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File: 1714095262400.png (1007.37 KB, 1170x1326, pixiethreadpic.png)

No. 325508

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and compartmentalizes every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of money for.
She eagerly accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression with a "Congrats on the DID Diagnosis" celebratory cake, but struggles to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state
>privated her personal twitter due to bullying
>once again heavily filtering/editing pictures
>her friend sof got engaged
>says she is trying to launch fivepetalflower
>currently making a falulu cosplay


>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 14-16 year old emo trans guy. "He mentioned feeling 17." Was labeled as being a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". A protector that likes yellow. Basically just Flora, but hyper.
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also a protector that likes yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

Last thread: >>>/w/322787

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 - Now Private (“Sweetie” alters, previously @xcherrybombica): https://twitter.com/pixie_petals
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Threads: https://www.threads.net/@pixieelocks
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 325509

Her newest video. I hope the thread is okay, I just thought I'd go ahead and make one since it had been two days since the old one filled.

No. 325510

No. 325511

so is she trying to copy Sarah Spaceman now? Doesn’t Sof make cosplay videos too? Kek

No. 325515

Kek love the op pic
Nitter for those who need it:

No. 325516

This is the best she has ever styled herself, she looks cute!
She hasn't changed the drag profile pic she supposedly hates a lot for her YouTube icon though.

No. 325517

Current meet the alters:

>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters, but is also used interchangeably with the name Jillian. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 17, formerly 14-16. Emo trans guy. Used to be a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Doing nails emoji, formerly flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Sprout emoji, formerly club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". Combo of her dad, sweetie angel therapist, and Ian Bruce. Formerly a mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. “Hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. Another PreCure fictive for all the yellow ones. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". Basically just Flora, but hyper. Can't "mask".
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. "20?" Formerly 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

No. 325518

File: 1714106546629.jpeg (773.33 KB, 1125x1373, IMG_1807.jpeg)

There’s so many toxic lolcows that love Sanrio stuff LOL. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

No. 325519

File: 1714106598112.jpeg (609.08 KB, 828x1378, IMG_4944.jpeg)

No. 325520

Jillian, you're mentally ill yourself. Can't wait for the video, wonder how it'll be received. Also, isn't the sanriocore girls the ones that would buy from her store if she ever opened one?

No. 325521

Doesn't the stereo type stem from the fact that most of the Sanrio fans are either trend hopping or just BPD-chans trying to relive their childhood? Jill fits the stereotype to a T though, since she's doing nothing to help her BPD and instead fills the void buying cheap plastic shit.

No. 325523

>Jillian, you're mentally ill yourself.
The funny thing is if you accept her larp and say she's mentally ill for having DID she's deeply offended, and yet will turn around like "how dare you be mean to a mentally ill person like me"

No. 325524

Kek remember when Jax and Cliffe were a thing. I bet Jax is on the alter chopping block since the whole retarded thing died down when she stopped watching/talking about Arcane. This entire thing really is just a BPD "reliving cringe childhood" phase.

No. 325526

Thank you for the new thread nona!

No. 325531

Thank you for making the new thread anon!

I recently found this study from 2021 about imitative DID and the case studies in it remind so much of jill kek. They found 6 BPD women out of a group of 85 with DID that didn't meet criteria and pulled them in for interviews. All of the girls in the study are like mini-Jills and it's a hilarious read.
>Participants discussed their dissociative parts, their names and features, exhibiting neither avoidance nor fear or shame. On the contrary, they seemed to draw pleasure by smiling, showing excitement and eagerness to produce more examples of their unusual experiences. At the beginning of the interview, Karina was very enthusiastic and said, “My heart is beating so fast, as if I were in fight-or-flight mode.”
>Four participants were openly disappointed that their DID diagnosis was not confirmed. They doubted if their descriptions were accurate enough, or they challenged the interviewer’s understanding of the symptoms.
>Two participants in this study (Dominique and Karina) tried to present ‘alternate personalities’ and they actually announced this would happen, so that the interviewer did not miss them. Later on, they could relate to what happened during the alleged switch (no amnesia), maintaining the first-person perspective (I was saying/doing).
>Participants in this study often used clinical jargon (e.g., flashbacks, switches, and feeling depersonalized) which indicates they had read about dissociative psychopathology or received psycho-education. However, they often had lay understanding of clinical terms. A good example in this study was having ‘flashbacks’ of neutral or pleasant situations which had once been forgotten.

No. 325532

Interesting how the drag alter and arcane alters disappear when she stops engaging with drag and arcane, and new precure alters appear when she gets back into precure, really fascinating how that works.

No. 325533

If only the baby angel therapist had seen it before meeting Jill kek I wish they did studies like this on autism and ADHD as well

No. 325534

>This presents a risk of making a false positive diagnosis, which is unfavorable for the patient, because using treatment developed for DID with patients without autonomous dissociative parts may be inefficient or even reinforce their pathology.
Look at that, Jill. Maybe don't fake your BS.

No. 325536

File: 1714151560371.jpeg (575.08 KB, 1125x1559, IMG_1808.jpeg)

Someone also did procreate art of Jill in her dress. Looks like they took some creative liberties on the face.

No. 325539

This also matches behaviors seen in the new wave of cluster B autism fakers, and Jill displays these exact kinds of behaviors in regards to her alleged "autism" too now.

No. 325540

It's also interesting that all the girls in the study had actual diagnosis and were working with professionals. The therapists they saw encouraged the behavior and in 4-5 of the cases were the ones who suggested the diagnosis to the girls.
The only girl that was happy to find out that she did not have DID was glad because it meant that she didn't have horrible trauma. Her therapist was PUSHING her to find and uncover trauma that didn't exist.
Angel Baby therapists are everywhere, and they are a menace.

No. 325543

File: 1714156506596.png (179.1 KB, 616x653, Screen Shot 2024-04-26 at 12.2…)

Shein sucks but… Jillian started her whole "brand" out of mommy buying her expensive Japanese clothes. her entire shtick was expensive mommy gifts and toys and expensive mommy trip to Japan. nowadays that she cant be so transparent about being a spoiled rich kid anymore she has moved into buying expensive retarded decor for the house mommy got her. shes still a retarded consoomer, she just focuses on toys and shit for the rainbow dungeon.
who gives a shit about her opinions on buying anything, EVER? the late disclaimer of "I'm sorry if shein is your only accessible option" like she gives a shit. she never had to buy fake shit in her entire life she just added that tweet to pretend to understand what poors buy

No. 325544

>What happened to the joy of scrolling through mercari

She literally admitted she never used mercari until she bought Sof some keychains recently lmao She never bought any secondhand lolita other than a couple of things from Lacemarket

No. 325545

File: 1714157057739.jpeg (274.26 KB, 2025x1072, 1679058937070.jpeg)

exactly. the criticism shes always been getting is that she talks out of her ass about shit she doesn't know about. i guess shes still mad mommy spent so much money on her lolita larp but no one took her seriously. now shes changing the story kek.

No. 325548

>what happened to the joy of scrolling through mercari
This fat, flabby fucking bitch never knows anything about anything she talks about. A greedy fucking CEO is what happened to the joy of scrolling through mercari. Now every item is about $20-25 bucks more expensive than it is shown as because they pulled a comedian fart moment and are forcing buyers to pay retarded selling fees and etc. A fat, privileged bitch living on mommy and daddy's dime and retarded viewer pity bux talking shit about sustainability KEK she should focus on the sustainability of being a porky slacking stoner bitch instead.

No. 325549

It has nothing to do with any CEO lol Mercari (and the secondhand Japanese market in general) is dead because of resellers. People are buying things for $10 and reselling them on Depop for $50. Have you seen what people are scalping Mezzo Piano for these days? It's insane

No. 325551

Assuming she's talking about actual gyaru brands, we all know those brands were about the least flexible in size. Tons of one size only. Even outside of her hypocrisy, you'd think she'd consider the fact that most girls interested in gyaru will never fit real gyaru brands.

No. 325552

Are you don't know what you're even talking about kek. Mercari stock went down like crazy because of the "buyer fees" they introduced and they put a temporary hold on deleting accounts because so many people deleted once they learned about the buyer fees. I'm not a lolitafag and I don't care about Mezzo Piano, which is a children's clothing brand kek.

No. 325553

No. 325555

What culture? The culture of mommy buying you shit from Asia?
>What happened to consooooming
Both of these things are correct

No. 325563

File: 1714171618805.png (481.85 KB, 720x1105, stream.png)

Stream on YouTube tomorrow.
>This entire thing really is just a BPD "reliving cringe childhood" phase.
Agreed. She's trying to recapture the times where she was considered special.
She will forever mald over this.

No. 325567

File: 1714181001376.jpg (362.65 KB, 720x2819, kek.jpg)

No. 325568

File: 1714181405462.jpg (119.13 KB, 720x1250, s.jpg)

No. 325569

oh god another awful "drag" look we will get 5 videos and 1000000 posts about because she did something other than edibles for once

No. 325574

I think this is Sof's wig and it literally looks like she's sabotaging it

No. 325575

File: 1714196346069.png (389.82 KB, 720x588, 532ru80426223531.png)

Yes, Sof is going as Laala and Jill is going as Falulu.

No. 325576

File: 1714196868258.jpeg (766.57 KB, 1313x1500, IMG_1812.jpeg)

Yeah looks like the character’s curls aren’t complex enough to warrant such effort in the wig. Maybe a slight flip with a hair straightener idk.

No. 325579

>Wig styling is going amazing!!
>Wig looks like garbage
>She's using garbage materials to style it
>She breaks shit
Why aren't sof and steven tired of her shit?

No. 325580

Be the change you want to see, Shein and Temu are in the top 5 most downloaded apps like…people need to stop buying from them if they don't want Shein to completely replace every other fashion outlet. Of course they will sell things people are looking for and buying. The problem is the economy, everything doubled or tripled in price in 4 years (except wages, and the job market is dire, people often searching and applying for 1-2 years for a basic job) and unsurprisingly the girlies can't afford retail shopping anymore.
Jill is a bit out of touch to be criticising this really. People should buy secondhand, thrift or upcycle but that does require effort, time, taste, and sewing/fashion skills and it's unreasonable to expect the majority to have all that. If people can't afford a $40 tee they are gonna spend $3 on Shein, them's the breaks.
Jill should really research this thoroughly rather than judging, she could actually post an insightful video for once analysing the economy, the economic need to shop second hand and upcycle, and the contrasting huge increase in consumers puchasing direct from Chinese slave labour brands like Shien, where often the clothing only has a few wears in it, and how this affects the fashion and retail industry as a whole. Free video idea Jill.

No. 325581

no one needs knockoff j-fashion clothes, nonna. shein is especially wasteful because their $3 shirts will fall apart after two uses, instead of just getting one of better quality at the thrift or saving up to buy a $30 shirt of good quality in a clothing store. $40 really isn't that much for a shirt, shein and online shopping has rotted your brain and concept of garment prices. cool clothes is not a human right. by all means, jill is privileged, but she even specified that it's not about people who can't afford more (i doubt anyone who can access shein and shop online with shipping and taxes can't afford buying second hand at a thrift or charity store…), this is not a stance unique for jill. everyone knows fast fashion, and especially shein/temu, is horrible, but people who shop for specific styles and usually only do so to follow trends always use the "b-b-but they don't have the clothes i like in normal stores!!!" instead of just realising it's not a human right to buy from the worst of the worst. shein isn't even that cheap anymore, especially not if you buy anything but basic white t-shirts. jill's (and others') channel grew because she could afford clothes others could not, now they buy shit quality child slave labour clothes instead of enjoying other's content or appreciating the work behind garments.(derailing)

No. 325586

File: 1714231682970.jpeg (552.5 KB, 1125x1397, IMG_1814.jpeg)

She’s calling out some girl for saying the guy that stole her credit card is “retarded”. People freaking out in additional screencaps. This is retarded because she’s yet again inserting herself in convos that have nothing to do with her.

No. 325587

File: 1714231713568.jpeg (124.68 KB, 750x1206, IMG_1815.jpeg)

No. 325589

>she could actually post an insightful video for once analysing the economy
Please no, I don't think I could handle this
All of the "Jill discusses Real Issues" videos actually hurt my brain with her ignorance and stupidity. I'm not confident this woman knows what the economy even is. Please stop suggesting these.

No. 325590

Imagine trying to gatekeep the word retarded, my god

No. 325592

Kek this. Idk what anon is smoking

No. 325594

>TW: r slur!!
I wish this was satire kek. She's so fucking funny the jokes write themselves.

No. 325595

I mean I think it's embarrassing to be calling things retarded or gay in 2024 when you don't like them but also what does this have to do with AUTISM???

No. 325598

what's embarrassing about it? sometimes something or someone is just plain retarded. it's funny that jillian takes offense to the dreaded r-slur when we've seen her use faggot without issue

No. 325600

It just makes people sound immature and uneducated imo. Like the people I've met irl who use it are the kind of people who haven't read a book since high school. I don't think most people who use those words are actually being ableist or homophobic or anything. They just sound dumb to me

Jillybean is always contradicting herself when it comes to her values and she usually only ever cares about something when it directly affects her. I wonder if she's only freaking out about retard because she's self-diagnosing as autistic now

No. 325601

It has nothing to do with autism unless there’s an accompanying intellectual disability, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before Jill self diagnoses that too.

No. 325602

The only people moralfag about saying retard are self diagnosed "autistics" and genderspecials.

No. 325603

File: 1714249170819.jpg (256.94 KB, 1080x913, retardcrabsinabucket.jpg)

Love the one suggesting you should say idiot when that's an even older slur for mentally disabled people kek

No. 325611

File: 1714259759655.jpg (58.27 KB, 500x540, 7scx4h.jpg)

Here you go Jillian. Since you are so opposed to the word.

No. 325612

>calling things retarded or gay in 2024
How is that embarrassing? Literally everyone does it on imageboards

No. 325613

>>325612 yeah, that's why imageboard cunts sound like hivemind edgy dweebs. It's like they need to punctate every damn sentence with faggot and retard lmao and it makes them sound like loser pissbabies. Now, that's not gonna change so it's not like anyone should give a fuck enough for these loser bitches to change their language but that doesn't make it any less embarrassing.(derailing)

No. 325614

Back when "Sunny" first formed, Jill tried to use the fact that we call her a retard here on lc as evidence that she has true and honest autism. She loves taking it personally because it validates her autism larp.

Of course, Jill always calls people "deranged," "unhinged," "crazy," and "idiotic" when they call her out on her bs, so it's only a matter of time before that gets her cancelled in her self-policing chronically online circles.

No. 325615

Lmao and yet you've punctuated this post with cunt, bitch, and loser like they're going out of style(infighting)

No. 325617

Wow she actually looks decent here- not as fat and blonde hair instead of that rainbow shitstain on her head. She’s wasn’t a good lolita but seeing this shocked me at how much better she looked.

No. 325618

File: 1714272253232.mp4 (4.26 MB, 1280x720, uti.MP4)

Clip from Jill's stream. She talks about UTIs and PTSD. Be warn if you are a headphones wearer as she does get loud towards the end.

No. 325619

File: 1714272500626.mp4 (11.14 MB, trich.MP4)

She talks about trichotillomania.

No. 325620

File: 1714272728113.mp4 (2.4 MB, 1280x720, sarcasm.MP4)

Talks about being bad at discerning sarcasm lately and her mom coming over to visit.

No. 325621

File: 1714272854823.mp4 (10.86 MB, 1280x720, sarcasm II.mp4)

More sarcasm talk. Being around friends who are pretty literal.

No. 325622

Did she create that pixel art background herself? It's simple but pretty cute. If it wasn't for her personality and unwillingness to improve I agree with anons that say she could be a more successful artist, a lot of people love cutesy stuff like that. She isn't amazing but has basic skills that could be improved with a little work

No. 325623

This isn't a thing lmao what is she going on about? She is saying that having PTSD gives you UTI-like symptoms without actually having UTIs and there is nothing about that that's true. She says "look it up" but typing "ptsd uti" into Google gives no results about what she's talking about, but no one is ever going to question her mental jillness

No. 325625

File: 1714275176434.png (43.39 KB, 720x676, b.png)

If any nonnie wants something clipped, let me know.
Not sure. I only skimmed the transcription page so I was not paying very close attention. I'll look a little harder later. Picrel is the description.

No. 325626

With that it sounds like she did in fact draw it herself because if she didn't then it would potentially mean she's using someone else's art without credit

No. 325628

File: 1714277155245.jpg (45.93 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1714277056859.jpg)

I think she must have read about how CSA victims get UTIs and decided she wanted to be a victim too. But she didn't realize the UTIs are from the physical act itself, not the trauma. 2024 Craft college fashion show was tonight. Can't find the student work on their website though.

No. 325629

She just wants to get away with announcing her UTIs to her younger fans.

No. 325631

Her chronic UTIs are such an odd thing because she's blatantly not peeing after sex or she still takes baths with lush bath bombs. There's absolutely no correlation between PTSD and UTIs and she can't even argue that a Dr told her because she's not in therapy nor does she have a GP.

No. 325632

Highly doubt it. It looks like something she found on pinterest. We've never seen her do pixel art before and this one is extremely detailed and well-shaded.

No. 325634

If that's true then she's stealing and using someone else's art (you could argue for monetary gain since it's for streaming) which would be interesting. Even if she commissioned someone for it she should have clear credit to the artist in the description. I was unable to find that exact art online which led me to believe it could be her work, as well the colors and style seem similar to hers, but you make a good point

No. 325635

I feel like pixel art is beyond her skill level, this layout with the textbox as well looks too good to be made by Jill imo (unless she has really levelled up)

No. 325636

She probably got it from etsy or fiverr or something. Lots of people sell somewhat premade stream layouts on there for cheap

No. 325637

That would make sense I didn't even think of that! Still odd that she doesn't link it in the description though if that's the case, it's proper etiquette to credit who you purchased it from is it not?

No. 325638

She probably forgot to credit them because of her "amnesia"

No. 325640

File: 1714288257089.mp4 (17.64 MB, 1280x720, new overlay.mp4)

Jill says she made the layout

No. 325641

Jill should get her retard alter to make a video call-out post!

No. 325642

File: 1714288827983.mp4 (11.54 MB, 1280x720, copyrighted.mp4)

Beware: Jill makes a loud gasping sound in the beginning. Apparently her other stream got copyrighted due to in her words shittly singing Vocaloid. I grabbed a copy of the transcript so I'll look to see if there's more things to clip.

No. 325644

Did she "make" it? Or simply steal it from the internet and photoshop it?

No. 325645

>Can't find the student work on their website though
They still have Jillian's and her classmate's collections up, maybe as an example for other alumni? It's weird that they haven't showcased more since. Maybe they do play into Jillian being the most famous influencer they've had or something.

No. 325646

So "loser bitches" is fine but not "retarded and gay"? Come on
>Of course, Jill always calls people "deranged," "unhinged," "crazy," and "idiotic" when they call her out on her bs
It's yet another instance of her not applying the same values she has for others to herself. She can tell "suck a cock" to a teen with no accountability but don't you dare use the word retarded in her presence

No. 325647

Why is she so happy about getting UTIs and having PTSD? "ITS A TRAUMA THINGGGUWU" it could be anything else like poor hygiene or Steven's dick but she has hold on into "ITS A TRAUMA THINGGGGGGGGGUWU" with the most obnoxious high pitched voice.
Again getting happy about her own trauma signs or whatever. I do believe she used to pull out her hair based on some pictures where she has bald spots but she also said cutting her splitted hairs was trich so who knows.
>Omg I just noticed you're joking I'm so bad at noticing sarcasm lately uwu
That's not how autism works
If she made the background then that was a completely wasted opportunity to make a video or post about it. She usually posts this stuff on social media congratulating herself.

No. 325649

So instead of going to the doctor and doing things that could prevent UTIs, Jill's going to keep getting them for her PTSD larp. She's so fucking nasty.

No. 325650

If she truly made that then I give her kudos for it! Maybe she referenced other art but it still seems like she put in effort and it looks nice. Imagine how different things could be if she had put energy into creating things like this instead of larping mental illnesses. Even creating ugly art is better than the path she has chosen. Alas it seems far too late for her now, you don't easily come back from faking horrific childhood trauma

No. 325651

So she's just now starting to discover what sarcasm is?
I bet someone can go through the threads on here and find examples from the past of her being sarcastic, or even just saying "I was being sarcastic". I'm just suprised her fan base can't put 2 and 2 together. You can't have supportive loving parents that noticed your suffering enough to get you psychological treatment in your teen years, AND have them of ignored your suffering/autism. ALL WHILE YOUR FUCKING BROTHER WAS DIAGNOSED. Make it make sense.

No. 325652

>Talks about being bad at discerning sarcasm lately
Why are all the autism larpers like this, I fucking can't deal with it anymore

No. 325653

This fat bitch is still hellbent on comparing her UTIs from having a nasty snatch and horrible diet to the UTIs children get from being raped. She’s already overshared this info on Twitter and it’s been posted before in previous threads

No. 325654

Her brother is diagnosed?

No. 325658

The way that, if you smoke weed too much and almost every day, can make you forget things. The way that smoking too much weed every day can make you miss "jokes" and sarcasm. The way that smoking weed every day will make you anxious around people. The way that smoking weed every day will make you regress in social situations. The way that smoking weed every day can literally mimic a retards understand of "autism"…. I hate these stupid tumblypoo alt bitches claiming autism. Plus she's a retarded Pisces and she also thought she was nonbinary too. It's always some weed addicted retarded Pisces doing weed addicted retarded Pisces shit. Plus the way that she was hunting for a diagnosis while also no doubt smoking weed and drinking alcohol too. So fucking irresponsible and attention seeking. My drug consumption makes me act retarded so I'll keep doing that when I go and get evaluated for DID!!! I hate this stupid bitch.
I want Steven to lock her in the bathroom and make her detox the weed and alcohol. I wonder if she'll still think she's autistic then.(Weed/Astrology derail)

No. 325659

Does weed actually make you not understand sarcasm? Lmao

No. 325661

I believe it. My uncle is a chronic weed user and he sits there zonked out and reactions are delayed.(no1curr)

No. 325663

Any medical professional worth their certification would never diagnose anyone with a dissociative disorder if they weren't sober

Being high makes it impossible for most people to have/follow an actual conversation, so they will miss jokes or details, but they are prone to agreeing or just laughing along, so they don't think they're missing anything until they're actually made to pay attention. This is what is probably happening to Jill when she thinks she's dissocating - she's just spacing out and when someone makes her come back to earth, she doesn't know what they were talking about

No. 325665

truly shocked she hasn't shared any pixel art before this if this is her skill level? this stuff would pop off on social media. I seriously doubted she had the ability since she's never shared pixel art before and it's a completely different art form than the art she has shared.

No. 325667

Funny that you bring up Doctor Spaceman, at 12:15 in >>325509 she mentions she watched Sarah's corset video twice in preparation to make her own corset. I'm assuming she means this one >>286512

No. 325669

Oh she 100% KNOWS she isn't autistic. All of her breadcrumbing has been super-calculated (Although it's obvious to anyone with comment sense how obvious it is). All of her little mentions of it are filled with medical jargon and just a repeat of what all the fakers say online. Plus mimicking the developmentally disabled autists instead of the high functioning ones. Also, she is a good example of Duper's Delight, she is so giddy about pretending to have all these problems. She knows she is lying, she knows she is neurotypical, she is just a cunt that wants to hop on the "I'm a disabled babbyyy I am not accountable for anything" train with the other larpers.

No. 325671

She is so painfully non photogenic. It goes beyond resting bitch face and into like, permanent shit smelling scowl face.

No. 325673

If she made it she would had posted it, and a wip too, like every drawing she posts online

No. 325683

File: 1714364082570.mp4 (17.75 MB, wig.MP4)

Volume warning. Jill talks about wig styling. Jill says she used a tester wig.

No. 325684

File: 1714365197267.mp4 (4.24 MB, 1280x720, rip.MP4)

Shows steamer head that melted

No. 325685

File: 1714365533459.mp4 (16.68 MB, 1280x720, echolalia.mp4)

Talks about echolalia.

No. 325686

File: 1714365705662.mp4 (13.36 MB, 1280x720, monster.mp4)

Talks about her daily monster energy drink and how earlier this week she drank 2 in 1 day. Says she's 26 and needs to start caring about her body.

No. 325688

She bleaches her hair which can cause hair loss due to chemical mishap. Highly doubt she does good aftercare too. She cares too much about aesthetics than giving her hair the rest it needs. If she can spin something as a mental jillness, she will do it like how she glommed onto the arfid label.

No. 325690

She always screams like this when talking about such mundane stupid aspects of her life like she’s the most special interesting person on earth.

No. 325691

>I'm 26!! I need to start caring about my body!!!
She'll never quit the monster and nuggies diet. Being narcissistic and self-absorbed is far easier and more entertaining than actually growing up and taking care of the body first. Sooooo many fat ass munchies kek.

No. 325692

“Getting used to Echolalia originals” thats… not how that works..? The whole echo literally means your echoing something you’ve heard, how could it be “original.” Its not a freestyling session

And she keeps forgetting autistic people with these tendencies just do them, its not something you try out/“GET USED TO”, she’s being so obvious that she knows nothing and that this is just all an act

No. 325693

>singing a popular song to pass the time while doing an activity is MUH AUTISM now

No. 325694

>Says she's 26 and needs to start caring about her body.
Only now? Kek a bit too late Jill
She said the same thing when she was 23

No. 325695

I'm 100% sure she didn't make that background, she simply edited it but like every other thing she's saying she "made it" herself

No. 325696

Also when she was like 18/19 and said she was going to start using the treadmill while watching PreCure and did it once lol

No. 325697

Maybe it’s an AI rendering that she edited for purpose

No. 325698

Is AI even that good? Some ai nonna needs to come and see if they can get a similar result.

No. 325699

File: 1714402700296.png (101.76 KB, 300x206, IMG_20240429_085642.png)

What the fuck is this b screaming so much for? God she's annoying

No. 325700

AI pixel art is pretty good if you know what you're doing. It's not like she doesn't have all the time in the world to spam commands in an ai prompt

No. 325704

File: 1714407718085.png (11.16 KB, 450x240, 713484ef347f274dd13a80abe1f1e0…)

I think she referenced this art and changed some things around.

No. 325706

Please tell me there’s a filter or something over this she looks awful!!!

No. 325708

File: 1714415730779.png (210.43 KB, 474x317, IMG_20240429_085658.png)

No it's literally a screenshot from the video kek. Here's another one.

No. 325709

Those granny dreams of hers coming into fruition.

