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File: 1686665461361.jpg (47.03 KB, 720x399, 1684719199676.jpg)

No. 300536

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state


>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 14-16 year old emo trans guy. "He mentioned feeling 17." Was labeled as being a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". A protector that likes yellow. Basically just Flora, but hyper.
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also a protector that likes yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

Latest milk:

>>294648 Jill and Steve both show their moms episodes of Bluey
>>294786 Teases a new video and a graphic featuring new alter Sunny. Nonnies note that on her Instagram post she doesn't advertise her DID as much >>294832
>>294828 Very into kindness and sweetness lately
>>294928 Life update video where she discusses Sunny and Amber, recaps >>294933 and >>294937
>>295246 Updated alter list, with pronouns, ages, and emojis. Also mentions Sandwich >>295253
>>295612 Brags about her dresses that are "absolutely massacred with blood stains" from sh to prove she is mentally ill
>>296091 Getting off Seroquil to switch to Wellbutrin
>>296243 May Patreon livestream with recap >>296386 and >>296392
>>296413 New video, "Why everyone hates Karl Lagerfeld"
>>296548 Jill goes outside after being too scared to be percieved IRL
>>296594 "There are so many reasons why someone may wholeheartedly believe they have DID or OSDD when they do not. BPD identity issues, ADHD forgetfulness, OCD intrusive thoughts… eeeek"
>>297132 Still friendly with Sof
>>297217 Jill is worried about making/selling clothing because if it's ripped off she can't easily fight it and her "sense of justice is overwhelming"
>>297337 Telling Drew Monson about her new prescription
>>297471 Trisha Paytas fucked up the DID community in a way Jill cannot even describe
>>297581 Meet the Alter: Berry video, with recap >>297597 and proof via bad handwriting >>297628 compared to her actual childhood art >>297706
>>297748 A few clips taken from Berry video start here, featuring ageplay, difference between little alters and other alters, and other child alters she has, continued here >>297846 Berry's role in the system, what part Berry is, nicknames and interests, mother/big sister relationship, clothes she likes, tells that Berry is out
>>298343 Pushes a Facebook post from 6 years ago as proof she has always had DID, claims the picture is of Berry >>298378 Pushes other posts too >>299138
>>298361 Makes a person's doxxing about herself, but can't talk more about it because it would be ~unsafe for her
>>298540 Jill's skinwalker complains that she keeps getting compared to Jill, later admits she's just a skinwalker and doesn't have DID >>299356
>>298635 New photoshoot pic, claims Sunny's splitting makes her want to relive her weeb era >>298740
>>299122 Was supposed to do an interview for an article and had a meltdown instead, blames on PTSD >>299173
>>299240 Loves Oshi no Ko because she can relate to all the internet harrassment
>>299925 Repurposes the cherrybombica account to @pixie_petals for the "sweetie icons" of her DID
>>300195 New video about her rainby house

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Sweetie” alters, previously @xcherrybombica): https://twitter.com/pixie_petals
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 300537

No. 300538

thank u for new thread! just came looking for it <3

No. 300540

Thanks for the new thread nona, so many good tags from last thread.

No. 300546

thanks for the thread, dear nona! I was waiting for it to be done, so I could post this month's patreon livestream.

No. 300547


>stevie went out and got my meds

I'm startign to believe the tinfoil that jill makes stevie do everything

No. 300548

File: 1686679805623.jpg (94.46 KB, 1080x588, Screenshot_20230613_191051.jpg)

This is the second time jill has brought up her doctor ignoring her DID and PTSD larp, lol she's really pressed about this

No. 300552

File: 1686680346255.jpg (440.61 KB, 720x4540, DiD.jpg)

Thank you nona for the new thread! Jill going off on The Crowded Room.

No. 300554

File: 1686680491222.jpg (470.91 KB, 720x4935, Anniversary.jpg)

Jill and Steve's anniversary

No. 300556

File: 1686680581997.jpg (243.17 KB, 720x2840, Anniversary tt.jpg)

Accompanying tt

No. 300557

File: 1686680800380.webm (8.23 MB, 576x1024, download.WEBM)

No. 300561

Steve looks exactly like my grandma did in the 80s. It’s uncanny.

He probably got her that bike so she’ll get up off her ass and leave the house more often, but we all know she won’t. She’ll go out for one or two flower picking photoshoots and then come up with excuses to stay cooped up inside for the rest of the summer. Prove me wrong, Jill.

No. 300563

Her tagging this as "queerlove" and "neurodivergentlove"….

No. 300565

thank you dedicated nonnas for the thread and the livestream.
did she force him to wear black so they can be kawiwee and goth or is he a pretentious dark academia autist
i cant wait for the wedding

No. 300566

kek, first thought was she's never going to use that for anything other than photoshoots
she wants to be neurodivergent so bad, it kills her she hasn't gotten that autism dx yet. her biggest fear is being normal

No. 300567

I was thinking it was a Cliffe cosplay, unless a the other way around and Jill was being super un-creative again.

No. 300568

File: 1686683470538.jpg (183.75 KB, 720x2076, Beanies.jpg)

Jill freaking out over beanie babies at thrift store tt

No. 300569

File: 1686683552449.webm (7.88 MB, 576x1024, download.WEBM)

No. 300571

here I thought Steve was a skinny guy, I didn't realize he was kinda chunky, or is that new?

No. 300572

Thank you
Her ego was bruised pretty badly by her old family doctor. She won't let it go because the narc in her is mad that the doctor didn't fall all over her and give her asspats. The way Jill throws the word PTSD around as if to instantly garner attention or to shut someone down is vile. Sit down and shut up, Jillian.
She's so creepy how fixated she is on being neurodivergent. It won't magically give you a personality. She's such a loser.

No. 300573

I came here to comment on how Stevie looks like he's gained weight. I'll give it to Jillian though, looks like she's maybe lost a bit?

No. 300574

Jillian, you couldn't even finish your chinsey 2 year arts and crafts diploma without taking time off. Who are you to fucking comment on this>

No. 300581

>Stebie subtly telling Jill to lose weight
would be helpful but I don't think that bike can carry her fat ass.

No. 300583

File: 1686697059827.jpg (381.17 KB, 720x2777, Isu.jpg)

No. 300590

File: 1686706313316.jpg (134.21 KB, 720x1176, Cosplay Cure Sky.jpg)

Here's Jill's progress on her cosplay of Cure Sky.

No. 300592

those panels are so uneven and the skirt looks nothing like the picture even tho it seems like she made an attempt… and the sleeves are the completely wrong shape? which is wild to me considering how obvious the shape is, its not like you had to guess

No. 300593

>>300590 I think Jill cosplaying one of the most athletic and hard-working characters in that franchise is hilarious irony. Alternate universe where Sky is a fat lazy weeb

No. 300594

I think she’s just actually wearing something that fits her and is relatively flattering instead of squeezing into her old clothes

No. 300596

Maybe he is trying to grow moobs before he comes out as the new Patricia Trimble.

No. 300598

File: 1686709488345.webm (16.58 MB, 1280x720, Weaning.WEBM)

Talks about the seroquel weaning, that morning she woke up with bad mentals, did not have citalopram because she did not get it refilled before hand, "brain zaps" without it, felt she was falling down a well, Stevie left at 9:30 to get her meds but wasn't open until noon, and thought she was going to die.

No. 300599

No wonder she kept talking about getting married. She was probably expecting a engagement ring for their 5th anniversary.

No. 300601

Alright time for a timestamp guide: Will put personal thoughts in *
NEW WELLBUTRIN LORE DROP: Officially started day of June patron stream

0:00: Giving FatvegFemme Phoebe energy (come on Jill her crown is there for the taking)
0:30: Jill still doesn't have her streaming set up sorted and is mumbling/making stupid noises & faces. Tin foil but I reckon she does this as ND breadcrumbs for her fans and knows she's "ON"
2:20: Story about med change starts…had last crumb~ of seroquel last night.
3:06: stated she didn't take her citalopram (SSRI) last night either "because we are bad at planning things & stevie worked yesterday so they couldn't go out and get it"
Completely medless and "oh my god did I ever have a large mental health episode this morning bro" SureJan.jpg
Jill states a lot of crying, a lot of rocking back and forth, a lot of like weird scary mental health thoughts
"when your thoughts are mental health coded"…
4:10 Stevie went out and got it for me…
4:40 Discussing withdrawal symptoms and physical feels of not having the citalopram. Essentially she feels like shit but some how over stimulated and hyper aroused at the same time but in a very anxiety way. Pour one out for my brain
"I just need to drink this coffee and I'll feel better"

5:10 Wellbutrin talk "so here's to a new era…" states she's on Wellbutrin & citalopram.
"Supposed to help with a lot of stuff…" trails off but states that's also a stimulant.
6:08 "one thing I learnt this morning is that you can't drink on Wellbutrin like at all, Umm…and you're also not supposed to drink on Seroquel…umm but the risk with drinking on Seroquel is that like your mental health symptoms will get worse…but the risk with drinking on Wellbutrin is a 50% increase that you'll have a fucking seizure."
6:38 States that she's not going to fuck with that time will tell and no mention if she's going to reduce or increase her weed usage
6:46 "I hope it helps me to be able to answer emails and uh not scream" Louise is probably hoping the same thing
7:07 "I've been trying to stay strong"

8:07 Discussing weather with her chat and wild fires people_are_dying_Kim.gif
10:00 Still discussing with her stream that her energy is going to be lower due to medication

No. 300602

Yeah I am kinda surprised an engagement didn't happen here. I bet so is Jill.

No. 300604

File: 1686712378725.webm (13.37 MB, 1280x720, Wellbutrin.WEBM)

Thank you for the timestamp guide! Here's the wellbutrin clip

No. 300605

File: 1686713810532.png (693.57 KB, 986x670, April 1st.png)

10:00: Con gossip and cosplay talk. some anon can review her skills
She's going to be a guest and judge at a cosplay masquerade next year.
11:44: conflicts of interest with it being a small area and people on the judging being friends with someone competing.
Doing the cosplay with her best friend Soph (?). Cosplaying the lead duo from the new precure (Cure sky & prism)
12:18: Assures people she could judge completely bias free as long as no-one is better, more special or more individual than our precious-wecious Jilly-bean as I'm sure her nacr-BPD ass won't power trip at all
13:37 "let me judge your cosplay contest"
"Not only am I a fashion designer who knows how to sew but I'm a big ol' weeb"
Will be vloggign the con
15:08 Drew Monson just tweeted so stop everything
15:28 Neo-pronouns talk on twitter
16:12 watched anime Hirogaru Sky to get out of her brain explosion.
Everytime a new person joins the chat she explains her zagged-meddy brain
18:07 Accepted into the garage sale at the con (?) she explains that it's like limited-time artist ally meets second hand weeby belongings. Card capture sakaura, pusheen & other junk

20:14 excited to play SMASH at the con, really pushing the stim factor and then
20:53 "Stevie gets over stimulated by it so we'll go through periods where like I ask pretty much every day…and they were like 'I need a break and I'm stressed out and it just riles me up' but like I need to be riled up and that's where the Wellbutrin comes in"
21:22 "I'm going to waltz in with my custom pastel Pro Controller and I'm gonna sit down and I'm going to school them" *I can't wait for Jill to fail in the first round and I hope the con streams the smash competition as SMASH Comp autists are a unreachable level for Jill.
21:50 Dance, dance revolution gaming discussion and "trigger warning for uh exercising so hard that you get ill"
22:09 screen shot for anons to use for thread pic
24:45 DDR & gaming talk stops when someone mentions a monkey 'slow loris' to which Jill looks up and insults
25:57 Back to mental health talking about weather impacting her
26:37 Someone mentions weddings in the chat and Jill just looks beyond the camera and mumbles "I love wedding, I love wedding, I want to get married…" run stevie before she decides to make your Misery (1990) permanent
"I'm so like…pause…I'm so in my um… bouquet catching era… RUN STEVIE BEFORE SHE PROPOSES TO YOU

No. 300606

>26:37 Someone mentions weddings in the chat and Jill just looks beyond the camera and mumbles "I love wedding, I love wedding, I want to get married…"
I wasn't planning on actually watching any of the stream but this was so weird I had to go see for myself. Just, what the fuck? Is this some kind of neurodivergent breadcrumbing or is she actually so desperate for Steve to propose it's fucked her up? (Maybe he won't propose now because she expects a ring for herself and each altar kek)

No. 300607

File: 1686715967200.webm (18.71 MB, 1280x720, Positive con gossip.WEBM)

"Positive con gossip" clip. I had to laugh when she talked about her professional seamstress skills.

No. 300608

The pic name in the last post is a joke on April fools day as the youtube caption reads 'so there's nothing wrong with me'. It occurred to me that some ESL anons may thinking it's from an April stream so sorry for any confusion.

26:55 AX con talk from a few years ago, para-para contest
27:30 back to blaming her brain for her lack of concentration. not because her brain is doing the best it can on a dino-nuggie fuel diet
28:10 Anime talk prepara special interest
28:40 "Where are the meow-meows? I want to capture a meow and snuggle
-walking through the house looking for meow-meow
Guest appearance of the underside of her bed and a cat hiding underneath it
30:00 Took one of her cats (Nene?) out onto the deck while she was having her morning melt down
31:20 Keeps looking at her tablet and saying that people are liking her drew monson tweet. Keeps getting distracted over notifications
32:00 Pride emotes on youtube chats and discussing pride and corporations using the rainbow during pride month
34:47 discussing performative activism and shitting on conservative voices
35:39 doesn't know how to finish conversation or change topic about so she just tilts her head back and says "I don't know"

36:05 back to discussing Wellbutrin and alcohol.
"So that's what the pharmacist told Stevie an then Stevie told me"
So if anything goes wrong she'll just blame Stevie for not telling her and not because she doesn't have the self-efficacy to take control of her own fate
37:03 "I have been seeking out anecdotal…um vibes and typing it on reddit & tiktock but even they say don't do it so when their not enabling you…you know you shouldn't…"
38:30 Discussing meds with her chat and side effects.

39:30 states she's never had a seizure

42:10 First mention of DID in the whole stream. Up till now she's discussed brain coding(?) but no alters or anything.
42:15 "But yesterday you said that you hated your life and it's like that wasn't me though so… clearly parts of me are in a happy little bubble"
Of course Jill, you have a new toy to play and those DID ones are SO last season

No. 300609

File: 1686718228323.webm (17.53 MB, 1280x720, Smash & DDR.WEBM)

Smash and DDR talk clip.
Lol messed up the quote it's actually professional seamstress knowledge

No. 300610

>39:30 states she's never had a seizure
my sides. the internet remembers that you pretended otherwise jill.
you kind of always have to adapt your timing whenever you play a new song on DDR, what is she even talking about. also she probably got sick because she played until getting hypoglycemia, nothing to see there.

No. 300611

So sitting out on her own porch is too anxiety inducing, but riding around town on a cute bike is fine? I think it'd be nice if she got out more with it but lord the inconsistencies with all of her shit

No. 300613

File: 1686720733863.webm (14.55 MB, 1280x720, More wellbutrin talk.WEBM)

Talking about Wellbutrin and alcohol, what the pharmacist told Steve, and how even reddit won't enable people.

No. 300614

Last push before my brain exits my skull to do something else.
If you watch any of the stream let it be the last bit.
Jill is getting narc-ragey

42:35 Previous attempt at coming off Seroquel. Explaining that she wants to stay on the citalopram but wanted off the seroquel due to all the side effects. Only views Seroquel as a anti-psychosis drug and "the psychosis is not my primary issue"
Jill then explains that she only experiences psychosis in a really specific way and only in intense BPD episodes.
43:30 "But I don't think I needed it for anything"

44:37 Someone in the chat mentions BPD and asks if she has the quiet BPD or the "normal/more commonly known
44:45 BPD discussion. She has different parts for different BPD traits. 45:20 Sings that "Gerald doesn't want me talking about his business and that's valid"
45:30 "I feel like because of our DID it can't really fit the quadrant or the quiet or loud thing"
"I feel like it used to be a lot worse, like trusting and like jealousy like how much time my partner is spending with me versus my friends"

46:20 Realises that the chat is moving & not discussing her so she scrolls back to realise that someone got engaged
46:23-46:25 quietly dies on the inside before congratulating her fan
"That's so exciting freaking congrats"
46:37 Moves on quickly to another fan discussing moving out after a divorce and decorating
47:05 In chat, account named serenediipity states " I as the host have quiet bpd and our co-host has the more stereotypical, obvious symptoms.
47:07 Confirms that Jer is main BPD outlet. He doesn't get the jealousy trust issues cause Stevie isn't his favourite person. Stevie is Jills favourite person.
47:35 Petulant, discouraged, impulsive, self-distructive. Jill identifies with the self-distructive.
47:54 States that BPD and PTSD is most painful to live with.
Talks about how hard having PTSD and DID and BPD is

48:43 chat talk about a throuple &tick bites. This section is a mixture of wild fire anxiety, emergency plans and then jumps into BPD depending on the comments in the chat. I've kept more of the BPD answers but another canada anon can go through an give better insight to the wild fire situation & locality.
49:06 BPD and impulsivity
49:29 Chat fan getting autism diagnosed and Jill discusses the test and hopes the fan gets the result they wants.
51:02 Chat fan went to psych to talk about quiet BPD. "Did they give you the BPD test?"
55:56 Chat fan is in Sweden and mentions that BPD exists but not 'quiet BPD'
56:10 Jill in all her wisdom explains that when she got her BPD diagnosed "he didn't like physically give me the thing he asked it sneakily"
56:46 "They should know what quiet BPD is unless their like general practitioners"

56:50 Dunking on her past GP regarding her nasal spray usage, not knowing what DID is, how unprofessional she was
1:00:06 PTSD talk with previous GP "I've literally been seeing you since I was a baby, WHY do you hate me…?"
1:00:37 Jill is still angry she got dumped by her previous GP.
1:00:55 Was concerned what the doc was going to say something about how she looked because she hadn't seen her in many years.
"And I was like is she going to call me obese…cause I will cry…Not that it's bad or anything…but I would panic is she said something like horrible and fatphobic about my weight."
1:01:22 Nasal spray
1:01:49 Her rainbow tendrils are iconic. They are so dry and yet so greasy at the same time-no wonder Jill loves them
1:01:50 Sunny braided them the other day which she though was really fun.
1:02:05 More GP bashing about how they don't care and how long it took for her to seek mental health help

1:02:25 NEW HISTORIAN LORE DROP: Started at 11 because of her mother and doing things an 11year old shouldn't be doing
1:02:48 Mom found her suicide note and got her help
1:03:03 "so I've been in and out of care ever since I was 11, I had a couple of years of like a dry spell because I didn't have any care because I moved here"
"And then I got a really awesome therapist here and then he moved…and….I don't ahve a family doctor any more…"
1:03:47 "So I was put into help by my mom when I was 11"
1:03:56 "…and then stevie actually set me up with the therapist"
1:04:05 "…OK so you're telling me you're different people can you please go see a therapist"
1:04:40 "it's like test me, it's like give me a psych eval or don't just dis it bothers me when health professionals just dismiss things without actually testing them or asking the proper questions"
1:06:05 Starts to wrap up the stream thanking her chat fans and bouncing between happy and heavy anxitey talk about how she handles her guilt about cancelling last minute.

1:07:32 EASTER EGG: Board in background has what looks like video ideas but it's funny as all you can see is "Really have DID?'
1:07:40 Costume close ups
1:08:20 Time of death for this anon.

Quiet BPD is a unofficial term and has been increasing used in unprofessional online mental health spaces since 2021

No. 300616

>states that's also a stimulant.
6:08 "one thing I learnt this morning is that you can't drink on Wellbutrin like at all, Umm…and you're also not supposed to drink on Seroquel…umm but the risk with drinking on Seroquel is that like your mental health symptoms will get worse…but the risk with drinking on Wellbutrin is a 50% increase that you'll have a fucking seizure."

How did she not know this beforehand? Didn't the doctor tell her? Substance abuse is kinda common issue with mental health patients, shouldn't her doctor have told her thay she can't drink on it… But even without a drinking problem giving alcohol up completely can be a big lifestyle change to anyone, like say goodbye to drinkiya glass of wine with dinner or with your friends. Didn't she do any research beyond "it's a stimulant and might cause weight loss"? (Obviously she didn't but Jesus Christ on a bicycle)

Also the problem with Seroquel and alcohol is that alcohol possibly enhancing the tiring effect of the medication, not just the general "don't self-medicate your mental health issues with alcohol". I have never heard that alcohol and Seroquel together had some magic effect of worsening your symptoms, it's just that alcohol doesn't mix well with MH issues. She was on Seroquel for quite a many years and yet she didn't understand that.

No. 300617

File: 1686723864987.webm (4.81 MB, 1280x720, Seizure.WEBM)

Jill talking about never having a seizure before clip.
Thank you for your work nonnie

No. 300619

File: 1686725766713.webm (5.88 MB, 1280x720, Citalopram and DID.WEBM)

Jill talking about citalopram and DID clip. I'm taking a break.

No. 300621

I think you might be onto something, maybe he's starting hrt to get curves so he can coom to his own image

No. 300623

File: 1686732954560.jpg (90.15 KB, 720x715, Sof Cure Prism.jpg)

Sof's progress

No. 300624

> 20:53 "Stevie gets over stimulated by it so we'll go through periods where like I ask pretty much every day…and they were like 'I need a break and I'm stressed out and it just riles me up' but like I need to be riled up and that's where the Wellbutrin comes in"

Leave him alone ffs jill this isnt cute, you’re making him do all your work and expect him to adhere everything to your needs but god forbid he gets overstimulated…

Im also wondering if she keeps calling him “they” to help her LGTB larp or bc he really is trooning out

No. 300625

Troons usually skinwalk their wives and girlfriends, so he is emulating pixie and pixie is overweight. He definitely used to be skinny but looks like a chonker here. I bet his mind is frazzled from living with Jillian screeching about her 15 personalities every five minutes and this is his way of trying to control an aspect of his life

No. 300626

anyone would get overstimulated living in that sensory nightmare her rainbow lair is

No. 300627

>26:37 Someone mentions weddings in the chat and Jill just looks beyond the camera and mumbles "I love wedding, I love wedding, I want to get married
ngl this is very sad, I feel bad for her. She has been getting worse in various ways but it also sucks to hit your 5 year anniversary and your baby troon is just trooning out instead of marrying you, especially when she makes it this obvious by frequently mentioning how much she loves weddings and marriage, and discussing rings. Like take the hint dude. They are both becoming such freaks they will never find another partner imo so may as well get married and be the spicy straight couple of their dreams

No. 300629

It looks better made than Jill’s.

No. 300630

They look like they're larping as lesbians or something, like why does he look like that

No. 300631

It’s kind of baffling how she just doesn’t improve. Like it has to be laziness. Just a hobby sewer at home would show some kind of improvement from learning as they go but here she is post “school” which was a joke sure but you would think she would be even a tiny bit improved. Even someone untalented could improve with effort.
This looks better than hers and I wonder how she will take that. Previously in her group cosplays they all looked trash like Kelsey or whatever her name was looked terrible and didn’t know the dances so Jilly looked better by comparison. She very much seems like one of those girls who if she got married (tough luck on that one kek) she would want the bridesmaids to look uglier than her.

No. 300633

She’s said she wants a ballgown version of that abomination she made for her cousin as a wedding dress, right? I’m sure she’d like to have her bridesmaids dress in every colour of the rainbow but does she even have that many friends left? At her birthday party she had to invite random acquaintances and friends-of-friends to complete the rainbow, and that was just a birthday party. How many people would be willing to play bridesmaid at the wedding of someone they met a month ago on TikTok?

No. 300636

This is a pretty extravagant gift, I wonder what she got him. Or is Jill's happiness a gift in itself?

No. 300637

She’s been taking an SSRI this whole time? LMAO jokes on her Wellbutrin along with an SSRI can cause weight gain or completely nullify its weight loss effect. You have to take Wellbutrin alone in order to see the weight loss side effect. Maybe that bike will help her lose weight since she can’t rely on her meds

No. 300638

Loving the thread image. When it was posted last thread all I could think was how perfectly it encapsulates her delusions. She's smug and self-satisfied, gazing off into the distance, thinking she's presenting some cute info about her "alters" but completely oblivious to all of the implications she's making by insisting she has such a horrible condition in the first place. No reality here, just so long as Jillian is the most kawaii and special little rainbow gurl on the whole internet.

(Also her philtrum is huge af)

No. 300640

Are you insane, why tf would you feel bad for her, marrying this dumpster fire would be the worst idea any person could have and all of the reasons why Jill is unfit for marriage are her own damn fault

No. 300646

It looks better than Jill’s, but it doesn’t look good compared to the reference. The design panel is on the wrong side and the proportions are way off. They’re both going to look like amateur cosplayers, which is fine except that Jill pretends to be a professional and is acting as a cosplay guest/contest judge. If I was in a contest and was being judged by someone whose construction was such trash, I’d have no confidence in their ability to judge well. I guess that’s not really Jill’s fault, because the people running the convention should find better guests/judges, but it is pretty embarrassing.

No. 300647

File: 1686761399854.jpg (86.09 KB, 720x1092, Screenshot_20230614_095021.jpg)

No. 300649

>The design panel is on the wrong side
Not to WK but it's a photo literally taken in the mirror, Nona.

No. 300650

I genuinely don't understand why she wants to be autistic so badly. She already has the most special of all mental disorders, DID so what purpose would autism give her?

No. 300651

Gotta catch em all

No. 300652

they look like a t4t lesbian couple

No. 300654


the way Jill talks to her fans is so weird. She constantly dumps her mental health issues onto them and casually talks about having trauma and panic attacks.

No. 300655

Tbh I don’t think her family takes the DID seriously as an excuse for her failure to launch any kind of career. She’s barely even trying with YouTube. Maybe she thinks she can get them with the autism? It’s a better excuse and one she can have that doesn’t paint her family as horrible neglectful abusers.
Yet at the same time she has also so badly coveted having the neurodivergence label. Like when she got yelled at by her audience by claiming it for having it with Bpd she has made it her life’s mission to try to find a way to be considered neurodivergent.

No. 300656

Autism isn't questioned the way DID is, influencers before her have successfully avoided/gotten old call out videos taken down after claiming to be autistic

No. 300658

yeah jill doesn't have delicate features but she'd need to be just a tad more obese to look like a troon
i agree with >>300656 she's afraid an unsavory tweet will resurface, maybe she also wants to get away with saying new shit and not facing consequences thanks to her autism, jill would be thrilled to have this kind of power.
also the autism gives her a possible out for the DID (teehee i was just autistic with a big imagination), as well as an excuse to recategorize her drew monson creepiness or skinwalking and idea theft of better rainby infuencers as a "special interest"

No. 300659

File: 1686768805052.jpg (35.3 KB, 720x426, Screenshot_20230614-114953.jpg)

No. 300660

It looks like a sunny day and Jill’s in a sundress, but Steve is all bundled up in a turtleneck and jacket. He must be so sweaty, eww.

No. 300664

Well she's fat so she already has more natural warmth compared to him kek

No. 300667

Why would you feel bad? She could just talk to him about it like a fucking adult instead of "hinting" at it.

No. 300668

If she wants to autism LARP so bad, why doesn't she just make up a diagnosis? No one would be able to prove otherwise because of HIPAA

No. 300670

Could be a stress eater. It's clear Jill adds stress considering the causal remark she made about playing smash. Or simply fell into bad eating habits living with Jill and it's catching up with him.
My thoughts too. She'd look so much better if she'd just accept her size. Too bad she thinks wellbutrin will be the magic pill.
It would look like such a nightmare wedding. Her dress and then the rainby coloured bridesmaids dresses would be such an eyesore. Would Stevie wear a monstrosity of a suit or just be forced to wear a rainby tie? So many questions.
I want to know too. If she didn't get him anything, how sad that she never thinks of anyone else especially because Stevie is supposed to be the love of her life.
Her fans are just emotional tissues to her.

No. 300671

File: 1686774026694.jpg (76.27 KB, 720x927, Screenshot_20230614-131914.jpg)

>Fucking Flora and Cliffe emoji
Kek she remembered Cliffe

No. 300672

Imagine a 35 year old man using phrases like "super sweetie" and "sedatey meds" lmaoooo

No. 300675

Wellbutrin isn't designed to be an anti-anxiety medication. what the hell has she been reading on it? It enhances mood and focus but its not even used off label for anxiety! You know what really confuses me is she goes on about anxiety, but she has never been prescribed anxiety medication? She's never mentioned it, anyway, but types of it would get rid of panic attack in maybe an hour, assuming it works for her.

