko isn't really a name gurl

No. 155908


Lmao why does her legal name sound like an insult?

No. 155910

Does her husband have an instagram?

No. 155987

'Ryoga' LOL
Seems like someone needs to brush up on their research

No. 156020

No he doesn't.

No. 156024

To be fair, Ryoga is a lot more common than Ryoya.

No. 156033

File: 1468633779930.jpeg (247.07 KB, 750x1190, image.jpeg)

No. 156037

Such cringe. Can she not afford all that on her hooker wages in South Korea?

No. 156053

Whether her ex husband reported her of not, she likely has a temp. Ban on her for entering Japan.

Visa hops have become a serious issue in Japan with people coming here for 90 days and working illegally and then hopping over to Korea, China, Taiwan, etc. For a few days then returning to Japan to be granted another 90 days. Immigration will likely allow this ONCE, twice if there is a special reason which would require certain legal documents. If not provided, then you are taken into a small room for questioning and usually put on the first departing flight back to the country you departed from originally.

Even with special documents, there is usually a limit to the amount of times one will be allowed to enter in a year. Usually Immigration will be kind enough to tell you "this is the final time."

I personally have never been deported, but I do know a few men that have been busted for visa hopping.

Then again, perhaps she should try to ferry from Korea to Japan lol

No. 156054

No one in korea knows her

No. 156057

I know someone who did it three times and the third time go a warning lol. But with seres history and the fact her own husband reported her to immigration I agree she probably will have a harder time getting in

No. 156058

As far as I know the ferry port immigration is even more strict and she should only do that if she is desperate to be sent back

No. 156065

I've heard of people doing visa jumps, and even though some got asked about it and addresses of contacts and what not were demanded of them, the only one I know who ever got banned was stupid enough to put that she's working in Japan on that immigration form you fill out.

No. 156071

Gangnam lorenas third thread <3

No. 156074

Ahhh I'm so happy she is stuck out of Japan for a good while after all the gloating she did whilst there. You can't expect to treat people the way she did and forever get away with it.

No. 156094

God why is lorena so ugly. I wanna punch her face.

No. 156136

It does indeed depend on your record. Even returning as a divorcee without immigration knowing about her "business" looks sketchy.

If she was smart she would have divorced, applied for a long term residency visa because she has a kid and THEN start her whole prostitute brigade.

No. 156146

>If she was smart she would have divorced, applied for a long term residency visa because she has a kid and THEN start her whole prostitute brigade.

But then she would've need to take care of the child, which she didn't intend to do from the very beginning though. She thought she could have an easy lige with her husband or the daycare taking care of the kid, while she's out 'making the big money' as a kyabajo or prostitute

No. 156163

First child was for money too

No. 156203

No she wouldn't be granted a permanent residence visa because she has a child. She is not taking care of it and there was already a custody case which she lost because of her history.

No. 156214

Yeah she left the kid in daycare for 23 hours when he was just months old.

No. 156247

Just reiterating what everyone is saying, you cant get a longterm residence visa for having a kid unless your the carer with custody. Sere isnt.

No. 156345

It is not required to have full custody of a child in order to get LTRV. Yes, she would have to show that she is working a proper job and can support herself as well as her child.

She basically fucked herself in more ways than one. Even if she does try to marry for a visa, chances are that she will likely be denied. She should just go back to wherever she came from. I heard Surfers Paradise is full of Japanese lol.

No. 156748

File: 1468842199885.jpeg (95.48 KB, 640x665, image.jpeg)

No. 156750

File: 1468842500570.jpeg (86.29 KB, 640x468, image.jpeg)

No. 156760

File: 1468847552921.jpeg (118.86 KB, 640x881, image.jpeg)

The bullshit level is high

No. 156764

"Traveling the world"
You are sitting in korea, the next closest to Japan… That's not traveling the world.

No. 156765

Cant come to Japan she says, complains about husband reporting her to immigration, is in Korea whining about Japan but nah new visa is coming in the mail. Lol you're in Korea lorena how are the going to mail you a new visa when you're stuck in Korea. Batshit fatty

No. 156766

How do you get a visa just by mail? Wtf?

Usually you need to show up at the immigration office in person, showing your history, current work, why you want that visa etc

No. 156768

>I'll always be where you wanna be with minimal effort.
>minimal effort

No. 156770

And afaik immigration gives you a stamp in your passport that your visa is processing while you stay in Japan. She is so damn stupid. Like the time she was so proud she got her '3 year' spouse visa.

No. 156773

I think she means the postcard you get in the mail after applying for a visa. It tells you whether or not you were accepted if accepted then you go in and get the visa. So she hasn't gotten a visa lol and how could she get the postcard while being in Korea?

No. 156774

I like that she goes from crying about wanting to go back to Japan, complaining about how barbaric SK is, bitching about her ex husband, etc. As soon as people catch on that she might be temp banned it goes from playing it off as a casual holiday to "traveling the world". Lorena, pls. You are only in Korea. Minimal effort isn't fucking old men for money, you aren't living in luxury, you are literal white trash that pays to keep people around her with her fuck money. You have two kids you abandoned, your body looks like a washed up retired pornstars, you're obsession with Japan is ruining you as it's done with many a weeb before you.

No. 156781

Lol wait now shes apparently in Australia waiting for her visa to Nippon

No. 156782

File: 1468851345825.jpeg (128.72 KB, 750x1144, image.jpeg)

Lol yeah of course

No. 156801

Seems her Korea hop didn't work, so here she is going back to Australia. Will she be decent enough to visit her first abandoned child? Is she even allowed around him? I feel bad for her parents and kid tbh. His mother is maury level trash except she's a weeb.

Still funny as hell how she's trying to pass this off as an extended holiday and not just her being bitter/salty in any country that isn't japan.

No. 156803

Bye bye lorena

No. 156813

Sayonara sere-chan

No. 156821

As far as I remember she isn't allowed to see the first child either

No. 156833

I remember back early last year, when she was still with her husband, or maybe last 2014(baby was already born) she was the head of this troll weeb gyaru group called gyaru international or something and she went on a ramapage about how a member had contacted her parents with infomation about what she was doing in jappan. She posted an email from her lawyers and she was in a custody battle with hr parents. She didnt win it parents got full custody and she apparently isnt allowed to see him

No. 156836

That's sad. Fighting with family :/

No. 156841

It was in 2014

What was creeping me out is that she made everything so public.

No. 156844

She's so messy. So her parents know that she's a prostitute? Good on them to step up and raise her son at least. Any word on the baby daddy? Lorena really is trash.

No. 156900

So she is in Australia right now?

No. 156907

Lol what happened to her 3 university degrees?

The funny thing is if she used her money wisely she could have gotten a degree and had a legit reason to stay in the country as well as educating herself for running businesses. But no, ugly purses and playing sugar mama is more important to her.

The only 'visa' you wait for outside of Japan is a Certificate of Eligibility which is an invite to work in the country and must be supported by a Japanese company. Once again Sere's delusion and dreamworld takes over in real life.

No. 156909

You get a stamp on your residency card and you may wait in the country, so she isn't waiting for this since she admitted she can't get into Japan

No. 156910

Certificate of eligibility is also for student visas. But immigration checks your background very carefully and I doubt she will get it.

No. 157186

File: 1468942466382.jpeg (126.89 KB, 635x718, image.jpeg)

God he is ugly
How long is he going to stay with the old hag lorena?

No. 157203

Until he got all the money he wants from her and maybe a new face kek

No. 157246

He looked okay in the posed/heavily filtered pics, but in these he's looking pretty awful. He looks sickly/too skinny, frumpy, awkward. I guess this is the best Lorena can afford.

No. 157247

Actually I feel sorry for this guy, even if he's willingly sucking her money.

He's most likely a child of a very poor family, has a low education level a psychological disorder which evolved into a physical one (underweight), he has to work as a prostitute himself, because he's not good enough to earn money as a host, which probably leads to an alcohol problem and is also combined with psychological problems (often).
And now he's into this parasite relationship with that fucked up Australian hooker who just wants his sperm to get a new anchor baby

No. 157258



also i don't understand why most gaijin girls are so obsessed with hostboys. pretty much all of them are uneducated and emotionally unstable.

No. 157263


host boys look like little boys which never spurted or flew out of neverland.

too skinny, ugly and thick

No. 157265

How does that make him different than a lot of the cows here? He just happens to be a Japanese boy instead of a white girl. I don't feel bad because he's a willing participant in this.

No. 157266

Because he probably doesn't understand the whole situation or do you really think that sere reveales everything to him just because he's her toyboy?

No. 157269

I wouldn't say that they're all uneducated. A lot of the ones working for the 'better clubs' actually DO have a University degree, just like the kyabajo. But since he isn't good enough as a host and needed to prostitute himself I bet he has a low education level and a poor family, because these factors often play together:
>poor family
>no money for education eg High School, University, extra classes
>no chance to get a proper job
>becomes a host in a cheap club
>doesn't earn the money he needs because bad club and also poor host quality, otherwise he'd be able to rise up amd change clubs
>switches to prostitution

As said above, same goes for kyabajo (best example sere and gaya kek), I know many Japanese girls and boys who ended up as prostitutes due to the circumstances from above.

No. 157314

That guy worked at air group

No. 157322

He didnt work for a shitty club, he was just a bad host lol

No. 157358

I wonder who has Sere's dog… because, Shiena doesn't like dogs.

No. 157359

Maybe sandra and her Yakuza pimp?

No. 157361

Gaya could have it as well

No. 157397

But gaya already has two cats

No. 157425

Wouldn't surprise me if she abandoned her dog and left it to starve to death like she did her kids.
Luckily her kids got taken by someone else. Hope the same can be said for the dog.

Then again, lovely how she "missed" her dog enough to post about it on Insta, but she doesn't miss her kids. So maybe she takes care of it more.

No. 157426

File: 1469000652440.jpeg (73.76 KB, 640x789, image.jpeg)

No. 157427

Lol LA? Don't think so somehow.

No. 157483

But sere is still in Korea?

I guess she'll try to get another visa from Australia to make it less suspicious

No. 157496

Apparently theyre heading there next wk

No. 157561

A lot of hosts and hostess' go to university during the day and work at night to support themselves and pay off theit tuition. Not all of them are stupid and uneducated. It also doesn't depend on where you work, if it's a good club or not.

On the other hand a lot of hosts are just free loading assholes that are looking for a dumb girl (usually prostitute) to support them. Sere's boytoy is no idiot, he is likely just playing her game to get what he wants.

No. 157869

Are they really going to LA?

No. 158032

File: 1469149953056.jpeg (115.07 KB, 750x820, image.jpeg)

Seems like they are in LA. At least boytoy. He also posted a picture with Pokemon go which isn't available in Japan yet. So it would make sense.

No. 158047

He didn't take this. That's Justin Beiber in the middle, anon. The caption basically says that there was a stampede of people trying to catch Gyarados. It's been going around the web.

No. 158082

Pokemon Go has been out for 24hrs ib Japan now.

No. 158085

File: 1469177482960.jpg (13 KB, 320x240, 48fb30d708a6834c25956bf41ff748…)

>That's Justin Beiber in the middle

No. 158170


Why is she dumb?

No. 158173

I don't know…maybe because it isn't

No. 158174

Oh I see.

No. 158177

no silly anons
its because that anon thinks this pic >>158032 has to do with lorena. no that is a picture of justin bieber

No. 158225

File: 1469239322848.jpeg (261.62 KB, 750x1010, image.jpeg)

What the fucking hell??

No. 158228

If this is true, she's making it sound like she chose to stay with him after this incident occurred which in itself is pretty messed up and shows what kind of person she is. I don't doubt her ex husband is a gaijin hunter, I mean his standards were low enough to jump into a marriage with someone like Lorena, but I feel like she's mostly just bitter and out to make him look bad for calling immigration on her.

No. 158249

was she molested as a child?

No. 158250

It's pissing me off that she still calls him 'my husband'.
No girl, he's NOT your husband anymore, he's your ex, get over it. Just because YOU fucked up all this shit by yourself, don't spread lies over someone else

No. 158258

File: 1469252069574.jpeg (109.31 KB, 750x720, image.jpeg)

Studying in Australia. Of course.

No. 158259

"Studying" for three months kek
She means making a course which brings you nothing else than a pretty worthless piece of paper?

No. 158272

I love how desperate she is to play off the fact she couldn't scheme her way back into Japan just yet. First it's a short "holiday" in Korea until they let her back in Japan. Both Gaya and boytoy visit, but to no avail, she's can't get back in yet. So off to Australia to pretend it was all on purpose for "study". Sure, "holiday"… whatever you say Lorena.

No. 158273

She has been to Korea for a month by now and now she'll go to Australia for another 3months…are there any 'half year'banns?
Also, I wonder how long boytoy is going to follow her, she'll probably be broke af soon

No. 158280

There is no half year ban. If you exceeded the 6 months tourist visa in a year you can't enter in another year unless you have a real visa such as spouse, student or working

No. 158281

She says she's waiting for her new visa 'in the mail' and people here said that this could only be student or work visa. But she can't get a work visa because no degree and will she get a student visa with her cv?

No. 158282

She can still apply for it but in the end its immigrations choice and they will check her background carefully.

No. 158287

How long is the shortest ban though? (Not implying she was banned but just for a little extra education) I once read sth about 3years other said 5years

No. 158288

Honestly, it seems like she had tried using boytoy as a visa route and it didn't work? Maybe that's why she's going for some kind of bullshit "study" to try to make it appear like she's an actual student in hopes they'll let her back in?

No. 158571

File: 1469297506803.jpeg (131.55 KB, 640x901, image.jpeg)

Home and never come back

No. 158572

Can't afford hair extensions anymore clearly lol

No. 158574

We all know that she'll go to Australia though

No. 158587

She needs laser tattoo removal

No. 158590

she can get a work visa though. She has a 2 year degree and you can get a work visa with those. That's how she went to Japan initially if I remember correctly. Didn't her first son go with her too?

No. 158593

Her ex husband is just as bad as she was.
I knew of him when he was dating another foreign girl before her - he'd talk to any gaijin he could get online and his then GF was always arguing with him … he also pretended she didn't exist to anyone who asked even though they lived together. Trash attracts trash, I guess.

No. 158594

Stop whiteknighting, Sandra

Sere has no degree and her EX husband isn't a shitty person, but only very naive

No. 158596

not the same person that posted and I don't even know who sandra but nice try deflecting.

Unless people are lying then why was everyone talking about a 2 year photography degree?
How did she go to JP initially?
She didn't meet Ryoya before JP so she must've went to work. Did she go on a WHV or something and then marry ryoya to get a spouse visa?

No. 158598

Erm maybe I'm missing something, so what job is she applying for where a legit company sponsors her work visa ?? You can't just apply for a work visa without a company to work for lol

No. 158600

Your English is horrible anon. Please read the previous threads to get updated on how she got to Japan.

She basically made up the story with the two degrees.

She didn't meet ryoya BEFORE japan. She went there on a holiday trip visiting her older sister who is/was living in Japan.

God, please read her pull

No. 158602

You're not my English teacher so who actually gives a fuck :S. Plus you can understand what I'm saying.

Why do you think I have time to read all the threads about her?

If you don't want to reply with some answers then I don't mind but don't tell me to read through 1000s of posts about her like I don't have a life lol

So she has had to visa hop (and fail) because her divorce with ryoya was finalized? is that it?

No. 158606

If you keep the story short then yeah, that's it.

You can read the info bix on pull tho, it's just one post and it's pretty accurate.

Just don't try to whiteknight or blame ryoya, he's takimg great care of the child

No. 158619

Who the fuck is Sandra?
Ryoya might have manned up and is now looking after his kid, but he's still a shitty guy. Denied living with a girl to fuck other girls. Cheated on her multiple times, forced her to sleep in a hotel so he could bring other girls home, even picked up other girls in bars right in front of her face ……
Naive? Sure.
When I saw he'd shacked up with Sere, I honestly wasn't even surprised.

No. 158620

File: 1469309592778.jpeg (168.48 KB, 640x814, image.jpeg)

No. 158625

If you don't know Sandra you don't know everything about sere or ryoya either. She's a pretty important landmark in this whole story

No. 158626


No. 158628

All her haters doesn't match what it says on that thingie. But it doesn't match with lorena either

No. 158667

Her Japanese in the caption though hahaha
It's so bad

No. 158690

I can vouch for anon. Even when Ryoya was WITH Sere he would flirt with other girls in front of her. She was constantly outing him for cheating on FB. He has always been trash too.

No. 158696

Doesn't shock me really. Trash married to trash. I've noticed anons here are sometimes quick to defend Japanese guys for what seems like no reason? There was an anon or two who were whiteknighting for Sere's new boytoy too.

No. 158697

It doesn't really matter imo. Because sere is the one abandoning TWO fucking children she gave birth to just in order to be a hooker/hostess or whatever. Ryoya on the other hand takes responsibility which sere definitely lacks in because she is after Japanese dick.

No. 158698

Not that anon, but while it may not really mater, it's still pretty ridiculous anons are trying to whiteknight for the guy. It's great that he's stepped up to raise their kid, but in the end of all things he was gaijin hunting trash that married a person that is literal human garbage. I will agree though, Lorena is on a completely different level with how horrible of a person she is.

No. 158735

If what she says is even nearly true, he's fucking disgusting. Groomning little girls…

No. 158737

Why does she tell all this shit about him, for newbies:

>she wants to be seen as the victim

>she's a great actress

Everyone who has met ryoya and used to hang out with him knows he isn't that bad of a person. Yes, a gaijin hunter and super naive, but as soon as she was pregnant he felt the urge to marry her and to seriously take care of her and the child. Yet, Sere decided that the housewife life sucks and starting to be a prostitute only 2weeks after giving birth was a way better idea.
If he went on a little rage and shouted at her for this behavior I can totally understand him and don't feel sorry for her, not a little tiny bit.

SHE decided to fuck up, not him

No. 158738

Getting married after getting your gf pregnant is expected behaviour in Japan, no need to praise him for it.

No. 158739

I know that it is expected, yet it was her lying to him about taking her spiral out. He was always in the believe that SHE loved him, it was only after giving birth when Lorena started to freak out.