No. 325718

File: 1714425603207.jpeg (201.74 KB, 828x935, IMG_4786.jpeg)

Some Jill tweets I didn’t see posted yet. She’s riding really hard on the autism thing

No. 325719

File: 1714425711076.jpeg (60.04 KB, 828x299, IMG_4787.jpeg)

The irony of this after what Jill posted after Sof announced her engagement

No. 325720

AI generated pixel art is that good and it has the added benefit of being incredibly easy to edit because it’s just pixels.

No. 325723

>Buh I'm just some humble little retarded robot uwu and I must rest after doing basic adult responsibilities
She is being so egregious with the autismface kek.

No. 325724

Typical bpd attention whore split shit. Of course she wants friends who make her feel important because how dare Sof (her favorite person) steal the spotlight from her.
It really disgusts me when she comes up with the "im blendy and dissociative todayuwu" shit. Interesting that these posts now go on the private account though. "Waaaaaa:c" shut the fuck up. And she ain't autistic if there's no diagnosis.

No. 325726

Complaining about taxes with no mention of Clint? The DID larp slips further away with every day

No. 325728

I wouldn't even trust her with a diagnosis, she would do anything in her power in order to get a precious golden ticket to being an asshole and receiving asspats for doing so.
And doctors are so ready to coddle losers like her that she would get her diagnosis even though she's clearly not an autist, she was never an autist and she will never be an autist no matter how much she studied autistic people.

No. 325737

From what I have heard nowadays autism diagnoses from autism specialty places are pay2play. You're basically guaranteed a diagnosis, like how it is at gender clinics.(sage your shit)

No. 325738

I don't think she did but if it came out that she used ai it could result in one of the biggest meltdowns we've seen kek I wonder what mental gymnastics she would pull to justify it

No. 325741

As someone who has made pixelart and follows pixelartists, I know she didn't draw this, but she might have cobbled together stolen or dubiously sourced assets, which many do. She has never shown pixel art before and this is too advanced for a first effort.

No. 325743

Samefag after zooming in and studying the pixels there are some mistakes, for example the edge of the roof on either side is a horribly jagged line, the top of the little attic window is not symmetrical and is also a bit jagged, and the way it joins is strange and random, the heart isn't centred, and the tiles on the main roof part cut off in a weird way, like it shows a tiny bit of tile rather than the complete tile ending and there being a space (like a pattern rather than a logical tile) and there are some dodgy random mistakes like wrong pixel colour on one tile outline. So now I'm thinking she did make it, or used ai.

No. 325744

Pls don't bring your astrology in here girlie, starsigns aren't real. But you're right about all her "symptoms" being caused by weed (and energy drinks, and alcohol) she would hate to detox because then she'll just be a healthy person with no special sicknesses to talk about
>I want Steven to lock her in the bathroom and make her detox the weed and alcohol.
That would be her first real trauma and she would rinse it for a decade, but let's be real this man has zero backbone and probably never even raises his voice with her. Absolute panderer. Imo mommy vessey is the only one brave enough to intervene, because Jill always rageposts and vagueposts when she spends time with her or afterwards.

No. 325745

Steven is such an enabler, I doubt he would ever help her

No. 325746

sorry but every pisces I know is the same sort of sensitive, bitch-ass attention seeker type(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 325747

This really just comes off as so petty and passive aggressive especially after her Facebook post. Did she ever publicly congratulate Sofia? If not that's not very "making friends feel important and loved" of you Jillian.

It's not her first effort since she made the pixel art emotes for her members. But it is odd that she didn't gloat about making it. Like you said she probably mixed assets and she's not claiming it just in case one of her fans stumble on the originals.

No. 325748

He probably would say “why ruin a good thing?” if someone confronted him. Kek he’s had a pretty sweet ride for the past few years with a free roof over his head and whatever allowance Jill got. Not a lot of people can say they haven’t had to worry about rent during covid/college. I just hope Jill’s mom doesn’t financially help whatsoever when the patreon bucks tap out.

No. 325749

It’s a huge issue that people like Jill study the disorder they want to be diagnosed with and then show up saying a huge list of all the “correct” things. It’s always been a phenomenon, but post-internet is now insanely common in all kinds of malingerers, histrionics, hypochondriacs and the like.
She did this for her DID “diagnosis” after watching DID creators extensively and deciding to make her own OCs.
Quite frankly the biggest and most obvious red flag is her constant jargon usage for day to day normal human behavior. She’s overexcited to fit everything she does into diagnosis boxes even though it doesn’t match up with the list she’s trying to present.

No. 325754

Let us not forget her abandoned schizo breadcrumbing too. I think it's very telling how she fixates on these disorders that normie people might fearmonger about (DID, schizophrenia, autism) that have no viable solution (like a BPD/NPD can go to therapy and try hard enough and eventually no longer meet the qualifications for that personality disorder). DID, as debated as it is, can have the alters "fuse", as that is pretty much the endgoal of getting treated for DID, however it has reached total meme status now with retarded middle schoolers coming up with retarded rules for this disorder like it's some kind of DnD LARP group or something, so now the rules say she can be born with DID and be a split personality schizo forever because "being multiple is valid!!!!". But because the general internet public realizes how retarded the "I was born with multiple personalities" shit is, it's obvious she is wanting to give up the DID LARP for autism because with DID, if she acts like a retarded bitch people will hit her with the "go to therapy" IE, "get rid of your treatable disorder (because it's possible)". The idea that she could solve her problems does not please Jill. I bet in a few months or by the end of the year she will fully abandon the DID LARP and come out and say she was actually JUST autistic the entire time. Autism = get out of jail free card because there is no viable cure for autism.

Tl;dr, Jill is not satisfied until she can have a foolproof excuse to not grow the fuck up and shape up.(tinfoiling)

No. 325756

he has a job. why does everyone think Jill is the breadwinner, parental assistance or not?

No. 325757

File: 1714502122085.png (641.3 KB, 650x622, pixielart.PNG)

>>325747 adding picrel. this was 6 months ago.

>>325756 i think she definitely was the breadwinner at the start of their relationship because stevie was struggling to get hired in his field after graduation. Now he seems to have been employed full time in retail for a minute now (he mentioned being a retail manager when he was messaging that cure flamingo teenager on twitter) and does occasional gig-work in his field. some nonnies seem to think their situation is the same as it was 6 years ago but in reality her earnings have plummeted while his have risen.

No. 325760

I simply do not believe that she is 100% responsible for creating this pixel art. Her hand-drawing skills are no where near at this level, she cannot be at this level in pixel art.

No. 325761

>when the patreon bucks tap out.
Man this is what I don't get. She did pretty well on Patreon by doing almost absolutely nothing. What a comfy life she had.

Then she had to ruin it with her DID shit, constant twitter fights, and not being able to keep up with her content. So much so that now Steven works retail just to keep HER afloat without her having to move a finger. She really thought it all would work out but she ruined her chances so hard and has yet to prove she has potential to do anything else but jack shit.

No. 325762

I agree. She wouldp have had teased it on Twitter if she really was working on them but she didn't. My best guess is that this is a Fiverr commission.

No. 325767

Yeah, Jill is an alright artist but I've never seen her produce anything at this level. The girl can barely stop smoking long enough to half ass a cosplay. I'll believe she can be decent at pixel art when she live streams her process from beginning to end.

No. 325769

>Jill is an alright artist
Not really, she draws but she's no artist

No. 325777

She needs to start caring now because she’s 26 and drinks 50 monsters a week and not because of the huge amount of weight she’s put on? Why does she insist on acting like a spoiled rebellious teenager when she’s almost 30? I don’t know a single woman that isn’t a developmentally arrested gendie who is addicted to monster/soda/junk food at 26, even the most mentally ill women will kick sugar and energy drinks past like 20 if they’re not working night shifts. It’s such moid behavior
Let’s not start this who’s an artist and who’s not infighting, she makes stuff regardless and it’s usually either ok or shit

No. 325779

This sounds like she's literally just way too stoned, kek! How has she not made the connection that weed makes her feel spaced out and dissociated?

No. 325782

>Let’s not start this who’s an artist and who’s not infighting, she makes stuff regardless and it’s usually either ok or shit
No one was starting this infight but ok

No. 325783

What a weird nitpick, there's plenty of women over 30 that have sugary caffeine drinks addictions. Ask all the Starbucks moms

No. 325786

Keyword in your argument nonna moms. Jillian is an unemployed layabout pothead. She’s not a breadwinner or a mother that runs a household.

No. 325789

File: 1714532631867.png (3.79 MB, 2146x2204, bruh.png)

people itt need to recognize that pixel art is a million times easier than normal art. picrel is from the same person. besides jill's pixel art is not even any good.

No. 325790

agreed nona, pixel art just needs to be an approxmiation of what it represents. of course jill would succeed ~naturally~ at an artform that requires less detail.

No. 325791

Exactly as >>325786 said, those women are likely hustling kids around every day or work an actual job. A good amount of women above 30 watch what they eat/drink because they’re not 18 anymore and diabetes is a real thing. I think an overweight 26 year old without a job saying “wow I need to watch my health and stop drinking multiple monsters a day” is insane, I feel like that’s something she should’ve realized a long time ago and before the weight piled on, not to sound like an anachan. Knowing Jill she’ll probably read this and claim she didn’t know monsters were bad due to autism or some dumb shit

No. 325792

Jill is way too busy larping having 20 people inside of her head to ever truly make it with her art. It's not the quality of her art that is the issue because if she actually made more things she'd get better. It's just that she won't because she's busy feeling disassociat-y and blendy

No. 325796

I wonder if someone could make a timeline and see how sofs relationship evolution correlates with this DID mental jillness

No. 325797

You are vastly overestimating Jill's understanding of color palettes and how it works in pixel art. Yeah, the sketches are rough, but the harmonies of the colors in the completed imagines are far beyond Jill's ability.

No. 325798

File: 1714575101067.png (827.46 KB, 3010x1849, lospec.PNG)

Not that I think Jillybean actually made these but there are tons of premade pixel art palettes online, like picrel from https://lospec.com/palette-list. She wouldn't have had to come up with that on her own.

No. 325799

Tbh doubt she even used a palette, she's somehow too dumb for that. Maybe she just winged it somehow

No. 325801

File: 1714577763623.png (386.71 KB, 578x466, jillemotes.png)

I totally buy that jill made these and the pixel house herself. It's really not that complex and if you look closely the lines are wonky and asymmetrical. It's easy to roughly copy some cute art but "make it your own" and she does have SOME art skills.
Look at her own face emotes. What the heck are those ears? Does she have two sets of them? Is the pink blob supposed to be ear hair coming out of her loooong ears? And what is that hair shape, it's so ugly and misshapen! It looks super beginner-level and little details like where she "clumps" up the lines proves it's not made by a true pixel artist but was winged by an amateur.

No. 325803

To be fair some of those errors look like AI generation errors (extra ears, clumping lines) and the weird stylization also pings as AI. Seems weird for her to keep the errors unless she wasn’t sure what she was looking at and decided to just leave it. If she did make them where’d she get the energy and where is the video because that would’ve been easy content.

No. 325806

>million times easier
Do you think because the image is simple it was easy to make? Using a limited canvas and palette is a lot more difficult (but fun) than normal drawing, just because the final result is simple doesn't mean the process was. There's a reason not many people do pixel art compared to illustration, despite it being #aesthetic and popular.

No. 325807

Right, if Jill is this good at pixel art she should add it to her content rotation

No. 325808

I think the extra ears are supposed to be her gauges

No. 325809

thank you, I was feeling crazy seeing all these nonas say pixel art is easy. like, tell me you've never done it without telling me you've never done it. it just doesn't seem like a skill Jill would have honed at any point since the first time we saw it was her emotes

No. 325811

>>325622 she probs drew it and used a pixel filter on it, you don't need pixel art skills for that and seems coherent with her artstyle

No. 325812

I really do think she has enough focus on certain aspects of the aesthetic without baseline skill and understanding of art forms that it organically ends up looking like AI sludge. Sort of like when kids get really into photoshop anime art and overrender and airbrush an anatomical abomination and make it really sparkly. And the inconsistency in style and skill level between different images is also due to the variety of references used.

No. 325816

sorry nonna i misworded it and made it hyperbolic. what i meant to say is that you don't need to be amazing at traditional art to make decent looking pixel art. i agree, pixel art is an entirely different skill set but jill most definitely doesn't have it.

No. 325819

File: 1714602354231.png (82.63 KB, 720x386, bb.png)

No. 325821

File: 1714602697076.png (42.27 KB, 720x217, jj.png)

This was the tweet the person replied to that Jill retweeted the reply.

No. 325822


this fake bitch always shows her ass isnt any of what she claims with tweets like these. Always with her uwu bullshit

No. 325824

File: 1714603732365.png (35.25 KB, 720x199, jo.png)

Always does in one way or another. Says she has a hard time discerning sarcasm yet understood this was a joke.

No. 325826

So tired of this shit.

No. 325828

I’m so over “moid behavior” being used to describe anything negative.(off-topic/derailing)

No. 325832

Being addicted to energy drinks and nuggies and not realizing it’s genuinely bad for your health until you’re well into your 20s is behavior that you can consistently witness in men. I’m not using the phrase loosely I’m literally describing typical moid behavior and Jill is engaging in it in my opinion(derailing)

No. 325850

no that’s fat people's behavior. look at jill now. and shes getting fatter every month.(replying to derail)

No. 325866

File: 1714745111692.png (1.69 MB, 1518x1434, Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 7.03.…)

Maybe she isn't the one to be breaking this stereotype. She is so un-self-aware it's crazy…

No. 325868

Kek how is she going to go against Sanrio bitches when she's a fakeposi kawiwi rainbow bitch herself?

No. 325869

Most "Sanrio girls" that created this stereotype are BPD-chans just like her lmao They think they're all cute and baby-like, but they're just full of mental illness

No. 325870

i love how her fans beg for less mental illness content and more fashion. so she makes a video about about how sanrio girls are mentally ill

No. 325873

Kek this. She will never learn, nobody ever cared about her takes

No. 325874

I'm so ready to watch her alienate and beef with half of the people who still follow her. She already did this with precure

No. 325875

Wait so she's trying to make a video to dispell the stereotype that all people who dress in pink kawaii fashion are "mentally I'll Sanrio lovers"… But mental illness and kawaii pink stuff is her entire brand?

It makes me think she might just hate Sanrio (also based on how she treated the wet n wild pr package) or dislikes someone who likes Sanrio and doesn't want to be lumped with them. Another case of wanting to be the most special snowflake ever, not at all like those unhinged Sanrio bpd retards of course.

No. 325877

File: 1714755410409.jpeg (85.23 KB, 735x695, IMG_1916.jpeg)

I literally googled “bpd sanrio” and found Jill kek.
I think so too. Sanrio stuff is so massively popular that my friend at hot topic says it’s their #1 seller. Jill will essentially kick herself out from the kaweewee community with this video.

No. 325881

Video is out

No. 325882

Kek this is literally Jillian

No. 325888

She should’ve opened the video with
> hi lolcow
Lukewarm defensive take, she says a whole lot of nothing and essentially just runs cover for toxic behavior (just because they’re cute or like cute things doesn’t mean they don’t have bad days too). She’s also back to claiming to be neurodivergent somehow, bread-loafing autism. Maybe it’s just not my taste but she could’ve made this video half as long and actually written a script to keep it succinct and to the point rather then using it as an opportunity to discuss how she’s not at all toxic because unlike the others she was just having a bad day. As if being judged for our worst days isn’t a fair assessment on compatibility in a relationship.

No. 325889

Skimmed through. I can enjoy an anyalzysis video of internet niche groups, which I think is what Jillybean is trying to navigate her channel toward including. Too bad her shit opinion with "I've seen memes" and broad non judgment opinion of "everybody is a whole person with bad and good traits don't generalize" says nothing. She doesn't have the brain powder to anayalzy and form a real opinion.

No. 325891

I don't want to watch it, but now I feel like I have to, cause the way you said this makes it sound like she really took the broad kawaii/sanrio critique and said
>this is actually @ me guys and it's so unfair

No. 325893

Another 20-minute video on a subject she doesn't understand but saw a few tweets? Does she think accidentally paying Better Help for a year means she's knowledgeable in mental health? She literally drops any therapist that doesn't coddle her and only sees doctors when shes shopping for a new diagnosis. Tiktok fakers is not real knowledge of mental illnesses.

No. 325894

Could barely finish the video because it was just self insert. I thought she was going to actually have an objective take but it's just another attempt to manipulate her audience into seeing her as a primarily good person.

No. 325895

>using it as an opportunity to discuss how she’s not at all toxic because unlike the others she was just having a bad day.
Kek as always it's just Jillian inserting herself in shit she doesn't know anything about to make herself look good again
This. Why the need to manipulate her audience this much? She must be scared shitless of everyone finding her thread.
She wants to be Izzyzz or whatever she's called so bad

No. 325896

The first 10mins really do feel like that.

No. 325929

File: 1714861515950.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1179x9604, IMG_2684.jpeg)

Yeah its just jillian talking about herself with a very nonsensical explanation in the middle about b&w anime andrainbow anime profile pics (had to leave that out or this wouldve been so much)

No. 325930

The examples she gives for toxicity are also super benign. Like people have falling outs all the time, people whinge about friends/family, none of that is toxic. If she’s trying to say that people mistakenly think those are toxic behaviors it’d make sense but instead she’s just using those as a cover. Real toxic behavior is threatening at its weakest and physically harmful at its worst. Things like stealing, getting into physical altercations, shouting obscenities to get someone to stfu, lying needlessly about the dumbest shit or lying about someone in an attempt to undermine them. None of what she described struck me as toxic.

No. 325939

>not on the recommended page
She's becoming self aware

No. 325941

When is she going to be self aware enough to know that nobody gives a shit about kaweewee girls anymore because they’re a dime a dozen?

No. 325944

It is almost astounding how she went from meeting and networking with Sebastian Masuda to posting shit like this kek

No. 325957

The part you marked with flora definitely feels like a shout out to lc, with the whole "people don't believe in my live laugh love persona, they think I'm larping an anime character"

No. 325958

Or that maybe her self absorbed mental illness content is what drove everyone away.
She has no idea how good she had it tbh

No. 325960

Is this why ahe keeps having breakdowns? Does she occasionally remember that she fucked up her chances to make good money?

No. 325961

Right she was handed the good life on a silver platter, had money, loving supportive parents, every opportunity the rest of us can only dream of. And she threw it all away in favor of pretending to come from a life of abuse and trauma so she doesnt have to work. Make it make sense.

No. 325993

File: 1714950725285.png (281.69 KB, 720x554, v.png)

YouTube vid views
>how she’s not at all toxic because unlike the others she was just having a bad day
Having a bad day? What a piss poor excuse. This must be part of the garbage she spews to get herself out of trouble instead of taking accountability for her words and actions. She's pathetic.
Kek, these are great, nonnie. Really showcases Jill's priorities. The only real subject she can talk about is herself. How incredibly boring. She has no real intellectual curiosity.
Life isn't going the way she expected. Remember according to Jill's mom, Collin was intimidated by Jill's ambitions. Yeah real ambitious daughter you got there, Louise. Larps as the main character in an anime at 26 years old. Real impressive.
Spoiled brat told she was special since day one therefore always thought she would be hand given opportunities. Shocked when she needed to put effort in so cue the hard spiral into where she is now. She's going out with a whimper.

No. 325999

Jfc, she isn't doing good.

No. 326007

She's like a snake eating its tail like the narcissism isn't even covert at this point
>reacting to toxic hello kitty girls knowing full well she fits into that stereotype
>cosplay vlog
>reacting to teen me talk about aging and alt fashion
2/3 videos are talking about herself and her fashion/asthetic, when it isn't even particularly unusual in 2024, this type of fashion pretty much became mainstream past about 2018 with egirls/gamer girls and then tiktok girls. Imagine having a reasonable size audience and this is all you can muster up to share with them, just you navel gazing about your fashion, and on Twitter navel gazing about your "fascinating" mostly weed induced mental health issues

No. 326010

These talking style videos are never substantive or interesting. I'm starting to think soapchan has a point and it would be better to do DIY projects to hide her lack of sewing talent than whatever this era of content is.

No. 326011

She's just so late to the commentary/drama YouTube bandwagon, the only ones that must be making money are the people talking about animation cows, or the clearly autistic YouTubers talking about some retard like that one faggot obsessed with Chris Chan.
Everyone is so careful about what they post on the internet nowadays that she's honestly the few people with lots of followers (more than 1000) that still overshares online.

No. 326015

Alt fashion isn’t edgy anymore if everyone is doing it. Would be crazy if she went in the same direction as Kelly.

No. 326019

Her "alt" fashion after lolita was always very normie friendly anyway.

No. 326025

She stood out because she lived on a tiny island in a town of about 35K people (which is the biggest one on the island) so it was so easy for her to stand out there

Once she started the confetti club and realized that 99% of them could cop her style just by going to their local mall, she pivoted to her sustainability arc

No. 326074

You can tell she's flopping hard because not even her thread cares.

No. 326075

File: 1715114287261.png (96.55 KB, 720x544, IMG_20240507_143658.png)

No. 326076

File: 1715114349985.png (310.6 KB, 720x1090, IMG_20240507_143639.png)

No. 326077

File: 1715114385262.png (80.92 KB, 720x313, IMG_20240507_143532.png)

No. 326079

She really doesn't give a shit about other people
>brand yourself as mental health influencer, most of your followers are mentally ill
>tweet unnecessary shit like this

No. 326087

is she was more genuine it wouldnt be a problem posting jokes like that. but, for some reason, she decided to box herself in a "mental illness" influencer and cant even keep up the act.

No. 326090

File: 1715122597169.jpeg (323.62 KB, 828x1427, IMG_5191.jpeg)

Sage for no real milk from her private account but her retweeting in favor of age regression and “unmasking” her totally real and legit autism.

No. 326092

File: 1715122654358.jpeg (699.81 KB, 828x1069, IMG_5192.jpeg)

No. 326093

First rank symptom (FRS) is for schizophrenia, retards

No. 326095

Can someone explain the logic here? You're excited for your eventual hypothetical estate sale. Those typically occur after death. Wouldn't it be a reason TO kill yourself?

No. 326100

Age regression WITHOUT PSYCH SUPERVISION is literally an unhealthy coping mechanism and plenty of mental health professionals have talked about how it is just re-traumatizing yourself most of the time(derailing)

No. 326108

A janny banned me for tinfoiling about her abandoning the DID LARP but why is she liking age regressing tweets when she has a 4 year old alter? That wouldn't technically be "age regression" if we follow the retarded rules about DID. She's a typical bippie about to get ready to shed the old phony personality for a new "authentic" self.

No. 326109

Samefag, just saw this >>326092 but she's not being subtle at all. She throws away old personalities/jillnesses and focuses on the shiny new ones like they're toys. I give it til the end of this year.

No. 326112

her whole youtube channel is about "spreading awareness" of mental jillness all while joking about killing herself and pretending to be a baby instead of going to therapy

No. 326122

if someone she didn't like said something like this she would blow the fuck up and make 10 seething medfag mento health tweets about it

No. 326126

what the hell does that even mean? that she doesn't want people to fight over her plastic hoard?? lol

No. 326131

Iirc she has multiple child OCs but also says that as Jill she “age regresses” to various ages. So essentially she thinks she’s always some form of toddler or tween, which is really her big issue. She needs to focus on how to view herself as a fully fledged adult, not on how to “unmask” her nonexistent autism.
ASD fakers like her are so obsessed with the idea of “unmasking” because it means they can start mimicking all the crap they read online with an excuse for why none of the symptoms match them before they read about it. Jill has always done whatever the fuck she wanted with zero shame, she has nothing to unmask but sure is eager to throw on a disability lanyard and start doing stimmy hand flappies.

No. 326133

>age regression is not sexual
Then why does she involve her bf?

No. 326136

thinking age regression is in any form ok is a sign of social media addiction. its only for degenerates.

No. 326137

I think it does because cadensis collects dolls. When Jill passes I don’t think she will have her collection anymore.

No. 326141

100% agreed. Age regression isn't ok in any way. Just learn to be a silly idiot adult that likes the color rainbow (there's so many of them out there already), no need to pretend to be a fucking child when you play with Legos and smoke weed. I'm afraid that I'm not strong enough to figure out if she wears diapers or something like that.

No. 326142

Channels like hers really are a dime a dozen and they're the plague. Very few med professionals are worth watching on YouTube, let alone someone like Jill that doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about. She really thought her larp made her special and that people would flock to her to watch her pretend to be different color coded OCs. Because if she herself can't be special enough she can be even more so if she larps 15 more rainbow kids. Large fish in a pond type of shit.
It tells you a lot that now her retard takes are behind a locked account. Weak ass.

No. 326144

She's barely hitting 20k videos on topics that are supposed to be her original brand. Her new mental jillness don't even reach 15k. That's bleak numbers.

No. 326145

I’ve noticed she’s been trying to hit the algorithm but nothings working lol.

No. 326157

>age regression ‘little’ age: 4
>profile pic of a baby with a pacifier
Every time. None of these people are regressing to any specific age for mental health reasons, they’re fetishising infancy.

No. 326160

At this point Jill's channel is about how to be a waste of air at 26 and suck ass at larping mental illnesses. A cautionary tale

No. 326161

Binkieprincess gaslit people into believing "age regression" has pure intentions. She was pushing the "it's not a sex thing" but she was selling baby porn LOL. Now all these retards like Jill that watched her youtube etc believe they're not harming anyone.
Yeah, Jill is so niche not a lot of people know who she is anymore. Most of her relevancy comes from cringe comps and precure adjacent videos. A fate fitting for a spoiled brat.

No. 326169

Exactly they are all disgusting pedos, full stop. She kept hinting at being abused as a baby too which makes it even sicker. I'm totally excited for Jill's abdl phase if that happens next, imagine her family's disappointment and the milk.

No. 326178

if you are able to willingly hide being retarded when it suits you, you arent actually retarded. if people could switch between normal and retard, they would all pick normal. you retard.

No. 326185

masking is the super spechul term autists use when they're trying to be normal in public but they think the effort makes it somehow unique. jill obviously doesn't have autism so her version of this is probably being annoying and stereotypical sperg shit that no one does.

