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File: 1665065776318.png (1.06 MB, 1110x891, milkmass.png)

No. 255155

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP after only two weeks. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who rage-quitted due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as the creator of the Confetti Club, a group of skinwalking fans that wear “Party-Kei” style, a weeaboo fashion she invented and no longer personally wears. She currently looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>Extremely sensitive.
>Terminally online.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Very notorious attention whore. Always overstates her abilities in a delusional way and barely puts any effort.
>Runs a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating most of her fans.
>Has multiple inconsistencies in her DID story and lore. Will change or forget key details about her trauma origin story or her alters. She also tends to deny the bad parts of her mental illnesses.
>Started deliberately age regressing while smoking weed not too long ago. Cannot put the weed down.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special. Thus, results in obvious faking.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- items, including clothes, makeup and other shit for any new trend she gets into. Nevertheless, she still is a big consumer of plastic crap and will cut corners whenever possible.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of things to show off how much she had spent (as a brag).
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise. She’s also a massive attention whore and very self-centered, never listens to others and only cares about her own faked struggles. Disregards any criticism as “hate”.
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, and her fans are steadily unfollowing her.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without further medical advice. Other questionable “self-care” and “mental health” content has been noted.
>Thinks having an enabling counselor = actual therapy. Said counselor quitted and moved provinces only 1 year after treating her and giving her the DID diagnostic impression. Jillian continues to lie and fake all kinds of symptoms to prove she’s sick, slowly transforming into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies on the matter so much so that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets that dare question her and act passive-aggressive about it on Twitter. Will also e-bully anyone she doesn’t like or goes against her ideas.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image. Somehow, all her male exes end up looking like the current aesthetic she’s into at the moment of dating.
>Has claimed that her DeviantArt Ex-girlfriend she kept in amicable contact with for a while right after breaking up “abused her for months”. Said claim has been proven false.
>She now claims every abuser of hers has been female, even though she has heavily mistreated her past two girlfriends. She broke off with her most recent ex girlfriend, Mystery Girl, around Christmas 2018, because she “was no longer attracted to her”. She kept the Christmas presents that she would otherwise would had given her, to herself.
>Her previous friendships almost always have end up in drama. Rumors of her sleeping with the guy that one of her ex-friends liked at a New Year’s party have circulated. Besides that, she has also said in a video that she stripped in front of Steven and his ex-girlfriend Maggie at some point in a get-together. Even her fans found this weird.
>Formerly identified as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Steven and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her. Steven is currently hinting to a very obvious MTF transition despite having a christian family, which will prove beneficial to Jill, since she wants to roleplay being a lesbian very bad.
>Steven Clarke, Jillian’s current boyfriend, enables all of Jillian delusions and pushes age regression onto others, not only Jill. He is porn addicted and extremely terminally online.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother and her partners. Will interact with content creators she likes in a creepy, harassing way.
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience. Recently started tagging posts with the age regression hashtag.
>Her “angel therapist”, Jedediah M, was a Jillian’s therapist despite only having 1 year of previous counseling experience. Note that Steven was the one to contact Jed for Jillian’s therapy. He’s a “male witch” and a “drag queen” in his spare time, hence why Jillian got so obsessed with him. He moved provinces just a year after treating her, which made Jillian “grieve like someone dear to her died” for weeks, very unhealthy and unprofessional of any therapist.
>Jilly started her own brand, 5 petal flower, months before graduating from her glorified Canadian craft school. She plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs despite her work being labeled as “inconsistent” by her teachers because she was mostly distracted with stim toys found on her sewing table. The only work she has produced so far was a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items and a very cheap and ugly looking bridal dress for her cousin.
>Very irresponsible pet owner. Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel hanging around on the floor, the cat almost choking to death. She still keeps this choking hazard where the same cat can reach it for years after the incident. Never seems to clean her pet’s space, you can see cat shit and cat fur all over her house in her videos and selfies.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, wearing a t-shirt that reminds her of suicidal ideation, and pretending she can only eat one type of food. Pretends she “never lies”, “doesn’t understand sarcasm” and other autism/neurodivergent LARPing on Twitter. She wants to be mentally ill very bad and will often spread misinformation about it on her socials.
>Uses her alters to hold at least one of her personality traits or past times instead of realizing she can be a normal and full-fledged adult woman with hobbies and emotions. Will defend using emojis to sign off as each alter, to the point of harassing others off platforms if they don’t agree with her usage. She also talks in third person to herself while pretending to be an alter on her DMs, twitter, and on picture captions, calling herself “handsome” or “pretty”.
>Will claim as many labels as possible, some of them are: Queer, lesbian, nonbinary, FTM, pansexual, emo, rainbow, intersex, fashion designer, magical girl, full time youtuber, neurodivergent, autistic, BPD, DID system, witch, kawaii, drag queen. In reality, she’s just a spoiled dumb girl.
>Has been consuming a lot of alcohol and weed in a questionable way, anons wonder if her dissociation is merely caused by substance abuse. She bragged about the liquor store knowing who she is. She pushes weed as a magical cure-it-all for adults and children on her twitter full of underage fans.
>Ran over a deer on July 2022 and while originally saying she had no trauma from it, milked the accident dry for pity points, calling it a “near death experience” and claiming “multiple ptsd symptoms” from it. Her boyfriend Steven really pushed the idea of creating another alter to deal out of the situation, but nothing came out of that.
>Recently got into bio drag queening, changed her twitter description days before her first performance even went live. Danced like a crazy woman to a Steven Universe and a MCR song on her first performance. She’s now fully accepting the drag queen label with a lot of self-importance and yet again overstating her abilities with barely any experience.
>Has cancelled 2 Drag Queen “gigs” so far. But still posts on tiktok saying she’s a valid drag queen.


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”. Says she can't hear her "brain folk" when she's experiencing trauma, Jillian is the only one who fronts in those situations, defeating the whole purpose of having alters and having DID.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Berry (Nicknamed “Babby Smalls”): Talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had its name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Signs off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes. The emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Sneakingly revealed in a vlog. Jillian has bracelets and necklaces with the names of her alters, and this name appeared alongside them in a row of alter names. Note that Jillian’s second name is actually Amanda. Turned out to be the other “far away” age regression alter that uses the piano emoji.

**Note: The DID saga officially starts in >>>/w/176591

>>252859 "I only match people's energy/tone"
>>252861 salt
>>252865 more salt
>>252876 video screenshot talking about the thread
>>252887 rages at a youtube comment
>>252905 twitter user says "I thought you said you checked the site once?"
>>252914 "um I haven't looked in a long time"
>>252936 >muh memory gaps make me hard to remember uwu
>>252935 looks smug and happy about making her own gossip video
>>252954 changed her youtube channel description to include things about her "diagnosis"
>>252956 bad ratio
>>252958 comments on her video
>>252966 cousin commented
>>252973 going at it on twitter
>>253022 "I'm glad you understand now!!! TT-TT"
>>253037 acts like rainbow and sunshine yet again
>>253054 social blade
>>253089 results of youtube when searching her username (drama related)
>>253134 advertises the video on tiktok
>>253146 "Feeling a lot of love uwu"
>>253268 "Hope you find a warm sunshine day uwu"
>>253286 Says her life has only been sunshine and rainbows
>>253369 "If the event removed you because they were worried how come no one announced you wouldn't be there?"
>>253570 views on her lolcow video not looking good
>>253642 narc wants a tv show kek
>>253649 more ideas she won't do
>>253744 villiany drag tiktok
>>253749 "I'm going to be the prettiest girl at the party" tiktok
>>253781 "In the middle of a BPD episode" tiktok (calls herself the devil)
>>253810 cow crossover
>>253933 funny comment
>>254048 schizophrenia bread crumbs
>>254107 Vangelina asks her what points being made about her are false
>>254310 autism bread crumbs
>>254312 she loves internet drama
>>254323 audience is mainly female (what else did you expect retard)
>>254345 "can you please not u_u" said to Vangelina
>>254347 again talking about psychologists diagnosing her
>>254348 pixielocks pretends to not see the Vangelina DMs
>>254418 Diagnostic Impression (again)
>>254439 close up
>>254451 more autism bread crumbs
>>254467 she's written like Jillian Pixie Vessey
>>254503 bpd is so quirky guys uwu
>>254509 reminder she's a bad person
>>254512 keeps saying her autism diagnosis is encouraged by experts
>>254530 Trying to profit off of traumatized people's pain is so immoral (hypocrite)
>>254544 All I've ever wanted was to be left alone.
>>254656 says her child alter doesn't let her cook or some shit
>>254662 ABLAZE makes a video on her
>>254672 Said video is here
>>254687 "This is not the gotcha you think it is"
>>254691 Comment on the Ablaze video
>>254693 and more comments on the Ablaze video
>>254695 More Jillian Hypocrisy
>>254733 more "stimming"
>>254889 Some weird ass discussion about Jillian's feet (too long didn't check: Jillian might be posting defending herself on here)
>>254899 same shit
>>254922 More importantly: Her writing matches the picture's writing
>>254924 see above
>>254936 Weird coincidence: she likes censoring her own feet (but it's fine on lolcow?)
>>254964 Feet analyst ???????? spergery
>>255001 Vangelina gets backlash and rude comments from Jill, Vangelina says: I'm met with these tweets and emotionally manipulative DMs"
>>255002 Jillian says Vangelina skov suck my ass challenge, between other things
>>255004 see above
>>255005 More Jillian being nasty (must check)
>>255018 Jillian says she will release DMs, Vangelina will release them first
>>255024 Livestream with Vangelina happens
>>255025 Meanwhile Steven doesn't curr
>>255026 Funny Maggie tweet
>>255041 Someone says they went to school with Steven
>>255039 Vangelina shares the DMs: part 1
>>255040 part 2
>>255044 Someone said she's a trainwreck irl
>>255048 part 3
>>255052 part 4
>>255060 part 5
>>255061 part 6
>>255071 part 7
>>255073 part 8
>>255080 Another DID faker girl that Jill befriended last year was on the livestream
>>255084 part 9
>>255085 part 10
>>255096 DID girl doesn't like Jill's larp

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Veronica” alter): https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 255156

No. 255159

The Vangelina's video just went private. I was in midst of watching it through.

No. 255160

thank you for the new thread nona!!!

vangelina has officially privated the unlisted stream as of 5 minutes ago. not sure why, did anyone have a download of it?

No. 255161

File: 1665066527278.png (313.19 KB, 598x509, firefox_U31LvyYx2Z.png)

Well, Jill is online, sooo
Maybe she contacted her

No. 255162

She said in the stream she was going to edit it and upload again so i hope that's the case

No. 255164

Its too early for Jillian to be awake kek I wonder if someone told her about the livestream.

No. 255170

all she has to do is question the diagnostic impression and the driving

No. 255171

Vangelina said that she's cover stuff she can back up with Jill's own words. I believe her twitter has enough material to make these contradictions.

The milkmas is upon us.

No. 255175

File: 1665068459449.jpeg (40.64 KB, 750x290, A3BB19A3-6ED2-42D2-B03C-0EEB26…)

a milkmas miracle

No. 255176

It didn’t sound like she was planning to question the DID shit, from what I caught before the live went private it sounds like she doesn’t want to “fakeclaim” or whatever, someone correct me if I’m wrong though

No. 255178

File: 1665068976874.jpg (694.43 KB, 1079x2655, Screenshot_20221006_110843.jpg)

Most recent comments on jills lolcow video that are the most liked (and not deleted yet)

No. 255179

Is the first commenter talking about Alyssa? Or a different person? Because I don't recall Jillian doing that

No. 255180

>after you dated that trans girl for clout

No. 255181

she didn't, Alyssa is female, they're confusing it with Steven's troon antics
she hasn't done that, that person is just retarded

No. 255182

>>255180 no clue, the reply isn't clarification just someone else questioning

No. 255183

Are they talking about the girl pixie dated to prove she's totally lesbian? Did she come out as trans or something?

No. 255184

No, the girl is still female and hasn't transitioned. That person is just confused.

No. 255189


im not sure about this either, but IMO i think this is in reference to colin rather than mystery girl or steve. colin was the only one that came out as "trans" sort of on her channel (remember she dyed his hair pink and did his makeup or something?) even though he was an enby. steve has never really talked about being trans on her channel. thats my best guess

No. 255191

I don't think it was Colin – they're saying Jill dated someone for clout and Colin was just a regular guy at the time. I think the commenter is saying Jill dated a girl for clout but is mistakenly referring to her as trans. The only clout to be gained is Jill dating a girl for queer points.

No. 255210

File: 1665071563539.jpeg (1.21 MB, 713x11564, 1665070330908.jpeg)

posting this here too, all the DMs between Jilly and Vangelina

No. 255212

Maybe the commenter read about Jill basically outing mystery girl to her parents before dumping her and interpreted “outing” as a trans thing rather than a gay thing because everything revolves around trans now.
Either way Jill is 100% straight and only into dick.

No. 255216

her saying that "everyone has moved on why is she making a video about this " and also saying "it's still fresh and ongoing" she's such a dumb lying FREAK

No. 255219

I wonder what parts of this we would've seen had Jill posted them. I doubt she'd post the whole thing.

Does anyone else feel like the reasons why she deleted the tweets at vangelina is so she can claim they're faked as well? Curious what her motivation was for deleting them.

She just has the best oppertunity of her life to correct these things. She could've showed her diagnosis to vangelina with the request the image not be shared (she seems reasonable, I doubt she would've broken trust on this). She could've discussed falsehoods, corrected what really happened on things. It's so telling she refuses to.

No. 255221

Ngl I wonder if Jill just fucked up and thought she was posting in circles on her villainy account because it's very obvious and public. Judging by the screencaps those tweets were up for at least 20 hours, I usually screencap drama from twitter but I wasn't online yesterday and nobody else screencapped them and posted them on lolcow.

Vangelina said she didn't contact Jill after that, so Jill probably realized she fucked up hard when she saw this.

No. 255222

Vangelina called Jill out on subtweeting her there though, and Jill deflected by basically saying she deserved it. She knew her tweets were public for everyone to see, she had no intention of hiding her vile thoughts.I don't know what made her delete them, especially since they've been up long enough for people to screencap them. There's no hiding or claiming photoshop now.

No. 255225

OT but how many more threads can Pixie have until she's pt tier? I guess her next antic will be the test of time and her willingness to continuously be a victim in her eyes

No. 255229

All she has to do is ask for Steebie’s computer password.

No. 255232

Are you now spreading lies out of panic?

No. 255239

It’s the tranny anon

No. 255240

Yeah that’s why we’re gathering substantial proof it’s her. It’s a better look than to make accusations.

No. 255244

File: 1665074577245.png (353.59 KB, 591x646, firefox_EbKaxswe0X.png)

Yeah, the schizo tranny is back to shitpost lol.
Report, ignore, Jill is just pretending Vangelina didn't post screencaps so we'll have to wait for milk

No. 255249

>I dress this way so little kids come up to me
can I get a big a-YIKES from the Tumblfags in back?

No. 255252

I think Jill is starting to realize she’s backed herself into a corner. She either has to go hard on the DID, which would mean giving up her cushy life to keep her lie going and live at home with her parents, or she has to pull back on the lie, figure out a way to get out of it and make new content. Even if she doesn’t admit to the lie and just kind of stops talking about it, the skeptics will still keep saying she lied.
If she was smart she’d get off the internet completely for a month or 2, figure out a rebranding, work on herself (or say she did) and say that she worked with a therapist and realized she doesn’t actually have DID, it was due to her BPD/weed or whatever it is. Apologize and promise to work on her mental health while pivoting her content to other stuff. But she won’t do that because she’s afraid to admit she lied.

No. 255254

also JILL: I'm defensive not aggressive.

Make it make sense. I swear she done smoked herself stupid.

No. 255258

File: 1665075281832.png (85.8 KB, 689x827, well welll well.png)

we're getting close nonnies. I still have to input past jesus comments.

No. 255261

Shut the fuck up dumb ass faggot. You can never win aginst the mean girls from your high school days and you can't win aginst us. Go to your safespace before you get reckt . Xoxo

No. 255262

You can add multiple posts into the reference and query. Also it is pretty suspicious Jesus only started posting shortly after Jill started making tweets

No. 255264

Jill is the one who is pro-pedophilia. She openly supports any tranny or man that preys on children.

No. 255266

>>255244 Jill you only care cause now they are special snowflakes and with fat characters.

>>255222 My money is in she will claim ignorance. Probability is going to say, this was so traumatic that she black out and one of her alters was just defending her.

No. 255267

jill probably wont make it to pt but now that i think of it she has more cause for it to be considered than with other contenders like shayna. for one thing, jills drama pretty much all kicked off on cgl back in the day with LACE, which arguably makes her a legacy cow

No. 255270

>jill in DMs: i'm so scared and traumatized, pwease don't huwt me

>jill on twitter: LMAO suck my ass vangelina

Yeah, definitely sounds like a terrified person in danger

No. 255275

Okay maybe not Jesus, but this anon pretending to know English as their second language focusing on the jannies and mainly posting and responding in Jill's threads, throwing a few similar posts in other threads to make it not look targeted… A little suspicious

No. 255281

>>255244 saging for my own autism but jill stay away from monster high

No. 255282

File: 1665075845917.jpg (123.72 KB, 1200x675, jerricka.jpg)

Happy milkmas everyone!

No. 255284

We already know this site is retarded, so what

No. 255285

Based work nonnie, the only decent post in the last hour

No. 255296

File: 1665076179218.png (119.14 KB, 772x852, close.png)

Ok now we're even closer than before. Same as last time. Jesus on left, Jill on right.

No. 255297

This is a habit for her, she sees red and flies off the handle then when she has calmed down she realises oh shit this isn’t what I should have posted. I bet she will blame it on Jerrick being a traumatised minor who can’t be held accountable and say she Jillian the sweet angel talked him down and convinced him to delete.
“I’m defensive” but those tweets are Jerrick. Once again losing track of who is supposed to have said what.

No. 255298

>>255297 and/or she's going to claim it's all veronica being drama hungry lol. DID doesn't take any blame away from anyones shitty behavior, she should know that but obviously not

No. 255299

Jill WKs bait so easy.

No. 255303

Begging for a Jill post reveal

No. 255305

The goal of this site is catharsis.
I swear these new cows cannot hold a candle to the older ones. We go from the Ostrengas that trolled their own battle to this shit. A failure to launch that treats accountability like it doesn't exist. Oh and she passive aggressive sends her idiotic fans to defend her lack of honor.
Shiiiiittt bitch better fake more "stimming" and have them bingo wings fly her away.

No. 255306

Do you think she would fly off the handle and go apeshit on twitter or would she disappear from the internet like creepshow art? Or would she try to blame Steve? Lol

No. 255308

>>255307 KEKK then the real jill and steve breakup saga would happen. The milkmas that keeps giving

No. 255312

Rehab? I don't want ANY of these fools fixed. They want the internet to look at them?, they want to roll around in dog shit instead of avoiding it? You better fucking believe I'm going to make some snide quips. If she can't hack it then pull a Felice Fawn.

No. 255313

JuSt D0X YoUrSelF

No. 255314

I think that her blaming Veronica for being drama hungry would still be taking too much personal responsibility by Jill’s standards. She invented Jerrick as an asshole bully outlet but then justifies it as him only being mean to people who deserve it and anyway he’s scawed and a minor who needs to be protected uwu. Veronica is a bitch who loves drama but she’s part of Jill and Jill can’t possibly do anything wrong, not really, so surely Veronica only loves harmless drama and I bet she’s a total sweetie deep down! Even the alters she uses to deflect criticism for bad behaviour need to be shielded from criticism. Because the alters are Jill, and Jill can’t take criticism. It’s hilariously transparent and someone should write it up into a case study.

Denial, then hinting at a hidden evil farmer alter, then justifying the farmer alter, then denial again. I’m hoping she’ll throw Steve under the bus (it’s what he deserves) but I’m not betting on it.

No. 255319

She did say she doesn’t wanna make it about the DID/ mental health things but about her personality and wrong doings

No. 255321

Literally it's not Jil

No. 255325


It's not you stupid tranny

No. 255326

Reminder that when Vangelina said that she was at her brother's birthday, Jillybean posted the
>"Suck my ass challenge"
Tweet, and then she proceeded to go full retard by saying that she wasn't being aggressive, just defensive. How does that even make sense? Like girl, just admit you went full retard and that now that you dug your hole, you will have to stay in there.
I just can't believe how stupid is this fat cow, she must've been high as a kite when she was talking with Vangelina or some shit, because anyone with half a brain could've noticed that it wasn't the right time to be so fucking stupid and aggressive, like come on, it was the perfect opportunity to be a kawiwi rainbii retard and post "stimming" videos or uwu I'm so anxious I'm "stimming" tweets or some shit.
Jesus fuck how is this retard alive?

No. 255328

It's this subhuman creature >>255259
and I don't know if we need a warning image for those who can't recognize his posts by this point.

No. 255333

Kek this has to be a man.

No. 255335


No. 255337


Jill isn't paranoid, she's trying to guilt trip vangelina into not posting the video. What dumbfuck posts "suck my ass" about someone they're terrified of and who's supposedly endangering them?

No. 255338

I do wonder if this is actually someone Jill went to school with. Wonder if she knows any troons who look like they have 4 roommates and play Beatmania on their CRT

No. 255339

Jill took a picture of Steebie in his agere safe space to throw off the evil villains of that site some of her alters only read like one or two times

No. 255341

Nobody here supports CP, you retard. Why do you think we’re all disgusted with Maggie’s Loli-posting and Jill+Steve’s agere bullshit? Go take it up with the board that actually posts that shit.

No. 255345

They probably got mystery girl Alyssa mixed up with one of Jill's high school friends with the same name who goes by Emery or something now

No. 255347

Well bitch, lolcow is how I cope with CPTSD and communicate with my alters. When people shit talk this website online they're trashing on my and many other vulnerable mentally ill AFABS coping mechanism. So check your fucking neurotypical privilege, by invalidating lolcow or painting us as evil you're stignatizing the whole BPD/DID/PTSD/CPTSD/BD/BDD/TDD/ABC community. Mentally ill women are allowed to have fun too.

No. 255349

So that's where Steve's bed is

No. 255350

Exactly. This site is actually helpful for catching pedos and keeping a log of predator activity. Steve checks many boxes for being a predator and openly supports them so of course people are suspicious.

No. 255352

>Out of touch with how things are now
Fucking kek what? Human beings will ALWAYS call out foul when someone's on some bullshit.

No. 255353

For real though

No. 255356


Jesus, the obvious

No. 255357

You forgot a complete autist sped.

No. 255359

Oh no, autists cannot help it. You can and choose not to. You're a dumb fuck attention whore. No fucks as to what your name, gender whatever. Just a dumbfuck attention whore.

No. 255360

Ok Jill. Care to share some more of them Steve agere selfies? What about that video you promised?(hi cow)

No. 255365

Don't let them see your weakness, Nonnie.

No. 255368

Can you guys just ignored the bozo? Even if it is Jill or one of her white knights, they just want the attention because they think they are special but are just ridiculing themselves.

No. 255371

Need to see face and toes to confirm. And stick your tongue out.