No. 158740

But there are a lot of guys who won't

No. 158743

You're right anon, it's not THAT common anymore in Japan.

No. 158785

That most recent photo of her makes it look like she is staying in some cheap ass love hotel.

No. 158790

What she probably is kek

No. 158806

I've met Ryoya, and I've been at drinking parties with him. He's a bad person.
He'll flirt and try to fuck anything even with his crying GF present.
The only naive one here is you for not understanding that he's trash lmao as if being married would stop him from whipping his dick out at every opportunity.

No. 158814

File: 1469377336562.jpeg (136.45 KB, 720x922, image.jpeg)


It's hilarious that she says this because she totally fucked an underaged guy, didn't she? Wasn't he like 16 at the time?

No. 158816

>with his crying gf present
Who? Lorena? Or Sandra? Kek

Seriously, flirting and joking around which he does in such a super obvious way not only with girls but with anyone, isn't an invitation for sex. If Lorena didn't want such an obvious gaijin hunter she wouldn't have lied to him to get his kid and to get married. She WANTED him, because it was the most easiest way, she obviously didn't deserve any better. Yet, he's the one taking care of the kid, working hard and taking responsibility. She just went off two weeks after labor to be a prostitute. As a man I'd probably beat her to pieces, he was rather nice in my eyes, just getting a lawyer after her and asking for divorce.

No. 158818

Who is that guy?

Also her current bf is also just 22?rn

I wouldn't wonder if she has already fucked some underaged guys if she's already dragging underaged girls into prostitution cough vika

No. 158821

He was some kid that worked at "her" bar for a hot second when it was first opened, I think.

No. 158824

I think I remember him and you're right he was definitely under 20 back then

No. 158826

with a gf before either of them

well, the fact you seem to think its OK to 'beat a woman to pieces' pretty much invalidates any further response you make in support of him - you're utter scum too. Like attracts like, thanks for proving my point.

No. 158831

So you met him in the uk? Because lorena started to fuck him right after he came back

No. 158833

Also 'would have done sth' ≠ being ok with sth. Many men would've done far worse things to a women like her.

Anyway, anyone else noticed Shiena is talking about Lorenas bar as 'her' bar now?

No. 158835

I would beat her too

No. 158837

Do you mean fakestar bar?

No. 158840

yes, the fakestar bar. since lorenas fucktoy left japan, shiena talks about the bar as 'hers'

No. 158848

Wheres this fucking porn

No. 158851

I bet she'll post about it on tag as soon as it's out, since it's sth she can be proud of…not kek

No. 158901

File: 1469391395470.jpeg (135.56 KB, 640x626, image.jpeg)

No. 158929

wtf what kind of men do you know?
Lorena is pretty much as low as it gets, but
>Many men would've done far worse things to a women like her.
makes me wonder what kind of guys you are around to think that's what many men would do.

No. 158960

Ewww when's this from?

No. 158972

Even if she is claiming it to be hers, she too has no visa. Bars get raided a lot, especially with foreigners working there. So she better be careful or she will get deported.

No. 158973

I'm with you anon. Lorena is scum, but saying "If I were a man I'd beat her" is pretty much saying you are scum too. Congrats to admitting you would be a bigger piece of shit than her scuzzy ex husband. Ryoya is trash, but I do commend him for the way he's handled this situation at the very least.

No. 159013

Especially because her working visa says she's the manager of a completely different bar

No. 159022

Still pretty amusing that Lorena was hyping it with her boytoy just to have everything pulled right out from under her. I wonder how long he'll stay out of Japan? I suppose as long as she can afford him?

No. 159025

He seems to be either love blind or just completely out of mind. He could have a bar, an apartment and get a few bucks for the dog without much effort. Yet, he decided to follow her into hell kek

No. 159026

That's what I call young and stupid. But people here pointed out that he isn't a good 'business' person so I think he would be pretty lost on his own.

No. 159027

I don't know. While he'd get the bar, he'd have the responsibility to run it by himself. The apartment he'd have to pay for by himself. And a dog he could either take care of or try to sell off. Or he could be traveling "the world" on her dime and not be doing much of fuck all.

No. 159031

If we take this and the fact that he isn't the greatest thinker when it comes to business he probably doesn't know that sere will soon be broke af since I doubt that she saved the money which she made with her prostitution

No. 159042

He's a 22yr old who wasn't a very successful host turned prostitute himself. I think there is a certain degree of naivety probably, that he's willing to follow Lorena around, but I think it's more ignorance and a desire for an easy life with a sugar mama. She definitely didn't save any money, with the ugly expensive handbags, gawdy jewelry, she's always going out to eat and getting deserts, not to mention all the flying around she's been doing, plane tickets aren't that cheap.

I think she's getting to the end of her funds. I'm sure she was hooking on the side on her "holiday" in Korea, but obviously not enough to make it viable for her to stay there very long. She's going back to Australia to regroup, try to save up more cash, and try to find another loophole back into Japan.

No. 159058

Actually the visa you carry around with you doesn't mention your company name at all

No. 159062

And why can you only get a work visa via a company?

No. 159065

Because company = work?? You have to get a 'work' visa through legit channels. Bar, school, entertainment company for models or bands/singers, regular company, it doesn't matter who hires you but you need someone to support your visa. Or you need to generate enough income to pay taxes etc to go solo. Either way your work isn't written on the visa card you carry around, only the type of work you do (entertainment, humanities etc)

No. 159066

Thanks. But if someone finds out she's not working at the company which provided her visa?

No. 159067

As long as you're still working you can get documents to switch supporting companies

No. 159071

But seres bar can't be something official providing a visa. I still wonder how she achieved that visa anyway since it usually doesn't include bar work

No. 159077

She was listed on tensions company web page as creative productions designer that's how she got her visa. (All she was doing was being manager at the tension page though lol)

No. 159079

Tension bar manager sorry

No. 159153

File: 1469468154921.jpeg (112.57 KB, 640x714, image.jpeg)

No. 159155

Oh my lord don't let me start about how she looks here!

So they arrived in Australia now?

No. 159176

No. 159178

Her face looks horribly bloated

No. 159208


Men actually paid to stick their dick in this creature?

No. 159261

Men pay to stick their dicks in even uglier people.

No. 159272

I cant believe she forced him to go too

No. 159326


Probably planning to marry him in Australia and bring marriage papers back with her to Japan at some point and hope they don't check her past record. Bitch is desperate and he's an idiot.

No. 159377

Doesn't make sense. She can't get a spouse visa without immigration checking everything. She can marry, that's no problem but the visa is most likely not possible.

No. 159397

it's cold af here right now though. is she a queenslander? that will be the only place you could wear a bikini right now

No. 159399

for that to work (and it can work) they'd have to stay in Australia quite a long time, settle down here, get the residency approved, then back to japan. no way they have the attention span for that.

No. 159404

She's from Adelaide

No. 159405

She said they were going to brisbane, but no idea were that is.

Japan would still check her background and unless she'd stay together with him in Australia for let's say, the next 5-7years I highly doubt they'd give her another spouse visa

No. 159415

That explains everything. It sounds like the Australian version of America's Florida.

No. 159429

Explains her extreme skankiness tbh. It's cold af there right now though so no beach.

Brisbane is in the north and is subtropical, so it's warm even in winter. She'll be there. Also called 'Brisvegas' by some, lol.

No. 159430

I'm from there anon and I don't even know how to put it into words. Think of Adelaide cows like Durian Rider / Freelee, that girl Kirsten (?) the stripper, and Lorena. That will give you some clue. It's a small city with nothing to do and when people party or seek an escape they take it to extremes.

No. 159458

Also dont forget the churches and the drugs lol

No. 159459

im from brisbane is up north, doesnt get cold in winter so you can go swimming

No. 160000

Why do I have the feeling she's gonna try saying something like "I didn't get denied entry. I went back to Australia to take a break from Japan. I was getting tired of it anyway!" lol

Also, I like how the few friends sge had left are now scrambling to figure out what to do now that she can't come back, like rats leaving a sinking ship. I hope her manager girl is smart enough to get out while she can. Now this is PROOF Sere can't give ANYONE a visa.

No. 160025

Lol Shiena is smart but she's also very materialistic. As long as Sere keeps funding her lifestyle she will most likely stick around. Plus she is too busy telling everyone that it's "her" bar now.

No. 160684

Did her fucktoy get her a cat now

No. 161052

Would it be surprising? I mean, if she can have throw-away kids so easily, I'm sure throw-away pets aren't an issue for her either.

No. 161145

Sere is the world's biggest idiot. If she would've stayed married to Ryoya for only a mere three years, she could've easily gotten PR visa and divorced him.he had no problem with her working in kabukicho and word in Tokyo is she made 25 grand a month as a kyabajou. She should've properly saved that cash and opened a proper bar. She is an absolute idiot but I think if that host idiot can stay in Australia for a year for her she'll get another visa.

No. 161146

File: 1469704317908.jpeg (244.87 KB, 724x1252, image.jpeg)

No. 161148

'Pornstar' lmao!!! She filmed one movie which isn't even public yet but calls herself a porn star. That made my day hahaha

No. 161155

She's NOT a fucking pornstar! God damn!! That porn isn't even for sale by now and will never be available (legally) outside of Japan where it probably also be sold under the desk because it was filmed without her owning a proper visa.

No. 161156

File: 1469706757315.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.95 KB, 600x900, ORbtiNt.jpg)

Get ready, Australia!

>…once in a lifetime experiance.

Like meeting her son.
Poor kid is probably better off not remembering her, though.

No. 161165

LOL it's worse than that though

No. 161173

Her scrotum sac belly is worse.

Holy shit. That hair damage! Just shear it off and invest in a nice wig, Sere. Or become a bald goddess.

So how long might this "tour" last? Is it likely she is eligible for Japan re-entry this year?

No. 161174


An elite escort whose English is worse than the one of a non native speaker…Lorena this is sad

You'd be better off with second class hooker, put 500¥ in my bag and I'm gonna give you a mediocre blowjob

No. 161175

Good question. If she got a ban the answer would be no, but maybe she tries to marry fucktoy

No. 161185

As far as I remember even marrying him wouldn't help her. I knew this girl who was working illegally, she got found out and then married her bf - still wasn't let back in. That was like 5 years ago though.

No. 161211

No if you admit to immigration you overstayed it's only a year ban. 5 year bans are only for super long overstays or people who sell drugs

No. 161214

I thought it was 3 and 5 years and that there are no one year bans (I think someone explained this in a previous thread) also she hasn't overstayed but tried to abuse the 3months tourist thing by visa hopping to korea twice in 6months.

No. 161215

Doing visa runs more than twice will get you a one year ban unless you have a legit visa to re-enter Japan. Not possible as tourist

No. 161321

File: 1469736578427.jpeg (103.24 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

"Petite Face"

No. 161334

File: 1469740497430.jpg (19.49 KB, 332x203, badpassport.jpg)

I lol'ed

No. 161337

Change to meaty box face

No. 161343

The face of a crazy person

No. 161360

She's an "elite" escort and yet she can't even spell basic words in her native tongue, let alone capitalize her pseudonym properly. Every word she used to describe herself is super off the mark. Banging body? An ass that will bring you to your knees? Bitch, where?

No. 161400

It's obvious she is running low on cash if she feels the need to prostitute herself in her own country.

All of you talking about her marrying her boytoy for a visa. In order for that to happen, he would need to be working a proper job that proves he can support not only himself, but a spouse as well. On top of that he will be asked for his tax reports which I doubt he has ever paid. No way in hell is she going to get a visa outta this kid.

No. 161421

What are the laws on prostitution in Australia? Can she be arrested there?

No. 161440

Good question there(quality contribution there)

No. 161444

Escorting in Austrailia is completely legal and the laws are similar to Germany but I think you need some license.

It's legal in France, Italy, UK, and practically legal in JP etc all except US lmao

No. 161449

Its illegal in the UK.

No. 161450

No it's decriminalized . Nobody arrests hookers in UK

No. 161451

It's legal in the UK for individual profit but if anyone else gains profit from your sexual services I.e. a 'massage' parlour then it's illegal. So these girls in parlours offer a full optional service to their customers on the side which they keep 100% profit from and the manager turns a blind eye.

No. 161452

The acts of advertising or housing prostitutes is illegal, so even though they won't arrest someone for charging someone for sex the make it difficult for sex workers to make a living doing it!

It was like that time you could smoke at 16 but had to be 18 to purchase cigarettes. You can do something but they will make it difficult for you to do it!

No. 161457

She somewhat reminds me of kanadajin. I don't know, but I bet when she'll be able to enter Japan again she'll be like 'us Japanese'.

Anyway, she's now living at that tattoo girls place with her bf.
What's with all your money sere? Not enough for a nice hotel room or apartment? If she really was an elite hooker she wouldn't have to live in this dirty looking place

No. 161910

File: 1469917848560.jpeg (114.19 KB, 625x623, image.jpeg)

No. 161923

The thing is that unless they can prove that you are abusing the system, they won't really do much. Very different from the EU, where you can only enter 3 months within a 6 month period.

How long was she married for, btw? She could've just stayed on the down low for a bit longer, gotten PR and blown up then.

No. 161938

They check your password and also take pictures, fingerprints. They are not stupid at immigration and I've had friends trying with the result being sent back and not getting entrance to Japan.

She was married for about 1,5 years or so. Maybe 2 years in total until she was forced to sign the divorce papers.

No. 161968


even in this shitty LR pic i can see the outline of her implant. how is she so proud of showing that off? also, is that c-section scar or just the shadow of her belly bulge?

No. 161969

But as far as I know there's no limit of how much time you can spend in Japan on a tourist visa within a certain time frame. I've had friends who visa jumped again and again and again and never got kicked out because they had a cover story ("marriage of a Korean friend"; "beach holidays"; etc)

No. 161982

It's both the c-section scar and belly bulge.

No. 161983

Well then we probably know why she was raging so much about ryoya again. She probably got a real ban from entering Japan kek

No. 162199

She has been quiet on her instagram for a while now. Is she active on TAG?

No. 162201

Since TAG is for Tokyo only no she isn't active on there.

No. 162202

Has she posted on any other page then? Or is there a prostitution page like TAG for Brisbane/Australia where she might post?

No. 162206

Someone already posted her brisbane backpage adververt here, please lurk better

No. 162208

I thought it was still TAG, sorry my bad then.

But also I asked for something NEW

No. 162211

This answer is late but what's she's doing at the moment is legal in Queensland (where she is). She's operating on her own doing callouts, which is allowed. What would not be allowed is for her to arrange anyone else's prostitution but her own. Specific info is at http://www.pla.qld.gov.au/Resources/PLA/reportsPublications/documents/Sex%20Work%20and%20the%20Law%20in%20Queensland%20.pdf

No. 162212

Thank you!

I highly doubt she'll start a prostitution ring in Australia like she did in Japan. Yet, she has surprised us with her bullshit ideas several times before

No. 162219

yeah she's on her home turf and has a good sense of how it could go wrong I expect.

No. 162221

It's sad that she can't even go home to her own family. She really fucked her life up.

No. 162239

Well, abandonning her first kid to make a second one to abandon just to become a prostitute…I don't really feel sorry for her.

No. 162297

I wish that maddingly models website had been made ahaha

No. 162485

File: 1470119431295.jpeg (199.39 KB, 1242x1152, image.jpeg)

But Lorena, your nipple is squashed out of your bra. So gorgeous… So classy.

No. 162486

At last she's finally getting some professional shots but that nipple pop is hilarious hahaha

No. 162495

Her tattoos are the worst. She should have spent some of that money to get some of them fixed/covered. Isn't she mooching/living at some tattoo artist's place right now?

No. 162497

lorena, let your boobs breathe. i pity those puppies, they're SQUASHED. go get a bra that fits.

No. 162499

Shoot for what? Porn or prostitution?

The work of that artist is shit

No. 162500

Yeh that spiderweb with the two mutant girls on her shoulder is the worst

No. 162502

File: 1470129598345.jpg (1.24 MB, 2448x3263, image (1).jpg)

I don't know, while that one is pretty bad… I think the medusa with the two business men on her upper thigh might be the winner for the worst tattoo.

No. 162503

File: 1470129672753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 410.98 KB, 1014x1800, image (2).jpg)

Though the more I look the more I can't find a tattoo that isn't awful. That weird anus-looking donut…

No. 162510

Is the medusa unfinished???

No. 162512

Why would you ever get a donut tattooed on your leg?

No. 162518

According to her blog and deviantart she has been on a constanst drug trip starting at 16. So maybe donuts are cool when you're high af?

No. 162519

I hope she finds some bras that actually fit in Australia. Her poor boobs. :(
With all these tattoos, she'd have a really hard time finding a proper job anywhere in Japan, even if it's just teaching English or whatever. (Besides the fact that she shot a porn movie and can be seen mostly naked on the internet)

No. 162520

She won't ever wear bras that fit, but that's a problem most busty girls have. You can't wear grandmother like underwear or get stuff two sizes too small and you'll most likely take the second option.

She doesn't have the intention to ever get a normal job, I wonder if she actually ever thinks about her future? She doesn't even seem to save a single bit of that prostitution money and is already broke af otherwise she wouldn't need to live at that rathole

No. 162615

Funny how no one comments on the fact that most of her tattoos aren't even finished and have been that way forever.

No. 162617

I just did in the last comment amd we've already discussed this

No. 162801

File: 1470235139403.jpeg (112.87 KB, 736x1049, image.jpeg)

What's up with the grannie style bottoms? Is she trying to hide her pooch and C-section scar with those? Are these supposed to be her new pics for her "adverts"?

No. 162810

Obvs vintage style lingerie you idiot.

No. 162812

Your grandmother wears panties like that? L-lewd…

No. 162829

Those are vintage style high-waisted panties, which are all over the shops and in style for boudoir activities, you almond.

No. 162831

Gross lorena

No. 162906

File: 1470261926054.png (653.49 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

Found out she housemates with this girl not too sure who she knows Sere

No. 162928

Damn I want that lingerie set… Don't wanna ask her though

No. 163038

>but that's a problem most busty girls have
not really, no.

No. 163092

File: 1470334283528.png (814.62 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 163109


No. 163126

if it upsets you that much you'd learn how to moonspeak instead of sperging on the internet

No. 163159

Learn to read Japanese you lazy piece of shit.

