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File: 1650031208502.gif (6 MB, 640x352, thonk-sun-star.gif)

No. 1136015

ask stupid questions, get stupid answers

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No. 1136022

Is this the animation from ff7 when Sephiroth does his ultimate attack?

No. 1136327

File: 1650046290541.jpeg (26.81 KB, 480x453, D47467C6-8BCF-4EB8-90B1-64D5C1…)

ff7, as aired on the History Channel.

No. 1136424

I know this is an incel or nlog sounding question, but what is the reason that some girls go for jerks? I say this as someone who prefers effeminate and sensitive men but even when dating masculine men I thought being mean was the biggest turn-off. Not 'nice guys' but just basic human decency. I have friends whose boyfriends are really unpleasant to everyone and treat them no better, yet they have been together years. There are girls who are unironically attracted to null. I just don't get it.

No. 1136429

Has anyone else started unironically looking into becoming a nun? Sidenote: I love all the nun imagery on lolcow

No. 1136450

A lot of people date just to be with somebody, just not to be alone. They do it because they feel like they have to, out of a convention. I think they don't even give much thought to who they're dating, they just go for a random dude in their current friend group and then feel compelled to stick with him.
I know multiple grown women like this, and it truly baffles me. Most women I know are not like that though, but all the women that dated absolute tards fit into what I first said.

No. 1136457

I think it's like abusive relationships. There's some kind of psychological issues going on underneath those women, low self esteem or something else. I mean, dating a jerk is like constant low-grade abuse, vs the ups and downs of more overt abusers.

No. 1136471

That's a meme. Irl no woman goes for jerks, men act nice at the start and then neg the woman so once he's a rude fuck, she stays since she thinks that's the best she can get. Some girls can also have insecurities and date jerks because of that but I didn't see that happen so…

No. 1136474

I dated one asshole. He wasn't an asshole when we met. He played the long game and was nice for just about long enough to have me sharing a lease with him. I was emotionally and financially tied to him and didn't have it in me to run when he started being his asshole self. I thought I knew better but he suckered me good.

No. 1136482

I hate myself and my parents were always mean to me growing up.

No. 1136483

guys am i getting scammed big time?

>apply to job

>employer responds without about 10 minutes of me sending the application
>sends email from phone, lowercase, written informally
>asks to interview over whatsapp

seriously wtf is this? am i just lucky to get such a quick response or is it dodgy?

No. 1136504

File: 1650055728948.jpg (42.69 KB, 564x564, IMG-20201027-WA0011.jpg)

Do any of you know how to "add pixels" to a photograph in PS?
I remember I took a graphic design class in college and the teacher taught us how to make an image bigger by technically "adding pixels" to it. Sadly I don't remember for shit how to do it and I have tons of pics of Aileen Wuornos that I want to print on shirts but they're to small. Thanks in advance, pic unrelated.

No. 1136512

Sounds fishy

No. 1136523

Depends lol if its a waitress job that’s normal

No. 1136524

Most independent workplaces are like this now, so unless its a chain I wouldn't worry

No. 1136527

is the 48 laws of power actually a good book?

No. 1136565

It's gross and egomaniacal, a lot of the "laws" encourage using and abusing people, acting shady, literally stealing credit from others. But also, yeah a lot of people use those methods to gain control. So it's good in the "know your enemy" sense.

No. 1136572

Sounds really unprofessional but my old job used whatsapp commonly, though not for interview, and I've had lots of employers who were very informal in their ways of speaking and I chalk that up to boomer tech illiteracy. Fast responses I would assume because everyone is desperate for employees. I agree it does sound a bit fishy but it might just be the times. What kind of job is it?

No. 1136596

File: 1650062087981.jpg (131.96 KB, 450x1183, Evyec.jpg)

If there was a religion where men didnt hold all the power and it was women exclusive while wearing some nice robes maybe

No. 1136597

Sociopathic narcissist behaviors = wisdom to success. Advice works best for rich white scrotes.

No. 1136599

File: 1650062370866.jpeg (55.21 KB, 343x360, 1633023046159.jpeg)

Are anons here religious? I know there are lots of anons here that grew up religious, and some anons talk about becoming sex-separatist nuns, but are there any anons here that have faith in a religion and actively participate in their religion?

No. 1136601

Somehow even in naturalistic, pagan religions that worship goddesses and non-sexed deities, scrotes always hold highest status. Even rare instances of sects/cults with supreme female figure head, she’s advised by a whole council of moids.

No. 1136633

File: 1650064568803.png (168.68 KB, 489x566, 1647278874477.png)

lmao well they can fuck off. My one and only religion is elsieism, she's the one mother, hater of moids and milk giver. I pray to her for power and strength, she shall guide me when in darkness of pickism and reward me with fresh milk cookies. Awomen.

No. 1136640

Isn't there already a lolcow goddess or something like that?

No. 1136648

Should be like beelzebub but elsiebub

No. 1136649

Is there a difference between GNC and androgynous?

No. 1136650

how does the nigga look like? I can an elsie ver of him/it

No. 1136664

I think GNC refers to the way someone chooses to dress while androgynous refers to someone’s natural features

No. 1136667

Imo anyone can just be born androgynous, like have those feautures and ofc dress in that way, but everyone can’t be andro you know? Gnc is more you rejecting the norms, being butch and not sticking to stuff that is outwardly “expected” of you by society

No. 1136692

You can dress in a GNC way and still look like your own sex. I hate to use him as an example, but Harry Styles is technically GNC and you can still tell that he is undoubtedly a man. Like the anons above said, I think being androgynous is more about your natural features whereas GNC is more about how you choose to present yourself.

No. 1136696

Is the levono legion tower 5, 11th gen intel core. 11500 processor any good? Idk anything about computers so idk, also is the spectre curved 27" 75Hz LED monitor good? Do I need to buy both? I've only had an all-in-one monitor so idk how ones that aren't all-in-one work.

No. 1136722

File: 1650073412672.png (250.63 KB, 860x578, 4E313A6D-4129-4423-AE10-0E9745…)

am i cringe for always saluting people instead of saying hello?

No. 1136723

Who cares. Keep doing it. Fuck normies. I do a full historically accurate Prussian military stand and salute when any social superior enters the room. I also have an air-bayonet I like to poke people with.

No. 1136742

Is it worth it to have fans who love/support you if they're all the kinds of people you hate? If you were a musician, writer, popular artist, actress, etc, and most of the people supporting you (or your biggest supporters, let's say) were trannies and pick-mes, would you just leave it? Or is it better to risk fumbling your bag for the sake of your values?

No. 1136744

Why do alot of online shops not ship to P.O. boxes?

No. 1136747

If they’re paying fans, yes. Just smile and shake their hands and take their money. You don’t have to be friends with them.

No. 1136748

Only USPS is allowed to ship p.o. boxes. Private shipping companies and carriers like FedEx, UPS are prohibited from shipping to p.o. Boxes. So some won't bother working with both if theyre already with UPS or something

No. 1136768

How do I tell my mom that I want to die? She wants me to talk about my depression and how I feel. She just asked me how I usually feel or what I think when I'm not feeling well. The answer to that is "I wanna kill myself" but I just can't tell her that. But at the same time I desperately want my parents to know that I'm having suicidal thoughts, because it seems that they can't even realize on their own when I'm not feeling alright.

No. 1136770

You're going to say "Hey mom I want to die" ? Like you want to warn her you suicidal but don't want to alarm her? Because that shit is alarming to anybody. Tell her you're not suicidal you just don't want to keep feeling like this anymore.

No. 1136778

Be more vague if your parents are sensitive, say “sometimes I wish I didn’t have to exist” or something like that. Tbh, I honestly have told my family that I want to die and that I want to kill myself, and that just didn’t change anything.

No. 1136805

Why am I getting period pain like a week after my period ended?

No. 1136812


No. 1136818

Here's a bad version. My parents have the mindset of there's nothing wrong with you because I say so. Here's a quick synopsis, some caution before reading. I tried to commit suicide a few years back. It wasn't the first time but the time I decided to go to the ER. I voluntarily went to the ER (would have gone involuntarily because I had a wellness check called on me, weaseled my way to get voluntarily). Literally about 3 days after I was released, my mother (flew over after day 1) got pissy at me for having a panic attack about going back to classes (had a project due that day and a final in a 2 days). Gets in my face and tells me I'm throwing my life away. I ended up dropping out, got some therapy, still suicidal, and parents still acting like it didn't happen and I need to go back. It hurts.

No. 1136876

Do you ever look at live animals when you're hungry and think of how tasty they'd be? Whenever I comment something like that over a plump duck I see in the park for example, people get weirded out. I haven't had breakfast yet, and so creatures in this pic >>1135692 look very tasty to me. Am I really the only one that does it, it seems so natural

No. 1136878

I get this when looking at seafood and fish. When I go to the acquarium, I come out of it ravenously hungry kek

No. 1136884

Tom cruise and scientology were completely right and we are the stupid ones for doubting his knowledge. We must all be asking now why we never took scientology under consideration. Use me as a vessel to ask why we are not making the most out of this fountain of wisdom

No. 1136890

My question is: how do I make money off of it? In detail please.

No. 1136893

Just tell her you're really struggling and you need support. In my experience that actually works better than just "I want to kill myself" because suicidal thoughts are scary and people can feel put on the spot and not know what they're supposed to do, but asking for help in general can have good results. Even better if you can think of ways she could actually help you.

No. 1136902

Do you not like him because of his Teeth?

No. 1136905

Maybe you can re-word it into something slightly less direct like "I struggle to find the desire to keep living" or something?

No. 1136907

File: 1650098719962.jpg (548.15 KB, 1800x1350, wood_pigeon.jpg)

I do this with wood pigeons. They look so plump and tasty that I can't help but imagine putting it in a game pot roast.

No. 1136913

Anons I'm wearing a dress today because I finally managed to buy shorts to wear underneath. I feel stylish. I'm not stylish but let me be delusional for 5 seconds.

No. 1136966

what does it mean if I guy uses :3 unironically? he is 22

No. 1136968

tranny furry avoid

No. 1136970

Yes this: >>1136968
I've dealt with this type of species before. Most likely into vore, is neutral about lolis, into shota but being the shota in his fantasy, probably mommy/daddy issues.


No. 1136973

kek I should have added, he's ok with me being transphobic and has made fun of pronouns and troons with me. However there is a tim he plays video games with (he says they're not really friends) and when I said transbians are heterosexual he hesitated a little before saying he agreed with me. He also wasn't aware of the programmer socks meme. But he is a programmer (computer engineering student). thoughts?
from our conversations I don't think any of that applies, he could be lying though of course lol

No. 1136974

He grooms kids on discord

No. 1136977

No. 1136980

If he’s on the fence, he will inevitably side with other men. Contrary to male ego propaganda, most men are cowardly and non-confrontational. They are scared of voicing opinions that other men might find offensive. It’s easier to lie to a girl than it is to upset his video game bestie. He will rationalize that his one gaming pal didn’t act unhinged around him and decide that trannies aren’t a blight on society.

No. 1136981

Furry, femboy, closet tranny luster, sub

No. 1136983

At 22, Definitely into hentai. Likely gnc to begin with, higher proclivity to trooning. I know guys in their late 20’s early 30’s who use :3 but it’s leftover habit from using old internet. They are into anime and are computer nerds but they haven’t gotten quite brainwashed as zoomers.

No. 1136987

Any guy who uses that anime furry emoji is way way more brainwashed than a zoomer. Especially if he's 20-30, no adult man should use "uwuu cute girll" emoji.

No. 1136995

I understand you’re young shit but there was a time when it wasn’t associated with coomers and trannies. They were Japanese emoticons.

No. 1136998

Same reason why they also use x), that means they're perpetually online and talk to and play with greasy, smelly male gamers online, and they're annoying weirdos with a victim complex. This applied to men older than 22 as well.

No. 1137000

Well shit what does it mean when my boyfriend picks up using ;w; >:3 >_< etc from me. I complained to him that I’m autistic and it helps me when he uses emotes when texting.

No. 1137003

idk shit about Tolkien or d&d or stuff like that, does the "orcs are an anti-black caricature" theory have any basis in reality? are there actual parallels or similarities between "orc culture" and any real life black (African or African diaspora) culture? or is it just that orcs are supposed to be big and ugly and stupid and violent and that makes "progressive" closet racists automatically think of black people?

No. 1137005

>they're Japanese emoticons
You little retard, that's why any dude who uses them is likely to be a anime fanboy whichever would directly make him a coomer. Any girl who uses them is also a weeb and it's not cute on them either.

No. 1137006

Why am I suddenly so sensitive to spicy food now??? I grew up eating spicy food but now if it’s actually spicy it hurts my stomach a lot. Makes me sad man, I love spicy food.

No. 1137010

It’s fine if you think no male can have healthy relationship with anime but you will never take kaomoji away from weeb women. Stay in your fugly apple emoji lane.

No. 1137011

You already said what it means anon.

No. 1137016

Could be the beginning of an ulcer or a damaged stomach lining

No. 1137019

why are team fortress 2 characters so flat-assed?????????????

No. 1137024

Why does today's popular music always sound the same? I remember as a kid and a teenager how the radio and tv shows about music would show a bunch of different genre, and now all there is is rap and pop from the same artists, and you have to actively look for more varied stuff.

No. 1137025

It's the latter. Same as people saying HP goblins are a jewish caricature.

No. 1137027

This is so weird because goblins have been described as big nosed evil weird looking greedy monsters kn every fairytale ever for centuries, why tf are people constantly point at them and saying "that's jews"? Its never even Jews saying this shit. It's just every faggot who hates JK Rowling creating new reasons to hate her because they know the troons are losing sympathy. They tried to made Rom Weasley into an anti Irish catholic caricature recently too

No. 1137031

These slacktivists are projecting their racism on other people's works, it's insane. btw I've never seen that shit about Ron before, I only read once that JKR hates poor people because the Weasley are a big family and keep reproducing despite being very poor, even though there's no agenda or subtext about the parents being bad people for keeping having kids despite their shit incomes in the books and the movies. I'm guessing they're also projecting their disdain for the working class on fictional characters in that case as well?

No. 1137034

This reminds me that there was a doll of a black girl with a pet monkey and SJW on Tumblr were calling it racist when all the dolls no matter what their skin color was had a pet monkey and other various pets.

No. 1137039

File: 1650114660971.jpg (112.41 KB, 968x826, 591281_1291453608049_full.jpg)

No. 1137042

I think they're cute and very nostalgic and I'm going to keep using them with my close friends without your chicken permission

No. 1137051

omg cute!!! who drew this?

No. 1137060

File: 1650116229802.jpeg (216.87 KB, 1224x1632, E6D12704-19EF-4CB2-950C-D6A733…)


No. 1137062

they're both cute!! sonic has two hands!! so do shadow and knux!!!

No. 1137064

Less hit boxes.

No. 1137073

Because it would be too distracting for soldier otherwise

No. 1137087

Does anyone know the site that matches you with fictional characters most like you by asking a bunch of questions? It was super in depth

No. 1137088

It wasnt even that nuanced. Their argument was because the weasleys are poor and ginger with a bunch of siblings so they must be Irish

No. 1137090


No. 1137128

What is the word for that disease where people think they're sick by displaying the slightest symptoms? (I'm not talking Munchausen, like 100 percent believing you're sick)

No. 1137134


No. 1137138

Yes thank you nonna that's it!

No. 1137170

Do you guys think Russia would attack Sweden or Finland if they joined NATO?

No. 1137226

No. 1137231

the don't have the resources for that, most of their army is already in ukraine

No. 1137282

I fed my plant dead skin. Now there has appeared a little worm. He's sucking on a piece of dead skin. What is he doing? Will he grow stronger from it? The worm is half brown half black. I've never seen worms in my plant before and I don't know where he came from.

I also feed the plant nail clippings, pubic hair, period blood and dead insects. The plant is doing amazing.

No. 1137290

Cute shit

No. 1137382

How do you get someone to stop interrupting you?

No. 1137393

tbh? i just keep talking. a little louder if anything. i dont let whatever theyre saying stop me kek

No. 1137397

No. 1137402

how many trousers do you own? how many trousers is considered excessive?

No. 1137415

No. 1137416

No. 1137426

File: 1650139480019.png (157.34 KB, 866x577, EiJmjaCXcAE-JNW.png)

Does anyone have the meme where a 'nerd' is being brainwashed by 'globohomo' so that the nerd is saying 'I'm not a cute nerd guy, I'm actually a misogynist or MTF' ,with a woman behind a glass being sad, wearing a shirt saying 'nerd appreciators'. It's a parody of the kelly comics (like picrel)

No. 1137438

File: 1650140373994.png (340.38 KB, 828x564, 1646526364331.png)

I got you, anon

No. 1137450

thanks nona

No. 1137528

I'm getting gradually sick because I caught something from my roommate…not sure what it is yet. She took two at-home COVID tests and they were negative but I don't know. Anyway, I made some rice, put it in a container for storage, and ate it from the container just now. Can I still save it and eat it this week, or will it reinfect me with this sickness?

No. 1137533

You can't re-infect yourself like that, otherwise we'd just be sick forever basically. Make sure to store the rice properly though! It can give you food poisoning if not handled correctly.

No. 1137534

Thanks anon, but how do I store the rice properly? I put it in a container in the fridge. Is that all right?

No. 1137539

Has anyone gained weight after starting drinking milk frequently? I am trying to find a reason why I put on weight and can't lose it. I think this started around the same time I started drinking milk.

No. 1137550

most weight gain diets tell you to drink a lot of milk so yeah that's probably it

No. 1137551

If it’s whole milk, it’s surely the reason why you’re gaining weight. When I got addicted to drinking whole milk with honey, no matter how much exercise I did and how little I ate, I kept on gaining weight.
Once you change to skim milk, specially without lactose, you shouldn’t keep on gaining weight.

No. 1137552

File: 1650151816585.jpg (17.58 KB, 639x359, 1531516010341.jpg)

why are cashews so expensive? it makes me sad

No. 1137556

NTA but based as fuck, I've also been looking for this one. Btw it's an edit of the tomboy/tomboy appreciator one made by /pol/fags that actually said "globohomo"

No. 1137557

Honestly I thought about milk because I don't have any other clues. Also it's weird how I gained weight. I was always on more slimmer side as a kid, but if I put on weight it's always around belly area. But this time my breasts grew and I gained weight mainly around my hips and thighs. I was wondering if estrogen in milk had an effect on me.

I drink skim milk without a lactose.

No. 1137563

Are all-in-one computers way worse than buying a monitor and a tower? Are can they be just as good if you buy the right one?

No. 1137567

cashew shells are covered in a toxin that can give you a rash, so they're a lot harder to handle, that may be part of the reason why they're so expensive?

No. 1137573

guys fist bump me all the time, especially after we have a pretty good interaction. what does that mean in lingua scrotum?

I hope this means they see me as undateable.

No. 1137587

i think it means you're "one of the bros"

No. 1137620

Do people in south korea follow the slippers indoors rule? Do people in china do it? Do they ever bring their own slippers over or there's always just spare ones for guests? If they're the family that lives there do they ever go barefooted?

No. 1137629

This is my retarded question: what's a "tower" in this context?

No. 1137635

Honestly have no idea what to proper language for them is but the thing that you plug with the monitor. Whenever I type in PC, it always shows these little towers that I don't know the name of because I never had it, when I thought the PC was the monitor itself so I'm just so confused on proper terminology. The Amazon listings of it call it a tower so idk.

No. 1137636

File: 1650158661681.jpg (258.09 KB, 4471x1747, banner8.jpg)

No. 1137639

Nta but yeah thats the case holding all the parts together, it is a PC while a display is just a display. You have to buy all the components and put them together in the case with good ventilation unless you buy a premade one or all in one display like apples or the giant microsoft one with spinning wheel thing. Also godspeed anon graphic card prices are so fucked right now.

No. 1137640

Can someone explain housing in FFXIV and what's going on with the current uproar? I don't play. I'm assuming people entered a lottery for a housing plot or something? But why is space limited for housing that there needed to be a lottery? I saw one of my coworkers plays and she's had a house in FFXIV for so long. Did they change the mechanics for how to get a house?

No. 1137641

from celebricows, but wtf is "altfishing"

No. 1137659

Is that really what it's called? So simple then why do I never see people fuckin call it that. I swear they put 50 different words and none of them are "case", it's so annoying.

No. 1137665

Kek I didn't know a vertical PC case/chassis was called "tower" in English
Anyway, with an all-in-one you can't repair, replace parts or add new components that easily, if at all. AIOs tend to use laptop parts, which results in worse performance than a tower PC. I think ventilation is better with a tower, too.
On the other hand, AIOs are much smaller and easier to set up.
It depends on what you're going to use your computer for. If it's simple things like browsing the net or working with documents, an all-in-one is fine.

No. 1137674

I'm ESL, so I've always called it "case" because that's literally what it is. It also seems that there's a difference between computers that have vertical and horizontal cases, the former being "tower computer" and the latter being "desktop computer" according to some answers I just read.
But I always thought "desktop" just meant "not portable". And even with the term "portable computer" there's some confusion, because it seems to be different from a "laptop". I've also never understood what a "notebook" is exactly, but I assume it's a type of laptop.

No. 1137688

File: 1650162725057.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, 3BADFE31-2629-4FDA-A0D7-26130C…)

Is he cute? I’ve been told I have bad taste

No. 1137691

He looks like a modern mowgli

No. 1137692

Idk if it's just me, but he looks too young. Like he should be in high school.

No. 1137697

Is it strange that I’m in my early twenties and I don’t know how to swim? I get scared sometimes that I might drown somehow.

No. 1137708

it's unusual, but if no one ever taught you then you can't help it. you should sign up for swimming lessons this summer if you can swing it or get a friend to teach you for free. otherwise you could easily die a preventable death just by falling in a small body of water like a pool or canal. and not to be all doom and gloom, swimming is really fun and relaxing.

No. 1137714

>otherwise you could easily die a preventable death just by falling in a small body of water like a pool or canal

No. 1137731

kek nona I'm sorry I scared you. learn to swim though. vidrel it's you after learning to swim.

No. 1137738

IMO it's not that unusual. However, you should definitely learn to swim as soon as possible.
To be honest I think you could survive most situations if you just learn how to float. It's easy, just relax your body and don't panic.

No. 1137759

How is the new Batman movie?

No. 1137773

Not really. Look around for adult swimming lessons if you want to learn. My mother still doesn't know how to swim. She put me in lessons as a preschooler because the town I grew up in had a decent park district. Adult lessons should get to the point. I remember some of the lessons were just about getting young children not to fear water. I still fear drowning but only when there's people around.

No. 1137788

the movie thread on /m/ has lots of posts about it

No. 1137800

Thank you!

No. 1137868

Why the fuck is my Instagram freaking out? I liked a post and suddenly it goes 'you've been temporarily blocked from taking this action'. What?

No. 1137877

I exited the app, signed back in, and now it's telling me that I'm blocked again because it's illegal to 'use services that gets you likes and followers'. I'm not using any. Is it freaking out because I changed my username and deleted all my posts instead of creating a new account?

No. 1137901

I've seen alot of people lately complaining about insta banning them or locking them out for a week for doing nothing unusual. Their system for picking up on dodgy activity is pretty fucky atm

No. 1137908

Where I am all kids are taught swimming as part of elementary school education. It seems really irresponsible not being able to swim as an adult, you should definitely get someone to teach you for safety reasons. Just curious, what do you say when you get invited to the beach? Have you never had swimming pool parties as a kid?