No. 326193

File: 1715246733986.gif (947.41 KB, 480x270, 68e61d7bfde80869dd5aa88eee7101…)

>She really thought her larp made her special and that people would flock to her to watch her pretend to be different color coded OC
Yup, she was delusional enough to believe this would be her shtick for everything. She's floundering hard because she built this up in her head as the end all beat all. It didn't pan out the way she wanted despite her going hard right away with the diagnosis impression. Now she's trying her hand at autism since it's the new trend as well as doubling down on having trichotillomania. She's desperate not to be another flash in the pan.
>It tells you a lot that now her retard takes are behind a locked account. Weak ass.
It does. She needed her hugbox to stay her hugbox. She would lose her shit if she didn't have at least one hugbox. Why she feels confident posting those takes as well as stupid photos like the thread pic. It's genuinely pathetic how fragile her ego is.
Just like her larps, she misses the mark. Fantastic.
Poetic for a loser who threw away every chance she was given on a silver platter. I'm still holding out hope that the con will bring an excellent meltdown. Please let her try her hand at the smash competition too.

No. 326195

that's not how masking works. you're as retarded as Jill thinking that autism is being a drooling retard

No. 326201

ntayrt, the point is that if you're capable of "masking," then you're so high-functioning that you're not really autistic. When you meet someone who has autism it's immediately apparent that they have it, even if they're not a "drooling retard." You can tell from their speech, their expressions, walking on their toes, talking too loud, just the general "off" vibe. "Masking" is something that's been made up by boring white girls who want to feel special and reveal that they have secret autism. It's the new fake bisexual. Being overstimulated in loud public places, not liking certain sensations, having passions and interests that others don't find interesting, liking things a certain way, and not understanding every joke are all normal human things and don't mean you have super secret hidden autism.

No. 326203

It's weird because when I was growing up (millennial) only the visibly learning impaired were considered autistic/aspergers and now if you don't enjoy small talk (nobody does!) or if you get shy if people can hear you talking/singing to the camera (literally everyone who's sane and not a raging narc) you're autistic. Definitely am seeing people use it to boost their content for the algo in a very Jill way, of telling a normal story and then adding a few keywords like they were "overstimulated" or the very overused claims about masking whatever in a situation where anyone would be stressed. Funny that even Jill's munchie larp is mainstream now, basically everything about her is so common now (as ways to get attention online lazily) that she's a dime a dozen.

No. 326205

Must depend between countries, I'm also a millenial and here we had a very clear separation between aspergers and autism; autism was when you were a drooling retard, aspergers where when you were a little "off" basically. You are more or less normal but you also tick some of the points that would point towards autism. It really fucked a lot of people over when they turned autism into a whole umbrella term because not only do we have people like ones ITT misunderstanding what high-functioning means but also fakers that abusing said misunderstandings to their benefit in one way or other.
I'll take my ban for derailing, but really some of you are as insufferable as Jill with your preconceptions.

No. 326206

her algorithm would go bananas if she made a video coming about faking an illness for years and being a recovering malingerer with munchausen. literally untapped market right here.

No. 326208

ayrt it's funny because for me aspergers was considered the more severe one, and people didn't really use autistic very often and generally it was meant to mean you're a nerd genius.
Now it seems to mean "very slightly quirky or awkward white woman" which is a fun change. There was like 2-3 years where autism and adhd awareness was useful and genuine and now it's just watered down to meaninglessness.

No. 326209

I would watch the whole thing even if it was an hour long, munchies outing themselves would be an amazing subgenre. She could even use these threads to source evidence of her own lies kek

No. 326210

It's really interesting how it differs so much from country to country, though on top of autism being drooling retards adhd was also considered to be hyperactive retards that would pee in their bed in my country at the time kek in the 90's and early 2000's you only had to be a little bit behind in school to be put in the special ed class really

No. 326213

File: 1715267591547.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1249, IMG_8502.jpeg)

She edits herself so much and it’s so obvious

No. 326214

If the pic didn't cut off where it was, her arm would be wider than her head>>326213

No. 326218

Still baffles me that a fashun designer pixel art creative genius can't pick the right foundation shade for her sweaty pink face

No. 326226

Cute, but the edit is very obvious. I'm happy she finally is learning to look decent after years and years of looking like shit, I still scream to the heavens that one day she will learn to chose a good foundation and leave her eyebrows in her normal color. Glad to see her relaxed face. Maybe seeing herself looking this nice will undo all the bad drag queen makeup retardation she has subjected herself to through the years.

No. 326228

>adhd was also considered to be hyperactive retards that would pee in their bed
lol I literally peed myself and my bed thorough my childhood (along with a plethora of other symptoms) and still didn't get diagnosed as a child because girls cant have adhd. sage for retarded blogposting(blogpost)

No. 326232

masking isn't real and that behavior isn't unique to "neurodivergent" people anyway. the social disability aspect of autism isn't as bad as basically every other one.(derailing medfagging)

No. 326233

Can't believe anon just admitted to this on lolcow.farm (also hilariously this is the first I've heard of adhd bedwetting, very mysterious that the neurodivergent nlogs on twitter/tiktok fail to claim that trait kek)(derailing)

No. 326234

>>326206 noooo Münchhausen is icky like bpd! It means liar! Nobody likes liar and our sweetie babie JillyBean is so frail and sickly! She would never fake!

No. 326246

I find extremely funny how she legitimately seemed more autistic 7 years ago when she wasn't even trying LMAOOOOO

No. 326252

File: 1715311789522.jpg (565.57 KB, 10501x1600, 753245.jpg)

She posted this image on both YouTube and insta too. I grabbed the descriptions since no need to repost same image. Incoming new video.
Agreed. She will never admit she's a fraud because she doesn't want to be held accountable for her actions. She does all this mental gymnastics to justify her nasty and lazy behavior. She's in too deep at this point and the panic is there.

No. 326253

I don't understand why people itt (and on the Internet in general) get so defensive and insist the cow doesn't have a specific diagnosis. We know Jill's a retard, what does it matter exactly what kind of retard she is? The shit she does and says is dumb and no diagnosis would change that. Her entire life is built around being the most mentally ill. That seems pretty fucking mentally ill to me. Why do some of you act like her being diagnosed as autistic would be a win to her? Do you have the same views as her where collecting diagnosis is some kind of achievement? Or are you coping because you're autistic and you don't want to be lumped together with her? Like "I'm fat as well, but I would never do what random fat cow does!" in threads for fat people? But then wouldn't you claim she's more autistic than you, thus worse? I just don't understand why autism is apparently desirable now.(derailing)

No. 326254

I wonder what she's going to do when she finds out the new DID trend is to claim that it was programmed through RAMCOA

No. 326264

Just because she's spoiled and lazy with narcissistic tendencies doesn't mean she has a very specific developmental disorder. People who actually SUFFER from that disorder deserve to not have a larper speak over them, their resources taken away and misinformation spread about them, all while the larper is making it look like a quirky little "stim stim stim" game for views. It's disgusting behaviour and it shouldn't just be ignored.

No. 326270

Because fuck you she is no way shape or form has autism. Full stop. She is a liar, pretending to have a disability for her nasty baby larp and to avoid responsibilities. All these larpers do is hurt actually autistic people who have already had a lifetime of struggle before the tiktokers decided to ruin everything and make it a fun trend. In what universe is that okay? It's like people who fake cancer for money or retardation for government bucks. She isn't mentally ill or nd, she has a personality disorder. A terrible one that she refused to get help for because doctors challenge her behavior instead of giving assets. Enabling her shit takes resources away from the those who need it and spreads misinformation like wildfire.

No. 326273

People in this thread deciding what or what isn't autism/adhd in general feel the same as Jillian when she uses medical terms she doesn't understand kek. It's true she might not have anything at all, she's already faking DID as well anyway, but that's not an excuse to medfag like a retard itt, like who the fuck cares if you're a drooling retard that pissed their bed when they were a kid and now you're defensive of your diagnosis, stay on topic with Jillian for fucks sake(minimodding)

No. 326279

I was thinking the same thing 6 years ago her "traits" were obvious low functioning tier traits. But now she seems like she wants to be more blatant with her autism and it doesn't read well.

No. 326285

She's not autistic and never has been, she just has BPD and they all come off like weird soulless freaks.

No. 326289

File: 1715386058084.png (79.91 KB, 720x440, 54689777.png)

No. 326292

File: 1715387292782.png (588.55 KB, 720x1019, jm.png)

YouTube streaming tomorrow.

No. 326293

File: 1715387562487.jpg (60.29 KB, 720x674, jh.jpg)

I found this comment under her community tab announcement promising a new video this weekend. Thought I would post it because I got a laugh out of the "been healthier in a lot of ways".

No. 326301

File: 1715397368010.jpg (313.37 KB, 1080x1527, 1000023395.jpg)

>parallel play
Would it kill her to stop using these types of words that are clearly made to describe children's behavior?
For adults it's "being alone together" a term that's old as fuck, but of course she needs to make sure everyone participates in her ageplay fetish.

No. 326307

Rather than ageplay, I think she's larping her autism again. Parallel play is said to be frequent for autistic children.

No. 326309

In this case it's Jill trying to shoehorn being autistic. She's used it before like when Sof came over to watch something (pripara?). Basically it's too pedestrian to write that she's merely multitasking. Why use dull words when she can stretch the truth? It's like how she totes has arfid because she prefers her toddler diet and needs the right recipe to try broccoli.

No. 326311

she's just a lazy fat cunt that was spoiled by rich parents and now malingers to not get a real job or pursue education. how fucking new are you?

No. 326315

>You're glowinggg yassssuwu
She really is not kek

No. 326319

File: 1715437024858.png (86.06 KB, 720x476, heh.png)

Probably still mad no one replied to her email too. Kek

No. 326322

She’s always saying she’s getting better and healthier but she’s been steadily going downhill for years.

It’s both. Autistic adults don’t talk about doing “parallel play” any more than non-autistic adults do (unless they’re infantilising themselves).

No. 326329

She posted a new video

No. 326330

She keeps making these opinions videos and shit but isn't this just a waste of time at this point? She's a microcelebrity at best, she should just do crafts, no one really cares about her opinions.

No. 326331

Funny how she's still talking to this Katie retard even after the racist comments the retard made. If only to spite and mald over McLean even though no one cares anymore.
Kek. Can't help but think this is a direct response to the anons itt asking her to make more short content.

No. 326333

This looks nothing like her and genuinely seems like she's trying to look vaguely Asian to appear to koreaboos

No. 326335

In the livestream Jill says re watching steven universe will be "trauma", the way she throws around serious terms is so weird

No. 326336

samefag, but I find it hilarious how Jill keeps insisting her health issues are her "body falling apart because she's not 25" while drinking monsters every stream.

No. 326337

This is 100% because she first watched it with Colin. So traumatic guys.

No. 326338

like 35 minutes into the livestream Jill tells a story about how steve opened the door on his way to work and told her she should go outside and take a walk, she tries framing it as cute and romantic but it honestly sounds like him telling her get off her ass

No. 326339

Boyfriend says "touch grass" and she thinks it's a sign he gives a shit, her standards are so low, I can't understand how they're still together

No. 326342

I mean tiktok has just kinda fallen off with adults. Tons of people stopped using it in the last year for one reason or another. But leave it to Jill to instead of saying “idk it just annoyed me” to make it “it annoyed me because I had a fusion uwu”

No. 326343

So many "content creators" start making more and more personal content about their lives instead of the topic that got them the attention in the first place. I guess it's easier to sit down and talk about yourself than to craft, sew, etc. Forget cosplay, fashion or travelling - it's all about Jill now.

No. 326345

So much this, jill could never run a small business studio vlog series or anything like that (even if it was her making and selling soaps) because she’s too used to making everything about herself now. Even in situations where she doesn’t have to insert her mental jillness, she does. It must be mind numbing having to constantly think about new exciting things to share about herself given she’s so boring and doesn’t do anything.

No. 326346

Ew she really says that? Olympic athletes are statistically in their prime at 26, sounds like fatty is coping.

No. 326354

File: 1715477110015.png (705.15 KB, 585x1033, j98654.png)

Omg right, nonnie. The monster in her hand really makes it funnier. Can't talk/plead her way out of a bad diet. She can pretend she's eating healthier but her body knows. Can't fool her body with her shit eating habits.

No. 326355

File: 1715479529252.png (656.33 KB, 688x486, IMG_5490.png)

This is not the same person kek

No. 326362

File: 1715488156826.mp4 (5.96 MB, 720x1280, Past 25 core.MP4)

Over a sinus issue

No. 326363

File: 1715488672139.mp4 (14.32 MB, 720x1280, not shaking.MP4)

Talks about fighting headache with monster energy drink as she already drank some water.

No. 326364

File: 1715488770455.mp4 (5.02 MB, 720x1280, Stevie outdoors.MP4)

Clip of Jill retelling the story of Stevie telling her to go outside.

No. 326366

File: 1715489648744.mp4 (7.58 MB, 720x1280, anxiety.MP4)

Jill talks about stopping theater after senior year and how her anxiety was starting to get worse.

No. 326367

File: 1715489817260.png (579.58 KB, 588x832, wing closeup.png)

Close up of wing

No. 326370


No. 326372

A sinus issue she caused by having a genuine addiction to nasal spray, that she has been clearly warned about but chooses to disregard and abuse like any ol' addict.


No. 326375

That sinus spray thing is no joke. Sorry for blogpost but my brother and dad were both addicted to nasal spray and both had to get surgery to fix the damage it caused. It’s all quirky and kawaii until someone gets nasal polyps.(blogpost)

No. 326376

Is she just wearing a measuring tape to look like she’s actually crafting? Also what are the wings for? Just some weird idea that will never come to fruition?

No. 326379

>"I thought you were gonna drink the glue to fight your headache!" = funny
>"i would be EXILED from the SYSTEM if i CONSUMED glue while FRONTING! Can you imagine?!" = You need 3 layers of brainrot to even "get" what shes saying. she even holds her breath like she was going to laugh… at her own joke… about her imaginary friends…

No. 326381

File: 1715497878389.png (290.67 KB, 720x546, view.png)

Full title of the video
Wings are for the Falulu cosplay for the con.

No. 326385

File: 1715516388370.gif (1.94 MB, 500x300, a7im8e8aqr491.gif)

>the McLean Disaster
this makes it sound like some kind of catastrophic event where people died kek

No. 326387

she needs to STOP the baby talk, this is so much more cringe than being fat or having shitty hair i swear to god i never want to hear her say this again.

No. 326388

I think she still looks like herself just with more makeup, filters, and a cutesy pose.

No. 326389

>>"i would be EXILED from the SYSTEM if i CONSUMED glue while FRONTING! Can you imagine?!"
Kek why is she like that? She's the one who came up with the system anyway

No. 326391

did anon seriously compare a filtered full make on pic to an unfiltered no makeup pic.

No. 326394

What's with all the navel gazing videos now? who cares?

No. 326395

Yes. The point is that you're still supposed to look like yourself in polished pictures with makeup on because your bone structure is the same. Something people on social media have forgotten.

No. 326397

kind of like the wings, she should do more crochet, she's better at it than sewing. I know she probably just found some pattern online and didn't come up with it herself, but at least she can follow directions.

No. 326398

These are for a cosplay??? They will look so heavy and awful

No. 326399

She should have just used feathers and cardboard like everyone else. Bedazzling it like Sarah Spaceman is never the answer lol.

No. 326403

She shrunk her nose, blurred her cheeks to nothing, erased her eyebags, and shaved her jawline, this is egregious she's literally lying about what she looks like with these edits

No. 326404

isn't it on the boycott list? or are her feefees more important to her?

No. 326406

>>326404 Yes it is. But remember she went on retweeting some whiney bs about poor people not being able to boycott as an excuse as if there aren't other things to consume except they were all tweeted by equally spoiled and privileged white women so they can guilt others into excusing their shallow consumerism just like Jill's.

No. 326408

She tweeted about giving up her McMuffins and said something like "if us arfid girlies can give up our safety foods then you can too"

No. 326410

I actually like the wings, they look cute, but it's clear she's doing it for attention points rather than being accurate to the cosplay.

No. 326412

She looks like herself, just with makeup and filters on kek.

No. 326413

>>326333 I fucking called it didn't I, she is trying too hard to look vaguely Asian now

No. 326415

She’s going to stand out that’s for sure.. not in the way she thinks she will. They are cute! They look like they belong on a cute top. Like a crochet tank top in the same white yarn with them on the back. Not for a cosplay.

No. 326417

Agreed 100%
I really don't see this "she's trying to look asian" tinfoil at all, like, I don't see it.

No. 326420

File: 1715546961301.jpg (172.66 KB, 720x1326, d.jpg)

No. 326421

File: 1715547347457.png (154.78 KB, 720x778, d2.png)

No. 326422

Holy crap a whole ass cheesecake on top of a milkshake. Those are like 1000 calories per serving.

No. 326424

This is the most (North) American thing I've seen all day. Disgusting

No. 326426

Trying to look nice and cute = "looking asian", maybe compared to overweight genderblobs. the absolute state of the west.

No. 326428

feeder steeb confirmed

No. 326432

she doesn't look at the camera for half the video, does she think it makes her look autistic ? like not being able to make eye contact ?

No. 326433

An entire video when the real reason was because the meanie tiktok kids were bullying her because she acts like a retarded baby for sjw disabled brownie points.

No. 326437

>the meanie tiktok kids were bullying her
Kek this, she really failed to mention that part. "I grew out of it" my ass
>And shit
Kawaiiness mask fell off

No. 326438

File: 1715575807002.jpg (27.97 KB, 720x211, 86532467.jpg)

No. 326441

Lmao is she lurking?
>Asian is when fat white girl wears eyeliner and poses for the camera

No. 326448

I'm just laughing. The dude asks her to get some fresh air before he goes to work. She proceeds to stay inside chugging energy drinks. He can only get her to leave her plastic trash pile by ploying her with a high calorie dessert.
Fucking kek she's a pet pig. Turning pink and all.

No. 326450

While this milkshake is ridiculous (not gonna lie though, I would love to try one kek), anons seem to be suffer from illiteracy again or willfully ignores that she and Steeb shared it.

No. 326451

Anon be real you know the multiple personality porker ate most of it.

No. 326452

Stevie isn't exactly a skinny queen either, they were probably counting the spoons

No. 326453


No. 326454

Yeah Jill’s 5 spoons to every 1 of Steeb’s. Remember multiple personalities are technically different people after all.

No. 326459

They as in Jillian and Steven
True she has to eat for 6 other people in he body kek
Kek I also agree it looks delicious, it's the kind of dessert you should only eat once a year or once in a lifetime though, specially considering she already eats a shit ton of sugar
Yeah I can't believe the only way to make her come out is by offering huge milkshakes kek

No. 326463

She wishes she was a pig, kek, at least pigs eat raw vegetables daily, she wouldn't dare touch a raw vegetable.

No. 326465

Anon it's clearly because of her debilitating autism and not because she's an immature fatty womanchild addicted to saturated fats and refined sugars!!!

No. 326474

This sounds so awkward like how do they always have first date energy after so many years together. Logically taking the cake out and one person eating the cake and the other eating the milkshake would make more sense than whatever she is describing.

No. 326475

I'm guessing instead of alternating the bites at a reasonable pace, greedy jill jammed her spoon in every other second pausing only to shovel its contents into her mouth, creating chaos as Stevie scrambled to catch up.

No. 326476

File: 1715646231573.jpeg (210.18 KB, 828x788, IMG_5560.jpeg)

No. 326477

>Old lady
Can she please stop this shit

No. 326479

She only feels old because she eats like a typical fat-ass, doesn't excercise, doesn't go outside, and drinks 10 monsters a week. Literally decaying as we speak.

No. 326487

Her mindset sucks. No wonder she's in this nose dive. So does that make Stevie ancient then?
Exactly. She also makes her friends go to her place. Has she even been to Sof's new apartment?

No. 326492

File: 1715661337973.jpeg (483.33 KB, 828x1176, IMG_4983.jpeg)

Jesus Christ she has no room to talk about bad styling

No. 326494

At least the clothes that the model is wearing are finished and surely being sold/sold out as we speak.

No. 326506

Y’all will really defend anything if Pixie hates it lol, this is objectively bad.

No. 326507

They're pointing out how lazy and hypocritical she is. They're not defending the shit-ass outfit, just saying at least it's a finished design. Which Pixie can't do. Do you get it now…

No. 326510

Jillian's styling isn't exactly better than the picture's though, her models all had the wrong underwear, weird scars and red parts on their bodies and shit-fitting clothing that's impossible to wear irl unless you're a cow like Jillian.

No. 326511

>Been smoking weed since I woke up this morning. Wears a fat munchie OUT

No. 326515

The skirt is ugly and I thought she also just stood up from the toilet kek, that said Jillian-made clothes are way worse

No. 326517

even someone who cooks top ramen for dinner can tell when shit tastes bad. it feels like a nitpick to say she can't ever judge ugly fashion because she doesn't have skill

No. 326519

You’re right but it’s more like they’re mocking that she’s like an instant ramen maker who calls herself a chef. She’s more pathetic than whoever made that ugly ass low effort fit, not because of lack of skill but more because she has a huge ego and sees herself as this ultra special burned out gifted kid cursed with being extremely sick and tragic and unique, when it’s more like she’s just mediocre and lazy and thinks about herself too much.

No. 326520

File: 1715703521265.jpg (246.65 KB, 1080x1481, 1000024654.jpg)

It's just ironic, specially because she says that she graduated from fashion school but somehow hasn't been able to actually sell clothes that she has made herself nor she hasn't been able to launch her collections.
Here's something to help you out, nonnie, I know it can be difficult to understand irony and sarcasm when people have conditions like yours.
>https://www.clinical-partners.co.uk/for-adults/autism(bait )

No. 326525

>>326520 when Jill's posters are more autistic than Jill herself no matter how much she bread loaves. Let's stim stim stim guys!

No. 326527

File: 1715708840072.jpeg (966.47 KB, 1170x1233, IMG_8645.jpeg)

Literally what chronic illness jill

No. 326528

Jill type 2 diabetes arc incoming.

No. 326531

Reposting some affirmation doesn't mean anything, especially when your mental Jillness is so far gone. At this point, her dreams are far beyond the weed clouds and phone screen in front of her.

No. 326550

I absolutely despise how she has made “my body is falling apart/i’m an old lady/I'm past 25” into an identity because she’s void of any actual personality. Jill, your body is falling apart because you’re letting it, not because you’re “”””old”””” now. Jesus christ. I’m legitimately stunned at how she would rather call herself an old lady as if she’s acting respectful to older women by doing so than to do some stretches, eat less and do some home fitness

No. 326551

What's weird to me isn't even how jill keeps talking about being old (though she's not), it's how obsessed she is with being seen as a toddler / baby and seems to hate being an adult. I can understand thinking adulthood sucks and liking childish things but she genuinely seems to think she's old and decaying and wants to be 3 years old.

No. 326553

She's just a perpetual victim, there's people who are 40, 50, etc that are doing way better than she is body wise because they don't sit and rot all day

No. 326555

It makes sense because she infantilises ‘grannies’. In her mind, babies/grannies don’t have to work and can lounge around eating sweets and playing/crocheting all day. Babies/grannies are helpless and need a carer to do all the hard stuff for them. It’s probably only a matter of time before she shifts from “I’m literally a lil babby” to “I literally have early-onset dementia uwu”. The autism LARPing is just an excuse to skip the whole functional adult part of her life.

No. 326556

theres a retarded branch of the internet that thinks reposting affirmations is promoting mental health when its really revealing how cunty a person is

No. 326559

Can’t wait for the full chronic illness arc. She’s so close to being Phoebe Tickner, she just needs to get a little fatter and buy a mobility aid.

No. 326564

You know she's eyeing mobility scooters to cover with plastic shit and rainbow paint.

No. 326567

Gluing rhinestones onto her munchie accessories is going to be pixie content sooner rather than later. She doesn't take care of her body, so instead of exercising she's going to lean into how "bad" physical movement feels, and because she doesn't actually need mobility aids they're going to make her even worse. I'm shocked she doesn't have a precise physical chronic illness claimed yet. Could add to her neglectful parents story.

No. 326572

File: 1715806079833.png (98.55 KB, 720x506, gtfuj.png)

No. 326573

File: 1715808061232.jpeg (561.27 KB, 828x1212, IMG_4986.jpeg)

Now she has fancy silverware to eat her tendies with

No. 326574

I'll never not get mildly creeped out when she refers to "her parts" especially in context of other people like this is a really gross sentence
>all our friends and family knowing our parts for years now
For nonnas in different locations, private parts = genitals is a worldwide thing right? Like it just sounds so wrong to me (britbong)

No. 326575

Does this dumb bitch think "made in japan" means it's japanese?

No. 326576

Jesus what a waste of money, it looks like the kind of cutlery that used to come with lunchboxes in the early 2000's, just because something is vintage doesn't mean it's fancy, it's just old, specially now that everything from the early 2000's is considered vintage, and it shows.
I'm pretty sure she could've gone to any store and bought something similar, she could've used that as an excuse to leave her rainbow hovel and visit another city even.

No. 326577

the first time in awhile she does something sustainable and you're furious about it?

No. 326578

I was just going to say. lmaoo

No. 326579

She should get a real job if she wants to bitch about MUH SUSTAINABILITY.

No. 326580

Sustainable would be to continue to use the perfectly fine cutlery she already had, not buy more junk just because "zomg pink!!!".

No. 326582

Might as well had bought it from Temu

No. 326583

Why would you brag about spending 60$ on silverware when you're trying to LARP working class struggle to your followers that don't have mummy's funds to count on? Hasn't she complained about the cost of healthy food?

No. 326587

File: 1715835005985.png (72.81 KB, 720x901, 00947349.png)

New community post

No. 326588

the fact that 10 years into youtube, she doesn't have a grasp on what days of the week people are most likely to watch stuff…

No. 326596

She probably blames the days she chooses to put out content for why her videos aren't performing well instead of the fact her content being absolute garbage.

No. 326602

If her videos have been severely underperforming for over 2 years she needs to stop chasing the dragon. Remember this is the same woman that tried to hop on Keffals coattails during the #dropkiwifarms fiasco. She is trying everything she can to get back on top but nothing has worked and when her views did spike those viewers did not stick around.

No. 326604

She's trying everything except for the obvious advice we give her all the fucking time. Craft videos, more shorts and instagram reels, less retardation online, even soap is fine, but she keeps making low effort shit with her shit opinions no one asked for. Trading her fashion videos, including the one for her graduation, for DID and mental illness content was the stupidest choice and "sustainability" is also not her brand. Whatever she's doing she's not doing well enough.

No. 326607

we are supposed to believe she lives off youtube alone but her channel has been dead for years and she doesnt even care. shes always tweeting about being a content creator but to whom? she lost her entire audience and uploads irregularly about shit her audience already said they don't want (eg DID shit)
shes not living paycheck to paycheck like she claims. theres no urgency in any of this. cant even google whats the best day to upload. why care about your dead career of 2 years if mommy is paying the bills anyway? exactly

No. 326608

>>326583 because she grew up well off, of course poverty for her is still like upper-middle class to us kek

No. 326612

Yes she’s living comfortably somehow. Like all that weed and monsters don’t pay for themselves. It certainly helps she doesn’t leave the house much but makes you wonder what she buys in an average week.