No. 300676

Con’s in a week and two days. she’s not going to be done. What has she been doing all this time? She’s so lazy.

No. 300678

She's on citalopram which can be prescribed off label to use to reduce generalized anxiety or panic attacks.

No. 300681

While that is true, there is a different type of anti-anxiety medication that you take specifically when you have a panic attack, and it's weird to me that she doesn't have those. it could be she was never prescribed? but it's incredibly weird to me that you would go to a doctor w panic attacks and they wouldn't give you the medicine specifically for stopping panic attacks. Unless she isn't mentioning this to doctors which is odd

No. 300690

she used to be prescribed ativan years ago actually.

No. 300692

Holy shit what a dumb bitch. Wellbutrin is known to make anxiety way worse in many people. And exacerbate rage and anger. I hope this ruins her life, she deserves it. >>300654 Jill has this figured out, dump your narcissism and lies on people for attention and get paid by them.

No. 300707

File: 1686794311730.jpg (73.9 KB, 720x969, Screenshot_20230614-185526.jpg)

Cliffe like Drew's music too!

No. 300719

Cliffe counts as a sweetie icon? I don't get what the point of this account is, if Jill herself is mostly tweeting from it what's stopping her from posting it to her main account?

No. 300723

Maybe she's finally caught on her core audience doesn't fuck with her mental health garbage and now she's trying to salvage her biggest account but continue her DID larp elsewhere to cover her ass

No. 300724

File: 1686799152562.jpeg (490.43 KB, 1280x1917, tumblr_nqgx261seT1qfdplwo1_128…)

cant find the thread but i remember nona once saying her old cosplays were actually made by her grandmother and jill just lied and took ALL credit when she did very little. like how her ok piano playing became "piano prodigy" or her being trillingual back in the day.
now shes far from mommy and making shit like that… and the fake wedding dress…

No. 300726

As others mentioned, she wants to secure that mentally ill bag with an autism diagnosis. Whatever diagnosis she gets doesn't matter because Jillybean is ~*autistic*~ so she gets a free tard pass to act however she wants. Including claiming to have DID, because she can say DID is her special interest. Also, her parents can't force her to get a job or further her education or threaten to not fund her lifestyle anymore if she is officially disabled, since there is never a full remission status for being neurodivergent.

No. 300735


Does jill understand that no medication will instantly cure her anxiety? She seems to think these new meds will stop all of nightmares and panic attacks after the few days of being on them.

No. 300737

File: 1686809912619.webm (9.15 MB, 1280x720, Not sure really needed seroque…)

Why Jill is weaning off seroquel yet staying on citalopram clip

No. 300738

File: 1686810140279.webm (12.47 MB, 1280x720, Bpd Jer and old issues.WEBM)

Bpd discussion, Jerrick's issues so not going to talk about his issues, talks about how she use to be

No. 300739

File: 1686810353622.webm (11.79 MB, 1280x720, Bpd and ptsd hard to live with…)

More talk about bpd, talking more about Jerrick's bpd, talks about her bpd and being self-destructive, bpd and ptsd painful to live with

No. 300740

File: 1686810465017.webm (2.66 MB, 1280x720, Bpd self-destruct.WEBM)

BPD and impulsivity

No. 300741

File: 1686810580826.webm (3.48 MB, 1280x720, Do the test don't dismiss me.W…)

Did they give you the BPD test

No. 300742

File: 1686810724279.webm (14.6 MB, 1280x720, Sneaky 9 questions old doctor …)

Sneakily given bpd test, dunks on old gp, and talks nasal spray

No. 300743

File: 1686810979855.webm (10.93 MB, 1280x720, Why do you hate doc haven't se…)

Still mad she was dumped by gp, had not seen gp in years, scared of fatphobic comments, more nasal spray talk

No. 300744

File: 1686811261366.webm (14.99 MB, 1280x720, Mental health since 11 yr old.…)

Started mental health at 11, talks about mental health, Stevie setting her up with a therapist

No. 300745

File: 1686812294643.webm (6.47 MB, 1280x720, Test me.WEBM)

Test me

No. 300746

File: 1686812363517.jpg (52.8 KB, 720x657, Board.jpg)

Screenshot of board

No. 300747

File: 1686812549255.jpg (47.04 KB, 720x656, More of cosplay.jpg)

Another close up of cosplay, the piping.

No. 300748

her speech mannerisms are the exact mannerisms from other neurodivergent people she probably watches, she didn't use to speak like that. BPD skinwalking is scary.

No. 300749

>I don't have BPD attacks why am I taking seroquel
you dumb bitch you dont have the attacks because the seroquel was doing its' job because you've been taking it for years. I can't wait for her future BPD attacks.
>uuuhhhhhh I feel more… alert…..
you look high, jillian.

No. 300750

Nah, she wants a quick fix. She is too lazy to actually work on her mental health and too narc to get a new therapist because she can’t find another one that will just yass queen her.
Does that say “intergration” is she going to kill someone off and make a video? Place your bets. I know she reduced the flora appearances but I don’t see her getting rid of the precure alter. Maybe it’s about “Amanda” who was around for like two weeks kek and managed to come and go without any involvement from a therapist magically.

No. 300751

I really do believe that theory more and more because how would she have regressed after doing it for many more years it doesn’t make sense. This cosplay isn’t perfect or amazing or anything but it’s much neater and clearly has more effort put in than any of her work that comes after it chronologically.

No. 300752

File: 1686818855920.jpeg (33.88 KB, 500x281, IMG_4469.jpeg)

I’m fully on board with this tinfoil. This cosplay isn’t amazing but it’s much better than what she produced at fashion school and miles above that atrocious wedding dress, which looked like it was made by someone who’d never sewn anything more complex than a pillow case. It’s one thing to procrastinate and then cut corners because you’re in a rush but that dress wasn’t just a rush job, it was a mess of bad decisions and amateurish mistakes made at every single step. She can blame her cousin for the bad fabric choice but not for the bizarre pattern drafting decisions. I’m still not over those “sleeves”.
So not only did she apparently learn nothing at school, she got significantly worse. Unless she was always terrible and someone else made those cosplays.

No. 300755

Samefag coming back to add that I bet she had a lot of hands-on help in school as well, because her school projects (while still pretty bad) were not all completely awful. It’s only when she has to sew something all by herself without supervision that it turns into a dumpster fire like the wedding dress or that green dress with the flowers.
If she ever does get married it wouldn’t surprise me if she commissioned a dress from a professional seamstress because “mental health UnU”. Deep down she must know she’s not good at this.

No. 300758

I mean there was mates rates for sure but her cousin commissioned her in a professional capacity so I wouldn’t blame her for the fabric choice either. As a professional in that scenario you should advise the client and recommend a more suitable fabric that still matches the brief. I feel like her cousin was definitely misled on Jill’s skill level by how she hypes herself up brags about graduating fashion college and how mommy talks about how much of a genius she is. She didn’t get to see the dress till it was too late either right like Jill procrastinated so much on it and the final fitting the dress wasn’t even finished. If that wasn’t a family member then the client would be furious and would not pay your ass and have to get an emergency dress. The cousin was kind of stuck because it would not have gone down well at all if she said she hated it and bought an emergency dress, Jill would flip the fuck out on her. The narrative would definitely be she is mean to poor little mentally ill Jillybean how dare she and it would ruin the rest of the wedding.

No. 300762

God she must be exhausting to live with. Imagine coming home from your actual full time job, after running around doing the household errands because your shut in lump of a girlfriend can’t possibly leave the house to get her own medication, and just wanting to relax for a while before having to cook dinner for the both of you, and being relentlessly pestered to play fucking smash bros every single day.
Steve has always seemed pompous to me, but Christ what a miserable home life

No. 300767

File: 1686845614954.jpeg (455.29 KB, 1179x2187, 1D9C2FB2-E6A4-4BF5-AA65-FAF6DF…)

Can’t wait for her to have a meltdown mid convention because someone points a camera slightly in her direction. What’s her plan on stopping people from taking photos during the cosplay competition exactly? Is she going to beg staff to ban it?

No. 300769

Wow so, not only were her parents super supportive of her hobbies and showered her in gifts and opportunities, but also had a grandma happy to slave away and sew an anime cosplay for her? Such a traumatic DID-inducing childhood, my heart is absolutely breaking for her!

No. 300770

Expecting people not to take your picture when you are in cosplay at a con is so ridiculous. Plenty of people who have no idea who she is will take pictures is she going to pretend they are hater stalkers? She needs to get a grip. If you wear something outlandish in a public space people will take pictures of you it’s not because you are uwu famous Jill. You would think having been a Lolita she would know that, is it annoying? Yes. Are they malicious stalkers? No, what a reach. Also it’s pointless because people will post the pictures she takes with them willingly for all to see anyway.

No. 300771

I think the point is asking to take photos and not being a creep and trying to catch a photo opportunity instead when she isn't looking/paying attention/being asked. It's basic con etiquette. If Jill does throw a fit about it, she's kind of justified. Obviously during the showcase she can't complain, that's a big public spectacle, but when she's just standing around at the con, people shouldn't be trying to act like paparazzi. It's fucking weird in the con scene and no amount of celebrity or cosplay makes that normal.

No. 300772

jilly a handful of people mocking footage of your public fatass drag performance on a forum aren't ""malicious stalkers"… i know it's rude/creepy to take sneaky pictures but omg does everything that happens to her have to be exaggerated and made speshul, nobody here wants to interact with you

No. 300773

…..okay but the stalker is literally your cosplay partner Jill like come on. How is she still hamming up the stalker thing when we all know it was Sof who she has decided to keep around. You either care about the stalker or you keep her around it can’t be both. It’s kind of lose lose for Sof too because she has to be careful now right so she can’t post but if the “stalker” just disappears after she was caught then it just adds to how guilty she looks.

No. 300776

This, Jill is right to hate this for once but she's framing it as a bigger deal for her than it is for others.

No. 300777

>>300771 the con etiquette makes sense, but Jill saying 'for my safety' is just her narc self thinking she's important enough that she'll be paparazzied by strangers in a big scawy convention.

No. 300778

Prediction: She isn't going to finish her cosplay in time and not even show up at the convention. She's already been laying out the breadcrumbs so she'll have plenty of excuses to choose from.
>new medication
>hour long anxiety attacks
>too socially anxious to even go out to the porch
>"muh stalker"
>something related to her made up ptsd

No. 300779

She has several thread dedicated to clocking when she flashes her panties and you think she's paranoid? lol I'm not wking her, but people just shouldn't do that at conventions, especially when they know what they are doing that for. A lot of cosplayers relate this to harassment on con property.

No. 300780

She flashes on purpose in her own content, doesn’t edit it out then puts a big emoji over it I would hardly say the thread is clocking her she is drawing attention to it herself and choosing to upload it. If you are referring to the time she did it at a drag show that was a public event where she knew people would be filming and taking pictures. It’s hardly the threads fault she went and exposed herself to a bunch of people and again she uploaded footage of that performance herself. Idk what point you think you are making. If someone upskirted her or something then 100% they would be in the wrong but that’s not the case here. I would be interested to know if Sof was at the last con where someone took pictures of her. If she was minding her own business just buying groceries and someone started paparazzi behaviour obviously that’s creepy but going to a convention in a costume etiquette or not people will take pictures. If she doesn’t want to be a spectacle all she has to do is not be a spectacle. She is advertising being at this con which is a public place and she has a following sadly it comes with the territory. She puts herself out there, no one is taking pictures of her through her windows at her house.

No. 300781

Ya, it’s etiquette to ask for a picture of a cosplayer, but everyone knows that lots of people don’t, and a lot of times it’s not about being a creeper/stalker etc., it’s people who are new to cons/don’t know etiquette or are shy. Even if someone asks for a picture, it can end up being unflattering if the lighting is bad, it’s a bad angle, they snap before you’re ready etc.
Jill wants to be able to control how she looks in every image, which is impossible if you’re having pictures taken by others where you can’t control editing etc. If she wants that much control, she should stick to photoshoots and not cosplay at public events, because there’s not way to completely avoid candid photos. Even if no one takes a picture of her specifically without asking, she could be in the background of other photos looking bad, will she call those creepy stalker pics too?

No. 300783

The only way she can get a ring on her finger is when Steebie realizes he can fully troon out after marriage.

No. 300784

My tinfoil is the bike is meant to help Jill lose weight. "Less driving more cycling" seems to be a popular way to lose weight in small cities like Fredericton. I don't think Jill is gonna ride the bicycle much. She's too self-conscious and lazy.
I think Stephen is losing that early-20s metabolism that gave him an edge over Jill in terms of eating poorly. They live in the same house and I doubt Stephen wants to make a different dinner for himself after air-frying Jill her hourly tendies and smile-potatoes. I think by the end of the year he and Jill will collectively weigh 450lbs.
>>"is she going to call me obese…cause I will cry…Not that it's bad or anything…but I would panic is she said something like horrible and fatphobic about my weight"
Jill hates being fat so much it's funny how it comes through.
I think by the time she made it to the college she was personally finished taking criticism about her work and learning how to improve it. At that point in her life it seemed like she thought every critique was a personal attack and she refused to take any to learn and grow with. I think it's why we see her improvements throughout her earlier projects and then a plateau and finally decline by the time she entered college (where she could effectively control her personal bubble to remove elements that go against her delusions).
You're sad for her? Lol I'm happy that she's getting played by Stephen. I don't think for a minute that Stephen has ever seriously considered marrying her. Jillian is a psychotic fat loser with no skills or career options. The only reason he stays with her now is because she makes enough money to spoil him and because he can go around and fuck whomever he wants while Jill sits passed out in a cannabis-induced fugue. He's basically living the male fantasy.

No. 300785

I just simply don't see Steve and Jill lasting happily till death does them part. I predict a break up coming from the Stevemeister(sage your shit)

No. 300786

What if she's planning on dropping sof after the con (assuming she actually goes) because she didn't want to be without a cosplay partner

No. 300787

>>300784 On the obesity whining, what does she want her doctor to say? Lie? You ARE obese, Jill.

No. 300788

Everyone talking about con etiquette is missing the point: everything’s about Jill! Someone has their phone out in her proximity? Quick someone go tell them to stop! Someone posts a picture where she’s in the background? Quick everyone mass report the account to get it taken down! Like you’re all very kind but stop giving her the benefit of the doubt, she doesn’t deserve it. She is 100% bread crumbing another victim scene wherein she can talk about the boolies following her at con and she’s just so anxious and scared that now she can’t go! Such meanies. Not to mention that this is another excuse if she accidentally narc rages at someone, all she has to say is they were taking pictures without her permission and it made her feel unsafe.

No. 300792

Going through old threads (gone through 41) it looks like some nonnies were tinfoiling she had help from someone (her mom, her "con mom" Becky, etc) and most likely lied about the person's involvement (and by extension how much was from help) since Jill has absolutely no shame taking undeserved credit. Tinfoil but it wouldn't surprise me if she had help early on, got a big head, then decided since she was at pro level (in her head) and then did the cosplays herself. She has professional seamstress knowledge y'know.
>She is advertising being at this con which is a public place and she has a following sadly it comes with the territory
It's a public event which means pictures are allowed and people could be very well live streaming the event/videotaping. As you mentioned, this isn't the grocery store or her meandering around town. To call someone taking a picture at this event a stalker is stupid. Rude they didn't ask first? Going by con etiquette yes but it isn't illegal to take a picture of the person walking the con in cosplay. I think she doesn't want to be called out for her unfinished/sloppy work or that she looks bad so she wants specific angles besides just having control issues.
>She puts herself out there, no one is taking pictures of her through her windows at her house
This is what drives me insane. Besides someone supposedly calling Stevie's work and the alleged 2 drag incidences, what stalking took place? Jill cannot keep her mouth shut about anything so I'm doubtful about it. The candid shot of her walking to the mailbox was done by her own mother. She blows things way out of proportion and continues to water down actual incidences that people have suffered from.
>If she wants that much control, she should stick to photoshoots and not cosplay at public events, because there’s not way to completely avoid candid photos.
Even if no one takes a picture of her specifically without asking, she could be in the background of other photos looking bad, will she call those creepy stalker pics too?
Exactly about sticking to photoshots. I can see her crying to the con security about someone taking her picture without her consent. I can also see her obsessively checking other people's posted photos to see if there's a glimpse of her in the photos and then throwing a hissy fit at the person/whining on social media to her followers until the person took it down.
These could happen. Won't know until the event

No. 300793

File: 1686868255232.jpg (154.97 KB, 720x1741, DID.jpg)

Still whining over DID representation in The Crowded Room.

No. 300794

File: 1686868315130.jpg (108.19 KB, 720x1080, Why.jpg)

Just why

No. 300795

File: 1686868407799.jpg (262.08 KB, 720x2089, Cosplay.jpg)

Jill talking about her cosplay.

No. 300802

The white edges of the foam sticking out from under the gold parts next to her saying “professional” really does it

No. 300804

File: 1686872865818.jpg (255.73 KB, 720x2632, Magic drug.jpg)

More wellburtin and symptoms talk. Happy cliffe was able to help yesterday.

No. 300805

File: 1686872949832.jpg (18.85 KB, 720x251, Sure.jpg)

No. 300806

File: 1686873001098.jpg (49.68 KB, 720x473, Con.jpg)

Some more con stuff

No. 300812

not sure the context, but this is the most jill tweet I've ever seen. "I would've done such a sick magical girl panel tbh at least we have your epic one!!!' the narc really popped out here.

No. 300818

Sof is running a precure panel at the convention. It does really seem like she’s saying she could’ve done a better job. Especially since Jill thinks she’s a precure expert and #1 precure fan.

No. 300824

Yeah hard agree, she’s right but completely self involved. Any normal person that was worried would’ve framed it in a general sense like ‘hey all, remember that it’s polite to ask for photos and not just take them without permission’. But she doesn’t care about anyone else, it’s purely because she’s such a big deal that she alone is ‘at risk’

No. 300827

Sof runs events, can sew, is skinnier. Damn, no wonder Jill is pressed. I don’t think they’ll be friends much longer.

No. 300830

I literally can't handle how manic she is in this video.

No. 300833

Let's make some noise for the fat chick with a 4 year old sonic OC living in her mind palace

No. 300844

Sis is mad and it shows. If my friend tweeted/said this to me I'd be like… that's not nice.

I wouldn't be surprised if Steve is fucking another girl behind Pixie's back. It must be hell on earth to live with some who has meltdowns every single day, can't do anything for herself, thinks there are several different people living inside her, transforms into a little child at any given moment, screeches loudly, dresses embarrassingly in public and in general, etc. No man would find happiness in that.(sage your shit and integrate)

No. 300846

I have a theory that Jill is only staying friends with Sof in order to "get her back" because this comment was passive aggressive as hell. She probably is gonna do more passive aggressive shit to sof and when she finally gets called out she'll probably use her autism larp as a scape goat.

No. 300849

It's laughable how passive aggressive this sounds. There's zero chance she doesn't know it.

No. 300851

has she given a statistic for her daily weed usage? I’d like to see if it changes after 90 days on Wellbutrin because apparently Wellbutrin is supposed to help people quit smoking.

No. 300852

No, you wouldn't have. You half-ass everything.
She always has to be the best at everything, being her friend must be so exhausting. She can never just compliment someone, it always has to involve her in some way.

No. 300854

A moment of silence for Sof, who I hope is still lurking. I can only imagine she puts up with Jill for the crumb up relevancy she still has

No. 300855

File: 1686934668642.jpg (104.75 KB, 720x1338, Oshi.jpg)

No. 300856

File: 1686934746982.jpg (132.07 KB, 720x1438, Shiny.jpg)

No. 300857

File: 1686934908486.jpg (87.1 KB, 720x959, Taxes.jpg)

>Cliffe came out the other day and literally did taxes
What is with her obsession with 35 years supposedly loving to do taxes?

No. 300860

I don’t understand it kek. Taxes aren’t even hard and plenty of twenty-somethings do them too. It’s so confusing that that seems to be Cliffe’s only role.

No. 300862

taxes in june? tax season was months ago Cliff. Also if her taxes are complex her best bet would have been to hire someone.

No. 300863

Cliffe sucks afaik Canadian tax season ended may 1 kek

No. 300869

If she gets in trouble for filing late she can just claim that her Tax Personality was dormant all through tax season so it simply wasn’t possible for her to file on time. I’m sure that will go over swimmingly.

No. 300878

I think we passed over a lot of the Sofia fall-out in favour of the MaCleans thing. I think we need to speculate more about it. My two thoughts are that Jill realizes her friend group would side with Sof over her, and decided to forgive rather than risk losing another circle. My other thought is that Sof and the circle played Jill into thinking it was just Sof so they could continue to privately milk her for laughs and benefit from her "influencer" position.

No. 300883

She really just made a stereotypical "Functioning Adult" alter so she can larp being a helpless child better the rest of the time, it's pathetic. Jill, teens on tiktok think 25 is just as decrepit as 35.
Kek she is such a has-been youtuber, she doesn't even know what an influencer is.

No. 300886

File: 1686959572915.jpg (146.91 KB, 720x2020, Tt.jpg)

No. 300887

File: 1686959688338.webm (722.02 KB, 576x1024, download.WEBM)

No. 300892

Wow how convenient a main side of effect of a medication that’s an upper is suddenly gone. I’m pretty sure she’s on this pill just stop being fat. She could literally just put the fork down. >>300886
Bigger and bigger every time I see a full shot of her. She shouldn’t pull her back like that it looks horrible for her face shape.

No. 300893

Last comment is probably a joke aimed at us. We know she lurks and we do joke around a lot abut how taxes are Cliffe's only joy in life.

No. 300894

It helps people quit smoking nicotine, doesn’t help marijuana cessation.

No. 300896

I can't even blame Jillian for being fat, she is built like a fridge, she took after Louise and people short and stocky like them have a hard time not looking fat after their 30s.

No. 300899

honestly i’d read a whole thread on the cow. it seems like a stalker to friends to wannabe skinwalker story that keeps getting worse the more you find out… like the age regression sex play?????

No. 300903

anon i know your autocorrect did you dirty but the transformation from a hospital into a busy housewife made me chuckle

No. 300906

This outfit is by far one of the worst ones I’ve seen from her yet. Nothing fits, and her hair/makeup just feels lazy. Even for Jill standards this is terrible.

No. 300910

did she post this to the convention fb group?? Jill nobody knows who you are, they're not going to be on guard duty for some random

No. 300912

File: 1687022697404.jpg (314.11 KB, 720x3683, Liamb.jpg)

She retweeted the one tweet on both accounts.

No. 300913

This reminds me of when cheaters are suspicious of everyone else cheating in their relationships. Must be always eating at her, considering someone who actually had a dissociation disability would most likely have very little capacity for internet drama.

No. 300918

File: 1687030269142.jpg (164.69 KB, 720x1839, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 300919

There’s some stuff on her in the old Confetti Club threads. Last I remember reading is that she had a GoFundMe to move out of her parents’ house because it became “unsafe” after she came out as nonbinary and asexual or some such nonsense, though she was still buying new Lazy Oaf clothes at the same time.

No. 300922

It honestly sickens me considering how REAL ND people have been facing medication shortages and suffering. Lying abdl fatass can use her Canadian healthcare to abuse meds she doesn't need.

No. 300923

>faking a disability is super rare


I can't tell if she's stupid or in denial

No. 300924

This pisses me off so much. She's saying "I'M not a faker, you are!!" when this thread is basically full of mentally ill nonnas who are begging her to stop clowning around on the internet and spreading misinformation about mental health. generally, people are pretty private about this shit. if youre going to be honest about it to spread awareness or whatever could you not try to make DID about wearing different fashion styles? Christ. Literal Glamorization.

No. 300925

saying they're besties but they never talk. i would feel bad about jills social situation if she didnt literally cause it to crumble all on her own.

No. 300927

He got with her because he wanted to get internet famous and use her presence to become an influencer. That didn't work out. Now I suspect he is with her because she pretends to be a little girl when they bang, he's living his tranny dream. But there are plenty of other gross women in the world that would do baby play with him who are not fat narcissists that publicly lie about being a severely abused child and having ten different illnesses. But leaving her would cause a storm she would probably make a whole video about all his dirty secrets.

No. 300929

File: 1687047900846.jpeg (44.84 KB, 475x356, IMG_6073.jpeg)

No. 300936

Jill is in her early-mid 20s so she speed ran looking shitty

No. 300937

That’s actually not the case, there is definitely a group of locals here who very much know who she is and worship her. The local j-fash community seems to be a Jill fan club specifically.

No. 300943

sage of autism, but true crime youtuber Bailey Sarian uploaded new video, and she talks about life and crimes of black man who went through many bad things in his life and was diagnosed with DID. Bailey talks about DID fakers briefly and then he continues talking about this man's life leading to his killing spree and talks about his alters.

i want Jillian to start reeing about bad representation for her precious DID and fake claiming. i hope she will talk about this.

No. 300945

She just really wants to push this narrative that people with mental illness and DID in particular are uwu soft babies to validate her faking. And sure could you argue that the guy is a victim of his circumstances in that he didn’t give himself DID and diminished responsibility but he is still the person committing those crimes. I think it’s just beyond her to fathom that these people are so incredibly mentally ill in a way that is so fucked it’s just beyond her. She should be advocating for people like him because if she was legit then it could be her because in reality people with DID don’t have the made up control she has. If there was real better understanding and awareness then maybe they would have caught it before he reached that point but nah she has to fight the hospitals doing that work because god forbid someone think her extreme mind breaking torture victim mental illness isn’t kawiwi and a party in her head uwu.

No. 300954

On paper her being against the less nuanced portrayals of DID/mental illness in media is a valid thing to criticize, the issue is that she’s so surface level about it all. She doesn’t know shit about ‘real’ clinical DID cases, other than what she’s seen in YouTube videos, she doesn’t care about the people who are so horrifically traumatized that they are unable to lead normal lives. She only pretends to care because she can virtue signal and attach her name to a cause and act as an authority on it

No. 300957

No they don't. People only make this excuse when they eat like shit their entire lives. You can be short and still not fat. Jill lives on chicken tenders and sweet peep teas. Not to mention, she's only like 25.

No. 300958

Literally NLOG. she's so annoying

No. 300961

ntayrt and super off topic but people do this with all mental illnesses, even with autism people love the autistic nerd who works a good job but is quirky stereotype but quickly forget about the autistic people can barely go outside or feed themselves. So much mental health advocacy is aimed at children too, of course taking care of children is important but adults with actual trauma to the point of not being able to function so often fall to the wayside and rot alone and end up crazier because they dont have mommy or a bf like her. All her mental health advocacy is shallow as hell, shes literally not doing anything for anyone except showing you can live off other people forever if you have people who will coddle you. She wouldn't last a second in a situation where she had to actually be around people with real problems let alone help them in any capacity.

No. 300963

She is the postergirl for socially acceptable mental illness, people with serious problems aren't kawaii and aesthetic so obviously they never appear on her radar

No. 300969

Tell that to the Japanese, fatty.(derailing/infighting)

No. 300970

File: 1687112040989.jpg (80.54 KB, 700x997, C.jpg)

No. 300971

File: 1687112184457.jpg (87 KB, 720x1215, R.jpg)

No. 300972

File: 1687112238535.jpg (40.84 KB, 720x398, B.jpg)

No. 300974

Has she already gotten bored of Jerricka? Did she figure out that blaming her bad attitude on her mean, autistic alter didn't abstain her from any criticism? Because she has really leaned in HARD on her "sweetie" alters lately.

No. 300977

does jill actually know about the sof ordeal?

No. 300978

This is honestly pretty cute, it's too bad her horrible attitude, lack of responsibility, substance and internet addictions mean she won't spend her time running some cute little boutique with quirky handmade niche stuff like this. Literally wouldn't even be that hard for her to do little thrift upcycles or craft jewelry out of vintage toys and beads and sell it, but instead she HAs to get blitzed and make a bunch of tweets about her imaginary brain world SIMS animal crossing town OCs. Fatass consoomer until she dies.