No. 163161

Are you stupid or what?

No. 163169


"Not in Japan yet, but my birthday has come in Australia. Happy birthday, and thanks very much."

Did he get an exotic pet or something? Good fuckin luck taking THAT back to Tokyo, dude.

Also, when the fuck is he gonna go back to run his crappy little bar? It only opened like a month and a half ago, and he's almost spent a month away from it. If I were his employees or his manager, I'd be dipping into the register big time. What bar owner would leave their brand new bar to go fuck around overseas? That bar is going to go belly-up very soon. And then Lorena wasted all her prostitute money. lol

No. 163183

There is a pole in the house, guessing someone is a stripper. Which means Lorena probably wore someone elses underwear for her "photoshoot".

No. 163213

It's the tattoo chick's place they are staying at. The tank he's looking at is also her's. I wonder how long she'll let Lorena and fucktoy mooch off of her? I wonder if Lorena is paying her any kind of fee to sleep on her couch.

No. 163268


Ooooh my god, i like how you can see her pooch in the picture where shes wearing the top but it mysteriously dissapears in the one where she takes it off. kek

No. 163270

ffs anon. some of us learn other languages. just translate instead of this "go learn japanese and read the caption in a few years' time". the caption is relevant now.

No. 163325

You can see all the pixels being pulled in and out around her tits and pooch.

No. 163348

her upper right arm too

No. 163418

What kind of entitled twat demands instant translations along with a picture being posted? Someone will eventually translate it, but if you must have it RIGHT NOW like this child >>163109, go learn Japanese.

No. 163459

Ok lol so I`m entitled am I? I actually do know Japanese for one, but I always put translations for people who dont understand Japanese when I post something..Its common courtesy. Why should others have to put translations all the time on stuff posted by lazy OPs. Lolcow isnt a all speaking Japanese community.

No. 163562

Stop squabbling, you're embarrassing.

No. 163590

it's generally expected here (all over here) that if you speak / read japanese and you post a cap, you'll offer translation. I'm not the same anon but it's not entitlement, it's basic sense and minimum courtesy. you don't come off that well yourself saying "go learn japanese".

No. 163592

It's funny how you all are all about stalking the lives of these girls living in Japan but a large percent of you can't read or understand Japanese or your translations are shit. There are a couple decent translators here but perhaps some of your should study to support your hobby.

No. 163604

Sere can't even write proper Japanese or English herself so stfu

No. 163607

File: 1470492346142.jpeg (238.34 KB, 750x1104, image.jpeg)

No. 163608

File: 1470492386563.jpeg (230.32 KB, 750x1047, image.jpeg)


No. 163613


she really looks like she gave birth to 2 kids.

No. 163614

Giving everyone the middle finger whu told me to stop saying that he's anorexic

No. 163632

Knew he had to have an eating disorder to be that thin!

No. 163633

Without all that makeup and filters she really does look like the old hag who sucks cock for cash.

No. 163696

No. 163706

that whole account is embarassing wtf is that

No. 163720

Or maybe she was just sick of us calling him a string bean instead of getting all jealous over him like she wants. Maybe she's trying to make him pump up, because now she's had a taste of six-pack Korean dudes, and isn't satisfied with his body anymore. Sere never does anything purely to help anyone. There's always gotta be something for her to gain.

No. 163772

She really does look like a middle aged mother here. She's looking really rough and her outfit is a mess. Not living that life of luxury you pretended to have while hooking in Japan anymore Lorena? Where's the hair, the makeup, the skimpy dresses, heels, expensive handbags, and gaudy jewelry?

He not awful I guess, but he really looks like an anorexic tumblr fakeboi/lesbian. He's nothing to write home about, but I guess Lorena is pretty hard up for japanese dick that's willing to follow around in her shadows.

No. 163805

File: 1470564378195.jpeg (186.62 KB, 638x893, image.jpeg)

No. 163814

Whoever found this IG post is a hardcore Lorena stalker. Pretty [scarily] impressive.

No. 163817

She's tagged in it so nope

No. 163820

Yeah she's tagged in the post easy as pie to see

No. 164299

Well, she's definitely done a great job fattening herself up. RIP his career as a prostitute/host. I wonder if we'll see him/her getting any kind of regular jobs now that's she's stuck is Australia? I wonder if she has him sucking dick for cash.

No. 164304

File: 1470727900152.png (918.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-09-10-35-31…)

Yah she got pretty fat

No. 164305

File: 1470727960837.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-09-10-35-49…)

Petite face

No. 164306

File: 1470728289714.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-09-10-43-45…)

No. 164307

File: 1470728980802.png (326.46 KB, 428x403, 32894u9.png)

This bra is doing no favors to her franken-titties.

Though I am deeply enjoying how shapeless and pudgy her midsection is, keep gobbling down all those desserts Lorena.

No. 164312

File: 1470729317378.png (1.26 MB, 1023x676, 0001.png)

So much bad contour on her "petite" face, that giant calf, using her ratty extensions to hide her obvious belly roll… god these are gold.

No. 164316

How old is she? Looks like Soccer Mom

No. 164319

Well, she has had two kids. Her online ads and website list her age at 22/23, but in reality she's 27/28.

The website is funny, she lists her height as 5'1" and her weight at 105. No way in hell she's 105 in these photos at 5'1", she's at least 140.

No. 164324

U can see the stain from her sweaty arse crack GROSS. And that elbow.

No. 164325

She looks drugged up here. I dont understand why she hasnt at least tried to shoop her flabby body.

No. 164376


As a certified arthoe who can dick around in Photoshop the least the editor could have done is cleaned up the lighting and upped the saturation. These look like she's a sex slave being forced to pose against her will. This is grimey not the least bit sexy. And for such a rich bitch she afford a proper fitting bra? Mmkay.

No. 165052

File: 1470994115128.png (597.3 KB, 484x597, BB.png)

Is she working as a stripper while staying in Australia? cause that bathroom

No. 165053

That's definitely a strip joint's backroom. Of course Lorena couldn't get a job outside of sex work. I bet she fucks customers for more quick $$$ under the table.

She's almost 30 and looks her age if not older. What is she planning to do when she's no longer attractive enough to get by fucking for money? Like, I get that there are plenty of old used up hookers around, but she won't be making nearly anything what she could be making now. What is this crazy bitch's endgame?

No. 165056

I don't think she has an end game. Just look at her tattoos, does she look like she's thinking about her future? Apropos tattoos, where did the ones on her legs go?

No. 165107

Hard to tell on mobile, but it seems like she's wearing some pretty serious dance tights. Like the really thick, control top ones girls wear while working at hooters? That's also why her usually ballsack-esqe hanging stomach appears flat for once, it's sacking everything in for her. Must look hilarious and sad in person without all of the camera tricks.

No. 165112

Looks like she's sucking in her tummy and using the right angle

No. 165113

Yeah, that too, but her various leg tattoos are missing too ( most notably her shitty medusa. Her stomach does seem a hell of a lot flatter than the usual even for sucking it in. See the unedited porn shoot pic with her wearing the top as reference.

No. 165146

The picture is flipped. That is her other leg. You can tell by her arm tattoos.

No. 165157

And it wasn't too long ago that she said shit about stripping lol just standing around for less much much than she makes in a month … Something along the lines of that. Now she's not making money so she has to strip

No. 165345

File: 1471097189129.jpg (339.87 KB, 1062x959, 2016-08-13 23.01.12.jpg)

So, this is boytoy's twitter. It says "So I went outside this morning for a smoke, and saw 3 cop cars out front. I wondered what was going on, and I guess the junkie next-door neighbor was getting arrested. The police got mad and yelled at me to smoke somewhere else." ~ August 5th

Really living in glamour and luxury, eh Sere?

No. 165356

Brisbane ghetto life

No. 165357

Sounds so luxurious

No. 165451

No. 165454

No. 165455

File: 1471141845340.png (Spoiler Image, 87.8 KB, 308x219, Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 10.2…)

No. 165456

Omg hahaha that was so low quality and cringeworthy to watch

No. 165457

This girl is a wreck. Bad limp looking hair extensions, ugly tattoos all over her body and bad breast implants. 2/10, will not bang.

No. 165459

File: 1471142868250.png (701.88 KB, 729x534, holyshit.png)

This video is gold. I hope she makes more.

Such a petite face. Bonus points for that god awful grown out manicure. I'm dying.

No. 165460

File: 1471143132720.png (494.81 KB, 850x532, 0001.png)

No. 165461


No. 165462

Acne ass oh my god!! Lmao

No. 165463

File: 1471143509524.png (Spoiler Image, 541.04 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

What the hell is this? Are her breasts even attached to her body?

No. 165468

File: 1471144855588.png (Spoiler Image, 164.59 KB, 313x529, 0002.png)

Her boobjob is one of the worse ones I've seen. There's super obvious dents underneath the implants too. With all her shitty cheap tattoos, I suppose it shouldn't be shocking she went with a shitty and cheap boobjob too.

Her extensions throughout the video… they don't match her hair color, they are ratty as fuck, and you can obviously see where her real hair is compared to the extensions. Are we sure Lorena isn't on drugs? Because she looks like a straight up crack whore.

No. 165478

Not a Lorena fan but actually she looks pretty good from the chest up in majority of this video. TBH she probably uses her visable stretch marks and baby belly as a selling point/sob story when she meets clients so they feel inclined to give her more money to help her kids too.
But apart from that, her awful tattoos and her botched boob job she doesn't look half bad in this video.

No. 165480

It's Dita Von Teese

No. 165482

File: 1471152478900.png (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 948x1039, nope.png)

You must have been viewing on mobile or only saw the first 30 seconds. Even if you were to ignore all the screen grabs already posted, she hardly looked good, even from the chest up.

No. 165494

File: 1471155833650.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 3724x3160, 13774.jpg)

No I watched on the computer, as much as people want to bash her I still stand by my comment !

No. 165499

>the video is super lowquality
>she's pretty fat and wobbly
>let's not talk about the boobs
>her tattoos give everything the rest

This whole thing is so unprofessionally done, I would never book her if I saw THIS video. Also, now you can all tell how much photoshop is in the photos, because her body looks nothing like this irl.

I give right to that one anon, with this high amount of makeup, her face looks okish, even if it's applied so aloppy every makeup artist would kill her for this. But anon have you seen this mess without makeup? It's just a wide squareface blobb

No. 165500

I'm worried about her dog

No. 165501

Jesus, that blob of a thigh in the first cap. I'll agree though that she does look a hell of a lot better when her frankenstein tits are put away and we can't see much else of her body.

Her contour is so orange along her cheekbones, her lip is visibly cracked, her false eyelashes are so big they overhang her eyes half the video, but the thing that annoys me the most about her shit makeup is the obnoxious amount of highlighter she uses on her nose. Her nose is so shiny compared to the rest of her face.

No. 165502

They probably sold it

No. 165503

Don't forget the contour on her nose haha it's so bad not blended properly yuck

No. 165504

Guys calm down! She's just waiting for her new visa to arrive >>156760
Then she can go back to holy nippon to be a star

No. 165505

File: 1471160106991.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_2016-08-14-09-32-30…)

New place, but still the old jewellery. She should clean this shit because it's already getting black

No. 165507

Lmao still awkwardly decorating ceramics and ornaments with weird silver I see. Such a skilled photographer. Innovative stuff!

No. 165508

What happened with her bullshit excuse of taking classes for some kind of beauty certification?

Seems like the tattooist chick told them to move on, Lorena is working as a stripper to get by, and she somehow managed to keep fucktoy following. He must be a bored country boy or something.

No. 165513

She's only ever making excuses. At first it was just a holiday in korea, then it was traveling the world when she came to Australia after her three months in korea, then it was the beauty school shit and now it's a 'short stay apartment'

No. 165515

Now it's gonna be long term stay in Australia because in no way is she able to get back to Japan that quick

No. 165518

Her advertisement says she's available for hong kong, Australia, Singapore and Japan. How'd she get into Japan with a customer if she can't even enter it on her own? Also she tries way too hard to be like that scottish escort lady (forgot her name, sth with kitty)

No. 165519

Kitty Carr is her name. But yeah she seems a bit try hard all of a sudden. She is not even close to that girl and will probably never be. With her age and looks she won't be able to pull that luxury escort life ever. Unless she gets some serious work done which I doubt because she is broke and thinks of herself like she is the queen.

No. 165520

Are these boobs even fixable after that shit job? Wait another 4-6years and she needs to get new implants

No. 165524

She didn't say in Korea for three months

No. 165525

But nearly

No. 165530

I think she was only in Korea for maybe a little over a month if you look at the dates of her posts. She's been in Australia for a few weeks now?

No. 165533

Yeah she was there for a little more than a month

No. 165605

File: 1471194088628.jpeg (86.96 KB, 541x600, image.jpeg)

Kitty's cottage cheese in a binbag ass is long overdue it's own thread. I can't believe anyone pays $1000 per hour for this former weebo.

No. 165607

then just make a thread and don't spam this one. Actually I'd think a thread about her interesting, because the only thing I know is that she's an high level escort and from scottland

No. 165627

Her figure really isn't all that bad tbh. She has pretty big boobs that appear to be natural, a pretty decent hip to waist ratio, her butt is a little saggy looking, but it doesn't look very dimply or anything on my screen. Girl just needs to cut her fat intake, do some squats and she'd have a pretty killer figure.

I'd be curious on a thread about her though. Especially if anyone could find out her real identity considering she really halfasses hiding her face. Sage for off topic.

No. 165733

I wonder if that's the previous admin running fuckyeahbangya because all of a sudden last year the admin moved and at the same time kitty moved to the US as well Coincidence?

No. 165736

Loool I think you're way off track there. Nobody gives a fuck about that tumblr and as I HIGHLY doubt Kitty is a bangya let alone into visual kei. I spoke with her numerous times on TAG and she's a very smart intellectual woman. That previous fyb operator was a crazy american

No. 165743

Are you an asslicker or what?

No. 165751

No just pointing out that idiots conclusions. This thread is about sere anyway so let's stop that talk about irrelevant people and shitty tumblrs

No. 165755

I think you should all leave Kitty, J Blair & others out of the conversation.

No. 165760


No. 165766

Yes please, they have nothing to do with sere besides Gaya

No. 165767

If people are so interested in talking about them maybe they should make a deprecate thread lol. This is about sere

No. 165772

A thread about them would die immediately because there is nothing to talk about

But yeah, let's get back to our train wreck Sere.
I really wonder what's with all her belongings, and bills for apartment, utilities etc.

No. 165773

File: 1471238888818.jpeg (252.73 KB, 1242x1464, image.jpeg)

They are LEAVES Lorena you dumbfuck. And aww where did your lovely nails go? :p

No. 165775

In the video her mani was suuuuper outgrown and in need of a fill. Looks like she opted out and is sticking with natural nails for the time being, probably due to lack of funds. Tbh though, it's actually an improvement. Maybe she'll finally give up on those old, nasty, nearly dreaded extensions that don't even match her current hair color next.

No. 165873

This cow is delusional

No. 165874

Are you sure that she'll stop with those? She'll desperately try to go on with her wannabe luxurious nipponese lifestyle forever.

No. 165890

File: 1471278047050.png (1.04 MB, 1079x1234, 20160815_181920.png)

>ratty extensions
>lash is falling off

Such high class escort she is.

No. 165893

Why isn't he going back?

No. 165894

She still has money to pay him off. If he'd go back to Japan, he'd have to be a prostitute himself again, because I highly doubt that Shiena will let that crack head ruin 'her' bar, now that she kinda owns it.

No. 165909

File: 1471283027983.png (413.11 KB, 848x531, Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.42…)

Are we really going to ignore her back tattoo?? Never seen that one before….

No. 165910

Looks like a toddler got at her with a marker

No. 165911

this idiot needs to stop starting tattoos, finish the ones that she started, and then just stop

No. 165924

Seriously if I was some rich old dude and this is what showed up, I'd send her away. She looks so gross and cheap. Like just imagine staring at those scribbles on her back, the ass acne, and those ratty extensions. Her front isn't any better with her botched boob job, saggy stomach, and man face. Apparently prostitute standards are incredibly low for the cost?

No. 165927

I probably wouldn't mind the ass acne, because well that's natural and probably less worse in reality. But that fucked up boob job would make my jonny sad. Her face with tons of makeup is okish. But I'd definitely argue about the price, because she is promising something amazing, she literally promises a Porsche but what you'll get is 1998 vw golf with only one back light working

No. 165939

sorry you have ass acne

No. 166165

File: 1471354890724.jpeg (38.62 KB, 640x542, image.jpeg)

No. 166178

Seriously, that ass acne is horrible… How in hell are people getting that anyways?

No. 166180

Back in 2013 or maybe 2014 she was talking about it in SNG that she always kinda had it and it suddenly broke out and her ass was like brownish and showed open flesh.

Usually you might get little breakouts from shaving that area if you've sensitive skin, but hers looks more like sth serious?

No. 166198

eww thats fucking seedy. bitch needs to exfoliate that shit and see a dermatologist

No. 166217

This sounds more like a std than just a casual case of acne? Her skin doesn't seem to have acne anywhere else, excluding minor acne on her face which is pretty normal. Maybe the thing we're seeing is actually scarring from the outbreak and not actual acne anymore. Girl needs to sell her overpriced handbags and use that money to get new extensions and lazer treatments to her butt acne scars or something…

No. 166220

That's not assne, that's full on eczema.

Source: My bf has it so I'm somewhat of an ass eczema expert.

No. 166222

Ass eczema expert lol. Is there any way to fix it? And is it normal to have it only on your ass and nowhere else? Seems weird considering her skin seems alright otherwise minus her face on occasion.

No. 166238

you can get acne etc pretty much anywhere, also in just one single spot

No. 166367

as disgusting as sere is, that's not an std. She probably has a really sweaty ass (ew) and doesn't clean/exfoliate it well. Kinda evident in >>164306

I don't understand how she still doesn't have extreme embarrassment at how much of a fat, sweaty, stretch-marked-laden mess she is. That video was full of shots of her botched boob job, shitty attempts to hide her pouchy stomach with blankets and specific angle shots. 'high class escort' LOL

No. 166375

her hair looks like a massive rats nest

No. 166390

Holy shit that's disgusting. It was a bad idea to eat while reading about lorena's ass.