No. 1137910

I am reminded of the time I slipped and fell into the river oops
Anon should definitely learn to swim

No. 1137918

My friend is an extremely suicidal doormat, lets people walk over her, and generally has extremely low self-esteem, especially after being used for a long time and her general loneliness. I was wondering If there are any good books against at least the doormat behavior because it reached a point where she became a parasocial person with streamers, crying that only her artworks never get credited when they used it live on stream or social media, while also being too anxious about losing x-streamer and speaking out about it.

No. 1137987

File: 1650193107871.jpg (287.89 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220417-125723_Sam…)

Does the site looks weird to anyone else on mobile? I have this weird flickering going on and the images don't load properly either

No. 1137995

Is a skinny man being friends with lots of fat men a red flag for his future? Trying to settle an argument

No. 1137996

Are you asking if fatness is contagious lol

No. 1137998

Never had this issue. Are you using a dark mode browser extension?

No. 1137999

Nah, more like habits/lifestyle choices/personal behaviors

No. 1138000

That obviously depends on the circumstances.
Is he prone to picking up others' habits? Is he skinny out of carelessness around food and takes whatever he's offered? Is he a fat-positive woke type, are they?

No. 1138004

Fatness is contagious but not like a typical pathogen. For example whenever I hear a Lana song I get the urge to eat a pint of ice cream.

No. 1138027

File: 1650197265188.jpeg (64.87 KB, 500x570, 8D1E7ABE-CFCE-4E77-A9F9-BFEBA9…)

Where I’ve lived, swimming was taught in private schools that are expensive. I didn’t have the extra money for lessons, either, and my financial situation wasn’t the best.
>Just curious, what do you say when you get invited to the beach?
I never really get invited to the beach. But if I did I would say something like I don’t want to ruin my hair or I didn’t shave or something. But I’ve actually….never really seen the beach or the sea at all in my life. The closest beaches to me are anywhere from 2 to 10 hours away. All the other kids went away for the summer but I didn’t because we were financially strained. I’d like to see the beach some day, but I already hate the idea of water, kek.
>Have you never had swimming pool parties as a kid?
No. I went to the pool twice in my life. Second time was last year and it was a 150 cm pool and I almost drowned until a girl came in and saved me, kek.

Will do nonnies. Gotta save up for those lessons for the summer. I still hate the idea of powerlessness in water though EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 1138034

I was going to say that's a you problem but I remembered that she literally mentions ice cream in some of her songs lmfao

No. 1138043

Interesting how the culture is so different where I live, tropical, lots of bodies of water. I guess kids drowning is (was?) such common occurrence that learning to swim is treated with utmost importance. Ngl tho the swimming lessons for me was just a man tossing 10 kids into the public pool clinging to our kickboard until we figure it out (floaties were reserved for retards I’m not kidding). I drank a lot of pool water.

No. 1138057

I live on the British Isles, primary school age we're all assessed for swimming.

No. 1138064

Swimming lessons for me were going to the public swimming pool with my school class and a teacher once a week and we'd get proper lessons teaching us frontcrawl, breaststroke, diving under water etc. Once a year they'd do exams and kids who were old enough and got at least the most basic diploma would move on to regular physical excersise. I didn't pass however so I was stuck for a year longer with like 2 other kids from my year getting lessons with the kids a year below us lol

No. 1138069

I never had swimming lessons, I live in a landlocked country with no bodies of water whatsoever and swimming was for rich people who could afford to travel. Our local rivers are polluted to fuck thanks to industrial waste so no swimming there either.

No. 1138101

File: 1650207793779.jpeg (62.14 KB, 472x563, D4CFD9E2-63AA-4961-A80B-CD6129…)

Why do guys make this face in fucking pics all the time? Are they worried they might look too feminine with wide eyes and their lips out, so they have to make them appear more narrow so it’ll look manly/menacing?

No. 1138114

please spoiler and trigger warn for hairy styles next time!

No. 1138117

This is one of the stupidest images I've ever seen, why is he wearing that fucking hat and a puka shell necklace? What is that skid mark of a mustache? Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1138119

So based and true

No. 1138129

File: 1650210348769.jpg (445.24 KB, 3620x4096, PWJxtaE.jpg)

How do you get over a fear of a particular creature? I swear I have no fear of spiders, lizards, rats, snakes, centipedes & most bugs except roaches. I found a big mutherfucker in my shower but I need to get ready and I cant even occupy the bathroom because this thing invaded my space and locked me out of my own home. I know realistically I could one shot this thing I just hate hate HATE the way they move it's disgusting and I hate being afraid of them but why are they so fast

No. 1138130

I thought this was going to be about >>1138101

No. 1138132

I am thoroughly enjoying this Harry Styles slander. Thank you nonnas

No. 1138179

What are you talking about anon? There’s clearly a roach in that pic

No. 1138219

what is breadtube or breadtubers? is it a single YouTube channel or like a collective terms for certain YouTubers?

No. 1138221

It’s a collective term for youtubers who make leftist analysis style content. It’s a reference to The Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin

No. 1138234

Why do my legs hurt so. Fucking. Much. When i go up the stairs. I am not even fat i run every day.

No. 1138270

Maybe the running's too much on your joints?

No. 1138346

File: 1650228108413.jpg (276.06 KB, 1200x632, wcl-blog-vocabulario-para-usar…)

nonnies what is Easter about? I'm none religious and very ignorant of my surroundings so I'm not very sure what we are all celebrating. I do know kids like to paint eggs, fill them with confetti and then smash the confetti eggs on the head of others in a playful manner.

No. 1138354

Easter is celebrated by christians because it's the day Jesus resurrected. That's about it. The rest is mainly made up for kids or to sell stuff

No. 1138357

File: 1650228885949.jpg (546.66 KB, 2563x1442, hollow-chocolate-easter-egg-52…)

oh nice, is simpler than I thought. In the spirit of Easter I share you some chocolate eggs.

No. 1138392

File: 1650230481493.jpeg (796.28 KB, 894x878, A1977612-CD0D-4A6C-8AED-51F6A5…)

To nonnie my beloved:
I finally received my phone strap, i got the calico cat. Im happy to know we are matching, whoever and wherever you are!
If anyone else wants to join in the matching cat phone strap club they are 90 cents on ali

No. 1138430

Aaaa link?

No. 1138443

I'm so glad for you nonnie. I hope our soul bond together when we die.


No. 1138446

oh my goddd I will get one right away

No. 1138459

How do you even put that in nowadays phones

No. 1138465

Phone case

No. 1138472

Lmao anon I just bought the brown one! Gonna post pic in a month when it gets here

No. 1138485

File: 1650237187260.jpg (119.07 KB, 1024x768, i.jpg)

Fuck/marry/kill: Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul (all circa 2007)

No. 1138554

Marry Randy, fuck Simon, and kill Paula. I will not be elaborating further on this matter thank yew

No. 1138560

Anons what do i do about foot peeling? The top of my foot and toes keep getting this problem. Is it the socks i wear?

No. 1138574

Let me eat the peeled skin anon

No. 1138581

File: 1650245657989.jpeg (76.88 KB, 1600x800, 1A3B2754-1720-43C0-AAF5-39EB45…)

Has it ever happened to you that you think you could do something with your non-dominant hand and when you try it, whatever you tried to do sucks, but your brain keeps insisting on making you try doing that thing?
And is it really difficult to make yourself learn to be able to use both hands? Specially when you’re not a child anymore?
I just want to prove my brain I can do it.

No. 1138584

I heard Disney cast members have to be good at signing signatures with both hands, so maybe it's not super hard?

No. 1138597

I got bored in high school and some teachers were very quick to erase the board so I learned to write with my left hand as well and without looking. Now I can draw and do anything with both hands, drawing is of course not on par with the right one but if I were to lose my right one, I would be set ability wise.

No. 1138601

Any good books on Paedology? I can't find any by the name on zlibrary.

No. 1138610

Is medication for mental illness actually worth it? I feel like there’s a possibility of medication symptoms being worse than the mental illness. And a fear that medication wouldn’t actually do anything. Maybe it’s worth to at least try since I’m majorly depressed and anxious and have no drive or will to live.

No. 1138613

File: 1650247329717.png (10.77 KB, 1289x101, 43af6cc1-feb7-4003-bc2c-34435a…)

Is there any more details on this incident? (from the hornypost thread)

No. 1138616

I think it might be worth it to at least try if anxiety and depression really mess with your day-to-day living. But I've found that they do typically make things worse before they're better, so just be very mindful of that. Also try day treatment if your insurance allows it, I tried many different meds over the years but what really helped was a day treatment program where they help you build structure in routine and do CBT/DBT, but YMMV of course.

No. 1138619

Nah, I can draw with my left hand, and write with it. Not very WELL, but I can do it.

No. 1138626

For some reason I can write almost perfectly with my non-dominant hand, but it comes out exactly mirrored. I can't control it at all. as a kid I read that da vinci wrote his diaries mirrored so I figured it was normal and never thought about it again

No. 1138635

I learnt to write with my left foot instead.

No. 1138637

File: 1650249671606.jpg (11.04 KB, 500x281, 9485839385848.jpg)

t. this motherfucker

No. 1138669

Products that I've ordered from Target recently that come in a liquid form and are normally things that have a seal underneath (like shower gel or toothpaste) don't have the seal this time, should I be concerned? They all still look unused and brand new and it's kind of tiresome returning orders but I don't know…their products weren't like this in previous years

No. 1138672

I would not do it with food, but I think that the body wash and toothpaste will be fine. Still weird. I have never bought a body wash with a seal but toothpaste always comes with one, even when it comes in a box.

No. 1138675

File: 1650255266057.gif (677.38 KB, 200x223, 1B02417D-BC49-4D1F-B33A-7BEB45…)

Nonners, I need your advice. Last year I took up cat fostering, and the org gave me a 9-year-old male cat to foster. He is super affectionate and loves everybody, even strangers. He likes being around people and he loves sitting on laps. It’s been a year now and nobody has so much as expressed interest in adopting him. Next month I’ll be moving across the country to live in a tiny studio apartment alone, and won’t be working from home all the time anymore. I definitely will want a cat, but at first I assumed it wouldn’t be this foster because he deserves to be in a home with more people more of the time. But I just worry about how it’s been a year and what if he never finds a home once I leave? I know my home won’t be ideal for him but would that be better than leaving him to the system again?

No. 1138677

The cat will probably be euthanised, not many people want to adopt a senior pet. The cat will probably be happy with you in the studio even if you're not 24/7 home. Cats need affection and love but they are content with alone time too.

No. 1138678

I don't know how rich you are but if you have the money get some new stuff, who knows if it's some kind of counterfeit? Probably not, but if you have the money please get some new ones from a normal store, better safe than sorry. If you can't afford it/don't want to waste, I say look out for unusual smells and textures.

No. 1138680

I think kitty will be happy with you. I understand your concerns about finding him an owner who will be home with him all the time, but cats generally do really well with alone time even if they are sociable. Unless you've seen signs of separation anxiety or behavioral issues while you're away, he will probably just chill out while you're away and love your company when you come home. It will be easier on him to keep the stability of living with you than hoping someone will adopt. Adult cats tend to be hard to find people to adopt them in general even if they have no behavioral issues because most people prefer to adopt kittens.

No. 1138682

What's the name of that cow that lived in japan for a while, was really bad at japanese yet claimed she was so good that she forgot english (her native language), the one that became an islamaboo? She kind of looked like quasimodo.

No. 1138683


No. 1138686

Thank you nonnie!

No. 1138774

At what temperature do you start outdoors sports activities? Wanna know if I'm a lazy pussy for waiting for the weather to be over 20°C

No. 1138778

Most likely trannies trying to get into a voice verified women only discord and saying "we are black that's why we have masculine voices hehe" like the racist incels they are. You can tell the difference between a man's falsetto and a black woman's voice.

No. 1138782

Could anyone translate these lyrics? I was going to ask the Brazil thread, but looks like that thread ended a month ago.

No. 1138784

is this the girl who made the "i'm trooning out" song? sounds like the same voice and i even recognize her art style

No. 1138789

Wtf nonnies is it legal for a hospital employee to get your number from their data and call you? I went to the dentist yesterday and the doctor's assistant dude got my number from their computers and messaged me, he also asked me where I lived yesterday, I asked why do you need to know, and he apologized. That's so gross.

No. 1138790

What the fuck no it's not. Could you contact the clinic and tell them?

No. 1138797

100% Absolutely NOT legal. It's breaching professional conduct and they should never ask for your number/where you live, he sounds like a fucking creep. Please report this and keep pushing it nonnie, that moid needs to be put in his place and ideally lose his job.

No. 1138813

I knew it had to be wrong. I think I'll report it to the clinic that one of their employees is accessing personal data and shit? I can't believe he thought this was a normal thing to do and someone wouldn't be creeped out.

No. 1138818

Go over their heads and report it to some sort of board of practitioners, what if the clinic sweep it under the rug because they like him or trust him or something?

It's a legitimately, seriously illegal breach of ethics and you would be 100% warranted to go to the authorities.

No. 1138831

I hope he fucking dies. What a disgusting audacious specimen. I agree, go over their heads and report it to the highest authority you can so that they come down on him like a tonne of shit. I hope he gets locked up, struck off and put on a registe.

No. 1138847

File: 1650274911191.jpeg (34.56 KB, 474x474, CA73C5E7-63F4-41CC-B53B-74F8C1…)

The Ponytail facelift is clearly a very trendy PS procedure as of current, which probably means it’ll eventually become outdated in 10 years. And I was wondering, what are some examples of PS procedures that were trendy before but eventually became outdated?

No. 1138859

>>1138847 nasty gigantic baboon lips were very trendy 6 years ago. I see it's died down now.

No. 1138861

Facelift is never gonna be outdated though. Techniques for said procedure always get refined though. I’d say bullet boobs are totally outdated. Baboon butt lips still exist.

No. 1138862

Yes, that's her. I discovered her through that song. She has a number of others - mixtapes - on her Youtube. I don't know why she unlisted the original "I'm Trooning Out" but based on some comments, there was tumblr drama with the person who wrote most of the original lyrics.

No. 1138866

That's creepy. If there are other assistants you could ask appointments from, I'd say block the number he sent the message from

No. 1138870

Are fox eyes outdated yet?

No. 1138878

pussy like girls damn is my pussy gay?

No. 1138895

Lol we are growing stronger

No. 1138899

Some time ago, I both a set of cheap cotton sheets for my pillow and duvet. Only used them like 3 times and they look like hell with those ugly black balls everywhere. What type of sheets would you recommend for good quality and longevity? Beyond expensive, though that is not a guarantee either I imagine

No. 1138900

Anons where do you go to pirate non-English ebooks? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot on libgen and ebooks on IRChighway has nothing afaik.

No. 1138913

I bought a set of egyptian cotton sheets a few years ago and they still look new and are still soft and very comfy. I wash them every week. I thrifted them new and the price tag was around 200$, I bought them for 2$ cause I worked there kek. I wish I could remember the brand so I could tell you.

No. 1138923

Now this is probably not a stupid question but I’m curious. How do people just sleep anywhere? Like on a train or a plane, or like when you stay round a friends house? I cannot sleep anywhere other than my own bed, not even the sofa or spare room. If I stay somewhere else it takes at least 3 nights to properly sleep.

No. 1138928

I think your best bet would be Googling it in your target language. Like if I want a specific book in French I search "télécharger 'title of book'"

No. 1138935

File: 1650285173308.png (91.34 KB, 585x665, Screenshot 2022-04-18 143148.p…)

Has anyone else watched GeekRemix in the past? What do you think about the recent fallout drama?
I'm not sure if I should have posted this someplace else btw.
I used to watch them in their prime, before they started to pander to the themfolks then stopped but out of nostalgia I checked them out again recently only to find that Mari has taken over the channel and it's just her now. She said things like Stacy is an alcoholic who molested her and continuously lied to her and pretended to have illnesses when she was just drunk. It's so weird to me because Stacy always seemed like the more levelheaded one of the two

No. 1138938

Although alcohol would explain why she looked so rough and bloated all the time

No. 1138961

it's okay, do you know what type of cotton fabric they are made of? Like are they 100% cotton or what?

No. 1138979

I have no idea how to answer your question, as someone who can pretty much sleep anywhere lol. I don't know how to describe it, but I can find comfort anywhere. I regularly take naps sitting on my desk chair or on the floor instead of getting into bed. I like curling up and can comfortably curl up in airplane seats to fall asleep (although I've been flying since I was young so maybe I was just used to finding weird positions for me to fall asleep in). Trains make me sleepy because of the gentle lull and sway, and the noise of the train is kinda like white noise. I don't have to be sleepy, but as long as I'm not in pain or discomfort I'll usually just fall asleep. Maybe it comes from frequently moving between my family home and my aunts home (I was raised by both since my parents worked fulltime during the week) so I'm sort of used to having to adjust all the time. I also slept in weird spots when I was back at home, like on my parents bedroom floor instead of my own bed. I don't know why, I just didn't want to sleep in my own bed lol.

No. 1139015

They are 100% cotton and have a high thread count (400).

No. 1139137

Cosplay nonas please help! I am ordering a cosplay online and am unsure about whether I should order a large or extra large. I know the general rule of thumb when ordering off of Asian stores is to size up and since I'm usually a medium I thought I'd go with a large. The website states that the measurements for a size large is 165-170 cm in height, 30-32 inches for waist, and 38-40 inches for hips. My measurements are 173 cm in height, 28 inches for waist, and 39 inches for hips. I feel like a large is probably my best bet, but I'm just nervous about the skirt because if it's smaller than advertised I'm concerned it won't fit. I know that sizing really varies by store, but if anyone has more experience ordering clothes off of Asian websites I would love some insight on whether I'm doing this correctly. Whenever I order pants or skirts online, it's always a 50-50 that I fuck up and order something that doesn't fit me.

No. 1139140

wellbutrin is a med with few to no side effects. i'm paranoid about them so other meds didn't work out for me, maybe check it out.

No. 1139141

Lol in the bpd thread they won’t answer it normally so maybe here y’all will so here it goed…
My bpd roommate may be a cam girl and I have noticed she is moody because of some financial issues. I thought camgirls couldnt have financial issues? What’s going on?

No. 1139143

i usually size up and then modify it smaller if i need. check reviews though for size consistency.

No. 1139153

Did you not get the reaction you were looking for in the bpd thread?

No. 1139155

>Wanna know if I'm a lazy pussy for waiting for the weather to be over 20°C
That depends on whether you want the temperature to be lower or higher. If it's lower, then yes.

No. 1139158

>What’s going on?
I think you have autism, the bad kind.

No. 1139160

They didn’t even answer it.
Nah I have the good kind anon. Shitting on camgirls and bpds is a good thing to do.

No. 1139172

omg anon you are sooo funny and clever, I bet all those bpd bitches are super triggered right now!

there you go, satisfied? retard

No. 1139183

Did anyone ever actually have body issues because of Barbie or is that just a meme? Personally, I was a chubby kid/early teenager and it was never dolls that made me hate the way I looked because, you know, they weren’t real kek.

No. 1139187

File: 1650301645225.png (41.81 KB, 498x225, 2013-06-11-Screenshot20130611a…)

Demi did

No. 1139191

not really, I wasn't chubby but i started being insecure because a girl in 3rd grade said I had a tummy, if she hadn't pointed it out to me I don't think I would have even noticed I wasn't ad skinny as barbie/other girls and women tv

No. 1139195

I didn't grow up with doll brands beyond cheap knock-offs, but I watched lots of doll webisodes (like monster high) and I never really thought about their proportions/weights. I did have some body insecurity regarding me not having a flat stomach iirc but it was unrelated. Side tangent but I disagree with the idea that little girls identify AS barbie since, from my experience, I never identified as barbie but as barbie's friend

No. 1139200

No. I loved barbie and I didn't really think much of her body apart from she obviously had long legs and it you made her walk she'd end up bent over because of the ridiculous proportions. Barbie also didn't have nipples and just smooth. She was plastic and I never assumed I was suppose to be like her since I could bend my knees

No. 1139206

Barbie and dolls in general never felt to me like some kind of ideal female form. They were just toys. My Little Ponies never looked like real horses. Puppy Surprise never looked like real dogs. I think people just want something to blame their body image issues on and pinning them on a toy is easier than seriously reflecting on the root of your issues.

No. 1139211

The only dolls that were lifelike were dolls of babies. I wish I knew were my baby born was, I took care of that doll so well. My mum even got invested and buy it real clothes lol

No. 1139221

No, never. Teen magazines yes, but I loved Barbie and Bratz and always thought they looked like dolls/their proportions were clearly not those of a real person.

No. 1139222

i'm sure it was the case for some individual girls and women but it's obviously not widespread. fashion dolls reflect cultural norms, not shape them. girls are picking up obsession with thinness and beauty standards from everywhere else in media. though male doll creators seem analagous to male fashion designers; men who end up profiting off of and perpetuating beauty standards.

No. 1139238

Idk if its because I'm one of the few women in a male dominated workspace but sometimes I think men are showing romantic interest and there's a couple of handsome men and like how does that feasibly work? I obviously have to pick one or be strategic also could be a nightmare

No. 1139244

They are men, and unless you are completely ugly, they definitely are interested.

I hooked up with a coworker in the past, it was great because we were both adult about it, and worked in different teams.

Right now I flirt hardcore with another coworker (different company) and its very fun! We work in different departments. My advice: don't hook up with anyone you work directly with/for. Different teams/departments are kosher.

No. 1139252

I work between departments wah! I guess I can just keep imagining a heated exchange happening somewhere while hoping something actually happens.

No. 1139277

Do workplaces have the right to take screenshots of what you're doing on your workphone?

No. 1139280

Assuming they own the phone, yes. You can't expect a right to privacy on a company device.

No. 1139312

I’m the nona who asked and yeah, these are my thoughts exactly. I’ve always felt like blaming fashion dolls is a cheap way to deflect blame from the real, tangible causes of girlhood insecurity.

No. 1139317

And if it's a byod device?

No. 1139334

I used to say that's bullshit, but with teenage girls trying to emulate Bratz dolls (and being successful…) I'm not so sure anymore.

No. 1139342

When i was a teenager i tried emulating anime characters, thats mostly where my body issues came from, but i wouldn’t wanna change it or cry about it. Even back then i knew i was being ridiculous and its not real lol

No. 1139354

Not me, but my roommate says she used to love Bratz and wanted to cry because she didn't look like them kek. She is the opposite now she's a bodybuilder

No. 1139381

Not really because Barbie was "old" aka an adult female. It makes perfect sense a little girl doesn't identify with or wants to look as a doll with breasts, right? I don't think anything about Barbie's body registered to me beyond "she's not my age" and therefore nothing I had to look like

No. 1139393

File: 1650314510132.jpg (50 KB, 1340x744, Harvey-Opgenorth-Blind-Spot-Te…)

So I found out last week that you have a blind spot in the centre of your eyes and that one eye compensates for the other blind spot. So I drew pic related on a post it note and sure enough, when I covered one eye and focused the other on the plus sign and moved the paper around, the circle disappeared. I showed it to my coworker who asked why he could still see the yellow of the post it note but not the circle and I blew it off initially but actually i'm stumped.

How come if I can't see the circle because it's in my blind spot, the area where the dot should be is post it note yellow? Wouldn't it be black because i'm literally blind there, or does it fill in the blind spot with the surrounding colours? If it had a different background, like idk anything with detail, would the circle disappear but the detailed background remain or would it be blurred?