No. 300980

I like that she created this whole DID larp as a way to escape her privilege and pretend to be traumatised, yet posting about what a hard time you're having in your cosy house with your boyfriend, toys and video games and 0 responsibilities in the world still shows her privilege to everyone every day. Literally nothing happening to the girl but she's having a "bad day" like okay

No. 300982

File: 1687120595474.jpg (148.1 KB, 1152x2048, media_Fy3eVZDaEAEY0t5.jpg)

Just found out the woman who coined "neurodiverse" is incredibly based. Funny because I'm pretty sure she used to have a more lenient stance about its application, presumably both trannies and faux "neurodiverse" attentionseekers have changed her mind. She posted this also and deleted her Twitter presumably after being barraged by idiots:(derailing)

No. 300983

Again she's always just one person - herself, Jill - when she's unhappy. Her larp always stops the second it stops being fun and games.

No. 300984

Didn't think it was possible for Jilly to take it any easier

No. 300986

File: 1687123807917.jpg (223.13 KB, 720x2775, Rufr.jpg)

Jill at it again

No. 300987

File: 1687123885764.webm (875.44 KB, 576x1024, download.WEBM)

No. 300988

lol she ain't going to the fucking con. This is all such sad and obvious breadcrumbing.

No. 300989

>>300987 Jill is so predictable, the board talks about how contradictory she is about her fake autism because she wears all this sensory hell crap then makes a tiktok proving she is a real speshul autist with real speshul sensory issues too guise!!1!1

No. 300990

The fact this is the first time she has ever mentioned being overstimulated by all the crap she wears, she has thick makeup and false eyelashes on constantly, wigs and illfitting clothes but sure, Jill

If this was a longrunning tv series people would critique it for poor writing

No. 300991


Purposefully wearing something that overstimulates you to complain about it is so weird. Like, she could literally do decora with her own hair since it's super colorful. But she chose to wear something that overstimulates her?????

No. 300994

It's also stupid because jfashion and cosplay being "over-stimulating" is just. a thing. I don't think a single person (with nerve endings and sweat glands idfk) wears OTT lolita and thinks, "Ah yes, I am so comfortable right now." It's the same with most cosplay. It's worse for some people, but again, any normal person has said this except, you know, not using language that makes it sound like a disability.

No. 300995

Holy fuck what fucking "autistic" person would voluntarily wear shit that overstimulates them. She is so. Fucking. Bad at this. The fucking breadcrumbing is so annoying, I don't know how this irritating bitch has any friends. I know they must be talking mad shit about her fat munchie ass.

No. 300996

she tries so hard to make her life seem miserable as hell, when shes really displaying how spoiled she is. wearing ill fitting cheap ass clothes? just say you have sensory overload! good god this generation needs a wake up call

No. 300997

Then why do it, Jill? Why do the stuff that makes you uncomfortable? If she doesn't enjoy jfashion, if it makes her mind and body uncomfortable to this degree, if she wants to take it off, why does she keep wearing it? All her problems are make-believe non-issues. With how hard she's clung to lolita (over a DECADE at this point… most hobbies get shelved after a year and a half) one'd think someone was holding a gun to her head forcing her to go on with it… But it's not the case. It's not like she has some huge expensive lolita wardrobe; her 'decora' stuff is all Dollarama-tier plastic. She doesn't do any collabs (last one was the LA My Violet collab a year ago) with jfashion brands nor sponserships with lolita stuff either (her most recent sponsership was with Nerds candy right?) At any time she could just… stop and nobody would really care. Her last jfashion video was a year ago (Minga London Haul) and her views and subs have pretty much remained the same. I think Jill doesn't really knows her subscription audience well or what they wanna see, so maybe that's why she's clung on to the lolita schtick that made her popular back in 2014.

No. 300998

File: 1687150810712.jpg (85.18 KB, 720x915, Screenshot_20230618-200228.jpg)

No. 300999

File: 1687150868714.jpg (176.79 KB, 720x1943, Screenshot_20230618_220003.jpg)

No. 301002

This is even more hilarious knowing that there are plenty of actual autists that have no issues wearing jfashion and wearing a lot of makeup, myself included (I know a few former decoras that are autismos as well), because the sensory overload doesn't necessarily have to be touch and sight but rather sound and smell.
She again misses the point that autism is a very varied spectrum and tries to check every box to be as far out on the spectrum as possible without understanding what it means.

No. 301004

You think the anime con will get a threatening email like at the uni drag show event? I so hope she goes because I want to see her clusterfuck of a cosplay in motion.
She's throwing whole loaves of bread. She ain't slick. I've written this before but I do not get how anyone can stand to be around her. You walk on eggshells to be around her yet she constantly changes how to walk on the eggshells. Is it really worth that crumb of internet relevancy?

No. 301006

No. 301008

No doubt her friends talk shit I mean look at Sofia she’s been one of us for who knows how long. I wouldn’t be surprised if she still read here.

No. 301009

No doubt her friends talk shit I mean look at Sofia she’s been one of us for who knows how long. I wouldn’t be surprised if she still read here.

No. 301014

You are so right! All of Jill's "autistic traits" all sound so cliche. Like her autism sounds like it was written by a neurotypical.

No. 301016

came here to say this

No. 301018

Truly. Now, if she starts claiming she can't enter Lush stores or any other places with strong smells in the near future we can be 110% sure she still lurks.

No. 301022

Not to mention that kind of posed autism roleplay makes it harder for autistic people to get their needs met for actual over stimulation when it’s framed as this vain self-inflicted problem. An autistic person on the verge of a melt down from over stimulation will never look like a perfectly framed tiktok with you rehearsing a voiceover still wearing the garb that’s making you panic. You’d be ripping off that wig, not sitting down and probably re-recording a video a couple times until it’s perfect, all for useless clout.
At the end of the day she’s probably not even going to go because she’s a flake and does not care about how it effects other people to not show up for a gig. It’s so unbelievably pointless to dress like that and film TikTok’s day in day out for no payoff, much less if those things made you overstimulated. She’s just an attention whore and gets anxiety when people don’t like her online. That’s all this larp ever has been. I can’t stand the faux self pity mental health Olympics, I was hoping it would’ve lost its sparkle by now but here we are. 25 year old adults playing autism lite

No. 301024

File: 1687195237960.jpeg (18.15 KB, 411x411, 9552C38C-19C3-42A0-8102-7C778E…)

It's mindblowing how brazenly she bites this thread for content lmao. How many times have nonnies stated this exact fact, for how many months now? Nonas itt have predicated all of the sagas with excruciating accuracy. Gynophile Steeb is next ofc. That one will be a doozy. I can see it now: unplucked eyebrows, unpainted toenails, and his pasty skinnyfat moobs disrupting the delicately crafted bodice of an XS Nile Perch archive teddy. I'm disgusted. I could cry for her. Moids are all the fucking same. She should know this. In the back of her mind she knows Steven will never propose (not the way she wants at least) or provide the way she is so used to. And it crushes her. Jillybean exhausts herself LARPing and sitting on her ass so hard, every single day, but she totes deserves a wedding and a caretaker and a hubby, guysss!!!! Simply knowing the handouts will come to such a bitter end helps me sleep at night. She's wasting her youth, potential, opportunities, and inheritance. Jillian so clearly wants to be nothing more than a quirky normie. Her aspirations will never materialize. She should have realized the extent of her laziness sooner and locked down a worthy contender while she was younger, prettier, and full of life. J was always an NLOG. She wouldn't be caught dead being a tradwife if it's what other people are doing. Or perhaps she would have, and the Colin debacle drove her off the deep end. Who knows. All that matters is that now she's going to fucking rot. It's what she deserves! This dumb grifting poser will never find a man who measures up to daddy or her super duper sweet big bro with his lined pockets that looks curiously similar to every man she's wanted. Strange! And I'm sure her parents are simply dazzled by her daughter's increasing desire to do absolutely nothing at all with her life. Jill literally hasn't always been like this. She used to work for her money and actively demonstrate a need for independence. Realizing you never want to work again must be nice. She's just too speshul to be a dependa. Mommy dearest will dry up at some point: financially or sympathetically. That lady raised such a spoiled brat. Louise is stupid but not dumb. Her unyielding support on social media and constant validation of her child's repulsive, elementary, dishonest behavior is a sham cover up for some very deep-seated disappointment and shame. It is insipid and beyond obvious. Gentle parenting my fucking ass. She wouldn't know guidance even if it vomited rainbows on her carpet. Louise is the reason J can't take any fucking criticism. We can thank her for bringing such a considerate, thoughtful, and upstanding individual into the community. With achievements such as… um… wearing clothes. Jill is kind of past the cap for what's socially and rationally acceptable as an adult depending on your parents. I pray that once she nears twenty-six, the tap will slow from a trickle to a drip. I don't want to see Jillybean past thirty and 280lbs squeezing into sausage casings like Shaymu and Luna. But I can't stop. It's educational at this point. Through the failures of cows, we learn how to conduct ourselves, how to improve, how to be graceful and rational and not autistic. This thread is better developmentally appropriate parenting advice than Australian children's programming. Either way, nonnies need to gear up for a whole new era of grift. I see onlyfans or Chinese wholesale and manufacturing in her future. J could start by buying clothes in her size (or losing weight to fit into her old stuff, cost effective!), taking care of her hair so it isn't a stringy rainbow rat's nest, actually sending emails, making watchable content like vlogs/reviews/GRWM/lookbooks, and perhaps regaining some of her online relevance by spending mommy's good girl points on inventory/materials for an actual fashion brand. She could make soap and fiber art and totally get in shape again! Kek. But we all know that is never going to happen. She lacks discipline and she lacks drive. I know zero successful mid-20s women who depend on: alcohol, weed, Wellbutrin, Ambien, Bluey, Smash Bros, Twitter, tendies, TikTok, and a scrawny pornsick hobosexual, COLLECTIVELY, to get them up in the morning. Do you know what most of those TikTok stars and successful influencers get up for? COFFEE. Normal people drink fucking coffee Jillian.(learn2integrate and take your meds)

No. 301029

Nona pls, paragraphs are your friend.

No. 301032

Soap annon is that you? Your rambling paragraph is obnoxious but everything you said is true. All the tinfoil theories seemed bathshit crazy years ago but came true. It's just been a complete nosedive into the sewer for her and there is no going back. She doesn't need a "comeback" she needs to actually face the consequences for her disgusting faking and lies.

No. 301035

Nonna please, not the Only Fans route, don't even speak of it as a possibility!

No. 301036

You were banned but you have spoken truth.

No. 301039

File: 1687208502798.jpeg (17.52 KB, 480x360, E04D4FEC-FFBB-4487-BE9B-4AAE00…)

they hated nonnie because she sperged the truth

No. 301041

Bless you autistic nonny. I don't know what a hobosexual is (maybe someone who fucks for a place to stay?) but I like it.

No. 301044

File: 1687211133749.jpg (91.45 KB, 720x1035, Screenshot_20230619_144314.jpg)

Went back to look at the comments and found these gems

No. 301045


No. 301046


I remember when Jill was claiming she was neurodivergent because she supposedly has trich, good times

No. 301047

"it is also highly highly suspected I am autistic" is a funny way of saying "I want to be autistic so badly"

No. 301048

>301044 also, if DID is a ND disorder why does she want autism so bad? Oh right, bc she's getting bored of the DID larp and has to leech onto something more easy to lie about.

No. 301051

Look at this beautiful copypasta anon made for us
Scrambling for a way out for sure, faux-autism won't limit her life the way a DID diagnosis would but she can still act like an idiot for attention, win win

No. 301052

She is so fucking narcissistic and insufferable. You're not autistic Jill, you're just a fucking retard.

No. 301054

I'm sorry but this was such a beautiful read. 10/10

No. 301055

Did she call DID neurodevelopmental? Based off of what study. Because that sounds like misinformation to me. DID would more be classified under psychotic disorders like schizophrenia or a personality disorder. Calling DID neurodevelopmental would mean that it's genetic.

No. 301056

She salivates so much for that neurodivergent label. Ever since she was denied it she has been desperately clawing for in every way possible no matter how contrived and forced it is. What will she get for it though? I don’t think it’s worth anything but when you tell a woman child who’s never been told no her entire life she can’t have something then you get this shit show.

No. 301057

>>301056 Deadass, most autistics I know say it's not worth actively getting a diagnosis bc it really does nothing for you except give you a way to have your income controlled by the ssn under disability if even that. If you're that old, by now it's literally not worth getting one because it doesn't help anything, or give you any benefits.

No. 301059

File: 1687224626978.jpg (207.65 KB, 720x2245, DID.jpg)

No. 301060

>>301059 the fact that she just made that up. Jillian always fucking does that, when she gets called out she does the "Sowwy I thought it was this, I didn't know pity me and educate me even though im a grownass woman"

No. 301061

File: 1687225209594.jpg (41.64 KB, 720x503, Dd.jpg)

No. 301062

File: 1687225371758.jpg (61.35 KB, 720x719, D.jpg)

The tweet before asking Jill/twitter. Also Cherry is deleting tweets. The first three before Jill responds in the original screenshot are now deleted.

No. 301063

so here we have Jill who is undiagnosed yet claiming to be a spokesperson for autism, admitting she just assumed something and did 0 research on it

wait what is she saying Cliffe, the alter based on her DAD, is also romantically involved with her boyfriend?? jesus that's gross

No. 301064

"but I'm not an expert" lol it's funny how she pretends to know everything about DID and mental health when it suits her but when she's caught on bullshit she's suddenly no expert

No. 301068

File: 1687234376893.jpg (65.79 KB, 720x919, Screenshot_20230619-211142.jpg)

No. 301069

Yep, as someone who was diagnosed as an adult, it does nothing but give some peace of mind as to how you think etc. I’m sure it’s helpful to get more support etc. if you get diagnosed as a child, but most adults who make it to adulthood without getting diagnosed are good enough at masking to pass as relatively normal, if not a bit odd in social situations.
If Jill gets a diagnosis I will be shocked because 1. she’s most likely not on the spectrum (I don’t want to say definitely but I’d bet on her not meeting criteria for a formal ASD diagnosis) and 2. it would be a waste of money (I believe she said $2000 at one point?) just to prove it to twitter. Hell, she won’t even try to keep up her DID larp and get a formal diagnosis for that.
As soon as the “woke” fear of pissing people off for telling them to grow the fuck up and stop using self diagnosed disorders goes out of fashion, she’s gonna be in for a rude awakening. That or her parents cutting her off.

No. 301071

She’s not autistic but she sure is retarded

No. 301073

i like to hope this isn’t a cow tipper and someone who is semi sane on twitter and actually disagreeing with jill.

No. 301076

If this is the actual meaning, it makes me even more confused as to why Jill wants to use that word so badly. I thought it was just a fancier word for autism but jill just wants what? A disability rather than an illness? She should just fake ADHD rather than autism then. That you can actually meet most criteria from overusing TikTok and weed

No. 301079

She wants to be neurodivergent so badly because it’s just something you inherently are, not something you can develop and heal from like a mental illness. It means she has a forever crutch as to why she is the way she is, rather than being expected to manage her illness/condition and eventually come out the other side. At the moment she can be justifiably criticized (from her family etc) for not going to therapy or working to fix her issues. But if he’s ‘autistic’ then it’s just boo hoo poor Jilly’s brain is broken and it’s not her fault

No. 301081

she wants to be autistic so bad because she doesn't understand it actually sucks a lot to be neurodivergent. also it's always funny to me she won't skinwalk ADHD because it literally means you're insufferable and your life is a complete mess if people can notice you have it. like I don't get, of all things her BPD could skinwalk, it chose to skinwalk being retarded.

No. 301082

most therapists expect you to learn coping methods for ADHD and go in remission at some point of your treatment (remission being able to have some kind of stable job/income and keep a healthy routine because using drugs, sleeping late, eating like shit, etc. all exarcebate ADHD symptoms) so larping ADHD would mean jill would have to take some kind of responsibility and accountability, while being autistic or DID means you're "terminally" disabled, because you can't really have remission on those (even though you can learn coping methods but jill wants to be MORE sick not LESS sick kek) and can keep being a disabled uwu baby for the rest of her life while blaming every single different mistake on her different illnesses.

No. 301083

Oh my God Jill is so stupid. She really has no idea what she is talking about and still she has to pretend to be some sort of authority in DID. You'd think her overwhelming sense of justice would make her check her facts so that she doesn't accidentally spread misinformation. For someone who claims both DID and autism she is so misinformed on what neurodiversy is.

I still think she should just invent her own disorder at this point. Then she would get to throw every neuro-whatever label in there and have her super speshul brain that's just more prone to natural dissociation u guise! No need to claim trauma - she's once again alluding to childhood trauma here - or your gf raping you for wanting to hold hands or whatever. Symptoms also include suddenly turning into a 4 yo whenever convenient in order to avoid responsibility, severe skill regression, being unable to do anything else than lay at home and smoke weed and automatically being right about everything.

No. 301085

honestly we're at a point that soon enough someone is prob going to open the can of worms that is inventing your own mental diagnosis. if that becomes a thing, expect jill to come up with a clown personality disorder or something.

No. 301086

Everytime I click on this thread I feel like it's unjust for a-logging to be against the rules. I've honestly never hated a cow more and I can't even fully explain why.

No. 301090

For you to hate her there has to be a personal connection.
You probably see yourself in her or you are envious of the opportunities she had and the fact that she didn't do anything with them. Either way, please get help.

No. 301091

File: 1687257619559.jpg (125.66 KB, 2048x1503, karen-meangirls.jpg)

Oh anon you're so stunning and intelligent, tell me about how everyone has an Oedipus complex next!

No. 301092

Who is “and others”? Which of the other alters are age appropriate or is she purposefully being vague because it is pedo shit. “Others” suggest that it’s multiple other alters aside from the listed too. I do have to say though it kills me how fucking funny it is that Jill is like good news Steve you can fuck a man and it’s just fucking Jilly in a bald cap cosplaying her dad kek. Only Jill is narc enough to be poly but it’s all just her in different outfits kek.
I don’t think she is going for it because she can lie her way through the self report easily but then there is the hurdle of the third party section. For those who don’t know the majority of countries for an ASD assessment they talk to a third party who knew you as a child and can report on that i.e a parent. So she would have to get mommy on board or find a slimy way around that.

No. 301093

In the simplest terms nonny it’s something you are born with. So autism is genetic and you are born that way but DID you develop. It’s why some less serious stuff is under the umbrella like dyslexia, you are just built that way. Your brain was “developed” that way essentially so it’s not curable it’s just your state of being so it’s not an illness whereas DID you “catch” hence illness. Both qualify as disability (if you have the real deal not the faker version ofc) because a disability is just something that affects your ability to do things with the same ability as someone non disabled however not all disabilities are permanent. Hope that makes more sense, basically she wants something that isn’t curable and she can claim she is just like that, no work or healing required.

No. 301094

File: 1687260340105.jpeg (25.67 KB, 678x452, IMG_0070.jpeg)

This bitch could have just made soap.

No. 301095

>you are envious of the opportunities she had
nta but of course I am envious of her having loving parents who pay for everything she does, actually believe in her mental disorders(even tho jill is lying about most of them) and support her no matter what. she was born on a golden crib and chooses to act oppressed for internet clout.

No. 301096

>of all things her BPD could skinwalk, it chose to skinwalk being retarded
It’s because she has given up on all her ambitions and wants to be a coddled child forever. If she’s developmentally disabled then her loved ones are obliged to take care of her for the rest of her life and she can’t be held responsible for anything.

In my experience many people still expect those with high functioning autism to “get therapy and get over it” because they don’t tend to think of something as a proper disability unless it’s really severe. Jill is unlikely to run into people with this attitude, though, because of her carefully curated echo chamber. Which is frustrating because unlike people who actually do have genuine ASD, Jill can become fully functional and productive again through a bit of work and some lifestyle changes. If she somehow became passionate about something that gave her financial independence and a sense of fulfilment, I guarantee that her “autism” would miraculously be cured.

No. 301097

in general people don't tend to think of neurodiversity of a disability unless it's on the level of punching yourself and painting the wall with shit but I expect 0 nuance from NTs because everything is too black and white for them when it comes to mental disability, they mostly think it's like a cold you can get over and not a default brain setting you can't change and just use little "tricks" to train yourself to be able to work and not experience daily social/physical exhaustion and extreme stress to a point of a meltdown (which often doesn't work but bills gotta be paid). in the end normies just want mentally ill people to get a job (which I completely understand even though for some it is harder than others) but people like jill leave a bitter aftertaste in my mouth, because when I see people faking or using their disability to simply choose to not work I can kinda understand where the NTs are coming from.

No. 301105

Shout out to cherry lurking since she asked Jill after the TikTok comment screenshot ended up on here even those they were days old

No. 301109

Sorry for replying to an old post but it wasn't her actual grandmother that was helping her. It was her former friend Becky who is an actual talented cosplayers who regularly hosts panels on how to make cosplay for beginners. This was back when she would do group cosplays with Tracy, Kensey, and Becky.

No. 301110

Our dear anonymous farmer also got this >>301059 screenshot really fast, only 45 seconds after Cherry posted her final tweet…
Also Cherry deleting her tweets in her own thread on the subject, interesting. >>301062

No. 301111

Sorry for replying to an old post but it wasn't her actual grandmother that was helping her. It was her former friend Becky who is an actual talented cosplayers who regularly hosts panels on how to make cosplay for beginners. This was back when she would do group cosplays with Tracy, Kensey, and Becky.

No. 301112

File: 1687281133181.jpg (145.74 KB, 720x1532, Wwytaswyhboil.jpg)

No. 301113

File: 1687281250734.jpg (100.29 KB, 720x1100, The community.jpg)

No. 301114

Cool get a diary Jill

No. 301115

KEK this is actually glorious. Her own minion she had under her thumb is telling the DID Queen she isn’t part of the club. Interesting that Jill didn’t fight back, I know she wanted to so bad- but shes has to keep the obsessed fans coming back. I’m kind of impressed to see the autism girl put her in her place. I cant imagine sitting on Twitter pretending to be friendly with mutuals while competing for most mentally ill all day

No. 301118

This proves (evidence 10836578) that her DID is bullshit since if your meds are helping you focus and sleep and etc then why would they make your DID worse like clearer, more defined multiple personalities isn't a good thing considering the goal of treating DID is to blend all your OCs into one. She just thinks this seems like a logical effect if it's making her actual life (the first Tweet with all the I references) easier but since DID is a crippling mental illness, meds that work well would surely not make the voices and switches clearer and more defined.
This shit is why she's only ever had one therapist she got along with. How are you supposed to treat someone who constantly lies about their own state like this.

No. 301125

Right, as always with Jill's OC/DID fan fiction, I am confused. I am a CPTSD-chan and I take Wellbutrin to help with some depressive symptoms, I don't think it is a drug that is used to treat DID, especially on it's own?!

I know it is also prescribed to help people stop binge eating and stop smoking as well. Seems like life and mind altering DID would require way more than a pill that makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning and stop eating your feelings.

No. 301127

If she was actually diagnosed with DID and working with a doctor and a therapist as she claims, wouldn't she know that DID is not considered a neurodevelopmental disorder??! Wouldn't she understand more about DID? She gets all of her sketchy, snake oil mental health info from TikTok.
She tells on herself regularly, it's honestly fucking funny.

No. 301128

if the medications is making the voices CLEARER and louder. Girlie pop i don’t think that medication is helping! I’m no doctor but usually auditory hallucinations are meant to cease or lessen if you are taking the correct medication.

No. 301129

if the medications is making the voices CLEARER and louder. Girlie pop i don’t think that medication is helping! I’m no doctor but usually auditory hallucinations are meant to cease or lessen if you are taking the correct medication.

No. 301130

if the medications is making the voices CLEARER and louder. Girlie pop i don’t think that medication is helping! I’m no doctor but usually auditory hallucinations are meant to cease or lessen if you are taking the correct medication.

No. 301133

Literally most people here actually have the issues Jill is pretending to have, so yes, we are jealous of how privileged she is but that's normal? doesn't make her less of a horrible person just because she was born wealthy. If anything, it makes her worse because she has no empathy for anyone worse off than her.

No. 301137

Pixielocks gets briefly mentioned by Entropy System in their newest livestream. Honestly makes me sad because I thought that Wyn was smart enough to see through Jill's bullshit, but I guess not.
Wonder if someone's gonna "bring this up" to Jill (aka Jill stalking this site) so she can start sucking up to Wyn and telling her how she inspired her to fake DID–I mean, get "diagnosed" with DID, kek

(Also I haven't finished the whole video yet so no idea if she's mentioned again don't come for me)

No. 301147

She wants to be so mentally ill, talking about voices being “loud and clear”, she would’ve/should’ve been institutionalized long ago if that was truly the case.

No. 301152

As someone that used to get voices in her head during distress, hearing voices inside your head loud and clear sounds HORRIFYING. Considering how many alters she has now and they all seemingly share her chatterbox characteristic it must be really tiring to not have a silent moment in your own fucking mind. And how the fuck are the switching more "fluid" than before? Did they stutter before? Did she start lagging halfway through a switch? Like would she just suddenly freeze for a couple of minutes while eating tendies? How is more fluid switches even a good thing?
That tweet would only imply the meds aren't doing it's job because it would just mean all her symptoms are worse than ever. God she really doesn't think through how everything she says and tweets conflicts with her own lore and how mental health and medication actually works. God I wish she had done it like Kelly Eden and had a real larp phase rather than this.

No. 301153

Soap chan ! Glad to know you'll Nevers leave this thread !

No. 301161

Sounds like too much weed and wishful thinking on her part.
Getting so sick of these online influencers using their influence to encourage children to engage in unhealthy coping behaviors. Telling impressionable youngsters that a clear sign of mental health issues is actually no biggie is incredibly harmful and treating pretending to hear voices as fine creates an environment where people with actual problems can’t get help or don’t seek it out because well “hearing voices clearly is the goal of treatment duh! Don’t you want to have fun personalities that can do what they want without consequence and wear fun costumes?” She’s such a fucking creep.

No. 301162

File: 1687359589704.jpg (123.9 KB, 720x1391, Screenshot_20230621_080004.jpg)

No. 301163

> because I function too much like a normal person
That’s because you are Jill? She tells on herself constantly. She’s a normal person until you unlock her traumatic backstory and you discover, gasp, she’s three children and a tranny with a strap on in a coat.

No. 301167

Right, the "voices in my head are so clear now these meds are working great!" just confirms to me she has zero voices in her head other than her internal monologue, which everyone has to a greater or lesser degree.

No. 301168

She wants to project this idea that DID is a neurodevelopment disorder akin to autism. She's been planting these seeds for a long time, I remember when she argued that her brain was more "dissociate-y" (to use her words) and she was thus wired to "have DID." But DID is just a psychotic disorder not something one is born with, something a lot of LARPers dont wanna admit because it means that treatments should make it so they don't insist they're 10 people at once. If Wellbutrin is working for Jill I think it'll be evidenced by the quality & scope of her lies. I'm thinking it's really gonna cloud her judgement on what's believable.

No. 301170

She really thinks a stimulant won't make her alleged mental illness psychotic symptoms not occur (and also her actual mental illness psychotic symptoms. Her narc and BPD are really showing these days.(sage your shit)

No. 301171


Jill openly shit talks her family so much on social media, it's fucking weird. Like when she a cussed her grandma of being fat phobic.

No. 301173

I'm naturally not a fan of cowtipping, but dear god would it be fun to show this to her family to let them know how she speaks about them in public for everyone to see

No. 301174

>she argued that her brain was more "dissociate-y" (to use her words) and she was thus wired to "have DID." But DID is just a psychotic disorder not something one is born with

this quote keeps getting passed around wrong and it annoys me. she meant that she was predisposed to become DID when trauma happened to her, a la TND saying she was predisposed to become a heroin addict because she had a sip of vodka at 16. Basically because her brain had everything set up to become DID, the trauma she experienced caused her to become DID but to any other person it might not happen because their brain didn't have the necessary wiring.

That's her logic.

No. 301175

Nonnie that's literally what they were implying
It's all made up anyways who cares what "she means"

No. 301189

Because nonnas misquote and misunderstand stuff Jill says constantly, and it’s really annoying when someone will say something and everyone will run with it. Jill says so much retarded shit on her own, we don’t need to be misquoting it

No. 301191

Wellbutrin isn’t even a real stimulant. If she wants adderall she should just try skin walking ADHD instead of DID and autism

No. 301196

because people will take the idea that Jill said she has had DID since birth and run with it and Jill will focus on it because it's easily disproven by her own words. focus on the stuff she actually said.