No. 166391

File: 1471416341085.jpg (597.31 KB, 1000x1600, stock-photo-man-kneeling-down-…)

"An ass that will bring you to your knees"
yeah, in front of the toilet

No. 166424

too accurate, kek

No. 166577

I wonder if she's even selling as a stripped with that horrendous body and boobs

No. 166578

File: 1471506608799.jpg (202 KB, 800x537, 1471501695962.jpg)

No. 166579

They advertised her as a blonde australian… shes not even blonde LOL

No. 166580

Looool your right. However I'm confused by what Japanese people consider blonde and not blonde sometimes. But that isn't even blonde by Japanese standards haha

No. 166581

My Japanese is shitty, but the description is pretty funny. They describe her as a 23yr old blonde Australian who got her first tattoo at 15? I feel like this is all information Lorena provided?

No. 166582

Also love the description of her as a cumdumpster on the back hahaha

No. 166583

'Soul and body emo punk' hahahaha what I'm crying

No. 166584

Sex with over 200 men … Nice

No. 166585

File: 1471508973840.png (545.76 KB, 745x874, 000333.png)

Even with such tiny preview pictures, you can see how dimpled her ass is and how botched her boobs are. At least the censors are shielding our eyes from one horror.

No. 166587

How did you find that?

No. 166588

No. 166589

File: 1471509120518.png (795.71 KB, 737x793, pornshoop.png)

boobshoop, they seemed to make her legs longer, but don't make them look less hammy.

The way they styled her hair/extensions is hilarious too. Why curl her hair and leave her extensions straight? It makes her hair look like a mullet.

No. 166590

File: 1471509372024.png (Spoiler Image, 242.71 KB, 534x357, 22.png)

Holy shit, those tits are going to give me nightmares. Good find anon.

No. 166591

OMG people actually bid on and bought her used panties ewwwwww

No. 166592

Someone accidentally linked it in the old pt thread, I just copied it into the newer one so you guys could see

No. 166593

>she literally promises a Porsche but what you'll get is 1998 vw golf with only one back light working
The first time a robot actually made me laugh kek

No. 166594

Thanks anon! Looks like we won't be able to watch till after it god on sale on the 23rd of next month lol brace your selfs!

No. 166595

Fixed tummy pudge a lil too

No. 166596

Translation of the description:
A 23-year-old Australian who came to Japan to study the language. She got her first tattoo at age 15, influenced by a guy. She has experience with over 200 guys. She's conspicuous with her 23 tattoos and piercings all over her body. An all-over tattooed pirate ship! The blonde girl gobbles up the Japanese adult sex! Even though it's her debut, her shaved imported pussy is filled up with cum! This is Japanese AV hospitality.

Sorry about the awkward sentences I'm on my phone and can't review that easily.

No. 166597

Thanks anon! "An all-over tattooed pirate ship!" lolwut. Her porn debut is ripe with hilarious commentary so far. "soul and body emo punk"…

No. 166648

File: 1471535757962.gif (435.53 KB, 250x141, animated dean do not want.gif)


Her boobs look like fucking tumors.

No. 166651

Dont forget my favourite the blonde woman is the Japanese mans cumpdumpster ahahah

No. 166702

i know this has been repeated numerous time in this thread, but how does a boob job go that fucking wrong? I am appalled. Especially since sex work is her profession- it matters how you look because you're marketing yourself. One of the worst boob jobs i've ever actually seen in my entire life. Poor Lorena.

No. 166759



if she's 23 then I'm 5. she looks well into her late twenties.

No. 166763

She is about 28 if I remember right

No. 166773

File: 1471580318811.jpeg (36.05 KB, 620x340, image.jpeg)

No. 166776

File: 1471580789118.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.58 KB, 750x415, image.jpeg)

Omfg she tried to make japanese moaning sounds n its terrible omg why

No. 166778

Holy shit. This is perfect.

Is there a clip?

No. 166779

i love how this isn't even an exaggeration lol. she really ought to see a fucking doctor about those tube tits.

No. 166780

File: 1471582195163.png (494.08 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 166783

Who wants to be first to buy it?

No. 166784

File: 1471582906117.png (Spoiler Image, 3 MB, 2001x1125, image.png)

the marks on her boobs and the terrible boob job are soooo obvious holy shit

No. 166787

She makes gaijin look bad

No. 166792

I love that they're touting the "cum inside her" bit. The clap itch must be awful

No. 166794

Welp, hope she regrets that. Cos the money she got for it is obviously gone and all she has is a mark left on the Internet and DVD forever now. Gold star smiley face for you Lorena! Good luck when/IF you decide to integrate yourself into normal society.

No. 166797

i just watched it and want to die. ewww terrible those moans were hilarious

No. 166798

Put her prostitute name in google and all that comes up is her porn

No. 166802

what a wreck, still a whole bunch of whore friends are still in Tokyo.

You guys are fucking shit up for legit gaijins here.

No. 166806

I don't know why she doesn't do porn anyway in Australia. If she needs the money, more money in it then strippin. I wouldn't do amateur porn, but shit who ever paid the most.

No. 166817

Idgw people say this because… she really isn't. Whatever she does has no affect on other foreigners living there pursuing a legit career and life.

No. 166821

Agreed. Most people on here don't know shit.

No. 166822

This. I live in Tokyo, and Sere doesn't fuck up anything for me. She's ridiculous but I don't feel threatened by her existence.

No. 166827

I'm not talking about other gaijins living in tokyo but on a immigration/government level. These sort of fucked up cases like kabukireign will make them scrutinize the rest of you piece of shit "legit career" gaijin teachers

No. 166828

Same here anon

No. 166829

It's not her voice. They've used a voice actor looooooollllllll

No. 166830

Omg that's worse aaaahhaaahahahaha

No. 166831

Maybe i'm wrong but it sounds nothing like her!

No. 166832

I'm a permanent resident. They can't scrutinise me anymore than they already have. Also not a teacher, but thanks for assuming.
People crying about how sere fucks everything up need to get a grip. She's hardly the worst foreigner to ever have graced Japan.

No. 166833

She isn't the cutest gaijin porn actress ever, that's for sure.

No. 166844

No it is her voice
Her acting is so extremly boring

No. 166857

I dont think it voice actress

No. 166913

Sere is just one of millions doing the same thing in Japan. How about lets talk about all the southeast Asian women working the streets here for a buck? Or the east European women who work in hostess clubs and marry their customers just for a visa and money? The only reason people care so much about Sere is because she doesn't hide anything.

No. 166926

Yeah she's nothing special or unique at all. Just no modesty whatsoever.

No. 166928

can someone rip the preview and post it here? i can't seem to open the website for some reason and i'm dying to see her shitty porn

No. 167019

File: 1471671261308.png (547.1 KB, 931x583, ggggggg.png)

LOOOOL like you can talk Lorena. miss I like Japanese men with mullets boohoo. Also dont a majority of your friends look like this?

No. 167029

Kind of funny considering Venus is living in Japan with a visa and a Japanese husband. She doesn't have scary monster tits and doesn't have to fuck old guys for money. Doesn't have any throw away kids….

Besides, wasn't this Lorena just a year or two ago? She still sports the makeup, thin lips, lenses, etc. She just went from average weeb to weebish street hooker. I'd hardly say that's any better.

No. 167036

File: 1471676041426.png (446.79 KB, 786x417, IMG_0737.PNG)

Sere starter pack

No. 167038

Holy shit, those tits are freaking nightmares, how can she even live with them? Worst boobjob EVER :/

No. 167039

LOL perfect

No. 167041

YESSSSS ahahahahhahahahha

No. 167043

File: 1471677515382.png (999.29 KB, 1276x591, youweresaying.png)

Holy shit, this is gold.

She's literally most of these anyway…

No. 167045

I was just about to post that. That meme was made for Sere.

No. 167111

How are you anons able to see it? I keep trying to click on the video, but the website keeps blocking me from seeing it bc "it isn't available in your country"

No. 167117

Because we live in Japan idiot

No. 167125


Change your ip that the only way if your not in japan

No. 167126

I don't live in Japan and I was able to view it. Might be because I still have a Japanese network sim in my phone still though but I'm on wifi. Dunno!

No. 167185

you can switch to a different browser, or view it in incognito mode. If that doesn't work, just use your phone. If that doesn't work just change to a japanese IP proxy.

No. 167291

File: 1471758756048.jpeg (29.72 KB, 400x320, image.jpeg)

No. 167297

Jesus Christ, that was awful. Her monster tits look even worse in motion, her moaning sounds like shes mimicking Japanese girls and its… Ugh so bad. Zero dignity to prostitute and even less to be recorded for porn. Lorena living the white girl who has a fetish for Asian men dream!

No. 167306

The moaning is so fucking bad.
Uuuuuh. Aaaaaaah. A-a-a-a-ahhh

This is just not sexy at all.

No. 167312

That's all japanese porn aswell.

No. 167314

i really hate when people parrot this shit. it really depends on the actress, and having a dick inside of you isn't a casual thing, unless you're not feeling anything. american porn is just as bad with the husky moaning and high pitched "uuunh yeaaah FUCK MEEEE".

No. 167332

It's the other way around: Japanese men having a fetish for any white girl.

No. 167333

No it's not? Lol not everyone likes white girls believe or not snowflake. Besides we aren't talking about Japanese men were talking about sere.

No. 167337

Yep ur right

No. 167349

They're both having a fetish for each other. Happy?

No. 167504

you sound like an idiot

No. 167516

Too bad the dude she had to bang was gross

No. 167528

Yeah, really. Lol Fucking gross. Almost every dude involved in straight porn is ugly as shit. No surprise Sere is super proud of her accomplishment.

No. 167552

File: 1471848594829.jpeg (233.85 KB, 750x1125, image.jpeg)

No. 167554

caption: cant stop me fuckers.

yeah cant stop you sucking old guy cock

No. 167556

I bet her mother is rethinking not getting that abortion.

No. 167559

It makes me laugh when hookers like Lorena or Barbie take pics of their cash, but still look like a hot mess. She should use that cash to fix her tits, buy some new weave, or get some of her tattoos finished/fixed after all these years.

The best part is, that's probably just her rent money. God knows if she had any real money, she'd have something to actually show for it…

No. 167565

stop her from what exactly? procuring money in exchange for sexual favors with strangers? i love watching this shit show. this dumb bitch putting filthy cash to her face, good idea! really sticking it to people.

No. 167569

This is Sere we're talking about though. She's had far worse than dirty money in or around her mouth.

No. 167570

at first i thought it was one of those canned coffees you can get from conbini ahahahah

No. 167575

Not really all that much if you know AUD. $2/300 maybe.

No. 167606

File: 1471878788103.jpg (71.79 KB, 487x529, strip.jpg)

lool compare Lorena to the other girls working at the same strip club. Shes dirty as fuck

No. 167615

No shit, Sherlock.

The mobile method worked for me. Thanks anons!

No. 167616

>Her moans

Holy shit, what the fuck? She sounds like she's trying to be like other AV actresses. She sounds like she isn't into it too!

No. 167674

Shes gorgeous and tiny

No. 167685

No. 167712

I know right! How can they hire dirty lorena next to her lol

No. 167724

Two underscores

No. 167728


No. 167749

Who gives a shit about this Thot shes a future lorena… Fucking neck tattoos who gonna hire that? Gimme a break

No. 167788

You can get a real job with a neck tat anon, where the fuck you from?

She's cute, way cuter than Lorena. I wonder what Lorena's work relationship is like with the other strippers? Does she creep on them like she did the underage weebs she'd post on tokyo backpage or do oyu think she's jealous and she's them as competition? I can't imagine any of the other girls have tits as horrific as Sere.

No. 167796

Would love to see Sere strip or work the pole. I bet she is so robotic and awkward

No. 167799

I doubt she can even climb a pole kek

No. 168212

Why is her boytoy talking about housewife stuff?

No. 168246

On twitter? Post screenshots

No. 168250

Hahahaha his twitter is hilarious

No. 168261

He's just saying his housewife skills are up because he made a sauce from scratch.

No. 168532

Do you think she's enventually ever going to comeback to Japan?

No. 168541

She'll definitely try again as soon as she is able to. She's still a filthy weeb deep down and thinks existing in Japan = success. What I wonder is how long her money will keep fucktoy as her housewife, he's obviously not working.

No. 168596

Isn't it like nearly impossible for him to get a working visa for Australia? I heard this country is rather strict.

No. 168598

He wrote on twitter about going in to volunteer at a highschool Japanese class and they all though he was younger than them ahahaha

No. 168832

correct. there is no legal way he can work as he'll be on a simple tourist visa.

No. 168837

There such thing as a working holiday visa. A lot of Japanese nationals comes to Australia on them. (I'm Australian so I know)

No. 168843

If you're Australian, why is your English so bad? Or are you Sere?

No. 168844

He would need to apply for said working holiday visa in Japan, which I doubt he did.

No. 168845

Seconding this, you cannot apply for WH in the country the visa is for.

No. 168874

lol just a lazy fucker for not spotting my own typos.

No. 169355

I'm an idiot, apologising for typos - that wasn't even my post (mine was the one above). I make so many typos…

So yes >>168837 could be Sere.

Re. WH visa, exactly as anons are saying. You have to get it in advance for Australia, not after you arrive.

No. 169381

I'm not sere lol just another lazy Aussie not bothering to check what my autocorrect does.

No. 170059

File: 1472644053742.png (247.68 KB, 597x391, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8.46…)

Since I'm also reading the thread about Theproserpina I found a photographer who apparently also had the shoot with Lorena. She has published three pictures fom that shoot, as far as I can see. I just can't get over that back tattoo man..


No. 170085

Good find anon!

No. 170316

Where can i watch the full porn

No. 170337

It's not available yet. According to the website it says its not on sale till 9/23 so till then we have to do with the sample

No. 170339

That sample belongs in EFukt

No. 170773

File: 1472826119209.jpeg (287.75 KB, 1242x1250, image.jpeg)

No. 170781

>man face
>fat belly

who pays to see this? I wonder what the other girls think about her. I wish one of them would come up to this thread, just like the girl from Barbies strip club in guam did

No. 170800

shes so fucking sloppy i love it aahhahaha

No. 170801

It's probably so dark in that strip club, thank god!

No. 170823

Dat moustache

No. 170824

YESSSS I was gonna say this too

No. 170827

Wait is that a baby belly or did she just get extremely fat around that area within the last few weeks?

No. 170868

She is just fat

No. 170899

Oh god… that "petite face" ad is coming back to me looking at this, haha.

She's always been kind of chubby and saggy tbh. I do think she looks like she's gaining though, hope it's not another anchor baby. She does love to post about all the garbage she eats?

No. 171015

Lol it turns out she's not working at a strip joint but a brothel! She made a post about it on TAG. I'll screenshot it once I wake up tomorrow unless someone beats me too it

No. 171016

How can she still post on TAG? And didn't someone else post a pic of another girl of that club and said it's a strip bar? You confuse me anon!

No. 171063

File: 1472941223870.jpeg (451.49 KB, 1242x1742, image.jpeg)

No. 171065

File: 1472941399221.jpeg (445.26 KB, 1242x2079, image.jpeg)

No. 171066

File: 1472941541767.jpeg (325.96 KB, 1242x1549, image.jpeg)

No. 171067

File: 1472941680930.jpeg (340.92 KB, 1242x1552, image.jpeg)

No. 171070

Second hand embarrasement much… she looks just trashy and smelly

No. 171071

Last few weeks? Where's she going next?

No. 171077

Lost weight? lol ok honey

No. 171090

Desperately trying to enter Japan again I guess!

No. 171097

i second this.

No. 171130

This is giving me nightmares lol

No. 171139

Honestly, her butt actually looks decent here compared to what it actually looks like. Whatever filter she's using really helped along with those huge stripper heels. It's a pity that the filter can't do much for her lovehandles and massive gut in the other pics tho.

No. 171140

Sorry to samefag, but it's also funny how little ass she has here compared to >>171067. Lorena, what is going on with your body? I'm just going to assume her ass is saggy/flat and the lingerie is working it's magic to make it look like she has an actual ass.

No. 171142

I've seen her in real life quite a few times when she use to wait all the time at shinokubo dinky waiting for customers and she looks like she has an ass from the back but is flat as fuck on side view… She has a very strange body shape

No. 171143

donki not dinky lol

No. 171150

Did she write this herself? Or why does her English appears decent suddenly

No. 171239

Who's dumb enough to drop all that money on opening a bar just to leave it to die while you're forcing boytoy to stay with you in aussieland? And WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT POOR, DOOMED DOG?! Did she seriously leave it to starve to death? At least her kids had grandparents and exes to make sure they didn't die in her care, but the dog…

No. 171241

I guess she spends money on a dog hotel, pretty pricy but there are a lot of them in Tokyo

No. 171243

We're talking around 4000 to 8000 yen per day. And also, most pet hotels have a limit of days you can leave the pet. Most I looked at once would do 8 days at a time max.

No. 171245

Maybe gaya then? Or one of her customers?

No. 171274

Sounds about right then - throwing away her kids just as easily as she would a dog.

No. 171279

Lorena is a horrible human
Hope boytoy leaves her and she is alone

No. 171345

The tattoo on the lower part of her right leg - is that some kind of human with an egg placed where the head should be? And a flower is sprouting from it?

No. 171473

File: 1473108280593.jpeg (61.05 KB, 574x747, image.jpeg)

No. 171700

new to this thread but wow…. what a mess is this woman????

anyway, about the "visa hopping". some time ago i spent 6 months in japan as a tourist(some countries can apply for a longer visit within in the country). when these were about to be over, i made t he well-known shorttrip to korea.
after a few days i wanted to go back to japan. at first, they didnt want to let me board the plane because i neither had a proper visa for japan, nor a departure ticket from it.
i told the lady i was just going as a tourist without a fixed date when to leave yet. told her i had enough money, so if necessary i could buy a departure ticket rigt there. she just nodded and eventually let me board.

anyway, after landing at narira when it was my turn at immigration, the lady at the counter asked me why im coming back to japan again.i just told her i wanted to stay with my boyfriend a little longer. the suddenly talked to someone on the phone and guided me away to some small room. there was a man ( police? immigration? ) who interviewed me about my stay, asked about my finances etc, what my job is in my home country, etc. they were friendly but it was still scary. in the end they let me in but he told my it was my final tourist stay for this time. apparently you may only stay up to 180 days (6 months) a year as a tourist in japan, NO LONGER!
after this incident TWO of my friends had the same thing happen to them when visa-hopping. we are all european and none of us did prostitution(or look suspicious).
definitely not something i want to experience again…

No. 171708

In this thread we are all generally aware of this.