No. 326613


She makes money (that we know of) from Youtube (past/present), Patreon ($600 a month), occasional youtube live, previous savings account (probably empty by now) and very occasional sponsorships. Plus Stevie's job, which probably does most of the heavy lifting.
It's not /impossible/ to live like that, she'd just need to drop spending (which we've seen evidence of), and having parents help with any emergencies/big purchases. Her rent was originally just under 1k, and while it has most likely jumped up, it's probably still cheap because of the area (cheap side of town). That being said, she is probably just breaking even. No way she is putting money away like she used to brag about doing.

No. 326620

the average influencer is not business oriented

No. 326632

I missed a few threads and now she already have two new alters, the sun one and one more?
And Veronica is gone?

Also I will never understand the life being lived where "why I left tiktok" is a whole ass video and LifE UpDaTe and not just "delete app"
Also, shout out to this Nona before she really got going

No. 326634

File: 1715950432391.jpg (64.5 KB, 785x320, SmartSelect_20240509_152228_Fi…)

Samwfag dropped pic like a tard

No. 326635

Her mum owns that house and likely isn’t having her pay much in rent.(proof?)

No. 326637

are you just making things up at this point, or are there actual proofs? why would louise buy a whole house in bumfuck, nowhere, just to rent it out to her daughter

No. 326639

You can. I don't think some of you realize how willing people are to throw money at people online and how much revenue you can actually make. It is livable. This isn't the early 2000s anymore. Influencers actually have a personal economy and being like Jill isn't rare either. Of course she makes a living off it. Not like she's doing onlyfans and making bank, but she's lower-upper if anything. Not even middle class.

No. 326640

I don't think that's the case, as she has mentioned in the past that her landlord was OK with them painting everything so long as they paint it back when they move. Right?
Though I'm also sure Louise owning it is possible.

No. 326643

Her mom once said she helped Jill when she first moved (we haven't heard anything concrete since then). Also, it's not a house, it's a unit in a long building. Very doubtful Louise bought an entire complex to offer Jill cheap rent (though that would be a good way to make money).

No. 326647

pov you're anon here and you think "making money online is easy in 2024" is a revelation to any of us here, no shit she has multiple revenue streams, but she also isn't doing 1k fashion hauls, travelling abroad, or really showing any sign of excess income. I am sure patreon and stevie and some rare sponsorships pay the bills, but you can just use available evidence on her own profiles and see she isn't loaded and just has an average income.

No. 326652

>Jill is lower-upper class, not middle class.
Put down the pipe, anon. Jill lives in Fredericton, AKA, crack capital of New Brunswick. She is not living a lower-upper class life (what does lower-upper class even mean kek). From what she shows us online, it looks like her and Stephen are financially under-educated young adults that make poor money choices (e.g.,: her $60 kawaii desu silverware set) that hold them back from improving their economic situation. From what I gather, her boyfriend is the one that brings more disposable income into the home based on full-time retail manager position (I can't remember which thread now, but when Jill was arguing with Precure teenagers Stephen sent a voice-note to one of them where he claimed he was a retail manager). He hasn't updated his LinkedIn profile with the job information, but he has logged-in recently enough to change his pronouns to "they/them" which points to him using LinkedIn as recently as ~2020 (I think this is when he "came out" as non-binary). The average pay-rate for retail manager is ~$25/h in NB (as found on https://ca.indeed.com/career/retail-manager/salaries/New-Brunswick) or about <$2500/month after taxes assuming his work-schedule is 30h/week as normal in that field. All together, they probably have a household income of ~$30k-40k/year.

Her rent when she first moved in a few years ago was ~$1000 (as mentioned here >>326613 ) so over the course of the last few years, it's probably only gone up <$300, since there was a rent-increase cap in 2022, and in 2023/2024 the highest rate for rental increase was 7.3% (https://globalnews.ca/news/8704728/nb-tenants-landlords-rent-increase-cap/ & https://thisisnewbrunswick.ca/landlord-raise-rent/), with most landlords opting to raise rent by ~5% per year before COVID-19. Recently, there have been talks about increasing that rental cap (something like 14% over 2 years). With that information in mind, since she moved into the apartment about 4 years ago, we can assume her rental rate has increase to about $1250 [assuming her initial rent was 1000, [1000 + (1000 x 0.073) + (1000 x 0.05 x 2) + (1000 x 0.07)]. It could be possible that her rent was increased to as high as $1350/month or that the landlord didn't raise the rent at all since she's moved in. I'm unsure if she pays for her hydro usage, but most places in NB will ask that the tenant pays their own hydro bill (but not the heating bill) so that could be an additional $100-200 per month. From an outsiders perspective, it looks like Jill and Stephen are stuck in their current apartment because of financial constraints; the rental market around them has significantly outpaced their income (not just in their local area, but across the country) in the years they've been living there, so now they can't afford to move out of their apartment or find a new one unless they want to take in other roommates, or move back in with their parents in PEI.

With this in mind, she earns just about half her assumed monthly rent via her Patreon alone (she makes $7656/year through Patreon). So at the very least, she has the means to cover her half of the rent (assuming her and Stephen split it) every month just from one source. I'm unsure how to gauge how much she makes from ad revenue on her Youtube channel. She's unemployed, so I assume the rest of the money that she makes from her online activities goes towards her spending money. Since in NB an individual has to make more than ~$35k/year on an online venture or a hobby for that to be taxed, I don't think Jill has to pay anything on her Patreon revenue or her other online revenues. Jill has mentioned that she hasn't filed her tax returns in the past, but assuming she has filed this year she'd also be making about ~$260/year on her carbon tax benefits at the very least. She could be receiving more tax benefits like the NB Low Income Tax Reduction (LIR), but that would be dependent on whether she has to file the money she makes from her online ventures as taxable income. All this to say that Jill seems to be just making enough to afford her rent, her marihuana habit (She may drive to nearby Indigenous reserves to buy cheaper weed there, but I'd guess she spends at least $200 a month on weed from what she's uploaded re: her smoking habits in the past), her Monster energy drink habit (In NB, they are often sold as a 2 cans for $6+tax deal, so assuming she drinks 2 a day that's already $48 dollars a week), and perhaps some groceries. I assume Stephen pays for more things in the home.

Taking all that into account, I think it's safe to say that Jill as an individual is not "lower upper class." Besides what I've highlighted in my post, there are other cultural signs that point towards them being working-class people that are bad with money. One of the more obvious ones is throughout their relationship, they've never vacationed anywhere. They've gone back to their home province of PEI a few times, but never went on a national or international vacation once. Not even to Cuba, a popular choice for Canadians for its affordability. Most financially secure people in their late 20s would have taken a couples vacation by this point in their relationship, they've been together for nearly 6 years and they have never, to my knowledge, traveled anywhere together besides back to visit their parents in PEI. Another point is the clothing; to me, it looks like Jill hasn't bought new clothes in a long time. She's often sporting some hideous Walmart branded blanket-sweater in her more candid content, and it looks unwashed. Besides clothing that she wears, the clothing material she chooses for her fashion projects is often cheap and of poor-quality as pointed out by other anons in previous threads.

[redacted: doxxing. Do not post people's employment information, especially if you are tinfoiling it and not even sure to begin with.](heretofore unmatched levels of autism and doxxing)

No. 326653

nona this is incredible but also deeply disturbing

No. 326655

Nona, I…
>silently bows, while gently weeping and doffing my cap to you
If the copypasta thread is still going on OT I think this is a worthy addition

No. 326656

File: 1715991880246.gif (235.94 KB, 342x342, downloadfile.gif)

Cliffenona laying down the tax law

No. 326657

If the business thing is legit I wonder if the store he's working at is expanding and he's going to be a co-owner/store manager? That's the only thing I can think of that would make sense kek. I mean if you think about it the fact they haven't bought a new car after like 1-2 years Jill crashed the last one says a lot.

No. 326659

He was working at a toy store in their town called ThinkPlay at some point, they often used his photos in online posts, but nobody knows if he is still there.

No. 326661

when he was messaging that teenager on precure twitter that Jill was fighting with he mentioned being a retail manager so I doubt he is working at that toy store anymore.

No. 326662

It could be that he just got promoted at the toy store, I always thought when he said "retail manager" he was talking about like a shift lead or keyholder or something and not the actual store manager position

No. 326663

This was incredibly insightful. The mod needs to cool it with their retarded and unfunny redtexts itt holy fuck faggot why leave an annoying redtext on this amazing post. You are not funny.
Anyway thank you anon. This bitch genuinely needs to get a real fucking job. They'd be in a slightly better financial decision if she got a fucking job and took anons' advice itt and updated her algorithm approach to posting. But no, being a chronic attention whoring fatty with a made up mental illness is just too tempting to her retarded ass.

No. 326666

>Not even to Cuba, a popular choice for Canadians for its affordability.
To be fair I don't think Jillian cares about vacationing anywhere that isn't the US or Japan.
>Freaky Deaky
Kek this is funny because it both looks like a name that Jillian would pick + Steven can get freaky sometimes.

No. 326667

Didn't Jillian live in a townhouse?

No. 326668

Kek I saw this post deleted 3 times I'm hoping this is your final edit
I remember her mentioning on her Twitter that she's saving for a Japan trip in 2025 or 2026. It's still weird that she's never vacationed anywhere with her boyfriend, even when she was going to Montreal for that concert last year she took her mum instead of him. Maybe it's because he can't take much time off from work because without his income they're fucked, but still it's weird they've never gone anywhere together. You'd think after 6+ years they would have at least gone to Toronto or Montreal for a weekend getaway.
>Steven can get freaky sometimes
I'd argue that he's a freak in general. No normal well-adjusted 27 year old man sends 30 dms to a 14 year old Precure stan trying to brainwash her into thinking his girlfriend is a good person. That's creepy freak territory.
She lives in a unit of a townhouse, or terraced house in Brit-talk, but she rents it so it could still be considered an apartment

No. 326669

we finally get some milk of stevie who is obviously funding pixies lifestyle and it gets redtexed for what I assume is formatting mods pls

No. 326671

Tbh I have the sneaking suspicion that her mom paid for them to go to the concert together. Otherwise why would Jilly be so angry afterward after what I presume was a "get your shit together Jillian" talk from Louise?

No. 326673

Honestly this isn't even particularly autistic? All the rates (wages, rent increase the past few years, average rent in various areas like HCOL vs LCOL) are almost the same as a similar area in the US too, and I'm sure there are plenty of Canadian/Burger anons posting in here. If you pay for your own food and go grocery shopping, you probably know the prices of junk food/sodas/etc whatever even if you don't buy them, mostly because grocery stores stick them in front of your face in the front. Then it's easy to google her patreon and her/Stevie's full names. The only remotely autistic thing is the 3rd paragraph about Canadian tax law, but if nona is Canadian then it's also not really a stretch. IIRC anons have discussed her taxes and qualifying for tax deductions before, after Jill tweeted about them. Even a few years ago one anon guessed she made ~50k after saying what she paid in taxes and she definitely makes less now

No. 326676

>Not even to Cuba
This post makes me wish Jill and Stevie would travel to a country where people are actually struggling. that would be hilarious.

No. 326677

Damn nonners nice break down and excellent find. Wonder what the exact nature of the business is and if there's a business loan?
>Freaky Deaky Inc.
Remember Jill talked about how busy Steve was? Well this does provide an explanation. It can also explain why Jill feels so behind.

No. 326679

>freaky deaky inc.
sounds like a sex toy ageplay clothes esque store by the name. would not surprise me and would be so funny if it was and this nonna found out about on her journey to find out about jill's income

No. 326680

I was literally thinking that sounded like something he’d name his onlyfans kek

No. 326682

This is just my idea if it, but Jillian would never go to a country that isn't the states or japan only because seeing people actually struggling would give her a heart attack. When she went to japan she didn't really care for the culture there, I don't think she would be any better in a caribbean country or anywhere else in the planet to be fair. Like I know cuba has a touristy side where they let foreigners have fun but who knows. Plus she's kinda coddled and weird, she's a sheltered white girl from an island anyway.

No. 326683

I guess we can add "go to cuba" to the list of things she apparently needs to do to make her life better kek.

No. 326684

List of things she needs to do according to this thread
>Drink some kava
>Make some soap
>Go to Cuba

No. 326686

I mean, she could interact with other people that aren't from her small town and maybe she could learn a few things about emphaty.

No. 326687

Nobody is saying she needs to go to Cuba, we're just pointing out that if she was wealthy like >>326639 was saying, surely she would have travelled somewhere for a vacation with Steve, not just to a popular Caribbean all-inclusive resort, but even just to the nearest large city outside NB. Going to Cuba in Canadian culture is super normal, it's the cheapest destination for Canadians, most times it's even cheaper than domestic travel. To us, the fact she's not travelled anywhere in 5 years besides back to her parents' house and to Montreal for one weekend for a concert, that's a little bit weird and indicative of financial problems.
>Freaky Deaky Inc is a weird sex company
I'm thinking the same thing. The only thing that throws me off is the rhyming bit, it sounds really childish, so either it's supposed to be a cutesy sex company or maybe it could be some sort of toy company given Steve's background in that industry.(more cuba autism)

No. 326688

>Nobody is saying she needs to go to Cuba
Nonna that post was clearly a joke kek

No. 326689

>so either it's supposed to be a cutesy sex company or maybe it could be some sort of toy company
To be honest I don't think the name is supposed to be literal, maybe it's some game development or tech company. They love using stupid names like that.

No. 326690

Kek sorry my bad I just wanted to be clear for others
It could be a lot of things, I guess we'll just have to do more investigating into it. Either way I'm 90% sure it's legit because the address listed for the corps matches up with what we already have for Steve based on old threads

No. 326693

New video

No. 326695

File: 1716053473608.png (497.04 KB, 720x1015, v864245.png)

Tweets regarding new video

No. 326696

>>326693 This truly shows how much she blabs about how talented and professional she is, but makes a big deal out of an average wig styling annoyance like fucking drills. Every cosplayer hates drills, they're tedious. She's acting like she's creating wig genius and that it was sooo hard for even her expert hands.

No. 326699

I love how people in this thread care more about what she pays in taxes than her actual content lol

No. 326700

Also, I'm obsessed with every non-DID related video she has the exact same personality she had in all her videos before the onset of Jillness

No. 326701

I'm so invested in the going to Cuba to make soap saga personally

No. 326702

> quit weed
> quit monster energy drinks
She probably would start feeling a lot better if she quit the caffeine.

No. 326706

Nonna this is truly disturbing but also i think i might be in love with you

No. 326719

File: 1716138329897.jpeg (169.26 KB, 828x1054, IMG_5944.jpeg)

“For no reason”

No. 326720

She dispel led the rumors? When? Where? How? What rumors? The multiple lies that she herself posted and contradicted herself with??? Girl be fucking for real

No. 326721

"For literally no reason. I'm allowed to be a total spoiled cunt who pretends to have severe mental illnesses while flailing around like a retard to pretend to have autism so I can justify being an immature neet while arguing online with people over anything that makes me feel superior, defending creepy men also I'm faking child severe abuse now too despite the loving stable home my parents gave me.Me me me me me me me, everything is about me". Yeah no idea why people hate her.

No. 326722

What prompted this post I wonder?

No. 326724

ubereats forgot her nuggies dipping sauce

No. 326725

File: 1716141578976.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x2136, IMG_8256.jpeg)


this probably; searched her username on Twitter

No. 326726

>Ray of sunshine

No. 326727

Tbh I agree, I don't understand why Jillian of all people would represent the entire western precure fandom

No. 326729

What dispelled rumors jill?
Was it the diagnostic impression you lied about and called a diagnosis? Was it lying about, exaggerating symptoms and making yourself the spokesperson of autism? Calling your own parents child abusers? Did you finally prove your DID personalities are totes real people? If so I'd genuinely love to be proven wrong about every rumor, just direct me to all the millions of proof and evidence you claim to have posted!

No. 326730

Literally what rumours? Everything in this thread is direct commentary about her own content.

No. 326734

Kek. I love that her fellow Precure fans mostly hate her. You can tell it really gets under her skin

No. 326738

kek Jill is so terminally online. She needs to log off and stop searching for posts about her from random Twitter users. Newsflash: you can't please everyone and have everyone love you. Not everyone is going to suck up to Jill's antics, and that's how it should be.

No. 326739

Because she’s large and loud, she inserts herself into everything and talks like she’s an authority even though she’s only really passingly interested. Jill is a microcosm of what’s wrong with social media: it lets self important idiots talk over everyone else.

No. 326741

File: 1716160899419.png (1.97 MB, 2180x1552, 1710102979957.png)

she literally told someone to choke in their sleep over precure drama. she says worse shit than lolcow about her. these are precure arguments with teens, imagine how ape shit she gets about real criticism

No. 326744

File: 1716166751285.png (201.21 KB, 720x370, ytv.png)

Views on newest video
She's just driving herself insane with her obsessive need to control how she is perceived. Maybe she should go for a bike ride.
On the nose. Jill likes to figuratively throw her weight around. It also helps that Jill has sycophants willing to attack on her behalf, and downplay her words and actions.

No. 326745

File: 1716170167986.jpeg (89.31 KB, 828x430, IMG_5950.jpeg)

She’s self aware that her vid is flopping but doesn’t seem to understand why her viewership as a whole tanked

No. 326746

God the lurking is so obvious on this one

No. 326748

less than a week since the post about how she has no urgency with how bad her youtube is doing for someone who is struggling financially and lives off it. she cant resist reading these threads and responding

No. 326754

File: 1716185870854.jpeg (214.53 KB, 1163x653, 9B05ECE1-9FFB-41D9-9D01-E52478…)

I can’t believe the whole drama was her forgetting that plastic melts. Anyway, her not being adept at wigs, or not being able to match those really advanced molded wigs people make now is not a bad thing. I hope this doesn’t come off too nitpicky but those curls look terrible. Sure they’re in a curl formation but they have no volume at all. She should have prioritized the volume and not the curls. The curls aren’t even perfect ringlets or specifically curled drills. She agonized over the perfect curl and settled with saying “ah this is falulu in human life” (the shit she says 19:23-19:41). I think she realized how underwhelming it was and went with that to cover her ass and not have to restart. But with this character it doesn’t seem to make sense to have perfect ringlets. How is she gonna get any volume?

No. 326756

For it to look just like this character she’d have to follow a very involved tutorial to create a lot of structure and probably give big sections an actual frame. Or like you said give up on the exact anime curl pattern and try to give it the voluminous silhouette. The wig doesn’t have the amount of hair necessary to simply give it a couple drill curls and have it resemble the character’s hair shape.

No. 326757

File: 1716206189988.png (296.3 KB, 1717x121, Screenshot 2024-05-20 125408.p…)

From the wig video

No. 326759

Is this a "crazy is an ableist slur" thing? Cos if I was in a spiral and someone told me that I was acting coo coo bananas I would unironically be so much more insulted kek

No. 326761

imagine jillian witnessing an act of depravity fueled by unbridled mental illness like an unwashed homeless moid explicitly harassing every woman who walks past him and saying it's "coo coo bananas" kek

No. 326762

She is literally the worst type of fat, lazy, inauthentic twitter SJW. Holy shit. Not a single person is bothered by the word "crazy", not even those retarded 14 year old gendie faggots who say it's a slur. Literally such a fucking meme.

No. 326764

She has defended the use of the word ‘insane’ as a derogatory adjective as long as it wasn’t applied to a specific individual. Why does ‘crazy’ suddenly need a cutesy substitute?

No. 326765

Literally makes zero sense and doesn’t matter either way but the fact that she’s putting all this effort to appear woke and just replacing “crazy” with a boomer term for crazy (coo coo) is hilarious.

No. 326767

File: 1716226903593.jpg (33.88 KB, 500x281, 1407.jpg)

Between the sad wig and the knitted wings this cosplay is already a failure.

No. 326769

File: 1716235004304.png (48.88 KB, 366x565, jill pearl dilemma.png)

she cares about the world but want to order several pounds of pearls from some random website? Why not leave the dungeon and go outside? take a walk? save a poor delivery driver the pain of carrying all her shit?

No. 326779

>craft supply website
just say aliexpress

No. 326786

File: 1716263751742.gif (2.27 MB, 540x303, tumblr_56c0aa6fb6e59404dde6897…)

It's actually two boomer words for crazy. Bananas was used as slang for crazy too. So essentially crazy crazy. I always find it funny when she adds shit like this >>326757 in her videos. It's obvious she's trying to get asspats. I now have I'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs stuck in my head. Thanks, Jill

No. 326792

if anything bananas meaning crazy if a reference to monkeys, and calling someone a monkey is dehumanizing and often tied to racism kek

No. 326793

File: 1716279313205.jpeg (491.41 KB, 828x1015, IMG_5004.jpeg)

This mess of costume is just an excuse for her to pig out on shopping for more unnecessary plastic shit. She’s over embellishing this already busy design like her fellow cow Sarah spaceman.
I hope she doesn’t enter in any competitions because she’s just gonna have another breakdown at the realization that she has no talent.

No. 326794

This is the most autistic post I have read in my life. I kneel

No. 326803

I’ll never understand why she lost her shit at that Sanrio makeup collab PR because it had plastic packaging yet sees no problem making multiple plastic dresses to wear once and then never again. You’d think a sustainability kween fashion designer would be all about making long-lasting versatile pieces for daily wear out of natural materials. Design a rainbow capsule wardrobe with a separate video for each piece and then a lookbook showcasing all the different ways you can combine them. You’d think this would be the obvious way to go for someone who has the passions and values she claims to have, yet instead she’s doing this.

No. 326804

She's so retarded and not in a cutesy UwU genuine autistic way, but in a genuinely uneducated and borderline illiterate way. She really expected a Sanrio collab to be sustainable top fucking kek, Japan produces like the most plastic waste out of any country, even fucking China LMFAO. She's such a retarded narc who can't see past her own phony-ass nose.

No. 326807

I was going to tell you to not give her any idea but then I remembered that she never does anything that isn't only for her to use kek.

No. 326826

I always found it funny how miss sustainability has a huge collection of plastic Chinese and Japanese items too. Not only is she being sustainable by buying and hoarding plastic, she's also being sustainable by ordering all the way from overseas. She needs to drop her sustainability larp alongside everything else.

No. 326854

she could have thanked them for the PR and showed her audience how to recycle packaging to keep up with the very obvious LARP but nooo she had to sperg out. unsurprisingly no brand wants to work with her anymore.

No. 326860

It annoys me particularly because I'm sure there are dozens of small-time influencers who would have creamed their pants receiving Sanrio PR. And whether they were larping like her or not they'd have been much more sustainable by actually using the products, and probably keeping them as cute background decor instead of directly throwing them into the garbage.

No. 326867

Cosplayers are such consoomers. Doesn’t matter if you make your costume most of them these days will have multiple cookie cutter store bought costumes that they wear once/twice before moving onto the next character.

No. 326869

File: 1716407266014.jpeg (856.69 KB, 1242x2006, 1597079080895.jpeg)

She could have gotten easy money/views but she loves being contrarian too much. She just HAS to be above everyone else. Now she barely gets sponsorships let alone PR. Way to sabotage your career for an ego trip.
She punches air everytime she remembers this for sure. 2020 jill had no idea how irrelevant in 2024 she would be

No. 326870

I don’t mind giving her ideas like that because she’ll never use them, it’s too much effort. The only people who might benefit from the suggestions we give here are pixielocks-adjacent content creators who hatefollow her and I personally think it’s hilarious when people who may have started out as fans or copycats surpass her.

I forgot that she outright told her followers not to buy the product, damn.

No. 326871

File: 1716408916818.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x2051, IMG_4302.jpeg)

In her likes, sage for not adding new milk. I just find it hilarious that she identifies with this.

No. 326886

This screenshot is so satisfying because it's so obvious she resents how her videos have become less and less popular but then she went and did this retard BPD spergout because MUH SUSTAINABILITY then told her followers not to buy it. Way to be blacklisted from PR packages forever kek.

No. 326888

File: 1716413076898.png (654.56 KB, 1485x1250, Screenshot 2024-05-22 142307.p…)

Not very interesting but seems like Jill is trying to super subtly hint to Steve to propose already, under a tweet about this cool fantasy type proposal thing.

No. 326889

god she’s so pathetic, imagine having to beg a man like steve to propose.

No. 326891

im late but what creepy men did she defend? i dont remember the incident

No. 326892

Precure confession account had a submission saying that moids should stay out of the community, and Jill got all up in arms about autist men have a place in the fandom

No. 326900

God this makes me kinda sad. He is NEVER going to propose. Don't be so stupid, Jillian.

No. 326902

She applied for their PR list (or accepted an invitation to it) and provided her home address as the location to send the packages. I don’t doubt that they sent her a package without warning, but she had to have known she was on their list and that she provided the address herself.

No. 326905

Bruh. I'm dying. This isn't subtle at all kek. Why is she this desperate, they don't even have money.

No. 326906

What is this comic about? Kek

No. 326907

Looking back at this is absolutely hilarious.
Back then she did say she didn't know why they had her address kek

No. 326909

I never saw this at the time, what a rude and absurd response to getting free PR
>Aktually you wrapped it in plastic so I don't want it
Yeah maybe because makeup products need to be sanitary, the main reason plastic is used in packaging.
Right they didn't just google her address, she applied at some prior point.
This is giving bridezilla nightmare, have they not discussed this? These hints are getting worse. idk what about her life says thriving and should make this permanent with a ring. Canada anons can inform if she is entitled to disability benefits or something if she's married? Or he has some legal responsibility over her (as a carer or similar)? Considering the whole 18 personalities munchie larp happening at the same time there must be some technical reason she wants to be married.

No. 326910

>>Aktually you wrapped it in plastic so I don't want it
Hilarious considering all the sugary drinks she consumes, all the plastic beads she buys online, and how she makes others buy her plastic stuff so she can still pretend to be sustainable
>This is giving bridezilla nightmare, have they not discussed this?
I think she's just super Jealous of Sof getting married first kek.