No. 301198

people with bpd = abnormal humans who can’t function. Very mental health awareness queen of you jilly. Sure there’s that stigma but her straight up saying “they don’t think i have bpd because i can function like a normal person” BITCH EXCUSE ME WHAT. You definitely don’t function normally i’ll tell u that for free

No. 301200

I mean, I understand your point about not wanting to misquote her nonna, but we know everything Jill says about her Jillociative Identity Disorder is a lie anyways.

Jill is 100% moving to Wellbutrin to lose weight. Wellbutrin does not treat any form of psychosis, there is no way she is taking it to help with any of her "DID" symptoms.

No. 301201

It’s fair to get contextualize quotes, but it’s not on us how she interacts with our speculations. We don’t interact with cows. I think why nonnies reached that assumption is because she used to imply she had DID with no prior trauma at the beginning of all this, which is congruent with her saying she was predispositioned to have DID. So at the end of the day, the implication was there at one point. Her explanations are muddied each time she realizes she needs to change the story quickly to respond to comments and she forgets her own facts. I personally don’t care how she interacts with lolcow or channels calling her out, her brattiness when people ask questions about her publicized and forever-changing mental illness speaks for itself. She’s gotten everything she’s ever wanted except getting away with this and she can’t cope. What is she gonna do, kick our asses? That tiktok of her menacingly lip syncing in those high waisted jeans will always be my favorite.

No. 301204

As another autist/aspie involved in jfashion (gyaru and shironuri, the latter for weeb events only), she really is ticking off all the stereotype/self diagnosis boxes

> kawiwi uguu quirky “special interests”

> “stimming is when you move to music/flap your hands/rock back and forth”
> “girls with autism present differently so I have to be autistic!”
> Sudden sensory issues that are juuuuust bad enough to cause discomfort (but a conspicuous lack of meltdowns)
> “awareness” and “pride” instead of trying to live a normal life with some accommodations…because normal people with disabilities don’t want to be infantilized or seen as a weird “other”
> able to switch off her symptoms if they aren’t garnering enough sympathy or get in the way of “fun stuff”
> mental health knowledge comes from social media and not professionals who know what they’re doing

I can only dread the “watch each alter’s stims!!1” video we’ll probably get someday. Gross.(sage)

No. 301205

>they still don't think I have BPD
Literally everyone I've gotten close to that has BPD HIDES that because it's personal/vulnerable/embarrassing info that ppl can exploit. Yet here she is, angry that her symptoms are so mild that people don't see her as "impossible to live with" ie actually dysfunctional. Literally ppl suffering with BPD will describe themselves that way too because it's just their reality. Did she even think for a second why this person would need a support worker instead of family caring for them?

Honestly maybe she wants to claim autism so badly so she can explain away how functional she is irl as unconsciously masking.

No. 301206

probably whatever doctor she's seeing doesn't believe her DID and is trying to treat her anxiety or depression instead

No. 301212

That must be what’s happening bc not to medfag but Wellbutrin is for depression/having motivation to get out of bed. It is a stimulant but not to the level of adderal/vyvanse etc. Is she seeing a psychiatrist to have prescribed that? I don’t think it’s a med gen md usually prescribe. Also hell of a jump from a seroquel, an anti-psychotic to Wellbutrin. Is she just googling popular psychiatric drugs? Also this shit usually takes like a week+ to notice changes and like the next day she says it’s working. Sure, Jill

No. 301218

She’s using an app that gives her access to a GP. I think it’s called maple or some shit

No. 301222

It's all BPD, Jillian. All of it. That's all you are. Someone impossible to live with.

No. 301233

She's being so deliberately dense. Borderline isn't just "impossible to live with." She has every single symptom of raging bpd. Like, 100% checks in all the boxes. Is she trying to say that since she lives with creepy Stevie she can't possibly be bpd? Because he's obviously her hostage and bpd rage punching bag …

No. 301234

>Wellbutrin isn’t even a real stimulant
It literally is. Just because you can’t tweak on it doesn’t make it not a stimulant.
A general practice doctor can absolutely prescribe it. It’s extremely accessible if you ask for it and have a history of taking SSRIs or other meds for depression/anxiety/etc. without much success.

No. 301241

It's a very weak stimulant. It's not like speed where you'll suddenly get up and clean your sink for 3 hours.

No. 301243

Okokokokok, so if I am to understand her logic, she's genetically predisposed to disassociate to dealing with trauma. In the lines of those predisposed to mental illnesses.
I don't want or need medfagging, I'm just trying to figure out how the fuck she think. (Answer she doesn't).

No. 301245

Imo nobody is genetically predisposed to DID, I think this claim is to weasel out of furnishing anyone with literally one (1) experience from her life that could have led to multiple personalities forming. Basically an effort at misdirection, oh I just have a brain super predisposed to dissociating and splitting which is why incredibly minor events caused my CPTSD and DID!

No. 301248

Lmfao I noticed her claiming Wellbutrin was helping her already too. She’s so bad at lying it is unbelievable. A quick google search says most people see changes in their sleep, appetite, and energy in the first one to two weeks. But it can take four to six weeks to feel significant improvements in mood. The way she’s describing her experience, it’s like her mental health has done a 180. It’s easier for her to get out of bed, she can start tasks, feels happy working, etc. Depressed people don’t just start functioning like a normal person because they’ve taken Wellbutrin for nine days and are cured. I think it’s fair to say she is highly exaggerating and being dramatic as usual.
Blogpost but I know this to be true from personal experience as well as anecdotes from friends who are/were on it. Was also told by my doctor that people start feeling the most benefits around the one month mark before I started taking it. But maybe Jillian is just so super special that it worked instantly for her! Or maybe she’ll backtrack after lurking and post about having a bunch of supey dupey bad head days.
Too bad she can’t be fucked to find a new gp because a doctor would have advised her that it takes more than a week to work. Or wasn’t too lazy to do a two second search before spreading more misinformation. It infuriates me that she can shop around for therapists and medications while so many mentally ill people have to go without. Tinfoiling that we will end up with a serotonin syndrome saga.(blogposting/medfagging)

No. 301249

One case where people immediately notice positive changes is people with ADHD. Two friends of mine with ADHD will feel off when they miss a single dose. I think she's fishing for an ADHD diagnose

No. 301261

Eh, not the case for everyone. Doesn’t help me in that department at least. I don’t think ADHD is special enough for her, at least that’s what I’m hoping.
The adderall shortage is bad enough as it is. Neurotypical people abusing it is making the stigma around it horrible so I’m praying Jillian doesn’t contribute to that. Her DID bullshit makes me mad but I feel like most people don’t take it seriously anyways. It’s when she starts sticking her grubby fingers on other diagnoses and claiming fucked up trauma that I really want to a-log.

No. 301262

there's a difference between missing a dose and getting on a new medication.

Jill probably felt good one day as a result of being human and ascribed it to the medication.

No. 301263

Yeah, if she does feel better it will be placebo. Her stupid ass doesn’t understand and was hyping this up as being the thing that will fix her so placebo-ing herself isn’t a surprise. She is looking for a magic pill after all.

No. 301265

I was thinking about this in the lead up to her getting it but she was hyping it up in such an unhealthy way. Obviously it’s good to have a good mindset going into a new medication but pinning everything on it as a magic pill is setting yourself up for some real disappointment. Treatment is also supposed to be a therapy and medication combo, solely relying on pills would not fix this which is what she seems to be pushing for. I don’t understand how her fans don’t question her not being in therapy for such an extreme illness that supposedly is fucking up her life.

No. 301286

sage for blogposting but I take Wellbutrin for depression related to CPTSD, I did feel some physical differences within the first week taking it, such as energy level and ability to get out of bed and participate in life, but mentally I was still an absolute wreck. It took 9 months of weekly EMDR and talk therapy sessions along with medication to get to a point where I felt "better" and I was functioning normally again.

I am really surprised she isn't experiencing insomnia. I don't think I slept more that 2 to 3 hours a night for the first couple weeks taking Wellbutrin. Especially since she is coming off of a heavy antipsychotic like Seroquel, I think insomnia would be her #1 side effect.

I wonder if she will eventually blame the Seroquel/ a misdiagnosis when she back tracks on her DID. If Wellbutrin alone is enough to help her this much there is no freaking way she has DID (WE know this, of course). She overshares to the point that it is impossible for her to maintain this larp for much longer.(not your personal blog)

No. 301298

Just like with TND's special 15% brain claim, even if it was a real thing, when did Jill get any tests to verify that her brain is predisposed to dissociating? It's just something she read online and she immediately went "yup that's me" because in her mind it helps fill some of the gaps in her lies.

wrt the Wellbutrin, what I don't understand is that they let her immediately switch from one med to another without any buffer. Aren't you supposed to take a break in between to know what your baseline is, especially after being on a brain-altering med for 10 years? How would she know that those "improvements" she's feeling are from the Wellbutrin (esp when it's too early for it to be working) and not just from being off the Seroquel? She's just telling on herself even more with this shit.

No. 301300

>>301298 All true, sage for slight medfagging but switching meds is gradually taking less and less of your old med before switching over to the new one you don't just pull a full stop out of nowhere and hop on a new med right away. Especially not for psychotic shit.

No. 301301

Tinfoil she lied about being on seroquel for so long and go off it a while ago as late as her during her "angel therapist" days while they were "fixing her DID" thats why she started WB so fast cause she actually hasn't been on anything at all

No. 301304

She did taper off the Seroquel but it seemed pretty fast to me (was it over 12 days or something?), and started taking the Wellbutrin right away after that. All while also being on Citalopram iirc.

Maybe, imo her docs seem negligent in any case since she apparently didn't have any reevaluations of her need for Seroquel (and the dosage). For something that was prescribed to her as a teen, and considering all the changes in brain chemistry (and hormones) between 15 and 25. On top of that, add all the weed and wine, plus untreated BPD, she has no idea what her baseline is and her docs are not doing their due diligence. Not that she'd want them to, anyway.

No. 301318

File: 1687470467899.jpg (63.83 KB, 720x946, Kk.jpg)

No. 301322

ADHD is one of the few diagnoses that I actually believe Jill has. Just look at her

No. 301323

Can you not.

No. 301324

You aren't even supposed to drink coffee when you start taking Wellbutrin, the caffeine will freak you tf out.
Jill is gonna pound two energy drinks?? Cant wait to see how this goes.

No. 301339

Every year…? Isn't this her big return to cosplay?

No. 301346

Well con weekend has finally arrived. Can't wait for her to upload photos/footage.
Lol Jill they don't gaf. You're not that important.

No. 301353

she was talking about judging a cosplay contest next year, how can she do that if she has DID and switches "all the time"? will she have to excuse herself and run off to change into a jerrick or flora costume and then come sit back down? i think she will use her recent medication change as basis to say that her alters all merged in preparation for next year

No. 301354

I mean it’s fake so she wouldn’t have to actually worry and if anyone tries to deny her because of it she can scream discrimination and ableism which she would love.

No. 301355

inb4 she gets cancelled for dating someone with a 10 year age gap as cliffe

No. 301356

I just….every time I try and imagine being in a sexual relationship with Jill pretending to be an older bald man that does taxes and dresses like Steve jobs I just can’t. Like it’s just too fucking funny.

No. 301359

Great now she's gonna use this as her reason to flake out.

No. 301392

File: 1687547627831.jpg (143.56 KB, 720x1702, Really.jpg)

She's been pushing this pretty hard lately. Wonder what's the specific catalyst?

No. 301399

this is so weird… sensory issues with cheese? theres nothing specific about cheese that is different texturally than other things unless its swiss, maybe. cheese is literally mass produced to be the most palatable thing imaginable, totally smooth little slices. common sensory issues people have: rough breads, bumpy fruits, etc. but. but cheese??? maybe if it smells weird, i dont know. thats the only thing i can think of.

No. 301400

File: 1687552793953.jpeg (279.13 KB, 1170x2001, 47A681A8-F0B8-4EC6-99F8-B0B0AD…)

>sensory issues with cheese
>prepares mc n cheese all of the time
She’s such a liar.
Sage for old milk.

No. 301402

>>301392 Good, her fatass does not need to be eating cheese. Larp be damned

No. 301405

File: 1687555418211.jpeg (207.07 KB, 1170x2015, 3B6C2E5F-0718-4ACE-933F-1DA498…)

Sofia is almost done her cosplay. Where’s Jill’s progress pics kek.

No. 301414

File: 1687559057783.jpeg (94.1 KB, 750x1306, IMG_7529.jpeg)

She got one single comment on her crunch time tweet, but because it’s asking if she’s making any kind of content so she ignored it kek. I really doubt she’s filming it since she’s been trying to take attention away from her sewing since graduating.

No. 301422

I was just thinking about this! I was sure I remembered the phrase "the healing power of cheese" from Jill. But now it gives her sensory issues…

No. 301424

This actually looks really nice. The skirt flares out very naturally and the trim isn't puckering. Arm bands look kind of tight but it might be the pose stretching her biceps.

No. 301439

File: 1687565788396.jpg (80.69 KB, 720x889, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 301440

File: 1687566039241.jpg (100.13 KB, 720x995, Screenshot_20230623.jpg)

No. 301441

File: 1687566194354.jpg (57.74 KB, 720x629, Screenshot_202306.jpg)

No. 301443

Already laying the seeds to not have to post anything I see

No. 301446

>or anything
She’s about to feel so under the weather that it triggers out her three different baby alters and five precure alters cocon and she can’t finish the video because she has to put plastic clips in her hair and drink from a sippy cup while watching Bluey.

No. 301448

Nta, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to get assblasted for not getting millions of people trying to take pictures with her or the sorts. I’m pretty sure she will throw a tantrum for not having a nice cosplay or not getting all of the attention.

No. 301450

Sensory issues with cheese means she only eats cheddar, American, and mozzarella, anything that isn’t processed to hell and back is unacceptable

No. 301454

Jill’s brand of autism:
>causes sensory issues: cheese
>does not cause sensory issues: entire anime con full of huge crowds and loud weebs

No. 301455

>as long as I get enough footage
>or get sick
>or anything
Jill this is literally the one thing you call your job, you don't just "get" enough footage, you film it yourself and make it happen. The fact that she is already only listing multiple reasons as to why she can't do it reveals how amazingly lazy and unmotivated she is to actually do the work

No. 301456

Do any cosplay nonnies know, will they be judged together as a pair? This is definitely cleaner work that Jilly is going to produce and I would be pissed if I was Sof and they are judged as a pair and Jill both brings the marks down and benefits from Sof’s nicer work.
She is so fucking delusional. Improvement where? The wedding dress was one of the worst items she has ever made and it’s her most recent work. If this is actually a “masters” level and the people are half decent if she wins for her work I’m calling hijinks. Imagine though, if it’s better than the wedding dress and obvious she put more effort in (which her narc ass will have) I would be so upset if I was her cousin. Prioritising a cosplay from a little kids anime over a literal wedding dress is just horrible in such a Jilly way I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 301457

File: 1687601010890.jpg (82.63 KB, 720x926, AC.jpg)

You'd think she'd be excited to film and show off. I don't get Jill at all.
Just some tidbits I found about the competition.

No. 301458

The fakers always have “sensory issues” that disappear when it’s convenient for them.

I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if she put more effort into this cosplay than into the wedding dress, but I’m not sure if we’d be able to notice the difference lmao

No. 301459

….she doesn’t qualify for masters going by this though. She makes no income from being a seamstress. I assumed it was to do with qualifications going by what she had said. If she is actually against people who meet this criteria that will be funny.

No. 301460

Jill is absolutely delusional to think she’s at a master level. Master level typically includes people who are professional costumers , or who have won multiple high level awards at different competitions. IE, people who spend a large amount of time and money on the hobby, not Jill who is con crunching up until the day of the competition. The pic she posted earlier looked novice level. Sofia’s costume is better, but definitely not clean enough to be master level.
Unless there is no real master level competition (which is possible if it’s a very tiny con), she doesn’t stand a chance.

No. 301461

"As long as i don't get sick" oh she's definitely going to be drinking. And i bet when she does drink while on her wellbutrin she is just going to blame it on her DID

No. 301463

Jill lurks because we literally just called out her autistic traits being cliche and now all of a sudden she has a sensory issue with cheese?

No. 301468

After she did her last cosplay and won, I recall her saying something about her being required/asked to enter in the next level up the next year, but iirc that was purely because she’d had multiple wins, not anything to do with ‘being a YouTube seamstress’ (the word seamstress is doing some fucking heavy lifting lately.
Does any nonnas remember/want to check what level she was entered in during her previously animaritimes? I swear it was the lowest level and that’s why she was suggested to move up

No. 301478

I didn't check, but as someone in the cosplay community i know that a lot of people move into masters pretty quickly. all you have to do is get first place or best in show a couple times and didnt she get something like that? it's still wild to me but I guess since it's not a giant convention, there's probably not a lot of competition. she's not incorrect for entering masters, but her work is definitely not good enough, especially if our tinfoiling about her grandma or whoever making that precure costume she won with before.

No. 301480

It’ll really be interesting to compare this new cosplay to her old ones, which as a non-cosplayer looked pretty good imo. Especially since she’s constantly hyped up her own technical abilities, if she’s suddenly nowhere near as good (she’ll blame mento iwllness) it’ll be pretty telling

No. 301482

File: 1687626961053.png (6.07 MB, 1170x2532, 0FD9216B-8B8D-460E-85E6-2C8ADA…)

Sof hasn’t posted any photos of Jill. Aren’t they a pair?

No. 301484

Jill drinking on Wellbutrin will be an absolute shit show..

I am dying to see a picture of Jill and Sof in costume together. I wonder if Jill has been lurking so she is hesitant to post pics of her own. I would honestly give her props if her costume came out as well as Sof's has, Sof's costume looks pretty nicely done.

No. 301485

I guess this is possible. My view may be skewed since in my area, competition’s pretty high level, so the people entering in the master level are truly very high level costumers. If she won anything (I didn’t remember that), the competition must not be high level, because nothing I’ve seen that she’s made has been clean enough to win even the novice division in contests I’m familiar with. It would be hilarious if she tried to compete in masters at a bigger con, but we know she likes being a big fish in a small pond.

No. 301486

File: 1687628745895.jpeg (254.98 KB, 1242x1785, IMG_7019.jpeg)

So Jill is at the con but not in cosplay, if that is her in pink in the top picture that she retweeted. I get the feeling there is no cosplay happening for Jill at this con, either she didn't finish her costume, or she saw Sof and realized how shit her own sewing was, kek.

No. 301488

>>301486 At least the bottom tweet acknowledges how lackluster and downhill she's gone, but knowing Jill she didn't mean that in a self reflective way of her lack of skills but rather more real speshul autism crumbs about being incapacitated and non-functioning or some shit.

No. 301489

File: 1687629282377.jpeg (41.28 KB, 457x816, F762E238-EF52-475C-8D88-F64889…)

Looks like she's not cosplaying

No. 301490

And nobody was surprised. Who wants to bet the cosplay will never be mentioned again?

No. 301491

she definitely thinks it helps bolster her claim of autism but she's so retarded she doesn't realize it just makes her larp even more obvious. you don't catch autism like a cold. she wouldn't have been able to sew full costumes, deal with the crowds and socializing, be on stage in front of tons of people in cosplay, etc and then suddenly have a severe decline in ability to do those things because of autism, thats not how it works. and she'll probably just claim she'd been "masking" for all these years but anyone who knows the reality of these disorders and not just the tiktok understanding of them knows thats bullshit. even someone who masks super well with autism may not be as obvious, but they still have limitations and indicators of it and lets face it, jill isnt that good of an actress.

No. 301492

Jill be like "managing my then undiagnosed trauma, autism and DID took so much work, I have done so much growing and we are finally living as ourselves thanks to years of therapy and hard work"
Only for her to actually live like shit, struggle to finish anything and even admit things like
"my capacity is so much lower in so many ways boohoo"
This whole larping of mental illness has made her actually worse in so many ways, and it just keeps getting worse the deeper she gets and the more diagnosis she collects like pokemon.

No. 301493

If she has sacked it off I would be so pissed if I was Sof. Putting all that work in to do a cosplay together and Jill is lazy and half asses then last minute is like nah not bothering. She is such a shit friend like no wonder she was posting about her kek.

No. 301495

i can’t believe she just ditched her whole cosplay plan LMFAOOOO. I knew something would happen but i didn’t think she’d just full on not do it.

No. 301496

Tinfoil: Jill backed out last minute as revenge for Sof posting here.

No. 301497

File: 1687631197063.jpeg (148.35 KB, 960x1151, 11F69D2A-EDAD-4309-9F42-3AC7BA…)

Digging through Jill's tagged post and I found this. Looks like she was working on the cosplay with sof early june

No. 301499

File: 1687632069739.jpg (58.24 KB, 720x681, Wit.jpg)

No. 301500

File: 1687632171996.jpg (47.7 KB, 720x664, Wh.jpg)

No. 301501

Here we go KEK! Spiral incoming.

No. 301503

File: 1687633057727.jpg (13.06 KB, 500x162, CT5-p5CUcAAeqUl.jpg)

guarantee you she's spiraling because she's not getting the attention she normally would in cosplay and is having to see her friends get it instead kek

No. 301505

Lowered since therapy, medication, fashion school, and making your larp a central part of your identity? Interesting.

No. 301506

She was supposed to be the main character kek. It must be killing her not to get attention. Everyone i knew that just HAD to cosplay the most popular character were massive attention whores

No. 301507

>Our capacity is lowered in so many ways
lmao WHAT? Autism isn't like an illness that can get worse with time, and all of her supposed life-altering traumas was during childhood so it's not like much in her life has happened to lower any of her capabilities this much since her last con/cosplay. God her larp is infuriating.

No. 301508

i can’t place why this pisses me off but it rlly does. Like just omg having a panic attack you know the vibes! Tinfoil that she watched both videos all the way through like scrubbed to the end so it looked like she watched both.

No. 301509

I think she is butthurt she is not cosplaying the main character of this PreCure season. Like it's pretty obvious by design choices the pink one is supposed to be the main girl. Jill has to be the mc everytime.

No. 301510

Honestly I didn't think she would pull out but wow. Figures with how last minute everything she was doing was. Guess it's a miracle she got that """wedding dress""" done for her cousin in time. This should be a wake up call but it won't be. Also does that mean she'll be backing out of the smash bros competition? It's tomorrow.
I thought they were but I'm basing it off this clip >>301482 from Jill's June livestream.

No. 301511

My guess is she realised if she came in cosplay she would get candids online and she usually looks huge in candids versus her heavily edited and angled photos and videos, so she chickened out of doing the cosplay. Unless she changes later on.

No. 301512

Im pretty sure cure sky is the main character of this season. I mean it’s in the title.

No. 301513

she looks really bland and prism is better looking anyway

No. 301514

>choose the main character because she is the main character
>turns out the main character is actually less better looking than the pink girl
I also have never seen jill wearing blue in her life and was legit surprised she didn't pick the pink girl with hearts on her hair and sparkles so she literally picked cure sky because she was the mc. sasuga Jill kek

No. 301515

I have seen autism appear to get worse when an (often undiagnosed) person moves out of their supportive parental home onto a more stressful and demanding adult life. Masking requires a lot of energy and becomes much harder if you don’t have time or opportunity to recuperate so it’s common for autistic people to have great difficulty coping with significant lifestyle changes.
That doesn’t apply to Jill, though. Jill was able to juggle a part time job and a growing YouTube channel while attending high school, and though she’s been going downhill since moving out on her own it’s been very gradual, correlating with a decrease in her workload. She rarely leaves the house or interacts with anyone other than Steve, doesn’t have a real job, no longer attends school, half-asses her channel and doesn’t even run her own errands. Sitting on your ass scrolling Tiktok all day can’t possibly be more overwhelming than everything she was doing while she still lived with her parents. If anything she is understimulated right now.

No. 301516

File: 1687637481884.jpeg (221.21 KB, 1170x1623, FA985DDE-36A4-41D4-8162-10466A…)

sure jill

No. 301517

File: 1687637671802.jpeg (117.1 KB, 1170x947, 2F68F351-BDDF-4747-B99F-4DEDB8…)

she just added this tweet too

No. 301518

So she had a panic attack since the morning yet still somehow was walking around the con all day (based on the pictures posted earlier)?
Someone having anxiety that bad would have gone back to their hotel room or whatever within 10 minutes.

No. 301519

File: 1687639062394.jpg (167.61 KB, 720x1599, Screenshot_20230624_133600.jpg)

More tweets

No. 301520

And she still attended the contest which was in a relatively crowded theatre with lots of noise from people cheering. Not where I would go if I’d been having panic attacks all day. I think she saw her friends costumes/other competitors and realized she was out of her league. Rather than be embarrassed for losing she pulled out.

No. 301521

File: 1687640070519.jpg (82.38 KB, 720x782, Screenshot_20230624-134740.jpg)

Sof's reply

No. 301522

fully expected this. she cannot commit to anything that requires some work.

No. 301523

File: 1687640449170.jpg (209.13 KB, 720x2358, Screenshot_20230624_140048.jpg)

No. 301525

But she really did just waste time to get pitty asspats for being the most mentally ill hippo ever

No. 301527

pathological liar

No. 301528

But this does make it sound like she was in cosplay at the con but just made a scene right before judging?

No. 301531

Totally blew her first time judging because she needed that narc hit. No way does someone book her again after that. Shitty to fans who would have been expecting her too. How she has any fans is a mystery like what does she give them? Half assed content that is always late and promises she never fulfills.

No. 301532

>be Jillian, a 25 year-old, washed-up, neurotic with rejection sensitivity and overwhelming need to be the best.
>The friend that talked bare shit about you on online gossip forums invites you to cosplay with her at a local anime con.
>Want to sign up for lower level, but can't because decade-old wins and reputation requires her to enter Masters level
>Knows current cosplay skills aren't Masters level.
>Jill's lower-level skills will stick out in the Masters competition and wont place high in scores.
>Doesn't want to go to con and get humiliated and embarrassed by low-quality cosplay, since neuroses are so strong.
>Starts to breadcrumb ill-health in attempt to get out of con for weeks prior on the internet.
>Con comes and fully-back out after making brief appearance to placate back-stabbing friend.

No. 301533

This would only make Jill look bad though, Sof would only be annoyed at Jill for standing her up.

No. 301534

File: 1687642609896.jpg (358.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230624-153059_Ins…)


99% she is lying showing up to the judging. Sof posted this on her IG ~1pm and no signs of Jill being mentioned on their IG stories.

No. 301535

LITERALLY passing out!!!

No. 301536

File: 1687643243601.png (126.05 KB, 697x462, sure, jill.png)

I don't think there's gonna be a photo shoot. I don't think there's gonna be a dance cover, nor a con vlog, nor a progress video. She's "telling herself" this stuff but will forget once she hits the bong a few times tonight.
Yeah I doubt Jill stayed on the con-floor for very long, the way she's dressed and styled (>>301489) it's like she was just going for a quick walk around with no intent to socialize, take photos, etc.. She's so lame because even if she didn't finish the cosplay she could have still put on a cute outfit, styled her hair nicely, and did her weird rainbow clown makeup and could have socialized with her peers and taken fun posed photos. Jill's ego is so strong tho she probably feels embarrassed even being in the con.

No. 301537

Maybe because even after years of 'therapy' she still can't identify her feelings as panic attacks or anxiety attacks. Or maybe it's because after years of living with these outbursts and sought therapy for, she still doesn't have any tools or strategies or plans in how to remedy them. My OG tinfoil is the panic-attack schtick she does is just a munchie LARP when the attention falls off of her.
Her friends probably got a compliment on their hard-work and dedication and she had to pass out to show the world the only thing worth recognizing is her own 'struggle.'

No. 301539

You say “years of therapy” but it’s really not, she has had so little actual therapy because she won’t self reflect. Her only therapist she saw more than once was angel therapist and he wasn’t around very long.

No. 301540

She was in her Cure Sky cosplay for a bit and then left. She seemed to have it completely finished. Wasn’t able to snap a pic but I’m sure one will pop up on the fb at some point.