No. 171714

lol, that's exactly how it's supposed to be. Good to hear that immigration works sometimes.

No. 171719


yeah, no shit. if only america and europe could adopt these policies. but then everybody would be crying about how unfair it is while they post on lolcow bitching about hookers staying in japan without a visa

No. 171725

You can only stay in Europe (all Schengen countries combined) for 3 months of each 6 month time frame on a tourist visa, so it's even stricter than the Japanese system. But keep on bitching.

No. 171726

and also US is super-super-strict.

No. 171729

And don't forget good old Australia!

No. 171745

yep we're strict af.

No. 171761

I am guilty of enjoying Australia's 'nothing to declare' series haha.

No. 171790

the u.s. is hardly strict, lol
we have illegals here by the millions and nothing happens to them

No. 171791

Yeah, or you can stay in Europe if you're a muslim. No questions asked. Hand the shit over

No. 171793

Oh yes, be muslim and scream for asylum, that'll bring you all the benefits which Europeans don't even get if they work kek

She got so silent since moving to Australia. Damn I miss to see her throwing temper tantrums like venus mother.

No. 171803

My guess is she'll attempt to go back to Japan in the new year then. But I'm curious when she says 'last few weeks' on her TAG post

No. 171804

Maybe she'll try to re-enter now.

Will these desperate tries also be marked in a list or sth? Like
>this hoe tried to illegally enter Japan for the 2nd time this year, we didn't let her

Maybe she'll marry fucktoy and tries to then enter? Or she'll set off to China or maybe Korea again? She doesn't make much money in the outback, no one wants to pay that nasty ass of hers, she's in no way special there. She'll only ever be special in asia

No. 171808

No one even wants to touch that minge even with the gloves provided in straya mate

No. 171831

Nobody even wants her in Asia

No. 171919

Just wow. I must admit I feel a little sorry. At least when she was in Tokyo, she was pretty. Nice hair, nice dresses and make-up. She definitely gained weight in Australia and her make up etc is a MESS now. Also why does her "boyfriend" choose a fat woman if he himself is anorexic???

No. 171923

Nice hair
>ratty fried extensions

Nice dresses
>non of her dresses even fit her, but ok

Nice makeup
>it's still the same though?

Less weight
>nah, only better at photoshop

No. 171931

Anon telling it like it is

No. 172479

File: 1473403573976.jpeg (296.96 KB, 1242x1753, image.jpeg)

No. 172500

Shes so rank

No. 172600

is she…dreading her hair…?

No. 172602

Looks like it lol. Could she get any more disgusting now??

No. 172604

Her tattoos are just pure ??????? I can't

No. 172608

It's just her extensions. Probably being cheap synthetic ones

No. 172698

That armpit

No. 174153

Wheres teh porn

No. 174159

Dunno. But she has a new cat in Australia now. Not sure why she's bothering getting a pet if she's supposedly going back to Japan soon and already ditched her dog there.

No. 174177

Not defending her but if you kept up to date properly you would actually know the cat belongs to the sex worker she lives with.

No. 174182

Isn't she at another place now?

No. 174248

her boy toy is back in japan, btw
i saw him around kabukicho like two days ago with some other girl
he has really short blond hair now and looked haggard af
i was going to try and take a pic but i didnt have enough time

No. 174249

So she didn't have enough money to feed him through.

What's with the bar though? Did it close? I haven't heard Shiena talking about it recently

No. 174262

shiena is hostessing again

No. 174308

Yeah hes in tokyo and hes got the dog again lol hes been updating twitter with pics of it

No. 174371

Haha now she is alone

No. 174648

File: 1474107708882.png (963.71 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_2016-09-17-12-20-02…)

She looks preggo and her boobs are just sad

No. 174649

Oh god shes been bragging about having lost weight and toned.. . But WHERE?!

No. 174651

And looks proud

No. 174659

No. 174680

this place is full hobo. what is that, a washbowl of some kind?

No. 174686

I hope not for his sake,any hope of a normal life without this psycho trash bag of a person being somewhat associated with him or his child, which I have a good feeling will end up with either him or her parents. This woman is like some kind of parasite looking for her next way to get back to Japan to live the "glamorous life" by any means. He should learn from the last guy who can't get away from her crazy ass despite moving on with a new person and trying to cut ties with her.

No. 174723

Shes looking more and more like a drugged out old hooker by the day.
Sucking dick for cash certainly ages you it seems lool

No. 174727

Just saw that her nipple is hanging out on one side of the bra

No. 174763


those low rise panties are so incredibly unflattering

No. 174772

The panties as well as the bra are just way too small for her

No. 174792

File: 1474149541694.jpg (314.32 KB, 1242x1721, IMG_1907.JPG)

Not looking good…

No. 174879

Does anyone know where the lingerie is from? I like the wide straps.

No. 174880

The other lingerie she posted was honey birdette so maybe its the same

No. 174881

Girl needs some deep conditioner holy shit. It looks like a shitty wig or something.

No. 174912

or a good haircut

No. 174915


Her hair is completely dead, she'd be good off just shaving it down and let it completely regro without touching it

No. 174939

I wouldn't be surprised if this actually happens anyway when she goes completely crazy and has a meltdown. Only a matter of time lol

No. 175011

File: 1474250221237.jpg (Spoiler Image, 375.87 KB, 1216x1817, fc8a606fada9a30a458e219c8a7bf4…)

No. 175012

File: 1474250336168.jpg (129.18 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 175028

Shell do a brittany spears, without the comeback lol

No. 175030

She actually looks skinny here

No. 175032

Damn, how old is this? She still looks kind of trashy, but this might be the best I've ever seen Lorena look without filters or heavy shopping.

It kind of makes me wonder what she could have been like if she didn't become a cracked out looking hooker with a botched boobjob and what looks like bad prison ink all over her body. Oh right, and the two kids…

I mean, it's honestly kind of amazing how badly this girl has fucked herself up over the years. Like, god damn.

No. 175037

She's already been a drug addict and somewhat of a hooker back then

No. 175051


Lol and this woman calls melissa huge? mel is tiny compared to her

No. 175053

Mel just has a bloated face

No. 175066

This is her suicide girl phase around 19‐21ish befire she had the first baby lol

No. 175082

What's lorenas problem with mel? Jealousy?

No. 175087

Everyone has a problem with Melissa.

No. 175109

How? She doesn't seems to be friends with those gaijin in japan

No. 175111

Melissa is one of the people who've reported her

No. 175113

A lot of people reported lorena
Sandra, nadine, alice

No. 175119

Ah i can remember how lorena attacked nadine on here

No. 175123

And she was one of the people on PULL if I remember correctly

No. 175126

Funny thing is, nadine id a prostitute too

No. 175131

isn't nadine anna summer on TAG I swear they look like the same person lol

No. 175132

Post proof or it didn't happen

No. 175133

Yep that's her

No. 175137

File: 1474302725994.png (1.37 MB, 1280x800, スクリーンショット 2016-09-20 1.11.59.p…)

i didn't say I had proof just a feeling they might be the same person as similar faces…from what you can see (anna summer blurs or covers most of her face) her website is anna-summer.com and her instagram anna_summer_jp also a comparison between nadine and anna summer

No. 175139

Mouth and nose look completely different

No. 175140

Nope that's her

No. 175141

Can't anon post the link please?

No. 175142

what link? i posted her website and instagram are you a retard lol

No. 175144

Ah sorry, really haven't read your text.

Anyway checked her insta which is on private but it says that she's followed by sere and if it was really nadine i'd hughly doubt that sere would follow her or that she would let sere follow her. Also, that girls homepage says that she's in Japan for over two years now, nadine has been there for only a year by now.

No. 175146

She was in japan for two years
Working holiday and after that 3 times korea and back to japan

No. 175152

i don't know i mean she forgave sandra right? and she was reported sere to the immigration etc. constantly…so she could've forgiven nadine ..

No. 175156

I just highly doubt that.

Also, Sandra got a legit job degree which took her about 3years and if you say that she's in Japan for over three years now then she'd be around 25?-26? but she's about 21-23

No. 175157

Someone already mentioned that boytoy is back to Japan and keeps updating on twitter. But anyone noticed that one of his first tweets (when he came back to Japan) says sth about a debt or so (sorry my Japanese is shit) and also that it seems he now owns EVERYTHING of sere? Her dog, her stupid teddy bear, her apartment, her clothes, her everything kek he made a great deal there

No. 175160

I'm sorry but what are you trying to say? i wasn't talking about sandra..were talking about nadine

No. 175165

Yeah sorry typed the wrong name
Sandra doesn't even have a degree so you might have gotten to that point yourself sorry.

I, first hand know that Nadine is in Japan for only a little more than a year by now and that this girl looks nothing like her. Sorry seres whiteknights, but reach harder. Just because white girls all look the samw it isn't THAT difficult to tell them appart

No. 175167

Lmao you know nothing
Nadine is 24 or 25
Came to japan 2013 with working holiday
Left 2015 came back end of 2015

No. 175171

No one is whiteknighting sere shes s disaster

No. 175195

Anna is also interacting a lot with Gaya and Sere on TAG. I highly doubt it's her. As another anon mentioned, lips and nose look completely different.

No. 175250

Can you guys stop talking about the other girls on TAG? They don't have much to do with Sere and this thread is not about them.

I wonder if Sere will be back to Japan soon. Anyone have some information?

No. 175314

I know it's nadine because she told mr

No. 175318


No. 175321

She told me in person
But she said she is friends with that blair girl

No. 175325

Lol it's obvious that they are friends if they offer work together you dumbass.
Still no proof

No. 175326

Yeah, youre not offering evidence just word of mouth.

No. 175327

Also 2014 nadine had short hair because she shaved her hair off
On TAG is a review from 2014 talking about Anna having short hair

No. 175329

So what? You act like only Nadine has had short hair. Do you realize how stupid you sound? Unless you have real proof, stfu
Even IF, who cares?

No. 175330

Hey nadine are u scared we found out?

No. 175331

Lol sorry I'm not nadine.

No. 175333

Leave the TAG escorts out of this. They are Sere. Let them have their privacy.

No. 175353

Nadine lurks here everyday

No. 175425

Lol you sound so defensive. So many girls get spoken about on here whether it is lies or not. Either you know Nadine or are her. The person is only speculating. If it's not Nadine then you have nothing to be worried about. If it is her then oh well.

No. 175426

Lol are you serious. the whole gaijin in jp thread is literally just people attacking sex workers

No. 175441

no shit, it's purikura

No. 175455

This thread is not about Nadine or any other hooker in Japan. And that's a fact. You either talk about Sere or gtfo here.

No. 175504

It just seems like the ones sharing private info on other escorts are people that know them & probably also women.
Escorts are sometimes stalked by crazy motherfuckers & can be dangerous. You people stalking Sere are actually included in this group.
She used to be an unfuckable 3 with tits. After obvious plastic surgery & some miracle diet she's actually a 7 with the attitude of a 10. Made the bitch crazy & confident. Fucked up person but she's still having fun. You bitches are at the point of stalking anyone she writes about to even her dog/cat. Then there's the weirdo dude who keeps requesting her porno.
This is all info I got from you bitches stalking her on here.
I had no idea about these ladies or ever met them. Trying to prevent some escort from showing up on the news.

No. 175511

And to be honest, I don't get why most of you guys go nuts because of escorts in Japan. You act like it's something forbidden, although it's the oldest profession in the world. You probably wouldn't give a shit about them if they did it in their home countries.

No. 175512


hello Sere, anything new in your life these days?

No. 175513

I'll be honest I'm a guy who had a bit of stress in his life & she seemed like a crazy white chick. I wanted to bang her. After searching her escort name this site came up & I realized all these escorts in Tokyo have too many issues but you people stalking them writing their private info was more disturbing. I'm a guy, not old, not fat or bald just wanted to have fun & found her, then here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 175520

Sere put all This information about herself out there on the internet bragging. Youd know this if you had actually read anything. So no we arent stalkers. Sere has abandoned children, doxed her husband and numerous other girls on this website and insragram. She also posred and bragged about all her escorting, hostessing drug using on all her social media for everyone in her private and non private life to see. Shes a toxic person, what ive said is only half of it. Shes cant even legally see her kids anymore.

No. 175521

Lol sere at best is a 5

No. 175528

I don't know here or care about the vendetta against her. You ladies seem to be so obsessed with Sere that you started to out any escort in Tokyo. This is where it becomes disturbing. This whole thread might be written by escorts who hate each other I'm not sure it's an open invitation for all you expose to be stalked.
BTW seeing this certainly turned me off of trying any escort so I'm not a customer either.
Ok 6 at the most…

No. 175536

No one outted any escort. We discussed if maybe one of the other major foriegn escorts was someone who is known in this community for actually stalking sere

No. 175541

I'd say, as long as nobody has any valid proof of these escorts, stay the fuck out of their life's.

No. 175547

And we were moving on from that before you came along. So bye felicia!

No. 175548

I'm just trying to bring logic since some of you may have rode the short bus to school.
You only "try" to out escorts that stalked this bitch Sere but I'm saying aren't you all stalking this bitch too?
It makes as much sense as pushing a rope.

No. 175550

You are clearly not otherwise people would stop bringing them up every few days. Drop proof other than 'she told me mimimi ' or get a damn life. Feels like a bunch of toddlers in a kindergarten here.

No. 175569

>too many issues

why does that matter? You'd be paying for a (probably) one time service, not pursuing a relationship. Are you dumb.

No. 175574

File: 1474432463198.jpg (25.13 KB, 400x240, hahahahahahahaha.jpg)

>miracle diet
>she's actually a 7

we've seen your tim tam tum lorena.

No. 175575

You pull down the curtain of the image that the escorts try to create & maintain.
I admit seeing all this gave me second thoughts on all of them. I'm sure I'm not the only guy. This site just has too much real info on them. I'd rather not support their lifestyle & that's my choice after reading all this.

No. 175576

When's the porn out sere?

No. 175578

This site only has info on Jennifer(Sere) and Alice(Gaya). The others have their identity unrevealed. I don't know what you are trying to accomplish.

No. 175589

Also stop assuming its one person replying to you. You dont like this thread? Fuck off? No ones identity has been revealed. Go cry somewhere else youre not achieving anything.

No. 175591

File: 1474439948230.png (151.21 KB, 892x590, image.png)

No. 175599

Tbh I do think some people obsess about sex workers and stalk them. Whenever I'd mention someone else it always goes back to some random prostitute or hostess in Japan. And I'm talking about all the Japan threads. Not just this one.

But then again this had already been spoken about and mentioned from last year.
If you don't wanna talk about prostitutes then this site probably isn't the place for you. Prostitutes are the most fucked up so provide the most milk. I get it.

No. 175603

The thing is that they don't provide milk but just drop random names. When someone asks for proof they disappear

No. 175606

We have photos

No. 175609

Wooow you have pictures who don't match at all. Good job anon, good job. I'm proud of you. Want a cookie? Kek

No. 175610

You must be blind

No. 175612

My eyes are very good, thank you for asking. Take your stupid vendetta elsewhere. Lolcow is not your personal army.

No. 175613

File: 1474450628353.png (115.29 KB, 750x747, IMG_5822.PNG)

Can we go back to the main act here? Lorena is bragging with her hoe money again.

No. 175614

Hi nadine

No. 175615

I think lorena is mentally ill

No. 175616

Stupid idiot. I'm not Nadine or any other of your 'cows'. Get over it.

No. 175621

File: 1474453643716.png (119.33 KB, 750x727, IMG_5825.PNG)

No. 175622

File: 1474453885473.png (104.87 KB, 750x748, IMG_5826.PNG)

No. 175624

File: 1474454038582.png (134.92 KB, 750x922, IMG_5827.PNG)

No. 175627

File: 1474454371867.png (116.24 KB, 750x1078, IMG_5828.PNG)

So rich Lorena

No. 175635

I think she actually looks pretty in this photo
but the hair is just gross

No. 175636

Yes she looks more normal compared to her other pictures. Now fix the hair and she could be very pretty.

No. 175793

this just looks so bad it hurts

No. 175872

I like how she's using the money to hide her gunt

No. 176464

her porn should be out by now

No. 176473

Anyone here willing to buy it?

No. 176489

If I buy it I'm going to want a refund like a lot of people will Lmao

No. 176508

Yeah, it came out on sale yesterday

No. 176532

You can probably rent it

No. 177013

Is she back in Japan???

No. 177032

I think she is! Lol she just posted a pic of the dog with a caption saying im home たらいま(baby talk for ただいま)

No. 177046

That's why I was asking! Just couldn't provide a screenshot

No. 177048

That selfie though looks like she's still in the Australian rat hole

No. 177050

Nah probably got the dog flown over to Australia for her

No. 177076

Aussie here. I highly doubt that.Its extremely hard to bring in animals from outside the country. Our quarantine laws are some of the strictest in the world, look at the Johnny Depp dog incident. If you want to bring in pets the type of animal is pretty much restricted to dogs or cats, then they have to be kept in quarantine for over a month. Toyboy also only just posted pics last week of getting the dog back (in Tokyo) so nope.

No. 177078

But if you compare the picture with her others, it doesn't look like her Japanese apartment

No. 177079

Her boytoy probably just sent her a dog pic then. Cause I can tell you with confidence that dog wouldnt be able to get into Aus.

No. 177096

File: 1474886387553.png (87.42 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-09-26-19-37-58…)

Lol at someone bought the porno.