No. 255372

Nona if Jesus-chan bothers you so much you can just..ignore and not take the bait?

No. 255373

jill is probably suicide baiting on the phone with her mom

No. 255376

I think a big reason her personality is so warped is because she clings to and tries so hard to be perfect sweet and innocent. She clearly isn’t actually a sunshine and rainbows 24/7 person and if she could reconcile that and let her self be annoyed in moderation she wouldn’t explode like this.

No. 255377

I say autistic as a derogatory slang. Like calling someone a faggot. No implication of homosexuality, it means stupid. Same with autist.. jfc can you please integrate or gtfo?

No. 255378

>Mom help I'm so switchy and blacking out call the cyberpolice
Jill always sticks her tongue out in her videos so it will be easy to compare even if she uses a filter

No. 255379

Is it about that or the fact she has to get a job and become responsible.

No. 255382

File: 1665079516707.jpeg (444.9 KB, 828x1666, 6DA32C97-D0BF-4C25-9921-F166D0…)

Am i missing some fucking context here, jilly why are you interested in children?

Considering shes a fan of Trixie here are the words of an actual drag queen

No. 255385

You look obese

No. 255386

Hand-chan you finally cut your nails! Proud of you.

No. 255387

close your computer and go outside this is insane behavior

No. 255390

Thought the same. Don’t ruin Monster High, Jill

No. 255399

Their autism is showing.

No. 255401


You weren’t held or paid attention to much as a kid, were you?

No. 255403

We've got a match
>Hiding the floor
>Index toe curves outward toward the pinky (more visible when pressure is on it, hence she took a photo with it lifted up by the plant, but you can still see it)
>Same bulbous lump at the bottom of middle toe and top of index toe
>Same weird toe nail beds
>Fingernails filed in uneven shapes and lengths just like our Jillybean
>Nail polish freshly removed, cuticles pushed from having had a manicure
>tries to disguise handwriting from the previous foot pic but slanting habits are consistent with Jill's handwriting

No. 255405

File: 1665080511721.jpeg (11.65 KB, 128x123, 592C1FA8-01BF-4921-99FD-9F2689…)

milkmas is happening and the thread is getting clogged up by anons trying to analyze someone’s dirty feet

No. 255406

File: 1665080520264.gif (176.9 KB, 500x500, MiraculousCatchOfFish008592WEB…)

can yall stop taking bait this is what you collectively look like

No. 255407

I'm just mad vangelinas stream about the dms is gone. Anyone get it downloaded?

No. 255408

Hand/Foot isnt even of the same person. Come on, Nonnies.

No. 255409

Honestly I would accept an integration ark if it meant she just started acting like herself instead of this character. She needs to accept at some point that she is multifaceted and that’s okay and normal. Ideally she would get her comeuppance but I would settle for she stops being such a dickhead.

No. 255411

Come on yourself nona, I was just fishing for that video.

No. 255413

What gets me the most about Jill claiming how scared and traumatized all of this is making her is that she's the one who brought this on. She wasn't exposed, there wasn't some kind of video made on Youtube or a callout threat on Twitter. While I don't agree with a lot of what is said on this site, it exists in isolation.

No one is forcing her to look at what is said on here. She brought people here, she created an expose video on herself basically and now is trying to play it as if someone else suddenly attacked her.

No. 255414

Calm down, it’s been said multiple times now; she will edit the stream down cause it’s over 2h long and upload it as a video

No. 255415

I honestly disagree. There really is nothing to redeem her anymore. She can do nothing that would make me find her less awful

No. 255416

What I don't understand is how the users on here don't comprehend that an individual local to her may be using this website and be actually stalking her irl.

The lolcow user who video taped her was stalking because they use this site and weren't there as a supporter.

None of you know for sure if she's actually being stalked by this individual or not.

No. 255417

Once again, it was a public event that she broadcasted. Going to an event because you are a farmer and filming it doesn’t mean stalking, you absolute WK retard.

No. 255419

Oh my god it's a public event that she shared. If someone was stalking her, SHE is the one who shared her location not us. And the event was open to the public. Anyone can film and post it anywhere. If she was afraid of being stalked she wouldn't have made a giddy video about it and called it "drama"

No. 255422

We talk shit because we see the lies and misinformation she shares with the public. >>255421
The email wasn't shared and no nonny knew where steebie works. For all we know it could very well be fabricated. Just like Keffals sending himself threats via old kiwifarms accounts that were hacked.

No. 255423


No one cares enough about Jill's fat ass to stalk her lmao

No. 255425


Why are you even here? WKfags love coming here and shitting up threads, high off their own farts. Log off. You’re obsessively defending a person YOU don’t even know.

No. 255426

Looks like she's back to using emoji indicators after someone on Twitter mentioned she gave that up fast lmao. Be more transparent you're faking

No. 255429

Kek what career

No. 255430

What career? Anon I implore you to describe to me how rotting away in loser bars doing the laziest drag I’ve ever seen is a “career”.

Actions and words have consequences. Jill isn’t above them because she’s mentally ill.

No. 255432

What career? Having your mom buy you costumes so you can pretend to be a man pretending to be a woman is not a career. Tweeting about how no one believes that you were only a bully because you were being controlled by an angsty teenage ftm inside your brain is not a career. Filming your bead collection as proof of your autism is not a career. What is this supposed stalker trying to take from her exactly? All we do is laugh at the cow. Why chase it away when it's an excellent source of free and delicious milk?

No. 255433

File: 1665082128326.jpg (150.67 KB, 1080x902, 20221006_194732.jpg)

Lmao of course jill doesn't understand how someone could go to a family event and not be on their phone. Reminds of when she went to her cousins wedding and made 50 tiktoks

No. 255436

File: 1665082296912.png (78.8 KB, 1268x351, firefox_LEa8fSSQ3x.png)

Just shooting you guys a reminder of a whiteknight who still fawns over Jill on twitter and responded to her Vangelina tweets yesterday, she used to come here to defend her. See this thread: >>>>187748

No. 255437

Was backreading because I have a job (unlike Jill) and thought this when Jill tweeted that. She doesn't believe anyone else has anything to do because she's the most important person on earth. She also can't fathom being offline for more than twenty minutes

No. 255438

You, Jill, and all the other conteffi cunts are just mad that someone legally filmed Jill’s performance and posted it here, leaving it open to criticism. As far as we know, we only have one isolated incident where an unnamed farmer watched her performance and brought it here. There has been no harm threatened or even repeated attempts to harass her in public. I promise you Jill won’t pick you just because you’re WKing on lolcow for her.

No. 255440

are you being purposely dense? itd be stalking if people were to use the information from these threads and start harassing her irl, going to her house, following her about etc. im not ruling out that she doesnt have a stalker but its just stupid to blame us for it when all we're doing is engaging in gossip about internet personalities and keeping their receipts, the exact same thing jill has been shown to enjoy doing with other figures involved in internet drama. nowhere on this site is stalking or directly reaching out to cows encouraged – in fact youll get slapped with a ban for that shit

No. 255443

Yeah, because you are retarded to compare a gossip website to real life stalking. Reminder that we aren’t breaking into her house and filming her. SHE chooses to be a public figure. The internet isn’t a diary.

No. 255444

She's totally scared for her life, but devastated that vangelina isn't paying attention to her 24/7 and responding immediately to her texts kek. Another inconsistency to chalk up in her switch log.
She doesn't have a career. You said her stalker was trying to end her career. There is no stalker. She's an unemployed loser who thinks a diagnostic impression will protect her from growing up and getting a job. The stalker story is just another excuse to never be responsible and play agere with Steve all day and you wks gobbled it up.

No. 255445

You’re also speculating. You have nothing holding up your argument that it is happening. Though if it were and there was substantial evidence, don’t you think Jill would have easily used that against us in her lolcow video? It would further her claim and give it legs to stand on. But she didn’t. She talked about what we all know which is that one incident specified.

No. 255450

Kek. Jillybean would be pissing her pants every second if she had as many farmers watching her and recording her shit (sometimes literal shit)as Shayna Clifford. Or if she had a bunch of candids taken of her whenever she goes to different events like Momokun or Terry.

No. 255452

You know what I just noticed? Do we even have pics of Jill's basement?

No. 255453

It was a takedown video and a compilation of “evidence”, why would she leave information out? Try harder.

No. 255455

Lolcor is back nonnies !!!

No. 255456

I'm tinfoiling that the anons replying to the obvious troll are just other retarded wk/trolls and they're going back and forth thinking they're """pwning""" lolcow.

Manifesting any posts left not deleted by mods get red texted for schizos samefagging. I do enjoy the mass deleting though.

it'd be funnier if this was just schizo Elaine and schizo tranny having a stand off, perfect match.

No. 255457

File: 1665087602826.jpeg (392.28 KB, 1170x786, F768AF2A-5FE9-4B7A-A49B-7C6871…)

Seems she knows about the dms being shared

No. 255458

That’s just pathetic at this point

No. 255459

Top kek at her disabling the comment function

No. 255460

v. didnt provoke her this time though lol her aggression was purely a result of her bpd rage from not having her dms answered immediately. nice job deleting those tweets though to frame yourself as the victim again jillian

No. 255462

She keeps bringing up the entire topic, I thought she was done and over with it. Lol

No. 255464

This site doesn't provide any information that isn't also publicly available online. Doxxing is banned and removed, always. You have no idea what you're talking about, newfag.

No. 255465


No. 255467

As if her own PUBLIC twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok are not already open avenues for that. Lolcow isn’t responsible for spergs acting out. Jfc, you Jillian dick-riders are something else.

No. 255468

Go to bed anon. Your shit tinfoil adds nothing to this conversation.

No. 255470

I love how she's claiming that it's people provoking her but she tweeted out that Vangelina can suck her dick without knowing if the video would be negative, positive or impartial. She jumped the gun and started attacking when Vangelina wouldn't bend to her manipulation. She wanted to post the DMs first when Vangelina wouldn't reply on time to try to make her seem like a bitch that wouldn't hear her pleas. It sucks that so many people don't see Jill's manipulation because I imagine a lot of her fans are kids who have dealt with real abuse and found a false sense of kinship with Jill since she's open about being mentally ill (just not in the way she thinks she is).

No. 255471

this is so retarded

No. 255473

kek, seething much?
thanks farmhands!

No. 255474

It's not even that people think she is "aggressive for no reason," she's just so spoiled that she doesn't get how out of proportion all her tantrums are to whatever happened to set them off. You can argue and even express anger at other people without being as much of an asshole as she is, you'd think such an uwu guru would know this

No. 255476

File: 1665089320050.jpg (85.11 KB, 720x479, Screenshot_20221006-134545_Chr…)

No. 255477

File: 1665089436121.webm (1.66 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 255478

They is a pretty strong label.

In fact, going by 'they' describes your politics. It puts you in the uber-woke-PC-liberal box. And people either treat you with kid gloves because they know that anyone who goes by they is gonna have a strong reaction to being misgendered. Or people straight up avoid you.

No. 255480

I am so fucking tired of this bitch. in what world was v provoking her? god forbid the day she actually has to deal with even a single real life problem

No. 255481

Context for the quote in description

No. 255483

cover her ugly mug and wig and it's a boring, ill fitting, shein tier trash outfit?

No. 255484

I'm still surprised her saying one of her alters was intersex then took it back because she didn't want to deal with the drama of her own statement, just got swept under the rug

No. 255485


Oh LMAO it's Mattel rec-conning Frankie Stein into being they/them.

When Monster High came out she was a she and she was the DAUGHTER of Frankenstein.

No. 255486

lol when whas this?

No. 255487

I hate it when people have terrible tempers they always blame someone else. Jilly, believe it or not, you are in charge on how you react. Just slapping a tweet saying "uwu don't blame me for acting like a colossal bitch" is just deflecting real harmful behaviors. You do need therapy but to help you control and cope with your temper.

No. 255488

Some months ago anon, read her past threads
She's so easily triggered holy fuck

No. 255489

File: 1665090144295.jpeg (406.56 KB, 828x1051, 10ECD0C0-AC71-4681-90B4-A3BCF1…)

No. 255490

File: 1665090195781.png (369.29 KB, 356x568, insane.png)

>I dress this way so little kids come up to me

What the fuck? She says that as she starts undressing. Is she insane? this isn't okay to say, feels pedo groomer-ish

No. 255492

Remember when colourpop did HP and she had a fit over it? Hocus pocus collection came out after that… not a very good trans ally of her

No. 255494

How ironic that she is tagging #enby and #nonbinary and also @Colourpop. If she was such an ethical and supportive trans activist, she would have asked to be removed from Colourpop's PR list after they did the HP collection. Getting free shit is way more important though.

No. 255495

what was the "apology", is that from more DMs?

No. 255496

She can keep THEY/THEM SPICY STRAIGHT Frankie. Abbey Bominable is our terf queen

No. 255497

File: 1665090686527.png (41.61 KB, 275x221, 1638068067196.png)

It's in the thread "The DiD Saga Begins". Here's a tweet taken from that thread.

No. 255498

damn Jillian is looking very suspicious lmao.

No. 255499

Is frankie a they/them now? Ugh. They can't keep doing this shit.

No. 255500

Yes and lolcow made Abbey our terf icon because the actress from the live action move looked visibly disgusted when Frankie announced her pronouns

No. 255502

That's how Jill operates. She really doesn't give a damn as long as she continues to get free shit. Her version of being an ally is all lip service and asspats. But don't you dare call her out!

No. 255503

So Jill has publicly claimed she is trans (alter), intersex (alter), has DID (no diagnosis) and autism (no diagnosis), underage despite being an adult (alter), and that she has some kind of severe (childhood?) trauma. Did I miss anything?

No. 255504

File: 1665091152405.gif (10.31 MB, 360x640, jilly.gif)

reminder she once undressed to "get her target" or whatever with steven and this feels oddly similar and gross

No. 255505

no actual kid would mistake her for a monster high. She looks like a creepy dangerous clown.

No. 255507

She's right she just got the words in the wrong order, people see her as a high monster kek

No. 255508

it dropped

No. 255509

File: 1665092465367.png (492.93 KB, 1080x1266, Screenshot_20221006-173800~3.p…)

She also pinned this video to the top of her Twitter (used to be her alters iconography). She's trying to do damage control and bracing for the worst

No. 255510

called it. vangelinas definitely going to release a video now, she has nothing to lose

No. 255511

File: 1665092608801.png (359.87 KB, 750x1334, 3CE6BB3C-B238-479D-BA7D-4A541F…)

She also “liked” these after already previously tweeting/retweeting them KEK

No. 255512

wow LMAOOOO so now redirecting everyone to her own Lolcow Drama is more important than what emojis and pronouns her alters use? KEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

No. 255513

File: 1665092634786.png (519.27 KB, 750x1334, 843754BB-8492-4354-8BF3-5E7700…)

No. 255514

>Demanding people agree with you
Lol Jill, don't you do that?

No. 255515

She literally does

No. 255516

Vangelina brought up jill admitting to stripping in front of stevie, i wonder how jill will worm her way out of that one

No. 255517

Idk why she pinned it, it's not the self defense she thinks it is, she thinks she made a powerful move to deceive people into being on her side but she sounds completely unhinged with that smile on her face as she brings the "juicy gossip" out (her own words at the start of the video)

No. 255518

Holy shit, she is fully aware that she fucked up and is preparing damage control. She KNOWS. If this doesn't show that she is fully aware of her actions I don't know what will. I saw some people in V's live chat claiming that she is just drumming up drama for attention, but idk to me she looks scared shitless for the coming consequences.

Congrats Jilly, you are going to learn the true meaning of "once on the internet, always on the internet". Deleting something doesn't make it undone.

No. 255519

File: 1665093538276.png (417.27 KB, 750x1334, D532E71A-951C-4F74-AE68-D53253…)

Sorry for the continued screenshot sperg but she just keeps doing it? What does she think this will accomplish? Vangelina didn’t even bring up her DID. I watched it on 2x speed and skipped through the faff, but she straight up was tweeting as Jerrick while blubbering to Vangelina in the DMs.

No. 255520

I'm curious if the Veronica video will go down to try and hide this or not now that attention is being called to it

No. 255521

wow this video has been extremely disappointing so far tbh. I thought she was going to make a video on all her past controversies, but it’s literally just about their conversations on twitter. i wanted someone to finally call jillian out on all her bullshit. oh well…

No. 255522

Nonnie, you don’t understand. This is just the beginning. Just give it time and milkmas will provide

No. 255523

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ARCHIVE THE VERONICA VIDEO in case she does edit/take it down. It has a lot of evidence regarding her larp

No. 255524

She says at the start she was working on a Jillian video along side some others that she wants to release a trailer for before releasing. This is just her covering the process of attempting to get an interview from Jill. Video is still coming out.

No. 255526

Downloading it and will upload to KF later

No. 255527

No. 255528

this is not the video she said she was going to make, is just an edit of a stream to clarify what happened and show DMs

No. 255530

thanks for the clarification nonnies. I will look forward to her next video and jill’s inevitable meltdown.

No. 255532

maybe she's trying to push down other likes that would get her in "trouble"? i don't know what those'd be though

No. 255533

Doesn't this prove she's faking DID? Like, "Jill" was contacting Vangelina and begging in a very pathetic way, while "Jerr" was tweeting?

No. 255536

I screen-recorded the portion of her talking about the stripping incidents as well, just to have on hand.

No. 255537

It should, but knowing her she’ll just claim that she was “co-con” or some other ridiculous shit.

No. 255542

I had never heard of Vangelina before and didn't expect her to be that adorable wow. It's not the video we wanted but it's clear cut undeniable proof of Jill's rotten personality, lies and manipulation.

No. 255546

No, we don't like anyone but our queen.

No. 255548

Read the rules. Leave the name and subject field empty, sage goes in the email field, jordan

No. 255551


No. 255552

File: 1665096416414.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.12 KB, 680x1024, BE7ED7BA-5273-44DC-93E2-767858…)

Our one true queen forever

No. 255556

Because our queen shines.

No. 255558

It’s topical, considering earlier thread discussions.

No. 255560

File: 1665097010119.png (698.47 KB, 1034x1023, bigmad.png)

Pixie is now raging on twitter

No. 255561

She’s digging her own grave now. When will this stupid cunt learn?

No. 255562

Haven't they only been in contact about this specific topic for like…a few days at most? Or am I missing something? V hasn't been "coming at Jill", but of course she probably considers mentioning her for comment as "coming at her" kek

No. 255565

File: 1665097504675.jpeg (511.63 KB, 1170x1116, 2AAE1B39-5EBF-4272-B488-D6153B…)

Ok so post them Jill. If she's a bad lolcow user show us proof.

No. 255566

>"extremely aggressive"

No. 255567

This comment gave me Azalea Banks energy

No. 255570

i hope so, when cows do that they freak out and accuse and block random people.

No. 255571

So does this mean Stevie is a confirmed WK lurker? Lmfao.

No. 255572

File: 1665097684287.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1721, 1F6045DA-807A-4B4E-AAA2-91AC46…)

No. 255573

>my lolcow

No. 255575

File: 1665097784774.jpeg (108.87 KB, 750x1624, B3E4757E-BC2E-4468-BE93-64A7AB…)

No. 255576

explains the basement pic Jesus posted.

No. 255577

me my me we. she cant even keep the charade up in one fucking tweet!!

No. 255578

File: 1665097868286.png (141.12 KB, 1182x508, Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 7.09…)

No. 255579

don't give her ideas nonnie she already hinted at being a schizophrenic before deciding on DID.

No. 255582

Sage for blogpost but I really do wonder how many people on here are people she knows. Jill follows me on Twitter, we've taken pics at cons together etc. I think there are probably a lot of her mutuals just sitting in the corner not really having the guts to talk to her about anything she's doing

No. 255583

lol this must be the apology that van regrets

No. 255584

Love her dropping the "we/us" act during all this. It's so embarrassing! She should just admit she's a fucked up narc that can't handle criticism.

No. 255585

same fag, the page didn't refresh fast enough.
but she is literally lying??? Were they were public on her account? she just fucked up

No. 255586

that's probably because she can't have her fun, not really diagnosed, treatment free slumby party larp with schizophrenia.

No. 255587

I want to point out here that first of all, she didn't see any issue with these tweets until they were leaked. Her tweets were ok until we knew about it / vangelina did. Only after that was it deemed wrong.

Secondly as we've predicted for months she's blaming her bad behaviour on jerrick & claims she isn't responsible for it.

Also, as an anon suspected, she is using Twitter circle to bitch about people privately.

No. 255589

>I don't agree with his statements

Is she actually throwing Jerrick under the bus?

No. 255590

yeah because she can say it wasn’t her, when it obviously is, LMAO

No. 255591

File: 1665098342977.jpeg (584.77 KB, 1170x1237, FA6BF23C-CB08-4B48-B0F2-F59DA9…)

She's pissed.

No. 255592

holy shit she overuses the word traumatized way too much

No. 255593

i imagine her snorting and fussing like a farm hog typing these tweets

No. 255594

File: 1665098562226.jpeg (782.42 KB, 1170x1611, 6F4D78F3-4D90-439F-A51F-4FE596…)

Can someone archive this or combine all the dms into one screenshot?

No. 255596

No. 255597

File: 1665098925872.jpeg (802.92 KB, 1170x1858, 5363ECD0-2C04-44F7-87FB-FCF8F8…)

No. 255598

File: 1665098943391.webm (3.7 MB, 320x690, BRrUyY9VwtXRPOTP.webm)

No. 255599

File: 1665099007786.jpeg (967.17 KB, 1170x2009, EA9F0358-F9F8-4EA1-92EA-F58E8F…)

No. 255601

File: 1665099084916.jpeg (782.4 KB, 1170x1780, 2565C5E6-B8A3-4F9D-BA50-A4D898…)

No. 255602

I'm most excited to compare performances of her video to Van's honestly it'll be funny to see the r a t i o

No. 255603

File: 1665099141929.jpeg (798.48 KB, 1170x1909, 704F3A21-4E39-4FFF-A7EE-72C223…)

No. 255604

>>I have no idea what people's concerns could be if not that I'm faking
interesting. she is very worried about that above all else, isn't she.

No. 255605

File: 1665099215949.jpeg (537.28 KB, 1170x980, 9B86D315-3124-43EC-B208-D22091…)

No. 255606


No. 255607

File: 1665099301446.webm (5.79 MB, 396x858, pixie_vang_dms.webm)

Full video Pixie posted on twitter of her entire DM history with Vangelina. Tweet caption:
"My entire DM history with Vangelina Skov. In March 2021, she began asking to interview me about rumours and criticism about me for a video on her channel. She gradually becomes more and more aggressive and upset as I politely decline, and repeat, it’s for my health and safety."

No. 255608

File: 1665099430070.jpeg (719.48 KB, 1170x1283, B42DD2F4-5144-4972-AB97-EF0E96…)

No. 255609

I had blue and white striped hair for about a day (looked good but I didn't like it) which was a little monster-high looking and got sincerely complimented by some 11 year old girls as soon as I stepped outside kek, I think that's what she means by this caption

No. 255610

Sheesh why is jillybean projecting so hard? Vangelina shared the DMs, there's nothing else to see.
Like, the only one that got aggressive was the vessel, I think Vangelina just knew what she had to deal with and made sure to write the texts as formal and dry as possible.
Also KEK
>inb4 she posts some stupid ass tiktok of her dancing and flashing everyone again or "stimming" which would include her "stim stim stim stim stim stim stim" chant.