No. 1139398

Ahh I’m so jealous, I envy someone that can nap anywhere. I would do anything to be able to sleep through the whole night. I think I must wake at the end of every cycle because I always seem to remember my dreams (which are often wild and I think a psychologist would be interested lol)
I only really sleep properly when I am poorly… I think I have a problem and should try doing something about it!

No. 1139420

how should i treat a fresh second degree burn that happened about 7 hours ago. it's a blister now

No. 1139433

I recommend zzzquill if it's available in your country, knocks me out in 30 minutes

No. 1139450

You could put some aloe vera on it as it can help soothe the burning sensation. You could also use an ice pack on and off throughout the day. You can put a bandage over it when the blister breaks, or now if it's on a part of your body that keeps getting knocked or rubbed against things that irritate it. You can also use mild painkillers like ibuprofen if you need them. Don't try to break the blister yourself, let your body do its work to heal it and it'll start to come off on its own with time. If you accidentally break it early make sure to keep it clean and protected until it's healed over so you don't get an infection.

No. 1139453

how come all the trains I've been on are wobbly as fuck, I keep toppling over and falling if I try to walk in one and the swaying makes me sick

No. 1139455

this was in my psych textbook and the reason you don't see your blind spot normally is that your brain fills in the blank. so with a wall of yellow your brain is going to fill in yellow. your senses are never going to let you see emptiness/black hole or whatever. you can only notice when the tiny object you were concentrating on the presence or absence of was removed in a controlled situation. your brain is still filling in and you are still not "seeing" the blind spot the way it feels that you are. you can never see it.

No. 1139463

If I'm a full time student lucky enough to be supported by family, is it bad to not have worked a job yet at 23? Trying to decide if I should put my classes aside for a while and get something entry level. I would rather be taking classes only but I don't know. I feel guilty about it at this age. Even though my family is happy with it, I also worry it could look bad in a future resume. In the beginning I had medical issues (resolved) that fucked up my schooling so it's changed and is taking longer. I am doing well at least but I would appreciate the input to make the right choice

No. 1139465

File: 1650321784592.jpg (79.79 KB, 720x906, 1_JCA3QeruUXe6hY_O0Z_Cqw.jpeg.…)

Does anyone know what became of her/her facebook account? Karin Catharine Waldegrave, a woman who would schizopost insanely long and barely coherent facebook posts who would reply to herself within mere seconds with more insanely long schizoposts.

No. 1139477

File: 1650323135039.jpeg (142.23 KB, 960x923, 1578699534926.jpeg)

I'm moving to Oslo in a few months for work and staying there indefinitely. What are the men like in Norway (in terms of dating)? Cute? Fatties? Alcholics? I'm 27 and I don't drink but I researched that there's quite a drinking culture there. Just wanna know if I can find something serious or if I shouldn't waste my time.

No. 1139488

I think so. Even if it's something minuscule like retail it helps if you have anxiety issues or something. I would probably expect a 23 year old student to have some job that is adjacent to their field. I thought I was late not having some little job like that until 19, but I hear it's harder (at least in the US) for teens to get jobs now.

No. 1139490

Despite being the opposite of Barbie and most female characters in media in every way (when I was younger so early 2000 media, but there were brown skinned cartoon characters tbh) i never felt insecure because of a doll or cartoon character. My insecurities came from comments I got irl. I’ve started to wonder whether tumblr politics brainwashed people into believing that their self esteem issues stems from media or that they HAVE to see themselves in media in order to have a positive role model.

No. 1139491

Honestly it only ever seems like a horrible stigma in western countries.

No. 1139493

should i tell my partner i’m a virgin before we have sex? i’m 24 and he already assumes i lost it.

No. 1139495

Hey nona, oslo-chan here. Where are you moving from? The dudes widely vary depending on where you go looking, honestly. Rich kids will be very rich and very snooty, rock kids or the more alternative scene have their hangups as well. Art kids. I mean there’s any kind you can think of, and most come with good and bad seeds. Our drinking culture is pretty massive, embarrasingly so on weekends, but it’s become a lot less stigmatized being ‘the sober one’. Art/stoners generally don’t drink. The men as a whole depend a bit by generation but I’ve had less bad experiences than good or neutral ones. If you’re a burger or a brit people in general will prob latch on to you haha. You’ll have no problem speaking english here regardless, everyone is at least close enough to fluent. Stay out of sofienberg park at night, and same goes for other secluded parks. I lived there for 15 years and never had an incident, but better be safe. Subway system is easy to learn. RESPECT TRIKKEN (the above ground tram) it will NOT be able to stop for you if u step in front of it. Too many have died due to lack of trikk-respect lol.

No. 1139499

Samehag to say yes, there are cute ones. Generally not a fat population. Good luck nona!

No. 1139505

is the lucinda thread done for ?

No. 1139508

Be patient and let the cows produce milk at their own pace. Most horrorcow threads aren't all that active because their posts get repetitive and unfunny, like Soren's before she 41%'ed. But it doesn't mean no milk will ever come. Besides, the relentless white knighting in her thread is kind of annoying and puts me off from commenting on her antics, and I imagine I'm not the only farmer who feels that way.

No. 1139510

the last thread is post locked and no other threads have been made

No. 1139512

Nice, an oslo-chan! I consider myself a britbong since I was born and raised here but ethnically I'm ethiopian kek will people assume I moved from Africa? And it sounds like the guys are pretty much kinda the same as here? What you see is what you get. Since I'll probably be sitting out pub invites, are there other ways to get to know people? I read that people are pretty stand-offish which is fine with me (introverted britbong) but I'd still obviously like to make some friends/meet a partner lol.
>RESPECT TRIKKEN (the above ground tram) it will NOT be able to stop for you if u step in front of it. Too many have died due to lack of trikk-respect lol.
KEK I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thank you anon!

No. 1139514

Is it? How can you tell? Anons posted in it today.

No. 1139523

Thanks for the answers, I am thinking of either using my school's resources to find something in my subject or else I will look for a mere summer job. If it doesn't work out then at least I tried and will repeat next time I'm able. I did apply earlier this year to a few but heard back nothing sadly, if it happens again I'll consider it fate for now. And I agree there is greater pressure in the west but I kinda understand. Like the first of you said, I do need to work on my anxiety, it will probably be of help.

No. 1139540

Why do black people with relaxed hair (as in straightened) a lot of the time seem to have thin ends compared to the rest of their hair? Is it because their hair is thicker and it's more noticeable or because they had haircuts before to avoid triangle hair? don't accuse me of racebait, I'm just curious. I know not every black person has this I just notice it sometimes

No. 1139548

It's damaged

No. 1139594

Basically what anon said. I am black and I relaxed my hair once and never again. It's fine if you intend on having a short haircut because at least the damage is constantly being cutting off. If you see black women who straighten their hair with no chemical straightening, they never have this problem.

No. 1139616

it’s damaged. the entire black community has really convinced themselves with heavy copium that black women should be free to fry their hair and straighten it from its natural coils because “well i have the freedom to do so” instead of realizing it was a consequence of living in a colonial world. we are truly colonized and will never break out of it, stop frying your fucking hair

No. 1139646

File: 1650339328588.jpg (31.47 KB, 500x493, fe6ab78180b91a0ab8fe62245186ae…)


No. 1139648

File: 1650339490113.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, BUMP DON'T SCROLL.png)

No. 1139702

or maybe it's just easier to comb through…

No. 1139724

Easier? I thought people with afros don't comb them at all? It looks uncombable to me. All black people where I lived wore either totally short hair if male or braids if female.

No. 1139742

guess it depends on the level of curliness, but even the times i wore it braided it still had to be combed first or else it would get too knotted and i wouldn't be able to divide the hair

No. 1139761

There was a financial advise thread and it disappeared, probably because user deleted or there is an existing thread idk. I typed all this out so want to post it somewhere

I am 33 in June. I get paid once a month so I can budget and put the rest into my 401k. I have 400 dollars in my bank account, get paid in 3 days but I have 140k in my 401. I have been with my company 16 years. I can withdrawl twice a year in case medical or emergency happens without penalty, just gets taxed. Someone tell me this is good or bad. Doing this method has cured my frivolous spending while slowly making me a rich old lady

Is this a terrible way to live?

No. 1139764

Forget to mention I have about 12k in cash stashed in several locations in case banking isn't an option

No. 1139838

Why does lolcow’s demography constantly change? First we used to shit on bpds and now we pity them. Way back we used to make fun of radfems and now we are them. What’s going on? Will we eventually become bpd modern feminist redditors?

No. 1139904

In what thread were anons comparing religion and transgender ideology? It was a few days ago.

No. 1139909

I use to be hella freaked out by snails and slugs. I’d see one on the sidewalk and scream. But I’ve gotten mostly over it thanks to slow exposure. I started with sea snails and slugs because they aren’t as completely ugly as the land variety. Maybe you can start with similar bugs that sort of give you the heeby jeebys?

No. 1139916

Are seriously half the people on the internet autists? Or is it like a few autists but they mention their diagnoses in every post they make so that makes it seem like there are more autists? Because legit everyone online seems to have have form of autism, not just on lc but overall.

No. 1139931

Tbh I see people with pretty opposite opinions on here every day, including on those topics. I just don't see the same shifts you're describing. It's mixed.

No. 1139945

File: 1650364463454.jpg (12.71 KB, 360x262, 1599179405584.jpg)

Is there a community SOMEWHERE on the internet that actually has good vibes and real women talk about health, fitness, productivity and creativity?
I'm tired of browsing lc and getting sad and angry. But it's the only place I've found based anons who are honest, smart and funny (and deranged) that I can relate to.
This is in the stupid questions thread bc I know it doesn't exist and I need to get off the internet and make real friends

No. 1139965

In your opinion, what makes someone not get bullied? Personality wise, I remember I used to react in a sort of quiet but smiling way to insults and shitty questions, in a sort of "yeah whatever buddy" way and for some reason it tended to work, which was surprising to me because I don't know I felt like you had to have some sort of cool comeback or something for them to leave you alone.

No. 1139975

I don't know, I've taken a break for half a year and to me it seems like the same old topics with the same predictable results constantly. I don't know how it was 3-4 years ago. Honestly being a moderate or more traditional leaning woman here must be a struggle with all the moid accusations.

No. 1139994

how do you make lolcow type friends irl? genuinely asking

No. 1139998

Anons, I found out a guy I was seeing posted photos on some Facebook group of having sex with a woman he was seeing before me, she doesn't know about it; it was about 3 years ago. Do you think I should let her know?

No. 1140001

The discussion that came to mind (I don't remember which thread) was the one of IVF and people having concerns about it got called "moids controlling women's reproductive rights". Like some people just don't like transhumanistic stuff and have different opinions on it, why do some people act like women are a hivemind on LC of all places.

No. 1140003

No. What would she able to do about it? Nothing, it's memorialized and shared on the internet forever regardless of what she does or tries to do.
What good will it do other than make her feel like shit and exploited?

No. 1140004

Find an ADHD lesbian who does coke and peak her. Ok maybe this is not a full proof plan but it's how I met my most lc compatible offline friend.

No. 1140010

That's true, I thought that too but part of me feels like maybe I wish I had heads up about something like this if it happened to me? It's a very fair take though, thanks

No. 1140042

I still do not know what the fuck breadtube is or why its called that

No. 1140055

It's the youtube sphere of bastardized communism larpers like Vaush and Contrapoints and the name is because breadlines

No. 1140069

not op but I still don't know what the fuck breadtube is either and all I know is that I'm forever disappointed that it's not the corner of youtube dedicated to bread and breadmaking.

No. 1140147

PLEASE tell me your best go-to site to buy plane tickets (burgerfag). It's my first time.

No. 1140157

Google Flights has a good search engine that covers all airlines. Just avoid discount third party booking sites like Opodo, we had to change flights because of Covid and they were an absolute nightmare to deal with. Airlines suck too but at least when you buy direct from the airline, you can go to their help desk and talk to a human.

No. 1140167

Sorry to samefag but I don't think I was clear: search which flight you want with Google and then buy directly from that airline.
Aggregate sites say they get cheaper flights but getting a few bucks off isn't worth it when you have literally any customer service complaint, because they have no staff they pay or offices so they can offer a discount.
Also check with any other loyalty programs you're with (credit cards etc) if they have deals with travel providers, they often will.
Oh and check you don't pay twice for travel insurance. It's often included in medical insurance if you have that.

No. 1140222

File: 1650383500593.png (1.23 MB, 1500x1038, hbos-game-of-thrones_50290f9ca…)

When authors write novels with complex plotlines, how do they plan it? Is there some sort of formula for it?

No. 1140249

Thanks anon!

No. 1140405

We aren’t all radfem but about 2 years ago there was a highly aggressive samefag that desperately tried to control the narrative around “radfem sperging” and the admin went on some pathetic piss baby crying rant about how mean the radfems where. Everyone just made fun of her. After that you couldn’t even mention men in any sort of negative light without a ban and everyone started moving to Crystal cafe. Now we can all say whatever the fuck we want. Blessed be.

No. 1140414

Samefag, they where constantly trying to get the MTF thread banned. It barely survived by the skin of its teeth but we where banned from “man hating” and mentioning trannies outside of the containment thread was “radfem sperging”. Then they deleted the pink pill threads, and admin posted a poll and an pverwhelming majority of people voted to keep pinkpill and mtf threads. They deleted the 2x board and man hate threads where banned.

No. 1140435

Nonnies with tattoos. Do you notice any increase in unsolicited scrote interactions happening on days where your tatts are visible?

No. 1140446

There's not any specific formula however something like the infographic you posted might be one way an author maps out complex relationships. You might also have some sort of reference of the themes, motifs or symbols you'd like to use if there are very many of them to reference when you're stuck. For example, maybe you want a character to be changed by many betrayals throughout your story. You might have a little blurb written about that somewhere so when you're stuck you can look back and think, "that's right, betrayal is my character's motive to change. How can I turn THIS situation into a betrayal?" Even if you don't need those kind of references, you will most definitely have some sort of main outline created that you can reference so you don't mix up the details and so you can plan out the plot in very plain language. If you have ideas for specific scenes or dialogues as you create this you might insert them in your outline to refer back to or keep them in a separate reference document to keep things clean and organized, depending on how you like to work. You also might not write out your entire outline before starting your story but instead update as you go. But other authors might prefer doing it in a particular order. There is also a lot of editing involved in the writing process, where you will add and remove content and rearrange scenes and chapters for a better flow. Generally it's not a super linear process to write any long story let alone one that's complex and entangled, but however it comes together it starts out very bare bones and gradually becomes its final form.
No. I only have one tattoo. It's pretty large and on my forearm so frequently visible. I occasionally get people saying they like it or asking to see it but nothing weird or uncomfortable. It may be different if you're highly tatted up though, not sure.

No. 1140465

Why is it that moids become obsessed with anime or cartoon girls (using them as profile pics, keeping figures of them, will dote on these things, etc.), but absolutely hate women? You’ll see these pathetic scrotes drooling over vtubers (that have people behind them), but would not want to touch an actual female. I know some moids hate what they lust, but it’s so bizarre.

No. 1140474

This, I see infighting all the time

No. 1140483

It's because these moids are all repulsive to real women, and anime women can't reject them because they aren't real. Vtubers are little more than voice actresses to them so they can project the grosses of fantasies onto the avatars and not fear rejection because there is no real human interaction involved.

No. 1140484

Because they don't really like women, they like the idea of us, and vtubers pander to men so… female anime characters are also written by male writers for male viewers.

No. 1140493

being attracted to 2d induces coombrain, these characters don't look like real people and it completely fucks their sense of sexuality

No. 1140550

How do I start following women's MMA? where do you watch it, are there leagues, what are good sources for news? Pls I'm trying to manifest jock gf

No. 1140578

I just watch UFC and Invicta, I watch it on bootleg streams, but the official way is via Fight Pass. They removed Invicta from Fight Pass in 2021, so honestly it's not worth the money. I find streams by joining random MMA discords for links. I don't know if there's much of a difference between all the MMA news sites and at this point I'm afraid to ask. I really only keep up with my favorite female fighters. leave a trail of protein powder, preworkout powder and sports drinks

No. 1140582

Can I take individual fallen plant leaves in Ikea and plant them at home so that they grow properly (without having bought the plant itself)?

No. 1140629

Are there any muslim/exmuslim farmers who lost their virginity before marriage? How did you overcome the ingrained guilt that you're the worst human alive for even thinking about it? I can never take anything to the next level because I worry and stress about what's been imprinted in my head.

No. 1140634

Yeah, people do it all the time

No. 1140657

Would they pull my big toe nail out when it’s not ingrown? I have pain when i push on the nail’s edge, and you can’t see the cuticle because the flesh ew is kinda taut but not painful. I’m scared to go show a doctor, i don’t want the to pull it ooooout nonnies

No. 1140658

File: 1650404662687.jpeg (568.91 KB, 1800x2700, 6448E7E6-184A-413A-9CDE-223A21…)

Is it because of guilt towards how god would feel or your family? I'm still a virgo but since I never intend on getting married because in the context of Islam it's horrific and similar to slavery for women, I won't have sex any other way so it is what it is. It takes time for your mind to deprogram from the sexist religious way of thinking about the importance of virginity, if you're still not there stick with what you're comfortable with. Reading more from exmuslim women was helpful for me, like ayaan's book and book in my pic (Leaving Faith Behind) where I could compare the different experiences. The valuation of a woman's virginity above all due to Islam's patrilineal view has led to so much suffering. If it's more about your family than what a hypothetical Islamic god would react, then you should focus on untangling yourself emotionally and that you are not responsible for your family's reactions. Self-abandonment will only make you resentful over time.

No. 1140659

Have you seen the way they treat the women behind those avatars? They will call them whores and mentally ill, harass and threaten them, all the while cooming to the jpeg those same women breathe life into. Coomers don't view women as people, they can't handle it when women dare break their fantasy.

No. 1140746

If your hot ex girlfriend (I'm not bad myself) tries to rekindle things with you like ten years after breaking up, does that mean you were unforgettable and amazing in some way?

No. 1140758

Why do some white Americans view John Brown as a terrorist but excuse racists and slave owners of his time by saying "that's just how things were back then"? I'm not race-baiting. I'm an American (white Hispanic if that even matters to y'all lol) but growing up I was told by my dad (grew up in black neighborhoods) John Brown was a freedom fighter and did what was right, even if he didn't plan well and was a little over zealous in his convictions. I'm asking this because I thought most white people thought like me and were proud of him for exercising his second amendment
Article 11: : Any act directed against a person, apart from the cases and without the forms determined by law, is arbitrary and tyrannical; if attempt is made to execute such act by force, the person who is the object thereof has the right to resist it by force

I mean it doesn't get any more American than that right? He fought for his fellow countrymen (black Americans). But whenever I've talked about the topic of slavery with white people some of them will try to depict him as an insane terrorist who murdered random people because God told him to and had his son's go down with him. I'm genuinely not trying to get anybody upset or start an argument but why do some white people feel so negatively towards him but give a million excuses for why slave owners weren't that bad.. they bring up "nice" slave masters but if one were truly nice they wouldn't own a person at all. And the fact that people like John Brown existed is proof that it wasn't just "how things were", that people knew better. I guess what I'm asking is- is the American school system really that shitty? Is racism that ingrained in our society? Is that why people feel so comfortable regurgitating bullshit history and possibly what their racist parents/grandparents taught them? I know white people who don't downplay systemic racism and the history behind it but for those who do- why? Are my fellow countrymen just fucking retarded and content with being retarded? Google is literally for free why do they defend slavery so hard? It's not like THEY owned slaves so why downplay it like they're guilty of something?-and it's a chance their ancestors didn't either so why deny it was bad? Who are they even protecting? Are the people who defend slave owners&traders doing it because they subconsciously agree? Or are they truly ignorant and raised to believe this so their thinking is warped? Idk I've tried discussing it in depth with people who have opposing views to me but it doesn't seem to go anywhere other than us agreeing to disagree

No. 1140759

That or she's lonely and she thinks ur most likely to reply

Probably both.

No. 1140761

I replied to her every few months because I was dealing with some issues and she still insisted on it. I guess she really liked me heh
I try to be more responsive now.

No. 1140762

Lol I'm >>1140759 I was just joshing ya but ur probably right.

You might be one of the few (maybe only) people she felt close with. She probably has tried replicating whatever you two had. I'm just speculating based off my own experiences but yea it sounds like she wants you back in her life or something.

I guess what really matters is- do you want to get back with her?

No. 1140763

does anyone older than 21 self harm still. ill be honest, i do and im 24. like girlie, find coping mechanisms

No. 1140765

Why are women attracted to sociopathic men with power?

No. 1140772

No clue. lol

No. 1140774

Because the "women" you talk to are insecure teenage girls who fantasize about being with a low value male with the idea he'll put in more effort/feel lucky to have her. Which is why you rarely see adult women who pedal this fantasy because most of these girls do go ahead and date low value males and realize that they treat her shittier/ignore her/cheat on her way more than a legit Chad would

No. 1140777

How do people in the hospital who are bedridden take a shit or a piss? I know there is a bed pan involved, but if you are paralyzed waist down…like how do you push it out? Im lost

No. 1140778

So is the sociopathic man with power a low value male?

No. 1140779

>how do you push it out
You don't

No. 1140780

Are women balding at a higher rate than a few decades ago?

No. 1140781

What women are you talking about? Maybe they’re also sociopathic and seeking some of that power for themselves.

No. 1140782

File: 1650413886774.jpeg (94.89 KB, 680x620, ADAC59B6-C32C-406D-8F3D-023FA0…)

what's their relationship like?

No. 1140784

Rate Ezra Miller out of 10

No. 1140787

Catheter or colostomy bag.

No. 1140790

He should kill himself already / 10

No. 1140792

So, 11 / 10?

No. 1140793

Burgerfags, what is suburban America like? (I'm not planning on moving but it's so spacious compared to my home country, plus all the shit you hear from America got me curious)

No. 1140794

10/10 hate to say it. insanely beautiful

No. 1140796

Yeah but one can’t help but feel some interest towards a man ‘in charge’ or in a dominant position, regardless of personal opinions. I don’t think women are sociopaths just for that but my question is, why?

No. 1140797

File: 1650414663210.jpg (Spoiler Image,349.88 KB, 1400x2007, 81AQnk9bGaL.jpg)

anyone know the model Musashi is based on in Vagabond?
rate him out of 10 btw

No. 1140798

completely unwalkable. depressing architecture - just strips of chain restaurants, fast food, car dealerships, huge grocery stores. my dad replaced our house's blinds, and our neighbor reported him to the HOA (home owner's association). he had to pay a $200 fine because he didn't ask our neighborhood if he could do it. at least in my experience, neighbors are always stuck up in the suburbs. i'd rather live in a storage center than move back

No. 1140802

What I mean by ‘sociopathic men in power’, I’m talking about CEO’s, dictators and whatnot, not exactly The Joker, Light Yagami or Lelouch Lamperouge like your typical teenybopper

No. 1140804

Holy fuck I hate those neighborhoods with HOAs. Fucking cookie cutter nightmare neighborhoods where you can't even paint your house a color you like.

No. 1140810

Depends on where you go. I grew up in neighborhoods with a lot of old houses (some going as far back as the 1900's) and they were a great place to explore. Some suburbs really go to lengths to preserve their history and that's cool. Otherwise, they're all dull as fuck.

No. 1140815

He's really hot but isn't he like insane

No. 1140818

currently wreaking havoc on hawaii lmao

No. 1140821

I lost my virginity like 3 years ago. I feel this nonna, I still get hit by a wave of guilt sometimes, thinking how I'm such a disappointment of a daughter, how no one will love me if they knew, you probably understand. In the end, my desire just overidded the guilt I suppose.