No. 301542

Ntayrt but how did it look or were you too far away to really get a look at it?

No. 301543

I wasn’t too close but it looked like a mid tier sewing level I’d say. It wasn’t too bad but she looked pretty rough herself. About the same quality as her past work. It looked a bit too baggy/frumpy on her, especially whatever was on her waist.

No. 301544

Thanks nonnie for your observation. I hope you're having a fun time at the con. I'm wondering if the caffeine she was downing is messing with her. It was mentioned by another nonnie itt that it can mess with you while on Wellbutrin. Jill had two monsters delivered to her on Thursday so I wouldn't put it past her to be drinking more of those plus coffee.

No. 301546

Thanks, Sof your input is always welcome here.(hi cow)

No. 301549

File: 1687649544437.jpeg (97.99 KB, 1985x2048, B44BC35F-4718-49F8-8504-ACA7E1…)

No. 301552

You're probably right about that. Remember when her cousin got married and jill conveniently "switched" to jerrick and was outside smoking weed instead of joining in the festivities.

No. 301553

Knowing Jill we won't get to see this vlog footage for a few months, kek.
Even if she didn't end up competing she could have posted a pic of her cosplay. She is clearly lying.

No. 301556

File: 1687663961028.jpeg (43.38 KB, 828x962, 237E22F4-5432-4732-A64B-B89F18…)

lol speaking of jerrick

No. 301558

Crazy how the "I am 10 different people and that's ok" larp only works when you are stoned out of your mind at home all day

No. 301563

if the severity of the way she’s writing this was at all true she wouldn’t have gone to the con. If she was truly panicking to the point of passing out her friends should not have encouraged her to still go. But of course they did and of course everything turned out ok. I get people can pose and fake smile for pics but that photo of jill doing peace signs does not give vibes of someone who had a major lengthy panic attack that same morning. But go off i guess !!!

No. 301566

If she was gonna be this lazy she should’ve cosplayed her OCs. It’s also kind of depressing that she can’t realize she deteriorated and rotted herself with time and alleged “mental health discoveries”. How is she gonna defend getting her DID diagnosis benefited her in anyway after seeing her failure at the con?
I remember one time at a con she was crying cause she lost and posted the video because she had to wait in line for so long or some shit. I was expecting that again but with DID bullshit mixed in but she couldn’t even come through with that. Amber and Sof fight when?

No. 301570


It's interesting how Jill constantly brings up passing out and describes herself as a "frequent fainter" yet in all the year she's been attending cons, meet ups ,driving and working retail this has never been an issue. It's so obvious Jill made it part of her larp to sound more dramatic.

No. 301576

She’ll upload the con dance video right after her graduation collection video, just as soon as hell freezes over.

No. 301595

If she passed out in a con in front of staff while getting judged, they would have called an ambulance.

No. 301596

If she passed out in a con in front of staff while getting judged, they would have called an ambulance.

No. 301597

If she passed out in a con in front of staff while getting judged, they would have called an ambulance.

No. 301599

File: 1687711881044.jpeg (317.8 KB, 828x2833, BD26F2E9-F1D5-4302-97A9-D2F6CE…)

She’s so predictable it’s not even funny at this point.

And the saddest thing is that her obsession with having to be perceived perfectly and never, ever fail at anything has just made her miss out on a fun weekend out with her friends, and she wasted time on a cosplay did didn’t even wear. She needs therapy so bad it’s not funny, but she’s so wrapped up in curating her own bullshit that she can’t even see it.

No. 301600

There’s a j fashion meet happing right now. Surprised she’s not there.

No. 301601

She was literally fine flopping around at those drag shows which is more recent than four years ago. I wonder if she even likes this shit anymore, it’s like she is clinging to that as a facet of her personality but she doesn’t seem to actually get any enjoyment out of it so has no motivation.

No. 301602

whens the last time jill wore jfash kek she’s too fat to fit into any brand now. she’s not gonna wanna be photographed around girls much thinner than her

No. 301606

I think she realized that 1. her costume isn’t great and she’s unlikely to do well in the contest and 2. that she couldn’t control the pictures taken. Even if no one took sneaky pictures, we’ve all had bad pictures taken during cons, just because something isn’t sitting right on the costume or we’re slouching or makeup has worn off etc. She’s afraid of being perceived in a light that she doesn’t like, while lacking the ability to realize that she looks far worse with her DID larp that any picture could ever do.

No. 301608

File: 1687718418684.jpg (27.82 KB, 719x316, Mgyi.jpg)

No. 301609

File: 1687718523663.jpg (192.74 KB, 720x1800, Wha.jpg)

I just grabbed the parts where Jill pipes in.

No. 301610

File: 1687718625053.jpg (99.08 KB, 720x901, Wh.jpg)

No. 301611

Someone needs to link back to this in a year when she is the exact same weight, I don't think it was a conspiracy to make you gain weight Jillian everyone just gets put on the same meds because doctors don't give a fuck

No. 301612

Jerr is summoned whenever Jill doesn't get enough attention and needs to be visibly sulking to let everyone know how disappointed she is in them

No. 301613

Can’t believe we have come full circle, it’s the meds fault she gained weight guys! Body positivity and saying she liked being thicc where?

No. 301614

But she didn't start gaining a lot of weight until she was 17/18…so what's gonna happen when she doesn't automatically lose a ton of weight?

No. 301615

It just doesn't make any sense that Jill has "finally figured out her mental health issues" and "is getting help" but she has just gotten worse and worse as time has gone on.

Why can't she understand this?

No. 301616

You know I actually believe she is now mentally ill specifically with depression. She’s just giving up, this was a big thing to her supposedly and she is just slouching back to her house to smoke weed alone and wallow. Smoking every day alone in the house shut off from the real world and caring less about everything in her life is just unhealthy. Part of me wonders if she felt unwell at the con because presumably she didn’t want to be stoned for it, or maybe the other way around she had a bad time because she was blasted out of her mind in an unfamiliar environment.

No. 301617

It feels like Jill is clinging on for dear life to her weeb persona because there is a new season of Precure, and she doesn't want Sof to take her self appointed title of Precure Queen away.
She literally tweeted that she would have hosted an incredible Precure panel at the con BUT she was still going to go and enjoy Sof's panel. I would love to see the group chats amongst this friend group.

No. 301618

File: 1687721986693.jpg (94.93 KB, 720x1005, Tiktok.jpg)

Jill posted a tiktok of her cat looking in the mirror and her talking to him. Just grabbed a screenshot because looks like she's pissy aka Jerrick mode. Steve must be thrilled.
Depressing, her obsession is destroying her. I think she thought she'd get a hero's welcome.
I don't think she does. I think she only clings to it because it made her "youtube famous" and is too afraid to do anything that isn't giving her the level of attention she thinks she deserves. She phased out the drag queen stuff because she wasn't immediately queen bee and it frustrated her that her shtick didn't excuse her from doing the hard work.
Always telling on herself.
Throw a fit/blame the new med in a roundabout way because altering her own diet is unacceptable.

No. 301619

File: 1687722885936.jpg (427.87 KB, 1536x2048, 356398674_943830829990325_5839…)

No. 301620

She is WIDE

No. 301621

Holy fuck she’s wide.

No. 301622

>Bow attached with a safety pin
Classic Jill

No. 301623

Holy fuck she is wide. Also wtf kind of fabric did she use for her skirt?? Right beside Sof it looks oof.

No. 301624

File: 1687723208799.png (534.08 KB, 750x1137, 3FD152B9-0461-42C3-8068-642ACB…)

So much wrong with this
>wrinkly cosplay
>ratty wig
> missing accessories
>poorly constructed
Sof didn’t go to fashion school and her cosplay looks way better.

No. 301625

the shoes not matching the color of the skirt is driving me nuts. She would have painted those herself so why don't they match?? Gah!

No. 301626

You can see a safety pin on her skirt, it isn't even complete. I see why she chose not to compete.

No. 301627

>>301619 Wow, her cosplay looks like absolute crap, the bows are all dumpy and the skirt has no volume, and the shirt and those sleeves geez. She really is delusional about her 'skills' and definitely seethed at how good Sof's is despite her not being the fashion student.

No. 301628

>>301619 Also the torso part of Sky's outfit not being seen because her fat made it curl and scrunch up lmao

No. 301629

yeah it's not a good choice of costume for her body type even if it was done well.

No. 301630

File: 1687724298030.gif (1.68 MB, 498x280, hirogaru-sky-precure-cure-sky.…)

Normally Pixie Milk is funny. But honestly this con milk has just be kind of sad. Jill could have had fun with her friends. Sure her costume isnt amazing, but honestly it isnt bad. Yes she looks fat, but there is many fat cosplayers.

But, her friends know she's fat. She could still have had fun at the con. But, instead she ended up deciding to not even go after the work and effort she put into getting ready. Yes her cosplay isnt wonderful amazing. But, its still a lot of work to put a cosplay together. You see a lot worse at cons.

I was hoping that Jill would have a fun time at the con and there would be a video with her doing stuff at the con. This milk, this milk is just sad. To bad she doesnt have a friend who would pull her out of this nonsense. She's literally ruining fun experiences by doing this stuff.

Though she is likely just using it as an excuse because she realize she wasnt the best looking in her friend group, feeling self conscious for how she looks "less" than her friends but at a con looks dont have to matter. I've seen landwhales happily flopp around dressed up as Harley Quinn at cons. No one cares if a fat person cosplays someone small and skinny.

No. 301631

Sof placed 2nd in masters.

No. 301633

What in god's name made her think the collar is supposed to be tassels

No. 301635

>>301631 I just know Jill is throwing a narc tantrum. I noticed in her past Precure con, she looked better than her friends by quality of cosplay and because she knew the dance exactly while her two friends struggled with the moves and fumbled at times. That's not the case anymore with her regression in cosplay quality and she can't get her ego boost with Sof being better than her now.

No. 301636

Good for her, she clearly put effort into completing her cosplay unlike a certain somebody. Hope Jill is seething.

No. 301637

File: 1687725218610.jpg (196.76 KB, 720x2255, Sof.jpg)

Agreed. I grabbed a tweet by Sof about the panel and Sof showed up to the Jfashion meet up. Jill is spiraling and most likely lashing out.

No. 301638

I agree with you. Like she doesn't HAVE to turn this into content. Or have to enter contests, if she feels insecure. She might make me alog at times but I also honestly just want her to realize she can just have fun. Without having to do anything extra. Or pretend to use an alter. Just, normal, basic, fun.
Like honestly I don't give a fuck that she's fat. Who cares. Plenty of people are fat. It's the fact she's pretending or hinting at a multitude of disorders she does not have that angers me.

No. 301639

File: 1687725455975.jpeg (111.19 KB, 923x1175, A0A31766-46DE-44EF-9D71-57FD53…)

did she already cry off some of her makeup before this pic? there’s a weird gap between her lash line and eyeliner, maybe peeled off her fake eyelashes? also woof those choppy ass bangs and giant septum are doing her no favors…

No. 301641

I know she wouldn't be able to keep thigh high socks on but she could have worn tights or something it throws the whole thing off to me.

Embarrassing, It genuinely looks like babys second sewing project or she had two days to make it

No. 301642

She should have sewn the socks onto skin coloured fabric. Lots of cosplayers do that these days.

No. 301646

She’s not even wearing the full cosplay, I thought she made the headpiece?

No. 301650

File: 1687731739171.jpeg (474.37 KB, 1592x2048, 30CCFD72-0AC8-463C-8DA1-5C30F8…)

I guess reality can be whatever you want it to be

No. 301652

>>301650 She edits herself to be less wide but she's still fat so redundant fucking photoshop, the nonnies saying she flaked bc she can't control the camera were right.

No. 301653

KEK it looks so bad. How can she say "confidently" that it's her "best creation"?

No. 301654

This makes even less sense because if she does a video it will still be clear her mistakes (Like her bows being wrong place. Also if her cosplay was already fully done why didnt she go with her headpieces and stockings and gloves?

No. 301655

She probably took the headpiece off to not block peoples view during the competition.

No. 301656

File: 1687732255093.jpeg (276.24 KB, 1170x1864, DD1ABD2E-E42B-4605-AD7B-3B5F41…)

lol at her saying it was sewn to a professional level. do professionals bobby-pin their bows on?

No. 301657

File: 1687732428123.gif (4.57 MB, 576x245, tumblr_6ec0d01634c0fd5de8f57ce…)

No. 301658

I'm scared to say that it might be crushed velvet

No. 301659

Cosplay looks better when everyone in the group goes fabric shopping together

No. 301660

File: 1687733035972.jpeg (316.8 KB, 1325x2000, Fullpic.jpeg)

Bigger pic

No. 301661

File: 1687733441105.jpg (411.3 KB, 719x4762, Screenshot_20230625.jpg)

Some comments

No. 301662

File: 1687733580082.jpg (35.46 KB, 720x466, Screenshot_20230625.jpg)

No. 301663

I'll be honest. I don't hate it, it's not amazing, but I also don't think she edited herself more then the average cosplayer would. Sof's cosplay is significantly better but still.

On the other hand, there's only a 50% chance of even just one of those ever being uploaded.

No. 301664

This is so unflattering. She looks like she has dwarfism.

No. 301665

I’m glad she’s happy with it at least (or at least is saying so). I still think the fabric choice for the skirt is questionable. My guess is it was the only thing at the local fabric shop in the right color and maybe she didn’t give herself enough time to order a better fabric online (or didn’t want to spend the money). Also any torso pieces like that are hard to make work unless you have model proportions. Too much detail too little torso space.

No. 301666

Kek @ Jill misgendering herself. Thought she was a they/themby?

No. 301667

File: 1687739664183.png (309.91 KB, 483x1070, side eye.PNG)

The perfect reaction in the background

No. 301670

If I didn't know this was pixie I'd think it was some woman in her 30s/40s, she really needs to lay off the everything (alcohol, weed, shit diet, shit self care etc) and work on her health before something goes seriously wrong. She spends all her time larping illness but actual illness is no fun.

No. 301681

She looks like a middle aged mom without having gone through all the physical tolls mothers suffer, like she’s replicated the effects on her body just by lying around eating enough tendies.

No. 301683

OT but does orange have a full head of hair on each leg?

No. 301685

holy crap you guys really stalked a local con's facebook just for jill stuff? This place is more hardcore than i thought(sage your shit newfag)

No. 301687

Do you realize there’s anons here that live in the same community as Jill? Ask her friend Sofia what posts she’s made here kek.

No. 301688

The "stalk" verb really does give it away. Go have fun with your friends at the con Jill don't worry about what we're laughing at.

No. 301696

She conveniently didn’t mention that she just started taking Wellbutrin, which has common side effects of “tremors, sweating, feeling anxious or nervous; fast heartbeats; confusion” (per drugs.com). Because having panic attack symptoms that are just a side effect wouldn’t be special enough for her.

This looks so much better than her drag clown face.

No. 301697

>>301696(sage your shit)

No. 301699

ya know fellas, we could at any point here refocus and just want what's best for our good pals here at lolcow. Jillian is a good example. She's not such an unusual dude. Just some guy with some passions who got distracted a bit by the twitters and the lolcows and the youtubes yelling at her. A marginal change in tone could turn this whole thing into a non-negative that would end up being fun at best.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEpNPV-dCIQ(embed youtube videos, integrate)

No. 301706

File: 1687752189071.png (480.63 KB, 720x476, unknown.png)

are you lost? also kek not the
>uwu if you weren’t such meanies jill would be better!
hahaha how the fuck is cyber bullying real haha nigga just walk away from the screen like close your eyes haha(infighting)

No. 301707

File: 1687752122560.png (480.63 KB, 720x476, unknown.png)

are you lost? also kek not the
>uwu if you weren’t such meanies jill would be better!
hahaha how the fuck is cyber bullying real haha nigga just walk away from the screen like close your eyes haha

No. 301713

File: 1687754109611.jpg (258.08 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20230626-003249_Fac…)

she also posted in the animaritime facebook group for asspats

No. 301714

File: 1687754223774.jpg (197.33 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20230626-003306_Fac…)

looks like she confirmed she was crying in the comments of >>301713

No. 301715

Any anorexic 14 year old would stop taking meds that make them gain weight, not keep hogging out for 10 years lol. How're you gonna blame the doctors for being a pig?

No. 301716

literally no one here forced jillian to be the way she is. no one here told her to larp did. no one demanded jill to waste her days smoking alone in her room. you have to remember all these things happened because jill made a choice to. we are not obligated to fix the self-made problems of cows. if she truly wants to get better, she needs to come to terms that not everyone wants congratulate her for the tiniest things. she needs to stop using external validation to be motivated in life.
congrats sof!

No. 301717

I swear that a huge contributing factor to Jill’s projects not looking great is her fabric choices, they always look really cheap and don’t lay right or look wrinkled. I know fabric is expensive as fuck, but when she’s continually saying things are done at a professional level, that’s a pretty important step to cheap out on

No. 301718

To add onto this, many anons over the years have posted very genuine helpful advice. It's Jill's choice to not listen to any of that and only focus on the "haters" which is something that simply comes with the territory of being an internet persona. People are gonna talk regardless of what she does

No. 301720

The fabric for sure makes everything she makes look like the cheap bagged costumes from party stores. Which kinda makes it professional.

No. 301721

File: 1687763786472.jpg (65.35 KB, 720x757, Screenshot_20230626-001544_.jp…)

No. 301724

File: 1687765187040.jpeg (594.85 KB, 2717x4096, F88C35D9-D91F-4905-A5CB-647949…)

This con reminded me of the Animaritime 2018 con vlog where she’s crying about not being able to add LEDs to her cosplay. Her dad comes to the rescue and does it for her which was nice, also proves how spoiled she is that she can cry to her parents and they will take time out of their day to fix shit for her. Anyways she had a pity party over text to the girls in her cosplay group and they comforted her. Just like how she’s making Sof console her and give her asspats now. It’s funny that she keeps going on about how much she has changed, but she’s always gotten coddling by acting like a child. Jillian still documents every time she feels upset too, either on camera or twitter. The only thing that has changed is the size of her tantrums.

No. 301725

File: 1687765204862.jpeg (531.51 KB, 1536x2048, Fzgm8uPWYAAbHEr.jpeg)

Courtesy of twitter
Number of factors probably played a role but the wellburtin most likely exacerbated things.
The pose she chose is awful and not at all flattering. Two dumb nitpicks but the hair obviously doesn't have the asymmetrical bangs and the pink hair strand is not curving to the middle (besides the left side, our right side, not having a the longer darker blue bit either). It really bothers me for some reason. The other is the makeup but specifically the eye makeup. The eyelashes and winged eyeliner is just too much. Also is the bottom suppose to look like eyelashes? Wish she chose a simplier eye makeup look personally.

No. 301726

Top right definitely seems to be made by someone else. The craftsmanship is leagues above the other three. Looks like Jill’s signature is using some kind of iridescent fabric that doesn’t look accurate while that’s the only one without.

No. 301728

did she use crushed velvet for the skirt? And why are there loose threads? And she needs to learn how to iron, the seam allowance got pushed through nearly everywhere and she should have a closer look at the thread tension of her sewing machine. Also seems like she never heard anything about interfacing or was too lazy to use it at the right places. This isn't near a professional level and the cheap fabric makes it look even worse. I've seen cosplays from people that don't have any education in that field that looked way more professional than what she is showing here.

No. 301729

Was this poll from after the con? Did she vlog herself having that panic attack and is planning to post it?

No. 301730

Kek yes. I think that’s the new first precure boy character so the cosplayer is some genderspecial TIF or enby and she’s retarded enough to think the hair adds to the cosplay even though any Japanese twink trying to do it right would have shaved his legs.

No. 301731

it's just some leghair, anon.

No. 301732

nta but it legit just looks like she doesn’t shave her legs… ? which is obviously fine for women to do if they so choose. i doubt that was smth she thought “added” to the cosplay. Unless she said that blatantly.

No. 301733

man sofs got traction… kek maybe she really is becoming the next pixielocks? i await the glorious cow thread of this skinwalker as she dethrones jill…

ah that is if she uses her youtube again after all she deleted everything after she got caught for milking jill….

No. 301739

this feels like it was written by "cliffe"…

No. 301740

Anon who said she got help is 100% right. Top right is good. The green one isn't bad, chest piece looks kind of awkward though. I'm guessing 30% Jill, 70% and someone else's work. Bottom right is probably mostly Jill, looks amateurish. Somehow her new cosplay is the absolute worst cosplay she's done. The other ones have accurate shapes and details, the new one looks really, really bad and lacks so much of the design. She couldn't even get the arm puffs right, she added tassels out of nowhere, fabric hasn't been ironed so you can see overlapping seams (arm piece), and the flower petal like shapes are hella asymmetrical. Like I am genuinely baffled considering the other cosplays look decent, just made with cheap costume fabric. I'm guessing she's so hyped about it because it's the first cosplay ever done 100% by herself, and you can tell.

No. 301743

You’re forgetting how bad the doremi cosplay was, that was far worse then the one she just did.

No. 301745

File: 1687784270415.jpeg (255.13 KB, 923x2048, 99AF967C-D089-419F-855E-810C60…)

Another pic was posted

No. 301746

Sof’s looks so nice AND she’s getting away with being a two faced hater who resents Jill’s greater popularity and lack of skill, good for her kek.

No. 301747

Man the shoes looked better in the other pic, they are worse than I thought. The wig is giving 14 year old in a babies first miku wig. There is just clear differences in effort like Sof styled her wig and you can make a direct comparison between the bows. Sof didn’t go to college with Jill right? If she is totally self taught that’s so embarrassing for Jill.

No. 301749

Is it gaping near her armpit? Her hair is hiding it in the other images. And the tassels on her shoulder don’t look attached to anything properly. The skirt looks so stubby as well. She said she drafted the pattern herself so poor fit isn’t really a shock. Honestly she just doesn’t have the body proportions to make this cosplay work either. The character is rail thin, has no boobs and an elongated torso. Jill just doesn’t have the torso space for all of those elements that’s why it’s all scrunched up which just makes her look wider.

No. 301751

I wonder if we’ll see her wear this cosplay again. She made it and then showed up for maybe 3-4 hours in it? For someone who wants to be sustainable it would be something for her to never wear it again.

No. 301754

she looks middle-aged, how is she twenty-five ?… the flared teeth and wrinkles/creases from fat are terrible

No. 301757

Not the crushed velvet… Is this baby's first cosplay in the early 2000s? I haven't been following cosplay circles very actively lately and never on international scale but in my experience the fabric choices and crafting cosplays in general took a step away from crushed velvet, cheap satine and other low cost, shiny and cheap-looking materials to more realistic and higher quality ones. Of course there still are the first cosplays made from cardboard and bedsheets but the actual competition level costumes seem to have pretty high quality craftsmanship these days. I've never been any sort of talented costume maker myself and I still think that cosplay should be open for everyone, no matter the skill level or how much you can spend on the materials, but it's so hilarious to see Jill's handiwork. It's so bad for someone who claims to have been this for years, whose passion this was supposed to be and who went to a goddamn arts and crafts school to become a fashion designer. She's so full of shit and she keeps proving it time and time again.

No. 301759

File: 1687793605232.jpeg (108.1 KB, 750x1292, 56D98A39-3058-490F-8486-EE651C…)

god she’s fucking ballooned, pic from latest tiktok

No. 301764

She uses both, it's literally in her Twitter display name

No. 301766

God, look at how tightly the armband is squeezing her arm. It's like she's trying so hard to convince herself that she's the same size she used to be

No. 301767

File: 1687798492336.jpeg (128.04 KB, 828x1489, IMG_3215.jpeg)

I just noticed waist piece is separate from the dress and that’s why it collapsed into itself like that. There are so many beginner’s mistakes on here and I’m baffled she’s trying to show this shitshow on tiktok and photos where she can control what everyone sees and notices. If this is the best Jillian has made then she needs to go back to school.

No. 301768

How is she not embarrassed of herself? All the time in the world, the bare minimum skills from craft school, yet she still looks bad. Her face kills me. This is another step pushing for full time disability hermit. It'll get worse as she gets older and her friends improve at their skills, get homes, get married, etc, and she regresses because she's too lazy to put in effort.(sage your shit)

No. 301779

>>301745 I like the indents on sofs arm from removing her too tight arm bands, why did they both make them too tight?

No. 301780

Ugh why does Jill's crinoline show so often?? It is so sloppy and so easy to fix.

No. 301782

It can be hard for these sort of things to stay up if they are not at least a little snug.
Her doing a costume outside of the precure franchise would be a good change. Maybe when she does her next cosplay in another 5 years.

No. 301785

she was dancing and probably wanted to make sure they wouldn't fall down (just a guess though). For Jill, well, no explanation needed

No. 301790

Putting zip tie boning into a faux waist cincher/Swiss belt style accessory like that is cosplay 201. I wouldn’t make fun of a newbie for thinking she could get away with just interfacing it but considering Jill graduated “fashion school” and is calling this professional/the best she’s ever made, it’s laughable. Did she learn anything at school at all? Clearly they didn’t cover textile choice either, or ironing your seams…

No. 301791

why’d she leave the socks out of the outfit when she’s walking around the con? It’s not like she didn’t have that portion.

No. 301792

i feel like learning small appliqué techniques with sewing like how to attach a bow decoration without just using a fucking safety pin is something most beginners could learn from a youtube video. I don’t know what they teach at canadian fashion school but her ass must’ve not been paying any attention.

No. 301795

I just can't get over how she literally said she had 'professional seamstress knowledge' literally two weeks ago.
Cosplay doesn't even have to be some incredible construction most people just do it for fun but the way she talks about everything when she has the skills of a middle schooler is crazy

No. 301797

The socks looked horrendous in the other pictures, maybe she ditched them because they began to sag even more.

No. 301800

File: 1687813198699.jpg (429.8 KB, 720x6015, Screenshot_20230626_135738.jpg)

No. 301801

File: 1687813517497.webm (1.85 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 301802

That first comment HAS to be a nonnie.
Who would say this mess fits Jillian well?

No. 301803

Damn, so the skinwalker surpassed her master huh? That's gotta sting, I wonder if Jilly is going to come up with a new alter to cope with this immense pain and stress. Maybe one that can help her with cosplay like cliffe helps with taxes? Name her after sof and have her be a persecutor like Jer. If Jill slacks off on cosplay she'll force front and pull up sof's Instagram to trigger herself into dieting and completing cosplays/sewing projects.

The McClean dude or whatever made her split into two new alters, maybe the fact that the snake in her ranks is surpassing her will have Jill form like ten new alters. All color coded, of course.

No. 301805

She looks like a meatball
Because she's stuck up her own ass so badly she can't see anything. As you mentioned, she had the time to make this cosplay. Sad how she'll always cut corners and wait until the last minute. For someone who supposedly likes to sew, she doesn't show it.

No. 301806

File: 1687815515256.jpg (101.71 KB, 720x1001, Screenshot_20230626-143418_.jp…)

I can see Jill making a new alter to cope with a bruised ego of Sof getting 2nd in masters and best dance performance.

No. 301808

Why didn’t she switch out to her alters to help her with the stress? Isn’t that the point of them? Maybe jer was triggered about being dressed up so girly kek

No. 301817

I bet no one could recognize her at the con because of how different she looks in person, and that set her body image issues and anxiety into overdrive so she freaked out and ditched her cosplay. Sof is the new Queen of Precure and Jill can't handle that.

No. 301840

>we fused with an alter that feels anxiety much more intensely

No. 301841

Has she used the other two alters since she invented them, or did she forget? Has she even talked about Berry recently or did she put her in the shelf since her meet the alters video was negatively received? Seems like she only relied on using Flora lately. This is what happens when you create too many OCs for your lore.

No. 301845

the visible safety pin she used to attach the pink bow and the scrunched up middle part takes it from "average cosplayer" to "baby's first cosplay bought at taobao" for me. I regularly go to cons and if someone is asked for a pic they'll usually take 5 seconds to put down their bag and sort out any misplaced parts so both you and they get a good photo, Jill didn't even do bare minimum

No. 301852

To me it seems like the most plausible explanation for all this is she was genuinely having side effects from her new medication. I’m sure she was feeling insecure being totally dethroned by farmer sof but I just don’t think she would’ve had a panic attack over that. I can’t see her throwing away all her work just because she can’t handle not being better than her friend. In her previous con vlogs no matter what she was crying over she would still compete in the end to not let her team down.