No. 326912

>Canada anons can inform if she is entitled to disability benefits or something if she's married?
Although I agree that being willfully married to a scrote should count as a disability, it's not the case. She could be eligible for some tax breaks if she and Steven were married, but since they've been living together for more than a year already she's eligible to all the same benefits she would get if they were legally married. Her whole autism schtick is weird too because the Canadian government won't give you tard bux for having autism, they most they'll do is give you a tax break up to $35k. I don't think she wants to marry Steven for anything other than to prove to Sof that she can get married too and to outstage her friend in Jill's typical egoistic fashion. She's in her mid-20s now, and that's the age most people in the Maritimes get married for the first time. In that part of the country the romantic pickings are very slim, so I think deep down if they break up she's gonna have a hard time finding another scrote like Steve to take care of her as she is. So I think she's been pushing the engagement shit recently out of desperation to impress her family, steal the spotlight from her friends, and out of fear that if they break up she won't be able to find someone like Steven. Steven is the main breadwinner of the household, without him she'd have to either get 2 room-mates or move back into her parents' basement, and besides that he's the only one who seems to be able to tolerate her antics without questioning her.

No. 326913

>disability benefits or something if she's married

for what? bpd? the one thing she hasn't tried is anything to do with disability benefits, I don't know how she'd manage the leap

No. 326916

> Her whole autism schtick is weird too because the Canadian government won't give you tard bux for having autism, they most they'll do is give you a tax break up to $35k.
The federal govt won’t give you tardbux but provincial will. I was on the Alberta tardbux for autism and as long as I wasn’t married it was fine. It also fucks with your inheritance and there’s so many other annoying rules to abide by. The $1600 was not worth the trouble.

No. 326918

yeah, it’s not worth it; I live in Atlantic Canada and cannot legally have more than two thousand in my bank account or my disability funding get cut.

Jill would only be making 500-600 dollars every two weeks if she was a single adult living on her own;
if she has a partner or living with family it’s only 200-250 every two weeks.

No. 326920

I don't think she wants tardbuxs, she just wants to prove sof, her fan turned frienemy and "favorite person" that she can get married too. Basically if she gets proposed to she will be the center of attention and she looooves having that attention.

No. 326923

She already had a friend and her cousin beat her to the alter. Now Sof, her so called bestie, is getting married. Jill is not old but she's put all this pressure on herself to achieve things at certain ages and getting older without those achievements while her friends/family are making strides is making her spiral harder. Why she's leaning into the mental jillness as it helps placate her. I'm sure she really thought she'd be married by now and have her own house.
She talked about it in either a vlog or live stream he supposedly said he'd marry her but wanted to save up money so the wedding wouldn't be """sad""". I suspect the hints and her desperation will only worsen as Sof's wedding day draws closer.
Agreed. The Facebook post was peak jealousy.

No. 326929

For a second i thought steve had proposed to her, poor jilly still can't get her man to even commit to her

No. 326933

every time she mentions marriage Steve can just say "oh, is that you Berry? sorry kiddo, I don't have time to play house with you today"

No. 326936

File: 1716455361250.png (1.2 MB, 720x1059, 1542811457222.png)

>be stebie
>date influencer from rich family
>shes a literal manic pixie dream girl
>move to a townhouse together quickly
>nowadays shes high everyday, money is drying up, her BFF mommy cant stand her either
>shes physically irrecognizable
>sleep in separate beds
>her brainrot is so bad you have to fight teenagers on twitter for her
>she wants to get married to one-up a chick you dgaf about
>engagement is not going to fix things
>tell her to go outside, buy her a bike on anniversary, force her outside with "dates"
>never uses the bike and spends date livetweeting it on twitter
>she publicly tweets rings at you
>"my stalkers are saying you don't want to marry me?! …you should propose to prove them wrong!"

No. 326937

maybe i'm just stupid but i saw this as a cope (as well as a hint). like "i don't need a fancy ring and a wedding like sof, i already have a love that would put those things to shame because it's just too magical" or something

No. 326938

It’s what he deserves.gif
Never forget that he initially tried to be a YT personality too, but his channel flopped because he has nothing to offer except boring vlogs about being a porn addict. I’m convinced he got with her in large part to ride her coattails to e-fame. He actively enables and encourages the DID/autism/age regression LARPing. I also vaguely remember Jill alluding to the separate bedrooms being his idea and I bet it’s because he doesn’t want her to see what kind of porn he watches. Steve doesn’t deserve sympathy.

No. 326939

wow they both looked so much skinnier here, how long ago was this?

No. 326947

I wonder if she understands how much happier she would be if she dropped the sustainability larp. She doesn't need to do it anymore.

No. 326948

>"my stalkers are saying you don't want to marry me?! …you should propose to prove them wrong!"
Kek that's the thing, she always lurks and communicates to us through weird ways but she never follows our advice or understands why marrying Steven isn't going to work. For her own sake she needs to stop being narcissistic, stubborn, and deffo she needs to stop her irrational thought patterns like the need for everyone to love her. Like, this girl needs therapy asap to make her life better but she always does the surface level "proving my haters wrong" choices that lets be real, are quite dumb.

No. 326949

When was this picture posted again? It takes me back
>he supposedly said he'd marry her but wanted to save up money so the wedding wouldn't be """sad""".
Then if this is true she needs to stop pressuring him or else he will completely call it off
>I suspect the hints and her desperation will only worsen as Sof's wedding day draws closer.
I agree. She can never not be the center of attention

No. 326951

>both of them with untoned yellow hair
>jill just starting to burst out of that skirt that we'll never see again
>her classic self-satisfied smirk
>steebie's too short pants
>his hot pink dress shoes in the middle of the day with ripped clothing
>the limp wrist

imagine this being what anons say looked better… they both are so tragic

No. 326952

Kek yeah even back then this looked like shit. Jillian specially.

No. 326955

>Jillian specifically
Anon please, are you completely ignoring Steeb's fried hair and his untoned, skinnyfat, doughy physique? As an aside they look like siblings, like if it came out later that Steeb was a half-brother I wouldn't be shocked.

No. 326958

File: 1716492908357.jpg (211.75 KB, 720x1837, 54355788.jpg)

No. 326959

late 2018 before moving together and before pandemic. so i'd say 30 pounds and 20 self-diagnosed jillnesses ago

No. 326961

Wow so sustainable
Hilarious that she basically confirmed >>326779
Only allieexpress or other cheap consumer sites would suggest random ass shit like this at your checkout

No. 326962

File: 1716494156266.png (176.9 KB, 720x663, 76422568.png)

No. 326963

I spy with my little eyes confirmation that Veronica isn’t dead yet

No. 326966

why did she need to share the site and specify that they "are everywhere online?". definitely because nonnas suggested it could be aliexpress, and those hangers are probably on aliexpress too. the site she shared most likely is dropshipping or retails stuff from aliexpress anyway. obvious lurk

No. 326967

File: 1716496529856.jpg (2.08 MB, 2560x1920, newalter.jpg)

And a new alter. Va-e-something. Guess this one's red.

No. 326970

File: 1716496917157.jpg (238.92 KB, 648x1921, 20240523_223158.jpg)

samefag, yeah, it's basically a store that buys wholesale products off of ali. but don't worry, they have highly trained person to check the lead contents!

No. 326971

Probably Valentine/Valentina judging from the colours as well. She picks the cheesiest oc names.

No. 326972

This is all just an aesthetic game for her. Just a fashion accessory.

No. 326973

So is Jax dead?
This. Probably a new OC called Valentina.

No. 326974

This store 100% buys their shit from Alibaba.

No. 326975

maybe it's related to her valentine's "drag"? colour and name fits. maybe something on valentine's day forced her to split a new valentine's coloured alter to deal with steve not proposing. in before all her un-subtle hinting is actually valentine/valentina alter

No. 326987

>>326967 samefag as above anons, but it's clearly a VA_EN__. New Alter drop guysss, or maybe a Veronica rework? Idk

No. 326988

Wait. No. Did Veronica get purple now or what? Wasn't she red? The purple one says Veronica, blue for Cliffe, pink for Flora, orangey-yellow for Amber, bright yellow for Sunny, red for new alter. I can't read green but for sure is Jerricka. Where is Berry?

No. 326989

>I’m convinced he got with her in large part to ride her coattails to e-fame
Reminds me of Kelly Eden and Phi, she did the same thing of a flop Youtube channel, which made a stark comparison to how popular Dre was (shocker, you actually need to be interesting and likeable to gain followers and fans)
Also saw similar happen with an artist I follow with 100k+, she made some fan-turned friends a few years ago who got like 200 followers from the connection and eventually turned on her. It's funny when cloutchasers flop so hard.
>he supposedly said he'd marry her but wanted to save up money so the wedding wouldn't be """sad""".
>Then if this is true she needs to stop pressuring him or else he will completely call it off
To me that sounds like it was never on, who uses the word sad to describe a wedding they want to be part of? People can semi-elope for like 5k with an officiant, photographer and two close friends, scenic background etc. It doesn't need to be a huge party and cost 40k, couples who are genuinely excited to be together don't care about how small the wedding is since it's supposed to be a personal thing. The reality is the shine wore off and he doesn't even want to share a bed with her.

No. 326991

>we have someone checking for lead
>stock photo of random white lady
Wow so thoughtful of this Chinese factory federation to hire a smiling american woman to safety check their items, yeah this is an aliexpress fake storefront for sure kek.

No. 326993

He knows that the wedding will have to be an ott obnoxious mess or else jill would throw a tard fit. All those things you listed are things that jillybean cannot tolerate. He doesn’t love her enough to put up with her bitching if he tried to marry her at all costs. An opulent wedding seems genuinely out of their means.

No. 326994

returned to the alter store with sandwich

No. 326998

Veronica was always purple.
Jill/rainbow, Berry/also rainbow, Flora/pink, Amber/yellow, Sunny/bright yellow, Jerrick/green, Jax/teal, Cliffe/blue, Veronica/purple. These were the only ones that got colors.

No. 327000

File: 1716520290574.jpeg (203.22 KB, 459x762, IMG_5950.jpeg)

No. 327001

>>326998 We are missing Jax and Berry then. Maybe I got mistaken with Veronica since she used the flame emoji thing and it's weird to just skip red like that, specially if you've got two yellows already. But it's Jill we're talking about so idk why I'm trying to make sense out of this

No. 327003

File: 1716523139573.jpg (313.25 KB, 1516x2048, media_GOSUpfYXoAA1fkC.jpg)

Full size pics

No. 327004

File: 1716523256932.jpg (353.22 KB, 1536x2048, media_GOSU-UyX0AIsw1T.jpg)

Lol at the cat hair by the Amber bracelet.

No. 327005

File: 1716523956470.jpeg (85.26 KB, 749x889, 1690406180999.jpeg)

Decided to look through threads and found picrel. Looks like Jillian, Jerrick, and Berry are the bracelets missing but there's a new *~mysterious~* alter bracelet. Bitch is never growing up. Don't worry about it because Jill changes the rules every time she opens her mouth. She can't keep up with her own narrative despite being the one who made it up. Terrible fucking liar.

No. 327007

File: 1716525340743.png (396.86 KB, 720x1217, rofl.png)

Still retweeting shit from Jamie.

No. 327008

I never got the difference between Jax, Jerrick and Amber. They're too similar imo. If someone can explain please let me know lmao.
It's funny to see what alters are currently in rotation kek. Last time she teased an alter/fusion, it was through a cryptic picture of her bracelets on her page, and yet again we all fell for it. She wants us to wonder, she wants people on Twitter asking questions, she loves this type of attention.

No. 327011

If she wasn't so braindead and self-centered she could probably just make these bracelets as custom merch or start a small Depop store for them and make a few $$ but she can't actually make anything if it doesn't directly relate to her. She hasn't made any fashion piece for anybody besides herself since her cousin's wedding a few years ago.

No. 327013

File: 1716526949524.png (335.28 KB, 720x500, new vlog.png)

My thought process is she couldn't fit them all on the rack. Probably deliberately made sure the Jerrick one was missing because she knows emo boy is a fan favorite so people will ask and because she said before that emo boy rarely fronts.
>Last time she teased an alter/fusion, it was through a cryptic picture of her bracelets on her page, and yet again we all fell for it. She wants us to wonder, she wants people on Twitter asking questions, she loves this type of attention
Yeah she wants people/thread to be buzzing about the totally new alter. Her views are terrible so time to roll out a new alter to try and kick up engagement. She tweeted this yesterday and in conjunction with the the stupid rack pictures I can see her trying to entice people to watch her crappy videos. Jillian is nothing but predictable. How's the website coming along, Jill?

No. 327022

Inb4 she claims that awful Valentine’s drag look she did as ‘proof’ of the new alter. I bet she was spawned from the trauma of Steve not proposing on Valentine’s day.

Jerrick is when she’s grumpy and emo, Jax is when she’s manic in an edgy way and Amber is when she wants to be a tough girl who fights people. Jerrick’s too emo to fight and Jax is too MPDG, so she had to invent Amber to fantasise about punching the McLean people. Conveniently for Jill, the violent alter never seems to come out when she’s physically around other people, or really at all beyond that one time she was filming TikToks alone in her room. She’s so lucky that none of the half dozen erratic personalities she shares a body with ever get her into any significant trouble!

No. 327023

File: 1716535227153.png (565.38 KB, 579x596, to the nona that always says s…)

she had merch before, pins, designs, collabs, etc. shes just lazy and gives up on things quickly. she also doesn't have an audience to sell to anymore. keep in mind the confetti club flakes thread has been dead four years now…

No. 327025

>She had merch before
I get what you mean, but atp I don't think merch would work for her because like you said, she doesn't have a fanbase left kek. But I still think she could do well if she started selling her shit on eBay or Depop or other craft sites. Jill's issue is she wants to drop this lux designer brand so she won't do anything until that happens, even though it's never gonna happen anyway. She could at least get $5 a piece for custom beaded bracelets because hers are quite cute and well put together if she sold them locally in her city. She's just too lazy and good for nothing.
I love my cat but I'd never let them up on the table where I eat. It's really gross knowing how dirty Jill is. I can just imagine the stink of her house, like stale cat piss and musty-ness from never opening any windows. With cats with long fur like that, you just know they have shit stuck to their assfur that they're rubbing on that table cloth.

No. 327028

>Probably deliberately made sure the Jerrick one was missing
I think the one missing is Jax, not Jerrick. Also where did she get the name Jerrick from, was that ever disclosed by her? It's such an ugly loser emo bully name, at least it fits kek
Kek I still don't get why Amber needs to be a thing. Like, is it a circunstancial "alter" only made to post about McLean on Twitter? She needs to combine her with the others already, make Amber and Jax into the ultimate Ramona-esque girl kek. Though I might be misremembering but I do think she might have had a Ramona part that fused or whatever the fuck inside her.

No. 327029

>I bet she was spawned from the trauma of Steve not proposing on Valentine’s day.
Totally lmao. I also think she's using the red "drag" look as an excuse. In any case, Veronica is a hashtag problematic alter that nobody likes so might as well be replaced by Valentina or whatever.
Lmao just earlier today I was remembering how she said a year or so ago that she wanted to do more arts and crafts including glass blowing. That didn't happen, did it. Kek.

No. 327030

All the shit she constantly talks about doing never comes to fruition. Like.
>Glass blowing
That's never going to happen. Unfortunately she never goes outside to figure out how to even do that. She could very well do a "come with me to my crafty college and let's try a pottery class" type of short content/vlog or similar but she ain't smart enough tbh. Or "come with me to the thrift store let's see what we can make" I don't know, anything is better than her current "let's film my shitty twitter takes" that no one cares about. Everyone followed her for the fashion hauls and vlogs, no wonder she's flopping, she said it herself. It's too late to make her videos relevant, she lost everything she had.
I also feel as if it would be better if she ditched Fredericton, Steven, and moved away to a bigger city with better opportunities. But that ain't never gonna happen, she's too chickenshit.

No. 327031

It has to be Jax, since there's a blue star bead. In this pic >>327005 Jerrick's doesn't have that, Jax does.

No. 327032

It's so convenient that all of her alters work together and want to wear these and cooperate to communicate things even though they had basically zero therapy post-diagnosis

DID fakers really think everyone else is as stupid as they are, huh

No. 327033

Yes! Don't you watch maho shojou? All the very different colors/personalities get along!!
Because this is mental jillness.

No. 327034

File: 1716558857504.jpg (69.75 KB, 736x920, 1000070224.jpg)


A red coded probably in drag "Valentina" alter? Another Drag Race inspired OC?(sage your shit)

No. 327036

File: 1716561578839.jpeg (381.99 KB, 828x1162, IMG_6106.jpeg)

She needs to lay off the weed

No. 327037

She's so obnoxious.

No. 327038

>When do the stages of grief end for an event that never will?
Kek what an insufferable drama queen, come the fuck on Jillian. I wonder what that phrase even means to her.
Also, not remembering something is literally the most normal thing ever, she's always pathologizing every single thing.

No. 327039

>>327034 I thought the same lmao. Valentina, spawned from the trauma of never being an actual drag performer

No. 327040

>>327013 she couldn't fit them all, and possibly the absences are meaningless, she just wanted to make a rainbow and be able to tease the new alter so people ask about it

No. 327041

This is why drinking and doing drugs with a dissociative disorder is a bad idea because how can anyone tell where the disorders symptoms end and the consequences of substances begin? Weed especially is known to cause memory issues. It’s hard to take her seriously when from the outside looking in it seems like she’s intentionally making the symptoms of her mental jillness worse. She never does anything to improve, just complains harder and excuses more.

No. 327043

It's also very hard to take her seriously when she gives out so much evidence of faking kek.

No. 327044

Most glaringly clear evidence that mental jillness is only but an aesthetic to her. Everything is rainbows lmao, it's the fellowship of the rainbow but since she can't handle other people being cuter/better than her she just makes it all an internal process. Imagine an actualy ill person doing that. She's disordered but not in the special way she wants to be kek.

No. 327045

I think that the best way to put is is that arts and crafts are simply her hobby that she barely taps into from time to time, and that the real attention she wants will always be redirected to the need of feeling special and getting pity from "having trauma". This is why wearing different outfits and talking to herself in third person is the most important thing to her. She never cared if people watch her making stuff, all she wants is to look pretty for a camera, this is why the DID shit is so crucial because she will take any attention she can get. She couldn't be a normal alt girl that rotates through outfits, no, she has to be the ultimate DID system. It's fucked for her kek.

No. 327054

She has publicly and loudly defended men accused of pedophilia on her Twitter. Gotta do some digging but there are plenty of caps. She must either hate women or get jealous of victims because she always defends men in situations like this, even if they have nothing to do with her.

No. 327059

File: 1716586628810.png (522.97 KB, 720x1143, jjt.png)

No. 327060

File: 1716586741661.jpg (353.87 KB, 1536x2048, media_GOX6C90XoAAS05g.jpg)

Full size pic

No. 327061

thanks for the weekly reminder that you take psych meds but refuse to go to therapy. I've heard they pair amazing with your daily energy drinks

No. 327062

Shayna tier expressions

No. 327064

Wft this is so Shayna KEK

No. 327066

Male precure fans I think
Why did she waste her time and money on her mental OCs instead of creating more shit like this? Too late all her relevancy is gone

No. 327068

Reminder that eating only junk food, smoking a gram of weed everyday, and never exercising or going outside makes you extra susceptible to being a sweaty hog while sitting down and doing nothing because your body is working over-time to avoid complete organ failure.

No. 327071

Me fucking wracking my brains trying to figure out which neverending grief she could possibly be experiencing, I will take a bet that 90% of nonnas on this website and probably 40% of her followers on Twitter (because she has a lot of pampered rainbow munchies like herself in there) have had a more traumatic life than Jill by a significant margin. As anons have noted, the only actual trauma was her mom's cancer scare and she doesn't even count that in her list of traumas.

No. 327072

>Me fucking wracking my brains trying to figure out which neverending grief she could possibly be experiencing
I think it has to do with not being proposed to by Steven kek. Or like, maybe it has to do with that one tweet she made about how "trauma is things you never experienced not just the things you did" or some shit kek. Or maybe she's just being cryptic on purpose to sound cool and interesting. Idk, or maybe she thinks constantly forgetting things is trauma kek.

No. 327082

File: 1716616905689.png (118.69 KB, 2550x3301, Employment-Job-Application.png)

man that really sucks she should write her feelings into pic related

No. 327086

>When do the stages of grief end for an event that never will?
Steebie said no to marriage?

No. 327088

She’s clearly dropping bread loaves of suppressed trauma memories. That’s what her entire DID has been hinging on.
Honestly I can’t wait until the angel baby therapist “groomed” her into thinking she had DID saga when this whole house of cards inevitably collapses. But that won’t happen until one of her enablers leave her. Either mama vessey cuts her off or Steven dumps her

No. 327090

Maybe because you are looking for actual trauma.
Jillian says she is sensitive and what we consider mild things are trauma inducing issues. Her "more dissisociativy than the other girls" post. So, eg, someone posts a negative comment about her.. it spirals into a meltdown.
You know what BPD does……

No. 327093

Sage for absolute autism, but here are some changes I predict Jill will make to her system to keep it rainby and aesthetic: 1) New red alter with a lovecore theme (Valentina) who holds the yandere trope bpd symptoms and tries to pressure Steve into marriage. 2) Amber fuses with Jax into a new orange alter with a “fiery” personality - Probably named Ginger or some orange-adjacent name since she’ll undoubtedly be a redhead. 3) The fragments and “far away” alters are assigned neutral colors like a Rainbow High vs Shadow High type dichotomy. Amanda (the traumatized nonverbal little) would be black, Sandwich would be gray, and white will be reserved for Amanda’s opposite: A pure angel bby who represents Jill’s potential if she was never “traumatized”. Jill, feel free to steal these ideas. Cherry, feel free to steal them first so Jill looks like the copycat.

No. 327098

It's probably Valerie. The alter named after a Drew Monson song.

No. 327099

its so cringe seeing a full blown pothead addicted to energy drinks act like the world is attacking her to the point of having "memory issues"
her life is boring af because she wastes 90% of it online and that means no meaningful memories are being made. online addiction already causes memory problems on top of her lifestyle choice. so its just jill being a hypochondriac munchie again

No. 327100

Any psych worth anything would never give out a dissociative order diagnosis to someone who isn't sober (or close to it)

>Cherry, feel free to steal them first so Jill looks like the copycat.
lmao you got me with this, nona

No. 327103

>Spends years doing nothing but lying on her ass smoking pot, chugging caffeine, watching anime, accomplishing nothing and getting older and fatter while her peers have actual lives
>I must feel vaguely uncomfortable, depressed, and anxious because of a huge chain of secret ultra-horrific trauma that I just don’t know happened at all!
She gets more insufferable all the time. What a ridiculous display of her total privilege and absolute lack of any actual difficult life experiences. Quite frankly she should have to go work in a difficult blue collar field and shut up. She has all this excess time to gripe about her perfect princess life that she does nothing with, but busy people don’t have the privilege to invent an animal crossing anime OC world themed around how unique and tragic they are, they just focus on their responsibilities and each day.

No. 327107

File: 1716653578362.jpg (302.35 KB, 1440x2244, 20240525_131103.jpg)

She soft launched a return to lolita on her FB but she didn't seem to post this anywhere else given no one else is talking about this

No. 327108

File: 1716653639256.jpg (1017.58 KB, 1440x2440, 20240525_131128.jpg)

The fit in question

No. 327110

Absolutely desperate to do anything but use her sewing machine. Views are at their lowest, going back to lolita and she will probably milk the life out of how she was soooo tramaized by the lolita community that she split into another person.

No. 327118

Kek, maybe the valerie/valentine OC will be the other lolita OC that will replace or be the opposite of Flora.

No. 327126

File: 1716667042267.png (254.76 KB, 720x863, 642135689.png)

No. 327127

File: 1716667147396.jpg (176.95 KB, 2000x2000, 813575333.jpg)

Full pic

No. 327128

Hopefully she made some actual decent content out of this and didn’t include all her mental jillness bs. Chances are though she’s going to reveal her new OC during it. Maybe Valentina or whatever is going to end up being her fashion persona who does all the sewing.

No. 327129

File: 1716668562511.png (39.64 KB, 720x180, tags.png)

Insta tags

No. 327131

if she did stuff like this when she was 40 lbs lighter i could see her gaining relevancy again, but most kawiwi influencers i see nowadays are skinny

No. 327132


does anyone have steebie's vid he deleted?

No. 327133

File: 1716670799620.jpg (195.73 KB, 720x1893, dress.jpg)

No. 327134

I was reading a book when this section caught my eye. Ancient history safely in the past. Time is a flat circle.

No. 327135

File: 1716671278272.jpg (253.08 KB, 1009x704, 1000003554.jpg)

No. 327136

When is this book from?

No. 327137

It's from 2009
Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche

No. 327139

No wait that was Amber idk where tf I got Valerie from. Sorry for spreading fake news anon

No. 327141

it's cute. the silhouette/shape is overdone and I've seen the exact thing on the rack at Target in different fabric but for a weekend project it's nice. I hope she makes a video about it.

No. 327152

Pretty sure it was the one he made when Jill was aggro about being gossiped about on LC, in the video he was just wking her and denying that she was fat and annoying. I think he deleted a few weeks after he uploaded it because we made fun of him and he knew it was just bringing more ex-fans to LC to see his gf's train wreck in real time.
One thing I noticed is that these photoshoots take place in the basement, which I thought Jill mentioned before that the basement is Steven's area of the house? It seems like he can't have anything in that rainbow hellhouse.
>It's cute
It looks like something off the clearance rack from Forever21 that you'd pick up in 2015 for $15. The construction is poor and the idea is so 10 years ago. She has no real sense of fashion or style besides "wow it has rainbow it must be cute now I will wear it!" and I think it's from living in hicktowns all her life where the main style is black Roots jogging pants and old t-shirts with moth holes. I swear Jill could upload any article of clothing that she made and her wks itt would praise it for being amazing just because she has a shit track record.

No. 327166

File: 1716692360520.mp4 (2.58 MB, 720x1280, hideous shoes.mp4)

Accompanying video.

No. 327174

I've never seen someone so genuinely entertained by themselves as Jill, like she does some basic pose and grins in delight like she just did a triple backflip

No. 327181

File: 1716708966544.png (200.78 KB, 720x365, j.png)

Current views
Nice find, nonita.
>My first lolita dress I have owned since quitting the fashion forever ago
>I cried a lot
>Perfect for my first dress back
It begins
She's a one-trick pony so I expect lots of bemoaning of how nasty the community was at the time while conveniently leaving out how terrible her behavior was. Bonus if she films herself being teary eyed and talks about how she was changing people's lives back then. She is always the victim and don't you fucking forget that. Lol. Favorite quote from that video is still non-fluctuating waist of 20 inches. Still get a good laugh out of that one.
Jill's number one fan is Jill after all.