No. 1140822

Technically nice features but eyes look dead. Also confirmed sociopath irl. 2/10

No. 1140824

Would have an ONS but not continue to date. Too batshit and doesn't have a large enough bag to warrant staying with

No. 1140826

There's many ways to selfharm, it's not only cutting or hitting yourself, it's binge drinking or not eating, doing dumb shit with money. So I'd say, definitely.

No. 1140831

mcmansion neighborhoods are so fucking ugly

No. 1140843

Yes. Also the men you're talking about essentially buy women they want with their money, but the actual women sociopaths with power are married to are very rarely actually in love with them. The men you are talking about that have a lot of female simps despite being a sociopath are very rarely in power and most of time are college age dudes. It's not your American psycho fantasy like you think, even in American psycho most of the women he paid to be around them didn't even like him.

No. 1140844

What women do you know are gushing over sociopathic dictators? I'd like to know

No. 1140870

how lorge does his scrotum need to warrant staying with?

No. 1140873

Lolcow users

No. 1140875

No. 1140882

If you mean appearance alone, 6/10 his looks faded ages ago and his disgusting feet cancels everything else out. But I also just find his head shape weird in general, like its overly horizontal.

No. 1140885

You live in like a miles worth of just houses with small parks that have a jungle gym, maybe some grass, a shitty picnic table, and a very used charcoal grill. Because the house area is practically an island the kids cant actually go to any stores unless they ride their bikes 1-4 miles away which isnt safe without groups. It used to be that the large amount of grouped houses with similar aged kids could all play together outside or at one kids house a day but…because of technology advancing to be online rather than irl grouped up kids dont just play xbox together on one couch and board games. I think theres also a growing problem that kids 'should' buy stuff rather than hobby stuff that would allow them to work on things together. As in buy new designer shoes rather than wood working kit.
HOA are garbage and so are the asshole fucks who report their neighbors for the pettiest shit. My parents were dying and some bitch had the nerve to report our house a few times over a year because she had nothin to do with her life than take pictures of everyone elses house just to fine them 50-200 each timr. I would personally beat her if i ever saw her in person. Everyone in the neighborhood eventually went rogue or something because now that area has a ton of non-HOA allowed paint colors.

No. 1140887

My unpopular opinion is that I kinda like HOA as long as they aren’t one of the crazy ones. No one wants to buy a decent house and then ruin the view, curb appeal, and value because lazy ass moids let their houses rot next door

No. 1140888

Sounds like you're just jealous.

No. 1140891

I hope he gets thrown into a volcano while in hawaii.

No. 1140892

Actual 10 / 10

No. 1140894

A fleshy volcano. Every day probably.

No. 1140895

he literally has assaulted multiple women, he’s the lowest the scale can go

No. 1140897

Of what? If anything I'm grateful I'm not a violent moid with mangled feet.

No. 1140900

Why are you so obsessed with his feet? You are just jealous of his immaculate androgynous beauty, excepting his "mangled" feet.

No. 1140902

based musashi destroys ezra miller's boipucci with his powerful gaze alone

No. 1140903

mangled boipucci

No. 1140904

>his immaculate androgynous beauty
kek probably bait but have you seen his recent photos

No. 1140905

No, the last time I saw him was as Kevin. Post em

No. 1140906

baste musashi would have ezra dual wielding in no time

No. 1140908

File: 1650423275385.jpg (16.96 KB, 608x369, Cxk4efAXgAMc_y9.jpg)

You deserve to see them. And any nonas who are indifferent to Ezra, lo and behold: this man is beyond saving.

No. 1140910

Not everyone is as obsessed with feet as you. Wanna see my feet?

No. 1140911

File: 1650423656174.jpg (160.4 KB, 701x1080, C7gNDgVXwAIHqjW.jpg)

They're totally normal btw

No. 1140912

You can deflect all you want ezrafag but the people must be exposed to the horror so that they don't become ezrafags too.

No. 1140915

File: 1650423763171.png (56.33 KB, 300x300, thumb_mexican-confusion-image-…)

Is there a term for people who are mostly/only attracted to Native American people? I know that there are a few terms with -fever for other races and such, but I wanted to know if there's one for Native Americans. Not racebait, I just have curiosity

No. 1140916

I completely demolished your argument with a single picture.

No. 1140918


and there's some other video in one of the threads that clearly show his hair is starting to thin out. also it's not footfaggotry to think he has gross feet kek, even normal people would be grossed out by >>1140908

No. 1140919

I'm not an ezrafag btw, just a connoisseur of the human form.

No. 1140920

Then why not defend a different human who doesn't attack women

No. 1140921

Usually they're called racists

No. 1140922

How did I defend him? I merely pointed out his objective, androgynous perfection, sans feet. I never defended his actions

No. 1140923

this is some Dorian Gray shit

No. 1140924

>boyegafag denies that john boyega is her husbando
>ezrafag denies that she's an ezrafag
You're defending his nasty feet, anon. You're an ezrafag if ever there was one.

No. 1140925

NTA but why so salty?

No. 1140927

I did not defend his feet bud

No. 1140928

well he looks like a weird old druggie now

No. 1140931

You still would, if you could avoid his feet.

No. 1140932

There needs to be an Ezra Miller containment thread already

No. 1140934

no i wouldn't.

No. 1140935

You still haven't addressed that picture in which his feet look normal

No. 1140937

In a correct world, this shit is not happening. He hasn't assaulted any women, he's still very handsome, he was never groomed over the course of his life, and his Halloween costume for 2021 was Testament from Guilty Gear (whose design was improved, rather than made poor in Strive). His feet are fine, footfags worship him, he's not "non binary", just a handsome man, Timothee Chalamet doesn't exist

No. 1140938

i dislike facial hair, so still a no from me.

No. 1140939

I'll address it. He looks like a fag.

No. 1140940

That's really specific

No. 1140941

Just imagine his feet are exe beast and strive never existed

No. 1140942

No. 1140945

What are your thoughts on long-tailed tits?

No. 1140950

Unbelievably fluffy

No. 1140958

No. 1140967

How old is this picture cuz he looks ran thru as shit here. Ezra Miller hasn’t been hot since Kevin and that was 10 years ago. Ya gotta let it go.

No. 1140971

He's just one good diet away from looking like he did as Kevin

No. 1140973

File: 1650428757213.jpeg (549.75 KB, 828x797, BAA7FAF4-E603-46E8-927C-4FCF56…)

I don't like how gay males took over this hand stance thing. I've been doing it since I was young. I'll catch myself standing with my hand like that without a thought. Do gay men actually grow up doing this on their own or do they learn it it from their own who got it from us?

No. 1140974

Very passive aggressive.

No. 1140983

It's an inherently gay gesture, an expression of an inner state of gayness. If you had been born a male, you would've been gay.

No. 1140985

Most stereotypically gay man behavior is taken from women. Whether it’s because they idolize/identify with the women in their personal life or just because they know more feminine behavior is expected of them. Women are known to talk with their hands more often and it’s a behavior that’s often viewed as feminine in men

No. 1140986

Some dogs do this also, when they are in an abnormally gay state of mind.

No. 1140995

>If you had been born a male, you would've been gay.
I would have kms. Not only for being gay, but for being male.
This makes sense. Thank you, nonnie.
Are gays immune from being gay?

No. 1140996

Go back to /snow/

No. 1140997

I meant cats….

No. 1140998

Cats are all gay.

No. 1141008

Is it normal for random men to send you horny dms if you have a twitter account?

No. 1141014

Probably bots. Do you post yourself or is your account public? If so, then yes. It's gross.

No. 1141015

Just a few selfies. So this is normal behavior?

No. 1141018

Nta but yes. I dont use social media much anymore but when I did that would happen a lot.

No. 1141021

I'm guessing what they send me on twitter is probably what they think in real life too

No. 1141052

What does 'soloing' someone mean? I read it in another thread

No. 1141055

…Like in video game? Like soloing a boss?

No. 1141057

Context please

No. 1141059

Can't find where I read it but the context was relationships I think

No. 1141068

Did they talk about sex?

No. 1141075

Petition to call male cows bulls

No. 1141079

Milking bulls is totally different sport nona

No. 1141088

Ew no that's what they call them in the breeding kink communities

No. 1141092

File: 1650437349216.png (17.1 KB, 579x123, bulls.PNG)

That is what they're called nonna
A bull is a real animal, it's not a kink thing. What's going on today

No. 1141094

No. 1141101

You still get “milk” so to speak from the male cows on here. Unless you want to milk them for something else?

No. 1141210

hello oslo here (an immigrant so maybe a different perspective)

Norwegian men are generally rather homogenous, often pretty sheltered (ask the average norwegian guy about himself and you'll hear the same story as 20 other people you've talked to) and immature. But then again, show me a man who isnt AMIRITELADIES??

Norwegians like to stay friends with people they knew in elementary school despite being adults with nothing in common and often having grown out of the friendships years ago. So 'new' people have a hard time elbowing into these dynamics.

The drinking culture is a bit of a joke, since the laws are strict and it's so expensive Norwegians don't grow out of the BLACKOUT DRUNK CRAZY BOYZ NITE even in their 30s.

Of course, your milage may vary, my experiences are not universal blah blah blah. But I've been here for 10 years, have been activly social with Norwegian men and women from different backgrounds, and to be honest have landed on having mostly other immigrant friends after all the trial and error.

It's a small country, and it feels a few years behind a lot of the rest of europe. Even other scandi countries. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it here, it's great, and I'm tired of seething 'Weegies saying 'well then GO HOME if u dont like it!!!' whenever I have any statement that isn't 'ELSKER NORGE!' ( that's another thing, they often cannot hear anything that criticizes the 'best country in the world' and get real defensive) cuz overall it's nice. Just be weary if you're coming from a big place, this is basically a really cosy village with village people.

No. 1141245

Why is it that when accessing a certain website in Chrome, I get a HTTP ERROR 429 message, but it opens just fine in other browsers?

No. 1141250

nevermind I am a retard, my VPN was on

No. 1141252

Yeah but bulls are strong and masculine and useful and the male cows we have here are none of those things
Tbf calling lolcows cows at all is an insult to the animals

No. 1141265

Is it possible to become, idk, allergic to alcohol? I've never drank much but lately - for a few months already - I can't even tolerate one sip of anything, it makes me want to vomit instantly. With stronger ones even the smell is enough. So weird

No. 1141270

You can become allergic to things at any point in your life

No. 1141271

Which is kinda really scary when you think about it, who knows what tomorrow may bring, I might not be able to eat strawberries ever again.

No. 1141275

I noticed that the more I grow old, the more I can't stand alcohol. Sometimes, just thinking about drinking it makes me want to puke. Maybe the same is happening to you.

No. 1141295

Makes me wanna rush and consume everything I like while I still can tbh
Sounds like it can be it for sure. It's baffling when I see people my age or older drink alcohol like it's still college or whatnot, but that kinda makes me even more surprised I'd have such a strong averse reaction. You having it so similar makes sense that it just would be age though.

No. 1141322

Is it recommended to take iron supplements during your period? Or only if you have anemia?

No. 1141324

Did you gain considerable amount of weight in the past years?

No. 1141330

Only for anemia, it's actually not healthy to ever take any supplements without having confirmed deficiencies. It's a good practice though to add more iron-rich food to your diet for when you're on your period; with food you'll not risk excess of it.

No. 1141339

Not really, I had some minor weight fluctuations, going about 5kg more and less back and forth multiple times but nothing else than that. Is gaining weight lowering alcohol tolerance?

No. 1141392

HOA is good in theory for high end neighborhoods but too many people just abuse it and use it as an excuse to just find shit to be mad over, modern American architecture is just brain melting boring anyway , at this point some trailer parks look better aesthetically than 90% of the new modern beige and white homes that are being built everywhere for 900k that the roof is going to fly off of as soon as a mild storm hits

No. 1141419

Sometimes weight gain decreases the livers effectiveness in processing alcohol, especially if they had low baseline tolerance to begin with it. Not always. It could just be allergy. I know someone who developed allergy to the gluten in beers and general alcohol with high sugar content. She can only do shots now.

No. 1141456

Do you guys think politicians in higher branches of government can ever be good people or virtuous while working, or is it expected most of them are fucked up in some way?

No. 1141458

I really don't think so. I can't imagine a mostly good person wanting control and power like that. Even if they think it is for the betterment of the people under them. Fucked up people seek authority like being a high ranking politicians.

No. 1141492

You have to compromise on your morals to get that high up. Even if they were idealists beforehand and had good intentions initially, you cannot stay virtuous.

No. 1141522

If you start eating at mid morning and just don’t stop eating until night, at what time does it stop qualifying as “brunch”?

No. 1141524

If you eat non stop is that not a feast

No. 1141545

should I bite the bullet and go forth with my bad idea or should I consider the risks of being a braindead retard who could end up in trouble over it? i am tired of suppressing my emotions surrounding this and want to do it, and I'm tired of hearing other peoples opinions and want to go with my own instinct. but simultaneously, my instinct changes constantly between impulsivity and restriction. let my mentally ill ass decide already

No. 1141548

What bad idea? If you're not going to tell us what it is I don't know how we can help.

No. 1141554

Come out as a TERF nonnie, it's sexy

No. 1141569

of course it's an animal but when the word is applied towards human men it has a different meaning

No. 1141621

do y'all believe that people's negative energy has a physical effect on you? my mental and physical health was very bad when i was so entrapped in this friend group. then when i was basically casted out, i felt so much peace and my mental health and physical health are on the up and up. they just felt completely soul-sucking

No. 1141628

No. 1141633

humans are social animals so yes! it also sounds like it was more about you already disliking them, and feeling forced around people you dislike is going to take its toll.

No. 1141634

No. 1141635

Is product designer the new name for UX designers?

No. 1141649

It was a blessing in disguise anon! Congrats on getting those emotional vampires out of your life!

No. 1141662

I know what a-logging is, but what does the term stand for?

No. 1141670

it's so crazy how much better i feel! i went to the doctor because of how weird my body was acting. i was fainting, losing sleep, my jaw hurt so bad because i was always clenching and grinding my teeth, i was spitting blood. i lost a tremendous amount of weight when i was already underweight, just looked so dead. people started to comment on my appearance, they were worried. my therapist said i started having problems since i got closer with these friends.

now i gained the weight back (and then some!), not fainting anymore, no more blood or grinding teeth, no anxiety, can sleep peacefully and have energy to spend on my good friends and family

No. 1141673

For married nonas, did you go with your fiance to pick out a ring or did he pull a secret move to get your ring size?

No. 1141676

He guesspicked the engagement ring size, but the marriage one we chose together to 100% make sure.

No. 1141677

File: 1650480615307.jpeg (121.52 KB, 750x422, 1385427A-8892-463F-ACEF-5CA21E…)

It’s named after a guy.

No. 1141682

Both? He started showing an interest in I guess fashion-y rings on Etsy and found some he knew I'd like too. Then he got a ring sizer to get his own size and was like "hey nona do you want one too? Let's get your size. Oh that's the wedding finger? I always get those mixed up, my bad." When I type it out it seems super obvious but it didn't occur to me at the time that he was planning to propose. He did get me the fashiony ring to sell the story and used that data for ring shopping. He proposed with a pretty wedding band and we picked out the engagement ring (the one with the rock) together.

No. 1141729

is there a sports thread on here? i can't find anything and think that other dykes on here would enjoy it too

No. 1141734

I think so, use the catalog to find it

No. 1141786

I've never posted on 4chan in my life, how the fuck do you type a captcha? Call me a dumbass but I clicked on the question mark, get captcha and still don't understand a goddamned thing.

No. 1141788

You have to use the scroll at the bottom of the captcha until it forms coherent letters/numbers

No. 1141794

Thanks nonna. I tried it and was still too stupid to figure it out lol, guess this is god's way of saying 'gtfo that scrotenest'.

No. 1141954

File: 1650504944111.png (2.87 MB, 1518x1514, file.png)

Is that a TIF?

No. 1142002

Why is it that the kid who didn't have many restrictions growing up (could play the sport they liked, be a theater kid, get a after school job because they wanted, learn to drive right away, etc.) ends up being a hardass parent?

No. 1142011

They feel other choices would have been better than the ones their parents allowed them to make

No. 1142012

not sure if this is a common thing but i experienced the opposite from parents with a lax upbringing. ultimately i feel it was the better choice to let be with the lax upbringing provided your child is not a complete mess with no common sense.

No. 1142013

Probably because they noticed how the lack of involvement affected them later in life. Blog but my parents were very relaxed and lenient, didn't check anything I did much which was really nice but I ended up being groomed and getting into drugs because of it. If they noticed soon enough they would have done something about it, absolutely. I know they care about me, they just didn't know because they trusted me and didn't check up on me or anything, I decided to make dumb decisions because I knew I could.

No. 1142014

they don't have the experience of being raised by one and don't know the repercussions. they also never had their world views or self-worth tested in any significant way so they have no reason to think they shouldn't raise their kids the exact way they see fit.

No. 1142022

unpopular opinion but i'm on the HOA board and it's entirely necessary in these communities. unless you live in somewhere like the UK where you have a council, this is the only way to have mutli-family housing that is fully protected. the issue comes when you have an incompetent or exploitative HOA. HOAs are entirely necessary because if you've ever managed one, you know how incompetent owners are and disinterested they are in protecting and preserving community property that literally makes it possible for you to access your property. like any organization, there needs to be auditing, examination of bylaws and what is being passed, and potential motives. they can be good or bad entirely dependent on who is running your HOA, that's why taking an active role in voting and attending sessions and weeding out exploitative fucks, is necessary. this goes for anything though where anyone is in a position of power.

No. 1142050

ngl jew hate ideas of them being goblins and shit has been around for a long ass time, it just changes era to era. in blag plague times the reason why everyone agreed it started happening was of course blamed on the jews.

No. 1142150

File: 1650529271145.jpg (92.4 KB, 500x375, Webp.net-resizeimage.jpg)

Is this some sort of flag? What does it mean?

No. 1142174

I was thinking about it recently and I wonder what are the odds in some cases that it comes from the fact they were always allowed to do whatever they want which means they may treat their kids like objects they can do whatever THEY want with it, not whatever the kid wants?

No. 1142192

File: 1650538871728.png (19.87 KB, 256x256, 1592277044906.png)

I've been thinking about switch from Google Chrome to Firefox or another browser, should I? And what about Gmail?

No. 1142197

they all suck
the web was a mistake
we need to unplug
once i finish browsing lc

No. 1142198

Brave is the only halfway decent browser imo

No. 1142199

Why do you want to change?

No. 1142202

A lot of people are recommending to do so because Chrome uses up much more RAM and apparently shares more of your data than any other browser; I guess you can just have your gmail bookmarked for easy access, it won't be much more inconvenient than the access you have with chrome anyway.

No. 1142215

huh, i've only seen the opposite where people with strict parents become very lenient with their own kids. but typically most people just raise their kids how they themselves were raised

No. 1142222

Photoshoop noob question: Does saving a file as EPS automatically makes it a scaleable vector image? Or do you still need to do the 'Make work path' and 'Create vector layer' steps?

No. 1142257

I like Firefox a lot but a lot of browser apps and extensions don't support it for some reason. If you just browse online Firefox is perfect

No. 1142290

Would taking methadone for motivation issues do anything? Not that I would, or that I'm looking to, just curious about whether or not it would work. Does it regulate the dopamine receptors of someone who hasn't damaged them through drug use? Would it increase your ability to sort risk and reward-type behaviours? If someone isn't craving drugs, would it instead curb their craving for another vice like gambling or just zoning out?

No. 1142313

If the image was created as a bitmap, not a vector, it won't become a vector by itself, sadly.

No. 1142335

How did your parents give you the sex talk? My parents flat out never brought it up. To be fair all of their children minus the first one were because they didnt know how to use a condom.

No. 1142343

There was no talk with mine either. Coincidentally mine also didn't use condoms considering the amount of siblings I have.

No. 1142347

lack of self-awareness and they believe they always should have control which goes from being their own lives as kids to having control over their own children to be who they want.

No. 1142356

Mine pretended sex doesn't exist, to this day alot of biological things just don't exist.

My dad sprung me with a surprise visit last year and it coincided with me having the worst period of my life.. I sucked up 3 days of hell entertaining him because it runs so deep now that I can't even break the pattern myself and mention my own body partaking in a function that relates to my womb. I'm in my thirties and aware of how dumb that is. Crazy uptight upbringing looking back. Lots of topics were shut down.

No. 1142371

my parents got my older sister to give me the talk when i was 11. she was vague about it and essentially said "the guy puts his thing in the girls thing" and made the motion with her fingers. it was the thing i least expected sex to be and i cried

No. 1142381

Me at 12/13
>hey mom you never gave us the sex talk
>didn't they give you sex ed in school
>well do you have any other questions?
>… I guess not

No. 1142403

kek i gave up and use edge now since chrome uses so much resources

No. 1142414

My introductions to sex were horrible. I asked my mom and she said
>"It's something adults do when they want babies. I had sex four times and now I have four babies. No more questions. They'll tell you about it in school."
In school
>"If you have sex before marriage you will get an STD. Here are some graphic photos of STDs. If you get an STD, no one will ever love you. So make sure you get God's approval by getting married before you have sex. If you're married you can't get STDs."
Like my peers I could smell bullshit and I think many of us has to learn about sex from pornography, which is fucked. Then I had a troonish phase as a teen due to hating the idea of being the woman in porn and just hating my body in general. When I confessed to my mom that I was wishing I was born a male and my mom's reaction was as follows (like holy shit I just wanted to see a therapist to help me fix my brain, not get roided and sew my vagina shut)
>"Have you ever fucked a man though? Vaginal sex is the best thing in the world. You will be missing out on the greatest aspect in life if you don't get fucked as a woman. You need to feel a penis inside you and then you will understand what womanhood is all about. Let me get my dildo and show you."
>She leaves my room and I barricade my fucking door I do not want to see mom's dildo or see her use it or have it near my body or in my body
>I hide in the closet while she bangs on the door telling me to open up and stop being a prude
>She eventually gives up and gets drunk
>The next day I come home from school and her dildo is on my fucking bed
>It does not look very clean
>I sleep in my closet and dildo is gone by the time I return from school the next day
For whatever it's worth I somehow managed to come out of it untrooned and able to have a healthy sex life but it really messed me up for a while.

No. 1142415

My mom told us never put anything in your ass without a handle and don't expect oral if you don't reciprocate

No. 1142419

What's with the surge in racist moids thirsting after black women? Idk how much of these faggots tricked themselves into this fetish, or if it's one manlet, but we don't want them let alone a white supremacist. As much as they claim it as a meme it seems like severe dissonance.

No. 1142427

File: 1650562350327.jpeg (36.37 KB, 828x197, 2A10D610-6A29-4743-9AA2-6A7F90…)

tumblr is full of lolcows and massive pickmes

No. 1142429

What are binders even used for? Do they have a practical use? Or were they created solely to cater to self-hating women?

No. 1142434

kek nonna you made me remember a time where i would do yoga at home during dusk when you could possibly see into my apartment from the outside and i was afraid my neighbours would see and think i was doing demon worship and then i closed my blinds. it's not like everyone is super religious here but there are some freaks like that

No. 1142436

I guess cosplayers use them in a non self hating way

No. 1142437

I was under the impression that they were used for theater. One of my friends in high school had massive titties, but she was playing a male lead role, so she wore a binder.

No. 1142439

Before troons I had heard of them being used for cosplay. And since they're basically high performance compression bras, maybe for keeping the girls in place for high impact sports? Though I'm pretty sure you'd be shopping for a bra not a binder but they're pretty much the same thing.