No. 177111

Lol what is wrong with these guys? So easily pleased by trash

No. 177136

They're fake

No. 177139

How do you know? Lol i was the one that posted that screencap and that pjlake user i can at least confirm is real as theyve written reviews on TAG about escorts (not gaya or sere already)

No. 177373

Think her poor dog is with her :(

No. 177375

lol did you not read >>177076

No. 177399

Lorena is reading her thread ever day lmao

No. 177405

Learn to english please lol

No. 177622

probably just an old pic. sage for no happenings

No. 177652

File: 1475072173893.jpg (269.5 KB, 1242x1552, IMG_2001.JPG)

Back in Japan? She wrote 'shinokubo'

No. 177660

Oh fuck no

No. 177696

Can't u manipulate that. Fake gps
I doubt they let her in

No. 177709

I've checked gyaruru and she is not in shinokubo

No. 177712

Yes cause gyaruru is proof of everything hahaha. You do realise you can delete apps? retard.

No. 177716

she missed one letter.. might have been a typo no need to go full sperg anon.

She might have found a way in or she might go the ''faking to be in japan'' route.

Whichever is the case.. that tattoo between her boobs is shitty as fuck

No. 177719

I'm all about big breasts, but hers look so disgusting. Maybe because I've seen them without a bra for too often. Just her cleavage is making me cringe

No. 177720

Are you new?

No. 177732

The easiest way to find out the truth is if there were new posts of her on TAG

No. 177738

Lol she's just trying to get us chatting. She loves it

No. 177740

Seems like she wants the attention

No. 177813

Just type it in the suggested locations

No. 178129

File: 1475217600839.png (124.41 KB, 836x583, 名称未設定.png)

nah whether we like it or not she's back unfortunately.

No. 178131

Where's that porno already, I want to laugh and cry at her flabby, shitty body and lack of self-respect

No. 178134

its already on sale so why don't you just buy it?

No. 178135

How is she back? What visa could she even be on at this point?

No. 178136

Probably as a tourist again. We'll see that in about 3 months from now

No. 178139

File: 1475219608503.png (Spoiler Image, 680.2 KB, 748x503, loool gross.png)

yesssssssssss take my stank pussy

No. 178140

Because I'm lazy and poor

No. 178141

That boobshoop

No. 178153

Now all you stalkers and haters have another thing to report her on. Working illegally on a tourist visa.

No. 178154

She has been on a tourist visa for a long time now. Nothing new

No. 178163


Lmao she looks like she's yawning

No. 178171

Ugh why

No. 178176

As if we were stalkers kek most of us just occasionally check out her social media and not only hers but also of other people, friends, family etc and it's not like we're stalking those

No. 178180

No. 178181

Ew those photos

No. 178183

The one on which she's sucking the dicks…omg her boobs, I feel so sad for them

No. 178193

File: 1475243523787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.62 KB, 646x299, yikes.jpg)

I knew her tits weren't great but I didn't realize just how bad they actually are. She needs to get those thing fixed with her ho money.

No. 178221

File: 1475250911658.png (234.9 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-10-01-00-53-41…)

That guys face does it for me hahahahaha
Like, ergh I have to fuck that

No. 178239

Her chin

No. 178242

it looks like her body is rejecting them jesus christ. like that doesn't even look safe, forget aesthetically appealing.

No. 178245

Looks like the implant didn't go were it belongs to and she probably doesn't have the money to get this fixed. Because that'd most likely mean, these implants out, a proper boob lift, a relocation of her nips and new implants which all in all is around 20.000-50.000$

No. 178273

Lorena spagnolo messinger
The tourist visa hooker

No. 178275

Don't you guys ever get tired of spelling out her full name? Sere is just so much easier.

No. 178292


No. 178296

Lorena spagnolo messinger
The tax evading witch

No. 178306

Lorena spagnolo messinger
Even hosts hate her

No. 178310

Lorena spagnolo messinger
Even her fake tits are trying to escape

No. 178325

Those implants are so much worse than I thought! I genuinely feel bad for her even though she is a terrible human. The rippling is unbelievable! Where did she have them done?

No. 178336

Hello paranois retard. Sorry I'm not sere.

No. 178337


No. 178347

and the hideous extensions

No. 178352

From what i understand she got them done here it japan w

No. 178360

Really? I've never seen work that shitty in Japan. That clinic should be shut down! Oml… it actually causes me physical discomfort to look at those contorted objects. Never go cheap, girls. Save up your money and go to a reputable place.

No. 178367

File: 1475291283762.png (186.31 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-10-01-11-58-19…)

Yep, just did some instagram stalking and found this. She was in japan at the time and if you look at any of the pics before this shes got no tits.

No. 178370

She is always bragging about her money but can't afford to get these nasties fixed. Well done Sere, well done.

No. 178395

She probably just wanted them big. Maybe the doctor tried to advice her that she'd need a liftup as well but she refused because that would have been too expensive?
Well, you need to get these fuckers redone every 8-10years anyway and you usually need to go to a checkup with them once a year

No. 178424

Also with those dates, she got them not to long after giving birth. So implants, post natal with no lift = ew

No. 178437

Ooh, I never thought of that. You could be right and the surgeon wasn't actually Dr. Frankenstein.

The size and placement still look so bad. Maybe it was just her bad luck with weak tissue or muscle that caused the migration, some trauma or the pocket was made too large by the surgeon. Whatever the case, she should have gone back for an evaluation a long time ago. Sere, yo. Get that checked out or you can cause more tissue damage.

No. 178471

Looking forward when she is gone
Around december

No. 178477

If she is really on a tourist visa again I wonder how long she is gonna plan to jump back and forth…

No. 178499

There's just one thing I'm concerned about. Why did they let her in now, but not when she tried to re enter from Korea? Aren't these tries of getting into and being refused also registered in ones papers?

No. 178500

Post natal refers to the baby, dumbass.
Also what does giving birth have to do with your tits? Not every woman gets big honkers that start sagging after that, especially if she had no tits to begin with.

No. 178509

Post partem, sorry rage fag. If you knew anything about breast surgery is highly recommended to wait 3-6months after youve given birth. As
1.breast feeding causes sag and 2. Your breasts have expanded during pregnancy to produce milk. Not a very good mix to add breast plants into.

No. 178512

P.s. both post natal and post partem can be used.

No. 178519

No, it cannot. Especially if you're saying "Getting implants post natal". But if you choose to ignore the correct use of medical terms it's up to you.

No. 178520

With her history.. I would like to know

No. 178562

Because it's probably random. She took a long enough break in her home country to look legit to Japan immigration again, and she was thirsty enough to gamble on them letting her in. I don't think she had any surety of getting back in, just pro money in her pocket and probably a few people looking at her sideways in Brisbane already. There are plenty of younger women without frankentits working in the sex industry in Brisbane (I'm sure) so her capacity to earn wouldn't be as high / the things she would have to do would be worse / the place she would have to live would be worse. Lotta ice, I bet. I'd say it was worth it to her just to take a crack at re-entry to the golden land, where she may feel she has slightly more personal power.

No. 178628

Lol sorry but I didnt even write >>178512
Please read the actual reply i sent, which you just chose to ignore >>178509

No. 178631

sage when you're being petty

No. 178650

Are you a sere stan?

No. 178680

No. 179114

Anyone seen her hanging out at shinookubo donki waiting for customers yet?

No. 179115

Don't let her see you or she thinks you are waiting in front of her apartment to stalk her

No. 179124

She will probably think that about every foreigner she sees near her lol

No. 179125

Lol i wouldnt go near her stank hole of an apartment if it was the last bit of shelter on earth.

No. 179127

I know gaya's happy her pimp is back

No. 179128

I thought gayas pimp was her `husband´

No. 179135

Sere is her second pimp, so they both take turns with the pimping

No. 179379

File: 1475677053274.jpeg (61.82 KB, 459x613, image.jpeg)

Lorena so cheap

No. 179390

It's hilarious that she even asks for money kek she should enter a freak show with those fake tits

No. 179394

waiting in ginza for rich guys, lorena?

No. 179395

Doubt that Ginza guys'd take her. There are better options for the money

No. 179396

Lawl how cheap. She must be getting desperate

No. 179404

She looks like a trans in this picture.

No. 179405

Translate the moonspeak, weeb

No. 179441

Don't know the first sentence,but
>1hour - 25000¥
>2hours - 40.000¥
(Pretty cheap tbh, as a foreigner one might get about 350$ an hour and up)
>don't contact me, if you have no money

Not the most accurate translation, but it might do it for you I hope

No. 180008

First sentence : papa wanted

No. 180014

Looking for a papa (patrone aka sugar daddy)
1hour from 25000yen (260$ roughly)
2hours from 40000yen (410$ roughly)
Those that dont have money, dont contact me.

No. 180015

Wow her rates were so much higher before! She always kept em really high, and I wondered how she was making so much goddam money at those rates. Why suddenly drop them if she was getting customers for a long time before at the high rates?

No. 180016

Its strange, on her website jennifermaddingly.com she still has her original prices, 500 for an hour etc.

No. 180018

I highly doubt that she got that many customers by the end. Also she's not really the type for 'frequent' ones. I don't doubt that she once in a while got someone who took her more than once, but usually she's the one time never again sperm bin.

Is it possible to see how many views her page get a day? It can't be that much, it's not like she's updating it or something. So she might get a max of maybe three to ten views per day of which at least 2-5 come from here to check if she has posted something new. So the page doesn't get her much customers

No. 180024

Yeah, compared to all the other girls on TAG shes got hardly any reviews and doesnt seem very popular haha

No. 180122

Oh wow, she halved her rates? She must be desperate for cash right now. I wonder how steeply her rates will keep falling as she ages? She's almost reaching junkie street hooker prices…

No. 180127

Gayas rates for these deai cafes are also much lower than her rates on TAG.

No. 180137

I suppose they want to charge gross old white men more than they charge gross old japanese guys?

No. 180147

Theyre both obsessed with nippon cock so they'll take any old scrooge at a lower price than those white devils

No. 180160

Does anyone else get this pronounced feeling of surreality when reading about cows who sink to this level?

I've never even met anyone in real life who likes Asian men. Let alone someone who likes Japanese guys enough to whore herself out to them just to stay in the country. Shit is just so surreal and bizarre.

No. 180161

Thats weebs for you. Theyre deluded beyond belief

No. 180164

Psychologically it makes me curious about the set of circumstances in someone's life that lead to this. Obviously a lot of them have low self esteem or came from broken homes, but even there your average low self esteem girl from a broken home over here would go as far as maybe a promiscuous phase in college. Actually traveling thousands of miles to whore yourself out to ugly men because of a racial fetish?

That's just unreal. What sort of personality traits lead to that path?

No. 180167

Well as we all know sere is a nutcase. She starting taking hard drugs and partying from a young age, which on a still developing brain can reak havoc. She was also raping in Australia, which she was involved in a legal battle which she won and was compensated 15000$
Which according to what Ive heard she blew all in one night at hosts.

That on top of a girl that was overweight and average, probably with low self esteem. Then came to japan lost that weight and was suddenly showered with the compliments every white girl that comes here gets. Turning her into a concieted, narcissistic weeb with lots of baggage.

Whoring gives her that male attention she craves to reassure herself she isnt the hot 23year old with the good body and no kids she dreams she was.

No. 180170

>Finding hosts attractive
>Any year

So glad I never got heavily into Japanese culture. Shit is like brainwashing.

No. 180171

Hosts arent even Japanese culture. every normal functioning person here knows that hosts are shit. Thats why the clientele base is full of unstable women with mental health issues and low self esteem

No. 180172

They're not even hot. Why do they even exist?

No. 180174

Exactly this. I think so many of these girls, even the ones who don't end up becoming hookers, go to Japan to pursue some kind of warped fantasy. It's always crazy to me to what level some of them go to to try to stay in Japan when in reality, they could probably live much better lives outside their fantasy land.

I'm attracted to Asian guys, but not exclusively. It really boggles my mind how they can have such a narrow type. I think it's another sign of delusions though. They have this dream inside their heads of what they need to be successful in weeb terms, and will destroy their own lives in order to get it. Lorena is such a good example of this.

She could have stayed in Australia and met a nice guy there, or even moved to Japan and got with a guy who wasn't a host/prostitute. She could have a real career, been a decent mother, had an actually successful life. But she's way too concerned with appearances, she wants to pretend she's rich, has a pretty Japanese boyfriend, living luxuriously, pornstar body. In reality she's sitting outside of convenience stores to suck old guy's dicks for quick cash, looks like a middle aged junkie with bad implants, and her boyfriend is fucking people for cash too. What a dream she's living…

No. 180176

There's actually a really good documentary on netflix about host clubs (the great happiness space). All the women who were attending often worked as hostesses or as prostitutes themselves, no one seemed actually happy, not even the hosts. It really does seem like a vicious cycle of desperation to be wanted and greed/materialism.

No. 180180

The Asian fetish is a red flag for both men and women, especially as you get older.

Men seem to grow out of it and just settle down with someone of their own race for whatever reason. I don't think I've met white guys who are that into Japanese pussy that they'll Visa overstay and do genuinely dodgy stuff just to maintain a supply of it. It's mostly just ESL losers who come and go.

I mean I get the appeal in Japanese guys (and girls) and Asian guys in general. They're less aggressively flirtatious and they seem more sensitive and less fuccboi-y. But the thing is that that's just a product of the wider culture that tends to be harsher on people who are bothersome in how extroverted they are.

Underneath they're often way, way more sexist than your average fratboy over here. And the ones who grew up in the west aren't much better. From the ones I've met they seem to be riddled with issues about their insecurity relative to other races of men.

The same sort of principle applies to that bullshit about how ultra feminine the girls are. Its just an act and underneath they're extremely shrewd and calculating they are. I met a white guy once who told me that one of the most off putting things about the Asian girls he had dated was their complete lack of compassion, especially for animals. As that was something he'd grown accustomed to in women from his own race.

No. 180182

There's a friend of a friend I know (both of them are pilots) and this guy exclusively dates Asian women. His colleagues mock him relentlessly for it, claiming he suffered from some sort of past trauma with white girls and that's why he only dates Asian girls now. I don't buy the idea white guys are into Asian girls above all others. For most white people in the real world Asians aren't as desirable as their own. Plus everyone I've known who is actually a long term expat seems to be a miserable fuck. Men and women alike. Most international marriages in Japan between westerners and Japanese break down at far higher rates precisely because both parties don't understand just how different westerners and East Asians are.

No. 180186

This coversation sounds like its bordering into racebaiting with all
These gross sterotypes some of you are throwing around. Not everybody is the same, idiots.

No. 180189

Lorena spagnolo messinger aka jennifer maddingly
The drug addicted tourist hooker

No. 180191

Yeah, a few comments are starting to get out of control. You don't prefer Asians, cool, you do, cool. Being on the extreme of fetishizing an entire race is bad, but so is saying that an entire race is undesirable.

No. 180192

People with Asian fetishes are mocked for a reason. Asians are not as desirable as White people. Which is why above average looking white girls are treated as model tier.

No. 180195

The neo-nazi reveals itself.

No. 180196

Yeah and the asian women are shewd and not compassionate to animals like wtf?

No. 180197

Moan all you want but it's Asians themselves who think Kooter and Venus Angelic are super attractive.

No. 180198

Who are these racist commenters? I think alot of people who are into asians are "weebs" or take a general interest in asian media because it's not like they ever cast an asian in a lead role so of course anyone who thinks they're cool are likely watching asian media where they do get cool roles instead of always being that stoic kung-fu guy who never gets the girl or the asian girl with the tiny eyes.

Maybe not everyone likes same stuff. Maybe some people are more open to looking at other stuff outside of their own culture. Maybe some people go looking outside because what is available in their own countries media doesn't suit their taste.

Why can't people like asians more that white? What makes white people so much more superior? Theres billions of people in the world we can't all like the same shit.

No. 180199

File: 1475753269311.jpg (58.67 KB, 620x340, Mr Garrison-620x.jpg)

No. 180201

The problem I have is with people who are fetishising an entire ethnicity. If you just run after Japanese dick because you have a fetish for Japanese guys you're probably not looking at the whole person. That kind of relationship is not up for a good start. There's also the whole glamorisation of Japanese guys because of Japanese media, and while most people notice when it happens in their own country, they tend to believe what the magazines and dramas say about Japanese men being oh so great - when really sometimes I feel like I time-travelled into the 60s or something when I look at some real life Japanese men. Putting a certain race on a pedestal is never great.

No. 180204

>There's also the whole glamorisation of Japanese guys because of Japanese media, and while most people notice when it happens in their own country, they tend to believe what the magazines and dramas say about Japanese men being oh so great

Does Japanese media really do that? That's odd.

No. 180206

People who shit on the women and men of their own race while simultaneously holding up another group as superior are uniformly shit. That has always been the case.

No. 180215

Lorenas new insta photo

No. 180227

Yes that in its own right is very wrong but the other anons coming here and spouting bullshit racist sterotypes and then saying disgusting shit like whites are superior in looks are just as bad if not worse. If people are going to racebait they should go and jerk off to whitepride websites.

No. 180235

Honestly I don't think the men being fetishized mine much. Especially when it's gaijin hunter types.

The people doing the fetishizing are messed up because they have no identity of their own. It's a form of implicit self hatred.

No. 180236

Saying whites are superior is what Asians themselves believe. Regardless of how many handwaving excuses people make for their obsession with blonde hair and blue eyes.

No. 180256

You keep saying this but really a lot of Japanese people dont like that haha. Some do some dont, stop deluding yourself. I know a lot of Japanese people who say they think white people are unattractive. Some that say they dont like blue eyes and blonde hair. Everybody is different and not everybody will find your race attractive so stop crying and get over it.

No. 180258

Also youre a disgusting racist go back to your kkk meeting becki

No. 180259

Stop derailing the thread

No. 180261

This is legit what they look like ahaha

No. 180268

Ask yourself: How common is it that white women and white men find Japanese men and women to be the most attractive? Among men it's common enough to be recognized as a niche fetish, and the men who follow it are mocked for it. Among women it's barely heard of outside of anime/k-pop fan communities. Your average "stacey" finds Asian men either too effeminate, too uncouth or too ethnocentric to even think about having a relationship with.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 180278

It's also how they are depicted in media too. I mean the same amount of bad things could be said about black men before. Even though its still not quite there yet, there have been some cool male leads here and there for them and if someone said they like black men they are less likely to be laughed at than if they said they like asian guys. The only time it seemed to be almost ok was when kung-fu movies were prevalent. Actually after that there was some influx of white women liking asian guys.