No. 301853

Its not that she just got overshadowed by Sof tho.. she just got reality checked that she isnt the amazing professional seamstress she prentends to be

DID & her “fashion” is all she has, she cant handle people finding out that her narcissistic view of herself is so far from reality because she cant be honest with herself

No. 301858

She has had a "panic attack" at every single convention she has ever gone to for varying reasons that are all stupid. Her mental health is the worst it's ever been because she does absolutely zero to help with it, and she has never been more coddled in her life by Steebee in their pastel weed dungeon. It has nothing to do with her switching meds.

No. 301860

>I can’t see her throwing away all her work just because she can’t handle not being better than her friend.
Lol ok

No. 301861

confirming this, just went back and watched all the old con vlogs. every single one she talks about being stressed/having anxiety to some degree, but usually its simply around logistics (parking, forgetting some items for selling her stuff, waiting in a long line to perform, waiting for friends to practice their precure dance, being hungover, car trouble, hungry, temp is too hot, etc). very normal things to feel overwhelmed by.

in 2016 she seems extremely well adjusted, and says that it's her fifth year of going to animaritime and that she's bought all there is at the booths and its all very familiar/she has everything she could want, so she ended up spending her money on a puppy surprise instead that year (from the mall, not the con).

if jills claim is "uwu muh autism so overwhelmed by unfamiliar crowds!!" it just doesn't actually seem plausible based on the years of video footage. she's been to animaritime at least 5 previous times, as well as halcon a few times. she'd know her way around, where all the food/bathrooms are, etc. plus, now she lives in fredericton so the stress of the hotel room/driving is completely gone.

tinfoil that she flipped not because of her weight or new meds or sof outshining her, but because she did NOT want to compete in masters because she knew she would not even place. all of the vlogs she's either in novice or the level above novice. even in 2016 i think she's in novice and they placed 2nd for groups. there was one vlog where i think she did not place (or placed sort of low-ish?) and you can tell how much she's bitter and upset about it from what she says. jilly cant handle not being the best and competitions are the ultimate requirement of competence and excellence.

No. 301863

This is the 9th year attending a tiny convention (usually gets around 1000 attendees) in a town she lives in about a topic she loves. It's impossible for something to be more IN her comfort zone.

No. 301865

I wonder if she was smoking weed during this because if you smoke every day all day and then suddenly cut, you will not feel well. Equally though being stoned in your house which is your safe space and being stoned in a highly stimulating convention with a ton of people is an entirely different beast.

No. 301870

Yeah I think the competition is what did her in, because she’s way out of practice and in a higher skill class. She thrives on being a big fish in a small pond, I think that’s part of the reason she faltered so much in moving from PEI, she was no longer the anime girlie.

If she was so worried about her weight and whatnot (don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it bothers her) she wouldn’t have posted pictures online anyway, like her graduation collection. Her issue is that she’s in a constant back and forth between buying into her own hype, and realising that she’s not as amazing at everything as she claims.

No. 301876

Ngl I want Sof to continue leaving Jill in the dust and making Jill narc rage. Sof being a farmer makes it even better, plus Jill deserves to see someone thoroughly best her at her own game face to face. Sewing, dancing, precure, awards and popularity, Jill is losing at all of these and Sof is getting better kek, I want this trend to continue to watch Jill freak out worse and worse and throw more inevitable tantrums that she will blame on tism and imaginary friends.

No. 301885

>I think that’s part of the reason she faltered so much in moving from PEI, she was no longer the anime girlie.

That's a really good point; I saw a comment the other day about being an only child and grandchild with someone mentioning that it was a real wake up call when they realized they weren't in fact the most special person that everyone loved as they grew up. I really think she's dealing with that right now. She can't handle not being the most special person in the room.

No. 301887

And the woman was absolutely coddled and spoiled by her and has the gull to lie about being horrifically abused for years.

No. 301890

File: 1687889855658.jpg (80.54 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20230627_191838.jpg)

Who was Jill dating at 19?

No. 301891

I agree with everyone saying she is milking her overreaction for pity points but also, covid did make people feel weird about being in crowds or at cons again. I don't fault her for it as much as I would previous years due to that. She never mentioned it sure, but tbh I don't clock my crowd anxiety as being due to covid most of the time, just after the thought.

Maybe she'll tweet about it now that I wrote it here though

No. 301894

File: 1687891697099.jpg (52.12 KB, 720x444, 20230627_204755.jpg)

jill just retweeted this on her main. maybe she's subtweeting sof?

No. 301896

maybe collin? that’s the earliest guy i can remember. I don’t know if she was 19 then though. Did he even do anything?? I remember her talking about him a lot in a very positive way. I figured they just broke up naturally and not like he was some evil guy.

No. 301897

>>301894 how ironic, she's the jealous one always competing to be the best and most speshul girl ever

No. 301899

Sorry I don't use twitter but has she congratulated Sof at all?

No. 301901

File: 1687894356678.jpeg (125.68 KB, 1125x997, 30C95EA5-B4D5-4560-A2C1-B0C814…)

on mobile so sorry if this doesnt work but i can confirm jill has commented on sof placing

No. 301902

I don't think Jill intends the tweet to be something against Collin, I think she just intends to breadcrumb more general relationship trauma or bad experiences for her Twitter sona. A lot of Jill's lies depend on whether or not you remember her past. Collin was the one she would dress up like herself, and they seemed like a happy cringey cute couple. She probably wants to back-track on it to introduce a new alter or something.
Jill is the best example of a sore loser ever but that's about it.

No. 301903

File: 1687896285259.gif (996.6 KB, 500x281, E33F9737-4676-45DC-ACA7-45BBF2…)

big mean girls energy

No. 301904

i only remember because that was around the time when i actually watched her (japan visiting era) which was around when she’d mention collin very excitedly. She just assumes her current viewers won’t remember these details i guess. Just insinuating that someone did something awful to you when there’s absolutely nothing pointing to that having happened. Just like how she insinuates that she had an abusive childhood/home life without outright saying her parents were abusive. (which would be a blatant lie and even she knows that)

No. 301909

File: 1687899357616.jpg (48.62 KB, 720x545, Aydpym.jpg)

No. 301912

If she was doing SOOO bad, you'd think she'd actively be in some sort of treatment or at least weekly or biweekly meetings with a psychologist or the like.

No. 301914

Collin. The only thing wrong was he had the gall to dump her fat ass. She cheated on Tristan for him and tried to make a whole romantic thing they were friends for awhile and liked each other the whole time without realizing.
No one has traumatized this fatty but saying no to a narc might as well be considered traumatic for them I guess.

No. 301915

Narcissists love posting this type of crap because they see it as a self-descriptor. Anything that says “good people are good” they flock to and love to publicly share around because it’s a way of virtue signaling and making themselves appear saintlike.

No. 301918

>she was no longer the anime girlie
not only the anime girlie, she also fell from her throne of everything she held in PEI: she was the MOST different, the MOST talented, the MOST colorful, the MOST special, but specifically: she was the MOST artistic. it's easy to be a superlative in a small town.

art schools have extremely high drop out rates for a reason and it's the same big fish small pond phenomenon: going from being the best artist in your small town to being the worst/mediocre artist in a room of the best artists from EVERY small town in your state/providence is a whole other ballgame.

it's even a miracle she graduated with how little she was going in her last year (but note art schools have tons of accommodation programs to keep their graduation statistics up, since drop out is super high the first year when everyone's getting reality-checked).

nonas here have noted how her starting college was the beginning of the end - her content changed, her speaking changed, and the cope began. and what came next was being the most mentally ill. its like a fascinating trainwreck in slow motion. none of us can look away.

No. 301920

girl isn't the point of your alters that when you disassociate one comes out to deal with the stressful situation? her did
lore is so confusing

No. 301923

I'm late to the party, but in classic Jill fashion- if any of this was true she would need a visit to the hospital. She would need to be on massive doses for this.

No. 301926

>not a single emoji in that last tweet
Oh shit, she's raging

No. 301935

Not to defend Jill's costume, because it's obviously poorly made, but she went to a small regional con, it's not like SDCC or Blizzcon or something that pulls in cosplayers with skill. The other "master level" cosplays probably weren't much better.

That said Sof definitely kicked her ass wrt construction. There's no excuse for such a bad job done, she has all the time in the world, she's supposedly a professional seamstress, and it still looks like a highschooler put it together.

No. 301936

File: 1687913116341.jpeg (84.23 KB, 933x888, BBEA5AEC-1735-4CAF-87A9-02D5C0…)

Projared’s ex is a professional seamstress who also cosplays and her costumes are leagues better than Jill’s. She would be laughed out the office with her piss poor portfolio.

No. 301938

I can't believe Jill still hasn't spoken about Sof being her stalker. She must have seen that Sof posted here when nona's figured it out and shared the proof. I feel like that story would get her sooooo many pity points.

No. 301941

File: 1687922626033.jpg (90.99 KB, 720x857, Nss.jpg)

No. 301942

>>301941 Jill have you ever considered it's a result of your poor diet and weed usage?

No. 301943

She really wants a miracle pill that will do all the work for her. Spoiled idiot. “Hurr muh magic pill didn’t make me care about doing my job” no one gives a fuck.

No. 301944

God her mindset regarding medication is awful. I’ve been in and out of mental health treatment for about eight years now, and any doctor worth their salt will stress that medication is a TOOL, not an insta-cure. You actually still have to put in the work, medication just allows you to get through some of the barriers stopping you from getting to a point that you can work on yourself.

It really is sad just how clearly depressed and desperate she is. She clings to every new thing that might give her a dopamine hit (including playing up her mental health for attention), but is so unwilling to consider the actual root of her issues that she’ll never get better in her current mindset

No. 301948

File: 1687928049062.png (274.81 KB, 486x472, jill pills.png)

Jill looks at every pill like a miracle drug otherwise she'd have to spend a moment to self-reflect, and she's unable to self-reflect because of her massive ego.
She's fried her dopamine receptors with her daily cannabis consumption to the point where her hobbies don't bring her any joy.

No. 301956

>She cheated on Tristan for him
I'm a more recent follower of the pixie drama, didn't she say cheating should be a crime punishable by law because of how bad it is? She said that knowing she cheated? lmao wtf girl

No. 301958

She projects her flaws on others. She admitted herself that "Veronica fronted" and she started taking her shirt off in front of Steve when she was drunk and he was still with Maggie.

No. 301959

and asking him to adjust her garter! Then "Veronica" tittered and said "I guess I know how to get what I want"

No. 301960

Steve and Maggie weren't dating then, though they did live together. They broke up before meeting Jill. Iirc Steve had at least one more girlfriend between Maggie and Jill, would need to check old threads to be sure.

No. 301964

Not exactly cheating but there is also the infamous New Year’s Eve where a vlog was promised and never came because she exploded that friend group by sleeping with the guy her friend liked and was talking to/pursuing. Wonder if she would also blame good old Ronnie for that. It’s crazy how much she hates other women, just pure competitive narc nonsense.

No. 301969

File: 1687960950754.jpeg (51.25 KB, 720x900, 0K1A8009-720x900.jpeg)

She didn't go to a real art school. She went to a community college with no admission requirements. She specifically went there so that she could avoid doing real work and she could still be close to mommy dearest. She got upset that she had to do the foundation year bc she thought she was too good for it and that her years of youtube and cosplays should count as equal value and give her admission directly into the fashion design program but they didn't allow her to do that

I went to her school's website to check what they called her program, and I'm pretty sure this is Wendy being featured on their fashion page while none of Jill's work is there lmao

No. 301972

I'm not Canadian, so I don't know much about the general opinions there- but wouldn't narcissists usually find such a school "beneath them"? Usually upper middle class brats try to squeeze in somewhere with good reputation, but I guess Jill thought she doesn't need education because of her youtube clout. Her college years have big vibes of that kid in middle school who submits anime fanart in art class that didn't fulfill the purpose of the lesson.

No. 301974

Another element was legit art schools want a portfolio from you and she was annoyed at that and too lazy and arrogant. This school didn’t which is probably why the foundation year is necessary.

No. 301976

Didn’t she talk a lot about how the school was so pleased to have her because she’s such a well known prodigy? Not in those words but she certainly painted it like they were giving her the red carpet consideration the way she talked about it. Wonder if she ever got pulled up by instructors about skipping work/doing things incorrectly and that’s really what sent her down the heckin bad mental spiral she’s been on? She was already spiraling but like other nonnie said she’s used to being a big fish. It must have hurt at every turn to realise even at a no name college she wasn’t the biggest fish.

No. 301979

File: 1687971535355.jpeg (112.98 KB, 822x1213, 5F766728-5B50-4B80-9EF9-83C67F…)

No. 301981

>>301979 rare Jill W and I mean RARE

No. 301982

Anon, she's just raging about her feelings being hurt

No. 301983

That's because it's the one diagnosis she doesn't want people to think she has

No. 301990

Sad thing is that this doesn't look good, but it's definitely better than the stuff Jill spits out. Like there's structure and at the very least "interesting" to look at. Jill's that one kid who grew up in a family of creative talented people and retained none of it kek

No. 301999

It’s just badly executed ero lolita in pink. You could probably find a better quality version of that same outfit in black in any Gothic & Lolita Bible. I guess it’s easier to get away with copying 20-year-old foreign fashions at a little arts and crafts college in the middle of nowhere, Canada, which makes it even more hilarious that Jill was such a mediocre student there. Everything I’ve seen indicates that they have no standards whatsoever.

No. 302057


Except she's wrong here too? Intrusive thoughts are common with other disorders, especially anxiety and PTSD. She literally is always slightly wrong but can't help but spread misinfo.

No. 302060

File: 1687987269794.png (39.69 KB, 608x835, firefox_UqLTKBsRJv.png)

uh-oh Jilly-o

No. 302073

Did she get a degree like a BA or an AA? She said she went for 3 years, did she get a full degree or a certificate?

No. 302085

File: 1687991656619.jpg (73.33 KB, 720x1078, Screenshot_20230628-153021.jpg)

No. 302086

intrusive thoughts are not exclusive to OCD what the hell is she on about. I love how matter of factly she speaks when she’s just 100% off base with her information.

No. 302088

Wtf is she doing. “That makes sense” Then why’d you say it wasn’t true?

No. 302092

Exactly. I assume Jill was pushed to complete some sort of post-secondary education by her university-educated parents. She most likely chose the small provincial college for the reasons nonnie ascribed + her assumption that it would be a quick & easy way to fulfil her post-secondary education.
Jill doesn't think the school is beneath her, she believes education itself is beneath her.
IIRC she has a technical diploma, like a community college diploma basically in Canadian jargon. The school she attended is very small and unknown.

No. 302093

KEK love the receipts nonna.

No. 302094

Associates degrees don't exist in Canada. She got a diploma and she went to what is the equivalent of a community college in America

No. 302095

Not even a "sorry I got it wrong" or "thanks for correcting me" or anything. She sounds so pissed about being corrected

No. 302099

why the fuck is she even trying to police language related to OCD when she doesn't have it. christ shes annoying

No. 302104

>>302099 her holier than thou mindset that she's the spokesperson for all mentally ill neurodivergent lgbt poc disabled etc etc communities

No. 302105

She claims to have trich which counts as ocd behaviour (don't quote me on that) but it's interesting how fast she backs down these days whenever anyone responds to her mental health posts, the first sliver of self awareness where she's like idk shit, this rando on twitter is probably right

No. 302106

She has never had any bald spots or missing patches of hair lol I doubt she has trich

No. 302109

>unless you have ocd
literally anyone/everyone can have intrusive thoughts. Parents of newborns commonly think about throwing their babies into traffic or out of windows. hikers think about jumping off the top and dying. People driving probably thinking about swerving into oncoming traffic and causing accidents. Does everyone who has children/goes outdoors/drives a car have OCD? Does l'appel du vide mean nothing to her?

No. 302121

Jill keeps doing the very not-autist thing of making random shit up while knowing she doesn't have all the facts. Autists tend to be lexicons about their preferred topics and deeply care about accuracy and facts, I wish she'd start to larp that part and stop blatantly lying while calling herself a mental illness advocate

No. 302129

Only hair she’s missing is when she removes her hair extensions.

No. 302139

Fucking kek this is even on her kaweewee sweetie perfect angel account and she’s still a completely self-satisfied passive aggressive bitch with zero manners.

No. 302142

File: 1688050842384.jpeg (352.38 KB, 1322x2126, IMG_1584.jpeg)

No. 302147

Grandma face is getting worse

No. 302153

Ah yes, mentioning the childrens show so that it gets indexed as precure. She could have simply smoked her weed and not tagged precure, guess she wants the kids to know just how hip, cool and grown up she is.

No. 302154

She looks like she could be a villain in the show, lmao

No. 302155

Goddamn does she need to pack the bowl with that much weed?? How isn't her throat on fire all the time?

No. 302159

She also posted it on her SWEETIE account. I find it hilarious how she thinks she needs to fragment her followers or give them specific content because:
1. She doesn't post fashion stuff on main
2. She overshares already on main, daily

No. 302163

Goddamn does she need to pack the bowl with that much weed?? How isn't her throat on fire all the time?

No. 302169

File: 1688061117441.jpg (106 KB, 720x1113, Col.jpg)

Jill talking about the Colleen Ballinger drama.
She retweeted this to her main account too.

No. 302170

To the nona that speculated Jill was too high at the con and that is why she freaked out, your theory may have been confirmed with this image, kek.

Jill really needs to get actual clinical/therapeutic help, she is spiraling downward, and her mental health just continues to get worse and worse. You can't complain about dissociating uncontrollably while simultaneously blasting your brains off the planet with weed. A lot of us have been there, weed is not a good way to cope.

No. 302171

>>302169 Leave it to Jill to make serious situations involving the abuse of minors all about her when she hasn't experienced shit.

No. 302176

nona the bowl is filled normally wdym. it’s not overflowing or anything. she def smokes a lot but this is just what a normal full bowl looks like. she just fills it up all the way, not white knighting but a lot of smokers with high tolerance do that.

No. 302177

Oh no no no. As a former stoner who became addicted to weed and now only smoke once in a blue moon, this woman is HOOKED on the green. Nobody who smokes for mental health or sleep will ever smoke that much, only someone who's doing it to get absolutely high out of their mind. This chick is insane for doing weed like this while on psychiatric medicine and shame on her for promoting the usage of both simultaneously. Shame shame shame on you, Pixielocks. This is a drug problem and I pray that a loved one steps in or she realizes on her own that this is destroying her body and especially her mind. No hate, just speaking from first and second hand experience

No. 302179

as someone who smokes this makes me cringe so bad. I hate the fake trigger warning shit i’m sorry. Like it’s one thing if it’s a needle sticking out of someone’s arm, by all means put a warning on that but i’m sorry you don’t need to content warning on a strawberry weed pipe. Though she shouldn’t be posting about drugs in the first place imo considering her follower base is a bunch of influential depressed young people who are looking for their own dopamine fix. Just feels a bit irresponsible.

No. 302181

the weed sperg in this thread is embarrassing

No. 302182

keep in mind how big she is tho in comparison kek

No. 302184

Oh for sure, I have been too high to be in public before and that was fucked I can’t imagine doing it in cosplay at a convention packed with so many people and stimulus. Like no shit you freaked out when you are used to smoking home alone and not going out.

No. 302185

I agree it’s normal, my question would be how many times a day she is doing this. She seems to spend all day high and hitting it multiple times.

No. 302187

It's impressive how she somehow managed to not only make it about herself, but how much better she is. As if the bar of being better than a pedo is hard to reach.

No. 302189

It’s also not even true. Her “addressing” things is just her denying and saying her source is herself. She never addressed the allegations seriously she just brushed it off as just being mean boolies which is what Colleen did.

No. 302190

im flabbergasted but also not surprised that she somehow managed to make this gross grooming situation about herself. If there’s one thing she IS good at. It’s making any unrelated situation revolve around her. It’s kind of impressive in a very pathetic way.

No. 302191

She’s just like a tranny where they make everything about themselves kek. Imagine telling people your only redeemable trait is not being a pedophile. Wow, couldn’t be me.

No. 302193

File: 1688067929838.jpg (72.95 KB, 720x812, Screenshot_202306.jpg)

This made me laugh

No. 302213

She pretended to have it so she could put the ND label in her twitter bio. She wants that label sooo bad it's disgusting, Trich is such a terrible disorder for girls, I have a relative that had to wear a bandana everyday and was a csa victim which Jill also wants to be. Not trying to blog just highlighting how disgusting Jill is. Suprised she didn't wear her disability lanyard to the con.
>>302187 She's projecting hard since the internet has screencaps of Steve being super creepy and her ageplay alter being suspicious af. She's so obvious.

No. 302217

>doing weed

No. 302218

>doing weed

No. 302253

If it was all fictional, baseless lies then that’s not a fair comparison right? Why not compare to her video apology for racism where she just deflects lmao?
Also I could totally see Jill getting exposed in a few years for running a group chat where she vents to minors. Her twitter is already exactly that.

No. 302255


No. 302256

Smoking over eating edibles makes the high last not very long. A lot of people smoke all day because the smoke itself has a high that, depending on your tolerance, lasts about an hour. She smokes a bunch, but literally not much to worry aside from her uncontrollable munchies. You can smoke and eat edibles and still control your eating. Not everyone gets munchies. She might have the issue that her senses are dulled meaning she can't tell she's full or just can't feel she's not hungry at all and just boredom eats. She's always been a snacker.

No. 302260

Is this the same Jillian who told a minor to "suck her cock"? Maybe she should sit her ass down and not rock the boat

No. 302262

And also doxxed a minor via posting a letter with their details left in on Twitter, and threw a shit fit when people pointed out it was a stupid thing to do

No. 302265

Crazy how she mentions the pitfalls of having BPD just a month or so before declaring BPD can cause you to hallucinate having real DID

No. 302276

Not that Jill did anything like grooming etc, but WHY would you attach yourself to this situation in a way that makes it seem like you had similar accusations? Especially when everyone knows that Colleen is actually the creep she’s accused of being. Anyone that didn’t know what Jill was talking about could make wild inferences by her comparing the two responses

No. 302277

Yes you can get addicted to weed and cause a psychological dependency that almost mimics a chemical dependency. Obviously it’s not like heroin where you do it once you’re fucked but she uses almost nonstop and goes through a significant amount daily.
Jillian makes a lot of things into addictions like shopping and social media.
Please no weed sperging if you use daily and aren’t a complete failure like Jillian then all these criticisms aren’t about you. I hate anons that take cow criticisms personally. No one is talking about you.

No. 302287

I just think with how short the stem is thats a huge fucking bowl. I'd get filling the bowl like that if it was her bong or even a longer stem, fine it'd be whatever, but she's hitting that huge bowl in a pipe like that when she's on the go? Imagine the stink that would get in her hair/wig from that being much being burnt so close.
Um it's more about like if she smokes so much why doesn't she just buy a good pipe or a travel bong? I get she likes the cute aesthetic of the strawberry pipe but c'mon look at how shit that pipe is.
Ya your double post is embarrassing. Some nonnies live in places where weed is legal and we get to talk about how Jill smokes it and laugh at her and speculate about it. So shut up about it.

No. 302294

File: 1688156705047.jpg (82.29 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_20230630-131951_.jp…)

No. 302295

File: 1688156746969.jpg (35.28 KB, 720x381, Screenshot_20230630-132001_.jp…)

No. 302296

File: 1688156788508.jpg (50.26 KB, 720x494, Screenshot_20230630-132031_.jp…)

No. 302297

File: 1688156852914.jpg (209.88 KB, 720x1879, Screenshot_20230630_132501.jpg)

No. 302301

Guys she is "adolescent coded" remember? She's basically a minor too.

No. 302303

late, but.
you can see how little she actually cares about that cosplay, because flipping your septum up your nose to hide it is a one-second thing.
she didn't cover her tattoos either. why would a child character have bodmods?

No. 302304

Imagine looking for beef so hard, you want to start it with yourself.

No. 302305

>we definitely need to up the dose
>it's plateaud already1!
Jill. You are not a doctor.
Yes, patients need to communicate their experience and try different doses, but Jill is acting like it's gonna be a miracle drug that will solve all her problems in life.

No. 302307

File: 1688162460535.jpg (37.07 KB, 720x371, Screenshot_20230630-150023_.jp…)

No. 302309

File: 1688163369962.jpg (96.36 KB, 1242x1453, vq9kya6fixl21.jpg)

It's kinda not even funny and just nauseating anymore.

No. 302314

File: 1688165160959.jpg (47.18 KB, 720x488, Screenshot_20230630-154517_.jp…)

No. 302319

I can't even begin to imagine how insulting this kind of shit is to someone actually dealing with DID. Jill and all her switcheroonies are a disgusting joke.

No. 302321

This person wasn’t even asking for advice or anything, Jill always has to put her 2 cents when nobody asked for it.
Definition of spoiled snowflake with an unwarranted sense of self importance.

No. 302322

Having ton of side effects, but somehow the medication has also plateaued and she needs to increase the dose. How long has it been now, a few weeks at most? Jill is such an idiot, and she clearly is not working closely with a doctor or a therapist.

I think Jill doesn't understand that the euphoria hit she got by starting a new medication is not the new normal. The whole point of a drug like Wellbutrin is to bring you out of a depressive state and get you on an even playing ground again. Yes, you will have more energy to function. No, everyday will not be all sunshine and rainbows. There is no cure for depression and anxiety, no magic pill. You learn coping skills and you take meds as prescribed to MANAGE depression and anxiety. What a freaking dumbass.

No. 302323

This is actually such a good point. We’ll never know what really happened that day, it’s likely a combination of everything suggested so far, but wigging out because she smoked while she had a lot on her mind makes sense. I mean there was that con vlog where she didn’t participate in a lot of things she’d planned due to being too hungover so she clearly hasn’t learnt from that mistake.

No. 302324

nitpick and retarted but this whole the girls love pink, rainbows, and sailor moon and the men wear black and are always angry or doing tasks that require actual thought like emails and taxes is really funny actually. Very ~queer~ and feminist

No. 302325

this behavior is so absolutely humiliating for a grown woman to exhibit. thank god she has no self awareness

No. 302327

File: 1688172323359.png (7.17 KB, 222x64, twauma.png)

No. 302331

This is so insulting to people with actual trauma. Next she's going to say she has PTSD from some guy including a clip she literally uploaded herself in a PowerPoint.
Wouldn't be shocked if she revealed her childhood trauma was scraping a knee or jerrick formed because someone called her an emo loser in the school halls

No. 302337

File: 1688190523016.jpg (183.64 KB, 720x1696, Screenshot_20230630_224851.jpg)

No. 302341

What I would pay to be in the room while someone tells the McLean team she is claiming they gave her a new alter by making a PowerPoint and featuring one tiny mention of her not even by name. Honestly keeping a closer eye n her might be useful for their faker research because she is so blatant kek. I just….imagine comparing that situation to literal torture, her skin is so paper fucking thin it’s clear she doesn’t have any real trauma if this is what qualifies for her.

No. 302342

>Mclean trauma
she's such a parody.

No. 302343

i want to put them in the same room and force them to fight kek. except you just know she would fold and go '… ok that makes sense' like in >>302085 because she has no backbone

No. 302344

File: 1688201953360.png (27.65 KB, 1200x322, cant_switch_huh.png)

Funny though what slips out when Jill is larping on the Jerr & Jax account, telling kids who disagree with her to suck her non-existent cock, admitting she isn't always into seeing her supposed "autistic special interests" like sailor moon wands all day long, openly putting pro-ana in her bio and hating her fat body, not being into her bf at all…
It's just so funny and tragic to read it all knowing she's not got DID and these are her true thoughts and feelings she feels she must hide from her Jill persona.

Might have been posted before, just adding picrel as more proof that she is claiming she can't switch on purpose… so she shouldn't be legally allowed to ever drive or work with children because it's not safe. I obviously don't think anyone should cowtip, but if we believed she was honest about it all someone better tell the cops on her to revoke her license becuase she could literally kill someone if she switched when driving.