No. 1142443

what's your question

No. 1142450

I don't think they gave me one, the only thing is when we went on a 2 day trip in high school mom told me "Anon you know if you have a boyfriend and you sleep with him you have to use protection right" and I said "I don't have a boyfriend and I don't sleep with him MOM" that's all.
But I remember when she told me about menstruation and it made me sick and angry and scared and just want to run away so I don't have to hear about it any more.

No. 1142452

I once got a message on insta because someone in the background of my pic was drinking a monster.. a legit 'did you know monster promote demon worship' message. I thought it was trolling at first.

Her bio said she's a proud momma and is autistic. She got pretty hostile when I replied by just saying I'm not a believer in that stuff myself but it's also not my can either. All I could think was… that woman has kids in her care. She had pics of them up and was just losing her shit at strangers for sipping a drink. Which one of us has demons again?

No. 1142453

File: 1650564058366.jpeg (52.26 KB, 540x513, A5C2F29A-F328-4245-B669-2A86F2…)

Thanks, nonnies, I used to think that just a sports bra was more than enough to make anyone look flat, and that binders didn’t exist.

No. 1142526

Is it bad for your breasts if you wear sports bras daily? Instead of other bras

No. 1142531

I don't think so, as long as the sports bra isn't insanely tight to the point where it's painful and crushes your chest. I'm pretty sure they will be fine as long as it fits you properly and still provides support.

No. 1142537

File: 1650567457373.jpg (171.35 KB, 750x750, tumblr_4e5d2917a8ea0cdaad719ab…)

don't go any further down

No. 1142546

I wear a binder due to sexual abuse and being bullied for having small boobs creating a weird complex in my head. I've seen people shove their breasts facing downward in binders though? that looks like it will do major damage to your muscles

No. 1142563

How do I tell what my scrote likes in terms of appearances with women?

He says he finds whoever he is with attractive and I believe it because his exes all seem to vary in appearance, imo most are average, with some uglier and maybe a 6-7. He doesn't watch porn. I think he likes redheads, but I'm not sure. He definitely likes pale skin. Is there any way to tell? He claims he doesn't like redheads, but he likes their skin color.

No. 1142565

Tbh anon stop rating women on a an out of 10 scale, it's creepy when scrotes do it and it's almost worse reading an insecure woman do it to other women while talking about her scrote.

No. 1142568

Are you the anon from /g/ with a boyfriend who kept pictures of "uglier" women? His exes may look alike and that might be his type.

No. 1142569

Yeah I'd say this is a great example of a stupid question, good job nonnie

No. 1142571

I think its the anon from /g/ whose boyfriend kept pictures of his "ugly" ex-girlfriend. Anon is insecure and acts weird about women's looks because of that. Also not related but the women who vote others on scales always end up being the ugliest ones since those type tend to be hyperaware.

No. 1142584

What he told you is backed up by his dating history so why are you thinking that's not the truth? And what are you going to do if you find out "his type" anyway? You're probably just setting yourself up for disappointment when you find out you're not exactly "his type"

No. 1142587

>Are you that anon
Nta but stop this

No. 1142593

Why? Who cares.

No. 1142595

I didn't say it myself but I also noticed she word for word posted the same thing as she included in another thread in g just now. For once.. they're right. It's not just someone speculating like crazy. She's posting dumb shit crapping on her scrotes exes and it's all such weird cope.

No. 1142597

Am i the asshole?
I told a girl on facebook i have interest in getting my hair cut for her exam, but i have an appointment this Friday same day she has her long ass exam, so I said i would let her know Tuesday. But I told her she can find someone else and she said she’d let me know. Only thing I did wrong was not letting her know Tuesday for sure I couldn’t go. She said I’m being rude because it was for her hairsalon degree. Like, am I an idiot for thinking she said I’m rude because she couldn’t find someone else? We didn’t even book a thing. It’s not my fault. I said maybe. Pff.

No. 1142600

This. It's the same post.

No. 1142608

OP. She thought I was her model.
We rebounded, she has apologizes to me and I wished her good luck. How weird things have turned out.

No. 1142619

Oh cut the bullcrap. It’s fucking easy. Lots of people on welfare want that. She’s about to dye someone else’s hair in a way I really wanted. If only I didn’t care about my classes.

No. 1142628

I can see how there was a mix up. She was wrong for assuming you were committed to being her model. You probably should have said you'd like her to cut your hair some other time. Just from your post I got the sense of "yes, unless I tell you otherwise." You weren't being rude but both of y'all weren't great communicators this time around. Also I'm surprised they have to bring in human models for hair cuts because when I took my exam we all just used mannequins. We were only required models for massage, makeup and nails. Maybe depends on the area.

No. 1142632

File: 1650570697337.jpg (367.23 KB, 2048x1536, FL_M3xcVgAAu40P.jpg)

Is there a specific search term for these kind of 3D stickers?

No. 1142652

I believe they're called puffy stickers nonners

No. 1142689

What is an acceptable way of describing attractiveness?
They don't look alike.
>Anon is insecure and acts weird about women's looks because of that
It's not related to that, that doesn't bother me though since everyone is telling me it's an issue, I'm thinking maybe it is?
He has 2 pictures that are not even of her but have her in it from over 5 years ago. But I am realizing maybe I'm just being duped to think it's nothing over 2 photos.

I wonder about the attractiveness thing because sometimes I just wish I knew, I'm used to men having a more concrete type and sometimes it is fun to appeal to that. It'd be fucked if it were something I permanently wanted to be, but it's not.

>the women who vote others on scales always end up being the ugliest ones since those type tend to be hyperaware.

I don't get why you sound so bitter someone used a number scale, being unattractive or attractive is just a value statement and it doesn't inherently bring or diminish value to anyone, it only does that through some peoples' perceptions.

I don't think it's true because people take what they can get, not necessarily what they would like.
>You're probably just setting yourself up for disappointment when you find out you're not exactly "his type"
I would rather know now than later.
>She's posting dumb shit crapping on her scrotes exes and it's all such weird cope.
I don't see myself as crapping on them because I don't have a problem with them. Things didn't work out. I don't have anything against them personally. In what world is finding someone unattractive a total diss? I find certain family members ugly but it doesn't mean I think little of them. They're just unattractive and have plenty of other great traits. I care about attractiveness in regards to the person I'm with because it happens to be important to me to be found attractive by the person I am having sex with.

No. 1142694

>being unattractive or attractive is just a value statement and it doesn't inherently bring or diminish value to anyone
By the value in value statement here I mean it's true or false (from the perspective of one person), by value to anyone, I mean that being attractive or unattractive doesn't affect your worth as a person. I wanted to clarify since that statement sounds contradictory with no context.

No. 1142698

File: 1650574299493.jpeg (46.31 KB, 639x477, E9A4B25C-A833-4BA7-9BC1-DD4279…)

How sexist are Ukrainian men usually? Are they as sexist as men from other eastern European countries?

No. 1142701

Was wondering this too, I've always had the impression that they were at least better than Russian men but that's setting the bar pretty low

No. 1142704

They are just as terrible.

No. 1142705

From my experience they are better than russian men by far but I also hung out with mostly artists who were involved with charity and shit, so ok people in scrote scale. Males are males though, so still shit but yeah.

No. 1142715

im so stupid i thought you were asking if ukranian men are sexy and i was about to reply to that

No. 1142719

They're just like every male nowadays.

No. 1142738

No. They met in highschool and he was male back then too.

>t. a long time chandler watcher

No. 1142744

I recently found her and I like listening to her reviews while I do something else, she's funny. Was surprised to see her hideous bf when I checked her IG kek

No. 1142748

what's it like having sisters, nonnas?

No. 1142750

I have a pretty big age gap to mine, so we weren’t close and now that she has kids, I do try to babysit at my place and see them during the holidays. It’s pretty much people acting weirded out because you’re not amazingly close or ig mutuals with your parents’ other kid, like truly, what does them having another kid have to do with me haha

No. 1142753

I have one that's batshit and one that's wonderful. With good sister it feels like having a friend that is always there for you no matter what. With batshit sister it feels like having a crackhead that's always in your front yard no matter what.

No. 1142758

My good friend and my worst enemy.

No. 1142760

Just like any siblings? It really depends if you have compatible personalities or not, else it's just an annoying person that lives with you and you have no escape from.

No. 1142767

She was a menace who smelled like fake tan and escada perfume, then she moved out and now her house is decorated in 50 shades of beige, so like, not the best time.

No. 1142772

one of my sisters once let some crab and corn chowder fucking explode in my microwave and didn't bother to clean it up. I didn't even notice until the next day when I went to heat something up and was met with a god awful stench when I popped the door open. She's in her 20s and sometimes I think our younger sisters are more mature than her

No. 1142778

This is kind of weird but did you write about this on one of the vent threads? Because I feel like I've read about a microwave chowder incident on here before

No. 1142838

do any anons regret having gone to uni/college so young and regret what they went into + their debt?

No. 1142844

I really regret how I spent my time in university, I took it for granted and didn’t take advantage of one of the best parts which is networking, partly because I did finish my degree during the pandemic. I don’t really regret what I studied that much but if I could change it maybe I would, it was something I liked and still do but won’t make me any money in the long run. Thankfully I scored a full ride so no debt for me, but I do feel like I wasted the opportunity anyways, sometimes I do wish I took more time to consider what I really wanted to do rather than jumping straight to university after graduating.

No. 1142868

File: 1650592015957.jpg (147.78 KB, 1280x1117, 1627271436441.jpg)

Is King of the Hill popular in Europe/outside the United States? The site I watch it sometimes has British announcers at the end, I guess it airs on BBC there. Does anyone outside Amerifags get the humor of the show?

No. 1142869

No, uni is a great tool to pull yourself up if you pick a major with good job prospects and minimize your student loans as much as you can. Just don't listen to the bullshit about doing what you love and going to your favorite college or whatever

No. 1142873

I don’t have any debts because I didn’t go to Uni at the USA I’m glad my parents knew it was a scam before they tried to send me there even after how much I begged them to do so
But, I do regret studying literature to some extent, while I got to gather lots of interesting information from that career, and got to understand my love for languages to a deeper level, I still regret not going right into studying modern languages because not only I wouldn’t have suffered so much for my grades, I wouldn’t have had to repeat a year and then I wouldn’t have had to change my career to education/pedagogy.
When it comes to my life in Uni it was nice, I made friends and whatnot, I met my best friend too, so I’m grateful for that.
But yeah, nothing is perfect and sometimes you will always wish to have made other decisions and you will get stuck in the “what if’s” of basically everything.

No. 1142874

I could literally write an essays

No. 1142877

Where did you study?

No. 1142878

do it, i asked for a reason!

No. 1142879

South Koreans love Bobby hill

No. 1142906


No. 1142928

Does anyone know how to make clothes bigger? I have some sewing skills and know how to make things smaller, but I have these cargo pants that fit fine except around the waist. How could I make them fit? I don't have a fabric that is anything like the pants themselves.

I'm a Eurofag and watch it all the time, don't know anyone else who watches it though. I don't even know if it aired on tv where I live.

No. 1142939

Either change out the waist band or see if there's any seam allowance to be released. You could also put in a stretch band but sometimes clothes really can't be upsized without new material. You could add some strips of new material to the sides also

No. 1142977

File: 1650603700631.png (488.49 KB, 913x428, B2F4E603-B282-48AF-80A5-1AE1D8…)

Can anyone following the trial give me some quick factual points to defend amber heard besides eeughh Johnny ugly man
The public opinion was always in his favor and while I believe she is a celebricow and probably abusive as well there is no fucking way he is innocent here. no one is questioning anything and MRAs are getting a slam dunk so I just want to see if any nonnies have good counterpoints to the whole “amber ruined poor Johnny” narrative

No. 1142996

What does smoking weed actually do to the body long term? Not excessive just like what the average person is doing. I don't believe my friends saying it does literally n harm. They get super defensive if you even suggest it could have any negative effects.

I do. Went for teaching and fell out of love with it. Then moved on to become a chef but also grown to hate it but I never liked it that much to begin with. Sometimes I don't know what job would ever make me happy. I'm only lucky that I have minimal debt due to many scholarships/grants. Out of 4 years, I only owe like 20k total. Which is still a lot of money but waaay less than my peers. I'd love to go back to school for something but even if I decided what, I don't have the time, money, or energy.

No. 1143029

Makes your memory worse, causes anesthetics to not work as well (you can wake up during surgery), developing cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS), characterized by recurrent bouts of intense vomiting, you can get heart problems and it still raises your risk of lung cancer.
t. ex stoner

No. 1143039

Are there any asians here? How is the bullying culture over there? Whenever I read stuff about it I just find it so odd. Do they actually do the whole stealing shoes thing? That sounds so annoying to deal with.

No. 1143048

I don't think it's that popular, at least it never aired where I live. However I really like King of the Hill and getting american humour isn't hard considering we're all bombarded with american media since the day we're born. It's funny how some random woman in eastern europe will understand the intricacies of american culture, but americans don't even know where my country is kek.

No. 1143060

I guess east Asians primarily but I am still curious about others because I actually never hear about them.

No. 1143068

Anglos have shown it to me and I think it's okay and I get the humor since we're all raised with Murican culture, but I also feel like it's a bit overhyped. It's not as grating as other Murican comedy shit though, will give it that.

No. 1143072

File: 1650613242964.jpeg (85.23 KB, 640x640, image-asset.jpeg)

is derek muller hot? I feel like he is right on the verge of being hot but isn't

No. 1143074

He's cute

No. 1143094

He looks ok, he's not ugly, you could say he's cute but I don't think he's hot or sexy. I don't know this guy, I'm saying this just based on this pic.

No. 1143100

he looks like my uni pal trooned out, there is something feminine about his eyes and smile idk

No. 1143104

He's too soy to be hot

No. 1143165

Are there any IRL mean nonas? How do you stand up for yourself? I've always found it quite hard.

No. 1143167

Nonnas what's your opinions on a 5 year age gap where the man would be younger. For context the man is 28 lol

No. 1143168

I be a sarcastic indirect bitch. When I was younger I was more direct but then I'd get in trouble. The older I get the more I learn to cover my tracks

No. 1143172

no opinion really. a 5 year age gap is fine as long as both parties are adults, even if it is slightly unusual that the man is the younger one in the relationship. i would find it a little bit suspicious if one was 20 and one was 25, but at 28 and 33 i don't see any issue.

No. 1143173

I'm 33 myself and 28 is probably about as young as I'd go. If he's a match I would.

No. 1143174

File: 1650628641619.png (1.51 MB, 1120x1467, 20220422_135341.png)

Is the writing on this thankyou card photoshopped on or am I tripping? Ty in advance eagle eyed nonnies

No. 1143185

It's nothing. Even if the sexes were reversed I wouldn't think of it as a big deal since 28 is a fine age.

No. 1143186

I don't think it is! Zoom on the "with" and there's a bit of scratched ink on the t and h.

No. 1143188

I'm not into men but if my friend was in that situation, and it was just fun, I'd say go for it. If she expects it to turn into a fully respectable relationship, I would laugh

No. 1143190

There's some wear and scratched off bits in some letters but you're right in that it does look shooped at first glance!

No. 1143196

Ty! I'm so glad to hear it.

No. 1143204

ugly, his hairline and beard need to switch places

No. 1143292

Where does Europe end and Asia begin? I know some countries are referred to as being in Eurasia but where is that line?

No. 1143293

Why exactly does Taylor R have a thread on /w/? From what i understand, she is just your average grifter weeb with a thing for asians. Did she ever actually do anything milky though or is it plain seething from the posters? I swear there is nobody more insane than the posters on that thread.

No. 1143301

at the Ural mountains, Ural river and Caspian sea to the east and at the black sea and Caucasus mountains to the south

No. 1143307

should i get a pizza, chinese takeout, or neither and just eat what i have at home

No. 1143328

What do you have at home? Also depends what you plan on getting if you get Chinese takeout. Otherwise I'd say pizza.

No. 1143330

I think they're all PULL migrants who are seething that they aren't living her life. The jvlogging thread is also unhinged. I like random gossip as much as the next person but Taylor and the Jvlogging thread isn't even fun to read.

No. 1143337

Only thing I remember is her husband(bf? idk) is a pedo

No. 1143338

He's definitely cute but he'd only upgrade to hot if he had a good personality. Personality can really affect the views of someone's appearance.

No. 1143339

cereal and some lean cuisines lol. for takeout i’d get orange chicken and shrimp fried rice

No. 1143348

Is he cute?

No. 1143355

Is it normal to have your blood sugar level drop at the end of the day and feel sick because of it (you know, trembling, feeling hungry and as if you were going to pass out). I don't snack at all during the day, would it help if I did?

No. 1143360

Yes, the same thing happens to me if I don’t eat.. but I’m also hypoglycemic so..

No. 1143614

Was going to say the same thing as you, it happens to me fairly often, sometimes in the middle of the day and I passed out a few times just from this, but because of some hormonal imbalance that's been now kind of solved I used to be hypoglycemic most of my life so my case is the exception, not the rule.

No. 1143635

i'm also hypoglycemic. >>1143355 sounds like she is as well. many doctors don't even know what it is, or assume it's diabetes related.

No. 1143737

Can someone explain poshmark to me? Are people actually liking my clothing because they're interested or do they just want me to share and like their own shit? Feels like I'm playing a game I don't understand

No. 1143742

Maybe they are liking it to save for later or something or they just like it. I've never used poshmark, isn't that where you sell designer stuff?

No. 1143754

Can stress cause cramps? It’s not even near close to my period but I’ve had these light cramps and bloating all day.

No. 1143757

I usually like things to buy when I finally have some cash (that may very well be some months later). Sorry nonny, we are poor modafaccas, we don't mean to confuse you. Good luck on your sales

No. 1143759

Could it be a painful ovulation?

No. 1143761

Maybe a water infection?

No. 1143773

a wut

No. 1143777

No worries nonnie. I honestly think there's a big stalemate between buyers and sellers now and everyone's scraping to get buy so I get it. I had good luck with sales when I first began about a year ago without much effort, but not anymore. I think with the price of so many things rising, sellers are sticking to higher prices so they get a better payout, buyers are waiting for discounts. So nothing is bought.

No. 1143822

a uti, I have always known it to be called a water infection lol

No. 1143955

I have a cup E and they're very saggy (I'm 19 and they almost reach my waist lol), could this be because I didn't wear bra's my size (I wore A maybe B up until I was about 15 and my physical therapist told me to buy a better bra lol). I know bigger boobs naturally sag more but I feel like a big reason why they're saggy now is because the actual tissue didn't have time to develop because I wore too small bra's for years (even to sleep in for a few years lol, why). Could this be correct? I also had a slight eating disorder when I was young too, which has made me way shorter than all of my family members, so that might have an impact too on the tissue not developing. I know it doesn't matter, and it doesn't bother me much but I have to wear bra's when I want to wear something that's a little bit tight and god I hate bra's so much. Also I'm pissed I can't wear tube tops without a jacket or cardigan over my bra straps lol.

No. 1143956

So what does it mean when my straight friend told me it sometimes upsets her when I tell her to sleep well, asked if she already ate etc. because her boyfriend never does? I sometimes think she projects some romantic stuff, or at least cutesy stuff onto me due to not getting that from her bf. I'm pretty futch, I'd say and idk, feels weird and sad for her, should I just not be myself and ask her shit

No. 1143966

There's not a consensus. Some say going braless can slow down sagging and others say proper support will do it. You shouldn't blame yourself for the way your breasts look because at the end of the day all large breasts will sag and there's nothing wrong with that. Fwiw my ex gf also had an eating disorder so she went from rapidly gaining weight to rapidly losing it which caused her breasts to become very saggy at a very young age. So it's possible that your disorder contributed to that but again don't blame yourself for that. I don't think you're lacking in tissue if you're an E cup.
It sounds like she has relationship issues that she's venting to you. She's hurt because her bf isn't checking in on her like you are, but I don't think it means you need to stop. In fact it's probably better that you continue tbh unless you're not comfortable doing it anymore. Either she needs to communicate her needs to her bf or she has and her bf is a loser moid who won't bother making an effort for her.

No. 1143970

Why are you asking your friend if she ate well and tell her how to sleep? Weird and codependent. You can ask her stuff and be supportive without saying that stuff

No. 1143980

Idk what type of friends you have but when you care about people and they sometimes forget to take care of themselves, you tend to ask shit like that. I wouldn't call that being codependent, it's not a daily thing either
I've brought it up a few times that he doesn't know how to give her the attention she clearly wants and tbh sometimes it does feel kinda sad for her and in some way for me that she has to come to me when I think I am just treating her like any of my friends, I've noticed sometimes straight women do this to lesbian friends. It's kinda fucky and similar happened to me in high school with a straight girl using me as some bad bf extension and I was stupid enough to let her because I was naive back then, so I am kinda vary.

No. 1143987

Damn anon posting on an empty stomach

No. 1143997

I think you might be reading a little too much into it. I don't think she's using you as a boyfriend extension but probably considers you a trusted and caring friend with whom she can talk about this stuff. I don't think it has anything to do with you being a lesbian.

No. 1143998

Tbh you might be 100% right, gotta be my own baggage twisting this into something weirder

No. 1144004

Sorry I'm just catching up on reading this thread and these made me kek so hard thank you

No. 1144026

What sandals do you nonnies find the most comfortable and practical? I have weak ankles and I'm used to wearing combat boots all year so having sandals or flip flops, I just can't walk in them for a long amount of time. No ankle support, no insoles, nonnies what am I to do? I don't really care what I look like so should I just go full autismo and buy hillclimber sandals? I only wear baggy pants so you'd barely notice it anyway.

No. 1144029

File: 1650682275789.jpeg (11.11 KB, 300x300, 0756EDA7-0C1F-4E2D-91E0-9BF735…)

Get something like this, I tried a pair of sandals similar to this model once and I’ve been addicted to them since then, they’re soft, comfy and look kind of cute. The chunkier they are, the better they feel.

No. 1144042

is today friday?

No. 1144045

Depends on what time zone you're in

No. 1144046

I think it is -700GM or something

No. 1144049

It is Friday

No. 1144052

File: 1650684098168.jpg (3.38 MB, 5184x3456, 1648472937988.jpg)

oh good, thank you nonny. I gotta do laundry tomorrow then.
here, have some dinosaurs

No. 1144054

Yw! Wow, I remember what these taste like. Retarded memory unlocked.

No. 1144055

Are Crappy Childhood Fairy's videos helpful and is she a good source for advice in general?

No. 1144056

How do I stop my neighbors from being loud past 9pm without murdering them? I live in an apartment and the neighbors right above my bedroom gets ridiculously loud at night. I think they stream games in the evening from 6-7pm to 2-3am. I've called security multiple times but they quiet down momentarily when the security is there and claim they know nothing about the noise. I've been recording the noise on my phone for some time now but the noise doesn't pick up very well on the phone. I'm so tired of hearing gamer screeches at midnight.

No. 1144058

Why do cats always walk between and around ur legs? I don't like accidentally stepping on them and my oldest cat doesn't do that at all.

No. 1144059

Thanks nona! I bet I could cop them for pretty cheap at Primark or something. I got some slides but I can only wear them in the house lol, they make my feet hurt like nobodies business when I have to walk more than 5 minutes.

No. 1144061

Cats rub on your legs to get their scent on you and get scent information from you. They are probably trying to do that while you're walking around. It's mainly a comfort-seeking behavior although it doesn't mean they are distressed. They like you to smell like them and want to smell what you've been up to.