No. 255611

even if everything were true (lol) how does she not even give a shred of benefit to the naysayers? "Yeah I know it seems like I had a perfect life I get it, and yes its really weird that my body chose to have this perfect pink alter and an evil green alter but its true! Believe what you think." No, it's apparently ridiculous and evil for anyone not to believe her. Even though she knew Trisha didn't have it.

No. 255612

File: 1665099554770.jpeg (774.42 KB, 1131x1815, 564BF033-304E-412E-8DC2-FEDFBB…)

Trying hard to keep up with this mess sorry if I'm missing anything important.

No. 255613

Yet she can not point to one (1) thing farmers have lied about. It would be so easy for her to proof if for example she did manage to squeeze out an actual diagnosise and not just the impression. Or proof from the doctors/health workers that they are aware of her drug abuse and that it is not in their proffesionell opinion a hinder for a diagnosis. We archive what she posts online and we laugh about it, and have hearty keks when the cap from yesterday does not add up with the cap from today. Its so far from lying and harrassing.

No. 255614

Wait what, now she's explicitly admitting that she's lurking 24/7.
>you consistently have a convenient up-to-date knowledge of all the shit they're talking

No. 255615

she's already arguing on twitter with the few people who have said anything merely critical about her on her recent tweets, its only a matter of time before she finally kills her career for good with how she is handling this

No. 255616

Based Vangelina.

No. 255617

File: 1665099677327.jpeg (633.72 KB, 1170x1734, B747F7BB-44CA-424C-B945-FC26FA…)

No. 255618

oh my god she sounds demented. 'hii hiiii lovelies this person is actually a lying piece of hater stalker scum who is constantly attacking me for just existing'. we're witnessing her joker moment in real time

No. 255619

where are the big evil DMs she sent you? Was it when she said "no" to your guilt trip? Thats what many people's parents do Jill, but we can see how that never happened to you

No. 255620

In this reel there are dms of her begging v to let her answer questions, while the tweets that accompanied the reel were talking about how v was begging her? Jill… what is going on? She’s just lying in real time very blatantly, it’s gotta be the weed and sedentary brain rot right? Surely she’s not this clueless to her own actions and words.

No. 255621

is the sexual assault thing referring to vangelina mentioning that veronica stripped in front of her friend and steve? if so, jill you admitted this yourself kek

No. 255622

vangelina if youre reading this youre incredibly based

why didnt jill leave her blocked instead of starting a twitter slap-fight with her??? like she keeps saying this is a bad look for v. but does she realise the fucking optics of this cause she sounds insane right now

No. 255623

File: 1665099872013.png (463.09 KB, 803x1389, IMG_0499.png)

No. 255624

She is just unhinged from reality, I’m actually kind of worried about her. Louise come and get your daughter before she hurts herself out of spite.

No. 255625

File: 1665099927405.jpeg (563.93 KB, 1170x1084, 1F10F20D-C43E-441D-A328-60520C…)

No. 255626

Jill must be manic as fuck

No. 255627

She’s lost it lol

No. 255628

KEK, I'm sorry, I can't just take her seriously, she's a childish liar that is so used to believing in her own shit that she can't understand a reality outside of what she twists.

No. 255629

File: 1665100036954.png (388.62 KB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20221006-194531~2.p…)

No. 255630

File: 1665100055973.jpeg (359.84 KB, 1170x725, 79599646-661C-43C4-8805-9FE2DF…)

No. 255631

Jill’s joker arc fr right now, like who is scared of this bitch ?

No. 255632

File: 1665100090197.png (245.75 KB, 828x823, IMG_0501.png)

No. 255633

Hope Steven isn’t trying to rile her up with inflammatory takes of van’s video, that would be beyond cruel.

No. 255634

'you will come to realise this was a huge mistake'
HAHAHAHA this is banner worthy

No. 255635

seeing the slapfight in real time is the best thing i've seen on this site oh my goodness

No. 255636

File: 1665100141020.jpeg (615.07 KB, 1170x1146, B1C5A31E-776A-4274-8228-7A5900…)

No. 255637

Shouldn't she be dissociating on her couch or something as we speak from all ~trauma~ happening right now?

No. 255638

>"If you call me a liar or a child one more time …"

Then what Jill? Is that a thinly veiled threat? Or are you just gonna bitch to your mom some more and talk shit on your public other account.

No. 255640

>Listens to a second hand source
>Takes it as facts
>Spreads it online
And exactly what was it you were made about farmers doing, jill?

No. 255641

no literally

No. 255642

File: 1665100211387.jpg (49.56 KB, 665x374, e438b3a9-592c-42b8-8d0c-addcb2…)

she's talking about herself

No. 255643

It's weird to me how freely she uses "crazy" and "insane" as insults. Most woke-tards obsessed with mental health have know better than to do this.

No. 255644

File: 1665100285270.jpeg (419.3 KB, 1170x676, A2E2D5AB-6E1F-438F-AADD-423BB2…)

No. 255645

I know right, she should at least change accounts and be a bitch on Jerricka's account, or maybe she should use the jerricka emoji and jillijax emoji to sign off her tweets.

No. 255646

File: 1665100346391.gif (86.83 KB, 200x150, michael-jackson-popcorn.gif)

>>255636 this is so beautiful to watch in real time, god bless vangelina. Jills true worst nightmare she said herself is coming true: cancelled on twitter kek

No. 255647

the way she keeps repeating that vangelina is "so in the wrong" and "evil" and "a bully" makes it sound like she's trying to convince herself

No. 255648

File: 1665100379721.jpeg (729.37 KB, 1170x1465, FA4E3B02-57EA-4FEA-A0A4-A22D8A…)

No. 255649

File: 1665100409620.jpeg (338.79 KB, 1170x967, 0185DDE5-FC8D-4EB2-80D4-647801…)

steve is also going to share his thoughts on the situation, apparently

No. 255650

removed and at Maggie's house as we speak kek

No. 255651

"removed from most of this situation" and yet apparently he's jill's #1 source on it. good god steven

No. 255652

File: 1665100506584.png (38.91 KB, 735x297, Capture.PNG)

she keeps liking her own tweets lol or is it one of her alters liking?

No. 255654

This is why she requires others to use tone indicators so bad

No. 255655

I bet the mutual friend was Steve lol

No. 255656

no, its to try and ratio Vangelina

No. 255657

Omg what if Steve is feeding her false information to make her go crazy so she has to move back with her parents and he can get back with Maggie? Is Steve an evil genius?

No. 255659

File: 1665100758784.webm (3.42 MB, 1920x1080, Veronica.webm)

No. 255660

File: 1665100767671.jpg (47.3 KB, 704x396, 70a941a3-1ec9-4e33-92a2-a681e4…)

No. 255661

>>255648 truly amazing how if jill acted like a normal fucking human and could actually communicate vangelina couldve just left it at a livestream, but theres a reason jill has so many threads. Plus Van did that pull and majority said yes make a jill video. Shes so funny fr I love seeing her finally crashing and burning idc

No. 255663

>>255660 sorry samefag the page didnt refresh but holy shit jill youre delusional. Anyone can look at van's tweets and she never insulted or bullied you lmfaooo

No. 255664

Not that important but I’m p sure she’s blatantly lying about the Jerrick tweets being on Twitter circles? If they were, it would say so in the screen cap since all circle tweets are labeled

No. 255665

her saying she only got lolcow info from steebie is a cop out to pretend she doesn't use the site. but on that note i feel like jill is his fallback for him and he's just messing around with maggie for fun. he has access to jill's mommy and daddy money. and their life seems pretty easy.

No. 255666

Rereading this, so Steve accused vangelina of accusing him of cheating to Jill? What the fuck is going on

No. 255667

File: 1665100972413.jpg (995.45 KB, 1072x3204, Screenshot_20221006_200223_Twi…)

No. 255668

File: 1665101035041.jpg (224.57 KB, 720x1199, IMG_20221007_020150.jpg)

No. 255669

What happened to the whole “system accountability” thing? That wasn’t an apology, that was a list of excuses. You can’t just throw one alter under the bus and say “but I would never do that”, you have to take responsibility and say “we screwed up, we’re sorry”.

I really wish she would stop using “I’m traumatized” as a shield. There are so many people in the world that are traumatized and have trauma disorders, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to criticism. Idk what Vangelina’s accusation was and apparently she was wrong, but at this point it’s not about Vangelina, this response has become a pattern for Jill. Anytime anyone disagrees or criticizes her, she goes immediately to “you’re harassing a traumatized person” to shut the conversation down and make the other person look bad. Trauma isn’t a get out of jail free card, and unless someone is triggering your specific trauma there’s literally no reason to bring it up.

No. 255670

jill in your own words its 'self-defence'. i guess its okay for you to spew vitriolic bullshit at everyone who dares to challenge you but the second someone does the same theyre threatening you, huh

even if she isnt lying its still a really bad look to be actively shit talking someone on your twitter account when youre trying to have a polite discussion with them to resolve issues via dms. jill really couldve apologised for that, said that they can agree to disagree, block and move tf on. all this has GUARANTEED that v. will make a video on her which is apparently the opposite of what she wants. absolutely braindead =

No. 255671

File: 1665101071003.jpg (312.14 KB, 1080x1417, Screenshot_20221006_200358_Twi…)

Also including the first response cause it's exactly what we said here regarding "ableist language" lmfao

No. 255672

More likely he’s doing it for the lols

No. 255673

who knows. jill is making shit up left and right. she is claiming that vangelina said steve cheated on her either way. i think she is claiming she got this info through steve because she doesn't want to admit she's watching the videos or coming here.

No. 255674

so apparently other people have been having an issue with twitter making them auto-like their own comments?

No. 255675

So interesting how she keeps calling it my lolcow and my lolcow forums like she feels ownership over it. I guess having threads for so many years makes you just accept it as part of your life.
She is lying yet again here, how is Van asking for her side of the story, completely fair thing for Van to do, and anons have mentioned they were Twitter mutuals too - "harassing" her? Van has been fair so far and made no implication the video will be one-sided, so she's jumping the gun to assume it will be, and go on the defensive before it's even published.
Pinning her lolcow video >>255509 also suggests she did make it as a pre-emptive defense.

No. 255676

"internet rumors about me" Jill, you mean things you literally say and do publicly? There are tinfoils here and there but you are the direct source of your controversy.

No. 255677

I wonder if Jill will make a drama response video about this (monetized of course!). If she's smart she'll know this is a money making opportunity for her flopping career.

No. 255678

Itll be funny as fuck when Vangelina releases the true video and other drama channels pick it up and dig around Jill's shit too, I' double laugh if that ends up being iNabber too since he essentially did it after being on good terms with shane dawson

No. 255679

The only rampant and vicious thing going here right now is the amount of milk spilling everywhere

No. 255680

File: 1665101676826.jpeg (492.11 KB, 1170x880, 02ADC6D1-B832-4F24-9A2E-16FD64…)

No. 255682

honestly though this might be the milkiest thing to happen all year. sometimes i marvel at the fact that for years jills thread was mostly anons complaining about her ranbow bangs. look how far we've come

No. 255683

Wow, I had thought the tweets had been posted publicly. I wonder who it was who leaked?

No. 255684

The infighting between her fans is just as milky as all of Jillian's tweets, the true colours of her fanbase is coming out

No. 255685

File: 1665101801225.jpeg (376.77 KB, 1170x767, FFCDE2BB-D777-498A-8ED3-979186…)

No. 255686

I hope it was Steebs.

No. 255687

Okay, this is my schizo tinfoil but the timeline could've been like this:
>Jillybean lurks hard
>She sees some anon bringing up Vangelina
>She makes the lolcow video
>WKs appear
>it's actually steeb with a VPN trying to whiteknight m'lardy because he wants to be forgiven for cheating on her with Maggie the pedophile since he's used to mooching off Jillybean
>Jillybean goes full retard after the empty threats to shut down lolcow fails
>goes ape shit when she notices that nobody gives a fuck about her twauma and mewental heltz

No. 255688

tinfoil but i think it was bobo. we saw her posting in vangelinas livechat, and i just now checked and jill isnt following bobo on twitter. its just a guess but itd make sense

No. 255689

File: 1665102145991.webm (3.03 MB, 1280x720, Intersex.webm)

Veronica video time stamp 3:55 - 4:39.

No. 255690

This is what I’m thinking, she just fucked up and posted them public

No. 255692

how does jill think she looks good in any of this? she looks like a freak and she's projecting like crazy

No. 255693

File: 1665102463668.png (238.03 KB, 828x855, IMG_0502.png)

No. 255694

File: 1665102532079.jpeg (15.93 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpeg)

These are grown ass fucking adults. Gross. It's also hilarious to read all of this while remembering this

No. 255695

File: 1665102551253.png (511.17 KB, 1000x1500, the-narcissists-prayer.png)

Nothing highlights her unchecked Narcissistic Personality Disorder more than these past few days. Picrel

No. 255696

File: 1665102627755.png (112.37 KB, 1319x1054, cc.png)

i watched the stream live and saw quite a few people popping into to chat saying that they're fans of Jill and wondering what she did to warrant Vangelina discussing her and if she had been "cancelled"

my dumb ass didn't think to cap until the very end of the stream so I only caught two chat messages, but even in the comments of the stream recap it looks like more and more of Jill's fans are wising up to her bullshit

>throw an absolute raging hissy fit all over twitter when there's the smallest amount of repercussion
fuck off!!! the projection!!!!

No. 255697

File: 1665102844168.jpeg (789.52 KB, 1170x1538, A5284265-3DEF-45A4-9128-859A3A…)

mama vessey is still supporting her after her twitter breakdown

No. 255698

>>255697 i mean… is it that surprising? Of course mama vessey is going to support jill on this

No. 255699

What a pathetic enabler

No. 255700

"benefit of the doubt" louise we are talking about severe accusations here

No. 255701

Jill insinuating this is a dangerous situation as a vague self harm threat
Her mom: xoxoxo KEK

No. 255703

File: 1665103156197.jpg (226.78 KB, 1000x731, 1000_F_206125428_zqMPG9unT32gt…)

Ladies start baking those cookies Milkmas! Came early this year.

No. 255705

Sage for slight WK but Jill: STOP RESPONDING TO THEM. You can just walk away from all this.

No. 255706

File: 1665103337613.jpg (2.33 MB, 3582x2802, 20221006_204105.jpg)

>>255703 god i should throw these out but ive had these in my fridge for awhile, perfect for jilly milkmas tho

No. 255707

Of all the things I've ever seen from Jill that confirms BPD for me: this is it. My BPD mother-in-law fucking does this too when she's trying to intimidate me or get what she wants. I know how fucked that sounds - because it is.

No. 255708

File: 1665103544708.jpeg (398.31 KB, 828x1187, F43278A8-916E-4013-995F-61867E…)

Changed her pinned tweet again

No. 255709

"safe to eat raw" just shove them directly into your mouth nona

No. 255711

File: 1665103659397.png (416.64 KB, 609x471, 7z5r59okcw661.png)

>>255709 will do

No. 255712

“Mooooomm!!! People are being mean to me on the internet again!!!”

No. 255713

I have no sympathy for you Louise. You need to step up and act like a parent not Jill's friend.

No. 255715

No, nonna needs to cook them and give me one

No. 255716

Didn’t v say in her live that Jill was going to try to use this apology as some sort of “gotcha”. Also why would jill want an apology from someone she’s accusing of actively trying to cause her physical harm? Her understanding of other people is so broken, it’s baffling to witness.

No. 255717

>>255715 I'll share with the whole board no worries

No. 255719

File: 1665104301874.gif (1.85 MB, 360x270, giphy.gif)

“Dont worry Jillybean I’ll call the cyber police right away!”

No. 255720

Honestly I don't even know what to say at this point. The hypocrisy is driving me insane.

The commentary channel made a commentary video. Big whoop. Do you think gabbie wanted you to comment on her mental health without her comment? Do you think Trisha wanted you to make a video without her comment? No, but you participated in them anyway because you considered them news worthy. I consider your utter bullshit to be news worthy and I'm glad someone's willing to cover it and cater to what I like to watch. Which is just pure car crash fodder.

She needs to get a grip and at least stay consistent with her bullshit. The hypocrisy is more annoying than the lying to me. If you're gonna make up shit and act a certain way then fucking stick to it.

And Jill we all know jerricks tweets weren't leaked, they were posted on jerricks twitter. You just forgot to turn on circles you cunt.

Apologies if this is rambly but I'm so pissed off I can't even form coherent sentences. I'm feeling very "I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you" right now.

No. 255721

File: 1665104716513.jpeg (114.47 KB, 1170x746, D49CBE38-AA58-4471-9FDF-D7DDF2…)

jill noticed her friend in the live stream and blocked her lol

No. 255722

I almost feel like this is the point that she's too far gone. I wanted for a long time to be able to see her bounce back and become at the very least happy with herself, but I don't think this is circumstance or mental health or even anything else. This is just who she is, an entitled, whiny, absolutely repulsive human who managed to hide it when she was younger but couldn't take it any longer

No. 255723

Jesus remember when she just used to tall about Jfashion?

No. 255724

Jillian basically accusing Gabbie of having DID with absolutely no proof outside of a tiktok is somehow normal and a sane thing to put on the internet. Only jill is allowed to make harmful assumptions about public figures, because she always has a good intentions that root from nothing more than the need to help others,, obviously

No. 255725

that's sad and i knew she would do this shit. she's paranoid and she's going to start blocking left and right.

No. 255726

>>255721 hope the rest of the DID community finally sees jill is a shithead and drops her too lmao

No. 255727

(Tinfoil maybe) if i’m understanding correctly it seems like Jill assumes bobo shared jerr’s “private” tweets (they were not private, jill was high and accidentally made them public and only realized after the fact kek i have 0 doubts about this) Right now for damage control jill has decided that, bobo didn’t just join a livestream they also leaked these alleged posts. But from bobo’s pov, it seems like they truly just were watching a live stream and then got blocked by someone who they thought was a mutual.

No. 255728

File: 1665105118581.png (71.14 KB, 720x526, Screenshot_20221006-210923~2.p…)

I don't understand how Louise is okay with her daughter claiming severe abuse and CSA online for all to see. If she believed her, wouldn't she go to the police? If she doesn't believe her, doesn't it make her look bad? If Jill were to meet actual abused children living in the system, would she still insist she is the most twamatized?

No. 255729

File: 1665105309897.jpeg (554.86 KB, 1170x831, 10C68497-0B9A-4715-921C-C17A63…)

Writing her own fucking fantasy

No. 255730

jill literally acknowledged that v responded to that dm with "understandable" kek

No. 255731

File: 1665105556998.png (1.79 MB, 1125x2436, 1665052055802.png)

Sage for redundancy but these are Jerrick's Tweets from the last thread, reposted since Jill has now invented a story where there is a mole in the group who shared the Tweets - Probably blaming Boba when she didn't do anything afaik - which Jill claims were on circle mode and were leaked. If something is shared only to Circles it will display that under the Tweet, these were posted publicly

No. 255732

File: 1665105573182.jpeg (973.09 KB, 1170x1817, 810759AD-7888-4430-A6A7-34E802…)

No. 255733

for someone who wants people to leave her alone she sure does prolong the situation with these tweets. Idk man just does not read as someone who’s having a panic attack because of harassment. You aren’t logging out because of fear, you continue to revel and ultimately engage the people who are stressing you out and “traumatizing” you.

No. 255735

But how would Jill know that Bobo was in the livestream unless she was checking lolcow? The vid Jill would be watching would have been the edited one not the full stream. The only place you see Bobo pointed out is here.

No. 255736

Ref screenshots for her lies >>255731

No. 255737

>>255732 KEK the constant insistence the situation is so serious

No. 255739

File: 1665106222094.jpeg (425.54 KB, 828x1233, F4E27743-8380-4B7A-AE68-ACA7E6…)

This one made me kek

No. 255740

File: 1665106297776.png (Spoiler Image,117.74 KB, 1134x495, 1664828353206 (2).png)

Samefag, here is what it would look like if it was posted to Circles (unrelated image saved from another cow thread, just note the very clear labels under the Tweets)

No. 255741

File: 1665106320495.jpg (312.37 KB, 1200x675, neurocover.jpg)

>>255739 i swear someone already made a jill/jerrick edit of this but if not pls make it happen

No. 255743

File: 1665106371748.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.43 KB, 350x250, 54F0B321-9DE2-4C9D-B754-2C4A7E…)

Jilly you need a reality check. Like bitch just log off and your problems are solved. Terminally online behavior

No. 255744

It's right here nonna

No. 255745

I feel the same way as you nona, it's actually baffling how her followers don't seem to notice or call her out on her hypocrisy. When Jill is toxic she's just "matching their energy" (even though her rudeness has been completely unprovoked many times) but when someone says something even vaguely critical about her it's actual bullying and SO dangerous and serious you guys.

No. 255748

stevie probably told her tbf, it sounds like jill made him watch it and give her the details. i also have a sneaking suspicion she asks him to update her on the status of these threads from time to time

No. 255749

She’s still going bruh …. that little “she is a parasite” thrown in at the end. Very rainbow and sunshine of you to call someone who was trying to be civil that. That’s her version of “matching someone’s energy and tone”

No. 255750

I feel bad for Bobo. She seems to have thought she actually had a friend in Jill. The tweets were always public, but Jill can never be in the wrong so Bobo takes the fall and Jill gets to be the victim who was betrayed. She could have blamed amnesia with Jerrick fronting, she didn’t have to throw an unrelated person under the bus. That’s a pretty crappy thing to do imo

No. 255751

What community Jill? Yours? YouTube? Huh?

No. 255752

jill teach your minor alter some internet safety so he'll stfu venting stupid shit online challenge

also >parasite on the community
remind us again how you're not a bully lol

No. 255753

After all this she should really get her “strong kind beautiful” tattoo covered up

No. 255754

It wasn't me that used childish insults at that bully, it was my teenage alter!
She will do anything except taking responsibility for her own words.

No. 255759

Hey Steve, if you’re reading this, ask Jill why she was able to larp as Jerrick and Jill at the same time? The timestamps line up. Are you sure she actually has DID or is she just unstable like we’re already all aware of?

No. 255760

But wait she said to Vangalina not to call her a child. She really can't keep up with her own bull, or does the larp suspend during Twitter battles

No. 255763

She actually has a cult, huh. Keep it in our community, you mean your cult. Feels like a leader that does not want someone from the outside to help their brainwashed followers. They can only hear the truth from her bible because she is the higher being and they should worship her and if not >>255721 you get marginalized.

No. 255764

That's not right, Jill didn't know Vangelina was busy with her brother's birthday when she posted that tweet
At 13:03 (wrt Vangelina's timezone), Jill posted "Vangelina skov suck my ass challenge" >>255002
At 14:23 is when Vangelina replied to her saying that it's her brother's birthday >>255210

No. 255765

I doubt Steve buys into it. He is there for a free basement to dwell in and has publicly admitted being into ageplay. He probably likes Jill pretending to be a baby.