No. 302345

The thing is that “Jerrick” is her when she’s in a bad mood. “He” can’t voluntarily switch back because Jill can’t just snap her fingers and stop being grumpy whenever she wants. The “littles”, on the other hand, are Jill when she wants to watch cartoons instead of doing chores. They’re not an involuntary mental state in the same way grumpiness is, so she can put them away or be co-conscious when necessary e.g. when Steve isn’t around to make her tendies so she needs to prepare her own food. If anyone actually believed that her DID as she describes it is real then she ought to be under constant supervision, possibly at an inpatient mental health facility. But nobody believes it. Everyone around her knows that the “children living in her brain” are just excuses Jill uses to get away with being childish and self-indulgent and that she has enough of a sense of self-preservation not to crash her car.

I suspect that the reason Jill has been able to get away with this DID nonsense with minimal pushback from her family and friends is because they’re already so accustomed to indulging her whims and phases that they don’t take anything she says too seriously. They’re probably just waiting for this latest phase to blow over. Involving the authorities to revoke her licence isn’t only unnecessary and inconvenient (imagine having to drive her around, on top of everything else!), but it might cause Jill to double down.

No. 302346

I could totally seeing her parents getting to a place where they just say that’s nice dear and waiting for her next bit.

No. 302349

>McLean trauma
I can't do this anymore nonnies, I'm going to alog so hard if she keeps doing this.
The sheer fucking audacity to claim that being mentioned in a niche medical community video caused her enough trauma to get a fictive (which is fake shit anyway). It just proves even more so that she has never experienced anything bad in her life if she thinks that's what trauma is.

No. 302363

it's crazy to me the closest thing to trauma she experienced is a doctor calling her out on her bullshit attention seeking narcissism (in a professional setting, away from her circle, without even naming her, in a vid the fakers had to dig to find), and how she immediately made use of it to turn it into more attention on her and victim cred. she's so manipulative and calculating, it's sickening.
she also was delighted to use the situation as a means to indulge in her fantasy that she's not only morally superior to this doctor, but also more in the know than a professional that spent years and years specializing in this very subject, thus deluding herself she was not a failure to launch never-was substance addicted fat sow. i'm still not over the mental gymnastics.

No. 302373

i make it a point in my life not to tell people whether or not something they experienced is “real” trauma because it’s hard to grasp what can affect people but this is the line. Girl. The video wasn’t even calling you out, you weren’t the focus. That is so beyond insane to push the narrative that it TRAUMATIZED you to the point where your psyche would have to split in order to survive. It made you upset and bitter i’m sure, because it pointed out the things that make you look especially fake. But it didn’t destroy and reshape your personhood like trauma can and does do. You don’t wake up in a cold sweat night after night from ptsd nightmares because of a power point presentation. she is so dramatic it’s truly revolting. I have trouble calling things i’ve gone through “trauma” even when it is true. From what i’ve experienced a lot of traumatized people jump to the “maybe it wasn’t so bad i’m being dramatic” phase of self loathing. But people like Jill seem to crave labeling any and all stressful life events as traumatic. It’s so backwards.

No. 302374

File: 1688235854857.jpg (88.73 KB, 720x439, Screenshot_20230701-112334_.jp…)

No. 302377

Oh her wellbutrin is working again is it? lol

No. 302378

Not to grammar police but her random swapping of “my” and “we” makes this so annoying to read. She tries so hard to add the multiple speak to her stuff but then fucks it up by saying “my house”

No. 302393

So how much of this is just vapid hysterics over not wanting to adult anymore?

No. 302397

This is all it has ever been. This is literally all it boils down to. This is not a serious person that wants to be an adult. She does not want an adult life. She does not want responsibility and a real solidified adult identity in the world. She does not want to grow up, and likely never will. The end.

No. 302398

File: 1688251856366.jpg (136.59 KB, 720x1007, Screenshot_20230701-155126_.jp…)


No. 302401

less twitter will probably do her some good. honestly good for a lot of cows really. i wonder if this will motivate her to make more videos in the scenario twitter will stop being worth while.

No. 302418

File: 1688264156587.jpeg (132.36 KB, 1271x341, IMG_3895.jpeg)

She can’t even put the phone down and get off of twitter for 15 minutes, she’d seemingly rather sit there staring at a blank page until it refreshes. What happened to all that motivation she had to film earlier? Why not just go do that?

No. 302435

Can someone explain what this means for us non-twittards?

No. 302436

Musk is refusing to pay Amazon Web Services the millions/maybe billions he owes them, so they have severely cut off how much people can use Twitter. He is passing this along to users, but people who pay for Twitter (what gets called "verified") can look at more tweets than non-verified users.

No. 302439

Some new code meant to stop people from being able to see tweets without being logged in to an account made Twitter essentially DDOS itself. Yes it's as retarded as it sounds.

No. 302442

File: 1688282645793.jpg (172.95 KB, 720x1195, Ob.jpg)

No. 302443

Did anyone catch if she still did the SMASH competition?
I'm scrolling through her feeds and can't see anything

No. 302444

According to the con schedule it was held on Sunday. Jill did not go to the con on Sunday.

No. 302447

Also…she literally has been agreeing with them lately. She herself has said multiple times now that someone with other issues could falsely believe they have DID which is what mcclean said in a very nice even handed way. It’s so transparent that it’s just a narc tantrum because she hates being called a faker even in the vaguest way. Jilly think about it, if you recognise some people are wrong then who are they? Just cherry and no one else? None of your little pals? That doesn’t make sense.

No. 302448

Lmfao she looks like the fat frog bitch from the oblongs holy kek

No. 302449

Wow she must be the only person ever to have lost motivation and drive during 2020, it’s definitely due to her totally real and life altering mental illness, and not just what every semi privileged person went through during the fucking pandemic.

She actually scrolled through over 6000 tweets?! Fuck me, no wonder she’s certifiable, that’d make anyone loose their mind

No. 302453

File: 1688293982596.jpg (195.03 KB, 720x1084, IMG2.jpg)

No. 302454

File: 1688294088899.jpg (115.29 KB, 720x750, IMG.jpg)

No. 302456

Ugh. I remember Jill in the past saying she has stretch marks and also saying she got them from "rapid weight loss". Does she realize you have to be starving tier to get stretch marks from weight loss and not weight gain?

No. 302465

Imagine having a fit over not being able to waste away your entire day on twitter bc 6000 posts isnt enough clearly

She took the term chronically online and took it literally

No. 302470

>someone made a YouTube video pointing out my cluster B behaviors for 20 seconds so now I have to LARP as a 14 year old magical Japanese girl forever.
Not cluster B at all yeah.

No. 302471

Kek and so true

No. 302496

She responded like a textbook narcissist being called out on her lies. She always does. If you grow up with one you learn the signs. >>302453 I hope this cunt pays for this and has nothing but misery for the rest of her life. How much lower can she go? Maybe she will fake having cancer next. Hey Jill if you want to be disabled sooooo bad you can give yourself a traumatic brain injury with a rock. When your loved ones come to the hospital and are horrified you don't know what year it is, they will coddle you and give you sooooo much attention and you won't even have to get a job and nobody will think you are faking this time.(seek help)

No. 302517

File: 1688330169799.jpg (262.09 KB, 720x1737, Screenshot_20230702_133613.jpg)

No. 302520

File: 1688335384592.jpg (88.7 KB, 720x539, Screenshot_20230702-150333_.jp…)

No. 302521

Why would she bring up going to Japan? "Remember that I have years of video evidence that proves I'm not DID or Autistic at all and have had a super privileged life". I know you were very popular in that era but that's not a good look for your current life story.

No. 302528

Hyper Japan is a con in London

No. 302529

If Jill love J-fashion why does she not dress in J-fashion? Or at least get photos online and copy it? I'm usually all for people wearing what they like but you need consistency with what you say your brand is inspired by

No. 302530

>>302529 That would take passion and effort anon

No. 302533

asian clothing sizes are tiny. most of her wardrobe has been fast fashion and the occassional quirky uk brand like lazy oaf.
back when she went to japan she couldn't fit into most clothing and only bought a few pieces that were already ill-fitting then. and she's doubled in size since

No. 302538

I don't know how that's opposite… usually it would be both, like Jill never talks about "masking" where you have to pretend to be neurotypical in front of other people. maybe because: gasp, she is neurotypical? you don't stop being autistic just because you're in your house. even in your house you can't control every sensory thing that might bother you. the mental health conversation has gone to shit since 2020 and she's making it so much worse by basically saying disorders are an aesthetic instead of a disability. what?

No. 302550

File: 1688359831177.jpg (81.68 KB, 720x517, Screenshot_20230702-201003.jpg)

No. 302552

File: 1688359926424.jpg (675.56 KB, 720x5403, Screenshot_20230702_214749.jpg)

No. 302554

The ball-chains going through the holes of her stretched ears are killing me

No. 302558

6000 tweets?! god i hope that includes the shit she doesn't read, because that's insane.

cons are exhausting even for those of us who just go to look around. it's not rocket science nor an autistic thing, especially as you get older (she's not old but she's not 16 anymore either) and you're less willing to deal with walking around all day in a crowded as fuck place.
she can't get uncomfortable ever without making a big deal out of it, jesus.

No. 302561

Does she even watch anime aside precure? (and Oshi no Ko for the tiktok sound)

No. 302564

>you have to be starving tier to get stretch marks from weight loss
Anon… Whose ass did you just pull that out of kek…

No. 302570

this girl is such a loser that she brags about her pixyteri behaviour… at least film those dances so we can have a laugh at your special needs ass

No. 302571

How easily you get stretch marks is mostly genetic, anon. Some people go through multiple pregnancies without a single one, others might as well sneeze and get a stretch mark.

No. 302572

Stretch marks from weight loss are incredibly rare. Stretch marks are basically scars, the eslasticity of your skin and the level of the hormone cortisol play a role in whether you get stretch marks, it can be entirely genetic. But skin is much easier to put under stress from expanding than from getting smaller, that's all there is to it.(derail)

No. 302582

Those bracelets are stretched beyond their limit.

No. 302584

I was thinking why did she randomly bring up AX and how she would totes slay it if she wasn’t uwu autistic. Then I saw that Mikan has a booth there with her brand and did a fashion show alongside other brands like ACDC rag. She must be seething. Playing uwu smol bean ND is funny too since Mikan is diagnosed adhd and her boyfriend who is diagnosed autistic is with her. I’m no Mikan lover but I find it so funny Jill tries to fake positivity suck up to her when I just know she hates her ass and is doing everything Jilly claims she totally will whilst being diagnosed ND which she so desperately wants kek.

No. 302594

I think she brought it up bc it's happening right now, tinfoil head.

No. 302596

NTA and it’s tinfoil for sure but I definitely think Jill believes she could do those things if she didn’t have this pesky fake illness. She has such an inflated sense of self. She is so delusional like everyone knows her totally amazing brand is never happening. She always talks about herself in such a lofty way I do think she believes she could have and deserves to be on stage at such a large convention. It’s one of the things that annoys me the most about her, she brags and talks herself up like she is some genius but she is so lazy and sloppy and her pieces are an embarrassment. Her delusion is her real mental illness.

No. 302599

Underrated post

No. 302601

jesus fucking christ Jill, READ A BOOK

No. 302602

lots of these chronically online barely mentally ill people do this. They daydream about all the shit they for some reason think they could do if they weren't mentally ill when in reality they're just lazy and their extremely mild depression isn't whats stopping them

No. 302610

Ironically I can definitely see how anything that shatters Jill's fragile ego would be the worst thing ever to happen to her so in her frame of reference it definitely counts as trauma kek. Not that it actually is of course but it's hilarious how she didn't split from the deer crash which would be more logical to classify as a traumatic experience since she could actually have been physically hurt (and maybe even gain that coveted disability) but someone alluding she might be bullshitting her jillociative disorder? That's grounds for two splits.

No. 302621

Here's the July Patreon livestream.

No. 302622

And what's stopping them exactly? You sound like those boomers who think mental illness is not real and they can beat depression out of children.
90% of what you all say about Jill is nitpicking and speculation, the only "milk" she's ever had is the DID larp. I'll take the ban now.

No. 302630

Laziness, like nonnie said. You sound young. There’s a certain point where you have to accept your choices are yours to make but Jill doesn’t want to take any blame for her choices so she looks for excuses. It’s not her fault she got super wasted before a con, it was her anxiety. She didn’t choose to get high, she had to! She wants to sew but shes so tired because depressed. She didn’t choose to take a nap, she had to!
Most people suffering from mental illness deal with it because they have to, it’s not that they’re suffering less than jill it’s that they haven’t got a safety net, if they don’t go to work they don’t get to eat. Jill is incredibly privileged because she has all the time in the world to better herself but refuses to, she counts on the charity of others to keep her afloat and empathy like yours to let her get away with making shit choices so she never has to be accountable to herself.

No. 302631

>>302630 right on the money, anon

No. 302633

I agree nona. I am sure Jill sees Mikan living the life SHE could be living and seethes. But, Jill has failed at every turn, and would now prefers to larp illnesses rather than tryin to be productive/make something of her life and limited talent. Jill has been left behind by the J Fashion community, the cosplay community, and now she is even losing her throne as the queen of Precure. The only thing she has left to cling to for relevance is the TikTok fake DID/mental illness community.

No. 302635

Spot on nona.

No. 302638

Around the 11:30 mark, Jill mentions that she took a cab to the con because Stevie had the car.

No. 302640

they’re from her claires era, that’s why lol(sage goes in the email field)

No. 302643

0:00 - 15:00
General bullshit of not knowing if her live is 'ON' and on her second coffee of the day to be "slorped" Blegh.jpg
Says she's had 'Toxic gossip train' stuck in her head for 3 days.
Topics for July patron: Con gossip, pride month, video schedule, medication update. Pride month is July and apparently the vibes are off that she's been 'queer and conscious of' but of course the next pride will be the renaissance. She doesn't like the laws(?) or the vibes.
No new tattoo plans.
Weather: it's so rainy but she's trying to bloom like a small flower in every crack of sunlight.
07:16 start of medication talk. Apparently just shy of a month of wellbutrin. 'It was really, really good and did what every single lived experience (reddit?) and doctor said and then it plateaus and that's when you up the dose'
Apparently she's in her plateau phase: still waking up with anxiety.
08:20 Convention talk. 'It was crazy' squarking like a fucking cockatoo and smiling manically. 'It went SO worst case scenario'
09:30 Discussing sensory problems with humidity that area solved by putting on her slippers. Because everything is sticky from humidity and not because you haven't properly cleaned your floors in your hoard hovel.
10:30 Convention main section
Apparently vlogged the convention to the best of her ability but states she was barely there. Her badge was comp'd and someone in the chat mentioned Sof first & Sof did amazing in Jill's opinion. Her 'sweetie magical bestie absolutely slayed' & 'they were so kind and so encouraging'. Now say that facing the camera with your eye's open Jill. Big mean girls energy.
'They didn't make me feel bad for like having a huge like mental health crisis the morning of' (Of course not Jill, It just makes it so much easier for Sof to come through and take your influencer spot. And you know they talked shit whilst Jilly-bean rested). She also would've totally done the competition if they showed any inkling about not wanting to do it alone and would have gotten someone to bring her makeup.
(I dare say Sof knew Jill was going to pull-out and knew what a hot mess Jill's costume looked. Also not wanting to feed the narc in Jill & saying that she couldn't do it without her).
11:57 Morning of con was waking up with anxiety and then jill-splains the science behind morning cortisol. Apparently passing out/ fainting out in the taxi (just fucking greening out from weed usage). She's really enjoying re-telling this story and her excuse is that she's so out of practice of traveling. Say's that this also happened on the trip with her mom to Montreal last fall.
Grateful that no-one is mad at her except for herself.

No. 302645

Sof is a themby but also a farmer? Something about this doesn’t make sense.

No. 302646

Grifter gonna grift

No. 302648

File: 1688433420230.png (1.56 MB, 1116x1408, ISNT THAT FUN.png)

15:00 - 30:00 (22:18 Jill possible refers to stevie as her)
Still repeating how horrible it was for her and throwing a big pity party.
Sat down on the floor at the con and cried when realizing that all her hand sewing was for nothing.
16:03 Stevie had no control over the amount of work they had that weekend and 'I did say I was like I think I need you there…um I think I need like a safe person' (sorry jill, stevie recognized which station your hot mess express was going to be pulling into OR he didn't feel like being your personal driver & holding your chicken tendies). Jill stated that she did have her besties there but didn't have control over the travel which made a really big difference. (I think the key word is control and she's being passive aggressive so it's coming across like this is ALL stevies fault for not being available for her.)
Next video is going to have a chunky edit and she states she's so bad at managing her time (well.duh.margesimpson.gif)
18:42 Podcast recommendation: drew monson long patreon videos in the background.
19:15 Back to con shopping and put her legal name on the back of the con badge/tag and showed it to the camera quickly. Front has pixie back has jillan. Someone add it to the ways Jill has doxx'd herself
Been playing around and making co-ordinates. 'Isn't that fun' Just a little rainbow decora moment
Shopping: precure mystery box/ blind box (mini plushies clips-tsum tsum style?) & bead bracelt made for kids.
22:18 We're going shopping after this because Stevie needs to get some stuff for her project. (I listened repeatedly and I really hear 'her' but someone else listen)
More shouting at the camera about pre cure and care bears.
24:50 Asks her chat if they have any other gossip they wanna talk about
25:56 Talks about fireworks being bad or the environment and for people with PTSD but how theres a little baby child inside her that likes them. But doesn't support the Canada day happenings (Jill you would be eaten alive in a commie country)
Wants light shows with drones instead.
Spends the next 5 minutes discussing her upcoming cosplay construction video and showing screen shots on her computer where she's editing it.
I'm not a seamstress or crafter but this looks like a hot mess. I look forward to a more knowledgeable anonette breaking down the video.

I have to go out but will be back later to finish the stream re-cap

No. 302649

cows gonna cow.
Plenty of farmers exhibit lolcow behavior(sage goes in the email field)

No. 302650

Out of practice of travelling? It was in her town lmao

And how did she not have control over travel? She could taxi or bus home at any time

And I think she says "Stevie needs to get stuff for a project" not her

No. 302651

DID is NOT a psychotic disorder. It is in its own category, called dissociative disorders. Just wanted to clear that up.

No. 302653

Picking up where I left off
New video coming on Wednesday; either con vlog or cosplay construction
Jill states that she feels very back in her era and general precure talk with chat group.
34:20 'Stevie remarked that our anniversary lines up with the pre-cure anniversary 5 year pattern and suggested that we go to japan for out 10-year anniversary.
35:00 Precure talk about everything she's seen, everything she hasn't. Currently obsessing over a character from pre-chan doesn't say which one.
38:03 First mention of DID fictives Flora & Sunny about how they make her go outside and bask in the sun whenever there's a break in the rain.
44:45 Back onto her previous cosplay plans and showing her planning work. Seems like more work went into the planning then the actual cosplay construction
46:06 Back to precura
48:37 Google getting sued for not placing ad's and Jill is very nervous (oh no poor baby might have to get a job)
51:33 Discusses week 2 wellbutrin positive side effects. Want's to go back to posting weekly on youtube.
54:26 Cat appears and needs a good brush
57:18 Internet gossip about youtubers, kitchen decor plans
1:02:00 End

I wonder if she's going to do a video about her wellbutrin journey

No. 302654

One thing I find confusing is according to Jill she had to drop out of the con because she was having severe panic attacks and flashbacks, but then she says if sof didn't want to do it alone she would have gone. So she can just turn off her mental illness now?

No. 302658

So Jill needs Steve to come out with her and act as a carer. The way she keeps exaggerating her support needs is so galling. Also imagine being Steve and you work a normal job full time and your adult baby partner wants you to use your precious free time to look after her at a con when she doesn’t need that. I don’t know why he does it, it’s not like they were in a long relationship before she started this nonsense. She so clearly sucks the life out of him and uses the DID as an excuse to be verbally abusive, he is pretty trapped now though. How do you break up with someone who will definitely slander the shit out of you and acts like she is a poor little victim with an extreme mental illness. I bet money he uses that key to maggies place to get breathing space. She is definitely using this to guilt trip him because why bring it up and say it like that especially putting it on blast in a live stream.

No. 302659

She definitely was trying to bait Sof into gassing her up and saying she can’t do it without the amazing Jilly so she could be the brave hero. Just narc antics. The fact that Sof was just like okay is hilarious, I bet that contributed to the temper tantrum.

No. 302660

15:35 "And people say that my mental illness doesn't impact my life and that I function perfectly fine"

No. 302661

Yep, I watched that part and it def is Jill wanting to play both the damsel in distress and the hero. Sof just grey rocked her which is hilarious

No. 302666

sadly his only way out is pronouns and HRT

No. 302667

>still waking up with anxiety
oh geez what would happen if you had a disorder that gives you anxiety and sometimes psychotic episodes and took stimulants??? jill is so fucking stupid.

No. 302668

The way Jill talks about her relationship with Steve is so toxic. Like she says in the livestream he has 0 control over his work hours, and she still said she needed him there as a "safe person". I bet she threw a massive fit when Steve couldn't go.

No. 302669

Her views on medication make me want to alog so badly. She wants a magic pill that will suddenly cure every single one of her bad feelings and personality flaws. That's not how meds work. They're a tool, if anything they can help you function well enough that you can actually do the work that you need to in therapy but they're not a cure-all.

No. 302670

oh, I can't wait for her cosplay construction video. I'm not a cosplayer, but a dressmaker and in the screenshot alone the fabric looks like it has been dragged through the sewing machine and ironed on a non flat surface, therefore lost its form and being wobbly. If the video appears here, I will give a comment, even though I still have to learn a lot myself, doing crafts there is always things you can learn or do better, even if you got a proper education, would do Jill good if she would understand that.

No. 302671

I have no clue how anyone manages to deal with her at this point, but good on Sof and Steve for not bending to her about everything this time. It’s so telling how in between the lines of Jill’s story is just constant narcissism and theatrics. She can’t be the best or be constantly doted on so she has to “faint” and she has to sit on the floor in public and start crying and so on. If I was friends with an adult woman who did that shit over her own laziness, crying that “all her hand sewing was for nothing” when she was actually just a lazy fuck and procrastinated on the costume, I would genuinely start hating her if I didn’t before. Sof must want to avoid the public fallout.

No. 302673

she wants a med that will magically fix her life because she puts 0 effort into actually fixing her shitty narc bpdemon behavior.

No. 302675

She thinks a magic med exists that will solve everything because absolutely nothing bad in her life could ever be her fault uwu

No. 302677

The dumbest part is she didn’t have to let her mediocre sewing go to waste or whatever. She still could’ve performed with sof or calmed down, cleaned up and hit the con again once she felt a bit better if she really wanted to. Instead she called it quits and cried about it. She didn’t want to do it so she didn’t, what’s there to cry about? Sof didn’t care, her fans were supportive, like no one sounds like they were upset at her, everyone was just understanding.
She’s the kind of person that throws a tantrum and tells everyone she doesn’t want anything from the store but is then upset when no one gets her anything from the store, like she didn’t tell everyone she didn’t want anything.

No. 302683

lmfao nona

No. 302684

shes a spoiled brat, that’s all she is. she has no real problems in her life so she makes up mental illnesses and flat out lies to rationalize her lard ass being terminally online begging for validation.
remember to spank your kids, take their phone away and tell them 'no' otherwise you end up with manbabies like her. my god imagine feeling one little bad emotion and exaggerating it to the highest order to make people cater to you

No. 302692

File: 1688492934241.png (20.51 KB, 477x127, shame.png)

Hmm, I think maybe you should try out "shame" sometime.

Also, you have a pretty wild definition of "functional" there, dumbass.

No. 302696

Jill 100% expected Sof to pull out of the competition. I'm so fucking sure the whole "passing out in the cab", fake mental breakdown and crying on the floor was both meant to bring all the attention to her and to give her and excuse to not participate in the competition but also to try and guilt Sof to pull out so she could hold Jill's hand while sitting on the floor and tell her how they definitely would have won together. Good for Sof for not falling into the trap. Also obviously it paints Jill as a such a good magical girl friend that she TOTALLY would have participated if Sof couldn't have done it on her own. The power of friendship etc.

No. 302699

He’s into it and is an enabler. I dunno why anons always jump on the poor Steven wagon like he doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. He’s a gross abdl coomer with some kind of feeder fetish seeing as when he broke up with Maggie she deflated from a hambeast to a regular size. Jill was on her way to huge when they met and he promptly started stuffing her like a Christmas ham.

No. 302700

Seriously when has she ever acted ashamed? Her life is a nonstop series of public bids for attention, oversharing, constant self documentation and peacocking. She’s talked about her mental health episodes and personal life nonstop, thrown herself around on every stage possible, posted herself in swimsuit photos to thousands of people, and been nothing but overtly and unabashedly demanding. What is there for her to celebrate with simply continuing and worsening the trend of her medicalizing every fleeting emotion she has in order to maximize the rewards she reaps?

No. 302701

Don't forget she absolutely never gets any pushback, and the one time she does in a way she can't just block them, she decides it's traumatic enough to turn into an alter.

No. 302707

>functioning multiplicity

>had a breakdown and was sobbing in the middle of a con

what(reddit spacing, learn to integrate)

No. 302712

but anon she made a cosplay!!! that's functioning!

No. 302719

Right!? It's literally part of the adult baby caretaker fetish. Troons love it. Some of them want themselves or their partners to be in infant mode 24/7 because that is how they get off. Even Barnes and Noble sells ageplay fetish books from tranny authors. Steve isn't a victim at all. He's a creep and she is a pig they are both bad people who deserve eachother.

No. 302721

samefag. ABDL is the same as a feeder fetish. The guy holding the funnel isn't a victim being forced to take care of an immobile obese person. It's what he gets off to.

No. 302734

She literally can't do anything without making it about her "twauma" and it's so fucking grating

No. 302739

So… she switches a bunch while making her cosplay but luckily all her alters know how to sew and nothing changes except her voice? That just sounds like shes taking smoke breaks.

No. 302740

Can't wait for her to blame the bad parts of her cosplay on Cliff because he was doing taxes with one hand or something

No. 302741

Can't wait for her to blame the bad parts of her cosplay on Cliff because he was doing taxes with one hand or something

No. 302744

File: 1688512382455.webm (16.45 MB, 1280x720, Con part 1.WEBM)

Con talk part 1

No. 302745

File: 1688512466407.webm (13.39 MB, 1280x720, Con part 2.WEBM)

Part 2

No. 302746

I’m watching the vid and I’m only 15 minutes in but I can’t stop thinking about how furious I would be if I was Jill’s friend meeting her at a convention.
No one in this thread is exaggerating, she is the most spoilt, lazy, terrible, manipulative person.
Imagine you work your ass off all year and look forward to maybe a small handful of conventions or fun things where you go all out and make a costume to dress up and see your friends, only for 1 of them to text you before they even get there demanding you meet them at the cab and babysit them all day because they’re crying and fainting and carrying on about every little thing and ruining your con experience. I’d be filthy with her.

Also seperate note, but she keeps saying things like “i’m different now” and mentioning how she would usually be fine with this amount of sewing and cosplaying and socialising in the past but that it’s all different now and “she’s built different now”
but hasn’t she claimed she’s had DID and a whole host of other mental health issues since she was a kid (throwback to her posting old photos of herself and claiming they’re alters) and that she’s always struggled but she’s “not ashamed of it anymore and doesn’t try to hide it now” or something along those lines?
but wouldn’t a person struggle less after knowing what their mental illness diagnosis is and being given the correct medication? how is she struggling more now than before when she has more support and help now than before her diagnosis??
that’s the thing with narcissists and liars, they tell lies that they think sounds correct but without actually experiencing what they’re trying to convince you of, their explanation of their experience just doesn’t add up when you think about it for more than 5 seconds.
you’ve either had these mental health episodes your whole life and it’s not your fault, or you only developed them recently due to your bad life choices and it’s all new and difficult. pick one. not both.

No. 302761

Exactly. He actively encourages this because he likes her helpless and dependent. He’s the one who introduced her to her utterly inexperienced, kweer, trauma-focused angel baby witchcraft counsellor. He’s the one who reminds her to put on her “pls be patient I have autism” lanyard in stressful situations. He plays along when she pretends to be a baby even though there is no way in hell that he actually believes any of this is real. He likes this. If it annoys him that she’s continuing the LARP even when it’s inconvenient for him, tough shit. He helped create this monster.