No. 1144063

I would say 90% of it is actually pretty helpful and eye-opening about how childhood experiences can impact us into adulthood.

No. 1144075

thanks for the response! i looked into her and she doesn't have qualifications and her amount of coaching programs seems suspect to me so i'll be wary taking her advice.

No. 1144171

does he have a bad personality? I thought he seemed pretty chill in his videos

No. 1144288

File: 1650711106447.jpeg (210.68 KB, 900x636, lazarovic-mvp-1.22-solarpunk-i…)

In the distant future where almost all positions are automated (surgeries are done by robots, webdesign, UX and video game concept art is generated by AI and many manual labor type jobs are also done by robots), what do you think will people do for work?

I think positions where the human aspect is important in one way or another (therapy, teaching, acting etc) will be safe from automation, but these fields will also employ digitalization as an aide of some sort. I can also see the entertainment industry relying more heavily on automation (more scripts and songs written and composed by algorythms). I also think there will be many positions created solely for supervising the workings of AI and troubleshooting if something goes wrong.
I predict there's going to be an anti-AI movement and an advocacy for simplicity and human-made products and a 'return to nature' movement where people live in communes and farms, raising their own food.
Join my tinfoiling, nonnies

No. 1144332

For the love of San Gennaro, don't buy this hideous sandals. Those are an abomination. Sweet nonnie don't fall into this trap.

No. 1144374

What does AGAMP mean? I know it’s related to other troon typology stuff like AGP and HSTS

No. 1144389

File: 1650719224820.jpg (38.83 KB, 636x636, Tumblr_l_160951677175839.jpg)

>surgeries are done by robots, webdesign, UX and video game concept art is generated by AI and many manual labor type jobs are also done by robots), what do you think will people do for work?

Same as when the production line or automobiles were made. A lot of people will need to tune, clean, calibrate, replace parts and take care of those robots. One industry will fade and people will shift over to adjust to the workforce needed. There is absolutely no replacing the human brain any time within the next thousand years so when SURGERYMASTER3000 craps itself and starts blowing smoke, a human will need to save the day yet again. Or when the software needs to be updated. If anything blue collar jobs look even better because a robot can spit out medical diagnoses based on your symptoms and visuals, but a robot can't do all the unique tasks involved in building a house, styling hair, taking care of children, etc.

No. 1144395

File: 1650720001209.jpeg (109.91 KB, 1138x1200, iu-137.jpeg)

I know I might as well wear picrel but I wear baggy pants that cover most of them, you'll only really see the sole. My feet are just retarded and can't walk on regular sandals long lol.

No. 1144410

the hideous ones are the only comfy ones

No. 1144421

Why do workout video people say to bring my bellybutton in towards my spine when they could just say suck in my stomach? Where the fuck else is my belly button going to go? My elbow?

No. 1144428

File: 1650724560684.png (525.49 KB, 760x1305, Screenshot_20220423-163509.png)

AGP attracted to other TiM's I think, but when I google it's a partial AGP? So idk

No. 1144438

if robots aren't capable of styling hair and building houses in this future, they aren't capable of doing surgery

No. 1144440

To make it sound more professional cause they are all larpers? Idk but you are right it is ridicolous

No. 1144441

The robot theory is retarded, imo. Like you've said, it's very hard for robots to functionally do jobs as great as real humans can. Even surgeries have a lot of variables and a robot couldn't successfully operate in that way.

No. 1144466

it’s meant to be a helpful visual

No. 1144467

i am deathly afraid of growing fat and being a woman, i am natural predisposed to holding on to fat. i have no intent of transitioning and becoming a pooner but will taking testosterone slow this down and increase my metabolism?

No. 1144471

No. 1144477

It would change where you store fat, potentially in places you wouldn't want. It won't necessarily increase your metabolism, but it will increase the speed and amount of muscle you can gain and having more muscle means you would burn more fat. I'm not sure if it's really worth all the risks though, even at low dose. If you're wealthy, in good health and willing to forgo alcohol, you could look into Anavar instead of something androgenic like T. Which is still risk and I'm not sure whether it's worth it.

No. 1144478

ahahaha good luck on becoming bald

No. 1144479

How about you just work out and eat normal proportioned food instead of making life difficult for yourself

No. 1144481

Just fucking work out and watch what you eat.

No. 1144484

File: 1650728248036.jpg (90.32 KB, 1024x576, _110108373_robotsurgery1411_fr…)

nta but robot assisted surgeries already exists. It's just a matter of time of until they perfect the algorythm and they will perform surgeries on their own and not just assist to them

No. 1144488

File: 1650728385293.jpg (137.26 KB, 1260x840, X374HQCN35HEDIRW5WBQNLRQLU.jpg)

Artist anons, what helped you improve the fastest?

No. 1144494

ayrt, i have a bmi of 18.4 and would like to stay this way forever. usually having 2 meals per day is sufficient for me in maintaining this bmi but ever since i reached my mid 20’s i find myself having to resort to having only 1 proper meal to maintain my weight and it sucks. its even difficult now that i have a job that i want to keep and the way to bond with my co-workers is by having lunch together.

No. 1144507

Are we really going to make entire threads for every scrote ever? I just noticed someone made a Brendan Fraser thread and we also have threads for Pattinson and Dano and pretty sure there were others too

No. 1144518

How the hell do I see SO Many instagram shops run by teenagers, with thousands of followers and collab deals, selling nothing but anime characters printed on basic shirts and sweaters? 15 years ago, it was illegal to do that without permission, now for e ample I see sloppy Evangelion shirts everywhere and I'm wondering where the C&Ds from Gainax/Khara/Anno are. It feels like Gen Z is just being allowed to make life changing money by recycling and selling everyone else's ideas.

No. 1144521

Do you guys generally want/expect your partner to send a good morning/night text or call every night? Is that normal and common?

I’m in my first relationship and I still have old avoidant habits so I don't know if me finding that excessive is fine or something to work on

No. 1144523

A call can be a bit much, but a text is normal I think?

No. 1144524

Christian schooled question, what's the little hole under the peehole and above the vagina for?

No. 1144530

I thought the same. The forbidden one I did understand, because he became a meme on here and got mentioned so often you could get banned for it, but the others seem like plain thirst threads with four participants, max.

No. 1144532

I feel this anon, it's kind of infuriating. It seems like every teenager on the internet is doing some kind of side hustle. I'm jealous but it also goes to show how unoriginal they are

No. 1144533

File: 1650730672996.jpg (260.96 KB, 1536x1189, N01972_10.jpg)

Obviously practicing, but what helped me is trying to understand why the fundamentals are useful. This is something i feel like they never really taught in art school, is why we had to paint fruit or the same objects on a table 50 times. The masters would do these simple warmup paintings of fruit, but they were practice for using the paints, colors, understanding form, light, shadow, texture. Its really hard to just jump into drawing a whole face or body if you're just starting, doing small practices of each of each part of something from other angles or styles will help when you need to piece everything together

No. 1144548

I don’t want to ask the art thread, but has anyone here done modeling for art school classes?

No. 1144550

you are probably confusing your clitoris for your "peehole" (aka the opening to your urethra). From front to back it's clitoris, urethra, vagina, anus. google "female external genital anatomy" and look at the images, the results are just medical drawings.

No. 1144555

realized I didn't make this clear, the little hole you are talking about is actually the urethral opening.

No. 1144559

Does anyone have any ideas on how to drive a moid to suicide? I really wish I could do that right now kek because there's a really annoying one at work

No. 1144561

File: 1650732225974.jpeg (67.89 KB, 1200x675, Arias-04.jpeg)

Should I have this printed on a shirt? I'm kind of on the fence about it

No. 1144564

Lol are we twins anon, I could've written this word for word. I hate that it's basically impossible to wear a tank top or anything braless now

No. 1144567

Am I a mutant then? There's your clit, urethra, then a tiny hole, then the vagina opening.

No. 1144569

Tell him his jokes aren't funny and he should do more work than chatter like an old lady

No. 1144576

Eating few times a day slows your metabolism. Try breaking it up into smaller meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. Testosterone will not keep you thin, go outside and see how many chunky men there are. Testosterone isn't a magic diet aid. You're just gonna get alopecia, bad skin and an enlarged clit if you dope. Especially since you don't intend to work out there's literally no benefit you will gain from it.

No. 1144577

I'm jealous & passed bc all their side hustles are just blatant theft slapped on sweatshop clothes, plastic molded crap with a character or logo slapped on it, or low quality handmade crafts. Thing I'm mad about it, when I was a teen and 20-something I had those same "innovative" ideas and was told I'd be sued if I tried them. Now I'm "too old" to make money doing the shit I originally wanted to do, while I watch Gen Z literally profit off everything Millennials made popular in their online safe spaces before spcial media was a business and lifestyle, but Millennials themselves are excluded from it and are struggling to survive while being ripped off and stuck behind subscription blocks for everything.

I know it's verboten to even allude to this but NOTHING was this bad before Trump got into office and started changing and revoking laws around that sort of thing. Now, the only way for a Millennial to get into the economy they created is to have a massive following and dump money into investing" in it, while a teenager can just upload any trash based on an old meme, influencer or aesthetic and go viral. Don't people miss authenticity and originality??

No. 1144581

my best guess is you are misinterpreting some fold or point of connection between folds as a hole when it is not, thinking that thing is your urethra, then the tiny hole you are seeing is probably the actual urethra. everyone looks different and it can be hard to figure out what exactly is going on down there but if you can't I wouldn't worry about it too much. if you want to be sure use a makeup mirror to see down there next time you pee and see where it comes out.

No. 1144582

Paraurethral gland?

No. 1144589

Don't think so, when I squirted a few times the liquid came out of there.

No. 1144593

Does this mean "i'm a fangirl" or "i'm a fan of girls (' bodies)"? (trying to know an artist's gender)

No. 1144603

Are menstruation underwears actually useful, practical?

No. 1144619

Does Tom Jones know he was featured (and killed) in the Team Fortress 2 official comic? If yes, what was his reaction? Was it legal for Valve to do that?

No. 1144621

What's funny is these are the same people who will whine about capitalism and say how they need to fight it, when they are the ones profiting and feeding into the system.
I feel you anon. I cannot use social media to save my life, I feel like it's too late for me and I'm behind the times. Do they buy followers and have bots advertise their shit? How do you get this many followers? I don't get it.

No. 1144622

女体 means "female body"
崇拝者 means "worshipper" (cult)

Soo probably a creep and not just a harmless fangirl.

No. 1144635

>that can't be my urethra because I squirted out of it
nona, draw the obvious conclusion about what "squirting" is..

No. 1144638

Yes, they parrot every anti-capitalist wokemind sentiment they can find while shamelessly profiting and growing from the work of the generation they're shitting on.

And why all the Millennial hate? Gen Z whines more than we ever did, are softer than we ever were, and have more opportunities and handouts than we ever did or will. Millennials have the right to be enraged, we were taught how the world was supposed to be & what right and what lifestyle we were supposed to have and be free to pursue, but it all got ripped away from us as soon as the older generations saw us outperforming them academically and got scared. They ripped away our future, made it private and handed it back to Gen Z and told then it was all their idea, just bc they don't know shit about how the economy is supposed to work, how a community is supposed to function, or what rights they were supposed to have- and they don't give a shit as long as they make money getting attention and praise for copycatting in their aesthetic little bubble rooms. It's disgusting, but aside from my own personal feelings about it all It's terrifying to try to think about long term. I'm already effectively homeless and unable to work due to the pandemic, which seems to have bosses everyone BUT Millennials and poor people right into their "bEsT lIfE" that literally wasn't legally possible before.

No. 1144639

I don't think it's illegal because the comics are free

No. 1144644

In the penis, ejaculate comes out of the urethra, so why should female anatomy have a "second hole" if male anatomy doesn't? Any time you "squirt"squirter, it's coming from your urethra.

And IDK why everyone is always like "eww, it's piss", people are out here publicly discussing licking each other's assholes, which is a voluntary action. Having a strong enough orgasm to piss/squirt is still a win on it's own as well, plenty of women can barely orgasm at all. Honestly the bitter feminist in me feels like squirter shaming is just a knee-jerk way to shame women from trying to find ways to have better orgasms.

No. 1144645

for one shirt for yourself? Sure

No. 1144647

>And IDK why everyone is always like "eww, it's piss", people are out here publicly discussing licking each other's assholes, which is a voluntary action. Having a strong enough orgasm to piss/squirt is still a win on it's own as well, plenty of women can barely orgasm at all. Honestly the bitter feminist in me feels like squirter shaming is just a knee-jerk way to shame women from trying to find ways to have better orgasms.
Say it louder, anon. I personally believe it's two different liquids.

No. 1144651

Before deleting my IG account two months ago I saw that all the time in the shop section of the instagram app, but I also saw the exact same shit with luxury brands. Teenagers just straight up using Dior, LV, Chanel, etc.'s iconing, trademarked logos and prints to "create" their own shitty derivative products and sell them on instagram like it's nothing. Basically bootlegs, on a social media where these brands have several official accounts, and it's so weird knowing that they don't get in trouble for this when customs are strict with that shit if you accidentally by a bootleg LV bag abroad and get caught.

I wonder if the same is happening with Disney's IP? Because they're supposedly very strict with their IPs, and while I can believe that artists could sell prints and goods with their own fanarts of Disney characters and get away with it, I wouldn't be surprised if retarded teenagers would try to just put official promotional art on basic tshirts and just sell them as is for example. Same with Sanrio and similarly strict brands and companies.

No. 1144654

>buy followers
>game current algos, like on IG right now having your friends spam comments and @ you in your own comments is key #1
>hashtag and tag anything, everything, and everyone you can
>bandwagon everything popular
>buy popular stuff (can't succeed without this step)
>act like you're already professional, exclusive, and too busy for social media but stay on it every day or else you lose your algo placement
>sponsored posts, collabs, features and reports

Any way you can think of whoring your way to the top socially without doing any real, ethical work. Whatever happened that sexualized GenZ so young fucked the economy up bc now they literally just use sex appeal and youth to get ahead, bc everything is a privately owned pedo/ephebo monopoly.

No. 1144655

>In the penis, ejaculate comes out of the urethra, so why should female anatomy have a "second hole" if male anatomy doesn't?
I am one of the people you responded to so I agree squirting comes out of the urethra but that's a complete nonsense argument. men have a prostate below their bladder, women don't. if male anatomy x then female anatomy also x is silly.

No. 1144658

They don't care bc when it gets popular enough, they get a cut.

That's the difference now, they didn't want to cut you in before because back then Millennials didn't want to willingly scam their way into what is essentially a pyramid scheme with someone else's work.

No. 1144659

When I do squirt it's very strong and thin stream. It doesn't feel like it's coming from my urethra ans it wouldn't make sense to come out of my urethra because my pee comes out in a wider stream. It smells nothing like pee, and I usually have to pee after I squirt. Anons acting like I'm crazy… I literally had a mirror and there's a tiny hole. Considering the scrotes in charge didn't care to map the inner clitoral body until just recently I wouldn't be surprised if they "forgot" to include this tiny hole.

No. 1144661

oh sure, is only for me. But it feels weird because yes he is about to die but at the same time he is a paedophile so I don't know how to feel. Is trying to scare scrotes worth having this pedo's face on your chest?

No. 1144662

But does Tom Jones know about it?

No. 1144666

I dunno man

No. 1144670

….are you trying to imply that ejaculated comes from the prostate??

Anyway female ejaculated comes from Skenes glands, which are located on either side of the urethra, their primary purpose is to excrete fluid for lubrication during sex and orgasm. It's not piss & it's no great mystery, it's just brainwashing bulkshit trying to keep women from powerful messy orgasms men can't compete with. Men love sloppy, dirty sex, buttholes, and filthy things but a woman shooting clear, odorless liquid from a gland during orgasm further than he can launch a cumshot? That would absolutely hurt a delicate male who can't last longer than 2 minutes in bed.

No. 1144671

No. 1144680

>….are you trying to imply that ejaculated comes from the prostate??
part of seminal fluid is made in the prostate yes but that's not even my point. saying well if male anatomy is a certain way why would female anatomy be different is completely nonsensical. also the article you linked literally says
>The glands may be the source of female ejaculation,but this has not been proven
I don't really care if squirting is pee or comes from the urethra but isn't pee but no one seems to be able to prove either way. I don't think there's anything wrong with squirting or that it is dirty or gross, to be clear.

No. 1144686

>woman shooting clear, odorless liquid from a gland during orgasm further than he can launch a cumshot
Do most women who squirt actually squirt this ridiculous amount, though? I've never squirted before, but I assumed that there is a reasonable amount that dribbles out to assist in lubrication, and actual "squirting" is just a woman losing control of her bladder + flushing out some of the lubrication as well.
I don't know, squirting still seems like such a porn meme to me, like men can't tell when women are having orgasms so they want to believe women ejaculate like they do because they're retarded and can't relate otherwise.

No. 1144692

what happens to the women who don't squirt? is the liquid just chilling there?

No. 1144698

Pretty sure it goes into the bladder and then you pee it out with your pee. When I get turned on and don't do anything about it, after the feeling passes I have to pee and it's usually a very pale/clear pee.

No. 1144704

It's like a pinkys worth of liquid. You know it's squirting bc it's a strong stream, when they piss themselves and pass it as squirting it's very obvious.

No. 1144706

kek, ridiculous.

No. 1144714

"Skene’s glands consist of two small ducts located along both sides of the urethra, in the front part of the vaginal wall.

Also known as the “female prostate,” these glands aren’t actually the same prostate glands in male anatomy. However, the nickname prevails due to similarities with the male prostate gland, including the ability to drain fluids into the urethra"

No. 1144717

Has anyone in their 30’s felt like they aren’t in their 30’s? The only reminders are physical

No. 1144720

That still seems like a unrealistic amount of fluid. But anyway, is it even possible to squirt if you only do external clitoral stimulation?

No. 1144725

Nobody "feels" their age after their teens unless they're depressed. My mom grandma is I her 80s and she says she still feels the same inside as when she was 20 just her body is old now.

No. 1144727

*my grandma, not my mom. Was gonna use my mom (64) but every woman in my family of every age over 30 days the same. They're all still waiting to feel "older".

No. 1144729

so this mysterious third opening where this glad secretes it's fluid sometimes and other times the urethra depending on your horny level? is it involuntary, why hasn't it ever been named or identified in today's modern world?

No. 1144731

Because science hates women.

No. 1144733

so x-rays and shit can't see a whole ass extra hole there because no one has been curious enough to look at a pussy because science hates women

No. 1144736

It's not really something people think about on a regular basis, right? How would you describe that feeling? Personally when I don't feel like a nearly 30 years old woman it's because of people thinking I'm way younger than that and treating me accordingly (which means badly in most cases). I'm sure you'll have kids tell you they feel more mature than their age because they've had circumstances that forced them to become independent faster than most people their age like having to constantly babysit/almost raise their much younger siblings, or needing to get jobs and pays bills and rent very young, or way more traumatic events than that. You'll have older people telling you they feel young because they're physically healthy and work out often so they're in much better shape than their peers. At some point in life maturity is also completely unrelated to one's age. So it's very subjective.

No. 1144737

File: 1650737598370.webm (2.95 MB, 576x1024, 1650146165821.webm)

One thing I noticed is that the way I go about getting male vs female friends differs. When I get female friends, I usually use complements as icebreakers and we end up closer as a result, but when interacting with men they usually like me more when I insult them. There was this guy that I saw regularly but never really talked to, but we started getting closer as friends when I told him he should use minoxidil to fix his hairline and it was considered really funny. Even for a guy that I genuinely disliked, he seemed like he thought any time I insulted him or told him I hated him was a joke. Why does it seem like men want to be my friend more if I insult them? btw those guys already had female friends and were average-looking, and I'm average-looking, so I don't think attractiveness has anything to do with it

No. 1144740

I was half-joking. I remember an anon saying she drank some chemical that turns pee bright orange and then later the same day squirted and it was clear.

No. 1144743

I didn't know he was a pedo. I might not do that then. You might get mistaken for a hybristophile

No. 1144748

Nta but anon isn't wrong. Science and medicine for women is notoriously under-researched because for the longest time men (because for most of modern history men didn't allow us to practice medicine) "assumed" women were just a smaller male's body and viewed it from that perspective.

No. 1144758

what is that webm

No. 1144760

It literally has, you're replying to it.

That's the Patriarchy for you! But really, every time science proves female > male they absolutely just bury it, lie and reverse the outcome to bolster their fragile Egos. The entire Patriarchy only exists bc men are fragile, emotional beings made from broken chromosomes who are biologically expendable. They can't stand internalizing this fact so they flip the script and make themselves the Gary Stu of reality.

No. 1144767

ayrt and idk. I just found it. I 'm guessing that the woman touching the guy's face is his mom

No. 1144768

It's not a bladder full of liquid hiding somewhere, it's fluid secreted as you're aroused/orgasm. The amount and stream varies by person just like a cumload for men does.

It "goes" all over your labia/butt/thighs and inside your vagina when penetration occurs. Where else do you think the "wetness" comes from when you're horny?

No. 1144789

They won't even admit the Y chromosome is severely degraded kek. The mitochondria comes only in the x chromosome but they censor that too. Mens bodies are literally last minute art projects with shit dangling off. Their gametes are outside their body exposed to radiation and damage because body temperature kills sperm. Their tard rage hormones give them heart disease. Their gspot is up their ass. The only thing they have is tard strength from the Y chromosome sucking extra life from their moms while in the belly. Eve coming from adams rib & made to serve him was such a reversal. They're a slave race that killed their way to power and now are too weak to even do that without sneak attacks and coercion.

No. 1144792

Ime men seem to really not like positive reactions of any sort from women. Maybe they're being challenged in some way? All I know is being genuinely dismissive and rude has made men like me more than they ever have in my life, whether friendship or lover or a disliked person.

No. 1144803

Yessss I'm not alone!??

I've read here on LC before a phrase that goes like:

>every negative stereotype against females is just male projection

Because everything they say makes us inferior is really one of their traits, "female-fied" and blasted as fact forever.

Women seriously need to stop allowing themselves to give birth to male offspring. We need to do what China used to do but in reverse.

No. 1144804

What happened to Romanianon i havent seen her posts for almost 2 weeks, did she finally stop using this site?

No. 1144808

I appreciate Romanianon.
You are hateful

No. 1144810

I'm just wondering where she went.

No. 1144812

Men's shitty genes falling apart the more they piss them into the pool have to be the reason beauty standards, hygiene and personal health fell below hell. Weak chins, blue eyes, thin brown hair with junky hairline, crooked eyes and facial asymmetry- physical ugliness is a genetic marker for inferior genes.

Women are all bitches, anon, so the women who play along with that stereotype are performing for the patriarchy. They'd rather you politely be considerate and human to them while they act like a shitstai to you to make you feel or look bad, so they get to be the calm, strong one that doesn't have to "simp for society" (act like a civil & polite human being). It's a spinoff of the Aplha Male mentality, which btw has been disproven and was never based on any real science or fact. Some scrote made the shit up and Lone Wolf scrotes nobody wanted to tolerate all banded together to enforce it.

No. 1144814

File: 1650741108588.jpg (93.97 KB, 540x516, 1619632795795.jpg)

Any anons know about Telegram?
I downloaded a bunch of otome cds on telegram, can your contacts see your downloads? Have I outed myself as a horny weeb?

No. 1144817

At this point they're a medical experiment past its use. Why keep birthing more? Madness!

No. 1144822

I'm seeing this sentiment more and more (not wanting a boy), but what worries me about that is the recent influx of "boymom" culture being put on a pedestal by handmaid who put their sons on a pedestal.