No. 255769

File: 1665107869438.jpeg (270.43 KB, 828x807, 210CE54E-B085-4E36-B915-8CB08B…)

Whoever he’s retweeting had been going at it for hours. Cow tipping?

No. 255772

Anything to keep the basement suite.

No. 255776

File: 1665108205698.jpeg (324.6 KB, 1143x938, 6FF47CCE-CEF6-49C3-9427-610B1E…)

oh shit, steve is making a video about the drama?

No. 255777

File: 1665108274851.jpeg (631.7 KB, 1170x1278, 0F615EE5-1036-42E2-9465-5AC3EE…)

he’s been reading the threads too, truly a milky day.

No. 255779

lol so vangelina can't make a video but its okay for her pet moid to do it. nice one jilly

No. 255780

File: 1665108499848.png (2.32 MB, 1038x1500, projection 101.png)

No. 255782

Ladies and Gentlemen, our white knight, no one is going to take him seriously, only the cult.

No. 255783

Jill and her legion of white knights (including her loser moid boyfriend) are so pathetic. I wish she would just get a job and stop being such a retard online. It’s so fucking embarrassing at this point. I would be ashamed to be her mother.

No. 255784

where did I miss someone accusing her of sexually assaulting him??! the only place I saw it was in Jill’s tweet claiming Vangelina said it, which she was told by Steve himself. idgi??

No. 255785

it's called indecent exposure not sexual assault.

No. 255787

At me properly next time, retard. Oops, I mean Hi Steve!

No. 255788

ot but stevies twitter pfp is straight out of 2016 commentary youtube, it's actually a little embarassing to see him using it. use a picrew or something like all the other trans flag in handle they/thems at least

No. 255791

Vangelina said that Jill stripped in front of Steve when he was still with Maggie because “she knows how to get what she wants” or something. Which Jill admitted to. But to try to make herself seem like a victim she called this Vangelina accusing her of SA. Which she did not.
I could see Steve saying something like “she’s acting like you sexually assaulted me or something” and Jill taking that as an actual thing that happened. They’re both idiots.

No. 255792

File: 1665109152459.webm (8.55 MB, 1280x720, YouCut_20221006_190109894.webm)

Video from her "meet my boyfriend" Valentine's day special that's also kind of damning. An innocent person wouldn't feel the need to control the narrative.

No. 255798

Probably Bobo & Co since she was in the live stream chat

No. 255799

someone's a little cranky 'cause they're out of pot, huh? guess the trip to the dispensary would just be too traumatising.

No. 255800

>heart wrenching
>it's literally just screenshots of Tweets and links to her youtube videos which anons point out (the many) discrepancies in

All these people need to touch some grass

No. 255804

As above >>255731
These were public Tweets and Jill just threw Bobo under the bus for?? reasons, girl is innocent

No. 255806

File: 1665110712602.webm (6.53 MB, 1280x720, Veronica_9.webm)

Veronica video time stamp: 20:30 - 22:06. This is the part mentioning being a fuckable plaything.

No. 255807

Probably late to this since the thread is moving so fast, but as someone who has been reading the threads for 5 years, this has to be the creamiest of Milk in all of Jill’s thread. Milkier than her Japan trips, milkier than her DID diagnosis

No. 255809

Take a cookie nonna >>255706 cause this is not over yet.

No. 255810

I wonder if when she gets desperate she'll tweet that Jerrick just killed himself

No. 255811

will someone please tl/dw this when it comes out?

No. 255813

He talks like such a theater faggot. This is all such insane overblown bullshit top kek, wahhhh my attention seeking munchie gf is getting told to grow up and anonymous people are laughing they're all laughing at her wahhhhhhhh. Top fucking kek at these fucking internet addicted retards. This wouldn't be a problem if these two didn't thrive off of internet likes like malajusted failure-to-launch speds.

No. 255814

File: 1665111506701.png (948.7 KB, 958x958, 4DE3E03A-2CEE-4DEA-BAA1-471681…)

anons, the cookies are ready

No. 255815

File: 1665111520548.jpeg (443.47 KB, 1170x931, B8188D9D-FB41-4842-8196-BC4D9A…)

This is her excuse for deleting the seizure tiktok

Also hi Stevie.

No. 255816

File: 1665111593326.jpeg (65.43 KB, 480x640, 8lb_can_condensed_milk~3.jpeg)

I brought drinks for everyone, cheers!
8Lb can kekk

No. 255817

How is that the most BPD thing Jill has ever done? Sorry I’m not seeing the BPD.

No. 255819

this is random but why would the sooper sex-positive bimbo alter be the one to remember the sexual abuse? Wouldn't she hate it? Why would she be ravenous for sex if her whole story arc is rape? It would've made more sense for her to have an alter that holds all the sexual trauma. and is, I don't know, actually upset about it

No. 255820

Can somenonnie please direct me to the thread with the seizure tiktok or repost it. I don't remember seeing it lol.

No. 255821

ot but this is such a good edit

No. 255822

I don't get why she couldn't just write a shitty "novel" with all these dumb characters instead of all these poorly acted out theatrics.

No. 255823

Rape and sexual assault trauma manifests in different ways. some people become sex repulsed which I think makes more logical sense to people, but some become hyper sexual as a means of taking back the power. I wouldn’t be too critical of this.

No. 255824

I know I'm yelling to the void here but as annoying as she sometimes was at least I feel like I could spend an afternoon with her and not want to leave immediately. She was just so normal. Like this is seriously so sad to see, and it won't get better because people with this type of BPD think they're totally justified in being the way they are and they can't physically understand that they're psychotic and insane

No. 255826

Not what I'm suggesting. It's just the most obvious thing to me, personally, as I have very much witnessed it before by someone diagnosed with BPD.

No. 255827

i hope this works, it's from thread #56 >>246755

No. 255828

File: 1665112423032.jpg (129.38 KB, 961x1256, boneaplleteat.jpg)

Let us feast

No. 255829

I think the theory is the mind creates an alternate personality state that accepts SA as inevitable and does everything possible to make it less physically damaging, like learning how to go along with the unwanted sexual advances or instigating things first to keep the abuser from beating them during the assault. But once the person is away from the abuser, the alter still has the mindset of “being sexy keeps us safe”

No. 255833

File: 1665112804218.webm (4.34 MB, 720x1280, 1662787432592.webm)

Nta, reposting

No. 255835

thanks for the repost, i wasn't sure how and didn't wanna fuck it up lmfao

No. 255836

remember when she could talk about MCR without pretending to be a 14 year old boy? I miss that. I miss her being just a little cringe and not. Whatever she is now.

No. 255837

Eh, she's being pretty cringe with her fake voice in that video.

No. 255838

But nowhere even close to the level she's at now.

No. 255839

Visual confirmation her fans are all underage. You'd have to be raised on twitter to see this as anything but what it is. Attention seeking larp.

No. 255841

Yup Steve is just making up shit. Vangelina never said or implied SA she just casually mentioned something Jill literally said in her own words, as an example of the controversy fans talk about.

No. 255842

Can someone share the like/dislike ratio on vangelina's video? I remember someone showed it on jills lolcow one but not sure how.

No. 255843

File: 1665113457255.jpg (111 KB, 956x625, istockphoto-1084069174-1024x10…)

No. 255844

File: 1665113608765.png (25.28 KB, 846x180, Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 11.3…)

No. 255845

>casually films seizure
How did she even start recording this. She started having a seizure and she just pulled her phone out to film? The fuck? How does anyone buy into this shit.

No. 255846

File: 1665114345768.png (140.33 KB, 1309x774, cc2.png)

some more former fans' comments

No. 255848

File: 1665114516341.webm (7.43 MB, 1280x720, Veronica_Jill_Stevie_Strip.web…)

Longer version time stamp 7:52 - 9:20. Found a better program to use.

No. 255849

Since when does Stevie have a YouTube channel?

No. 255850

No. 255851

Gonna have to say, out of all of her deviant art trauma OCs, Veronica is my least favorite. So fucking obnoxious and annoying. Her voice is nails on a chalkboard.

No. 255853

There's so much happening I can barely keep up kek

No. 255854

Honestly the only way people who truly dislike Jill will shut up about the cheating is if Steve has Maggie in his video. They're still friends it shouldn't be too hard to fight the allegations with the other person who was the victim present.

No. 255855

Woooowww, so she has 100% declared Vangelina as her enemy. She's fucking insane, this is so manipulative and seriously how is she not seeing that this is painting her as crazy. No sane person does this on their twitter

No. 255856

How is this bullying? Jillian is stupid

No. 255859

Someone should take note of patreon / youtube / social media numbers so we can see how her reaction (and later the video), affects her fan count.

No. 255860

Hey Jill guess what you're childish and a liar
Seething because she can't control the narrative huh
Oh my fucking god the lying and the projection from Jill is too much. It's so funny and there's so much milk flowing that I can't even say shit about this individually… Jillian makes herself look like such an unhinged narcissistic and manipulative loser, she's screaming to the void and plain bullying Vangelina but she won't bulge this time.

No. 255864

File: 1665118679039.jpeg (585.19 KB, 878x1858, DAF15A2B-A8B8-4955-8315-1443FA…)

YT as of today

No. 255865

File: 1665118769406.jpeg (553.15 KB, 842x2131, B2C1C192-43BB-43DD-9DC9-B279A5…)

And Twitter

No. 255866

File: 1665118818435.png (486.26 KB, 1125x2436, 24ADF1D0-A5CD-45A6-AF38-84E269…)

Patron pt1

No. 255867

File: 1665118894268.png (398.48 KB, 1125x2436, FA6B697A-FC51-4828-AF53-20523D…)

Patreon pt2

No. 255868

Couldn't get tiktok analytics because social blade says her account doesn't exist kek

No. 255869

Did you try with all her links in the thread summary?

No. 255870

No. 255871

>Dat big ass downfall in patreons kek

No. 255874

Imagine quitting your minimum wage job to make less than minimum wage online.

No. 255875

Next thread pic please.

No. 255876

>I heard from steve
So I guess Steve lurks and tells her all the gossip? and that's why she always mentions shit from this website? Or, like… is this another lie and she's the one lurking? Tbh my tinfoil is that they both lurk.

No. 255877

This is 100% the apology that Vangelina wanted to retract. Also even if it's private, Jilly still said shit about her. Just shows how two faced Jillian Vessey truly is.

No. 255878

>It's not me!!! ITS JERRICK!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS JERRICK!!!!!!!!! HE IS THE BULLY
Doesn't work like you think it does you childish immature and manipulative liar KEK.

No. 255879

They were public Jill. Once again you're making things up to make yourself look good.

No. 255880

>Genuinely do you know how to have a conversation without twisting things and lying? Is that something you're capable of?
KEKKKKK fuck her shit up Vangy!

No. 255881

reality is probably heartwrenching.

No. 255882

>>255843 im original cookie anon i love you guys LOL im def putting those cookies in the oven when im finally home, cheers!

No. 255883

Louise is legitimately an awful parent if her take away from everything has come to coddling and enabling her adult womanchild, holy fuck. Imagine making your spawn literally this stunted by design

No. 255884


>i am getting a summary from Stevie

So I watched vangelina's video, and she never said the Veronica part was sexual assault. In fact she made it sound better then it was by saying she only took her top off and had a bra on, when according to Jill she stripped naked. So the only person saying jill sexually assaulted Stevie.. is stevie

No. 255885

Both options are terrible but imagine having a partner that's constantly telling you all the shit other people say about you behind your back. Wouldn't that count as mental abuse? Because if he is doing that no wonder her mental health plummeted.

No. 255886

blessings, may your day be restful and your irl cookies be crunchy

No. 255888

can't wait to see the inevitable damage control/backpedaling when this is all over

No. 255889

Why does she scroll down so fast at some points kek. She is so fucking suspicious.

>making things up <3 <3 <3 <3
PURE PROJECTION! she's fucking making things up by the second!

No. 255890

She didn't sexually assault him, doesn't mean her STRIPPING NAKED in front of Maggie and Steven was ok though. What would Maggie feel? Jillian was of course doing it on purpose.

No. 255891

Jillian you're Jerrick, Jerrick does not exist, Jerrick is literally your own cyber bullying account, there's no 14 year old in this, it's you and only you and you need to be held accountable, you're 24 for fucks sake

No. 255892

Someone like that Bobo DID girl watching a stream isn't betrayal. She did not leak shit. You posted shit by accident Jilly. You're the unhinged immature and childish one here Jilly. Grow the fuck up Jilly.

No. 255893

Ahahhahaha, holy shit the sheer bitchyness in these tweets
I would like to point out that in the screenshots vangelina shared THERE WAS NO INDICATOR OF CIRCLES
My prediction that she fucked up and made it public was right, god she must be such a bitch in her circles

No. 255894

Like Vangelina said, JILLIAN is a very bad person. It's people like her who pretend to be nice and sweet the ones who alwayyyyyssss turn out to be massive bitches.

No. 255895

File: 1665125346151.jpg (207.05 KB, 1080x1170, 20221007_074807.jpg)

Does jill really not understand that not everyone is on the internet 24/7? Like damn let the girl have some breakfast without going on her phone

No. 255896

File: 1665125367407.png (20.69 KB, 560x288, bruh.png)

>lolcow is the ninth circle of hell.

No. 255897

File: 1665125462382.png (23.25 KB, 552x308, bruh.png)

Jillian retweeted this

No. 255898


According to Jill jerrick is a literal 14 year old so vangelina saying "grow up" is offensive, but he's also able to drive a car? Lol what

No. 255899

File: 1665125525955.png (23.73 KB, 550x316, gay ass shit.png)

man wtf

No. 255900

Another day, another night, where Jillybean spends her ass parked at home, unproductive and mad at the world for accomplishing nothing of value, as though it’s anyone else’s fault but her own.

If you’re gonna act like a bitch you need to actually BE THAT bitch, otherwise you’re just a whining sissy little bitch. Which is about the only time you’ll be called “little”.

No. 255901

From the way this Vangelina is structuring her channel it seems she is trying to go for a more of a joe rogan-esque sit, discuss, and explain your side of the drama. Not an unexpected change. No where in her discourse with Jill does she come off as unhinged or manic. She did take the bait a little, should never have fed the trolls.
Jill on the other hand…. takes her boyfriends word on a video she never watched and goes on a tangent. Sets up camp in her hugbox bitching to her fan base about how she's being bullied. Laments for HOURS how she wants to be left alone. While not just putting her phone down.
So what if Vangelina came here to gather info. We gather summaries and keep recipts, we are a journalist or researchers dream (if you only read thread summaries). She is not the first and will not be the last. Other, larger, channels have gone here to collect info and have cited what they got.
I adore breaking it to Jill, that one super annoying tripfsg, and all of her hugbox hambeasts. Guess what, so as long is there is proof that mods are trying to actively quell doxxing/illegal activity, feds ain't gonna do shit.

No. 255902

Interesting how she adds hearts and "babe" etc to her aggressive tweets, it proves she's very accustomed to using them for that purpose and never was as sweet and innocent as she tried to make people think. Not to mention it's very not-autism of her kek

No. 255903

Vangelina handled Jillian literaly with baby gloves. She said in the video she is not about fake claiming, and won't touch her DID diagnosis (which we know is fake). She would just report on the behaviour Jill showed on twitter. Also I have to laugh if Steve was the one freaking out and spamming "ummm, so where is the vangelina video she took it down???"

No. 255904

File: 1665127151340.png (35.07 KB, 596x408, firefox_sIdCh1Jw6g.png)

Also this made us find out Steebie's true face, a lurker that enables Jill and feeds her fake drama. Meanwhile

No. 255905

idk why it was reading this post specifically that did it to me, but I just realized Jill has the EXACT same writing/speech pattern as Trump. The exaggeration, the brief stops, the way she's using caps, very childish insults, repeating words, the confident yet false accusations and lies that can be easily disproved with their own words. I guess manipulative people think and express themselves in similar ways

No. 255906

Since Vangelina didn't say anything like that, at this point Jill is the only one spreading the sexual assault rumours about herself lmaooo

No. 255907

Jill cultivated an audience of blind fans, everyone else she has censored by deleting their comments and they unfollowed quietly. She completely relies on loudly spewing her bullshit because no one will watch Vangelina's video and see that she's being fair. She also blocked Bobo just for watching her stream and not even saying anything bad about her, this totally got to her head or Steve is feeding her fake information.

No. 255908

Yeah no wonder he is shitting himself about the "cheating" rumor like wtf is this? Bet he gaslights Jill if she brings up his Tweet history too.

No. 255910

She tried to control the narrative, didn't work. Vangelina makes a nice target so she doesn't have to look at herself or Steve. Naw, this bitch wants to dip her toes into drama. Wants to talk about people she never met, but nope the fuck out when people side eye her? She fails at doing polite drag once and now thinks she can drag people?
So who all thinks she posts here?

No. 255911

Instead of going after bobo because she didn’t use circles properly she needs to spend that energy figuring out who in her real life did the stuff with Steve’s job because it was nowhere on the thread.
On that point though, Steve is making a video which will no doubt be monetised and he is the one feeding Jill info and incorrect info. I’m feeling very suspicious of him. He tried to use Jill to launch his YouTube career before and flopped and now he is going to capitalise off this. Jill is flying way off the handle like way more than normal and who knows how he is feeding the info or embellished it.

No. 255912

Apologies for samefag but also notice Jill said he is telling her about it but he had that tweet claiming ignorance about stuff going on, why would he lie.

No. 255913

Next years pinned video from her: "MY EX ABUSED AND GASLIT ME INTO BELIEVING I HAD DID."

No. 255914

Tbqh, we have noticed Jill lying on the spot multiple times in this saga, contradicting her own words. It could be that "oh Steve is telling me this!" is her excuse after she realized she took it too far and then she is telling him he has to make a statement. I don't like Steve's character at all, but I noticed how in the last year he's barely on social media while Jill is online 24/7

No. 255915

File: 1665129798341.webm (18.35 MB, 1280x720, Untitled.webm)

Extremely late but here's a clip after the infamous diagnostic impressions sheet in Jill's DID video. Talks about the other diagnoses. Time stamp 22:17 - 24:39.

No. 255917

Vangelina had a calm and peaceful stream, it pisses me off how pixie is using her fans to attack her, yikes

No. 255918

All people with a sizable following do it consciously or not I think. Hers is hella malicious though.
I just more hate the rules for thee but not for me stance she has.

No. 255920

>>255917 yeah seriously, vangelina just livestreamed talking about her interaction with jill and chatting with people, its literally nothing and Jill is making it out as if Van went on camera to talk shit and tell people to attack her and how horrible she is; or better yet a tucker carlson segment lmfao. What a coddled dumb bitch.

No. 255921

forreal! her tweeting as if jerrick is an entire whole other person and not literally herself is the funniest fucking thing ive ever read. like im actually wheezing. what the actual fuck kek i need her to keep going

No. 255922

I want to post the MID she took just because it's interesting, but it's in pdf format. Should I just take screenshots of the file and post them? Regardless, here is a link explaining it where I also got my pdf from, for anybody interested in knowing how she got tested: https://www.mid-assessment.com/mid/

No. 255924

File: 1665134639504.jpeg (86.07 KB, 750x413, 77611781-DE43-455D-93F3-27CC2B…)

They're so close to getting it (hint: that's exactly what your precious Jilly does)

No. 255925

No. 255928

File: 1665139355775.jpg (1.71 MB, 3464x2309, Picsart_22-10-07_12-41-15-500.…)

Note how it being "controlled for drug abuse" is self-reported.

No. 255929

File: 1665139389779.jpg (2.58 MB, 3464x2309, Picsart_22-10-07_12-39-54-736.…)

I hope this is legible.

No. 255932

File: 1665140525352.jpg (180.31 KB, 986x324, Screenshot_20221007-125447_Eco…)

I'm confused. She says one of her diagnoses was BPD as well, through the MID. Then she says that she was also tested for attention-seeking disorder and whatnot, and insinuates she doesn't have it. But this says that you can't be diagnosed with BPD through the MID, but rather that it diagnoses the attention seeking behaviour and other factors she listed… Am I just misunderstanding something or does her "BPD" diagnoses from the MID imply that she actually does have attention seeking behaviour etc?

No. 255935

No nonny, when Jilly bullies and harasses people online and makes call-out videos it's Jerrika and Veronica. Completely different people, with their own outfits and make-up. Jill can do no wrong.

No. 255937

Sorry to be that person but most of these sound like shit people normally do, complete bullshit, things that could be mistaken as schizophrenia, or things you can fake or mistake for something more severe when you are someone as stupid and attention seeking as Jill is.

No. 255938

It's bullying because Vangelina admits that she doesn't give a fuck about Jillybean, just like everyone else.
Seriously, Jillian just thinks that everything is about her, even someone's private life. I think that the worst thing that could ever happen to her is see that the farms aren't talking about her, that's why she's being such a bitch.
If she was a normal person she could just admit that she's malding because steeb is cheating on her with the pedo Maggie and that she can't handle the idea of getting a job.

No. 255941

Funny you say that because just a few days before this steeb congratulated Maggie on twitter for getting a job lol

No. 255943

I'm positive they were public, because I saw Jerrick's tweets before I even knew there was a hot confrontation. I go to random cows' twitters sometimes while cooking or walking the dog. I knew from those tweets to come here and check. And I'm not following anyone on Twitter, I just have an acct to avoid nag screens.

No. 255945

Steve is such a shit stirrer.

Jill (as Veronica):
>I stripped down in front of my friend’s boyfriend.
>So Jill said in a video that she stripped down in front of her friend’s boyfriend.
Steve (to Jill):
>She basically accused you of sexually assaulting me!
>Omg how dare she accuse me of sexually assaulting him!
>How dare she accuse her of sexually assaulting me! I am very disturbed and angry now!

That’s assuming Jill didn’t just lie about Steve telling her the contents of the video, of course. But considering how Steve coached her to be more anxious in the aftermath of her car crash (You don’t have an alter to help you through this! Remember to put on your protective lanyard before the big scary police arrive!) I wouldn’t put it past him to wind Jill up on purpose.

No. 255946


Sage for medfag but the newest version of the MID has sections to screen for BPD, attention seeking/malingering/factitious, and a few other things like somatic disorders.

If she took the MID, her results were probably above normal for DID, but she could have studied it to answer low enough on the BPD & malingering sections not to get the automatic flag to rule those out before continuing with the diagnostic process. OR, she didn’t study enough about the sections and that’s why she holds the document the way she does/hasn’t shown MID results.

No. 255947

I don’t understand how you can “leak” tweets from a public twitter account??? Jerrick’s twitter isn’t just a small private twitter account for friends, it’s a public account that most people who follow her follow as well. What “small twitter circle” is she even referring to? If she didn’t delete it V could’ve seen those tweets like the rest of us did. Just another lie among the pile of lies ig

No. 255950

Also agree with this. Just because V was checking out the forums doesn’t mean the vid was automatically going to be negative, for all Jill knows it could’ve been extremely neutral or even in support of not attacking Jill because they share mental health struggles, going to therapy, ect. Literally no one but V knows how the video would turn out. But in having a sperg breakdown and fighting V, Jill pretty much assured the video will be negative towards her. Way to shoot yourself in the foot retard

No. 255951

I still can’t believe Jill willingly cowtipped herself kek

With her recent emphasis on her “flop era” it comes off as desperately clamouring for relevance. Not very kawiwi Jilly bean.