But right now, for the most part, the only time asian guys get to look cool in media is in asian media so therefore the people who like them are more likely gong to be anime kpop fans.

Tell me, in the last 10years has there been an asian male lead? They are depicted as effeminate, unromantic, ethnocentric etc is why no one can believe someone normal can like asian men. There are plenty of asian born westerners who have just as manly of a personality as white guys but will be turned down at an instant because there is no cool asian guy template that is known to the general public. Thankfully there are some people who aren't as shallow but at the same time, what some of these anon are saying is truly disgusting. Go back to your 2016 nazi party

No. 180284

You all have anxiety.

No. 180285

Start another tread for all this race bait shit.

No. 180288

Don't delude yourself. Anime kpop fans with a huge fetish are just as shallow as people who exclude Asians from their dating pool.

No. 180293

Just wanted to give my two cents here:

Please, you sound like r/asianmasculinity right now. If these media stereotypes were as entrenched as you claim, how do characters like Glenn from the Walking Dead exist?

You're speaking as if films like Thirteen Candles were made yesterday.

>the only time asian guys get to look cool in media is in asian media

That' 90% of what the average Korean or Chinese or Japanese consumes, and it's vastly more flattering to male egos than western media is to white male egos. For example, South Korea has TV shows where foreign female panelists will come on and talk about how great and gentlemanly Korean guys are, but the reverse is rarely, if ever depicted. Why? Ethnocentrism and racism.

>They are depicted as effeminate, unromantic, ethnocentric

They are ethnocentric sweetheart. There's a reason it's comparatively very, very difficult to get PR/citizenship in an East Asian country as a foreigner. If they're so discriminated against, why can they get citizenship in the US so much more easily by comparison than a foreigner can in their own homelands?

>Actually after that there was some influx of white women liking asian guys.

Don't kid yourself. Bruce Lee's fanboys were almost exclusively all white male nerds.

>is why no one can believe someone normal can like asian men.

You've just bought into the self-pitying kool-aid that Asian American men in the US peddle. You're talking about the most uniformly upper middle class ethnic group, most of whom, second and third generation, live in extreme privilege by any standards and what, you think they're some sort of oppressed minority because they're not getting their fair share of blonde, white girls?

As far as I know, Asian girls still prefer them.

>but will be turned down at an instant because there is no cool asian guy template that is known to the general public

Are you seriously this autistic? You think cool, attractive, debonair types are viewed as such because they fit into a template of some kind? Cool, attractive people are not assumed to be such because they mimic Brad Pitt or Tom Hiddleston - attractive is as much about genetic elements like facial symmetry and pronounced jawlines as it is anything else.

Look. I get it. You like Asian men. Some people even like men who pretend to be women, or vice versa, so that's cool. But just drop the "Asian American males are oppressed" narrative. You're repeating shit you read or heard (probably from an ex or something) verbatim, and believe me, it's not true.

Next time you want a clearer insight into these nobly wronged Asian American men, ask them what they think of the sight of an Asian girl with a White man, or even worse! An Asian girl with an Indian man.

I'm speaking from experience. They're not engaging in self-pitying screeds because they believe in any higher, universal form of justice. They're just being tribal. And they are, really, really tribal. It's not just a stereotype. Which is fine, but it also means you lose the right to lambast others for also being tribal.

Way tl;dr, so sorry to the other posters. Just felt I needed to get that off my chest. What that poster is echoing is what I heard verbatim from an ex who would lose his shit every time he saw a non-Asian guy with an Asian girl in public, and yes, it didn't last long. The fact the discourse of "but do Asian American men get their fair share of white girls?" has actually entered into the public arena as a topic of legitimate discourse is proof of just how toxic and fucked up contemporary political and social discourse is. And the more you peddle this shit your boyfriend, your ex or some tumblr or youtube channel has shoved down your throat, the more entitled that type of Asian American male becomes.

Because ultimately, the fact is that when it comes to dating preferences, you're entitled to shit. You, me, asians and everyone else.

No. 180294

Romance, if we're talking historically, is kind of a western thing though. Courtly love in the middle ages and all that. Confucian marriage is arranged, often from birth, and the male and female had no choice in the matter. Now it wasn't much better for men and women in Europe in the Middle Ages, but there were at least standards where a woman could estrange herself from her husband through the common law, or a man or woman could technically tell a court they didn't want to marry and it would be off.

>in the last 10years has there been an asian male lead?

Asian parents can't simultaneously disparage the arts and then complain about how they aren't leading male actors. Most actors work their asses off earning fuck-all pay in things like low to mid end theater productions. Why should they be swept aside just to accommodate your husbandos who suddenly decided they like the idea of acting as a profession after shitting on it for so long?


I think the hierarchy of masculinity in the US goes "black -> white -> asian", so you're right, but it's hardly a white supremacist thing. Black men are depicted to be the most masculine, least effeminate group.

No. 180298

RIP thread

No. 180300

Indeed. I thought this shit wasn't allowed outside of /b.

No. 180302

Threads are what you make of them.

So getting back on track, does Lorena actually have parents who know what the fuck she's doing over there?

No. 180305

They must know something – they are raising her oldest child but don't allow her to see him/her.

No. 180313

No more derailing the thread. If this continues, bans will be placed.

No. 180325

Im pretty sure what she is doing was revealed to her parents, which hs a part of the reason they got custody

No. 180338

Fucking "relationship specialist" wannabes gtfo!

No. 180343

File: 1475812303456.jpg (75.03 KB, 904x1100, IMG_3176.JPG)

Omfg i wana watch the porn already fuck u farmers "BRING MEH THE LINK"

No. 180362

Racist wannabe specialist kk

But yes! I want to see her monster body in action

No. 180364

File: 1475815544650.jpg (47.92 KB, 620x340, lorena_spagnolo_messinger_aka_…)

No. 180376

Hahaha thats so good it should be the next threads banner

No. 180377

This is ….e v e r y t h i n g …. hahahaha i love u

No. 180380

File: 1475818382125.jpg (44.65 KB, 346x519, IMG_3181.JPG)

Shes gonna be an old hag lmfao u know Japanese dudes like their hookers fresh and illegal haha not haggard n shit hah

No. 180381

Why fuck an used up gaijin whem theres young Japanese girls are willing to fuck to pay their rent who have tight pussies

No. 180388

Her half shaved off eyebrows annoy me so much

No. 180396

File: 1475822017206.png (931.52 KB, 1065x1547, 2016-10-07 15.29.54.png)

Fuck is she preggers again?

No. 180404

There are a lot of lolicon in Japan, but let's be realistic anon. Office porn featuring large chested adult women is pretty damn popular too. While Lorena doesn't fit the bill for office lady either, I'm sure there is plenty of market for cheap/trashy looking hookers.
>>Why fuck an used up gaijin whem theres young Japanese girls are willing to fuck to pay their rent who have tight pussies


No. 180406

Her whole body looks so saggy here, unfortunate. I wonder where she is staying now? It looks cheap and crowded with junk. boytoy's place?

No. 180447

Its the same old place they shared in ookubo.

She looks bloated as fuck. Seriously if youre an escort kedp your self in check. Fat slob

No. 180458


No. 180459

Seriously? Is she really pregnant? Or just fat? I hope if she got herself knocked up to try and get a visa, they laugh at her at immigration, and boot her the fuck out.

Maybe this is what she meant awhile back when she said she only went to Australia to wait for her visa to "come in the mail".

No. 180531

I already mentioned a few weeks back that,she looks preggo. And now she got even more fat

No. 180563

lol on her escort website it still says that shes 49kg. looks more ike 65 now

No. 180567

Well looks like another unfortunate child will be born to her, wonder who will take care of this one?

No. 180621

Lol at no point has sere ever been 49kgs shes such a delusional liar kkk

No. 180624

I wonder how she'll make sure of who's the father of this one, since she's obviously getting fucked w/o protection pretty often. So if she can't proof that it's fucktoys if he won't 'accept' it than she'll be pretty fucked
>she'll be fucked

No. 180994

looks a lot like it
I wouldn't be surprised

No. 180997

I already feel sad for that poor thing. But maybe she'll do a fetish porn on top of her first porn then. It would bring her some extra cash

No. 181047

No. 181070

It says page not found

No. 181104

Link doesnt work.
What was it a link to?

No. 181132

looks like it was a page for reporting people to the japanese immigration authorities

No. 181169

File: 1476005890249.jpg (161.35 KB, 743x744, fakeass.jpg)

Her money is gone, she's got a fake chanel J12 watch and is trying to pass it off as real. Here is the official Chanel site. http://www.chanel.com/en_US/Watches/j12-white

None of them match Sere's with black writing AND diamonds around the outside.

No. 181170

She probably got it in Korea or from one of her customers who goes to Korea more often. You can get a whole lot of fake brand over there, the Japanese nr1 cause to make holidays in their former colony

No. 181176

Even if it was real holy shit it's ugly as fuck

No. 181180

LOL Lorena who are you trying to kid?? There's no way you could afford a 3 million yen or so Chanel watch hahahahahahahaahaha. Keep it coming though, it's hilarious.

No. 181217

I thought the same thing haha

No. 181220

Looks like these ICE watches which have been popular a few years back

No. 181519

Her Hermès bag was a cheap knock off too. Does she really think people are that dumb?

No. 181520

Wait what hermes bag?do you mean the ugly back yves saint laurent one?

No. 181521

I'm not sure which bag anon means in particular though hermes is a super exclusive brand (not like ysl)

No. 181534

Im not an idiot i know what hermes is. Im just asling what bag theyre talking about because I dont remember ever seeing her with a hermes bag just the ysl one

No. 181539

Sorry then. It sounded like you didn't know the differences of these two brands.

Anyway, I know that she was omce bragging with one, but I also donlt know when and how it looked

No. 181603

She tried to pass the pink one here as Hermès. Notice it is at the back of the photo…

No. 181609

Sere's taste in clothing / accessories is as bad as her taste in men. She takes pictures of her "brand" items, most of which are fake or tacky, in order to brag about her $$$ but it just makes her seem more broke and desperate.

No. 181704

I really wonder what's type of visa she has now.

No. 181731

I wonder what Sere's game plan is? She can't be a prostitute/porn "star" forever. She's already rapidly aging and her body is below average… not even getting started on her frankentits. I assume pimp?

No. 181743

I thought she had her `bar' then didnt she claim she was studying beauty therapy while in aus?haha

No. 181744

She claimed that her trip was for "holiday" at first, but when she couldn't get back into Japan right away, made up some story about studying for a beauty therapy certificate. She didn't study whiel in Australia and didn't stick around long enough to even get the certificate if she even was. It's just BS stories to try to make it all look like she planned to temporarily be kicked out of Japan.

No. 181750

Where the porn then im jumping ship on this depressing cow

No. 181752

Go buy it yourself, the links have been posted. I don't get why people come to these threads to beg for bad porn…

No. 181754

I know right so fucking annoying

No. 181756

she's australian, she didn't need to do shit while in australia to stay there. she just couldn't get the dole right away so she had to get into the hoe game fast.

No. 181767

But she never really planned to study to get a beauty certificate. Otherwise she'd still be there in Aus.

No. 181960

Ew i've dreamed about lorena. She was pregnant again

No. 181986

Someone has some serious stalker/obsession issues

No. 181987

Not the same anon, but who the hell is obsessed with Lorena? The bitch is a joke at the most.

No. 181988

Hey lorena
U have to go back to australia in december. Don't forget it

No. 182053

One of Sere's (many) problems is that she's never had a long term game plan. She probably has that "live fast die young" mentality, but she's already old and has wasted away her life on sleazy hosts and tacky accessories. It's almost sad, until you remember she did this to herself and fucked over a lot of people, including her kids, to get to this point

No. 182195

I feel like she's so caught up in this weeb fantasy of marrying a "hot" Japanese host looking guy, and living in luxury, that reality just isn't a thing to her yet. She can still suck dick for cash right now, so she'll keep paying off fucktoy and buying knock off luxury items to keep up her image. It'll wane though, she really doesn't have that much time left and her looks are fading fast/she messed herself up with multiple pregnancies and bad surgery. Her price will continue to plummet until she can't afford the lifestyle. She's already struggling as it is…

I half expect her to marry an old Japanese guy at some point, maybe a client. And try to use him for a visa, while fucking around with hosts on the side. If she can manage to find a guy desperate enough.

No. 182222


anon, i have a hard time picturing sere marrying an oyaji though. she's not like the other foreign gyaru gals/weebs in japan who still look somehow "normal" at best. her body is riddled with bad tattoos, bad implants, she does not exactly scream housewife material, which older japanese guys like.

however since she's so hard up for japan, i do see her as a mama-san in the near future. no proper education, no concrete plans. so i guess she'll be mama-san-ing to stay in the country.

No. 182713

Does the bar still exist and is she still with boytoy?
Also in the latest photo she uploaded to instagram she got even more fat

No. 182722

Not sure about the bar or the boy, but she's definitely larger. Crossing my fingers she isn't actually pregnant. Sere's funny to laugh at but thinking about the two kids she's already abandoned is depressing.

No. 182759


No. 185918

File: 1476950115065.jpg (416.73 KB, 748x1082, 2016-10-20 16.52.18.jpg)

Um. Dafuq was this about? Did anyone else catch this gem that was up for an hour or so? lol

No. 185924

yeah…wonder who that was about

No. 185926

I'm pretty sure she could just go to the police – o wait no, they might look into her and then she'd be fucked.

No. 185927

What would anyone want with her stupid passport?

No. 185928

Ok 1. How did someone even steal it? And 2. What would they be trying to do with it in a ward office? Seriously comfused.

No. 185933

Lol what I want more information. This sounds very juicy kkk

No. 185986

By ex, does she mean fucktoy??

No. 185992


No. 185997

Why would ryoyas new girlfriend steal seres passport? Well, I'd probably give it to the police and tell them that I've found it somewhere on the streets. I mean how else would she've got it? Also who's ryoyas new girlfriend? She must be a foreigner, as sere thought she'd definitely see and understand her post on instagram

No. 186015

Lorena is a pathalogical liar

No. 186017

She often also uses the truth and exaggerate it to the max.

I highly doubt that whoever that girl is, has stolen her passport. Yet I do believe that their might be a new girl and I also do believe that Lorena lost her passport in some way

No. 186050

Idiot probably left her passport along with other things in her exes home and therefore is accusing this girl of stealing it.

No. 186054

And that's the point which I actually don't get. C'mon she has been away from ryoya since nearly two years now. So leaving her passport behind at his place while traveling to various countries? Impossible, right?

My bet is that she either fucked up with fucktoy amd he took some of her things or she left it behind somewhere.

Yet, what appears strange is that she's accusing this girl is impersonating her, as in actually using that passport as hers? Seems odd

No. 186063

Honestly, I think Lorena is just obsessed with Ryoya's life. She still seems obsessed and bitter over him moving on and attempting to get the police involved. Notice how she's always on about his new girlfriends, even years later? Leet's be real here, her passport wasn't stolen. She's probably making this story up as an excuse as to why she's had issues coming back to Japan, all the while stirring the pot with her ex yet again.

It's like that other time she made a post a few months back about him in regards to the immigration office and the Japanese girl he was seeing at that time. She changed the story on the one post at least two to three times.

No. 186064

That's a good point though I hope you can forgive me fellow farmer if I'm looking for some more and fresh milk in this direction. As it still leaves some questions open in my opinion.

No. 186092

I remember when Ryoya and her separated she was screaming about him stealing a bunch of her stuff including her passport and health insurance card and gaijin card. Without those in Japan it's hard to do anything. But on the flip side if you have those you can do things like open a bank account, phone contract, sign up for a new apartment etc etc.

she eventually got it all replaced probably. While Japan's beucracy is very annoying and tedious it's not very trough? (Sorry can't spell) so while these items are required to do just about anything offical in Japan they don't really check if the item is stolen etc. while the passport becomes invaild when you get a new one at face value it looks legit if it's not expired.

Knowing Ryoya his gf is likely a gaijin. So he prob let her use it to get a phone contract, etc.

No. 186094

You need more than a passport to get a phone contract. This is just so stupid. And it would be obvious that it's not her. Not even the name or picture in the passport.

No. 186105

He's her ex husband. He has more than just a passport. He has her name on kokusekitohon and an old health care card among other things.

No. 186107

Also Japanese people can't tell white people apart.

No. 186283

Health care cards expire after an amount of time. That girl must look exactly like sere or similar to her. Stolen or lost passports have to be reported to the police and your own immigration. They will deactivate it then. Even if someone tries to make contracts the number on the passport would be invalid.

No. 186285

You need a passport and your residence card. And as >>186107 said, Japanese people are as bad at telling white people apart as stereotypical white people are at telling Asians apart.
Considering that there's no electronical information on the residence card… Getting everything back in order must've been a bitch though. With the new resident card system the card IS your visa. There's nothing in your passport anymore.

No. 186298

She travelled to SKorea and to Australia. You can't do that without a passport, and she's citing the Australian rules, so an Australian passport. If she means one she left behind it's got to be expired (Australians aren't allowed to keep old/expired passports btw).

No. 186316

It's invalid passport but the date written on it is likely not expired because most passports last x amount of years like 5-10years and as i said Japanese beucracy is a pain but if you showed a passport they are likely not to check if it's invalid or not and just assume it's still an active passport. They don't do a check everytime.

and Ryoya is the husband so he can show a kokuseki Touhon or jyuminhyou as a secondary id

No. 186341

She would no longer be on his jiminhyo.

Health insurance cards expire every 2-3 months. She went abroad which means she has a new passport making the old one invalid. Like someone else stated, you do not need a passport to get a phone here. You need an Alien residency card and proof that you will be here for longer than a year.

The only time one is likely requested to show a passport is when applying for a visa or filing documents at city hall, but they are not idiots there.

No. 186351

They don't check if the passport is invalid or not. And she would be on his kokuseki touhon etc until they are officially divorced which didn't happen until recently.