No. 1144825

>knowingly summoning namefags who have weird episodes every time they get triggered by anons here
God created adam and then eve, removing all the defective parts of him.

No. 1144834

This is a long one sorry but I don't see a dental thread in /g/:
Would a dentist have pointed out if my jaw is coming in weird or my teeth are crowded and refer me to an ortho or oral surgeon? Or is that something you seek out on your own? I never had braces growing up, but my bottom front teeth are crooked and overcrowded. My top and bottom jaw are a bit misaligned with a slight tilt and overall my face developed asymmetrically and my chin is slightly recessed. I can't tell if I'm overthinking but I feel really cheated because this may have been preventable if I got braces as a kid. I read that braces in adulthood can still help with jaw alignment. Any similar experience with this?

No. 1144844

Does it affect the way you speak or chew in any way? And yes, if they are conscientious, they'd refer to you to an ortho or a surgeon. I think you think you could see other dentists and ask their opinions as well

No. 1144846

Just ask your dentist to check on it for you, anon. I bet these days healthcare providers don't have a habit of mentioning minor cosmetic faults to people that don't have an easy aesthetic fix they can brag about online.

No. 1144847

I haven't seen her post for at least a month wtf. I thought she completely stopped posting after the entire "ukrainian camgirl is really pretending to be romanianon" expose/psyop.

No. 1144854

Speaking is fine but chewing and opening my mouth can be hard for me because I have TMJ issues, which may be partially related, I'm not sure.
I did get my wisdom teeth out and when I pointed out my jaw tilt on the xrays the doctor just said that's part of who I am (kek). So it makes me feel like I'm just being a BDDfag. But if I can potentially get help for my weird jaw and TMJ with it that would be pretty cool.

No. 1144859

I didnt know for how long so I said two weeks but you are right it was probably a month.
I'm lowkey worried like what if that cam girl actually visited her.

No. 1144860

I think she was just in the last/current vent thread a couple days ago? Idk.

No. 1144879

AYRT and I have no idea, I was saying it as a "I don't know them except for seeing this one photo" kind of way. Thank you for letting me know he has videos, though lol now I'll actually find out what his personality is like

No. 1144897

She was in the "Things you hate" thread arguing about communism about a week ago and did the same thing in the last dumbass shit thread (#78)

No. 1144911

There is no proof thats her, so weird since she would post her everyday and suddenly stopped for over a month. Her last posts were that Cargill planned to visit her and was imitating some of her posts.

No. 1144915

File: 1650744567255.png (23.03 KB, 1304x145, post.PNG)

I didn't see any posts in those threads, but this is one of the posts from the vent thread I was talking about. It just seems like another one of her "I want to kill everyone" spergs.

No. 1144928

File: 1650745233587.png (17.39 KB, 1008x193, 792.png)

Idk in this response she (or whoever it is) doesn't seem to deny it's her, she usually doesn't deny it or will even admit which post is hers whenever someone points it out.

No. 1144932

Was this in the current vent thread? Damn she's made this exact post nearly word for word on three different occassions, probably more than that.

No. 1144982

No, pretty sure she still posts almosy daily but instead whatever the ukranian camgirl shit was, she's back to sperging about communism and threatening murder while blaming it on lolcow.

No. 1144995

Do you think it was her trying to play 4d chess with /ot/ since she'd become so easy to spot? It was kind of weird to me.

No. 1145015

I 100% agree. At this point she should have her own /ot/ thread honestly. Why farmhand hasn't permabanned her yet? Remember when they came here and threatened to expose xanaxanon's post history in 2020? there's no way romanianon isn't more annoying than xanaxnon was

No. 1145025

NTA but who is xanaxanon? Can you link some of their posts or tell me what to search up to find them? Why did they want to expose her?

No. 1145029

She just ban evades. Also, I don't think xanax-anon had her post history exposed? She only made that one post about kicking that dude out of her garage or whatever.

No. 1145036

Yeah. He's Veritasium on YouTube for anyone wondering. I think he comes off as kind of smug but a lot of those science guys do. He is nowhere near as bad as NDT or Bill Nye though.

No. 1145041

File: 1650749026008.png (97.86 KB, 1381x941, 1630456826128.png)

Nta, here you go.

No. 1145058

nta but i thought xanax-chan was that anon who kept cry-typing in multiple threads a few years ago and claimed it was because she was on xanax (even tho she was obviously larping)

No. 1145069

Yes, that's exactly the anon I'm refering to. I'm not sure how to search it, but I clearly remember a farmhand threatening her to reveal her post history if she didn't stop crying and being retarded in multiple threads.

No. 1145074

Oh, I don't think I know who that's referring to then. Sorry nonnas.

No. 1145085

File: 1650749998204.png (90.78 KB, 452x414, XC.png)

yeah whatevs nona, I found evidence xanax-chan existed but couldn't find what I was looking for unfortunately.

No. 1145110

File: 1650750565475.png (15.03 KB, 1140x110, finnnnnn.png)

Found something else, we also knew her as finnanon I believe.

No. 1145121

Damn, this bitch was based as hell.

No. 1145203

You're fine, anon. Enjoy your husbando moanings

No. 1145287

File: 1650755465597.png (1.51 MB, 828x1260, magical girl.png)

Who are the ones I circled (squared…)? I recognize the rest.

No. 1145289

Front one looks like Nanoha to me. Not sure about the other

No. 1145292

Sorry, but who are most of them? I barely recognize the few most iconic ones.

No. 1145293

Subjective dumb question, which energy drink tastes the best?

No. 1145294

File: 1650756118268.jpeg (49.85 KB, 528x387, 26523C36-F009-4CC2-A353-D4C40B…)


No. 1145297

File: 1650756255504.png (1.49 MB, 828x1260, magical girl.png)

You're right, really looks like her
Blue is mystery girl, green apparently is Nanoha from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, yellow is Maron from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, red is Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, light purple is Sakura from Card Captor Sakura, dark purple is Usagi from Sailor Moon, pink is Luchia from Mermaid Melody, black is Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug and orange is Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

No. 1145304

monster: mucho mango

No. 1145306

File: 1650757353801.png (569.75 KB, 771x932, learn to google.PNG)

No. 1145310

Will do, thanks

No. 1145417

I found a caterpillar i think and it kept rearing like a horse. Is this normal caterpillar behaviour? If so, why does it do that?

No. 1145427

I have no answers, but do you still have it? If so, caterpillar pics please.

No. 1145428

Nope, sorry. It was during break at work yesterday. We played for a bit, and then I went out to put it in some bushes.

No. 1145430

File: 1650768681334.png (92.65 KB, 662x267, Sin título.png)

I don't know how true this is but I trust this answer. Sounds cute

No. 1145439

So it didn't want to play but tried to intimidate me? Saddening, but understandable. Thanks.

No. 1145471

Is having gardening as a hobby a gender neutral hobby to have for a guy or will people think he's gay for it? Also, would the average male feel offended if he got flowers as a birthday gift or something?

No. 1145478

fuck you are right. thank you nonny.

No. 1145484

i think it's a little gay. my ex grew stuff and studied horticulture and his family thought it was feminine. no idea why, it should be a neutral hobby.

No. 1145504

what is the name of that weird looking golden retriever puppy meme? i keep seeing it everywhere

No. 1145506

File: 1650779082557.png (274.71 KB, 1280x720, Quieres_Thumbnail.png)

Dis one?

No. 1145516

File: 1650779546180.jpg (119.18 KB, 1079x1055, Em-txgnXMAI1d3e.jpg)

This? Who do you mean?

No. 1145518

I actually think it's manly enough as all the lawn care business guys ive known who also do gardening work looked like construction workers and spent all day working outside. Even if he's just gardening flowers I don't see it as gay. Gay men prefer to be in women's fields and cause gossip and drama all day, like in hair salons or real estate. Not doing what is essentially outdoor manual labor. Because flowers don't have any tea to spill and won't yasss queen with them.

No. 1145528

what if i don't get wet when horny tho, then where does it go

No. 1145541

File: 1650780757963.jpg (110.18 KB, 897x947, Screenshot_20220424-011050.jpg)

I just looked it up and what makes you wet is the skene's glad. And the diagram related made me realize why I on rare occasions get mild orgasms when I pee

No. 1145551

File: 1650781313983.jpeg (36.18 KB, 976x837, received_1154269785398004.jpeg)

hi anons i mean this one, i see variations of dog on the right occasionally

No. 1145552

File: 1650781372830.jpg (50.04 KB, 506x900, Jotchua.jpg)

That is Jotchua.

No. 1145557

File: 1650781646779.jpg (75.68 KB, 1080x897, Tumblr_l_208406849391227.jpg)

This image is also proof that there is more legitimate merit to peeing on men than demeaning yourself to doing anal.
Look at the rectum, so far from the rest. So far from the g spot. If you allow anal you are letting a moid project his prostate onto you.

No. 1145558

light the fuse piglet

No. 1145559

I say this because I deeply despise Alfred Hitchfuck

No. 1145579

can any anons recommend a sewing machine? I plan to watch some videos but i really want to get back into it. Still have some beautiful fabric and a xxl skirt to use as fabric for a dress or smaller skirt. anons i wanna make my own dresses and nice maxi skirts.

No. 1145584

No. 1145627

I have a very aesthetic picture of a penis that was tear off with such force that you can see all the connecting tendons and I wanna share it with nonnies so they can post it when moids act up but will that be distasteful of me and get me perma-banned?

No. 1145640

i love my brother sewing machine. brother in general is excellent as a brand for sewing machines and printers.

No. 1145651

I want to vomit. Yes you will get banned, don't post gore even if you think it's bAsEd.

No. 1145653

File: 1650790059374.png (381 KB, 540x540, tumblr_md4wwobahw1rti993o1_540…)

got it, sorry for going extra on the edge.

No. 1145654

File: 1650790100690.png (310.49 KB, 396x400, 0anonhelp.png)

what kind of cotton is this? its super soft and has this specific texture

No. 1145660

i think it's just loosely woven natural cotton. cotton gauze it's sometimes called.

No. 1145672

I have homemade smoked salmon from last Sunday in my fridge, I forgot it was there, is it still ok to eat? It's very jerky like and still smells good

No. 1145675

You can't really go wrong with any entry-level model from a reputable brand (Singer, Husqvarna, Brother, Babylock etc). Maybe look out for not buying one with a flimsy plastic casing.

No. 1145677

Phew, thanks nona! I will.

No. 1145680

ilu anon i hope u have a good day

No. 1145702

Could you recommend me some media aimed at women with no romance at all? Please no "the MC has a pre-established boyfriend but it's not the focus" suggestions, I only want spinster queens.

No. 1145729

if you’re ok with weebshit, watamote

No. 1145741

Is having a voice fetish a thing?

No. 1145750

Everything can be a fetish.

No. 1145766

I watched it back when it was airing and I didn't like it, too crass and I prefer not reading about losers. I also felt it was aimed at guys and neet women ended up relating to the MC.
Why not, it does look cute, I'm not fond of isekai but it looks more original than the regular ones.

No. 1145768

What does masking means when it comes to ADHD? Is it just overcorrecting and doing the opposite of what would come naturally to you?

No. 1145789

Definitely, I personally can’t stand anime anymore and feel bad recommending them at all but I joined in watching this one and it was very enjoyable. The girl has a realistic personality and it only follows her. I’ve seen over an episode of Humanity Has Declined in passing and it’s also nice, maybe a little slow paced. If I remember some live action series with no romance I’ll come back and post them.

No. 1145794

I see, I guess I have that then? At what point does it become a fetish instead of a preference?

No. 1145825

File: 1650804182484.jpg (63.01 KB, 828x454, 468448633388.jpg)

Does it make me furry if I wish I could purr? If I identified as a cat someone could just rub my back all day…

No. 1145826

Is it a safe idea to swim in the sea whilst it's 12 degrees salsas?

No. 1145847

oh i meant the manga actually! there’s a lot of development and cute female camaraderie. the co-author is a woman so it’s not that scrote-y (maybe my tolerance for that is too high kek)

No. 1145853

Wasn’t there an interior design thread here or in /g/ not too long ago? Whatever happened to that?

No. 1145922

I like to use them when for bed nona, they can be a bit thick wearing day to day but overnight the ones I have keep everything in and absorb any blood well. Though my periods aren't overly heavy so I can't say much on that end.

No. 1145965

The Journey of Elaina

No. 1146026

File: 1650816190365.png (687.88 KB, 749x488, Screenshot 2022-04-24 180257.p…)

Baguette anons, who did you vote for?

No. 1146031

What do you mean What happened to that. Threads don't get deleted, it just sank to the bottom of the catalogue.

No. 1146063

There was one created here but it got locked for redundancy. No idea how deep the original one was

No. 1146081

If you're addicted to yaoi (explicit doujin, fanart and fanfiction), is that considered porn addiction?

No. 1146082

For Macron, he's slightly less terrible than Le Pen. They're both trash.

No. 1146087

No. 1146088

Any otome cd you can recommend?

No. 1146100

I would say so, yes.

No. 1146105

Why not if it's okay to ask?

No. 1146110

really praying no one we share this site with says le pen

No. 1146151

Should I be worried about missing two periods in a row? I had extemely regular cycles all my life, no matter my weight, diet, stress levels etc. I'm not pregnant or underweight.

No. 1146161

Completely missed, like not even light bleeding? I wouldn’t be super super concerned but I would try and make an appointment, or at least a telehealth appointment tbqh

No. 1146180

Mostly because my political views aren't aligned with them and I would feel really bad voting for someone I don't feel represented by.

No. 1146208

Last month I had very light spotting for a day, this month nothing. I know I should probably get it checked but I won't be able to see my gyno for at least 2 months.

No. 1146297

Please be honest: Am I insane for getting actually upset with my boyfriend for sitting on the bed with the pants he wore out in the city that day and sat on public transit with? It's really gross to me and I genuinely don't want to touch him or the bed after it happens. I think if we lived in the suburbs and he was just sitting in his own car and stuff I wouldn't care but we live in a huge (dirty) city.

No. 1146304

How does het sex as a woman feels like? Physically I mean. I want to know if it's worth it or not, I'll probably die as a virgin anyway but I want to know what I could potentially expect if a miracle happens.

No. 1146308

Not insane imo

No. 1146314

It feels pretty good. Not like, amazing though, so not worth being near a male for. It will always feel better for the man.

No. 1146373

I think you're fine, I react the same and worse lol.

No. 1146419

So it's worth it with a trustworthy guy in a long term relationship but not in one night stands then? I feel like I'm not really learning anything new.

No. 1146426

Unfortunately you do need to invest time in a moid to make it worth it. Not only from a physical safety aspect, but moids who have one night stands are diseased (you think a moid would say no to no condom if it's an option?) and not invested in your satisfaction.

In my opinion PIV feels fantastic, I would never admit this in real life or any moid space but sometimes I crave it.

No. 1146479

Can the anon from the park avenue pin up thread send that 5k my way.
Thanks in advance, make sure to send it to the correct address, Anon O'Anon, 3 anon street, nonnieland. I can sign for a transfer, whatever suits.

No. 1146502

Aside from scrotes, was anyone here actually a fan of Batman: The Animated Series or just grew up watching it/nostalgic for it? I’m the latter

No. 1146506

Why are there so many temp threads in /m

No. 1146509

Pretty meh, you don't have that many nerves up there, only 20-30% of women orgasm from it consistently, plus comes with the disproportional risk of pregnancy for women
Very overrated for no reason

No. 1146510

All boards but /g/ were down for like a week or two back in february, and when we got them back it was at the cost of /m/. Now we're holding onto the small hope of old /m/ being restored again, hence all of this just being temporary.

No. 1146521

Bat fam stuff is the only capeshit section I'm into so yeah

No. 1146527

Honestly think most women can orgasm from piv, it's just that scrotes don't bother to build tension, do foreplay, or invest in their own beauty. Hell there's a nerve bundle on the lower back that if massaged right makes most women orgasm.

No. 1146529

How do I find the fanfic recs for sonething on TV tropes?

No. 1146536


No. 1146552

Alot of women own toys and know what they're doing with them.. but don't orgasm from penetration. Women who do are in a minority. That applies to all sexualities.

No. 1146581

Where do I find this nerve bundle

No. 1146632

I've had great sex partners but I've only been able to orgasm from PIV once, and vs clitoral orgasms it feels weird to me so I don't even bother with dildos.

No. 1146643

File: 1650843435755.jpg (61.66 KB, 1344x756, Man_Smoking_Multiple_Cigarette…)

What if I am the cow? What if I am actually larping? Who am I? Why am I? I'm extremely worried help

No. 1146645

Why do men seem to get very red faced and straight up grotesque during sex but while women can go red, they still look human

No. 1146648

maybe you're just attracted to women more?

No. 1146665

I definitely am, that just might be it.

No. 1146702

No. 1146768

File: 1650853527600.jpg (39.41 KB, 800x450, OR_ELSE_YOU_WILL_DIE_.jpg)

Because they pig monke

Legend of Zelda is the ultimate allegory of human male beauty and virtue

Beautiful young strong elf vs pig monkey Gannon. Sweating pig males are too numerous

No. 1146769

File: 1650853709272.png (401 KB, 677x900, 3CBEE907-6469-40EE-83B2-EECA37…)

This made my vagina close shut, the awful image of having sex with a man while he looks life picrel on top of you, no fucking thanks.

No. 1146771

Okay who here knows about bedsheets and bedding?
I'm kind of an idiot and tried to dress up a couch to sleep on so I could sleep on it when company was over or just because I felt like it, and I went to wal-mart and bought the cheapest twin sheet set i could, and called it a day. I got home, washed it, slept on it for an hour, and remembered something: I haven't slept on polyester sheets in ages. I had forgotten why until I woke up, hot, miserable, and itching every place where the sheet was against my skin.

So now, what do I do? throw the things out? I can't return them. Also: where do I get a good set of cotton sheets? Amazon likes to have lots of unverifiable products on-par with aliexpress who say 100% cotton but is really 99% polyester with a shred of cotton in it to put on the tag.

No. 1146772

File: 1650853803892.jpg (28.12 KB, 800x450, le_monke.jpg)

How can you test if your sense of smell is average/strong/weak? My friend and I are always arguing because I think she has a really poor sense of smell but she claims I just have "superhuman" smell. Obviously neither of us have a frame of reference other than ourselves. It's gotten to the point where she thinks I'm gaslighting her when I say I can smell her pits from about 5 feet away, because she'll put her nose up to them and claim she smells a very, very faint odor.

No. 1146773

Most people are dull to their own BO. Usually it's men who walk around stinking in denial though.

No. 1146775

This is called 'conditioning', she's used to the smell of her pits, so of course she won't smell herself. It's the same reason you can't smell your own breath: the frame of reference for smells is off.
Your friend may be someone who lives with such strong odors that mild odors are simply undetected by comparison.

No. 1146792

Why? Why just that board?

No. 1146861

Why would you be so obvious about your horny intentions short of outright saying it? I can't pretend to not have understood it without looking socially retarded, and I can't say no without looking schizo ("pfft I didn't mean it like that lol").

No. 1146864

Wrong thread?: >>>/ot/922178
But other than that, people can blurt out things without thinking about the consequences

No. 1146899

I thought it was a dumb enough question. I think it was a calculated and cynical move.

No. 1146940

When a pill says “take with meal” do you take it and then eat? Or eat and then take?

No. 1146947

Why is the scrote accusation on here 2bps

No. 1146953

It's alright. Personally I can't orgasm from it (tried with toys, foreplay, it's just impossible) but sometimes I crave that feeling of fullness which I can only attribute to emotional closeness I have with my boyfriend.
It's definitely not worth being with a dude just for that though.

I would take then eat. Otherwise I think the pill would state "take after meal" which is what I usually see.

No. 1146960

I drank three cans of Monster Ultra in less than 24 hours. Am I gonna die?

No. 1146968

eat-take-eat, is how I interpret it, like while you're having the meal, so it's not on an empty stomach, but also not after the meal and your stomach is full.

No. 1146992

Take after first few bites of food

No. 1147071

I feel like the potential is there or something strange is going on, though I've never had a penetrative orgasm. I got a dildo/clit sucker toy and with penetration the clit orgasm is so strong it's almost unbearable, which isn't possible with clit simulation alone.

No. 1147077

something you can take or leave. the experience leading up to sex is more rewarding than sex itself

No. 1147084

What the fuck is punting?

No. 1147107

have u had covid or the vax recently? i missed a couple periods after both of those.

No. 1147108

I know polyester is cheap as shit but why on earth would anyone want sheets made out of it? That shit is not only uncomfortable but will start stinking like it was its only business

No. 1147109

it's not strange for penetration to enhance the clitoris orgasm, but i don't think all or even most women have that potential. it doesn't make sense to be able to orgasm easily from the organ that lets us push out babies without passing out from pain

No. 1147110

punters are johns/men who hire prostitutes. it's uk slang for what you'd call a "john" in america

No. 1147117

To hit or kick something.

No. 1147122

File: 1650885098454.jpg (47.78 KB, 540x390, 8u34nc9q832u49q3u.jpg)

No. 1147131

Do you always tip the food delivery person?

No. 1147136

Every woman has a different experience. And it depends on if you have a man who will actively work to get you off. We use toys and what not so I always finish, no matter what. If you are someone who can have full orgasms regularly, it's a great time and satisfying. Bonus if you have 2-3 while the man has 1. It also can fill a need to be emotionally closer with your partner, as other anons have stated. But again, it depends on a lot of variables and no one has the same experience as the next person. Some women have mostly positive, fulfilling experiences and some women leave disappointed, without satisfaction. That being said, the first time you ever do it always kind of sucks. There's trial and error to find what you enjoy and you have to be vocal about it because men need instructions.

We still don't know why /m/ is missing. At all. Some of us are just holding out hope!

Yes because I'll feel like an asshole if I don't. They are probably being paid shit wages and I feel for them. If I can't afford to tip, I probably can't afford take out either, tbh. So I always tip.

No. 1147137

Is there a way to speed up digestion? I ate something that’s bothering me and it feels like it’s just sitting there in my stomach

No. 1147149

i like to drink plain black coffee and go for a walk when i get this feeling. i have no idea if it speeds up digestion but drinking the coffee makes me feel like my insides are being cleaned out lol

No. 1147150

it does, even if it's decaf, it's science

No. 1147157

im not sure if this is the right thread to ask this in, but i searched for a parenting thread and couldn't find one.

what is your opinion on parents who let their teenage children bring their boyfriends/girlfriends over and are cool with them having sex and sharing a bed?

i don't have kids of my own and don't plan to but i occasionally like to think about what hypothetical things i would do if i was raising my own kids. the logic of these parents is that at least they know their teen is safe and they're there if anything goes wrong + it will build up trust and the teen won't feel like they have to hide anything from their parents.

it all seems to make sense to me but part of me is resistant to the idea. personally i dont think teenagers should be having sex at all. my parents and my friend's parents were by no means strict in raising us but there were boundaries in place that wouldn't have left much room to be sneaking off and having sex lol.

No. 1147176

i guess it depends on your child and what they can handle. my boyfriend moved in with my mom and i when i was 16 (he also paid rent to live with us, which worked out because he came from a rich family and we needed the money, plus i got all kinds of perks from having a live in relationship with him), we always at least had safe sex and if we drank or did drugs (which she didn't know about) at least we were very safe inside the house.

looking back this is extremely, extremely lax, but i have no issues with how it worked out today. my mom was never a controlling parent but is a great parent and person. kids are likely going to be having sex but i think if you want your female child to not have sex, you should warn them about how porny it is expected to be and how it is often disappointing and getting involved with guys/boys is nothing but draining. probably a better deterrent than just for advocating abstinence or your daughter ending up fucking in a car somewhere on the side of a road. it didn't negatively affect me and even though the relationship went sour (like most teen relationships), we took care of each other and he took care of me a lot, so.