No. 255956

Steve's video is up

No. 255957

File: 1665148518518.jpg (440.84 KB, 1439x1325, Screenshot_20221007-141350_Twi…)

No. 255958

twitter circles are like a close friends story for twitter, so only chosen people can see your circle tweets. however circle tweets are all labeled and jill's aren't in the screen caps so she's lying either way

No. 255959

He's so abhorrently ugly. Just this image in the thumbnail makes me want to retch.

No. 255960

I’m honestly cracking up at how dramatic the thumbnail is

No. 255961

I was wondering if she would actually release her video now.

No. 255962

Kek I was waiting for the troon falsetto.

No. 255963

Steve “I am not that much of a person”
“ I kinda just do shit”

“Wreaking havoc in my professional life.”

Pretty sure that is a Jill issue?

No. 255964

Lmfao a girl just showed how bitchy your gf was to her on twitter and you make a whole THIS NEEDS TO STOP ;_; drama video
I wonder if he enjoys this or if jill made him

No. 255965

Definitely enjoys it and is using it as a platform to launch his own online persona.

No. 255966

Wait those nails match Jesus’s. his long rat nails are the exact same from the pics.

No. 255967

File: 1665149412207.jpeg (12.31 KB, 477x220, D754027F-BA92-4B91-B426-697EC5…)

How stupid do you have to be to put false information in the first second of a video? She only uploaded a cut down version of the stream she did showing the Dms

No. 255968

what does she mean?

No. 255969

the first seconds are already lies wtf she didn't uploaded that video

No. 255970

Sorry I tried but I cannot deal with 40 minutes of this. Can any of you nonnies do a summary?

No. 255971

>>255967 as if these two bozos dont sit on the couch and watch drama controversy videos. “I loveeee drama”- Jill
Sorry it was your gf this time, that’s what happens when you pull ridiculous stunts like the two of you have.

No. 255972

I seriously want to know how Jill can say that Vangelina’s video would bring her real harm and danger, yet her own and Steebie’s don’t? She’s so insufferable, she brought the whole thing on herself by being snarky on her side acc while crying and babying herself on main, yet she always manages to cry victim. This whole thread is literally just receipts of her own shitty actions, not made up rumours. Any tinfoils are clearly marked as such and none of it leaves the thread (by farmers hands at least). Her smug cunt face makes me sick, she really thinks she’s a winner. Can’t wait for Vangelina’s proper video. Jill’s done so much advertising for her free of charge now, it’s bound to blow up kek

No. 255973

Some of us kept giving Steve the benefit of doubt, but he's just as full of shit as jill is kek
He deserves the rainbow clown draining his paycheck while she sits at home smoking weed

No. 255974

Even at 2x speed its so boring, just talking in circles. But did I misunderstand or did he say he was the Jesus anon?

No. 255975

File: 1665150072900.gif (786.13 KB, 220x231, tenor.gif)

KEK boi toy steve looked in the basement until he made a video defending his queen. White Knight steve’s video has no value is just “people say bad things about us!! So therefore it is not true you are just harassing and abusing us waaa”. No mention of any of the archive tweets shit her Nuggiequeen said. This video didn’t help anyone, Steve, it only damaged your change of ever getting a following of your own.

No. 255976

The image of Stevie recording his big boy YouTube reaction video to his gf’s active Twitter meltdown in the basement while she wails from upstairs is sending me. Love the idea of him photoshopping that background and adding the classic drama video highlight around his face for the clicks, in between feeding her animal crackers to calm her rage fit. How are these people real

No. 255980

File: 1665150772507.png (107.36 KB, 874x328, ICHIGO.png)

i recognize this creep from browsing Mama Vessey's likes. girl, touch a lawn.

No. 255981

I think he thought we were trying to figure out his foot size by comparing with his hand

No. 255982

File: 1665150900525.jpeg (689.33 KB, 1125x1395, CA0E92EB-DBE6-451B-A6B6-62E929…)

this just in: all farmers are the same people. Ngl I don’t even know who Christine Chandler is, I used to be a Jill fan and I found the threads because PULL died and I wanted to keep up on the Ostrengas. Back then the biggest criticism of Jill was that she was materialistic and had yellow teeth. Everything that’s come out since has been because Jill’s narc-ing so hard that her façade busted— that’s all her own doing.

No. 255983

>I hope it's not creepy that you randomly became my special interest I can't help it


No. 255984

ALSO just to reiterate to anyone coming here, the name/location of Steve's work place were never posted here, only the fact that he had a Roblox job (which he posted about). Also contacting employers or doxxing is against the rules here

No. 255985

Christine Chandler is Chris Chan, the middle aged guy who raped his mom who was suffering from dementia and couldn't defend herself

No. 255986

Once again these tards have us confused for Kiwifarms. We have a strict “no scrote policy” here.

No. 255987

According to Jill’s deluded followers you’re just meant to intuit that it was meant to be private and ignore it.
It’s like these morons have never heard the lesson of “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything”, this is why! Because someone might overhear you or in your rage induced tantrum you might post it with the wrong privacy settings! Your intention on the matter doesn’t change the action you picked. No fucking accountability from these clowns, they really don’t understand the whole actions have consequences.

No. 255988

It's like saying anyone with a Twitter are the same lol there's no basis or proof

No. 255989

Vangelina is a smaller channel and she made 0 accussations towards pixie, all she did was show Jillian's own words. Jill accussed her of mentioning sexual assault and her twitter army blindly follows the outrage when everyone with a brain could see it. Also cough cough, privileged straight white girl attacking a lesbian girl.

No. 255990

Eww gross imagine trying to defend that scum.

No. 255991

Im watching it and taking notes. I would like to download it in case he deletes it, but i dont know the best way to reupload when its such a large video file. Please Summon the nonnie who reuploaded Jills videos to the other farms

No. 255992

File: 1665151637179.png (18.79 KB, 1232x154, firefox_auI69OoBUC.png)

Seems like someone is mad about the Maggie stuff lol

No. 255993

File: 1665151719959.png (469.79 KB, 587x801, pixie.png)


gross lol

No. 255994

After watching the Stevie video in full I just have laugh about how much of an overreaction this whole shitstorm is.

Vangelina is DID supporter. She's done many videos defending DissociaDID and has steered clear from fake claiming really anyone.

When she approaches Jill to ask comment on the accusations on this forum they go apeshit, make a video about hate forums and even get their boyfriend to make a 45 min video where he just curses evil nonnies on bully website.

Steven made an argument to Vangelina, that her video is really harmful to people who don't have similar platform as they do. This is just untrue. Jill's channel and reach is multiple times bigger than Vangelina's little community and I think this highlights how dishonest his video really is.

Fuck off Steven. I know you read these comments.

No. 255995

File: 1665151860603.jpeg (104.32 KB, 734x805, 5A530438-5A9D-47B9-ABAB-483F38…)

Am i the only one that doesn’t get his response?

No. 255996

I can download it and upload to KF if you want. I’ve got everyone’s videos archived there.

No. 255997


except vangelina never said that. Vangelina said that in Jill's veronica video she took her top off inf front of Stevie while he was with another girl to get his attention (which Jill admitted to, and even said she was naked). In no way is that Steve cheating or sexual assault as him and Jill are shrieking about

No. 255998

File: 1665151939132.png (38.74 KB, 809x270, kuva.png)

No. 255999

When Jill does it and her fans make hateful memes: it's a joke
When Vangelina says "grow up": it's traumatizing and life threatening, you are literally bullying her

No. 256000

I'm curious why her KF thread never took off, guess it's because she's a literal who

No. 256001

File: 1665152055930.png (26.38 KB, 811x269, 221007_My_Side_of_the_Story_-_…)

No. 256002

File: 1665152094750.png (101.91 KB, 780x595, kuva.png)

No. 256003

I know it's been said, but I keep coming back to the "I JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE" … then get off the internet and get a real job. Platforming yourself daily is the literal opposite of asking for a private life.

No. 256004

The lack of context around the foot thing lmao OK Stevie. Coming across as VERY paranoid in this vid.

No. 256005

I really can't get over how stupid these 2 are. Instead of just letting the video come out and responding to it calmly Jill and stevie are tweeting about sexual assault and cheating, which vangelina never said. I wouldn't be surprised if they lose some fans who think jill seriously did something terrible from their own words

No. 256006

It's not a good move for him, drawing attention to all his creepy internet habits. >>255985 They ALL love and defend male rapists, especially if the rapist puts on a dress.

No. 256007

File: 1665152343367.png (67.53 KB, 785x333, kuva.png)

This about DissociaDID and Team Pinyata scandal from a year ago. TLDR; Team Pinyata drew fetish CP and it became public. This was revealed on Kiwifarms and as so is "invalid", even though it's their account and they archived everything about it in the original website.

I can't fathom the reasoning, that some information is "invalid" or just "evil", because it comes from some forum. If the info has sources and has been archived it's much more based in reality, than other rumors flying around.

No. 256008

I didn't believe nonnas' theories of Steebie grooming Jill into insanity before but this made me a believer. To me it sounds like he's reading the threads and telling her twisted exaggerated stories of what girls on here are supposedly saying to make her more crazy. Coaxing her into meltdowns. Sick.

No. 256009

didn't their ex gf lurk/post here????

No. 256010

Like 8 people have corrected him in the comments on what he said about Vangelina and he just keeps saying the same thing without admitting he was wrong. She didn't make a video about Jill's controversies and she didn't "platform" a rumor that he cheated. She briefly referenced the Veronica vid where she said, with her own mouth in her own words, that she used to undress in front of Stevie and Maggie unsolicited. That's it.

No. 256011

The MOST frustrating thing about this whole situation is that they are being purposely obtuse in regards to what Vangelina actually said! She made brief remarks about Jill’s controversies but her video was literally just showcasing the dms. that’s it. that’s all she did so why are they saying that she is platforming rumours when Vangelina made it clear that she would not make comments on the ‘rumours’ because she didn’t want to spread misinformation

No. 256012

File: 1665152483458.png (46.44 KB, 743x311, kuva.png)


No. 256013

Idk I'm leaning towards folie a deux because both of them are coming across as extremely unhinged rn

No. 256014

They just lie and lie and say whatever to fit their narrative
Meanwhile the actual person who did it is laughing their ass off bc they've gotten away with it bc these two are busy blaming lolcow

No. 256015

I hope that when Vangelina makes her full video she includes the clip of Jillronica saying with her own mouth that she undressed in front of Steve to get what she wanted because I am tired of them just blatantly pretending this was never said.

No. 256016

Goal posts keep moving as more people point out he's wrong. People keep saying he's probably winding Jill up with misinfo, I'm honestly inclined to believe it's the other way around

No. 256017

He is exactly the same as pixie, completely immature and childish. He is talking in circles and contradicting himself in his own video. No wonder pixie is even more fucked up now that she is with him, he seems like a complete enabler.

No. 256019

File: 1665152812208.jpg (124.47 KB, 1080x957, 20221007_152623.jpg)

Stevie is becoming as cunty as jill

No. 256020

File: 1665152880917.jpg (158.99 KB, 1080x1115, 20221007_152721.jpg)

Samefag, Stevie is really losing it

No. 256021

File: 1665152905204.png (687.17 KB, 1260x701, notahomosexual.png)

>2:06 current job is hes a freelancing camera operator
>3:45 was made aware of lolcow early in the relationship but Jill asked him not to read. Claims he didnt until just now these past days
>4:20 he says the situation is so serious and that even jill is downplaying it. "thats understandable since she hasnt looked at it"
>4:57 i am not a homosexual
He is saying that this is one of the very harmful things we are doing since it is bi erasure, my sides >pure bigotry and hatred
>9:00 is extremely upset that he is just friends with maggie and not fucking around
>he is upset that we call him Steven, says that it seems like a deliberate choice to be transphobic.
yes, thats the point moid
>13:40 shows a cap where some nonnie wants to know the GENERAL area where she lives, because the rent seems so cheap and the nonnie wants a bargain. steven claims this is extremely serious and threathening
>he has to inform employers about the forum because nonnies will break the rules of this forum to cowtip by contacting his employers
>16:00 and onwards is just triggered about twansphobia
>17:00 says there is a diagnosis that is not the impression and that it exists, farmers lie soo much by talking about the impression she showed instead of this mythical actual diagnosis that she has never showed
>21:00 says he is not trooning out but if he would want to in the future then why would that be an issue
>26:00 here he uses no more screenshots. says the ones he showed is more than enough to proof how serious and harmful this is.
so obviously the only threath is that we call him a troon. Thats legitematly what he sees as the big issue.

In summary moids will moid, this video is not so fun since he is only focusing on himself and being triggered about the nonnies being a little bit rude by not calling him stevie. He also seems to think we call him a troon because he is non-binary and not because he will absolutely troon out soon kek

No. 256022

Jill literally says it herself. She has the video where she tells this story still online, still monetized and Steven lies about it here?!

No. 256023

God and to think like 4 years ago we were saying #freestevie because we thought he would just become another kawaiified doormat like Jill’s previous bf’s. Little did we know he was an enabling Troon moid this entire time

No. 256024

>"s-she's not allowed to mention a thing that theres LITERAL VIDEO PROOF OF JILL SAYING because the boolies on lolcow are using that to tell lies!!!"
the absolute cope of it from steebie

No. 256025

Do they think focusing on the 'cheating' thing will take attention off the other things Jill has done? It's probably easiest to defend because it seems he and Maggie didn't care

No. 256026

He is not trans but we are transphobic for calling him Steven?

No. 256027

File: 1665153122526.png (673.19 KB, 1271x714, whereshelives.png)

If i remember this screenshot is from at least 4-5 threads ago. So he has gone through thousands of posts yet this is the one post he could find to show how farmers are a serious threath to their safety. The nonnie even went italics to stress how she obiously is not asking for their adress, since that is against the rules of this forum.

No. 256028

we actually didnt leak your workplace, so thank you for calling us decent

No. 256029

Also to add to this alog the fact someone browses these forums doesn't make them a literal satan. These forums exist, so people can talk about stuff they aren't allowed to say in public, because their comments are cencored, like in every Jillian's video ever.

Just because you disagree with the narrative of a creator doesn't mean you're far right extreme nazi operator, who kills trans children daily.

Steven made the comment at the end of his video, that we're these dangerous terrorists, while no harm has happened to them. Not a thing.

No. 256030

I hope lipstick alley dunks on Jill one day. That would be glorious if Jill started huffing and puffing over the web’s biggest forum used by POC. She couldn’t do shit or else she’d be seen as a racist.

No. 256031


how very plural

No. 256032


Does steve know their house was listed on zillow, and Jill gave a full tour of the house and talked about what city they live in? Their address wouldn't eb that hard to find just from Jill's dumb ass

No. 256033

Note he doesn’t show the date of that post to purposely mislead Jill’s fans.

No. 256034

Is this person claiming we turned Chris Chan into a rapist? I have no words

No. 256035

File: 1665154221415.jpeg (666.74 KB, 828x1532, D2F26F46-6F56-43A9-B8EE-50CCF6…)

Couldn’t help but to heartily kek at this comment left on Jill’s video. This girl must be extremely dense or blind as a bat, Jill has NEVER taken criticism on well or been open to it, this has been evident even back in her Lolita days when people said she couldn’t coord her expensive Angelic pretty pieces together. Oh what I would’ve given to see the narc rage Jill displayed when people at her college had to give her feedback on her shitty collection

No. 256036

Note at how 33:00 minutes he says he wants to take a minute to talk about himself. Steve, the entire video was about you. You basically just said a whole bunch of nothing relating to nothing.

No. 256038

I can’t even remember the last time someone mentioned the pepperoni issue. The tinsel thing, sure, but that’s somehow never mentioned by her (because she kept the tinsel up). All of the things she tries to say are things we are constantly talking about have not been mentioned in years. It’s an interesting way to spin it, because anyone can come to lolcow, as she has directed them to, and read about everything else that she’s done.

No. 256039

Why does Steve take offence to someone telling Jill to mature? Does he like childish women? Little sus

No. 256040

>This same situation was also used by people to suggest that I had been assaulted by Pixie
Which people? Where? I don’t remember this at all. At most some anons called it sexual harassment, not assault.

Jill is a spoiled brat who would’ve been an asshole either way, but I fully believe that Steven is making her worse. Emotionally abusive men generally target women who are already unstable.

No. 256043

JILLIAN was the one who said it on twitter here: >>255623

No. 256046

Jesus being steebie would make so much sense for how he's trying to use slang so terribly. Bestie!

No. 256050

File: 1665155959452.jpeg (76.49 KB, 500x560, E68B0F59-E4DA-433D-B5F8-6EFA00…)

So what he means is
>This same situation was also used by Jill and me to suggest that I had been assaulted by Jill
Makes perfect sense.

No. 256051

This goes without saying and I'm sure is a broken record and others have said it but this doesn't look or feel like the type of video someone threatened would make. they're enjoying & living off this drama as it brings in ad revenue and eyes, ego boosts, support.

No. 256052

>>256050 if idiots could stop saying lolcow and kiwifarms are the same site that would be great. Also kek at steve and jill being such fucking idiots, good god. I hope drama channels pick this shit up not just vangelina

No. 256057

“don’t call me steve it’s transphobic”
meanwhile multiple videos on pixie’s channel still has steve in the title

No. 256058

i want van to use this image in her video so fucking bad nona lmfao

No. 256059

>4:20 he says the situation is so serious and that even jill is downplaying it.
Might I add he said "I think even Pixie is in denial of the severity in many occasions". This dude is trying to make Jill more upset and convince her she doesn't have a strong grasp of her own reality. Not a good look after the whole " You don't have an alter to deal with the car crash!!" Were you rewriting the history of your gf's coping mechanisms when she supposedly doesn't have a strong grasp on reality, given she has a super serious dissociation disorder? Couldn't that have sent her on a spiral and caused her to develop another alter, worsening her supposed condition?

Also god damn he loves to hear himself talk, the longwinded pauses while he racks his brain for another convoluted way to say he's big mad. Dude watched too many "we need to talk" videos and was so eager to make his own. Love how he used Jill as a clickbait and then talked about himself for most of it kek. I don't buy for a second he doesn't want a piece of the views- the phony black intro with white text to make it seem way more dramatic than it is, all it was missing was the SVU "these are their stories DUH DUH" sound bite. The irony of him saying he's a professional video editor while he makes a 40 min video of him denying he's gay. Stevie, the cats out the bag I think your parents know. No surprise he and Maggie weren't intimate kek maybe shouldn't have included that.
>19:08 (in regards to his gingerbread commie house) "Yeah that was a joke. If you don't like that joke, if it offends you, not much I can do about that."
back at you, troony. See how it works both ways? See how it isn't sooper harmful and dangerous to laugh at something ridiculous? Your gf is not going to die because we make fun of her stupid larp. It's a clownery of real people with real trauma.

No. 256060

File: 1665156766321.png (159.03 KB, 1605x1017, Capture.PNG)

No. 256061

>Maggie and I had been separated for 3 years

wtf is this phrasing, he really sounds like someone describing someone he plans on getting back together with

No. 256062

File: 1665156800731.jpeg (109.85 KB, 828x850, F2754FD2-DCC0-4596-B7F7-182DB3…)

Both their behaviors are so shitty I can’t find the words. They’re being passive aggressive and use sarcasm to come at people who slightly disagree without regarding that those people (and I don’t wanna sound like a special snowflake) could very well be actually autistic and don’t understand why they’re met with such weird responses to their normal questions/ criticisms. Also it can always be that English isn’t someone’s first language (shocking).

No. 256064

>>256062 (Samefag)
This is exactly what I mean. Why is he so weirdly keen on how the comment is worded?

No. 256066

there was no evidence provided in the video that the person was connected to this site because, again, no one mentioned anything about his workplace. No one even knew he had a job (that wasnt roblox or the camp)

No. 256067

it was unnecessary for stevie to make a video. like honestly. jill seems to get very hung up on 'defending' herself when actually the best step is to just step away from this whole situation, take a break, focus on other parts of her life other than her social media – like she keeps saying all she wants is for people to leave her alone but in no way have her actions reflected that. if they don't swe how they're both ultimately making the situation worse for themselves then idk what else to say

No. 256068

like she keeps saying all she wants is for people to leave her alone but in no way have her actions reflected that


No. 256069

File: 1665157257583.png (428.61 KB, 603x745, firefox_lii89wWtqe.png)

At this point I hope some other drama youtuber that's looking for fresh new topics latches onto this
like, it's an open secret those channels get ideas from each other which is why everyone covered creepshow art
By attacking vangelina and setting her fans on her she is looking horrible

No. 256070

>fat chance
It literally was never discussed here, and still hasn't been, it's 100% someone from his irl.
But he wants to spin a victim narrative just like Jill's "leaked" completely public Tweets. Literally fabricating enemies so they can feel special. He's just as bad as Jill fr

No. 256071

can't believe pixie's fans are attacking a mentally ill traumatised person like this!!!!

No. 256073

He talks about how it implicated jill, can someone elaborate on that? Is it possible one of Jillys alters did it in an attempt to protect her from lolcow?

No. 256075

lol it's funny though because we literally did not ever know that Stevie had a retail job, and no one from the farms did what he said. Such a job was never discussed on the farms and you can fact check that for yourself. Whatever about everything else, but he's incorrect about this one. When Pixie talked about that incident in her video, I was surprised, because "uh - that wasn't us."

No. 256078

Also samefagging, but they're shooting themselves so hard in the foot by relating the lolcow things to vangelina. Anyone who watches the videos alone will be confused by Steve and Jill talking about stalking and sexual assault when Vangelina didn't say jack shit. Also lmao at them skipping the racism controversy.

Really makes you think, turns out the smartest person in this whole situation is some real life former friend of Jill who is laughing their ass off and has the sense to stay silent and troll her from a distance.

No. 256079

ladies, we're alt right because we make fun of a spoiled micro influencer !

No. 256080

>>256067 Steve making a video defneding Jill feels like that Jessica Soares situation (those not familiar she got called out online and had a livestream and her bf Tristan at the time just spoke for her, shes got a thread but its been pretty dry)
>>256075 honestly this. Ive been looking at and participating in Jills threads since 2019(?) and I never even knew steves workplaces until now, that 100% wouldve been said here

No. 256082

I think he means the person mentioned Jill in whatever shitass thing they emailed, somehow that means it must be one of us even though they've publicly been together for years. Idk why he's cognitive dissonancing this, it's almost like he doesn't want to face that someone in his real life is a shitheel so he has to create a lolcow boogeyman/scapegoat rather than figure out who it is.

No. 256083

File: 1665158269217.png (56.23 KB, 764x287, kuva.png)

and another one.