Also he has more than just her passport. Japan seems strict but as long as you follow the rules they don't double check

No. 186355

Get your Infos straight. She is already divorced

No. 186390

I do have my info straight. But she only recent divorced and he stole her passport at the begining of thier separation

No. 186436

National health insurance cards are valid for a year iirc. Why on earth would you think 3-4 months?

She wouldn't have been able to go on multiple Korea trips and to Australia with no passport

No. 186440

New passport makes the old one invalid in the system but the physical stolen old one will not have any indication that it is invalid at face value and Japan doesn't do a check on those things unless you are trying to travel Therefore things done inside Japan can be done using such passport. If you want milk maybe you higher level stalkers can try to find out more about the stolen passport and Ryoya's girlfriend.

No. 186451

The thing still is that you can't do much with only a passport. You would need both, residence card, NHI card and the passport. I doubt Ryoya's new girlfriend has any of these. Besides that, Sere's residence card expired anyways when she lost her spouse visa and when she left Japan for Korea and Australia.

No. 186452

Perhaps because I live here and am sent a new insurance card every few months. The new ones were just distributed last week. Get your facts straight.

No. 186453

Unless if you ate referring to 社会保険 which is yearly, BUT only provided to people working in actual companies.

No. 186455

You can use an old copy of jyuminhyo or kokusekitouhon. Even an expired NHI sometimes works because all you have to say is you're waiting for a new one in the mail or an old bank card. Since he stole her IDs including her bank card he has enough stuff to help some stupid foreigner girl in Japan using his now ex wife's identity in exchange for free babysitting. I mean, generous love sarcasm

No. 186457

It doesn't work that easy. They will put a stamp on the expired card which shows you are waiting for the new one. I know from experience that they don't take either expired cards or almost expired.

No. 186460

They don't for NHI. It comes in the mail. Not to mention he likely has old copies of kokuseki touhon and jyuminhyo.

No. 186461

Sure not for NHI but for the residence card. You literally can't get any contracts with an invalid or expired one. I got told that I need at least 3 months left on my visa plus residence card in order to get contracts. If there is a stamp on your card and passport than it's still possible.

No. 186476

Now shes eating brokkoli with mayo o.o pregnancy cravings?

No. 186479

Oh god please noooooo

No. 186486

Do you perhaps mean the bills? NHI cards are distributed yearly. It would be a huge waste of resources to send out millions every few months. The only reason you might be given a card with a shorter expiration date is if you're quite behind on payments. Or you get a new card if moving,etc.
Shakaihoken through company, you're given a card with a starting date (it has your Co's name on it) and it's good as long as you're working there.

No. 186538

that's a pretty standard way to eat broccoli though.
but seeing as she looks like she's never touched a vegetable, cravings are likely

No. 186545

File: 1477067737313.png (256.1 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-10-22-01-34-15…)

Shes looking really worn out like a 40yr old druggie

No. 186546

That piercing scar, not so edgy high class escort, lorena!

No. 186578

At least she's letting her eyebrows grow back in? Those stubby ones she had were pretty horrible.

Makeup and circle lenses aside, she still looks awful here though. She really looks like she's in her mid 30's already…

No. 186711

God how can someone be so ugly

No. 187161

File: 1477255375018.jpeg (82.46 KB, 480x589, image.jpeg)

Found lorenas toyboy gyaruru profile
He is ducking weird

No. 187196

When do people here learn to include translation….

No. 187200

Your whining will surely move someone to translate this for you…

Well I doubt he's very smart, this sounds like him trying to be edgy lol

No. 187205

Not everyone here can read or speak Japanese you dumbass.

No. 187206

If people would translate their stuff right away there wouldn't be any whining in the first place. Also why should other people ask? If You're trying to contribute at least make a minimal effort to do so, not everybody in this thread speaks Japanese or cares enough to study it. Don't be fucking lazy.

No. 187276

Obviously you have never lived here and have your facts all jacked up.

No. 187321

I'd also be happy with some kind of translation. I'm not getting through this shit. Seems like he's as bad in his native language as sere is in hers

No. 187350

Different anon than the poster of the gyaruru intro but Ill translate it once im off work. I agree though this isnt a Japanese.speaking board its an english board so if youre going to post something provide a translate dont be lazy.

No. 187367

Does anyone know under what visa she currently is?

No. 187374

hes basically just saying: so many people there who only care about money, but eventually in the world its all about love.
he also says he doesnt give a fuck about peoples age and that he isnt a host but just someone playing around. idk how to translate it in english but it seems like hes a freedom loving hippie lol. doesnt rly match with sere who only loves money …

No. 187377

Weird… are they still together? In one of her new instagram posts there 's a video with a guy with bright blond hair, but it's hard to tell if it's boytoy or not.

Wasn't he a host? Wasn't he running her club for her… as a host? Wasn't he prostituting himself at one point? I can't tell if this guy is serious or if he is full of shit. Maybe the whole "I don't care about your age ladies, or how much money you make, it's about love" is his scheme to lure in older ladies with money? I mean, Sere has been pretty much keeping him around and paying for everything and she's already older than him.

No. 187378

Most likely as a tourist again

No. 187431


her boytoy has bright blonde hair now so it was probably him

No. 187440

Long enough to get PR

No. 187445

Video is deleted

No. 187453


No, its one from about a week ago with her dog in a park. toyboy is so far away the face is unrecognizable tho

No. 187615

Got to love those people who feel all smug when really they have no idea.
I got PR as well, and can only agree to everything you said.

No. 188140

File: 1477403292618.png (1.01 MB, 1048x1520, 2016-10-25 22.44.35.png)

Sweet baby jeezus christ is that a fucking wedding ring?! If it is, that means she married that puny stick figure boytoy? She probably bought that ring for herself. lol

No. 188158

The bracelet of that watch looks so cheap and plastic kek

I wonder in what way she'd think she could benefit of another marriage as I highly doubt she'll make it to another spouse visa with her record

No. 188178

its funny how a couple that is about to get married uses gyaruru lol

No. 188181

Looks like one of those Wal-mart rings. lol

No. 188225

Brb laughing my ass off

No. 188540

They married but i don't think she can get a visa

No. 188605

They did? How do you know?

Also what kind of idiot is putting on a real bbq inside?

No. 188628

Might be yakiniku.

No. 188665

It's yakiniku or Korean bbq. Which ever one you prefer.

No. 188667

She's always eating yakiniku. Fatty fatty.

No. 188695

No wonder she is so fat… where is all her workout attitude? Did she give up on that?

No. 188700

> o.o


No. 188706

How do you they married?

No. 189113

File: 1477566242509.png (177.38 KB, 750x795, IMG_6328.PNG)

Oh holy shit.

No. 189165

Can I get a straight fact here, is being a porn actress in Japan illegal or not (as a foreigner w/o spouse visa)??

No. 189166

It's illegal and I think even with spouse kinda tricky.

No. 189170

Is it possible to report it? Or is it one of those things (like escorting) where she'd have to be cought during the act?

No. 189173

She probably has to be caught doing it. I don't know exactly. If someone wants to try to report her, go ahead. Would be quite interesting.

No. 189189

what I don't get is why they're still calling her ブロンド/blonde

No. 189194

Her tits are so sad

No. 189200

It would be easy to report. Youve got the name of the porn company right there uma nami、we all know her real name and there is evidence in hard copy and the net.

All youd need to really do is tell immigration the name of the company and seres real name and immigration either send out letters or go in the flesh to the company asking for work records etc. That the company legally has to give them or theyre breaking the law

No. 189221

Now you just need to know how popular that company is aka how much the yakuza pay the police/state to keep it going like it is. If it's just a small company then well bye bye sere, bye bye forever

No. 189240

Gave them a look they umanami is a label under K.M produce. Which is a massive porn company with many labels http://www.km-produce.com and seems they do have yak connections、whoever with the amoubt they ra k in and the amount of girls they can get to make films etc. What are they going to care about some saggy tits bogan druggo. All they get is a 30000$ fine(which is nothing to them)

No. 189242

And since she isn't popular or some kind of idol…can someone please go and report her??

No. 189244

I don't get why you all care so much about what she is doing. Why not go report every illegal worker and every illegal prostitute in every other country. What the hell makes this girl so special that makes you want to fuck up her life more than it is?

You all are so entertained by her life that what happens when someone does report her and she gets deported? Poof! No more Sere stories, this thread goes dead and all you need to get a real life.

No. 189245

Hello Sere.

No. 189246

Why are you on this website or even commenting here?

No. 189248

Sounds more like shiena or gaya as the English isn't as fucked up as seres.

Anyway, she pissed many people in this thread personally off, that's why we're so entertained by her. And tbh she still provided milk during her stays in korea and australia

No. 189250

None of us want to report her purely because she's a sex worker. It's because she's a fucked up person who happens to be doing something illegal

No. 189254

I am not Shiena, Gaya or any of those girls. Just a lurker.

Tell me that you haven't done anything illegal before?

No. 189256

Not broken strict immigration laws no.

No. 189257

I've also never done anything illegal before, except for playing games for 18yo when I was 14, but that's not against immigration laws or destroying someone elses life

No. 189263

Anyway why are you here if you dislike the discussion? Youre being a derailing shit stain and we dont need ya

No. 189279

Who said anything about disliking the discussion? I find her amusing just wouldn't ever consider reporting some random person I follow over the internet. That I personally think is taking it too far.

No. 189285

Then you're probably one of the very few here in this thread who hasn't had to deal with her bullshit personally by now. And I hope that you never have to

No. 189398

What did she do to you exactly? Did she steal your stuff? Did screw up your life personally?

Arguing, disagreeing, or just plain don't like someone's personality/ rubs you the wrong way is hardly even an excuse to validate "revenge" if you're into that sort of stuff.

Gossiping and all is fine but to go out of your way to try to affect someone's life negatively is kinda sick. If they really are as bad as you think they are then karma will do the dirty work for you.

No. 189399

Have you even bothered to read through her thread? Tell that kind of turn the other cheek shit to the two children she's abandoned in different countries

No. 189401

so are you pregnant again or just getting fat?

No. 189422

Well her life is already pretty shitty as is so there's not much to ruin

No. 189472

I have been reading this thread but what she did to other people has nothing to do to you. Did she have a child with you and left it in your care or something?
Lol who are you talking to? You sound silly when jab in the dark acting so sure you know who I am. I'm just a nobody lurker like you. Only difference is I think directly trying to meddle in someone I don't knows life is taking it too far. As I said gossip is cool and all but keep it online please

No. 189480

then don't type like a fat single mother bogan prostitute and I won't assume you're lorena.
also why does a 'nobody lurker' give such a shit about this gaijin rent-a-hole?

No. 189481

What makes her two children so special over the million of children abandoned daily in the world? At least her parents were smart enough to strip her of her first child and her ex husband is taking responsibility for her second.

Sure, her life is pretty much a complete shit show and is entertaining to watch but some of you take it to a whole other level with wanting to report her or contact her family, and so on.

So tell me, what has she personally done to you that makes you want to destroy her already messed up life?

No. 189482

Please explain, what does a "fat single mother bogan prostitute" typing sound like?

Your comebacks are weak and you obviously have some anger issues.

No. 189483

wow that was quick! maybe you should stop lurking for a bit and go for a run sere.

No. 189489

Take a moment to reread the website you're currently posting on (and samefagging by the way). This is lolcow, a gossip website. No one comes here to read about the millions of children abandoned daily, we come here to talk about cows. Everyone posted here's life is a shit show and entertaining to watch, that's what qualifies them to have a thread. Like fuck, why are you trying to take the moral high horse in a place like this?

No. 189494


that poor retoucher had their work cut out for them with lena's frankentits

No. 189495

woops lorena*

No. 189558

Funny how you always automatically assume that I am Lorena herself. Paranoia much?

No. 189561

so theres a sample you can watch of her getting drilled (ew) on tge km produce website. http://www.km-produce.com/works/umso-108

No. 189562

Appearing in AVs isn't illegal you guys…prostitution is, but the Japanese law differentiates between these two things.

No. 189563

shit how much free time do you have haha you started posting last night. you tell some of us to get a life but here you are haha bitch ive aoready slept, breakfasted, gine to work and am on my lunchbreak in the amount of time youve spent here. go do something

No. 189566

actually it seems you dont know the law. it is illegal to do porn on any visa other than a spouse or pr. But you know keep spreading your misinformation.

No. 189569

I meant in general. Prostitution is illegal independent of what kind of visa you're on. (Nvm that the authorities obviously don't give a shit about Lorena.)
I wonder if she's back on a tourist visa. She could've had it so easy if she'd just stayed with her first husband for longer.

No. 189571

But bruh he was so abusive expecting her to take care of the child while he gonna work and provide a living for the family

No. 189581

Prostitution is not illegal for spouse visa holder. Even for Japanese as long as they follow the law and not offering full service in public.

No. 189598

Yea we are here to talk and gossip about people not go on some self righteous action against the person in real life geez.

I was the one who posted >>189472 all the replies after that weren't me because I was busy. Sorry someone else has the same view as I do in which we like to gossip we like reading about dramatic people but we draw the line at getting actively involved with trying do something to said person.

No. 189621


No. 189622

>it's two different people!

No. 189644

Lorena likes to spread lies about people she never met before and create fake "evidence"

No. 189698

File: 1477668859968.png (889.58 KB, 1075x1312, 2016-10-29 00.33.17.png)

Did… did she buy a car? lol

No. 189707

I wish she would fix her nose instead of blowing all her slutbux on botox…

No. 189710

Ferraris are very expensive.
If she bought it, I'm really surprised how much money she's making in the sex trade considering how she looks.

No. 189712

To buy or drive a car she'd need a Japanese driving license which means that her Japanese level needs to be close to perfect since you can only do the theoretical test in Japanese as far as my own researches went. So, maybe her christmas present was that she was allowed to touch it?

No. 189714

Also OT but no one who has a license would sit on the rear with shoes like that as it not only difficult but also extremely dangerous to drive with those

No. 189721

Actually it's not that hard to get a JP license as a foreigner. I'm guessing she's just posing with a clients or pimps car though, since it's October and the side mirror looks cracked

No. 189726

That's rain not cracked

No. 189747

As far as i know she doesn't even have a drivers license in the first place , and I bet she begged the car owner to take a picture on the drivers sit lol

No. 189750

It's about 3000$ and the theoretical test is only available in Japanese. It's just learning shit by heart but you'd still have to have a basic knowledge of the language

No. 189772

Prostitution with penis in vagina intercourse is illegal in japan. thats why they call their escorts deliver health or soapland and offer sumata and shit. anyway in reality noone gives a shit and most girls use their pussies bc its the easiest and least exhausting method.

No. 189792

When your too lazy to suck a dick you know you have a problem

No. 189795

She can barely afford a decent weave, all the hooking in the world won't get an ugly thing like Lorena a car like that. Besides who would upkeep it when she gets kicked out of Japan again?

No. 189798

Expensive cars are a norm gift for high class escorts, for the elite of escorts, but sere is trash. It was either boytoy who bought it or she just asked the actual owner to take a photo with it

No. 189809

Boytoy can't afford a car like that either. It's obviously fake.

No. 190058

Can you even get a car and drivers license with tourist visa in Japan? I bet she just took that picture from a client or maybe from a show. If I remember right, isn't there the tokyo motor show at the moment?

No. 190061

she's not even allowed to put her shoes in there. somebody's just letting her have a go.

No. 190104

The background is a parking lot though…

No. 190121

why are you guys even discussing if its her car? she cant even afford proper hair extensions or a correction of her boob job, then shes wearing those plastic chanel watches… obviously not her car. maybe one of her host friends rented one or she just begged the owner for a pic. who cares, it isnt hers

No. 190122

maybe she watched a car race (tokyo drift anyone? lol)

No. 190126

>damn it's not even christmas yet

No. 190130


like shes not known for being a compulsive liar & swaggerer

No. 190461

all of you people complaining about people breaking strict immigration laws are probably pro immigration for usa and europe via mexicans and muslims lmao

No. 190474

Nah im not im latina myself.

No. 190480

Again, it's not about the law breaking and illegal shit she does on the daily. If she wants to be a prostitute and play games with her visa that's her business. But she's also a fucked up person, which is why everyone was laughing at her when she got stuck in Korea

No. 190484

>you people

No. 190551

It's possible to rent cars like that in Japan. Could have been a one day rental.

No. 190553

But you'd still need a license to rent it. Does boytoy has one?

No. 190594

Either him or someone else she knows

No. 190739

No. 190745

File: 1477871506146.png (73.49 KB, 804x330, Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 6.50…)

lmao my computer automatically translated a part of the website and even though this is probably all wrong I laughed at the "marshmallow body" part

No. 190750

More like sappy cottage cheese body

No. 191589

File: 1478025798070.png (971.34 KB, 640x1011, image.png)

No. 191593

File: 1478025919628.jpeg (114.99 KB, 630x541, image.jpeg)

No. 191643

tacky af

No. 191779

People that get brand logos on their nails….

No. 191805

Her ugly hand tattoos make it look ten times tackier. Plus the need to post pics of the only designer bag that she owns lol

No. 191806

Shes actually looking really bad these days…..

No. 191862


lmao the way she flashes that tacky fake bag.

No. 191984

Her ring lmao

No. 192370

File: 1478116333028.gif (2.71 MB, 200x200, excited.gif)


aww shit nigga I'm so hyped

No. 192790

Nice flabby mom arms Lorena, no amount of insane brightness and filtering can hide your blooming cellulite and ever expanding fatty rolls.

No. 193060

Did someone here found an actual proof for that her 'Chanel' watch is real? I tried to find it online, but haven't found anything

No. 193357

Nah its still in the air. Its leaning strongly to being fake though as none of the watches listed on the channel website look like what she has.

No. 193390

Can it be an older model which she got in one of the Japanese second hand shops?

No. 193416

Either way it's hideous. Plastic watches aren't high class Lorena, you dolt.

No. 193420

A golden rolex would've been classy

No. 193423

Yeah its pretty fugly

No. 193429

I find it hilariously funny how she displays that ugly watch in almost every picture now.

No. 193443

File: 1478251003833.jpg (83.04 KB, 480x624, IMG_20161104_181607.jpg)

Lol this fucking picture