No. 1147241

Would it be too transparent if I told my crush without being prompted that I have summer break soon?

No. 1147351

lol no, you are being paranoid nonnie

No. 1147410

Why does everyone in the Sabrina Nellie thread call her Brina? It's such a rare nickname and makes it sound like every farmer knows her personally?

Also Brina is one of those words that squicks me out, like some people get with Moist

No. 1147412

Isn't lolcow quite dead? Especially this year/past year. There are fewer posts than years ago.

No. 1147413

I feel the same way about the nickname Stina. It's just a gross sounding nickname kek.

No. 1147414

Reminds me of how farmers call shayna shay.

No. 1147464

It's far deader than it was years ago, that's for sure. I found lolcow in 2016 and it felt so lively but maybe I'm just remembering wrong, I only lurked for the first year. Every summer the site picks up traffic a bit with summerfags, too, unfortunately. They suck at integrating, though. But I think image boards are just not that common anymore.

No. 1147514

Why is Nickelback so frowned upon? They sound like every other 2000s radio rock band.

No. 1147532

I think on top of LC slowing down in general, a good number of users disappeared when the website broke earlier this year. To me it feels like people took the chance to graduate LC and not look back.

No. 1147587

Kek idk how old you are but your question reminds me of a post about how zoomers need to learn what posers are asap. To answer your question, the hate started because they embody everything wrong with with the record industry. Their record label focused all their efforts on producing mainstream, easily digestible hits for them instead of promoting their other, more artistic bands. And critics, music snobs, and music fans didn't like that. The lead singer was also not very likeable. Comedians started joking about them on prime time TV. Then eventually not liking Nickleback became a standard.

No. 1147589

How is fasting for several weeks, a month, or longer different from an ED?

No. 1147597

Are there any cons deleting my discord account and other social media accounts tied to my university as soon as I graduate? I mainly made male acquaintances from my male dominated major and have a few online friends on there but haven't been talking to since last year due to me being busy.

No. 1147598

The difference is whether you are in control. You have complete control over a fast and can easily stop. The ED has control over you.

No. 1147708

a lot of oldfags definitely left 2 years ago after the 2X fiasco, i can say that with certainty.

No. 1147750

This makes me sad. I rarely visit this site because it is toxic, but I have no other place to talk to other nerdy autistic women.
I don't like social media, and let's be honest, social media is not about chatting with others, but likes and attention.
Also, posting anonymously is more convenient, which is why I like the idea of ​​ib. But there are hardly any female-oriented ib. And I don't like male ones because is full of incels and constant conversations about sex.

No. 1147771

Depends where you live and how important that email might be, but I did it and nothing happened

No. 1147772

You can fast for religious reasons or health benefits you may believe long-term fasting has, those aren't automatically linked to mental illness.

No. 1147773

As long as you still have your LinkedIn (even just deactivated), I think it's fine? I've deleted almost everything and I can definitely recommend it.
This is very true. I left when 2X was nuked and didn't post or lurk for quite some time. I was proud of the growth we went through all together. From stupid nitpicking I'm kinda ashamed of, to discovering radical feminism and shitting on troons together, overcoming our internalized misogyny (at least somewhat). It felt weird to suddenly be kicked to reddit, when I had never posted there before. I went from /cgl/ straight to here back in the day, but I can't remember anymore when that was exactly, 7 years ago? I don't know if that makes me an oldfag. Now you have anons complaining that there are autists on this site and almost reverting back to the nitpicky misogynistic bullshit I thought we had grown out of. I didn't take an anon seriously the other day who complained about normies finding lolcow, but I think she was right and it bothers me too. Lolcow cannot be replaced, cc isn't the same, Asherah's garden or however the fuck you spell that was a failure, Ovarit is like a reddit replacement and Spinster is a Twitter replacement, but wouldn't allow the same shitposting and occasional hornyposting due to a large amount of polilez on there with a "no fun allowed" attitude, never mind that they require you to make an account. Male imageboards are of course not an option, they're pure suifuel. I'm probably part of the problem, I can be toxic too and very spergy, but this feels like the end of an era. I always felt like admins come and go, we're all still going to be around, but times are changing fast. Sorry for my long boomer-tier reminiscing.

No. 1147774

>I have no other place to talk to other nerdy autistic women.
Same. Your best luck is finding a nerdy radfem server I guess. But you would miss the anonimity

No. 1147779

>Now you have anons complaining that there are autists on this site and almost reverting back to the nitpicky misogynistic bullshit I thought we had grown out of.
This. I've also ben here since 2015 and been a seagull before that. I am very proud of having changed my dumb ways thanks to lolcow. I'm glad I was pinkpilled as well.
it also feels like a lot of them have been leaving due to the constant raids. I don't blame them.

No. 1147784

I wanna add to this conversation and say that somehow it feels like if I go away from this website to not look back ever again and then in 5 years remember it exists and look it up, shit will be so different that I will feel like shit and it will be bad. I want it to stay a radfem adjacent place with husbandofags forever.

No. 1147812

lc 2-3 years ago was based and comfy af. now it's a mess but i can see some potential so long as it remains lax. i left for 2 years until it became lax again. holy shit it was so bad for those like 2 years with the censorship of anything pinkpill related.

No. 1147868

Yeah nowadays most bans I get are more like "take a break, you're sperging too much and taking the bait", they usually feel quite fair. Sometimes they even include a nice message or some advice. Very different from the censorship era.

No. 1147939

What's "that girl?"

No. 1147946

It’s like an ‘aesthetic’ or idealised lifestyle that gained popularity on tiktok. ‘That girl’ has her life colour coded and planned out, is healthy, grounded and would probably have a pinterest board filled with green smoothie recipes and bullet journaling ideas. Probably is rich and believes in ‘manifesting’

No. 1147949

How long do I have to wait to change my lobe piercings? I heard it heals in 4-6 weeks, do I have to wait that long?

No. 1147999

6-8 weeks typically but it depends on your body. Continue to do saline solution to clean piercings either spray or soak but don't take crusties off. My second set of lobe piercings took a little longer to heal than my first and third set.

No. 1148058

Where do i find hot men because every man i met is ugly and pretentious.

No. 1148070

Do you think Twitter is going to get better or worse?

No. 1148073

Better but only because I do love a bit of drama and a shit shoe

No. 1148079

how do you make friends and meet people on tumblr? im not in fandoms.

No. 1148080

don't put any jewelry in if they still hurt or are crusty/leaking fluid. it's best to wait a couple weeks past the point they feel fully healed imo
same as it ever was

No. 1148081

Why are troons so worried?

No. 1148086

No idea, maybe because as it is rn, you misgender a person in a tweet replying to someone threatening to rape you to cure you from being a terf, you get banned or your tweet gets removed. They're scared that they're gonna lose their little teacher's pet badge.

No. 1148092

Twitter is already a shithole. How could it possibly get worse? Idk why the troons are freaking out but if they end up all leaving, then it would get better

No. 1148163

File: 1650928563841.jpg (5.07 KB, 263x234, 247740571_4971484049542273_129…)

All right. I noticed that my male cat behaviour changes with my cycle. I swear!! He's def more agitated and even aggressive when I am on my period. 1 to 2 weeks after period hes more calm and sleepy.
He's neutered. He's less than 3 years.
Is this possible or am I schizo????

No. 1148169

Cats (like autists) like a predictable routine and some can become irritable when their routine is thrown off. If your cat is especially autistic he might be responding to changes in your behavior, mood, or body language when you are on your period.

No. 1148174

is it weird to wear short skirts in a casual way? i like them paired with baggy oversized tops and jackets but i never see anyone dressed like that where i live and am afraid of getting weird looks

No. 1148175

Depends on what you use it for I guess. It'll still be full of shitty ads and unnecessary features regardless.

No. 1148177

Unless you’re flashing your underwear everywhere there’s nothing weird with wearing skirts or dresses.

No. 1148181

If u look good in this outfit then why not, go for it!

No. 1148184

Not really. Have fun with it.

No. 1148186

File: 1650931106789.jpg (64.38 KB, 640x803, 812thav0ggz31.jpg)

Can I do weed just once if I am mildly schizoaffective?
The visual, tactile and olfactory hallucinations and the paranoia were pretty vivid, but that was two weeks ago. I haven't been hearing demonic screeching for like a month. Now they've been at a low and manageable level for two weeks, I feel like I'm actually going to be ok, and I would be ok if I did weed just once, in theory. Is this an ok idea?

No. 1148194

I'm a daily pot smoker and no sadly you cannot. Why risk it? Seriously. you almost sound self-sabotaging you just stopped having vivid hallucinations two weeks ago. Take a chill pill instead

No. 1148197

I mean you could to find out. Only time i did an edible i had audio hallucinations that people were laughing at me, gossiping about me between me passing out and the sky had weird dream like imagery stuff for 2-4 hours. It all scared tf out of me but i couldnt make it stop and whenever i explain this to others they say mine was laced despite it coming from a legal shop in a legal state. Made me really question if i had schizo problems.

No. 1148198

Not weird, there are tons of short skirts that can be very casual. Tennis skirts, circle skirts, etc.

No. 1148200

Do you take antipsychotic? If you’re not medicated then I wouldn’t recommend. Your biggest concern is probably the paranoia that weed may trigger. Do you have access to good weed? If you insist on trying, I suggest go with an indica-dominant strain. Don’t go crazy, take your time and stop when you start feeling different.

No. 1148204

I get that. Thinking that people are laughing or that things are messages meant for you or the ground is sinking into a point. But I don't think I would be concerned if the hallucinations were temporary, only if they stuck around after using it.
No, I don't and will not. Is weed induced paranoia long term or a part of the temporary effects? I don't see the big deal if it's only temporary hellish paranoia and I'm supervised. Thanks for the detailed advice by the way, I will remember in case I decide to do it.

No. 1148207

Well for non-schizos the paranoia doesn’t last longer than the high. It goes away when the person feels safe again. If you really think you’ll be alright, just smoke enough to get body-high but don’t get head-high.

No. 1148208

Weed is a hallucinogen so it might result in a pretty unpleasant experience for you. I very strongly recommend that you DON'T do it. However if you do decide to do it anyways despite everyone's suggestions then I want to make some recommendations to help keep you safe. Treat it as if it's a stronger hallucinogen than it is. Remember that you can not take less of something (nor can you vomit it out of your system, so don't try) so take your time so you're getting the smallest dose possible to feel the effects. Make a note somewhere that you smoked/ate weed at x time, and about how long it should last, as sometimes this can help with the paranoia sometimes caused by hallucinogens. Take care to do it in a safe and comfortable setting, preferably with a trusted friend. Have some fun and calm activities at the ready, make sure you've got food and water, keep the lights on, wear layered clothing or dress lightly and have blankets handy. Have your friend keep your keys so you don't try to drive. Overkill precautions for most people but it's better in your circumstances that you overprepare rather than underprepare.

No. 1148212

you know what i'll keep living my boring straight edge life then lol

No. 1148225

You can still get addicted to drinking and opioids like everyone else.

No. 1148226

Yeah sorry anon. Weed is fun if you aren't schizo, but that potential hellish paranoid hallucinogen experience you might get because of your disorder can continue to affect you after the high is gone, because even if it had no basis in reality you will still remember the experience and how you felt during. That's why my advice is aimed at you avoiding a hellish paranoia experience altogether. I wholeheartedly agree that in your circumstances you should stay a boring straight edge because you could end up worse off even if you are very careful. If you want to try something new and exciting, maybe go for something adrenaline-related instead of hallucinogenic drugs.

No. 1148230

I just flipped my septum jewelry up for the first time and it's not painful at all but very ticklish and itchy and weird feeling. It's only been like 5 minutes but does it get less annoying? I kind of feel like I'm stuck in a perma-gonna-sneeze feeling.

No. 1148238

Yeah ofc I understand that they're made for radio tier shit, but weren't most bands at that time? It's just so random, you don't hear people bitching about crazy town (to name another dumb band) nearly as much. It's like when you mention Nickelback every has an instant gag reflex lol. They're not great, but nothing worse than linkin park or slipknot for example.

No. 1148239

I'm sorry I asked this, the feeling already passed, I'm literally so impatient I asked this question like 2 seconds after doing this.

No. 1148244

Don't beat yourself up. This is the stupid questions thread so really you did the right thing.

No. 1148255

cows just aren’t as interesting anymore so farmers left. but /ot/ists still stand!

No. 1148272

Japanese speaking anons, does it make sense to add "ga" before "suki sugiru"? Or is the sentence accurate with [thing]suki sugiru

No. 1148286

Im importing this question from nonnie to the right thread. This is not my question.


Okay sorry to derail but if you were offered 5 million dollars but you had to be Shayna for the rest of your life would you?

No. 1148291

SA- I'll answer
No. My life is miserable but I love my family.
However If I were to say yes, which I would'nt. I'd do it. I'd use the money to get Shayna some work done on her breasts. Then I'd just get a personal trainer, nutiritionist,I'd make a new twitter where I document my journey. I'd cut off and call out all the freaks in my life, apologize, explain (not excuse) and rebuild my relationship with my parents. Shit I'd even film the whole thing and create a youtube channel, where I talk about my past and film my future

No. 1148314

What does "be Shayna" mean in this context?
>Brain swap me into her body/current life
It would take some work but I could totally work with it for 5 million dollars
>Have her brain and continue the current trajectory of her life
No way in hell

No. 1148341

Have any anons here tried to use twitter to make friends in the same fanbase before? How did it go?

I'm lonely and want more friends into the same things as me. I've always avoided social media but I have no idea how else to meet other people into the same things as me if not twitter.

No. 1148344

Used stan twitter to try and make friends with fans of the same celebs and one of the fans I ran into started bombarding the fuck out of me and was an annoying cunt. I ended up deactivating.

No. 1148353

is dating an insecure man entertaining?

No. 1148354

try tumblr instead twitter sucks

No. 1148356

Twitter has more people though

No. 1148360

File: 1650942509995.jpg (118.63 KB, 750x747, 1559982275975.jpg)

lmao I'm about to sound like a boomer but is "bullying" getting worse or are zoomers just more sensible ?
I've been noticing a quiet amount of posts in the lines of "I'VE BEEN BULLIED MY ENTIRE LIFE BLABLBALA" and it just sounds kinda hyperbolic.

No. 1148361

No it's just annoying

No. 1148363

why doesn't foodie beauty have a thread?

No. 1148366

I think wide spread social media use has made bullying legitimately worse.

No. 1148377

no, please don't. i don't think you will tolerate weed well at all.

No. 1148713

Why are people freaking out about Elon Musk buying Twitter? What would change if he owned it?

No. 1148719

I heard he wants to ban anonymity or something because he keeps getting bullied kek

No. 1148721

The group that believes pronouns can be a hate crime think they won’t be protected anymore. They might be right but not much should change since he’s not the sole ruler of twitter. He’ll probably just silence those that go against his delusional fantasies of being a good businessman.

No. 1148727

I'm not sure, I havent found propef explanations yet. Just a bunch of people yelling and shit flinging at each other, as usual. The people complaining are blue check marks American nobodies who fucked up tumblr and then fucked up twitter so I have a hard time believe Musk can make Twitter even worse than it already is.

No. 1148728

Don’t know but I hope he bans porn. He comes across as a coomer so if he did itnwoikd break his scrote followers kek

No. 1148730

How the absolute FUCK is only my Screensaver showing on my tv when i hook up my mom's laptop to it, it doesn't show any icons, no browsers, JUST the screensaver. It doesn't even show the cursor, insanity!

No. 1148731

Only if done correctly. I'm still over tumblr banning normal posts because pictures were a bit too beige to their bots' liking while letting hardcore porn gifs slidd because they were in black and white.

No. 1148734

In my non-tech brain banning it from twitter seems like it would be easier than it was for tmblr but I agree it definitely needs to be done properly and with another program/algorithm/whatever.

No. 1148828

File: 1650975015670.jpg (133.9 KB, 720x1009, 0426226.jpg)

Have you checked your display settings? You might be in extended mode.

No. 1148950

If an artist draws and uploads an unflattering political caricature of the prime minister to social media in one of those far right, semi-dictatorship countries like Hungary or Poland, would they be arrested?

No. 1148962

File: 1650983030369.png (1.08 MB, 661x701, Akakabuto67836hf.png)

weebs and Japan fans in general- why are bears in Japanese media sometimes depicted with a "red helmet"? I've seen this very specific thing gotten around, and suspect that it it's a reference to Akakabuto from Ginga Nagareboshi Gin but somehow I feel that none of these are referencing a nice obscure anime & manga series from the 80s

No. 1149204

Do people who are bad at visualization still actually see their dreams? Or is the same as if they were trying to imagine something?

No. 1149214

I can only speak for myself and I don't know if I'm the kind of person you're thinking of, but I can see my dreams vividly and I am terrible at consciously forming visuals in my head. Like if someone tells me to imagine a fat spotted bunny, I know conceptually what that is but I can't really put the whole image together in my head.

No. 1149227

File: 1650995936527.jpeg (9.85 KB, 240x240, download (1).jpeg)

What are these shirts with big obnoxious stripes and colorblocking called? Autismcore?

No. 1149232

Thank you for replying! I will check this tomorrow, I've never had issues like this before but this would make sense

No. 1149233

Rugby shirts?

No. 1149248

Thank you I did not know the name I always associated them with Chris Chan kek

No. 1149272

This is literally The Classic

No. 1149292

Chris chan wear

No. 1149304

File: 1651000711943.jpg (41.94 KB, 437x500, ff71e504c3fe3ae1c436bfbc9f0c09…)


No. 1149308

So is it necessary to use intimate washes or is it enough to use a body wash that has lactic acid in it since that's the main ingredient in intimate washes anyway?

No. 1149322

you can just use water. but yeah body wash is fine too just don't get it in your vagina

No. 1149333

just use warm water, womankind didn't have to wait for millenia until capitalism invented vagsoap.

No. 1149349

The reason we have intimate soaps is because regular soaps will most likely irritate the fuck out of your urethra if you use them near your crotch. The intimate soaps are supposed to not do that but they're also unnecessary. Just use water.

No. 1149371

vaginas are supposed to be washed? i'm not trying to be manky but i just let water run over things and scrub the rest of my body.

No. 1149455

Every reasonable gyno will tell you to not use these, since it will always disrupt a natural vaginal flora, making it easier for any kind of infection to happen; which of course is beneficial for the companies producing them since it will make you even more paranoid about being clean and use more. Like other anons said, water alone is just fine, or the simplest natural soap without any additional scents or foaming ingredients.

No. 1149469

At most you just scrub lightly between your inner labia with water fingers if it's been a couple days since last shower. But no washing for the actual vagina please.

No. 1149471

File: 1651007483586.jpg (58.38 KB, 600x600, R (1).jpg)

I'll be real, my first thought was Blue Clues host aesthetic kek

No. 1149474

File: 1651007614429.jpg (49.59 KB, 612x612, 4be97be0611524c79025e2f46ca069…)

>vaginas are supposed to be washed?

No. 1149482

shes not wrong though? you're not supposed to wash your hole in the traditional sense of soap + water + scrubbing, unless you want BV or a yeast infection

No. 1149486

Nta but everytime i do that it hurts and i get an infection even if i don't go near the actual vagina. i thought only the outside was supposed to be washed anyway

No. 1149488

Of course not, but you should still wash your whole body.

No. 1149494

I am gonna be vulnerable and ask:so it's okay to point the shower head not on full blast to your vagina, lips spread but not in a douche way? I sometimes use a wash on the mound, not inside and the skin always got irritated because I have some hair follicle thing going on so the skin is always some sort of fucked.

No. 1149495

She didn't imply she doesn't wash the rest of her body. I'm confused.

No. 1149498

Yes it's okay to point the shower head at the vagina, even at full blast if you want to masturbate. Afaik shower water cant give you any troubles down there.

No. 1149506

Knew it, thanks nona.

No. 1149510

That's not what I mean nonna. Anon said she washes everything but not her vagina, so I was basically just saying that she should get that too.

No. 1149513

but it's not supposed to be washed unless you mean the outside part

No. 1149516

File: 1651009469005.jpg (489.72 KB, 1078x948, Ok.jpg)

Why are the Japanese so unfunny when it comes to roasting

No. 1149537

Japanese is more about context and subtleties than being overt and direct about things. That said though a lot of Japanese humor is lol random ecks dee screaming which is why you see so much of that stuff in anime. Japanese stand up is just on another level

No. 1149541

>Japanese stand up is just on another level
In a good or a bad way?

No. 1149547

Subjective but for me bad way.

No. 1149580

Not stand up but gets the point across. A lot of the random xDDDD rawr humor exactly like you said. It's slightly entertaining but I don't think he's as funny as everyone in the studio is hyping him up to be. The Japanese are very strange

No. 1149587

I have a black longsleeve dress with really ugly buttons that I want to replace. I'll only ever wear it with black tights and boots, what color buttons should I get? I'm tied between going for white or a fun color/shape like pink heart shaped or something. Ideas?

No. 1149608

not really enough info about the dress. can you show a pic or something comparable? you're not only asking for color but shape too, so the 'feel' of the dress is kind of important. any color goes with black but if the dress has a specific style there are better combinations that go with given styles

No. 1149612

What’s a good response to normie friends who go “I want to partake in doing more of [insert hobby]”? I don’t want to spoon feed them because they end up not listening, so what are other things i can respond with?

No. 1149615

but again you're not supposed to wash the inside (your vagina), just your vulva

No. 1149625

File: 1651014621053.jpeg (31.7 KB, 800x800, iu-139.jpeg)

It's a bit like picrel except knitted/a bit more detailed and without the collar ( still quite a high neckline thought). I'm not sure if I should add cutesy buttons or regular black buttons. My style varies from chavette to overly religious, I think the black would suit the former better but I could make it a bit more cutesy with cute buttons. I'm kind of torn lol, I still want to look a bit modern so I might just get some hearts/flowers to replace the buttons.

No. 1149635

hmmm… what kind of hearts are you thinking of doing? hearts can look tacky or cute depending on the button. so many buttons i feel are poorly made. how about shank heart buttons?

No. 1149636

just send them links to resources so you don't have to do it. tell them "x is a great resource" or send it to them and let them either not choose to make use of it, or if they are interested, they will, but it takes the burden off of you

No. 1149641

File: 1651015553835.png (232.98 KB, 389x363, Schermafbeelding 2022-04-27 om…)

I think picrel could be cute. I have a babyface and wear a green parka with it anyway, I think it would be cute. It's a little bit Lazy Oaf style but I actually quite like them lol. With some polkadot tights it could look very cute I think.

No. 1149730

absolutely not

No. 1149744

Maybe I'm just a boring bitch, but I would only do color with no shapes. Since it's black I would say pick your favorite color for the buttons (unless your favorite color is black). Maybe you could even do cow print buttons lol

No. 1149758

I probably will solely because I'd have to pay 40 euro's for 4 buttons on etsy because I can't find them anywhere else lol. I will go to my local sewing shop tomorrow but if they don't have heart shaped (or other cool shaped) buttons I'll probably buy regular red or light pink ones. I did find some second hand ones on a website with cats on them though, they're a bit too small but maybe I'll give them a try. I should take this to the dumbass shit thread.

No. 1149789

How do you bypass Spotify region lock?