No. 256084

File: 1665158321567.png (49.45 KB, 1141x423, firefox_i8oj901LuH.png)

He responded some more to various comments, I found this one funny. He should have used one of the various fanarts kind anons have provided lol

No. 256085

Goddamit that cap is pure comedy. I know its a dead end to try and understand troon logic, but
>"I am not a homosexual […] They percisted in calling me gay, in the context of being a homosexual not just broadly queer. Specifically that im only attracted to men"
He understand that homosexual means same sex attracted means he would be attracted to men since he is, a man. But when farmers call him a man, that is harmful.
>"Anyone with a fucking brain would understand why that is harmful. Its just engaging in bi or pan erasure"
>"People on the forum […] Going off the basis of oh he is associating with his ex, must be cheating"
>Implying the harmful nature of lolcow comes from farmers as a group saying Steven is only attracted to men
>Implying farmers are saying he is having sex with a woman
>Pick one Steven

No. 256089

Steebie is a bit homophobic me thinks LMAO. Of course he's not only homosexual, he also partakes in heterosexual relationships.

No. 256091

BAHAHAHAHAHA Steven is such a punchable gay troon. Keep seething greasy moid. go make Jill some tendies kek

No. 256092

SAGE because I'm gonna whiteknight a bit here:

watching that video of Stevie makes me feel that Jill is pretty lucky to have him. He seems like a really loving guy and he seems to really love her. So there you go, Stevie: that video alone has finally humanized you two a bit to me. For real.

And maybe this is whiteknighting but: I really think you two should just stop. Jill should never have posted that lolcow video, she should never have responded to Vangelina, you shouldn't have posted this video. I know just how much you want to defend yourselves and fair enough, but you seem to forget that the internet won't stop. This is very quickly entering Chris Chan territory and it's not good. Getting upset that we don't use "proper pronouns" or "deadnames," oh man. Oh man. You're gonna have to let those things go if you intend to have any sanity here.

That's all the whiteknighting I can do. Just stop posting and interacting with us. This is a mistake you guys. And you're accusing the farms of doing things that we have in fact not ever done.

No. 256094

>>256057 he has Steve as his name everywhere, tf is anyone supposed to call him then??

No. 256095


>your website

I love how stevie is talking to this person like she's the CEO of lolocw

No. 256096

Apparently "Stevie" is his new name, but famers mostly call him Steeebie jokingly so no idea
Maybe we should start calling him Stephen

No. 256098

Both of their responses are so fucking annoying. Jill just keeps repeating how everyone is lying about her but won’t actually mention anything specific. What are people lying about? What screenshots were fabricated? Literally what the fuck is she talking about? She’s literally saying the dumbest shit that is so easily disproven and her fans still eat it up. Both of them keep admitting that they haven’t actually looked into what’s been said and yet they feel qualified to address it. I can’t get over how Jill accused Vang of saying she sexually assaulted someone when Vang never did that, like how is she just allowed to make up shit while accusing everyone else of spreading rumors? Sorry for the rant but like she’s so full of shit

No. 256100

Vangelina asking those questions in the first place is what started the whole spat

No. 256101

Lolcow has never prevented Jill from getting a job or seeking actual help, nobody is stopping her from growing up and moving on with her life but she doesn't want to.
I hope they screencap threatening telling her to stop being a stoner and start making soap, lmfao.

No. 256103

there were no circle tweets

No. 256104

i really agree with this sentiment. i just felt listening to him talk and reading all of hi defensive comments. clearly he thinks the world of jill but it also makes him look pathetic that he won't reflect and take a minute to look at the bigger picture instead of nitpicking all of the little nastier comments people make here. there's a bigger problem going on and its not us calling him steve sometimes.

my fingers kept hovering over my keyboard to comment something to help wake him up but i think any effort to make him think any harder would genuinely go to waste. i can only wish someone would believe in me this hard

No. 256105

I just can't help but lol at how offended he is about the trans stuff, us using deadnames, not using proper pronouns, all that. Oh god, Stevie, lol. You have to stop, mate. You are barking up the wrong tree here.

No. 256106

Honestly, the more steve gets super defensive about the sexual assault thing the more I think something really did happen.

No. 256107

I feel like Jill should have made a video. Not her boyfriend. She’s just a coward who can’t accept the consequences of her actions.

No. 256108

Jill's so special and traumatized rules don't apply to her.

No. 256109

Jill just wants to be the only one allowed to lie and bully and be a generally unpleasant and rude person on the internet without consequences, it was about time everything caught up with her

No. 256111

Honestly like maybe you are in danger Steve but it’s not from us, you are being an idiot focusing on us when if the workplace thing is true it’s someone you know. You are too view and cash hungry to actually identify the danger, you even said yourself that Jill has irl enemies. Maybe start looking where you posted about your job and look at your friends list. It’s a good thing we aren’t actually doxxing stalkers because this pair are coddled idiots with zero real world preservation skills.
Here is the thing with the stripping story, it’s not consensual unless you gave prior consent. Giving consent after the fact does not negate how fucked it is to just strip in front of someone spontaneously in Jill’s own words “to get her own way”. It’s a key point of consent that you have to give it before.

No. 256112

No dude exactly. I’m sure there are anons in this thread who aren’t even outwardly transphobic they are just here to keep up with jill, maybe they were former fans… that’s not the fucking issue tho. Steven doesn’t care, because obviously, we must all be hateful bigots who want people to die. It’s like jill does understand there lightheartedness of gossiping and drama…. at the end of the day that’s all lolcow is. We are not kiwi farms, this is a female exclusive space to discuss a variety of topics. There’s threads on here that are not even related to cows. But people like jill and steve only see this as an alt right terf website.

No. 256113

does anyone have a side by side of what Veronica said and then what was reiterated by Vangelina?

No. 256114

>Apologies for not also including a picture of a cow?
Well, Jill is in the thumbnail so it's fine kek

Anyways wow, so much to catch up after returning home from work. What a ride.

No. 256115

lol oh my fucking god, calling us Alt-Right, right wing, extremists. Stevie, you can't be serious, you fucking idiot.

Let me be clear: you are the kind of person that I fucking hate. Conservative does NOT equal evil. This video has shown your level of intelligence and it doesn't look good. Talking about ideology and lolcow, my god, is this your first day, for real? You could not represent the regressive left more. Wow, wow, wow. My fucking god. I am dying over here.

No. 256116

Jill has been changing the veronica story from the beginning. In the video Jill says she stripped naked or into lingerie around Steve and Maggie and would go up to steve and ask him to fix her lingerie, giggled and said she knew how to get what she wanted. Then when she got shit for it suddenly Jill was changing to go to the club and everyone was fine with it. Now if you dare repeat what Jill herself said it's a false allegation

No. 256117

Sorry but Jill has a bunch of irl enemies? People she has met in person who qualify as enemies so not people from this thread or people who know her online just from her posts. At a certain point surely you have to have some self awareness. What “good person” has lost multiple friend groups, has fucking “enemies” and this many threads. Come on now, be reasonable. Is it more likely that such a high number of people are all evil or is it more likely that one person is the problem and that person is you.

No. 256118

Sitting through the Stevie video right now…and he seems a lot like Jerrick. So I’m thinking is Jill claiming an “alter” when it’s literally just normal to pick up on your long term partner’s mannerisms?? Doesn’t mean you have an alter or split lmfao

No. 256119

>>256111 These two fucks should be grateful we aren't kiwifarms cause they would've doxxed their shit a long time ago, that's against the rules here

No. 256120

watching an old video from when she first moved in to the rainbow house (this was when she had rainbow bangs and blonde hair) yes she was spoiled and kind of annoying but actually could be pleasant to watch and ive pretty much lost hope that she'll be like that again

No. 256121

They kind of remind me of Lori and Kevin, is it the drugs?

No. 256122

File: 1665160881982.jpg (27.49 KB, 590x204, Screenshot 2022-10-07 104029.j…)

No. 256123

>This dude is trying to make Jill more upset and convince her she doesn't have a strong grasp of her own reality.
Agreed 100%. I still think that Jill knows she’s full of shit and doesn’t actually believe she’s in real physical danger, but if she does then it’s because Steve put that in her head. He also implied that she had something to fear from the police after her car crash and needed to put on her sunflower lanyard to stay safe. The sunflower lanyards are meant to protect disabled people whose behaviour in a high-stress situation may be misinterpreted as suspicious and dangerous by airport security. Jill may dress like a clown but she’s perfectly capable of behaving normally in public. She can’t even LARP her alters when there are other people around and defaults back to her normal Jill behaviour. A collision between a car and a deer in broad daylight is probably super routine for the police in that area. There was no reason for Steve to tell her to put on that lanyard except to say “you’re so crazy that they might arrest you”.

No. 256124

It all boils down to one thing: these two are so beyond privileged that it fucking hurts. How adorable they are. How utterly beyond privileged and adorable.

No. 256127

File: 1665161198554.png (21.41 KB, 598x184, firefox_0RbRJyOEW0.png)

Get a job, Jillian

No. 256128

Here you go

No. 256129

"an agenda" she's so fucking full of herself i have to laugh

No. 256131

ntayrt Glad the Veronica clip points out JILL WOULD STRIP IN FRONT OF FRIENDS who cares about Steve's feelings when there were several other people who presumably didn't sign up for naked Jill kek

No. 256132

File: 1665162785148.jpeg (809.54 KB, 1170x1860, C5757616-E3D6-4AD1-9FAF-542C83…)

Making fun of vangelina for liking her own post even tho Jill did that all day yesterday

No. 256133

If one of my friends did that, I'd ask her if she drank too much. That explains Jill's amnesia.

No. 256135

I'm friends-of-friends with her, which isn't really that hard in j-fashion circles. Everyone knows everyone else

No. 256137

File: 1665163353377.png (22.19 KB, 601x181, firefox_rtkI8KKAQX.png)

Is she gaslighting everyone to believe those tweets were in her circles when there is no usual indication of the circle feature and more people saw them?

No. 256138

Also friends of friends with her. Not sure why she thinks all lolcow people don't know her and are just haters.

I don't get how she rationalizes this. If someone was in her circle, why didn't they post any of her circle posts before? And if they suddenly decided to leak them, surely they'd know she'd remove them once she found out, so they should've screenshot & posted all her circle history. Doesn't make any sense. They clearly weren't circle tweets.

No. 256139

yes. I wonder why no one on twitter has called her out yet.

No. 256140

where is the trauma protector when we need him ?

No. 256141

Jill nobody wants to dox you or harass you in real life. One of our mutual friends did however tell me that she’s been placing curses on you with her witchcraft.

No. 256143

File: 1665163707274.jpeg (681.4 KB, 960x1411, B79E710D-5001-4175-9FC8-B6D4C3…)

Holy shit Sillypoo is going to make an animation on Jill kek.

No. 256144

File: 1665163750155.jpeg (221.99 KB, 893x1200, E3628075-7658-4EDC-8122-330A97…)

No. 256145

Does “adorable” mean something different in your country? When I think of Jill and Stevie, adorable is not what comes to mind

No. 256146

And if they were circle tweets, you have to manually select each user you want to add to your circle! They were not posted on lolcow and that's why Jill claims somebody "leaked" them to vangelina. I just scrolled on my feed to see my friend's circle tweets and it still shows the disclaimer "Only people in user’s Twitter Circle can see this Tweet"

No. 256147

“Jerrick is also racist” got me for some reason lmao

No. 256148

It's said in a condescending manner. They do not even realize just how juvenile this all is and how childish they appear. Same can be said with the DID larp. They are so sheltered and childish.

No. 256149

And just to add on to that: that's how all hardcore libtards are. Babies. Pure fucking babies.

So how's that for alt-right for you, Steebie?

No. 256150

Kek, this reminded me of Steve making a gingerbread house with a hammer and sickle in that christmas video, and as someone from an ex-communist country it's so insulting to see some privileged guy idolizing that shit.

No. 256152

She'd rather mistrust her closest friends than admit she made a mistake and posted them publicly by accident

No. 256153

ULTRA KEK! The Milkmas just keeps on giving!

No. 256154

part of the cartoon is out on patreon and it's not about jill it's an animated medical drama. this might just be a single gag or something

No. 256156

Y’all don’t know what cowtipping means

No. 256158



No. 256159

So he told Jill V accused her of sexual assault when that was blatantly untrue, but he's super worried about the intricacies of V's wording? Nice hypocrisy. It kind of seems like he enjoys playing both sides to ramp everything up for whatever reason.

No. 256160

Yeah maybe this should be Jill’s cue to take a look at what people are saying about her.

No. 256161

case and point

No. 256163

I'm fucking dying nonnies
>to know of Jerrick is to be vulnerable to Jerrick

No. 256167

I believe he's """nonbinary"""

No. 256169

I’m not wking but this is really retarded and not even funny

No. 256170

This is what's irritating to me - they're both acting like everyone who even so much as glances at this thread has no reading comprehension whatsoever and believes & cheers on every stupid little thing that's posted. Anyone who has their head on straight & has been around for more than two days is well aware this is a fucking gossip/opinion forum. But no, they have to shelter her audience's eyes from all the meanies because, god forbid, someone might be stupid enough to take everything said on here as absolute fact without checking it first. Honestly it's just insulting to her supporters.

No. 256171

Oh come on, it's subjective of course but let us have fun with it.

No. 256172

She's counting on her supporters taking shit as facts without bothering to fact check first, she just wants them to do that based on her words and not the posts here.

No. 256173

I hope there’s a gag where they have to perform an exorcism on Jill.

No. 256174

tbf it seems like from what's been said in this thread and what steve has said that they can't trust everyone in their real lives either
but also yes it was just her fucking up

No. 256176

Man I put in an 8 hour workday and jill is still living online.

No. 256181

File: 1665166278134.jpg (180.92 KB, 1080x1268, 20221007_190921.jpg)

>private investigator

Jill, Steve and their fans are the type to call 911 over minor inconveniences

No. 256182

But scream ACAB on Twitter kek.

No. 256183

>from what people on lolcow have told me
Are you really revealing you posted here? Horrible move, would be funny to highlight the posts.

No. 256184

well I actually agree with him here (except ofc we have ethics we arent scrotes)

No. 256185

I'm sorry but not a single person here could give enough fucked to find out where you two idiots live. If there's anyone it's someone that knows them personally.

No. 256186

off topic but who tf has irl enemies. who’s even would say they have enemies. she’s not a fucking jojos protagonist.

No. 256187

not to wk but there have been people in his comments defending lolcow that he has interacted with

No. 256188

Agreed it’s so embarrassing for adults to say they have “enemies”. If I met someone irl who said that it would be a massive red flag and I wouldn’t talk to that person again

No. 256189

I would love to know whether it's someone she has featured on her channel before and what caused them to become '''enemies'''

No. 256191

File: 1665167007848.jpeg (509.91 KB, 3087x1737, BC07215B-8590-42FF-9E80-BF378B…)

I love the divide that Jilly has made within her own fan base kek. Vangelina hasn’t even made her video yet Jillybean— this was all you on your own

No. 256192

It’s either that or “you will come to regret this in several years and then you’ll all see!!!”

No. 256193

I think enemies is the wrong word for just people that dislike her. She has been in and out of friend groups and burnt so many bridges over the years I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone of those people have been holding onto a petty grudge.

No. 256194

Between this and the enemies stuff she acts like a fucking super villain. Chunibyo through and through. I mean for gods sake she literally claims an anime magical girl lives in her head and is brought forth sometimes and takes over her body. She is a full grown adult acting like a pre teen role playing online only she is doing it irl. It’s insanely cringe.

No. 256196

File: 1665167990545.png (1.34 MB, 1060x592, ablaz_jill.PNG)

OT but how come Jill allows Ablaze to get away with featuring her in his content several times but attacks Vangelina in a very vicious way for merely considering featuring her in her content. Another example of Jill's "man=good, woman=bad" bs. Or is it because Vangelina is smaller than her and Ablaze is twice as big.

No. 256197

like she keeps saying all she wants is for people to leave her alone but in no way have her actions reflected that

yes… it would seem like she only picks "weaker" (re: smaller audiences) targets? THAT SOUNDS LIKE BULLYING JILLY BEAN


No. 256198

If this story was true, and she's alluding to sexual assault or rape around the age of 11 or 12, I can see a legit claim for sexual trauma.

But at the same time, I had weird sexual shit happen to me at that age and I don't have DID, BPD, Depression, Autism or PTSD.

No. 256199

tbf ablaze didn't openly start a dialogue with her on twitter

No. 256200

Jill even if they were private and your imaginary friend leaked them. It doesn't change anything you were talking shit "behind " V backs while trying to sweet talk/manipulate her into doing what you want. Own up to your choices, spoiled brat.

No. 256201

It's funny because that's the "nice" thing to do if you want to make a video on someone and you want them to give their side of the story. Once again female socialization gets women in trouble kek.

No. 256202

File: 1665169018979.png (416.1 KB, 599x530, jilltoro.png)

sage for autism but here's a gift for you nonny

No. 256203

jjba doesn’t deserve this…

No. 256204

J doesn't realize her own paranoia and scrambles to defense are implicating her more negatively than positive. Normal, well-liked YT creators don't have these issues with their fanbase, content, or image. Especially in this volume. For someone with so little to hide, she has so much fear surrounding the truth.

No. 256206

Isn't paranoia a side affect of too much weed? What if that's why Jill is acting this way, and thinks people are "out to get her"

No. 256207

I love how Jill wants to take us down but even "Stebie" admits we don't allow stalking or doxxing.

No. 256208

On that note, does Steve smoke too? Because according to him Jill is “in denial about the severity” of the horrible danger she’s in i.e. he’s even more paranoid than she is.

No. 256209

Anon, this is amazing but it's too flatterig for Jill.

No. 256210

Needs to be less Jolyene and more Polpo kek.

No. 256211

Tbh Steebie can pretend he cares about Jill. Because that's what I'm getting out of this. If he's lying to her and exaggerating what is actually being said on here and on Vangelina's channel he's manipulating her. He's keeping her around because she's a doormat to his words.

No. 256214

We also have to remember that there’s been times where she’s proven to have read here. It’s hard to say that he reads her the daily lolcow.

No. 256215

Funny how she's got a "persecutor" alter yet when scawy things happen around her - threatening emails from strangers who know more details of your personal life than they should, or "leaked" posts that mess with your reputation - her LARP completely falls to the wayside. Couldn't have been the persecutor, the personality who only exists to harm the body, trying to harm the body. Nope, could not have been him. Couldn't even have been a different persecutor alter she simply hasn't met yet!
Boy nonnas I wonder how she knows it wasn't any of those options! How she knows that the totally diagnosed condition she has that makes her split off parts of her personality and put up amnesiac barriers around them did not make her do the stuff she's accusing us of! Gee I wonder!

No. 256216

The way she keeps screaming “they’re lying about me!”, “they’re bullying traumatized people!”, “several years from now you’re going to regret this!”, when nothing really happened kinda makes her seem like she’s having a Gabbie Hanna episode. I think the only way she can recover from this is if she gets off the internet for a year to work on her mental health and actually let the dust settle, like how DissociaDID handled her scandal. Why did Jill even make that lolcow video in the first place? If it’s was because Vangelina was thinking of making a video, it would have been so much better to wait and respond to that video instead. Preemptive damage control always makes a person look guilty, and her tweets do nothing but show how unlikable and aggressive she can be

No. 256217

File: 1665171508033.jpg (62.16 KB, 597x495, Capture3.JPG)

No. 256219

>I feel weird going and messaging a person to apologize to them so i’m instead going to make a public tweet and tag them.
Sorry but that reasoning is so annoying. What are u even SAYING.

No. 256220

File: 1665171651041.png (36.63 KB, 857x263, dislikes.png)

The likes/dislikes ratio on Steven's video.

No. 256222

The view count being that low is really funny, tried to use this for content and failed to launch his YouTube once again. Trying to use your girlfriends drama for money if you believe she is that traumatised is fucked, Steve should be ashamed of himself.

No. 256224

File: 1665172015624.jpg (680.69 KB, 3087x1586, OMG LMAO.jpg)

Topkek at the people in the replies not having her shit

No. 256226

There's no point in trying to be friendly with Jill at this point, as soon as you say or do something she doesn't like she'll be on a rampage on twitter. Just look at how quickly she blocked bobo

No. 256227

I don't have twitter so I gotta ask, what is the ratio between people coddling Jill and people questioning/calling her out in the replies?

No. 256229

Honestly it depends on the thread. Sometimes “Jill’s side” has more likes, sometimes Vangelinas. And the difference between likes isn’t all that high either way

No. 256230

File: 1665173441294.png (Spoiler Image,64.76 KB, 932x572, 7F64505E-70FB-417C-8FAB-A4E170…)

I didn’t see anyone point this out and not sure if it’s necessary, but I noticed that the retweet button is greyed out on circle tweets. So even if the blerb wasn’t showing for whatever reason, I’d assume the rt button would still be greyed out, but it isn’t. The Jerrick tweets are completely normal.

Picrel pulled from google. It’s the same in >>255740 but I wanted a clearer example.

What’s the point of even lying about this, I don’t understand.

No. 256232

I’m not talking about likes though, I meant in the replies.

No. 256233

anyone notice how much jill and stevie keep claiming vangelina cited us and are just directly referencing posts from here as her opinion? i wonder if jill will start claiming everyone here is her or something like other cows do.

No. 256234

we're all just part of the vangelina system(TM)

No. 256235

sorry but even by her own dumb did rules, the way she speaks here makes no sense. she's veronica right, not jill? yet she says how JILL found out about the stripping, and then how she, meaning veronica found about amnesia that way. Veronica knows what she's done, why would she be having amnesia? she keeps slipping up

No. 256236

>>256233 It's hilarious they are doing that when it's sooo obviously untrue and provable. Like did either of them actually watch her video? Did any of her cult? Also it's funny how they are hellbent on attacking a small YouTuber who asked simple questions rather than the men that are literally adding her to cringe compilations. She really hates women and real lesbians.

No. 256238

WAY late but i was that anon and since we know he reads here - for fucks sakes if i can move somewhere that isn't a shitty apartment for twice as much as you pay for a HOUSE i'd be happy. IDGAF that YOU live there IGAF that it's a fucking steal you greasy word-twisting troon. And for what it's worth I never even found any listings so you're fine dumbass

No. 256243

>what's the point of even lying about this?
Jill wants the sympathy of her audience to be the poor uwu victim in that complained about vangelina in a "safe space". Her brain dead followers are eating it up since the don't have friends to be in circles with.

No. 256244

File: 1665177255536.jpg (201.38 KB, 720x1386, Screenshot_20221007-140837_Chr…)

No. 256245

File: 1665177348082.webm (1.12 MB, 540x960, download.webm)

No. 256246


Lol Pixie's biggest insult to someone is that they aren't 'special'.

Projecting some fears there.