I’d feel really bad for her friend if it were anyone other than Sof. Not only has Sof been following Jill for ages, she’s in this thread! She’s probably more familiar with Jill’s track record than most farmers but chooses to hang on anyway. IIRC she organised at least one of the drag shows Jill flaked out on last minute. She must have seen this coming from a mile away.

No. 302762

I do wonder how much the other girl expected this shit from Jill. Oliverxowen I hope your friendship with Jill is worth it

No. 302779

I’d bet real money that a large part of her breakdown was due to Steve not taking the day off to take her to the con, considering she had a meltdown before she even got there and had no intention of trying to calm down because she didn’t even bring her make up

No. 302780

File: 1688567815114.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1284x2129, IMG_6264.jpeg)

No. 302781

File: 1688567859394.jpeg (71.57 KB, 1106x749, IMG_6265.jpeg)

No. 302782

A lot of Jills behavior smacks of punishing people for not doing what she wants by being a risk to herself. Societies whole “if they don’t get X they’ll kill themselves so you better give them what they want unless you want them to kill themselves you horribly cruel heartless monster” really works for Jill. Back in my days parents were just like “oh yeah!? Prove it!”

For real, now she’s posting pics of herself crying to social media? Weird choice, very on brand narc though.

No. 302783

File: 1688571572047.jpeg (695.51 KB, 1170x1185, IMG_0867.jpeg)

More like your friend was probably low key calling out the fact that you seem like you do know those people lol

No. 302785

Oh wow, she's so emotionally fragile and unpredictable and mood-swingy, guys, it's so quirky and funny. She really does like turning her nightmare-tier personality into cutesy memes. I would hate to have someone like her anywhere near my life, it would be so stressful 100% of the time.

No. 302786

>>302781 Fucking hell that fat fuck needs a jumpscare warning

No. 302792

Heads up, she might have a meltdown regarding this healing show soon because the author implied an incest ending between the twins. She might do an anime hate rant.

No. 302794

File: 1688575473012.jpg (813.49 KB, 720x5367, Jj.jpg)

No. 302795

So all of her alters can sew because she's ~co-con~ but not all of her alters recognize people she's known for literal years

No. 302796

>Claims she would never lie for attention
>Also posts the most attention seeking thing ever

No. 302797

I know she’s a chronic one-upper, but fuck Jill that wasn’t even a subtle self insert, she might as well just have said ‘okay that’s nice but me though’

No. 302801

Not sure about the society bit but in Jill's case it seems like destiny. Her mom enabled and encouraged that shit from the start. Then tumblr. Now the era of mental illness as fashion accessory. I'm surprised she hasn't done more suicide-baiting or pretending to be inpatient.

No. 302803

I feel like with this, and giving a concrete answer to her DID trauma, would both be "too far" for her, threatening suicide/self harm would put the spotlight either on her family/steve to step in, and if they didn't (or she didn't pretend they did, with getting off the internet/faking therapy again) she could lose the little bit of her following that care about her mental health content or face actual backlash because that would be a very clear example of enabling or her faking

No. 302804

Ah but previously she claimed they couldn’t all sew and that’s why she was shit at school.

No. 302807

There is a lot wrong with the cosplay but goddamn I hate those socks. Every time I see them again it annoys me. Couldn't she at least use a stretchy fabric?

No. 302808

File: 1688587109032.jpg (191.4 KB, 720x1049, Screenshot_20230705-125805.jpg)

No. 302811

Yeah like >>302804 says, she claims only Jill can sew. Cringe nonetheless

No. 302814

File: 1688597848416.png (6.44 MB, 2560x2128, grandma junk.png)

Presenting my tinfoil timeline for con.
Jill was already in a manic mood because stevie wouldn't take the day off
Called a taxi and smoked a bowl before going into the con so she would be fun high during it
Greened out and then saw how much better sof looked in social media pictures which sent her BPD though the roof prior to the arrival. Was too high and conventions aren't fun when you're too high
Had a 'menty healthy-wealthy' emergency which resulted in her requiring the full attention of everyone around her as soon as she arrived but then everyone else was still trying to enjoy their day and move on from jill's attention seeking narc behaviour.
that really enraged jill and needed to get the attention of sof competing so she took her cosplay off and had a toddler tantrum on the floor. But would have totally gotten back in cosplay and re-done her make-up somehow if sof needed her

Sof did not need her and came second in masters divsion.

Jill exhausted herself with her antics and left early so she could re-coup her energy for when stevie came home so she could give him the full-force BPD narc blame-athon which he totally deserves because al of this happened because he wasn't there.

Did I miss anything?

No. 302820

Kek, anon it almost sounds like you were there. Do you think she ever reads our posts and despairs at how accurate we are at predicting/preempting her behavior? Never mind, she’s probably too ashamed to even think about the embarrassing nature of what shes turned her life into.

No. 302823

sage for j-fashionfag but whenever she attempts to dress up like she used to it really just feels like a shell of what she used to look like, and not just because she’s obeast now. say what you will but she had a fun sense of style back in the day that was more cohesive and this pic just looks like she straight up copy and pasted a fairy kei coord someone posted on tumblr in 2013. it’s just so outdated and uninspired

No. 302824

Just that despite having a “constant panic attack all day” and being “in tears” she was fine to attend the crowded contest with the majority of her costume on (the first pic of the costume in the thread was taken after the contest let out where she is missing sock and gloves and etc) and cheer and have fun. Which doesn’t add up with the story she is telling.

No. 302825


No. 302835

Jfc the attention seeking is off the charts. Nitpick, I hate the fatass winged eyeliner. Looks stupid especially on a character that doesn't even wear make-up. Her face reminds me of pizza dough that's been sitting out a little too long getting dried out.
I'd say you're on the nose. Glad Sof didn't give Jill the satisfaction that Jill oh so wanted. The tantrum Jill throw at Stevie when he got home was probably very over the top.

No. 302837

Would that bother her, though? Don’t forget that Jill is obsessed with an internet personality who looks eerily like her own brother.

No. 302838

File: 1688641643346.jpg (244.88 KB, 1080x1644, IMG_20230706_130902.jpg)

She has made a Threads account, that's Zuck's new alternative to twitter but FYI it asks for a ton of your data

No. 302839

No. 302840

“Unmasking” how are you unmasking when you don’t even have an autism diagnosis nor have you done any work. I would bet she will claim the weed is the treatment again. Also she has always been like a bull in a shop at what point has she been holding herself back, if what we have seen before is the mask then good god.

No. 302841

She just really wants that autism diagnosis for whatever reason. I'm assuming it's because the only autism she's ever seen is with self-diagnosed zoomers and not the 40 year old that doesn't have friends or a meaningful relationship and focuses on making miniature trains all day. It's probably because she thinks it's some sort of easy get out of jail free card whenever she's being a little bitch.

No. 302842

She talks about switching during her progress vid here >>302692 which definitely implies her alters can sew

No. 302843

new video is out

No. 302844

she says the whole cosplay was made from leftover fabrics from previous projects aside from the cape. whyyy would you not just buy new fabric, the velvet skirt makes no sense and looks ugly.

No. 302845

Her outfit isn't even remotely fairy kei

No. 302846

She starts off the video talking with we/us/ours, then seems to forget to keep up the scheme, and switches to just "I/me/my". It's incredibly cringe and try-hard.

No. 302847

Saying that it's on the same level of quality as the wedding dress she made for her cousin is…yikes. Like, no matter which way you interpret it. Either it's as big a piece of trash as the wedding dress (correct) or…you put as much effort into a fucking WEDDING GOWN for your cousin as you did for a cosplay. Jill really is Jill-ing.

No. 302848

She put as much effort into a wedding gown for someone else as she did for a cosplay for herself. Let’s be fair here. She’d have half-assed the cosplay too if it were meant for someone else.

No. 302855

How many times is she going to say professional in this video? Only one person has ever paid you to make something Jillian. She starts to describe the fabric of the cape and doesn't actually say what type of fabric it is (i assume satin) and just says it's drapey Such a /professional/ seamstress language.

No. 302856

I will never forget thay Sims4 associated with this idiot.

No. 302857

Does she just straight up not know the word satin?? she keeps just saying "the shiny fabric". So stupid.

No. 302858

she really needed to put interfacing and/or boning in the waist thing.

No. 302860

I wrote here >>302670 , that if the video is up I will comment it and I went through all of it and wrote my thoughts, I'm sry that it got this long, but I hope you have a litte fun with it.

I watched the video without sound and with forced subtitles because I can't stand her voice and dialect (sry, I'm used to British English), so if I missed something, I'm sorry. I'm also writing along my thoughts while watching her video and posting it here then.
As someone who made an apprenticeship as a dressmaker (seamstress is a little bit less to learn in my country) and made a degree as a pattern maker, her claiming that she is all this because of a fashion school is annoying and insulting as hell. I made my pattern maker degree with people that attended a fashion school (a real one) and they all were way behind with sewing skills because you don't learn stuff an apprentice learns, still they were way better than she is.

First of all, you don't make patterns in Procreate, not even to imagine them, you would use a vector program like Inkscape (if you need it cheap) or, if you have the money, a real CAD program or just use a fucking pencil and a piece of paper. Everyone who sews knows what a fucking notch is, every pattern you buy has notches, because it's what pattern makers do, they make patterns for people with little knowledge so they are able to sew amazing things and that's why there will be notches.

The crushed velvet she used was a horrible choice because no one after the 90s ever used that stuff again and it's nice if you recycle the fabric you have, but if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit and you should buy something better. And you don't look at the cheap costumes to get inspiration, they use the cheapest shiny polyester fabric you can think of. Seeing the character she wanted to portrait, I would have chosen a simple cotton fabric with satin weave, looks a little bit shiny but not cheap.

I skipped the wig and foam part, because I know nothing about it and it has nothing to do with sewing.

How can your armholes be crazy small if you measure them? Like, you put a tape around your arms and then you know the measurements, there is no "too small" if you measure it right. And her telling that it's too hard to film the pattern because of the brown paper is bullshit, I could see every line very clearly, she just didn't want to show what she did or didn't do. She got the labels right on her pieces, so that's a plus, don't want to only talk shit about her when she does something right and it's nice that she did a mock up, while I still think that she has the tension wrong on her sewing machine and she should start ironing, even muslins you iron for a little bit.

And now, holly shit, how she uses the serger (is this the right word? we call it an overlock). You don't cut the fabric with a serger, you just finish raw seams and stop them from fraying (sry, I lost my ability to speak English), not cut it, what the hell is she doing? She is wasting at least 10cm of fabric like that. And what did she use to mark her fabric with? You either use soap or tailor's chalk, these markers that should disappear with heat will be back again if it's cold enough and sometimes they transfer onto other parts of the clothing. Also, if you need a special distance there are enough tools to achieve that. Oh, and she is doing it again, cutting the fabric with the serger, that's not making a pattern, that's not having a seam allowance, that just lazy and bullshit, you don't cut your fabric like that.
And she is acting like the ruffles were some big project, hard work? Sry love, you just make a stitch that is very loose and then, ruffle it and then you sew it onto another fabric, it's not that hard. There are mathematical formulas to calculate how much fabric you need to use to get the ruffles you want but I don't think she used any of it. Did she iron something along the way, did I miss something?
Hell, her seam allowances at 20:37 don't even match, so much professional, so amazing. She is talking about some bullshit, but what did she do to the fabric to make it look like at 22:36. Why are the seams all wavy, why is everything wavy? Didn't they teach her that "gut gebügelt ist halb genäht?" (well ironed is half sewn), sry, the angry German is making an appearance. And were is the interfacing? You use interfacing for stuff that should stay in place and there are different kinds for different purposes, didn't they teach you that? She is even bad at hand sewing, no even stitch, no even distance. And she had to go to fashion school to learn how to paint faux leather shoes, honey, I have google, I don't need fashion school for that.

I'm at the end of the video, the seam allowances are ironed badly, you can see the inside of the costume on the outside (sry, I'm tired, don't know how else to describe it) and it just looks cheap. The people from fashion school I've been around would make that costume in a week and it would look way better. So, if any nonna out there doubts their abilities to cosplay, you can do it, you are better than her and she is telling bullshit. What she presented wasn't professional, it was a lazy attempt to look like a professional with a lot of words and nothing else.

sry it got so long, sry for the spacing, sry for the angry German, sry for some wrong words, kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 302862

Her "Flora voice" is just so forced, high pitched and annoying it was very hard to get through this video.

No. 302864

File: 1688685354592.jpg (393.12 KB, 720x3777, Screenshot_20230706_161506.jpg)

No. 302865

File: 1688685457285.webm (1.46 MB, 576x1024, download.WEBM)

No. 302866

I don't normally hate fat people for just existing but it's the biggest fucking red flag of her being a lazy grifter. Is she seriously like uwu I was so mentally ill I couldn't sew for years or like what is she getting at?

No. 302867

god i hate those tiktok sound clips so much, they make people look even more retarded than they actually are (though i guess that's impressive in a way considering who's using them…)

No. 302871

Thank you for the recap. I can feel your anger through the screen and it's delightful to know that she's as shit as I though she would be.

No. 302874

…she is not doing well.

No. 302875

She is so beyond manic on another level in this video. It's actually kinda freaky and sad to watch.

No. 302876

sage bc absolutely ot
but im french and i read "Jillian Vessey" as "Jillian Vessie" and Vessie means Bladder. i keep relating her name to the french word of bladder and I'm losing my mind

No. 302877

is her dress form set to smaller settings? that seems like the only logical reason as to why it sits well on there but folds and puckers in weird places on her body. For some one who pretends to be body-possy she does a lot of things that shows how much she hates how fat she's gotten.

No. 302878

wouldn't surprise me some farmers are they thems that do it for the twitter points (I've seen nonnas say they go as they them on twitter (art salt thread) even if they're crypto) or even TiFs. as a matter of fact I'd rather have a TiF than a TiM posting there(derailing)

No. 302880

it's incredibly easy to be a themby for woke points but also be 100% feminine and have nothing gender non conforming or remotely masculine. like most of the thembies I know are just like that.(derailing)

No. 302892

Late, but this show and its 30-something year old doctor having romantic connotations with a 10 year old wasn’t weird enough, I guess.
(Oh wait, that would be a plus for her, wouldn’t it…)

No. 302894

There’s something about the way she sticks out her tongue when she lip synchs that irks me. In a way I’m glad she’s finally accomplished something real to post about but the self congratulatory nature of it all is embarrassing. Not a single humble bone in her body even after producing that crushed velvet ensemble. I watch a decent amount of sewing channels and very rarely do they go on and on flattering themselves the way Jill does. In the vlog she says “this cosplay is as beautiful and finished on the inside as it is on the out” kek good grief Jill. She can’t just describe the step by step of the cosplay, every little detail was high quality top notch professionalism done by a fashion grad. She doesn’t mention any mistakes or struggles that would have made the process interesting. Did she mention she couldn’t sew before she went to school despite claiming to make all those previous cosplays? We get if Jill, you went to a costume program. What a boring video, people don’t want to watch someone patting themselves on the back for a half hour in that off and on sickly sweet voice. The work will speak for itself.

No. 302896

Some of this is a little overboard and I don't think using marker to mark fabric is at all unusual here in the states/Canada so that's not that big of an issue. Same with darts. Everyone uses darts, pro or not.

Not trying to infight, I just think some of this came off haughty/euro-standard. The way you were taught isn't necessarily how everyone is, especially across the pond.

No. 302902

Nitpicking but social media is her career so why is this video so shaky and poorly lit? Why would she pose in front of her dirty cat bowls and ugly kitchen tile instead of laying some fabric down to make a studio space? Wtf is this gross audio, couldn't even pick a viral sound or something related to pretty cure?
Also I can't get over how retarded she looks waving her arms in the beginning lmao.

No. 302909

File: 1688763626128.jpg (120.95 KB, 720x801, Screenshot_20230707-140033.jpg)

No. 302910

I was talking from a professional point of view, I know that many people use these heat-soluble markers, but I have never seen a professional, not even the ones finishing fashion school, using them. The only reason I made my post was because she annoys the hell out of me telling that she is so professional when there are people out there, with no education that get the job done better than her. If you are a professional in that area, you know that you know nothing and that there is still so much to learn and you don't make videos claiming that you are so amazing and now, after attending a school for some years, you know everything. And I wouldn't say that people in America or Canada are taught in a different way, the books I've read show the same things you will learn in Europe.

And yes, I went a little overboard, I know, kek, I'm still sorry for that.

No. 302911

I think she altered her voice digitally because it sounds so fake and something that hasn’t come out of her fat mouth before. Even the parts where she’s speaking “normally” sound wrong too. It’s weird cause right at the beginning she sounds normal and suddenly the pitch is completely shifted. Like I doubt she’d be able to keep a fake flora voice going so she changed it in editing because she’s too lazy to do it on camera herself.

No. 302912

little tinfoil-y but she's been breadcrumbing hard that because she 'took her time' to make this cosplay and 'recorded so many different little clippy-wippies' over that LONG stretch of time… essentially trying to prove that she's been switching alters during the cosplay construction process.
Bet she says that one of the 'yellow-coded' alters is revealed to have been primarily fronting during filming and editing, hence the new voice.

No. 302913

I 100% believe that she digitally altered the voice. That's simply not her voice, and it's too consistent for her.

No. 302919

I’m with you anon. The point is she comes across very defensive of her skills and her “tips” are patronizing and half assed, it’s like she’s regurgitating those few points you read on cliff notes before a test to seem like you know the material but don’t have the insight to realize the points your hitting on are extremely basic. There’s really no point to educate your audience of cosplayers about fabric markers and painting shoes, and it’s cringe to use that as a point of the amazing things she’s learned in fashion school.

No. 302920

Yeah, I think she edited her Flora voice too, and I also suspect the parts where she was like "WHO IS FRONTING AND WHY DO WE TALK LIKE THAT" (obviously implied to be Jerrick) are either heavily edited or she was really forcing that low deep voice.

No. 302924

File: 1688774057407.png (3.06 MB, 2092x1914, hog.png)


No. 302926

ntayrt but yeah, using a marker like that isn't a big deal if you're making a a cosplay for fun and its kind of a nitpick but the way she constantly reminds everyone shes a 'professional' and then acts like shes showing off something revolutionary is impossible to take seriously. Same thing in the video when she mentions notches in patterns like only people who went to fashion school would know about them, thats one of the first things you learn from patterns designed for elementary school children. She parades around her degree more than people with high paying jobs and loves explaining that apparently her schooling was 'leather paint exists'.

No. 302935

do people who post these braindead questions actually think it's weird if people aren't 100% "good" or "evil"? It's such a fucked up and juvenile way of understanding people. Your friends are never going to be right all the time, people have flaws. kek at Jill deciding whether to confront people when she can't take any confrontation at all.

No. 302937

i dont think they're talking about being on a 100% extremity of thinking their friend is always good; i think that they're talking about wanting to trust that your friend is being honest but realising the more they go on that perhaps they're purposefully not being honest to get you to side with them. some people are really immature like that, and some people find it hard to call out their friends. probably how jill's friends feel about her right now, honestly.

No. 302941

She really looks like it’s uncomfortable having her life and body. Her eyes are so dead.

No. 302945

>>302924 why do all fatties get a septum piercing like we get it you're a cow don't need to make it more obvious

No. 302952

Now now Jilly glass houses, who has lost the most relationships in your friend group? I would bet it’s you

No. 302960

Why would the alters even have different sounding voices? They have the same vocal chords as "the host", shouldn't the voice be basically the same? Different speech patterns would make sense since they are supposed to be different people with different experiences and knowledge but why the voice? Does an alter listen to the host body voice and go "this doesn't fit my aesthetic" and fry the host's vocal chords kek.

No. 302961

She looks like Auresscosplay in this.

No. 302963

It’s just another way the fakers get it wrong, it’s a covert condition so it makes zero sense that they would have completely distinctly different voices.

No. 302964

>>302963 Bingo, weird how we don't get to hear Jax or Amber/Sunny (idfk they're all just Jill anyway) with their supposedly harley quinn/spinel accent. Probably because Jill wouldn't be able to fake it right. Y'know when it actually pertains to different speech patterns as opposed to doing voice impressions for your ocs.

No. 302985

File: 1688845796034.jpg (242.18 KB, 720x1564, Lol.jpg)

No. 302986

File: 1688845920606.jpg (69.07 KB, 720x353, Convenient.jpg)

No. 303001

shes been drinking multiple cups of coffee and wondering why shes having panic attacks every day… i wonder how much caffeine a day shes having

No. 303002

If she was actually working with a psychologist (as someone that claims to have a disorder that comes from extreme trauma should be doing) then they would have told her to quit drinking caffeinated drinks the second she mentions having anxiety issues.

No. 303004

I doubt she's having panic attacks that often anyway, she probably gets a little upset or anxious and claims it's a panic attack because that's more dramatic.

No. 303012

Berry was triggered out by hearing ducks before, but Jillian doesn’t switch to Jax while wearing a blue wig? Jax is supposed to have long, blue hair and hair is a pretty distinctive physical feature. Somehow that wasn’t enough for Jax to even be “co-con”? Seems like Jill is always co-con in videos and never in real life. Plus in all of her meet the alter videos, she’s dressed up like her alters. Her alters care enough to change clothes and hair (or hats in the case of Jerrick and bald Cliffe) to signify that they are fronting, so one would think they could be brought out by wearing things that help Jill resemble them. Idk just a weird observation about her inconsistency.

No. 303013

This just reminded me are we due another Meet the Alter video or has she been 'so busy' with con stuff she forgot to play dress up with her oc's?

No. 303016

What the hell is she doing with her voice in her latest video? She sounds like she's forcing a cute, innocent voice but only sometimes. She's 25 and doing this weird shit.

No. 303017

she just feels regular old anxiety and gets more jittery when she drinks coffee. i'm sure every nonna who has anxiety knows the feeling, except in that case you usually know when to stop. she doesn't and then calls it a panic attack. that simple.

No. 303021

incredible how she makes even a fictional character appreciation post about herself like she's competing for narc olympycs

No. 303022

>grrr evil McLean conference pointing out that DID imitators usually have cluster B traits

No. 303023

This is so tragic. Jerricka’s super serious anorexia is continuing to wreak havoc on Jill’s body, combined with her only having the appetite of a series of Japanese tween girls and small children. She’s completely wasted away from the severity of her DID, poor thing, she must be around 90 pounds by now because of all her alters naturally having such small appetites and limited eating habits. Really shows just how deadly DID can be.

No. 303027

It's so funny how that doctor got every single thing right, and how Jillian has behaved in every single manner he said since then. Hilarious.

Also, I just spent a week with a high-functioning autistic child, and it's also hilarious how that experience makes me see even more clearly how NOT autistic Jillian is. She is N O T autistic. AS per usual, it's all just classic BPD. That's why she isn't getting psychiatric help at the moment: most therapists (and the like) don't WANT to treat someone with BPD because they are maniacs and liars and are completely resistant to treatment.

There's no medication for what you have, Jillian. You're just a fucking psycho.

No. 303033

it really is uncanny to me how she makes everything about herself, i've never seen anyone else do it as consistently as she does. like did no one in her life tell her that thats not normal behavior?

No. 303035

File: 1688934715563.jpeg (226.15 KB, 828x1295, 92253A28-8EE1-40F6-942A-8CF558…)

the fact that jill thinks a fashion designer could sew compression gloves, let alone that she could (im assuming thats what the dumbass finger emojis are insinuating) is delusional. that is medical equipment made with specific measurements to ensure equal circulation through the hand, yet jill thinks shes qualified despite the fact that she can barely make a garment that can fit her own body.

No. 303036

She didn’t even bother to fit her cousin’s wedding dress to her body properly. What a joke.

No. 303037

Kek I love when she begs for money

No. 303038

Oh my god Jill stop. She’s so grubby and weird. Besides this ending poorly for both of them (probably end up overcharging her and cutting off all circulation in her fingers, then Jill potentially getting called out for scamming her), Jill needs to take a course in influencer etiquette. It’s not appropriate to guilt your fanbase or mutes into paying you for something you’ve never proven to do well (or at all). Nor does she have the track record of being a responsible business owner, her clothing line plans dissolved in less than a year. Would’ve been cool to offer to do it for free and make a video out of it or something.

No. 303039

I know other nonnies are seeing this post thinking that Jill is offering to sew these for her but I think she was being judgmental about this artist going to a manufacturer (which she sees automatically as unethical/not sustainable/big evil fast fashion stuff) vs. them hiring another small business, which really just shows how ignorant she is about the fashion business as a whole.

It's her stupid/hypocritical "sense of justice" showing when in reality she's just talking over someone with a real business and the actually disabled people they were reaching out to, as per usual.

No. 303040

I'd agree with you nonnie except she added "fashion designer" because her narc ass can't go without referring to herself with authority
If she wanted to be holier than thou she'd definitely make it obvious this is her begging and it's all the more pathetic with the stupid emoji fingers

No. 303042

actually annoyed that she said fashion designer when thats clearly what the twitter OP was doing. its like posting your art and someone says 'omg pay me to draw the same thing'

No. 303045

Jill just never knows when to stop with every single thing in her life.
Except when it comes to doing any kind of work, then she knows exactly when to “listen to her body”

No. 303046

Maybe, but I genuinely think she said that because she thinks "good" fashion designers sew every single thing they sell, when many aren't expert seamstresses at all. A lot of designers would straight up tell you that they outsource production because they trust them as experts to do a better job and they might just sew the first sample.

I just don't think she knows a single thing about running a fashion business and is being preachy. She's way too lazy to ever complete a production run of anything herself.

No. 303048

File: 1688945303158.jpg (295.02 KB, 562x1187, Screenshot_20230709_193027_Chr…)

Dumb tangent, but I was watching the 20/20 documentary about the turpin kids and their decades of extreme abuse, you know the thing Jill loves pretending to have gone through. But the mother was diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder and it's way closer to what Jill actually has than all the autism and did bullshit she claims. Any kind of cluster b just fits her so well. >>303023
Seriously why doesn't she just do Fat Acceptance and Fat Liberation content. That movement loves loud nonsensical narcissist. She would be a super star.(Armchairing)

No. 303049

File: 1688950347010.jpg (140.35 KB, 720x1003, Screenshot_20230709-174100_.jp…)

No. 303053

File: 1688962569030.jpeg (20.73 KB, 474x316, AB279E2C-2A47-4444-9441-A01BF0…)

jill in the thread photo

No. 303056

i love when nonnas who have niche knowledge go on detailed sperg rants about things and i wish the farmhands would be nicer about it. just saying, it makes the milk more interesting

No. 303058

She is diagnosed with bpd but is trying to retcon it by larping autism, her fear seems to be being seen as evil or manipulative or abusive like cluster bs so often are, so she has always gone the umbrage technique of covering it with glitter and cuteness.
Aside but the definition of histrionic personality disorder is so vague as to be useless and unfairly applies to women, since we get judged as "provocative and sexual" for existing, as well as our behaviour unfairly seen as "dramatic" for expressing emotion, like what kind of syndrome is "impressionistic speech"
The history of hysteria where doctors thought it could be cured by the doctor administering an orgasm (forreal) is also very fucked, so I would avoid that label and just stick to the ones with more scientific definitions.

No. 303059

no, ayrt was being obsessive and nitpicky about every small thing in that video. that isn't milk.

No. 303060

I liked it too, was far more interesting than the 8000 medfagging posts.

No. 303061

why does she pronounce iron like that? is that a Canadian thing?

No. 303062

I've noticed that type of mentality before: a small business that uses a manu isn't a real small business as if you can just produce certain items on your own.
The thing with Jill is though, you'd think at that course of hers she would have learned how manufacturing works and how it's necessary for anyone that isn't making 3 bespoke items a year.

No. 303064

i thought miss piggy personally, but she'd probably take it as a compliment seeing she's dressed up as her before.

No. 303065

the etymology is sexist but this disorder does exist and the people are exhausting. idk about jill though.

No. 303066

do you think pro photoshoot means her mom did it ?

No. 303067

Sorry, I wasn't trying to imply she had this disorder. It was just ironic that is trying to convince the world she was a terribly abused child like the victims in the documentary, but in reality she is exactly like the abuser.

No. 303070

We can guarantee she didn’t pay someone to do it

No. 303072

Not all of Canada but in her region it's pretty common

No. 303073

File: 1689014396168.jpeg (859.01 KB, 1383x3153, IMG_1615.jpeg)