No. 327183

God, I hate her. This video is so hard to watch

No. 327184

The dress is fine but imagine how different things could be now if years ago she had decided to do stuff like this regularly, instead of smoking weed and playing mentally ill all the time. Her skill level would likely be much higher and she would probably be a lot happier too. She did a lot of shitty things in the past but I believe there was a point where she could have turned things around. That's long since passed though with the whole DID larp

No. 327190

New video about how Jillian has conquered the personality disorder she clearly still struggles with in her daily life.

No. 327191


She's really trying to have her cake and eat it too by acting like BPD is gone but DID is real.

Like if she decides to split and create a new character, that's pretty antithetical to her claim that she is healed from trauma.

I didn't watch the whole video, but does she even address the fact that BPD emotional hypochondriasis would align with her suddenly having DID?

No. 327192

Funny how her first mental disorder just kinda disappears when she adopts a new one hmm?

No. 327193

Its honestly so funny to see her in videos where she has no neck but then her edited pictures magically have no appearance of a double chin and her features are sharp instead of the doughy trolls doll reality. Nonnas have to be playing obtuse to not admit she is heavily editing these days and feeling herself so much because of it, she just grew up with photoshop and knows how to edit without looking like a meitu monstrosity.

No. 327194

>BPD healed
>makes the most BPD video ever about it
>clearly acting in the most BPD way with every video and post

Does she even know what BPD is? Because she is the poster child.

No. 327195

Wait, does this mean Jerrick is dead? Because she would blame most, if not all, of her BPD outbursts on that OC (and cry about how no one should judge him because he’s “underage”). Didn’t she even claim that personality was the one with bpd while she’s fine, or do I misremember?

No. 327196

It's kind of hysterical she's posting ANOTHER half hour video navel gazing and waxing lyrical about her favourite subject - herself! - but claiming healing BDP. This is the most BPD thing ever. How can you have this little self awareness?

No. 327200

watched the video, she's literally done no healing aside from switching meds and blaming her symptoms on DID now. She basically says she only cuts because of Jerrik.
also talks endlessly about having done therapy when it's been almost a year since she's done any, this is sad

No. 327201

you're not wrong. i think it was in a meet the alters video or something, but she did say jerrick has 'most' of the bpd traits iirc

No. 327202

Stop lying about going to therapy. How many years has it been since you went to therapy? You even admitted you signed up for Better Help and didn't use it. It's literally been years since you stepped foot in a therapists office. You didn't even see a real doctor to switch your meds, you did it yourself through telehealth. STOP LYING. You have absolutely NO fucking right to discuss mental health treatment or any kind of medical treatment - when you blatantly disregard the suggestions of real doctors (stop being addicted to nasal spray) and deliberately do not seek real mental health treatment. You are a liar and a malingerer of the highest order.

No. 327203

I wonder, is it really that horrible to go to therapy? Like, I get she's a narc and surely hates being told what to do and that maybe she's wrong, but is being clearly addicted to weed and social media really better than just. Not being addicted to anything?

No. 327204

Dude, she won't even go to a walk in clinic for something simple like a UTI. She admitted she doesn't leave the fucking house. Also don't forget that she is fully addicted to nasal spray and that's the main reason she won't see a real doctor. This girl is an absolute complete failure in the worst most non-functioning state she's ever been in currently. She has no right to make these videos that are all complete fabrications. You do not get to pretend to be a mental health advocate when you do absolutely every single thing wrong.

No. 327205

I remember she used to whine and cry about BPD being a chronic life long disorder which she said made her speshul and neurodivergent. She got backlash for calling herself neurodivergent but not say bpd is permanent.
It’s crazy she claims to be cured of something she insisted would be a lifelong struggle. She really didn’t like that bpd stigma I guess that’s why she pretends to be autistic and fake DID cause those are heckin wholesome disorders to her

No. 327207

>>327128 Jill was supposed to be the fashun designer, and look how that worked out lmao

No. 327208

>>327190 congrats Jillian, you just healed from BPD with no therapy, copious trauma, and you gotta celebrate it with the most BPD vid possible. Well done Jilly(doublepost, unintegrated posting style)

No. 327209

Is anyone else gonna do a recap? If not I'm gonna write one up because I feel like this video will be deleted for some reason. She already changed the video name.
It's her go-to video topic. 8/21 videos posted in the last 6 months are videos with her as the main theme where she just talks ad nauseum about herself.

No. 327211

File: 1716749105479.png (114.73 KB, 720x633, slander.png)

No. 327219

Recap of video 1/2
>Can BPD Be "Cured?" 5 Year Therapy Update by Pixielocks, posted 26 May 2024
This is a 30-minute video so the recap is a bit long, sorry if I put too much information in it but I just wanted to document it so that other anons that don't want to waste 30 minutes of their lives can know what she's rambling about.
Jill starts by explaining that she is downstairs filming in her living room because she finds it hot and wants to be around the AC because she's a fat sweaty hog.
>0:30 - 1:20
She's smiling and giddy talking about how May is BPD awareness month and that she wants to give us an update on her BPD as it'd "be a really important thing to put out there because a lot of things that I said in my first diagnosis video … were kind of wrong?!?! The truth is more hopeful!" She smiles again before clarifying that in the past she said that BPD was a forever-disease and couldn't be cured, when she says this she speaks in a very confused affect to highlight how "wrong" her previous assertions were, things that she thinks are wrong today.
>1:21 - 3:15
Explains her interpretation of BPD as "on the borderline of things that you're born with and the things that environmentally happen to you." She then claims that the providence of her BPD was trauma: "trauma caused my BPD, along with being born susceptible to that kind of thing." She claims it's possible to "totally" heal from BPD through therapy. She clarifies, again with a wide smile, that she still meets the diagnostic criteria for BPD. She wants to make this video as an update for us because she didn't like how her first video seemed too doom & gloom, and that she thought personality disorders couldn't be cured but through "trauma healing" it's possible, she says "you can heal from BPD" while shifting her eyes from side to side like a stereotypical liar.
3:16 - 7:30
Apologizes to her audience about her past beliefs, she thought that she was "stuck with this, and [I] just had to learn cope with it: and it is coping, it is coping, but [I] can cope over and over again until [I] no longer get that initial reaction to cope with it … it's so freeing," she reveals while smiling and introducing the real topic of the video: listing the nine traits of BPD and how she suffers from them. She wants to do it this way to avoid confusion with co-morbid disorders, which she lists as: DID, BPD, PTSD, GAS, EDNOS," and she flails her hands upwards in an exaggerated shrug before saying "and PROBABLY autism!" She says that the identity confusion part of BPD is not applicable to her as she fakes a laugh. She says it's important for her to identify which behaviours arise from which mental disorder, as it helps her "de-escalate" herself to "nip it in the bud." She wishes us a happy "BPD awarness month," with a smile while shifting her eyes away from the camera talking about how stigmatized the illness is today. She mentions that some people think BPD is "toxic girlfriend syndrome," which I think is more revealing about how Stephen's family and friends respond to Jill's behaviours. With someone so egoistic, whenever she brings up a negative point it makes me think that she only brings it up to dispel what others may have said against her. Why else would she mention something negative about herself? Whenever Jill reveals something negative, it's usually a charged statement aimed at her detractors. She then likens BPD to exhausting heartbreak. She moves on to the 9 criteria after this.
7:31 - 13:20
She begins with the fear of abandonment, it's still there but it "waxes and wanes with alter activity, with splits and fusions, throughout the year." Herself, Jillian, "has different levels of struggling with BPD symptoms dependent on recent fusions." She's "definitely" better with it as time marches on, and she's able to trust people around her more to never hurt or leave her. She was "fresh out of something turbulent and triggering" which she alludes to as abandonment and people being turned against her, when she was first diagnosed which influenced her outlook. With a smirk she says that it's easy "to hurt people" and push them away. The way to alleviate fear of abandonment is "therapy," according to Jill which she says with another laugh and glance away. She says she has done "SOOO much therapy, specifically with parts that struggled with BPD" and she lists the therapy types she's participated in as: DBT, CBT, EDMR. She claims that "some of it [the fear of abandoment] is environmental" and that her current friends tell her often how much they love her so she feels like they won't leave her. She reaches out to friends, "not often," to ask if they hate her and justifies it as her "BPD acting up." She relates to us a story about how a month prior she was "down a well" with BPD obsessively thinking about a person, claims that some of her friends also suffer from BPD. In the past she has frequently unfriended people and leave groupchats and cut off friends preemptively to avoid abandonment. She ends this segment off by telling viewers "not to look at her," because she "hasn't been working out."
>13:21 - 15:03
This segment is about unstable relationships, she claims that this criteria no longer applies to her because she's had the same friend-group for years and that she's been in a romantic relationship for 6 years and her BFF from middle-school is still her BFF. She's proud that she's been able to keep people in her life this long. She claims that her DID makes friendship confusing for her friends, because she does acts hypocritically sometimes, makes plans and then falls through on them, and sometimes her friends can talk to Jill about sex but other times she'll get angry at them. She gets angry when her friends are confused by her "DID behaviours" and so she blocks them on Facebook.
>15:05 - 18:46
This segment is about unstable self-image. She originally thought that she was the opposite of the common BPD stereotype re: shifting perceptions of self, because she has known "exactly who [I am], exactly what [I'm] about, there's a lot of people around me my age that don't know what they wanna do with their life, but [I'm] about fashion, and culture, and art, and colours, and alternative - blahblahblah Yes she says blahblahblah and I still feel like that! I just understand that that's me as Jillian, within the Ferrero Rocher of my heart." She goes on a diatribe about how it's reductive to say that alters split from a "core" person, but that she feels like the "captain of the ship." She struggles to parse her thoughts before settling on the phrase: "We may not be all one person, but we all only have one life, 'kay? Multiple parts, multiple people, multiple alters - one life, and I'm in charge of leading our life!" She claims that as someone with DID and BPD she is secure in her self-image as it relates to her DID alters. She asks the audience if it's weird to have DID while having a good grasp of who she is, she "is a person with DID." She's gone through "all the grieving stages," Is she talking about the DID cake? of DID and know all her alters are working together to run her life.

No. 327220

Recap of video 2/2
>Can BPD Be "Cured?" 5 Year Therapy Update by Pixielocks, posted 26 May 2024
>18:47 - 20:40
She begins by claiming that her impulsiveness has dramatically improved over the past few years, bar from a few moments of poor choices in coping. She "freezes" whenever she wants to do something self-destructive, which she claims is a new mental illness: catatonia. She still gets impulsive urges to make mental illness go away. She goes on a interesting tangent here and asks her audience "why is it when people know too many mental health terms, they're faking it and they're just obsessed with mental therapy?" perhaps alluding to common criticism she receives here, but she answers herself by screaming that she's learnt all the mental health buzzwords through therapy. She's nervously laughs and says that people that "weaponize therapy words" are just applying what they've learned in therapy to their day-to-day lives.
>20:43 - 23:40
She begins with a request for sensitive viewers to skip ahead if they want to avoid hearing discussion of self-harm and self-injury. She still struggles with self-harm on and off, and she says it's hard to be online while talking about self-harm as she doesn't want to share that part of her life online. She says that she's a BPD advocate so she doesn't want to be dishonest with her self-harm issues. She claims that it's very dependent on her alters. She's tried different coping mechanisms, and she's been talking to therapists to resolve self-harm for over a decade. She justifies struggling with self-harm as a 26 year old due to her alters that are 14 and 16. She says that she doesn't do it at 26 - no, it's her alters that struggle with self-harm! She claims that DID is her primary diagnosis, and she says "if I didn't have DID, I wouldn't struggle with self-harm … middle-school is one switch away, and that whole headspace and era is right there, but that's what therapy and integration is for."
>23:41 - 24:55
This segment is about mood-swings, which she says aren't applicable to her due to her DID. She says she's her mood is either very manic or very depressed, and very rarely is she ever just neutral. She screams that she's been working on this in therapy for over a decade. She's "happy happy happy, most of the time" while still struggling with negative mood crashes for a day. She's "stoked about the truth," she "loves the frogs, loves the leaves, is very stoked about things" for some reason, I have no idea what she meant by that.
>24:56 - 26:22
She's never struggled with chronic feelings of emptiness, she sometimes have afternoons where she's a "weird blend of parts," but it's never long-lasting. Nor has she struggled with explosive anger kek sure, Jill and claims it was never an issue for her. She thinks she's more "chill and adaptable" now compared to 5 years ago. She had a little list of the 9 BPD symptoms for this video, but she only wrote down 7 on the list and she forgot the other 2 so now she's switched to using her phone to recite the rest.
>26:23 - 28:30
She finds it pertinent to mention that her medication switch to Bupropion last year was good for her, as with her last medication she was experiencing a lot of paranoia, especially about her cats dying. She thinks that this was a mix of medication-induced paranoia and BPD fear of abandonment. She had more anxiety on Seroquel. She claims a lot of her improvements were from BPD diagnosis and therapy, as well as DID diagnosis 'through a specialist" Doesn't that specialist no longer work in the field and moved across the country?.
>28:31 - 29:30
She wanted to make this video to help other people struggling with BPD by rambling about herself for 30 minutes. She hopes to eventually not meet criteria for diagnosis in the future. The video ends.

No. 327223

>New video about how Jillian has conquered the personality disorder she clearly still struggles with in her daily life.
Tbh I know remission is possible, but she has put in 0 work. I usually am invested in her antics but this one, I ain't even going to entertain it. She still has full blown untreated BPD, just look at the jealousness she has towards Sof. Someone in remission wouldn't even feel the need to make a video like this.

No. 327225

File: 1716757104817.gif (10.52 MB, 346x316, ezgif-3-83eca331fb.gif)

Lmao I agree, she's trying so fucking hard. Hilarious
My thoughts exactly kek

No. 327226

She knows if she goes to another therapist theyre most likely going to tell her that her DID isn't real.

No. 327234

Thank you for your detailed recap, anon!

No. 327243

this could have been a diary entry.

she talks a lot about how helpful therapy is without pursuing it herself. And >>327204 therapy is mostly online nowadays, there's no need to even leave the house.

No. 327249

File: 1716779701745.mp4 (10.08 MB, intro.mp4)

Jill decides to do an update video on her bpd, BPD awareness in May, healing update, you can heal from BPD, there's hope.

No. 327250

File: 1716780082408.mp4 (17.83 MB, tgs.MP4)

Apologizes for past belief, lists of what she says she has (probably autism), talks about which behaviors arise from which mental disorder so this is the "nip in the bud" part, toxic girlfriend syndrome, bpd to heartbreak.

No. 327251

File: 1716780548067.mp4 (18.73 MB, FOA.mp4)

Fear of abandonment, you know what helps: therapy, so much therapy according to Jillian which she rattles off a list of therapy she has gone through, talks about current friends and things she did in the past. Ends with the don't look at me part because she hasn't been working out.

No. 327252

File: 1716780888089.mp4 (6.91 MB, 1280x720, urs.mp4)

Unstable relationships, Jill talks about her relationships and why this doesn't apply to her, talks about her DID and relationships and why this complicated things, ends with talking about angry by confusion and blocking on fb

No. 327254

File: 1716781287398.mp4 (16.28 MB, self image.MP4)

Self image, knows who she is, blahblahblah part, talks about DID and how not just one person but have one life, talks about DID and BPD and secure in self image, grieving stages, how all the alters work together to run her life.

No. 327255

File: 1716781734040.mp4 (8.31 MB, 1280x720, impulsive.MP4)

Impulsivity, how it improved, the rant "why is it when people know too many mental health terms, they're faking it and they're just obsessed with mental therapy?" leads to Jill talking about learning buzzwords in therapy, weaponize therapy words to they're applying what they learned in therapy in their day to day lives.

No. 327256

File: 1716782466252.mp4 (16.37 MB, self harm.MP4)

Self harm. Spoiler: it's not her it's her alters who struggle with it. This has her talking about having DID as her primary diagnosis. I also have the mood swings portion in here. Not applicable due to her DID. Extremes and very rarely neutral. She's happy, happy, happy most of the time. Has the capacity to feel joy but it is all over the place.

No. 327257

her mental health fanfiction is insane. years ago when she wasn't a mental health channel it was understandable that her audience didn't know she was full of shit. but now that her channel is munchie central anyone that watches her and has gone to therapy knows shes just making shit up.
if only she went to therapy instead of reading social media posts. the way she describes mental illnesses are all according to her own made up definitions, never by real medical shit. like how she claimed with a straight face bpd was neurodivergency. now this. bpd remission is a thing, always has been, she just said it wasn't curable originally for the "feel bad for me" factor. the fact that there is not a pill to cure it doesn't mean its harder than bipolar or schizophrenia (that require life long medication). it means if she sticked to therapy for real she would have gone into remission a long fucking ass time ago. stick to painting walls and making ugly clothes I promise no one is learning anything from your shit

No. 327258

File: 1716783119231.mp4 (16.2 MB, cfoe.MP4)

Chronic feelings of emptiness. Jill says didn't struggle with chronic feelings of emptiness (just weird afternoons that didn't last long) nor with explosive anger. More chill and adaptable now. Also have the part about meds, which ones didn't help and which ones help now. Improvements were from BPD diagnosis along with therapy, as well as DID diagnosis "through a specialist".
Thank you nonnie for the recaps as you did all the heavy lifting. ♥

No. 327259

And thank you for providing archived video evidence of all this cringe.

No. 327262

this stuff really feels like what she should be discussing with a therapist, not posting online. she's still right in the thick of understanding herself and putting out stuff about being ~cured~ from BDP comes off as mentally ill at best. it's fine to discuss your mental health openly but the way she talks about it with an air of superiority is worrying.

No. 327263

>She justifies struggling with self-harm as a 26 year old due to her alters that are 14 and 16.
For someone claiming to be an advocate, this is a piss poor understanding of mental health. I'm sure teenagers are more likely to self harm, but acting like you can't self harm in your 20s is absolutely insane. Especially in Jill's case when she's had barely any therapy outside of EMDR, which tbh just from googling sounds like some pseudo science bs

No. 327264

>this stuff really feels like what she should be discussing with a therapist, not posting online

No. 327265

>Self harm. Spoiler: it's not her it's her alters who struggle with it.
Ignoring the fact that it's jill but jeez this is the worst possible way for a self-harmer to look at it… it's not her, not her fault, she doesn't have a problem, someone else is harming her and it's out of her control. Literally 0 chance of healing and improving with that mindset.

No. 327274

>She "freezes" whenever she wants to do something self-destructive, which she claims is a new mental illness: catatonia.
isn't catatonia exclusive to schizophrenia (and believed to be a type of seizure)? i hate this bitch, lots of people "freeze", doesn't mean it's catatonia, which is so rare to begin with even within schizophrenia. i also hate when she refers to her "alters" as real people. i know many nonnas itt don't think did exists at all, but regardless, the reason it was changed from mpd to did is because it is not multiple personalities, as in full people, they are multiple fragmented identities that put together are supposed to form one personality/person. this is really basic info on a common misunderstanding that she should know if she wants to fake it. but i guess that definiton isn't as fun as her cosplay version, plus she would have to take accountability seeing as all her alters would be her instead of separate people (how the hell does anyone believe that there are just other people living in their head?)

No. 327276

Not gonna blog, just gonna say catatonia can come from many mood and psychiatric disorders, like bipolar and depression. Catatonia that's comorbid with schizophrenia is just the hardest to treat with the lowest chance of success.
I do want to point out her description of catatonia isn't correct. It's not "freezing" and the check for catatonia from professionals focuses more on the patient blindly following orders with no regard to physical safety. She, again, is just using psych terms with no real understanding

No. 327278

the more she tries to deny her BPD and skinwalk another mental illness because it's cooler, the more her BPDemon ass gets exposed, I hardly get secondhand embarrassment with cows but it's really hard not to with her.

No. 327290

>>327255 jezz Jill try to make your lurking less obvious(integrate)

No. 327291

> She "freezes" whenever she wants to do something self-destructive, which she claims is a new mental illness: catatonia.
And this is what happens when everything is viewed through the lens of mental jillness. This to me comes across like her brain maturing and recognizing that there are potentially permanent consequences for her self destructive behaviors and subconsciously reacting by freezing to allow her higher brain function to kick in and her to decide against it. If she wanted to recover (even just from the self harm aspect) she could try to utilize this freeze response to divert away from the self destructive behavior but it comes across like she enjoys/prefers the alternative, maybe because it’s easier or maybe because it’s a handy narc supply.

No. 327300

File: 1716852158192.png (84.06 KB, 677x171, 53225674900.png)

>Someone in remission wouldn't even feel the need to make a video like this
Imo it's just for Jill to weaponize. In a lot of her twitter slap fights, she references her videos claiming """she already addressed it""". There's nothing substantial, e.g. actual proof, and mostly just her saying she's whatever. Her word is trash. Jill is an unreliable narrator.
>she talks a lot about how helpful therapy is without pursuing it herself
Easier to larp than to go through the efforts of truly changing her behavior. She doesn't see a problem with her behavior; she has a problem with how others react to her bad behavior. Always making excuses.

No. 327319

>5 year therapy update
>Has not been attending therapy for years and her last therapist was a quack who convinced her she had 8 peeople living in her head
I assume she is using that word to mean generally attempting to improve an ailment and not literal therapy

No. 327333

Nonna with access to Jillian’s private account please post some caps. She’s probably seething or saying more incriminating things

No. 327340

She is coming up with some new heavy terms and is adding catatonic now? Did I miss something and schizophrenia spectrum is the new IT mental illness? Be careful there, Jillain. That type of illness comes with definable proven symptoms.. and sometimes a tard wrangler. I doubt steve wants to quit his job to do it, or have someone under foot in the rainbow throwup townhouse.

No. 327347

She’s been claiming catatonia for a while now, mostly for when she’s zoned out after smoking weed. She also breadcrumbed schizophrenia before fully committing to the DID saga when she claimed to have auditory hallucinations in one of her Patreon vlogs iirc. I think she settled for DID in part because it’s much less “settled” and taken less seriously than something like schizophrenia, so it’s less likely to lead to any kind of actual consequences treatment.
The way she claimed that BPD is incurable in her older video also fits this pattern. She wants a doctor’s note to excuse her behaviour that also relieves her of any responsibility to try to get better (or responsibilities in general). BPD being incurable would mean that everyone must put up with her bullshit or else they’re being ableist. Now that she’s latched onto more trendy labels she claims her BPD is healing because she wants praise and to distance herself from the BPD stigma, but she’s only doing this after having monkey branched onto new mental health conditions. Now she’ll blame those conditions for her behaviour and her failures and again, anyone who calls her out on anything is just being ableist. Bonus points for autism being genuinely incurable yet also existing on a spectrum that allows her to claim it without engaging with actual mental health professionals in any meaningful way.

No. 327352

Jumping over the bpd Jill bs rn to vent another random thought…
Why doesn't she propose to Stevie? She is, supposedly, a super progressive uwu queer super bitch pussy kween and doesn't care about sociatal gender norms. So why doesn't she just propose if she wants it that bad?

No. 327354

Because as much as she wants to claim that label, she is painfully straight. She loves being the typical girl in a relationship: spoiled, taken care of, coddled, etc. When she dated Tristan and he would buy her gifts, Louise even commented on facebook that it reminded her of when Jill's father would buy her gifts when they were young. Jill ultimately wants her mother's life and to have her own artistic business but mostly be a housewife while the husband is the breadwinner. She's also called herself a pillow princess and talked about her love of dick. She's as straight as straight can be.

No. 327355

Deep down she knows he'll say no kek. I think she's generally aware that Steven doesn't like her and that their relationship is dead. No happy couple in their mid-20s sleep in separate beds. I think whenever she posts about engagements and marriage it's just her egoistic impulse to show others that she CAN get married. It's sort of like the one fat kid from middle school that always bragged about being able to do cartwheels at recess even though they never actually did one; Jill wants other people to believe her relationship is happy, successful, and evolving because in truth it's sad, dysfunctional, and stagnant.

No. 327356

File: 1716927579629.png (111.06 KB, 720x532, mfw.png)

The cope, kek

No. 327360

Self inserting as usual I see.

No. 327361


No. 327363

File: 1716930109871.png (910.03 KB, 936x687, Screen Shot 2024-05-28 at 4.56…)

>I just hit 26 and after 3 years of doing nothing but sitting on my huge hog ass in my dank rainbow dungeon and smoking weed all day everyday and drinking 3 Monsters a day, and for some reason my body hurts. It happened so suddenly.
God, I loathe her. She has no self-awareness at all. She got a bike a few months ago as a gift and she's yet to ride it anywhere. She hasn't exercised in years. She's gained 70-90lbs since she moved off of PEI. She has such an unhealthy lifestyle and it clashes so much with her rainbow desu 2013 sense of style.

No. 327364

Jill's relationship with age is so bizarre to me, I don't understand if she says stuff like this just so people will be like "omg noooo Jill ur so young!!!" or if she genuinely thinks 26 is old. There's a pretty significant different between 26 and mid-30s which is probably the age range Twitter OP was referring to. Also she literally never works out or even seems to go on walks anymore, no wonder her body is "suddenly" so weak

No. 327365

If this bitch starts larping chronic illness/autoimmune disease next, we got this cap to prove she is lying. That shit is lifelong struggle not sudden at all. I could see her being one those fat munchies that claims some vague illness like fibro.

No. 327368

If a few more years yield 4× the nuggie/monster consumption and more lazy ugly sedentary bitch lifestyle she won't have to lie about having type 2 diabetes kek

No. 327369

If this is her at her 20s, having destroyed herself so utterly with her god awful lifestyle at an age when people should still have the health of a teenager, her 40s are going to be terrible for her. Although she’ll probably just get on ozempic and claim the weight loss is a “side effect of medication for a private genetic condition.”

No. 327382

File: 1716941487812.png (97.67 KB, 720x524, 532357864.png)

No. 327383

Probably the start of carpel tunnel syndrome from where she clenches her ugly sausage fingers around her bong every 20 minutes.

No. 327385

>common for artists
Yes because they work 20 hours straight on a piece, throwing together pastel slop in procreate like she does won't take more than an hour. It does look like she's breadcrumbing for a chronic illness larp since the DID lost its shine now.

No. 327386

File: 1716943666223.gif (847.95 KB, 400x226, c68b609c-5c61-44c3-8e66-d6e322…)

she thinks her lazy ass would get that from doing so much art? she only posted drag again when farmers pointed out she forgot about it. same with the cosplay shit. she only lifts a finger for us, not her fans or herself. there no consistency or reason for her "art". she simply responds to the lolcow post that bothers her the most at any given time.
she thinks so highly of all the mediocre shit that she does… its crazy

No. 327387

She's gonna pretend she has arthritis but only in wrists and ankles, because it's easy to fake that and most importantly, you don't need to get off your ass to do so, you can just performatively wiggle your ankles and wrists for "exercise" when someone walks past as a vague threat towards the future you have planned for them where they will be wheeling your 300lb ass around in a chair, got it
run stevie run

No. 327391

Kek she ain't no artist. The implication that she's totally an artist is hilarious to me.