No. 256247

Serving Gypsy Rose realness

No. 256248

File: 1665177500580.png (319.74 KB, 546x289, cathair.PNG)

that shirt won't be black for much longer. the matted white cat hair is taking over

No. 256249

File: 1665177554740.jpg (142.33 KB, 720x1167, Screenshot_20221007-141709.jpg)

No. 256250

Ew how can a shirt be that dirty lmao. At least clean yourself up before recording and posting a video

No. 256251


If vanglina ignored the offer to call, why would jill even think about the call being filmed? This makes 0 sense

No. 256252

we doin' a lil lurkin' jilly bean? op didn't tag either of you so how'd you find this tweet? you're not following them either soooo-

No. 256253

Oh shut up Jill. For content or not, recording a call like that is normal. Both sides record so no one can take anything out of context in case the conversation is discussed publicly afterwards

No. 256254

Okay, what's with her and the calls?? First off, an autist would rather stab herself in a boob than call someone, so that's not very neurodivergent of her, specially since she's trying to play the "uwu I'm soooo sensitive and I have to stim all of the time owo"
Second, a call is worse because it can be easily recorded and used against her, and she couldn't pretend it was photoshop or some shit.
She fucked up, she's so retarded, by text is so easy to just take your time and respond whatever you want, you don't have to worry about people waiting for you for too long and whatnot, you can organize your thoughts better, hell, you can ask someone else to write something if you're not sure of what to say.
My guess is that she wanted to call Van so she could talk about random shit and tell her nothing about what is going on, or it's just easier for her to manipulate people because she was ready to use her theater kid skills to pretend she was totally crying and afraid.

No. 256255

The game of making money on youtube which Vangelina won by actually making videos and Jill never even made content?

No. 256256

File: 1665178469022.png (40.25 KB, 589x326, firefox_1etkN3Jl9e.png)

Oh my god, these spicy straights. Steve is referring to Jillian as "they/them"

No. 256257

This troon’s word is worthless lmao

No. 256259

i can’t help but feel like if she had the diagnosis she’d whip it out herself to prove everyone wrong and yet here we are, with nothing but Steve’s worthless words

No. 256261

Yeah, kinda sus. Overshares everything but the proof she is diagnosed. Well she could be diagnosed BPD, but have the did impression.

No. 256262

I'm so tired of this I have a diagnostic impression. Both Jill and Stephen act like it's the "gotcha she really does have it". Stop twisting words to fool people. Let me put this bluntly: when you act like everyone around you is a bad guy and start monologuing how you're the hero, it's time to have a serious look at yourself. You're letting fantasy blend with reality and it's getting hard to differentiate the two. This is all happening because you couldn't learn to take criticism and mommy can't fix it. This all feels like a crappy soap opera, just needs the overly dramatic pauses and music.

No. 256263


Just looked up the list of symptoms for BPD, and this one really lines up with someone's drive or delusion to fake DID.

- Rapid changes in self-identity and self-image that include shifting goals and values, and seeing yourself as bad or as if you don't exist at all

No. 256264

Sorry for the redundant post, but to clarify, for any club members here:


The phrase indicates that the diagnosis presented is an impression only, a guess that will need to be checked out more carefully and lead to a more certain a diagnosis. The word “ impression” is chosen deliberately to indicate that it is uncertain and temporary,to be clarified when more information is discovered that can lead to a more certain diagnosis. Since diagnoses are usually legally important, it is especially necessary to declare that an early guess at diagnosis is only “ an impression” and not a definitive diagnosis.

No. 256265

File: 1665180271884.jpg (876.83 KB, 1816x2028, 20221007_170217.jpg)

anyone want this piece of shit

No. 256266

victim complex on full display holy shit. van did absolutely nothing wrong, jill stated that SHE was going to release the messages first. don't start something if you're not prepared to deal with the consequences. she could have just ignored the livestream and this would have blown over quickly. if you're reading here van please don't let her intimidate you into backing down. she's gone mask off and is destroying what's left of her "career" kek.

No. 256267

sure nonnie. but for real if you're serious i collect pins LOL

No. 256268


Don't do it, it's Jill trying to doxx us with free pins lmao

No. 256269

Nta, but don't forget that professionals have to be careful. There's a thing called scope of practice. You cannot overstep your boundaries. For example, a audiologist cannot diagnose a person with an ear infection. It is considered beyond their scope. The audiologist would need to refer the person to a doctor. So in a diagnostic impressions it would probably read something along the line of flat tymps, air conductive hearing loss, ear discharge, red around the tympanic membrane, and needs to be referred to doctor. Anything claiming "yes this is in a ear infection" would get the audiologist in legal trouble.

No. 256270

File: 1665180875043.png (136.76 KB, 609x320, cs.png)

must… resist…

No. 256271

Ya, wasn’t it just a therapist? In the US at least, a lot of therapists are licensed clinical social workers, who cannot make diagnoses, they work on coping mechanisms etc based on diagnoses made by psychiatrists/psychologists who have to do more schooling to get those licenses/an MD. I’m not sure how it works in Canada. But I’m either case, they probably either couldn’t give a diagnosis or didn’t feel comfortable giving that diagnosis without further tests/observations (if they are able to give them at all).

No. 256272

KEK oh what fun we've had these past two days, girls
glad to have you, ex club members.

No. 256274

not sure about NB/PEI - but I live in Ontario and I had done testing for an eating disorder. i was not able to get care for it until after a psychiatrist formally diagnosed me. the MSW was there to carry out treatment but I was not formally "diagnosed" by them

No. 256275

Keep it anon we have little pieces of lolcow history kek

No. 256276

pffffffffft Jill literally threatened and bullied Vangelina that she was going to "release the DMs" even though there was nothing incriminating in them. Forced her to make a video in self-defense before Jill made up more lies. And then used her own bullying to play the victim. What a bad person.

>>256265 These are going to be rare artifacts, the best ironic collector items.

>>256271 Jeb was likely an enabler.

No. 256279

Jesus christ, that user hasn't said anything out of line at all, it's as if the moment anyone chooses to doubt her plausibility they are instantly disregarded.
How backwards can her supporting fans be after watching this unfold? Jillian has the most coddling mother and fanbase ever, Louise should be stepping in instead of sending virtual hugs and kisses and letting her daughter be defended by a bunch of children. Especially the user bringing up Jerricks age, how easily influenced are these people, Jerrick is basically an imaginary friend not a real functioning teenager.

No. 256281

File: 1665182559103.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x1371, 5D634665-0074-46EF-B8E0-57ACD2…)


fixed it for you!!!!!!! uwu(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 256284

>u can cover a turd in rainbows and glitter but don't tell me it's not a turd

this is so poetic

No. 256294

They’re probably in his fap folder. Remember he’s a porn addict with a small penis.

No. 256296

>You're not special

No. 256297

Tbh seems like a more reliable WK than Steebie. Jill should lock him in the basement instead.

No. 256299

idk how the mods on this site work but please get this jesus loser out of here i’m begging. everytime i come to check on this thread that idiot is back in here.

No. 256300

Lol i've lived with a cat with white fur for 12 yrs and never ever had a piece of clothing that dirty. You can tell she doesn't wash her clothes at all.

No. 256311

note that she hasn't once ever described having flashbacks or nightmares regarding trauma? Which even people with pretty mild PTSD experience. Every time she wakes up confused 99% of the time she's hungover from binge drinking.

No. 256312

His girlfriend claims she's in danger of being harmed by a real life stalker and this unwashed scrote rushed to post a video about… himself. Amazing.

No. 256314

i can only assume admin is going to revoke Jesus' anonymity soon and unbanned them for that purpose only. hoping and praying for a good reveal.

No. 256318

I swear to god this is one of the slimiest shits she's done. She's plain lying, she made those tweets and published them. Even if they weren't public she's still bashing Vangelina behind her back and trying to control the narrative, she deleted the tweets and she's plain lying about it.

No. 256319

KEK watch out Nona, he's going to make another greasy hair emergency broadcast just to claim this is a serious death threat

No. 256324

When are these people going to get cancelled for real. I'm just waiting and waiting and Jill and Steven still get defended online.

No. 256329

Stop taking the troonbait, you tardette. Report and ignore.

No. 256330

Just like with Colin

No. 256334

Wow so ~~~evil~~~ looking like a special snowflake in a cancer patient beanie. You didn't win anything either Jilly, your life fucking sucks ass and you still smoke weed to forget it all. You're not the epic 14 year old troll you think. You're a fucking immature ass adult that lives in delusion. You will always suck and you made yourself lose with your own actions. Funny you thought having "alters" would keep you out if any accountability and chose to be a shithead instead of working on your problems.

No. 256337

Colin wasn’t nearly as much as an enabling moid as Steve, admittedly I started following the threads about a month or two before they broke up. But even as someone who back read threads, Colin was a just a Kastrated Kawaii Doormat that Jill made into an accessory

No. 256339

File: 1665186567732.jpg (93.07 KB, 720x840, Screenshot_20221007-164446.jpg)

Continuing on from this tweet. Kek

No. 256346

this is just another sprinkle onto the shit cake, all of the ptsd symptoms that are traumatizing and actually painful aren’t bad for jillybean! It’s all rainbows and sunshines, no night terrors relieving the trauma. In a sick way i wish she could experience what it’s like to have reoccurring nightmares about one specific event. I don’t even have ptsd and something that happened when i was 13 was still leaving me with nightmares up until my early adulthood. That’s what trauma does to your brain jill, it doesn’t leave when you log off twitter. It doesn’t let you sleep.

No. 256348

sage for blog but i literally just got prescribed a benzo and a mood stabilizer yesterday for my ptsd-induced nightmares and panic attacks, meanwhile jill is having full on, multi-day fights online that she absolutely started and not batting an eye. nice one.(No1curr)

No. 256352

samefag, and she's also making tiktoks blatantly teasing V for not being "special". fuck. off. you do NOT feel like you're in danger. nobody has the mental capacity to film themselves further provoking the person that is allegedly bullying them if they genuinely felt like that person could hurt them.

No. 256353

I can’t believe she’s trying to spin the call as trying to be cooperative when it was a manipulative offer. Jill wanted to call so there wouldn’t be a paper trail, and if it was recorded she could say she was interviewed without consent.

No. 256355

See, I feel like we should keep the troon comments to their containment threads. When someone is actually a shitty person- like these two- they can use the transphobia card and it makes it look like we have said nothing of value at all.

No. 256359


oh I see so PTSD is only by your definition? People cope with PTSD and other mental illnesses differently. Hey at least she's not rotting away in lolcow telling who's mentally ill or not. I've been prescribed quetiapine for 3 years for cptsd and bpd and I'm not sitting here crying about what Jil is going on about her day wtf? LOL worry about your own life. Seriously you're ALL HERE TALKING SHIT ALL DAY, YOU HYPOCRITES. DOING what you're claiming Jil is doing???

No. 256361

Homegirl is SEETHING

No. 256362

get a diary or something

No. 256364

You know someone is NOT winning when they make a stupid video like this kek
my thoughts exactly

No. 256366

of course it's not just by my definition. but having ptsd isn't an excuse for being an awful person and hiding behind a shield of trauma so that no one can criticize you ever. we're here because we want to criticize her in peace because doing it elsewhere is a fucking headache. it's like no one can say anything negative about her or else you're a ableist transphic alt-right nazi and that's not fucking fair. i used to care about her and now i want to see her face the fucking consequences.

No. 256367

Damn she really thinks this will work like that?

No. 256368

IIRC she only had about 100 made so they're actually rare

No. 256370

not a jill wk being ableist towards a person actively trying to get their shit together, i'm absolutely devastated and super surprised

No. 256372

bestie, you are also a “lolcowuser” (i guess it’s one word now) you have made a comment on a thread, you contributed to the site by bumping this thread. At least stop acting like you have a soap box to stand on, because i promise not a single person will listen or be as civil as i’m trying to be now.

No. 256377

File: 1665189209290.jpg (4.48 MB, 2048x4096, Pixiebrown_abbylocks.jpg)

Bringing this back.

She has a personality identity disorder.. it's borderline personality disorder.

No. 256379

We aren't here to convince you anon, we're here to soak in some milk. This isn't about you.

No. 256381

abby did it better kek

No. 256382

Just saying that Abby looks cuter than Jill.

No. 256383

Stop even the way you matched the facial expressions ily nonnie

No. 256384

expose who? the only one with a ridiculous amount of traceable, non-photoshopped receipts is jill. you're not bumping this thread for justice, you're bumping it because you love to think you're making a difference.

No. 256385

You don't need to say you aren't a lolcow user when you are spacing your posts like you're on reddit and are oblivious to the fact nobody here will coddle trannies. Integrate, please.

No. 256388

Posts don't get deleted unless they contain doxxing, children, spam, or are from the resident tranny Blaine. Come on now, at least TRY to pretend you didn't come here from Jill or Steven's videos

No. 256391

They're following the rules retard lmfao(sage your shit )

No. 256393

>why we are deleting posts that offer a differing opinion to the mainstream narrative

if your opinions go against all of the evidence provided in each thread summary, ie coming to jill's defense with no proof against it and just coming here to waste everyone's time, then yeah your posts are going to be removed. we're not here just making up shit, we have screenshots and videos from things that she has publicly done or said.

there is the occasional off-the-wall theory, but as for screenshots of tweets, things she has said in videos … there's nothing to defend her for. you're not going to change our mind or scare us out of having a negative opinion of her.

No. 256394

As an anonnie who is a regular Id like to take this opportunity to wk jill and speak on her many good qualities.
Thank you Jill for making me realise just how unhealthy and fat I’d gotten. I can now run for miles and am working hard to get my eating habits under control.
Thank you Jill for making me realize I wasn’t taking myself seriously. I now dress appropriately for occasions and make an effort with my projects instead of settling for mediocre.
Thank you Jill for being one of many cows who have brought to my attention the effects of doing too much weed and not enough anything else. I’ve cut back and am giving serious thought to just altogether stopping.
Mostly Jill im thankful that you were so much like me that through you I learnt the lesson of staying off the fucking internet lest I too turn into a lolcow.
Thank you Jill for learning these painful lessons for me. I hope one day you too can learn from your own mistakes.
Lots of love, care and hope for your future, nonnie

No. 256395

That's the entire point, idiot. We're mad at Jill because she makes mental illness look like a fun and quirky trait, while we suffer from real shit and some of us can't even get out of bed let alone make a bunch of weird rainby tiktoks about how having DID is super funny or something

No. 256399

Holy fuck this thread is a mess rn

No. 256401

I think someone else said this, but we have established all the shit she’s done with cold hard evidence. Going against that or denying that is just annoying WKing that clogs up the thread.

No. 256403

omg nonnie we all have our periods at the same time! luv ya girlies <3

farmhands this is a joke please don't ban me

No. 256409

eh, that just means jilly will hit her 60th thread faster.

No. 256413

File: 1665192140465.png (556.29 KB, 651x784, cake.png)

I'll bake a cake!

No. 256420


I am on my period gahd damn

No. 256425

File: 1665194157115.png (73.42 KB, 200x241, 1593442120509.png)

>Love the idea of him photoshopping that background and adding the classic drama video highlight around his face for the clicks, in between feeding her animal crackers to calm her rage fit

No. 256428

please do nonna, I want to see it.

No. 256434

how does that work?

No. 256442

What the fuck happened to this thread

No. 256443

this is. so much

No. 256446

damn i had no idea the lord had ibs

No. 256449

And in the end, everything that's happened is ultimately Jill's fault for making the lolcow video

No. 256453

If Steebie was reading so many threads and comments then why didn’t he mention the DDLG claims at all? Must be harder to prove he’s uwu innocent.

No. 256462

Some big bpdfag energy on display

No. 256464

Here's the site's magnum opus post reveal for indication on how it's done: https://lolcow.farm/kiki

No. 256465

God I’m so excited for the reveal. I’m keeping my fingies crossed it’s someone who was very vocal about hating lolcow. Whether it be Jill/Steebie or a deranged fan from the confetti cult.

No. 256466

File: 1665200504391.jpg (9.98 KB, 270x275, 1599852981752.jpg)


No. 256469

File: 1665201200090.webm (3.62 MB, 1280x720, DiDimpressions_diagnosis.webm)

My Side of the Story time stamp: 16:16 - 17:16. The clip is Stevie claiming he was there during the whole process and that a diagnosis exists; also a diagnostic impressions inform the diagnosis which is then given by a psychologist.

No. 256470

>a diagnostic impressions inform the diagnosis which is then given by a psychologist
Lol nope Stevie try again

No. 256473

What if Jesus is just some Anon?

No. 256479

I'm like 30% sure the basement is unfinished and that white brick is a fake wall, look how it repeats. What the fuck is that grime to the right/bottom right if not exposed concrete and wiring

No. 256480

I love how he keeps shaking his head no subconsciously while saying all this. He can lie all he wants with words but his body tells the truth

No. 256482

File: 1665213076259.jpeg (180.96 KB, 1000x1000, 82ce5850-bb79-4677-9425-c03b6a…)

No. 256483

I can't believe we were feeling bad for Steve, he fully deserves to live in the basement of the rainbow clown.

No. 256489

File: 1665220313108.png (Spoiler Image,275.07 KB, 1118x1049, anasofiacostalc.png)

This is who I believe gave her the diagnostic impression, not Jed. Jill liked photos of specificially her on the fb page (not posting because I don't want to put this lady's face in the thread without knowing if she did anything bad). She's the "forensic specialist" Jill talked about, who is "literally trained to tell if people are lying", as she seems to love repeating. She specializes in normie shit, PTSD, and bariatic EDs. No mention of dissociative disorders.

No. 256492

All the stupid bitches who thought Steve was some kind of prisoner when he's a grown ass man enabling Jill's shit behavior. How do you feel?

No. 256493

his constant facial expression histrionics remind me strongly of bobbyburns. the blinking and furrowed brow to seem genuine and introspective, lmao.
he's as much of an attention whore as jill is and maybe even dumber.
good comment. the fact he no problem outright admits jill has IRL enemies shows the breadth of his reasoning skills lmao
middle school shit omg
surprised. i'm starting to think jill isn't the one using him as an attack dog, but he's concerned about the cheating rumors. i thought she was being a clown online while he was solely focused his homosexual interests and pursuits, and i was wrong. but her bossy controlling tendencies + his relative absence lent credit to this misconception

No. 256497

File: 1665230911656.jpg (208.22 KB, 1080x824, Screenshot_20221007_221227_Chr…)


No. 256498

File: 1665230955106.jpeg (343.52 KB, 1125x645, 803677A4-27AF-4498-A98D-F28C12…)

Jerricka liking this extremely cold take. Jill, someone else cheating on their wife is not trauma. You do not know what trauma is, otherwise you wouldn’t constantly be making desperate efforts to claim mundane things as traumatic/co-opting other people’s trauma. Go outside.

No. 256499

This fat bitch thinks that anything is trauma, I wish the doctors could've just told her that she's a fucking narc that needs to get validated 24/7, instead of playing along with the DID shit.

No. 256501

So she agrees that this situation is traumatic for the people involved and still makes “funny” tweets about it? Huh that’s interesting. I thought people shouldn’t talk about other peoples trauma.. cause that’s like so harmful?? And literally they’re unsafe?? Other people trauma isn’t your drama to talk about !!!!!

No. 256502

Right, she was lapping up the drama and participating in discussion when it happened as per.

No. 256504

How is it even traumatic when the only two people let go were the people directly involved in choosing to cheat? It's so offensive to actually people who were assaulted or harassed at work and fired against their control. I am so sick of hot takes from extremely privileged people.

No. 256505

What does this even mean. Things out of your control happen all the time, only a privileged spoiled brat would think it's traumatic to not have what you want all the time

No. 256506

that’s not why, it’s because she hates other women and loves male attention, good or bad.

No. 256508

File: 1665236607946.jpg (121.5 KB, 715x472, Screenshot_20221008-103612_Twi…)

I mean she thinks cheating should be illegal. Which explains why she would think that's traumatic and also why she would get so riled up if someone super vaguely implied she cheated. I personally think this tweet is insane and really shows how she cannot stop and think about what that would even entail.

No. 256509

Sage for off topic and old, but holy shit it didn’t watch the Veronica video at all and her voice and acting is so bad. How does she think she’s getting away with this?

No. 256510

seeing the veronica video after not watching her for awhile is exactly what led me to these threads.

No. 256511

It's never going to matter because she's never going to back down from this. The "DID community" is a shit-show, on paper it's a condition that is, by definition, impossible to self-diagnose. It also takes on average about a decade to diagnose. Of course this will change as more research comes forward, but odds are (if we go off of current understandings of the condition in a clinical-sense) that 90% of the creators we see claiming DID are at best misinformed and at worst completely making it up.

The people who buy Jill's charade are the same people who think that you cannot criticize the mentally ill no matter what and believe in self-diagnosis for all conditions (which is proven to be dangerous). They're not interested in proof of anything because all that matters is Jill's word.

No. 256514

Samefagging because I have more to say but don't want to wall of text.

To any of Jill's defenders who come on here and actually want to use critical thinking skills - while you are not responsible for being mentally ill, you do have responsibility in dealing with it. Of course there is nuance and exceptions, but none of these apply to Jill who is not experiencing psychosis or homeless with no support system. Part of being mentally ill is, hard as it may be, finding a way to deal with it so that you can take care of yourself but also not be a nightmare to those around you - and part of that is forming a support system, whether it be clinicians, family, or friends, who will not coddle you - but will actually hold you accountable. Coddling people like Jill actually harms her in the long run, it's not an uwu so caring and kind thing to do. Like normal human beings, mentally ill people actually do need to be introspective and care about others.

No. 256516

This. She's a pickme.

No. 256517

File: 1665241522624.jpg (71.66 KB, 720x373, 1665241427291.jpg)

Kek happy for her

No. 256520

File: 1665242818988.png (13.35 KB, 552x232, ableist.png)

No. 256521

File: 1665242985166.png (16.73 KB, 546x170, interesting.png)

No. 256523

File: 1665243126176.png (185.63 KB, 582x406, pixie hypocrite.png)

No. 256524

A sore point for me is that she has been diagnosed with bpd for how long now and has she done the work? BPD is treatable and not getting help puts yourself and others in a bad place. She could easily have been in remission by now but refuses to work on herself. She can’t even take accountability and admit that BPD has ugly symptoms she just blames other people and says those symptoms are icky and she doesn’t have them! Mental illness isn’t sunshine and rainbows and you have to own your shit to get better, that doesn’t meant you are a bad person. If anything her actions and words stigmatise BPD to her fans further, her misrepresentation makes others look worse. Hell now Jed skipped town and she got her piece of paper she has given up on treating her supposed DID as well which again is an awful and dangerous example she is setting. Advocating for ditching meds and switching to purely smoking weed with zero input from a doctor is also really dangerous and not something anyone should be advertising especially in such a bright cutesy appealing way. She has mentally ill fans who skew pretty young, what if one of them follows that advice? She could get someone killed, this shit is not a game.

No. 256525

File: 1665243233075.jpeg (61.66 KB, 750x677, 805AD321-94B2-42C2-89AC-62E05A…)

She just posted this, it’s clearly edited tho lmaoo

No. 256526

Like the text is sideways and it supposed to be in green(Emoji )

No. 256527

That's…not how those work lmao

No. 256528

As a dumbass that doesn't use Twitter could you post what it should look like? Cause I'm lost

No. 256529

Omg Vangelina said in her stream that she considered there might be a risk that Jill might edit anything related to their interaction, and she was right. While she was referring to their DM conversation when she said that, Jill editing the tweets is a good indication that she might edit the DM'd conversation too. I hope Vangelina made a video scrolling through their DMs as backup proof in case Jill's retarded fans go apeshit.