No. 327394

the way she copes hard for her shitty depressing lifestyle kek

No. 327396

File: 1716957047832.png (504.1 KB, 1398x2175, SCR-20240528-tkcg.png)

Viewstats from her wig video. I think its too soon for the bpd one.

No. 327398

File: 1716957379663.png (177.33 KB, 1116x629, Screen Shot 2024-05-28 at 10.3…)

i checked the subscriber statistics from the entire last year. its been stagnant for months and months now.

No. 327402

She is absolutely going to LARP mobility issues at some point and will probably get a wheelchair that she’ll paint rainbow and crochet cozies for.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome saga incoming!

No. 327409

ankles: fat ass not walking enough
wrists: clutching phone in rage all day
there, found the causes for you.

No. 327415

Shed probably get more attention if she did this. Munchies are a lot more popular than DID tards.

No. 327453

As someone also diagnosed with bpd…. She knows that most symptoms only appear at the end of your 20s…right?"im healing from bpd uwu" noy pure not. You're showing more symptoms and your bpd is telling you, you're normal

This bitch honestly. As someone that supposedly "knows" so much about her own mentaljillness she knows shit about fuck. Just the amount of contradictions in the first 20 minutes

No. 327458

I was thinking she's moving away from the DID larp and fully embracing the autism/ADHD instead. No, apparently she has every mental illness..except for BPD

No. 327460

>>327458 bcuz that's toxic girlfriend syndrome, and she is wholesome! For a mental health "creator" she sure likes stigmatizing certain shit (when she is not busy misrepresenting other)

No. 327461

Fuck I wish she would just go back to wasting her money on ugly clothing she never wears
At least then she'd stop bsing

No. 327492

File: 1717119492422.jpg (421.21 KB, 720x3662, sinus.jpg)

Looks like Jill is complaining about her sinus problems on her private xitter account based on these replies
>Ehlers-Danlos syndrome saga incoming!
I'm expecting this too and the theatrics will be over the top

No. 327494

>i would maybe talk to a doctor? see if it could help?
kek this poor person doesn't know jill only takes medical advice from jill for years and years now
shes gonna keep huffing her retarded nasal spray shes addicted to and smoke the weed shes addicted to and ingest the bland foods and energy drinks shes addicted to. any mild discomfort makes her suicide bait publically kek.

No. 327496

Kek people offering answers about how it could be pollen or air quality causing her nasal passages to burn and hurt even though those are just side effects of long term nasal spray usage.

No. 327505

You have to be incredibly retarded to get addicted to nasal spray. Like if you're sick you're literally just going to have blocked nasal passages kek why tf would you hose your nasal cavity a trillion times a day to breathe. Literally the MOST pussy addiction to have. She has no real problems kek that's why the nasal spray addiction keeps coming back up. Bitch has nothing to talk about.

No. 327506

The nasal spray addiction is the most subtle tell of her entire personality, like getting addicted to a completely unnecessary thing you could drop any time, you had no real reason to use, makes your life worse for nothing, and then complaining about the completely self caused and unnecessary problem. Pretty much sums it up.

No. 327513

File: 1717180843924.jpeg (544.02 KB, 1179x1070, IMG_3588.jpeg)

All of her problems are literally caused by 1 thing but she’ll keep pretending smoking weed is making her better so she can keep larping as a retard

No. 327518

Plus I'm pretty sure she might have inherited some type of cat allergy from her mom. Doesn't help that she never ever cleans and her house is full of cat hair, puke, and shit.

No. 327519

I don’t believe Louise is truly allergic to be honest. It’s always sounded like an excuse to buy expensive purebreds to me.

No. 327522

File: 1717188168814.jpg (256 KB, 720x1943, 09764633.jpg)

No. 327524

I'm assuming the other person is asking her if she'd sell those digital background on Redbubble as a .jpg file to use for phones and desktops. How does selling files even have a ethical qualm? It's just an upload and download there is no manufacturing process. She's so dumb.

No. 327525

Pretty sure RB doesn't sell digital items, it's all stickers and printed clothing and whatnot. Not that that's really any less ethical than any of Jill's beads and other plastic nonsense.

No. 327528

When you use that shit for too long you get a rebound effect where you get more congested than before and you need the nasal spray for the temporary relief it does give when it unblocks your nose/sinuses. The fact she willingly doesn't want to do anything about that is insane. It's honestly weird to me that she hasn't claimed her sinuses get blocked due to trauma or something, like she did with her recurring UTIs.

No. 327530

She built a cat patio and carries allergy meds everywhere for this reason anon

No. 327531

There's no such thing as hypoallergenic cats and her purebreds are just another way for her family to throw money around, especially since they have a maine coon, one of the worst cats for people with allergies

No. 327535

Exactly. Anyone that says things like that to justify getting a purebred is either too retarded to do actual research or knows they're supporting a fucked up business but needs an excuse that doesn't make them look bad. Anything to avoid getting a yucky shelter cat I guess

No. 327540

She probably does have a mild allergy, but getting the most hairy cats imaginable is funny when most people with an allergy get a hairless cat.

No. 327541

they say POD service which is basically a factory that prints these designs en masse on various physical goods like blankets or whatever, so no, I doubt they meant that. people can also just join her patreon to get all of them I'm assuming so she doesn't have much incentive to sell them as digital backgrounds separately. (if anything, she'd use this as a point to plug her patreon.)

that said, there are definitely suppliers that are better at their "sustiness" so I wonder how much work she's actually put into this kind of thing.

No. 327542

Print on demand is basically a waste of time, like in a $150 rug sale you get $15 crazy margins like that. It's passive income but still massively overcharged and customers will think you received that $150 which creates a weird dynamic of like pretending you are not being robbed blind by the service.
Those services have existed for decades and always been shit.

No. 327543

>any mild discomfort makes her suicide bait publicly kek
Especially if it is something she doesn't want to give up like the nasal spray. Grade A tantrum over the nasal spray. I'd like to think she'd have a nuclear meltdown if she was told to give up the energy drinks.
>Procrastinating editing this weekend's vid
I hope it's not another studio con vlog.

No. 327544

remember, no one is forcing her at gunpoint to do this. this is her choice. she just pretends its not.

No. 327545

Why did she censor Patreon?

No. 327546

People think that using words like "store", "shop", "patreon" etc. will make the algorithm show people your post less. No idea if it's true but it's very common among artists in my experience.
Maybe I'm naive but isn't print on demand as sustainable as it gets? Every item only gets made exactly once as requested by the customer. No waste unless there's a misprint. Everything made in the exact quantity that's needed. Whats not sustywustyuwu about that?

No. 327547

>I'd like to think she'd have a nuclear meltdown if she was told to give up the energy drinks.
Make it happen kek. She also needs to be told to quit weed. She really has the worst most childish traits possible and this is why she can easily become an addict. What a retard kek this is what not being able to take a "no" for an answer does to a mf.

No. 327548

>Everything made in the exact quantity that's needed. Whats not sustywustyuwu about that?
It's mostly because redbubble and similar websites allow for users to profit from stolen / barely altered content, a lot of people literally just save pics from the internet and then sell those designs there. She already has a print on demand website active, it was posted some threads ago. She just 100% forgot about it kek. If anything I think not using those websites and diy'ing your own merch is more popular and cooler, at least she wants to try rather than do the lazy premade route so I give her that.

No. 327559

there's also no transparency for their production practices so even if they're only making one rug, if they're making it off slave labor or whatever then it's not exactly sustainable

No. 327568

File: 1717274799136.png (230.63 KB, 644x532, Screen Shot 2024-06-01 at 2.37…)

stebie already told her to stop drinking monsters and she acted like it was cute instead of advice. I stand with tinfoilers who said mom told her to quit weed when she visited for the mcr concert. cause she was suicide-baiting immediately afterwards. mom dissaproved something. also how abusive to tweet this after a disagreement with your elder mom who'se always followed you on social media

No. 327569

>i'm SO unwell i can't even check notifications
god i fucking hate her

No. 327573

File: 1717287295009.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1566, IMG_5080.jpeg)

Why are you like this Jill? The cringe.

No. 327574

Is that comment supposed to be sexual?

No. 327576

ABDL age regression posting.

No. 327577

Nasty shit, I wish she could keep her weird fetishes to herself or in some private alt account.

No. 327578

This is such a nothing post imo. That's a common twitter meme and she's probably just hoping it gets some likes, I don't think it means anything deeper than that.

No. 327581

File: 1717293218457.png (544.48 KB, 720x1080, 6349888456.png)

No. 327582

>omg its june 1 i gotta tweet something gay to get a hit tweet!
remember when you lovebombed that sweet girl and dumped her to the curve for your crusty bf?

No. 327584

>sexualisation of her own infantalisation
okely dokely! Please never have children Jill!

No. 327585

i feel like this would be impressive if it was someone who worked a full-time job or had kids that did this on a whim. like "damn Martha you did all that on the weekend? amazing you'reso talented!" but if its your unemployed friend who changes hobbies every two month its "yeah thats cool"

No. 327588

Kek. For real though.

No. 327590

Yeah I think she does gravitate towards the cutesy mascots partly for her typical “age regression” bullshit but the text is just a meme so whatever. She really needs to accept that adults can enjoy cute stuff without pretending they’re mentally transforming into a 4 year old. Adult friends have cute coloring book movie nights, watch cartoons with their kids and enjoy them, buy cutesy things occasionally and so on. It’s like she’s so sheltered she thinks she’s incapable of being an adult because she likes cartoons and plushies and candy, but she’s just handling it poorly.

No. 327597

But anon, if she admitted that regular adults can do that stuff and enjoy cute things, then she wouldn't be special

No. 327598

i'm sorry but in what way is this gay?

No. 327599

this makes for a difficult thumbnail to read. she should take out that it was made from curtains and just focus on that it was done in a weekend. she keeps leaning on it being made out of curtains but is that any more sustainable than buying a cut of fabric?

No. 327600

Right? Curtains are one giant block of fabric, same as you would get off of a bolt. It's not like it made her project harder like if she reworked another already-made garment.

No. 327603

File: 1717308420129.jpeg (272.06 KB, 1000x1000, 233005464_4516419565089147_630…)

i 100% guarantee its because in drag race rupaul adores and references the "curtain dress" from gone with the wind. she so retarded she doesnt realize its impressive because the dress is really good, not that its "from curtains".
she has a drag race alter and thought she could be in drag race Canada, shes a fangirl.

No. 327607

File: 1717315856915.jpeg (955.62 KB, 1179x1691, IMG_3958.jpeg)

Sage for Cherry posting, but her edgy green alter (who’s totally not based on Jerrick) just split another edgy green alter named Jax. I find the whole thing so fascinating, because I just know Jill is seething that this girl is copying her OCs, but she really can’t do anything about it because calling it out would make her a fakeclaiming ableist.

No. 327608

That and all of her aesthetics and subtle username changes are more up to date than whatever 2010s tumblr/yt approach Jill leans into. Cherry's so much better at seeming authentic and naive with the fake mental illness, but that's only in contrast with Jill's jillness.

No. 327611

Did someone feed Jill after midnight again?

No. 327612

That’s because she’s retarded and genuinely misled. Her family comes across as very frustrated with her, it’s kinda sad.

No. 327617

Cherry is also insanely autistic Jill has to be malding over that alone.

No. 327621

Kek I was looking at this tweet with the username cut off on my screen and I was legit surprised that Jill was going to have a kpop alter. Imagine her dealing with the cancelation on that. This IS making me appreciate that she at least stays away from neopronouns, though. 'We' is dumb enough.

No. 327631

File: 1717355086008.png (411.57 KB, 720x1130, jjj.png)

No. 327632

No. 327633

File: 1717355538703.png (77.47 KB, 720x323, 654467.png)

No. 327635

I think it’s because other sewing YTers who are into sustainability often use secondhand sheets and curtains for their projects instead of buying new fabric. She says these curtains were gifted to her to use as fabric, and if they were bought new for that purpose then there’s really no difference with buying new fabric for a project. Even so, the word ‘curtains’ gives her that veneer of sustiwustiness uwu

No. 327636

I'm working on a recap right now for all you nonas
I think she's using "I made it from curtains!" as like a "I'm so good at sewing I can work with even curtains!" subtle brag or something. Or maybe it's just to get people to click on her video thinking "wtf curtains??" but it doesn't work on either level because curtains are just one big chunk of fabric?? It's the same as working with a panel of fabric kek it's not that cool or experienced.

No. 327637

This vlog was actually very cute and I hope she does more like this. No mention of mental Jillness; just crafting, cooking, and cats.

No. 327641

Part of me thinks she's just taking a bit of a dig towards lolita, somehow, not really though. Don't take me too seriously on this but back in the day it was frowned upon to make stuff out of curtains and bedsheets. Dunno how it is now, I haven't been in the scene in ages.

No. 327642

I agree that the lack of mental jillness is pretty refreshing. I do think though that the "making clothing out of x" trend has come and pass already from the youtube sphere. Like it is so irrelevant now, people make short content about stuff like this all the time and it's not the heavy hitter "wow" thing she might think it is anymore. It can't even pass as bragging because she's so outdated

No. 327644

File: 1717366302214.jpg (450.71 KB, 624x660, hambeast.JPG)

Recap of video
>Making a Dress from Curtains in ONE WEEKEND! by Pixielocks, posted 2 June 2024
This is a 20-minute vlog-style video about how she spent the weekend that she made her curtain dress. It's not the most interesting but I'll try to recap interesting bits.
>0:00 - 0:50
She starts by introducing the vlog and talking about all the interesting projects she's been up to that weekend, which she lists as: sewing, cooking, getting beautiful vintage cutlery (I think she means the ugly Japanese stuff she got a while back), dance practice, and illustrating her Patreon wallpaper. She's filming by holding her phone and her camera is very shaky and reminds me of a TikTok video.
She films her sewing process in her sewing room. Her friend gave her the curtains ages ago but Jill was waiting for her "skills to be at a place where [she] can casually whack out dresses for [herself]." She wanted to do a small project for herself after "months and months and months" of working on her cosplay outfit.
>2:11 - 9:44
She mentions another reason for creating the dress now is because her and "Stevie"'s anniversary is approaching and they have a "little trip and a little fancy date." I think this is a subtle nod at farmers tinfoiling about how they never take any trips. I assume the trip is going to be within an hour of Fredericton. Besides that interesting bit, the rest of this segment is just her creating her dress and talking about her process. I'm not a seamstress so I can't say if she does it well or not.
>9:45 - 10:59
She gives us some shots of her wearing the dress and twirling around and striking poses on her backyard deck. She describes her dress as "flirty and flattering," and finds herself putting it on at home while she does chores because of how comfortable it is.
>11:00 - 11:32
She is very obviously high in this part of the vlog where she models the dress in her basement. She laments that there were "a couple years where this big pink backdrop was unused." She then declares that she "Loves being a diva. Slay." She realizes her shoes are full of cat bite marks.
>11:33 - 14:30
This segment, again filmed on her phone, is about the process of photographing herself and creating the dress photo where she's floating in air. She brags that "everyone on Twitter was complementing [her] core strength" after posting a short video of the process. She shows us the editing stage of the photo. She transfers a photo of her head from one photo onto another, something she claims she does "all the time." She's quite good at photoshop.
>14:30 - 16:20
A 2-minute interlude of playing with her cat.
>16:21 - 17:46
She starts practicing for her anime convention dance routine. This time she's "gonna do it this time, [she's] not gonna have a breakdown on the floor. The rest of the segment is her dancing on 2x speed. She questions why she's "struggling" with the routine and practices the routine with the music at 75% speed. She thought she was gonna do better than she did and commits to practicing it more.
>17:47 - 19:23
She walks the viewer through her preparation of a pasta dish. From the way she holds and uses her knife, I don't think she cooks very often or she just never learned how to cut things with a knife. She originally got the recipe from Hello Fresh, but after she cancelled her subscription to the service she saved the recipes they sent to her to continue making them on her own. She says she makes this pasta dish all the time, it's just pasta, cream cheese, bell peppers, beef, baby spinach, American marble cheese, tomato sauce, Parmesan, and a lemon.
>19:24 - 20:30
This segment shows the viewer how Jill designs her monthly wallpapers from Patreon, she plugs her Patreon before ending the video with a shot of her editing it. Credits roll.

No. 327649

it was never curtains or bedsheets specifically, just types of poor quality fabric which bedsheets were often made of. also jill loves the lolita comm. jill's entire career was based on wanting to be efamous in the lolita comm before she flounced after she wasn't getting her ass kissed enough. it's the entire reason she dug deep into this rainby shit, and she came crawling back after all this time now that it seems easy to get efame from it again.

No. 327650

I think you might be overthinking this nonna. Making clothes out of bedsheets, curtains, and table cloths is common thing novice seamstresses do. A lot of sewing YouTubers do it too. It’s a good chunk of material that’s cheap so if you fuck the consequences aren’t as bad as cutting into a brand new bolt of fabric.
I think she should just admit she doesn’t like sewing as much as she claims she does because there are other content creators pumping out sewing videos and projects at much faster pace than she is and those people seem to genuinely love the craft.
She’s made the classic bpd mistake of attributing her entire identity on to one of her many hobbies.

No. 327658

File: 1717386389585.png (443.03 KB, 720x905, 2216598955.png)

Views on videos
>Like it is so irrelevant now, people make short content about stuff like this all the time and it's not the heavy hitter "wow" thing she might think it is anymore
Jill's refusal to move on from her old format and adapt is making her more irrelevant. This probably would have done better as short content but Jill loves to hear herself talk.
Thank you. Seems like she was padding out the video for more ad revenue.
>She wanted to do a small project for herself after "months and months and months" of working on her cosplay outfit
Can't wait to see what this "months and months and months" of work on her cosplay looks out.

No. 327665

Why the fuck is it always a nigga name “bug”

No. 327668

File: 1717397569995.jpg (29.78 KB, 400x266, Sound-of-music-curtain.jpg)

>She brags that "everyone on Twitter was complementing [her] core strength
kek she really did think she was a gymnast for the feat of leaning on a chair

As for the curtains thing anons are debating about, doesn't it all track back to the original MPDG, one of the first things she does in the plot is make playclothes for all the kids out of curtains

No. 327675

>She realizes her shoes are full of cat bite marks.
I know fuck all about owning cats so I could be wrong, but surely cats chewing on shoes isn't good for them and she should be trying to stop that.

No. 327678

not really, a lot of very sought after oldschool dresses are made of gobelin, which is basically grandma's curtain and sofa fabric.

No. 327683

Her fans must be hams too if they’re legitimately impressed by someone being able to lean back slightly while using their legs as counterbalance. Guess that explains who’s eating up her posts about how mysteriously she feels ill even though it’s obviously the result of her being an out of shape loser.

No. 327685

File: 1717422313151.jpg (1.04 MB, 3131x3547, 1000024069.jpg)

Anyone else catch the bottles by her door around 15 minutes in? Thought it was three but maybe seems like four in the second pic >>327632

No. 327686

I think they're for decoration nonnie, like she had them at whatever time and because they're pink and white she decided to keep them.

No. 327687

It's been a long time since we've seen a normal vlog from Jill. I actually found myself enjoying this video a little, it's not bad when she makes videos about her day-to-day life rather than irrelevant commentary videos about nothing. Of course, now we won't see another vlog for the next six months.

No. 327690

Do you even know what they are? They don't look like vodka, those are tall-tall. Smirnoff is the only red label vodka she'd have access too and they don't look like that, so it doesn't really matter if no one can see. Also she's an adult, it doesn't matter if she drinks. Some people collect old empty bottles too for decoration like >>327686 said they might be for

No. 327691

It's her favourite wine. She's shown us the wine before and it has the same pink label as the ones in the picture. I don't think she's drinking 4 bottles of wine for "decoration."

No. 327692

not that it matters but it's likely rose and white wine bottles as that's what Jill seems to drink most often these days. she probably recycles her glass so collects glass waste for a while until there's enough to warrant going making a trip to a glass recycling point. nothing strange at all.

No. 327694

Who keeps aesthetic decor on the floor, nona

No. 327695

That's what I suspected.

They probably grab it when they decide to do a run

No. 327696

Glass just goes in the recycle bin.

No. 327697

Cant help but tinfoil another reason she's making the dress is because shes convinced stevie is gonna propose, whats more queer than the two of em getting engaged in June, its pride month, the ultimate one up on her bestie who's legit queer if i remember correctly

No. 327699

NTA but Fredericton has two bottle return facilities that will give you some money back every time you return a bottle. I think that's what the ayrt is referring to but I don't think Jill has the mental capacity to do that, and I don't think Stephen cares either. I think she's just a slob. The broom is in the same shot, so I assume she tried cleaning up her dirty kitchen before filming the cat segment but got lazy midway through.

No. 327702

I also wonder what Jill's parents think of Stevie. It seems weird that there's no photos of them together, they never seem to visit her folks together, they don't seem to do holidays or any kind of family visits together. They've been together for over 5 years, but don't seem to be a part of each other's families what so ever. It's just weird, ok?

No. 327706

Last time they were seen together it was a few (IIRC threads 50-55 or something) threads ago, the four of them went to a breakfast together and there were a lot of funny faces, including Jill's dad looking really uncomfortable with hate in his heart and loathing behind his eyes. Besides that, last time he might have seen them was for Christmas but he and Jill stayed at different houses. I don't think either of their parents like who their children have chosen as romantic partners.

No. 327707

>>327697 it's also considered the best month to get married in Japan, she is a weeb, and a dumbass as well, of course she could be expecting marriage kek(terminal case of not pressing enter after quoting)

No. 327709

Ah yeah, I figured something like that but if she can just put it in the bin there's no way they'd take a trip for a few dollars.
To be fair it's marriage month everywhere. Not sure why you think it's Japan specific.

No. 327710

File: 1717446609490.png (39.53 KB, 174x155, shoes.png)

are these the shoes from her Japan trip that barely fit? around 11:25 she mentions that her cats have been chewing on on the bottoms apparently

No. 327711

She seemingly does nothing to accommodate her cats in her home, having to do things that are inconvenient like putting up shoes is something that comes with having an animal but she just leaves shit around for them to get into

No. 327719

lol outing yourself as a weeb if you think June is only marriage month in Japan

Her touching on so many topics with a title like that feels unnatural. She should have just made a video on the dress, people like timelapses of the process like that and it's good background content. But maybe I'm sour because I'm over blog content that positions itself as one thing when it's a week in the life of the poster doing 10 boring things and 1 interesting thing

No. 327734

>including Jill's dad looking really uncomfortable with hate in his heart and loathing behind his eyes.
Fucking kek nonna

No. 327735

everyone sperging about the bottles when it's probably just a matter of recycling, while i'm here looking at those chairs she still hasn't painted next to that lonely rainbow one kek. such a passionate artist.

No. 327738

i was thinking the same kek she should just paint the other chairs too

No. 327741

The paint is also all scratched already too.
Either Jillybean must have the most special chair or steeb didn't let her turn the plastic dining set into a preschool set.

No. 327747

It's thread #49, in case anyone wants to go back and look at her poor dad

No. 327748

File: 1717515242420.jpeg (456.63 KB, 828x1125, IMG_6556.jpeg)

She’s making a new flag, and I’m getting flashbacks to when she tried making LACE in the lolita community.

No. 327749

>"my queerness is directly tied to my dissociative condition"
so is she admitting that she (jill) is straight and is only queer because of her alters? spicy

No. 327750

Lmaooo she really is the most special snowflake isn't she?

No. 327751

i feel like this marks an entire new era of crazy from jill lmao

also feels like this is a roundabout way to say jill herself was never queer, but jerr is trans and veronica is a bi sex-pest and that's why they're queer as a collective group

No. 327752

Clearly it's just that she has to always have the badly painted rainbow chair while other peasants have the other shitty plastic ones.

No. 327753

i hope cherry steals it right away and starts putting it on everything so that everyone thinks it's cherrys flag kek

No. 327754

File: 1717515861931.jpg (45.5 KB, 480x360, hqdefault-1.jpg)

Her constant need to be the most special person in the room at all times is so exhausting. Remember when she was the most sooper spooper unique lesbian because she was also HYPERFEMININE unlike those gross icky butches? Her endless need to shoehorn herself into groups she doesn't belong is even more exhausting.

No. 327755

Her fake queerness is tied to her fake dissociative condition so at least that part checks out.

No. 327756

She makes me absolutely too tired to even comment on new stupid bullshit she does. But I'm kekking at her being scawweduwu about "coming out" with a new neuroqueer (wtf) flag when people still get beaten and killed for being gay anywhere else. She's a coddled straight girl dating a man. She's retarded but not in the way she wants kek.

No. 327757

i'm amazed in how she's always outdoing herself. she needs her own flag… i guess it suits her because it looks like fucking shit

No. 327759

No. 327760

She's too chicken shit to post it in her main account because you know real gays would be super offended at this faker shit.

No. 327761

File: 1717516933399.jpeg (335.08 KB, 828x787, IMG_6558.jpeg)

Samefag but the other 2 posts underneath it

No. 327762

>Hyperfemenine and queeruwu
God she's always been such an infuriating asshole.

No. 327763

Needs to be Rasta colours with a zero sugar monster can in the middle. Kek

No. 327764

It's funny how she thinks she's a genius for coming with a rainbow flag when we all know the rainbow represents her and her alters and no one else.

No. 327765

>Conservatives hate
I'm no conservative and I think this is retarded as fuck

No. 327766

File: 1717517412102.jpeg (572.64 KB, 828x1424, IMG_6559.jpeg)

She’s too afraid of going viral again for claiming queer while being in a straight relationship

No. 327767

Why not just claim it’s a personal flag, explain its personal symbolism and let people who can relate use it? Why claim it represents everyone who is queer (spicy straight) and DID (munchies) and is for everyone when that is very obviously bullshit.
Just comes across as a cynical cash grab, like she’s trying to take advantage of other munchies and get them to give her money for what literally looks like her brands branding. Maybe she’s trying to recreate the feeling she had when she “created” party kei, she desperately wants to be relevant and a household name.

No. 327768

KEK imagine being a straight woman and making your own unique flag for pride

No. 327769

File: 1717517998173.jpeg (335.77 KB, 750x561, 1509047237798.jpeg)

adding to this kek. the one month she was gay she also got her car keyed for being gay. like immediately got hatecrimed.
shes addicted to lying. all her trauma has always been made up

No. 327772

damage control to deflect any sort of criticism. she changed the colors "a bit" to be pastel because it's her flag, she wanted it to be suited to HER tastes
by researching, she means she was desperately trying to look through some flag wiki to get inspiration on how she can make a flag her own. she's not a part of any "community", she just needs labels and asspats to make herself feel more secure. the mental gymnastics to explain away what she's actually doing here… she's ridiculous

No. 327773

in addition to being stupid, it's so ugly. the colors are ugly (especially the red mixed with the rest of the colors, it looks washed out). why did she decide to make it asymmetrical and slanted?

No. 327774

>my queerness is directly tied to a disorder caused by extreme trauma, particularly sexual abuse
yeah this just sounds like a woke version of "I'm gay because I was abused as a child"

No. 327775

cause shes an "artist" but not particularly good at drawing, designing, painting, sewing, wigs, makeup, decorating, making videos, making her ocs etc. but hey shes impressive at drinking monsters and getting high!

No. 327776

yeah, she left out orange because she never includes it in her rainbows lmao. this flag is solely for her and it's so embarrassing

No. 327777

>>327748 It's astounding just how much of a turbo-narcissist you have to be to create a custom flag for your self-diagnosed mental illness. She just seems to go further and further(ban evasion)

No. 327778

if the ultimate goal of treatment for DID is recovery, does that mean she stops being queer once she's fully fused?

No. 327779

maybe she could release kawiwi energy drinks for girls

No. 327780

isn’t orange one of the main colors in the lesbian flag too? maybe she’ll get called out for hating lesbians again lmao

No. 327782

Once Steebie becomes a troon, she can reidentify as a lesbo. Not that he'd get a mention but she make him a new troon gf to show he gets down with the sickness (ooh AH AH AH!).

No. 327783

I didn't expect this, kek, it's so over for her, she will never recover from this shit, she will either have to die old with this or create a whole ass new identity.

No. 327784

Because she has the need to be THE one who represents everyone because she's narcissistic like that. It happened with lolita too

No. 327785

Creating new identities is her whole new thing. DID is the perfect scapegoat. Let's see what kind of alter this shitshow will spawn.

No. 327786

>my queerness is directly tied to my dissociative condition
So only your OCs are "queer" and also by implication your queerness is "directly" part of a mental illness (y'know the reason being gay used to be illegal and is still illegal in some countries…because it's categorised as a mental illness)

Well, that's one way to go viral.

No. 327787

Girl really thought she cooked and ate with this but it's shit lmao(integrate)

No. 327788

She stopped being gay pretty quick after this so I guess hatecriming does work.

No. 327789

File: 1717534931079.jpg (228.14 KB, 720x1652, 65576345.jpg)

No. 327790

Queer is the new 1/16th native american ISTG.

No. 327792

Fuckssake, she licked one whole vagina and credits it with being so traumatic it caused her DID.

You’re not queer. You’re just an asshole.

No. 327794

At this point I doubt she even touched another woman's vagina.

No. 327795

The pic looks nothing like her

No. 327796

File: 1717539358549.jpg (1.62 MB, 1284x2129, IMG_9135.jpg)

the catfishing 30 pounds lighter kek. is she honest about anything?

No. 327797

She's never had sex with a woman. Her middle school girlfriend and her were together for two weeks, and she ditched Alyssa and told her she wasn't attracted to her, so there's no way she got as far as carpet munching

No. 327800

Seriously, the two woman she voluntarily chose to be with, she instantly backed out of the relationships in disgust as soon as it got physical. She wants an idealized rainby aesthetic cottagecore “lesbian” friend and is probably porn addicted, but when it comes down to it, she doesn’t actually want to be in a relationship with a woman, and she especially doesn’t want to have sex with them. She’s a raging heterosexual.

No. 327807

She never touched or licked another vagina in her entire pitiful life. That’s something that needs to be in her thread description.

No. 327808

File: 1717552739790.png (77.73 KB, 720x176, name change.png)

Already changed the title of her new video

No. 327809

just so you know, she's doing this because of youtube's stupid algorithm. it's not some dumb jill shit, just youtube.

No. 327815

This is the second time I've noticed she's changed the video title within a day or two, it's kind of weird but if >>327809 is right it's more pathetic that she feels the need to game the algorithm to try and capture some of her audience. A Youtuber with 227k subscribers shouldn't need to do this to get more than 5% of her subscribers to watch the video.

No. 327820

>Life with DID
Oh this is her making it official with Jill and Jill and Jill, no "married life" as she wants to put but life with me and me and me and me, perfect

No. 327822

>Life with my imaginary friends

No. 327830

File: 1717575500342.png (203.66 KB, 938x742, price for meal.png)

>She says she makes this pasta dish all the time, it's just pasta, cream cheese, bell peppers, beef, baby spinach, American marble cheese, tomato sauce, Parmesan, and a lemon.
I decided to look into the meal she prepared because I was interested in seeing the caloric content and price of the food she regularly consumes. I found most of the ingredients that she uses in the video, but if I couldn't find the exact ones I'd choose the cheapest option. Picrel is the total price after taxes for her pasta dish from either the Walmart of the Superstore near her. She spends a lot of money on this pasta dish, it's $45-$55 for one meal.

For the nutritional content, if you combine the total calories for everything and the nutrients you're left with a pasta dish that contains roughly: 3700 calories, 171g of fat, 260g of protein, 280g of carbohydrates, 3000mg of sodium, and 1150mg of cholesterol. I did this analysis by looking up all the ingredients she used, looking at their nutritional labels, and then combining all the info. I imagine they'll both eat this casserole over the period of 2-3 days, for one of their meals per day. Let’s say Jill and Steven split this dish: they’re both getting 1850 calories each from this one pasta meal. No wonder she is a huge fat ugly hambeast and her homo boyfriend is getting pudgier by the day. Jill seriously needs to learn how to stop overeating like a diabetic pig and start eating vegetables. 1 bell pepper and a few leaves of baby spinach isn't enough to save her from the insane cholesterol, sodium, and fat content she consumes on a daily basis.(derailing)

No. 327832

This is very autistic of you but I was thinking that reading the ingredients, recipes with a lot of unusual ingredients get pricey quick. But we can assume she eats that over and over because ARFID so it would be cheaper per meal/you can get a few meals out of those supplies

No. 327833

Well from what I saw, she used half a block of cheese, an entire bag of pasta, an entire block of cream cheese, an entire can of sauce, so I don't think she's getting a lot of reuse out of her groceries. Obviously I don't know her whole shopping routine, but I was surprised that she shelled out $50 on one dish. Her ARFID is obviously fake and her dumb mental jillness excuse for eating like a pig and never having tried broccoli. I think she just constantly eats unhealthy food like the pasta dish.

No. 327835

File: 1717586943038.png (402.03 KB, 1426x1008, pasta.png)

She definitely did not use the entire bag of pasta or the whole blocks of either cheese. Looking at the recipe online, she would have a few leftover ingredients, although I think it's funny it calls for 6tbsp of cream cheese, and she absolutely did put an entire block in.(nitpicking)

No. 327843

This is the type of fatty chan shit she eats over a period of 4 days and then gives herself food poisoning. How can one person be so fat and annoying and retarded.

No. 327846

People with millions of subscribers and viewers do this shit and so much more. When it's your job you kind of have to try to squeeze out as many views as you can.

No. 327849

Imho the fact that she's even preparing food herself is a step in the right direction. We all knew her diet is unhealthy so it's not like this meal is worse than what she usually eats. For once she's doing something productive for half an hour instead of making up new OCs. I think she'll benefit from this in multiple ways and maybe it'll even spark an interest in healthier nutrition.. probably not though

No. 327852

Ntayrt, but you're right. The video photo and title get changed by people constantly to play with the algorithm. If you notice one thing isn't drawing viewers, you change it and the ones who saw the video, might even accidentally click it thinking it's a new video thus adding a view [but doesn't completely add to the overall monetary part, they have to watch the video through]. It's just marketing. I'm shocked nonnas don't know about social media basics.

No. 327855

Stop fantasizing, anon, she already made a whole ass pride flag to literally parade her whole new super special identity, cooking a few meals isn't going to make her a better person at all, just fatter somehow because she's making shit the fatty way.

No. 327862

She’s also talked about cooking and eating healthy foods for at least a year anyway. It doesn’t make a difference.

No. 327864

File: 1717606430062.jpg (88.77 KB, 720x636, j.jpg)

She updated her patreon with the new banner and picture.

No. 327866

Diying at the picture eating all the text to only leave "colorful (picture of jill) with DID" kek(sage your shit)

No. 327867

kek please shes 26 and moved out 5 years ago. making pasta is lower than the bare minimum.

No. 327868

This picture is so annoying to me because her stage right eye is like half closed at the bottom and it just looks wrong

No. 327870

This isn't to draw in viewers, it puts it higher up on the suggestions and in search results because the algorithm identifies it as a new video, so it thinks your channel is uploading more frequently.

No. 327871

File: 1717617018177.jpg (819.96 KB, 2231x1080, 1000030255.jpg)

This is more accurate.

No. 327872

File: 1717617170084.jpeg (570.9 KB, 828x1435, IMG_6631.jpeg)

Totes anonymous

No. 327873

I feel like someone has to post this every time she makes a low effort meal a middle schooler could prepare. Like her stir fry moment, some nonas were really like, “wowwww, she really cut up a pepper and put it in a nonstick pan, what a step towards maturity! Such growth!!

No. 327874

Lmao. Always lurking.

No. 327875

>Colorful with DID

No. 327876

that's just how low expectations are for her

No. 327877

Yeah she's such a fucking womanchild.

No. 327878

>pwease guys I swear I’m not trying to do what I always do in every community I try to force myself into. Pwease be nice to me in this hugbox I’ve cultivated

No. 327879

This flag and all the talk about it screams the usual me, me, me, Jill. Literally who would use it? Cherry? lmao please.

No. 327880

File: 1717620922698.png (480.92 KB, 720x1158, stream.png)

Live streaming this Friday

No. 327881

File: 1717621394209.png (128.52 KB, 720x575, 52866443900.png)

Yeah about that anonymity
Kek spot on

No. 327882

anon lmao it's not that expensive especially for food for two, sounds like you don't cook yourself. food is just expensive in general now. pasta expands massively when cooked, even a fatty like her didn't need the whole bag of pasta. it's also the cheapest thing in her dish (relatively). she didn't use all the cheese either. the only expensive thing is the beef. all the other ingredients else last over the course of several days/meals or longer.

that being said it is an insane calorie bomb. i'm shocked at her using both cream cheese, marbled cheese, drenched with an insane amount of parmesan cheese, and beef? her fatass can't just make a nice seasoned tomato beef pasta with parmesan on top? if she eats this all the time no wonder she's so fucking big, her tastebuds and arteries are clogged with grease. her idea of "healthy foods" is probably this. eating 2 lbs of cheese and pasta every day isn't healthy, even if you cook it yourself. adding a cup of lettuce and a single bell pepper doesn't cancel it out(continuing the derail)

No. 327883

Cherry is the perfect foil to Jill. She is everything Jill wants to be but can never be. Cherry idolizes Jill, and ironically enough Jill seethes that Cherry pulls off so effortlessly and naturally the very thing Jill has to settle for poorly LARPing.

No. 327884

Beautiful, I knew it. It was only time for Cherry to latch onto this and make it known it was created by Jill. Love to see it.

No. 327886

I thought this was going to be a pride month June stream.but I guess it's just "let's celebrate summer" who cares lmao

No. 327888

Take notes Jill, this is what actual autism looks like kek absolutely unable to take any sort of subtle hints I can't wait for the day Jill actually blocks Cherry.

No. 327893

Oh my god this bitch. This flag has zero subtlety or humility, it has Jill written all over it. The color scheme, the waviness she seems to obsess over (I think of her walls), and the whole heart shit. She couldn’t even try to make it match existing flags. I know flags get retarded as fuck, but they all seem to at least match or fit in the same family of design and scheme but Jill’s flag is like an inbred cousin no one wants to associate with. Of course she has to say this to cover her ass, but could she really not tone down her design taste to make a more universal flag? (of course not)That would speak volumes more than just going “tee hee I’m just a private member of the community not a leader.” Ok LACE 2.0

No. 327895

I just noticed something, the "&" isn't even centered, she's lazy even while doing stuff for herself that represents herself.

No. 327900

The waves are also complete garbage.

No. 327902

File: 1717651383811.png (2 MB, 1400x1450, sof_laala.png)

Apologies for janky collage so as not to spam multiple images but here are some progress pics Sof (Jill's bestie of the moment) has posted of her Laala cosplay over the past month as comparison to Jill's Falalu progress. She appears to have made another entire cosplay shortly before this one for another convention (AEX).(derailing )

No. 327903

Ngl, I know bows aren't hard to do, but she does make good bows. It's surprising to see she's improving.

No. 327905

Her shit looks way better than Jillian’s and she didn’t go to craft college. I’m not saying her skills are remarkable but they’re passable especially at the speed she makes stuff. Jill takes forever to make mediocrity that’s ill fitting and falling apart.

No. 327906

Idk this just feels as mediocre to me as Jill's cosplays are. At least she doesn't pretend to be the ultimate kawiwi fashion designer.

No. 327907

Well she seems to actually make cosplays fairly consistently unlike Jill so improvement is expected kek

No. 327908

I made that comment thinking it was Jill since it's her thread, I didn't think to read who was being posted.

No. 327909

Didn't she temporarily block or at least unfollow her awhile ago, they had a little tiff iirc.
Cherry is so good at emulating Jill I have to double check the screenshots posted here (also I think some anons reply thinking Jill posted it)
Derail Janny-chan is right here in this doesn't seem relevant to Jill kinda seems like it's someone she knows stirring the pot like it's not mindblowing. Just generic cosplay.

No. 327911

Thanks for sharing, nona. I do think this is relevant to the thread because it's a person pixie views as her equal and it gives some perspective on what can be expected from cosplayers. If this is the level that someone who does this as a hobby is at then what the fuck did pixie learn in school?

No. 327913

But it really is growth for her. While it is sad as fuck that she's learning to prepare simple meals in her twenties it is personal growth. The fact that people on this site are unwilling to admit when a cow does something decent makes us look like a bunch of bitter bitches trying to find any reason to hate on someone.

No. 327914

>Actually the fact that this 26 year old womanchild that LARPs severe mental illness online for attention, is addicted to nasal spray, weed, and wine, the fact that she can cut vegetables with a knife is PERSONAL growth! You're all just BITTER!
The wks in this thread always sound so out of the loop. She's 26 and she's never eaten broccoli before. She's 26 and she hasn't worked a job in more than 5 years. She's 26 and gets so high that she cries and runs off the stage at cosplay competitions. Jill and personal growth don't go together. Jill doesn't know what personal growth is, she's got the worldview of a stunted 16 year old spoiled brat that can't accept that the world isn't her personal hug box.

No. 327918

She went to a craft college with a decent professional portfolio. I would say scores ahead of whomever was in her class. AND THE BITCH STILL FLOUNDERED.
While on the subject, she is from a financially decent family and had professional collabs.. why did she go to a local craft college with her ego? We've seen videos, she isn't suffering from social anxiety.. was she a bad student and couldn't get into a more prestigious design school? I hear Canadian unis actually do take grades and test scores seriously.

No. 327919

Another thing is that we're talking about a 26 years old woman that has the support of her family and even a moidslave that pays for the bills and goes buy the food, cleans and so on.
Yet she still couldn't actually do anything interesting at the craft school, meanwhile her classmates did some nice designs and finished their collections
I think it only makes sense when anons get annoyed at other anons praising Jillian for pretending to be a functional adult while she's larping a mental illness as she consumes weed and energy drinks like a moid.

No. 327920

>was she a bad student and couldn't get into a more prestigious design school? I hear Canadian unis actually do take grades and test scores seriously.
It's possible she sent in her portfolio to the top fashion schools closest to her and they all rejected her. That or she just had really average grades in HS.
It's funny when the WK's praise her doing basic shit. Shayna is the same age, cleans and cooks.

No. 327922

In Canada, university and college are two different things. University is for degrees, college is for diplomas. What most likely happened is that she either got rejected from any university program for fashion that she applied for, or the more likely option: she chose a cheap and easy community college because she knew the standards were lower and she could do less work. It's really easy to get into universities here, all you need is a grade point average of 70-80% in your last year of high school and most universities will accept you. I don't think she wanted to go to design school, I think she just wanted to something because something is better than nothing.
For real. It gets so tiresome seeing anons say shit like "oh she is just recylying all those empty wine bottles!" or "oh she is chopping a vegetable that's growth!" because that's what Jill wants; to do the bare minimum and get praised for it. Acting like a 26 year old making pasta is some sort of accomplishment is insane and it's part of the reason why she'll never do anything worth while in her life, because she's so accustomed to doing the bare minimum in anything that she does, she has no idea what it's like to go above and beyond. Shayna is a weird annoying person sure but at least she can actually clean up her apartment and make herself some dinner.

No. 327923

IIRC she spent a year post HS trying to build a portfolio so she didn’t have to do foundation year or something like that. I remember another reason why she ultimately settled to go to NB craft college was because it had an end of year showcase where each design got shown at a fashion show with a catwalk, which was mostly served to feed Jill’s ego. Ironically enough Jill’s designs never made the fashion show/runway because fashion showcase (both years) got cancelled due to COVID.

No. 327924

Foundation year was required for everyone (which she was obviously tilted about at the time, she didn't think she needed to do it). Some people were able to skip it in the past (for example, those who already had Fine Arts degrees), but it was changed to be strictly required well before she applied. You don't need anything other than okay HS art class drawings to get into simple college programs. No one needs to take time off to build one, it's not an actual fashion school.

She only went to this school because it was in a small town close to home, and she had been in the town for the anime con before, which made it comfortable and easy. Moving to a large city was too much effort/pressure for her. She was most likely hoping learning the basics would be enough to launch a career. But you need to put a lot of time and creative talent to launch an independent business. Big cities aren't for everyone, and that's fine, but her problem is she keeps pretending her program was a big fashion degree, when she obviously struggled to create impressive pieces. She could have learned everything through youtube videos, and skipped on the boring art foundation/history classes.

No. 327925

Even then, didn’t she get special treatment due to her status as an influencer? She’d get extensions on assignments, and her end collection wasn’t too good, technically speaking, in comparison to a lot of her classmates.
She only chose going to a community college rather than a university because she wants to be a big fish in a little pond, and because big cities seem to freak her out (looking at the New York trip). She’s really sheltered and wouldn’t be able to handle being outside her bubble for too long.

No. 327926

>she chose a cheap and easy community college because she knew the standards were lower and she could do less work.
For what I recall her idea was to go to the craft college, learn to properly sew, and then continue onto a better bigger school. That's what one of her classmates actually did. But then she decided she didn't want to study anymore. She got burnt out or was too lazy to even attempt it. Her very first plan was to go to Bunka in Japan.

No. 327941

It's funny that Jillian didn't want to take the foundational art year considering she has 0 skills in actual art. She really thinks she's above it all.

No. 327946

she’s so unable to tolerate discomfort and resistant to effort, i don’t see her changing her situation or her bad habits anytime soon. not without an external push

No. 327955

That push has to be literally pushing her until she reaches a treadmill so she can lose some pounds and maybe feel some serotonin.

No. 327960

She really needs to talk to a CBT or DBT therapy specialist. Not to prove her made up mental illnesses again, but to actually improve her fucking life.

No. 327962

Kek. Although she had an elliptical for ages and still got fat, so she’s hopeless. She already looks middle aged in her mid 20s and talks about feeling elderly while acting like she’s above adult efforts because she’s mentally 4 or a cat. She’s just going to slowly replace Phoebe Tickner.

No. 327963

On mobile so can't post caps but she's live on youtube atm dying her hair looking LORGE in what used to be an oversized tshirt that is now barely oversized.

No. 327964

here's the livestream, had to stop watching after she talked about the "6 year old inside her saying mommy please don't go"

No. 327967

File: 1717790857796.png (46.78 KB, 720x206, 5466289733.png)

No. 327968

Imagine having such a deep brainrot that you have to make references to the shit that fucking up your brain instead of thinking something mildly normal.
Seriously this whole genderwoo shit should be considered an addiction like porn addiction.

No. 327969

You can be neurodivergent and """cisgender""". It's called being normal.

No. 327970

people are getting too comfortable revealing how terminally online they are, because that IRL would rightfully get you looks

No. 327971

I love how she acts like she really has a community and really leaves her house and really talks to people when she talks to that person about moving away from home. Go off, Jillian, you fucking liar. You yourself admitted you DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME. Also lol I love how she won't say she's "addicted" to nasal spray when that's precisely what she is.

No. 327982

File: 1717821061688.mp4 (8.07 MB, moving away.Big T.MP4)

Thanks. Jill talks about moving out of her parents house which includes the 6 year old inside comment.

No. 327983

File: 1717821708180.mp4 (7.5 MB, 320x570, trichotillomania.mp4)

Bleaches just roots. Repair and strengthen hair journey. trichotillomania.

No. 327985

The way Jill brings her age regression into her relationship with her family is genuinely so creepy and weird. Like this "mommy don't go" and her practically begging for expensive toddler toys at every birthday and holiday.

No. 327986

File: 1717830912164.mp4 (13.62 MB, 320x570, nasal spray.mp4)

Talks about nasal spray addiction because of allergies being bad. Side note: let me know if there's anything else you nonnies want clipped.

No. 327989

>I think she just wanted to something because something is better than nothing.
That's a good motivating force and it can make people grow if they persist, but she obviously dropped that mindset.

No. 327991

Why is she so spastic and annoying? I want to punch her in the face and tell her to calm the fuck down.(a-logging)

No. 327992

there are non-addictive nasal sprays specifically for allergies. allergies is just a bs excuse for her addiction

No. 327994

she is so deeply amused by herself kek

No. 327996

i hate to break it to jill, but a lot of people are in the same boat as you. youre not special for relying on a nasal spray during allergy season.

No. 327998

I think the one thing I hate that jill does is that she still has this "normies vs weirdos" mindset that most people grow out of at the age of 13, except she applies it to her current mental States. She did the same thing when she first got "diagnosed" with DID; going around calling people singlets and insinuating that they would never "understand" her struggles as a person with multiple.

Like literally less than 2 years ago she was calling autistic people slow, now that she thinks she has autism suddenly neurotypicals are unimportant and "cis-gendered of the brain"

No. 328001

File: 1717859290397.png (127.06 KB, 720x633, grounding.png)

No. 328002

How many fucking drugs does one person need to be “normal”? Nasal spray, monsters, weed, medication and now sativa? Girl, get help.

No. 328003

>>328002 Jill is so ridiculous and privileged. Instead of eliminating possible factors to see if she improves (i.e. weed, monster, her junk diet), she rather just claim all illness and give poor advice about how to be functional when she does fuck all to be so.(integrate)

No. 328004

Sativa and Indica are weed types nonna kekw

No. 328005

Because she is hellbent on acting like what she THINKS autism is.
>>327967 What a disgusting person. Fuck your fetish and stop trying to make our disorders and struggles a new woke trend.

No. 328008

>muh weed focuses me so I don’t dissociate or have rapid switching
>only developed “DID” and became a nonfunctional loser after becoming a stoner

No. 328009

Never in my life have I ever seen someone who thinks they are so hilarious to this degree. I do encounter this type every so often IRL, but Jill takes the fucking cake. So utterly beyond annoying, and every word out of her (this type of person's) mouth is a lie. She does nothing but lie.

No. 328010

You've been redtexted like 5 times for this please hit enter after you reply to a post so: >>post# ENTER then your reply
Jill is the worst type of stoner. To think with how much she smokes, she could easily do cannabis reviews and shift to stoner content but she acts like weed is "medicine" not just another shit drug kek. She's in denial about the health effects of cannabis because she's in too deep with her dependence on it. In almost every video she's uploaded in the last 6 months there's at least one portion of the video where she is visibly high. I can tell in a few years when she finally gets off the drugs she's gonna remember very little of this life period that she's wasted.
Why do troons have to make every single thing about being a troon and they don't realize how retarded it sounds. "Oh being retarded is the transgender of the brain!!" like what the fuck are you even saying. I think that's why Jill likes the DID so much, because you can "be" any identity you want. It kind of reminds me of those transracial people.

No. 328012

Bitch wants to be a troony toon so bad because she sees all the attention and special treatment and gofundme bux they get but she's not mentally ill enough to chop her tits off and induce a voluntary hormone imbalance that will make her pussy atrophy and her uterus prolapse. She's such a half-assed pussy in everything she does. So sick of the DID LARP, I'm so ready for her to veer into the autism and munchie chapter of her wasted life.

No. 328019

It’s so ridiculous, literally made me eye roll when she mentioned it but it is bizarre. A normal person would be embarrassed to say they have a six year old in them that is preventing them from moving out.

No. 328024

I actually think she looks kinda cute here but she's annoying and stupid so w/e

No. 328026

>"Oh being retarded is the transgender of the brain!!"
I kekked so fucking hard
>I think that's why Jill likes the DID so much, because you can "be" any identity you want. It kind of reminds me of those transracial people.
Bingo. It's the transracialism of mental illnesses with added tumblr/tiktok flare.
>Bitch wants to be a troony toon so bad because she sees all the attention and special treatment
This. It's ok for her though because her "alters" are "not cisgender" or whatever.
Most people would be embarrassed to admit they're immature like that, but I guess it's not the case for little Jilly Bean who wants to be a baby forever. I wonder if she ever heard herself.

No. 328032

DID (as fakers portray it) is just the logical endpoint of the belief that people can be whatever and as many genders and sexualities as they want. It's basically its own form of troonism

No. 328099

It feels like the modern day "I'm 1/16th Japanese"

No. 328100

>I'm usually 1/16 queer and 1/8 emo but on saturdays I'm 1/16 intersex and 1/4 alcoholic

No. 328113

She definitely only avoids mentioning how half her alters are Japanese kids because the race component isn’t considered PC. In the early 2000s you can bet she’d say she’s Japanese inside or should have been born in Japan and so on.

No. 328116

File: 1718125217179.jpeg (167.56 KB, 828x1051, IMG_7019.jpeg)

Her using her own narc pride flag is hilarious to me.

No. 328117

File: 1718125382095.jpeg (116.2 KB, 828x509, IMG_7018.jpeg)

She’s acting like people come at her for no reason when she makes serious claims and people are asking for it to be backed up considering she’s been documenting every second of her life online since she was 12.

No. 328118

File: 1718125685185.jpeg (95.78 KB, 530x510, IMG_2223.jpeg)

Not milk but the reason why Jill was at her mom’s house last was to meet the new cat Louise bought.

No. 328119

that's a cute fucking kitty right there