No. 256530

you can see it here >>256230

No. 256532

File: 1665243795394.jpg (400.49 KB, 1080x1496, IMG_20221008_174246.jpg)

Oh my god she is so vindicative when she's wrong

No. 256533

LMFAO she's so retarded.
>You are evil
>I will never forgive you
Bitchhhh do you not have anything better to do? Gosh she must be so exhausting to be around

No. 256534

>they must have cropped them
holy shit, Jillian, that must have been one hell of a cropping job because we've got a screenshot of the VERY public tweets right over here >>255731

No. 256535

Bless you ty
Jill is a disaster and that message reads like someone shopped it for her as ordered

No. 256536

the way she turned comments off so no one can correct her

No. 256537

Shes crazy thinking poorly editing screenshots is going to be a 'final note' instead of exacerbate the situation

No. 256538

No wonder Steve got a job, leeching off her fully would mean spending all day with her and who the fuck could manage that. I would rather move back in with my parents and they are cunts. She is so exhausting and I have never even met her in person.

No. 256539

Thats a lot of words for someone who is mad they got caught talking shit. How does she not realize shes the asshole for making those tweets in the first place?

No. 256540

>my "very close friend" conveniently screencapped my circles reply prior to any drama occurring
>it's definitely not edited guys!
tinfoil: some of her Twitter "friends" are 100% farmers goading her on, intentionally making her look worse by encouraging insane takes and behaviors

No. 256541

This would be a "clever" way for her to try and get people to semi-dox
If she doubles down on it, nonnies who saw it and know it was public could be tempted to say "no I'm x I'm not in your circle" as a way to prove its public and then she has their twitters
I don't wanna give her too much credit but just a thought

No. 256542

not wk’ing because jill definitely didn’t post post to circles but maybe the circles text looks different on mobile (jill’s screenshot) compared to desktop (the example)?

but the green circle icon and even the likes area looks pixellated as fuck so i feel like she’s shooped this together

No. 256545

I'm editing a post from my own circles to show you guys (removing names). It's still incorrect

No. 256546

She will have shooped it herself, she has been using photoshop for over ten years now. That will be a piece of cake for someone who was shooping themselves to look uncanny valley at the age of 13.

No. 256547


>this will follow you for a long time

Jesus christ, she really doesn't realize the internet isn't real life. This one interaction will have 0 consequences outside outside of the 3 people who see it on twitter

No. 256548

File: 1665244568480.png (41.31 KB, 597x431, firefox_3yLO1oKBnV.png)

Here's an artist I follow
"Only people in…" is missing

No. 256549

I did think hers seemed weird grammatical, you do really need the “only” for it to actually describe the purpose of circles.

No. 256550

Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
as much as she accuses us of photoshopping her twitter, she's the one actually doing it… How come it took her this fucking long to upload this? answer: it's fake. I can't believe she's doing this shit

Like, I'm in awe. Worst thing is that her WKs and defenders will eat this shit up

No. 256551

Oh no, this is very specific, but I went to check these same tweets on the app and on the smallest zoom on my screen
THEN it doesn't add "only people in…"

But that begs the question, who out of Jill's inner circle was the big baddie traitor? And how did anons ITT claim to see those tweets?

No. 256552

Also sorry for samefagging but notice how she's only posting one tweet >>256532
And that's the tweet where she wasn't a total bitch. Usually you would post the whole thread with circles on to show it's not photoshopped.

No. 256553

>BPD is treatable
Unfortunately little pieces of shit like her that love faking illnesses and use trauma as a shield for accountability don't think this is true. They still talk about the myth that BPD has no remission or treatment. So they never work on their own bullshit.

I have seen many such cases unfortunately, specially from people who also claim mythical stuff like DID. I have BPD myself and have worked on it to the point that I've had to take time for myself to truly get to the point of it, and it has cost me some years of my life to truly try and heal the root(s) of it. What people like Jillian do is not cute, they don't think about the consequences of not working on their own bullshit, they don't think about others and how their BPD impacts both their close relationships and themselves, it's all about "me, me, me". I don't believe one bit she's actually put in the work.

No. 256554

File: 1665245214716.jpg (284.32 KB, 1080x1444, IMG_20221008_180435.jpg)

For people who want proof, mobile app version on small screen. Jill is still a two faced bitch.

No. 256555

File: 1665245246758.jpg (393.22 KB, 1496x677, Circles_Exposure1.JPG)

So I made crude tests in Photoshop searching for artifacts in these images, which would show signs of editing in post.

Here's Jill's friends' screenshot.

No. 256556

What gets me the most about the whole thing is that she is hung up on these tweets supposedly being "leaked". Let's for argument's sake say she DID post them in her twitter circles, how would that make those nasty tweets okay in any shape or form? Another personality or no, any deal or peace making would be off the table the moment I heard about these existing if they had been about me because any nice words that have been exchanged between us would be null and void the moment the first "suck my ass" tweet was posted. I really don't understand how that's so hard for her to get?

No. 256557

File: 1665245284187.jpg (1.01 MB, 2235x2436, Circles_Exposure2.JPG)

Here's the one Nonnie posted before.

No. 256558

File: 1665245390105.jpg (342.33 KB, 1187x431, Circles_Exposure3.JPG)

And here's another nonnies example taken from their circle. There's a clear difference between these images in how the circle part is shown.

I'm still doubting, if Twitter has different UI depending on your internet browser, which could explain this change, but it still feels fishy looking at the Jill's screencap.

No. 256559

File: 1665245748901.jpg (146.02 KB, 697x1827, FeYHtA6X0AEjCpp.jpg)

Hol' up
I have the solution
"I think I convinced her to drop it" was not part of the "leaked" tweets
Check all the ones Vangelina screencapped. This wasn't there.

Theory: Jill made a new circle tweet after that for proof

No. 256561

File: 1665245955355.jpg (185.81 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_20221008-091343_Chr…)

No. 256564

File: 1665246056531.webm (898.75 KB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 256566

File: 1665246182663.jpg (116.8 KB, 719x1276, Screenshot_20221008-091426_Chr…)

No. 256568

>I'm in danger! I'm scared!!!
>accepts gifts from total strangers on tiktok

No. 256569

File: 1665246342367.jpg (315.31 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20221008-131826_Twi…)

I mean whoever screencapped the tweets if they were in the circle could have deleted the "circles" container from the html and then screencapped. Its how people make fake screencaps without signs of editing. It's just weird that someone in a circle of like 4 people and is supposedly a close friend would do that to begin with?

No. 256570

I’m confused how she’s claiming that a friend leaked the tweets when they were literally posted on her account publicly? Or is she fully just attempting to gaslight people into thinking that any screenshot proof was her friend leaking it? Who posted the screenshots when they were leaked then? Or were they sent directly to Vangelina and she posted them? The mental gymnastics are wearing me out.

Also, OT because old, but I finally bothered to watch her lolcow video and part that I didn’t see anyone point out, she straight up says that two hours after her Twitter bullying that girl about subliminals, the organizers contacted her to drop her from the gig. She also says that the lady organising it didn’t know her, so she most likely saw Jill’s Twitter exchange and decided she didn’t want her to represent the event. Possibly she even googled her and found the thread and used it as a reason. Though I doubt it was even brought up at all, she just got dropped for being a cunt on Twitter

No. 256571

Anon where did you get that screencap? So we know chelsea and whiteknight bees are in the circle

No. 256572

File: 1665246611477.jpg (315.72 KB, 720x1150, Screenshot_20221008-131859_Twi…)

From this video posted

No. 256573

we'll know soon because Van knows where she got it from/ where she saw it first. I'm really curious to see where this goes because if she is lying its proof to her audience she has no shame

No. 256574

This is completely new, didn't see that

No. 256575

File: 1665246804842.png (84.46 KB, 231x369, firefox_LwEEELCRR0.png)

She shared her friend and whiteknight's tweets too in that video lol
Sof, papercakes (Chelsea) and bees are the 3 women in the circle currently (no steebie)

No. 256576

Wait, does the video include any of the tweets in >>256557 ?? Why is she trying so hard just to prove the fact that Jerrick has a twitter circle rather than the tweets being in the circle?

No. 256577

File: 1665246886810.png (114.42 KB, 498x253, firefox_UcUDAkIpu1.png)

No. 256578

File: 1665246899338.jpg (185.91 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20221008-093211_Chr…)

No. 256579

holy shit jillian shut the fuck up nobody cares who leaked what, the only thing to see here is that you were a cunt, as per usual.

No. 256580

uhhhhhh so are you saying we're getting some PaperCakes drama?? Or . . . who is the Bees person>

No. 256581

File: 1665246990866.png (264.42 KB, 492x922, firefox_dih89gBiCR.png)

She deleted some tweets

No. 256582

File: 1665247077319.webm (2.77 MB, 396x858, twitter_20221008_103124.webm)

Jillian definitely ruined all of her friendships because her friends weren't kissing her ass. She talks about how she's shit responding to messages (which is a relationship killer) but she paints her friends as ablelist assholes for her not learning and accommodating to be a better friend for them. And now she blocked and is trying to isolate Bobo for being in a chat not praising/defending and remaining impartial? Like Jill does realize that isolation is a form of bulling, right?

Anyway here's the video of her scrolling. Is there a way to edit htm in apps?

No. 256583

how would she even know people are accusing her of photoshopping when she had replies turned off? she's lurking so hard

No. 256584

Mossy/bees is >>255436
Fixed link to old thread: >>187748

No. 256585

This still doesnt show the 'suck my ass' tweet so doesnt prove that she didnt publically tweet that. also she was still saying things like calling vangelina predatory and opportunistic in private and now has to deal with the consequences of van finding out she was talking shit.

No. 256587

she must have deleted the suck my ass tweet lmao Jill thats what this whole thing is about. Fuck off with the "you guys are evil", you were the one buttering up Van in the dms to stop the video while being disgusting either in private or in your circle. Doesn't matter now, everyone can see how two faced you are.

No. 256588

File: 1665247983551.png (148.8 KB, 1360x552, copypasta.PNG)

its so easy to edit tweets without photo editing though

No. 256589

Doesn't change that Jill didn't deny she tweeted "Vangelina skov suck my ass" and called her evil while playing a kind sweetie in her manipulative DMs

No. 256590

I can't understand how her retard fans defend all of these messages with "she's just venting privately", she's being a two faced bitch DMing van all uwu and at the same time writing this

No. 256591

What gets me about the circle tweets is…it’s four people? All of which you know personally? Make a group chat dumbass. You are stoned all the time why would you leave the chance there for you to tweet it incorrectly and make it public. Which is what I think happened, you would have to be an idiot to be in a circle that is only four people and leak the tweets. Can you make tweets circle only retroactively by changing the settings? Some social media sites let you change the privacy settings on stuff you already posted. Because that wouldn’t require photoshop or fucking with the time stamps if you posted new ones.

No. 256592

Note how Jill is calling that person an "evil traitor", so she's aware her tweets make her look like an awful person. THe question is who the traitor was that made Jill so butthurt (come here and spill the tea for us, sis)

No. 256594

You can't retroactively make tweets circle only and you can't know who else is in the circle beside you and the owner (and the replies you see, we can see that bees, sof and chelsea are in the circle in the video). There are still deleted tweets and missing overlap from what Jill posted vs what was shared before

No. 256595

wow such a ~gamur girl~ shut the fuck up bitch

No. 256596

And how the fuck would anyone have the time to do that. Don't be stupid

No. 256597

>I’m confused how she’s claiming that a friend leaked the tweets when they were literally posted on her account publicly? Or is she fully just attempting to gaslight people into thinking that any screenshot proof was her friend leaking it?
Yep. She wants to frame Bobo for attending the livestream

No. 256598

>>>>she straight up says that two hours after her Twitter bullying that girl about subliminals, the organizers contacted her to drop her from the gig. She also says that the lady organising it didn’t know her, so she most likely saw Jill’s Twitter exchange and decided she didn’t want her to represent the event.
Can webm anon please upload this part?

No. 256599

>healthy coping mechanisms
Are we supposed to believe she's doing anything healthy after her seething sessions on twitter? kekkkkk

No. 256600

anon she 100% twitter them publicly and then immediately posted them not publicly and deleted the ones she accidentaly were published before.

No. 256601

It’s blowing my mind that she’s drawing so much attention to this, because as usual she can’t fathom that she’s done something wrong. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t say it publicly Jill, in fact it makes you a sniveling coward couldn’t say it publicly, you had to bitch behind V’s back. No matter how or where you said it, it still makes you a bitch.
I keep coming back to her saying ‘don’t you dare say you didn’t provoke me’, as if that isn’t literally Abuser Talk 101.

No. 256602

KEK she talks about how frightened she is of lolcow users doxxing her but all anyone would have to do is offer her free shit? It's almost like there's no real threat to them physically at all hm

No. 256603

Man, who wouldve thought she’d actually manage to fly further off the handle without her uwu angel therapist. Colour me shocked

No. 256604

Absolutely spectacular
>accuses lolcow of faking screenshots
>every screenshot here is real
>fakes her own screenshots
It looks like she wrote replies or reposted in circles, but the original Tweets were public. No circles label and the retweet option is available.
The original screenshot looks completely legit to me where the video she scrolls through not only doesn't show these alleged "circle" Tweets at all, the formatting is also off, it lacks the "only" part of the label as other anons have pointed out.

No. 256606

File: 1665250108454.jpeg (Spoiler Image,59.18 KB, 1500x500, C309C74A-2D4F-497A-8454-E5C914…)

Idk if this is a stretch but in this screenshot that vangelina made her header you can see 5 likes but pixie claimed their twitter circle only had 4 people… unless they liked their own tweet

No. 256607

also in this there’s no evidence of it being in the circle which if I’m correct always shows above likes

No. 256608

Lmao nice catch anon! Which proves it was first posted publicly and she deleted it afterwards to make it private!

No. 256609

she really could've just ignored all of this and let her minions do the work for her and seemed like the super positive angel she wants to be, but go off jill dig your own grave further you chronically online creep

No. 256610

Watch your posts because she can and will take them out of context

>NO jillian, we don't want to fucking dox you, but it's very clear you're not in danger if you THINK accepting gifts from strangers is okay

>and if for some stupid reason you think someone filming you at your PUBLIC PERFORMANCE is stalking, it's clear you will never be a real performer if you can't handle shit.
>You're not special, you're not good at acting or dancing, and you're EXACTLY what events and companies don't want to support. Your narcissism is a nuisance to anyone who takes the craft seriously.

No. 256611

I was wondering if the amount of likes would give it away. Did she say she had 4 people before or after? could she have liked her own tweet and made it 5?

No. 256612

it has 5 likes therefore it was publicly posted. She's faking her own shit, she's a full manipulative faking liar in all senses of the word
>she really could've just ignored all of this and let her minions do the work for her and seemed like the super positive angel she wants to be, but go off jill dig your own grave further you chronically online creep

She has done that before. If you see any video posted here criticising her, you'll see Steven and Jillian sending her fans to defend her. Proof is in past threads. Somehow she got super butthurt this time so she handled it (badly) herself. This is seriously, honestly, not a good look for her public image. How is she going to recover? By lying even more?

No. 256613

why did you spoiler this kek this didn't need a spoiler
Please webm anon post this for posterity:
>the organizers contacted her to drop her from the gig.

No. 256615

I want caps of her saying the runner of the drag show contacted her about her twitter and canceling her performance over it. Cause we have caps of her saying it was over death threats.

If she invested this much energy into her fashion career.. well she wouldn't be a fat broke shut in.

No. 256616

there is a possibility that it was in circles IF one of the people there did inspect element and removed the 'only people in _'s circle can see this'
also there is a twitter glitch where you like your own posts
either way she does not look good in this.. bitching about vangelina behind her back and then having one of her 'close friends' expose it or doing it in public and then lying about it. Both scenarios are shit for her

No. 256617

Also, what are the timestamps of the Twitter circle tweets?

No. 256618

KEK, I wonder who is she going to throw under the bus.

No. 256620

Ok unsaged white knight

No. 256621

It's obviously going to be the Bobo girl, she already blocked her for watching Vangelina's livestream

No. 256622

File: 1665252049959.png (4.66 MB, 2497x1386, 1665177255536.png)

Prepping the new thread pic. What else should I add?

No. 256623

I 100% saw this and the other combative tweets on Jerrica's twitter. I never saw that one about the "Interaction." I'm not in any circles

No. 256625

Even if she did like her own tweet, that would still make it 6 people in the supposed circle because whoever took the screenshot didn't like it.

No. 256627

sage your shit retard

No. 256628

ew no don't immortalise that attention whore in the thread pic also sage your bullshit

No. 256629

Don't worry, I won't.

No. 256630

Sorry I’m dumb and don’t know how to do the webm thing, but I was the one who brought it up so I capped the transcript. I just think it’s amazing that she thinks it’s a massive coincidence that “literally two hours” after she’s being a bitch publicly that the organizers supposedly got an email causing them to drop her. I’m assuming they said it was best she didn’t perform and she can’t fathom why it could be her fault so clearly it must’ve been lolcow’s doing

No. 256631

Bitches seriously be like "today I will wear black and act like a retard" and think that's a whole new personality inside them kek.

No. 256632

File: 1665252669882.png (1.34 MB, 828x1792, D4F59F1C-BB05-4095-A472-EE13AE…)

Samefag sorry forgot the pic it’s literally 3am

No. 256633

Steven's "THIS NEEDS TO STOP" thumbnail underneath would be hilarious.

No. 256634

So which was it, did they say because of her twitter bullying, or them receiving threats?

No. 256635

maybe this amazing edit of a very talented nonnie

No. 256636

If you're going to include that edit, better also include the tweet about jill having "enemies" LOL

No. 256639

>Jax swirled around and singed
is acting like a tard a coping mechanism now? kekkkkkkkkkkk

No. 256640

can you link it? so much has been posted that I forget which one is it kek

No. 256641

i agree, it would be perfect in the blank area in the middle tweet

No. 256642

off topic I'm sorry- but I quickly looked up Inabber to see his other videos and they are all clearly clickbait drama videos, often on random people who went viral and not just celebrities. Why was it so evil for Van to discuss Jill, knowing she had Dissociadid's back? Not to mention she's calmer and less dramatic that iNabber. You can't convince me she doesn't have a bone to pick with women.
Just my two cents I think a gif of Jill saying "I LOVEE drama" in her Veronica video would be perfect.

No. 256643

Yeah but put Jill and her “alters” in the background instead of vangelina. You can also add a cap that says sorry I had to include the picture of the cow

No. 256644

NTA but this doesn't change the whole issue of the tweet having 5 likes and the tweets Jill posted not overlapping with the ones vangelina screencapped

No. 256646

Sorry anon my mistake, it wasn't a tweet but a reply to a YouTube comment >>256060

No. 256647

Ok you're right I'll delete it but other nonnies have mentioned it too
True that, I haven't caught up with the thread. At least 6 people have seen that tweet considering the person screenshotting didn't like it. I definitely don't think it was in circles

No. 256649

I wish someone screenshotted it and posted it here before vangelina did too.

No. 256650

stevie also posted a response on yt reporting on everything

No. 256651

It’s from her most recent video where she’s addressing the forums

Also, why would the organizers not have shown her the email by the time she filmed her video a week later? It’s supposedly from a stalker that was enough of a threat for the organizers to be concerned for everyone’s safety, but they just didn’t send it to her? The one piece of concrete evidence she has against an irl stalker that could’ve actually made it a police issue just, didn’t get forwarded on? Like?? In what world is that logical Jill

No. 256652

Can you post the previous transcript before this? where she talks about the little "debate"
Because it honestly sounds like the organizers saw the shit she posted on twitter, realized she was on the event's banner, and decided to tell her not to come for being rude. With "we're concerned for your safety" I think it means "we're concerned about you acting out on stage"

No. 256653

also why was steve on the call if jill can supposedly fight her own battles…

No. 256654

>>256532 Weren't they literally on Jerrick's twitter? Like, not "released" by anyone, just public tweets from his own account? That was my understanding, not that there were screenshots of it.

No. 256655

well apparently he was there while she got diagnosed so they must be attached at the hip. He's like a stage mom from toddlers and tiaras. Or Jill's emotional support purse dog. Not sure who's using who anymore

No. 256657

File: 1665254580828.png (5.64 MB, 2414x2734, 1665177255536.png)

more suggestions for the next thread pic? I think there's a little more space left.

No. 256658

Can we immortalize the suck my ass comment so if her fans come by to wk they see it? Jill is going to try to bury it

No. 256659

Yeah, it's interesting how she never denied the "suck my ass", but she removed her from her video and deleted the tweet

She has guilt, she understands emotions and she is aware doing that behind vangelina's back while sweet talking her was bad. I'm surprised she didn't fully lean into the angle of "It was Jerrick and that's just how Jerrick is", instead she said it's ok for HER to act like that

No. 256660

The suck my ass tweet is already on this thread pic, unless you want a repeat

No. 256661

the suck my ass tweet, whether as vangelinas header or by itself. gotta keep it classy kek

No. 256662

oh sorry I'm a retard. I'm sure someone will repost it in the thread at some point

No. 256664

Don't worry I can still add it in again kek

No. 256665

Didn't she at some point claim that Veronica was her social media protector or something along those lines? Guess she forgot all about that too

No. 256666

I don't think she's guilty, just trying to cover her ass and hasnt apologized for the suck my ass comment because that's what she actually thinks and has no remorse. There's no way she feels any empathy towards Skov.

Why does it feel like she's super manic with the drama? It's like she has more energy than usual. It's even in the way she tweets. Jeez who knew she needed to cause some shit storm so her brain could get some dopamine from it all.

I think the attention and ass kissing she's getting is giving her life.

No. 256667

Four 6666 on my post for manifestation and truth!

No. 256668

the alters ain't altering

No. 256675

There's this

No. 256677

its beautiful. Thank you for your service anons who have been making these threads quickly

No. 256678

File: 1665256265667.webm (15.01 MB, 1280x720, TwitterSpat.webm)

Lolcow Slander Needs to be Addressed time stamp: 8:39 - 10:35. This happened on Jerrick's twitter.
>Jill claims this girl "was coming for us and spreading a bunch of like heavy claims how we do not really have DiD and it's just weed or if I stop smoking weed like I'm delusional"
>Rants on psychologists who diagnosed her trained in forensics. It's a lady according to Jill
>Jill claims the girl is harassing her on tiktok
>Jill makes fun of the girl being into subliminals
>"Because I'm a witch I shouldn't bash subliminal videos"
>"Subliminal Youtube videos are not a part of any organized religion or protected practice. Me or parts of me believing in witchcraft has nothing to do with someone who is watching Youtube hypnosis videos to grow her hair"
>"I thought it was a bit silly and I'm speaking from Jill and Jerr here very co-con"

No. 256680

File: 1665256709164.webm (1.01 MB, 1280x720, Restrainingorder.webm)

Lolcow Slander Needs to be Addressed time stamp: 5:17 - 5:24. Restraining order.